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. 1924 . 



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Copyrigfht, 1903. 1905, by International Textbook Company. 

Entered at Stationers' Hall, London. 

Prench-Engrlish Lexicon: Copyright, 1902, by International Textbook Company. 
Entered at Stationers' Hall, London. 

Ensrlish-Prench Lexicon: Copyrisrht, 1902, by International Textbook Com- 
pany. Entered at Stationers' Hall, London. 

All risrbts reserved. 

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Printed in thb United States. 




«^'., adjective. 

adj, dem,y demonstrative 

adv., adverb. 
art., article. 
conj\, conjunction. 
intj\, interjection. 
n,, noun. 

n, /., feminine noun. 
n, m,, masctiline noun. 

n, m, /., masculine and fem- 
inine noun. 
n. Prop., proper noun. 
part., participle. 
pi,, plural. 
prep,, preposition. 
Pron,, pronoun. 
v., verb. 

V, 7,, reflexive verb. 
* signifies that the h is 

. aspirated. 

A hyphen (-) before final letters points out the mascu- 
line termination, which is to be changed in the feminine; as, 
acti-f,-ve, in full^ actif, active; lionteu-x,-se, in full, 
honteux, honteuse. 

A great many adverbs in French are formed by adding 
ment to the feminine of adjectives. Thus, annuelle (adj. f.), 
annuellement ( adv. ) ; pauvre ( adj. f . ) , pauvrement ( adv. ) . Adverbs 
thus formed will not be given in the Lexicon. 


^, prep., to. 

abaiss6,-e, part., lowered. 

abaisser, v., to let down; to lower. 

s'abaisser, v. r.\ to stoop; to 
humble oneself. 

abandon, n. m.^ forsaking; sur- 
render; relinquishment. 

abandonn6,-e, part., abandoned; 

abandonner, v., to abandon; to 
quit; to leave; to desert. 


abat-jonr, n. tn.y shade for a lamp. 
abattement, n. yn., prostration; 

abattoir, n. w., slaughter house. 
abattre, v., to throw down; to 

knock down. 
abattu,-e, adj. , broken; cast down; 

depressed; dejected. 
abbaye, n. f., abbey. 
abbe, n. m., abbot. 
abbesse, n. /., abbess. 

For notice of copyright, see Page immediately following the title page 






abc, n. m., alphabet; primer. 
abc^s, n. m., abscess. 
abec^daire, n. m.^ alphabet; 

abeille, «./., bee. 
abliorrer, v., to abhor; detest. 
s'abtiorrer, v. r., to abominate 

abime, n. m., abyss. 
abimer, z/., to spoil; to injure. 
abject, -e, adj'.j abject; mean; vile. 
abnegation, n. /., abnegation; 

aboiement, n, m., barking. 
abolir, z/., to abolish. 
abominable, adj., abominable; 

abonclaninient,a^j'. ,abundantly. 
abondance, «. /., abundance. 
abondant,-e, adj., abounding; 

abonn6, n.fn.y''e^n.f.y subscriber 

(to periodicals, theaters). 
abonnement, n. m., subscription 

(to periodicals, theaters) . 
abonner, v., to subscribe for. 
s'abonner, v. r., to subscribe. 
h bord, adv. J aboard; on board. 
d'abord, ad7K, first; at first. 
abordable, adj., accessible. 
aborder, v., to come near; to come 

aboutir, v., to come to; to end in. 
aboyer, v., to bark. 
abr6ge,-e, adj., short; summary. 
abr^ger, v., to abridge; to 

abreuver, v., to water; to give 

drink to. 
abreuvoir, n. m., watering place. 
abri, n. m., shelter. 
abricot, n.m., apricot. 
abricotier, n.m., apricot tree. 
abriter, z^., to shelter. 
s'abriter, v. r., to shelter oneself. 
abrupt, -e, adj., rugged. 


abrutir, v., to stupify. 

absence, «./., absence. 

absent, -e, adj., absent. 

s'absenter, v. r., to be absent. 

absolu, n.m., absolute. 

absolu,-e, adj., absolute. 

absoliunent, adv., absolutely; 

absorbe,-e, part., absorbed. 

absorber, v., to absorb. 

s'absorber, v. r., to be absorbed. 

absoudre, v., to absolve. 

absous, part., acquitted; absolved. 

s'abstenir, v.r., to abstain; to 

absurde, adj., absurd; foolish. 

abus, n.fu., abuse. 

abuser, v., to abuse; to impose. 

s'abuser, v.r., to mistake; to be 
' mistaken. 

academicien, n. m., acade- 
I academic, n. f., academy. 

acajou, n. ni., mahogany. 

accablant,-e, adj., oppressive. 

accable,-e, adj., dejected; de- 

accabler, z/.,to overwhelm; to de- 

accaparer, v., to monopolize. 

acc^lerer, v., to^ accelerate; to 

accent, n.nt., accent. 

accentue,-e, adj., accented; ac- 

accentuer, v., to accent; to ac- 

acceptable, adj., acceptable. 

accei>tation, n. f., acceptance. 
I acc6s, n.nt., access; admittance. 

accessible, adj., accessible; ap- 

accessoire, n.nt., accessory. 

accident, «. w. , accident; casualty. 

acclamer, z/., to acclaim; to ap- 



acclimater, v.y to acclimatize. 
s'acclimater, v, r., to become 

accustomed to a new climate. 
accominoder, v.y to adapt; to 

s 'accominoder, v.r., to agree. 
accompagner, v., to accompany. 
accompli, -e, adj.^ accomplished; 

accomplir, z/., to accomplish; to 

accord, n. m.^ agreement. 
accorder, z/., to grant; to accord. 
s'accorder, v. r., to agree; to suit. 
accoutumer, z/., to accustom; to 

s'accoutumer, z/. r. , to accustom. 
accrocher, z/., to hangup; to hook. 
s'accroltre, v. r., to increase; to 

accueillir, v., to receive; to wel- 
accumuler, z/., to accumulate. 
accusat,-eur, n. w.,-rice, w. /., 

accuser; indicter. 
accusatif, adj.^ accusative (case). 
accusation, n. /., accusation; 

charge; prosecution. 
accus6, -e., n. /., person 

accused; prisoner. 
accuser, v,, to accuse of; to charge 

s'accuser, v. r., to accuse oneself. 
achat, n. m.j purchase. 
s'acheminer, v. r., to set out or 

forward; to take one's way. 
aclieter, z/., to buy; to purchase. 
aclieteur, n. w., buyer; purchaser, 
ache ve, -e, ^ar^., finished. 
achever, z^., to finish; to conclude. 
acide, «., adj.^ acid; sour. 
acier, n. nt.^ steel. 
acompte, n. w., installment; par- 
tial payment. 
acquerir, z/., to acquire. 
acquis, part,^ acquired. 


acquit, n. m,y discharge; receipt. 

acquitter, z/., to pay off; to acquit. 

s'acquitter, z/. r., to pay off one's 

acte, n. m.f act; deed. 

act,-eur, n. m., -rice, n, /., 
actor; actress; player. 

act if, n. nt.y assets. 

acti-f,-ve, adj'.j active. 

action, «. /., action; stock. 

actionnaire, n. m., shareholder; 

activity, n. /., action; actively. 

adapter, z/., to adapt. 

addition, «. /., addition. 

additionnel,-le, adj:, additional. 

additionner, z/., to add. 

adieu, adv.y adieu;, farewell. 

adjectif, n. tn., adjective. 

adjoindre, v., to adjoin. 

adjoint, n. nt., associate; assistant. 

adjudicataire, n. m.j purchaser; 

adjudication, «. /., adjudication; 

adjuger, v.j to award. 

admettre, z/., to admit; to let in. 

administrateur, n. m., admin- 
istrator; administratrix; manager; 

administrati-f ,-ve,fl!^". , admin- 

administration, n. /., admin- 
istration; management. 

administrer, v., to administer; 
to manage; to govern. 

admirable, adj.^ admirable. 

admirat,-eur, «.w.,-rice, «./., 
admirer; praiser. 

admiration, n. /., admiration; 
wonder; marvel. 

admirer, v,, to admire. 

admission, «. /., admission; ad- 

adolescence, «. /., adolescence. 

adolescent, -e,-a^*., adolescent. 





s'adonner, v. r,, to devote; to ad- 
dict oneself. 

adopter, v., to adopt. 

adopti-f,-ve, adj., adoptive. 

adorable, adj.y adorable; charm- 

adorat,-eur, n. m., -rice, «. /., 
adorer; worshiper; great admirer. 

adoration, «. /., adoration; wor- 

adorer, v., to adore; to worship. 

adoucir, v., to soften; to mitigate. 

adresse, n. /., speech; address; 

adresser, v., to direct; to address. 

s'adresser, v, r., to address one- 
self; to apply. 

adroit, -e, adj\., dexterous; skilful. 

adulte, adj.y adult; grown up. 

advenir, v., to occur; happen. 

adverbe, n. w., adverb. 

adversaire, n. fn., adversary; op- 

adverse, adj., adverse; opposite. 

adversity, «. /., adversity; afflic- 

aerer, v., to air; to renew the air. 

affability, n, /., affability; kind- 

affable, adj., affable; courteous. 

affaiblir, z/., to enfeeble; to weaken. 

s'affaiblir, v. r., to grow weak, 

affaire, n. /. , affair; business. 

affaire, -e, adj., full of business; 

affaisser, v., to cause to sink. 
s'affaisser, v. r., to sink. 
affain^,-e, adj., famished; hungry. 
affamer, v., to famish; to starve. 
affectation, n. m., affectation. 
affecte,-e, adj., affected. 
affection, n. f., affection; love; 

affectionn6,-e, adj., affectionate. 
affectionner, z/., to love; to fancy. 


affectueu-x,-se, adj., affection- 
ate; warm-hearted. 

affermir, v., to strengthen; to 
fix firmly. 

affiche, «. /., placard; bill; hand- 
\ afficher, v., to post up. 
; af f irmati-f , -ve, adj. , affirmative; 

affirmation, n. f., affirmation; 

af firmer, v., to affirm; to assert. 

affliction, n. f., affliction; grief; 

afflig6,-e, adj., afflicted; grieved; 

affrancbir, v., to set free; to free; 
to enfranchise. 

s'affranchir, v. r., to rid oneself 

affranchissement, n. m., en- 
franchisement; payment of postage. 

affreu-x,-se, adj., frightful; hor- 

affront, n. tn.y affront; outrage; 

affronter, z/., to affront; to face. 

afin, conj.yto', in order to; that; so 

africain,-e, n. m.,adj., African. 

d^e, fi. m., age; years. 

dge,-e, adj., aged; in years; elderly. 

agence, n. f., agency. 

agenouiller, v., to make kneel 

s'agenouiller,z^.r., to kneel down. 

agent, n. m., agent. 

aggravant, -e, adj., aggravating. 

agile, adj., agile; quick. 

agilite, n. f., agility; quickness. 

agio, n. m., agio. 

agiotage, n. tn., stock jobbing; 

agir, v., to act; to do. 

s'agir, v., to be in question; to be 
the matter, 



a^tateur, n, w., agitator. 

agritation, n. /..agitation; trouble; 

a^iter, z/., to agitate. 

s'aglter, v, r., to be agitated or 
in movement. 

a^neau, n. m., lamb. 

a^onie, «. /., agony; anguish. 

agrafe, «. /., hook; clasp; cramp 

a^randir, z/., to make greater; to 

s'agrandir, v. r., to become 
greater; larger. 

a^EH'^'iidisseinent, n. m., enlarge- 
ment; increase. 

agr^able, adj., agreeable; desira- 
ble; pleasant. 

agr^er, z/., to accept. 

aprr^ment, n. ni., consent; accom- 

a^JTi't^sseur, n. m., aggressor. 

aj?ressi-f,-ve, adj., aggressive. 

aj^ression, n. w., aggression. 

agrlculteur, n. m., agriculturist; 

agriculture, n. /., agriculture; 
husbandry; tillage. 

ah, int.y ah! hah! oh! 

aide, n. /., aid; help; assistance. 

aide, n. tn., helper; assistant. 

aider, v., to aid; to help; to assist. 

s'aider, v.r., to help one another; 
to make use of; to help oneself; to 
bestir oneself. 

aiie, int., ay! oh! ah! oh dear! 

aieul, n. m.y grandfather; grand- 

aieule, n. /., grandmother; grand- 

ai'eux, n. nt. (pi.), forefathers; an- 

aigle, n. m., eagle. 

aiglon,w.w., eaglet; a young eagle. 

aigre, adj., sour; sharp. 

aigrette, n. f.^ aigret. 


aigreur, n. /..sourness; sharpness. 

aigrii*9 t'., to make sour or sharp. 

aigu,-e, adj., pointed. 

aiguille, n. /., needle. 

aiguiser, v., to sharpen; to set an 
edge on. 

ail, n. m., garlic. 

aile, n. f., wing; pinion. 

ailleurs, adv., elsewhere; some- 
where else. 

aimable, adj., amiable; lovely. 

aimant, «. tn., magnet. 

aiinant,-e, adj., loving; affection- 

aiin6,-e, ad/., loved; beloved. 

aimer, v., to love; to be fond of; 
to like. 

s'aimer, v. r., to love oneself. 

ain6, n,fn.,''Q.y n.f., elder; senior. 

aln^,-e, adj., eldest; eldest son or 

ainsi, adv., thus; so; in this manner. 

ainsi, conj., thus; therefore; so 

air, n. m., air; look; appearance. 

airain, n. nt., brass. 

aire, n. f., area. 

alsanee, n. f., ease; easiness; free- 

aise, 71. /., gladness; joy; content; 

aise, adj., glad; joyful; well pleased. 

aj<5uter, v., to add; to join. 

ajuster, v., to adjust; to regulate. 

alarme, n. f., alarm; fright. 

alarmer, v.,\.o alarm; to startle. 

s'alarmer, v. r., to take alarm; 
to be alarmed. 

album, n. m., album; scrap book. 

alcali, n. m., alkali. 

alcool, n. tn., alcohol. 

alcoolique, adj., alcoholic. 

alcoolisme, n. m., alcoholism. 

al^ne, n.f., awl. 

alentour, adj., about; around. 




alentours, n. tn. (p/.), environs; 

alerte, n. /., alarm, warning. 

alerte, adj'.f alert; vigilant; watch- 

alezan, n. ni., chesnut horse. 

alg^bre, «. /., algebra. 

alien^, n, w., -e, n. /., lunatic; 

ali^nQr, v.j to alienate; to part 

align^y-e, part, laid out by a. line. 

ali^nement, n. m., laying out by 
a line. 

aliment, n. tn., food; aliment; 

alimentation, n. /., alimentation; 

alimenter, v., to feed; to nourish. 

s'aliter, v.r., to keep one's bed; 
to be bedridden. 

all6e, «. /., passage; alley; walk. 

all^^er, j^., to ease; to disburden. 

all^gorie, «. /., allegory. 

allegrresse, n. /., mirth; cheerful- 

allemancl,-e, «., adj., German. 

aller, z/., to go. 

s'en aller, v. r., to go away. 

allia^e, n. m., alloy; mixture. 

alliance, «. /., alliance; marriage; 
wedding ring. 

alli^, n. ni.y -e, n. /., ally. 

s'allier, v. r., to unite; to combine. 

allocution, «. /., allocution. 

allon^er, v., to lengthen. 

allumer, v., to light. 

allumette, «. /., match. 

almanacli, «. w., almanac; calen- 

alors, adv.y then; at that time. 

alouette, «. /., lark. 

alpliabet, n. m., alphabet. 

alphabetique, adj., alphabetical. 

alterer, z/., to alter. 

aluminium, n. m., aluminum. 


alun, ff. tn.y alum. 

amabilit^, «. /., loveliness; kind- 

amande, n. i.^ almond. 

amas, n, m.^ mass; heap; pile. 

amasser, z/., to heap up; to accu- 

amateur, «. tn., amateur. 
I ambassade, n. /., embassy; am- 
bassador's house. 

ambitieu-x,-8e, adj., ambitious. 

ambition, n. f., ambition. 

Ame, n. f., soul. 

amelioration, n.f., amelioration. 

am^liorer, v., to ameliorate; to 

amende, n. /., fine; penalty. 

amener, v., to bring. 

amer, adj. tn., am^re, adj. /., 
bitter; painful. 

am6ricain,-e, n., adj., Ameri- 

amertume, n. /., bitterness; grief. 

ami, n. fn., -e, n. /., friend. 

amical,-e, adj. , amicable; friendly; 

amidon, n. fn., starch; fecula. 

amiral, n. m., admiral. 

amitie, n. f., friendship; affection. 

amnistie, ;/. /., amnesty. 

amoindrir, v., to lessen; to de- 

amolir, v., to mollify; to soften. 

amour, n. m., love. 

amoureu-x,-se, adj.y in love; 

ampbibie, n. m., amphibian. 

amusant, -e , adj. , amusing; enter- 

• taining. 

amusement, n. m., amusement; 

amuser, v., to amuse; to divert; 
to entertain. 

s'amuser, v.r., to amuse oneself. 

an, n. fn., year; twelvemonth. 

analogue, adj., analogous. 



analyse, «, /., analysis; parsing. 

analyser, v., to analyze. 

ananas, n, m,, ananas; pineapple. 

anarcliie, «. /., anarchy. 

anarcliiste, n, m. /., anarchist. 

anatomle, «. /., anatomy; dissec- 

anc^tres, «. m. (pL), ancestors; 

ancien,-ne, adj., ancient; old. 

Uncre, n. /., anchor. 

&ne, n. m,, ass; donkey. 

aneantlr, z/., to annihilate; to de- 

anecdote, n /., anecdote. 

ange, n. m., a spirit; angel. 

anglais, n. adj., English; English- 

angle, n. m., angle; corner. 

angolsse, n. f. anguish; pang. 

angnlUe, w. /., eel. 

animal, n. nt., animal. 

animation, «. /., animation. 

anlme,-e, part., animated. 

anlmer-, z/., to animate. 

anneau, n. m., ring. 

annee, n. /., year; twelvemonth. 

annexe, «. /., annex. 

annlversalre, adj., anniversary. 

anno nee, n. f., announcement; 

annoncer, v., to announce; to in- 

s'annoncer, v. t., to present one- 

annuel, -le, adj., annual; yearly. 

anticlper, v., to anticipate; to 
forestall . 

antlpathle, n. /., antipathy; re- 

antique, adj., antique; ancient; 

antiquity, n. /., antiquity. 

anxl6t6, n. /., anxiety; sorrow; 

anxieu-x,-se, adj., anxious. 


aodt, n, m., August. 
apalser, v., to appease; to pacify. 
apercevolr, v., to perceive. 
aper^u, n. m., sketch; rapid view. 
ap6rltl-f ,-ve, adj., aperitive; 

what opens appetite. 
d, peu pr^s,, approximation; 

aplomb, n. w., equilbrium; plumb; 

d'aplomb, adj., perpendicularly; 

apoplexle, n. f., apoplexy. 
ap6tre, n. m., apostle. 
apparaitre, v., to be in sight; to 

apparence, n. f., appearance. 
apparent, -e, adj., apparent; evi- 
appartement, n.m., apartments; 

appartenlr, v., to belong. 
appel, n. tn., appeal. 
appeler, v., to call; to name; to 

s' appeler, v. r., to be called; to 

call oneself. 
appetlssant,-e, adj., relishing; 

appetlt, n.m., appetite. 
applaudlr, v., to applaud; to 

application, n. f., application; 

appllquer, v., to apply; to stick. 
s'appllquer, v. r, to apply one- 
appolntements, n. tn. {pi.), 

apport, n. m., personal property; 

apport er, z/., to bring. 
appreciable, adj., appreciable. 
appreclat,-eur, n. w., -rice, 

«. /., appraiser. 




appreciation, «. /., appreciation; 

apprecier, v., to value; to rate; to 

apprendre, v., to learn; to hear 

apprenti,-e, «. m. /., apprentice. 

apprentissage, n. /«., appren- 

appr^ter, v., to prepare; to get 

s'appr^ter, v. r., to make one- 
self ready. 

appris,-e, parL, learned; taught. 

approclier, t/., to draw near; to 

s'approcher, v. r., to approach. 

approfontlir, t'., to deepen; to 
examine thoroughly; to search. 

appui, n. m.y prop; stay; support. 

ai>i>uyer, v., to prop up; to sup- 

s'appuyer, v. r., to lean; to lean 

apr^s, prep., after; next to. 

apr^s, adv., afterwards; after. 

apr^s-demain, adv., the day 
after tomorrow. 

apr^s-diner, n. m., after dinner; 

apte, ad/., apt; fit; proper; quali- 

aptitude, n. /. , aptitude; inclina- 

aquarelle, n. /". , aquarelle. 

aquatique, afl?/., aquatic; watery. 

arabe, n. m., adj., Arabian, Arabic. 

araign6e, «. /. , spider. 

arbitrage, n. m., arbitrage; arbi- 

arbitraire, adj., arbitrary; op- 

arbre, n. m., tree. 

arbrisseau,' n. m., young tree; 

arbuste, n, m,, shrub; bush. 


arc, n. m., bow; arch. 

arcade, n. f.. arcade; arch. 

arc-en-ciel, n. m., rainbow. 

arclie, «. /. , arch; ark. 

archie v^que, n. tn., archbishop. 

arcliiduc, n. w., archduke. 

arcliiducliesse, n. /., archduch- 

arcliitecte, n, w., architect. 

arcliitecture, «. /., architecture. 

ardemment, adv., ardently; pas- 

ardent, -e, adj., hot; fiery; pas- 

ardeur, n. /., ardor; intensity; 

ardoise, n. f., slate. 

are, n. m,, are; 119.6046 square 

ar^te, «. /. . fish bone. 

argent, n. m , silver; money; cash. 

argenterie, n. /., plate; silver 

argument, n. m., argument; sub- 

aristocrate, n.m.f., adj., aris- 
tocrat; aristocratic. 

aritiimetique, n. /., arithmetic. 

armateur, n. m., ship owner. 

arme, n. f., arm; weapon. 

arnie,-e, part., armed. 

armee, n. f., army; troops. 

armer, i/., to arm; to furnish with 

s'armer, v. r., to arm oneself. 

armoire, n. /"., closet; cupboard. 

aromatique, adj., aromatical; 

arome, n. m., flavor; aroma. 

arpentage, n. m., land measur- 
ing; survey. 

arpenter, v., to survey; to measure 

ari>entevir, n. m., land surveyor. 

arraclier, v., to pull away; to 




s'arraclier, v. r., to tear; to get 

arrangement, n. tn.y arrange- 
ment; laying out. 

arranger, v., to set in order; to 

s' arranger, z/. r., to settle; to 
make arrangements. 

arrestation, «./., arrest; custody. 

arr^t, n. tn., decree; decision; judg- 

arr6t6,-e, part. , stopped; decreed. 

arr^ter, v., to arrest; to stop; to 

s'arr^ter, v. r., to stop. 

arri^re, adv., behind. 

arri^re-petit-fils, n. m., great 

arri^re-petite-fille, «./., great 

arriv^e, n. /., arrival. 

arriver, v., to arrive; to happen. 

arroser, z/., to water; to sprinkle. 

arrosoir, n. m., watering pot. 

art, n. m., art. 

art^re, «. /., artery. 

article, n. m., article. 

artificiel,-le, adj., artificial. 

artillerie, «. /., artillery. 

artisan, n. nt., artisan; mechanic. 

artiste, n. m. /., artist; player; 

artistement, adv., skilfully. 

as, «. nt., ace. 

ascension, n.f., ascent; ascension. 

asile, n. m., asylum; refuge. 

aspect, n. fft., aspect; sight; look. 

asperge, n. f., asparagus. 

asphyxie, n. f., asphyxia. 

s'asphyxier, v. r., to destroy one- 
self by suffocation. 

aspirant, n. nt., -e, n. f., candi- 
date; aspirant. 

aspirer, v., to aspire; to inhale; to 


assaillant, n. m., aggressor; as- 
sailant; besieger. 

assaillir, v., to assault; to assail; 
to attack. 

assaisonner, v., to season; to 

assassin, n.^n. , assassin; murderer. 

assassinat, n. nt., assassination; 

assassiner, v., to assassinate; to 

assaut, n.m., assault. 

assemblee, n.f., assembly; meet- 

assembler, v., to gather; to as- 

s'assembler, v. r., to assemble; 
to meet. 

asseoir, v., to seat. 

s'asseoir, v. r., to sit; to sit down; 
to be seated. 

assermenter, v., to swear in. 

assez, adv., enough; sufficiently. 

assiclu,-e, adj., assiduous; punc- 

assi^ger, v., to besiege. 

assiette, n. f., plate. 

assignation, n.f., summons; sub- 

assigner, v., to summon; to sub- 

assimiler, v., to assimilate. 

assis,-e, part., seated. 

assistance, n.f., assistance; help; 

assistant ^n.m.,-G^n.f., assistant . 

assister, v., to assist; to help; to 
be present at. 

association, n. f., association. 

associ6, n. nt.,''Gy n. f., associate; 

s'associer, v. r., to get into part- 
nership with. 

assommer, v., to beat to death. 

assomption, n. /., assumption. 

assorti,-e,^ar/., stocked; matched. 




assortir, v., to sort; to match. 

s'assouplr, v. r., to grow drowsy; 
dull; heavy. 

assourdlr, v.^ to deafen. 

assumer, v., to assume. 

assurance, n, /., assurance; in- 

• surance. 

assur^9-e, ad/.^ sure; safe; certain. 

assur^ment, adv., assuredly. 

assurer, z^., to assure; to insure. 

s'assurer, v. r., to make sure of; 
to ascertain. 

assyrleii,-ne, ad/., Assyrian. 

ast^rlq^e, n. m., asterisk. 

astragale, n. m., astragal. 

astre, n. m., star. 

astreindre, z/. , to force; to compel. 

astronome, n. m., astronomer. 

astronomle, n. /., astronomy. 

atelier, n. m., workshop; study; 

atb^e, n, tn.t atheist. 

atli6iiieii, n. w., -ne, «. /., Athe- 

atbl^te, n. m., athlete; champion. 

atlil^tlque, adj,, athletic. 

atlantlque, «., adj,, Atlantic. 

atlas,, atlas. 

atmospli^re, «./., atmosphere. 

atour, n. nt., woman's attire; orna- 

dtre,, fireplace. 

atroee, ad/., atrocious. 

attabler, v., to set at the table. 

s'attabler, v. r., to take one's 
place at a table. 

attacli6,-e, part., fastened; at- 

attaelier, v., to fasten. 

s'attaelier, v. r., to be attached; 
to have an affection for. 

attaque, n. /., attack; assault. 

attaquer, v., to attack; to assail. 

s'attaquer, v. r., to challenge; to 

s' attar der, j/. r., to be belated. 


attelndre, v., to touch; to reach; 
to attain. 

attelnte, ». /., stroke; touch; at- 

attelag^e, n. m., team. 

atteler, v., to put horses to. 

atte]iaiit,-e, ad/., next; contigu- 
ous; adjoining. 

en attendant, adv., in the mean- 
time; meanwhile. 

attendre, v., to wait for; to ex- 

s'attendre, v. r., to rely on; to 

attendrl,-e, part., moved; af- 
fected; touched. 

attendrir, z/., to touch; to affect. 

s'attendrir, v. r., to be moved. 

attendrissement, n. m., com- 
passion; feeling. 

attendu, prep., considering; in 
consideration of. 

attentat, n. tn., attempt at crime. 

attente, n. f., expectation; hope. 

attenter, v., to attempt. 

attenti^f,-ve, adj., attentive; dili- 

attention, «. /., attention. ^ 

att6nuant,-e, afl^/. , palliating; ex- 

attenuer, v., to attenuate; to miti- 

attestation, n. f., attestation; 

attester, v., to attest; to certify. 

attirer, v., to attract; to entice. 

s'attlrer, v. r., to incur. 

attitude, n. f., attitude. 

attraction, n. f., attraction. 

attraper, v., to entrap; to cheat. 

at tray ante , - e , adj. , attractive ; 

attribuer, v., to attribute. 

s'attribuer, v. r., to assume; to 

attribut, n, tn,, attribute. 


attrlster, v., to grieve; to mi 

s'attrlater, v. r., to be sad; 

become sorrowful. 
au [contraction of it le), art., to t 
aube, ft. f., the dawn. 
auberge, n. f., inn; public hot 
aubergigte, n. m.. innkeeper. 
aucun, -e, ad;., any; (negati 

none; no one; not any. 
audace, n. /., audacity; insoleo 
audacleu-Xj-se, adj., audacio 

audience, n. /., audience; at 

audlteur, n. m., auditor. 
audltolre, n. m., audience. 
augmentation, n. /., augm 

augnienter, v., to augment; 

anguste, n. m., Au^st. 
aujourd'hul, adv., today; t 

aum6ne, «. /., alms; charity. 
aumdnier, n. m., chaplain. 
aune, n. m., ell. 
auparavant, adv., before; iirs 
auprfes, prep., near by; close 

close by. 
aur6ole, «. /., glory; halo. 
aurore, «. f., dawn; morni 

mom; Aurora. 
ausculter, v., to auscultate. 
auspice, n. m., auspice; om 

aussl, adv., too; also; besides. 
aussl, con}., therefore. 
aussltOt, adv., immediately. 
autant, adv., as much; as man 
autel, n. m., altar. 
auteur,».M,/.,autbon autbon 




aventure, «. /., adventure. 

s'aventurep, v. r., to venture. 

aveiitureu-x,-se, adj., ventur- 
ous, adventurous. 

avenue, n. /., avenue; walk. 

aversion, «. /., aversion; hatred; 

aveptlr, v., to warn; to caution. 

avertissement, n. m., informa- 
tion; warning; notification. 

aveu, n. w., avowal; confession. 

aveuj^le, ad;'., blind. 

aveujjfle, n. m. /., blind person. 

aveujjfler, v., to blind; to make 

avlde, adj., greedy; covetous. 

avilir, v., to debase; to disgrace. 

avis, n. m., opinion; sentiment. 

aviser, v., to apprise; to consider. 

s'aviser, v. r., to think of. 

avocat, ;/. m., counselor; advo- 

avolne, n. /., oats. 

avoir, v., to have. 

avoir, n. m., possessions; credit. 

avou6, n. w., attorney; solicitor. 

avouer, zf., to confess. 

avril, n. m., April. 

axe, n. ni., axis; axletree. 

axloine, n. m., axiom. 

ayant-eaiise, n. m., assign. 

ayant-drolt, n. m., party con- 

azur, «.w., azure; blue; sky color. 


babel, «. /., Babel. 

bac, n. m., ferry; ferry boat. 

baecalaur^at, n. m., bachelor- 

bachelier, n. m., bachelor of a 

badlner, v., to trifle; to dally; to 

bag^agre^ «. w., luggage; baggage. 


baj^arre, «. /., squabble; scuffle; 

ba^ue, «. /., ring. 
baguette, n. /., switch; drum- 
bah, intj.y pooh; pshaw. 
bale, «. /., bay; gulf. 
baliarner, v., to bathe; to g^ve a 

se balfirn^^r, v. r., to bathe; to 

baliniolre, n. /., bathtub. 
ball, n. ni., lease. 
bdlller, v., to yawn. 
balll-eur, n. m., -eresse, «. /., 

one who leases; lessor. 
bain, n. ni., bath. 
bai'onnette, n. /., bayonet. 
balser, v., to kiss. 
balsse, w. /. , fall; diminution in 

balsser, v., to let down; to lower, 
se balsser, v.r., to stoop; to bow 

bal, n. ffi.y ball. 
balal, n. nt,, broom; brush. 
balance, n. /., balance; scales; 

pair of scales; balance sheet. 
balaneer, v. , to balance; to square. 
balan^olre, n. /"., seesaw; swing. 
balayer, v., to sweep. 
balbutler, v., to lisp; to stammer. 
bal con, n. ?«., balcony. 
balelne, n. /"., whale. 
ballade, «. /., ballad. 
balle, ft. /., ball; bullet; shot. 
ballon, n. 7n., balloon. 
ballot, n. ni., bale; package. 
balloter, v., to toss; -to toss about. 
balustrade, n. /., balustrade. 
banane, «./"., banana. 
banc, n. m., bench; pew. 
banco, adj., banco. 
bandag^e, n. m., bandage. 
bande, n. f., band; belt; strip; 





bander, z/., to bind up; to bend. 

bandit, n, tn.y vagrant; vagabond; 

banlleue, «. /., outskirts. 

bannl, -e, part., banished; out- 

bannl^re, «./., banner; standard; 

bannlr, z'., to banish; to expel; to 

banquejW./., bank; banking busi- 

banqueroute, «./., bankruptcy. 

banqueroutl-er, n. m,, -6re, 
n. /., bankrupt. 

banquet, n, m.y banquet, feast. 

banquette, n, /., bench; ban- 

banquier, n. m., money agent; 

bapt^me, n, m.y baptism; chris- 

baptlser, z/., to baptize; to christen. 

bar bare, ad/., savage; barbarous; 

bar be, n. f., beard. 

barbet, n. m., -te, n. /., water 

barbler, n. m., barber; shaver. 

barbouiller, v., to daub; to blot; 
to scrawl. 

bardeau, n. m., shingle'. 

bar^me, n. m., ready reckoner. 

barll, n. tn., barrel; cask. 

barom^tre, n. m., barometer. 

baron, n. tn., baron. 

baronne, n. f., baroness. 

barque, n. /., bark; barge. 

barre, n. /., bar; cross-bar. 

barreau, n.m., bar {place reserved 
for barristers) ; lawyers; counselors. 

barricade, «. /., barricade. 

barrleader, v., to barricade. 

barrl^re, n. /., rail; barrier. 

barrlque, «. /., large barrel or 
cask; hogshead. 


baryton, n. m., barytone. 

bas,-se, adj., not high; vile; mean. 

bas, n. tn., lower part; bottom. 

bas, n. m., stocking. 

bascule, n. f., seesaw; weighing 

base, «./., base; basis; foundation. 

se baser, v. r., to be fixed; to be 

basilique, n. /., basilic; basilica. 

bas-relief, n. tn., basso rilievo; 
bas relief. 

basse-cour, n. f., inner court; 
poultry yard. 

bassesse, n. /., baseness; mean- 
ness; vileness. 

basset, n. nt., terrier. 

bassin, n. nt., basin; pound. 

bassine, n. f., deep, wide pan. 

bastille, n. f., Bastile; fortress. 

bataille, n. f., battle; fight. 

batailloA, n.m., battalion; squad- 

l^ateau, n. nt., boat; bark. 

bdti,-e, /ar/., built. 

b^timent, n.m., building; edifice; 

bdtir, v., to build. 

batiste, n. /., cambric. 

bdton, n. m., stick; cane. 

batterie, n. /., battery. 

battre, z/., to beat; to thrash. 

se battre, v. r., to fight; to scuffle. 

baume, n. nt., balm. 

bavarder, v., to babble; to prattle. 

bazar, n. nt., bazaar. 

beau, bel,-le, adj., beautiful; 
fine; handsome. 

beaucoup, adv., many; much. 

beau-fils, n. nt., son-in-law. 

beau-fr^re, «.»^., brother-in-law. 

beau-p6re, n. m., father-in-law. 

beaute, n. /., beauty; loveliness. 

bee, n.m., beak; burner. 

b^casse, n. f., woodcock. 

b^cassine, «. /., snipe. 




b^che, «. /., grafting tool; spade. 
b^cher, v,, to dig. 
b^firalement, b^fc^^yement, n, 

m.f stammering. 
b^gayer, z^., to stammer. 
bel^e, adj.t natural. 
bel^e, n. m. /., adj., Belgian. 
Bel^iQue, «./., Belgium. 
belle-fllle, «. /., daughter-in-law; 

belle-m^pe, «. /., mother-in-law; 

belle-soBUP, «. /., sister-in-law; 

belliciueu-x,-se, adj., warlike. 
ben^dlclt^, n.fn., grace (before a 

meal); blessing. 
benediction, «. /., consecration; 

benefice, n. w., benefice; benefit; 

b^nij-e, part., blessed; praised. 
b6nir, z/., to bless; to consecrate. 
benit,-e, part., hallowed; cons^ 

benjamin, n. m., favorite. 
benzine, n. f., benzine. 
berceau, n. m,, cradle. 
bereer, v., to rock; to lull to sleep. 
berger, n. ni., shepherd. 
berg^re, n. f., shepherdess; easy 

berllne, n. /., a coach; berlin. 
besogne, n. f., work; labor, 
besoin, «./«., need; want; necessity. 
bestiaux {pi. of b^tall), n. m., 

betall, n. tn., cattle. 
b6te, «. /., beast; brute. 
betterave, n. f., beet. 
beurre, n.m., butter. 
biais, n. w., slope; slant. 
bible, 71. /., Bible. 
bibllotli6que,«./., library; book- 
bielle, «. /., crank. 


bien,, good; estate; property. 

blen, adv., well; right. 

bien-6tre, «.!»., well being; com- 

blenfalsance, n. f., beneficence. 

blenfait, 71. f/i., kindness; courtesy. 

blenfalt-eur, n.m., -rice, n. /., 
benefactor; benefactress. 

blenheureu-x,-se, adj., happy; 

blent6t, €uiv., soon; shortly. 

bienvelllanee, n.f., benevolence; 
protection; kindness. 

bienvelllant,-e, adj. , benevolent; 

blenvenu,-e., adj., welcome. 

bl^pe, n. f., beer; coffin. 

blfteck, n. m., beefsteak. 

blJou, n. my, jewel. 

bijouterie, «. /., jewelry. 

bljout-lep, n. m., -l^re, n. /., 

bllan, n. m., balance sheet; sched- 

bile, «. /., bile. 

blllard, n. m., billiards; billiard 

bllle, n, f., billiard ball. 

billet, n. tn., note; letter; promis- 
sory note. 

blllet-d.-ordre, n. m., bill pay- 
able to order. 

billion, n. tn., one thousand mil- 

binocle, n. tn., double eye glass; 

biograplie, n. m., biographer. 

bls,-e, adj., brown; tawny; 
swarthy, du pain bis, brown 

bis, infj., twice; encore. 

bisaieul, n. in., great grand- 

bisaieule, n. /., great gp-and- 

biscuit, n. m.y biscuit. 


bissextile, adj., bissestile. 

ann^e bissextile, leap year. 
Itlzarre, adj., singular; straage. 
blAme, b. m., blame; reproach. 
bldmer, v., to blame; to censure. 
blanc,-he, adj-, white. 
blanclilment, n. m.. bleaching; 

blanchir, v., to whiten; to white- 

blancblsseuse, n. /., washer- 

bl6, n. m., wheat. 

blesser, v., to wound; to offend. 

se blesser, v, r.. to hurt or cut 

oneself; to take o&ense. 
blessure, n. f., wound; cut. 

Iileu,-e, adj., blue. 

l>loe, n. m., lump. 

blocus, n. m., investment; block- 

blond, -e, adj., light. 

blonde, w. /"., blond. 

bloquer, v., to blockade. 

boa, n. m.. boa; fur tippet. 

boblne, «. /,, bobbin; spool. 

bocage, «. m., grove. 

bocal, n. »!., glass; bowl. 

bOBUf, n. m., ox; beef. 

boh^me, n.m. /., bohemlen, 
-ne, n. f., gipsy. 

bolre. v., to drink. 

bols, n. m., wood; forest. 

l>ol9fe,-e, adj., woody. 

bolserle, «, /., wainscot. 

bolsseau, n. m., bushel. 

bolSBon, n. /., drink; beverage. 

bolte, n. f., box. 

bolter, v., to be lame. 

boIteu-x,-se, «., adj., lame per- 

bol, n. TO., bowl; finger bowl. 
bombarder, v., to bombard. 
bombe, «. /"., bombshell. 
bon,-ne, adj., good; kind. 




boucherle, «. /., butchery; mar- 
ket; massacre. 

bouclion, n. m., cork. 

boucle, «. /., buckle. 

bouder, v., to pout. 

boudln, n. m., pudding. 

boudoir, n. m.^ boudoir; lady's 
private room. 

boue, n. f.y dirt; mud. 

bouffon, n. w., buffoon; jester. 

bouger, v., to stir; to budge. 

bougie, n\ /., wax candle; bougie. 

bouillant,-e, adj., boiling. 

bouillir, v., to boil. 

bouillon, n.m., broth. 

boulang-or, w. w., -^re, «. /., 

boulangerie, «. /., baking; bake 
house. . 

boule, n. f,, ball. 

bouleau, «. m,, birch; birch tree. 

bouledogue, n.m., bulldog. 

boulet, n. m., bullet; ball. 

boulevard, boulevart, n. m., 

bouleverser, v., to overthrow; to 

boulon, n. m., bolt. 

bouquet, nosegay, bouquet. 

bourg, n,ni.y country town; mar- 
ket town. 

bourgeois, n. m., -e, n. /., bur- 
gess; citizen; commoner. 

bourgeon, n. /;/., bud. 

bourgogne, w. w. , Burgundy wine. 

bourreau, n. w., hangman; execu- 

bourse, n. f., purse; exchange, 

boussole, «. /., sea compass; mar- 
iner's needle. 

bout, fi. m.y end. 

bouteille, n. /., bottle. 

boutique, «./., shop. 

bouton, n. ni., button; stud. 

boyau, n. in., hose; pipe. 

bracelet, n. m., armlet; bracelet. 




branche, n. f., branch. 

bras, n. m., arm. 

brasserie, n. /., brewery; brew 

brave, o^*., brave; gallant; honest; 

brave, n. m., courageous. 

braver, v., to defy; to face; to 

bravo! adv., bravo! well done! 

bravoure, n. f., bravery; courage; 

brebis, «. /., ewe; sheep. 

br-ef,-6ve, ad/., brief; short. 

bretelle, ft. f., strap; braces. 

breuvage, n. m., beverage; po- 
tion; drink. 

brevet, n. m., warrant; brevet; 

brevet6,-e, part., patented. 

bride, n. f., bridle; reins. 

brigade, n. f., brigade. 

brigand, n.m., brigand; highway- 

brillant, -e, adj., brilliant; shi- 
ning; bright. 

briller, v., to shine; to glitter; to 

brique, n. f., brick. 

brise, n. f., breeze. 

bris6,-e, part., broken to pieces; 
fatigued . 

briser, ^^, to break to pieces. 

brocliet, n. tn., pike. 

brochure, n. /., pamphlet. 

broder, v., to embroider. 

broderie, n. f., embroidery. 

broncliite, n.f., bronchitis. 

bronze, n.m., bronze. 

bronzer, v., to paint in bronze 

brosse, n. f., brush. 

brosser, v., to brush; to rub with 

. a brush. 

brouette, n. f., wheelbarrow. 




Ijroulllard, n. m., fog; waste 

broulUer, z/., to throw into confu- 
se broulller, v. r., to fall out with 

brouillon, n,m., rough draft; foul 

broussailles, n.f.{pl.), bushes; 

brouter, v,, to browse. 
bru, n. f.^ daughter-in-law. 
bruit, n.m., noise. 
briiler, v., to bum; to cauterize. 
se brftler, v. r., to burn oneself. 
brume, n. f., fog; haze. 
brun,-e, adj'.y dark; brown. 
brusque, ad/., rough; unexpected. 
brusquer, z/., to offend; to be 

brut,-e, adj., rough; raw. 
brutal, -e, adj., brutal; unrefined. 
buanderie, n. /., wash house; 

washing house. 
biiclie, n.f., piece of wood; log. 
bfteber, n. m., wood house. 
bfiLelieroii, n. m., wood cutter. 
budget, n. m., budget. 
buffet, n. m.y sideboard. 
bulsson, n. m., bush; thicket. 
bureau, n.m., bureau; desk; office. 
buse, n.m., corset steel. 
buste, n. m., bust; head and 

but, n.m., mark; object; end; aim; 

butln, n.m.., booty; plunder. 
buveu-r, n. m., -se, n. f., drinker; 

byzaiitlii,-e, adj'., Byzantine. 


e' {contraction of ce, and used only 

before the verb ^tre), this; ^ it. 
cabane, n. f., cabin; cottage. 
cabaret, n.m.., wine shop; tavern. 


cabestan, n. m., capstan; hand 

cabinet, n. m., closet; study. 

cdble, n. 7n., cable. 

c^bler, v., to cable. 

cabotage, n. m., coasting; coast- 
ing trade. 

se cabrer, v. r., to prance; to rear. 

cacao, n. m., cacoa; chocolate nut. 

cache, -e, part., hid; hidden. 

cacber, v.,\.o hide; to secrete; to 

se cacber, v. r., to secrete oneself. 

cacbet, n. m., seal. 

cacheter, v., to seal; to seal up. 

cacbette, n. f., hiding place. 

cacbot, n. m., dungeon. 

cadastre, n. m., register of the 
survey of lands. 

cadavre, n. w., corpse; dead body. 

cadeau, n. m., present; gift. 

cadenas, n. m., padlock. 

cadet, -te, adj'., younger son. 

cadran, n.m., dial plate; dial. 

cadre, n. m., frame. 

caf6, n. m., coffee; coffee house. 

cafeti^re, n. f., coffee pot. 

cage, n.f., cage. 

cabier, n. m., paper book; copy 

caille, n. f., quail. 

caisse, n. f., case; box; chest; cash 
room, livre de, cash book. 

caissier , n.m., cash keeper; cashier. 

calcul, n. m., calculation; compu- 
tation; estimate. 

calculer, v., to calculate; to com- 
pute; to estimate. 

caliche, n. f., open carriage. 

cale^on, n.m., drawers; pair of 

calendrier, n. m., calendar. 

calepin, n.m., note book; scrap 

calico, n. m., calico. 




calllf^TPa'Plile, n. /., penmanship. 

calme, adj., still; quiet; calm; dis- 

calmer, v.^ to still; to quiet; to 

calomniat-eur, «. >«.,'-rlee, 
«. /., calumniator; slanderer. 

calomnie, n. /., calumny; slander. 

calomnler, v., to calumniate. 

calorlf^re, n. m., hot-air stove. 

calotte, «. /., calotte; cap. 

calvinlste, n. tn., Calvinist. 

camarade, n. m, /., comrade; com- 
panion; playmate. 

camion, n. in,^ little cart; truck. 

camlonnage, n. m., carting. 

camisole, «. /., short night dress; 
straight waistcoat. 

camp, n. tn., camp. 

campa^nard, n. tn., -e, n. /., 
countryman; countrywoman. 

campa^ne, «. /., country fields; 

canaille, n. /., rabble; mob; 

canal, n. m.y canal; pipe. 

canap^, n, m., sofa; couch. 

canard, n, m., drake; duck. 

canarl, n. m,, canary; canary bird. 

cand^labre, n. m,, candelabrum. 

candeur, «. /., openness of heart; 
frankness; candor. 

candldat, n. m., candidate. 

candlde, adj., fair; open; frank; 

cane, n. /., the female duck. 

canevas, n, m., canvas. 

canlelie, n. m., poodle; water 

canlf, n. tn.y penknife. 

canne, n. /., walking stick; cane. 

canne,-e, at^"., caned. 

cannelle, «./., cinnamon bark. 

cannibale, n. m., man eater. 

canon, n. m., cannon; gun. 

canot, n.m.y ship's boat; cutter. 


caoatcliouc, n. m., caoutchouc; 
gum tree. 

cap, «. m,, cape; promontory. 

capable, 0^3^'., able; fit; capable. 

capacity, n. f., ability; capacity. 

capltalne, n.m., captain. 

capital, -e, a^\, capital. 

capital, n. m., principal; stock. 

capltale, n. f., capital; chief city; 
capital letter. 

capltallste,, capitalist; mon- 
eyed man. 

capltuler, v., to capitulate. 

caporal, n. tn., corporal. 

caprice, n, m., caprice; whim. 

captl-f, n. fn.f -ve, «./., captive. 

captlver, v., to captivate. 

captivity, n. /., captivity. 

capturer, z^., to capture; to appre- 
hend; to arrest. 

capucln, n. m., -e, ». /., Capu- 
chin friar. 

capuelne, «. /., Nasturtium. 

car, coftj'., for; because; as, 

carabine, «. /., carbine; carbine 

caract ^re ^n.m., character ; letter ; 
type; temper. 

caract^rlser, v., to characterize. 

caract^ristlque, n. f., charac- 
teristic; index. 

carafe, «. /. , decanter; water bottle. 

carat, n. m., carat. 

caravane, «. /., caravan; convoy. 

cardinal, n. tn., cardinal. 

car^me, n. m., lent. 

caresse, «./., caress; endearment. 

caresser, v,, to caress; to make 
much of. 

cargalson, n. f., lading of a ship; 

caricature, «. /., caricature. 

carnage, n.m., carnage; slaughter. 

carnassi-er,-^re, adj\, carniv- 

carnaval, n. m,, a carnival. 




camet, «. m., note book; memo- 
randum book. carnetd'6ch6- 
ances, bill book. 

carnivore, adj.y carnivorous. 

carotte, «. /., carrot. 

carpe, «. /., carp. 

carr6, «., adj'.f square; landing 

carreau, n. m,, pane. 

carrelage, n. w., pavement; pa- 
ving with tiles; bricks. 

carrl^re, «. /., course; career; 

carrosse, n.m,, four-wheeled car- 
riage; coach. 

carte, «. /., pasteboard; card; bill 
of fare. 

carton, n. m., pasteboard; car- 
toon; hat box. 

cartouche, «. /., cartridge; mo- 

cas, n. m.y case; event; value. 

cascade, «./., cascade; waterfall. 

caserne, «. /., barracks. 

casque, n. m.^ helmet; casque. 

casquette, «./., cap. 

casse-nolsette, n. m.y nutcrack- 

casser, v., to break. 

casserole, «. /., saucepan. 

cassette, n. /., casket; cash box. 

castillan,-e, n.yadj.y Castilian. 

castor, n, m.y castor; beaver. 

catalogue, n. m.y list; catalogue. 

cataplasme, n. m.y cataplasm; 

cataracte, «. /., cataract. 

catastrophe, «. /., catastrophe. 

cat^clilsme, n.m.y catechism. 

cat^gorle, n. /., category; predic- 

cath^drale, «. /., cathedral. 

cathollclsme, n.m.y Catholicism. 

cathollque, n. m. /., Catholic. 

cauchemar, n. m.y nightmare. 


cause, «. /., cause; grounds; mo- 

causer, v.y to cause; to chat; to 

causerie, «. /., prattling; chat- 
ting; gossiping. 

causeuse, n. /., small sofa. 

caution, n. f.y surety; security; 

ca Valerie, n. f.y cavalry. 

cavalier, n. m.y horseman; rider. 

cave, n. /,, cellar. 

caveau, n. m.y small cellar; vault. 

caverne, n. /., cavern; den. 

ce, cet, m.y cette, /., ces (pl.)y 
ad;, dem.y this; these; that; those. 

ce, pron. dem.y he; she; it; they. 

cecl, pron. dem.y this. 

c6der, v.y to give; to give up; to 

cedllle, n. /., cedilla. 

c^dre, n. m.y cedar. 

celnture, n. /., belt; the waist. 

cela, pron. dem.y that. 

cel^bre, adj.y celebrated; famous- 

c6l6brer, z/., to praise; to celebrate. 

c^lerl, n. m.y celery. 

celul, m.y celle, /., ceux, celles 
{pl.)y pron. dem.y he; him; she; 
her; they; them; that; those. 

cendre, n. f.y ashes. 

censurer, v.y to find fault with; 
to blame. 

cent, adj.y hundred. 

centalne, «. /., a hundred. 

centlare, n. m.y the hundredth 
part of an are {1.196 square yards) . 

centl^me, ad/.y hundredth; the 
hundredth part. 

centigramme, n. m.y the hun- 
dredth part of a gram {,1543 
grain) . 

centilitre, n. m., the hundredth 
part of a liter {.61028 cubic inch). 

centime, n.m.y the hundredth part 
of a franc {.1 penny). 




centimetre, n. /«., the hundredth 
part of a meter (.39371 inch). 

central, -e, adj., central. 

centre, n. tn., center; middle. 

centuple, «. »«., centuple; hun- 

cei>, n. ;«., vine stock. 

cependant, conj., yet; and yet. 

cercle, n. ni., circle; round; club. 

cercueil, n. m., coffin. 

eer^monie, n. /., ceremony. 

cerf, n. m.y stag; deer. 

cerise, «. /., cherry. 

cerisier, n. m., cherry tree. 

certain, -e, adj., certain; sure; 

certiflcat, n. w., certificate; tes- 

certifier, v., to certify; to testify. 

cerveau, n.m., brain; mind; intel- 

Cesar, n. m., Caesar. 

cesser, v., to cease; to leave off; 
to discontinue. 

cliacun,-e,^r(0«., every one; each. 

cliagrln, n. w., sorrow; grief; 

chaine, n. f., chain. 

clialr, «. /., flesh; meat. 

clialre, «. /., pulpit. 

chaise, «. /., chair; seat. 

chdle, n. m., shawl. 

chalet, n. m., Swiss cottage. 

chaleur, n. /., heat; ardor; warmth. 

chamhre, n. /., chamber; room. 

chameau, n. m., camel. 

champ, n.m., field; piece of ground. 

champagne, n. w., champagne. 

champ^tre, adj., rural; country- 

chance, «. /., hazard. 

chanceller, n. w., chancellor. 

chandelier, n. m., candlestick. 

chandelle, n. f., candle. 

change, n. ni., exchange; money 
change; agio. 


chani^er, v., to change; to ex- 

chanolne, n. tn., canon. 

chanoinesse, n. /., canoness.* 

chanson, n. f.^ song. 

chant, n.m.t singing; song; melody. 

chanter, v., to sing. 

chantre, n. m., singer. 

chanvre, n. m., hemp. 

chapeau, n. w., hat; bonnet. 

chapelet, n. w., chaplet; rosary. 

chapelier, n.m., hatter; hat manu- 

chapiteau, n. m., capital. 

chapltre, n. m.y chapter. 

chaque, ad/., each; every. 

char, n. tn., car; chariot. 

charhon, n. m., coal; charcoal. 

charbonnier, n. m., coal seller; 
coalman; coal shed. 

charcuterle, «. /., pork-butcher's 
meat; pork-butcher*s business. 

charcuti-er, n. tn., -6re, n. /., 
pork butcher. 

charge, «./., load; freight; charge. 

char gem ent, «. w. , cargo; lading; 

charger, v., to load; to charge; 
to burden. 

se charger, v. r., to take charge. 

chariot, n. m., wagon; cart. 

charitable, ad/., charitable. 

charlte, n.f., charity; benevolence. 

charlatan, n. m., quack; char- 

charmant,-e, ad/., charming; 
delightful; agreeable. 

charme, n. tn., charm; enchant- 
ment; attraction. 

charmer, z/., to charm; to enchant; 
to fascinate; to please. 

charpente, n. /., timber work; 
carpenter's work; framework. 

charpentler, n. m., carpenter. 

charretler, n.m. , carter; wagoner. 

charrette, n. f., cart. 




cliarrler, v., to cart; to bring in a 

cliarrue, «./., plow. 
cliarte, «. /., charter, 
cliasse, «./., chase; hunt; hunting. 
cliasselas, n. w., grapes; chasselas. 
cliasser, z/., to hunt; to pursue. 
chasseu-r, n, m., -se, n. /., 

hunter; huntsman. 
cliAssls,«.w., window sash; frame. 
chaste, ad/.^ chaste; virtuous. 
chat, n. m.t -te, n. /., cat. 
chd/tal^ne, n. /., chestnut. 
clidtalgnier, n.m.^ chestnut tree. 
Q]id.talii, ad/.t chestnut; auburn. 
clifi<teau, «.. w., castle; mansion; 

c]id.tliiient, n. m.t chastisement; 

correction; punishment. 
cliaud,-e, ad/.y hot; warm. 
cliaudl^re, n. /., large kettle; 

chauffer, z/., to heat; to warm. 
Be chauffer, v. r. , to warm oneself. 
chaumi^re, «./., thatched house; 

chausser, «/., to put on. 
se chausser, v. r., to put on 

one*s shoes; boots; stockings. 
chaussette, «. /., sock. 
chaussure, «. /., hose; shoes; 

chauve, ad/.^ bald. 
chaux, n. f., lime. 
chavlrer, v.^ to capsize; to upset. 
chef, n. m.y chief; commander. 
chef-d'OBuvre, n. m., master- 
chef -lieu, n. m.y chief residence; 

chief town. 
chemln, n. w., way; road. 
chemln^e, n. /., chimney; mantel 

chemise, n. /., shirt; chemise. 
ch^ne, n. w., oak. 
chenille, «. /., caterpillar. 


cheque, n. m., check. 

ch-er,-^re, ad/.^ adv,^ dear; be- 

chercher, z^., to seek; to look for; 
to search. 

ch^re*, n. f,t cheer; entertainment; 

cheval, n. m.y horse. 

chevalerle, «. /., knighthood; 

chevalier, n.m.y knight; cavalier. 

chevelure, «. /., hair; head of 

chevet, n.m.^ the head (of a bed), 

cheveu, n. m.^ hair. 

ch^vre, n. m.^ she goat. 

chevreau, n, m.y kid. 

ch^vrefeullle, «. w., honey- 

clievreull, n. m., roebuck; roe 

chevron, «. w., rafter. 

chez, prep., at, to, in one*s house; 
at the home of. 

chlcoree, «. /., endive; chicory. 

chien, n. nt., -ne, n, /., dog. 

chiffonnl-er, n. m., -^re, «. /., 
rag picker. 

chiffonni-er, n. m., -^re, «. /., 
chiffonier, meuble, furniture. 

chiffre, «. w., figure; number; 

chlmle, n. f.y chemistry. 

chinols,-e, «., adj., Chinese. 

chlquer, v., to chew tobacco. 

chlrurgie, «. /., surgery. 

chlrurglen, n. m., surgeon. 

choc, n. m., shock; clashing; col- 
lision; blow. 

chocolat, «. m., chocolate. 

choeur, n, tn., choir; chorus. 

choisir, v., to choose. 

cholx, n. m., choice; selection. 

cirage, n. m., waxing; blacking 
(for shoes f etc.). 




circonf6rence, n. /., circumfer- 

circonflexe, n. w., adj., circum- 
flex accent. 

circonstance, «./., circumstance. 

circulaire, «. /., circular. 

circulation, «. /., circulation; 
currency; traffic. 

clre, n. /., wax; beeswax; seal. 

cirque, n. m., circus. 

clseau, n. m., chisel. 

clseaux, n. m. (//.), scissors. 

cltadelle, «. /., citadel. 

citation, n, /., citation; summons. 

clt6, «. /., city; town. 

clter, v.y to cite; to quote; to name. 

clterne, «. /., cistern. 

cltoyen, n. tn.^ -ne, «. /., citizen. 

citron, n. tn., lemon. 

cltroullle, «./., pumpkin; gourd. 

clvl^re, n. /., hand barrow; litter. 

civil, -e, adj., civil; well bred. 

civilisation, «. /., civilization. 

clvlllser, t/., to civilize. 

clalr,-e, adj., clear; bright; light; 
limpid; intelligible. 

classe, n. /., class; rank. 

classer, v., to class. 

classlque, adj., classic; academic; 

clause, n. /., clause; condition. 

clef, n. f., key. 

clemence, n. f., clemency; mercy. 

clerc, n. m., clerk. 

clerg6, n. m., clergy. 

client, n. m., -e, n. f., client; 
patient; customer. 

clientele, «. /., clients; practice; 
business; custom. - 

ellmat, n. nt., climate; clime. 

cloclie, n. /., bell. 

cloclier, n. m., steeple; belfry. 

cloch.ette, n. /., hand bell. 

cl6ture, n. f., enclosure. 

clou, n. nt., nail. 

clouer, v., to nail. 



club, If. m., club; assembly. 
coalition, n. f., coalition. 
' coclier, n, m., coachman. 
j coclion. If. tn., hog; pig. 
cCBur, n. m., heart. 
colffer, v., to put (anything') on 

one*s head; to dress the hair. 
coiffeu-r, n. nt., -se, «./., hair 

coiffure, n. f., head dress. 
coin, n. m., comer; nook. 
col, n. m., neck; .collar. 
colore, n. f., anger; wrath; fury. 
collaborat-eur, n. m., -rice, 

». /., assistant; contributor. 
colle, n. /., paste; glue. 
collecteur, n. nt., collector. 
collection, n. f., collection; set. 
college, «. m., college; school. 
coller, v., to paste; to glue. 
collet, n. m., collar (of a gozvn, 

coat) . 
collier,, collar; necklace. 
colUne, «. /., hill. 
colombe, «. /., dove. 
colombler, n. m., pigeon house. 
colon, n. m., colonist; planter. 
colonel, n. m., colonel. 
colonic, n. f., colony; settlement. 
coloniser, v., to establish a colony; 

to colonize. 
colonne, n. f., column; pillar. 
color er, v.,\.o color; to dye. 
combat, n. nt., combat; fight; 

combattre, v., to fight; to com- 
combien, adv., how much; how 

comedle, n. /., comedy; play. 
com6dlen, n. nt., -ne, n. /., 

comedian; actor; actress. 
com^te, n, f., comet. 
com 1 que, adj., comical; funny; 





coinlt6, ». m.y meeting of a few 
persons; committee. 

commandant, n. tn,, command- 
ant; commander. 

,commande, «. /., order. 

commandement, «. w., com- 
mand; order. 

commander, z/., to command; to 

comme, adv.y as; like; so. 

commencement, «. w., begin- 

commencer, v.y to begin; to com- 

comment, adv.y how; in what 

commer^ant, n. w., trader; mer- 

commerce, n. m.y commerce; 
trade; traffic. 

commettre, z/., to commit; to per- 

commls, n. m.y clerk; shopman. 

commlssalre, n.m.y commissary 
of police (de police) . . 

commission, «. /., commission; 

commlsslonnalre, n.m.y factor; 
porter; errand boy; messenger. 

commode, a^'., commodious; con- 

commode, «. /., chest of drawers; 

commun,-e, a^*., common; usual; 
ordinary; vulgar. 

communaut6, n. /., community; 

commune, n. /., commune; town- 
ship {in France). 

communication, «. /., com- 

communlquer, v.y to communi- 
cate; to impart. 

compagne, n. /., female com- 


compa^nle, «. /., society; com- 

compa^non, n. m.y companion; 
fellow; associate. 

comparalson, «. /., comparison; 

comparaltre, v.y to appear. 

comparer, v.y to compare. 

compas, n. m.y pair of compasses; 

compassion, «. /., compassion; 
pity; mercy. 

compatlr, v.y to sympathize with. 

compatrlote, n.m.f.y compatriot; 
fellow countryman. 

competent, -e, adj.y sufficient; 

complaisance, n. /., kindness; 

compl-et,-6te, adj.y complete; 

compliment, n. m.y compliment; 
(pi.) congratulations. 

compllmenter, v.y to compli- 
ment; to congratulate. 

complot, n. m.y plot; conspiracy. 

se comporter, v. r., to behave. 

composer, v.y to compose. 

composition, «. /., composition; 

comprehensible, ad/.y compre- 
hensible; clear. 

comprendre, z/., to comprehend; 
to understand. 

comprlmer, v.y to compress; to 

compromettre, v.y to compro- 
mise; to implicate. 

comptablllt6, «. /., bookkeeping. 

comptable, n. m.y accountant; 

comptant, «. m.y ready money; 

compte, n. m.y account. 

compter, z/., to count; to calculate. 




compte-reudu, n. w., return; 
report; statement. 

coniptolr, n. m., counter. 

conite, n. m.^ count; earl. 

conit^,, county; earldom. 

comtewHC, n. /., countess. 

concent rer, v., to concentrate. 

concert, n,m., concert; harmony. 

concevolr, z'., to apprehend; to 
imagine; to perceive. 

concit^rge, n. m. /., porter; por- 
teress; doorkeeper. 

concllier, v., to reconcile; to con- 

concis,-e, adj., concise; brief; 

conclure, r., to conclude; to finish. 

concombre, n.m., cucumber. 

concordat, n. m., concordat. 
benefice de, benefit of the in- 

concourlr, v., to concur; to 

concurrent, «. /«.;-e, «./., com- 

condamnation, «./., condemna- 
tion; sentence. 

condamner, z/., to condemn; to 
sentence; to censure. 

condition, n. /., condition; quality; 
fortune; terms. 

conditlonnel,-;?. w., conditional. 

conduct-eur, n.m., -rice, «. /., 
conductor; conductress; leader. 

condulre, v.y to conduct; to lead; 
to carry. 

se condulre, v. r., to behave. 

conduit, n. w., conduit; pipe. 

condulte, «. /., conduct; behavior; 

conference, n. /., lecture. 

conf erer, v. , to compare; to confer. 

conf lance, «. /., confidence; trust; 

confidence, n. /., confidence; 
secrecy; secret. 


confler, v., to confide; to entrust. 

se confler, v. r., to trust. 

confirmer, v., to confirm; to 

conflHcrle, n. /., confectionery; 
confectioner's shop. 

conflseu-r, «. w., -se, n. /., con- 

confiture, «. /., preserve; sweet- 

confondre, r., to confound; con- 

confortable, ad/.^ consolatory; 

confu8,-e, ad/.f ashamed; con- 

cong6, n. m., leave; discharge; 

congedler, v., to discharge; to 
dismiss; to pay off. 

congratuler, v.y to congratulate; 
to felicitate. 

conjonctlon, «. /., conjunction; 

conjugalson, «./., conjugation. 

connalssance, n. /., knowledge; 

connaissement, n. w., bill of 

conilaltre, z/., to know; to under- 

conqu^rlr, z/., to conquer; to sub- 

conqu^te, n. /., conquest. 

consacrer, z/., to consecrate; to 

conscience, «. /., conscience. 

consell, n. /«., counsel; council. 

conselller, z/., to advise; to coun- 
sel; to give advice. 

con sent Ir, z^. , to consent; to agree. 

consequence, «./., consequence; 

conserve, «. /., preserve. 

conserver, v.y to preserve; to 




considerable, adj.^ considerable; 

consideration, «. /., considera- 
tion; regard; esteem. 

consld^rer, v.^ to consider; to 
view . 

consigner, v.^ to deposit; to con- 

conslstance, z/., consistency; con- 

consoler, v.^ to console; to com- 

consommateur, n, m.\ con- 

consommer, v.^ to consummate; 
to accomplish. 

consonne, «. /., consonant. 

consplrer, v,y to conspire; to 

constamment, adv.^ steadily; 

constater, v.^ to prove; to verify. 

constltuer, v.^ to constitute. 

constitution, n. f., constitution; 

constructeur, n.m.y constructor; 
ship builder. 

construction, «./., construc- 
tion; building; structure. 

construlre, v., to construct; to 
build; to erect. 

consultation, «. /., consultation; 

consulter, v., to consult; to ad- 
vise; to confer. 

contact, n. m., contact; touching. 

conte, story; tale; falsehood. 

contempler, v., to contemplate; 
to meditate; to reflect. 

contemporaln, n. m., -e, n. f.y 
contemporary; contemporaneous. 

contenance, «. /., capacity; con- 
tents; posture. 

contenlr, z/., to contain. 

se contenlr, v. r., to keep within 


content, -e, adj.y content; satis- 
fied; pleased. 

contenter, v.^io satisfy; to please. 

conter, z^., to tell; to relate. 

contester, v., to contest; to dis- 

contlgru,-e, ddj.^ contiguous; ad- 

continent, n. m., mainland. 

contlnuj-e, adj.y continuous; un- 

contlnuer, z/., to continue; to 

contracter, v., to contract; to 

contradiction, n. /., contradic- 
tion; opposition. 

contralndre, z/., to constrain; to 
compel; to force. 

contralre, adj., contrary; oppo- 

contrat, n. fn., contract; deed. 

contre, prep., against; close by. 

contrebande, «. /., contraband; 

contredlre, v., to contradict. 

contree, n. /., country; region. 

contrefa^on, «./"., counterfeiting; 

contrefacteur, n. w., counter- 
feiter; forger. 

contrefalre, v., to counterfeit; to 
imitate; to copy. 

contremander, z/., to counter- 

contrepolson, n. m., antidote, 
counter poison. 

contrlbuer, v., to contribute; to 

contribution, «./., contribution; 

contr61e, n. m., control; con- 
troller's office. 

contr61er, v., to register; to check; 
to verify. 




conTaincre, v.^ to convince; to 

convalescence, n. /. , conva- 

convenable,a^*. , suitable; proper. 

convenlr, v.y to agree; to admit. 

convention, n. /., convention; 

conversation, «./., conversation; 

convertlr, v., to convert; to trans- 

conviction, «. /., conviction.- 

convler, v., to invite. 

convive, «. m. /., guest. 

con vol, funeral procession. 

convoquer, v.^ to convoke; to 
convene; to assemble. 

cople, n. /., copy; transcript; 

copier, Vi, to copy; to imitate. 

coq, n. m.y cock. 

coquetler, n, m., egg merchant. 

coqullle, «./"., shell. 

coquln,-e, ddj., idle; debauched. 

coquln, n. m., -e, rascal; rogue. 

cor, n.m.y com; horn; hunting horn. 

corbeau, n. m., crow; raven. 

corbel lie, «. /, basket. 

corblllard, n. m., hearse. 

cordage, n. ni., cordage. 

corde, n. /., cord; line; twine; 

cordial, -e, adj., cordial; hearty; 

cordonnler, n. fn., shoemaker. 

corlnthlen, n. m., -ne, n. /., 

corne, n. f,, horn; shoe horn. 

corporel,-le, ad/.y corporal; 

corps, n. m., body. 

correct, -e, afl^*., accurate; correct. 

correction, n. /"., correction; alter- 
ation; reprimand. 


correspondance, n. /., corre- 
spondence; relation. 

correspondant, n. m., corre- 

correspondre, v.y to correspond; 
to communicate. 

corridor, «. wi., corridor. 

corrlgrer, v. , to correct; to rectify. 

corrompre, v. , to corrupt; to spoil. 

corruption, n. /., corruption; 
putridity; depravity. 

corsage, n. m.^ trunk. 

costunie, n. m.^ customs; man- 
ners; dress. 

c6te, n. f.y rib; hill. 

c6t6, n. m.f side; way. 

coteau, n. m.r declivity; little hill. 

c6telette, n. /., chop; cutlet. 

cotlser, v.t to assess; to rate. 

coton, n. tn., cotton. 

coucbe, «./., bed; bedstead. 

coucber, z/., to put to bed; to lie 

se coucher, v. r., to go to bed; 
to lay oneself down. 

coude, n. tn.y elbow. 

coudre, z/., to sew. 

couler, z/., to flow; to run. 

couleur, n. f., color; paint. 

couloir, n. m., passage; lobby. 

coup, n. m., blow; knock; hit. 

coupable, adj'.y culpable; guilty; 

coupe, n. /., cutting; chopping. 

coui>6, n, m.y brougham. 

couper, v.y to cut. 

se couper, v. r., to cut oneself. 

couple, n. m., couple. 

coui>on, n. /»., remnant; part. 
d' actions, of shares. 

cour, n. /., court; yard. 

courage, n. m.y courage; daring. 

courant, n. m., current; stream! 

courber, z/., to bend; to curve. 

courlr, z'., to run. 

couronne, n, /., crown; wreath. 




couronner, v,y to crown. 

courrier, n, tn.^ courier; mail. 

cours, n, m,^ course; stream; cur- 

course, n, /., race; running; career. 

court, -e, adj.^ short; succinct. 

courtier, n.m.y broker. 

cousin, n.m.f -e, «./., cousin. 

coussin, n. nt.^ cushion. 

couteau, n. m., knife. 

colter, v.f to cost. 

coutume, «./., custom; habit. 

couture, «. /., seam; sewing. 

couturi^re, «. /., dressmaker. 

couvent, n. m,^ convent; monas- 

couver, z/., to hatch; to incubate. 

couvercle, n, w., cover; lid. 

eouvert, n. m.y table cloth and 
covers; cover (plate, spoon, knife, 
and fork). 

eouvert, -e, part., covered. 

couverture, w./., cover; blanket- 

couvrir, v.y to cover. 

crale, «. /., chalk. 

craindre, v., to fear; to dread. 

crainte, «. /., fear; dread; awe; 

cr&ne, n. w., skull; cranium. 

cravaclie, n. /., horsewhip. 

cravate, n, /., cravat; necktie. 

crayon, n. nt.y pencil. 

cr^ance, «. /., credence; debt. 

cr6anci-er, n. m.y -6re, n. /., 

cr^ateur, n. m., creator; maker. 

creation, «. /., creation; produc- 

credit, n. m., credit; influence. 

cr6diter, v,, to credit. 

cr^diteur, n, m., creditor. 

cr6er, z/., to create. 

cr^me, «. /., cream. 

cr^pe, «. /., crape. 

cr6puscule, n. w., twilight. 


cresson, n.m.y cress; watercress. 

cr^te, n. /., crest; comb of a cock. 

creuser, v., to dig; to excavate. 

creux, n. tn., hollow; pit; hole. 

crevasse, «./., crevice. 

crl, n. m.y cry; scream; yell. 

crier, v.y to cry; to scream. 

crime, n. m.y crime. 

criminel,-le, adj.y criminal. 

crin, n. m.y horsehair. 

crise, «. /., crisis. 

cristal, n. m.y crystal. 

critique, n. /., criticism; censure. 

critiquer, v.y to criticize; to cen- 

crochet, n. m.y hook. 

croire, v.y to believe; to have faith 

croiser, v.y to cross. 

croitre, z/., to grow; to increase. 

croix, n. /., cross. 

croftte, n. f.y crust. 

croyance, n. f.y belief; faith. 

cruaut^, n. f.y cruelty. 

cruclie, n. f.y pitcher; jar; jug. 

crucifix, n. m.y crucifix. 

cruel, -le, adj.y cruel; merciless; 

cube, n. m.y cube. 

cueilllr, v.y to pick; to gather. 

culller, or cuill^re, «. /., spoon. 

cuir, n. m.y hide; leather; strop. 

cuire, z^., to cook; to bake. 

cuisine, n. f.y kitchen. 

cuisinier, n.m.y cook; male cook. 

cuisini^re, n, f.y female cook. 

cuivre, n. m.y copper. 

culte, n. m.y creed; religion. 

cultivat-eur, n.m.y -rice, «./"., 
cultivator; grower; agriculturist. 

cultiver, z^., to cultivate; to till. 

cupide, adj.y covetous; greedy. 

cure, n. m.y rector; vicar. 

curieu-x,-se, adj.y curious; in- 

curiosite, n. f.y curiosity; rarity. 




cuve, n. /., tub; vat. 

cuveau, n. //i., small vat; small 

cuvette, ft. f., wash-hand basin. 
cyjjfne, n. tn., swan. 
cylindre, n. w., cylinder. 
cynlque, n. m.y cynic. 


daigrner, v.^ to deign; to conde- 

damas, n. /»., damask. 

dame, «./., lady; married woman. 

dame, inij.y well! forsooth. 

damner, z/., to damn. 

danger, n.m.^ danger; peril; risk. 

dangereu-x, -se, adj., danger- 

danois,-e, adj.y Danish. 

danSy/n'/., in; within; into. 

danse, n. /., dance; dancing. 

danser, t'., to dance. 

date, n. f., date. 

dater, j/., to date. 

davantage, adv., more; longer. 

^G^ prep.y of; from. 

de, n. m.y thimble. 

debarcad^re, n. m., landing; 
landing place; terminus {of rail- 

. ways). 

debarquei', v., to disembark; to 
land; to unship. 

debarrasser, v., to clear; to rid; 
to disencumber. 

debat, w. w., debate; dispute; dis- 

debauche, «. /., debauch; de- 

debit, n. w., debit side. 

debitant, n. m., -e, n. /., re- 
tailer; dealer. 

d^blter, v., to sell; to retail. 

debit-eur, n. m., -rice, n. /., 

deborder, v., to overflow; to run 


d^boucher, v., to uncork. 

d^bourser, v., to disburse. 

debout, adv.^ standing. 

d^but, n. tn.^ debut; first appear- 
ance; beginning. 

de^d,, prep., this side of. 

d^caclieter, z/., to unseal. 

decadence, «. /., decline; down- 

d6cag:ramme, n. m., decagram 
{5.04 drams avoirdupois). 

d^cam^tre, n. m., decameter 
{32.88992 feet), 

d6c6d6,-e, part., deceased; dead. 

decent, -e, adj., decent; becoming. 

d6cerner, v., to award. 

d6c^s, n. m., decease; demise; 

decharge, tt. f., unloading; un- 

deehet, n. tn., loss; waste. 

d^eliiffrer, v., to decipher; to 
make clear. 

d^chirer, v., to tear. 

decider, v., to decide; to induce. 

decigramme, n. m., decigram 
(1.6432 grains). 

decilitre, n. m., deciliter {.176 

pT7lt) . 

decime, n. fn., decime; tenth part 
of a franc; a war tax. 

decimetre, n.m., decimeter (3.937 
ifiches) . 

declamation, n. f., declamation; 

declamer, v., to declaim; to re- 

declaration, n. f., declaration; 

declarer, v., to declare; to pro- 

declinaison, n. f., declension. 

decliner, v., to decline. 

decombres, n.m. (pi.), rubbish. 

decomx>oser, v., to decompose. 

deconcerter, v., to disconcert. 




decor, n.m.y decoration; graining. 

d^corateur, n. w., ornamental 
painter; decorator. 

d^coudre, v.^ to unsew; to rip up. 

decouper, z^r, to carve. 

decourager, z/., to discourage. 

d6couvert,-e, part.y uncovered; 
detected; discovered. 

decouverte, «. /., discovery. 

decouvrlr, v.., to uncover; to dis- 

d6cr6ter, z/., to decree. 

d6crlre, v.y to describe. 

de9U,-e, part.^ deceived; frus- 

decuple, adj.^ tenfold; decuple. 

d^daigner, v.y to disdain. 

dedain, n. m.^ disdain; scorn. 

dedans, adv., within; in; inside. 

dedit, n. w., deed stipulating for- 

djBdominager, v., to indemnify. 

deduire, v.y to deduct. 

d^falllir, v., to faint away. 

d6falre, v., to undo. 

d^faite, «./"., defeat; overthrow. 

d^faut, n. tn.y defect. 

d6fende-ur, n.m., -resse, «./"., 
defendant; respondent. 

defendre, v., to defend; to pro- 

defense, «./., defense; protection. 

deficit, n. m.y deficit; deficiency. 

defier, v.y to defy; to brave. 

d^finlr, v., to define. 

d6fiiilti-f,-ve, adj.y definitive; 

definition, «. /., definition. 

d6funt,-e, adj., deceased. 

degager, v.y to redeem; to disen- 

d^garnir, z/., to disgarnish. 

d6gd<t, n. tn.y damage. 

deg^n^rer, v.y to degenerate. 

d6gotlt, n. tn.y disgn^st. 

d^gotlter, v.y to disgust. 


d6grader, ?/., to deprive of dignity; 
to degrade. 

degraisser, v.y to remove greasy 
stains; to remove fat. 

degr6, n. w., step; degree. 

dehors, adv.y out; without; out of 

d^jd,, adv.y already; before; yet. 

d^je^ner, or d6]e^n6, n. m.y 

deld,, prep.y beyond; on the other 
side of. 

d61aisser, v.y to abandon; to 

delib6rer, v.y to deliberate. 

d61icat,-e, adj.y delicate; dainty. 

d^licatesse, n. /., delicacy; ten- 

d^lice, n. m.y delight; deliciousness. 

delivrer, z/., to deliver; to release. 

deluge, n. m.y deluge; flood. 

demain, adv.y tomorrow. 

demander, z/., to ask; to beg; to 
request; to demand. 

d^m^nager, v.y to remove one's 

d^mentir, v.y to give the lie to. 

demeure, «./"., abode; home. 

demeurer, v.y to live; to reside. 

denii,-e, adj.y half. 

d^mon, n. m.y devil; demon. 

denoncer, v.y to denounce. 

dent, n. f.y tooth. 

depart, n. m.y departure. 

d^p^clie, n. f.y despatch. 

dep^clier, v.y to be quick; to 

depense, n. /., expense; expend- 

depit, n.m.y spite; vexation. 

deplaire, v.y to displease; tooflfend. 

dep6t, n.m.y depositing; deposit. 

depouille, n. f.y spoil. 

depouiller," v.y to despoil; to 

depuis, adv.y since; since that time. 



d^rang^er, v., to derange. 

deriii-er,-^re, <w//., last; greatest. 

d6rober, v,^ to rob; to steal. 

d6roger, z/., to derogate. 

d6route, «. /., rout; defeat. 

derri^re, prep,, behind. 

des, art. {pi. )^ of the. 

d^s, prep., from; since. 

desag:r6able, culj., disagreeable; 

d6sappoliiter, v., to disappoint. 

desarmer, v., to disarm; to un- 

d6sastre, n. m., disaster. 

descendre, z^., to descend; to go 
down; to go down stairs. 

description, n. /., description; 

desert, n.m.y desert; solitary place; 

deserter, z/.,to desert; to abandon. 

desesp6rer, v., to despair. 

desespolr, n. m., despair. 

deshablller, v., to undress. 

desli6rlter, v., to disinherit. 

deshonneur, n. m., dishonor; to 

designer, v., to designate. 

desir, n. m., desire; wish. 

deslrer, v., to desire; to wish for. 

desobeir, v., to disobey. 

desoler, v., to desolate; to de- 

desordre, n. 7n.y disorder; con- 

desormais, adv., henceforth. 

despote, n. m., despot. 

dessecher, v., to drip; to parch. 

desseln, n.m., design; intention. 

dessin, n. m., drawing; design; 

dessinateur, n. m., draftsman; 
designer; pattern drawer. 

dessiner, v., to draw. 

dessous, flflfz'., under; underneath; 
below . 


dessus, adv., on; upon; over. 

destin, n.m,, destiny; doom; fate. 

destlnataire, n. m., person to 
whom a parcel, a letter, is addressed. 

destination, n. /., destination. 

destiner, v., to destine; to intend. 

destruct-eur, -rice, adj\y de- 

d6taelier, v., to detach; to dis- 

detail, n. m., detail; retail. 

d6teindre, v., to lose color; to 

d^teler, v., to unharness. 

d^tenlr, v., to detain. 

dMerminer, z/., to determine; to 

d6terrer, v., to dig up; to disinter. 

d^tester, v., to detest. 

detour, n. m., byway; subterfuge. 

d^tourner, v., to turn away; to 
turn aside. 

detresse, n. /., distress. 

detruire, v., to destroy; to ex- 

dette, «. /., debt; obligation. 

deuil, n. m., mourning; time of 

deux, adj., two. 

deuxi^me, adj., second. 

devancer, v., to precede; to go 

devant, prep., before; in front of. 

developpement, n. m., develop- 

developper, v., to open; to de- 
velop; to expand. 

devenir, v., to become; to grow. 

deviner, v., to foretell; to guess. 

devise, n. /., device; emblem; 

devoir,, duty; task; exercise. 

devoir, v., to owe; to be in debt. 

devorer, v., to devour. 
! devouement, n. m., devotion; 
I devotedness. 




d^vouer, v., to devote. 

diable, n. /»., devil. 

dialogue, n. tn., dialogue. 

diamant, n. m.j diamond. 

dieter, v.^ to dictate; to prescribe. 

dictionnaire, n. w., dictionary. 

Dieu, n. m.y God. 

dlffamep, v,y to defame; to 
slander; to traduce. 

difference, «. /., difference; dis- 

difficile, adj., difficult; hard. 

difficult^, n.f.y difficulty; objec- 
tion; obstacle. 

dig^rer, z/., to digest. 

digestion, n. /., digestion. 

digne, ad/.^ deserving; worthy. 

digue, «./.,dike; dam; embank- 

diligence, «. /., diligence; speed; 

dimanche, n. m., Sunday. 

dimension, n. /., dimension. 

diminuer, z^., to diminish; to re- 

dinde, «. /., turkey hen. 

dindon, n. m., turkey cock. 

diner, n. m., dinner. 

diner, z/., to dine. 

dire, z/., to tell. 

direct,-e, adj., direct; straight. 

direct-eur, n. m., -rice, n. f., 
director; manager; superintendent. 

direction, n.f., direction; manage- 

diriger, v., to direct; to guide. 

discipline, n. f., discipline. 

discours, «.w., discourse; speech. 

discr-et,-6te, adj'., discreet; pru- 

discretion, n. f., prudence; dis- 

discussion, n. /., discussion; 

discuter, v., to discuss; to debate. 

dispenser, v.y to exempt. 


disposer, v., to dispose. 
disposition, «. /., disposition; 

disputer, v., to discuss; to argue. 
disputer, v., to contend for; to 

dissiper, v. , to dissipate; to scatter. 
dissoudre, v., to dissolve. 
distance, n. /., distance. 
distiller, v., to distil. 
distinct, -e,aflf/*. .distinct; separate. 
distinction, n. /., distinction; 

distingue, -e, fl^'., distinguished; 

distinguer, v., to discern; to dis- 
distraction, n. /., recreation; 

distraire, v., to disturb; to enter- 
distribuer, v., to distribute; to 

distribution, n. f., distribution; 

divers, -e, adj'., diverse; various. 
divertir, v., to divert; to amuse; 

to recreate. 
dividende, n. m., dividend. 
divin,-e, adj., divine; godlike; 

divinite, n. f., Divinity; Godhead; 

diviser, v., to divide. 
diviseur, n. m., divisor. 
division, n. f., division. 
dix, adj., ten. 
dizaine, n. /., ten. 
docile, a^'., docile; manageable. 
doctor, n. m., doctor. 
doctrine, n. f., doctrine. 
document, n.m., document; title; 

title deed. 
dogme, n.m., dogma; tenet. 
doigt, n.m., finger; toe. 
doit, n. m:. Dr., debtor. 




dollar, n, tn.^ dollar. 
domaine, n. m., domain; estate. 
d6ine, n. w., dome; cupola. 
domestique, //. m.y servant. 
domicile, n. nt.y domicile; abode; 

domlner, v., to rule; to dominate. 
domino, n. m., domino. 

dommagr^9 n.m., damage; injury. 
dompter, v.^ to subdue; to tame. 
don, n.nt.y gift; donation; present. 
done, conj., therefore; then. 
donner, v., to give; to bestow. 
dont, pron., whose; of whom. 
dor6,-e, part., gilt; gild over. 
dorenavant, adv., henceforth; 

dorer, v., to gild. 
dormir, v., to sleep. 
dos, 71. tn.y back. 

dose, «./"., dose; quantity; portion. 
dot, n.f.y marriage portion; dowry. 
douane, //. /. custom house. 
double, adj., double; duplicate. 
douceur, n. f., sweetness; softness. 
douleur, w./., pain; sorrow, 
doute, «. w., doubt; apprehension. 
douter, v., to doubt; to suspect. 
dou-x,-ce, adj., sweet; calm. 
douzaine, n. f., dozen. 
douze, adj., twelve. 
douzi^me, «. m., adj., twelfth. 
drame, n. w., drama. 
drap, n. ni., cloth. 
drapeau, n. m., flag; standard. 
draperie, n. f., drapery. 
dresser, v., to erect; to straighten. 
drogue, 71. f., drug. 
droguiste, 71. th., druggist. 
droit, -e, adj., straight; right. 
dr61e, adj., droll; funny; rascal. 
du {coTitraction of de le), art. 7n., 

of the. 
dft, 71. 7ft., duty. 
due, 71. 771., duke. 
duchesse, 71. /., duchess. 


dupe, n. f.y dupe. 

duquel, pron., of which; from 

dur,-e, adj., hard. 
I durant, //r^., during. 
durcir, v., to harden; to make 

durer, v., to last. 
.duret^, n. f., hardness; toughness. 
duvet, 71. Ttt., down. 

eau, n. f., water; rain. 

6b6niste, «. m., cabinetmaker. 

6blouir, v., to dazzle; to fascinate. 

^branler, v., to shake; to move. 

^carter, z/. , to set aside; to remove. 

6cliafaud, 71. fn., scaffold. 

6cliafaudage, «. 7n., scaffolding. 

eelianger, v., to exchange. 
i echapper, v., to escape; to avoid. 

eclieance, w. /., falling due; expi- 

6cliec, n. 7ft., check; loss. 

^clielle, 71. f., fadder; scale. 

6clio, 71. 7ft., echo. 

6clioir, v., to expire. 

Eclair, n. 7ft., lightning. 

6claircir, v., to clear. 

^clairer, v., to light; to give fight 

eclat, 71. Ttt., shiver; splinter. 

6clater, v., to split; to shine. 

6cole, 7t. f., school. 

6coli-er, Tt.Tft., -^re, Tt.f., school- 
boy; schoolgirl. 

econome, adj., economical; sa- 

Economic, «./"., economy; thrift. 

economiser, v., to economize. 

ecorce, 71. f., bark. 

ecossais,-e, 7t., adj., Scotchnjan. 

ecouter, v., to listen; to pay atten- 
tion to. 

ecraser, v., to crush; to bruise. 

^crire, v., to write; to spell. 




6crlteau, n. m., bill (poster) \ 

6criture, n. /., writing; handwri- 
ting; scripture. 

^crivain, n. m., writer; author. 

6cru,-e, adj., unbleached. 

6cueil, n. m., reef; rock; danger. 

6culer, v.y to tread down at heel. 

ecume, «. /., froth; foam. 

^cureull, n. m.f squirrel. 

^curie, n. /., stable. 

Edifice, n. m., edifice; building. 

6diteur, n. tft., publisher. 

Edition, n. f.y edition. 

Education, «. /., education. 

ef facer, z/. , to efface; to scratch out. 

effectivement, adv., in effect; 

effet, n. tn., effect. 

effort, n, m., effort; exertion. 

effrayaiit,-e, adj., frightful; fear- 

effrayer, v.y to frighten. 

s'effrayer, v.r., to be frightened. 

effroi, n. m., fright; terror. 

6gal,-e,at^*., equal; uniform; even. 

6galer, v., to equal; to make even. 

^galit6, n.f., equality; uniformity. 

^^ard, /{./;/., regard; consideration. 

^glise, n. f.y church. 

6goisine, n. tn.^ egoism; > selfish- 

^gyptlen, n.m.y -ne, «. /., Egyp- 

^lancer, z/., to dart; to shoot. 

Election, n. /., election; return. 

Electricity, «. /., electricity. 

E16gance, «./., elegance; fashion- 

E16ineiitalre, adj.^ elementary. 

elevation, «./"., elevation; emi- 

61Eve, n. nu /., pupil; scholar; 

61ever, z/., to raise; to lift up. 

elle, /r(t?«., she; her; it. 


Eloigner, v.y to remove; to send 

Eloquent, -e, adj., eloquent. 

Email, n. m., enamel. 

emballage, n. m., packing up; 

emballer, v., to pack up. 

embarcation, «. /., small boat; 

embarquer, v., to embark; to 

embarras, n. m., encumbrance; 

embarrasser, z/., to embarrass; 
to encumber. 

embelllr, v., to beautify. 

enibouchvire, n. /., mouthpiece. 

embrasser, v., to embrace; to 
clasp; to kiss, ' 

emmagaslnage, n. m.^ ware- 

emmagasiner, z/., to warehouse. 

emmEnager, z/., to move in. 

emmener, v., to carry away; to 
take away. 

Emoi, n. w., emotion; anxiety; 

Emotion, «./"., emotion; stir; com- 

Emouvant, adj., touching; mov- 

Emouvolr, v., to move; to rouse. 

empEcher , z'. ,to oppose; to prevent. 

empire, n. tn., empire. 

emplol,w.w., employ; employment. 

employer, v., to employ. 

empoisonner, v., to poison. 

emportE,-e,a^*., fiery-; passionate. 

emporter, z/., to carry away; to 
take away. 

s ' emporter, z/. r., to fly into a 

empressE,-e, adj., active; assid- 

empressement, n.m., eagerness; 




emprunt, n.nt., borrowing; loan. 
emprunter, v., to borrow. 
6iiiu,-e, adj'.jpaLTt; moved; affected. 
en J prep, t in; into. 
en, pran.t some; any. 
encaisse, n. /., cash in hand. 
encan, n. m., auction; public sale. 
enchalner, v., to chain up; to 

encliaiiter, v., to enchant; to 

charm; to gratify. 
ench^re, n. /., bidding (at an 

auclion)\ auction. 
enclin,-e, adj., inclined; addicted. 
enclos, n. m.y enclosure; close. 
enclume, w. /., anvil. 
encombrer, z'., to obstruct; to 

encore^ adv.^ yet; still; more; 

encourager, t/., to encourage; to 

encre, «./"., ink. 
encrler, n. m., inkstand. 
s'endetter, v. r., to run into debt. 
eiidorinl,-e, pari., asleep; sleep- 
endopmlr, v., to lull asleep; to 

rock to sleep. 
s'endorinir, v. r., to fall asleep; 

to go to sleep. 
endos, n. m., endorsement. 
endosser, v., to put on the back; 

to endorse. 
endosseur, n. m., endorser. 
endrolt, n. m., place. 
endurcir, v., to harden; to make 

Anergic, n. f., force; energy. 
enfance, «. /"., infancy; childhood. 
enfant, n. m. /., child; infant. 
enfer, n. m., hell. 
enfermer, v., to shut; to shut in. 
enfin, adv., in fine; finally; in 

enfler, z/., to swell. 


enfoncer, v.^ to sink; to sink to 
the bottom. 

s'enfuir, v, r., to run away; to 
take flight. 

enfumer, v., to fill with smoke. 

engagement, n. m., pawning^; 

engager, z/., to pawn; to engage. 

engloutir, v., to swallow up; to 

engourdlr, v., to benumb. 

engourdlssement, n. m. , torpor. 

engralsser, v., to fatten. 

engrenage, n. m., gear. 

s'enhardir, v. r., to make bold; 
to grow bold. 

^nlgme, n. /., enigma; riddle. 

s'enivrer, v. r., to get intoxicated. 

enjamber, v., to stride over; to 

enlevement, n. m., carrying off; 
removal; abduction. 

enlever, v., to lift; to raise; to 
carry off; to kidnap. 

ennemi, n. tn., -e, n. /"., enemy; 

ennui, n. tn., tediousness; weari- 

ennuyer, v., to tire; to weary. 

s'ennuyer, v. r., to be wearied; 
to feel dull. 

enOrme, adj., enormous; huge. 

enqu^te, n. f., inquiry; inquest; 

enrager, v., to be mad; to be en- 

enregistrement, n. m., register- 
ing; registry. 

enregistrer, v., to register; to 

enrhumer, v., to have a cold. 

s'enrliumer, v. r., to catch cold. 

enrlchlr, v., to enrich; to make 

s'enrlchir, v. r., to grow rich. 

enseigne, n. f., mark; sign. 




ensel^nement, ». m,, instruc- 
tion; teaching; tuition. 

ensei^ner, v. , to teach; to instruct. 

ensemble, adv.y together. 

ensuite, adv.^ after; afterwards; 

entamer, z/., to make the first cut; 
to begin. 

entasser, z/., to heap; to pile up. 

entendre, v., to hear; to under- 

enterrement, n. nt., burial; fu- 
neral; interment. 

enterrer, z/., to bury; to inhume. 

en-t^te, n. m., heading. 

entbousiasme, n. w., enthu- 
siasm; rapture; ecstasy. 

enti-er,-6re, adj'.j entire; whole. 

entonnoir, n. w., funnel. 

entourer, v.^ to enclose; to sur- 

entr'acte, n.m.y interval between 
the acts. 

en trainer, v., to draw; to drag 

entYG^ prep.y between; among. 

entree, «. /., entry; entrance. 

entrefaltes, n, f. (pi.), interval; 

• meantime. 

entrepot, n. m., bonded ware- 
house; store. 

entreprendre, v.^ to undertake; 
to attempt. 

entrepreneur, n. m.^ master 
builder; contractor. 

entreprlse, n. /., enterprise; un- 

entrer, z/., to enter; to come in. 

entresol, n.m., entresol [suite of 
apartments between the ground floor 
and the first floor) . 

entretenlr, v., to keep in repair; 
to entertain. 

s'entretenlr, v. r., to support 
oneself; to talk to. 


entretlen, n. m., maintenance; 

entrevolr, v., to peep in; to fore- 
entrevue, «./"., interview; meet- 
6nuni6rer, v., to enumerate; to 

count; to reckon. 
enveloppe, «. /., wrapper; cover;. 

envelopper, v., to envelop; to 

wrap up; to cover. 
en vers, prep.y toward; to. 
en vie, «. /., envy. 
envler, v,, to envy. 
environ, adv., about; thereabout. 
envlronner, v,, to surround. 
environs, n, m, (pL), environs; 

vicinity; neighborhood. 
envoi, n. m., sending; package; 

goods forwarded. 
envoyer, v., to send; to forward. 
6pals,-se, o^jf/., thick; heavy. 
6pargne, n. /., economy; saving. 
epargner, v., to save; to lay by; 

to economize. 
6pliule, n. /., shoulder. 
6pee, n. /., sword. 
6plce, «. /., spice. 
6plcerle, ». /., grocery. 
6plcl-er, n. nt., -^re, n. /., grocer. 
epler, v., to watch; to be a spy 

6plnard, n. m., spinach. 
^plngle, «. /., pin. 
6pitre, n. /., epistle; letter; mis- 

eponge, «. /., sponge. 
epoque, n. /"., epoch; period. 
epouse, n. /., spouse; bride; wife. 
6pouser, z/., to marry; to take in 

epousseter, v., to dust. 
^pou van table, adj., frightful; 





6pouvante, «. /., terror; dismay; 

6pouvaiiter, z/., to terrify; to 

epoux, n.m., spouse; bridegroom. 

6preuve, n. A, trial; proof; test. 

^Ijuiser, v.^ to exhaust. 

^querre, «. /., square. 

equipage, n. m., equipage; car- 

erreur, n. /., error; illusion; mis- 

escadre, «./"., squadron; fleet. 

escaller, n. w., staircase; stairs. 

esclave, n. m. /., slave. 

escompte, n. w., discount. 

escrlme, n. /., fencing. 

espace, n.nt., space; room; place. 

espagnol,-e, «., adj., Spaniard; 

espace, «./"., species; kind; ready 

esperance, //./"., hope; confidence. 

esperer, z/., to hope; tQ expect. 

espolr, n. m., hope; expectance. 

esprit, n. m., spirit; soul; ghost. 

essai, n. m.y trial; essay; sample. 

essayer, v., to try; to essay; to at- 

essentiel,-le, w., adj., essential; 
main point. 

essuyer, z^., to wipe; to wipe dry. 

est, n. fn.y east. 

estimable, adj., estimable. 

estimation, «./., estimation; ap- 

estlme, «./"., esteem; regard; esti- 

estlmer, v., to estimate; to value; 
to esteem. 

estomac, n. m., stomach. 

et, conj.y and. 

stable, n. f., stable. 

6tabllr, v., to establish. 

s'6tablir, v., to establish oneself. 


^tabllssement, n. tn,, establish- 

6tagr^9 «• w-j story; floor. 

^taln, n. m., tin. 

6talage, n. m., exposing of goods 
for sale. 

6tan^, n. tn., pound; pool. 

6tat, n. m.y state; commonwealth; 

6t6, n. tn., summer. 

^telndre, v., to put out; to ex- 

6tendard, n. m., flag; banner. 

6teiidre, v., to spread; to expand. 

^tendue, «. /., extent; extensive- 

6teriiel,-le, adj'.j eternal; ever- 

eternity, n. /., eternity. 

6tliicelaiit,-e, ad/., sparkling; 

etlneelle, n. /"., spark; flash of 

etiquette, n. /., ticket; label; eti- 

etoffe, n. f., stuff; cloth. 

^tolle, n. f., star. 

^tonnant, -e, adj., astonishing; 

etonner, z^., to astonish; to amaze. 

s'^tonner, v. r., to wonder. 

6tourdl, n. m., -e, «. /., rattle- 

etourdlr, v., to stun; to astound. 

s'etourdlr, v. r., to divert one's 

etourdlssement, n. m., dizzi- 

etrange, a^*., strange; odd; queer. 

etrang-er,-^re, adj., strange; 

etrangler, v., to strangle. 

^tre, v., to be; to belong. 

6tre, n. m., being; existence. 

etrenne, n. /., New Year's gift. 

6trier, n, w., stirrup. x 




6tPolt,-e, adj.y narrow; tight. 

^tude, n, /., study. 

^tudiant, n. w., student. 

^tudler, v,y to study. 

^tui, n. fn,y needle case. 

europ6eii,-ne, «., adj., Euro- 

eux, pron.y they; them. 

evacuer, ?/., to evacuate. 

s'6vader, v., to make one's es- 

^valuer, z;., to value; to estimate; 
to rate. 

^vangile, n, m.^ gospel. 

s'^vanouir, v. r., to faint; to 

6veillep, v.y to awake. 

^v^nement, «. w., event; occur- 
rence; emergency. 

6v^que, n, nt., bishop. 

evldemment, adv., evidently; 

6viter, v,y to shun; to avoid; to 

exact, -e, adj., exact; accurate. 

exactitude, n. /., exactness; 
punctuality; exactitude. 

examen, n. tn.y examination. 

examiner, v., to examine; to in- 
quire into; to inspect. 

exaucer, v., to grant. 

exc^dent, n. w., overplus; sur- 

exc6der, v., to exceed; to go be- 

excellent, -e, adj., excellent. 

excepts, prep.y except; excepting. 

exception, «. /., exception. 

exc^s, n. nt.y excess; immodera- 

excitation, «. /., excitation; ex- 

exciter, v., to excite; to provoke. 

exclamation, «. /., exclamation. 

excursion, «. /., excursion; trip. 

excuse, ». /., excuse; apology. 


excuser, v., to excuse; to pardon. 

s'excuser, v. r., to excuse; to de- 

ex^cuter, ?/. , to execute; to achieve. 

exemplaire, n. tn.y model; copy. 

exemple, n.m.j example; pattern. 

ext^rcer, v., to exercise. 

exercice, n. m., exercise. 

exiger, z/., to exact; to demand. 

exil, n. tn.y exile; banishment. 

exister, t/., to exist. 

exi>6dier, v,y to despatch; to for- 

expedition, n. /., expedition; ship- 

exp^ditionnaire, n. m.y sender. 

experience, n. /"., experience; ex- 

exi>irer, v.y to expire; to die away. 

expliquer, v.y to explain; to illus- 

exploiter, v.y to work; to cultivate 
for sale. 

exposer, v.y to expose; to exhibit. 

exposition, n. f.y exhibition. 

expres,-se, adj.y express; positive. 

expression, «. f.y expression. 

exprimer, v.y to express. 

exquis,-e, adj.y exquisite. 

exterieur,-e, adj.y exterior; out- 

ext^rieur, exterior; outside. 

extraordinaire, adj.y extraor- 
dinary; unusual. 

extr^nie, adj.y extreme; utmost; 

fable, n. /., fable; story; tale. 
fabricant, n. nt.y manufacturer. 
fabrication, n. /., fabrication; 

fabriquer, v.y to manufacture, 
fa^ade,^./"., front; frontage; facade. 
face, n. f.y front; fore part. 
f&che,-e, adj.y angry; sorry. 




se fAclier, v, r., to be angpy; to 
be offended. 

facile, adj.^ facile; easy. 

fa^on, n. /., making; manner; 

facteur,«.w., maker; factor; letter 

facture, «. /., bill of parcels; in- 
voice; bill. 

facultati-fj-ve, adj., optional. 

faculty, n. /., faculty; ability. 

falble, adj., weak; feeble. 

falblesse, n. /., weakness; feeble- 

faiblir, v., to become weak. 

faience, n. /., crockery. 

failli, n. m., -e, n. /., bankrupt. 

faillite, n. /., bankruptcy; failure. 

faim, n. f., hunger. 

faire, z/., to make; to do. 

faisan, n. m., -e, n. /., pheasant. 

fait, n. ffi., fact; act; deed. 

falloir, v., must; should; ought; 
to be obliged. 

s'en falloir, v. r., to be wanting. 

falsifier, z/., to falsify; to adulter- 

faineu-x,-se, adj., famous; 

famili-er, n. /»., -^re, adj., famil- 
iar; free; intimate. 

famille, n. /., family. 

famine, n. f., famine. 

fantaisie, n:f., imagination; fancy; 

farce, n. f., drollery. 

farine, n. f., flour; meal. 

fatigue, n. f., fatigue; weariness. 

se fatiguer, v. r., to fatigue one- 

faubourg, «. w., outskirt; suburb. 

faussaire, n. m. f., forger. 

faute, n. f.y fault; mistake; error. 

fauteuil, n. tn., armchair. 

faux, n. /., scythe; falx. 

fau-x,-sse, adj^^ false; untrue. 

faveur, «./"., favor. 

favorable, adj., favorable; pro- 

lavoriser, v., to favor; to aid. 

f6cond,-e, adj., fecund; fruitful; 

f6e, n. f., fairy. 

feindre, v., to feign; to pretend; 
to sham. 

f inciter, v., to congp-atulate. 

femelle, n. f., adj., feminine. 

f6niinin,-e, adj., feminine. 

femme, n. /., woman; married 

fendre,.!^., to split; to crack. 

fen^tre, n. f., window. 

fer, n. tn., iron. 

ferme, n. /., farm; farmhouse. 

ferme, adj., firm; steady. 

fermer, v., to shut; to close. 

fermi-er, «.w., -^re, «./., farmer. 

f6roce, adj., ferocious; fierce. 

fertile, adj., fertile; fruitful. 

f^te, n. f., holiday; festival. 

f^ter, v., to keep holiday; to cele- 

feu, n. tn., fire; conflagration. 

feuille, n. f., leaf; sheet. 

feutre, n. m., felt. 

f6vrier, n. tn., February. 

fiacre, n. nt., hackney coach. . 

fiance, n. m., -e, n. f., betrothed. 

ficelle, n. f., twine; string. 

ficti-f,-ve, adj., fictitious; imag- 

fidMe, adj., loyal; trusty; faithful. 

fid61it6, «./., fidelity; faithfulness; 

se fier, v. r., to trust to; to rely. 

fi-er,-^re, adj., proud; haughty. 

fiert6, n. t., pride; haughtiness; 

fi^vre, n. f., fever. 

figue, n. f., fig. 

figuier, n. nt., fig tree. 

figure, 7^. /., figure; form; shape. 




se flfiTtirer, v. r., to imagine; to 

fll, n. tn.f thread. 

filateur, n. m.y proprietor of a 
spinning factory. 

filer, z'., to spin. 

filet, n. m.y net; snare. 

lille, n. f.f girl; daughter. 

lillette, «. /., lass; young girl. 

filleul,«.w.,-e,«./., godson; god- 

filou, n. m.y pickpocket; sharper; 

fils, n. m.y son. 

fin, «./"., end; conclusion. 

fin,-e, adj.y fine; thin; shrewd. 

finance, «. /., finance. 

financier, n. w., financier. 

finesse, «. /., fineness; delicacy; 

finir, z/., to finish. 

fixe, adj.y fixed; steady. 

fixer, v,y to fix. 

flaniand,-e, «., adj.y Fleming; 

flamme, «. /., flame; blaze. 

flanc, n. tn.y flank; side. 

flanelle, «. /., flannel. 

flatter, v.y to flatter; to'caress. 

fl^che, n. f.y arrow. 

fleur, n. f.y flower. 

fleurir, v.y to flower; to blossom. 

fleuriste, n. m. /., florist. 

fleuve, n. tn.y river. 

flot, n. tn.y wave; flood. 

flotte, n. f.y fleet. 

flotter, vTy to float. 

fl^te, n. f.y flute. 

fluxion, n. f.y inflammation. 

foi, n. f.y faith; belief. 

foie, n. m.^ liver. 

foin, n. tn.y hay; grass. 

fois, n. f.y time (repetition) . 

folic, n.f.y madness; folly; lunacy. 

fonci-er, -6re, adj., landed. 

fonction, n. f.y functions; office. 


fonctionnaire, n. m.y one who 

holds an office. 

fond, n. m.y bottom. 

fondation, n. f.y foundation. 

fonder, z/., to lay the foundation; 
to ground. 

fonderie, n. f.y foundry. 

fondre, z/., to melt; to dissolve. 

fonds, n. m.y land; funds; stock; 
capital; stock in trade. 

fontaine, n. f.y fountain. 

fonte, n. f.y cast iron. 

force, n.f.y strength; force; power. 

forcer, z^., to force; to compel. 

for^t, n. f.y forest; woodland. 

forgeron, n. m.y smith; black- 

forme, n. f.y form; shape. 

former, v.y to form. 

formidable, adj.y formidable; 

fort-e, adj.y strong; powerful. 

fort, adv.y very; very much. 

fortifier, v.y to fortify; to 

fortune, n. f.y fortune; chance; 

fosse, n. f.y hole; grave. 

fosse, n. m.y ditch. 

fou, fol,-le, adj.y mad; insane. 

foudre, n. /., thunder; lightning. 

fouet, n. m.y whip; horsewhip. 

fouetter, v., to whip; to lash. 

foug^re, n. f.y fern. 

foulard, n. m.y silk handkerchief. 

foule, n. f.y crowd; mob. 

four, n. m.y oven; bakehouse. 

fourche, n. f.y pitchfork. 

fourchette, n. f.y fork. 

fournaise, n. f.y furnace. 

fourneau, n. m.y stove. 

fournir, v.y to furnish; to provide; 
to supply. 

fourniture, n.f.y furnishing; sup- 
ply; provision. 

fourrure, n. f.y fur. 




foyer, n. w., fire-grate. 

fraction, «. /., fraction; portion. 

fragile, adj., fragile. 

fraleheur, «. /., coolness; fresh- 

fra-is,-lclie, adj., cool; fresh. 

f rais, n.fn.(pi.), expense; expenses. 

f raise, n. /., strawberry. 

fraisier, n. w., strawberry plant. 

framboise, «. /., raspberr>\ 

frainboisier, n. m., raspberry 

franc, n. m., franc. 

franc, -lie, adj., free; franc. 
franc de port, postpaid. 

fran^ais,, -e, n. f., French; 
Frenchman; Frenchwoman. 

francliir, v., to leap; to overstep; 
to cross. 

franchise, n. f., franchise; open- 

franco, adv., free of expense. 

frai)p^,-e, part., stuck; iced. 

f rapper, v., to strike; to knock. 

fraude, n. f., fraud; deceit. 

frayeur, n. f., fright; terror; 

frein, n. tn., brake. 

fremir, v., to shudder; to quiver. 

fr^quemment, adv., frequently; 

frequenter, v., to keep company 

fr^re, n. m., brother. 

fret, n. m., freight. 

friand,-e, adj., dainty; nice. 

frire, v., to fry. 

f riser, v., to curl {hair). 

frisson, n. tn., chilliness; slight 

friture, n. f., fried fish. 

froid, n. m., cold; coldness. 

fromage, n. tn., cheese. 

fronient, n. m., wheat. 

front, n. ?«., forehead. 

trotter, v,, to rub. 


I friictuou-x,-se, a^*., • fruitful; 

fruit, «. m., fruit. 

fu>Citi-f,-ve, adj., fugitive. 

fuir, v., to flee; to run away. 

fuite, n. f., flight; running away. 
j funi^e, n. f., smoke. 
I fumer, v., to smoke. 
' funiier, n. m., manure. 
j fun^raiUes, n. f. (pi.), funeral. 

funeste, adj., fatal. 

fureur, «./.,fury; madness; rage. 

furieu-x,-se, adj., furious; mad; 

fusil, n. m., musket; gun. 

futur,»e, adj., future. 


gage, n. m., pawn; security. 

Imager, v., to hold a wager; to 

gainer, v., to gain; to earn. 

gal,-e, ad/., gay; merry; cheerful. 

gaiete, gait^, «./., gaiety; merri- 
ment; cheerfulness. 

gain, n. m., gain; profit. 
' galerie, n. f., gallery; lobby. 

galop, n. m., gallop. 

gant, n. m., glove. 

se ganter, v. r., to put on one's 

garantie, n. f., warranty; guar- 

garantir, v., to guarantee; to 

gar^on, n. in., boy; bachelor. 

garde, ♦/. f.. keeping; watching. 

garde, n. m., Ifeeper; warden; 

garde-fou, n. m., hand rail. 

garde -magasin, n. m.\ ware- 
house keeper. 

garde-malade, n.m.f., nurse for 


i the sick. 
garder, v., to keep; to preserve. 
garde-robe, n. f,, wardrobe. 




gardien, n.m.j -ne, n. f., guard- 
ian; trustee. 

gare! intj., look out! 

gare, «. /., station. 

garni, n. m,, furnished lodgings. 

garnir, v., to furnish; to trim; to 

garnison, n. /., garrison; bailiff's 

garniture, «./., trimming; lining. 

gfi,t6,-e, adj.^ part.^ spoiled; dam- 

gateau, ;/. w,, cake. 

g&ter, v., to spoil; to damage. 

gauclie, a^'., left; left-hand side; 

gaz, n. m., gas. 

gaze, n. /., gauze. 

gazon, n. tn., grass; turf. 

g6ant, n. m., -e, n. /., giant; 

gel^e, 71, /., frost; jelly. 

geler, v,, to freeze. 

gemir, v.^ to groan; to moan. 

gemissement, n, m., groan; 

g^nant,-e, adj., troublesome; em- 

gendre, n. m., son-in-law. 

g^ne, n. /., uneasiness; trouble; 
pecuniary difficulty. 

g^ner, t/., to impede; to obstruct. 

g^n^ral, n. m., general. 

generation, «. /., generation. 

g6nereu-x,-se, adj.^ generous. 

g^n^rosite, n. /., generosity; 

genie, n, tn., genius. 

genou, n, m,, knee. 

genre, n. m., species; kind; sort. 

gens, n, tn.y people; persons. 

gentil,-le, adj., pretty; fine. 

gentillioninie, n. m., nobleman; 

gentillesse, n. /., prettiness; 


g^ograpliie, «. /., geography. 
g^oni^trie, «. /., geometry. 
g^rant, n. w., manager. 
geste, n, w., gesture. 
gibier, n. m., game. 
gigot, n. tn.y leg of mutton. 
gilet, n. nt.y waistcoat; vest. 
girofle, n. m.y clove. 
gite, «. w., home; lodging place. 
glace, «. /., ice; glass; plate glass; 

looking glass. 
glaci^re, «. /., ice house. 
glisser, v., to slip; to slide. 
globe, n. tn., globe; sphere. 
gloire, n. /., glory. 
gomme, «. /., gum. 
gond, n. fn., hinge. 
gonfler, t/., to swell; to inflate. 
gorge, n, /., throat; neck and 

gotbique, n. m., Gothic. 
goudron, n. m,, tar. 
gouffre, n. w., gulf; whirlpool. 
gourmand ^n.m.,'e^7i.f., glutton . 
gourmandise, n. /., gluttony; 

goiit, n, tn.y taste; savor; smell. 
goiiter, t/., to taste. 
goutte, n. /., drop; small quantity. 
gouvernante, n. /., governess; 

gouvernement, n, m.y govern- 
gouverner, v., to govern; to rule. 
gr&ce, n. /., grace; indulgence; 

graduer, v., to graduate. 
grain, n. m., grain; bead. 
graine, n. f.y seed. 
graisse, «. /,, fatness; grease. 
graisser, z/., to grease. 
gramme ,n.m.y gram ( 15 . 438 grains 

troy) . 
grand, -e, adj., great; large; tall. 
grandeur, n.f., height; greatness; 





g^andir, z/., to grow; to grow tall. 
grand 'm^re, n. f., grandmother. 
gri*aiid'oncle, «. w., great uncle. 
g^rand'p^re, «. w., grandfather. 
grand' tan te, n. /., great aunt. 
grange, «. /., barn. 
fiT^appe, «. /., bunch; cluster. 
gras,-se, adj,y fat; fleshy; greasy. 
gratis, adv.^ gratis; for nothing; 

gratter, v.^ to scratch; to scrape. 
g^ave, adj., grave; serious; solemn. 
graver, z/., to engrave; to impress. 
gravir, t/., to climb; to climb up. 
gravure, «. /., engraving. 
gre, n. m.y will; wish; liking. 
grec,-que, cut;., Greek. 
greffer, z/., to graft. 
gr^le, n. /., hail. 
gr^le, adj., slender; thin. 
grenat, n.m.y garnet. 
g^enier, n. m., garret. 
grenouille, n. /., frog. 
gr^s, n. m.y sandstone; stoneware. 
gr^ve, «./"., ^trik^ {of workmen) . 
grief, n. m., grievance; wrong; 

griff e, n. /., claw. 
griffer, z^., to claw; to scratch. 
gril, n. m., gridiron. 
grille, n.f., grate; grating; railing. 
griller, v., to broil; to roast. 
grimace, n. f., grimace. 
grimper, v., to climb. 
grippe, «. /., influenza. 
gris,-e, adj., gray. 
gronder, v., to growl; to scold. 
gros,-se, adj., large; big. 
groseille, n. /., gooseberry. 
grbseillier, n. tn., gooseberry 

grosse, n. f., gross (twelve dozen) . 
gi»ossi-er, -6re, adj., coarse; 

homely; common. 
grossir, v., to make bigger; to 



grotte, n. f., grotto; crypt. 
gu^re, adv., but little; not much. 
gu^rir, v., to cure. 
gu6rison, n. f., recovery; cure. 
guerre, n. f., war; warfare. 
guetter, v., to lie in wait for; to 

guide, n. m., guide; n. /., rein. 
guider, v., to guide; to direct. 
guirlande, n. /., garland; wreath. 
guise, n. /., manner; fancy. 
gymnastique, n. f., gymnastics. 


(All words in which the h is aspirated are 
marked thus *.} 

lialSile, adj., able; clever; skilful. 

habillement, n.m., clothes; cloth- 

habiller, v., to dress. 

habit, n. m., garment; dress; coat. 

habitant, n. m., -e, n. f., inhab- 
itant; resident. 

habitation, n.f., habitation; resi- 

habiter, z/., to inhabit; to dwell in. 

habitude, n. f., habit; custom. 

habit uer, z^., to use; to accustom. 

*hache, n. /., ax. 

*hacher, v., to chop; to cut to 

^hachette, n. f., hatchet. 

*haie, n. /., hedge. 

*haine, n. /., hate; hatred; spite. 

*hair, v., to hate; to detest. 

haleine, n. f., breath. 

*halte, n. /., halt; stop; halting 

*hanieau, n. tn., hamlet. 

*hanter, v., to haunt; to frequent. 

*harasser, v., to harass; to tire 

*hardi,-e, adj., bold; daring; in- 

*hardiesse, n. /., boldness; fear 




*liareng, n. m., herring. 

•haricot, n. w., kidney bean. 

liarmonie, «./., harmony; unison; 

*liarnals, n. m.j harness. 

•hazard, n, m., chance; accident. 

*h&te, «. /., hurry; haste. 

*hdter, v.y to hasten; to forward. 

*hausse, «. /., rise; advance. 

*hausser, t/., to raise; to advance. 

*haut,-e, adj.^ high; tall. 

*hautain,-e, adj.y haughty. 

*hauteur, «. /., height; altitude. 

hebdomadaire, adj., weekly. 

hebreu, n . , adj. , Hebrew ; Hebraic . 

hectare, n. m., hectare {2 acres j 
1 rood, 36 perches) . 

hectogramme, n.m.j hectogram 
(3.527 ounces, avoirdupois) . 

hectolitre, n. w., hectoliter 
{22.009668 imperial gallons) . 

hectometre, n. w., hectometer 
(328.09167 British statute feet) . 

h^las, intj., alas; ah. 

her be, «. /., herb; grass. 

h6r6dit6, «./., succession; hered- 
itary right; inheritance. 

*h6risser, v., to bristle. 

heritage, «. w., heritage; inher- 

h6riter, v., to inherit. 

h6rlti-er, n,m., -^re, «./., heir; 

h^roique, adj., heroic. 

h^roisme, n. m., heroism. 

*h6ros, //. tn., hero. 

h^siter, v., to hesitate; to be 

*h6tre, n. m., beech; beech tree. 

heure, n. /., hour; o'clock. 

heureusement, adv., happily; 

heureu-x,-se, a^'., happy; fortu- 

*hlbou, n, m., owl. 


*hldeu-x,-se, adj., hideous; hor- 

hier, adv., yesterday. 

hirondelle, n. f., swallow. 

histoire,«./., history; tale; narra- 

hiver, n. m., winter. 

*holA, n. tn., stop. 

*hollandais,-e, n., adj., Dutch- 
man; Dutchwoman; Dutch. 

*homard, n. m., lobster. 

homicide, n. m., homicide; man- 

hommage, n.m., homage; gift. 

homme, n. m., man. 

*hoiJgrois,-e, «., adj., Hun- 

honn^te, adj., honest; virtuous. 

honneur, n.m., honor. 

honorable, ctdj., honorable; re- 

*honte, n. f., shame; disgrace. 

*honteu-x,-se, adj., ashamed; 

h6pital, n. m., hospital. 

horizon, n. m., horizon. 

horlot^e, n. f., clock. 

horreur, n. /., horror; abomina- 

horticulture, n. f., horticulture. 

h6te, n. m., host; landlord; guest. 

h6tel, n. tn., mansion; hotel. 

*houblon, «. m., hop. 

*houille, n. f., coal. 

huile, n. f., oil. 

huissier, n. m., usher; sheriff's 

*huit, adj., eight. 

*huitaine, adj., eight days. 

*huitieme, n. m., eighth. 

huitre, n. /., oyster. 

humain,-e, adj., human. 

humble, adj., humble. 

humecter, v., to wet; to moisten. 

humeur, «. /., humor; temper. 

humlde, n,, adj., damp; moist. 




hnrnlUer, r., to humiliate. 
hygiene, «. /., hygiene. 
hymne, «. w., hymn. 
liypotlifeque, «. /., mortgage. 

iei, adv., here. 

id^al,-e, adj., ideal. 

id^e, «. /., idea; mind. 

idiom e, n. m., idiom; dialect; 

ij^orance, «./., ignorance; error. 

ljfnopaiit,-e, adj., ignorant; il- 

Ignoper, v., to be unacquainted 

11, pron.y he; it. 

lie, n. /., island; isle. 

ill6g:al,-€*, adj., illegal; unlaw- 

llliiininer, v., to illuminate. 

illusion, n. f., illusion; delusion. 

illustrer, v., to illustrate. 

linage, n. /., image; resemblance. 

iTxiai^^inable, adj., imaginable. 

linaglnaire, adj., imaginary; 

imaglner, v., to imagine; to con- 

s'ima^lner, v. r., to fancy; to 

imbecile, adj., imbecile; foolish; 

Imiter, v., to imitate; to copy. 

iininateriel,-le, adj., imma- 

inini^dlateinent, adv., imme- 
diately; directly. 

immense, adj., immense. 

Immeuble, n. m., estate; real 

immobile, adj., immovable; 

immoler, v., to sacrifice; to slay. 

immoral, -e, adj., immoral. 

immoralite, n. f., immorality. 


immoptel,-le, adj., immortal. 

impair, -e, adj., odd; uneven. 

imparf ait , -e , adj. , imperfect ; u n- 

impartial, -e, cuij., impartial. 

impassible, cuij., impassible; un- 

impatience, n. /., impatience; 

s'impatienter, v. r., to lose 
one's patience. 

imp6rati-f,-ve, adj., imperative. 

imperiale, «./., roof; outside {of 
a coach). 

impersonnel,-le, adj., imper- 

impertinence, n. f., insolence. 

imp^tuen-x,-se, adj., impetu- 
ous; violent. 

impitoyable, adj., pitiless; un- 

implorer, v., to implore; to call 
upon; to supplicate. 

imjiortance, n. f., importance; 

important, n. m., essential. 

imi>ortateur, n. m., importer. 

importation, n. /., importation. 

Importer, v., to import; to 

importun,-e, n., adj., tiresome 
person; intruder. 

Importuner, v., to importune; to 

Imposer, v., to impose; to tax. 

impossible, n. m., impossibility. 

Imp6t, n. m., tax; duty. 

impression, n. /., impression; 

imprevu*,-e, adj., unforeseen; un- 

Imprlmer, v., to imprint; to 
stamp; to print. 

imprimeri^, n. /., printing office. 

Imprimeur, «. w., printer; press- 




Improducti-fj-ve, adj., unpro- 

ti I'improviste, adv., unexpect- 

Imprudence, «.»/., imprudence; 
unadvised ness. 

iiianiin^,-e, adj., inanimate; life- 

incapable, adj., incapable; un- 
able; unfit; incompetent. 

Incendie, n. m., fire; conflagra- 

incertaln,-e, fl^*., uncertain; un- 

incertitude, n. /., uncertainty. 

Incident, n. m., incident; occur- 

inclination, «. /., inclination; 

s'incliner, v. r., to bow. 

inclus,-e, adj,t enclosed. 

incommode, adj., inconvenient. 

incommode , -e , part . , indisposed ; 

incommoder, v., to incommode; 
to inconvenience. 

Incomparable, adj., incompara- 
ble; matchless; unequaled. 

incompatible, ofl^'. , incompatible; 

incompl-et,-6te, adj., incom- 
plete; imperfect. 

incomprehensible, adj., incom- 
prehensible; unintelligible. 

lnconnu,-e, adj., unknown. 

inconscient, adj., unconscious. 

inconstance, n. f., inconstancy. 

Incontestable, adj., indisputable; 

inconvenance, «. /. , impropriety. 

inconv6nlent, n. m., inconve- 

incorporer, v., to incorporate. 

incorruptible,a^*., incorruptible. 

Incr^dule, n. m. /., unbeliever; 


Incroyable, adj., incredible. 

Inculte, adj., uncultivated; waste; 

Ind6cls,-e,a^'., undecided; doubt- 

ind6fini,-e, adj., indefinite; un- 

Indemniser, v., to indemnify; to 
make good. 

indemnity, «. /., indemnity, 

Ind^pendance, n. f., independ- 

indescrlptlble, adj., indescriba- 

index, n. m., index; table of con- 
tents; forefinger. 

indicatif,, indicative (mode), 

indication, n. f., indication; in- 
formation; sign. 

indlen,-ne, n., adj., Indian. 

indienne, n. /., printed calico; 
printed cotton. 

indifference, n. /., indifference; 

indifferent, -e, adj., indififerent; 
unconcerned; immaterial. 

indigene, n. m. /., adj., indigene; 

indigent, -e, fl^'., «., needy; poor 

indignation, n. f., indignation. 

indigne, adj. , unworthy; worthless. 

s'lndlgner, v. r., to be indignant. 

indiquer, v., to indicate; to show; 
to point out. 

indirect, -e, adj., indirect. 

indiscr,-et,-ete, aa^*., indiscreet; 

indispensable, adj., indispen- 

indlsposer, v., to indispose. 

individu, n. m., individual. 

Indolence, n, f., indolence. 

indomptable, adj., indomitable; 
untamable; ungovernable. 

indulre, v., to induce. 




indulgence, «./., leniency; indul- 

Industrie, «. /., business; manu- 
factures; industry. 

industrlel, n, m.^ manufacturer; 

industrieu-x,-se, adj., ingen- 
ious; skilful. 

in6dit,-e, adj., inedited; unpub- 

ineffable, adj., ineffable; inex- 
pressible; unutterable. 

in6gal,-e, adj., unequal; uneven. 

in^puisable, adj., inexhaustible. 

inevitable, aaJ/., inevitable; una- 

inexact, -e, adj., inexact; inac- 

infallllble, adj., infallible. 

Inf&me, adj., infamous; base. 

Infanterie, n. f., infantry. 

inf6rieur, n. m., inferior. 

infid^le, n. m. /., unfaithful per- 
son; infidel; unbeliever. 

infinl,-e, adj., infinite. 

inflniment, adv., infinitely. 

Infinitif, n. tn., adj., infinitive. 

infirme, n. nt. /., adj., an invalid; 

infirml,-er, n. m., -^re, n. f., 
nurse of an infirmary. 

Influence, n. f., influence. 

information, n. /., inquiry; in- 

informer, z/. , to inform; to acquaint. 

s 'informer , z'.r. , to make inquiries. 

infortune, «. /., misfortune; ad- 

ing^nieur, n. m., engineer. 

ingrat,-e, n., adj., ungrateful. 

ingratitude, n. /., ingratitude. 

injure, n.f., insult; injury; wrong. 

injurier, v., to abuse; to call 

injuste, adj., unjust; unfair. 

inn6,-e, adj., innate; inborn. 


innocence, n, f., innocence. 

innocent, -e, adj., innocent. 

innoffensi-f,-ve, adj., inoffen- 

inondation, n. /., inundation; 

inoui,-e, adj., unheard of. 

inqui-et,-6te, fl^'., anxious; rest- 

s'inqui^ter, v. r., to be anxious. 

inquietude, n. f., anxiety; un- 

inscription, n. f., inscription; 

inscrire, v., to inscribe. 

insect e, n. tn., insect. 

insens6, -e, n . , adj. , insane; sense- 

insensible, adj., unconscious. 

insigne, n. m., badge; (pi.) in- 

insinuer, v., to insinuate; to hint. 

inslster, v., to insist; to urge. 

insolence, n. f., insolence; im- 

insolent,-e, a^'.,«., insolent; im- 

insolvable, adj., insolvent. 

insomnie, n. f., wakefulness. 

insouciant, -e, adj., careless; 

inspect-eur, n. m., -rice, n. f., 
inspector; superintendent. 

instant, n. tn., instant; moment. 

instinct, n. m., instinct. 

institut-eur, n. m., -rice, n.f., 
schoolmaster; schoolmistress. 

instruction, n. /., instruction-, 

instruire, z^., to instruct; to teach. 

instrument, n. m., instrument; 

k I'insu, prep., unknown to. 

insulte, n. f., insult; affront. - 

insulter, z/., to insult; to affront. 

intact, -e, a^*., intact; untouched. 




intelligence, n. /., intelligence. 

intenter, v., to enter; to bring. 

Intention, n. /., intention; in- 

interdiction, «. /., interdiction; 

Interdire, v., to interdict; to pro- 

interesser, t/., to interest; to con- 

s'lnteresser, v. r., to take an in- 
terest in. 

int^r^t, n. w., interest; share. 

interieur, n. m,, interior; in- 

interlocut-eur, «. w., -rice, 
«. /., interlocutor. 

interm^de, n. m., interlude. 

interm^dialre, n. m., medium; 
intermediate agent. 

interpr^te, n. m., interpreter. 

interpreter, t/., to interpret: 

Interroger, v., to interrogate; to 

interrompre, v., to interrupt; to 
cut off. 

Intervenir, v.y to intervene; to 

intlme, «. m, /., ad/., intimate. 

intr^plde, adj., intrepid; fearless. 

intrigue, n. /., intrigue; plot. 

introduction, n. /., introduction; 

introduire, v., to introduce; to 
show in. 

inusit6,-e, adj., unused. 

inutile, <z^'., useless; unnecessary, 

invalide, adj.,^n., invalid; infirm. 

invariable, adj., invariable; un- 

inventaire, n. m., inventory. 

in venter, v., to invent; to im- 
agine; to fabricate. 

invent-eur,-rlce, n., adj., in- 

invention, «./., invention; device. 


inverse, adj., inverse; inverted. 
inverse, «. m., reverse; coiltrary. 
invincible, adj., invincible. 
invitation, n. f., invitation. 
inviter, v., to invite. 
invralsemblable, adj., unlikely; 

irlandais,-e, n., adj.. Irishman; 

Irishwoman; Irish. 
irr6guli-er,-^re, adj., irregular. 
irrlter, v., to irritate; to incense; 

to exasperate. 
isole,-e, adj., part., .isolated; 

Israelite, n. m. f., adj., Israelite; 

issu,-e, adj., born; descended; 

issue, n. f., issue. 
italien,-ne, n., adj., Italian. 
itln^raire, n. m., adj., itinerary. 
ivoire, n. tn., ivory. 
ivre, adj., drunk; intoxicated. 
ivresse, n. f., drunkenness; intoxi- 
Ivrogne, n. m., adj., drunkard. 

Jadis, adv., of old; formerly. 

JalUlr, v., to spout; to spring; to 
burst out. 

jalousie, n. f., jealousy. 

jalou-x,-se, n., adj., je..Ious per- 

Jamais, adv., never; ever. 

jambe, n. f., leg. 

Jambon, n. tn., ham. 

Janvier, n. m., January. 

japonais,-e, n., adj., Japanese. 

Jaquette, n. f., jacket; tunic. 

Jardln, n. m., garden. 

jardlnl-er, n.m., -6re, n.f., gar- 

jarreti6re, n. f., garter. 

jaune, adj., yellow. 

je, pron., I. 




Jean, n. m., John. 

Jet, h. m., shoot; sprout. 

Jet6e, n. /., jetty; pier. 

Jeter, v.^ to throw. 

jeu, n. w., play; game. 

jeudi, n. m.y Thursday. 

d, Je^n, adv., fasting. 

jeune, adj., young. 

Jeunesse, «. /., youth. 

joie, n. /., joyfulness; glee. 

Joindre, z^., to join. 

Joint, n. m.y joint; seam; junc- 

Joll,-e, ad;., pretty; fine; nice. 

joue, w. /., cheek. 

Jouer, v., to play. 

jouet, n. m., plaything; toy. 

Joueu-r, n. tn., -se, «. /., player; 

jonir, v., to enjoy. 

Joujou, n. m., plaything; toy. 

jonr, n. m., day; daytime. 

Journal, n. m., journal; diary; 

Journalier, n. m., journeyman; 
day laborer. 

Journaliste, n. m., journalist. 

Journ^e, n. /., day; day's work. 

Joyeu-x,-se, adj., joyful; merry; 

Juge, n. m., judge. 

Jugement, n. m., judgment. 

Juger, v., to judge. 

Jui-f,-ve, «., adj., Jew; Jewess. 

JuiUet, n. w., July. 

Juin, n. m., June; 

Jupe, «./., petticoat; skirt. 

Jurer, z/., to swear; to blaspheme. 

Jury, n.m., jury. 

Jus, n. ni., juice; gravy. 

Jusque, prep., as far as; until. 

Juste, adj., just; equitable. 

Justice, n. f., justice. 

Justifier, v., to justify; to vindi- 


Ic^pi, n. m., military cap. 
Ich^dive, n. m., khedive. 
Icilogranime, n. tn., kilogram 

(2.2056 pounds avoirdupois). 
Icilom^tre, n. m., kilometer 

(1,093.6389 yards). 

la, art. /., the. 

1^, adv., there. 

laborieu-x,-se, adj., laborious; 

labour, n. m., plowing. 

labourer, v., to plow. 

laboureur, n. m., husbandman; 
plowman . 

lacer, v., to lace. 

laeet, n. m., lace. 

l&elie, adj., cowardly; base. 

Iftclier, v., to slack; to let go. 

Iftcliet^, n. f., cowardice; base ac- 

laid,-e, adj., ugly; unbecoming. 

lainage, n. m., woolen stuff. 

laine, n. f., wool; worsted. 

laisser, v., to leave; to quit; to 

lalt, n. m., milk. 

laitier, n. tn., milkman. 

lame, n. f., blade; 

lampe, n. f., lamp. 

lancer, v., to hurl; to throw. 

landau, n. nt., landau. 

langage, M. >;?., language; tongfue. 

langue, n. f., tongue; language. 

languir, v., to languish; to linger. 

lanterne, n. f., lantern. 

lapin, n. m., rabbit. 

laquals, n. ni., lackey; footman. 

laquelle, pron. /., which; who; 

lard, n. tn., bacon. 

large, adj., broad; wide; large. 

largeur, n. f., breadth; width. 

larme, n. f., tear. 

las,-se, adj., tired; fatigued. 




latin, n. fn., Latin. 

laurler, n. m., laurel; bay tree. 

laver, z/., to wash; to cleanse. 

le, art. m., the. 

le^on, «. /., lesson. 

lecture, «. /., reading. 

l^gende, «. /., legend. 

leg-er,-6re, adj., light. 

leg! time, adj., just; lawful; legiti- 

l^gitimer, v., to make legitimate; 
to justify. 

legs, n. m., legacy; bequest; gift 
by will. • 

legume, n. m.y vegetable. . 

lendemaiii, n. tn., morrow; next 

lentement, adv., slowly. 

lequel, pron. m., laquelle, /., 
lesquels (^/.), m., lesquelles 
{pi.)yf., who; whom; that; which. 

lessive, «. /., washing. 

leste, adj., brisk; active. 

lettre, n. f., letter. 

\e\iv^ pron., to them; them. 

leur, adj., their. 

levant, «. nt., adj.. East; Levant. 

lever, v., to lift; to raise up. 

se lever, v. r., to rise; to get up; 
to stand up. 

levier, n. m., lever. 

l^vre, n. /., lip. 

lexique, n.m., lexicon; dictionary. 

liaison, n. /., joining; conjunction; 

liberal, -e, a^',, liberal; generous. 

liberty, n. /., liberty; freedom. 

llbraire, n. m., bookseller. 

llbrairle, n. f., bookseller's shop. 

libre, adj., free. 

licence, n. f., license. 

lien, n. m., band; rope; strap. 

lier, v., to bind; to fasten; to join. 

lieu, n. tn., place; occasion. 

Ilene, ;^. /., league {2,5 English 
miles) , 


lieutenant, //. nt., lieutenant. 

li^vre, n. m., hare. 

ligne, ;/. /., line. 

ligue, n. f., league; plot. 

lime, n. f,, file. 

limite, n. f., limit; boundary. 

limiter, v., to limit; to bound. 

limonade, n. f., lemonade. 

limpide, adj., limpid; clear. 

lin, n. m., flax. 

linge, n. nt., linen; cloth. 

ling^re, n. f., keeper of a fancy 
linen shop; seamstress. 

lingerie, n. f., linen trade; linen 

lion, n. nt., lion. 

liqueur, n. f., liquor; spirits. 

liquidation, n. f., liquidation; 

liquide, n. nt., liquid. 

liquider, v., to liquidate. 

lire, v., to read. 

lis, n. nt., lily. 

lisi^re, n. f., border. 

lisse, adj., smooth; glossy. 

liste, n. /., list; roll; catalogue. 

lit, ft. nt., bed; bedstead. 

liti^re, n. /., litter; stable litter. 

litre, n. m., liter (7.76 pints). 

livide, adj., livid. 

livraison, n.f., delivery {of goods) . 

livre, n. nt., book. 

livre, n.f., pound (1 pound, 1 ounce, 
10.25 drains avoirdupois). 

livrer, v., to deliver; to betray. 

livret, n. nt., little book. 

local, n. nt., habitation. 

locataire, n. nt. f., tenant. 

locution, n. f., expression; locu- 

loge, n. f., loge; box. 

logement, n. nt., lodgings. 

loger, v., to lodge; to live. 

logeu-r, n.m., -se, n.f., lodging- 
house keeper. 

logis, n. nt., house; dwelling. 




loi, «. /., law. 

loin, adv.f far; far oflF; distant. 

loisir, n. w., leisure; spare time. 

long,-ue, adj., long. 

lon^emps, adv., long; a long 

longueur, «. /., length. 

lorsque, conj., when. 

lot, n. m.f lot; share. 

loterle, «. /., lottery; raffle. 

loto,«.w., lotto. ]eu de hasard, 
game of chance. 

louable, ad/., laudable; praise- 

louange, «./., praise; commenda- 

louer, v.f to let; to rent; to hire. 

loup, n. m.j wolf. 

louvre, n. m., Louvre. 

loyal, -e, adj., honest; loyal; true; 
' fair. 

loyaut6, n. /., loyalty; honesty; 

loyer, n. tn., hire; rent. 

lueur, n. /., glimmer; light. 

lugubre, a^*., lugubrious; mourn- 

lui, pron., him; to him; her; to 

luire, v., to shine; to glitter. ■ 

luml^re, n. /., light. 

lundl, n. m.y Monday. 

lune, n. f.y moon. 

lunette, «. /., spy glass. 

lutte, n. f.y wrestling; struggle. 

lutter, v., to wrestle; to struggle. 

luxe, n. m.y luxury. 

Iyc6e, n. m., lyceum; college. 


ma, adj., /., my. 
macaroni, n. m., macaroni. 
mdclier, z/., to chew; to masticate. 
machine, n. /., machine; engine; 

maclilnlste, n, m., machinist. 


m&clioire, n.f., jaw; jaw bone. 

ma^on, n.m., mason. 

ma^onner, v., to do mason- 

ma^onnerie, n. /., masonry. 

madame, n. f., madam; mistress. 

mademoiselle, n. f., miss. 

magasin, n. tn., magazine; ware- 
house; store. 

ma^strat, n. nt., magistrate. 

magnifique, adj., magnificent; 
splendid; grand. 

mai, n. m.. May. 

maigre, adj., lean; thin. 

maille, n. f., stitch. 

main, n. /., hand. 

malntenant, adv., now. 

malntenlr, z/., to sustain; to main- 

maintien, n. m., maintenance; 
deportment; bearing. 

maire, n. tn., mayor. 

mairie, n. f., town hall. 

malson, n. /., house; home. 

maitre, n.m., master; owner; pro- 

maitresse, n. f., mistress; gov- 

ma]estueu-x,-se, adj., majestic. 

ma]eur,-e, adj., important; of full 

mal, n. nt., evil; harm; badly. 

malade, n.,adj., sick; unwell. 

maladle, n. f., illness; sickness; 

maladroit, -e, n., adj., awkward; 

malaise, n. ni., uncomfortable- 
ness; uneasiness. 

malcontent, -e, adj., displeased; 

mdle, adj., male. 

malfaisant,-e, adj., malevolent; 

malfaiteur, n. w., malefactor; 
evil doer. 




mal^r^, prep.y in spite of; not- 

mallieur, n. m,, misfortune; un- 

mallieiireuseiueiit, adv., un- 

inallieureu-x,-se, adj., unfortu- 

malhonn^te, adj., dishonest. 

malice, «. /., malice; spite. 

inali-n,-gne, adj., malicious. 

malle, n. f., trunk. 

malpropre, adj., dirty. 

maman, n. f., mama. 

manclie, n. tn., handle. 

manclie, n. f., sleeve. 

mandat^ n. ni., warrant; draft; 
check; order. 

mandater, v., to deliver an order 
for the payment of. 

mander, v., to send for. 

manner, z/., to eat. 

mani^re, n. f., manner. 

manoBuvpe, n. /., maneuver. 

mancBuvre, n. m., workman. 

manquer, v., to miss; to fail. 

manteau, n. m., cloak. 

manufacture, n. /., manufacture; 
mill; factory. 

marais, n. m., marsh; swamp. 

marbre, n. m., marble. 

marcliaiid, n. m., -e, n. /., mer- 
chant; dealer; tradesman. 

marchander, x/., to bargain for. 

marcliaiidise, n. f., merchandise; 

marche, «./., walk; walking; gait. 

marcli6, n. m., market. 

marclier, v., to walk. 

mardi, n. m., Tuesday. 

mare, n. f., pool; pond. 

mar^clial, n. m., farrier; black- 
smith; marshal. 

mar6e, n. f., tide. 

marge, n. f., margin. 

marl, n, m.^ husband. 


mariage, n. m., marriage. 

marier, v., to marry. 

se marier, v. r., to wed; to be 
married to. 

mar mite, n. f., pot; saucepan. 

marque, «. /., mark; brand. 

marquer, v., to mark. 

marquis, n. m., marquis; mar- 

marraine, n. f., godmother. 

marron ^n.m., chestnut . , d ' Inde , 
horse chestnut. 

marronnier, n.m., chestnut tree. 

mars, n. m., March. 

marseillaise, n. /., Marseillaise 

marteau, n. m., hammer. 

martyr, n. m., -e, n. /., martyr. 

martyre, n. nt., martyrdom. 

masculin, n. nt., masculine. 

masque, n. m., mask; pretense. 

massacre, n. m., massacre; 

massacrer, v., to massacre; to 

masse, n. f., mass. 

massi-f,-ve, adj., massive. 

m&t, n. m., mast. 

matelas, n. m., mattress. 

matelot, n. m., seaman; sailor. 

materiel, -le, adj., material. 

maternel,-le, adj., maternal. 

math^matique, n. f., mathe- 

mati^re, n. f., matter. 

matin, n. m., morning; forenoon. 

maudit,-e, part., cursed. 

mauvais,-e, adj., bad. 

mayonnaise, n. /., mayonnaise. 

me, pron,, me; to me. 

mecanicien, n. m., machinist. 

mecliant,-e, adj., bad. 

m^clie, n. f., wick. 

medaille, n. f., medal. 

medecin, n.m., physician; doctor. 

medecine, «. /., medicine. 



mediocre, adj.^ mediocre; mid- 
dling; ordinary. 

m^dire, v.^ to slander; to speak ill. 

in6dlterran6e, «. /., the Mediter- 
ranean Sea. 

se in6fier, v. r., to mistrust; to 

ineilleiir,-e, adj.y better; best, 

melancolie, «. /., melancholy. 

lu^lan^e, «. w., mixture. 

in61anger, v., to mix. 

m^ler, z/., to mingle. 

melon, n. tn., melon. 

membre, n. m., member, 

m^me, ad/.^ same. 

memoire, «. /., memory. 

mena5ant,-e, adj.^ menacing; 

menace, n. /., menace; threat. 

menacer, v., to. threaten; to men- 

menace, n. m., housekeeping. 

menager, z/., to save; to take care 

mendiant,-e, n.^adj,, beggar. 

mener, v., to conduct; to lead. 

mensonge, n. tn., lie; falsehood. 

mentlr, v., to lie. 

menton, n. m.^ chin. 

menu, n. m.^ bill of fare. 

menu! si er, n. w., joiner. 

mepris, n. tn.y contempt; scorn. 

m6priser, z/., to despise; to scorn. 

mer, «. /., sea. 

mercl, n. /. w., mercy; thanks; 
thank you. 

mercredi, n. m., Wednesday. 

m^re, «. /., mother. 

m^rite, «. w., merit. 

meriter, v.^ to merit; to deserve. 

merveille, n. /., wonder; marvel. 

mes, adj., w. /. [pi.), my. 

messag-er, n. m., -^re, n. f., 

messieurs, n. m. (pL), gentle- 
men; Messrs. 


mesure, n. f.^ measure; dimen- 

mesurer, v.y to measure. 

metal, n. ni.y metal. 

m^thode, «. /., method. 

metier, n. m., trade. 

mettre, v., to put. 

meuble, n. m., household goods; 

meubler, z/., to furnish. 

meunler, n. w., miller. 

meurtre, n. m.y murder. 

meurtri-er,-^re, «., adj.^ assas- 
sin; murderer. 

midl, n. tn., noon. 

miel, n. m., honey. 

mien,-ne, ad/.., mine. 

mieux, adv., better. 

milieu, n. m., middle. 

mille, n. nt., adj., thousand. 

mille, «. w. , mile {measure of length , 
1,609 meters). 

milliard, n. m., 1,000 millions. 

millimetre, «. m., millimeter 
(.03937 inch). 

million, n. m., million. 

millionnaire, n. w. /., adj,^ mil- 

mince, adj., thin. 

mine, n. f., appearance. 

mine, n. f., mine. 

mineral, n. m., ore. 

mineur, n. tn., miner; minor. 

minist^re, n. tn., ministry. 

ministre, n. m., minister; clergy- 

minuit, n. m., midnight. 

minute, n. f., minute. 

miracle, n. m., miracle; wonder. 

miroir, n. m.., mirror; looking 

mise, n. f., dress. 

miserable, n. m. /., wretch. 

mis^re, n. f., misery. 

misericorde, n. /., mercy. 

mode, «. /., mode; fashion. 





module, n. tn., model; copy; pat- 

mod^rer, t/., to moderate. 

mod erne, adj., modem. 

moeurs, n.f. {pi.), manners; mor- 

moi, pron., I; me; to me. 

moindre, adj., less; least. 

moineau, n. m., sparrow. 

molns, adv., less. 

mois, n. m., month. 

moisson, n, f., harvest; harvest 

moitie, n. f., half. 

moment, n. m., moment. 

mon, adj. m., ma, /., mes (pi.), 
m., /., my. 

monde,, world; people; com- 

monnaie, n. f., money; change, 

monsieur, n. m., sir; gentleman. 

mont, n. m., mount; mountain. 

montagne, n. f., mountain. 

monter,- v., to go up; to ascend. 

montre, n. /., watch. 

montrer, v., to show; to exhibit. 

se moquer,' v. r., to mock; to 
make fun of. 

morale, ?i. f., ethics; morals. 

morceau,«.w.,bit; piece; morsel. 

mordre, v., to bite, 

morne, adj., dull; gloomy. 

mort, «. /., death. 

mot, n. tn., word. 

motif, n. m., motive. 

mou,mol, aaf/.w.,molle,/.,soft. 

mouclie, n. /., fly. 

moudre, v., to grind. 

moue, n. f., pouting; wry face. 

mouill^,-e, part., wet; watery. 

moulin, n. m., mill. 

mourir, v., to die. 

mousse, n. f., moss. 

moustaclie, n. f., moustache. 

moutarde, n. /., mustard. 

inouton, n. tn., sheep; mutton. 


mouvement, n. m., movement. 

mouvoir, v., to move. 

moyen, n. m., means. 

muet,-te, adj., dumb; mute; 

mulet, «. m., mule. 

multipllcande, n. m., multipli- 

multiplicateur, n. m., multi- 

multiplication, «./., multiplica- 

se multiplier, v. r., to multiply. 

munition, n. f., ammunition. 

mur, n. m., wall. 

m<ir,-e, adj., ripe. 

miirier, n, w., mulberry tree. 

miirir, v.,K.o ripen; to mature. 

murmure, «.w., murmur; grum- 

murmurer, v., to murmur; to 

musieien, n. m., -ne, n.f., mu- 

musique, n. /., music. 

myope,, adj. , short-sighted 

myriamMre, n. m., myriameter 
(6.2138 miles). 

myst^re, n. m., mystery. 


na^e, n. f., swimming. 

nager, v., to swim. 

nai-f,-ve, adj., naive; ingenuous; 

nain,-e, n., adj., dwarf. 
naissanee, n.f., birth; nativity. 
naltre, v., to be born. 
nappe, n. f., table cloth. 
natal, -e, adj., native; natural. 
nation, n. f., nation. 
national, -e, adj., national. 
nature, n. f., nature. 
naturel, adj., n.m., -le, «. /., 

native; naturalness. 




naviKiid*9 V,, to navigate; to 

navire, n. m., vessel; ship. 
ne, adv.f no; not. 
n^anmoins, adv., nevertheless; 

n^ant, n. m.y nothing; naught. 
n^cessaire, adf., necessary. 
n6cesslt^, «. /., necessity. 
n^faste, adj.y unlucky. 
ii6kHk^, n. m., undress; negligee. 
ii^fClifC<^r, v., to neglect; to omit. 
n^gre, n. m., negro. 
nelfc<^, ». /., snow. 
nerf, n. fn., nerve. 
iiet,-te, adj., clean; r jat; pure. 
nettoyer, v., to clean. 
neuf, «., adj., nine. 
neu-f,-ve, adj., new. 
neuvi^me, n. w., ad;., ninth. 
neveu, n. nt., nephew. 
nez, n. nt., nose. 
nid, n. nt., nest. 
nier, v., to deny. 
niveau, n. m., level. 
noble, adj., noble; great. 
noblesse, n. f., nobility; nobleness. 
noce, n . /. ,wedding; wedding party. 
Noel, n. nt., Christmas. 
ncBud, n. nt., knot. 
noir,-e, a^'., black. 
nolrelr, v., to blacken. 
noix, n. f., walnut; nut. 
nom, n. m., name; noun, 
nombre, n. nt., number. 
nommerj v., to name. 
non, adv., no; not. 
nord, n. m., north. 
notable, adj., notable; remarkable. 
notaire, n. m., notary. 
note, n. f., note'. 
notion, n. f., notion. 
notre, adj., tn. /., our. 
le n6tre, pron., nt., ours. 
nourriee, n. /., nurse. 
nourrir, v., to nourish. 


nourrlture, n. f., nourishment; 

nous, pron., we; us; to us. 

nouveau, nouvel, adj., m., 
nouvelle, /., new; recent. 

nouveaut6, n. f., novelty; fancy 

nouvelle, n. /., news. 

nov€»nibpe, n. m., November. 

novice, n., adj., novice; inexperi- 

noyer, v., to drown. 

se noyer, v. r., to be drowned. 

nu,-e, adj., naked; bare. 

niiu^e, n. nt., cloud. 

niiire, v., to hurt; to prejudice. 

nuit, n. f., night. 

niil,-le, adj., no; not any. 

num^ro, n. m., number. 


ob^lr, v., to obey. 
obeissance, n. f., obedience. 
objet, n. m., object; subject. 
obligation, n. /., obligation. 
obllgatoire, adj., obligatory. 
obll|>:e,-e, part., obliged. 
oblig^er, v., to oblige; to compel. 
obscur,-e, adj., obscure; dark. 
observation, n. /., observation; 

observer, v., to observe. 
obstacle, n. nt., obstacle. 
obtenir, v., to obtain. 
occasion, n. /., opportunity; 

occupation, n. f., occupation; 

occuper, v., to occupy; to employ. 
octroi, n. nt., grant; concession. 
odeur, n. f., odor; smell. 
cell, n. nt., eye. 
oeillet, n. ni., carnation. 
oeuf, n. m., g^^. 

OBuvre, n.f., work; piece of work. 
offense, n, /., offense. 




offenser, v., to offend. 

office, n. tn.^ office; functions. 

officier, n. tn.y officer. 

offrir, V to offer. 

oie, «. /., goose. 

oignon, n. fn., onion. 

oiseau, n. m.y bird. 

oisi-f, ad/.y n, w., -ve, idler. 

olive, «. /., olive. 

ombrage, n, m., shade. 

ombre, n. /., shade; shadow; 

omelette, «. /., omelet. 

omission, «. /., omission. 

on, pron.y one; they; people. 

ongle, n. m., nail. 

onze, n. m.^ adj., eleven. 

onzi^me, n, tn.y adj., eleventh. 

opera, n. tn., opera. 

operation, n. /., operation; per- 

operer, z/., to work; to operate. 

opini^tre, adj., stubborn; obsti- 

opinion, w. /., opinion. 

opportunite, n. f., opportunity. 

opposer, v., to oppose. 

opprimer, v., to oppress. 

option, «. /., option; choice. 

or, n. m., gold. 

or, conj., but; now. 

orage, n. tn., storm; tempest. 

orange, n. f., orange. 

orateur, n. tn., orator; speaker. 

ordinaire, adj., ordinary; com- 

ordonner, v., to ordain; to order. 

ordre, n. m., order. 

Oreille, n. /., ear. 

orge, n, f., barley. 

orgue, n. m., orgues; n. f. (pi.), 
organ. • 

orgueil, n. tn., pride; arrogance. 

orient, n. m., East; Orient. 

originaire, adj., originality; 


original, -e, adj., original; eccen- 

origine, n. /., origin. 

ornement, n. m., ornament. 

orner, v., to adorn; to ornament. 

OS, n. tn., bone. 

oser, z/., to dare. 

6ter, v.y to take away; to re- 

ou, conj., or. 

oti, adv., where. 

oubli, n. m., forgetfulness; neglect. 

oublier, v., to forget. 

ouest, n. m., west. 

oui, adv., yes. 

ouir, v., to hear. 

ours, n. m., bear. 

outil, n. tn., tool; implement. 

outrage, n. m., outrage; gross in- 

outre, adv., farther; bej'^ond. 

ouvert,-e, part., open. 

ouverture, n. f., opening. 

ouvrage, n. m., work; piece of 

ouvrier, n. m., workman. 

ouvrir, v., to open. 

pacifier, v., to pacify; to appease. 

page, n. m., page. 

paille, n. f., straw. 

pain, n. ni., bread. 

pair, adj., even. 

paire, n. f., pair; couple. 

paisible, adj., peaceable; quiet. 

paitre, z^., to graze. 

paix, n. f., peace. 

palals, n. m., palace. 

pd;le, adj., pale. 

paletot,, paletot; great coat. 

palier, n. m., landing place; stair 

pAlir, v., to become pale; to pale. 
palme, n. f., palm. 
palmier, n. m., palm trde; palm. 




palpi taiit,-e, adj,^ palpitating; 

panler, n. m., basket. 

pantoitfle, n. /., slipper. 

paoii, n. m., peacock. 

|>apa, n. m., papa. 

paiH'terle, n. /., paper mill. 

papier, n. t/i., paper. 

pd>que, pAquew, n. m. /., Easter. 

Iiaquet, n. m., bundle; parcel. 

^BT^ prep., by; through. 

parade, «. /., parade; show. 

paradits, n. m., paradise. 

paraltre, v., to appear. 

parall61e, n. m. /., parallel. 

paralysie, n. /., paralysis. 

pare, n. m., park. 

parce que, ro«/., because. 

parcoiirlr, r., to travel over. 

pardessus, n. m., overcoat. 

pardon, n. m., pardon. 

pardonner, v., to pardon; to 

pareil-le, adj., alike; similar. 

parent, n. m., -e, n. /., relative; 

parenth^se, «. /., parenthesis. 

parer, z/., to adorn. 

paresse, n. /., idleness. 

paresseu-x,-8e, «., ad/., lazy 

parfalt,-e, adj., perfect; finished. 

parfols, adv., sometimes; occasion- 

parfum, n. 9n., perfun:e. 

parfumer, v., to perfume. 

parfumerie, n. /., perfumery. 

pari, n. m., bet; wager; stake. 

l>arisien,-ne, n., adj., Parisian. 

parlementalre, n. m., adj., 
bearer of a flag of truce. 

parler, v., to speak; to talk, 

parmi, prep., among; amongst. 

parole, n. f., word; utterance. 

parquet, n. m,, wood flooring. 

parraln, n. m., godfather. 


part, «. /., share; part. 

IMirtaK^, n. m., share; portion. 

imrtaK^^r, v., to share; to divide. 

parterre, n. m., fiower garden. 

parti, «. tn., party. 

|>artlelper, v., to partake; to par- 

partleuli-er,-6re, adj., particu- 
lar; peculiar. 

partle, n. f., part; match. 

partir, v., to set out; to depart. 

partout, adv., everywhere. 

parvenir, z'., to aitain; to succeed. 

pas, n. tn., step; pace; footstep. 

pas, adv., no; not; not any. 

passable, adj. , passable; middling. 

passaK^^, «.f«., passage; thorough- 

l>assa^-er,-6re, adj., transient. 

passant, n. m., passenger; passer- 

passeport, n. m., passport. 

passer, v., to pass. 

se passer, v. r., to do without. 

passible, adj., passible; liable. 

X)asslf, n. m., liabilities; debts. 

passion, n. f., passion; fondness. 

pftte,^«. /., paste. 

l)atente, n. /., license. 

paternel,-le, adj., paternal; fa- 

patlenee, n. f., patience. 

patient, n. tn., sufferer; patient. 

pAtlr, v., to suffer; to drudge. 

patisserie, n.f., pastry business. 

patlssl-er, «. w. ,-^re, «./., pastry 

patrle, n. /., native country. 

patrlote, n. m. /., adj., patriot; 

patron, n. m., patron; master. 

patte, n. f., paw. 

j)&ture, n. f., food; pasturage. 

pauvre, n., adj., poor; needy. 

pave, n-. tn., pavement. 

pavilion, n. tn., pavilion. 




payable, adj.^ payable. 

paye, «. /., pay; salary; wages. 

payer, v,, to pay. 

pays, n. m., country; fatherland. 

paysage, n. m., landscape. 

paysan, w.w.,-ne, «./., country- 
man; peasant. 

p^clie, «. /., peach. 

p^clie, n. /., fishing; angling. 

p6clie, n. tn.y sin. 

p^clier, zf.j to sin. 

p^cher, z/., to fish; to angle. 

p^clier, n. m., peach tree. 

p6clie-ur, n. m., -resse, «. /., 

p6clieu-r, n. m., -se, «. /., fish- 

peigne, n. nt., comb. 

se peigner, v. r., to comb one- 

peignoir, n. tn.y dressing gown. 

peindre, v.^ to paint. 

peine, n. /., punishment; penalty; 

peintre, n. m., painting. 

peler, v., to peel. 

p^lerin, n. m., -e, n. /., pilgrim. 

pelote, n. f.y pin cushion. 

penclier, v., to incline; to lean. 

pendant, prep., during. 

pendant que, conj., whilst; while. 

pendre, z/., to hang. 

pendu, n. ni.f one who has been 

pendule, n. /., chimney clock. 

p6n6trer, z/. » to penetrate; to enter. 

penible, adj'.y painful; laborious. 

penitence, n. /., penitence; pen- 

pensee, n. f., thought; idea. 

penser, i^., to think; to meditate. 

pension, w. /., pension. 

pente, n. /., declivity; inclination. 

percer, v., to bore; to drill; to 

per dr e , . z^ . , to lose . 


perdrlx, «. /., partridge. 
p^re, n. nt.t father. 
perfection, «. /., perfection. 
perfectionner, v., to perfect; to 

perfide, n. m. /., ad/., perfidious; 

perfidie, n. /., perfidy. 
p6ril, n. m., peril; danger. 
p^riode, «. /., period. 
p^riodique, ad/., periodic. 
p6rir, z/., to perish. 
perle, n. /., pearl. 
permettre, z/. , to permit; to allow. 
permission, n. /., permission; 

leave; permit. 
perpendiculaire, n.f.,ad/., per- 
perp6tuel,-le, ad/., perpetual. 
perpetuite, n. /., perpetuity. 
persan,-e, n., ad/., Persian. 
pers^cuter, v., to persecute; to 

persil, n. tn., parsley. 
persister, v., to persist. 
per Sonne, n. f., person. 
personne, pron. tn., nobody; no 

persi)ective, n. f., perspective; 

persuader, v., to persuade. 
perte, n. f., loss. 
pesant,-e, ad/., heavy; weighty. 
pesanteur, n. f., weight. 
peser, v., to weigh. 
peste, n. f., plague. 
petit, -e, ad/., little; small. 
petition, n. /.,, petition. 
peu, adv., little; few. 
peuple, ad/., n., vulgar; common; 

people; nation. 
peur, n. /., fear; fright. 
l>eut-^tre, adj., perhaps; maybe. 
pliarmacie, n. f., pharmacy. 
pliilosoplie, n. m., philosopher. 
pliilosopliie, n. f., philosophy. 




plirase, «. /., phrase; sentence. 

plitisie, n. /., phthisis; consump- 

physique, n.m., natural constitu- 
tion of a man; exterior. 

piano, n. m., pianoforte. 

pie, «. /., magpie; pie. 

pied, n. nt., foot. 

pierre, n. /., stone; flint. 

pieu-x,-se, adj.^ pious; religious. 

pigeon, n. w., pigeon. 

pile, «. /., pile; heap. 

pilier, n. m., pillar; column. 

piller, v., to pillage. 

pllote, n. m.y pilot. 

pin, n. fn.y pine tree. 

pince, «. /., pliers; tongs. 

pinceau, n. m., pencil; brush. 

pincer, v., to pinch. 

pincette, «. /., pincettes, n. f. 
{pi.), tongs. 

piquant, -e, adj., prickly; sharp. 

pique, «. /., pike. 

piquer, v., to prick. 

piquet, n. tn.y picket; peg; stake. 

piqftre, «./"., pricking; prick. 

pirate, n. tn., pirate. 

pire, adj.y n. tn., worse; worst. 

pis, adj.y n. tn., worse; worst. 

plstolet, n, m.y pistol. 

plteu-x,-se, adf.y piteous. 

pi tie, «. /., pity; compassion. 

pivot, n. m.y pivot. 

placarder, z/., to post up. 

place, «. /., place; room; seat. 

placement,, placing; invest- 

placer, v.^ to place. 

plafond, n. m., ceiling. 

plaider, z/., to plead; to argue. 

plale, n. f.y sore; wound. 

plain, -e, cidj.j plain; even; flat. 

plaindre, v., to pity. 

plaire, z/., to please. 

plaisant,-e, ad/., pleasant. 

plalsanter, v., to jest; to joke. 


plaisir, n. m., pleasure; delight; 

plan, n. m.y plan; model. 

plancher, n. m., floor. 

plant, n. nt.y plant. 

plante, w. /., sole of the foot. 

planter,, v., to plant; to set. 

plat, n. tn., dish. 

plat,-e, ad/., flat. 

plate-forme, «. /., platform. 

platine, n. tn., platinum. 

plfi.tre, n. tn., plaster. 

pldtrer, z/., to plaster. 

plein,-e, ad/., full. 

pleurer, v., to cry; to weep; to 

shed tears. 
pleurs, n. tn. (pi.), tears. 
pleuvoir, v., to rain. 
pli, n. tn., fold; bend; wrinkle. 
plier, v., to fold; to bend. 
plomb, n. tn., lead. 
plombier, tt. tn., plumber. 
plonger, v., to plunge. 
ployer, v., to bend. 
pluie, n. f., rain; shower. 
plume, «. /., feather. 
la plupart, n.f., most; most part. 
pluriel, fi. tn., plural. 
plus, adv., more; over; most. 
plut6t, adv., rather; sooner. 
j)oclie, n. f., pocket. 
po^le, n. /., tn., frying pan; stove. 
po^te, n. tn., poet; poetess. 
poids, n. tn., weight, 
poignard, w. w., poniard; dagger. 
poignee, n. f., handful; handle. 
poignet, n. tn., wrist. 
poll, n. tn., hair. 
poing, n. tn., fist; closed hand. 
point, adv., no; not; not at all; 

point, n. m., point; dot; period. 
pointe, n. f., point. 
pointu,-e, ad/., pointed; sharp. 
poire, n. f., pear. 
poirier, n. tn., pear tree. 




pols, n. tn., pea. 

poison, n. m., poison. 

poisson, n. m., fish. 

poitrine, «. /., chest; breast. 

poivre, n. m., pepper. 

poivri^re, «. /., pepper box. 

poli,-e, adj., polished. 

police, «. /., police. 

polir, v.y to polish. 

politique, n. /., politics. 

pommade, n. f., pomatumf pom- 

pomme, n. f., apple. 

pompe, n. /., pomp; splendor; 

pomper, v., to pump. 

pont, n. m.y bridge; deck. 

populaire, adj., popular; vulgar. 

pore, n. m., hog; pig; pork. 

poi*t, n. tn., port; haven; harbor, 

portall, n. m., front gate. 

porte, n. /., gate; gateway; door. 

porte-aiguilles, n. m., needle 

porte-allumettes, n. m., match 

porte-clgare, n.m., cigar holder. 

portee, «. /., reach. 

portefeullle, n. m., portfolio; 

portemanteau, n. m., portman- 

porte-monnale, n. m., pocket- 

porte-plunie, n. m., penholder. 

porter, z/., to carry; to bear. 

se porter, v. r., to do (of health). 

porteu-r,-se, «., porter; bearer; 

portiere, n. /., curtain before a 
door; coach door. 

portion, «./., portion; part; share. 

portrait, n. m., portrait; picture. 

portupais,-e, «., adj., Portu- 
poser, v., to place; to lay down. 


positl-f ,-ve,afly. . positive; certain. 

position, «. /., position; situation. 

posseder, v., to possess; to own. 

possesseur, n. m., possessor; 

possible, adj., possible. 

poste, n. m., post, n. /., post 

post6rlt6, «. /., posterity. 

post-scriptum, n. m., postscript. 

pot, n. m., pot; jug. 

pou, n. tn., louse, des-x, lice. 

pouce, n. tn., thumb; inch. 

poudre, n. f., dust; powder. 

poule, n. f., hen; pool. 

poulet, n. tn., chicken. 

pouls, n. tn., pulse. 

poiimon, n. m., lung; lungs. 

poup6e, n. f., doll; poppy head. 

pour, prep., for; in order. 

pourboire, n. tn., drink; money. 

pour peu que, conj., ever so 
little; however so little. 

pourpre, n. f., purple. 

pourquol, adv., why. 

pourrlr, v.y to rot. 

poursulte, n. /., pursuit; chase. 

poursuivre, v., to pursue; to 
hunt; to chase. 

pourtant, adv., however. 

pour voir, z/., to provide; to supply. 

pourvu que, conj., provided that. 

pousser, v., to push. 

poussi^re, n. f., dust; powder. 

pouvolr, v., to be able; can; may. 

prairie, n. f., meadow. 

prati cable, adj., praticable; fea- 

pratique, n. /., practice. 

pratlquer, v., to practice; to exer- 

pr6, n. tn., meadow. 

precaution, «. /. , precaution. 

pr^c^der, v., to precede. 

pr6cepte, n. tn., precept; rule. 

pr^clier, v., to preach. 




pr6cleu-x,-se, adj., precious; 

precipice, n. nt., precipice. 

precipitation, «. /. , precipitation. 

precis, adj., n. tn., -e, summary; 

preferable, adj., preferable. 

preference, «. /., preference. 

preferer, v., \.o prefer; to choose. 

prejudice, n.m., prejudice; hurt; 
detriment; injury. 

prejuge, n.m., presage; prejudice. 

premi-er,-ere, adj., first; fore- 

premier, n. m., first; first floor. 

prendre, z/., to take. 

preneu-r, n. m., -se, n. f., pur- 
chaser; buyer. 

preparer, v., to prepare. 

pres, prep., by; near; close to. 

presence,, «./"., presence. 

present, n. m., present; present 

presenter, v., to present. 

preserver, v., to preserve. 

president, n. m., president. 

preslder, v., to preside. 

presque, adv., almost; nearly. 

presse, n. /., press. 

pressentlr, v., to have a present- 
ment of. 

presser, v., to press; to squeeze. 

se presser, v., to be in a hurry. 

pret, n. nt., loan. 

pretendre, v., to claim; to pre- 
tend to. 

pretention, n. /., pretention; 

preter, v., to lend. 

pretexte, n. m., pretext. 

pretre, n. nt., priest; clergyman. 

preuve, n. f., proof; evidence. 

prevaloir, z^., to prevail. 

prevenance, n. f., kind attention. 

prevenir, v., to anticipate; to pre- 


prevoir, v., to foresee. 
prier, v., to pray; to beseech. 
priere, n. /., prayer; request. 
prlmeur, n. f., first of the season. 
primiti-f, adj., n.m., -ve, fern., 

prince, n. nt., prince. 
principal, n. nt., principal. 
prlncipe, n. nt., outset; principle. 
printemps, n. nt., spring. 
prise, «. /., capture. 
prison, n. f., prison; jail. 
prisonni-er, n. nt., -ere, n. /., 

privation, n. f., privation. 
priver, z/., to deprive. > 
privilege, n. nt., privilege. 
prix, n. nt., price; cost; value. 
probable, adj., probable; likely. 
probieme, n. nt., problem. 
proceder, z^., to proceed. 
proces, ft. nt., lawsuit. 
proces- verbal, n. nt., report. 
prochain,-e, adj., near. 
proche, prep., near; nigh. 
proclamer, v., to proclaim. 
procurer, v., to obtain. 
prodiguer, v., to lavish; to waste. 
production, n. /., production. 
produire, v., to produce. 
produit, n. nt., produce; product; 

professer, v., to profess. 
professeur, n. nt., professor;. 

profession, n. /., profession. 
prof 11, n.m., profile; side of the face. 
profit, n. nt., profit; gain; benefit. 
prof iter, v,, to profit; to gain. 
profond,-e, adj., deep. 
profondeur, n. /., depth. 
profusion, n. /., profusion. 
programme, n. nt., program. 
progres, n. w., progress." 
progresser, v., to progress; to 





prole, n. /., prey. 

proJet,«.»i., project; scheme; plan. 

projeter, f., to project; to plan. 

prolonger, t/., to prolong; to 

promenade, n. /., walking. 

se promener, v. r., to walk; to 
take a walk. 

proineneu-r,-se, /., pedes- 

promesse, n. /., promise; promis- 
sory note. 

promettre, v.y to promise. 

proinls,-e, part.y promised. 

prompt, -e, adj,^ prompt; quick. 

promptitude, n. /., promptitude; 

pronom, n. m., pronoun. 

prononcer, v.y to pronounce; to 

prononciation, «. /., pronuncia- 

propagation, n. /., propagation; 

propager, t/. , to spread; to diffuse. 

propli^-te, n. m., -tesse, n. /., 
prophet; prophetess. 

propli6tie, «. /., prophecy. 

propice, adj.y propitious; favora- 

proportion, w. /., proportion; re- 
lation; ratio. 

proportionnel,-le, adj., propor- 

proportionner, z/., to proportion; 
to adjust. 

propos, n. tn.y discourse; purpose. 

proposer, z/., to propose; to make 
a motion. 

se proposer, v. r., to intend. 

proposition, «. /., proposition; 


motion; proposal. 
propre, adj., own; appropriate. 
propret6, «. /., cleanliness. 
proprietaire, n. nt. /., owner; 



proprl6t6, w. /., property; estate. 

proscrire, z^., to proscribe; to out- 

proscrit, n. m., -e, n. /., exile; 
outlaw . 

prose, «. /., prose. 

prospectus, n. w., prospectus. 

prosp6re, adj., prosperous; pro- 

prosp^rer, v., to prosper; to be 

prosp6rit6, n. /., prosperity. 

protect-eur,-rice, n., adj., pro- 
tector; protectress. 

protection, n. /., protection; de- 

prot6g6, n. m., -e, n. /., prot6g6; 

prot^ger, z/., to protect; to defend. 

protestation, n. /., protestation; 

protester, v., to protest. 

prot^t, n. m., protest. 

proue, n. f., prow; stem. 

prouver, v., to prove; to substan- 

provenance, n. f., production. 

proverbe, n. m., proverb. 

providence, n. f.. Providence. 

province, n. /., province; country. 

proviseur, n. m., principal of a 
government college. 

provision, n.f., provision; supply; 
stock on hand. 

provlsolre, adj., provisional. 

provocant, adj., provoking. 

provocat-eur,-rlce,«. ,a^". , pro- 
voker; instigator. 

provoquer, v., to provoke; to 

proximity, n.f., proximity; near- 

prudence, n.f., prudence; discre- 

prudent, -e, adj., prudent; cau- 
tious; discreet. 




prune, n. f., plum. 

pruneau, ». fi»., prune. 

prunler, n. w., plum tree. 

pruH8len,-ue, «., adj\, Prussian. 

psauiue, n. tn,, psalm. 

psycholo^e, n. /., psycholog>^ 

publi-Cy-que, adj.^ public; noto- 

publication, n. /., publication. 

publier, v., to publish; to pro- 

puce, «. /., flea. 

pudeur, «. /., decency. 

puis, adv., then; afterwards. 

puiser, ^^, to draw. 

puisque, conj., since; seeing that; 
inasmuch as. 

puissamment, adv., powerfully. 

puissance, n. /., power. 

puissant, -e, adj., powerful; 

puits, n. m., well; shaft. 

pulmonaire, adj., pulmonary. 

pulveriser, v., to pulverize. 

punir, v., to punish; to chastise. 

punition, n. f., punishment. 

pupitre, n. m., desk. 

pur,-e, adj., pure; unadulterated. 

purete, n. f., purity; innocence. 

purgati-f,-ve, adj., purgative. 

purifier, v., to purify; to cleanse. 

putride, adj., putrid. 

pyramide, n. f., pyramid. 


quadrangulaire, adj., four-cor- 

quadrilatere,«.w., quadrilateral. 

quadrille, adj., checkered; plaid. 

quadrumane, n. tn., adj., quad- 

quadrup^de, n. m., adj., four- 

quadruple, n. m., adj., fourfold. 

quai, n. m., quay; wharf. 


qualifiable, adj., that can be 
called; described. 

qualificati-f,-ve, adj., qualify- 

qualifier, v., to qualify; to entitle. 

quality, n. f., quality. 

quand, adv., when. 

quand, conj., though; although. 

quant &, adv., as to; as for; con- 
j cerning. 

quanti^me, n. m., day {of the 

quantity, n. f., quantity; number. 

quarantaine, «. /., about forty. 

quarante, n. m., adj., forty. 

quaranti^me, n.f., adj., fortieth. 

quart, n. m., quarter; fourth. 

quartier, n. m., quarter; fourth 

quatorze, n. m., adj., fourteen; 

quatorzi^nie, f., adj., four- 

quatre, adj., four; fourth. 

quatre-vlngrts, adj., eighty. 

quatri^me, n. m., adj., fourth; 
fourth floor. 

que,^r^«.,whom; that; which; what. 

que, conj., that;, how; how much. 

quel,-le, adj., what. 

q uelconq ue , adj. , w hatever ; any ; 

quelque, adj., some; any; a few; 

quelquefois, adv., sometimes. 

quelques-uns, n. m. {pi.), 
-unes, n. f. (pL), some; some 

quelqu'un, «.w.,-e, n.f., some- 

qu'en-dira-t-on, n, m., public 

querelle, n. f., quarrel. 

quereller, v., to quarrel with. 

querelleu-r,-se, adj., n., quar- 




question, n, /., question; interro- 
gation; query. 

questlonner, v., to question. 

qu^te, «. /., search. 

queue, «. /., tail; stalk; stem. 

qui, pron.^ who; whom; which; 

quieonque, pron.y whoever. 

quincaillerie, n. /., hardware. 

quincaillier, n. m., hardware- 

quinine, n. /., quinine. 

quinze, n, m., adj.^ fifteen; 

quinzi^me, n. m,, adj., fifteenth. 

quittance, n. /., receipt. 

quittp,ncer, z/., to write a receipt 
on; to receipt. 

quitte, culj., discharged; free; to 

quitter, z/., to quit; to leave; to 
part with. 

quoi, pron.y which; what. 

quoique, conj., although; though. 

quotidien,-ne, adj., daily. 

quotient, n, m,, quotient. 


rabais, n. nt., reduction; diminu- 

rabot, n. m., plane. 

raboter, z/., to plane. 

raceommoder, v., to mend; to 
repair; to patch. 

raccord, n. m., joining; junction. 

raccorder, z/., to join; to unite. 

raccoureir, z/., to shorten. 

race, «. /., race; breed. 

raeliat, n. m., repurchase. 

raelieter, v., to buy back again. 

raeine, «. /., root; radix. 

racier, v., to scrape; to scrape oflf. 

rade, «. /., road; roadstead. 

radeau, n. w., raft. 

radical, n. m., radical. 

radis, n. m,i radish. 


radoucir, z/., to soften; to make 
milder; to appease. 

raffermir, v., to harden; to make 
firm; to fortify. 

raffing, -e, adj., refined. 

rafflnerie, «. /., sugar refinery. 

raffoler, z/., to dote; to be passion- 
ately fond. 

rafralchir, v., to cool; to refresh; 
to renovate. 

rafralcliissant,-e, adj., cooling; 

rage, «. /., rage; fury; rabies. 

ragoftt, n. tn.y stew. 

raide, adj., stiff; rigid; steep. 

rale, «. /., line; stripe. 

raifort, n.m., radish; horseradish. 

rail, n. m., rail. 

railler, v., to joke; to jest. 

raillerie, «. /., raillery; mockery. 

rainure, «. /., groove. 

raisin, n. tn., grapes. • 

raison, n. /., reason; motive. 

raisonner, v., to reason; to argue. 

rallier, z/., to rally. 

rallumer, v., to light again. 

ramasser, v., to gather; to pick 

rame, «. /., oar; ream. 

rameau, n. m., branch. 

ramener, v., to bring again; to 
bring back. 

ramer, v., to row. 

ramollir, v., to soften. 

rampant, -e, adj. , creeping; crawl- 

rampe, «. /., hand rail; baluster. 

ramper, v., to creep; to crawl. 

ran^on, «. /., ransom. 

rancune, n. /., rancor; spite; 

rang, n. m., row; range; rank. 

ranger, z/., to set in order. 

ranimer, z/., to restore; to revive. 

rapide, adj., rapid; quick. 

rapidity, n. /., rapidity; swiftness. 




rappel, n. m.y recalling; revoca- 

rai>peler, v., to call again; to re- 
call to mind. 

se rappeler, v. r., to recollect; to 

rapport, n. tn., bearing; revenue; 

rapporter, v., to bring again; to 
bring home. 

se rapporter, v. r., to agree; to 
have a reference to. 

rapporteur, n. m., reporter. 

rapprocher, v., to bring together. 

rare, adj.^ rare; uncommon-, un- 

rar6fier, v.^ to rarefy. 

ras,-e, adj.^ close-shaved; short- 

raser, v., to shave. 

se raser, v. r., to shave oneself. 

rasoir, n. m., razor. 

rassasier, v., to satiate; to fill. 

rassemblement, n. m., assem- 
bling; assemblage. 

rassembler, z/., to collect; to 
assemble; to get together. 

rassurer, v., to strengthen; to re- 
move one's fears. 

rat, n. m., rat. 

rftteaii, n. tn., rake. 

r&teller, n. m.^ rack. 

ratl6re, «. /., rat trap. 

ratifier, v., to ratify. 

ration", n. /., ration; allowance. 

ratlonnel,-le, adj'.^ rational. 

rattacher, v.y to tie again; to 

rattraper, z/., to retake; to catch 

ravage, n. m., ravage; havoc. 

ravager, v.^ to ravage; to lay 

rave, «. /., long radish; radish. 

ravi,-e, part.^ transported; rap- 
tured; ravished. 


ravir, z'., to carry oflf; to charm. 

se raviser, v. r., to alter one's 

ravissant,-e, «£(/., rapacious; ad- 
mirable; delightful. 

ray6,-e, part., striped. 

rayer, v., to scratch; to erase. 

rayon, n. tn., ray; radius. 

rayure, «. /., stripe. 

r6agir, v., to react. 

realisable, adj., that can be made 

r^aliser, v.., to realize; to convert 
into money. 

rtollsme, n. m., realism. 

r6allt6, n. /., reality. 

rebelle, n. tn. /., adj., rebel; dis- 
obedient; obstinate. 

rebellion, n. /., rebellion. 

rebours,w.w., wrong side; reverse. 

rebut, n.m., refusal; rubbish; trash. 

rebuter, v., to repulse; to rebuff. 

recalcitrant, -e, adj., refractory; 

recapitulation, «./., recapitula- 

r^capltuler, v., to recapitulate; 
to sum up. 

recel,, receiving stolen goods. 

receier, z/., to conceal; to embezzle; 
to conceal things. 

receleu-r, n.m.^^Siiyn.f., receiver 
of stolen goods. 

recensement, n. m., census. 

recent, -e, adj., recent; new. 

receplsse,«. m., receipt; acjcnowl- 
edgment of receipt. 

reception, n. f., reception; enter- 

recette, «. /., receipt. 

recevable, adj., receivable; admis- 

receveu-r, n. m., -se, n. f., re- 
ceiver; collector. 

recevolr, v., to receive. 

rechaud, n, m,, chafing dish. 



r^cliauffer, t/., to heat again; to 
warm up. 

reclierclie, n. /., search; quest; 

reclierclie, -e,a^/. , choice; sought 
after; in great demand. 

reclierclier, v., to seek again; to 

reciprocity, «. /., reciprocity. 

r^ciproquement, adv., con- 

recit, n. m.y relation; narration. 

recitation, «. /., reciting; recita- 

reciter, v., to recite; to relate. 

reclamation, n. f., claim; com- 

reclame, n. /., sign. 

reclamer, v.^ to implore; to en- 
treat; to reclaim. 

reclus,-e, «., part., recluse; 

reclusion, n. /., reclusion. 

r^colte, «. /., harvest. 

recolter, z/., to reap; to get in. 

re<coinniandable,afl5^'. .commend- 

recommandation, «. /., recom- 

reconiniander,z/. , to recommend; 
to request. 

recommencement, «./«. , recom- 
mencement; beginning anew. 

r ecommencer , z/ . , to recom mence ; 
to begin again. 

recompense, «. /. , reward; indem- 

recompenser^ z/., to reward; to 

reconciliat-eur, n. m., -rice, 
«. /., reconciler. 

reconciliation, n. /., reconcilia- 
tion; reconcilement. 

reconcilier, z/., to reconcile. 

reconduire, v., to accompany; 
to see home. 


reconforter, z/., to strengfthen, to 
revive; to comfort, to console. 

reconnaissance, n. /., gratitude; 

reconnaissant,-e, ad^/., g^rateful; 

reconnaitre, z/., to recognize; to 

reconquerir, z/., to reconquer; to 

reconstruire, v., to build again. 

recourber, z/., to bend round; to 
make crooked. ^ 

recours, «.w., recourse; resource. 

recouvrable, adj., recoverable. 

recouvrement, n. w., recovery; 

recoiivrir, v., to cover again; to 

recreati-f,-ve, adj., recreative. 

recreation, n. /., amusement; 

se recrier, v.r.,to exclaim; to cry 

recriminer, v., to recriminate. 

recruter, v., to recruit. 

rectangle, adj., n. m., rectangu- 
lar; right-angled rectangle. 

rectangulaire, adj., rectangular. 

recteur, n. m., rector. 

rectification, n. /., rectification. 

rectifier, v., to rectify. 

rectitude, «. /. , rectitude; upright- 

recto, n. m., first page of a leaf; 
odd page. 

re^u, n. m., receipt. 

recueil,, collection; selection. 

recueillir, v., to gather; to collect. 

se recueillir, v. r., to collect 

reculer, z/., to pull back; to defer. 

recuperer, v., to recover; to re- 

redacteur, n. m., writer. 

redaction, n. f., editing. 



r^dempteur, n. i«., Redeemer; 

r6doniptlon, n. /., redemption. 

reclevable, «. fn. /., adj., debtor; 

redevance, «./. , rent; due; service. 

r^dl^ep, v.t to write out; to 

redlngote, n. /., surtout; frock 

red Ire, t^., to repeat; to say again; 
to find fault. 

redoubler, v., to increase; to 
increase greatly. 

redoutable, ad/., formidable; 

redouter, v., to dread; to fear. 

redresser, v., to make straight; 
to put right. 

rMuctlon, «. /., reduction. 

r^dulre, v., to reduce; to diminish. 

r6el,-le, ad/., real; true. 

r^ellemeiit, adv., really. 

r^exp^dier, v., to forward again. 

refaire, v., to do again; to do over 
again; to make anew. 

refection, n. /., repairs. 

r^fectoire, n. m., refectory; di- 
ning room. 

r^f^rence, «. /., reference. 

ref^rer, v., to refer. 

r6fl6clil,-e, adj., reflected. 

refl^chir, v., to reflect. 

reflexion, n.f., reflection; thought. 

refondre, v., to melt again. 

r6forniatlon, n. /., reformation; 

r^forme, n. f., reform. 

reformer, v., to reform; to im- 

r^fractalre, adj., refractory; ob- 

refrain, n. m., refrain. 

refrigerant, n. m., refrigeratory; 

refroidlr, v., to cool; to chiU. 


se refroidlr, v. r., to grow cold 
or cool; to relax. 

refuge, n. m., refuge; shelter. 

se r^fugler, v. r., to take refuge; 

refuft, «. m., refusal; denial. 

refuser, v., to refuse; to deny. 

regagner, z/. , to regain; to retrieve. 

r^gal, n.m., feast; treat; pleasure. 

r^galer, v., to treat; to entertain. 

regard, «. m., look; glance. 

regardant, -e, d^^/., too strict; par- 
ticular; economical. 

regarder, t\ , to look at; to concern . 

regarnlr, v., to furnish again; to 

r6generat-eur,-rlce, «., adj., 

regie, n. f., administration of the 

regime, «.w., regimen; diet; form 
of government. 

regiment, n. m., regiment. 

region, n. f., region. 

r^glr, v., to govern; to rule. 

reglstre, n. m., register. 

reglstrer, v., to register. 

r^gle, n. /., rule; ruler. 

r6gl6,-e, adj., ruled; regulated. 

r^glement, n.m., regulation; 
laws; by laws; settlement. 

r^gler, v., to rule; to regulate. 

r^gllsse, n. /., licorice. 

r^gne, n. m., reign. 

r6gner, v., to reign. 

regorger, v., to overflow; to 
abound with. 

regret, n. ;«., regret. 

regretter, v., to regret. 

regularlser, v., to put in order. 

regulateur, n. m., regulator. 

regull-er,-^re, afl^*., regular; ex- 

reliablllter, v., to rehabilitate. 

reliausser, v., to raise. 

rein, «. m., kidney. 




reine, «. /., queen. 
rejaillir, v.^ to spring out. 
rejet, n. m., rejection. 
irejeter, v., to throw away. . 
rejoindre, v.y to rejoin; to join 

re]oui,-e, «., adj.^ jovial; merry 

r^Jouir, v.^ to rejoice; to make 

merry. • 

r^Jouissance, n. /., rejoicing. 
reld^clie, n. m., intermission. 
reld^cher, v., to slack; to loosen. 
relais, n. m., relay. 
relation, «./., relation; reference. 
rel6guer, v.^ to banish. 
releve, n. m.y abstract; extract; 

relever, z/., to raise again; to lift 

up again. 
relief, n. m., relief. 
relier, v., to bind. 
relieur,\ binder; bookbinder. 
religridi-x,-se, adj.^ religious. 
religion, «. /., religion. 
relique, «. /., relic. 
relire, z^., to read over again. 
reliure, n. /., binding. 
reluire, z/., to shine; to glitter. 
remanier, z/., to handle again; 

reinarier, v., to marry again. 
remarquable, adj.y remarkable; 

remarque, n, /., remark; notice. 
remarquer, z/., to note; to re- 
remblal, n. tn.y embankment. 
rembourser, z/., to reimburse; to 

remade, n. tn.y remedy. 
rem^dier, z/., to remedy. 
remener, z/. , to take back; to bring 

remer clement, n. /;/., thanks. 
remercier, z/., to thank. 


remettre, z/., to put again. 

remise, n, /., remittance; reduc- 

remission, «./., remission; indul- 

remmener, v., to take back; to 
15"ad back. 

remonter, z/., to reascend. 

remontrance, «. /., remon- 

remontrer, v., to demonstrate; 
to represent; to remonstrate. 

remords, n. /w., remorse. 

remorquer, v., to tow; to drag. 

remorqueur, n. m., tug; towing 

remjiailler, v. , to put a new straw 
bottom in a chair. 

rempaqueter, v., to pack up 

rempart, n.m., rampart; bulwark. 

rempla^ant, n. m., substitute. 

remplacement, n. nt.y replacing. 

remplacer, z^., to replace. 

rempli,-e, adj., full; replete. 

reiiiplir, v., to fill again; to 
fill up. 

remportei', v., to carry or take 

remner, v., to move; to stir. 

r6munerat-eur,-rice, adj., re- 

renaissance, «. /., regeneration; 

renaitre, v., to be born again; to 
rise again. 

renard, n. m., fox. 

rencli6rl,-e, adj., risen in price. 

rencb^rir, z'., to raise the price 

rencontre, «. /., encounter; colli- 

rencontrer, v., to meet. 

rendement, «. w., produce; yield. 

rendez-vous, n. m., place of 




rendre, v., to render; to return; to 
give back. 

pdne, «. /., rein. 

renfermer, r., to shut up; to con- 

renfler, r., to swell; to swell 

renforci*,-e, adj., strong; thick. 

pen forcer, r., to reen force; to 

penfort, n.m.y reenforcement; sup- 
ply; relief. 

renter, v., to deny; to disown. 

renom, n. m., renown; fame; 

renomni^e, ». /., renown; fame; 

renommer, v,, to name again; to 
render famous. 

renoneer, v., to renounce; to give 

renouveler, v., to renew. 

renseiK^ieinent, n. m., informa- 
tion; indication. 

rente, n. f. , yearly income; revenue. 

renti-er, n.m., -6re, //./., stock- 
holder; independent gentleman. 

rentr^e, n. /., reopening; receipt; 

rentrer, r., to enter again; to 

renverse,-e, part., thrown down. 

renversement, n. m., reversing; 

renverser, v., to reverse; to turn 
upside down. 

renvoi, n. m., returning. 

renvoyer, z/., to return. 

reorganisation, «. /., reorgan- 

reorganiser, v., to reorganize. 

repaire, n. ni., haunt; den. 

r6pandre, v., to scatter; to spread. 

reparaltre, v., to reappear. 

reparat-eur,-rice, «., adj., 
restorer; restorative. 


, reparation, n. /., repairing; 

I amends. 

1 r^parer, v., to repair; to mend. 

' r^imrtle, «. /., repartee; reply. 

r^partlr, v., to divide; to distrib- 

r^partlteur, n. m., assessor. 

repartition, »./., division; assess- 
^repaH, n. m., meal; repast. 

re passage, n, m., ironing. 

repasser, v., to pass again; to 
iron; to grind. 

repasseuse, n. /., ironer. 

repentant, -e, ad/., repentant; 

repentle, ad/., n. f., penitent. 

repentlr, n.m., repentance; peni- 

repertoire, n. m., table; reper- 

repeter, v., to repeat. 

repetition, fi. f., repetition. 

replquer, v., to transplant. 

replt, n. m., respite; delay. 

replacement, n. m., replacing. 

repll, n. m., fold. 

repUer, v., to fold again. 

repllque, n. f., reply; rejoinder. 

repllquer, v., to reply; to retort. 

repondant, n. m., bail; surety; 

repondre, i/., to answer. 

reponse, n. f., answer. 

report, n. m., carrying over; sum 
carried over. 

reporter, z^., to carry over. 

repos, n. m., rest. 

reposer, v., to rest. 

repoussant,-e, ad/., repulsive. 

repousser, v., to repel; to drive 

reprendre, z^., to take again; to 

represallle, n. /"., reprisal; retalia- 




repr^sentant, n. m., representa- 

representation, «./"., representa- 
tion; display. 

representer, v., to represent. 

repression, «. /., repression. 

reprimande, n. /., reprimand; 

r^primander, t/., to reprimand. 

r^primer, v.^ to repress; to re- 

reprise, «. /., resumption. 

reproclie, n. tn., reproach. 

reproclier, z/.,,to reproach. 

reproduction, «. /., reproduc- 

reproduire, v.^ to reproduce. 

reprouv6, n. m.y reprobate. 

reps, n. m., repp. 

reptile, n. w., adj.^ reptile. 

republicain,-e, «., adj., republi- 

r^publique, n. f., republic. 

repugnance, n. /., repugnance; 

repugnant, -e, adj., repugnant. 

r^pugner, v., to feel repugnance 

repulsi-f,-ve, adj., repulsive. 

repulsion, n. f., repulsion; aver- 

reputation, n. /., reputation; 

reputer, v., to repute. 

requ^rir, z/., to request. 

requite, n. /., request; applica- 

requin, n. m., shark. 

requ4s,-e, part., requested. 

requisition, n. /., requisition; 

r^seau, n. m., net; network. 

reseda, n.m.y Reseda; mignonette. 

reserve, «./., reserve; reservation. 

reserver, v., to reserve. 

reservoir, n, m,, reservoir. 


residence, «./., residence; dwell- 

resider, v., to reside; to dwell. 

residu, n. m., residue. 

resignation, n. /., resignation. 

resigner, v., to resign; to give up, 

se resigner, v. r., to submit. 

resilier, v.y to cancel; to annul. 

resine, n. /., resin; rosin. 

resistance, n. /., resistance; op- 

resister, v., to resist; to oppose. 

resolu,-e, adj.y resolute; bold. 

resolution, n. f., resolution; de- 

resoudre, v., to resolve; to solve 

respect, n. m., respect; deference. 

respectable, adj., respectable; 

respectier, v., to respect. 

respecti-f,-ve, adj., respective. 

respectueu-x,-se, adj., respect- 

respiration, n. /., respiration; 

respirer, v., to breathe. 

responsabilite, n. f., responsi- 

ressemblance, n.f., resemblance; 

ressembler, v., to resemble. 

ressentiment, n.m., resentment. 

ressentir, v., to feel. 

ressort, n. m., spring. 

ressource, n.f., resource. 

ressusciter, v., to resuscitate. 

restant, -e, adj., remaining. 
poste-e, general delivery. 

restaurant, n. m., restorative; 
eating house. 

restaurateur, n.m., eating-house 

restaurer, z/., to restore. 

reste, n. tn., rest; remainder. 

rester, v., to remain. 

restituer, z/., to refund. 




restrelndre, r., to restrict; to re- 

r^Hultat, n. m., result. 

r^siilter, v., to result. 

r^Huin^, ft. w., recapitulation; 

r^sumer, v., to recapitulate. 

r6tablir, v., to reestablish; to re- 
store; to recover. 

r^tabllssomeiit, n. m., restora- 
tion; recovery. 

retard, n. m., delay. 

retardatalre, n. m., in arrears; 

retarder, v., to retard; to delay. 

retenir, v., to remember. 

retentlr, v., to resound. 

retenue, n. /., caution; prudence. 

r6tl-f,-ve, n.^ adj., restive. 

retlrer, z/., to draw again; to with- 

se retlrer, v. r., to withdraw. 

re tour, n. tn.^ return. 

retourner, v.^ to return. 

retralte, «. /., retreat; pension. 

retrancher, r., to cut short; to 

r^treclr, z'., to make narrower; to 

r6tritauer, v., to remunerate. 

retribution, n. /., retribution; re- 

r6trogader, v.^ to retrograde. 

retrouver, v., to find again. 

reunion, n. /., reunion; meeting; 

r^unir, v., to reunite. 

reussir, z/., to succeed; to prosper. 

revanche, n. f., revenge; retalia- 

r^ve, n. m.y dream. 

re veil, n. m., waking; awaking. 

revell-matln, n.m., alarm clock. 

revelller, v., to awaken; to rouse. 

r6v61at-eur, n. m., -rice, «. /., 


r^v^lation, «. /., revelation; dis- 

r^v^ler, v,, to reveal; to dis- 

reveuant,*«. m., ghost; spirit. 

revendeu-r, n. w., -se, «./., re- 
tail dealer. 

revendiquer, v., to claim; to de- 
mand. ' 

revendre, v., to sell again. 

revenlr, z'., to come again. 

revenu, n. w., revenue; income. 

r^ver, ^^, to dream. 

r^v^rence, n. f.^ reverence; bow; 

r6v6rer, z^., to revere; to venerate. 

re vers, n. m., back; reverse. 

rev^tir, v., to clothe. 

r^veu-r, -se, «., adj., dreamer; 

revlent,«.w.,prlxde-. net cost. 

revision, n. /., revisal; review. 

revocable, adj., revocable; revers- 

revoir, v., to see again. 

revoltant,-e, adj., revolting. 

r^volte, n. /., revolt; rebellion. 

revolter, z/., to cause to revolt, or 

se r6volter, v. r., to revolt; to 

revolution, n. /., revolution. 

revolutionnaire, n.m., adj. , rev- 
olutionist; revolutionary. 

r^volutionner, v., to revolu- 

revoquer, z/., to recall; to dismiss 

revue, n. /., review; magazine; 

rez, prep., level with; even with. 

rez-de-chaussee, n. m., ground 

rlietorique, n. /., rhetoric. 

rhinoceros, n. m., rhinoceros. 

rliubai*be, n. /., rhubarb. 

rlium, n, m., rum. 




rliumatisiney n. m., rheuma- 

rhume, n. m., cold. 

ricaner, z/., to chuckle; to sneer. 

riclie, «.w. , adj. , rich man; wealthy. 

richesse, n. /., wealth; richness. 

ride, n, /. , wrinkle. 

rideau, n. m., curtain. 

ridicule, adj., ridiculous. 

ridicule, n. m., ridicule. 

rien, n. m., nothing. 

rieu-r, n. m., -se, «./., laugher. 

rigide, adj., rigid; strict; harsh; 

rigoureu-x,-se, adj., rigorous; 
strict; severe. 

rigueur, «. /., rigor; severity. 

rime, «. /., rime. 

rincer, v., to rinse. 

riposte, n. /., smart reply; rep- 

riposter, v., to repartee. 

rire, z/., to laugh. 

risque, n. m., risk; hazard; peril. 

rlsquer, v., to venture. 

rivage, n. m., shore; beach. 

rival, -e, n., adj., rival. 

rive, n. f., shore; bank. 

river, v., to rivet. 

rivet, n. tn., rivet. 

riviere, n. f., river. 

rixe, n. /., fight; scuffle. 

rlz, n. m., rice. 

robe, n. f., gown; robe. 

roblnet, n. m., cock; tap; plug. 

roc, n. tn., rock. 

roche, n. f., rock. 

rocher, n. m., rock. 

r6der, z^., to roam; to ramble. 

rognon, n. m., kidney. 

roi, n. m., king. 

r61e, n. tn., roll; catalogue; char- 

roinain,-e, adj., Roman. 
roman, n. m., novel. 

rompre, v.,X.o break. 


rond,-e, adj., round. 

ronfler, v., to snore. 

ronger, v.,\.o gnaw. 

roquef ort, n.^n. , Roquefort cheese. 

rosace, n. /., rose work; rose 

rose, n. f., rose. 

roseau, n. m., reed grass. 

ros6e, n. f., dew. 

rosier, n. w., rose tree; rose bush. 

rossignol, n. m., nightingale. 

r6t, n. tn., roast. 

r6ti, n. m., roast; roast meat. 

r6tlr, z/., to roast. 

roturi-er, -^re, n., adj., com- 
moner; plebeian; vulgar. 

roue, n. f., wheel. 

rouet, n. m., spinning wheel. 

rouge, adj., red. 

rougeole, n. f.^ measles. 

rougeur, «. /., redness; blush. 

rouglr, v., to redden; to grow red. 

roullle, n. f., rust. 

rouleau, n. m., roll; roller. 

rouler, v., to roll. 

route, n. f.y road; way. 

rou-x,-sse, adj., reddish; red- 

royal, -e, adj., royal. 

royaute, n. f., royalty. 

ruade, n. f., kick {of horses). 

ruban, n. m., ribbon. 

rubls, n. m., ruby. 

ruche, n. f., hive. 

rude, adj., harsh; rough. 

rue, n. f., street. 

ruelle, n. f., lane; alley; bedside. 

rulne, n. f., ruin; decay. 

rulner, v., to ruin; to spoil. 

ruisseau, n. m., brook; stream. 

rui)ture, n. f., breaking; rupture; 

ruse, «./., artifice; cunning; trick. 

russe, n. ni. f., adj., Russian. 

rustlque, adj., rural; rustic. 

rytlime, n.m. , rhythm; rhythmical. 



I, adj. /., his; her; one's; its. 

sable, n. m.^ sand. 

saboty n, m., wooden shoe; horse's 

sabre, n.. m., saber; broadsword, i 

sac*, n, m.y sack; bag. | 

saceade, «. /., saccade; jerk. 

saeerdoce, n. m., priesthood. 

saeoche, n. f.^ saddle bag; money 

saere, n. m.^ anointing; corona- 
tion of a king. 

»aere,-e, adj.t sacred; holy; con- 

sacrifice, n. wi., sacrifice; offering. 

saerlfler, z/., to sacrifice. 

sagacity, n.f.f acuteness; shrewd- 

saf^e, adj'.f sage; wise; virtuous. 

saiBT^sse, n. /. , wisdom; prudence. 

sal|piant,-e, adj., bleeding; un- 

sai^ner, v., to bleed. 

8ain,-e, adj., sound; hale; healthy. 

saludoux, n. m., lard. 

saint, -e, ad^"., holy; sacred; godly. 

saliitet6, n. /., holiness; sanctity. 

saisie, n. /., seizure; distress on 
real property. 

saisir, z/. , to seize; to catch hold of. 

saison, n. /., season. 

salad e, «. /., salad. 

salalre, n. m., wages; pay; hire. 

sd^le, adj., dirty; nasty. 

sal6,-e, adj'., salted. 

saler, v., to salt. 

sall^re, n. /., salt box. 

salir, v., to dirty; to soil. 

sallve, n. /., saliva. 

salle, n. /., hall room. 

salon, «.»^., drawing room; parlor. 

salubre, adj., healthful; healthy. 

saluer, v., to salute; to bow to. 

salut, n. m., safety; salutation. 

sanctlfier, v., to sanctify. 


sanctuaire, n. m., sanctuary. 

sau{<, n. m., blood. 

sanK-froid, n. m., coolness; com- 

sani^laut, -e, adj. , bloody; covered 
with blood. 

san{<lier, n. tn., wild boar. 

san^lots, n. (pi.), sobbing. 

sans, prep., without. 

sant^, n. f., health. 

sai)ln, n. m., fir tree. 

sarcastlque, adj., sarcastic; sar- 

sardine, n. /., sardine. 

sarrasin, n. m., buckwheat. 

satan, n. m., Satan. 

satanlque, a^'., satanic; satanical. 

satellite, n. m., satellite. 

satin, n. m., satin. 

satire, n. /., satire. 

satisfaction, n.f., satisfaction. 

satisfaire, v., to satisfy; to please. 

sauce, n. f., sauce. 

sau-f,-ve, adj., safe; unhurt. 

sauf, prep., except. 

sauinon, n. m., salmon. 

saut, n. m., leap; jump. 

sauter, v., to jump. 

sauterelle, n. f., grasshopper. 

sauva^e, n. m. /., adj., savage; 
wild man.' 

sauvegarder, v., to protect. 

sauver, v., to save; to rescue. 

sauvetage, n. m., salvage. 

sauveur, n. m., adj., saver; de- 
liverer; Savior. 

savant, -e, n.m.i., adj., learned; 

savolr, v., to know. 

savoir-faire, «. m., manage- 

savolr- vivre, n. m., good man- 
ners; good breeding. 

savon, n. m., soap. 

scandale, n. m., scandal; expo- 




scandaliser, v., to scandalize. 

sceau, n. m., seal. 

scel^rat, n. m., scoundrel. 

senile, n. /., scene; stage; scenery. 

sceptre, n. m., scepter. 

scie, n. f.y saw. 

science, «. /., knowledge. 

scler, z^., to saw. 

sclerie, «. /., sawmill. 

scrupule, n. m., scruple. 

scrutin, n. m., ballot. 

sculpture, n, /., sculpture; carved 

se, pron,, oneself; himself; herself; 
itself; themselves. 

seance, n. /., sitting. 

seau, n. m., pail; bucket. 

sec,-s^clie, adj.^ dry; lean. 

secher, z;., to dry. 

second, -e, adj., second. 

seconder, z/., to second; to assist. 

secouer, v., to shake. 

secours, n. »^., help; relief; succor; 

secr-et,-^te, adj., secret; private. 

secret, n. fn., secrecy; secret. 

secretaire, n. m., secretary. 

s6ditieu-x,-se, adj., seditious. 

seduction, «. /., seduction. 

s6duct-eur,-rice, «., adj., se- 
ducer; enticer. 

seduire, v., to seduce. 

s6duisant,-e, adj'., seductive; 

seigle, n. m., rye. 

seigneur, n. m., lord. 

sein, n. tn.', breast; bosom. 

seing, n. m., signature. 

seize, n. tn., adj., sixteen. 

seizi^me, n. m. f., adj., sixteenth. 

s^jour, n. nt., stay; residence; 

sel, n. in., salt. 

selection, n. f., selection. 

selle, «. /. . saddle. 

seloxiy /r^^M according. 


^emaine, «. /., week. 

semblable, adj., like; alike. 

semblant, n. m., semblance. 

sembler, v., to seem; to appear. 

semelle, n. /., sole. 

semence, n. f., seed; seeds. 

semer, v., to sow. 

semestre, n. m., half year. 

s6nat, n. m., senate; senate house. 

senateur, n. m., senator. 

sens, n. tn., sense; senses. 

sensation, n. f., sensation. 

sensibility, «./., sensibility; sen- 

sensible, adj., sensible; sensitive. 

sentence, ;/. /., sentence; maxim; 

sentier, n. m., foot-path. 

sentiment, n.m., sensation; senti- 

sentinelle, «. /., sentinel; sentry. 

sentir, v., to feel; to smell. 

separation, «. /., separation; par- 

separer, v., to separate; to divide; 
to part. 

septembre, n. m., September. 

septi^me, adj., seventh. 

septique, adj., septic. 

sepulture, n. /., burial; inter- 

sequestre, ;/. tn., sequestration. 

serein, -e, adj., serene; placid. 

serge, n. /., serge. 

sergent, n. m., sergeant. 

s^rie, n. /., series. 

serieu-x,-se, aa^'., serious; grave. 

serment, n. m., oath. 

sermon, n. tn., sermon; admoni- 

serpent, n. m., serpent; snake. 

serre, n.f., greenhouse; conserva- 

serr6,-e, part., close; compact; 

serrer^ v., to tighten; to squeeze. 



serrure, «. /., lock. 

serrurier, «. w., locksmith. 

servante, «. /., servant. 

service, n. m., service. 

serviette, «. /., napkin; towel. 

servir, r,, to serve; to wait on; to 
be of use. 

serviteur, n. w., servant. 

servitude, ». /., servitude. 

ses, adj. (pi.), his; her; its; one's. 

session, «./., session; sitting; term. 

seuil, n. w., threshold. 

seul,-e, adj'.f one; alone. 

seulement, adv.^ only. 

s^ve, n. f.y sap. 

s6v^re, adj., severe; rigid; strict. 

sevir, v.f to use with rigor. 

Sevres, n. w., porcelain; manu- 
factured at Sevres. 

sexe, n. m., sex. 

sli6rif, n. m.y sheriff. 

si, conj'., if; whether. 

si, adv.y so; so much; however; 

si^cle, n. m., century. 

si6ge, n. tn., seat. 

sl6ger, v.y to sit {of assefnblies) . 

slen,-ne, pron., his; hers; its; 
one's own. 

sleste, «. /., afternoon's nap. 

siffler, v., to whistle. 

sifflet, n. m., whistle. 

si^nial, n. m.y signal. 

signaler, v., to give a signal. 

signature, n. /., signature. 

slgne, n. m., sign; mark; nod. 

signer, v., to sign; to subscribe. 

slgnlfleati-f,-ve, adj., significa- 
tive; significant. 

signification, «. /., signification; 

slgnlfler, v., to signify; to notify. 

silence, n. m., silence. 

sllencleu-x,-se,afl[;'., silent; still. 

si Hon, n. m., furrow. 

slmllalre, adj., similar. 


similitude, n, f., similitude; sim- 

simple, adj., simple; common. 

simplicity, n. /., simplicity; plain- 

simplification, n, f., simplifica- 

simplifier, v., to simplify. 

slmuler, v., to feign; to sham. 

simultan^,-e, ai(^'., simultaneous. 

sincere, adj\, sincere; true. 

slnc^rit^, «. /.r sincerity. 

singe, n. m., monkey. 

slnguli-er,-6re, adj., singular; 

slnistre, adj., sinister; disaster. 

slnon, conj., otherwise; else. 

siphon, n. m., siphon. 

sire, n. ni., sire. 

slroco, «. m., sirocco. 

site,, site; landscape; scenery. 

slt6t, adv., so soon; as soon. 

situation, n. f., situation; site; 

sltu6,-e, adj., situate; situated; 

six, adj., six. 

slxl^me, adj., sixth. 

sobre, adj., sober; temperate. 

sobriety, n. f., sobriety; temper- 
ance; moderation. 

sobriquet, «. m., nickname. 

sociable, adj., sociable; social. 

social, -e, adj., social; of a firm. 

social isme, n. m., socialism. 

social is te, n. m. f., socialist. 

socl^talre, «. m. /., adj., member 
of a society; of a company. 

society, n. f., society; company; 

scBur, n. f., sister; nun. 

sofa, n. tn., sofa; ottoman. 

fsoi^ p ton., oneself; self; itself. 

sole, n. f., silk. 

solerle, n. /., silk trade; {pi.) silks 

solf, n. f., thirst. 




soigner, v., to take care of; to 

soigneusement, adv., carefully. 

soigneu-x,-se, ad/., careful. 

soi-m^me, pron., oneself; itself. 

soin, «. m., care. 

soiree, «. /., evening. 

soity adv., be it so; I grant it. 

solt,V^«/., either; whether; or. 

soixante, adj., sixty. 

soixante-dix, adj., seventy. 

soixanti^me, adj., sixtieth. 

sol, n. m.f soil; ground. 

soldat, n. m., soldier. 

solde, n. m., balance. 

solder, v., to pay; to liquidate. 

soleil, n. nt., sun. 

solennel,-le, adj., solemn. 

solidaire, adj., conjointly liable. 

solidarity, n. /., joint liability. 

solido, adj., solid; strong; firm. 

solldifler, v., to solidify; to con- 

solidity, n. f., solidity. 

soliste, n. m., solo singer; lonely. 

solitaire, adj., solitary; lonely; 

solitude, n. f., solitude; loneliness. 

soUieitation, n. /., .solicitation; 

solllclter, v., to solicit; to in- 

sollieltude, n. /., solicitude; anx- 

soluble, adj., solvable; soluble. . 

solution, n. f., solution. 

solvability, n. f., solvency. 

solvable, adj., solvent. 

sombre, adj., dark; dull; sad. 

soiumalre, n. nt., adj., summary. 

sommation, n. f., summons. 

soiiiiue,;^./., burden; sum; amount. 

somme, n. m., nap. 

sommell, n. m., sleep. 

sommer, v., to summon; to chal- 


sommet, n. m., top; summit. 

sommier, n. m., hair mattress. 

somnambule, n. m. /.,adj., som- 

soniptueii-x,-se, adj., sumptu- 

son, n.'m., bran. 

son, sa, ses, adj., his; her; its; 

sonder, v. , to fathom; to scrutinize; 
to probe. 

songe, n. tn., dream. 

songer, n., to dream; to devise; 
to consider. 

sonner, v., to sound; to ring. 

sonnerie, «. /., ring of bells. 

sonnet, n. nt., sonnet. 

sonnette, n. f., little bell. 

sonore, adj., sonorous. 

soreler, n.nt., sorcerer; enchanter. 

sordlde, adj., sordid; mean. 

sort, ft. nt., fate; lot; charm. 

sorte, n. f., sort; kind; manner. 

sortie, n. /., way out; exit. 

sortlr, v., to go out. 

sot,-te, adj., fool; stupid; foolish. 

sottlse, n. /., folly; silly thing; 

sou, ft. tn., sou; halfpenny. 

souehe, ft. f., stump. 

soucl, ft. nt., care; anxiety. 

se soueler, v.r.,to care; to mind; 
to be uneasy. 

soudain,-e, adj., sudden; unex- 

soude, n. f., soda; glasswort. 

souder, v., to solder. 

souffle, ft. m., breath. 

souffler, v., to blow; to breathe. 

soufflet, ft. nt., bellows. 

souff ranee, ft. f., suffering; en- 

souffrant,-e, adj., suffering; in 
pain; patient. 

souffrlr, v., to suffer; to tolerate. 

soufre, ti, m.t sulphur. 




souliait) n. m., wish; desire. 

souhaiter, v., to wish. 

soulller, v., to soil. 

soula{<einent, n. m., relief. 

sou lager, z/., to relieve. 

soul^vement, n. m., rising; in- 

soulever, v., to raise; to urge 
(to insurrection) . 

Soulier, n. m.^ shoe. 

souligrner, z/,, to underline. 

soumettre, v.^ to subdue; to sub- 

soumission, «. /., submission. 

soupape, n. /., plug; valve. 

soup^on, n. m., suspicion. 

soup9onner, v., to suspect; to 

soup9onneu-x,-se, adj., suspi- 

soupe, «. /., soup. 

souper, v., to sup; to take supper. 

souper, n. m., supper. 

soupir, n, m., sigh. 

soupirail, n. m., air hole; vent. 

soupirer, v., to sigh; to long. 

souple, adj,, supple; flexible. 

souplesse, «. /., suppleness; flex- 

source, «. A, source; fountain. 

sourcil, n. m., eyebrow. 

sour(l,-e, «., adj., deaf; deaf per- 

sourd-muet, n. w., sourde- 
muette, «. /., deaf and dumb 

souriant,-e, adj., smiling. 

sourire, v., to smile. 

souris,. n. f., mouse. 

sous, prep., under; beneath. 

souscripteur, n. m., subscriber; 

souserire, v., to subscribe; to 
sign; to assent. 

sous-en tendu, «. »^. , thing under- 


sonssign6,-e,^ar^., undersigned. 

sous-sol, n. m-., basement. 

soustraction, n. f., subtraction. 

soustralre, v., to take away; to 

se soustralre, v.r., to escape; to 
avoid . 

soutenlr, v., to support; to sus- 

souterralii, -e, adj., subterra- 

souterrain, n. m., cave; tunnel; 

soutlen,«.w.,prop; support; sup- 

souvenanee, n.f., remembrance. 

souvenir, n. m., remembrance; 

se souvenir, v. r., to remember. 

souvent, adv., often; frequently. 

•souverain,-e, n., adj., sovereign. 

si>acieu-x,-se, adj., spacious; 

special, -e, adj., special. 
> sp^cialiste, n. m., specialist. 

sp^eialite, n. f., peculiarity; spe- 

specification, n. f., specification. 

spectacle, n. m., play; spectacle. 

spectat-eur,-rlce, «., adj.^ spec- 
tator; bystander. 

spectre, n. tn., specter. 

speculat-eur, n. m., -rice, /., 

sphere, n. f., sphere; globe. 

spirale, n. f., spiral. 

apirltuel, n. tn., spirituality. 

spirltuel,-le, adj., intellectual. 

splendeur, n. f., splendor; mag- 

splendlde, a^'., splendid; magnif- 

spontan^ , -e , adj. , spontaneous; 

sport, n. tn., sport. 

squelette, n,m.i skeleton; carcass. 




stability, «. /., stability. 

stable, adj.^ stable; solid; perma- 

sta^e, //. m., period between the 
admission as licentiate, in law, 
and the call to the bar. 

station, w. /., stay; station. 

statistlque, n. /., statistics. 

statuaire, n.m., adj., statuary. 

statue, n. f., statue. 

statuer, z;., to decree; to resolve. 

stenograplie, n. m. /., stenogra- 

st^nogi'aphle, «. /. , stenography. 

st^re, n. nt., stere; cubic meter 
(35.3174 cubic feet) . 

sterile, adj.y sterile; barren; un- 

stimulant, -e, cLdJ., stimulating; 

stlmnler, v., to stimulate; to ex- 

stipuler, v.y to stipulate; to con- 

stoiclen,-ne, «., adj.. Stoic; Sto- 

store, n. m., spring-roller blind. 

stratag^me, n. m., stratagem. 

strict, -e, adj.y strict; precise; rigid. 

studieu-x,-se, adj., studious. 

stupefaction, «. /., stupefaction. 

stup^faltj-e, adj.y stupefied; 
astonished. « 

stup6fler, v.y to stupefy; to aston- 

stupeur, n. f.y stupor; astonish- 

stuplde, n. /«./., adj., stupid per- 

stupidity, n. f.y stupidity. 

style, n. m.y style. 

suave, a^'., sweet; agreeable; pleas- 
ant; fragrant. 

sublr, z/., to undergo; to suffer. 

sublt,-e, a^"., sudden; unexpected. 

subjonctif, n. m., subjunctive. 


subjuguer, v.y to subjugate; to 

sublime, n. m.y sublime. 

submerger, z/., to submerge. 

submersion, n. f.y submersion. 

subrog6,-e, adj., surrogated. 

subside, n. m.y subsidy. 

subslster, v., to subsist; to live. 

substance, n. f.y substance. 

substantlf, n. m.y adj.y substan- 

substltuer, v.y to substitute. 

subterfuge, n. m.y subterfuge. 

subtil, -e, adj.y subtile; keen; 

subvenlr, v.y to relieve; to pro- 

subvention, n. f.y supply; sub- 

sue, n. m^.y juice; essence. 

succeder, z/., to succeed; to follow. 

suee^s, n. m.y success. 

succession, n. f.y succession; in- 

successlvement, adv.y succes- 
sively; in succession. 

succinct, -e, adj., succinct; con- 
cise; brief. 

succomber, v. , to succumb; to die. 

succulent, -e, adj., succulent; 

succursale, «., adj.y branch es- 

sucer, v.y to suck. 

Sucre, n. m.y sugar. 

sucre,-e, part.y sugared. 

sucrer, v.y to sugar; to sweeten. 

sucrerle, n. f.y sugar refinery. 

sucrler, n. m.y sugar bowl. 

sud, n. m.y south. 

sud-ouest, n. m.y southwest. 

su6dols,-e, n.y adj.y Swede; 

suer, z^., to sweat. 

suf fire, v.y to suffice; to be ade- 




suffisamment, adv.^ sufficiently; 

suffoquer, z/., to suffocate; to 

suffrage, n. m., suffrage; appro- 

suggf^rer, r., to suggest; to hint. 

suji^gestioii, n. /., suggestion; 

suicide, n.m., suicide. 

suit, n. tn.^ tallow. 

Suisse, -sse, n.nt.f., adj., Swiss; 
Swiss woman. 

suite, n. /..attendant; series; con- 
nection; suite. 

suivant, prep., according to. 

suivre, z/., to follow. 

sujet,-te, «., adj., subject. 

sultan, n. tn., sultan. 

superbe, n.m., adj., proud; arro- 

sup6rleur,-e, «., adj., superior; 

superlati-f, -ve, adj'., superla- 

T£uperstltieu-x,-se, adj., super- 

superstition, n. /., superstition. 

suppliant, n. tn., -e, n. /., sub- 

supplier, v., to supply; to make 
up deficiency. 

supplement, n. m., supplement; 

suppllant,-e, n.,adj., supplicant. 

supplication, n. f., supplication. 

supplice, n. m., corporal punish- 
ment; pain; anguish. 

supplier, v., to beseech; to en- 

suppllque, n. f., petition. 

support, n. m., support; prop. 

supporter, v.,\o support; to sus- 

supposer, v., to suppose; to con- 


supposition, «. /., supposition. 

supprimer, v., to suppress. 

supr^matie, n. f., supremacy. 

supreme, adj., supreme; last. 

sur, prep., upon; on. 

8ur,-e, adj'., sour. 

'siir,-e, adj., sure; certain; secure. 

surcharge, n. f., additional bur- 

surcliarger, v., to overload. 

sureau, n. tn., elder; elder tree. 

siiret^, n. f., safety; surety. , 

surgir, v., to spring up. 

surliuniain,-e, adj., super- 

surlendemain, n. m., two days 
after; third day. 

surmener, v., to overdrive. 

surmonter, v., to surmount; to 

surnaturel,-le, adj., supernatu- 

surpasser, v., to surpass; to ex- 

surplus, n. tn., surplus. 

surprendre, v., to surprise; to 

surprise, n. f., surprise; amaze- 

surseolr, v., to delay. 

surtout, adv., above all. 

surveillance, n. f., supervision. 

surveillant , -e , « .„ adj. , inspector; 

surveiller, v., to superintend; to 

survenii', v., to come unex- 

survivre, v., to survive. 

susceptible, adj., susceptible. 

susciter, v., to raise up; to 

suspect, -e, adj., suspicious. 

suspecter, v., to suspect. 

suspendre, v., to suspend; to 
hang; to delay. 




suspension, n. /., interruption; 
discontinuance . 

suspicion, n. /., suspicion. 

suzerain, -e, «., adj.^ suzerain. 

syllabaire, n. m., spelling hook. 

syllabe, «. /., syllable. 

sylviculture, n. /., cultivation of 

symbole, n. tn., symbol; creed. 

sym^trie, «. /., symmetry. 

sym^trique, adj'.t symmetrical. 

sympathie, «. /., sympathy. 

sympathique, ad/., sympathetic. 

synipt6nie, n. w., indication; 

syncope, «. /., syncope; fainting 

synonyme, n. m., adj., synonym. 

syntax, n. /., syntax. 

synthase," n. /., synthesis; com- 

syrlen,-ne, adj., Syrian. 

syst^matlque, adj'., systematic. 

syst^me, n. m., system. 


ta, adj., /., thy. 
tabac, n. m., tobacco. 
tabati^re, n. /., snuff box. 
tabernacle, n. m., tent; taber- 
table, n, f., table. 
tableau, n. w.,* painting; picture. 
tablette, n. f., shelf; tablet. 
tablier, n. m., apron. 
tabouret, n. m., footstool. 
taclie, n. f., spot; stain. 
tAche, n. /., task; job. 
taclier, v., to stain; to spot. 
tAcher, v., to try; to endeavor. 
tacite, adj\, tacit; implied, 
tact, n. m., feeling; tact. 
taffetas, n. m., taffeta; lustring. 
tale, n. f., pillow case. 
taille, n. f., cutting; cut; statue. 
tailler, v,, to cut; to prune. 


tailleur, n. m., tailor. 
taillis, n. m., underwood. 
taire, v., to pass over in silence. 
se taire, v. r., to be silent; to 

remain silent. 
talent, n. m., talent; ability. 
talon, n. m., heel. 
talus, «. m., slope; declivity. 
tambour, n. tn., drum. 
tamis, n. m., sieve. 
tampon, n.m., plug; stopper. 
tan, n. m., tan. 

tandis que, conj'. , whilst; whereas. 
tangent e, n. /., tangent. 
tanner, z/., to tan. 
tanneur, n. m., tanner. 
tant, adv., so much; so many. 
tante, //./., aunt. 
tant6t, adv., by and by; soon; 

tapage, n. m., noise; racket. 
tape, n. f., rap; slap. 
tapioca, n. m., tapioca. 
tapis, n. tn., carpet; rug. 
tapisserie, n. f., tapestry; hang- 
tapissier, n. m., upholsterer. 
taquiner, v., to tease. 
tard, n., adv., late; late hour. 
tardi-f,-ve, adj., tardy; late. 
tare, «. /., tare; waste. 
tarif, n. m., tariff; rate of prices. 
tarte, n. f., tart. 
tartine, n. f., slice of bread spread 

with butter or preserves. 
tas, n. m., heap; pile. 
tasse, n. f., cup. 
tdter, z^., to feel; to try. 
tdtonner, v., to feel one's way; to 

taureau, n. tn., bull. 
taux,w.f«., price; rate; assessment. 
taxe, n. f., price; tax; assessment; 

taxer, v., to fix the price of: to 





te^Pron., thee; to thee; you; to you. 

technique, adj,^ technical. 

telndre, v., to dye. 

telnty n. m., color; complexion. 

teiute, «. /., tincture; dye. 

telnture, n. f., dye; tincture. 

teinturerie, «. /., dye works. 

teinturl-er, n. m.y -^re, «. /., 

tel,-le, adj.^ such; like; similar. 

t^l^gramme, n. tn., telegram. 

t616graphe, n. m., telegraph. 

t616grapliler, v., to telegraph. 

telescope, n. m., telescope. 

t6in6ralre, n. m. /., adj., fool- 

t6in6rlt6, n. /..temerity; rashness. 

t6inoignage, n. m., testimony; 

t^molgner, v., to testify. 

temoln, n. m. /., witness. 

temperament, «. w. , constitution. 

temperance, n. /., temperance; 

temperature, n.f., temperature. 

tempere,-e, adj. » temperate; mild. 

temp^te, n. f., tempest; storm. 

temple, n. vt., temple. 

temporalre, adj., temporary." 

temporel,-le, adj., temporal. 

temporlser, v., to temporize; to 

temps, n.m., time; weather; tense. 

tenable, adj., tenable. 

tenace, adj., tenacious. 

tender, n. m., tender. 

tendre, a^'., tender; soft; afifec- 

tendre, v., to bend; to strain. 

tendresse, n. /., tenderness; love; 

ten^bres, n. f. {pi.), darkness. 

tenebreu-x,-se, adj., dark; tene- 
brous; gloomy. 

teneur de llvres, n, m., book- 


tenlp, v., to hold. 
tenor, n, m.y tenor. 
tension, n. f., tension. 
tentat-eur, n. w., -rice, n. /"., 


tentatlon, n. /., temptation. 

tentative, «. /., attempt. 

tente, «. /., tent; pavilion. 

tenter, v,, to attempt; to tempt. 

tenture,«. f., tapestry; hangings. 

tenue, n. f., holding; attitude; 

terebenthlne, «. /., turpentine. 

terme, n. w., term; limit; expres- 

termlnaison, «. /., termination; 

terminer, z/., to terminate; to 

ternlr, v., to tarnish; to dull. 

terrain, n. m., ground; piece of 

terrasse, n. /., terrace. 

terre, n. f., earth; land. 

terre-neuve, n. m., Newfound- 
land dog. 

terreur, n. f., terror; dread. 

terrible, adj., terrible; dreadful'. 

terrier, n. m., terrier. 

terrlfler, v., to terrify. 

terrlne, n. f., earthen pan. 

territoire, n. m., territory. 

tes, adj. (pL), thy. 

testament, n.m., testament; will. 

tete, n. /., head. 

tetu,-e, a^*. , headstrong; stubborn. 

texte, n. m., text. 

textile, n. m., adj., textile fabric. 

textuel,-le, adj., textual. 

the, n. m., tea; tea party. 

thedtral,-e, adj., theatrical. 

theatre, n. nt., theater. 

theiere, n. f., teapot. 

theme, n. m., subject; theme. 

theologle, n. f., theology. 

theoreme, n, m,, theorem. 




th^orie, n. /., theory; speculation. 

therinoin^tre, n. w., thermom- 

tb^se, n. f.t thesis; argument. 

tbon, n. m.y Spanish mackerel. 

tbym, n. m,, (bot.) thyme. 

ti^de, adj,y lukewarm; tepid. 

tleii,-ne, ^r^«., thine; yours. • 

tier-s,-ce, adj., third. 

tige, n. f.y stem; stalk. 

tigre, n. m., tiger. 

tilleul, n. m.y linden tree. 

timbre, n. m.y clock bell; voice; 
stamp; postmark. 

timbre, -e, part., stamped. 

timbre poste, n. m.y postage 

timide, adj., timid; bashful; 

timidity, n. f.y timidity. 

tir, n. m.y shooting. 

tirade, «. /., tirade. 

tlrage, n. m., draft; printing. 

tire-bouchon, n.m.y corkscrew. 

tire-llgne, n. m., drawing pen. 

tirellre, n. /., money box. 

tirer, v., to draw; to pull. 

tiret, n. m.y hyphen. 

tlreu,-r, n. m.y -se, n. /., one who 

tirolr, n. m,y drawer. 

tisane, n. /., diet — drink; tisane. 

tissage, n. m.y weaving. 

tisser, v.y to weave. 

tisseraiid, n. m., weaver. 

tissu, n.m.y texture; textile; fabric. 

tltre, n. m.y title. 

titulaire, n. m. /., adj., titular; 

toast, n. m., toast; health. 

tocsin, n. m.y tocsin; alarm bell. 

"UA^ pron.y thee; thyself; thou; you; 

toile, n. f.y cloth; linen cloth. 

toilette, n.f.y toilet; dressing table. 

tolson, n. f.y fleece. 

toit, n*m,^ roof. 


t61e, n. f.y sheet iron. 

tolerable, adj., tolerable; support- 

. able. 

tolerance, n. f.y tolerance. 

tomate, n. f.y tomato. 

tombe, n. f.y tomb; grave. 

tomber, v.y to fall; to tumble. 

tome, n. m.y volume. 

ton, adj. m.y ta, f.y tes, (^/.), 
m. f.y thy; your. 

ton, n. m.y tone; tune; accent. 

tondre, v.y to shear. 

tonlque, n. m.y tonic. 

tonne, n. f.y tun; ton {20 hundred- 
weight = lyOOO kilograms) . 

tonner, v., to thunder. 

tonnerre, n. m.y thunder. 

topograplile, n. f.y topography. 

torebon, n. m.y dish cloth. 

tordre, z/., to twist. 

torrent, n. m.y torrent; stream. 

tort, «. w., wrong; hurt; prejudice. 

tortue, n. f.y turtle. 

tortueu-x,-se, adj., tortuous; 

torture, «. /., torture; rack; pain. 

torturer, v.y to torture. 

t6t, adv.y soon; shortly. 

total, -e, adj.y n. m.y total; whole. 

totallser, v.y to form a total of. 

totality, n. f.y totality; whole. 

toucbant,-e, adj.y touching. 

touebant, prep.y concerning; re- 

toucbe, n. f.y touch. 

touclier, v.y to touch; to feel. 

touffe, n. f.y tuft; cluster; clumr>. 

tou] ours, adv.y always; still. 

touple, n. f.y spinning top. 

tour, n. f.y tower. 

tour, n. m.y turn; trick. 

tourblllon, n. m.y whirlwind. 

tourelle, n. f.y turret. 

touriste, n. m.y tourist. 

tourment, n. m.y torment; an- 




tourmente, n. /., tempiest. 

tourmenter, v., to torment; to 

tournde, «. /., walk; journey. 

tourner, v., to turn. 

tournevlSy n. m., screwdriver. 

tournure, «. /., shape; appear- 

tousser, v., to cough. 

tout, adj., tous, (//.) m,, toute, 
/., toutes, (p/.) /., all; whole; 

tout, adv., wholly; entirely; quite. 

tout d. fait, adv., quite; wholly; 

toutefols, adv., yet; nevertheless. 

tout-puissant, adf. m., toute- 
pulssante, adj. f.. Almighty. 

toux, n. /., cough; coughing. 

tracas, n. m., bustle; disorder. 

tracasser, v., to bustle. 

trace, «. /., track; trace. 

tracer, v., to draw; to trace. 

traction, «. /., traction. 

tradition, n. f., tradition. 

traditionnel,-le, adj., tradi- 

traducteur, n. m., translator. 

traduction, n. f., translation. 

traduire, v., to translate. 

traflc, n. m., traffic; trading. 

traflquer, v., to traffic; to trade; 
to deal. 

trag6dle, n. f., tragedy. 

trag6dlen, n. w., -ne, n. /..trage- 

trai^ique, adj\, tragic; tragical. 

trahir, v., Xo betray; to deceive. 

traliison, n. f., treachery. 

train, n. m., rate; train. 

traineau, n. m., sled; sleigh. 

trainer, v., to drag; to drag along. 

se trainer, v. r., to creep along. 

traire, z/., to milk. 

trait, n. m., arrow; trace. 

traite, n. /., draft; bill. 


traits, If. f»., treatise; treaty; agree* 

traltement, n, m., treatment. 

traiter, v., to treat; to discuss. 

traitre, -sse, «., adj., traitor; 

trajet, n. m., passage. 

trame, n. /., waft; plot. 

tramer, v., to plot. 

tramiv^ay, n. tn., tramway. 

tranchant,-e, adj\, sharp; cut- 

tranche, n. f., slice. 

tranch^e, n. /., trench; drain. 

trancher, v., to cut off; to de- 

tranquille, a///., quiet; calm; still. 

tranquilliser, v., to tranquilize; 
to quiet. 

tranquillity, n. f., calmness. 

transaction, n. f., transaction. 

transatlantique, adj., trans- 

transcrire, v., to transcribe; to 

transferable, adj\, indorsable. 

transferer, v., to transfer. 

transformation, n. f., transfor- 

transi,-e, adj., chilled. 

transiger, v., to come to terms. 

transit, n. tn., transit. 

transiti-f,-ve, adj., transitive. 

transition, n. f., transition. 

transmettre, v., to transmit. 

transmission, /^. /. , transmission. 

transparent, -e, adj., transpar- 

transpiration, «./., perspiration. 

transpirer, v., to perspire; to 

transplanter, v., to transplant. 

transport, n. tn., carriage; con- 

transporter, v., to convey; to 




trapeze, n. m., trapezium. 

trappe, ». /., trap door. 

traquer, v., to beat a wood for 

travail, n. m., labor; work. 

travalller, v., to labor; to work. 

travallleu-r,-se, «., adj., work- 
man; industrious. 

tra vers, n.m., breath; eccentricity. 

travers6e, n. f., passage; voyage. 

traverser, z/., to cross. 

traversln, n. m., bolster. 

tr6bucher, z/., to stumble. 

trifle, n. m., clover. 

trelllis, n. m., latticework. 

treize, adj., thirteen. 

trelzl^me, ad;., thirteenth. 

tr^ma, n. m., dieresis. 

treinblant,-e, ad/., trembling; 

trembler, z/., to tremble; to shake. 

tremper, v., to dip; to soak; to 

trentalne, n. /., about thirty. 

trente, ad;\, thirty. 

trentl^me, ad/., thirtieth. 

tr^pas, n. m., decease; death. 

tr^s, adv., very; very much. 

tr^sor, n. m., treasure. 

tr^sorier, n, m,, treasurer. 

tressallllr, v., to give a start. 

tresser, z/., to form into tresses. 

trfive, «. /., truce. 

triangle, n. m., triangle. 

trlbu, n. /., tribe. 

tribunal, n. m., tribunal. 

tribune, n. f., tribune. 

tribut, n. m., tribute. 

tricolore, ad/., tricolored. 

trieoter, v., to knit. 

tricycle, n. m., a three-wheeled 

triennal,-e, ad/., triennial. 

trier, v., to pick out; to sort. 

trigonom^trie, n. f., trigonom- 


trimestre, n. m., quarter of a 

trin^le, «. /., curtain rod. 

trinity, n. /., trinity. 

trioniplial,-e, ad/., triumphal. 

triompliant, -e, ad/. , triumphant. 

^riomplie, n. m., triumph. 

triomplier, v., to triumph. 

triple, ad/., treble; triple; three- 

tripler, v., to treble; to triple. 

triste, ad/., sorrowful; sad. 

tristesse, n. f., sadness; melan- 

trivial, -e, ad/., trivial; vulgar. 

trols, ad/., three. 

troisi^me, ad/., third. 

trompe, n. f., trumpet. 

tromper, v., to deceive. 

se tromper, v. r., to be mistaken. 

trompette, «. /., trumpet. 

trompeu«r,-se, ad/.,n., deceiver. 

tronc, n.m., trunk; stump; charity 
box. . 

tron^on, n. nt., broken piece. 

tr6ne, n.m., throne. 

trop, adv., too much; too many. 

tropical, -e, adj., tropical. 

trot, n. m., trot. 

trotter, v., to trot. 

trottoir, n. m., footpath; side- 

trou, n. m., hole; orifice. 

trouble, ad/., thick; muddy. 

troubler, v., to trouble. 

se troubler, v.r., to be confused. 

troupe, n. /., troop; gang; crowd. 

troupeau, n. m., flock; herd; 

trousseau, n. m., trousseau. 

trouver, v., to find; to discover. 

trulte, n. f., trout. 

tvi 9 pron., thou; you. 

tube, n. m., tube; pipe. 

tuer, v., to kill; to slay. 

tulle, n. f,, tile. 




tuilerle, «. /., tile works. 

tulipe, ». /., tulip. 

tulle, n. m.y net. 

tumeur, «. /., tumor. 

tumulte, n. m., tumult; uproar. 

tuinultueu-x,-8e, adj., tumultu- 
ous; riotous. 

tunlque, «. /., tunic. 

tutelle, n. /., guardianship. 

tut-eur, n. m., -rice, n. /., 

tutoyer, v., to thee and thou. 

tuyau, n. m., pipe. 

type, n. m., type. 

typographe, n, m,, typographer; 

tyran, n. m., tyrant. 

tyrannle, «. /., tyranny. 


ult6rleur,-e, adj., ulterior; sub- 

un, n. m., one; unit. 

un,-e, pron.y one. 

un,-e, art., a; any. 

unanimity, n. /., unanimity. 

unl,-e, adj.y united; smooth. 

unlforme, adj., n. tn., uniform. 

union, «. /., union; concord. 

unlpersonnel,-le, adj., uniper- 

unique, adj., only; single; unique. 

unlr, v., to unite. 

unisson, n. m., unison. 

unit6, «. /., unity; unit. 

unlvers, n. tn., universe. 

unlversel,-le, adj., universal. 

urgence, n. f., urgency. 

urgent, -e, adj'., urgent; pressing. 

urne, n. f., urn; ballot box. 

usage, n. m., custom. 

us6,-e, adj'., worn out. 

user, v., to use; to make use of. 

uslne, n. /., works; manufactory. 

uslte,-e, adj., usual; in use. 

ustenslle, n. tn., utensil. 


usuely-le, adj,t usual; customary. 
u suf r ultl-er , -6re , adj'. , bene- 
usure, «. /., usury. 
usurl-er, n.m., -6re, n.f., usurer. 
usurper, v., to usurp; to encroach. 
utile, adj., useful. 
utlllser, v., to find use for. 
utility, n. /., utility; usefulness. 
utople, «, /., Utopia. 

vacanee, n.f., vacancy; (pi.) holi- 

vaeant,-e, adj'., vacant; unfilled. 

vacarme, n. m., tumult; uproar. 

vaelie, n. f., cow. 

vaclller, v., to vacillate. 

vagabond , -e , n., adj'. , vagabond . 

vague, «. /., wave. 

vague, a£^'., vague; indeterminate. 

valllance, n. f., valiance; valor. 

valllant,-e, adj., valiant; brave; 

vain,-e, adj'., vain; frivolous. 

valncre, z^., to vanish; to conquer. 

valneu, n. m., conquered; van- 
quished . 

valnqueur, n. m., adj'., van- 
quisher; victor. 

valsseau, n. m., ship; vessel. 

valsselle, n. /., plates and dishes. 

valet, n. m., footman; valet. 

valeur, n. /., value; worth; bills; 
paper; bravery. 

valeureu-x,-se, adj'., valiant; 

vallde, n. m., adj'., valid; good. 

valise, n. f., valise; portmanteau. 

valine, n. f., valley. 

valoir, v., to be worth. 

valse, n. f., waltz. 

value, n. f., value. 

valve, n.f., valve. 

van! lie, n. f., vanilla. 

vanite, ». /., vanity. 




vanter, z/., to vaunt; to praise. 

se vanter, v, r., to boast. 

vapeur, «. /., vapor; steam. 

variable, adj., variable; change- 

varier, z/., to vary. 

variety, «. /., variety; diversity. 

vase, n. tn., vase; vessel. 

vase, n. /., slime; mud; mire. 

vaste, adj., vast; great; spacious. 

vaurien, n. m., good-for-nothing 
fellow; a scape-grace. 

veau, n. m., calf; veal. 

vegetal, n. m.y vegetable. 

v6g^tation, «. /., vegetation. 

v6g6ter, v.y to vegetate. 

v61i6inent,-e, adj., vehement; 

v^liicule, n. m.y vehicle. 

veille, n. f.y watch; day before. 

veill^e, n. /., sitting up to work in 
company; night attendance upon 
the sick. 

veiller, z/., to watch; to lie awake. 

veilleuse, «: /., night lamp. 

veine, «. /., vein. 

velocipede, n. m.y bicycle. 

velocity, n. f.y velocity; rapidity. 

velours, n. m.y velvet. 

vendable, adj.y salable; vendible. 

vendange, n. f.y vintage. 

vendanger, v.y to gather grapes. 

vendangeu-r, n. m.y -se, n. /., 
vintager; grape gatherer. 

vendeu-r, n.m.y -se, «./., seller; 

vendre, z/., to sell. 

vendredi, n. m.y Friday. 

v6n6neu-x,-se, adj.y venomous; 

v6ii6rable, adj.y venerable; rev- 

v6ii6ration, n. f.y veneration. 

v6n6rer, z/., to venerate. 

vengeance, n. f.y vengeance; re- 


venger, z/., to revenge. 

venge-ur,-resse, «., adj.y aven- 

venimeu-x,-se, adj., venomous. 

venin, n. m.y venom; poison. 

venir, v.y to come. 

vent, n. m.y wind. 

vente, n. f.y sale. 

ventilateur, n. m.y ventilator. 

venus, n. f.y Venus. 

ver, n. m.y worm. 

v6racit6, n. f.y veracity. 

verbal, -e, adj.y verbal. 

ver be, n. m.y verb. 

verdfttre, adj.y greenish. 

verdict, n. m.y verdict; finding. 

verdure, n. f.y verdure; green- 

verge, n. f.y rod. 

verger, n. m.y fruit garden; or- 

v6ridique, adj.y veracious. 

v6rificateur, n. m., verifier; ex- 

verification, n. f.y verification. 

verifier, v.y to inspect; to exam- 
ine; to verify. 

veritable, adj.y true; genuine; 

v^rite, «. /., truth; verity. 

vermeil, -le, a^*., vermilion; rosy. 

vermeil, n. m.y silver gilt. 

vermicelle, n. m.y vermicelli. 

vermilion, n. m.y vermilion. 

vernir, v.y to varnish. 

vernis, n. m.y varnish. 

verre, n. m.y glass. 

verrerie, n. f.y glass works. 

verrier, n. m.y glass maker. 

verrou, n. m.y bolt. 

vers, n. m.y verse. 

vers, prep.y toward. 

versement, n. m.y payment; de- 

verser, z/., to pour; to deposit; to 




vept,-e, adj.^ green. 

vert-de-grrls, «. i«., verdigris. 

vertical,-e, cuij., vertical. 

vertlge, «. w., dizziness; vertigo. 

vertu, «. /., virtue. 

vertueu-x,-se, adj., virtuous. 

vestialre, n. m., dressing room. 

vestibule, «.w., vestibule; lobby. 

vestige, «. m., footstep; track; 

v^tement, «. w., garment; clothes. 

v6t6ran, n. i«., veteran. 

v^t^rlnalre, n. m., (tdj., veter- 
inary surgeon. 

v^tlr, v., to clothe. 

v6tu,-e, part,, dressed; clothed. 

veu-f,-ve, «., adj.y widower; 

vexation, «. /., vexation; moles- 

vexer, v., to vex; to plague; to 

viaduc, n. m., viaduct. 

vlag-er,-^re, adj., for life; during 

viande, n. /., meat; viand. 

vibpaiit,-e, adj., vibrating. 

vibration, «. /., vibration. 

vibrer, v., to vibrate. 

vicaire, n. m., vicar. 

vice, n. m., vice. 

vice-president, «. w., vice-pres- 

vicissitude, n. /., vicissitude. 

vicomte, n. m., -sse, n. /., vis- 
count; viscountess. 

victime, «. /., victim; sufferer. 

victoire, n. /., victory; conquest. 

victorieu-x,-se, adj., victorious; 

vide, adj., empty. 

vider, v., to empty. 

vie, n, /., life. 

vieillesse, n. f., old age. 

vieillir, v., to grow old. 

vierge, n. f., virgin. 


vleux, vlell, aw^.w*., viellle, /., 
old; aged; ancient. 

vi-f,-ve, adj., alive; quick; lively. 

vlgrilt^iit,-e, adj., vigilant; watch- 

vlgriiOy n. f., vine; vineyard. 

vignoble, n. m., vineyard. 

vlgroureu-x,-se, adj., vigorous; 

vigueur, n. f., vigor; strength. 

vil,-e, adj., vile; base; mean. 

vilain,-e, ad;., ugly; wicked. 

villa, n. f., villa. 

village, n. tn., village. 

ville, n. /., town; city.. 

vln, n. tn., vine. 

vinalgre, n. m., vinegar. 

vindlcatl-f,-ve, ad/., vindictive; 

vingt, n. m., adj., twenty; score. 

vingtaine, n. f., about twenty. 

vingti^me, n.m., adj., twentieth. 

violat-eur, n. m., -rice, n, f., 
violator; infringer. 

violation, n. f., violation; trans- 

violence, n. f., violence. 

violent, -e, adj., violent. 

violer, v., to violate; to transgress. 

violet, -te, adj,, viojet colored. 

vipfere, n. f., viper. 

vlrgule, n. f., comma. 

viril,-e, adj., male; virile; manly. 

vis, n. f., screw. 

visa, n. m., vis6; signature. 

visage, n. m., face; visage. 

viser, v., to aim. 

visible, adj., visible. 

visi^re, n. f., vizor. 

visite, n. f., visit; examination. 

visiter, v., to make a visit; to in- 

visiteu-r, n. m., -se, n. f., visitor. 

visser, v., to screw. 

vitality, n. f., vitality. 

vite, adj., swift; quick; rapid. 




Vitesse, n, /., swiftness; speed; ce- 

viticulture, «. /., culture of the 

vltrall, n, m.y glass windows. 

vltre, «. /., window glass. 

vltrler, n. m., glazier. 

vltrlne, «. /., shop window. 

vivace, adj\t long-lived; perennial. 

vlvaclt6, «. /., vivacity. 

vlvant,-e, ad/.^ living; alive. 

vlvant, n. m., person alive. 

vlvement, adv., quickly. 

vlvlfier, v. , to vivify; to give life to. 

vlvre, z/., to live. 

vocabulalre, n. m., vocabulary. 

vocal, n. m.t -e, n. /., vocal. 

vocation, «. /., vocation; inclina- 

VOBU, n. m., vow; wish; desire. 

void, prep,, here is. 

vole, «. /., way. 

vollA, prep.y there is. 

voile, n. m.y veil; n. /., sail. 

voller, z/., to veil. 

voir, v., to see. 

volsln, «. w., -e, «. /., neighbor. 

volture, «. /., carriage; vehicle. 

volturler, n, m., carrier; driver. 

volx, n. f.y voice; suffrage. 

vol, n. m.y robbery; theft. 

volagfe, adj., fickle; inconstant. 

volallle, n. /., poultry; fowls. 

vol-au-vent, «. m., vol-au-vent; 
a meat pie. 

voler, v., to fly; to steal; to rob. 

volet, n, m.f window; shutter. 

voleu-r, n, m., -se, n, /., thief; 

volontalre, «. m. /., adj., vol- 
untary; volunteer; obstinate. 

volont6, n. f.y will. 

VOlontlers,a^z/. ,willingly; readily. 


volte-face, n. /.. turning round. 
volume, n.m., volume; bulk; mass. 
vomlr, v.y to vomit. 
vorace, adj., voracious; ravenous. 
votre, adj. m. A, vos (pi.)* 

le v6tre, pron. w., la v6tre, /., 

les v6tres, (pi.) m. /., yours. 
voulolr, v.y to will; to be willing. 
vous, pron.y you; ye. 
voiite, n. f.y vault. 
voyage, n. m., voyage; journey; 

travel; trip. 
voyager, z;., to travel; to voyage. 
voyageu-r, n. m., -se, «. /., 

voyelle, n. /.. vowel. 
vral,-e, ad/., true; real; genuine. 
vralment, adv., truly; indeed. 
vralsemblable, n.m.y adj. , likely; 

vu que, conj'.y seeing; considering. 
vue, n. f.y sight; view; design. 
vulgalre, adj., vulgar; common. 


M^agon, n. m.y railway carriage. 
warrant, n. m.y warrant. 
whist, n. m.y whist. 


y, adv.y there. 
y, pron.y for it; to it. 
yaclit, n. m.y yacht. 
yeux, {pi.) n. m.y eyes. 

zMe, n. m.y zeal. 
z616,-e, adj'.y zealous. 
z6ro, n. m.y naught; zero. 
zigzag, n. m.y zigzag. 
zinc, n. m.y zinc. 
zone, n. f.y zone. 
zouave, n. m., Zouave. 



Abel, n. m., Abel. 

Abrabam, n. m., Abraham. 

Absalon, n. m.^ Absalom. 

Acbab, (akab), n. m., Ahab. 

Acbille, {ashil)^ n. m., Achilles. 

Adam, (addn), n. m., Adam. 

Adelaide, (ade-la-id) , n. f., Ade- 

AdMe, n. /., Adela. 

Adolphe, «. w., Adolphus. 

Adrlen, (adriin), n, tn.y Adrian. 

A^CB^r, «. /., Hagar. 

A$CB<the, «. /., Agatha. 

Ai^n^s, (-^5), n. /., Agnes. 

Aimee, n. /., Amy. 

Alain, n. m., Allen. 

Albert, n. nt., Albert. 

Alceste, n. m., Alcestis. 

Alclbiade, n. m., Alcibiades. 

Alexandre, (al^ksdndr), n. tn., 

Alice, n. /., Alice. 

Alphonse, n. m.^ Alphonso. 

Ambroise, n. m., Ambrose. 

Amedee, n. m., Amedeus. 

Amelle, «./"., Amelia. 

Andre, n. m., Andrew. 

Andromaqiie, n. /..Andromache. 

Androm^de, n. /. , Andromeda. 

Anna, «. /., Hannah. 

Anne, «. /., Anne; Anna. 

Annlbal,«.w., Hannibal; Annibal. 

Anselme, n. m., Anselm. 

Antlochus, {-tiokus), n. w., An- 

Antolne, n. m., Anthony. 

Antoinette, «. /., Antoinette. 

Antonin, n. m.^ Antonius. 

ApoUon, n. m., Apollo. 

Aquin, n, m., Aquinas. 


Archambaud, (-bd) ,n, im., Archi 

Archim^de, n, m., Archimedes. 
Argfus, (-gus), n. m.f Argus. 
I'Arloste, n. m., Ariosto. 
Arlstarque, n. m., Aristarchus. 
Aristide, n. m., Aristides. 
Aristophane, n.m. , Aristophanes. 
Arts tote, n, m., Aristotle. 
Arnaud, n. m., Arnold. 
Ars^ne, «. w., Arsenius. 
Art^mlse, «. /., Artemisia. 
Arthur, n. m., Arthur. 
Assu6rus,(-rw5),«.w., Ahasuerus. 
Atbalie, «. /., Athaliah. 
Atlas, n. m.. Atlas. 
Au^uste, n. m., Augustus. 
Aug^ustin, n. m., Austin. 
Aur^lie, ». /., Aurelia. 
Aur^lien, (-liin), n. m., Aurelian. 
Aurore, «. /., Aurora. 

Babet, «. /., Elizabeth. 
Bajazet, n. m.^ Bajazeth. 
Balthazar, n. m.y Balthazar. 
Baptiste, [batist), n, m.y Baptist. 
^ Bar abbas, (bds),n.m,, Barabbas. 
Barnab6, n. m.y Barnaby. 
Barth61eniy,(-/^/wi), n. m,, Bar- 
Baslle, n. m.y Basil. 
Baudoln, /^. m.y Baldwin. 
Beatrice, n. /., Beatrice. 
Beatrix, n. /., Beatrix. 
Belzebuth, n. m.y Beelzebub. 
Benedict, (-dict)y n. m.y Benedict. 
Ben^dicte, «. /., Benedicta. 
Benjamin, (-bin) yft.m., Benjamin. 
Benoit, n. m.y Benedict. 
Ben^rlce, «. /., Benerice. 
Bernard, n. m.y Bernard. 





Bernardin, n. m., Bernardine. 
Bertlie, «. /., Bertha. 
Bertrand, n. m., Bertram. 
Blaise, n, m.. Blase. 
Blanclie, «. /., Blanch. 
Boccace, n, m., Boccaccio. 
Bona venture, n. m,, Bonaven- 

Boniface, n. m., Boniface. 
Bonne, «. /., Bona. 
Booz, {dooz), n. tn., Boaz. 
Brigitte, n. /"., Bridget. 
Britannicus, (-kus), n. m., Bri- 

Brogll©9 {broie), n. m., Broglie. 
Brutus, i-tiis), n. m., Brutus. 


Cain, n. w., Cain. 

Caiplie, n. tn., Caiaphas. 

Caligula, n. m., Caligula. 

Calvin, n. m,, Calvin. 

Calypso, n. /., Calypso. 

Camille, n. m., Camillus. 

Camille, «. /., Camiila. 

Caroline, n. f., Caroline. 

Casimir, n. m., Casimir. 

Catherine, (^a-/r/-«), n. /., Cath- 

Caton, n. m.y Cato. 

C6cile, n. /., Cecilia. 

Celestin, n. m., Celestine. 

C6r^s,(-r<^^), n. /., Ceres. 

C^sar, n. m., Caesar. 

Cham, {katn)y n. m., Ham. 

Clxarlemagne, n. w., Charle- 

Charles, n. m.^ Charles. 

Chariot, n. m., Charley. 

Charlotte, n. /., Charlotte. 

Chretien, {kretiin), n. m., Chris- 

Christine, {kris),n. /., Christina. 

Chrysost6nie, {kri) ,n.m., Chrys- 

Cictoon, «. w., Cicero. 


Cincinnatus, ('Ci-n'na-tus)^ 

n. m.f Cincinnatus. 
Clara, or Claire, n. /., Clara. 
Claude, n. m., Claudius. 
Clement, n. m., Clement. 
Clementine, n. /., Clementina. 
Clotaire, n. wi., Clotharius. 
Clotilde, «. /., Clotilda. 
Clovis, (-vis), n. tn., Clovis. 
Colomb, [kolon)y, Columbus. 
Conrad, {-rad), n. tn., Conrad. 
Constance, n. m., Constantius. 
Constance, n. /., Constance. 
Constantln, n. fn., Constantino. 
Corinne, «. /., Corinne. 
Corneille, n. m., Cornelius. 
Cyprien, {sipriin), n. w., Cyprian. 
Cyrille, n. w., Cyril. 
Cyrus, {-rils), n. m., Cyrus. 


Daniel, n. m., Daniel. 
le Dante, n. m., Dante. 
David, {-vid), n.m., David. 
Demosth^ne, n. m., Demos- 
■ thenes. 

Denis, n. m., Dionysius. 
Descartes, {d^kart), n. m., Des- 
Diane, n. /., Diana. 
Didon, «. /., Dido. 
Diog^ne, n. m., Diogenes. 
Dominique, n. m., Dominic. 
Doroth^e, «. /., Dorothea. 
Dulcinee, n, f., Dulcinea. 


Edmond, n. m., Edmund. 
Edouard, n. m., Edward. 
El^onore, «. /., Eleanor. 
Ellacim, n. m., Eliakim. 
Elie, n. m. Elias; Elijah. 
Elisabeth, n. f., Elizabeth. 
Elise, n. f., Eliza. 
Emile, n. m., ^milius. 
Emilie, n. /., Emeline. 




Emlllen, (-/ii If) .n.m.^ ^Smilianus. 
Emma, {hn-ma)y n. f,, Emma. 
Emmanuel, (^-m-manu^l) , n. m., 

Epicure, n. m., Epicurus. 
Ernest, n. m., Ernest. 
Esau, n. m.^ Esau. 
Eschyle, (h-shil) ,n.m., ^Eschylus. 
Esculape, n. m.^ ^Ssculapius. 
Esdras, {-drds), n, m., Esdras. 
Esope, n. m.y ^sop. 
Esther, (^stir), n. f., Esther. 
Etienne, {iti^-n)y n. tn., Stephen. 
Eudoxie, n. f.y Eudoxia. 
Eu^^ne, n. m.y Eugene. 
Eugenie, n. /., Eugenia. 
Euripide, n. w., Euripides. 
Europe, «. /., Europe. 
Eustaclie, n. m.^ Eustace. 
Ez^chlas, (-kias) tft.m., Hezechiah; 

Ez^chiel, (-kiel), n. w., Ezekiel.* 


Fabien, {-biin), «. w., Fabian. 
Fanchon, n. /., Frances; Fannie. 
Faust, (/(^j/) «. w., Faustus; Faust. 
F^licie, «. /., Felicia. 
F61iclt6, «. /., Felicia. 
F61ix, {-liks), n. m., Felix. 
Ferdinand, n, m., Ferdinand. 
Flavien, (-viin), n. tn., Flavian. 
Florence, «. /., Florence. 
Fortune, «. /., Fortuna. 
Fortune, n, m., Fortunatus. 
Frangois, n. m,, Francis. 
Frangoise, n. /., Frances. 
Frederic, n, m., Frederick. 


Gabriel, n. m.^ Gabriel. 
Gabrielle, «. /., Gabriella. 
Galilee, n. w., Galileo. 
Gaspard, n. m,y Jasper. 
Gauth-ier, n. m.y Walter. 
G6d6on, n. m.y Gideon. 


Geof f roy , {jofroa) ,«.«., Greoflfery; 

Georges, (jorj)y n. m.y George. 
Georgette, {jorjet), «. /., 

Georgine, Uorji-n)^ n. /., 

Gertrude, «. /., Gertrude. 
Gervais, n, m.y Gervase. 
Gilbert, n. m.y Gilbert. 
GiUes, {/il)y n. m.y Giles. 
Godefroy, (i^odfroa)y n. m,, Grod- 

Gr^goire, n. m.y Gregory. 
Guillaume, {ghi-id-m)y n, m,, 

Gustavo, n. m.y Gustavus. 

Guy» (^A*)» «• *^'> Guy- 


Harold, n. m.y Harold. 
Hector, n. m.y Hector. 
H61^ne, n. /., Helen. 
H^loise, n. /., H^loisa. 
Henri, n. m.y Henry. 
Henriette, «. /., Henrietta. 
Hercule, n. m., Hercules. 
H6rode, n. m.y Herod. 
Herodote, n. m.y Herodotus. 
Hilaire, n. m.y Hilarius. 
Hippocrate, n. m.y Hippocrates. 
Hippolyte, «. /.. Hippolyta. 
Hippolyte, n. m.y Hippolytus. 
Hom^re, n. m.y Homer. 
Horace, n. m., Horatio; Horace. 
Hortense, «. /., Hortensia. 
Hugrues, {hug)y n. m.y Hugh. 
Hyacintbe, n. m.y Hyacinthus. 

Ignace, n, m.y Ignatius. 
Iphigenie, w. /., Iphigenia. 
Ir^ne, «. /., Irene. 
Isaac, {izdak)y n. m.y Isaac. 
Isabelle, «. /., Isabel. 
Isaie, n. m.y Isaiah. 




Isidore, n. m.^ Isidore; Isidorus. 
Ismael, n. m., Ishmael. 
Israel, (izrc^l), n. m., Israel. 


Jacob, n. tn., Jacob. 

Jacques, {jdk), n. m., James. 

Jean, (jan)^ n. m., John. 

Jeanne, (Jd-n)y n. /., Jane; Joan. 

Jeannette, {ja-nH), n, /., Jane; 

Jenny, «. /., Jenny. 

J6r6nile, «. m., Jeremy; Jere- 

J6r6nie, n. tn.^ Jerome. 

J6sus, (jizu), n. tn., Jesus. 

J6sus Christ, {jizu kri), n. m., 
Jesus Christ. 

Joaclilni, {-ki-m) ,n.m.y Joachim. 

Joad, n. m.j Johoida. 

Jonas, {-nds)y n. m., Jonah. 

Jonatlias, (-Ids), //. z/^., Jonathan. 

Joseph, n. m.y Joseph. 

Josu6, n. in,y Joshua. 

Juan, n. tn.y Juan. 

Juda, n. m.f Judah. 

Judas, n. m., Judas. 

Jules, n. m.y Julius. 

Julie, n. f.y Julia. 

Jullen, {-liin)y n. m.y Julian. 

Julienne, n. /., Juliana. 

Juliette, n. f.y Juliet. 

Junon, n. f.y Juno. 

Jupiter, ('tkr)y n. m.y Jupiter. 

Juste, n. m.y Justus. 

Justine, n. f.^ Justin a. 

Justlnlen, (-min), n. m.y Justin- 


Ziancelot, {lansld) yti.m.y Lancelot. 
liaure, n. f.y Laura. 
liaurent, n. m.y Lawrence. 
liavlnle, n. f.y Lavinia. 
Xiazare, n. m.y Lazarus. 
li^andre, n. m.y Leander. 
Zi6on, n. m.y Leo; Leon. 
Jj6onard, n, m.y Leonard. 


li^onldas, {-dds)y n. m.y Leonidas. 

L<6onore, n. f.y Leonora. 

Li6opold, {'pold)y n. m.y Leopold. 

L<6vl, n. m.y Levi. 

lilsette, «. /., Assy. 

LiOthalre, n. m.y Lotharius; Lo- 

liOuls, n. m.y Lewis. 

Lioulse, n. f.y Louisa. 

liUC, n. m.y Luke 

Ijucle, n. f.y Lucy. 

LiUclen, {-ciin)y n. m.y Lucian. 

Liuclfer, (-/?r), n. m.y Lucifer. 

Liucrfece, n. m.y Lucretius. 

LiUther, {-lir), n. m.y Luther. 

Ijycurgue, {-kurg), n. m., Lycur- 

Liydle, n. f.y Lydia. 


Machab^e, (makabi)y n. m.y Mac- 

Madeleine, (mad-li-n) ,«./., Mag- 

Madelon, (madlon) ,«./., Maudlin. 

Mahomet, n. m.y Mahomet; Mo- 

Malnfrol, n. m.y Manfred. 

Marc, n. m.y Marcus. 

Marc-Aur^le, n. m.y Marcus-Au- 

Marcellln, (c^l-lin) , n.m.y Marcel- 

Margfot, n. f.y Marget. 

Marguerite, {-grit)y n. f.y Mar- 

Maria, n. f.y Maria. 

Marie, n. f.y Mary. 

Marlus,(-^5), n. m.y Marius. 

Mars, n. m.y Mars. 

Martlie, n. f.y Martha. 

Martin, n. m.y Martin. 

Mathllde, n. f.y Matilda. 

Mathusalem,(-/^-w), n. m.y Me- 

Mathleu, n. m.y Matthew. 




Mathlas, n. m., Matthias. 

Maurice, n, m,, Maurice. 

Maxence, n, m.^ Maxentius. 

Max! me, ». m., Maximus. 

Maxlmllien, {-liin), n. m., Maxi- 

M6d6e, n, /., Medea. 

M^duse, n. /., Medusa. 

M^lisse, n, f,^ Melissa. 

M^n^ce, n. m., Menoetius. 

M6n61as,(-/4l5), «r. m., Melenaus. 

Mentor, (w«*«/^ , n. m., Mentor. 

Mercure, n. tn,. Mercury. 

Messallne, n. f., Messalina. 

Miehaud, n. m., Mike. 

Mich^e, n. m., Micah. 

Michel, n. m,, Michael. 

Mlchel-Angre, (mik^ldnj), n. m.y 
Micael Angelo. 

Milon, n. m.j Milo. 

Mlltiade, n. m., Miltiades. 

Mlnerve, n. /., Minerva. 

iiliiios, {minds) , n. m., Minos. 

Mitliridate, «. w., Mithridates. 

Mohammed, n. m., Mohammed; 

Moise, n. m., Moses. 

Myrtile, n. nt., Myrtilus. 


Nabuchodonosor, (-ko), n. w., 

Nebu chadnezzar . 
Nannette, «. /., Nancy. 
Napoleon, n. m., Napoleon. 
Narclsse, n. w., Narcissus. 
Xathanlel, n, tn., Nathanael. 
N6arque, n. m., Nearchus. 
N6m6sls, (2'/5) , n. /., Nemesius. 
Neptune, n. nt., Neptune. 
Neron, n. m., Nero. 
Nicolas, n. m., Nicholas. 
Nlcom^de, n. m., Nicomedes. 
Ninon, n. f., Nina. 
Noe, n. nt., Noah. 
Noel, n. nt., Noel. 
No6ml, n. f.y Naomi. 



Octave, n. m., Octavius. 
Octavle, «. /., Octavia. 
CEdipe, (idip), n. m., CBdipus. 
CEn^e, n. m.y CEneus. 
OH vie, «. /., Olivia. 
Olivier, «. #«., Oliver. 
Olympe, «. /., Olympia. 
Oph611e, «. /., Ophelia. 
Oreste, n. nt,, Orestes. 
Oronte, n. m., Orontes. 
Orph^e, n. m., Orpheus. 
Osiris, ('ris)f n. i«., Orisis. 
Ovlde, n, m., Ovid. 

Pallas, «. /., Pallas. 

Pandore, «. /., Pendora. 

PArls, {-ris), n. nt., Paris. 

Patrice, n. m., Patrick. 

Paul, (-pol), n. nt., Paul. 

Pauline, n. f., Paulina. 

Pen61ope, n. f., Penelope. 

P6pln, n. nt., Pepin. 
, P6ricl6s, n. nt., (-klh), Pericles. 
i Perse, n. f., Perseus. 

Pers^e, n. nt., Perseus. 

P^trarque, n. nt., Petrarch. 

Pharaon, n. nt., Pharaoh. 

Pli6b6, n. /., Phoebe. 

Ph^bus, {-bUs), n. m., Phoebus. 

Ph^dre, n. nt., Phaedrus. 

Phidias, {-dids), n. m., Phidias. 

Philippe, n. nt., Philip. 

Phllom^le, n. f., Philomela. 

Pie, n. nt., Pius. 

Pierre, n. nt., Peter. 

Pilate, n. nt., Pilate. 

Platon, n. nt., Plato. 

Plaute, n. nt., Plautus. 

Pllne, n. nt., Pliny. 

Plutarque, n. nt., Plutarch. 

Pluton, ft. nt., Pluto. 

Polycarpe, n. nt., Polycarp. 

Pomone, n. f., Pomona. 

Poinp6e, n. nt., Pompey. 




Ponce, n. nt.y Pontius. 
I*roserplne, «. /., Proserpine. 
I^rudence, n. m., Prudentius. 
I*sycli6, n. /., Psyche. 
I*yrrlius, (pir-rHs) , «. w. , Pyrrhus. 
Pythagore, n. m., Pythagoras. 


Qulcliotte, (ki-shot), n, m., Qui- 

Quintillen, {kuinltliin)^ n. m., 


Kacbel, «. /., Rachel. 
Randolplie,^.;;^., Randolph; Ran- 
Raoul, n. m.f Ralph. 
Rapbael, n, nt.y Raphael. 
Renaud, n. nt.y Reginald. 
Ricbard, n. tn., Richard. 
Robert, n. m.y Robert. 
Rodolpbe, n. m.y Rollo. 
Roger, n. m.y Roger. 
Roland, n. m.y Rowland; Roland. 
Romain, n. m.y Romanus. 
Romulus, (-/^5), n. m.y Romulus. 
Rosalie, //./., Rosaline. 
Rose, n. f.y Rose. 
Roxane, n. f.y Roxana. 
Ruben, (-^*«), n. m.y Reuben. 


Sabine, n. f.y Sabina. 
Salomon, n. m.y Solomon. 
Salvien,(-z/««), n. m.y Salvian. 
Samson, {sanson)y n. m.y Samson; 

Samuel, n. m.y Samuel. 
Sapho, n. f.y Sapho; Sappho. 
Sara, n. f.y Sarah. 
Sardanapale, n, m.y Sardanapa- 

Satan, n. m.y Satan. 
Satume, n. m.y Saturn. 
Saturnin, n. m.y Saturnia. 
Saul, n, m,y Saul. 


Sclplon, n. m.y Scipio. 

8em,(5^-wt), n. f.y Shfem. 

S6mlramis,(-m25), n. f.y Semira- 

B6n^que, n. m., Seneca. 

Septime, n. m.y Septimius. 

86sostris,(-^W5), n. m.y Sesostris. 

Severe, n. m.y Severus. 

Sigismond, n. m.y Sigismund. 

Sil^ne, n. m.y Selinus. 

Silvaln, n. m.y Sylvain. 

Sllvestre, n. m.y Silvester. 

Simeon, n. m.y Simeon. 

Simon, n. m.y Simon. 

Sixte, n. m.y Sixtus. 

Socrate, n. m.y Socrates. 

Solon, n. m>.y Solon. 

Sopbie, n. f.y Sophia. 

Sophoele, n. m.y Sophocles. 

Stanislas, (-lds)y n. m.y Stanis- 

Sulplce, n. m.y Sulpitius. 

Susanne, n. f., Susanna. 

Sylla^ {sil'la)y n. m.y Sylla. 

Sylvain, n. m.y Sylvan. 


Tacite, n. m.y Tacitus. 
Tantale, n. m.y Tantalus. 
le Tasse, n. m.y Tasso. 
Tel6maque, n. m.y Telemachus. 
Th^mistocle, «.w., Themistocles. 
Tb^odore, n. m.y Theodore. 
Tb^opbile, n. m.y Theophilus. 
Tb^r^se, n. f.y Theresa. 
Tbibaut, n. m.y Theobald. 
Tbomas, n. m.y Thomas. 
Tib^re, n. m.y Tiberius. 
Timotb^e, n. m.y Timothy; Ti- 

Tlte, n. m.y Titus. 
Tite-L<ive, n. m.y Titus Livy. 
le Titien,(-5««j, n. m.y Titian. 
Titus, (^1^5), n. m.y Titus. 
Tobie, n. m.y Tobias. 
Turenne, {tur^-n)y «.w.,Turenne. 





Ulysse, «. m., Ulysses. 
ITranle, «. /., Urania. 
Urbaln, n. m., Urban. 
Ursule, n. w., Ursula. 

Valentin, n. m., Valentine. 
Valentine, n. /., Valentine. 
Val^re, n. m.^ Valerius. 
Valerie, n. /., Valeria. 
Val6rlen, (f7V«) , n. m., Valerian. 
V6nus,(-««j), «. /., Venus. 
V^ponlque, «./., Veronica. 
Vespaslen, (zitn), n. m., Vespa- 
Vlctolre, «. /., Victoria. 
Vlctorln, «. tn,y Victorinus. 


Vlctorlne, n. /., Victorine. 
Vincent, n. m., Vincent. 
Vlrglle, «. w., Virgil. 
Vlrgflnle, «./"., Virginia. 
Vivien, (i^«), n. m., Vivian. 
Vulcaln, n, tn.f Vulcan. 

Wlllielnilne, n. /., Wilhelmina. 


X^nophon, n. m.y Xenophon. 
Xerc^s, (^zirc^s) , n. tn,^ Xerxes. 


Zacbarle, (zakari)^ n. nt., Zach- 

Z^noble, -». /., Zenobia. 
Zo6, n, /., Zoe, 



Abysslnle, «. /., Abyssinia. 

Acadie, «. /., Acadia. 

I'Ach-^ron, n. m., Acheron. 

les Azores, n.f. {pl.)j Azores. 

Acre, or St. Jean d' Acre, 
n. m.. Acre. 

Adriatique, «. /., Adriatic. 

Afgrbanistan, n. w., Afghanistan. 

Afrlque, «. /., Africa. 

Agfen, n. m.y Agen. 

Ain, n, m.y Ain. 

Aisne, n. /., Aisne. 

Alx-la-Cliapelle, n. f., Aix-la- 
Chapelle; Aachen. 

Albanie, n. /., Albania. 

Albe, «. /., Alba. 

Albion, n. /., Albion. 

Alexandrette, n. /., Alexan- 
dretta; Iskanderun. ' 

Alexandrie, «. /., Alexandria. 

Alger, n. m.y Algiers. 

Alger ie, «. /., Algeria. 

Allegany,^ Alleghany Moun- 

Allemagne, «. /., Germany. 

Alpes, n. f, {pl.)y Alps. 

Alsace, {alzas)^ n. f.^ Alsace. 

Amazones, n.m.y Amazon. 

Am^rlque, «. /., America. 

Amiens, (amiin), n. tn.y Amiens. 

Amis (lies des), «. /., Friendly 

Anatolie, «. /., Anatolia. 

Anc6ne, «. /., Ancona. 

Andalousie, «. /., Andalusia. 

Andorre, «. w., Andorra. 

Andrinople, «. /., Adrianople. 
I, n, m., Angers. 


Angleterre, n. f., England. 

Antilles, n. f. (pl,)y West Indies. 

Antiocbe, «. /., Antioch. 

Anvers, (anv^rs)^ n. i«., Antwerp. 

Aquitaine, n. /., Aquitaine. 

Arabic, n. /., Arabia; — Heu- 
reuse, Arabia Felix; — D6s- 
erte, Arabia Desert; — Petr^e, 
Arabia Petrea. 

Aragon, n. tn., Aragon. 

Arcadie, «. /., Arcadia. 

Arcbangel, (-kan-), n. m,, Arch- 

Arcbipel, n. tn.. Archipelago. 

Ardennes, n. f. (^/.), Ardennes. 

Argovle, «. /., Aargau. 

Arm^nie, «. /., Armenia. 

Armorique, n. /., Armorica. 

Asie, n. m.y Asia; — Mineure, 
Asia Minor. 

Assyrie, n. /., Assyria. 

Atb^nes, «. /., Athens. 

Athos, (alds),n. w., Athos. 

Aulide, n. /., Aulis. 

Austerlitz, {osterlits), n. m,, 

Australie, «. /., Australia. 

Autricbe, «. /., Austria. 

Auxerre, {oser), n. m.^ Auxerre. 

Azincourt, n. m.^ Agincourt. 

Baby lone, «. /., Babylon. 
Bade, n, f., Baden. 
Bdle, n. f., Basle. 
Baltique, «. /., Baltic. 
Bar bade, n. f.^ Barbadoes. 
Barbaresques (Etats), n. m., 
Barbary States. 





Barcelone, «. /., Barcelona. 

Bavl^re, «. /., Bavaria. 

Bayonne, {da-ion), n.f.y Bayonne. 

Bel^lque, «. /., Belgium. 

Bengrale, (inn-^al), n. f., Bengal. 

Berlin, n. m., Berlin. 

les Bermudes, n, f. {pi.), Ber- 

Berne, «. /., Bern. 

B^thl^em, «. /., Bethlehem. 

Boh^me, n. /., Bohemia. 

Bordeaux, {-dd),n.m., Bordeaux. 

Bosphore, n. m.y Bosporus. 

Boulogne, «. /., Boulogne. 

Bourgoj^ne, «. /., Burgundy. 

Brandebourg, «. /«., Branden- 

Br^me, n. m., Bremen. 

Br^sll, n. m,, Brazil. 

Bretagfne, «. /., Brittany. 

Brltannlques (lles),«./. (/>/.), 
British Isles. 

Bruxelles, {brussel), n. /., Brus- 

Bu6nos-Ayres, n. m., Buenos 
Ay res. 

Bulgarle, «. /., Bulgaria. 

Cadlx, «. /., Cadiz. 
le Calre, n. nt.y Cairo. 
Cal^donle, n. f., Caledonia. 
Calif ornle, n. f., California. 
Canada, n. m., Canada. 
Candle, n. f., Crete; Candia. 
Cap, n. m., Cape. 
Casplenne (mer), n, /., Caspian 

Castllle, n. /., Castile. 
Cayenne, «. /., Cayenne. 
Ceylan, n. m., Ceylon. 
Cbampagne, n. f.. Champagne. 
Chine, n. f.y China. 
Chypre, n. /., Cyprus. 
Coehlnclilne, «./., Cochin China. 
Colombie, «. /., Columbia. 


Colonnes d'Hercule, n. /., 

Hercules Pillars. 
Copenliague, «. A, Copenhagen. 
Cordoue, «. /., Cordova. 
Cor^e, «. /., Korea. 
Corlntlie, «. /., Corinth. 
Cornouallles, n. w., Cornwall. 

Lia polnte de — , Land's End. 
Corse, «. /., Corsica. 
C6te d'Or, n. f.. Gold Coast. 
Cr^mone, n. /., Cremona. 
Crlm^e, «. /., Crimea. 
Cuba, n, /., Cuba. 
Curasao, {-so), n. f., Curajoa. 


Dalmatle, n. /., Dalmatia. 
Damas, {mas), n. /., Damascus. 
Danemark, n. m., Denmark. 
Dantzlck, n. tn., Danzig. 
Danube, n. tn., Danube. 
Daupbln^, n. m., Dauphin6. 
la Dominique, «. /., Dominica. 
DoulJSy {doo), n. tn.y Doubs. 
Douvres, n, m., Dover. 
Dresde, n. /., Dresden. 
Dunkerque, n. m., Dunkirk. 


Ebre, n. m., Ebro. 
Ecosse, n. /., Scotland. 
Edlmbourg, n. m., Edinburgh. 
Egypte, «. /., Egypt. 
Elbe, «. /., Elba. 
Eplre, n. f.y Epirus. 
I'Equateur, n. m., Ecuador. 
Erie (le lac), n. tn.. Lake Erie. 
Escaut, n.m,, Scheldt. 
Espagne, «. /., Spain. 
Etats-Unis, n. m.. United States. 
Euphrate, n. m., Euphrates. 
Europe, n. /., Europe. 


Flnlst^re (Cap), n. m., Land's 

End or Cape Finistere. 
Flandre, «. /., Flanders. 




Florence, «. /., Florence. 
Florlde, n. /., Florida. 
For^t-Nolre,. «. /., Black Forest. 
France, «. /., France. 
Francfort, n.m., Frankfort. 


G allele, «. /., Galicia. 
Galilee, «. /., Galilee. 
Galles (Pays de), n,m,, Wales. 
Gand, n. tn., Ghent. 
Gascogne, n. /., Gascony. 
Gaule, «. /., Gaul. 
G^nes, «. /., Genoa. 
Geneve, «. /., Geneva. 
G6orgle, «. /., Georgfia. 
Gr^ce, «. /., Greece. 
Guadeloupe, «. /., Guadeloupe. 
Guernsey, n. m., Guernsey. 
Guyane, n. /., Guiana. 
Guln^e, n. /., Guinea. 


Haiti, «. /., Haiti. 
Hambour^, n. wi., Hamburg. 
Hanovre, n, nt., Hanover. 
la Ha vane, «. /., Havana. 
le Hdvre, n. m., Havre. 
la Haye,(A^), n. /., the; Hague. 
Helvetic, «. /., Helvetia. 
Hollande, «. /., Holland. 
Hongrle, «. /., Hungary. 

I6na, n. m.y Jena. 
Inde, «. /., India. 
Irlande, «. /., Ireland. 
Islande, «. /., Iceland. 
Italic, «. /., Italy. 

Jamaique, //./., Jamaica. 
Japon, n. m., Japan. 
Jourdaln, n. w., Jordan. 
Judee, «. /., Judea. 


liaon,(/a»), n. m., Laon. 
LiClpslck, {lepsilOy n. m., Leip- 

li^pante, «. /., Lepanto. 
Ijcvant, n. m., Levant. 
Lilban, n. m.^ Lebanon. 
Llsbonne, n. /., Lisbon. 
lilvourne, «. /., Leghorn. 
Lombardle, n. /., Lombardy. 
XiOndres, «. wi., London. 
Louislane, ». /., Louisiana. 
LiU^on, «. /., Luzon. 
LiUxembour^, «. w., Luxemburg. 
Ijyon, n. m., Lyons. 


Mac6dolne, n. /., Macedonia. 

Mad^re, «. /., Madeira. 

Malte, n. /.,-^Malta. 

la Manche, n. /., British Channel. 

Manllle, n. /., Manila. 

Maroc, n. tn.y Morocco. 

Marquises (lies), «. /. (pi.). 

Marseille, n. /., Marseilles. 

Maurice (He), «. /., Mauritius. 

Mayence, «. /., Mentz. 

Medlterran^e, n. /., Mediterra- 

Messine, «. /., Messina. 

Metz,(w^5), «. /., Metz. 

Mexico, n. m.f Mexico. 

le Mexlque, n. m., Mexico. 

Moscou, n. m.y Moscow. 

Mrmiclx,^ (muniJt) , n. tn.y Munich. 


New- York, {New- York), n. m,, 

New York. 
NJl, n. m,y Nile. 
Nlmes, «. /., Nimes. 
Nlnlve, «. /., Nineveh. 
Normandle, «. /., Normandy. 
Norv^ge, «. /., Norway. 





Oc^anie, n. /"., Oceania. 
Olympe, n. nt.f Olympia. 
Oural, «. ftt.y Ural. 

Palatinat, n. m., Palatinate. 
Palestine, n. /., Palestine. 
Paris, (pari), n. m., Paris. 
Parnasse, «. w., Parnassus. 
Pays-Bas, n. m., Netherlands. 
P6rou, n, m.y Peru. 
Perse, «. /., Persia. 
Philadeliihiie, «./., Philadelphia. 
Plcardle, «. /., Picardy. 
Plemont, n. m.y Piedmont. 
Pologne, «. /., Poland. 
Prusse, «. /., Prussia. 


Reims, (rj«5), n m., Reims. 
Rliin, n. m., Rhine. 
la Rochelle, n. /., Rochelle. 
Rouen, (rc?<7-a«), «. tn., Rouen. 
Russie, n. /., Russia. 


Saint-Domingue, n. /., Santo 

Sa6ne,(5(^«), n. /., Sadne. 


Sardalgne, n, f., Sardinia. 
Savole, «. /., Savoy. 
Saxe, «. /., Saxony. 
Seine, (sen)^ «. /., Seine. 
Servle, n. /., Servia. 
Sib6rle, n. f., Siberia. 
Sicile, n. /., Sicily. 
Sil6sle, n. /., Silesia. 
Smyrne, «. /., Smyrna. 
Su^cle, n. /., Sweden. 
Suisse, «. /., Switzerland. 
Syrie, «. /., Syria. 


Tamise, «. /., Thames. 
Terre-Neuve, «. /., Newfound 

Terre-Salnte, «. /., Holy Lacd. 
Trinity, «. /., Trinidad. 
Tunis, (««), «. /., Tunis. 
Turquie, n. /., Turkey. 

Valence, «. /., Valencia. 
Varsovie, «. /., Warsaw. 
Venlse, «. /., Venice. 
Vesuve, «. w., Vesuvius. 
Vienne, «. /., Vienna. 
Virginle, «. /., Virginia. 
Vistula, «. /., Vistula. 




Note.— When the Lexique Frangais- Anglais was printed for use with the 
Conversational Lessons and the Grammar, the Reader was still incomplete; 
consequently, not all the words occurring in the Reader are to be found in 
the Lexique and it has been necessary to prepare this supplement for use 
with the Reader. The abbreviations employed are in all respects like those 
used in the Lexique. 

abaissement, «. w., lowering. - 

abasourdir, z/., to stun; to 

abdication, n. /., abdication. 

abdiquer, z/., to abdicate. 

abjurer, z/., to abjure. 

abois, n. m. (pi.), at bay. 

abonder, z/., to abound. 

abord, n. w., approach; au 
premier abord, at first sight. 

abr^viation, «. /., abbreviation. 

abroger, z/., to repeal. 

acaridtre, adj., cross; crabbed. 

aec6der, z^., to comply. 

accepter, z/., to accept. 

acception, «. /., meaning. 

accidentel,-le, a^'., accidental. 

acclamation, n. /., acclamation. 

accommodement, n. m., ac- 

accourir, z^., to run up; to hasten. 

accueil, n. nt.y welcome. 

acerbe, adj., acerb; harsh. 

acbarner, v., to excite; to mad- 

acbarnement, n.m., desperation. 

acquiescer, v., to comply. 

acquisition, «. /., purchase. 

Acre, ad;'. J acrid. 

acre, «. /., acre. 

actuel,-le, adj., actual. 

adepte, n. nt. /., adept. 

adherer, v., to adhere. 

adhesion, n. /., adhesion. 

adjacent, adj., adjacent. 

adjurer, v., to adjure. 

administrer, z/.,.to administer 
the last sacraments. 

adulterer, z/.,to adulterate. 

affaiblissement, n. m., weak- 

aff6terie, n. f., affectation. 

affile, -e, adj:, sharp. 

affluent, -e, adj'., tributary. 

affluer, v., to abound. 

affole,-e, adj\, perturbated. 

affreter, v., to charter. 

affiit, n. m., watch. 

agacer, v., to tease. 

agenda, n. ^;., memorandum book. 

agglomerer, v., to agglomerate. 

aggraver, z/., to aggravate. 

Copyright, 1902, by International Textbook Company. All rights reserved 

.t V- 



aguerrlr, v., to inure to war. 

aglets, n. m. (pi.), wait; watch. 

aburir, v., to dumfound. 

aigruillon, //. ;»., stimulus; prickle. 

alnesse, n. /., birthright. 

ajourner, v., to adjourn. 

alb&tre, n. tn., alabaster. 

alexan€lrin,-e, adf. , Alexandrian. 

alienation, n. /., alienation; in- 

alimentaire, ad/., alimentary. 

alin^a, n. m., paragraph. 

aliz^,-e, adj.y trade winds. 

all^cli^, part., enticed. 

allege, «. /., window-sill. 

allure, «. /., gait; carriage. 

allusion,/!. /., allusion; hint. 

alteration, n. /., deterioration; 

alternati-f,-ve, adj., alternate. 

altesse, n.f., highness. 

alti-er,-ere, a^^^"., haughty; proud. 

amant, n. m., -e, n. /., lover. 

ambassad-eur, n. w.,-rice, n. 
/., ambassador. 

anibi^u,-e, adj., ambiguous. 

ambre, n. m., amber. 

ameublement, n. m., furniture. 

amont, adv., up the river. 

amortir, v., to deaden. 

amortissement, n. m., paying 

amphitheatre, n. m., amphi- 

ample, adj., spacious; large. 

ampoule, ad/., bombastic. 

amputer, v., to amputate. 

analogie, n. /., analogy. 

analytique, adj., analytical. 

anath^me, n. m., anathema. 

anfractuosite, n. /., cavities. 

animosite, n. /., animosity. 

annales, n. f. (pi.), annals. 

annihiler, v., to annihilate. 

anonyme, adj., anonymous. 

antau, n, m., last year. 


ant^cMent, n. m., antecedent. 

ant^rieur, adj., anterior; prior. 

anticbambre, n. f., antecham- 

anticbretien,-ne, adj., anti- 

antitb^se, n. f., antithesis. 

antre, n. f., cave; cavern. 

aparte, n. tn., aside. 

apborisme, n. m., aphorism. 

aplanir, v., to level; to smooth. 

aplatir, v., to flatten. 

apogee, n. f., apogee. 

apostrophe, n. /., apostrophe. 

apotb^ose, n. f., apotheosis. 

appareil, n. m., apparel; ap- 

appas, n. m. (pl.), attractions. 

appftt, //. m., bait. 

appauvrlr, v., to impoverish. 

appesantir, v., to lay heavily. 

applaudissement, n. m., ap- 

apprivoiser, v., to tame. 

approbation, n. f., approval. 

approprier, v., to appropriate. 

approvisionner, v., to supply. 

Apre, adj., rough; jgreedy. 

aqueduc, n. m., aqueduct. 

aquilon, n. nt., north wind. 

arabesque, n. /., arabesque. 

arbitre,«. nt. /., arbitrator. 

argent 6, ad/., silvered. 

argot, n. nt., slang. 

aride, adj., arid. 

arrhes, n. f. (pl.), earnest-money. 

arrogance, n. /., haughtiness. 

arrondir, v., to round. 

arsenal, n. tn., arsenal. 

artifice, n. tn., artifice. 

asi>erit6, «. /., roughness. 

assehtiment, n. m., assent. 

assombrir, v., to grow dark, 

assortlment, n. nt., assortment. 

assujettir, v,, to subdue, 



atome, n. m.^ atom. 
attrait, n, m., attraction. 
attribution, «. /., privilege. 
aub^pine, «. /., hawthorn. 
aune, n. w., alder. 
austere, adj., austere. 
autans, .f7. m. (pi.), blast. 
autour, n. tn., goshawk. 
auxiliaire, n. m., auxiliary. 
aval, n. m., down the river; guar- 

bftbord, n. m., larboard. 

bai,-e, adj., bay. 

baille-ur, n. m., -resse, n. f., 
lessor; money lender. 

bailli, n. m., bailiff. 

balustre, n. m., baluster. 

banal, -e, adj., commonplace. 

battement, «. m., beating. 

baudet, n. m., donkey. 

beatitude, n. /., beatitude. 

bedaine, n. f., paunch, 

b^nitier, n. m., holy-water basin. 

b^lier,, ram. 

bergerie, n. f., sheepfold. 

bise, n. /., north wind. 

blancli&tre, adj., whitish. 

blaspli^mer, v., to blaspheme. 

bl^me, adj., sallow. 

bluet, n. m., corn centaury. 

bondir, v., to bound. 

bottine, n. f., lady's boot. 

bouclier, n. m., shield. 

bouillonner, v.-, to bubble. 

bouquin, n. m., old book. 

bourdon, n. m., great bell. 

bourdonnement, n. m., hum- 

bourdonner, t/., to hum. 

bousculer, z/., to elbow. 

boutade, n. f., sally of wit. 

brancard, n. m., litter. 

brandir, v., to brandish. 

brasse, ;»./., fathom. 


br^che, n. f., breach. 
brig^e, n. f., intrigue. 
brin, n.m., bit; morsel. 
broyer, v., to grind. 
bruire, v., to rustle; to roar. 
brunAtre, adj., brownish. 
bruyant,-e, adj., noisy. 
biiclieron, «. /«., woodcutter. 
bulle, n. /., bubble. 
bulletin, n. m., bulletin; ticket. 
buter, v., X.O stumble. 
butte, n. /., hill. 


^d,, adv., there; intj., so! come! 
^a, pron., abbreviation for cela. 
cabale, n. f., cabal. 
cabine, n. f., cabin. 
cadence, n. f., cadence. 
cadu-c,-que, adj., caducous. 
calllou, n. m., pebble. 
calamity, n. /., calamity. 
calendes, n. f. (pi.), calends. 
calice, n. m., chalice. 
cantique, n. nt., canticle. 
capitulation, n. f., capitulation. 
capricieu-x,-se, adj., capricious. 
carquois, n. m., quiver. 
carrefour, n. nt., cross-road. 
case, n. /., cabin; pigeon hole. 
caste, n. f., caste. 
c6ans, adv., within; in this house. 
ceindre, v., to gird. 
celeste, adj., celestial. 
c^libataire, n. m. f., bachelor. 
cellule, n. f., cell. 
centenaire, n. m., centenary. 
c^ramique, n. /.,- ceramic. 
cereales, n. f. (pi.), cereal. 
I cerf- volant, n.m., kite. 
cerneau, n.m., kernel of a green 

cerner, v., to surround. 
certes, adv., indeed; certainly. 
certitude, n. f., certainty. 
c6sure, n, /,, cesura. 



cliacal, n. nt.y jackal. 

clialoupe, n, /., ship's boat. 

cbambellan, n.m.y chamberlain. 

diampig^non, fi. m., mushroom. 

cbanceler, z/., to stagger. 

cbang^ement, n, m., change. 

cliang^eur, n.m., money-changer. 

diantonner, v., to hum a tune. 

cbaos, n. m., chaos. 

cbapelle, n. /., chapel. 

cbarmille, «. /., hedge. 

cbauffeur, n. m., fireman. 

diaume, n. m.^ thatch. 

cbausse, n, /., stocking. 

cliauss6e, «. /., road. 

clienet, n. wi., andiron; fire-dog. 

cherlr, v., to cherish. 

cli6tl-f,-ve, adj.y thin. 

cbicane, n. /., chicanery. 

cbiffon, n. m,, rag. 

dilffonner, v.j to rumple; to 

clilni^re, n. /., chimera. 

chillier ique, adj'.y chimerical. 

clioquer, z/., to shock. 

chose, «. /., thing. 

chou, n. tn.y cabbage. 

cliou-fleur, n.m.^ cauliflower. 

Chretien, n. m., -ne, n. /., 

diristlanlsme, n. m., Chris- 

chronlque, «. /., chronicle. 

chroniqueur, n. m., chronicler. 

chuchoter, v., to whisper. 

chut I inij., hush. 

chute, «. /., fall. 

cl, adv.y here. 

cible, n. f.y target. 

cicatrice, «. /., scar. 

cidre, n, m.y cider. 

ciel, n. m.y heaven; sky. 

cierge, n. m.^ taper. 

cigale, n, f.y grasshopper. 

cigare, n. m.y cigar. 

cig^arette, «. /., cigarette 


cime, n, /., summit; top. 

ciment, n. tn.y cement. 

clmetl^re, n. w., cemetery. 

cinq, adj'.y five. 

cinquante, adj.y fifty. 

circuler, v.y to circulate. 

ciseler, v.y to carve; to chisel. 

ciselure, «./., carving; chiseling. 

claie, n. /,, hurdle. 

clairi^re, n. f.y glade. 

clairon, n. tn.y clarion. 

clairvoyant, adj.y perspicacious. 

clameur, n. f.y clamor. 

clart6, n. f.y brightness; clearness. 

clement, -e, adj.y clement; mer- 

cloison, n. f.y partition. 

clore, v.y to close. 

cocarde, n. f.y cockade. 

cocon, n. fn.f cocoon. 

codicille, n. tn.y codicil. 

coffre, n. tn.y trunk; chest; box; 

coffret, n. tn.y small box. 

cogn^e, n. f.y woodman's ax. 

coherence, n. f.y cohesion. 

coincider, v.y to coincide. 

coing, n. tn.y quince. 

colls, n. tn.y package. 

collecti-f,-ve, adj.y collective. 

combinaison, «./., combination. 

combiner, v.y to combine. 

comble, n. m., utmost; summit; 

combler, v.] to overwhelm. 

combustible, n. tn.y fuel. 

comestible, adj.y edible; eatable. 

commanditaire, n. w., sleeping 

commandite, n. f.y commando. 

commenter, v.y to comment. 

commercial, adj.y commercial. 

compensation, «. /., compensa- 

complalre, z/. , to humor; to please. 

complement, n, in,^ complement. 



completer, v.^ to complete. 

complexe, adj., complex. 

complice, n. m.^ accessory. 

compliquer, v.y to complicate. 

conceder, t/., to grant; to concede. 

concentrer, z/., to concentrate. 

concerner, z/., to concern. 

concerter, v.y act together. 

concession, n. /., concession. 

conciliabule, n. m., conventicle. 

concision, n. /., conciseness; 

Concorde, n.f., concord; harmony. 

concr-et,-^te, ad/.^ concrete. 

condescendre, z/., to condescend. 

condoleance, n. /., condolence. 

confection, «./., confection; exe- 

confire, z/., to preserve; to pickle. 

confisquer, z/., to confiscate. 

conflit, n. m., conflict. 

confluent, n. m.^ confluence. 

conforme, adj., conformable. 

conjurer, z/. , to conjure; to entreat. 

conqu6rant, n. m., conqueror. 

consciencieu-x,-se, ad/.y con- 

cons6cuti-f,-ve, ad/., consecu- 

consentement, n. m., consent. 

consig^nataire, n.m., consignee. 

consister, z/., to consist. 

consolider, v.y to consolidate. 

consomm^, n. m., jelly broth. 

conspirateur, «. w., conspirator. 

conspiration, n. /., conspiracy. 

Constance, n. /., constancy. 

constell6, parl.y constellated. 

consterner, v.y to dismay. 

consulat, n. tn.y consulate. 

consumer, v.y to consume; to 

contagrieu-x,-se, adj.y infectious. 

continuel,-le, adj.y continual. 

contour, n. m.y outline. 

contradicteur, n. m.y opponent. 


contrarier, z/., to contradict; to 

contre-coBur, adv.y reluctantly. 

contre- temps, n.m.y mischance. 

contribuable, n.m.y taxpayer. 

controverse, n. f.y controversy. 

convenance, n. f.y propriety; de- 

converser, v.y to converse; to 

coop^rer, v.y to cooperate. 

copieu-x,-se, adj.y copious. 

coquet, -te, adj.y pretty. 

corail, n. m.y coral. 

coriace, adj.y tough. 

corniche, n. f.y cornice. 

correctionnel,-le, adj.y relative 
to misdemeanor. 

corrupt-eur, n. m.y -trice, n. f.y 
corrupter; corruptress. 

corsairer, «. m.y privateer. 

corset, n. m.y corset. 

cortege, n. m.y retinue. 

cosmopolite, adj.y cosmopolitan. 

coter, v.y to quote. 

cotoyer, z/., to- walk by the side of. 

cou, n. m.y neck. 

couchette, n. f.y small bed. 

coudoyer, v.y to elbow. 

coupe, n. f.y cup; cutting. 

cou pole, n. f.y cupola. 

coupure, n. f.y cut. 

courageu-x,-se, adj.y coura^ 

couramment, adv.y fluently. 

courbe, n. f.y curve. 

coureur, n. m.y runner. 

couronnement, n. w., crowning. 

courroie, n. f.y leather strap. 

courroux, n. m.y anger; wrath. 

coursier, n. m.y steed. 

courtage, n. m.y brokerage. 

courtine, n. f.y curtain. 

courtisan, n. fn.y courtier. 

courtois,-e, adj.y courteous. 

courtolsle, n. f.y courtesy. 



cotlteu-x,-8e, ad/.^ expensive; 

couv6e, «. /., brood. 
cralntl-f,-ve, ad/., fearful. 
craquer, v., to crack. 
creature, n. f., creature. 
crlnl^re, n. f., mane. 
crlsper, v., to shrivel. 
cristalliser, z/., to crystallize. 
croisade, «. /., crusade. 
croquer, z/., to crunch. 
croquis, n. m.y sketch. 
culrasse, «./"., cuirass. 
culbute, n. f.y somersault. 
culbuter, v., to overthrow. 
culinaire, ad/., culinary. 
culminant, ad/.y culminating. 
culpability, n. /., culpability. 
culture, n. /., cultivation. 
cumuler, v., to accumulate. 
cupidity, «./"., cupidity. 
cynisme, n. m., cynic philosophy. 
cypres, n. m., cypress. 
cytise, n. fp^,, Cytisus. 


dablla, n. m., dahlia. 
d'allleurs, adv., besides. 
dalm, n. m.y deer; buck. 
dais, n. m., canopy. 
dalle, «. /., flagstone. 
danaides, n. f. (pi.), Danaides. 
dard, n. ni., dart. 
daupbin, n. m., dauphin. 
debacle, «. /., breaking up. 
deballer, v., to unpack. 
deblle, adj., weak; feeble. 
deblayer, v., to clear away. 
debolre, n. m., mortification. 
debonnalre, adj'.y compliant; 

debris,, remains. 
d^brouiller, v., to disentangle. 
debuter, v., to begin. 
decBplter, z^., to behead. 
d6cence, n, /., decency. 


deception, «. /., deception; deceit. 

d^cevolr, v., to deceive. 

d^cbainer, v.^ to unchain. 

d^cbarg^er, z/., to unload; to dis- 

d^cbarner, z/., to strip of one's 

d^cbirant, adj., heartrending. 

d^cbolr,* v., to decline; to sink. 

d6cisi-f,-ve, adj., decisive. 

decision, n.f., decision. 

d^clin, n. m.y decline; wane. 

d^corer, v., to decorate; to adorn. 

d6cret, n. m., decree. 

d^croitre, v., to decrease. 

d6daig:neu-x,-se, ad/., disdain- 

d^dale, n. m., maze. 

d^dlcace, n. f., dedication. 

d^dier, v., to dedicate. 

deduction, n. f., deduction. 

defectueu-x,-se, ad/., defective. 

d6fensi-f,-ve, adj., defensive. 

deference, n. f,, deference. 

d6fi, n. tn., defiance; challenge. 

d6fini,-e, ad/., definite. 

d6fricber, v., to cultivate. 

d^g^el, n. m., thaw. 

d6gourdir, v., to remove numb- 

d^goiltant, ad/., disgusting. 

d6gringoler, z/.,to tumble down. 

d^grossir, v., to rough-hew. 

d6guenill6, dd/., ragged. 

d^guerplr, z/., to quit; to leave. 

d^guisement, n. m., disguise. 

deguiser, v., to disguise. 

d^jouer, v., to baffle. 

d61abrer, v., to dilapidate. 

delai, n. m., delay. 

d61at-eur, n. m., -rice, n. f., 

delayer, v., to dilute; to mix with 

d^Iecter, v., to delight. 

d616gu6, n, m,t delegate; deputy. 



d^licieu-x,-se, adj., delicious. 

delier, z/., to untie; to unbind. 

d^lire, n, m.y delirium. 

d^lit, n. m.y misdemeanor. 

d.61ivrance, n. /., deliverance. 

d.eloyal,-e, adj,, dishonest. 

demande, «. /., question; de- 

d.6marclie, «./"., gait; walk. 

demasquer, v., to unmask. 

d^m^ler, z^., to disentangle. 

demembrer, r., to dismember. 

demence, «. /., insanity. 

d6iiiesur6, adj., immoderate. 

demettre, v., to dismiss. 

demission, n. /., resignation of 

demolir, v., to demolish. 

demonstrati-f ,-ve, adj. , demon- 

demonter, z/., to dismount. 

demontrer, v., to demonstrate. 

d^naturer, v., to distort; to un- 

denegation, «. /., denial. 

denier, v,, to deny. 

d^nigrer, v., to vilify. 

denombrement, n. m., enumer- 
ation; census. 

d6iioininateur, n. w., denom- 

denoter, v., to denote. 

denouement, n. m.^ issue; catas- 

d^nouer, v., to untie; to unravel. 

denr6e, n. f., food. 

density, n. /"., density. 

dentelle, n. /., lace. 

dentelure, n. /., indentation. 

d6nuder, v,, to denudate. 

denu^, adj., deprived. 

dentlment, n. m., destitution. 

d^partement, n. m., department; 

depecer, v., to carve; to cut up. 

d^peindre, v.,X,o depict. 


d^pendance, «. /., dependence. 

d^pendre, v., to depend. 

d^pens, n. m. (pi.), expense; costs. 

d^penser, v., to expend. 

deperir, v,, to decline; to decay. 

d6peupler, v., to depopulate. 

deplier, v., to unfold. 

deplorable, adj., deplorable. 

d^plorer, v., to lament. 

deployer, v., to unfurl; to dis- 

d^posant, n. m., depositor. 

d6poser, v., to leave a deposit; to 

d^pourvu, adj., destitute; unpro- 

d^pr^cier, v., to depreciate. 

depute, n. fn., deputy. 

deraeiner, v., to uproot. 

d^raisonner, z'.,to reason falsely. 

deriver, v., to be derived. 

derouler, v., to unroll. 

desabuser, v., to disabuse. 

d^sarroi, n. fn., disarray; dis- 

d6sastreu-x,-se, a^y., disastrous. 

d6savantage, n. tn., disadvan- 

descente, n. f., descent. 

descripti-f,-ve, adj., descriptive. 

deshonn^te, adj., immodest. 

desolant,-e, a^'. , disheartening. 

dessert, n. m., dessert. 

desservir, v., to clear the table. 

destinee, n. f., destiny. 

d6terminati-f,-ve, ad/., deter- 

detroit, n. m., narrow; strait. 

detromper, v., to undeceive. 

d^valiser, v., to plunder. 

devastat-eur, n. m., -rice, «./., 

d^vaster, v., to devastate. 

devier, v., to deviate. 

devin, n. m., -eresse, n. /., di- 



de vis 9 fi.m., estimate; specification. 

d^voller, r., to unveil; to disclose. 

d^vot, n, w., -e, n. /., religious 

diam^tre, n. m., diameter. 

dlapliane, adj., transparent. 

dlctateur, ». w., dictator. 

diction, ft. f., diction. 

di^te, «. /., diet. 

dlffamauty-e, adj., defamatory. 

diffamat-eur, «. w., -rice, «. /., 

diff^rer, v., to defer; to delay. 

diffus, ad/., diffuse. 

dlgnite, n. /., dignity. 

dilli^enty-e, adj., industrious. 

diplomatique, adj., diplomatic. 

discerner, v., to discern. 

discontiniier, v., to discontinue. 

disconvenir, v., to disown. 

discordant, a^/., discordant. 

discorde, «./., discord; dissension. 

discredit, «. m., discredit. 

disciilper, v., to exonerate. 

disparaltre, v., to disappear. 

disperser, v., to disperse; to 

disponible, adj., disposable. 

dlspos, adj., agile. 

dispute, n. /., discussion; dispute.. 

disseminer, v., to disseminate. 

dlssentiment, n. m., dissent. 

disslmuler, v., to conceal. 

distrait, -e, adj'., unattentive. 

divertissement, n. m., enter- 

divulguer, v., to divulge 

dodu, adj., plump. 

domestlque, adj'. , domestic; tame. 

domlcllie,-e, adj., resident. 

dorure, n. /., gilding. 

dossier, n. m., back of seats. 

doter, v., to endow. 

doubler, v., to double. 

doublure, n. /., lining. 

douloureu-x,-se, adj'., painful. 

ef f 

douteu-x,-8e, adf., doubtful. 
i douve, «. /., stave. 
doyen, n. m., dean. 
dragoon, n. m., dragon. 
dramatique, adj'., dramatic. 
drapi-er, «. m., -6re, »./., cloth 

droite, «. /., right side. 
duel, n. m., duel. 
dtlment, adv., duly. 
duplicata,, duplicate. 
duplicity, n. /., duplicity; deceit. 
dur^e, n. f., duration. 
dynastie, n. /., dynasty. 


6babir, v., to be astonished. 
6bat, n. m., play; frolic. 
6b^ne, «. /., ebony. 
^blouissant, adj., dazzling. 
6bruiter, t/., to noise abroad. 
^caille, n. /., scale; shell. 
6carlate, adj'., scarlet. 
6cart, ». fn., step aside. 
ecbang^e, n. m., interchange. 
echantillon, n. m., sample. 
echarpe, n. f., scarf. 
^cheveler, t/., to dishevel the hair. 
^chouer, z^., to fail; to run aground. 
^clabousser, v., to splash with 
• mud. 

6clatant, adj'., bright; shining. 
eclipse, n. f., eclipse. 
eclore, v., to hatch; to dawn. 
^cluse, n. f., mill dam. 
ecouler, v., to flow away; to elapse. 
ecran, «. m., screen. 
s'ecrier, v. r., to exclaim 
ecrin, n. m., jewel box. 
s'ecrouler, v.r., to fall to pieces. 
ecu, n. tn., crown (old money). 
ecuyer, n. ni., equerry. 
edit, n. m., edict. 
educateur, n. m., educator. 
effare, part., scared; frightened. 
efflcace, adj'., efficient. 



c^:ffondrer, r., to give way. 
s'ef forcer, v. r., to endeavor. 
e:ffroyable, ad/.y frightful. 
^garer, t/., to mislead. 
^glde, n. f.j shield; protection. 
^goiste, n. m. /., selfish person. 

^gorger, v.y to slaughter^ to kill. 

^gout, n. m.y sewer. 

elaborer, z/. , to elaborate. 

elan, n. tn., start; enthusiasm. 

elastique, adj., elastic. 

^lecteur, n. w., elector; voter. 

^lectrlque, adj., electric. 

^lectriser, v., to electrify. 

elegant, -e, ad/., fashionable. 

el6gle, n. /., elegy. 

Element, n. m., element. 

eleveur, n. m., breeder. 

Eligible, adj., eligible. 

eliminer, v., to eliminate. 

^llre, v., to elect. 

elite, n. /".jjihoice; best. 

Elocution, n. /., elocution. 

^loge, n. m.f eulogy; praise. 

Eloquence, «. /., eloquence. 

61u,-e, ad/.y elected; chosen. 

eluder, v., to evade. 

6niailler, v., to enamel. 

emaner, v., to emanate. 

embaumer, v., to embalm. 

embl^me, n. tn., emblem. 

emboiter, v., to fit in. 

embonpoint, n. m., obesity. 

embraser, v., to set fire to. 

embrouiller, v., to embroil; to 

embiiclie, «. /., ambush. 

embuscade, n. /., ambuscade. 

6nieraude, n.f., emerald. 

6merveiller, v., to strike with 

6mettre, v., to issue. 

6nieute, «./"., riot. 

^migrer, v., to emigrate. 

Eminence, n, /., eminence; eleva- 


Eminent, adj., high; imminent. 

Amission, n. f., issue. 

empaqueter, v., to pack. 

s'emparer, v. r., to take posses- 

empereur, «. m., emperor. 

empeser, v., to starch. 

empbase, «. /., pompousness. 

empiler, v., to pile. 

empirer, v., to grow worse. 

emplette, n. f., purchase. 

emplir, v., to fill. 

empourprer, v., to purple. 

empreinte, n. /"., impression. 

s'empresser, v. r., to hasten; to 
be eager. 

emprisonnement, n. m., im- 

emprisonner, v., to imprison. 

emulation, «. /., emulation. 

encadrer, v., to frame. 

enceinte, «. /., enclosure. 

encens, n. tn., incense. 

encliante-iir, n. m., -resse, 
n. f.y bewitcher. 

encUev^trer, v., to entangle. 

encombre, n. m., obstacle. 

encyclopedic, n. /., encyclopedia. 

endommager, v\, to damage. 

enduire, z^., to coat. 

^nergique, adj., energetic. 

enerver, v., to enervate. 

enflammer, v., to inflame. 

enfouir, v., to bury; to cover with 

enfrelndre, v., to infringe. 

engrais, n. tn., manure. 

enjeii, n. m., stake. 

enjoindre, v., to enjoin. 

enjoue, adj., playful; lively. 

enjouement, n. m., playfulness; 

enlacer, v., to interweave. 

ennuyeu-x,-se, adj., annoying; 

6noncer, v., to express. 




enopguellllr, v,, to elate. 

s'enqu^rlr, v. r., to inquire. 

enrouler, v,, to roll. 

s'ensulvre, v. r., to ensue; to 

entente, «. /., understanding. 

enter, v.^to graft. 

ent^t6, n. tn., adj., stubborn; 

entour, n, tn,, surrounding places; 

entourage, «.w., persons around. 

entraider, v., to assist. 

entrallles, n. /., entrails. 

entrain, //. m., high spirits; ani- 

entrave, «. /., hindrance. 

entraver, z/., to hinder; to im- 

entreballler, r., to half open. 

entrecouper, v.y to interrupt. 

entremets, n. m., side dish. 

entremise, «. /., mediation. 

envahlr, z/., to invade. 

envenimer, v., to envenom. 

envl (A 1'), adv.y emulously. 

envleu-x,-se, adj., envious. 

envisager, v., to look upon 

envoler, v., to fly away. 

epagneuL, n. m., spaniel. 

epaisseur, n. f., thickness. 

6panouir, v., to brighten; to open 

^pars,-e, adj., dispersed. 

epeler, v.,\.o spell. 

6perdu, adj., desperate. 

6pi, n. m., ear (of corn). 

epicurien,-ne, adj., epicurean. 

6pid6niie, n. /., prevalent dis- 

^pigramme, n. f., epigram. , 

eplne, n. f., thorn. 

6pique, adj., epic. 

6plstolaire, adj., epistolary. 

epitaphe, n. f., epitaph. 

6pop6e, n. f., epic poem; epopee. 


6prouver, v., to experience; to 

6quatear, n.nt,, equator. 

6questre, adj., equestrian. 

6quilibre, n. m., equilibrium. 

6qulper, v., to equip; to supply. 

Equitable, adj., equitable; just. 

Equivoque, n. f., ambiguity. 

^re, n. f., era. 

6riger, v., to erect; to raise. 

errant, adj., wandering. 

errer, v., to wander. 

escalader, v., to climb over. 

escarp^, adj., steep. 

escarpin, n. m., pump (shoe). 

esclavage, n. m., slavery. 

espacer, v., to space. 

esi>lon, n. m., -ne, n. f., spy. 

essaim, n. m., swarm. 

essor, n. m., flight. 

essule-main, n. m., towel. 

estimation, n. f., estimating. 

estropi^, n. nt., -e, n. f., cripple. 

etat-major, n. m., staflF. 

6tinceler, v., to sparkle; to flash. 

6touffer, v., to suffocate. 

etreindre, v., to bind. 

6tymologie, n. f., etymology. 

euphonic, n. f., euphony. 

Evaluation, n. /., valuation; esti- 

Evanouissement, n. m., faint- 
ing; swoon. 

6vaporer, v., to evaporate. 

6vasi-f,-ve, adj., evasive. 

evasion, n. f., escape. 

Eventrer, v., to embowel. 

Evertuer, v., to exert oneself. 

Evidence, n. f., evidence. 

Evoquer, v., to evoke. 

exagerer, z;., to exaggerate. 

exalter, v., to exalt. 

exasperer, z/., to exasperate. 

excessl-f,-ve, adj., excessive. 

exclusl-f,-ve, adj., exclusive. 

exempt, -e, adj., exempt; free. 




exhaler, z'., to exhale. 
exliausser, v., to raise up. 
exhorter, v., to exhort. 
exigeanty-e, adj., exacting. 
*exlgu,-e, adj.y small; scanty. 
exorde, n. w., beginning. 
exotlque, adj., exotic. 
expedient, n.m.y expedient. 
exp^diteur, n. ;w., sender. 
exp^ditl-f-,-ve, adj., quick. 
expier, z/., to expiate. 
exploit, n. m.y exploit; deed. 
expulser, t/., to expel. 
extase, «. /., ecstasy. 
extermlner, v., to exterminate. 
externe, adj., external. 
extraire, v., to extract. 
extralt, n. m., extract. 
extr^mlte, n. /., extremity. 


fabuleu-x,-se, adj., fabulous. 
fd.clieu-x,-se, adj., regrettable; 

factice, adj., factitious. 
fade, adj., insipid; tasteless. 
faillir, v,, to fail; to be near. 
faineant, «. fu., -e, n. /., idle; 

faisceau, n. m., bundle; cluster. 
falte, n. w., top; summit. 
faix, n. m., burden. 
falaise, n. t., cliff. 
familiarlser, v., to familiarize. 
fanal, n. m., ship's lantern. 
fanatlque, adj., fanatic. 
faner, v., to fade. 
fanfaron, n. m., blusterer. 
fange, n. f., mud; mire. 
fantasque, adj., fantastic. 
faiit6ine, n. m., phantom. 
fard, n. tn., paint (of the face). 
fardeau, n. tn., burden. 
farouche, adj., wild; fierce. 
fasciner, v., to fascinate. 
faste9 n, m., pomp; magnificence. 


fastueu-x,-se, adj., pompous; 

fatal, -e, adj., fatal. 

fatuity, n. f., conceitedness. 

faucon, n. tn., falcon. 

fausser, v., to bend; to falsify. 

fausset6, n. f., falsehood. 

feinte, n. /., feint. 

fente, «. /., split; crack. 

f6odal, adj., feudal. 

f6odalit^, n. /., feudality. 

ferblantier, n. m., tinman. 

fermage, n. tn., rent of a farm. 

fermenter, v., to ferment. 

ferinet6, n /., firmness. 

ferrer, r., to shoe (horses). 

fervent, -e, adj., fervent. 

fervour, n. f., fervor. 

festin, n. m., feast; banquet. 

feston, n. ni., festoon. 

feuillage, n. m., foliage. 

feuillet, n. tn., leaf; two pages of 
a book. 

fiel, n. ni., gall; rancor. 

firmament, n. m., firmament. 

f la con, n.m., flagon. 

flagri*£mt, adj., flagrant. 

flair, n. m., scent (of animals). 

flairer, v., to scent; to smell. 

flamboyant, adj., flaming. 

flftner, v., to stroll. 

flaneu-r, n.m., -se, n.t., stroller. 

flatterie, n. /., flattering. 

flatteu-r, n. m., -se, n. f., flat- 

fl^au, n.m., flail; scourge; torment. 

flechir, v., to bend; to yield. 

flegme, n. m., phlegm; coldness. 

fletrir, v., to tarnish; to cause to 

flexible, adj., flexible. 

flocon, n. m., flake. 

florissant, adj., flourishing. 

fluide, n. m., fluid. 

flux, n. 7n., flow; tide. 

foire, n. /., fair; market. 




folAtre, adj.^ frolicsome. 

fomenter, v,, to foment. 

fonc6, adj.^ dark. 

fonctionner, r.. to work; to 

fondamental, adj:, fundamental. 

fondat-eur, n. w., -rice, ». /., 

format, n. m.f convict. 

force, adv., much; many. 

forfait, n. m., crime. 

forfanterle, «./., boasting; brag- 

formalite, «. /., formality. 

format, n. tn.y size of books. 

forinel,-le, adj., formal; express. 

formule, «. /., formula; form. 

formuler, ^^, to state; to draw up. 

forteresse, «. /., fortress. 

fortifiant, adj., invigorating. 

foudroyer, v., to thunderstrike. 

fougrue, n. /., fury; ardor; impetu- 

f ougueu-x,-se, adf. , fiery; ardent. 

fouiller, v., to dig; to excavate. 

fouillis, n. wi., confusion; disorder. 

fouler, v., to tread; to trample. 

fouxberie, n. /., cheat; knavery. 

four^on, n. m., carriage; tender. 

fourmi, «. /., ant. 

fournisseur, n. /«., purveyor. 

four rage, n. m., forage. 

fourre, n. m., thicket. 

fourreau, n. m., sheath. 

fourvoyer, v., to lead astray. 

fracas, n. w., crash; fuss; noise. 

fragment, n.nt., fragment. 

f range, «. /., fringe. 

frappant, adj., striking; impres- 

fraternel,-le, adj., brotherly. 

fraternlser, v., to fraternize. 

frauduleu-x,-se, adj., fraudu- 

fr^le, adj'.y frail; feeble. 

fr^ne, n. m., ash tree. 

fr^n^sle, «. /., frenzy. 

fr^ter, z/., to charter. 

fretln, n. m., fry; trash. 

friandise, n. f., daintiness. 

fricbe, ft, /., uncultivated ground. 

friction, n, /., friction; rubbing. 

fripon, n. m\, knave; rogue. 

frlse, n. f., frieze. 

frlvole, adj., frivolous 

froisser, v., to bruise; to wound. 

fr61er, v., to graze. 

froncement, n. fn., contraction. 

fructifier, v., to fructify. 

frugal, adj., moderate; frugal. 

fruiti-er, n. m., -^re, n. /., fruit- 

fun^bre, adj\, mournful; funeral. 

furie, n. f., fury. 

furti-f,-ve, adj., furtive; secret. 

fusible, ad/., fusible. 

fusillade, n. f., discharge of mus- 

fusion, n. /., fusion; melting. 

filt, n. tn., cask. 

futaie, n. f., wood of old trees. 

futile, adj., futile. 

fuyard, n. tn., fugitive. 


gabelle, n. /., tax upon salt. 

gageure, n. f., wager. 

gaine, n. f., sheath; case. 

galant, adj., gallant; pleasing. 

galore, n. f., galley. 

galeu-x,-se, adj., itchy. 

gambade, n. f., gambol. 

g^mme, n. f., scale (music). 

ganterie, n. /., glove making; 
glover trade. 

garant, adj'., guaranteed. 

gargote, n. f., cook shop. 

gasi^illage, n. tn., squandering. 

gasplller, v., to squander. 

gastronome, n. tn. /., gastron- 

gave, n. m., torrent of Pyrenees. 




gazeu-Xy-se, adj.y gaseous. 

gazouiller, z/., to twitter; to lisp. 

geai, «. m,y jay. 

gen^rallt^, «. /., generality. 

g^n6rat-eur,-rlce, <«(/., genera- 

g6nisse,77. /., heifer. 

^e61ler, n. w., jailer. 

g^rer 5 z/. , to manage; to administer. 

germe, n. m., germ. 

germer, z/., to germinate. 

g^sir, z/., to lie (ill, dead). 

gestlculer, v.^ to make gestures. 

gestion, n, /., administration; 

gibet, n. m.^ gallows. 

gigantesque, adj., gigantic. 

girafe, «. /., giraflfe. 

glvre, n. m., rime; frost. 

glacial, -e, adj., freezing. 

glaise, «. /., clay; loam. 

glaive, n. m., sword; blade. 

gland, n. m.y acorn. 

glaner, z/., to glean. 

glaneu-r, n.m.,'Se,n.f., gleaner. 

glorleu-x,-se, adj., glorious. 

glorlfler, v., to glorify. 

glouton, n.m., -ne, n.f., glutton. 

golfe, «. m.t gulf. 

gondole, n. /.', gondola. 

gonflement, n. m., inflation. 

gosler, n. m., throat; gullet. 

gou vernall , « . m., helm . 

grftcler, v., to pardon. 

gracleu-x,-se, adj'., gracious. 

gradation, n.f., gradation. 

grammalre, n. f., grammar. 

grammatical, a^/., grammatical. 

granlt, n. m., granite. 

gratlfler, v., to confer; to bestow. 

gratitude, «. /., gratitude. 

gratult, adj., gratuitous. 

gravity, n. f., gravity. 

grelot, n. m., bell. 

grelotter, v.,\.o shiver with cold. 

grlllon, n, m,^ cricket. 


grlve, n. f., thrush. 

grogner, v., to growl; to grumble. 

grommeler, v., to grumble; to 

grosseur, n. f., size; largeness. 

groupe, n.m., group. 

gu6, n. tn., ford. 

guerrl-er, n.m., -^re, n.f,, war- 

guet, n. m., watch (guard). 

guet-apens, n.m., ambush. 

gulcliet, n. m., wicket; window. 

guln^e, n. f., guinea. 


(All words in which the h is aspirated are 
marked thus*.) 

Iiabllet6, n. /., ability; skill. 

liabituel,-le, adj., habitual; 

*bagard,-e, adj., haggard. 

*halllon, n. m., rags; tatters. 

^baissable, adj., hateful; odious. 

*li&16, adj., sunburnt. 

*haletant, adj. , panting for breath. 

*baleter, v., to pant for breath. 

*halle, n. f., market place. 

*ballebarde, n. /., halberd. 

*halller, n. m., thicket. 

*balluclnatlon, n. f., hallucina- 

*baniac, n. m., hammock. 

*han, n. m., heave (of a workman). 

*banclie, n. f., hip. 

*bangar, n. m., shed. 

*hanneton, n.m.. May beetle. 

*barangue, n.f., speech; address. 

*harceler, v., to harass. 

*bargneu-x, -se, adj., surly; 

harmonieu-x,-se, adj., harmo- 

*haro, intj., shame! 

barpagon, n. m., miser. 

*barpe, n. f., harp. 

*Uaut-de-cbausses, n. m., 



h^morragrie, ». /., loss of blood. 

*heunir, v., to neigh. 

*beiinissemeut, n.m., neighing. 

*li6raiit, n. w., herald. 

h^r^dltaire, adj., hereditary. 

b^r^sie, «. /., heresy. 

bermine, «. /., ermine; hermine. 

liermite, n, m., hermit. 

*lieurter, z/,, to knock against. 

*lii6rarcliie, «. /., hierarchy. 

hilarity, n. /., hilarity. 

*bisser, v., to hoist. 

bistorien, n. m., historian. 

bistorique, adj., historical. 

*hocber, v., to toss one's head. 

boino|2^^ne, adj., homogeneous. 

honn6tet6, «. /., honesty; prob- 

bonoralre, n. nt., honorary; fee. 

bonorer, z/.,to honor. 

borizontal, adj., horizontal. 

borloger, n. tn., watchmaker. 

bormis, adv., save; except. 

horrible, adj., horrible. 

*borS5 prep.ront. 

*bors-d'oeuvre, n. m., side dish. 

bospitali-er,-^re, adj., hospi- 

hospitality, n. f., hospitality. 

hostile, adj., hostile. 

humanity, n. /., humanity. 

humidity, n. f., humidity; damp- 

*hurler, v., to howl. 

*hutte, n. f., shed; hut. 

hymen, hymenee, n. m., 
hymen; marriage. 

hypocrite, n. m. f., hypocrite. 

hypoth^se, n. f., supposition. 

liysope, n. f., hyssop. 

identifier, v., to identify. 
identlque, adj., identical. 
identity, «. /., identity. 
idiot) w. w.) -Cj n, f., idiot. 


dole, n. f., idol. 

gnoble, culj., base; vile. 

ll^l^itime, adj., unlawful. 

incite, adj., illicit. 

llimit^, adj., unlimited. 

Uisible, adj., illegible. 

llusoire, adj., delusive. 

llustre, adj., illustrious. 

mbiber, v., to imbibe. 

mbu, adj., imbued. 

mitat-eur, n. tn., -rice, n. /", 

mmensit^, n. /., immensity. 

mminent, adj., imminent. 

mmiscer, v. , to intermeddle. 

mmonde, adj., unclean; impure. 

mmortaliser, v., to immortal- 

mmunit^, n. f., immunity. 

mpasse, n. /., blind alley; inex- 
tricable difficulty. 

mp^ratrice, n. f., empress. 

mperceptible, adj., impercep- 

nip^rieu-x,-se, a^^*., imperious. 

mpertinent,-e, adj., imper- 

mpie, n. m. /., impious; infidel. 

mpliquer, v., to implicate; to 

nipoli,-e, adj., unpolite. 

mpr^cation, n. f., imprecation. 

mpulsion, n. /., impulse. 

nipur,-e, adj., impure; unclean. 

mputer, v., to impute. 

naccessible, adj., inaccessible. 

nacti-f,-ve, adj., inactive. 

nattendu, adj., unexpected. 

nclure, z/. , to enclose; ci-inclus, 
herein enclosed. 

nconduite, n. f., misconduct. 

nculper, v., to accuse. 

ncurie, n. f., carelessness. 

ndicateur, n. w., indicator. 

ndice, n. m., mark; sign. 

ndigeuce, «. /., poverty. 




Indignity, n. /., indignity, 
f indlviduel,-le, adj.^ individual. 
: indu,-e, adj.^ undue; unseason- 
In^branlable, adj.^ immovable; 

inepte, adj.y unfit; absurd. 

inerte, adj.^ inert; inactive. 

inesp^r^, adj'.^ unexpected. 

Inexprlmable, adj.y inexpres- 

infamant, adj.^ infamous. 

infamie, n. f., infamy. 

infatigable, a^'., indefatigable. 

Infect, adj,^ infectious. 

inf^riorite, «./"., inferiority. 

infirmity, n. /"., infirmity. 

Inflexible, adj., inflexible. 

influeneer, v., to influence. 

influer, z/., to influence; to im- 

informe, adj., shapeless. 

infructueu-x,-6e, adj., fruitless. 

Ing6nleu-x,-se, adj., ingenious. 

ing^nu, n. w., -e, n. /., artless 

s'ing^rer, v. r., to intermeddle. 

inbabile, adj., unskilful; incom- 
^ inhabits, adj., uninhabited. 

inhiiniain,-e, adj., inhuman; 

inhumer, v., to bury. 

inimitle, n. f., enmity. 

Initier, v., to initiate. 

injurieu,-x,-se, adj., insulting. 

innombrable, adj., innumerable. 

inonder, v., to overflow. 

inopin^, adj., unexpected. 

insurer, v., to insert. 

insignlfiant, adj., unimportant. 

insipide, adj., unsavory; dull. 

bispij'er, v., to inspire. 

installer, v., to place; to install. 

instance, n. /., urgency; instance. 

instar, adv., like; as. 


instigation, n. f., suggestion. 

instincti-f,-ve, adj., instinctive. 

instituer, v., to establish. 

insuffisant, adj., insufficient. 

insupportable, adj., unbearable. 

int^gralement, adv., wholly; 

int^gre, adj., just; honest. 

intelligremment, a4v., intelli- 

in tend ant, n. m., intendant; 

intense, adj., severe; violent. 

int^ressant, adj., interesting. 

internat, n. m., boarding school. 

international, -e, adj., interna- 

interne, adj., internal. 

interpellation, w. /., summons; 

interrogati-f ,-ve, a^'. , interrog- 

inter valle, n. m., interval; inter- 

intervertir, v., to invert; to 

intimer, v., to notify; to give 

intiniider, v., to intimidate. 

intimity, n. /., intimacy. 

intituler, v., to entitle; to name. 

intolerable, adj., unbearable. 

intraitable, adj., unmanageable. 

investigat-eur, «. m., -rice, 
n. f., investigator. 

investir, v., to invest. 

invito, n. w., -e, n. /., guest. 

involontaire, adj., involuntary. 

invoquer, v., to invoke. 

iris6, adj., variegated. 

ironie, n. /., irony. 

ironique, adj., ironical. 

irr^flechi, adj., thoughtless. 

irritant, adj., irritating. 

isolement, n. m., loneliness. 

italique, ad/,^ italic. 





Jactance, n. /., boasting; bragging. 
Jais, n. m., jet. 
Jaser, v., to chatter; to prattle. 
JaunAtre, adj., yellowish. 
Jaunir, z/., to become yellow. 
Jeiine, n. m.y fasting. 
Jeiiner, t/., to fast. 
Joailleriey n. /., jewelry. 
JoailU-er, n. m., -^re, n. /., 

Joncher, z/., to scatter; to heap. 
Jonction, «. /., junction. 
Joufflu,-e, adj., fat-cheeked. 
Joug, n. m., yoke. 
Jouissance, n. /., enjoyment; use. 
Jouvenceau, n. wi., youth. 
Judiciaire, adj., judicial; legal. 
Judicieu-Xj-se, adj., judicious; 

Julienne, n. f., vegetable soup. 
Jume-auj-lle, adj., ti., twin; 

Jumelle, n. f., opera-glass. 
Jupon, n. m., petticoat. 
]uteu-x,-se, adj., juicy. 


kaolin, n. tn., porcelain clay. 
klosque, n. m., pavilion where 
books and papers are sold. 

labeur, n. m., labor; toil. 
labyrlnthe, n. m., labyrinth. 
laconlque, adj., laconic. 
lacune, n. f., chasm; blank. 
laldeur, n. f., ugliness. 
laltue, n. f., lettuce. 
lambeau, n. m., shred; trip. 
lance, n. f., lance. 
lande, n. f., waste land. 
langoureu-x,-se, adj., languish- 
langueur, n. f., languor; debility. 
lanl^re, «. /., thong. 


ansquenet, n. f., lansquenet. 

aper, v., to lap. 

arcln, «. m., larceny. 

arron, n. m., thief. 

.6eliep,^., to lick. 

i^gr^ret^, n. f., lightness; frivolity. 

.^glslat-eur, n.m., -rice, n.f., 

^Kuer, v., to bequeath. 

ent,-e, adj., slow. 

enteup, n. f., slowness. 

fepre, «./"., leprosy. 

6preu-x, n. m., -se,«./"., leprous. 

eser, v., to injure. 

6tbarg:le, n. f., lethargy. 

lasse, «. /., bundle; file. 

Ib6rat-eur, n. m., -rice, lib- 

lcencleu-x,-se, adj., dissolute. 

lias, n. tn., lilac. 

Inceul, n. m., shroud. 

Ini^ot, n. tn., ingot. 

Iquldatlon, «'. /., settlement. 

Islble, adj., legible. 

Itlge, n. m., litigation. 

Itt^ralre, adj., literary. 

Itteral, adj., literal. 

literature, n. f., literature. 

Ittoral, n. m., coast. 

Ivr6e, n. f., livery. 

ocomotlve, n. /., engine. 

ogrlque, n. f., logic. 

olntaln, n. tn., distance. 

onger, v., to walk along. 

org, adv., then. 

ourd,-e, adj., heavy; dull. 

unilneu-x,-se, adj., luminous. 

ustre, n. tn., luster; splendor. 

yre, n. f., lyre. 

yrlque, adj., lyric. 


machlav^llque, adj., Aiachia- 

macblnal, adj., mechanical. 
mad^re, n. m., Madeira. 




niadr^, adj.^ crafty; cunning. 

ma^^sina^e, n. m.y warehous- 

magistrature, «. /., magistracy. 

magnaniine, adj.y magnanimous. 

magnanimite, n. f., magnanim- 

magnificence, n. /., magnifi- 

maigrir, v.y to grow lean. 

maint, adj,^ many. 

mais, conj.yhvLt. 

mais, n. m.^ com. 

maltriser, z/., to master; -to 

majesty, «. /., majesty. 

majordome, n. tn.y majordomo. 

majorite, n. /., majority. 

majuscule, n. /., capital letter. 

maladi-f,-ve, adj.^ sickly; ailing. 

maladresse, n. /., awkward- 

malentendu, n. w., misunder- 

malfaire, v.y to do evil. 

malmener, v., to maltreat. 

malsain, adj.y unhealthy. 

mals^ant, adj.y unbecoming. 

maltraiter, z/., to ill treat. 

malveillant,-e, ^t^"., malevolent. 

mamelle, «. /., breast. 

mamelon, n. w., round eminence. 

manant, n. m.y peasant. 

manchette, n. /., cuff. 

mandataire, n. w., proxy. 

manage, n. m.y riding school; pro- 

mangeoire, n. /., manger. 

maniable, adj.y easily handled. 

manie, n. /., mania. 

manier, v.y to handle; to manage. 

manifester, v.y to manifest. 

manoir, n. m.y manor. 

manque, n. m.y want. 

niansarde, «. /., garret room. 

nianuel,-le, adj.^ manual. 


manufacturi-er, «. m.y -6re, 

n. f.y manufacturer. 

manuscrit, manuscript. 

mar^cage, n. m.y marsh. 

mar6cageu-x,-se, adj.y marshy. 

marin, n. m.y sailor. 

marine, n. /., navigation; navy. 

maritime, adj.y maritime; naval. 

marmiton, n. m.y scullion. 

maroquin, n. m.y morocco. 

martial, adj.y warlike; martial. 

massue, n. /., club. 

masure, n. f.y hovel; hut. 

mat^riaux, n. m. {pl.)y materials. 

maternity, n. /., maternity. 

md.tin, n. m.y mastiff. 

matinal,-e, adj.y early. 

matrice, n. f.y register. 

maturity, n. f.y maturity. 

maudlre, v.y to curse. 

mausol^e, n. m.y mausoleum. 

maussade, adj. , unpleasant ; 

maxime, n. f.y maxim. 

m6canique, adj.y mechanic. 

mecliancet^, n. f.y wickedness. 

m^compte, n.m.y miscalculation. 

m^connaitre, v.y not to recog- 

m^content, adj.y discontented. 

m6diat-eur, n. m.y -rice, «, /,, 

medisance, n. f.y slander. 

m^diter, v.y to meditate. 

mefiance, n. f.y mistrust. 

megarde, n. f.y inadvertence. 

m^lodie, n. f.y melody. 

melodieu-x,-se, adj.y melodious. 

mendicite, n. f.y mendicity; beg- 

mendier, v.y to beg (alms). 

mensuel,-le, adj.y monthly. 
menteu-r, n. m.y -se, n. f.y liar. 
se m^prendre, v. r., to be mis- 
meridian, n> m.^ meridian. 




mervelUeu-Xj-se, adj,, marvel- 

m^sa venture, n. /., misadven- 

mesdames, n. f. (pi.), ladies. 

mesquin, adj., mean; little. 

message, n. m., message; errand. 

metlculeu-x, n. m., -se, n. /., 
over scrupulous. 

m^tre, n. tn., meter. 

metrlque, ad/., metrical. 

mets, n. m., dish. 

meule, «. /., millstone. 

meurtrlr, v., to bruise. 

meute, n. /., pack of hounds. 

miasme, n. m., miasma. 

mie, n. /., abbreviation for aniie. 

mlette, n. /., crumb. 

inignon,-ne, adj., delicate and 

minaret, n. m., minaret. 

minime, ad/., trifling. 

minQrit^, n. /., minority. 

minutieu-x,-se, ad/., minute. 

miraculeu-x,-se, adj., miracu- 

mire, n. /., aim; but. 

misericorclieu-x,-se, adj. , mer- 

mltiger, v., to mitigate. 

niitraille, n. f., grape shot . 

mitrailler, v., to fire grape shot, 
or canister. 

mobile, n.m., motive; cause. 

mobilier, n. ni., furniture. 

mobili-er,-^re, ad/., of personal 

modes te, ad/., modest. 

modestie, n. f., modesty. 

modifier, v., to modify. 

moelle, n. f., marrow. 

moelleu-x,-se, ad/., marrowy; 

moine, n. m,, monk. 

moisir, v., to mold; to must. 

moissonner, j/., to harvest. 


moissonneu-r, n. tn., -se, «. /l, 


mollesse, n. /., weakness; indo- 

momentan^, adj., momentary. 

momie, «. /., mummy., n. /., monarchy. 

monarque, n. m.y monarch. 

moneeau, n. m., heap. 

mondain,-e, adj., worldly. 

mon^taire, adj., monetary. 

monopole, n. m,, monopoly. 

monosyllabe, n. /..monosyllable. 

monotone, cuij., monotonous. 

monselgneur, n. tn., my lord; 
your lordship. 

monstre, n, tn., monster. 

monstrueu-x,-se, adj., mon- 

montagnard, n.m., mountaineer. 

montagneu-x,-se, adj., moun- 

montant, n. m., amount; post. 

monticule, n. tn., hillock. 

monture, n. f., animal for riding. 

monument, n. tn., monument; 

moqueu-r,-se, adj.^ deriding; 

morality, n. f., morality. 

morceler, v., to parcel. 

mordant, -e,fl^'. , sarcastic; biting. 

moribond, n. m., dying. 

morsure, n. f., biting; bite. 

mortel,-le, adj., mortal. 

mortifier, v., to mortify. 

moteur, n. tn., motor. 

inot-eur,-riee, adj., motive; 

motion, n. f., motion. 

motiver, z^. , to state the motive of. 

mouchoir, n. m., handkerchief i 

mouiller, v., to wet. 

moule, n. tn., mold; form. 

mouler, z/., to mold; to cast. 

moulure, «. /., molding. 




mousquet, n. ^^., musket. 

ixiousseline, ». /., muslin. 

ixioyen,-ne, adj.y mean; middle. 

inoyennant, adv., by means of. 

moyenne, «. /., average; mean. 

mngir, z/., to roar. 

miigissement, n. m., lowering; 

multitude, «. /., multitude. 

munlr, z/., to provide; to supply. 

XELuralUe, n. /., wall. 

mtlre, «. /., mulberry. 

muse, «. /., Muse. 

museau, n, tn., muzzle. 

musee, n, m., museum. 

riiutller, to mutilate. 

mutln,-e, adj., refractory; obsti- 

mutlsme, n. m., dumbness. 

mutuel,-le, adj., mutual. 

myst^rleu-Xj-se, adj., myste- 

mytliologle, «. /., mythology. 


nabab, n. m., nabob. 

nacelle, n. f., wherry. 

nacre, n. m., pearl shell. 

uageolre, n. /., fin. 

nagu^re, adv., lately; erewhile. 

naivete, n. f., simplicity; inno- 

narguer, v., to set at defiance. 

narquols, adj., crafty; cunning. 

narration, n. f., narration; re- 

nasse, n. /., wear; weir; bonnet. 

nativity, n. f., nativity; birth. 

natte, n. /., mat; matting. 

naturaliser, v., to naturalize. 

naufrage, n. m., shipwreck. 

naus6abond,-e, adj., nauseous. 

navlgateur, n. m., navigator. 

navrant,-e, adj., heartrending. 

nef, n. /., nave. 

n6gatl-f,-ve, adj., negative. 


negligence, n. f., neglect. 

n6goce, n. m., trade; traflfic. 

negoclant, n. m., merchant. 

n6goclat-eur, n. w., -rice, «./., 

n^gocler, v., to negotiate. 

nelger, v., to snow. 

nelgeu-x,-se, adj., snowy. 

nerveu-x,-se, adj., nervous. 

neutre, adj., neuter; neutral. * 

nlals,-e, adj., simpleton. 

nlcliee, n. /., brood. 

nlcher, v., to nest. 

nl^ce, n. f., niece. 

nlveler, z/., to level. 

nolrfttre, adj., blackish. 

nomade, adj., nomad; migratory. 

nonibreu-x,-se, ad/., numerous. 

nonclialance, n. /., carelessness. 

nonchalant, -e, adj., careless. 

noj>al, n. tn., nopal. 

notamment, adv., specially. 

noter, v., to note; to mark. 

notlfler, v., to notify. 

notolre, adj., notorious. 

nouer, z^., to knot. 

novat-eur, n. m., -rice, n. /., 

noyau, n. m., stone (of fruit). 

nuance, n. f., shade. 

nue, 71. f., cloud. 

nulsible, adj., injurious; harm- 

numeraire, n. m., specie; cash. 

nuptial, -e, a^"., nuptial. 

nutrltl-f,-ve, adj., nourishing. 

nymphe, n. f., nymph. 


ob61ssant,-e, adj., obedient. 
obeilsque, n. m., obelisk. 
obligeant,-e, adj., obliging. 
oblique, adj., oblique; slanting. 
obliterer, z^., to obliterate. 
obscurclr, v., to darken. 
obscurlte, n. /., darkness. 




obs6der, v., to beset; to obsess. 
obs^ues, n. /., obsequies. 
observat-eur, n. w.,-rlce, «./., 

obsti nation, n. /., obstinacy. 
obstin^, ad/. J obstinate. 
obs truer, z/., to obstruct. 
obtus,-e, ad/., obtuse. 
obvier, v., to obviate. 
oocasionnel,-le, ad/. , occasional. 
Occident, n. m., west. 
occurence, «. /., emergency. 
oc6an, n. tn.y ocean. 
octobre, n. m., October. 
oculalre, ad/.y eye witness. 
oculiste, n. tn.y occulist. 
ode, n. /., ode. 

odieu-x,-se, adf., odious; hateful. 
odorant,-e, ad/., odoriferous. 
odorat, n. m., smell. 
offenseur, n. m., offender. 
offensi-r,-ve, ad/.y offensive. 
officiel,-le, ad/.y official. 
officleu-x,-se, ad/.y officious. 
offrande, n. /., offering. 
off re, n. f.y offer. 
ogival, ad/.y ogive; pointed. 
olsivete, n. /., idleness. 
Olivier, n. m.y olive tree. 
ombrelle, n. f.y parasol. 
omettre, v.y to omit. 
omnibus, n. m.y omnibus. 
oncle, n. f.y uncle. 
onde, n. f.y waves; water. 
ond6, ad/.y undulated. 
ondoyer, v.y to undulate. 
onduler, v.y to undulate. 
onereu-x,-se, ad/.y burdensome; 

on^uent, n. m.y ointment; salve. 
opale, n. f.y opal. 
opaque, ad/.y opaque. 
op6rat-eur, n. m.y -rice, n.f.y 

oppor tun , -e , ad/, , opportu ne ; 



oppressor, v.y to oppress. 
opprobre, n. m.y shame. 
optique, ad/.y optical. 
opulence, «. /., opulence; wealth 
orageu-x,-se, ad/.y stormy. 
oranger, n. m.y orange tree. 
oran^erie, n. f.y orange grove. 
oratolre, ad/.y oratorical. 
orchestre, n. m.y orchestra. 
ordonnance, «. /. , order; prescrip- 
oreiller, n. tn.y pillow. 
orf^vre, n. w., goldsmith. 
organe, n. m.y organ. 
organiser, v.y to organize. 
orgueilleu-x,-se, ad/.y proud. 
ormeau, n. tn.y young elm. 
orni^re, n. f.y rut in a road. 
orplielin, «.w.,-e, n. /., orphan. 
orthographe, n. /..orthography. 
osciller, v.y to oscillate. 
oseraie, n. f.y osier ground. 
osier, n. m.y withes; basket-rod. 
osseu-x,-se, ad/.y bony. 
otage, n. m.y hostage. 
oui-dire, n. m.y hearsay. 
ouie, n. f.y hearing. 
oxyder, t/., to oxydate. 

pacte, n. m.y pacte; compact. 
paien, n. m.y -ne, n. f.y pagan. 
I^alefrenier, n. m.y groom. 
l>Aleur, n. f.y paleness. 
pampre, n. m.y vine branch. 
panacbe, n. m..y plume. 
panegyrlque, n. m.y panegyric; 

panique, n. /./panic; terror. 
panneau, n. m.y panel. 
panser, v.y to dress a wound. 
pantalon, n. m.y trousers. 
pape, n. m.y pope. 
papillon, n. m.y butterfly. 
paquebot, n. m.y packet (vessel). 
parafer, v.y to sign with initials. 




parage, n. m.^ place; parts. 

parapluie, n. m., umbrella. 

pa.rclieinlii, n, m.^ parchment. 

pa^rjure, «. m. /., perjury; per- 

parodle, ». /., parody. 

parol, n. f.f separation; wall. 

parolsse, n. f., parish. 

parsemer, v.^ to sprinkle (for 
ornament) . 

partenalre, «. m. /., partner. 

particular! t6, «. /., particularity. 

parure, «. /., attire. 

passereau, n. m., passerine; 
small birds. 

passlonner, z/., to impassion. 

paste ur, n. m.^ pastor; shepherd. 

pastoral, -e, adj.,- pastoral; 

patli6tlque, adj.^ pathetic; affect- 

patrlmolne, n. m.y inheritance; 

patrlotlsme, n. m., patriotism. 

pd^turage, n. m., pasture. 

paume, n. /., palm (of the hand). 

pauplfere, ». /., eyelid. 

pause, n. f.y pause. 

pauvret6, «. /., poverty. 

peau, n. f.y skin. 

peccadillo, n. /., peccadillo. 

pedagogic, n. f.y pedagogy. 

pedant, «. m.y -e, n. f.y pedant. 

pelnture, n. /., painting; picture. 

p^lerlnage, n. m.y pilgrimage. 

penchant, n. m.y inclination. 

penlnsule, n. f.y peninsula. 

penitent, -e, ad/.y repentant. 

pensl-f,-ve, ad/.y thoughtful. 

p6plnl6re, «. /. , nursery (for trees) . 

per^ant, adj.y piercing. 

perceptible, adj.y perceptible. 

perceyolr, z/., to perceive; to col- 

perclus,-e, adj., impotent. 

perdreau, n, m.y young partridge. 


p^rllleu-x,-se, ad/.y dangerous. 

p6rlp6tle, n. f.y peripeteia; event. 

p^rlplirase, n. f.y circumlocution.. 

permanence, n. f.y permanency. 

pernlcleu-x,-se, adj.y per- 

perplexe, adj.y perplex. 

perplexlt6, n. /..perplexity. 

perruque, n. f.y wig. 

pers6v6rant,-e, adj.y persever- 

personnage, n. m.y personage; 

personnel, -le, adj'.y personal. 

persplcace, adj.y perspicacious 

persuasl-f,-ve, adj.y persuasive. 

persuasion, n. f.y persuasion; con- 

pertulsane, n.' f.y partisan (hal- 
berd) . 

pervers,-e, adj.y perverse. 

pestllentlel,-le, adj.y pestilen- 

petulant, -e, adj.y sparkling. 

petlller, v., to crackle; to sparkle. 

peupller, n. m.y poplar. 

peureu-x,-se, adj.y fearful; tim- 

pliare, n. m.y lighthouse. 

pliase, n. f.y phasis. 

pli^nom^ne, n. m.y phenomenon. 

phllosophe, n. m.y philosopher. 

phllosoplile, n. f.y philosophy. 

physlonomle, n. f.y physiog- 

pic, n. m.y pickax; peak. 

pl6ce, n. f.y piece; coin; room. 

pl^ge, n. m.y snare; trap. 

plete, n. f.y piety. 

pilule, n. f.y pill. 

plnte, n. f.y pint. 

ploclier, v.y to dig. 

pipe, n. f.y pipe (for smoking). 

pipeau, n. m.y bird call; snare. 

piste, n. f.y pist; scent; track. 

pitoyable, adj.y pitiable. 




plttoresque, adj., picturesque. 
plage, n. f.y seacoast. 
plalfpiant, adj., complaining. 
plalne, «. /., plain. 
plainte, «. /., complaint. 
plaliitl-f,-ve, adj., plaintive. 
plate-bande, n. /., platband. 
plausible, adj., plausible. 
plusieurs, adj., several; many. 
pluvieu-x,-se, adj., rainy. 
po6sie, n. f., poetry. 
po6tique, adj., poetical. 
poindre, v., to dawn. 
poitrail, n. m., breast (of horses). 
p61e, n. m., pole. 
pol^miqup, n. f., polemics. 
politesse, n. f., politeness. 
pommier, n. m., apple tree. 
pompeu-Xj-se, adj., pompous. 
ponceau, adj., poppy-colored. 
ponetuation, n. f., punctuation. 
ponctuel,-le, a^*., punctual. 
poiietuer, v., to punctuate. 
pondre, z/., to lay. 
populace, n. /., populace; mob. 
population, n. f., population. 
porcelaine, n. /., chinaware. 
pose, n. f., posture; attitude. 
potage, n. ni., soup. 
poteau, n. tn., post. 
potence, n. f., gibbet; gallows. 
potentat, n.m., potentate. 
poudreu-x,-se, adj., dusty. 
poulailler, n. m., poultry house. 
pourparler, n. m., parley. 
I^ourpoint, n. m., doublet. 
pour vol. It. fn., petition; appeal. 
pr6alable, adj., previous. 
precaire, adj., precarious. 
precedent, -e, adj., preceding. 
precepteur, n. m., tutor; teacher. 
precipiter, v., to precipitate; to 

dash down. 
pr^cisement, adv., precisely. 
precurseur, n. m., precursor; 



pr^decesseur, n.m., predeces^r. 

predicate ur, n. m., preacher. 

pr^dire, v., to predict; to foretell. 

preface, «. /., preface; introduc- 

pr^lever, v., to deduct first. 

pr^liminaire, n.m., preliminary. 

pr6niatur6, adj., premature. 

pr6ni6dit6, adj., premeditated. 

pr^munir, v., to provide before- 

pr^nom, n.m,.. Christian name. 

pr6occuper, v., to preoccupy. 

presage, n. m., presage; omen. 

presbyt^re, n. m., parsonage. 

prescrire, v., to prescribe; to 

pr6sonipti-f ,-ve,flfl>'. , presumed. 

pr6somptueu-x,-se, adj., pre- 

pressant,-e, adj., pressing; 

pression, n. f., pressure. 

pressurer, z/., to press; to squeeze. 

prestance, n.f., imposing deport- 

preste, adj., agile; quick. 

prestige, n.m,., prestige; fascina- 

pr6tentieu-x,-se, adj., affected. 

pr^teu-r, n. w.,-se, »./., lender. 

prev6t, n. m., provost. 

pr^voyance, n. /., foresight. 

prime, n. f., premium. 

primev^re, n. f., primrose. 

princesse, n. /., princess. 

princi-er,-6re, adj., princely. 

printani-er,-^re, adj., spring. 

priorite, n. f., priority. 

prive, adj., private. 

l>rocuration, n. f., procuration; 
letter of attorney. 

X>rodige, n. m,., prodigy; wonder. 

in'odigieu-x,-se, adj. , wonderful. 

prodigue, adj., prodigal. 

productl-f,-ve, adj,, productive. 




piro6nilneiit,-e, a^*., prominent. 
profaner, v., to profane. 
prof^rer, v., to utter. 
pirofitable, adj., profitable. 
prohlber, v., to prohibit. 
promulguer, v., promulgate. 
prosateur, n. m., prose writer, 
se prostemer, v. r., to fall on 

one's knees. 
provenlr, v., to come; to spring. 
pu6ri], adj.y pueril; childish. 
pulluler, V.J to increase most 

pupille, n. m. /., ward. 
piirgeur, n. m., exhaust pipe. 


quatre-temps, n. m. {pl.)y em- 
ber days. 
quenouille, «. /., distaff. 
qu^rlr, v., to fetch. 
quietude, «. /., quietude. 
quintal, n. tn.y hundredweight. 

rabat, n. m., band (for the neck). 
raconter, z/., to relate. 
radiant, adj.y radiant. 
radieu-x,-se, adj., radiant. 
radoter, z/., to dote; to rave. 
railleu-r,-se, adj., inclined to 

raisonnable, adj., reasonable. 
raisonnement, n.nt., reasoning. 
r^le, n. m.y death rattle. 
ralentir, z/., to slacken. 
ralliement, n. m., rallying. 
rama^e, n. m., warbling; prattle. 
ramas, n. m., heap; mass. 
ranee, adj., rancid. 
rapace, adj., rapacious. 
raret6, «. /., scarcity. 
rature, «. /., erasure. 
raucjue, adj., hoarse. 
rayonnant,-e, adj'., radiating; 



r6alit^, «. /., reality. 

r^assurer, v., to reassure; to re- 

rebAtir, v., to rebuild. 

rebondlr, v., to rebound. 

rebrousser, v., to retrace one's 

receptacle, n. m., receptacle. 

rechute, n. /., relapse. 

r^cidive, n. /., repetition of an 

recif, n. m., reef. 

recipient, n. m., receiver; re- 

recors, n. m., bailiffs' follower. 

recourir, v., to have recourse. 

redevoir, v., to owe still. 

re61ire, z/., to reelect. 

refieter, v., to reflect. 

reflux, n. m., ebb tide. 

reforniat-eur,«. w., -rice, «./., 

refouler, v.^ to drive back; to 

refroidissement, n. m., chilli- 
ness; coolness. 

r6futer, z/., to refute. 

r6g6n6rer, v., to regenerate. 

r^int^grer-, v., to reinstate. 

r6lt6rer, v., to reiterate. 

relater, v., to relate. 

relati-f,-ve, adj., relative; rela- 

rembourrer, v., to stuff; to bol- 

reminiscence, «. /., reminis- 

renne, n. tn., reindeer. 

renouer, v., to renew; to resume. 

renouvellement, n.m., renewal; 

repaltre, v., to feed. 

se repentir, v. r., to repent. 

reployer, z/., to draw back. 

r6pr61iensible, adj., reprehensi- 




r^pudler, v., to repudiate. 

resplendlr, z/., to shine brilliantly. 

responsable, ad/., responsible. 

resserrer, z/., to tighten; to draw 

ressortir, v.^ to bring forward. 

retentlssement, resound- 

retomber, v.y to fall again. 

retracer, z/., to retrace; to relate. 

r^tracter, v., to retract. 

rev^che, ad/.^ unruly. 

reverdlr, v., to become green 

reverie, ». /., reverie; dream. 

revlrement, «.w., sudden change. 

riant, -e, ad/. , smiling; cheerful. 

rictus, n. m., grimace. 

rider, v.^ to wrinkle. 

rls6e, «. /., laugh. 

rlvallser, v., to rival; to compete. 

rlvallt6, «. /., rivalry. 

robuste, ad/.^ robust. 

rocallleu-x,-se, aS/., stony; 

rocheu-x,-se, ad/.y rocky. 

romancler, n. m.^ novel writer. 

romanesque, ad/.j romantic. 

ronce, n. /., brier; thorn. 

ronde, «. /., around. 

roquet, n. m., pug dog. 

rosblf, n. m.y roast beef. 

rotatolre, ad/.^ rotatory. 

r6tle, n. f.y toast. 

rougefttre, adj.^ reddish. 

roulement, n. m., roll; rolling. 

roulette, «. /., roller; roulette. 

roulls, n. tn.y rolling of a ship. 

routine, n. /., routine; rote. 

royaume, n. m.^ kingdom. 

rudesse, «. /., roughness. 

rudlmentalre, adj., elementary. 

rudoyer, v.y to use harshly. 

ruglr, v.y to roar. 

rulneu-x, -se, ad/.y ruinous. 

rulsselant, ad/.y streaming. 


rumeur, «. /., rumor. 
rural, ad/.y rural. 
ru86, cul/.y artful. 


sabbat, n. tn.y Sabbath. 

8ablonneu-x,-se, ad/.y sandy. 

saceader, v.y to jerk. 

saceager, v., to sack; to plunder. 

saebet, n. tn.y scent bag. 

sacril^g^e, n. tn.y sacrilege. 

sag^ce, ad/.y acute; shrewd. 

salllanty-e, ad/.y prominent; stri- 

salnt-sacrement, n. #«., holy 

8alslssant,-e, ad/.y chilling; start- 

salutalre, ad/.y salutary. 

salutation, n.f.y salutation; salute. 

samedl, «. m.y Saturday. 

sanction, n. /., sanction; penalty. 

sandale, n. f.y sandal. 

san^loter, v.y to sob. 

sangsue, n. f.y leech. 

sanguin,-e, ad/.y sanguine. 

sanltalre, ad/.y sanitary. 

saper, v.y to sap; to undermine. 

saplilre, n. m.y sapphire. 

sarcasme, n. m.y sarcasm. 

sarment, n. m.y vine shoot. 

satiety, n. /., satiety; fulness. 

satlrlque, ad/.y satirical. 

satlsfaisant,-e, ad/.y satisfac- 

saule, n. m.y willow. 

savetler, n. w., cobbler. 

saveur, n. f.y savor; relish. 

savolr, n. m., knowledge. 

savourer, v.y to relish; to enjoy. 

savoureu-x,-se, ad/.y savory. 

scelle, n. m.y seal (law). 

sceptlque, n. tn.y skeptic. 

sclentlflque, ad/.y scientific. 

scrutat-eur,-rlce, ad/.y investi- 




scixlpter, v.f to sculpture; to carve. 
scixlpteur, n. w., sculptor. 
s^clieresse, n. /., dryness; 

secondalre, adj.y secondary. 
seconde, «. /., second (time). 
seconrable, adj.^ ready to assist. 
seconrlr, v., to succor; to help. 
secousse, n. /., shake; shock. 
sectalre, n. tn., sectarian. 
secte, «. /., sect. 
section, «. /., section. 
s^cnlalre, adj.y secular; a hun- 
dred years old. 
s^cnrit^, «. /., security. 
seliig-priv6, n. m.y privy seal. 
sojourner, v.y to sojourn. 
semi, adj.y senii; half. 
sens^, «<//.,' sensible. 
senteur, «. /., scent; odor. 

sept, adj.y seven. 

s^pulcre, n. tn.y sepulcher; tomb. 

S^r6nlt6, n. f.y serenity. 

ser-f, n. tn.y -ve, n. /..serf. 

serpenter, v.y to twine; to wind. 

serpolet, n. tn.y wild thyme. 

sllliouette, n. f.y silhouettes 

sillonner, v.y to furrow. 

simulacre, n. tn.y feint. 

sinueu-Xj-se, adj.y sinuous. 

soc, n. tn.y sock. 

soir, n. tn.y evening. 

solaire, adj.y solar. 

sol^clsme, n. tn.y solecism. 

solllclteu-r, n. m.y -se, n. /., 

sombrer, v.y to founder. 

son, n. m.y sound. 

sonci, n. m.y marigold . 

souclen-x,-se, adj.y anxious. 

souconpe, n. f.y saucer. 

soudard, n. m.y soldier. 

souillure, n. f.y stain; contamina- 

sonplfere, n. f.y soup tureen. 

soiirciller, z/., to frown. 


sourlcl^re, n. f.y mouse trap. 
sournois,-e, adj.y sly person. 
soyeu-x,-se, adj.y silky. . 
specifier, v.y to specify. 
specimen, n. m.y specimen. 
stagnant, -e, adj.y stagnant; 

stature, «./., stature. 
st6rilit6, n. f.y sterility. 
stoique, adj.y stoic. 
strategic, n. f.y strategy. 
structure, n. f.y structure. 
sualre, n. m.y shroud. 
subdiviser, v.y to subdivide. 
successeur, n. m.y successor. 
suecessl-f,-ve, adj.y successive. 
sueur, n. f.y sweat; perspiration. 
suffisant,-e, adj.y sufficient. 
supercherle, n. f.y deceit. 
superflcle, n. f.y area; surface. 
superfielel,-le, adj.y superficial. 
superflu, n. m.y superfluity. 
superiority, n. f.y superiority. 
supplanter, v.y to supplant. 
surcroit, n. m.y superaddition. 
surdity, n. f.y deafness. 
surface, n. f.y surface. 
surf aire, v.yXo overcharge. 
sursaut, n. m.y start. 
sursls, n. m.y delay. 
svelte, adj.y slender; slim. 
sycomore, n. m.y sycamore. 
sylphe, n. m.y sylph. 
sympathiser, v.y to sympathize. 
syndic, n. m.y syndic; assignee. 


taciturne, adj.y taciturn. 
tactique, n. f.y tactics. 
tanl^re, n.f.y den (for wild beasts) . 
tarder, v.y to delay; to long. 
tarlr, >., to dry up; to exhaust. 
tasser, z/., to pile up. 
^ td,tons, adv.y by feeling one's 

taudis, n. m.y paltry place. 




taveme, «. /., tavern. 

tenacity, «. /., tenacity. 

tendance, «. /., tendency. 

terne, cLdj,^ dull. 

terrasser, v.^ to throw on the 

terrestre, adj.^ earthly; terres- 

tertre, n. m,, hillock. 

tli6orique, adj., theoretical. 

timbale, «. /., cup. 

timon, n, m., shaft; pole (of car- 
riages) . 

tire-d'alle, n. tn,, quick jerk of 
the wing. 

tison, n. m.y firebrand. 

tisonner, v.., to poke the fire. 

tolser, v., to eye from head to 

tolture, «. /., roofing. 

tolerer, z/., to tolerate; to allow. 

tombeau, n.m., tomb; grave. 

tonneau, n. m., cask; tun. 

tonnelle, «. /., g^een arbor. 

tonte, «. /., shearing time. 

torpeur, «. /., torpor. 

torrlde, ad/., torrid. 

touffu,-e, adj., bushy; tufty. 

toupet, n. m., presumption. 

tour bill onner, v., to whirl. 

tournant, n. m., turn; corner. 

tournoyer, v., to turn round and 

tourterelle, n. f., turtle dove 

transe, n. /., fright. 

transfert, n. m., transfer. 

transfigurer, v., to transfigure. 

transformer, z^., to transform. 

transfuse, n. m. deserter; fugi- 

transmettre, z^., to transmit; to 

travestir, v., to disguise. 

treille, n. f., vine stalk. 

tremblement, n. m., trembling. 

trlbord, n. m., starboard. 


troph^e, n. m., trophy. 
trouer, z/., to perforate. 
trou-madame, n. m., pigeonhole 

truffe, «. /., truffle. 
tunnel, n. m., tunnel. 
tur-c,-que, ad/., Turkish. 
tutelaire, adj., tutelary. 


ultimatum, n. m., ultimatum. 
unanime, adj'., unanimous. 
uni^me, adj., first. 
university, n. f., university. 
usufruit, n. m., use; usufruct. 
U8urpat-eur,-rice, «., usurper. 

vacation, n. f., vacation. 

vaclier, n. m., cow keeper. 

valable, adj., valid. 

vallon, n. m., dale. 

vaniteu-x,-se, adj., vain. 

vanner, v., to husk; to winnow. 

vanneur, n. nt., winnower. 

vannier, n. tn., basket maker. 

vautour, n. m., vulture. 

ventre, n. tn., belly; stomach. 

venue, n. f., coming. 

verso, n. nt.', even page. 

vertij?ineu-x,-se, adj., liable to 

verve, n. f., animation; spirit. 

v6tille, n. f., trifle. 

vicieu-x,-se, adj., vicious. 

vieillard, n. tn., old people. 

villa^eois, n. m., -e, n. /., vil- 

viol on, n. m., violin. 

vision, n. f., sight; vision. 

vocif^rer, v., to vociferate. 

vogue, n. f., vogue; fashion. 

voire, adv., even. 

voisinage, n. m., neighborhood. 

volant, n. tn., flywheel. 

volcan, n. m., volcano. 




volee, «. /., flight (of birds). 
vol tiger, v.y to flutter. 
volu.inineu-x,-8e, adj.y volumi- 
volupt6, n. f.y pleasure. 
vote, n^m.t vote. 
voter, z/., to vote. 
vouer, v.t to vow. 



ivMst, n. fn.y whist. 


zenith, n. fu.f zenith. 
zephyr, n. /«., zephyr. 
zodiaque, n. tn,, zodiac. 
zoolofi^le, n. f.f zoology. 



adj.y adjective. 
adv., adverb. 
art., article. 
conj,, conjunction. 
/., feminine. 
i7itj.y interjection. 
m.y masculine. 
n.y noun. 

a, art,, un, in,\ une, /. 

abandon, v., abandonner; laisser; 

abandoning, n., abandon, m. 

abandonment, n., abandon, m, 

abase, v., abaisser; avilir. 

abasement, n., abaissement, 'tn. 

abasb, v., d6concerter. 

abasbment, ;i., confusion, /. 

abate, z/., diminuer. 

abatement, «., rabais, m.\ reduc- 
tion; remise, /. 

abb, «., chaine de tisserand, /. 

abbatial, adj., abbatial. 

abbe, «., abb6, m, 

abbess, «., abbesse, /. 

abbey, «., abbaye, /. 

abbot, »., abb6, m. 

abbreviate, v,, abreger. 

abbreviation, «., abreviation, /. 

abe, «., abc; abed (alphabet), w. 

abdicate, v., abdiquer. 

abdication, »., abdication, /. 

abdomen, n., abdomen, tn, 

abdominal, adj,, abdominal. 

partly past participle. 

pi,, plural. 

prep,, preposition. 

pron,, pronoun. 

sing,, singular. 

V,, verb. 

V. a,, active verb. 

V. n., neuter verb. 


abduce, v., d^toumer; enlever. 
abduction, «., enlevement, m. 
abductor, «., abducteur, m,. 
abecedarian, »., ab^c^daire, m, 
abecedarian, ad/., ab6c6daire. 
abed, adv., au lit; couch6. 
aberrance, n., 6garement, m. 
aberrant, ad/., 6gar6. 
aberration, n., aberration, /.j 

61oignement, m. 
abhor, v. , abhorrer; avoir en hor- 

abhorrence, «., horreur, /. 
abide, v., supporter; subir. 
abide, v., demeurer; to abide 

by, s*en tenir S. 
ability, n., capacity, /.; pouvoir, 

m.; habilet6, /. 
abject, ad/., abject; bas; vil. 
abject, n., un homme abject; un 

miserable, m. * 
abjectness, n., abjection, /. 
abjuration, n., abjuration, /. 
abjure, v., abjurer; renoncer. 
ablative, «., ablatif, m. 

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able, adj.^ capable. 

able-bodied, adj,^ robuste; 

able, ablet, «.» ablette, /. 

ableness, ff., pouvoir, fn,\ habi- 
let6, /. 

ablution, »., ablution, /. 

abnegation, »., abnegation, /. 

abnormal, adj.^ anormal; ir- 

aboard, adv.^ k bord. 

abode, »., s^jour, m.\ demeure, /. 

abollsb, v.^ abolir; d^tniire. 

abolisbment, »., abolisse- 
ment, m,. 

abolition, »., abolition, /. 

abominable, adj.^ abominable; 

abominableness, »., abomina- 
tion, /. 

abominably, adv..^ abominable- 

abomination, n,y abomination, /. 

abound, z/., abonder. 

abounding, adj.^ abondant. 

about, ^>r^.,au tour de; aupres de; 

above, adv,^ en haut; li-haut. 

abridge, z/., abr^ger. 

abridgment, «., abr6g6, m. 

abroad, adv.^ k I'^tranger. 

abrupt, (idj,y abrupt; escarps. 

abruptly, adv., brusquement. 

abscess, n., abces, ni. 

absence, «., absence. 

absent, adj., absent; distrait. 

absentee, «., absent, m. 

absolute, adj., absolu; vrai. 

absolution, «., absolution; 
absoute, /. 

absorb, z/., absorber; engloutir. 

abstain, v., s'abstenir. 

abstaining, «., abstinence, /. 

abstention, n., abstinence; ab- 
stention, /. 

abstract, v,, abstrafre. 


abstract, adj., abstrait. 

absurd, adj., absurde. 

absurdity, «., absurdity, /. 

abundance, n., abondance; pros- 
perity, /. 

abundant, adj., abondant. 

abundantly, a^z'., abondamment. 

abuse, v., abuser de; injurier. 

abuse, »., abus, tn. 

abusive, CLdj., injurieux; abusif. 

abyss, »., abime, nt. 

acacia, n., acacia, m. 

academic, adj., acad^mique; 

academician, n., acad6micien, tn, 

academy, «., academic; pen- 
sion, /.; pensionnat, m, 

acajou, n., acajou, tn. 

acantha, n., acanthe, /. 

accede, v., acc6der; consentir. 

accelerate, v., acc^l^rer; h&ter.' 

acceleration, n., acceleration, /". 

accent, «., accent; parler, m. 

accent, v., accentuer; articuler. 

accept, v., accepter. 

acceptable, adj. , acceptable; agre- 

acceptance, n., acceptation, /. 

access, «., acces; abord, m. 

accessible, adj., accessible. 

accession, n., accession, /.; avene- 
ment, m. 

accessional, adj., additionnel. 

accessory, adj., accessoire. 

accident, n., accident; incident, tn. 

accidental, «., accident. 

acclaim, n., acclamation, /. 

acclimated, adj., acclimate. 

acclimation, n., acclimatation, /. 

accolade, n., accolade, /. 

accommodate, v., accommoder; 
obliger; servir. 

accommodation, ». ,accommode- 
ment, m.\ logement, tn. 

accompaniment, »., accompa- 
gnement, tn. 



accompanist, n.^ accompagna- 
teur, m. 

accompany, v.y accompagner. 

accomplisli, z/., accomplir; rem- 

accomplished, adj.^ accompli; 

accord, «., accord; consente- 
naent, m. 

accord, z/., accorder; ajuster. 

accord, v,^ s 'accorder. 

accordance, «., accord, w.; con- 
formity, /. 

according as, conj.^ selon que; 
suivant que. 

according to, prep.y selon; sui- 
vant; conform6ment k. 

accordingly, adv., en conse- 

accost, V,, accoster; aborder. 

account, «., compte, m.\ descrip- 
tion, /; account-book, «., livre 
de comptes, m, 

accountable, adj., responsable; 

accountant, n., comptable; te- 
neur de livres, fn. 

accredited, adj., accr6dit6. 

accrue, v., s'accrojtre. 

accumulate, adj., accumul^. 

accumulation, n., accumula- 
tion, /. 

accurate, adj., exact; juste. 

accurately, aafz/., exactement. 

accurateness, n., exactitude; 
justesse, /. 

accusation, n., accusation, /. 

accusative, n., accusatif, tn. 

accuse, v., accuser. 

accuser,^., accusateur, fn.\ accu- 
satrice, /. 

accustom, v., accoutumer; to 
accustom oneself, s'accoutu- 

accustomable, adj., habitual. 

ace, n,i as, m. 


acetate, n., acetate, tn, 

acetic, adj., ac6tique. 

acetous, adj., ac^teux. 

acbe, n., mal, w.; douleur, /. 

achieve, v., ex6cuter; accomplir. 

achievement, n., oeuvre; pro 
duction, /. 

aching, n., douleur; souffrance, A 

acid, adj., acide. 

acid, n., acide, m, 

acidity, n., acidit6, /. 

acknowledge, v., reconnaitre; 
avouer; accuser reception. 

acknowledgment, n., recon- 
naissance, /.; accuse de r6cep 
tion, m. 

acorn, n., gland, tn, 

acoustic, adj., acoustique." 

acoustics, n., acoustique, /". 

acquaint, v., informer; faire sa- 

acquaintance, n . , connaissance /. 

acquiesce, v., acquiescer. 

acquire, v., acqu6rir. 

acquirement, n., acquis, m,\ ac- 
quisition, /. 

acquit, v., acquitter. 

acquittal, n., acquittement, tn, 

acre, n., arpent, tn. 

acrid, adj., ^cre. 

acrimonious, adj., acrimonieux; 

across, adv., k travers. 

act, n., action, /. 

act, v., agir. 

acting, n., action, /. 

action, n., action, /. 

active, adj., actif. 

actively, adv., activement. 

activity, n., activity; agilit6, /. 

actor, n., acteur; com6dien, tn. 

actress, «.,actrice; comedienne,/. 

actual, adj., r^el; actuel. 

acute, adj., aigu; fin; penetrant. 

adage, n., adage, tn. 

adamant, n,, diamant, m. 



adapt, v.f adapter; approprier. 
adaptable, adj., que Ton peut 

adaptation, n., adaptation, /. 
adapted, part., propre k\ adapts. 
add, v., ajouter; additionner. 
adder, «., vipere, /. 
addict, v., consacrer. 
addition, n., addition, /. 
additional, adj., additionnel; de 

address, z^., adresser; s'adresseri; 

adresser la parole k. 
address, n., adresse, /.; dis- 

cours, m. 
adept, «., adepte, m. f. 
adequate, adj., proportionn6; suf- 

adliere, v., adherer; s'attacher. 
adherent, «., adherent; partisan, w. 
adbesion, n., adhesion, /. 
adieu, adv., adieu. 
ad infinitum, adv., k Tinfini. 
ad interim, adv., par interim. 
adipose, adj., adipeux. 
adjacent, adj., adjacent; contigu. 
adjacent, «., voisin, m. 
adjective, «., adjectif, m. 
adjectively, adv., adjectivement. 
adjoin, v., adjoindre; toucher. 
adjourn, v., ajourner. 
adjournment, «.,ajournenient,w. 
adjudge, v., adjuger. 
adjudicate, v., adjuger. 
adjudication, n., jugement, tn. 
adjudicator, «., juge, m. 
adjunct, n., accessoire, fn. 
adjure, v., adjurer. 
adjust, v., ajuster. 
adjustment, «., ajusteraent. 
administer, v., administrer. 
administrate, v., administrer. 
administration, n., administra- 
tion, /. ; gouvernement, tn. 
administrative, adj., adminis- 



administrator, n., administra- 

teur; regent, vt, 
administratrix, n., administra- 

trice, /. 
admirable, adj., admirable. 
admiral, n., amiral, m.-, rear 

admiral, contre-amiral; vice 

admiral, vice-amiral. 
admiralty, «., amiraut6, /. 
admiration, n., admiration, /.; 

6tonnement, m. 
admire, v., admirer^ 
admirer, n., admirateur, tn.-, ad- 

miratrice, /. 
admissible, adj., admissible. 
admission, »., admission; entree, 

/.; acces, tn. 
admit, v., admettre; laisser entrer. 
admonish, v., avertir; exhorter. 
ado, n., fracas; tintamarre, tn, 
adolescence, «., adolescence, /. 
adolescent, n., adolescent, tn, 
adopt, v., adopter. 
adopted, adj., adoptif; adopts. 
adopter, «., personne qui adopte, 

/.; adoptant, fn. 
adoption, n., adoption, /. 
adoptive, adj., adoptif; adopts. 
adorable, adj., adorable. 
adoration, n., adoration, /. 
adore, v., adorer. 
adorn, v., orner; parer. 
adrift, adv. , en derive; k T abandon. 
adroit, adj., adroit. 
adroitly, adv., adroitement. 
adroitness, «., adresse, /. 
adult, adj., adulte. 
adult, n., adulte, m. f. 
adulterate, v., frelater; falsifier; 

adulteration, «., falsification, /. 
advance, v., avancer. 
advance, n., avancement; pro- 

gres, tn. 
advance-money, «., avance, /. 
advanced, part., avanc6. 



advancement, «., avance- 

ment, tn, 
advantage, »., avantage; profit; 

int^ret, tn. 
advantage, v., avantager. 
advantageous, adj., avantageux. 
advantageously, adv., avan- 

advene, v., survenir; advenir. 
advent, «., venue, /.; avent, ni. 
adventure, «., a venture, /. 
adventure, v., aventurer; risquer; 

adventurous, adj., aventureux. 
adverb, n., adverbe, tn. 
adverbial, adj., adverbial. 
adverbially, adv., adverbiale- 

adversary, «., adversaire, tn. 
adverse, adj., adverse; contraire; 

adversity, «., adversity, /. 
advertise, v., avertir; annoncer; 

afficher; publier. 
advertisement, «., avis; avertis- 

sement, fn.\ annonce, /. 
advertiser, n., personne qui fait 

des annonces; feuilled'annonces,/. 
advice, n., avis; conseil, m. 
advisable, adj., judicieux; con- 

advise, v., conseiller. 
advisedly, adv., attentivement. 
adviser, n., conseiller, tn. 
advocate, «.,avocat; defenseur,w. 
advocate, v., soutenir; defendre. 
aerate, v., a6rer. 
aerolite, n., a6rolithe, m. 
aeronaut, n., a^ronaute, m. f. 
aeronautic, adj., aerostatique. 
aerostat, n., aerostat, m. 
afar, adv., de loin; loin; au loin. 
affability, n., affability, f. 
affable, adj., affable; doux. 
affableness, «., affabilite, /. 
affair, n., affaire, /. 


affect, v,f affecter; int^resser; 

toucher; aimer. 
affectation, «., affectation, /. 
affected, adj., dispose ; affects ; 

affectedly, adv., d*une maniere 

affectedness, n., affectation, /. 
affecting, adj., touchant. 
affection, n., affection; inclina- 
tion, /.; penchant, m. 
affectionate, adj., affectueux; 

affianced, part., fianc6. 
affidavit, n., declaration 6crite et 

affirm6e par serment, tn. 
affinity, n., affinit^; alliance, /. 
affirm, v., affirmer; confirmer. 
affirmation, «., affirmatio'n, /. 
affirmative, adj., affirmatif. 
affix, v., apposer; ajouter; fixer. 
afflict, v., affliger. 
afflicting, adj., chagrinant. 
affliction, n., affliction, /. 
affluence, n., abondance, /. 
affluent, adj., abondant; opulent; 

afford, v., donner; avoir le moyen. 
affrancbise, v., affranchir. 
affranchisement, « . , aff ranchis- 

sement, m. 
affray, n., querelle; rixe, f. 
affrigbt, v., effrayer. 
affrigbt,«.,effroi,w.; ^pouvante,/". 
affront, v., offenser; insulter. 
affront, n., affront, tn.-, insulte, /. 
affronting, adj., offensant; cho- 

afire, adv., en feu. 
aflat, adv., a plat. 
afloat, adv., a flot. 
afoot, adv., k pied; sur pied. 
aforesaid, adj., susdit. 
aforethought, adj., premedit6. 
a fortiori, adv. , a plus forte raison. 
afraid, adv., effraye. 




afresh, adv., de nouveau; encore. 

African, «., Africain, m.; Afri- 
caine, /. 

afronty adv., en face. 

after, adv., apres; suivant. 

after, prep., apr^; selon. 

after all, adv., apres tout; enfin. 

after dinner, n., apres-diner, w.; 
apres-din6e, /. 

after-life, n., vie ult^rieure, /. 

afternoon, n., apres-midi, m. f. 

afterwards, adv., ensuite; plus 

ag^in, adv., encore. 

a^r^te, n., agate, /. 

age, n., ^ge, m. 

aged, adj., ag6. 

agency, «., agence. 

agent, n., agent; hommes d'af- 
faires, fft. 

agglomerate, v., agglom^rer. 

agglomerated, adj., agglom6r6. 

agglomeration, n., agglomera- 
tion, /. 

aggrandize, v., agrandir. 

aggravate, v., aggraver. 

aggregation, «., agr^gation; 
reunion, f. 

aggression, n., agression; at- 
taque, /. 

aggressive, adj., offensif; hostile; 

aggrieve, v., affliger. 

agile, adj., agile; leste. 

agility, «., agilit^; legeret^, /. 

agio, «., change; agio, m. 

agitate, v., agiter. 

agitation, n., agitation, /. 

agitator, n. , agitateur; meneur, m. 

ago, adv., il y a; long ago, il y a 

agonize, t^., torturer; faire soufiFrir. 

agony, n., agonie; douleur; an- 
goisse, f. 

agree, v., s'accorder; convenir; 
6tre d' accord. 


agreeable, adj., agr^able; con< 

agreeably, adv., agreablement; 

agreed, adj., convenu; d' accord. 
agreement, n., accord, m. 
agricultural , adj. , a g r i c o 1 e ; 

d 'agriculture. 
agriculture, n., agriculture, /. 
agriculturist, «., agriculteur; 

agronome, m. 
aground, adj., 6choue. 
ab! intj., ah! h^las! 
aba! intj., aha! 

abead, adv., en avant; en tete. 
aid, v., aider; secourir. 
aid, n., aide, /.; secours, tn. 
aide-de-camp, n., aide de 

camp, tn. 
aigret, n., aigrette, /. 
ail, v., faire mal. 
ailing, adj., souffrant. 
aim, v., viser; ajuster; diriger. 
aim, n., vis6e, /.; but; point de 

mire, m. 
air, n., air; vent, tn.; mine; appa- 

rence, /".; 
air, v., aerer. 

air-gun, n., fusil k vent, tn. 
air-bole, n., soupirail, tn. 
airless, adj., priv6 d'air. 
air-pump, n., machine pneu- 

matique, /. 
air-stove, n., calorifere, m. 
aisle, n., aile; nef lat^rale, /. 
ajar, adj., entr' ouvert; entre 

alabaster, n., albatre, m. 
alack! int., h^las! 
alarm, n., alarme, /.; reveille- 
matin, m. 


alarm, v., alarmer; effrayer. 

alarm-bell, «., cloche d'alarme,/.; 
tocsin, fn. 

alarm-clock, n., reveille- 
matin, fn. 



alarming, adj., alarmant. 

alas! intj., h61as! 

album, «., album, tn. 

albumen, «., albumine, /. 

alcohol, «., alcool, m. 

alcoh.olic, adj., alcoolique. 

alcobol meter, «., alcoo- 
metre, tn. 

alcove, «., alcdve, /. 

alder, n., aune, ni. 

alderman, n., alderman, m. 

ale, n., ale, /. 

alembic, «., alambic, tn. 

alert, adj., alerte; vigilant; vif. 

algebra, n., algebre, f. 

alias, adv., dit; autrement dit. 

alibi, »., alibi, m. 

alien, «., Stranger, ni.\ 6tran- 
g^re, /. 

alienate, v., aligner; Eloigner. 

alienation, «., alienation. 

alight, v., descendre; mettre pied 
k terre. 

alike, adj., semblable; pareil; 

aliment, n., aliment, m. 

alimental, adj., alimentaire. 

alimentary, adj., alimentaire. 

alimentation, n., alimenta- 
tion, f. 

alimony, adj., pension alimen- 
taire, /. 

alinement, n., alignement, m. 

alive, adj., en vie; vivant. 

alkali, n., alcali, m. 

all, adj., tout; tous; toute; toutes. 

all, adv., entierement. 

all, n., tout, in.\ touts {pi.). 

allegation, n., allegation, /. 

alleged, v., alleguer. 

allegiance, n., fidelity; obeis- 
sance, /. 

allegoric, adj., all^gorique. 

allegory, n., allegorie, f. 

allegro, adv., allegro. 

alleluia, »., alleluia, m. 


alleviate, v., all6ger; soulager; 

alley, n., ruelle; all6e, /. 
all bail! intj., salut! 
alliance, n., alliance, /. 
alligator, n., alligator, tn. 
allocation, «., allocation, /. 
allocution, n., allocution, /. 
allow, v., permettre. 
allowance, n., pension; gratifica- 
tion, /. 
alloy, «., alliage, tn. 
All Saints' day, «., jour de la 

Toussaint, tn. 
All Souls' day, «., jour des 

morts, m. 
allude, v., faire allusion. 
allusion, n., allusion; comparai- 

son, /. 
ally, v., allier; unir. 
ally, n., alli6, tn. 
almanac, n., almanach, tn. 
Almighty, n., Tout-Puissant, tn. 
almond, n., amande, /. 
almond-tree, n., amandier, tn. 
almoner, n., aumdnier, tn. 
almost, adv., presque. 
alms, n., aumone, /. 
almsgiving, «., aumones,/. (//.)• 
aloe, n., aloes, tn. 
alone, adj., seul; unique. 
along, adv., le long; le long de. 
aloud, adv., haut; a haut voix. 
£llpaca, n., alpaga, tn. 
alphabet, n., alphabet, tn. 
alphabetically, adv., alphab6ti- 

alpine, adj., alpin; des alpes; 

already, adv., d^ja. 
also, adv., aussi. 
altar, n., autel, tn. 
alter, v., changer; alterer. 
alterable, adj., changeant. 
altercation, n., altercation, /. 
alternate, n., alternative, /. 




alternate, r., alterner; faire 

alternately, adv.^ alternative- 

ment; tour k tour. 
alternation, «., alternative, /. 
although, conj. , bien que; quoique. 
altitude, «., Elevation; hauteur; 

altitude, /. 
altoj^ether, adv., tout k fait; en- 

alum, n., alun, tn, 
alumina, n.^ alumine, /. 
always, adv.^ toujours. 
amability, «., amabilit^, /. 
amal^^m, n., amalgame, ni. 
amalgamation,;/. , amalgame, m. 
amass, z/., amasser; entasser. 
amateur, «., amateur, tn, 
amaze, v., surprendre; etonner. 
amazed, part., surpris; dans 

amazement, «., 6tonnement; 

eflfroi, m. 
amazing, adj., 6tonnant. 
amazon, «., amazone, f. 
ambage, «., ambages, /. {pl.)\ 

d6tours, w. {pi.), 
ambassador, «., ambassadeur, m. 
ambassadress, «., ambassa- 

drice, /. 
amber, n., ambre, m, 
ambient, adj., ambiant. 
ambigu, n., ambigu, m. 
ambiguous, adj., ambigu. 
ambition, n., ambition, f. 
ambitious, adj., ambitieux. 
ambulance, n., ambulance, f, 
ambulant, adj., ambulant. 
ambuscade, n., embuscade, /. 
ambush, n., embuche, /. 
ambush, v., embusquer. 
ameer, n., 6mir, m. 
ameliorate, v., am^liorer; per- 

amelioration, n., amelioration, 

/.; perfectionnement, tn. 


amen, adv., amen. 
amenable, adj., responsable. 
amend, v., amender; corriger; 

amendment, n., amendement; 

changement, m. 
amends, «., d6dommagement, /«.; 

reparation, /. 
amenity, «., am6nit6, /. 
American, n., Am6ricain, fn.\ 

Am6ricaine, /. 
Americanize, v., naturalizer 

amiability, n., kmabilit^, /. 
amiable, adj., aimable; attray- 

amicably, adv., avec amabilit6. 
amicable, adj,, amical; amiable. 
amid, amidst, prep., au milieu 

amiss, adj., mauvais. 
amiss, adv., mal; to do amiss, 

mal faire. 
amity, n., amiti6, /. 
ammonia, n., ammoniaque, tn, 
ammunition, n., munitions de 

guerre, /. (pi.). 
amnesty, n., amnistie, /. 
among, prep., entre; parmi; avec. 
amorous, adj., amoureux. 
amount, v., se monter; revenir k\ 

amount, n., montant; total, fn,\ 

quantity, /. 
amour, n., amours, /. {pi.), 
ainx)hibia, w.,amphibies, w. {pi.), 
amphibious, adj., amphibie. 
amphitheater, n., amphith'6a- 

tre, m. 
ample, adj., ample; large. 
ami>lifi cation, «., amplification,/, 
amplifier, n., amplificateur, m, 
amply, adv., amplement. 
amputation, n., amputation, /. 
amuse, v., amuser; divertir; dis- 





amnsement, «., amusement; di- 
vertissement, m.; distraction, /. 

amusing, ad/.^ amusant. 

an, art,, un, m.; une, /. 

Anabaptist, n., anabaptiste, m. f. 

anaclironism, n,, anachronisme, 

anagri*Ani9 ^-i anagramme, /. 

analogical, adj.^ analogique. 

analogous, adj.^ analogue. 

analogy, «., analogic, /. 

analysis, n.^ analyse, /. 

analyze, v., analyser; faire Tana- 
lyse de. 

ananas, »., ananas, tn, 

anarcliist, «., anarchiste, m. f. 

anarchy, «., anarchie, /. 

anathema, «., anatheme, m. 

anatomical, adj.^ anatomique. 

anatomist, n.y anatomiste, m. 

anatomize, v., anatomiser. 

anatomy, n., anatomic, /. 

ancestor, «., ancetrc. 

ancestors, «., ancetrcs; aicux, nt. 

anchor, «., ancre, /. 

ancient, «., ancien, m. 

ancient, adj.f ancien; antique. 

and, ccmj., et. 

andante, «., andante, m, 

anecdote, «., anecdote, /. 

anemone, «., anemone, /. 

anew, adv., de nouveau. 

anfractuosity , n . , anf ractuosit^ , /. 

angel, «., ange, m. 

angelica, «., ang^lique, /. 

angelus, «., angelus, m. 

anger, «., colere, /. 

anger, t/., f^cher; irriter; mettre en 

angina, n., angine, /. 

angle, «., angle; coin, m, 

angle, v., pecher a la ligne. 

angljBr, «., pecheur a la ligne, m. 

Anglican, anglican, m.\ angli- 
cane, /. 


Anglo-Saxon, «., Anglo-Saxon, f«. 

angrily, adv., avec colere. 

angry, adj., fich^; en colere; fu- 

anguish, n., angoisse, /. 

animal, »., animal, m. 

animate, adj., anim6. 

animated, adj., anim^. 

animation, «., animation; viva- 
city, /. 

anise, n., anis, tn. 

ankle, «., cheville du pied, /. 

ankle-joint, «., cou-de-pied, tnS 

annals, «., annales, /. {pi.), 

annex, «., annexe, f. 

annexation, «., annexion, f. 

annihilate, v., aneantir; d^truire; 

anniversary, «., anniversaire, w^. 

anno Domini {Latin ex.). Tan 
du Seigneur. . 

annotate, v., annoter. 

announce, v., annoncer. 

announcement, n., annonce, /.; 
avis, m. 

annoy, v., ennuyer; contrarier. 

annoying, adj., ennuyant; con- 

annual, «., annuaire, tn.', plante 
annuelle, /. 

annually, adv., annuellement. 

annuity, n., rente annuelle; an- 
nuity, /. 

annul, v., annuler. 

annular, adj., annulaire. 

annum, n., an, tn. ; per annum, 
par an. 

annunciation, n., annonciation, 
/.; avis, tn, 

anodyne, adj., anodin. 

anoint, v., oindre. 

anomalously, adv., irreguliere- 

anomaly, n., irr^gularite; ano- 
malie, f. 

anon, adv., tout k I'heure; tantdt. 




anonymous, adj.^ anonyme. 
anotlier, <w//., un autre; encore un. 
answer, v.^ r^pondre. 
answer, «., r^ponse, /. 
ant, »., fourmi, /.; ant hill, n.^ 

fourmiliere, /. 
antagonism, »., contestation; op- 
position, /, 
antagonist, »., antagoniste, 7n. 
antagonize, r., lutter; combattre. 
antarctic, adj.^ antarctique. 
antecedent, adj., ant6c6dent. 
antecliamber, «., antichambre, /". 
antediluvial, antediluvian, 

adj.^ ant^diluvien. 
antelope, «., antilope, /. 
antemeridian, adj,, avant midi. 
antenna, n., antenne, /. 
anterior, adj., anterieur. 
antero'om, «., antichambre, /.; 

vestibule, m. 
antliem, «., antienne, /. 
antliolopry, «., anthologie, f. 
antliracite, «., anthracite, ni. 
antliropology, «., anthropolo- 

gie, /. 
antic, «., bouffon, fn.\ bouffon- 

erie, /. 
antic, adj.y grotesque; Strange; 

Antichrist, «., antichrist, m. 
anticipate, v., anticiper; pr^venir; 

s'attendre k. 
anticipated, adj., prematura; 

anticipation, «., anticipation; 

attente, /.; avant gout, m. 
anticonstitutional, adj., anti- 

antidote, n., antidote, ^n. 
antimony, n., antimoine, m. 
antiplirasis, n., antiphrase, m. 
antipode, n., antipode, m. 
antiquarian, adj., antique. 
antique, n., antique; antiquite, /. 
antiquity, n , antiquity, /. 


antiseptic, adj., antiseptique. 

antitliesis, «., antithese, /. 

antre, n., autre, m. 

anvil, n., enclume, /. 

anxiety, «., anxi^t6; inquietude,/. 

anxious, adj., inquiet; d6sireux; 

anxiousness, ff., anxi^t^; inquie- 
tude, /. 

any, adj., quelque; du; de la; del'; 

aorta, n., aorte, /. 

apace, adv., vite; k grands pas. 

apart, adv., k part; de c6t6; en 

apartment, n., chambre, /. 

apathy, n., apathie, /. 

ape, n., singe, m. 

aperient, n., adj., aperitif, m, 

aperitive, adj., aperitif. 

aperture, n., ouverture, /".; ori- 
fice, m. 

aphorism, «., aphorisme, m, 

apiary, n., rucher, tn. 

apiece, adv., la pi^ce; chacun. 

Apocryphal, adj., apocryphe. 

apojjfee, n., apog6e, m. 

apologize, v., faire des excuses. 

apologue, n., apologue, w. 

apology, n., apologie; excuse, /. 

apoplectic, adj., apoplectique. 

apoplexy, n., apoplexie, /. 

apostasy, n., apostasie, /". 

apostate, n., apostat, m, 

apostle, n., apotre, tn. 

apostolic, adj., apostolique. 

apostrophe, n., apostrophe, /. 

apothecary, «., apothicaire; phar- 
macien, m. 

apotheosis, n., apoth^ose, /. 

appalling, adj., effrayant; 6pou- 
vantable; terrifiant. 

apparatus, n., appareil, m, 

apparel, n., habit; vetement, m, 

apparent, adj., apparent; Evi- 




apparently, adv.^ evidemment; 

apparition, n., apparition, /. 
apparitor, «., appariteur, m. 
appeal, v.^ 6voquer a un tribunal 

appeal, «., appel, m, 
appear, v., paraitre; apparaitre. 
appearance, «., apparition, /.; 

aspect, tn. 
appease, v.^ apaiser. 
appellant, n., appelant, m. 
append, v.^ apposer; annexer; at- 

appendix, «., appendice, m. 
appertain, v., appartenir. 
appetite, «., app^tit, m. 
applaud, v., applaudir. 
applause, n., applaudissement, m. 
apple, «., pomme, /. 
apple-sauce, «., marmelade de 

pommes, /. 
apple-tree, «., pommier, m. 
applicable, adj.y applicable. 
applicant, «., postulant; deman- 

deur, tn. 
application, n.y application, /. 
apply, v,y appliquer; addresser; 

appoint, v., nommer; designer. 
appointed, part.y nomm6. 
appointee, «., fonctionnaire 

nomm^, m, 
appointment,//. ,rendez-vous, tn. ; 

appointments, tn. {pL). 
apposition, «., apposition, /. 
appraise, v.y priser; evaluer. 
appraiser, «., estimateur; com- 

missaire-priseur, w. 
appreciable, adj.y appreciable. 
appreciation, «., apprecia- 
tion, /. 
apprebend, z/., apprehender. 
apprentice, «., apprenti, nt. 
apprenticeship, «., apprentis- 

sage, tn. 


apprise, v., apprendre; donner 
avis k, 

apprize, v.y priser; 6 valuer. 

approacb, «., approche, /. 

approacb, z/., approcher. 

approaching, adj.y approchant. 

approbation, «., approbation, /. 

appropriate, adj.y propre. 

appropriate, v.y approprier. 

approval, «., approbation, /. 

approve, v., approuver. 

approximate, v.y se rapprocher; 

approximative, adj.y approxi- 

appui, n.y point d'appui, m. 

apricot, n.y abricot, m. 

April, n.y avril, m. 

apron, «., tablier, tn. 

apt, adj.y sujet; enclin; propre. 

apt, v.y adapter; disposer. 

aptitude, n.y aptitude; dispo- 
sition, f. 

aptly, adv.y a propos; justement, 

aquarelle, n.y aquarelle, f. 

aquarium, n.y aquarium, tn. 

aquatic, adj.y aquatique. 

aqueduct, «., aqueduc, tn. 

aquilon, n. aquilon, m. 

aquose, adj.y aqueux. 

Arab, «., Arabe, tn. f. 

Arabian, n.y Arabe, /«. f. 

arable, adj.y arable; labourable. 

arbiter, «., arbitre, m. 

arbitrament, n., arbitrage, tn. 

arbitrarily, adv.y arbitrairement. 

arbitrary, adj.y arbitraire. 

arbitrate, v.y arbitrer; decider. 

arbitration, «., arbitrage, tn. 

arbitrator, «., arbitre, tn. 

arbor, «., arbre, m. 

arboriculture, «., arboricul- 
ture, /. 

arc, n.y arc, fn. 

arcade, «., arcade, /. 




arc-boa tant 9 n,, arc-boutant, m, 

arcli, n., arche; vo&te, /. 

arcbaism, n., archalsme, tn. 

arcbangel, »., archange, m. 

arclibisliopy «., archevdque, m. 

arcbducbess, «. , archiduchesse, /. 

arcbduke, »., archiduc, tn. 

arcbeology, «., arch^ologie, /. 

arcber, «., archer, tn. 

arcbin^y «., arche; vofite, /. 

arcbipelago, «., archipel, m. 

arcbitect, «., architecte, m. 

arcbitectural, adj\ , architectural. 

arcbitecture, «., architecture, f. 

arcbitrave, «., architrave, f. 

arebive, «., archives, /. {pi.), 

arcbivist, «., archiviste, m, 

arctic, adj.y arctique. 

ardency, «., ardeur, /. 

ardently, adv., ardemment. 

ardor, »., ardeur, /. 

arduous, fliay.,ardu; rude; p^nible. 

area, «., aire; superficie, f. 

areometer, «., areometre, tn. 

ar^il, «., argile, /. 

argue, v., argumenter; raisonner; 
arguer; soutenir. 

argument, «., argument, fn.\ 
these, /. 

argumentation, «., argumenta- 
tion, /. 

arid, adj., aride. 

aridity, «., aridite, /. 

arise, z/., se lever. 

aristocracy, «., aristocratie, /. 

aristocrat, «., aristocrate, tn. f. 

arithmetic, «., arithmetique, /. 

ark, «., coffret, m.\ Noab's ark, 
r arche de Noe, f. 

arm, n., bras; levier, ni. 

arm, v.y armer; donner; prendre 
des armes. 

armcbair, «., fauteuil, m. 

armed, adj., arm6. 

armful, «., brassee, /. 

armistice, n., armistice, m. 


armless, adj\^ sans bras. 

armor, n., armure, /.; arma- 
ment, m, 

arms, «., armes, /. (//.). 

army, «., arm6e, /. 

aromatic, adj., aromatique. 

aromatize, v., aromatiser. 

around, prep., autour de; k Ten- 
tour de. 

arouse, v., r^veiller; exciter. 

arquebuse, «., arquebuse, /. 

arraign, v., traduire en justice; 

arrange, v., arranger; ranger. 

arrangement, «., arrange- 
ment, tn. 

array, «., ordre; appareil, tn. 

arrear, «., arriere, nt. 

arrest, v., arreter; suspendre. 

arrestation, «., arrestation, /. 

arrival, «., arriv6e, /.; arrivage, tn. 

arrive, v., arriver; parvenir. 

arrogance, «., arrogance, f. 

arrogant, adj,, arrogant. 

arrogate, v., s*arroger. 

arrow, «., fleche, /. 

arsenal, «., arsenal, nt, 

arsenic, n., arsenic, tn. 

arson, «., incendie par mal veil- 
lance, tn. 

art, «., art; artifice, tn, 

artery, «., artere, /. 

artesian, adj., art^sien. 

artful, adj., rus6; fin. 

articboke, n., artichaut, tn. 

article, n., article, m. 

articulate, v., articuler; traiter. 

articulation, n., articulation, /. 

artifice, n., artifice, tn. 

artificial, adj., artificiel. 

artillerist, «., artilleur, tn. 

artillery, n., artillerie, f. 

artilleryman, n., artilleur, m. 

artisan, n., artisan; ouvrier, m, 

artist, 71., artiste, m. 

artistic, adj,^ artistique. 




airtless, adj. ing6nu; simple; naif; 

sans art. 
as, conj., comme; ainsi que; selon 

ascend, v., monter; remonter; 

ascendent, n., ascendant, m.\ 

superiority, /. 
ascension, n.^ ascension, /. 
Ascension day, «., jour de 1' As- 
cension, fn. 
ascent, n.^ ascension; inclinai- 

son, /. 
ascertain, z/., assurer; constater. 
ascribe, v., attribuer; imputer. 
asli, ;z., frSne, m. 
ashamed, adj., honteux; confus. 
aslies, «., cendre, f.{pL). 
ashore, adv,^ k terre. 
ash-pit, «., cendrier, m. 
Asb. Wednesday, «., mercredi 

des cendres, m. 
ashy, adj., cendr6; terreux. 
Asiatic, adj.y asiatique. 
aside, adv., de cdt^; k part. 
ask, v.^ demander. 
asleep, adv., endormi. 
asparagrus, n., asperge, /. 
aspect, n., aspect; regard, m. 
aspect, v.y regarder; contempler. 
asperity, «., asp6rit6; apret6, f. 
asphalt, n.y asphalte, tn, 
asphyxia, «., asphyxie, /. 
aspirate, adj., aspire. 
aspirate, v., aspirer 
aspire, v., aspirer. 
ass, n.,, m. 
assail, v.t assaillir; attaquer. 
assailant, n., assaillant, m. 
assailer, n., assaillant, tn. 
assassin, n., assassin, m. 
assassinate, v.^ assassiner. 
assassination, »., assassinat, fn. 
assault, n.f assaut, fn.\ attaque,/. 
assault, v., assaillir; attaquer. 
assay, «., essai, m.\ 6preuve, /. 


assemblage, »., assemblage, m.\ 

assembl^e, /. 
assemble, assembler; r6unir. 
assembly, «. ,assembl6e; reunion,/. 
assent, approuver; consentir. 
assert, v., affirmer; proclamer. 
assertion, assertion; revendica- 

tion, /. 
assess, z/., taxer; imposer. 
assessment, ff. ,cote; imposition,/. 
assessor, «., fonctionnaire charg6 

d'asseoir les impdts, m. 
assets, n.y actif, tn. 
assiduity, «., assiduity, /. 
assiduous, adj., assidu. 
assiduously, adv., assid^ment. 
assign, n., ayant droit; ay ant 

cause, tn. 
assign, v., assigner. 
assignation, n., assignation, /. 
assimilable, adj., assimilable. 
assimilate, v., assimiler; s'as- 

assimilation, n., assimilation, /. 
assist, z/., assister; secourir; aider. 
assistance, n., assistance; aide, /. 
assistant, n., aide; assistant; 

appui, fn. 
assize, «., assises, /. (pL). 
assize, v., taxer; imposer. 
associable, adj., sociable. 
associate, v., associer. 
association, //., association, /. 
assort, v., assortir. 
assortment, «., assortiment, m. 
assume, v., prendre sur soi; assu- 

assuming, adj., arrogant; pr6ten- 

assumption, n., assomption; 

pretention, /. 
assurance, n., assurance, /. 
assure, v., assurer. 
assuredly, adv., assur^ment. 
asterisk, n., ast^rique, fn. 
asthma, n.^ asthme, tn. 




asthmatic, /i^/., asthmatique. 

astonish., v., 6tonner. 

astonishinsTy ^^ 6tonnant. 

astonishment , n . , 6 1 o n n e - 
ment, fn. 

astound, v.y 6tonner; abasourdir. 

astra^r^l, n.^ astragale, m. 

astral, ad/., astral. 

astray, adv., de travers; 6gar6. 

astringent, n., astringent, m. 

astrologer, «., astrologue, m. 

astrology, «., astrologie, /. 

astronomer, «., astronome, m, 

astronomy, «., astronomic, /. 

astute, adj., fin; p6n6trant. 

asunder, adv., s6par6. 

asylum, n., asile, m. 

at, prep., k', dans; en; apres. 

atheism, n., ath6isme, nt, 

atheist, n., ath6e, m. 

Athenian, n., Ath^nien, m.\ Athe- 
nienne, /. 

athlete, n., athlete, m, 

athletic, adj., athl^tique. 

Atlantic, n., Atlantique, /. 

atlas, n., atlas, m, 

atmosphere, «., atmosphere, /. 

atom, n., atome, nt. 

atone, v., expier; racheter. 

atonement, n., expiation, /. 

atrocious, adj., atroce. 

atrocity, n., atrocity, /. 

attach, v., attacher; Her. 

attachment, n., attachement, m. 

attack, n., attaque, /.; acces, m. 

attack, v., attaqiier. 

attain, v., atteindre; parvenir i. 

attainment, n., acquisition; con- 
naissance, /. 

attempt, n., essai; effort, m. 

attempt, z^.,entreprendre; essayer. 

attend, v., s'occuper de; servir. 

attendance, n., attention, /.; ser- 
vice, m. 

attendant, n., assistant; compa- 
gnon, m. 


attention, n., attention, /. 

attentive, adj., attentif; soigneux. 

attentively, adv., attentivement. 

attest, v., attester; temoigner. 

attestation, n., attestation, /.; 
t^moignage, tn. 

attic, n., attique, m, 

attire, n., vStement, wi.; parure, /. 

attire, v., vetir; parer. 

attitude, n., attitude; pose, /. 

attorney,, n., procureur; avou6; 
fond6 de pouvoir, nt. 

attract, v., attirer. 

attractable, adj., attirable. 

attraction, n., attraction, /. 

attractive, adj., attrayant; attrac- 

attribute, «., attribut, m.\ quali- 
ty, /. 

attribute, v., attribuer; imputer. 

attribution, «., attribution, /.; 
61oge, nt. 

auburn, adj., ch^tain. 

auction, n., encan, m.; ench^re, /. 

auctioneer, n., commissaire pri- 
seur, nt. 

auctioneer, v., vendre aux en- 

audacious, adj., audacieux. 

audaciously, adv., audacieuse- 

audacity, «., audace, /. 

audience, n., audience, /.; audi- 
toire, nt. 

audit, n., audition, /. 

audit, v., apurer; verifier descomp- 

auditor, n., auditeur; v6rifica- 
teur, fn. 

auditory, n., auditoire, nt. 

auger, n., tariere; meche, /. 

augment, v., augmenter. 

augmentation, «., augmenta- 
tion, /. 

augur, ft., augure; devin, w. 

augur, v., augurer. 



d/Ugust, adj., auguste. 
.A^u^ust, «., aofit, m. 
a^nnty «., tante, /. 
a^iiricular, ad/., auriculaire. 
aurist, n.y m^decin pour les mala- 
dies de I'oreille, m. 

aurora, «., aurore, /. 

auscultate, v., ausculter. 

auspice, n.f auspice, m. 

austere, adj'.y austere; Spre. 

austral, ad/., austral. 

Australian, adj., australien. 

Austrian, «., Autrichien, m.\ Au- 
trichienne, /. 

autlientic, adj'., authentique. 

authenticity, «., authenticity, /. 

autlior, «., auteur, nt.; cause, /. 

authoress, «., femme auteur, /. 

authority, «., autorit^, /. 

authorization, n . , autorisation , /. 

authorize, v., autoriser. 

autocracy, «., autocratie, /. 

autocrat, //., autocrate, m. 

auto da f^, n., autodaf6, m. 

BJttogvajiliy n., autographe, tn. 

autograph, v., autographier. 

automatic, adj\, automatique. 

automaton, n., automate, m. 

autopsy, n., autopsie, /. 

autumn, »., automne, m. f. 

auxiliary, adj'., auxiliaire. 

avail, «., avantage, fn.\ utility, /. 

avail, v.y profiter k\ servir k. 

available, adj., utile; profitable. 

avarice, «., avarice, /. 

avaricious, oi//*., avare; avaicieux. 

avenge, v., venger. 

avenger, «., vengeur, tn. 

avenue, «., avenue, /. 

aver, v., affirmer; av6rer. 

average, n., prix moyen. 

average, adj'., commun; moyen. 

average, z/.,revenir; terme moyen. 

averse, adj'., oppose; d^favorable. 

aversion, «., aversion, /.; 61oigne- 
ment, tn. 


avert, 2:'.,d6toumer; Eloigner; 6car- 

avidity, «., avidity, /. 

avoid, v., 6viter; fuir. 

avow, v.y avouer; declarer. 

avowal, «., aveu, w. 

await, v.y attendre. 

awake, v., 6veiller; r6veiller. 

award, v., d^cerner; adjuger. 

award, «., arret; d6cret, m.\ sen- 
tence, /. 

aware, adj'., qui sait; instruit. 

away, adv., absent; loin; au loin. 

away I intj'., en avant! loin de moi! 
loin d'ici! 

awe, «., terreur; crainte, /.; ef- 
froi, tn. 

awful, adj'., qui inspire la ter- 

a^w^ulness, «., crainte; terreur, /. 

awhile, adv., pendant quelque 

awkward, adf. , maladroit; gauche. 

awkwardly, adv., gauchement; 
maladroitement . 

awkwardness, «., gaucherie, /.; 
embarras, tn. 

awl, «., alene, /.; poinjon, tn, 

awning, «., tente, /. 

ax, n., hache, f. 

axiom, n., axiome, tn. 

axis, n., axe, m. 

axle, n., essieu, tn. 

ay, aye, adv., oui. 

azote, n., azote, tn. 

azure, n., azur, m. 

azym, «., pain azyme, tn. 


Baal, n., Baal, tn. 

babble, v., babiller; gazouiller. 

babble, «., babil, tn. 

babbler, «., babillard, tn.\ babil- 

larde, f. 
Babel, «., Babel, /".: tower of 

Babel, tour de Babel, f. 




baby, »., enfant nouveau-n6; petit 

enfant; poupon, m,; pouponne; 

poup6e, /. 
babybood, n., bas &ge, /. 
Babylonian, ad/.^ babylonien; de 

baccalaureate, »., baccalau- 

reat, m. 
baccbanal, adj.t ivre; d'orgie; de 

baccbante, n.^ bacchante, /. 
bachelor, «., celibataire; garden; 

bachelier, m. 
back, adv.y en arriere; de retour. 
back, n.y dos; derriere, m.; reins, 

m. ipl.). 
back, v.y faire reculer; soutenir; 

parier pour. 
back-bone, «., 6pine du dos, /. 
back-door, «., porte de derriere, /. 
background, «., terrain de der- 
riere; arriere-plan, m. 
back-room, chambre de derriere,/". 
backward, adj. , arriere; en retard. 
backwards, adv., a reculons; k 

la ren verse; en arriere. 
bacon, «., lard, m. 
bad, adj.f m^chant; mauvais. 
badge, «., plaque; marque, /. 
badly, adv,, mal. 
badness, «., mechancet^. 
baffle, v., confondre; dejouer; 

bag, n., sac; cabas, fn.; bourse, /. 
bag, v., ensacher; mettre en sacs. 
bagatelle, «., bagatelle, /". 
baggage, «., bagage, m. 
bagpipe, «.,cornemuse; musette,/. 
baguet, n., baguette, /. 
bail, «., caution, /".; cautionne- 

ment, m. 
bail, v., cautionner. 
bailable, adj., qui pent etre admis 

k fournir caution. 
bailee, n., depositaire, m. f. 
bailer, «., deposant, m. 


bait, v., amercer. 

bait, «., amorce, /.; appat, tn. 

bake, r., cuire au four; faire cuire 

au four. 
bakebouse, n., foumil, tn. 
baker, «., boulanger, m. 
bakery, «., boulangerie, /. 
baking, n., cuisson, /. 
balance, «., balance,/. ;6quilibre,/«. 
balance, v., balance; ponderer. 
balance-sheet, «., balance, /.; 

bilan, m. 
balancing, »., balancement, fn. 
balcony, «., balcon, tn. 
bald, adj., chauve. 
baldachin, n., baldaquin, tn. 
baldhead, «., tete chauve, /. 
baldness, «., calvitie, /. 
bale, «., balle, /.; ballot; colis, fn. 
bale, v., emballer. 
balk, «., d^sappointement, fn, 
balk, v., frustrer; entraver. 
ball, «., boule, /. 
ball, «., bal, m. 
ballad, n., ballade; romance, /. 
ballast, n., lest, m.; ballast, fn. 
ballet, n.f ballet, nt. 
ballistics, n. {pi.)\ balistique, /. 

balloon, «., ballon, tn. 
ballot, «., boule, /.; bulletin, m. 
ballot-box, «., urne du scrutin, f. 
balm, «., baume, tn. 
balmy, adj., embaum6; parfum6. 
balsam, n., baume, tn. 
baluster,«. , rampe, /. , balustre, ni. 
bamboo, «., bambou, tn, 
ban, «., ban, m.\ interdiction, /. 
banana, «., banane, /. 
banana-tree, «., bananier, tn. 
band, «., bande; troupe, /. 
band, v., bander; liguer. 
bandage, «., bandeau; bandage,^. 
bandage-maker, «., banda- 

giste, tn. 
bandit, n., bandit, m. 




bane, poison; fl^au, m.; ruine, /. 

lyang, n.y coup, m. 

l>ang! intj.y pan! 

banisliy v., bannir. 

banislmient, n.y bannissement, 
fn.\ proscription, /. 

bank , « . , terrasse ; rive , /. ; ri vage , m . 

bank, v.y terrasser. 

bank, n., banque, /. 

bank-account, «., compte de 
banque, tn, 

bank-book, «., carnet de ban- 
que, tn. 

bank-clerk, «., commis de ban- 
que, tn. 

banker, «., banquier, m. 

bank-note, «., billet de banque, m. 

bankrupt, «., banqueroutier, m.\ 
banqueroutiere, /.; failli, tn.\ 
faillie, /. 

bankrupt, adj\, en faillite; en 
banqueroute; ruin6. 

bankruptcy, «., banqueroute; 
faillite, /. 

bank-stock, «., actions de bair- 
que, /. {pi.). 

banner, «., banniere, /. 

banns, n. (pi.)t ban de mariage, 
m.; publication de mariage, /. 

banquet, «., banquet; festin, m. 

banquette, «., banquette, /. 

baptism, n.f bapteme, m. 

baptize, v.t baptiser. 

bar, n.y barre, /.; barreau, m. 

bar, V.J barrer; empScher. 

barb, «., barbe, /. 

barbarian, ad/.y barbare. 

barbarian, «., barbare, tn. f. 

barbarous, adj.y barbare. 

barbel, «., barbeau, tn. 

barber, «., barbier, m. 

heirey ad/.y nu; seul; simple. 

bare, v.y d^couvrir; mettre k nu. 

barefoot, adj. , nu-pieds; pieds nus. 

barebeaded, adj'.y nu-t^te; tete 


barelegged, adj.y nu-jambes. 
barely, adv.y ^ peine; seulement. 
bareness, n.y nudit6; pauvret6; 

mis^re, /.; d6nfiment, m. 
bargain, »., march6. 
bargain, v., marchander; faire 

barge, «., barque, /.; bateau, m.; 

canot de parade, m. 
bark, «., 6corce, /. 
bark, v.y aboyer. 
barking, »., aboiement, tn. 
barley, «., orge, /. 
barm, «., levure, /. 
barmaid, n.y fille de comptoir, /. 
barman, « . , gargon de comptoir, m. 
barn, n.y grange, /. 
barn, v.y engranger. 
barometer, «., barom^tre, m. 
• baron, «., baron, m. 
baroness, «., baronne, /. 
barrack, «., caserne, /. 
barrel, n., baril; canon de fusil, m. 
barren, adj.y sterile. 
barrenness, t^.y sterility, /. 
barricade, n.y barricade, /. 
barricade, v., barricader. 
barrier, n.y barri^re; limite, /. 
barrister, n.y avocat, m. 
barrow, «., brouette, /. 
barytone, «., baryton, m. 
base, adj'.y vil; bas; inf^me; in- 

base, n.y base, /.; tondement. 
baseless, adj'.y sans base; sans 

basement, n.y fondation, /. 
basb, v!y rougir; avoir honte; toe 

basbful, adj'.y timide; modeste; 

basbfulness, «., timidit6; mod- 

estie, /. 
basilic, n.y basilique, /. 
basin, n.y bassin; reservoir, m.; 

cuvette, /. 




basis, n., base, /.; fondement, m. 
basket, »., corbeille, /.; panier, m, 
bas-relief, «., bas-relief, tn. 
bass, ff., basse, /. 
bastard, n., b^tard, fn.\ b^tarde, 

/.; enfant naturel, m. 
baste, V.J faufiler; bUtir. 
bastion, n., bastion, m. 
bat, »., b§,ton, m, 
Batavian, «., Batave, m. f. 
batcb, «., foum6e, /. 
batb, n.y bain, m. 
batbe, v.^ baigner. 
batber, «., baigneur, w.; bai- 

gneuse, /. 
baton, «., baton, m.\ baguette, f. 
battalion, »., bataillon, m. 
batter, z/., battre. 
battery, «., batterie, /.; voies de 

fait, /. (//.). 
battle, «., bataille, /".; combat, m. 
battle, v.f se battre; combattre; 

baijvl, v.y crier. 

barrier, «., crieur, m.\ crieuse, /. 
bay, «., baie, /. 
bay, adj., bai. 
bayonet, «., baionnette, /. 
bazaar, ^., bazar, m. 
be, v.y etre. 
beacb, «., rivage, m. 
bead, «., grain de chapelet, m. 
beak, «., bee, m. 
beam, «., poutre, /. 
bean, «., feve, /".; French, bean, 

haricot vert, m. 
bear, «., ours, m.\ ourse, /. 
bear, v., porter; supporter; souffrir. 
beard, «., barbe, /. 
beardless, adj., sans barbe; im- 

bearer, «., porteur, m.\ porteuse, /. 
bearing, «., rapport; maintien,//?. 
bearing-Tvall, «., mur de re- 
fend, tn, 
beast, «., b^te, /. 


beastliness, «., brutality, f. 
beastly, adj., bestial. 
beat, »., battement; son, m, 
beat, v., battre; f rapper. 
beating, «., batterie, /. 
beatitude, «., beatitude; f61icit6, /. 
beau, n.y damoiseau; petit-maitre; 

amant, m. 
beauteous, adj., beau. 
beautiful, adj., beau; superbe. 
beautifully, adv., avec beaut^; 

admirablement; parfaitement bien. 
beautify, v., embellir; orner. 
beauty, n., beauts, /".; charme, fn, 
beaver, n., castor, m. 
because, conj., parce que; a cause 

que; de ce que. 
becbance, adv., par accident. 
become, v., devenir; aller bien k\ 

convenir k. 
becoming, adj., avenant; qui va 


bed, «., lit, m. 

bedchamber, n., chambre k 
. coucher, f. 

bedclothes, «., couvertures, /. 

(pi.)', draps, tn. {pi.). 
bedding, n., literie, /. 
l>edfello'W, n., camarade de lit, tn. 
bedbangings, n., tenture de lit, 

/. (//.). 
bedpost, n., colonne de lit, /. 
bedroom, n . , chambre a coucher, f. 
bedside, n., ruelle, /.; bord du 

lit, m. 
bedstead, n., bois de lit, tn, 
bedstraw, n., paillasse, /. 
bedtime, n., heure de se coucher, 

,/.; temps de se coucher, m. 

bee, n., abeille; mouche k miel, /. 
beecb, n., hetre, m. 

beef, n., boeuf, tn. 
beefsteak, n., bifteck, m. 
beehive, «., ruche, /. 
beehouse, n., rucher, m. 
beer, «., biere, /. 




beer-house, «., taverne, /. 
"beet, n.y betterave, /. 
l>efall, v.y arriver a; 6choir. 
before, prep.y avant; devant; par 

before, adv.y auparavant; en 

l>ef ore, conj. , avant que; plutot que. 
beforehand, adv.^ par avance; 

l>eforetline, a^z^., autrefois. 
befriend, z/., favoriser; §tre Tami 

be^, z/., mendier; demander; prier. 
beggar, «., mendiant, fn.\ men- 

diante, /. 
beggarly, adj,, ch^tif; pauvre; 

begin, v., commencer. 
beginner, «., commen^ant, fn.\ 

commen^ante, /.; • debutant, m.\ 

debutante, /. 
beginning, «., commencement, w. 
begone! intj. ,va-t*en! allez-vous-en! 

retire-toi! retirez-vous! loin d*ici! 
belialf, n.y faveur; part, /. 
behave, v.y se comporter; se con- 

behavior, «., conduite; tenue, /., 

manieres, f.{pl.). 
behead, v., d^capiter; decoUer. 
beheading, «., decapitation, /. 
behind, ^r^/., derriere; apres 
behold, v.y voir; regarder; contem- 

behold! tnfj\, vois! voyez! voici! 

voil4! tenez! 
being, n.y 6tre, tn.; existence, /. 
belated, adj.y attarde; anuit6. 
belfry, n.y clocher; belfroi, m. 
Belgian, «., Beige, m. f. 
belie, v.y contrefaire; calomnier. 
belief, «., foi; croyance, /. 
believe, v.y cit)ire. 
believer, «., croyant, m.; croy- 

ante, /.; fidele, m. /. 


bell, n.y cloche; clochette, /.; son- 

nette, /. 
belle, n.y belle, /. 
belles-lettres, «., belles-let- 
tres, f.{pl.). 
bell-foundry, «., fonderie de 

cloches, /. 
belligerent, «., bellig^rant, m. 
bellows, n. (pi.)y soufflet, m. 

belong, v.y appartenir; 6tre k. 
beloved, adj.y ch6ri; bien-aim6; 

belo>v, prep.y sous; en dessous de. 
belt, n.y ceinturon, m. 
belt, v.y attacher; ceindre. 
belting, n.y ceinture, /. 
beneli, «., banc, w.; banquette, /.; 

6tabli, m. 
bend, v.y plier; courber. 
bending, adj.y courb6; pench6. 
beneath, prep.y sous; au-dessous 

beneath, adv.y dessous; au-des- 

sous; en bas. 
benedietine, n.y b^nedictin, tn.; 

b6n6dictine, /. 
benediction, «., benediction, /".; 

benedicite, m. 
benefactor, n.y bienfaiteur, m. 
benefactress, «., bienfaitrice, /. 
benefice, n.y benefice, m. 
beneficence, «., bienfaisance, /. 
beneficial, adj.y bienfaisant; salu- 

taire; avantageux; utile. 
benefit, «., bienfait; service; bene- 
fice; a vantage, nt. 
benefit, v.y avoir du benefice; faire 

du bien. 
benevolence, «., bienveillance; 

bonte; bienfaisance, /. 
benevolent, adj.y bienveillant; 

bent, n.y pli; penchant, nt. 
benumb, v.y engourdir; glacer. 
bequeath, v.y leguer; laisser. 




bequeather, n., testateur, m.; 

testatrice, /. 
bequest, n., leg^s; heritage, m. 
bereave, v., d^pouiller; priver. 
bereavement, «., privation, /. 
berlln, «., beriine, /. 
berry, «., grain, m.; baie, /. 
beseecb, z/., supplier; conjurer; 

beseeeher, IX., suppliant, m.; sup- 

pliante, /. 
beseechingly »•. supplication, /. 
beside, prep,, k c5te de; aupres de; 

beside, besides, adv., d'ailleurs; 

en outre. 
beside tbat, conj.^ outre que. 
besiege, v.^ assi^ger. 
besiegr^d, n.^ assi6g6, m, 
best, adj,^ meilleur; le meilleur; le 

best, adv,^ mieux; le mieux. 
bestow, v.y donner; consacrer. 
bet, «., pari, fn.\ gageure, /. 
bet, z/., parier; gager; faireunpari. 
betray, z/., trahir; livrer; aban- 

betrayer,«. ,traitre,wf. ; traitresse,/. 
betroth, z/., fiancer; accorder. 
betrothed, «., fianc6; accord^, m.\ 

fiancee; accord^e, /. 
betrothing, «., fiangailles; accor- 

dailles, /. (^/.)'. 
better, adj.^ meilleur. 
better, adv.^ mieux. 
better, v.^ am^liorer; avancer. 
betting, «., pari, m. 
between, prep., entre. 
bevel, adj., de biais; en biseau. 
beverage, «., breuvage, in.\ 

boisson, /. 
bewail, v., se lamenter. 
bew^ailing, «., lamentation, /. 
bew^are, v., se garder; prendre 

bewitch, z/., enchanter. 


bewitching, adj.^ enchanteur; 

bey, If., bey, m. 
beyond, prep,^ deU; par deU; au 

del& de. 
beyond, adv.^ lii-bas. 
bias. If., biais, m, 
Bible, »., bible, /. 
biblical, adj., biblique. 
bibliography, «. , bibliographie,/. 
bibliomaniac, n., bibliomane, m. 
bibliophilist, »., bibliophile, m. 
bid, v., offrir; ench6rir. 
bid, «., ench^re, /. 
bidder, «., ench6risseur, tn. 
biennial, o^'., biennal; bisannuel. 
bier, «., cercueil, m. 
bifurcation, «., bifurcation, /. 
big, adj., gros. 
bigamist, n., bigame, m. f. 
bigamy, n., bigamie, /. 
bigot, «., bigot; cagot, m.\ bigote; 

cagote, /. 
bigotry, «., bigoterie; cagoterie, /. 
bilateral, adj., bilateral. 
bile, n., bile, /. 
biliary, adj., biliaire. 
bilious, adj., bilieux. 
bill, n., note, facture, /.; compte, 

m.; billet; eflFet, m. 
billet-doux, n., billet doux, m. 
billiard-room, «., salle de bil- 

lard, /. 
billiards, n. {pi.), billard, tn. 

billiard-table, n., billard, m.', 

table de billard, /. 
bind, v.. Her. 
binder, «., relieur, m. 
bindery, n., atelier de relieur, tn. 
binding, n., reliure, /. 
binocle, «., binocle, m. 
biographer, «., biographe, tn. 
biography, «., biographic, /. 
birch, «., bouleau, m. 
bird, n., oiseau, f». 




bird-like, adj., comme un oiseau. 
birtli, »., naissance, /. 
birtliday, «., jour de nais- 

sance, m. 
birthplace, «., lieu natal, m, 
bis, adv,, bis. 
biscuit,' «., biscuit, m. 
bisect, v,y diviser en deux parties 

bisbop, «., 6veque, w. 
bissextile, «., ann^e bissextile, /. 
bit, «., morceau, w.; piece, /.; 

peu, m. 
bitcb, «., chienne, /. 
bite, z/., mordre. 
biting, «., morsure, /. 
bitter, adj., amer. 
bitter, «., amer, m,\ amertume, /. 
bitterly, adv,, avec amertume; 

bitterness, «., amertume, /. 
bivouac, «., bivouac, m, 
black, v., noircir. 
black, «., noir, nt, 
black, adj., noir. 
blackberry, «., miire sauvage, /. 
blackbird, «., merle, m. 
blacken, v., noircir. 
blacking, «., cirage, m, 
blackmail, «., fraude; extorsion; 

exaction, /. 
blacksmith, «., forgeron, m. 
bladder, «., vessie; v6sicule, /. 
blade, «., lame, /. 
blamable, adj., bl^mable. 
blame, v., blS,me, m., faute, /. 
blame, «., blftmer; reprendre. 
blameful, adj., coupable; bla- 
blanc-mange, «., blanc-man- 

ger, m. 
blank, adj., blanc; en blanc. 
blanket, n., couverture, /. 
blaspheme, v., blasphemer. 
blasphemy, «., blaspheme, m. - 
blast, n,, souffle, m. 


blast-furnace, «., haut four- 

neau, m. 
blaze, n., flamme, /.; feu, tn. 
blaze, v., 6tre en flammes; Cam- 
ber; brfiler. 
blazing, adj., flamboyant; brillant. 
blazon, n., blason, m. 
bleach, v., blanchir. 
bleaching, n., blanchiment, m. 
bleach- works, »., blanchisserie,/. 
bleed, v., saigner. 
bless, v., b6nir; charmer. 
blessed, adj., b6ni; bienheureux. 
blessing, n., benediction, /.; 

bonheur, fn. 
blind, adj., aveugle. 
blind, «., store, fn.\ jalousie, /. 
blind, v., aveugler; bander les 

yeux a. 
blindness, «., excite, /.; aveugle- 

ment, tn. 
block, «., bloc; billot, m. 
block, v., bloquer. 
blockade, n., blocus, m. 
blockade, v., bloquer; faire le 

blocus de. 
bloekheaded, adj., sot; stupide. 
blood, n., sang, 'tn. 
bloodshed, n., eflFusion de sang, /. 
bloodthirsty, adj., sanguinaire. 
bloody, adj., de sang; sanglant; 

bloom, v., fleurir; etre edatant. 
blossom, n., fleur, /. 
blossom, v., fleurir; etre en fleur. 
blot, n., tache, /. 
blot, v., tacher; noircir. 
blotting-paper, «., papier 

brouillard, m. 
blo'w, n., coup, m. 
blovr, v., souffler. 
blowpipe, n., chalumeau, m. 
blue, adj., bleu; azur. 
bluish, adj., bleuatre. 
blunder, «., bevue; grosse faute, /. 
blunder, v., faire une bevue. 




blunt, v.t ^mousser. 

blush, z/., rougir. 

boa, n.f boa, m. 

boar, «., verrat, m. 

board, IX., planche; table; pension; 
nourriture, /. 

board, z/., 6tre, se mettre en pen- 

boarder, «., pensionnaire, m. f. 

boardlngr-house, «., pension 
bourgeoise, /. 

boardln$^-school, «., pension; 
institution, /.; pensionnat, m, 

boast, v., se vanter de. 

boaster, n., vantard,fii. 

boat, n.^ bateau; canot, m. 

boatman, or boatsman, ix., 
batelier, m. 

bobbin, «., bobine, /. 

bodily, (idj,y corporel; materiel. 

body, «., corps, m. 

body-guard, «., garde du corps, /. 

boll, z/., faire bouillir; bouillir. 

boll, «., furoncle; clou, m. 

boiler, «., bouilleur, w.; chau- 
di^re, /. 

bold, adj.^ hardi; audacieux; 

bolt, «., verrou, m. 

bomb, «., bombe, /. 

bombard, v., bombarder. 

bombardment, «., bombarde- 
ment, m. 

bona-flde, adj., s6rieux et de 
bonne foi. 

bond, «., lien; engagement, m. 

bond, z/., entreposer. 

bondsman, n,y caution, /. 

bone, «., OS, w.; arete, /. 

boneless, adj.^ sans os. 

bonnet, m., chapeau, m. 

bonnet- box, «., carton k cha- 
peau, nt. 

bonus, «., boni; don gratuit, tn, 

bony, adj.^ osseux; fort. 

book, «., livre; cahier, tn. 


bookbinder, n.^ relieur, tn, 
bookbinding, n., reliure, /. 
bookcase, »., bibliotheque, /. 
booking-office, ix., bureau, m. 
bookkeeper, nl^ teneur de 

livres, m. 
bookkeeping, ix., comptabilit6; 

tenue des livres, /. 
bookseller, »., libraire, m. 
boot, «., botte; bottine, /.; brode- 

quin, m. 
bootb, n., baraque, / 
bootjack, »., tire-botte, m. 
booty, «., butin, m. 
borax, ix., borax, m. 
border, «., bord, nt,\ bordure; 

fronti^re, /. 
bore, z'., percer; forer; impor- 

boreal, adj.^ boreal. 
borer, «., perjoir, in.\ vrille, /. 
born, part., n6; de naissance. 
borough, «., bourg, tn. 
borrovr, z^., emprunter. 
borrower, «., emprunteur, tn, 
bosom, n,, sein, m. 
botanic, or botanical, adj.^ 

botanist, n., botaniste, tn. /. 
botany, «., botanique, /. 
both, adj\y Tun et Tautre; les deux; 

tous les deux; tous deux. 
both, adv., tant. 
bother, z/., ennuyer; tracasser. 
bottle, «., bx)uteille, /. 
bottle, z/., mettre en bouteille. 
bottled, part.y en bouteille. 
bottom, n.y fond, m. 
bottomless, adj,, sans fond. 
boudoir, «., boudoir, m. 
bound, z/., bomer; limiter. 
bound, v.y bondir. 
boundary, «., limite; borne, /. 
boundless, adj., sans bornes; 

bounteous, adj., liberal. 




lK>unty, «., bienfaisance; lib^ra- 
lit6, /. 

bouquet, «., bouquet, m, 

boiv, z'., courber; incliner. 

boiv, «., saliit, m,\ courbette, /. 

boiv, «., arc, tn, 

Ijioivl, «., bol, m, 

boTV'Iin^, «., jeu de boule, m. 

box, «., boite, /. 

box, v.y boxer; se boxer. 

boxer, «., boxeur, tn, 

box-tree, «., buis, tn, 

boy, «., gargon; petit gargon; en- 
fant, m. 

boybood, «., enfance, /. 

boyish, adj., pu6ril; d'enfant; en- 
fan tin. 

bracelet, «., bracelet, tn. 

bracing, adj., fortifiant; salutaire. 

bracket, «., crochet, m.\ console, /. 

brain, «., cerveau, m. 

bralce, «., frein, tn. 

bran, n., son, m. 

branch, «., branche, /. 

brand, «., marque, /. 

brandisher, n., personne qui 
brandit, /. 

brandy, «., eau-de-vie, /. 

brass, «., cuivre jaune, m. 

brass-foundry, «., fonderie de 
cuivre, /. 

brass->vorlc, «., objet; ouvrage 
de cuivre, /. 

brass- vrorlcs, n. (pi.), usine k 
cuivre, /. 

brave, adj., brave; vaillant. 

brave, v., braver. 

bravely, adv., courageusement; 

bravery, n., bravoure, /. 

bravo 1 intj., bravo! 

Brazilian, adj., br^silien. 

breach, n., breche; rupture, /. 

bread, n., pain, m. 

breadth, n., largeur, /. 

break, v., casser; briser. 


breakfast, n., d^je^nex*, tn. 

breakfast, v., d^jetiner. 

breakwater, «., brise-lames, m., 
digue, /. 

breath, n., haleine, /. 

breathe, ^^, respirer. 

breathless, adj., essoufl^. 

bred, part., 61ev6. 

breeches, «.(^/.),culotte,/.(«>i^.). 

breed, v., Clever. 

breed, n., race; couv6e, /. 

breeze, n., brise, /.; vent, m. 

brethren, n., freres, m.(pL). 

brevet, n., brevet, m. 

breviary, «., br6viaire; abr6g6,wi. 

brewer, n., brasseur, tn. 

brewery, n., brasserie, /. 

bribe, n., present, m. 

bribe, v., gagner; corrompre; su- 

briber, n., suborneur; corrupteur, 
tn.', corruptrice, /. 

bribery, n., corruption; seduc- 
tion, /. 

brick, n., brique, /. 

bricklayer, n., ma^on en 
briques, tn. 

brickmaker, n., briquetier, m. 

bride, «., nouvelle marine; 6pous6e; 
fiancee, /. 

bridemaid, c?^ bridesmaid, «., 
demoiselle d'honneur, /. 

bridge, n., pont, m. 

bridle, n., bride, /. 

brief, adj., bref; court. 

brier, n., ronce, /.; 6glantier, m. 

brigade, n., brigade, /. 

brigadier, n., general de bri- 
gade, m. 

brigand, n., brigand, m. 

brigandage, n., brigandage, m. 

bright, adj., brillant; clair; 6cla- 

brighten, v., faire briller. 

brilliant, adj., brillant; Matant. 

brimstone, n., soufre, tn. 




bringr* V,, apporter; amener; con- 

brisk, ad/., vif; piquant; anim6; 

briskly, adv., vivement. 

brl tannic, ad;., britannique. 

British, adj. J britannique; an- 

brittle, ad/.y fragile; cassant. 

broad, adj., large; grand. 

broadsword, «., sabre, m. 

broil, v., griller. 

broken, adj., cass6; bris6; navr6. 

broker, «., courtier; fripier, m. 

bronchitis, «., bronchite, /. 

bronze, «., bronze, m, 

brooch, «., broche, /. 

brood, «., couv6e, /. 

brook, n., ruisseau, m. 

broom, »., balai, m. 

broth, n.f bouillon, m. 

brother, «., frere, nt. 

brotherhood, «., fraternity ; con- 
fr6rie, /. 

brotherless, ad/., sans frere. 

brotherly, adj., fraternel. 

brow, «., sourcil, m. 

brown, adj., brun; sombre. 

brownish, adj., brun^tre. 

browse, v., brouter. 

bruise, v., meurtrir. 

brunette, «., brune; brunette. 

brush, «., brosse, /.; pinceau, m. 

brush, v., brosser. 

brutal, adj'., brutal; cruel. 

brutality, «., brutality ; cruant6, /. 

brutalize, v., abrutir. 

brute, n., brute; bete, /.; brutal, m. 

bubble, «., bulle d'air, /. 

buck, «., daim; bouc, tn. 

bucket, «., seau, m. 

buckle, n., boucle, /. 

buckwheat, n., sarrasin, m. 

bucolic, adj., bucolique. 

bud, v., bourgeonner; s*6panouir; 


budgr^, v., bouger. 

budgret, «., budget, m. 

buff, «., buflBe, m. 

buffalo, fi., bufBe, m. 

buffet, «.. buffet, m. 

buffoon, «., bouffon, tn. 

bug, «., punaise, /. 

bugbear, n., 6pouvantail; loup- 

garou, m. 
bugle, n., cor de chasse, m. 
build, v., construire; bMir. 
builder, «., entrepreneur de bSti- 

ments, m. 
building, n., construction, /.; 

Edifice; b^timent; monument, tn, 
bulb, «., bulbe, /. 
bulk, «., volume, tn.; masse, /. 
bulky, adj., gros; volumineux. 
bull, n.f taureau, m. 
bulldog, n., dogue, m. 
bullet, «., balle, /. 
bulletin, n., bulletin, m. 
bull-fight, «., combat de tau- 

reaux, m. 
bullion, «., lingot, m, 
bump, «., bosse, /.; coup, tn. 
bunch, «., grappe, /.; trousseau 

de cl6s, m. 
bundle, n., paquet, m. 
bundle, v., empaqueter. 
bunion, n., oignon, m. 
burden, n., fardeau, m.; charge, /. 
burden, v., charger. 
burdensome, adj., on6reux; 

lourd; ennuyeux. 
bureau, «., bureau, m, 
burgh, «., bourg, m. 
burgher, «., bourgeois; citoyen,w. 
burglar, «., voleur, m. 
burial, «., enterrement,.w.; sepul- 
ture, /. 
burial-ground, «., cimetiere, m. 
burin, «., burin, m. 
burlesque, adj., burlesque. 
burn, «., bnilure, /. 
burn, v., bruler. 




bixrst, v.t crever; 6clater; faire 

l>iiry, V,, enterrer; ensevelir. 
t>iisli9 n\, buisson, m, 
busliel, »., boisseau, m. 
t>iisiness, «., affaire; occupation, 

/.; affaires, /. (pL). 
busy, adj.^ affair^; occupy; actif. 
t>iit, conj.^ mais. 
l>iit, adv,y seulement; ne. . . que. 
l>xi teller, n.y boucher, tn. 
trateliery, «., boucherie, /. 
l>iitler, «., sommelier, tn, 
butter, «., beurre, m, 
buttercup, «., bouton d'or, tn, 
butterfly, «., papillon, m. 
buttermilk, «., petit-lait, m. 
button, «., bouton, m. 
button, z/., boutonner. 
buttonhole, «., boutonniere, /. 
buy, v., acheter. 
buyer, «., acheteur, tn. 
by, prep., pres de; aupres de; a 

c6t6 de. 
by and by, adv., tout k I'heure. 
bygone, aflj/"., pass6; qui n'est plus. 
by-la vr, «., r6glement, tn. 
by-name, «., sobriquet, tn. 
by-stander, «., spectateur, tn.\ 

spectatrice, /. 
byway, «., chemin d6toum6, tn. 
Byzantine, adj., byzantin. 

cab, «., cabriolet, fiacre, tn. 
cabalistic, adj., cabalistique. 
cabbage, n., chou, tn. 
cabbage-liead, n., pomme de 

chou, /. 
cabin, «., cabane, /.; cabine, /. 
cabin-boy, «., mousse, tn. 
cabinet, n., cabinet, tn, 
cabinet-council, «., conseil des 

ministres, tn. 
cabinet-maker, «., 6b6niste, tn. 
cablGf ».| c&ble, tn. 


cabriolet, «., cabriolet, tn, 

cacao, n., cacao, tn. 

cactus, n., cactus^ tn. 

cadaverous, adj., cadav^reux. 

cadence, n., cadence, /. 

cage, «., cage, /. 

cajole, v., cajoler. 

cake, n.y gateau, tn. 

calamity, «., calamity, /. 

calculate, v., calculer; compter. 

calculation, n., calcul, tn. 

caldron, «., chaudiere, /. 

calendar, «., calendrier, tn. 

calends, «., calendes, /. (//.). 

calf, «., veau, tn. 

calibre, «., calibre, tn. 

calico, n., calicot, tn. 

call, «., appel, tn.\ visite, /. 

call, v., appeler; crier. 

calligraphy, «., calligraphic, /. 

calling, M., appellation; profession; 
vocation, /.; metier, tn. 

callous, adj., calleux; endurci. 

calm, n. and adj., calme, tn. 

calm, v., calmer. 

calmly, adv., avec calme; tran- 

caloric, n., calorique, tn. 

calumniate, v., calomnier. 

calumniator, ».,calumniateur,;if. 

calumny, n., calomnie, /. 

calvary, «., calvaire, tn. 

calvinlst, n., calviniste, tn. f. 

cambric, n., batiste, /. 

camel, «., chameau, tn. 

camel's hair, «., poil de cha- 
meau, tn. 

camp, «., camp, tn. 

camp, v., camper. 

campaign, «., campagne, /. 

campanula, n., campanule, /. 

camphor, «., camphre, tn. 

can, n., bidon, tn.-, burette, /. 

can, v., pouvoir; savoir. 

canal, n., canal, tn. 

canary-bird, «., canary, tn. 




cancel, v., annuler; resilier; can- 

cancelation, »., cancellation, /. 

cancer, «., cancer, m. 

candelebrum, »., cand^labre, tn. 

candid, adj., candide; franc. 

candidate, n.^ candidal; aspi- 
rant, m, 

candle, »., chandelle,/. 

candlestick, »., chandelier, m. 

candor, n., candeur; franchise, /. 

cane, «., canne, /. 

cane, v,, donner des coups de can- 
ne k. 

cannibal, n., cannibale, m.\ an- 
tropophage, m, f, 

cannon, n., canon, m, 

cannon-ball, n., boulet de 
canon, m, 

canoe, «., canot, fn.\ pirogue, /. 

canopy, «., dais; pavilion; balda- 
quin, tn. 

cantata, «., cantate, /. 

canteen, «., cantine, /. 

canticle, «., cantique, nt. 

canton, «., canton, m. 

canvas, «., canevas, m.\ toile, /. 

canvass, v. , soUiciter des suffrages. 

cap, n.y bonnet, m. 

capability, «., capacity, /. 

capable, a^^'., capable; susceptible. 

capacious, adj., ample; vaste; 

capacity, «. , capacite, /. ; qualite, /. 

cape, n.y pelerine, /. 

capias, n.y mandat d'amener; man- 
dat d' arret, m. 

capillary, adj., capillaire. 

capital, n.y capital; chapiteau, m. 

capitalist, n.y capitaliste, tn. 

capltol, n.y capitole, tn. 

capitulate, v.y capituler. 

capitulation, n.y capitulation, /. 

cai>on, n.y chapon, tn. 

caprice, «., caprice, tn. 

capricious, adj.y capricieux. 


Capricorn, »., capricome, fit. 

capsize, v.y chavirer. 

capstan, n.y cabestan, tn, 

captain, n.y capitaine, tn. 

captation, «., capture, /. 

captivate, v.y captiver. 

captive, n.y captif, w.; captive, /. 

capture, «., capture; prise, f. 

capuchin, «., capucin, tn.\ capu- 
cine, /. 

car, n.y char; chariot, tn. 

carabine, »., carabine, /. 

carapiel, n.y caramel, tn, 

carat, n.y carat, tn. 

caravan, «., caravane, /. 

carbonate, «., carbonate, tn, 

carbonic, adj.y carbonique. 

carbonize, v.y carboniser. 

carbuncle, «., charbon, tn. 

card, n.y carte, /. 

cardiac, a^'., cardiaque; fortifiant. 

cardinal, n.y cardinal, tn. 

card-room, «., salle de jeu, /. 

card- table, «., table de jeu, /. 

care, «., souci; soin, tn. 

care, v.y se soucier; s*inqui6ter. 

career, «., carriere, /. 

careful, adj.y soigneux; attentif. 

carefully, adv.y soigneusement; 

carefulness, «., soin, wi.; atten- 
tion, /. 

careless, adj.y sans souci; ne- 

carelessness, «., insouciance; 
negligence; nonchalance, /. 

caress, v.y caresser. 

care>vorn, adj. yus6 par les soucis. 

cargo, n.y cargaison, /.; charge-, 
ment, tn. 

caricature, n.y caricature, /. 

carmine, «., carmin, tn. 

carnage, «., carnage, tn. 

carnation, n.y ceillet, tn. 

carnival, n.y car naval, tn. 

carnivorous, adj.y carnivore. 




oarotld, «., carotide, /. 

carp, «., carpe, /. 

carpenter, «., charpentier, fn.\ 

menuisier, fn. 
carpentry, «., charpenterie; me- 

nuiserie, /. 
carpet, «., tapis, m. 
carria|2fe, «., voiture, /. 
carrier, «., porteur; voiturier, m. 
carrot, «., carotte, /. 
carry, z/., porter; mener; emporter. 
cart, n.y charrette, /. 
cart, z^., carrier; voiturer. 
carte, «., carte, /.; menu, m. 
Oartliagenian, «., Carthaginois, 

m.\ Carthaginoise, /. 
cartilage, «., cartilage, m. 
cart-load, «., charretee, /. 
cartoon, «., carton, tn. 
car touch, «., cartouche, nt. 
cartridge, «., cartouche, /. 
cart-shed, «., hangar, tn. 
cart'wxlght, «., charron, m. 
carve, z/., tailler; graver; decouper. 
carving, «., action de decouper; 

sculpture, /. 
cascade, «., cascade, /. 
case, «., 6tui, ;«.; caisse, /. 
cash, «., argent; numeraire, /«.; 

especes, f.{pl.). 
cash, v., escompter; recevoir; 

cash-account, «., compte de 

caisse, m. 
cash-book, «., livre de caisse, m. 
cash-box, «., cassette; caisse, /. 
cashier, «., caissier, m. 
cask, «., baril, tn.; barrique, A; 

tonneau, tn. 
casket, «., cassette, /.; 6crin, tn. 
casque, «., casque, m. 
cassock, «., soutane, /. 
cast, z/., Jeter; lancer; mouler. 
cast, «., moule, tn.; fonte, /. 
castellan, n., chatelain, m. 
casting, n.f moulage, m. 


castle, n., chateau, m. 
castor, «., castor, m. 
castor-oil, «., huile de ricin, /. 
casuist, n.f casuiste, tn. 
cat, «., chat, tn.; chatte, /. 
cataclysm, «., cataclysme, m. 
catacomb, «. , catacombes, /. (pi. ) . 
catalepsy, «., catalepsie, /. 
catalogue, «., catalogue, tn. 
cataract, «., cataracte, /. 
catastrophe, «., catastrophe,/. 
catch, n., prise, /. 
catch, v., attraper; prendre; sur- 

catechism, «., cat^chisme, m. 
categorical, adj., categorique. 
category, n., categoric, /. 
caterer, «., pourvoyeur, m. 
cathedral, «., cath6drale, /. 
Catholic, adj. and «., catho- 

lique, tn. f. 
Catholicism, «., catholicisme, w. 
cat's-eye, «., ceil-de-chat, in. 
cattle, n.y b^tail, w.; bestiaux, 

caullflo>ver, «., chou-fleur, m. 
cause, «., cause, /. 
cause, z/., causer; occasionner. 
cause>vay, «., chauss^e; digue; 

jet6e, /. 
caustic, adj., caustique. 
cauterize, v., cauteriser. 
caution, «., avis, tn.\ precaution; 

caution, z/., aviser; avertir. 
cautious, adj.y prudent; circon- 

cavalcade, «., cavalcade, /. 
cavalier, «., cavalier, m. 
cavalry, «., cavalerie, /. 
cave, «., caver ne, /. 
cavern, «., caverne, /. 
cavity, n., cavite, /. 
cease, v., cesser; discontinuer. 
ceaseless, adj., incessant; con- 





cecity, «., c6cit6, /. 

cedar, «., cedre, m. 

cede, v., cMer. 

cedilla, «., c6dille, /. 

ceiling?, »., plafond, m. 

celebrate, ^^, c616brer. 

celebrity, «., c616brit6, /. 

celerity, «., c616rit6, /. 

celery, «., c61eri, m. 

celestial, ad/.^ celeste. 

cell, «., cellule, /.; comparti- 
ment, m. 

cellar, «., cave, /. 

cellular, ad/., cellulaire. 

celt, n., celte, ni. f. 

cement, «., ciment; mastic, tn. 

cement, v., cimenter. 

cemetery, «., cimetiere, m. 

cense, «., impot, fn.\ taxe, /. 

censor, «., censeur, m. 

censurable, ad/.j blamable. 

censure, «., censure; critique, /.; 
blS,me, m, 

censure, v., censurer; critiquer; 

census, «., recensement; d^nom- 
brement, m. 

centaur, «., centaure, nt. 

centenary, «., centenaire, m. 

center, «., centre, m. 

centi^'ade, ad/., centigrade. 

centigram, «., centigramme, m. 

centime, n., centime, m. 

centimeter, «., centimetre, m. 

central, ad/., central. 

centralization, n., centralisa- 
tion, /. 

centralize, v., centraliser. 

centrifugal, ad/., centrifuge. 

centuple, ad/., centuple. 

century, n., siecle, m. 

cereal, «., c6reale, /. 

cerebral, ad/., cerebral. 

ceremonial, n., ceremonie, /. 

ceremoniously, adv., avec cere- 


ceremony, «., c^r^monie, /. 
certain, ad/., certain. 
certainly, adv., certainement. 
certainty, «., certitude, /. 
certificate, n., certificat, m. 
certify, v., certifier; declarer. 
certitude, n., certitude, /. 
ceruse, «., c6ruse, /. 
cession, n., cession, /. 
chafing-dish, «., r^chaud, m. 
chagrin, n., chag^n, nt.; peau 

de chagrin, /. 
chagrin, n., chagrin; d^pit, m. 
chagrin, v., chagriner; vexer. 
chain, ft., chaine, /. 
chain, v., enchainer. 
chair, n., chaise, /. 
chairman, n., president, m. 
chair-mender, «., rempailleur, 

tn.', rempailleuse, /. 
chalice, n., calice, m.; coupe, /. 
chalk, n., craie, /. 
challenge, n., cartel; defi, m. 
challenge, v., d^fier; provoquer; 

chamber, n., chambre, /. 
chambermaid, n., femme de 

chambre, /. 
chamois, n., chamois, tn.; peau 

de chamois, /. 
champagne, n., vin de cham- 
pagne, m. 
champion, n., champion, nt. 
chance, n., chance, /.; hasard; 

sort, nt. 
chancellor, «., chancelier, nt. 
chandelier, «., lustre, nt. 
change, n., changement, nt.] 

bourse, /. 
change, v., changer. 
changeable, ad/., changeant; 

changer, n., changeur, nt. 
channel, n., canal, nt.; The 

British Channel, la Manche, /. 
chant, V,, chanter. 




chaos, n.^ chaos, m. 
cliapel, «., chapelle, /. 
cliaperon, «., chaperon, m. 
chaperon, z/., chaperonner. 
chaplain, »., chapelain; aumd- 

nier, tn, 
chaplet, »., chapelet, tn, 
chapter, «., chapitre, m. 
char, v,f r^duire en charbon; car- 

character, «., caractere; person- 

nage; r61e, m. 
characteristic, adj.y charact6- 

characterize, v.y caract6riser. 
charade, «., charade, /. 
charcoal, «., charbon de bois, tn. 
charge, «., charge, /.; fardeau, m. 
charge, z/., charger; accuser. 
charitable, adj.y charitable. 
charitably, adv., charitablement. 
charity, «., charity, /. 
charlatan, n., charlatan, tn. 
charm, «., charme, tn. 
charm, v., charmer. 
charmer, «., enchanteur, tn.\ en- 

chanteresse, /. 
charmingly, adv., d'une maniere 

chart, ti.j carte de geographic; 

carte marine, /. 
charter, «., chartre; charte, /. 
charter, z/., instituer par une 

charte; fr^ter; affr^ter. 
chaste, adj., chaste; pudique. 
chastise, v., ch§.tier. 
chastisement, «., chS,timent, tn. 
chastity, «., chastet^; purete, /. 
chat, «., causerie, /. 
chat, v.y causer; jaser. 
chatterbox, «., babillard, tn.\ 

babillarde, /. 
cheap, adj.y a bon march6; 6cono- 

cheapen, v., marchander; dimi- 

nuer la valeur de. 


cheaply, adv., k bon march^; 

cheapness, «., bon march6, tn. 
cheat, «., fourberie; tromperie, /. 
cheat, v.y tromper; tricher. 
cheater, «., fourbe, m. /.; tricheur, 

tn.'y tricheuse, /. 
check, n.y 6chec, tn.-y cheque, tn. 
check- book, «., livre de man- 

dats, tn. 
cheek, «., joue, /. 
cheek-bone, «., pommette, /. 
cheer, «., applaudissement, fn.\ 

acclamation; gait6, /. 
cheer, v., 6gayer; applaudir. 
cheerful, adj.y joyeux; gai. 
cheerfully, adv., gaiment; joy- 

cheerfulness, «., gait6, /. 
cheese, «., fromage, m. 
chemical, adj., chimique. 
che,mise, «., chemise, /. 
chemist, «., chimiste, tn. 
chemistry, «., chimie, /. 
cherish, v., ch6rir. 
cherry, «., cerise, /. 
cherry-tree, «., cerisier, tn. 
cherub, «., ch6rubin, tn. 
chervil, n.y cerfeuil, tn. 
chess, n.y tehees, m.{pi.). 
chess-board, «., 6chiquier, tn. 
chess-player, «., joueur 

d'echecs, tn. 
chest, n.y caisse, /.; coflFre, tn.-y 

poitrine, /. 
chestnut, «., ch^taigne, /. 
chestnut, adj.y chatain; alezan. 
chestnut-tree, «., ch^taignier; 

maronnier, tn. 
chevalier, «., chevalier; cava- 
lier, m. 
chew, v^.y m&cher; ruminer; to 

chew tobacco, chiquer. 
chicane, n.y chicane, /. 
chicane, v., chicaner. 
chick, n.y poussin, tn. 




chicken, »., poulet, m. 
chicken-pox, «., petite v6role 

volante, /. 
chicory, «., chicor^e, /. 
chief, «., chef, fn.\ partie princi- 

pale, /. 
cliiefly, adv., surtout; principale- 

chiffonier, «., chiffonnier, m. 
child, n., enfant/ 9». /. 
childhood, n., enfance, /. 
childish, adj., enfant; pu^ril; en- 

childless, adj., sans enfant. 
chill, adj'.y froid; glac6. 
chill, v.y refroidir; glacer. 
chime, «., carillon, fn. 
chimera, «., chimere, /. 
chimerical, adj., chim^rique. 
chimney, «., chemin6e, /. 
chin, «., menton, m. 
china, «., porcelaine, /. 
Chinese, «. ,Chinois,w. ; Chinoise,/. 
chip,«.,copeau; fragment; 6clat, w. 
chisel, «., ciseau, fn. 
chisel, v., ciseler. 
chivalrous, adj., chevaleresque. 
chivalry, «., chevalerie, /. 
chocolate, «., chocolat, m. 
choice, «., choix, in. 
choir, «., choeur, nt. 
choke, v., .HouflFer; suflFoquer. 
choking, «., ^touflFement, fn.\ suf- 
focation, /. 
cholera, «., cholera, m. 
choose, v., ohoisir; 61ire; pr6f6rer; 

chop, «., tranche, /.; mutton 

chop, cotelette de mouton, /. 
chop, v., couper; hacher. 
chopper, «., couperet, in. 
chorus, n.y choeur, m. 
Christ, «., le Christ, m.\ Jesus 

Christ, J6sus-Christ. 
christen^ v., baptiser. 
Christendom, ;/., chretiente, /. 


Christian, «., chr6tien, #«.; chr6- 

tienne, /. 
Christianism, «., Christia- 

nisme, m. 
Christmas, »., Noel, m. 
chromatic, adj., chromatique. 
chronic, adj., chronique. 
chronology, «., chronologic, /. 
. chronometer, «., chronometre, 

m.\ montre marine, /. 
chum, «., camaradedechambre, nt. 
I church, «., 6glise, /. 
\ churchyard, «., cimeti^re, tn. 
churn, «., baratte, /. 
cicatrice, «., cicatrice, /. 
cicerone, «., cicerone, m. 
cider, «., cidre, tn. 
cinnamon, «., canelle, /. 
cinquefoil, «., quintefeuille, /. 
cipher, «., chiffre; zero, tn. 
circle, «., cercle, tn. 
circle, v., entourer; environner. 
circuit, «., circuit, tn. 
circular, adj., circulaire. 
circulate, v., mettre en circula- 
tion; circuler. 
circulation, n., circulation, /. 
circumcise, v., circoncire. 
circumference, n., circonf6- 

rence, /. 
circumflex, adf., circonflexe. 
circumlocution, «., circonlocu- 

tion, /. 
circumscrihe, v., circonscrire. 
circumstance, n., circonstance, /. 
circus, n., cirque, m. 
cistern, n., citerne; fontaine, /. 
citadel, n., citadelle, /. 
citation, n., citation, /. 
citizen, n., citoyen; habitant, w.; 

habitante, /. 
citizenship, «., droit de cit6, tn. 
citron, n., citron, in. 
city, n., ville; cit6, /. 
civic, adj., civique. 
civil, adj., civil; honn8te; poll. 




civility, «., civilit6; honn6tet6; 
politesse, /. 

civilization, «., civilisation, /. 

civilize, v., civiliser. 

claim, «., demande; pretention; 
reclamation, /. 

claim, v., demander; r6clamer. 

clamor, «., clameur, /.; bruit, m. 

clamor, z/., crier. 

clank, «., cliquetis, m. 

clap, «., coup; battement de 
mains, m, 

clap, v.y frapper; applaudir. 

claret, «., vin de Bordeaux, tn, 

clarify, v.^ clarifier. 

clash, «., fracas; coup; choc, m. 

clasp, n.y fermoir, w.; agrafe, /. 

class, «., classe, /. 

class, v., classer. 

classic, «., adj., classique, m, 

classification, «., classifica- 
tion, /. 

classify, z/., classifier. 

clattering, «., bruit, tn, 

clause, «., clause; proposition, /. 

clavicle, «., clavicule, /. 

claw, «., griff e, /.; ongle, tn. 

claived, adj., arm^ de griff es. 

clay, «., argile; terre glaise, /. 

clean, adj., propre. 

clean, v., nettoyer. 

cleaning, «., nettoyage, tn. 

cleanliness, «., proprete; net- 
tete, /. 

cleanse, v., nettoyer; purifier. 

clear, adj., clair; net; sans tache. 

clear, v., ^claircir; clarifier. 

clearly, adv.y avec clart6; claire- 

clear-sighted, adj., clairvoyant. 

cleave, v., fendre; diviser. 

clemency, n., ciemence, /. 

clement, adj., doux; clement. 

clergy, «., clerg6, m. 

clergyman, n., ecclesiastique. m. 

clerical, adj.^ clerical. 


clerk, n., clerc; commis; em- 

ploye, tn. 
clever, adj., adroit; habile. 
cleverly, adv., adroitement; ha- 

cleverness, «., adresse; habi- 

lete, /. 
client, «., client, tn.; cliente, /. 
cliff, n., falaise, /.; rocher, tn, 
climate, «., climat, tn. 
climb, r.,grimper; monter; gravir. 
clink, «., tintement; cliquetis, tn. 
clink, v., tinter; resonner. 
clip, v., couper; tondre. 
cloak, n., manteau, tn. 
clock, n., horloge; pendule, /. 
clock-maker, n., horloger, tn. 
clock>vork, ti., mouvement 

d'horlogerie, tn. 
cloister, «., cloitre, tn. 
close, adj.\ clos; bien ferm6. 
close, v., clore; fermer; conclure. 
close, n., fin; cloture, /. 
closet, n., cabinet; boudoir, tn.\ 

armoire, /. 
cloth, «., drap, tn. 
clothe, v., vetir; revetir; habiller. 
clothes, n., hardes, /.; habits, tn. 
clothier, n., drapier; tailleur; 

marchand de confection, tn. 
clothing, n., habillement; vete- 

ment, tn. 
cloud, «., nuage, tn.; nue, /. 
cloudy, adj., n^buleux; ten6breux; 

clove, n., clou de girofle, tn. 
clover, n., trefle, tn. 
clo>vn, n., bouffon; paillasse, tn. 
club, «., massue, /.; club, m. 
clumsily,aflfz/., gauchement; mala- 

droitement; grossierement. 
clumsy, adj., grossier; gauche; 

cluster, ;/., grappe, /.; groupe, tn. 
coach, 71., voiture, /. 
coach-maker, «., carrossier, tn. 




coachman, «., cocher, nt. 
coach-stand,*., place de fiacres,/. 
coadjutor, m., coadiuteur. m. 
coa^nilate, ;*., coa^ler. 
coagulation, «.« coagulation. /. 
coal, «., charbon de terre; m.; 

houille, f. 
coal-field, « ., terrain houiller, m. 
coalition. If., coalition, /. 
coal-mine, »., mine de houille. /. 
coarse, aJj., gros; grossier. 
coarsely, adr.^ gfrossierement. 
coarseness, «., grossierete, /. 
coast, «., cote; plage, /.; rivage; 

littoral, fn. 
coast-^iard, «., garde-cote, m. 
coat. If., habit, m. 
coat, z'., habiller; revetir; enduire. 
coax, Z'., amadouer; cajoler; enjoler. 
cobbler, «., savetier, tn. 
cob^reb, «., toile d'araignee, /. 
cock, n.y coq, w. 
cockroach, «., blatte, /. 
cockscomb, w., crete de coq, /. 
coco, «., cacao, w. 
coconut, «., noix de coco, /. 
cocoon, w., cocon, m. 
cod, «., morue, /. 
code, fi.f code, w. 
codicil, ft. J codicille, w. 
coefficient, «., coefficient, w. 
coerce, v., forcer; contraindre. 
coercion, w., coercion, /. 
coffee, ;/., cafe, m. 
coffee-liouse, «., cafe, m. 
coffee-i>ot, «., cafetiere, /. 
coffee-tree, «., cafeier, m. 
coffin, «., cercueil, m.; biere, /. 
cohesion, «., cohesion, /. 
cohort, «., cohorte, /. 
coin, «., encoignure, /.; piece de 

monnaie, f. 
coin, v., monnayer. 
coincide, v., s'accorder; coincider. 
coke, n., coke, m. 
colander, «., passoire, /. 


cold, ad/., froid. 

cold, If., froid; rhume, m. 

coldly, adv., froidement. 

coldness, if., froid, m.\ froideur, /. 

colic, ft., colique, /. 

collapse, v., s'aflFaisser. 

collar, n., col; collier; collet, tn.; 

coUerette, /. 
collar-bone, if., clavicule, /. 
collateral, «., ad/., collateral, fn. 
colleagrue, ft., collegia, »f. 
collect, ft., collecte; quSte, /. 
collect, V.,' recueillir; ramasser; 

collection, ft., assemblage; ras- 

semblement,^.; collection; quete,/. 
collective, ad/., collectif. 
collector, ft., personne qui fait 

una collection, /.; percepteur, fft. 
college, ft., college, fn. 
coUe^an, n., coll6gien, fn. 
collier, «., houilleur; charbon - 

nier, fn. 
colliery, n., houillere, /. 
collision, «., collision, /.; choc, m. 
colloquy,«. ,colloqne; entretien.w . 
colon, n., deux points, m.{pi.). 
colonel, «., colonel, nt. 
colonial, ad/., colonial. 
colonist, «., colon, fn. 
colonization, n., colonisation, /. 
colonize, v., coloniser. 
colonnade, n., colonnade, /. 
colony, «., colonic, /. 
color, «., couleur, /. 
color, v., colorer; colorier; enlumi- 

colorless, ad/., sans couleur. 
colossal, ad/., colossal. 
colossus, n., colosse, tn. 
colt, «., poulain, fn. 
column, n., colonne, /. 
comatose, ad/., comateux. 
comb, n., peigne, fn. 
comb, v., peigner. 
combat, n., combat, m. 




combat, v.y combattre. 

combination, fi., combinaison, /. 

combine, z/., combiner; r^unir. 

combustible, «., adj'.y combus- 
tible, m. 

combustion, »., combustion, /. 

come, v., venir. 

comedian, ».,com6dien, m.; come- 
dienne, /. 

comedy, «., com6die, /. 

comely, adj., avenant; beau; bien- 

comer, «., venant"; venu, m.; 
venue, /. 

comet, «., comete, /. 

comfort, «., aisance; aise,/.; bien- 
etre, wi. 

comfort, v.t conforter; soulager; 
consoler; encourager. 

comfortable, adj., k son aise; 
pos6; confortable. 

comical, adj.f comigue; drole. 

comma, «., virgule, /. 

command, «., commandement,w. 

command, z/., commander; avoir 
k sa disposition; disposer. 

commander, n.y commandant, m. 

commandment, «., commande- 
ment, tn. 

commemorable, adj., memo- 
rable; notable. 

commemorate, v., c6iebrer; 

commemoration, «., sou- 
venir, m. 

commence, v., commencer. 

commencement, «., commence- 
ment; debut, tn. 

commend, v., louer; recomman- 

commensurable, adj'.y commen- 

comment, «., commentaire, m. 

comment, v., commenter. 

commerce, «., commerce; 
^change, m. 


commercial, adj'., commercial; 

commiseration, n., commisera- 
tion, /. 

commissary, «., commissaire, ^/i. 

commission, n., commission, /.; 
brevet, m. 

commit, v., commettre; envoyer 
en prison. 

commitment, «., perpetration, 
/.; mandat de dep6t, tn. 

committee, «., comite, m.\ com- 
mission, /. 

commode, «., commode, /.; 
buffet k etagere, tn. 

commodious, adj'., commode; 

common, «., commune, /.; com- 
munal, m. 

common, fl^*.,commun; ordinaire; 
vulgaire; simple. . 

commonly, adv., ordainairement. 

commonplace, adj., banal. 

commonwealth, «., chose pub- 
lique; republique, /. ; etat; gouverne- 
ment, tn. 

commotion, «., compaotion, /. 

commune, v., conferer; parler; 

communication, «., communi- 
cation, /. 

communicative, adj'., communi- 

communion, «., communion, /.; 
commerce, tn.; relations, /. (pi.). 

community, «., communaute, /. 

commutation, «., commutation, 
/.; echange, tn. 

commute, v., commuer; changer. 

compact, n.\ pacte; contrat, nt.; 
convention, /. 

compact, adj., compact; serre; lie; 

companion, n., compagnon, m.; 
compagne, /.; camarade, m. f., 
dame de campagnie, f. 




company, n,, compagnie; soci6t6, 
/.; monde, m, 

comparable, adj., comparable. 

comparative, adj.^ comparatif; 
du comparatif. 

comparative, «., comparatif, m. 

comparatively, adv,, compara- 

compare, z/., comparer; con- 
f renter. 

comparison, n.y comparaison, /. 

compartment, «., compartiment, 
nt.'y division, /. 

compass, «., enceinte, /.; cercle, 
m.\ boussole, /. 

compassion, n.^ compassion, /. 

compassionate, adj.^ compatis- 

compatibility, «., compa- 
tibility, /. 

compatible, adj.y compatible. 

compatriot, n . , compatriote, m, , /. 

compel, z/., contraindre; forcer; 

compensable, adj.y compensable. 

compensate, v.^ compenser; 

compensation, «., compensa- 
tion, /. 

compete, v.^ concourir; rivaliser. 

competency, «., capacit6; apti- 
tude, /. 

competent, adj., competent; con- 

competition, «., concurrence, /.; 
concours, m. 

competitor, «. , comp^titeur; con- 
current, m. 

compile, v., compiler. 

complain, z/., se plaindre. 

complainant, «.,. plaignant, m.\ 
plaignante, /. 

complaint, n., plainte; maladie, /. 

complaisance, n.y complai- 
sance, /. 

complaisant, adj,^ complaisant. 


complement, »., complement, fff. 
complete, adj.y complet; achev6; 

complete, z/., completer; ache- 

ver; accomplir. 
completely, culv.^ completement. 
complex, adj.y complexe; com- 

complexion, «. , teint, m. ; couleur, 

/.; temperament, w.; complexion, /. 
compliance, n.y consentement, 

nt.\ complaisance; condescen- 

dance, /. 
complicate, r., compliquer; em- 

complication, n . , complication , /. 
compliment, «., compliment; 

present; cadeau, m. 
compliment, z/., complimenter; 

faire present; faire cadeau. 
complot, «., complot, tn, 
comply, v.y acquiescer; se con- 
former; adherer. 
compose, z/., composer; ^crire. 
composite, adj\t composite; com- 
composition, «., composition,/.; 

arrangement, m, 
compositor, «., compositeur, m. 
composure, «., calme, nt.\ tran- 

quillite; composition, /. 
compound, z/., composer; mMer. 
comprehend, z/., comprendre; 

comprehensible, adj., compre- 
hensible; saisissable. 
comprehension, «., action de 

comprendre; comprehension, /. 
compress, «., compresse, /. 
compress, z/., resserrer; compri- 

compressible, adj. , compressible. 
compression, «., compression; 

concision, /.; refoulement, ni. 
comprise, v., contenir; renfermer; 





compromise, «., compromis, m.; 

transaction, /. 
comppomlse, v., arranger; com- 

compulsatopy, adj., imperatif; 

forc6; obligatoire. 
compulsion, n., contrainte, /. 
compulsive, adj., par contrainte; 

force; obligatoire. 
compulsory, adj., obligatoire. 
compute, v.y calculer; siipputer; 

comrade, «., camarade, f»., /. 
con, n.f contre, m. 
concave, adj.^ concave; creux. 
conceal, z/., cacher; c61er; celer; 

concealment, «., action de 

cacher, /.; abri, m.; retraite, /. 
concede, z/., conc^der. 
conceit, n.y imagination; vaine 

imagination; id^e plaisante, /. 
conceited, adj.^ suffisant; vain. 
conceivable, adj., concevable. 
conceive, z/., concevoir; imaginer; 

concentrate, v., concentrer. 
concentration, «., concentra- 
tion, /. 
concentric, or concentrlcal, 

adj'.y concentrique. 
conceptlble, adj'., concevable. 
conception, «., conception; id^e; 

notion, /.; pro jet; dessein, m. 
concern, «., aflFaire, /.; interet; 

soin; souci; chagrin, m. 
concern, z/., concerner; int^resser. 
concert, v., concerter; composer. 
concert, «., concert {fig.)\ unis- 

son, m. 
concession, «., concession, /.; 

aveu, m. 
conciliate, v., concilier. 
conciliation, «., conciliation, /. 
conciliator, «., conciliateur, m.\ 
conciliatrice, /. 


concise, adj'., concis. 
conclave, «., conclave, nt.\ assem- 

bl6e, /. 
conclude, z/., conclure; terminer; 

conclusion, n., conclusion; 

fin, /. 
conclusive, adj'., concluant; final; 

d6cisif; conclusif. 
concord, «., concorde; harmonie, 

/.; accord, tn, 
concortl, z/., s'unir; concorder; 

concordat, «., concordat, tn, 
concrete, «., concret, m. 
concur, v., s'accorder; concourir. 
concussion, «., secousse, /.; 

^branlement, m. 
condemn, v., condamner. 
condemnable, adj.^ condam- 

condemnation, n., condamna- 

tion, /. 
condense, z/., condenser, 
condenser, «.,condensateur; con- 

denseur, tn. 
condescend, v., condescendre; 

daigner; se soumettre. 
condiment, n.y assaisonne- 

ment, m. 
condlsclple, «., condisciple, m. 
condition, «., condition, /.; 

6tat, tn. 
conditional, adj'., conditionnel. 
conditionally, adj., condition- 

condolence, «., condol^ance, /. 
conduct, «., conduite; direction,/.; 

guide, ni. 
conductor, «., personne qui con- 
duit, /.; directeur; conducteur, m. 
conduit, «., conduit, m. 
cone, n., c6ne, tn. 
confectioner, «., confiseur, m. 
confectionery, «., confiserie, /. 
confederacy, «., confederation, /. 




confederate, adj.^ confed^r6; 
ligue; allie. 

confer, ?'., conf^rer; accorder. 

conference, «., conference, /. 

confess, r., confesser; avouer; 

confession, «., confession, /.; 
aveu, w. 

confessor, «.. confesseur, tn. 

conflclant, »., confident, m. 

confide, z'., confier. 

confidence, «., confiance; con- 
fidence; hardiesse, /. 

confidentially, adv., de con- 
fiance; confidentiellement. 

confine, t'., confiner; enfermer; 
retenir; limiter; borner. 

confirm, r., confirmer; fortifier. 

confirmation, »., confirma- 
tion, /.; aflfermissement, w. 

confiscable, adj.^ confiscable. 

confiscate, z'., confisquer. 

conflag^ratlon, «., conflagra- 
tion, /. 

conflict, «., conflit, m.\ lutte, /. 

confluence, «., confluent, m. 

conform, adj., conforme. 

conform, v., se conformer. 

confound, v., confondre; rendre 
confus; troubler. 

confraternity, «., confrerie, /. 

confuse, r., mettre la confusion; 
deconcerter; embrouiller; confon- 

confusion, w., confusion; ruine,/.; 
embarras, m. 

congfeal, v., congeler. 

congenial, adj., de la meme 
nature; sympathique; conforme. 

congratulate, v., feliciter; cora- 

congratulation, «., felicitation; 
congratulation, /. 

congregate, v., rassembler. 

congregation, n., congregation; 
assembl^e, /. 


conical, adj.^ conique. 

coniferous, adj,^ conifere. 

conjecture, »., conjecture, /. 

conjoin, z'., joindre; conjoindre; 

conjugal, adj., conjugal; matri- 

conjugate, v., conjuguer. 

conjugation, n., conjugaison, /. 

conjunction, «., union; conjunc- 
tion, /. 

conjunctly, adv., conjointement. 

conjuration, «., conjuration; 
adjuration; sorcellerie, /. 

conjure, v., conjurer. 

connect, v.. Her; attacher; allier. 

connexion, or connection, «., 
liaison ; connexion , /. ; rapport, m. ; 
relations, /. (pi.). 

connivance, «., connivence, /. 

connoisseur, n., connaisseur, m. 

conquer, v., vaincre; dompter; 

conqueror, «., vainqueur; con- 
querant, fn. 

conquest, «., conquSte; victoire, /. 

conscience, «., conscience, /. 

conscientiously, adv. , conscien- 

conscious, adj., conscient; qui a 
conscience de; qui a sa connais- 

conscrit, cuij., consent. 

conscription,^., conscription, /.; 
enrolement, nt. 

consecrate, v., consacrer; b6nir; 

consecutive, adj., cons6cutif; qui 

consent, »., consentement; ac- 
cord, fn. 

consent, v., consentir. 

consequence, n., consequence; 
suite; importance, /. 

consequently, adv., cons^quem- 
ment; par consequent. 




conservation, «., conservation, /. 

conservative, adj.y conservateur. 

conservatory, «., conservatoire; 
magasin; d6pot, fn,\ serre, /. 

conserve, «., conserve, /. 

consider, z/., considerer; recon- 

considerable, adj.^ considerable; 

considerably, adv, , consid^rable- 

consideration, «., considera- 
tion, /.; examen; ^gard, m. 

considering, prep.y consid^rant; 
eu 6gard a; vu; attendu. 

consign, z/., consigner; livrer; 

consignation, »., consignation, /. 

consignee, «., consignataire, ^n. f. 

consist, z/., consister; exister. 

consistence, or consistency, 
«., consistance, /. 

consistent, adj,y solide; conse- 

consolable, adj.^ consolable. 

consolation, «., consolation, /. 

console, z/., consoler. 

consoler, «., consolateur, m.\ con- 
solatrice, /. 

consolidate, z/., consolider. 

consonance, «., consonance, /.; 
accord, m. 

consonant, adj.^ consonant; con- 

consort, «., compagnon, m,\ com- 
pagne, /.; epoux, fn.\ epouse, f. 

conspicuous, adj.^ en vue; en 
evidence; bien visible; remarqua- 
ble; eminent. 

conspiracy, «., conspiration; as- 
sociation illegale, /. 

conspiration, «., conspiration,/. 

conspirator, w., conspirateur; 
conjure, m. 

conspire, z*., conspirer; com- 


constable, »., constable; conne- 

table; officier de paix, w. 
constant, adj.^ stable; constant; 

constantly, adv.^ constamment; 

invariablement . 
constellation, «., constellation, /. 
consternation, «., consterna- 
tion, /. 
constituent, «., personne qui 

constitue; chose qui constitue; 

partie constituante, /.; auteur; 

commettant, m, 
constitute, z'., constituer. 
constitution, «., constitution; 

complexion, /.; temperament, m. 
constitutional, adj.y constitu- 

constraint, «. , contrainte; gene, /. 
construct, v,y construire; bUtir; 

construction, «., construction; 

interpretation, /. 
construe, z/., traduire; expliquer; 

interpreter; construire. 
consul, «., consul, f«. 
consular, adj.^ consulaire. 
consulate, «., consulat, ni. 
consult, v., consulter. 
consult, «., consultation; resolu- 
tion, f.\ conseil, fn. 
consultation, «., consultation; 

deliberation, /. 
consume, z*., consumer; consom- 

consumer, «., personne; chose 

qui consume,/.; consomraateur, w. 
consummation, «., consomma- 

tion; fin, /.; but, nt. 
consumption, «., consomption; 

action de consumer; maladie de 

poitrine, /. 
consumptive, adj., qui con- 
sume; poitrinaire. 
contact, ;/., contact; rapport, m. 
contagion, w., contagion, /. 




contaiirioiiH, adj., contagieux. 
contuin, I'., contenir; reprimer; 

contemplate, r., contempler; 

m^diter; projeter. 
conteniiK)rary, adj., contem- 

contempt, «., mepris, m. 
contemptible, adj., m^prisable; 

contend, v.y lutter; combattre; 

contester; soutenir. 
content, adj.^ content; satisfait. 
contentment, «., contente- i 

ment, m, 
contents, «., (//.). contenu, m. 

contest, v.y contester; disputer. 
contest, «., contestation; lutte, /.; 

d^bat, w. 
contestable, adj., contestable. 
contigriioiis, adj., contigu. 
continent, «., continent, m. 
continental, adj., continental. 
continual, adj., continuel; con- 

continually, adv., continuelle- 

ment; continument. 
continue, v., continuer; prolon- 

ger; conserver. 
continuous, adj., continu. 
contorted, adj., tordu; tors. 
contour, n., contour, tn. 
contraband, n., contrebande, /. 
contract, v., contracter; abreger; 

resserer; r^tr^cir. 
contract, n., contrat; pacte, m.\ 

adjudication; soumission, /. 
contraction, «., contraction, /.; 

r6tr6cissement; raccourcissement, 

m.', abr^viation, /. 
contractor, n., contractant, ni.-, 

entrepreneur; fournisseur, ni. 
contradict, v., contredire. 
contradlcter, n., contradic- 

teur, m. 


contradiction, «., contradic- 
tion, /. 

contralto, n., contralto, m. 

contrariety, n., opposition; con- 
tradiction; contrariety, /. 

contrary, n., contraire, m. 

contrast, »., contraste, tn. 

contrast, v., contraster; mettre 
en contraste. 

contribute, v., contribuer. 

contribution, n., contribution; 
assurance mutuelle, /. 

contributor, n., personne qui 
contribue, /.; collaborateur, m. 

contrition, n., contrition, /. 

contrivance, n., invention; com- 
binaison, /. 

contrive, v., inventer; trouver; 
combiner; imaginer. 

control, n., controle, w.; influ- 
ence; autorit6, /. 

control, v., contr61er; exercer de 
1 'empire sur; gouverner. 

controller, n., contr61eur, m. 

controversy, «., controverse; 
pol6mique, /.; diflF6rend, tn. 

conundrum, n., 6nigme, /. 

convalescent, n., convalescent, 
tn.', convalescente, /. 

convene, v., convoquer; r6unir; 

convenient, adj., commode; con- 

conveniently, adv., commod6- 
ment; convenablement. 

convent, n., convent, m. 

convention, «., convention; as- 
sembl6e, /. 

convergent, adj., convergent. 

conversation , n., conversation , 
/.; entretien; commerce, m. 

converse, v., converser; s'entre- 
tenir; frequenter. 

converse, adj., reciproque; in- 

conversely, arf^., r^ciproquement. 




conversion, «., conversion; ap- 
propriation, /. 

convert, «., converti, m.; con- 
vertie, /. 

convert, v.^ "convertir; transfor- 
mer; faire servir. 

convex, ad/.^ convexe. 

convey, t/., transporter; porter; 

conveyance, «., transport, m.\ 
voiture, /.; moyen de transport, f». 

convict, v.f condamner; declarer 
coupable; convaincre. 

convict, «., condamn6, m.; con- 
damn^e, /.; criminel; format, fn. 

conviction, «., conviction; con- 
damnation, /. 

convince, z/., convaincre; per- 

convocate,.z/., convoquer; assem- 

convocation, «., convocation; 
assembl^e, /. 

convoke, v.y convoquer; assem- 

convulse, v.^ jeter dans des con- 
vulsions; ^branler; bouleverser. 

convulsion, «., convulsion, /. 

cook, «., cuisinier, m.; cuisiniere, /. 

cook, v,t cuire; faire la cuisine; 

cook-book, «., livre de cuisine, m. 

cool, adj.y froid; frais. 

cool, v.y rafraichir; refroidir. 

cooler, «., rafraichissoir; refrige- 
rant; rafraichissant, m. 

coolness, «. , fraicheur; froideur, /. ; 
refroidissement; sans-froid, m. 

cooper, n.y tonnelier, nt. 

cooperate, v.y coop^rer; con- 

cooperation, n.y cooperation, /. 

cooperator, «., cooperateur, tn. 

copartner, «., associe; coas- 
socie, m. 

cope, v,t opposer; r^sister; lutter. 


copious, adj.y abondant; copieux. 
copiously, adv.y copieusement; 

abondamment; richement. 
copper, v.y cuivrer; doubler en 

copper-bottomed, adj.y double 

en cuivre. 
coppersmltli, «., chaudron- 

nier, m. 
copper-ivlre, «., fil de cuivre; 

fil de laiton, tn. 
copy, n.y copie, /.; exemplaire, m.; 

modele, ni. 
copy-book, «., cahier; manu- 

scrit, nt. 
copyright, w., droit d'auteur, w.; 

propriete litteraire, /. 
coquetry, «., coquetterie, /. 
coral, n.y corail, nt. 
cord, n.y corde, /.; lien; cor- 
don, tn. 
cortllal, adj., cordial. 
cordially, adv., cordialeraent. 
corduroy, w., velours a cotes, m. 
cork, n.y liege; bouchon, tn. 
cork, v.y boucher. 
corkscrcAV, n.y tir^-bouchon, m. 
corn, n.y bie; grain; froment; 

mais, m. 
corner, «., coin, w.; encoignure, /. 
cornet, «., cornet; porte eten- 

dard, tn. 
corn-field, n.y champ de bie, m. 
cornice, n., corniche, /. 
corn-stalk, «., epi de bie, m 
corollary, n., corollaire, m. 
coronation, n., couronnement; 

sacre, nt. 
corporal, «., caporal, nt. 
corporation, n.y corporation; 

societe, /. 
corpse, «.,cadavre; corps mort,w. 
corpulence, or corpulency, 

corpulence, /.; embonpoint, m. 
correct, adj'., correct; exact; juste. 
correct, z/., corriger. 




correction, «., correction, /. 
correctly, fli/z^., correctement; ex- 

correlative, adj., corr61atif. 
correwi>oiul9 v., correspondre; se 

correspondre; se rapporter; s'ac- 

correspondence, «., coiTespon- 

dance, /.; rapport, m.\ relations, 

corresponding, adj., corre- 

corridor, »., corridor, m. 

corrigible, adj., corrigible; digne* 
de correction. 

corroborate, v., corroborer; for- 
tifier; confirmer. 

corrode, v., corroder; ronger. 

currupt, v., corrompre. 

corrupt, adj., corrompu. 

corrupter, «., corrupteur, m.\ 
corrup trice, /. 

corruptible, adj., corruptible. 

corruption, n., corruption, /. 

corsair, n., corsaire, m. 

corset, n, corset, ni. 

corset-maker, n., fabricant de 
corsets, fn.\ marchande de cor- 
sets, /. 

Corsican, adj., corse; de Corse. 

cosmetic, n. and adj., cos- 
metique, ni. 

cosmography, n., cosmogra- 
phie, /. 

cost, n., prix, m.\ depense, /. 

cost, v., couter. 

costly, adj., coiiteux; de prix; 
somptueux; opulent; de luxe. 

costume, n., costume, m. 

cot, n., petit lit; lit volant, m. 

coterie, n., coterie, /. 

cottage, n., chaumiere; cabane, /. 

cotton, n., coton; calicot, ni. 

cotton-cloth, «., toile de coton, 
/.; calicot, m. 


cotton-factory, n., filature de 

coton, /. 
cotton-mill, n., moulin a coton, 

fn.\ filature de coton, /. 
cotton- wool, n., ouate, /. 
couch, n., couche, /.; lit de repos; 

canap6, m. 
cough, «., toux, /. 
cough, v., tousser. 
council, «., conseil; concile, m. 
councilor, n., conseiller, tn. 
counsel, n., conseil; avis, ni.\ 

d6fenseurs; avocats d'une partie, 

w. (//.). 
counsel, v., conseiller. 
count, n . , calcul; compte; comte, m. 
count, v., compter. 
countenance, «., figure; mine; 

physionomie; contenance, /. 
counteract, v., compenser; d6- 

truire; contrarier; d6jouer; neutra- 

counterfeit, «., contrefagon; 

imitation, /.; imposteur, m. 
counterfeit, v., contrefaire; imi- 

ter; feindre. 
counterfeiter, n., contrefacteur; 

faussaire, tn. 
countermand, «., contre- 

ordre, m. 
countermand, v., contremander. 
countermarch, n., contre- 

marche, /. 
counterpart, n., contre-partie, /. 
counterpoison, n., contre-poi- 

son, m. 
countersign, v., contresigner. 
countess, n., comtesse, /. 
countless, adj., innombrable. 
country, n., patrie; contr^e, /.; 

pays, m.', campagne, /. 
country-house, n., maison de 

campagne, /. . 
countryman, n., habitant d'un 

pays; compatriote; paysan; cam- 

pagnard, m. 




county, «., comt6, m, 
couple, n.y couple, m. and /. 
couplet, n.f couplet; distique, m. 
courage, «., courage, m. 
courageous, ad/.^ cour^geux. 
courageously, adv., courageuse- 

courageousness, «., courage, m. 
courier, «., courrier, w. 
course, «., cours, m.; carriere; 

arene, /. 
courser, «., coureur; coursier, m. 
court, «., cour, /.; tribunal, m.; 

ruelle, /. 
courteous, ad/.^ courtois; poli. 
courteously, af/z/.,courtoisement; 

courtesy, «. ,courtoisie; politesse, /. 
courtier, «., courtisan, m. 
court-martial, conseil de 

guerre, m. 
cousin, n.y cousin, tn.; cousine, /. 
cover, v.y couvrir; cacher. 
cover, n.y couverture, /. 
covering, «., couverture; enve- 

loppe, /. 
coverlet, «., couvre-pied, m. 
covet, v.y convoiter; ambitionner; 

d^sirer ardemment. 
covetous, adj'.y avide; avare; 

cupide; convoiteux. 
COTV, n.y vache, /. 
coTvard, «., couard; poltron, tn.; 

poltronne, /".; l^che, m. 
coTvardlce, «., couardise; poltron- 

nerie; l^chet^, /. 
coTvboy, n.y jeune vacher; gar- 

deur de vaches, m. 
cow-keeper, «., vacher, m.\ 

vachere, /.; nourrisseur, m. 
coTvpox, n.y vaccine, /. 
cozlly, adv.y k Taise; agr^able- 

cozy, adj.y commode et petit; 

chaud; confortable; sociable; cau- 



crab, n.y crabe, m.; pomme sau- 

vage, /. 
crack, «., craquement, tn.; fente, 

/.; fissure, /. 
cradle, «., berceau, tn. 
craftiness, «., artifice m.; ruse; 

astuce, /. 
crafty, adj.y artificieux; rus6; 

cramp, «., crampe, /.; crampon, f». 
crane, «., grue, /.; siphon, m. 
cranium, «., cr&ne, m. 
crape, n., crepe, m. 
crasb, «., fracas; craquement, m. 
crater, «., cratere, m. 
cravat, «., cravate, /. 
crave, v.y solliciter; implorer; 

crawfish, «., 6crevisse, /. 
crawl, v.y ramper; se trainer. 
crazlness, n.y caducity ; d6mence,/. 
crazy, adj.y caduc; infirme; fou. 
cream, n.y creme, /. 
create, v.y cr6er; faire naitre; cau- 
ser; constituer. 
creation, «., creation; nature; 

espece, /. 
creator, «., cr6ateur, m. 
creature, «., creature, /.; Stre, m. 
credence, t^., cr^ance; croyance, /. 
credentials, «., lettres de 

cr^ance, /. (/>/.)• 
credible, adj.y croyable. 
credit, n.y croyance; foi, /.; credit, 

m.; influence, /. 
credit, v. , donner a credit; cr^diter. 
creditor, n., creancier, m.; cr6an- 

ciere, /. 
credulity, «., credulite, /. 
credulous, adj., cr^dule. 
creed, «., credo, m.; croyance; foi, 

/.; symbole, tn.; profession de 

foi, /. 
creek, n., crique; anse, /. 
creep, v., se trainer; ramper; se 





cremation, n,, cremation, /. 
crenature, «., crenelure /. 
Creole, «., cr6ole, m. f, 
crepuscle, «., cr6puscule, m. 
crescent, «., croissant, m. 
cress, «., cresson, tn. 
crest, n.f cr^te; huppe; aigrette, /. 
crevice, «., crevasse, /. 
creiv, «., bande, /.; Equipage, m. 
crib, «., berceau; lit d 'enfant, m.; 

creche; mangeoire, /. 
cricket, «., grillon; criquet, m. 
crier, «., crieur; huissier, tn. 
crime, «., crime, m. 
criminal, ad/.f criminel. 
crimson, adj'.f cramoisi; rouge; 

cripple, «., boiteux, tn.; boiteuse, 

/.; estropi6, tn. 
crisis, «., crise, /. 
crisp, v.f friser; bonder. 
criterion, «., 6preuve, /.; crit6- 

rium; m. 
critic, «., critique, m. 
critically, adv., d'une maniere 

criticism, «., critique; censure,/. 
criticize, v., critiquer; faire la 

critique de. 
croak, «., coassement, m. 
crock, «., pot de terre, m. 
crockery, «., faience, /. 
crocodile, «., crocodile, m. 
crook, n.j courbure, /.; detour, tn. 
crook, v., courber; tortuer; plier. 
crookedly, adv., tortueusement. 
crop, «., r6colte, /. 
cross, «., croix, /. 
cross, v.f croiser; faire le signe de 

la croix; traverser; contrarier. 
cross, prep.y k travers. 
cross-examination, «., inter- 

rogatoire contradictoire, m. 
crossing, «., passage pour les 

pi^rue; tons surune route; dansune 

passaged niveau; croisement, /». 

I coi 

cross-road, «., chemin de tra- 
verse, m. 

croup, «., croupe, /.; croup m, 

crow, «., corbeau, m., comeille, /.; 
levier de fer, m. 

crow, v.y chanter. 

crow^bar, «., pince, /. 

crowd, «., foule, /. 

crown, «.,couronne,/.; sommet,f». 

crown, v.y couronner. 

crucible, «., creuset, tn. 

crucifix, ff., crucifix, m. 

crucify, v.y crucifier. 

crude, adj.y cm. 

crudely, adv., crfiment. 

cruel, adj.y cruel. 

cruelly, adv.y cruellement. 

cruel ness, «., cruaut6, /. 

cruelty, «., cruaute, /. 

cruise, n.y croisiere; course, /. 

crumble, t/., 6mietter; 6niier; 
broyer; r6duire en poussiere. 

crusade, «., croisade, /. 

crusli, v.y 6craser; d6truire. 

crusbin^, «., broiement; broi- 
ment; 6crasement, tn. 

crust, n.y croute, /. 

Crustacea, n. (//.), crustac^, 
m. {pi.). 

crutch, n.y b6quille, /. 

cry, n.y cri, m. 

cry, v.y crier; pleurer. 

crystal, «., cristal, m. 

crystallization, «., crystallisa- 
tion, /. 

crystallize, v.y cristalliser. 

cub, n.y petit; lionceau. 

cube, n.y cube, tn. 

cubic, adj.y cubique; cube. 

cuckoo, n.y coucou, nt. 

cucumber, «., concombre, tn. 

cue, n.y queue de billard, /. 

cuff, n.y coup de poing; coup de 
patte, m.'y manchette, /. 

cuirass, «., cuirasse, /. 

cuirassier, n,y cuirassier, m. 




cu-linary, adj.^ de cuisine; culi- 

oulminate, z/., culminer. 
oulpablllty, «., culpability, /. 
onlpable, adj.y coupable. 
culprit, «., accus6, fn.\ accus6e, 

/.; criminel, ni.\ criminelle, /. 
cixltivate, v., cultiver. 

cultivation, «., culture, /. 

cultivator, «., cultivateur, m, 

culture, «., culture, /. 

culvert, «., rigole, /.; petit aque- 
duc, m. 

cumulate, v.^ cumuler. 

cimuing^, adj.y fin; rus6; adroit. 

cup, «., tasse; coupe, /. 

cupboard, «., armoire, /.; buf- 
fet, m, 

cupidity, «., cupidity, /. 

cupola, «., coupole, /. 

cur, «., mauvais chien; chien har- 
gneux, m. 

curable, adj. , gu^rissable; curable. 

curate, «., vicaire; pasteur, m. 

curator, »., curateur; administra- 
teur, tn. 

curb, «., margelle; bordure, /. 

cure, »., gu^rison; cure, /.; 
remede, m. 

cure, z/., gu6rir; saler. 

curiosity, «., curiosity, /. 

curious, adj.y curieux; exact; 

curiously, adv.^ curieusement. 

curl, «., boucle, /. 

curl, z/., boucler; friser. 

curly, adj.y fris6; boucl6; qui 

currant, «., groseille, /. 

currant-busb, «., groseiller, m. 

currency, «., cours, fn.\ circula- 
tion, /. 

current, adj,^ courant; admis; 

current, «., courant d'eau; cou- 
rant; cours; entrainement, m. 


currently, adv.^ continuellement; 

avec un mouvement continuel; 

curse, «., malediction, /. 
curse, t/., maudire. 
curtail, z/., retrancher; r^duire; 

curtain, n.y rideau, m. 
curve, «., courbe, /. 
curve, z/., courber; cintrer. 
cusbion, «., coussin, ni. 
custody, «., garde; arrestation, /. 
custom, «., coutume; habitude; 

douane, /. 
customary, adj,^ ordinaire; cou- 

tumier; d 'usage. 
custom-duty, «., droit de 

douane, m. 
custom-house, «., douane, /. 
cut, «., coup; morceau, nt.\ cou- 

pure, /. 
cut, v.y couper; tailler; tranche^. 
cutler, n.y coutelier, w. 
cutlery, «., coutellerie, /. 
cutlet, «., cotelette de veau, /. 
cycle, «., cycle, m. 
cycloid, «., cycloide, /. 
cyclop, n.y cyclope, tn. 
cyclopedia, «., encyclop6die, /. 
cylinder, «., cylindre, m. 
cylindrical, adj.y cylindrique. 
cymbal, «., cymbale, /. 
cynic, or cynical, adj.y severe; 

austere; cynique. 
cynically, adv.y cyniquement; 

d'une maniere cynique. 
cynicism, «., cynisme, nt. 
cypress, «., cypres, tn. 
czar, n.y czar, m. 
czarina, n.y czarine, /. 
czarevitch, «., czarowitz, m. 


dagger, «., poignard, m. 

Dahlia, «., dahlia, tn. 

dally, adj.y journalier; quotidien. 




daily, €ulv,, quotidiennement; jour- 

nellement; tous les jours. 
daintily, adv., avec d^licatesse; 

avec friandise. 
daintiness, »., friandise; d^li- 

catesse, /. 
dainty, cuij., friand; d^licat; 

dairy, «., laiterie, /. 
dairy-farm, «., ferme pour I'ex- 

ploitation du lait de vache, /. 
dairyist, «., laitier; cr^mier, tn. 
dairyman, «., gar9on de laiterie; 

laitier; cremier, m. 
daisy, n . , marguerite; p^querette, /. 
dam, «., barrage, fn.\ digue, /. 
dam, v.y diguer; contenir; arreter. 
damage, »., dommage; tort, m.\ 

avarie, /. 
damage, z/., endommager; avarier. 
damask, »., damas, m. 
damask, ^^, damasser. 
dame, «., dame; mere, /. 
damn, z/., damner. 
damnation, »., damnation, /. 
damp, «., humidite; vapeur, /. 
damp, a^".,humide; triste; abattu. 
dampness, «., humidit^; moi- 

teur, /. 
dance, «., danse, /. 
dance, v., danser. 
dancer, «., danseur, m.\ dan- 

seuse, /. 
dancing, «., danse, /. 
dandelion, «., dent-de-lion, /. 
dandy, «., dandy; elegant; petit 

maitre, nt, 
Dane, «., Danois, fn.\ Danoise, /. 
danger, «., danger, m. 
dangerous, adj., dangereux. 
dangerously, adv., dangereuse- 

Danish, adj., danois. 
dare, «., d^fi, m. 
dare, v., defier; braver; affronter. 
daring, adj., audacieux; hardi. 


dark, «., t6n^bres, /. {pl.)\ obscu- 
rity, /. 

dark, adj., obscur; sombre; noir. 

darken, v., obscurcir; assombrir. 

darkness, «., obscurite, /.; tene- 
bres, f.{pi.). 

darling, «., favori, fn.\ favorite, f. 

darn, v., repriser; faire des re- 
prises k. 

dart, »., darder; lancer. 

dash, n., choc; coup; trait, nt. 

dash, v., frapper; 6craser; heurter; 
briser; se pr6cipiter. 

dashing, adj., fougueux; brillant; 

dastardy, «., I&chet6; poltron- 
nerie, /. 

date, «., date; datte, /. 

date-tree, «., dattier, nt. 

dative, adj., datif. 

daughter, «., fille, /. 

daunt, v., dompter; intimider. 

dauntless, adj., indomptable; 

dauphin, //., Dauphin, m. 

daiivn, n., aube; aurore, /.; point 
du jour, m.\ pointe du jour, /. 

daivn, v., poindre. 

day, «., jour, m.-, journ6e, /. 

day-book, «., journal; livre jour- 
nal, m. 

daylight, «., jour, m.-, lumiere 
du jour, /. 

day's-ivork, «., ouvrage d'un 
jour, tn.', journ6e, /. 

dazzle, v., 6blouir. 

dazzling, n., 6blouissement, nt. 

dazzling, adj., ^blouissant. 

deacon, n., diacre, nt. 

deaconess, n., diaconesse, /. 

dead, adj., mort; inanim6. 

deaden, v., araortir. 

deadllness, n., caractere mor- 
tel, nt. 

deadly, adj., mortel. 

deadly, adv., mortellement. 




deaf, adj.y sourd; insensible. 
deafen, v. , rendre sourd; assourdir; 

deafening:, adj,y assourdissant. 
deafness, «., surdit6, /. 
deal, V, , distribuer; repartir; donner. 
dealer, «., marchand, m. 
dean, «., doyen, m. 
dear, «., cher, fn.\ chere, /. 
dear, intj.y mon Dieu! 
dear, adj,^ cher; ch6ri; pr6cieitx. 
dearly, adv.^ ch^rement; tendre- 

deamess, «., chert6; tendresse, /. 
death, «., mort, /.; tr^pas; d6ces, w. 
death.- blew, «., coup de mort; 

coup mortel, m. 
deatlilike, adj.^ semblable a la 

death- warrant, «., ordre d 'exe- 
cution d'un condamn6 k mort. 
debar, v.y exclure; priver. 
debark, v.^ d^barquer. 
debase, z^.,avilir; abaisser; ravaler. 
debatable, adj.y contestable. 
debate, «. , d6bat, m. ; discussion, /. 
debate, z'., d6battre; discuter; dis- 

debauch, «., d^bauche, /. 
debauch, v.^ d6baucher; cor- 

debauchery, «., d^bauche, /. 
debile, adj.^ d6bile. 
debilitate, v.^ d^biliter; aflFaiblir. 
debilitation, «., debilitation, /.; 

aflFaiblissement, m. 
debility, «., d^bilite; faiblesse, /. 
debit, «., debit, m, 
debit, r., debiter. 
debonair, adj., debonnaire. 
debt, «. , dette; obligation; creance,/. 
debtee, «., creanier, m. 
debtor, n. , debi trice, /. , debiteur, m. 
decade, «., dizaine; decade, /. 
decadence, «., decadence, /. 
decagon, n,, d^cagone, m. 


decagrram,«., decagramme, m, 
decahedron, «., decaedre, w. 
decaliter, «., decalitre, w. 
docalopTue, «., decalogue, m. 
decamp, v,, decamper; deguerpir. 
decanter, »., carafe, /. 
decapitate, t/., decapiter. 
decapitation, «., decapitation,/. 
decay, «., decadence; mine, /. 
decay, v., tomber en decadence; 

decease, «., deces, in,\ mort, /. 
decease, v., deceder; mourir. 
deceased, adj., decede; mort. 
deceased,?! . , defunt, ni. ; defunte, /. 
deceitful, adj., trompeur. 
deceive, v., decevoir; tromper. 
deceiver, «., trompeur, ni.\ trom- 

peuse, /. 
December, «., decembre, m. 
decency, «. , bienseance; decence, /. 
decennial, adj., decennal. 
decent, adj., bienseant; decent; 

decently, adv., decemment; con- 

venablement; moderement. 
deception, w. , fraude; tromperie, /. 
decide, v., decider; decider de. 
decided, adj., decide. 
decigram, n., decigramme, tn. 
deciliter, n., decilitre, m. 
decimal, adj., decimal; dixieme. 
decimate, v., decimer; dimer. 
decipher, v., dechiflFrer. 
decision, n., decision; issue, /. 
decisive, adj., decisif; tranchant. 
deck, n., pont, m. 
declamation, n., declamation, /.; 

discours public, m. 
declaration, n., declaration; 

manifestation, /. 
declare, v., declarer; annoncer; 

declension, n., declinaison; deca- 
dence, /.; abattement, m. 
decline, «. , declin, w. ; decadence, /. 




decline, v., pencher; d6cliner. 

decompose, v.^ decomposer. 

decomposition, »., decomposi- 
tion, /. 

decorate, z'., d6corer; omer; em- 

decoration, «., decoration, /.; 
omement; embellissement, m. 

decorator, «., d^corateur, tn. 

decorum, «., bienseance; conve- 
nance, /.; decorum, m. 

decrease, «., decroissement, m.; 
diminution, /. 

decrease, z'., diminuer; decroitre. 

decree, «., d6cret; arret, tn. 

decree, v., d^creter; ordonner; 

decuple, ad/.^ decuple. 

dedicate, v., dedier; devouer. 

dedication, «., dedicace, /. 

deduce, v., deduire; inferer. 

deduct, v., deduire; rabattre. 

deduction, «., deduction; conse- 
quence; reraise, /. 

deed, w., action, /.; acte; fait; 
acte sous seing prive, ni. 

deem, z/., juger; penser. 

deep, adj., profond; grand; ex- 

deepen, v.y approfondir. 

deeply, adv., profondement. 

deepness, «., profondeur; ruse, /. 

deer, n., daim; cerf, tn. 

deface, v., defigurer. 

defamation, «., diflFamation, /. 

defamatory, ad/., diffamatoire. 

defame, v., diffamer. 

defamer, n., diffamateur, m. 

default, n., defaut, m. 

defeat, «., defaite; deroute, /. 

defeat, v., mettre en deroute; 

defect, «., defaut; vice, m.; defec- 
tuosite, /. 

defection, n., defection; apostasie; 
revoke, /. 


defective, ad/., qui a un defaut; 
defectueux; defectif; en defaut; 


defend, v., defendre; interdire. 
defendant, u., defendeur, tn.; 

defenderesse, /. 
defense, «., defense, /. 
defenseless, adj., sans defense. 
defensive, adj., defensi. 
defer, v., diflFerer; remettre; ren- 

deficient, adj., defectueux; insuf- 

fisant; faible. 
deficit, n., deficit. 
i define, v., definir; determiner. 
I definite, adj., defini; determine. 
definition, n., definition, /. 
definitive, adj., definitif. 
defraud, v., frauder; fruster. 
defunct, adj., defunt; trepasse 
defy, n., defi, m, 
defy, v., defier. 
degenerate, adj., degenere; 

degenerate, v., degenerer; s'aba- 

degradation, «., degradation, /.; 

avilissement, tn. 
degrade, v., degrader; avilir. 
degrading, ad/., degradant. 
degree, n., degre; rang, tn.; qua- 
lite; condition, f. 
deign, v., daigner. 
deism, n., deisme, m. 
deity, «., divinite; deite, /. 
deject, v., abaisser; abattre; affli- 

dejected, adj., abattu. 
delate, v., accuser; denoncer. 
delation, n., accusation; delation. 
delator, n., accusateur; deiateur. 
delay, v., diflferer; remettre; retar- 

delegate, n. and adj\, deiegue, m, 
delegate, v., deieguer. 
delegation, «., delegation, /. 




deliberate, z/., d61ib6rer. 
deliberately, adv,^ mfirement; de 

propos d61ib6r6; k dessein. 
delicacy, «., d61icatesse, /. 
delicate, adj,^ d^licat. 
delicious, adj.^ d^licieux. 
deliciousness, n., d^lices, /. 

(pl.)\ charme, tn. 
delisbt, «., d^lices, /. (//.); 

d61ice; plaisir, m. 
delig^litful, adj,^ d61icieux; char- 

delirious, adf.^ en d^lire; dans le 

delirium, «., delire, tn. 
deliver, v., d61ivrer; distribuer. 
deliverance, «., d^livrance; /., 

acquittement par un jury. 
delivery, «., delivrance; 

remise, /. 
deluge, «., deluge, tn. 
demand, n.^ demande, /. 
demand, v.^ demander; r6clamer; 

demency, «., d^mence, /. 
demijolin, «., dame-jeanne, /. 
democracy, «., d^mocratie, /. 
demolislL, v.y d^molir. 
demon, n.y d6mon; diable, nt. 
demonstrate, v., d6montrer. 
demonstration, «., demonstra- 
tion, /. 
den, «., antre; repaire, fn.\ taniere. 
denial, «., refus; deni, m.\ d6n6- 

gation, /. 
denominate, v., nommer; ap- 

denomination, «., denomina- 
tion, /.; nom, nt. 
denominator, «., d^nomina- 

teur, tn. 
denote, t/., d^noter; marquer; 

dense, adj.y dense; epais. 
density, «., density; 6paisseur, /. 
dentist, n,^ dentiste, m. 


denunciation, »., denonciation; 

declaration, /. 
denunciator, n., denonciateur, 

fn.\ d6nonciatrice, /. 
deny, z/., nier; d^mentir; denier; 

renier; refuser. 
depart, z^., partir; sortir; s*eioigner. 
department, «., departement, 

fn.\ partie, /. 
departure, «., depart; eioigne- 

ment, m. 
depend, t/., dependre. 
dependant, adj-^ dependant; pen- 
depict, v.y peindre; depeindre. 
deplorable, adj.y deplorable. 
deplorably, a^z/.jdeplorablement; 

deplore, v., deplorer. 
depopulate, v., depeupler. 
depopulation, «., depeuplement, 

m.\ depopulation, /. 
deport, v., deporter. 
deportation, «., deportation, /. 
depose, v.y deposer. 
deposit, n.y depot, m.y arrhes, 

/. (/>/.). 
deposit, v.y deposer. 
depot, n.y depdt, m. 
depraved, adj.y deprave. 
depravity, «., depravation, /. 
depress, v.y baisser; abaisser; 

abattre; deprimer. 
depression, «., abaissement; 

affaissement, m. 
deprive, v.y priver; depouiller. 
depth, n.y profondeur, /. 
deputy, n.y depute; deiegue, m. 
derivation, «., derivation; 

origine, /. 
derive, v., deriver. 
derm, n.y derme, nt. 
descend, v.y descendre. 
descent, n.y descente; chute; des- 
cendance; posterite, /. 
describe, 7;., decrire. 




description, «., description, /.; 
signalement, m. 

desecrate, v., profaner. 

desecration, »., profanation, /. 

desert, ad/.^ and «., desert; soli- 
taire, m. 

desert, f., deserter; abandonner. 

desertion, «., desertion, /.; aban- 
don, w. 

deserve, v., m6riter. 

desiccate, v., secher; dess^cher. 

design, «., dessein; projet; des- 
sin, m. 

design, v., dessiner; destiner; 

designate, v., designer. 

designer, «., dessinateur, m. 

desirable, ad/., desirable. 

desire, z/., desirer; souhaiter; prier; 

desist, v.y se desister; cesser. 

desk, «., pupitre, m. 

desolate, adj'.^ d6sol^; isole; soli- 

desolate, v., d6soler; devaster. 

desolation, «., desolation, /. 

despair, «., d^sespoir, m. 

despair, v., d^sesperer; se d|§ses- 

despatcli, «., d6p§che, /. 

despatch, or dispatch, z/., 
d^pecher; exp^dier. 

desperate, adj'.f desesp6r6; 

despicable, adj., meprisable. 

despi sable, adj'.j meprisable. 

despise, v., mepriser. 

despite, n., d^pit, m.\ haine, /. 

despondency, n., abattement; 
deserpoir, m. 

despondent, adj'.y d^courage, 
abattu . 

despot, n., despote; tyran, m. 

despotism, «., despotisme, m. 

dessert, «., dessert, m. 

destinate, v,, destiner. 


destination, n.y destination, /. 

destiny, «., destin6e, /. 

destroy, v., detruire; exterminer. 

detach, v., detacher; s^parer. 

detail, n., detail, tn. 

detail, z/., detainer. 

detailer, «. , narrateur de details, w«. 

detain, v.y retenir; tenir; detenir. 

detect, v.y decouvrir; surprendre. 

detective, «., agent de la police 
secrete, m. 

determinate, ad/.y determine; 
etabli; regie; definitif. 

determination, «., determina- 
tion, /. 

determinative, adj'.y determina- 
ti£; determinant. 

detest, v.y de tester. 

detestable, ad/.y detestable. 

dethrone, v.y detrSner. 

detonation, «., detonation, /. 

detriment, «., detriment; preju- 
dice; dommage, tn. 

detrimental, ad/.y prejudiciable; 

devastate, v., devaster. 

devastation, «., devastation, /. 

develop, v.y developper. 

development, ». , developpement; 
denouement; deno&ment, tn.; ex- 
position, /. 

deviate, t/., devier; se devier; 
s'egarer; s*ecarter. 

device, «., devise, /.; moyen, m.; 
invention, /. 

devil, n.y diable; demon, m. 

devise, f., projeter; imaginer; 

devote, v.y devouer; vouer; con- 

devour, v., devorer. 

devout, adj'.y devot; pieux. 

de>v, n.y rosee, /. 

dewdrop, n., goutte de rosee, /. 

dexterity, 7^., dexterite; adresse,/. 

dexterous, adj., adroit; habile. 




diadem, »., diademe, nt. 

diagnostic, adj., diagnostique. 

diagonal, adj., diagonal. 

diagonal, »., diagonale, /. 

diagram, »., diagramme, nt. 

dial, n.y cadran, nt. 

dialect, n.y dialecte; langage, m. 

dialogue, «., dialogue; entre- 
tien, nt. 

dial-plate, «., cadran, nt. 

diameter, «., diametre, m. 

diamond, »., diamant, m. 

diapason, n., diapason, m. 

diarrliea, «., diarrh6e, /. 

diary, «., journal, nt. 

dibble, «., plantoir, m. 

dictate, v., dieter. 

dictation, «., dict6e, /. 

dictator, «., dictateur, nt. 

dictatorship, «., dictature, /. 

diction, «., diction, /. 

dictionary, «., dictionnaire, nt. 

die, n.y d6 a jouer, nt. 

die, v., mourir. 

dieresis, ;?., trema, nt. 

diet, «., di^te, /. 

diet, v., faire diete; etre au regime; 
se nourrir. 

differ, z/., diflF^rer. 

difference, «., diflF^rence; dis- 
pute, /.; diflF^rend, nt. 

different, adj., dif6rent. 

differential, adj., diff^rentiel. 

differently, adv., diflF6remment. 

difficult, adj., difficile; malais6. 

dif f iculty , « . , difficult^; peine,/.; 
embarras, nt. 

difform, adj., difforme; irr^gulier. 

difformity, «., difformit6. 

diffuse, adj., diflFus; verbeux; 

diffuse, v., r^pandre. 

dig, v., creuser; becher; piocher; 

digest, v., dig6rer. 

digestion, »., digestion, /. 


digestive, n., digestif, m, 

digit, n., chiflFre, nt. 

dignified, adj., digne. 

dignify, v., Clever. 

dignitary, n., dignitaire, nt. 

dignity, n., dignity, /. 

digression, n., digression; faute, 
/.; 6cart, nt. 

dilapidate, z/., d^labrer; dilapider. 

dilatation, n., dilatation, /. 

dilate, v., dilater; 61argir; ^tendre. 

dilemma, n., dilemme; embar- 
ras, nt. 

diligence, «. .diligence; assiduit6,/. 

diligent, adj., diligent. 

dilute, v., d6tremper; delayer. 

dimension, n., dimension; pro- 
portion; 6tendue, /. 

diminish, v., diminuer; abaisser. 

diminution, n., diminution, /. 

diminutive, adj., petit; dimin- 

dine, v., diner. 

dining-room, n., salle k man- 
ger, /. 

dinner, n., diner, m. 

diocese, n., diocese, nt. 

dip, v., plonger; tremper; mouiller. 

diplitliong, n., diphtongue, /. 

diploma, n., dipl6me, nt. 

diplomacy, n., diplomatie, /. 

diplomatic, adj., diplomatique. 

diplomatist, n., diplomate, nt. 

direct, adj., direct; droit. 

direct, v., diriger; ordonner; 
enseigner; renseigner. 

direction, n., direction, /.; in- 
struction, /. 

directly, adv., directement; im- 

director, n., directeur; guide; 
chef, m. 

directress, n., directrice, /. 

dirt, n., boue; salet6. 

dirt, v., salir; souiller; crotter. 

dirty, adj,^ sale; crott6 malpropre. 




disability, n., incapacity; impuis- 

disable, v., rendre incapable; d6- 

disabuse, v., d^sabuser. 
disadvantag^e, fi., d^savan- 

tage, tn. 
disagree, z/., diflF6rer; ne pas 

disagreeable, adj., d^sag^able; 

disappear, v., disparaitre. 
disappearance, n., disparition, /. 
disappoint, V.» d^sappointer. 
disappointment, »., contrariety, 

/.; d^sappointement, m. 
disapprove, z/., d^sapprouver. 
disarm, v.^ d^sarmer. 
disaster, «., d6sastre, m. 
disastrous, ad/.j d^sastreux. 
disavow, v., d^savouer. 
disband, v.y licencier; con- 

disbelief, «., incr6dulit6, /. 
disbelieve, v., ne pas croire. 
disburse, z/., d^bourser; d^penser. 
discard, v.^ cong^dier; 6carter; 

exclure; renvoyer. 
disease, v.y d^shabiller. 
discern, z/., discerner; distinguer; 

discliarge, «., d^chargement, nt.; 

d^charge, /.; cong6 d6finiti£, m.; 

quittance, /. 
discharge, z/., d6charger; ren- 
disciple, «., disciple, m. 
disciplinarian, adj., discipli- 

discipline, «., discipline, /. 
disclaim, z/., d6savouer; renier. 
disclose, v.y d6couvrir; r6v61er; 

mettre au jour. 
disclosure, «. , declaration; revela- 
tion; decouverte, /. 
discolor, z/., decolorer. 


discomfiture, fi.,defaite; deroute; 
deconfiture, /. 

discongruity, n., disconve- 
nance, /. 

discontent, adj., mecontent. 

discontent, z/., mecontenter. 

discontinue, v., discontinuer. 

discord, «., discorde, /. 

discount, ff., escompte, tn.; 
remise, /. 

discount, v.f escompter. 

discourage, r., decourager; re- 
but er. 

discouragement, «., decourage- 
ment, tn. 

discourse, «., discours; entretien; 
langage, tn. 

discourse, v., discourir; parler. 

discourteous, adj'., impoli; in- 
civil; discourtois. 

discovery, «., decouverte, /. 

discredit, «., discredit; deshon- 
neur, tn. 

discredit, v., deshonorer; dis- 

discreet, adj'., discret; prudent; 

discreetly, adv., discretement; 
sagement; prudemment. 

discretion, «., discretion; pru- 
dence; sagesse, /. 

disculpate, v., disculper. 

discuss, v., discuter. 

discussion, »., discussion; ana- 
lyse, /. 

disdain, v., dedaigner. 

disdain, n., dedain, m. 

disdainful, adj., dedaigneux. 

disease, n., maladie, /.; mal, m. 

diseased, adj'., malade. 

disembark, v., debarquer. 

disembarrass, z/., debarrasser. 

disengage, v., degager; debar- 
rasser; affranchir; detacher. 

disfavor, «., defaveur; discr&ce, /. 

disfigure, z/., defigurer; deformer. 




disgorge, v.^ rendre gorge. 
disgrace, «., disgrace; honte, /.; 
d^shonneur, m, 

disgrace, v.y disgracier; dishono- 
rer; avilir. 

disgraceful, adj.\ inf^me; hon- 
teux; d6shonorant. 

disguise, n., d^guisement; mas- 
que, m. 

disguise, v., d6guiser. 

disgust, «., dugout; ennui, m. 

disgust, v.y d^goCiter; ennuyer. 

dlsli, n., plat, m. 

dishonest, adj., d61oyal; malhon- 
nete; d6shonnete; infidele. 

dlslionesty, «., improbity ; d^loy- 
aut6; malhonn^tet6. 

dishonor, z/., dishonorer; avilir. 

disinfect, v.y desinfecter. 

dlsinlierlt, v., d6sh6riter. 

desinterestedness, «., d6sint6- 

disjoint, v., d6joindre; disjoindre; 


disk, «., disque, m. 

dislike, «., 61oignement, m.\ aver- 
sion, f. 

dislocate, v., disloquer; d^mettre. 

dismay, «., eflFroi, m,\ 6pouvante; 
terreur, /. 

dismember, v., d^membrer. 

dismiss, v.y renvoyer; cong6dier; 

dismissal, «., renvoi, m.\ destitu- 
tion, /. 

dismount, v. , descendre de cneval; 

disobedience, w., d6sob6is- 
sance, /. 

disobedient, adj., d6sob6issant. 

disobey, v., desob^ir; d6so- 
b6ir k. 

disorder, «., d6sordre, m.\ in- 
disposition, /. 

disorganize, v., d6sorganiser. 

disown, v.i d^savouer; nier. 


dispel, v.y dissiper; chasser. 

disperse, v., disperser; dissiper; 

displace, v., d6placer; d^ranger; 

displacement, «., d^placement, 
m.\ revocation; destitution, /. 

display, «., exposition, /.; parade; 

display, v.y d^ployer; exposer; 

displease, z/., d6plaire; d6plairea; 
m^contenter; contrarier. 

disposal, «., disposition, /. 

dispose, v., disposer; preparer; 

disposition, «., disposition, /.; 
caractere; naturel, tn. 

dispossess, v.y d6poss6der; de- 
pouiller; priver. 

disproportion, «., dispropor- 
tion, /. 

disprove, v.y r^futer. 

disputation, «., dispute; discus- 
sion, /. 

dispute, v.y disputer; discuter; 

disqualify, v.y rendre incapable; 
f rapper d' incapacity. 

disreputable, adj.y de mauvaise 

disrepute, «., discredit, w.; mau- 
vaise reputation, /. 

dissatisfaction, «., m^contente- 
ment, nt. 

dissatisfy, v.y m6contenter. 

dissect, v.y d^couper; diss6quer. 

dissection, «., coupure; dissec- 
tion, /. 

dissension, «., dissension; ziza- 
nie, /. 

dissent, «., dissentiment, m. 

dissent, v.y diflF6rer; opposer. 

dissertation, «., dissertation, /. 

dissidence, «., dissidence, /. 

dissipate, v.y dissiper. 




dissipation, n., dissipation; 

6vaporation; distraction, /. 
dissoluble, adj.^ dissoluble; 

dissolute, adj., dissolu. 
dissolvate, adj., soluble; dis- 
dissolve, v., dissoudre. 
dissuade, z/., dissuader; d^toumer. 
distance, «., distance, /. 
distance, v., Eloigner; d6passer; 

devancer; distancer. 
distant, adj.f distant; 61oign6; 

distend, v., 6tendre; dilater; dis- 

distil, v., distiller. 
distinct, adj.y distinct; disting^6. 
distinction, «., distinction, /. 
distinctive, adj., distinctif. 
distinctly, adv., distinctement; 

distinguisli, v., distinguer. 
distort, V,, deformer. 
distract, v., diviser; distraire. 
distress, «., d6tresse; affliction; 

gene; misere, /. 
distressing, adj., affligeant; 

distribute, v., distribuer; r6- 
, partir, /. 
distribution, n., distribution; 

repartition, /. 
.distrust, «., m^fiance; defiance, /. 
distrust, v., se mefier de; se 

defier de. 
disturb, v., troubler; d^ranger. 
disturbance, «. , trouble; tumulte, 

fn.\ confusion; emeute, /. 
disturber, w., perturbateur, w.; 

perturbatrice, /.; auteur de trou- 
bles, ni. 
disunite, v., desunir; separer. 
ditch, n.y fosse, tn. 
dive,z/.,plonger; faire le plongeon. 
diver, n., plongeur, 


diversely, adv., diversement. 

diversify, v., diversifier; varier. 

divide, V,, diviser; partager; dis- 

dividend, n., dividende, m. 

divine, adj., divin. 

divine, v., deviner; pr^dire. 

diving-bell, «., cloche a plongeur; 
cloche a plonger, /. 

divinity, «., divinity. 

divisibility, n., divisibility, /. 

divisible, adj., divisible. 

division, n., division, /.; partage, 
tn.', scission; discorde, /. 

divisor, «., diviseur, tn. 

divorce, n., divorce, m. 

divulge, v., divulger. 

dizziness, n., vertige, tn. 

dizzy, adj., vertigineux; 6tour- 
dissant; 6tourdi. 

do, v., faire; accomplir. 

docile, adj., docile. 

dock, «., dock, tn. 

dockyard, «., arsenal de port; 
arsenal de marine; chantier de 
construction, tn. 

doctor, n., docteur; m^decin, m. 

doctrine, «., doctrine, /. 

document, n., document; titre, 
tn.', piece, /.; pr^cepte, nt. 

dodge, v., esquiver. 

doe, n., daine; chevrette, /. 

dog, n., chien^ ni. 

dog-days, n., canicule, /. 

dog-bouse, ^., niche k chien, /. 

dog-kennel, n., chenil, m. 

dogma, n., dogme, m. 

dogmatic, adj., dogmatique. 

doing, n., faits, m. {pl.)\ ac- 
tions, /. (pL). 

doll, n., poup6e, /. 

dollar, n., dollar, vt. 

domain, n., domaine, tn. 

domestic, n., domestique, nt. f. 

domesticate, v., domestiquer; 




domicile, n.^ domicile, m. 
clomlnatlon, »., domination, /. 
dominion, »., domination, /.; 

pouvoir, fn.\ etats, m, {pi.). 
domino, «., domino, nt. 
don, v.y mettre; revetir. 
donation , « . , donation , /. ; don , #» . 
donkey, «., ^ne; bau<}et, m. 
donor, «., donateur, m.\ dona- 
trice, /. 
doom, v., condamner; destiner. 
doom, «., arret; sort, tn, 
door, n.y porte, /. 
doorkeeper, «., concierge; por- 

tier; gardien, nt. 
door-knob, «. , bouton de porte, tn. 
dose, «., dose, /. 
dose, v.^ m6dicamenter; propor- 

double, «., double, nt. 
double, v.y doubler; faire un 

pli k. 
double-buttoned, adj.y a deux 

rangs de boutons. 
doubt, «., doute, m. 
doubt, v.y douter de. 
doubtful, adj.^ douteux; ind6cis. 
doubtfulness, «., doute, m.\ 

incertitude, /. 
dove, «., colombe, /.; pigeon, nt. 
down, «., duvet, m. 
do"wn, prep.^ au bas de; en bas de; 

le long de; jusqu'en bas de. 
down, adv.y en bas; k terre. 
downcast, adj., abattu. 
downfall, «., chute; decadence,/. 
downhearted, adj., abattu. 
dozen, «., douzaine, /. 
draft, «., tirage; courant d'air, m.\ 

traite, /. 
draftsman, «., dessinateur, nt. 
drag, «., croc, nt.\ drague, /. 
• drag, v.y trainer; draguer. 
drain, n., tranch^e, /.; ^gouttoir; 

foss^ d'6coulement, m. 
draln^ v.y faire 6couler; dessecher. 


drainage, n., ^coulement; des- 

drake, n., canard, nt. 
drama, n., drame, nt. 
dramatic, adj., dramatique. 
dramatist, f7.,auteur dramatique; 

dramaturge, nt. 
dramatize, v., dramatiser. 
draper, «., drapier; marchand de 

drap; marchand de nouveaut^s, nt. 
drapery, «., draperie, /.; nou- 

veaut6s, /. (pi.). 
draw, v., tirer; dessiner. 
drawback, «., d^compte; m6- 

drawee, «., tir6, nt.\ tir^e, /. 
drawer, «., tireur, ni.\ tireuse, /.; 

tiroir, nt. 
drawers, n. (pi.), calegon, nt. 
drawing- book-, n., cahier k 

dessin, th. 
drawing-pen, n., tire-ligne, nt. 
drawing-room, n., salon, nt. 
drayman, n., camionneur, nt. 
dread, n., crainte, /.; effroi, nt. 
dread, v., craindre; redouter. 
dreadful, adj., affreux; terrible. 
dream, n., songe; reve, nt. 
dream, v., rever; songer. 
dreamer, «. ^reveur, nt. ; reveuse, /. 
drearily, adv., tristement; lugu- 

dreary, adj., triste; lugubre. 
dregs, n., lie, /. 
dress, n., habillement; vetement, 

nt.\ mise; toilette; robe, /. 
dress, v., habiller; vetir; appreter. 
dressing-room, n., cabinet de 

toilette, nt. 
dressmaker, n., couturiere, /. 
drill, n., semoir, fn. 
drill, v., forer; percer. 
drink, n., boisson, /. 
drink, v., boire. 

drinker, «. , buveur, m. ; buveuse, /. 
drink-money, n., pourboire, nt. 




drive, v., conduire; mener. 

drive, «., promenade en voiture; 
promenade pour les voitures, /. 

driver, «., cocher; conducteur, wi. 

droll, adj., plaisant; farceur, m. 

drop, «., goutte, /. 

drop, z'., laisser tomber; quitter; 

drove, «., troupeau, wi. 

drown, v., noyer. 

drowsy, adj., assoupi; endormi; 
16thargique; lourd; stupide. 

drudgery, «., travail fatigant; 
travail p^nible,wi.; peine; corvee,/. 

drug, «., drogue, /. 

druggist, «., droguiste, m. 

druld, «., druide, w. 

drum, «., tambour, m.\ caisse, /. 

drumstick, «., baguette de tam- 
bour, /. 

drunk, adj., ivre; gris. 

drunkard, w., ivrogne, m.\ ivro- 
gnesse, /. 

drunkenness, «., ivrognerie; 
ivresse, /. 

dry, adj., sec; aride; alt6r6. 

dry, v., secher. 

dubiously, adv., douteusement. 

duck, «., cane, /., canard, m. 

duckling, n., caneton, w.; ca- 
nette, /. 

ductile, adj., ductile; souple. 

due, n., du; droit, tn. 

duel, n., duel; combat, tn. 

duelist, n., duelliste, tn. 

duet, n., duo, tn. 

duke, «., due, m. 

^\\W^ adj . ,\ovixdi', born6; triste; som- 

duly, adv., dument; justement. 

dumb, adj., muet. 

dumfound, v., confondre; aba- 

dungeon, n., cachot, vi. 

dupe, n., dupe, /. 

dupe, v., duper. 


duplicate, adj., double. 

duplicity, «., double nature; 
duplicity, /. 

durable, adj., durable. 

duration, «., dur6e, /. 

during, prep., pendant; durant. 

dusk, «., brune, /.; cr6puscule, m, 

dusk, adj., obscur; sombre. 

dust, n., poussiere, /". 

dust, v., 6pousseter. 

dust- brush, n., plumeau, nt, 

Dutch, n., hoUandais, tn. 

Dutchman, n., HoUandais, tn. 

Dutchwoman, n., HoUandaise,/". 

duty, n., devoir, tn. 

dw^ell, v., demeurer; rester. 

dwelling, n., demeure; habita- 
tion, /. 

dye, v., teindre; colorer; tacher. ' 

dye, n., teinture; teinte; couleur; 
empreinte, /. 

dye-house, n., teinturerie, /. 

dyer, n . , teinturier, m. ; teinturiere,/". 

dying, adj., mourant; moribond. 

dynamics, n. {pi.), dynamique, 
/. {sing.). 

dyspepsia, «., dyspepsie, /. 

each, pron. and adj., chaque; 
chacun, w.; chacune, /. 

eager, adj., impatient; empress6. 

eagerly, adv., ardemment; impa- 

eagerness, n., ardeur; impa- 
tience, /.; empressement, tn, 

eagle, n., aigle, nt. 

eaglet, n., aiglon, m. 

ear, n., oreille, /. 

ear-drum, n., tympan, fn. 

earl, n., comte, m. 

earldom, n., comte, tn. 

early, adv., de bonne heure; tot; 
de bon matin; matinalement. 

earn, v., gagner; acquerir. 

earring, n., boucle d'oreille, /. 




ear til, «., terre, /. 

eartlien, adj,^ de terre. 

earthenware, «., poterie, /. 

earthly, cuij., terrestre. 

earthquake, «., tremblement de 
terre, #«. 

earthwork, «., terrassement, i«. 

earthworm, «., ver de terre, ni. 

ease, «., aisance; aise; tranquil- 
lit6, /. 

ease, z/., tranquilliser; calmer; 
soulager; all6ger. 

easel, «., chevalet, m. 
* easily, adv.^ facilement; ais6ment. 

east, «., est; orient; levant, ni. 

Easter, «., P^que; Paques, m. 

eastern, adj., oriental; d'orient; 

easy, cuij., ais6; facile; tranquille. 

eat, v.y manger. 

eating-house, «., restaurant, m. 

ebb-tide, «.,• reflux, nt. 

ebony, «., 6bene, /.; bois 
d*6bene, nt. 

ebullition, «., Ebullition; effer- 
vescence, /. 

eccentric, adj., excentrique; ori- 

eccentricity, «., excentricitE; ori- 
ginality, /. 

ecclesiastic, «., ecclEsiastique, ni. 

echo, n.y 6cho, nt. 

echo, v.y faire Echo; retentir. 

eclat, «., Eclat, tn. 

eclipse, «., Eclipse, /. 

eclipse, v.y Eclipser. 

economical, adj., Economique. 

economically, adv., economique- 

economize, v., Economiser. 

Eden, n., fiden, m. 

edge, n., bord; fil; tranchant, m. 

edict, n., Edit, m. 

edification, «., Edification, /. 

edifice, «., Edifice, m. 

edition, «., Edition, /. 


editor, «., Editeur, w.; rEdacteur; 

gErant, m. 
educate, v., Elever; faire I'Educa- 

tion de; instruire. 
education, n.. Education, /. 
educator, n., instituteur, «i.; in- 

stitutrice, /. 
eel, n., ang^ille, /. 
efface, v., eflFacer. 
effect, «., eflFet, #«.; action, /. 
effect, v., effectuer; exEcuter; ac- 

effective, adj., effectif; efficace. 
effeminate, adj., effErainE; lache; 

effervescence, n., efferves- 
cence, /. 
efficacious, adj., efficace. 
effigy, «., effigie, /. 
effort, n., effort, ;«. 
Q>9^^>i n., oeuf, m. 
egg-cup, «., coquetier, nt. 
eggplant, n., aubergine, /. 
egg-shell, «., coque; coquille 

^'ceuf, /. 
egoism, «., Egoisme, nt. 
egoist, n., egoiste, nt. 
egotism , « . , Egoisme ,m.\ vanitE , /. 
Egyptian, «., Egyptien, m.\ 

Egyptienne, /. 
elder-dow^n, n., Edredon, m. 
eight, adj., huit. 
eighteen, adj., dix-huit. 
eighteenth, adj., dix-huitieme. 
eighty, adj., quatre-vingts. 
eitlier, pron., I'un ou 1' autre, nt. 

{sing.)'. Tune ou I'autre,/. (sifig.)\ 

les uns ou les autres, m.{pi.)', les 

unes ou les autres, /. (pi.). 
either, adv., non plus. 
eject, v., Jeter; lancer; chasser; 

elaborate, v., Elaborer. 
elapse, v., s'Ecouler; passer; se 

elasticity, n,, ElasticitE, /. 




elate, z/., 61ever; enfler; exalter. 
elbow, «., coude, fn, 
elbow, v,t coudoyer; presser. 
elder, «., doyen; ancien, tn. 
elder, adj,^ ain6; plus dg^. 
eldest, adj,, le plus kg^\ rain6. 
elect, ddj.^ 61u; choisi; nomm^. 
elect, v.t 61ire; nomraer; choisir. 
election , « . , Election , /. ; choix , m . 
elector, «., ^lecteur, ni. 
electric, adj.y 61ectrique. 
electrician, «., 61ectricien, m. 
electricity, «., electricity, /. 
electrify, v., ^lectriser. 
elegance, «., 616gance, /. 
elegant, adj., Elegant. 
elegantly, adv., 61egamment. 
elegy, «., 616gie, /. 
element, w., 616ment, m. 
elementary, adj., 616mentaire. 
elephant, «., 616phant, m. 
elevate, v., Clever; exalter. 
elevation, «., -Elevation, /. 
elevator, «., ^levateur, m. 
eleven, adj., onze. 
eleventli, adj., onzieme. 
eliminate, z/., ^liminer; aflfranchir. 
elision, n., Elision; division, /. 
elite, «., 61ite, /. 

elixir, n., elixir, m. ; quintessence, /. 
elk, n.y 61an, tn. 
ell, «., aune, /. 
ellipsis, «., ellipse, /. 
elm, n.y orme, m. 
elocution, «., Elocution; parole; 

faculte de parler, /. 
elope, v., s'enfuir. 
eloquence, n., eloquence, /. 
eloquent, adj., Eloquent. 
eloquently, adv., ^loquemment. 
else, adj., autre. 
else, adv., autrement; sans quoi. 
elsewhere, adv., ailleurs. 
elucidate, v., rendre lucide; 

^claircir; 61ucider. 
elude, v., 61uder; 6chapper k. 


emaciate, v., amaigrir 
emanate, z/., 6maner. 
embalm, v., embaumer; conserver. 
embalmer, n., embaumeur, ni. 
embankment, n., Iev6e;dig^e, /. 
embark, v., s*embarquer. 
embarrass, v.^ embarrasser; 

embassy, n., ambassade, /. 
embellisli, v., embellir. 
embezzle, v., d^toumer; dis- 

embezzlement, n., d^tourne- 

ment, ;w. 
embezzler, n., auteur d'un 

d6tournement, m. 
emblem, n., embleme, m. 
embolden, v., enhardir. 
embossment, n., relief, w.; 

bosse, /. 
embrace, v., embrasser; saisir; 

embroider, v., broder. 
embroiderer, n., brodeur, m.-, 

brodeuse, /. 
embroidery, n., broderie, /. 
embroil, v., brouiller; embrouiller; 

emerald, n., 6meraude, /. 
emerge, v., surgir; sortir. 
emery, n., 6meri, tn. 
emetic, n., 6metique, tn. 
emigrant, n., Emigrant, nt.-, emi- 

grante, /. 
emigrate, v., 6migrer. 
emigration, n., Emigration, /. 
eminence, n., Eminence; Eleva- 
tion; distinction, /. 
emissary, n., Emissaire, m, 
emission, «., Emission, /. 
emollient, n.. Emollient, m. 
emotion, n.. Emotion, /. 
emi)eror, n., empereur, m. 
emphasize, appuyer sur un mot; 

encherir; renchErir sur; prononcer 

avec force. 




empliatlc, adj., €nergique; expres- 

sif; emphatique. 
empire, «., empire, tn. 

employ, «., emploi, m. 

employ, v., employer; se servir de. 

employer, «., maitre, ni.; raai- 

tresse, /.; patron, m.; patronne, /. 
employment, «., emploi, m.; 

occupation, /. 
empoison, z/., empoisonner. 
empoverisli, v., appauvrir. 
empo>ver, v., autoriser; charger. 
empress, «., imperatrice, /. 
empty, v., vider. 
empty, adj., vide; a vide. 
emulate, v., s'efforcer d'egaler; 

rivaliser avec. 
emulation, «., emulation; riva- 

lite, /. 
enable, v., rendre capable; mettre 

a meme; donner le moyen de; 

mettre en etat. 
enact, v., ordonner; arreter; de- 

enamel, «., 6mail, m. 
encamp, v., camper. 
encampment, «., campement.w. 
enchain, v., enchainer. 
enchant, v., enchanter. 
encore, adv., bis. 
encounter, v., rencontrer. 
eneourage, v., encourager. 
encouragement, «., encourage- 
ment, tn. 
encroach., v., empieter; abuser; 

encumber, v., encombrer; era- 

encyclopedia, «., encyclo- 

p6die, /. 
end, «., bout, m.; extremite, /.; 

but; objet, m.; fin, /.; interet, m. 
end, v., finir; terminer; achever. 
endanger, v., exposer au danger; 

mettre en danger. 
endeavor, «., effort; travail, m. 


endeavor, v., tocher; s'efforcer; 

ending, «., fin; conclusion; ter- 
minaison; desinence, /. 

endive, «., chicor^e; endive; 
escarole, /. 

endless, adj'., infini; sans fin; 

endure, v., endurer; souffrir; sup- 

enemy, «., ennemi, tn.; ennemie, /. 

energetic, adj'., energique. 

energy, «., Anergic; force, /. 

enervate, v., enerver. 

enfeeble, v., affaiblir. 

enforce, v., donner de la force a; 
faire executer. 

engage, v., engager; occuper. 

engagement, «. , engagement, m. ; 
occupation, /.; combat, i«. 

engine, «., machine, /.; instru- 
ment, m. 

engine-driver, n., conducteur 
de machines, fn. 

engineer, «., ingenieur, m. 

English, adj., anglais. 

Englishman, «., Anglais, m. 

EnglishAVoman, «., Anglaise, /. 

engrave, v., graver. 

engraver, «., graveur, fn. 

engraving, «., gravure, /. 

enigma, «., enigme, /. 

enjoin, v., enjoindre; prescrire. 

enjoy, v., jouir; jouir de; posseder; 

enlarge, v., agrandir; augmenter; 

enlight, enlighten, v., illu- 
miner; eclairer. 

enlist, V.J enroler; inscrire; en- 

enmity, n., inimitie, /. 

enormity, n., enormity, /. 

enormous, adj'., enorme; mon- 

enormously, adv., 6norm6ment. 




enougrh, adj.^ assez. 
enricli, v,^ enrichir. 
enroll, v.^ enrdler; enregistrer. 
enrolment, «., enrolement; enre- 

gistrement, w. 
enslgriiy' «•» enseigne, /.; dra- 

peaUy m, 
ensign-bearer, «., porte-dra- 

peau, tn. 
enslave, v.^ r^duire a Tesclavage; 

asservir; rendre esclave; assujettir. 
ensuing, adj.^ suivant; prochain. 
enter, z/., entrer dans; inscrire; 

enterprise, v., entreprendre. 
entertain, z/., accueillir; arauser. 
entertainment, «., banquet; 

amusement, tn, 
enthusiasm, «., enthousiasm, m. 
entliusiast, «., enthousiaste, w. 
enthusiastic, adj., enthousiaste. 
entice, v.^ attirer; inciter; tenter; 

enticing, adj.^ seduisant; tentant; 

entire, adj,, entier. 
entirely, adv., entierement. 
entomb, v., ensevelir. 
entomology, «., entomologie, /. 
entrance, «., entree, /. 
entrap, v., prendre au piege; 

entreat, v., supplier; prier avec 

entresol, «., entresol, m. 
entry, «., droit d 'inscription, m.\ 

inscription, /. 
enumerate, v., enumerer. 
enunciate, v., enoncer. 
envelop, v., envelopper; entourer. 
envelop, v., enveloppe, /. 
enviable, adj., digne d'envie; 

envier, «., envieux, fn.\ envi- 

euse, /. 
environ, v., environner. 


environs, n. (pL), environs, 

m, {pi.). 
envoy, «., messager, tn, 
envy, «., envie, / 
envy, v., envier; porter envie k. 
epic, adj., 6pique. 
epicure, n., ^picurien, tn.; 6picuri- 

enne, /.; gastronome; gourmet, m. 
epidemic, adj., epidemique. 
epidemic, n., 6pid6mie, /. 
epigram, n., epigramme, /. 
epilepsy, «., 6pilepsie, /. 
epilogue, «., Epilogue, nt. 
epipbany, «., 6piphanie, /. 
episcopal, adj., episcopal. 
episode, n., Episode, tn. 
epistle, n., 6pitre, /. 
epistolary, adj. , 6pistolaire. 
epitapb, n., 6pitaphe, /. 
epithet, n., 6pithete, /. 
epopee, n., 6pop6e, /. 
equal, adj., 6gal; uniforme. 
equal, n., egal, m.-, egale, /. 
equal, v., egaler. 
equality, n., 6galit6, /. 
equally, adv., ^galement; pareille- 

equation, n., Equation, /. 
equator, n., equateur, tn. 
equestrian, adj., 6questre. 
equilateral, adj., Equilateral. 
equilibrate, v., 6quilibrer. 
equilibrium, n., 6quilibre, m. 
equinox, n., 6quinoxe, m. 
equip, v., 6quiper. 
equipage, n., Equipage, m. 
equipment, «., Equipement, m. 
equitable, adj., equitable; juste. 
equitation, «., equitation, /. 
equity, n., equitE; justice, /. 
equivalent, adj., Equivalent. 
equivocal, «., Equivoque, /. 
era, n., ere; Epoque, /. 
erase, v., raturer; effacer. 
ere, adv. and ptep., avant que; plus 

tdt que. 





erect, adj,^ droit; haut; 61ev6; leve; 

erect, v.^ 6riger; dresser; elever; 

ermine, «., hermine, /. 
err, v.., errer; s'egarer; s'ecarter; se 

errant, adj., errant; ambulant. 
error, «., erreur, /. 
erudition, «., Erudition, /. 
eruption, «., Eruption, /. 
escalade, n., escalade, /. 
escapade, w., escapade, /. 
escape, ii., Evasion; fuite; deli- 

vrance, /. 
escape, v., s*6chapper; s'enfuir; se 

escort, v.y escorter. 
escort, «., escorte, /. 
especially, adv., specialement; 

surtout; particulierement. 
espionage, «., espionnage, tn. 
esquire, «., ecuyer;'proprietaire, ni. 
essay, «., essai, fn.\ epreuve, /. 
essay, v., essayer; eprouver. 
essence, «., essence, /.; parfum, w. 
essential, adj., essentiel. 
essentially, aflfz/., essentiellement. 
establish, v., etablir; affermir; 

establislinient, n., 6tablisse- 

ment, in.\ maison, /. 
estate, «., propri6te; terre; for- 
tune, /. 
esteem, «., estime, /. 
esteem, v., estimer; considerer 

estimable, «., estimation; appre- 
ciation, /. 
estimate, v., estimer; apprecier; 

evaluer; juger; calculer. 
etcbing, n.y gravure a I'eau- 

forte, /. 
eternal, «., Eternel, tn. 
eternal, adj., eternel. 
eternity, «., 6temite, /. 


etber, «., 6ther, w. 
Ethiopian, «., Ethiopian, m,\ 

Ethiopienne, /. 
etiolated, adj., 6tiol6. 
etymology, n., Etymologic, /. 
eulogize, v., louer; faire I'Eloge de. 
European, n., European, m \ 

Europ^enne, /. 
evacuate, v., Evacuer; vider. 
evade, v., s'6chapper; s*esquiver. 
evangelism, n., predication de 

I'Evangile, /. 
evaporation, n., Evaporation, /. 
eve, n., soir, m.-, veille, /. 
even, adj., egal; uni; de niveau. 
even, adv., meme; aussi bien. 
even, v., egaler; Egaliser; mettre 

de niveau. 
evening, n., soir, tn., soirEe, /. 
event, n., evenement, tn, 
ever, adv., toujours; jamais. 
evergreen, adj., toujours vert. 
everlasting, adj., qui dure tou- 
jours; eternel; perpEtuel. 
evermore, adv., toujours; eter- 

every, adj., chaque; tout; tous les. 
evidence, n., Evidence; preuve, /.; 

tEmoignage, m. 
evident, adj.. Evident. 
evidently, adv., Evidemment. 
evil, n., mal, crime, in.\ maladie, /. 
evil, adv., mal. 
evitable, adj., Evitable. 
evoke, v., Evoquer. 
ewe, 71., brebis, /. 
exact, v., exiger. 
exact, adj., exact; prEcis; strict. 
exactly, adv., exactement; juste; 

au juste. 
exaggerate, v., exagErer. 
exalt, v., exalter; Elever. 
exaltation, n., exaltation; ElEva- 

tion, /. 
examination, «., examen, tn.-, 

vErification, /.; interrogatoire, tn. 




examine, z/., examiner. 

example, n., exemple, m. 

exasperate, v.^ exasp6rer; irriter. 

excavate, v.^ creuser; excaver. 

excavation, »., excavation; 
fouille, /. 

exceed, v., exc^der; d^passer. 

exceeding, «., surcroit; exc6- 
dent, fn. 

excel, v.y exceller; surpasser. 

excellent, ad/., excellent; parfait; 

except, v., excepter. 

except, prep.y excepts ; hors. 

except, conj.y a moins que; k 
moins de. 

excepting, prep.^ except^; hormis. 

exception, «., exception; objec- 
tion, /. 

excess, «., exces; excedent, tn, 

excessive, adj.^ exceSvSif; exag6r6; 

excliange, «., ^change, m.\ 
bourse, /. 

excitable, adj.^ excitable. 

excite, v.y exciter; animer. 

exclamation, «., exclamation, /. 

exclude, v., exclure. 

exclusion, «., exclusion, /. 

exclusive, adj., exclusif. 

exclusively, a^fz/., exclusivement. 

excursion, «. , excursion; course, /. 

excusable, adj., excusable. 

excuse, «., excuse, /. 

excuse, v., excuser. 

execrable, adj., execrable. 

execrate, z/., ex^crer. 

execute, v., executer; exercer. 

executive, adj., executif. 

exemplar, «., modele, tn. 

exempt, v., exempter. 

exemption, «., exemption, /. 

exercise, «., exercice, w.; ma- 
noeuvre, /. 

exhaust, v., ^puiser. 

exhausted, adj., ^puis6. 


exhibit, v., exhiber; montrer; pro- 
duire; exposer. 

exhibition, «., exposition, /. 

exhort, v., exhorter; solliciter. 

exigency, «., exigence; extr6- 
mit6, /. 

exile, «., exil, fn.\ exil6, m.\ 
exil6e, /. 

exile, v., exiler. 

exist, v.y exister. 

existence, n., existence, /. 

exit, «., sortie, /. 

exonerate, z/., d^charger; sou- 
lager; exonerer. 

exorbitant, adj., exorbitant; 

exotic, adj.y exotique. 

expand, v. , faire 6panouir; 6tendre; 
deployer; dilater. 

exx>ansion, «., expansion; exten- 
sion, /.; ^panouissement, m. 

exi3atriate, z/., expatrier. 

expect, v.y attendre; esp^rer; 
s'attendre k. 

expectation, «., attente; esp6' 
ranee, /. 

expedient, «., expedient, m. 

expedite, v.y exp^dier; h^ter; 

exi>edition, «., expedition; promp- 
titude; h^te, /. 

expeditive, adj.y exp6ditif. 

expel, v.y expulser; chasser; faire 

expend, z/., depenser; employer; 

expenditure, «., d6pense; con- 
sommation, /. 

expense, «., d^pense, /.; frais, 
m. (pi.). 

expensive, adj.y dispendieux. 

experience, «., experience, /. 

experience, v.y ^prouver; faire 
r experience de. 

experiment, «., experience, /. 

expert, adj., expert; habile. 




expiation, «., expiation, /. 
expire, z/., expirer; mourir; p6rir. 
explain, z/., expliquer; 6claircir. 
explanation, «., explication, /.; 

^claircissement, tn. 
explicit, ad/. J explicatif. 
explode, v., faire explosion. 
exploit, «., exploit; haut fait; fait 

d'armes, m. 
exploration, «., exploration, /.; 

examen, tn.; recherche, /. 
explorator, «., explorateur, m. 
explore, v.^ explorer; examiner. 
explosion, «., explosion, /. 
exportation, «., exportation, /. 
expose, v.f exposer. 
exposition, n., exposition, /. 
express, «., expres, m.; express, fn. 
expressive, ad/.y expressif. 
expressly, adv., express^ment. 
expulse, v., expulser; chasser. 
expulsion, «., expulsion, /. 
extend, v., 6tendre; tendre; con- 

tinuer; prolonger. 
extension, «., extension; 6ten- 

due, /. 
extensive, ad/., 6tendu; vaste; 

ample; g^rand. 
extenuate, v., ext6nuer; afifaiblir; 

diminuer; att^nuer. 
exterior, adj., ext6rieur; en 

extermlne, v., exterminer. 
external, ad/., ext^rieur; externe. 
extinct, ad/., 6teint. 
extln^^lsh, v., 6teindre. 
extort, v., extorquer; arracher. 
extra, ad/., d'extra; en sus; suppl6- 

extra, adv., en sus; de plus; au 

extract, n., extrait, m. 
extract, v., extraire; tirer; 

extraction, «., extraction, /. 
extradition, n., extradition, /. 


extraordinary, adv., extraordi- 

extraordinary, adj,, extraor- 

extra vagrant, ad/., extravagant; 
prodigue; d^pensier. 

extreme, n., extr6mit6, /.; ex- 
treme, m. 

extremity, n., extr6mit6; cala- 
mity, /; cas extreme, m. 

exuberant, adj., exuberant; sur- 

exult, v., se r6jouir; triompher de 

eye, «., oeil, tn. 

eyeball, n., globe de Toeil, tn.; 
prunelle; pupille, f. 

eyebrow, n., sourcil, m. 

^y^'Slsmc^j ft., coup d'oeil; re- 
gard, m. 

eye-glass, «., lorgnon, m. 

eyelash, n., cil, m. 

eyelid, n., paupiere, /. 

eyesight, n., vue, /. 


fable, «., fable, /.; apologue, tn. 

fabric, n., fabrique; manufacture; 
etoffe, /. 

fabulist, n., fabuliste, m. 

fabulous, ad/., fabuleux. 

face, «., visage, m.; face; figure; 
audace, /. 

face, v., faire face k; affronter. 

facetious, ad/., fac6tieux. 

facile, adj'., facile. 

facilitate, v., faciliter. 

facility, n., facility, /. 

facsimile, n., fac-simile, m. 

fact, «., fait, m. 

faction, «., faction; discorde, /. 

factor, n., agent, m. 

factory, n., manufacture; fabri- 
que, /. 

faculty, n., faculty, /.; pouvoir, m. 

fade, v., faner; fl^trir. 




fail, n., manque; insucces, m. 

fail, v.f faillir; faire faillite. 

failure, «., manque; d6faut; in- 
succes, m.'y faillite, /. 

faint, a^'., faible; affaibli. 

faint, v.f s*6vanouir; d^faillir. 

fainting^, n.^ ^vanouissement, m.; 
d6f alliance, /. 

fair, adj.f beau; clair; pur. 

fairly, adv.^ bien; proprement; 

fairness, «., beauts ; clart6, /. 

fairy, «., f6e, /. 

faltli, «., foi; v6racit6, /. 

faltlil inij.; ma foi! en v6rit6! 

faitliful, adj., fidele. 

faithfulness, n., fid61it6, /. 

falcon, n.y faucon, m. 

fall, «., chute; baisse, /.; au- 
tomne, nt. 

fall, v.y tomber. 

fallible, adj., faillible. 

falling, «., chute, /. 

false, adj'., faux. 

false-faced, adj., hypocrite. 

falsehood, «., faussete, /. 

falsification, «., falsification, /. 

falsify, z/., falsifier; alterer; fausser. 

fame, «., renommee. 

familiar, ad/.y de la famille; fami- 

family, «., famille, /. 

famine, «., famine, /. 

famish, v., affamer. 

famous, adj'.y fameux. 

fan, «., 6ventail, m. 

fan, V.J 6venter. 

fanatic, «., fanatique, m. 

fanaticism, «., fanatisme, m. 

fancy, «., imagination; fantaisie; 
id6e, /. 

fancy, v., s'imaginer; se figurer. 

fanfaron, «., fanfaron, m. 

fantasy, n., fantaisie, /. 

far, adv., loin; au loin; de beau- 


far, adj'., lointain; 61oign6; recul^. 

farce, v., farcir; enfler. 

fard, v., farder. 

fare, n., course, /.; plats; mets, 

m. (//.)• 
farewell, «., adieu, m. 
farm, v., affermer; exploiter. 
farm, n., ferme, /. 
i farmer, «., fermier, fn.' 
I farmings, n., exploitation d'une 
i ferme; agriculture, /. 
farther, adv., plus loin; de plus; 

ult6rieurement; en outre. 
farthermore, adv., de plus. 
fascinate, v., fasciner; enchanter. 
fascination, n., fascination, /.; 

charme, m. 
fashion, n., mode; fa9on, /. 
fashion, v., fagonner; former. 
fashionable, adj'., a la mode; 

616gant; fashionable. 
fast, n., jeune, m. 
fast, v., jeiiner. 

fast, adj'., ferme; fix6; vite rapide 
fasten, v., attacher; Her. 
fastening, n., attache; ferme- 

ture, /. 
fastidious, adj., d6daigneux; dif- 
ficile; d^licat. 
fasting-day, n., jour de jeune; 

jour maigre, /«. 
fat, n.y gras, m.; graisse, /. 
fat, adj'., gras; gros. 
fat, v., engraisser. 
fatal, adj'., fatal; funeste; mortel. 
fate, n., destin; sort, m. 
fatlier, n., pere, m. 
fatherland, n., pays natal, m.; 

patrie, /. 
fatigue, «., fatigue, /. 
fatigue, v., fatiguer. 
fatten, v., engraisser; novirrir; ali- 

fatuity, n., stupidit6; imb^cilit^; 

sottise, /, 
faucet, n., robinet, m. 




fault, «., faute,*/.; d^faut, m. 

faulty, adj., en faute;^ coupable; 
fautif; erron6. 

favor, «., faveur; permission; 
grace, /. 

fa"wn, n., faon, m. 

fear, «., crainte; peur, /. 

fear, v., craindre; avoir peur; re- 

feasible, adj\, faisable; executable. 

feast, n.y festin, m.; fete, /. 

feat, n.y action, /.; exploit; fait, m. 

feather, «., plume; aigrette, /. 

feature, «., trait, m.\ figure, /. 

February, «., f^vrier, m. 

fecula, n.y f^cule, /.; amidon, m. 

fecund, ad/., f^cond. 

fecundate, v., f^conder. 

fecundation, n., f^condation, /. 

federal, adj., federal. 

federation, «., federation; alli- 
ance, /. 

fee, «., honoraire, tn. 

feeble, ad/., faible. 

feed, n., nourriture, /.; donner k 

feed, v., nourrir; donner k man- 
ger k. 

feel, «., toucher. 

feel, v., sentir; t^ter; toucher; 
eprouver; ressentir. 

feeling, n., toucher; sentiment, w. 

feign, v., feindre; inventer; ima- 

feint, n., feinte, /. 

felicitate, v., f61iciter. 

felicitation, n., felicitation, /. 

felicity, n., felicite, /.; bon- 
heur, tn. 

fell, n., peau; fourrure, /. 

fell, v., abattre; assommer. 

fellow, n., compagnon; camarade; 
gaillard, tn. 

felloiv-student, n., condis- 
ciple, fn. 

felon, «., criminel. 


felon, ad/., felon; traitre; inhu- 

felony, n., deiit; crime; crime 
capital, m. 

felt, n., feutre; chapeau de feu- 
tre, m. 

female, n., femme; personne; 
femelle, /. 

female, ad/., f^minin; effemine. 

fence, «., cl6ture; enceinte; bar- 
riere, /. 

fence, v., enclore; faire des armes. 

fencing, n., cl6ture; escrime, /. 

fencing-master, n., maitre 
d 'armes, m. 

f encing-scbool, n., salle 
d' armes, /. 

ferment, n., ferment, f«.; fermen- 
tation, /. 

ferment, v., fermenter. 

fern, n., fougere, /. 

ferocious, ad/., f6roce. 

ferrugineous, ad/., ferrugineux. 

ferry-boat, n., bac; bateau de 
passeur, ni. 

fertile, ad/., fertile; f^cond. 

fertilize, v., fertiliser. 

fervent, ad/., ardent; fervent. 

fervid, ad/., ardent; chaud; vif. 

fervor, n., chaleur; ferveur; 
ardeur, f. 

festival, n., fete, /.; festival, m. 

festoon, n., feston, m. 

fetch, v., chercher; aller chercher; 

fetid, ad/., fetide. 

feud, n., fief, m.; querelle; dissen- 
sion, /. 

feudal, adj., f^odal. 

feudality, n., f^odalite, /. 

fever, n., fievre, /. 

feverish, ad/., fievreux. 

few, ad/., peu de. 

fiber, n., fibre, /. 

fibrous, ad/., fibreux. 

fiction, n., fiction, f. 




fictitious, adj,, fictif; factice. 

fiddle, »., violon, m. 

fiddlestick, »., archet de vio- 
lon, tn. 

fidelity, «., fid61it6, /. 

fie I intj.^ fi! 

fief, «., fief, tn. 

field, »., champ, fn.\ campagne, /. 

fiend, »., esprit malin; d^mon, tn. 

fierce, adj.y f^roce; furieux; violent. 

fiery, adj.y de feu; ardent; fou- 

fife, «., fifre, nt. 

fifteen, adj.y quinze. 

fifteenth, adj.y quinzieme. 

fifth, adj.y cinquieme. 

fiftieth, adj.y cinquanti^me. 

fifty, adj.y cinquante. 

fig, «., figue, /. 

fight, 2^., se battre avec; combattre. 

fight, n.y combat, tn. 

fighter, «., combattant, ni. 

fighting, n.y combat, m. 

fig-tree, «., figuier, tn. 

figurant, n.y figurant, m. 

figure, n.y figure; forme, /".; 
chiffre, m. 

figure, v.y figurer; fagonner; for- 
mer; imaginer. 

file, n.y lime; collection; liste, f. 

file, v.y limer. 

filial, adj.y filial. 

fill, v.y emplir; remplir; combler. 

fillet, n.y bandeau; filet. 

filter, n.y filtre, m. 

filter, v.y filtrer. 

fin, n.y nageoire, /. 

final, adj.y final; d^finitif; d^cisif. 

finally, adv.y enfin; finalement; 

finance, «., finance, /.; finances, 

financier, «., financier, tn. 
find, v.y trouver. 
finding, n.y d^couverte; declara- 
tion, /. 


fine, n.y amende, /. 

fine, v.y mettre k I'amende. 

finesse, n.y finesse, /. 

finger, n.y doigt, m. 

finish, v.y finir; terminer; achever. 

finished, adj.y fini; parfait. 

fir, n.y sapin; bois de sapin, tn. 

fire, n.y feu; incendie, tn. 

fire, v.y mettre le feu A; embraser; 

firearms, n. (pL)t armes k feu, 

fire-company, «., compagnie de 
pompiers, /. 

firedamp, n . , feu grisou ; grisou , m. 

fire-engine, «., pompe k incen- 
die, /. 

fire-grate, «., grille de foyer, /. 

fireman, «., pompier; chauf- 
feur, w. 

fireplace, «., chemin6e, /.; foyer 
de chemin^e. 

fireproof, adj.y k T^preuve du feu. 

fire-screen, «., 6cran, m. 

fireside, «., coin du feu, tn. 

firework, ;/., feu d'artifice, m. 

firm, adj.y ferme; solide. 

firm, n.y maison de commerce; rai- 
son sociale, /. 

firmament, «., firmament, m. 

firmly, adv.y fermement; solide- 

firmness, «., fermete; solidite, /. 

fir-plank, n.y planche de sapin, /. 

first, adj.y premier; unieme. 

first, adv.y premierement; d'abord. 

first-born, adj.y premier-n6, m. 

fir-tree, «., sapin, tn. 

fiscal, adj.y fiscal. 

fiscal, n.y fisc, fn. 

fish, n.y poisson, nt. 

fish, v.y pecher. 

fish-bone, «., arete de poisson, /. 

f Isher-boat, «. , bateau p§cheur,w. 

fisherman, «., pecheur, tn. 

fishhook, n.y hame9on, tn. 




fisiiing, «., peche, /. 
fisliing^-line, n., ligne; ligne k 

pecher, /. 
fishings-tackle, n., ustensiles de 

peche, m, {pi.). 
fish-market, «., poissonnerie /. ; 

march^ au poisson, tn. 
fissure, «., fissure; fente, /. 
fist, «., poing, m. 
fit, n.y acc^s, fn.\ convulsion, /. 
fit, adj.y propre; juste; k propos; 

convenable; capable. 
fit, v., convenir k\ ajuster. 
fitness, «., convenance; propri6t6, 

/.; k propos, m. 
five, n. and adj,y cinq. 
fivefold, adv.f cinq fois; quin- 
fix, v.f fixer; arreter; attacher. 
fixed, adj',y fixe. 
fixity, n.y fixit6, /. 
flag, n.y drapeau, tn. 
flag^ellate, v.y flageller. 
flagellation, «., flagellation, /. 
flageolet, «., flageolet, m. 
flagrant, adj., flagrant. 
flag-sliip, n.y vaisseau amiral, m. 
flagstone, «., dalle, /. 
flail, n.y fleau (k battre le bl6), m. 
flake, n.y flocon, m.y 6caille, /. 
flame, «., flamme, /.; feu, m. 
flank, n.y flanc; c6t6, m. 
flannel, n.y flanelle, /. 
flap, n.y tape, /. 
flask, n.y 6clat; jet; 6clair, tn. 
flask, n.y bouteill^, /.; flacon, tn. 
flat, adj.y plat. 
flat, n.y etage, tn. 
flatten, v.y aplatir; aplanir. 
flatter, v.y flatter. 
flatterer, «., flatteur, tn.'y flat- 

teuse, /. 
flattery, «., flatterie, /. 
flavor, n.y gofit; afome, tn. 
flavor, v.y donner un arome a. 
flaiv, n,y d^faut, tn. 

flax, n.y lin, tn. 

flea, n.y puce, /. 

flee, v.y s'enfuir; fuir; prendre la 

fleece, «., toison, /. 

fleet, n.y flotte; escadre, /. 

flesh, n.y chair, /. 

fleur-de-lis, «., fleur de lis, /. 

flexibility, n.y flexibility, /. 

flexible, adj.y qui pent se plier. 

flight, n.y fuite; vol6e, /. 

flinch, v.y reculer. 

flint, n.y pierre k fusil, /. 

float, v.y flotter. 

flock, n.y troupeau, tn. 

flood, n.y inondation, /. 

floor, n.y plancher; 6tage, tn. 

Florentine, «., Florentin; Floren- 
tine, /. 

florescence, «., floraison; fleurai- 
son, /. 

florin, n.y florin, tn. 

florist, n.y fleuriste, tn. and /. 

flotilla, n.y flottille, /. 

flour, n.y farine, /. 

flourish, n.y eclat, tn.\ action de 
brandir, /. 

flourish, v.y fleurir; brandir. 

flourishing, adJ.y florissant. 
'flow, v.y s'^couler; couler. 

flow, n.y flux; 6panchement, tn, 

flower, n.y fleur, /. 

flower-garden, n.y jardin fleu- 
riste; parterre, tn. 

flower-pot, n.y pot a fleurs; vase 
a fleurs, tn. 

flower-stand, «., jardiniere 
(meuble), /. 

fluency, n.y facility, /. 

fluently, adv.y coulamment; cou- 

fluid, n.y fluide; liquide, tn. * 

flush, n.y rouge, tn.y rongeur, /. 

flute, n.y fliite; cannelure, /. 

fluxion, n.y fluxion, /. 

fly, n.y mouche. 




fly, v,f fuir. 

flywheel, «., volant, nt, 

foam, «., 6cume, /. 

foam, 2'., 6cumer. 

focus, «., foyer, fn. 

fodder, «., fourrage, w.; p&ture, /. 

foe, «., ennemi; adversaire, m. 

fo^, «., brouillard, m. 

'ojfjjy, adj,t epais; brumeux. 

foil, «., defaite, /.; fleuret. f«.; 

feuille, /". 
foil, ^^, vaincre; dejouer. 
fold, «., plissure, /.; pli, tn, 
fold, ^^, plisser; plier. 
foliage, «., feuillage, fn. 
folio, «., in-£olio, f«.; page, /. 
folk, «., geqs; personnes, /. (pi.). 
follow, v., suivre; poursuivre; suc- 

c6der; continuer. 
follower, «., suite, /.; suvant; 

dependant; partisan, m. 
folly, «., folie; sottise, /. 
foment, v.^ echauffer; fomenter. 
fond, adj., passionn6. 
food, «., nourriture, /.; aliment, w. 
fool, «., sot; niais; nigaud, m. 
fool, v.y se moquer; duper. 
foolhardy, adj., t^meraire; folle- 

ment hardi. 
foolish, adj., simple; sot; imbecile; 

foolishness, n., folie; simplicite; 

sottise, /. 
foot, n., pied, m.; patte, /. 
footboy, «., petit laquais; valet de 

pied, tn. 
footing, n., trace; piste; situation, 

/.; etablissement, m. 
footman, «., laquais; valet de 

pied; fantassin, m. 
footpath, //., sentier; trottoir, m. 
footstep), n., demarche; trace, /.; 

marchepied, nt. 
footstool, n., marchepied; ta- 
bouret, m, 
for, prep., pour. 


for, conj.^ car; afin que; aussi bien. 
fora|2r^9 «•» fourrage, fn.\ provi- 
sions, f. (pi.). 
forage, v., fourager; piller; ra- 

vager; d6soler. 
forbear, v., cesser, 6pargner; 

forbid, v., defendre; interdire; pro- 

force, «., force; violence; con- 

trainte; n6cessite, /. 
force, v., forcer; contraindre. 
forclnpT-pump, «., pompe fou- 

lante, /. 
ford, «., gu6, m. 
fore, adv., devant; auparavant; 

forearm, n., avant-bras, nt. 
forefather, «., aieul; ancetre, m. 
forefinger, «., index; second 

doigt de la main, nt. 
forehead, n., front, nt. 
foreign, adj'., Stranger; qui vient 

du dehors. 
foreigner, n., Stranger, nt. 
foreman, n., contre-maitre, nt. 
foremost, adj., premier; le plus 

avance de tous. 
forenoon, n., avant midi; matin, 

nt.\ matinee, /. 
foresee, v., pr6voir. 
foresight, n., prevoyance, /. 
forest, n., foret, /. 
foretell, v., pr6dire; pr6sager; pro- 

forfeit, n., amende; forfaiture, /.; 

dedit, nt. 
forfeit, v., forfaire; confisquer; 

forge, n., forge, /. 
forge, v., forger, contrefaire; fal- 
forger, «., inventeur; faussaire; 

faux monnayeur, nt. 
forget, v., oublier. 
forgetful, (wf/". .oublieux; negligent. 




fopgetfiilness, «., oubli, m.; in- 
attention; negligence, /. 
forgive, v., pardonner. 
fork, n.t fourchette; fourche, /. 
form, «., forme, /. 
form, V.J former; fa^onner. 
formal, adj., formel; precis; c6r6- 

formality, «., formality; c6r6- 

monie; affectation; biens^ance, /. 
formation, «., formation, /. 
former, adj., premier; precedent; 

celui-1^; pass6; ancien. 
formerly, adv., autrefois; jadis; 

formidable, adj., formidable; re- 

doutable; terrible. 
formula, n., formule, /. 
forsake, v., d61aisser; abandon- 

fort, n., fort, tn.; forteresse; place 

forte, /. 
forth, adv., en avant. 
forthwith, adv., incontinent; 

aussit6t; sans d^lai; tout de suite. 
fortieth, adj'., quarantieme. 
fortification, n., fortification; 

place fortifi6e, f. 
fortify, v., fortifier; munir. 
fortitude, n., magnanimit6; bra- 

voure; force; force d'^me, /.; 

courage, tn. 
fortnight, n., quinze jours, m. 

{pi.)', quinzaine, /. 
fortress, n., forteresse; place 

forte, /.; {fig.) appui; soutien, tn. 
fortunate, adj., heureux; fortune. 
fortunately, adv., heureuse- 

ment; par bonheur. 
fortune, n., fortune; destin^e, /. 
fortune-teller, n., diseur de 

bonne aventure, tn. 
forty, adj\, quarante. 
forum, «., forum, m.', place pub- 

lique, /. 
forward, adv., en avant. 


forward, v., envoyer; transmettre. 
fossil, n. and adj., fossile, tn. 
foundation, n., base; fondation; 

source, /. 
founder, «., fondateur; auteur, #». 
foundry, n., fonderie. 
foundling, n., enfant trouv6; en- 
fant abandonn^, tn. f. 
fountain, n., fontaine; source, /.; 

jet d'eau, m. 
four, adj., quatre. 
fourfold, adj., quatre fois autant. 
four-footed, adj., quadrupede; k 

quatre pieds. 
fourscore, adj., quatre- vingts. 
fourteen, adj., quatorze. 
fourteenth, adj., quatorzieme. 
fourth, adj., quatrieme. 
four-wheeled, adj., k quatre 

fowl, «., oiseau, w.; volaille, /.; 

poulet, m. 
fox, n., renard, tn. 
foxglove, n., digitale, /. 
foxy, adj., de renard; rus6. 
fraction, n., fraction, /. 
fracture, n., fracture; rupture, /. 
fragile, adj., fragile; fr^le; faible; 

fragment, fragment; reste; d6- 
. bris, tn. 
fragrant, adj., odorif^rant; qui 

sent bon. 
frail, adj., frele; fragile; faible. 
frame, n., forme; charpente; bor- 

dure, /. 
francliise, n., franchise; immu- 
nity, /.; privilege, tn. 
frank, n., franc, w. 
frank, adj., franc; liberal; g6n6- 

reux; sincere. 
frankly, adv., franchement; sans 

frankness, «., franchise; sinc6rit6; 

bont6, /. 
fraternal, adj., fraternel. 




fraternity, «., fraternite; con- 

fr6rie; soci6t6, /". 
fratricide, «., fratricide, tn. 
free, adj.^ libre; exempt; liberal. 
free, v.^ affranchir; exempter; d6- 

freedom, «., liberty ; immunity, /. 
freely, adv.^ librement; sans con- 

trainte; gratuitement. 
freemason, «., franc-magon, m. 
freethinker, «., libre-pen- 

jeur, m. 
free-^will, «., libre-arbitre; franc- 

arbitre, m. 
freeze, v.y geler. 
freiglit, «., fret, w.; cargaison, /. 
French, adj.y frangais. 
French-horn, «., cor de chasse; 

cornet a piston. 
Frenchman, «., Franyais, w. 
Frenchwoman, «., Frangaise, /. 
frenzy, «., fren^sie; folie, /.; 

6garement d* esprit, nt. 
frequent, adj., frequent; ordi- 
naire; commun. 
frequent, v., frequenter; banter. 
frequently, adv., frequemment; 

sou vent. 
fresco, «., fresque, /. 
fresh, adj., frais; recent; nouveau; 

friar, n., religieux; moine, tn. 
fricasse, n., fricass6e, /, 
friction, n., frottenient, nt.\ fric- 
tion, /. 
Friday, «., vendredi, m. 
friend, «., ami, fn.\ amie, /. 
friendliness, «., amiti6; bont6; 

bienveillance, /. 
friendly, adj., serviable; d'ami; 

favorable; propice; utile. 
frlendshli>, n., amitie; affection 

mutuelle, /. 
frigate, n., fregate, /. 
fright, n., peur soudaine, /".; 6pou- 

vantail, tn.', 6pouvante; frayeur, /. 


fright, v.y 6pouvanter; faire penr; 

frightful, adj., 6pouvantable; 

effroyable; aflfreux. 
frigid, adj., froid; glacial; prive de 

fringe, «., f range, /. 
frivolous, fffl^*., frivole; vain; 16ger; 

fro, adv., en arriere. 
frock, «., froc; habit, tn. 
frock-coat, «., redingote, f, 
frog, n., grenouille, /. 
from, prep., de. 

front, n., front; devant; portail, #«. 
frontier, n. and adj., frontiere, /. 
frontlsiJlece, n., frontispice, tn. 
frost, n., gel6e, /. 
froth, n., 6cume; mousse, /. 
frown, «., froncement de sour- 

cils, nt. 
frown, v., froncer les sourcils. 
frozen, part, adj., glac6; gel6; 

fructify, v., fructifier; f^conder. 
fructuous, adj., avantageux; fer- 
tile; fructueux. 
fruit, n., fruit, nt. 
fruiterer, n., fruitier, nt.-, fnii- 

tiere, /. 
fruit-tree, n., arbre fruitier, tn, 
fry, v., frire; fricasser. 
frying-pan, n., poele k frire, /. 
fuel, n., chauffage; combustible, nt. 
fugitive, n., fugitif; transfuge; d6- 

serteur; r6fugi6, in. 
fulfil, v., accomplir; remplir; 

full, «., plein; comble, nt. 
full, adj., plein; rempli; ample. 
full-dress, n., grande tenue; 

grande toilette, /. 
fully, adv., pleinement; entiere- 

ment; amplement. 
fume, «., fum6e; vapeur; exhalai- 

son, /. 




fumigate, z/., fumiger; d6sin- 

finnigation, «., fumigation; di- 
sinfection, /. 
fun, «., badinage, fn.\ plaisanterie; 

gaillardise, /. 
function, «., fonction; faculty ; 

occupation, /.; metier; emploi, tn. 
functionary, «., fonctionnaire, m. 
fund, «., fonds; capital, m. 
fundamental, adj.^ fondamental. 
funeral, «., enterrement; convoi 

funebre, nt.\ fun^railles; obseques, 

/. (/>/.). 
funnel, «., entonnoir, tn, 
funny, adj.^ bouffon; fac6tieux; 

comique; drole; risible; amusant, 
fur, «., fourrure; pelleterie, /.; 

poil, tn. 
furious, adj., furieux; fr6n6tique; 

outre; insens^. 
furlough, «., cong6; semestre, w.; 

feuille de route, /. 
furnace, «., fournaise, /.; four- 

neau, m. 
furnisli, v.y fournir; pourvoir; 

garnir meubler 
furnisher, «., pourvoyeur; four- 

nisseur, tn. 
furniture, «., meubles, m. (pi.). 
furrier, «., fourreur; pelletier, tn. 
furro^w, «., sillon, m. 
further, adj., ult6rieur; autre. 
further, v., avancer; pousser; 

further, adv., plus loin; de plus; 

encore; outre cela. 
furthermore, adv., de plus; en 

outre; outre cela. 
furtive, adj., furtif; d6rob6; secret. 
fury, n., furie; fureur; fr6n6sie; 

rage; violence; fougue, /. 
fusion, n., fusion; fonte des m6- 

taux, /. 
fuss, n., fracas; bruit; embarras, m. 
futile, adj., futile; vain; frivole. 


futility, «., futility; vanit6; frivo- 
lity, /. 

future, n. and adj., Tavenir; le 
futur; futur; a venir. 

futurely, adv., k Tavenir. 

fuze, n., fus6e, /. 

fyl int., fi! fi done! 


gaff, n., gaffe, /.; harpon, tn. 

gag, n., b3.illon, m. 

gag, v., b^illonner. 

gage, n., gage, tn.-, assurance; 

jauge, /. 
gaiety, «., gaiete; gait6, /. 
gaily, adv., gaiement; joyeuse- 

gain, «., gain; profit; avantage, m. 
gain, v., gagner; acqu6rir. 
gait, n., port; air, m.', demarche; 

allure, /. 
gaiter, «., guetre, /. 
gala, n., gala, tn.; r6jouissance, /. 
galaxy, n., reunion brillante, /. 
gale, n., vent frais, m.\ brise, /. 
galena, n., mine de plomb; 

galene, /. 
gallant, n., homme brave; vail- 

lant; courageux; galant homme. 
gallantly, adv., noblement; brave- 

gallantry, n., galanterie; bra- 

voure, /. 
gallery, n., galerie, /. 
galley, n., galere, /. 
galley-slave, n., gal6rien; for- 

gat, tn. 
gallicism, n., gallicisme; idio- 

tisme frangais. 
gallon, n., gallon, tn. 
gallop, n., galop, m. 
gallop, v., galoper; aller au 

gallo^ws, n., potence, /.; gibet, w. 
galvanize, v., galvaniser. 
gambler, n., filou; joueur, m. 



tfamhliuf^, n., jeu, ;/i.; niaison de 

jeu, /. 
I^me, «., jeu, m.\ recreation, /.; 

gibier, ;«. 
gamekeeper, «., garde-chasse, m. 
Ktin^, n.y bande; troupe, /. 
liCanicrene, «., gangrene, /. 
^an^way, «., passage 6troit, m. 
g^antlet, «., gantelet, m. 
g^ap, «., breche; ouverture, /. 
Kape, r., bailler. 
I^ardeii, «., jardin, w. 
I^arilener, «., jardinier, w. 
l^arcleniuK, «., jardinage, m. 
liCatheriu^, «., assemblee, /. 
^IfHUKe, «., jauge, /., manometre, w. 
g^auly «., Gaulois, w.; Gaule, /. 
g^auntlet, «., gantelet, w. 
g^ay, adj., gai; rejoui; joyeux. 
I^ear, «., habit; habillement; atti- 

rail, ni. 
jfeese, «., oie, /. 
j^elatin, «., gelatine, /. 
Keiii, «., pierre pr6cieuse, /. 
gendarme, «., gendarme, w. 
gender, «., genre, w.; espece; 

sorte, /. 
genealogist, «., gen^alogiste, w. 
genealogj", «., g^nealogie, /. 
general , « . , general , w . ; generate , /. 
general, adj., general; commun; 

generality, «., generality; la plu- 

generalize, v., generaliser. 
generally, adv., en general; or- 

dinairement; generalement. 
generation, «., generation, /. 
generator, «., generateur, ;;/. 
generosity, «., generosite; libe- 

ralite, /. 
generous, adj., genereux; riche; 

genesis, w., Genese, /. 
genial, adj., naturel; rejouissant; 

gai; enjou^. 


genitive, n., g6nitif, m. 
genius, //., g6nie; talent, nt.\ dis- 
position naturelle, /. 
. genteel, adj., de bon gout; galant; 

gentian, n., gentiane, /. 
gentile, »., paien; gentil, m. 
gentle, adj., doux; mod^re; 16ger; 

gentleman, »., monsieur; gentil 

homme, tn. 
gentlemanlike, adj., distingu^; 

de bon ton; comme il faut; bien ne. 
gentleness, n., douceur; bont6; 

bienveillance, /. 
gently, adv., doucement; lente- 

ment; avec bont6. 
genuine, adj., naturel; r^el; pur; 

geography, n., g^ogrr )hie, /. 
geologjs n., g^ologie, /. 
geometer, n., g^ometre, m. 
germ, n., germe; bourgeon, w. 
German, n., Allemand, m ; Alle- 

mande, /. 
germinate, v., germer; pousser; 

germination, «., germination; 

pousse, /. 
gesticulate, v., gesticuler. 
gesture, «., geste; mouvement 

expressif, tn. 
get, v., gagner; acquerir; obtenir. 
ghastful, adj., horrible; affreux. 
gliost, n., esprit; revenant, /«. 
giant, «., g6ant; colosse, tn. 
giantess, n., g^ante, /. 
gibbet, n., potence, /.; gibet, fn, 
giddy, adj., ^tourdi; evapore; ver- 

gift, n., present; don; talent, m, 
gigantic, adj., gigantesque. 
gild, v., dorer; embellir. 
gilt, n., dorure, f. 
gilt-edged, adj., dor^ sur tranche. 
gin, n,, genievre, w. 




gfinger, «., gingembre, m. 
gingerbread, «., pain d'6pice, m, 
gipsy, «., bohemien; boheme, w. 
giraffe, n.y girafe, /. 
girl,«.,fille;servante; domestique,/. 
give, v.y donner. 
giver, «., donneur; donateur, tn. 
gizzard, n.y g^sier, m. 
glacial, adj., glacial; gel^. 
;^laeier, «., glacier; amas de 

glace, tn. 
glad, adj., content; charm^; bien 

aise; joyeux; r6joui; heureux. 
gladden, v., r^jouir; rendre 

gladiator, //., gladiateur, tn. 
gladly, adv., volontiers; avec 

glance, n., regard; coup d'oeil, tn. 
glance,'!*., jeter un coup d'ceil. 
gland, n., glande, /. 
glass, «., verre, ni. 
glass-bottle, n., bouteille de 

verre, /. 
glass-house, «., verrerie, /. 
glass-maker, «., verrier, tn. 
glass- works, n., verrerie; manu- 
facture de verre, /. 
glazier, n., vitrier, wi. 
glebe, «., glebe; terre, /.; sol, m. 
glimpse, «., lueur, /.; reflet; 

rayon, tn. 
glitter, n.y 6clat; lustre, nt.\ splen- 

deur, /. 
glitter, v., 6clater; briller; reluire; 

globe , « . , globe , w . ; sphere ; boule , /. 
globule, «., globule; petit corps 

sph^rique, fn. 
gloom, «., obscurity, /.; chagrin, 

m.\ tristesse, /. 
gloomy, adj., sombre; obscur; 

glorify, v., glorifier; exalter; 

glorious, adj.t glorieux; illustre. 


glory, n., gloire, /.; honneur, m. 
gloss, n., luisant; 6clat; vernis, ni. 
glossy, adj., lustr^; poli; ^clatant; 

glove, n., gant, m. 
glover, «., gantier, m. 
glue, n., colle forte, /. 
glutton, «., gourmand; glou ton, w. 
gna\v, v., ronger. 
go, v., aller. 
goat, «., chevre, /. 
goblet, n., gobelet, w.; coupe, /. 
God, n., Dieu, fn. 
goddess, n., d^esse; divinity, /. 
godfatlier, n., parrain, tn. 
godly, adj., pieux; d^vot; saint. 
godmotlier, n., marraine, /. 
gold, «., or, ni. 
gold-dust, n., poudre d'or, f, 
goldsmitli, «., orfevre, tn. 
gondolier, n., gondolier, tn. 
good, adj., bon. 
good, ft., bien, tn. 
good, adv., bien; bon. 
good! ititj., eh bien! 
good-breeding, «., Education; 

politesse, /. 
gopd-conditioned, adj., bien 

conditionn6; en bon 6tat. 
Good-Friday, n., vendredi 

saint, tn. 
good-humor, n., bonne humeur, 

/.; enjouement, tn. 
good-luck, n., bonheur, tn.\ pros- 

p6rit6, /. 
good-nature, n., bont6; bon- 
homie; humanit6; complaisance, /. 
good-natured, adj., d'un bon 

naturel; b6nin; bon. 
goodness, n., bont6; probit6, /. 
goods, n., meubles; biens, tn. (pl.)\ 

marchandises, /. (pi.). 
goose, tt., oie, /.; idiot; imbecile, tn, 
gooseberry, n., groseille k ma- 

quereau; groseille verte, /. 
gorge, n., gosier, w.; gorge, /. 



f^orgeons, cLdj.^ superbe; magni- 

fique; somptueux; ^clatant. 
STOspel, «., 6vangile, m. 
^OHsip, ^^, jaser; bavarder. 
l^ossipInK, n., com mirage; ba- 

vardage, m, 
ll^otliic, adj,, gothique. 
^out, n.^ goutte, /. 
jfovern, v.^ gouverner. 
governess, «., institutrice; gou- 

vernante, /. 
jfovernmeiit, «., gouvernement, 

fn.\ administration; direction, f. 
governor, «., gouverneur; institu- 

teur, m, 
l^own, «., robe, /. 
icrace, «., gr^ce, /. 
graceful, adj., beau; gracieux. 
gracefully, adv., gracieusement; 

de bonne grace. 
gracefulness, «., bonne gr^ce, 

/.; agr^ment; charme, w.; beauts, /. 
gracious, adj., gracieux; agr^able. 
gradation, «., gradation, /.; 

degr6, nt. 
grade, «., grade; degr6, m, 
gradually, adv., graduellement; 

par degr6s; pas a pas; peu a pen. 
graduate, n., gradu6, m. 
graduate, v., graduer. 
graft, «., greffe, /. 
graft, v.y greffer; enter. 
grain, n., grain, m. 
grammar, n., grammaire, /. 
grammarian, «.,grammairien,w. 
granary, n., grenier, m. ; grange, /. 
grand, adj., grand; superbe; noble; 

illustre; sublime; grandiose. 
grandclilld, «., petit-fils, w.; 

petite-fiUe, /. 
grandeur, n., grandeur, /.; 

6clat, m. 
grandfather, «., grand pere; 

aieul, m. 
grandmother, n., grand mere; 

aieule, /. 


grandson, n., petit-fils, m. 
grange, n., ferme; m^tairie; 

grange, /. 
granite, «., granit, m. 
grant, v., accorder. 
grape, n., raisin, m. 
grape-vine, n., vigne, /. 
grasp, n., poign6e; 6treinte, /. 
grasp, V,, empoigner; saisir; pren- 
dre avec la main. 
grass, «., herbe, /. 
grasshopper, n., sauterelle; 

cigale, /. 
grate, n., grille, /. 
grateful, adj., reconnaissant. 
gratification, n., gratification; 

satisfaction, /. 
gratis, adv., gratuitement; gratis; 

pour rien. 
gratitude, «., gratitude; recon- 
naissance, /. 
grratultously, tfflfz/., gratuitement; 

grave, n., s6pulcre; fn.\ tombe; 

fosse, /. 
grave, adj., grave; s6rieux; r6- 

grave, v., graver. 
gfravel, n., gravier, m. 
gravely, adv., gravement; serieu- 

sement; modestement. 
gravy, n., jus; sue de viande, m. 
gray, adj., gris. 
grease, n., graisse, /. 
greasy, adj., graisseux; tach6 de 

great, adj., grand; gros; noble. 
great-granddaughter, «., 

arriere petite-fiUe, /. 
great-grandfather, n., bis- 

aieul, m. 
great-grandmother, n., bis- 

aieule, /. 
great-grandson, n., arriere- 

petit-fils, m. 
greatness, n,, grandeur, /. 



Grecian, adj, and «., grec. 
greed, «., cupidit6; avidit6, /. 
greedy, adj,^ cupide. 
Greek, «., Grec, fn.\ Grecque, /. 
green, adj.^ vert; frais; novice. 
green, «., vert, fn,\ verdure, /.; 

gazon, m. 
green-cloth, «., tapis vert, fn. 
green-grocer, «., fruitier, m.\ 

fruitiere, /. 
greenhouse, «., serre, /. 
greenish, adj., verd&tre. 
greet, v., saluer; congratuler. 
greeting, «., salutation, /".; 

salut, fn. 
Gregorian, adj., gr^gorien. 
grenade, «., grenade, /. 
grenadier, «., grenadier, m. 
greyhound, w., 16vrier, m.\ lev- 

rette, f. 
gridiron, «., gril, m, 
grief, «., douleur; tristesse, /.; cha- 
grin; d^plaisir, tn. 
grieve, v., chagriner; attrister. 
grimace, «., grimace, /. 
grind, v., moudre; broyer; grin- 

grindstone, «., meule; pierre k 

aiguiser; a repasser, /. 
groan, v., g6mir; soupirer; gro- 

grocer, «., spicier, tn. 
grocery, «., ^picerie, /. 
grog, «., grog, m. 
groin, «., aine, /. 
groom, «., palefrenier; valet 

d'^curie; gar^on; valet; groom, tn. 
groove, «., rainure; coulisse, /. 
grope, v., t^ter; t§,tonner. 
gross, «., grosse, /. 
grotesque, adj., grotesque. 
ground, «., terre, /.; terrain, fn. 
ground-floor, «., rez-de-chaus- 

s6e, fn. 
groundless, a^'.,mal fond6;sans 



group, n.^ groupe; massif, tn, 

group, v., grouper. 

grouse, «., coq de bruyere, fn, 

grove, «., bocage; bosquet, fn. 

gro^w, v.y croitre. 

growl, v., grogner; gronder; mur- 

growth, «., croissance, /. 

grudge, n., rancune, animosity, /.; 
mauvais vouloir, m. 

gruel, «., gruau, fn. 

grumble, v.^ grommeler; mur- 

grumbling, w., murmure, wi.; 
plain te, /. 

guano, n., guano, fn. 

guarantee, »., garant, m.; cau- 
tion, /. 

guard, «., garde; defense, /, 

guard, z/., garder; d6fendre; pro- 

guardian, n., gardien; tuteur; 
curateur, m. 

guess, «., conjecture, /. 

guess, v., deviner; conjecturer. 

guest, «., convi^; bote, fn.\ con- 
vive, m. f. 

guide, «., guide; conducteur; di- 
recteur, nt. 

guide, v.y conduire; guider; diriger. 

guillotine, «., guillotine, /. 

guiltless, adj.^ innocent; pur. 

guilty, adj.^ coupable. 

guinea, «., guinee, /. 

guinea-hen, «., pintade, /. 

guise, «., guise; maniere; fagon, /".; 
masque, fn. 

guitar, «., guitare, /. 

gulf, «., golfe, fn. 

gum, «., gomme; gencive, /. 

gum, v., gommer. 

gums, n.y fusil, fn. 

gunner, «., canonnier, nt. 

gunpowder, «. , poudre a canon, f. 

gunsmith, «., armurier; arque- 
busier, nt. 



gutter, »., gouttiere, /.; niis- 

seau, tn. 

guttural, adj'.y guttural. 

gymnasium, «., gymnase, m. 

gymnastic, adj. and «., gymnas- 



babit, «., habitude; coutume, /. 

habitant, n., habitant, m. 

habitation, n., habitation, /.; 
domicile, m. 

habitual, adj., habituel. 

hackney-coach, «., fiacre; car- 
rosse, de louage, tn. 

haggard, adj.^ hagard. 

hail, «., grele, /.; salut, fn.\ sant6, f. 

hail, intj.y salut! salut a vous! 

hail, v., saluer; h61er; greler. 

hair, «., cheveu; poll, m. 

hairbrush, «. , brosse a cheveu x, /. 

hairdresser, «., coiffeur, m. 

hale, adj.y robuste; sain; vigoureux. 

half, »., moiti6, /.; demi, nt. 

half->vay, adv.^ a mi-chemin. 

hall, «., salle, f. 

halt, n.y halte, /. 

halter, «,, licou, w.; corde, /. 

ham, «., jambon; jarret, tn. 

hamlet, «., hameau; petit vil- 
lage, fn. 

hammer, «., marteau, nt. 

hammock, «., hamac, m. 

hamper, v.y embarrasser; em- 

hand, n., main, f. 

hand, v., passer. 

handcuff, «., menotte, f. 

handful, n., poignee; brassee, /. 

handle, n., anse, /.; manche, m. 

handle, v.y manier; toucher; 

handling, «., maniement, m. 

handrail, «., garde-fou, w.; 
rampe, f. 

hands off! intj., k bas les mains! 
dtes vos mains! dtez-vous. 


handsome, adj., beau; bel; €16- 
gant; gracieux; bien fait, 

handTirriting, «., 6criture, /. 

hang, v.y pendre; suspendre. 

hangings, n. {pl.)y tapisserie; 
tenture, /. 

hangman, n.y bourreau, tn. 

happily, adv.y heureusement; par 

happiness, «., f61icit6, /.; bon- 
heur, tn. 

happy, adj.y heureux; fortune. 

harangue, «., harangue, /. 

harass, v.y harasser; lasser; fati- 

harbor, «., havre; port; refuge; 
gite, m. 

harbor, v.y loger; h^berger. 

hard, adj.y dur; ferme; solide. 

harden, v.y endurcir; durcir; 
rendre dur. 

hardly, adv.y k peine; rudement. 

hardness, «., duret^; fermet6; 
solidity, /. 

hardship, «., duret6; fatigue; 
misere; privation, /. 

hardware, «., quincaillerie, /. 

hardwareman, «., quincail- 
lier, fn. 

hardy, adj.y hardi; courageux. 

hare, n.y lievre, m. 

harem, n., harem, m. 

hark! intj.y 6coutez! 

harn^, «., tort; dommage; preju- 
dice; mal;- malheur, nt. 

harm, v., nuire; faire du mal. 

harmful, a^*., nuisible; malfaisant; 

harmfulness, «., prejudice; 
dommage, nt. 

harmless, adj.y innocent; inof- 

harmonious, adj.y harmonieux; 

harmonize, v., rendre harmo- 
nieux; cadencer; accorder; ajuster. 




liarness, n.^ hamais, tn. 
liarness-maker, «., fabricant de 

harnais; sellier; bourrelier, m. 
liarp, «., harpe, /. 
Iiarpsicliord, «., clavecin, m. 
Iiarrow, «., herse, /. 
liarsli, adj'.f rude; ^pre; dur; severe. 
Jiarshly, adv., rudement; s6vere- 

ment; ^prement. 
liarslxness, «., rudesse; apret6; 

s6verit6, /. 
harvest, n., moisson; r6colte, f. 
liash, /^., hachis, m. 
liasli, v,y hacher; couper en petits 

haste, «., h^te; vitesse; diligence; 

colere, /. 
haste, v., hS,ter; d^pecher; presser. 
hastily, adv., k la h^te; brusque- 

ment; en colere. 
hat, «., chapeau, tn. 
hat box, «., boite k chapeau, /. 
hatch, «., couvee, /. 
hatch, v., faire 6clore; faire des 

hatchet, «., cogn^e; hachette, /. 
hate, «., hainie; aversion; inimiti^, /. 
hate, n.y hair; d^tester; abhorrer. 
hatred, «., haine; aversion; ini- 

mit6, /. 
hatter, «., chapelier, m. 
haughtily, adv., hautainement; 

haughtiness, «., hauteur; fiert6; 

arrogance, /. 
haughty, a^*. , altier; fier; hautain; 

haunt, «., repaire, m. 
haunt, v., hanter; frequenter. 
have, v., avoir; tenir. 
havoc, «., deg^t; ravage, m. 
havoc, v., ravager; d6 vaster. 
hay, «., foin, m. 
haymaking, n., fenaison, /. 
hay-market, «., march^ au 

foin, m. 


hazard, n., hasard, m.; chance, /. 
haze, n., brouillard, m.\ brume, /. 
he, pron.y il; celui; lui. 
head, «., tete, /.; chef, m. 
headache, »., mal de tSte, m.\ 

migraine, /. 
head-dress, «., coiffe; coif- 
fure, /. 
headquarters, n. {pi.)\ quartier 

g^n^ral, m, {sing.). 
healer, »., gu6risseur, fn.\ gfu6ris- 

seuse, /. 
health, «., sant^, f. 
healthy, adj., bien portant; en 

bonne sante; sain; salutaire. 
heap, «., tas; monceau; amas, tn. 
heap, v., entasser; amonceler. 
hear, v., entendre; entendre dire. 
hearsay, «., oui-dire, m. 
hearse, w., corbillard; char fune- 

bre, tn. 
heart, «., coeur, nt. 
heartily, adv., cordialement; de 

bon cceur. 
heat, «., chaleur, /. 
heat, v.. Chauffer; ^chauffer. 
heathen, «., paien, tn.; paienne/., 
heaven, «.,ciel, w.;cieux, w. {pi.). 
heavenly, adj., celeste. 
heavily, adv., pesamment; lourde- 

heavy, adj., lourd; pesant. 
Hebrew, n., Hebreu; Israelite, m. 
hectare, n., hectare, m. 
hectogram, n., hectogramme, w. 
hectoliter, n., hectolitre, tn. 
hectometer, n., hectometre, tn. 
hedge, n., haie, /. 
heel, n., talon; 6peron, m. 
heifer, n., g^nisse, /. 
height, «., elevation; hauteur, /. 
heir, n., heritier; successeur, wi. 
heiress, n., heritiere, /. 
hell, n., enfer, m. 
helm, n., timon; gouvernail, tn. 
helmet, n., casque, tn. 




belpy n., aide, m. /.; secours; 

remMe, m, 
lielp, v.t aider; secourir; assister. 
lielplessly, adv.^ sans secours; 

faiblement; sans ressource. 
liem, n.f ourlet; bord, m. 
liem, v.f ourler; border. 
liemispliere, «., hemisphere, m. 
liemorrlia^ey «., h^morragie, /. 
liemp, «., chanvre, m.; 6toupe, /. 
hemp-seed, »., chenevis, m. 
lien, «., poule; femelle, /. 
hence, adv.^ d'ici; de li; loin d'ici. 
bene ef or til , adv.t d^sormais; 

hen-house, «., poulailler, m. 
her, pron.per., elle; la; lui; possess., 

son; sa; ses. 
herald, n., h6raut; messager, m, 
herald, v., proclamer. 
herb, «., herbe, /. 
herbage, «., herbage; paturage, w. 
herborist, «., herboriste, m. 
herborlzation, «., herborisa- 

tion, /. 
herculean, adj., hercul6en. 
herd, «., troupeau, in.\ troupe, /. 
here, adv., ici; par ici. 
hereafter, adv., d^sormais; dor6- 

navant; dans la vie future. 
hereby, adv., par ce moyen; par 

la; par ceci. 
hereditary, adj., h6r6ditaire. 
herein, adv., en ceci; ici. 
heresy, n., h^r^sie, /. 
heretic, n., h6r6tique, m. f. 
hereupon, adv., la-dessus; sur ces 

herewith, adv., la-dessus; avec 

heritage, «., heritage, m. 
hermit, n., ermite; hermite, m. 
hero, n., h6ros, m. 
heroic, adj., h6roique. 
heroine, «., heroine, /. 
heroism, n., h^roisme, m. 


heron, »., h6ron, tn. 

herring, «., hareng, m. 

hers, pron. pers., d'elle; k elle; 

possess., le sien; la sienna; les 

siens; les siennes. 
herse, «., herse, /. 
herself, pron., elle-meme; se; soi. 
hesitate, v., h6siter; balancer. 
hesitation, n., hesitation, /. 
hexagon, n., hexagone, m. 
hey I intj., h^! hein! 
hibernate, v., hiverner. 
hiccough, n., hoquet, tn. 
hidden, adj., cach6; secret. 
hide, n., peau, /.; cuir, tn. 
hide, v., cacher; d6rober k la vue. 
hideous, adj., hideux; horrible; 

hierarchy, «., hi6rarchie, /. 
high, adj., haut; eiev^. 
high, adv., haut; hautement; 

grandement; solennellement. 
highland, fi. , pays montagneux,i«. 
highlander, n., montagnard, tn. 
highly, adv., hautement; forte- 

highness, n., hauteur; Altesse, /. 
high water, n., haute-mar6e, /. 
highway, «., grand chemin, m. 
highwayman, «., voleur de 

grand chemin, m. 
hill, n., montagne; colline, /.; 

coteau, m. 
hilly, adj., montagneux; acci- 
him, pron. pers., lui; le: celui. 
himself, pron., lui-meme; se; soi. 
hinder, v., emp^cher; dStourner. 
hindrance, n., obstacle, tn.-, en- 

trave, /. 
hinge, n., gond, nt.-, chamiere, /. 
hint, n., allusion indiscrete, /.; 

avis, nt.\ insinuation, f. 
hint, v., donner k entendre; sug- 

hip, n., hanche, /. 




liippodrome, «., hippodrome, f«. 
iLippopotamus, «., hippopo- 

tame, nt. 
hire, v., louer; prendre a louage. 
iLirin^, «., louage, m. 
Ills, pron. per.^ de lui; possess. ^ 

son; sa; ses; le sien; la sienne; les 

siens; les siennes. 
lilss, n.y sifflement; sifflet, m. 
liiss, V.J sifRer. 

Ixissini^, «., sifflement; sifflet, m. 
liistoriaii, «., historien, m. 
historic, adj., historique. 
historically, adv., historique- 

history, «., histoire, /. 
hit, n.y coup, w.; chance, f. 
hit, v.t donner un coup k\ frap- 

hither, adv., ici; par-ici; y. 
hitherto, adv., jusqu'ici; jusqu'^ 

hive, «., ruche, /.; essaim, nt. 
hoarse, adj., enroue; rauque. 
hoarseness, n., enrouement, m. 
hob, «., moyeu, m. 
hobby, n.y marotte, /. 
hoe, n.y houe, /. 

hog, n.y pourceau; cochon; pore, w. 
hoist, v.y lever; hausser; hisser. 
hold, n.y prise, /.; soutien, m. 
hold, v.y tenir. 

holdback, «., emp^chement; ob- 
stacle, tn.-y entrave, /. 
holder, n.y d^tenteur; porteur, m. 
hole, n.y trou, w.; ouverture, /. 
holiday, «., jour de f§te; conge, 

tn.'y vacances, /. (pi.). 
'holiness, «., saintet^, f. 
holloiv, n.y creux, m.\ cavit6, f. 
hoUoiv, adj.y creux; vide. 
holly, n.y houx, m. 
holy, adj.y saint; sacr6; b6nit. 
homage, «., hommage, m. 
home, «., chez soi; logis; foyer 

domestique; interieur, ;«. 


homely, adj.y de la maison; de 

manage; simple; ordinaire. 
homesick, adj.y qui a le mal du 

homesickness, n.y mal du pays; 

nostalgie, /. 
homestead, n.y lieu de naissance; 

domicile; originaire, nt. 
homicide, «., homicide, nt. 
homeopathic, adj.y homeopa- 

homeopathist, «., homeopathe,/. 
homologous, adj.y homologue. 
homonym, «., homonyme, nt. 
honest, adj., honnSte; loyal; probe; 

de bonne foi. 
honestly, adv.y honnStement; avec 

probite; de bonne foi; sincerement. 
honesty, «., honnetet6; probit6; 

bonne foi; loyaut6; int^grit^; fran- 
chise, /. 
honey, «., miel, nt. 
honeycomb, «., rayon de miel; 

gateau de miel, nt. 
honeymoon, «., lune de miel, /. 
honeysuckle, n . , chevrefeuille, w. 
honorary, adj., honoraire. 
honor, «., honneur, w.; dignity, /.; 

estime, /. 
honorably, adv., honorablement. 
hood, n.y capuchon, m. 
hoof, n.y sabot; ongle, m. 
hook, «. , crochet; croc; hamegon, nt. 
hook, v.y accrocher; agrafer. 
hoop, n.y cerceau; cercle, nt. 
hoot, v.y huer. 
liop, n.y houblon, nt. 
hope, n.y esp^rance; attente, /.; 

espoir, nt. 
hope, v.y esperer; s'attendre k. 
liopeful, adj.y de grande esp6rance; 

qui promet beaucoup. 
hopefulness, «., bon espoir, m. 
hopeless, adj., sans espoir. 
horde, «., horde, /. 
horizon* n.y horizon, m. 




horizontal, adj., horizontal. 
horizontally, adv.^ horizontale- 

horn, «., come, /.; cor; comet, m. 
hornet, «., frelon, tn. 
horoscope, «., horoscope, tn. 
horrible, adj., horrible; affreux. 
horribly, adv.^ horriblement; 

horrid, adj., afiFreux; horrible. 
horror, «., horreur, /. 
horse, «., cheval, m. 
horse-chestnut, «., marron 

horseman,/!., cavalier; 6cuyer, tn. 
horse-race, «., course de che- 

vaux, /. 
horseradish, «., faifort, ni.\ rave 

sauvage, /. 
horseshoe, «., fer a cheval, m. 
horsewhip, v., fouetter; donner 

des coups de cravache a. 
horticulture, «., horticulture, /. 
horticulturist, «., horticul- 

teur, m. 
hose, n.y bas, m. {pL)\ chaus- 

sure, /. 
hosier, «., marchanddebas; chaus- 

setier; bonnetier, tn. 
hosiery, «., bonneterie, /. 
hospitable, adj., hospitalier. 
hospital, «.,■ hopital; hospice, m. 
hospitality, «., hospitality, /. 
host, «., bote; hotelier; auber- 

giste, m. 
hostage, «., otage; gage, m. 
hostelry, w., hdtel, m.\ auberge; 

hotellerie, /. 
hostess, «., h6tesse, /. 
hostile, adj., hostile; ennemi. 
hostility, «., hostility, /. 
hot, adj., chaud; brulant. 
hotbed n., couche; serrechaude, f. 
hotel, n., hStel, w.; hStellerie; 

auberge, /. 
hothouse 9 f»., serre chaude, /. 


hound, n., chien de chasse; chien 
courant, m. 

hour, »., heure, /. 

hour-hand, n., aiguille des 
heures; petite aiguille, /. 

hourly, adv., a toute heure; a tout 

house, «., maison; demeure; habi- 
tation, /. 

house, v., loger; h6berger. 

housebreaking, n., vol avec 
efiFraction, m. 

household, n., famille. /.; ma- 
nage, tn. 

housekeeper, «., chef de famille, 
tn.', femme de charge, /. 

housekeeping, «., menage, fn.\ 
Economic domestique, f. 

house-rent, «., loyer d'une mai- 
son, tn. 

house warming, n., pendre la 

house^wife, «., m6nagere; mai- 
tresse de maison, /. 

how, adv., comment; de quelle 
maniere; quel. 

however, adv., cependant; n6an- 

howl, n., hurlement; cri, tn, 

howl, v., hurler. 

huckster, n., revendeur, m. 

hue, n., teint, w.; couleur, /". 

huge, a^'.,vaste; grand; immense; 

hull, n., coque, /. 

human, adj., humain. 

humanity, n., humanity, /. 

humankind, n., genre hu- 
main, ni. 

humble, adj., humble. 

humble, v., humilier. 

humbly, adv., humblement. 

humbug, «., blague, /.; charla- 
tan, tn. 

humect, v., humecter. 

humid, adj.^ humide. 




Iminlclltyy »., humidit6, f. 

IminlliatlnSy adj.^ humiliant. 

Ixninlliatlon, n., humiliation, /. 

Ixninlllty, »., humility, /. 

Ixnmor, »., humeur; disposition, /.; 
esprit, w. 

Immorist, ».,personnespirituelle, 
/.; plaisant, m. 

Iramorous, adj.^ spirituel; plai- 

liump, »., bosse, /. 

Imncliback, »., bossu, m.; bos- 
sue, /. 

liundred, adj.y cent. 

liundredfold, adj.^ centuple. 

Imndredtli, n. and adj,^ centi^me. 

Honsarian, n.^ Hongrois, m., 
Hongroise, /. 

liiing^er, n., faim, /. 

liun^ry, adj.^ affam6; qui a faim. 

liunty fr., chasse k courre, /. 

bunt, v,^ chasser; aller k la chasse. 

Iiunter, «., chasseur, m. 

liuntins, »., chasse; recherche, /. 

liurl, z/., pr6cipiter; lancer; jeter. 

liurrali, «., hourra, m. ' 

Imrricane, fr., ouragan, fn.\ tem- 
pete, /. 

liurried, adj., pr6cipit6; press6. 

Imrry, «., h&te; confusion, /.; 
tumulte, m. 

liurry i/., presser; se d^pScher. 

liurt, v.y blesser; faire mal k\ 

liurtful, adj., nuisible; pernicieux. 

liusband, n., mari; 6poux, fn. 

basil! intj., chut! 

bussar, n., hussard, m. 

b^ustle, v., pousser; se presser; se 

but, «., hutte, /. 

byacintb, «., hyacinthe; jacin- 
the, /. 

bybrld, adj., hy bride. 

bydrangea, »., hortensia, m. 

hydraulic, adj., hydralique. 


bydrogen, »., hydrog^ne, m, 
byena, «., hyene, f. 
byglene, «., hygiene, /. 
byglenlc, adj., hygi^nique. 
bymn, «., hymne, m. f. 
bymn-book, n., livre d*hym- 

nes, m. 
byperbola, «., hyperbole, /. 
bypben, «., tiret; trait d' union, tn. 
bypocrlsy, n., hypocrisie, /. 
bypocrlte, n., hypocrite, m. f. 
bypotbesls, «., hypothese, /. 
bysterics, n. (pi.); attaque de 

nerfs, /. (sin^".). 

1, pron., je; moi. 

ice, n., glace, /. 

iceberg, montagne de glace; ban- 
quise, /.; banc de glace, m. 

ice-cream, «., creme glac^e, /. 

iced, adj., glac^; k la glace. 

ice-bouse, n., glaciere, /. 

Icelander, n., Islandais, fn.\ Islan- 
daise, /. 

icy, adj., de glace; glac6; glacial. 

idea, n., id6e, /. 

ideal, adj. and n., id^al, m. 

idealism, n., id^alisme; spiritua- 
lisme, m. 

indentieal, adj., identique. 

indentically, adv., identique- 

indentification, n., identifica- 
tion, /. 

indentify, v., identifier. 

identity, n., identity, /. 

idiocy, n., imb6cilit6, /.; idio- 
tisme, m. 

idiom, n., idiome, tn. 

idiomatic, adj., idiomatique. 

idiot, n., idiot, m.-, idiote, /.; im- 
becile, tn. f. 

idiotism, «., idiotisme, tn. 

idle, adj., faineant; paresseux; 




idleness, »., paresse; fain^antise; 

oisivet6, /. 
idol, »., idole, /. 
Idolatry, «., idolfttrie, /. 
idolize, v., idolfttrer. 
Idyl, «., idylle, /. 
ignite, v., enflammer. 
ignition, n., ignition, /. 
ig^noble, adj., ignoble. 
Igrnomlnious, adj.^ ignominieuz; 

Igrnomlny, «., ignominie; in- 

famie, /. 
l^^noramus, «., ignore, wi., /.; 

ignorant, fn,\ ignorante, /. 
Ignorance, «., ignorance, /. 
Ignorant, adj., ignorant. 
Ignore, v.y ignorer; m6priser; d6- 

Iliad, n., iliade, /. 
Ill, n., mal, m. 

Ill, adj., mauvais; m6chant; malade. 
lU-dolngTy n., mal, m.\ mauvaise 

action, /. 
lllegTB.!, adj.y illegal; illicite. 
lllegrB.lly, adv., ill6galement. 
Illegrll>l69 adj., illisible. 
Ill-fated, adj., infortun6; malheu- 

Illicit, adj., illicite. 
illimlted, adj., illimit6. 
illiterate, adj., illettr^. 
ill-natured, adj., de mauvais 

naturel; m^chant. 
illness, n., maladie; indisposition,/. 
ill-spirited, adj., mal dispose. 
illuminate, z/., 6clairer; illuminer. 
illusion, n., illusion, /. 
illusive, adj., illusoire. 
illusory, adj., illusoire. 
illustrate, z/., illustrer; d^montrer. 
illustration, n., illustration; ex- 
plication, /. 
illustrious, adj. , illustre; glorieux. 
image, n., image, /. 
imaginable, adj., imaginable. 


imaginary, adj,, imaginaire. 
imagination, »., imagination; 

conception, /. 
imagine, v., imaginer; s'imaginer. 
imbecile, adj,, imb^ile; faible. 
Imbecility, «., imb6cilit6; im- 

puissance, /. 
imbibe, v., imbiber; absorber. 
imitable, adj., imitable. 
imitate, v., imiter; contrefaire. 
imitation, »., imitation; contre- 

fagon, /. 
imitator, »., imitateur, fn.\ imi- 

tatrice, /.; contrefacteur. 
immaculate, adj., sans tache; 

immaterial, adj., immat^riel; 

indifferent; 6gal. 
immeasurable, adj., incommen- 
immediate, adj., imm6diat; in- 

stantan6. * 
Immediately, adv., imm^diate- 

ment; tout de suite. 
immense, adj., immense. 
immensely, adv., immens^ment. 
Immensity, n., immensite, /. 
immerse, v., plonger; enfoncer; 

immersion, «., immersion, f. 
imminence, n., imminence, /.; 

p6ril, m. 
imminent, adj., imminent. 
immobility, n., immobility, /. 
immoderate, adj., immod6r6. 
immolate, v., immoler. 
immoral, adj., d^r^gl^; immoral. 
immorality, immorality, /. 
immortal, adj., immortel; perp6- 

immovable, adj., immobile; in6- 

branlable; insensible. 
immunity, n., immunity; exemp- 
tion, /. 
impanel, v., dresser la liste du 

jury; inscrire sur la liste du jury. 




impart, v., accorder; donner; 
communiquer; instniire. 

impartial, adj., impartial. 

impartiality, «., impartiality, /. 

impassable, adj., impraticable; 
inf ranchissable . 

impassible, adj,, impassible. 

impatience, «., impatience, /. 

impatient, adj., impatient. 

impeacb, v., mettre en accusation; 

impeccable, adj., impeccable. 

impenetrable, adj., impenetra- 
ble; inaccessible; insensible. 

imperative, adj., imp6ratif. 

imperfect, adj., imparfait; incom- 

imperfectly, adv., imparfaite- 

imperial, adj., imperial; royal. 

imperialist, n., imp6rialiste, m. 

imperious, adj., imp6rieux; do- 

impermeable, adj., imperme- 

impersonal, adj., impersonnel; 

impersonate, v., personnifier. 

impertinence, n., imperti- 
nence, /. 

impertltient, n., impertinent, in.\ 
impertinente, /. 

impetuosity, n., impetuosity, /. 

Impetuous, adj., impetueux. 

impiety, n., impiete, /. 

impious, adj., impie. 

implacable, adj., implacable; 

implicate, v., impliquer; compro- 

implied, adj., implicite; tacite. 

implore, v., implorer. 

imply, v., impliquer; signifier; 
vouloir dire. 

Impolite, adj., impoli; malhon- 


Import, «., port6e; importance; 

importation, /. 
import, v., importer; introduire. 
Importance, n., importance, /. 
important, adj., important. • 
importation, n., importation, /. 
Importer, «., importateur, m. 
Importune, v., importuner. 
Impose, v., imposer. 
imposing, adj., imposant. 
imposition, n., imposition, /.; 

imp6t, ni. 
Impossibility, «., impossibilite,/. 
Impossible, adj., impossible. 
impostor, n., imposteur, nt. 
imposture, n., imposture, /. 
impotent, adj., impuissant; faible. 
impracticable, adj., imprati- 
cable; inexecutable. 
imprecation, n., imprecation, /. 
impregnable, adj., imprenable; 

inexpugnable; inebranlable. 
Impress, v., imprimer; emprein- 

dre; impressionner. 
impression, n., impression; em- 

preinte; idee, /. 
imprint, v., imprimer; emprein- 

dre; graver. 
Imprisonment, n., emprisonne- 

ment, w.; prison; detention, /. 
improbable, adj., improbable; 

impromptu, n., impromptu, nt. 
Improper, adj., peu convenable; 

impropriety, «., inconvenance; 

impropriete, /. 
improve, v., ameiiorer; perfec- 

improvement, n., amelioration, 

/.; perfectionnement, nt. 
improvident, adj., imprevoyant. 
improvisation, n., improvisa- 
tion, /. 
imprudence, n., imprudence, /. 
imprudent, adj., imprudent. 




Impudence, »., impiulence; eflfron- 
terie, /. 

Impudent, adj.^ impudent; ef- 

impulse, «., impulsion, /.; mou- 
vement; motif, m. 

impunity, «., impunity, /. 

imputable, adj,^ imputable. 

impute, f., imputer; attribuer. 

In, prep.^ en; dans. 

in, adv.^ chez soi; 4 la maison; y. 

inaccessible, adj.^ inaccessible; 
inabordable; impenetrable. 

inaccuracy, «., inexactitude, /. 

inaccurate, adj., inexact. 

inaction, «., inaction, /. 

inactive, adj., inactif. 

inactivity, «., inactivity, /.; man- 
que d'action, fn.\ inertie, /. 

inadequacy, «., insuffisance; dis- 
proportion, /. 

inadequate, adj., insuffisant; in- 
complet. • 

inadmissible, adj., inadmissible. 

inalterable, adj., inalterable. 

inanimate, adj., inanim6. 

inanition, n., inanition, /. 

inapplicable, adj., inapplicable. 

inattention, n., inattention; dis- 
traction, /. 

inattentive, adj., inattentif; dis- 

inaugurate, v., inaugurer; d^dier. 

inauguration, w. , inauguration,/. 

inborn, adj., inn^. 

incalculable, adj., incalculable. 

incandescent, adj., incandes- 

incai>able, adj., incapable; non 

incarcerate, v., incarc6rer. 

incarnate, adj., incarn^. 

incase, v., encaisser; couvrir; en- 
fcrmer; ench§,sser. 

incendiary, n., incendiaire, nt. 

incense, «., encens, m. 


incense, v., ensenser. 

incertitude, ;/., incertitude, /. 

incessant, adj., incessant; con- 

incb, «., pouce. 

incident, n., incident, m, 

incinerate, v., incin^rer. 

incise, v., couper; tailler; inciser. 

incision, n., incision; coupure, /. 

incisive, adj., incisif. 

incite, v., inciter; exciter; stimuler. 

inclination, n., inclinaison; pente, 
/.; penchant, in.\ inclination, /. 

incline, v., incliner; pencher. 

inclined, adj., incline; enclin; dis- 

include, v., comprendre; renfer- 

incognito, adv., incognito. 

incombustible, adj., incombus- 

income, n., rente, /.; revenu, tn.-, 
rentes, /. (pi.)', revenus, ni. {pi.). 

incommensurable, adj., incom- 

incompatible, adj., incompa- 

incompetent, adj., impuissant; 
insuffisant; incompetent. 

incomplete, adj., imparfait; in- 
acheve; incomplet. 

incomprehensible, a^"., incom- 

inconsiderate, a^*. , inconsid^re; 

inconsistence, n., inconse- 
quence; contradiction, /. 

inconsistent, adj., inconsequent; 

inconsolable, adj., inconsolable. 

inconstancy, «., inconstance; 
diversite, /. 

inconstant, adj., inconstant; 

incontestable, adj., incontes- 




inconvenience, «., incommo- 

dit6; gene, /.; inconvenient, nt. 
inconvenience, v., d6ranger; in- 
commoder; gdner. 

inconvenient, adf.^ incommode; 

incorporate, v.^ incorporer; con- 
st ituer en soci6t6. 

incorrect, adj.^ incorrect; inexact. 

incorrigible, a4j\j incorrigible. 

incorruptible, adj., incorrup- 

increase, «., augmentation, /.; 
accroissement, tn, 

increase, v.^ augmenter; accroitre. 

incredible, adj., incroyable. 

incredulity, «., incredulity, /. 

in^credulous, adj., incr^dule. 

incubate, v,, couver. . 

incubation, «., incubation, /. 

incumbency, «., devoir, m.\ 
charge, /. 

incumbent, «., titulaire; ben^fi- 
cier, m. 

incur, z/., encourir; s'attirer. 

incurable, adj., incurable. 

incursion, «., incursion, /. 

Indebted, adj., endett^; redevable. 

indecent, adj., indecent; deshon- 

indecision, «., indecision, /. 

indeed, adv., en effet; en v^rit^; 

indefatigable, adj., infatigable. 

indefensible, adj., insoutenable; 

indefinite, adj., indefini. 

indefinitely, adv., indefiniraent. 

indelible, adj., indei6bile; ineffa- 

indelicacy, n., ind^licatesse, /. 

indelicate, adj., ind^licat. 

indemnify, v., d^dommager; in- 

indemnity, n., d6dommagement, 
m,\ indemnity, /, 


Indent, «., dentelure; ^chancrure; 
coupure; empreinte, f. 

Indent, v., denteler; 6chancrer. 

Indentation, «., dentelure; 6chan- 
crure, f. 

Independence, n., ind^pen- 
dance, /. 

Independent, adj., ind6pen- 

Indescribable, adj., indescrip- 

Index, «., indice; indicateur, wi.; 
table des matieres, /.; exposant, m. 

Indian, n., Indien, ni.', Indienne, /. 

Indicative, adj., indicatif. 

Indicator, n., indicateur; in- 
dice, nt. 

Indict, v., poursuivre; attaquer; 
traduire en justice. 

Indictment, n., accusation, /. 

Indifference, n., indifference, f. 

Indigence, n., indigence, /. 

indigent, adj., n^cessiteux; indi- 

indigestible, adj., indigeste; 
difficile k dig^rer. 

Indigestion, n., indigestion, /.; 
mal d'estomac, tn. 

Indignant, adj., indign^; irrit6. 

Indignation, n., indignation, /. 

indignity, n., indignity, /.; ou- 
trage, m. 

indigo, n., indigo, m. 

Indirect, adj., indirect; oblique; 

Indirectly, adv., indirectement. 

indiscipline, n., indiscipline, /. 

Indiscreet, adj., indiscret; irr6- 

Indiscretion, n., indiscretion; 
imprudence, /. 

Indispensable, adj., indispen- 

indispose, v., indisposer; de- 
ranger; incommoder; d^tourner, 




Incllsposed, cuij,^ indispos^; d^- 

indisputable, adj,^ incontestable; 

indissoluble, adj.^ indissoluble. 
indistinct, adj., indistinct; con- 

individual, n., individu; particu- 

lier, tn. 
individual, adj., individuel; seul; 

indivisible, adj., indivisible. 
indocility, «., indocilit^, /. 
indolence, «., indolence, /. 
indolent, adj., indolent. 
indomitable, adj., indomptable. 
indorse, v., charger; endosser. 
indorsement, «., endossement; 

endos, m, 
indorser, «., endosseur, m. 
induce, v., engager; decider; in- 

duire; entrainer. 
inducement, «., incitation, /.; 

motif; mobile, w. 
indulge, v.y tol6rer; favoriser. 
indulgence, «., indulgence; cl6- 

mence, /. 
industrial, afly.,industriel; indus- 

industrious, adj., laborieux; dili- 
gent qui aime le travail. 
industry, n., travail; amour du 

travail, in.\ assiduity; Industrie, /. 
ineffable, adj., ineffable. 
ineffective, adj., inefficace; sans 

effet; ineffectif. 
inefficient, adj., inefficace. 
ineligible, adj., peu convenable; 

inept, adj., inepte; faible; sot. 
inequal, adj., in6gal. 
inert, adj., inerte. 
inevitable, adj., inevitable; ine- 
inexact, adj., inexact. 
inexcusable, adj., inexcusable. 


inexorable, cuij,, inexorable; in- 

inexperience, n., inexperience, /. 

inexperienced, adj., inexperi- 

inexplicable, adj., inexplicable. 

infallibility, «., infaiUibilite, /. 

infallible, adj., infaillible; imman- 

infamous, adj., infime; indigne. 

infancy, n., enfance, /.; bas- 
&ge, tn. 

infant, n., enfant en bas ^ge; petit 
enfant; mineur, w.; mineure, /. 

infanticide, n., infanticide, tn. f. 

infantry, n., infanterie, /. 

infatuate, v., infatuer; engouer. 

infect, v., infecter; empester. 

infection, n., infection; corrup- 
tion; contagion, /. 

infer, z/., inf6rer; conclure; de- 

inference, n., consequence; con- 
clusion; deduction, /. 

inferior, adj., inferieur. 

inferior, n., inferieur, tn. 

inferiority, n., inferiorite, /. 

infest, v., infester; attaquer. 

infidel, n. and adj., infidele; incre- 
dule; impie, m. f. 

infidelity, «., infideiite; incredu- 
lite, /. 

infinite, adj., infini; perpetuel. 

infinitive, n., infinitif, nt. 

inflame, v., enflammer; embraser; 
exciter; irriter. 

inflate, v., enfler; gonfler; l^ouffir. 

inflect, v., flechir; varier. 

inflict, v., infliger. 

influence, n., influence, /. 

influence, v., influer sur; in- 

influenza, n., grippe, /. 

inform, v., instruire; informer; 
avertir; faire savoir. 

inform, adj,^ informe. 




infomiatloii, «., nouvelle; infor- 
mation, /.; avis; renseignement, m. 

intrin^e, v., enfreindre. 

Infuse, v., infuser; faire infuser; 

ingenious, adj., ing6nieuz; qui 
a du talent. 

ingrate, «., ingrat, m.; in- 
g^ate, /. 

ingrateful, adj'.y ingrat. 

ingratitude, «., ingratitude, /. 

inhabit, v.^ habiter; habiter dans; 
vivre; demeurer. 

inliabitant, n.^ habitant, m.; 
habitante, /. 

inhabitation, n.^ habitation, /. 

inhabited, adj., habits. 

inbale, v., aspirer; respirer; 

inlierent, ad/,, inherent; insepa- 

inlierit, v., h^riter; recueillir. 

inlieritanee, «., heritage, m.; 
succession; h6r6dit6, /. 

inhuman, adj\, inhumain. 

inliuniation, n., inhumation, /. 

inimical, adj., ennemi; hostile; 

inimitable, adj'., inimitable. 

iniquity, «., iniquity, /. 

initial, adj'., initial; premier. 

initial, n., initiate, /. 

initiate, v., initier; commencer. 

initiation, n., initiation, /. 

initiative, «., initiative, /. 

inject, v., injecter; jeter. 

injunction, «., injonction, /. 
commandement, m. 

injure, v., nuire k; faire tort a 
blesser; outrager. 

injurious, adj'., qui nuit k; qui 
fait mal k; blesser; outrageant 

injury, «., injure, /.; injustice, /. 
d^g^t; dommage, m. 

ink, n,, encre, /, 


inkstand, »., encrier, tn.; ^ri<- 

toire, /. 
inland, adj'., int^rieur. 
inmate, n., pensionnaire; loca- 

taire, m. f. 
inn, n., auberge, f. 
innate, adj'., inn^. 
innkeeper, «., aubergiste; hdte- 

lier; bote, m. 
innocence, «., innocence, f. 
innocent, adj'., innocent; permis; 

innocent, n., innocent, m.; idiot, 

wi.; idiote, /. 
innovate, v., innover. 
innovation, «., innovation, /". 
inoffensive, adj., inoflfensif; in- 

inorganic, adj.; inorganique. 
inquest, «., enquete; recherche,/". 
inquietude, «., inquietude, /. 
inquire, v., s'enqu6rir de; deman- 

der; s'adresser. 
inquiry, n., demande; investiga- 
tion; enquete; recherche, f. 
inquisitive, adj., curieux. 
inquisitor, n., inquisiteur, m. 
insane, adj'., fou; insens^; ali^ne. 
insatiable, adj'., insatiable. 
inscribe, v., inscrire; d6dier; 

graver; empreindre. 
inscription, «., inscription, /. 
insect, n., insecte, tn. 
insert, v., insurer. 
inside, «., dedans; int^rieur, m. 
inside, adv., k I'interieur; en 

insignificant, adj., insigni- 

insincere, a^*.,peu sincere; dissi- 

muie; faux. 
insipid, adj'., insipide; fade. 
insist, v., insister. 
insolence, «., insolence, /. 
insolent, adj'., insolent. 
insoluble, adj.. insoluble. 




Insolvency, n., insolvabUit6; 

faillite, /*. 
insolvent, adj., insolvable. 
inspection, «., inspection; verifi- 
cation, /.; examen, m. 
inspector, «., examinateur; sur- 

veillant; v6rificateur; inspecteur, m, 
inspire, v., aspirer; inspirer. 
install, v., installer. 
installation, m., installation, /. 
instalment, »., paiement partiel; 

acompte, nt, 
instant, adj., instant; urgent; pres- 

sant; imm^diat. 
instant, n., instant; moment, tn. 
instantly, adv., k Tinstant; tout 

de suite; sur le champ. 
instead, adv., k sa place; k la 

instigrS'te, v., exciter; inciter; en- 
trainer; instiguer. 
instigation, n., instigation, /. 
instigator, n., instigateur, m.\ 

instigatrice, /. 
instinct, n., instinct, ni. 
institute, n., institution, /, 
institute, v., instituer. 
institution, n., institution, /. 
instruct, v., instruire; enseigner. 
instruction, «., instruction; 

legon, /. 
Instructive, adj., instructif. 
instructor, n., instituteur; pro- 

fesseur, nt. 
instructress, n., institutrice, /. 
instrument, n., instrument, nt. 
insufficient, adj., insuffisant. 
insulate, v., isoler. 
insult, n., insulte; injure, /. 
insult, v., faire insulte a; insulter; 

outrager; injurier. 
insurance, n., assurance, /. 
insure, v., assurer; garantir. 
insurgent, «., insurg^, m. 
insurrection, «., insurrection, /.; 

soulevement, m. 


integrity, «., int6grit6; probit6; 
puret6, /. 

intellect, «., intelligence; faculty 
intellectuelle, /.; esprit; intellect, m. 

Intellectual, adj., intellectuel; 

intelligence, n., intelligence, /".; 
esprit, w.; renseignements, /«. (pi.). 

intelligent, €idj., intelligent. 

intend, v., se proposer; avoir 

intense, adj., ardent; acham6; 

intent, n., dessein; but; objet; 
sens, 7n. 

intention, «., intention, /.; des- 
sein; but, nt. 

inter, v., enterrer; inhumer; en- 

intercede, v., interc^der. 

intercept, v., intercepter; arreter; 

intercourse, n., correspondance, 
/. ; commerce, nt. ; relations, /. {pi.), 

interdict, v., interdire; inter- 
dire k. 

interest, v., int^resser. 

interest, n., int6ret, nt. 

interested, adj., int6ress6. 

interesting, adj., int^ressant. 

interfere, v., intervenir; se mdler. 

interference, n., intervention, f. 

interim, n., interim; intervalle, m. 

interior, n. and adj., int^rieur, fn. 

interjection, n., interjection, /. 

intermedial, adj., interm^diaire. 

interment, «., enterrement, nt.\ 
sepulture, /. 

intermittent, adj., intermittent. 

internal, adj., interne; int6rieur. 

internally, adv., int^rieurement. 

international, a^*., international. 

interpellation, n., appel, w.; in- 
terruption; interpellation, f. 

interpose, v., s'interposer; inter- 
venir; interrompre. 




interpret, z/., interpreter; expli- 

quer; d^finir. 
interpreter, «., interprfete, tn. 
interrogation, »., interrogation; 

question, /. 
interrupt, v.^ interrompre. 
interrupter, «.,interrupteur, m,\ 

intemiptrice, /. 
interruption, «., interruption; 

intervention, /.; obstacle, fn. 
interval, «., intervalle; espace- 

ment, m. 
Intervene, i'. , intervenir; survenir. 
intervention, «., intervention /. 
Intervie'W, «., entrevue,/. 
intestine, adj.^ «., intestin. 
intimacy, «., intimit6; liaison 

intime, /". 
intimate, adj.t intime; intime- 

ment li6. 
intimate, v., faire entendre; 

donner k entendre; signifier; faire 

intimidate, z/., intimider. 
into, prep., dans; en. 
intolerance, «., intolerance, /. 
intomb, v., descendre dans la 

tombe; enterrer. 
Intoxicate, v., enivrer. 
intransitive, adj., intransitif. 
intrench, v., retrancher; se re- 

t rancher. 
intrepid, adj., intr^pide. 
Intrepidity, «., intrepidity, /. 
intricate, adj., embrouille; em- 

barrass^; complique. 
intrigue, «., intrigue, /. 
intrigue, v., intriguer. 
Introduce, v., introduire; faire 

entrer; presenter. 
introduction, «., introduction; 

presentation, /. 
Intrude, v., se presenter sans etre 

invite; etre importun. 
intruder, «., importun, fn.\ im- 
portune, /. 


Intuition, «., intuition, /. ' 
inundate, r., inonder. 
Inutility, »., inutilite, /. 
invade, v., envahir; attaquer; 

Invader, «., envahisseur, nt. 
invalid, adj., infirme; faible. 
invalid, «., malade, tn. f.\ per- 

sonne malade, /. 
invalidate, v., invalider; infirmer. 
invaluable, adj., inestimable. 
invariable, adj., invariable. 
invasion, n., invasion, /.; envahis- 

sement, nt. 
invent, v., inventer. 
invention, n., invention, /. 
inventor, n., inventeur, m. 
inventory, n., inventaire, w. 
invert, v., tourner sens dessus 

dessous; renverser; intervenir. 
inverted, adj., renverse; inverse. 
invest, v., vetir; revetir; investir. 
investigate, v., rechercher; faire 
une enquete sur; faire des investi- 
gations sur. 
investigation, n., investigation; 

recherche, /. 
investment, n., placement, m. 
invigorate, v., renforcer; fortifier; 

donner de la vigueur k. 
invigorating, adj., fortifiant. 
invincible, adj., invincible. 
inviolable, adj., inviolable. 
invisible, adj., invisible. 
invitation, n., invitation, /. 
invite, v., inviter; engager. 
Invocate, v., invoquer. 
invocation, n., invocation, /. 
invoice, n., facture, /. 
invoke, v., invoquer. 
involuntary, adj., involon- 

involve, v., envelopper; impliquer. 
invulnerable, adj., invulner- 
lodln, n,, iode, m. 




irascibley <u(/., irascible. 
ire, «., colore, /.; courroux, m. 
iris, «., iris, fH, 
IrlHliinan, n., Irlandais, m. 
IrlHli^woinan, »., Iriandaise, /*. 
IrkHome, ad/,, p6nible; ennuyeux; 

Iron, «., fer, w. 
iron-foundry, «., fonderie de 

fer, /. 
Ironmaster, «., maitre de 

forges, m. 
iron-ore, «., minerai de fer, m, 
iron-^works, n. (pi.), usine de fer, 

/. {sing.). - 
irony, «., ironie, /". 
Irrefutable, adj., irrefutable. 
Irregular, <ulj., irr6gulier; d6r6- 

gl6; desordonn6. 
Irreparable, adj., irreparable. 
irresistible, adj., irresistible. 
Irresolute, adj., irr6solu. 
irrevocable, adj., irrevocable. 
irrigate, v., arroser; irriguer. 
Irrigation, n., arrosement, m.-, 

irrigation, /. 
irritable, adj., irritable. 
irritant, n., irritant, m. 
irritate, v., irriter; provoquer. 
irritation, n., irritation, /. 
irruption, n., irruption, /. 
Island, n., ile, /. 
Islander, n., insulaire, m. f. 
islet, n., ilot, m.\ petite ile, /. 
Isolate, v., isoler. 
isolation, «., isolement, m. 
Israelite, n., Israelite, m. f. 
issue, «., issue, /. 
Istbmus, n., isthme, m. 
it y pron., il, m.; elle, /.; le, m.; la, 

/.; ce. 
Italian, n., Italien, m.; Italienne, /. 
italic, n., italique, m. 
itcbing, n., demangeaison, /. 
item, n., article; item, m. 
itinerary, n,, itineraire, fn» 


its, pron., son, m.\ sa, /.; ses, m, f, 
(//.); le sien, m.; la sienne, /.; les 
siens, m,{pl.)\ les siennes, /. (//.). 

itself, pron,, lui-meme, tn,\ elle- 
mSme, /. ; soi-mdme, tn. ; meme, m. /. 

ivory, «., ivoire, m, 

ivy, «.,lierre,«i. 


Jack, n., eric, tn. 

Jackal, n., chacal, tn. 

Jackass, n., &ne; beaudet; bourri- 
quet, m.\ {fig.) ^ne; bete; imbe- 
cile, tn. 

Jacket, n., veste; jaquette, f. 

Jack-tar, n., marin; matelot, tn. 

Jacobin, n.. Jacobin, tn. 

Jaguar, n., jaguar, m. 

Jail, n., prison; gedle, /. 

Jailer, n., gedlier, m. 

Jam, n., conserve; confiture, f. 

Jam, v., serrer; presser; fouler. 

Janitor, «., portier; concierge, m. 

Japanese, n., Japonais, t«.; Ja- 
ponaise, /. 

Jar, v., heurter; choquer; secouer. 

Jar, n., jarre; cruche, /.; bocal, m. 

Jaw, n., machoire, /. 

Jealous, adj., jaloux. 

Jealousy, n., jalousie, /. 

Jeer, v., railler; se moquer de. 

Jelly, n:, geiee, /, 

jeopardize, v., hasarder; risquer. 

Jeopardy, «., peril; danger, m. 

jerk, n., saccade; secousse, /. 

Jerk, v., donner^une saccade a; 
pousser; lancer; saccader. 

Jest, n., plaisanterie; facetie, /.; 
bon mot, tn. 

jest, v., plaisanter; badiner. 

jet, n., jet d'eau; jet, m, 

jewel, «., joyau; bijou, m. 

jew^eler, n., joaillier; bijoutier, tn. 

jew^elry, n., joaillerie; bijouterie, /. 

Jewess, «., Juive, /. 

job, n,, affaire, /.; travail; ou-- 
vrage, m. 




Jockey, «., jockey, wi. 

Join, v., joindre; rejoindre; se 

joindre k. 
Joiner, n.^ menuisier, tn. 
Joint, «., jointure, /.; joint, m.; 

articulation, /. 
Joke, «., bon mot; mot pour rire, 

tn.\ plaisanterie, /. 
Jol^e, z/., plaisanter; railler. 
Jolly, adj., gai; joyeux; gailiard. 
Journal, «., journal; livre-jour- 

nal, m. 
Jonrnalism, //., journalisme, m. 
Journalist, »., journaliste, m. 
Journey, «., voyage, tn. 
Journey, v., voyager. 
Jovial, adj\, jovial; joyeux. 
Joy, «., joie, /". 
Joyful, adj., joyeux. 
Joyous, adj., joyeux. 
Jud^e, «., juge; connaisseur, ni. 
Judge, v., juger. 
Judgment, n., judgement; ch^ti- 

ment; arr6t, m. 
Judicial, «., judiciaire; juridique. 
Jug, «., pot, m. 
Juice, «., jus; sue, m. 
Juicy, adj., juteux; plein de jus. 
July, n., juillet, m. 
Jump, n., saut, m. 
Jump, v., sauter. 
Junction, n., jonction, /. 
June, n., juin, m. 
Junior, adj., jeune; cadet. 
Jurisdiction, n., juridiction, /. 
Jurisprudence, n., jurispru- 
dence, /. 
Jurist, n., juriste; jurisconsulte, w. 
Juror, n., jur6, nt. 
Jury, n., jury, m. 
Just, adj., juste; exact; fidele. 
Just, adv., juste; justement; au 

Justice, n., justice, /. 
justifiable, adj., justifiable. 
Justification, n., justification, /. 


Justify, v., justifier. 

Justly, adv., e^ctement; juste- 

Juvenile, adj., juvenile; de jeu- 

kangaroo, n., kangaroo, m. 
kaolin, n., kaolin, m. 
keel, «., quille; carene, f. 
keen, adj., affil^; ac6r6; aiguis^. 
keep, v., tenir; retenir; garder; 

keeper, n., garde; gardien; sur- 

veillant, tn. 
keg, «., petit baril, m. 
kennel, n., chenil, tn. 
kettle, n., bouilloire, /. 
key, «., clef, /. 
keyboard, n., clavier, tn. 
keyhole, n., trou de serrure, tn. 
keystone, n., clef de voute, /. 
kick, n., coup de pied, tn. 
kick, v., donner un coup de pied. 
kid, n., chevreau, tn. 
.^idnap, v., enlever un homme; 

une femme un enfant. 
kidney, n., rein; rognon, m. 
kidney-bean, n., haricot, nt. 
kill, v., tuer; faire mourir. 
kiln, n., four, tn. 
kilogram, n., kilogramme, tn. 
kilometer, n,, kilometre, tn. 
kin, n., parente, /.; alli6, tn.\ 

alli6e, /. 
kind, adj., bon; plein de bont6; 

kindness, «., bienveillance; 

bonte, /. 
king, n., roi, tn. 
kingdom, n., royaume, tn. 
kiss, v., baiser; embrasser. 
kitchen, n., cuisine, /. 
kite, n., cerf- volant, tn. 
kitten, n., petit chat, tn.-, petite 

chatte, /, 




knave, n., hipon; fourbe; coquin ,m. 
knee, «., genon, m, 
kneel, v., s'agenouiller. 
knife, If., couteau, m. 
Unlte'griniier^ «., r^mouleur, m. 
knig^lit, «., chevalier, m. 
knigrlitliood, «., chevalerie, /. 
knit, v.f tricoter. 
knobe «., bouton; noeud, m. 
knock, V, , f rapper; heurter; cogner. 
knot, n., nceud. 
knot, v.t faire des nceuds. 
knotty, adj.f noueux. 
kno'W, v.f savoir; connaitre. 
knowledge, «., savoir, tn.; con- 
naissances, /. (//.); science, /. 

label, «., Etiquette, /. 

label, V,, ^tiqueter. 

labor, «., travail; labeur; ou- 
vrage, fn, 

labor, z/., travailler. 

laboratory, «., laboratoire, m. 

laborer, «., homme de peine; 
ouvrier, nt. 

laborious, adj'.y laborieux. 

labyrinth, «., labyrinthe; d6- 
dale, nt. 

lac, «., laque, /. 

lace, «., den telle, /". 

lacerate, z/., dechirer; lac6rer. 

laceration, «., d^chirure; lacera- 
tion, /. 

lack, «., besoin; manque, m.; pri- 
vation, /. 

lack, v., manquer; manquer de; 
etre denu6 de. 

lackey, «., laquais, m. 

laconic, adj., laconique. 

laconism, «., laconisme, tn. 

lad, n., garden; jeune homme, m. 

ladder, «., 6chelle, /. 

lade, v.y charger. 

lading, «., chargement, m.; bill 
of — connaissement, m. 


ladle, n.f cuiller k pot; cuiller k 

potage, /, 
lady, n., dame; femme, /. 
ladylike, adj,, de bon ton; comma 

il faut; qui a I'air distingu6. 
laid, past part., pos6. 
laity, n. (sing.)-, laiques, m. {pi.). 
lake, n., lac, m. 
lamb, n., agneau, m, 
lame, adj., boiteux; estropi6. 
lament, v., se lamenter. 
lamp, ;»., lampe, /. 
lampblack, n., noir de fum6e, m. 
lamp-post, «., lampadaire, m. 
lance, v., donner un coup de 

lancette k. 
lancer, «., lancier, m. 
land, n., terre, /".; pays, m. 
land, v., debarquer; mettre4 terre. 
landau, n., landau, m. 
landing, n., d^barquement, m. 
landlady, «., proprietaire; mai- 

tresse, /. 
landlord, n., proprietaire; bote, m. 
landmark, «., borne; limite, /.; 

signal, tn. 
landowner, «., proprietaire fon- 

cier, m. 
language, n., langue, /. 
languisb, v., lang^ir. 
lantern, n., lanterne, f. 
lap, n., g^iron, m.; genoux, m. ipl.). 
lapidary, «., lapidaire; joaillier, m. 
lapidate, v., lapider. 
Ijaplander, n., Lapon, nt.; La- 

ponne, /. 
lapse, n., faute; erreur, /. 
larceny, n., larcin; vol, fn. 
lard, n., saindoux, m. 
lard, v., larder; piquer; assaisonner. 
large, adj'., grand; gros. 
largess, n., largesse; Iib6ralit6, /. 
lark, n., alouette, /. 
larynx, n., larynx, nt. 
lash, «., coup de fouet, tn. 
lash., V,, fouetter. 




lassitude 9 n.^ ennui, m.; lassi- 
tude, /. 
last, n.y dernier, m.; fin, /. 
last, adj., dernier; pass6. 
last, v., durer; se garder. 
last, adv.y dernierement; enfin. 
lasting, adj., durable; permanent. 
latch, n.y loquet, m.; cadole, /. 
latch-key, n., passe-partout, tn. 
late, adj'.y tardif. 
late, adv., tard; sur la fin; en 

lately, adv., dernierement; r^cem- 

ment; depuis peu. 
later, adj'., post6rieur; ult6rieur. 
later, adv., plustard. 
lateral, adj., de c6t6; lateral. 
latli, n., latte, /. 
liatin, adj'. and n., latin, m. 
latitude, n., latitude; etendue, /. 
latter, adj'., dernier; moderne; 

latticework, n., treillis; treil- 

lage," tn. 
laud, v., louer; c61ebrer. 
laudanum, n., laudanum, m. 
laugli, n., rire, m. 
laugh, v., rire. 
laughing-stock, n., ris6e, /.; 

jouet, nt. 
laughter, «., rire, w.; moquerie, /. 
laundress, n., blanchisseuse, /. 
laundry, n., buanderie, /. 
laureate, adj'., couronn6 de lau- 

riers; laur^at. 
laurel, «., laurier, tn. 
lava, n., lave, /. 
lavatory, n., lavoir, m. 
lavender, n., lavande, /. 
lavish, adj., prodigue; excessif. 
lavish, v., prodiguer. 
law, n., loi, /.; droit, m. 
lawful, adj'., 16gal; legitime; licite; 

law^n, «., pelouse, /. 
lawsuit, «., proems, m. 


lawyer, «., homme de loi; 

avou^, tn. 
laxity, «., rel^chement, tn. 
lay, v., placer; mettre; d6poser. 
lay, v., pondre. 
lay, «., rangee; couche, f. 
laying, n., mise; pose, /.; posage, 

tn.; ponte, /. 
laziness, n., fain^antise; paresse, /. 
lazy, adj., faineant; paresseux. 
lead, n., plomb, tn. 
lead, «., conduite; direction; influ- 
ence, /. 
lead, v., mener; guider; conduire. 
leader, «., conducteur; guide; chef; 

meneur, tn. 
leading, adj'., premier; principal. 
leaf, «., feuille, /.; feuillet, tn. 
league, n., ligue; lieue, /". 
league, v., se liguer. 
leak, »., voie d'eau; fuite, /. 
leak, v., couler; faire eau; fuir. 
lean, n., maigre, tn. 
lean, v., pencher; s'appuyer; s'fn- 

leaning, n., penchant; penche- 

ment, tn. 
leap, n., saut, tn. 
leap, v., sauter; franchir. 
learn, v., apprendre; s'instruire. 
learned, adj., savant; docte. 
learning, n., etude, /.; savoir, m. 
lease, «., bail, m. 
lease, v., louer; donner a bail. 
least, adj., moindre; plus petit. 
least, adv., moins. 
leather, «., cuir, m. 
leave, n., permission, /. 
leave, v., partir; cesser. 
lecture, «., discours; sermon, tn. 
lecture, v., sermonner; repriman- 

der; faire un sermon a. 
lecture, v., faire un cours; donner 

des leQons. 
ledger, «., grand-livre, m. 
leech, n., sangsue, /. 




leek, n.f poireau, m. 

left, adj., gauche. 

left-hand ed, adj., gaucher. 

legTy «•» jambe, /. 

legacy, «., legs, m. 

legal, adj'., l^gal; judiciaire; juri- 

dique licite. 
legality, «., 16galit6, /. 
legalize, z/., 16galiser; autoriser. 
legally, adv., selon les lois; juridi- 

quement; 16gitimement; 16galement. 
legatary, «., 16gataire, m. 
legation, n., legation, /. 
legend, «., l^gende; chronique, /. 
legendary, adj'., 16gendaire, m. 
legion, «., legion, /. 
legislate, v., faire des lois. 
legislation, «., legislation, /. 
legislative, adj., 16gislatif. 
legislator, «., legislateur, tn. 
legislature, «., legislation; legis- 
lature, /. 
legitimate, adj'., legitime. 
legitimate, v., 16gitimer. 
leisure, «., loisir, m.; commo- 

dite, /. 
lejnon, «., citron; limon, tn. 
lemonade, n., limonade, /. 
lend, v.f preter. 

lender, «., preteur, m.; preteuse, f. 
lengtb,' «., longueur; etendue; 

duree, /. 
lengthen, v., allonger; etendre. 
lengthy, adj'., un peu long; un 

peu trop long. 
lenient, adj'., doux; adoucissant. 
lens, «., lentille; loupe, /. 
lent, n., careme, m. 
lentil, «., lentille, /. 
leopard, «., leopard, tn. 
leper, «., l^preux, tn. 
leprosy, «., lepre, /. 
lesion, «., lesion; contusion, /. 
less, adj'., moindre; plus petit; 

less^ adz',, moins. 


lessee, n., locataire k bail, m. /.; 

preneur, m. 
lessen, v., diminuer. 
lesson, «., legon; repetition, f, 
lessor, «., bailleur, m, 
let, v., laisser; permettre; louer. 
lethargy, n., lethargie, /. 
letter, «., lettre, /. 
lettuce, «., laitue, /. 
Levant, «., Levant; Orient, m. 
levee, n., lever, m.; reception, f: 
level, «., niveau, tn. 
level, adj'., uni; de niveau; egal. 
level, v., aplanir; niveler; mettre 

de niveau. 
lever, «., levier, w., bascule, /. 
levy, v., lever; imposer. 
lexicon, «., lexique; diction- 

naire, m. 
liability, «., responsabilite, /. 
liable, adj'.f sujet; expose; passible; 

liar, «., menteur, m.; menteuse, /. 
libel, «., libelle, m.; publication 

di£famatoire; diffamation, /, 
libel, z/., diflfamer; libeller. 
libeling, «., diflfamation, /. 
libelous, adj'., diflfamatoire. 
liberal, adj'., liberal; genereux. 
liberate, v., rendre libre; affran- 

chir; liberer; mettre en liberte; 

liberation, «., mise en liberte,/.; 

de liberation; deiivrance, /". 
liberator, «., liberateur, m.; libe- 

ratrice, /. 
libertine, adj'., libertin. 
liberty, «., liberte, /. 
librarian, n., bibliothecaire, m. 
library, «., bibliotheque, /. 
license, «., licence; liberte, /.; 

dereglement, tn. 
license, v., autoriser; accorderune 

autorisation a; breveter. 
licentiate, «., licencie, il- 
licit, adj., licite; legal. 




lick, v.y 16cher; laper; flanquer des 

coups a; rosser. 
licking, «., coups, m. {pl.)\ rou- 

16e; ross6e, /. 
lid, «., couvercle, wi.; paupiere, /. 
lie, «., mensonge; dementi, m. 
lie, v.^ Stre couch6. 
lie, «., mentir. 

lieu, «., lieu; remplacement, tn. 
lieutenant, «,, lieutenant, tn. 
lieutenantsliip, «., lieute- 

nance, /. 
life, «., vie, /. 
life-boat, «., canot de sauve- 

tage, tn. 
life-buoy, «., bou6e de sauve- 

tage, /. 
lifegr^ard, «., garde du corps, m. 
lifeless, adj,t sans vie; inanim^; 

life-preserver, «., appareil de 

sauvetage, tn. 
lifetime, «., vie, /.; vivant, m. 
lift, v.t lever; 61ever; enlever; sou- 
lever; hausser; relever. 
ligature, «., action de Her; liga- 
ture, /. 
light, «., lumiere; clart6, /.; 

jour, fn.\ lueur, /". 
light, adj.y 16ger. 
light, v., allumer; 6clairer. 
lighten, v., all6ger. 
lighten, t/., faire des Eclairs; 

lightheaded, adj., 6tourdi. 
lighthouse, «., phare; fanal, m. 
lighting, »., ^clairage, tn. 
lightly, adv., 16gerement; facile- 

ment; gaiment. 
lightness, «., 16geret6;^ agilite, /. 
lightning, «., Eclair, m.\ foudre, /. 
like, «., chose pareille, /.; pareil,w. 
like, culj., semblable; tel; pareil. 
like, v., aimer; trouver a son gout; 

likely, adv., probablement. 


likeness, n., ressemblance; appa- 
rence, /.; portrait, wi. 

like^wise, adv., pareillement; de 
meme; aussi. 

liking, n., gr^; gofit, m.\ inclina- 
tion; amiti^; affection, /. 

lilac, n., lilas, tn. 

lily, «., lis, tn. 

limb, n., membre, tn.\ grosse 
branche, /. 

lime, «., chaux, /". 

limestone, «., pierre calcaire; 
pierre a chaux, /. 

limit, «., limite, /.; bomes, /. (//.)• 

limit, v., limiter; borner. 

limitary, adj., limitrophe. 

limitation, n.., limitation; restric- 
tion; reserve, /. 

limited, adj., limit^; born6; d6ter- 

limpid, adj.y limpide. 

line, n., ligne; voie, /".; genre 
d'affaires, tn. 

line, v.y garnir; border. 

lineal, adj., Iin6aire. 

linen, n., toile; toile de lin, /. 

linger, v., trainer; languir. 

linguist, n.y linguiste, m. 

lining, «., doublure; garniture, f, 

link, «., chainon; anneau, m. 

link, v., lier; joindre; enchainer. 

linseed, «., graine de lin, /. 

linseed-oll, «., huile de lin, /. 

lion, n., lion, tn. 

lioness, n., lionne, /. 

lip, levre, /. 

liquefaction, «., liquefaction. 

liquefy, v., Iiqu6fier; fondre. 

liquid, n., liquide, tn. 

liquidation, «., liquidation; 
action de solder, /. 

liquor, «., liqueur, /". 

list, «., liste, /. 

listen, v.y 6couter. 

litany, «., litanie, /. 

literal, adj., littoral. 




literally, adv., Htt^ralement. 
literary, adj., Iitt6raire; lettr^. 
literature, «., Iitt6rature, /. 
lltliog^apli, «., lithographic, /. 
lltlgr^te, v,i plaider; etre en 

liter, «., litre, m. 
litter, «., brancard, w.; civiere; 

litiere, /. 
little, adj.f petit; faible; minime. 
liturgy, «., liturgie, /. 
live, V,, vivre; demeurer; habiter. 
llvellh-ood, «., vie; nourriture; 

subustance, /.; gagne-pain, tn. 
lively, adj.,v\i\ gai; enjou6; anim6. 
liver, «., foie, tn, 
livery, «., livr^e, /. 
livery- stable, «., 6curie de che- 

vaux k louer; pension pour les 

chevaux, /. 
livid, adj.y livide; pS.le. 
living, «., subsistance; existence, /. 
living, adj.y vivant. 
lizard, //., lizard, m, 
load, «., charge, /.; fardeau, nt. 
load, v.f charger; combler. 
loaf, «., pain, m. 
loan, «., pret; emprunt, nt. 
loan, v.y preter. 
lobby, «., antichambre, /.; couloir; 

foyer, m, 
lobster, «., 6crevisse de mer, /.; 

homard, tn. 
local, adj.y local. 
locality, «., locality; situation, /.; 

endroit, m, 
localize, v.y localiser. 
locate, v.y placer; 6tablir; fixer. 
location, n.y situation, /.; em- 
placement; placement; 6tablisse- 

ment, m. 
lock, «., serrure, /. 
lock, z/., fermer k clef. 
lockjaiv, w., tetanos, tn. 
locksmith., n.y serrurier, nt. 
locomotive, «., locomotive, /. 


locust, «., sauterelle; cigale, f. 
lodge, «., maisonnette; loge, f. 
lodge, z/., loger; abriter. 
lodger, «., locataire, m. 
lodging, fi., logis; logement, tn, 
lodging-bouse, »., hdtel garni; 

log^s, nt. 
logarithm, n.y logarithme, nt, 
logic, n.y logique,/. 
logical, adj.f logique; de la logi- 
logically, adv.y logiquement. 
loin, «., longe, /. 
loneliness, «., solitude, /.; isole- 

ment, m, 
lonely, adj., solitaire; isol6. 
long, v.y avoir bien envie; tarder. 
long, adj.y long; 6tendu. 
longevity, w., long6vit6, /. 
longitude, «., longitude, /. 
longitudinal, adj., longitudinal. 
longwise, adv.y en long. 
look, «., regard; air, m.\ appar- 

ence, /.; coup d*oeil, nt, 
look, v.y regarder. 
looking-glass, »., miroir, m.\ 

glace, /. 
lookout, «., vue; /.; guet, m.\ 

vigie, /. 
loom, n.y metier de tisserand, m. 
loose, adj.y d61i6; d6tach6; peu 

loose, z/., detacher; duller; reltcher. 
loquacious, adj.y loquace. 
lord, n.y seigneur; maitre, m. 
lose, v.y perdre. 
loser, n.y personne qui perd, /.; 

perdant, nt. 
loss, n.y perte, /. 

lot, n.y sort; destin, w.; destin^e, /. 
lotioli, n.y lotion, /*. 
lottery, «., loterie, /. 
loud, adj.f haut; 61ev6; ^clatant. 
loudly, adv., haut; fort; haute" 

ment; k haute voix. 
louse, n,y pou, m. 




lovable, adj.^ digne d'etre aim6; 

love, z/., aimer; ch^rir; affection- 

love, «., amour, wi.; amiti6, /. 
lovely, adj.^ aimable; charmant; 

lover, «., amant, m,\ amante, /.; 

ami, fn.\ amie, /.; amoureux, tn, 
lovingTy cuij.y aimant; affectueux. 
loiv, adj,^ bas; peu 61ev6; commun; 

lower, z/., baisser; abaisser; humi- 

lowland, «., pays bas; terrain 

bas; bas-fond, tn.\ plaine, /. 
loivly, adv,^ humblement; basse- 

low-spirited, adj.^ abattu; triste. 
loyal, adj.y fiddle, loyal. 
luck, «., hazard; bonheur, fn.\ for- 
tune; chance, /. 
lucky, adj.^ heureux; propice. 
lucrative, adj.^ lucratif. 
lugr^agr^, n., baggage; attirail, m. 
lukewarm, adj., tiede. 
lumbagro, n.\ lumbago, m.\ cour- 

bature, /. 
luminous, adj., lumineux. 
lump, «., masse, /.; morceau, fn.\ 

bloc, m, 
lunacy, «., folie; d6mence; alie- 
nation mentale, /. 
lunar, adj.^ lunaire; en forme de 

lunatic, «., alien^, fn.\ alienee, /.; 

fou, in.\ foUe, /. 
lunch., «., second d6jeftner; goii- 

ter, m. 
luncli, V. , faire son second dejeuner; 

lung, «., poumon, m, 
luster, «., lustre; brillant; lustre 

cand61abre, tn. 
Xjutlieran, «., luth^rien, fn.\ luth6- 

rienne, /. 


luxurious, adj,^ de luxe; somp- 

luxury, n. , luxe, m. ; somptuosit^, /. 
lyceum, «., Iyc6e, m, 
lye, «., lessive, /. 
lyre, «., lyre, /. 
lyric, adj,y lyrique. 


macaroni, n.^ macaroni, m, 
macaroon, n., macaron, m. 
macerate, v., amaigrir; mac6rer. 
macliinal, adj., machinal. 
macliine, «., machine, /.; instru- 
ment, m. 
machine-factory, «., atelier de 

construction de machines, m. 
machinery, «., m^canique, /.; 

m^canisme, ni.\ machines, /. {pi.), 
machinist, n., machiniste, tn. 
mackerel, «., maquereau.w. 
mad, adj.y fou; ali6n^; en d^mence; 

enrag6; furieux. 
madam, n., madame, /. 
madden, v., rendre fou; faire 

devenir fou; faire enrager. 
Madeira, n.y vin de Madere, tn. 
madhouse, »., maison de fous; 

maison d'alien^s, /. 
madness, n., alienation mentale; 

demence; fureur; folie, /. 
madonna, //., madone, /. 
magazine, «., magasin, m.\ revue, 

/.; soute aux poudres, /. 
magic, «., magie, /. 
magic, t?r magical, adj., magi- 

magician, «., magicien, m.\ magi- 

cienne, /. 
magistral, adj., magistral. 
magistrate, «., magistrat; juge de 

paix, m. 
magnanimity, «., magnani- 
mity, /. 
magnanimous, adj., magna- 





magrncsia, n., magn6sie, /. 

magrnc^t, »., aimant, tn.; pierre 
d*aimant, /. 

magrn^tisiiiy ff., magn^tisme, w.; 
puissance attractive, /. 

magrn^tlze, r., aimanter; mag- 

magrni'Ic, a^(/.,magniiique. 

magnificence, n., magnifi- 
cence, /. 

magrnificent, adj., magniiique; 

magnify, v., magnifier; grossir; 
exalter; exag^rer. 

magnitude, n., grandeur; impor- 
tance, /. 

magpie, «., pie, /. 

maliogany, »., acajou, m, 

Mahometan, n., mahom^tan, m.; 
mahom6tane, /. 

maid, «., fiUe; jeune fille; bonne; 
servante; domestique; fille de 
chambre, /. 

maid-servant, «., servante, /. 

mail, «., maille; malle; malle-poste, 
/., courrier, m.; d6peche, /. 

mail, «., expedier. 

main, z/., estropier; mutiler. 

main, adj., principal; important; 

maintain, v., maintenir; entre- 
tenir; soutenir. 

maintenance, «., maintien; en- 
tretien; soutien, tn.; pension ali- 
mentaire, /. 

maize, «., mais; bl6 de Tur- 
quie, tn. 

majestic, adj., majestueux. 

majesty, «., majeste, /. 

major, «., majeur; chef de batail- 
lon, tn. 

majority, n., majorite, /. 

make, «., fa9on; forme; construc- 
tion, /. 

make, v., faire; fagonner. 


maker, ».,cr6ateur; faiseur; fabri- 

cant, m. 
making, »., creation; fa^on; fabri- 
cation; forme, /. 
Malaga, »., vin de Malaga, m. 
malcontent, n., m^content, m. 
male, n. and adj'., mMe; masculin. 
malediction, «., malediction, /. 
malefactor, «., malfaiteur; cri- 

minel, m. 
malevolence, «., malveillance, /. 
malice, n., malice; malveillance; 

m6chancet6, /. 
maliciously, adv., avec malveil- 
lance; m^chamment. 
mallet, n., maillet, m, 
malt, «., drSche, /. 
maltreat, v., maltraiter; mal- 

Mammalia, n. (pi.), mammi- 

feres, tn. (pi.). 
mammoth., «., mammouth, tn. 
mama, n., maman; mere, /. 
man, »., homme, tn, 
manage, v., conduire; gouverner; 

diriger; g6rer. 
management,' «., direction; 

administration; gestion, /. 
manager, «., directeur; gerant; 

regisseur, m. 
mane, «., criniere, /. 
maneuver, «., manoeuvre, /. 
manful, adj'., mUle; viril; brave; 

hardi; digne. 
manger, «., creche; mangeoire, /. 
mangle, v., d^chirer; mutiler; 

manhood, «., virility, /* 
mania, «., folie; rage; manie, /. 
maniac, //., fou furieux, w.; folle 

furieuse, /.; fou, tn.\ folle, /. 
manifest, v., manifester; t6moi- 

gner; laisser voir; montrer. 
manifest, a^'., manifeste; Evident. 
manix)ulate, v., manipuler. 




manipulation, »., manipula- 
tion, /. 
manipulator, «., manipula- 

teur, m. 
mankind, n.^ genre humain, m.; 

espece humaine, /. 
manly, ad/., d'homme; virile; 

xnanna, n., manne, /. 
xnanner, «., maniere, /.; genre, 

tn.; sorte; habitude, /. 
manners, «., manieres polies; 

moeurs, /. (pi.). 
manometer, «., manometre, m. 
manor, «., manoir, m.; sei- 

g^eurfe, /. 
mansion, /r.,maison seigneuriale, 

/.; hotel, m.'y grande maison, /. • 
manslaugliter, «., homicide sans 

premeditation; par imprudence, m. 
mantelpiece, «., chambranle de 

chemin6e, /. 
mantle, n., manteau, m. 
manual, adj,, manuel; de la main. 
manufactory, «., manufacture; 

fabrique; usine, /. 
manufacture, v.y manufacturer; 

manufacturer, «., manufac- 

turier; fabricant; industriel, m. 
manure, «., engrais, m. 
manuscript, «., manuscrit, m, 
many, «., multitude; foule, /.; 

grand nombre, m. 
many, adj., nombreux; beaucoup 

de; bien. 
map, «., carte; carte g6ogra- 

phique, /. 
map, v.y dessiner une carte; tracer 

une carte. 
maple, «., Arable, m. 
mar, z/., g^er; abimer. 
marauder, «., maraudeur, m. 
marble, «., marbre, nt.; bille, /. 
marble-quarry, n., carriere de 

marbre, /. 


marcb, «., marche; course, /.; 

progres; mars, m. 
marcb, v., marcher. 
mare, «., jument, /. 
margin, «., marge, /.; bord, m. 
marine, «., marine, /.; soldat de 

marine, tn. 
mariner, «., marin; matelot, ni. 
mark, «., marque, /. 
mark, v., marquer; remarquer. 
market, «., march6, m.; halle, /.; 

d6bit, m.; vente, /. 
market-grarden, «., jardin 

maraicher, m. 
market-rate, «., cours du mar- 

ch6; prix courant, m. 
marmalade, «., marmelade, /. 
marquis, «., marquis, m. 
marriagr^, «., mariage, m.; noce, 

/.; noces, /. (pi.). 
married, pasl pari., mari6. 
marry, v., marier; se marier k; 

marsb, n., marais, m. 
marshal, //., marechal, m. 
marshy, adj., mar6cageux; de 

martial, adj., martial; militaire; 

guerrier; belliqueux. 
martyr, «., martyr, w.; martyre, /. 
martyr, v., martyriser. 
martyrdom, «., martyre, m. 
marvel, z^. , s'emerveiller; s'^tonner. 
marvellous, adj., merveilleux. 
masculine, n. and adj., m^le; 

mash, v., ^eraser; broyer. 
mask, n.y masque, m.; masca- 

rade, /. 
mask, v., masquer; d^guiser. 
mason, «., magon, m. 
masonry, «., magonrierie, /. 
masquerade, //., mascarade, /.; 

masque, m. 
masquerade, v., se masquer; 

faire une mascarade. 




mass, «., masse, /.; messe, /. 
massacre, n.y massacre, f». 
massive, adj.^ massif; solide. 
mast, n.y m^t, m, 
master, «., maitre; chef; patron, w. 
master, r., maitriser; se rendre 

maitre de; apprendre. 
masterly, adv.y en maitre. 
masterM^ork, «., chef d'ceu- 

vre, m. 
masticate, r., mdcher. 
mastication, »., mastication, /. 
mastiff, »., do^e; mStin, m. 
mat, n.y natte, /.; paillasson, /;/. 
match, «., lutte; partie, /.; con- 

cours; pareil; 6gal, #//.; allumette, /. 
match, v.y ^galer;- tenir tete k\ 

matchbox, «., porte-alluraettes, 

m.'y boite a alluraettes, /. 
mate, «., camarade, nt. /.; compa- 

gnon, nt.\ compagne, /. 
material, adj.y materiel; essential; 

important; sensible; considerable. 
material, «., matiere; etoflFe,/. 
materialism, «., materialisme,w. 
materialist, «., mat^rialiste, m. 
materialize, v.y mat^rialiser. 
maternal, adj.y maternel. 
maternity, //., maternity, /. 
mathematlc,afl^'. , math^matique. 
mathematician, n.y math^mati- 

cien, nt. 
mathematics, n. (//.), mathe- 

matiques, /. (pi.). 
matin, adj.y matinal; du matin. 
matin, n.y matin, nt. 
matriculate, v.y immatriculer. 
matrimonial, adj.y conjugal; 

matrimonial; de mariage. 
matrimony, n.y mariage, nt. 
matter, n.y matiere; chose; affaire, 

/.; sujet, nt. 
matter, v.y importer. 
mattress, n., matelas, m. 
maturate, v.y murir. 


mature, i/., mfirir; faire murir. 
niausoleum, n.y mausol^e, m. 
maxim, n.y maxime, /. 
maxlnium, n.y maximum, tn, 
may, v.y pouvoir. 
May, n.y mai, m. 
mayor, «., maire, m. 
I maze, «., labyrinthe; d^dale; em- 

barras, nt. 
me, pron.y me; moi. 
meado"W, «., prairie, /.; pr6, m. 
meager, adj.y maigre; pauvre. 
nieal, «., farine, /.; repas, m. 
mean, adj.y bas; m6prisable; vil; 

abject; avare. 
mean, «., milieu; terme moyen, ^n. 
mean, v.y signifier; vouloir dire. 
meaning, n.y signification, /.; 

sens, nt.'y intention, /. 
meantime, adv.y dans Tintervalle; 

en attendant. 
measles, n. (//.), rougeole, /. 
measurable, adj.y mesurable. 
measure, «., mesure; capacite, f. 
measure, v.y mesurer; arpenter. 
meat, //., viande, /. 
mechanic, n.y m^canicien, m. 
mechanics, n. (//.), m^canique, 

/. (sing.). 
mechanism, «., m^canisme, m.; 

m6canique, /. 
medal, n.y m6daille, /. 
medallion, n.y medallion, m. 
meddle, z'., se meler des affaires 

mediate, v.y toe m6diateur. 
mediation, //., mediation; entre- 

mise; intercession, /.; interm6- 

diaire, nt. 
mediator, «., m^diateur, w. 
medical, adj.y medical; de m6- 

medicament, «., medicament, i». 
medicinal, adj.y medicinal. 
medicine, w., m^decine, /.; 

remede, m. 




xned-locre, adj.^ mediocre. 
xnedltate, z/.,m6diter. 

meditation, «., meditation, /. 

JIffedlterranean, adj., m6diter- 
ran6— sea; mer mediterran6e, /. 

Mediterranean, «., M6diter- 
ran6e, /. 

mediuni, «., milieu; moyen terme; 
agent interm^diaire. 

meerscliaum, «., 6cume de 
mer, /. 

xneet, v., rencontrer; faire la ren- 
contre de. 

meeting, «., rencontre; entrevue. 

melancliolic, adj,, m^lancolique; 

melanclioly, «., hypocondrie; 
m^lancolie; tristesse, /. 

mello^w, adj.y mou; mol; moelleux. 

naelodious, adj., m^lodieux. 

melody, «., m^lodie, /. 

melon, «., melon, nt. 

melt, v., fondre; faire fondre. 

member, «., membre, m. 

membersliip, «., quality de 
membre; soci6t6, /. 

membrane, «., membrane, /. 

memento, «., souvenir; me- 
mento, m. 

memoir, «., m6moire, tn. 

memorable, adj., memorable. 

memorandum, «., note, /.; bor- 
dereau, tn, 

memorandum-book, «., 
agenda; carnet, m. 

memorial, «., souvenir, in.\ me- 
moire, fn.\ memorial, tn. 

memorize, v., conserver la me- 
moire de; faire ressouvenir de. 

memory, «., m^moire, /.; sou- 
venir, m. 

menace, «., menace, /. 

mend, z/., raccommoder; r^parer. 

mendicant, adj., mendiant. 

mendicant, «., mendiant, m.\ 
mendiante, /. 


mention, n., mention, /. 
mention, v., mentionner; faire 

mention de; parler de. 
mentor, «., mentor, m. 
mercenary, adj.^ mercenaire; 

mercbandise, fi., marchandise,/. 
mercbant, «., n6gociant; com- 

mer^ant; marchand, in.\ mar- 

chande, /. 
merciful, adj., mis6ricordieux; 

clement; indulgent. 
mercury, «., Mercure; mercure, w. 
mercy, n., merci; mis6ricorde; 

compassion; grice, /. 
mere, adj., pur; simple. 
merely, adv., simplement; seule- 

ment; purement; uniquement. 
meridian, n,, m^ridien; midi, fn.\ 

apogee, /. 
meridional, adj., meridional; du 

merit, n., m6rite, m. 
merit, v., m^riter. 
mermaid, n., sirene, /. 
merrily, adv., joyeusement; gai- 

ment; avec all6gresse. 
merry, adj., joyeux; allegre; gai; 

mesmerizer, n., magn^tiseur, m. 
messagr^, n., message, tn. 
messenger, n., messager, nt. 
Messiab, n., Messie, m, 
metal, «., m6tal, m. 
metallic, adj., m^tallique. 
metallurgy, «., metallurgie, /. 
metamorpbose, v., metamor- 

metamorphosis, n., metamor- 
phose, /. 
metapbor, n., metaphore, /. 
metapbysic, adj., metaphysique. 
metempsycbosis, n., metemp- 

sycose, /. 
meteor, n., meteore, m. 
meteorology, «., met^orologie, /. 




meter, «., m^tre. 

metliod, n.y m^thode; maniere; 
voie, /.; moyen; ordre, tn. 

Metbodist, n., m^thodiste, 
m. f. 

metropolis, «., capitale; m6tro- 
pole, /. 

metropolitan, adj., de la capi- 
tale; metropolitan. 

miasma, »., miasme, m. 

microscope, «., microscope, m. 

midday, «., midi, m. 

middle, «., milieu; centre, m. 

mlddlln|2^, adj., mediocre; moyen 

mid-Lent, «., mi-cardme, /. 

midnight, n., minuit, m. 

mid-sea, «., pleine mer, /.; milieu 
de la mer. 

mldsMpman, n., aspirant de 
marine; 61eve de marine; enseigne 
de marine, tn. 

midst, adv.y au milieu; parmi. 

mien, «., mine, /.; air, nt. 

mlg^lit, «., puissance; force, /. 

mightiness, «., grandeur; puis- 
sance, /. 

mighty, adj., fort puissant; vig- 

mignonette, n., r6s6da, m. 

migrate, v., faire une migration; 

migration, n., migration, /. 

mild, adj., doux. 

mile, n., mille, m. 

military, adj., militaire. 

milk, n., lait, m. 

milk, v., traire. 

milkmaid, n., laitiere; fille de 
laiterie, /. 

milkman, n., laitier, m. 

milk-pot, n., pot a lait, m. 

milky-way, n., voie lact6e, /. 

mill, n., moulin, m.\ filature; manu- 
facture; fabrique; usine, /. 

mill, v.t moudre. 


millennium, n., mill^naire, m. 

miller, n., meunier, tn.; meu- 
j niere, /. 
, millet, ft., millet; mil, fn. 

milliner, »., marchande de modes; 
modiste, /. 
! millinery, n. (sing.)^ modes. 

' million, n.f million, m. 
millionaire, n., millionnaire, m. 
millstone, n., meule de moulin,/.; 

pierre meuliere, /. 
mince, v., hacher menu; att6nuer. 
mind, «., esprit, m.; intelligence; 

intention; ^me, /. 
mind, v., s'occuper de; songer k; 

ob^ir k. 
mine, pron., le mien, m. ; la mienne, 

/.; les miens, tn. {pi.); les miennes, 

/. ipi.)', k moi. 
mine, n., mine, /.; mineral, tn. 
mine, v., miner. 
miner, n., mineur, m. 
mineral, adj., mineral. 
mineralogist, n., min6ralo- 

giste, fn. 
mingle, v., m^langer; m81er. 
miniature, ft., miniature, /. 
minimum, ft., minimum, tn. 
mining, »., exploitation des mines, 

/.; travail dans les mines, fft. 
minister, z/.,foumir; donner. 
ministration, ft., service; minis- 

tere, fn. 
minor, n., mineur, fn.; mineure, /. 
minor, adj'., moindre; petit; de 

second ordre. 
minority, n., minority, /. 
mint, «., menthe, /. 
mint, n., h6tel de la monnaie, fn;; 

mine, /. 
minuet, «., menuet, fn. 
minus, adv., moins. 
minute, adj., menu; trfes petit; 

minute, n., minute. 




ininnte-liaiid, n,y aiguille des 

minutes; grande aiguille, /. 
minutely, adv.y minutieusement; 

exactement; en detail. 
miracle, n.y miracle, tn. 
miraculous, adj.^ miraculeux. 
miragr^, n., mirage, tn. 
mire, «., boue; bourbe; fange, /. 
mirror, «., miroir, w. 
mirtli, «., gait6; r^jouissance; 

joie, /. 
misadirenture, «., m^saven- 

ture, /. 
misalliance, »., mesalliance,/. 
misantlirope, «. , misanthrope, tn. 
misbecoming, adj.^ inconvenant; 

misbeliave, v., se comporter mal; 

se conduire mal. 
misbeliavior, »., mauvaise con- 

duite; inconduite, /. 
misbeliever, «., m6cr6ant; in- 

fidele; incr^dule, m. 
miscalculation, f2. ,calcul erron^; 

fn,\ supputation erron^e, /.; m6- 

compte, m. 
miscellaneous, adj., m§16; vari6; 

g^n^ral; de melanges. 
miscbance, f^., mauvaise chance, 

/.; malheur; accident facheux; 

revers, fn.\ infortune, /. 
miscbief, n.^ mal; dommage; 

tort, m, 
miscbievous, adj., m^chant; 

port6 au mal; malfaisant. 
miscreant, «., mecr^ant; mise- 
rable, tn. 
misdemeanor, n., mauvaise con- 

duite, /.; d61it; crime, tn. 
miser, «., avare, tn. 
miserable, adj., miserable. 
misery, «., misere, /. 
misfortune, «., malheur, m.\ 

infortune, /. 
misguide, r., mal guider; 



misbap, ff., contretemps; mal- 
heur, tn. 
misinterpretation, »., fausse 

interpretation, /.; contresens, tn. 
mismanagre, v., se conduire mal; 

s' arranger mal. 
mismanagement, n., mauvaise 

gestion; mauvaise conduite, /.; 

mauvais arrangement, m. 
misplace, z/., placer mal; deplacer. 
misprint, »., faute d'impression. 
mispronounce, v., prononcer in- 

misrepresent, v. , repr^senter 

sous de fausses couleurs; d^naturer. 
miss, n., mademoiselle; demoi- 
selle, /. 
miss, «., perte, /.; manque, m.\ 

erreur; meprise, /. 
miss, v., manquer. 
missile, «., projectile, fn.\ arme de 

trait; arme de jet, /. 
mission, n.y mission, /. 
missionary, «., missionnaire, m, 
missive, «., missive, /. 
misspell, v., 6peler mal; ortho- 

graphier mal. 
misstate, v., exposer inexacte- 

ment; rapporter inexactement. 
mist, «., brouillard, w.; brume, /. 
mistake, «., erreur; m^prise, /. 
mistake, v., se tromper de; se 

m6prendre k\ prendre pour. 
mistress, n., maitresse; madame,/. 
misty, adj., convert de brouillards; 

misunderstand, z/., comprendre 

mal; se meprendre sur le sens des 

paroles de. 
misunderstanding, n., malen- 

tendu, m. 
mitigation, «., mitigation, /.; 

adoucissement, m. 
mitten, n., mitaine, /. 
mix, v., meler; se m^langer. 
mixture, n., melange, m. ; potion,/". 




moan, n,, g^missement, fn.\ lamen- 
tation, /. 
mob, »., foule; populace; cohue. 
mobile, adj., mobile. 
mobility, n.y mobility; activity; 

16geret6, /. 
mock, v., se moquer de; se rire de; 

se-jouer de; railler; tromper. 
mockery, «., moquerie; raillerie; 

mocklng-stock, «., ris6e, /. 
mode, «., mode; fa^on; maniere, /. 
model, «., modele, m. 
moderate, adj., mo6&v^\ modique. 
moderate, v., mod^rer; adoucir; 

moderation, «., moderation; re- 

tenue; mesure, /. 
modern, adj., moderne; nouveau; 

modernize, v., moderniser; ren- 

dre modeme. 
modest, adj., modeste; pudique. 
modesty, «., modestie; pudeur, /. 
modification, «., modification, /. 
modifier, «., personne qui modi- 

fie; chose qui modifie, /. 
modify, v., modifier; limiter. 
modulation, //., modulation; m^- 

lodie, /. 
Mohammedan, n., Mahometan, 

fn.\ mahometane, /. 
moist, adj., moite; humide. 
moisten, v., rendre humide; hu- 

mecter; rendre moite. 
molar, adj., molaire. 
molasses, n. (pi.), m61asse, /. 

mold, n., moule, w.; forme, /. 
mold, v., mouler; modeler. 
molding, n., moulure, /.; pah- 

neau, m. 
mole, n., taupe, /.; jetee, /.; 

mole, tn. 
molecular, adj., moleculaire. 
molecule, n., molecule, /. 


molest, v., molester; vexer. 

mollify, v., amollir; mollifier; cal- 
mer; adoucir; apaiser. 

moment, n., moment, m, 

momentarily, oi/z/., momentane- 

momentary, adj., momentane; 

monareb., n., monarque; roi, tn.\ 
reine, /. 

monarebical, adj., monarchique. 

monarcbist, n., monarchiste, ^w. 

monarchy, «., monarchie, /. 

monastery, «., monastere, tn. 

Monday, n., lundi, tn. 

monetary, adj., mon^taire. 

money, n.y argent, tn.-, mon- 
naie, /. 

money-box, «., tirelire, /. 

money-broker, n., courtier de 
change, m. 

mongrel, «., m^tis, tn.-, m^tisse, f. 

monitor, n., moniteur, tn, 

monk, n., moine; religieux, tn. 

monkey, «., singe, m.-, guenon, f. 

montb, «., mois, tn.-, by tlie— ; 
au mois. 

monument, n., tombeau; monu- 
ment, tn.; tombe, /. 

mood, n., humeur; disposition, /.; 
mode, tn. 

moon, n., lune, /. 

moonligbt, n., clair de lune, tn. 

Moor, n.. More; Maure, tn. f. 

mooring-post, n., poteau 
d'amarre, tn. 

mop, n., balai k laver; 6couvillon 
faubert, tn. 

moral, adj., moral. 

moral, n., morale; morality, /. 

moralist, n., moraliste, w.; per- 
sonne morale, /. 

morality, n., morale; morality, /. 

moralize, v., moraliser. 

morally, adv., moralement; au 
moral; dans un sens moral. 




morbid, adj.y maladif; malsain; 

more, adj.^ plus; plus de; encore; 

moreover, adv,^ de plus; outre 
cela; d'ailleurs. 

moribund, adj,^ moribond. 

morn, «., matin, w.; aurore, /. 

morning^, /;., matin, tn. ; mating, /. 

Morocco, «., maroquin, m. 

morose, adj.y morose. 

morpbine, «., morphine, /. 

na.orro'W, «., demain; lende- 
main, m, 

morsel, «., morceau, fn.\ piece, /. 

naortal, adj., mortel; fatal. 

mortal, «., mortel, w.;mortelle, /. 

mortality, «., mortality; mort, /. 

mortar, «., mortier, tn. 

mortgage, «., hypotheque, /. 

mortification, «., mortifica- 
tion, /. 

mortified, adj.y mortifi^; afflig6. 

mortify, v., mortifier. 

mosaic, adj., mosalque. 

mosquito, n., moustique, m. 

moss, «., mousse, /. 

most, adj., le plus; la plupart. 

mostly, adv., pour la plupart; le 
plus souvent; ordinairement. 

mother, n:, m^re, /. 

mother- ln-la>v, «., belle-mere, /. 

motherland, n., mere patrie, /. 

motherless, adj., sans m^re; 
orphelin de mere. 

motherly, fl^*., maternel; demere. 

motion, n., mouvement, fn.\ mo- 
tion, /.; proposition, /. 

motive, n., motif; mobile, m. 

naotor, n., moteur, m.-, force 
mo trice, /.; mobile, m. 

motto, n., devise, /. 

mount, n., mont; monticule, tn.-, 
montagne, /. 

mount, v., monter. 

mountain, /?., montagne, /. 


mountaineer, »., montagnard, 
fn.\ montagnarde, /. 

mountainous, adj., montagneux; 
de montagnes. 

mourn, v., pleurer; se lamenter; 
porter le deuil. 

mourning, n., deuil, tn.-, afflic- 
tion, /.; deep—; grand deuil, ^n. 

mouse, «., souris, /. 

mouse-trap, n., souriciere, /. 

mouth, «., bouche; ouverture; 
embouchure, /.^ 

mouthful, n., bouch6e, /. 

movable, adj., mobile; meuble. 

move, v., remuer; mouvoir; d6m6- 

move, «., mouvement, m. 

movement, «., mouvement, fn.\ 
agitation, /. 

much, adv., beaucoup de; beau- 
coup; bien; fort; tres. 

mud, n., boue; bourbe; vase; 
fange, /. 

muddy , fli/;'. , boueux; bourbeux; 

muff, n., manchon; maladroit, tn, 

muffler, n., cache-nez, tn. 

mulatto, n., mulMre, tn. f.\ 
mul^tresse, /. 

mulberry, «., mflre, /.;— tree; 
murier, tn. 

mule, n., mulct, tn.-, mule, /. 

mule-driver, n., muletier, m. 

multiple, adj., n., multiple, m. 

multiplicand, n., multipli- 
cande, tn. 

multiplication, «., multiplica- 
tion, /. 

multlpllcator, n., multiplica- 
teur, tn. 

multiplied, adj., multipli6; rei- 
t6r6; nombreux. 

multiply, v., multiplier. 

multitude, n., multitude, /. 

mum, adj., silencieux; muet. 

mummy, n,t momie. 




mnndane, adj.^ mondain; du 

municipal, adj.^ municipal. 
municipality, «., municipality,/. 
munificence, n.^ munificence, /. 
munificent, adj.,, liberal; g6n6- 

munition, n., munition; fortifica- 
tion, /. 
murder, «., meurtre; assassinat; 

homicide, m. 
murder, z/., assassiner; tuer. 
murderer, «., meurtrier; assas- 
sin, tn. 
murmur, «., murmure, m. 
murmur, z/., murmurer. 
muscat, »., vin muscat; raisin 

muscat, tn. 
muscle, «., muscle, tn. 
muscular, adj.^ musculaire; mus- 

museum, «., musee; museum, m, 
musliroom, «., champignon, m. 
music, «., musique. 
musical, adj.y musical; harmo- 

nieux; m^lodieux. 
musician, n.^ musicien, m.\ 

musicienne, /. 
musk, «., muse, m. 
muslin, «., mousseline, /. 
mussel, «., moule, /. 
Mussulman, n,^ Musulman, m.\ 

musulmane, /. 
must, v.^ falloir; devoir. 
mustache, «., moustache, /. 
mustard, «., moutarde, /. 
muster, v.^ faire I'appel de; reunir; 

musty, adj,^ moisi; qui sent le 

mutation, «., mutation,/. ; change- 

ment, m. 
mute, adj.y muet; silencieux. 
mute, «., muet, m.\ muette, /. 
mutilate, v., mutiler; tronquer. 
mutilation, n,^ mutilation, /. 


mutiny, «., mutinerie; r^volte, /. 
mutton. If., mouton, tn, 
mutton-cliop, «., cdtelette de 

mouton, /. 
mutual, €uij,^ mutuel; r^ciproque. 
muzzle, n,y museau, m. 
muzzle, z/., museler. 
my, Pron.j mon, tn.\ ma, /.; mes. 

(//.), tn. /. 
myopy, «., myopie, / 
myriameter, «., myriametre, m. 
myrtle, «., myrte, w. 
myself, pron.^ moi-meme; me. 
mysterious, adj,^ myst6rieux. 
mystery, «., mystere; secret, m. 
mythology, «., mythologie, /. 


nabob, fi., nadab, tn. 

nacre, «., nacre, /. 

Naiad, fi., naiade, /. 

nail. If., clou, tn, 

nail, v., clouer. 

naive, adj.y naif. 

naked, adj,^ nu; ^ nu. 

nakedness, n., nudity, /. 

name, »., nom, m, 

name, i/., nommer; appeler; inti- 

namely, adv.y savoir; nomm^ment. 
nap, n.y somme, m, 
napkin, «., serviette, /. 
narcotic, «., narcotique, tn, 
narration, «., narration, /.; 

r^cit, w. 
narrator, «., narrateur; con- 

teur, m. 
narroiv, adj,^ 6troit. 
narrow, t/., rendre 6troit; r^tr^cir. 
nasal, »., nasale, /« 
nasturtium, «., capucine, /. 
nasty, adj.^ sale; malpropre; vilain. 
natation, »., natation, /. 
nation, «., nation, /.; peuple, m, 
national, a<^'., national. 
nationality, n., nationality, /. 




Xiative, adj.^ naturel; natif; natal. 
nativity, fi., nativity; naissance, /. 
natural, adj.y naturel; r6el; naif. 
naturalism, n.y naturalisme, m. 
naturalist, «., naturaliste, m. 
naturalization, n.^ naturalisa- 
tion, /. 
naturalize, v,, naturaliser. 
naturally, adv.^ naturellement. 
nature, «., nature, /. 
naugrlit, n.y rien; z^ro, m, 
naugrlitlness, «., m6chancet6, /. 
naughty, adj.y mechant. 
nausea, «., naus6e; soulevement 

de coeur, m. 
naval, adj.y naval; maritime; de la 

n.ave, «., nef, /. 
navigate, v.y naviguer. 
navigation, «., navigation, /. 
navigator, «., navigateur, m, 
navy, «., marine, /. 
navy-yard, «.,. arsenal mari- 
time, tn. 
nay, adv.y non; nenni; meme; qui 

plus est. 
Nazarene, «., Nazareen, m.\ 

Nazar^enne, /. 
near, adj.y proche; pres; pres de. 
nearly, adv.y de pres; k pen pres; 

environ; presque. 
near-sighted, adj.y qui a la vue 

basse;- myope. 
neat, adj.y net; propre; soigne; 

neatly, adv.y proprement; nette- 

necessaries, «., n6cessaire, m.\ 

n^cessites, /. {pi.), 
necessary, adj.y n^cessaire. 
necessitate, v.y necessiter; obli- 

ger; contraindre. 
necessity, «., n6cessit6, /.; be- 

soin, tn. 
neck, n.y cou, m. 
necklace, «., collier, m. 


necrology, «., n^crologie, /. 

necromancer, «., n6cromancien, 
m.'y n6cromancienne, /. 

nectar, «., nectar, m. 

need, «., besoin; n6cessit6, /. 

need, v.y avoir besoin; falloir; etre; 

needle, n.y aiguille, /. 

needle-case, «., 6tui, m. 

needless, adj.y inutile. 

needle^vork, «., ouvrage k I'ai- 
guille, m. 

needy, adj.y indigent; n6cessiteux; 

negative, «., negative; negation, /. 

neglect, «. , negligence, /. ; oubli, w. 

neglect, v.y n6gliger. 

negligence, «., negligence; non- 
chalance, /.; oubli, m. 

negotiate, v.y n^gocier. 

negotiation, n.y n6gociation, /. 

negress, «., n6gresse, /. 

negro, «., negre, m. 

nelgli, v.y hennir. 

neighbor, n. , voisin, tn. ; voisine, /. 

neighborhood, n.y voisinage, w.; 
alentours; environs, tn. {pi.). 

neither, pron.y ni Tun; ni T autre, 
m.'y ni Tune ni Tautre, /.; ni les 
uns ni les autres, tn. {pi.); ni les 
unes ni les autres, /. {pi.). 

nephe^v, «., neveu, m. 

nerve, «., nerf, m. 

nervous, adj.y nerveux; vigoureux. 

nest, n.y nid, m. 

net, n.y filet; rets; r^seau; tulle, m. 

net, adj.y net; pur. 

neuralgia, «., n6vralgie, /. 

neuter, adj.y neutre. 

neutrality, «., neutralite; indif- 
ference, /. 

neutralize, v.y neutraliser. 

never, aflfz'., jamais; ne . . . jamais. 

nevertheless, adv.y neanmoins; 
toutefois; cependant; pourtant. 

nCTV, adj.y neuf; nouveau. 



ne\'vly, adv.^ nouvellement; frai- 

chement; recemment. 
ne^vs, «., nouvelle, /.; nouvelles, 

/. ipi.), 
ne^vsboy, «., marchand; porteur 

de joumaux, m. 
ne^vspaper, «., jouraal, m. 
Ne>v-yeap's-day, «., le jour de 

r^n, m. 
next, adj.f le plus proche; voisin; 

next, adv., k c6t6 de; apres imm6- 

diatement apres; ensuite. 
nice, adj., bon; agr^able. 
nicely, adv., bien; agr6ablement. 
nickel, n., nickel, m. 
nickname, «., sobriquet, m. 
niece, «., niece, /. 
nig^gard, «., avare; ladre; vilain; 

16sineur, m. 
niglit, «., nuit, /.; soir, m. 
nightfall, «., tomb^e de la nuit; 

chute du jour, /. 
ntglitlngale, n., rossignol, m. 
niglitly, adj., nocturne; de nuit. 
nightmare, «.,cauchemar, m. 
nine, n. and adj., neuf. 
nineteen, adj'., dix-neuf. 
nineteenth, adj., dix-neuvi^me. 
ninetieth, adj., quatre-vingt- 

ninety, adj'., quatre-vingt-dix. 
ninth, adj'., neuvieme. 
nitrogen, n., nitrogene; azote, m. 
no, adj'., nul; aucun; pas; point; 

pas de. 
nobility, n., noblesse, /. 
noble, n., gentilhomme; noble, m. 
noble, adj'., noble; illustre; grand; 

nobleness, n., noblesse; gran- 
deur, /. 
nobody, n., personne, /.; rien, tn. 
nod, n., signe de tete; salut, m.; 
inclination de tete, /.; balance- 

ment, m. 


nod, v., faire un signe de tete. 
noise, n., bruit; tapage; fracas. 
noiseless, adj'., sans bruit; silen- 

cieux; tranquille; calme. 
noisily, adv., bruyamment. 
noisy, adj., bruyant; turbulent; 

tumultueux; tapageur. 
nomad, n., nomade. 
nomenclature, n., nomencla- 
ture, /. 
nominal, adj'., nominal; de nom. 
nominate, v., nommer; designer. 
nomination, n., nomination; pre- 
sentation, /. 
nominative, «., nominatif, tn. 
nominee, n., personne nomm6e; 

pr6sent6e, /. 
nonappearance, «., absence, /.; 

d^faut de comparution, fn. 
none, adj'. , nul, m. ; nuUe, /. ; aucun, 

tn.; aucune, /.; pas un, m.; pas 

une, /. 
nonpareil, adj'., nonpareil; sans 

nonsense, n., nonsens, m.; betise; 

sottise, /.; absurdity, /. 
nonsuit, n., d^sistement, m. 
nook, n., coin; recoin; enfonce- 

ment, tn. 
noon, n., midi milieu, m. 
noontide, n., heure de midi, /.; 

midi, m. 
nor, conj'., ni; ni . . . ne; pas . . . 

non plus. 
Norman, n., Normand, m.; Nor- 

mande, /. 
north, n., nord; septentrion, nt. 
northeast, n., nord-est, m. 
north-star, n., 6toile polaire, /. 
north-west, n., nord-ouest, m. 
north- wind, «.,vent du nord,w. 
Norwegian, n., Norw^gien, m.; 

Norw^gienne, /. 
nose, n., nez; museau, fn. 
nosegay, n., bouquet, w. 
nostril, n., narine, /.; naseau, m: 



not, adv.ftie . . . pas; ne . . . point; 

non; pas; non pas. 
notable, adj'.t notable; insigne. 
notable, »., notable, m. 
notary, «., notaire, w. 
note, «., note; marque, /.; signe, 

m.'y billet, m.; lettre, /. 
note, v., noter; prendre note de. 
noted, adj'.f distingu^; remarqua- 

ble; fameux; c^lebre. 
notbing, «., rien; n6ant; z6ro, m. 
notice, n.f connaissance; attention; 

notice, /. 
notice, v.f remarquer; noter; faire 

attention k. 
notify, v.f faire connaitre; faire 

savoir; notifier. 
notion, n.^ notion; id^e; pens6e 

opinion, /.; sentiment, nt. 
notoriety, «., notori6t6, /. 
notuviibstanding, conj. , nonob- 

stant; malgr6; en depit de. 
noun, n.y nom; substantif, m. 
nourishment, «., nourriture, /. 
novel, adj.f neuf; nouveau; nouvel. 
novel, n.y roman, nt.; nouvelle, /. 
novelist, «., romancier; nouvel- 

liste, m. 
novelty, «., nouveau t6, /. 
November, n., novembre, m, 
novice, n.y novice, m. /. 
no\v, adv.y maintenant; k present; 

noTvadays, adv.y aujourd'hui; de 

nos jours. 
no^wbere, adv.y nulle part. 
no\vise, adv., nullement. 
nuisance, n.y dommage aux pro- 

pri6t6s, m.'y peste; plaie, /.; 

ennui, m. 
null, ^dj'.y nul. 
nullify, v.y rendre nul; annuler; 

numb, ad/.y engourdi; transi. 
number, n,, nombre, m.\ nu- 

m6r6, m. 


number, v.y nombrer; compter; 

numeral, ad/.y numeral; num6ri- 

numeration, n.y numeration, /. 
numerous, ad/.y nombreux. 
numismatic, ad/. , numismatique. 
numismatics, n. (//.), numis- 
matique, /. 
nun, n.y religieuse; nonne, /. 
nuncio, n.y nonce, m. 
nunnery, «., couvent de reli- 

gieuses, tn. 
nuptial, ad/.y nuptial; de noces. 
nurse, «., nourrice; bonne d'en- 

fant; garde-malade; infirmiere, /. 
nurse, v.y nourrir; allaiter; garder; 

nursery, n.y chambre des enfants; 

p6pini^re, /. 
nurseryman, «., p6pini6riste, w. 
nut, n.y noisette, /.; 6crou, tn. 
nutcracker, «., casse-noix, m. 
nutmeg, «., muscade, /. 
nutricious, adj.y nutritif; nour- 

rissant; alimenteux; nourricier. 
nymph, «., nymphe, /. 


oak, n.y chSne; bois de ch^ne, tn. 

oar, n.y rame, /.; aviron, m. 

oarsman, n.y rameur, m. 

oasis, n.y oasis, /. 

oath, n.y serment; juron, m. 

oatmeal, «., gruau d*avoine, m.; 
farine d*avoine, /. 

oats, n. {pL)t avoine, /. (sin^.). 

obdurate, adj., endurci; impeni- 
tent; inflexible. 

obedience, «., ob^issance; sou- 
mission, /. 

obedient, ad/.y ob^issant; soumis. 

obelisk, «., obelisque, m. 

obey, v.y ob^ir; ob^ir k. 

object, n.y objet; but; comple- 
ment, m. 




object, v., objecter; opposer. 

objection, «., objection; diflB- 
cult6, /. 

oblation, «., oblation; offrande, /. 

obligation, «., obligation, /.; en- 
gagement, m. 

obllgr^, V.J obliger; faire plaisir a. 

obliging, adj.f obligeant; offi- 

oblique, adj., oblique; indirect; 

oblivion, «., oubli, m. 

obnoxious, ad/.y nuisible; bl^- 

obscene, adj'.y obscene; sale; gras- 
sier . 

obscure, adj., obscur; de la nuit; 
des t^nebres; cach6. 

obscure, v., obscurcir; offusquer; 
cacher; 6clipser. 

obsequies, n. {pi.), obseques, 

/. (//.). 
observable, adj'., remarquable; 

appreciable; observable. 
observance, «., observance; pra- 
tique, /. 
observation, «., observation; 

attention, /. 
observatory, «., observatoire, w. 
obsolete, adj., vieilli; surann^; 

obstacle, n., obstacle; empeche- 

ment, m. 
obstinacy, «., obstination; opini^- 

trete, /.; acharnement, nt. 
obstinate, adj\, opiniatre; obstine; 

tetu; ent6t6. 
obstruct, v., empecher; obstruer; 

boucher; barrer. 
obstruction, n., empechement; 

embarras; obstacle, tn. 
obtain, v., obtenir; procurer; se 

obtuse, adj'., obtus. 
obviate, v., obvier a; prevenir. 
occasion, w., occasion; rencontre,/. 


occasion, v,, occasfonner; donner 

lieu k\ causer; produire. 
occasionally, adv., occasionnelle- 

ment; par occasion; parfois; de 

temps en temps. 
Occident, n., Occident, tn. 
occidental, adj'., occidental. 
occult, adj., occulte. 
occupation, «., occupation, /.; 

emploi, tn. 
occupy, v., occuper; employer. 
occur, v., venir; survenir; arriver. 
ocean, n., oc6an, nt. 
oceanic, adj., oc^anique. 
ochre, n., ocre, tn. 
octagron, n., octogone, nt. 
octave, n., octave, /. 
October, «., octobre, m. 
octogenarian, n., octog6- 

naire, nt. f. 
ocular, adj., oculaire. 
oculist, «., oculist, nt. 
odd, adj. , etrange; singulier; bizarre; 

odds, «., in6galit6; disparity; 

querelle, /.; diff^rend, nt. 
ode, «., ode, /. 

odious, adj., odieux; detestable. 
odor, n., odeur; senteur, /.; par- 

fum, m. 
odorous, adj., odorant. 
of, prep., de. 

off, adv., loin; de distance. 
offense, «., offense; injure, /.; 

outrage, nt. 
offend, v., oflfenser; choquer; ou- 

offensive, adj., offensant; inju- 

rieux; blessant. 
offensive, «., oflFensive, A 
offer, v., oflFrir. 
offer, n., offre; tentative, /. 
offering, «., oflFrande, /.; sacri- 
fice, m. 
offertory, «., oflfertoire, m.\ 

offerte, /. 




office, «., office; service; bureau; 
cabinet, m.; 6tude, /. 

off leer, «.,oflficier; fonctionnaire.w. 

official, n., fonctionnaire; offi- 
cial, m. 

official, adj.y officiel; public. 

officially, adv., officiellement. 

officiate, v., exercer ses fonctions; 

officious, adj\, officieux. 

offset, n.f rejeton, m,; compensa- 
tion, /. 

offspring, n.y descendant, m.; de- 
scendants,f;i. (//.) ;race; post6rit6,/. 

oft, often, adv. J souvent. 

ogive, «., og^ve, /. 

ogre, «., ogre, m, 

ogress, «., ogresse, /. 

olil intj.y oh! 

oil, n., huile, /. 

oil, v.f huiler. 

oil cloth, n.f toile cir6e, /. 

oil-color, «., couleur k I'huile, /. 

oily, adj.f huileux; onctueux; ol6a- 

old, adj\, vieux; vieil; §Lg€; ancien; 

old-fashioned, adj\, surann^; a 
r ancien ne mode. 

oligarchy, «., oligarchic, /. 

olive, n.y olive, /. 

Olympian, adj., Olympien; olym- 

omelet, «., omelette, /. 

omen, «., augure; presage, m. 

ominously, adv., de mauvais 

omission, «., omission, /. 

omit, v., omettre; manquer; n6- 

omnibus, «., omnibus, m. 

omnipotence, «., omnipotence; 
toute-puissance, /. 

omnipotent, «. , Tout-Puissant, w. 

omnivorous, adj., omnivore. 

omoplate, n., omoplate, /. 


on, prep., sur. 

on, €uiv., dessus; en avant. 

once, adv., une fois; autrefois; 

one, fl^'., un, w.; une, /.; un seul, m. 

one, pron., on; Ton; celui, tn.; 
celle, /. 

one-eyed, adj'., borgne. 

onerous, adj., on^reux. 

oneself, pron., soi-mSme; se. 

onion, n., ognon; oig^on, tn. 

only, adj\, adv., seul; unique; seule- 

onomatopceia, «., onomatop6e,/. 

onivard, adv., en avant; plus loin; 
progressi vement . 

onyx, n., onyx, tn. 

opal, n., opale, /. 

opaque, adj., opaque'; obscur. 

open, v., ouvrir; decacheter. 

opening, n., ouverture, /.; com- 
mencement; d^but, m. 

openly, adv., ouvertement; sin- 
cerement; franchement. 

opera, n., op6ra, tn. 

operate, v., op6rer; agir; avoir 
son efifet. 

operation, «., operation; action, 
/.; efifet, m. 

opinion, n., opinion, /.; avis; sen- 
timent, m.', id6e; pens6e, /. 

opium, n., opium, m. 

opponent, n., antagoniste; adver- 
saire, m. 

opportune, adj., opportun; k 

opportunity, n., occasion; oppor- 
tunity, /. 

©Impose, v., opposer; s'opposer k 
resister a. 

opposite, adj., oppose; vis ^ vis 
en face. 

opposition, n., opposition, /. 
obstacle; empechement, nt. 

oppress, v., opprimer; oppresser; 




oppression, fi., oppression, /. 
oppressive, culj.^ accablant; 

optical, adj.y optique. 
optician, «., opticien, w. 
optimist, n.y optimiste, m, /. 
option, «., option, /.; choix, ni.\ 

faculte, /. 
opulent, adj.y opulent; riche. 
or, conj'.y ou; autrement. 
oracle, «., oracle, m, 
oraculousness, «., ton d 'ora- 
cle, fn, 
orange, «., orange, /. 
orange-floTver, «., fleur d*oran- 

ger, /. 
orang-outang, «., orang-ou- 
tang, m, 
orator, «.,*orateur, tn. 
orbit, «., orbite, /., orbe, tn. 
orchard, «., verger, tn. 
orchestra, «., orchestre, tn. 
ordain, v., ordonner; prescrire. 
ordeal, «., 6preuve, /. 
order, «., ordre; reglement, wi.; 

com man de, /. 
order, z/., ordonner; commander. 
orderly, «., officier d'ordon- 

nance, m, 
orderly, adj., r6gl6; r^gulier; en 

bon ordre; tranquille. 
ordinal, «., nombre ordinal; 

rituel, m. 
ordinance, «., ordonnance; loi, /.; 

ordre, tn. 
ordinarily, adv., ordinairement; 

d 'ordinaire. 
ordinary, adj., ordinaire. 
ore, «., minerai, fn.\ mine, /.; 

m6tal, tn. 
organ, «., organe; orgue, m.\ 

organic, adj., organique. 
organism, «., organisme, tn, 
organist, «., organiste, tn. 
organization, n., organisation, /. 


organize, v., organiser; consti- 

orient, adj., levant; oriental. 
oriental, adj., oriental; d'Orient. 
orifice, «., orifice; trou, fn.\ 

ouverture, /. 
origin, «., origine; source, /. 
original, n., original, m. 
originate, v., provenir; d^river; 

tirer son origine. 
originator, n., cause premiere, /. ; 

mobile; auteur, tn. 
ornament, n., ornement, tn. 
ornament, v., omer; d^corer; 

ornem enter. 
ornamental, adj., ornemental. 
orphan, «., orphelin, w.; orphe- 

line, /. 
orphanage, n., orphelinat, m. 
orthodox, adj. orthodoxe. 
orthography, n., orthog^aphe, /. 
oscillate, v., osciller; balancer; 

osseous, adj., osseux. 
ossify, v., ossifier. 
ostensibly, adv., ostensiblement. 
ostracism, n., ostracisme, m, 
ostrich, «., autruche, /. 
other, pron., autre; autrui. 
otherTvise, adv., autrement. 
ottoman, n., ottomane, /.; divan; 

sofa; Ottoman, tn. 
ought, v., devoir. 
ounce, n., once, /. 
our, adj., notre, (sing.)',nos, (//.)• 
ours, pron., le ndtre, m.-, la notre, 

/.; les notres, {pL), tn. f. 
ourselves, pron., nous-memes; 

out, adv., dehors; sorti. 
outbid, v., ench^rir; surench^rir. 
outbreak, «., explosion; 6meute, /. 
outcast, «., proscrit; exil6, tn. 
outcry, «., grand cri, fn.\ hauts- 

cris; clameurs, /. (//.). 
outdo, v., surpasser; exceller sur. 




outfit, n.f armement; 6quipement; 

trousseau, m. 
outflank, z/., d6border; tourner. 
outliouse, «., pavilion, w.; d6- 

pendance, /. 
outlaTV, n.y personne mise hors la 

loi, /.; proscrit, m. 
outlaTV, v., mettre hors la loi; pro- 

scrire; bannir. * 
outlay, «., d^pense, /.; d6bours6s, 

m, (pi.). 
outlet, n., issue; sortie, /.; pas- 
sage; d6bouch6, tn. 
outline, «., contour, tn.; esquisse, 

/.; apergu, m. 
outline, z/., dessiner le contour de; 

outmost, ad/,, le plus en dehors; 

extreme; le plus 61oign6. 
outpart, «., partie ext6rieure, /. 
outpass, z/., d^passer; devan- 

outrage, v., outrager. 
outrageous, adj., outrageux; ou- 

trageant; violent; outr6. 
outright, adv., sur-le-champ; tout 

de suite. 
outset, n., d6but; commencement; 

principe, m. 
outside, adj., ext^rieur; externe. 
outside, n., dehors; ext6rieur, m. 
out skirt, n., faubourg, fn.; 

lisiere, /. 
outTvard, n., exterieur; dehors, m. 
outTvit, v., surpasser en finesse; 

duper; attraper. 
oval, adj'., ovale. 
ovation, «., ovation, /. 
oven, «., four, m. 
over, prep., au-dessus de; par- 

dessus; sur. 
overall, n., surtout, m. 
overboard, adv., k la mer. 
overcome, v., subjuguer; domp- 

ter; vaincre; surmonter. 
overdose, n., dose trop forte, /. 


overdue, adj., 6chu; non pay6; en 

souff ranee; en retard. 
overfloiv, v., d6border; inonder. 
overheard, v., entendre par ha- 
zard; surprendre. 
overleap, v., sauter par-dessus; 

overload, v., surcharger. 
overlook, v., avoir vue sur; laisser 

6chapper; ne pas remarquer. 
overpaid, adj., trop pay6; pay6 

trop cher. 
overseer, n., surveillant; contre- 

maitre, m. 
oversight, «., meprise; inadver- 

tance, /.; oubli, tn. 
oversleep, v., dormir au-deU de 

son heure. 
overtake, v., atteindre; rattraper; 

overthroTV, v., renverser; boule- 

verser; d^truire. 
overtly, adv., ouvertement; mani- 

overture, n., prelude, fn.\ ouver- 

ture, /. 
overturn, v., renverser; verser; 

faire chavirer. 
overvalue, z/., sur6valuer; 6valuer 

overTvhelm, v., accabler; 6craser. 
overwork, v., accabler de travail; 

ovoid, adj., ovoide; en forme 


OTve, v., devoir; etre redevable de. 
owl, n., hibou, tn. 
own, adj., propre (^soi). 
OTvner, n., propri6taire; posses- 

seur, tn. 
ox, n., boeuf, tn. 
oxidation, n., oxydation, /. 
oxid, n., oxyde, tn. 
oxygen, n., oxygene, tn, 
oyster, «., huitre, /. 




pace^n.j pas, m. 

pace, v.f aller au pas; aller; mar- 

pacific, adj.f pacifique; calme; 

pacification, n.^ pacification, /. 

pacificator, «., pacificateur, m, 

pacify, v,j pacifier; apaiser; cal- 

pack, n.f paquet; ballot, m. 

pack, v.f emballer; encaisser. 

package, n.y colis; ballot; pa- 
quet, m. 

packer, «., emballeur, m, 

pact, n.y pacte, m. 

pad, n.y bourrelet; tampon, m. 

padlock, n.y cadenas, m. 

pagan, n.y paien, m.; palenne, A 

page, n.y page, vt. and /. 

pageantry, «., parade, /.; spec- 
tacle, nt. 

pagoda, n.y pagode, /. 

paid, adj'.y acquitt6; pour acquit. 

pail, n.y seau, m. 

pain, n.y douleur; peine, /.; mal, m. 

pain, v.y faire mal k; faire de la 
peine a; attrister. 

painful, adj'.y douloureux; p6nible; 

painstaking, adj'.y qui se donne 
de la peine de. 

paint, n.y couleur; peinture, /. 

paint, v.y peindre. 

painter, «., peintre, tn. 

painting, «., peinture, /.; ta- 
bleau, m. 

pair, n.y paire; couple, /. 

palace, n.y palais, fn. 

palate, n.y palais, nt. 

pale, adj'.y pale; bleme; faible. 

pale, v.y p^lir; faire p^lir. 

palefaeed, adj'.y au teint p^le. 

palliate, v.y pallier. 

palliative, «., palliatif, m. 


palm, n.t paume, /.; palmier, tn. 

palpable, adj'.y palpable. 

palpitate, v.y palpiter. 

paltry, adj'.y ch^tif; mechant; 
mesquin; pauvre. 

pamphlet, «., brochure, /.; pam- 
phlet, tn. 

pan, n.y terrine; casserole; poele, f, 

pancake, n.y cr6pe, /. 

pane, «., carreau, m.; vitre, /. 

panegyric, «., pan^gyrique, m, 

panel, n.y panneau, m. 

pang, n.y angoisse; douleur, /. 

panic, n.y panique, /. 

panoply, «., panoplie; armure 
complete, /. 

panorama, n.y panorama, m. 

pansy, «., pens6e, /. 

pant, n.y palpitation, /.; batte- 
ment, m. 

Pantlieon, «., pantheon, m. 

panther, «., panthere, /. 

pantomime, «., pantomime, /. 

pantry, «., garde manges, tn.; 
office; d6pense, /. 

papa, n.y papa; pere, m. 

papal, adj'.y papal; du papa. 

paper, «., papier, m. 

palmer, v.y tapisser de papier. 

paper-hanger, «., coUeur de 
papier, m. 

paper-knife, «., couteau k pa- 
pier; coupe papier. 

paper-money, «., papier mon- 
naie, m. 

papier-mdche, «., papier 
mS,ch6, m. 

par, n.y 6galit6, /.; pair, m. 

parabola, «., parabole, /. 

parachute, «., parachute, m. 

parade, «., parade, /.; 6talage, m, 

paradise, n.y paradis, tn. 

paradox, n.y paradoxe, nt. 

paragraph, n,, paragraphe; 
alinea, tn. 

parallel, adj'.y parallele. 




parallelogram, fi., parall^lo- 
gramme, tn, 

paralysis, «., paralysie, /. 
•paralyz e , "z/ . , paralyser . 

parapet, n,y parapet, m. 

paraphrase, n.^ paraphrase, /. 

parasite, n.^ parasite, m.\ plante 
parasite, /. 

parasol, «., ombrelle, /.; para- 
sol, tn. 

parcel, «., paquet, m.; partie, /. 

pareli, v., bruler; rdtir; dess6cher. 

parcliTnent, «., parchemin, m. 

pardon, «., pardon, m.; g^ice, /. 

pardon, v.^ pardonner; faire gr§,ce 
de; gr^cier. 

parent, «., p^re, m.; mere, /. 

paring^) «-. pelure; rognure; 6plu- 
chure, /. 

parish, ad/,^ de la paroisse; parois- 

parishioner, »., paroissien. 

Parisian, «., Parisien, w.; Pari- 
sienne, /. 

park, «., pare, m. 

parley, «., pourparler, m.; con- 
ference, /. 

parliament, n.y parlement, m. 

parlor, «., petit salon; parloir, m. 

parochial, ad/.^ de la paroisse; 

parody, «., parodie, /. 

parody, v.y parodier; travestir. 

paroxysm, «., paroxysme; 
acc^s, m. 

parricide, «., parricide, m. 

parrot, «., perroquet, m.; per- 
ruche, /. 

parse, v., analyser. 

parsing, n.y analyse, /. 

parsley, «., persil, m, 

{>arsnlp, «., panais, nt. 

parson, «., cur6; pasteur, w. 

parsonage, «., presbytere, m.; 
cure, /. 

part, «., partie; portion; part, /. 


part, v.y partager; s6parer; diviser. 

partake, v., participer k; prendre 
part k. 

partial, ad/.^ partial; partiel. 

partiality, «., partiality; predilec- 
tion, /.; goiit, m. 

participant, «., participant, m. 

participate, v,, participer a; par- 

participation, «., participation; 
part, /. 

participle, «., participe, tn. 

particle, «., particule; molecule, /. 

particular, adj., particulier; 

particular, «., particularite, /.; 
detail, tn. 

particularize, v., particulariser; 

parting, «., separation,/.; depart; 
adieu, m. 

partisan, n.j partisan, m. 

X>artition, «., partage, m.; repar- 
tition; division; separation, /. 

partitive, adj., parti tif. 

partly, adv., en partie. 

partner, «., associe, tn.; associee, 
/.; partenaire, m. 

partnership, n., association; 

societe, /. 

partridge, n., perdrix, /. 

party, n., parti, m.; partie, /.; 
reunion; societe, /. 

party-Tvall, «., mur mitoyen, m. 

pasha, n., pacha, m. 

pass, v., passer; se passer. 

pass, n., passage; defile, tn. 

passable, adj'., praticable; pene- 

passage, n., passage, nt.; tra- 
versee, /. 

passenger, «., passager, m.; pas- 
sagere, /.; passant, m.; voyageur, 
tn.; voyageuse, /. 

passer-by, n., passant, tn. 

passible, ad?., passible. 




passion, ff., passion; emportement; 

Passion-week, «., semaine 

sainte, /. 
passive, culj., passif. 
passport, «., passe-port, m. 
past, adj,^ pass6. 
past, prep.^ au deU de; plus de. 
past, n.y pass6, m. 
paste, «., pate; colle, /. 
paste, v., coUer. 
pasteboard, «., carton, m. 
pasteboard, cuij.^ de carton. 
pastel, n,^ pastel, m, 
pastime, n,y passe-temps, m. 
pastor, «., pasteur; patre, m. 
pastoral, adj., pastoral. 
pastry, «., patisserie, /. 
pastry-cook, «., p^tissier, m. 
pasturagre, «., paturage, m. 
pasture, «., pature, /. 
pasty, «., pat6, m. 
pasty, adj., pateux. 
patcb, «., pi^ce, /.; morceau, m. 
patcb, z/., mettre des pieces k\ ra- 

pi6cer; raccommoder. 
patent, adj., patent; brevets. 
patent, »., brevet; brevet d'inven- 

tion, tn. 
paternal, adj., paternel. 
paternity, n., paternity, /. 
patb, n., chemin; sen tier, m.', 

route, /.; cours, m. 
pathetic, adj., path6tique. 
pathology, n,, pathologie, /. 
pathos, n., path^tique. 
pathTvay, n., sentier; chemin, m. 
patience, n., patience, /. 
patient, n., malade, m. f. 
patient, adj., patient. 
patiently, adv., patiemment. 
patriarch, n., patriarche, m. 
patrician, n., patricien, m.-, pa- 

tricienne, /. 
patrimony, n., patrimoine, m. 
patriot, «., patriote, m. f. 


patriotic, adj., patriotique. 
patriotism, n,, patriotisme, fn. 
patrol, n., patrouille, /. 
patrol, v., faire la patrouille. 
patron, «., patron; protecteur, m, 
patroness, n.^ patronne; protec- 

trice, /. 
patronize, v. , favoriser; prot6ger. 
I>attern, n. , patron; modele; 6chan- 

tillon, tn, 
pauper, «., pauvre; indigent, m, 
paujierism, n., paup6risme, m. 
pause, «., pause, /.; intervalle, w.; 

repos, m, 
pause, V, , faire une pause; s*arrdter. 
pave, v., paver. 
pavement, n., pav6; trottoir, m.\ 

pavement, nt, 
pavilion, «., pavilion, m.-, tente,/. 
pavingr-stone, «., pav6, tn, 
paTV, n., patte, /. 
pawn, «., gage, m. 
pa'wn, «., mettre en gage; mettre 

au mont-de-pi6t6. 
paw^nbroker, «., prgteur sur 

pawnshop, «., mont-de-pi6t6, fn.\ 

boutique de preteur sur gage, /. 
pay, «., paye; solde, /.; salaire, m, 
pay, v., payer. 
payable, adj., payable. 
pay-day, n., jour de paiement, m, 
payee, «., porteur, tn. 
payer, «., payeur, m. 
paymaster, n., payeur; tr6- 

sorier, tn. 
payment, «., payement, m. 
pea, n., pois, m. 
peace, «., paix; tranquillity, /. 
peaceably, adv., paisiblement; 

peaceful, adj., paisible; tranquille. 
peacefulness, «., tranquillity, /. 
peacemaker, «., pacificateur, m, 
peach, n., peche, /. 
peacock, n., paon, m. 




peak, «., pointe, /.; sommet, m, 
pear, w., poire, /. 
pearl, «., perle, /. 
pear-tree, «., poirier, m. 
peasant, «., paysan, m.; pay- 

sanne, /. 
peasantry, «., paysans; gens de 

la compagne, /. m. {pi.). 
pebble, «., caillou, m. 
pectoral, adj., pectoral. 
peculiar, adj., particulier; special; 

pecuniary, adj., p6cuniaire. 
pedagogic, adj., p^dagogique. 
pedagogue, «., pedagogue, m. 
pedagogy, «., p^dagogie, /. 
X)edal, «., pedale, /. 
pedant, «., pedant, tn. 
peddle, v., colporter. 
I>eddler, «., colporteur, tn. 
pedestal, w., pi^destal, tn. 
pedestrian, «., pi6ton; mar- 

cheur, m. 
pedigree, «., g6n6alogie, /. 
peel, «., peau, /. 
peel, v.y peler. 
peep, n.y pointe; aube, /.; coup 

d'oeil, tn. 
peep, v., regarder. 
peer, w., pair; 6gal; pareil; com- 

pagnon, m. 
peerless, adj., incomparable; sans 

peevish, adj., chagrin; bourru; 

maussade; hargneux. 
peg, n., cheville, /. 
pellicle, «., pellicule, /. 
j)ell-mell, adv., pele-m^le. 
pelt, n , peau, /. 
pen, n., plume, f. 
pen, v., parquer. 
penal, adj., passible d'une amende; 

punissable; p6nal. 
penalty, n., peine; amende, /. 
penance, n., penitence, /. 
pencil, «., pinceau; crayon, m. 


pending, adj., pendant; non 

pendulum, n:, pendule; balan- 

cier, tn. 
penetrancy, n., penetration, /. 
penetrate, v., p6netrer. 
penholder, «., porte-plume, nt. 
peninsula, n., peninsule; pres- 

qu'ile, /. 
penitence, n., penitence, /.; re- 

pentir, m. 
penitent, adj., penitent; repent- 
ant, m. ^ 
penitentiary, adj., p^nitentiaire. 
penknife, n., canif, m. 
penman, n., calligraphe, m. 
penmanship, n., ecriture, /. 
penniless, adj., sans le sou; 

penny, n., deux sous; d6cime; 

penny, m. 
pension, «., pension; rente; re- 

traite, /. 
pension, v., pensionner. 
pensioner, n., pensionnaire, tn. 
pensive, adj., pensif; triste. 
pensively, adv., d'une maniere 

pensive; tristement. 
pentagon, n., pentagone, tn. 
Pentecost, n., Pentecdte, /. 
penury, n., p6nurie, f. 
peony, n., pivoine, /. 
people, n., peuple; on; monde, w.; 

pfersonnes, /. {pi.). 
people, v., peupler. 
pepper, «., poivre, m. 
pepper-box, «., poivrier, m.\ 

poivriere, /. 
peppermint, «. ,menthe poivr^e,/. 
per, prep., par. 
peradventure, adv., par hazard 

d'aventure; peut-etre. 
perceive, v., apercevoir; s'aper- 

cevoir de; remarquer. 
percentage, n., droit de . . . pour 





perceptible, adj,^ perceptible; 

perception, «., action de s'aper- 

cevoir; perception; observation, /. 
percli, «., perche, /.; perchoir, nt. 
perch, v.y percher; se percher. 
perchance, adv.^ par hazard; 

peut-Stre; par aventure. 
perdition, «., perdition; mine, /. 
peregrination, «., peregrina- 
tion, /.; voyage; s6jour k I'etran- 

ger, m. 
peremptorily, a^/z/., peremptoire- 

peremptory, adj,, perp6tuel; 

perfect, adj.^ rendre parfait; 

achever; perfectionner. 
perfection, «., perfection,/. 
perfectly, adv,, parfaitement; a 

perfidious, adj., perfide. 
perforate, v., percer d'outre en 

outre; perforer. 
perforation, «., percement, m.\ 

perforation, /. 
perform, z/., executer; accom- 

performance, «., execution, /.; 

acte, in.\ representation, /. 
perfume, «., parfum, m. 
perfume, z/.,parfumer; embaumer. 
perfumery, «., parfumerie, /. 
perhaps, adv,, peut-etre. 
peril, «., peril; danger, nt, 
perilous, adj., perilleux. 
period, «., periode; epoque, /.; 

point, m. 
periodic, adj., periodique. 
periodical, «., ouvrage periodi- 
que, w. 
perish, v., perir; deperir. 
perishable, adj., perissable. 
perjure, v., parjurer. 
perjurer, //., parjure; faux te- 

moin, m. 


perjury, «., parjure; faux temoi- 

gnage; faux serment, m. 
permanence, «., permanence, /. 
permanent, adj., permanent; en 

permeable, a<]5^"., penetrable; per- 
permeate, v., penetrer. 
permission, «., permission, /.; 

perm is, m. 
permit, v., permettre; permettre a. 
permutation, n. , permutation, /. ; 

echange, tn. 
pernicious, adj., pemicieux. 
perpendicular, adj., perpendi- 

perpendicular, n., ligne perpen- 

diculaire; i>erpendiculaire, /. 
perpetrate, z/., perpetrer; com- 

perpetration, n., perpetration,/. 
perpetual, adj., perpetuel; con- 

tinuel; constant. 
perpetually, adv., perpetuelle- 

ment; continuellement. 
perpetuate, v., perpetuer. 
perpetuity, «., perpetuite, /. 
perplex, v., embarrasser; embrou- 

iller; rendre perplexe. 
perquisition, «., perquisition, /. 
perron, n., perron, m. 
persecute, v., persecutor. 
persecution, n., persecution, /. 
persecutor, n., persecuteur, in.\ 

persecu trice, /. 
perseverance, «., perseve- 
rance, /. 
persevere, v., perseve'rer. 
Persian, «., Persan, w.; Persane, /. 
persist, v., persister. 
persistence, «., persistance; opi- 

niatrete, /. 
person, «., personne, /. 
personage, n., personnage, tn.; 

personne, /. 
personal, adj., personnel. 




persoiiially, adv.; personnelle- 

personate, v.^ passer pour; se 
faire passer pour; ressembler. 

personification, «., personnifi- 
cation, /. 

personify, v., personniiier. 

personnel, «., personnel, m. 

perspective, adj., perspectif. 

perspective, «., perspective, /.; 
aspect, m. 

perspiration, «., transpiration; 
sueur, /. 

perspire, z/., transpirer. 

persuade, v,, persuader; deter- 
miner; decider. 

persuasion, «., persuasion; opi- 
nion; croyance, /. 

pertain, v. , appartenir; concerner; 
se rapporter. 

perturbation, «., bouleverse- 
ment; trouble, ni.\ agitation; per- 
turbation, /. 

perturbator, «., perturbateur, tn. 

perusal, «., lecture, /. 

peruse, z/., lire attentivement; lire 

Peruvian, adj,y peruvien. 

perverse, adj.y pervers; mechant; 

perversion, «., perversion,/. 

pervert, z/., pervertir. 

pessimist, fi., pessimite, fn. 

pest, «., peste, /. 

pestilent, adj.^ pestilentiel. 

pet, «., boutade, /.; favori, ni.\ 
favorite, /. 

pet, z/., choyer; dorloter; g^ter. 

petal, n.^ p6tale, m, 

petition, «., requite; petition; de- 
mande, /, 

petition, z/., supplier; presenter 
une petition k\ p6titionner. 

petitioner, «., petitionnaire, w. /.; 
suppliant, w.; suppliante, f. 

petrify, z'., petriner. 


petroleum, «., huile de p6trole, /. 
petticoat, «., jupe, /.; jupon, m. 
petty, adj., petit; mesquin; chetif. 
pcTV, «., banc d'^glise, tn. 
phaeton, «., phaeton, w. 
phantom, n., fantome, m. 
Pharisee, «., pharisien, m.\ phari- 

sienne, /. 
pharmacy, «., pharmacie, /. 
pharynx, «., pharynx, w. 
pheasant, n., faisan, ^n. 
phenix, «., phenix, m, 
phenomenon, «., ph^nomene, w. 
philanthropic, adj., philantro- 

philanthropist, «., philantrope, 

m. f. 
philanthropy, «., philantropie, /. 
philology, «., philologie; linguisti- 

que, m. 
philosopher, «., philosophe, m. 
philosophically, adv., philoso- 

philosophy, «., philosophic, /. 
phlegm, «., flegme, m. 
Iihonography, n., phonogra- 

phie, /. 
phosphate, «., phosphate, m. 
phosphorus, n., phosphore, m. 
photographer, «., photo- 

graphe, m. 
photography, «. , photograph ie, /. 
phrase, «., phrase; locution, /. 
phrenologic, adj. , phr6nologique. 
phrenologist, «., phrenolo- 

giste, tn. 
phrenology, «., phrenologie, /. 
phthisical, adj., phtisique. 
phthisis, «., phtisie, /. 
physic, «. , m6decine, /. ; remede, m. 
physical, adj., physique. 
physically, <z^z/.,. physiquement. 
I)hysician, n., m6decin, m. 
X>hysics, «.^., physique, /. {sing.). 
physiognomy, «. , physionomie, /. 
pianist, n., pianiste, m. f. 




piano, ff., piano, m. 

pick, «., pic, m, 

pick, v.y cueillir; choisir. 

pickle, n.t saumure, /.; mari- 
nade, /. 

pickle, v.t mariner; saler; con- 
fire au vinaigre. 

pickpocket, ff., filou; voleur k la 
tire; coupeur de bourses, m. 

picnic, «., pique-nique, m. 

picture, «., peinture, /.; tableau; 
portrait, m. 

picture, v., peindre; depeindre; 

picturesque, adj., pittoresque. 

pie, «., pat6, wi.; tarte, /. 

piece, «., piece, /.; morceau, m, 

pier, «., jet6e, /.; embarcadere, m. 

pierce, v., percer; p6n6trer; p6ne- 
trer dans. 

piety, «., pi6t6, /. 

pig, n., cochon, m. 

pigeon, n.y pigeon, m. 

pigeon-house, «., pigeonnier; 
colombier, m. 

pigment, «., couleur, /.; pig- 
ment, m. 

pike, «., pique, /.; brochet, m. 

pile, «., pile, /.; tas; monceau, m. 

pile, v,j entasser; empiler; amon- 

pilgrim, «., pelerin, w.; pelerine,/. 

pilgrimage, «., pelerinage, m. 

pill, «., pilule, /. 

pill, v.f piller; voier. 

pillage, n.f pillage; sac; saccage- 
ment, w. 

pillar, «., pilier, m.\ colonne, /.; 
support, m. 

pillory, «., pilori, m. 

pillOTV, n., oreiller, m. 

pilot, n.j pilote, m, 

pilot, v., piloter; conduire; diriger. 

pimple, n.j pustule, /.; bourgeon; 
bouton, fn. 

pin, «., ^pingle, /. 


p(n, ff., attacher avec une ^pingle. 
pinch, n.t pinc6e, /. 
pinch, v.f pincer. 
pine, «., pin, m. 
pineapple, fi.^ ananas, m. 
pink, n., oeillet, m. 
pink, adj., couleur de rose; rose. 
pint, «., pinte, /". 
pioneer, «., pionnier, m. 
pious, adj,j pieuz; d6vot; pie. 
piously, adv.y pieusement. 
pipe, «., tuyau; conduit, m. 
pipe-clay, «., terre k pipe, /. 
piper, «., joueur de flfite; joueur 

d' instrument k vent, w. 
piquet, «., piquet, m. 
piracy, «., piraterie, /. 
pirate, «., pirate, m. 
pirogue, «., pirogue, /. 
pistol, «., pistolet, m. 
pistol-gallery, «., tir au pisto- 
let, m. 
pit, «., fosse; cavit6, /. 
X)itch, «., point; degr6, m, 
pitcher, «., cruche, /. 
pitchfork, «., fourche, /. 
X)it-coal, «., jais; jalet, m. 
piteous, adj., digne de piti6; 

pitfall, «., trappe, /.; piege, m. 
i pitiable, adj,, digne de piti6; 

pitiful, adj., pitoyable. 
pitiless, adj., impitoyable; sans 

pitie; sans compassion. 
pity, «., pitie, /".; dommage, m. 
pity, v., avoir piti6 de; prendre en 

piti6; plaindre. 
placard, n., placard, m.; affi- 

che, /. 
place, n., place, /".; endroit; lieu, 

m.; emploi; espace, nt. 
place, v., placer; mettre. 
X>lacicl, adj., placide; doux; tran- 

quille; calme; serein; paisible. 
plagiarist «., plagiaire, m. 




plague, n.y peste, /. 
plaid, «., 6toffe 6cossaise, /. 
plain, a^'.,uni; plat; plain; simple; 

sans fa9on; Evident; clair. 
plain, v.y aplanir. 
plain-dealingT) ^-i droiture; pro- 

bit6, /. 
plainly, adv.^ franchement; sin- 
plaint, «., plainte; lamentation, /. 
plaintiff, «., demandeur; plaig- 

nant, nt. 
plaintive, adj.y plain tif. 
plait, n.y pli, m. 
plait, v.y plisser. 
plan, n.y plan; dessein; projet, nt. 
plane, «., plan, m.-y surface 

plane, /.; rabot, tn. 
plane, v.y raboter. 
plane, «., platane, nt. 
planet, n.y planete, /. 
planisphere, n.y planisphere, m. 
plank, n.y planche, /. 
plank, v.y planch^ier. 
plant, v.y planter. 
plant, n.y plante, /.; plant, m. 
plantation, «., plantation; co- 

lonie, /. 
planter, «., planteur; colon, nt. 
plaster, v.y pl§,trer. 
platband, «., plate-bande, /. 
plate, n.y assiette, /. 
platform, «., plate-forme; es- 

trade, /. 
platina, n.y platine, nt. 
platonism, «., platonisme, nt. 
platoon, n.y peloton, m. 
plausible, adj.y plausible. 
play, v.y faire jouer; jouer; repr6- 

play, n.y jeu; badinage, w.; r^cr^a- 

tion, /.; piece de th^^tre, /. 
playbill, «., affiche de spectacle, /.; 

programme de spectacle, nt. 
player, «., joueur, w.; joueuse, /.; 

artiste, /. 


playfello'w, «., compagnon, w.; 
compagne, /.; camarade de jeu, 
nt. f. 

playground, «., cour de r^cr^a- 
tion, /. 

play-bour, «., heure de r6cr6a- 
tion, /. 

play bouse, n.y salle de spectacle, 
/.; theatre, nt.\ com^die, /. 

plaything, «., jouet; joujou, nt, 

plea, n.y moyen; plaid; proces, nt.] 
justification; defense, f. 

plead, v.y plaider; se d^fendre. 

pleader, «., avocat; d^fenseur, nt. 

pleasant, adj.y agr^able; char- 
mant; aimable; gracieux; gai. 

pleasantry, «., plaisanterie, /. 

X)lease, v.y plaise ^; faire plaisir k 

l>leasure, «., plaisir; agr6ment, nt. 

pledge, n.y gage; garant, nt.; ga- 
rantie, /.; caution, /. 

pledge, v.y engager; mettre en- 
gage; garantir. 

plenary, adj.y plein; complet; en- 
tier; pleiniere. 

plenipotentiary, adj.y pl6nipo- 

plenitude, n.y plenitude, /.; 6tat 
complet, nt. 

plenteous, adj., abondant. 

plenteously, adv.y abondam- 

plentiful, adj.y abondant; en 

plenty, «., abondance, /. 

pleonasm, n.y pleonasme, nt. 

pleurisy, «., pleur6sie, /. 

pliable, adj.y pliable; pliant; sou- 
pie; flexible. 

pliableness, n.y souplesse; flexi- 
bility., /. 

pliers, n. (//.), pinces, /. (//.). 

plight, n.y 6tat, m.\ condition, /. 

plot, v.y comploter. 

plo^w, «., charrue, /. 




plcw, v., labourer. 
pluck, v., cueillir; plumer.- 
plag, ff., tampon, m. 
plug, z'./tamponner. 
plum, n.t prune, /. 
plumage, »., plumage, m, 
plumb, ff., plomb; fil a plomb, tn. 
plumb, v., mettre a plomb. 
plumbago, fi., plombagine, /. 
plumber, «., plombier, m. 
plumb-line, fi., fil k plomb, m. 
plume, «., plume, /.; panache; 

plumet, tn. 
plump, adj., dodu; potel6; replet. 
plunder, v., piller; saccager. 
plunderer, «., pillard; pilleur; 

rapineur, tn. 
plunge, «., action de plonger, /.; 

plongeon; embarras, m. 
plural, «., pluriel, m. 
plurality, «., plurality, /. 
plusli, «., peluche, /. 
pluvial, «., pluvial, m. 
ply, «., pli, w. 
ply, v.y s'appliquer k; s'attacher a; 

presser; plier. 
pneumonia, «., pneumonic, /. 
poacb, v., braconner. 
poacber, «., braconnier, tn. 
pocket, n., poche, /. 
pocket, v.y empocher. 
pocketbook, n., portefeuille, m. 
pocket-money, «., argent pour 

les menus plaisirs, tn. 
pod, «., cosse; gousse, /. 
pod, v., ^cosser. 
poem, n.f poeme, nt.; poesie, /. ; 

vers, tn. (pi.). 
poesy, «., poesie, /. 
poet, «., poete, fn. 
poetic, adj., poetique. 
poetry, «., poesie, /. 
poignant, adj., piquant; mordant; 

poignant; cuisant. 
point, n., point, m.; pointe, /. 
point, v., aiguiser; afl&ler; pointer. 


pointed, adj'., k pointe; pointu; 

pointer, «., chien d*arret, nt. 
poison, ft., poison, m. 
poispn, v., empoisonner. 
poisoner, n., empoisonneur, m.; 

empoisonneuse, /. 
poisonous, adj'., empoisonn^; 

o^n^neux; venimeux. 
poker, «., tisonnier, m. 
polar, adj'., polaire. 
l>olarize, v., polariser. 
l>ole, ft., perche, /".; timon, tn.; 

p61e, fn. 
polemic, adj., pol6mique. 
polemics, tt. (pi.), pol^mique, 

/. (5Z>/^.). 

police, ft., police, /. 
policeman, n., agent de police; 

sergent de ville, ttt. 
policy, ft., politique; police, /. 
polish, n., poli, tfi.; 6i6gance, /. 
polish, v., polir. 
polisbed, adj., poli; de manieres 

616gantes; polic6. 
polite, adj'., poli. 
politely, adv., poliment. 
l^oliteness, ft., politesse, /. 
political, adj'., politique. 
politician, tt., politique, ttt. 
politics, ft. {pi.), politique, /. 

{sing. ) . 
poll, fi., t§te, /.; college electoral, tn. 
poll, v., donner son vote; voter. 
l>ollen, ft., pollen, tn. 
l)oll-tax, n., capitation, /. 
X>ollute, v., polluer; souiller. 
jioltroon, «., poltron, tn.-, pol- 

tronne, /. 
Ijolygamy, n., polygamie, f. 
polyglot, adj'., polyglotte. 
polygon, n., polygone, tn. 
polyteclmic, adj., polytechnique. 
pomade, n., pommade, /. 
l>omegranate, n., grenade, /. 
pommel, n., pommette, /. 




pommel, v., rosser; f rotter. 

pomp, n.j pompe, /. ; 6clat; faste, m. 

pompously, adv., pompeusement; 
fastueusement; emphatiquement. 

pond, «., 6tang; vivier, m.; mare, /. 

ponderable, adj.t ponderable. 

ponderous, adj., pesant; impor- 
tant; fort. 

poniard, n., poignard, m. 

poniard, z/., poignarder. 

pontiff, n.f pontife, m. 

pontifical, n.t pontifical, m. 

pontoon, «., ponton, m. 

pony, «., poney; petit cheval, m. 

poodle, n., caniche; chien cani- 
che, fn. 

pool, adj., pauvre; indigent. 

poor-box, n.f tronc des pauvres, m. 

poorly, adv.y pauvrement; mal; 

pope, «., pape, m, 

poplar, n.y peuplier, m. 

poplin, «., popeline, /. 

poppy, n.y pavot, m.; oeillette, /. 

populace, «., populace, /. 

popular, adj., populaire. 

popularity, n., popularity, /. 

popularize, v., populariser. 

populate, v., peupler. 

population, n., population, /. 

populous, adj., populeux. 

porcelain, «., porcelaine, /. 

porch., «., porche; portique, m. 

pork, «., pore, m. 

pork- butcher, n., charcutier, w. 

pork-chops, n., cotelette deporc,/. 

porphyry, «., porphyre, m. 

port, «., port; maintien; air, m. 

portable, adj'., portatif. 

portal, n., portail, m. 

porter, «., porJ:eur; commis- 
sionnaire; portier; concierge; porte- 
faix, tn. 

portfolio, «., portefeuille, m. 

portico, «., portique, m. 

portion, n.y portion; part; dot, /. 


portion, V.J partager; distribuer; 

portmanteau, n., valise, /. ; porta- 
manteau, m. 

portrait, //., portrait, m. 

portress, «., portiere; concierge,/. 

Portuguese, «., Portugais, m.; 
Portugaise, /. 

position, »., position; condition,/.; 
etat, m. 

positive, adj'.y positif; sGr; cer- 

positive, n.y positif, m. 

positively, adv.y positivement; 

possess, v.y poss^der. 

possession, n., possession, /. 

possessive, «., possessif, tn. 

possessor, n., possesseur, m. 

possibllty, n.y possibility, /. 

possible, adj'.y possible; absolu- 

possibly, adv.y peut-etre. 

post, n.y poteau; poste, nt. 

post, t/.,,coller sur un poteau; 

postage, n.y port de lettre; port, m. 

postage-stamp, «., timbre- 
poste, m. 

postchalse, «., chaise de poste, /. 

poster, n.y courrier, m.; affiche, /. 

posterior, adj., post6rieur. 

posterity, «., post6rit6, /. 

posthumous, adj'.y posthume. 

postilion, n.y postilion, m. 

postman, «., facteur de la poste; 
facteur, m. 

postmaster, «., directeur de la 
poste, fn. 

post-mortem, n.y autopsie, /. 

post-office, n.y bureau de poste, 
m.; poste; poste aux lettres; boite 
aux lettres; administration des 
postes, /. 

postpaid, adj'.y afifranchi; franc de 
port; port paye. 




postpone, v.f ajoumer; diff^rer; 

postponement, »., ajoumement, 

m.; remise, /. 
postscript, n.t postscriptum, tn. 
postulant, n., postulant, m.; pos- 

tulante, /. 
postulate, v.f postuler; soUici- 

posture, «., posture; position; 

pose, /. 
pot, n,y pot, Iff.; marmite, /. 
pot, z/., empoter; mettre en pot. 
potable, adj,^ potable. 
potasli, /I., potasse, /. 
potassium, n.^ potassium, m, 
potato, «., pomme de terre, /. 
potentate, ad/.t potentat, m. 
potion, «., potion, /.; breuvage, m, 
pot-lid, «., couvercle, m. 
potter, «., potier, m. 
pottery, «., poterie, /. 
poucli, «., poche; bourse, /.; 

sachet, tn. 
poultice, «., cataplasme, m. 
poultry, «., volaille, /. 
pounce, v.f fondre sur. 
pound, «., livre, /. 
pounder, «., pilon, m. 
pound-keeper, «., gardien de 

fourriere, m. 
pour, v., verser; r^pandre. 
pout, v., bonder; faire la mine; 

faire la moue. 
poverty, «., pauvrete; misere, /. 
po'wder, «., poudre, /. 
powder, v,, r6duire en poudre; 

powder-mill, «., poudriere, /. 
po'wer, «., pouvoir, m.; force; 

puissance, /.; talent, m.; moyens, 

m. {pL). 
powerful, adj.t puissant; fort; 

powerless, adj., impuissant; fai- 

ble; InefficAce. 


practicable, adj.y praticable; 

f disable, 
practical, adf/., pratique; praticien. 
practice, «., pratique, /. 
practise, v., pratiquer; exercer. 
practitioner, «., praticien; m6de- 

cin praticien, m. 
prairie, «., prairie, f. 
praise, «., louange, /.; 61oge, m. 
praise, v., louer; faire I'eloge de. 
praisewortby, adj.^ louable; 

digne d'61oge. 
pray, v.^ prier; supplier. 
prayer, «., priere; supplication; 

demande, /. 
preach, z/., precher. 
preacber, «., pr6dicateur; pre- 

cheur, tn, 
preamble, «., pr6ambule; avant- 

propos; expos6 des motifs, tn. 
precarious, adj.y pr^caire; incer- 

precaution, «., precaution, /. 
precede, v.y prec^der. 
precedent, adj.^ precedent; ante- 
precept, «., precepte, m. 
preceptor, «., precepteur; institu- 

teur, m. 
preceptress, «., institutrice, /. 
precinct, «., limite; borne; juri- 

diction, /.; ressort, m. 
precious, adj\, precieux; de prix. 
preciously, adv.^ precieusement. 
precipice, «., precipice, m. 
precipitate, adj.f precipite; qui 

se precipite. 
precipitate, z/., precipiter. 
precise, adj.^ precis; exact; scru- 

puleux; formel. 
precisely, adv.y precisement; ex- 

actement; scrupuleusement. 
precision, «., precision, /. 
precocious, adj.^ precoce. 
precursor, «., precurseur; avant- 

coureufi tn, 




predecessor, «., pr6d6cesseur; 
devancier, tn. 

predestinate, adj.y pr6destin6. 

predestination, »., predestina- 
tion, /. 

predicate, «. , pr6dicat; attribut,w. 

predict, v.y pr^dire. 

prediction, «., prediction, /. 

predispose, v. , disposer d'avance; 

predominant, adj.y predomi- 

predominate, z/., pr^dominer. 

preface, «., preface, /.; avant-pro- 
pos, fn. 

prefect, «., prefet, m. 

prefer, z/., preferer; aimer mieuz. 

preferable, adj., preferable. 

preference, «., preference, /. 

prefix, «., prefixe, tn, 

prejudice, z/., prevenir; donner 
des preventions; faire tort; porter 

prejudice, «., prevention, /.; pre- 
juge; prejudice; dommage, m. 

prelate, «., preiat, m. 

preliminary, adj\, preiiminaire; 

prelude, v., preiuder. 

premature, adj., premature. 

premeditate, v., premediter; 
mediter d'avance. 

premeditation, «., premedita- 
tion, /. 

premises, n. (pi.), lieux; etablis- 
sement; local, m, 

premium, «., prix d'encourage- 
ment, m.; recompense; prime, /. 

preoccupation, «., preoccupa- 
tion, /. 

prepaid, adj., affranchi. 

preparation, «., preparation, /.; 
preparatif, nt. 

prepare, v.y preparer; appreter. 

prepay, v,, payer d'avance; affran- 


prei>onderance, »., preponde- 
rance, /. 

preposition, «., preposition, /. 

prerojj^ative, «., prerogative, /'. 

presage, «., presage, m» 

presage, v., presager. 

Presbyterian, «., presbyterien, 
m.; presbyterienne, /. 

prescription, «., action de pres- 
crire; ordonnance; prescription, /. 

presence, «., presence, /. 

present, adj., present. 

present, v., presenter; offrir. 

presentable, ad/,, presentable. 

presentation, n . , presentation, m, 

presentiment, n., pressenti- 
ment, m. 

presently, adv., tout k I'heure; 
bientot; tantot. 

preserve, «., confiture, /. 

preserve, v., preserver; conserver; 
garder; confire. 

preside, z/., presider. 

president, «., president, m. 

press, v.y presser; serrer. 

press, «., pressoir, m.; presse, /. 

pressing, adj., presse; urgent; 

pressure, «., pression; urgence; 

presumable, adj., presumable. 

presume, v., presumer. 

presumption, «., presomption,/. 

presumptuous, adj., presomp- 

pretend, v., pretexter; affecter; 
feindre; faire semblant de. 

pretense, n., pretexte; faux sem- 
blant; fn.; feinte, /. 

pretension, «., pretention, /. 

pretext, «., pretexte; faux sem- 

pretty, adj., joli; gentil. 

pretty, adv., assez; passablement. 

prevail, v., prevaloir; avoir de 
r influence. 




prevent, v.^ empecher; pr^venir; 

prevention, «., erap^chement; 
obstacle, m. 

previous, adj., pr6c6dent; ante- 
rieur; pr^alable. 

prey, «., proie, /. 

price, «., prix, tn. 

priceless, adj'.y sans prix; inappre- 

prick, v.y piquer. 

pride, «., orgueil, #«.; fiert6, /. 

priest, «., pretre, m. 

priestess, «., pretresse, /. 

primary, adj., primitif; premier; 
primaire; 616raentaire. 

prime, adj., principal; premier. 

primer, «., premier livre de lec- 
ture, m. 

primitive, adj\, primitif. 

primrose, «., primevere, /. 

prince, «., prince, m. 

princess, «., princesse, /. 

principal, adj'., principal. 

principal, »., chef; capital, m. 

principally, adv. , principalement. 

principle, «., principe, m. 

print, v., imprimer. 

print, «., empreinte; trace; mar- 
que, /. 

printer, «., imprimeur, fn. 

prlntlni^, «., impression; impri- 
merie, /. 

printing- off Ice, «. , imprimerie,/. 

prior, adj., ant^rieur. 

priority, n., priority, /. 

prism, n., prisme, m. 

prison, n., prison, /. 

prison, v., emprisonner; captiver. 

prisoner, n., prisonnier, m.; pri- 
sonniere, /.; accuse, w.; accusee, /. 

privacy, «., retraite; solitude, /. 

private, adj., priv6. 

privateer, n,, corsaire, m. 

privately, ad7/., en particulier; en 


privation, «., privation; perte; 

absence, /. 
privilege, «., privilege, tn. 
prize, «., prise, /. 
prize, v., priser; 6vaUier; estimer. 
probable, adj., probable. 
probably, adv., probablement. 
probity, «., probity, /. 
problem, n., probleme, m. 
procedure, «., proc^de, m.; ma- 

niere de proc^der, /. 
proceed, v., poursuivre; continues 
proceeding, «., proc6d6, m. 
proceeds, n. (pi.), produit; rap- 
port, m. 
process, n., marche; suite, /.; 

proces, tn. 
proclaim, v., proclamer; declarer; 

proclamation, n., proclamation; 
publication; ordonnance, /. ; 6dit, w. 
procuration, «., procuration; 

gestion des affaires d'autrui, /. 
procure, v., procurer; faire avoir; 

se procurer. 
prodigal, adj., prodigue. 
prodigality, n., prodigality, /. 
prodigious, adj., prodigieux. 
prodigy, n., prodige, tn. 
I>roduce, v., produire. 
product, n., produit, m. 
production, production, /. 
profane, adj'., profane. 
profane, v., profaner. 
profess, v., professer; faire profes- 
sion de; declarer; dire. 
profession, n., profession, /.; 

metier, in. 
professor, n., professeur, m. 
profile, n., profil, tn. 
profit, n., profit; b6n6fice, tn. 
I)r'of Itably, adv., avantageuse- 

ment; utilement; avec profit. 
profound, adj., profond. 
profoundly, adv., profond^ment. 
profuse, a^*., prodigue; abondant. 




program, «., programme, m. 

progress, «., progres; cours, m.; 
marche, /. 

progress, z/. , s*avancer; progresser. 

progression, «., progression, /.; 
progres, tn. 

progressive, adj., progressif. 

prohibit, v.f d^fendre k; interdire 
a; d6fendre; prohiber. 

prohibition, «., prohibition; de- 
fense; interdiction, /. 

project, «., projet, m. 

project, v., projeter. 

projectile, «., projectile, m. 

projecting, adj'.y en saillie. 

prolific, adj., f6cond; f6condant; 

prologue, n., prologue, m. 

prolong, v., prolonger; retarder. 

promenade, n., promenade, /. 

promenade, v., se promener. 

prominent, adj'., pro^minent; dis- 
tingue ; Eminent; remarquable. 

promise, «., promesse, /. 

promise, v., promettre. 

promote, z/., favor iser; encourager; 

promotion, «., promotion, /. ; avan- 
cement, m. 

prompt, adj'., prompt; empresse. 

prompt, v., exciter; pousser. 

promptitude, «., promptitude, /. 

promptly, adv., promptement. 

promulgate, v., promulguer; 
publier; divulguer. 

pronoun, «., pronom, m. 

pronounce, v., prononcer; de- 

pronunciation, «., prononcia- 
tion, /. 

proof, n., preuve, /. 

prop, «., appui; soutien; 6tai; sup- 
port, m. 

prop, v., appuyer; soutenir; Stayer. 

propagate, z/., propager; accroitre. 

propagation, «., propagation, /. 


propel, v.f mouvoir; faire marcher. 

l>ropeller, «., propulseur; mo- 
teur, f/i. 

proper, adj'., propre. 

properly, adv., proprement.* 

property, «., propri6t6, /.; bien, 
fn.; biens, m. (//.). 

prophecy, «., prophetic, /. 

prophesy, v., proph6tiser. 

prophet, n,, prophete, tn. 

proiihetess, «., proph6tesse, /. 

propitious, adj'.y propice; favor- 

proportion, v., proportionner. 

proportional, adj. , en proportion; 
proportion nel. 

proposal, «., proposition; off re, /. 

propose, v., proposer; offrir; pre- 

proposition, «., proposition, /. 

proprietor, n., propri6taire, m. f. 

I>roprletress, «., propri^taire, /. 

I)ropriety, «., convenance, /.; 
convenances, /. (//.); biens^ance; 
propriety, /. 

prorogue, v., proroger. 

prosaic, adj'., prosaique. 

proscribe, v., proscrire. 

proscription, «., proscription, /. 

l>rose, «., prose, /. 

prosecute, v., poursuivre. 

prosecution, n., poursuite; accu- 
sation, /. 

prosecutor, «., plaignant, tn.; 
plaignante, /. 

prosody, «., prosodie, /. 

prospect, «., perspective, /.;coup 
d*ceil, w.; avenir, tn. 

prospectus, «., prospectus, m. 

prosper, v., prosp^rer; r^ussir. 

prosperity, n., prosp6rit6, /. 

I>rosperous, adj., prospere; floris- 
sant; heureux. 

protection, «., protection; defense. 

protector, n., protecteur, m.; pro- 
tectrice, /, 




protest, «., protestation, /. 

protest, v., protester; attester. 

protestant , «. , protestant, m. ; pro- 
testante, /. 

protocol, «., protocole, tn. 

proud, adj.t fier; hautain; orgueil- 

prove, v., 6prouver; prouver. 

proverb, «., proverbe, tn. 

proverbial, adj., proverbial; qui 
fait proverbe. 

provide, v., pourvoir; fournir. 

provided, conj., pourvu que. 

providence, «., providence. 

provident, adj., pr^voyant; pru- 

province, «., province, /.; occu- 
pation, /.; fonctions, /. {pL). 

provincial, «., provincial, m.\ 
provinciale, /. 

provision, v., approvisionner de 

proviso, «., condition; clause, /. 

provisory, adj\, provisoire; con- 

provocation, «., provocation, /. 

provoke, v., provoquer; exciter; 

provoking, adj., provoquant; irri- 

provost, »., pr^vot, m. 

prow, «., proue, /. 

prowess, n., bravoure; valeur; 
prouesse, /. 

proximity, «., proximity, /. 

proxy, «., fonde de pouvoir; man- 
dataire; d616gu6, m. 

prude, «., prude, m.t. 

prune, «., pruneau, fn.\ prune 
seche, /. 

prune, v., ^laguer; tailler. 

prunlng-sliears, n. (pi.), seca- 
teur, m. {sing.). 

Prussian, «., Prussien, m.\ Prus- 
sienne, /. 

pry, 2/., scruter. 


prying, adj., scrutateur; curieux; 

psalm, n., psaume, tn. 

psalter, n., psautier, tn. 

pshaw! int., baste! bah! 

psychologic, adj., pyschologique. 

psychology, «., pyschologie, /. 

public, eulj., public. 

publication, n., publication, /. 

publicist, n., publiciste, tn. 

publicity, n., publicity, /. 

publicly, adv., publiquement. 

publish, v., publier. 

publisher, «., personne qui pub- 
lie, /.; 6diteur; publicateur, m. 

pudding, n., ponding, m. 

puerile, adj., pueril. 

puff, «., souffle, tn.', bouflF^e, /. 

puff, v., souffler, bouffir. 

pug, n., roquet, tn. 

pugilism, n., pu'gilat, tn. 

puissant, adj., puissant. 

pull, n., action de tirer, /.; coup de 
main; effort; coup, tn. 

pull, v., tirer. 

pulley, «., poulie, /. 

pulmonary, adj., pulmonaire. 

pulp, n., pulpe, /. 

pulpit, n., chaire, /. 

pulsation, n., pulsation, /. 

pulse, n., pouls, tn. 

pulverise, v., pulveriser; r^duire 
en poudre. 

pumice, n., ponce; pierre ponce,/. 

pump, n., pompe, /. 

pump, v., pomper. 

pun, n., calembour, tn. 

punch, «., punch, tn. 

punch-bow^l, n., bol k punch, tn 

Punchinello, n., polichinelle, tn. 

punctual, adj., ponctuel; exact. 

punctuality, «., ponctualit^; ex- 
actitude, /. 

punctuate, v., ponctuer. 

punctuation, n., ponctuation, /. 

puncture, «., piqiire, /. 




puncture, r., piquer; faire une 

piqure k. 
punisli, v.t punir; ch&tier. 
punisliable, adj., punissable, nt. 
punisliiiient, n., punition; peine, 

/.; ch^timent, m. 
pup9 «., petit chien; petit, nt.; pe- 
tite chienne, /. 
pupil, n.y eleve, tn. /.; 6colier, tn.; 

6coliere, /.; pupille, tn. f. 
pur, n.y murmure du chat, m. 
purcliase, «., achat, fn.\ acquisi- 
tion; emplette, /. 
purchase, z/., acheter; acqu^rir; 

faire achat de. 
purchaser, «., acqu^reur; ache- 

teur, tn. 
pure, adj., pur. 
purely, adv., purement. 
purgative, n., purgatif, m. 
purgatory, n., purgatoire, tn. 
purifier, n., purificateur, tn. 
purify, v., purifier; epurer. 
puritan, «., puritain, tn.-, puri- 

taine, /. 
purity, n., puret6, /. 
purport, n., but; objet, m. 
purpose, n., but; efiFet, m.; fin, /.; 

dessein; pro jet, fn.\ intention, /. 
purposely, adv., a dessein; ex- 

purse, n., bourse, /. 
purser, n., agent comptable, m. 
pursue, v., poursuivre; suivre; 

pursuit, n., poursuite, /. 
purvey, v., faire ses provisions; se 

push, n., coup, m.', impulsion; 

pouss^e, /. 
push, v., pousser; faire un effort. 
put, v., mettre. 

putrefaction, n., putrefaction,/. 
putrefy, v., putrefier; corrompre. 
putrid, adj., putride. 
putty, n,, mastic, w. 


puzzle. If., embarras, m.\ diffi- 
culte, /.; jeu de patience; casse- 
tete, tn. 
puzzle, v., intriguer; em barrasser. 
; pyramid, «., pyramide, /. 
I pyrotechnics, n. (^/.),pyrotech 
nie, /. (stn^.). 
pythoness, n., pythonisse, /. 


quack, n., charlatan, fn. 
quadragesima, n., quadrag^- 

si me, /. 
quadrangular, adj., quadrangu- 

quadrant, n., quart; quart de 

cercle, fn. 
quadratic, adj., carr6; quadrati- 

quadrature, «., quadrature, /.; 

carr6, tn. 
quadrilateral, n., quadrila- 

tere, m. 
quadrille, n., quadrille, m. 
quadruniane,^., quadrumane,w. 
quadruped, n., quadrupede, m. 
quadruple, n., quadruple, m. 
quail, n., caille; /. 
quaint, adj., singulier; bizarre; 

quake, v., trembler; trembloter. 
quake, n., tremblement, m. 
qualification, n., qualit^; qua- 

\\t6 requise; capacity, /. 
qualified, adj., qui a les qualites 

requises; capable; apte; propre. 
qualify, v., rendre apte; rendre 

capable; qualifier. 
qualifying, adj., qualificatif. 
quality, n., quality, /. 
quantity, n., quantite, /. 
quarantine, n., quarantaine, /. 
quarantine, v., faire faire qua- 
rantaine a. 
quarrel, n., querelle; dispute, /.; 

d^mele, m. 




quarrel, v.^ quereller; sequereller; 

se disputer. 
quarreller, ff., querelleur, m.\ 

querelleuse, /. 
quarry, n., carriere de pierre, /. 
quarry man, «., carrier, m. 
quart, n.^ quart, tn. 
quarter, v., loger. 
quarter, «., quatrieme partie, /.; 

quart; endroit, fn.\ contr^e, /.; 

quartier, m. 
quarterly, adj.^ trimestriel; de 

quajrtermaster, «., quartier- 

maitre, tn. 
quartet, «., quatuor, tn. 
quartz, n., quartz, tn. 
quash, v., annuler; casser. 
quaternary, adj., quatemaire. 
quatrain, n., quatrain, m. 
quay, «., quai, m. 
queen, «., reine; dame, f. 
queer, adj.^ bizarre; Strange; sin- 

quell, v,y r^primer; ^touffer; domp- 

ter; apaiser. 
quench, z/., 6teindre; apaiser. 
query, «., question, /. 
query, v., faire une question; des 

question, «., question; interroga- 
tion; demande, /. 
question, z/., questionner; inter- 

questionable, adj.^ contestable; 

douteux; incertain. 
quick, adj., vif. 
qulcl^en, v., animer; vivifier. 
quicklime, «., chaux vive, /. 
quickly, adv. yW\iQ\ rapidement; 

quickness, «., vitesse; prompti- 
tude, /. 
quiet, «., tranquillite, /.; repos; 

calme, 7n.\ paix; quietude, /. 


quiet, adj.y tranquille; en repos; 

quiet, v., tranquilliser; apaiser; 

quietly, adv., tranquillement; 

quietude, fi., quietude; tranquil- 
lit6, /. 

quill, «., plume, /. 

quilt, «., couvre-pied piqu6; 
couvre-pied, tn. 

quince, n., coing, tn, 

quinine, n., quinine, /. 

quinquina, n., quinquina, m. 

quintessence, «., quintes- 
sence, /. 

quintuple, adj., quintuple. 

quire, «., choeur, tn.\ main, /. 

quit, v., quitter; abandonner. 

quite, adv., tout a fait; entiere- 
ment; completement. 

quits, adv., quitte. 

quittance, n., quittance; recom- 
pense, /. 

quiver, v., trembler; frissonner. 

quorum, n., nombre suflSsant; 
nombre competent, m. 

quotation, n., citation, /. 

quote, v., citer; alleg^er; coter. 

quotidian, adj., quotidien. 

quotient, n., quotient, tn. 


rabbi, n., rabbin, m. 

rabbit, n., lapin, tn. 

rabid, adj., forcen6; furieux. 

rabies, «., rage; hydrophobie, /. 

race, n., race, /. 

race, v., courir. 

race-course, n., terrain de course; 

hippodrome, tn.', arene, /. 
race-horse, n., cheval de 

course, tn. 
racer, n., coureur; cheval de 

course, /. 
rack, n., ratelier, tn. 




racket «., fracas; tapage; tinta- 

marre, tn. 
radiant, adj.y rayonnant; radieux. 
radiating, adj.^ rayonnant; ra- 
radish, «., radis, fn.\ horse — , 

raifort, tn, 
radius, «., rayon, m. 
radix, «., racine, /. 
raffle, «., loterie, /. 
raffle, z/., faire une loterie. 
raft, n.y radeau, m. 
rafter, «., poutre, /.; cbevron, tn, 
rag, «., chiffon; haillon; lam beau, 

fn.\ guenille; loque, /. 
rage, «., fureur; rage, /.; emporte- 

ment, m. 
ragged, adj., en haillons; en gue- 

ragman, «., marchand de chiffons; 

chiffonnier, tn. 
rail, //., barre; rampe, /.; rail, tn. 
raillery, «., raillerie, /. 
railroad, «., chemin de fer, tn.\ 

voie de fer; voie ferr6e, /. 
raiment, «., vetement, w.; vSte- 

ments, m. (pl.). 
rain, «., pluie, /. 
rain, v., pleuvoir; tomber de I'eau. 
rainbow, «., arc-en-ciel, m. 
rain-water, n., eau-de-pluie, tn. 
raise, v., lever; Clever; hausser. 
raisin, n., raisin sec; raisin, m. 
rake, «., r^teau, m. 
rake, v., r^teler. 
rally, z^., rallier; assembler. 
ram, «., b61ier, nt. 
ramage, «., ram age, tn. 
ramble, v., courir 5a et la; errer. 
ramification, «., ramification, /. 
ramify, v., se ramifier; diviser en 

rancor, «., rancune, /. 
random, n., aventure, /. 
range, «., rang6e, /.; rang, m.; 

fourneaux, tn. (pl.). 


range, r., aligner; arranger; ran- 

rank, tt.^ rang, m. 

rank, v., se ranger; Stre rang6; 
prendre rang; occuper un rang. 

ransack, v., saccager; piller; 

ransom, n.^ ran9on, /.; rachat, m. 

ransom, v., ransonner; racheter. 

rap, «., tape, /.; coup sec, tn. 

rap, z/., f rapper. 

rapacious, ad/., rapace. 

rapid, n., rapide, tn. 

rapid, adj'.f rapide. 

rapidity, «., rapidity, /. 

rapidly, adv., rapidement. 

rapture, «., ravissement; trans- 
port; enthousiasme, tn.; extase, /. 

rare, adj., rare. 

rarefy, v., rar6fier. 

rarely, adv., rarement. 

rascal, «., coquin; fripon; polis- 
son, tn. 

rash, adj. J t6m6raire; irr6C6chi; in- 

rasp, «., rllpe, /. 

raspberry, «., framboise, /. 

raspberry- bush, «., framboi- 
sier, tn. 

rat, n., rat, tn. 

rate, «., prix; taux, tn. 

rate, v., 6 valuer; estimer; appr^cier. 

rather, adv., plutot; mieux. 

ratify, v., ratifier. 

ratio, «., proportion; raison, /.; 
rapport, nt. 

ration, n., ration, /, 

rational, adj., raisonnable. 

rattlesnake, «., crotale, tn. 

rat-trap, «., ratiere, /. 

ravage, «., ravage, m. 

ravage, v., ravager. 

rave, v., delirer; avoir le d61ire; 
Stre en d^lire; extravaguer. 

raven, «., corbeau, tn. 

ravin, «., proie; rapacity, /. 




ravine, «., ravin, m.; ravine, /. 

ravlsli, r., ravir; enlever. 

raw, adj'.f cm. 

ray, «., rayon; 6clat, m. 

raze, v., raser; fuser; effleurer. 

razor, «., rasoir, m. 

reacli, «., 6tendue; port6e, /.; 

pouvoir, m. 
reach, v.^ atteindre. 
react, z^., r6agir; r^sister. 
reaction, «., reaction; resistance,/. 
read, z/., lire. 

reader, «., lecteur, m.; lectrice, /. 
readily, adv., tout de suite; promp- 

tement; volontiers. 
reading, «., lecture, /. 
reading- book, «., livre de lec- 
ture, fn. 
reading-room, «., cabinet de 

lecture, tn. 
readjust, v., rajuster. 
ready, ad;., prompt; pret. 
ready-made, a^'., tout fait; con- 

real, adj., r6el; vrai; veritable. 
reality, «., r6alit6, /.; r6el. 
realize, v., r^aliser. 
ream, «., rame, /. 
reap, v., moissonner; r^colter. 
reappear, z/., reparaitre. 
rear, «., dernier rang, m.; arriere- 

garde, /. 
rear, v., Clever; relever. 
rear-admiral, »., contre-ami- 

ral, m. 
reason, «., raison, /. 
reason, v., raisonner. 
reasonable, adj., raisonnable. 
reasonably, adv., raisonnable- 

reassure, v., rassurer. 
rebate, n., diminution, /. 
rebel, n., rebelle; revolts, m. 
rebellion, n., rebellion, /. 
rebound, v., rebondir; retentir. 
rebuff, v., rebuter; repousser. 


rebuild, v., rebHtir; reconstmire. 
rebuke, n., r^primande, /.; repro- 

che; bltme, m. 
rebuke, v., r^primander; bl§,mer; 

recall, «., rappel, m.; revocation; 

retractation, /. 
recall, v., rappeler; retracter; r^- 

recapitulate, v., recapituler; r^- 

recapitulation, n., recapitula- 
tion, /.; resume, m. 
recede, v., reculer; s'eioigner; se 

receipt, «., reception; recette; 

quittance, /.; acquit, nt. 
receipt, v., donner un regu pour; 

donner une quittance pour; acquit- 

ter; mettre un acquit a. 
receipt-book, n., livre de recet- 

tes, fn. 
receivable, adj., recevable; ad- 
receive, v., recevoir; accueillir. 
recent, a^'., recent; frais; nouveau. 
recently, adv., recemment; frai- 

chement; nouvellement. 
reception, «., reception, /.; ac- 

cueil, m. 
recess, «. , suspension, /. ; vacances, 

f. (PL). 
recipe, n., recette; ordonnance de 

medecin, /. 
reciprocally, adv., reciproque- 

ment; mutuellement. 
recital, n., recit; repetition; narra- 
tion, /. 
recitation, «., recit, w.; repetition; 

relation, /. 
recite, v., reciter; raconter. 
reckless, adj., insouciant; teme- 

reckon, v., compter. 
reckoning- book, n., livre de 

oomptes, m. 




reclaim, z;., r^clamer; redemander. 

reclamation, n., reclamation; de- 
mande, /.; recouvrement, tn. 

recline, ad/.y pench6; inclin6. 

recline, v.^ incliner; pencher; 

recluse, «., reclus, m.; recluse, /. 

ireclusion, «., r^clusion^^r reclu- 
sion; retraite, /. 

recognize, z/., reconnaitre. 

recoil, v.^ reculer; retomber. 

recollect, v., se souvenir de; se 

recollect, v., recueillir; rassem- 
bler; r6unir. 

recollection, «., souvenir, m.\ 
m6moire, /. 

recomfort, v.y reconforter; con- 
soler de nouveau; ranimer. 

recommence, v.y recommencer. 

recommend, v., recommander. 

recommendation, «., recom- 
mandation, /. 

recompense, z/., r^compenser. 

reconcile, v., r^concilier. 

reconciliation, «. , reconciliation, 
/.; raccommodement, tn. 

reconduct, z/., reconduire. 

reconsider, z/., considerer de 
nouveau; revenir sur. 

record, «., reg^stre, m.; marque, /. 

record, z/., enregistrer; inscrire. 

recourse, «., recours, m. 

recover, z/., recouvrer. 

recovery , « . , recouvrement j tn.; 
gu6rison, /. 

recreation, «., recreation; dis- 
traction, /.; divertissement, m. 

recriminate, v., recriminer. 

recrimination, «., recrimina- 
tion, /. 

recruit, «., recrue, /.; renfort, m. 

recruit, z^., recruter. 

rectangle, «., rectangle, m. 

rectangular, ad/.^ rectangu- 


rectification, «., rectification, /. 

rectify, v., rectifier; redresser. 

rector, «., cure; recteur, m. 

recusation, «., recusation, /. 

red, «. and ad/.^ rouge, tn. 

redbreast, «., rouge-gorge, tn, 

redden, v., rougir. 

reddisli, adj., rouge&tre. 

reddition, «., reddition, /. 

redeem, z/., racheter. 

Redeemer, «., Redempteur, tn.; 
liberateur, m.; liberatrice, /. 

redemption, «., redemption; de- 
li vrance, /.; rachat, m. 

redness, «., rongeur, /. 

redoubt, «., redoute, /. 

redoubtable, adj., redoutable. 

redress, z/., redresser; reparer. 

reduce, r., reduire, diminuer; ra- 

reduction, «., reduction; diminu- 
tion, /. 

reed, «., roseau, nt. 

refection, «., refection, /.; repas; 
rafraichissement, m. 

refectory, «., refectoire, m. 

refer, v., referer; renvoyer. 

referee, n., arbitre, m, 

reference, «., allusion; recom- 
mandation, /. 

refine, v., epurer; purifier. 

refinement, «.,raffinement;poli, 
m.; purete; politesse, /. 

refinery, «., raffinerie, /. 

reflect, z/., reflechir. 

reflection, «., reflexion, /.; re- 
flet, tn. 

reflux, «., reflux, m. 

reform, «., reforme, /. 

reform, v., reformer. 

refraction, n., refraction, /. 

refractory, ad;., indocile; insou- 
mis; intraitable; refractaire. 

refrain, «., refrain, m. 

refresh, v., rafraichir; soulager; 




refreshment, n., rafraichisse- 
ment; delassement, m.; recrea- 
tion, /. 

refrigeration, «., refrigeration,/. 

refuge, «., refuge, m, 

refugee, «. , r^fugie, #». ; refug^^e, /. 

refund, r., rembourser. 

refusal, n., refus, «». 

refuse, «., rebut, m. 

refuse, v., refuser. 

refutable, ad/., qui pent Stre re- 
fute ; refutable. 

refute, r., r^futer. 

regain, v., regag^er; reprendre; 
ressaissir; reconquerir. 

regard, «., 6gard, m.; considera- 
tion, /.; regard, wi. 

regard, v., regarder; consid^rer. 

regarding, prep., touchant; con- 
cemant; quant a. 

regency, »., r^gence, /. 

regenerate, v., regenerer. 

regeneration, «. , regeneration, /. 

regent, «., regent, m. 

regicide, «., regicide, m. 

regimen, «., regime, w.; diete, /. 

regiment, «., regiment, ///. 

regiment, r., enreg^menter. 

region, «., region; contree, /. 

register, w., registre. 

register, z'., enregistrer; enroler. 

regret, «., regret, ;//. 

regret, v., regretter; avoir regret. 

regular, adj., regiilier. ;//. 

rehabilitate, z'., rehabiliter. 

rehearsal, »., repetition, /. 

rehearse, z'., repeter. 

reign, «., regne, m. 

rein, »., rene; bride, /. 

reindeer, «., renne, m. 

reject, z\, rejeter. 

rejoice, v., rejouir. 

rejoin, v., rejoindre. 

relapse, «., rechute, /. 

relate, v., raconter; rapporter; re- 
citer; conter. 

relation, n., relation, /.; r6cit; 
rapport, m. 

relative, «., parent, m.; parente, 
/.; relatif, «. 

relax, v., rel^cher; d^tendre. 

relay, n., relais, m. 

release, »., 61argissement, m.\ d6- 
livrance; liberation, /. 

release, v., relScher; eiargir. 

relegate, v., rel6guer. 

reliable, ad/., a qui Ton pent se 
fier; sur lequel on pent compter; 
dig^e de confiance. 

reliance, «., confiance, /. 

relic, II. , reste, tn.; relique, /. 

relict, «., veuve, /. 

relief, «., soulagement; secours; 
relief, nt. 

relieve, v., soulager; d61ivrer. 

relievo, «., relief, m, 

religion, n., religion,/. 

religious, ad/., relig^euz. 

relish, «., gout, m.; friandise, /. 

relish, v.,gouter; savourer; aimer. 

reluctantly, adv., avec repu- 
gnance; a contre-coeur. 

rely, v., compter sur. 

remain, v., rester; demeurer. 

remainder, n., reste; restant, m. 

remains, n. (pi.), restes; debris, 
m. {pi.). 

remark, «., remarque, /. 

remark, v., remarquer; observer; 
faire remarquer; faire observer. 

remarkable, ad/., remarquable. 

remarry, remarier. 

remedy, n., remede, tn. 

remedy, v., remedier k; porter 
remede a. 

remember, v., se souvenir de; se 

remembrance, n., souvenir, fn. 

remind, v., rappeler; faire sou- 

remission, n., remission, /. 

remit, i\, remettre. 




remnant, fi.» coupon, m, 
remonstrate, «., remontrer; re- 

remorse, n.^ remords, m. 
remote, adj.^ 61oign^; lointain. 
removal, »., d^m^nagement, tn. 
remunerate, r., r6mun6rer; r6- 

remuneration, fi., r6mun6ra- 

tion; retribution, /. 
render, v., rendre. 
renclezTOUS, n.y rendez-vous, m. 
rene^i^cle, n.y ren^gat, tn. 
rene^w, v., renouveler; renoucr. 
rene^val, «., renouvellement, tn. 
renonnoe, v., reconcer; renoncer 

k\ renier. 
reno^wn, «., renomm^e, /".; re- 

nom, nt. 
rent, «., rente, /.; loyer, m. 
rent, v., louer. 
renunciation, »., renonciation, 

/.; renoncement, m. 
repair, z/., r^parer; raccommoder. 
rei>air, #i., reparation, /. 
reparable, adj., reparable. 
repartee, «., r^partie, /. 
repast, «., repas, m. 
repeal, v., r6voquer; abolir; abro- 

repeat, v., r6p6ter; redire; reciter. 
repent, r., se repentir de; se re- 
pen tir. 
repertory, «., repertoire; re- 

cueil, tn. 
repetition, «., repetition; reprise, 

recitation, /. 
replace, v., replacer; remettre en 

replant, v., replanter. 
replenish, v., remplir. 
replete, adi., plein; rempli. 
replevin, «., mainlevee sur cau- 
tion, /. 
replier, «., personne qui replique; 

qui repondi /*. 


reply, «., replique; r6ponse, /. 

reply, r., repliquer; repondre. 

report, r., rapporter; raconter. 

report, «., rapport; compte renda; 
oul-dire, m, 

reporter, «., rapporteur; correa- 
pondant, m. 

reiiose, z'., se reposer. 

repose, n,, repos, tn, 

repository, «., depdt, tn. 

reprehend, v., reprendre; r6pri- 
mander; bl&mer. 

reprehensible, adj., repr6hen- 

represent, v., representer. 

representant, #i., represen- 
tant, m. 

representation, «., representa- 
tion, /. 

representative, «., represen- 
tant, tn. 

repress, v., reprimer. 

repression, «., repression, /. 

reprieve, v., accorder un sursis k\ 

reprimand, «., reprimande, /. 

reprimand, v., reprimander; 

reprisal, «., represaille, /. 

reproach, «., reproche, tn, 

reproach, v., reprocher. 

reprobate, «., vaurien; mauvais 
garnement; reprouve,w. 

reproduce, v., reproduire. 

reproducer, «., reproducteur, w. 

reptile, «., reptile, m. 

republic, «., republique. 

republican, n. and adj., republi- 
cain, nt. 

repudiate, v., repudier. 

repugnance, «., repugnance, /. 

repulse, v., repousser; rebuter. 

repulse, «., echec; refus, m.\ re- 
buff ade, /. 

repulsion, «., repulsion; action de 
rebuter, /! 




repulsive, adj.^ rebutant; repous- 
sant; r^pulsif. 

reputable, adj.^ honorable. 

reputation, n,y reputation; re- 
nomm^, /. 

repute, i/., r^puter. 

request, »., requite; demande; 
priere, /. 

require, v,, exiger; requ6rir. 

requirement, «., exigence; con- 
dition; requise, /. 

requisition, »., requisition; de- 
mande; requite, /. 

rescind, v., annuler; r6voquer. 

reseue,«. , d61ivrance, /. ; secours.w. 

rescue, v.^ sauver; delivrer; se- 

researcli, n., recherche, /.; ex- 
amen, nt. 

researcb., v., rechercher; ex- 

resemblance, «., ressemblance; 
image, /. 

resemble, v., ressembler k. 

resent, v.^ ressentir; se ressentir de. 

resentful, adj., haineux; vindi- 

reservation, «., reserve; restric- 
tion, /.; terrain r6serv6, m, 

reserve, «., reserve; retenue, /. 

reserve, v., r6server; se r6server. 

reservoir, «,, reservoir, m. 

reside, v., resider; demeurer. 

residence, «., residence; demeure, 
/., s^jour; domicile, /«. 

resident, «., habitant, m,\ habi- 
tante, /.; resident, fn. 

residue, «., reste, m, 

resign, z;., resigner; se demettre de. 

resignation, «., resignation; de- 
mission, /. 

resin, «., resine; colophane, /. 

resist, v., resister a. 

resistance, n., resistance, /. 

resolute, adj.y determine; resolu. 

resolutely, adv., resolument. 


resolution, «., resolution,/. 

resolve, f., resoudre. 

resort, ».. recours; ressort, nt, 

resort, v,, recourir k\ avoir re- 

resource, «., ressource, /. 

respect, «., respect, fn.\ conside- 
ration, /.; egards, m. (pi). 

respect, v., respecter; considerer. 

respectable, adj., respectable; 

• honorable. 

respectful, adj., respectueux. 

respective, adj., respectif; relatif. 

respiration, «., respiration, /. 

respiratory, adj., respiratoire. 

respire, v., respirer. 

respond, v., repondre. 

response, «., reponse, /. 

responsible, adj., responsable; 

rest, n., reste, m. 

rest, n., repos, m. 

rest, v., se reposer. 

restitution, «., restitution, /. 

restless, adj., sans repos; inquiet; 
agite; turbulent. 

restoration, «., retablissement, 
fn.\ restau ration, f. 

restore, v., restituer; rendre; reta- 
blir; restaurer. 

restrain, v., retenir; reprimer. 

restrict, v., restreindre. 

restriction, n., restriction, /. 

result, n., resultat, tn. 

resume, v., reprendre; renouer; 

resurrection, «., resurrection, /. 

resuscitate, v., ressusciter. 

retail, n., detail, m. 

retail, v., vendre en detail; de- 

retain, v., retenir; garder. 

retaliate, v., rendre la pareille; 
prendre sa revanche. 

retard, v., retarder; ralentir; dif- 




reticence, «., reticence, /. 

retina, «., ratine, /. 

retire, v., se retirer. 

retort, «., riposte; r6plique, /. 

retort, v.^ riposter; r6pliquer. 

retract, v., r^tracter; retirer. 

retreat, «., retraite, /. 

retrencli, z/., retrancher. 

retribution, «., recompense; re-' 
numeration; retribution, /. 

retrograde, v,y r6trograder. 

return, v.y revenir; rentrer; re- 

return, «., retour, fn.\ rentr^e, /. 

reunion, «., reunion, /. 

reunite, v.y r^unir. 

reveal, v., reveler. 

reveille, «., re veil, m.\ diane, f. 

revenge, «., vengeance; re- 
vanche, /. 

revenue, «., reyenu, m. 

revere, v.y reverer; respecter. 

reverence, «., 'reverence, /. 

reverend, adj.y venerable; res- 
pectable; reverend. 

reverse, «., vicissitude,/.; re vers, w. 

review, «., revue; analyse; criti- 
que, /.; revision, /. 

review, z'., revoir; faire la revue 
de; rendre compte de. 

revile, v.y injurier; insulter; ou- 

revisal, «., revision, /. 

revise, v.y revoir; reviser. 

revival, «., renaissance, /. 

revive, v.y faire revivre; ranimer; 

revocable, adj.y revocable. 

revolt, n.y revoke, /. 

revolt, v.y se revolter; se soulever. 

revolution, «., revolution, /. 

revolutionary, adj.y revolution- 

revolutionize, v.y revolutionner. 

revolve, v., toumer. 

reward, «. , recompense, /. ; prix, m. 


reward, v.y recompenser. 

rhetoric, «., rhetorique; eloquen- 
ce, /. 

rheumatism, ff.,rhumatisme, m. 

rhinoceros, «., rhinoceros, m. 

rliubarb, «., rhubarbe, /. 

rhyme, «., rime, /.; vers, tn, 

rib, n.y cote, /. 

ribbon, n.y ruban, m. 

rice, «., riz, m. 

rich, adj.y riche. 

riches, n. (^/.), richesses, /. {pL)\ 
richesse, /. {sing.). 

richly, adv.y richement. 

rid, v.y defaire; deiivrer; debarras- 

riddle, «., enigme, /. 

ride, v.y aller^cheval; se promener 
k cheval. 

ride, «., promenade k cheval; pro- 
menade en voiture, /. 

ridge, «., sommet, fn. 

ridicule, «., ridicule; objet de 
risee, tn. 

ridiculous, adj.y ridicule. 

riding-master, «., maitre d'equi- 
tation, tn. 

riding-school, n.y ecole d'equi- 
tation, /.; manege, tn. 

rifle, n.y fusil, w.; carabine, /. 

right, adj.y droit. 

right, n.y droit, w.; raison, f. 

right-handed, adj.y droitier. 

rigid, adj.y rigide; raide. 

ring, n.y anneau, w.; bague, /. 

ring, v.y sonner. 

rinse, v.y rincer. 

rinser, «., personne qui rince, /. 

riot, n.y emeute, /. 

rip, v.y dechirer. 

ripe, adj.y mur. 

ripen, v.y murir; faire murir. 

rise, v.y se lever; monter. 

rise, n.y lever, m. 

risk, n.y risque; peril, tn. 

risk, v,y risquer; hasarder. 




ritual, »., rituel, m. 

rival, «., rival, fn.\ rivale, /.; 
^rnule, m. /. 

rival, v.f rivaliser. 

river, «., riviere, /.; fleuve, m, 

rivet, «., rivet, m. 

road, «., route, /.; chemin, m.\ 
voie, /. 

roam, z/., errer; rdder. 

roar, n., rugissement, tn, 

roar, z/., rugir. 

roast, v.t rotir; faire rotir; cuire. 

roast, «., rdti, m. 

rob, v.y voler. 

robber, «., voleur, fn.\ voleuse, /. 

robbery, «., vol; vol k main 

robe, «., robe, /. 

robust, adj.^ robuste; vigoureux. 

rock, «., roche, /.; rocher; roc, m. 

rock, r., bercer; remuer balancer. 

rocking^-chair, «., chaise a bas- 
cule, /. 

rocky, adj.^ plein de rochers; 

rod, n.y verge; baguette; tringle, /. 

roe, «., chevrette; biche, /. 

roebuck, «., chevreuil, m. 

roj^ue, «.,coquin;fripon;fourbe,w. 

roll, «., roulement, fn,\ roulade,/.; 
rouleau, tn. 

roll, v.^ rouler. 

roller, «., rouleau; cylindre, m. 

Roman, «., Romain, m.\ Ro- 
maine, /. 

romance, «., roman, w.; ro- 
mance, /. 

romantic, adj.^ romanesque; ro- 

roof, «., toit, fn.\ toiture, /. 

room, «., chambre; salle; piece, /. 

room, v., loger. 

roomy, adj., spacieux; vaste. 

roost, v., jucher; se percher. 

root, «., racine, /. 

rope, «., corde, /.; cordage, m. 


rosary, «., roseraie, /.; rosaire, m. 
rose, n., rose, /. 
rose-bush, »., rosier, m. 
rose-ivater, «., eau de rose; eau 

rose, /. 
rosewood. If., bois de rose, tn. 
rot, v.^ pourrir; faire pourir;carier. 
rotation, «. , rotation; succession, /. 
rote, «., routine, /. 
rotten, adj.^ pourri; cari6. 
rou^e, «., rouge; fard, tn, 
rough, adj., rude. 
roughness, «. , asp6rit6; rudesse, /. 
round, «., rond; cercle, tn, 
round, v., arrondir. 
round, prep., autour de. 
rouse, z/., r^veiller; 6veiller; exciter; 

rout, v.y mettre en d6route. 
route, «., route, /. 
routine, «., routine, /. 
row, «., tapage, fn.\ querelle, /".; 

rixe, /. 
row, v., ramer. 
royal, adj., royal. 
royalist, «., royaliste, tn. 
royalty, «., royaut^; prerogative 

royale, /. 
rub, v., frotter; frictionner. 
rub, «., frottement; frottage, tn. 
rubber, «., caoutchouc, m. 
rubbish, «., d^combres; debris, w. 
ruby, «., rubis, m. 
rude, adj., rude; grossier; impoli. 
ruffian, n., brigand; bandit; bru- 
tal, tn. 
rug, n., tapis de pied; tapis de 

foyer, tn. 
ruin, «., mine; perte, /. 
ruin, v., miner; perdre. 
rule, n., regie. 
rule, v., gouverner. 
ruler, «., gouverneur; gourvemant, 

souverain, w.; regie, /. 
rum, n., rhum, tn. 
ruminate, v,, ruminer. 




rumor, «., rumeur, /. 
rumpus, n., grand bruit; grave 

diff^rend, tn. 
run, v., courir. 
runaway, «., fugitif, m.\ fugitive, 

/.; d^serteur, nt. 
runner, «., coureur; courrier, m. 
running, «., course, /. 
rupture, «., rupture, /. 
rural, adj.y champtoe; rural. 
rusli, v., se lancer; s'61ancer; se 

rush, «., mouvement pr6cipit6; 

choc; effort, tn. 
Russian, n., Russe, tn. /. 
rust, «., rouille, /. 
rust, v.y rouiller. 
rustic, adj.y rustre; rustique; rude. 
rusty, adj., rouill6. 
rye, «., seigle,w. 

sabbath, «., sabbat; repos, m. 
saber, «., sabre; glaive, m. 
sac, «., sac, m.\ bourse, /. 
sacerdotal, adj., sacerdotal. 
sack, n.y sac, fn. 
sack, v., saccager; piller. 
sacrament, «., sacrement, nt. 
sacred, adj\y sacr6; saint. 
sacrifice, «., sacrifice, w. 
sacrifice, z/., sacrifier. 
sacrilege, «., sacrilege, m. 
sad, adj.y triste. 
saddle, «., selle, /. 
saddle-maker, «., sellier; bour- 

relier, m. 
sadness, //., tristesse, /. 
safe, adj'.y sauf; sain et sauf. 
safe, n.y garde-manger; coffre- 

fort, nt. 
safety, «., sftret6 /.; salut, nt: 
sagacious, adJ.y sagace; p6n6- 

sage, n.y sage; philosophe, m.\ 

sauge, /. 
sail, n.y voile, /. 


sail, v.y f aire voile; naviguer; met- 

tre k la voile. 
sailor, n.f marin; matelot, nt. 
saint, n.y saint, m.; sainte, /. 
sake, n.y 6gard; but, nt.-y cause, /. 
salad, n.y salade, /. 
salad-bowl, «., saladier, nt. 
salary, n. , appointements, m. {pi. ) ; 

traitement; salaire, m. 
sale, n.y vente, /.; d^bit, nt. 
salesman, n.y commis, nt. 
saliva, «., salive, /. 
salmon, n.y saumon, nt. 
salsify, n.y salsifis, nt. 
salt, n.y sel, nt. 
salt, v.y saler. 
salt- box, n.y sali^re, /. 
salt-fish, n.y poisson sal6, m.\ 

salaison, /. 
saltpeter, «., salpetre, nt. 
salt-water, «., eau de.mer; eau 

sal6e, /. 
salubrious, adj'.y salubre. 
salubrity, «., salubrity, /. 
salutary, adj. , salutaire. 
salutation, n.y salut, nt.] saluta- 
tion, /. 
salute, v.y saluer. 
salvation, «., salut, nt. 
same, adj.y meme. 
sample, «., echantillon, m. 
sanctification, «., sanctifica- 

tion, /. 
sanctify, v.y sanctifier. 
sanction, «., sanction, /. 
sanction, z/., sanctionner. 
sanctity, «., saintet6, /. 
sanctuary, «., sanctuaire, nt. 
sand, n.y sable, nt. 
sandpaper, n.y papier de verre. 
sane, adj.y sain d'esprit. 
sanguine, adj.y sanguin; plein de 

sanitary, adj.y sanitaire. 
Sanscrit, «., Sanscrit, nt. 
sap, n,y seve, /. 




saponify, v.^ saponifier. 

Saracen, n., Sarrasin, m, 

sarcasm, »., sarcasme, m. 

sarcastic, adj., sarcastique. 

sardine, n., sardine, /. 

sarsaparilla, n., salsepareille, /. 

sasli, n., ch^sis, m, 

Satan, n., Satan, m. 

satchel, «., sachet; petit sac, m. 

satellite, n., satellite, m. 

satin, n., satin, tn. 

satire, «., satire, /. 

satisfaction, n.y satisfaction, /. 

satisfy, v., satisfaire; contenter. 

saturation, «., saturation, /. 

Saturday, «., samedi, m, 

Saturn, «., Saturne, m. 

sauce, «., sauce, /. 

saucepan, «., casserole, /. 

saucer, «., soucoupe, /. 

saucy, adf.y insolent; imperti- 

sauerkraut, «., choucroute, /. 

saunterer, «., fl&neur, fn.\ fl^neu- 
se, /. 

sausage, n., saucisse, /.; saucis- 
son, m, 

savage, adj., sauvage; f6roce. 

save, v., sauver; epargner; Leono- 
ra iser. 

save,-^r^^., hormis; excepte; sinon; 
si ce n'est; sauf. 

saving, «., 6pargne; 6conomie, /. 

savings^banl^, «., caisse d'^par- 
gne, /. 

Savior, «., Sauveur, m. 

savor, n.y saveur, /.; gout, m.\ 
odeur, /. 

savor, v.y gouter avec plaisir; sa- 

saw, «., scie, /. 

saw, v., scier. 

sawdust, n.y sciure, /. 

sawmill, «., scierie, /. 

Saxon, «., Saxon, ni.\ Saxonne, /. 

say, v,i dire. 


saying, «., mot; proverbe, fn.\ 

expression, /. 
scaffold, XT., ^chafaud, m. 
scald, «., briilure, f. 
scald, v., 6chauder; brfiler. 
scale, «,, ^chelle; balance; ecaille,/. 
scalpel, n., scalpel, m. 
scamp, ff. ,chenapan; mauvaissujet, 

tn.'y canaille, f. 
scan, v., examiner mi nutieusement. 
scandal, n.y scandale, nt. 
scandalize, v., scandaliser. 
scandalous, culj.y scandaleux; 

scanty, adv., 6troit; 6triqu6; chetif; 

scapegoat, n.y bouc 6missaire, tn. 
scar, n.y cicatrice; balafre, f. 
scarce, adj.y rare. 
scarcely, adv.y k peine. 
scare, v.y effrayer; epouvanter; 

scarf, n.y echarpe, /. 
scarlet, adj.y 6carlate. 
scarlet-fever, n., fievre scarla- 

tine, /. 
scatter, «/., disperser; repandre; 

dissiper; 6parpiller. 
scene, «., scene; decoration, /. 
scenery, «., scene; vue; perspec- 
tive, /.; pay sage, tn. 
scent, n.y odeur; senteur; trace, /. 
scepter, n.y sceptre, m. 
schedule, «., rouleau, m.-y liste, /.; 

bilan, nt. 
scheme, «., plan; projet, nt. 
schism, n.y schisme, nt. 
scholar, «., 6colier, nt.-y ecoliere, /.; 

eleve, fn.y f. 
scholarship, «., Erudition, /.; 

savoir, nt. 
school, n.y 6cole, pension; institu- 
tion, /.; pensionnat, nt. 
schoolgirl, «., 6coliere, /. 
schoolmaster, «., maitre 

d'ecole, nt. 




schLOoner, «., go61ette, /. 
science, «., science, /. 
scientific, fl^'., scientifique. 
sclntlllant, adj., scintillant. 
scintillate, v., scintiller. 
scission, »., scission; separation,/. 
scissors, n. (pl.)y ciseaux, m. (pi). 
scold, v.f gronder, crier. 
scope, «., but, m.; dessein, m.; 

vue, /. 
score, «., compte; vingt, m.; ving- 

taine, f. 
scorn, z/., d^daigner; mepriser. 
scorn, «., mepris; d^dain, m. 
Scotch, »., Ecossais, tn.; Ecos- 

saise, /. 
scoundrel, «., miserable; gueux, 

m.; canaille, /. 
scout, «., ^claireur, tn.; vedette, /. 
scrap, n.y morceau; fragment, m. 
scrape, z/., gratter; racier. 
scratch, «., 6gratignure, /. 
scratch, v., gratter; ^gratigner. 
scream, i/., crier; pousser un cri. 
screen, «., para vent; 6cran, m. 
screiiv, «., vis, /. 
screw, v.y visser. 
screwdriver, «., tournevis, m. 
scribe, «., scribe; 6crivain, m. 
scripture, «., Ecriture Sainte; 

Ecriture, /. 
scrofulous, adj., scrofuleux. 
scrub, v., laver; 6curer. 
scrutator, »., scrutateur, m. 
scrutinize, v., scruter. 
scuffle, n., lutte; bagarre; rixe, /. 
sculptor, «., sculpteur, m. 
sculpture, «. , sculpture; ciselure,/. 
sculpture, v., sculpter, ciseler. 
^cum, «., 6cume, /.; rebut, m. 
scythe, «., faux, f. 
sea, n.y mer, /. 

sea-breeze, «., brise de mer, /. 
sea-gull, «., monette, /, 
seal, «., cachet; sceau, tn. 
seal, v., sceller; cacheter. 


sealing-wax, n., cire k cacheter, /. 
seam, «., couture, /. 
seaman, »., marin; matelot, m. 
seamstress, «., couturiere; lin- 

gere, /. 
seaport, «., port de mer, nt. 
search, «., recherche, /. 
search, v., examiner; fouiller. 
search-iivarrant, «., mandat de 

perquisition, /. 
seashore, «., rivage de la mer; 

rivage, m. 
seasickness, n., mal de mer, m. 
season, n., saison, /. 
season, v., assaisonner. 
seat, «.,si6ge; s6jour, w*.; demeure,/. 
seat, v., asseoir; faire asseoir. 
sea-iivater, «., eau sal6e; eau de 

mer, /. 
secant, «., s^cante, f. 
secession, «., separation; scis- 
sion, f. 
seclude, v., s^parer; exclure. 
second, adj., second; deuxieme. 
second, v., seconder; aider; ap- 

secondary, adj., secondaire; ac- 

second-hand, adj'., d'occasion; 

de hasard. 
secrecy, n., secret, m.; solitude, /. 
secretary, n., secretaire, m. 
secrete, v., cacher; tenir secret; 

secretly, adv., secretement; en 

sect, n., secte, /. 
section, n., section; coupe, /. 
sector, n., secteur. 
secular, adj., seculier. 
secure, adj'., en surety. 
secure, v., mettre en suret6; s'em- 

parer de. 
security, n., s^curit^; siirete, /. 
sedate, adj., pos6; calme; tran- 





sedentary y adj.^ s6dentaire; in- 

sediment, n . , sediment ; d^pdt , m . ; 
lie, /. 

sedition, »., sedition, /. 

seditious, CLdj.^ s6ditieux. 
* seduce, v.^ s^duire. 

seducer, «., s6ducteur, m,\ s^duc- 
trice, /. 

seducing^, adj., s6duisant. 

seduction, i»., seduction, /. 

see, v.y voir. 

seed, »., semence; graine, /. 

seed, I/., semer. 

seeing^, «., vue; vision, /. 

seeing^) conj., vu que; puisque. 

seek, v., chercher. 

seem, z^., sembler; paraitre. 

seeming^ly, €ulv,, en apparence; 

seesaw, »., bascule; balangoire, /. 

se^^r, or eig»rr, n., cigare, m. 

segment, »., segment, fn.\ por- 
tion, /.; morceau, tn, 

seizable, a^(^'., saisissable. 

seize, v., saisir; s'emparer de. 

seizure, »., saisie; prise de posses- 
sion, /. 

select, v.y choisir. 

selection, «., choix; recueil, m. 

self, pron.y soi; soi-meme. 

self-defense, «., defense person- 

nelle; propre defense, /. 
self-educated, adj., qui a fait sa 

propre Education. 
self-evident, adj., Evident en soi; 

self-government, «., ind^pen- 

dance, /. 
selfish, adj., 6goiste. 
selfishness, n., 6go!sme, m. 
self-love, «., amour de soi; 6gois- 

me; amour-propre, m. 
sell, v., vendre. 

seller, «., vendeur, m.-, vendeuse, /. 
selling-out, «., vente totale, /. 


semicolon, n. , point et virg^le, «f . 

seminary, i»., s^minaire, tn. 

semitone, n., demi-ton, tn, 

senate, n,, s^nat, m. 

senator, n., s^nateur, m. 

send, v.t envoyer; exp6dier. 

sender, «., exp^diteur, m. 

senior n., ain^, m.-, ain6e, /. 

sensation, n., sensation, /.; sen- 
timent, tn. 

sense, n., sens, tn.: raison, i. 

sensibility, n., sensibilite, /.; 
sentiment, m. 

sensible, adj.. sensible; raison- 

sensitive, adj., sensible; sen- 

sentence,* «., phrase; sentence, /.; 
jugement, m. 

sentiment, n., sentiment, tn. 
' sentinel, «., sentinelle, /.* fac- 
tionnaire, tn. 

separate, v., s^parer; disjoindre; 

separation, «., separation; disso- 
lution; disunion, /. 

September, n., septembre, m. 

sepulcber, n., sepulcre, m. 

sepulchral, adj^'., ^pulcral. 

sepulture, n., sepulture, /. 

sequel, n., suite; cons6quence, /". 

sequester, v., s6questrer. 

serenade, «., ser6nade, /. 

serenade, i/., s6r6nader; donner 
des serenades. 

serene, adj., serein; calme. 

serge, n., serge, /. 

sergeant, «., sergent; mar^chal 
des ogis, fw. 

series, «., suite; succession; s6rie,/. 

serious, adj., s^rieux. 

seriously, adv., s^rieusement. 

sermon, n., sermon; pr6ne; pre- 
che, nt. 

sermon, v., sermonner. 

serpent, »., serpent, m. 




servant, «., serviteur, m.; ser- 

vante, /.; domestique, m. f. 
serve, v., servir. 
service, «., service, m. 
servitude, «., servitude, /.; asser- 

vissement, m. 
Besslon, n,t session; stance, /. 
set, v.y poser; placer. 
set, n.f collection; reunion, /. 
settle, v., fixer; payer; r6gler. 
settlement, «.,6tablissement; re- 

glement, tn. 
settler, «., colon, m. 
seven, adj., sept. 
seveyiteen, ad/.^ dix-sept. 
seventh, adj., septi^me. 
seventieth., ad/.^ soixante-di- 

seventy, adj., soixante-dix. 
sever, v., s6parer; disjoindre. 
severe, adj., severe; rigoureux; 

severity, «., s6v6rit6; rigueur, /. 
seiv, v., coudre. 
sevrer, «., 6gout, m. 
sex, n., sexe, tn. 

sexag^enarlan, ». , sexag6naire,;^». 
shabby, adj'.y us6; r^p^. 
shade, «., ombre, /.; ombrage, nt. 
shadOT^, «., ombre, /.; abri, tn. 
shaft, n.f puits; timon, m. 
shah, n., Schah, m. 
shake, n., secousse, /.; tremble- 

ment, tn. 
shake, v., secouer; 6branler; ag^ter. 
sham, n., feinte, /. 
sham, z/., feindre; simuler. 
shame, »., honte, /. 
shameful, adj'., honteux; d6shon- 

shamrock, «., trefle, m. 
shape, n., forme; figure, /. 
shape, v., former; modeler. 
share, «., part; portion, /.; in- 

t^ret, m.; action, /. 
share, v., partager. 


shareholder, n . , actionnaire, fw . /. 

shark, n., requin, m. 

sharp, ad;., tranchant; affile ; 

pointu; aigu. 
sharpen, v., aiguiser; affiler. 
shatter., v., briser; fracasser. 
shave, v., raser. 
shawl, n., chMe, m. 
she, pron., elle, /. 
shear, v., tondre; couper. 
shears, n. {pi.), grands ciseaux, m. 
sheath, n., fourreau; 6tui, m.\ 

gaine, /. 
shed, n., hangar, tn. 
shed, v., r^pandre; faire couler. 
sheep, «., brebis, /.; mouton, tn. 
sheet, «., drap, w.; feuille, /. 
sheet-Iron, «., t61e, /. 
shelf, «., tablette, /.; rayon, m. 
shell, «., coquille, /.; obus, m. 
shelter, «., abri; convert; re- 
fuge, m. 
shelter, v., abriter; mettre a 

I'abri; garantir. 
shepherd, «., berger; p^tre; pas- 

teur, m. 
sherbet, «., sorbet, m. 
sheriff, «., sh6rif, m. 
sherry, «., vin de X6r^s, m. 
shield, «., bouclier, tn. 
shine, «., splendeur, /.; 6clat, m. 
shine, v.y luire; reluire; briller. 
ship, «., navire; vaisseau; bUti- 

ment, m. 
ship, v., embarquer. 
shlp-bullder, «., constructeur 

de vaisseaux, m. 
shipment, «., chargement; em- 

barquement, m. 
ship-owner, «., armateur, m. 
shipwreck, «., naufrage, m. 
shirt, «., chemise, /. 
shiver, «., frissonnement, m. 
shiver, v., grelotter; frissonner. 
shock, «., choc; saisissement, m. 
shock, v., choquer; heurter. 

^^■■JUJUf Jll'^^^W^ 




sliOCklngT} f^j'> affreux; horrible; 

blessant; ofifensant; choquant. 
slioe, n.^ Soulier, m. 
sboeblack, «i., d^crotteur, m. 
shoemaker, »., cordonnier, #». 
sboot, v.^ tirer; tuer. 
sh.oot, »., coup, m. 
sliopy «., magasin, fn.\ boutique, 

/.; atelier, m, 
sbop-boy, »., gar^on de maga- 

sin, m. 
sbop-^rl, n.y fille de boutique; 

demoiselle de magasin, /. 
sbopkeeper, »., marchand, fn.\ 

marchande, /.; boutiquier, fn.\ 

boutiquiere, /. 
shore, «., rivage, fn.\ cdte, /. 
short, adj.y court. 
shorten, v.^ raccourcir; abr^ger. 
shorthand, n., stenographie, /. 
shortly, adv.y bientdt; souspeu. 
shot, «., coup, m. 
shoulder, «., 6paule, /. 
shout, v., crier; pousser un cri, m. 
shouting, »., acclamation, /.;cris, 

m. (pL), 
shove, v., pousser. 
shovel, «., pelle, f. 
shovel, v., ramasser avec la pelle. 
show, V. , montrer; faire voir. 
show, n,, apparence, /.; specta- 
cle, nt. 
shower, «., averse; ond^e; pluie, /. 
show-ivlndow, «., montre, /.; 

^talage, nt. 
shred, «., bande, /.; lambeau, nt. 
shrewd, adj., sagace; clairvoyant; 

malin, fin; rus6. 
shrewdness, «., sagacit^; clair- 
voyance, /. 
shriek, «., cri; cri pergant, nt. 
shriek, v., crier; jeter un cri per- 

shrine, «., ch^sse, /.; reliquaire, nt. 
shrink, »., r6tr6cir; se retrecir; 



shrlnkag^e, «., r6tr6cissement, «f. 
shrub, «i., arbrisseau; arbuste, nt. 
shrugs, »., haussement d'epau- 

les, m. 
shudder, v., frissonner; fr6mir. 
shuffle, z/., brouiller; mSler. 
shun, v.t ^viter; fuir. 
shut, v.t fermer. 

shutter, «., volet, m,\ persienne, /. 
shy, adj.t timide. 
slek, adj., malade. 
sickle, n.y faucille, /. 
sickly, adj., maladif; d'une mau- 

vaise sant6. 
sickness, n., maladie, /. 
side, n., c6t^; flanc, m. 
side, v.t pencher d'un cdt6; s'en- 

gager dans un parti. 
sideboard, «., buffet, m, 
sleg^e, »., siege, m, 
sift, v., cribler; tamiser. 
sigh, n.y soupir, m. 
sigh, v., soupirer. 
sight, «., vue, /.; spectacle, m. 
sightless, adj,, aveugle. 
sign, n., signe, m.; enseigne, /. 
sign, v.y signer. 
signature, n,^ signature, /.; 

cachet, nt. 
sign-board, «., enseigne, nt. f. 
significant, cuij., significatif. 
signify, v., vouloir dire; signifier. 
silence, v,, r^duire au silence; 

imposer silence k, 
silent, adj., silencieux; muet. 
silk, n.y soie, /. 
silk-goods, n. {pL), soierie, /.; 

soieries, /. (pL). 
silk -handkerchief, »., fou- 
lard, nt. 
sllk-mlll, n.y fabrique de soierie, /. 
silk- thread, n., fil de soie, m. 
silk- weaver, «., tisserand de 

soie, m. 
silkworm, «., ver k soie, nt. 
sill, n,y seuil, m,\ allege, /. 




silly, odj.y nigaud; niais; bete. 
silver, «., argent, m, 
silver-plate, «., argenterie; vais- 

selle d' argent, /. 
similar, adj,y semblable; pareil; 

similarity, «. , ressemblance; simi- 
litude; similarity, /. 
simple, adj.y simple. 
simple-minded, adj,^ simple; 

slmpleness, «., simplicity, f. 
simplicity, «., simplicity, /. 
simplify, v., simplifier. 
simply, adv.y simplement; bonne- 

sin, »., p6ch6, tn, 
sin, v.y p6cher. 
since, conj.y puisque. 
since, prep.y depuis; depuis que. 
sincere, adj.^ sincere; de bonne 

sinful, odj.y p4cheur. 
sing, v.y chanter. 
slngei'J n.y chanteur, nt.'y chan- 

teuse, /. 
singling:, n.y chant. 
single, adj.y simple; unique; c61i- 

slng^le, v.y choisir. 
single-handed, adj.y seul; tout 

singular, n.y singulier, m. 
sinister, adj.y sinistre; m6chant. 
sink, n.y 6vier, m. 
sink, v.y aller au fond; s*enfoncer. 
sinking-fund, «., fonds d'amor- 

tissement, w.; caisse d'amortisse- 

ment, /. 
sinner, »., p6cheur, m.'y p6che- 

resse, /. 
slplion, n.y siphon, m. 
sir, n.y monsieur, m. 
sire, n.y Sire, m. 

sirloin, n.y aloyau, tn.] surlonge, /. 
sirup, n,^ sirop, m. 


sister, n.y soeur, /. 

sister- In-law, «., belle-soeur, /. 

sit, v.y s'asseoir. 

site, «., situation, /.; emplacement; 

site, m. 
sitting, n.y stance; audience, /. 
situation, n.y situation; place, /.; 

emploi, m.'y position, /. 
six, adj.y six. 
sixteen, adj.y seize. 
sixteenth, adj.y seizieme. 
sixtli, adj.y sixieme. 
sixtieth, adj.y soixantieme. 
sixty, adj.y soixante. 
size, n.y gp*andeur; taille; dimen- 

tion, /. 
skate, n.y patin, m. 
skate, v.y patiner. 
skeleton, «., squelette, tn.] car- 

casse, /. 
skeptic, n, and adj.y sceptique. 
skepticism, n.y skepticisme, m. 
sketch, v.y esquisser. 
skilful, adj.y adroit; habile; indus- 

skill, n.y habilet^, /.; savoir faire; 

talent, tn. 
skim, v.y 6cumer; 6cr6mer. 
skim, n.y 6cume; creme, /. 
skimmer, «., 6cumoire, /. 
skin, v.y Scorcher. 
skin, n.y peau, /. 
skip, v.y sauter; sautilTer; bondir. 
skirmish, «., escarmonche, /. 
skirt, n.y jupe, /. 
skull, n.y cr^ne, m. 
sky, n.y ciel. 
skylight, n.y lucarne, /.; vasis- 

tas, m. 
slack, adj.y faible; mou. 
slack, v.y relacher; detendre. 
slam, v.y fermer une porte bruy- 

slander, «., m^disance; calomnie. 
slander, v.y medire de; calom- 





slanderer, ir., medisant, m.\ me- 
disante, /.; calomniatenr, m,; ca- 
lomniatrice, /.; diffamatear, m.; 
diffamatrice, /. 

slangTy ^-f argot, m. 

slap, n., tape; claqae, /.; coup, m, 

slate, »., ardoise, /. 

slate-pencil, «., crayon d'ar- 
doise, tn, 

slate-quarry, «., carriere d 'ar- 
doise; ardoisere, /. 

slaoi^hter, n. , tuerie; boucherie, /. ; 
massacre, tn. 

slan^f^hter, v.^ tuer; 6gorger; mas- 

slaughter-house, fr., abattoir, m. 

slave, n., esclave, m. f. 

slavery, «., esclavage, tn. 

slay, v., tuer; 6gorger; massacrer. 

slayer, «., tueur; meurtrier, m. 

sled, n.y traineau, fn» 

sleep, n., sommeil, m, 

sleep, v., dormir. 

sleepless, ad/.^ sans sommeil. 

sleepy, ad/.^ qui a sommeil; en- 

sleeve, «., manche, /. 

slender, ad/.^ mince; svelte; d6- 
li6; 61anc6. 

slice, «., tranche, /. 

slide, «., glissoire, /. 

slide, v.y glisser. 

slightly, adv,, l^gerement. 

slim, adj., svelte; mince. 

slip, v., glisser; faire un faux pas. 

slippery, adj., glissant. 

slope, «., pente, /. 

slow, adj., lent; lourd; indolent; 

slovr, v., ralentir; se ralentir. 

sloivly, adv., lentement. 

small, adj., petit; fin; menu. 

smallpox, n., petite v6role, /. 

smash, v., ^eraser; briser. 

smattering, n., connaissance 
superficielle; teinture; teinte, /. 


smell, r., sentir; flairer. 

smile, «., sonris; sourire, m, 

smile, v., sourire. 

smoke, v., fumer. 

smoke, fi., fam^e, /. 

smooth, adj., nni; 6gal. 

smooth, z/., lisser; polir; aplanir. 

smother, v., suffoquer; 6touffer. 

snake, »., serpent, m. 

snare, n., piege, m. 

sneer, v., ricaner. 

sneeze, v., ^temuer. 

snipe, n., b^cassine, /. 

snore, v., ronfler. 

snoi^, «., neige, /. 

snoi^ball, «., boule de neige, /. 

snoi^drop, «., perce neige, m, 

snuff, «., tabac k priser, m. 

snuff-hox, «., tabatlere, /. 

so, aifv., ainsi; si; tant. 

soak, v., tremper. 

soap, n., savon, m. 

sob, v., sangloter; pousser des san- 

sob, «., sanglot, m, 
sobbing, n. {sing.), sanglots, 

tn. (pi.). 
sober, adj., sobre; temp^rant. 
sociable, adj\, sociable; qui aime 

la soci6t6. 
socialism, «., socialisme, m. 
socialist, »., socialiste, tn. f. 
society, «., soci6t6, /.; monde, tn. 
sock, n., chaussette, /. 
sod, «., gazon, tn. 
soda, n., sonde, /. 
soda-Tvater, «., eau de Seltz, /. 
soever, adj'., que ce soit; ou qui 

sofa, n., canap6; sofa; sopha, tn. 
soft, adj., mou; mol; mollet; tendre. 
soften, v., amoUir; ramollir. . 
softly, adv., doucement. 
soil, n., tache, /.; sol; terroir, tn.\ 

terre, /. 
soil, v.y salir; souiller. 




sojourn, «., s6jour, m. 
solcler, v., souder; joindre. 
soldier, n., soldat; militaire, m. 
sole, «., plante, /. 
solemn, adj., solennel; grave. 
solemnize, v., solenniser; cel6brer 

solicit, v.y solliciter; briguer; de- 

solicitation, «., soUicitatioti, /. 
solicitude, «., sollicitude, /. 
solid, adj., solide; massif. 
solidify, v., solidifier. 
solitary, n., solitaire, m. 
solitude, «., solitude, /. 
solution, «., solution; dissolu- 
tion, /. 
solve, v., r6soudre. 
some, adj., du, nt.-, de la, /.; de T, 

tn. /.; des, m. f. {pi.)', quelque. 
some, pron.y en; quelques-uns, 

tn. (pi.). 
somebody, n., quelqu'un, m.-, 

quelqu'une, /. 
something, «., quelque chose, tn. 
sometime, adv., un de ces jours; 

somewhat, n., quelque chose; 

tant soit peu, m. 
somewhat, adj., un peu; quelque 

peu; tant soit peu. 
some^vhere, adv., quelque part. 
somnambulist, n., somnam- 

bule, m. 
somnolence, n., envie de dormir, 

m.; somnolence, /. 
son, n., fils, m.', — in-law: beau- 
fils, gendre; grandson : petit fils; 
godson: filleul, m. 
song, «., romance, /.; chant, tn.-, 

chanson, /. 
sonorous, adj., sotiore. 
soon, adv., bientot. 
sordid, aflj/.f sale; sordide; vil;bas. 
sore, n., plaie, /. 
sorrow, n,, chagrin, w. 


sorrowful, adj.^ triste; aflSig^; 

sorry, adj., tkch€; contrari6; pein^. 
sort, «., sorte, /.; genre, fn.\ espece; 

maniere, /. 
sort, v., classer; assortir. 
sot, «., sotj nt.\ sotte, /. 
sou, n., sou, m, 
soul, n., &me, /. 
sound, n., son, nt. 
sound, adj., sain; en bon 6tat. 
sound, v., sonner; r^sonner. 
soup, n., potage, tn,', soupe, /. 
sour, adj., aigre; sGr; acide. 
sour, v., aigrir. 
source, n., source, /. 
south, «., sud; midi, m. 
southeast, «., sud-est, tn. 
southern, adj., du sud; du midi; 

southward, adj., vers le sud; au 

southwest, n., sud-ouest, nt. 
souvenir, n., souvenir, nt. 
sovereign, «., souverain,w«.; sou- 

veraine, /. 
sovereignty, «., souverainet^, /. 
sow, v., semer; ensemencer. 
space, n., espace, nt.-, 6tendue. f. 
spade, n., beche, f. 
spade, v., becher. 
Spaniard, n., Espagnol, m.\ Es- 

pagnole, /. 
si^aniel, n., 6pagneul. 
spare, v., 6pargner; manager; 

spark, n., etincelle, /. 
sparrow, n., moineau, m, 
speak, v., parler; dire. 
speaker, n., orateur, nt. 
special, adj., special; particulier. 
specialize, v., specifier; particu- 

specialty, n., sp6cialit6, /. 
species, n., espece, /.; genre, nt.; 

sorte, /. 




specification, n. , specification , /. ; 

devis, fH. 
specify, v., specifier; particulariser. 
specimen, »., specimen; modele; 

^chantillon, #». 
spectacle, »., spectacle, m. 
spectacles, n. (^/.), lunettes; besi- 
des, /. (pi.). 
spectator, »., spectateur, m.; 

spectatrice, /". 
speculate, v.^ sp^culer. * 
speculator, »., sp^culateur, m. 
speecli, «., parole, /.; discours, m.; 

harangue, /. 
speechless, ad/., priv^ de la 

parole; muet. 
speed, »., Vitesse; rapidity, /. 
Speedy, ad/.^ rapide; vite; prompt. 
spell, If., charme, fn. 
spell, v., epeler; 6crire. 
spelling, «., spoliation; ortho- 

graphe, /. 
spelling^- book, «., syllabaire, m. 
spend, v., d6penser. 
spendthrift, «., dSpensier, w.; 

dSpensiere, /.; prodigue, m. f. 
sphere, «., sphere, /. 
spice, «., 6pice, /. 
spice, v., Spicer. 
spider, n., araignSe, /. 
spiderivork, n., toiled 'araignSe,/. 
spike, «., pointe; cheville, /. 
spill, v.y repandre; verser; renver- 

spin, v.y filer. 

spinach, «., Spinards, f«. (pi.). 
spinal, adj. J spinal. 
spine, «., 6pine du dos, /. 
spinning-mill, «., filature, /. 
spinning-wheel, «., rouet k 

filer, m. 
spiral, n.y spirale, /. 
spire, «., fleche, /. 
spirit, «., esprit, m.; tme; ardeur,/. 
spiritual, adj'.^ spirituel. 
spit, v., cracher. 


spite, n.f d6pit, m.; haine; ran- 

cune, /. 
spiteful, adj., plein de d6pit; ran- 

cunier; mSchant. 
spittoon, n., crachoir, fn. 
splash, n., ^laboussure, /. 
spleen, n., mSlancolie; humeur 

noire, /. 
splendid, <u^'., 6clatant; splendide; 

splendor, «.,splendeur, /.;6clat,w«. 
split, v., fendre. 
spoil, «., depouille, /".; butin, m. 
spoil, v.y corrompre; abimer. 
spoke, n.f rais; rayon, m. 
sponge, «., Sponge, /. 
sponge, v.f Sponger. 
sponsor, n., parrain, m.; mar- 

raine, /. 
spool, «., bobine, /. 
spoon, n.f cuiller; cuillere, /. 
sport, «., sport; jeu; divertissement; 

amusement, m. 
spot, n.f tache; souillure, /".; en- 

droit; lieu, nt. 
spouse, n.f Spoux, m.; Spouse, /.; 

mari, m.; femme, f. 
sprain, »., en torse; foulure, /. 
spread, v.f Stendre; dSployer. 
spring, v.f pousser; croitre; jaillir; 

spring, n.f saut; Slan; ressort, tn.; 

source, /.; printemps, m. 
springtime, «., printemps, m. 
spruce, n.f sapin, m.\ Spinette, /. 
spur, n.f Speron; ergot, m. 
spur, v.f Speronner. 
spy, n.f espion, m.; espionne, /. 
spy, v.f Spier. 
spy-glass, n.f longue vue; lunette 

d'approche, /. 
squab, n.f pigeonneau, m. 
squabble, «., dispute; bagarre; 

querelle, /. 
squadron, «., escadron; batail- 

Ion, m.'f escadre; division, /. 




squander, v., dissiper; gaspiller; 

depenser; follement. 
squanderer, n., gaspilleur, #«.; 

gaspilleuse, /.; prodigue, m. f. 
square, fi., carr6, fw. 
squeeze, v,^ serrer; presser. 
squire, «., 6cuyer, m. 
squirrel, «., 6cureuil, m. 
stab, v., poignarder. 
stable, adj,^ stable; fixe. 
stable, ff., 6eurie; stable, /. 
staff, «., b&ton; 6tat-major, tn. 
stage, «., sc^ne, /.; th^dtre, m. 
stagger, z/., chanceler; vaciller. 
stagnant, adj., stagnant. 
stain, «., tache; souillure. 
stain, z/., tacher; souiller. 
stair, «., degr6, in.\ marche, /. 
staircase, «., escalier, m. 
stake, v., parier; gager. 
stake, «., enjeu, m. 
stale, adj.., rassis. 
stalk, «., tige, /. 
stall, n., stalle, /. 
stallion, n.y 6talon, m. 
stammer, v., b^gayer; balbutier. 
stammerer, «., begue, ni. f. 
stammering, n., begaiement; 

stamp, v., frapper du pied; mar- 

quer; imprimer. 
stamp, »., timbre, nt. 
stand, v.y 6tre debout; rester. 
stand, »., place, /.; estrade, /. 
standard, «., 6tendard; dra- 

peau, nt. 
standard-bearer, «., porte-eten- 

dard; porte drapeau, tn. 
star, n.y 6toile, /.; astre, tn. 
starch, «., amidon, tn. 
stare, v.y regarder fixement. 
start, v., tressaillir; partir. 
starting, «., depart, w. 
starve, v.y affamer. 
state, «., 6tat, fn.\ condition, /. 
state, v.y exposer; dire. 


statement, n.^ expos6; 6nonc6; 
compte rendu; r6cit, tn. 

state-prison, n ., prison d'Etat, /. 
I stateroom , «r . , salle de reception , /. 

statesman, n., homme d'etat, tn. 

station, fi., station; place, /. 

stationery, «., papeterie, /. 

statistics, n. (pi.), statistique, /. 

statuary, »., statuaire, /. 

statue, ff., statue, /. 

stature, n., stature; taille, /. 

statute, «., statut, m.\ loi, /. 

stay, v., demeurer; sojourner; 

stay, ff., s6jour, fff. 

steadily, adv., fermement. 

steady, adj., ferme; assur^; sfir; 
rang6; pos6. , 

steak, ff., bifteck, tn. 

steal, v., voler; d^rober. 

steam, ff., vapeur, /. 

steamboat, n., bateau k va- 
peur, fff. 

steam-engine, ff., machine k va- 
peur, /. 

steamer, ff., bateau k vapeur, fff. 

steam-pipe, ff. , tuyau k vapeur, m. 

steamship, ff., batiment a va- 
peur, nt. 

steed, ff., coursier, fff. 

steel, ff., acier, fff. 

steep, adj., escarp^; raide; k pic. 

steeple, ff., clocher, fff. 

steer, v., gouvemer; diriger. 

stem, ff., tige; queue, /. 

stench, ff^, mauvaise odeur; puan- 
teur, /. 

stenographer, ff., st6no- 
graphe, fff. /. 

stenography, ff., st^nographie, /. 

step, v., faire un pas. 

step, ff., pas; degr6, nt. 

stepbrother, ff., beau-frere, fff. 

stepchild, n., beau-fils, fff.; belle- 
fille, /. 




stepmotber, «., belle-m^re, /.; 
mar&tre, /. 

stere, «., stfere, m. 

sterile, adj., sterile. 

sterility, «., st6rilit6, /. 

stern, adj., severe; austere. 

steiiv, «., 6tuve, /.; ragout, tn, 

steTvard, »., maitre d'hdtel. 

ste'wpan, «., casserole, /. 

stick, »., btton, m.\ canne, /. 

stiok, v., coller; attacher. 

stiff, ad/., raide; rigide; dur; 

stifle, v.f 6touffer; suflFoquer, 

still, ad;., tranquille; calme; paisi- 

still, adv., encore; toujours; cepen- 
dant; n6anmoins. 

stimulant, n., stimulant, m. 

stimulate, v., stimuler; aiguillon- 
ner; exciter. 

stingy, n., aiguillon, tn.' 

sting, v., piquer; irriter. 

stingy, ad/., avare; chiche. 

stink, «., puanteur, /. 

stink, v., puer; sentir mauvais. 

stipend, «., appointements, m. 
(pi.); salaire, m. 

stipulate, v., stipuler; convenir. 

stipulation, «., contrat, m.; stipu- 
lation, /. 

stir, »., mouvement, m.; agita- 
tion, /. 

stir, v., remuer; agiter. 

stirrup, n., 6trier, m. 

stitch, n., point, nt.; maille, /. 

stock, «., souche, /.; tronc, nt.; 
fonds, tn.] capitaux, m. (pi.). 

stock, v., pourvoir; approvision- 

stock- exchange, n., compagnie 
des agents de change, /. 

stockholder, n., actionnaire, m. f. 

stocking, n., has, w. 

Stoic, n., stoicien, m.\ stoicienne, /. 

Btoicism, n., stoicisme, m. 


stole, n., 6tole, /. 
stomach, t^., estomac, m. 
stone, «., pierre, /.; noyau, m. 
stone, v., lapider. 
stone-cutter, «., tailleur de 

pierre, m. 
stoneware, «., gjes, fn.\ poterie 

de terre, /. 
stonevrork, n., ouvrage de ma- 

jonnerie, m.\ magonnerie, /. 
stool, n., tabouret; dscabeau, m. 
stoop, v., se pencher; se baisser. 
stop, n., halte; pause, /. 
stop, v., arreter; suspendre; em- 

storage, n., magasinage, tn. 
store, n., provision, /.; magasin; 

d6p6t, tn. 
store, v., pourvoir; munir; appro- 

storekeeper, «., marchand, m. 
stork, n., cigogne, /. 
storm, n., orage, m.\ tempete, f. 
storm, v., faire de Torage. 
stormy, adj., orageux; a Torage. 
story, «., histoire, /.; conte; men- 

songe, m. 
story-teller, «,, conteur, m.; 

conteuse, /.; menteur, m.-, men- 

teuse, /. 
stout, adj., vigoureux; fort. 
stove, n., poele; fourneau, tn. 
straight, adj., droit; juste. 
straighten, v., rendre droit; re- 
strain, v., forcer; contraindre; fil- 

strain, n., effort, m. 
strainer, «., passoire, /.; filtre, m. 
strait, n., d^troit, tn. 
strange, adj., Strange; singulier. 
stranger, n., Stranger, m.-, 6tran- 

gere, /. 
strangle, v., 6trangler. 
strangulation, n., strangula- 
tion, /. 




strap, «., courroie, /. 

strap, v.f attacher avec tine cour- 

roie. ^ 

strsLtSLgeixij n., stratag^me, m, 
strategy, «., strategic, /. 
stra^w, «., paille, /. 
stra^wberry, «., fraise, /. 
stray, v., errer; vaguer; s*6garer. 
stream, »., courant; cours d'eau; 

ruisseau, tn. 
street, «., rue, /. 
strength, «., force, /. 
strengtlien, z/., fortifier. 
stress, «., importance; force, /.; 

accent -tonique, m. 
stretcli, I/., tendre; bander; 6ten- 

stretch., «., tension; 6tendue, /. 
stretcher, «., civiere, /. 
strict, adj., exact; strict; s6v6re. 
stride, n.f pas; grand pas, tn. 
strike, v., frapper; battre. 
strike, «., greve, /. 
striking, adj., frappant; remar- 

string, «., ficelle; corde, /. 
strip, «., bande, /. 
stripe, «., raie; barre; bande, /. 
stripe, v., rayer; barrer. 
strive, v., s*efforcer; tocher. 
stroke, «., coup, m. 
stroll, «., promenade; fl^nerie, /. 
stroll, v., errer; flS,ner. 
strong, adj'.y fort; vigoureux. 
stronghold, «., place forte, f. 
strop, n.y cuir k repasser, m. 
strophe, «., stance; strophe, /. 
structure, «., construction; struc- 
ture, /. 
struggle, «., lutte, /.; violent 

effort, m. 
struggle, v.-j lutter; se d^battre. 
stubborn, adj'., obstin6; opiniHtre; 

tetu; ent6t6. 
stubbornness, n., opiniatret6; 

ent^tement, m.; obstination, /. 


stud, «., clou; bouton, m. 

student, n., ^tudiant, m. 

studio, n., atelier, m. 

studious, adj., studieux; diligent. 

study, n., 6tude, application, /. 

study, v., 6tudier. 

stuff, «., matiere; 6toffe, /. 

stuff, v., remplir; bourrer; farcir. 

stumble, n., faux pas, tn. 

stumble, v., tr6bucher; faire un 
faux pasf 

stumbling-block, «., pier re 
d'achoppement, /. 

stump, «., tronjon, m. 

stun, v., 6tourdir; abasourdir. 

stupefaction, n., stupefaction, /.; 
6tonnement, nt. 

stupid, adj., stupide; sot; bgte. 

stupidity, .«., stupidity ; betise; 
sottise, f. 

stupor, «., stupeur, /. 

sturdy, adj\, hardi; vigoureux; 

style, n., style; genre, nt. 

stylish, adj., 616gant; de bon ton. 

subaltern, adj'., subalterne. 

subject, n., sujet; motif, m. 

subject, v., assujettir; soumettre. 

subjugate, v., subjuguer; sou- 

subjunctive, n., subjonctif, m. 

sublime, adj\ and n., sublime, m. 

submarine, a^"., sous-marin. 

submerge, v., submerger. 

submission, «.,soumission; resig- 
nation, /. 

submit, v., soumettre; d6f6rer. 

subordinate, n., subordonn6, m. 

subordination, «., subordina- 
tion; soumission, /. 

suborn, v., suborner; corrompre; 

subpoena, v., citer; assigner. 

subscribe, v., souscrire. 

subscriber, n., souscripteur; 
abound, mr, abonn^e, /, 





sabscription, «., souscription, /.; 
abonnement, m. 

subsequent, ad/.^ subsequent; 

subsidy, n.f subside, nt.; subven- 
tion, /. 

subsist, v., exister; subsister. 

substance, «., substance, /. 

substantive, ad/., substantif. 

substitute, fi., substitut; rempla- 
gant; mandataire, m. 

substitution, »., substitution,/. 

subterfug^e, «., subterfuge; de- 
tour; faux-fuyant, m. 

subtile, adj., subtil; lin. 

subtle, adj'.t subtil; rus6. 

suburb, ff., faubourg, m. 

subvention, «., subvention, /. 

succeed, v., succ6der. 

success, ff.,succes, nt.; r6ussite, /. 

succession, »., succession. 

successor, «., successeur, tn, 

succinct, adj. J succinct. 

succumb, v.y succomber. 

such., ad/. J tel; certain. 

suck, v., sucer. 

sudden, ad/., subit; soudain; ino- 

suddenly, adv., subitement; tout 
k coup; soudain. 

sue, v., poursuivre en justice. 

suffer, v., souffrir. 

sufferer, «., victime, /".; patient, w. 

suffice, v., suffire k; satisfaire. 

sufficient, ad/., suffisant; assez. 

suffix,;?. , terminaison, /. ; suffixe, w. 

suffocate, v., suffoquer; 6touffer; 

suffocation, n., suffocation, /.; 
6touffement, nt. 

suffrage, n:, suffrage, nt. 

sug^r, n., Sucre, nt. 

sugaT'loaf^ n.y pain de sucre, nt. 

suggest, v., sugg^rer; inspirer. 

suicide, n., suicide, nt. 

suit, n., proems, m. 


suit, v., approprier; convenir k. 
suite, n., suite, /.; cortege, #i». 
sulfate, n., sulfate, m. 
sulfur, »., soufre, m. 
sultan, »., sultan, nt. 
sultry, adj., 6touffant; suflfocant. 
sum, ff., somme, /.; r^sum^, fn, 
sum, v., additionner; resumer. 
summary, n., sommaire; precis; 

r6sum6, nt. 
summer, n., €t€, m. 
summit, ff., sommet, m.; cime, /. 
summon, v., convquer; r^clamer. 
summons, n., sommation; convo- 
cation; assignation, /. 
sumptuous, adj., somptueuz. 
sun, n., soleil, m. 
Sunday, n., dimanche, m. 
sundries, n., diverses choses, 

/. ipl.). 
sunligbt, n., lumiere du soleil, /. 
sunny, adj., de soleil; brillant 

com me le soleil. 
sunrise, «., lever du soleil. 
sunset, n., coucher du soleil. 
sunstroke, n., coup de soleil, tn.; 

insolation, /. 
sup, v., souper. 
superb, adj., superbe. 
superficial, adj., superficiel. 
superintendent, «., chef; su- 

rintendant, nt.; surintendante, /. 
superior, adj. and «., sup6rieur. 
superiority, n., superiority, /. 
superlative, «., superlatif, nt. 
supernatural, adj., sumaturel. 
superpose, v., superposer. 
supersede, v., suspendre; se sub- 

stituer k remplacer. 
superstition, n., superstition, /. 
superstitious, a^;^'. , superstitieux. 
supervise, v., surveiller; veiller k. 
supervision, n., surveillance; 

inspection, /. 
supervisor, «., inspecteur; sur- 

veillant; r6viseur, w. 




supper, «., souper, m. 

supplant, v.y supplanter. 

supple, adj.y souple; flexible. 

supplement, «., supplement, m, 

supplicate, v.y supplier; im- 

supplication, «., supplication; 
supplique; priere, /. 

supply, «., approvisionnement, w. 

supply, v.y foumir; suppler k. 

support, n.y soutien; support; 
appui, tn. 

support, v.y soutenir; supporter. 

suppose, v.y supposer. 

supposition, n.y supposition; hy- 
poth6se, /. 

suppress, v.y supprimer; 6touffer. 

suppression, «., suppresion; re- 
pression, /. 

suppute, v.y supputer; calculer. 

supremacy, «., supr6matie, /. 

supreme, adj.y supreme. 

surcharge, v.y surcharger. 

sure, adj.y sfir; certain. 

surety, «., s^curite, f.y garant, w.; 
caution, /. 

surg^eon, «., chirurgien, m. 

surgery, «., chirurgie, /. 

surmise, z/., se douter de; soup- 

surmount, v.y surmonter. 

surname, «., surnom, m. 

surname, v., surnommer. 

surpass, v.y surpasser. 

surplus, n.y surplus; exc6dant, w. 

surprise, «., surprise, f. 

surprise, v.y surprendre. 

surrender, «., reddition; aban- 
don, tn. 

surrender, v.y rendre; livrer; se 

surround, v.y environner; en- 
tourer; cemer. 

survene, v.y survenir. 

survey, n.y lev^ des plans; arpen- 
tage, tn. 


survey, v. , lever le plan de; arpen- 

surveying, «., arpentage, m. 

surveyor, «., arpenteur; arpen- 
teur-g6ometre, m. 

survive, v.y survivre k. 

survivor, «., survivant, m.\ sur- 
vivante, /. 

susceptible, adj. , susceptible; sen- 

suscitate, v.y susciter. 

suspect, v.y soupyonner; se de- 
fter de. 

suspend, z*. , suspendre. 

suspension, «., suspension, /. 

suspicion, «., soup^on; suspi- 
cion, /. 

suspicious, adj.y soupconneux. 

sustain, v.y soutenir; supporter. 

suzerain, «., suzerain, w.; su- 
zeraine, /. 

sivallow, v.y avaler; engloutir. 

svramp, n.y marais; mar^cage, tn, 

sivan, n.y cygne, m. 

swarm, «., essaim, m. 

swear, v.y jurer; preter serment. 

siveat, n.y sueur, /. 

sweat, v.y suer. 

Swede, n.y Su6dois, w.; Su^doise, /. 

sweep, v.y balayer. 

sweet, adj.y doux; sucr6. 

sweetheart, «., bon ami, fn.\ 
bonne amie, /. 

sweetness, «., douceiir, /. 

sweet-pea, «., pois de senteur, tn, 

swell, v.y enfler; gonfler. 

swelling, n.y enflure, /. 

swift, adj.y rapide; prompt; vif. 

swiftness, «., rapidit6; promp- 
titude; Vitesse, /. 

swim, v.y nager. 

swimmer, «., nageur, nt.'y na- 
geuse, /. 

swimming, «., natation, /. 

swindle, v.y escroquer. 

swindle, w., escroquerie, /. 




BTTindler, n.^ escroc; chevalier 
d' Industrie, m, 

STvindlinif^, n., escroquerie, /. 

si^liie, n.y cochon, m. 

Sluing, n., balan^oire, /. 

Si^iss, n., Suisse, m.; Suissesse, /. 

siivitcli, n.f aiguille, /.; rail mo- 
bile, tn. 

STVitcImian, n., aiguilleur, m. 

swoon, v., s'6vanouir; se trouver 

sword, n.t ^p^, /.; sabre, m. 

siivorn, adj'.f jur6; asserment^. 

syllable, »., syllabe, /. 

symbol, «., symbole; signe sym- 
bolique, m. 

symmetry, «., sym6trie, /. 

sympatliize, r., sympathiser; 

sympathy, «., sympathie, /. 

sympliony, «., symphonic, /. 

symptom, ;/.,sympt6me; indice.wi. 

synagog^ue, «.,- synagogue, /. 

syncope, n., syncope, /. 

syndicate, «., syndicat, m. 

synonym, «., synonyme, m. 

synonymy, »., synonymie, /. 

syntax, «., syntaxe, /. 

system, »., syst^me, m, 


tabernacle, «., tabernacle; sanc- 

tuaire, m. 
table, n., table, /. 
table-clotb, «., nappe, /. 
table-cover, «., tapis de table, m. 
tacit, adj., tacite; implicite. 
taciturn, adj., taciturne. 
tack, n., petit clou, m. 
tact, n., tact, m. 
tactician, «., tacticien, tn. 
tactics, «. ipl.), tactique, f.{sing.) . 
taffeta, n., taffetas, m. 
tall, n., queue; extremite, /. 
tailor, «., tailleur, m. 
take, v,i prendre; conduire; mener. 


tale, ». , conte; r^it, m. ; historiette,/! 
talent, ff., talent, tn, 
talk, z/., parler; converser; causer. 
talk, »., conversation, /.; entretien; 

m.\ causerie, /. 
talker, n . , causeur, tn. ; causeuse, /. ; 

bavard, m. 
tall, adj\t grand; haut. 
tambourine, n., tambour de bas- 
que, m. 
tame, v., apprivoiser; rendre do- 

tame, adj'., apprivois6; domestique. 
tan, n., tan, m. 
tan, v.f tanner. 
tangent, n., tangente, /. 
tank, «.. reservoir; cuve, /. 
tannery, «., tannerie, /. 
tannin, »., tanin, tn. 
tap, n.y tape, /.; coup, m, 
tap, v.y mettre en perce. 
tai^estry, «., tapisserie, /. 
tapioca, n.y tapioca, nt. 
tar, n.y goudron, tn. 
tardy, adj., lent; tardif. 
tare, v.y tarer; prendre la tare de. 
target, «., cible, /.; but, m. 
tariff, n.y tarif, m. 
tarnish, v.y ternir. 
tarry, 2/.,s'arreter; tarder; diflf6rer. 
tart, n.y tarte, f. 
Tartar, n.y Tartare, m. f. 
task, n.y t^che, /.; travail; ou- 

vrage, m. 
taste, v., gouter. 
tasteful, adj'.y de bon gofit. 
tax, n.y imp6t, m.; contribution; 

taxe, /. 
tax, v.y imposer; taxer. 
tea, n.y the, m.; infusion, /. 
teach, v.y enseigner; instruire. 
teacher, «., maitre, m.; maitress6, 

/.; instituteur, m.; institutrice, /.4 

professeur, ni. 
teaching, n.y enseignement, m.; 

instruction, /". 




'team, n., attelage, m, 

t^eapot, «., th^iere, /. 

'tGSLT^ n., larme, /.; pleur, m. 

"tear, v.y d^chirer. 

"tease, v., tracasser; tourmenter. 

"tea- service, «., cabaret, m.; 

service k th6, m. 
tea- tray, «., plateau, m. 
tea-tree, «., arbre k th6, m, 
teclmical, adj. , technique; de 

teclinlcs, n. (pi.), technique, /. 


tedious, ad/. , ennuyeux; fastidieux. 
teeth., v.f faire ses dents. 
telegraph, «., t^legraphe, m. 
telescope, «. , telescope, m. ; lunette 

d'approche, /. 
tell, v., dire; raconter. 
temerity, «., t^m^rite, /. 
temper, «., caractere; natural, w.; 

humeur, /. 
temper, v., m^langer; temperer. 
temperament, «., constitution, 

/.; temperament, tn. 
temperance, «., temperance; 

sobri6t6; moderation, /. 
tempest, «.,tempete,/.; orage,w. 
temple, «., temple, nt.; tempe, /. 
temporary, adj.y temporaire. 
temporize, v., temporiser. 
tempt, v.y tenter; exciter. 
temptation, n.^ tentation, /.; en- 

trainement, m. 
tempter, «., tentateur, m.; tenta- 

trice, /. 
ten, adj'.y dix. 
tenacious, adj'.y tenace. 
tenacity, «., tenacite, /. 
tenant, «., locataire, rn. 
tendency, «., tendance, /, 
tender, «., garde, /.; tender, m. 
tender, v., offrir; presenter. 
tender, ad/.^ tendre; sensible. 
tender-hearted, adj., au cceur 



tenderly, adv., tendrement. 
tenement, «., habitation; maison, 

/.; appartement, m. 
tenor, «., teneur, /. 
tense, n., temps, nt. 
tent, n., tente, /. 
tenth, adj., dixi^me. 
tepid, ad/., tiede. 
term, «., term, m.; limite, /. 
terminate, v., terminer; finir. 
termination, «. , extremity; termi- 

naison; conclusion, /. 
terminus, n., embarcadere, tn.; 

gare de depart, /.; d^barcadere, 

m.; garre d*arriv6e, /. 
terms, n. (^/.), conditions, /. {pi.). 
terrace, «., terrasse, /. 
terrible, ad/., terrible; redou- 

terrier, n., terrier, m. 
terrific, adj., affreux; terrible. 
terrify, v., terrifier; ^pouvanter. 
terror, «., terreur, /.; effroi, m.; 

epouvante, /. 
test, n., 6preuve, /. 
test, v., eprouver. 
testament, n., testament, m. 
testator, n., testateur, m. 
testatrix, n., testatrice, /. 
tester, n., ciel de lit, m. 
testify, v., attester; certifier. 
testify, v., rendre t6moignage; 

t^moigner; d^poser. 
testimonial, n., t^moignage; cer- 

tificat, nt.] attestation, /. 
testimony, n., t6fnoignage, nt. 
text, n., texte, nt.; 6criture, /. 
textbook, «., guide pour les 

6tudiants. ■ 
textile, adj., textile. 
textual, ad/., textuel. 
texture, n., tissu, nt. 
than, con/., que. 
thank, v., remercier. 
thank, n., remerciment, nt. 
thankful, ad/., reconnaissant. " 




thankfulness, n., gratitude; re- 
connaissance, /.; remerciments, 

m. (pi.). 
thanks, »., remerciments, fn.(pl.)\ 

griices, /. (^/.). 
tbaty pron.f ce; cet; cette; celui-li, 

m.\ celle-14, /.; cela; 5a. 
that, pron., qui, m. /.; lequel, fn.\ 

laquelle, /.; lesquels, /«. (pl.)\ 

lesquelles, /. (pl.)\ que. 
thaM^, »., d^gel, m. 
the, art., le, w.; la, /.; les, fn.f.{pl.), 
theater, «., th6ILtre, m.\ specta- 
cle, tn. 
thee, pron., toi; te. 
theft, n.y larcin; vol, m. 
their, pron., leur; leurs. 
theirs, pron.y k eux, m. {pl.)\ k 

elles, /. (pl.)\ le leur, tn.\ la leur, 

/.; les leurs, tn. f. (pi.). 
them , pron . , eux , m. {pi.)] elles , 

/. ipi.); les, tn. f. {pi.). 
theme, «., theme; sujet, nt. 
themselves, pron.^ eux-memes, 

tn. {pl.)\ elles-memes, /. {pl.)\ 

se, tn. f. {pi.). 
then, adv.y ensuite; alors; puis. 
then, conj.y done. 
thence, adv., de la; par 1^; des 

theology, »., theologie, /. 
theorem, «., theoreme, w. 
theoretical, a^".,theorique; sp6c- 

theory, «., th^orie, /. 
therapeutics, n. {pi.), th^ra- 

peutique, /. {sing.). 
there, adv., la; y. 
thereafter, adv., ensuite; la- 

dessus; apres cela. 
thereby, adv. , par la; par ce moyen. 
therefore, adv., c'est pourquoi; 

par consequent; ainsi. 
therefrom, adv., de 14. 
therein, adv., la-dedans; en cela. 
thereof, adv., de la. . 


there w^ith, adv., avec cela. 
thermometer, n., thermome- 

tre, m. 
these, pron., ces, tn. /.; ceux-ci, 

m. {pi.)\ celles-ci, /. (//.). 
thesis, n., these, /. 
they, pron., ils, tn. {pi.)\ elles, /. 

(pl.)\ ceux, tn. {pi.)\ celles, /. 

{pi.)\ eux, m. {pi.); elles, /. (pi.). 
thick, ad/., 6pais; gros; trouble. 
thicken, v., 6paissir. 
thicket, «., bosquet; fourr6; buis- 

son, tn. 
thickness, «., ^paisseur, /. 
thief, n.y voleur, tn.; voleuse, /. 
thimble, «., d€, tn. 
thin, adj., mince; clair. 
thin, v., 6claircir. 
thine, pron., le tien, tn.; la tienne, 

/.; les tiens, tn. (pi.); les tiennes, 

/. {pi.); a toi. 
thing, «., chose, /.; objet, tn.; 

affaire, /. 
think, v., penser; croire. 
thinker, n., penseur, tn. 
third, ad/., troisieme; tiers. 
thirdly, adv., troisiemement. 
thirst, n., soif, /. 
thirsty, ad/., alt6r6; avoir soif . 
thirteen, adj., treize. 
thirteenth, adj., treizieme. 
thirtieth, n. and ad/., trentieme. 
thirty, ad/., trente. 
this, pron.', ce; cet, tn.; cette, /.; 

celui-ci, tn.; celle-ci, /.; ceci, m. 
thorn, n., 6pine, /. 
thorough, adj., entier; complet; 

thoroughbred, adj., pur sang. 
thoroughfare, n., passage, tn. 
thoroughly, adv., enti^rement; 

those, pron., ces, tn. /. (//.); ceux, 

m. {pL); celles, /. {pi.); ceux-la, 

tn. {pl.)\ celles-14, /. {pi.). 
thou, pron., tu; toi. 




tlion, v.f tutoyer. 

tliongr^9 ^onj'.f quoique; bien que. 

tlioug^lit, n,y pens6e; id^; opi- 
nion, /. 

thougrhtful, adj.f pensif; rSveur; 

thread, »., fil, m. 

threat, n.^ menace, /. 

threaten, v., menacer; faire des 
menaces k. 

three, adj.j trois. 

threshold, «., seuil de porte, m. 

thrice, adv., trois fois. 

thrift, n.f gain; profit, fn, 

thrifty, adj., manager; 6conome. 

thrive, v., prosp6rer; r^ussir. 

throat, «., gorge, /. 

throbbing^, «., battement, m.; 
palpitation, /. 

throne, v., placer sur un tr6ne. 

throng, v.y accourir en foule. 

throngs, n.y foule; multitude, /. 

through, adj'.y de part en part. 

thrO"W, v., Jeter; lancer. 

thrust, v., pousser. 

thrust, n.y coup; assaut, m.; atta- 
que, /. 

thumb, «., pouce, tn. 

thunder, «., tonnerre, m.; fou- 
dre, /. 

thunder, v., tonner. 

thunderbolt, «., foudre, /. 

thunderclap, «., coup de ton- 
nerre, m. 

thunderstruck, adj.^ foudroy6; 
atterr^; an6anti. 

Thursday, «., jeudi, m. 

thus, adv., ainsi. 

thy, adj., ton, m.\ ta, /.; tes, 
tn. f. {pL). 

thyme, n., thym, tn. 

thyself, pron., toi-meme; te. 

ticket, n., billet, tn. 

tickle, v., chatouiller. 

tide, n., mar^e, /. 

tidings, n, (//,)» nouvelles, /. {pL). 


tidy, adj., bien arrang^; propre; 

tie, v., attacher; lier. 
tie, n., lien, tn.-, attache; cravate,/. 
tiger, «., tigre, tn. 
tight, adj., serr6. 
tighten, v., serrer. 
tigress, «., tigresse, /. 
tile, n., tuile, /. 
till, prep., jusqu'A. 
till, v., labourer; cultiver. 
tiller, n., laboureur; cultivateur, m. 
timber, «., bois, tn. 
time, n., temps, tn. 
timekeeper, «., chronometre; 

surveillant, tn. 
timely, adj., opportun; k propos; 

de saison. 
time-table, n., liste des heures de 

depart et d'arriv^e, /. 
timid, adj., timide; craintif; peu- 

timidity, n., timidit6, /. 
tin, «., fer blanc; 6tain, tn. 
tin, v., 6tamer. 

tincture, n., teinture; nuance, /. 
tinman, «., ferblantier, tn. 
tint, n., teinte, /. 
tiny, adj., tout petit; mignon. 
tip, n., extremity, /.; bout, m, 
tii>staff, n., huissier, tn. 
tipsy, adj., gris; ivre. 
tirade, n., tirade, /. 
tire, n., bande, /. 
tire, v., lasser; fatiguer; ennuyer. 
tiresome, a^*., fatigant; ennuyeux. 
title, n., titre; document, tn. 
title, v., intituler; donner un titre a. 
titular, adj., titulaire. 
to, prep., 4. 
toad, n., crapaud, tn. 
toast, n., rdtie, /. 
toast, v., porter a la sant6 de. 
tobacco, «.,tabac;tabac a fumer,w. 
tocsin, n., tocsin, tti. 
today, adv., aujourd'hui. 




toe, If., orteil; doig^ de pied, m. 

tog^ether, adv., ensemble. 

toll, If., travail fatigant, tn. 

toil, v., travailler fort; fatig^er. 

toilet. If., toilette, /. 

token, n.t signe, tn.; marque, /.; 
t^moignage; gage, m, 

tolerable, adj., tolerable; sup- 

tolerate, v., tol6rer. 

toll. If., p^age, m. 

toll-gate. If., barriere de p^age, /. 

tomato. If., tomate, /. 

tomb. If., tombeau, m.; tombe; 
fosse, /. 

tome. If., tome; volume, tn. 

tomorrOM^, adv., demain. 

ton. If., tonne, /.; ton, tn.; mode, /. 

tongs. If., pincettes, /. (pi.). 

tongue. If., langue, /.; langage; 
idiome, ni. 

tonic, adj., tonique; incitant. 

tonight, If., cette nuit, /.; ce 
soir, tn. 

too, adv.y trop. 

tool. If., outil; instrument, m. 

tool-chest. If., boite a outils, /. 

tooth, If., dent, /. 

tooth-brush, n., brosse k dents, /. 

toothpick, n.y cure-dent, m. 

top, «., haut; sommet, m. 

topaz, n., topaze, /. 

topic, n.y sujet; argument, m. 

torment, «., tourment, m.; tor- 
ture, /.; supplice, m. 

torment, v., tourmenter. 

tornado, n., tourbillon de vent, m. 

torpedo, «., torpille, /. 

torpid, adj. , engourdi; inerte; lourd. 

torrent, «., torrent, m. 

torrid, adj., torride. 

tortuous, adj., tortu; tordu. 

torture, v., torturer; mettre a la 

total. If., total; montant, m.; 
sommei /. 

totality. If., totality, /.; montant; 

tout, fH. 

touch, v., toucher. 

touch. If., toucher, nt. 

touching, adj., touchant; 6mou- 
I tough, adj., dur; coriace. 

tourist, If., touriste; voyageur, m. 

to"w, v., remorquer. 

tOM^ard, prep., vers; du c6t6 de. 

to\¥boat,if ., bateau remorqueur,f«. 

towel. If., essuie-main, m., ser- 
viette, /. 

tO"wer, If., tour, /. 

tOTvn, If., ville; capitale, /. 

toi?VTi-hall, If., hdtel de ville, m. 

toi^mship. If., commune, /. 

toy, If., jouet; joujou, m. 

trace, «., trace, /.; trait, tn, 

trace, v., tracer. 

track. If., trace; voie, /. 

tract. If., contr6e; r6g^on, /. 

traction, »., tension; attraction; 
traction, /. 

trade, n., commerce; trafic; n6- 
goce, m.', profession, /. 

trade, v., trafiquer; n6gocier; com- 

trader, «., n^gociant, fn.\ n6goci- 
ante, /.; commer^ant, nf.; commer- 
5ante, /. 

tradition, n., tradition, /. 

traffic. If., trafic; commerce; ne- 
goce, tn. 

traffic, v., trafiquer; commercer. 

tragedian, «., trag6dien, m.-, tra- 
gedienne, /.; auteur tragique, tn. 

tragedy, n., trag6die, /. 

trail, If., trainee, /. 

train, n., suite, /.; cortege; train, tn. 

train, v., dresser; former; exercer. 

traitor, n., traitre; perfide, tn. 

tramp, v., errer; rdder. 

trample, v., fouler aux pieds; pi«^- 

traniTvay, if., tramway, m. 




tranquil, adj., tranquille. 

transact, v,, faire ex6cuter; ex- 

transaction, «., n6gociation, /. 

tt*ansatlantlc, adj., transallan- 

transcribe, v,, transcrire; copier. 

transfer, «., transfer!, m.\ ces- 
sion, /. 

transf Igrm^'^y ^-j transfigurer; 

transform, z/., transformer; chan- 

transit, n., transit, m. 

transition, «., transition, /. 

translate, v., traduire. 

translation, «., traduction, /. 

translator, «., traducteur, m. 

transmission, «. , transmission, /. 

transmit, v., transmettre. 

transparent, adj. , transparent; 

transpire, v., transpirer. 

transport, «., transport, m. 

transport, z/., transporter. 

trap, «., trappe, /.; piege, m.\ em- 
biiche, /. 

trap, v., tendre une trappe. 

travel, v., voyager. 

travel, «., voyage, m. 

traveler, «., voyageur, fn.\ voy- 
ageuse, /.; commis voyageur, m. 

traverse, v., traverser. 

tread, v., poser le pied; marcher. 

tread, w., pas, m. 

treasure, «., tr^sor, m. 

treasurer, «., tresorier, m. 

treasury, «., tr^sor, m. 

treat, v., traiter. 

treat, «., regal; festin; banquet, m.\ 
grand plaisir, m. 

treatment, «., traitement, m. 

tree, «., arbre, m. 

trefoil, «., trefle, m. 

tremble, v., trembler. 

tremendous, adj,^ formidable. 

trespass, »., injure; violation d« 
propri6t6, m. 

tress, »., tresse de cheveux, /. 

trial, «., proces; jugement, m, 

triangle, «., triangle, m, 

tribe, «., tribu, /. 

tribunal, «., tribunal, m, 

tribune, «., tribune, /. 

tributary, adj., tributaire. 

trick, «., tour, m. 

tricolor, «., drapeau tricolore, w. 

triennial, adj., triennal. 

trifle, «., bagatelle, /. 

trifle, v., s'amuser k des riens. 

trigonometry, «., trigonome- 
tric, /. 

trill, v., vibrer; triller; cadencer. 

trim, v., arranger; tailler. 

trinity, «., Trinit6, /. 

trio, «., trio, m. 

trip, n., tourn^e, /.; tour, m. 

tripe, «., tripe, /.; gras-double, w. 

triumph, «., triomphe, m. 

triumph, v., triompher. 

troop, «., troupe, /. 

trophy, n.y trophic, tn. 

tropic, «., tropique, tn. 

troubadour, «., troubadour, tn, 

trouble, v., troubler; inqui^ter. 

trouble, «., trouble, fn.\ peine, /. 

troublesome, adj.^ ennuyeux; 

trout, n., truite, /. 

truce, «., treve, /. 

true, adj.y vrai; r^el; veritable. 

truly, adv., vraiment; fidelement. 

trump, «., trompe; trompette, /.; 
atout, m. 

trumpet, «., trompette, /. 

trunk, «., tronc, in.\ malle, /. 

trust, n., confiance, /. 

trust, v., se fier a; ajouter foi k, 

trustee, «., gardien; administra- 
teur, m. 

truth, «., v6rite, /.; vrai, m. 

try, z/., essayer; tacher, 




tab, »., cuve, /. 

tube, n.f tube, m. 

tuition, »., instruction, /. 

tumult, n.t tumulte; trouble, tn, 

tune, n.t air; son, m. 

tune, v., accorder; mettre d' accord. 

tunic, n.y tunique, /. 

tunnel, fi., tunnel; souterrain, m. 

tureen, «., soupiere, /. 

turf, n.f gazon, m.; terrain de 

course, m.; turf, m. 
Turk, «., Turc, m.; Turque, /. 
turkey, «., dindon, tn.; dinde, /. 
turn, v., tourner. 
turn, «., tour, m. 
turnkey, «., guichetier, m. 
turpentine, «., t6r6benthine, /. 
tutor, «., pr6cepteur; institu- 

teur, m. 
tutoress, «., gouvemante; institu- 

trice, /. 
tM^elfth, n. and ad/.^ douzi^me. 
t'welve, adj'.t douze. 
tM^entleth, n. and adj., ving- 

t'wenty, adj'.y vingt. 
twice, adj.y deux fois. 
t"wln, «., jumeau, m.; jumelle, /. 
two, adj., deux. 
type» «., type, m. 
typic, adj., typique; figuratif. 

tyrant, «., tyran, m. 


ultimatum, n., ultimatum, m. 
umbrage, n., ombrage, m. 
umbrella, «., parapluie, m. 
unable, adj., incapable; impuis- 

unanimity, «., unanimity, /. 
unanimous, adj., unanime. 
unaware, adj., inattentif. 
unbelief, «., incredulite, /. 
uncertain, adj., incertain. 
uncle, n., oncle, m. 
unclean, adj., malpropre; sale. 


uncomfortable, ad/., incom- 
mode; g€nant. 

unconscious, ad/., inconscient; 
sans connaissance. 

under, adv., dessous; au-dessous. 

under, prep., sous; dessous. 

undergo, v., subir; supporter. 

underground, n., lieu souter- 
rain, m. 

underhand, adv. , sous main; sour- 

underneatb, adv., dessous; au- 
dessous; par-dessous; en-dessous. 

understand, v., entendre; com- 

understanding, n., intelligence; 
harmonie, /.; accord, m. 

undertake, v., entreprendre. 

undertaker, «., entrepreneur, «.; 
entrepreneuse, /.; entrepreneur de 
pompes funebres, m. 

undo, v., d^faire. 

undress, v., se d^shabiller. 

uneasiness, «., inquietude, /. 

uneasy, adj., inquiet; mal k son 

unemployed, adj., inoccup6. 

unequal, adj., in^gal. 

unfair, adj., injuste; d^loyal. 

unfortunate, adj., infortun6; 

unfortunately, adv., malheu- 
reusement; par malheur. 

ungrateful, adj., ingrat. 

unbarmed, adj., intact; sain et 

uniform, adj., uniforme. 

union, n., union; reunion, /.; 
accord, tn. 

union- Jack, «., pavilion anglais,i»#, 

unique, adj., unique. 

unit, n., unit6, /. 

unite, v., unir; r6unir; joindre. 

universal, adj., universel. 

universe, n., univers, m. 

university, «., university, f. 




niiknoTVii, adj., inconnu. 
unla^wlul, adj., illegal; illicite; 

unless, conj.y k moins que; si ce 

unlike, adj., invraisemblable. 
unload, v., d6charger. 
unlucky, adj., malheureux; infor- 

unmarried, adj., non mari6; 

unmask, v., d^masquer; d^voiler. 
unpack, v., d^paqueter; d^baller. 
unpleasant, adj., d^plaisant; d6- 

unqualified, adj., inhabile; in- 
unquiet, adj., inquiet; agit6. 
unroll, v., d6rouler; d^ployer. 
unseal, v., d^cacheter. 
unsteady, adj., chancelant. 
unsuccessful, adj., sans succes; 

until, prep., jusque; jusqu'a. 
unusual, adj., pen commun; rare; 

unwell, adj., malade; indispos6; 

qui ne se porte pas bien. 
uniprilling, adj., mal dispose; de 

mauvaise volont6. 
unwise, adj., peu sage; malavis6. 
unM^orthy, adj., indigne; sans 

up, adv., haut; en haut; en I'air. 
upholsterer, n., tapissier, m.\ 

tapissiere, /. 
upland, n., terrain 61ev6, m.', 

haute terre, /. 
upon, prep., sur. 
upper, adj., sup^rieur; haut. 
upright, adj., droit; debout. 
uproar, n., tumulte; d^sordre; va- 

carme, m. 
upset, v., renverser; bouleverser. 
upside-do'wn, adv., sens dessus- 



urge, v., presser; exciter; piier 

urgency, n., urgence; n6cessit6 

urgente, /. 
urgent, adj., urgent; instant; pres- 

urn, n., urne, /.; vase, m, 
us, pron., nous. 
usage, n., usage, tn. 
use, n., emploi, f».; utility, /. 
use, v., employer. 
useful, adj., utile; avantageux. 
useless, adj., inutile. 
usual, adj., ordinaire; commun. 
usufruct, n., usufruit, m. 
usurer, n., usurier, tn, 
usurp, v., usurper. 
utensil, n., ustensile, tn. 
utility, n., utility, /.; avantage, w. 
utilize, v., utiliser. 
utmost, adj., extreme; le plus 

Utopia, n., utopie, /. 
utter, v., 6noncer; prof^rer; pro- 


vacancy, n., lacune, /.; vide, fn.\ 

vacance, /. 
vacant, adj., vide; libre; vacant. 
vacate, v., quitter. 
vacation, n., vacances, /. (//.). 
vaccinate, v., vacciner. 
vaccination, n., vaccination; 

vaccine, /. 
vagabond, n., vagabond, /«.; 

vagabonde, /. 
vagrancy, n., vagabondage, #«. 
vagrant, adj., vagabond; errant. 
vague, adj., vague. 
vain, adj., vain. 
valet, n., valet, m. 
valiant, adj., vaillant; valeureux; 

valid, adj., valable; valide. 




Taltdate, v,, valider; rendre vala- 

valise, «., valise, /. 
valley, «., valine, /.; vallon, m. 
valor, n., valeur; vaillance; bra- 

voure, /. 
valuable, adj., pr6cieuz. 
value, «., valeur, /.; prix, m. 
value, V.J evaluer; estimer. 
valve, »., soupape; valve, /. 
van, »., charrette couverte, /. 
vanilla, «., vanille, /. 
vanlsli, v.y s'evanouir; disparaitre. 
vanity, «., vanite, /. 
vapor, »., vapeur; fum6e, /. 
variable, ad/., variable; chan- 

variation, «., variation, /.; 

changement, m. 
varied, adj., vari6. 
variety, »., variety, /. 
various, adj., divers; diflF6rent; 

varnlsb, «., vemis, m, 

varnisb, v., vernir. 

vary, v., varier. 

vase, «., vase, m. 

vassal, «., vassal, fn.; vassale, /. 

vast, adj\, vaste; immense. 

vaudeville, n., vaudeville, m. 

vault, «., voiite, /.; caveau, tn.; 
sepulture, /. 

veal, n., veau, m. 

vegetables, «., l^g^mes, nt. (pi.). 

vegetate, v., v6geter. 

vegetation, «., v6g6tation, /. 

vehemence, n., v6h6mence, /. 

vehement, ad/., v6h6ment; im- 
p^tueux; violent. 

vehicle, «., v6hicule, w.; voiture, /. 

veil, «., voile, m. 

veil, v., voiler. 

vein, n., veine, /. 

velocipede, «., velocipede, tn. 

velvet, «., velours, m, 

venerate, v,, v6n6rer; r6v6rer. 


veneration, «., v6n6ration, /. 

Venetian, n., V6nitien, m.; V^ni- 
tienne, /. 

vengeance, «., vengeance, /. 

venom, n., venin; poison, m. 

venomous, ad/., veniimenx. 

ventilate, v., a6rer; ventiler. 

ventilator, n., ventilateur, tn. 

venture, n., aventure, /.; ris- 
que, tn, 

Venus, If., V6nus, /. 

veracious, adj., vrai; v^ridique. 

veranda, n., veranda, /. 

verb, »., verba, m. 

verdict, «., verdict; jugement; 
arr^t, m. 

verification, n., verification, / 

verify, v., verifier; prouver. 

veritable, adj',, veritable. 

verity, n., v6rit6; v6racit6, /. 

verse, «., vers, tn. 

versed, ad/., vers6; experiments. 

vertical, adj., vertical. 

vertigo, «., vertige; etourdisse- 
ment, nt. 

very, adv., fort; bien; tres. 

vessel, n., vaisseau; receptacle, m. 

vest, n., gilet, m. 

vestige, «., vestige, m.; trace, /. 

veteran, «., veteran, m. 

veterinary, «., veterinaire, tn. 

vex, v., vexer. 

vexation, n., affliction; vexation,/. 

vexed, adj\, vexe; ivrite; f&che. 

viaduct, «., viaduc, m. 

vibration, «., oscillation; vibra- 
tion, /. 

vicar, «., vicaire, tn. 

vice, «., vice, m. 

vicinity, «., voisinage, fn., proxi- 
mite, /. 

victim, «., victime, /. 

victor, n., vainqueur, tn. 

victorious, adj., victorieux. 

victuals, n. (pi.), vivres, m. (pi.); 
provisions, /. (//.)• 




T^ieiv, v.t regarder; contempler. 
view, n.y vue; perspective,/.; coup 

d'oeil, m. 
vigil, «., veille; veill^e; vigile, /. 
vigilant, ad/.y vigilant; 6veill6; 

vignette, «., vignette, /. 

vigorous, ad/.y vigoureux; fort. 

vigor, n.y vigueur; force, /. 

vile, ady.y vil; abject; bas. 

vilify, v., aviiir; abaisser; vili- 
pender; d6nigrer. 

villa, n.y villa; maison de plai- 
sance, /. 

village, n.y village, m. 

villain, n.y sc^l^rat; miserable, m. 

vindicate, v.y d^fendre; justifier. 

vindication, «., defense; justifi- 
cation, /.; maintien', m. 

vine, n.y vigne, /. 

vinegar, «., vinaigre, m. 

vineyard, «., vigne, /.; vi- 
gnoble, m. 

violate, v.y violer. 

violence, «., violence, /. 

violent, ad/.y violent. 

violet, n.y violette, /. 

violin, n.y violon, m. 

violinist, n.y violiniste, m, 

viper, n.y vipere, /. 

virgin, n.y vierge, /. 

virginity, «., virginity, /. 

virile, adj., viril; m^le. 

virtue, n.y vertu, /. 

visage, n.y visage, m.; figure, /. 

vls-a-vis, n.y vis-4-vis, m. 

viscount, n.y vicomte, m, 

visible, ad/.y visible. 

vision, n.y vision; vue, /. 

visit, n.y visite, /. 

visit, v.y visiter. 

visitor, n.y visiteur, w.; visiteuse,/. 

visual, ad/.y visuel. 

vitality, n.y vitality; vie, /. 

vitrify, v.y vitrifier. 

vivacious, ad/,, vif; vivace. 


vivid, ad/.y vif; anim6; ardent. 

viz., adv.y savoir; c'est-4-dire. 

vocabulary, «., vocabulaire, tn. 

vocal, ad/.y vocal. 

vogue, n.y vogue; mode, /. 

voice, «.,voix, /; suflFrage; vote,#«. 

void, v.y annuler; rendre nul. 

void, ad/.y vacant. 

volatilize, v.y volatiliser. 

volcano, n.y volcan, m. 

volley, n.y vol6e, /. 

volume, n.y volume, m. 

voluminous, ad/.y volumineux. 

voluntary, adj'.y volontaire. 

volunteer, «., volontaire, w. 

voluptuous, ad/.y voluptueux, tn. 

vomit, v.y vomir; rendre. 

vote, «.,vote,wi.; voix; opinion, /.; 

suflFrage, m. 

vote, v.y voter; 61ire. 

voucher, «., garant; titre, m. 

vow, n.y vcpu, m. 

vow, z/.,vouer; d^vouer; consacrer. 

vowel, n.y voyelle, /. 

voyage, n.y voyage par mer, m, 

vulgar, n.y baspeuple; vulgaire,w. 

vulgar, ad/.y vulgaire; commun. 

vulgarize, v., populariser; vul- 



wager, «., gageure, /.; pari, m, 
wager, v.y gager; parier. 
wages, n. (//.), gages, tn. (pi.); 

salaire, tn.-y paye, /. 
wagon, n.y wagon, w,; charrette, /. 
>vaist, n.y ceinture; taille, /. 
waistcoat, «., gilet, m. 
wait, v.y attendre. 
waiter, «., gar^on; domestique, w. 
waiting- maid, «., femme de 

chambre, /. 
waiting-room, «., salle d*at- 

tente, /. 
wake, v.y 6veiller; r6veiller. 
waking, «., veille, /.; 6tat de 

veille, m. 




'walk, n.y marche; promenade, /. 
M^alk, v., marcher; se promener. 
wall, «., muraille, /.; mur, tn. 
M^alnut, ft., noiz, /. 
walnut-tree, «., noyer, m. 
waltz, «., valse, /. 
M^altz, r., valser. 
"waltzer , «. , valseur, tn.\ valseuse, /. 
Meander, v., errer; r6der. 
wanderer, »., vagabond, m.\ va- 

gabonde, /. 
"want, «., besoin, m.\ n6cessit6, /. 
w^ant, 2/., avoir besoin de; man- 

quer de. 
"war, «., guerre, /. 
war-cry, «., cri de guerre, m. 
ward, «., pupille, ni. f. 
ward, z/., parer; 6viter; ^carter. 
warden, «., gardien, m. 
w^ardrobe, «., garde-robe; ar- 

moire, /, 
w^are, «., marchandise, /. 
"warehouse, «., magasin, nt. 
w^arfare, «., guerre, /. 
warm, adj'.y chaud. 
warm, z/., chauflFer. 
warmly, adv.y vivement. 
warn, v.y avertir; pr6venir. 
>var-office, «., ministere de la 

guerre, m, 
warrant, «.,ordre; pouvoir; man- 

dat, nt. 
warrant, z/., garantir. 
wary, adj., avise; sage; pr^voyant. 
wash, n.y blanchissage, nt. ; lessive,/. 
wash, v.y laver; se laver. 
washerman, «., blanchisseur, nt. 
washerwoman, «., blanchis- 

seuse, /. 
washing, «., blanchissage; la- 
vage, nt. 
wash-stand, «., lavabo, nt. 
wasp, «., guepe, /. 
waste, «., perte, /.; d^chet, nt. 
waste, v., gaspiller; prodiguer; 



waste-book, «., brouillard; me- 
morial, tn. 

"wateh, «., montre, /. 

"watch, V.J veiller, se tenir sur ses 

"watchful, adj., soigneux; vigi- 
lant; attentif. 

watchmaker, «., horloger, m. 

watch-making, «., horlogerie, f. 

"watchman , « . , gardien de nuit , ni . 

"watchword, «.,mot d'ordre, nt. 

"water, «., eau, /. 

"water, v., arroser. 

"water-carrier, «., porteur 
d'eau, 7n. 

"water-closet, «., cabinet d'ai- 
sances; cabinet, nt. 

water-color, //., aquarelle, /. 

w^atercress, «., cresson, m. 

"waterfall, «., cascade; chute 
d'eau, /. 

w^atering-place, «., ville de 
bains, /. 

w^ater-lily, n., nenuphar, nt. 

"watermelon, «., melon d'eau, ^«. 

"watery, a^'., humide; plein d'eau. 

"wave, «., vague, /.; flot, nt. 

"wave, z/., ondoyer; onduler; flotter. 

wavering, adj., inconstant; in- 
decis; vacillant. 

wavy, adj.y ondul6. 

"wax, v.y cirer. 

wax-candle, «., bougie, /. 

"way, «., chemin, nt.\ route; voie, f. 

"waylay, v.y guetter; dresser un 
guet-apens a. 

way"ward, adj., fantasque; m6- 

"we, pron., nous. 

"weak, adj., faible; infirme; debile. 

w^eaken, v., affaiblir; d^biliter. 

"weakly, adj., faible; infirme; de- 

"wealth, n., richesse; fortune, /. 

"wealthy, adj., riche; opulent. 

Weapon, «., arme; defense, /. 



wear, w., habillement, nt.; usure,/. 
Avear, v.^ porter; mettre. 
Avearied, aa?/.,fatigu6;ennuy6; las. 
Aveariness, «., fatigue; lassitude, 

/.; ennui, fH. 
weary, v.^ lasser; ennuyer; fati- 

weather, w., temps, tn. 
weave, z/., tisser. 
weaver, «., tisserand, m. 
web, n.y tissu, m.; toile, /. 
wed, v.f 6pouser; se marier avec; 

wedding:, «., noce, /.; noces, /. 

(pi.)\ mariage, m. 
wedlock, «., manage; hymen, m, 
Wednesday, «., mercredi, m. 
weed, n.y mauvaise herbe, /. 
weed, v.y sarcler. 
week, «., semaine, /. 
weekly, adj., de chaque semaine; 

weep, z/., pleurer; verser des larmes. 
weigh, v.y peser. 
weight, w., poids, m.\ pesanteur, /. 
welcome, «., bien venue, /. 
^velcomel intj.^ soyezle bienvenu. 
\velconie, v., souhaiter la bien- 

venue a. 
welfare, «., bien-etre; bonheur; 

bien, w. 
well, «., puits, tn. 
well, adj. J en bonne sante; bien. 
well-bred, adj.y poli; bien 61eve. 
well-informed, adj.y bien in- 

well-read, adj.^ instruit; qui a 

beaucoup lu. 
Welsh, adj.^ gallois; du pays de 

\vest, n.y ouest; Occident; cou- 

chant, tn. 
wet, n., humidity, /. 
wet, adj.y mouill6; humide. 
wet, v.y mouiller; tremper; humec- 



whale, «., baleine, /. 

wharf, «., quai; embarcadere, w. 

what, rel. pron,y ce qui; quel; 

qu'est-ce qui. 
'What, adj, pron., quel, tn. {sing.); 

quelle, /. (sing.). 
whatever, ^r(?«., quoi que ce soit; 

quelque que. 
wheat, «., froment; bl6, m. 
wheel, «., roue, /. 
wheelbarrow, «., brouette, /. 
'wlieel Wright, «., charron, m. 
when, adv., quand; lorsque. 
whence, adv., d'ou; de \k. 
whenever, adv., toutes les fois 

que; quand. 
where, adv., ou. 
whereof, adv., dont; de quoi; 

whereupon, adv., sur quoi; sur 

wherever, adv., partout oii. 
where w^ith, adv., avec quoi. 
whether, pron., lequel, m.-, la- 

quelle, /. 
which, rel. pron., qui, m. /.; lequel, 

m. {sing.); laquelle, /. {sing.); les- 

quels, m. {pi.); lesquelles, /. {pi.); 

ce qui. 
>vhile, n., temps, m.; dur^e, /. 
\vhile, adv., pendant que; tandis 

\vhim, n., caprice, m.; fantaisie; 

lubie, /. 
^vhimsical, adj., fantasque; capri- 


whip, v., fouetter. 

\vhip, n., fouet, m. 

whirl, v., faire tourner; tourner 

\vliirl\vind, «., tourbillon; siphon, 
in.; trombe, /. 

whisker, n., favori, tn. 

whisky, n., whiskey, tn.; eau-de- 
vie de grains, /. 




i;v'hi8per, r., chuchoter; dire tout 

^vhistle, IT., sifflement; tn, 
whistle, v., siffler. 
white, «., blanc, tn. 
whiten, v., blancbir. 
whither, adv.^ ou. 
who, pron,, qui. 
M^hoever, pro., quiconque; qui 

que ce soit. 
whole, adj., entier; tout. 
M^hole, n., tout; total; montant, m.\ 

totality, f. 
wholesale, »., vente en g^os, /. 
^vholesome, adj., sain; salubre. 
M^hom, pron., que. 
"whose, pron., dont; de qui. 
M^hy, adv., pourquoi. 
"wiek, ft., meche, /. 
wicked, adj., mechant; pervers. 
wickedness, «., m^chanceie; per- 

versite, /. 
wide, adj., large; grand. 
widen, v., 61argir; agrandir. 
widow, n., veuve, /. 
widoM^ed, adj., veuf. 
widower, n., veuf, m. 
w^idth, n., largeur, /. 
wife, n., femme; Spouse, /. 
w^ig, «., perruque, /. 
wild, n., desert; lieu sauvage, m.\ 

solitude, /. 
wild, adj., sauvage; inculte. 
wilful, adj., volontaire; opini^tre. 
w^ill, v., vouloir; ordonner; 16guer. 
willing^, adj., bien dispose; de 

bonne volont6. 
willingly, adv., volontiers. 
willow, n., saule, m. 
wily, adj., ruse; fin. 
win, v., gagner; remporter. 
wind, n., vent, m. 
w^ind, v., rouler; enrouler; devider. 
windmill, «., moulin a vent, ;;/. 
window, n., fenStre; crois6e, /. 
w^indow-bllnd, »., jalousie, /. 


window-curtain, n., rideau de 

fenetre, tn. 
windoM^-sash, n., chassis de 

fenetre, tn. 
windpipe, «., trachee-artere, /. 
"Windy, €uij., venteux. 
wine, n., vin, tn. 
w^lne-glass, «., verre a vin, m. 
w^ine- merchant, «., negociant 

en vins; marcband de vin, tn. 
w^ine-shop, «., boutique de mar- 
cband de vin, /.; cabaret, tn. 
wing, n., aile, /. 
^vink, n., clin d'oeil, m. 
wink, v., cligner de Toeil. 
whinner, n., gagnant, tn. 
w^inter, n., hiyer, tn. 
winter, v., hivemer; passer T hi ver. 
wipe, n., action d*essuyer, /. 
wipe, v., essuyer; nettoyer. 
"wire, n., fil de m^tal; fil de fer, tn. 
wisdom, n., sagesse; prudence, /. 
"wise, adj., sage. 
w^isely, adv., sagement; prudem- 

>vlsh, v., souhaiter; d^sirer; vouloir. 
"wit, v., savoir. 
wit, n., esprit, tn. 
"wltch, n., sorciere; magicienne, f, 
"With, prep., avec. 
w^ithdraw, v., retirer. 
w^lthhold, v., retenir; arreter. 
"within, prep., dans; en. 
without, prep., sans; hors de. 
"without, conj., k moins que; sans 

"Withstand, v., r^sister k. 
"Witness, «., t^moin, m. 
witness, v., t^moigner. 
witticism, «., trait d'esprit; bon 

mot, tn. 
^vlttlly, adv., spirituellement; avec 

witty, adj., spirituel. 
"Woe, n., malheur, tn. 
woe! intj.j malheur! 



wolf, «., loup, m.'y louve, /. 
n^oman, «., femme, /. 
womankind, » ., sexe f^minin, m.; 

femmes, /. (pi.). 
Tvonder, v.^ s'6tonner. 
Tvonder, «., merveille, /. 
Tvonderful, adj.^ ^tonnant; mer- 

veilleux; prodigieux. 
"WOO, v.y rechercher en manage. 
"wood, «., bois, fn.\ foret, /. 
wood-cutter, «., bficheron, tn. 
wood-engraver, «., graveur sur 

bois, tn. 
wool, «., laine, /. 
word, n.y mot, fn.\ parole, /. 
Tvordlng, «., expression; 6noncia- 

tion; redaction, /. 
work, v., travailler. 
work, n.y travail; labeur; ou- 

vrage, tn. 
"worker, «., ouvrier; travailleur, tn. 
Tvorklng-day, «., jour ouvra- 

ble, tn. 
ivorkman, «., ouvrier; artisan, tn. 
workshop, «., atelier, tn. 
ivorld, «., monde, tn. 
worm, «., ver, tn. 
worry, v.^ tracasser; tourmenter. 
worse, adj.y plus mauvais; pire. 
worship, «. , culte, tn. ; adoration, /. 
TVorsMp, v.y adorer. 
worst, adj. J le pire. 
"worth, «., prix, tn.\ valeur, /. 
worthily, adv.^ dignement; ho- 

worthiness, «., valeur, /.; m6- 

rite,"w.; vertu, /. 
"worthless, adj.y sans valeur. 
"worthy, adj.^ digne; honorable. 
"would-be, adj.y pr^tendu; soi- 

"wound, n.y blessure; plaie, /. 
wound, v.f blesser. 
"wrangle, «., dispute, /. 
"wrap, v.y rouler; envelopper. 
wrapper, »., enveloppe, f. 


wrath, n.y courroux, tn.\ colere, /, 
wreck, «., naufrage, tn. 
wrench, «., torsion; clef, /. 
wrestle, v.y lutter. 
wretch, «., malheureux, tn.; mal- 

heureuse, /.; infortun^, tn.'y infor- 

tunee, /. 
wretchedness, «., misere; pau- 

vret6; infortune, /. 
wrinkle, «., ride, /. 
wrist, n.y poignet, tn. 
writ, n.y assignation, /. 
write, v.y 6crire. 
writer, «., 6crivain; auteur, tn. 
writing, n.y Venture, /.; dcrit, tn. 
-writing- book, «., cahier d*6cri- 

ture, tn. 
wrong, adj.y faux. 
wrong, n.y mal; injuste; tort, tn, 
wrong, v.y faire du tort. 

yacht, n.y yacht, tn. 

yard, «., cour, /. 

yataghan, «., yatagan, tn, 

ya"wn, «., b^illement, tn. 

yawn, v.y bHiller. 

year, «., ann^e, /. 

yearly, adv.y annuellement; tons 
les ans. 

yeast, «., levure, /.; levain; fer- 
ment, tn. 

yell, n.y hurlement; cri, w. 

yell, v.y hurler; pousser des hurle- 

yellow, adj.y jaune. 

yellowish, a^*., jaun^tre. 

yerk, n.y secousse, /. 

yes, adv.y oui. 

yesterday, n.y hier, tn. 

yet, adv.y encore; d^ja. 

yet, conj.y pourtant; cependant; 

yield, >., se rendre; c6der; fl6chir, 

yoke, n.y joug, tn. 

yolk, n.y jaune d'oeuf, tn. 




yonder, adv.^ dans le lointain; \k\ 

lA-bas; lii-haut. 
you, pron., vous; tu; te; toi. 
youngs, adj., jeune. 
younger, adj., plus jeune; cadet. 
youngpster, »., jeune homme; 

gamin; novice, tn. 
your, adj., votre, tn. f. (sing.); 

vos, m. f. (pi.)\ ton, tn. (sing.)\ 

ta, /. (sing.)\ tes, tn. f. {pi,). 
yours, pron., le v6tre, tn. {sing.); 

la votre, /. {sing.); les vdtres, 

tn. f. {pl.); k vous; le tien, tn. 

{sing.); la tienne, /. {sing.); les 

tiens, tn. {pi.); les tiennes,/. {pi.); 

k toi. 
yourself, pron., vous-mSme; toi- 

meme; te; toi; vous. 


yourselves, pron., vous-m6mes. 
youth, »., jeunesse, /. 
youthful, a<^'., jeune. 
youtlifulness, n., jeunesse, /. 

zeal, »., z^le, tn. 
zealous, adj., z616; ardent. 
zebra, n., z^bre, tn. 
zenith, n., zenith, tn. 
zephyr, n., z6phire; z^phjrr, tn, 
zero, n., z6ro; rien, tn. 
zest, n., zeste, tn. 
zigxtig, n., zigzag, tn. 
zodiac, n., zodiaque, tn, 
zone, n., zone, /. 
zoologryy ^M zoologie, /. 
zoophyte, »., zoophyte, ttt. 


c u 


<v t«.