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Full text of "Fuldstændigt engelsk og dansk samt dansk og engelsk Haand-Lexicon. 2., forbedret Udg"

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-^ -^ 

r^L«--? /»if I ,^ ' 

^ttlbfttenDidt ^^ 

©an ff og (Sn^elff 





S( n t> e n ^ $ e (. 

%Bben for6«bret U&gat>e. 

5tiø6en6at)n/ i 807. 
S^t paa ^co (BYl^en^alfre 9oø&aiiD(tng« Sortdøf 

^^J'. ^ . Jf, 


©anfl og^ngelff 



efter te n^eflc od øe&'jle Orbbeset 

af »i.. 

$( n b ( n 5D e e (; 

9nt>en foc^ebret Ubøa4)e. 

5tjø6en6at)n/ i 807. 
bol ^bailUn popp« 





'« I • 

Set ^ifaft, ^^mc^t'6e^fet^n■jle 03 €m 

eeixr^et ^ortedsertn^en til af oplff^de ^et 
paa Rt)^/ ta Opladet er nffflen utfol^f* 

nemfeet/ rettet od forenet bet meb mande 
Drt> os :5:a(emoot>er, faa at jeg trper, al 
De/ fom ^(iDe fieSt beit jlore fultjtantige OrD« 
(od/ t^nH meget i>e( (enptte {tg ^eraf, fom 

Itetie ©ed ^etaf, inMil Us funte, i 
®u^ »il fpdte SiD 03 :^<lfcn, f««e tre 
a>«l firtig. fom jfg ^ot Scgpntit po«. 

3 »»rigt unt)«rfii(i<r jej ^ette at6e 
bet (fionfoiiime ^Wi6lifiimS Ombemmc, fi 
6«t)ft fon ofajete, ^»orbibt jeg jiot opiioi 
■mit tilfigtebc Sjemecb. 




t Cttt fotfte ^eøflaø t 

tlirbdbetct. A is che firft 
b:tvT of ihc Alpliabet. ©<n# 

fKn ^r faøt ^> maat 

l^tad \\qt 9 # he chat has 
»'■dcrtakcn a Bufiiicfs or 
"'urk muft perform or fin- 

j n ir. }i , (tiO f. e^ (a 

4 rre £:uO, at the Race o( 
i }ii Cent. 

Ibl inccrjecl. Ah! 

1a. a River, en (tbcoSae^ eit 

9xtf a Rivulec, (fooi op« 

^:lhr fiø t>e5 Saer) <^w«l- 

ling by a River. CfOOl dO« 

SaUii, føé, pibet (fotn en 
^e^icen) porous, (ei tnt« 
fit"; o p 2r , ancl o fed , un 1 o ck 

ttCbcpffeO op2h, uncovered. 
Qabende) gapinj^, chap- 

Ein^, (oare aabcn to gape« 
e cliappinff. (ei ftrfcgleO 

opcn unL'cilcd, Qi^H^ aabttlf 

daaeitbc^wideopen. CU5iø') 

Vacant. Coabcnt 95tet>) a Let- 
ter oarenr. ({^aøe aabenr£i») 

to have your Belly loofe« 
open, foliiblét haveofdcrly 

Stoois. (un^er aabtntt>iint 
mel) in f^i« «>P^n Air. (^aa* 
bent SaffcQ open Tab]e» 

(aabtn (5ee) the M^tn« 
(aabent j^ooeb) A great Ge- 
nius, or a good Headpiece* 

(tonbt {at, »ttbt tmellem 
^ocr^ foHi Sro^er ic.) chin 

or thinly fer. Qaab^n foC 

enbDer^ $)inO expoied to 


' . C« inbJedllcO unhcdg. 2<rtbenbar# (pifterlifl) mani- 
-i 9^9ut9 unimp^ktå. {ti fe(^, open , publc, known> 

4C * evidenCt 

a« ) 2 ( «« 

mri(fint, clwr, nofononi, Jlabtnhitvtitt , <»e«i. optr.- 
UUtbmb&X Stig) «r> open, hearred. "free, rngcnuoiis, 
deofiret) Wnr. QbUtt M- Cinttid . cordrll, fineete, 
DCDMr, bttitnbO ^° bc triihonc Rercrve. 

known, plai'n evident, grow SabciiWnigcn , Mndidly, 
noturiimt; to tnhe Vent, franhly &c, 

Gomeoiic. Caobtnbur Sitn> aobtnblcrrls^t«, Openn«i^, 

^0 « piofcft Enemy. (oa« Ingenuiry, C.mdor, Corllia- 
6fnbar<BoI6)opcnViolei!ce, lity, Pl«innefs in DcalinK 

Ctn cflftntar, rtjggrtloi a«b.i.(t»t, npenly, in .h^ 
WanO) i tiriiftlt Liberrino. c:_i, „/ -if %.' :„ ,1,, 

a«K,.l..r, , C8te. htotO El, of .n ,h,"w;,iS 

to ininifelt, pubfifh, ma[;c „, , , _ 

public ør m.nifsft, to fet 2lnbtiiniiint>, f. eirtbter^ 

ibrcd, m.l« 9n optn l»e- ^ ''""f- 

claiation of, malte kuown 3Ifll;eii|K«1ll>C, opcn, unelof- , 
o cvcry Bodv. ft(ll HDØtO 

to open, disclofe. din 
uncovEr . rcvsil« clear, de- 
cUre, unfcil. ot explain a 
- Thinj 10 one. QnntHOt) to 
ftccufe, impcach OTie, inførm 
flgajnfthim. Cflt ^ittte, tlb< 

labt fiø f»c ccn) to itiiciofø 

unfold. iajr opcn yout Heart 
to one, 
^ttbtnbatt, aahtiibavt, ndv. 
minifettly, evidenrly . pnb- 
licly &c. (for iifft itllfnnc» 
ff(0 in the Sight of all 
' Ttabmbattlft , Revetarion, 
Minilsltatiott . Difcloringi 
Opening, Unfoldins! Ae. 
CCbTiBi «at>., S)tttii Xtc 
.ItonqreiD.ifl) Ep'phmy. 
Vabtnbttnv, »nA-cnr«, Im- 

p^aeher. Infirmti-. 
Vabmbarte, C'onime foc (ti 
SflO '" »ppeir, bc clear, 
evident, manifeft or clear. 
m come to Lighr. - 
}ll1^tn^ArtI f- aabtnbart, 
aBbenborlnft, R^vtiaiion, Ap- 
pcaring. CsuMommeli(|)iti- 
vjne Rei-etaiicn, (Jctianilid 
Zab.'i thc Kevclatiofl of St. 
SAbtiilje«, CSgnb^tO '^')''>- 

anbeiit, (aabtoli'li) opcniy. 

AAbuci (lutfe op) to cpen. 
n)ak~, Ter, put orgctopen; 
to imclofc. iii.r,)Ck. CM, 
fom t; [Qtfet mcb iiaj«). to 
nnlocJt. Ctt 8rc») to npen. 
unfial B Letter, (cn SIOK) 
V to open a Veiti. C« »'IN 
tog) to open a Campaign, 

CtebtgravenO " ^P*« 'he 

Trenches, (iSiilIct- cu Icad 
the Uin:e. {cn @Pufll) to 
Riake an Incinon in in ImpO' 

ftume. ('Siiøbtlf fotn aai. 

£i«0 aRoaK-ftytiiacliiofcns 
or »peritivel'hylif.invlhing 
cond for Collivenuli, (aab. 
OBKtl for t'fllttr) to nulse 
Way for Vices; op;n Ciaps 
to il. Caab. Ilt Oietff ftt 
etn) to open or brcflli yuur 
Mind to onc. (aifr. fia, 
gabt, gtinO "> gipo. b= 
chappcd. {aa;'. »8 fom'Btoin« 
ft(c) w fprtad toitti, bloH-. 
Jfitbnctr <^pcncd, fer, made 


C3oiBvil* tft« 3ot6|FiÆ(i) 

fl grelt Opening ot'thuHarth. 

(JtNiRnur) aGap, Cliap, 



) » ( a« 

tr.tV. in tt WaU, Ci ^n 

?l»^; a Glade, (i S|>tcrue/ 

tC a Trepanning. Ca^X* 

Vattet) OpcninR of the 

Vj^, C^nb(nit) inciilon. 

Uh, 7Uib^99<r # one chat 
^•iWjTicar & Kiver. 

lfi^r((, tV.e B^nk of a River* 
fchiu, ^abr^foot# T. 3vfr» 

1«)^, tCiTcafs* Carrion« 

ldQ,aToke. an Oxhow^ (f>tin* 
« iLG^^aø^ to rubjugflce. 

iV-iat-fobJed^, bring under 

WivTjsid's Tree or Yoke. 
(Ia4{ 900 0& ^^ fhake off 

>^<, 'S^xnbt i aiafi) to yokc, 

.— :c of; to unyoke. 
Vtc.Ui'ury. ^ ; 

decTragag, uforions* pra£lis- 

iifT LVory. 

Xerfjrli 2Uigrerr a Ufo- 

X:7rr^^eiice# Ufury> nnlaw- 

iy. I"tcreft. 

S^ciRrivtilaøeO to praftifc 

Li-ry, l^'nd upon Ufury; 
r? decce Pen p te. fao« fflin« 

cesr famU »eb 9la$)er> ro 

fcnpe «p Money by Ufury. 

Cco. mcb fit $und)* to im- 

jr.ovs your Talent. 
I^9ieill, a Yokeftring. 
Ufstn, Ufury, Ufnriousncfs, 

h?[ inter'ca. Ah I9åi (»»aM 

''fh ! Pfhaw ? 
WfiHO«, C«fO Ncnnfar, Wa- 

. i'Jy. 

M. «Ti ret- CllOr) Faufcn. 

• . fcj!) a Grf g. Elver, f &a»- 

'aU) « Cnnger. f?0?it5<IO 

:S:iffltrg.(ØCC6C0 aSpitch- 

Tiaiticvn, an Eelfpear* 
Tlalcqvabbe^ an Eelponc* 
3alenife^ an F.elweeJ. 
^lalejlin, Eelikin. 
2iale(taitg, an Eelfpcar. 
2lanb/ a Ghoft, Spirir, C^en 
ftcHifl 91an^^ the HolyGl.olf. 

(en a^b 9ifl.5 « g<'f»d Genius 
or Spirir. (en onb SCo.)^ an 
evil Sprir or Demon. (<^pø« 
gelfc) aGhoft, Spirit, Spcc- 
tre or . Apparition, Q2ipé 
$(i]n^cO t'ic Vit^ls, vital 

Spirits, <opdtoe ^onb) to 

yield np the Ghoft» enpire« 
breachc your Lafl, C9Jcm« 
ine# ®etff) Genius. Spirir, 

Wir. (iWofcfiøelfeé . SIdiiO 

Spirit ofConrradiit'on. (cil 
ffldlt 5fa) a Wir, Virruofo, 

(en (lære 3InO « Wic, a 

Han^tf Tian^e^vctt, Brearfi; 
Refpiration, (braøC 31(1.) to 
draw • fetch Breath* C^raø€ 

9(a. befDCcrd'den) m fetch 

your Brcath f h(y:t (Satnp) 
Sream« Vapor; Exhalacion* 

Han^tf V. ro breathe, tnke» 
draw,fetchBrcatIi, to rcfpire* 
Cao. paa) to breathe or 
blow on. 

3fflnbCbrflPt#lre9t1iing, Refpi- 
ration. (fiMfc) tbelaftGafp* 
Omt i iiHt 'HaO t« ba ae 

the Poinr of Death. 

hole, Venthole. 

Tlimbeflemmelfe; an Aflhma. 


t^anbedemt/ brcathing f hort, 
panting , fetching yoar 
Bre^ch fhort, arthw-.'^ric. 

TlAn^tliQf fpiritual, ircnrpo- 
rcal , immateriaU ghditly 
(fltlbæatig) f:»inrr.aldcvcnr, 
godly,pjous. faa.fctti^) 
pcor fpiritcd. (dCi(J(!£) fpi- 

t»rtnbeligw# fpiriiually åc. 

ffa ) 4 ( $(a 

yUtnbtli^^tb , Spirt'niftlity, 
Re1ij;iousners9 Devottony 

Han^eløø/ breachlefs; lifelefs, 
irflnim te* 

Sall^eI^6|)e^ / Brearhlefsnefs« 

Zantcne '^^nUvccfnina , the 
Taking Air9 the Sucking or 
BreathJng of Air. 

3an^ene d^pgix'elfe/ tfie Yiel- 
dtng or Giving up of one*s 

Zan^tnB Udgang, (fra iabo 
ren og ©annfn) the Going 

farth of the holy Gholh 
2lanbepibC/ Windpipe, Gol- 

2l4lij^epuft/ Breath, Breathing. 

3anbepnflen / out of Breath; 

breathing f hort Cctiørc aa.^ 
to put our of Brearh. (octre 
Ud«} to be out of Breath, 
to pant, fctch your Breath 
fhorr and hUt to brcathc 
ZanbtpilHtnf)Zbt theFetching 
your Breath f hort, Panting. 

3an^erii8/ richinSpirit; in- 

genicus« ' 

ZanbtViin^tty, Ingenuity, In- 


Zav, a Yenr« (gi Mat ^amt 

incO eJR^ty Ycars old or of 

Age. (til 9laO ^^ i^^^^ 
Age, far goneor ftrickcn in 
YearSi advanced in Age* 
(éat uh I 5lar inb) evcry 
Ycar (ct3laOaYear» twelvc 

Zavb^gtt, Annals« 

3arb^gcre5drfatter, a Writ- 

er of Annals, an Annalif^. 

2(are# (at roe meb) an Oar. 
(tvam paa IKa.) to tag at 
the Oar. ((craøe ftne 'Za. 
tmborO f at opnaae noøet) 

to makc an Inrcreil for a 
Thing; coendcavour toob« 
taiii it. 

Zatt , (i {egernet # SJttU 

btt IC.) a Vein* (i ^ 
SopDeO Grain or Strc 
Wood or Leather, (g 
Slå.) Hemeroids. (p 
il)a.) a poetical Raptu; 

SlareblaN Waf h or Bla( 
ati Oar. 

Tiartbvag, a Pull or Ti 
the Oar. 

aarefiilb/ veiny, fnll 

Zavtc,ang, (t Siergperl 

Veln or Streak in Mim 
ilaregrebf the Handle < 

Zattfyinbt, the Cuticle 

Tiavtiabtf to bleed one> 

draw Bloo^« .to cut or < 

a Vcin. ((ate (Ig ild.i 

be let Blood, 

Zavtlabtn, Tiavtlabnina 
Letting of Blood; Phh 


Z<ivtlabnin(ieT>inbi FilU 

ZavtUdf vcinlefs, deprive 

Zavcvig t fuH of or abnn« 

with Vcins. 

Tkavt^i (ttU(*ge t SCar) ^o 

vance in Yeara, 
3ttiefrib# a Galley. 
2lare)lagf the Stroke of 

Tiaxttvcc^f f. Tiarebraø. 
Sarfefl/ a yearly Fealb, an 

Sitrgammcl/ one Year ok 
2lai*gammelt ^^1 , a Col 

Ycar old, a Yearling. 
3arffan0f an annnal Cour 
Zaxbwnbxtbt, a Century, 


Tkaxigi (fom er af Mit 1 

of this Year. 

»åring / Year. (bore «( 

Dcarnefs ofCorn andPn 
ions, Dctrch, (Sttit « 


^f ) 5 ( af 

€^.eq)^e^s- of Provifions; 

pkrce^us Ye^rs. 
Mc, to be abJt; 
l«ir«cir1)r; betimes. 
Scjiff tnnaal, annivcrfary* 

Miatttp ycirly, annaallv. 

3<rl»iii iiBnal Wa^es or 

lUircfCs^r above a Ycar« 
(le? fr tat 00 2)oa it^en 
^lo fevi b:fni^ IC is above 
a Vea; he came home. 

S^.-frKift^ Annals« Chroni- 

Stfr^ig Senioriry« 

^Ur'fig. (S'ncb} Caufe* Rea- 
•Vn; Mo:ive, Accounr. faf 
tftfft^O '^^ whac Account. 
C^titicr, OpffndCt) an An- 
ir-.*, Contriver, (^fpW) 

iM.i 1 CjTifi. (Der CC inqcn 

3å flf fid^O ^bere is no 
MiTtr of Complainr, (^alt* 

<ej r'ins rhere wiH be no 
& 07« lefr fnr Coinpliiinr9 

C4':K3a. til JtfdficniaaO to 

fiTff OT aloiinifter Occalinn 

•fcanpia«nr. (banvar^a« 

^ertity he was the Occalion 

latiHl . f. 2Urfc(l. 
3isr<^, ananniverfary Dayr« 
ST'Srøfriii rlie Space or Incer- 

rél OT Itfpire of a Ycar« 
Va§lc>t the Conrfe of a 

ItntltsrFc^y a ycarly Mart 

I* Fiir. 
l«»C4l» the Date pf the 

Imti^i a Seafon. ((tnne 

i:«4t et iffc tnobcn paa 
Idic lar»ti5) chis Frait is 
iK in 9cai«n. 

^amiftnbé # a Space of thouw 

fand Vears* 
Tiavvaa^tn t vigilant* warch- 

infr, warchful; wakcfnl; 

wiry? hedfuU 
^ar^7aa9enbc^ , Vigilance, 

Watchfulnefs, Wakefulnefs, 

%a^t (<t Q5tcr«0 '»i« B<"ow 

of a Mouniain, 
2(4f^n/ Coiinrenancc, Vifagc, 
Look, Face, Si^jht. (i^Viti 
^a) in rhe Sight of all 

Men. (et f«U 9la.) a grim 

Tlbbebi an Abbot. 
21bbebie/ an Alibcy. 

2tbbe5)in^c/ CJlbb^'biffO a« 

tSbbel^e Vitrbigj^ebr Abbot. 


Ttbbrm^ttiottøXegitf a Note 

of Abbreviati"n. 

3(bbrcviatiiiv Abbreviaturc. 
SH rrliand, Abridemcnt, 

21bU* xncrc/ to abbrcviate, 
fhoiT'^n , abriMge, 

2(bC/ rhc Aiplinbet. (?lbc* 
breO aHornbook, Vrimer, 
Chnlt-Crofs-Row, Battle- 
door, (^bcOrcnq) an 
Abccdarian , a Primerboy. 

5(be, an Ape, (jfor) a Ba- 

?lbeagttgi apifh« 

2lbe efter / v. to imitate one, 
(noyet) to c<»iintcrfeir. (øU^tC 

fom een anbeu a«aO '^ mi- 

inick or apc one, do after 
one as hc docs, 

Tlbefat, f. 2tbe. (eaOøgler) 

a Buffoon« 
abcPatteiie, f. 2CbefplU 
Tibtncc^c, a flat Nofc. 
?lt>efpil/ apii b Tricks. 
2(bilbgaarb/ an Orchard* 
2ibilbgr4a, dnpplcgray» 
21bUt, f. ©blåt. 
TlbUtivne , (ørani. Scrm ) 

aborre f a Perch« 



) 6 ( 5CC 

Jtbdrtere, Cf«te ilbe) to mis- 

carry, to have an Abor- 
. tion, 
Tlhv^^f (Urt) Southerwood, 

TLbUf^tf View« Sca|>€« Aim, 

End. Drift. (^cnfiaO De- 

fil^n, Purpofe, fncention* 
TlbfFonfel/ a Screen« 
Tibfoluti abfolute« arbitrary* 

Ttbfolut/ adv« abfoliftely &c« 
3(bfoIt>eref t» abfolve, acquir, 

clear, free er discharge from 

a Crimc. 
Tib^vact, abftra^ed. 
Tlbftttb/ abfurd, impertinent. 
2(CAbetnie/ Academy, an Uni* 

verfity. / 
Ticattmiff/ academicaU 
2(cabemi(l / an Academian, 

accent/ (Uhtalt) an Accent,' 

Tone*' Pronunciarion, C%^t 

net^olbétegn) Accent« 
Tlcceitrueref to accent a Wordt 

mai k wfch Accent« 
Tlccenniatioti/ the Accenting 

of a Word« 

acceptant/ C^tbta^tt af en 

©VcO ^^^ Accepter of a 
Bih of Exchinge, 
^cceptactott ^ tin: Acceptanee 
of a Bill of Exchange« 

Zcctvttvt, (en ©ejrey to ac- 
cept d Bill of Exchange, ro 
honor it with Acceptanee« 

^cci^tntitt , (:^uttxbtnt\\^t 

2|nMoni^eO Pcrqaifites, ac- 
cidenral or extraordinary 

31cctfe/ Excife« (6e(ddC meb 

Recife) excifeable« 
%cc\\t 23etieiUf an Excife* 

^cci^ebo^ t an Exci(*c-Office, 
Recife 5^rr4ltef# a Commis- 

fioncr of the Excife« 
S(Cwifefrte> exempc from paying 


TUciMtblbtl, ^ Cockee^ 
TLcci^t^vivtv , an Excifeman, 
Clerk of the Excife-Ofiice« 

2(ccomiitooariott , (pat^xttO 

the Drcfling of Hair« 

.2(ccommoberef C^oaO to dreff 


2lccommobør> (i&aatifi«reO 

a HairdrclFer« 
2(ccompagnemeiit / Accom- 
paniment, Mufic play'd to 
one that fings« 

^ccompagnere^ t^ accompany* 

play to. one that fings» 

^ccompasnerenbe A accom* 


Hccot^f CSorening om tioøtO 

A|reement, Contra£l, Paft, 
StipuUciont Bargain, Con- 
vention (gi^te ^t.} to make 
an Agrecment, ftrike up % 
Bargain« (amt%t. XXitb flnc 

Crcøitorer) to compound 

with one*s Creditors« 

^ccor^ere^ Cfotcne^ oni«o« 

aet) to agree about, contra^b« 
oargain, arriclc, covenanc 
with one« (t fKuftfCIl) to 
agree in Tune« OKeocO to 
be diflTonant« • 

3(ccorberet/ (dftatt) agreed 

about &c« 

«*! f. «I 

TLct, (A9H\bt\\% Sorretninø) ait 

Ail, Sblemnity. (Optoa I CII 

Cointbic) an Ad. • (i en 

9i?0Ceé) Pepefs, particular 
Writings ot aPlca, judicial 
, Deeds, A^s, Inftrnments in 

Tfctei-, CS5re»ff(i5eO Writings* 

Deeds , Records« 
TLcxit , a Stock. 
3lctiefo<(nOei# aScock'Jobbing« 


«^ ) 7 ( «5 

afctie^iiM€r, t Srock-Job- ^ttrantf an Adjattnr. 

b«r. ^bfomft , Oaetti« Jeb Jol 3u» 

twc, f. Gagfi^aer; rtffer)aCiflim,Titleor Right 

Ucirifirf an AdTrels* to fomething. 

^X^t, an AiSlor, Stagepfflyer* 2{Me^ CøtØ^C JbeQ to nobtli- 

», CO, toWards, Qiami ob> ^«f» ennoblc, make noble, 

«n alons?. ^ 'O ^n»ght ane. 

:tt>aiiia Ttble, Adam's Apple. ^CWinfff Nobilitation. 

2(N>m ;&i^, Adam« Bie, ch^ W^P^e, ro obcy. fhew Obe 

^^^crc/ to make an Addition 
ro caft op, ro garher parti- 
cuiar Scm^ into one« ; 

2l^^ition/ TLVttxins, Adtfi* 

tioD. y 

^^el, (jxM\% tftttmfO NobH 
liry. noble Defcenr« {^aMi^t 

dience, beobedienr, behave 
yourlelf obedienr to one* 

(alL eené SefadnøeO to 

comply w'ch* obfcr\*c or pur* 
fue one'f Order. 

^^(^^eI^ef Obedicnce, Dutv- 

Sler(Mier) N<<bilirv» Noble* Ti'bmixai, Admiral. (SfON 

men. CÅicrnm af %J) the 9lb,^ Lord -Hijg;h- Admiral. 

Prime of rhe Nobiltty. C^Xtt*%l^) Vicc- Admiral. 

:rbel, C«W) «obJc» noWy CConttC.^bO Rcar-Admi- 

dcCccnfeJ. . ^ "V ,. ^ „ . ' , 

:iWb^b, noble Extr^aion. ^CtwuiraCitete-Coaesium , the 
^^ , . , /. . . ..1 Board of Admiralty, the 

%\i^iq, noble, of noble, ill«- Lords of rhe Admiralty. 

flnoDS, excellenr, or eqne- zxymivalxiMsl^tt , the Admi. 

ftnao Exrr.iaion. rilty-Court 

Jbtltgen , nobly. 5lt)mir«I(rib,the Admiralfhip. 

2lOfligt<Bo^s»/ a noble Eftatc, ^^ ^ ' J ... . ^ ^., • .. 

Sm, Manurt)r Domain. T ^IDreffe, C«nwiémng til CH 

ai>di«efj^fl. Lands held by ^,^^ ^ ^ Perfon or Place. 
Kmght'a Service , Knighi»$ (p^^ ^j qj^^ ^) a Supcrfcrip^ 

^J1:' ^ ^r . '»O" o^ « Lctcer, 

3(^dIgt »reVf «. fj|^^f5j[> 7l^tt^e>%vif<t , Intelligencc- 


Grantor Patent ofNobtlity* 

TLMfSabø Nobiltry, Gentility, 

UMøman^, a Nobleman» 

Vbt\§1^ant>, UUMf^ab. 

2l^{atr^ , Behavior , Deport- 
ment, Condud, Carriage, 

7i^q<tn§, AcctCk, Admirtance, 
Apptoach, Admislion, 

2l^iectiVf AdjeAive. 
9b|#^ toterje^ tidien! fflre- 

Zbvt^t'Xontolv , the IntclH* 
gence OfKce« 

St^reifere et 25rer, C&ftiH 

K.) rodired, forward; fend, 

cor»vcy. ((ig til ren) to 
adarefst apply yourfclf, 
make yonr Addrefs or Ap» 
plication to onc.- 

HbfiiUt, CffrlTe fra (inan^cn) 

to feparate, fevcr* part, puc 
afunder; disfoin , disunite. 

Cøiiøre SorfFie( paa) to dis- 
ccin> diftinguifh* Qafhtlt) 




) « ( 




I 1- 

tø divide« (((#»€) to cleave, 
StbfFiOeHa^ fcpartble, feverab-r 
i^, dl (lol vable« divifible« 

tl^fFi[IcU^r(^e^ / Scparabiliry, 
AL*cnel> to be dmcvered «r 

k ■ ■ ■ . 


hcp^racon« Sev«ring, Dis- 
joining, Disunitinjr, firC'ik- 
ing ort. Cgtxlli O a Oiffc- 

Unni) Divifion, 
^^fFtUelfeø'Cegnr • Note of 

^^fFiUer/ a Separater, Disjoi- 
ner.; Divider. » 

TiWivlts, (fra btnanbfn) ro 

p.rc« depjrr from, co fepa- 
rac« froiT) one anochcr, 

dbfFiUtgf fivcral, d ivers, fnn- 
diy, V.irionSi diflfcrenr* 

^^(Fiaig^c^^ Cmaiiøe @(aøé) 

Divciiry, Varicry, Muiti- 

2t^ffiUigeit/ CP^d forifieaig 

^aøDe) variously. 
^^f7ilt, l'eparared. 

TlMplittC/ to fcatrer, difllpate 

(en ^cigdb^O 'O ro"'* over- 
throw an Anny. f. BlØoe« 

fl^fpØtrge/ ro inrcrroeate, ex- 
ainine, put Quettiuns co 

TCbfpørgning/ an Incerroga« 

2(^rprc^t/ (udfpreDO co dis- 

fipate, disperfc abour, to 

fcacrer. Cubfptebc &inbtt af 

• tlagtfoint^eb) to call your 

Thoughr , Min \ off *froin 

Bufincrs. Cfoiii QJcOerqocrøcI' 

fe) :o rccrcatc, relax your 
^bfprc^elig^ feparable, dis- 
folublC) divinblc« 

TlMprebclfe, CUbfprebelfc^D's- 

bete 3}eb 

tion, Rel 

(af Ua^t 

of (hc M 

9^rpre^t| d 

abtcnt f I 
2lt>|laMg G 





TL^vave, ro 

to give ', 
advifc or 
^^oavct, a 

ninon. C 

ning) A- 
^x>viB, (Ulli 

2it>XMl9bL*CV . 


care, P 


2£ble, an 


John Api 
pies. («c 

be t et [ 

or pocks 
bejr an^ 
a Gudgc< 



T&blegrøb / 


^ ) 9^ i ^ 

mmøfi. Cider. 
IblefiPC/ a Frircer* 
ISKMctrce^ an Applecree. 

SiCf V, to ete« feed, dier, to 
« noder a rely. ((ibcl} to 
piidV«, eac nicely (mt^Ct) 
to^luc, cr^m yoarl\:lf wi(ii 
^'■^ C^trdaOiø^ CO devonr, 
ttc ?re;iiiy. Com (itO W 
{pteii itre]t,ditt*ure;corrode> 

(itt 9&^0 ^° ^'^^'^ ^is'^ > C9 
^i liks s Farmer! have a 

gfrvl S?rok< ia the Mouth; 

to bt a rare Fceder« ((i^ 

iift fen iXuil I 3crn) co eac 

inrolron. Cfi3[ W«»0 '« ^*- 
tiacc yourlcif« co fjcisfy 
yoDr S^'omach ; to enr your 
f ni. (cr5c Ol @po( t fivO to 
pa; \ip an AttVtmr; ro iMfle 
y"ir Refentiiicnr. (j^an fccr 

Il ^ev (an uii (soe SojO 

H:. ::ir<s i'cuple away wirh 
h;j ifl-jr !-«»»• ks. (cctc Ot« 

h3(» naar tnan takr) ro 

c;un);, CO Ipeak inwaidly. 
Cx^C ftø iticQ CO deftroy 
yosrleit by overfilltng your 

2l^el/ (af O^^^omff) noble, 
c'nohlcO^fccnr, Parenrage 
or ExcractJon; nobly dcfccnr 
ded; iIlu(triotis. C^f ®(nit)0 
senerous, noble (fortrffffc* 
liij) ch'iice« rare, excelknr. 
(xM 2Jlin) L-xcclIent, brilk, 
teneroos Wine. ((rdcfgred) 
thei^olden Peace. C^OcTCRe« 
tåt) prccious M^cal. ((en 
«UU Sit) the precious Ti- 

?E5elbaarcii# nobiyborn, of a 
Roble Race« Family, Birth 
or Defccnt. 

^el^C^f Nobilicy, noble 
Birth (®«n|>tO Noblenefs, 
Gencrofiry. CS^VtVtf\cii^f)<t) 
Ruity, Excellence, 

Ttbtll^ (fem ian (etel) eat^ 

bie. fic CO ear. 
9&^e(lkoDiø# gencroQs, magna* 

niroqus, noble » eminent of 

7£^elmo^igen / generonsly« 
2tMmot>ig(>eb / Generofity, 

Noblenel's* Eminence of 

M- d. 
TE^elftnbetf nobly minded. 
^l>elfleen/ a Gem« precious 

W>tltt nobly > generoaaly« 

in a generous Manner« 
7)l:Dei^fl^ Appecice. 
7£^elt / Eating , Feedin^» 
^^ell^er (earing &c« (i iRt* 
. bicin) corroding, corro(iv% 

(«d« iSarc) Eacflbles. 
TEber/ a Glurron, Gorinflndi* 

zer, Devourern greacFecd- 

^bfW?/ troublcd with the 

Bubtnvi or CAnine Apperire« 
!2£be)\go the baliiny, or caninc 

Appvi itc, 
Tt^ivavc, Earables, Vii^ucls. 
?tDif<br^nøfrr a Vincgarman* 
Ub^f Cpaffe, a Crucr. 
^tbiFefiitir^ lour as Vinej»;ar» 
^Drue# l'ober ; not incoxicaccd 

wirhLiqoor, not overpow- 

ered by Drink (fliorc Ctlrue> 

rofober, makefober« (blide 

æDtnO to ^^ fobered ; fleep 

yourfelf fober« 
7Ebnielig# fobcr> temperate, 

TEbnieligcn/ foberly, tempe* 

2£brueltg|)eW Sobriety, Tern« 

pcrance, Abftinencc, 

TEM'cr (mcb @fctci>anb) to 

ecch, make a Print by Etcii- 

TCbfefonflf the Art of Etch- 


n§ , an Egg. (frifFc) fref h 

newlaid Eggs. (bUDfebnO 


92 ) 10 ( 88 

EgRi. Cuiti'fiffs) ro hntcK }Egtefott)in^((ft 
Frbs. C'B;ll^tItl) addle Eges, flab. 

Win<teycs, Cliin Øanc (out lEgtClVlT, born 

(flflSPg; heireadsglngcriy. Tfcgtt Kitrljgdc 
l,^gocinnTi|.tne. Cfaoliflt tov. 

fum et 3€3 ^tt nnWf) a» ^ttntrfonft « Hu 

ii|(.;a!oneEKS i'to^norlier. KøttlRiigtf f. J 

S|ir3i \v{l\ tc3ch his Grand' UgCepaftl.Mjrri 
dam tti gropi: Hens. TEgtti^ni-, ■ nm 

3E(rø(blommt, iheYoIftofan 'it^sftna, Marr 
lEgteffrtP, Marrii 

3Egr|(ti><Dt> ihc White orGlair 

of »n Ejg. 
TCggtfAite. «n Cniel«t. 
Sggti'unbr oval. 
TCggefFul, chc Shell of an 

'" tOt(t«(, the Ovary or Brood 


SS9»f'VS> impatientofDelay; 

t'ft« noatO dcfiroii* of, 

longing afiur foineihing, tn- 

Xioui of ir. 

^ggetiS, cIieS««ron oritying 

Æjl, BCarria^e by Soeknien. 

3Egtfi adj. Uvful, pure. 'iiot 
fldiilieraiedor fiiphlHcflicd, 
ff.;rilinc CffflCt Øm) t law- 

iulSon/,i:gtefel>Of>orn Hw- 
fnlly. iåatt txrt) lawfally 
iiiarricd tfoin 5WetaI, 5C^tl• 

, Wedlo 

tiinnaO Po VR 

6«tr til Wgi 


ber of c 


of DilTe 
morrird Peiipl 

i.f Mitriigo. 

!IE3te|tAnAi mntrii 

conjuKal Life 

Ttsnvitlft, the 

_.. . a hwfDll 

ftint) trne, C^Jlttfanct) ]£(ittv)etf lawfa 

dv'ii in Gra<n, joiiieH in liwfi 

•Xts«, f. (Er. Cloflt til Wa(0 '3EE«I - fqn^Mnifh. 

■o tal'C in MLirrilg;;, lo inarry TZUlfytti, Sqlieim 

onc (aiDciiia^ato o joi" ^ec' oid Age, 

jnMsrriaffe. toniarry. Cbt> Ancicntnefs , O 

^itrc tit S^ØlO 'O demand 7EIAM, to grow o 

n Mar 

1 Vwri 

Xg«, V, Ctage til MgiO '» Micgimtnclfvery 

marry, m tal« inMarriage. C*Ot'iS Uf W 

_" ^ ^ „„ , TElbrc, older of 

■MgtfbacKll , r. TCgtcf«6t. ,,ar,:cd Age. ol 

SegttfaDc, Spoufc, Mitc, TEIbft, ilie elde» 

IfpksuiRtc, ihdK anc:;t;c. (d 

35 ) II ( 


Ifm'fb^ lunattCt framiC} 

UlC# a Oocklirg« 

Hi,2Elnierr^f/ an Elm« 
tHHTf an £ik« 
JUetf coD^h Mire« 

Slrrr, fcneadci-f. 
WniMttf Rneadtng. 

Zm, Matter of a Oifcoarfe, 

Irtre, to alter y change; 

n-iform t corre^ 
latfing. Altering, CKange* 


tiff ((ncr»cO ftrait, narrow, 
innitt, cJofe. Cfli^l^C (Cflfl) 
ramiren, concra£(, C^nøt 
tlijScraicSt narrow Pa$« 

lilb'oftrairen, cocontra«^, 

Sioih^ 'O affl !<£);> vex, tronble«, corment, choke9 

is'Tieve; gall, 
tigtrligr anxions, uneafy* 

'.\rTQwfu] 9 fcrupniotis« 
XqfMtgbeb ^ Anxiousncfs ; 

l'ne^Gncl's : Scrupulofiry* 

jejAffliilirn, Vexacion« 

Si^# itraitlyi narrowly* 

Xrfrar/ ciodcft, honefti vir^ 
mous, chade, decent, grave, 

drmnre. C<t ærbart SInfiøO 

a demure Face, 
Mdr(>Cb, Modedy, Honefty; 

Chafhty, Graviry, Demure- 

Srb6^i9, refpe^Srol, fall of 

Refpe«^, humble^rubfnisfive« 
M^tigfyt^g Rcfpefl, Rcvc- 

rence. Veneration, Sub- 

he, HonoTs Gfory, (flote 

Satn 00 9(90^<^ Repntation 
fimc, KafDC, Credic, C3(g 

fftU (doe ben ^te l rbatl 

do myfelf tlie honor. CøU^^^ 

ftg cn dSrc af nogcO to be 

proud , ambitious of, rake 
Pridc in, to glory in, make 
fomechinfi; your Boaft. Qbc^ 
»ifeern26re)to do, payone 
Koner, CO honor hiin. (bC* 

t>t(c een ben fibRe %re) to 

asfift, or actend arone'sFu* 

neral. (oife een bcn tilbyt* 

IlgC 3Cre) to pay one Honor 

duetohiin. CX>e bar gterc bet 
for 3£rcé IFplb) You are 
hound trt Honor to do it. 

(roeb SSre at mtlbO with 

Hcfpeft be it fpuken. (©f* 

rcé Dro i SSrcn) fave youi- 

Hevcrencc, under Favor, 
TinderCorreclion. (ernære fifl 
meb 98re) to get yonr Livc- 
lihood honef^fy, ro get an 
boncfl Livelifiood. C^Otnmt 

berfra meb Sffte) to comc 

off with Honor , Credit or 
with flying Colonrs, C3ei 

betaf fer miQ for ben UStt) 

It is wh9t I don't prerend to. 
(mifte (In ^re) to be bran- 
dcd with Infamy. (fcrtte fin 
^re i !Panr) to engaj^e yonr 

Honor. (\jtbt paa min 

^re) upon my Honor, by 

my Truth/ Qmiti SSre liber 
berunber^ my Honor lics at 
Srake. (ba\)t SSre i VioeO 

to be tender of yopr Honor. 

Cbaøe ingen ^re i\2i\>tO 

to be ncgligent of one'9 

Honor. (bu bc^t tnflcn QCrc 
ot tale meb) you are fligh- 
red by cvery body, nobody 
cares for you. (fommc ttf 
9Cre) to arrivc to Honors, 

Ibtt aeraaber bani til 3ere> 

it redonnd» to his -Honor* 

Cbct er al 3Cre »crrb) it is 

not to be disreRarded or 

flightcd. CQm®nb^xO 
to give Glury to God« 


9& ) 12 ( 


Urt/ V,' to honnr, efteem, TErer^rift/ food 

re^'pcXl, revercrce; value, in% yo'ur goo 

C®ub) to woKhip« praifcy fsmmi;, conri 

j^lorify, magnify God, frontive, injt 

OErctJigt, aprmo^yricalPocm. urerc^rigeit, co 

an Kicjsy in Verfes. j„ ^., ,rtr.inrh 

2El'efr^(lt# Awc, Rcvcrence, ^^ - ^ 

' ^" ^itfacTf a Conn 

ipurtt in pnifil 

lut »my, 

TEreøberiening / 

fpc^, Rcverenc 


TEreebag^ a feftivi 
AfHonor; a yi 

Ttctffuxntt, to 

liunniare , rcvi 
rrii lucc. 


"Xrefr^gtefin^f ftnick with 

Aue, awful. 
lErefill^^ hon'Jrable. credita- 

ble ; '^lorious. 
lEregavC/ a honorar y Prefcnr, 

TErcgriUe/ Peint of Honor« 

TEreFier, honed , virtuoas* 
tender of yoiir Honur. 

?E^efirr^)e^/ Honcfty, Ten- 
derncfs ot your Hohor« 

2Etcld6/ infjiBouS) dtshonora- 
biCf disiiontl^. hafc ((liørc 

itCetoO fo ""^^^ ^f render 2Erf(F|iTn^en f 
infamou?« ro mark or bran 1 Sldndciinjjf, R 

wirh Infanay Qbbtt CCrcIOé) lunmv. 

to bc ii)arked \vith*Iiit..iny. ?El*ef^'|arn^cr , « 

:JErcftffl{)Cb, Infimy, InU- ^J' ■'J^''"'^^ ^ 

OErclojl, infamonsly, bafcly. lErefii*nP , f. TE' 

•^EreWft/ a jrrcedy Dcfirc of ^ifff«^ « D'^c^i« 

Hnnor or Vamc ^^» ^'"^7 Honoo 

Ttvtl^ittn, ambitions, greedy ^VC»mcMeniH hor 

of Honor* vainglorioiis. ^^ 

TEretltitlCr a Monmnent (to ««.rcøf'»C»|l,H ^nori.] 

perpctuare one's Memory.) or Uegree of H 

QEremi^^^ the glor ou$ Me- "JEreeregn, a Badg< 

morvofone. ot Honor. 

TUxtnavn, a Title of Honor, ^vc)Uut, a Stat 

an h )norablc Charader. ^ '"'■''''^: ^ 

7tVtnt>t, an Errand ; Bufinefi, ,„j Di^nity; 

tnflmg Mesfaise. (jaac ct TEreftg, f, Urgjet 

SCrcnbe) to go on an Vrrand. ^. ' •*'/ ^"^ 

(bMb cr bcrcs 'prente ter ?) ^[««"«'/, • \'^'* 

what is your Bulincfs hcrc? honorablc Chara. 
TEtenpriø, (Urt^ Fluellin or Ur«^v,a Backbiwr 

Speedwcll. ■ , Derrnilcr, Tråd 

TEre^I / a Fcaft in Honor of J "»-^ .^-^t« "J* ^P« 

dcccafcd Perfon, anorher • Reputa 

Ttttjpottt a triumphel Arch, 7Erco<crO#honorabl< 


) 13 ( 


tr|rr(fg# C^ttttMiq) tron« crrttgen) to pay daty ou 

bljiViin , vexari-ns, bitr«r» honMy, Qf^olbt ittfjti dU 

vcis, frowjrd. C'tcdlaOen) li^en) to kecp yotir Word 

T;3:*iy» ni>rofe, choU'ric, inviulably. ((^olOC Cttligctt 

r?r>nare, ficry, hot, CbliøC Ub) ro pcrfevcre to the laft", 

iricrlia) to be anycry, pro- ^rligfytt^, Honefty,Sinccrity. 

K.ktd,irriMtedor UpriKfirncft, Iniegrity, In- 

•«Y-Brrelf» to Itomflch a genuit\» 

TV'^z, rake Snuff or Per at. 

(Wdtgerrfl) to irritatc, ^^"«^i ^Sif'''^^^''"^^ ^« 
V-.vrie, incenfc .nc« »»-^f«" af J^rmtptoprcacli . 

extempor«, orwirhonrStndv» 

(binde er il nogrf paaXtimO 

ro fhain or palm fomcthin^ 
upononc, pin upon one's 

StfrriiQ^eb f Toachinefi, 
y.etoétY* Cholcr 

2crtr(rri9«ambitiods, greedy, 
ccverons of Honor* vatn- 

Srjicrrigen^ambitiously &c. 

Sr^inrigfccb/ Acnbirion« 
(tfeedWfs of Hnnor. 

lb^,iiiext »rch) to irritntej 

Sleevc, inrftico onc to be* 

licve it» C55Jfnet (ernaer 
barn enbnu i %rmcO he (iké 

nor yet fown hiswildOacf* 

^rværM^, venerable, honora* 
ble, rcfp'-'dable, revcrcnd. 

[^^ fo frer,' vcx yourfclf. 2tn>itr^lgI^e^/ Venerablcnefs. 

V-i tarer ftci / naar ian Revercnce. 

ki-r^e) bw treti a Iceing IZvt, ('^ T^a, (»2(grteO Peafe. 

Ttvttbcclc^f a Pedfccod, Shell 

or Hiiik* 
l3tvttt f. «Hrt6. 
!itfcl, an Afs. (bilO vild Afj, 

(bobcn) a Sluggard, Loan- 

TEfelrtgtiø/ like an Afs, lazy, 
idlc, fluc^eifh, loicering» 

SrrriJef Vexation, Trouble 

3kabc , f. TZrtn^t. 

2i'i?, honeft.f-ncjre.uprij^ht, 
:•::, trnehearted , frank« 
'iijffrcm) plain, downrfghr« 
(jrti^t^nfidO ^" ingenoiis 

lubberly, itupid; rude. 

nilc s Shcw or Look ot an «feI^riper, an Afsdnver, 

breJtMan, to pretendllo- ^^i^V'l'^*'^ , ' 

tt^: («rlia gruentimincr) ^1.^ '"^^ * ?? *^^* 

C2rfifl«Ciirfll)cIfe)a decent ^»;i*t)ove^^^^^^ «' ®«ft 

Mtirion, lame. C*rlta ^feleøl'en, O^oaet) Dogears. 

haaiMering) an honett 7£fe[6pan^e/ ((sofidb^orbO « 

Tride* CatiiØ @piO ^^ir Dimco, a mere Afs. 

Hit. Uff / (»«iFetra?e) Af h . (f^nr 

Srfigeil, honcftly, fincircly " ^f «'?) af hen. 

&c. C^anbre crrliqen) to Uff^, a B«.x. C&crri6boin$ 

inl, aa finccrcly or fairly. 2fffl?0 Py^' <^^ B"'-. CfoU 

[^iiiNr srftdcnincoecn) to dCciiquier; n Skrin* fer Ro- 
<}fal£urlywichone. (b(la(e lics. (fHa(!( for ftU 2SIF0 


af ) 14 ( «f 

10 Jtmvonc tn by fcirWortfj; 
tobcrprinhlewitfa conriho- 

Htfifitt an Afp or ATpen. 
SEfptlOV' «» Afpenlc^r. Cgati 

rfiakcslikean Afpenleatj he 
(romt'lcs t\\ over. 

æt« C^cti' ©tamil«) Binh, 

R->(« , i'amily Siock ■ Li- 
r.rii%t, Exlradion. Defccnr. 
lerfe, I. UDft. 

3£v( ntft , H-vig , Ttvntt 
TLvttt, f. IL-Ctnvfc. 

af prip of, liy, from Cof 
®titlA gt«dtt) by ilie Grace 
offiofl. CUn tlVtå of fdd) 
he is lovcd liy few (df Itlcb 
©atten) affwith your H»[. 
, (ftct ftenifei af ©Iriftm) it 
is proved from Scriptnrr. 
(fHia^\tt1 man) by thii it 

Uffftie, ((Bm fXeffø arsbc 
01 sO ti> hrowfe. feed npon, 
blici knap or nibbic olT. 

StfObfif f" "ke away wilh 

31frttb*i6f / CSidft) to wnrk 
ciff yoor Dcbc. to clear \t 
by working. (fit ©ajwrl) 
ta worh our, finirii your 

afl'«5«f W mahc an End of, ' 
finifh your Boking. 

"HiinmU, Ctom etee) to Leat 
ont tlieOi[lt, diin outvouc' 
Coat. Cpffflf* aD '" teat, 
thr-lflli inaul one roundly, 
^iv<; one a Drubbias- 

ail^nnfniiigi a Cudgelling, 

af(<t>e, Cbetic HH ^aUt) to 
ln;.; Pardon for your Fanir; 
10 i:ryV«cca»ij f:; depricire 
ynui TunifhnKnt. lo priy 

wifh aijflinft ■>. 
nDøtt B(B S»n) t 

(ibiain 9 ThmK by 

0)ixt op at bebe) 

Enil of your Pray 

afbebe(ft( ■ Deprec 
Frayirg for Pardc 

3(fbcflillt, to unfay ' 
have bcTpoke. 

afhctalCf to.payoffO 
to pay Part of yt 
(jonffe) toelearyi 
to ft'isfy your C 
fcttte Acceuntt vri 

^fbetoltnat th« Cle 
yoiirDcbt, theSat 
yoar Credirftr«. 

3lfbctltnin(i r f. Sni 

afbeile, Ctftflle fifl li 

" aThing of oné, ge 

blffl by hcg!!i;ig. 

Mfbi6(, to bite of 
away. CWofgIt) tt 
nibble of ynnr N« 

3(fbit>nfn3i tlie Bitin{ 
Nibbline i.ft. 

afbit)|I(, Ctnfttft)'« 
a HrHe. to dr«w t 
afbifteling, theUnbri 
» Horfe. 

afbiM, bitten, nibb 

afbiqt, t. attiteife 

afbilttt, Cbaniit) tt 
fafhion, frame, mol 
(cfiiCCc tltT btirriDC 
ti) portray, rrpr 
draw i CO d^fcrib^ 
bvate, di!lir>;n'c ot 
aTiHiia. Ciæ«) f 
in Wjx. C«fHt (ti 
Dt) 1(1 drnw to the 

aft'il&«f formcd&e. 

a{bil^in(t> (SiiStbi 

Jill^) i'ottraitilr«, 
nuure; Arfiiml.rsri 


ing, Fiaminx, Mn 

aIFin^t , CÆiJiiimcrD 

Vvtfning) ta pin 


o 15 ( 5tf 

,wV, faftcn it togcther. 
(WTlKti5leflcO ^obind up 

r-iQiriin^ oi Timberwork. 

p^iolfcnO «o pluckotf 

\M (\L^rfluous Lea ve 5 of 
Via?:, to takc themoway. 

l^Utoigr ihe PlDcking off 

4((c9etfluoiis Lea ves« 
W«, C@tO») to blow off 

W Duft. CS^noner) to 

fcsk tVic Guns. 

IjUtvCi to come or ger fomc- 
iV:her. (^OOt bU9 ftan Of?J 
wTi! ii bcc*Mne of hiiii ? 

IjbioB^rCf CO have done 
Visfoning; lofe Blosfoms, 
RuVe pa^fed blosfoming, 
Wevn^ or bTooming. 

l^iniretf bcmg pa(t btos- 



iJVittt.' C^oI^c op at Mebc 

•::ereoff bleedinj?. 
J^lf.tofmootK burnifhor 
;8iA Houshold-Furnuure. 

aic;>:, (afparere) lo parry, 

rir ry Tluults. 
tvrf«, C.Vllccba) to brufh 
i.j-Cioihcs, brufh ofFthe 

»t;tr, DctrMiicnt, Hurt, 
DiniH^i; Injrry; tofs; 

PrcindiccCfliiJtc CC n ^Ifbro?!) 

:f:n>iain'g<:* Imr', prtjiuici 
ea? (giørc fici f«IP 'Jifbrvtt) 
fOsbridge or dvrprivc ycur- 
'slfof i Convenicncc. 

HhxfU, to break offCQSrom* 
h; to pine!« orflipoti, to 
Kp or Cfop Flower. 

»r.Tn^fr to burn siway, fct 
oafirj, rofire, burn'iown; 
•vf in Afh-s, ruin by hr- 

SranDr* burntdown, (af; 
»:«M SolO pcopU burnt 
cb: ei' thsir Htiufes. 

ro fcrcli or bring one oii troui 
hi8 Opinion. 
^fbru^r# broken ofF, interrup- 
- ted. CfføbPité nu 00 ca) by 

Tits. Cftaflig) abriiptly. 

^fbniQCf to have done ufing 
aThing, to caafe ufing K 

2(fbtr^&ei to break ofF O« 
ffalc) to iKeak off.intcrrupr. 
C95lOin6cO to pluck, crop, 
gaiher Flowers. (<n 9399« 
ninjl) to break, piill, bcac 
down, abarc, dcmolifh. 

^fbr^&ninøf theBrea King off; 

Iiiterruption ; Demolifliing 

f. Verb. afbr^^e. 
7(fbu^> Unfaying. 
%^Civdc, to proportion, frams 

or fquare a Thin^; to mci- 

fnrc »t with your Coinpartcs. 

5ltCdpict:c,ro copy, take aCopy» 
Ttinrrint, Extratt or Du- 

7Cf^arBPf / (»iPorbeO t« clear thc 
Tablc. (tacic Bojffet cQ ^^ 
uncover* lift up tltc Cover* 

^f^4tP^ing9 Ket, a Defert. 

2lf^nmpe/ to m^ike fomething 
évaporate. (JinncO ^o »'^ 

7i(t>anU, f. <sfffc^ife. 

TlftclCrtodividc, part, dilrmg- 

uifh, fspjiar'i. 
5If^eUr, a Divid^^r; Mcafurer. 

:2lf&cling» a OivlHon, Diftinc- 
lionT DilUngnifh; Sci>n- 

24f&?€iC,- vlivided, parted «c. 

Account , {or that Realon; 
thcrefoic, , , • 

TifOøfe; dcceafed, departcdthis 
Life, dcad, R<^ne. 

TCfbvng, røctaliua) P.iym2r.t 

Vin I'tirr). 


«f } 16 { af 

'Aftva^ti to dednd » detraft. 
abnrc, discount, defalcate 
frtinetiiing of a Sum. 

7li^V<tQttt dedndled) abated. 

3(ft>reief (Dteic af for) tomrn 
oucoftheWay, to dcclinc 
or go off or out of the 

^IfMrivt, (fom et ©fibfM fin 

CourODriving; or Dcflcxion 

ofa Sliipfrom irstrucCourfe 

, by Reafon of the Currents. 

^fbtiFf f/ to drink off, out or 

Tii^tiU, Cfom ®uID u. rcnfe) 

to fine, rcfinc G iI'V Cf©"* 

9)2<taØ<0 ^o '"^y ^^ a^fay 
Mernl hy theCoppel, (foitt 
Ct @fib) t'> drive, tnrn from 
itsiijj^htCourfc. (CiøéfrUgf) 
to caufe Abortion, 

QlfbrtiEFeitf drankoffor «p» 

^fbr^ppe^ to drop« tricklc, 

drip» falldown, tofallDrop 

by Drop. 
a(ffa:it)ig , decay • decrepit 

fallinjf away. 
llffÆl^ig^C^^ Decay, Decline, 
Tlff XV^itit,* o dispa'cli,disinirs, 

fcnd onc away. C®.fl0«0 ^^ 

disparch, cxpcdite forne Af- 

fairs or Matters, 
^ffccrt»ioelfe / a Dispatch, 


QJjral^ / 2lWb , C^anHté^ a 
Defluxion. (UrccIlfi£be^) 
Swccpin^s. (ct éte()B 
©fraanimO a Dccliyi^. 

(&anI>CUnO ^h« Decline* 
Decay of TraJc (fra Srocil) 

?(ffa[^Cf tofall or dropdnwn, 
or run down (frd fi« .^Olløc) 
to revolt» rebel. Ct'rattrociO 
ro apollntize; fall away 
froni. Religion, turn Rc- 

affaibeit fr<» Zv^tn, (tn) >n 

Apof(;ue« Backdidcr inR«- 
2(ff4rvet/ coloured, 

2(frcct/ Affe^ion, Inc1ination> 

Slffccrere/ to affeft, nfc Affuc- 
t fomething affci^ed* 
ly or vfit\\ too much Study. 

Hpcttvttø (fom et iD?ennc(PO 

aliedtcd, fuH of Attedlacion. 

(fem en røine) asfumed» 

ovcr(hidic(t, p)*tonwithan 
ill GrMCvi. (af. Xålt) a coft- 
ccitd Lanv^u i<59. (af, 95CP« 
fcn^ ftiflr> upftart Ways (tate 
af.J to canr. 

^ffectirricitf (uti'bigSpIf otmfe 

fl<|) AiK-fftanon* 

2»|feie# to fweep, wlpe. brnfli 
or fetc'i off Filili or Duft ; 

fo c'e.n. 

TlffcininQf tbe Sweepinj^ or 
Bruf hjn^ ofF* Cleaning, 

2lffile/ to <ilc ofFor away. 
SlffUitig« Filings, Fileduft» 

Ti^flaat, to Ikin, fiea* flay, to 


2tff^ø^e/ to flecr Milk; Ikim, 

f-ikc of the 
2CffI<^e/ to flow, run or glide 

ofF or down^ 

2lfflvNting^ thcFlowingofFor 

^own , a Defluxion. 
^iH^vCf to fly off or.^away. 

7{f^«9l'^re^ to rcqiiire, demand 
of«.ne, to crave fnmething 
of him, alk it from him. 

^Jff^i'^l'ing I a Demand, AiV- 

irv.;, Rcqr.irintr« 
21if'?rmC| to form, frame, 
ih.ipea Thing, takcorniake 
th: Fintr.e or Fipirrc of it, 

5((fc•^c, f. S<5^crtf(lg, 
?(tf<5:>ning, f. 2Ritgcl. 
21tfoie, (oiibc ^^atjFcr Hb 

SBcblcin) to dctcrgc purge 



af ) 17 ( «f 

iwfly« clrtnfe by rhvfic. 

art) f. bortf^re^ 
^førelff/ Pur«ing, Abftcrfion, 
O^t rfion* , 

c.eanfing» deterlivc. il?rt»Jr- 

VfFftC/ 10 fhoor. f hoff»t off, 
Uc 6y ofT, dischtrge or iire 
t fiun« 

IfffriBJ« the DfsOcharging of 
• Gun or Firing of ir. 

giert 6a0 ic ii t Thinf 

end- inikeinEndof* (pili^ 
f lenbO ^® d-ciie," dercrmine« 
Cftit«(idc ftrcrtrO ro makt 
II p» compound- adjuft^dvrcr* 

' mine, 'CC >minodflre g Differ- 
ence, (en Rc^ttina) co ferrie. 
niake up an Account. ' 

7L^^i6vt\(t, fl pecifion, Decid- 
in^, Dererminln^. 

7Li9iétt{i€é»puncttn , Cr i Ai» 

ulZ'"lVcSlt7n X^^^^ Æe/Ca«>efraflp) rode 

,hePa,ceSl'"n"aS^ (^^^^^^ ^^r.^''#*w'r;„r":h'*- '"• 

ten gdaer aO the'coioar ^^t'fJ'Jj^^^^^^^ 

faiesT charges or wears orf. •,;!^*L^'' .J^Lfa " 

oDt or away , it not du- 2lt8n«t?e, to gnaw Cff. knap 

rable. Cptt ^aaer faa me» lyr^Iir^t,'* ! r«owj.,» v:k 

aet af iSmeUninaen) there ^^?»^^* |' * Gnawmg, Kib* 

empire, departfrom Life, to ^^f^^Jii!Z^T^2 
deSeafe. (afaaae, blm af- 'wTenIn? ^ ^ 

fcbwOro bediscbarg^^ afJøC? Prodad, Produt- 

dif misfed from your Office. ^^f-J^ . 'p^^j,^ 

V^ng/ (Stnaé Sftad^IfO ' xfariinMn Abyfs, bottomlert 

che Decay, Failur«, Dimi- p,r^ 

nifhing, DccrcafingorAba- ^jfemt), an IdoK fnlfe Deity. 

ting ofaThing. Q^aa ^ay Tifgu Wrie^ Idolatry, Idol-wor- 

tO Uttcrance, Sale or De- f^jp^ , 

Itvery of Commodities (paa Z^aubiftt iMotatfOtti. addiaad 

6d(» 1 ©meltninø) the ^^ Idolatry . worf bipping 

Wafte of Silver beiniim«1ted Idols 

(KbDø^en) Deceafe, De- tX^i^^øUae^e/ tn Idol« tbe 

pirture from Life. S^catuc of a falfc Deiry. 

Ifganøen/ (»eO©øben) leccaf- ^tøi^etifrf elft, f. Z^§nUtit. 

ed, departed from this Life glføt|^e^^rfer^ an Holater or 

*c. Worf bipper of Holi. 

Hfgierbe, f* TlflnfU. % ^tfønDf-ProBflf i facrtficing 
Ifeiort/ finifbed, ended; PrJeft. 

iccommo l«*ed &c f. Verb. ^fgn^6(VP9/ aGfov« dtdicatad 

(lij) ctruin, (^et Ct eø af* to Idoli. 

• ar* 


Hf ) 18 f Hf 

QtfguDft. Envy, ' 

afginiPiS, envioo*. grndging. 

Xfgfb^ ropeurDfT. Cttttiaxt 
t9ttt aD '" tl«c"it Liqu.T, 
10 poar oS by genily decli- 
tling [hc Edge ofthc Vcirel, 
(i (n3»m) (O ruundaroft 
into « Moulif. 

Kf&ttSO to uncUrp, 

Vf^Kitbitief«) abtltenflte.mihc 
over, hind ■ thinft ta. puc 
or deHvcr into nne-iHindi. 

][ft)ltn^tgti^«> Abilicnacion,« 
Delivcring of FolTcflion to 

TtOtxMt, (af en) to depcnd 
of, CMnt lil KR @iht) to 
dope, Ican lo nne Gde, 
aftiingfB, rubjeit to, depen- 
dent of. 
Sf&itngfg()t», Oependtncr, 

HPitrot, to heave> lift. IiN*e 

nr lift ofr. 
af&aFtCr 10 cat, chop down 

nt oB. 
aftanWt, C<n®flB« ®P«(i*. 
DiaaO " h»ndle, »giwte, 
•XHtnine • SubfeS . ttf treic 
ofit, expofe lo Confirfern- 
tion, Tninaj« an alTBir. (nft< 
la af Ctn) ro bny • thing 
of ore. 
Xf^anMiiig, n Trniife. 
9lftWf^r K wi"^ or (**1 nC 
VÅcRK« f' bente. 
aiftltlpc, Ctn Kina) to rhift 
or charge i Thing. to help 
for to get i> altered ((( OH' 
tt)to rcfflcdy. røMKObiOi 
itttOto providr irfnpply 
NKciTaHea. Ccen4(Bqtlw)Tn 
htlponeofhii Burden.Ctilt< 
fftcMtO if fnpplv Bnc*t 

aft»I^ C&i'nhr) D 

' Detention, Wi 

Hindtnnce, Cfflflfl 
Abttinence, Cor 
»ftrollM, (tcR fra R 
datjin, holdi haep' 
hold. hinder, ttop 

from. (68 fra) t 

OU) abltinunr, ii 
temperere (,««: 
be.oved , dclr. 

Hfboltrn^cfr Ab 

Alifteiniousncra , 

Zf^itt, (>Sibiitr) ro I 

try WEtnefTet, to 
Depoliti<>n of ther 

Fammcn) to contra 

VftHetlft, theTiitimi 

Hcaring of WltnelTi 
VibtOt, to raap, c« 

gathct in ihe Corti. 
7lfb*vlt, to potifh. 

inihe finooth with f 

Sprny. " 

Mftiiigg«. CSratr) 

chnp offi cut down 
ftll Trea« C?)eB(t) ' 
o(fDt:E-iHvad, beh( 

af^ugttinør iheCnrtJT 
or Falling of Trcea 

af ^voe KArfoSi up< 
Accoonc, by, forw 
fon, for what Canfe 

af^Drtfei f. gi«re (I 
affogt« CSimbnt Q}« 

ihe Booty, to rec 

ScSJ to fnandar, oi 
orfi, (boat ep I 
to Ctitt mntitig, 
dom htuitiDg, 


) 19 ( af 

rhm ncfcoinjt. 

thipg off from ili« WiKH. 

■■t Cl" t-R« Irom (he 

Cfw ftg ftl») 1« r.rn"eh 

your Exn-rCM. iiliiirig« 

to icn.l> of or 

yoarfdf. lii« wiiliin '^oin- 

|>ari, to |lirch. 

■•;:-- -T^v rQ,M^ 

3ltfllil>ltins. a Pir.chirr cIT 


Cecieoi-«'"-"*' Aiiiiit- 

in« or of (int'i 

: es'.! cr.e iwjy ffom 


aff»«, fSlff>to t^-i. ftfiU 

3i •.-• Cticing, 


-j £T, Ca:;ii:inscr 

3'7øn)r I»;us, PfJgtr.y, Off- 

:rop cli, p-ir-S. 

amrlrre. 3l:"FolBp. rt'e D<<"«r.'. S-ock. 

v, flir(. Familv. Jttce.SiMDtOii^.n, 

-»• <!•" ff:t,f!«n, mikt{\,,,r.r. euf 

'- {hcntr. ffsnOiiitTf; ;u 

t. ;c poT- t'. SK a ti ;■{%■: csrii;:, ^i'.cli 

jfi. E- r. 

afT»If, to <vo'. fUir ve 
r(i Trf:i.:'^ y-.'.rV''. 'Btc 

af ) 20 ( Hf. 

VflroftR rcmote. diftsnt Place, 
LnrKingpliGCi Rectfti By- 
p'acc. Comer< Noolt. 

Vnr0S>f TEinoK. afir off. di- 
(tant. out af tbc Vfay, 

Vflaantf to borrow fomeihing 
Al' or fiin onc, tnhe or 
fcich nponTrnft. Crtdiror 

MoAtlti borrow'd from. nk- 
cn npon Trult. 

«f|«A, CpaWl'93 Indnlpnce. 
Pardon from Sin. .C«'«) 
a Letter oflndnlgence. (tf. 
lobWwmilKtJiSellM of In- 
dulgendet, a Pirdonmon- 
ger. OVcneO Shrovtmoney. 

apabt, (Uftt af fra) to Imvc 
off. discontinne, ceaft, de- 
fiftfrom, interniti ktalonci 
to Ji« op doinj. 

a^Mlftf Inietmimon, Dii- 
ing. CbBoI « ) ioMlTantly. 
AKRfiMCf to lay> put ot caft 
i' o"'cXI«»«/to%ay.caft 
ofrciothei, Cfr«lO to give 
g Trial of yonr 5hili.(EICtgn> 
Itab) to give an AcCounti 
qnit • Score. (Sft) to 
takt an Oath, (,9&itBtti 
bort) to dipofe yonr Wit- 
nefti tnakc yoar Oepolition. 

(ttn mtb embth; Satin 
fing] to bedow in Office 
' upon; |i«e one o PrtTent. 
Ccnbt ©»1(0 "> '««*'« '" 
Manneri (ta 9)<1lO to pay 
one a Vifit. Cfllt @fvttif 
M itt un) to t»y one 
yonr Duiy ot Dtvoir. (btt 
Bditile QhtnntffO to taft, 
put off the old Uan. CØef> 
ntv) toleave otf Monrning, 
C0iI[Ol)«o prefentynoiSer- 
vic« to one. C9AfM) tø 

JlflaMtircr a Ltvifli: o 
Calfingoff, Cviinttb 
B Depofition. (CtMj 
Taking of in Oath, 

Xfldmtr, fl Layer. Sho 
Spngofa TreeCpot ■ 
Gronnd for IncreafO. 

Uflttgning r ([Urttøa 

tavnWjth* I-aying dov 

Setting for Increafe. 

•SftAffS, CBADinid) deci 

wafted, worn ont wIth 

Uftcertr to learn rotDCEhi 
one, discover hh Art, 
trate into his Seciet. 

apaftf to read wiih a 
Voicc bcfore Fcopla. 

ZftltVt, to nnload. Dnla< 
dijnnrdcn, to dischar 

Xflfffftn, rhe Unloadin 

Ufagt, (Aammtrbaat) o 

Uft orFafhion. 
3l|UitS« oval, oblong, I 

Sf^avtf diiorderly, o 

Order, pcrpltnfd; im 
himricali nnkifh, ' 

aftebc, C^MOtodrawV 
iwiy, dtflin it> makeC 
neli. CDrft) to d 
Wordi from it's Origi 


or Driwinjt away ofW 
(ctOlbO Derivation. 
afliMfllft»» far off, rer 



pnll off dm Mal 

one off, allorc hiin : 

%t*b, tbc FleiriDK ot lt«D 

af ) ai ( af 

MW*«rfnbef t Gatter« 
1f#bc# QiiiR Saab) co miif 
lov oft; ^Mf (o(M} ro 
Mceeif. C&hUt M df 
&aktl€tt) cheShip is lancif 
tå (f^om rhe Stocks)* 
HUntr CO lifts htflveoft C^ 

iiMfra 3(6cn) to lift off* 

Wtf c t Keccio from oi che 
34I#fnui8r ,<he Heaving or 


yMr/ to loofet nncie, nnbind 
iThtne« loofen from, (af» 
a SfimaøQ to relieve i 
Cencincl« C^iPt &9ildé# 
ferUMfO to abfolve. O^fe 
KiåQ co foccced one.' (^af* 
tiiaBftca i Srtø) co relicvc 
oneinocher, exchangePUctt 
(ike tnochcr Poft* 

IflMiBg/ an Untying, Ino- 
fening. C®0nb^^O Abfola- 
t\w, Acqaitnitinr. 

iMt, incied &c« f. v« 

Mrffifv CO inclofe, hem in* 

WtTe, (fra 9radi(eto(cn} co 

pnSlifh, make known ftom 

rhe Piiipic» Copfiøo ftaSge 

Ii4> co give op. refign« 
((»re op at afO to leave oflf 
to fhine* 

Wtømagy ch« Pnblifhin^ 

Pabiidcion. (IrafiøcHe) 


InBUsalCf ro meafiire, mete* 
(mcbCirfeO to dererminatt 
vith a Fair of CompafTes« 
(Jwbr aøcr) to forvey, mea- 
fare Land. C^AAb) to lake 
a Plan of a Country« 

VmaMnf, che Meafiiving, 

Itmtrgrigib rorcelefs. weak« 
feebie, infirm« Caint. irapo- 

ZftKMtftittnt weakly* faintly 

7iiPi«§tifft^t^ 9 I m po tence« 
Difabiiity , Infirmicy* Fee* 
blenaf«, Wtaknefs« 

%\vxctxtt9 co mark oqc« fec a 
Mark to« co delineate« 

neffl, Infirmiry, wanc of 
Power and Srrensth« Lang- 
nif hing. COadntUe) Paint- 
nefs, Swopn or SwQoning* 

)(fm4le# co dcpaint« draw a 
Piaure, porrray. (befPrttK) 
to dercrit>t» delineate, reprc* 
fenc« expreff« 

Xfmaling, a Painting. Por* 
traying. Piaore. Qbt^xU 
t%\\i) Dcfcripcign, Deli* 

3fmArr4)cre# co march ofT, re- 
crear« go away, wichdraw* 
recire, oreak up. 

Xfmavrcberin9# tMarching pff, 

Ti\mavot9 Cnbmerøle) to ener- 

vace, exhauft, confume« 
^\mctXXt9 fc weary, rire, fa« 

tigue. (ca tnoce^ co harafl 

an Army, 
Xfmanelfe 9 Defacigation« 

Tir'ng ; Haraifmg. 

Tffmeie, (i(oni,er<rO to ">ow. 

cut down Corn or Grafs* 
Tlfnteining, th« Mowing or 

Cytting down Corn. 
%\miXi^t\S!t9 fl Kemcmhrance« 


Stgll) a Monument. 
)(faittbre# co unAime • rid of 

SUme, cakeaway the Slime* 

21fnappe/ coplnck, pick, cull 

2(fnArre# (een yetøe) to foot 

one of his Money, to bnbble 
or cheac him ot ic. 

SiMbc, (SOi noøcO to ab- 
ftorc, extorc, wreft our, get 


«f ) 42 ( 

by Torce froni htm. tfi IwSor 
him out of ir. fen »rt 
{anii føtgitrin^) to urg«, 
preri-one by impartunace 
9>'%i'n% »nd Soliciting lo 
trant it. 

TtintWling, tn ?;:totfion, Ab- 
itortiqn. Gittinv by Fore«. 

VfMtrr to htve done loJtcr- 
inj, or lingerina. 

af#fe, to cKhsnIt, driin, 
cinpry, live Wlter. 

?lf«rffinO> til« Exhinlltnf, 

boO 'O onloid • onpachi 

VfparetCf to p«rry. put by, 

hee-i offi to wiH olF. 
afpaeningf cli: M.:*''nring 

wiih t Fair of CompofT.". 
ZfptitSt, (O ineirui'e with « 

PAJT of ComptlTc--. 
afptcltr 10 raithwith Palci; 

to impal«, 
Ttfptrft, f aftwft. 
3(fptMtCf to whi^. fconrg«, 

lark or Jirh fuvndly. 
a^iHc, to pil), plnclc or cnll 

oA. pick oot. 
afplnc, to abftort, txtvrt, 

get , obiain by Fore« or by 

KfpIoøCf TO enort from on4 

by Tronblct and Ventioni 

yoa canfe him, 
3(fpl#i'i 10 luv« offplongh- 

UfpIuBftrCi to hava 4on* bab- 

aWuf. f. Pickingi. 
Wplatttfio plDch, pick orcnil 

Kfplutfetf plckd ftc. 
afptuFnins, Pillin), Plnck- 

3ln*ol(t<f tttbrnnirh, polifh 

or brightcn. 


Hfpraftci to b 
g et or obtain 
on« by BegRi 

afpr«>iFe, (t 

from an Opir 

itrUs ittcait 

in hil n|iini< 

' diiruiiled froi 

afprrfft. "O pr 

preV7ii oni o 

Itrj to fqn;ej 

afpnit«, to i 

rometiud^ ai 

the Piic« witl 

afprrgiw to i 

b4ng, man' 

afti^tBlinfl, if 

Tnrafhing. ) 

afpuFrf, to j 

t tht«aieiiing 

afpnbr«' to ."!' 

cleanfe. Ctttl 
afpnbøniitSf Ih 

Making c1«ar 
afqt>ltM, to al 

hil Wagcs ; 

thing from h 
afr«4M, f. fr. 
afcAitCnei to re 

tiify. fill aw 

tion or Putrei 
afraaDndfb th 

aftage, tofhav 

or fhcat oR \ 
afnafTf to Tpcr 

grow qoier. ( 

no ittt ubrafc 

Itf ) 25 ( «f 

t^A9i Shaviogs* 

l{favc# to fcrape. (have oC 

Sfcb« CQSoreøanaJ^ a Partin;. 

Going awjy«Departure. (fxa 

ttt^n) Deparcuret Isfua 

oac of cbis Life« CUå fiOC 

BcucO the Tflking Leave» 

VftlcdiaiofitFarewel (fft^e 

B«aKl} to ceke Leave» bid 

f arcwtU i hake Hånds with 

yoer Fricnds. (taflC ftR Sf« 

f t^so lay down your Place 

Ol Employmenr« C(^iu') to 

di«raifs» discharge,' disband, 

discarl, caOiier, putaway« 

tam olt Cft*9t(j(|) a dis- 

miflory Letter , Dischari^e, 

Ctrrificacc« Hindfare, (cs 

6élMti) tha cefiimonialLec- 

tcT of a disbanded Soldier. 

(pA tffcd>ac Partine. (<« 

tand« cffcr fHi^ihaqi^HttV) 

ch: BiPf, that wereenadad 

tt *he Diet* 
3tf(KH«^if# a parting Cop« 
IfiftMiPrarbif en , a valedic- 

rory Sermon« 
SrHFrMge« to discharge, dis- 

aifs. (afiP. fra en f icncie) 

ro disinifs onefrom hisEm- 

p|oympnc« (6ol(atcr) to 

disband , discacd« 
Iflfcbigelfe , Discharging, 

Dismiflion, Disbanding« 
3fi|fienfe# 'to pour off, to 

clear or decanr. 
VWienfnittgy a Ponring oflT, 

a Dtcantarion* 

Ifefiemt, in Jcft. 

Timnt, f. affenbe* 

^firilbre# f. afmale. 

llfifrab/ Scrapings> Shavingi* 

Xrfttabtt to fcrape » fcracch, 
rab ofT« 

Itfrabninø/ the Scraping or 
Scracching off* 

Tlffttaf, (Sroøl) a RorroiiiE^ 
Dread, Tercor. Fear. (tfr 
fPoe) Abborrence, Abomi« 
nation, Deiefting, Loath- 

TiffttcMtø to dater » ditco«^ 
rage» affirighc, atfrighten, 
dishearten, ftartteoneoffor 
away from a Thing» 

2lffFrercn # Ci^pied » iran»* ' 

2lAFri9e^ to copy, tranfcrib«» 

CafiFriøe af en 6(ri(cnO to 

write ont of an Author (cv 
^cIO to wrica of a Débr, 

C^raitt 9lenaO <o crodit 

one's Account for Møney 

H^fivivtv, a Copier> Tran- 

Tifffvlvningi a Copy ing, Tran- 

7iff(tivt, a Copy, Tranfcript^ 


2(f(ri'nbbe# to fcrnb, mb 

TLiUtnt, to nnfcrew« 

7(fJFubbe# to mb off« 

2(ffhtm/ tbcSkimmings^Seiini 
taken of; Refn fe. (6torf 
9aOSconi,DregtQf the niea- 
ner Sort of People. Rabble, 
(6ftC(Morl) moft viciona 
Fellow, Archvillain« 

Ti^ffwnmtf to (kim* take off 
the Scnm. 

Ufftnmnin^ theSkimmtngoir 
Taking of the Scnnn, 

Tlfftntt, to fconr off, make 
clean by Sconring, 

TLifltibt , (en VitO to f hooc 

(end off or let fly an Arrow* 
0t9t1»9t, JKanon) to dis- 
charge, fhoot Oft, fire a 

Xfffifbningf theShooting qff, 
Discharging, Firing« 

«f ) 04 ( «f 

UffMtt, Cfra eoibth) to dt- 

gTiiics dupoie onc, removci 
toin 01- put onG oDt af. [O 
deptivt him of hiiPlace. to 
ttH< onc fi«m ih( Dignicy of 
hif OfGce (cH JiDRoO '" 
dcthtoncaKin^, (af^JatO 
tofcll, vtnct, pniolTi' utttr, 
dirpof; of Wares. CtnSeml 

Xffnst. ((sW StnO paTtd, 

. pronounctd. (gitnllO * 

'■ '" ''proftlTed, fwoTn or moritl 

/ degriHcdi pnt. turncd, le- 
moved out of « pUce, Cf^lS 
VacO Told . pnt ofT, dis- 
poftif of. 

3lff4t«( (pu tn Oluir) b5«> 

II« on « Will. 
3lf(iiu{|ei to fnr of, cat cff 
W'Eh I Siw. 

' XfTovn f (■ moKjld.' 
Xfirt, Ctn %mi) (O btiT th« 
Wint of I to be withouc a 
BffUltf to put to Sci> ftil 

ditpitch one. C^art) to 
fcnd c,w»j. difpuch or for- 
'wud Good*. 

arfTcnMr*« tht Sending iwix, 
Difpitching or Forward- 

3lfrtn»tf ttm •wfty Ae. 

Xlftfit« f. Vflrot. 

VrflMtf afide, CligicDbt) far 
' dilt<nt, 

SflEc, to filtrat* I clcanre by 

VfflSCf (tn 3ilb(tlltH) to dii> 
invlic; rcitia an Invitation, 
■ Sentenci! C<ll<&cf*|tlft> 'o 
disapiioinc aVilit.CStt^iSf^ 

ro rtnoDitcet d< 
Religion j tnin 1 
røtrtta) to foTfn 
don , renonncc il 
Xfpgffto, ofgn^'j 
cord, Xndina Oi 
fraely. willingly, 

SlMnfeigr mad, fran 
•tic TDnoD*, dift 
tinoDi. Cu >f 

afltNftigtnr madly i 

3(mi>Cisl>t&> Maini 
ticnefa, Phtenf) 

Ufflaavtni cvt oi ( 
CfeBi CH fyHt) cu 

afffittrtr to cnt ofl 
CWcflltnt) to pai 
to [rim. (ctn S! 
iniCTCcpti cot ofl 
fige, itop th« \ 

®fib fT« Khuttn; 

afjFarciif th« Cui 
Firing; Trimmin 

to abrogaici abot 
ijoatc . innul . r« 
pcal, rcverf«, ma 
Liw; to foibid > 
Cnflomi pat it o 
cnt ofT, cradicari 
■nifa. C^tftt, æ 


ApplEt; toblanch 
to pet] ofl' Lemon 
tht Peel of « L< 
fhell Wainnts. 
ihe green Pecll o 
VffrAUlRS, Faring, 1 

af. ) 27 ( «f 


TtKpctnHitff tiientted« dnwn 
tvay. Cøi^teafOtoalienace» 
cftrangc* draw away, (bliø 
tcaf.) to ron disloyflI» run 
•way* go over ro another 

Zfivi\t, CøAoe fra (BerbeO to 

*uvedoYie with youiDirncr« 
to have done dining* (jOiU 

mtb fairc Orb) ro pnc one 
off with ftir Wordi, bc- 
/prinkle one with Counho« 

^ap^itø to unfpool ; put thc 
y^rn oflf from tht Spools; 
to hive done fpooling, . 

Z^ptctfftf tonnrip, nnrivel« 
on'ow> take fomeching oflf 
from i Garment* 

»ffprcngef (cf ©toffc fw cii 

JtlippO^^ undermine aRock 
flp.d ciufe ro Opring a Piec« 

^ffpringe^ ro Tpring off from, 

to flip ofr.^fom Simltn fra 

en SScrØ^ ro rebound, fly 
bick, rebounce off again. 

(fom en Streng) to break. 

(foffi SatOf ) ro loofen , gec 
loofe and fall off* 

Ifi'pningeit« fprnngoff, front 
flipf oli &c., f. V. 

Tii^aatf Cl^o(be tp meb) ro 

åf^ll, cetfefrom, leave off) 
diKontinue« qnit or abandon 
ir, give it over or up. (ftn 
3itO to detift from yonr 
Right, refign or renounct it, 
withdraw your Claim, dis- 
daim, give it cver. (fra 
fin Øtentnc^) to abandon, 

?|nit yo«r Opinion, leave itt 
bbmit it to a betttr Judg- 

menr. Cfta fin (^lenbom) to 

part with, give up your 
FoiTefTion, nwkc over your 
PoffefTion to anocher* (fri 

Qogn K.) U tf fftfg^ 

2(filaaelfr# aDcfistmg, Ceaf^ 

ing. teaving off (fra ffn 
Sf^O > Renouncing, Reégw 
nation of your Right, (fta 
cn (0?eninø) the Qnicrtn^ 
or Abandoning of your Opi- 
nion. (frafinSienbpm) the 

Parting with, the Yielding or 
Giving op of your f^outs^ 

31fihiaenbe , (fraliageobe) di- 

iiant, reuiot«« 
TLiitammt, to fpring from, 
defcend, cooie off,be derived 
from ; to have ^onr Origine« 
Stem, Extradion, Rife and 
Offfpring off* 

2tfflan^i a Diftance* aSrand- 
ing off. 

(gaac/ f omme afftcO ro go, 

pafs on, procsed, 'advancc, 
get forward, (taae (lemC 
Cffteb) to fly out into aPas- 
(lon, to berransportedwith 
Anger, (mtt OeMi SBttt 

fau jeg ifrc fomme afSeb) 

This Work won't fucceéd. 

(fomme opocrfte) f 

caufe, luakc, excite. 
Ti^fiigt, to defcend, (icp, g« 

down, (fra $)cfl, 9}ofln) f 

alighr , light firom. 

^Ifftlgning, rhe Defcending, 
Going down; tha Alighc« 

Tiiiti^U, Cl Jtoftber) ro au- 
'rave, make a Brafscur otl 
en flir) ro form , dtfign, 
lelineate, take rhe Ground- 
plor orDraughr of a Camp. 
(røin) ro rack* and refine 
Wine from rhe Lees. (bCt 

fftCfir øobt aO it iook*wjU» 

hat a fine f hew. 

Zfpfftt, f. «?. øitre en tf- 

gdf er / to fteal or go away, 
tf abfear yonrfdf« 

W ) as ( ,«f 

ttUtjt, in Avctlian, Abhur- 
Tcnce, AbominitJDiii Dcti- 
ftationi Aniipirhy; Re^ 
pngnincy; Loithing. ' 

VffftcliS« abmnintble. dttc 

Ittblc. loiihinit, horrible i 

cxicrtbb, hidcoD), ditmil. 

^XffF^Iigtlli abominibly ftc. 

3|fff ^(ligt>fD f Horriblentff, 
HeinoosneJt, Hideontnert, 
Airoctiy; Uglincfi, Giftli- 

Iffffltt, 11 wtrh ftwif, rinrf, 

IfTfFfDing, the Warhingaway. 
Rinriri];, Ablutian. 

VifUat, Ct> @»Rt Af tn 
eltrnicO ■<> beat olFrome- 
what froiii ; Sruni. CQ^aanD 
•fttjab) to anTioaiiaCilk. 
.ftn OlOim) to repiilfe an 
AsfFOlc or Storm. (B«JItO 

amfffe, to Hek off 

afllimt, ronnflime. 
thc Slime. 

affliiCbrt, to make 
jronr Prattlin*. 

6mdf|^ Infipiifity, 
neft, Unfavnaritie 
Dtignfl , Distafte 

Ctapc 9lf[mag for 
' ta>e a Diszuft at 
to di«lil(c IC Ctn^ 
• Tang. 
Wmanttttt, Ciau 
iiltcTersi unfavDut' 

to deny or refafe 
titinn. give him a Fol). C*t 
Barlirg) to rej«a. flighta 
Kecnnclliatinn. CSitnitn) 
to repcl. beai or dcfeic the 
Eneniy. CBt«*) «• n«.*, 
cut down with a Scytlie. 

Slriftn'} to abitc. lowcr 

• Deniaf, Refurat, R.leaion. 
Huncampliince wirh one'a 
Beqiieft. (i 9ziUn) the 
Fallini? of tJie Price (i ttl 

affltbe, tn .n^he th>nncr, tahe 
awiy livWHettingiFDUrhing 
or Fu'bil'hinf;, 

W»t, f. fll»t. 

XfnncfFc, C«! QSntr 
to fboot olfaBow 
■ Gun. 

afrmigie, C«" »ofl« 
o b ti in by Flatiaty 

' Sffniittc, to diacolo' 
Colonr, fade. ptl 

affm*re, ftcn) toba 
onc ffiundly; lub 
wilh Cudgeloil, 

affnit, a Segment. 
Offfaatnt @tijtfcr 
Shaving* ■ Cattinf 
pingi. Shreds. (i 
a Seaion. (l *t 

affnitning« tht C 

Sffniticr F. afftare. 
afronbtC/ toTcparat 

divide. put arunde 

gite CfigJ 10 withi 

twiy flom. 
aflonOtft, repiTitcl 
affon&riitg, a Se] 

Segragaiinf, Pittti 


Hf. ) ar ( «f 

Ifjfff«(li9» tlitntted« drtwn 
tway. Cøl^KAfOtoalicnate, 
cftrtngc« draw away* C^li« 
KafO '<^ ron disloyaU run 
•viy, g;o over to another 

Ifiptici C^Aot fra (BerbeO to 

*uvedoYie with yoniDirnwri 
to have done dining* QaU 
■d fairc Ord) ro pnt one 
•ff wiih flir Wordn, be- 
fprifiUe one with Courtho- 

ZifP^it, to Ynifpool ; put the 
YåTtk oif from tht Spools; 
to hive done fpooling« . 

l^^ft, tonni'ip« anrivel, 
in^ow« take fomething oflf 
from t Garroent« 

7L9^tn9t, (et €rof!f fra en 

ibprOco nndennineaRock 
ind caufe ro Opring a Piece 

^TSprisge, to Opring off from, 

19 flip off.Xfotn Sutffcn fra 

a Ssg) to rebound, fly 
b«ck, rebounce oflf again« 

(fen en @trenø) to break« 
(Mm Sari>e) to loofen, get 
loofc and fa II oflf* 

Iji'prnngettf fprnngoff, from. 
flipf cA &c» » f. V« 

Intaae, C&o^^ op med) to* 

driift, ceafefrom, leave ofT, 
dtKontinne« qnit or abandon 
lu aive it over or up. (fin 
9(ef) to de(i(l from your 
Right, reHgn or rejiounct ir, 
lirhdraw your Claim, dis- 
daim* give it cvcr. (fra 
jlB ffileniniO \^ abandon, 
qnit yoiir Opinion« leavc itt 
fnbmit it to a better Judg- 

ment. (fra fiH »Jienbem) to 

P2rr with, give up your 
PoiTefTion , mfxkt over your 
l^oØefiion to another. (fra 

2(filaaelfr# a Dcfistrng, Ceaf- 

ing. tcaving off (fra ffø 
Sfi'O A Renouncing, Re^g- 
nation of your Right, (fra 
Cn (0?enlnø) the Quitrin^ 
or Abanrloning ofyourOpi- 

nion. (frafinSienbom) the 

parting with, the Yielding or 
Giving up of your ^ouas^ 

31ffhiaenbe, (fraKaacobe) di- 

iiant« remota* 
^fllamme^ to fpring fron, 
defcend, come ofF,be dcrived 
from ; to have your Origine, 
Stem, Extradion* Rifc and 
Offfpring oflf* 

^fftall^f a Diftance» a Srand- 
ing otf. 

:(ffte^/ et e(ad< %bMb, I C^ 
C^aat, f omme afftcO to ge, 

pafs on, procsed, 'advancc, 
get forward, (^taf^t flemC 
Cffteb) to fly out into aPas- 
fion, to be transported with 

Anger« rroeb ibttti SBtxt 
fau jea ifrc fomme afileb) 

This Work won't fucceed« 

(fomme a^b, opocrffe) te 

caufe, makc, excite. 

^(fflige/ to defcend, ftep, ge 
down, (fra t)<ft# SJogn) te 
alight, light from. 

Wløningi the Defcending, 
Going dOwn; the Alight^ 

21filifft^ (t Xoftber) to ta- 

Crave, make a Brafscut oC 
'en f eir) to form , dtfign, 
lelineate, take theGround- 
plot or Draught of a Camp« 
(^iin) to rack* and refin«* 
Wine from the Lees« (bet 
fftffir ØObt oO It look*weU. 
has a fine f hew« 

zmfftv, f. «;. øitre tu tf 

ft^Ux t to fteal or go away, 
te abfeat yonrfcif« 


«f ) 30 ( 

Night. CetO SfttOOl) in the 

TUjtnbattt, • Rat. 
ilfienl^tfni éveninijpijyer. 
3lfteumu(!P,«SJien»(l<, NigJir. 

nuriG 41 Concert of MuHc 

luadc in ih« Nighttime in ihe 

-XfttnfnnB« Aftirnoon'i Ser- 

Slfttnfatigeprofl , * Ledurer, 
a Miniitcr prnching tn the 

SfttnamtMltl« , Soppet. 

%ftt>u"<t&« f- afttntiBMl' 

aftensmirf«, Twilijht. 
afK9, (i af«*) lait Nighr. 

mfiTKB, c*iiiw «fttB)f. af' 

»ftient, CforWnO totteferve, 
gtt by Service, (qitlliitibi) 
to reqnircrepily, fccoinpefi- 
fitt, Tciributc, Tei)>iinerate> 
from one. (uMitnO to enrl, 
finirti. abfolve, hald Itand 

Slfticning, C®i(i<a<'Itit'fO 


afcicnti reqoited &c 
afdgfl«, to get or obtain by 

3(ttingt, to beat down ^he 

.Pricci TO fcrew it down. 
Xf(M> to warh ofT, battic. 

tave, cleanre wilh Warer 
aftoeningr the Ablmion, 

Cleanrmg, Purifytng. 
3fton, fl Reireat. Manhing 

ofl ; Sailing from a Pia«. 
UfitfniBtei to cuipty. 
SifttfnCf to dTT"p> frccfrem. 

wipe avay Moilhitci make 

diT> M wip«. rab o^ 

Xfttfrcetfe, th 

Wiping awa; 

Htfnau, Caffi 
over, givcut 

wichdraw, c 
, C^rage rn6 

Sftroctxlft, a C 
menti Surrei 

«ftr«F, Cpa< 
or Diaøoling 
tic«, (jtmt 
fol) or par o 
t good Cnflt 

%ftrtint, to I 
CpOd til @ui 
rubrtraft fn 
fomelhing or 

Jenfion) tod 
away ■ Part 

the Gnard, 

to r«. a R3J0 


Tiivtctngt, to 

out I get b] 

one, to ntg« 

for a Thing. 

Tlfttettu, to ol 

relling, or Ct 

Dt W At tC( 

to qnariel. 

SlfttfH, HouCe < 


rout. impoiii 

«f } a9 ( «f 

Kau|C/ v» iiunnCi (fotfninb* 

ftf^codecay, decreafe« de- 
cb-.e nr difniniTh. 0£t«lf' 
v) CO erow fteblet weak> 
ådroii lofe yonr Strength 

(9aa ScflcmcO to dccjv> 

irav Ic^n » abatc in Flefn* 
Binfitway* langnifh, droopt 

(i)a laøcr mcact aQ hit 

lodyitwafted* broken» de« 

uyM. enervflfcd, fpent. ex* 

biM« confumed. (font 

ftaaca}to dccreafe. wane« 

(jTiiSennue^ toerowpoor« 

itctf in Eltare« be a licde 

dovn ihe Wind. (j)cteil) 

iMHeat relcnts or abates* 

(CcclitCS) Credit declines* 

mgfift, C^otminhttKi) a 

Oimimrion « Diininirhingt 

DeCRafe« Lcsfenin};« Abac- 

inst D?cay , Breaking oiF« 

CmSrflKteO theLanguifh- 

Kti ^nfeeb^ng, \Veak- 

rcii, Wanc of Scrength« 

InUfCti dimininied &c. 

SAc^inS« ^^^ Heaving. Lift« 

ég or Takin^ off. (letf 

ftfl) che Cnccing ofTa Pack 


HhMt, (gi9t Sff C5) to dis- 

mi(s« discharge* diicard, li- 

ccnce, fendawayi put oflf« 

(SøldafeO <o dtsband, ca- 

fPiicr« dismifsSoldiersfrom 

cheir Service, to break Re- 

fioscnrs. Cf^aHt9ttM0 to 

abdicarc« rcfien« renounce 

give over* yicld up, furren- 

der. lay down your Office 

tolonrarily« forfake it, 

vhithdnw from it. (f{øc 

fiTKO 'O ^^^ farewcU 

Wuaht, difchargied &c» 

VfMf, to nnrig» dismantUi 

■ncaJdc f rake off or down 

riie Taklings. 

Ubtfling, che Unrigging af 

Tift^fningt Dismi/rion. Dif- 
charge ; P ottin^ oft*. Sending 
away ; Disbandmg ; Caf hier« 
ing. (fra embe^O Abdica« 
tion, Surrvndering, Refig- 

2lftalei to conccrt« ftipnlace* 
agree, witli one about a 
Thing, (O fpeak or take 
Refolation togccher about 

Tiitalt, {. a Word left, an 
Agrecment, Appointincnr* 
Contraél. Convencion. Cøtt« 
U tlftalO to >ntike an Agree- 

ment. (oi 9<orb( %HaU om 

6agfn) we fixed tke Øufi- 

nefs. (»i øtDrbe Slftøle at 

retfO ^ve agreed to fec 
ort. (tiUt iflaCe) by 
Agreement« according to« 
agreeable to Stipalation, 
by Coinpa^l.. 

21fcalt/ agreed about, con* 

Slfrarning^ the fimptying o£ 
aBarrel,ofBeer> theBottiing 
of yonr Wine, Decanrarion« 

Stftnppe, to draw, fhoot Li« 
quor« (Siillr Olic) to 
empty Hogshead of Wine 
or a Barrel of Beer> to 
bottit your Wine or Bcer* 
(9iob) ro draw Blood« 

HUtgntt ro draw, defigni d^ 
lincate, make aDreueht, to 
chalk, (ketch, adumbrate^ 

WceøninS/ the Draught, Da- 
lineation« Defign* ModeU 

TLittnt Fvening, Evan« Ni^ht» 
(mob IftOtowardsEvenmg. 

(ptt b(i»cr Sffen) Night 
comes on. (l^tUif'Vjt.) 
Eve. CJ)ao9€««ftO Eafter- 
Eve. (g^Mft.) an earlr 
Ceafing from Work. (i if» 
ICO) to nighc. Cl tftcé) lad 


«f ) 30 ( «f 

Night. Com Xftcotn) in the 

^frenbaPfei a Bat« 
^ftenb^Hf Evcningprayer. 
^frettmuflF;« Serenade, Nij?ht- 

mufic , a Concevt of Mufic 

made incheNighctimeinthe 

-OCftenfang/ Aftirnoon's Scr- 
- vicc. 

3lfrenfanaepr«ft , a Lcdurer. 

a Miniiter pveaching tn the 

OlittnBmaaiti^ , Supper, 

Tihtnømatf I ZittntmMU 

9(ftcnem^rPe, Twilight. 
TLiw, O aiftcé) laft Nighc, 


^ftienCf (forticnO todeferve, 
get by Service. CøicngfltbO 
to reqiiire, repay, rccompen« 
fate, retributc, reronnerate, 
nake good aService received 
fromone. (ubticnc) to end, 
finifh, abrolve, hotd, (land 
out y.'nrTime ofApprcmice- 
. Chip &c. 

giftiening , (QienøMbcirO 

RccompenfationtRemtiae ra- 

SifticttCf re^Tiited &c» 

ZitigQtf CO get or obttin by 
Begging. ^ ^ . 

%tinsei to beat down the 
Price, to fcrew it down. 

^fcoe^ to wafh ofF, batbe« 
lave, cleanfe with Water. 

31frofititl9f the Ablotion, 
Cteanfing, Purifying. 

^ftOQ, a Rctreat, Marching 
off ; Salling from a Place. 

Zit^mmt, fo empty. 

2lit^cv€f to dryup, freefrom, 
wipc away Moillure, make 
diyt to wip«i rftbofi^ 

^ft^rreffe/ the Drvini 
Wiping away Moi(tur< 

^frr«bCf (flfffaac) to 

over, give up, reiign, 
give over yourRignr o 
ce to ons (f^a&mpU 
to go off the Stage, i 
wiciidraw, deparr frc 

((rage ^inb unberoei^ 

take up' ae an Inn. 

Zfttctbtiief a Ceflion, R 
ment* Surrendering, ] 

Confamption, Demanc 
or Disfioiing ofCom> 
ties. O^aoc ftcttftvc 
haveaquickDraught < 
fell or put oCmuch> 
a good Coftom, 

7LftTCtfU$ to pull, drai 
Cpao CII @ura) to de 
lubftraél from, dis 
fomething on a Snm.(' 
9enfion) to dcfalcate o 
away a Part of a Fe, 
(fraSJflftO to marfh ofl 
the Gnard« (cn Stafii 
to fet a Razor. 

TLitvctMnQt Snbftra 
Dcdudiont Abating, 

^fcr<cngé# to extort, 
out, get by Force 
one, to iirge ov pre( 
for a Thirig, 

TifttCCtttf to obtain by 
relling, or Con^ention 

ht ep at UQittO to 

to quarreU 
^ftriitf Houfe of Office. 

3l(tnif;to exaa,gei by T? 
exrorc chvcdteninc^, < 
by Hc£loring, or oy I 
rous, imporcunace, fo 

«f ) 31 ( af 

thtxglt, to scet, obtain forne- Tlivccvatf (tt &ttb^ to put 
r*iir.g frciii onc by Beg- by, kccp oflf, guard« ward» 

hold ott fl Thriift. (biubrc 

■;ji;g of a Bo\\\ (^ai tt fffC« 
Kt ^0 ° ^upv of n Sheet 
printed. (afcC ^lancO the 
Impicfs or Iinprefrion of a 

afnrffcr Cct «rf »aptt) to 

print a Sheet. (QJUC Cflcr 

fcrart} to fho.ot, pop off 

i Zow, to dischflr^e a Gun» 
(et Signet^ to impnnt the 
il2rk or Stamp of a Scnl on 


Tihti^ning, thePrintingof a 
b\iut ; the Discharging of a 
Gvn , Poppin of a Bow« 

Ifnif f, to get fomething from 
onc by Trucking or Barter- 

Xrc^mt, f. aftoe* 
Tiftviistr Oen no()eO <o c^~ 

fo.T, obtain by force or 

V/o/ence ; fcrcw a Thing 

cer from one, to force, pro- 

cvrs, flcquirc.a Thing by 

rioJent Mcanss from him^ 

Xftringelfe , Extorrion, Ob- 
riining byForcex)rVioIence. 

IfviZlrff to roIlflway> tumble 

Ijr«lniin9# the Rolling away, 

Tomhiing doun, 

Hvctnntf (fca noaef) wean 

from, disaccudom« disufe 
one fromi make one leave a 
Cnftom« ro wcar off one's 

DtHre of ftd fta en flem 

SanO ^^ break a bai Cu- 
ftom. («f 9aClO to wcan a 
Cbild, rake it from it's 
Norfe's Bieaff'. 

IfNmnen, a Weantng, Dis- 

afocnbO to avertt divcrt# 
prevcnt, hindett ftop, rcpeU 
drive back*^ 
^\vccvff to finifh weaving» 

O)o\ht op at flabbre) im 

make an End of your Talk* 
leave oå' talking. 

^fvanc/disufed, disaccjuftom* 

Z^vifEt, f. flftoe. 

Ttfpei/ a Byway, Sideway; 
wrong Way ; a Turning a- 
bour. (taocSfl^Oto go ouc 
of your Way. Q^^t Slfp.) 
to feckByways«Shifcs, Fva« 
(ions, Subcei-fuges. (ptb 
8lfoO by indircft Means» 
(øaac paa '2ifoO to tnke 
wrong Courfei, 

TiivtWø V. to weigh, poifc 

Zi lOeien! interi. make Way! 
Iland out of the Way ! 

Zi Vtien Ugvizntt, out of the 
Way» far from the Road* 

Zivcn^t, to avert, diverc« 
withdraw« turn, drive ofl[^ 
put off or back. 0>inhxQ 
toavcrt, hinder, turn ofu 

^fvcntelfc; theAvcrting, Di- 
vcrting, WichdrJwing,Driv- 
ing back, 

Zivt}:\t, to change, vary, alteté 

(af. tneb ^inanben) to do 

fomethir.g by Tuins. 
Z^vzviingt Change. Vicisfi- 
tiide. Alteration f Torn; 

Ziv^vUn^t, alternative« 

Tlfvibe/ to know of, have 
Rnowledge of. 

^tfvt^eit^Cf knowing, know* 
able, volunrary, deliberate^ 
Adv. wictingly, know- 
ingly, deliberatefy, volun- 
tfuily > defignedly. 


tutner-, Minrlfulnefs.Atren- 
tivenef!, Solid ODSneff. 

2lgtf*nir, c»rcfully Ae. 

31§roi*rt)ig. eft«cm«d, worthy 
ol R«:pe£t> V«n«rabl<t te- 

ttgiiifC) B Cnenmber. {føli 

trtt) Gherkini. 
W inccrjta. Ah! tUiI well 

artsy! ((>* tltO »way for 

agiirttlattb, a Cpénmberlielé. 
3(6«! Cft« fccO good tiow! 

wh»t pray, ("av! 
X^ittCi CRDTt S}iim«b) snAwm. 
mt! f. «*! 
SFavttf prccipitttely; ibnipf 


XHontniobectf to dref« 
artommotieringf Drefling. 
«|, flilpi. alt. Cbcd, flantffO 
■11. (tnfncO e*'"y Bdy, 
evcry on«. ((»att « alt i 
dit ttr^ he ti do all (here, 
(tto MiKT (an ttrmtti dECt) 
nnw he wiil lliy ther« for 
gaod an<l all. (dU i alt) all 

StlamoDiffi fafhiohible, ae- 

cortling to thc neweft Fa- 

VltttttBrotb , Elecimpine. 
aibflttofle« C®«TU80 Alba- 

Trtbue/an Elbow. ^ . 

Wbutniaal , t Mearnre trom 

thc Tip of theMiddkfinsEr 

to the Elbow. 
Slbueft^br a Brnife on the 


Wåtvn^tt CenIbnifl|ntoRft)i 


A chyinitt. 
3(lbclc*> qiiite. arill, throvgh- 
out- eniire'y. perlcAlyi to- 
tally • abfMnnlyi ty all 

) 34 ( Hl 


aibtlteirrt, »or a 
btltt Sribig^ dia 

Illbev, an Aftc C 

«B dnlXn) Scniori 
old Age. (»(tre 1 
to be m Years. t> 
or adv>nccd in Y 
^Iberbøntr oM Age 
nefs, Oldners, : 

3llbrtnbc, (aibtrtt 

advanced, Itrickei 

in r«ars. 
aibdfl, ncver, at i 
31UII, inEll C<n(tc(i 

O altntliiO by t 

Wtnt, alone. fol 

@tIf[ab>ilone, b] 

without Companj 

feU) TeparatBly, 
Vitnt^t, only. M 
3l(nin«ti>[f Meafnrii 
aifa&tr, the Fatb 

mfartvti, thc Hi( 

bcjEcn Way.coma 
aiciebro, Algebta. 
Zliott, acommon 

aiFali, AlcalL 
UllffVt, aAleovc. ■ 

VUavm, aWntr 

Cfla« an 

Waieh. rblinb 
Ahnn. (&ni, 

lUtm. car-tti 

CSK. dfeli ajMii) 
ofa Coich. C«l 
fomfalbn) aHour 
cingNoii«. Cai- 
»traO • Bnftling 
inj of thc Ceect 


) 35 ( 


r* fom fvalttt fca {jin« aDtvesnc , cvcrywhert. 

n) Crcch, Cracliiiig. XaUniSf Alliance, Lcaguc, 

af .\elt) 1 HnrlyiiKrlj- Confedtracy. Covenanr.Ps- 

;, nin orBiiKi! "fPo- flion, Agrcsmeni , Joinins 

it. i]f (^ec(i) a KuariiiJ lo^cthcr. 

e Si:a. ^lUitrt OSr tocodcliide, con- 

ull. (uSe D)| tnhncO c^rt. cunci ive , cl.ip u^i «n 

p- Koi>, tmeft 'H.) tur Alli.ince roKClhcr, lo cnier 

Isnd i!I. incoonAllitnceor iContc' 

CSailfl^ .1 W.ilJt, Allev. deration wi(h one anoihcr. 

tnK, of allSPvci, of ?(Qii;rct, f. an Ally, Confa- 

inds; divers^ fundry. derute. 

ailigevcli yct. for all rhat. 
hovtever.howbeiti neveriht- 

^nattag, Alir»intiday. jmijj) ,j,„, j.ckdaw. 

>:r6ag,th«phyd.yfor aim, »Imetr«, an Fim: Elm- 

'-'"• , , tre«. Onrt il«lte fSldkt) 

ily, coiuinon. ^ImtiTøV, an Elm^ovc. 

B Jimflnecn, all tops- aimorgtig, almishty, omni- 

lointly. generally, in potent. 

■■nnt, (jEroftctiO All- 

ti ilreacty. 

.ft, thc vciy firft. 

Id^hiefly, priiicipilly, 


n^^t, t^ia Icaft ntf »11. 

iC)T, (lic vcry (li 

It (ar. BfiO th 

:. uiinofl i't'ce. 

It, lait of all. 



geners' . pi 



■inncrlal. pnblic, in Uf«. 


glitte, (ocOtheTublic. 

tUgtU. coinmonty &c. 

Ittl^t«, Ceneraliiy. 


) 84 ( 


niiner-i Mindfiilnefs, Atien- 
livcneri, Solici ODSneri. 

Sgtfønit' circfully &c. 

Jlgtvacbtg. elteeiiiidi wonhy 
of R«'peA> tfineiable, te- 

JlgiirFe, ■ Cocntnber. (foli 

tCbc) Gherhini. 
qi^! interj«a. Ah! iliil wiU 

■ (iay! ttt<ftiltO »w'y for 

airttrttlatlb, a Cpenmberfiel«. 
3lb«! (ftf bcO Kood HDw! 

whar pray. layT 
aftnUf CnB<^' SStJnfdb) anAwm. 
an f. «*! 
SIfitVUiptccipititcly; abrupt- 


3(tt«mmobcK, to drcfi 
SiHommobtcmgf Dreffin^, 

«t, all pi. alt. C()"t> sanbffO 
all. (tR^tt) every BoHy, 
tvtty onc. (ban n alt i 
«U teO he i* do all ihcre. 

(nn bltncT (an ^tTnltb aHe^ 

nnw hc will ftay there for 

good and all. (alt i alO •» 

XUbatltc, Atabafter. 
aiamø»iirt ftrhloniblc, ae- 

cortlin^ to the ncweft Fi- 

Vlannrotb ( Elecimpane. 
XlbAtroflcr C6«(fuøO Alba- 

«Ibu(,'«n Elbow. 
Wbutmaal , • Meafare from 

thc Tip of tfie Middlefinger 

(O tbe Elbow. 
ai&ufff«, ■ Brnift on the 



A chymift. 
XlbtlM, <)iiite. ttiH, ibrongb- 
out- eniirely. perfcftlyi ro* 
tally. abfolniclyt by all 

WDtltS iFCer not at 
btle« itibiå) di'an 


illbn-« an Ap. (n 
Puberty. ripc Aec. 
tooraf tn ^ur |o 
en anDfli]) Sfnioric 
old Age. foari li 
to be in Year<. be 
or advaticcd in Y« 

Slbcrbont) otd Age; 
ncrs, Olitnefs, A 

Sllbrtnbt, (atbtrfttf 
fldvanced, ItrickeJii 
in Veari. 

aibrfg, ncver. at n. 

ai«,anEir CtnflCliT 
(i altiTViiO by ch 

aitne, fllone, fok 
ecI|Fab>1on«, by 
without Company. 
ftle) feparaiely, li 

VUatflt, only. fole 

airnmaolr Meirnrinj 

aifttbcr. the Fathe 

aifarevti. the Higl 
beiten Wav. catnmt 

Slrtcbrttr Algebra. 

nitlOH' acommon ^ 

SlCall, Alcili. 

aifovt, bAIcovc, al 

anactRr ^larmt ■■ 
tbWe «[.) to foim 
(ffldoc «{.; to al 
Watch. (blinft 9 
Alarm. C&tti , S 
f. Ifttw. Cat. af 
(«[. af cn ^san) 
of a Co-ich. Cif. 
femfalb«) aBounc 

cing Noile. C^I. 
bnoO« Knftljng o 
ing of the Feet,' 


) 35 ( 


mttt fotn fpattcå fra (in« 

a^^<n') Crcck, Cracking, 
.31. df ScrO a Harlyburly- 
Niifcr Din or Buzz rf Pe<>- 
r.:e (*l. of @øcn) aRoarinj 
of tVic Scfl. 

%oo\ and all. 
IQtf, (Øtfnø) a Walk, Alley. 
71llfl>44n^e, of all Sorcs, of 

ai/ Kinds; divers^ fundry. 


jnfb4;:n^c/ (JCro^eric) Ail- 

lllfbcloenø^agr Allfaintsday. 
Haefinbcrtag^thc playday for 

Chil l.en. 
Zfitmant§, bclongingto cve- 

X) bo iy • common. 

3IBf lBc^ t>ini:n»en, all tog:«- 
thjr, jointly, generally, m 

Mnxl^fl/ the very oldcft. 
3l(r^e^jl , the very be(f. 
ZUtm^ittliBft 9 Moft Chri- 

^Berc^e9 tlready. 
aHcrférft, che very firlf. 
«ler^ci(lrchiefly, principally. 

»<rfiiin»(fcf the Ica&offalK 
7ifLttn^it(t, the very ftriitcfh 

?xaaeft daU SriO.the v«ry 

louctt^ ticmoft Price, 
llttcrfi^fl # Uft of all. 
qiUciAmmcn r (famt(id) all 

Mg«ihci*» jointly, all of 

IQeflagøf of all Sorts or Kinds, 

various« fundry. 
Iflejle^f r cverywhere, in all 

Weftc^eiMttPÆrelfe , Omni- 

prccncc, Ubiquicy, the 

B«in*; everywhere. 
1iac|te^^1l<Xi'1^ceren^c , omni- 

prc^'cnt, cveryM'hc e prefsnt. 
Meiibcti %t all Times. attn)r 

Times, always. 

MtvtQnt, cvcrywhcrt» 

^tLinntBt Alliance, League^ 
Confederacy, Covenant,Pa'» 
dion, Aj^reement« Joinin^ 

^Uiere ftg^ to conclude, con- 
ccrt, cuntiivc , clnp up an 
Alli.ince rogethci, to enter 
into nn AUi.'nce or aConfe* 
deration with one another» 

^Uicvct, f. an Ally, Confa- 

^IliSevel# yet, for all that, 
however,howbeic, neverth»> 

Tillift, fljay, Jflckdaw. 

Tiimi Ulmttvx, an Fim: Elm- 

trce. (ine6 glatte fBlobc) 

a Witchelm« 
Tilmefitov, an Elm^ovc. 
Tllmitgtigi almighty, omni« 

^lm«rgti(tflt# omnipotently» 
^Imctgtig^e^ , Almightnefs. 


Tllmagcr f. 9lm(C9tigt>e^• 
2(Inianaf / an AlmaniiCk,CaUn- 

TiimteWf common, nniverfak 

genera* . puMic. 
Tilmttn^tbtr, common P(c- 

71fmilt^elig,commom {general* 

univcrlaU public, m Ufe« 

tifttal « fVc<|iicnt» 

7Clmi^^elige, (DeOthePublic* 
7ilmin^eligctt| commonfy&c^ 

2llmtn^cl!g^)e^ / Geherality, 

Uu. Tinets. 
21li^irtbingf a Common, aFor- 

relt in common* 
Tllmlffe.- AJm*; Charity. 
^imiffcbl^, an .Almscafh 


31lmiffeb^ffef an Almsbox. 
^lintie , the common Pcopfe, 
Commonc»"$* Common*, the 

Ctmmt 9?ltY* ^, 

2 " »lOCf 

IB ) set- ( (M 

3ClMt *foe. ■ ' . 
aip|m<tr tti* ATphibn. ' 
3flrnnCr (.Urn Mindnke. 
31lfen»C ■■tHrdBg. 
}(lfc»^> Alfeemgntft. 

aifftni. f. ti ei«s«. 

JUt, ill. (øKraiO >boTc dl. 

(oltnbO «'rM''y. 
aittmv'« Salcony, Teit«*, 

Laavcr. ' 
Sflfcr,' tn Altar. 
WttrAtlASi ■ Conftcniition. 
. Aftonifhaitnr ■ gtcac Ftir. 
aUintcCiCltWnOfcer btlo^K- 

insto chiAlnr, anAltwtu, 
3riK»0|^ dw'RJnuU 
ailtfT»Bf ( tbeCoipanlc. 
aitcrn«»t£ the Alnrclotlu 

Loti't 8npp«r. 
lUnKrti ra.aftqflinb amutt. 

ftrike with Amtaimuitt ta 
. ditoidAL trovbU^ 
XUecartfcUndi appropTiand 

to thi AImt. 
VlttrlM. thi Jwl? VwAli. 
ai(nn<»l«/ wt. AluTpua, 
Hitfot, NO. CaBf» IFk) »o 

31l^c^(ilft!J iibrCbntllowt. 
attl»« ahnrb ty«ri«oiitiiMil> 

airins« »iivTliafi, MTj, 

. any TKlDK 
3lltf4«tf(ih H»*i ti"!!. 

3Utftmatt«< aU toscthar, 
aiunniHff ftFallow «f a Col- 

Mullf Alti*. . 
aiotMSdfff alvminoiifc 
ainiiCr V. R> lt*^f inAInn^ 


Sioor / larncft . Setionintft. 

CbruSE '^fscO to ■<-^ vlch 

Seyeriiy. (fpt Stpet) '»,; 

Barnelt, fcriously. (ftt fof '' 

Køer) in gooil fcttnelt , in 

.fobcr Saitnjfs. CUøC@fi<iat 

.-•(Lfit«ii>oO to ukeinEtr-- 

- n«b w)iat is rjiok^n injeft, - 

.(Det cr mit tllvoO I "m >n 

Earncft. ■ ;■ 

QUpørllgf carneftf. fcrisq^ • 

grava. fevera, Jtam, nli^ 

ment ■ rigoront. 

SUvorliøtn« Mm^ly Ae, ,. .; • 

aiverli^Cb , Earntftn*!^. 

X Sainn'anafh GnTity. Starv 

.' ncOt C fariouCariiagcrW ' 

tfnmODT :'' . 

SiMwaCRØl^ aSecratarjr (fi4 . 

Thirftwr^ fn Anaruth. M^ 
> «v-Vlo«rar. . . . 
antfjOH« anAma^eiit ., 
IM^oflttbc an Ambaøy. ,<i|f 

ImlMJto ■ ^- ■ 


„, , DoMtani 

MMlMfbWut. an A^UdMi 
-Bt>a&»ri», an AbImL, . 



aivfOcilfic^ binnircicneei tb* 
KMirrng «2 «U Tbinga, 

3tab*lt, an Aavil... . 

Stodi. ■ ,■ !•. ; 

IhaHr«!. AmbeipeafV. M 

Xmbrøflci Ambrofiju .. . ^. 

ZnbtA^mt, thavOik «^ 

Jern ralen. 

Kmbatii ( f. erivdft. 
Vmtlett, to Entmel. 
Hmtitrtt, an Enamelltr. 
Smclcrltiør EaameUuig. 
Ilnwitf Aman. 
XOKt^tAi an Amethyft. 
iMlnttVc f. afnintxlfc 
XatmC/ a Narfe, WetnnrT«. 
Vnmtf V. [O give Suk »m 
Child, corvcKtaornarftlr* 
HmntbwMt, f. 

Km ) S? ( Km 

tamfkiaf, (• TUmmtfhitø 

timt^tttf a Nnrfery. 
liBBC^ilcfttaf / old woinen*t 

Scorics, a Tale of a Tub or 

of Q CocJc or Q fiall« 
taPbtbioni/ an ajiphibioai 

tap^tt^f er, an Amphithet- 


«at, (imroiaiibébifriro t 

Coojify, Shire« (Ifauø) • 

3Braast># aBaiIiff> aLieote« 

oanrot' a Connry, thcKing'k 

Zmtman^Bfiabt tbe Jnriidic- 

don of a Liencenanc of a 

Cimnry« Ufliliwick. 
iKiba^f a Saoiraoncr or 

Mesfengcr of a Goild. 

iBttforvalttT/ a Uec^iver of 
pablic Revennes 1^ a Conn- 

tatfforoalcera«(embcbe# tbe 

OAce or Admin'ftrarion uf a 
leoeiver of public Revennes 
in a Coonry* 

Imtfhivtt, a Clerk of a Gnild 
or Conip:ny of Tradesmen* 

twttntf che Treafnry of a 

teare, (Urt) wild Melilot. 

%aaferer to amofc. (om* 
Sico^cn) to bold in Play, 
kecp bim ae a Bay. 

3111 , (f. Ofr. htt øaacr alhti^ 

an) ic will nevcr do« (jbU 
fif ittt an) rr did nnt cakc 

Effea. Cl^oorlcM kcftn^et 
Kftø? det qaatt faa \aa 

Al) how do you do ? fo fo« 
prcrty wcU, (5tt cr tffc if 

Nt bcbfte 6(ag5 1 men M 
taa i»oa gaac an} it is none 

•f thc oeft • bor ii pasfable 

for til tbac; (2>cc (an nOf 

øenMeéiaAcaii) It U forne* 

cJiing likc. OoiHr (OttimC 09 

paa iCriøé'toffcn) to pac it 
CO tbe Fortune or Chance o£ 

War. (lodc tomme an paa 
^ N f ef e @cemmer) to pac 

ic to tbe Plorality of Voret« 

(»crre ilde (ommen an^ to 

be fadlv put ro ir, co fall into 
Trooble, meei wicb a bad 

Luck. (odreBcKtfmmenan) 

co conte co grex Adv.anee* 

Tienc. (la^e (omme an Uu 

paa) to pdr it vpnn tbac 

isfne C(ef gaaer an i 9{oMk 

fal^) ir pasfes or ferveafor 

a Tam. (bel (ommev btu 

paa an) ic depend npon k» 
7inc,qvam # an Anagram. 
TLnatavtifti f. Øten^Øber* 
^walcQiz, Oiiiibti^ Analogyt 
^^natomere , to anacomlze* 
disfed, cutnpuBody, and 
confi'^CT all cbeLimbs of ic* 
(en tSaø) to extmine ; ana- 

^nacomering# Anatomismg« 
Tlnatomiei Anatomy« 
TfnacomiefammeTf tbe anatom 
mical Tbeatre« 

^nacomiFue« an Anatomift 

2(natomi(l7r anatomic« 

Ttnbtialt, (recommendere) t# 

recommcnd« commit oneto 
flnother*s Fayonr« (øtBe Ol 
|lbre(te)toenjoin> bid, com- 
niand one a Thing« charga 
or crnft him with it» order 
bim to do ic. 

anbefaling t Oleeommenba« 

tion) a Recommendacion^ 
^nbelanøe, f. angoac 

^nbecroef ro inrrnlt one wicfa« 
put inTrul^wich, comniic a 
Thtng CO his Charge or bis 

« f 




Kil ) 

( Kn 

VnbUWttt intraftsd ftc. 
SnblnVti rn tie . bind, fiftca 

with 1 Rtipe or a Linci (a. 

tntb) ro «ngig« with om. 

^nbettltt, CO bcgin; cm or 

broh i(. 
3Rl>c«freiiftt, C2>a8)-hc Diy- 

3tit<ratntiigr C&AØt<') I^^T' 

CittaO to adnlt , fnel] of 

deciftn , cxpofci ftc lorrh. 
(anoCHllO 'O jpplv, m-!-;« 
Ufu i>f; lo pljce 1 Tfim^ pii- 
perly, minaac it ikiitolly. 

Cf»r9e »t( foO "> "l>e q,iic 

of one, proviik farhiiDi lind 
Employmcni for hint ^tlt 
Caø^ 10 idapt. idjdft, 3p- 
plyi dccomtnodace ro, (dii. 
iDtltO (txnike igoodHsnd 
ofiofell. piiroF. yKCwcl! 
yoat Goii'Js. Cfin S.imt) 
to gcc your Daughrur well 
marriEi). Canbr.wn foti»r. 
8t(ain} w provid« for ane. 
anbringtRM« MctTigc. Er- 

anbrtngtlf«* the Adipting, 
Applyingi AdjDfting of • 

3lnbrn&f f. Ktibrfffning. 

SlnbiinBcni tlnd. bound to. 
(oart tort onfcO «> be too- 
chv . hocheadcdi foon pro- 

a«b<fMf to olT«r. prefcnt, 
anbf t Duck. 

3lRt>A9t, Dcvotion. Pieiy, re- 
Jigiuus ZmI. CbeWt lin 

anbagt) ro CKCrcrft OT m- 
tcnd your Dcvorion. Cflu* 

(cliB wctraøminø) a pioni 

Med i »ri o n. Ci 

I,«) A»«tion\ 
aitbiTgtigt devc 

ruligiout, godl; 

fomj atrcnrive. 
3lIt^(cg^gea| devo 

ly &c 
aiib'Æqiigtieb, f. 

31nt>tin«&. buck 
aiiifeii, aaitt, O 

Cl Jna«; thc !■■ 

M anCcO ^'^'^'"' 
3[ntwit|teO*f uilier 

wh:r«, fomculi 

othir Plicsi, 
SInbtnfttMfrit, fi 

ainbcnftebstfen , 

Siiticrle»te, othen 

ryMnfe • »no'Iif 
SInbCAgf aPropor 

Zntvast, Cfortllaii 
re, |]rci|iniind, f 
oH'er, txhibic. 
Thinstoonc, k 
to him. CStttd 
an Acconnr ni . 
iiiahe Repnrc o 
eag, IBTuni, $ 
eNpl.'in ■ cKpnfc 
display, discovc 
fon< . Comiilain 

anbrcgcnce , h i 

Propofai; Rcp 

3(n&ragetr prnpof 
Vatn, othars, 
an&i-if, a Drake. 

before hnnd , fe 

jeflure an Evcm 

Kn ) 39 ( tin 

flig) my Heirt mitgives me, 
I had an Inkling oTir* 
iKfloti/AnAncinone or Wipd- 

^Mtn, the Perceiving befofe- 
hand, forcfceingi Furcdcem- 

Tints, your Anceftor«, Fore- 
(uhcTS, Progenicors, Qc- 
fccnrf, Qnarrerings« C^åU 

(oi 99rcane fine i6 9(neO 

he i» noDie by (ixtcen De- 

2fir4l&| an Artack, AflaDlc, 

Onfett Aggrefn >n;Invafion ; 

Bront , Sh( ctc > Artcuapr9 

EfTorc Encouncer« 
XafalDCi rn arcackj aflaoltt 

aiTiil • encnunrer ; charge« 

im*)de; to infulc one • UU 

or fer npon hi ni« 
3afal{ter# f* an Aggre/Tor, 

McgtCi C^nøffe^ ro trouble, 

Tc«. rcropc OorfO 'O o^'tice« 

rcfcle, provoke one to c^ka 

dJighr in vain Pleafures« 

CO infpire one wickcd 

ThoDghts. (f)an UlUx (!ø 

iftt anfcflte) he ic not tlie 

Yeaft co'pcrncd* 
Mt^ninq , Tsmpranon, 

Tempcfh^, AHuring« £ntic-> 

ing to finful Lpfts* 
tniérti (oifc Sei) ro lead, 

gaida one. (af Ct Øtrift) 

to tlledge« citeorquore out 

of a Work« (untcroifO ?P 

inftraé^, reach, inform, rrain 
one up, give him good Breed- 
ing • ancer him into Lcamr 
ing; lead him rkc Way ro 
learn many good Thing$,(<a 
Sixi^ét^Xtj to lead, conduiil« 
command • have rhe Com- 
inand of or Condn£(, ro head 
an Ariny. (ri( Kcøninø) to 
fct or put toAccoant> r« 
chirge one; 

Quoting« Citing« or AUedg* 

anfører, the |Iead; Chief, 
Leader« Commandar* Gene« 

ral. (i el Oprer) a King- 


9nførfel # (ttn^eKl>u«nitla) 

ManuduQioo« Information« 
Inftruaion« (i Srig) « 
Command« Conda^« Lead« 
^nqaati to concem; tobe- 
long, appertain« raUte co 
one, tointerc*(l, touch him^ 

cptt onø^aer der Vfmiiilc« 

lige) it concerns rhe Public* 

Cb^b imgaaer htt e^r?) 

What ate yon concerned? 

f ©el an« iHe mig) « «» no- 

ching to me. ^fftdh let 
angaacr) as to, as for thar^ 

09^<0 '® 0?c«<J • profper, 
fucceed, go fairly« tak^ 
Effe£l, prove fuccefsfuU 

(Det (Paf itfe gaae eberan) 

you fhall not fucceed in yont 
Defign, yon fhall not be 
able to bring it about or to 
agood Isfuc, yon fhall wanc 
Succefs, be nnfoccefsfiiU 
(»(tre taolelig) xo be tole- 
rable. (3 Sag gaae? M 
on med beben) Today the 
Heat IS tolerable. (6eg9nde) 

to bcgin. (Vrceten gaaer on 

Xlotfen 9) the.Serm<»n be- 
gins atnineo*C1ock. (SaO« 

feleé gaacr bet iffe an) in 

thi s Miinner it can*C h% 

^ngaaenbt/ concerning, ra^ 
lacing ; as to , as for. 

^nøei (fugtig Damp) aSteam, 
v^ipour. (bet fommer %n' 
ge paa @pc(let , naat man 
aanbcr bcrpaa) Breathing 

cafts a Mi(t upon the Look- 




) 38 ( Kn 

lininttn, Intraftcd ftc. 
Snjiin««! lo tie, bind. r«[len 

with a Rope or a Line. (d. 

m(ll) to "ngtge with one, 

to enconnrc'r him. 
Vnt'ttttt, to begin; cnt or 

breah il. 

anbrrtnoe. C« ?ijO t" 'is'"- 
• CætaO to adolt, fmeflgf 

deciire. eNpolei fti iorrh, 
(atierntiO 'o 'Pplv. m.Uc 
Ufe nti CO pifce a Ttimi; pro- 

ferly, manaKe it lltiitully. 
[ørgt »t( fot) "■ "''C C^t« 
of onc, priiviile r«rhiiii. 6nd 
Einploymcnr for him (iR 
6aa) toidapt, adjcft, ap- 
ply, accouimodare ro. (an. 
QJdcO cbmake agoodHand 
af,(0rell, purofF, (^tcrwcl! 
yoor Goorli. Cffn D.itt«) 
10 get vour D^ughrcr well 
marriad. fcrfeTi 
St^din) to provide foronc. 
SnbtiiigtiiOc f MclTag«, Et- 

Sfnbrtnstlfc« thc Adapiing;, 
Apptyingi Adjnfting of • 

XnbTubr f. Ttnbratnins, 

3(iibiinbtni lied. bonnd to. 
(duk tM Onb.) to be toD- 
cliv , hoiheadedi foon pro- 

VtAiU, to ofF«f, prefent. 

an»t B Duck. 

SnbAgtf Devotion. Pi«ty, re- 
ligiua« Zeil. CftBlBc fin 
fllnbaøt} to cKcrcir* or at- 
tend your Devotion. Cfl"' 

Meditation. (C 

(l(0) Ariencion. 
3liiD>Tgtigi devoi 

religiou«, godly 

(om; artetitive, 
Kattcgtigcnf devoi 

ly &e 
an&'ixqtigt)C& , f. 

Slntcmftb, buck'! 
3fi|ben> onbctf O 

O inlttt) thc le 

bet <nbcO tecon< 

Vxtbtnittbf, otiiert 

whsre, fomcTi-^ 

3lnbtattet)ftt)en » i 

Sfntittltbte, oiherM 
ry*i!e. anopVjrr 
a not her 

Sfnbtaqf iPropori 


fe, jiro[JOQntl. o 
fidiration. C»i(0 
offer, txhibit. 
ThinRtoono, to 
to him. (httH 
an Acconm ol'. 
makc Report ol 
609, ®cuilh S\ 
fNpl.-ini cxpore 
display, discovc 

font I Complaini 
atibragtnbCf • I 

Ftopofali Repj 

Sfnbragtt, piopoA 
Hntrt, olharg. 
anbrir, a Dttke. 
Jlntilo bt Teniible o 

beforc hånd > foi 

ja Aars an Event. 

m ') 41 ( «» 

asfcnlt. C^th BtUlbétrb) 

to invflde«incounter onc wirh 
invedive Words (fig) to 
eierr y ourfelf^ro endaflvoar> 
(h-ain • ftrivc ro compafs a 

Thing. CJ maat ret øribe 

cbctan^ you muddo, whac 
lies in yotir Power« ypD muft 
labour wich Might andM&in9 
excrt yonrfclf. 

ing» {. V. 

}igrlber# an AggreiTor, As- 
failanCy Infulcer« 

Zuaeott CO grow cogether or 

31iigroec# hideboand« 

Tiul^xnstf to faften co> afiix, 

:(iifr«ngiø/ Cøiøi^c en €aø 
aB^nøtd for SXclien) to 

cnttr« commence« give in a 
Snit of Law , to go to law 

with one. (oærc aiit^crøgig) 

to depend or be depending 
8t the Courr« 

Tta^a^tf to fallen wi th a Hook« 

^ni^artg, CSiSceø) an Appen- 

dii » Addition » Acceffiony 
Additamenc. (^^attii) a 

Party. (Di«t»c(en mtt al ftt 

ftRftanø^ the Devil and all 
hil Agents« 

21n^ol^f (VaaøriftelfO the 

Taking Hold of, Seiztng« 
Stopping) Seizure« 

^n^olbtø Cøtibe) to feize, lay« 
take or get Hold of. (®o50 
toattack, arreft, feizeMer« 
chandifcs. (opbolbc) to 
detain, dop« (om noget) 
tofolicir, crave, fue one 
for a Thing , to importnne 
him > prefs him eagerly for 

:iBt^olt>clfe , S. Zni^l^^ 

Znf}ol^nf a Soliciting , Imt* 


2rning, (Sobtal paa tt Sftft, 
boor bpbt M (iøoer i San« 

ici) the Draaghc or Gage of 
a Ship« 

2Cniø#Anire, Anitfeed« 

Znf, CdAtnmel S)ab) Ranconr; 
inveterace Hatrca» Grodge. 
Spits, Spleen, Complamt« 

7inHl,9n Ankle, Joint between 

the Leg and the Foot« 
%nMfob€, Anklebone« 

Znfic paa, f. Paa^nfe. 
3tnfer, (et Xar paa 48 9ot* 

ter^ an Anher, 

Zniitr, Citn 9)tunr) an iroa 

Brace, a Holdfa(t> Cramp- 


2lnf er, (et @fibO an Anchor« 

^9Hi'%.) Sheeranchor* 

baøltø ^0 the belt Bower. 

Sot'C) th« finall Bower« 

qgarp«^.) '^9 Stream eller 

kedgeanchor« (et iXcferve« 
91.) a Spareanchor. C^.s9lr« 
Uien) the Arm, C^^'ØitO 
the Eye. 02(. RUiene) the 
Flukeg« OK.'JlrvCfeO the 
Crown. (Jt.iiX.nøen) the 

or Beam« l%.»^BUnQ€n) 
Pudding« Q%.n&pibUn) 
the Biif« C9..@roen5 the 
Shoc« C «. » <6f of f en ) the 
Srock. Cfafte^l.) to caft, 
drop Anchor; come to 
anchor or to bring up. p<0* 
AC for »HO to ride at Anchor. 
(lette ti.) to weigh , htave 
Anchor. (trtoe for 90 ^^ 
bring the Anchor home, or 
drag the Anchor. (^nferct 
bretO theAnchpr came hooae« 
(@!ibet (odicbe far Vnferep 

the Anchor brought theShip 
rp. (fotle %0 ^^ ^^^^ the 
Anchor. (fCMtC @foe Ma 
51.) CO fhoc the AncHor, 

Kti > 40 ( 


FifhhoQk , (6itc paa fliiB.) 

CO bite ar the Hook* 

Ung^l , (®iiifeO •" Angle 

^inUtltQtU, of Confequenofiy 
or Importance , imprrtanr, 
macerial* ((abe fl^ noøct 
t9tt anacUgcn) to make 
foinerhing your Bofinefst 
take grear Care of mind* 
flctend ic affidoonsly, have 
t Concern abonc ir« 

Vttøelegeitbeb/ Conccrn, ear* 
neft BDhnefs, Matter of 

yttgelfiffcr/ a Angler* 

Tln^tiifa, (Urt) Angelica.. 
tlnøeUferob, Angelica« 

TLngtimnuff a Shrewmonre, 
Tingenem # {• N^geHg. 

Hn§t pnn, to brtathe upon* 

TLnQtv, f. jorcripbelfe, 

Kngerfttib, angergiven i re- 
penting, penirent« 

Xngcrløf^ bUmeleft ; without 

3ngcfl# Anguifli, Anxiery, 
Pcrplexity. grcat Trooble, 
Affliaion. C&VlUniO<^rM 
of Mind. (f>9b\cné) Pangs 
of Death« C@amuittiø(»eb»)* 
Remorfo of Confcience« C^ce* 

re i %n^ti) to be fuii of 

anxious Thonghts, be in 
great Anxicty. ($fr«f) 
Terror . Fright,- 

Vnøeflf Cbanøe) affVighted, 

fearfiul« tremblins; forPear. 

Tin^^^t, (anmerbO (• disciofe, 

discover; relateiinakeknown 
(cen^ to impeachy charge, 
accufe one , inform againft 
liim, prefenean OfTender to 

jnftice, Cnoøet fer ©om» 

tncren} to give in an Infor- 
fnation of lomethine to the 

Judge. (9)are vtl So(6# 

boben) to enter 
the Coftomhotife 
and manifeft y( 
or give a Mantf 
Goods ro the Ci 

(forcflaae) to pr< 

potind, proiea« 

angivelig, what 

pcached or imple 
may be entered 
Xnnivelfe, an I 
Accufation, Dcla 
mation* (pth 
an Enrering of G 

angiver, an Accnfd 

er, Informer, a 

^ngU/ Ciuebe) to 

wirh Hook€. 

^nglefnoer, an A 
TtngUflang, an / 
3lngr«nbfe, (tiU 

confin^, be adja 
gaons, confinin{ 
Jng together, 

Qlngrc, (nwO " 

b? forry for hi 
Evil , to rue. (( 
fin Setbrpbelfe/ 
(an l^Attt beøa 

relented immedii 
Grime; was fo 

9ngrebi anAttack, 

with a Diseafe. 

^ngrenbe# repenti 

ting, relenting. 

Zn^ibt, (mcb t 

take hold of , fe 
lay Hånds on. 
to enter tipon. 
Hånd. (fl«nbfHø. 

«tt ) 48 ( @(<t 

3tifiinbllill9i • Landing, Corn- 
ing m f hore« 

Mansc# to arrive, come or 
ger to a Placc* 

HlangtnJ^, concerning, as 
fort as CO« 

Snlebtttng^an OceafionXaQfe« 
Handle, Hinr« (gtut^ «JIbIO 
CO giveOccafiorx or Handle« 

ZnliggcnX^tt Aflf^ir. Concem« 

inioD nod<0 <o ^^^ « dafh, 
kick, trip, hJcagainlh (fei« 
le) to trip, iniscake« (3 

Bil Ubc au til iib9)yonwi\i 

at lengrh meec wicli an ill 
Lnck. Caf 8Ufltifl(>eb) to 
nrnilht lofe Brightnei's or 
Luftre, giow dalU by con- 
f iC^ing o Vapour,(eil sjMU) 
to toocli ar a Port« 

%nma\^, Cttn} to annonnce, 
give in one'js Name« (ffa 
boi ccn^toaddrefs yourfel^ 
ro, makc your Addrefs to. 

(inftnac (^ar antnelot O9 iii 

htn Siencftc) many were 
Itaniing for thgt Employ- 

Znmxvft, CO mark« obferve, 
remark , note« (S^Q^t 
9))ccr(e tiV) to mind, take 
Noticc of« 

HnmctvMig^f remarkable« 

TUnmavfeTf anObfcrver, Re- 

^nmorrf ttinfff an Obfcrvacion, 
Kem^rkf Annotation, Note, 
Ra6edion, Takiae Notice 
of. C^n. tStargine) a mar- 
ginal No re or Glofs« (3ln» 
tm ti BUiU^ a Commen- 

^nmarfct^ete/ to cpproichi 
s^dvance, march øn« 

arrogace, take or feise* 

^Inmo^t, (een om noøet) to 

fqlicic, rcquire, demand a 

Tdingofone, toimportone, 
• Aic onc for a Thing, (oiH 

betaling) to crave« (tH 

UtUøO ^o Pi'^^5 in upon a 

Woman to debanch her« 
^1tiftoMling> aSoliCiting, So- 

licitation, Befeeching« De- 

annamme; torec^ive* take or 

gct fomerhing« 
tXnhammeUgf« receivablc, fic 

to be receivød. 
Znnammcii^, a Receiving« 

^nnammzv, a RQceiver« 
Tinnammtt, rcceived« 
TtltiteVA a Village, belonging 

to rhe Parii'bchurch« 
TinntpfivU, aChapcl ofEafe» 
^ttttotarioni f. Tinmavfnin^ 
2(nor^ne/ (indrette) to order 

fct.jn Ordér, to conllicatc. 

r^g'ulate^ appoinc, fettU, fix. 

deccrmine, difpofe of,dire«^i, 

cftablifh. CforprOiie) to 

make, pi efcrib-: Ordinance&j 
ordain > give Ordsr« 

Otttor^itingf the Order, Ordcr- 
ing, DiCpofition, Direi^ion, 
Rcgulation, Conftiiutioo, 

Tinpavh a Part, Portion, Lot* 
S ha re« 

7(nprtfC/ (noøeO tocommend. 
recommend, praife, cry up« 

^nprMninøi Commendacion; 

^nraAbe# (roøfte til ccn) c* 
call to, call after« (pao^ 
Mht) to invoke, call upou» 
cry unto, to implorc. 

Sitraabelftf (om $)ie(p) tn 
Inv9cation, Iraploring« 


«n ) 42 ( 9 

ffarfcrHt SO » chtnge t anF»m(l, Arri 

Birth. es. ffoacr tiøC CP DS Coinlng. 

ncb onttr JUqbfa) the An- Hntxt, manchi 

chor is « peek. (4 {|<ina(t Anchor.let 

tet op Bfl ncb oaa &Vtt @i' InFrinSf Anc^ 

bmj the Anchor is ' c"ck- Ancl)rr. 

bill. (M ftøiict ItaJDti«) XnlÆSi Cf"flt 

tlie Anehor ii a Inng peeh. men'«. Sku 

C'nfem er nflarr) the nino) »n On 

Anchdr is ftinl. (ti&Htht tinr.CJJIan) 

a. mti Idicbc EKscO "> Delign. 

tide . p«k. Ctj"« etof a„[«gge, c, 

Ca.i®ninbjArcIiotgroiin<l. beftow. mk 

>nrcttpDi|i • Cibls. Stnat paaé 

JillHaB*, CflUtO w imp-eh, °;;'"""=y'2 

indite, impleid ooej ro«c- fffl' fomS 

enf«, •rr>iitnorcli«rs«hiin f'"'J=*,"""^ 

with«Criine, fuenponhim <»"''''■ C«"' 

tn AQion ofTiespsfs, bring ■ "-ity Ccit 

in in Accnriiion »Rainft him, "V '"* '^"," 

JiilPUptlig,aeenf»bl«. charge- ,,„ jj^^^j-, 

■'■'*• C'ounJ|.l.-ii 

Vttnnøtlftf Accnratinn. Ini< Ola^e) to U 

peichment. Indirement. C<@pri!) to ) 

9ntlMW, in Accnftr, Im- Monrnins. 

p«cher.- *,f"*^r:r' 

iBFORtmtf 10 arrivE, comeor Ailicn at La 

][« CO a Place. (otl (jln tjko the Uv 

ilbO to '""' *![*' » Boo'' invn:e«I.awf 

JTrKiii ,„ h,.?,;l »"■'■"'■ f»' 

tun tiieK'ik. to riii^M ■ i;,i„nHmo- n( 

Chtck, (laH ®a<ifn an- ^ "^ "' 

iDnimc pja £oiniiu(ramt> »"'"Bf. empio 

BtiScmj to rcler thi Qlie- IP':^", 

flJoB CO the ptcifipji of che HtlliXgning , C 

Arbicert- fubmii ic co Ar- the Landing 

bitremcn; , to comproiQilei Shorc, 

put it to comp.oirirt. »nlagningellel 

9titoma»> ('Hdtine) to Tot, i-iace. 

P'""^!'- anUnbe, to ] 

ynfØMnURf airived, (radlltn) Shore , Santi 

TOti puitid. tiirnd. (Jloi bonr. airive, 

Itflt (1 0.) ihePoft b cuuu in. • Coaft. 


) AS ( m 

«Mir "'»^ .^"'Slr.iced. 

, ;« up . Cry, .'«*;»^„«. 

^S«. comiait it ro writ- 
ta,.,noreit. keep itnoted. 
wt or fcc ir down* 

Af 8p. or poft vp t PiflCflrr. 

(Sm) « «•«' «'»7' «^"f 8«» 
ntac Goods* CfØm £a?9C« 

a(nfp(tit&^ Cf. CjT. fine j^rdfeet 
for atfaac no^eO to t^rain, 

ftrive, cndeftvour tocompafs 

fl Thin}?. (an. aKe fine 

JCr<cftcO to ^rive wicli 
Miftht and Main • itfe your 
befl Endeavoars* ^ 

ZnivctiMn^f Straining;, £f« 

TLnip^ft, OU noøeO tofpur 

one on* to lHmuiarc> in- 

ftigace, encice, drive«eggoiic 


%n(f^otinQ, a Spnrring oa» 

' ff A " I * Stimulation , Inftigatioiu 

SS^^oy'erJfe^aPtfeo'o »tlffrtiie, to become, btfeem, 

^^^ ^ prove fuccpfsful ^«^!>v*' bedecent, ftiit. bo^ 

^ - fir, be proper or nt for one, 

CfoncéDelom) tolikc, love, 

(bet gaacr mig an) ic i« 

pleafing to roe« I like ir. 

7(i»(l<!endtg/ befeeming, reara* 
ly, decent, becoming; con- 
venient, proper« 

aarrDevife, wicnrSleight, 9tl(t«nt>igen r decently> be- 

ffae manøe flnfiad i C^O' comingiy. 

Irtd) to have ypnr Head fnll 3(tifl«nt)<g|>e^ Dccenc>', 

ofProjcas. CflWt« 8«noW* Seemlinefs; Bccomingnefs* 

91. Cil intet) to break the Decoriim, Befeemingnefs, 

Zncmy'i Mcafores. Behoof, Fitnefs. 

a^ftgsittgF (^\9X9X%X%\ tlie T^nftalr, Order, Rcgulation, 

havegood Itfne, to cotton, 

Wir aDelign, Parpofes; 

Mnfnress Project, Intenr, 

btcecion« Accempt, Enter- 

iritt, Undertflking; Flor, 

Uaiifins« CCtftiflO « ^^- 
dttøon • Straragcm, cnn- 

Sccting orTofting up of Pia- 

ai(I«SCtf fcc or pofted np. 

SgfffCp tfim nOØCt) to fne ont 
foraTbin^* tobefecch, fo- 
Ijcithimaboncit; to apply, 
addrcff yoarfelf to him for 

Hscr, t Suicor* Soliciton 

Dispofition » Preparation* 
Dire^ion > Appointinenr> 
Proviiion, Mealiire* Cøi^C 
tInO to make ready % make 
Preparations, to order, dis- 
pofe , provide » prepart. 
C^t aéfd.) warlikePrepara- 

tion. CinMiC BtDcrc 9iO t>l> 

further Provifion be made* 

Tlnfialte , f. foranflatte. 

WMRtna/ « Sair> Soliciia* TlnfUn^, (Opf^olb) aDeUy, 

éoa« AppJicacion« Addrcfs, Adjournment, Ceafing. Ccs- 

Eaireacy; iAi^^t 9ln* OUI fation, Paufe, Deferring* 

Mtt^ rp mafce your Suit, Rett, Snfpcnfionv Vacancy, 

A^ication or AddriCi t# Refpite. (»Cttené) Vac*- 

•w fcr foacciijng« tion of cha Court •» JvJJjce. 

Kit ) 40 ( «« 

KttlliftCr tdciufc, ra'iCt, mak« 
or pruducc i Thinf[> be the 
Aothnr, C«ore or Prortncer 
«f ■ Thing; lo devif«, to 
contTivc. COB. Dp»0 "" 
rtih B Rebellion, 

»■(lifter, "n AnthoT, Begin- 
ner. Abettori RinglMden 

anfttftntng, »n Inftigttien, 

anflirf«. to lighr, kIndU. 
m«ke 1 Fire, ler in aFIiine 
bl fei OB Fire, vfm't«) «■ 
Jnfift, M'nt, pciiron. (dl 
ZtntO '° ''O"' P'«t"i 
broich or rip « Barrel. 

qinftiFfellil, coiubofttble, apt 

3ItfltPeellg^rt^ Cotnbuftible- 
nefi, Aptneft lo whe Fire. 

anjHDe, f. antetie; Cllfl) »• 
feigni diflemblei pretcnd ; 
toearry, behave yourlelf in 
fach a Muiner ■ c« make ■( 

%UMi, OScitn) ■ Scura- 
blingblock, a Stone rhn 
ftopB ur hnrts ynui Fcct, 
CSotflrflelfO Off^nco, Scar- 
dal. Caf ©ijaStun) a Fit. 
Accefs, Paioxyfin, Tonch. 
(af U[Dtte) an 111 chnrxie. 
•rAdi-enlure, iRlib. fbOtt 
mange 9n0 to bc theMtrIc 
ef MisfoTCune. O ttaltn) 
Heriration, Hnniming and 

inHébtt CmA Sottn) to hit, 
dafh, kich, knuckor ttrihc 
•gainft. (i taltn) to hc* 
ruate.ftacnnier. fauiteri<ficki 

' hum and ha\r. (øTxiibfe 
til) CO be coniignoa), ad- 
)icenr> joining, confiiiedTO. 
Cfattwne) to olfend. 

anjlKbcltø, olfénrire, fhock- 
912, fiamUUw. 

Unfttttftttn, t 


31nfl«kt/ hit or da 

an(tr*(li the Paii 


colour, Arikaai 

giv« it I Cnlkui 

to feiza and wh 

Cb<r»r() ro ton 

3(nfvttr, Secnrii 

Biili GntnniY 

or Pierig., ( 

(em mafKcr j 
Plac. of greit 
tcpaa (b«4lln. 

be »nr»erable ( 
IlafVIIVt, to iCCo 

■nr»er<Me to, 

ens^ge , uiaho | 
ZnfVMtV, Biil. 

Voucher , Mail 

antast, (O accepi 

€trt) to adopi 

Stflier) 10 takl 
Servant. (tit&I< 
inio Favour, ( 

bet) lo.ff^a, 

ticuUr G«(lurci 
mtnbtiin btritn 
for tt ranted. ( 
retrihetortn o 

Cfig n 6(ifl) 

a« ) 47 ( «l» 

icorfclf abourtbe concerned 
tor 1 TLin^t ir.ikt yoiirfelf 
winrerefl in ir. (ff<| Ctll) 
»inrereff yourfclf (or one. 
liBl 9(>'If#icnJ to eiiibrace a 

liAftliø« allnwablc, accept« 
ibk,Teceu-a[>Ie, rcalonabic« 
i^n ny bc receivc«1 or ad- 
v'md. go6d • righr, law- 

teipriiscnr allowtble &c, 
SajrifCy Rcceprioni Accep- 
rin, Admisfion. 
feH|fBi allDwed« admitcedi 
xccpred. Cv^^^ Anf. i Ct 
tni) to h.*ve free Accefs 
niHoafe or Family. 

lKal|«Miilciciidc,grNC Ntim- 
beriigreacMany, ;:nAbiind- 

litcify to aflTjultt artacki 
cfih fall or fet upon« 

UuWe, an AlHiulr, Atcack, 
Eoontcr , Aggreflion. 

httjutt to note, mark, write 
de»T(, remark, rable or re- 
cord fometfiing.Cmc^ JthbO 
n cSalk tip« 
IritAterff to flntidate,to date 
b<fore the proper Time« 

Intaonium f Antimony. 

litufvariuø^ an Antiquarian* 

)atu|vitdrc^ Ant'quity» Re- 
nams of old Times« 

lUNcft, Cccn cdcrnodeO to 

HKet wirh« find, find out, 
light npon cnt or forne- 

Uiogi (af SntpCindcO • s«t 

of Laccs. 

Ittvordf , f. levere. 

InCRbC / to be(hnv , fpend, 
tmploy* makeUfeot; to 

faenibclig/ flpplicxble* 

Sloc1l^elfe# « Beitowing, 
Spending, Applicttion« 

ManudtiStion <• Guidancs* 
Condui^, Inllru^inn,Dircc-* 
tion, Inflictition, ^paa CCn) 
an Aflijnmenr. 

Znviic (i ^'bcnflfab) to teach* 
dirc^, lead, guide one in A 
Sci«;nce give him Inftruftion 
it ir. CtH een) to direi^, 
rcfer. (VfnøO to asfign. 

^pavxt, feparattily, particular* 
ly , apart. 

Qlpartemetftr (oet Xf^ffti) 

Dr .wingroom« 
71pot(^€F ^ an ApoChecary*t 

HV^t^tftVi an Apothecary,ont 

chat prepares and fells Medi« 


Dirc£lionfor medicinal Pre« 

TLpotfycftvtonfi , an Apotfie- 

cary's Tråde, Pharmacy, Art 

of preparint; Medicincs.. 
3pot6ePerFriiFfef a Gallipnr* 
2(pot^eFci'fvcnDf a Journey* 

man- ApotheCary. 
Tlppclf an Appeal, Appealing* 

ZVVtUitti to appeal fromont 

Courc to anothtff. 
appellant f an Appellant« 
iifjpctitt an Appecite, Stomach« 

Defire of caring« (Jfa^t CII 

meget ØOb 910 to be f harp- 


excicin^ Appctite« 

VpproNtcion / Approbation. 


%Vpyob€vt, to allow, approvt 
of, to like. 

^pticoø, an Aprlcock« 

^pviW the Month of ApriU 
(»ifc cn ttpriO to fend on* 
on a flcevcieis Errand 9 t« 
give one a Bag to hold. 

%qvaviti Aquavitc. 

Kt > 4S ( « 

Utr iScim. Scflr, orMirk af 
« WotiDd > ■ Cinri icc, 

3|r4^tr , «n Anbiin. 

Ittatitt, «riblc. 

Xraft Amc. Rich. 

ZrM^e, ■ Work, ttboar; 
pBini. CbfoMuurO Toil, 
«ry, Hardfhip, FjtiS'"!. 
Trooble. Ctonfntrt; Mik- 
ing. C(t tonitiøff Rtibn'st 
IrbcibO ■" injjcnioiis Pir- 
formancG or WorkniBnniip. 
(bTøtltfl SrhifiO X"P<'0&- 
nble Job. Cølaie ct Sftth 
SO 'O ''o * Jo'* f'"' '"'°- 
C9}fnta tt ^Mtt i 90 rbc 
Wineis frettingor worki'ng, 

3Irbtfbe> V. 10 work, Iiboor, 
bestWorlt, do a Work; ro 

tH, operace, (m)ifemincli< 

fltn) to to;l»ndmoil. Clta* 
gt njint) pao} eo T«kePaint, 
ttrive, apply yonrfeif to. fa. 
fOni iBitn) to work or frec. 
C«, tern it @fib. bcc n 
tatift. Da foftn fis feart i 
!B9lfl«nO 10 labour. C*- 
tt <Stib op i Vfnbtti;) 10 
makc <i Bo'ird, ro board it 
tip. C't ®'<ft (D" $ompO 
to work a Ship orPump. 

%rbtiin,a Libonrcr. Wotker. 

3trbeit»tiit{t, R Wofkday. 

arbcfM&fgtittr «bl««>work; 
capable of WOtktng, 

3lct>t(l>eb<itf a Liboorin^ 


3ltbci&eb(ftf t PickhoTr«, 

tirbtf bs^Hiis , * Workhonr«, 

Workingfhop. OiietraO« 



3irb(tt)f«inf lab 
o-'Attion. t 

Induftry, A»l 

Carc and At 

XrbfiMp'ung , 

arbcieifaU C 


or Inftrumen 
}trtidbtv«gn i 

Wain or Citi 

3frd;iV/ rheArc 

Keeper ofth> 

fter of the I 

31n)>iattr; thi 

ar« , (.' atret 

Shtcwdncfs , 
argnmcnt > ■ 

Proof. C(pit 


pi ouf by At 

at«, »nAif. 

atfilbetib > Ai 


Cfra aO of ^ 

arttt>m<ilFa r 


arl, C«c(«n) 

antbiiftre, [O 

kill wirh a h 

HtttUt, c<it 

arm, f. «n Ar 

atiM, Cfattig) 1 

atmboitnB, Ar 
ambcntr (inbi 

amWffe, Cr( 


) 49 ( ^t 

nfi^it, • CroHibow- 

f^nttf a Crofsbow- 

|pini^er, t Gaffle, 

nfi ui Annlet« Vam- 

.1 IB Armhole t Arm- 

pPoferry« Indigencei 
r Pennry, ScarCiry« 
•Cl «n Anncaf hion« 
Ifi ^.branchcdCandl^ 

oorly« picifoUyf mife^ 

Ir iSmiRling, Wreft- 

(InKfcb) a Hearth, 


vui, inmatic« 

t (^) Calvesfoot* 

O I Sort of Criilt on 
ittrfs of Infinrs« 

fcirred. fnll of Sears. 
Ed vith Sears. 

[M<iwJ!«fon) Arrcft, 
IC« Imp-jfonin^. (pAa 
jArtacVnerit, Diftrcfs, 
r*t Diftraint (tclcrg« 
ll^toarred Cf<Xtt< 
1^ ro pQC ont in Cq- 

iQAcnt of; to attach 
»rain Goods* 

tf 1 Pn:bncr» 

p'toarreftt imprifon« 

i^, Arrtfling) Im* 

{$t a Prifon, Dn^ 

li ft Capias«. 

3lrre(l^ul# t DnngeoiU ■ 

, ArreaVgiiftrd ; Rear 
Hvvig, (onb^tbali^ions, fpite^ 
ful, perverfc, birter. (pttb) ^ 
peeVifh, faoh pro.okeci, 
. toiiCiiyt rac^ins./uriouf. 

2friigbe^>.COnMraO. Malici- 
ousnefs.Spiccfiiln'-is CSreftv 
dOtiQM ) Ptevifhntfs^ 

JKrfentB^ Arftnic. 

Origine« Srock, Dcfcenr, 
^xrraaioh. C@UdO Kind, 
Species , . .. Raée , Gender« 
(< acnffdb) Nacnre, Prmer- 
ty, ^QoaJicy« (Jti^o) Sex. 
(mebføbO Genius, or nacn- 
ral Dupoficion* . (3}'fj6> 
^bdbe) Wife , Manner, 
Fafhion \ Culiom ; Way, 
Method. (Cinbetdø) .in- 
dination« Difpofition, Hu- 
moar, Temper; Chara^ei^ 

(on5 etter gob) bad or 

good Dispofition , or Tow- 
ardlinefs. (tit (ae 91.) it 

ialls pat. (ban taltr, fad 
bet bae^O be i* a well fpo- 
ken Man ; he fpeaks Gnod- 
fenfe, be f^eak to the Pur- 

pofe (af fttinme 51.) bomo- 
gcniai. (af en anben IL) 

hecerogeneous. (ban b^^ 
tn flCb Srr ! tø) be is well- 
principlcd. (»ejre uh «f 9!.) 
ro grow out ofkind; (filttt 
enfl^b^l. t ten) to principle 

one ^welL (ftfttC Ctl ttb %• 
i et^atn) ro imbne aCbild 
With good Principles, 

3(rte ftg f to go on , advance* 
(fom JJlaneer) ro tbrivew 
(Orehøen attec fia) be is 
a hopeful Boy. (efier een) 

to takc after one, r^rnble 
bim » become of the fama 
UofDønr, In^tUiUaon, Com- 
éj^ fértmenc 

at ) so ( 

^frrcgcnr liomo^enMl. 

^trfrentmtt > hotL-rogeneoUs. 

3r«t, Cf. ?t. •«( ortit) »w- 
•rdly.good principlcd (otiN 
ftttCQ 'ill-ptincipled. 

aml■^t (. ubattc. 

jfrtitf, ci*eMtm^l•^o i«- 

tcct , t">'''!'' civil, well- 
nianncred'. wtllbred. (^tt 
tv tn flcttj) 5arO lit ii a 
dcvcT Msn. CaTl. Sfitmt) 
quaintWnyofJokihj. Curt. 
JuO • bonny Bl«i)e. («(. 
CgcnifabrT). Accomplirh- 

ments. CDmdXtlgtlia) fweci, 
etfy. obliginK, »ffable, (ffor> 
HMIlBf Infta) ficetioiis, 
merr'v > plcafant , jocnfe, 
' CfmuO neat, tiandfome, clc- 

Ci'ni. pTtftf. (wriKdig) 

quainc, ftra'ngr. 

ledyt polLccly. (i Cmsoin- 

3(rtlFflvii« , bi 
artidtrit, Am 

«s i greir G 

Boinbs ftc 
2lninf tit • Capi 

ot'rhi: Ai-rilli 
3IrtiUertrr»n(l , 

tliR Park of 1 
XtriUtriil, a G 

Slrtiffof . an > 
arthrn^c, Ch 
ar» tfict Hn 
Breech. l!ai 
Tail. I^indai 
artebal^«r, rh 
arM^•x^^r anUl 

' worr, the lit 
artspotiltr, ■ V 

aeliO obligingly, aff.ibry. 
ClOftiJtn) rD«rri!y. plearaw- 
Jy, ' CftnuO liandfomBly, 

netily. Coan bnV jtg »t 
artiflCtt db) he managed it 

iti^ncri, Civility, Rindncig. 
good Manner*. (@tisn< 
^(t) Frcttincfi, Hindfoinc' 
ne(s> Fineners, Sprocenefs 
<[CtCkIitb<l>) good Bried- 
ing. Decency. GBllincry, 
CS^Iifl^tW Jocofny . Jolli- 
ly I Plcafjnrry. 

O cn CofltMtt) an Article, 
Ha«l. Point. Clinrc. 
%tttMmtiat, * Pangtiph 
or Pilcrow. 

Tlrt, C'Urti'flo 

hereditary Poi 
(gjBttnt. (Dt 
Patrinionv. !■ 
by che Fsrht 
C9«d< fro 9. 

Tl'rw , to inheri 
. heritance ur i 

Jdw, CUrt) H< 

Vrvcbtcli Lot 

her>i:liiary Efl 
Sfrvcfølgct hei 

Srvtgitlbf )>crc 

SrvcgøbSr f. 31 

Srvelcfjitf tn hei 

sitnti Fwtiil 

•^r . ) SI ( SJf 

ItmUQi Vieredittry, héritable. 

It InheriMnce. CfOOT @pa' 

hm) propagated , intailcdi 
>»liuie»bxtr«<:tion, Defccrt, 

CcttfangTiinity, K ind red b]^ 

lVo'>d, Coj^nation. 
iLrediJktr an Invcntoryv 
)m\o^ her«dittry Fortion* 
TUttlH^dlstnheritcd, withoac 

' lirciéflfi^rf f to disinherit« 
^rive of Inheritance» té 
eiSferedace. . 
llmk«9i^relfé > t>isinhertt>> 
irjr, Disinherifon* 

Direåion aboutlnhcrittnce* 
ile^larion oflrrheritance* 

IrvcpriB^øy u hereditary 

Iroctitr Heirdom, Heirfhip, 

l:|Xi of Heri tage. 
lncrs&s^ed#bereditary Snc- 

ImriSCp an hereditary King« 

Znnfifttf cbc Dealing of In* 

trvcfrgf/ a propajated Slck- 

aeU* aDHtemper« thatruns 

rfl t^-e Blood. 
Xrvef«nD# thc original Sin. 

ImanDcrfaat/ a»hcrcdilary 

Sub) a 
Irvino^ an Heir. tnheritor. 

(et frucnCtmmc O «" Heip. 


ImngH^f nninhericed* child* 

lrsing$crvins f fin After- 
fer , a l'econd or fubltituce 

Ilcii a Afs. 

Vcainbe, a She-afs 

Vttf Afhcf. C*ttO Cind^ri. 
'bteO £aibcrSé 

tCffet/ afhy, fnllof Afhet. 

2lfFefar9Cb| af hcoloured* 

^ffefiøf an idle Fcllow, ttiat 
nei^er ftira out of Doors; and 
doesnothingathoif^e, acon- 
ft:int idle iioufckeeper. 

TiiftQvaatf afhco'oiired. 

2(fFeFone, a Cinderwench^ 

^jftftufU^ an Urti« 

21fFe<(Dtt6^a9 f Af h-Wednt^ 

TiipavQtB, Afpargus. 
^fpeft, Afpech 
^fpirariotl> Afpiration. C-C^^M 

Cøe^. ti'O »o afpiratc. 
WeiT^ff «n AfTerfor, AsH- 

((ant, Bencfiér; Jo'fge laceraU 
2lø(!gnatiotl / an Astignatian« 

ttaftgn^re> to asfign. 
7lt{i^tntf an Asfiftcntt Stan j- 

erby, Adjtitor, Helpen 

^6fiilenteforv«(ter , a Com* 

misnoner ofthe public Lom» 

^eftllentø(>ihi6 / a Lombard. 
31 eiittenteprtxfl f a Minider, 

t*iat asfiftsthclncumbent t* 


TtflTurance , Infurance. 
'^fftir^ncePotitoiry the Infa* 


Sffiirancépoliér thc Police of 


3((fiiraiiceprémit ^ Preminm. 
Qlfiuranb^r^ an Infurcr* 

)l(lrol«)bittift# an AftrOlaba or 
CrofslUff, an Inftrumcnt to 
m^ke ttftronomicalObfervft* 
tions with. 

Hftvonomit, Aftronomy. 

21(lronomi(r/ aftronoroicaU 
7lilronomtl6# an Attronomer* 
Tit, conj. that. (InfinJtivC 

(Jticn^tmcrJO "♦ (at cmj 

«t ) s^ ( 3r» 


tplove. Cat ittO'eft. Cat 

uO but. (pfld »et aO that. 

twa OO '" fønjuch that, 
_jfrel)», anAtheilt, oi e. who 

dani't'th« Bcinz of God. 
Xt^ftnUr Achofm. 
atttttjttfr, athciltic 
»tUfl, S.rm. 
atU«, fl Colt>-aion of Mtpi; 

Mapi. AtUi. 
Stfccctif viribly, berorcyoor 

Eyes, in yonr Slghi. 
"Httatfott t. anfolt). 
ZtUUf eiahteeo. 
S'tCtlMf tne eiKteenth. 
3lt«c. Bgain. «new;ontlic 

othcr Hird, 
Hntttt aCeriincite, AtteftR- 

tion. (Kbtlig «0 on Af- 

J(mft«W, tJie UftProbition ■ 

Sindent is to undcrgo, 
ZtUfttrti 10 certify. Mfore. 

•ver, witncfs, avonch or af- 
firm a Thing. 
Tittit, CUtt^DtniworkiDwarf- 

Zttraat, a Defire. Wifh, 

Longing-for, Hjnkering af- 

icrt Wint, Love, 
ZitvttM, V. to dcfire, wifh 

for> longfon hanker alttti 

Httroptrci to catch. overtak«. 

3ln! inter'i- OM Oh! inwj. 

denoting Fain. 
Slictlotlj an Anftioo . poblic 

Sale, Porifale, Outcry. 
Ztutifitmt, (6 loaion.pnt 

to pnblic Sslc. 
iDCtlølKrlng, an Anaioning 

or Futcing lo public Sale. 
ZtuttMi'S^naltttt an Adc- 

Zttlbtitcn, an Eelfpctr, 
VMJeilMf Audicnce. Admit- 

tiDCe. Hcaring, Ficfcncc, 

VatitnttStmaf, a Prefi'«f. 

SuMt»T, in miliiaryjtt 
a R.-g.m*nt. 

Vut>tr<>tiiim, an Auittw 
di.-i^cci 0( Coinpanyoi 

%tlVl(tm<tAim, Anni 
Mmih ol' Aug■.l^ 

Tivanctwt, Cttittt fra 
ailva-Ce, mwve for« 

Vvancereii, Ci?Ktnr«na 
voncTg, Mo<Hngfoi 

a»«nt{r«rtt, (Sbtti 
ch« Vun^uard, 

aurørofttrvr, Or«nge-c 

jliirbant , a H.athcocl 

Itat^int, » H-aihhca. 

furore f f. Urojre. 

aifton an Atith >r. Wr 
Compufer of Book«, 
SDiibtTr OpRntitO • 

, Md 

iver of a Thin« 
rcrtr CO tm 



nnpower, glveAntBM 
Fowerj toillovbyAl 


Hvarit, f. ^liVtTit. 

Hvt, V. todifciplin^ dt 
coiTi;£l , kctp andet 
kecii in Awe > k«p * 
H)..d over bne. , 

2lvCf f. Chaliifemenr, O 
tion, Dircipline, Aw« 
it i «0 fo IteeP '" * 

Svtb, 10 thc wrongSiél 
wiong Wiy. 

Soentft« (SDantoO A 
tu'e. ttrang;« Acd 

3ltfiRbi Envy. Ranckiu>i 
J^-'nloufy, R(pimii|i 

SIvtilMmanBr an envfon 

rcin), il twill bearing> 

feaionate, |«aloni, f 

ing. rpinfil Uan. ~ 


$(t> ) 53 ( fba 

toinbfiiolb, the raktng np 
A øs againft yoar King or 
rhe Scactf. 

IftaMVg, envioast fpitefal« 
|«iloCl»^ tllwtlledf malevo- 
Icnt, d'ftffediontte. gruig- 
ing £t fnorh.r's Fortune. 

loift^ftge 9 Envy , Jealoufy. 

mmfty Advice. 
7tm9 iG4zerte, Kewspapers. 
UfUBAii^, a Meicury« onc 

i^c' carrios Newspapers a« 

bom in the Scrcets« a Haw« 

tvitfTrivcr, « Gazecteer, 

News wri ter. 
99i*trrffcr# « Printer of 

News, apert* 

Mti, (Zifljrd af cammc 2)oO 

Bre«d, Caft. Kind. H.uch* 
(*. tjflSlCCrina^Hnsbandry, 
TiUagc* Agricotcure. (Drioe 
t. ta »Sicerinø) to foUow 

Mt, n> beget« breed»^ procre- 

4re, engender« generate; to 

pbnt, tilL 
MctYStiøf one having the 

genera t: ve Faoilty« 
Mt'^vnt, generative Facul- 

Irihig.Breeding, Procreation, 

Generation« Ingendering« 

Tillade , f. QivU 
Xvtivgøfrafr, thebrccdingor 

g;ncrarive Faculty. 
IvUn^ltmmtv , Genitals, 

gcnitil Mcmbers, Parts of 


WemcDer# a Breeder ©rPro- 

lvUgaal•^/ « F«rm , Berton, 

Isnenicnt . Countryh«>ufe, 

lPl«f4rW a Farmer's chief 

S'.; ar r. 
IvUnaiiOf a farmer, Hiis- 


Zvn, ChaflF, Halk of Corn* 
Zvnb^Q, Horntrefr» Horfc« 

ZVf «n Ear or Spike of Corn« 

Zv^iø (bvorom neøet (rcict 

fta) an Axis. (dl CttSoøll) 

an Axletree« 
Zv^i , C@tu(6cr) a Shoulder- 1 
21|:«I^aan^r « Shoulderknot. 
TiVtimcvU å Scarf. 

2ii:eiihcffei| (paa en Gfiorfe) 

a Gasfet« 

Hv^^ ftg r (øammeU OrO co 

f^rug up. the Shoalders, 
Syrling f the Shruj^ging np o( 

the ShouMer* 
ZtvUiffct, a Gleaner. 
Tlrpiufninf, the Glcaning. 
7i^ptuPniiiøøti^# che Time of 




aa^, Boat. (JandKnie t cb 

$BaO the Boatrope, (^eli 

fforc @tibibaab) the long 
Beat« (en ftxvt 9« fom fon 
(lobt ()olDe ud t @ecn) a bold 
fioat. (aiere SiøCDO^t paa 
begøe @ibcr i en %a*5i ir. 
9>ørc Q3aabeii fiat tticb olt 

&i(bet^øO to trim the Boat. 

»Aiibe , C^tnbing) Profit, 

Gain, Lucro , AdvanragJ« 


'9aa>t, V. (oinbe) to gain, 

get, profit. f^amO foJ)e 
uf'ctuL (crviccahlc, profita- 
ble, bring or afford, yie^rf 
Idaa^t, conj. both. 

»« ,) 54 ( Sa 

]bMU^ f. bføge. 

-9^A^eft1l^^ gainfnl* profita- 
ble, advantageous,lucrative» 


15aa^6:oif f Senmen, Seafar« 

15ai)^eba^e^ a Boet'shook, 
IdaA^eUam^tt, Bont-Cl:rops. 
S^aabemanb I a Boatfwain. 
I&aabemaitbtmat ; Boat- 

fwain's Mate. 
33a4bemaitb6^t| t Sailor*s 

Cap. . 
15aabemanbøpibtf the Boac- 

fwflin*s Call. 

^oabemanbtf ammet , the 

""■ Boacfwain's B«rth. 

Ibaa^Bftaqt, a Pple, which 
1-rgcmcn ufc. 

Z>aa^9t^itt, a Bench, Seat or 
Thwart of a Boat. 

l^aai, a Pile of Wood, a 
W oJt)iI\ 

Xyaanb/ aBand, Tie, Stnng, 
Li^^incnt, tigature. (af 
©ilfc) a Rfbl'on. (5(orer» 
®.) « Floretribbon, (om 

Sønber) ^ Hoop. 
Jl^aanbbriver, a Cpoper^s 

. Driver. ^ 

23aanb^tifFf a Tafc or T^sfel 

of Ribbons. 
^ann^l^aQt, a Cooper's Tur-r 
/ rcU 
Saanb^aitbdi t Dealing in 

RibboDS. ^ 

35aanbf niv^a Cooper*5P]aner* 

23aanbf one, a Woman, felling 
Ribbons. Tapes &c« 

15aanbrofer a Cockade of 
Ribbons* a Favour. 

Tdaanpfi^ift, a Knot of Rib- 

a^aanbflaøe, a Hoopftaff; 

T^aan^ftoti, a Cooper's Form 
to cut upon. 


wcavers Looin« 

33aé)nbvarrf / 

25aare a Handb 

X>€ia\tnt c^irricd 
herden) born< 
bcr 2cO worn. 

234116/ liScr^ufc 

a Srall. 
S^aafebomi chc Sj 
23abig; to prato, 

tUy babble, c 
Ibabitv, a Babblei 

a Blab. 

3&abieraatt9# bai 

ativc, full of Pr 

33abbleiife# a pr 
talkative Wotn 
bakket , Glatte 

of Arts. 

33ac(^ II 6, Bacchi' 

23ab, SI Bath , W 

(Sabetar) B 


n^utns. r^Ioi) \t 
ding gf Blood 
Carnagc. (5crei 
to play one a T 

33abe, CO bathe, 
water. (b. fpg< 

^abebtigf Warm 

33abcfar/ Bathi. 


?>abcr. f. 23ab(li 

33abning/ the Biitl 
fhing; Fomcnti 

Xxitox^ttit (i Cn 
Ordcr ofBath. 

33abfl?«rr t Sarg 

33abtFiitrfonflf S 

^abfftxrrangi an 

an Inih-umcnt, 

Skuils» chat ari 

JOft ) 55 ( liBa 

ifed 9^111 ; aPair of 

s or Twe«zer« 

. 2 Bflgnio, Bathlng* 

Horhoofc •» 

iti^nd/ a Bathkeeper. 
Iccttt a Viimiccftone, 

Hige foin et Sam) to 

a Beaker« Cup« a 
v% cup, a Chalice, 



CViiO ^^ ^ Strcam or 

9(0Cfcft{e(8) a Bair cf 
rs» or Bellows. 
(af grufltcO Hulk, 
UuU; Shell. 

CåittufUt @rinO a 

Skin, Cafe, Pelt. 
jater, Pulfe. 
tbeVf aBellowblower« 

f an Organ* 
rP^ d.irk Night, e;c- 
? dark. 

®ior5e) a Bclt, Gir- 
af h, Cin£lure. 

cn^øearm oeb Offer« 

heBelc orPasfage by 
Jtic Sea. 

^, the Waift, tlje 
e of thcBody. 

f Tape, IncU. 
. Bcnch, Fornii Seat. 
ter. 95.) But^chcry. 
fflC/ a Cuf hion for a 


o carry, beav, bear 

3 fupporr. (.ClÆbcr, 

laardO ^® ^•^^ ^''^* 
Hat, Sword, &c. 

) to bring fovth, 

or prodace Fruics* 

Tljjt) to bcar. brecd, 

wding, gowithChildi 

or witli Young. C9Bth^hi§9 
fftb, (BobUb for een) to 

bear Refpeél/ Atfe^ion c^ 
one. (jMffPoefor) to abhor, 
dete(l, abominate. C3^9fl^ 
for) to dread, fcar, COlQ^ 
forn fer) to take Care or, 
to care for. (^a^ til een) 
bear one a Grudge. 'Ci)af> 
til een) CO bear one a Spire. 

(paa é(ul^rene) to carry 

en the Shoulders. CS»t^( 
om) to donbt, -queftion. 

C^ibneéborb) to bear Wit- 
nefs, to r:coTd, (ooermeb) 

to bear with one. (iibt) to 
beat", fuflfer , be a SufTerer« 

. (j^appen paa fregøe @(uf^ 

bre) CO temporize, be « 
Shifter, c^rry k fair witn 
both Bartie^ C!Dr;fea) to 
carry the Prize or Bell* 
(iD{cerfe af) to bear oi ha^ 
itillaMarfcofaWound. (ffg 
ab)tobchave, bear or carry ^ 
ypuriVlf. (bærtd for) My 
Mind misgivcs me. (b^rc 

op# fecre t 3}etret).to bear 
Yip. O^anbet b.@etbet) the 

Wacer bears up che Ship. 
^ccvtb^v , Handbarrow. 
35«r£(^imn^e(/ a Canopy. 
33<xrePranb9# a Bivled« 


^ctvchltv, a Dorfcr. 

23(crellgf portable, eafy to 
be carried , apc to wear or 
to be wovh. ^ 

:&Ær'el^n; Porterage. 
23Ærcni the Carrying, Bear- 

ing, Wearin'^. 
23ceré(loe(# a Chair or Sedan. 
23ccire|loelø4rn|f th? ?ole of 

a Chair. 
73Æi*mer Dreg?, Lees, Barm, 
7^<Jtft , i. »ceft. 
'S>xx>tf (bccurc) to trcmblc. 

fhake, quakc. Qai &lt<lU 

to tvcwblc with rcii. 

fBa ) 56 ( 93a 

J^cn>tl{t, Tremblin;, Shak- 
in^« QuAkin^t Shiverinj^, 

l^ævttt (ttn, fom (ceocr) « 

' Tre m Mer* Shaker« Quaker« 
2D«ver, CDpOfl Be«verXaftor» 
33«vergel/ Caftorein. 
Ibccvivnaai, a Bodkin with 
" danging Tasfels. 
3^40^ CQ3«t8eiO chc Bflck* 
^Aøi p'cp.f« behind. 
3&aøøase^ ^ag???^, Luggage, 

UtenfiU of an Army, 
9*Øøaøeooøtl» Ammiinition- 
" Waggon, a covcred Was^gon 

CO carry Ammunition pr 

35Aøarel/ a Tnfle, Thing pf 

no Vaiuc, rrtfling Burincfs. 
33Aøbecil^ rhehn^Leg. (((td 

~ Ce fid paa Q^aøbecn imob 

CCtt^ CO inake HcaJ againit> 

ro rffilh 
Saøbittbei to tie one's Hånds 

upon his Back« to pinion 

o» c. ' 

^5Æølor^, Larboard« C%af)(. 

ffiiiO ^^o""' '*>* Larboard's 

SiJc (Kocrct om 9agborO 

Port thc H:lm. 
Saøbeel/ theHtndpart of a 
Thing C«)f Ct()UUé# Q5og[ 
tcO th9 Back (if a Houfc, 
Book &c. C<lf tt &hb) rhe 
Hindpa« t oi'eStern, 

Po'p. (af ctSRcn« fO ^^e 

Backfide (af CII @flOTfO 
Seat of a Shiit. 

2Baøb(5r # a Backdoor. 

a3age# to bake« (i Jlanbf) 

to try» 

23aøertei*^ behind, after, 
' atrerwarjis. nexr ro» Cfi(ttø) 

lare. (fodinK ^0 to ^^S be- 

15aøen/ Baking* 

X>aQtVtnbtt chc Backfide or 

Iftaøetr^ a Baker. 

S^aøerbrøb, Bread baked b* 
a Baker. 

33aøerbaø, f. (gf. (bet er iH 
alti^ Saycrbaø, ttien unbci 
tiben Stcabebaø) Every Qr 

is not Snnday. 
3&aøerbuuø# a Bakelioufe. . 
^baørrovitf a Bakers Ovtr 
23nøeirpenøe , Bi^kage. 
:&aøen'er, C. 33aøerbtiu». . 
S^dger'veab/ a Journeyman 

l^a^^ftf hindmoft, aftermoi 

hindi:! moit« 
33^getf baked, 
S'^getrtiø; aKnoadingtroagl 
^Agiai^, the Falling bacii 
* wardV a Sccond Fall. 

25aøf!frbinø; (arAa(i)# gaa 

kJ a Gi'^of or Leg of Vm 

or Mutton &c» a Loin an< 

Lee rogeiher. ♦ 

3&aø^bf a Hindfoor« 
'^a^fra, from bciiind« bad 

23^øøaar^/ a Backyard. 
ibuQ^aan^, (i ^piC) ch 
■ younger fland, (baw Hl 

^^t 1 43.) to have fpmethin 

\n Store, 
35aø(^inanbetti behind on 

2&aøbolbf an Ambnfh« t L) 

ine in Walt. 
'Jbam)0vc^i the hind Part c 

the Head, 
l^aøbtitiør a Backhoufe, 
3&aøøtennemr through b( 

2&>7gitib# in from behind. 
X>a^tami^tv, a Backronm* 

33agFa(l^ (9aaoinb) a BacK 
wind, a Pu loack, (foillltl 
i %.) ro be bthindhand i 
the World. 

33aøfloe# the hind Claw. 

23aøUajge# a Po(teiR> Bacli 

»a ) 57 ( S3a 

to ^row pcrplexed; ro mif- 
orry; ro fall fhorc, OcC 

§!t I S. for ianO i>is ^•- 

(icnmiscflrr'ed, hefell fSort 

øf his D.fign. (3ftun0en 

Mkamniers in his Speecn» 
^a||Unltøi bachwardfs arfy- 


2«itLud»fa(bc# to ftU bflck- 

2a^«iitf g^ae § to so back- 

Aogldit, Ballad. Cf^il^ >neb 
Mot øO^Kaft) CO go on or in 

Bai tit. O^egac 9. i Orden 

i 6fibcC; CO crim or crcnch 

thc Ballad. 
U^Uttt, Cct @fift) to balltft 

Zc%ieitning, theBaiUdinsof 

I&af^fr^tningi che Unbal- 

Zå§ii^, che Running back- 

AipiBg# the Bakin^« 
S«feni# ab^t behind. 
3^:9 ep, vp from behind* 

(Haae bag op) to kick or 

w nce. 
3^A9paar behtnd« 
3&«gport/ a Backeate« 
Sagte, (co Sing!) to tnm, 

fcc or bend a Thing. (en 

Cflncn) CO level a Cannon« 
:5«gf1ling, the Torning, Sci- 

ling orBending of aThing; 

che LevelJing. 
^gfitC/ Backfide« 
Za§fiin, Rcflcaion, Reverbe- 

ration of Rays« 

3bagfniarF# an Afrcrclap* crofs 

Forcane, aTurn of cheTide, 

8CiofsCaper» Aftcrreckon« 


33agri^e; thecoiuinnal Tosfing 
of che Sea< che Rebounding 
bf che Waves. from che 

23agfpringi! a ILefilicnce, a 
Lcaping or Srarcing back* 

IdnQ^avn, che hinder Pare of 
a Ship» the Scern« Poop. 

^agfl^^i a Rebounding> R«- 

X>aQ\tiitf a Backroom« 

IbaQit^ftt, a hind Part* 

TpuQtaiCt V, CO backbice, d^ 
farne« calnmniace« dander« 
decra^ or cr^duce« decry« 
woiind» blemifh, afperle* 
pbfcure, blad one*f Repaca- 
cion« fpeak evil of« cada« 
Afpcrdon or Bleinifh iipoA 
bis Hpnor. 

S&agtalelfe/ a Backbicinc^« C«r 
liii.>ny«Siander. D'traclion, 
Obticcljcion. falfc Impcica* 
tion , Dofainacion, Traduo 

X>aQtaltV, aBactbicer, Ca- 
lumniator, S'andeicr, Deft- 
mer, Decrfl<Sber, falfeAccu- 
fer, Sycophanc, Pickthank, 

23Agta(er(f, calumntous-, Han- 
derous« backbicing* cradn^ 
cingf blaming* 

X>a9talttftt f a flanderoi^ 

:&agca(er6Cnn8e/fin evil Ton- 

S^agtalefYOe/ Slanderousnefs. 
a calumniacory Spirit or Hut* 

3&agtaICf backbitten, flandei^ 
ed &c« 

23Agtil/ behind, behind one'£ 

Sagtrini a Step, made back 


B« ) 88 ( e« 

j&agtropt>tC « tiis R*«r of an 

ATiny, llie Resrgnarft, 
Stf|itt>r (iscUn-anl, bchirid. 

(Itaot frO to kick , wirce. 
SaciVitlfti <o backWtt; rally 

behind otre's Back, (. brtg. 


SilgVcBr bihindt iitheBacki 

SAgl>tI1^ff fo turn fh« fore- 
inoft behind, psrv*rc inverr, 
«o pUce th= l*ft fitd. 

Bagvcnet, tuiricd ftiremoft 
behind. pcrverretl, inverted. 

:iaavtrr, PDllrywi>rh. 

SiRvagnt ihe hind Pan of » 


»ai, Culftfnl Ser) Bii«e. 
».li , (OoDlimiO !■ ^''I' 
JSujiMl«, « Baynner. 

Accliviiy, Detcer-i. Declivi- 
fy. lifin^Sroun-i, Hili. (d- 

bm IB.) « HiHoclt. 
Krtm, (paa cietib) the Fo- 

XxtfFe. C*t 3a&. R*t 3Sa6, 


(».'ttomCtaO Mefsnute. 
»aFE«, hiUy. |-.ilUfH.ll! or 

Billocks. Ct!il'*"l*0 Jv 

Palftlf«, Fsfti-y. Pattemears. 

■ »(»rfdfrf'riW.sBMid to kne^d 

Sittcen, r. 3(ltan. 

^&rtI^l!(l)llI, a Conopy. 

Bull cifthe i-oo, 
2>a!^^i«n, (IlrO Valeriaiw 


»«rn, f. efcb*. 

7>allt, (fattt) iBaleorPuk 
of MerchinilijKf, ''" <i 

»AUct>lrt^cl, a Pick'zr. V 
SaEUt, ((isiurct(t DanM) «.' 


i'ih on. 

»flHelfertiU«, a Kolt, 
iirtredailm Fon^cilils-Crtw. 
»jtlhieogaMingcr, BuU(. 

»ar, C0jn6f(((lira&) « Bsll, 
E'H'-Traii'.incnt of Dancing. 

S4taRCC, C^lØUiCsO Bjlanee. 
Csi«« ®aIon« i SRefluin' 
Ilt«) (O fctd« »11 Accounr. 

2>aUiU'tl'<, to bjtanco. (i 
KewiM«") W *?kI« ■•» Ae- 
fonnt, paf whit il w^nting 
to miks tlie Account weiit 

»aUffii, f. »olb. 
^itUotttrc, loballot, voMbr 

I&tiriifMMfler Balfflbob 
Tbttlfamivt, loimbalmitr-p««^ , 

SalfAintrtr, *n Irhalmw. 

Balfftmti-tt, iinbaline-l. 
».tlfiimtriitg, iholmbalining. 
»aliamiff, b.ilf^.n.c. 
£iai)amf(rt , JUImtv«. 
^AlfilCt, un^iighf &>lk, ' 
Baliitrin, f. n«gi<ilig. 
»slite, tituj to'villow. we!- 

iLi. tumble, b^ttea, 
:Odloite. by 8jln. 
Sambiifli-^r, a Bmnboo. 
fidili-O, [Iic Bankv 
S«iU9i.Ci]pili9l, rheSlOcft« 

Principil of > Banh. 
Siincopen<iC( Btnkmoncy.^^ 
:9a^cof(D^tIf a Baokoote «r 

SaHlb the Bin< EtcomiminiclB' ' 

tion. (D(rMli)t ©O Om- 

Uwty, O'aticiSB.) f.brtnto 

f«m. - 
SonM, F.ft«in<I.GinK.C6iif 

pany, S«, Troop. 

f&» ) 59 ( fBa^ 

h^nttø V. CO CQrfe, execrate, 
iinprecjrc, fwear. rap out an 

Oatlu O. fem en SDiOtroO 

to fwcar likc a linker , 
^£B^enr Curling, £xccracion> 

Imprecarion , Swearing^ 
Z^an^er« a Swearcr, 
&Aii^e(iiftcri fl Ringleader of 

hd ous or fcdirious Men, 
SoBteriie/ by Bands, Gangs. 
9ftiiNat# cxcotninunicaced. 
9£Dpf.ntC/ CO excommuni- 

^aa^xtttlft, Excommunica« 

Zauti a Path « bcacen \Vay, 

troddcn Pach. (p^n^t paa 

9,j CO rai:e a Disconrfe, 

tear rhe Path, prcparc, chalk 
oat che Way, 
ScneKAndi an Asfflsrin* a 
I Marderer« Ci^n tax (Atle 
%.^ he was ilie Dcaih of 
\ Z^aekav, a mortal Wound* 
^N^fCif beaten, troddcn; 

^«ge# f. fr^tibm* 

Saif, (9c9øO Drubbing, 
Cadsellipg, BIows, 

^nfif OBonfen) thc Bank. 
O'xttc vcn^t i QSanfen) to 

depofite Money in theBank, 
lav up Money in ir* (^, i 
€'p\\j rhe Stake. Ci @t<tO 
Shelves, Sands, (^anfcr i 

flrunbt SDanty Brcakcrs. 
Sdnftf the Bank. 
XiinU, aBank, Hillock, f« 

^anff/ to beat, knoc?«, ftrike, 

finifc. (paa ®øtcn) to 

knnck, rap or tap at the 
Door. (pri'gfO ^^ cudgel, 
bsftinado, inan.!5le, måiil, 

(lianer) to du^t* beat the 
bulroHorfroin theClothcs. 
(laOsopafh, fquafh. ((orø 

i^ierkO to beat, go pit-A« 
pat. (b.flf) to cudgel, bafte, 

XtanUbyg , oealed Barley. 

23anfefiØ&f Mortrers, morcl- 
fied Meat. 

XianHnt O^Anfnina) Beat«- 
ing, Knocking, Hammet- 

23anferer/ a Banktr, 

23atiferoti Ba(ikrvj>9y« Bre^fcf 
ing, Failure. (S^vUtt øiørt 
83.^ to .break, fail, tpta 
bankrupt, C^An giOr^C ST* 

paa 9(0000 2)aleO he brojnc 

for 36000 Dollars. 
33anfér^rteurr a Bankt^p^> 
one, tiiiic has fiwallowed a 

33anPc(lef / the Stocks tf b^iild 
* Sliips upon. 

tlaøcrpaa)Tiltings, Stands, 
Gatintrces to lay Tuns on. 

23anPetf a Banquet, Treacr 

i&ailf Ct/beaten, kr.ocktfftrnck, 
finitten. (b.Sr^ic) aDr4ib- 


TxtnUxxat , C^antttoitfftij 
a Batlec , Batcingflaff. 

X>anntt, a Banner, Standard« 
Cqlours, Flag, Enfign. 

^anqvøf f* 2»anfe. 

XfOfV, (bliti neøen) bare, na- 
ked, uncovcred, bald. (nt 
frugtbar) barren. 

2&4r/ bavt, adv. (Mot/ pnnO 

meer, pure, clear, open. 
(f un) but , only , purcly. 

:bavflfu, (SafetnO ^ Ba«r 


23ai'bav, a Barbarian« 

X>avbavit, Barbary.- 

23arbarifT/ barbarous, wildi 
crucl, inhuman. 


i5a ) 60 < SSa 

SarM, (gifO « Barbcl, Mul- 

* let. 

1&ai:beer# a Barber , Sh^vft* 

Sarbeerbirffeiiir a Barber's 

I^ArbeerbOfl > a fet Day for 

3^Arbcfr^ti9# a Barber's Nap- 

Jbarbect^ntt«/ a Barber's 

Shop.. ^ 

SarbeerfttiVf a Kazor« 

^rbeerprojfeelioni « Bar*, 
bét's- Profesfion, 

Cbrttberef to fhairé, fhear oflf 

with aRaeor* co trioi, barb 

Sar^unerr Baekftays« C@i^c« 
' Q.) Breaftbackltays. C8(0t« 

i^^0 Shifting-Backltays. 

C@(inørc t QO Sheering- 

Ibaxi 9 f. 33ar. 
Tbwct fig/ ro forbear» abdain, 

refrain. (b. fiø fwf af \tt) 

toforbearlaughing« or Help 

Sftarfpb/ barefooted. 
33arbc^f Barenefs, Nakednefs« 
Qb^tljiovtb § barehcadcd , on- 

Ibattp che Rind or Bark of a 

Tree. (af foplbcl.trflc) thc 

Cruft or rugited Bark. (Jbtt 

inber^ 09 M«bc) the Blea 

or Bl '-»ak. 
^urf oftiø # rinded , crufted« 
lé^avfaxif (Set) Barrakaiu 

S&Arfa(r<r the Longboat« 
IbatU, CSdrtøi) « ^(tr^* 
!6arPe, (fiaber) to tan» cnrryf 

drefs Lear her« 
Tbavftv^é a Tanner, 
3&Arfegrubc# a Tanpir« 
^•irfeptiuøi a Tanhoufe« 
T>avMav, a Tanvat« 
34rPeiua^# Ooze. 

33arFMtf Wal< 
%. utiDer bel 

rif) Main-wale 

bet anbet S<iti 

wa e. (@ectcn; 

2&arPmøOc/ a T 

of r.carl er. 
33arm/ aBofom, 
bc I (in cdiTn ^ 

amine yourfcH, 

tOarmbiernø, m 

cious; coinpnsl 
dv rhcartcd > m 
ga) for ry. 

ci^alnefs, Com( 

23arttf aChild, I 
O «Wober6 eit>) 

Embryo. (eft( 
©øb) a Polth 
f$bO a Baby, 
Battard, a By bl 
øeb.) aMalechi 
a Femalechild. 
Q).} CO ceeuit b> 

(e mcb et ^SO 
Child. CeieU fe 
fondleor faddle 
^,) my Love. 

Samagrig# child: 


23arn»:gri9eitf chi 

^arnagriabt^r C 
Puerility« childi 

Sftarnbonti Childi: 

c>;. (fra«J 
Childhood. upfi 

(aaae c *^0 to 

ifh, to dote. 

3&arnebai*n» a Gr 

9<;rne&lcef cheBa 

fi)a ) 61 ( fbi 

tb, thc Chriflening Xav(tlfc.nt, t lyins-ln Wo^ 

ild, an Infint's Bap- man, a Woman in ChildbccI 

ocdobapcifro* or in the Scraw» a, Woinaa 

tv, Facher« Cf^Ult ntwly btbngKt to Bed, 

t barn u5 fer 90 t^« 33arreirettø^ Childbed, aWo- 

rheChildaponhim, man's Lyin^-in, CfomtOC i 

^ f C^avUWti) a Q30 <<' ot brousht to Bed, 

lingfeaththeFeaftin^ be ddtv.ered« C^9tt i QO 

ikh:nins^. to be lyingrin; 

\th a Womtn'sDe- ^arfel(ltif# ft Room of a 

Womah lA tht Sstraw« 

, a Hobbyhorfe« ^avff, auftere, ftvere, rigid* 

r a Child*f heredita« . roneh ^ harfh , four. 

23ar(Fpél>>Auftericy. StVeri'tyé 

. childlefs« . Ri'^oor« Sournefs; 

b. Pap for a Child* X>att, Adv; af båt. 

^er, aTeeminifWo- céartifaiti bParrifan, Halberi; 

Mntherof a Child^ X>avtfCcct, f« 23arbéer. 

r^, an Infanttcidc. »<»»' Maitcr. CfpiD« »O » 

lering of a Child. ^ ^a Or P^-y /^n. Mafter. 

w » r • j ^^«> O MttfiO thcBafe^ . 

r^cr, aninfanticide. x>Mfioi, a Bafcviol. 

J' V^i"/?!: « •! 25«mieurr; Bafil. 

P, c/>'«^'i'»^£"ttlc »dfiliflfi a Bafililk* Cock«. 

n, f. e^ Cfta ^.; t,icc. 

fancy, up from a 33^^^^ Ten Jriangcl*) Bafit. 

., theThrow,, La- ^fc,®"^' ®'^^^ ^''^'P^- 

on^?hVioin'tÆ ^^e!!dV^^^^^ " '"" ^"'^ 

T; «;i;-i n«.« »rtflffr, (CptO »»»^t* 

V f. e;:. Qanfaøe t Bafe* 

.«ir.Cf«Jteecni»0 Hautboy* 

metoaNonplas, or »aéfpin«r> a Pkirer on the 

to nonplos him. BaOsviol' 

r, t Barometer, »^ffeflteitg, a Bafcftrinj. 

^2 • 25aft, Baft, the inner Bark of 

"»"S"* > a.Tree, to bind With. 

' i Baroncfn Xta(ta, Cllwcf« i COmbre) 

a Barony. Balto. • 

faDC ii( Q90 ^^ S^ 3&afle og binbe# t» bind «n4 

bie wirh Child, be fettcr« 

r (^farc930 ^o b< 33a(li6n# Baftion, Bnlwark^ 

to Bed withaCh'ld, Xiaftmatttf a Baftmat. 

livered of a Child, Jda^nti^ a Trnmp«t. 

rrh Children, X>a^\\ntf verb, to found tht 

., fl Woman's Ly- Trumpct. 

Ihildbcd^^ 35a{runb(«tfer^ a Trompeter^ 


m ) 64 ( «« 

^tt^unitnn-itft , (tie feift 

' of Trumpocs. 

b^Soldicrs conlilt'ng af foo 

Men,' C95at, dudTTtt) ■ 

Square Bjiallion. 
idantvlt, 9 Bitcery. (_tttåtlt 

•tt 55.) 'O "''^^ * Banefy, , 
tb^Htifbrnlif å Plitform of 

.« Birtetr, 
3&imierft&u[, i Loophole fot 

Gnns to Tfiout doc at. 
Sautér to hflwl « Ship with ■ 

Ropc to fome Plice> to 

96i)titca,tlie Hawlini; ofaShip 
with I Rofit, Towing of 

tbixviaa, Baboon. . 

»o^, (Siort, ©itfl) aBiy. 

Sttxttgftt/ btitngftigei to ror- 

. ment, ifflUT . trouble, ag- 

gricve I clOg, fl))Vi^htan. 

:ec<«l!t|ttEltIft, -Torment. Di- 

■ ttreli, Trouble, 'Sovroir. 
SS^mrCr 10 honour, do onc 

Honour> lo fivour. 
T^tdnlh, the Hononrinj. Fa- 

36MrW»t, toeB^Nvonr.talrt 

9ct)Tt>ei&(Ift, tlie T»lting of 
" f inS. 
Stbin&Cf to tieaThing TSund 

XcbintdfCf tlie Tyinjofa 

Thing roonS about, 
Stblatiei to (arnifh with 
. Leivci. 

36cblantie, tomlx. mingle. f. 
' f>ten&t. Cfia TOib n @aø} 

to meddhwtth, 'ointerfere 
in g Bufinefa. (fig mtt ti 
grutntimm«) to have ear- 
niliy io do wich a Woman. 
l^tblaMtlft, aMixing- Mlng- 
lin^. (iMCmliS^ a Uan's 
Lfiof witn 1 Wamin* 

3&ebUiibctf mi« 

SttJOCf to fnhabi 

live in a Cirv. 
Atbctli^i babiifli 

to bs'inhabited. 
ibtbetliti Inhabit: 

Ims or lnh«b 

BebacTi aninhab 

SA«ttf inhabitei 

BtbrtiAer to rei 
braid. rebokct 
oim's Difh, tax, 
M ont'i Charge, 

%ebc(f9tlta> repr 
proachut, fhan) 
ne^. bUmeabK-. 

:6ebreib(irCf Sep 
buke. Reprflac 
btiil'f'S. Hitt 
Tecth, Kepreh 

»tbreiMr, s Repr 
brnilcr • Rebul 

Sebtibe, to »MTOor 

lifhing. Prodai 

3&cbiib(i'r an Anno 

a Fk 


[ioiii'«<i i 

Vlice hibitable; 

(. btboc. 
»(b^ngelft. CBc6 


fci ; the Inhat 

9tb<røgfr , an 

S(b<Fi-be, to Ui> 

upnn; charge Ol 
cninber , opprt; 

wcary, tit*. 





• * 

'. i'. 



•'•'•••Il •»I, 

''•'«•/ III 111,1 


"I. I ^...x 

' • "hl . . 

Il I. 

I • 
• • t . 
' ' I-I •. , 
■ I 

... , 


/ ' i 


fbi ) et (. fii 

3Mtt fløf <m i>e^rc•, to 
mend. ■mcRii. nheup. alter 
yoDt Lifci toraform. tnrn 
nw t new Le»f. gtnw bef 

, termtnnired. ((DnttK fiø 
iiitn) t« g'ow,- reco- 
ver, piek up ynnr Crnnu, 
bé on the mending }!«■>(!; 
<eilt MrI eub litftK 

|«ml} Wo il ro«l Woto 
. Iiimr Wo't ma, himl 

Scbrttitllr conmitted , per- 
pctratcd > done, 

Sebrfng, CSntMting} Uelio- 
,r*tiDn, Betieriiig, Amenil- 

• ment, C%(*<iDii mti (n 
Cdø) Recav(ry,Re(torarion 
from Sickncr$, Cootc i i80 
tA.beon thcmtnjingHJTKti 

: to pick up yonr Crnms. 

KctWlvCf to commiti pcrpe- 

IhtlwlfcaPerpctratlon, Com- 

mitfion. COitining i XhO 

D«er(, Fcit, Achicvcment. 


ibttrtv*, to Ta-lilen, m>ke M, 

. togTitVf, afflia, vex, tron- 

SebitfnltSi Ttd. rorronful, 
■ffli£ting. dolcfbl. |^>cvoitt> 
nwlincholy. afflii^ive^ 

aStbrfbelfe, Ssdn«r», Sorrnw- 
fulnefs. Afflidion, Grirf. 
Tronble, Heavinef), Melan- 

%ckr<tm |1f , (O baaffliaecj, 

ÅcMAøct, Tad. gri'i'oot. aF' 
flidcdi fotrowlnl, troabled, 
caft down (»fflre -b. MKt 
noatOro bc grievcd, tåiQtå 
ai roiii«thing,to wai^lauuDtt 

Einoluinent. (_dt 
ligt S.) the pu 
(«i«e dt (B.) ti 
Beft. yourUimo 
lies in yonrpow 
youT h<n Fnl«!' 
pati (il føtt SO 
yotirown Intercl 

Bach. OfOM cn 
rally, to play 
. npon , jcer'or t 

2»t»tttf<i&er , G 
Grindfire. , ( 



3&et>(t(mo»er, Gn 
SAuggc, tobeda 

hcmoift«!!. w*tc 

Wth Water; 

thing, SprinkliAi 

KKbiøCr to Tweii 
.yoiir O^iti on. 

bind him by it, { 

minifter him th« 
Setbtttdi'e, th« ' 

Oath; che Bindi 

an 0»h. 
SM&lgcti fwort). 
. Oath. 
SecS' P'tch. 
Sctgagtfg/ i>ttch) 

Seegci (fttøO '<> 
ovfrwitK Piceh. 

XtifsMItl, I Link 

SuS^conC« I a ' 
pttchcd Cord for 

ibttgjiiiUt Binimai 

f^t ) 6^ ( ^é 


Aeéne, f, gfr. M^tt ficj ti» hl 

550 'O refirt, make Hoad 
againft/ Cu5 e/ler ind jtif 
950 *'** Fecc Qiu, or in ward* 

23éen§fdrriffiting> a Diiloca« 

tion % Luxation« 

Twine* Shoemt- 


lef) a Bone. (at 

a Lcj. (rif SRiir* 

:ocheqaick, <al» . 

10 (ine 5J*^ (o(Dc 23e«tt»^imli>eb> theCavity of 

> ftand on your ^ ^ ^0"^» 

d your Grouhi* »eenffittllé, a Splint, 

i føaac 950 to go 23eentråe# Priret, Primeprinh 

fc^^Toi V^! u »"rttrWe. Rottcnncfs Å.ihé 
i •• lO.J nc IS Bo -es 

Jne tO rctnevc nis 

bnmc poa 9.) c<^ 33ee(la9ti6^e^7 BcafHincfs, 

refrieveyour FlU- BeltialityiBnitaliry, brurifh 
N< cn irmee paa Nature or DcHre, 

iLfeanArmy. (i^U 25ee(lifT> bealtly, brutiCK 

Iwtt paa q5cnenO 23ect , (i JlotO Beaft. Cf«tte 

> a landing: Army. 05 ) to raak< Beaft. 

rems, has recovcrcd jj^efirngflfi-, an Infe^ion or 

JO fem fa» flaac ^^efangeø, to be infeacd; to 

«■; Ole iS fo lively ^^^^^.jf ^^ ^^j^^^ 

23éfÆjle, Cfo»» ©taber) to for- 

u tver moved« 

aFra^nre, Break- 
r an Ivo ry Turner« 

fr, (ftnålbeenct) 

i'.rbcr's File, 

tify« make ffrong, llrengrh- 
cn wjth Walls. (fom antvt 
?tit\^ (to ftrehgch »n curro- 
borate, confirm. CS^rontn) 
to fccnre, cftablsf Ii or fcttU 
fhe Throhc. 

i Joint 6f a Bone; 33efatfleli$ . fortifiable«. 
^, Cuisles »cfÆpelfe^ thQ Forti^yingJ 

thc Charrclhoufé. Stren^thening, ConHrming; 

Eftabiifhing or Settling« 

^eforilttiitS^ Fortification, 
ltroni>: HoM,Fortrers.(^)iin« 
Utlé Q50 tbe Firmament. 

a3cfiC(lningérflérif/ l!loiti^# 
ForrificatioHi thc Art of mi- 
' litary Archicf^urCk 

ly, of Bone, fuU 

^ Breecheii. 
1/ a Kniickle, 
ifteology oraDe- 
3f Bones« 

I^é ) ^4 ( ibi 

Tbttftt Hq, clTet bebréé/ to 

racnd, amend, rakeup, alter 
yonr Life> tortform, curn 
over a new Leaf* grnw b«f 
I tennanntred* Oommc fiø 
idten) td p-ow bL'tt^r,' reco- 
ver* pick up ynor Crnmst 
bé on the mending Hånd; 

(øiib tcbrc! eu5 bcbte 
kit!) Alas! ieub btbttmiq, 

tåmO yfo is mef Wo to 
im! Wo*s ma» him! 
^eOtévétlf coinmitted» per* 
petraced ; done, 

Tbtbtinif CRotbebrihø) lielio- 

, ration « Bettering » Ameiid- 

•\ineht. CScdrina theb en 

€99) Recovery.lledoration 
from Sicknefs. Qocttt i Q30 
co^.be on the mtnding Hånd, 
. to pick np your Cmms* 

tbtbtivtt to commit* perpe- 
. trate, do; 

!6e^rift/ a Perpctration, Com- 
misfion. QQittnin^ i Xriø) 
Heed. Feati Achievement» 

^e^r^VCi to fadden« make fid* 
. togriayti M'iStt vex, troa- 
ble, dajea* 

X>^v<^VtliSf Tad, forrowfaU 
afQiAing, dolefiiL gnevOQSt 
tnttlancholy, affliilive; 

^thv4>Vtlft, Sitdnefs, Sormw 
falnefs« Afflié^ion« Grief, 
Trooble« Heavinefs, Melan- 

Se^vøve (lø, to bc tffliaecl, 


"At^V^Vtt, fad> grieroQf, af- 
flided« forrowfnl, troubled, 
caft down. (»drc »b. OOeC 
noøeOto bé grieved, afli£led 
ae foiiiethingtto wail>laia«Qt* 
berooan it* 

Ht^f be(U 

35eb(le/ GR9ttO ®atn) 

Eineluinent. (0(t al 
ItØCQS.) the public 

Caittc fft 850 to de 

Bell, your Uiinbft, d 
lies in yotir Power, c 
youk" beft Fii.leavour 

pan fit eact 9.) to < 

your own Inrerc(h Cb 
til 95.p ro bé well t 
be wcfl lin ed, have a 

Back« Cba»ecnti(C 

■ rally, to play and 
. iipon , jeer or bantc 

ia^e^(lef«^er / Grand 

Grand fire. . (0(b( 

^^e^flefor«(^r(r Gr 


35eb(lefaberørøflerf i 

. aunt. 

J^ebflemobeff Grandtin 
33ebU99er to bedew, 

bemoifleh, water, f^ 

With Water. 
25eMigglll9#Bcdewing, ] 

thing. Sprinkling; wii 


Seebiøe; to fwear to, 

.your Oath on. (| 
Seb) to take the Oath < 
bind him by ir* give 
niinifler him the Oat 

a&eebi^dfé, the Taki; 
Oatn ; the Binding c 
an Oath. 

C^eebiøeti fworn, bom 

. Oath. 

OSeeg^ Pitch. 
a3eegagtig# pitchy, b 

2&eegei (beøe) to pitc 

over with Pitch. 

35eegfaKd/ a Link. 

23eegFrall^o t a Wrea 
pitched Cord for t C 

JDeegliinif Bitnmen, 


f^ ) 6$ { ^é 

^t9fttt, m Ladle to p 6 ur Picch a^eéitø, f, (?r. (a«>f« fifl tl> fil 
»ith. 55.) ro if/lfK makc 

SsgrrrtAbf Twine, Shoemt- againff. (u5 c/ler ind ti( 
ktr's Thread. 5$0 -'^^F^^c Q^i^ orinwardi 

H»ecn^totheqoJck. «!(• ^ "on , LI xation. 

ti» #aae pda fine »•> toI&c 23fene'^iiaH>eb> theCavity of 

S|li«f) to ftand on your ^ « ^o"*» 

lip. ftand your Grbtihi* 2?fCnfBinné, a Splint. 

imt paa fbajc CO «« go 23eentr«e# Prirer, PrimcprinL 


Mcfiine but Skin an f Bone. 'yL««n«^«H Pf.'tF«» 

to» å «.| (ia . bruge 9J0 leX?: W«Vr^ 
loftiryour 5tumps,toinend >x_k J »_/! 


to tsfift ene to rccricivc hf« 

Eftate. Cfommc pad «0 tb »eeftagtiBljeb > Bcaminefs, 

ffcovar, rerrieveyour F(U- Beltulity^Briuahry, brutifh 

tt. ftrinac €tt trmec paa ^ ^'ature or Dcnrc. 

».^ti.raifeanArmy. C^D^ »CcfllfT, bealHy, brutinu 

h Cl 9rtnce paa ^cnenO 23ect , (i jlott) 6:a(l. (S^tit 

w tep a ftandinj Aimy« 55 ) to makc Beaft. 

ftarr f fcmmen paa« iflun, x>t(fcnat, to inFea, caint, poi- 

ffUnen fCi(F) he has pickt fon 

■pMsCrums. hasr.covcred :|J^.,f^;,getftf , an Infe^ion or 

Jiillia:th. Ctttncrfaamiin. conragion. 

Ib en fifle, fem fa« flaac ^^efaiigeø, to be inf«aed; to 

• Girl ^ as evct moved* 
25fn4gciS bony* 
9e»bru&» aFra^ure, Break- 

injC of a Leg. 
Srea9reierf anIvoryTnrner« 

Stenet f f. @^r. (fmalbeenet) 

9cenftt(» i larber's File. 

catch or také. 

'X>t\x[tt, Cfont ©taber) to for- 
tify* makc (trong, llrengtK- 

en with Wails. (fom anbre 

Sing (to ftrehgtf »n Ctirro- 
borate, confirin. CS^ronen) 
to fccnve, eftabl'.fh or fcttle 
the Thronc. 

Secninge, a Joint of a Bone; 33efatfleli$ , fortifiåble^ 

ZttUbou^t the Charrelhoiifé. 
ittniq^ bony, ofBone» iuU 

of Bones. 
SeelfUT^er^ Breechcs. 
Sttnfnorfel/ a Knuckle, 
Ibitiilccit, OfteologyoraDe- 

fcnprion of Bones* 
)^cmtøø# bonelefs« 
lunva^, a Skeleton« 


33efarfleire > th-: Forti^yingJ 
Strcnjcthcningt Confirming; 
Eftablifhing or Settling, 

:6efarilttin9# Fortification, 
Itron-^ HoId,iFortrers.(^>im« 
Uni ^0 the Firmament. 

23cf*T(lnin(j6rcifriP/ . Xonfc 
Forrificarion, theArtofmi- 
litary Architf^urCk ^ 



fOt ) 08 ( 8Se 

iRIBb tOl) 10 ferve or ^iiit ■ 
faichUr* and direwd Trick 
upon nnc. (t)eOTl(tCé bl- 

QoMt Se Ibm mtt ^m?) 

ii«w c 

tan Hi i tdint ti>0 hoi 

doei h< mak« Shift ar thJi 

Ktgavt, to endow; regilci 

beft'-w Gifri upon, 
Scpatinil« CO o RI il red. perpe- 

tfitea, dont, 
Segotftti endnwcfl, giftcd with 

CKCcllent Qmliticii havinit 

rire Endowmenu, Pani> 

mturit Gifri. 
SMttsne> Cttb<in6It)retrm. 

d<al with, (mibO "> ""'^ 

witlii lightnponiia'encoun- 

ntgrnfuttft, CAtbfart^Treat' 

mim Ulage. 

Icbrotion. (liiabtg.) thc Ot>- 
r«quic). FDneril, Surial. 

^tgqti bMh. (b. to) borh 
ofihem, both cogethcr. 

Stgge &lttt»i bath Surti. 

Xngin I 9 DeOr«! Petition, 
Scqnefti Alking, Craving. 

Stsitr<, C^ttraaO tø dcCvr, 
alk, Tcquclt, pL-iiiion. de- 
mand, beits> call for./ulieic, 
crave. Cnl Aiabi Hi) ro 
coM». luft afrer. C(il «§' 
tt) to coUrt. WHO nne for a 
V/ite. ((llPtab(tt) to fne 
for, pui in for a Place, 

Ifrcglerilg, derirovi. ttrecdy, 
eovetoufi cager ; lafting af- 
ter < lon|{ng for. 

3begiCTll«n, tongingly.Kteed-. 
ily, loflfully. 

ScglcrltøtC«/ an etger Dafire, 
Ajipatcncf. Lon'gin^ Luft 

after, Lultrulneri, 

nefs. Concupifce 

StglHiMraot, Crof 

StgiØL-c, tu befhite 

ZtRivtnlftO , an O 

Incident, Acclden 

ty. Chance. Hap. 

Seøivt il;« Cbcn tii 

Cub i ^tcben) to 
inco the World. 
^It) toforbhe. r 
th« World. Ci ta 
lard yourfelt. [itil 
to arrivci cuwa 
happen 1 fat) ont. 
tåtda, at^an to. 
chance^) to cume i 

%eglvt( (belbt ep 
qiiit, give o»er, . 

:&4loe» toftateat, I 


atguavt, to gnaw 

B«tn4«iB4, Gnawi 

■ bling. 

3St»iC&e, tobemoii 
deploreone, niqd' 



howt or cry Ibri 

^tgrxMtg, deploi 

mentabli, pitiibic 

Sttrrtcttlftr the E 

Lamencaiuin < Bc 

StQranbfFe, f, gra 
Stgriivc I to bu ry 

commit 10 the Gn 
tbtgtavtUtt Burial 

tncni, Sepaltnre; 

Obrequiei, fancri 

niti«a. cemHeb; 

ingplacc. Scpaldii 
l&tmavtl(tt • &tat» 

foag, Train ar Pi 

SBc ) 67 ( S5e 

'ollow a Thing« give your 
Minfl ro ir« 

Zcflicfoni/ di I igcnr»asft4iious* 
^iidrous in- fient upon« 

Sff(irfom(»eb, Diligence, As- 

Scféicrri(# inncled,wflrrtnred, 
biv:nga Righr» Reafoni Pri- 
viltf^e* Power« Permisrton 
toal, competenc. C^. 2)0111' 
vrj a cumpetenc, proper 

Mffr, (et tanb} topeopiet 
CAsncry* to fend People 

3&cf»Ihiitt9r thePeoplingofi 
Covttcry« a Colony« 

ScfilCf ro fieel, grope» handle, 
foablcv foDch« 

Sriørbcrlt^f asfifUng« help- 
tiif, favourable. 

Mwbre^ Cnt^cO rofurther, 

ilvince, forward, promote, 

(dOT pnt aThin{^ forward; 

loxceLerare. (tt Q3rcp) co 

frfYir'l« fend away e Lecfcr« 

((a) to fiirth^sr, advance, 

^«r, raife, aber, back. aid 

•AS to compafs a Thing. 

Clffsr^iøO rodifipatch, dis- 

mifs one, C^. Sittiitt 0^ 


•nd Sciences, (b. en ØAg) 

10 fpeed« CO furrher a Buu- 

mTi. C^. $)anMtu') co cn- 

cnnrage Tråde« 

^orbreTr a l^romoter. Fur« 
chereri Patron; Faacor, Fa- 
voareri Clierifher, Abctter. 

iNforbireøf to be advanccd« 
prcferred • ger Prefcrmenr. 

^t^tinqø Ccn Serfoné) Ad- 

vincemanc, Forwarding, 
Fanherance or Promotion. 
(er 9u9é) rhc Forwarding 
of a Letter« 

^^craa, tråd v«e> caluinniate. 

Sf^efØrelftr Defamarion^ At)ptt* 

llon> Derradion, Oifpara- 

23ef^rerf å Calumniaoor, De* 

fimer, Reviler« 
13cfdrerf1?e/ a Slanderefs« 
Ibtf^viftf calumnious, flande- 

rons , defam^tory« 
!&efragtei to freighc or hire a 

Od:ita^ev, a Freighter ot lii* 

rer of a Ship* 
^eivagtninn,. Freighting or 

Hiring or a Ship» 
33cfrié/tafree, deliver, ridof, 

franchife, releafe, acqiiir,.ree 

or pnt ae LiSerry, fer or 

make, free« (forgfadllO tQ 
!6e(rielfé^ the Delivering, D^- 
hvcry, Acquicment> Rid* 

»ipftielfefl.«eb, G^irflefnger) 

a caronicjl Pur.;afi"fn, 
35efrier^ a Uclivercr. Setter ae 
Liberry* a Savicur. 

23cfnt9te/ to f?r ilixe, impreg- 
nare, make fruicfiil oe fo* 

33efriic|teire^ Fcrtiliilag, Im- 
prcgnation, Fccundation, 

25efr^gter to fear, apprehénd, 
dread, bcafvaidof, (land in 
Fear or Awe of. 

33efr^øtelig/ to be feared, 
dreaded or appreYiended. 

2Befp^ffte[fef Fear, Drcad« 

X>t^ttQttf to moiRcn, wet, 
damp, make moill ; to irri« 

ajefligtnitig/ the Moiftcning, 
Damping, Werting, Humac- 
tation , Irr'gation. 

Tdiq, I »eeg. 

:6cSaac,roc mmit,perpctrare, 
do. (en i<\0 ^» commir a 
Fault, do amifs* (Utrefffab 


S3e ) 68 ( S3e 

iinob ecu) to ferve or put a 
faithicfs and flirewd Trick 
upon one. C()00rIc^;» bc« 

øaacr Se Idtm incb b^m ? ) 

Ji«w do you agree or live 

with him? (b»ordan bcgaaec 
tan (19 i benne Sib'O ^^w 

doet he make Shift et this 

Begave; to endow; regale, 

hcft'^w Gifri upon. 
33e8Altaeit/ commitred« perpe- 

rrated, done« 
ldtgA\ytt, endowe«), gifted with 

excellent Qnslitiesi having 

rare Endowments, Pares* 

natural Gifts. 
23egagne# (beb^nble) to trcAt, 

deak with. Cmøbc) to mcct 
with, light upon, to cncoun- 


»eg«.g»elfe/ (ffllebftrOTreie- 

inemt Ulnge, 

Icbrntion. Wigbi^^thfyo- 
ieqoiics« Funeral, BBrial. 

»egge r bwh. (fc !•). ^oth 

of t hem , both togethtr. 

»egge 6Mg^# botJi Sorts. 

a&egier / « Deår^i Petition, 
Rcqp cft, Aik»"«' Craving, 
Dema ndj ^ ^ x , ^ 

»eøitrc,. (M<»MO.t?defi.c, 
alk r •9*'*^* P^'^^'on« dc- 

te^ lO coOrr. woo nne lor a 
Wifr* Cet ^bcbe) ro Tue 

fot9 put in for a Place. 

:i^gierUg/ dcfn-ons, ttreedy, 
eovcrousi eager ; lufting af- 
ter , longing for. 

S^cgierligen/ longingly.greed- 
ily, lullfuily. 

23egier(ig(^e^/ «n eager Defire, 
Appecency, Longing, Lait 

after, Ludfulnefs, Covetous- 
nefs. Concupifcence. Lult* 

Beginneraatr Crofsjickyari. 

Begiøi'f; to bc^hi'e, befonl. 

Sdegiven^e^/ an Occurrcnce, 
Incident, Accidcnr, Cafuil- 
ty« Chance, Hstp- Cafe, Ad- 
ventn e, Fmergeiicy, Evenr. 

å^egive iip Cbcn til et v^tcb) 

ro rcpair. ref<»rr to a Placc. 

Cub i 3}erben) to lanch out 

into the World, ^ra Q3cr» 
b<n) toforfakvr, icrireirom 
the World, (i Sace , to ha- 
zard yoUrfclf. CtilDrage fifl) 
to arrive, come to paf's> 
happen, fill out. (Ot 5t« 

4A»ftdr at ban foiii dcO he 

chanced to cuiiw thcre. 

»egipc/ (bo(be op meb) to 

quit, give oirer, leave. 
^tiiotf to ftare at, look fixed- 
ly ar. 

X>tqnavti tognaw, nibble, 

bi te. 

X>tpinavimi, Gnawing, Nib- 

j3egrir^r^ to bemoan, bewtil; 
dcploi-eone, fhed Tcars fer, 
laincnt, whine, whiiiipcr, 
howl or cry for* 

23fgra:beUg/ dcplorabic, la- 
mentable, pitidblc , pitifiil^ 

BegiÆ^elfe/ the Bcwailing* 
Lamentation , Bemoan i ng» 

a5egrrtn^(Fe/ f. grant)|Tc. 

J^tgvavt, to biiiy, inr«rr» 
commit to the Gro und. 

»egravelfc; BuriaK Interr- , 
ment, Sepulrurc; Funeral, 
Obfequics, funeral Solem- 
nitics. (®rtt»fteb) a Bury- 
ingplace, Scpulchre« 

33egrAveIfeet:KnifFe, anUrn. r 

ajegravelfe« * Qtabd , funeral 
Pomp, Train or Procesfion, 

f^t ) 69 { f&t 

l^g;vavtl(té*Vtt$ r fnneral 
i3:cry or Sone, a Dirge* 

ItSttb, rOmrang) a Com- 
pafs. CSorcfh'ffing) Idet, 
Notion, Cohception. ^gidtt 
$9 ct S. em nogeO co form 
anI4«a of fomeching. CS^t« 
I^CvrO appr<henfiveFacul- 
ty, c.iipacuy« Abiliry« Reach 
tf Under iHnå\n%, C (f^<^ 
WX 90 nccording co my 
)ij(4tnent , es I conccir? ir; 
iiftr as my UnderftanUin^ 
dbcs reach« (flort Q. om 
(B ferien} a greac Opinion 
effnme body. (fort 9.) an 
Abri^igmenc« Abftraél, Epi- 
nnc , narrow Compafs, 

(aitre et forr.lB. af no« 

|((} 10 draw fomcthin)^ in 
t narrow Compflfs« (pCi^t 
\ 9. ne^} ro be upon che 
Tikmt be abonr to do « be 
itibea doing, have in Hånd« 

(ilubeUdt 9. om Stbeii' 
ffi^rrj Encyclopedy. 

^^be# to appienend, con« 
Ciivct uerceive, underband* 
(ildbefatte) iocoinpreh«nd« 
conrain, hold« include« 

^^sgribelig^ inrelligible, con* 
c^vible, comprehenfible* 
c>r7roapprehendt palpable. 

Bcfribeligcn« intelligibly &c» 

^Begroe^ to be ov^rgrown, 
cpveredwith« fullof.^Mofsi 
Wec^s , riajr.) 

ficgribelig^ed, Intelligible- 

Sfjroetr overgrown« covered« 

3^c^ll^ef f. ub(tfrun^e. . 

^maftige# to favour, grati- 
y. (hew Favoor to. or be- 
tow Favotir opon» to give, 
jtranc, or atlow one aBene« 
fir, to befriend one. 

^f uttjltgeire , Favoaring, 

^tfi^, ro wat€r> fprinkle 

»t§vih€, (tage (8eø9nberre) 

to rife, take Rife. fpringt be- 

gintobe, ro come forth» be 
orn« draw or deri've ir*8 
Oriyinc. ^toqt (tg fof) to 
' begin, commence, inchoate, 
iindertake» enter upon, take 
in Hand» go about co wot k» 

fct on Foot. (b. at baftd(e) 

to fet up a Tråde« begin to 
tråde, open, fet up 3 Shop. 
(b. a}ettd(>uuO to fet ap a ^ 
Tavern or Alehoufe. (b. 
Ot forttC Og ncb) to begiii 
che World, enter che Stage 
of the World* (b. at p^U 

lofopbtre, at uuiiereife i 

6prog IcO to commence 
philofoDher* matter ofLanr 

guage &c. (»fiere ben fer# 

ire) to begin, make a Begin* 

ning« (b* at (ee ic.) to fait 

a Laughing &c. (b* et gelb« 
tog; en (fsMi) ro open a 
'Campaign« a School« (b* 

Alammerte) to pifk up g 

Quarrel^ ■ ' 

9tSTnbeire# a Beginning,Coiii-t 
mencemisnt« Origine« Origi- 
nal, Entrance, orfirltRife. 

Ctt( æibenfrabeO rhe firfi 

Principles« Fundamenralsor 
Rudiments of Sciences, (fra 
S.Xrom the Beginning; ori* 

9t§^n^tV, aBeginner, liethat 

bcgins. O en ?Jrofe*non) a 

Novice* (til ct ©erf) an 
Anrhor* Qtil @trib) the 
AggrcfToi'^ the firft, thac 
picks up the Quarrel, thac 
commences nn Action/ 

33e(^arfte« to chfirge, burden« 

33e|^<vftet, (mcb ©ielb) charg- 

ed« .laden with Debt« in« 
debted , in Deb». (meb €ai 
Rer') liable, inclinedf Tub- 

»< I n { 8Jt 

If itte k- \)€t) Ian wnknown 
her J.nnbody hnowl inc here. 

, Ctilfc £<ns crt mig b.) l »n- 

notigniTini otrhercThlng. 
rhe '; hings ire ftmiliir ro 
mc. Cbocic b. Mb (inc ®(f if> 
tftf iScbnem ic.) to be 

Work« Exploics. C^naof 
bc nia b. mefi ^ntc; h« 

btoughi me or gor mc tc- 
qntinted wiih her. Cføgt at 

gi*t( fia i. mtb Mn)to re«k 

pr con ri one'sAcqu li maner, 
to f(r»>e AcqD)inMn« With 
one. G>livc b. mtb UlO to 
grovr v,> int" one'sAcquaint- 
•nce. 0(9 bor bto a^rt' at 
>«rt b. uitb tftntc) I hjve ihe 
Hnn r, tobenmiliar omc- 
Qiiainiel wiih her. Cfl'*t( 
fij b. mtb ent) ro cortna 
»Fj/iiiliaritjwich«ne. Cfli»: 
rt Rq b.tncb nodrt}ro ucquire 
Knawlciige of ■ Thing, 

SklJcnMeri in Acquaincmcc. 

•PtlicnOigtdrt, fgiet Unficn 
Ttrntflfl cm) TO icquiint; 
mahe onc Bcguainted wirh. 

Coftnilifltn p(fitnbt8i»0 lo 

qiahcknown' pnblifii, pra- 
nplgate. norify; divulzf, 
t. IIICB fRbBCr)1ie crepe Inio 
•ny body'E Acqniinttnce, 

0)M fliorbe mig b. mcb 
fin fSrobrO ^f >«■<'« tn« 

•cqujmtedwich hiiBrother. 
Caittt bcrant) to nife tbove 
ihe cmmon Level. 

Sef itnbtfTrtb , Acgnimance. 
Frnniiisry Cfli«« 85. mtb 
(tn)ro concria ^'trniliariry 

With OQC. 

Scfigt, lolooktnentivelyoni 
fttre or giz« at. 

ly I Gizing ae 

StfEcili a Bifon. 

Sefl^tti eocloih, • 
doovern'ich; ovi 
cilt . cover With 
to decht:hairt. I 
to o«rr.y wilhC 
OrxbtO (O line » 
(mtb QSanneT) 
wirh Marble, O 
to h« invcfted wi 
ercife in Olii« 
("S^cniXORiiigr Cloth 
ing, Overliying, 
Liningj Incrulh 

StCItttti clothcd 
oveiUy'd. cover 

33:Etagt, to bemoa 

rcgrci. cummifei 
wi.ione. Cfifl}tc 

inikc Coini' 

2)tC:agtlVi Uroeni 
ful, dtpliirable,. 

StfUgtligtttf Isine 
plorably, mourn 

Ottlagtlft, Lam«iii 
moamng, Bevailii 
f«l Compliint. 

»cFldFFt, to blot, 

»tfliFte, lo berc 

ScFleMMt, topinch 
opprefi. ient 
Gri«fopprefle( t 

^ttltmmtlft, Ang 
xiety, Perpletii] 

StElenitt an K i out« 
affli ded, o ppre fle d 
tt) an iffliaed Hc 

StClinCi to pifte I 
do ot-er with Pal) 


bcfpatter ent't 
tion, pDtanAfpf} 

f&t ) 71 ^ f6t 

rftrinfir, refolote, nndannted, 33e^vlin9f the Planine or 

(øierc K) ro mcoiiragc 
animate , to pur in Hearr. 

2c^icrcig{»eb / Intrepidfty; 
Refolucion, Bravery» Manli« 

Stnoothing with a Plane* 
33e()ti9aef to hew> lop« prune; 

f hred t cnc oar or aboat, 
S^e^ugttiltØ/He wing, Lopping, 

Pmning, Cuccing abonr* 
Tdtiatt to aflir m, avottch» /<^ 

:5*<rfN Caf en awiinji) the »eiaen, C^cjaelfe) Affirming. 

Itmaindcr, Rcfiduc of an Aflirmation . Affercion, 

23ejamre^ to regret» commite* 
rate, iament, bewail 9 de- 

33f jamren^ C^^iamttUi) La- 

.-.«,w, r w ^-^^,- . menration, Be^v^ailing« Dc^' r 

Slib; to get the batter otir^ ploring. 
r tbc Bell away, ger the !&eile, to woo, conrcaLady. 
Stperiority. CiWarfcn) to :BeUer, a Wooer, Suitor. 

vin the Field. O ftufOW' ^ , /r t • 

■effen) to keep in Remem- »efotmpe/ toaffanltf impugn, 
^„ce. overcoine, f. beflrtt>e* 

^^c|^l^f^9# tenabU, thatmay X>tficn^t, Ctil9aai) to con- 

Acconnr. Cbaiy^ noøCt 1 93.) 
re have fomerhing in Srore. 
(>cre t øe^ IBO to be fafe 
tnd foand. 

S(f)Pl^C# to keep, hold, recain, 
rcfcrve, preferve. CO»cr« 

it kept. 
^b^Un, Me ; in Store. O' 
^Q€(ol^) fafe tadfound« 

&N»f CJEwnø) Need, Nc- 
ccsfity.Indigcnce« COpboI^} 
Keccflar ies , Compctency, 
Saftcnancc« CtOOC Q}.) to 

fefs , own , acknowledgei 
avoiich, avow, aver, grant, 
to make a ConfeiTion. (f{j| 

til en DJcIigion) to profefs a 

Religion, own,dec]areyour- 

felf for it. CJ Sort) to »n- 
fuer the Suir. 

have Occafion for« (land in }3e(ienbelft# Confeflioo, Own- 

Necd of. Cfliøre (it 85.) to ing,Acknowledgement,Pro- 

Ho yonr Kceds, cafe your feflion, 

Belly, go to Stool. T>etitMtV, a Confeffor, Peni- 

Ibt^Vf the Appnrrcnance, tenr. 

Depenuance, Appendix of 05tf\€ntt, known, acquainted. 

aThing; Train, Equipage, 

^(>^njr# appertaining, be- 
longing, proper or due, fit« 
lingt refpeftive. 

Z^vtt <o necd, lack, (land 
in Need of, have Necd of, 
have Occafion for. 

&i^oen^C# wanting, needy, 

^i6vlt , to level , fraooth, 

nwkc even or fmooth with 

a Plane, to plane* 

(bcrømO"^**"**"'* renowhed, 
eminent , known ntvoad. 
(anlxnbaO iranifell, pUin, 
evidcnti well-known, neto- 
rioiis. (tUiaatO confcfTed. 

C Jcrfon man f icnUt) an Ac- 

quainrance. C^atl tV b. fov 
cn ®niet) he »s a known Mi- 
fer. (b. mcb een) Jicquain- 
tcd with onc. (b. HlCb ^9i 

^cr,S8ibcnffaber) well verfed 
in Book^ , Sciences. 0^9 



m ) 74 i ^ 

' nakt it fa(^. CiM^VtttC ^o 

block up, belcfleiier, 
!&el<egiiin94 (meb llrceH) the 

Arrefliny, Atrflching orDi- 

Itrefling of an Eftate« (mtb 

©norr) thc Lacing, Edgmg, 

Bordcrin^i f, v, 
Ibtlxne, CøiHtcrn) to infeoflf, 

fettic in 9 Fee« 
^tlctninq, InfeofTment« 
^tlctvtt CO inftrnd« reach. 
2&eIaefentr^/ grett Literacure 

or Erudicion. 
X>ticcf(tf (oload» lide, charge 

or burden, 
^loeili well read, ofgreatLi« 

terature, or Eradition« 
^tlanntntt, conceming, 

roncning, as for, as to* 

^tlct^t, u belabf/ 

Idtiavt f!g/ to prepare your* 
felf, gec or make yonrreif 

^lee# ro deridc, langhår, ri- 
dicu]e,make aLaaghingiiock 
of one, to fncer, twicrer at 
him, comock, jeer, banrer. 

Tftittn, 13elcelfe/ Derifion, 

Ridiculing, Sneering, Ban* 

tering, Mocking, 
l^tittv, a Mocker, Jeerer, 

23eleiltS/ opportune, conve- 

iuenr,cominodious« fir, pro- 

Ser, apt, feafonable. Cbc. 
^fb) a fit Time. (berfom 
bet er bcm 5e.) if it ftand 

wirh your Conveniency, 

Xttltiligtn, conveniently, op- 

l^efeiU9t^e^ , Opporruniry, 
Conveniency, Commodi- 

^tltivi, to bcHege, bcleaguer, 
laySiegero, befertforround, 
incofnpafsaTowQ, fit down 
before ir. 

Seleirer, a Beleagaerer, Be- 

23efeirin9f Metgn 

fieging. Siege. 
23elemie/ to ovcrcb 

belemring, Ove 

Barden in g« 
23eleven/ affable, g 

cesfible , acco(^ai 

benign, kind, tri 

33elevenbeb/ Alfali 
tlenefs, Sweetneff 
^efs, Courteiy, 
Humanity. - 

35elevent/ affably, 

^tliafft, Cfrffdbe) i 
aWoman, gethen 
to deflow.r, del 
know her camally 

33eH9genbe, (itufltc 

33eltg9ettbeb/ Simat 

^tHqninjh the Ly 
With i afcni an, ti 

^tiivtf t oplive. 
^tiovtt , proniifed, 
Xfti^b, theAmoune 

:i^eUbe ftg til, tp 

come to. 

23el^beiti (i noge^ 
Ikilled, experieoct 
to. • 

X>tl^nnf, ro reward, 
rate, rccoqipcnfci 
retribute, reraliai 

X>tl^nntt, a Rewai 

33eUntttn9, aRcwar 
neracion, Recotnp 

33e(^ver, loafy, fbll 
:&elnre, (lure paa) 

Waic for, to ly in 
for. haveaDeAgn i 
f« beluffe. 

2&eliiffe, to overrcacli 
rock 1 take one in, 

^f ) 73 r f^ 

Befltppe, CSmO ><> ^hew, 

dip. C&t^^i) to triow 
Mlumretf veryhor, fweltry« 
Moniine# co receive» get, f. 

to facceed well. fall out weA 

or ilL O^^O^ fflttl) ^* inig 

iffcteO thisMeac rifesupon 

By Stotnach. (iRabcn b. 

VUiVcO tlieMeac does him 

foodt ftrenghccnshim« (btt 

ffilK €b<t ilH) YoawiU 

fire che worfe for ir. (ptl 

k, e^rir) uiQch good may ie 

do yon, ^ 

8efoB(l# Fill, Safficiency« 

Competency« (ban fU ftn 

raO hc 

Fill of ir« 

9chmll >craO ne got hit 

3Mc»ftc» cofpend, beftowon, 
Ijv OQC, co bear ehe Coft and 
Cnarj^es of i Thing. 

Mo|teii9# chargeable* expen- 

M«flcligen # espcnfive]y> 

Moilntnø/ Colt^vBspence. 
O'xtte fig i90><^pnt one's 

feif to charges, (paa min 

s.) ae my Expence« 
SefrctftCr to affiriD, aver* 

svow« avooch, confirm, ra- 

tify, afccrtain, makejgood« 

veriiVtCorroborate« aflevere* 
9ef rorfrelfe , Confirmation, 

Verificacion, Strengchening» 

2^fr4n^fe # to pnt a Garland 

npon one's Head, to crown 

wirh • Garland, 
S^crrantbøntngf the Crowning 

wich a Garland, 
IMtiqtf to make War upon* 

wage Wjf v/»rh one. 
^B«fngclfe# Waging, War, 

Aftack by War, Inva(ion» 
TM^numttlig, foI<citotis,rcra« 

patons, fuTl of Doobts« 

^Ymmeriigen # folicitously 

23efimr(, C^i$tt htUtntti) to 

afflid, trooble, vex, grieve, 
caft down. (fig ooeO to ba 
fad« folicitous^concer'ned ar, 
troubled wifh, to be in Pain 
for , affltd yonrfelf for it, 
Cfig Øtn) to trouble, meddle 
yourfelfwith, pryinro.con- 
ccrn yourfelt about ir. 

Cbef9mre fig aScne om fig 

fcfO to be all for yourfelC 
25ef ^mret* foHcirous, anxiooSf 

rroubled.CombOggeMg) care- 

35cF^mrinø/ Affli£lion, Trou- 

ble.Iucuinbrance, Vexacion« 

Grief , Anfi;iiirh of Mind, 
S^efvniringetrief free from 

Sorrow and Care, quier, 
13eFtmrltiaøft|l^ , forrowfaU 

cumberioiii, affli^ed, 
33ePmrin8*I#ei indolent, ca- 

relefs, negligent, fupine* 

25elabe# to load, Ude, chargj!, 
burden« (bff^irre) to mo* 
le((, trouble, incoinmo^e, 
aggrievc, dog* 

23eU^# troubled, clogged, 
' incominoded. (meb 8otret« 
hingcr) clogged with Btifi-: 
neff, (meb @9gbom) trou- 
bled, infeded with Sicknefs. 
Cmeb ®idb} overwhelmed 
in Oebti charged» laden with 
Ibtl^Qt Acquittance, Receipt. 

C&elotggc/ (meb ^trcff) to feize 

' one for Debt, arreltone, at* 
tach or diftrefs his Eftate* 
(meb QSCDliO t^ Icgitimate, 
n'ake guod by Proofs, (mCb 
@norO t^ l'ce, edge, bor- 
der, ib'tch. (meb @traO ^^ 

lay a Punif hmont npon one. 

(meb aSarmorjlifer) to pave, 

overlay wirh MarbleflUgs, 

(meb ^rccber) to board, 
(gtøre faft fom 9adbe k.) 

to belay« moor a Boat, 


a« ) ?ff ( i$i 

f&cpanrtr nvctchirfed. ov«r- 

" burden«r1. 
^(pan^ftrci f flc::oiu#cd witK 

a Coat of Mt'iX. 
' 3^tp«lt, to inniale, ftt Pilts 

abont. to piIirBdc, fenc« 

w>th PaUf. 
iftVtcUmi linpilin;;, Filir«- 

din,:. IndtrTir.); with P1L4. 
StplfTef 10 bepiis. 
a^tplonrc, to pLniwirhTreei 

&c. fecwichplanis.fillwith 


Sepltutr to herpot. bifpartet, 

bemire, b dtgelc, defiie, 

ftain. foBt, d«ub. 
S&tpr^Btf loadorn, cmbellirhi 

fet off. decors'e, beiati^. 
:eepr9t«I«, Decoration. Eio- 

boliirhmenti Omamtnt, 
ScpuOrttf berprinkled with 


qnalified, CVOlvn^O P'"**" 
per, Cfnveni^nti fuitable. 
C Disfl-lia] commodion-. 
Cbtl(ili<n oppounne.feifnn- 
able. Qb. @»aT) a pac, 
■pporite Anfwer. itt Hen' 
Rcfftf fomcib.tiliillcSi'ii))) 
■ MinficfoTflnyTlimg Cøi*' 
Ct b. til) tatdapt, fit. vike 
fit for or (O. 

0«|tKml)tP, inAbility. Apt- 
nefa, Qualilicflcion, namral 

' Qiialiry, Addrefi. 

Scqveramc fig tid toaccom- 
modaie yourfelf, yidd,fiib- 
tnic to, 10 condeffend to, 

•Bfqvtmnxlig t eommodious, 

39e<|veninittls&*&' CommDdi- 
oulncfs, Conveniency, Eafe, 

^raabt ffo pao, to qnote. 
alledjte. cail luWitn-f«, re- 
fer, appeil,to, to urgtv Uy 
Hold on. (Sonsnit 9taa< 
^)tt> Uy Hold on ihe King's 

Mercy. Cpu fil 

Cen @trib«0 « 
Auihor. Ck.flapt 
tt) to'chalUnge 

111 ire, 

:9ci;a-)b , Drlibera 
ftiltation. ($. t) 
diciuion, Poreiho 
». ^ifi dc.iUfat. 

3^c^4A^|Iltoe, ro a' 
l'ult, de!:berate, 

3fttri)<i&]1-;g.ilii9 > 

39(r<;iiiinff 10 dctv-i 
>^P|joinr. [od«cid 

Serommtl'f f Ucte 
ApiPmiiHL-nt, D 

SrrtPt, rc»dy, prc 
parcd, d'fpofe^, i 

3^er(»(, to p'cpaic 

der, ordain. C«l 

tib) to jttepare So) 

tcrj tftdreis 1 011 

ZtTtW»i&<i) rid 

ktn , msnagcd. 

SercOclfti prepanti 

' fmg. Fitr>i-n. 

Strcblfab, Rt^adint 

TB(ian. (.'eare t 9 

inR»dinefs, loltl 


SeccDviUig. ready. 

', rvadytofi 

plaiTanti ber>)i(n> 

Serc&vinin()cti| Pn 

Coni|iUiUriCe, I 

Willingnef* (o fat' 

ingneCt, CoRiplii 

StrcgnCf ro accnunt. 

calcuUrc, make <: 

■n Account. (ct 

t(i place or pot to 

Scrcgningi Calcnlatl 
purationr Ktclutn 

»e ) rs ( »e 

Mtve^ro bely otte,rpeflk falfe- 
ly of hiin > to Cfllomniacc* 
(lander, arpciTe« 

td^tHtø tBelytng, Defaina- 
tion, Calurony* Afperfion. 

2}Af9tr, a Belyer, Dcfamer, 

^5ma9tiøelfe#the TakingPos- 
Ctsfior. oh Seiznrct Occupa- 

35nur9tige f!g# co make yotir- 
felf MiUcr of. cakc Pesfei- 
ionoC feize upon, lay Hold 
on* gct « fn 11 Power oi, co 

•9mxtU, Cb€f 9^) co n^nify, 
denore, hetokm. 0^00^ 
n«(fc ttO to obferve, mark, 
ootc, remark, take Notice 

af. (Uiøc »aer, iaøtlaaO 

10 obferve, pcrceive. disco- 
fcr, defcry. 
Uaucrtnin^s C^cmatcfetfe) . 

Signification« Meaning. Ob- 

(Rvacion • Remark« 
Zftuki <o paint,fl Thing 

Zenuin^i to man a Ship« 
^uatitinSø cheManningofa 

^tmtlbttø menrioned, fald« 
Zmmgt, f. hian^t. (flø pcb) 
-'to mcddlc with. 

2^mcB9elfc ; f« 331an^e1l« 

Smefh:e# tp mafter, f* bc« 

SmiMec# n'chi opnlent« weal« 
rhy, well-lined or Itocked 
virh Money , well co pafs, 
able in Eftate« 

Ztméit, to rroable, meleft, 
inctimnodeone, givcycanfe, 
make him Tronble, Pains* 
(figi) to endeavonr, llrive, 
hboor, cry, take Pains, make 

^btméitl(e§ Endeavonr, La* 
Oour, Eflforcs«. Pains, indo* 
ftriooi Applicacion« 


S^eiMAbc/ Cineb soget) t* fa- 

vour, gracify with» i'hcwFa- 
vour, gram one a Privilege. 

Cti(øi»e tn gorbvober) to 

pardon » fhew a Criminal 

Grace, fend bim Pardon, 

grant him bii Life. 
33eiiaabelfe# Favoor, Gratify* 

ing, fpecial Grant, Gract, 

25eiticgcC| todeny, unfay, dia- 

avow, disown « Cfnart (løec 

ian ia, fnart be. (on bet) 

forne Times he faya , fomo 

Times hc tinfays ic. 
33enÆgtelfr/ Denying, Unfaf- 

ing , Disavowir^. 
Ibtnxvnt, to noniinate»nainei 

mencion by Name. 
33enitvnelfc# Nomination, Ap- 
23enatie/ to grieve, opprefs, 
Z>cnauziit, OpprefHon., An* 

gniffj of Hearc, Sadncfs, 

25ene^if tortf common Avensi 

Hcrb Bennet« 
J5tU€t>i^tf to blefs* 

33eneM^e(fef BlefHng, BenediCf 

33cngeli(i eiiQogtrofferprcfre) 

the Rounce of a Printeres- . 

prefs. Cfiroo XarO & Bum- 

23cnflng, ex« (Snterb. t 9tin« 

gen) Pndding of tht Ai^ 

V^tniltx, Scizings. .(Stnfert.) 


benytte (ig^ff to ufc, em- 
ploy, make Ufe of, put te 
Ufe, improve, pront b)^; 
take Advantage of« avail 
yourfelf of« 

X>tn^oin^avpiv t Bcnjarain. 

33eor^re# to order, ccmmand 
•ne, give him Order to do 


. • ;• v 


iBe ) 78 ( 


blc.piftifewtirthy, commen- 
- dible. 

Farne, Renownedntls, 
Xer^mmelft. Pitiri>, Commen- 

ditiont AppUofc; Rcpun. 

lien. Honour, Rcnown. 
^trvmmtv, a Prairei, P*negy 



UlttWti dtl«br«r<d. «inintnr< 
famoiit, Ttniiwnctli known 
, abretfil. CatSK fift &.) "> 
dilttnsuifh youifcir, gct or 
•qgoira Fimc 

l&trKt, C^ttt »^b^ to tooch, 
hnndl«. Ci tt errift) (O 
menrionflightly, EohiniRt, 
to glance iipon. 

3ft(r#r(irtf (liE Tonehing, 
Tonch, Fteling, 

3^cr#vt, to rob- plnndcr one, 
Cttn ntgeO '<> berttve, åt- 
priM one of »Thing. («n 
CrcbiO to mikc on« loof« 
hitCredlCi TodtiCrcHii ane, 
link onfl Crtdit. fem flnf 
64a>lct') CO l^n. (.ttn fit 
tebt !&avn 00 EXti(tt) to 
Cili sn AfperGon upun one'i 

SeritTitlft, rhcRcbbing, D«- 
privinjt 1 Bcredving, 

^rtroMtøb , Bertrjinworr, 
Pclljtory ofSpain, 

Scruftf to inebriare, imoxi' 

!6tniettingi tnebriiEion. In- 

a^t^f9t(| to dcfamc, dccry, to 

l^rigttt, dcfamed, tll-rtnow 
ned , in in ill tcport, 

StfoACf to fow n Titid wiih 

9er«t»ninff| theSaninr ofa 

StrMMr r>wt). 

AcfatlttnSr O (1 i 

G.rrifon, C« * 
Ship'i Crew.. [ 
gaatbO ihc Con 
■ Farm. (en £c 
fenpl« of a Cvl 


Camplcniailt •£ 

Sef«tn,Cintt ®v* 
KJC.) to trim, bl 
imciiinpit'i, Ttt ( 
bindt acIofn> i 
Border ■ Idging 
(ttigt Ømtrti^ \ 
eant Placc. (« 
to %9tri(on aFoi 
tnA Srxn) <■> 
Tre«. (_ttieM 
fafc) to min a 

Vatt fflcft Siff) 

dlBO to befet, 

Cftm rn en> Soi 

MiTt) to poirefi 
Sefttalt. to bfOab 

bifputter yourfi 
39eftigilngi Bedab 


StfAt, Citi'B Vdor 

kO <^gcd . bor 
Ribbons, Galot 

Cb. m<b Xiiamaai 

6o(^attr fem ti 

Sirrironeil. Cmt! 
>m et @tib) mi 
ftraer) plj-ued 
Cfom et (cbigt <g 

led »s 9 vflcant f 
ftitljgiBtO t>«ret 
ded. (intB Sift 
jMOftoclcd. I 
CII Dub Sahb) p 
■n evil S pi ri'. 

^e ) 77 ( t&f 

8<rri(f/ travelled. 

^U'tn^e , O'om en gxSnmci) 

coacrack t>Jock np a Caftlc; 
(Oinvefi- circuinfcribc, fur- 
round "r* 
3tercrninS#anA Ivicc, Account, 
Ko.c ,f n?nrinaiion. I- tima- 
ton, I- celligtnce , Report. 

3&<rntei to advice. notify, ad- 
t^riife nne a Thing; keep 
himidvifcd of, give IntcUi- 
gnjce or Nonce of» to in- 
foriB?«cqiiaint him of iciinake 
him icquainted wich it, 

' nake known to • make him 
krowit. (b. til^tmhthtnj 
CO make II w port ro theMagi- 
ftwt«. CCB ©PH) to giv: a 
Sick ctic Sftcramenc on his 

35crcrtcr# anAnnounccr* Re* 

temig<# togiva oneaRight 
«t Title tOt to incide 

^^enrrigclfe f Right* Ciaiiii> 
Ttrle <»r Anthority. 

Semtisctp incitledto, having 
aRighr* Power, Anthority, 
CUim or Title to. 

9frf , S. »ier«. 

tegamt / a Coancii of thé 
chicf Officers of Mines. 

Scr|arbci^C/ Mincwork, Mi- 

Serøart, Minerah . 

ScfgMoai bine Bicc* 

Tbn§ioif, Miners, Workmen 
in Mines« 

^gøuulf Oker. 

Scrgg^lrc/ a Roach « Rocket« 

terørønt^ green Brice. 

ht^^^auvtman^i theSDrycy- 
Oftlntendant orchiefDirec- 
Tor of Mine9« 

Utgfuptp a Mine-Aaion* 

:&er9ntatibr a Miner 4ir Work« 

mai) in Mine«. 

33ergra4r, a Membe.r of the 

Council of tht chief Officers 

of rhc Mines« 
X>tvQ-^tti the Laws, Sratnres« 

Cuirbtns or Ufe of Mines. 
2^cl$r^^> r>d Okar. Ruddle. 
:&erc(tferf| Mines, Mincwork, 


T>tve^inobtr é natnrai Cin* 

2&evi^6 to ride, bteak or mt^ 
nage a H^rfe. 

X>tvi^eVf aRidingmafter, Ma- 

i>tvi^nin§f the Breaking or 
Managing of a Horfe. 

33erige/ to enrich, make rich» 
Cfifl) fp grow rich. (gg af 
onbre^ Uiidetgano) to grow 

t ich upon the Ruin ofothers* 
^erigelfef the Enriching. 
T>tvøg€, to befmoke, perfnme^ 
X>tv^Qti\c, Befmoking, Per« 

X>tviinevtlaaf prnsfian Btnei 

29er(cfFeri Watchtrinkets. 

33eiMrfkenr Amber. 

'X>tvdc, Cpao) to depend oh. 
Qaht b. Ot^) to acqaiefce 

in (bet b. pda eber) i^ lies 

in you. ((abe bO to let it 
fuffice, to break or le^veoff, 

f;n no furtheriacqiiierce wichi 
et it alene, (jeu laber bet 

b. bero(b) I let it relt by 

33eroeiige^ to qnlct, appeafe« 


X'evoeliøelfe^ At>pea{ing, Mi- 
tigating, Qniecing. 

25erømme/to praife, commend* 
applaud, cry up, celebrace 
cxcol, exalc. Ol<|} to vadnr, 
boafh bra^, vapour of, to 
t.?kePridein, glory in. (ffø 
{e^O ^® preach yourlelf np» 


i6t ) éd ( IN 

3&effe^en# modeft, ditcreer» 
Cobcr, reniperitc» modcrarc* 

2^efFe^en(;eb > Modefty, Dis- 
creérnels, Sobriery, Mode- 

S^efYebentfiø , moåtAly , in t 
modtil Manner. 

3&effc^y an Anfwer, Return; 
Decree « Senrence » Order, 
Conditioh« (øiett 9.) ^^ 
fer.d one Word« (til Mtu 
increQO"^^ further Ordcr* 

(3^:0 0<iv (^A>n en reffdf e n S. 

' lietpaa) I ^vc him a fharp 
Return, I paM him off« (9l# 

bt 9. om cn Sinø) to km>w 

a Ba fin efs well, have Sk: 11 tn* 

CøiøreQ}.! i»eM»eii@faaO 

to ptedge one, do Jiim Rea- 
ibt^ibt, tobeftiire, bewray, 
befonU ' 

ibtVibt, bediirten, bewray'd* 

%e(fiéjtté/ to give, prefent 
one wich, to inake one a Pre- 
fent of a Thing. 

)&effiéitfet# fnddled, inebria- 
ted, inroxicfl'cd. tipfy, cup- 
fhot, floftered, in Drink or 

S^effienfitinøf the Prcfenting 
one with a Thmg* 

3&c(Fierme/ to prote£l, defend, 
fhdter , ^phield , cover, fe- 
cure; patronize. 

3&efFtermelfe# Proceaion, De- 
fencc, Shekering, Patroni- 

Seffiermer^ Proteé^or, Defcn- 

dcr« Patron. 

Ibtfiietmtxin^t , Prote^^reft« 

idtftifft} (inbrcttc) to dis- 
pofe* order. regulere orcon- 
ftttnte a Thing;. (een \>tb 
SlOtanuO co fcnd ch« No- 

tary to one ane 
Qucriec (jttn \ 
tO to confer an 
one, roappnint 
ture for an Ei 

in Order. C^ti 
cnbett) to fubde 
1 CII anbcné &t 

ftitute. Cf«ttC I 
, over* 
t>m^Mit, (Ubno 

bivftting, ConlH 

9?otariuO ^^^ - 

Ku tary to on 
QUeries« (Jndw 
pofition, Reguli 

CetkbnO Defti 
nation , Fate« 


- ritor , « Serfleai 
Stffif ferran Ord 

toefFtnné/ to f hin« 

light, cnlight 

ibtftttvtnt t bt 
Ibiftvivt, to dcfci 

make a Defcvipi 

øet I et 6frifi; 

couch in Writi 
U) todepflint. ( 
prefs ; fet forth 

C ntcb OmScent 

detail, partiet 
jjcrfon) to give 
ter of a Perfon, 
him* Cm tv i 
is not to be e 
beggars all 
. C«n« ®oké) to : 
Eflace jud'cifllb 
pbicn) to defin« 
finition of. (( 
draw a Circle. 

^nd SmbcDc) 

a Caft of Jiis Ol 

(9a5 6ielen tt] 

Definition et til 

8e ) BI i fd^ 

. fllif ku åatO Pray« 

De the Chirt&er of chac 

tU%t cipreffiblct whac 

le cipreiTed. 

Eflfie^ a Defcription, De* 

liftering of onfsEftare 

1^ a DtTcriben Dcfi- 

Mvicwi behold« fee, 
LconceiDplare, look« 
nxeflcortipon. (med 

CO fpecalfltC) inedi- 
ufe npon* 

JTi Contemplation« 
r Con^emplator » Be-> 

1 Retarder. 

, f. ernffe. 

CO fire upon« (eit 
19) CO cannonadc, 
rd, barter. (Staben 

af CafteffeO ihe Ci- 

•mmands the Town« 

f tooverfhadowi caft 
w npon> adnmbrate« 

i^t Overfhadowing* 

to iccafe« impeach 
k Grime, charji^e him 
lay it to his Charge« 
it ro him« (5« faU 
t to calnmniate« 

f an Accufer« Im- 

igi an Accufation« 
imenc;Ch2r2c, (Con< 

ro prote£l, gaard, 
deten df fnppnrti 
t cottntefance« 


23e(F^rre)r# • Prote£lor> O^ 
fender« Guardian. 

Zftfiaat, (meb HmfO to feize« 

diftrain* atcach« (mcb 6ølt>^ 
to cover« dooverwirh« plac^ 
or inchtfe with Silver. ^mc5 
3eril) to bind wirh Iron- 
V'ork, lay Ironbands aboor« 
tn faften,tip or ta^ with Iron« 
(en fitff) to fhoe a Horfe« 

(en ^ogn elTcr @roe( med 
£0leéftn9«6>m) to ftpd« 
(@foe me5 @9tn) to befec 

wich Nails« (et S)\ut) to 
clout Wheels« )ay Ironbands 
abottc them« (mtb S^rn« 
pfadeO to clap tron Piates 

on. (6etf) ro furJ. (med 

Srsder) to board« line with 

SeflÆØteC/ akin« kindred, con- 
fan^nineows « related to by 

^t\iøt§9 (paa neget) the 

Bands tt a Thing« (paa 
(SobO Diftreft« A.tach- 
mencSeiznre, Di(traint. (df 

3ern) ironwork. (af fflteé* 

ttng) Brafswork. Qpaa&O^ 
toSer K«) Brj/'swork« Gar- 
nifhment or Garniture for 
Scmcoret &c. as Handlet« 
Efcnccheons, Nobs and Hin^ 

ges« (paa SøøeO «h« B"^- 

kles or Bosfes of a BoaU. 
(paa @tib€) Embargo, (gw* 

re 9. paa @ttbe) to lay ar. 

Embargo on Ships« (øtøtc 

93. paa cené ®a^i) to ftop 

One's Pay* 

a3efla(|enr (med 3ero te.) 

bound, lay'd abontt faftened 
\vith Ironwork, (med %r« 
te|l) diftrained« attached,f.v. 

^eflaøninø/the Binding or Fe- 
lten ij^g with Ironwork or 





IDe ) 81 ( (B 

:&e(la9dit9# • V«rriU 
^ejlagdltitcr , Furlinglines. 

a5efliffe# to lick* 

tion« Dcc«rmin9cion> Purpo- 
fe, Defign, Inrenr. (iRaabO 
Decree, Order, Scaruce. Ad^, 
Arrer. (Cnbc) Conclufion, 
Clof«« End. (Jdi 9.) in 
Conclufion^ in Fine, finfiUy« 
Itt^XLlXtt (futfifttO to decree, 
decide, ordain, appoint. 

ffætte f!9 fpr) «« rcrolvc, 

dcrermme, purpofe« (gt^re 
SnbC pAa) to condnde, 
dofe^-end, 6ntni. (ticilbe^ 
^ømnu) to judge, give Scn- 

3&ermitte» CmckjBpøbom) to 

infed, raint with ,a Diseafe« 
(diare f ibe«) to beTmnt, 
tbiiU foil, befpatten de61e, 
dflob • beftnear. 

Jbefmitf elfe # in Infeaion, 
Contagion, Tainc»Poilution, 
Defilemcnt., Corruptioiu 

Scfm^rtf to TiBear« datib, 
fmear over, fpread upon« 

Sefménnøf Befmearing, Be- 
danbing. (ØtfOlttrdfO f* 


»e(i»n^fe^f. befttbCe. 

33efm^ffe# toglofs, colonr» 
palliate., cloak> mincc tlie 

a^ffht^ffelfei Coloaring, Pil- 

l^efh^tref to infnare, intran, 
intangle, iltaqnettc, catcn, 
inttce, decoy, ingage« 

S^efitanreirCf an f nfnaring. In* 

Scfnafrci Covertale tiUtøt«' 

fc) to pcrfuadcs indnce, 
tnflnence; to draw one in> 
to cajole. 

S'efitet/ tacov 

to overfhow* 
35efitil^e, to t 

•verreach, d< 
33efnttte; f. bc 
^efolOc/ to g 

Wages* to hi 

15efol^:iiit^, Sfl 

Pay « Stipend. 

33cfdve/ to impi 
man, get hc 
deflower, dcb 
with her, 

:&eroveire, Coiti 

tion, Copula 
nation of a W 

Viuracion« Int 
ing, Conferei 

23eføge, to vifir, 
fee one, to { 
render him a 
to fréqnenc, 
often to, (J^ 
to haunt Bau( 

^eføØCtV a Vifiti 

a^eføfe/ to foil, ( 

wray, defile, < 
with Dirt. 

tbetXiltøf Bcda 
ing, Bemiring 

^eførge, to cake 
vide, inake P 
fupply, fbrnifl 

fornøbnO to pi 

vide for Nece( 

Seførøelfe# Prov 
Ciking, Providj 
init. (ft Cml 
ntitration. Fa 
charge of an « 
fcnttl^the Pi 
the KlRhin, 

'^t^tqttf a Provi 
Oft CUtartr. 

»« ) «S ( »< 

ftwnt . 
C^mgin) to envi- 


ivironedi farroQn- 
ilcJ, otipreil^. Cmcl 
I 'Brp^eriK) to be 
h Milk« (af tIilN 
» fplit your Sides 

jhtcr. C(>an* ifhcrf 

hu Heart wat op- 

tofpy oQt> fcont, 

»tiveMeat« todj^t« 
uc, entertain, féatt 

li k gottiøO <o 
I die poor* 

9r Fecding« Kou- 

»toaock 1 ridiciile« 
Mttr, dcride, laugli 
i t onc, CO droll 
a&Ht hifs onc OQC) 
lMo(t infult over 
^irute, encercain 

1^ ignoinineonst 
it oA'enllve « infa- 

f Xiockery« Jctr* 
irering , Ploucingt 
Scorning, Gibing« 

n. (med (^eøiøe 


ffl^iMockcrjJeer- ■ 
rr» ScoftVr, Dcri- 
tr, Satirilt, Cavil- 
Q a Blasphctetr« 

■chour« qucdion, 
f pDt one to the 


ulct advifcyour- 

Examining* Que- 


CiXaabfarfcO Confulcing) 

S^efpricngc/ to fprinkle over* 
bafprinkle. (fltøre fpriiaCcO 
to fpeckle. (mtb @a'0 '» 
cornMeatwithSalc, tocorn 

S&efprÆnøninø/ Bcfprijiklihg* 

Spriokling over, Moiflening 

with Watcr, 

^efpraøle/ to fpecklfLor (uof^ 

S^efprtnøe, Cfomtmgfter^op«. 

perne) to leap, c.>ver a Mare, 

to. h«rfe iu Øorø $unbe 

Sofocr) to line. 
C6efpr<n^elfe^ Leaping; tht 

Covcring or Horfmg.; Lin- 

2&eft)rube> to befpirter> be«> 

fprink^e, throw Watcr at. 
35efprti^ning , Befprinkling, 


^efprøite / to bcfprinkie, be- 

33efp^e/ to befpue^ vomit 

:6efp^rre/ to befpit,^ befpawl, 

X>tft , f. 23eb(t. 

'^t^aati (af noget) to confifl 

cU be compoféd of» (u50 
to confift in* (ttlCb) to con- 
fift* be confifteat, to ftand« 
agree with» (u56o(be/.9CD' 
pare) to iland, laft, conri- 

tinue , rubfifl,. (paa noget) 

to perfift irn to prefs apon, 
maincain) (land out a Thing-. 

(lolbc een@tanøen)to matcfi 

with one , bcar up againih 
hold out withhinr, beprocf 

againrt him, (i eend {ejtie) 

to perform your Talk well 
or ilU fay yourLcsfon well 

or iil. (fom en Hop, gor# 

Minb) to be firm, valid. 

2&ejl<cnPC/ to. fprinule, rem- 
per wichWater, cowet, mni- 
Iten , to Coak , Ucap* 

a »•- 

^e ) 84 ( S5e 

tlie S'>rinkiirg with Witcr, 
We'tingt Mo*(lening^« 
. Seftallrngr an Appointment* 
Grant* Invef^icure, InftalU-' 
tion ; Pat ent ; Warrant ; 

3btftalHf to appnint. inveft 
on« with an Office , to in- 

9tftan^/ Dnration, Lafling- 
nefsft Continuance. ((^at>e 

0.) ^^ 1*^' ^® durable, 
lflfting» of Contlnoance > to 


Seflaitt^eeU/ the component 
or cunftituenc Parcf* 

3&ep<inMø/ condflnty ftable, 
ftcdfaft » fteady, firm» per- 
\ feveranc, nnfhaken. (IKktii) 
darable, laftfng, folid. 

f. adjea. 

SE^eflatl^ig^e^ / Conftancy, 

Stcadinefs« Stability, Firm- 
ner8,?erreverance> Dnrable- 
nefs, Solidiry« 

Seftemme# (ubnKrrfc) to de- 

ftine« (anorbne) to ordain« 

conditnte. (een nogct) <<> 
aflign, allot, atlow. (ecu 
tilnoflcQ toappoint, name, 
CbcfluttO to deterinine, de- 
crec, decide ^Ctb). to ap- 
point, fix« (ISnffn) to (et 
cbe Price, C®*'ttn^fcO w 
limit, (et éM til éUni' 
meil(0tll#)iO adjourn a Meet- 
ing. ' 

Seilemmelfe # Appo''nrinent» 

Ordainingf Aflignment, De- 
term i nar ion 9 f, v. 


15e(le»tf appointed > fixcd, de« 
termined« (• v* 

25e(Haa(ctt# robbed, 


^eftialt, to fteal from. 
pilfer, plnnder. (et 
to rob a Houfe. 

23e(iU(elfe , Robbing, 


Sefttae, (co f)tlO to n 

bcftride a Hor Te, (? 
to afcend, get up, to < 
Ctn aXuuO to fcale a 

CV^ætxUfoUn') t^ i 

the Put pir« 

Sffligelfe, a Moontin?, C 
ing.Gettingop, Aicen 
Scaling a WjIU 

»effir, a Cafe« (fif i 
a Cafe of Knives« (n 
tnottif) a Set, Cafe of 

Saflles or marhemarici 
roments« (til @^eé 
Prickin^ of a Chart, ] 
ing. (aifrc 95.) ta i 
late the Latitadé at S< 
prick the Plot« (fiiøt 

paa AorteQ to caft a 

in Traverie (ban ] 

(fø S. at fomme til i 

lanb) he made Accou 
come to England« 

^€itifft,(mtb 9engO to t 

fnborn, corropt, or ga 
Gifts, giveaPair ofGl 
greafc one's Fifh tip 
Hånd. (befoc) to i 
embroider. (nieb (Btli 
pnrfle. (en éteø) to 
a Piece of roaft Mear. 

Ibtftintljt, Subornation 

bfty..(95eføcning) Jfm 

SeftiOe, (giwe) to do, 
form. (tiit^e et b.) t 

employ'd, huflef!, occu 

(baoe meøet atb.) tob 

of» bc doggd wirh Bnfi 

(b^oe at b. mcb et Si 

ttmmer) to meddle 

havf to do with a Wo 


15c ) 85 ( S5e 

Ofg »if iffe tått ffogcf at I. 25e(hren8e/ to ftring;in Inftni- 

■:& l^am) I «ill neicher ment« 

n^ddle ncr make w'th htm« 2&e(lri^ei to combtt» fighct 

(k(«ngO 'O berpe«k,bargtin 
or provide tor, i rdcr er 
jive Orrfer for. (p, ttt tit 
f}) ro hive one called , or- 
d«r hi:ii ro come ro yon« 

^Ml^ra9# Ciorretninø) Bn- 

fincfi, AfTiir « Occiiparion» 
Ifttni. C^itnMt) Bmpl' y- 

oppcife, dispurc; wagc Wtr 
9giinft» rcfift, wiclkftand. 
cvnqaer) cvercoiiie, (fKll»t 

mf re at be^ffe, cnb man toii 

k.) to have more Bnfiners« 
than yoo can manage or rot* 

fter. (OmfoSninaer) to 

defray or bcar Charges« 

MBc, Office, l'lacf« (Q^c« 35eflri^eIre » a Combat, Dtf* 

HtldH) Bcfpeaking, Order- 

MOUvgoniAflb/ an Officer, 
Oficial, one, that has an Of- 
fice or Employment, a Place- 

pure* COmfoftningerd) the 

Defrsying or Bcaring of 
Charges. (fl| Cinaé) che Ma- 
naging or Maftering of Bnfi« 

^tfttifUt f. Nfn«re. 
SliaU98*<I^Vtl # a Tide of :bt(tv^t, ttt ftrew, j»owdcrt 

Hønour« fpread abour« 

»l|to, ff6mtt€p done, per. X>t(tt^et, rtcfmWe) rodaub, 

fanaed , iinif hed 

• (bol 


^^ anoint , Dcfmcar, do over 

S? ""i;^?^' KK^^^*'L• With Something. Cmcb gar* 

^ ^.''^Jf-r"'^? Wm; hc ^ „^j fo colour, paint, ftrikt 

« it a bad Paf«, in a fad or ^ éolour over. (roeb «alf) 

fllCondition. tofizeand whiten, towhite* 

MøTBCf to attack, aflanlct 
nrm a City« 

iitotmtn 9 the Acrackinj^, 
Aflavlting or Storming ofa 

waf h« (mcb ®ipé) to do 
over wich Plaifter of Paria« 

rXaSeKct fan bcRrpøe (Bpen) 
the Citadel commands tht 

ScfkorwerfanAflaQltenStor- Scftr^gninø/ Davbing, Bc« 

aier. fmearing ; Doing over with 

Mraale, to irradiarc aThiiig, fomcthing. 

flune, gianceopen it, caft 23eflvre/ (Sorretninøer) to 

Bcamf ot Light or Rays upon 

^tttatdinSi Irradiarion. 

^ktttcbtiit, Endeavonr, Ef- 
foit, Striring, Painf» Tnr- 

manage , direiSl » conduél« 

fovcrn or rnlc. (et (Smbe* 
c) ro exercife, adminifter 
an Office, to perform a Fpnc- 

Z>tftyttiftt the Management • 
Diredion, Governing, Ad- 

httctht f!g> to drive, endea- 

Tuar, take Painf, firainfor, ^ ^ — .. ^j.^, a^—: 

kboor,affca.atferoptaboi.t, ^tftjttt, • ^'j^^^^^^/ ' ^'^^'"'- 

bef^iryoorfelf, makcorem- niftraror, Moderator. 

jloyallyuurEffortsinordcr Jbtft^tU, tofortifyS llrength- 

»0 imccmpafs foraething, en# makc ftrong, corrobo- 


B« ) atf c Kt 

S&tft^rttt, furpiircd. iftnnirh- 
«H , ainiticd, iccrifiedi nf- 
frightcd, l^unned, 

aSrfuOlt, r (>rfmlnc. 

S&ejv.tri Troubk, Crogging, 
Chargi:< Ir.cuinbianci;, Bu'i- 
deni Incomiuodiiy, Incnn- 

SrTvtvc, (btC^njiO comolcit, 
ICDubIc, cFng, vcx, incoin- 
mode, ni(;riLvc, loid. bur- 

(fia oneO 

StTvfftgrf i;iIdnbrT) to pnc- 

tifc Chnrini, i li'c Spirit:, 
to inchinp. cvorcife. (btbt 
»•ft«) W Conj.,rc. 

»e(>3«rgdft, C«an«rO Ek- 

' orciriTi,Inc.intation,ItichBni- 
inenr, Soiccry, 

»eftiAtiiiy, Csragemaan n 

Complaini, Griev.ncc. (for 
Mmtn) AccnTarion. 
3&(Fv(trlig, traublerome.cum- 
bcrromc, burdcnrome, toil- 
Comt, didicult, UboriouSi 
grickODS, painful, inconve- 

Ktfvfcr i i g tllr i nco m ro od i OU ti y 

4c f. verb. 
Jbcf^cnligbrb, Tronb'«raine< 

ncff, DiHiculr;, Unealip-cfs, 

Inconvcniincy. Iltrdfliiii, 

:bt(vangrt . w gct a Woroan 

•»'uh CMldi te impr«gnatc 

tion ot a WoDun or 
ting her «ith Child. 

Tttfvavt, loanfwer.ill 
Reply, to reply. 

Sifvonlftf an Anfw« 

Se'tigr, to derrand, bti 
bupblv I circDinvcntt q 
dcceivf, disad*antaf^, 
deprive hirn of hi* DaJ 

Sfi'sigelfe, Fttud>_Pn|' 
ing , CoEcnig 



»fl'w«gre figi ._ ..._. 
ry. C'ock en tiig 
to match inH> a ri, 
ly, to ally yoarfelf I 

:^t(vogttt, alliedra 
to onc mother b)>~ 

»tff«, tofow, ftitch, ^_ 
<i<;r, cinbL-llini hfSdm 
(iJtonltn) to edgfv^ 

i&trftnjnø, Siiiching.lii 

Scff nbfrltg, lingnli 
pirticular, pccalu., 
ordinarvi uncomnni 
ble. (n i. 61 
pisfing Beiuty, 

33tffkftcHig(ic», Stnioll 

Specialiiy, Ptculitri^ 

Scivngt, to fing. priifti 

SunnMir'/ Inflamraati« 

»e ) 87 ( fdt 

MsitbCø/ to inflime, erow 
hoc«grow painfnl by obltmc* 
tcd Marter« 

htutnftf Coocrfdøøc^ to con- 

&der , ponder • weigh , ex- 
amine* refle^t open» fcan* 
bcnd yotir ThoDghts to* 
Cftd) 'O deliherate, conlider» 
tdfife with yourrelf,ber)unk 
yoarftlC think better npon, 

Cfttdc anhtt Canfer) ro 

ckange yotir Mind. (t)OPre 
iSiflOto hefitatei be doubc- 
hi, (ccn^ to confider one 
for a Ser\ ice u^ne yoit« pay , 
kim for it* CfiØ (AR^O ^^ 
hefititc. Cfo^U^) to pre- 
neditate« conAder before> 
10 forecflft. iubtn åt 6* 
fti) without Heficacion. 
tStufnin^, Confideration. 
Delibcracton > Rcfleiftion, 
fondering. Scanning. Oøøe 
i%.) to be doubcfol or (cru- 
^oas« to make Difliculty* 

(Jktiat ingen SO '^ ^^Sni- 

fsi noihing. 

ZfULUftliSt donbtfolf dubi« 
009, delicate.worchy of Con- 
fideration. (farliø) dan- 
{eroQS* not advifeable. 

tnmUiiqlft^ , Qonbtfnl- 
flcfs, Delicacencfh Scrupu- 

Scroenf f»n # confidcratet dis« 
creet, circumrped« prudcnt« 

9ctdtnt^0lll&e^ # Confideraee- 
fieft, Discreetnefs, Circam- 
fpe^ion, Prudence. 

Setotnrfoiiti / confiderately 

SctAgf/ to abate> deprivcof, 
iicreave, take away from, to 
abridge of> weaken. (Ufrfig« 
r«) to ftop , intcrcept thc 
Prufpea or Sigbt. C©Pbtt> 

ro disconraget disconnre* 
nance, disheairen* jput but 
of Conntknance. (JCraft 00 
•Vtdigf^ebj to invalidaca» 
make void* (^t)aAh) to pot 
one out of Hopes* (gøon-^ 
to keep from Slcep. (ecni 
Kmtg^ei*') to abridge. de- 
prive one of hit Rieht. CS^* 
le(fe) to ftupify, benumb. 

^@an5fcrneétBruø) to fton* 

CiCrcrfternO to enurvate, de- 
bilitate. (duften) to choak^ 
fuftocatc. CJroflt) to put 
one in goodliearc,encouragt 

him« On^tiige 6inbctp to 

charm, inchant« take, (mt^ 
Si\x\hi)io chili, benumb with 

Setagelfe/ Abating, Depriv* 
ing, Privationi Weikening> 
Rubbing, f. v« 

Tbtta^zn, deprived, berefr. 
r£uften)choked, fuffocated« 
CJtrctftcrne) feebled, ener- ' 

vated, ((£3anbfernO ^^t^- 

ned. (galciren) bennaibed 
&c. f. v» 

Setaf fefløf to thankonefor» 
give, render him Thanks fov 

a Favonr. (jxaat man xlH 
t\i ^aøe noger) to refufe, to 
dcprccate, (Det b. ttg mig 
fotf) I don*t love to accept 
of it; I don*t pretend to 

Tittaittto payiClearyourDebt« 
qoit yourfelf of it« (al f\\\ 
®C(p) to pay oflf all your 

Debc. (een ttge fov ItgO 

' to requite one, pay one in 
bis ownCoin, ^ive one a 
Rowland for his Oliver, (itp 

9al htteXt tUi for et^rd 

©fa(fetic) ru pay y^u, 
make you fmoke for vour 
Knavcry. (røtb ?i»Ct; to 


I8e ) «8 ( IB« 

førfeit yoar Ijfe. (3 tåt Snmnonir. Sei 

Ittdlt bcQ yon fliall Cir.tvt foIiticO "> O 

for it. Police, C onfUbl 

Attaltlig, paytble, Calvible. Catclittole. (« 

Sttulfff m, » Fifmaftcc. foK) Oomeftici 

^ttaling, Paynient, Wigcs. Strimtdgt early, 

CSct Dnet!n.nii(irttarfaact timely. 

fin ^ctalinfi) tli«t wicked :&(tiintitfln, f. f 

Fcllow hu gut hil dne, Sctingti (nccoit 

SttoltngailCvnf r Solvency, dirion, irricl< 

a9Mrtlm(jB.5rt(l, Refpiic of tgrM. ftipolit 

Pjym.:n-. »ont. Cftrttt 

^ttallngs-Cctniinr the Term ftrve , ro excfpi 

or Time of Paym«nt. when ttctinødrr« Condi 

a Bill i« duc or Rents pay- Trovifo, Twoi, | 

•b'e. CUn^t«^rtf(^ e 

9ctaling«'Ugeirhe Wcek after Bfindrr , Bus, 

aFiir, when ullBilU ofEl- Cro(>piece*. (iE 

chanRa are paid, fFiøDciK) TopP 

»Ctn|ig, [O rhew yonrrelF; Biii. Cr ' 

■■ ■- - dcmcao, condufl ' "^ " 

I*b) Forejeer-B 
KougftrilQt.) t 
CabU. C®«' 
Biihtad). C<K. 
V(tingcil) Bitte 

fet a Mark by ornpon. ften 
BOfllt) to g»' O"« 1 M'flf- 
Sign, Token or Ch>.ailer of _ , , 

■ Thing tohnow itby. (bf Sntngctf ftipnli 
tq^O to d«note, fignify. v*d. 

»ewgmlft/a Defignation, 35«itl«, to give « 

Denotation, Signiecatiti). _ "J" """■ 

'•»^j> i ■ . ■ »ttiCi to bag, Ett 

»ttJtW, betimes, eatly, in byBaaaaryito 

Seafon, timely, ftaronahty, »etltfdTtiB, «do. 

StttetiCf CfO} [O r«rve, at- g*ry, bronght t 

tcnd, do Olie Service; ae. or co a Morfel o 

commodata hlm, (tt ØII)> Sttlttif Begffing, 

btaO toexercife, adminiltn Srtlrr, a Beggar; 

an C'ffict, ((ig afl lo nfc, »etler-Stcv, a Se 

makf ur« of, to emp' 


%ctltrpaff bcaging 

modatrin; ' CemfcCtO Of- ■' • *eitB". 

fice, Employmanc. Chaigc. !8tlltrfogt0f a Bei 

CjSotMltlfiflø') AdmJniltraT feizcs Beggirs, 

"*"• 9«l(ri<i f. 39nl«n 

:&ttitnt, ferved. attended. »«rl(r«c60i ,' the 

Stttetit, C49(H(llttO an of- mendcint «r beg 

A<er. (ttb fHiUtn) t ni. 

QJe ; 89 ( SJe 

t Bc^str*« Btg or 
fl Beggflr's Wfllk- 

»«rrc gaaaM til 

broQght ro Beg- 
ed oc^d CO a Mor- 
d « or Crutt* 

Irt) Bctgny« 

)bm en SBei) « ^>- 


B tread« go upon, 

Mc« or bttvQiht 

Din) to bc for- 
» pr«ach« (betr* 
itm) to mount the 

t^Tretding, Going 
(«|AaO to touch, 

c (^n l)Uo b« paa 

) 1k was farprifed] 
Aét Marker. 

MlrCDncerning, as 


Aopngs, Tapeftry» 

werwith. CBætcU 
ABt> fnrnifki cover 
røbjapiftry. (@tOt 
leck Chairs« (mcD 


aCheac, Deceiver« 
: ShaFer. 


tf i Jilt. 

, the Furnifhing 
tftry , Covcring, 



^tttaQttf CMtti) to look, 
view, gaze upon. (o9Cr>cle} 
to conlideft conteinplate* 
rcicél, meditate upOn > ru» 
iiiinate> examinci ponder^ 
fifr, fcan, discafs« lookinto« 
TfttvaQttUg, confiderable« 
2&ecragccr/ aBeho]der» Look«> 

23etragt ninø , (OoerøctelfO 

Concemplfltion * ConHdera- 
tion, Refledion, Meditation* 
(toge i %0 to take into , 
Confideration » or into De- 
bate« (Stgr) Regard. Ac- 
count. Relpea, (f omme i 

{BO <^ ^^ regardea » to be 
of forne Account« O'ffe 

tomme i (80 '^ ^^ flighted 

or negleaed* (^et fommct 
ti i 90 ^^ ^* ^^ no Account* 
or no Account is made of 

33etragtnin99vatrb|Worthy of 

Sctroef (een noget) to intruft 

Dnewitn. copuconeinTruft 
with, commic a Thing to 
one*s Charge, (borøc ceil 
nooeO to trull aThin^ wich 
one« give him Credit for» 
give it him upon Truft« (fig 
tiOto put> yourTruft 6rCon« 
fidencc in one« 

3&etroeIfe/ Credit, the Commit- 
ting to one*s Charge« 

Idttvotv, a Creditor« 

^etrHlff en # covered , done 
over, decked, hnng, furni« 
fhcd with Tapeftry. 

23etr^9ge; toafcertain, fecure, 
aifure one of fomeching; 

2&etr589elfe# Aflnrance, Aa- 

ajetr^f/ (5Bobr Sorlegenteb) 

Trouble, prefling Difficuhy« 
Fuzzle, Quandary« Perplex- 
ity> CøOfre i 550 «<> ^e in a 
Quandary. (fotf ClIjO ^^"^ 
of Money, _ 


f5e ) 90 ( fSit 

J&ettlUff to tfntse» iftofiifh« 
pur under Conffernation« 

J^ttntttlft, ' Confternation, 
Amazemeot , ercat Fear, 

S&enitretf amazed, aftonifhed« 
atfri^hted, discouragcdt puf 
ur.der Ccfnllernacion« 

l^ttvinQtf to fubduetvsnquirhs 
oveicome, ronfter, tatne, 

^rt^^e, (betegne) to fignify, 
betoken, (5ct \)at inttt at 
b.} it fignines ilothing. (øi* 
9t tilficnDe) to figni^, dc- 
clare, give Notice of, to in- 
timatc, give to anderftand« 
(bet b.illtet dCbt)it portcnds, 
bodes no good. (|t>ab 9c( 
bet 6.) what does it fignify* 

(b. meget \)0é em) to have 

great Influence upon one; 

to have Intereft in him* 
9et^^eIi9f f. vigtig. 
33et^&ning/ Significaiion, Ae- 

c-.-ption, Meaning. (&pMf 

bom) Prefage, Foretoken« 
2^et^^e f. htfvcctt. ■ 
^etitiDre/ to admire > wondcr 


X>cnntvtv, an Admirer. 

I3enn^rtngf Admiration, Won- 
dcr; Efteem. 

^eutt^ring99«r^ig/ admira- 

ble, worthy of Admirariont 
dcferving ro be admired. 

TbtvaaQtrif favourable. affeo 
tionare wellafTe^ed co one« 
(bære een !».) to bear In- 
clinarion or Coodwill to- 
wardsone>to loveandfavour 

TbtvanqznlfC^ , AfTe^ion. 
Fav-our, Goodwill Bene- 

23evorbne/ to arm> farnifh 
wich Arms, to dccouti'% 

^eva:bnelfc, Arming, Furnifh- 
ing with Arir.s, 

35ev«g4acfa8» alf6t 

gu ment > Re« fon t 
menu . 

X>tVMtt to move, flir. 
to fhake, jolt. * 
bcb) to agirat<> tof 
fro; to vibratc, ( 
icCnoøet) to move, 
f duate. ftir np, inr 
to foraethtng (r^re)i 
affca. ((dbefiflb.) 
lent« feel Compaffio. 
tender, (til 93rebe^ 
rirace, exafperace, 
one*s Anger, puc 
PaiTion. (tit iftebr 
to move to Compaf 

39evvcgeligN movcable, 
(terenbe) moving, a 

pathetic , perfuafiv« 
traott forcible. . 

l&ev<tgeItgt»e^ # Mobi 
l^evitgelfe, Morion, 

ment. (lafftig, »cerf 

ing» Jolting, (gin 
fion, Com motion, 
bance,Fit,Hmotion o 

(Segemeté) Excrcife 

33e9iegerienf a Mover, 

^evorger/ movod, ftir 

feaed. (tiliDtebUl 

fceling Compaffion. 

3^eo<eggruM^/ Motive,; 


33eo4n^rerf well-ex 

experienced, verfed 
9evantf accuftomed, 

familiar. (b. mth^ 

verfed • ikilled in. 
Scvaref to preferve 

ginard, fave, conferv 


3&eoarer/ txtt ^ Prefe 

33evaring^ Keeping, 
vation, Cullody. 

33evenbef ((abe b.i^th] 

quiefcc in? leavc it, 

9f ) 91 ( \S5f 


Conftqacnce« is 
thin^» CO no Pur- 

fAtertaiJi, crett, 
xnitnrt receive; 

cocrriUifg# En- 
u Treacment) Re- 


) trreft* affirmt 
eft, bcarWitncfs 
ay of, to certify, 

Acteftation, Pro* 
rcftificacion« Qmtb 

^cticnH) kncwn, 
adirftood« (ftg bO 

)i Confcionsnefs. 
frtof. Argument« 
DtBonf^rarion, £vi- 
|».Vo!icher. (for 
IjbK) aBond« 

yfrtveable» demen- 
evident 9 mahi- 
tefoBltø) proba- 
f liktly. 

A» Reason, Argii^ 

Il D^mon(lvation> 
00, Proof, Decla- 
iåfertien<^ (^té, 
te ShewTng ♦ Ren- 
Honor or Fa vor. 

»nfent, acquiefce, 

frtc to, to allowt 

i, give Asfent to, 

accord , permit. 

aConftnt, anAs- 

pliance, Approba« 

int, Pcrmifllon, 


wind abour, twift 

'. ingcd^ 

XftvivU, U nMvft. 
»cplfe, Cmtb øc^e flrunie) 

to provc, demonftraM, maKe 
out, make cleir>ibvident or 
good , make it appear with 
inøicienr Reafons, Uiew,prQ« 

4°«,?[oj(s for (gjeuffab, 
Åier(tøbcb) CO riiew, do, cxn 
hibit, yieldoneFricfidrhip, 
Love , beftow it upon him, 

CPø) to cxert yourfeif, (hew 

X>tvogUf to ivttch, guard; 

keep a ftri£l Eye upon. 
Ibtvogttlitf Watching, Gqtrd« 

^voptUp covered or over^ 

grown with. ■ . * 

^t^oav, Bezoar« 
Idi, Particala infeparabilis. 
S^iaatrfag, a fecondary Caafa 

or Mocivc. 
Ibictffe, to bark ; open. 
^iafftn, Barking. 
33icel^era Jingle, licde Bell. 
^ictl^tbl^mfttv , Bellflower, 
^itit^ti<tav , Bellwecher. 
TS^icciU, a Balk, Beam. ((^o^ 

MbxMi) main Beam, Ar- 

chirrave. (Cparrcftidlfcr) 

Rafters« Joilts. 
T>icclUlfl\lf a Mortife. 
X>iciifttiim , a Bay pf Joifts^ 

Space becween the Beams. 
j&i(9eifeuc;ei:e/Clamp8. Q^Ubi* 


l^ictiHvttf, thc Timberwork 
of a Houfe* 

'Jdiavhtibc, a Byjob, Bywork. 

33ia^clf a Spareaxlecree. 

X>ibti t the Bible, holy Seriøs 

^ibclfafl/ vcrfed in or know- 
ing all PaflTagcs of the holy 
Scripture by Heart^ 

X>ibtlniccBfig , agrecable to op 
conformable to the holy 

■V I / 

SIbragCf to eorcn 

bote, he)p, »Bift, 
»Ibfcl. the Bit af 

»i ) 92 ( m 

»ifcclfff biblicil. belonKingte aft{Mr< i Bydoor. 

rt. Bible. ■"' -^ 

SibllArftf' ■ Librtry, 
%iMtot^«r)us f a Libricy 

keeper, LibTtriin, 
Sibi-tngt, Ctcnet@Ub; Sa« 
te.) to fecch ane a Btow, 
mttkt > Pafi t( htm. (g)i> 

»tItfab)toinftjll, infinntic, to bndle. (tOØI 4 
imprini, inspiret Tcach. Cut' ' bridle ■ HBrfe,-*« 
flet DRfO to Cn^KcA. SibfF. mordtcioBlii 

JMbfgningi t Wmg or Psvil- bFting; ipc to K 
lian ura BnilHing; i Pent- pifh. 
hoBrearanyPieceofBDild- »ib|Fen, • lit tie Bi 
ingeddcd to thc mitn Iloufe, SibfT^rB, Mardtcir 
Sftlbi 35i&(tl, Biic. C^URb> tobite. SnippiA 
futn; iBit, Morrd, Sniich. 35j&tl(> 'o bri-lle. 
■' " ' a»le, (n, eBee. 

SK, V. (Miw pM 

to tir ry. ftiy> wi 

(Kate ^C() to II 

for ane I expcA b 

SlfUber, the M 

Skravl t the K« 


aSiPe, (gnow} ta bite, jntw, 
((om fitbet IC.) ta hiv* i 
niirp or tirtTifte>ta be kcen. 
fhlrp, t»rt or poignant. (j 
(t fuBCt aSble) CO fwallaw 
■ Godgeoni lo do> what i 
diiplMr>nt> to bticMe to it 

(iétafftO to be killedit 

the Fight; to die, to htck »le-Ctati aCell or 

ap, to bitc the DaR. (fen Honycuab. 

lig) to make iniarp Return IMebronnlng/ tht i 

or Repirree. (Xsnber* Bees. 

Bt fammtn) ro gnafh thc SStcgitarb, 9icbAM 

Tacrh. Cbdvt tii»t9eieb(tar ftind. 

al Stam) to be paltShtma. Xtcfagtf ■ Honycw 

ba riiaineieri, to have CvrtU Siefabe, a Hive. 

lowedShameanddrtinktfter ifUlti C^CDten} ' 

■t. CbO>e bvtTtcn at b\tt Waiting. 

Clttrbt4n»0toh>vcnothinf Ibitra , a Monnt. : 

to fced upon. (fiiHilH Hill. Ce»ete.Ml 

ørene tntr neget) lu repent Hedgeover DiccM 

arrticroincrhmg.tofretwiih' ind Valei. 

in vonrreif at n Thmg. (af SfcrgMrCr iVeiii it 

COi; [O rnap at one. (foni 3&lerg«a», the Top, 

BUg) to huTt. Cvoa) to Kidgeof a Hill. 

biteat. (aQtobiteoff. (jefl Slcrgagtig, mon 

tat iam nuget ot 6.paa) t hilly. 

nippedhim, savebiraaBone ZtitntbatH, a Decli 

»ibM, to bit« one another. »lerflbrtlfaw, Napb< 
OFianhOto qnarrcl. wrtng* SfergbUor, f. birgl 
le^ bicher, brawl. 

»i > 95 ( »< 

ttCtn)§^ låoQDtft inccrt 
(ØObé) to falve or 

^oods. (forMrc i^aa 

tXt &tbj ' to fecore* 

to make t preny 
O ^o gftthert CO 

r ftonfe Hny. 

■, Highlandf« 

Hibel, CVrt) Fili- 

M^ the Fooc of a Hill« 
tt BinifD«n« 

f r* bfetøaodø. 
n^f ((Mn oiøtel at 
Ccecøene) an £1& 

bH^ a Mine* 

fne, (UrO Biirhca:a- 

k, Petrol. 

, che Cornifh 

•OCl/ mineral Brim- 

Pi che Smnmit, Pitcfi 

ar, a Tender of Beei» 

I t Beehive or Stall. 
■i a Swarm of Bees* 
Approbacion Confent« 
i, Agreement« Asfent« 
liance. (ptb ^OOUbf 

IC approve« accept of« 
id 9 auenc 9 agree co« 
t to , CO conftnt > ae- 
to M€ with one in a 

V (eeø< fflcntnø) to 

in CO one's Opinion« 

\\§f plaufiblc« 

ri an Approver« 

. Bfrtfte. 

(. fTrifce. 

gc, a fecondary De- 

nttf n Byroom. 

23il«r9^ a loofeSheetadjoined 
to a Deed. 

IdiiccMt, toadd»adj'in* Q^u 
li§t) to accominodaret re- 
concile» conipore> adjuft« 
S^iltcggeliØ/ reconcileabJe* 
23ilatøøeri i&utttl^tn} % 

T^iiaqttf the Solemnity of • 
Prince*fl Wedding« 

Vilbtt (dannO to form* fa-* 

fhion, mouldi frame; to 
make a ModeU (forefliSe) 
efHgiate » dclineace* repre- 
SiI^( inbf CO oake one belicve 
fomethingf fhamc it opon 
him , impo/^ upon« (ft ({^ 
inb) to imagine, fancyt con- 

ceive« (bilbe (tø mcøct ind) 

to be conceiced > or prond« 
take too mnch u^on yonrfclf« 

a^ilbing, (Stf^mnøi gorefttU 

linø) Reprefentition« (Dan« 

ndfO Formarion« 
»ile, C^ilbtxO a TwibilU 
X>iUavb, Billiardf« 

S^iUartbor^i BilHardcable* 

:6iaart>Mf Billiardholt. 

X>iUanfn§U, BilliardbaU« 

»illai:^/pU, f. OMOarb. 

:6iaarbflof/ BilliardlHck. 

IbiUtbp 2&illeb(f an Imagc» 
Figvrc, Effigy* Shape« Li- 

r&iBebbibel, theHiftories of 
che holyBiblejreprefented in 
F i gu res or Cnts« 

2&inebbog, a Book containing 

33inebbifrfcr, aWorfhipperof 

r&tncbfob, a PedeftaU 
9iaebfortlarinø# Iconology. 
a&iaeb{^nBger # a Statuary« 



fbi ) 94 ( fbi 


:}iDe^&uøøerronf!f the Art of 

Carving. Statujrv. 
3^ifiebfraemer/ a Scller of Cop'^ 

I a&iUe^f ram(Toe/ a Shop, where 
Copuerplates are fold, 
SiUc^^tl/ a Gallery of Pie« 

a^i^c^fni^cr/ a Sculpcon 

^iOe^t^dber> a Cafter or Eoun- 

der of Sraenes. 

£iUed(løtte, (i fu(b CerpuO 
a Stacne, 

S&illebverf ^Sculptnre or Carv- 
ing Figures wroDghe or 
carve^ Tomewhcre in. 

:6iae^viben(fab tKtt «&e(Fru 

. tJClff, Iconography. 

a^iUerr C@tbbcO ft Bill, Kote 
or Tickcr« 

S^iDigr jnlh ri^fit, eqnitable ; 
reai'onable. (tiUMig) fic» 
dae> reafonable, fair> plaa- 

S^ifliøCf to approve, avowi 
allow of, like a Thing, take 
or acknowledga it for good, 
right and jufl, toaathorizc. 
(mtfiCt) to bc londly for a 

tftilUøeilijiiftly* eqnitably&c. 

^iOiø^b^ Equity, Jnftice. 
Right. Reafon, Reafonablc- 

ibiUkngtv, ((maat flaaxnt 

@tOffcO Shrcds. 

^itnccrftt a Conntermark. 

33ilni^^f [^ a fecondary Mean«» 
an acce-Jory Remady. 

rdimpcf^ a Cag. 

^imftttn t Pnmiccftone. 

35imuui*/ a Counccrmvre; 

Stinavn f $urn;^me. 

Sinbf Ligature» Bat 
dage. (taa cn I 
Cover of a Booki 
Sog) a Volumc« I 

en ^rm j) a sling 

an Ann in , whc:« h 
33inbe/ to bind , ti( 
tit) to eie» wring 
conllrain. (^(aftj 
faft, to fiiftcn. Cf 
men) to bind clofe t 

Cop om) to ti ufs 1 

(om) to gird obour. 
op tii en ^Oo^d) to 
(paaSSrmeO ^^ in 

believe, to fham 
upon one, imppfe 

hinu (an meb) t« 

wirhy to entcr rheL 

one. (meb Salt) 
with Mortar. (f 

(om £ioeQ to conftip 
ftringe. c^anber Oj 

pdd) tobindHaxidfl: 
to faggot onc: (fe 
Jie) tonoodwfnk> b! 

Cfor Wunben) to 
♦Cen SranbO to wi 

Cora« bind it ir.coS 

C^Oger) to bind. 

be) to cnwrap. ( 

to pack np> niakcii[i 

dies. (Ofeencr om 

IBeen) to bind abro 
with Splints, (eci 
berne) to tie one uj 
limit. ((?9 fclo) t< 
youifelfi l^intyomf 
tilOtDtne) t«/ty 01 
up to the Words. 

faabunbcm at ?cO 

ti ed up, that &c. 
23inbeb!el(Cf a Ciofsb 
3&inbebrcv/ a cong\at 

Leirjr to one on th 
vciinry ofhischriitiai 
by which he is boiind, 
a Gift or give a Tre: 


f5t ) 93 { f&t 







. i I 

hMMie, (paatbt Ii'O Coftivc- 

BcTst Oof^rudion." 
BiÉbeiir Bincffag, Tyins:. 

aiAfiit><# O'om Iftclicantcn' 

ftf} adflringenr ; coftive« 
|la5cc»r&# fl Conjan£lton» 
MOCRcb, « Cord, Robe. 
aSnKcreSf t String, Tliong« 
ta^Cfiifr Ozi«rt* 
aNiMUlr Binda^e« 
]&Mctni# Reyfrone. 
IMft^i;, a Twifr, Girder« 
XåMv^ Ligfltiire, Ligament. 

(1( ØianinilcO Joincihg of 

SåiMaSøbicl Pe # Crorsbcam; 
&iliii9f«arii # Packtrcad. 
Saii!i9«l«gre , å Rafter or 

loi^rcrofs tlie Beams. 
SMigircrV/ Timberwork* 

CirpvTsrer's Work, 
SoAuølC' fl wooden Peg or 

Tn, CO faflen Timber togc- 

9aM| Binding, Ligament» 


ZmjåKti Dog»« Mercnry. 

Afttr t By word, Epichec, 

AdjeÅive. i 
8ilci, t Bear. 

3Mtwb4tri Brambleberfics, 
Mrtillcc, CUrO Branknr- 

fn, Cf^wparfnip, 
SitacttfffPcr, a Bearward« 
tttrnennge, a Bear*s Cub. 
Vénin^Cr a Shebcar« 
IviSfy a Counterpillar* 

8i9e(i, a Counccrpoft* 

9iqtjib# che Barden ofaSong, 

^Kf a dainry Difh. 
taf C^irfetrcr) aBirchtcee, 

*Wi (ct »ift ©ilhicO «he 
]nisdidion of a Village« 

Svhbonmcrr a Vil lage judge» 

ItthEoftr t birchtn Broora, 

^f depofed^ 

Zifccttt, CtnU^) todepofea 
CurpleataChurchfor a cer- 
rain Time. 

^i(cttttl\e, che DepoHng of a 
Curpfe acaCharch foracer- 
tain Time. 

3&ifa<t# a rccondaiy Caafe. 
C&ijl0^e# cu fir by. 
25i(T&t>cr, an AfTeflor, a Jndga 

lateral, Afliftant* 
23i1Fo|i/ a Bifhop. 
3&tfFopeli(rr epiicopal. 
23i(lfopø C6orf AAbe# Rocher« 
33iffop9t)at, aMiere» Bifhop's 


23t(rop6 ^nbfixrninø/ che Ui'^ 

ch roning of a Bifhop. 

BifYopøFAAbe/ aBifhop'sPall. 
23if^opø(lAV^ a Crofier. 
:&iifopeX)iCArtii6^ Suffragan« 
»iffølrc, aBilker.. 
33tfTAg/ a Porcl). 
3&inopcrffe# a Concnbine; 

CgiDt Si}7aitbO a Leman. 
25t6mer^ a Sceclyard. 
3^iøm(rlo^/ the Weightof » 

25i]»merflAtig/ che Bcam of a 

C6tfoel/ Parelium, Mockfan. 

»ifp, f. »ifTop. 

CC fe. 

3^ifpe-2lef!bettce/ a Bifhop's 

Houfe or Palace. 


Sifpeflocl/ a Bif hops Seat o( 

33i(pe«X>a:r^ig(>eb/ Episco^ 

£ifpe'X)ieiref the Confecra« 
cioii of a Bifhop. 

2&ifpin^e , che Bif hop*s Lady 
or Wife. 

Tdifft^vctmtv, aPedlar. 


»i ) 96 ( 15 

jftM44ei toftindbv, iid» i»* aMA<lb«r^Whor 

fif() faccoart bteK> ftcond, berrie^ » BUcl 

fapporc; comfort« itreng- 33la4bielbef (I 

then« tie. 

é&iflAtt^. Affiftance, Sticcoar, :6laabYn?e# (li 

Rctief. Adminicle, Subfidy, 3MaAfar9e» ro r 

Adjuraenr. colour wirh b 

»i(ler, furioiis, oatragiou«, »Uafawt* bl 

raeing, flaming, frctting. »tf<»fo^# W 

viounr. (af »nffao grim. ^^t;*;;;;^;, , 

»iffer^c^, Fury. Rage, Fret, XdaaMn, blu 

0««ragc. of green. 

S&itre, Cneøft KHn) vcry a&(<iallonfef O 

litcle, botrle« 

»Itter, (af 6nidø) bitter, WAaftiap, De^ 

acerb> tart» (oBiirf et) rude> 33lAaIa^en r bh 

crabbed. charlifK »Uanfi Grten 

Jpitter^eb/ (af 6maø) Bitter- ciood. 

ncfs , Tarcnefs. (Srck) ^blaant, f. CjT. 

Cholerr theSkvIower« 

Zitnviis, bitterly. (gr(rtt (btt kfoanct fi 

K) to fhed a Flood of my Eves grov 

Tears« >* c*>t before i 

»UterW^, (UrO Bitter fweet. *^i?^"x^\ ^'" 

»lt>aatie, (er tilgebc »eb) to J^^iu. " 

be prcfent gr affifting at, :s>iaav, Hards. 

*^**"^*'* »laargarn, Yi 

Afllfting at. Meeting, ^^^^' ^^e Ey< 

Sivetf a Byway« bluc. 

91aa# bloe, azure« (bimnteN 33Iaaflaøett f ( 

k) ^ycoloaredt blanket, beacen bUck a 

blcakblne. (mwfeb ) dcep- „, ' .,' I, 

blue. Oiaae een brun oø ^l?^»^"^«i' l'^ 

I.) to be« ene black and ltreaked,havir 

blue. (fortcb.) livid. Cbiaat °^ Strcaks, 

Sitoft) Fraud, Oeceit;great 33Iaat$^ie» abla 

Promifes wirhout Perfor^ maat OOOeetb. 

tnances, (gtøre eetl en blaae venture a Blo\t 

Dunft) ro impofe up« n, de- fra mtb et bL 

ceive, give ene the Bag to oft* with a bro 

llold, to dtizzle or deceivc »U^ (pa^ctæ? 

one by a fa I fe Shew. aL^at. (paa Ct ' 

lbl<taaQtiQi blnifh, fomewfiat bret) a Le if. (>^ 

blne. (paa XoriibaCr 


dbc xalilcf.trt 

!§( «. fire flhift' 


^CliivcroC break 
tkc$» or Shivcr«. 

lUl af Iftveiw 
bids. Aript ef 

jQM Stngrccflt 
Ki Kwlftonecrop- 


V Tobacco in 

^ I Tafltl. 
lalndax* Tablcof 

» vritf n{ Ink* 



Paperblorrart a 
il Scribbler. 


Ider« (øoafBdfb 

Graval in the 

, a Vcficatory* 


.^^ bliftertng. 

Mafft,, to blow«, CforO ttt 
blow hard. Ott k ttffO 
, the Wind is Aiglu (ts) to 

iWell or puir m> wirh wind, 
GtVOØpeO <^ ^nnd aTrum- 
p€f» O Vath^nQ to Wind 
a Frenchborn. Qi j|2)feiiO 
CO whifper into Onc*s EafiL 
(UtiMnO to foqnd anAlarm« 

C(99mfc (Som) to hnflf t 

Man atpraogbt. Ci 9Mg 
fcil}.to bay the Forfetr» to 
come on a lorer* (^^^ gistf 
føtt}coclat«» poffop, mako 
protid* C<^f eca^ CO Cbew. 
Contcnpt« tofligbt/cointko' 
no Accoanc of» co fcom* 
disdain, (fo^fO to bnffand 

MctfebctlQø aPair ofBellowt 
or Bellows. 

ObWtbalmét f thaSnoQt of 
che Belfows* ^ 

23Ureb<sIøtr«^frf aBellow 
blpwer. ^ 

9(<efeø øPi to fwelL be pvøi 
ed npf or blown up. (plidt 
9^Uj bc prond or ebited» 

»Utft, highWind> Blaft, Paff 

a5(afetc, (ringe flioiit) a 

Ooit> Ftrchingv 

23Uffil9lr Hedgafparrow* 

23l4ffet, grtyifh. 

SUn^tf tomix, mingle, blend* 
jnmble • dafh. (famoien) 
co intertnix cogether (aU 

tiu% i bscroii^rep co hnrry 

or jnmbre togecher> make a 
Mtngle-mon^let co ad in a 
Hnrry« (ffiltll mcb Vianb) 
to daf h > diliice Wine with 
Water, to tempcr it. (for« 

betaet 9)iin tnth ni)e ffito?) 

co (tnm Wine« (({^ t OtU 
hUi GdØCO 'O med die wich 
othsr Folk^sBufinefs^eDgago 


»i ) 98 ( IBI 

yonrhlf ifl rhcm. (IDIcldf' 

ItO '<>'"*¥' tem per Metals. 
XUnObat, ihat may b« mixed. 
3DUn&m> (VUibOitiS) Uix- 

irg. Mixtion, Mingling. 

Blcnd'ng, .lumbling, 
XtlanMns« C9tcn&(ff<; a MD^' 
Slan^Forn, Bolligmcitig, Met- 

3Mt:nbi fiinan^m, p-^IImelt, 

iniConfufion, ronfuiircdly. 
»I«n6(trt)?t, Mifcellaniei. 
»Unf.brieht, fbming, polifh- 

cd. white. Cb. JtaaibO 

k siked Sword, 
Wonf«, Cif/ 0P5 fo fnrbifb, 
- bnrnii'h , hrighren. v- 

SUnFeti a Blank. 
»UnJniiig, FnrbiOiinjt. Bur- 

niniinB, Srijthtcning. 
aMnnfTct, a Bnik. 
»USr [■ l>[f». 
»1«, • Sv.BiUdclont. 
SMitSf r*'^' bleak, w>n, fal- 

low , fad^^d, palUd. 
IblUBi f- SUtgbam. 
éltfoa(|t[Bf iialifl], romewbac 

Stccgbliiati ramtblne, 
3^leg^aml a Bleachinf^ard, 
TtUtStt lo btcacit, whitcn, 
Sluøc ' C8iff} CuttleGl'h. 
2>lM(|cF9ntf a Bleaching- 

S&Ingel^it, Pay for Bleach- 

3Mttg5u[f (Irawcvloiired. 
aM(Cgt>eb, Faicneri, BIcaknefs, 

35lMgt>viDt, Whiteleid, Cé- 

SleegUecR, romewhac p»lc, 
Sltegmonbi a BUacher, 

VUegtlingr »eachins. 

Slecør^b, ftinrred. 
»[egn, a Blilter. Sla 
SltgttCf V. to ero 

SlegncN fnll of Bl 
»Iff, f. »l«f. . 
»lenbe, CKinl«) 

eicecare. make bl 

6D[tn)ra daszie o 

f. hebrnsr, 
Tbltnbont, Blindini 


Trichi, Lcgtrdea 
»((ffere, f. fttavt. 
331ib, chcarful, rpti| 
^lit>tmatmtb, Feh 
»libbtbf Ch< 

SprietitMnefc, Gai 

of ihe Eyei, Eyta 

»UP, C@tkq»ci 

»lif/ Ovnbjlaflea' 
pcrn) a Tiupliiil 


»liFpiat, C^aitKHi 
;Diinb, blind, rtii 

orprctenifcd Alan 
bet cni ØiO bli» 
tye. ftotnfee 3, ( 
b.^ te)1 me it Adi 
»liiibc, (I »[JiM 
blindfold, inconi 
Caa» i e.p to gi 
in cha Dark, 

to cover open Tr^ 

»linbe, rfliwe Htrt) 
make bliitd; to I 

' one. ChbMte) t 
kate, infatnatc. 
paaccn) tociftflU 

one'j tyc 

Slinbtbiit, Bliadm 

SMinbcn, SpTitfail. i 

Spiit-iop-fatl. COi 



»( ) $^ ( m 

kltn^rn , C.^(iiiMnø) D«z- 

zlinj^iBlinding; Infacuation; 
Beguiltne; Hoodwinking. 

Slindr, Z&ixt og tbAnttt 

l@Oen} Shelves* Sands« 
;&Iiti^farøter i « Sorc ofFen^ 

cers. rKat fooght hoodwinkc, 
1&Iiii^^t>r# blindborn« 
Q&tinb^c^i Blindnefs, Cecity^ 

3&Ira^nd^Cf dead-Kettle^ 
Min^ormt a Blindworm or 

2>liiiMariB| the blind Gut* 

Min^^t rafhlyi hetdlers- 

)3lnif/ ft Glimpfe. ,. 
SMiftfCi Cfom ^ttafitt) to 

f hine, glitrer* glifttr* twin- 
kle« fparkle. (mcdØtncnc) 
to winkf tvrinkle wich the 
Eyts, to blinke 

fttHUil/ Glitteriiie, Gliftcr- 
i^Z* Sparkling. (mth OinO 
ni) Winking , Twlnkling. 

9lHs C^Ut i iPanbcn pAd en 

f)cit cact Jtoc) a Spot in the 
Forehead of a Horfe or a 

Cow. (cn ^tft cKcr iCoe) 

MiVCi CO bt, become, grow« 
(til) to exift. Cpfltt ctSteO 
10 abide, larry, Itay. (af* 
fe(btø) to dcday* fa 11 away* 
Cflhn«9lia) to fiiint, lan- 
gnifh, pine away. (9ftcn) 
to grow towards Eveiiing, 
(bMAdtig) fo grow foft, 
etfeminare, C^Ula%tiq O f«» 
Hiare, or partakc in. (åp« 
VCKCtDi^) to be fledged« be- 
Rin to li.ivc Fcathers* (f0C» 

ff*'aKeO '^ ^^^' ''^'o f righti 
(friff) lo recover, grcw 
whole, picktip yotirCrmns, 
Cl^atl OCD) to pcrfifli con- 
tinuclle ilfjftly to perfevcrc. 

C^aart/ (om éucii) to P«-* 

« 4 

trify. Cmeøcf ^ibfTø) to bé 

all onFirc, bom violenrly, 
be in a R^gCi (bttlø ((f* 
ØC^J to heal upi (futldbør) 
to be ptiblif hed abroad, be 
divtilged. CroWa Oft tf^i^^J 
to clear np, Cltiii) to run 
tnad. (ftffcf) to gather 
Strengrh. (foåå iøicn) to 
relapfe into Sicknel's« QciU 
haqi) to treiflainv be léfr be>> 
hind, Cttf ^ntcO tø coine* 
or fall to nOthing, be lo(l» 
vanif h. (til Sr«0 «* be 
curned into Wood. (CduO 
to be . hnfhéd« (oaad) td 
bc tnoift. (oaeO to beholdt 
ro go on * to procee/J. (bo 
b'tj ro take up, to refurmi. 
(bootn) tb fwelL (@o[> 
bdO to ttarnSoldicr. (t>CO 
tor) to go outDodtor«(i<ttO} 
to maktf a good SchcUr« 
(JJwW Xo enter into Gr- 
ejers, (eh btito iSIanO to 
pro ve å g^Od Mjn« (iaO b.j^ 
chiifc then, (MiOC ef Ot» 

fer for Dnbfdb) to fall a 
Sacrifice ro Mahce. (j^i^ab 

otl Der blioc aQ ^^<'t ^i^l 

this coine to. (la^ bltOé^ 

tojpreftiffe) forbear. (b;;n b» 
dl^ri^ noøcn txrb mant) 

he will nevcr make a Scho- 
lar. (b. fp(;) to fall, grow 
ficlc« ChliJ^t \>ttb otti 9fO 
tic) to blnfh ; be affrtghted. 

(b. borfc p baane) to faint 

nway. (b. bcremO ro acouirc 
Reputarion. (b. fcrtbio) ro 
linif h, end. (bliOCf OmfonM 
ftii)io perifh. belof^. (6fj« 

bet bleo paa bcti jlpff) the 

6hip wascait away, or loft 
on that Coa(h (50O SlaitØ 
bltH i ©ia^tO ^00 Mcrt 
were killed in the Batrie. 

(blf?e peb (It gcrcbaoenbe) to 

ubide i/iyour Vurpol'c, ((Ad 


ei ) 100 ( d( 

ti BIlM kcrHt) let os picch Sfobptnge/ che Price < 

upon that, Blood« 

SliventCf becoming, growing, ^lo^pUttittØf che Piifing i 

abiding. C^tbhUunU) per- Blood« 

maiient, conftant« ((^er tt ^fo^p^lfC/ Blackpudding» 

togrn 9U &tt fpr (am), 33Iobrcri criminal Courr. 

hereis noAbi ding for him*' 23lot)rtiai fanguine, fuU < 

3livc(lebf Abode. BloocT, plechorick. 

3&ii|rfiil^/ ftark or deaddnink, 23lo^rUg^ebi Plethory« 

topheavy* ^3(o^rø^f fanguine, 

3Mo^ t Blood« (iøttntt tttt 331o^ramUll# Sanguificacionl 

letteO^^^eorclottedBlood« 23Io^ffor9aiibri a Relacior 

(ørp^Ct er ølbtiajaa V^nbt, Kin or Kinsman by BIooc 

htt et ^00 ujlttttf tnb ^iob^iptvantifabf Confaoa 

gjanb) Charicy begint at iiinicy> Kindred by Bloofl 

Home« ParentagetofthefameBIood 

Iblo^aattf a Vcin, 23{otffam# IncefL ^ 

^ftlo^ba^f t Slanghee.** Mat- 33lo^Katll^crf t inceftvoi 

facre, Butchcryt Bloodflied- Man« 

ding« ^iotfl^nbttifi i inceftnont. 

2lo^b^[^f a bloody Sore» 23lo^f^pl^# Bloodgnildntfi 

Ulcer* Apofteme or Bile« capital Crime* 

3&l9bbomi aJndgmencorSen- 3Mo6foei a Dyfentery« 

cence of Death« 23Iobtp^ltina# bloocffptctiog 

a^Iob^omwcr, a criminal Jo- ^lotflcciii Bloodftone. 

ftice« S^lobØiQenbe/ ftyptic 

»lo^onc f a red Banner or »lobjl^itBitiø , Hemorrhagy. 

»lo^m.fengBineCoIonr« '^'l^af&t'''^'^ 

:&lø^finre/ ti Redench. Extortioncr! 

WoMIøb, thc bloody Finit; »lobfucrie, Extortion. Fla» 

351^fitlbf f« blcbriiø, cing 

3Mobftlt«£ Plechory or Abon- S^lobfucrfff fleecingt €Xtor^ 
dance ot Blood in a Body« in g« 

3Mo»gailØi Hcmorrhagy, Dy- a&lobø U^umff beb # Serofity« 

fcntery« »lobfiinr/ toilfome, painiiil. 

aWobgicrria/ bloodthitfty* »lobt^rfllg, bloodthirfty, 
fangmnolenc. cmcU bloodyminded. 

»lob^wit, Vengeance of a3Iobt^r(ligbeb, Thirft after 

^^^06. Blood, Cruelty. 

»lob^Ullb, a Bloodhoond. Zlobuth Tormentil« 

»roJ)igj bloody. coveredwith »iot>vlbnc, a Martyr. 

Blood, tmcnlent. ^, ^ »1 1. r o •. 

^, ^é^ t T 1. mof, aBlok, Log, StockiL 

a51c^3gel , a Leech. T^nnk, (til JJarpO • wood« 

W^^inmPt dottcd Blood* Head« (Solttgc^ $50 tbt 


ei ) loi ( m 

Poor*> box. C^Bfel) B Pnlley, Jbtomlttt, aFlowcr. BluTom. 

(Bloch, r^eslintb.) Bow- CSfotnte iooi i 9r.) ihe 

linebloh. QiShefiJtO She«t- TrtM are in Bloirom. 

block. COol^bO '!'>'*'>''•><:''• 2M9m^rb«øcr, thc C«Iiz « 

(SiIOD^bO Clewljneblock. Cap of a Flowar. 

(3Su94orl>iRab.} Bunttine- S&lomfltTbrt r ■ Flovtrbad in 

block, C W-'EaornfngibO ' • Garden. 

Lcrchlincblock. CS'i^n^c ^lamntTbnttt i a Nafegay. 

f (tiM.) Footblock, (taU crt. 

I VA.} TackUblock. C&tM' »te-m^mmHa, a Florifc 

I (dk) lanncrblock. (Øitb} onc, whocaltivatetFlowan^ 

GnUock. CVcafO Braec- Z>lemtttri*n, Capillamanta of 

yick. CDfeitCtUft.) Tia- Ftawcrt. 

Uock. reuftetb ) lianginE »fonftn-botiDlcr . CfltBt feai 

GMrblocb C XrotfMb. } falg« (BfoloRtr) a Nofcsay- 

Shoableek. (gfelftO Fiddle- woman. 

bUek. (KtlpalcrbO Down- Sl9MAer^«a(|f r a Fle«ai> 

klinrblock, - fKoiIcnttO garden. 

Ufiblock. CXwIccUbO 3»l9«pctfjtnbcr, m Flortft. 

QttMock. CfaloO Hal- ane, who iaikiUed ii\Flow- 

liirdblock. (SintMHIlO et«; « Rotanifl. 

•Vuim, f^rtButtiOffl) m »I»"ft<rtK>««b« - a Garland, 

»Saie. - a Crown of Flowew. 

SWtef^ to brock np a Plac«. S[OBfterl«gf Joltbd/ a Bolb 

SWh»», a Bloekhonfe. a ofFlowari. 

Icdonbt of Timbci at tha Slomfttmiaøt^ r om. that 

IttarGde. makai Flowara. 
IHafffbtcier« a Turner of 3MoMft*rm4ln / a Flowar-,that tnmiBlocka Plinter, or a Painm . ibat 

Hid Potlici. cxceli in painting Flowari. 

SMfRmCf tb« Hofe of • Stowfltrpotte, a Flowerpou 

"^^ aMonftcnivartttt/ f. Iblom 

tUfivt, tht Shivcr of a (lerEorttet. 

"■'. "«='^ »lomllerttB, florid; covwed 

Li XMfteca« Blockftont. with Flowcra. 

'■ ' KtMaal, Colliflowcr, Slen^trtlb, thc bloomy Si» 

%»■■«, aPlntn. (t«3 a f""- SpringtLow. 

:i Prane. (fettc) Dararon. ^blowftttvttt , Flowerwork, 

(i d SCø) Yolk. (^B le* FlontinM*, Garlandt. Fa- 

M Tm vfeaufn t ti Hai ftoom. 

~ livM in Clovar. »lowjlenjlbfljffab, Botany. 

^ I Vmmmof a Plnmtret. »lowflerswitb«! . f. »I«* 

■ : Vmmtt, lowarcd. ftert^S. 

« ) 10% ( (t^f 

9^4M(lrf# to bloom, blotfoni* 

biow. (liH Mlf »arre bo 

rtmO to flourifh. be in 
Rcuure , Voi;qe or Eilcein, 
Cai) to flied « Ut fall it*s 
231oln|lren^e» blooming^, bios- 
foiiiing. flonnfhing. 

Slonbtnf/ a fair Woman. . 

131oqv€rc» f. blolere. 

33lor# C^øO "aIccH, uncovered. 

' bafe. (af (>. Ø^iéfanfO o^ < 

mere Suspicion« (mcd b« 

SfliirbO^i'^ drawnSwoidi 

3M«t# C^xlfrnef fun) but, on- 

' ly, •n^cly, Otøeirem)plain, 
wtthoor ' any Ornam^nti 
downright, phinly* 
9Io(beb/ Nndicy. Nakednefs. 

231otItøgen# G Sctdfiiini}} the 

Lyin^ open in Fenclrg. 

Xiløtning, DenndaMon, Unco- 
■ venng, 

Slotte, to Qncover, bare, 
make naked. (iit Srpfl) to 
open yonr Brcaft. C(l9ftl») 
to expofe yourfelC lay youf- 
felf open. (fin &ap) to 
proftitiite yoorfelf. (ffn 
wtongcQ to mnkc yoiir Pe- 
nury appear. (finc Idnfcc) 
to discover yeur Mind* 

Z>lé^.t Toft, limber, fapple, 
ftnoorh to thc Touch, (m^cr) 
tender, inellow, 

^lø^Agtiøf foft, effeniinate, 
tender, nicc* 

331^bag[tl9te^f Softnefs, Eft'e- ' 

231^be^ O SSall^) to moiften, 
warcr, (tcep. foak, maccratc. 

C^im b(eD^ Osso og (mb) 

loloftcn, mollify, lenify, 
make foft. 

351^bei OriMe «f 1 

bleed. (af R«fdl) 

at the Nofe« 
:&l^e, (dcO C thc 

or t\\t Soft« 
2)l#beB| Bletfling« 

nin«) Sotking. ' 
15l4^9lØrc# to foften- 

Icnify, mtkefoft* c 

^l^bai^rettbe, (fpni 

IcrJ l.enitive. 

a&l^&9i^relfe/ thc S 


3Mo^beb, (Sceøbcb) 

Smoothnel's to tb 

Sl^bbierect, foft, d 

1 ff'.mii acy* 
331øbimtn^et« tendi 

251#^nef to fofta 


3Mø^ningi Suepini 

:&lø»<!nbe^ C. M^b( 

33|^bføben4 foftboilc« 
' poached Egg*» rtt 

Sl^^^ foftly, tendei 
iteepcd, fo^kcd« 

91ueø veb« to bluHi 

in the Face througi 
to be af ha med of« 
fol, or fhainefaced 

23Iiif(trMg, bafhfuK 
ced , modeft. demi 

S&lufojrbigeii, bafhfif 


33(tif<erM9(eb, Baf 

Shameiaccdneff » 1 

33(iiiin, (fort6«»ii] 
Wink of Sieep . SI 

fVo ) 103 ( ^ 

Uåw!^ dHnfc ncb Øtøene) 

'to wink or blink. Ci^ttiap 
tdiøcn^ CO Hecp flightly > to 

8iii^eii# CSIinfcn) Wink- 

din^f (SMtt) a Fitmbeau; 

ftafk or flame. O' SnjjiarcO 
to blBfb, colonr> be afnain- 

Zlåfifh Blazifi}^. (i 9nfti|(Ct> 

ArffAing* FUming« 
^/ff/ L blnfocr^iø. 
XAv iead. (icrttc meb 9(0 

10 lead a Roof. 

Zlyntf Leadftone« Black- 

«5(t4tltfpeil# a LeadpenciL 

Ibi^ttrtå, Ore of Lead. 

3MY^^t/ (»reøbbib) Whiie- 

Slifnglef a Bnlltt. 

15t^U^e# a Sheet of Lead* 

.SM^fioT/ a Plaiii'j or Plumbv 

Zttfum 9 Drofs of Lead« 

:Mtfiøber, f. 'Z>V^ttctlUv. 

^ttjhffe/ a Pig of Lead. 

9htaffer# a Plummer« 

9M^«ffer>ainiiier, a Platn- 
mer's Mallec, 

Bl^ltf f er/ a Glazier's Vice« 

SMtvorgtf a Plunmicc. 

3Mle# røanbboble) a Bnb« 


^blcr Cffebe Q3ob(cO ^ o ^ub- 
hle up. 

35o6Iett/ che Bnbbliag up. 

^boeb, (it^t S&att fal^oIbeO* 

tShop> Warchoufe. (9)ert' 
fcO a Workfliop ♦ Work- 

houfe. (paa et SRarfeO ^ 

Booth, Sral). 

^tx>, (9Caab for cDer imob nb^ 

tct) a Rcmady, 


• . < 

i- f. 

»oe^# CSebHng)^ Peni;ence| 

Repencance« CoKverfion. 
33o^f<sr^ig/ penicenci repen- 

cane> contrice. 
2^o^f(trbf 9^e^ # Repentance« 

ConcritJon» Sorrow for onr 

15obfelt{Fror, a Naphew» 
33oMnerie/ Botcomry. 
33obmeriebrev^ a Bill of Batp 

Ibot, (Coclifl) Dwillinjj; 

Abo^e. C%cebat)<f QSoeffab} 

Honsholngoods, Moveablesy 

FitrnitDrc. (efterlabenffaby 

€ter9bP0 £ftate of a dis- 
Tb^tf V« to live, dwelU abide 
fomewhere. (j^th ttn) <^ 
lodge in one*8 Honfe. 
2^0€^avc p Honsholdgoodsk 

Mc»veables» Fnrnirure. 
33ocltg^ DwelTing, pwellinj* 

place, ManHofihonfe. 
33oelf1fab , f. 33i(ldpper{Ve* 
23oep(tI, Abode, f. S^elig« 
^oeelob/ Eftate« Fortone, 
3^09^ aBook, Volnme, aPam- 
phlct. OPj^P^O • Quira 
of Paper. (ildbbjbp a 

nercv (atninenlcrdae, \t\tt 
H tnbbinbe en 45oi) to gine, 

fold, ftitchandbtrdaBook*- 

fføre fil 93085) to book 

down, enter a Thing into %,'. 

23ogbin^# Cover of a Book« 
^ogbin^er# a Bookbinder. 
33o9bin^erbretf a Bookbind- 

er's Board. 

^o gbinber^ aa ti ^ verf/* 

a Bookbindcr*s Tradé. 
J&^obin^crprefre' a Bookbinn- 

t er's Snwin^piefs« 

35ogbin^fl*flenlpeI# a Book-.' 

binJer's Coin. 

25ogbin^erftJcnb, ajoutney- 


*/ rr- 


00 ) i04 ( 00 

3Bdffbif€# t ChalRncYu 
9d8f^ tttf a Stationer« 
SDogøttlbi Lea%old« 
^oøl^Ait^ei, BookfallerU 

Soø^anMcTi a B')okfeller« 

cneB«oks.printed for aBook- 

falUr or a Bookfeller'a Co- 

Soø^olbet/ a Bookkeeper* 
Ibogbolhttiti Bookkeeping. 
9&08pvc^e# Buckwheat> Beeck« 

S&ogb^lter a Bookfhelf« 

a3ogfien^e| (Qoømarrfe) a 

S^oglabCf aBookfeller^sShop« 
^oøl^trti booklearnad« verfed 

in Bookt, 
95oøIi8e7lonfler# liberal Arts. 
S^gmi^l # a Bookwornu 
S^ogreoly Book-cafe« 
SDofa XfbeUnø/ a Chapter* 

(»4gdtO a Seaien, 
%90fu# <t Library. 
93^aiiiliiifi CoUeftion of 

Bookst Library. 
9ogfere# to tow or hanl a 

S^érittøf tfie Tx>wing or 

Hauling of a Ship. 
Sogajormat, theForm ofa 


Sogforfotttinø/ the Cotnpil- 
ing dr Compofing ofa Book. 

Soøf forfarter f an Author, 

Compiler* Bookmaker* Wri^ 

Soøffabf a Repofitory for 

35oga«a>plAgi Edition« 

23ogn?«iibe/ a Clafp. 

S&ogflao / a Letter. (Qka^Rt 

belfeéb.) initial Letter. Q^p/ 

re) capiral Letter. 

Sogflnvelig^ literal. 

SogftAveligeii/ iitcraUy* * 

bal ly. 
3&ogftavere# to fpelL 
Sbogjlavcring/ Spelling. 
33og|la9areaninø^ Algebi 
^øgftavé • S^rfotmiRøf 


^o§^av$ « tt^ela^elfe/ 

23og(ioe[/ a Readingdeik« 
23ogrri^f f er/ a Printer. 
33ogrrtf f erbengef , the 

or Rounce of a Printi 
S^rr^ff erfarne, a Princ 

35pgrrtVferfett/ Faults of 

Prefs, Errata« 
Sftogrrpf rerU , a Printi 


9ogrr7fferCottil/ the An 

Printi ng. 

33oørrtfrerpre(re/a Printi 

S^ogrrfFferfiib, a Printi 

Galley. S 

9cgrrrfrerfleø, the Galle 
ofa Prinier's Prefs. 

^gtr^Fferflol*/ aTaiipic 

26ogrnM^ferf9ettb^ ajonrn 

man- printer. . CbCtIf f 

toaer 9tb ^xtfltn) a Prc 



33ogrr^Itltnøi the Printing 
a Book. 

2&ogrtP/ « PJagiary. 

X>otlfavt, »oefFab, f. », 

35oie, CSo^icrn) the Bilbo 

Rolling # red Herring. 

9o(b/ fl Bull. C3ob6or 
Football. Cfpitte 55ølO 
play at Ball. 

33ol^fornii!jf globolar. 


SBO ) 105 ( S3o 

fis ^«o 9*) KO- ftand upon 

Toar own Botrom« 
Sol^^noe/ ■ Tcnniscourt. 
MDBager^ a FooibtUniflken 
MMBCgcr, TenniscoBft-kee. 

fcr« Mailer of t Tennis* 

15oMvi(, a Tcnniiplay, 
3freUiv 10 coRiniic WhorcdoTD* 
IbolCfiMillrefs, Concubme« 
*3Mfff t Gfllltnct Amoriftf 

Z^iiti 1 9 Cnncnbinflge, 

Anovrs. Loveintrigne* 
Silfrf , whorifh* amoroas, 

SMiff a Dwellin^, Manfion, 


linie Paddtng* formed Irke 

»tic, C««0 a ^^^'* , . 

. 9il|ii,rwoln, pufted ap« (mCO 

MbK^ fuppttracive, pnni- 

^■ifg^ffcj. Tumonr* SweU 

fag. Cm<> flWme) uiccra- 

BOD, Snppvration. 

3otac^ cofwell) tomify« (OKb 
JMc) CO marter* fuppnrate, 
■kcrace • draw to a Head* 

99l#cr# Bedcicking. 

Soltt flBolt, anIronPin, or 
Peg* OB* ^ 3«l0 Fettera, 

Shackles,(Iar9ac rø.oøOem) 

to ferter* iron or fhacklc 
•ne, pac in Iron« ^ 

»oicc, ceribé) Boiti. (y^t* 

10 Drivebolts. QØIcb.) 
Eycbolts. . (9. m'-J) (9tte 
tPK^r # €(umbO Fore- 
lockbolrs« C<Iinf bo Clinch- 
bolts« (Jba%tb.^ Huokbolts* 

(@!ntte». t\\ 99ttinøéfftiti 
Icrne) Prevcoterbolrs. (l^* 
IcH Ragboltf* CKiO^O 

Ringbolts. CSittfonMeb.) 

Squarebolts. (Sb. QlCb fltr« 
fantebe$Ot»cb<r) faabrehead- 
ed Bolts. Cl^ompeoO Pump- 
bolts, (en 'jageboU ot bme 
Sotter il tneb) a Statting- 

a^oluø, (git(ecr) Bole, 
23olverf , C8ot|Fanb4nind)BQl- 

wark, Baff^ion, 

33oh^ecf epcitgc / Keyage. 

23om^ QBIaøuO " Bar to fliiit 

Som t (til @f ibé) a Boom« 
(Jt(9t)Crb.) Gibboom. (9Rc« 

boom. (Soocntofeildb.) 

33oiiibat^eer(|aaioc> a Bomb- 

23cmbarberf / to bomb.bomb- 

ard,attack withBombs,throw 

Bombs upon, 
33omb4ir^erer, a Bombardier* 
33ombarbettng^ Bombarding, 

Atracking with Bombs« 
23ombei a BombfhclU 

:&omerurei Cfcebt Stueiitim' 

mer) a Dowdy, 

23ommer^ (Xtxi) a Fail, Mis- 
take> Trip, Blunder. (ribC 
(BO CO be baffled» frnftrared* 

23cmrci to faiK mistake* err* 

TbotaoMtf fweetOiU Oilpres- 
.fed out ofOli^s, Salladoil« 

Vbom^iVitf hufh, quice filene, 

33omtil^ § Cotton. 

33omul^6t#i# ScutfofCotton; 


2^omtll^6Cr<ce#the Cottontrce, 

]6onbe^ a Countryman) Pev 
fant, Husbandman, a Villa- 
ger; a Clowm 


99 ) 106 { IBø 

IbMiHWgUQ, fgreftic, nifti- 
calydownifh, boorifhtCgroO 
nnpolifhed « mde* 

Bonbeaøtigen , ronncrylike, 

liHe t Clown, in a ni(lic 

3^on^ea9ri9^?^ / Rnfticicy> 

Incivility* Kojdenefs. 
Son^ebte# a Vilhgc 
3^otl^e^an^6/ a Counrrydance. 
13on^c^ra9t/ a Peafanc's Ha« 

bit or Garb. 
05ent>titftf thcFeaft or Harveft- 

iSølt^eg^iirti a Farm, Tcnc- 

ISdltbe^ftø/ t Coancryman*s 

fiat, Cot or Coctage. 

l^onMaxif a Councry*Lad, 

Swain, Hind, 
25^nbefiuel/ a Counrrymaft's 

35onbef no(b#a HoydonXhorl, 

Lobcock » Councrybumkin, 
^Ollbef onf / a Countrywoman^ 
35enbefo(lf Countryfar«. 
^onbtiaaQ, the Commonity of 

15otlMe(ttf aPief held by Soc- 

cage, a Fief ignoble. 
S&onbelevnetf a Countrylife. 

a rnral or ruftical Lite. 
Sottbentaali GibbefifhtConn* 

try-diale£^. • 
3^on^em4nb/ t Country man, 


3&onbcmii(Fat| (Urt) Drop. 

35ontcptge, a Conntrylafs. 

2^on^cpIagtr/ an OppreflTor of 


2^^nbe]riQem«7n^r a Country- 
fiddler or MinlheU 

»ditbcfproq, f. :&oti^emAAI. 
J&0ltbft1an^/ a Courtryman's 

Extra^aion, (flffc ©enderne) 

the Peafanrry. 


9cnbe9U»» cl^wi 

Way, Cpaa 3 

tike; likc a Cl 

S^oftbepogn , t C 

X>øntt tocleanfei 
to biirnifh« poli 


^onntt, Ceti 9Sr«fl 

man's Bonnet.. 

:5onnn, C@tibéU 

net. Cetibd b 

6ei( 00 honnet 

Shiphdsher Coi 
net abroad. (f 
tolaceonthe Bc 


33orf n Bore« Pi< 
let, (j&UUlb.) 
Wimblc. (Sgcn 
gar for Waterpi 

25orb# (ae fpife oe 
C5«f f c93.>o «*» J 

fprcad the Tabl 
i5.)to clear the 1 
jløtil>^.)to Gt 
bie, Q^aiXt op 
ri fe from Tabl< 
aobt 9.) ro keej 
oHito Iivenlenti 
Board. CéfiM 
gaa< om 09.) 'o 

imbark. (gaae fl 
from Board. (C 
Lord's Supper. 

®ubé4B0 'O CO 
to receive theCor 

Lord's Supper. 

a Fcvdingtabie« 

a Board. 

33orbMAb, a Leaf 

^orb^lIg| a Tab!« 

23orbc# C^rcjinmc; 

£dge, Lace, or 


«« y 107 ( s^ 

r^UppcrBnd of 

tilt FoM pi thc 


ord, tftififcor. 
rot^ aTsbleCom* 
i FeHowbotrder* 
, fl Tiblebein 
h t $ctnd CO fer a 

ig, che BiciHng of 
i» cbeSayingGrac^ 
d ifcer Meau 
lffr# Offalff llem-^ 

rtbUbeer* Table* 

t^tiie Company te 

|ood Hanners ar* 

i Tabletalk. 


r Iibicfriendt ?ara- 

fTibl€wina9 Rape« 
mH Wine« 

Bpeabroider« make, 

orc^ make hollow, 
i% ro wear inio a 

9. in CønbO ro 



(r g^orHO « Caftle» 
ce or Hold, 

fil) Trnft, Credit, 
a S.^ ro give or 

Troft. Ctagtpaa 

kc upon Tjnft« 

|c poa Crebip ro 
ike npon Tick or 

Øcrg^gaarb, a Farmlioiire, ^ 
Manorhonfe* rhe Coorryard«' 

^otqaat^, a Bnrgmafleiv 
Mayor* ^ 

^orøermeftersieiiibeb^ (l5o«ki 
aeineleeffab) a Mayoralry, 
iurghraafter's OfR^t^ ^ ' 

borgen, (Caution) BalU Sti^ 
curity« Caocion, Majnprize« 
CfHSeeO ro give, pnr in Bailr 
Cblio^ $3f for ^) ro l^ail 

. one. 

f&orger, ((til feff (aøBcr af 
an^re^-a Borrower« 

2l^orger/ % Cirisen, Bnrgefs, 
.' ' Bargh^r» Freeman« a Coiik 

moner^ Cf»t^<lt<C(iø) a Cie. 

(Mi»^ tSO ro 'reccive cb^ 

Rightf otCirizena, 

23orgerfoiief aCirizen*aWife» 
a Cirefi« 

3&orgcrUg^ civil, cirizenlike. 
QfSDn) ulain, popnlar. (b. 
9{CBriR9; a Citizen*s Tråde, 
or Dealing, (b. j(tt9)civil, 
inteftine War. 

9U5) like a Citizen* in aciti- 
ly, fparingly, wirhourShew 
and Noife. ((cMbO ro lead 
a civil Life, 

l^otgtvmanbf f. Sorger«^ 

3^0f geror^tiing, rhe Police or 

civil Regolarion. 
l^orgetpUøCf theDntyofaCi- 

l^orgcrret> rhe civil Law. 
^otQttflabf theFreedom of a 

City, BnrgherOiip. (raøCf; 

Wttbe fit C) *o bc a Free- 

man orBurgher of a Town« 

a^orgerfTab , Qiffe Sotaente> 

cheComraOnalcy ofBnrghers. 

Xorgerffab^ (unber ee»at> 
rhe Cicy*Trainband8« 

So ) 108 ( f^ 

SdrgcrfUtibf the Commontl- 

2ftorgcr(hie# tfwScrytnfthall« 
lbotgttva§t9 the Gntrd of 

Burghers. ' 
S&orggrcvff Borghgravc, Vis- 

^5or99rcvilt^f f Visconntef«, 
7bøv§SVtvftab, Viscounty^ 
HøtVtø fl Bor , Clocbar. . 
TbotTtfattt, Falleres Thiftle« 
Sort ! af t>f ien ! twty ! gct 

yoa gone ! tvannc. 
9&ortbatrff to carry away» 
9^ortbi^e $ to bicc off. 
IfrorttxgivtfiØfto abfenryour- 

Ct\U to wichdraw, depart. go 

tway« rctire« 
3&ortbl«fc# to blow away* 
SftonbrittgCf to bring, carry, 

rake away, to remove it. 
Sortb^ttei to exchanee, bar- 

ter> truckt chop or iWop fo* 

meching for another. 
Sfrortbampe # to evaporate, 

reek or ftcam ont, to cx- 

S^orcbompiiing/ Evaporariom 

Reeking or Steaming ont« 
23crttb^e# to expire, die, de* 

ceafe, die fadderly. 

to witndraw« recire« 
33orttri9e# to chafe, drive or 

turn away« 
Sorcfy away, out of thaWay, 

abfenr, gone« ((OQØf bort) 

far off« a great Way off* (mn 

f C b« fra et 6tcb) to be ab- 

fent or a great Way from a 

^otttblivtt to ftay ont. (fot* 
ft^inbe^todisappear, vanifh« 
go out of Sight. 

^ovtfaftt, to leafc, let or farm 

Ibottfaittlft 9 the Leafing or 
Farming oot. 

35ortfaIbef co fidl 
Ibotdattø todepai 

wirndraw, fct a 
9ortfart# theDep 

ting oQt. 
SortfSne, tofwec 
J&ortfl^ien# flown 
3&ott^^/ to flow 
Sortfte/ to fly. n 

away, efcape, ] 

35ortflttliin8# Ren 
in^of aLolging 
ofa Place. 

Xhttfi^ti to rei 
qait or letve yoi 
(en %in§) to rem 
inco anotherPlacc 
it away. 

diaappear, ^t o 

l^ortfltvtiiiøf t 

SortforpAgte/ to 
or let out. 

^bortforpagter, a 

or Leafing out, 

23ortf#re# to car 
tranfport, to fti 
(9øtn) CO fpirit 
awav Childreiu 
frite) to rDn away 

Iftortf^relfe/ tha 
Transporting , 
away, the Ran 

Sortgaae# co go 

yourWay,get yoi 
ro depart, fetont 
yourfelf, march 

S^ortgangi a Dapi 
treår, Retiring« 

to marry or n 


B» } 109 ( ' fS9 

fffwtwmjt fptiHl ^^rt(c^tliltfl^ rhc CooTeying 

> bcfhnr vpoii« ro of Water from onc Pltc« co 
fi» 'flilow* CH^ anothcr 

to btqøcfthont XhftMti CO leflfct Arm« kt 

beGivingawty« 3&ortleier^ t Ltafor« 
Dootnon* Ltr- 25ottIctiliii9«aLeafing«Lctting 

or Farming odc i 

» CBt off or 35oi*(Uø8e# co bt diftanc> ly 

afar oBT. ^ 

» hirt onc (fig SorcUflc flg# to flip or flidt 
:e OBC or ingago awjy ; co tteal awaj« fneak 

awåy, con'vey yonriclf away* 
drive, c«m, or Sortlot^f topromire, angago 
• («f tanM) co yoor Word. (cil S>åXttt) 
vent* driTahim tobccrothtproinifeoraffiancé 
t and HoiBt» a Dtaghcer to one, (^SJOjg« 

ritcD« rarnedf or BCn cr bO che Coach la. fo- 
f^ cnlad« omlaw- rafpoken* bafpoken or bar 
åottHonra and fet. 

23orcl#be# to run » ffy» gat« 
^ tbe Chafing or fcaniper away, betakeyoor- 
nr. felf to your Heela, fhew a 

kufteoy fpead fairpair ofH«els,inakayonr 
dUetogetawayt Efcape, co torn your Back« 

Fy Sorrløbnfng/ Efcapa, Flight« 

hSjTwIt. loft! ^onvufU fip CO maka. run. 

- (forr«M<) to '« •^^*^« yoarfelf. 

ifi not co know -35orcrcifc# v« co pare. depart* 
id it or what you fet our,go away from a Place« 
vitk itt to puc go abroad« 

^•y* 23ortrfife (c«> aDeparture, 

éaThrowing or Satting ont , a#oing away 
y, from a Placa. 

togetaway» dis« 25orcrei(l/ deparcad« fac onc* 
kO <o be 1of^• gone away« 
got away, loft« 33ortrci>cii# plackt or pnllad 

> poc or lay a- ^* 

25orcrit>Cr to deparc, fat ouf 
ilongforgoing onHorfeback. torida away. 
I longing Oafira 33orcriii^^ co rnnoflforflow 


(mb) to draw 'Kotttivti copull« pluckaway 
ey Water from by Force* to taar off> takt 
anochcr* oflu 

1^0 ) liO ( ^6 

toortrømmc# to fly » %et, 
fcaroper awåy , make your 

Efcape. f.t^rrløbe fr<t. ^ivt 
one the Slip. ([fra Sorcel* 

bre, ^dnOK.) ro clooe« 
J^ovtvømmin^. Efcape, fiight* 
3&orrrØDbef to femovc forne* 

thing, fet ir out ofthcWay, 

(9<øte åf trtfb) to dcftroy, 

txcerminace9 cat oft^ 
S^orrtn^Mfi to pollf plnck 

away by^orCe* to tear out. 
S^ortfceløé, to fell titter, dis- 

pofe of » put ofT, to vend« 
S^onffftte/ to put AQde, fet 

afide orapart« to retnove, 

(paa SCcntc) to pnt on In- 

Sorrfeé^ to ram yoar Eyts 

awey from. 
IbovtftUif to deparc, ftil away, 

fet f^ili put out« 

Tbottftn^tfto fcnd or difpatch 
tway, fpeed <way. (SJore) 
to forward , difpttch or con- 

' v^ goods, 

Sortfénbelfe^ the Sending or 

Diipacchingaway, Forward- 
ing, Crinveying* 

Ibévtfltafftf to remove« pur 
aw.iy. fend a greatWay ofF. 
Ibovtftatt, to cqt off or our« 
IbovtftimHå to give away to 
one^ mWn one a Prcfenr of, 
prefent one with a Thing, 
bettow upon him« 

IbovtiiUnfning , the Giving; 
away, Bellowing upon^ Do- 

a5orri17if re / f. bchrcnbe. 

X>ottVvccfft, to frighcen, 
fcarc one away. 

Ibottft^t, ro puf h away« 

33onff^I^ig, due, owing. 

(fotti 3)anb øiat 9tO S)iøtr; 

to wcar away« 

Sdrrfl A Ae#Caf Canfei 

drive away disp«1 1 

'^ottfUtbtt to drågi 
harry away. 

IbovtftctnQt j (é bon 

C&ortfn4pp€r ro fnai 

Iteal away« (cil !p((] 

away with a GirJ. 

35orrfitappe(fef the S 

away, Robbing. ^ 

Rnnning aWay wil 

!6^cfnappei> (en) t 

ldon(ni§t f Cnogft; 

ririvately, purl^in, 
fteal away. ((tjt) 
fneak. Hip away. 

9onfOVtf to (lip foin 

- Sleeptng too låne. 

Sortfi^iilé/ (Venge 
Money by Gamin« 

S^orrfprtnøC/ to leaf 

' hop away* 
SortflteU, to fteal' 

rob, plundcr. 
23wt(l^bCf to pofh 

away , fhove om 

his ?lacei 

23ott|t^^ee# to fty 

Duft, be dufted i 

blown about rsDc 

to Duft. 

25drrflrv1e* to ftrike, 

:&drtfrin&e/ Cforrt>in] 

appear, vnnifh aw 
U^tmti) to fall aw 
iDCii^er* O'om Sya 
siG'OW'n^ nicngcr 

23orrfvøminef to fwi 

to eicapc by Swir 

33orttitré# to confun 

2&oi'ttø:reø , ro be c 

wafted , giow meci 


^øvttaQ^, to rake aw 

ve, doaway,withdr 

VQ to dcprive, bei 

of fonicrning, ta 

CgortrDlIcCfc; to di 

SSo ) 109 ( s» 

Vifiy on, ro bcltow upon, to ol \V;Tei irts ud: Pia:^ :i 


c ofr < 

i« om. Cfi9 
int or ingige 

Umift, lo drive, tern, or 

Olle. ontUwonc, drivshim 
fronHonrc ind Home 
BfnjogtL driven, tnrned, or 
doTtdiwiy, exilcd, ODclitr- 
(i itmr, from Houft md 

Benief«tB9> the Chafing or 

Senilt, Ib biftcn, rpecd 
•■■TsikcHifte togcraway< 

Avtb^, tinfa(ltt, ciit, 

U'ci.i (ir finne aw^Yi lolf. 

Btnf j^, ;o ciJt , throw or 

*af iwiy, Cforlcrøgf^ to 
kft ■ Tbing, not lo hnow 
■Wn CO find iicrwhatyoq 
bi( done »ith it, to pnt 
of ibc Way. 




S, ■«. s:.** -^ 

|[o abiaid. 
Z^ørtrnft Ol> 
Smitiga«. L, 

friM iflMb 

ibo ) iio ( »o 

iboTtttmmt, to fly. s«, 
fetmper awiy , mtke yoor 
Efcipe. r.bortl^bc fra. giv* 
ene the Slip. Cfw Sot«(' 
tre, rødnbic.) ro cIodc. 

Sortrømming. Ercipc.I'iight. 

3^«trT«^^e. o rcmovc fnme- 
thing, fet itnut oftheWjy. 
Cjf*« «f mtD) to dcftroy, 
•mcrminat« , ctit off. 

»OttPlHe. to pcU, pinck 
■wty by Forte, to tctt oat. 

2»rtfiz(gt, to fell mt«r, dis- 
poft of, pnr otft 10 vend. 

Sortffftttr to pnt aSde. f« 
efide oT iptTC, to Tcniovc, 
Cpafl flICB«) to pnt on In- 

S«rrfH( t(t torn yoiiT Ey«> 
»wey from, 

SonfrUCf tod«part,failnwty, 
fct IVi). puE our. 

2»rtr*itbc<to fcnd oT diTpiTch 
•w>y, rp«d <wiy, (5)nrO 
to forward, dtfpttcliorcon- 

■ vey goodi. 

Tbonfinbtlfti the Sending or 
Dirpsichingewiy, Forward- 
inj, Cnnveyinj. 

SørtfTttfTt, to remove, pur 

aw.iy. fend n gteitWay off. 

' SortfFAte, lo c>]t oiT or oui. 

SonflllenEb lo Rive aw«y to 
onci inv onc iTrerenr of, 

frefent one wrth a Thiog, 
ellow upon him, 
SortfTifnCning , thc Giving 
■wjy. Bellawing nponf Do- 

%onfFtFFc , f. t>(>ttrcBb(. 
SertffrnCtc , to frighten, 

rciK onc away. 
Xiottft'^t, to pufh away. 
SenfF^lblg, due, owing, 
SørtfP^ae, ro vafh away 

Cfom ESanb giat nb Siøttj 

■a w>gar away. 

35*«(I««f ,Caf ftiin!«>o 

drive away dispcl . dii 
%Ott|l«bt, Eo dtag. ht< 

liarry away. 
Sortfldtigei f. t>ontit|l 
35orrrniippt( to rnaich. 

Ileal away, Ctnfiit) t 

away wich a Girl. 
I6»rtfii«|9p(lfti> theSnati 

away, Roblimg, fpl f 

RDnnin^ aWiy wiRi a 
ftorrfnatipeif (en) ■ fto 
9»»rnjgti Cnoert) tø 

^rivarely, piirl"in, pili 

fteal away. Cfifl) to 

fneahi ll'p »way. 
SftdrtføVi I« flip romtthi 

SIceping too Ure, 
SortfiiiDtf (VcngO >* 

Money by Gaming. 
Sorifprfnfief to leapt I^ 

hop away, 
^ortitltU, ta fttal'am 

rob, plnndcr. 
Sorttt^bt, to paTh or I 

away , Orove om c 

his rlace. 
39ol-tft49e» f to fly iwi 

Duft, be dufted aW*] 

blnwn ibntli rtDuft, I 

to D..[t. 
»ortfolu&t, Cforf»in*0" 

ipueir. vanini away. 

StacHMt)iu<al)*way, I 

mciier, /fB« ^OSCtf« 


aG^owng meager. 
Søctfv^mintf toTwim 1 

t" efeapd by Swimmii 
Korttitre, to ciinrum«, i 
SoL-ttÆrc« , to be conf« 

walted , groW meaieri 

Sorten gCf to lake away, i 
ve, doaway,wiihdraw,4 
Bp to dcprive, bereai^ 
of fomerning, lake i 
CSmnZtm "• 'li^tK 

5o ) III ( 00 

tbtTtkinf awaf« 7^oc(ttttt (19, co fixt fctcle or 

\%t Removing, eUablifli yoarfelf or your 

Abode in a PUce» bcffin ro 

keri«way.rcaiov- liv«: and dwcU chere; fec up 

iwn, • yoiiv Living cherc, 

oftatre) to wipe, 23Qe(i5bétiN/ fettled.ef^ablini- 

away or ofF, to cd , fixed« f» Honsholder« 

3&oeff 4b> Furnitnre»Hoorhold- 

• chc Drainingi goo(ls» MoveabUs* Ucen- 

(O drain , draio 2&dtanif/ (ttrtefcMO Botany» 

ed up* JbotanifuB # CUrtcnoibC?) a 

to draWf pnll* Bocanin:« an Herbalilt« 

vay. 33durgo9ticviiil/ Hurgiindy« 

toilirongoflaotit 23oufere/ toimbors, inakeim- 

e. bosfed Woirk, fflake Figurtø 

) ttchange« bar- -in Retievoi 

cliop, iwop forne- 9ftdiifeei*fon(t/ the Art of loi'* 

Aotncr, bofling, 

\f Exchang^e, 33otifcrei^f an ImboiTtr* 

^outtiUt, a Bottl«. 

to go awayi go dot?/ the Shoulder. 

eryourfeif gone, 230P| (et @hbO a Bo^. fe« 

oor. fParp i5 ) a lean Bow. (en 

n wflfh away. f^ttt ^0 fl't>lufF or bold Xow» 

iiofebyiayingor . ((gfibex fciUr faa ffsrf at 

1 Wag«r. . bet bo!b^* @fum fiaaet for« 

cnrnDtt'orawayt øcb^oi^en) the Ship carriet 

rt. (^inbrt) to a Bt^ne in her Mouch« 0£A' 

eoff. nonerne for tø., Øoo'ØCof« 

f a Turning oflf, ferne eHer fromme Sir«ct 

for i Q30 Bowpieces. 

decline, reccde, 23ovbU& / (paa en t^eft) the 

ityourfelf, kccp Withcrs ofo Horfc. 

Yay, fly from. 2^0 vHne/ Bo wline» C^a(^9t 

, Deoial, Refv (incn til) f harp the Bowline* 

'• 2^0^^e(/ a Hangmani £xcca- 

flAae} to deny, tionsi , Jackcatch. 

)rt". rejea. Cpvv »^^^elrnegt/theExcCuflone^'s 

id away. Cfor. Scivant or Man. Qqtnm 

fh, exile, reU- SKenncJPc) « Tormcnior, 

^' L rj 25^^5»clm«ø(!gi cruel, bar- 

lag, withcr,fade barons. 

., diooptdecay, t^^^j fov/ to makc Amcnd«, 

Reparation fort fatisfy for. 

leFading away, ?{^,j^ ^o pay, fmart for, 

iVfihering. ^f^^ ^j„^ gefQto cxpiatéyour 

• fixody elUbiU Fanlti, atone for or laake 

Aronement for them. C^CO 

f&ø ) 114 ( S5r 

Ibifftfi^tt, thc Si>hr x>f • Gan. 

SøifefCub ; Gunihoc« (paa 

ét ?J.narO withina Gnnfhot, 
2Døfre(loP# cheScock of dGiin. 
35øflcflftrte/ an Arquebufier« 

350flei CStelftbeffO « Gammbn 

of Bacon. 
a^ørtCf a lirde Tub» 
250V'<1; Rcnct QuirrenCi Fee- 

!35^ytibon^t, a Tcntnt liable co 

Ib^^tlbvtVt a Leafe« 
S^^rclgaai'^.f a Feefami* 
25i^|reigo^ø# a M-inor. 
a^øjrel perre # the Lord of i 

00]rlCr to f ake on tc»^e. (borO 

CO let) leafe or farm ouc« 

T^éHf f. Hit. 

T>vaa^, a Prick> S'ing^* 

Idvaabtf Cbe feefle ^labo jtor« 
net ffQbcr op af forben om 

jforaarcp a Slip or rtnder 
Shoot ot Corn, a Bnrj^eon. 

a^raaDf/ (fPo^e op fom en 
9raabe) (O come or fhoot 
up, ro buryreon. 

75vaa^t, C3orbu$)mnd) a Barri- 
cado of fcllcd Trces« 

^vabétnf, a car^jcninj Placc. 

Z>tactitt, a B-acelcr. 

^ta^, (nebb^lbenbt) floning;, 

dcclining, Itcep, ftaftig) 
2^r4^ptfllt^e t a Fryfngpan, 

T-va^fe, (@9mmeboi)(ber/fom 
liere 6ro(c tcO Scuds. 

S^ra^fpi^/ a Spir« Broach. 
Z>rat>fpH, W.ndlafs. 
Z>tæb€V, Bo^rdj, 

35r<t8e# to bicu, 

2^r(tgéil/ rhc'Blcacin^ of Sheep, 

X>txf, (Briftf SXceone) a Chink. 
Fifsare^ Chap , f» it^Oe* 

a^rttr^riPf a Vomfr, Ei 
33rÆf&t9ti9; emeric<)L 
X>txfbMnmtt i Cboé ^ 
mi^iJcrO a Mafon*s Cn 
^votf^tt to break, (* ' 
fer) ro break in Piecec, 
biiianben) to break afn 
(b. meb eet) to break I 
to fnap. Cct »BrtiO to 
unfeal. (cn DerT to 
opcn a Door. OStra 

to redea. (eii %ata 

to rout or break rhroi 
Batt<)lion. (il^) to v 
disgort^e« calt up. (fil 
,fi^) ro pQke, rerch, beqi 
orqualmifh, tofeela^ 
blingof theSromach« ( 

terodSunaeaffId) cqi 

up >0DrGuts> to Ipatl 

bly« (oiiae i @t9ffei 


33r(tfFejerii; an Iron-bi 


X>vxffeiiQ, fragil, brirtli 
ro break, eafily fnt] 

^vxfMiQ^tb, Fragility, 
rlenefs, Aptnefs to b« 

^rÆfPeT; brokeh, (ndp 

23rA*Fmi^^e^ anEmctico; 


»r«fii«nff, CVrnlelfe) B 

ing. C®PPe«) Vorni 

23ritCpuIverf tmetic Poi 

X>vctmmt, i Border, Ltcei 
loon, Edgi* 

^tccmmtf V* to ornameni 

-a Border« 

33r<tn^b4r, combuflible, 
Bammable, apt to take 

23r«it^bar(^eb # Combnfl 
nefs, the Quality of ti 


i5¥ ) Xts ( fSit 

)tf f.Wood, Firewao^t 

C^OMeO derved 

1 (ttUwgtty rrolind 

L (et &t^tU e. ft 

i itaflefooficR^ a Bil- 

t, r* Cnogct) to brnrp« 
HK With Fire> hurc er 
ad vith Fire. CAhO r<> 
]rc^irk> ro mtkcChark 
f rcoaUt Cf^^ttT, itgi* 
*,)to makeor bakePort, 
Ae. CAait) to burn 

C4SrcrnO(9iiii/ f^nof 

\ t&^tke Brani^s to < 
%qiiavir« &C4 C<d9lcn 

rljoi^ mcøcr) thc Son 

rnc.^nned or (ceitfii^- 

ad. (fir 0(aO to VI- 
Cit »a flfsndr) to de- 

ill WTtbFire aniSword« 
to born yourfelf* ((14 
cM^Bub^ro 'cald your- 
»?di Ik'i Warcr. (foic) 
tfrc (rt ®v»«r of) ^o 
rifficharge a Gan« (b, 
MWr) CO roall Coft«- 
5- C&- ^«)* •«" Dagcn^ 
r DayliX*it Ci>. ni« 

9€d ftielbalina) to 

or broom a Sbip« 

, ▼* O'Dctccre^ af 3!^ 

Sranb) to bum, con- 
r'ch Fire-. bcinflamed9 

Firt. (af SScflicrIig* 

obe inflamed with De- 
f.lf ®rrte) to be in a 
fWbc in/lsmedor burn 
^njer. (of Stcrliabcb) 
r,forLovc,bc overHcad 
rs in Love. (afUtdaf' 
bC^)to long with great 

^laø/ t Barning?!;lafs* 

isning tHtx ^tiøft^ 

Utfig of Trees. 
jemraSeoring orMark- 


honfe . Room fo" Wood, 

^tan^tmcctte, i'ub. a Brandy 
C<nitt;ry, Stigma, a Mark of ' - 
InUmy, a Mairk with a hot 

^tccn^mittUi (Jerner, 6»©ti» 
med M brcrndeO a Brand- ' 


23r<;eii^f m((lrf e # v. to bnrn, 
mark a Criminat or a Fek>ii 
vich a ho'Iion,rf> (Uginaciz&. 
to brand with.a Tbkcn o^ 


idvctnttmattft^ bnrnt whb« 
hot Iron, ftigmacized. * 

23ir(Cttt>f mi^bel^ ah Efcaroti'C) 

25rc»nDeii^ ^vctnlbing, Bukn- 
ing, Finng. Conlnuiingwiiti 
Flie ; Confl 'grari n, 

25l*a?n^epIrtbø, ^ Woodyard* 

3&v^l1^epttllft, (i et tjgr^old 

^vccnbtitabtU a Pile ofWood* 
^rien^evec^/ Fi ewnoi. 

ibvctn^tViin, B^'niy Cnrn- 
fpvirs* Itrnng \Va'C-5. (ofh 
inO'IP) Arrak, (DiftiB^ij) 

Xfvxn^tviin^hvccn^cv, aBran- 
dyman , Dsll'l'iir. 

2&ratn;>eviinø^.uuø, a Bi andy- 
fhop. '^ 

23ra?n»evttrt9m<:n^, it>txn* 
X>vccnttT9iin^nci\tt a Coppcr- 


w&r(tn&eviin«p;ittbef an Alcm* 

bic,a Sfll 
^tctnttviinsøtntttif th« 

Selling oi Brandy by Re- 

Sl'cen^&e^e/a ftortchingHear. 
2^ra:ii&^ef & ^ pipinghoc. 

2?»l•<*n^ing/ (i>o»l(»l)) Surf. 
»r^nbittBer/ BrcakerSiSyrtet, 

Zt } 116 ( I6t 

^Mlbofftt, m baint Off«f 

IjbrttnOfpttl« t bnraing Uif 

t>rxnbt, hmnt. fb. S-wt) 
- ■ Bum. (fi. f»iii ^tqiHtta) 

-»r«nb««icftii r Cl £bi)ini«0 

aBr«g,»rfln(n, aCtack. CHni. 

rickiing Noife. ^ CiSlttab 

lerO Detonation orDriving 

. ind mctcDtial ?utt of a 

aVAØtr locrafh, cnck. cUp. 
Sftttlgtr brou|tliE< carticdi con- 

vey'd. (i Orten) r«r D' ptit 

in Orffer &c, . f. v. ^^jnge. 
Jbtat , (XM (»di eiltO >'*'*• 

C(Mn ajoiit) brj-.h.rii. bri- 

nifh. (ligøc *.) to tie f«l- 

Ibfftt, Foftiin. CtPftbtft) 

Bo« > fin. 
3&r«FlAn«, fcllow Groond. 
SrDFn«rC( broa-l ar flic Nofc 
SAifnotfKi fl'ttiored, 
SrAin, f. er. C^ramradc, 

VcjtnfiiO ti Sflct/ ©(il. 
Sra«, CMortJloafting. Olhn' 

ST(Iinb2r> Brimbleberries. 
SmmbncTliB, Bitmblebcrry 


7&rAininCr Cbiallt) t« boaft. 
biat[ of.tobeproud oF,tRhe 

Priici". lu piide (ir Gioty 

in o Tliing 

Srftmmin , C^tatTtn) Bo«(l- 

, ing. Br^eging , Gloryiiig. 

.»r«nf, C^ltbO l'i.rtiiii^ 

(btiinBtnef w;5ttt St«, lai 

oetaf^l«'^) »Br^nl, Fire- 
bi-ai-n COlOcbroiP; Fire. 
ConflAKration, rtol* !».) 
I Gmnrene. O Wti) tit« 
i SB-} 10 be »n f itc or in a 

Flive. CtiK<i9 

nn Fira, to fire, 
- (ømme i tBr.) "> 

Srin&bttUT .'ne 

hif Houfe by Fir 

3E^r<UlVbr(»( a Certit 


■nd Goodf by F 

for Fire, 

'Srantbiid an A^d 

]&r<in»'CoDKt.a Cb 

10 thofc, that ara 

Ftr», , 

Sranbft f. ftiwe. 

Ibtan^tr, a FiTeffi 

»l■l.ln^M'- F>r*m« 


nn.Ci O'Rif^ulj'ii 

ifg the QucriEliin 

SiantOllIi flainsfc 

Smnebogti a Fii 

hooh^.'d Pole to 1 

rhcHoures, to fto 

SranPffllTej » F're- 

h.-; ■!■ I ifuran« i 

Bi«n6FlofEe, tbc / 

SranCtorn, blafted 

led Corn, 
SranVlibtr Soffere 
Srnnbliigi) the Sme 

Branbmuiir f a br 

a Stonewall. 
Sran^re61fab( Infti 

JoenchFire, at Hi 
ers,Spoii[I> Eng 
3&ront>røt, (ifB.-itib 
let OTNeck ofaB 

iniiWmiilt Sol. cl 
3Sranb[Faber Dauiaj 

SmiiMTatf • Rinlon 
from ■ Plac« for 

tBr ) 1X7 ( fdv 

Snittbffartc^ ro txi€t t Rtti- 
fom from iiPlace for not being 
bnmCi or ro exrorr Money 
from It bj Threfltening of 
Firing r 

9ralt^fpan^» a Firebncker, 

fttaa^Anrt^ite^ a Firecnginc. 

35r«lb(li9e# a Fireladder* 
3&r«v^9^gr# a Firewatcb. 
l^t«iltf CO fry. 
Tbttdtt to roaih 
Jkaft^mbrace. C&hHUttttO 

(6. til hi bt 9}llU>) ro bring to 

(I. op Og brioO <o ftrike t 

a^afer, Bruces. Q^ittt fa(t 

mtb^vatev') bracetf« (®toø 

tekxaf O Mairbraces, (3^^ 
Mrafcrj Forebraccs. (^e* 

fiHflcraabraicr^ Crofsgick- 
racws. CSCt^MtaUr) Mi- 
icncopbraces* (»{ormcré« 


(8corcbcjmK'U6r«> Main- 
tøpgal anrbvdces, (Socc« 
friøfeilx^briifer^ Foretop- 

SrofFCy to boaf(, brsg of« be 
prood of» nke Pride in« to 
pride or glory in a Thirg^ 

SrapffR/ Boalting, Bragging, 
0(ten ration« 

9rar» f^e^p. 

Sroutcr 33raureri(/ f, prale; 

^av# Oappf O Ivcave, val>ant» 
cou«-ag;eou s. C rctffaffcn ) 
brave, virtuoDS, good, ho- 
neft, honoorub*c, credirable, 

S3!lan^) an honc(( Man , a 
Ian of Honour. (6o(t)aO 
t brave, valiant Soldier« 

{Uttf btati) oh brave,brave- 
]y, nobly, finely« 
fcaoere# tciboaft, braeof, to 
glorv in,valuc yoDrfelf Dpon 
a Thiflg, 

35reb, a5rebbe# tbe Edge. 

Brim, Margin of a Thing, 
(&ttantb.) Seafidc, Shorc. 
C9ta »rO f be Rivcrfide. (paa 
Cn?5'0«b; beBrimofaWell. 
Cpnact®laO the Brim of a 
Glafs. Cp«o er IBtaO Mar- 
. gtn or Mirgcnt of a Lcafi 
»rebe, C®">0 the Breadth, 
Widenels. Larvrenefs. (fra 


23rebC, v, ro fpread. unfold, 
exrcnd, flretchoiit, expand« 
d'larc. OreNubfonrctSRpg« 
U')fo Jivnige, pnblifh mal:e 
public. C(tq uj>) to fpread, 
dilate , wtden , grow, 
increafe. comerhicker, mnl- 
■ riplv, waK, comc-on. C^V» 
hctyo fprc«'! or Itrcw u..a., 

to I i'ter,: C^uøcn) to lay tha 


S^rtbfnlt)/ brimfuK tip to tlie 
Brim« (&« ®laé) a Bnm- 

35rcbt og vibt, fp'icloQslyt 
widciy, at large. 0>Vtbt Dg 
bitt DCftClt^Oknnwnfarand 
wide, nniverfally known* 

^vttbf broad, large, ample, 
wide, deep« 

23reebfobeCr Cptatfobet) A^^- 



2&reone, (Utt) Férn, Brake. 

33remø/ a Breeze, Bree, Gad- 
fly. C&cBcbr.) a Hornet« 

23temø# C^aa iJ^eftO ■ Snaffle, 

or fharp Bit for Horfes« a 
Farrier's Tool to brake 
Horfes with > a Brake, 

»remff/ («tl t^W to brakc a 

^vtfte, C^ufi ffubt t en ^of5 

cKcrSl^UUr^a Rreach of aWall 

of a 

f^v ) 1*20 ( S3r 

9rO(21a8# thc Swipe of a Crime* 

Bridge. 2Di*>t»f ammcr # the Pam 

Srog# T 33ii|rtr. 23r«&rrttmme^ t Cra 

9reøet# vanegtred* motly« Bread* 

fueckled » parrycolonred, 23r^bf tirv# a Pannier. 

checkered » f^otted , grisly. «c iBt, op for ctn) to ke 

^tof# C(Bc«t)(illi)) a Bidger. ihorrofhis Viduals,al 

3&rof, CSarMel^b) fiurfting, a oneofhisNccenfaries,! 

Raptuie. (fom i)ar 90 ^^^* him.fmall Commons. 

ln% a Rnpture« Sr^M06/< CunptCtg) anp 

Xrofabe^ Brocade, Tisfae* ble« Cu^cn Smbebc) 

Sbrofbaanb, aTrofft Snrpen- out Employintnt, i 

fory, Place* 

35roffugI» a Plovar. , 33rØbr(# Brothers or 

9&rdf6iltlb'Al*crncr, Tumbl en ren« 

Siofflforrcr/ an Operator, thac a^r^^reb^riii Kephen 

heaifl Buritenafs by Way of Niccei, 

Se^icin, X>X^^ifab, a Locker for 

55^SSe;/:P.^^e•;orPavier. "^^T"' ''^ '^^ ^' 

STaFaverfBeetlcorRam- »W^bfmiiU, a littlc C 

iner» Bread. 

»wiflt«ger.^«mmer/aPaver's »P*^f«PPe# »Soup of « 

Twifri. * Panado. 

»tolorrøeVpeiige, Paviagc. »rgbcyv, (Juffcrf føra 

^rolÆøiiing, Paving. ^ 9xøM fra Oe retic « 

9rome|lci;i a Tollman, an * Spoiltrade, 

Overfeer of a Bridge. JOV^tvoQn, a covercd V 

a^ronce, Bronze. ^^O Ci«*rv Bread. 

»rop«le, the Piif s of a Bridge. *^h O acanctonjlcii; 

3Br#peiigei Pontige. -»^."^"Vi' <» > 

»lofdjeret, wrougiic. »r^Jo Crom en 8#»0 n 

a5rotoll> , Brughmore. C«om cn Ojrc) to low. 

XhroQte, to brag, boait. glory, «» V«Of O to bellow. 

vapotir. Ibv^itn, Roaring*. L 

SrØb# Bread/ (if^r) foft or Bellowing. 

new Bread CaainmcIOftale :5r#nb, a W«ll, 

Bread. (bméba^tt) Hous- ^\ J , „, ,„ 

holdbread. Cmi) white »r^ntwiare , th« Weitt 

Bread. Cl^a»e ccn t fit %rO Svéni^btf fen/ « Ciftei 

to have one in yotir Service, ion. 

?.Sr7 VT.«rÅJ"^ ^!f If: »røn Wwr, the Waters. 

C»«re I ccn*.«r. ) to bc qj^^^ ^^ „f^ j,,^ ^^^j, 

in one's Service. Cforticnc ^ ^ ^ „, ,, 

•t©r»>) to earnyour Live- JOV^nt>gxavtt, a Well 

fihood. Oa»e fit Scocbr.) »røn^l^iul^ a Wheel t 

10 have your Competancy* Water iip with« 


»r ) 121 ( »r 

Ar^nbtiu^ « Wellpir* 

Ibr^n^fatfti Wiicercre/rei. 
Ibrénbfifit, f. T^tf^n^btfUn. 
^énbmtfittf a Conduictnt- 

9rØiiboanb# WcIIwarer. 
Ibt^nbviPVti a Wellfwipe. 

Déftd» Imperfeétiont Infir- 

SréfkMtltigy ruinooStdecayM, 

filuk t« Oecay. 
ZiøtittMqbt^f cheDecaying 
or Falling; co Decay of a 
Hoafcy needing co berepai- 

Bni^r (Sr«! mnø) the Break- 
ing. a Fraaion« (Søoteé) 
a Breaking or Infradion of 
aPromif«. (grcbé) Ruprurc» 
Breach of Peace* -f 

Snib# Cfom øiotcO * Bride» 

)5nibcfaffel/ Weddingtorch, 
Ibndefoif ^ newmaried Peo- 

9rMf^rer# Brideman« 
9Bibcgavc# bridal Prcfcnt, 

95ni^^uue # th« nuprial 

Bmbcf ammer, bridal Cham- 


Smbcf liebntng # Wedding- 

SroMfranbi/ cbe Bride*i 
virginal Garland« 

Srn^patf newniarricd Cou* 

hin^tpigt, the Bridemaid* 

S^bcfcng/ the Br ide-ar con- 
genial Bed« Marriage-bed« 

Zvtt^ammtl, cheWeddin^- 
JoincftooU onwhichrheBri- 
degroom and Brid«. do kneel. 

3^f uScfm^f F(/bridal or nuptial 
Ornaments, which cheBride* 
groom gives to the Bride, 

ttiiOefh^r/ Dowry» Porcieiu 

Snibervenb, theBridelaadeo 
Briicman , Paranymph, 

Tdvu^tvtvé, nuptial Verfas^^ 

S^rubevielf^a nuptial Sermon, 
t!ie Minilicr*s Solennizing 
of Matrimony betwean tht 
Bridegrooro and Bridc« the 
Mini(ter*s Benedi£(ion of 
newmarried People. 

23rtlbtvogn, the Coach of nei«^ 
married People. 

3& r tt b g o m^ Btidegroo v, 

23rtlbt/ broken*, crackt« 

^tu^ntZaU flFradiont br«i> 
ken N amber« 

33ni8/ CSruacn) the Ufc, 
Employing.or Rnjoyment of 
A Thing. C&if) Uft, Ufage, 
Cudom« Pra<^ice. 

23ntgbar, ufeful, fitoraptto 
be ufcd or employ'd. 

3^nlger (lettene fi^aQ to ufe, 

makcUleot', ro cmploy, ap* 
ply* (()aoe no2)iø) ro wnnt« 
jack,'need, have Occafion 
for« CnQDe grugt af) to en- 
joy, C|)a9e92i)UC«Otomakc 
Ufeof, improve, makepyo!- 

ilt by. CP<iaeiiulo9UdiS)laa« 
hO Eo ufurp« (roungcc 9)s^ 

fen) to behave affcaedly« 
(Sn^Cb m€6 CeiO to make 
Iree with one« (Stet) to liv^ 
byrRule, keepallndCourfa 
of Diet. O^ebinn) to take 
Phyrfic« (£roølo»0 to ofe 
Quirk? or Fetches at Law* 

Cfcv mAttøe 9c6(trbcr) ro uft 

too much Geftures, be full 

of Aaion. (jifttttanfO »• 
refled« confider. (tDCtQbigc 
Orb) to bqnivocate« (Ub^ug# 
fer) ro ufe Shift or Evafions« 
(mange Orb) to verbalize« 
(nnr^ttii^ibtlBUiQ^tb) to go 
aboot the Bufh« ((ig) CO 
bøttir yourfelf. 

S5t ) lai ( iSt 

dihflry. cuftomary, ftf hio 

qOrnpime, 'fnn en ^i«i)) to 

roar. Cfcm in^iO co lium, 
bilis Cfoin »11 ■JJnlTy "> 
foimd l-kt aBAf.viol, fP«« 
itWilfttW) W murmur, 
grpinblc. muncr, ^towl. 
tTCt. innmhle,' 

Murrouring , Grombling. 

Miittcnns. ' 
a^viin. brown. 
aSrunafltin, brwnin.. 

»llllirntp • PrunEttc. 
Sruncttf. a brown Gwl. . 
Sriingmi'r fnliow. 
»nmfaolf tt«"^ Csbbii«. 

3&runlA&(ni biownifh. 
»mnvoS , Scrophuiary, Fig- 

ØtKnc«^> reddifhbroyi'n. 
»ruhl*/ RnlfinS " pot. 
»CiinOl, ("lut.beJniRotor 

bqittiirvK CO go to lUt. 
J6«mftl*l. rntring ; 

«xmi(b©Ev1n. chcBellwtfing 

ofU«i- 10 il"* K->""iB. 
aStnnfltt^ Rutriitgtime. 
J^FUU, CO far, foam. .'Cftm 
• Wavci'. Cfom^&ftjio frcc. 

»nifcn, (SotnO ,Roari"t> 

Eoamins, Kiling m Wives. 
■ C«lDfls:Frtning. Worhma, 
, Etnnai.iaupn ot Cy.Ur. 
IBrilfentf, impMumis, boiftcr- 

fUEi furioui I cuciigiDas. 

Srnf&Aner a ftghti'i 
XntnfTt GiilU«,- Cav 
Briitr»( tirrilagir. 
Sritii«fiieppt , Ruft 


(»4rt> to Jill 


Cjortdi B) 


FlJX ' 


t (t ;^U0 to t» 

Home. ^tilBfto 

optn a Door.. (o) 

otr. (ot "KO £(i[ 

Ciinp. bictk up. 

' one'»Brain' "(>or 
Cfmaat f»j) <bi'0> 
ouc. iU-va &iTai 
fnSt. (3'"(n) to 
Ice.maJii; Wayioi 
t!.c Way. (flf/ Pl 

Sluok orf. erop, s 
tn) t.. bri-'ak Bu 
SrT^tilr Hrjaking, 
( Slcifltcns) J 
CpMrttitbcIft) ■ 

Sct^ctii CSirtwn, 




3^rt^trf(, Vcxation 
Pair. Affliflion, 

1 yo ■ 
intDd, nieddl« 


»c ) 123 ( S5t 

8røc nt, Wm MitntO to 
9anb af DamoKj m over- 

Iow. hredk rhe Uikes. /i 

laab tmoo noii<0 '^ »ciaiA 

cry out jsaintt une« 

2n9ge« c 6 brcwv makeBeer« 
:5c^, f. »roe, 

Sniscrf aar^/ a Hou^« allow- 
•4 10 txeroil'e ciic Brewcr's 

9r«|;fr|»nfi« ^ « Brewhonfe. 

&fj9ecfar# a Brewdr'« Coo- 
ler or Keevc. : . " 

9r^9gtrff«vlf a Dityraant i. 
at9wtT's Man, 

Snggcrftc^el^ • a «rewcr*i 
Cojiper. ' . » . •' 

hnsi9tvf^ntf a Mfllrkiln« 

:5n99enVrnb f a Brewat^a 

Vfsservogit/ a Oraycart« 

Snsunø/ 33r50, Brewing, 

Srplaf , Wedding, Marriage, 
dieMtfnnicy orCelebracion 
•fa Marriagc. C&olbc Q3r.) 
tolKepa Weiding,cclcbracc 
aMarriage« CMo gaac ti( 
9tJ) to invicc , ro ao co a 

Wedding. C»«V^ '^ti 9rO 
co he at a >Vedd:ng* 

^ttupobreVi an invicatory 
iecccr ro come c o a Wed- 

SrfBuptt49f Weddmgday. 

Srtlupafe(lf Wcddingfeaft» 

htsHnpéioif tUtt (BitfttVi rha 
nnprijl Gucrts, 

trvSnptf lortning # nnptial 

^^upømaaUi^f a Wedding- 


^fkttp$ttat$i nnptial Cere* 
oonics or Sol emni tics* 

^r^UiipBfang, nnprial VerfcS) 

3^^t1^e/ (45can() aborning 
Heat, Ardoiir, Fervency. 
Ardcncy, Fire, Cåictlifi» 
l)C(é) the Heat of venerca) 
.Priching. alafcivious DeGre 

after CopDlation«(cin^Onn) 

T^tynit, theSigbr, Vifier ofa 

Hcadpiece or Heimor 
^tintfttan,' Hnrniiliing Stone« 
23r^fFe, u 2&ttiff. . 

(»elbr9Åa# tiorbrvf cO hav- 

ing a grcar Brcaf^ (øattO 
-. Fa4)a»Xcars,Babbt«fjBreatti; 

Udder. Cfoni iat dav« (Bro« 

j^O'hiYi^^. grwt.^realla» 

. Dii^a, T«at8. . (Uiøåc til <B0 

toputro theBreafh (SunøO 

<Lung. C^aDC^et RvTrrt %r.^ 

to be of goo'd Inngs, (htt 
. ftoaertifinfor^rOhisBreaft 
r or Ohett- is oppresfed wict» 

Ttt^iti^cec, Jiijube. 
3&rvilbeeti/ the Brenftbon«* 

23rvflbiUedC/ a Buft. 
^^tr^fl^vi^r a peiloral Dccoc- 

33rif(lbnøfa Stoinac}ier,Underi 

waittcoac; Breaftcloch. 

25rv(le ftgr to bricken, bridle 
it, bridle yourChin, thruft 
your Chin into yonrNeck, to 
fiold in your Chin proudly, 
to carryithigh. (Ⱦre (f bit) 
to be puffed up wich Pridcj 
, have a proud Gait» 

Idr^QOb, pe£(oraK 

X>v^(k{)atmff t aCorsIct. 
33n(l^inbe / Mediaftin, 
23r^jlfaøcrr peiloral Troc- 
kliks. Paftiis or Lozenges* 

Sri^df lemmen^ the Oppresfioi^ 
ot che Breaf^ 


»r ) 124 ( »u 


l^rfftrttm, (paa en f)ift^ Poi- 

Idrfft^n^ft, tWoman'sGor- 

35r^flfBcrimnte(# t Tncker. 
9^fftfl^rFceacrPla^e» Peao- 
rtU Cen SeøtcmeticrO P^'- 

ftron« (af en 0>'e) a Urllket 

#f Bcef« 
SrfitfMr tronbled witk t 

7^t^^t9 t Phtific. 

a&rtpertlninfp f* Snpilf (em« 

35rf(h9«m# Bretftwork, Pa- 

Srt^VortCf theVippIt of cTie 
Bretft, Cl^aa2)Q0 Teacor 

:Dut, C<^<n5c^uO ^Mesfengtr. 
(^(ii5ebtt^ meO en fcer^eleé 

£)rdcc) an Exprefs. (iøu^ 
»e5 en ReO « Beadie , Ser* 
geanr, Appariror* 

*u^ C®«bffab) Mcsfage. (Si* 
benb<)Ncws, Tidingf. Q^o 
faltnø) Command, Ordert 
Dire^ion, Charge, Inftroc- 
tion« Cnromisnon, Injvnc- 
fi«n9 Precept, (be ti Øttbé 
Cut) che ten Command- 
mencs- (paa noger) an Offer, 
Proffer, (i 6piQ a Vy ae 
Cards. (paa en Suction) a 
Bidding, C))9terc iBu5) Ont- 

Su^^ing, a Pudding» 

35ttben/ inviced, bid» offered, 

*?&uMfe, a lictle Box* 

?&ubffab/ a Mesfage, Errand, 
CHaMiqt 950 Gofptl. 

Tbntf (at ffi)e meb) a Bow. 

(af en fficf eO ^he Circumfe- 
rcnce of a Circle. (i en ^Pffl« 

9mi0 «" ^^^^' (unber en 

IBtte) theArch of aBi 

^uC'Tfabninø r an Arca 

SlieCy arched, vanlced. 
hegnnør an Arcade, an 

ed Walk. (i en $ani 

green arched Walk. 
^UtinnU concave. 
^ue$uul(^e^/ Concavit^ 
9uefntm# bent» crookc 

a Bow* 
S^ttefruntMCr tobend, 

crookcd like a Bow* 
^ntma§€Vf t Bowytr* 
33uentRb# convex. 
33nerun^^e^; Convesir 
^UtftftUø . a Archer > ,- 

^nt^ttMt Impoft* 
2^ttcflreng, the String 

^ittvttff Arhonrwork. 
33nevitøf archwife« in i 
^uør (9{at>e) Belly, St« 

(paa et .fat/ StttM 

Belly orMidcfle of a ^ 
Barrel &c (t^f Q 
Paunch, Gntf* (CBl 
@eiO a Bunt, 

33u9et# bellied, tbat fun 
Windings and TiiWiir 

^noflafit, aroandbclUc 

^Uff Si^f ^ t o Bellybtotf 
Draughthorfe; t Girtl 

33u99orbinger, Botitlin 

Idugl^h, a Loofeneft of ] 
Lalk, Wherrygonimb 

35u9ne, f. Zlnimmc* 
35uøforg, Care foryonr! 

3&ugt, (jKrummtnø) Ctq 

nefs, Sinuoficy, Bent« i 
ing. (9}»fi) a Bay or 

rø. paa et Soug) a ] 
(faaeQ3.meb) ro mafteti 

power* conquer* to 

<Hr ) 125 ( S5tt 

fi§, CO boidi bow« . 
^ 1^ crooketit bcnCf b«w- 
tf , nrned np. 

iTf aBelly-God» Epi- 
„,_ ..Il ihe Griping« or Gri- 
^ <rf ét Bdly , Jkllytke* 

[Ml (IMnf) t Gotc» He- 
rMhek](oat. C^t ramme 

liml) aRtmblcck* CaC 
tonijaStwingrresfel or 

M. (ttt 6pifcbcr»e K J 
ijkk, Trcftle. (Cømplu 
mC)a Bov« Rcverence, 

Ch|r. (lirfccIfO • Blun- 


rr (lut) WoodrooC 

ttÉRfi (UiO (O bend» bøw, 

wbiaoolbMj.(ncfc)co bend, 

W«A»n, ircine. (fig) 

m Wi iftwn, Itoop, lean* 

étA viAfoor Head (ffø 

ftrtflirirfOtoli« ^^nar or 
dSoftniicGronnd. ((ig^ 

■ ivn «p. CliiO<]) ro 
p iøachin^ or Itooping. 
cMO V nnif force or 
irmpilci inco cht Gronnd 
«rh a Xf nbfock. (ttn^cr) 
»fioeuBbi faJl, fink, be 

MhA, (øg for ccn) to 

låif Møw 10 one* 

V Solomon's SeflU 

wffM/ • He-kid« 

IMH f Backl«. CnrU (øaae 
iØ-JrocarU btickkt carn 
Ineklet. (»eb fUnhint 
Urtlocki« (brcie ftg 

j CO twift* 

i, i&nfnlng/ a Bend« 
Inclining, Srooping« 
iliøenOthtMflkmg a 

Eo one. Cfor Ol ffiule 

. fg) che Lying cløfc ro thi 


:bnfftfl[ccg, (ttrO Salfify. 
X>nfMt9anft arqmmifhSrink; 
23iif f ecorn^ fincksrhorn> Tro- 

^ui, (@fotntne paa Srcrc) t 

Trnnk> btump, Seem o »^ Bo- 
dy of a Trec. (af en »Jiffe} 
theShafc of t Pil (ar* 

:&u(bi&er^ a Bulldog. M^ftifF« 

3^til^er/ a N< ife, Biiltle, Tn- 
mtilct Hurlyburlyf Brtwl» 
TnrinoiK Uproar. 

JS>ul^vt, CO makeaNoifV, Bn- 
ftle, Tumalct S;ir, UprOir» 
keep a heavy do. (buloee 00 
fftCBlite) to chide and fcolo* 
CO buliy, ro huff» coke^or. 

^3tll^ren^e# rnmultuouit tur^ 
bnlcnt, fifidious« 

23til^rcr# a Icoldmg;, hoffin^ 

:i3i*.le^ (t ^anbcn) aSwellins^ 
Tiimour. (t tt iSHttaltat)^ 

a Dine. (tiaae en ø.) t* 

£uie, CQ^ettbuUO to dint; 
Xmlttf dinred, fuil of Dinc$» 
Stilf/ f. 2(nn&e. 
Q^tiUe, (GiunMoOBalU (beo 

gi^lOnc 90 ^^^ gttldcn BnlU 
33iiUeii, f. Z>oUen. 
C&tilmetirti Henbane* 
Snittet f roigh>' rngged* 

uneven« * • 

23iinb, (htt un^crfte) a Boc- 
com. (paa en Sei;5e) thc 

Head ot a Callu (Sordctl) 
Soil, Ground. (i fgfibfj 

Bottom. Oil Q5unDé/ 9uii' 

ben} ro rhe fioccoin, (t Q* 
eg Q^tunD} ncrerly, toully* 
Cfal^e til 550 ^ fubiide* 

Slingr H/ boundi tied« falltnr 
ed, knit* 

Sun^f4l^# cht SedimenCf Set« 
tlemenc, Drogs » GronndSb 

t3tt ) it€ ( IStr 

atoubfr^fef to fbeticrtb tIieQot* 

tom, "^ 

l^tln^a<trnf a Caftfngnet.. -^ 
2&tintt^er bottomief«, 
•a&itnOefoifvintr, atiAlly« å 

Confede I e. 

ce, Confcdtracy, 
^^nn^fi^fer cht Bottonu 
»lin^t, (SnipH) t Bandlc, 
Bunch, Tral's or FardeL 
($ø€)a Bottle of Hay. (9lii<« 

Branche«. (AlvT^cO »Paclu 

of Clothes. 
Knlt^tfr to btindlc« pa£k tip) 
' make ap into a Bondlt* 
S^un^tmagerr a Fnrritr. 
2DuR^rninS' thePadiing op* 

Bortiing of Hay* 
^nn^tvxfUt, t Cooper'i 

Ibnnft, (OnnflO • Htap. 
a^uncft; f. broget* 
3^tt(f# a Bufhi Shrub* 
»iiflfare/ («ratffot>) a Thic- 

k«r, Boscade , Covert. 

3&ttf?e9r Cffi)bc ub i $ttf!cO to 

bring forch Buihes. 
Sttffec# bufhyt coverad with 

9n?tttVCttf a Shrab* lictlt 

Tree. • 

25iiffevm/ a Shrub. 

Tofts. ^ 
^uffemaitb# aBagbtar, Hob« 

3^lltf blunt, rough* fnappifh; 

crabbedt fout, cr-^ft. 
Ibnttlmiv, Bumkin. (éfibét.) 
S^Ut'vCb/ Blantntfs, Ruugh' 
* nefs, Snappifhncfs. 

iltete QaMftttvltf (jSUn» 

ber) Floundcu 
Satiner » fqtisit, far. plamp« 
3&itcm*bei, Pnffpafte. 
2&mirf a Cagt. (a( fange 

Suafe i) a Trip or Pitfall 

lp cacch Bird« 

^unvft, boorifh) 
' clpwfiirh> 'ruftjM 
^fttijcbom/ thc Bo} 

s&u^ta^iry thé C( 

S^ttFelinntng^ thi 

of Breechas« 

35ti|:elottmeir a Fo 

^nptt, a Pair t 

Breeches« Sm 

C9uj:er og @tr 

Pantalons, (j^ 

tniiK fpenbere Q 

Vein CO Day* 
TutVtittltf Galov 
2&ure(ftDer^ 9 SIi 
2&Ybe^ (Male) t; 

mand, ordert ini 

(cfler eget Si>fe 

tnand arbitrarih 

.fcerfe^tofpeak 1 

prefent, tender. 

leO to t)id for 

ooer) ro outbi 

[o»cr i 'Spil) to 

Vor (ibcO to on 

6ieft> to in vire, 
Dinncf or a Fea 


tie. 'Cctn ©pibf( 
Head agtinft, i 
iiance, (O cop 

(garpet) to bil 

fh ke Hånds wit 

Retten) fo pnr 1 

KitfUt ^Ybning 

re) thc Bi Iding 

( jnbboben) Invi 

2&^0cnbe^ Comma 
J^tberr å Bidder. 

»i?e# (@ta5) a c 
Boroiigh. CfiHtj 

^^eøbarni Town 

^t^foøebf aSheri 


»9 ) 127 ( f&9 

kflillinøeri manicipal 

\tcn^, theBnrgtsfes 
own corporace or tht 
fenucives of ftich a 

Cl i TtvAcalk* Chtt 

at.) 'cis {enarally 


IK| tbe-Rcgifter of a 

m^t^ntoitf tht Re* 
'fCftce; thc Rolls* 

1^1 Bumbaily, Cachr 

Il tf.e Town*Asfise^ 
I of Jadiciture in a 

kiH^ 1 Baffhin. 
tMiele« i BuflTcont. 
^.røanfefrO peeled 

[^ (Scøn^O a Show- 

41« 1 fiackingrub« 
Wjr ruinons, d«cay'd. 


»feBjld,*e»-eft or raiTe 
fc (ro ID^uur op) ro 
»aWali. C^amtvi 
iCcpda) CO rely, de- 
r rrn(t on. 

hoCf CO fix your A<^ 
icwhere, coinhabict 
Iwell in fl Pl.ce. 
be Boiiding or Con«> 
of a Hoofe, che 
of ir. 

lø^aGroond orPlace 

i, a Builder* 

^Tømefiisr/ a MaflerbniMeri 

an Archiceft. 
^pHtftttmaal, Modute. 
3&t9ninø' a Baiidinf^, Srrnc- 

ture Fabrjc,^ Ed;6ce. (mc^ 

VtHarcr inttn i) Penity- 


ftraphy. OfUr ^tCUncilt« 

^V^ntngøfoif« Workmen aa 
Mafprs . and C^rpcnccr^im« 
ployM ae k Buildinr^. 

23^øningd«(Bienneinfntr# Pro* 

file of a fiuilding. 

cncOr nght of che Groand« 
pine of a Buildinj^. 
35^9111 n^efond # che Art of 

Building, Archireiture« ^ 

S^^gningøtømmer/ Timbef 

for Building. 
13^gvan^/ Barleywater. 
^yib , a Bile, Borch, Bfotch 

Bump, Swelling. (cinbcKtf 

hi) Fiftub. (af Sraniofcr) 

a veneriapBuho« a Winche« 
ftergoofe. (flf ip<ft) a Car- 
bunC'e, pelHlcncial Bile, 
!5^Ite0^t/ Macccrisfuingoua 

of a Bile. 
aS^lOt/ aBundle, Pack, Truf«*' 
S^^nf C; (UrO Mugworc, Field« 

tD^rOCf a Burden t Load« In* 

CHinbrance, Ttonblc. 
23^r^c paA/ co impofe uponi 


ons, oppresfive* hard to ba 

2^'9tt».itgf Exchange, Barcer- 

inj;, Trucking, Chopping« 

»^ttc/ CSriaøbottf) cheSpoiia 

otWar, Boocy. (Ko») 
B.apine, Bo'>ry, PiLaget 
Prey, Prize. Gløre ®.) to 
get a Booty or a Pvir.c. 

€a ) 128 ( tå 

9^tftf CXn9tn') t Baner, Ex- 
change, Trnck* 

iBttte# V« tochtngCf fliflkfe Ex- 
change, Barter or. Trnck« 

C6«ftO «^ ^"''« tiockey't 

9«tCf penge/ Money ratfcd by 

the Spoilt of War. 
Ib^ftPtr, a Trucker, one« thac 

mdkes Exchange f»r Good^ 

SifttinSr a Chansclinf« 

yLahAU, a Cabale, Plot, Con- 
fpiration;a jewif hTradition. 
(giøre CabaUr) ro cabal, in- 
trtgue, unite in Parties« (ta» 
balmaøeO • Cabaler, Cabal- 

CrtbaKfti a Cabalift* 

Cabaltiltir, c.ib:iliftic. 

Coblnet, Oibct æ«relfe) a 

fmall Rooin , Privacy, t:lo- 

fet, Study. (tit SXctaiacr) 

ft Cabinet of Medals« 
Cabineca'CottrceC/ a Prince*« 

private Exprcfs or Courier. 
Cabiiteeøminifieri a Miniiter 

of rhe Cabinet-council. 
Cab<ner#fecretrtiiv aSecrctary 

of the Cabinet-council or 

private Secretary* 

Ca^ence # f. Zafu 

CacaOf Cacao or Chocolate- 

nut. CCacaotrare) Cacao- 

Crtfc, Coffee. 
Cafftb^nnt, a CofFeeberry. 
Caffcbriieii^inø # Ctffcaroaft- 


C4(februttti# ofactnuN^c 

CafTebttnør a Coffeehot 
CaffefanDe# a Coffeepor. 
CaflfePiøbman^ f a Deal 

CaffePoPf a Coffeecup. 
Caflfemøttei a CoHPeerrill 
Caffere# to dr^f« ynur 
Coffeff aaf f f. Caffef op. 
Caiman, (©pr). Alligai 
Calce^onier, a Calcedo 
Caicintvt, to calcine. 
Calcinering, Calc'nario 
Calenber, f. Zlmanåf. 
Calefcbe, a Calefh. (p 

Qoan) Riof. 
Calmuø^ (Urt) Cai 

fveerfmelling Flag. 

Calofcber f Clogs. 
€Mvini Hættf Calvipifii 
CaMnift, a Cai vin Hh 
Cammerabr f. Bmlbbc 
Cammera obfcttra/ a C. 


CampaQUt, f. jelbcog. 

Camperer to enomp, 
the Camp; lo-i^e in T 

Campering , C Catnper 

Fncampeincnt , L^carr 
CanatUC/ a Rafcal, S 

CanaiUepaf; tlie Rabbi 
fcallyPeople, Rag, T« 
Bobtail, the Dregs c 

Canal, Channel. (9)ei, 
bel) W.iy, 

Cancellie, Ch^r.céry. 

Cancediebetient/ anOfii 

the Chancery. 

CanceHiebreve # ( gef^ 

fccret Letters. 

CanceUif#3n^f omfter , 

Reven aes or Fees c 
Cancelltevaab/ a Counfe! 


CanctUiefFrivCi the g 


€å ) 1^9 ( €a 


UactVi\9, aChanceryderk or 

Ciw^i^ar/ ■ Candidate) Peti-* 

iioner> one tbat (tands for 

bson/ CiXcgeO ^ Canons 

Canott« (ot f9^e nieb) a jp-eat 

Gan, Canhon, a Piecc of 

Oruntnce. Q^i\<i fttftC €tl 

£•) to level a Gun« 
Cnmhia^ / Gunboaf« 
CAK^Bhagftry a Pointer« 
Om»aitt§ to cannonade« bat-' 

(er wich GnnS or Cannon« 

Caaoner« ^øaning/ the Dis^ 

cliarn; or Firing of Guns« 
tedseflfc/ a Canonefs« 
CmønfonMf theMoold withm 

a.Piece of Ordnance« when 
' ic IS daft« 
€a<ioiitcar# a Canonfhip) å 

CatttfBicu:/ a Canon« Preben- 

Coiott'rere^ to canonize or 

€aw9n\\tv\n^f Canonizaiion* 
€aMiii((» canonical. Cc*iKtt} 

che canonical Law« (c. i5o« 

fCr} tbe canonical Books* 
Coiioiif tler^Coins to levelCan- 

non witlu 
Caipiifrttt^ Gnnpo'^der. 
Camonfuglei aCannonfhot or 

Catonlaft^a Row of Ordnance« 

(til ©fiM) * Tier of Ord- 


Can^itmunMttø^ the Motith of 

1 Cannon« 

W) the Apron« 
CMonfrop/ the Tomkln or 

Scopple of a Gun« 
CoHOiiffee^ a Ganladle. 
CaionfTo^/ a Gnnfliot, .the 

firing of fl Gnn« 

£attoii(t^b^r/ å Cannonfouoip 

ianontalitf t Gantackle« 
CanonvifitVf the Spunser of 

a Gufl. 
€atitaxz, Cantåta« 
Caittilitr; Pnrls« 
Capd/ a Chåpel, Orator^« 
Capellatt^ Chaplflin, Cnrate^, 
tapti^wi^p rehhed Gold« 
£apeUe# a Coppel. 
Cap^lme(ler/ a MafterofMn(i# 

or Chapelmnfic« 
£aptaits/ a Captain« 
Captain-Cietiteitant/ tieutt- 


C4pUatn6 < 33eiliaintf fAtt 
pofl og X)a;rbtgt)e^/ a Cap- 
tains Coaimisfion or Place* 
Captainfhip) RankorPoit«f 
a (;aptain« 
£apital/ (* ^dvebøoet« 
Capital/ (paa en Qog (o< 
Q3cdb:nberuO ^^^^ Headban4 
of a Boolc» 

Capitoelet/ (pda en !)3iire) the 

Capital orChdpiter ofaPil« 
CapiteO a Chapter. 

Capitel^ Caf et ©tift elfee Or# 

ben) the Chapter of Canons 

or Aifembly of the Clergy 

of the CathcdraL 
C4pitel(>etr^ a Canon. 
CapiteI«»Ca)rt/ a Rate or Price 

fec on Corn, of a fec Rate or 

Price of Corn. 

Capitolittm/ CapitoL 
Capitulation/ Capitulation« 
CapituUre/ co capitulate , to 

Capriole^ a Caper, Capriol« 

Cff^rrei.) to cut Capers. 
Caprioipp^i'er^ a Caperer. 
Cavhonatt, Carbonade, 
Carbtinfel/ a Carbunclc« 
Caroin«! / f. ^RorDinal« ^ 
Careffc t Careflfcs , fawning 
. Spcechcs, kind Expreflionsi 

3 C(H 


€a ) 130 ( Sa 

C4rtfferef to carefs« mtke mvch 
of« flatter, footh* wheedle* 
hwn tipon» 

Coirctteit, C @f t'rbpo^be ) 

CarUvogn ^ Charlo^'s Wain« 

C^rnioli (Kbelffecn) a Cor- 

C4rtet, Cartel. 
CafT^ti^n ^ an infamous DiV 


C«ffr, f. »affe. 
Cafteneicer; Ca(lanet% 
CAKante# a Chesnut. 
dftaniebrutm , chei nutco'* 

loured« bay* 
CåftanitttCttt a Chesnuttree« 
Coftmt; an Etmuch, or a ca- 

ftractd Man. 
CaflrerCf togeld« caftrate« lib 

ont, take away theStonesof 

•n Aniinal. 
C^fhrereci gelded, caftrated. 
Ca^Vttin^f Gelding, Caltrt- 

Coftrum ^^lori5/ a faneral 

Decoration , Maufoleum* 
Cafuø, Cafe. 

CatAloøf (8otteøne(fe) a Ca- 

CatavVf CSIot)) a Cacarrh. 
Ctlttdjttt a Catechilt 
r€4rtd)ifere# to catcchife, in- 

ftruA in chriflian Faitb«. 
Cat€d>i6mtie» a Catechifm. 
Cat|>e^cr/ CAt^e^ra# a Pal- 

pit, a Profefror'f Chair. 
Cfttl^rineblomme , Prnne) 

firench Prunc. 
€afd)iinøbf Cafhewnnt* 
Cafuari (Itor SuøQ Cafoary. 
C^rtttn^ Calico, Cnrton. 
Cantiotl^ Bail, Plcdge, Såre- 

ry, Gaaranty. (gaae t £•) 

fobail one, be Security for« 

tocaation, pafs yoarWord 

for« (ftiEet) togiveorput 

in Bai). 
C4iiti<ntHt/ Bail, Goanntecr* 

Pledge« Warranccr« 

CauHottt'Cmt(iott# Aibfii 


ranty, Balling or beinj 

€Atutonø<6tiaen# chc Pi 

in of BaiU 

CAvalca^ef a Cavalcté 
Proceflion on Horfeb« 

CAvaleerf ■ Chevalier> 
tieman* Esquire* 

CAVAlcetrflf # gentlemti 
genteeU gallant>fine>fl 

C4valeerflf# gallandy, øl 
Freedoni4Gigc99n)i9) i] 
ly, blandy« (CroCtCI 
C.) CO bt coo frec wid 
treat him flighcly. 

dVAQfrie^ Horfemen« B 

CADerc/ CfoO (O b^il oiii 
Security foi',parf yoor^ 
for him, 

€eber# ^€^xttottt • G 
CelA^on^ Cføeørøn) cclia 


Cellefonnigi ccllular« 
Cements Cement. 
Cementere # to cement« 
Cenfor, a Genfor. (Cd 

^mbebe) Cenforflufi« 
Cenfttr, Cenfore, XtsA 

Cvxxt Procent/ pet Cent, 
Centner r a Kintal* hm 

Ceremonifilff # ceremoni 

Ceremonien Ceremony« .( 
CO fimply, plainly» fi 
wichoat Ceremony« 

Ceremoniemefler, the \ 

of Cereraonies« 

CeremoniAl/ f* a Ceremi 

outwai^ Form,externa] 
the Ordcr to be obfen 
approaching fome great 
fonagc» Formaliry. 



lar« 1 

^ , 

€9 ) 131 ( ^ 

lel, •4j«cereiiionious. C^drbretiØC/ the fingtngBoyt 

, Aill of Cercmony« in the Choir^ 

ief Charrerptrcy« C^orfaabe, a Siirplice« 

> fl Cercificacc« Ttftr- C^orfatigcrr « Choitirh 

C^øtviii, in Choirs or Chc^ 

Chaife. rufcs* > , . 

U Shallop. Ct)ri(lelig, ctiriftian, chrtiHan- 

jfum, Pa^^e^Ar# a like. ^ 

•«■• C^nfleiigeit, chriditnly. likc 

M^ a Chamdeon* a Christian. 

fiovC^aramrlfereic* C^ri(lett/ a Chriftian« 

nctecr. €^ri(lent>oiii # Chriftianityi 

«/ (Sarf^ger) å Chiiftianifoii thriitian Doc« 

Kbtnk« Quack» Char* trine. 

C^rifictt^e^^ Ghriflendoni* 

tacritf Charlaranry« C^riflett XXltntitfft, a Cri« 

CtafaO Lint* . ftian. 

^9eMnan^• C^rtfleitt^t f Chrifom* Chri« 

p a Cmvil, CaviUing« fomcloth. 

Kaption« €f^ti(ti SoMatti^tf thttrtni* 

Cfi to caviU to raife -figtiratidn ef Chrift. 

NU and frivolous Ob- Ct>rtflt himmelfare/ tht A* 

IBS. fccnfion of Chrift« 

^f|lKrs,recTec Charac C^tifti Hegeme og 35lo^^ Ql 

QKtcretu ©acramcnte) Ea« 

fUfl^Writinj^inrecrec chnrid. 

9åtT5, Steriog^raphy. Ct^trtltiUcgemølDAg/ Corpaa« 

vinflarer/ a Deci- .Chri(H-Day. 

r, or Expounder of C t^rl(li naglegab/ the Printt 

n. or Marks in the Hånds o( 

f, a Chim^ra* ChHft. ^ 

Of Chiragra* Goat io Cbtiflmaanebr December. 

*aås, ^ C^ri(lne# (pU m af (Ei^rt|eit>% 

r (fiåatletQi) a Chi- the Chriltians. 

m, Snrgeon. Ci^ri(lne^ v, (gctftltgt Otb) to 

k, Chirurgefy, Sur** chriiten, baptize a Child* 

Ci^vi(loilt)CV»Urt/ Herb-Ckri' 

ff f chirurgical« (Vophef* 

m f. Cbiturg. Xf^x\^t<>vnt, Chriflthorn« 

f» f. WWg. €\>viit\\B, Chrift. 

iTy Chocolate* C^rcfiifC/ f« IRrØnife« 

Nf«ii>e# a ChocoUte- ^bronologic / Chronotogy, 

., ^. ._^ ^, , Art of Compwing Times. 

Uf6angcrc)aChoir, Cl^rottoldgiffi 

I. Cet^Ot^aiUO the C(^roito(ogiil , Chronologtt« 

»r raat Alti . (ooiOe Cbr^foIttb# a Chryfoliih. 

CO retd or ung the Jl r^ a,^ «^ trUA«.. 

^ €<>«rrft(ce# an EUctor. 

««^# pUin Mofic C^^urfiytilf Ug , ckaoraU 

2 a cptiF* 

Co } 134 ( 


tømwutnhoftavt a Truncheon 
or Staff ofi Cpmmand« 

^mmcfitaire/ (9inmarrfnin« 
ger out et @trt»0 > ^o™' 

mentary, Comment. (øiorc 
C«) c<2 comiDcnc« to^write 
Commencs iipcn« 

CommcocACorf a Commenca- 

Contmcnrere/ tocommenct •r 

wrict Cotnmenrs upon, 

Commcrce » tcHtgium, che 

Courcil of Commcrce. 

Commerccraab/ a Counfallor 

of Cammeree« 
Coilimiøbri5b/ Ammnnition- 

BreaH, brown George. 
ComnttflTariat^ the Board of 


ComnftfTar erøf IDom # Arbi- 

CommiffaviiiBt a Arbitrator, 
CominifTdry^ Conimi$noner» 
^»e^ en ^rmeO ^ Mnfterma- 

Aer • Cfimmilfary. 

Cømmtøfton^ (<Srln^e) a Com- 

misfion, Errand. Qtll at Ull« 

lerfegOf Dømme om nogeO 

a Coinmisrioii« 

Commiøn^nair^a Correfpond- 
ent. Agent, Faftor. Cfom 

fartøer oø ftøbcr $ufc fov 
anbrei ffafer Cap^ taler) a 

Commitcret/ a Commiree. 
Commøpt, Bnreau, Comivode- 

Clieft of Drawers. 
Communicatt^i|# Commtinica- 

€omi«nntc4ttonølinieit a Line 

of Commiinicacion. 
Communiceve/ to communi- 
cate,receive the Communion 
or LOrd's Supper* f. Qieb« 

Commuiiicaitr/ a Communi- 

C^mmunioiHf Communign ^ 
Lord's Supper« 

€ommnnitctti • Company, S» 

Compagttif; a Compa^ny. ( 

^anhtl) a Partnerfhip« 
Compaønted>ef/ a Captain« 
Compaaitoitf a Companion 

CSeifecomO % Fellowtravtl 

CompAø# a Marineres Compafi 

CSKiéoiMntnø af CO Varit 

tion of the Compafs* 
Compaøitaol; theNeedle of ci|i 

Compaøflfivf/ the Flie of tk 


Comp^nbittm# {. Ubtef^ 

Compeitbiøøf Piort> abrid 

Cotnpetent« a Compecitor. 
Ccom. Sommer) a prppa 

Comple]|^ioii / Complexion« 

Compiimenr # a Complimenti 
Salute, Salutation.BowtRO' 
verence, Congce, Conrte- 

Coinpfimentbrev f a compU^ 
mental Lecter,Letter pfCoii- 

CompUmentere/ C^en^tocoa- 
plimencone« makehimcooi' 

CompUmentmagør/ a Com- 
plimenter, a cercinonionii 
complimental • or formal 

Comploti (@ammenrotteffej 

a Plot, C(>nibinacien, Con- 
fpiracy, Fa»Llion, Party, (a) 
S9t>e)aBnnd, Gang, Ser ol 
Thieves. (Jan Oi] \)ant ty 
he and his Complot or A^v 
hcients. (giøre £♦) to plot, 
complot, cobal, combincoi 
conipir« togcther. 

Componere, (fo^ae paa ^obe^ 

to compofc, torm a Tune, fet 
tft Mafic; 


Co ) J33 ( Co 


Cbeitt# fl Client* 

Ciina/ C^immdeøti) t Clime 

. or Clioiate* 
Clifteer/ f. XClifleer. 
C^enine/ Cochenetl. 
Cx9«lt6^/ a Coconur. 

Colibrt, C^Cft mintflt fuaO 

Ctftitticitf Colla^^ a Clnb, 
Co^ladon orEncertaintnenc* 

€»imonev€t tocollate. com- 
pue. i^Unntmft^t tn 99oø) 

to chucf^« 
ioRtitt, Qlittn^øn^ a Colleél. 
(fllmiiTcé 3n^(amlind) the 

Gidieringof CharicieSt Col- 

Cøleccbogf a Book« in which 

cHe Charities gathered are 

CoSectfamler/ a Collcélor or 

Gatherer of Charities. 

iAltga, a Collegue, Partner in 

tn Office. 
Megiant/ a Collegian, Fel- 

low of a College* 
€clltgtam# a Collej^c, Coun- 

cilboard.^offentlig g«r(f 

Utimn^) a College. 
C^Bifetf Scenes. 

Coflu^ercr C()o(i>e bemmeltd 
mrb iionttapatttnj <<> ^<'^~ 

lude, plead b)rCovin cothc 
Intent to dcceive. 

CoQofionf Collnfion, Deceit, 
Covin ufed by Lawyers. 

Colonif/ Colony, Settlement. 

C»(onift/ an Inhabitant of a 

Colona^e« a Cofonade. 
tohnnt, (Arig^termO > <^o- 

lomn or a Line. rmatf(t)C' 

ve i Co £0 <^ march in two 

Lins« or Coinmns. 
Cobp^Piiinnt/ Colophony «r 

hard Rolin. 
Coloqviøt/ Coloqnintida« 

C^Ioratiiti (t<Drtt|ff)theQaa- 

vering or Trilling in Mufic 

or Singing, 
Colovtttf to trill or qnaver> 

to run Divifions« 
Colorit/ Colouring. 
Coltimbinfarve , Colombine. 
Cofumnc/ (t Soøtrofforttt) a 

Column in a Book, 
Columneileg^ Regiet. 
Comoebtant # a Stageplavtr, 

Comedian« (omlebciibe) t 

ilrolling A£ior •r Stage- 

ComoebiantifV/ comicaUmimi? 

Comcebte/ a Comedyt Play, 

((piHe CO ^o (^^ <i Comedjr, 
Comoebiel^iiiiø f a Playhoafe* 

Comoebiffebbel/ a Ticket for 

the piay. 

Comoebitf^river, a Play- 

wright , a Makcr or Writer 

of yhys, 
Comcf biefpiHer ; an AStou 

€omtt, a Comet. Cwek 0<^(O 

a tAJled Comet. 
ComifF/ pomical. 
Comma, a Comma or Stop. 
Contmanbant f a Commande): 

or Lieutenant of a Ca(^Ie» , 

Commanbére^ (en ^tmee} ro 

commanc) an Army or have 
the Condii£l »f if. (cOltt. 

et ananblPab tt &ttb l^ett) 

to command .Soldiers to 
march to a Place. 
Corttmanberenbe/ command- 

ing. (CjcO «*^« «'*>«^ ^^^^ 

Comnuinbsfrfergeant » the 

chief Serge inc ofaCompa- 
. ny. 

Commanberet/ commanded« 
C^mmanb^f the Command or 
Comnian Jing. 

€dmmanb>« 0)1*9 # Wérd »f 
Ci/inman 1» 

Co ) 134 ( Co 

tømmanh^aVt a Troncheon 
or Staff ofi CpmmancL 

^mmentaire / C^inmcrrfniti' 
ger o»cr er @tri»0 « ^oi^- 

mencary« Comment. (øiorc 

C«) CO commcntf ro^write 

Comments iipcn« 
€pmmti^tMott 4 Commenta- 

C^ntwcitrere^ tocommentt er 

write Comments upon« 

Commcrce « CoUeøium# che 

Courcil of Commerce. 

Commerceraab/ a Counfttllpr 
of Commeree« 

Conimt5bri5bf Ammnnition- 
Bread, brown George« 

€ommii(aviat , che Board of 

ComnftflTarerøflDoJitf Arbi- 

Comint(r^ritt6# a Arbitrator, 
ComininTdry« Commi$noner> 
0^ tn ^rmee) a Mufterma- 
Aer f Commilfary« 

€ommitficn, (<Srin^e)aCom- 

misfion, Errand« Qtil at Ull« 

letføg^ Døiutne om nogcO 

a Com misfion« 

X^mmis^onaiv^^ Correfpond- 
ent. Agent, Faftor. (fom 

fartøer oø ftøbcr $iifc fov 
'' anbre/ ffaffcr CapttaUr) a 

Ser i vener. 
Commiteret/ a Commitee« 
Commobe, Rnreau* Commode- 

Cl»ett of Drawers. 
CommttnicAti^l|/ Commtinica- 

€ommnmc(ttiomUniti a Line 

of Coinmiinicacion« 
CommttQice^e/ to commar^i- 
cate,receive the Communion 
or Lord's Supper« f« QieN 

C^ntimiDicanr/ a Communi- 

Commutiioiir Coimnanign qx 

Lord's Supper« 

€ommiinit(Ct# a Coi 

Compagttie; a Conr 

i)anM} a Partnc 
Compaønied>cf / a 
Compagnonf a C 

CSeifecQmO % Fe 

Compa«/ a Mariner* 
CiØIidDti^nind af < 
cion of the Comp 


Compaeff tPf/ the ] 

CompenDittift/ (. U 

Compenbiø6# (hoi 


Cotnpetenr« a c 
Ccom. Sommer) 

Complejri^n / Com 

Compliment , a Cc 
SaUice, Salucatloi 
verence, Congec 

Colitpfimentbrev # 

mental Leccer, Let 

CompUmencere/ C^i 

plimentone* mak 

plimenter« a cei 
complimcncal • * 

Comploti C@amiii 

8 Ploti Combinai 
fpiracy^ Fa<Uion» 
S90e)aB»n*d, Ga 
Thieves. ({^an 9i 
he and his Cornp^ 
hcrencs. (gtOte ^ 
coniplot» cabalf < 
conlpir^i togcther, 


to compoi*c> form \ 
tn, Mafic, 

Co ) 137 ( to 

CMitrebanbisre, to fmuggU 

€»utrtban^vtv, t Smagglcr. 
Conrrefcarpf/ a CoUnter- 

ionttibntiou , Contribnciom 

(fxrtc i ^0 ^o put under 
• Cfnm'bution* 
ConctoOeurr a ControUer* 
CMKubernalr Bedfellow« 
C»iti(tOllf . a Concufion* 
Onci/ a Convoy * Guard« 
ifncitvt, to convey. 
Coovoiffibf a Convoyfhip« 

Man of War, thac gocs 

flon^^withMerchantfhips to 

defend cheni« 
CoivolttCf a Cover« 
Cotviilflon/ a Convulfion* 
CMiinilftvlff/ convulflve, pro- 

dncing Convnition. 
€/Ofie, a Copy , Transcript, 

Dvplicate. (MflC €. flO to 

Copy* take a Copy of» to 

Uffkre, to copy> transcribe. 
Mering# Copying» Trann 

Cøptiiif a Copier, Copi(l, 

C^pnlatiotl/ tfie Joining in 

Matrimony, nnpcialSolem- 

nity, Wedding. 
C^puUttonø @€^^e^ a Cer- 

tiiicate of Marriage. 
CopnlerC/ tomarry« join in 

Matrimony or Wedlock« 
ioq;vtttt, a Coqnettc. 
CoqvetterC/ to play the Co- 

qnet, to a A the Lover , co 

affe^ amorous Advanccs. 
toavtttetit, Coqncrry, Af- 
fektation of amorous Advan- 

total, a CoraU 

Coralfl^er/ å Coralfifher« 

CortoR/ Soldier furrounding 
thefiørderi of a Ci;nain Pro- 

Corbtiait; Cordwain^ 
Cornetf a Cornet. 
Cot:porAl# a Corporal, 
(orporalfFob, a Band of SoK 

dicrs, cpmmand^d by a Cof- 

Corporlig/ corporaL 
Corporltøen^ corporally, be- 

Corpe Soldater f a Body of 

Corpulent/ corpnlent« pinmp, 

f« ilaf)?et* 
CorptlØ , a Body. (et ©(aøé 

@Ui9t i ^oatrpf fater (Cor^ 

eurfio) Pearl. (C ^nttqua) 

Cocrect/ f» riøtlø* 
Corrcctenrf a Correjlor*! Re- 

Correctttr# a Proof* Conben} 

Revife. (trcbtt) fecond 
Rev i fe. 

£orré!)>ont>ent; a Correfpon* 

Correfponbencc/ a Cot refpon- 
denc«. Cboltt £. mcb «n) 

to cnltivate Correfpondence 
With one, 

Correfpon^erf^ tocorrefpond, 
to have Intercourfe by Let? 

Cdprejr, OteUefarttdfOChcck, 

Reprimand, Rebukc, Lee* 

Corrigere^ to correft, revifc« 

Corrigerittøv Correfting. 

Coi'far/ a Corfair* Pirace. 

Codtnopoiit/Cosmopolicein Ci- 
tizen of the World > one, 
who is at home in [cvery 

Coftit here, in this Placc. 
tliere with you* in your Place 
or Town, 

Cofitimei Cnfto«, Ufagt« 



Co ) 136 ( €o 

€pfm^f!tmtnt f # Bill of 

Conitih TflC^citlK) the privy 

€9niU\otMtaa^, t CoTtnfel- 
!or ofthe Confiftorv. 

f^puflftortuni / « Confiftory, 
Cou't of ArcheS) Do£lor- 

f,pnM eder Confolbor^f t 

Side-rnblef . 
Coitfoitant/ a Confonantt 
Conflalle, a Gunner. 

(er tn anoen) to ip^deler 

^ate> fnbttttucc. 
Conflittitiom Con(litution» 

Cotiflrucrioit / O (Bramtnat.^ 

Conf^ruilion, C^^tbcéj 
Coaftru^ on orBuildinj^ of 

Confnlr a ConfiiU 

Cotiiiimtipii/ Fxcifc. 

€ontaht, (rebe 9rnge) rca- 

dy Money. (i)CUit £.) to pay 

Money down, 
Conrert/ the Connexion^ 

Cøntociivvant f an AccounN 

Concoii*^ a Countin^houfe; 

(offcnrlin) an Office. 
Contoirbcrient^ a Clerk. 
Contoirfppper^ fireakfalfcnps 

and Saucers^ 
Cont&iVftagt , Ofticecandle- 

Coitrra, Cbtn^tf i SompofitiO 

f* famme. 
Contra/ Cf{ri^i9) oppofice« 

Cotttrabaøf Counrerbafe. 
iøntvabdtttvitf t Connter- 


Coitrrabefaliiiø f Counter- 

€ontvabtVslbz , ro rccrimi- 

nare, rcturnt retort an Ac- 


€øntvabtfll^l^ninQf Rccrimi- 

€onttabt9ii§i • • 

€fCnttaboq, t Con 
fiook of AccoQnts, 
a Chapman againf] 

CpntracC; a ContraiS 
ment, Covenanr, P 
tion, Stipulation. 
H.) to m.ike a ( 
to concrdtll, coveni 
tide, clap up a 6a 

Contract , (føtnmei 

qrippled, htned, de 

the Ufc ofthe Lim 
Ccntractma(6ft9# in c 

of a Ci.ntrud. 
Contr4fet/ a Portrait, 

Cøntvd^nte, a <^otii 
(ontrafitøff (t $D 

Conrra^ef Fe / (i $< 

Coiitra()ere/ to conti 

Con tr af lage / a ' 


Coittramtnf/ a Coun 
<Lontraiiimei*e / to 


Contraorbre^ Ccunt 

Coittrapait/ an Ad 
Antagonilt, Oppo 
oppouce Party. 

Contrafl/ a Contrafl*. 

Contra jlere# to com 
fet two or more T 
Oppofition to one 

Contraflcmmc/ the ( 

fecond Part in Mu(i 

Contra.- X)tDne/ a Cou 

nefs, aWitnefs pr I 
ofthe oppolite Part 

Contre'21^miral/ a 1 

Coutrebanbff ^ont 

JDo ) 139 ( S!)a 

himMf. (bå bCftmol) where- 

ts» inftead of chau 
^Mf Daa^t^# « Deer or hU 

low Deer. 
iaabø Bipcifin* Chriftenine, 

(Cmb (•rer rirø.) kaptismau 

l^Jbt tt 9atn 09er Ib.) co 

hold sChild over the Fonc» 
CO prefcnr it 9c rhe Font« 

IDoAbfit« Gactamtnti Bap- 
9t4fiø 25tf rorfrelfe # Con- 

CiMbPagt/ the Sacrament 
orAdoffiapcjToit bapcismal 
^tM, Decd» Dein|^, A£(ioni 

ftd, Effca. Cøaae een ei( 

loadvife and help one eØicar 
cioosly, to fvccour him wich 
toodAdvicc and eflfcaoalRc- 
»cf, to advife one falutarily 
tni really relieve hinu 

^la^, f. IDaa. 

^aa^rø SPartt t Fewmecs* 

twr^inb« a Doe. 

tååEt, (tefotme) to fwoon 
•r fainc away, to fall into a 
Swoon, co be feized or taken 
with it> to get a Swoon- 

t(umtii€, X9ef»ime(fe) a 

Swoon» Swooning, Qualm> 
er fainting Fit. 

OmtC/ a FooU Sot* Tony, 
Siapleton« fop, Proper- 

^Mitftfttø a Madhoufe« (t 
ttfl^n) Bedlain« 

taorcfiflcø Bammer eSer 

Hoitf a Box ur Cell in a 

téuitliff, Cnfot^anhiQ) fool- 

ifh« fotrtfhi filly, ftmple, 
addlc« (vrimelijS; abfnrd, 
ntravaganr. Cufltunbet ^ 
frivoloor, fatiU Cf^tVOt^en) 
ccfBerU|»««> f*ft9* 

IDanrliøeitf f«oliYhIy &c« 

S>aAritg(^e^/ Polly, Foolifh. 
ncl's, Foppery, Sottifhnefs, 
Sillinefs« ((um &ttt§) a 
fooUfh Dedgn« 

IDaarlig , U t^aarligen« 

IDaafC/ a Box* 

IDabe, (b^^ Srolfføgerne) a 

Pavier'f Beetle. 

IDao^eii ({almefruøO ^ 


t>a^^el # ( 3reitefaptteKc } 

BUine, Cenfore, Taxing, 

Rep roof, Rcprehen6on,Carie 

IDaMCr CMO to blamer cri- 

ficize upon, fincl Fault witl|» 

carp att perftringe, tax, 

charge, reprehendi hatchel, 

IDabletf/ Blaming, Taxing. 

Cenfuring, Carping, Criti- 

IDftMer, a Fault(ind(r» Car* 

per, Caviller« 
IDa^UffØf cenforioua upon« 

fiven CO cenfore, apt to re- 
c^ upon ochers. 
JDaMef^gCf Cenroriousner$,, a 
Propenfity of blaming, 

IDøegge/ to fnolcle Ca Child). 

lOccQ^t / f* 2ltele^atgge« 

IDarggclAiitf a Snckling, 

lOctf, (tt etibi) Deck. (et 
t>9tr hmn ff9itttiMhtcn 
tnb paa @t^erne) a cam- 

bering Deck. t2)«f# fom 

tnøen $)celKing l^aoer pa« 
nogen af @l^ernc) a fiufh 


«)«f fer/ f. tr. (en ttrebceMer) 

a Threedecks* (en Soborf« 
fer) a Twodecker. 

l^CtfUt f. a Covering, or Co- 
ver. (fpiHe un^er Scrffe 
4ned een anden) to confpire 

or agree togethcr, have a 
fecret ImelligoBce , to pUy 


S)« ) 140 ( JDfl? 


^QOty With one tnother« 
(®!>åbO theCciling. (cMr 
^aa^ttO * Tilt for a Boat, 
CMfiCD.^af) to lincover, re- 
inove or take aw«y theCoverr 

iP^Ft^C/to cover or env^Iopt^.to 
wrap up, C?5or5cO ^ « Tprevi 
theTable,Uy theTablcclorh, 
tofervtaTable, ((KmantlO 
CO cloak, pallidte* (fom en 
b^mtt en i)tppi) to leap or 
horft fl Mare« 

IDftf femager/ a linker ofBed- 

IDftFlPétf covere d, covert. 

JDorff ctøi/ a Setpf Tabielin^n, 

1D«fnin3# Covering. (en 

i t)inaftcO t*'« leaping pf: 
• • Horfing of a Mare« 
IDorf ffif a Cover. 
1D«føg»;iler, Wafte-Crew« 
Ibcclt, f. jtOEl. 
Oorlg eHer D(«(f r « Furrow* 
' Hollownefs or Cavity. 

IDiXmntef to fence or incompafs 
wich Banks, OikcS) Dams or 

IDotmning; a Bank* Dam, or 
Caufey. (i^tb en f)Am) a 
Mole or Peer* 

fOctmvtf (3^^) to qnench, 

exIHnguini, to put out* 

((fioenbt ånt) t» fmochcr 

. glowing Coals» (Eio^an« 

len) to deaden the Spirits. 

<£QDen af tt 3n|ltumenr) 

to deaden the ^ound nf a 
nufical Inftrumgnt. (^ru 
gen) to (lop or put a End to 
the War. (ccn^ ftODmoD) 
to humbic, abate ont's Pride, 
to brinw; ene Iow, to mortify 
one. ODpr^jr) to appeafe, 
tsfuage, quell an Uproar* 

• ((fnetibenfPabcO to mflfer, 

ptn^ueri overcome» kcep 

under yoiir Pa 

bre) to moifrsii 

fccrmpningi (; 

Qu- I^ ofr^ 

jn^ ot one's \'v 

fFubecO ^^2 C*-" 

Oveicoinini^ oT 
: cnng. 

alittlcl»'pe, th 
Truiupct, to m 

3Dag/ a Day. O ^ 
this Uay, (i 
2)J at broad Da 

øanfPe ^ ) all i 
©. ott? D J th 
night. (i D. fi 
this Day forc'n 
S)age) halcyon 1 

fifl gode ©age) < 

lurest to (iiakcii 

gobe ©aaO to 

Eafe. (i)tta frfl 
Day to Day. C 

»ore 'Dmt) in 

- to Light, discc 

me for Bagen) 

coine out« (i ^ 
in the Days of 

gob 2)ag> yes 

IDagbog/ a Dayb 
Journal , Epher 

IDaobrceifning , 

the Breaking of 

IDagbiirec/ a Ti 

pcs, idlc Strec 
Vagrant, an Idl 
loitering FcIIom 



ita ) 141 ( ^Ci 

tå9fmB^tbt, theHwc OT the 
Son« (bxtt {Ddøeit^ Snr« 
le øg Vttt) to fuffer thc 
Borden and Heat of che 

Uqt§, C^O it dawns, tht 
Oty peeps • it grows Day. 

Bofc« ep/ to appear, be dis-» 

^ognifl/ a Påpilion of the 

Qoflist, (5DoIf) a Dag» Dag- 

|iri Poniard. 
tidiMt daily* diurnali every 
6ij, Day by Day. (^dØ^ 
StøOordinarily« common-* 

ly. (d. UbtommO ^^^ ^»v- 

B|frofn Hånd toMourh-.out 
Kccaffaries Day from Day« 

Cloiliø JCoflI cSct 9)2a5)coin- 

oon Fare. 
tcfligenr daily« evcry Day. 
tiftøB, a Daylabourer'sHire, 

hy for fl Day's Work. 
^tfénntv, a Jonrneyman« 

ttping , the Dawh4 G X>0 

t Break of Day* 

Bat og Hat, (Urt) PcUitory 
•Tche Wall. 

Ui Kegtflerf f. fiagbdg« 

t«§reøning/ Stile. 

Ikff«^rbeide; a Talk, Man-* 
Bing I D^YWork, a Char* 
Chare» Joo« Daylabour* 

Dafs««5ovfrie/ Average, a 
Dmdging Day*s Work« or 

t«|ff«tr/ Dawning. 

tagi 1^ ; Daylighc« 

t«g»fPIØining/ an Acre of 
Groondtfo much;as oneYokc 
ofOxen will ear in aDay,con- 
taining in Lcneth 140 Fcct. 
and in Breadtn iio. 

Coft^Kcifef^ a Jonrncy, t 
JoQioej of a Day* 

IDacfvariger/ • Prognoftica- 


feagoagt; a Daywatch, 

TDagperPf a Talk. 

?D«l/ aVfllc, Valley, Dale, 

GammcrbaO a v lley of 
Mifcries. (øoer Q9urg og 

. ©flO over Hedge overDitch* 

^aler; CiX'OébaUr) ^ Dollar« 
IDaitf/ (i @pil} a King ae 

IDantf f. iDiCmning. 
IDantf (til iift eOec at i^anbe 

i&crfc O • Pond. 
S^amafF/ Damnlk. 
?DainafF'23Idmflei*/ Panfiea. 
fDAmafFerCf to damasquine« 

damalk ol: inlay Iron wieli 

Gold or Silver. 

^am;(¥eø^(cfretøt/ Damalk 


S^amafTcø IDtig meb 1 1 Ber« 

Viecter/ Damalk Service. 
IDama(F>lll^n(ler , Damalk* 

work. (»cn>e i S.) tio da- 

X)ambi*eo ^ Dranghtboard* 
IDambvif FC/ t Man %t 


IDame ^ a Lady. (t jtørt) the 

IDame p^nr# Woman's Attire« 

S^amlttge# a Dar^, Wear, 
Sluce, Floogate. (dabtlC 
2)0 ^o open the Damfluce 
or Floodgate, to fluce out» 

IDamme op/ O tDamfpiO <<> 

crown or King a Man ae 
IDamp/ aVaponr, Exhalatiom 
Turne« Smoke, Steam. 

IDampC/ to exhale, fend or 
drive out VapouraorFumes* 
drive awar in Fumes; to 
evaporare/ fly away in Fn- 

mes. (iaiennem éøebbuU 

lerne) to perfpire. 
IDampc^Hl/ a Venthole. 


S)a ) 14a ( ^A 

|^ampl$f vtparoQf. damp* 

IDampning/ Exhalatlon, Fvi- 
poration. (tøicnncm @»(« 
Oe|)uScrnO Pcrfpiration. 

IDamfpiU Draughts. 

1DanbØ# a Dance. (Coiitfa« 
©,) a Country dance. (f»r« 
X).) to Icad the Dance. 

IDanttfff to daVice* (ftrf^ 
aabne Q3aKeO ro le^ d the 

Dance, have the Precedcrcy 
in Dancin^. (5. Og fpvtnac) 
ro rtf and ramp« play wanton 
TricKSt frilk abous play 
Gamhols or Rampade» 

IDanOfebobf . DancingfchooU 

IDan^febiøriti t Dancinj- 

ibaubfefonfti the Art of Dan- 

IDan^femefler/ t Dancmg- 

IDanbferi • Danccr. 
1DAnOfertnbe# Dancert Sht« 

IDanbfefeljJab / a Ball> dan- 

cing AlTcrably. 

IDanbfcfFoe^ Pumps. 

IDailbft|FoU#a DancingfchooU 
IDanbfeffribt, a Scep in Dan- 

ftnnliflfreb/ f. etiføelfe. 

IDannC/to form*farhion,frame, 
mottld. Ctfttt^ to com- 
foroif fuitt frame or fafhion 
by, makcliketo. Q!t£ePlt(t 

cfrer en anbenSRanbjro frame 

or fquare your Life by that of 
another Man. 
IDaimtarf # Denmark* 

1Dannebrog*Or^en, the Or- 
der of Dannebrog. 

fDannef«^ th« Treafares of 
Denmark, Things foand or 
aUTreafures that are foond 
hidden in the Earth, ForelV, 
Field or elfewhere and noc 
daimad by any Owner* 

IDannclfe/ Fotmiiig, 

tion» Formine. 

fbannttnaa^, the Mi 

Framing or Formit) 

IDAttneman^/ a Man 

bity. (iwiaitac S)) 


1Danneø#to be made ot 
to come to forne f 1; 

Danitivt^^^; Honefty 

fOanft, danifh* (e 

lD4n|F tJttfttfoer/ Aro 

IDafo Cn$éit tcO to ro^ 
ble, go up and dowi 
taken up wirh forne 
Thing or other.CSil 
to triåe away the T 

,l^aiit * Tap, Flap o 

Cuff. Cø'De een et 3 

Q}V<i) to jtive one a 

the Har. ((|it>e een 
paa ^tceoten) to gi 

Slap in* the Face» 

jDaflfe^ (flaae) to b« 
one. (ligge og t.n 

tocohabir, have cai 
do with one. 

T>aifmt, (ufQbff DtH 

Cohabitation , Lo 
gueS > Arno urs* 

IDaeerer (et SreO t< 

Letter. (tilbagO 

lbAtter# f. iDotter« 
IDatnm , a Date» 
lOt, they. CbtinO »^ 

' Sfl^anMtng) a Debs 

Oebactcrff to debai 

1Debatid)e/ f. S(em 

2Dc > 143 ( £)< 

rn hfLtwånzTs or 
Dcet to dof iDJoy a 
Exce(i» to follow 


;>ebtor Ol m Ac- 

ri ^oa 9}arr) uc- 

>alc cht Pactin^ 
>ofifig of Warcs* 
nghc otUrcerance 

Mrc^hefcC ommo' 
r«ll 9 |;o off vary 
I a qoickRecarn* 
Account, cbere is 

ifFittU Såre) co 

otter or pnt off, f« 
to r«tonedowna 

debit one* 

(. atgteif » 

te«itebr Decem- 
Monch of Decem- 

pétafitnttf af«- 

1^ Deciaraacion. 
todedairo, make 

1 erf l«re. 

r IDecCitt(reii# 


(Bram. Centi) co 


en 800) to dedi- 

D tell theParticn- 

låntCh sive afttll 


IDe^nctson, tn Enomtration ot 
Recital of a Bountft« 

I>eel# aPart»P oc^ion, D jyidand« 
Divifion, Shart, tot* CKf« 
^Cltnø) a Scaiotu (af CII 
®og) aVoInme. (afltitlrr 
a Dividend, (^ttittibt ©. 
my Shara or Lot* Ctitb^tli 
ge2>0»yQv^ the Portion 
dae to ma (of tn XxiAéfjfat) 
aOivåfion« Cafe«9lo^)a 
.^qaadron. C2>ee(# Sii^el 
i noaetj the Pai;cictpacioh, 
the Share I am Contarnad 
for« (Hor 2>0 a great DaaU 
(fiben^ a finafl Part, Partide» 
Parcel, 9iu Siiip> little Seg^ 
ment« Qc^ bofder mtb in^ 

øcnafDO.iride withneither 
of the Parties, I takeneither 
ofrhe Parties, Itake rtoParc 
with either of thatn, (før tllttl 
©.) for my Part, as to me* 

(af<n@tab) aWard* (booe 

2>« o to participate, fiave n 
Share in« Ct(^^t^. Qtotake 
Share in,partake oCconcern» 
intered ^oai'felfttakePart in* 

(to trebie2)ecO twoThirds« 

IDeclagtig^ participant, fhar* 
ing, intere(led% cdncarned, 
Parraker« (»ære b. Q topar- 
takeof, be concern':d or en« 
gaged in« (gtøre b.) <<> (n^ke 
ont! aPartaker of, impartona 

fo^ething.O tn Jorbrpbelfe) 

an Accomplice to a Crime» 

IDeelagttngiører to make one 
aPartaker orPartner of,make 
hbn parrake of» to impart, 
communicate aThing with 
one, to partidipate a Thing 
with one. (figj to partaHe, 
or participaté of, to ti^ke 
Share in« 

IDeelagtigglØrelfa, Particjpa* 
' tion, Partaking, Imparting* 


^e ) 144 ( ©e 

OeeUgtiø^eø/ Ptnicipation, 
Parttking:. (i en ©ag) Im- 
p1ic9cion9 Encangling or In«; 

^ttihaVf divifible, parcible« 
IDeelbav^eb^ pivifibiliry« 
jDeele, f. ^ele. 
IDeeU tUtt til;)eelf t partly, 
in futu for a Parr.whar wich« 

(Dee U mc5 S>rif / htcUmcb 
9D(t tilbragte ^an ftit SiD) 

what with drioking and 
whoringhe fpenc his Time. 

IDeeltr parted) divided. 

IDefect/ .defcftivc, imperfed^« 
fnll of Defea«. 

IDefecc, C^anøeQ a Defca« 

Imperfedion, Fanlr« (tCII 
Steflnhta) an F.rror. 
IDefettflv TiUianct, a defenfivé 

IDe'fenjti? , f. €f, C<iaac b'efen* 

ftl> til 9Jcrfé)to ad dcfenfive- 

Ibe^røff CfnæDcrt 9aO « De- 

file, a narrow Lane or Pas- 

IDeflicre^ to (?le oC 
IDegeli f. IDigel. 
tDeser, (tt i£aaet (o^efinbir 
^aniUre) a Dickcr. 

lOtgtit a Clerk. (SanbébQcb.) 
a Counrryclerk. 

IDesta^ere, f. affcctce* 

IDei/ IDeiø/ a Dongh for 

beigecr doaghy« 

IDeiøHump, \at Heppe $øné 

meb) a Pafte , where wich 
Poulccy is fatcened« 

Setliø/ beanteous , beantifal, 
fairt handfomC) finc,charin- 

IDeiliøettf beaatifnlly &<;, 

IDeiliø^e^i Beauty, Beautifal* 
néis» Finenefi) Charming- 

I>et9it€/ C<iiltt ©ei" 
IDciøfFrabe, a Rak< 
IDeife agtet* tl^f to 

altern, to fhlcve 

bePfel, (bod 9c< 

a Printeres Tymp 

Ibtltf to part, .de 

rhing, put itin Ct\ 

(mcb een) to Oiai 

vifh one« Cbato j 
een) (O go Hatves 
(ah^iUt) to fepa 
tefe)todefil, difir: 
ter) to fubdividc 
divide intodillin^ 
partirioii. (i prc) 

O n'ae ©ele) to < 

eqnal Pares. (fi%[ 

IDeléf Cf^re (Sagei 

at the Bar, 
IDelelta/ divifible. 
S^elelig^e^ Dtvifib 
S^elemaalf Adion, 

Procefs* Caiife. 

iDelenbef dividing 

IDclerf a Divider* 

S^eleø; to be divide 

IDelicarf dcHcate* : 

ZDelinø/ IDeelvtngr 
Divide* Partition 

tion. C>Mb|!iflelfe 
tion* Co<ia no) 

fion. (©fiftt O 
Divifion of an Ir 


Way ofDiftribut 
IDeUcttint/ a Delid 
IDelinqt^ent/ a D 

Criminal, Malefa« 

IDelp^in^ Dolphin« 

lOtntf them. I 
€bcr) yon. 

I^emantf a Diamo 
@(arniefferé) an 
(HiTdteJ).) Briftoi 

©e ) I4S ( Sé 

t,. « Diamond- thac Account (føfgeltø) c6r|» 

reqnently. (Derfor ttO to 

(pr« »ife for (DO i^c Eftd thit. 

yoor Trial-Se^- IDerfoni^eitr Hefides, 

JDfcfraf thence, from theret« 
DfCRixsiion, Dis- IDer^en^ "tWther, yondcrt 

rtlf Triil-Ser- tDer(>^fl op ^ thirher up. 

^er^en tvtt,^ chirher over. 
IDer^Oø/ thereby, chertwich. 

(bcrtO bcfirics. 
IDerif thcrein. C^m mtt 
bcrO put more in it« 

IDeriblati^r/ thcre - tmong, 
amongfl them« (ber ermaii« 
øe øobe tbfanbt bem) therc 

are many good among; them« 

1Derigiettttem# through thac 

IDerimeQf m , there - betweto, 

betwixt ic or rhem« 

\vi APowflflce of IDevimo^^ (ba bcrttnob) whcre* 

Tiik, Corn &c. as. (cffCtO othcrwife. (til 

IvDepucics. øitnøterbntnø) in Rerarn,.: 

jDcpnty. (ewf» (••Cttimob) on the contra- 

rrtr t et iKcntefatn« ry , contrary wilV, 

Soperincendanr or 3Dtrin^# thei'ein, rhertwiihinft 

srfcir or tlie Prefi- .in it, 

■8 Exchcquer. '^1DeHn^ef therewirhin, ^ 

in that place. X>trivatxon, (1 erammotifai) 

,": , Derivation« 

lom. rclat* inat, ^ , e ^w 

•cof^ of ir, hence. IDerme^^ cherewich, wich tha^ 
§Ct) hence ic fol- 

, Democracy. 
» democratical. 


s. (paa benne 

tf the feinamé, 
, very rehfame. 
he, ch^c 
lt| Dif^ric^, Ju- 
» Department« 
CO dcpend» 
:o depofc. 
i Dcporirc. 

heretfrer, after- 
rrwardfl. (evet* 

mit bcrmebj ac- 

by thac Means. (betmtb baf 
Itt tffe ØtorO thflc wat not 

IDentffflf ncxc» in the »ext 

efteOwho alks tor *»"*^ *^y* 

^ernel># downi bciow, 

r, thcirs. (beteé iDerne^enttlf thetebelow. 
»r Reafvn , vpsii Otcoppe, th«ie »bov«. 

a>fT: ) i4«\(: ^ 

bmiK IHMf clur> «nr ib 

tbtnnttt, tfitftOMTtOMia* 
OU it. Cnwn 0^ ftw Mt 
■MtBD ovir ind (bove. loili-; 
tisniltr ot ix. Cba tr ilol 
Mrwct) he i> &la<1 6f it. 
Ctait n bdctKt MteKi> fw 
il affliAcdu it. 

' Cltpna. therc on. ihcreiipon, 
«f[ci rhnt. Cban (uatc6( Pet. 

;." ■ poaj beinrwaredroii, ffcr. 
•aa dif @laa<inaalet an 

.-;.■ ' iintl(cm6«lli}arrer ibarthcy 

w«ntfighrin^. CbanBauaflt 

bttpddj hc minded it, wai 

Ccrfw'.'' if. 

tewr thtr««, to it. QmI 

fcy to it." ■ ■ ■ ' 

Dertil, btfidct. top. CbM « 

fddig o« »cttil |k*tclt«^lw 

.^ pooT> >n<] wnk too, 
SctHI, »nfoniBcsr btfidM. 

fonlHrniDTe, (jmM U» 

ntt^addco thiL 
DtftfUHt« ow wd ibovci 

BenMj btnACi th«r«with> 

(•ibt. tbnti: 
Dinibafr thcre ob mt of it. 

CkUft-iU ttmat IcraMf) 

whil will became of il. 
HcrnM, f. »crL ■ ^ . 
B«ru» tfifant«!/ dirftagb tUt 

ttuilimr.iliiir beneith, there 

-vndcr. CI«<s*trttenniMO 

pnt ramcihing under it, 
QtffVtDi >htr«by • by (bit. 
DetX«rfaS' for tlitcRtaron, 

becmfe oC . 

fif f«umt, ^.(tlvfammtt 

KM^cbTtf tb« better. 
DcfiMnMlttf % D«fc 

Offi^rin«. ?rot«iri 

deRtti tfctpe', iiiilt«> 

roii tw^j. 
•CcfMcriag, DaTartion, 
SCtfjfnftf t Uir«rt«t.> R 

C>ctf6ritb»yr btfidtt d 

over md ibovc ' 
Det^cBcri the nthtr. . 
DMltgtf rnch-lilt«. 

"Dtåtttebftt t Unlk-Ai^ 
a wild GotEi diat piaill 
Mnik. ; ■ 

1D(«taerl(tg^ Mnrcadin^. 

DnsetTat, a Civar.«(; J 

Xmmtrtaglt, UulkbalL!^ 

molky Smtll. ''J 

De«nicnMrC( t Mw^fii 
^(•iaer'3l«ac, i MalNl 
CcMfnOctf itie lefl, ^1 
Ctfticratf f. fortvtplitt^J 
Dtfpotf a DcfJMK. J 

)6c(pMiftf dcfpocic. ' ^ 
Ccsfert, C«fMrat«K*l 

lOiHiivct, MfhOtrc, te 44 

draw ont the Moiftiw 
ThiBgs tbroggh tb«.^ 
bie i. : 

CHHHtCfXArf dcftUhn 

K>eØiatn>X»Ii)t, aa Ali 
bie. ' ,( 

1DcfHI(R4>viif aDtftiUai 

CffHBCTcr, a Deftilltr. ' . 

KtftiUtrttØitt , Alembic. 

C fttatrlRS, Dcftillatlon, 

Dtftebcbrc, (. BMbtbrc, ,. 

Sf^MWtr , f. »cMictr. .. 

Otjl^KlBbri, f. »e»NlNl 

)DwMBt*» notwitUttndi^ 

SH ) 147 ( m 

rrtø th; worCt^ . 

xt, interj« /UfltI 

onom« neur. iu C3^9 

:C} I Tee ir« 


Bflief che famet che 


r inccrj«^ beitdpne! 

tUs. f. bainc» 

. i Morro* 

>l driftig* 

i# Dievel # Devil» t 

«, the foal Ftend 

vDiavcfen) to exorcir« 


kgriøi diabolicaUdevil- 

lofrigenf diebolicilly« 
IkSanii a Devil in- 

Ittf KetfTabf a Tool 
c Devil. 

im^ef (flem iCone) a 

hvil , a devil in Pecti- 
1,1 Scold, Shrew. 
Wib/ (UrO »^«virs 

% didbolical. 
ff ad. diabolically, de- 
s at a deviliCh Rate« 
fcbf dcvilifh Tricks* 

irovH« Sorcery, Ma- 
Necromancy* black 

hVin9!t9 an Tmp/ 
i)|rt, a Devirs-Raee, 
-e> Genios or Ha- 


Qtaner^ anExercift* 

'tnaning/ Hxorcifm. 

rtkrff a dtabolical 

lai. C« CcDmeerten) 


lUf a De^c^n, 


icr, Clu^inaaO Dia- 



løø) Diarrhea, Lafk* 
Dicrara/ Diaates, Wricingt. 

Dtcceee # to di^ate or |&dirc» 
to tell one Word by Wor4 
what heis to write. 

Di^f Mb()etl# yonder« yor^ 
(Cebe b<^ 09 hiV) to nin 

here an<( chere, co and fro« 
^Didoverf beynnd9 oveft or 
on che orher Side* 

Die/ to fnclu (øi»e o( tie) 
CO give fnck • to fackle« 

Difi Cl^rttøe^ fan me> 8t9e) ^U 

n tAtt ro Tuck« 
Wktfit che Giving of Sock* 

Dien^ef (Sbatn) a Snékling; ' 

Dieti C((Ol^e DO ro keép a ftriét 

Conrfe of Diet • to live by 

Dig, thee. 
Dige/ a Dike, Ditch, Trench« 

CøtørC/ppfolfeDigf) to ditch» ' 

makc a Dicch. 
Digel/ a Crucible« melting 

Digelfatø/ a Sec of Cmci« 


Digt/ aPoem, PieceofPoetfy«' 
a Copy of Verfes. (SobeQ « 
Fable, Fi^ion. Talt offt 

Digt/CACf f4(l/ Cight> faft» 
coropa£( » folid 9 clofew 

Digte/ (giøte SetO to makc 
Poems, Rhiines or Varfts* to 
rhime* verfify, poecise. (ofr 
tiøte) to fcign, inventfforgc» 
counterfeit, dcvife, imagine, 
contrive a Thing* makc Fic- 

rtons. (bigte Sean og 6naf> 

to tell a Lie« to nb* romance* 
to ccll Stories, frame or coin 
falfe Stories« 

Digte/ Ctittte) to tighten, mak« 
tight. (el ©tip) to calk « 

9 Digttf 


^ ) 148 ( IDi 

MfCetcnv Calking;-iron, 
IDigtefonflf Pocfy, Arc of 

IDistes, 1Di9tniitg,Cet6fiM) 

Ae Caiking of a Ship« 
l^iøter/ t Point« Inventer, « 
Wricer of Verfef. ((IcO « 
Poettden Vile. panltry Poet. 

lDigtet,Cfom ct6ti60 «<^>l>t- 

IDiaceCi feiened, inventcd. 

ftbled. iiartioiis. 
IDigtfT/ C^iorC torr) tightened, 

made tight. 

IDiil , (i en Soatroffcvprcfle) 

cht Platten or Piatine of % 
Printer's Prefs. 

IDilti (llrO Din. 
IDimmeUUøe, thaHolyweek. 
1Dl9# pron. adj.thy, pron« «l^- 
fpjnt, chinc. fa: 55MCt) thv 

Books, (mine ofl d. etøotcr) 

my Boots and chine« 

mn^lt, (beooraci bib 09 bib)to- 

ling« ro bob. fwing to and 
Cinølettf tDangling. Swjng- 
ing to and fro « ft Bobbing. 

^inUU lOlnUifovn, Spelt. 
DiplOHMf a Charttr* Letters 
patent f Diploma. 

Ibipbtffongf a Dipbthong. 
lOiptam, CV(anK) Dittany« 

IDirecti^f (»ef pcelfc) Adm j- 
ntftradoni Management. Di« 
• region. 
IDirccrortuiiir a Dire^ory« 

DårecrØr^ a Diredor> Mana- 
ger t Overfeer^ 

Cirigcrc, ro diréd. manage, 

I^iriP, a Picklock« 

IDftrfff QoåSt øp) to pick 

JDlecatlt# rhe Defcant or Tre- 
ble. Cbolbc t>0 (• fing the 

1^i$C(tntift, one, th 

IDifekpUi aDifcipIe 

IDiøcipline, Difcipl 
IDiøconvir a Disco< 
IDiøcretioitf Di Teret 

dø paa DO c<) f" 

Ditcretion« yieli 
IDifP, Table. (i én 
a. Connter. (boll 

2)ug fatnmcn) ro 

Hoofe togeriier. 

fftfbt fra fin jlone 
(Dug) heandhisV 
vorcedasfor Bed i 

Cii(r, CPAdSCrterct) 

of the Chalicei 

IDiøpenfarion , f. 
iiclie, Un^taøtlfi 

IDifputarø, Difpurai 
fertarion. Cb^ltt ( 
and maintain a Q' 

IDifpnreerFotijlr So 
IDifputere, (ttcitu 

piice> contend, de( 

rel. (oocc noget 

to dispute aboDt 

wich one« to cont 

a{^inR him> ro ci 

With him. ((oli 

taté) f. I^iøputai 

^tfpnttcrligr dispa 

IDifpttf Dispute, De 

teftation, Differer 

troverfy« Qnarrei 

feiflf/ thefe, 

IDiflfertation; Diflfei 

IDiflantO/ a Difhnc 

IDtfliDere; f. befliOe 

I>i(linctioni Diftiné 


of Diftini^ion« 

Siftingx^ere f ro di 

()M) to dillinguif 
liit yourfelf. 

fOo ) 149 ( ^0 

if tocakeoA divcrr 

idj. thy. pron.abfoU 

B og ^in iHiO ^^^^ 
and rhine, 

' C^iétt Sienbett en 

ivc rhediemy aOi- 

to divert, diverrife, 

(fiø) w divert 
. mjkcoitrrys yke 
to di vide« 

Divifion« CfomAO« 
a Chfs. 
•DgM/ Mark of Di- 

^!>elcren iSIctnefoK« 

Dividend, y 

donble. G<^ØdO 
I) 10 'iouble, 
4tiW. doub'v« 
4A, Duphciiy« 

• Gimef^er. ^ 

• (giarcDoMelO to 

ff Duplicacinn« 

I Doaor. ce«^) a 

r ofDivinity. (fliWC 
U beftowonhiinthe 
;r bignity of a Doc- 

r to core, to treac 

^ the Degree rfg 

(rage C O tv take 
re« fls Dodor, go 
ttor, commence 

r a Do^or't Cap. 

9§f ^Aoral, 


S>oee«r f proMiociott/ tDo^ 

ror's Prémorion« 

lOoaoxsVarbiQbitb, DoAor* 
rhip> a Do^or's Degree. 

IDocumcntfa OocumcobDeed« 
Inftraoittnt. (2>. fooi tieoet 
lt( 3$f»iié t eo @4g) Bviden- 
CteSt Deadi, Moniin^ncs. O et 
Caneeffie^ Lttctrt Patent. 

Ct)o»cdd« i en Vrocd)* the 

fundamentarPieccs ør Writ* 
ing in a Lawfnit« 
IDoctirttentere/ to prodnce tht 
MunimeiitSi toprovebyDo- 

IDocuincnrerf Opkrinint^ 

(for Starten) Prefentation* 
1D^9/ yet, howcvert for all 

that« Ctinf dog O indeed ! 

whac do I hear f (^ør dogl 

hear, pray. (fig lotg dogj 

tell ir me, I befeech yoQ. 
IDog aDigevfl/ 'however, noc- 

withl^anding , nevarthelefs* 

for all thar. 

IDogf^ (ooerSe SKagtHrat^per« 
fon i SepuMif en SeneMg te.) 


IDogge^ (en enae(|r ^uM) a 

Bulldog« MaftifL 

IDoglftbf (paa 92ob) Dew 


T>offt9 n DretetftoCen oøVoa' 
ntngéf on(ltn>a little PiUar or 

Ballifter which is feen on the 
ontfide of Galicrifs &C. 

ibcfft, (boor @f ibe reparerel) 

8 Dockyard. 

S>olf / a Poniard. Daggtr; (K* 
ben) a Dag* 

IDontf a Senrence, Jndgrnenr, 
Dccree, Verdia. (bct f(tlt 
beO^^'*^^"^'^^tion« (9}olD» 
gtOtimffnbOtheDecifion of 
anArbitraton Arbirration, 
Decifton,- Determination of 

a Conrc of Judicatine. Ctn» 



S)o ) :i50 ( ®o 

' -' feciiø) t defifiirive, decitiv«* 

percmptory or fir.tlSentcnce« 

(ØtemniO Opinionr Senri- 

monc^ Mcaning, Thonghcs« 

' (Sermedmng) Suppoficion. 
cabinterimd D.) t provifio- 

nftl- Scntence. (2)omi %\* 
flflCtfc) the Pasfini( of • Sen- 
ttfice. CaftøeD.) to jndge, 
mtkcv pronounce« give or 
piff Sencencct gift in yonr 
^ ibd«»C4pire(/ tlia Chapter, 

Sooieitllf/ fl Domeftic. CS)l>' 
mettfcr) Servants. 

fiowfccl^Ci ro ca(t one at Law. 
to condeihn (i jkngc^taf) 
to fine, mnia« ' 

Domfotl^oing # Condemna- 

IDomføel^r # condemned. caft 
at Law« 

IDom^crrf/ a Canon. Preben- 

IDoiii^erte« Csnbe^e 09t)«r« 
Mg^eb/ Canonfhip* 

IDom^erref ^I^o^•/ a Pre- 
btnd* røomi^emi @ioe( 

i Ckorct) the Scall of a Ca- 
non in the Qnicc« 

Dembiuie# the Hall of Judge- 

IbominXcantvmatif 9 a Domi- 

■ nican Friar, a Jacobin. (2)d« 

ntnicanetnonnO « Jacob- 


!DomVirfff,,a Cathedra], cathe- 
dral Church« 

1Domiiie^4g# theDay of Jndge- 
q^nt Doomsday« 

Bommer # • Jndge, Jqftice. 
(9)0(5ft»téma8O Arbitra- 

con O øeiffltøe @ag;eO an 
Official« O Jtiemtie'@a« 

|Cf) an Inqnifitor« (•»€?« 
tf OO theLord chief Juftice« 

Crct/tefiift) * comi 
Jadge. CubeføteO »nc« 

tent Jndge« (fttt) • \ 

dclcgate. C^cd vgrei 

net) a Judge of the £; 

IDommcrembe^ei the 

of the Judge« 
IDommerffftf rth« Judge'i 

Tribunal, the Jad| 
.iDommer^i(lrift# thePn 
or JiirisdtdHon of a S 
Ibompapt CSuøO ^^^ 
Ruddock. • 

JDomlloed f. IDc^mmctfte 
IDoiiar, an AccidtnoCf 
IDone, f. Øitiire* •'•''■ 

iponFrAfr# ajack, Ha^ 
anEngine to raife poan 
Things by. j^ 

Afi'iirs, Matrert* ,.j 

IDorfF, (cfferrabcn) (MJ 

fuK fluggifh, Itl " 
(bum) heavy, hl 

duU. (fn^nid) dal' 

fy I heavy« Ctat\ 
thårgic« Cøiøre bl 
todnlU makedull« 
heavy, to heberatcw 
b«0(|fO»iliø) to oiakfi 
fy , heavy or fleepf« "- 

IDorir^et/ (Cttmbcb)Djl 

Hcavinefs • SlaggtM 

Stnpidity« (6#blUI|li 

IDofløi aDofe. (tiQabed 
to do fe« 

t)ofi6i (cn @opten) a Di 

IDoømer, a Dunce, B 
head, Dolt, Dollard, 1 
ikull, Simpletcn* 

IDoameragcigr (hipid, 
forcifh, foolif h, SXl'^i 
pie. ' 

IDcf merAgttg(^fb # D« 
Stnpidity • Silimefs« 

©o ) -151 ( ©* 

«r#. Gnnddttigli- 
trøfT^øtUt yotit 

Eigh:€rf Children« 
ere-Si^ii/ yonr 


Un^/ your Soti in 

ly« id'e* flothfol, 
.H^ifh« fttrdy« flack, 
f« remiss 9 cf raters, 

piM. (ftoe. SneaO 

!»••- SlansaFcl Cfom 

I Mte X>riO fl<^f> 
«;ii)f evapor>ued, 

r# Sloth. 

b; L^zineft) Idic-' 

B^plliners, Slothful- 


mfi Itzily, ticgled* 

ftlSun) CO grow 
pi ftale, patl» eva- 

bifKise, dirtden. 
»t Regi iler or Book 
nlt> ofCh riflen i ngsi 
tre entered and rt- 

^ a chrillianN*me» 
i given at your Chri- 

ipciil« he, thatbap- 
:hrift«nt nne. 

., a Ccrcificact ouc 

rhe bapcicmal Wa> 


b Deceafe, Oepar- 
• >at«0) premanire 

)ta^ti m^ 2)0 to 


ilort Mk^ 2)0 ^ ^^ Tf^^ to 

give npcheQboflv 1>c attht 
Point ofOdith^.or ^t che^rialc 

•' ofthedrW* 

^^9 arlj.dcad, decéKfedt de« 
partedy gone cc^ hif lonj^' 
Home, expir^d. C^tfeiMtori 

' a }onély,tinfreyviehte!((PliCe. 

Cørcrnmefid tit^O to^nfve 

yborrtlftodeath, killyoar« 
lelf/ brcfk yotirjtteart witb 
Grief: CttiWb, tt tltø) a 

Ki^ryt, OrtpW J^er) %o morti. 
fy yonr Li|fts« ^. * 

lethil. (SltnbtåH^) morral pr 
deadly 1 nmicy C^) ^n 
inveterate ; trretoncileable« 
or mortal Hacred. Cb. føO 
iick todeath. C^«9ttOrank 

Poifon. (^.UdfCO no^<*^ 

ly wonnded« 
IDØbeligeit/ mortally. 
ID^brlig^eb^ Morcaiicy» 

10^M{tr Morti ficarion« 
tion* ' ' 

IDø^føH^e/ (toi be gtttle 

>ebningeO Heil, Tarttmi, 
Tor bet ØotK) tJic Elyfitn 
>ieldg. , ...••■ 
tbøbf^tf ftillbom. 
X>#Mi#e, ItU of MortttiiTi' 
IDøtmittttfa GhofttSpirittSpte- 
tre 9 Apparition « Skelfton« 

Cfce «bT9m en OøbftitO t% 

look, pale as Death or like « 
Skeleton. , • 

&#^nitl8a«lftcai r Bonet and 
Scnlls of dead Bodies. 

ScallofadeadBody, G<^t9' 

iricn) Caput Mortpuim tbe 

Vofs Relics of diftilUd 

Tbings. (©• Stmfmcf ta 

JD« ) isa ( 5)0 

•en ®f(t)cr erc) ^«ad Eyes. 
JDi^bningi 4.iigf:# clieSmell of 

■ IDé^ogpinf/ Intcrj. oøScb/ 

Dmoi and Fury. 
&^^«'2(>t9(l# Pangs of Detth, 

mbrcal Anxiecy. 
. ID^^etagi a pay of Death 
1Dé^f^an^fl^ che Dance of che 

Ocad , a Pi<^arc. 
S^bd'IDdm/ a Sencenee or 

Judgirent of Death. 
IDe^øfeb^eL f« IDébiifle* 

l^!^^rcn6f guilryofOeath. (btt 

er2>90fené) chou art a dead 

lD#^fene 23raab; the Sting of 

1D#^•fAI^f the Happening of 

one*s DcatK. C^n ^<n6 ufor« 

»taU^C SO the unexpcded 

Dearh pr Lofs of Vi Fru-nd. 
D^^øfarCi the Dangcr of 

1Dø^øf4l:oe# apale, wan, fal- 

lowi faint, bleak, HvidCo- 

ID^be jorbu^/ thcForeranner 

of D-nh. 

©^^fttCO the Fcarof Death. 

wirh Death. 
1DØNpiite# th? Pflin of Death. 
ID^^^sfenø/ the Death Bed. 

IDø^øfmerre y f. IDø^øpiite. 
IMbffhruf, the Pain of Death. 

tDØb«|lrubef che Jaws of 

^!D0^6(lutt&/ the Honr of 
Death, Article of Death. 

^bacanfcr^ Meditation on 
Death, Thovghts of Morta- 

lD^^t TM^b, dead Flef h. prodd 

IDøbt negerne # a dead Body, 

IDøb n^, extin£l. 
lDøb9ørrM^ giiilty 

lOMi to di?k expirc 
dcpartthisLife, pa 
to Nature, breath 
kickup* tip oflf, ti 

Pcrch. (af tjunge 

to Uarve with h 

Cold. C@trdac:©( 

a narural Death. 
to perif h iitterly. 

IDøgeni^c etter IDøg 

good tor nothing F 
idic Rafcal or I 

ID^gity Day and Ni 
Space of twenry fo 

IDøgitvarig, Ephcnr 
oneDay, that lai 

IDøgei f. taale. 

iDØlge/ toconceal, I 
thingfromone, di 
betore him, kce| 
clofe, fccrct from 

flmeSiIilanb) to( 

Face on a bad G' m< 
bølger, IDølgnittfr/ 

ing, Concea ment 
tOølgePy a Conceale; 

IDøIgamaal, (bruoeé 

vcrbia1i(er,foni i2>l 
fecretly, clandeftin 

øe D. paa noøet) I 
IDømme^C^irøiie ©om] 

inakv.-, give, pron 
pafsSentence, (fPii 
rodifcern. (ocl Om 
to love • like {;oo( 
to approve tliat 

good. Cfornuftigeti 

good Senfc. (t, 

maaQ ro fine on^ U 

. pearnnccorContcn 
Courr. (om ^ifc 
Coccnfure> judgc. 

B» •) J53 < S)» - , 

csnilemn bivne. ^rpoft^ thc feft W Jink.of« 

hu like r.ognl- Door. 

lihe, to decide it Ctfr;in«, 'h* Ring or Cat<i}i of 

Bytp fic« one. . Dr,or. 

?rthcV<:rc1i<£lJn Z>tii-Hi)i», iheBoU of a Doot. 

hr. OffloO to »Sr)loS' a CuIUnrf r, 

Mit Bgaiiift onc. Cir(IoIpfv, f. ^tflpfffl«, 

Ertømanb) to ir- CSl'ta:r|?{I/ rhe ThrtrhoW. 

KcnO 10 judgc. Csi-n-rt, (. Cøi-i<xrfFc(. 

5. t'»i-trin, ihe Lo^r-Sill;- 

' ludgaisnt, dis- OtfcrcgtetfaDoutkcdperif J6* 

:ulty, .j^l l Sutftt) aGernleman-Por- 

it»,iCQinpeten- W"^- 

; 10^(ti tomaliedull, lisav». 

; (nittl«fb«0 fliowfy. Hefpy, lull aflcep. 

fc' (talhit) • dtjiøf dfowry, heavy, flecpy, 

rr. ■ nro Irafcd C^flatltt/ Heailncfi, Drowri- 

M f»r kcn MttO ncfi, Slecpincli, Dulnefs. . 

door. , CX>*nR Supincnef«, 

I(CBQ the Door C4vi 'lof' (IlM b*V, tung' 

. (,Wttn aa«t t>«lfl) ilcafifh. Iiatd of hea- 

lor opRiu. C>l[e ring. CtiliUt D>p) ro grow 

(O rlicw ane the dvi. 

hint our, bUhim ©ø w/fli«l fc«)" »•lia-^eaf, 

nrlan«tpackin|:. . rfcifcn, (ofinn, brcakmi^i 

Pivot. ■ HmA f„ ,'.4^ 

H?:g;rrmot.' 'w«"',«>sr*:»' ^■'*?-.-^ 

jtchion. '"«• Stnnnlnt. - 

*^ pmimheJlotithifiHlliB. 
, _ , , pet, to mak* it fanad Iow, ■ 

eh^fai« of. c^^i^„,ft„„: ,. 

hiBtnh^tUnttd !>*'*«»>/ Dwfctf. . -Sur.jity. 
.JDrAolx« ■' Dioo. CMhc 
, t Hins« for t tW^MilO ip tfroR. tricHe 
' * or tlTop down. fptflllt«, . 

~ _ , . nrtttiNfN) Dwfrfc. ; ■ ' 

Ji. • 11 _/■ man QltheGmiJ. C»t IDH- 

dia Sall vT I aclietEiBltcal>i>n("0'h<Vco- 
.' , 11, n of (he Giiard of.llit. 

(tMiHcftttiitTat' Kmg'sBody.>qi 

i»fett)A«WeigtH. nODfl) th= Bci:f«.«M. (MII 

-dw. tngdll Songcs Eiebfolianlp ^_ 

JOt ) 154 ( ©t 

ti) rYieGent1etiién?cii(ioners» 
•rmed wich Poleaxei, ttcen4- 
in% the Rmg; of England. 

ØiCMttttnU Srdbantcrc) 

ihe Sttellires of che Plaoeti* 
^vabant Capitain , the Ctp- 

tain of che Yeomcn« of the 

Gutrd« of che Rin{;'s Body. 
IDrobaitt'BtoIef a Mandllion 

or Cuac for che Yeomcn i^f 

the Gutri. ^ 

IDrabantfp^bi t HaIbelM|r 

IDratelig^ ftrenuons, brave» 

IDrabcIigeiw ftrtnoosly. bravc- 


' 1Driibi9ierniii9/ t ^inr^er« 

^ab$manbf a Murdercrt 

Drorbe* tokiU, murdtr«* flay« 
barcher» pac co deach« cake 
tway one*s Life. ((KntOiefti 
aen) coatfasfinate. (Xi$Mé 

fof^O ^^ mortify. (mcbSor« 

difO to poifon. 

ntxbtiit, CitiabftO Mortifi- 

lOitåhtnbti killing » morcify- 

lOtctbt, killed, flain. Otmmt' 
ftøeil) asfasfinaccd« (mcb S^ 
01^} poifoned« 

^tCtQ, tf Creeper. (ff^rte) t 
Grapple » Grapnel« 

^Mft, (af2)9t>Brood. Caf 

CrtfO « ticter of Pigs. 

withToang. Wil^hfl^^ii) 
to rerain clie Seed* co con- 

fDroEøtigr (fora 6f i^O f- ^f* 
(bo*c manoe tæftcr er ^et 

6ftb braøltø) of how many 
TansBnrdeninchisShip« or 
how manyTuns can thisShip 

^rffstig(eb# Pn 

den or Xnnna] 

IbcccnU, t Cr* ( 
fer pøntn) ch( 

che Hen. 

IDrcrtif ting/ G 98 
fOtcct, CmtD et 9! il 
IDr^vfi CO coy, 

linger, crtflet 
t^tctvtn, Toyin; 

Loicering« Ta 

1Dr«9fr# • Tojr< 
Lingercr> Trifi 

Ibctvtvotn, toyi 

flow9rardy, loi 
ring« faun ter in 


TardinefS) Sup 
nefs , Carelefs 

ine, Tujc. (@I 
C@(urO « Drai 


Qan cuc down i! 

'D. meb ec fBav 
JJd. uafbcuttfl 

concinual Pufh 

Dragaitty f^va 

Ibvagt, C6(crc# fi 
bcar. (trcef fe# 

pall. cug« loff. 
CO draw, buII i 

rbortreife; c 

yoiir Dwelling. 
quic 9 leave on( 

hin. (fra/ flaa 

rodedu^t abac 
to breache.rtke, 

(franoaet) t«d 
one ofi; (en $)ei 

Af een) co pnmi 
of one. (JBotfC 
f rofic from« (C 

fOt ) 155 ( IDr 

•look to er after» C^# 
Si$åa)^o bringicrflin 
drcn. Cft9 OOQCC Ollfte 
klO CO brjng or drtw 
schief upon jroarfelf« 
mr Hctd, . 19 toc'jr or 
irfelf tattthXitd Ob 
ptout ofmDeTrou- 
iKc offi disentgngle 
flonc oC OiQ coar- 

GamiiKn^ iind*.t ceQ 

pkolaie. CttlSkinbO 
ember, call co. Mind« 

I rkO Oøben) «• be 
isXtcaic ttOto go oQc 

I Dragnru (Vørnl 

* D.) a Kit«. 

Mf Dragofi-bloody 


h Dragning« Draw- 


t Wring. 

BfiPurtcr, Carrier« 


IBl«( fl Porteres Yoke« 
■ftvVf a Dorfer. 
*ta# Portcro je , Car- 

Vmc; f. IDrager« 

fongf/ aPoletocarry 

AiaS upon« 

M5/ CO be trooblcd, 

• innoyed or importii« 

kt, Dragonwort, 
ll^ « Chcil of Draw- 

If »(fCf 1 Drawer« 
f Dragoon. 
^xb€)aLawL Bor- 
liarice. '^ 

tfffDntnø cflfer Aaa« 

tHfiø^flDrefs, Ha- 
irtfl Gannent« Garb, 
Wced; Fafhion or 
nWearing ofGIothrs9 
KVbtxiO Drapery« 
a Drama, ^ 

IDromarW^ dramatic. 

!DranP,Cu>ni tfuviatH i 8r<rn« 
bcotin^ ^tan^ini) Drcgi, 

Lees, Groundt« 
IDranVerr a Drinkcr, Toper« 

Tip^lcr. Guzzler, Fuddler. 
IbvanUtn^d, a Coppernol^^ 

IDreie, CtnnOc) co mrn. (fnuf« 

re} to cuin> to work ae the 
La(h,(rnnbOto tarnronnd, 
ronnd* maK«^' ronnd« (fom 

Souø K.) to twift. Cfnoc 

^ Dinfrlnø} to wring abouc» 

twill, comp'icate. (Jb:Siåi^» 

pen efeer Sinken) to Kinpo- 

rize, (5r. Il) CO bring, to^ 

(@eerer«0 ^ 

IDretebffnV/ a Tarner's Lttk 
IDreiebonti a TarnftUe* 
IDreiebortf an Anger. 
IDreiejern/a Tom or Turning- 

1DreicFonfl# che Art of Turn- 

IDteielf Diaper-Linen« 
1DirfieIe&U9/ a Diaper-Tablc« 

IDreieni 1Dreinincr# Tnrning, 

C2)rcieit oa røehoeo> Turn* 

ing and Winding. 
Creteiv a Turner. 
IDreiffloeb a Tumcr'f Chair. 
IDreierfloele CrittytheTreadlc 

of a Turner's Lach« 

1Dreier(!an9 f the Fole of a 
Turncr's Lath. 

Oreireeb/ Tie. C6fiMt) 

IDrenør « Bo)r, Malechild. ((t^ 
ben} a Striplin^, SpringaL 

(paa et Conttitf (o^ tn 
9aaobperfémanb)an A ppren- 

lice or a Frencice (VtefmfP) 
a knavifh Boy or Aichboy. 

(teø vU itu tmt eberé X>0 

I won'c bc your Dnidge, I 
wan'cdrudgcforyou« X^f% 

€t tild AanpxO lam p<"^ « 

Boy* O et tiMtn) a ScoU 


©r > 156 '( iDr 

lionboy« (^folCU^Cfl) fl Ltd. 

IDrenøcbitrti # « Xalechild« 
l^reitgertppe# a rompifhGirl* 
^rcitgeflreg^ a wnggifhTriGk« 
IDrenøeOrenø/ a Drudge* 
l^revetti C^oct Q cxpericnced, 

Ikillad« kndwtn;;;;, verfo^'rin, 

cood tr, nimbKå at. (fifibt 

ftttxO pnfhed fo. wiurd.(borQ 
driven <tr chaftd away« (t 
' SiiobjIpøtirt^Cb) banifhed* 
CfoVB^O ovcrdona« 6ver- 
inaincd« C^Ibaøc} driven 

btck« (fomUrbeile boé (dulb* 

fmefO imbosfcd Work« 
Ctiftr CS^Cmatt) t Mcadow, 

coinnion« Paitnre. 
IDrift, (et(bøi((i9|cb) Drifr, 
Inclinarion,- liMpnlfe^ In- 
fttnd, Inticeinem> Tempta- 
tion. CftcBrf) Ardbr, Furor, 
(Af egen X) ) fponcaneous- 


tDrlftr (of Q.090) a Drove or 

1DHfte» to vin. winnow, fift. 

IDi'ifteflirv I aVan, winnow- 
ini; Fan or Van, 

^vmtqo(t9, a S^ray, 

Oriftetrttai a Van. 

IDriftiSr ad^ive, quick« livtly, 
ttirring, nitnblt, brilk, al- 
ways adoing orbufy. 

-SrifHø^ebf Aaivicy« Dili- 
g;cnce > Briiknefs « Quick- 

Ibtiff Drink* Liquor. (tntbit 
ciflip) 'Potion* Deeo{lion> 
Apoztme. CSod^iO '^iP' 
pling. C&lltt) Draught. 

I>rif fe, to drink. . Qpttc ffø) 
to cippte, (Jutht Wdé) ro 
drinkBtimpers.(e(né @faaO 

totoail. (Ubt df®an(;cn)to 
fip. C#orc©furO tofwigor 
fwill. (ifiaj ofiipup, luck 
op, imbibt« imprej^narc. (i 

dO/ fom fiæbet) to fuck. (ub) 

øi dri.k np or oucto empty a 

Ghfs. romfriim) 
abont« (iMieniaar 
Vjle, (f«t(e) to car 

Cbrtffe oa WU fig 

bowse, gnzsle* i 
omfrmø} ro roall fl 

nt Ø^^i fiø) ro 

Wordéé to recanc. 

K bom til mrb fatn 

I'llmakthim ea^li 
givt 8 Roland for I 
feen fulb) to mal 
drink him dowmfo 

IDriffcbrøbeTf a ] 

nion « Clubfello' 

Companion, Tofsi 


IDrifff^ittiff a red 1 

IDrtf f €gil^e , a ; 

Match or tlnb, i 

IDriVf ebufiør a Tav< 

IDriffrfari a Drink 

at Coblers9 Cups 

lOvifMawg, f« 1 

IDi'ifFeliff-f drinkeal 

^tiHti^ftf greac a 

lOvif Un, IbriVning 


fbviffcptnatf Vails 
pence, Gratutcy, 
fenc or a Pair of i 

lOvifUtf a Drink« 

IDrirrefelfTobi é Co 

lOtiff tftaaU a Bowl 

i:>rifUiøfttv, a 1 

OrtfVcf^Ø; cropfick, 
Excefs and Debau< 

1Driffeffge# a Cro 
Surfcit by hard D 

t>riffcriffr a Drink 

OrifFepare/ Drink« 

) 157- C ©r 


corftllyt jeer« 

che Fool wi:h 

> - • 

CO årilU hottx- 

re. 1>nU« 



en , Ralltry, 


Uieri Jeerery 

lorrhea, Clip. 

id, tdv^ntnrey. 
Bldneftt Asfti- 

fågO ^^^y» 

;, fludacioos» 
, <;oartge<»us« 
venturejfome« ' 
)olhardy, te- 
rafh. (aiøre 
)old, have che 

dly\ hardily* 
ariousiy* rafh- 
Idnefti Hardi-' 
eft, Courage, 
>>nfidencc. As- 

«• CSor»ooen' 

y, Foolhardi- 

i's. (uforffatn' 


fe. (»anfO to ' 

►le, rove. (rum« 

wave, fln^uate 
HW) to roflin, 
gO <o compeU 

r« Cnbarbetbc i 

pl9} CO imbofs, 
'h forward, (b* 

dap .on a Bøccom fo a Cafli* 
CtQ ØAØ) to pnrfnc* puf h» 
carry on a Bunhefa » go on 
vich it« C^9lingi) to Cold a 
Farm« to farm Lftnd, to fol« 
lowHnsbandry« CtHhtt§t) to 
repalfc* drive bncli, po( h or 

beatbocki (jDoøen lorO «> 

loiter,(icftxllaiui donoching. 
(for IMO ^^ e»ce»d, go B<- 

yond. Cb( b«)t^t brevet Mn 

Jt9fl|l|m« bet (øieHe) cNy 

.'have (Iraitied chat Arr :co ihe 

higheil Pitck (reiT fnr.ffo 

.flSiieilbnn^ to idiafpofCefaKov 

dnfeiic. Ceii Sitøbefm flC 

ØOflrlr^ rodiftocfgtOQ fino* 
my trom hi^Advantag^Cfira 
fin Jloi ) CO force Qfum a PofK 
CO dttlod«e. (ftaiU<b$ttlii)^ 
to depole« (OterillfbXlo 
r^Iiy, jeer« bantar« flounc* 

/i()aAiib9erf # Ørofeéffon) to 

drive, exercife, or ioUdw a 

Tråde. ($anbeO ^^ »'w^« • 
Tradft to tråde, traffick«. (bit 
0^ bii) to tofs to and fro^ 
(t QSåroffø) to nonplui* 
drive one to a Nonploaw 

(QoædpaaØricO ^^ drive* 

turn Cattle to Gr^fs. (t Jtni« 
bt^ to pnc one to a Stand* 
pnzzle, to bring inco 
Straights« (i taflbflPjiriøbcb) 
to banifh, exile. UttniiO 
to carry coo far« (bt. paa} 
CO. inforcc, drive on, per- 
fuade. {tvcmQtPMyoviT^tt 

?irtfs, be earneft witli« 
6licit.(paa9fn|t)to puc to 
Fiight, roDt. fpaa <9ronb/ 

fom @ftbe) to rinke, rona- 
ground. (>pnfenop)tortire» 
inhancethe Price. {&ffittn 

tilboøe pia enanben^ to rc- 

criinmate, retnrn. recoirche 

Accufation« (Sfteoit tneb) 

CO make Spore wich* C&poi 
meb) to raock one* Oti^^n 
boei) to walte che Tiro«. 

a)c ) 158 ( ©t 

COiorJCUn uV) to exorclfe, 
cal^ ourDevilt. (tilftruer tU* 
fP^nbO ^° incite, inttigiR. 

fec on, On @a^ taicnncm^ 

ro 2^0 choroiizhc Sticch wicn 

• fiafinefs. ^nb} ^o expel, 
«ied»- drive or force out* 

lOCt)- to drive, chafeaway. 
*9lantev) to raife Plantt. 

Jbwtf naar Mnttttt i tf c ()oU 
Nr f«ft) to drivt. (p. ubCR 
eein CO hdll Cktm »p 00 
Iriw for et @!tbr oj tUtté, 
itMt mon Denter) to ttnke a 
Hnlfw Cbrive fom en Qkul 

a|»*9oIf) to go • drifr. 

- (itiw fo? Saff el og Soug) 

xo drive under bare Poles. 
IDrioebieiif/ a Hocbed. 
I>rtvttanV6i1DiXffe^ aLay of 
' feairtipofi Flowers> tokeap 

-fKm from Froft« 
IDvivcbroe^ a Floaeinjsbrid^. 
IDrioefutr, a Spring. (%ax\tt$) 

'- Caafe, 
IDrivegom^aTrammel, Drag- 

• net. 

1DcioeaP^6r Jecfon, Flotfon, 
IDrtvepammer/ a Drivinghitn- 

IDriVetfittff Spring* Wheel; 

fecrei Way, 
IDri9et>titt6/ Grcenhoufe» Hot- 

t^vivt'Zt'U f Drifrs of Ice. 
IDrtvemi^bcl/ a driving Rerne* 

I^vivtfibt, f. (Er* (bet gaoer 

6.) it goet on fwimuiingly*^ 

O^an t)at en h. Acrt ing) he 

has a briik Tralle. 

lOtivtUf l^vivninq, (Vaa« 

drivmng) Driving forward* 
Impulfion. (£um(en) Agi- 
tation. Cita fin rette (CourO 
Declining from the right 
Cour fe. 
IbtiiHt, • Driver. (KtCffon^ 
ftet) an Inciccr* Infligator« 

Ctin, fom brioer 9enge inb) 

an Esac>or» Evtortio 

6etl undee ^tiani 

Driver or Goofewii 

1Dirivef<}nbr Quickfai; 

IDrivtrrj, Floaragcs. 

IDdwerff Force. 

l^roør s Duncc« Log] 
Sluggard« drowfy* 
fler, a Slowback. I 
Lingerer. (ffibcitf ^ 
fty, flovsnW« Pello' 

af en fO^anb) a Dn 


broget/ Cct @(ag^ St 

1Dronniit9# a Qaeeti» 
IDronninøeni ^n 

'fen# aMaid ofHono 


IDrofTel/ CSitgl) > T^rnt 
eerdr.) Trii(tlc» Son 

Droft; a B-iilifT. 

I^énti f. 1Drif(e» 

Jbvéi, fufficient, enoi 
ing, durable. 

1Dr^it^e^f SnfRciency 
blenefs, Soliiity. 

IDrøntr • Dream. (M 
to be inaDream. C 
ttb af 2>rO c° undiec 

Ibvémmt, to dreaiBi 

1Dr«mmef)|Cgr • Bool 

ning an Explicn 

IDrømmer; a Dreame 

1Dr^mmet^^et| an In 

of Dreams. 

IDr^mnlett^erie# an] 
tation of Dreame 

IDr^nniievevP/ an idi 

foolifh Conceir, R 

IDr^ening , (((ben 
Driz^le, drizslin; 

IDr^flfe^ to corn or 
loicer « Unger« 

9^: y ^^Å ^ P^ 


CMiO a Loirc* IDrttitecvørit, loiterinffj. lin» 
Cftif« ©r.5 -to- grafo ^ Glandult. ^ v; ^, 

Mku) ^ ^^* Breech. 

reis. . IbvfpnUft, i Noft tkac 'firppr 

€f nmuMDC« conttnttally. 

pc. Cb.:jM «t 1Dripit<ii|, • Oripping, trfe>- 

( hifldam Knoju kling down, ^ 

m. tlitKi&iibft IDttPI^/ co drip, co cricklt* 

FoaigKoo« down* fgll by urnpij. ^mii.. 

Bvndi or Clvftcr 6fittO ^o. btitttr« OJrDSiE 

t^ifi^tnaVM) titllP 

Dofler to dirrf prove ' one by hit ^ mq 

Wordi. • ^^ 

(ttfO ^'ntberf= fifrtppefa^f Dripping^ptnu 

IDrtppcrenMf " • uotttr* 

iDcfiretter. " IDrtpv«^^ . wet t^ ilic SSiiu. 

,«Gnptgtcliéi«n thotflbilil^ weV V ' ^; 

. !Du# thoiu C(tt fe(i) thotf/ili^ 

iticc of Gfat»ett felf« C^fieMili(ccn) ckthM 

Vtfjoice.' ^ ane. 

m tfie Fotm of fbnCatf a Dncae. ' ' v^. 

i Clattcrt, . IDucot'CØtll^ Gold of Dnioit«, 

I che Prtfsinian, lbn€lnVt^, G61d-Weighrf. 

«.die Wincprefs. IDue, a Dove orPigeon. CitBg 

wk, fddifled, in 2)0 a youn^ pigeon« (jpmu . 

tof ftroneLiqnor* kJ) a Cockpigcon« (|>iinittc) 

Øt føffi Nt eålui a Henpigeon. CVItCé fofll. 

yiiilftrnnfc rip- ®0 to bill. 

•RCfw a Httle cnt IDnCt to be good or lit for foøie« . 

|»Bel1ow«(m<9tt) chinfi;* ro be ferviceabfe 6r 

Toft. dcad-dmnk. ' proncable* Cbtf hUVt inttO 

(ti$ft ^ntf(en^ iti»goodf(&rooching, Ornf 

EU Ottfft fiø ^O to noPurpofe, is ot no Ufcf 

•t Xmt»1ft9, i Dove-Egg« 

> t Drnnktrd^ £"*1^^!' * ?"iJ^*'^i"^ 
I. Wine.b4bb«r, Joebiitlé , f. ©ttf ffjjg. 
*ipplcr. ' tDwefoercii/ thnCoomg of 

, Drunkcnncfs, ^^j ^DneK t fingit qon«^ 
Bowong. |,j j]^ ^ 

S to dro^n, fink lOneAcve^to doeU 6ght a DneU 
^tfe^lf ^**^" t^cUerér, aOnellift, Duillit, 

1Doelig# fit* apt» able,*capt* 
efter r to ligbe* b!«> good, proper, nicet» 
rattr; towetrtht convcniem (eg tac(iøf)l«l» 

tOMUiaMaiu .. 


^ ^«^ 

!&u )' t60 { S^« 

Biiffifff Cffittta) diligcnt, tsfi- 

duous* laborioui. 
!bueljøeitr fiptly^ tkilfully, as* 

'^»diø(>e&# Fitncr$, Aptnefs« 

Me,:rn.fs CS*''«ifl6cD) DiD- 

gcncct Asfi-Iuiry, 
C)ttefFArnf Dovesdung. 
IDuejlaci« .> Dove-cot or HoufCf 

a Cofumbary, 
IDlieuit^err youno; Pigeons« 

iDnfff Cfaau IBtet) K^ncle 

G)le, a Ereeze. Cttd5uil3'- 

Iima3 Vap'Mir. 
^ bluw gently, (uk« 

knnffé) to cxhalc 
IDitgg« Dew. 
lOaøø^Tr C^^t bO it dcwf. 
IDuøget^ dewy. ( 

Ibnfti, f. D^Pfe. 
fMlWC/ fen) t Pupper, B by. 

Cl^Qnttt fom in 60 dresfed 

in Print. 
OtiVre, C@arctraa5} aSkain 

af Silk. 
IDitff cbarit , a Baby« 
ipaf f cCritmmer,a Pupper-Sel- 

©uf f f f rambocb ^ a Piippet- 

SeUer*f Shop. 
IDllKefpif; a Puppet-Shcw. 
1Duffttøi# Toys> Play-things. 

OiiffeCi btifnaP.-ftf crook- 

f)iire(»cveb, BuU's Eye. (@0(# 


IDuIfltf concealedt hid» cove- 
red, disnmulated C|^o(6e* no« 
ftt bO ^^ corceal. 

IDttiii; (maaHeO dnmb, mnte, 

^um^ CtaaMi^i fIo») dnii. 

■ blnnt, rtiipid. Cecnfolbtø) 
fimple« blunr« foolifh, Itu- 
pid« Cdi^^e ^0 ^o inakedutl 
or ftupid, to hcbctace. (Mive 
I«) togrowdnll, i^upid« hc- 
betated. Cfont cn Sin^) ab- 
fardi fiUy. (fom (tmcnO 

dtm. (6ct Hi>fr IltlØ ] 

pinenO "*y £y^s grow 

IDiiifltf Ci^UtifcP dark, obl 
dnikif h. (cn 5. ti^") i 

Ibum^rij^ig^ teinci-iirioiis 
hardy, rafh. Cn^éøii^ 
pudent« iinpcrtinenc* 

1Dumbriflig^e^ , Tern 
Fool - Hardinefs , |^a£ 

(i&iTv;:u'5^eb) Effrpi 

nefs, Scupi.firv, Siiupl 

rity. CiHia Q^nettet 

Con) Dimnefs. . ^ 

1Dum|>o9eb, eSer Aain| 

Vfbr > Blockhcadt' S 

1Dunime# (ØincuO ^om 

IDumriåni Dimce. Bl 

IDunt'Stiregra fitlyThi: 

pery, fa ol i l'h Trick 
qfFolly, Bnll. Jt.. 

^ pidly, fillilv t fob.^ 

OumcSÆCf aSiinpleOMb 
ly, Btibblc, Loggféi 
blockifliFellow, aouij 

IDnnbrcr to chundl^ri ai 
rumblingNoife« torri 

IDunbtf n , Thundring,^ 
blinfr, fl Rartling« 

IDitnfel, l^mvtlf aRlib' 

IDtmfff f. banfe. 

IDnnfeIr f. mdrf. 

1Dun|i*aft, f. 1Doi:rr«|iK 

1DuRil# Vapour, Fuiiie« j 
lacion, Scrcam, C^ffl 
aRifngin theStomacfa 

tccen cn blaacSunft fi 
nene) ru ca<i a Milt I 
onc's Eyes« 

1Dun(te# CO vapour« m 
Iteam, fume, caft Pf 
forth a Vapour. 


m y'^i i ^ 


SmKrrtO thc iDuve op, (lafre toåt fMrt^ 

• ' 9inb) to bear up roand; 
ftportdoB, ix« (Qi^iertiL) \ i I 

^ y^Vftiu Ctølttf Mtt) to tarry, U l^"-' 
dcctoicw " '-finger, delfly, dally, rctard* 

tttm)'*« IHpU- procrtftiiiflce« tp drill oa, 

fpin out the TiiDie* ,, 
O iIliiftrioiis» 1Dv<xIen# Tarfyiftg, Liftgcrinflk 
(^c», lUoftri- DeUy* , 

crcnicy; High- lOvxUti t LiHgtrer* ProloQp 

ger of TioijB, £oitercc» " : 
hut) m Cock-pi- IDvorlg/ Bnckranu 

canning, fly« Figmy« 

fird. (vel ømO lDiKergrr«f#. • Dwarf-trtt» « 

bl,llulled;CffarT»^ IDVi^Ie, Excafy* l^ransport; 

t« , Ingenioos. t ^i( €^mO^«^> Covmå Ct 

Loofcnéfs of rhe twe^ SUep, Qiøae 1 2)lldle) 

k. Lajctry* Tho- to be in an Exdtfy« (faOei 

liinble. Sl>aU) to faliintoa Trance. 

nintimateFriend, 1D9ale^riff • foporifnfiul 

^ion, Dt-ink or Potion. flv 

lab, an Incimacy, IDvilie ^eil/ to languifht pint 

It. away. 

ven. CfrttfillvnO IDvitieit, tiangvor. :■ 

ttcn. lO'fbt deep, profound* ftUff * 

.adandlingKnot. ^onO & ^«^P Tant. Cdi#» 

!te»tber) & Creft, re h^bctt) to deépen« mak^ 

ttom jer) a No- dceper. f l)bmi)4) Iow , pro- 

inJSnap^TasfeU fotind« Cf(<^fl^ i ^* Santer) 

KeOaTasfelofa to be in a brOittiStudy. 

faigler)Feftoon. I^ib, Depth, Profundity* 

■ftofHair. iDtjfret) thc Deep. Oiml>« 

er, tiiftcd. i»ft) ai« i^byff, bottomlefa 

fToftt. Pit. *• 

«tiIeeir)tot1ioii ID^bt^eW* Deapnefa, Proftia> 

wirhFamiJiariry. di'y, Profbundncfs. 

wa) toextorta ID^bftnMg, d^ep* meditative, 

from one. profound, penetratii^g, div- 

♦ Oit tSoefret) mg, confidering, decpi 

mnfitig, conremplatave. 

• (med a>. paa) ID^bfln^ig^eb, profound.^ 

ditation. Penetration, C|ot 

Downb^d. ^^^S\%Zli:Xt 

«y» IDybr, deeply, .profoundIy» 
, CbtiUt ©O to (t. tnfr O dce ply, far, a grcat 
•ndf hip in your Way. (i»He) to makc a low 

How. (f9tdC to møft »pPOi 
f ch«w 

a)c ) IS8 ( ©r 

COiOTJCleR 11^) to exorcir«. 
cal^ ODt Devilt. (tjiOcwef tU« 
fP^nbO to incitc, in(tig4R. 

fec on, On @ag iaicnncm^ 

ro go choroiixhr Scicch witn 
• Buiinefs. ^nb} to expel, 
«jedi- drive or force out* 

[ioec)- to drivc> chafe away. 

*VlantCC) t» raife Pitnrt* 

Jbti9t, itaar9nfcrctiHc()oU 

Nr f«ff) to drivt. (5, ubCR 

eein CO hdlL (tooie »p oø 

Iriw^ et @!i»#i Dø tac^i 

. itMt mon Denter) to ttnkc t 

Hoh:- C^rive fom en QoAl 

• ale«*^oIO ^^^ fo e^nft* 

~ (itiw fi? Saffei og Soiig) 

: .to driv« under b<re Poles. 
IDrioebieiiff a Hocbed*. . 
I>ri9ttaitf6i1DiXffe^ atay of 
' Sfftirtipoii Flowers* to keep 

-fKm from Frol^* 
1Dvtvcbroe# t Floacinjrbrid^. 
IDrivefutr, a Spring;, (mat^tt$) 

- Canfe, 
^Drivegom^aTrammel, Drag- 
■ • net. 

IDviveao^ør Jecfon* Flotfon» 
IDvivepammer/ a Drivingham- 

mar. ■ . 
IDril^e^hllf Spring Wheel; 

fecret Way, 
IDrivebttttB/ Greenlioufe, Hot- 

lDrive'3i^» Drifrsoflce. 
IDrivemt^bcl/ a driving Rerne- 

lOtivtnbt, f. (Ej:- C^^^ ^^^^ 

tO ^t goes on fwiminingly*^ 

O^an t)at en ». Acrt ing) ht 

has a briik Traic. 
lOtivtUf l^vivninq, C9M' 
driomna) Driving forward, 
Impulfion. (iCum(en) Agi- 
eacton« (fra fin rette (Couré) 

Declining from the right 
Cour fe« 
Ibdvttf fl Driver. (StCfPon« 
ftet} an Inci(er» Indigator* 

Ceen, fom trioer ^enge inb) 


etii unto røcfd 

Driver or Goofei 

1Dirivef<}nbr Qoickf 

1Drl9trn:# Floaragc 

IDi'tvverf^ Force. 

l^roør t Dance« Le 

Sluggaul, drowf) 

fler , a Slowback 


fty, floveniy,- Fel 

af en fO^anb) a £ 


broget/ (et @(agd i 


IDronning^ a Qaee 
IDronnftnøen« 'Zi 

ftnr a Maid ofHo 

IDrofTel/ CSngQ a Ti 
eerdrO Truffici s 

Droft; a B«)i1ifr. 

IDrøftfi f. IDrifre. 

IDrøi^ fafficient* en 
ing) durable. • 

1Dr^it^e^/ SufRcien 
bienefs 9 Solidit) 

IDrøm^ • Dream. ( 
to be in a Dream. 
ttDafSr.) to und 

Ibvémmt, to drear 

IDr^mmebcgr s B« 

ning an Explii 
Dream s. 

IDtømmeT; a Drear 

1Dr^mmet^&er# an : 

of Drcams. 

1Drømnlect^erie# a 
tation of Dream 

IDt^mmevei*^/ an i 

fooHfh Conceir, 

IDr^eninøf Gt^ 

Driz^le, drizzl 

IDr^flfe^ to corn c 
loicer t lioger« 

2^9 ) l^ ( 1D$ 

KTf. aaimtl Sptriet« of thc Ground« Agricaltsrc^ 
vmifig- Zoognphy« Hnsbandry« * • 
ocr# ZoomiphBr« 1D^fcr# Wbrfhipper* Adorer« 
d«ar» coftTy, pre- C'Kfdn^Ci^) t^<*l«te^ ' O^fkr 
f greac Valot. benO fl1'>*lc^Hll<iban(iIlUllU 

€, U Cx* o S>.) st (f5iire5^r«) Iconocla(t 
raipiiKs tsorbiciinc Ib^f tender > a Z'^ologift« 
Piice. D;n*fnfti8# f.X>fsftIfe» 

«g^ che Fighting-of ID^Iorre/ Zoology, 

I>frpl(mcer Zonphytt« 
ID^^i dearly, coitiyt char^t«* 

bly. (ti9l< met' ^e hmft^ 

to bny at che worflHan J^^tet 

tom l^am Doridt ^aai) iccoft 

himdeitly; it ftood hiu) in n 
high Price, (jtg MaieftC bcf 

r -. ^ Jl pay'd a grea(Price.for ii^-, 

aLcs of iDeer ©r i^,^^^ Dearth, %tw%cmta^ 

fl ^ ^« 1 L' ty or Wanc of Pcx>vifiont* 

, rheZodiack« tht _ ' ^ .. . ,. 

eUttial Signf. - ID^rrafcilr Animality, Bru- 
t t>r^ti>nU. tif hncri 

kior/ the In^in^l of ID^fTCf (i @Øt>n) to Inll a Sl«Ép» 

3lt6bti&nih<l)^o ^^^ yonrfelf 
vri th yoQT own Chimerfis. (Iw- 

ceni@di>n me6 øo5ceMtet|) 

to amufe* fool one with (air 
Promifef^ce bring one into n, 
Fool's Paradife« (»eb 6mt# 
øren) to decoy with fair 

V Park. 

I90ø9cr# Recptr^of 


a Hawsc or Den of 


f Plac«* whtra 

Cd«#w50 to 

riAtFrice. Cl>Ii^^.^O 
tfMrer« rife in Price* 
r clic Kint^dom, Or- 
n«fs of Aninials, 
• FiUer. 
;« Fewnets. 
Dtamefa« excesfiva 
hff% Price. 

»**, "u*-ai k «>^ffen&e t B^rii, lolling m 

taial, ^beaftly, brii- 5,^^- ^ caufing one to act||u 

J. «jg„) An.«..h. ^^ ^^j g^^^ ,^.„,^^, 

worfhip. adore, or ID^jli a Blow, Strokc* Fighe* 

t (éflUlimr) to idol- • ing,' Brtmr> Shock. (»ot^ 

HHlO 'O cnltivatc, eil ©.) to rilk a BIow, go tp 

w maniire, improvt fight. Q^tXU en X>. ttb) t« 

må theGroiind«(SoV« ftand the Shrck or Bront* tO 

I CO €nltivaie, . im- ftandtheTcft.* 

exercife the Under- |^«abane # Caretr, Coiirft» 

S'Si'ld^S;;''* »,(l(lri^ Tonrnament, Tilt. 

r Worfhip, Adora- >"«• '^ ^ .^ •. 

tnaracion« Rclifl^iofl* ID^veløtref/ Asfafsctida* th« 

Ci) Idolatry* (gjDt* Ocf if« Dnnfc 

■ItiTMion or Tiflipi €♦ 

€6 > 164 ( €e 



'bbti Ebb> Fhbing, fallin^ 
Water, tlie Tide. (Sb, Og 
glod) Ebb and Flo'^d, falling 
and rifinr W<.ter, Flux and 

Reflox. CM er eO it is «b^ 
bing Water. 

9bbt f V« CO ebb * be ebbing* 

Cbbetib/ thc TIrae when tlic 

Warer is kighelt and begins 

re falU 
ftdbd, Fxho, Rcfound. (ø!dc 

*•) to ccho, rcfound, 
IBd)oe^ CSuaO Mockbird. 
Cb^cr^ CSIaabf ^oeO Marter^ 

Corrapcion. (u(^rt)ttc ^^. 

df é(UlO^^ fqueezc ouc Cor- 

CbMrb^lb# fl running Sore, 

ro'tcn ImpoRume, 

IBbberbtttittr f. iet>erbnum 

Cbbcrfiilb^ purulcnc, marte« 

Cbb<rfop# a Spi'd^r. Cfomfor# 

oavfaøet KafcriO Taran- 


Cbberfittniltcr / Suppnrtrion* 
the Gachcring to a Head> 

Cb^itf«tre, rofuppurne, ga- 
tber to a Head » iinpoitu- 

Cbbertir^cfPettbé/ fuppnracive, 

Cber, you. 

Cberbuiitt/ Down df the 

Cbetfuøli a Scflbird, called 
Eider-dack, Cuchbert-duck* 

Cbet## pron. posf. conjun^« 

(bf t et EOer^ t At) it is yoar 

Cberørpi'on« pofs, abrol.yonrs* 
Cbet ec mm Q3od oø if fe eO 
ny Book and not yours» \ 

^bic(, f. jorcrbnittø« 

ICe&# anOath« Sweanng. 

te 4P0 ^^ ^^^^ Oath, mo 
Oath^robc ^worn« fwci 

lemnly. (bringe een i 

fftb) to fwear o»^e bi 
one to his Oath (taøC 
Seb) to tender or i 
nKtcr one the Oath, 
him» pift him undt 

Otth. (gcber e<j Q« 

SwcaringandCurfing ' 

be en for jf rcrf felige. af | 

rap out er racric odc a{ 

vous Oath, (hcfrcrftf^ 

(f.) to flffinn by an 
lÉebelictf by or tij 

of an Oth, 

lCe^6'X>ibltc6b^rbf tn 

vir, a Ocpofitionupoiii 

iSc^6 5^rblm^/ Conf 

i£eb6plt$é» a fWorn 
Olil'gation by Ocfcl 

lCe^rrtgC| f. lee^. 

l&c&raaelfei rhe Adm] 
of the Oath. 

Iftcg, C^cflctræe) tn 
trec. Cfomerafecfl) 

of Oak. 
i£c(teitble/ o Call-nti^'^ 

ieegc()iotr^ (SnfecO Si^ 
i£c(ictømmer# Oakcimb«! 

lEenir a Stearn* ' ..j 

iKeme; to lleam* .i 

ICit/art. indef., CtVÉ 
a Stick, (en Ow « 
(en t>flO a Har, 

iKen, one, (een €eiiete)- 

only, (ecnafto)eirl 
for un) on« by one, 

iJttnaaviQ , one Tetr 
one Year*s Age« 

Kenb^^reii # only ^ 


fe ) 165 ( €t 

riVftigf iininimoiis> of 
•ne Mind or Accord. 

r«grigeii# nnanimously 
vkhonc Accord, joincly« 
lØtfCl^tig^tb f Unanimiry, 
CoBCtrd, Accord, Confor- 
Btyof Senriments« 

\p Maidlervanc of all 

only* one only, fole« 

ig^ nniform, eyen, 
s of one Fafhion. 

i^eiif che Mulciplica« 

I Unity. Ott ninHt 

t Unity* 
iing# a, Unicorn. 
__^ ijreeingf tinitcd, join- 

A (Mipc ccniø i <n @aø) 

.Nifrec abouc or npon, ro 
, flie to an Agreemenc wich 
»ibout a Thing. 
l'!9'^' Union, Harmony, 
»I 6ord» Agfcemenr, good 
i*fcrftandfne. (af ®«fcn) 
i|lj%rolicary, lonetv, lone- 
rer ired.(itgi9r) fingle, 

, foiitarily, retiredly« 
^9 Solitude, Rctreac« 
rinefs, Lonefomenefs, 

V tiaving bnt one Bar, 
ittf one eyed, blind of 
•ne Eye. 

ntk^tVf a Onepounder« 

»f Cbruøeé ftin adver- 

biaiirer i (f .) privately, fe- 

:ly, inSccrct, in Private« 

_, aniform, even, eqaal, 

iliice, of che farne Faf hion. 

iMf ad%*. eqnaily, after the 

jbneFafhion, alike, 

. jnfi# f. cett». 

»farvet/ of one Colotir, 
^jfbrKig, oniform, liaving 
iW farne Form* keepingone 

fttnftaUttf univalvt. 
iCenefinOetr unanimotis* of 

one Mind, pf one Accord* 

concordant, agreeing cpge- 

^tnti'^btn^tf confanane, con* 

fonous, of the farne Tenor. 
Kettfoiit/ folitary, lonely, lone- 

f'ome , retired. 

itiniømbt^t SoHrude, Solita* 
rincfs,LoneIineft. Lonefome- 
nefs, Retirednefs, 

ICettfontt/ foiitarily, lonefome* 

ly* . 

Kenftavelfeø • ^r^ , a^Mont* 
fyllable. . 

ICeftflemmig^ concordant^ 
agreeing togetlter, unani- 
mons, narinonious. 

iKen|temmigfn; unpnimonsly, 
with one Accord. 

iEeit(lemmig()e^i Accord, A- 

gr-ein^neis, Harmory. 

fttnetoniQf of one and the fame 
Sunnd, uniform of Sound; 
wanting proper CadcnCe in 

fe«ft Uniformiry of Tone* 
Want of proper Cadence in 

* Fronnnciation« 

iCetl6t^^ig^ fynonimoQS. 

ittntt^piQ^t^f a Synonym* 

fJttt, one Thing. funbcr dtt) 
' jointly, at the lame Time. 

Cbcr lebcr oicfainmenubpaa 

eet) *^ comes to the lame 

Thing. (foplfle unber eet) to 

fcll by the grcat. (m^^ ?^0 
fudderly, unawares, CH^BXt 

ttt meb pinanbcn)to go Hånd 

in Hånd with one anothcr, to 
aa in Concert. ((jemecilO 
to pifs thro' one Quiil. 

Itet SU§## of the fame Spe* 
cicn ^^ 

€f ) 166 ( Cf 

Cffécti t tHHHiiiiø. 

Cf ettf even. Offin tUcr ucf cn) 

even or 6dd. 

Cfeiti jaftf pttn^ually* ex- 

Cftet; after, pafl, behinrl, ncxt 
to, according to« at* for &c, 
(|^9tm fpørgc 3 efter) whom 
do you i'^quirc ufter. (efter 
teihøl^eb) iis Occafion f hall 
otter, (efter ®frifccn) ac- 

cording toScriptnre, (efter 
fBcfafinø) c niormably, 
tgrcoabl y ro Command, (ef« 

ter ncrcosrtnbe SiDer) as Ti- 

inesaicennw, for theprefenr 

Time. (efter ^icrtené^nfPe) 

tr your Hwart's Dtrfirc, (al 

ftm øatfer t)Ani efter $»nffe; 

tvery Thing fflllsonc« as he 
wonid have ir, he has cHe 
World in a String or at his 

Wili. (ertercenée9ett)owb) 

flCCordjng to one'f own 

Pancy. Um efter) f. efter* 
§fivt. (efter at finfeenoc) 

jn allAppearance. (gaae ef' 

ter noøet> to go for fume- 

thing* (Mc, ffQht, (^UØge 

efter een) to throw, f hoot, 
ftrikc at onc. (efter min CfSee* 

ntnø) in niy opinion, in my 

Judgment.(efter pderftejor* 

mue) to the iitmoff of my 

Power, (tragte efter noget) 

to hunt after fomething. 

nornøeé efter) to long for. 
Cftaaeeen efter 5i»et) to lay 

in Wflit ior, to attempt or 
make Attempt upon onc^s 

Life. (r)«rc efter eené fto^eb) 

fo humour one« biickle to 
one's Humoar, be ro onc's 
Liking or one's Humoqr. 

(tegne efter!Baturen)to draw 

one to thcLife. 
flftetabe^ to imitate, copy, 
Cøitrc efter) ro nake as ano- 

tfier dbes* f« c 
(»rapnge) toconte 
mick. i^pe. 

tCfterabelig^ imitab 

Ulfterabelfc # Imit^t 
mickmi;, Aping. 

tCftember, an Iroitfl 
pier, M.mic. . 

ISfterTfftaiei parfua 

, A\jreem.nt,accor 1 
Convcntion » App 

ICfter Alt, after all, 

ICfter Hntittl, Pror 
portionally, in P 

iCfter ^itfee nbe, pro 

kcly, Hpparently, 

Kfterarte, to take 
rcfemblehini, bec 
farne Humour, Ir 
Comporrmerc, I 

ftfcerat, afrer, afrerl 
by thar Time, wk 
as, where«s. (e 

baobc bort bcniibt 
eratterl hadheard 
in};s 01 having h< 

News (efterår ie 

itiuo ^y <')^( Til 


Cfterat/ (fotbi) fiw 
rhat, fince thar* 

iCftcrbare/ to carry 
mething after one« 

mngenø @(a?b) co 

Queen's Train« 

lefter Idt^ictting, \ 

Kfterblive, to fta> 

iCftetbringe, tobrir 

fomething after or 

4l^fterb^r^/ Afterbin 

•f •) i^r ( «f 

Mr vhen« wherets, fince 
r% fwcanfe, for at much« 
)Mer to draw one afcer 
rfdff (reifc efter) ^afol- 

fivif to drive aftcr* 
U^t, CO fall afcer. 
Wt, CO folio w one» go 
kim* joarncy afcer hiin» 
ptf to fly afcer« 

jlf / CO flow afcer« 

»riasøetiber uponDe- 
» ae your Defirt« 

r|N/ r« inqnire ifter» 
h di ve inro« alk for« ex- 
tt cd feek for, 

(fPeff an jCnqnlrer« Per« 
or* Searcher> Exami- 

ffninø/ Inqniry, in- 

on« Search into« See^- 

Looking for* Exami* 

|e# cofollow, goafter 
r behind him« (t tt 
jt} CO fttcceed one* 
ilcer» or in one's Place. 
«)roob«y« (efterabe) 
tace, f« efccrabe« Cfor«» 
to purfue, foliow one 

S|eire# the Following 

fjBfterabelfe) Imita- 

Cmopen) Cmalarjon, 

. (Jorf^Caelfe) Perfc- 

« theFollowingcIofe, 
imbtbi) Saccesfion« 

|eii^e# Cfom fonimer 

following , infuing. 
WO rubfequenci Aib- 

|er# aFoIlower, Imi- 
Emolacor. O et (Sm« 

Succesfor. (af eo 
aSedafy,Adherent co 

iScAicor« Difcjplcé 

ftft€vfal\t', followad. (féfli 
fttigr) perfecaced, jnorfued* 

(efieubet) fmitacad; OCii^ 


iCftergiore/ ' coanc«rfeited» 
imttarad« faliified*. 

Ctjttvgiétt, toeoincerfeir,tmi» 
tar^ one's Art. (eeil> eo mi- 
mic • «pe one» oiafct at b^ 
doet, (ee6filberie) tocepy 
a Pitert* 

tKftetøtørtii, imicable* 

iefreirgipe# coyield, 2;ivaWay 
CO, give che btccer, fubmir* 
condafcéndt confent« abace* 
ailow fomvcnine. ((an ef# 

tttfiff^ ingeti t 3tibØf i) hc 

yieldt td nobodyi is notjnfe- 
rioor to. comet noc behind* 
is not behind anybody in 
SkilU (fortabe) co forgive, 

pardon, (paa nogef/ i^mit 

fp(rnbt).co Haken, relax* 
loofen* yield, give Way« 

ISfccirøii>f(ff/ Yielding, Con* 
defcending« Complyfng* 
CompHance« SubmisHon« 
Allowing. (Sortobelfe) Par- 

^ft€t^ivtn^e^ yieldingt coin* 
plying, condefcendings obli- 
ging> compUifant. 

iCfterørotøf (Vovet) Afcef 

tCftergravei co dig afcer* 

l&fterørtibltico rpec;placa,make 
an exad Refearch into, to be. 
penfive or inquifitive npon, 
to beat yotir Brains abenit« 

iefterb<iatt^ett# bv Ocgrees or 
Leifare, by iirrle and lictle. 

St\tttl^ctn^t: (en fting) co give 

yourfelfoven addidtf yonr- 
felf CO, to efponfe aThing,be 
weddedtOiadheraor ftickto. 
(fomÉO^er) co indnlgeyoiir 
Defires and Pleafnres, lec 
If ofcthtRcin« of yonr Luft«, 



«f ) T€d i «f 

to åin%\t tfter t Womtn* 
Cftfr^a^# cohtftentfMronc* 
niflke HaftoJn purfuing him« 
be te hif Heels, foltow him 
clofo, baftily« forthwlth« 
iRfter^ina1l^etl» on« after mo- 
ther > fiicc'.^8fiv«ly* 
Cfrect^Mf che latter Ptrtofche 

Cfter^ugøe, (efter c« t^tig 

SiClØe^ to pelt« chafe, pur- 
foe fl iymg Enemy« 

Cf^criAøe# toch.irc, porrue, 
follow after* (SiglOIIl) to 
hunt after Riohef« 

Cfttrioscitf pQrrvitf Perfeca- 

CfrerU^i to mn ari;cr» pur^ 

Kfrerilelfe/ Parfulr« 

f&fterf ommC;to come after onet 
follow him, CnaaO toover^ 
take » get after » reach one« 
(£øatO to be as good as your 
"Word, toobferve, perform 
yovr Promife* copiply with 
it« acqnir yourfelf of jt* Q^U 

ialinih fRA<l^ >0 to comply 
with « axeentje« effe^oate, 
mind, obfcrve, do% follow, 
perform wbar is commanded 
oradvifed« (aMo^e)co obey. 
([iSmbebO to focceed, come 
tn one'a Place. 

•frcrfominer, CSftermanb) 
ICfterfommere/ Pofterity, Af- 

tera^es, our Saccesfors, (mU 

argfterfpmmere) my Isfue, 

OflfTpring, Progeny, pefccn- 
danrs, or Race^ 

ISfterUbCf CforftromO to ncgr- 
lea, omit* Cefteratt^c (!n fRtt) 

. to remit, abate, quit* for- 
fake, give over, forego your 
S.ight» Opb^rO to leave 

oflT, defift from, let 
ceafe, give over. (U 
Øg) to leave bahind« ( 
to pardon.* (fovmi 
relent, baappeafed, 

fing, Defifting, Lea 
(efterø JOC(fe) Remis 
gence. Moderation, 

l&fterla^etl, negli^ent 
(lack, neg^edtut, 
carelefs, fupine« 

ltfrerla^e|tftfb/ Nei 

Remifsncfs, 61&ckn 
gleafulnefs, Slocl 

Cffcrlabenffab/ Sn 

Inheritance, anEft« 
by Succesfion* Pac 

iCfterlabent/ adv.neel 

negle^tfully« curclsi 

lefterla^r, (forfamt^ 

cd, omitted, (forui 
doned, forgiven« 

ftfterUOe, (f om 93^rnf 

tie over again,whatt 
othe^s fay^ 

lCfterl(cfe, to read af 
ther, (i en (Bofl) u 
and reak fome Bool 

man ^ar ffrn^cO te 

what yoQ have wriri 
l&fterlebn/ a Mefhe- 

Mefne Fee« 

llifm*iclftnaman&/ anl 
nant;one, thutholdj 

Itfterleve^ CajcfaKn 

comply with, obfer 
form, porfite or ob 
Ordcr. (HoUCnc) to 
tooraccQrdingtOi 1 
or purfuant to th^ '. 

€f ) 169 ( €f 

Cftftleverr < Survivor. Q 

CtttrleverfFe/ aWidow« 

CfterUanCf ro imirare or coun- 

terfcft fomctliing. C^ttl) to 

I refemble one or ke like to 

him, Ctfttxabi)to inimic on(^ 

CfterliQitflfe/ Coiintcrfcicing; 
Imitarion; Rcfctnbline, Si- 
miUciide;Portrairore. (yiorc 
CftCtO cu cnake che Portrti* 
tire on 

Cfrerligner/ an Imitator. 
• €frerlpbe/ to run after. (fytt 
CCr)rogo a wenchingi hunt 
^erHarlotSf haunrB^wdy- 
houfeSt bc a Whoreinader« 

Cfrcrmaale« to mearure t 

Thing ii^ain or a fecond 
Time« to try wherher rhe 6rit 
Meafnrebe right* to fcanit, 
examine the Mcafure of it« 

ftftermaalemaii^/an Avcnger, 

€JftttWM^, the lad Courfe tt a 

€iwnmait, rhe Fanie> Kame, 
Praife* Renown, Reputation 
or Celebrity one leaves be- 
hind him» when hedies; me- 
morable Account, Memoirs« 

eftermåle^ to counterfeit, 
p^int afcer one« imicate a 

Cfcerman^/ a SiicccfTor. 

Cfrermt^^a9 # Afremoon. (i 
iiftttmi^ta^) in this After- 

Cfte^lli^^a96, of the Aftcr- 
noon« (QU^tmibbaQi'&$pn) 

a Nap atter Dinner. (8fUr* 
middaø^'SiD) Time between 
Dinner and Supper. 

i(frer (E^nff e , at Heart't Eafe, 
at your Will, according to 

JoorWifh or CO your Mind. 

have theWorId in • String,!« 
have every Thing ro your 
Wifh, at your Heart'a Der 

^itttpibti to hifs or whiftle ai^ 
ter or at one* 

IKfterregtte, to reckon up or 
again, examine che Acconnt» 
reckon it a fecond Time. * 

Cfrerrctreliø/ explicft. clear, 
evident. CpaaliDeIiø>ertain» 
fure« true » faithful, auch^n* 

iCfterrmeliøfii/ explicitly* 
clearly, certainly, fbrely. 

itftntttttliQ^tb, Explicatfon. 
Explanation,. Ecfaircifler 

ment » ( i^ilfoxlabtU^htb ) 

Certaincy , Sorenefft, Ancnen- 

Stfttvvttning , Account. Ad» 
vice, Notice, Information, 
Intelligence, Advcrtifement» 
Relation, Report, Inftruc- 
tion. Ocrr^e ff.) critical 
Reviews or Journals, (inb*- 

bcnfc &.f fem Dommer} to 

take Cognizance of. (inlipin' 
tt (?.} to take Infoimarion* 
fpy * fci^ut , go about for 
getring Intelligence, (^m 
^0 ^^ Siv^ Notice or Intelli* 
gence of, to acqnainc one 
with, let him know, keep 
him advifed of, fend him 
Word of &c. Cfoae e.) to 
have, ger, recei ve Account, 
News; to hear or nnder(tand, 
fcc, obferve by Letters. QttU 

U tiener til (rO 'h>s fervcs 

for Advertifement, Advice, 
Caution or Governmept. 
ftfterrertiinøø'Bf rivt , Me- 

iefrerretntng6«6Pri9eIft / a 

Letter of Advice, 
iCfterrtOfe, to draw a Pi«^ur« 

after another, to copy it. 
iCfterfartrC/ to purfue aflying 

Enemy, make afcer him, 

" é 

€f ) iro ( €f 

ftfrarføemlfff Purfaiu f. Stis 

ICfterfat, pnrfned. 
Afcetrfare, (i Boøica) thc mJnor 
Prepofition ofaProp »fition. 

Cfierfee, Cboa^ man bar fttu 

9tt^ to review, revilc,^ c<- 
amine>whatyon havewritrcn 
&c. CSroppemO fo rake a 
Keview of the Forces. 
ftfterfeiU/ to failafteranorher 
Ship, give Chafe to ir, 

Kfterfenbefto fcnd onc a Thing 
flirer or fend i c af ter him or 
ificer he wcnt away. 

Cfecrflgei (Orb) to fay Words 
flfcer one« repeat rhecn to his 
Hearing. (taU Om) to talk, 
fay,tcll, repoit of one. Cbaoc 

ititct et fige efter t^am ubeit 

AU ø6t}to have nothing to tay 
in Disgrace orDisadvanrajjc 
of one, to be obligcH to fpe.ik 

well of him. (bet maat man 
fl^t iåm efter ttl l^ani iKoeO 

to kis Praifc be it fpoken, 

ftfterfTiFfer f. eftpfenbe. 

Afcer &if og tTtaabef accord- 
ing to Cultom. , 

Cfteririlbre^ to copy a Pic- 

Cfterffreveiif copied, tran«?- 

cribed. (fom eené i^aanO 


lÉfterffrige/ to cry out after 
■ one, 

Cfterflfrive/ to copy, transcri- 
be, wrirc from ihe Original. 

(efter en t" write 

flfter a Copy, (boab ecn ticte« 
fer) to wrire dnw* whatonc 

dictares. (cené ^aanb) to 

counterfeit one'i Hånd. 

Kfterfftlb/ an Afterdisbnrfc- 
roent. fecond Furnifhing or 
Sopply^ an Addition« 

Stftvffi^ht, robepti 
ter Dtsburfemenr, 
disburfc or fupply 
ney. (Silbt) co 


or look for or atcet 
a Book. 
Kfterflorbe, to train 
drag after. 

ICfrerf!«gt# Poileiir 
ages, OiFpring, 


ICfcerflacn9f Sequel 

q 'ervcc, Trnin. 
iCften'maøi an il) Af 

itfterfnige Pg* to fi 

injily after <>ne. 

Cfeerfontf fmce, bec« 

that, fcein; tha^, i 
ts, even as, asmnc 
portio'iably, acf 

Ccfterfom Jciflab'^'^ 

rer) IS much 3S» acc 
Opr'ortunity fhall 

rerfom be f oin# btei 

indførte) accordmj 
come, thcy were ii 

O'ftcrfom *2lrbeidet 
Q^cfennmden) fucli 
Work, fucn is aU 
ward, theRcwardi; 
tioned ro the Wor 

tEftcrføgerf o fearch, 
retor look about, fe 
a Thing. 

iCfterféger/ an Inqu 
quifitor, Searcher« 

Uifterfi^gning^ Searcl 

(tigacion, Ferretinj 

ry. (efter £ietteri 


Æfttrfpeibe, to fpy oi 

out, follow by th< 

iCfterfpil, the Afterga« 


€f ) in ( €f 

tftetfpcrt, to inveftigaec, in- 

quire,dive, pierce, penecrtce 

inro i orne Arr, fearch it oiic» 

endeavour co coi«e tr ir. 

tfttviporing, Invedigacion, 

Irquiry, Search, 
Kfterfp^rge/ to inquire after,* 
aili for> makeaninquiry af- 
ftftcrfp^rger/aQ Inquirer, De- 

unnder« ' 
^^ktri\^taftl , Inqmry, De- 
mand, Aiki ig, Perq\iincion) 
Search for or after. 
Cfcerfpringt f co leap afcer 
one, thac did tt before« run 
ttrcr him« 
Cftcrfpnrøt/ inqutred aft6r> 

alkcd for« 
Itftttftnat, CO ftand after or 

bclow one. Oftcrftr«bO fo 
Ity in Wair, lay a Snare or 
Ambufh« wait anOppnrcuni- 
ty t« catch or feize npon one, 
perfecnce him. 

Cfrerfligef to dimb, afcend, 
moUnc afcer one» 

ISfterfhf/ a fecond En^aving; 
of a Copperplatc. 

Cfcerft#^e# topufh, chruft for- 
ward or on. 

ftfttt^vctbt, to pcrfecute* fol- 
low a Thing, ftrive for or af- 
cer« flfpire rOt fearch afrer« 
addi^ yotirfelf to it* to fne* 
CO defire to get or obrain 

it. Ctxa^tt efter) to afpire to, 

to afFea. (efter 3Kve) to af- 
pire to , hunt after Glory. 
teen)fo perfecure one.(eenO 
£i») to lay in Wait for one'a 
Life , to make an Attempt 
upon ir, 

^fttvfivccbtlit, a Striving for, 
aHbnting after, anATpiring 
to, Perfccution, a Lying in 


<fcer(lr«bfr , a Lyer in Am- 
taf h ir Waic. a Waylayer. 

lefcetfvatigrittø/ SnperfMt 

ICfrerf^K^ Revifion, Revietr* 
in g, Review, Looking over 

ISfterfipttge/ to 5ng aftcV on*, 
• fing co the fame Tnne, yoa 
hear of him* 

Kfcercfffle^ corell again or a fe- 
cond Time. 

itUtttanU, to reflea ttpon^ 
tnake yoor Rcflc^ion upon, 
chink ferionalyof, coniidef 
or mufe or mediracc opon» 
CO rnminate, ponder, weigh, 
fcan, examine orbendyout. 
Thoughts upon. 

Pt\ttvtccnUlig, notable, con« 
fiderable, worthtobeconfi* 


Stfttvtctnf^cm, priidenr, con- 
fiderate, providént, wary, of 
good ForefightfOf great For- 
call, cantious, circnmfpe^ 

l&fterra;nffom^e^, Prudence, 
Circumfpeaion * Cantions^ 
nefs, Warinefs, Confiderate^ 
ncfs, Heedfuinefs. 

Æfcertarnf fomr / pmdencly, 
cautiously, warily» 

ICfrercitle/ (onb) ill Report, 
ill Name. C»«re i (^fHxtalt) 
CO hear ill, be under the Lafh 
of an cvil Tongue, (fommc 
i dfttvtali) to fall under the 
Lafh of evilTongue, te be 
afperfed« CbCllia« t gfter* 
talO to ^^^^ an Afperfion 
upon one*s Reputaton, af*> 
pcrfe' him« 

iCfterranf e / " Confideratiom 
ReHeéb'on, M ufin g, Medita> 
tion, Deliberacion. (ttten 
QtfttttanU) inconfiderately, 
rafhly, wichom Refledion, 

Oomme til gftcrtonf e) to r*^ 

colleiSl yourfelf* 
IBf(ertt^f Time to come, fik 
nire Time, Afurages« 


«f ) in ( f& 

Itee, ((idta ^a>) a 

lictl« Boat 

(arfDrfiøfeh))<)wn pr 

, pecQliar, private (|taO< 

Hånd. Q^h Rt t^tt t 
CO have a Hoiife of your 

CM ^øoe i tt Cprog 
JEdiom or peculiar Cail 
Xangiiagc. (mcrfftorrMfl 
table^ memorabley (Ir 

(tn t. Stl^ageirO « <^ 
Accident. (r( eøcn fli 

^ fe) a ftran^e, odd, wf 
'cal Man. 


Kfttnrcbef to follow ont or IKftfrvliitcrf t Winctrt 

tfrer iiim » to' gtve him the comei lar«* 
Prtcedenc?« (forø i CmMc) tCftervojrc , to grow aft< 
te Aicceed one. KflrCOdOC^theEcijDieofaS' 

CfccrrratMfe# O Smtch) Knite &c. (JtrMics 

Socceifion. / Wi^c«edge. 

itftgfttafftø to drag« drag Itgc, f«^i^inlegf. 

along. '^ 

WHtntan9€f to thi-ong or 

preCs after. 

ttftertTAgce/ to fne for, hans- 
ker after«arpire at. (to>after) 
to defire tp.gtc or.obtain, 

• icqoire or purchafe forne-, 
thing« to long tb be at ic 

Ccfterlvaøte paa tinO to 

' atttmpt iipionone*tLife » to ' 
}y in Wait for it* 

iefiertragtelfei an Afpiringat» 
a Suipg for* Hånkcring af* 

Cfrerrraørar^ aDeiigneriipon 
a Il^rlpn or Thing, a Way 

Emphafis, Energy, Force. «øen<?«nWg, done with 

Strength. Dint, Strcfi, Nei- ?.^J i^*!"l- . CWlHil 

▼Ofityt Significahcy, Effiea- 1lllØcrfri»0Signatare, 

cy. C« «69é) the CoMn- manual , your Hånd 

t^ftit of a Book. ■ ^ Writing 

•ftannKa. Cfrm eaCoa) to ^ff^J J^nDigai^wuh yo« 

contcrfeit a Book, Ct$H flj^en^^^vn, Sclfrevenge. 

CftcO to pufh on. Hpenbe^, Propriety, Prc 

tflfunt^fMiQ 9 cmphatical, cy, Qudliry. C&«rbftO 

cnargeticaU expresfive. fig- gulariry,Scrgngeners,w 

nificant» nervoua, weightyt nc^lnefs. 

I^athetlcal« fenfeful. ICøenf terUøt^e^ / Selfl 

•ftertrtfWiøeii, emphatical- ^ Pbij^uty. 

ly ic. ftøenf raftf natnral For© 

€fremtfr, counterfcitcd, re ijgVilmliiig, »bfolnre. I 

pnnted by another, tråry, Snl.mitcd, idiperi 

Hfterveer^ Afterpain. defporic. 

iCfrcrverøeii, Pofterity, Af- <Cgcnm«gttgeitf arbitra 

terages abfolutely, derpoticall' 

«ft.rr...V to wcigh » fccond «»«?:: ^Tl^r 

^'"**» iinlimiredPower»SDvcre 

Cfrcrviitt/ a tart Wiat, %y^ Defpocifro* 


€d ) 173 ( ®d 

ågmnytte, Self-Intereft, Self- 

fMtlk) Disintereflcdnefs. 
tøcnnyrrig/ felfincer^ftedk 
felhrh C^cttt cøennoctiø) 

toconfolr yonr ownintereft« 

be flttentive to iti 
CfCtiM^iøeit^ felfifhly, in 

a fe)lirh Mtnner« 

neOi, Sclfirhnefs. 
CfOpff^Vf # Selfrrial. 

<tniraabig# f* cgertmors* 

Cinr#cø^ SelfpraiTc« vfttrt 
Glory« Oftentarion« 

tenffB^iOi »eftyf canri'cious, 

*«d. Cfortrcrbel.ø^ morofe. 

Cgeøliilbifleit^ capriciousIy> 
wilfully &c. 

Cse1l(tR^tg(^e^/ Caprice, Ca- 
prichio> TdHnefs, Wilfiil- 
ncfs, SelfwilU Ci^tttCChO 
Hiitb') Morofity. 

CfMffabr Proprictyr Proper* 
cv, Qualirvs n.uunl Dispofi- 
tion. (^ttévtOQ^yVro^nttyf 
ofa Language, (Tn tdiotifm. 
(el "Doté/ UvU UO rhe Na- 
mre, Property, Fncalty* 
natnralQualtty.Ccn du&^om« 

nclfø (PgrnfPdD) a divinc At- 

tribntti. (Mx^Qt CH £illg 

fin SørnlFab cKcr aite ten ttt 
Vaoif , f om paffer fia poa ben^ 

Cøcn(Fab>o qaa]ify,give che 
Chara^er of* 

Cfentlig,' proper, peculiar, 
particular, finguUr« 

Cgentltgetti properly, pccti- 
liarly« precileiy* 

tjtCRcligbtb/ Propriery* 

Cfeiivilli(# Volnncarincfs, 

CgenviUigr volnntary, fpnn- 
taneøtts , n«c coinpellod. 

i&rf e»<DIben > Acom» Maft» 
iCgern/ Stgttnt, a Squirrel* 
ttgtfføv, a Qrove of Qaktree*« 
lEget/ proper, pccnliar. 
' ^§^tjCt\lfft^nbt)to animate,ev 
cice,intite one,co egg^fec him 
onrodofomething« Qtpivti) 
toirricate»provokc« C^eiftit' 
Vrtbt) to provo)te» kindie 
onc's VVrath, irritate onf» 

ICgii/ (Country, Region, Tnåt 
or Part of, Glime. Cli- 

•' - mate. (oe oin(i(i<ien5e flfflnc) 

the ttijjCenr Parts, (i milt 
^an)wirhiis, inotarNcigh* 

ignt, C«n(ffl«0 f. C^jr. bee eft* 
ner eø anitaaer baiii) itbe-* 

comeshiin itishisDury, ie 
is meLt. jufVorreafonablet ie 
is 6t for him* 

lEcitf/ f. flpgte. 
ICir not. f. ifft. 

well, ravely. CJonin^rino} 

hcyday> bravcly, how, fay 

you fo, Ctfcnbrinø) ho* 
ycs. CSi^cbO ho> how. 

ha, Iiowfay you! 

ICU! O brave! 

Zi€, C<?i<nbem) Posfesrion* 
C^att i tunbom^ ro be pos« 

fesied of, to have in Posfes* 

(tie, C^aoe i dit) to own, pos- 
lefs, en joy, be posfesfed of» 
bcOwncr, orProprictor of» 

l&iegot>f goodnaturedi^gentle^ 
meek, debonair* 

ICicgobtxbf Good or kind Na- 
ture % Debonairnefs, 

lEienbeeli Propricty. 

ICienbom^ Posfesfion, Pro- 


Kien^ommeliøf posfesfory« 

leteiM . 

«t ) 174 ( 



(cifion, Disfeizin. 

|lteiibomøao^ø# f. lEienbont* 
Cieit^omepenre/ Propritcor* 

CtcnDom»'3nbtaIer theClaim- 

ing of t Posresfion« 
IfillBO^ntø (Dverbr agclfe , che 

Conveyance or Mtking over 

a Posfesfion. 
iEieitbomerec, Rij^ht of Posftt- 

fion. Propricry, 
Aler# ICicrmanb/ aPosfcsfor, 

Owner, Propriecor. (af it 

tanbaoté) a Proprietary. 
ltUanb# f. 9t. 
ttfUit r. t)aejnme(fe« 
ÆUflicitec, Eiafticity. 
^{aftiftf elaftic, fpringy, hav* 

in^ a Power to recover its 

original Form after Impul- 

ØtUctvictVt, to elcdrify* 
ttitnticittt, Elearicity. 
4titctvict€tma{Cint f an Elec- 

ItUctriff, ele£lrical. 

ititiant, f. (i^l(p(>attt. 

iCIemeitt/ an Eiemenr. (bet 

GieSrffiAn iM »t( t>Ære)Ele* 
menr. (bet ferfte (Bcun5 t en 

Q)i5cnfPab)£lemcnt or Rudi- 
ments of a Science. (3*^9* 

. tcnermitSIcmenO Huncing 

is myElemenMs cny DelighCf 
my favorire Pleafure. 

Mltmtntatbo^t a Book con- 
taining the Rudimtnts of 

ClemetttarifF , elerocntary^ 

dcmettcfleenf an Element- 

CUnbiØf CuIoHefid) miferable, 
«alaraitous> wrccched, di- 
ftresfed« fad, pitiful, pitit- 

t»l«. (uffcO poor, paultry« 

iPleiiMøeit/ mifcrably^ wretch« 
ly &«• 

Calamicy, Diltreii 

Stltvfyantø an Elephi 
iKlep^aitrifP« elephar 
iKlep^anrle^er, a G 

an Eiephanr. 
i&Ierbantiuu9 / MaU 
U^leppattt Ot^tn, the 

the Eiephanr, 

flMep()atttfnabe(# the 
Snout of an Elepht 
ftipf^tnbttn, ivory« 
lElp^cnbeenø , of ivo 
Stil, itiitttat, an A 
atHtfone, C&PHplK 

an EK. 
i&aef rage , CSuaO ^< 
leaenøroeO, (Urr) 


stUit, or. (eder ^g) < 

flMlerø; el fe, orherwi* 


itUtVt, eleven. 
lEQeotCf the cleventh 
Itleb^r/ an £lk. / 

OMff«/ to love (een i 

loveonedaarly (i 
'to love one ten 



Hearr, from the B 
yourHeart. (OQ^ 
øaaøcn) ro have i 
for, to favour. Qa| 


pachize, to have n 

Ø^IffeU^f amiablejove 

charming. pleaiing, 

Ci^ift e(fifeltø) dead 

cd, Minion, 
fliljFer/ a Lover. C<»f9 

aFlorift. (afOlW 

Antiquaiian. (af ^ 

Iticr) a Gallant, 
Beau« Spark> Lov 
fair Se«. 

et ) 175 ( em 


tfritgt, t tovcflc. 

PfCVf tove« A:iOlir» C9I- 

bn ry. O'om b^rcc Hi S(fFoD) 

tmoronst %'enerca}* 
Btcvtbiifi imorous Ogles or 

Éfcvibvyn^ti Flamtf of 

fifoMbriF, fl Philcrnm. 
tt|«viMgrA. fl Poem on the 

Stbiea of Love. 
mtoMfub, Cupid, the God 
' it love. 
4toifgubinbe, Venus« 

4yS9W^llOcl/ Amoiirf, flOlO- 

tmå Tricks* Love Incriguek* 
UBorous Advenrnrcs« 
ntofH^iitorit , a. Romance, 

sai*rous Scotics 
ÉWo9tit|lr Love- Pien fure* 
fifovtpiil/ Love-Arrow» 
WÉfåVJinaf, Lovetale, amo- 
fMS DiMTOurre, Converi'a- 
mu cheCajolingaWoman. 
CWfBifpil/ Love-Sport. 
t!fg9§vi\t, an amoroui 

ØfvctxbiQ, amiable, lovely, 

vunhy of Love.defervingto 

bf loved* 
QhMrr^i9&eø# Amiablenefs, 

loveline Is , Gracefalnefs, 

QÉbcnii to evtde, elude, fm- 

trtce. disappo'nt. 

ftMilerC'tllAHitø/ f. iCmai' 

CaAiUvCf ro enamel. 
ffMUerer# an EnamcUer« 
teaileriitg# I-namcl1ine» 
(HbCbC/ an Office, Employ- 
■ene, Phce, Chitrge. (paa 
C. Sicgne) by Virruc of my 
Office. (9i»c tt <S* bort) to 
dispofe of a vacant Place,(t^ 

ItifUtitttZ.) toappoinrfoff 
an Office. (oocr5rai|c €cn tt 

^.) to conter or bcltow an 
Ofhce upon one. (tiltv^httt 
SO 'O "^nccr upon an Office* 
(foicffaac CtS.jco adminifter 
an Office. cxc«i cife rhe Fnnc- 
tionsofa Charge. (jbtt1)BHt 

Ul mit(?0 '( i> thcDuty of 

my Charge. 

l£mbeb9>2(f(laaelfcr a volun^ 

t^ry Surrendering of yovr 

Office ti anothcr. 
fl^mbebøbrober, a CoIIegne, 
lembebeforretitinøer , the 

Funktions of your Chaige» 
iCmbebøførelfe, the Admini- 

(tering of your Office. 
ftmbeOsinbf omfler, rhe Revc- 

nues or Incomes of your 


iembeb6'3v^i^# ^^^,1 in yovr 

iSmbcbemanb/ an Officer, one« 
that is in a Office, a Place- 

l&mbebepIiøCf the Duty of your 

itmfinMiQt fenfible, delicare, 
eafilypained, tender, (pttb^ 
låDen) touchy, foon provo- 
ked. (bli»e C ot>et noøeO 

to be moved, difpleafed, t# 
gricve at. 
ItmfinMigtn, fenfibly. 

ftmfin^rngbcb # Senfibility, 
labent)eb) Touchinefs 

Unimtv, Cø(eenOc 9^0 Em.« 

bers. Cinders. 
ftmnff Matter, Stuflf, Snb» 

itmttv, Chaff« 
Vtn, f. een. 

ienc^clopccbie# Encyclopedy, 
the wiioU Cirole ot all Scien- 


€« ) 176. ( €tt 

Ctib, tYifln. ((an tt (fetere 
en^ Jon* fljrobctj he is wi- 

fer chan hii Brotner. (|)(in 

atéY tnfet-anbctenb fpidcOhe 

- doesnothing butplsiy. Cénb 
fløO i'o^ ^^ mention« much 

Kn^ba/ howbetc, yet* ftill* 

Ccnbba er bon miéfornøtcO 

hc is disconcQnced ftill. 

dtbbog# howbcit. a1tTio\ ne* 
verthelefs, nocwithftanding* 

Øtn^tf Hnd, Pertod> Excremt- 

• ty. Cfi^iemccb) Atm, Scope. 
. Olbgang^lsfucCSrutning) 

• .Conclnfion. (l^enflaO Pnr- 
' pofe, Defign. (SnbcIiaO 

Deach, Departure, (ot>Ct 
eOftandinj. OUbMb«.?) 
towhatPiirpofc? (bringe (i( 

^0^0 finifh, put an End or 
Period to, accomplifh, to 

conclude* (giere en S» paa) 

to makcan Hndof. totinifh. 
(taactn(f.) totnd, cometo 
an End. (fnfte OWr 9Q ro 
overtarn. ((a!(c Ob ®0 to 
decline« C<|lØrC C pOOi af« 

øiore cniSaø) locnd. dcrer- 

mine, decide. Cbetømrfid 

a*) mark but cheEndotit, 

. ir wtll be proved ttthe Con- 

clufion. (naarS. er 90b, er 

altinø ØObO flil is welU thac 
«nds wclU 


ftnbtf V. to end, finifh, makt 
or put an End to. toabfolve, 
concludc, atchicve, accom- 

ftntt iiQt to end, come to an 
End. ^ 

Cnt>C'2(arfAgr a final Caufc, 
moving Rcafon. 

ICn^ee(# rnmewliatlittle, forne- 

ching. Cenbeel qaat og en« 
bttl fomme) foma go tnd 
forne come. 

lEnbeltø/ Ott^fra 

cd, circumfcril 


tory, decilive.dei 



ble. (egeren« e 

liøt 09 feracrn 

Goodsof Fortur 

SnbeUgett^ in Fine 
lafh at Length, 
when all is don 
C'«mes ro alU 
(igen) abfolntc 

ICnbeUg^eb, (< 
End, Isfne« Fin 

' ^beligjtbmebf 

totn Agreemenc 

ISnbeUgtr En-), D 

Period. (ulpffe 
ftrophc, nntinpi 

O^nbelfe, (erOrl 


iCnbeø/ to end, h 
come to an Flid 
expire. (cnbc6 I 
beife) to cermir 

Knbetarnt/ thegr( 
feguf, Scriiirgui 

iKntivey Endive. 

ICnbnii^ yet, ftill, 
øang) oncc mon 
agflin, over ags 
Time, anew, air 

engana faa l^oi 
haif* (enbnu en* 

gcO *s much 


vhich is yet ra( 
my honfe, and 
honfe too. fe. t 
to this very Ti 
Utfitogt cvcn, all 
Knbogfaitf .even 
tbove> aHo» 

CH ) m ( sd 

»«ti& ^fiQf^f givt, Mcadew-Rent/ 

Co ØCffO <<^ 19* J^n^blommt, GIoMower^ 

(ili oC. E^chfngt*. . ftaqtbvtsntf Poly pody« Wa^ 

«Jfho% tho', al- fcrn. ■ 

mchl^uiding* ^ngrgtoMi Bancgrafi, 

!l S«føe> by liitn- iEBgniiø,. onc^« ene TimS^ 
thouc Atttndancc« Ccnbim ttH^M) onca møre,* 

•tf den osNn^ o?« • Cmth tn^aw^ at once» 
dbcT. Cfomctøierne lSngbtln^/ f. eng. 

I of bcing alone* l£if gel^ an An^eU good or btd 

■ni perberry« Genius« C^w) an evil Angdl» 

nibevil«# Gio» a Deni«n* 

tf J«nipcroiU ftngeflanbf England* 

itf Jmipertrec HtnQtViCtnbtv, nn Engliflimani* 

, Monopoly* dit ftncitUctn^tln^, aoEnglifh 

dg of Commodicita Womon« 

Haadf. o^ngcUi Cfom i^ttx tiKSngfO 

ff§ 1 llonopolift. angelical* 

QbndUm) Mono- iSngelfrmanbif.lSngefUntben 

iKn^telfr^ Cfra (?nd(IIanO eng- 

M^ nonotonoQS* ]ifh. (paa cnø. ® i'O s^t^i* 

»Sovereigncy« abfo- the englifh Fafhion or Ca- 

wm» ft'oro'. 

fcan^yone. viBngelføb/ CUtf) Po1ipody» 

|Mrb, a Mono- (Engefforr, Sawwort. 

( l£n(Tfttmmen# Meadow-Cum- 

aSoliloqoy« min , caraway. 

I rovtreign* abfo- i^ngle, bruø<5 i fammdifatte 

OrD# fom: 
^arrCf tSovereign, ø^nglM^ori aChoms of An- 
di» gels« 

lafTy fovereign. lengU^^Ureit # an angelical 
Power« Saluca ion« 

(ligcffem) pla»n» Itnglereeni pure or innocenc 
WBioctnu artlerS)^ as an Angel* 

barmlefa« CUO m^gigrfe, a Titlark« 

credatoQs« QaOf ^ ^ , ^ a ^ •» a 

Ir, dolU foolifli. OlngUffare/ an Army or Hoft 

Tfimple, wcak. of Angels. 

^finiply,filli! «ngleffUn , fair as an Angel« 

lainly* harmlefsly. iBnglcrrtgt^aGuaidof Angels. 

!^, Pfainnefs« Art- aingl^eviie# angelical« 

g^abdiftMJ) Sil- ij^^Ux^tt, cvery> cvcry one» 

efs, Foolifhnefs, ^^^j, ^p^^ flJ«cW6teb) in 

iicfs« Weakneff ot ^^^^y pi^,.«^ (cnt^ocr af ol 

fil otte ©Jittina) each oftis 

mi^. ldeadow.Mca- got ^onr Pence* (en|>OCr ff^ 

ad, Pattura« _ tcO «v«y »»dy feas ir. 

JPI icit« 

e» ) tT8 c cp 

Cn^, Uniiy. 
ttntt, 9 WitJowtr. 
Cttemønniiif , ClM«n-Dow- 

•tiFclljee, Simpliv^ty. 
«nf«lt. finslfc individnil. C«. 

Cnfclt OTciiiitfft< il Indivi-' 

Hiial. ■ ringle Man, 
IEnr:ma^^, a Widower. , 

«nF« lllcogtrr a Dower. 

J ni mure or StnUoMQt. 
Stott^åtttt a Widow*! ReA- 

ainFeltan^ WidowhBod, Vi- 

CltK^ert, (O enlift or ernol. 
ttmroQerlng, Inlifling orEn* 
■ rolling. 


Ct SK^S f anywherei foine- 
wh«ie. ((online <t @(tM 
frajto come froin fomePbce. 
Cttt iDM votct et @ttli«) it 
mult be in any PUce. 

«iittn, tith"'. CenHn3*trM 
DiigtlEtr ittt; "ther yon iove 

Cnrturmsmue, f. 3<ifflb(I' 

tCntiiini tUcO Gentian. 

Cn 'Ei^I any Time. at any 

Cnttc, Cf t 6tib) to boiTd a 

entw^afff, a Grapnel. 
iS»trtp«n(nt, iin Undercaktf 

u' 3 Woth by thi Gnit. 
Cntttnfr th« Boitding of k 

Cnolfr * c*rtiin. 

Kae«<TC/ an Env 
*9iCWttttt an E 
Cl)t«ml(, ■ cai 

Cpibffllø', tpid 

CpforaM, an Ep 
CpiUpd«, Cfat 

EpiUpfy, fill 
lepiieTtif^ cpilc 
CpilM, C@llUili 

apifO&, an Epifi 
æpiftlf, an EpiftI 
tCpiiaD^iiiiii/ (. 
lEporf)*. an Pprc 
eqvipagtr Eqni 

dance, Fiirnir 
■ («@fibO '''• 

of a Ship. cq». 

tendante. Ret 
beODteft, Al-ti 
FTilp^go. ro; 
CII ØDt) (ntrflet 

good or forry I 
or ill eqoipped 


iCqviperci to eqi 
At out, fet for 
tocquip, fittiut 
battt) to acco 
hiih wadikcAc 
ft} to «qujp, I 
for ■ Jtmrney. 

Cl, Pref. Tenfe. 
I sm, thonarli 

Cntqitiio luilgci 
CbømmO to de 
c i de, pronounc 
Verdia or Jnd 

Critgtnins f Tndi 
cifion. Verdia 

CcfHr min C} 
in my Opiaion 

j i79 ( ét 

pttifiiUy« la- 

mir* Rcclnfey 


I folicary Life« 

9td0 tocome 
arn« hear« an- 
cive, cfpy.dis- 
\i) to cry, ex- 
•rience« prove, 
»r a Trial of, co 

;. ikined,ikn]- 


Scierce. (tU 

tåmå^ hflvelii Memary* (ffti 
leom^tomention. (poåmin^ 
!(} to admonini) r«itain(I» 

SiMlanu mdti fon erm^fe 
i) within the Memory of 
Men. . . 

Solicode, Heiv ftti^tttf an AtfAohlfher« 

* iCriiitring# Kemembrance« 
Commeraoracion, CVAOinftt' 
beffe) Adfnoninooi Remind- 

i'tK« C^b>«l^f<0. Warnin;, 
Aovice« Advertifement* 

^Erin^rinøefFd vt r Mamoirs, 

iCrittbriDøeftøttf, a Mona- 
ment>ercÅed in order te pre- ^ 
ferve the Memory -ofemtnenc ' 
Perfons or greac Acchieve* 

Kritt^ringeteøtt/ a Mona- 


btn^abtt) ver- Krinbrittøøv^erbig^ mcmora* 
ences. ble, worthv to be rtmam- 

^erience,SIciII« bered* notable« 
iwlcdge, Ufe, Htfe, COPP^^If) Arch. 

KrfebifFopi an Archbifhop, 
Irfareitbeb. Stvfthifioj^mtntt Archbl- 

cive, get, ob- f hoprick. 

, gain, impe- OfrPebiff •ppcltø # archtepifco- 

kfe* pal* 

ainable* impe-' (ErPebiaconAt# Archdeacon* 


be obtaining, IErPfMaconttH> Archdeacon« 

»etraiion. CrPcengel, an ArchangcU 

^^^ ItrHei^ertitg/ Archdnke. 
aconire« par- ^ *^ 

j, win, obtain. «rfeJ>ertiigbo«# Archdnke- 
Mi) to gain, ^o^* 

lErlPe^ertugeligf archdneal. 

qoiiition, Ptir- ISrfet^rnigiitbe# Archdti- 
g^ chefs. 

\cqairer* &vUf)inx9t Archdoc^l-Honre* 

,, an Acqnift, («. ©(lri§) the moft illnftu- 

Obtainmcnt. oua Archducai-HoQfe of An- 

oft pmhimin «rFcPammerei-/ Arch-Cham- 

1. remind one berUin. 

advertife. ffj^ <trfe(1fatmc(Ur/ Archtraafa- 

!niber» caliio rer» 

UR % Cvi 


cr ) irs ( ep 

SiiFCt a Wiaowtr. 
ftntebtonntiif , QnMn>Dow 

*8" . . , 

iCiiPclljrt. Simplicity. 

Stnttlt. linjU, indiiidail. (c 
Sraat)) a Ens'= ihteid. 

ænfelt mcnnefrt, an Indivi- 
Huil, ■ fingU Man. 

ieiiC:in>in?i 3 Widowcr, 

«nf» mcftjt«, 9 Doww. 
]nin:urc ar ScrtlfOwnt. 

ttnttietU, « WMow-t R«fi- 

fc«(t(tBiiN Widowhofld, Vi- 
ti ui ry. 

Mntdut, n enlift or«nrol, 

aiiroUerins, Inliftingot En- 

«»r*Utriiig8d)(f,.th« Enr«l- 

ftt Ste^9 ( anyivhere. fomt- 
wher«. Ctomtnc tt @t(bl 
(DCt mM OOCrt tt @t(bé) it 
inutt be in any Flice. 

Onnn, tiiW. (tnKnJelf« 

«BtilUp<lftf «n Entiinfiift. 
lEntltin, (Urt) Gcntian. 
Cn Zif>t ""y Tim«, at any 

■ f. b«frit. 
CnirCf (ti eNb; to board a 


eiltrt(wBfo « Grapnel, 
ICntrcpL-enciitri "> Undertaker 

u! a Wotl( by tht Grcat. 
CntttnSr the .BoudiDK of a 

Cb Vllr * cartiia. 

ttnvoyti an Envi 
Cpicntvtrf ' an e 
Zp^btmit, tcor 

CpibtmlfF/ *pid 

ttpigr««, an Epi 

' ttpUtvHi, Cfall 

Epilepiy, falli 

iCptlog, OSlntnii 

lEpifoA, an Epir<: 

■ ffipiltlf, an Eplll! 

lepUupdimn , f. 

(Cpotftt, an rpiM: 

ie()rip.igt , Equi) 
dance, Frnnir. 

• (ttetib«) iht. 
ofa Ship. røf 
Ifndincc. R«t> 
Kr) Dreft, Atti 
Eqiilp'gT. Coai 
tligofi (QcTlICt 
goodorforry C 

or ill equrpped 

lEi)Viptt(f to eqt 
lit out, f«t fon 
toe,quip>lit out 
tlilRr) to icco 

(Oto«aip. * 
for a Jonrncy. 

«r, Viet Tenfe. 
I am, thonirt. 

CritatCrio luttge.e 
C6»inmO to de 

Verdia or ]nd 

ttraamtn«^ Jvdj 
cilion, Vardia 

(cfin min C) 

in iny Opi 

pmftiU j^abh* lime!, kavefn Memøry« (f(M 

aiferåblei, fe 9in^ to mencion. QHMmint 

, pidfttttr* . Ifl- 10 <o tdmoninh » i:«^in(i» 

JiaclMat min tøM értø^re 
ig) withln tke Memory of 
^- • Men, .^ ..^^ , . 'i 

I Solitade, H«i> ieriii^rfr# tn AtlAonli her* 

" " SMH^tin^, Itcmeinbrance« 

icury; Comméinoracion* CVMUrfS^ 

ft lolinry Life« bCffO Admonirion« Remind* 

«^K< (fIbWUfcO. Watnxng, 
tt9^) tocome Advice« Advertifenient« 

learn, hear, nn* 4Erilt^ri^9•frd vt r MamQirSf 
rceive, efpy>dis- Memorandmfi« 

^e^ to try» ex- iCrititriDøeftøYtf # a Mbnv 
perience, urove, ment>ereÅec| in ordar to pre- ^ 

r or • Trial of, CO ^ fervechaMetnoryofemmenc' 
fience. Perfons or greac Acchieye« 

rt» ikilled, ikill- menti. 

I, experienced, Krittøringøteøtt/ a Mpnn* 
a Science. (tr# ment. 

Vbtnftabtt^vQV' Krittbrifiøøvoerbig^ mcmora* 
acnces. bU) worthv ro be rtinam- 

^erience,SIdn« bered* notable* 

iowledsc« Ufe, Hvfe, (t^PPttft} Arch. 

lCrffHffop# an Archbifhop, 

€rf4reltbe^. iCrf$bifFop^ømmey Archbi- 

iccive, get, ob- * f hoprick. 

e, gain, impe- Krfebiff »ppcUø # archtapirco- 

liafe* pal, 

Kalnable, impe-' (ErPt^iaconAt# Archdeacon- 

cbe obtaining, IErPfbfacontt<> Archdeacoiu 

ipctration. (ttfetn^tl, an ArchangeU 

- : - ^^^ VtcUl^tvm^, Archdake. 

> acqoire* pur* ^ ^ ?^ ^' * t^ i 

re, vin, obtain. ICrfeJ^ertilS^O«, Archdnke- 

lErlPe^etttigeUSf archdveaU 

€qoafition,Ptir- ISrfe^ørtngiitbt/ ^ Archdtf 
sg» chefs« 

Acquirer* iSrFc^iitlø/ Archdoccl-Houfe* 
M^ an Aciinift, («• ©(lri§) the moft iUuftti- 
, Obtainmcnt. otfiArchdncal-HoufcofAtt. 

coft Smhimin «rFcrammereif/ Areh-Cham- 
é, ramind one bedain. 

adver^ife, Cfi^ AtU^OtmtfUt , ArcTitraafa- 
einber» call to^ rer. 


€r ) 180 t €t 

Crfe(fienf / Archcupbeartr. 

ltrfe(tal^ntefler/ Archeqner- 

ICrfe(ltfO Archbiftiopriclc« 
Crfet^^ler, tn trrtnt Hip- 

atcftl^Øtt, i rtbftitate. 

tCrrefi^crrer^ an emnt Herc- 

lKrFe(^9ner# a common tiår. 
Crfcnar/ an Errant-FooU 
tttftftbantf flnabroluc«)tho- 

ronghpacsd Pedant« 
StvttfUitim, an Errant-Rogiie. 

lerf ien^e # (ttlftadc; titnM 

»cW w acknowlcdge , own, 
confers^ Clel^nne) acknow- 
ledge, con(idcr, bc rhankful* 
graeful for, torequitc, re- 
ward, recompenfe« (c. fo( 
<J©0 ^^ approvc. 
Crfienbelfef Acknowled^ 
ment, Agnition, ((39n^*^ 
Rccipifcence^Cfoirtnc til fl? , 
to repenc, acknowledge your 
. Faulr« 

Crfiettttliø , gratefnl, ihank* 
fuK acknowlcdging« 

Crfien^rUc(()eb# Acknowledg* 
ment, Thank^nldnefs, Gra* 

^ citude. C'^cf^nnina) Gra- 

tuity, Recoiiipence, Rcqui- 

ttvflctvtf to dcclare, exprefs, 
fay, rell. (flg) toopcnyoar 
Mind to one, communicite 
you; ThongJirs. (r. i^qt)to 
banifh, ootlaw« profcribe« 

Crflorringi Declaration, De- 
clarin^ (i %9t}an Outlawry, 

Crf^nbifie fig cm# to Inform 
yourfelf about, inquirefor, 
(after, of, abonc^ make an 
Inquiry of. 

Crf^iiMøelfc; Inquiry, Infor- 
mation» Inqueft« (cfUr fttt 
tU) dutSetrcb bting made« 

ittt<tg§t , to pay d< 
down Money* 

Ct^iangtf rox)btatn, 
quire , itnperrare. 

iCrUn^elfei Obtåin 
quiring, Impenati 

<Crle, a Wagtail. 

flSrme, f. Tttmt. 

l^vmitaqt, Hermitaj 

Stvnctvt, conourifh, 
((eft alimenr, mal 
ftain, enterratn. 

itvnctvtv, aNourifh 

rer. (OpftotocO < 

net*, Sudainer« 
Itrobtf/ toconqner, 

malier » take, wiK 
(Stvobvtt, a Conqm 

quif hor« 
<Erobring# a Conqoe 

nation, Taking oi 
Itvvata, Errara. 
O^rftatningi Reftin 

ttoring, Compenfai 
valent, Reparatioi 

Avftattt, toreftorv 
to repay, retrie 
or good , to r 
to redrefs , mi 

lErflatlig/ repar 

ftvftatttv, Refto 

lErte/ Ore. 
iCrtøontbe# • Mtnt*: 
a Scruple. ^ 

lefcl; f. Ufel. ^ff\ 

fl^eqt^abrer a éq« 
S bips or Men et 1 


at^t, O en 6intMe) 

fl^(tentø; an Sflenc^ 

(tt, a» an; 

leraøe, a Story, ?loi 
(le# oetfrfte S.) m 
floor» (ani^cti 



i£b ) ist i ^ 

, t Connfellor of 

'wy, «ny, tit 
rentr foiir Iloiirs* 

LnywKere» fbnie* 

te»tt9 AfterjfrafSu (f. pt 0|M 
giM) the Field ityicfdedup 
to the Cartle. Transl« now 
everybody lives nnconftrtin- 


^vvttfmtVf Snibble - But- 


f Etynology« 

« Evropeaiu 

t evangelicflU 
£vinf|;eli(^. . 
åf the Gofpeh 
Mvcntnre« Tal«» 

ible. rførtcrSee.) 
iries« oøAacndvaa 

iBSi:arch olAdveo- 

flQt fabnlous« 
I vondcrfnlr 

■tevcrltfting« per* 
Kdlefs* (flimre C.) 
aitc« cteiiiise^ 

nally, perperaal^ 
Id wichoBt £nd» 

SEerniry« Everlafl- 
PerpetQicy« (i .a( 
EcerYiicy. Ovad. 
7orIcl withoutEndy 


ill ncvtr bf donc» 

e, cverlafting« 


g cccrnaU^ &c» 

gi, flf^nnoc) Fa- 

»eprPower^ (g. 
I ir du^t not Hein 
, Rcach or.Way, 

rr c>cr* (5.) von 

than yon are abU« 
bcrality is i|bove 
cy« C^Ct Cr ØMT 
nr pasfes my Ptw- 

ftj^ftmtnt t TriaUExtminatioiy 
Ten éttt^eatl) Frobatioiv 
Ctaae fin €•) to <»ndcrff» t 

Probaiion. CnnhtttåHm^U 
UhtU^iSO tpfiibmiccpapu* 
blic Triat 
itpamintvtf ro try» exaitiine a 
^Body or a Thing. (lOll fr(e» 
neit tJ) h« was put to thcTcft* 
exaAlyeMmined« ctCII/ font 

ftyatnintVtVf an Examiner« 

ØtyctUtnctf'ExctlUnce. Cbopé 
€*)his Exccll?ncy»1|i$ Lprd- 

ierceUent# ^xcellent^ f, fon. 

JtrctUtvt, to cxceU (e.tfl9 
Spn(l)to cxccl, beexcellent-r 
ly ikilled in your ProfesfiOHt 
bf gn fccpmplirhed Maftar 
in it^ . 

Arccptionr f» ttttMiigelfe. 
(gteve (S.) to make Exce^tion^ 
fpUt t Canfe* 

ftxceø# an Excefs* Snråva- 
gance.« Imtempennce« Qbf 
ØOae.S.) to do ^ravagant 

Stpctf^Vf excesfivf » iinmodcr> 
race« extrgvagant^ 

ttpcivttti (unhUi^i) to ev 
cept. (f« forum) to except, 
make Ex^eption a^inft» tf 
decline a JupsdrAion, 

flipcU^ationf CUbraataf Sif« 

tinbrtiiø) Exclamationt 

ttfcommnnictttt f cxcom- 
mnnicatef _ , 

3 |8a ( et 

KrcrtmtNttr. Eitcreownn. - 
^tciittoti, Cefftattig) public 
Execntion, fftr (BttK^ Di- 
fticft or Diftraininc of 
Coodi. Cf nlMBOØt tileO • 
Writ of Diftriini»jt. 

Crtcutor, CaftiCcfianenO*" 

Excu gr. 

KFcS^tiFt cKcgttical, 

Srtmpcif (O Exiuiplc, In- 
ItJii". Etenipbr. Vttct- 
åtau CforffO 'orlnftinM. 
Cflise fiBorf!} (ofMigood 
£xample. (btoiff mtbC.)'« 

, exumplify. ttOflC Of fto«) 
tahc Exstnplu by him. CØb> 
<»«(£. paaecn) [omakcan 
Exampk ot' one. 

aFtmpUVf • Copy. 

Itftuvlatifi, exetnpliry. Cv. 
CtvnttP in Extmplirity uf 

Life. ffetc et tr.£iO '»'*■<! 

«n e!ieiaplaryLi(e>liv< »em* 

CrcqvtTc, to exemte. put in 

Exwuiion, petfotm, (føl 

9JCiO to diffraln Goodi, 
^t^Vnttt « Olftrainet. 
Mft^vtvtng, Diftrainins of 

Crcrrttc« to cKcrcire. (@e[ba> 

KOiodrill, marfhall, dis«!- 

plinc ot cx^rciTe Soldicrt, 
KFCrcltrpkDl« a Place, wherc 

Soldiert sre traincd iip> a 

FUcaof EiKcrcire. 


KfPtttttf to dup 

Cjipcbtt, expediii'c 


CUbfttTAiaciro I 

ry'i Apattmeni; 

Srptttmentr > Ti 
ment, EtTiy. 

CFP"«< CKHmtftl 
esprcftlyi pprp( 
fotk. fot the N 


CFprtfltr, an Ex) 
ordiniry MtlT«i 

CrfVcccantr Sarvi 

vorlljip of an( 

Itfttcitt, CubDO 

ofuPerfon. ett- 
er.) he i( of a 
KrttAi ««ranrdii 

KftTtttt , CUbtot 

or Afaltrad. (fl 

of > 

1Crnci\ti EBweife. 

C|;t|t«iu«, Exiftence. 
ttfifttetr to miftt hav« 



a chymical £ki 
iCfn^a ittotlr Bir-h 

Defcenc, Famil 
etftVitf)tCC, to C) 

out, (;cn 9d3. 

or abririp; a B< 

^ ) 183 ( $« 


Éftcu&fatf extraordinary 




St«# V« to icer,receiv«« obrtxit* 
pfn, ac^#ire, have, (faOi 
Wi;t foPrdiflO lojjer a Thin j 

éne or refl^y. Gaacfiiifor« 
linitc ten) to gei your Dc- 
icns or d derved Punilh* 

■ent. CfAae ccn at f(0 to 

RC or compafs to fee ona, 
gecMghtorhim. (fa(UAltop# 
Kt) to begin to bnd, (fadt 

ccn tit at øtørc noøet; te 

m onc to do fumethings 
prevail on or perfuade him 

10 do it. rfaae»unM6piO 

to gct thc better of it. (faaC 
l|C f rafter) to recover your 

StrengtH. (faac graoc t^^ar) 

CO grow hoary thro* Age* 

(« fUm 9)anc) tj contraa 
M ill Habit« (JtiO to kid» 
(fflåC at »»€) to gctKnow- 
Icdge of* to Uarn« (9)^^ 
im) CO S^c an Inkling or 
Hint of , to bave it in the 
Wind. (fia «Wct) to bc 
dncharged. (faOC t)^i) to 
tct StripeSt a Drubbing* 
(trtcrcsi) to bt feized witii 

t Fever» (ctfl til tUnht) te 
Incur one*s Difpleainre* 
CSRa5} to eact diet. CrtO 
»eb 909ebet) to apprehendt 
catch* feize one, lay hold 

on him* (Otcr^aanb) to 

prevail , get the berter of*' 
catry it> CU^ ff^I Hot faae 
bam^r will nap orcatch him« 

Cfaacricofatpaabtøf ffalfeø 

tløe bin wij ^^ >^ X<t thea 
.once>- 1 (hallfallfoni onchy 

Back, Qnos (ar faaet 2>e' 

ferteurciO tb« Runaway U 

^aaftc^, Cii^ct (Ca() Pawcyé 
Fewnefs, fmall Nnoiber« 

JSaar, Sheep« (br^liøt) an 
£wewirhLaittb. CÉ^^f f^ni 
(ar Uiminct) a Hoggr-U an 
Ew^9 rhathatytanid.Cetffa# 

feer Saar tan anftif te en ^ecl 
8t»f)o"^^<^^^y^^^P*' ^Pt 

CO roarr or infe£t the wholt 

Flock. (en øofe 6taHeO a 

fimplc* harmlefji Fellow* 
joaraørifCi ^taaffet) f htepif h» 

overmodeft* fimplifh, 
jaarea9l# the Brtcding of 

^areilof , a Flock of Shaep« 
|«arebievb# f. jaareflof. 
3aiirt^oveb# BloÆkheadt Sim« 

$aavtf^nn^f a Cnr* a Shep- 

herd's Dog« 
Raavtb^tt, a Shepherd* 
3aacep^*Mnte# a Shepher- 

SftavtU^^, Mutton, 
fiaaref Upninø , the Shcaring 

or Fleecing of Sheep« 
jaorrf UpnillifetiN the Shear- 

^oaref lipper , a Shctrer. 
Saarefoppeirr ScaborDlseafe 

in Sheep, 
jaortf^Qe/ t Gigoc of Mut- 

SaareP^fnifig^ a Cricket. 

«4 ) 184 ( f* 

[Adrtftmt/ « Tick« 
aavtmtlfi Sheep's-Milk. 
iiareni^9f Sh«ep-CtoteU or 

\aattoft, Shcep-Milk-Cheefe* 
aattftit, a ShcGp-Cor. 
4bel# a Fable. Fi^iion« Ta^e* 

Story. CSMttnti 9arre 09 
SortMnnti ) My thology. 
Cfri»e 8abler> ta compofe 

54bela^ig#fabii1oii». feigned, 
é£iitioti$« roMÉmic. QM 

fond fabelaøtføO i< l^^^^l^* 


itHUøtigbeb/ Fabnlofity. 
labcirtnMør Mythologift^ 
JAbelfl^viver« a Compofer of 

Fablet, Mycho*ogi(t> Fabu- 


AabelVfrf # Fable » Foolary. 
liabrtf/ « Manurtilnrc, 
abvifanti a Manufaaurer. 
abrilFere# to manufadtire, 

mako ( r work Cloth« ^tuff 

&c « CO have t Mannfidure 

ot" it. 

Sabrif^v, f. S^biifant. 
acabfy the Fronr,- or Fore« 
front of a Building« 
jOdC/ cheProduce, Qaotfenr» 
total Svm. C^mt (tt Sac't 

paa nHcO ^<> *^y yo?*" Ac- 
count in,tuakeReckoningof> 
to caicalate npon it« 
SéiCOtif C^aabt) Way, Man- 
ner, (Opfln^f^ff') Invention. 
CDannfiiO Fafhion, Makc« 

Caf npcftc Sdcon) of the ncw- 

eft Fafhion« 

S<tCttonf Faaion. 

factor, a Faaor, Agent, 

S4Ctortf# Faaory. 

jactorpenøe , Commiifiom 

jactor'HeøRinø/ ^. jacrttra. 

factonini; tFaaotum, aDo- 

^actttru/ an IiKvoie 
34Ctiir4boø# Book 

5»tCtllt(et, Faculty 

Doaors or Profe 

tbeofoøifPe) the 1 

Bodv of Divines, 
|a^ CCtl <D{ab) a D 
Sab, cSonbe) a Ca 

Tun, But» Pipe« 
bat)^ Hogshead o 

(meb (atrreb) a v 
las. (mcb Q3r« 

Pipc of Brandy« 
5»^b^er/ a Go^fip. 
or Godmorher« 
J.) ro defire, in^ 
iland Go^fath«r 
Child. CSatc g. 
Godfarhcr or Go 
' iC9k'l(f,'oasriftai 
ar iheChriltcninj 

Sabbtvgavt, the p 

• Godiathcr or 61 
jab^erfFab/ Gosfii 
fatherfhip or C 

3hbber(To fl Godn 
tt^e, Cfoni 00 to b 
S^^ebtlttr^ Pantry 

SattV, a Father. 


a Child iip(>n 01 

f!n gaber paa) ti 

one's Father. 
JAberli9f fttherly 
Saber(igen# patcn 
SabelrU8be^/ Pate 
5a^rl^»i fathcrle 

00 moberloO ^ 
5a^ernlor^, Parri 



5a^erebro^er, f. , 

5a^frø ^iertc, fai 
dernefs or Love, 

it > las c ti 


&tÉb, Cmtt i Mtti 

ro be tS'«-F|ithcrs-'in 

of a Fsther«. 
Btanb, Fathtrhøod« 
•or# f lie Lurd'f Fnyer. 

e Qofct rom ilt gabet' 

o htve fl Thing ae yonr 

rs End« 

\Ut, a Gagtr. 

lUoép, the.Giging of 

or Tniui.. 

Ir (paa en S^oøn) the 

ofa Coach* 

IrC^f 4^0rhe BamlHng 

inning of Beer«. 

b CSorbtraoM) t 
Ico fec a Oif h opon« 

kf9 (taSerfeafttfeO 
tdiOi, SmallfeafttTran« 


uHtv, Fttrimoiiyt |n- 

incc on yonr Fachcrs 

or lefc by yont Fa« 

bIah^i nativ« Conii* 
ir SoiU yovr Country* 
tw!bev€th • Patriot* 
etatt^i»Bpros/ yoar 

Fathers« ForcfatherSt 
ftors* QtitfefO ^•f 

of tlie Cnurch* 
«afts* Cattla« (ilfoi^ 
|t afteimefPO < irnté^ 
Itgcrc^a Doliliead»Siiiir 
n » • mccr Aft« 

;, a Breedi'ng of Cactle. 

9t> Faftara« Faftnrage. 

aOel/ a Trading with 
le » Catticcrade* 

Mtff a Tråder or Ota- 
n CiCtlc. 

MTb^ aHérd'orDroveof 
la. (iOi|t€ 8.) to keep 
»d tnc Cattle« 

vt^ • Baaft or Head of 

[ote^iinb/ a Cnri.> 
[otebuuif. a Stahia for Cattl^ 
icttirftttf a Hcrdsm/n« • 
|(tiff# beftiaU briitifh* CfCTlf 
9«{en> Bifntaliry« Oe»e 
fcrif) <• live like a'Brnta« 
S^U (6<lMtl|}.ugty» ill-fayoor* 
cd» hMc^s»' dreadfuK gaft* 

ly, korrtbK; (fttciO-toQU 
fihhyi onclean« impiire% dir- 
ty. (ftti @nae> obfcent* 
ribaTd Language. 

jcrlbe/aTrdp, titfkin FAlUag- 

j«tlbe» V« CØAdeneb ti( 39rbeii) 

. to threrw; Bing dpwn, throv 
ontha Cround* (ffpbc fen 
ØimO to kill, f hooc (jm 
Wen^) toOfy* kill« tocooo 
qaer. Crammetii (^inatiften) 

to mortircro joint oneTJiinf 
inco . another> pnt or ftc u 
wichin anotfaer« (en Sottl) 
to pafs* give or proiio^ttCI 
• ' Sentence« Verdtin or Jndg- 

ment; (een oeb X)om) to caft 

, ona at Law« tø fine ona» 
(Srcrcr) ro felU hew dowa 
Tre^«. ifåat ihitO <« 0<^ 
pnt toyeath« kilU murdisrr 

* asraifioate,((ntnere) ro ruin. 

deftroytbring to Ruin* Ofi^ 
htx) comewt fhedFeåcherlk 
iTtaAilt^ ^ ' 

Scélbintø SaU§ø tbc Joinv 
Seanif or Clofora ofa Thinflb 

5«lB«/ i: UlQ^ 

jotl^dV Uglinafs« paftUneflft 

^(tBcif common* ' 

S^Unfahf Commnnity, Fé* 
lowfhip. O SfafOUt) Pflr» 
nerfhip9 Company* (Af 
9otatre) • Corporation. 

^fdtf liidaontlyt norrtbly* 


^ ) 1B6 ( %é 

Ifltemottf Cittit« 

\ccn^tiHpla^$t a Comniisfi^n 

of an Enfign* 
jatiigbar#comboftible, inflam- 

Fire» tokindle. (dndiKcfom 

fmitfonime Øodoomme) to 

rake« infe£l9 ro be infe£(i* 

^nøenbf/ takinja; Fire. (forø 

Goa^om^ infedious. 
S^n^ui, the Toachholc ef a 

■ . Gniu 

^O^ttgtf rtt^ / Pr imifigp#wder. 

O^^^e Sartiifrul pta) to 

• prim«« 

Sccnqnaal, Prlmingiron to 
clear Gnn« 

Sctn^pan^tfthtVtn or Touch- 
. pin of a Gan* 

ftodj« Coiifinftmenr<» Stone* 

doublec. (fcrcrc i SornøfcO 

cocaftintopri:'on« imprilont 
' to clap one op into ic* 

^CtnxfUtf to imprifon. pnt into 

■ Prifom or J'-il, to lay one 
bytlieHeelt. (i Jern) to put 
ono in Iron. 

Jloenfrfleii^ Sccnf^inp Impri- 

fonmeiit, Imprifoning« 

jlqperait/ the Stealins; of Cac- 

Scttb, Sfptv^t, (»arre i ifort5 

> dcD) to betbour, f«t abouc 

t Thing. (^M^ ef ^er paA 

<r SdrctO vhat is the Matter. 

Oer er noøet OnM pda 8cir« 

te) fome cvil if t brcwing« 

5*t^t9i (lereeb) ready, in 

JK-eadinefs, at Hånd* prepa- 
red. (gitre ftø f«f5iø) to 
preparQfget or make yourfelf 
readv for fomething, (ofø 
f tort]) finirhed> broughc to 

P^rfeQion, perfe^ 

fcerMø# tilla»e) t 

jl^et ready, dresH 

(øitreforrdtg, br 

be)tofinifh, pirr 
coPcrfcdion> pni 
finifhing Hånd 
hutlxQ) proinpr, 
pedite, dtxteron 

(atpre forrkiø/ bu 

capacitflte« cnabl 

difpofe to* 
Scttbi^tiiø prompti 

CflinfO cxpeditel 

^irrbi9beb# Readin 


terity. Addrefs* 

(fc^eb 6t førr 

pecnliar Knack ii 

CtunøenO Niml 

Glibncfs of the * 

Scnté, Ct^aoefrdM 

move« bc in %r 

Creife/ fare omj 

rove* ratnble ab 
S^t^t, a Fcrry, Fe 
jotrgeMn, Fare> i 

Jcergemanb, a Ferr 


S^rgepengti f. ja 

^^rgcfleb, Fer ry, 


ooer et S«) to cro 

•ver the Sea in • 
Snerle, Ferula« 

Sccmi$, f. jci^nit* 

jorrfel; Stirring« Ho 

jorer^ter, an Hci 

Søreflalb« a Stable 
5^^(le, (gitre faff) 

inake tii\. (meb 
nailup. O^Otbei 

) 187 ( 8e 

(cd to. JCSoWlrirtJ ftimed, 

hneA. mgsgefi for Pav. 
S^fcntnS/ 9 Fort, Fnttrtfij 
tttongHold, r.nified Pia«.' 
Clial>f[»inB([ig} an impreg>'l! rotlr«ls. 

liOtogive SaWningtanlxg, a Plan of « 
liivoi have For'icts. 

hardl.aboBr inCliaiiii.CtsnM 

mc til 8*ØiiRs'»fe(i>0 t* 

in OhtlA. 

BMlwarlj. .CfwfBK mc> t.> 

CO fotUty, , ,, 

jmters, ■ Harket fot CtttI«. 
S«cvatitf VFaftnra-tirgDocUa 

Sttn^gttVi •BndtaiB. 

> tbtEtinh. CtiO 
iTbief toaiMtner. 
e f«; lo filt jronr 
n, laok •cteniivdy 

iiinaPlact. (WcA 
:) to fatten wieh 
. (KtM liOtogive 
, to bclitvoi have 
CSTrtMO "> "1"« 
:lt}i<i '■"*'">''"''''• 
to Wiit, enpgtfoE 
Rcboitførvostt) [o 

ftrm outi (ive to 

learc ont. 
let) • Cillle. 
nUarN) th«^lt 
It of a Swøt«'' 

c ■ TcnuiT. ' 

tn Intel ligcnce- 
that tiMP an Iniel- 
}fice andhiruSer- 
r otheti. 

>, C(tn, r»m fMtt 

cSr filtr) an In- 
•-Uan. onc> tbat 
rranit før oihetb 
),.(tTKl«Mt) t bc- 

c • ■ Bamaftpeimy. 

[M« ctea^mn) a 

panor. {ivca tp a 

', ivhcnjFOvhitahim* 

ve, a L»v«-plidte. 


, a Bothi^hine, Af- 

Elponfint 01 ASiuv 

tf tai$ <ir Fonnda* 

L«f fe«, a Bim. 
, ■ Woddfngring. 
■fttiHd. mdt faft. 
'fif) ftftcud.! TITtt* 


Iqtun of tqtaai Spicé bcN 

^fttn th« FJIIari or Beami br 

' th« Windowi in ■ Bnildiac. 

Ot^aui paa n Saø) ^ Hod^ 

ctiou. Winrloi^s, CffUlbtfrf, 
<SittnfIa». Scn^) « Scknn, 
ProfMfion.TmJs. Piovincr, 

Cflrt tr ittt mit so ^ »"> ""■'^ 

qnlirtcd wilh ii. 1 in; not 

itcill'd ir it. Cttt fiflfltr 1 bani 

lion , Line. Coftelt i 8fl9) 
todivide. feparaie or order 
intoBays, Squittt or cqual 

Sa9ti liaftily. precipiiitelyt 

jagter, Geftores, Looks. De- - 

mcanour. CS<tØttI Og iOlintt) 

Snj*nft/ Delfiware, 
3Davlia> by Bhvs ar Sonates. 
5«W((, C«nBtt9) B Linh, C(rf 

qjo>) Totcli. C'«nM) ■ 


■ S«« 

t5« ) J[88 ( ^a 

Safftlbvtn^, Cfo« for V^ae 
lofct 8o(! biero »ed SaftcQ 

A Linkboy, 
jalf Cilfale^ venaU vendible« 
fet out to Sale, to be fold* 

CiRcnnefFc/ fom er tilfdU) t 

venalMan« merccnary Man« 
•nc» that is rea^y to be 
bribed and does any Thtnc^ 
for Money. 0>^i^^ tilfaU) 
to expofe ro Sate« 

Salbala, (paa X(æler) a Fur- 

below , the Flounces« 
3<Ub^^e^ to offer or etpofctv 

Sale« (itt^eaeme) toprofli- 

mte yonr Body« 

5alb^^elfe, Sale, the Sctting 
out or Expofine to Sale* 

Julb, a Fall, Tiip, Tumble. 
(Oøenfcd) a Downfall. CØ' 
htiCt^itUt) Rnini Dertruc- 

tion« O^tttaøelfe t ^eif)tb) 

Declenfion fromGreatnefsor 
Credit. ((010 et i^ufcé) the 
Fdlling or Ruin of a Ronfc. 
CSAat paagalOto bcready 
to fall, to totter., (brinøe 
paa s Aid) <o makeonje totter 
or ready to fall. (brmøeeeo 
til8AU>) to undo» ruinone. 

gorbfalO)rbe Sinkinj? qf tht 
bund« (et Srucntimrocré) 

thtLofs of aWoman*sCba(H* 
. cy., thcDeflowring ofaWo-- 

mail. Chtmt eo S^tnf^U^ 
iUjalb) to debauch. deSow« 
«r a Virgin, (i WluHf) ^ ^^^^ 
in 3lufic. (i OrW « Nuii»» 
Ber, Cadence. CIC\if<Sl^t, 

. Øeøioenbeb) a Cafe, an Ae- 

' pdcnr, Adventure. Event, 
G ttttt Jdlt) in that Cafe. 
Cfcer bU falb) put the Cafe« 
O ål Sa^)^^ a>^ Adventures> 

. it any Rate. (c ga(b at\ in 
Cafe that. C^cl er iuil SO 1^ 

ifl the very Cafe« (beilnbe fiø 

i fdtnme gdUO 'o "^^ »" ^^^ 
A'ine Cafe. (ocrfom je^ tc> 

fdnbt miø ( let 

w^s inrhatSitnat 
hal befallen me. 
8aI6) on the Co 
S^db^fdlb) fnCafc 
ty, on a forccd 

forelldder barn et 

he will have a %\ 
greatltall awaitsl 
Pdd SdCb) to be 

Sai^f Cet3;ottaf <5f 


SM^btoe, a Drawl 

J4lbe^ to fall, dro 
•get a Fall. Ctttt^ 

Pieces. O afmagt 

fall into a Fir. ( 
to be hard, diflic 

(een bcfpcrrligr} 

cominode hiin. ( 
to fall fick, to V 

(fdd lanø fom moi 

tall or drop dowfl 
be) to fall into Di 
under one's D 

frowoutofir, toj 
avour. (dOPebj 
headlong. (i Sif 
fte(fe) to fall il 
Tempcation« (CJEÉ 
hn) ro interrvH 
check one*s Talk 
£dnb) to invade I 

jtn'a, t>eb@p«rM^ 

fallinaBtrckk or 

Swvd. (een til 

throw voiirfelf at i 


to invarle hisRijht 
to fall in the Price, 
Vdctte) to take ot 
tolldcwich him. (| 
fade ^oft til) to p 
upon a Thmg, \ 

• • f 

if ) IB9 ( 84 

ir knir to ir»bt chtrmed 
ricched wich it» take 

Miefl^ CO fall 8way 
Religion;! to apofta* 
1 SoraiiO ^o fall inco 

B|>c» fink in on'$ Cre« 
Ø^tSCne} to (krikt one's 
toappeaft toiieappa- 

inrpfcalhii. C^ en n»øct 

iMl inco one'tMind* 

Come to hic Mind« 


lind. Qa5e »nferet 

KO lef fall« dmp An* 

(ptuM Umin^f^a 

mC ^^* Feftival fell 
bu Day, (f Allc i tfm^ 
ro fall into t^eHand«. 

I ftnmbled iipnn this 

Oa^e Seden fa!^) 

rcryonr Voice. (falde 
n^førD) to fall down« 

L Ocf falM en Seoo^ 

10^ cheT wera ftruck 

rtan (aHe 6tttmmt 

Ib t påM) all Rivers 
' disirobosoe themfel* 
«o the Sea« (fdl^ i 
Sd^ to fall ro one*s Lot 

Té« (folbelanaføm^ro 

(la^vy tlooefome or irk- 

ffalbcaf/ Mii^emaøeO 

1 away« to abate in 
iKrow nieager«Cti(baae 
Ékrodtar) co reflca» 
back the Beimf. (la^e 
t icHbt) to loofe yoar 
igct be diahtartene'B* 
r# iåH) to fnccnmb. 
b^ to Tall ont happily* 
xced« Co9tr oodct) to 
ile* trip at fomething* 

t af hm Qfoic af 

^ to fall oflfy ro come 

oOe asi gitre tinfdtb 

CO attack* fall upon« 

I tib, gitre Watb foni 


df en SaHlninø) et fall omk 

tnaka a Sally, (tes Sorte 

foder ub i StlQ ^^ co- 

loiir inclints to red* (JUibt 

falde/ fom Ord# Caf^; to 

Ut fall • • drop « mtar • tx- 

profa. (fatte nth fegne) to 

fall chrooghWeakoers/fane 
omftt(t) to fall down« Qfalbe 

tnd mthWtafO ^^^ 'oHi vio- 

lencly in. (falde fkrttf bUu 
affpornStfø) to revolt« fall 

away, froou (folbeafi (en« 

tdre) CO pine; wafte away« 

(fermtndf el # fom SonbeO 

to falU abate« CMhti fem 

ftflt fStr Køer i itt tUttM 
atitl) to be bred f. Cr. Q 
Cngeffanb faOif itnne9«te) 

England prodnces fineHor- 
fes.or fine Horfcs ara bred in 
England« (fom btt' folber 
fftt) according as it falls out* 
CWU ftm KcnCe, 9age) to 
becomadue. (6fttbes tiC 
falde paaebcr) theFauh viii 

be la id ar your Door* (lade 

noget falde) to let fall, to 
drop* (^ Øtater) to ftand 
gapmg in the Air* to btina 

Salmen, Falline. ^ (tf^agtlfe) 

Decreafet Abating. 

(tt faldet (rucnttmmer) a 

deflowared Woman« 
jalben^ty falling* dropping. 

SienJttne goaer paa faldende 
od) that Woman k$ naar fier 

jal^enbe 8^8^ ^^ Fallhig. 
Sicknefs* Epilapfy* 

JAlbtf^trbig/ ready to falUrni- 

Salb^ittttø aPortcnllis. Fall- 
ing Gate. 

jal^(?AMPa(Idlngfor a yonng 
Child's Head . a Roller. 

fK ) 198 ( fe 

S^btt^U the hoc Fie of tn 

jcbcchllbe/ the cold Fit of an 

jeberpitll>fr# t Febrtfuge« 
3cberi'^flel)e/ the fhivering or 

fbaking Fie of an Agne, 
Seberfvøi fick of a Fever. 
$(b€rurt# Feverfew^ hooded 
, Willowherb. 

jebruariu«/ C^aantb) Fe- 

St^f Caf Ødril) a Sktin« 

je^tef/ « Wooden Frame fur- 
nifhed wich aBell und a Fox- 
cailworn bySold^ers'Wivas 
asaPonifhincnt. they having 
fought or quarrelled witK 

St^t ^<^ cram. fluff, fatten or 
tnake fat, feed,' (ftg) to cram 
or rtuft'yourGiits, to make 
yonrfclf fat or burly. 

StttfalVf a fattened Calf. 

St^tMf jebniftg^ Cramming, 
Sruffing* orFattening, Put- 
tin;^ Fowls &c« up to feed, 

jcbeø/ to grow fat . ro fatten. 

Scbevare# Chandlcr's Ware. 

^ebmer (itbM) ' Fatncfs, 
Grofsnefs* ( golttg^eb/ 

. JtiøbfulDbeb ) Corpulency, 
Flefhinefs. (goWigbcO/ 

ØOb i)ull>) Plnmpnefs, good 
Cafe or Plight. GorbCllO 

/ cheFatnefs, Fertility of the 

jebramt/ aFat-rripe, thethfck 
and fatty Part of the Belly 
of a Bcef« 

Sttt, (mælPee^ far, fafted, 
crainmed. (f^lbiøf laffet^ 
ftøbfulb) corppUnt, plump, 
(ff^^iO gr«*»y» nndluous 
clainniy, oily. (fccb 3otb) 
fat» fertilt SoiL (f. mU) 
creamy Milk. (Mii^ f.) la 
f row fati to fatten. (Olfpc 

fttbr M man a( 

grow fat and glifl 

uliabfcnbe af Sfb 
' (oace feeb om 9)9 

have yotirCho|>a 

fhtt til itu a<e 
ecb) it will hel 
little, ic will bati 
jeebagtig^pretty fat 
in a pretry good 
'jegte^ tofence% tilf 
rftribe) to fight« 
Cfegte'Aanb for 

nght Hånd to 'Ha 
jeøcefonfli che Ai 

^egtemeileri a Fenci 

^eøtcpUb«! the Lii 

jeøter^ a Fencer, C 

Champion, Sw 

Gladiator. CMilld 

be ®iinile) an Al 

jegtf^nte^ a Swc 

Trick or Turn, 
Segteifpring/ a I 

^egt;er|lreg, f. ^egp 
jegtefFole, a Fcnci 

to Hanrf with \Wi 

jegtning^ Fcncing, 


ly, dalhrJly , fti 
heartlefS) f« 
grow e(ftfminate,k 

§or, (giøref.) tot 
isconragc. (cB \ 
Poltroon, Cowan 
Mbt, Ci^rig) War, 
5ci^e , Tfore &tif, 
War,- c9rqbanbc 
Stigen b bcre<€ 

the Hrabanders a 
fi:!ncQ With their i 

jeibebrev, a Decli 
War, (imcttcm K 

Ch^Uengei Carte 


8« ) i»9 ( 8< * 

tp9 cle«fi whh t 
Ue H tMC ned) 

hh tKtir brooin« 

Eb ficii Otr) (o 

mfeif or ta yonr 


¥oniah /wftcpin^ 




detnedf cImb- 


Failinj, Failaiet 
israke, Bluncfcr, 

cfcd, Imperfec« 
. (g. t ©tikn) t 

Cbeaaae en §) 

a Faultt to do 

r fv ingen n^en 

Black. C&txUø 

•iting. (;for&e5ee 

so to recUiin 
om vour Fatilts. 

ils.' 6f «^«.Q *^ 

a falle Step, noifs 

n% , tread amifs* 
miscarry, not to 

faiU CWflC fO 
scake« (cm ica 
) ifl am not mis- 

d in his Hope. 
>intf$ yourWay, 
gWay« loleyour 
Et f.) to flioot 

1 the Mark, (øaae 
> feek one to no 


'S^iltf Cmongle) CO fail, wtnt 

bcmitfinipt' waiitfng* bebi^ 
hind» tall fhorr. CfotfCC 
fl$) to oflf^d, do wrbng or 
amifs. Cf^ood f, eder^ whac 
' ailiyoa or is yottr Ailiticnt. 

(Oer f. fuii fttt i, |an ^tbc 

mift tmty^lkiln mot« and, 
hé had b^cn killad« ha iMa 
Itke to bo" killedl. (øbiloø 
be) to omif« Cl§n fi(b> to 
«rr» oiijstakc« b« oot»>)ad]rt 
tmifs, Cf.tffe«ilfbl9>tofail, 
in or falL 1h4n 06 yoQf 
Defigntf bet ten iHe f.) ic caii 
not cbtiie bat fiirt fo. 

jeiCenbt/ failingi #antiøf» 

Seiffne^ /taltltfi« 

^eilftttbi fanlcy« iFnllofFtnltf; 

StU^aMø to mifi jour Way, go 
altray, be misled, beoatof 
the Way. 

5cilfienbe# to mistake ene, 
take hiro for anocher. 

jcil 3legningr t Misreckoii- 

in?. . 

Seiiftvivtf to miswrite, fan, 
coirmic a Fault in writinf» 

Seilff llbi the Sheotirf!^ amifs, 
Misfing of the Mark« 

jeilflaAeitabeator ftrike amifs 
pr the wrbng Wiy, to fail or 
mifs in ftriking, C^nflaget 
(loo fcfO <h* DeHgn did not 
f«cc«ed or proved onfuccefs- 

jeilt^øelfci t Mistake, Error, 

Stilttct^t, to mifs yoarFoot* 
ing> to trtp. 

^eilrrin/ • falfeStcp, Trip, • 
Treading amifs, 

jeininøf Sweeping, Cleaning 
with'a Broom, 

jeigt/ cowardly, faintheartcd- 

jeibereber/ a Cnrricr, Leathef- 
Drefler; Skinner« 


8a ) 196 ( «a 

$aftfiiMt, CO jtloc orpaftcup. 
to fallen wicn Pifte« 

Safifiinin^, Gluing, or Paft- 

in? np. 

S<tftfvamptt CO ftften wich 
' Cramp'Irons. 

JAfllime# ro agglucinate, glue 
or jiiin cogccher by-GIne« 

jadnagUf to faftcn wirh 


i^ftiat, Cfotn St^en) fer. Bit- 

«d, appointed, (giort faft) 

faftined. (fem Jrifen) fct, 
fix d. (acreffercO ioipri- 
foned, arrelted,' 

jaflf<Ctte, CO make faft or firm, 

ro ftrengthcn. (beftemmO 

CO appoinr, determine« (af' 
aiøtO ro deccffnine* decide« 
cVrtfcn) to fix , fer, fettle. 
Cøtb (id fciO to be refolved, 
to refolve, decermine« C^dg 
Og Sid) CO fix» flppoinc or 
nominace Day and Time (t 
8<f nøfcQ ^^ arreft.pot in Pri- 


jailficrtclfe , (6ta^f««€(fe) 

Screngchening, Corrobdrac- 

In^. (QeKentmcire) Ap- 

poinring« Determinarton« 
tSføitrclre) Decifion, De- 

JAflfiD^ei to fic faft» ftick to. 

jaflfl^^en^ fticking or dcav- 

jaftvo)rei co grow fifl to, to 
ftick faft tø oy Growing. 

S^t, htu^ti meD anbre Otb, 
(faat fat pda) to gctHotd of. 
Ctaqt fat paa^ co cAkeHoId 
or lay Holdet, Carch, feize« 
overcake. CtM^orleOed er det 
fat?} how do you do? how 
go Squarcg with you? (jbct 
et ilbt fat) Matters are m t 
fad Pickle. 

\atai, fatti; del 
[ataUtet# Fatali 
lartthtg, CSMt 

preliénlion, Coi 
Perception, Int 
tete} Frame or 

Mind. (fomme 

nitig) co be pul 

per, roberumc 

(fomme nb af ! 
en SdUO to ft 

Srand. to ftflg{ 

jarte, (tage fat p 

take, feixe, tak« 
of, apprehend 
take or catch ] 
nie)to conrain, 
coraprife, comp 
(gil^e KttQiy fpin 

VAéftOn) to con 
tain. (fatte COi 
Courage, or a 
pttick upyourS 

te 9obbeb for eei 

fedion for a Th 
ceiveaLiking h 

Thing. (begril 

hend, conceive, 
nerrate. (eii9e 
refolvetipon, d« 

(tdtte ^aab^ \ 
Hope. (i@inbe 

to yourrelf,to b< 
felfapon. (jftal 
to be abfoloteli 
be obftinacely 
(fatte fig) corec 
fe!f^ to recov' 

(fatte fiø i 9ebr« 

moderare. or mo 
feif in Aflliaion. 
Q3edttb) to abri 

jarteltfCf comprch« 
ccivable, inteliij 

jarteligj^ebi Conc 


) 001 ( %i 



) FenncL 
. Fenntlwttter. 
nr » Vacition- 
je from nfnal 

vactnct ceafe 
ifatl Work. 

Infty, frcfht 

ferm ^anb) • 
tiu C<t fcrnU 

rp Ar.fwer. 



t VarniOiing* 

^comparativ. af 

, (fwpcrlativ, flf 

fwccr. CUt9t 

I, fwect Wtter. 

frefh Mcau (f. 

'ifh. Cfltibc een 

nø} to take one 
ro rakeon« ivap- 



•ninefi, Swcct- 

ifternoonin^ or 
3eaver, or CoUa- 

I, a Holyday. 

^, BAnquec% En* 
, aTreat. (|or» 
\t banqaetf fare 


il, feftaU fcftive, 

ry, joyoiis. 

a jovial Manner. 


feftival Mufic. 


StUttfitabf Rindred, Rela- 
^erterffe/t Slie-Confin. 

Si<!tf# OStttf tUmtt) a Boardv 
Plank« (»rftcsbe mtb V^O 

to boardito line With Boafds. 

Si<c(e# CffiulO ^ conceafl, hide, 

^i(c(c(leDf a tvrking^Place* 
\xxlingf Concealing« Ridinj« 
lialttf conccaled> hid, 
icev, t* Ritt. 

iotvt, (ffcnebe øa faiiMe 
@Ceber, fom fMti t$ttt tU 

ter Cbbc>Downs« 
jionrefan^f Sandctft np by the 

jfante, a Simpleton, Sot» n 

Hmple« rUly ManorWoman* 
^iantemrm rimplc Tilly, dnll, 
^iantevtttn^e^f Simplicity, 

S i Hinds, Dnlnefs. 
Sia$, Fatilityt Trifle, Trif- 


^iaft/ ro trifle, romp« dally* 

jiafTe/ (XlæbeO to foil, rpot» 
fully, befoiear, benitre* 

SiMi Ceoobom iU l^eHe) 

Vives. , 

^ibel, jibelbree, CAt l^ttt % 
9' (L efter) > Primer, Horn- 
book, Chriftcrofs- Row, 
Battledoor (for Children to 
learn the Alphabeth by)« 

ji^eicommi•/ a Feolfimenr in 
Troft, an Cntai)« (fffil bat 

faaet et Stbeieommié at al« 

føre) a Feofliee in Tmft« 

jl^ere paa, f. fortabe (lø pao« 

SMf (6por) a Trace, Print of 
a Footitep, • Veftige« 

Sittbt • Monntain, llonnr. 
Rock, aRidge ofMountaini 
or Rocks« 

jieCbbØ^pøt, Highlands inha-- 



%i ) ft02 ( %i 

SitM^m^ø t Monnuineer, 

;5ieIb(Frtb# • Tntnbling dowti 
^' of a Rock. • 
3icnbe# 4in Enemy« a Foe, Ad- 

vcrfary^ ^fDeren JQ fworn 

tal Enemy« 
jienbfF/ hoftile« adverfe, un- 

fricndly, fpitcfuU haceful, 

jienb((abf Enmity* HoftUity* 

Animo(icy» Spire^lnefs. ({• 

Af 9{dUr€n)Antipathy« (iuhf 

groet) Inveteracy. 
Stenbthg, hofkWt. Q. «ufd(5) 

anOnfertAsfault. (om9ldt' 
f€ll}aCamiradeor Asfault in 
the Sight, (f. 3nbfald) an 
Invafion or Inroad. 
jienMiiøeitf in an hoillle Han- 

^tettbtliøbct), Hoftility, £n- 
mity. War^ 

5ier# a Fcather, Pliime. ({ 
^atttn) a Plume, PUimage, 
a Feach.r. 0^^^^ SO to 
moultt me^vtr or caft Feathers. 
f roffeS. oQto pick or pluiic. 

lat ff riw mcO a Pen. (afPaa« 
ren) a Quiiu (fulb af g ) 


Sitrø/CitntMii, Uht tc.>a 

jierDpIb« a Shittleoock. 
' ^ietbufF/ a Plume, Plvinage. 

(paa en SuøO > ^^eft (paa 
en t^ielm) a Creft 
jiercrcatur, Ponlcry. 

jierbe^ the tonrth. (for bet 
fterbe) foarthly. 

^iftbtbeel, ^jerenbeef, a 

Quarter, the fourth Part, 
(af et Job) a Drachm. (af 

et Centner) a Ted, 

jierMng/ (afenOre) {»Quar- 
oerofanOx« (afenSonbe) 

aFirkin. (Jorfl 
der of a Lamb« 
the Hindpart q 

jierbittgaarf a C 
Year, three Mo 

jierbingvetf a C 


^ierbipne^ a Feat( 
Sitvtt, (f u(b af 8. 

full of Feathars 

^ierfitlbing/ Mcw 

ing of Feathers. 
jCerf^Ibning, Fta 

Beds with. 

[ierfoflf a Feathc 

[jerPrafti elaftlc 

;ierl^O/ featherlc 

liern^ adv. renw 

tttit taroflf, aer 

at a greac Diltfl 

eKer nctr) far og 
[terfeng/ Feather- 

fierjlng^ (Veteni 

[ierr^ a Fart, 
(terte^ to fart» br 


[lertntngf Farrin 

jiervifcf; a FeatI 

[prt'iibt^ f. 5"gi 

3iev9i(F^ a Feachei 

jige/ (fappeO coe 

vy with him, 

jigen, (Jtapptn) 


5jgen/ a Fig,/ 

5tgenb^Ib# Emrodi 
or Swclling, 

jigen bro flet/ Beca 
jigenftirv, a Frail 

^tgenfanb^ a Plot 

for Figtrces. 

jigenfneppc/ a Be< 
^igur aFigure, Eoi 

Cic^n er en nn^i 

té ) <zai ( §1 


tf the 6fteciitfu 
r (llrr) FenncL 
lMQt)>f Fenntlwflcer. 
Victncj , Vacation- 
iTiili€,ih which Cefla- 
I flitd^ from nfual 

ro be vacanC) ceafe 

onr nfntl-Work* 


rilk. lofty» frcfh* 

Ccn ferm 3Aan5) a 

e Man. (ct fcroU 

• fharp Ar.fwcr. 
t Varnifli, 

CO vamifh. 

1^ a VarniOiing« 

rer. C^omparaciv. af 

ewcft« Cftiperlativ« af 

•dl, fwcét. (fttft 
fref h, fwcct Wttcr. 
Itoe) frefh Meac« (f. 
refb Fifh.. (øttbc ecn 
Ncmina) to take onc 
•^, CO rake one nap- 

. frift, 

I Pcach. 

r FreOincra, Sweet- 

\p Afternooniti; or 
eon» Beaven or CoUa- 

sfttval, aHolydty. 

• Fcftival-day. 

> Fcaft, Banquec« En- 
ment« tXrcat. (bor« 
ofeafl^f btnquet* fare 

éftival, feftal, fbftive, 
, raarry. Joyons. 

tf in • {ovial Manner. 

(^, Feftivity. 

f,^a fcftivalManc. 

iCovfin. (talte een SO 

jrtcerffab/ Rindrcd* Rela- 

5etterffe# • Slie-Coiifin. 

Se^e, f. Seie. 

SiftU (Wttf VUwfe) a Boards 
Plank* C»en«te mrt St«0 
to board«céline with Boafds. 

Sialtt Cfillle} CO coneeal hidei 

|i(clcfle^# a tnrkingwplace. 

[iaclittøi Concealing« Ridln^ 

[iatier# concealed* hid. 

lictvtf Ci^Qiebe M faaMe 
&Mttp fem iMii t$ttt tU 
ter 9hU) Downs. 

Sictttfan^, Sand caft np by the 

jfiintei aSimpleton» Sor» a 
fimple« (Uly Man or Woman. 

^iantevorRy (imple, filly, dnll. 

^iantevttnt^e^^ Simpliciry, 
Sillinef^, Dnlnefs. 

Sia$, Fucility» TriBe, Trif- 

^iafe^ ro crifle* rompt dally. 

jUfTei CS^cr^O tofotl, fpor* 

fully •: befaieart bemft'e*/ 

Sibel, (69fltem M 9^0 

Vivea. . 

SibtU jibtlbm, iat {an;e 91 

9- (L efter) a Primer. Horn- 
book« Chriftcrofs- Row« 
Battledoor (fer Childrcn to 
learn the Alphabeth by). 

ji^icommiar • Feelfimenr in 
Troft« an Cncail. (ftm (ar 

faaet et St^etet mmié åt al« 

føre) fl Feofliee in Tmft. 
pibere paa, f.forUibe fføpao. 

Sieb* (6por) a Trace, Print of 
a Footftep, a Veftigc. 

jielb, a Moontain, Moonr. 

Reck« aRidge ofMountaina 

or Rockf. 
5ietbb^^i Highlands inha- 


gi ) a04 ( %i 

jitt^# Sinblupi t Finltnder, a 

Native of Finland« 

Sin^, to find fomethinj^. (fo« 

' rcffntt/ ereffO to find. mcet 

with, light upon« (htfinH, 

tn^feO to find* perceive« bt 

ftnfible oC Cfittht fer aebO 

to find eood» to take it to be 

Jood« tnink it proper, (^eø 
nb€r M for aotpi thjnk it 

>aod, I like ir. Cjea fflH Ci 

f. faa5anS(p9ffab t^oé barn) 

I do npt take him ro be lo 
witty a Man. (finht paa, 

tage pad) to feei. (jUt« 
bty røre »eb) to toach« 
(ffnbe for (lø, fotn i Oortr) 

to fc«l one't Way, to grope 

tn the Dark. (flnof/ fornem« 

mc tip to feeU be fenfible 

. of. Cf^nbtpaa, iitttpaå) 

to fin4 ont, invent. (f. pdA 
Slaab) to find out an ITi«- 
pedicnr or Mcans. Cj^nbc 
gornøelfcO ^o takeDelight 
or Plcafore in. (ffnbe $n» 
htft, betage) to vleafe, be 

•Rreeabie. (5et finOer tf fe 

@te5 ()er) ir is nor applicable 
here, it has roPlacehere, it 
, is no' ro be aimitted here. 
Ct^an fantt fin £0}jnb) he 
found his Match. (Pnbe (fø t 
noget) to comply wich, 
fomcrhin<,t« like it.^pprove 
" of, take up with. (finde Øg 
oe( oeb noget) to fintf mnch 
good by it. Cfinbc ftg oel 

ellcr i(be) to find yourfeif 

well or i :i. (M ffat oelflnbe 

jla) it fhanV be for^otren. 

ucg flcd nof flifbe eber) yon 

tiian't carry it fo, you will 
fmoke for it, I will mike 
you fmoke for ir. (ter fin« 
M 8o(f/ fom te ) there are 
forne Men, that &c. - (bct 

finbeé faa(e5eO ^^ it proves. 
CMt (ig for (oé een) to 

fonnd onCf feel or 

to pomp one. 
jin^en a Finder. 
3ti|^ing# a Finding; 

found by Chance 

Sintin^tl^n, a Re 

finding any Thing« 
[inblan^^ Finland. 
inMornber^ a Fin» 
\inhlap, f. jinb. 
linerfi finer. 
^*ittefle^ fineft. 
j^tnger, a Finger. ( 
finger]) a Thumb. 

ger) the Forefin^ei 
bflftnger) \he Midi 
Cben aae Singer) 

Finger, (fee tgiOi 

gre meb) to conni« 

look a Fanlt, indi 

C^ioer mnn (am ei 
»t( han baoe en b(t 

give him aninch, i 
take an Eli. (fee 
Singre) to have a 1 
upon one, watch du 
to watch his Warei 

een paa S.) to cl 

Wings, to check on 
re£l, chaftize orpoi 
to fine him. (ot5e fl 

ftnejingce) to have 

Finger's End, co km 

feary. Cfliffe Singe 

noget) ro be very 
fomeching, be eagf 

uponit. (jitrelangi 

to be light fingeret 

gitr Unge gtngre)hi 

are Limetswigs. (| 

t^aotcn Singer i@tti 

had a Finger in the 
[ingerb^^Oef Thimbh 
lingere, to fe!.;n, ini 
iin^er^^anbffe; a GI 


) 203 ( 

be il tn cdd Kind ofMtn. 
Cfsretiff* iDtb 80 '° H^'i- 
tcSiinmiSti nctMMrmt 

V^KCO CO inakcorciirflFi- 

^rcr*, tofignre. 
Skpriig, fignmiiire, «ypic»I, 

S^Rllgcn> fignnrivcly. 
^iFile. Cl)»D)roashFilc. 

^illj fmuoih File. 
flUiiggcr, C8iiirat»)tCilt- 

jtilfti«4ll* Filingi. 

SUtof, thaVice in«Siniih-> 

^Iwp. toholdfiltiThinKto 

gillllfv, Fileifuft. 

Um, Ene. Cblot) rofr. (_mi, 
HrinliBJ fin«, rhin, nendcr, 
tmiii. (fim Bt ttmmO nicc, 
icnrit«. acuie. CffcbtD, 

nnnin^ fly. traUy, åeep, 
(fin af Smaa>"«.del'M'e. 
dtinty. C"'") *•"•' P'"''' 
tmnixcft. (ffintøulll) pute. 
nncGoti]. CD;tfincBt«uIIi) 
Gold of 34,Cariti. Clltnt 
6urt(0 'enn'd Sngar. (f- 
fiuitgu-rttO tfoubU r.fintd 

Sag«r. CBt'KfiinOto*''"*- 

jllBbc«, Fineneri. CS^OtbeO 
Th.nnrs,S len -Icrnelt. Smal 1- 

ntf), (StiniKl) i ot bømniO 

Sbirpncff, Acutencf« of 
JndtEmeni, Nkcncn. (^af' 
lif^A^ Poliienef* , good 
Itccjmg.fine Manneri.Gcn- 
ucineri. Civilicy. (SmIiO' 
W) Cunninnners. Slynefi, 

cniiiiwf*. cncibcb} :ftit- 

i(u Cnttfl^eO Pniencf>, 
Financft. Cmtt 80 polit«* 

ly. in a po1!» M^n<i<r. 
jiintf CcqilDO lineiy. thinly, 
tend«ily, (ard^en^ paltre- 
ly, genceelly. civilly. gal- 
la ntly. Cn«J nsolly. el«- 

mnily. Cliftiatn) c 

ly, craftily. (ffatpfi 
(liarply, ingeniously. 

raftily. CffatpfiiibilttB> 

Work, (Filigrea-Worli. 
5i[nC(ta frill. matceNeEworh. 
Ma, filed. 
xilttf Mttworfc. 
Ailcci CpaaSlMBM af cttBoA- 

biob) Fittt. 
jiUngf Filing. 
Stltebteii, f. »C[f(iib(«n. 
Silt, Felt. very courfe Clorh 

made of Hair or Wool, 
ÅiU. cut buttt) Ftlt. 
Siltcrie, f. Utc&t. 
3tltl}M, a Felt-hai or a Fait. 
3iln;(l'</to61tari ItriinLiquor 

thro' a Bag. 
Sillrerepofe, a FilMrinj-bagr 

Hippocraif ■'naive, 
jiUf«alc, aFeltfotc. 
5iU(toe, a Feltfho«, 
Silliitf aSharpar. Kogne. 
SiIaiiftrtB«/ taguifh Tiickt, 

a Tailpiece. 
Sin«lictr» Finaneti, th* King'a 

SiRtinccforp<tgt«C.a FmanCtri 

a Fjimer of iht Kinra Rav«. 

5inaiKtffltp«8tiiiiig, theFai- 
ming of thcKing'tKevennCf. 

ginaiiutcit, C!ifl)CMft, Cun- 
ning. Slyoela. 

SltiAKcoVxitn, lUViavKtt. 

%i .) ^06 < §i 

drupediil« (f. j)pr) QaiT-/' 


jiref^rftCf a Tetrtrch, 
jtrfgAttøe^ fonr Times. (f. 

^ faa man^c VeoøO ^ourtimes 

tht Money 

livtfanz, f. fiafant« 
hrcfl^et/ qnadriUter«!* 
lireflnOet^ve^ «»ghty. (f. 
. SCaU aAHimeO oi^ogenary. 
jtreiTn^ecY^nOc, the cigh- 

tieth* , 
jtre(lAttø, fonr fundry Sorts or 

liveraC, (• Rittal 
irfol^ f. flrefol^. 
irf^^^et , f. ^ref,^b^et. 

Kirf^rfle# a Tetrarch. 

|icffr(len^#mme# a Tetrat^ 

Sirgreiiet# fonrpointcd, fonr- 

fpiked« fourforked, 
lirbiøtrncc^ f. firtalte 
irpiørning^ a Qnadrangfe. 
;ir^iulet/having foor Wheels, 

jirPaitti a Sauare. .fquare Fi- 

gnre, Qnaarat, Qnddrang^ 

or Tetragon. (i cn3ir!anO 

jirfAncct, fqnare, fonr-fqua- 
rads quadrangolar, fourcor- 
nered« (øiøre f.) ro tquare» 
niake fqnare« 

jirfantntngi Squaring. 
5irf l^vetf clcft in fonr Parts^ 

Sitma, C<n£Mnulll^O Fi^m* 
jirmamenti the Firmament« 

jirpunbigf wcighing fonr 

jirpmi^iger^ a Fonrponnder. 

jirø, f* fireftttbe(5ve. 

jirfoebet, Cfomen£qrcOfo«r- 


^irfPaarettf fquarcd. Cf. fStcvQ 
a broadilipnldcrcd Fcilow» a 

well-fetMan, a 

handed Fcllow 

5tlffp(tiiMg# tUi 

wirh fourHorf< 


or with lour H 
5irfpalret/ di vid 

^irfpibflgr fonrp 
iirtAgget; fourt 

fonr TcL'th. 
iRivtal, fhc >;aiT 
5t» (det Si^f ^ ^ 

jiecAlf the King*i 
Attorney, aSer 


General, (næn 

lenéStttaU) to 

ed by the Kin] 

StectlØ/ the Exche 

Xreafure or K< 

5ifc, to foitl. fizj 

5ijF, a Fifh. 
Spawner. (^i 
ter. (ScrfFoan 
ver- or Frcfl 

(Mut, (errci 
ftcQU foatS.)f 


iaa frifP/ foii 

oand as a Ro 
SifP fotn bxuqti 

of the Ma(h ( 

54fre# to fifh, c 
Fifh, C^an tær 
filFc noflcO.he 

out foinething« 


SiffcTlngcr/ a Fi 
an Angle to fi; 

Sijfebeén, Fifhb. 
fffftbO Whalel 

gf ) aor ( ^ ^ 

tø • Fii hmon^r« 

I FlfhpondL 
• Drtnghr of Fi- 

tbe Spiwn of Fi- 

efae Cttching or 
rPifhes, Fifhtry« 

Fins ofFifh« 
I Firtiing^NtU. 
ihe Gilis of Fifli* 

— fhing^( 
t Fif h 

(er Bctfe^ t Bo#- 


, a JowU 

1 Dinf or Sccw to 


tTronk for Fifiu 

\ø »Fifh-Pan. 

Vkkle, Brint* 
^.•Pry of Fifh, 
i^hct oitdeofFifh* 


r September« 
the lililt of 

M Ospr«y« 

• t Fiihpond« 
Wtf t Kipier« 
raWf Fifhcrmtn« 
; flet Koøtif F4rh- 
»r Sp«wn> thc hard 


^ fl Fifhcrboar. 
, a Bofs* a great 

Pobf Fifhing-Im- 
Utcnfilf or Tac» 

h Fiili-S^rth. 

if hing or Fif hary« 

-hf, faU of Fif hUé 

[f(rerfro9/ f. JSifPernngeti 
NfTerrogti« f. Sifttttavn. 
tifferufe, a Weel or Le«p to 
tflke Fif het in» a Janket of 
Wfckert put in the Ciound 
under Water. (af 9t|^ic> a 
[i(rerqv4fe# a Dogger« 
|iffer|tint9f an Anglinr-rod. 
(tjfervoO/ aSwaap« orOraf- 

liffcffff, a Fifh-tadlt« 
tfFcjrieIf Scalet^fFifhaf. • 
[iffefficatr; fcaled« 

jifrcffit^ Skin ofFifhcf« (tit 

UxtHj Shagreen. 
jiffefflørei a Fif hlinc 
Siffetorv, Fif h-Markau 

5*tfrfH8eI|Fry or yonogFIf h* 

[ifFningr Fifhing. 
iff (DODcr, Fif h-Otter* * 
tf^epofteif a Fifhpic, 
\\^tvatt, Fif h. 

ji(lel/ aFiftnla* a narrow caU 

git, Creafc, Fat. (|i|je# 
fmore mc^ 30 to greafe, 

gitjorb/ Potte t's Earth, Clay. 

Sixittti Bola or Terra figil- 

gitpUt/ a Spot of Greafe, 

gitter f fittig , greafy , o»y. 
fat, nn^uoQS* 

gittig^e^, GrcafinefsiOilinefi 

gijpi ffermf (>utrtg) prompt. 

3aick> nimblei adivt> fpat* 
y, cxpeditc» apt, 

giperer (tttroaO ^o chcat. 
delade, beguile, atiH« bob* 
ble, deceiva« frnnrate« im« 
poi^upont bafRe« fharp» 
dope, fob» diaappoint. Cøtd* 
fcé mti) to bantett raiU 
}ter« make a Fool of onc» 
to mock liiim ^ 


fK .) ^06 < %i 

dritpedsU Cf* Ht/t) Qoi^^ 

å^f^tfttf a Tcmttfu 
|irffr«ltøe# foar Times. Cf* 

fåa mange 9f oge]) fourtimet 

thft Money 

IrcVanc; f. fiufaitt« 
[ire|Tber# qnadritacefftT« 

Jireftn^erfve^ . tMity. (f. 
. fat^mmtt) o^ffcntry« 

jlreftn^irnMiiM^ thc eigh- 
tieth* • , 

jireflAM^ronr rnndrjSont or 

livttai, I Ritt<d. 
EirfolN f. flrcfol^• 

[irf^fff # a Tetrarch. 
kmften^aimCr l^ Tetnt^ 

StrgretUt^ fonrpoinced* foiir- 
fpiked, fonrforked« 

[frpiøm(t# f. firf Aiie. 
irpiørnfnøf a Qnadrangfe. 
|irpiule€#htviii2 fonr Wheels, 

SManti a Sauare. .fquare Fi- 
gvre, Qnaarat, Qaadrangfe 

or Tetragoiu (i CnStrfilnO 
JttrfMItet/ fquare, (bvr-fqiia- 
rtds q«adrangvltr» foarcor- 
iMffad« Cfl^'t^fO 'otqnsre, 
make fqiiare« 

^MattHitnøi Squaring. ' 
jirf f#ver# clefc in fonr Parts^ 

SitmOi (enSMmaobO Firm. 

jinnameitr/ tht Firmanenr« 

jirimttMgr wtighing fonr 

jifpooMgcrf a Foarponnder. 

Sit$, f« fbrffinbet^e. 

jirf(«5et/ Cfomen JtorcO^onr- 


StrfPaAteitf fqnared. Cf. SdtQ 
abroadCboiildcredFtllowt a 

weM-fetMan, tA; 
handed Fcltnww 
jiiffpattibl8# eSer 

wirh fourHorfts 


or wich lOdr Hoi 
Sivipaittti dividet 

trfpibftgr fonrpoi 
iirtaggfti fouttee 

fonr Teeth. 
ijircaU the h^nmli 
5i4 cScf Sih a Foi 


Attorney, aScrge 


General. ^MPre U 

lené Siftdle) to fa 

ed by the King'i 

jiactl«, the Excheqi 

Treafure or Rev 

jife, to foitl, fizzh 

Sifff a FJfh. O 
Spawner. (©Jfif 
ter« (3cr9øari^é 
ver- or Frefhn 

CeaUvanH ?.) « 
(fdUa, lerret, 

mu roøtj?.>raii 


Cfaa friff, fom 

fonnd as a Roac 
gifP fetn brugeé ( 
(i9ori Staffen ffda( 

of t^e Maft. (@; 

jiffCf to fifh, can 
Fifh. C^an tænfe 
filFe nogcO he hc 

out foniething. 


5j(r^2<ngc^ a Fif F 

an AngU to fifb 

SOftbtkn, FiThbon 

JffcbO Whaleboi 

s ) oor ( ^ ^ 

Dranghr of Fi« 

e Spavn of Fi- 

the Catchtng or 
Fifhcs, Fifhery. 
?inf ofFifh. 

a Fif hmonger* 
f Z^erfC/ a Boir- 

i Jowl. 

Cauf or Sccw to 

Tmnk for FifJi« 
1^ Fif h-Pan, 
5iP^eattgcf* ^ 
:kle, Brinc, 
•ry of Fifh, 
ie> made of Fifh* 

the Milt of 



a Kipier. 
her« Fifherman« 
(Ter Koøtt^ Fjf h- 
Sp{iwn> the hard 

I Fifherboar« 
a Bufs« a great 

b^ Fifhing-Im- 
Jtenfils or Tac* 


bing or Fifhery« 
SifTCCtc) CO go • 

y, full of Fif hUé 

» jiflfer()09« ^ 
I, aFifh-woman, 

IfFerTroø/ f. jifNrAngeL 
NfTerroøft^ f. jlfrerravn« 
[ifferufe/ a Weel or Leap ro 
rake Fif het in« a Janket nf 
Wickera put in the Ci-ound 
linder Watar« (af ViØic> % 
[ifTerqvAfe^ a Dogger« 
(tfferftaitø^ anAngling>rod. 
{tffervo^, aSwatp« orOrag* 

ii(repree# a Fifb-Iadla« 
jiffeffieli^Scalef >of Flfli^f . 
SiffefTieØcr; foited. 

jifrefTtn^ Skin ofFif hu« (fit 

beretr) Shagreen« 
^if?efn#re^ a Fif hlina« 
Sifferorv/ Fif h-Markec» 

jiff c^ttgcli Fry or yoimg Fifh« 

[ifrniti?/ Fifhing« 
lt(V <Dbt>er, Fif h-Otter« * 
tffepofletf a Fifhpia« 
liflfeparC/ Fifh« 

jiflel/ aFi(lala» a narrow caU 

5lt> Greafe, Fat. (gnie, 

fmere meb S«) to greafe« 

jitjor^f Potttc'fEarth, Clay« 

^irleer/ Bolt or Terra figil- 

jitpUt, a Spot of Greafe« 

jirtet/ fittiøf greafy, ofly« 
fat* nn^uoos« 

jittig^eb/ Greaiinefs,Oilineft, 


%\Sf (fttmt ^ttttiøp prompt, 

3nick> nimble» aaivei fpaa* 
y, expeditc» apt« 

delode, bcgviie* siilU bob« 
ble, deceivtk fraftrate« im« 
pofetipoii» btAe« fharp* 
dope, fok diaappoinr, C^iih 
Ui mcO to Samer, rail> 
feen maka a Foot of one» 
to mock hinu 


%l ) aro ( %i 

SlifPcti a PåTcher, 

^CtrPft, pa'clied, b( 
^liFnincf, Pitching, 

5lift?erf/ a Frai^ei 

fccllon. Cfaininenj 
om en iBoø) a R^ 

Book« inadeupOQi 

S'cffeifiMr a Sllce of Bacon, 
^icfifefvær/ che Sward of Ba- 
5U(tO mofV« the greateft Part 

of Number. 
fletning rheBraiding, Twift- 
, ing, Plaiting. 
jUttCi fub, a Trefs, Biaid, 

5ItttC#r. to twift, braid.C^nat) 

to weavc Hn'r for Pertwij;«, . _ „^ ., 
Sl«tt«bartn^# aWoman'sHair- Jlinf, dexterous, li 

lace « V Fiilet. ti ve, nimble, c 

Slitttfont* aWonrnn dre^fing jaMe, ingenious- 1 

thc H adB of othcr Women. jHttFb^b^ DcKterify 
Slib, C3f?eiaflt'9(>Cb) Exaa« Ni.nbl n.-fs, Abi! 

ncfs> Cire»alners,Arrention. jliiiPtf dcxterotisl 

(meb 8Wb) ^» is«nily c^rc- Iv. 

fiilly. cxquKirely, ciirious- ^lint, f. ^^inteft^ei 

Laboun Pains, (inc> gfibjl H ntrnn, a Fire- 

painfiiHy,with much Labour ©ol'^flté) * Fir. Io( 

er Pains« ((iictt tncO ghl)) Ccn Sttnté Q3aa<i9i 

well wroiiglu, done with fP«5c5 aQ f '^^^ R-*c 

Care, carcfully, dili^cntly, Miiiker, 

jeirorin?d with Pa-ns and ^Hnubd^tt^r hard 

Lab iiir. Ji^ifti mcD 3(l5) to fli- ry. 

rah^;Pr.i-s, cnlavour, ufe §\u\ulan$f thc 1 

Diligence, do a Thing w'th M -ik '. 

Applicatinn. CiU(Uqf^t^) j^linteflc;/!!/ a Flint 

Diligence, Indultry, So fu- ^IJUte|l t Cllfr Bf 

liry, Application, AiSivity, S'ocfc of \\ Mnik 

rmcb m, meb 3orf«0 ^up, thc Tip. Poi 

aefignediy, pn pc.fcy, on ^ „„^y „r ext 
Purpofe, for thc Nonce. ThiM> C n xnaet 

(an»cnDc al SliO to make-it J rtf?>^iV »Æ 

your Stu'ly or BuHncfs. *^ ^ »T ^ w -O^:«"© 

SUq, aSkirt, Flip ovLnppct. 

Siifft'Uvbti^t, parchcd Work, 

Siifft, top'tch, botch, picce, 
mend,, (ncact ind i 
tt &Umj to interiard, in- 
termix, mlert. (noø^t Q 
to ek« out wirh, (camit 
©foc) to cobble old Shocs. 
(fommcn) to bangic, hobble 
a Thing over, (paa Ct ^UuO 5l*ttigen, diligcntl] 
to repair, ously &c 


r.n »naci 

^ .# Sr«n^ 

f<r ucj Jlcmoiifaft^ 

5life elfer ^life (leen 
a Squnre oi Mari 

flitter, a Spjng^e. 

5llttcrgHl^ , Xini 

Br 's. 

5lirtig# diligcnt, i' 
fe Milotis, a fiduoi 
øittigj to Hudy 

%i ) ao9 ( , SI 

r/ a FlagttafT. 

in, flflt* Cilaf fdr« 

itVesieU Ciat2cnt^) 

)Uin» open lieldt a 


ramble) rovetrangc* 

a Ri}iiible» Roving« 
( aboQt* 

a Flame. CJfOt^ OJ 
:) Ftiry, Heat. Pa$- 

laat i ful5 Slammt) 

[ inFircorFlaine. (i 
ii) in the Fafhion of 

:4daiiie,bla2e. flafh« 

flamerl, flaming« 
^i) watercd. 

f (cn. in^tanjB SuøO 

» a Ftemin]^« 
RoiDp, Tomboyt fl 
aded Woinan $ Co« 

ty gi-fdly* fickle« 
toncOFlanncl, (flint 

SO Swiintkin« (cn< 

un^^e^d SO Fleccy 
m, Coquetry. 

Botric. CSIaffc mth 

)alé) aFlagon. (b^ 

aa en Zx$\0 ^ ^^9- 

ttf Botrlefhnd* 
r# a Botric- Calc* 
lig/ forme d likt a 

(WfcO to fuccced, 
thrivCf cotroHi be 
9a s or racccfsful* 
o fiatter, coaXt tawn 
>tt flatterinjc* (f* 
t.deceiVfbl Hope« 

jUrrerer/ a Flatterer« 
S^Mtxit, Flatter y, Adolfi« 


RUttzvinq, f. ^Utuxxt. 
Si<t\\, Cfom tngrti Æmaø JarJ 

infipid« nacy malkifh, tfiac 
has no Tafte. (»ammeO 
iqacamifh, faiHdioas. (»(Mil« 
nie(cap loathfome« disgtift- 
fuU O^CBre øau) to bc fqaea- 
mif h, to bave a fqueamirh 
or bad Stomach»to have yotir 
Stomach elovM« (tat^\aU 
(en/ forf rielfcO diicotinte- 
nencfd« discoutagedf dil« 
heartened. . 

jl4u(»e^/ Squeamirhne/jS« Fa« 
fti'iiouinefs.^ (^^Qctmmtiia* 
falnefa. (i ©fiiQ Barren- 
nefs, Slenderncfa of Stile. 

^Utltf ifi/ipidly« faindyi Cac« 

Sleer, f. jlere, 

^(eertKegimente/ Pottgarchy« 
^ieertaaet/chtPlaral orpltttal 

jleeflf mo(l* the moft« 
^legef/ f. jlitgeL 
j^leF/ Cnaturdd iftcttfe paa Ce^ 

øemcO < natural Mark of 

Spot or Excrefcence in the 

Body* (jiO^itO^VU^. 
jleffebet*/ the PurpUs, the 

fpotted Ffver. 
jlef f e« (ri^eti i5i)e)3B«rrotigh, 

Hamlet« Itttle Town« 
SitUZt rocleave, flir, fplit« f « 


^Xtlftt, clcftj flitj fplit, 

5 leve/ more« 

Suff/ (ier(»0 Poxk Cfi>tt«0 

powdefed or raltedPork«(t9/ 
Oef) Bacooi l'moked Pork, 
jlefFebØjte/ a Cammon of Ba- 

^leffef 49e/ iin Omlet« t Froife* 
Aleffefl^e* a Flirch of fificon« 
Sleffefflnfe/ a Ham of Bacon. 


%l ) ftw ( %\ 

Eafc, threeFaces under oné 
jl^tfifT, Piper. 

SWiPflap# (@!iMtO Vane- 

jtøtmanbf theLeader ofaFile 

or Filcleader«' 
SWtt, a Flacc. (fpiKe poa 

SU(tc)ro pipe, to play on che 

Flute. (et@ft^) a Flyboat, 
Si^itt, . V. to whiltle, CflW to 

whiftlc at, (ni) to hifs at« 


SWttn, j^one, loft. (Jenac* 

nc e«e jUitcn) the Money are 

loft. C^aat ^øiten) to go to 

Wreck or R«in» to perifh« 
jløirefptQer/ a Piper, one tbat 

pkys on the Flute* 
[tøitetravere^a GcnnanFlute* 
llørmnj/ (• ^l^tning. 
jløtfe, G95»^WCrfO aBcd or 

Layer in Mines* 
Sl^ttt, f. flette. 

Siuo fl Fly. CfponfF) Can- 

tharidcs, Spanifh or Bliftcr- 
fly* (fteftcjue) aGadorOr- 
fly. (©panfTAuepUSeO ^ 


jlttefanøer, Cen# fotnøloer 09 

øabeO ^ Fly-catcher» one, 
thatftandsfoolifhlv looking^ 
at cvery irifling Thing. 

Slutnttr a Cflparifon, aSortof 
Cloth or Network laid on 
Horfes, to keep Flies from 

[litefFab/ a Ward-Mear, 

jhiefFarit/ Fly-dirt. 

\intimctfU, a Flyflab, FU- 

. bcU 

[fucfpi^e/ Flyblow. 

\ingt9 C^^emmnø) a Flighr, 

Ffcape, Running a^tray. (et 

2)t)rd tilbage tn^ i Øf opcn) a 

Deer'sRnnning back into the 

Lair. (tdac Sluaten) to fly. 

flee, betake yooi 
Heels, fhew • 
Heels, makc yc 
run away. (jaøi 
ten) to put to Fl 

paa Slugten) toi 


jluat, (tn guglO t 

Flying of a Bin 

M, naav 5en fla 

Stooping of a H 

en Suøl I Slugten; 

Bird flying. 
j(ustfatr^i9 , fngii 

SUlB, Melting, Flu 

jlujr^qaickly, foon 
inftantly, our o 

5l^be, (rinbe) to 

elide away. (tOt 
flow by. CJtodefl 
forbi@(Ottct) che 
by orwafhesthc< 

bage) to tiow b 

aXftaO 50 run. 
to melt in Tcars, 

t^ct# font 8(o5er) 

abroad. (flpbe 
Sart) CO gu r<b out 
to flow about. (C 

af ban^ røunb) 

flaencly, he gocs< 
his Discouric. (i 
au jlobe) the Ini 

flect. (Det flobet 
(am ener inh af 

bam) he rolls or f^ 

chcs. Cooenpaa) 

fwicn upon. (£< 

neb af ^iiiberne) 

frickled down th 
CflO^e af) to refnl 
proceed, fpring, i 

from. (htt maa 

b»ab bet til) ha] 
Wil!, f;ill Back ! 

(oper, gaae oper 

to rife above the 
over How, to mn c 

^ ) 113 ( %l 

to drop, ftill. 

b paa SondeO (o 
for øruoibt SSanb) 

beneaped CG^t« 

Flofl ting-Bridge« 
inbtn) Flowing, 

) flowing abun- 

Mi%t og (}<ctrt) 

fnll Strcflm« rap id, 

m Solen) fluenc, 
CSoIen) voluble, 

round Pronuncia- 


Liqoidity. (fcfioc 
:o grow liqnid« 
9 run flway» fly, 
' Efcape, fcflmper 

ft til gun^en) to 

inbOJCJf) to efcape, 

Cdocrir; ta^tXiu 

Hy for Siiccoiir»or 
J for Rcfugc, (rel* 
!) to reach, give» 

\) to depoflte or 

non, cfchew, fly. 

Slngten) to flee, 

turn yourBack« 
ying « efcaping* 

it ranaway» efca- 

aftigi) flccting, 

houghts. (fom 
ive, vagabond. 
) ficklc, lighr, 

le or inconftant 


SCW^ge??/ lightly. rnightly, 


JWørig^i^re, (i Ct^micn) to 

volatilize. , 

Si'fQtigQii^vtlft t Volttilizt- 

SWfrtig^eD/ Cddflfia^eOFleet- 

ingnefs, Swiftneis» (j|((a5ig« 
t^tb) Ineon(hinc7» Fickle* 
nefs, levitv , Inftability. 

SlTgtttitig, CRomntniKmanb) 

a Fugitive , Dcferter. (eil/ 

fom tafter SUrluøt eU nogen) 

fl Refugee. 
^I^nber^ Flonndér, Plaict« 

il'^ttt, Octttt paa en onbet 

@te5) to reniove a Thini(» to 
transfer,cikrry from onePlace 
to anothcr. (åf ©Cien) to 
carryaway. (idtiHtt it5ttU 
Ut)to play^move yourMen at 

Tables. (bta^t hott, fotan« 

breOSorig) toremove. fhift 
your Quartcrs, or change 
vour Dwelling or Place of 

SIttten/ S^^tningf Removing, 

Sl^ttetlbi Time of Removing. 

or Changing yoor Dwellingt 

SiV^tf to fly, bf upor the 

Wing. (Jib og bih) to fly 

abont, to flutter. (p^O tq 

fly aloft, to foar* fly higb. 

rtott) to fly, wing it away^ 

CRuglen et jlocen borO the 

Birds is flown, bas taken 

Wind. OabeSa!(enjlo»Oto 

let %o the Hawk at a Flight. 

(Salfen flooer gobO^^^^Hawk 

make good Montecs« js nim» 
ble or wigbt of Wing. (©O« 
ren fiOi op) the Door flew 

opcn. (i ^eirct af ©rebe) 

to fly into Pasfion, to blufter, 
Shvtblabti flying Papers. 
5lVvefÆr^lg,readY to fly.CJog« 

mv') fledge ur fledged, 
Sl'^Vtfloff a Flight QfPirds. 

5 li?* 

m ) 2.14 ( ^ 

SlV^t^tht$ a Fiart. fa4d«n 

S%eiit)e, flying. Cflijpcn>e 

gonc) HyingColours. Cfl^t 

9eit^e@tortn) n flyingStorm« 
• Tcmpefh boifleroQS Wind, 
[ItvenbC'Siff, « aying^Fifh, 
[IlPet^gtc# a flving Reporr. 
(l^9efan^#QuicK^ands, flsxive 

$iwtpitSt <^^ Direflion of 

Sl^vttanftf a Flight of 

Thonght, a Sally, 
j^l^pe^CtbenbC/ a flying, whf- 

rpcrihg Rtporc. 
jtroti the Icch, Scftb, Scabbi- 

ncfs* Mange, 
SuatttU fcabby. fcabbed« 


Siiifc# Snifivtt to .giggle, tit. 

Sntfeni 5n«fff?tt# « Gigglc, 

Giggting« Tiftering» 
5ll^fe#^ C«f ViuU) to huff and 
puft", ro rage. oeinaFrecor 
Fury» ro chafe, to frec and upon the Frer.rfaor« 

fe i(i(enn<m9}crfen)to fnort, 

jlt^feilr Raging, Chafing, Fret- 
ting andFuminj?« Foamin^, 
Snorting, SnufSing, 

j6^f«Foor, (un^er jPiITcO tlie 
Bafis. Fuct. FootitflUorPe- 
dcltal of Pitlars. (}^aa S0?O* 
WCT tC.) Foof, Let?, (Kif. 

ftanb) Footin?. (i^aa t^t>ab 
Sober don »eb £)effet?) upon 

whatFooting ishcutCourt? 

iian 9aMv paa en ^ob Sob) 

fie ftan/fs npon a f(ood Hot- 
tom, r® aberne ffaae nu paa 

^tn Sob} Matters arc comc to 

cliat Pals, (taat en Sinø pa« 
ten rette gob) to tuke the 

right Courfe or Mcthod in a 
Tniny, togo thcj riglitWay 

to work in an Aflfi 

en S^ber at ^aai 

Aake one lind his L 

tt poa fri gob) to 

herty« enUrge a 

Slibe een tit gobc 
ate yourfelf* c 
felfatonc'sFeet, ( 

til gebbernc) fron 

Toci Cap-a-pe, fi 

to Hee), (pna et Q 

Foot of a Mountai 

penffre gob paa es 

Off-Fuot, theNea 

Horfe, Cg^bber 
©or) Paws. Ctadi 

Tiotters. (©rifefr 

titoes. (fSHaalafii 

aFqot. O'a^C M\ 
&ttl>') to get aFoi 

Placc, (paa ftaai 

ftraitway, forthwi 
Hånd, immcdiatel 

(B^cjcr ffaacr paa i 

hisAiTnirs are fa II 
byl'oot, Stcpby S 

tiener til gobO a^c 
(ban ()iir bet paa c 

he has it upon a 2 

ing. Cgo^lJJoefle^ 
[o^'Qinøei/ a Caltr 
[0^b<^^# a Footbarh 
{o^^al^e # the Ba 


Fcet in. 
jo^ll^t), the Plai 


5obbrct, O « @eni 
et ^ubffeføbe) a F 

Sober # 5^er# (til 
Foddcr» Food, Fo 
vender or Meat f 


. vifion for Carrie, 

Cunber^fcrber) Li 
5oberaI, f. ^titrere 
5'oberf ijle^ a Chcft t 


%» y 215 c IfO 

alf # tn Avenor, 

I lUg CO fce«p Otcs 


tø t Fortger« 
mmblt Sapplica- 
itnwn. Ciiøvcen 
to proft nre yuor- 
yoorfcif at one'f 

ff proftrtcing, 


€ FoAt, Infam ry > 


1^ F^oc by Fooc, 

itp. or}Footpa€e» 

r 1 Footp«s(cnger« 
CmkC CO 00b SO to 
t or good Vralker, 
Fttrera or Scocks^ 
tbt Length of che 

Q^b) a Foot. 
»id ir. 

Ml (iUer) > Torof. 
ftilJobO on ^ooT. 
WO^^ go onFoot, 
ooc» to foot iCy to 
iFoot; to beatthe 

bc Sole ofthe Foot« 
irrcd Bag, to put 
1 for to k«ep tnem 

, t Footftool, a 



Pootftcp* Trice» 

Ctr«bc c cné Sob« 

>llow one's FoON 
ead In thero« 

bnigc^ i 9ab) • 

Way, tootpatlu 
le Bafe or Foot of 

af 9fn5indéOfrO 

(e)tb€ PtdeftaUrFoocfhiU.of 

a Piliar, (af er €fngc«Oin# 

baflø^ tha lowtlt Part of » 
Bed-Ctirtains. >^ r 

Søt>tai, (Vnittør t»øi Mt er 
&ih fttfto) tb^ Draught of 

a Ship, ' 

^o^rr in , Eoocftep « • V•(^i^• 
(poa ea Ibttitxé Sod/ S^or« 

DCVtocI tcO thc Tre^dle of a 
Turner'sT.a'he or t Weaver^t 

Loom. Cpaa en ftasctV tbt 

FootbnariofaCoa^h« CPOA 
cn &ti%i) the koDod of "a 
Laddet, -a Laddcrfttp. (t et 
Srappc) tbe (jrees of aFair 
ofStaira. , 

Sot^van^f. Water, wberciiiv 
one*8 Fect ar« wa(*bed. 

Sotv, Cnnbtt JtMer) I-in<nfr* 
Cfcefic Socv unbet JCCcrber) 

to line Clothet. 

jloerbaj/ B;uze« 
^oe« ing, (vaa SX«tc(ne oT tc if fc 
fFamp(é) raonch; 

5ocn(?«i t, F nrr. (f«rie gort^ 

un^eO ro furr. 
5og# (lijc Øn'iO a little Pig» 
jog^friff aBaiiiwtck, tbePre- 
. cind of a Bail iPs Jurisdic- 

tion. (^paa en ^ecregoarb) « 


joge^ a Bailiff« (tAB^fOi^O 
a Senefhal or Govcrnor of 
foroe Territory» (pM et 
eror) a Cuftellan« (i et 
Qtrf; a Bailiflf , a Villag«- 

Judge. CXonaenO tbt Co- 

roner. (!Xt5efogebJtbf Stew- 
ard ofaManor (fab^foAet)) 
an Undtr-Steward or Ovcr- 
ftar of forne Servica dono by 

Soccage« CSorrige^fogcb^ • 

S^Htma^t tbe Foramafi« 
SofUn, f.6ciU 
Soi^i (paa Sl^btr^ a Fold. 
^Ply> Plair, (ff^m SolW a 

Rwmpic, p«j^et?ajl^0 


9o ) ai6 < $0 

Md vpitiy inFoldit to pliiic, 
to lay a Thing in ics Gecrs* 

(ta^t 8o(Nr u^ , flette) to 

tindo PtairSf ncekthem out» 

((laoe Solber) «<> pucker. 

5olbf (t«lO»aft)aFoM, Pen. 

JJol^e# (fomthen) to fold «p. 
C^crnberne fommcn) to claip 

fhe Hånds, 
^ol^eit^ Piaiting. Folding. 
Soltft/ fblded« plaited« nav* 
. ing forne Folds or Plaics. 
SolbtfniVf a FoldinZ'Knife» 

SoU, to bring forthaFoali to 

joltAttti a Book in Foiio» a 

Folio-Book, a Foli«. 

jolte« Cunbet eteen t IKinøe) 
Fon. (rmoer ©peiU) Tin- 

5«H^te, CSpeile) to tin over 

Looking-Glaffesi to do over 
• wi'tli Tinfoil, 
jolierinø/ the Tinning of 


5olio, a Folio, (en War i 5.) 

an Errant-fool, 
5oIf/ People, Men. Folks, the 
World, (etbeeU5Plf)aNa. 

tion. (fernemmc 8oif) «he 

Genrry, the '^.onreel Part of 
the World, 'Gertic- foI|:s. 

(oemeeneScfOvonMnnn Pco- 

pTc, Populace, the Vulgar. 
Mob, Mobile. C^oUi^ufet) 
Servants, Domeltics. (golt 

C^aaiiDperMfolQ Handi- 


merfolO^a'pcntC' s. (Wlunt» 
folf) Mafor.s, («rt«éfolf) 
Soldicrs, Warriors, warfar- 
ingMen, miliraryMen. fri« 
fFe Solt) Recriiirs. (ffionnC 
f Olf)choiccTroops thcFlow- 
eroftheSoldicrs, (^ererS,/ 
foin (lue) there are (ome, tiiat 

fay.Cromine uDibfflnMSelf^ 
forti tt SKogte; to bc fprcad 

Solf) openly, po 
fore all the Worl 
roc^foff) to peoi 
f OrSolf)to dcpopi 


levy Men, gct F< 
ther. ((ffte (It h 
to ftody Men. (b 

(ært enbnu otfiei 

does not yetknoi 
ftand the World. 

at fPiffe fta iblan 

knows how to ca 
or behave in the 
underftands or 
World, (bfln IKd 

Mati ffore golf; 

know to Jive or < 
mong the great 
great Folks, or 
Qualiry. (je^ \)at 


wich othcr Facej 
muft ftand behin< 
9i( l^tltt So(f / t 
muftpay forit. (i 

we want Hånds, 
but 12' Men. 

ibranbtSoir>o fe« 

iberer en meder rt 
.) there is a I 
World of Pcople 
ribte golf) Sutter. 
5olfeai:m, depopu 
peopj^d, unpopt 

jolfe^rt/ f. 5^lfe 

jolPflig^ knowing, 
have among Peo 
genteel. civil. 

SolUi^B, f. ioifta 

§olfem*rng^ef Mi 

People, Populo^ 

pulcfiry, (trænj 

a Prtfs of Peppl« 

^^ ( 5o 



. ot PCO- 

ion , Eic- 

rojjc, man- 

. Manhater* 

-('•ru Rumour« 

. ??c Servantes Hall, 
■ in^f Emimtion, 
ir, knowins how to 
:::infelf in^che World 
.onverfia with People 

mttnt (S^Wnal i 
Ir font ^c tffc ret tBt 

ømCb)«Bruit, Bozz, 
ij{B wifpcringKcporr, 

fnifCfeib) a Fund« 

cnrSoab til aoøcO 

It ft Fond for fo|ii«- 

(fmiknit Soiib) iU 

; Fand«. 

L iFoncaneU Isfneor 

iFonctiwif Cfcrlte^c« 
HitaiicO to rowel or 


wni, • Qm^t. 

>ntane[farrtiing; Gforeri- 

/jnj{, Searing or Burnm^, 
.i',for» before, to« (forSO^iO* 
8)<19^ before Noon. (gaaC 
tor eCB^ to go before one. 
(f remSiHe fig for een) to ap« 

pear before onc (for mint 
Øinc) before my Face« un- 
der my Nofe. (lapgfle for Sa« 

gen) to bring to Light, (for 
a( ^ing) before« above alK 

by all Means. (anfee een for 
en crrlig SRanft) co look upon 

one as an honcft Man, take 
him for an honeft Man. (fore^ 

htagt en %im for en onben) 

to prefer oneThing before or 
to another« (for Q^intnc) in 
the Sight off tp one's Viéw« 
before one's Eyes» (forme« 
htlf) bccaafe of, on Account 

of. (tf^O for. (for prc 'Hat 

fiben) four Years fincc or 

ago. (for SXaabee) in the 
Scnate* (for ^nfcr) at 
Anchor, (formeOe(tl) for, 
becaufe of , by Reafon of, 

on Account of, (arbeibe for 

Senfle) to work tor Money. 

Cbefomre f!g for noget) to 
take Care of. (for gammel 
£ienb|Fabé Stplb) for the 
Sak« of, on the Score ofour 
old Acquamtancc. (oopre tin^ 
foarligror) ro be rnfwerabU 
for. (berergobtforgeberen) 
it is good for or agflinft the 

Ague, (ban Haaer 6f ilboagl 
for flommmerat) he (tands 

Centinel for or inftead of 
his Comrade, 9Aan maat 
eninu m<trf e, ai ben 33rarpc(if 
tion inbbefatteé ofte i $erbo/ 
f.(frWeforeen, jaoe ?|ff?oc 

foreenptofcar one.. toabhor 
one. (Unbertibcn foranbrel 
Srcr pof?tion€n# f. ocere bange 

for een) to bc afraid of op<?, 

(o<tre I Crang for noaf «; fo 
be in Want of fgntQ^nng. 


s • 

%0 ) ^18 ( 90 

(Sttmr^nbtt for Siif n€f) the 

On^rditnofcheCltill (joD 
for »?cb) ^«p by Step, C £)a« 

f«r X)a4)i^^y by Dfly.;jCaian 

lob bå\n Imt for D^^>he 

. was Icit t'oDdaa^i« (fortXi^« 

•UnbeliCi Safter) ^ith Envy, 

Laui?htn\ (for6tr(|, QJ(cc» 

• llf) ^"or Grief, Joy, C^OlOC 
.^uH forQ)'nO to <«ar Go i. 
Cb<t maat 3 bol^e for eder 

ffiOyi joy itwitUinyourfelf, 

(bo(5e iio<|ct N(gr for een) ro 

coPCcai hi U (ometliing from 

one. CoerbéU'øciRafltøielber 

iffefor®ob) wmld^y powcr 
is of no Account with Go*!. 

(Sicnben (treifer Imtetah^' 

porten) the Eneiny's Parties 
drive even before the Town- 
Gate, (roffe for eti @ta5) to 
draw near to a Town Qor 
tnin2)eeO as forme, for niy 
Parr, (taa tt»ab 5er er nær 

fort)aiinb) rakcwh^t isncar 
at Hånd (foifltc flJianb for 

^an^}to fight Head ro Hfal 
•«r Hånd to Jland (ij^ebett 
for)infttfadof. (altforjtoo. 

(for ftor) roogvéat. 

SovanVf Spring,* Spring- 
Ti me. 

5ora«v»/of or bclonglng to the 

joraarfag^/ to caufe, r>cca. 

fion fomethiog, be the Caufe 
or Occafion of ir. Cppror) 
to raifc, canfe or excire a Se- 
dition. (©IccDe) to give, 
. c«afe, brccd, yialdatfordor 
excite Joy. Q&abO to do 
Hart or Mischief, to prejii- 

fe)todiverf, diverrilé, mako 
inerry. CjbMrttfiio)tobind, 
mak^ co^ive, toconftipate, 
(^nuO to make one gc a 
Pofe. C^ppe(it) to provoke 

S^^dtfa^tKt, the 

Sovaaviagtn^j oc 
c»ufing&c. (®0l» 

. fic. Céfa6f)preju 
•dvantigeous. (^ 
d'Sgoftfu tnqufenu 
jovial, comfcal. I 

Sor^aan-IfO ridic 


Sovaai'9'iLuit , Sp 

S^vaav^iccbf Cornri 


^oritaretiO/ Spring 
^or(r^c , (anaoe , 

cognawornibbie t 
corode« walie 1 

Sov^^tfiQ, to fin, fl 

or fui'iic your(elt« 
Sovcc^tf gnawcd, ni 
tally, corrocfcd. 

5or«^r, C^m l)av fpi 
UipK'uttedi cloy 

Sorccitt, Ancientn« 
quity, Seniqriry, ff 
Hecepiion in'a Co 

jorcclbeø/ to grow 1 
outt waflc , decay 

5or<vJt)i-e/ Parcnrs. 

S^vavtf xo give one. 
him wicK, inakc h 
fent op Gift of fe 

Sovotving, a Prcfen 
Donation, Largcfs 

Sotagt, Contenipt, E 
Disdain, Slightt C 
ing. ,v 

O^raqrCr rocontenipf 
dcfpife, overlook, ( 
flighr, fcorn, under 
light by, negled, 
to brave, defy. 

Sotagttlig, contemp 
ff icaUe> di$dainfal 


f» ) 2i9 ( %o 

ile* (afieO Poor, pi- 
irdi<lf jfnéaktng« 
(en^ cooccfBptiblyt 
»ly &€• 

tP€^# Contemptible- 
ft Conccmpctf« De- 

concemnedf defpi- 

pnblicily, openly, 

g, befinre alU by all 
above all« chiefly, 
irly« principaily« 

, carneftly. (tH fot 

Q very good Earnell, 


m« before» iifore- 

efore Hand».in the 

ig> changeable, al« 
mncable* ficklc, va- 
inconftant, unftablc« 
to* apc CO change. 

i§tn, variably, in- 
2y. nnequally* 

igbtb f Mutabilicy, 
mefs^ Inconftancy, 
ty« Ficklenefs« Mo« 

to cfiange, alter, 
insmute, tum, con- 

>iniKimiO to trans- 
etatnorphofc« C^i^tt 
) to divarrify. QøierC 
nake new, ro inno- 
n ii?le»infl>o change 
ind« (uanf^cpnbide 

i break off or break 
'ofyour indecent Be- 
• Cfid) CO grow bet- 
nered , to reform* 
Hn^tny to changt, 
2^vncOto alter your 
rn over a new Leaf. 
ttc# changing, alcc- 

Sotan^tt$,to changcbecbta« 

Swan'^vttf chflngcd» &e. 

SorAQbririØ# Changing, Alte- 
ration , Variation, Vicisfi« 
tude, Transmdtation. (forf 

laøc goran^rinø) to inno« 


Sovan^aatf to gofirft. go ht* ^ 
fore» preccde. 

joranicbige/ tocaufe* ncca« 

iion, fomething, adminilitr 
anOccafion of doing it. bc* 
com« thc Caufe or Abetcor 
of It. 

5otran(e^igeIfe # Occafloning, 


5otran(lAlte# to dispofb, fctin 
Qrder, prf pare, make ready« 
order, give Orders, make 
Preparation for. (fiifUt inh* 
føce^ to ordain, ettablifh. 

Sovanitalttt , preparcd, o^ 
dered, eiUblifhed. 

Sovanftaltninci, Order, Dis- 
pofitions Ordination, Regit* 
lation, Appoinrment, Pra* . 
paration, Dire^ion , Bfla- 

biifhing. C@t»ftelfO i«i- 


Sovamtcc^tf to march, go or 

walk before. 

5orarbeit)e, (forf«rbiaO ^^ 

make, work, manufaanre* 
Cforbruge) to fpcnd, ufe, b«y 
llow,or cmplpy forne Matter 
on tlie Doing of forne Wjrk. 

(f. fin ©arirteO ^^ ^o^'* 

your Salvatian, 

jorarge# tofcandaUi*> give 
Scandal or Oflfence. ((iflj to 
1^ offended at. to take Pet 
at, tOytake fomething til of 
onc, be fcandnlized at« 

Sovatgtlig, fcar.daloust ofTen« 
(ve, giving Otf^nce, 



ffO ) !t<20 ( f^O 

S^^røellgctt / fcandaloiisly« 

in XL fcandalous Manner. 

forar^elfCr Scandal. Offenc«. 
orargeøi to befcandalizedor 

oftcnded at« 
jOTArmC/ to impoverif ht.makc 

poor, to depauperate. 
jorarmeø/to bc impoverifhed, 

grow poor, be reduced to 

jorarmet/ impoverifhed, de- 

SdrafFeti incinerated, reduced 

to Ai'hes. 
$0f at; for to, in Order to. 

(for ot ^m ibtt Unbttxtu 
ntna bcromp for to give you 
Koticc of ir. 

jOVban^Cf to cnrfe, accurfe, 
axecrate, iinprecatei damn« 
deteft , abomi^atf* C^aité* 
fcsttO <o excommunicate. 

jorbait^elfe/ Execration, Im- 
precation, MaIedI<^ion» 

jorbamteltg^ pitiable. 

^Mbarmelfe, Commiferation, 
Pity, Compasfion, Mercy, 

Sarbarmettbe/ merciful, com- 

jiasfionatei pitiful» tender, 

^orbamteiTr a merciful, com- 
pasfionate Man» a Picier« 

S^tbatmc dg, to have or take 
Compasfion or Pity of» ro 
commiferate , pityi bemer- 
cifal CO one. 

Sovbaxi(c, to aftonif h,furprifc, 
amaze, tcrrifyt ftun. 

^OVbrtllfelfe / Aftonif hmenr. 

5crbfi|tfer# aflonifhed, ama- 
zcd, JVunned, ftupifitd, pcr- 
plexed, planetdrnck, 

$^vH^Cf to inccrcedc, prsy 

(Jcvbr^cr; an IntercefTor, 

mend, iamend, 
form, iinprove; 
better. (forfald 
mend, repair« v 

hcbtt ctbttuO 
Houfe. Ctorbcdi 
l>onT)to improvc 

C^amit @OQtr) 

botch, patch, Qfi 
\ mendyourFortu 

ti forbedret \ni^ 

am nor the bet^ 

5orbebrcIig. men 

rigible, reparabl 

be amendedor c 


be raended or co 
Sdrbebrelfe, f. A 
5orbe^ren&e# coff 

5or bedrer; an\n« 
rei^or or Reforu 

jorbebreør forbel 

grow betrer, men 
reform, mend yoi 
better your Fort 

jorbebret/ mendec 

^orbebringf Melioi 

tering, Mendin^ 
ment, Improvémi 
t.'on, Rcuaracien; 
tion. (af @9abO 
ery, Amendmcnt 

fc;:ncy. (af gam 

Botching, Patchi: 

^orbeen, the forera 

£orbebo[^# Referv; 
a mental Reftrifti 
ffonrract) an Exce 

viTo, (mcD Jorbt 
ccpt or exceprcd. 

Uitlb af mm SKt 

my Right, (i Jor 

t» ) 211 i %9 

> to rcfenre^ txcfyt^ 
:) CO refcnre fome- 
fctep il CO Yonrfelf* 
CO conceaiy keep 
ecrct« Cøici8nie}co 
ittp up in Score« 
y ipart. ^ 
ife^ ReftrTttfoiu ' 

1/ forbe^lMf rc- 

B, Ctå»i)rerervtd9 

Tcc« caocionsy cir- 

wary* fly9 dis- 

b|H^, Referved- 
inefs« Ciremiirpcc- 
aioAt Discretion*' 
to prepare, dis- 
it or ger re«dyfor> 
itnp. Ca^^to pre* 
rtpareyourfelft to 
ger yonrfelf rea- 

ll^Prepa ration) Pre- 
freparatory> Gec- 
bking ready, Pre- 

tBTbtrf^cIfe for et 

Preface> Preambte> 
rolegninenn« an in- 
y Discourfe« 
t§'banf% Eve or 
be Day before a 

der« an Interlocn- 




a pre- 

t Pre- 

H , preparatory, 


a Preparer« 

forbetebet/ pr'e- 
ipofed« made rea- 

(01 a Prefao 

5orbcftbbei to poflTcHi bcforea 

hånd, <N 

5or6efIutte,to refol ve or be rt - 
fol ved beforthtnd« to deter* 
mine or propofe beforehatid* 

SoTbtittmmtiio prtdeterntoet 

^orbf (Icmmelfc / Predeftina-^ 
tion> Predetermination. 

jorbet^nfef to confider be« 
forehand,' to premedicate« 
preponderatei forethink« fo« 

Sovhttvamei to premedjtate« 
prepondcrate« f«, forbftapni 

^rberr4jtititiø# Preaadica« 

tion« Forethoughc» ' 
Sotbtt^ttt to foredecm* ferfr« 

bode« or portendi prafage* 

prognofticate« ' 
jorbet^bntng/ Foreboding« 

Foredeeining,a Portenc»^re> 

Sothi, by, paft, »ver, C^aatf 

Mtf ri^C/ fciU for^Q to go, 

run, ride« fail by, CMTfC 

forbil fom en Ctb og Scrmin) 

to be paft, be over* be exp ir- 
ed, Ct>ære forbiø fomcoigotir 

tetnittø) to be transa<S(ed, 
jorbierg# aCape» Promonto- 

ry, Landcape» Head-or Vo* 

forbifare/ to pf^fs by. 
jorbifaven^e; pasfiag by, 

j|orbi^^t)e, to flow« glide 

by. Ct^ H^, fom eu SloO) 

to waCh« 

jotbigaae; (ubtlåht) to omit 
leaveour. (f orbiøoae i ®tt( 

tienbe]) to pafs by in Silence, 

((abe $ei(ia()eéen ^aat forbO 

tonipanOpporcunity. (for« 

biøaoe fom Si5en) to pafs. 

jovbiøaaenbe; pasfmg by. (bc 
SorbiaoaCJlOe^ Pflsrencers^ (i 
Sorbigaaente; by the by« by 
tha way, 


't ' 


%i> ) 4aa ( %o 

5«rt>iftang,«Pasfiftgby. (Uhu 

, lat^lfO ^^ Omistion* Leav- 
in;^ out. 

tovbiciiin^tn, paft. gont^ 
ovbifafttf to throw or caft 

bcyond tik Mark, 
3orbiUet>c, a Type, Pittern, 

£xample> Models F»gure, 

Shadow, Idea« 
jotbttøbCf torunby* pafs by 

^otbtl^beit , paft * expired. 
3otrbiA^e/ (fotn 6aar) to bind 

up, drefs a Wound» (rtlA 

©finner) to fplint. Cf^tQ)i* 

ncnc) to hl indfold* fftinbc 
foO to bind, tie op. (bi'nbt 
for SOlMrtben) ro mufflc. (^hitl^ 

tt fammen fom QSinbinøé* 
IKr!)to join togerher. (for» 
pligte) to oblige, bind, lay 
an Oblignrioh upon. (for» 
tnaac tii) to indnce, movc, 
engage. (f. fig til) to oblige, 
yourfclf, to cngnge, bind 
yourfelf to do fomtthing. 

Cftg fammfnf øierc Sorce« 

ninø) to make, enrer into 
anAllinnce, unireinaCon- 
fcderacy, toconfodcrate, to 
asfociate, join in Company. 

Cfici fammen/ fammenrotte 

' (tg) to confpire, plot or 

conjiire. (foreenc, fammen« 

f«tte) to Combinc, (bta* 

te erHrf paa bet urette @tcb) 

to transpofci misplace or 
change the Ordcr of forne 
Sheers. (fom en Dod) ro 
jorbi^[^e((e , a Band . Tic, 

Knor. C@am\ntubxni) a 

ConncK'cn. Combina:ion. 
(SJorpIuUelfe) anObligai'on, 

Jingajiir^. (et 6aaré) the 
Dresfin.?: of a Wound, Ban- 
dage, Ligaturc. 

jorbtttDen^e; (forpliatenbe) 

obligatory, binding, obli- 

%ing. CenforaKr pø o Ke for 

een; fom en OMiø 

Obligation for the 

jotbitt^tlig; obligii 

teous, kind, officiel 

jorbinbtf igen # ol 


jorbinbtligbet) ; O 

Obliginpnefs C 

ne^s Kindnefs. 
jorbiraflff tornfh 

by, pafs by wich 

or Buftle. 
Sorbircife; to tra 

^^rbircifenbef a Pa! 
jorbtrt^ef to rideb 

on Horfeback. 
jorbirinbe/ to flo« 

oeb) ro wfltcr* 
^orbtrin^en; rhc F1 
^orbifcile/ to fail b 

inaShip. (et©fi 


5orbiflrer, fnrioui 
cniel< outrageous 
framing, chating. 
bt(!ret)to beinmg 
Fury, to fhcw C 

5orbijlre(fe, Fwr] 
Madneff, Rnptnt 

5orb<jlrirøe, ro whi 
by fpccdily. 

5ovbifr(6mmer to 

pafs by fwimminj 
5oi*b!r.a;f?C/ to m? 

vel or pafs by» 
5^rbittre f embittei 

race, incenfe, pro 
^ tarc, ulcerate. 

^orbittvelfe / Ragi 
Foam, Fret, Irrii 

5orbittret, irritat 
ged. (Wipcforbitt 

in:6 Pasfion, be 
flomach , bc exafj 

SorbUfe, (fom55in 

nerrata, (as the 
blow through* 

) a48 ( '^0 

%ttd hf til« 

nfotind, j'im- 

rogcthcr, in- 

liuJdle toge- 

4 Atnre, Min- 
g, Interns ix- 

foondcd« in- 

»d. blin'tfold, 
irk« make or 
»fTafCrites b«- 

Itfd, dazzled 


• a While in a 
fe O ^^ p^rre- 
ntinwc Ct>tti» 
1, abide. con- 
dure. perfift. 
9t tcrocb) f« 

abiHe in a 
d to ir, 0«fl 
i^ I rcmain 

kbiding, Per- 
.ent« pcrfcve- 

r. (btvtib lat 

l^O »t abiies 
av.icå orcon- 

»fcure« dark^ 
nrat've. cni^- 
*1. Cforbtoth' 
f>) Allci^oryi 

rent taltt for« 


Cccn» hm for« 


5orbCommet( adv« obfjiirely« 
flllee0rical'y9 fif^irsiriveiy« 
fymbplically; (talt f O «o"- 
lej|j;orize« fpegk by Way of 
Fi^tttrei. \ 

SorMØbC/ to dip, foak or ftecp 
roo inuch. 

Sor6l^be (!ø, (miffe formeøeC 
Qlob) to lofc too mDch 
Blood, tu bleed too miielu 

jorll0^er; blcédinjt: too mucht 
havi« j; 1(^ roo much Btood. 

^CPblufff/ to ((an, amaze, (kvh 
pify. terrify, ftartle* per- 
l*lex, 'put to a Not^plttt or a 
Stand* CO brow-beat,- onc- 

jorbltifTer; pot to a Stand or 
a Non pi u). intimpa.df ftoti«* 
nvd • terrified« 

5orMtiftttn9/ Stopefadion« 

5ovb6g(laV| a capical Letrer« 

5ovborgcit# concealed, fecret« 
hidden, abfconded, occuitt 
obfrure, myfterioos« (fpw 
bordet @teO a BypUce, Htd- 

jorborøeitj^eb; aSecret. Uy^ 


jorborøeitf adv; in Secree, fe- 
cretly, underhånd, inHa^ 

jorborgning/ roncc^lraent, 
Dis'^uilin;;;. Disfimulaciom 
Myiicry, occiecy. 

j^rbøttf Incerce^fion, Mfdii* 
cion. Cfliøre 8orb«n) to in- 
tet ccdc, inake Intcrcesfion* 

Sovbtaih^tf Copbtttnbc) to 

bum, confuine by Fire, (ittt 

&Ain f^iotxt SRcnh.^O to 
tan. makc tawry, C®olcnl 
$)ebe bar forbrctnbt ØralTvO 

theHeat o* rh«Snn has parch- 
ed or fcortched the uraff* 
pil 9l(Fc) to bum to Af bet« 
incinerate«redacad co Aflie?, 


%0 ) $104 ( So 

.- CRi) ^o barn« be confamcd 

by Fire, 
jøtbr(!cn^€ligf combuftlbic, 

jorbrotn^clfe ^ Combuftion, 

Biirning. (^lobctO Adu- 

ftion. (til 91ffO Iiicinera- 

j tion« (af foooe(aøtt|e X)cU 
i £f)Omien) Deflagracion. 

jorbr^ltbr, burnt» by Fire. 
(af @d(''iO parched»rcorcch- 
ed, funl'urnt- rawny« 

5^briibt/ forfeited« C^^i} 
' Confifcitted Goods. (t^oad 

hat (un forftrubO what is 

her Crimc? what hts fhe 

Commiced ? wherein has 

fhe trefpafTed ? 
jorbrtige^ ro cafnfume, vfe* 

fpcnH» waft« or bcftow, (f. 

iSlahet,m$hitt^ cofpend* 

waftt in Clothet* Ftirniture. 
jorbni(Tiiing# Confumpt^on 

orWafting »f Commodiries. 
|o»l*bnigt/ confuined, waftcd, 
loi'brc^tf tooflfcnd, trcspafs, 

trr^nsgrefs, commic a Crime> 

to ferfcic.misdemean youi- 


j^rbrv^eIigf confifcable. Ha- 
ble to Confiscatfon or For* 

j^rbl*T^elfe/ a Crimc^ Fanltt 
Dcli^Sl, TransgrcsHon. 

^ørbr^beiv an Offendcr, Cri- 
tninal« Culpric, Maicfador. 

jorbtibi (3rr(dbfO ft"Harb- 
ingcr, Forerunncr. 

^orbti^; (Otntn, 5lboarfcO «« 

Forebodin^i Omen, Fore- 
tokcning» Forewarning,Pre- 

£^tbii&/ (hctf (corocb noact 

forbobCé) a Forbid.lir.o;, Pro- 
hibition, Intcrdi£\ion. (paa 
@fibO an Imbargo« 

5ot*bttbcn/ forbidd«n« probi- 

jorbttn^# an Alllanc 
Ccnfederacy , 
Pt^, Contra£l, I 
( UlOO(iø) a Ploc> O 

(øiert cC gofbunb 

' into an Alliance« t 
a Confederation.( 

tiat Sorbuflb) to 


joirbuiibeit, (forpd'i 
ged, beholdcn, boi 

jorbuntem (t gorb 

feder ated« allied, 
jorbiinbeit/ (tal 
bonnd or tied* ({ 

of an Alliance* Bri 
fringement, Rnpc 

5^rbun^øbi*^^erf ar 
of an Alliance* 

Sovb^^t, to forbid* 

^- incerdi£l onc a Tfa 
(rO to hinder* ih 
ketp from« (ten 4 

5oi*b^:)eU9i whac n 

5orb^t)elfe/ f. S^^^ 
S^vb^99ff ((ccttc til 

øe) to fpend or wi 
Sumwith* in oru 

ing, <bDØ?< tSc« 
or bktrricade a P 
bu i Id i ng. (^i'nbr 

2^i af Saøcn) to 

Neighbour's Ligh 
fpedt by a new-rai 

S^ib^gning, (forteO 

ct&UuO f^c Fron 

part of a Houfe* 
joub^rtiittgi a Chan 

changing, Truck 

5orb^te^ to change, 

barter, crack« CO cfi 

ii» X ai5 C $0 

rnppofe m ChUd« (i:rn<^ive* 

^ocbanr^er# 8 Spoiler, Wflft«r»^ 

nock CQmp«1^<oft- Dcftroya*. 

^ CO ttraiA yonr- ^orMrvet^ to bt cofrnpted, 

:ifbcct, ^ CVillge. rpoiled,mørred,gOioWreck» 

ilr. ^ rnnto-Deciy, rraadne)'ro 

é> hiddem fecret; pncrify, Corrnpr, ror« (af 

bliqne« Ottft^fttø @finimeQ ta (row mouldy, 

i) exceptionabie* ro moald* ^ 

:epriofuQnUitttnt gortifltrvet/Cormpfed^fpoilfd, i 
cioQt, firfp«aed. .nndonc Ae. ({em QSM) 

aduft. (fom 9)itn) dttd,' 

Salled> CQrru);>ted« (fom 
)ati^tmhtzzled\ dtniage£^ 
wflft^d, damnifiéd« (foffluta?' 
t»eil)eloyM, farfekedtdog- 

^ ^^.^ __ gcd> fqactmifh«, 

rwafte.nndo,per- ^or ©ag^ bcfore Dty-breik. 
rhrow. (tne5 J(U bcfore Day-Iight. 

jor IDaøCtt/ publidy. in pu« 
blic« openly, before all the 

World, (f omme for 2>aøeii) 

to tppear. come to Light« 
become public, (bringe for 
iDaøen') robrin^orprodnce 
to Light, to discover« 


r« indireftty« ^b- 


y corrupr, fpoil« 

>Marøøe) to de- 

.waile» tindOfper- 

rhtow. (mc5 2a» 

tncb, deprave« vi- 
Igi^re) CO foften, 

. (mcD iictltn og 

to fadd)a*ibndle, 


Borfe* - ♦ ^ 

^ rt«^clig) cor- Sort)ampeligr volatile, 

vnidous. deftruc- jc^^ailOy to Lcading of a 

Bg, hortingr-blaft- • Dance or Brawl. C^O^cS.) 
ing» (fom (an for« to lead the Dfince. 

fToptible, fnfcep- gøv^ail^fef to lead th« 

»rmptiomperuhr • Dance. 

jor^anbftri the Leader of a 

jot^anfFe/ to do> tranalate into 

jørbeel/ (»utte) Advantage. 
Efnotu^1ent^ Profit* Intereft. 
røin&in9) Gain. Lticre. 

cfrcmf or onbre) Pirerogativc. - 

(ai^egotOccO to give or al- 
low by Way of Advan^e or 
over and above« (til mtll 8«) 
in my Fivonr, to my Ad van- 
tage. (o«rc tit gordeeO «« , 
profit 9 bf profitable. 

9 Sot' 

efl# in a perni- 

'^thf Corroptibi- 

pcrdirion» Ruin* 
Dcfol^tion. C&C^ 

riarrndfe) Depra- 
^ttt ttn i torb<rr# 

plonge oiT« into 
'4iiji; feduce. 

nø 33aritf the 
Pcrdician« . 

fco ) Mtf ( %9 

Søttttl, (forreffc 2>ftl af no« 

gcO the Frort or foretnoft 
Part of fl Thing. (pad et 
©fib) the Prow or Forepart 
of a Ship. 
5or^eeIaatig# advantat^eous. 
oeneiicial« gainfuL 

]v, profitably, ro the bcfl 

jorbetUgtig^eO/ Advantage- 
ousnefft Profitablenefs, 

jorbtelff to part, divide, di- 

rperfeifotnething abouMnake 

a Repartition or Divifion« 

(fortecfc flg|P ta Icparaic, 

feeregatt* (lab oé forbede 

ti) lat us feparace ar fegre- 

gacc. C^iereronb/ roni9)<rb# 

jreO ^^ rarify, make thin« 

(forbede flg fom ©«MFer) 

to rariCy* grow thin. C@oUn 

forbeeler ©fo.'rnc) the Sun 

disfip^res the Clouds« (fi^ 

fora ©foerne) to disfipatc, 

break afunder (forbeele en 
6oulff) to disfolve a Swell- 

S^tbtU, (i f)ar\bd og ^an^ 
bel) forfol•^elef to preju- 

dice* defraud, bubble, over- 
reach • circunivcnt* cheat, 

^orbeeleltg^ divifible. 
^or^ee(eI{g^c^/ Divifibility* 

Sov^ttitt, divided, feparated 

Sorbectiug/ Diftribution, Dis- 

perAon, Segregation, Parti- 


5or^eeHngf C^tii^, Sofncrr* 
mdfe) Fraud, Prejudice, 

Sov ben 2tarfag/ becaufe of 
chat, for thnt Reafon« 

Sov ^tnnt Zi^ø (nu) now, ae 
Prtfent , at this Time. 

Sov bffllte Zitf befio 
iiitrly,in former Tin 

jorbenitixrftffbile/ b< 

laft bur pne. 

jorberligfli fir(l of s 

andforemoR, chipfl 

ly fpeedily. 
^or bet# f r thar* 
Sov bet anbeti in chc 

Place, fecondly. 
Sov btt femte ^ éftly, 

fifth P!ace. 

Sov bet fierbe^ fourtl 
Sov bet førfle^ firftly. 
Sov bee iøfe^ faper 

lightly, in a fupt 


;or .bet ntenbCi nmth 
ior bet øvrige/ for tlv 
lorbetftbile^ in chel« 


5orbette, for bennet 

merly jn former Tim 
to fore. 
Sov ^tt tienb?, in t| 

tieth Place. ^' 
^orbe rinb/ aforeciil 
^orbi/ becaufe, becnl 
^orblorvletf devilifh, 

chievous, diaholicil 

jorbobbie/ Guørc bob« 

double* make, Mé 
double, to rcdonble, 
bort) to lo fe by Gami 

forb. Srcrfter) To« 

5orbobbIenbei reclopi 
^orbobblet/ doubled, 

jorbobblingr the Do 

Rcduplicacion, tw: 

jorbom^ Prejudice, F 

ging* Preposfednefs 


joirbøie/ Com >£^ab} to 

} ) 027 ( %0 

ro fwu* 

cketap. ' 

lu Cføryéc) to 

lilyt confume« 
qnandcr awa v. 
rcftibtt« tåmj 

Aptnefs to be 

reftion* Con- 

ft, Chyle. 
jcfting. (forø# 
il« profQfe»ltv- 


ibcr) a^Spcnd- 
ligal« prodigal 

nceaK hidefo- 
one* disfcmblc 
:o cover, keep 
tv CO fupprefs. 
ling fecrer, 
imn« condeiiin» 
(til ©e5e) to 
todie> tofen- 
lamnable« con* 

if' damnablyr* 
*^f Damnabili- 

ledi condemn- 

he Firft Ran- 
led Liquors. 
ccord> Agree- 
iirionf Accoin- 
ilacion« (t 9t(C' 
[€, (ibejtofor- 

toUrate, abide 
atiencty« bear 

k our. (^riffe 

low, digeft or 

Affronc QlfW 

fan fef tr^e taabt fittbt tiå 

StilUi) be is ufed or inared 
liQth CO Heat and Cold* 
jor^rageUgi fnppordible, to- 
lerable, pasfaUe, C^møftlt« 
|cUd) phcable, peaceable* 
fociable« (foQI tM MMt 

Iftol 00 nif^ CH an^tn Smø) 

jor^raøtltgeititolerablir, fnp- . 

poftably' peaceably &c* 
joi'^rageligptb , péaceable-« 

nsfs, Socittblenefs« 

b9ttl\t) Toleracion. 

5or^ragettDe# coleraringt fo^ 


Sontdfitåf CMtt ttnii) CO 

agree together pretty well, 
live peaceably or in Harmo«' 
ny, to nnderftand or con- 
cord C^tU f) CO disagree* 
Sovbvti to alk> demand, re- 
qiieft, require, fummon« Qf^ 

frem for gtcUcn) to faromon, 

fnbpoena call or cite ro ap- 
pur inaCourt. (fortncøeO 
toexa£inpon. (uO) Co dcfy, 
challengc, to provoké« 

5or^teitg| deinandable> re^uir 

Sov^vttt 9 Demander« 

^otr^retf dcmanded, reqniredf 

Sov^vtvtxit turned, driven ovc 

or away* (af Eaittrt) *^"*" 
fhed, cxiledtprofcribediOat* 

lawed« (fom et ®Nf») caft 


^r^reifi tobend, wred, dis- 
tort, (Orb) to wreft the 
Senfe of a Word. (goocn) 
to misintcrprcc,«lode or per- 
vert the Senfe ot the Law. 

jotr^rcierf a Sophill, Cavillcr« 

Sovtttitt, bent* turned; wreft- 
ed, discorced« misincerpreip 

% <dr. 

%o ) lo« ( ^0 

5^t^ftil.9# Soptiiftry« Mis« 


S^rbrtirg^ Demand, CUim» 
Title. O 9enøO M#ncy ow- 
ing;; a Debc. (for StcCtCn) 
a Sammons, a Snbpoena« 

5^^rive/ to drive or chafe 
flway, dislodge, turn our. 

(fxa ilt @teb# (Dor man bar 

fctftccSoD) todisJodge, dis- 
place or pur one our of Place, 
tmtb ©icncn) to conjure* 
(gortrottclfe) to discnchant, 

unchamn (f otbrioc ct gofter) 

to procure Abortion. (5ttC5« 
femmdtdbcb) to dircrr, rc- 
crcare yourfelf. (forbriDC 
fReUndfto(te) to divert Me- 
lancholy. (en IXuuO to fleep 
yourfeif fober. (ijjof ébf^) to 
coreHoarfcnefs« C]@nuO to 
get a Cold away. ^af ftt Bøb) 
to put one out of his Ro\id. 
(Si5en)tO pafs away, bcguile 
theTime, to divert yourfeif. 

(fom^inbemSKeønen) todi- 

fpel> dtsfipare, fcarcer. 
jc^rOriveliø/ repnlfive, bani- 
f hablc. 

jor^rivelfe , ((orbrit^ning) 

the Driving orClwfing awav, 
Dislndging« Repulfion. (i 
f anbfIoati^i)C^) Banif hment. 

(SorcroffcIfcO Discnchanc- 

jor^riven^e^ cxpclling» ex- 
palfive, driving our. 

SovbviVtr, f. an Expellcr. 

j#lr^rltfFfn/ drunken, given, 
addii^ed ro drink, fuddled. 

(cnforbrufftn ;garO a drun- 

ken Sot« a Fuddle^cap, a 

^orbttlgt^ cnnccaled, hidden, 
'covcred, fecrct. 

5orl)um# (i forbum tib) in 

Times ptft, formerly, in for- 
mer Times, of old, a fore- 

time, heretofore* 
in Times of Yore, 

joc^tinVlei to djrk( 
bratc, eclipfe, offi 
fcnre or cloud , t 

jpr^tlnrUn9, Ofc 
Darkening, Obtc 
Cloudlng, Outdc 

fior b^b/ too decp. 

j^orb^bc/ to deep« 

deep, makedeepe* 

(l®icIb)co charge 

.make one run int 

jbrb^belfCr a Sinkir 
cipi; down« 

5orb^bc fiCTf ro lo 
yourfeif intoaThii 

oettnøer) to enga 

withStudy, attad 
to Study. (flg i 
plunge yourfeif oi 
5drb^bet , dtepcne 
down. (i ©fubern 

ply engagedwirhS 
ched to Study, giv< 

Study. (i Sanfer") 

forbed in ThuugW 


deeper, Oeepenin; 
Sov^^v, toodeer, to 

Sov ^^i% adv. at t< 


Sott, <o line. (ineb 

to fiirr. 
forebragt/ reported 

fented advanced, f 


Sotebvingt, to offer, 

advance, propofs, 
expreis or, discov 

Dsrre enb ben er) u 


jct^ebrjngenbCf -Prr 



§0 ') a*i9 i ^ 


tti t Refcrendary, 

,to prev^enttdecline, 
obviace, avertv di- 
pe2> drive or keep 

ig/Prevention, Ob- 
Oeclining* Avcrc(> 
SxtmtibttO Å Pre- 

I Delivery« f rof)0- 
^ofition, a Proje^^ 

f øc>te et bc^øe(!ør 

) to defiver yoor- 
welK to havtf an 
i Urtcrance or De- 
o have a fine Way 
try. O mtcdtn) 

Ition« C(at>C tt 

b^ag i UhtaUn) to 

e propcriv« 


ipound. t' ^^ 3lf» 
to ex£ofjexpIain» 
rtefT d^sctoTc, dis- 
are, makeaReporc 
IToKcøtum) to rcfcr ' 
Jf ff O ^^ pVefer onc 
another. (U5e ffd 

5 informed of it, 
Qs preferable» ad- 


gen# adv. prefcra- 

ng/ Ejfpofition, 

(riCbragc (la) to 

pafs* to come to 
ptit* occur, offer i t- 
én ©triD 2C0 to be- 
Beginningf be oc- 

>t, I gi:. (»c5 foi 
£e«iflbeb) if Occa- 
s. • 

betbre or nrft, to preceoe. 

' (meb gpbe foempIeO <<> ^^^^ 

£00 d £xamples before ano- 
ther« (oi»erø(iae) ta excel, 

fnrpafs. CfotcfalbO ^^ P«f«» 
come to pafs. 

5oregaaenbe; adv. preceding* 

jorcgaaet|t€/ C Preceding 
Prccedcnce, Precedency« 

^ovegiøre ^ C»«ft / jft^ottebd 
beC fPal øiøreO to f hew one 
how aXhing fhall be donei 
to fhewhim how to imirate« 

Sovtgxvtf toeiveout* fpreada 
Reportt aiurt a Thing« re* 

late. Cfftttcfor tt(af aføføre) 

to propofe to one*$ Decifion. 

((om en llnbflfQlbntnø) to 

pretend, alledg^ for an Ex- 
cufe, plead, ufe a Pretext« 

Colour or Clodk« (gioe een 
noget for at (ære) to pre- 

fcribe, inj«in one a Lesfon 

(een et SIcbeibe) to fet one a 


foregivende ^ Saying, Rela- 
tion* Report. Asfj^rtion* 
(goret)Albm9) P?ctence,Pre- 
text,PaIliating> Show or Ap« 

jore^ave, to deflgn, purpoA!« 
contrive* intend, tindertake 
or enterprize a Thing. go or 
be about ir« (bøøe een fofi 
ei;aminere) to examine, or 

cry one. (baoe et gotHdN 

for) to be girded wiih ai^ 
jolt^aven^e^ C Affaiy, Occu- 
pation, UndertakingorEn- 
tfrprize. (3lnjlaa)aDeftgn, 
Purpofe, Intention. 

jore^aven^e / dcfigncd, in- 

tended, piirpofcd^ 
Søre|>Æ'i ge iiogetf to hang be- 
fore, to vcil, cover with « 
Vcil> 10 b^ hanging before, 

^^ ) a30 ( %o 

•ne> offer, procføc 
display, exhibic, 
it tu his View < 
fhew it him, Ir 
beføre him« C^eii 

kt«n(e eacr te 

offer, propofe or] 
■ Thing to one*8 
ration, (een ^at 
one to forne Meat ( 


mon anew« 

Høvebolbe/ (een neaet at fet^ 

i Mc KO ^<' '^^'^ loinething 
béfo« c one>to ler him fcetfeel 
&c. (ccn fin JllflO f<» rcpre- 

fent onc hts Duty.Cfotmanc) 

to r monf^rare, to make one 
fenfible of aThinfcbyReafon 
andlnflances. (htbtti^t) to 
»phraJd oncwitht cafbor hit 
it in his Teeth, oxpofhilate 
a Thing with one« 

jorfadc/ (tafie noget for een) 

CO cait or throw fomething jorelitgoetfe ^ (Sot 

before one« (bebreibe) to Reprelentation, I 

reproach, apbraid onewith ing, Exhibiting« 

or hit it into his Teeth« ^ån^é @aø) a Re 

Rovtfafttiifi, reproachable« joreliCfe, to read cc 

jorefailelie^ Reproach Up- cire, read before 

brai'ling, Expoftulation,£x- joretotfer^ a Le<^re 

probration, Obje£(ion. • — . ^ 

Høvtfommt, Ctomnie t gor« 

9Ctcnp ro come before one, to 
get tneS'art of, tJ» bc fore- 

liand with« (forebuøac) to 

prevenr, anticipare, ubviate, 

Keep off, ftop, ftay, balk, ^^reløbe^ (een) i 

hinder, (iebt foxbij to out- outgo, overtake o 

ram ouribrip, outgo, ouc- foralt) to rnn bd 

walk, come bcfore. Cowr- 5oreløbent)e,prclimi 

aade) to fnrpafj,, cxcel O?' mirting, prcviow 

nw) ro nppear. fecm, look. A^^r 

(forefalbe) bJfali, f^ll out, ^ ";: 

happt n, <V)me ro pafs, occur. S^^^m^^f i*/ ^J.«"" 

(faabanne^ilfffifee forefalbe «"^^"' Harbmge 
j»er2)ag) fnch Cafes are ve-^^relfife fig i cen# u 

tr in a Church, C 

jorelottninø^ a Rea< 
ture, Reading alo 

SovtUt, CSi(!) aTr 

moured Or in Lov« 
be fmitten with Le 

(befCtgen) to grov 

rely or over Head 
in Love with onC] 
upon him. 

ryobvious, or happen cvcry 

Diiv. (beftc forefrtfber ofte i 

IBibc(en) this Word occnrs 
ofren in rhe Bible, (htt fore« 

falber mtø nnber(ia) it looks 

ftrange to me. (møbe^ to 
come in yonr Way. be Hght- . 5oreIffet, cnamonrec 
cd upon, be obvious, meet with, fmlttemchar 
^*^" *^* (giøre f.) to enara* 

Jorcf^mmelfc , Prevcntlon, g^relirningi an extr< 
Anticipation* ^ Doting« 

5øref amroenbe,prev5nted &c« gøitne, CfoTttfe) 

Soreforgge^ (tSdøe noøet for ' agree, Record, rec* 
een) to lay fomcrhing before toRights thofc>cha 

to ') 229 ( ^ 

r/ t Referendar y, 

;o preventtdecline, 
bviate, aver c« di- 
lel, drive or keep 

5J*P revennen, Ob- 
Declining* Avcrp- 

[rctntt^en^ a Pre- 


Delivery, ^rof)o- 
oHcion, a Proje£^ 

øiere eC be^dørløf 

to deliver yonr- 
nrell, to have an 
Uttcrance or De- 
\ have a fine Way 

:y. (j Uhtaltn) 

tion« C^at>C tt 

i^aø t UbfaCen) to 

! properlv« 

jorcflaoc) to pro- 

pound. O ^n 3lf» 
to expofjexplain* 
rterTuisctoTc, dis- 
irc, makcaRepoTC 
loHcøium) to rcfcr 
rffc) 'O pVefer one 
mother. (Ube ftø 
brage) to hear a 
informed of it, 

I, preferable» ad* 


jeil# adv. prcfcra- 

f. 5^re^raø. 

19/ EJfpofition, 

(tilbrflØC (la) to 
pafs* to come to 
nit» occur, offer it- 


ieginning, be oc- 
ar i fe« 

e, f. €jr. C»cb foi 
£ci(iflbeb) if Occa- 

befbre 6r nrft* co preceoe, 

' (meb gobe templer) to fec 

good Examples before eno- 

thcr. (oocrøiiae) to cxcel, 

fnrpafs. Cfotcfalbc) ro pafs, 

come to pafs« 
joregaaenbe^ adv. preceding> 


jorcgaaet|^e^ C Preceding 

Prccedence, Precedency« 

^oregiør e , (pih ', t^ottebc* 
ttt fPdl øiøreO to f hew one 
how a Thing f hall be done« 
to fhewhim how to imitate« 

SovtQlvtf roeiveout, fpread a 
Reportf asfert a Thing, re- 

late. CfftUcfor tilataWéxi) 

to propofe to oné*$ Decifion* 

C(om cn UnbflfQlbntng) to 

pretend, alledg^ for an Ex- 
cufe, pleød, ufe a Pretext« 
Colour or Cloak. Q^ittttn 

noget for at terc) to pre- 

fcribe, inj«in one a Lesfon 

(een et SItbeibe) to fet one a 

foregivender Saying» Rela- 
tion, Report, Asfj^rtion* 

CSoreDAibing) P? ctenccPte-- 
text,Palliating9 Show or Ap« 
^cve^ave, to deflgn, purpofc 
contrive, intend, nndertake 
or enterprize a Thing. go or 

be about ic. (bfl^e een for# 
ei;amtnere) to examine, or 

try one. (baoe tt gOtfldN 
for) to be girded wiih ai\ 
Solt^aven^e# f. Affaiy, Qccn- 

pation, Undertaking or En- 
terprize. («njlag)aDcagn, 
Purpofe, Intention. 

5ore^aren^e/ dcfigncd, in- 
tended , purpofed^ 

5orc|>ÆigeMogeri to hang be- 
fore, to vcil, cover with a 
Veil» 10 b^ hanging bcforc, 


%9> ) %i^ ( %^ 

adminiftertgovem or mtnafte 
rheDaciesofyoiirOffice* Cf* 
Mte fdt 0»eO «o be ovcr,i>re- 
fide« rule» govern> adtnini- 
fter or manage, to have 
.Charge, Rule. Overfight of 
aXhingftohave (he Manage- 

uiencotir« Cfltt^UUO '0"^^~ 
nage, govcrn or adnrnif^er 
yowr Uonfe-Corcerns,Cocrre 
nat) to be nr Hånd, draw 
near appro^ch^ hang over 
thc H«ad» be flard by, to 
chrearen. (flaac forOC^ to 
ftand beforc. 
5ore(laaen^e^ ncar, at Hånd, 
immin^nt, threatening. ap- 

Sott(tctnq€f to har, barricade^ 
fliut With a Ba^;* 

5orc(!<xngntng/ Barring* Bar- 

Sovt^t, I forefl. 

jore(liUe noaet^ (oorrc nogeO 

upon as fomebody. (oitte f, 
nogcO ^^ afl^c«ll Grcatnefs (f. 
»ed ^iMtt, to reprcfent bv 

Figuies. C^oaa @fuep(atKii) 

CO t^^, reprefcnt, exhibiu 

Cen WiAtihUnqi tt ®per$é< 

ftlOdl) to rtatc a Qiicftion, 
(ccné $<rfon) to reprefcnt 
one's Perfon, (f. ctU, cené 

93crfoii paa Sfuepldbfcn) to 

■^» play or.e's-Pjrt on rhe 
Stage, (i fig nDflcO to con- 
ceivc, imagine to one's fcif« 
' formanldea ofaThing* (f, 
ilOgCt iiKlfltiflCn>o reprefcnt 
or fec out in lively Celoiirs, 
or ro rhe Life. (ccnnoscO^o 
reprefent to one's View or 
Sightt propofe, propound, 
lay it before him. (f.ltogct 

f et etter iffe vct) to fovm a 

proper Idea of, to iodgc well 
or ifl of; CWi^ ffa{ bit f.) 

what it the Meanii 
(((ii dig fer. fom c 
gitre SKegafrab)be 

ed, as if you wer 
Account (f. ftg '. 
thinkofDeath. Q 


' foine(hing;makea 
the Magiltrate« ( 
Ømbede) to rcprel 
propofe him for ar 

lHg» fom om 5ct 


(man tal tf fe f. (i 

nor to be imagme 

(fornbcliøen) to c 

tiate or defcriba i 
cumrtances« Cf« 9^ 

fy. Cmindrej to al 
minifh (fremfltSe 

fent yourfelf to « 

Met» f* for .f onga 

prefcnred to the ] 

joreiliUing/ an Id« 

røetrafltning) ' 

tion, Rcflcybon« 
judging, thinkingi 

CiiierefiaenSO i 

form an Idea of* 
J., froc^ to btb> 

judgc. (^iøtt en 8 
ben om en @dg) 

ftrate a Matter to 
him Information o 


is duly explained 

man gt>r een) a i 
tion, o 9Caa^cO 
(paa éfucplalfen! 


of .1 Plny. (gorer 

jMrefcntion, (til Cl 



£ore|lttting6 ttvnt, 
ginative Faculty. 

«> ) a3S < 8* 


lioHsndwirk take 
. nt^pBpcoitcrpfirc* 
Oc9 propo(«»rablvé'» 

iri#re m) to cry» 

t npon fojHiett^poa 

tfo mft AH intftrmptcd 

fct ic on Foot agt in* 

3 dCf ?) whac are 

m vnilirulctfiy en« 

i« xakcn ktk Hånd. . 

ilW^ fl Defign, In- 

Parpofc, Fro|2^x 

h Bncerprixe, tJn- 

ift. Ci^tO tn Ex- 

Btnrsns Aft. an har- 

rprize> boldUnder- 

Otopffe fore) to 

iCurcflin« ClioeSot* 
^prefer> adVance a 
liing befor64Miocher» 
t becrer, iqake more 
t of* cfteeita er fet 

Bøfs9# preferable» 
iteø/ j[oretr«rfeU 

cfcrancc«' Preroga« 

taV preferrad. 

i ccti noget f CO rell 
in pne fonn^ching (ive 
^ry Timesy to repeat 
in( very ofcen to one« 

t, to pretend, plcad> 

erence* Pretéxt» Co- 

CToak« alledge for 

Bfs. CB^htttO to 
I Stcknefs« 

inø/ X^aaHnh)^ a 

«, Pretext^ palliat'^ 


inz SJieir or Appaarance« . 

Colour. C^nptt' invttnø 

hiOii) under Coloor« ^ . > 
S^fvlj^ntk^ K'nowledfl(^ 
(ubeit mit t^titiMSt) 
wi^oar my.rRnowledge* 
5ortl^i9e^ toetarni|ie» iqimor- 
. talize»perpeciutc oiia*4JNfaine* 
^orepiaelfef Eierniziijg« • 
j^otivifh toi f haw fortn« • pr^ 
duce, exhibic* ofTeis daiflwr* 
prcfenr* displåv* dis€ov£r» 
disclofe, ^xpoCe iomedbing 
to che P^oplé*aViaw tf rSigbU 
SøvtviitVf an£jc]iibicor> Bca^ 

«r. ", 

^oreviUitinøi a Shewing fbttb 
of anyTbing* a.Pr^ocing» 
£xhsbirion» Kaprarenration« 

S^ iEirempelf for Éxamptfr 
for Inftance« 

jorfa^^r^ a Forcfather. An- 

Sotfa^i^tf Foreiathcr8> Ance- 
ftorst FredecalTors« the An« 

jorfotbreø Ct^# Antiqaity« (i 
Sorf(e^elSi5)flndendy« in 
former Times. of01d«tnold 
Times* ' 

Jorfoegrc, f. forfegte* 
SotianBtiigp (fem 5er er intet 

Dtb)vain> frivolour« Aight« 
tranfient. pasfing« worldly* 
ing* COPPiø) luxuriont* ef« 
feminace* deltcace* 

5orf«ngeUgen# vainly, aftert 
worldly Manner» prondly« 
with Oftentatfon* 

SotiangtUgbt^, Vanuy»Emp- 
tincfs, WorMlineftt Pomp. 

C9pp«rte6)Liixiiry: (6(rffe» 

$rb, Vrolcrie) Pride, Often- 
tacion, fioafting* Cracking« 

jorftftrbe/ to tcrrify> Mj^hu 

imasa« . 


$0 ) 134 ( f O 

llfiHiSt* daant, pnt one in « 
Frighr,Perp1exiry or Amflze, 

Jorf^r^tlfg, (frcrffclig^hor- 

•• rible, tetribie, drcadfol, 
frightfiilf horrid, cremen- 
^oiis, dismflli hideousfghaft- 

' marvelloius, ftiipendous« im- 
m^nfe, vaft, niige, 

jcrfitrteiigéfii terribly, 

• frighrfnlly &c, 

5orf(rrMfr# Horror, Con- 

^ fternarion, Terror> Friglit, 

•joff(rr^ef » ro be affrigbted, 

fcåred» fUctléd, perpléxed, 

ftunned« difmay'd, to take 


5otf(erbetr affrighted, tdo- 
fiifhed, furprifed. 

jorfcer^ige# co pcrform« tnake 
rcady, dispacch« finifh, ac- 
complifh. bring ro PtrftC' 
tion, pntthelal! orfinifhing 

Hånd to, (fororbcibc fom en 
i)aanb9ftfémanb) to make, 

labricar«, bc doing or beat 
Wurk wIth aThing.(<ii^pg) 
to comDofe a Book. (tt ^D« 
CttinenO,to draw up aWric« 
jorfÆtbtCtelfer a Pcrfor*arcc, 
Doing orF.laboiarion of foine 
Work, the Ge'n'ng it done, 
finifhed, concludsd, pcrftc- 
fed. CSorof beibclfOthc Mak- 
ing orMinufaf^urrre of forne 
Work. (af tf &ti\>t) a Coin- 

5orf«i •^i5er| a Workcr, Mak- 
er, Aiuhor. 

Sov fctv t> i 9 • tf performed, 
finifhed, made, mannfac- 

5#rfalt>, C?)in6nHg) Hin- 
drance, Obdaclc, Impedi- 
menr. C(ot)fit) Jorfdlb i cn 
tKtt) Esfoine or Excufc for . 
Kon-appearancc in rbo 

Conri, Cttformtjenejiø Jer* 

fan} flti iinexpe« 

5orfal^f (»wn) K 

cty, Decline, FalL 

Sovfrnih, (^(cmfardf 

Devolution, Forfei 
fifcation. C^tXtH" 
raHon of p Bill or 
5orfalt>€r to declin 
go to Wrcck, run 
talt, waf^e, weara> 
Ruin. O @pilb) ti 

Sin. (fom eC 9ui] 

ruinous, grow out • 

(forfnrbe fom tt < 

be wafted. (5eil 

(fom ®eirler/ %fr 

expire, fc(eoBt> be« 

Sovial^n, (ruineret; 

dccay'd, gonc ro 1 
.Dccay, wafted. (til 
baucned« lewd, lo 
®t|Itr le.^ payafc 

out. (fom ®obé) 
Goods. (biemfaion 

cd, forfeited. 
jorfaI^ent>e^# Rnin 

the Being in a ta 
ruined Condition« 

Sotfal^OiZi^fi the 
Paymcnt, or when 

goi-frtljFC/ to falfify, 
a.iwlrcrate, baftardi 
fticatC) corrup*. ( 

nal. (cttié ^aanb) 

ttrfeit or forge a 
'SWmiQ to dcba 
*^tin) to balderda 
^Scrninflcr) to cog 

Sorfalffer, a Countci 

Sov^alffttf falfi6ed, a 


%t i) <a35 '{ ' $0 

■g^ Ftlfifioition* 
f • AdalcaradiigtSo- 
lofw Corfaprins. 
Hl lapcdiiiMiit* Ob- 

Miniioe* CftoteSO 


uSbf CMmMc) CO 

rcironc» coproceed 

flLilirnU vell-ikil- 
iwnig* €3cperienced> 
n tn Art or Science* 

vj^c^ Experienæ, 
kbilicy« Rnowledge« 

^ Eniaicion* Licera- 

^ Dercription« Com- 
» Colleaing. (gør* 

vms. C@tdnb^ Sti* 
Hkc> Condition.Cafe« 
trder> Dispofirionor 
lancc of fl Fer fon or 

Claac i gorfatnina 

■Døet )to bc «pon thtt 
f doing fomethihg* 

CO compofe« com- 
m up or coach forne- 
iWriting. (forfofte 
ni^roabridge. (fota 
jcrO to rhyoie* pot 

t. Cct 3*<^€iitanttiir) 

icory* C^rttttcO to 
>Aaciior» Compofer* 

p wrictent compeOeTy 

Cficftare^ to ftand 

asTcrt« inaintatn9 vin* 

cobntenance, con« 

:»tend, fi9;fitfor* (ttt 

re dc£ma or inaintaio 

jorfegtetf a Deftnder* Main* 
cainer. (paa en ScøtefPale) a/i 

Uf her in a Fer.cing-School^ 

forftgter, defendtd, asftrted« 
orfegtnitigf a Defence« 'Pro- 

te£bion> Mainccnance* 
^orfeile# to want« faiL 
jor^affe,C4C(o^^]) toraiApfi^ 

tumble. rofRe, (fiDtt&fej to 

foilt fooU'or divty« 
jorfiertingf a Shonlder, tha 

Foreqaarrer, foarth Pare of 

killed Cactle» 

{orf!eøe# fl pleia« 
[prffeøntnø/ f. pUie* 
tørf{^ieit/ (atlO wildt inor- 
dinace. loofe^ licentJtolif« ^f« 
Dtb) a Word rafh* inc.*:nfi- 
derately blurted ou^.Cf*9e{r) 
a boifteroai« blofteringWea- 
thcr* (f» i(llØ(e) a Bnllec 
jorfl^niRø, CSorllnttclf«) a 

Removal t Transportation* 

jorflttte# to rcraove, ttans- 

So fe« transfer«, er anøport* (et 
^rceO to transplacc a Tree» 
put it into anorner Groand« 

fen (Canto (o disolant. (et 
^ArffHel 00 6teen j to remo« 

▼e» change» fhift» displaqe 
tranfer or transnofe a Meer- 
ftont. (00 9oUøJI to remova, 
change vonr Abode. (een til 

ctanbet)Sm6c^e)to n*anslate 

one to another Office* 

Sorfl^et/ removed, transpna« 

^otfltve/ tofty away, wing tt 


jpttt^b^tt/ Fore-Feer. 
jorf^ifflc^ (ben ttf et 6teb) 

to repan-* tefort« get to a 
Flace* ((^iem) to reiarn 
home* , 

jorfølg^ (een) to purfoe, per- 
fecnte one« (gten^) t« 



• ■■ 

cksfe* porfoe rhe Enemy. jorfrntt^ty to frt&c 

Hu ceaEe, vexone« (udføre forfremme i to adv 

fil 6o0 '^ por^ue , profe- ther « promote « 

ctire» conttnue a Bufinefs. jorfrcmme [fe , Adi 

Cfln 9kO ^<^ furthtr your Fuft^e^anc€» Pr 

Way« ffo on« forfremmer # a 

^orf^lgelfei CS^rføIgOino) Promoter, Fauto 

Perfecutiont Parfuit, Profe- jorfremme6f to go f 

• cntion« (J^ld^t') Perfecutton, on, to raife or adv 

• Vtxfltiont Teazing« felf, to get Prcfi 
Sorføigeri a Perfecucor« Pur- jorfremmet# fanh 

fuer. vcncpd. 

jorf^re , CPM »fret) to lead jotfriffei to refref h 

a(li ay» to corrupr« mislead« rencw* rcvive, rec 

faduce. (jxftiiti^t Oemittct) ken« 

tocorruptfpervert.debaudi, jorfrifPeffei Refrefl 

dapravc, tempc> draw in in- creation, Renewtr 

nocent Minds. (fta fttl HiU ing , Récruiting« 

dgtieD) te take one oft', di ver c ^^rfriff enOe « refref 

Iiim from his Application* creativc, Cf* 2)tfl 

Cmct Ot5} to wheedlc> de- rant Liqtior. 

coy, cajole (en 3omfrue) to S^^^^^i^^^f ^^ ^« 

debanch a Virgin, enrice her to r^crcare yourf 

to lifcivious Fmbraces. '5orfrifTet# refrefhec 

Ctabe Ud forføre of flette @el' ed 8t^. 

iTatiOto fnftcrvonrfclfto jorfriffninø, f. S« 

oe, lednced, dcbauched, •: . ._, " -^ X 

tbnfcd or depraved by ill 5c>«^frW«t»ffØ'5^«^«} 

Company. C« grucntimmec ofcomtortabU U 

fif UtUøO to intice, tempt ^^l^fr^flfen/ frozen, 

a W^man to Unchadenefs. ten, chilledt chili 

5orf^reltg# corrtipt»ng, catch- Cold. (gahffe fO 

ing, eharmtng* incicin^. or ftarved with Co 

jorf^reliø^ebr Power of inti- fPiær) chilly* fe 

c>ng, Charmingnefs* Cold. 

aorf^relfe, Seduaion, Mis- ^orfrofieit&eD , 

leadinj, Cornipting, De- Numbnefs. 

baiiching. c e r u 

Sorf^rcr, Sedncer, Tcmpter, SWl^Vfc / ro be or fi 

Corrupter, Debanchcr. wuhCold, to '^e J 

m ^e^ ru r j ' . I j zen , to congeal. 

SorfØviffr feducing, nwslead- c c , ^ r j 

ing, inticing, catchlng. (f. S^rfillgt, pcrfecuted 

S>rt'f) a treicherous Liquor, ^^* 

5wf^rt, fcduced, misled, de- SotfiUne, tocormpt 

bauchcd. t«*«^ » S»*o^ «"<*f^ 

5orfra, at ihc firft, from tbe Sorfitlnet, rotten, 

Beginning. (beøQtlbe forfta) 5*^f"t«»"5' Cornip 

CO oegin anew, afrefh^ rrcfa:bon» 


»vtrfill» oirerhetp, ((« né Q}rebe er ferdMee) Mi 

»o oiachk Cftf fot# ' 'Rø^ h«s fubfided« (dg) to 

> fnrnHt yotirfelf, comroit s Bland«r » be onr* 
raa>^OB» ftviTor to extravagate, commitEx-. 
Belljy ([pfifft fer travag;ance9 fail in yoarDnty» 
fnrfaic yoarftlf in ' take a falfe Step« f^imob Uh)* 

faååWYfmtC%\ft to ofren()» ditoblige« dit- 

yoorfclf; g:iift on«» 

M« til Ønmøf) to jorgaar^9 an outwand Coom 

ecav, 611 to'De*^ aForeconrt. anArta or >^i«. 

RoliH b« dbnihi- ry. (for en Sir(e) a Parvia, 

eftroyM, (all or ConrtbaforeaChnrch'PoirciC 

Dthing, C^Mc ^^rgaarfi (t Borøaari) th«\ 

) to patTawdV« ex- Day befort ycilerday. 

»ver* tobtipentt 5^røabefre# a foolifh Adnii- 

«way (oftaøe fom ration of a Thing, a Dotuig 

|^dre# &^n icO on. 

dccay, fail , da- forgabe (lø/ O ceo) to be ex- 

ow weak> orfeo- tremely for.d of« to dotc 

IC t)9XttSt 00 8911 tak^ or bétwitched . 

) I was patbefide wirh ene. 

»ratit. (f.afCSer« jocgabec tf fond of » dottng 

B away by Grit^ to on, takcn with. 

I Sorrow. CmftR S^rg<«ngelig/ perifhable, cor- 

igaae derpoer) it ruptible, pasfmg, transient, 

ieonepinehimfelf cransitory, 

(Xaalmobifbeben ^^rgcengelig^eb/ Perifhable^ 

^ow out of Patien- nefs Transitorinefs« 

nyPatienceibrra- ^org<enger/ a Predecesfor« 

pes roe, I loferov ^orgAmmel # fnperannuated, 

ipon it« my Stock grown out of Date« anriquae- 

ee i$ qnite fpent. ed, ftale* paft the Belt, 

» f. ned 9(lertn) ^^rcfangeiti paft« expired; 

;ih dccays, decrea- (${atteO er f.) Ni«ht is fpent, 

I with Arc. C6ma' pait (f . ©og) Ult Day. (forr ^ 

iaa<eeeii) I tnout toten) lofl, perifb^d. 

Dcroebmaa^aUet jorgavl^ a Fronc> Forefront, 

> tliar itapt ro put Facing. 

if a hnghing Hu- jorgemafr an Anti-chamben 

tn £o# er ferøaneC a Withdrawmg-room. 

Longing is over, jorgielbee^raninDebtindelit- 

le. lay'd. asfaaged, ^ j , ^^^ Head atid "fcars in 

?en over my Lon- ^^f,,^ 

Far cy IS over. rfon o • ^ • n. \ ^t 

disappear, vanif h ^ormemr, growing ftale. (f.. 

I eraporare; (om. '^ ^^^ ^^^^P- 

aØeciO <o be caft jorgUt mig ei f (9tom$) 

be foft» tp perifh« Moufeear , Germander, 

$6 ) 238 ( %0 

éMUtttt (forølemmO co for- 

'fcec, anlearn. (fiøfetotScr 

fin W^O to forket yonrfelf. 
5or8ieoee,a'Jj) vain, fruirlefs, 

improfirablev inefFednal. 
SotQ]tOt$, adv. in vain, vain- 

ly, t«» no Purpofe. (øi^reffg 

foraiei>cé Umage) co lofe 

your Labonr. 
^orgift# Poifon, Venom, 

^orøtfte^ to poifom envenoin> 
convey Poifon inio fonie- 
tliing, infea. (f. JJilO to 
poifon Arrows* C^ab# 
%>rtffO to poifon Meat, 
Drink , convcy Poifon into 
it« infed it wirh Poifon. 
(£uftcn) to infea Air. 

5^rsifttgr poifonous, venom- 
ons< peftiferous, peftilencialt 

' infcaious« (om MTteo) pe- 

ftiferous, pefHlcntiali infec- 

tioas Air. 
j^trgtftig^c^i Peftilence, In- 

jorgiftelfCf Poifoning, Enve- 

nomingi Infeaion* 
Sotg\ovtf fafcinatcd, bewit- 

ched, maleBciated; languifh- 

ing, pining. 
SoVf^^Vt, to Dewitch, fasci- 

natt, to inchant. 
jor^jøretfei Fafcination, Be- 

Sovc,i6vcV9 an In£hanrer. 

^orøive/ (Drccbc meb ®ifO to 

poifon, envenom, kill with 

P»ifon, (SorfPteflen imellem 
at forcjifte oå f orgioe ,^ bet 
Utdt er at befænøe/ M fiMle 
at ti 4 :)c meb Sorgifr). 

jorgtvc, (Sirr) to deal the 
Cards the wrong Way. 

jorgivelfer (meb (Bift) Poi- 
foning, Killing with Poi- 
fon, Venefice. 

SoVQiaitt to vitrify, make 
transparent lik« Glafs. 

^orø(aøitt09# Vicrification. 

Sot^ltmmt, to forg« 
gctfulof. (cfterU 

te) to n«g.eft, 1 

omit. C^et ffaf aU 

$Umn all f halt b 
ted , o« blotted o 
roory, be bnried 
Obhvion. (btt (I 
g(emt) it escapec 
SovQltt^mtUg , wo 

jorglemmelfef Oblii 

getfninefs, Obli^ 
Kegleafulnefs. Cb< 
to throw ofT to O 
jprglemt/ forgoetei 
ratedt negleded. 
jorgnave# ro corro4 

nibble totally« 

(orgnavelfCr Com 

[orguAvenbe , con 

(orgticbtr diHolved 

in Te;:rs, alt in T 

Sov^tav, (i ic^fha 


jorgtAve, Ci^xatt m 

ter, bu ry, lay, hit 
into che Ground« 

SovQvavtx, O @ca 
deeply engaged wi 
given op to deep S 

^orgribcMcr Misttk« 
fight , Blander* 
Crinic, Trcspafs» T 
fion, Offence. 

forgribe (tg# to mista 
een) to abufe, infu 
hurt, offend, wrc 

body. CimobtotKn 

pafs, fin, offcnd a 

Laws. (paa cn Cafl 

bczzie a Caf h. (g 
to mistake. (poa < 
ment) co blunder oi 

SorgroCf (groe fan 

årow to^ether. 
if od) to grow wi 
thick and buf hy. i 
to grow laxnriant 

• '1 

%9 ) aa9 { %p 

^ i» dcify. 

r, Ma«d. 

féfff Apocbcofiia or 


•Bffl^r forG«d*s 

I. ro gild« do over 


Kf • GiMer« . 

riBg# Gildinc» 


i^to hopct lio»€for» 

fBflig, CO or Gucf. 
ti I ckink » nope or 

mtMp . Expeattiofi* 

tf ferftaotntaø) be- 

^ Expe^atioiu 
G 6piO tHe tider 

IC 80 <o ''^ ^^^ 

or h4ve the Itad- 

, CM forteøc af 

lÅ} the Infide of the 

_ jf nævv4tvtn^t, 
t% kmant, approach* 
tnwing night coming 

■bdt^' tdv brugcl 00 1 
le Cfor^rcn^ for ^aan« 

ochallenee, defjr or 

bl one to fight. 0><sre 
^åonbtn me5 een) to 

I Dvel with one. 
ty to afTrotit, niock* 
BDC« hifs him out« fcef 
;li at hifD» infutt him» 
ite» ri die ole him* 
dfét Mockery« Ban- 
Derifion» Scofiing 
iting at« 

tt, a Mockertr* Ban» 
{f# iiio€ked» dertdcd* 

jor^ilbt; pdidva« hatcfblt haK 
ed, heinoas. (giøte fiø i)^*' 
draw the Odiuni of Paojpl« 
upon you, (hlitt fO to m* 
cnr thé Hatred of fomebodf« 
^ort»aM# adv, hatefolty &x^ 
Sor^orttg, aCooruio orVail* 
CtKorCfe 8 for), to draw tho 
Curtflin« Ctt^ttt 8- fra fUn 
op) to ondraw the Cnr tf in«, 
(for et 91ttar) an Antiptn* 
: dium of an Altar. 

Sovfyctngt) to hang. (enfntté) 

to hang aLock before aDoor. 
Sor^a^r^e# to harden« render 

hird, to obdarate« to ftæU' 

Cfid) ^^ h.^rden- grow hard«' 
jor^itr^elfe # ^ t Hardening« 

Sot^ccv^ttt hardened. obdu- 

rare, fteefed« obftinate. 
Sovf^ait, to defer. delay, pot 

okt retard« prolong Time, 
jorl^aler^ a Lingerer or Pro- 
longer of Time9 a Dallier* 

Sovf^altt, deferred, put o^ 

Sor()alittg# a Retardation* 

Delaying, Deferring or Pro- 

longing of Time. 
^or^alør the Throat. 

Sor^«nMe# (((rlaO ^o f«"« 

vend, utter or put oflTGoods* 
to tråde, drive a Tråde with» 
Caf(ant)te]) to treat on , de- 
bute or discnfs a Matter. 
jorbatiOling / (@atø) Sale, 
V<ndit>g. C^fl^anOlmø) a 

Trcating of a Matter« 

5or&ailelfe# too greatHafte, 
Hurry , Frecipitatiom 

jor^afle Hq, to make too mnch 
Ha((e, to hurry« be in too 
great Haftc, be in a Hurry* 
haften too much« to ptecipi^ 

Sor(^a(li9, too hafty> precipi- 

%i> > 040 ( ff^ 

^H^nfU^tttf adv, coo haftily, 

jotl^ctl^ nfore, beforei tforc- 

hånd , heretofore t before 

tilis Time. 
jort>c]trc» to bewitch, inchant> 

charm « fafcinate« 
S^xfytvttt inchanted) fascina- 

ced , bewitched* 
Sovfyt^ninq, Bewitching, In- 

€hancing, Fafcinacion« 
jor(^je(pCf (een) to help, aid 

or aafift one. (^I tl^øcQ ^^ 

help one to ger fomething. 
Sor^itlvnitlQ , Help , Aid, 

Asiiltance , Relief« 
^or|>ttt^erlig# contrary, wtiar 

may hinder, be nfHindrance« 
5or^in^re/ to hinder, let, 

flopf obfb'u£l,cuinLer, clog, 

divcrt one from, keep off*, 

inrerrupt, crofa, balk, dia 

5or(>ittbrct , hindrcd , let, 

ftopt &c. 
Sor(^in^rin9 / Hind^rance. 

Stopping, Stoppage, Impe- 

dimcnr, Crosfmg, Disap- 


Scvpipptt vaa i taken or be- 
witched with, fond of, eager, 
greedy of» 

5or^>ol^, COpfarfcf, ©anbcQ 

Bchavionr, Carrfai':c,Deporr- 
mcnr, Demea!ioiir,rondu*fl» 

Bearing. C^aa^eac<)aaettf 

^ath J^aa) Way, Manner 
of Procccding or Mr-naging 
iin Affair. (i ©iørrclfC/ 
50laoO Proportion, Equali- 
ty, Evenncfs, Conformiry. 
O Sort)Ol5 meb) in Propor- 
tion, proportionably to. 

Sor^ol^e, (rifbaacboIbO to 

wichhold, ketp back, detain« 
(ftt?5<inb)tohold, retoinor 
fopprefi your Water. (^aO 
Ut, $rebe IcO to keep back, 
fupprefs , llifle , refrain 

Laiighter &c» feer 
fen) to be in fnch 
Condition« '(bttfo\ 

foaledcé mtb Øaøi 

the Cafe with the B 
thar il the State wii 
(inefs, fo it lies, g< 
fuah Terms ir i«. ( 

»et mer iihO to ca 

demean deport « 
yonrfclfwefl or i\\ 

SKaafefonfen) to 

Froportion co, 

jorboCbø TLtttft, t C 

4orM^Ø^eeU Prof 


3^r^ol^fma(f|T9# I 
nal, analogical* 

jorbolbeor^re / ( 
Order, Prefcript; 

jcrbolt>6riørig, wc 

jort^olbf/ retained 

Sot^ctt, Cfæetc tø 

rer) ro whore a 
Esrare, fpend ji 
on Whores» 

5or borer # weakenei 

red by wliormg, 

Sovbovt^, the F< 
the Head. 

5orbøie/ fccifc i? 
exalt, hcighten, e 
up, sdvance, raife 
to raife the Price« 
inhance, endear 
dity< tomakeaTi 
(et i;)uué) to raif« 

5or^oUIfe# the He 
Elevation, Raifin; 
fen) the Enhar>ci 
Price. C^OéfRa(< 

iHQtUf @ncdférc 

orRelievo inPainti 

1^ ) Ml i .?«> 

^f^^ imboifed 

an Éniihence« a 

ifolcL Qom cn 
Motu i »arene, 


iearing« Eximi«* 
rifoner* aTrial« 
n^^r^ the Hcar- 

ir€a.(;pimriat S») 

tage I 80 <o ®x* 
ne. (frcmfomroe 

sfent yourrdf to 


titemtne/ efter« 

ter, take Infor- 
»ndeavoar toget 

ion of. (afføre 

amtnaWimeues, ' 
ve their Depofi- 

or6ri>ber) to ex- 

CriminaC Cl^^re 


Dce or Forefkii^t 


6f ib) to tarr or 
ip* I 

Cet efil>) the 
Sheating' of a 

rberM) to fpoiU 

ve> haddle. Lun- 

tlræe) to fpoil 

atting it« to cut 
9 @foi») to ftop 
of a Wood wich 
iber, Trce« la i i 
IC Way* (®cicn) 
oppiiatey bar or 

jor^iiøningf theStoi^plng or 
Oppilating of Wayss^a Batrl* 
C'daof Trcas.y 

5^i*bnngi*e# CiAH fuffe il^UU 
omfomioe, af fi^un^er) to 

ftarve with Hunger, to 

famifh. (ooifomme åf &uii» 

geO toflaj^'vc^erirh» famifh 
witn Hungeir, * 

jorbutiør<ryfiiiiiirhed.(larve4> ' 
f harp fat or pinchtd with 

lorbuuø, the Fronthoufe« 

lorbvab? for what? 

\ot ^vtml forirhom? 

lotf^vttvtå to acquire, pnr* 
chafe, win» get» gain, earn« 

(fit iBrøb må ff or Skeii) to 

take great Påins> to ma^ 
hard Shifc to get your 

S^tifvtvvtift, C8or{)»er»n>ni) 

an Acqiiifitaon>Getting«Pur- 

jorbverveti an Acquirer. 
jorbvetii^ee, ptqniredi gained 

^orb^e, to hire." 

3ori<7trte/ topromife, f. lot>e. 

3oria(tcelfe#arroinire. f.ili&p« 


j^rjage^ tochafe* drive awaf, 
dislodge, expel one« (af . 

ianb oa giiae# fra ii>uué dø 

®aar))J t«> banifh, exiL' or 
outfaw one, drive him from 
Houfc and Home. C^nftcfl) 
to ovetridei jade or fuun« 
der fl Horfe. 

rharmg away» Dislodging, 

Caf £anb og d^i^O ^^ £x'j«» 

Banit htacnt* 
5drjapet|Chafed, diivenaway, 

5or iBøe at talt om, not to" 

ipeåk offWichottt mentioning 

joriitø, Fodder* MeatforCAtr 

- Ue. '^ 

- 4 


%^ ,) 04^ < f 

1^ itttet/ for iiOthin^, grttii. 
»r i Spibf^n^ ae che Hetd of« 
tor i Vtltn, before Hånd, 
\otiWt Hq, ro fly out inro Pflff- 
fion, be angry or transported 
with Anger* 
"S^fff « Fork«. Tridenr, 
S^vfalft, Citf^r^tnittO- to cal- 


SotMfning, Calciiuition. 

30rfAil# i^tfaftttf rejeaed, 
caft« thrown or flung away, 

Sovtaftt, (forfPobe) to rejeft, 
caft, throwor ningawny, re- 

fuff« (forlæøøe^ ro put o«t 

• ofthtWay. 

• j|orf4(leIt9» reprobable, or 

that dcfervet to be rejc^ed> 

Sotfnfttlftf jorfailnitts* Re- 

jeaion, Rebvff» Itelufah Re- 

S^vfaftti, f. fort4|t 

jjorfaftning^ f. jorroileire« 

jorfeertnø; (cf 6pip Back- 
gammon« Backgaming« ' 

^ovftnt, perverted» turntd 
up an £nd» upfidc down* 
topfy-turvy/f. ©crfen) Per- 
verfcnefs. (f. TOenoc(Pc) a 
pervcrfe, malfcioos Perfon* 

SovUttt, adv. thewrongWay« 
pnrpofleroBsly, crofs, <]iiite 
concrary« topu-curvy^npfide 

down. (f^tftaat, bømtnef.) 

to take in t wron^ Senfe, 
jadge wrongt misjudj^e« 

jorfccrt^e^f Perverfenefs, 

tforPieU^ ro dandle» fondle, 
faddle, or cocker. (fotfieU 
tt 9aril) to faddle, debauch, 
corrupt, deprave or fpoil a 
Child» indalge* humoiir« 
cockert allow orpermir htm 
too muchito overccndcr hiuu 

Sorfieliiiø^ Coch 

dling, Fondlinj 
S&tfi^b, Freeropi 
een i 80 ro anti 
vent one, to fo 

jotriøbe flø/ to fa 



^orfi<^le, f. forf< 

jorfiører (en $)e 

der an Hørfe« ji 


fi^tfiøvt, overrii 

Rovflot^t, an Apt 
SorflarO&fitf, rod 

ved, matk yow 

jovTIobbelfe. aDi 

vefhng, coont« 


Jorf laffe, to calui 
der, »rperfe) d 
ctife fatfly* 

Sor?lAfeIfe/ Cali 
der, Afperfton, 


jorf lagff to accu 
inform againft* 

Sorl'UgcIfe^ an 
Tnformation, Cfi 

jorf lager # an / 

fertotfe^ toiUai 
date, clear» U] 
pUin, txpoonc 
to gtofi or con 

(noget/ fometv 

todecipher* (w 
CO aliøgortze*((i 

9» ) 99$ c %i: 

V yonr TkovKhc^ to. 

Iiin. Ctf^cUfC«) K^ 
mfv.prorc with Ctr* 
^cMin) CO declaret 
. ■msiftft* denottnc« 

%• cransfigmact wt 

^ theGlorificttiOfit 

Ctiofi. CCI^rtf O 


Ht^dv. cxpluittory» 
ivib <scgttical» de- 

iå% an. Incerprttet« 
9 clcsnd» explainedt 

l|^ Caplicarion* Rx- 
l»III«ltraci«n, Elnci- 
^Kved OrO Exprct- 

irliø gocflartnft 

1^ a Commcnc or 

on an An hor* 

if).Lediiret« OaiU. 

tiå§0 Solmion« 

tf tf dféliøe) D«ci- 

^ Oiamle cac« fremt 
MQ t Glofs C^otr 
i Ovnnddfe) Ety 
h Cp9tt tt Or^) 

U (9efiae (orr) to 

ir yoar Money excra- 
Hy, copIavDncks and 
ivtrh your Money« 

ifh, ton di)wn« im- 
MC«, blurr, attainc^ar- 
non to derogwe from 
) CO deftme« flandcr« 
itcrMtf debafeone^ 
IfC^ Dn^n^tion« Bl%* 
fc Slaiidoxioi. Dt» 

^ cradion, falf« ImpoYatioii} 
Afperfion, Vilifyinfl^. 

jorf If inen^f^ derogatory* de* 
trt^ive» dtfamatoryv* 

SovfitintVt a Slandcrert De- 

5orfIeinet# daramed, d:(>ifed» 

jorFIemme, to pafh, fqnafh, 

bi-Dife in Piecet or-€rnrh» 
SoxUifUi to defanif, blemif )u 

biflcken« a(psrreone.,(anøta 

tt) CO accuUt ioform aggjnit« 

impeach* . '^ 

Søtfiifftv, a DeJfamer, SUia«^- 

d«ier> Accafer* Informer« 


jorf nttff forf mire# to brnifet 

cmfh« or fqaafh* 
jorPmitnffy Braifingf Conmit 


jorfftttff^ f. forPnite. 
Sorf niieningf f« jorfnninø* 

jorfnttflf bmifed) craThed; , 

5orfn^r# O 9)C?rten) ftantad» 
crooked and low* 

jotPn^ttef to knic* bind faft 

oiti^Kt. C#a9Dfe t ii}iiA*ten> 

to (hint« 

Jorf it^trelfei Knittmg» Tying 

faft; Stunting, 
j^rfn^ttetf bound. tie i too 

faiK 'CftandfcC i Oø^j^n) 

^rfdøt^ to boil too annch* 

Soriromme, Cforlotdøe tej to 

uut outof the Wiy* to waftc» 
føcnd. (iniftcOtobelottfof 
jburt^ltO f^ ftarve or pcrifK 
with Hunger« Cf»6DrriO)c9 
. pine away for Sorrow« 

5orf on(IU, to fpoil a Piece of 
Work by toomuch Art, 

jorfortCf tofhorten* abridgei 
abbreviflte» epicomise m 
Thingk make or Cttt ic fhotf* 
Ciiitn) to pafs away th« Ti- 
«• (ciDtO to frucojfate. 

O Cft«C 

Cf.Øftfaf) flin«ro«i Looks* jorTf^fnør C 

0(!les, Sheep*s Eyts« r«11t1« 

j;r(i9f, to recondle, accord, SornfmlltØflH 

bring ro an A^^reetncnttinake by Wiy of C 

afi^recmakeFritnds tofctro joritlQ^ an A{ 

Rij^hts or ar one again. ^flø tn^tConref 

tne b (tnanbcn) ro be rcconci- Trtinsadioni 

led with one an^^ther« to Pa£lion Stipi 

agree, nnite, coartideor ((abtffø brir 

bargflin with one« (eil @CCt come t • an 

bi^rb) to mike tip, decide jdrliiøømarøfl 

or compofe a Difurence* to Aj^rteoier 

Jorligcligf recnncileable* Sorliigr, reco 

p^aeeable « inoffenHve, >;djuited. 

jorllgeUø^eb/ ReconcileaMe- Jorlliøi a Loft, 

nefs* PeiceaMenefs, Inoffen-, advantage, 1 

fivenefi. ådtSa^t fytl 

^orligelffr Reconcitiation, Re« t tge. 

concilemcnr, Renewal of 5^^1if^' ^^ ^^^ 

Frtendfhip* Aronemens Bv- Want« Loft 

ptation, thc Making of a Thmj^, r 

F» lend«. - f n Matt) ro 

SorliøetlbCf reconciliatory, ex- (G^^tttm.^ 

pia-^ory, jorhjlr 1* ft- 

X^rliger, Reconcil^r. caft awav. 

Sorttaeø/ to agree, be reconcil- jorlo^ / o Pre* 

ed,'or un'te*. leg«, fpecia 

jorliøøe, (fom ^att) ro wax S^^^^^^f ^^^^ 

rorren« fpoiled, wifted, im- vance. Oag< 

bifedy diminffhed, corrupt to anticipat 

or depravd C^y lying a long anorher. 

Timeunfold, ftickingtothe joriorcit, CtAl 

Shop} or onrcmovea from ondone« Qga 

PlflC« in the Warehoufe, at to go ro Rt 

forne Coromndiries tre apc C\tmtt&t\b] 

to dot when they do not (øcnf*6oiiy 

go'off« ro be fuperannuated* S^i^^^t^^n^ Cf^ 

SoviiQQtn, grownold Hale, ^/Yr^^Oamt 

-f1lpp^^annn•red. too oldfor - *V ^^ Shai 

any Servic-. C^attyAd, rot- oonov, a Lea 

ten and nnfaleable Sriiff, a iJf*r^*C J) 

Shig mere Drni?. C®iin) »foUn} tPI 

ftale, fpoiIedWine. day tor Scha 

jornggetit^eb, Oldnefs. Sn- fwbToischi 

perannuation. by your Lea 

SorhQnt, to parallel, confer or jorlooe# (fom i 

compare, lettogerher, make trorh, make ( 

Comparifon of. oneinMariia 

Sorliøneligf comparable. til een) to 

8* ) a4? r ø» 

VflUfiitcr CO one* (ft(0 t« 
enctKc yonr Htått to t 

rio9c# CøAae i (erf^te) to 

btil9 be bonnd for ene* 

^t, CforfMrrge) ro foi* 

. fvear« tbinre, renonnce bv 

i,.- Mb. forftke. (@pi(, 93ttn) 

-' w ibjni'e Game* Wine« ^ 

9iriMffft# the Afiiance, Af* 

indng* Efpoufing or Bie- 

- otdiins* EfpoDfals. Cbolbt 

f)co celebrate the Efpou- 

Jnloocry t Warrancer« Spon- 

for, VoDch^r. 
Jif to o e t# efpoufed, affianced, 

provifed in Marriagc. (en f. 

l^Bftépcrfon) he chat is bc- 

trothed to a Woman, a Bride- 

ftooqi« (cnf.SReO ^^)« thac 

IS bctroched to a Man, a 

éhf the Courfe or Conti- 
nnance of Time. (efter tt 
iorilovleb) after the Ex* 
piraciop of a Year« 

|Nl#bc, (lebe boer fra) to de- 

fcrt, rnn away from. Ciit 
lohtndonb) to run your 
Coantrv. Oli Ktdttnctltt) to 
dcferr nrom your Regimenr« 

|Brl#bCf (fem Siben) to run» 

pafsaway* go,flideaway>ex- 
pirc (De b^icOdtlbC fotlølc 
alcrebir) the high Flood de- 
crcafes already, falla or low- 
trs again« ebbs, runs or 
Iows ont away. (fom 93(eb) 
to bc loft« 

jori#ben# (fom en Sermin) 
• opired, our« Qorfottnben 

•dttten)run, flipcorpaft 

førUbftt^ (ijtria) run away. 

deferted, roving. (f* Øolbat) 

a Runaway, De fer ter. 
5orUbcr# aForerunner« Pra- 

infor« Harbiiigcr« 

SétWtHs, (ttbmatfe ff ø uiåt 

Mt) totireyourfelf, weary 
yonrfelf with Running. (fet« 
Uf brøaac 8ei() to iransgreff » 
miscake« ^wtiiutic an Srrort 
do amifs. 

jorløbnlng/ Defertion, Rnn- 
; ning . from your Colouri* 
CSiobetO Lofs of Blood. 

jot*lØfte# Bail, Security, So- 
recy. Cautiun« Pledge« (øtO# 
re S.) 'O put in Bail. 

jorl^fte (ig/ to overftrain 
yourfeir by lifting. 

fiorløfcninøemanb« a Bondi- 
man, Sui^ery> Warranrer« 

S^^Wt9 to re9eemi rflnfoniy 
reieafe, refcuCf favCt deliver* 
(mtb9tn^i)toTtdttm, ran- 


SovWtv, a RedcemcrtSaviour* 

joi*l)5fcø| to be delivered. (forø 
Sarfe(QOtnbcr)ro bring forth 
aChild, bc delivered oft bc 
brought to Bed wich it. 

jorl^øning« Kcdeeming, Re- 
dcmpcion. ReleaHng« Salva- 

tion, (>Sarft(qoin5erO a 

Woinan's Delivejy. 
^01*10(1^ redeemed, releafed, 

(fom en QSarfelQoinbr) deli- 
vered of>broiighc to Bed wich 
a Child. 

jorltbcr O^^t (Tg for(i>be me b) 

to fayt utter* to hint, give 
Hint« or to give to under- 
iland, to fignify« (nuin ^ar 
(abet flg fbrfobe meb) ir is 

faid, or reporced, a Report 
jorC^benHy Rumour, Repart. 

(efter 8oc(i)benbO aocoi ding 

to the Rumour« as the Ru- 
monr goes, as iMt talkedor 
reported abroad. 
SorlT(le, to dclight, divert, 
entertain, recreote. Q®in* 
bet) to nnbend, cafe or re- 
frrfh the Mind. (tø) to di- 


Ifb «) 04« t f« 

*' WeyoiifrilfvtomtTteilieiTy« 
takeyourPlttftimo« bede* 

*'. fighced, j)i«ared» cahicnced 
or Oi;uned wich. 

5«>rl^Ilg, divtrtmg. plct- 

^Orl^I<%; fl Delight* Plet- 
fore, Reereanon« Df>erciTc« 
inentt Rejoycing, Relaxa- 

'jorC^(len^, recreativt« di- 
' jonit# • fQTm% Schetne« Mo- 
del Pacrem; ShdpCtFi.?nref 
FafhioiL , Ciio« (Bo^ifrpffcrt 
Qe) Ft>riii« (boé ^atUma^ 
øeOaBlock« (tit ftøbt 9tiCb 
oa &élJ» i) zn Ingoc-M*uld. 

jorm4Ae, (fimtic, iKrre iffanb 

ItQ to be ablo or capable« to 
have Power to e(Rfl[ua»^e a 
Thing, be i>pt* to put it to 
EflfeiS; 01* brino^ it abour« 

Ctnegct 6oé en f trfen) to be 

in Favour with> be great 
wich one, have a great Hank 
upon bim. CIne(^e^ Joé *CIU 
øen) CO be great wich or 
fway with the Kinj^« C^ei 
eenj to prevnil with him« 

(een til noøet) to prevail 

wich one for a Thtng, prc- 
▼ail, bring or di^pofe, in- 
dnce one to do a Thtng« 

C3eii fDrmoaer et at dt'Dc bet) 

Ican*caf!bfdtO'jivc it. C3^d 

»il øiøre bi^db ieø formaaer) 

/ I will cio what liés in my 
Power or in ma, 
5^tmaal, vn Aim« Ob]cA, 

Sotmccle Hq, to croonfe« take a 

Woman co Wif \ 
5^rnia(Ung# Msrnage, Epou- 

fals, Wedding« 

$cvmctncftf to mix, niinele« 

^ intermix to admi«* juinole 
or blend fomething« 

Soi*mcenøer, intersnixc* min- 

iJdfeiiMetf Ml, glnr^« 
S^mofi^t 08# te r 

fence or Exccption tti 
' illdt find Fault with* 

S^malittt, Ftfrmality 

in Law* Form, Cert 

S^vmanbt (y nf»rer) a 

.Direftor> a Foreman 

man^CfittiCnibebe} I 


Sovmatttf to tdmoni 
hørCf dir ap. advife, 
rajie, perfaadeto« (f 
00 titlale) to rem< 
and reprimandf cori 

jormaniftøy Admoniti 
horcati>>n« (SorilKif 
SUId(e) a Remon 

, Corre<Slfon, 

jormanfnge > BPri vrt 
en d)2enidbeb) a Mc 

j^rmafleliøf audacioai 
rarious« overbpldt i 
dy, raf li% adventuroi 

5ormafleC{geni xemera: 


Sotmafttlitf Temerit 
dacity, Prefnmptac 

S«rmaiten^e# f. fo 


Sorm<t(le (!g/ to pi 
mflke bold, to grov 
tieus, toventare, to^ 
take coo great Lattm 
too mnch Liberty, to 
fumpcuous, to dåre, 
too rauch npon yoni 

Sovmatt Cofen Q^oø) c 
or*a Book« 

5^nne#to f( rm,modeUf 

^orme^eIflf beeaufe 
Means of. (fotmebeC 


God. (formebefft ooi 
(e ^enfPab) becaafe 
- old Friendf hip. 

8» } C149 ( ^ 

|of m <9fC/ coo nakhé cxcetr 

Ø»n»feiit# believtdt fappaM, 

5»roieciitli9# probtble, pre- 

fiimed * likefy« 
S»r«clO^ fttttfeébltadrerbia- 

luer. (fom efter tonenel 80 

utke Law direiftn 
Jovwel^f ro remember or 
iBcncion* to make a Remem* 
brtoceorMcncion oftThine« 

(eeiU »enlige satiren til fm 

Besete remember one kindly 

or remember his Kindnefs 

rohisFriend, toprcfenthit 

Service tu his Friend, 

|•^■cl^Cr mentioned« 

iovmtiigt formal, otprefh 

pl4'n* Ies;itimace, legal« (f* 

, frf larrtnø) a pablicDecUrt- 

Sormener ro mean« think, fnp- 
porevprefume bclitvcjndge« 

unagine. (btiibre# forbo^e) 

to oppofe or hinder, to be 
contrary «. ro be or be fcc 

Sormeninø^ MeaninjC* Sent)- 

jormeere/ (forege) to aug- 
mcnt, increafe* inUrge« 
mnltiplv, imjprove/t Q^tamt 
måtitin) ro form« (f. f ii Otb« 
1:^0} to inrich a Di^ionar]r. 
((•enfhrocfé) to clapaWrit 
npon one*sBack, fue himat 


jormerelje t Aagmeatation* 
Amplincarion, Accesfion* 

{ontteren^e/ atigmentative« 

jomeretfan Angmentcr« Mnl- 

jorMerefiøi to increafe, grow, 
mnltiply« pullnlate« (forme# 
re fla ^n^tO ^^ brecdt in- 
CrcaTe« mulriply* 

Sonitefet# incrbifedvtagmffiii* 

ed> multiplied« . 
jormerfef to obferve, pcfw 
• ccive> rodiicovets remark* 

grow aware, be fenfible of« 
SotmetHtf obferved* perceiv- 

ed écc, 
jormtb^agf Forenoon« Q 

8ormi^bdl|4) in this Fort- 

jormil^e# to appeafe, fweercn* 

micigate« allay» asfuaget pa- 

cify« temperåte, moderarc« 

qualify. modi^« 
jormi(^eIfe# Asiaaging, Mi-* 

ti gation, Moder arion»Sofren« 


jormtlbente^ corre£live» le« 


5ormiIbeø# tofweeten, fofreh* 
be mittgatedt appeafed« to 

jormilber, appeared9 mitiga- 
ced, asfaaged &c« 

^ormiit^ffe, to diminifh, let* 
fen, make lefs, to abaret 
retrench« Cftne Ubdit>(er) to 
retrench your Expences« Cf* 
&tvaf(tn) CO mirigate che Pu* 

jormititffear to lesfen* erow 
lefs, to decreafe* abate« 

jormlnbfFdfe # fiorm<nb(r« 

ilitiay Decreafclq^inntton* 
Lesiening, Retrenchmg, 

jortninbfFeitbe/ diminifhing 

Sotmlnbfferi lesfened, dimi« 
nifhed« decreafed* 

SøV min ©fyi^# for my Sake* 

jormobfr ro gnefs, prefume* 
conje£tare, fnppofe, opin^, 
mean> rhink, lufpc«^, ex- 
pe£l, imaginei hope. (jeø f* 

laa) I hope fe. (jrø l)atU 
U mere ^ejUdtic^ af '(am) I 


^ ) 1156 { to 

*'*fitA •KpkQed morC'Civility 

of him* 
S^motcittliø 9 con|edartl» 
' gvéffingt flpptrenc» proba- 
' bie. 
3^ttl^c^€nf f *geit # apparently, 
probably« in all Appea- 
• rance^ likely. 
jotoiobet f con jo£larcd • fnp- 
pofed, thouj^hti expef^d« 

jorma^ning # Conje&nre. 

Suppoficion, Gacf9> Prc- 
' famption* Expedacion« 
$»vm^vUf to dtrken, ob- 

fcore« obtentbrstCf eclipfe, 

dim t offufcarc. 
gorm^rlfelfr # Obfcuiation, 

Darkening« (t @oIcn) an 

Eclipfe. ' ^ 

jormørfe6# ro darken* grow 

dark« gloomy or oveixadt 

ba eclipfed« 

jormramme / ((oé Q}odtn»f« 

feren) a Chafe in a Prin- 

5^rmt?«rerr a Formcotter. 

jormffccrefonflf the Art of 

S©rmue^C^one)Ability. Able- 
nc s, Powci. (®obé) Eftttc, 
Meant* Richest Srock« Pa- 
Crimonv* Inherttance. (at>€t 
tinn Sormuc) bcyond n\y 

Power, rhrtii ^x KorSocmiK) 

he is ^ i lined or ftockedi 
is an u 'le or fufficienc Man. 
«^ormuf n^€ / able , richi opu- 
lent , poWfttl. C5e meeH 
fotmuciibe (Rarnb) the lea- 

ding Men, 

^armtlflt^fb/ C®»nt) Ablliry, 
Ablencls. fSKigDoilt) Opu- 
^. lence, Wealth , Riches« 

*5wmucffatf an Impoft on the 
Eitdtcs of the Subjedls. 

5^rnitllar/ a Form, fet Form, 
Precedent. Oraught« For- 
mal i ry » ModeL 

a Prccedtnfboo 
formumme -flff co 
fef, pat øna Mail 
to nmmin, ga a 
disguif: yonrfclf 

jormummtCy. mtilc 

Sotmxmtf a Balwai 
$UttO the A 
oucward WalL 

Sotm^nbtv, a Gnai 
racor^ Trutiec» 

5anittn^er(f<ib , 
fhip or TuitioQ 

Sotnægtt, f. foriM 

Sov nctt t tno near 

en jJige for nær) 

Maid with Child. 
Sovnctvmt, to offen 

in j ure, abufe, aS 

judice, TO outrag 
Sovnctvmtlig, offen 

rious, prejudici 


jormtrmeifc/ Offer 

ry, Abuf^, Wrc 
rage , Affront. 

Sotnccvmen^t , abui 
ousy hatcfuJ. (f. £ 
(ive Langaage. 

jornoErmcr , an offei 
jariout Man« 

Sovnccvmtt, offendc 

Sov n(trr(trenbe Zi 

fent, now, at prel 
Sovnaqltf to nail u{ 

Sovna§iingf NailL 

Sovnavttf a chnftii 

proper Name* 

Sovntbvt, to hamble 
debafe, deje^. Ion 
or fet one down« (f 
dervalae, debafe 
to hamble yourf 
((oop» cringe or i 

fO ) 2SI ( $0 

jfptntbvttft, HtiniilitrioAy 
Abafemenc • Lowering, 
Stoopjng;« FtUt DisgrsCe, 

jorRC^rec # hnmblcd , caft 

^omegte # to det^y , tmffly, 

riisjvo««' or disown aThine. 

Cf?« SX(figton) to apoftarifét 

tbjvre yonr Rene: or« 
SonKgCClig^ deniabU> whac 

may be 'lenied* 
lomeørelfe^ NeRat'on, Dis- 

avowing, Dtsowninz« Vn- 

fa>ir^, Denying. (9u^0 

Sofntqttti 1 Denter, Blasplit- 

mer , Swearer. (CobO 

Arh^ift, Renegado. 
jornfni« eminenr, celebraced» 

egn^piCDonf 1 of Note« Ao- 

coofic« Diftindion or Qnali- 

Jornem^c^/ Nore, Diftinc-. 
ti"n , Grandour« 

iøvncmmtf ro perceive. appre- 
hendt h'ar« nnderftand or 
leirn a Thin?« (faa 9{p^ 
oni) to get a Hint of. (følt) 
to fetl« be fenfible of« 

Sofntmmtli§, CWtlii) fcnfi- 
bte that may be felt. perceived 
by rhe S^nfes, perccivable« 

iotntmnuiiqtn , (føUIiøcn) 
fenfibly« palpably, 

jomemmeligetii principally, 

Sprnemmelfe/ the Senfe, Sen- 
facion« Perceprion, Apprc* 
henfion. (Sølen paa) Touch, 
Tonchintj, Fceling« (8iii« 
ffnMttØb^O Senfibility« 

iovntmmtn^t, fenlitive. 

iorntmit, the prime, firft, 
chieteft principal, capital or 
Head« moft excellent, moft 
confpiGfioiis or notable« 

jortt^^ett t necesfary • need« 
fol, reqniiitt* indUpenfable« 

(bau fomøbeti) r« wtn^ 

ttwnd in Necd of« t^Aøt Mt 
fømø^ne} to have • Compe- 
cence, (o<tøte (lø bf t foflif^ 
nt) to rob or tbridge your- 
feff of the NcceflViriftof Life« 

jorn^beit/ iovn^^tntf hmc«- 
farily, of Necesfity* ' 

jorn#&en(^eb , Necesfity« 
N«ed, Want, Indigcnce« 

Ji^ritøiCf tocontenc, Ctm^ 
give Satisfa^ion« pleafe« ap* 
peafe • humoiir« QbtMty 
to fatisfy* pay> get or keep 
one paid« (forlQ^C) to jdh- 
verc « delight , recrettab 
imafe« (ffg; to hivert yoiir» 
felf , to be or make mer ry » 
take your Pleafure, (ftboc 
tiifubiftULtO to coatent 

?'onrfelf» . be contenc oi^ 
ati*fted« ^ 

5ornøiehc|/ (nøifom) eafy t« 
be conrented« concent witltf 
lirtle, frugal. 

M\fi) pleafant« deliglitfnk 
deleaable, amufing, rccrea-* 

S^vnØitliatu, pleafantly dff» 

SornøieligpeN Confentedneftt 

Aptnefs to be content> Frn* 


Sotn^Wt, (StrfreMKIircirc) 

fort« (®(35e) Rcjoicing» 
Pleafare, Delighr, Divertife« 
ment. Sport« (£l)ft, mam 
iat til noøtO Pleafore, De« 

light, (atørcdacngornøielfc 

Af ROgcQ to ta](e Pleafnre or 
Delight ih a Thing. 
Søtn^itnJbt, fatisfaaory, plet« 

SotnMttt (tilfrrbé} conteni, 
contented « fotisned , plea* 
fed« Cø(<^b) i}^^* joyfalf 
tejoicing« • ^ . . 

f o ) 052 ( ^ 


ØtftfUåft't Retroti« itntkt Un- Søtéibf Rtfcrvttioi 
derftanding « Wit « J^^ft ^^^^* Cltnfet Pro* 

ftriébion, •^Ajj^rceiiM 

foricion, prior Enj 
mtb Seror^) apo 

tion, with t Provi 

9tb htiibt ingen 

Contraéljnakes rhe ] 

- 'J5: 

Tradenoc« (htn iuf^ht) the 
eoQmon Senfe, found R?t- 

fop. OH^aatt e»ct ffernufr 

' ftti) ic is'beyondcheReach of 

Reafon« (fait uUn govmifO 

to fpeaic neicher Rhyme nor j^rorbne/to order. 

ordinare« command 

enjoin« (Mlemme] 

Ssintt did ioc. Cf^i 
tlLiil^ha^') toappoi 

Day« Qn^fdttetet 

to conilicnte » appc 
ininate, create* Qfi 


one in anocher's Pia« 
btcin) to prefcribe 

Reafoji, talk mere Nonfenfe* 

^mofHØf reafonable, witfy» 

, JtidicioQa > diacreet > wife* 

pmdenr, tindarftanding* (f* 
'. Creatar) t ratfon«! Crea* 

^^mitfHgen^ reafonably, wit- 

tily > jndictoualy. (tofe fO 

to fprak Réafon or very 

good Senfe. 
Sovnuftictttf Logic, Art ef joror^nen^e^ conftit 

Reafoning. (fftetf SotnnfN S^rorbner^ an Ords 

(ttjren) logically« 

Jdmnfdttrer, a Loeicran« 
cirntiftmcrefig, rational, ac- 
cording coi Reafon 
jfomiifrpraler^ a Reafoner* 
S^tunftflutning, a Syllogrfnii 
Ranocinacion« Cf^^t) So~ 
pliirin. ^ ^ , . 

S«^umnfetf pcrceived, ob- ^^^^f fVl?/«^^^!* 
f«Vved, rcmarked. . 

Sovn'^t, to renew» make new 
again, renovate, rcpair, 

Som^tift, Renew » Renova- 
tion« Rcftauration, Redinte- 

5'crniei*i aRénewer, Repai« 

5brtit(t,. renewed, renovated, 
'red Integrated. 

tivtieny newly, latcly-, of aigai or wairciui »w 

, Uce, recenrly, frefhly« jotøbcrfF/ prodigal. 
Sov o^ bas, before and be- proftifc. waftefpl. 

hind. j^røberff/ adv, pro( 
•5.n-cimiTfeIbe, beforemention- profufcdly, lavifhl^ 

cd, afnrefaid, before or 5^^^^^' ^^^i^hed) fqaoi 

abcv? Taid. wafbed. 

jororbnetf ordalned 

j^rorbning^ an Orde 
nance« Edid, Décn 
ftittition» Regulatic 
cute. Ad. 

' , in 
perinol^ Place. 

jorøbcb to la vir h, fe 
disfipate, waite, n 
fpend lavifhly, dil 
confume, make D 
Fling alU 

Sot^btnbt, prodigal, | 
lavifh, wadeful« 

Sorøbelfe^ Prodigalit 
fofenets, LavifhnefS] 

So ) ass i %o 

iot49t, to iii|;fiienc» increofa, 
idd to« sggrandifc, amplify* 

JorøgelK » m Augmentation, 

Increafin^, an Aggravacion> 

5or<^er, an Increafcr, Aug- 

mtnren AmplifilT* 
Soc^fff/ to growf increafct 

inidciply> bt angmenced, 

jør^et/ angmented* increa- 

jor^ffeltø 9 dcfirable > to ht 
wiined or defired« 

jor^nfFet# wifhed or longc4 

for« defired* 
i^paa, before, tfore« 

j^^rpagte f (bortX to firrm, 
létfe, let om« let tp leafe. 

Ctaøc tSorpagtninø) to farm, 

take a Leafe« to farm« (Jill 
Utbit ^ani^ to nnderleafe, 

forpagter/ a Lesfee, Farmer« 
(fom f)Cit at ferpaøte borO a 
Lesfor« (paa cnQDn^cøaarO 

a Farmer« (af StOtené 3n5« 
Umfttt) a Publican , a Far- 
mer of public Revennef. 

Jorpagcctr (borO farmed oat« 
Uafcd or let out« QtC^tt i 
Sorpaøtntng) farmed, let to 

Sorpagtning , (til en åiibtn) 

Farming ont , a Leafing out* 
(tit jlø5 « Farming. 

Sorpagminga » Con;raet ; • 


Jorp4qttilng9 (Bob«^ a Leafe- 
Farm, Lands held in Blench« 

Sorp4itte/ f. pAnbf#ttre, 

Sorpartr the Forepart« 

%i«rpirfct,Cpaa nOdeO^xtremt- 
ly fond of« docing on it, 
fec or bent up«n. 

£orpiufFet# put otft of Order, 
CHy chc Wind &c) rumpled« 
Wm^aat) difhevelled^ . 

forplante, to transplanr« pro« 
pagate, generate, mnlciply« 
incrtafe. Ctn Corrbom) CO 
fpread foren » propagate'a 

5orplatttelfe , Sovplantnini, 

a Propagation, Transplan* 

tatton, Mnltipltcation, En* 

forplanter / a Propagator* 
SorpCantetf propagaciSir.crfnf« 


SpvpCanmiitg # f« S^t^lanø 

jorpieie , to take Care of » to 
nourifh« f« pieié. 

jorpligte^ to bind» oblig« or 
engage, impofe apoh as a 
Duty« Cfig) to cngage, ob- 
lige or bind yonrfelf* engage 
yoor Word. 

jorpligtetfey Obligation, £n« 

Jorpligteit^er binding, obli* 

forpligtet/ bound« obliged« 

engaged. (gcfl er forprigeetr 

ae gtørc beO ^ a*" i" ^"^Y 

botind to do it, or my butjr 

obliges me to do it. 
5drport# a Foregarc. 
^orpofl I a ForepofV. 

Sorprattg/ Foreftalling« £n- 

5orpranger# a Engroifcr* 

jorptiffe, (fom 6a(pefet5 >• 

detonize« (((^Qtn« Sctm.)« 
jorpufnittg, Detonation. 
Sovqvaflc, (forberpe) m fpoil, 

deprave a Thing, (fcrobe) 
to fqnander away, fcattcr« 
disfipace , misfpend« 

^orqwafiet, (fotberpcO ^P®** ,,^ 

led, deprivc^j. CfV'^Dt) m\w- Jj^ 

fpmd» ^ 

tl» ) aS4 ( ^ 

J^t^Mmiig, Cf OrlcriMCrO • 
Spdilihy; Depmving, (føf* 
éMHO WtlHns* LiTirhfnf. 

^^MtNerH, to calciMce Métil 
With aWckfil ver. ' :] 

jttwcfninøf th« Ctflcininr 
oflH«Ctl With QufckiiUtS 

SøjnM(bf a Store, StoieliN Fro- 
vifioh, AMnrlMfoe. (StiftO 
Atamiinmon (afØMninøf' 
ftMMUO ktter kirs. QoIkI 

* "MvAl^]; to htv« In-Brére. 
Cbi^A^ op ^ Sorraod) to lav 

1^ S »f voAb af^att) ro htve 

t "ftooé Stæk of Commoy 
ditiet« ' dmf^t føt manse 
%act i fmaa^^ to ovt rfttfck 
your<tfi; (have tfifet Sor« 

taol t^tbaac) ro be^ OQt of 

Stock. (faft i Sortaob) to 


Jormobe, CfMrc i UCpfte) to 
betmyt blowonetif. C^øbO 
to betrtyf dticover, deted* 

jorråatflfé » t Betiraying, 

BtowiRf op. (S»bcn) Dif- 

COV«riti|. (Ulpffe) • Mif 
. chicff Deftrudion> Knin. 
^ortAHØnei to rot, potrefy, 

grow rotten« to corrnpt. 
jortOAMtfUg p perifhable« 

corraprible, tpt to rot. 
JortAA^ncliøt^eb; Corr«p»i- 

bility t Apcneff to con upt 

or rot 

JofTM^netfc f tCormption, 
Føcrtfaaion« Potrefying. 

Sorroabnelfc« 5eber, a po- 
trid» mtlignatit Fever. 

jorraatftCC« rotten, putrefied, 

jorr aataiftati« eOcr Kammer, 

fl Storehoufe« Magasine. 

iorriebCt/ aTraytor, Betraycr* 
CDrtagcr) « Diicovf r«r« 

.hood. Forfidiotiifiefkv Trta* 

fon. (unr^SeiiøaicIerSaN 

brcod«llM> Hightreafotti; 
• Coni^iracy.' 
S^tff^ttttftp trøachtrouf, M^ 
'* teroroiay pcrfidioQtt'falfe« Cfft 

fRorb.e'4 an Aafafiii. 
forrcrVéiWc^f « Trairrelk, 
jorrornf e, (fotrceffei fbrffrcrtt 

- leAfe<cO^*^wraiic>Nrprtio^ 
ftrain« overi^rain, ditlocaiii'^ 
a Limb« put it out of Joiofc 
j tb liiitate. ' 

Sorrffitfe^* dlitocattdi 

ftrained, ' ^ 
Overftraining 1 Laxaciom 

jorragci (ftoae Ictn^tu «l ni 
acftfiO to jf»t> ttick onu 
bear oat» proje£(. 

jortagen^t/ jorcing out* Qf^ 
SteltcO Antes« 

forrang, Precedency, érTt* 
king place before« Siip«rio* 
ri ty, Preemtnence. 

jorraff c# to ovértakc, furprifr 
to come upon vnawareii to 
take nåpping* to ftea) vpibn* 
feize Qiiiwares upon« 

SotvafSttt' fnrprifed, over* 

SorrafTtlO^, Snrprffd. ' 
j$orrfOen# oveTrtdden, fadede 
foundered. Cf. t>tf) a fown- 

dered Horfe. 

forregner to misrfckon« tm 

nii&take in RecKoning« 
^orregiitng ,• a Misreckoatng« 
jorreife, ro fp.^ni a j^reat Deal 

of M ney wlth Travellir(» 
jorrtntCf to rent» topay Uio 
' or ln<-ereft for. ' 
5orrentnin9# rhe Paying of 

Irerell, Renting. 
$otvt(tt, the foreinoft« oot«> 

ScrKeften, asfortheReft» for 
the Reft, what remains« finabr 
ly» C9 cohclude, befides» 


t» ) 055 ( ffl 

rhcfirftDifii« ^orrig^ foroMr« fortgoisfé 

PfffviIcgÉ. Frer«rence. tiatMåff Uge) taft Y^r^ 
\u^, B Afiefsi Occapt' . We^ ^ forrige Cttcf ) tok 

MiH) Ofiicc? Chit^e, 

2 xo bc eakch.«ji wicb 

rfi becnq^lo^F'd in, bc 

htve AfiiKirs« be in 

§A&ion •rOccuptr 
pah tnan ^t unltt 

«f remingev tiUaU M) 

AiFairs tUow mt^ (i 
IJlg) opon Bnfimfi« 
f to perfornir 'id» ae- 
!, eflfed, disparch, £• 
execute, pnt in EffiftA, 
cntion, briiif ittbont. 

Anir» Aftiofu Agen* - foroMf XloiMf . of Old* 
b^editiooi« Errjnd. 5wrrt»|plv «• diminirhriOMttt, 
!?f?5^^i^!*i*^"^ idipÆre*fcet»U,kcteniittt. 

les(^,iibtfe.i:fov(icttt^ frr« 
imrr^J toobfcurc, ofiiifcace» 
ecelipfe* (Ui OHi) to ext^ 
ntiate^j(f. tpiéfgu) toMo* 
or blamjrh one*« RepntaHon* 
C&^nt) CO imbifeCoiMi (1b> 
to diminiriik Ut An»dccirfidh^ 

S^rritrgelfe, Dimintition, t^ 
feningi Detretfing, Imj^tobiii 

Surringe« , to diminifb » lik^ 

jorringet^ diminifhed, abac- 

' ed. 

lone. perfonnad or dis- ^ortive/' to rend • teir , tlrar 

sd. C^tM tteneftCD^ into Fieces, to tatcer,. to 

:iate. (ba9C meget at Uj ^ w««' ^ Tatter s, 

re ititich Bofinefs npoo S^rro'^f # (foø &>iili giac 

lands, be raken np with ^OXUu) to root, rake up» 

Bafinefs, (etOefailliu 'S^trØør, to fmoke too nmtl^ 

QubfPabf iSren^e) to ^orrtiftf« tb mft, grow rtttty» 

onan Ambasfage, Mes- * ro giithér Rnft. 

or Errand. (flii Reb* S^l^ttfteTi rufty, mfted. 

ml Okfatinger). to ex- c,^.^;-. : 1 • '^j , 

ane'sOrderll ((ItCni. 5orrffl^«oreniove. ^isplac«. 

perfomi yonr Office, •rdisRjctteaThmg.pntoua 

ofitsPlace, pvtitoutofc^- 
der or into Confnfion^ . (et 
tetn^ CO luxate, put ottcef 
toinr«. Cttni CeiuepfeO' 9 
oalké- fru (trace or confonnd 
•ne'sDefigns, fopuconeronc 
of his Aim, put him outof kia 
Bias, dafh oDt of Count%^ 
nance, * (eeW ^OOCb) cji 
put frric!*lnco an Ecdacy« 

r yonrfelf with Riding, ^otvitftlféf Rwnoving, Dis- 
Kff^ ro overri^e, jade, ptactng. (etBcin0^u''*'i<^<^* 
ler fl Horfe. (ri^e forf Dislokation« (^OPC^Cté) ^m 
:o rid« bator« %nu Sattacy« 

' ior» 

perforiD yonr 
irge yonr Dnty, to ac- 
ourfalf of yonr Office. 
tt» perfbrmed, dispat- 
. brougbt aboDt* 

m, rentt torn, torn to 
t\ tattcred, ragged* 

1lbe^# thc Being in a 
ed Condition,. 

f (fig) «o tirc yonrfelf. 


f o ' ) 056 ( <i 

orinff t/ removcd« put out jof 
its Place* (t |>0lieM) crack- 
brained) nairbniiled«. foft- 
pated, crazy« (mtlie Coitf 

cepttr erc forrptce) my De- 

figns are confo.unded« baolk 
•d. C^ttti (QiØit^IøO wild; 

. rogvirh) villainoust de*> 
bauched* <fom tt Um^ 
Ittxated) put out of Joinr« 

Soviaait, to Tole Shoes or 
StockingSt furnifh them 

I with Soles« 

jorfaaliitø » , the Soling of 

Shoes &c/ 

iS^r'fa« vi^t.,* a$ jfar as» fo 
far as. 

M^ict^t, (i en $oøu) the 

Froncfeat. (et (øfl SoctO^H t 
en Voøn) a Crick^c or 1g >fe 
Seat in a Coach. CSorran4(L 
éfntftt (3ar5c) the WtccJ^ 
. dency» thechiei, uppermoft 

prcfide, have the Prece- 

^Otfccnft, ro fink« fubmerfe. 

put into W-'tir, 
^ovioitf Purpore, Dcfi{?;n, Tn- 

tenrion« Intenr. (fad) Rcfo- 

lution. tull Piirpofc, Cwcb 

g.) on Pnrpofc, t>ut of D.'- 

H^n f defignedly « on fet 

jorf^Ug^ wiiful. propenA^'f, 

dcri>;ned , premeiitated , 

$otf^tligtn , forfatritgvit6f 

wil'iiUy, pufofcy, åtiÅ'i 
fiedly, delibcrateiy ,. advi- 
. fcdiy. 

Jorf«c[tg6eb# wi^u'nefs. 
orforrniitg; (fpm^oafta» rO 
an Anagram. (nBrammat.) 
MetathefiR« (di ^ant) an 

|orf«rte,(pantf<rf(()to pawn. 
mertgage» dip, (^DøfiavcrJ 

to «nigrttac 
tcO «o tri 

jorfoge , (U 

yoHr CoQrag 
dejeft^d. (ft 
to deny, refu 

Sov\a§ti(e, a ] 
iingi Renqiii 
ing , Dcfpc 

jorfaget^ deni 

Sorfagt, (mc 

ing, defpaii 
e»«l down, til 


ten, dejetil, t 
tinati) unde 
(orbeiøt f.^ 
Ta.k. (giDe 
to yrive une o 
jorfa^tt^eb, D 

S^r\al, an Anti 


Sot(alttf ro ov 

much Salr in 

j^rfantle, to ) 

gregite, gat 
draw togethi 

nicn) tocail 

convokc. (jij 
come getors 
to meet. ( 
re fort in gret 

jdrfamleti asfc 

MecMo* Or ( 

ther r>Kcrng 

Cro'vd, Pr^l 
a Driiwirig R« 


f o , > 057 ( %6 

§té') a Councit, ge- 
sftfinbly of UivinvS. 

)tnté, ®epuecrc6eO 

I Conventicle (Sanb* 
:cO »Dier. ro f Sol!) 
Crowd. (af^iffop' 
lynod. . 
i|»^4g; 1 Meeting 

gøfaf^ unAttdience* 


a Prelude. 

f a Precenror, 4 

»d the Choir. 
;i io^icd) che mfl}or 
;ion of a Syllogifm« 

coo Ure« 

Offerte) to provide 
rith. Cfig tiQ w rely 
ro(t in* 

cocrr« beour« tnis- 
il« cooimic an Ovtr- 
Errort do amiCf, (^tt 

forfeet cn^nu) no- 

ytc lefcundonef no- 
; negle^led yec, no 
ir is commicced sis 

orfeel er forfpilt) 

IC mahes ene a 

by Overrighc one 

: Game« (inbctl mait 

10^ before yoa were 

f ir. Cbun forfaac <tg 
foanaerc Sruentiim 

c mislooked herfelf« 

an Error« MIsrake« 
ir« Blnnder«' Slip, 
cn ØtO»SO itwasa 

'forfoneO pfovidcd 

to (tal« pnc tht Seal 
m 9 confirm wich a 

Soritf^itt, fealed, faftened Wicti 

a SeaU 
^^orfeøHitg/ S^salmg;. 
jprfcit^e, C39Are) m fend, 

convey away,forward6oods> 
.:dispårCh them« 
5^rfettte(féMc Sending, Coh«- 

véying away ofGoo^s. 
jorfloe^ tbe Fricifig, FronciV 

piece, Forefidc, Fronr* 
Sov fISøAae, to fncceed, ad- 

vance, go dn, .gd forward* 

. Ct><0 to P'-orpef ,thrivc,<*omc 
to a good Islpe. hivea good 
Saccefs. C(tnbef!g, fcOto 
happen, rall out« 

Sov (ig trtve^ C»«« >e|l?i(rf«t 

øet) CO be btify« eiiiploy*d» 
taken np with. C^9f forøeb 
fid) to have beforc yonrfelf* 

Cb}>tm mmv % 3 ^at fot 

Cbcr?. whom do you think 
V'-M fpeak to? 
Sov (tg fclv/ privatdy, parti- 
cnlarly« feparafcly, apart, 
on one*S own Acconnr« a- 

fide. Cfom tt for fla ff fO fo- 

litary. (f«We for (Jd fdO to 
fer apart. 0«^ for (la fffO 
to fpeak by yourfelf. (gaoc 
for (ig fc(o) to go ro the 
Houfe of Office, co do yoar 
jor(lgtig# pfovident, éatiriotiSft 
circamfpei^, prddent« heed« 

5or(!gtjgeft/ prndently« cir- 
cumfpe£liy« provtdenrly &c« 

5^'flgtig^e^# Pmdence, Cir- 
cumfpeilion, CaDcionsnefSf 
Heedfalnefj, ConHderated« 

nefs, Foreoaf^« C^dnMe mc^ 

Sorfiatidbeb/ to aa wich Cir- 

S^rflPtf/ Cforwffej) to asfure. 
aicercain« certify« affirm« 
rtiake fure of. (bcottne) to 
proreft.(et(øfi^ ^UuO to 
mfore a Ship, a Houfe« ((ig 

8t tm 


%9 ) 158 ( 9* 

MlltOi^t') to flsfureyddrreif, 
fcjctire yoqffelf* bc fnte of» 
(09 eené Vtrreil) tb fécnre, 
•rreft« feize a Perfon, inake 
fure ofhim,f ake hold df him* 

jorftfrer/ (Af VarO ^^ in* 


Sovfifvtt§ tsfnred* iscertaln* 

^rfifriitøf Asfurance, A$- 
^ercairjng) Ascercaindieht« 
(iéorgett) a Sttrerv« Seciiri- 
tv, PledK€» (pad (BoHi 
Éitih tcO Infurance. ff r{»t« 
fig) a Bon.L (JonO Paw-* 

S^vfifvin^* tonoiVf an 

jorfll^i^ingf Coitcr<ict# Police 

of Infurtjpce. 

5orjWpiiig» Penge etter Pre# 
mU/ Infurance« (r«tninm» 

^or (tlbef too lacei 

Jor(!nf 6 to kecp, tarry, re* 
tard, ftay, makc one ftay* 
decain him. (tneb @naH to 
tmtife, kccp a Bay. (fig; to 
tarry* ftaVf dally, loircr, 
linger. (feibenp to del.iy, 
prolong or fpin Ottc cht 

iorHnttiUt a Itotarding, Tar- 
rytngt Delaying, Staying* 

.5or(infctf rctaided.ftaid, de- 

Sovfltaantp to fpare, ejccmpr* 
frec i discharge, filvt, cfis- 
penfe wich , excufe« 

5or(f aartflfe/ Exemption. Im- 
muniry, Privilege, Dispen- 

jorffaanetf fpated, e«mpt- 

ed, freed. 

iovft<taVtnt curtalled, muti* 
lated , cut too fhort* 

$Oti(åfftfto procure. furniTh, 
provide- fopply. (tl<|^ toac- 
^iiirti getorfupplyyotttftlf 

With« CftøSteft< 

diawChapmen c 
Sotiiafftt, a Pi-fl 

veyor , ProCorc 
S^tftafft^^ farni 


Providing. Forr 

Sov &am9 dfyl 

ftie*s SaKe. 


^ri!fan^fe^ v.toii 
city, mound, or 
to intrench, fen^ 

^orfFan^fttitigi a 
ot Brca!^w»^rk« \ 

fncht Or Shonlf 
ur Cpvert in F 

(mcb iPaStfaDer 

aPalar.ka or a P 
rification, made 
Palei or Srakca, 

jorfFe; to fpy , fe 

entjuire inro. (i 
ftignte, f..arch 
about, g(t Infri] 
to examine, (cf( 
vefligate, di ve, 
hetrace into, fei 

5oirffi<el, f. 5orfri 

Sot Sfimmt, f. 5^ 

disfe^l, cantle. 

beroet) to (^oil 

out, to cut fca; 
butchar yoar Mi 

Sovificcvtt, a Carv 

Sovffictttvfniv , i 


SovfficttinUi Cutt 


9» ; ) ^9 ( %o 



irficy» Diftance« 
diffinrctice, make 

«. (tar er tsoat 

snc»eke DilTerehct 
e or htrdhr per* 

ten Man and Man* 
iflTcranr* fnndryrt 
rcralt odd» yari'« 
»Ulgp diffanngt 
Sentimarua« (pa* 
\) todilTenc. dis- 
>f a contrary Sen? 

»ffficBiae aftcniø« 

tcy or Variety of 

CpriPieSiae Ooim 


dtflTerently) va- 

>, Dif{crance» Di- 

injcftf jokinely. 
to lofe* fortet t« 
)cglea« (f{n@0« 



nc« to be che fola 
Odf' Misfor tune« 
loilf forfeited« 

WfDonldy» to vi« 

lonidy« vinewed« 
Mooldlnars, Vi- 

• cmbenifh^beflu- 

• fetoff, grace. 

karcli« Inqairy# 
. Scekins afcer. 

SøvfiotpninSi U 6ror|»e« 

SorfPratffe/ totarrify, frifhc» 
fcare, amaze« fhrrlc> flrun» 
dannci bngbear ona, put him 
inFrfght. MaseérParplaxi- 
ry, to dlafm* 

5oi1fr<tfFtIi^ dreadfiil, hor- 
rible* terrible* f^i^hcfnU. 
horridt dlsmal« hideoQt« 
ghaftly. (nalmittHXii) ftran^ 
ge, marvallons, ihipandotia» 
CnmaoHIig HeO uninanfe* 

Sotffvctfftlifm i drtadfnlly« 
horribly &c, 

5orffr(ieVMiø6eb# Drwidfiil- 
nefs* AbominaDlenefi* 

SotfttxffMt, Fright* Fear, 
Uraady Horron Cohfterna- 
nation, Aftohifhment* 

Sovfltcafet, affrighted, terri- 
iied, alarmed« (bii^t fO to 
be aflTrighted, take Alarnu 

SotVvtvtth ordercd, wrkten 
for* C^Q bar forffrc»tn |!ø 
tit) he has obliged himfelf by 

jor(frive# (Stm SBatt) tø or* 
der.writc for, order by Writ- 
ing. (een) to fend oneaCall« 
ing by Letters, (fiatihfou 

hinbtmtil ffriotltø;to bind« 

oblige yotirfelf by Wriring« 
give your Bond or Note« CUH 
til Ot ftetafO to give yoor 
Note tinder yonr Hånd for 
Sovféyivt ft^f (fiti9t'Uit)t9 
writewrong, to miswrite* 

Sotfftivt, (jftiH for) f. iovtå 

jorff rtvelfe , CSorfFrivtiina) 

a Miswriting, an Error ot 
the Pen, -an Ovarfight in 
Writing« " » 

Sovfitivninf^ C&dati^8Pri»e) 

a Bond, a Note nnder yonr 

Hånd an 8eaU CVoreO ^^^ 
a Or- ^ 

) a«o { i t 

Tonjne. (^ 
Nt forfiner o 

ty conccrninj 

^rffi^l^tf deni 
ved (gtcnøu 

Orderap-^lBofds (from 

jorfTrivt, (Ortre) aprefcrips 
Rercription, Ordcr. (aCfrif 

i^e efter)« Copy*,(cn 8«geO 

5orffiib#,thc Advance. th< ^orff^lbntng / 

A Ivancmg of Money, the Compenlatior 

. Pay mg ot Money .n Hånd j^pjl^/^ (;jj5 

^'. ''•^S'!r w'^- ^^l'^^?*' impafsaiayi 

ment. ((iwre «0 ^o advancc ^^j^^ J^j^y ^, 

' Money ro one. ^ «^f n<,<jei (iLåat 

aorfm^tf (ruineret oet 6f ub) J^^'Pf 1?' CPfa« 

^ bettered, disabl.d. ^ 'i:^"*^*' > 

SorffttDt, (Wommet forub) theBuancfs, 

.dvdnced, paid hefore^Hand 5^'^Q^^*^', ^^"' 
(forfofteO reprobatcd, re- fionlitbe (Ig, te 
Jiaed. fpcnd yonrfeli 

caft, throw or flingaThing ^1 Working. 

away, ro refufe, deny.repro- i^t^tK^t Propo 

bate« (fordflte) to disdain, PropoArion, C 

fcorn. CffoO ^** aborainate, tion. (fil et .( 

deteft. (fin ftuftruc) to re- fentation. (ad 

pudiatetdivciice or put away propofe, make 

yoiir Wifc. (giøre SorlFub af Motion. 

9)en<ie) to advmce Money Sorjlagi (jtleffe 

to one, ftirnifh or fupplv fciency, what i 
himwi'h Money, (et95arn) Compefency. ( 
todisinhcriraChild, toUave i) to fnfficc, b 
it to the wide World. (f. jcrtlagm^ fubll 
Opffl5&OfcmSU(|(erOflJttUl»f) ^ crafty, fly. 
ro wnrte by 1 hi O'injr, 
5orff^^elfe/ a Rejcdli'^n, Re- 
p! obaii'n. (en t)utlru(0 « 

Repndiation, Divorcc, 

Jor SPtl^* becaufe of tbat* 
for ihisReaf(jn, or this Ac- 
count, (for btn Sfolb) for joi'flibninø, che 
thy Sake. ot a Thing. 

Sorff^l^e, (forttenO to merit, ^orflt^t| wafted, 

daferve, deinerit. (aten<|if(^ ^^rjltnteiro iupke * 
be) to rcmuncrate, confider* (forflimet SXail 
rccompt nfe* rcqwire,reward. Stomach. 

(De b<3it)e forfFoI^t bet for ^orfmaacr todefp 

bereé ©fabbct) they fnffer fcorn, flight, d 
for the Lavif hmcnt of their fnfe» rejca« 

j^rilaøen^e^, Su 
ningnefSf Cra 

j«rfli^^ to waftt. 
out or off (b^ 
$iaUer) to wea 

^0 ) 261 ( $0 

i»tflaaaitf dcfpiTed, cfiidain- 

ed. Oightcd &c« 
SorfnorOeiig« dis'fainfnK 

Ceornfol, vile, (fommcliøj) 

fhamefnl, ignominious. 
SorfHidr5€iågeit# ditdainfull^, 

fctrnmllv, conremptibly. 
Sfi>':{$ut^tl(t9 Mocking, Dis- 

dtin» Concempr. 
SocfhiKgte^ to lanj^aifh, fainr* 

ia-Dt sway« pine away* (af 

6i!t# %9vi2 CO ftarvewuh 

Hingcr or Thirft« 
JMucffclfr^ a Langaifhing« 

laagnifhmenr« Fainrin^« 
igtftut^ a Forerafte« Preliba« 

^oll9 Anccpaft. 
joriiiiiIre# to crnm« cmoH 

SorftitlbCy to overreach« cir* 

cBtPVJiir, chear« guU. 

imont, (rom Gonger) ^o ex« 

Diaet* atone for your Sns« 

tformiO^i forltøO to ain 

peafe* pi opiciJte, rtconciIt> 
rennice. (Øø mth ^inatlbtu) 
to makt yonr Peace wich ont 
another* be reconcilcd« 

jorfMItiibf # expiatoryi propi^ 

jorfbnCTf. a Reconciler« 

Sorfonet/ expiated, aconed 

forfMiifiar Expiarion* Atone- 
menc* Propiciation« (Sor(i« 
|C{fe^ RecoAcilation* Re« 
Bcwal of Friendf hip, 

SMrfoningomibbel/ Cr^m Som 

kri) Expiarion^CS« gotltiøp 

Accommodation* Recjnci- 

Jorrotttn^ooffteri a propitiaco- 

ry Sflcrifice. 
SMfonUøi expiable, exonble, 
[ rcconcileable* eafy to be re- 

conc led, 
> lorfonligbe^/ Reconcileable- 

ncff, Di^poficion to rencw 


jorforøi Providencei provL« 
dent or provMencial Care» 
Cares - raking, Provi(ion» 
Forecjll, Precaution, Qbatt 
8* fornoøcO to take provi* 
dent Care for* 

jorfoveilg, to overfleep yonr- 

jorfø^e, to Tweeden« mako 
fweec, di-.icify, dalcoratCt 
CUtibtt, forini(be) to niti* 
g ire, asfqage^ cafe« alleviace* 

jorfø^e(fe/ a Sweet^ning« DqI- 

jorf^g. a EfTjy, Attempr* 
Prooff Experiment, Trial, 
Probation« (^idtt tt 3« itlcD) 
tomakea Triai of.C^Cterfua 
et 80 it is butTryin^, ftct 

f ommer an paa et 8 ) it is but 

i Trial , thc Trial is all* 

5ovfØgCi (prOK) to esfav, try, 
atreinpt« experiment, Cvooc) 
'to hazard, venture, Qatit 
tnucdør SAiMcrp to attempt 
al: Mcan» pofible, leave no 
Stoneunturned CU^^»^^^ 

me ud tblonlt SolO to try 

your Forrane. (oai mAO tt 
fitttt til noøeO to try vour 
Abiliries, (flØ « X^<ø) <^ 
try thQ Chanc« of War , f 
take vp the Tråde of a 
Soldier, (ffø t nodtt) to 
exercife, try your Skill in 
fomethin?. ((dll cr fotfeøC 
i ©crbenj hc is wcU prac- 
verfed, or IkiHed in the 
common Courfe of the 
World, he h^s got Expe- 
rienceof rhecommonCoorfe 
of the WrrW. (f. flit) to 
Icavc noching nnclfay'd, 

Jorf^ger / ^n Atremptisrf En- 

Sorfégt/ (erfaren) well vcr- 

fcd, exercifcd, pi a^' fed. 


5o ) a^ ( %9 

' txperienced, verftd er ikiN jorfpittt^f Cfpcaåi 

Itd, overftreccniBd . oi 

5Mrf#t9ef to filvert do over or bent too mach, 

lav over with ^iIverT pot to the Coflc)i 

5orwvet# filvered* done over jorfpiienbninfff C 

wicti Silver« tng, Overflbrtini 

Sorf^lvingf Silvering.a Doing $offvctvvtf to bar, 

over with Silver« block or fhnc ti 

^rf^wmef to neffle£l, preter- jorfporrrec # btrre 

Siir« flight« mils* lofeorflip up. 

a Thing. (ffg/ forføtnme en jorfponrring, Barri 
gobtcingt^cOtoflip« let flip ing or Shotting i 

• ffiii Opportuniry.(bccernir jorfpaitb/ tSetof 
tnretQ all Things are fafe dra% a Coach). 

ilili. CSreitdcn er fotføtnO f iftct imd poa cti 

che Bov is negleded or has layst frefh Hori 

wantecf a good Tutor, (for« jorfpaitbe 33otl^/ 
{ém ei SiDcn) take Time, obliced to do hi 
whtle Time ferves. Day^s Work wil 

jorf^mmelig/ ne^le^ful, ne« Horfe^ 

gligent, rtraiis, ctrelers, 3^rfpAnbe-i$efle# 
heedlefs. fes, Refaysi ftad 

jorf^mmelige it , negligently» 5^^^^^'^ ^^^ Preln^ 
carelcfsly, fupincly ble. 

jJotf^rnmeligbeD, NegUaful- jorfVil^Cy to lav 
nefs, Reinilsnefs« Carelefs« wfRe, daftroy« 
ncfs. £t)ffe) to mm 

j^rfØm«elfe«Ne(rHgence. tune. 

Neglea • Abfence * of ^rfpÉt^t^ wafted*. 

ThoDghrs« SorfpiOe/ to play 

S^tf^mtf negle^ed, flighted. by Gamiiig. 

5^rf#rge^to providefor,make ^^rfpifr fig^ to c 
Prnvifion for, take Care of» clog your ftomac) 

fopply, furnifh. (untettoli j^rfpøg, (Oroea) 

9tJ to mtlintain, fupport. ^ :^i. mPr^Ca^* € 

CbOlbe WMlflO toconftrve. ' J^«; •^'^^'^X*' ^ 

^orftrgcr, aMamtainer, Pre- ^ .* 

fervcr. S^tfpØgfi to omn 

Sorf^rgelftf Provifion, pro- ^*"^* 

^ vident Care, Providing for. jorft)^rge fig, to 

5orfp«iibt/fpapnte for fframt) 2"'" »««»; ,?'«*= 

to bend. ftretch or ftrain too ^^^^ vourfelff bo 
inuch,tooverftretchorover- ^^ Enquiry af« 
ftrain. fot mcgct) to aft 

5orfp«iibe,CO<(fefoKngjoan) 5orfpørgfd, an En 

to puttheHorfestoorinthe mand. 

Coach, (fjtftt for »JIo»cn)co 5«pfP«^««g«/ ^ ®ve 

foke the Horfes to the ftuff too mi^h. 
loogh» clog* fiirfeit you 

fjo ) a^s ( ^0 

-.,. - J« • Ru naing before. 
an Anricipadon Start, CfA^^ 
førfprisgec for cco^o gec the 
Sart of one« to anticipate 
Jor(lAae# OnM'cO to under- 
ftiindf compr^nend« c<»n- 
ccivt,ipprchend or perceive« 

(m»c# fttnne# fbcftaac ffø 

•M) to know* underftand« 
lui?e aSkill, be ikilled in a 

ScKfic«« (forflaac Øg poa 

Me^ to anderftand Uorfes* 

(tøtté foae at »t^O (» he«r, 

learn« p<?rceive, jtep ^foeicé« 
|er acqvainted« Uomicdftar 
htftaatibtt)^^^ n«ard or UP- 

dtri^ood. C^n fotffaacr (t^ 

IM (Cr««a3 he is vtry good 
atit. has tj(ood Genius cliit 

^•7« Cm mftaatx miø if fe 

tcrpaa]) ir is a Thing oocof 
IDjr W y, I cannot t«U what 
te make of it, (ttOtbt for« 
tlaxt btt) 10 explaim ex* 
poiind « inrerpret a Word* 
KDow-fhe Interpretation pf 
lU Ct^inonben^to nnderftand 
one another. have |i fecree In- 
tel ligence wirh> tb' plav 
Booiy, joggle. (øm OtfO 
10 fignify, inrimate, hint* 
give toonderftand* acqnaint 
one wirh • mak« known to. 
ftct f. fidP« il tobe unrfer-' 
itQod or (uppoftd* (bttorlfi 
Ué 9ai ita U Ml) whatis 
the Meaning of it? Cjbtt tt 
•tfOth«»sto fay. Cf.atJ 

ItHttt mtø bit tgien) upon 
Condition or provfded* that 
your render it me flgain«. 

(f€t hrftaatt jeg tu bu til 
Ka et hibt af at f!aO ' don't 

•pproveoforconienttoir« I 
don'r agree to it. (lob Oé ret 

f. (ocraobrO ^^ ns igree 

upon plain Terms* we mnft 
clear our Bargain« y^t mafb 
tftnov« all oottbtfnl Met^ 

ninjr^ (ICbt fifl f mtV) tog ivtt 
a Hinttto fimt>ro urter.Coem« 

tneltø f. (la m<5 (Eontroparir 

ten) to prevaricare^ Cf^tø 

ftdae fom et j^attt) to lie 

jorflaaf liø^ int<lligible,clear» 

diftin^, pfain> articulatet 

^orflaaeligeii/intelligibly, di* 

SotftaatU^iib i InteUigible« 

nefs* Clearneri* Perfpicui« 

jorflaaeKfei Incelligenet, Un« 
derftanding i Correfpop- 
dence« Harmony* Accord« 
( bemmelid ) Confpiration, 

Plot. (me5 (^oqtraparten) 

• Prevarication. (lo»e i ØOD 
8« mtb een) ro live in good 
Vndei fUnaing or Harmonj 
witb one. 
jorflaact/ underftood ^c, , 
Sotftaalt, to deel, tenaptr wivh 

iprftaaletf ftceled^ . 

orflaOf a Subnrb. 

orjiixrFe, to inforce, ftrength« 
en* fortify * make ilron^ 
CO r^inforcf* to rccruit, ((i^ 
to gather Strength* grow 
, jorftøetMngi theStrcngthefi* 
in^Supp!y> Rcinforcem,entf 
^ Support, Recruiring. 

jorftÆpni r. ^c^rilcvn. 

Sorflaitb, Undecftaiiding, In- 
telle^* Inte1Ic([luals, intel- 
leaual Parts, Wlt. C?5e» 
øreb) Conception. Cøobna« 
tn«ltflf.)Mother-Wit, cora- 
mon$enle«good Under(lf>nd- 
ing, Capaciry, Brajn, Judg- 
ment* witty-Min^I, faga- 

ciousSpirit. CSorSan^^ man 
tager et Ovb i) «" Accepta- 

tion, (^Rcen^n^) the Senfff, 
Meaning« Sentinient, Signi- 

fic^tiofv (bet øaoer ooer mi9 


io ) a<J4 < ^0 

(^ ItUbeybnd tfieReacYi of 
. my Under (tand ipg orBrain« 

O*^ 8*) • ''^g*'* Jurlgment. 
(gctgODu^nefsofwTt. (jeg 

Ian iftc faac nogen 8. (^craQ 

it is iTieerN6nrenfe,r()ao (at 

, itfe faaet (en rette $• beraf) 

|ic hus pur t wrong Interpre- 
tfcion orConllruaion upon 
!c. C^aatfxa9.^ rolofeyoar 
Wiit. Cv^crefjraSO to bebe* 

fiiesyourfelfi beoacofyour 

v^its. (betteer ben rette 8. af 
ftette 6tof fO ^ hi$ is che true 
Senf« nf chac Pisfig;e« 
'3dP(t<^nber# an Overfecr, Sur- 
V-yor, Infpc£lor, Int«ndanr» 
Snperinreiid^nc. (foretCo^ 
legiO^ aHeaii, Prefidenc ofa 

College, ('or en SiMO *« 

Eldcr or Lay-eHtr of a 

Curch. (8<SttiøeO »n Over- 
feer of thc Poor, 
^orflanOtrfFab/ an AJmini- 

(Irarinn, Infpc^toni Snper* 

jorftanbig p under fttnding, 

knowing« wife, prodenc« (a- 

ga(;iouSi judiciou5, raptble, 
-discreec« advifed« 
5^ftan^igenirationally, wife^ 

ly« judiciously, 'discreccly9 

jorflanbig^eb , Senflbtliryi 

Prudcnce, Wisdom, Discre*« 

tt'on. Advifednefs* 
Søtfkavnt iheProw, theFore- 

parc of a Sh'p. 

forflegef to roafl roo mDch« 
otiHtmmtt to pqc out of Tune» 
CO uncune« 
jorftemt,uncnned,olic offunt) 

disfonant« discordanr* 
^orflemmelfei the Untuning, 
Disronance> Disharmony of 
tht Srrings of a mufical In- 

jorfleenei to petrifyt tnrn ineo 

Sotftttntlig, that 

ned into S tone« 

jotftcening, Petri 


^orftigeflg, toclii 
(iSmbetinøcr) t 

S^tftxfU, to liic 

abfcond, (fij) n 
' ceal yourfelftco a 

or Iktilk« 
jorftiPifingf Con 
SortbDeflgr to fe: 

ble« disgaife yc 
Sorfrillelfe, Di 

O i liga I fe« Wetci 


iovftofUf CO obd 


SorftofftUt, < 

Hardeningf Ob 

jorftolfeti obdo 

Sov\\oiptt, thc J 

jordopnino/ tlie I 
ed up, (QMn5f< 

cion» Conftipat 

Sotftojfipt, CO (iop 
obltrtia. WpU 
pace, bind, 

^orftoppelfe, th 
Scoppage, Opp 
»ete) Conftipati 

(af @nuc) tht ! 

theNofeby aRh 


ing. CUrmcnO' 

5or(ldppenbe# coft 

tive« ftypcic» o 

jorfloppet/ ftoppe 
(fem imt) conf 

jorfløbe; to caft < 
offt to drivf hin 

%o ) 265 ( 5d 

pd him. (Øn ^ffrtic) eo re* 
padiate your Wife. (fra ftt 
ØCed^ CO displace, remove 
from irs Place. (ftøbc f orbe?« 
Hf} to broife« 

JoTf#Ot/ c«ft oarorofT, fhat 

oif, Cfo'f U^O i^cpuditted, 
' Ot« fir @tC^) displaced. 

ioftént, Ciiått (rørre) to 

wgnify« aggrandtze,amp]i- 

fy, exaggerice, aggravsre« 
Sttitøtttift, Magnifying, Ag- 

grtndizing, Auginenutiony 

jor(l#rrclfcfglaa, aMagnify* 

ifiggfafst a Microfcope, 
StxftØVtp to redacc'co Doft« 

jor(hr4fffef (f9tr(rn(c) to 

tbain, fprain, put oat of 
Joint« dUlocate« Inxate, 

i9vfttxfft, CMberve »el 

6tratfiitnø)to fpoilScaflfby 
, ftrcrchiBg it too mnch* to 
' overihttch it* 

i^tfttctfftp (for|P9be VenøO 

to tdvance Money to one« 
fbrnifh or fapply him wich 

Sorfhrorfiattøf (md Vtn^c) 

tn Advancet a Furnifhing 
or Snpplying with Money« 

Sor#r«ffiiiig# Caf 9cO a 

Sprain*. uiftlocacidn« 

SorfhTff r»iii9 f (f?orter»e!fe 
Kl Strafniøø) a Over- 
fttctching« a Scrt tching too 

joritrAfi/ Cmcb VenaO .^^'' 

vanced, fnrnif hedi fopplied, 

i^tfttaftf (Stm femmer) 

(urainedt dislocated. (fotti 
^t) ovcrftretched. 

SorftranO^ Sea-or River^Side* 
Sea-Shore, Shore or Strand. 

jorftran^ø Kety the Admiral- 
ty of a Coaft, thc Law of 
wreck and Salvagt« 

S^tlftntt an Entry, Porclh 

SorfUmpcfr corcailed, maim- 

S^ft^fUf thc Forepart of a 
Thing. (p«a en WlO <he 
Fronr of a Waidceat.. 

jorfhfrre, Cfomroelige) tb 

tronbic, interrnpc, diftiirb* 
di«<|Qier, (Øldden) to diRbrb 

one's Joy. (en @«m(aU) n> 

tronble aConverfanoii«(|be9 
Ifføge) toderooiifht fubverr« 
deftroy, raze,.lay wal^ (jm 
6(ab} to dcmolifh, raffc ti 

Cicy« (een i fin ^e) to in- 

tayrapc ont. .' 

So r flif rr cUg^ what mav be a^ 

ftfvdcd pr dellroy'd« 
jor^nrcifer Troublc» Inter- 

rnption, Disquiec« Uiftur-^ 

bance. (Økletodøelfe) Demo« 


^orfltrrenbe/ deftmdive. 

^oriltrrer, an interrapter. 
Perrur bator, Difturber«(Q^« 
Iclorøøer) Damolifher, Df 

jorfttrret, Cfor»trreO tron* 
bled, diftorbed. Cfblla^Q 
fnbverted, demoliihed. 

Sorfnppetf (forbruKen) cra- 

pulonSt drnnken^ incempa* 

Sotinfttf. to fngar, fweetan 

wich Sngar« (fofføle) (O 

fweeten , .aflfuage, 
jorftiUen , hunger - ftarved ; 

ftarved, famifhed« fharpiat 

with Hunger« 

Sot^væxgt, to abjure, for- 
fwear9 renounce by Oatb« 
deny. (jfg) to perjure, for^ 
fwear yourtelf* be forfworn. 

Sorfvoergen , (lorfoa^rgelfe) 

Abjuration , Forfwearingi 
(ØlCCnClertc) a Perjury. 

\ Å 

^0 ) a66 ( %9 

$OffifttC[nf ' an »Abj^rtr. 

(»ttcfne^cO • Pcrjurer, 
jorfbatr a uefenc«, Protec- 
tion, Guflrdf Pa- ronage, or 
Shelter. (fer Slttttn) a Plet, 
the Plca'i'ng oia Caufe« 

5or(var# (gorfwrcO « De- 

fendert ProtedJor, Asferrer« 
Patrom Advociire,Apologi(h 
A^rflE^AtCf CO defend, mtir.tain, 
pacrocinate, proteél counce- 
- nance • to (hnd in.Defence 
foTi to ftand «p for, 

'^•rfk^iiren^e^ defenfivc, tpo* 

åotfvavtt, f. 5*»M^ 
jlørfiNiref/ detendcdi miin- 

rained &c» 
^or(i7arMg# joft» foflicient» 

txcarable;w^r rantablt« malnr 


S^tfc^tl^^p \Ielcncelefa, nn- 

* armtd, nngttarded« 

j#i:fvar»forbun^f e defenfive 

Sctfvanftig, t defenfive 

^orfvaramibbel; a Preferva- 

SøTfvavtWviftt an Apology or 

• Writing in your own De- 

jorfvaraftan^i Pofture ofDe- 

S^ivAVttalt, an apologetical 
• Oration, 

jor(b<;r»vaaben , dafenfi ve 

Sctfvtttit finged, parched, 
fcorcched or adaftcd. 

^CfVP^itf to fing* or tprn (light* 
ly, to fcurrch, 

^orfvin^C/ to di^appear, eva- 
nifh, vanifh «w.w» bc loft 
to View,((om Iibcn)". flidc, 
flip auay. (foin ^Ciic^t) to bc 
fpcnc. U\ril hed. (Miue ma« 
f Cr^ CO grow Uan» £ill away« 

^orf^nsbelflTf Diaap 

^orO^ireC; crapnloua, 
(ick wich Intempei 

^orfpoveii/ flbj uredt i 
(mcentøorfn^ perji 

Sovimtntftn, diaappe 
t«' 'he Vicw. 

^ovf^r, Providence. 
feelfe^ ForafighN ( 
fe^ PiOvifion» S 
w]th Ntcefla iet, 

jotf^nbe ftQi to fin 
r^eapaf.'. * 

Soti^tf CO provide • 
furnillK proci»re,ftc 
fupply himwiclu ( 
•ianO CO fupply V 
ttfiaU, to viétaal 

ccn mth Alatu) co 

in Clothet, furnifh 
theni» , 
ovf^nttt a Provider 

Oti^ilit, provided* 

ed wi'h &c« 

ing. (mtb Ip^ocl 

Sovfynino, cartful, fa 

heedtul, favin^, 

thrifty frngal, 
jorf^nliøen^ inaring 

gt'ily, with -Econou 

jorf^nlfgbebf Ca« 
H^K^iulhtiåt Spar 

3ort^ (^actig, iaftii) \ 


f»l^crc) fiirthcr on 
on*ard. (et@roffe 
a contmual Courfe, 

Sovtt inrerj. come on i 
come along, comea 
go, ger yon gont. 

Sovtabe, ro lofe, fo! 
futter the Lofs. Wan 
fencc of a Thin^, 

^orrabflff, Forfciton 
Perdiriun, Damnatio 
brr 9itti 00 (Sobfc 
b<lfO undcf Penalni 

^0 ) <3l€7 ( 5o 

féiting or lofing ene*s Ho 

noar iind £ftflce« 
jortftbetf to he lo(^> to pe* 

jorTAbf/ loft, perifherf. (hu 

fortfcl^ dtsmayM, aftonifh- 

Sorc«Øe# totell, rehte, re- 

liefrfe« (}å^ affe Omftcen* 

liKCdcO ^ parcieuUrize. 

(iirr«l[e C^entoO '<> <«il 

SMt«Be# Offire fctO to tell 
ifflifs* to-faiU be mitcaken 
m TeUing. 

Jprtffleffe# T. jortitaittø, 

jorc«IIerr aRejater, Teller, 
hit thac relates pc tell« a 

Sonorfltnø, j^rrotliiinøf Re- 

latinn , Report , Acconnt* 
Recical* Narr^cion* Narra- 

l^nctViin^Wiaatt 9 Way of 

relatingt or celling a Story« 

jMrtae»^er# Foreteech« 
5ort«nfe#ro rafped, mistrnflt 
tcar. (eoøC iCde op) to take 
iU or amifs, w)iat one does, 
b« disgnfled« displcafed or 
oflended with it, to blame 
him for it» 

SortamVeCtø/ furpaafiil, dis- 

truftfiil« fofpicxons* jeal- 

Sert«iifeCf€# Snfpicion, Jeal- 

onfy, Diitrnft. 
Sort««fr# fafpeded, diflra- 

j[ort«re# to confnmc, eat up, 

wafte, fpend. (forobc) to 

disfipate, wafte. CfluøO '<*• 

devonr. (forf(rre fom j(5> 

to confnme. (^fom GfCCbt« 
9anb) to corrode. 
jortorrelfe/ jortcering^ 

Conromption t Wafting of 

Commodittef« (for SftaltCf 

rne 00 Coreorrtiiø) for a 

Niglit's Lodging and Vic- 

tual:. Cof 9(c£bcoaii0 

Sortcerentc , confiiming > de* 
vouring« Cfotn 6f«cbebiiob> 
cof rofive. (fom tcogcbom) 

ah for bent. 
jonotreri a ConfuQier, Walter« 
jorcccretf confomed, devont« 

ed, waded. 
jort<cHii8* f« jorticrclf^^ 
fortag # the Qouft-Cvés ». % 

^Otr^lfy f. a Prefiice,PréaaBle» 

preUroinary DiscooKe« Fto- 

jorc^le, (ta(e ifbe om) to c«r . 

lumnUte, (lander* backbitOb 
af^erfe, traduce or derraft 
one, fpeak evil or decry« 
wound, blemifh« obfcur^ 
or bhft one'i Repntation« 
to oaft an Afperfion or Bier 
roifh qpon one's Honour« 

jorraCfr (ta(c for en anben) t» 

recomnicnd onc» 'intercede * 

for him, 

Sortaler, (QSaøtateO CalnoK 
niator, Slanderer, Backbi^ 
ter , falfe Arpcrfcr, 

jortaletf (fom caUv etOrI 

for en anben) an Intercet* 

5orta[e(i9# to flip with yoor 
TongQe, fpeak a Word a^ 

jorratt; (af fbrtcrSe) told, 


jortanbi an Incifory« inci* 
five Tooth, 

5^rt^rive, to drive, put for- 
ward« pufh on, (fin f)^tH%) 
to fpur a Horfc. (foriOflO) 
to cnafc away. 

gorreøne f to not«» mark, r^ 
gifter, taWe tr record fop[i^ ^ 

.tbing> ^^ 

9o ) a^9 ( §0 

Mnp ((»erCtiiøfof fig)to jortie^ to conctiL 

f)[»eciry or particaJarize* or feer et » fappi 

S^Mncfftf a Specificariom over in Silcncc. ( 

Defignation, Particulari- to omir. fnpprei 

«ing! (pOtt «Wr !fO « 5ortic(fc, Conccal 

fjatc) an Invoicc. (opcr Sovt]tnt, (forffoft 

OoPO Ai^ Inventory 

Sottiaxt , '0>^m ttV) to con- 

tinnc» perfeveret perfift, go 
oni procetd. rrdfc fort) to 
€onnnut» ftt lortli on your 

ionrney* forward ir, travel 
irther, (faot trcroaoiiip 

to advance, go forward, 

Cnteb ttoøcf^ to porfbe, 

proceed witn, 

jortfarelfe/ 3^tfatett# C« 
nogcO Continaation, Ferfe- 

jJ^rtfATCiit^e / continuing , 
perfeveringt proceeding. 

•cl for fiø) to advance, Inc- 
cetd, make Frografs, go 
•n or forward , to ba for- 
ward • pi oceed, 

^ortgangf f rogrefs, Sacceff, 
Sj^ed, Forwardnefs, Ad- 

SbrtølibCf to glide along, 
get forward by gliding, 

Jor^ielpe, (een at unDAoe) to 

ftirther, oid, help or asfifl 
•ne to cfcfloe« (^cn i (ttl 9)et 
eg Slocrinø) ro proin<ite or 
forther one in his Way w 
in gecting his Livellhoo(^ 

^ttjaøt 9 to chafe away« 

jer Ctben^ bcfore the due 
Tima, nntimely, prcpo« 

rit, deferve, deme 

thing. (ban (ar i 
af ilt S^prenaUii 

ferved weJl of hij 

he obliged it, he 

good Torn, (©, 

pocroO to gain» 
carn» acqaira, 
to eflfn your fireår 
Livelihood« (^5ai 

rienc Ur 9rø5 (oc 

DCrtr) he can live 
Ground in che Wo 
ae) to earn Mon 

f oriuner en iKblr. c 

he earns or gets 4 
a Day. (Orr er in 
tienc »tb ttttt) by 
garn or win notl; 
yields me no Profi 
CO no Account to 

(»am faaci (»ab l^c 

ticnO let hiin havel 

Sorrtencnøe^ dcferiri 

fortie itefle, (^at mai 
fient) a Menr, Dea 

fcrt. (ban* 5. er fte 
abroai« (minbaflli 
daily Gctcing or 
vhar I get every D 
c; 3»n Profit, Advan 
tiriSO defervedly, 
. '\r ^ to Merit, 
3ol'lien(^e^, Silence, 
roncealing, Rcfei 

JorriWIg, nnfcaron,Me, pre- 5onTenr7(?'or>nT«5 

poierous, premature, ^ cierervH. Cc« Wl f 

5or ribngen^oo carly, un- a Man of Worrh, a v-" 

f^fonably. Man. (giore Øg fO t 

^0 ) 1€9 ( %o 

render yonrfelf wortfiy« 
(gitre f{gf. af een) 'o oblige 

one, to cfe fer ve well atone's 

Hjnds. CfKin (if an f, £en) 

lie got his Deferrs* ' 

Sortier f a Ditfembler* re- 
fer ved Man. 

Joctifr# concealedi kcpt« Te« 

Jdrttp^arioit r Forr* fieatioti« 
(ffrttf caticnlf onfl) Forriii- 
CKi^n« military Archicec« 

jortificerer te forcify , f« bu 

5^ ril # before $ from be(!ore» 
in the Fronc* ^ 

jortinøei coagree, contraa* 
btrgtip « covenanr. (ffd 9f C« 
let^ep to tindertake a Work 
by the Taflc« 

jMti»øelfr# anAccord, Agree- 
mcnt« Convenrion, 

Aortinger^ agreed &c. 

i^nmnt, to cin> do over wich 

SortinueC/ tinned åic. 

lorctniitngy Tinning. 

Sortfoiiime# to go or pafs on, 
proceed » advance , get for- 
ward« fucceed. 

icnftybt, to creep along, get 
forward by creeping, (blive 

Kb at frpbe) to concioue 

Si>rtlarfe # to continue read* 


jortl^be t ro run away or oni 
to continue your Cour fe« 

Jor to Zav fiben / rwo Years 

Sortogi Footway« 

iono^B^ttnt, Flagftonef« ' 

&itol&e# To pay TolU Dutief » 
Cuftom of Goods* 

iøttMtf tointerpret« ex- 
ponnd » explain che Mean- 
mg of. 

jortolfeff an Interpreeeib 

^ortoIVninø/ Interpreadony 

Expoanding« • 

Sortøje et drib# to moor « 


jorrøining , C^t 6fi(0 tb* 

Mooring of a Ship. 

S<^rtøiningeRlabe, t lioor- 


fortørne # to ofFend* wrong» 

injure« abtife, affront» irri- 

tace« anger, provoke» cxt- 

jorr^rtteife» OflTence« AfTrontt 

Provocacion , Anger, Dii- 

S^n^vmnbt, ofFenfive* injiH 
' rioii«, affronring« 
^ottørneTi an Offcnder« 
^orrØvttee, to bc ofTended, bt 

•ngry, fall inco Pasfion, 

take Pet at, 
Sovt^vnttt offendcd, tbnfedt 

injuied, aiTronte^« 
jortørre; to dry, dry up« 
Cfom Coien) to parch» fcorch* 

CttbtørrO ^o drain, dry vp« 
jort^rrelfe/ a. Dry ing np or 


joreørref; togrowdry, b*- 

come dry« parched, fcorch- 
ed. (ubterreé) to be drain- 
ed up, (fem ®rctff(t) • wi- 
ther, (fom Srftcr) to wither 
away , grow arid » faint or 

jorr^rreti driedop, wither- 

S^t^vt, to tarry, ftay orwait* 
to ftand trifling or loiterin^ 
(meb) to retard, delay, de- 
ler, procraitinate« 

SovHvditf a Stay« Stop» 
Delay, Tarrying, 

jort^ver^ retarded« 

Sortpaf fe ftf, to retire, wlth* 


tø ) iro { 9^ 

jortr«^, Trouble. Vexacion* 
Alortificfltion, Cliagrin, Uiv- 
oafinefs^ Disconrenc, Spire, 

■■ Indignation, AfTronr, Fret, 
Affliaiun, Grief« (øt9(C Ctt 

- ^.^ tocrofs one, teaze, vcx« 
phgne, cha^rin him, to pot 
liira CO Trooble or mto 
Damps, to gall him. (f^an 
fmhttdi^ MtH 80 he di 1 it 
m Spite of myHeart orTecth« 
(øi^ce ten tot g.) to caafe 
on<* a Heart Brenking. 

joitri^^e, C6fo(# øaae 6cm 

forbcrrBd) to tread down 
yoar Shoes at the HecU« 

^rtroe^eUø # (fortrcrben) 

croftt froward, niUtn, pee- 
vifh, riir1y.(bcr»«t(iø«et(df 
f»inillt(tø) tToobleromc , 
vtxariout, plt^y> tirefome, 
tedious, wearifome, loarh- 

forne. (etf. SRcnncffO « c^o^« 

Man, a Plague cf a M^n, a 

forly, dogged, pecvifh, 

. wnoleifant Man« (ocrte f.) 

CO oe displeafed, vcxed, to 

^ iret, be in a grcatFnine. bc 
in a Fret, (giøtc een fO to 
fret, provoke ene, incenfe^ 
irrirate him. (f. Wnt") t 
foor, crabbed Look. (øiøre 
f* mine) ^^ contra^ , knit 
your Brows. (f. $r0€eé) a 
vcxfltioas Lawfuir« 

5ortrÆ^eligeif # tedioasly » 

jortræben^t^eb^ Tedioosnefs, 
Trouble t Grief,, Vexation, 

- Spite« 

Sotttct^tnt morofe, peevifh. 
fourt fretfnl* ofa crabbed 

5orcr<!enge , to work or forca 
one out of hisPofesfions or 
Place, ^o displace, to force 
one to qnit his Place. 

j^rtrtcugelfC/ t Displacii;g« 

S^ttvctnst, dii 

S^vttccfftlig, excfil 
gions; exqairiMt 
rare, rarely rood 
pa 'ticular, admin 
choicp, fuperion: 

jomorfeiigen # ^ c 

eminently, in a 

S^rtrixfeligl^b, ] 
Eminence , Prc 

Sontctftt, to depa 
or rcinove your 
Place, to withdr 
or travel fur (her, 

jortreifCf to ro aw 

part. (forncretCi 

continue or fet foi 
Journey , to fom 
travel fnrcher or \ 

Sottvi^tf CO ridt 

jortdn» a Preceder 
garive, Prefercnc 
nence , Prime-/ 
Buperiority. (Joi 


a Priority« (cn 
Seniority. (gtoe I 
yield thc bettcr u 

u en Stnø Sortrtii 

^e^) to p re ter one 
for anothcr, (Pcti 

^m l>a\n t^vttin 

that he is to be 
for this I give hii 
cedence , in this I 
or furpaffes mé, i 
trin) to excel, o; 
pafs, to havt the 

Cfom iat i^xtxinj 


5drrrinltg# foperio 

lent, preferaole; 
egregioos. (e^f 
fingular, particu! 

N > 271 ( 9» 

' V Proftrable- 

•Ogel) CO make 
f. to cr«ft or in* 
TthaThingt pac 
twic|iir« commic 

ce in« to confi *e 
depenti on, (ftg 
[a5c (iø liC) to 
ipcn^your Mind 
onbofom yonr* 

• cmi^yf confl* 


cpaiT. in inftied* 
to onc^s Charge. 
GtmiHar* conli* 
intintace. (fof« 
MtCtf fly. (øiøre 
|} Tof'^inilurize 

co«*fidcntly, fa- 


I, FamiHartty« 

incimare FrienJ- 

rcrocd'øbfb fagO 

M rhe Rofe. (tale 

itcO to fpeak 

• ■ famtliTly. 

oefiøf^eb tt( ten) 

, or r«pi»fcCon- 
mc, have Con- 

fro. Cnan |^ar tiC 


cheVan, Van- 
ernnners« Fore- 

jty. vexcd* dis- 
tnded« CtH ^^^ 

throl. noggifh, 
Ing* dnlU 
, Anger« Vexa-^ 
•tiatioffi » Spiret 

renefa, Wearlnerf • KalaAaOi 
cy, Kepugnancy, DiUnaff» 

Sottt^t een poa itoøeirf co 
give one fair .Hopes 9 maké 
him tr«ft ro or hoM forne* 
ching, pm hioi In Hopta or 
Expedacion of ic, (gg p^a 
noa^O ^ trvft orconfide in. 
repose or pot Confidanca' iiw 
(forlade f^i p«a) co^rtly or 
depcnd upon. CHU ttf) f bo 

S^rtv^ftmins 9 Tratt, confi^ 

de: €^\ (in S btlcSortrttn n^ 

er til (am) My whoieI>epao* 
dar.C4 is upon him. 

jortrybCii co repenr a Thing or 
of aThing, be furry for or d[ 
lt» to regrtt« roe ic« ralenr«! 
(p.ia nOdrt)'o refenr,be ofcn* 
ded at« to ftomach ic« cako 
Excep-ion at. rmitan^O to 
envy,gradge or be jealons of. 

jortr^^aiiø paa, dtspleafad« 
cif. n led » refencing. rapin* 
ing ar. (miéttildcriø) an- 
vious« grudging or icalooa« 

Sortr^Migtitf ontof Spire* 
in a Per, in a Frer, with an ill 

W*iU (mt^ull^e(r(|cn) kn* 
vioasly, grudgingly* 

Soctr^delffy Ditpieafure« Dit«' 
farist'ai^tion, Refenctnent« 
ODtiéUndtlfe) Envy« Jealoif 
fy« Grndge. {%n9tt) Re- 
penfance « Peniterce. 

Sottv^^tn^t, pentcent*- re« 

Sovtt'^^ftr toadvanoe* fat 
forward« fat forth on yoor 
Journcy. . 

Sovtt^Htf (mibrrtwfff) to 

griave, oppreft. (af fin SiMa, 
Sotn) to Work one ont ofhit 

posftf sfion. (tn)f (c for Scrrft) 

to prafs too hard« to cruf h« 
(tCT'ffe feil) fo misprint. 

jorrr^ffelftf Un^crtrt1»fd^e/ 
Oppresfion. (en SotO ^* 
GruL hing ol a Jbwor. 


f o ) a?a ( fo 

5^ftrfflé# to enchantt bcwitch» 
• chftrm« ' 

5^rtrtQcIf^ # Enchnnrinenr, 
Bcwir-rhinR:« Firc-n^tion. 

(8ertn)lltlf<é 8»rDri»elfO 

5^rtrt0cr#a SotcerertWizard, 


Sottt^flttftt , t Sorcerefi, 
Witch« an EtichantrtfsJ 

jortri^flet^ bewicched« tn- 
' chantcd« 

jorrfoctte/ tocominiie« ptir* 
fae. profecuret carry on» 
(fin RfifO tp cohcinoc, 
purfae your Jearney, for- 
ward ir, travel alotij;, 

jorrforctelfe # Concinuation t 
Conrinmnce, Pnrfnitt PrO- 

SovtMlt, to Tail aUng. 
ortfen^e/ to fend away* to 
forward) di«^atch, convey« 

Sotxfiafft, (laøc ftorO to 

chafe away« 

S^vtffifftt f. fortfeu^e• 
jottffri^e^ to go« ftep, pafs 

on or forward, advanccy 

5ortffrivc^ to writc fnrcher, 

go on writinff, 
5ortfl?TbC# to f hov«, pufh, 

tHrtift along or forward. 
^orrfpiQC/ to play on or fur- 
- ther, go on playing, 

^øvttvotfftf to continoe yonr 
Jonrney* march, trjvel fur- 
thcr. Ctrffffc fort) to pull 
OT draw furcher. 

Sovtnfft, to exchange, bartcr 
trock , chop or fwop. 

jortuflfning/ Exchange, Bar- 
tering, Trucking. 

jortvan^rer to conrinue your 
Courfe, walk on or forward, 
to procetdt advance. 

Sottvattt to continue, dure* 

i^ttvavtlitø Cf«ntinaance. 

SovtJHUtt to ifit 
to ^o- or depar 

Sc^vtvivUf to d* 
dcfperarc, lof 

SørtvMtiit, Dei 

■ ration. 

^rtoivlec^ defj 

all Hope* 
jortvlvlec/ adv« 

in Defpair* 
Sovt^fftf to con 

5omrp<ife, (itd 

Søc^gn^e# to thin. 

to rarefy, act< 

jortfn^elfe/ t 

S^V^^ttf madt 

joru^f aforehand 
forehand, by / 
Anricipation> C 

noaet forub) to 

paft, have an 
upon one« (fitt 
u6) inthishe is 
exceU. C^ttalt 1 
to advance Part 
ney, to pay fom 
Advance, befor« 
Hånd. (fltøe ti 

iib i^tØarbfpiO 

Odds at Billiard 

bcr aUttita fot 

ways odcruns m 
een forub) to f« 
advertife one. 
Ub) to concert 
a Thine. (belci 
to predeterminc 
(biti^ht foruO 
prognofticace« ^ 
tib) to promedi 



%o ) ars ( %o 

^dråbes otf befide^chir. 
^nl^€tl bet $ befides , more 

oi*eri fnrcher more, coge- 

chcr wich* 

preocoipy, preposfefs, pre- 
' posferswithaCon- 

Sombfettetf . preoccnpied, 
prepoifetfed. C^tmtiQ^ a 
?rc)odice«prejudicsd or con- 
ceucd Opinion, Preposfes- 

fion. C^aoe f. ^eentnø) to 

bc prejndiced« 

S^m^f^it f (førubforncmme) 

to t'orcfeet percetvc bcfore- 
Innd« hflve a Forefight of» 

JMraMnbCAøe/ to preoccu- 

pfltc, preoccupy, 
jbrnMiibcaøet/ preoccupit- 

edf preoccapied« 
jorttMommef toprevent, out- 

go, overreach or outftrip 

of^, gec before htndv.icn 

Jorobmelbt/ aforefaid, ber 


SmMVrtning # PreroppoH- 

tion « Suppofition, 
jontbfiøcrte/ to fuppofe, pre- 

ruppøfc, take for eranced« 

(foru^faC at) provtded that. 
|orobfee/ coforefee^ prevtde. 
Sorabfefti# Forefiglit, Previ- 

S^rnbfeenbe/ provident>wary> 

pmdenc, wife. 
jofiibfe(tf previded, forefeen* 
jorobfiøe# or co forctetl, prog- 

nofticace, prophecy, omina* 

te, con)ediirc. 
jorabfiøelfe# Predi£lion, Fore- 

telling, Prognoiticacion« 

jombfniagCi to foretade, tafte 
befor eh and, 

SotiibftNUte# to prefage, pro- 
phecy, prognolticflte« 

jornbtaoe, to ancicipacci take 
■p belorchand. 

^oruOtagnlng # Antfetpation« 
^oru^tiIvarren^e/ prcexif(enr, 
j^tiibvorlge/ ro chofebcfore- 

hand p'edeftiDate, 
^oriibvatrt/ to preexifl« 

Soriiboalgt/ prcdcftinated, 
^ortibvarC/ to forewam. ad- 
vertife, give Notice or Intel- 
ligence, give a Cantion be- 
forehnnd ^ 

^oriibvibenbC; prefcient, fo- 

jortibviift/ to f how before* 


5orul^«c«/ Cfora te fRcnntfft) 

to perifht be lofl« 'fom Cl 
6ftb} to be cail away, to 
ftrike • mn agroond , be 
wreckcd. (fem Kt SotcbO« 
Dtnbt) to miscarry, fail, h\\ 
f hort of Succefs. (fom. til 
Sinø) tobcfpoiled, wafted* 
or deftroy'd, 

jortiltiliat; ro tronble, kin« 
der, difturb, importune, in« 
commode, vex, be trouble- 
forne to one« 

jonint/ a Court of Juftice, Ju- 
risdi,ftion,Tribunal. (t^tipt« 
tt Serum) to decline or ex- 
cept againit Jurisdidion, 

(inbifobt ftd for (tt 3orum) 

to demand Trial in your 
proper Court. , 

jorunbt/ to grant« permit« 
admit, ihdulge, conc^dc, 
yield, allow. (bcrfom ©Ub 

forunber €10 09 $)t(brtb) if 

God continues my Life and 

5orlln^tlft/ Concesfion^Grant, 
Yieldin;^« Allowance, Indul- 
gence, Permisfion« 

jorunbtrligf wonderfal, mar- 
veliouSf admirable, flrang.** 
farprifingt miraciilous, pi o* 

%0 ) 474 ( ffø 

^artlflb€tliøeit/ wonderfullyt 
ftrtnj^ely. prodigiouily) ad* 
mirably* in a furprizing; 

jonm^erIig^e^ , Mtrvcl, 
Wonder, Miracle, Prodi- 


Sotttnbre (Ig ©rer, to won- 

der9marvel ir,admireaThing« 

be farprized ai it,be at aGaze 

, abouc it , tn (^ranee at it. 

jorunbrer, C^tn, f om ferutiDrcr 
figrver nog<0 *" Admirer« 
• 5«^wt)ret# aitonif h«d, fnr- 
prizerl« amazed, admired. 

jcniflbring/ Admiration, 
Wonder* Amazemcnt, A- 
ftonifbmenr* Surprize,(]fcrt« 

te t Sorun^cind)co ftrike into 


jortfn^ringefuI^# wx>nderful, 
admi iblc» 

5oriinbiing6tegii# t Sign of 


5or" bringøparb/ worthyof 
Admiration, f. forunderlig* 

j^riin^t/ gtanted, permitted. 

jovurette^ to wrong, in j ure, 
ab«ile»preiiidice, aftVonr, do 
gidl, dcceivc. 

Sorurettcffe, Injury, Prcju- 
dicc, Abu fe, Wror.g, 

foruretter, a Injurer, 

jortiroclige^ ro isquicr, di- 
Iturb, (touble, haraOs, ccaze> 
alarm, peffcr. (©^C^^^Cf* 

ne foruroliae Dorc .fplfer) 

the Piratcs peftcr or infett 

oiir Coafb. (cn gicnbe) to 

gall sn E» vmy. 

5oniroeIigeI'e, Didarbance, 
D s ]uicru«ic, Troublc, In- 

road, I cH»iit>n, 

joruroeligetf disquietcd, di« 

jorvornne eeiw t 

iazy* idie, top 
der, to fpoil, c 

rupt. (et Sam 

mtich tndnlgenc 
it tob inuch> i 

5orr<trre, to wa 
m^ke worfe, to 

jorvorrreø^ to grc 


jorv(trrtng# Wa( 
ration, Ag^avt 
£ilflanb) worf« 
[orvagr^ the Van 
[orvalg, Predefti 
lovvAitt, (et Cu 

in an Office, t( 

bear an Office 

adminider the 1 

ir. C6agce) 

diredl, condnél 
vern. rule, have 
or Management 

jorvaUelig# govei 
jed ro Rule. 

forvalter, an Ad 
Diredor. (ODC 
0055^ a Stewar 

joi*va[tning# an 
Ruling, Fundlic 

jorVi^nMe/ ro 

rransmnce, met 
transfigurate, tn 
&tun) to petrii 

jorvanMeø, to b< 

jorvattbler/ transr 
fi^ured. tranim 

jort^anMing, Tra 
phofe, Change 

jorvanbtf a Kina 
tion, .((UB er 

%t> ) 0.75 ( ^0 

) fhe Jt t Rins- SovvatinQsmi^M, a Prefcr- 

ine. vAcive. 

lb# Kindred, Con- ^drvarfeb an Omen, Fore!>od- 

ncfs, Affinity, 

Othtaqt tttO to 

ne, chear or de- 
of fomethin^, 

ig I defranding, 

|tf maiO to keep, 
preferve, guard, 

in{( Sign. ' 
Sovvatfltf to warn, prefage« 

advertifei irform« give No* 

cice or Intelligence of. 
Sotv:^, before* in the Front 


S^tvebbt, U t>ebbe bort. 
S^vvtUt Cøtt>e et liler Dvfeø) 

to boil a lictle» to par bo il, 
liave in yoor Cu- $otvtnbtt to peryert, diftore* 

Kaeping. (forMrc 
ti) to keep under 

Key« Cforvoredet 
CH eanø to lav it 
other Time. Cj^Vø 

t, tii man ht^mx 

ly up a Thing in 
. Cl>cJ)æf fc) to co- 
Kirt @t5erne af ctL 
ntna meø (faoaSe« 

nk rhe Anny with 

t. (foroarc fig) to 

s of yoorfelf, to 
ir Health« (foroatC 

invert, wreath, bend. (ff(tt» 
itn) to per ver t Tndgmenr« 
(eené OtD) to abafe one's force another 
Senfe upon them, to misin* 
terpret) pur a p^rverfeCen- 
ftruiiion upon them* (^Øit 
ntni) to Hiftort your Eyes« 
(focoenOe £ot)cn) t«? elude the 
Law. (et etriWeft) to di- 
Itort, wrcli^a Saying. 

5orren^elfc# Perverfion, In- 
verfion, Diftorfinn, (Dtbé) 
a perverfe Conftru£lion. 
to bewaré, take jorren^ing^ Inverfion, Per- 

verfion, DidoTficn. 

5otven^t| pervcrted, invert- 
cc!,diftorted, perverfe, prc- 
poftorousf, ill-natured. 

5orpentt;«dv.the wrong Way, 
prep.'fterously, crofs* quite 

forvente; to expeél, to walt, 
or-ftay for. Cformodc) to 
hope, iniagine. 

jorventeUg, that may be hop- 
Cuftody, Gnard, cd or expe£led. 

g. Kceping. Ciau ^orveiitelfe tUztSovvtntnm, 

((and on your 
• in your Defence 

'. fig imob bet fol^e 

I provide againft 

ither (befFierme) 

1, prote£^« 

a Preferver« Keep- 

kept« preferved, 

n§) to have in Cu- 

jitK t 8on>arin9) 

nit fomething to 
ftody or Keeping. 

nocet DDcrUocreé i 

|)a Trultee. (ceW/ 

taget tiitnanhtn^ 

O fl Trufter* 

Expedarion, Expcclance. 

(ftaac I Sor»?nfninø) to bc 

in Expc<5ntion of. 

5orventct| e\pcded. 

Sovvtitn, brugeé fun advcr- 
biaUter.met) tr faafotti : Ci 

Sorve((n)aforei beforehand* 

%o ) 276 ( fo 

JMr9<|:Ie# CO chsn^C} eirchtn^> 
fhirt or permare 4i Thing.' 

SorvtT^ling, Exchanj^cChang- 
ing, Permutation* Alcera* 

■ rioQS* inqaifitive« Ci^m^tt 

M^ttjttrut) prefaging.fore- 

^or1H^en^e•/ cnrionsTy, 
$orvi^ent^<^, Cnriofiry, In- 
' quiTitivcncfs. (^oor^eO moii 

vccb'noøct forub) Prcrcience> 

jorvi^t^ coofar, exceedingly« 

excesHvely , immodérately« 

extravajcanrly, C^ttHU fw* 

tibi) overflrained* over« 

jorviiønitig # BamThment« 

Exile, Relegation« Excom- 


5drvii(^# banifhed, exiled, 
outlawed) rclegared. 

jorviPle, to ent^gle, impli- 
i.ate, imply or embroil. ("fiø 
I S^ttttnin^iv) to erabark, 
engagoorcinbroilt entangle 
youifelf intoBuHnefst med- 
die or intermeddle with 

jorviritngf Impfication, En- 
tangling, (i en ComcDi'O 

ihc Plot of a Play. 

5orrilt»e/ towilder, bewilderi 
mislciH, putoutofché Way, 
had altray, bring inco an 
Error, to puzzic, perpfex, 
C(^iøxtV\\t) to make wild. 

5orpll^eIfe# a Wilderlng, Bc- 
wildering, Leading aitray« 

jorvtlDeø/ C^aat t»tl5) to go 

ont ot che Way , lofe the 
Way, waqder or ftraggle, 
(fflrc »I Ib) mistake, be in 
an Efror. (bllDC ^iih, fom 

ct (DIcnnefFO to grow wild. 

dered, led tlhn 
ihayed (fir»i 
an nndifciplinal 

bear, overcom« 
fwallow« forge 

C3ea (ar tffe ei 
h<n bctCaft) I i 

repaired or n 
Lofs« I am not I 

of ir. (fomcni 

forbinde) irrep; 
SotvivTtf CO dis< 
found, pnc in C 
embroil fometh 
plex, to jomble« 
hurry Things c 

^orvhrrelfe, f. , 

forvirrer/ anEnta 

rSovvirvtBf to be 
conc&rned, dai 
Countenance, ] 

5^r virret^ disor 
broiled, perplex 
ded, whimfical, 
pOtthCt ) cra 
loft-pated. ^i| 
plexed, confonr 
aNon-plos. Q^a 

t 9^xUqcntftv) 

plexed, beinaV 
h<() perplexed 


forvirring f Conl 

ordcr, Embro 
plcxity, Entangl 

G @int>cO ^gii 

jorvijtf to banifh, 

Inw, relegate, pr 

Sintaié ©amfu 

jorviønt^rotiag, 1 

fade away, dry 

SovviMtt, faded 


go ) 27? ( %0 

r# Asfnrtnce« Ai^ 
p Ceminty» Sure« 
»afctruih« asfare* 

rceraintdf MHirtd) 
taint confident, 
CondlK^) certain* 
jT* fare« asfarcdly. 
th« Forcptrc of t 

to m^ke, caofe, oc« 
e che Caufe or Oc- 

r Cfonnaac tif) to 

e» incline or dis- 

> theCanfin^f Oc- 
OK CaQfc of a 

>e# caufal« 
an Author> Catife 

r naughty, croft« 
d» perverrcd* wic- 
vard, uncoward. 

)tb 9 Naughctnefs« 
incfs, Frowardnefs* 

bold, audaciouS) 
ot> rafh , hardy, 
I » vencurcfome t 


^9 An-lflcioiisncrst 
, Tcmcrity* Rafh- 
idvifedneff, Incon- 

r adtr« aodadonsly, 

jfdiy, nnadvifedly, 

racely, headlong, at 

at Rover9> at a 

Cfom el %t) to go 

r away with grow- 
»otgrow pne'^Cia- 

orn-flway by grow- 
uling, Aipcrior^ 

jorvre^en; bent, wrcathtd« 

wre(led» diftorted, wrnng* 

jorvri^Ci to wrench, fprain, 

ftrain, overftrain, disiocate 

or luxatc a Lirnb« get itoat 

of Joint* (ctt 9?aflfO «o 

bend a Key. 

location, Putcing onc of 

Joint. . 
jorvtin^etli repaired,'recQVtr- 

ed, reftored agatn« 
jorfngCf to make young, tQ 

make one look yoiinger, 

jor^ffeU9/ f. ^orønffeltg« 

$06, røan^fa(b) a Cafcade, 
WaterfalU Ca<araa, ^ Fall of 
a River, 

loøfilter, FosQls. 

|o (ler. Fems, Embryo, a Chlld 
in the Womb. (u(ibij)0 
an abortive or untiniely 
Child* one born out of due 

5a(lerbarn; a Fefter-Child, 

^oflerfa^elV Folter-Father. 
^oflel•fø^en^e| viviparous* 

joflevbin^C/ a Mcmorane. 
jjofteiieier rht Matrix, Womb 

or Mother^ 
Soflermo^er, aFof^ermother| 

a Nurfe. 
§o(lerfønr Fofter-Child, 
Scjlvc/ tofoftcr, nnrfe, nurfe 

up» bring up or edvcatt« 
joilrinø/ Nurtare, Edttca** 

Sour<rge, Fodder, Forage^ 

5ourag^'e/ to forage, 
^'oiiragerer, a Forager, 
jotiragevingr Foraging, 
joureer, a IJarbinger. 

^otirnerci f. ffaffc; forffaffe* 

jø^, born, brought inco the 
World, (for %MX^ ator- 

■ f t ' 

1 1 
■ V' 

i* ) XT9 i %ø 

Mtbcr, Fecc 

AM# CnnhaMbt) to non- 
rifht fofter, £eed« mainrain« 
laftain^ ctirerraiiit •limtnt« 
cherlfb. (i^U £l»crgy to 
Iccdt httåCån\%.(f9SB€tø 
htn) to b«tr» brin^ forth a 
Child, tobree<t betttming« 

! 'i Utide} to mitcfir ry, bring 
orth in abortive Child. Cai^ 
fc) tobegett procrette* gc- 
neratt, engender, (af fffU 
lottoibi) <o caafe, create« 
occafion , give Rife to. 

5#^e# (9pb&(d) NQtrifaent» 
Nbnril'htnent« •Aliinony« 
Food, Sufl^enance« Vi^nali« 
CSøbt oa J((0^) Food and 

j^bebYfi Cy<>ttt) native Town* 

^^flan^/ nacivé Country, 
Mothercoantry, your Conn- 

J^^enbe# nourifhing, nutri- 
ti ve. 

^beriiøf iliicy« norifhing, 

S^^t9, (til tBetbfti) to be bom, 
come info the World, to 
breed. (fomtnc øf) to fpring, 
come of« grow, proceea* 
f come, rife, take Rife. (j 
UtttO to be born before 
due Time. (føOci flieb) to 
be ,born wtth or bred in« 
be nitaral to. 

j^^efle^/ a native Place, t 

jø^fel, Birth, Nativity. ($<r« 
fomll)Birth, rxtraaion, Dc- 

fcenc (9c(l9nDt(fO B'^th, 
Rife, Sprinfir, Bet^inning. 

(QarntføofcO • Woman*a 

jØtfdabAgf Birth>Day. 

^^feUIetltmer, tha Genitals, 
privy Pircø. 

S#bfel«iUcmc^ ti 

IninenoB of cIk 
a Man at his Ri 

iU»^Cl•ti^, thtT 
j#er# ftrongt fta 
brawny, robvft 
^f^rlen^et, ftron 
Mttitmmwtf ftro 
tS^it, XrioøO 

Xjdier (iftVfoo, 
tc.) Canfe, Rca 
Righf. (bat ^ 
bc has a Right 
do fo. a^ab ! 
fil mtt) what 
indnced nlm to 
Menner? (meb g 
by Right. 

S^itr (lempe ffø 

to pleafe, plcafi 
one, to compl 
yield, fobniitt c< 
his Fancy, te. a 
yonrfelf to it. 

eénéøtnh} to a 

or. adfl; r yo !rl 
Humo' r. (f. fi| 
ter) ''Migrec, fu 
ttnH fto) to cha 
fall ouc.(a(fami 

vnitc Conne^- ] 

(Orbr fammen) 

Words, (i ilt 


join one Thin{ 
ther. (f. ttO t< 
putro»adioint s 

(fom ha fan jf. 

non ferves. (f. i 
dispofe, regal 
direa. (9ot f. e 

øene fonintolii 

pofes or direSi 
mirably. (f. i 

§• ).2r9 ( f# 


f»Onftr orbirtc* 
iéI» Prtptrttions 

kitt »mie Ad meb) 

rtd, eafy« fainiliir> 
ondefccndingt fo- 
r««fonable« Clini« 
nrcblc (9<fe 09 
»mpldraiit ro» to 

Complaifflficy* • 
ifiom CompUancet 
» Eafinefs, eafy 
CVeatcm^) Op- 

I ConveniencciFir* 
icfs. (OttnK)Fa« 

« rmall Matter* 
a Thin^ of lictle 

Mtt Urtype om 

cn) to rainble 
> run or gåd up 
ehe Streets« 

adding Gosfip, a 
or gosfiping Wo- 

Rambling , Gad- 

FoaU .(en 3lf<ri# 

Afacolt. ClOcJC* 

rfccolt. (as»rc* 


iole, what inay be 

ceived by cheSfen« 

. perceivc» befen« 

Cpaa) to feel, 

n€h» pawi fitmble, 

ioé eeo) to feel 
and»feel hisPulft 
ufinera> feel onc*s 

I for/ fotn t SKer« 

op« alqng, feel 
as in the Dflrk« 
raddlØ} fenfiblc, 

)iii maa tao fø(c 

[^Ifllg(lt# fenfiblf, ptlpably« 
jØlfligl^eOf Senfibility« 

Følelfe, Peeling« (SorneJiimet 

f(^ Senfation. 
Séitn, Peeling* Toucbing, 

Handling, Pawing* Grop- 

tng. . 
Si^Ieønt/ toncby* exceptlotu^ 

tender « nice. 
jørømbe^/ Serifibility* Ten- 

jØlcøUa^ infenfible, fenfeltrs. . 

indolent« ' 
5^Ie9Uabc^/In^<^n^>biltty,S.en- * 

relefanefs« Indolency« 
Sl^it^l^ftf infenfibly* indolcnt- 

5øift, (førnttmmcO pø^eind, 

felt« Cpaa) touched« 
følgagtig; obejlcnt, obfcqai- 

ouSf condcfcendiogt willing 

to folluw« 
Sølgagtigenr obediently* 

5ølgagtigbe^f . Obedicncca 

S^l^tr to foljowtffo along witfw 
come after, lucceed, (<fc 
tcrtiønOtoimitate« (af ^n« * 
atlbf tt) te foUow* enfue, pro^ 
ceed, fpring« ttfke Rife from« 

(efter t^inanOen) to fucceed, 
tollow after. (een i ^dUn) 
to purfue one on the Heels« 
(meb; geleibe) to aceompa* 
ny, attend, condaft, (jea »i( 

følge cber btern) JMl fee* 

Qttend yon Home« ((tiø) fO 
asdfti be prefent at a Fnne* 
ral, folfow it« (poa) to in- 
fae« (ab(o5e) toobey« heaf« 
ken to« (ftg <i)et i^opeb) to 
• tak': yonr Swing, to hearken 
to no Reafon* be felfcon" 

ceited« (een I Cmbebe) to - 

fucceed onc in an Oflice, 

(bet føløer af fia felp> it 

follows of CouiTe« 

S^iQt , (SøCgcffab) a Retinue« 
Attendancei Attcndants, 


%9 ) 080 ( §• 

. I 

CSaIt Drtal) a Series, tn 
Order. % Row. (i SmMc) 
Snccesfiofu CSttrhlQi) Se- 
qnel* Confequetice. C@Ivt« 

uma af m 6atnui(|) Confe- 
irnence« (af Jtort crÉcr^Jii« 
•nhen^ a Sequtnce« OC^C* 
mDntc) Procesfion. 

S^Ut^ C^t VaafiløO Cofiff 

qnence. Rcrolc O'OB mtfn 

Ifrooct af noaet) the infe* 

rence« Condufion« (Jørlf 
forttclfc } Continnatioiii 
OSammtntvn^) Cohercnce. 
o t^l$t aO in Purftitnct 
off in Confeqnence o& 

Sél^tlig tUtxWqtligttt, conr 
ftqnently, of Conrre* by 

jølgen^e^ followine« nest. 
Ci^an tfttO Atoreqnenc, 
next- following* comifig« 
tfter. Cpaa^ enfuing. (af 

jØlgefFab, Attendance, Reti- 
nue, Followers. (atørtS^U 
iClPab) CO accoropany, te« 
rtodt go alon^ with« 

jøløtft^en^i aCoinpanion* an 

jølfom, fcnfible, fentimen- 

j^lfoK^f^ Senfibiliry« 
jøn^ Down of Hcrhs. (paa 
frugter, 00 Sracr) Down 
of Fruits and Treci. 

S^Vf beforei afore« tnterior- 


$^ttt to carry« brin^, convey 
Good8.(ta®oønértiC ©fibé) 

to carry in a Waggon« in a 

Ship. (føre 9>ar( tit et 

GtetT) to carry or convey 
Xfooot CO a Plflce« (fere^ 
dave i i^aanbcn) to handle^ 

managt. (fPobfr^ to carrv« 
convey« (Jtrig) co make 
•r wtge War. (m ttmu) 

tolead« , 
'Bead an Aray* 
10 commaiid t 8 
vtgac« iu CMét 
, tt or ply tht O 
MØtet) COM ver 
Scepter* (m C J 
wifld ihe Sword 
to prodoceWlcB 
dence* (f« Co« 
comoitnd, beer 
rnle the Roiit. 
to lead the C 

f mtif 9tHte) ro 
ble*. ofagoodPj 
foK ttorbtaCfiii 

Icad or live t gc 
orderly Life. 

nioøenj to tak 

to have the Mt 
to go CO Law wii 
law oft fue at ] 
bet) to lead the 
bea Speaker« or: 
(93<ldhen) ro i 


aCaafc before t 
•t chc Bar. (fi 
to prodnce Wi( 
(EinPCbe) to diyc 
nage, oradminil 

(en 6aø m(> te 


r^anM)to dri 

a Ttade. (fere < 
condii£l« gvtdc 
to bring in« to 
bort) to. trans] 

i Vennen) to coi 
ing. (tnb tmd 

termix« (i ianh 
bark, bring afh 
fltCteb) to di 
move from frs '. 

llorben) to conf 

Ditorder or>lo 
lead one a Wildj 

> ) asi ( §0 

, k«cp hitn at 
ivé* JFruftrate 
mtti) CO re- 
Imonirh » pnc 
)f « to exhoru 
CO mencion« 
of. Ctii QJOflé;) 
a Book, book 

Seønitta) to 

anr. (i ©fttg) 
briog inro Fa- 
SfiolD) to dc- 

ftt @eii>(b) I 

ign or Intcn- 

:ks. (ud Mani 

3lge y fpread 
ianO to hrlnz 

• (mcD fia) to 
ithit. (toffc 

rry or behavc 
I gott op) bc- 
Q give a good 
jorfelf. (uJorc 

Ccn @aø Dc( 

Defign about. 
finifh, accom« 
a Piriod. 
ing, Carriage* 

irriage, Prc- 

. cre, 

ing, l)caring. 


»rcment , De- 




I # Carriage> 

cyance. Load. 

allowed the 
to carry in 

race Cargo. 

jøi'tnøel^ni PorCige» Porter« 

age. Fare. 
jørlig^ hcalchfuK wholefomet 

vigoroui, Ittfty« ^ 

- jørlig&ebf Healthfiilnerfft 
WholcfoiDenefs, Vigour. 

S^c omtalt # beforc-inention- 

S^tftl, Carnage. Conveying. 
S^vft, i^vftt, thefirft. (for 

M farfte) firftly , in the 

arft Plac«. CforncmH) chief. 

principal. « 

jørd, adv. firft, chiefly, 

principally, primitivdy. 

^Ørfleføb/ che fir ft- bom. 
Sørflefø^fel , Primogenicurt^ 

j|ølrflefø^feUretf Binh-right, 


^øvftcfriigt f f. jørilegrø^e. 
^Ørfle^vø^f Pr«mices» firlt 

• Fruits of the Year. 

jørflFomaen^ei next. 
S^ftninp, the leginning. (i 

gerflnindén) at fir(^. 

5ørilv«ren^e# primitive. - 

jørtf carriedi brought« led* 

S^v f. f^. 

5ra I from. (frtf timmtUn) 

from Heavcn. Ci W Rodcn) 
from rhe Root* utcerly. (Jta 
®runl)cn) from che very 
Botconi. fnndamentally, to- 
tally, wholly, entirely. (fiu* 

ttxt H ®pro9 fra (Brun^cn) 

to i^udy a Language to the 

Borcom. (Ua T>ai til 'DaQ, 
fra '21ar it(^ar) Dav by uay, 

Ycar by Year. (fra ?)t>rt 
tene ®runt)) from rhe Bor- 

• tom of ray Heart. C^atl Ct 
frd Sonbon) he is of London 
or a narive of London, (fra 

min @iDO ^^ "*y P^r'» ^^ ^^ 

my Side, Qta tawU Si« 


%t ) 182 (. tr 



•tr éO in tlie Di jf of Torcw 

San er femmen fra (Bnøc^ 
Il5) ke is cotné q^t of Eng^ 
Itnd or fromEo(IandC(anøt« 

from aftr. (aSci^egne 

fi-om all FlacM. fra 
%9t.@ibtt^ from both Si* 

des. (Stemme fra) from 
Home. (oi^enpra) from 
ttboye. ^fra e»enaQ from 
thc Top. (neben froj from 
bcloir. (fra nebman from 

the Bortom. Hn^Olfra) from 
within » on thc Infide. Cf^a 

ni) afrefh. (fra fBamd« 
htta aO fi'ooi t child« 

fr«4^e# f. jroae. 
raa^f(# to eacgrecdilr> han* 
gri?/«-ravcnouf lytto devottr, 
glaceonizt, cram yoorfdf 
wfth Meatf to eat to Excafs. 

(fraabfe og brttfe) to riot* 

. gormandtze. 
StMhftV, a Glutton« Gorman- 
dizer> Devoarcr* rreat Fee« 
der* Grc^y-gutr 

^aabferaøng/ greedy> glut* 
tOnixingy glartonoBS» rio- 

^aabfera^rigen f greedily, 

^aabferlc^ Gluttony, gretdy 
Fecdingt Goodfellowrhip» 


. Rioting. 

jraae, Foam* Froch, Slaver. 

jraae# v. to fqam or froth. 

jrabebe ftg noget/ to beg to 
bc excufed from, 

Sra S^eg^n belfen f from the 


jrablive^ to abftaim keep 

^Abrinøff to bring from, 
avert« divcrti ditpel« dis- 

jira te af, from 

ever flnce» 

jra 1D40 til nftbci 
Day ro anothtr. 
jra benne 6it^ / 


^ra ben Ctb# from 
Jrab^mme/ to tbjo 

}ive or pafa i 
adgment or 
• againft one* 
jrabrag , (j Sl^gi 

Abatement* Du 

Subflrradion, D 
jrabragff to fobi 

dud » rebare » 

take oflf. 
jrabrageligr tlit( 

fabitrailcd, dedi 

5rabr4øelfe > Sn 

jv'abragenbei fo 

Sv^n^t t f. S^^^ 

jrafalb, Defedion 
Rebellion. (fti 
Apoft icy. 

jrafalbe« ro fall o; 
Defei^ibn^ revol 
defert, backflide, 
liøion) ro apofUi 

jrafalbenr fallen o 
rcbclicd. Ten I 
a Rebel. (fra I 
ApolUte, Reneg 

5i^afare# to go awi 
or fet out trom« 

in a t>iry« ont of 

5rafØre# to carry, b 

^ragaaer (o«øl«^ 

ditown, gainfay, 

SKaterte) to go. i 

dine, torn from 
ter in Hånd« 
®eO to fwerve> 

%t ) 283 ( %V 

: ^ 9«Mid Cib # of Yore» 
fron old or anciene Times« 
(ØniBtMl afr ^rom r)ie 
Bfftom , fnndamencally > 
fnm che very Fonndarion« 

[JMfr, Frtighr. (tiC £ant)0 

Portige, Carriaxe, Fare« 

af (fahningj charge, 
1« Load, Cargo* 
JMÉlii, ft Bill of Lading; 

daicr- party. 
Jlrfif to freight, hire a 

Jk^tfrlbbcl , fl Bill of Load- 

^tufifibt a Merchantman, 

Jnpoogn # a Waggon of a 

Su (^inaoteti/ fcparately, 
•fnnder , feverally« 

jhi^Ib f Detaining , With« 
bolding, Deccnfion, Hin- 

JTtf^lbe^ to hold« kcep ofT, 
virhhold, detain, ftop. Cfiø) 
ro abftain from* forbear, 
contain yoarfelf* 

3rA^l^t/ withholden, kept 
oflf, detained« 

Jrttfagei ro chafe away from, 

itailOagf from this Day« 

Jrafftl^Cf CO recall, call back* 

noonce, give or pafs Ver- 
d'iå or Sentence ^gainll, to 

dcmnati n , Ab>u.iication. 

Jrotofrge flff» to jutHfy, clear 
or acqait yotirfelf from an 

^Iffggelfe^ Jnftifying, Clearw 
ing, Acqoittiog, Excufe, 

S^iilebe/ to tnm, tnm away, 
draw or cake oflf* to avert 

or divert from. C^AIlbet) 
to drain, draw away cheWa- 
ter , make Channels. (ccii 

• fra fiii ^i(tfartffe) to ger 

one out of a P'iinge, tak« 

him off from his ill Conrfe« 

(Cltb) to derivf Words 

irora, ' 
jraligge^ to be remote, far 

off , a great Way off or at 

a great Diftance, 
Staii^enttf adj. remote, di- 

l^ant, tar off. 
Staiigt^cn^tf f. Diftance, 

^raltggent^e^/ Remoteitefs. 
^vaMUt to draw off, get or 

obrain fomething by fair 

Words or Enticements » aU 

lure one out of ir. 
jral^VCf to ger or obtain by 

Lics or Illufions. 
Svanatvc, to get or obtain by 

Cunning, Tricks or Subtilt* 

ty. (ccn 'Jcngc) to fool ona 

out of his Money, cheat or 

bubble him of it. 

Svan^f Cfranf eg frie) fi;ank, 

free , exempred. 

jranferc/ (et 9rcs>) to franit 

a LsJtter. 
[ranPrig, France. 
[ranfF/ french. 
Ivan^manb , a Frenchman* 
jra nu afi row from this 
vcry inftdnt, trom chisTime 
^xa nve «f ^ again » over 

again , anewi ficfh. 
5ran5c:ff , a Iref c' Woman, a 

lren.'.h Govcrn^fs. 
jtansoe/ a Frcnchman, 

^aii5ofer# the french Pox» 
^|foul Diseafo« 

5r•1n3oftt*(!ri^ig # amivene* 


ivtin^o^tvtxcttf Lignum 

^tany^^^f french. 

fjf ) 284 ( fr 

9t€t Drb til m^/ Word for 

Svavaa^tt todisfuade, dehorr, 
tnrn, avert fromt advife 
one CO rhe contrary. 

Scataabti^t, a Disfuafion, 

Stataa^tXt disfuaded, dehorr- 

fraregne, toabate« dedna, 

^riiregitet, dedn^ed, dis- 


vrting; « torn out or off» 

wrefled by Force from, 
Stativtf CO pull. fnatch, cear, 

wfcft", wring out or away. 
jrartvelfe# aPuliing, Tcår- 

ing, Wrcfting out, ofTor 

5r« Ko^ell af, from the vcry 

Ront, from the Origine or 

StAt^Vtt tø rob a Perfon of 

a Thing, take it away from 

him by violencct co dcprive 

him of ic# 
St<tt^Htf to pull, fnatch 

^MfÆttf/ to depofe» dcgrnde* 

remove one from hisChargc, 

^ra€ant>fet*tft, mad, furious, 
out of his Wits. 

^raftge / to unfay» deny. (fig) 
renounce, abdicate« 

jraflgelfci RenunciatioH) Ab- 

jra f!g felV/ furinus, mad, 
outof hi^ Wits, hefidcshim- 

felf. (Ⱦce fra fia Mv^ to 

have løft yonr Senfes« ^ 

jrAJfiQe# topart, feparat^ 
dtvide, disjøin, putafunder, 

jraffiUelig; feparabUi aliena- 

Sv^ifliUMt, Separa 

ing, Disjoininr« 

5rafFiaetU>e , Cit^ 

fccrcfory. . 

jrafTU^t/ feparfltø< 

5raflf^^e/ ro pofl 
oflfor from« 

jraflibe# to tear ofl 

jri»iliMiing# Tear 

Stafnaffti to ^et 
fomething from c 
joling* Wheedling 
or Flacterine * 
Words, to flact« 
of fomething« 

5>^a^p<tn^e^ to untei 
the Horiei out øf i 

CØjmcne) to pn 


Srafpotn^nittg # rht 

Svaftaat, to defifl 
from, quit or abs 
leave orf*, discontf 
over or up. (ftn ! 
btinø) torefignor 
your Right or Pr 
to give it over. (f 

9){(ninø) to quit, 

your Opinion, I« 
rield and fnbmit t 
udgment. (^aat 

laat t)oé) to ftai 


^raftaaelfe # f. ^f(l 
^ra(lant># Didance, 
3ra(tieU/ to (les>law 

rob , or deprivi 


jrajlieling, Stealinj 

jrafl^Df Repulfioiu 

^rafløbe # to repé 
away, repolfc, dr 

Svafl^bning, Puf hin 
ing» Driving bad 


^t ) a85 ( %t 

^A^ctrgtf to abjure, for- 
fwear« renonnce a Tbine by 
an Oath. (ffn ^Oaitb^ to 
deny your Hånd - wnring 
wirh an Oath, (en ScfFoIN 
nini) to clear or pnrgc 
yourrdf of an Accnfatien, 

StAfoatrgelfe# an Abjoracion. 
Tot€ve«ring9 Denyingwith 
ftn Oach» 

Srouitcy C^cn n^t() ro eake 

i Thing from one > reb or 
dcprive him of ic. CfrfltagC 
fOI fin £on3 to defraud, 
diear* deprive one of his 

Waget. Cfin 9tt9mmtVt) 

to derogate fromone^sPraife, 
dirainith tbe Valaeofit (f. 

fcn fine jtun^er) to draw 

•ne'tCpftoøers oflffrom one» 
cntjce them away from him» 
deprive him of them« 

Stotagellg/ deprivable* 

jrataøelftf Depriving, De* 

jrntttSct/ taken from or away» 

StA Cib til an^en# from Time 
CO Time > now and chen« 

jratroeffe^ to draw* puU« get 
from one. ffrø een @umma)^ 

to dedQ<S, lubftrad« Ciffer« 
tc) to retrench. (fra ®ttgO 
to march offfrom rhe Guard* 

Cecn fra finc6tuOerinø<0 to 

draw one ofF, avert one from 
his Stadies. 

SratricFning , Abacement. 

JMtruf f en# drawn from. Cfxa 
(I Summa) dedu^^ed* fub- 

i^waltt, to roll ofFor away« 

9tavaiine, ro wean> disacca-^ 
ft*ni tue frote* make ona* 

leave a Coftom« (flf^ Mt!) r« 
disofe or break one*s felf 
oft' from an Habit« 
jra9(cnnelfe# the Disaccn« 
ftoming 9 Weaning off» 

Stavctnt, f« itavant. 
\vavættf to be abfenr* 
itavocvtlft, Abfence«. 
Ivavxvin^tt abfent. 
Iravanc^ disaccoftomed, wean- 
ed off. 

Svavtn^t, to avcrt, diverr. 

withdcaw« ritrn, drive>pQt off 

or back. (ftaraabO to tnm 

off» disfnade* (fPtSe 4)^6) to 

.deprive one of fomething, 

5raven^eIfe, Avercingt Torn- 
ing off. 

jr<^vi^^e, Diftance» Remoee* 

jr^vigei to decline, decedet 
turn, go off, fwerve* rccoil* 

jravigelfCf Defleaion, Di- 
grcsfion-. Deviation, Wan- 
dcring , Goin^ out of che 
Way f Departing frem ^he 

Svavoyt, (font Xfæber) to 

outgrow yonr Clothes, 

Sva ruggm af # from the 

5ve^# Peace. (lew i frcb) t« 

enjoy Peace or live in Peace* 
(bt^it^tth^ to break Peace. 

(labe ttn t^tt i 8re0) to let 

one alone « at Relt > Qnieti 
undiftnrbed. ^ 

jre^agr Friday. (Sanøfrebaø) 

Good Friday. 

5refebni^; f. Ste^ebrn&. 

jre^C/ to fpare. (en 6foi>) to 
prcferve a Wood. 

jvebelig^ peaceable, inclined 
topeaca, pacific, tranquiU 
quiet. ^ 

jre^eUg<n# peaceably, tran- 
qaillyi quictly* 

%t ) 286 ( tft 

^riKefiobeb » Trtnqaillicyt 
jre^f ((Fenbe # paclfic. 
[rebfotrDig , f. fre^elfren^e* 
|(eDl09» profcribed, outlaw- 
.ed. (øi^e frcbiéO ro pro- 
fcribe, ondaw« Qcn%tthM) 
an Outlaw, 
jreb(^6/ CUrO Loofe-Strife* 

jreMØømaal/ a Profcription* 

jrebøbrub t a Breaoh or Rnp-> 

rare of Peact« 
$tt^hv^^tv, a Make-bate, 
Infringer, Violacor of Pcace« 

jrtbfOommer r a Jitfticc of 

Stt^f^vft^Wtt f a Tronble- 

feaft« Perrurbacor» Diftur- 
Srebef^rfte/ a Prince of 

jrebøb^nMer^ a Negoriaror 

of Peac€. 
jrebøb^nMing # Ncgot i»rion 

of Peacc , PflCifi^cion* 
Trcating tor Peace« 

5cfb$meglcr # a Mediator, 

jrebentcgUng/ Mediation, 

jre^øflutning^ Pacificatioii) 
Treary of Peace« 

jcebfonime(ig# peaceabU* pa- 
ciHc, f. fredelig« 

jrebfommeligeit # peaceably, 
• pacificly, 

itebiommtUqfytb , Peaceful- 
nefSf Love of Quiet, or 

^rebøflav , Caddceum • che 
Mscef^flflf of the Kings ac 
Arms, or Heraids, 

5irebe(lifce(re i Pacification, 

5vcbø(liftcr^ Pacifier, Peace- 

[reb« Cibf-TitBe 
(regar, k Frigac 
[regne/ a Freck 
[regnet # frecklei 
|reibig# joyfoK 
fol , conngeoi 

5reiDigbeb# Com 

fulnefs* Gladn 

infolenr, grace 
Icfs, brasen -li 

%mn, ncr4oiié) 

petulenr, wantc 

Cutugttg) ima 

chadc « wancon 

Jrefb«^# (Uforf 

Impudence , 


Percnefs^ Petal 
tonnefs • Fi 


Sletfil impudently 
faacily. percfy 
immorfeftly , o 

5relfe, f. Salvatid 
tion, Redemptio 

5relfe# v» to fai 
releafe, ranfoi 
free, redeem* 

5«^elferf ivt{\tvn 

viour, Deliverei 

jrelentng^ Deliv^ 

Jrelfl f - fayed > 

jrentf fremab, i 
ffrcm 00 ttlbaøi 
Gige frem til 05 j 

way CO the Mou 
frem) forther, f 
er, i%a(kt fre 

vanc^« pafs on, 

$vtmavit Prodo* 
tion, Gencrati« 
cion» • 

9$ ) 287 ( %t 

KO prodoct; beget, 
e , engender« 
t^ , produdive« 
p prodaccd 6cc» 
m.' carried» broueht 

CO bring« bear> 
con vej » forward, 

ce* Cpoa QorteO 


€9 copeep 0Qt»break 

)adcii br«rf fer frem) 

breaks forth* 



ti to prodace pro- 

r» advince. Cf^ro 

:o proffer. Cf» f^tn 

o prodace, bring 

ieid. n. taa^a^ti^- 

o fpeak Nonfenfe* 
elfe , Produ^lion, 
; forch, Yielding, 
sn. » 

enfC/ produiflive« 
, to break foreh, 

bieakoac, appear* 
løcn) CO peep« 

CO ofl[er, prefent, 

n9# Offer, Tender, 

ng, a Jncting or 
ouc in a Building« 
furchcrraore, mo- 
henceforward , far- 

, Ctroff fe frkin) to 

-»1^ our, hale ouc a 
liihcn) CO pafi, 
le Time beftow it* 
O paTs the Life. 

r Impolfe, Perfaa- 

r 'o drive forward, 
put forrh« 

ibt , impulfing» 

fremfare; to go er run oot 

proceed, acl or d:a]. .(d^ø 
T^re (tø) to behave your- 

jrcmfarr, C^bfærb) Proceed- 
ing. Procedure, Dealing;. 
COpførfel) Condud, C^r- 
riage , Behaviour* ' 

Stttnjov, before, preferablf 
to, in P reference of. 

jremfor^re^ to demand or ^c- 
quire , to call or fend for* 
(for SKet(en).co fummon* 
warn or cice a Perfon co ap» 
pear before che Court* Cm 
en Oié 2)aa) co adjourn. 

Sretnfor^rinø , (for S^ttUn) 

Summons, Citation, (til cO 
md Saø) Adjourning. 

jremf^re# to advance, pro- 
dace, brine aThing forward« 
(af eil Wdø) to alledge, 
cite or quote. 

jremfttfer co hnrry, co aft 
witn Precipication« 

5remfttfen^e , incontiderate, 
raf h, heedlefs, unwary, pre- 
cipicace, blundering, im'pé-' 
cuous, boiflerons, turbulent^ 

Srelnfttfen^eo , inconfiderate- 
ly , raf hly , precipicacely* 

jremfiifenbeb# Inconfiderate- 
nefs, Rafhnefs, Impecuons- 
nefs, Boifterousnefs, Preci- 

Svtmgaat, co advance, go 
forth , go on or forward*^ 

(u^S^oae) co proceed« (øaac 

. forflø)cofp«ed, takfEffea, 
fucceed, thrive, advance* 

jremøang, Progrefs, Succefs, 
Speed , Forwardnefs , Ad- 

5remgangomaabf/ Proceed- 

ing, MannerofProceeding* 

jremgive# co. prefent, offer. 


%t ) 088 ( 

5rem6irlbe, to incline > bend 
or lean to« 

jrem^«l^cn^e i incluiing; » 

leaning to« 
§f9mf)^Mnn , • Bending; or 

Inclininj^ forward« a Jntting 

or Leaning out in a Building, 

• Frojcdure« 
SttmJ^tnttf to fetch or bring; 

Svtmf)olttf ro ftretch ontø 

retch, hold forth« 

fvtmfal^t a Calline forth. 
remfalbC/ to call forth. or 
fend for « give one a Call« 
(for dLttttnj to fummon co 
app'?ar before the Court« 
[remFant^ a Eacet« ^ 
iVtmtdmmt, to appear« come 
forth« rpring forch« be born« 
Sttmfom(t» t Corning forth, 

Arrival« Appearancé« 
^rcmFr^be , to creep forth, 
lytmfv^btn^t, creeping forth, 
iremiaanf a Lending« 

Si'tmiaantt to Und« 

jremla^e/ ro admit« receive or 
let in » to give Admttrance 
or Accefs, 

Srtmict^gt, ro prefenr, expofe« 
exhibif ^ fct forth* lay before. 
(for SCcmn) ro produce, fec 

forth. (fin xrain) '«> ^"y *>»c 

or cxpofe to Sale yonrWares« 

Stemlctgnin^t Expofing for 
Sale, ^hewing, Laying our« 

jremUgt/ expofed, fet forrh« 

SvtmMtf to lead or carry on« 

Svtmitvtvt, ro deliver, prc- 
fenrj give forrh« 

jremU(!e ftg# to (lide forth or 

jreml^FFø/ to entice of drtw 
onttprovoke« move or indnce 
by MotivQ» (to fcrew onr^. 

Xvtmi^bt , t 
^remftibe # 



ward» a.L 

Svtmmat$, a 

ing, Adva 



favouri CC 

fremmet I i 

eign. ftrai 

(en Sremti 


fremmet pc 

a Srr.inger 
eigner in a 

fremmet |< 

known. (r 
raw, unnfu 
in forcign, 
remote Coi 

(fra f. Unl 

from forcig 
ta^tn^ affei 

an) ro c^isd 
fomme frer 

farprifed at 
upon, rhinh 

fom mid f 

feemed ftrar 
me • I wat 

(oære f. for3 

be ignoranr 

mth f« Si 

wirh orher 

(ot (aoe S« 

Company r« 
fremmer # (p 

ilrange Man 

jremmelig, a 
(oper frcmn 

far advance 


Wf ) 7fi9 i 9ff 

V frnmrd, ^remfatiy Propolition* (af 

i^^mn to hing for- &MUtfJ Citation* Alltga* 


e, Cføn ^fttt) to S^tm\tnU, to convey» fend 

hoocep« (fom^an^ forth* dtspatch, ^ 

9«flp tofpringtrifc, S^tmfiatt to fpeak ovc v»» 

obblt np« pAtchf prononnce, to explain 

*«ii«-» Pr^nJLrJ^« Srciitffmiie, to rhin« ibrth, 

tnillgf Propagation. gUrter, co be bright. 

»C^ cocall.cflllforthi jreirifVri^^ co tdvance* go 

!r« ' fofward* approacli^ 

fcy to ftretch oac« ^remflfri^ning^ ProjgreTt, Fro-^ 

loldforths« gretfion, Advancing. 

k, Cftaat fcemo»cr) 5i^entfFriM# Ptogrefi, Advan- 

•act bcar ouc» pro* 

Hup the Scratching 

■ctmg forth. 

f ftrecched oac, pac 

> Cb^cnøc a( ^øcc) 


SnmVnb, (69»ire) Bnrgaon* 
a young lad or Shoor* 

Svtmfi^, (fem en 6p<rO to 

fpting forth. fpronc. 
Sttmfiitt9 CO pufh forward, 

, „ — ^ TT"-' tk approach , advance. 

projea, ftand Srcm((^Mlilig# Progrefs* Ap- 


Ht^, jatting oac, jremi1f^tl^e# to hurry aloiig, 
ing» to haften forth, topvrfna. 

tg CO draw near or 5rcm(l<«bci to drag forcb, for* 

to approach, «omt ^ ^^\^* -^ . . «. a 

o advantc. S^tmflaQ, a Dn ving or Thraft- 
. _ A t ing forward, 

linø , Approach, jremføgt, co fearch for or aG 

«near, Acfvar.cmg. ^^eraXhing, tofeekoiit, 

in§, (• Svtm\(zu ^remfpocnbe, to kick along, 

t, CO propofe, fec bc- Sr«mfpif«# to come. or f hooc 
c (af eniBoa) to al- "P* to fpronc, fpring onu 

cita, qaote. (ct Srcmfpcillør Ger«iination> 
Imaal) co ftart, pro- Vegatation« 

aQueflKn. (fompaa Svtmfvving, iLcap, jamp, 

)cofervenp, feton "^ skipping forward* 

it. (forome frem roeb; ^temfprfngt/ co leap, junp, 

vi^^Vur e ff N Al on fltip forward. 

elfe, C9nf?wfe; Al- ^remfpiii^^cofpouc ovc, (pure 

5, Qnotation, Cita- forward, 

fflotllag). Propof.1. ^^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^ 


(oiiftrO tlledged, appwr. (jfaaefrmoPcO «• 
, (fore^raact) pro- *«"«* <>'• J"' <>»f- 
CPOA 99tr(Cl) ftrfcd S^tmftMtnht, (landing, or 

jtttciog ottC or Corward« 


f t ) 19P ( «r 

frt»(teiibi (i Oooøfnøer) « 

Jutting. 9 Leaninif oiic in a 
put'.nihg« ?roje«Snr€» 

Jrrntfltge« toapprotch, draw 

^■»•r. nigh, to come netr. 

jranfhDef ro prefertt» rcpr«- 
fens exhibir, C^Jttnen to 
pruducw Wirneires. (fiO 
CO tppetry prcCent yourrejf* 

* (for gtcrtfn) eo appcar or 
pr*<tnr yourfclf in aCo»ri:» 

JremiliOelfe , jremftilninø/ 

Frefcntanon« Kepre^enca- 
tion, (for SlCltcn) Appear- 
ancei Prcfenting or Forth- 
Coming in a Coart of Jn(lic% 
jtémiliDct^ prefented, repre- 

jremfl^^i. aThrnftine. Parh« 
mg forward« ImpnTfion* . 

jrcin(l^bef to pqfh forward» 
or thmft fcward. ^ 

jremflébenbf/ impulfiyc* 

thfufting forward« 
$ttmfttaaitf to caft forth 

Beamf« to r^diate* to ray 
, onr. 
Sttmftt^fft, to ftretch oat» 

lenethen« to extend« 
Jremjlrøgi a Coarfct Ron- 
■ ning. 

SvtmfV^f a Vifion or Prcvi- 
fion, an idle Fancyt an airy 
Norion> a Chimera« 

Sttmixntt , Cfom bar Soner) 

vifionary« fanciniK whiinft* 
cal, fanatic who pratcnds ta 
• have Viftont« 


jrcmtAøey to produca» take 
out* bring out« / 

Jrcmrarv, Benefir» Cmolu- 
ment, Progrefs. t^roficienqr« 

jremtibi the foråre Time, 
Time ro come« (i gremcit 
feen) for rhe forure, hcnce- 

|remtt^a*6ota/ Care for tht 
liicaref Carking-Care« 

' proach« prwfc 
make yonr Api 
ftcp fcr:h« Æt 

jremrr<Kffe# lodi 
pli 11 ont or for 

Sremrritiigc^ co 

Sremrrtni (j^aa < 
Ihe Scene« 

jremtrinc/ to e 
advance, ftep* 

JremnirCf toparfii 
conrinne, be c< 


Sermanent« ftci 

jrtntmrfnber Sltt 

Perfevcrtnce I 1 
Sttmvctitu to fi 
bnbblt up, fiMi 


Growing, Thi 
Crcafe, Progref 


Exhil>itjon, Pre 

jrentpHfe, ro fhti 

hibirt pro'luce, 
play, expofc to 
Signt of Piople 
onc's Fycf, 
^temvtifeUg, th; 

ittmxii^ttf tb« B.i 
hi bi ter« 

angment, advar 
ittmv^Vtnt adttlc. 

jrenbe^ aRinsinan 


jrelt^(rAb» Kindrai 
uiniry, Kin, Re 

^Vtnltp a Rinswo 
tion, She-confin« 

jreqventf re # ro i 
haunt a Uonfe« 

fr ) ^i (- ^ 

Iniifci te libercj* 

fri Ml t^nntåmtt, 

te,) frte from Bufi- 
Leifiiret trEflfe*onc 
oymcnr« di.chamd 
irk« dit«fij(t^cfU Cfri 
ifeO exeøpt from 
rcocfr«c rit(9Uti« 
B» antfTeftto« eafy* 
Ilf^nQia) indepcnf- 
fabj^a to. '(noré 
mtinenr* i'tncy, CU' 
Oiarried« finj^le. (i 
imitioiit* disflate« 
i) in ojpen Air« (frt 
rank-chafc (faath 
ito#} CO htv« fi^c 
•nd Board CboU^C 

f»r OmfoHQingcr) 

r ofic's Expences« Cf* 
liberal Arts (fOPtte 
1^ to fet fr*-e nr at 
(af frie dttiO of 
1 Morion. Cl>«3r:€for 
CtiO ro be roo'fna 

C^avc frt gortJTi 

live opon free Coft* 

røctadnø) gratoi- 

freeborfit inge- 

te&# fl Koblenefty 


aFreeliolder> Pro- 

Charc«r» Patent* 

I Ft'eebooter* Bao- 



o fry. 

FriOcrid^# Fr,ede- 

co abfolve« acqait* 
briog in nor guil- 

S^it^m, abfolved, acquttfedj 
Ji'ie# to coarta Womnnt woQ . 
her in Marriage, make Lovt ; *^*-*- 
to her. 
jrie, Cbtftit) to deliver, fa««^ 

^rteelf^er^ a Gallnnt« 
3iif r, :i Woo.t , Suitor, onc, 
rhatcourf s a Virgin injorder 
to marry h-r, , » 

rierte, Courtfhip,. Wooyig* 
derif, wooerlik.-* 
i'iefinbe« [• fricfteit^e. 
^-if^^f/ fVee-bof^ i'>g«niuiiii» 
^attivt, to give Liber y, in« 
franchiCe, fee at , Liberty*. - 
(^rificnde) -o ibrolv«>. • 
SrtgiDelfff In(nnch'r*nienr» 

^L)elivefance» Abfolntioh« 
jriøpeiif infriinchiferf« fer te 
Liberty« CøA9mi(h) liheraU ' 
free. generntis« bounreons« 

jrtgiveitbfb, L«beraltty,Boiin« 
ty, Generofity« ^ 

S ibeOr Libiry, Free^fom, 
(fra iHaafsa) Immnniry, 
Exensprioni Franohtfe.^gor^ 
f aantlfO Difpenfation« (at 
raaDefra iioøeOOsporinon« 
Gcbtaaen) Licentionsncff* 
Ctaac ffg tor tor itil)tb} tm 

rak? tno great Latitiide« 
Sri|>ebø Idvtv, a Charter, 

pat nr. Pr i vi lette* 
ji'tbebeflanb, a Free-(Utc» 

(en UatorO) Celibacy« 

jrit^e^ofleb, a ReceptacU, 
Flace of Refage* 

5jri()erre# a Baron« 

griberre«- 5rue , (griterinbe) 

a B-Tonefs. 

gri^erre««Øo^ø/ a fiarony* ., 
Scij^nory* Lordfhip« Dor 

gribol^e# to defrdy or bear 
one's Chargcf« 

gribolrer, C&iHttrmO ^^ 


tf ) a92 ( fr 

Artf Abttt^ ■ Scotdhcoliop* 
Irif Alfere, f. frif aferc. 
^f i(1l^^ to flbfolvc* •c^ic« 
clcan decltre iiree« excvl- 
^tce, 'juftify* 

jrifien^elfe, Abfolmiom Dis- 
charg;€9 JalUfioition» Ao* 

jr(f ienbeit^ , abrolving* ac- 


?MitMt, abfolved, acqoitted. 
Matti to releafe* fet a Li- 

jriU^f f fe i Infranchiremtnt, 
Infranchife, Rcleafing« 

^riUMi releafedt fet a Liber- 
ty^ fet free* 

jriubni a Frank-fee, a Frat- 
hold. or Tenvra, 

jrtieidcbrevf aDiploma« a 
Patf ntf Safr-Conav£(t Pafa- 

SfiU^tu, (aAbenbare)clcar]y, 

plain1y> manifeftljr* 
jrtligge/ to lav by icfelf. 
iriOe# a Concubine« Miftrefs« 
[rsOebarn# a nacural Child* 
jrfttcføilr a natnral Son. 
Svtftebacreri a natnral Dattghp 

jrimoegtia; ebrolnte, fover* 

eign, despoiic« 

Power« Defpotifo)* 
^tlmaitb/ i Freemnn, orFrce- 

born. C^ib ct {KegimcnO ^^ 


Svi XUantag, Saint-Monday« 
Taylors Holiday. (bofde 
fri wtanbag) to keep holy 
Day- to red or ceale from 

^i XXtavft en open Field* a 

^dnttirer/ a Free-Mafon. 

Stimtfttv, a Craftsroan that 
has got Priyilege to work 
withont beiiig aFreeman of 
« Company. 

oHweffeffViAf ai ] 
$rlNM^ta» fraiiik« 

chearmL Ctlftrf 

ttø) boldfintrep; 

^mebiøCttf fran: 

intrcpidly« und] 

Openneff* C 
. C^riitig^} Bo 

jripaa«r t PafaHM 
Sripe^iør frank« 

daunred,, hardr 
Stipofiifftnf frank 

tedly> boldly. 
jripofliø^O, Frau 

jrtfe^bel, a Brid 

øaatnbc Øace) 

jrifeer)?a«Ir a » 
jriferei tocnrl. cri 

to drefs the Ha ir 

nap Cloth* 

S^iffØ^f ^^ abfol 
excolpate« ioftii 

Srifler# miliary F 

S^mth, (8er06 
neCst Coolnefst 
fuftené) Coolnt 
ttiinefft Vironr 

5ci{r, (tarff) hedtl 

haiU foBnd.briil 

(munur) lively, 
ful. (mobtø) 
(aren) umi. 

tathertd, frefb 
ecroits * new 
Soldiera. Cf* C 
Eycs. (fiPif fo 
found as a^Roac 
frefh Horfes« 1 
6aar) a raw 
Wonnd, (f.euft 

Air. (f ariQ I 
(eire »eft firtfl < 
in good Cktar* 


%f ) a93 ( %t 

tj^ Co«itgc» chear 
c on! ^ 
CbeiT «p ! Cov- 

h1y» lively* tfrerh« 
omøcn^ vigorottf- 

: free Archer. 
> ■ Frire* 
a Butcher* thtt it 
Moian of che Gom- 
Snild« a pri vileged 

Frife or FrifeUnd« 
V irom Frife, 
rpiC€» a f hore Stij 
aiMK ofTime, aaic 
Breath* a Delay» 
nce « Prolof^ingt 
»ff to a longe rTime, 

r# Cfom fifle« te.) 

by cheinrelves« 
Free- C i tv. 
DiCpuMtO a CoiD- 
th. . 

Afyltmit Place of 
a Sandnar^* 

State of Liberty. 


incite, induce, fe- 

icitt perfoade, coax, 

Glte) to fuffer, 

C90t»e3 to hazard« 
fen) CO tryFortnne* 

tmptation, Tempt« 
icemenr« Atluring« 

emptimgt alluring« 


ipccd &c. 

ri Sime) a LeiTure- 

, frankly. (noté' 
Uy« perdy. (u5eit 
5cly* tinreftrrmed- 

9ttMngi) gracii, 
.eeooi pence. Oalt 
eak freely* frank- 

iDf nce the Matter« 

Cotttøtige) ribatdry* lafcivi- 

ously, obfceiiely. (frit ttb) 

freely* frankly* plainly« 

StitctnftVi m Free-thinkcr» 

tibertlne« Latitadinarian. 
5rit(enferif, a FgMthinker^a 

Fairh« Free-thiDKing. 
S^taått to exempn dispanrt 

wicn> free« discharge* ex- 


^itAgelftf Exemption, Dis« 
penfation* Immun ity. 

jritafenM^ fpeajcing frctly, 
plainly, openly, withoatRe- 

ferve« (faabmunbei) lo- 

quacioDtt verboft. (nctU 
»I t'O infolent, fancy. (iKire 

frjta(enbe) to fpetk th« 

Word, not to niince tkt 
Matter, to fpeak freely. 
Stitaltn^tbf Free»fpeaking, 

[ritimer/ Leifore-Hoiirs/ 

(rit'Cajfelf Free-tgble. 

[ritte^ Cet Dør) « Ferret. 

[ritte, CititbWt) a Gimlet. 

[rittef toinquire of, qneftion, 
pomp one oat, fifhaThing 
ont of him* make him betray 
himfelf, fift one* hook a 
Secret out of him* 

jritteitf ^rirntttø/ Enquiry, 

jritteti an£nquirer> Examin^ 

$v\t ub|Opcnly,franklY»roiind- 
lyi withoQt Ifs ana Ands. 

^tividiei a FreewilU (Ood 
I»illi9()eb) Benevolepoe« 

StMUiQ, volontary* fponti^- 
neous. TuforlfoltO %^*' 
tnitous, CfriDittta ®ai»0 a 

Fr«e-Gift, Gratu^ty. (en 
grtviHtd) a Voltinteen 

jriviHigeitf vohintarily» rpoa- 
tat>eoasly» pf your own 

St ) ^94 ( t 

^vtnitr^t« VolDniirioefh 

^,■■ ia'.eonsnert, 
jr(i, glid, iiiyful, content, in 


i vo s. 
5r»folt, Bre.kf.(l. (hfc 

^cMJto hr...kfi(t. 
^lom, C*Tli<l) goort . h«tneft, 

5rffmbt&, Gno-'n.r«, Pro' i y. 

ME^hxcrs. Mil nelt. Gcn- 
ilcn£''i. C^K' «fT»^igk<0 


n ojj tn((c o i oianit} 

t- ( ult 10 Occi'tr.n»s fur 


X*omt, hoiKltly. piuui'y &e, 

gronr, Frot. Ccaa tn ^atnt) 

rh F« eop-'CiPciiwig. [<• 

saa <( ^uu*) the FroPti«- 

fWn, h-rndnKofiBa-ld 

ing Ci>nf>il'>t I i^tat) (O 

ch, rgc in ihg Fronc, 

^-oepJEDittn Matmi, Morn* 

a<!\ ) cl-, ly. 

5r»ff, C^ul^<) F.»(K C>*tO 

gro«) nipufnit Froit. CS«« 

I i^*^e-^nO chiit-iin, 

5roftM»f. * Ch Ibain, 
Svaitiff. chilly. F. riilbfrt«r. 
Sri>(l»tir, 'V'.fty Weather. ■ 
Srét, iom (ua.O Seed. 

ji-fttr.aEFdlf iheCroaking of 

S »tbUUfi ihe Hulk, Hall. 

Codor Shell ofPuir«, 
Sf9ita, • tatty. 

Sn«, Lady. C« 
yoar 'Lirtyfhr 
t)uftO ihe Mifl 
mily. ^ 

, Ln-tj-hiir. 
,<(riicbiin», * U 
^riiefivtf, onrL 
iriic Bl.'fttl-, 

Nunnery. at 

jriK Vliivlc, ( 

dy's Nivtl. 
jrucntlmmcn • 

ily . iht ftmal 
^'iifnciRnntFt p 

Itinsic Sex. ^ 

jnicntimmct« 2 

Hei art. 
jiriicnnninitr> £ 

Star abovc ih* 

^iiifiitiTiimcf r 
Br^alb« Pip* 


ji iicncimmtr ^< 

Woman'l H« 

(iiienrijiiin« O 
■nin-t Jjckvt 


l,.n'i Ur, Ici f 



rir« Han. 
jriitntiitimer • 9 


fP ) 295 ( %t 

lor« Mancnt-oiflker* 
mer(l4€t, a Wo* 

*sFlowsrs> monchly 

or Monrht. 
BcrfMTfrcV a We- 

llerffg^om# a Wo- 
yfteric H^ons* or 
he Morher* 

■rrviitl, fweet or 
Winc. ' - 

t L^'ly's* Womanor 

C^fance) Efparcn, 
f CtUtt »or gtfuetiN 

nc Mary s Tfiiflie« 

li'. Oocrc) to bear 
brmg forth Fruit. 
ewed Fmit. (fM^ 
the Womb, .Ferus« 
BorlecO Frpit, Pro- 
tnrage, Benefir, Re> 
Onb^^ii) to rcap' 

tt^f/ fmic-bearing* ^ 

fmitful, fertile, 
rceming. (Un%tbaxt 
(fitiful Yetir. (vGtXt 
fro bear« bring forrh 
giøtt fruat^ar) ro 
render fertile, 
r. Sone) a good 
Cnoltid) profitable. 

tb, • Frnitfntnef«, 

Fecundiy« (ftoe 

^Cd^ 'PJentifalnefs« 

froirfnlly, (nottM 
icabiy, adv^ntage- 

jcu9te# (jAX^ttt) to give yield^ 
render« affordFrntt. topro- 
fir, ferve.avfliL (jmitit^^U 
tnaninøer f. ifhin ixUt l)o4 

}yi\ti) m'y Adinonici ns have 
noEtfe^. ave toft upon hl nU 
he does not yifld ro ihem. 

jnigteoli^ø, fruirlel), ine^ec- 
tnal, vain, nnpro^tahle. 

jriigreol^flf frmrleftly/with* 
ouc Etfe<^, to no Purpofe« 

Jrugrl^Aitbf I, Dealing in 
' Fruits. 

Snigtt^atiMer/ a Fraiterer, 
F oicmgn. 

jru^rt^attgo an Oi-ehard* 

Fvuir Garden. 
5ntar|)in^e, a Pellicfe, rhin 

Skin aboucFrnic. (OQltiø^ 

ftili)t) Mcmbrane« 
irug&^Per/ a Fmirman* 
S«igt^^rer(re# a ?ruit-Wo- 

jriiotf ammei* , a Frt^itery, 

Fni'rchamber* • " • 

;rtigtfiet*itef Kernel. 
Irtig^Pnop/ a Bud, orCem* 
jritcitfone/ a Prait-woman* 
^riiorfurv, a Fruic Balket* 
jriigtpliiffer/ a Gathe^er of 

jrngtritgy abundant or rich 

of Friiit. 
ji^ugtfommeligf qtilck with 

Child , a-bre^ding* ((^.o{# 

fruøtfommeliø) far advanced 

in Fregnancyibig wirhChild* 

grcatwithChild. (fruatfomi 

melidcD'OfnOeO breedin<j» or 

teeming Womcn. 

5nlgtfolltmeltgbe^* a Wo- 
man' Breeding, Teeming or 

jrngtttb« Fialr-Seafon. 

5nigtrråff# a Fniit-Tree* 

5riigtrr«ere'25eftiflPi-i»g# the 

Nipping ot Pruning of the 
needlefs ZvlAu 


Øt ) a96 ( *^t 

S^^f Joj' Gladnef«, Mircli» 
Kejoicing, Mcrriment« Plea- 
farftnefs, Blichnef«« C^OppC 
»0 fptinøf flf grob"^ ro fkip 
or jump for Joy.(j|forgr9^) 

5rt^e# to make glad, to Joy, 
rejoicc, fill wifh Joy (^i\u 

fto^tr S)?cnn<|fcncé §)icrt<r) 

Winc glads, joy^^chcarsup 

the Hearrs of Men. (f?p) to 

rcjoice, bc glad. ((19 tn^er« 

Ciø) to exiilt. 
St^^titft, a Fcftivil, folemn 

5r^^eftll^, joyftil, chearfnl, 

mcrry, gay» blith, 
5^^elig, rejoicing, dclight- 

ful, pleafanr. 

^rr^eligett^ deligfitfnlly,plcaf- 

antiy, • 
Sr^^efFng, an Acchmarion, 

Shout, an Huzza, Jnbila- 


£nbef<tne^ a Banner of Joy, 

Sr^gt/ aFeanFright, Dread, 
Apprehenfion Terror.^ilnb» 

fcclfO Bpfhfuindfs. CSmt>0 

Donbr. (SWi^unbclfe) Envy. 
CinDiflØCgrDøOro ftrikcwith 
Fear. (af StpgO for Fc«r. 

Cb(^iii(\, pluDfwdg grpaO 

panic Fcar, 

Sf^gwgtigf fearful. frightful, 
afraid, tunorous. pufillani- 
mous, timid, (diørc fri)8N 
OØfiø) rofright, fcareorter- 
rify, put in Fear, 

Sr^gtagtlgcH/ fcarfully, tlmo- 
rensly. ttmidly. 

Sr^(?ta(«tig{)C^ , Fearfijlncfs, 
Timidity. Tiraorousncfs, 

S^9^^t tofear, drcad, apprc- 
nend, to be afraid of, to ftand 
jn Aw orFear. (frOdte fof/ 
bttmtt <ig for) to be in Pain 
for I to carc for. 


lig, dretdf 

righthil, terrifc 


Sr^gtenbe^ fearing 

jrygtet/ feared, d 


tion, Frightenii 

Jn9(f^nt# timid, 
afraid, frighcfu 

frogtfotnO f^r^p 
jngrfom(^cbf Tit 

moroQsne6, Fea 
jrygtfomti fearfv 

jttntfe, Fsingc ( 

gti)n(rcr)to friDj 

with Fringes* 
Sftnbfet; fringed, ( 
, Fringes« ' 

SfTjI^t, tofreesaorc 

Mt>) tobecold < 

faa mon toøet) 

fhndder, fhakc 

(naflen iiitl^ to 
Cold. CfanrøKn) 

frceze up, (f. {i 
ftiff wirh Cold. 
^rtfepiittf tr Point 

5ugcr O aXttftfcn] 

Fuge or Chace. 

Suge, Cboé ^nthft 
Clofure, Seanu 
a Mortife. Cirøei 
Ucene) Abbreuv« 

5ugl» a Bird, Toy 

ousFclIow. (tnl 

teti (r bedre enl 
for t Crown ih '. 

Sii^lthctv, wild S 
ries, Warereldei 


^ sy. 

Suglebeffriver, gu 
an Ornichologifl 

fu ) 19/7 ( 

>ff<!i ■ Birding-picce. 
nh > Cigc, Bicdcage. 
wasie Sum O > Vo- 

mtscalTcf tlie Drawer 

^^e, aTrap otPiifalt. 
Rger , ■ Birdcxcher, 
*, fowler.CrDiii fanger 
MO " Tunneler, 
•fcrtr, BirdciKhioE, 
ig. Foading. 
ng|l , f, 5uglcfdn> 

ir, ■ Featherofa Bird. 
»f , k Floch of Birdi. 
ift, s Fligbt of Birdf. 
#éi SusUm«e, Bitd- 

trm* a Fowrei'a Net. 
anst SlMrbM« ntb) a 

■«•, (tn UrO Chick- 

Vlfc« a Cage for Birds 
)od in. fl Volervi Breed~ 
f Birdt. 

agcl , foull Shot fer 
n£. BtrdinK-Shor, 
anbri, Jl[rd-trade. 
mMcr, a Bird-feller. 
Vntt, B Spiniet. 
Ka%, an Aviiry er Vo- 

\%t, • Fowling. 
tm; aTuft, Cop or 
on theHeadsof rome 

enker / f. jngltbC' 


»SCf (en 3uøO * 

Mige f a ptKy Kinz, 
(hat iachorcn, by cfie 
ens who divcrt them 
I wich Sbooting at ihe 

X9t, (he Crop »r Craw 
ii»( Birdlimfi 

jiiSlenuIF, (tn Urt) rhe Stir 

jufTlewor^R, C^ønfc(ib) the 

Time, wk.'n thc Birds come 

from fhe Roolf. 
5nel**>(tif t Beah or Bill. 
■jiiØltrll'«, a Bird call. 
ju()I(4vibreni ih« Chirping. 

WarbtioK , Singing or 

ChaEtiring of BIrdi. 
5ll3lert^e, a Birrt'i Neft. 

pmg Or Warbling of Birdt, 
^tigf (|f arn , Bird-dnng. : 
jiiElleflcigf thc ChaEEcrmK of 

jngf(|Iac«t, (art) Bird-hml 
jiigltfiMrtr a Snar* to catch 

•&>f\% In. 
jugltf <l>peI|Fniner i&pFl«rFi 

niniTi EheBrecdingofBirda. 
jiiglr^an^/ l-iine-Twig to 

carch Birds. (fit flbbc paj) 

fl Ferch, Rool), 
^iiglttapf the Tufi of a Bird. 
Iiiglttrxe, the Paifig« tkf 

jiigltimget tht Young gf ■ 

jugletirtf the Star of Bctbla- 

5ua(eui5ncr, 5iillcrdgin, t 

Itiåei of BirJs. 
SligltlMFFc, Orebank. 
^uglertlM, Game, «ild Fowl«, 
imtt, V. n. Cdt'ut SustiøifCb 

fr« (tg) (O moiften or vtet. 
jugtCr T. a, to hamea. moi- 

tten> iveci madifjr, damp, 
S[:Qt«n&t homeaJng. 
jngticTf bnmidt damp, mt. 

moift. (df tn fastiø 9}atKt^ 

of a humid Coiuplexioti, 
jiiøtlgcitf rooiftly. 
Snfltig^rti Moidure, Wct- 

nef*. HaniditT. Oampnefa. 

CWfrtft * efcem«) Hn- 

t!« ) a98 ( fft 

Snlb« fii'1 whol(. pcrftA. 
intire.lin' mplilh- 

»d. cm B»t BPt-iJO "' 'f 

thcBrim. (flf DunOjmudiij. 
intty. Caf arj cjcair-r^d (a{ 
etifener; Ihrry.C^f gjihtt 
frt) faul'y. Cai i&»iji'l.ii- 
dnWi. fflf©fain).llaiTiiin- 
«d. Caf fulB gal-O wit'' f"" 
Cry. (i fule SSuitnini);) «rm- 
cd c»p-i-pe«. (flirt aHagO 
fnliI'ower.Ciful'ltefl)>vi fi 
fnil Speed. Ct)i>»e f U.ltt OB) 
, to ivt [il'-'ntifu'ly orinClo- 
■v<r, r.ihJveAfflu-nce- Pltn- 
ty 0[ Aboii'lince nf ill 
TFiin^I> to aboDnd in Ne 
ttlTirtet,^ to liv« « Rick 
and ManKer, 

jul&i Ctnitltn^ dtssnircd io 
tiqoor, drwik, fn-t-tUd, 
CitilU fla rut») to fud'tu 
youtrdl. get drunk, faddU 
ynni- Nor*. 

jtIl^b4al:tn, C^'>tn) full- 

' 5til&b«r«a» . ^n , CaQ d«l'- 

bcrircly I prirmediiacrjly. 

- 5il'^l)'fo'r «ntiiely. whollyt 

5iilt>M«fe, M blow. piffop. 
jiilbbløOigr plcthorici ftng- 

j^Ieblo^1gtlr^f Pleihon. A- 
bundance 6f Biood in th« 

julttbritfiT. c infumm««'}. ac- 

iniebriiiser, an 
er. PcifoFwai 

y.ur B o.hcr ' 


Sui&i-7r»c, to pt 
bring (O P«if< 

Clil tiottS I« 
Pr in<'t. 


jul&b<frMr, in 

er , Per<or«)ie 
jillBbtrbet > I 

canrainma^d , 


Stilbbi-iMe . C< 

onedrunh. d'i 

t..x hi.n. Cfi 
yoiiTi'ir. dl 
rt urkin Win. 

Sul&bfJFninft , ■ 
pli^ g. 

SiiltteiiOe . t" lin 

briig 10 Pert 

linifMnK HtM 
Dp cHl- naik t 

jtllbtnOfllt. Ae 
Con umiMtior 

5ill6«iit>«, i Fi 

jnlbbringc, to conrumniat«, 
accomplil h. perfcA. finifh. 

5lIl^tn«C> ICC 


■■tiiqt. f. 


AccotnplirhnAnt. Pctform- 
<'n{ , Exccution, 

i»(^ ^ 


5« ) Q.99 ( %vi 

jolbféreffe« • ConrDmmttion, 
Accomplifhingi Achicvingt 
5nI^f^rfr # « Performer , A- 
I cliievcr • Accomplifher. 

$^(^f^rt/ tccomplfhmg, 
• cyniotnmared« 

SllI^8iort# perfe£led, brought 
to Pertt^ion« 

■m) to pencil, gct per- 
iidcd • øcMcverf, confum* 
■ared, perform fnily* 

PJ nitifle. 

ja!éVo9i9# hoof-bnnndt tn. 
ctfrellaced« narrow - heeled. 

jnlbbovig^C^/ theBeing inca* 
ftelU'edi hoof-bonnd« nar- 
row- heeted« 

jj-.^fckmmCf to perfe^i, make 
pérfed, bring to Perfeilion, 
accomplirh« confu9iraarc» 
finifh, flchieve ^et it per« 
fecled« accomplil hed. 

Sal^f ommelig/ v« fllI^F<Mm 
meUgeitr perfi^^^ly* fully, 
vholly , errtirely« fufficiently« 
completely« totally » altoge- 
ther, thoronghly, 

SnMommefet t pcrfe^ , com- 
ptete« accomplifhel , fuU, 
whole, entirc, fufficicnr. 

Sal^Fommett[^e^/ ?erfeiSion» 
Pcrfectncfs , Accomplifh- 
ment, Achievement* Con- 
fummation; Fulnefs. CSt)l^O 
Fienirtide. (i)9Je^f^5e^^ Mg- 

tfiricy. (ndae Sulbfommcn* 

((5) ro com.e to or cttain to 

$nl^folltm:ltt^e^ø (Bra^ $ tlie 

Uegfire ot Ferfodion. (ooec 
Mtxi) Excellence* 

Sulbfcmment, entirely, alto- 
gctiier« totally. 

jtlI^Pomllletf perfeAed, ecu- 
Junimated, accomplifhed« 

^uI^ntAaiKf FuU-Moon. 

3ul^llK]e;ti9# a Agent, Atter- 
ney , 6ne aarhorized to a£l 
in your Behalf« a Depnty« 
Pf^xy. fonflClig) Plenipo- 

jtll^magtf a Full-Power, Let- 
ter ot'Att«rney» authentic 
Power* a ligned and feiled 
Order, P. ociii'fltion, Proca* 
racy, Proxy,. aDeed, wherc* 
by one i* made Attorney. 

(fra een St'IFop t\l en ftll^én} 

t dimufo- y Letter. (Cefaot« 
teteO Cr«[dcntiaU, or Lerter 
of Creience* (^qU gulft# 
magt} ro have full P wer, to 
be aurhori/.ed« (git>e Su(b« 
martO t** RJvc one full Pow- 
er, to fluthorize or impow- 

er him. CfrctitCcrgøe ftn 

SuIbtnagO ^» prefent, pro- 
duce yoiir Warrant. 

Snlimaqtt'^vtv^cAnttit, an 
Anthoiiz<ition,Aiithorizing9 ' 

jtilMnvnMgr of full Age, 
come to Majority, (ocrrc fO 
to \'t "f Ag.*. 

jtilMnrnbig t^eO / Full - Xge » 


jllI^parre# to fill, full ap» 

rp replcnifh. 

5Ml^pl•oppe, to fiU, ftuff, 
cra»n. gorge. fftø) to' gin* 
yourftfK, to fill , ftutt'or 
cram your Belly or Gutt. 

ju(^proppetr gorged, (loflfed« 

j1l(^((llb# a hard, *deep Drink- 
ing, Drunkennefs,Fuddlingr 
Tippting, Bowzing« 

5uIbiFi(«nFe# ro fill repl^nifh. 
CtVbla^^to&W aGhri.(fu(5> 
fh'OfnfCt @la5) • Bumper. 


Stt ) 300 ( %H 

■ % 

^IbfrctDcn, filled up with 


Sul^ff river to writc fall, 

^l^f^frfn^e# Brother or Sifter 
of the fanie Ftther And Mo- 

Snlbfpr^it^C/ to overfiK |lut, 
cloy or Iwrfeit yourfel^ 

^ttldfprarttgningr Overfilling. 

jttl&fl«ll^i(|# compleetc, per- 
fed, cocal» whole, entire* 
W^te fO to make perfca, 
to compleece* 

jol^ilotnMgeit, compleetely, 
pérfe,^ly, entircly. 

SllI^il«ll^iøt»eb I Compleetc- 
nefs. Completion« 

5ttlb(lemmi0 # fymphonious, 
harnionious y agreeing in 
Sound« C2?fllc) an unani- 
inous Elc«Llion, or Eledion 
pcrformcd wuh oneAccord 
ur by all the "Notes united 

Sui^ilopningy Stnfflng, Cram- 

j$lll^)loppf f to ftuflf, cram. 

jnit))liive, (ft @fib) to ftow 
a Ship, to load it full. 

j$1ll^r# tully, entircly> abun- 

ijnl^raf Pe # to acknowlcdge 
iutl:ciently, to thank one faf- .Ttly , be ^rcarly thank- 
tul , render due Thanks« 

^*llI^tatltg, compleetc. 

^iiICC OV/ .ibundantly, in 

StlI^vcJ:e , to grow to Ptrfec- 
tion. Cbltoe moeben) to ri- 


Sul^voiren/ full-grown, ripe 
in Years« Ctno<ben) mature. 

(ea 8u(59ejren) an Adult. 

^iil^vovenbe^ , Matnrity , 


Senge) t Stock oi 

t Fund. 
jun^awent^ Foundti 

5im^Ation# Fonndat 

5un&at9f InftitQtion, 

[unbeit eøer f tintet 
iltn^ere9 (onlcggr) 
^unfer a Spark«] 

Flake, f. (5ni^« 
Siinfiln^t, fpick • 

new. ftre-new^ br 
^iinf e , f. (Bniftt. 

Suntf the Font, ' 
Childrcn are bapfi 

juntbcff eit, tlie Btfi 

jnnten # f. junt. 
Sutterner (Vlagegnbi 

Furies. * 

Sxivtt, a Furrow. O 

rer) to furrow. 
^nretr furrowed. 
^iirreer# an Harbini 
jtireflribe, aBulk er 

Land between two ! 

jureoiier l)y Furron 

jiife, (frem) to rnf h 

forwar4 or forth. 
rufh in« hallen or 

iway. (een oøer« 
uartigt n) to takc 

f harply, to be blur 
with one. fictt 
rufh on fomebody 

jufen(^eb.^ Impetoofi 
petuousnefS) For 

jufcnbei adj« impetv* 
lentt veheisent • bc 

jufente/ adv. ina^ 
violently , boifterc 

5u(Fe^ to bungle, 
clumfily« tobotch 

pi ) 301 ( 49 

Bnnglen Spoiltrade» 


rtgi bnngling, botch- 

Bongling-Piccc of 

.t, Fnftick. 
, ft Cale. 

ot:on, woolyDownt 

la JttcBbeO Fin«* 


itttif onO malicioas« 


g Malice X Mifchicv- 



bftt to ftarter, cajole, 
ipon. coaxorwhccdlc 

bfer, a Plume-ftriker* 
?-back, Fawpcr. 
Kcrie# Fawning, 
tion, rUttery. 

irj. Fy! Cfo/ ffammc 

fy ii\)on you! 

Filline up > ftuffing, 
Fiilfilling. O SudU 
egeé) Farce -roeat, 

Oocrflo^) Abundancci 
fy Fulncfs, Copious- 
(SiDcnO ^he Ful- 
; or Fu'nofs of Tiinc» 
ude. 03)8««Clrø Sa- 

to fill. fiU iiill, make 
replenifh. C^(tttt) to 
y, fillone'sBcUy. (fooi 
) to ftufF, crara. (fætre 


op. (pp) to fillup« (f. 
>llbeO ^o barrcl, tun, 

nto C^iks. Cffla, btiCrc 

Hf fen') to fnddle your- 
Irinkhavd, tippie, guz- 

((ifl meb aHtt>) to fiU, 
or cram your Gati, 

5tJ^«^<*teer aDninkard,' Fnd- 
dlecap* aGuz2ler» SwilKi 

5tlt)eb«Iei f- 5^Ibeb^tte. 

S^l^efalf, aStufling, Filling* 

jvl^ePanbCi a Decanter. 
S'yl^^n 9 f. Slibning. 
j^lbeitOe; exptetive, filling, 
j^l^crie/ Gluttony, Gorman- 

dizing« Carouftng, Toping» 

Riot, Riocousnerst Drun- 

^^I^ee t ro iill , be iilled* 

5^Jt)e ,lg# f. f^l^«* 
j5l^efoe/ a fuddling Gosnp, 

dninken Woinan. 
JNl^e(l/ Sari8fa«^ioni Safiicien- 

cy « Fulncfs. -# 
5^lbCftgt^ce/ to farisfy. 

appeafe, give SatisfaflionJ 

(Bo1>^b)^ to fatisfy the Law. 

S^l^eilgt#relfe , Satisfaaion, 

Appeafing. * 

j^l^e(lglør<llbe , faiisfying t 

5^l^et| f. f^I^t. 
S^lDc^nn^ ; f. 5.vlbebétt<. 
i^ylDig, lully plump, flcfhy, 
brawny, corpnlent. 

5^lt)igte^| Corpulency, Flc- 
f hinefs, Plumpnefs , Obc- 

5^lMng# O JanceO « l*annel 
of Wainfcot of Door. O 
@t<gO Farcemeat. 

5^l^ttngr aFilling, Stuffing, 

^^l^t/fillcd, rtnffcd, cranimed*. 
CopfplDt) replcnifhcd. 

Stnt>t Kmphafis, Energy, 
Force, Pith, Strength, 
Ncrvofity, Significancy. 

j^nMgf craphatical, cner?c- 
tical, pithy, cxprcsfive, for- 
ciblc, pathetical, ncrvous, 
laconicy wcighry, pondci- 


n9 ) 302 ( i^ 

j^fttMgeitf tmphttteillv« tmr^ 
gcricaily« expretfivelj« 

Sfpf (»CO øtraaben for Oc 
eocfdrenOe) aWaKch-%hc 
•t. Set« • Ph'.>re» Wccch- 
Cow<r% • tight hoQ^e (|ot 

Od SUimincr fo« Otr er poi 
eeO F^iry* Hett ot Pusfion« 
(oi eptakbdfTe) a Spark, 
Smarc, Blade, (gtoc Spr) 
ro k'v* ^ire, 
^rNffeii/ a Warmingpan.' - 
ØtrKN^^tTi a Wnriner or Hva« 

tar of a Room« 
^JifrCf to fire, '^icharfft a 

Gqiu jCmct CononerJ co 

^rfab I a Chafingdifh. ^ 
»røetrvf/ f. f^rrattvt, 

St^afreiif a CeaHng firom 
Work. Uiete iforafrctO to 
'kcep Holiday* to relt ur 
ceaie from Work, 

Jtriftf warm, tflert, iervent* 
vehemenc. (fuIO Af Spr C^ 
ClAinnO fi«<'y» hot. hafty, 
patfionace. ((cotBOc^ qjuick, 
livelyttnetilefiime. Cf«®Clliej) 
a ready t qoick Genius« T^ 
pine) fparkhng Eyes.* rf« 
9<(|) a mcttltf'bme Hor fe. 

'5tr*8te^, yivBcity,^aivityf 

jtrfrattb6/ a Cresfer. 

j^mørfe; a Morcarpiecy 

jtrpotte , a Footftove. 

4l»T# 5trretr«e# Fir, or Fir- 

$fntpianfti a Plank of Fir, 
yellow Deal or Plank. 

Sftttflov, a Wood of Firtrees. 

SftttV^t, forty. 

jtrcct^eti^f thefortieth. 

4YrrffOit8ie# Jk Pincappla oa 

jn^HOlr < Se««l CO 


jtrffe, J Prinot» 
jtrffeb, a Htsrch. 
jtriteen ^ a Flint« 

j^rfteltor prfncaly 
like. C^ere« forfffi 

. (iHdriigbeO) yn«r 
»rjthneft. Oorfefi 

princely Vta*' 

j^fteliften , adv. pi 

jtrf^en^^mmei a fri 
Duchy, aPrince'al 

jtrflin^e« a Princtl 

j^tOArttf a Phara 
towar. a LighthO 

con. t 

jtre^if t Tindtrb« 

S'ftvttf 9 a FiraworI 

Sf:vttUv9 a Firtw< 

S^^rverf erf oitfl , Py 

j[ir9ev(i|f# pyrotae 



acctt eOer Drbj 
Ridile, a Rebas. 

(Battt4 to go> wall 
(SDinOcii aaaet^ i 
bluws« (Orøetoørt 

thc Organ playfs, ( 
(om Ut »iO Ml B 
Edge/Od^c een §& 

oDego ({iamifit li 

M Od n^anoel |a«c 

Trading is dead.D 
no Tråde ftirring» 

ree goaer) ch« Wi 

-ØCiy 303 ( ©« 

to (>c--H>ft. to. pc- 

c tkiAcr cf 8lB§re) • 

aRéoorr. (oåM 
I Øf aO<o crcad che 
ttcthftHctlt. Cd* 
té ri fe in Wtvcs, 
fdQ to lofc or 
Vay. (§aat ø(tp^ 

go t grett Pace, 
g. uuMC .f re6é* 
Irogoidle, loiter« 
to U>aren. (gaiic 
■ctKrr) tP go off* 

itiO ^^ ilackcn, 

• Oiaat M paa . 

Dpon one. C^aM 
lOen) to encoun- 
che Enemy. (^ 
witttif^ to walk 
m's Pace« (øaac 
o amble, to go an 

ce. (94iae 9iU 

to goPilgriraa«. 
^f f i Vcrbcn) tbia 
éofcheWorld* or 

t World, (øaae 

ilia) to go in your 
Follow your own 

aac ia^U) ^^ So 

pngerly. (gaac 
uu make a vain- 
5w ofyourfelf.rg, 


ijf fem Ian daO 

hour fhifting hia 

laae foroidr) to 

or too great a 
txceedf go be- 

\at an, pafTcre) 
paafflble« Cøaae 
)to begln« cdm-; 
ikM « Bcginning. 

^goM aO CO go oS: Cøioe 
af fom Vare) to feli . go oflT« 
(fiaoc af font en einbcM«' ^ 

matlb^ to refign« give up ah 

Oflic^ (Møif af nlcaXfom« 

mctic) Mactera were made 
up wichoot Quarrel. (øaat 
4ir fftf 06c6einl) to be off the 

Hkigei . (gaac af mcD 9ro< 
fictn) to go by tht Wnrft* 
come off by the Leé, CøOM 
OfOcieo^ toftand ourofciie 
^•T»-(øaae<fDrbOi^o go or 
iHrfaby. (miae forlN#. Ifltt 

•fMnAttaI^^)(^ grau or ffance 
upon (øaoc f Mfli ^ jtdcCo« 
N)cooAK. ieavc oiir« Cødat 

' forbi' iffcaotO to ptas over. 
Cøaac fra noøeff narøti) *'o 

disown, disavow. (øaac fra 
9lr» 00 ®icI5) Yo renonnce 
Inherirance* (øaac fra Aa 
Ørffbifcn) vo ftop, be oat«n , , 
• Sertnon. (øaae fra (It Orb) 
tb go.back from your Word* 

(foac|||8&vSaiiben) to rnn 

diffradW* grow mad- (øoac 
for fiøf folbfore^) ro be pcr» 
fornied. (<Ctrmoiiienil øi( 

for 9%) the Cerenionits were 
perfiorrmed, (øaae for (tø. (o(« 
fcO tofocceed, go forward* • 

(oaoe ocl for fiø>o have »>ocl 
Snccefs. (øaac for (iø fclo) 
ia go to do yourNctds« (øaac 
frem!) ro go on, forth or for- ' 
ward, advance« ^^at ffUf 
ttn, jente een)to^ for oiie* 
C^aat i SaaøeO to bt in « 

brownScudy« to bedozing« 

C^aat i Sornbom) co dore, 
grow <;bildirh« (øaæ tCau« 
tibn^ tobaiiforone, bailhim 
or to engage for hiin. (øaac 
igorfioø) to preventj-anrici; 
Date one.' (øaac C 6fole/ i 

fefenefle)to go roSchooI>Ser- 
vice. Oaaei8riøe)torunto 
Seed. Cøaaet @9ana) to 

tftkfi prevail.baarSway* be 


9 . 

6a ) 904 ( 6a 

in Vogue, (fiaoc kn) to 

break, crack«^ (|Ode i Sif 
,(ler) to enter inco Orders. 

X^aat \2ant) co go afhorc 

disimbark« (øaac i iBcirct/ 
fiØC Dp)ro go aloft,to afcend, 
mopnt. (goac t <it 8s Hav^ 
ro enter or go upon yoorgi 
Year. CøAOC tøttnr fom Sø« 
br) to appear, walk« hannr a 

?lace. . Cøoae iøitimemr 

guimcmfee) to look over, re- 
vicw« (gaoc iøicnitf m mcb eit 
6d0 ^0 go K^^o* Stitch with 
•n Aflfair. C9^at imiUtm, 
tncøU) to incercedcmcdiace* 
interpofe« ^øaac ind) to an- 
ter, go in. (øaac inbt from« 
Pté) to fhrink, contra£l it- 
felf* (øaac inh i) to penc- 

tratc. Caaae tnb i (tt) felo) 

to defcend into you'rl'elf. (g« 

ni(5 een) to go along with« 
follow, atrend« accompany 

one« C^aat tnc5 ^avn) to 

go with. be big wiib Child, 
e prcgnant. ((OølIeM til 

Det øaac meb e5cr?) what 

will becomeofyou? (htt^it 

mcb f^am , fom meb mtg) it 

fared with him as with mc* 

(øaac ncD) to go down , to 
defcend. (øaac ncD fom 60' 
len) to fet. (øaac cmborD) 

ro go aboard , to itnbarK. 
(øaac om borb mcb) ro tam- 
per with one, i'olicit him. 
tTøAac op) to afcend, mount« 

(øaac op» aabncé) ro open» 

be opened. (øaac cp / fom 
9)cnøc) to begin to dccreafc, 

to be up. (ø. oocr itl Sien* 

btn) to dcfert yonr Colours. 

(øaac opcr ^rcbbenc) to 

overflow , break our of it's 

Banks, (øaac oocr ®rarnbfcr' 

lie) to %o beyond fhc Hor- 
ders, (øaac oocr &aQ) to 
tack about. ((abc øaac oocr 

(fø) to nndcrgo, fufl^r. 

(øaac paa Mh 

falltng. ran to 1 
paa ixi^Utfit, 
Pirate* to c-e 

(øaac poa Sag 

the Gaard«(øaa 
$i»Cl) :o prel 

(øaac paa ftt 3 

play the Gentl« 

paa 9t(rbifefto(( 

the Polpit. (øoi 
to rtoti caronf 


booter. C9<l<Lt I 
to mend yonr 
yonr Srumps. ( 
f tcnbc(ff) to coi 
til SobO to go 
til 6f ibO to ta 
(øaoe til @enf 

Confesfion, (d 
$8orb) to comt 
receive the Lo 

(øaac abctcmff 

to a£l precipit 
urt'beltø til 9}ci 

fhuffle, play ft 

(øaac tt( (Brunt 

go to Ruin. (ø 
Dc) to attend, i 
asfiflone. Q(liac 
tnrn afide. (øa 
2)ør)tofhut. ( 
to f€t Sail, gc 

Q9oøcn aoacr i 
Slfpbabcr) the 


Cil Sribertdbébc 

leads to Fred 

(øaac ub fom c 

out, be extingu 

ob fom et £rtir< 

away, grow a 

buerne ø. ub til 

Windows face 

(©aren g. ub 

the Door open: 
Icry. (&<t vil 

benbe) it wiu 
her« C^an^Sa 

ea ) 305 ( ®a 


!>itconrre cøme co 
;ed tOt wis point- 
lac« jc cendcd to 

2tunUx, fovqaaO 

go to Rnin, b'e 
ro get nndei* Sail. 

øé mtb Sanb) ro 

rirh che Land» to 
along the Coafh 
rDcQtnb) to beflr 

* rrom che Land« 



ar^ ycfterday. O 
rgeO Yefterdåy- 

<Baar ':;(fleO 

r * lad Nght, 
et&UuO »Yard, 
t ftuuO a Houfc. 
)ttj a Coontry- 

. Cf. ffr. Q5U30.) 

♦rt/ an Ordinary, 
nghoufe, Cook*s- 
1 Cook« 
a Hobgoblin, 

a Groom« 
a Yard» Coorc> 

Htibt i Sr«eO 

Grain ofWood, 

i Vein. 

ly, fnll of VeinS) 


ofe. C^nø ®aaé) 

Uy Maid or GirU 
iaai) toplnmea 

er, Thrifc* Sea- 

(Haafeffrr, a Goofequilf* 
(BaaUfitf Greafe of a Goofe, 
(Baafefoo, (ttrO Goofc-Foot, 

»he greacer Orach, 
(Baait^ttl, (UrO Chickweed. 

(øaafebub# rhe Ontfide or Skin 

of a Goofe« 

(Øa<:fef r4a9 r Goofe-Glblets. 
(F^afcff reppcr Wild - Sow- 

Thiftle , Milk-Thiftlf. ^ 
(Øoafefpilf the Goofe or the 

PUy of che Ooofe* 
(Baa^tiiitt • Goofc-Stall* 
iBaa^mvt, Silver -Weed, wild 


(Bab, Ouabnini) nn Orifice, 
Opening, Hole, Chafna« 

(iftunMiiø af en SloO ^ 
Mnuth or Fntrance of a 
River. (jtløOtj) a Gap, 
Opening.Clifr. (ftaoc t(3abtt 
for anbre) co (tand in che 
Gap for or co preted orhers 
from Dangers« (9la?onc) a 
(Babt, togape. yawn. C^aat 
00' gabe t ®et>eO to ftand 

gaping in che Air. (gabc 00 

øtoc) to gaze and ftare« (rOEO« ^ 

nO to chink. 
(Babctif Gaping, yawning. ({ 

9)eireO Gaping in che Air* 
(oabeitbtv gaping, yawning* 

(flaaenbe i^ibt aabtn) open- 

ed, wide open« 

(Babtv, a Gaper, Yawifer* 

(Babtftof, a Pillory. 

(5at>t, a Screec« (luft Odbe) 
a Court) a Screec having no 
Thoroughfare.Coffcntliø paa 
(9a5cn) in the open Screec* 

(C^a^e^lreltø> a Bl^^ckgard« Ho- 
venlyBoy, anidle, naughty 

(Ba^tititVf aDuftman, Street- 

U ^a^e« 


Øa ) 30^ ( €ki 

0«tnf»9eb, a Scflvenger, 
tkitttitt, a PUfh, Paddle, 

(^^e(Farit# Dirt ofthe Srreet« 
(E^^ejtitnf/ Spacterings of 

(Ba^fttvnc, a Conventicle of 

Meeting of the Peafants in 

thc Street. 

(9a^e(lr^get f a Trot-Town« 

(BabzviH, a Ballad« 
(Øitltge/aCoarfc, Turn. Qabt 

SttUn baoc f!ti (Bernie) to 

fee Juftice done* have the 
Law pnc in Execution« let 
the Law have its Coarfe« 
(Bctn^^i common, ordinary« 
valgår, CdOnøbat) going, 
corrent, pasfable. (Jbtn 0. 
tDlaabe) rhe common Way. 
(o. @9d5oin) a life Dis- 

(Pef/ f. (Bixf* 


^<«i/(p1ural. af ®aaé) Geefc. 

(Bcttlinq, Gosling, 

(BafitX, a Fork, C®affcl t« et 
©eiO « Gaff. 

(Biiffclgreeity a Tooth or Spike 
of a Fork. 

Øaøatf f. 2(gar. 

(Bagfr aSaiary, Pay, Wages» 

CAit madi frantic, lunatiC) fu- 
riouSt maniac, raging, dis« 
tra£lcd, out of one's Wits. 

(raogal, fpItttergaQ lUrk* 

mad, ra^ingmad. Q^aV^aV) 
crackbrained. CøaO fotfectO 
aukward, (tan øiør btt dO 
hc does i^the wrong Way» 
(bliDC øal) to run mad, di- 

ftraaed. (Det funbe øtarc een 

%cX), that would make one 
run mad* or that woud mad- 

den one, Q^i$tt 
distrad one, (a 
an cxtravagant F 

(e SanfeO wild 
C6at>e øqf e Sanf ei 

lic under a Misc 

me ub df en øa 

be undeceived, 
gaO drunk to 
mad with Drink« 

(Baiatit a Gallant 
Spark, aMinion 
ot Womcn. 

(Balt^nterte # (forlt 
Gillantry, Couri 
Ifitrigue, Amoti 

(ØaOanrerie * 21rbf 
Sager , prettj 

Knacks, Toys, 
a fhowy Trifle« 
(!^a(anteriebc^f a 



french Sword. 
(BaUnterie I Bnaf , 

ous Uiscourfe) 
flatrerin;^. Exprc 

(EfaUnterievare, Bi 

(5c\(z\}{t, Gall, Gi 
(Balban, (et @la 

(Bal^e, the Bile or C 
tc) the Spleen, Cl 

mofity. (balden 

paa \>Cim) his c 
(^Al^efeber, a bili 

(occafioned by 

jowing of the Bi 
(£»al^efioD 9 Chole 
(Fal&efulb# bilioas 

fuld of C holer, 
(0<tl^trlig# bUious 

CS^Ibeffge/ f. a bi 

Ol der« 
CBaUf to crow«. 
(Øalen# (i^AnegaO 


©a ) 307 ( ©« 

(ØaUIoh/ (pda et 6Hft) the 

Bet(f»' Beak-head or Head of 
ViOtheHead-Gallery. (fiaU 

liofi«gti>pcr/ ©fiNfcrmO 

Headrails, Traiiboardø, 

iC«ll^, the Galingalf 
rhe Gcllows, Triple- 
rSt>PtØatøe)a Gibbet. 

^r fortKRt (Ba(pen3 (ØaUiot, t Galliot. 

^Ilows groan for him, Øatliff, gallic. 

i 6M9floKcii bo^nøtO <E^Almefe/ Calamine* red Vi- 

i-lows. rrioU 

»ne# aHill, wherethe (E^aImeie'!7or^#CadlIli••Earth 

Sff ''"iV ^7^«'?^'"* (Øa|mei(teen, Calamine-Stone* 

ftifk, a Thicf s Refpite, _ , ' • ' ^ „ * 

iPm-off, anidleDc^ (Balon, aLace, Galloon. 

(ØaloiutC/ to Igce, edgc with 

N(bel# aGallow-Ctap- Lace. . 

filkin ripe for the Gal- (galonmtø Uctd. 

fttif, a hemptn Ro- ®^"^,5'«P*j*Tr^Si"r?St*^* 

lalterfickFcllow.New- ^l^iJ ®«tt0P< ^»^ GaJlop, 

Bird ((D^< ØaKop) Hånd -Gal« 

Gaia, Feitiviry. C®- ^^l^' „ 

Coart.D:iy, Gaia- ^^AfP^ie, to gal lop. go a 

' gdllopmg* 

IV9 Briony. (Batltoptvin^, Galloping, 

aGalley (b^mmtétii eal(int>€tf cholcric, paado- 

ernc) to be fcncenced „ate, apt to be angry, hot-, 

Galhes. headede 

(labf a Caiqne» SkifF* ^ .^^g. % * j r -r 

u Jr (Prtlffab/ Madneif* Frensy» 

cnFy the Efpale^ 
if Rowers« 


Deliriam*. Fiiryi Rage. 

(Baltt C^aoilwn) foolifhln 

extravagantiy« iimply, rafh- 

ly. (t^n l^ctrct Øø gaU ab) 

he goes the wrong Way to 

work. C^t i»i(be (ffe o«re 

fa<l ØttU) >^ would not be 
aaiir&« (ttt tUtt gOtt) rii^ht 

or wrong,, iM g/aa€t åititt 

ØaCO i^ exceeds'all Bonndi^ 

.. f^ ^^. (HaltF (en) a Barrow^hog, 
leøaaeuOfU) a Galle- -, , - >.„^,n ^-iLw. 

Libby, Ambnlatory. ^^itefliappe, (tttO FihiAm. 

rtiepnaeteribjStern- ^"'«* 

f» (paa Stben/Qnar- (Barn, a Vultnr« 

(ØamfaK, a Getfaulton* 

<B<»mmeIr Caf tllber) old» 
agtd> ancitnt* ftrtcken« ad- 
H ft vanc«4' 

iWfiely the Rembade 
recaftle of a Gallcy, 

ig, the Ancient« 

ivt, a Galleyflavt» 

røeaiir# a Galleyfer« 

> (en lang Qana i et 
^»ot 2>«teRe til ^^» 


> f. iLevetft^rfnitiø 

a GanU 


&A ) 308 ( 6a 

vanced in Years, (dflædO 
worn out, decay*cl,wi'li Agc^ 
crazy, (fotfalbcn) dccayM, 
ruinous« rgammclbd øraåc) 
hoary. Cø^ntmcl Oø tn^l 
arøet) invereratc, (^gammel 
. fom ^ro5) (lalc. (biloe øani' 
meQ to ;^row old, (damtnet 

^Ut((no)an olrl Woman,old 

Trot, (flflinmeI5?ar) an old 
Dotard. (aammcl 5K«0 an 
•Id beatan Fox> old crafty 
Knave. (btioc øaminel/ taqt 
til i5ll5cr)ro waxold, grow 
in Age. (øamlC/ DOrneSoK) 
grown People. (^j^an tt 80 

Sfar øamincQ hc is eighty 

Years nf Age. (Det CC nogct 
pamineU) »tisanoMStorV. 

On flammet @o(bat) an old 

Soldier. old beaten Soldier, 

a Veteran. C(?»or flammcl et 

3^ how old arc yow, or 
wfiac A'^e arc you o^ (cii fl. 
©cn)andold Crony, Fiiend 
of old Standing. (flamle ^il* 
Mttf JJillarcO Antics, an- 
cientFigures, PiUars. (a:(&» 
fiamtlKO ar.tic, ancicnr, (Dc 
<Bfl'n(c) tli2 Al cients. (jjor 
gimfC gribcb) owr former 
Liberry. Coailllc itiDcr) ^-i« 
ancient Ajc^s^ oldTimc, An- 
cientners.Ånriquity. Cjcfl b-f* 

»cr t)c5 bet ®amfe) i am for 
thc old Way. (\)an bliocc 

»eb b<t Øam(c) hc holds his 

old WonCf he is (lill in rhe 

old Tane. (flammcl 3o»n* 

* fruO a'* old, a ftale Virgin. 
(FammcUgciø/ elderly, fome- 
what old« 

(Bamme(^i;(t6^ ancfqne« an- 
cicnt, oldfafhioncd. (ccrbar) 
modefh grave. 

(Bammeltxi^evHQ, (paa)after 
the ancienc or old Way. 

(Brtmirtctflraiit), thc Fifhmar- 
ket atCopenhagen.O tonbon) 


ffrAQbé ^dtdfeti 


(Bammciti^, (gai 

(Sranflo arlj.intirt 
whole, toral, pe 

øanfF(@r(!b) thi 

all the City# ( 
©um)chc total, 
(of flaiijre't)ierte 

Botrom of my U< 
^ant, Savl) an 
f. bccl. 
(^anffc/ adv.intire 
^quite, totally. ( 
very right. (ø< 
pf etty ncar. Cd«l 
dahitably« wichc 

t>aab^ wet all ov 
tfltetinemp (horoi 
rough aiul thoroi 
ffC »cl) very or i 


CØrtUC, Palate, thel 
Mouth. C^an bd 
tønnO^e has anii 
a fweet Tooth. ( 
forrbifl ctbo:nfle \ 

nc) thc Tongue 
cleave to my Fa 

(øangfCfom man g 

PaccN Cioinj5, Wal 
®and) a Strurtt 
(Jsiniian's Pace. 
(Boug) afloworS 

fl jrnod ronnd Tre 
ti<F) a port^y, aii 

C®anø ben cif etfi 

Pasfage, (booefil 
$uu6) to freqaei 

H ufe. C^anø V 

let) a Courfe in 

C®anfl i en itHrf 

Ile »rls'e in aJCl 

®a ) 309 ( ©o 

• a corered Wty. (til WlaiKu 
fpU) che Goal ofMilLC^ana 
f ipauøeO < Wilk« Alley, 

(®<ing I i5;crg»erfe0 » Vein 
orScre«k in Mines, meralHc 
Ore. OlIet©tc5)aPasrase, 
AveQoe. (unOcr 3ot&Cil) a 
Cave, Grotto, (mtb JJittcr) 
tPorcico, Piazza« (bringe i 
. %ØM^) to bring ro pafs. 

' (lrai<ie en SOlodc t ®anø; to 

iBtrtJoce a Fafhion. (btiflf 

f( es 6ad t ®ana) to fec a 

Thin^i; on Foot, bring ic to 
pafs» fet it forward, (fofttc 

Cfttloffe i ®ang^ to rniCe a 
Beiu 09tttttS)%uli ®angi) 

f fet a Weel agoin^. (flaac 
fin 9ict9t ®0 to follow your 
oldCourfe. (Siogiien (ar cti* 
|«b 9and} the coach has a 
good Carriage, ic it eood 
Riding in chat Coach, (occrc 
i ®aitø} CO be in Motion. 

(^ctrcQ t)ar finQ)and)Ju(lice 

is daty adminidered « the 
Laws are carried in £xecu- 
tJon. (oi @ang) onc Time, 
once. (to ØanøO twice. (trc 
©ttnge) thrice. (<it(Baiia 
liitr f^an 5et/ en anben ©an^ 

htt) one while does he this> 
tnother while chat. (fot 
Unnt®ani) for this Bour. 
(paa ca ©ang) ae once,. ae 
oneLifr. (itfeeenøang} not 

To much as, not even, 
Gangbar, common. current» 
circQlacing/qandbar ^mi) 
currenc Coin. (gailgbac 
SriiO coinmon or Markec 

Price. C^att, f©m Cl ere 
gaagbare^ Cummodicies oac 
of Dace. 
6lltrabftl*^e^# Ufe, Cuftom. 
Fafhion, common Pra£^ice, 
Vogne. (iPenøeO Curren- 

Øanotrf (cnftcft) anAmbler, 
ambling Nag, 

(Fangergai^øf an tmbling 

Pace, , 

Øangfter, a Spring. 
(5ang^tul# a Wheel, /ecret 

(BanQfla^tv, wearing Ap* 

parel , Wearables. 
(B(^nQmaa^tf a Gait, Pace, 


^(Øangfpif^ Capftern. (®dn9* 
fpi( ttneacm ©tormaffcti og 

Rof fcmallcn) leer Capitern, 

C@torf®an9fpt( oeb @t(fr' 

fnaflcn) Main - Capftern. 

fætu goie til ©flnofpiO to 

mantheCaff^ern. OS^MtO 

(Bangitie, a Path. Vy-way, 

(Banqvtvf, a Machine » En- 
(Bangpogit/ a Gocart. 

(Panne, (@i(b) f, giibtf 

(Ban te a Fool» a filly FeU 

(Bantt, (fljfcre) to tidicule, 
banter, make a Fool of. 

(Savanti a Gqarantec, Sure- 

(E»4i*anterC| to warrant, to an- 
fWerfor, pafs your Wordi or 
ingage for, to make good, to 
make amends, indemnifyt 
te fave harmlefs. 

øaVdtititf a Giiaranty, aWar- 
rant, a Contra^ ro make 

^atbt, a Gnard^ (til S)eff) a 
riorfe-Guard, (tU gobO 

(Bdt^tr, a Life->giiard*man. 

(Bart>erobe, Wardrobe. 

(E?ar&tvobeme<leri a Keeper 
of the Wardrobe. 

(5arMnC/ a Curtain. 

(Bavfi^fftn, r (øaar^PiøC* 



®ft ) 310 ( 6ft 

Øarfobbeti Rofe-Copptt. 
(9arn, C@ptnd) Yarn. (£in» 
net, Uloenøam) linen or 

woolen Yarn. 

^avn, Caffanqe gugU iiiebK.) 
• Ner (ubfætie ®arn) CO Ity 

or fpread Nets, Htys or 

Toils« (dc fanøe ttøeri^nl 

mtb) a Tunnel, (ol fdnae 

JKiininerOaPurfc-nct. (løbe 

I ®aril) to be intangled or 

htmpered in a Net«' 
(B^vmvtt to trim, gamifht 

adorn, fet ofT or enrich« 
(Barncrei/ trimmed, garnirii« 

(Øarnertitø, T^ Timing, Gar- 

nifhing, Fnrnitare. 
(Cfornfpole; a Bobbin* i 

Reed or Qaill to wind Silk 

(Bavnit^f a Skflin of Yarn. 
(Batni^alt, a Hafp. 
(34ivni)a^ptv, a Yamwinder. 
(Barnifon a Garrifon. 
(Pavnitnt, aSe^ Trimming, 
(S^tvnmafiit, a Ner-Mafh. 
OJarnnØglc, a CIcw or Bottom 

of Y-rn. 
iBavnpimt^t a Purfe-ner. 
(Øartijlanøf a Rod, to hang tfie 

Ner on. 
(Sarnvtn^e/ Blades, Yarn- 

windles or Reel Yarrtngles, 


(Bdvnvin^tv, f. (Bavnfya$}^v. 
(Bartner/ a Gårdener. 
(Bavtnttit, Gardening. 
(Bavtntvé Btu^øicrit/ a Prn- 

dFarvCi to tan, cnrry, ordrefs 

Hiies or Leathcr. 
Øarvetra Tanncr, Cnrrieror 

iBatvtvbatf, Tan. 
(Bavvtvgirwbt, a Tanpir. 
(B(ttvtvl)nn$, a Tanhoufe. 
(B^Wtvtt, a Tanner's Tråde« 
(^awtvf aVf a Tanvat. 
CdtVtvmHtt a TanroiiU 

(Pavvtt»\Xn»f Oo 
(Barvnitiøf Tatin 
^afff a Gander* 

(C^afcott f (Vrålet 

Cracker« Pretei 

" Matter. 

(Bafcotiifiif Gafe 

(5afcotitffy Gafo 

' Sokmaabc eø 



it is a canning I 
ning Gypfy, 
<5a(ttvtvt, to fea 

(Ba(ttvtvlng $ Fe 


(B^ftgivtv, f. (Øi< 

Øafløiverie, f, O 

(Efafli9, (• icci, 1 

gat) Tillerhole 
Cer) Scupperbo 

(Faiti cunning, fly 
crafcy, captious 

ØautyVf a Shar] 
Rogoe, Knave 

iBavtf aGift, Do 
native, Largefs, 
Bonnry. CfriwD 
Gift, Gratuity. 
Gifts, Talents, ] 
orQnalities of ] 

Keilamcntc) a i 
byWili. (baøe 
ter ttCnoøeOto 

liarGenioa, Ta 
for fumething. ( 

øtn ®(i»e'bmiC 

does not ron thai 

bor ret (Baøc be 

culry liesnotab 

(misbruge ®ttD 


te en ®aoe t etXi 


®« ) 3ri ( Øe 

eaiHté tXh^tUiiti a DiTpen- 

fa'ion, Dfftribation. 
iBavU ^^^ Gflble-End •f a 

Houfe« (foran) the FronCf 

CAVmil^f libcrfll, free, gent- 

ron$*'1>Aanctfali mnnificent« 
€fao»ilOt^fb # Liberal ity, 

Bonnty« Generofity» Moni- 

Cf4mnIbC# iiberally« bonnci- 

^k9B9 Advantai^e, Benefir, 

Emolnoientt Gaiii) Prefir« 

^kontf ro profit, bc of Uf^v 

or rerviceable» t04ivaiU 
CtfPnUf, advaniageoas, pro- 
fitable gainfol* Incrative* 

iitile* ufcfiil. 
CaoalløCft/ profitably, tife- 

€«viifFoiO/ a Wood or Foreft 

of groat and lofiy Trecs« 

Cii^ntØmnier/ Timber fit for 
Baitding &c. 

€tbæt^tVp a Mien, Gtftnr«, 
Behaviour, Carriagp, Ways, 
(i U &tiibttii) Ai;tirode> 
Fofture. (rvunaite) affeaed 
Geftares or Motions of the 
Body, Griniace$.((attei:(l9e) 
nr) fr^c> nnaffeéled Ways. 

(aptogc ffcmmeDe (Btbctu 
ler) to prim, taafe«tl Airs« 

Ccbeer^ a Jurisdi£lion, Lord- 
fhip. Dominion* (en Gtclé) 
a Tcrrirory. 

(Bcbncnfcli^/ infirm, weak* 
feeble* faint, frail. 

Øcbnrtf Birrh. Nariviry. C^An 

rr en SDorbmanb nf Oeburt) 

he is a Native of Norway, 
originally comc from Nor- 
wiy, f. 5<^^fd. 

6cbtlrr•^ag# Birthday« 

•eb, f, (Øee^« 

«eWef Piko. 

(B^ebebf ^, (Urt) Hon6y(Vicklc» 

or Shrub-Trefoil." 
(9e^ebuf / a He*goat» Buck« 
' goat« Male-goat. (unø) a 


(Be^ebu(ifmb| iBt^efCtnbt 

Goatlkin. ' 

dfjt^t^oh, Goatfoot. 
(Bt^if^^av, Goar*s Hair. 
(9r^ebama/ a Wafp. 
(E»e^eb^^ef • Goat-berd. 
(B^htf^vttf a Qoat^ Udder 

or Dug^ 
(Bt^tti^f a Goat-Kid. 
(E^ebe'(!>(iy' Goat-milk-choefe. 
etbtfiixgt (Urt) Saifify. 

(Ptbtflavn, Goat-Treadlei. 

(6fe^efVili;># f. (Be^ebiirffin^. 
(6fe^e(taI^ eEer Brfoy a Goi(c- 


(B^itn, geMøtn/- O' ^'ergj 
verfer) pure and fine • mat* 
fy« masfive or folid. 

(9et>ulgt/ f. (Tiitlr. 

(Btt^t a Goat, She-goat. (!>itb) 
a wild Goat* Anteloptor G»- 

ael. (@teeode5) a Sham- 

(EFefal^; Satisfaftioni PhaAire, 

(Befalet/ to plea fe« be accepta- 
ble or agreeable. (baillabCC 
f!ø øefoCbe) Ho takea up with, 
or cqi^lies wich. 

(Bt\vtitnt, a File-lcader or 
Bringer up of a File, an Ei;- 

Øtbctng, a Beltt Sword-Gif- 
dU» Sword-Belt, 

(Stf^cttlQ • Q^c^xi^U the |Quc- 
kle of a Belt. 

and Alloy of Metals, Coin 
&c, what theRefiner hoMs> 
whsn it is refined. (ben 5e« 

fTctnte <Be(MiU for Qi}xVfi, oa 
@Ofo) the Standard^ 


®e ) sia ( €k 

Øe^eifltf intimare, feeren pri- 
vy, CO-e. (i 9l<l!<»itnft 6a# 

øer) mvftcrious. (SdbtncO 

the Caoinet or Cabiner- 
Council, Cflct»eim CoiifeiO 
thi. Privy-coiincil. (eil ®C* 

J^CiinraaO « Privy-connlel- 
(Btbtimt, privfttely, fecrerly. 

In private. C()oIbe ad^eimO 
to keep a Thing Ucrtt or 
(Bfe(?Ør,thcHearing. Cff(|ur(ig) 
•n Ear« (et*øo(t (Bebør) ^ 
](Ood or quich Eor. (cunøO 
• dnll or hard Far. CbAOC®. 
(Oécen}to havelnrereft wich 
ene, bc in Favowr wth. C^X^^ 

®0 '^ S^^* ^*^ ^^ hearken 
to> ro give Andience« 
Øetlf leacheroos, lafciviotis* 
wonfon. inconrin?nr. luft- 
ful, buckfomc. (fcancrctd. 
menncfFe) hc i$ a go,icirh, 

rammifli* Icwd Fellow* 
(fom .^oni) '"xurianr. 

(Btiii^tbf LcflChcry, I'conti- 
nence, LiilH'iilnefs, Lifcivi- 
ousnefs, Lcwdncl'Si Wancon- 

^tiitt hiftrully, incontinenc- 
ly. -^ 

(BtiHf aSpirit, Ghoft, a Spec- 
tre. (en ()0i ®cift) an high 
and grcac Spirit, f. 21an&« 

^eiflbtmfl/ Chimera. 

iBtiitig, fpirituoDS, full of 

^•eiftlig, (anba:(\liO fpirltuaU 

dcvoiitt godly, pion^. (ftm 

tørec til (»<i|Tl*ii ©fatiD) cc- 

clefiaftical, clcric«U reli- 
gioos. (en øciftlia) 3n Ec- 
défiaf^ick, aCler?ry»nan, or 
Chorchman, (^tanb) the 
Clcrgy. (Orb<n)a rcligious 
Ordcr.(got)) the Canon Law. 
(Sor|lanD)myfteriou8 Senfc, 



(BtWpUt' • Rebni 
(Btiftti^f fpiritooi 
(Btf, f. <5ieh 
^tlaffttif cold» ! 


([5eIa(^enbe^/ Refi; 
Snbmisfion ro i 
God, Indifferen 
in regard to a 
that incy befal! 
from Pasfion, 

(ØdafTentf coldly* 

(Btlti, Jctly. 

(Btltibtf Gnird* 
ConduO 9 Cpni 
dance, Accompi 

U un(&titibtj \ 
ny ene, go alor 

(fiffer (peleibe) 

• dild. 
(S>elei&e/ to accon 

du^Sl, copvoy. 
(5e'ei^er, condnd 


(Btltt^t a Rankor 

diers. Ctuttt 
to clofé the Rai 

tib df ^(lebcO I 

({^€le^eptie # rank 

(Efcliiige^ to fuco 
proi'per, fpeed 

(telsndct jt^am t 

brought it abc 
ful in ir, 

(øelingeit; Saccef 


^elinget^ fncceed 


(Stntv, (SifPeO 

Fifhes. (®c»lcle 
ver of the Gilli 

) 313 ( 

^rtmtnti Cham- 
m. C&emitwIiflO 
rivy. N«ceafiry- 
matUtnti @am> 
lie Contiguicy of 

e privy pirif. 
■at* lun Dtn 8or> 
IcM for æ^te« 
ifort of " Lady. 
Spdnre, Confort 
ofan illnttriitui 

ffitmetnjFuW (Omaang) Con- 

vcrfviiion, Coinmercf, Com- 

CSCTtcadie^eb) Familiarity, 

Iiiriinacy, Privicy. {iOiIl'' 

pan<i) Familiariiy. 
©(inetiit, valgirly. in a »ul- 

■.;>ir Mitrner. meanly. 
(Benift, rheMifiH, Humoiir, 

S|ili;'. Soul, (abcU) a 

noble Mind ur Soul. 
ffi«mT'^'2l"( ihe Humoan 

Nflnirc, Way or Genius. 
Ci?«ni\ns ' Sev*fftlf(. unEino- 

ilLii, Alieaion or Pafftun 

i.l" Mind, 

nmon. otdinary> 
a, trivial, Iow. O 
Tafniliar. (oemtcil 
;1 a Iowi vulgar 

. thc PopnU 
cople. fStt atmo 
) [he Common- 
1 fleni«n ©olbot) 
iDÆfin) Bafenefs, 

(fltirictn @ir«a) 
in, bafe Trick. Cfl. 

rt fifl ttmttn') to 

sfalfcheap. Cbd" 
!i %tmttnmti^trf 
t ofl fr»n h«r, or 
t B Uiftanca. -iicl 
niliar with lier. 

rfl->5ieiTgtnei G"t " 

Jiansport of Fiifion, 
r^tin-fie llItvFe, diaraacr. 
G-dHfte.HtiB&eft/ Sympathy. 
{pciints . OMlCft'ill), Malijnity. 
Æeni-Jtfl-Uroe/ Diftnrbanc^ 

ol Mind. 
(Beiicstn, C6<na(»n} indintd, 

bent. prone. proptnft. af- 

' ■ ■ Uing. CWSnf) 

ftdeil , 

addia«! toDrinh. 
(Scntgcn^Cbf InclinaiioDi f. 

liort3e6cr8«ll«n ^^„„ai, , Get>aral. Ctow 
I *!>y d" y?" -"J^* inanentnta) «h* Cotnmand- 
amiliar w.ih him. erinChief, Ganeraliafiwo, 
OorO " common > , r , ■ . .■■, 

"CtaiTof fnfl'' <^«"'"'' Cfltmmlitlig) g«n«- 

(oinl!) ha 'i of a tal, 

:ent, ofanobfcmc (5»nn:(ll.a»rilW>*» •"*'<•" 

i({ ecmciK 58tlltIO dt-Camp. 

loloraent. Cfldnecn (5(IKr«l.!a»mlMl. lh«L«Ti 

) a hafe, ignoble. High Admiral, ConimaBder 

' A^ion. in Chiefit 9ea. 

aeniMdlifl«!, fre- Ætdittal-au&lmir, an Auditot 
commonly, vnl- General, ihe chitfmiliHiif 

®e ) 314 ( €>< 

Øtntral s 35a« # a Thorongh- 

General « ^«l^c > tnarfFalf , 
the Camp -Marfhal- Gene- 

C^eneral ' jel^t # Z^imtfitr, 

che greac Mafter of Ord- 

Central » £iff a( / Attomey- 

^tnttalqtvalti^tt, the grtat 

(Btntvaiittt f Ceneraliry or 

che whole Body of Generals« 

(BtnetM * %x\%^ t Ominiffa« 
rtue# the Commiflfary-Ge- 

CeneraDientenanr # Liente- 

nant- General« 
tfftlieralUftmuø/ Generali^fi- 

(Btntval*VI(laiov, Mijor-Ge« 

€fenera[«lTrarfcbf the Gene- 
ral , or a Sort of Beat of 

Dl lim, 
Ccneral * partou § general 

Pardon I an A^ of Oblivi- 

€>eneraI'Po|tamt| the general 

ØerttvftUProcur^r; an At- 

torney- Genera II 
^encraii<Ctvartcerme(ter/ the 

Qnartcrmarter - General« 
Ctntval • Balve , a Discharge 

qf all the Cannon« 

(5eneraI6'ti(mbe^ef a Gene« 
ralatc, ^ 

(FcneraifFab ; Gencralky« 

C^eneral'BFatmefler/ Lofd- 

(E>eneral'Btaben/ the Gene- 
ral- Qnartcrs« 

f^encr&lø r Celt / a Pavillon. 

Øen<ral<BtAternt# the State 
of Holland , their High- 


(Jftntxal * t>«rM 

Dignicy of • ( 
(E^eiteral ' X>a8ti 

lMa>or - Genera 
(øeneral 'T>cime| 


of the High -II 
(BtXitvtXf Genei 

(Øettiei Genios, 

Talent, Pares, 

øttitiani Cmebt 

Genrian or Fe 

Øenuø/ Genas, Q 

Species , Sfrt« 

(Sfeoølrap^/ t G* 

(Øeoørapbie, Gc 

(Beograppi^ , j 

(Øcometer # a Lai 


(?eometne# Geoi 

(ØeometrifF / gec 

(Øeraabe# Cbenb< 

pen, fa 11 out« 

fper , Aicceed 

fall out to on( 

©«bfarelfe) to 

or reduced toP 
digence. (i Uf 
under one*s Di 
incur into ic, 1 
grace, lofe ohc 

ioranb^ to fc 

catch Fire, (^\ 1 
to Ruin. Qbtt 

tant ^e) ic 

his Honour'« 
(Beraabet^ hap|(4 


Øefanbry an 
Envoy« (fra i 
a Depury, ((> 

(pefanbttitbe 9 <F 

an AmbafTadre 

(øefanbrffabi Ao 

«k ) 315 ( ©e 

fl &^9 ICltflØt* 

a Corniceon Windows 
ntablftcnre on rillar^* 
f i1ieS<rv«nt5 or Folks 
^ing to a ramilyi 

ig, bufy, full of Bufi- 
at Work, adive« 
igbf^ f ' Occtipation , 
ty« Applicarion« 
, the DMgs of rhe 
e« the Mob, Xabble, 
t, f. Bp^gelfe. 
p 1 Sbape, Fortn« Fi- 
Frame • Fafhidn of a 
;$ or Likenefi of it» (in 
dO ^^^ Afpcdt Look, 
e, Conntenance« Mien» 
re, Onrfide« 
UCioili Gelh'ctilation, 
iH of plfly*iDff Anrick 
8, Skippingfor Joy. 
tttf to gefticuUte, to 
intick Tricks, to fliip, 
for Joy. 

[tg, loquaciotii« talka* 
, v^rbefe. 

|Igbe^ , Loqnacity , 
tivenefs , Vcrbéfity. 
»r# fwift, qtiick, agile, 
le » adive , rapid« 
Ig) fleet. 

►ig&eW Celerity, Velo- 
Swiftnefsi Qiticknefs, 
lentfs , Promptnefs, 
tcfs, Raphlity. 
l»t,adv« fwiftly,quickly, 
iy, rpeedily, haftily. 
tvcgttf a Flying-coach, 

it f. eptiifi. 

, Arms. (prcftntccc 

ttt)^t{ent yourArms. 

I unber ØcDCcr) '® ^* *" 

. (fade ®.) rb throw 

med/ an Armorer, 

:, a Plant, Herb, or 
*hing, that grows ont of 
arcb» thcprodtt^ionof 

thcGroBiid. (j^att^m^f) 
an Excrefcence , Procube- 
rane« , Wcn. (i 9?æfci|) • 

(BtvaftffiUiB f • Green-honfc, 

(E>eva(M9«r, a Provoft , or 
Marfbal in an Atmy. 

(Btvttit, (SRafiO Power, An- 
;hority, (^»(i) Force, Vio- 
Icnce, Impetuofuy. (mth 
®(!)0(t) with Violence, vio- 
lently , by Force« 

(Bvoinéf Gain, Advanta^, 
Profit, Liicre, Irtereft. Win- 
ning , Pttfchafe » , Acqnid- 
tion. t 

^evinflfrøi grecdy, of 6ain. 
or Profit, interefted, merce- 

(S^evtltflf^ge / Greedinefs of 
Gain or Profif, Thirftafter 


(Biitri Ycft« 

(øiorreligi fermentable, ha- 
ving 'the Power to canfe 

(Rxctvt^t to ferment > fret, 

(Øicrritig/ Ferment, Fermen- 
tation, Working« 

(Bi^/ interj.wooldorwottld ro 

God. C9ibied(At>^<Venae!) 

O that ! or would I had Mo- 
ney! Cøt^ jeø fuD^e tjehe 
^cm !) would to God I wert 
able CO ferve yon« 
Øt^er to love, like, ciioore,havo 
f n Inclination or Aflfedion 

ior. (^anøibcriffcMtUno« 

^ti) he can't abideTo take 

Pains. (han øidcr tffe ar^eu 

>et) hc don't like Worl^he 
dislikes to doany Thin^. (ø, 

3 ^e([cr \^Mi Saffc cnb £t^ce) 

do you ratber choofeCoffce 

than Tea. (jea 9* bcQer gtorr 

teO I bad r^ther do that« 
(Bi^^tXf Hoftage. 
(Pitr# iCranelinti« 

Øi ). 316 ( Øi 

V tf/>t< 

€ft8<i C6eif<ne op) to brail 

iip chc Sailsu ^ 
CBttoV i Cranelines. Cp<J»1 

lin^s. (paa UittxrfciUnc) 


^te^^e, a Pike« (iitxn) • Pic- 


<Øicbbe|^oveb# thejowloft 
, ; 'Pike 

f(^4i#U} dtUt anFool« Sot, a Simple- 

jh^ilf'^"^ a Way, JclUr. 

Ctef, (foren ©er) • Bolt. 
dtfVt, t6 )e(l, joke, fport, 
jecr,, fcetf, droU, rally, 

(Bieffertf/ Mockery* Drolie- 

(BtefFeø/ totoy, play wanton 

Tricks, to playtheWao^« 
'(E^tef fet, abufcd, reviled, ban- 
tered, mockvd, laughed at* 
iBitfninq, f. (PiePPerie. ' 
(5itlr>, Debt, (rcflcrcnbe) Ar- 

rears. (pOPfcOfobe in OeLr. 
(fommtf) fo run int« Debt, 
fan in D«Dr CQiore) f« con- 
tract Debts." (fmaae) Drib- 
blets. OUt tnnbc jfttaU fin 

* (BO 'O ^2 infolvent. 

Ctel&bo9# a Book of Ac- 

CO«in s, 

(BtribbreVi a Bond, an Obli- 

(Bititbnn^tnt greatly indebt- 
ed , over Head and Ears m 
D:bt, funk in Debt. 

(Biel^Cf tobeworth, or valid, 
be of forne \*alue, beat a 
Price, to hold gopd, OicfDC 
incgcO topvcvail, brpreva- 
lentt to carry n. Tocrtlédg 
^a^t (j,' ti t>d ®u5) world- 
ly Power is of no Account 
withGod. QbttU ^icsht gieU 
^crcifttomcfleO thcCIoth is 

not woi th fo inTich. (|)t)Cl5 
§idb<r .ttornct) what is the 
Price of Corn. C^Tithin %itU 


mach, or ii ol 

C3eø maae foij 
maat (i^iclbt ^oa 

mul^ fell it at ai 

maac itgc, (^imiO 
ai(iOe) You mof 
let a Value upon 
modity, CvitncS 
øicIOe ei ^oé bas 

tations are of n( 


I don*t valae it '. 

gielbtt alMH i 
noAccount, Valt 

with her« (han ( 

»cbOoffeO nth 
voar at Court« (i 
I i) thcAce is« 
or is good for el* 

ba(o<^ar(t5en gi 
cieé6a(er 91 éi 
a Year/ago a R 
fpeciewould go 
•fhes. (Contrc 
iffO th«Contra£t 
or of no Effe£V. 

ct i letten) it is 

Law, is invalid o; 

jnLaw, (tctøtcl 

tO hisHonour 

is concern2d. ( 

gteiber meget bi 

with htr. (^au 

@tiffen, 5a bc 

Icfc her in the 

Pinch. (naar 

when NecesHc 

(bet flierter oøf^t 
holds alfoeood 

(E»icI^en^c^ valid 

Price, good in 
<Biel^for^rer/ a 


(^iel^for^rttl9l 1 
in g of t bebi 


Oi ) 317 ( 

ixtopCt fret from (Frenbøief ta bend anew* 

(Øienbvin^e^ to. bring orcarry 
D«btor« ^ back, refforc, 

fttVf AfticUs of (Etenbrtngeltg , reftomble. 

(Bienbrincrelfe , RcUoration, 
. fl Snit «t Law Keftoring« 
)cbr, (Fienb^tl^, Refraflion. 

tting# the Pay- (BUnbv^^t, co refraél. 
Debr. (Etenb^gge, to rebulH, build 

tlabtlftf the Re* uf>a^ain, to new-boild.- 
a Debt. (ETicnbygntng, ReediHcation* 

riTelfe# an Obli- CBienbiftce^ to cotmterchan^e. 
ond. (Bten^^Ffe; to cover agam. 

egnelfe# a Lift of ^U^^Øbe/ to rebaptize. 

(Bitn^øbtv , an Anabaoii^t* 
b^vi^tliti the Øten^øbning/ RebapMhcion, 
or Levying of Renewal of BaptirrrfJP . 

(9ien^l'eie# to writhe or cwift 
23ar^e; Cunber nvrain. 
» ^olO '^* Beard (^ien^revett; refuted, confht* 
Tt of a Whale. cd, puChed, driven back. ^ 

implore* folicit, (Øiettbrivf/ to refure, confute, 

repel, oppofe, contraditSb, 
gainfay, combat* baffle an 
Ol)inion, (fra Ct &Ub) to 
drive or pufh back from a 

^izn^vivtliQf refutable, con- 

(Hi<n^^vcIfe / Refutation , 

Confuracioni a Repulfing* 

(Bien^rtviitng^ a Refating, 
ContPting, Rcpelling. 

(Øieufaise^ to get again. co 
recover. / 

(5i€nf«it)/ a Spirit, SpeX^re, 
a Shacfe, an Apparition* 
the Ghoft of a Deceafed« ' 

(Ficnfal^/ a fecond Fj^U (i 
^n @^rtbom) a Recidivation* 

(Bienfang r a Recipient , chy- 
mical Vcfrel, 

(Bitnfangit, a Rccovering, 

(Øicnfln^e/ to find again. 


Ceeping, Cuftody, 
•cfcrvation, (irøit 
in my C^aftody* 
to kcep, prefervc, 
ard a Thing« 
jt f lirlting Fruit. 
that may be pre- 

, a Repofitory, a 
;re ybiir may keep 

::onrcrvation, Pre- 

"ervcdj ^ept, 


ro rcgeneratet 


, Regeneration , 


to bring or carry 

to tic again. 
to reft» Teraain 

Kem«inder » 

ei ) 318 ( ®i 

Øt(nfinte# O Segtef onlien) t (Bienølimt , a Faire»H^» 

Csnnterfeinr« JSitnvivs^ninQ f Reprodaftio 

tfienfor^ref ro claim again, * (Bitniytmc, to fech back. 

to reJemand. 
(BUni^^f regen er ated » new- 

(Bitnf^^tt to regenerace« 
(Bietif^Ocøf CO be new- bornt 

regerer^ CC, 
(Bitnfébicl f Regeneracion. 

(Bten|)eifCniiig r a Fecchis 

(Øtent)ol^ / a Recencion« 
C^ien^olDCf to recain, ku 


(Bien^oI^en^e, recentive« 

(Øtenføie^ co reunice, join to- (Bien^ol^er# a Recainer. 

gccher flgain« co reanncx. (Bieitbolb^iCvnCithereceiitif 
(Fienf^ielfe » Reunion. Faculry. 

(BieitjfØiet; renniced, reannex- (^ienbol^ct; recained* kep 

ed« bnck. 

(BiciiMitger, f. (Øienfærb* (Øieitjoge/ to chafe ordifir 
^BienBib/ a Return of tike bflck. 

for Like* Recaliacion* Re- (Bitufal^tf co recall, ctlt ow 

compenfflcion t Amends t 

C^tengielbe; co reraliace,retiirn 
Like for Likc, requite« re- 
conppenfe, repayt rscribace« 
(eenltgefovltøe) cogiveone 
a Roland for his Oliver« 

Ciengtfibelfei Recaliacion, 
Rccompence* Reqaical« Re- 
tribution > Repnying, Re* 
turn« Recompcnfacion« 

(Biengielbelfeøret , Reprifals 
or Leccers of Mark. 

Øiengiel^enbef remunerative, 

ØiengielDer^ a Recompenfer* 

^tengielbetf rccaliated« re- 
quiced> retribnced« 

^tengivf; to reftore, give 

back. Cb^ab mon (ap feø^ 

CO recanr or iinfay whac yoi 
have fflid« Cnogct/ mon 001 
bcflutteO to councermandi 
rtpeal, revoke> retraftoi 
(9ienFa(beltg r revocable« 
(FienFal^eIie p Rcvocatiooi 
Rerractacion , RecancatioOt 
(Øienfa^; refleilled« 

(E>ien^en^ef to know againi 
CO reconnoicrc, (fiflj ic 
know wherc yon are* 

(BieitPien^e eUer C^ietif ien^ed 
fCf Recognifing, or Know- 
ing agdin* ' 

C^ienFienOt t known agtini 

(øienfierltg()e^f a mntnal oi 
•reciprocal Love« 

back again> repay, make (ØicnFiøb^ Redempdon, Re- 

(Siengtvelig ^ reftorable« 
(Øiengiveife ; (Bien^ivning / 

Reitoringt Reddicion> Re« 

^iengitcer / a Returner« 

(Ftengivetr given back again, 

deeming or Recovcring of I 
Thing fold or loft. 

(Bten?iøbe/ toredeemi bn| 

(Bienf iøbcUg , redeemable. 

(Bxtntx^bti rcdcemcd. 

(ØiettFCagC/ f. a Rccriminacioni 
Recu^n of an Accufacion« 

) 319 C ©i 

trn> ■ Com- 

■atéttt Umi 
Joint again, 
em, ttniom. 

ledcmptign , 

ed 9 ran fa m- 

iFifitiwnibibd to hite clirou^ii, 
(BiEiinemMnOej C« 'Son) t" 

thiiinkover aBook, pinift- it tiirn it over. 
<EietiiicmblixfC( to blow 

(Bitmtmblibt, to toti* ftttf 

or macefate. « 

(SUnntmbort, to pittce, pet- 

forate or bor« through, (g, 

tiicD AaaibO '<> ft>t>- 
iFteniKinborinK/ • Petfori- 

(Bitnnembortc, pierced, per< 

(S i e,n ncmbricf Cc jO » 
br«ak throngh. ' * 

barn ttiroDgh« 
(Bit nntmt) ringer toget>I««d. 

rnrii eirry throogh. 
(SlmntmbinO , a Brcaklnji; 
I Bretch. 
LlSl« broken 


ilF, ptitback; 

;fra>o drive 
. (tilbaaO w 
itO lodii« 

h, tho rough. 
33(0 by tT, i« 
tm Dffltm«) 
dy. CønnblCc 
corrode, Mt 

to work fuf- 
iQ to knead 

through, « Bre 

ttniJnbrfOtf to brtak 

(Bttrin«nt>am)9nitigr ■ Perfpi' 

(Bitnntmbragt < to pift. tra- 
vel througfii driiw throojh, 

(BitnntmtiCivt , to dnva 
rhroiijih t if»A or bring 
through, C"i ©ofl) fo 8« 
thotongh Stiich wirh iBuG- 
nef«. (ttt (an ti oicDntmbci' 
t(é) ir it not ro be obiained, 

(Bitnnem^rf ppt i ro drip > 
drop, crichls throiigh, 

©i^nntmfa« / to pafs, gu or 
march ih, otigK lO tiiaverft. 

(PItnntmfam aThoroughtare. 

Slenntm jingie leei to in- 

dulge, cinnivejc, ovttlooki 
takl no Norici oF. 
(cjtnncmftngreften , Conni- 

vance, Induigence, 
■^æiHinemllme, to twift on« 
wiihin inaiher. 

et ) sao ( Øi 

^tnntmflitt,toAovif through« 
' (Biennemflvve^ to fly through^ 
(Bitnntm\oviitt to fcarch into> 
to fift, fcan, exatntnea Mat- 
ter to theBottom, to^dive 
to the Boctom of it« 
• C^ieitnemf^re , to conduélt 
l^d> or carry one through. 

€»teitnemfro(renr froIUbittenrt 

nipped or (tarved with Cold« 

(Biennemfr^fe; tocongeaU be 

frozen through« » 

(BUnntmaaat, to go or pafs 

. througn. Cm ©o«) «o run 

•. over a Book« Ctnm%nini) 

to txamine* review« audit an 

Accounr« (couCe 99(f9(»rliø« 

^CbeO <<> Albert undergo 

Hardfhips« C^U(|(eit Øi( Cl 

tøicnnctn) thc Ball did not 

Sierce« (øtcfinctiidaiie fom et 
orflAfl) to he approved« 
iBitnntmgang, , a PafTage , 

Thorough-fare. f^ 
<5iiniiemøtti^e/ to rub fufii- 


t^itnntmgtavtt to dig 


(nieniieiii()ebe;to heat throngh« 

(Øtettnem^gU ^ to invcigh 

'' flgainlt* per(tringe> blame, 

find Fauft with, cenfure, 

criticize» to give one a Rub 

or Wipe, to objargacc« 

eitnntmfytgltv , a Fanltfin- 

der) a Crjticizcr, Inv- igher« 
(5itnntmbtgltt , cenfnred, 
objargated , reprehended, 

^icititemt^e^liitøf Cenfuring, 

Objurgation, Reprehenfion. 

^itnntmfyoctbt f to harden 
thoroughly« innre« 

(Bitnntmf^cttttt # hardcned, 

^tennem^ielpe/ to aid, asfifh 

CO fupport or b»ck him in 
gctting over a Danger« 

(Bieitnem^ittimbciii eo 

ly. higgUdy, piggl 

(Sitnncml)iiagtt to he« 

• through, (øieniumt^u 

to cut yo«r\Vay cha>) 

Enemy. (en @(oO > 

a Glade in the Wooi 

(Bittititml^nltt to hoUc 


(Øiennemjaøe # to dii 

hnnt , ride fnll 

throujih. (cn Jtaarl 

tttifi 2(IK0 to ru 

through wich a Swo 

(Bitnncmfaftt, tp caii db 

(Bitnutmfl^vtt tocler 
rely^ thoroughfy« 

(Sitnntmfnt^t, tolcnet« 

(Biennemfoøe/ co bo 


ØiennemPomme ^ to 

comc or get througK 

Øiennemfr^bC/ to 

(ØiennemFr^^fe / to 

the Sea. 
(Biennem la^C/ to let oi 

(Bienneml<efe^ to peru 

read through or over 
(Øtenneinlet>e, to lead c 

dui^ one through* 

(Btennemlide fig# to 
(lide, to fneak throi 

(Biennemløb^ a PafTage, 
ncU (finnft^narrowP 
9 Strå r t r Fritht fl 

(Fiennemløbe, to run 

(BtennemUiftef to air a 


(Bienuemutarø, a Pafll^ 
Goin<; through > or ] 
ing through. 

(BtennemmAtfere , to 

or pafs through, to 1 
condu«il your Army t( 
a Town.. 


©i ) $M ( «>i 

Ue/ ta ttU or (Bieitttemiløt^ to bokt fcare« 

ir brMk ap che or Aft« 

titntf CO roe or t^ellucid, diaphanom. 
itirciy. ØieitttemØgUjtpeo^ Tronipt* 

fve/'tocaft in Ae- ' rtncy, Diaphanonønefs* 
in« <&fentteii|(Véi4riMr<tttintwoof 

fe, V. to tf «¥e1 or afundar. 
i;h» to trtvorfe a (BitnntmfH^ttr tacnt iittwo 

or tftinder. 
it, f«tP«l{jise, ft (BitnntmfSihnéé to Chint 

r through tCoun* throogh* 

(Bitntitnftinntnbtf diapht* 

ftnb€. flPaflcngcr. nows., - - 

^^e, Ccoi m<5 en (Bleniieiiiff^te, to thoot 

3 run oné through ' through« 

rord. (9knitemff#tf torinri-iofi* 

lfr# toporily iho- ciently. •■ ^ 

■'j 4Bientt«m(t44t/ to ftrike 

»€/ torideorgøon through. OUtttt hxvxnttå 

c through t Placf » {)DrjIaflCO ^^ ^^<^i" Peaft« 

t, a Rent. (ftø tgicnntm gieiiNtilc) to 

lOe/ to flow or mn. fight your Way through the 

. £n«mief» (Vapiretr flaace 
(^f to ceir or rend . iøienncm) the I^aper blots 

ly. or fmks 

^t, to rake «p» (pifnttemfliWJe/ tQ let flip or 

:Gronnd, toroiir. p^fs through^ 

':'i^ Vr'"tS«Vu »ennemfmeUe, to mele tho- 

kc. , ronghly* 

Uito fait, pow^der (giennemfn4øe # to rak« or 
y, to fsafon tho* fearch into alU to rtimmtgtf 
with Salt. or fearch alU 

fa II 9 e, to faw (e^tennemfnidef to flink* fnetk 

or fteal through. 

^fri^L r€viV (Piennemftiir^a Cutting in two. 

torcvicw,revjfe, ^ seiSom a Diameter, (i 

.eaBook. CDdmnacO ^ P«^<»fii«- • 

n, t Reviejr, Revi- ^j^^^emfnitte; to cut in two 
• —-»j »AMé or afundef«' 

te, to ftil through. ture draw fictswty«. »r«* 

Set, *•'*• 

, to fiUrtte, mnv (Biettnemfrg«; to fe«rch or fer- 

CndTro-^h. retJhevervC.rn.r,mtke* - 

., F.ltr.«*n. Per. ^j,,,^^^ .oint.rf.eJ. - 

m ) 329t ( 4 

ØMlttCttflrtlttti Hi'diavt or 
fj^tlt in two, 

(Pimntmfpvtnitt to inprtg* 


iBitmntmfptiu^t, to teip 

ØitnneaiflfQt-f to roaft tho- 

Mtn%tnt(t\t, a TrmtpicrcifiK* 

Øicimem^illfer to trampiarcc« 
^ pierce, (fo« ntc^ Saav5e) to 

nin one throiigh* (nicb 
Cpt^) to pat bn thé Spite* 

Øicwit«i(ltriti«fr Fiarcins« a 

Øtetlncm(l#^c^ to thrmftt or 

pof h chroogh« 
Øiemnewfltcge^ tocrofa* ftrike 

oott arafai fcraich oQti to 


Øienncmflrføttinøf i Blot, 
Crofs, Daf h or Erafure 
through a Wriring« 

(Bienntmflreife, (et £an») to 

ron ap and down a Conntry* 

(fom ficnbtliøc VovtieO to 

traverfe or pilla^e aCountry, 
to makf Inroatis imo ic» 

CliettneufhrØø^ Erafare or 
Crofs through a Wriiing. 

ken out« fcratch ouc. 

^iennemflr^gefCOG^pff. (hike 
or fcratch out« totrafe« Cø* 
SRarfen) to rnnop ad down 
the Field« 

(Biennemfirvgniiiøi Erafure, 

Crofsing through a Writing. 

€»icnncm(liif f en , tranapier- 
ced, perforatcd« 

.dtnntmfvt^, to fweat all 
over» to perfpire all over. 

(Bicnnemfrøirnncf to fwim 



- fia(tb) ro' i 



tøtennem m < 

a Thrcad in 

netrate. (tøH 
^e golf) CO o 
prefa or g 
CO prelt chrc 

. ble. 



■.: cion. 

'- penetrating. 
nippin^ Colt 
nergetical. n< 
OU8 Speech. 
acnre, ingen 




through, (ni 
ed> impregn 


foid a Riv 
through* ^ 

foftk or ftce 


(Bi en nem 9i 




ramhie abou 
up and dowi 

. Ution* Pera 

»i ^ sas ( m 

tf iceiiftomed, (Bitn^tigvitHntttø fTmpttht* 

:« inQr«d* tip. . 

mtf towarmtho- (Bienfl^Øigti Comhtion« 

<Pitnfit}§fl9tm^tø c6rrclativc. 

i Paflage, a Tho- (ØietifigC/ co rapeat» fceU or fay 


»I CO interwax« (Bi(liflgclfe# Rtperirion« 

a Conntermand, (BitH^gU * EcUcion* Rttroac- 

f Rcordination, * tton* ^r . 

:opy, Tranfcript, (Bitnfiffitnbtf rtlative^ ratro- 

>r Ouplicata of a a^ivc^ cafpcduvcv 

(BitnfigttiUbt, adv««elativcly» 

to replanr, refpedlively« ■ - ^ 

reciprocal Dncy* (BitnfEaattUt fucjgain« 

} reiied,confidér (pitnftxtf a RcÆdlion of 

Light« a rtflcded -L^tbt« ^ 

a Return. . . (Bitnftafftt M'rtniifn tO ra» 

toretam« to go ftore, givaagain« to*irtfoiid» 

feconfl Tima« make good, 

Coaocerplot. (Øien<Fiffe# to feod agaiiu 

a Redresfing, (BiettfFiFliiltØfa gcoding agaifu 

a ReflitQtiQn. (Bitn^in, k EaA«dioii> Ra- 

• redrefst rc^ify pcrcu.«riofi orRevecbaration» 

ghcs agam« . (Ølen(finiie; torafledi tofkine. 

9 fold flgaifu flgain» 

:o reunire, to gfl- (Bitnftintltn^t , reflaAing* 

togctagaintoge- (BfienfCittø'Xlffert> a Tak. 

raanited. gather. ^ieXe-PU^e, t Plati. 

, Reuniting, a '^^'''^ f*^«^« «^?« ^}^^^* 
again. <Bicnf?ralOy aa Echo or Ra- 

gather again, to- founding« . 

^« "/^ *!?'"• . <Bicnff ralDC/ to acho, i efonnd. 
Re(idae>Remain- ^. -,_^ ,^^^ «»f^».^N _ 

(ØitnfTt^ (fiVt 91M) CO 

fprout' againi fhoot new 
te again, to wait Leaw. imH i^itu) to 
'&»*"♦ racet again. 

o fend again, to c^itnfiaati co ftrike or l>aac 

a Sending back; (ØicnflaoeilbCf rtrarberacing> 
g« * elaftic« 

ciprocaU mntvaU Øicnflag^ a RépfrcusfionfBcar* 

ing back> RafltAion, Ravar* beratioa. 

(PienflagøiCimt^ £la((tcity» 

va Redprocatiom (BieitflaøOI^ a rever beratad 
ing« Fire* 

©i ) 814 ( 


Weil1T«g*'Pl«&«i ■PUtebf 

which ihc Light if tttteQed, 
(Ficnfnlfte, i<> cut ivain. 
dtni^tfr » Rerearch, ■ n«w 

(tUmiiqt 10 rerearch, to fetrch 

Øitnrpi ingi * Rtbonml. Rc- 

bfifT'iin;, Rebouneinjt. 
<6i€mpiiii(!fi to rebonnd. 

boiinc« np again. 
(Bitn^Mtt, to be lefd retnain, 

be PKtinc, 
(gitnfiaatnbt, ItCt, remain- 

aSleii(tan», CStft) a Reft- Rc- 
-nainrler, Rtlidue, CtB** 
MWOl) the Objea, Aim, 

(Bttnftnnti to fummonatww. 
(BicnjttvnlnSf ■ new Summoni. 

eitnfftf« a By-Way. Crofs- 

Wav. 1 fhoit Cor. 
(BitniliFfei to prick, lling 

løif n(l^t<i • Conntcr-Blow- Re- 

bonml. aRccoil, ■ Puf hiiig 
©i(nil»&»i to pofli OT thtuK 

biick, to rcp<.-l, ro recoil. 

(5i(iill-.?iii;iti, a '-.ipelling,'^ back. 
iBitnflraale, lotcfltfl, revet- 

<Bltnftraaltnr>t, nUtHin^. 
^Unfivaalmnrf, a RellE^ton 

OT Revorbiration of Rays. 
VitnHtamtAt (tn SSuO to 

btnd « Ji< w ig«"*. 
(PiniftT.immf, to be elaftic, 
<Ficnttrammf nM f ela^tic. 
(Si(Rflr<3mmltitti anEIanicity 

or claltic Powen 

(SiniftclM9r refrsA 

<£t I < n |t ri P i Bti rt,^. C' 
ner Opiniaireti 

dtmfvm, a Reply, t 

lØitMrvAre, ts r*pl; 

(Ettnfvolmti to f«é 

(5ftni>>oIaiingf a 

Æ'Knl'f''i tn few igij 

(Etctnvii. s Review. 
Lo.'kint; over tlf 

(Si(rtffRømAn&. aKi 
itvt, Ptowjr, 

(Btenrascf t« r«ti 
ogam, rcriime, (W 
flc} torevoke. un( 
Orb) to rtpsit. 

(Ficniagell'c, a Rml 
furnJng. COr«5 R 
Ct ,^crtb(6) Rv«( 

(Bitntiiscn, ictahen, 

<Sitmastnbt, rcttkb 

in;;, icpcating. 
(BltnCAnte, to refle 

(FtenticnCi to fer«« 

compenfe, rcward 

(EicutJciKtlc, a Ktc 
tnining ofa Favoi 
(Bitnvtgt. » Conntei 
(ritnori, a Car. 
iFitnvsfFt, to waln 
({IJtnvtnVtf to ren 

bach, g'i back. 


^itnrtVi ReproiJa 

iSicnvln&e, tortgtia 


é - 

ee ) aas ( ®\ 

A'etlVilfe/ to %€t reciprocal* 

6ieit9irfen^e/ retroaktive. 
(Pienvirfning, Recroa£tion* 
^itmoi^tt CO fhow again, to 

fend back aj^in* 
Øieivii#iliil9# the Showitifl^ 

%%!iiini che Sending back 

CiMV0rbt9(»eb# Adverfity» 
crofil Farrune, Thwarting> 
Cflimicy* Affli«Sion, Trou- 
blfi» Inctin[ibrance9 Ditap- 

^iwooxt, to grow ag(^in, 

ØiCTf U ^ictv^ 

Øtcr^e# f. a Hed^e. Fcnce. (Ce* 
ICII^C®*) a QaicUfet-Hedge. 
(»iiéOa Hurdle. C^oor®* 
cr (aiKfo bet oi( ent^oer Øiøc 

McOPovcrty if alwaysexpo- 
fed to Contempc. 
€ier^€^ to hedge ip> make a 
H^dge abour, to fence, irv 
clofeyincompars or furround 
vith a Hedge« 

Z\ttbtg;ctnti Boogh or Bran- 
ches for Hedges, 

6ier^e7ottge# (liden SudO ^ 

i?ifr^en/ Hedgirg in« 

(Bicrbeposl/ Hedgepole, 

<5ier^f fllturte/f.(§ier^efonge* 
(Bier^eflav, Hed^eftakc. 
6ierc# (bruget i folgenbe og 
(ommerafgi^rc/ babei(Bie« 

te) to have a Defign, Inten- 
tion, to do fomeching, be 
aboat fomething« (øsre I 
®ierej[to be on tha Carpet» or 
in Agirarion. 
^tetlg, f. gierrlg. 

Øicmef ftin, willingly, readi- 
ly«Lhearrully,gladly. (gierne 
liSe}ro Iove,wanrtbe inclined 

to. (jeg »i(be gierne Dibe bet) 

I wanted to know it. (bui| 

tiitter gierne) fhe is apt to be 

fnddled, inclintd to drink* 

(l^an (laded øterne) hei^apt«. 

forwardiinciined or prone to 

fighting.(^an laber (iuøierne 

(anble) he iseafy tobedealc 

With. (leg fpifet dierne Ore« 

h>b)Iloveto eatBeef. (ban 

»ir øtetne |Kibe Sortrin for 

aUep he affe<^8 che Preceden- 
cy before all. (3e9 Wl %m« 

ne fee &ittn paa bet) i lonp; 

tofeetheEnd ofit. (3ed Ot( 

aierne troe bet) I don't que- 

Itionit,! don't donbtit.(baQ 

»ifbe øierne t\{(^m^ be isin- 

' clined) forward or apt to for- 
give. (b«n Dilbe ø. ^cbbe en 
færb iRanb) ha^ affeas tiie 
Title of a learned Man. (be# 

fom ftiøe \^9\t , fafbe gierne 

neb) hady Cliinbers have 
fudden Falls. (^Cfl (eet htt 
Øierne) I am defirous of 
feeing ir. (^tt øtøt jeø iffc 

gietne) I am loth to do it. 
Cbet pretet øierne at øaae 

faa(ebeé) fo i( commonly 
pocs, fo it ufesto go> that 
IS the common Courfe of 

Things.' (\^ati (abet ffø et 
gierne talt meb) he is noc 

esfy to be fpoken to. 
CBierning^ aDccd, Ad» Fad« 
Adion, Doing, Work» Pef- 
formance^Exploit orAchieve- 
inenr. (j^ierliøbeb^ «*) 
WoiksofCharity. ($eUeg.) 
great Exploirs, ^Iprioua 
Feacs, heroic Anions or 
Achievements. (be øamlv 

Rometeé ©.) the Gerts of 
the Romans, (oruefom ® J 
a great Piece of Cruelty. 
(foreooen ® ) a temerary. 
rafh Adlion orFaft. (ffam« 
melia ®,) a Piece of Dis^- 
honeily, fhameful Doing, 
iUi tm i\l ®.) it took Ef«* 
fedh w^s put to Effe^, wa^ 
effe^ually performed, qc 



m > 1906 c 61 

»iiff M i 90 I htve f iven 
•ffedntltadatl or r«al ?roof 

of ir. Cnu tHt moM ftiht til 

90 nowtdhiflil ProcecdinKs 
trt tO'be b€giin, (QRanéf 

"fer flftetmtl) the Work kfelf 
freaks cht Mafler prtife- 

wo- rhy.Cj ®.)'"P'^»'"^«*^* 
rtally. (p^a frif 9.) in the 
vtryFaa. feaøcecn paafviff 
O.) te takt one nappins or 
in iKe vc»7 Aft or FaA. 

cheAim> ScopeofhiaWork« 

i5Utningt*Vftanbf the Doer. 

CSovbr9^er) Oflfcnder* Dc* 

likif]tient or. Criniinal« 

<Bierrii,'avar]cioaa« covéfons« 

SeedT of Money. (g. (fret 
9tte^ rapacioaa« (en CM'er« 
rig)a covecousHnnksXHnrl, 
aPinchfiftt Pennyfather. 
(Kecrigem avaricioaslyi cove- 

(Bitttig^ptb 9 Covetonancrs, 
. Avarice« 

(piertru^ø5u9(l f. ^^iertrut«' 

(Bieafan^e^ a Ewer wieh a 

<Piea# f. (ØÆø. 

(Bicf!, a GtielK C^pbe tt( Ctef ) 

to invice ont co Dinner or 

01tftepu^# aFeaft, Banqnet, 

Treat« (^mt et Oieftebtt^) 

to give Trcatraent. 

(Efiefle/ 0<^øe in5 boé) to take 
a Lodging, to inn« 

(Efieilercrer to feaft, banquet, 
regale » treår« 

(Efiefl^^e^ the Law of Hofpi- 
cality* 0'Co»en} a fpecial 

flfleØeBtue^ aParloor forthe 

Øieflfrief hofpitable« 

(BieØøit^ef/ aHpt, 

(Øieilmil^ f. aicff 
(Biift'ierta , catt II 
(Pierl^iinar a Fovn 

(Fictmrfler^ « Foa 

of a FonndcT« 

Tråde of a Foiii 

<9letni9gr c Gntfi 

Conjédara. Pi 

Snppoficion« Co 
(ETiftOUØ^ CIcw-'lin 

(Btote# to gnefa » 

(refome* foppol 
Mb bet »i( flgc 

(Efiev^ Cfortrceffelid 


(Biftr married, joi 
lock.C9tft SRanb' 

(Pift, Scrgift, Poii 


(Øiftblanber^ a Pc 


<Bifte, Cbnt)toma 
.Marriage, (e» J 
co t>e(tow or mi 
Daaghter* diaiM 
Marriage. (ffgl 

to marry abovc 
yonrfelf. (»ie I 
marry, co join i 

(Øiftcfocrbta/ m 
ripe for Marria] 
te marry« 

QSihvx, (Øifoiinfir 
.^Wedding. ; 

et ) 32? ( €H 

tdt Mtrrtigt* Wed- 
M«cch» iltrriAioay. 
KitfO * Hedge^mar- 
Cøitvc et riøt ^}'co 
I fcreat Forranc« gec 


be oitrricd»bt jointd 


l^vie-iicky in Love* 

f Love-Sickncfss Lo- 
t Refervotr of Poi- 

lifonous* vcnomoQit 

tt peftiferoos« 

> Virolenqr* Veno- 


ef^an AntidoteXovn- 

in» aPrefcrvatkve a*. 


, Pilla againft Poi- 

e^^t>il , (Vtante) 
CHitUnbt (B\M) 

Goncinefa. (Oeo jl9' 
beflying orrunning 

if a Peony« 

txtti a rhenmtcic 


Itoctement) a Fcaft, 

, Collacion. (^btit* 
Comporacion« \pan 

til ai betaU ®0 ^e 

kc» faflfer or be pn- 

'•r \uQtM9.t naar 

>o(bt) praife a fair 

Night, Prov. («f. 

Impoft, D!ity> Cu- 

tuitrcnct oldRenc« 

geld« caftrate, cot, 
I awaycbcStonesor 

(?ilM^ Ø(flt» (fiomO CO c"( 

. off tht Gilla of Harrings. 
QSiXUnf <BU^«iø8r Caftråtion, 
ØUber, t Gcldcr. 
(^tl^eabro^cr, a boon Compa* 

nion»'goodFcUoWf PoKOOia« 

CBitoc«5otlHiMrvcr# • trovbla- 

foma Gtiefty. onci thac fp^ila 

the Sport of tbe Compaiiy, 
(9ilb<t#-|(tlded, caftra^ed« 
(Øilbtnøf a&Ennucb* a gtldcd 

(?tibct>t)fleUr, • Wether« gtl- 

dtd Ram« 
(Bimmnlamf txt Ew-lanb« 
(Pinipe(l4i|Bf a $wing> Sce^ 
.' faw, • 

(Pimpei to-fwingy fec-faw« to 

weigh Salt** 
(Bintpninøi Swinging« Scc- 

(Binøanøy Gingan. 
(BidrO/ Qlbtlit) a Cin£hiret 

Girdle, Belt, Safb« 

Øior^t; (ppfctabO to tiickiio, 

rrofs« tie op« 
(Øiortf made> done* fabKeat* 
ed« (cf^tr^ coanterfeiccd» 
Cmtb JtonHj artificial« 

nittgi Manttrat Compoft| 
ØiØbf# øi^bffC/ to oiannrt* 
dungt improveor fattanthe 


^iitp to bark, topen« (ab) tq 
bark at« 

(Fiøeit^ Barking« ;. 

(Bi^^ a Cnckow« 

(Øi<^eblomftcr# Ladieifmeckt 

(Eiiøgemo^i (Urt) Alleluya^ 


(ØiøøemoOcr# Linget or Lin- 

^ \ 



i ■» 

- f 


e». ) aos ( m 

(3i4ft, to 00, malitt Ttndtr; 
f f ovarlrile) tu tnanoftiliire« 
OOOnO (O ^orni» f hap« (M 

neO og øjiv noact) fx <iowQ 
to work. (inttt (a»e ae giørO 

to be or tit i Jlei ii« vtcant« 

ict at atøte) ht muft «1wavt 
be bo(y> OT he carx never b« 
ftill or qaiec. (å\$f tK(r faa 
^aacrdetbia ixiTdo well and 
have wHU C^Q øi^r flg feto 
Cf abe)heai^sag;ainftl>is bwn 
Imerett, h« prsjudcesbim- 
MU (ieø taranbttat«t#fO 

I have orlier Fifhea to fry« 

(ica bal»^e nof al litrc at fcOf 
ve mtø f or totter) I had mach 

adotoforbcarLdnghin^ CM 
Ci$t mit onbt) ir sivea me 
rain« I ani forry fer it. (^CC 

9ar bet melfet^dn giorbf) char 

• he chiefiy befHrred himrelf 
vritK or wafl occupied wich. 

((an fan ti (\iétt M for ben 

Jlriié) ho cannot afford it at 
that Rate« 0^9 t^ac juft no^ 
att at øtøre) I am taken np or 
bufy wifh {omethin;« Cøt^rc 

* een et 9n50 ro ferve nne a 
Trick, put er pafs a Trick 
vpon onc. (øiøte en 9teifr) to 
take or %o opon a Jonrney, 
0)tøre ilt 9f()OI)) to .^o your 
Necds. Cølore ft Sprino) ro 
take a Leap» Cøiøre et ^aaU 

tib) to makc a McaI. (^tøre 
ff n Q9an) to fay your Prayers« 

Cfti^re et Snolb) rn give a 
Clap, Cøiorc røoMfanO to 

•makeHea'i R^fjftancporOp- 

pofition. (øiore et Jocfe) to 
makea Vow, (flwrc Dlefln« 
fPab) to make AccQUnr. (f$tCi 
V€ffl}iraf(er) ro do w pertorm 

Miraclcs. CVfnae M øtøre 
M bebøe W brm) Money 

witl do the BDfincrs with hiro. 

Cbang« bctpaa eøenl^aanb) 


han ^fibc M 

TOlKb j bc wcnt 
his own Fancy 
Sebftc) to yoo 
voara« CbM | 

el QciiffaM # 

me a friendly *] 
Ot fin ili») to 
moft Endeavoa 

9or af noget) t^ 

jnHand* (gmc 
^ngig) tø ene 
•t the Coorr« 

fom el @aar) t4 

!ain« (giore fM 
oin Intereft. ( 


Way to do it. Cl 
ff n 8ot(e)ro mak 
Fortune • to mt 

(beroeb giorbe b 
thatwas the mi 

(gtore éeo bang 

affright one« ( 

Sroeuratotf n ^ 
giere) chcPhyfic 

yer haveagrear: 
tice. (gior t^l 
chofe wn(chyoi 

cn fPamfulb^ t 
blufJi. (g;ire 

nrcvtate« Cøi^ri 
to fet a Ship al 

gt giare meb ei 

Mil) to have 
a (trange Fellow 

anbre fom bu bi; 
og ftaoe) do by I 

would he done 



et @lub efter eei 

Shoot at one, 

Wo meer af bet t 
bt(t) Ycm make 

Work that yon 

et ) 329 ( ®t 

hit øtore teO >( wlll do orTuf« 
iic<. C^<t gier intet til Ga« 

f eH^ it is no Matrer« ic mac- 
ters nor« it fignifies nothins;« 

Ott øttr initt til ©Oficit en* 
len man folOcc (et faa cHct 

^^} it is an evenLay, whether 
Æon fold ic in this or that Way« 

'^\^n tan øtere me^et^ertiO 

Mbters a great Incered in 

tomke inuch of> or great Ac- 
co«nc of« (øt^re ^ttitnbu 
fift) to piake yonrfclf ac- 
qoainted with« tointroduce 
yonrfelf co. (øiere flø til) 
10 €arry ic high« take Srace 
vpon yourfelf. (Ptt er et 

neøet af øiere mc^ bt 3)are) 

therc is lictlcDemand of thefe 

Goods, Cb<in ^(it en @øn; 
fnn ei »il gtere øot>t) he has a 

dtbaached Son« ((^un 9i( et 
ØiitC ØObt) fhe is incorrigi- 
ble, foliows il! Courfes. (hatt 

iataittt iibt tmob f^tn^t) he 

has dealt iil wich her. (6eter 

~ ^0 meøet om Ven^e at^ieø 

ti) he makes a Point of Mo- 
ney« Money is his Aim, his 
Heart is fec nponMoney. (bet 

tf ei bttom at giøre) I don'c 

careir, it marters oie nor, ic 
is no Matter to me« (bet O* 

eøfoa meget bertiQ it aifo 

heips or conrributes to rhis, 

(bet øier inttt tii Baf^tn) ic 

isnothing to chcPorpofe.Qjeø 
øi>r alting mtb) l am for any 
Thing. (aiøre fort »JJroccd 
neb noget) co m^ke fhore 
Workofa Thing, orBufinefs 

of it« (labe noget gtere) to 

have« get fomerhing done or 

made« (giore een noget be« 

Kenbt) to kccp one advifed of 

i Thing;. (g øu een til gSort 

femeffeOro crearcuiakceUcl 
one Hurgomailer. (giote 

9lar af een) to make aFooi 

fify befool one« (jeg bit 0« 
cber bet gobt) I will make ic 
good. (giore f?g iiUet bcraf) 
CO make jlighc of. (giote af 
meb een) co dispacch one. (g« 
af mebftgrelo) comake gway 
with yonrfelf or lav violenc 
Hånds npon yourfelf. (g. ceil 
tilSilliOto gratifyone. (3eg 

viici.i^atft at giore meb barn) 

I will not beconcerned with 

him. (reg oil ei bave mere 
at btHiHc meb itnbt) I have 
done with her. (giore flø 
|(Srb) to pretcnd roLeaming, 
to fet up for Learning. (gtorc 

een meget af bet)to eau fe one 

much Troubk« to cut Work 

for one. (giore (rreloo) to 

brand one wich Infamy. OiO' 
re eet lig igien) to repair one's 

Eeputation. (giore i 33enge) 

to make Money of. (en ^f« 
ftitUt af (?4) ro abfcni your- 
felf« kcep out of the Way« 
Cpéitib of een) to give one a 
kind Reception, make him 
kindly welcome. (g. @faar 
i) to prejudice, ob(tru<^. (ilØ 
til Snub) to hector, to huft'. 

rgiore fflibunber af) to turn 
into Ridicuie. (man (an g* 
veb barn, p^ab man vil) you 

may do with him, dispoie of 
him or rurn and wind him as 

you pieafe« (giore ilg galt 

iacit) to reckon withouc 

.your Holt. (gtore flø gobe 

©age) to pamper yourfelf« 

(giore ecu noget piié, binbe 
pna SJScmet) to make one 
belicvc fomerhing, (giore til 
rette) to adjufh repair. (gtOrc 
ffg gal)>" fly into aPflsfion« 
(g. een gal i ^ooebet) to enra* 
gc. (giore fig Umage) to tak« 
Pains, (giore gorifub) ro 
advance Money, (giore 8or« 
bring p(ia)ro!putiip or lay 
Claim to« (giore riig) to «n- 



6i ) 330 ( m 

(gint jMii) coim* 
p«verif lu (tjttf dMtiØ til 
f MWt) 10' qutlify onc for or 
intbl« him to« or rtnder him 
£t for fomtthing. (g<irc n* 
teøttg) to ditqatlify nr dita* 

bie one. (øitteccii fK^terlet) 

to give one Qcart or Cou- 
rage. Cøiire 9M) to brag. 
boaft. (dttre fi( |)aiirei) 
to CDckold onc« (øtite w 
fpHj/g) CO roake void. (gi$t 
fC ttn^tlfaby to bear one 
Company, (øierc OOgef til 
tmiilltnhithtV) tobeaccet- 
fary to one'a Diftrefa. Tøiørc 
(hrc ifiinO to ftare. Cøitrc 
Cfft^) toprejadice ont. (g. 
ttNMiø^ to immortalf ze« Qg« 
fflft S09 J to belay. (gine Ct 
Ccil loO to cnt orunforl a 
Saih (møre Ot<Cd) to con* 
traa Debrs. O^bt jeg QOgCC 

«t giøre meb^ bavdc jeg Sot« 

niae btttit) If I had whcre 

flftøren# Aåion« tha Doing 

of a Thing. 
^if^reitbf / doing, making. 
<Bt^rer , a Doer« 
a^tté, en be made.Oct giø« 

Ui Jltbt>) it is necesfary. 
iSi^viia, fcafflblet pradicable> 

posiible, that may be done, 

* a^vligtn, adnally« praaica- 

ble » posfibly • in Efted« 
flfiØrlig^eb^ Poafibiiicy, Prac- 

iBi4B, f. (Bøf. 
€^tpø f. (9^pe. 
Ciranbole , a branched 

(Birc/ Cfom cl ©ftbp to yaw. 
Øffe Zob^f, Qafnaifi^ be 

fnaoe 9labi) to nip or 

f hed ofT rhe fmall Leaves. 

Øiøtie# (aabne ftg fom 0$«^' 
f erfar) toY>pen, gape, for 

(Øitttiltay Con} 
enéj Etian 

(Bffpcr to gal 

<9i«pen# GaTp« K 

(BiBp^v, Gafper. 

Øito9 9 Cltwgai 
mcrfcg.) Clt«] 

Øitter # a Grat 

^ Croftbars* Latt 


(Hitterbét^ a gra 
(Fitter(r4b# t en 
(^tter9«rf# Grs 

Latticea of Iro 

(Øittcrvinbite # 

QStot§ to give« btl 

Qpon > prefent 

Sjtorl) CO deal * 
mgler) to y ield 
Frnir, Cofrrfcfl 
late« render« di 


rendcred it in' 

C(M»e efter) to g 
yield. (giM t 
ret an Example. 
to croQch undei 
(Mli) to grpar 
éfOlbcn) to lay 
upon or at one'a 
ia tiO tofayyaa 
or con fen t to« d 
for) to pafs yoa 
(bet gi»erfi)lte^ 

*or creates Disg 

StfNn af Gperci 
e Spors to thc 
een Xmibffab) t 

Notice. appnfac 
een Xib) to allo« 
(^tøe (ig/ OKVi 
yield> forrender 
intet) it is no Ms 
nifies noching* 
forfabe) to remi 
(gioe efter, ftie j 
give Way co om 


) 331 ( ©i 

tntee cfcer i 9(ir5om) he was 

noc behind him or catne not 
f horr of him inLearning«was 
iioc inferiorto him in it. (5(llt 

9ilhe ti gi«( benbe bu rinøeRe 

CftcO h^ would not abflce her 
tn Ace oryield herthe leail 

Thin?. C^m een ergm&ebe) 

toconfer a Place upon onef 
Mbw it iiD<in him. (^ioe 
Hff/fo.rtobO to give over for 
loft« (øioe tilba^lO to give 
back« return, reftore* Cøioe 
ccn noget tn5) ro give onc 
Phyfic, or phyfic him. (d(t)C 
01 tilfrebé) ro makc yourfclf 
cify. C^ii^t (tg tt(@0lbat) ro 
cncer« lift or inlift, enroU 
yonrfeif a Soldicr. (gtttc flø 
tfbfoO <^ fer np for, precend 

to« (gtt>e(Ig u5 for iXctcrma« 

lOt) to fet up for a Reformer« 

(]b€, font øioc fig u^ for gri« 

te^éforfoarcte^ Mioefelobe 
ecjlc SDtanner) Prerendcrs 
to pnblic Liberty tnrn often 
the jreateft Tyrants. (ijioe 
8at(ag for) to renderReafan 

for« t^itt (kt for^aae) to 

make one underftand. (^Qiiit 
ti(SSgte) to give in Marria- 

fe. C^ioe ccn iKet) to do one 
nftice« (øiDC ®Ct)Or) to give 
one Ear or the Hearing. Qom 

6tté aittt mia €io) if God 

fend me Life« (g. fig blot for). 
CO cxpofe yourfeif ro, lay 

vonrfelf opcn to, (Der gioe5 

jofS fom 2f.) there are 
People , that &c^ (bcr glocd 

got ®iiri I @panien) Spain 

prodnces good Wine or 
abonnds with ^ood Wine« 

(icfi (Pal gioc mig ben 9Src) I 

fhall do myfelfrhcHonoTir. 

(aioc for megen Sri^eO to 

ailow one too miich Liberty« 
(Ond g<OC!) God grant! 

would to God ! (gtoe onbc 

Orl) to give font Lflngvag€« 
(Aornet giocr oc( i Gmppen 

tCttC l^arp Corn yields well 
in the Bufhel this Year« (gtt^ 

@ci(enc op, ^fibétcrmO to 

hale or brail or ciew up the 

Sails. (gioc 9(<inbcn op) to 

expire, yield up the-Ghoft. 

(gioc <9ien(9b) to echo » re- 

(Bivcn, C@uf(cn) Groanii>ga 

Si^hing. , 

(Sivcn, (Bivning, theGiving, 

the A£l of Giving* 
(Bivtv, a Giver« 
(Biveo , to bc given« (5cr gu 

»ed; bc fom) there are thofe» 

that &c« 
(Bia^r glad, joyfal* joyoQ5> 

merry. (otttb g(ab og for« 

notet; jovial, (jeg er gla^ 

OOCr ebcrd DoWc) I rcjoice at 
your Profperity« (nicflct 

gCob) ovcrjoyM« (Cigcglab) 


(P>la^cUgen, f« gl(t^eligen. 

(Ela;^e# f. Joy, Gladnefs, 
Mirth, Rcjoycing» Jojfiil- 
nefs. (flor (Blæbe) Extafy, 
Exultarion* Jubilaiion. (bet 

cr band S^tcrtcné ®(flPbe) H« 

is in his Kingdom« 

(BI(3ebe# V« to glad, gladdan, 
rejoice, chear up« (meget) 
to ravif h or transport witn 
Joy. (fig) to rejoice, be 
glad, to joy 9 to exult, to 
dclight in. 

fiil, merry frolickfome, gay« 

Ølcrbcltgcm gladly, cheerful- 

ly, merrily, gayly« 

V Gladnefs » 



(Bloebeebag, a fcftival, genial 

(F^lorbeøfacft , a Feftival , t 

folemn Rejoicing« 

(Bl(cbeaforfl^rrerr a Troublc- 

€M . ) S934 


mUmntt, GlittcrinjK. Gliåcr- CfMlMto OMi 
ing% Sparking, Shiniiif. , (Bl^b^tc« 4 b«r 
Mimtf t Glimprc« Qlimmer. '<BMb()Cfb# redhoi 



quick fire of C< 

ft Fire- or Gled 
tbe Bnrning of] 

(Blnbtn^ fttubfPf 
▼oractopt* riv« 
dy* fitrce« r«| 

IBIimie, to glimmer« 

3ld) to 0>«>^*i**, 
<nrmreB, Cfem 300 Sptrk- 

ling. * 

ØliBDfe# to f htnt» gliftcr, be 

bright 9 give Light« 
ØliPr a fad Balk orBiffle, « fa- 
tal Hap, Hit* Cafe or Adve^* 
^t* (øoae Olip) to miia » 
niscarry't be disapp ^iactd* 
* to faU« (df (tt axool) to 
fBifa ydvr Aim« come oft* 
witbflBaifle. CbaHoaOKp) (Bltibff, (fMH fll 
it misca^ricd« rioutt inhomn 

9llmie» jpfail* mifcarry« CBliib|f(^ct^f Vonc 
-<Pli|Cf f. øliB^ft; ry • Fitrccnofi 

0!obtt»# a Globe. ®ii5M dtCT 

tffloc# togase« ftarc. f»p ob Fary» Ragt. 
9éQ§nO to gapc* look for <BIugge# « Breatbi 
a long time at aThing one*t Vent, « Peep 
1^ Moath open« Airhole« 

tffoeii/ (éabcn # Gaping, (Blngmaantb, ch 

. -Xooking at a Thing onc's 
Montb open* 
'tfftofttbe, glowing, rcdhot. 
CffO ^ot Ember«. (ful) 
biirning « live Coal« 

Ølof* ^rm r Cct @Ior.l toooe 

. £robf fom (Pioiec i SUrfe) .<ØnatBir f. (BntUi 

a Glowworm* <E)|lAVf a Grambl 

(ØlorVder^iØr glorious* illnftri- bling , moroft 

oua, honoarable* Man, allannd 

' Mofariuaif m Gloflfary, Die- CSnavt, (fkCMbCi 

cionary for hard Worda* gmmble , maun 

(Btoitf a Word, Name, a mumble,.imira 

Form« (Bnavt, (iseb tt 

^lofibogf a Vocabnlary* 

010^# jBUt, a Burning, 

Glowing or live CoaL ((ta^tf 

lidefom pa« tiMcr) to 

ftand upon Thorns« (ScgC 

pao ®0 to hroik 
Øl#be^ to make burnSng or 

#1^6 r gløef # rto glow» be 

bm-niog or radhot« 

(Binnt f the Go] 

ftraitnecked Bo 

ic is emptving, 
(Biut, aBab, 1 


gnaw, éotrode 
nibble« bilt ol 


bJing, Growliti; 

^aveit I Cw 
Gnawing, Con 

^ f harp> biting« { 

©I ) 333 ( 


\tvfonftf f. (BtMma^ 

Itvv^tf • Glafsmaker's 
:ninø $. f. (øUema' 

e^ a Fane or Square 

, vitrific'blé Salr, 
>^ vitrificabfe Sand« 
to virrify« 
:ø virrificable* 
, f. glafere. 
HanQ, the Jingfing 

V Cen ©ftflwf) a Ctip- 

r Prefs forSilverpItite« 
er'aGlafs-ruunille, a 
Pane ot'Glafs«* 
er/ fl Glals- grinder. 
:, fufible Spar* 
;nge(; a Priim, 

• flnncaling Smalt« 

epn) fmonthf cven> 
ilcck. CuDcn C)daO 
\ 1 without Ha ir, 
*<nbc) fhining, (fom 
or) (iiu)oth af Marbie, 
rO polifhed. (jlibfio) 

Ke l'inoorh or cvon, 
»och« Ocek« 

V. fmootMy, phinly. 

'00 t)ct ølat ocef) he 


, Smnochnef;, Level- 
Plainner3» Sleckncfs. 

*f (cn $aan5t>erfé« 

a Crafuman's Po« 

(/aStnoorliing Plane. 

IC/ to planc^ fmootli 

thc glazed Froft. 

p Smoothing, Slcek- 

CBIattfr to fmooth, fleek« 
plane t even, levcU fpolcrc 
foin @$M to burnifh« 

(Biatunf i. (BlatninQ. 
(Biaittv, a Burnii'her. 
^iatteftttn # a Sleekftone • 

(Flatter r fmoothcd* p1aned» 


C^Utibecfalr/ Glauberfalr* 
(Biavintf, a Glaive, 
(Blt^^n, (af ølibe) glided. 

(Hlemmef v. to forger. (efter* 
lobc) to neglet, (ubcMbc) 
to omii, leave out« 1([(ig 
felD) to be oor. 

(Bltnimt, f. ObIivl«n» C^^t ft 
aacitt mig af Qlctnme) I 

have forgot it» or ic (lipc 
out of my Memory, 

(E^lmmebog # (f. ©:. flaae i 
®(einme(>09eiO to throw ofF 

t« Oblivion » to negle£l, to 

(BUmmtiiQ, forgctfnl, nn- 

mindi'nl, apt to forger« 
(DIemmeø , to flip oac of 

(Bltmiom, obliviovs, forget- 

CBIcnlfom^e^/ Qblivtousnefs* 


(Bientt, (Blt^tf t Kitc« 

Crlit* Litharge, 

Øhttc/ to g'iic, flip, flidc 

(paa en ^ItbeDanc; (o fl'de 
on the Ice, (nieb Sobcn^ to 


(^Ii^<*^(^ne/ a Slide, a Sliding- 

(Fliden # Sliding. 
(Fli^effof / f. BPtfiter« 
(diimmtv, Mufcovy-GUft« 
(FUmmrrertei Glimmer« 
(3limmerfan^/ glitceringSand« 
(Flimre # to glitter, elifter, 

fpnrkle« (bet er tf fe alt 

Oulb# htx øO it is not all 

Gold » that elifters« 



®0 .} 336 ( 0< 

tcTcnjoy 9 or pamper your- 
fe1f» live comforttblyf in- 
dulf^c ymir.'elf. 
tfct>t't$cn^tif, (Uri) Englif h 

(Bo^e'Hail^; (et &aQé 95agf 

»erf) a Sort of Cake, 
<Bo^gf^ren^e| bencfic^nt, cha- 

rirable* bountiful, benevo- 

lentf f^ood « benit^n. 
<?0^gt^ren(>e^ r Bencficence, 

Charitablenefs, Benignicy» 


<Bo^9i^rer, f. t^elgi^rer. 
<Bo^5e^^ Goodnefs« (gront' 

l^Cbf) Swcernefs* Clemcncy* 
Hamanir)', Meeknefs, Mild* 
tiefsi Debonairnefs, Benigni- 
tyi Friendltnefs« (i^COaa« 
iicnbcb) Goodwill, Affe^ion* 
røunft) Favoor, Kindnefs* 
^ii1«5eO Goofinefs. 

Co^bitvti^f liberal, charira- 
h\z , benign, Copngtiø) fin- 
ccrc, cordialf 

(Bo^(^ierti9t)e^^ Charity, Li- 
bcralicy« Bouncifulncls, Be- 

C^ob«/ CfflltbleO Eftate, Mennj, 
Siibftanctf, Wcalth, Riches. 

liflt eller rorh^iO chattds, 

Moveables, per 'bra' Goods 

or Eftate. (ubcocjgedøf) im- 

movctble Goo is> real EltJte, 
Lands, Gronnds. Demeans, 
PoOcsrions. C2l5c(é) nllodial 

Goods« (iiebnianJ^éaobe) 

Goods, Warcs. (fhaaUt) 
ftolen Goods« (bctccet tiC 

fiffer gotoarmn) a Dcpo- 

litum , Tmft or Charge« 

d^obfeø O^et^vtlUt the Priva- 
tion of Goods« ^ 

<Bot>fe6 ^iemfalb; Raverfion. 

Øobfeø S^t/br^ber^ onc, thac 
lias forfcited his Eftace« 

ØaMliii^ to.war 

' Secarityforhfi 

ble for, CO enj 
(Ø^bfigeil r (Øot 

Warranc» Goa 

(Bob|ii;er^ a War 


(^obr# adv« well 
ØObt) tothink 

beO ^o approf 

plaud ic (f^ai 

for dO 2>« <iis 

di si i ked it« ({^ 
to live ae one* 
Plenty or < 

(mene btt gobc 

favour one« wi 

(ban »i(be tffc 

he defpifes all I 
he does noc ) 
Admonicions. i 
well, irsrighr, r 
ftand you. (ban 
Ct giørc bet) he 
pablc ofdoirgii 

dc (aa aobttg:ei 

in his ownCoin 

(Itppe gobe ben 

avotd it handfo 

taøer aUtng fe 

takcs up wirh at 

cy, Approbatic) 
Opinion, Tudgt 
tremcnr« (ot»CC 


Thing to one's 
(øobtgiorbt^ fna< 
coinpcntacfrd. m 
tiii?) proved, d< 

(Øobtciére, to r< 
good, make up, 
rcqinte, rec?mp 

fy. CbeDife) u 

monRrate« fh 

Jo^ ;). 3sr ( ®d 

røedWntod) SalfenrpiHerO to pliy legeiw 

omVerification« demain Tricks> to juggle* 

CCrffatninfl) mimic. . ^ 

Refticntion, St- ^é^UhanbB, a Fantaloon's 


creduloul, eafy <B6Qltl^i\Hti a Fyppétu 

(B^gitv, a Juhler, a Hocut- 
Credulousnefs* pocus>.a Miiimc» . Pjufibon* 
Eafinefs of Be- (Eøølecagttg/ mimicai, fuU of 

>m øiør noget af (B^qlcvit, Toying, Wag^tifh- 

jncary, free, wil- 
ineoiis. ((et at 
i noflet) facile, 
»coraplying. (ol 
) hofpicable« 
; voloncaiily • 
(ly, coroplyingly 

, Benevolcnce, 
^illingnefsjFaci- ^^ - . . 

ion. li at laanc (^^fi^^^f^mi 


giving no Milk« 

lOliO the Cow is 

nefs, wanton Trick«. ^ CSa« 
of Hånd. Cnaraøtiøe ®ei 

bærbeO Mimicry* Geftica- 
lacion* ' 

(Øøglerfpilf Barce» Drollary* 

Jiiglcr's Tricks. 
(E^9ler)'pHng#a Gamboli tum- 

bling Tricks. 

Meritoc, a 


Gondola, Perga- 

t fom \)o\btx en 

a Gondolier. 

f. (Baav^inQtt. 




' a Goth. 

^ Gothland. 

lerxt, (geb) Odds 
eath, Odds nig- 

Jngglcr's Swinging on 
llack Rope* 

(BøøIertafTef the Jaggler*s 

(Eføgeuro Satyrion, Stander- 
grals. -i 

(500/ (et JUg) a Jack* 
(Bøvn, (to ^aonbfulb) two 

^vaa, grcy. (Vapiir) l^^ottine 

Paper. (robmufPet grda) 

gridclin. (ø. f^oarcl) hoary. 
(Wi»c grao) to grow grey or 

(Braaagtigi gteyifh. 

» rejoice, he or (E^raablaa/ gridclin. 

■y. to ivnket or (graablaf, (brugeé mMO 

to miov vonrf.lf. dapplegray. 

(Hiaabone, ^raab^re, (Urt) 

Mugworc, M%'twort. 

(Bvita^f Tears, Lachry mation. 
(®raa5 ftobf^am i $;nene) 

the Tears Itarted from his 

Eyes. CØraab og £lagen) 


»njoy yourfelf, 

t a Govcrnonr. 
••<Cna)e^e; Go- 


80 lege) to toy, 
•on Tricks* (fom 




©« ) 33a i' «c 

Cffafltl) varMiovi. 

ØraitblglKVr GrMdineri, 

GlntMnyii' Cannnndixing. 
ØtAAbrnrtb/ dtp lo rabl«, 

ØronfttfWr Gray or srcyCo- 

hmr. - 
Craaqaae, n WilJgooTe. 
Si-ii(ll]i>Ar, groj H»lr, 

<Pr«afttfc, Olrf) Tormint 
(Braaut, ■ Clnud. (lihH^ ■ 
liule Cloiid. 
~ (SraancCbliie jr<aaO (»Kraw 

S rev, (bliK TMtti 10 grow 
ard or eloudy, to IdWM. 
tØttiaf<i, CVtia^iT) > MdMlt 

(Stdiifiegoi, thc Inr«r Linnet, 
^mufTintlcti 'Upplcgny. 
tEi-a^lFimmtl, f&tftj a diuple- 

grey Horfe. CSf«) ■ Gf'«- 

(Braafvtictt, dappled, tpm 

Æ>rAi)|Vri>g[ctr Cpotuå wich 

grcy or bUch, 
<!5i-.i.ifpiiirt, > commonSpu- 

(Btttaverfi Turr. ■ 

>a Cl •:iffli!cmio (O iji!= 1 

Dcgrec ir an Acadtiny. 
<Pr«»(loP, a Scilc, ■ Gcom«- 
tnURodi ■ Plonghi Almi- 
cancor'« Sislf. 

VrabMf, t>r De 

(ØritACi (O vtep. 

Tea«. Cbort) > 
®rit&«Pone, » Mi 

Ørar»tR» WMpin 
Vra^n, i Waep 

Ci-«6ff iiUtr graf 

lSpa^ff. adv.p*.! 

' nr, in (lic pw( 

Ftrhiah. i 

CllrO- V. 

(FtÆfoli « Gicck, 
cDtÆmnitligf ftd 

Vexaiion, Grii 

tSranimc ^g, to r* 
»fflidcd or gtie 

(prtMr Gr«fs. C 
ta mow or a 
Gnfs. CU»c i 
biteihcDatt, 1 
-Da:llc, Jtich Up, 
©[JlKf fltoO " 
leUliogeiy wif< 
VittO to f"t" ' 

ØrManCf t« gridn: 

(Bro&acrett gradoitc C3)<C' 
An^iGrtdoaie, orandihat 
hu$ t>k«n ■ Ucgrc« tt an 


(SrixebunO, Mm 
tBvixftlis, f. gro 
(Sroct-lCRCcr (Bt 
Stipor tendarS 
(Frtrefitrvrtr ce 

(Sr<tsfiilb,fiiU af I 


ét ) S3^ ( ^1^ 


e^aGottrdJ ^ - ØiNtéi>olt^etMlf6rpe)ftSoiU 

Ippt, aBottle of Hay* urqand; 

i^^ Mctdow* Paftare^ Qftccv, (gtitvé^ t Fdrk. (et 

d. 9lø9gt«oe) a Dimsforlu 

y/Pdrrct»b1adedteek» (Stixviø f* éfttvt. 

iHf Meadow, Paftare« (Ør<eviRgc> Ot JDoO * S*^ > 

lifc^ che Windflower^ gir« 

ifr Pafturc, Paftura* (Bvctviugibtlltø a Bttrrow* 

<C (Øroevinitt^itd&« a Terrier« 

Bft^^^føivtf tfie Pafti>- (5t<tfHflt (aftiMeit^) gra« 

r Paymenc for Paftaf f phic, . 

d. ØrafifT/ tdv, graphically« wich 

lOfcHeC/ the Right Exc^ncfs« 

?ing your cattle tnto (Btailtf bateCbl, fbU orsplce* 

»mmon faltarage, ^tammatifaf a Grammar* 

Wh a Caterpillar* . (Frammatif alfff gftmmacicaL 

«9# Cactle driven €• (øram»arif4lftadv» gramma- 

fing. tically, - 

t9,gra(ry»foll of Graft^ <Bv<tmvMtifn§tt Grammarian« 

Itcr, a Horfeman, (Stan, (SBdqt) a Grain. Q{fl< 

11 of the Saddle or iBtan) Atom. CSttOø) Flne» 

tlie Horfe. • <Pi*an# (Øraittrdec/ a Pine* 

f' (ftrc £XMgi) to cut Tre«. 

tbe Grafs wich aStckle» ^vanct^ltt f. «(Ht4ttlli(^* 

»w, (ji)etene) to l«ad (SvanaHtt, a Grenadier« 

[orfes in the Paftnre. ®CAtl4^efr^ue»a GranadierV 

, (gaoe poa Ørcpé) to cap, 

graze« ^tanattttta^tf aGranado^ 

li, grisly,^ ghaftly» pouch« 

ble, terrible, hideoQS« (Ørattat, a Grtnadb» 

AU anormottf. <5raiiat«bie, • Pomegranåta^ 

if«l# gri«ly» ghaftly ^r4nftn>Idmjlterr * Pomegrt- 


i^fftth . Hottiblenefs. <ør4ii<ttlierne, a Kcrnel tff å 

aBiity,Heinoasnel8,Hor- pomegranate. 

Oeteftation, Averfion^ (5raiiat(leeB > a Granat^ 

nllofGrafs^ ^^^ 

Set# f* »S^J^^'fJ* ' <!Bian«tUC(t^ å Pomegranat** 

KoJ?^«^ ''• ' <^ta,b.r, l^m«ppU, 

UT/tcerb« Æ^catibteir^ a Batk dl ft Pint* 

irooCy aStalk» BlAdeof eree» a Whitehark« 

ifc of Graff. ^vmU. f* tt«bdéw 

#fWt»t«éttrOAgrt«ft Øraiitgl^etM» Btdiibfttt^itt« 

Il Gason, g^u^ estAaiy* pttmftDallyi 

MWIf l^nihlrlf Mtcådiw« tvi4amlr* cItiHy« pltitttrt 


6e ' ) 340' ( ©r 

tltanhiitø to fearch into« to 

divei to the Boitotn of t 
. Thing, tA examine a Thing 

ro the Bortom, to fpectilate, 

conlider attenrivcly, 
^tan^{tfv, t Cxa miner. En- 

quirar, Searcher, curious or 

inquifitive Man, 
(Hralt^(^lunø;an Examination* 

Scarching, DisquifitionjSpc- 


(Btan^ii^ninQglM,z Microme* 


<pl:aiiparpijf# R^dn or Rofin« 
(Bvanit, (Øramt(lcen# a Gra- 


<5van^a^t, a Jay er Jack- 

(Bvan^aVf a Pole of Pinc- 

(ptaxitavt Pineapple, 
(Prancap^re/ (t^iccnetOthe 

GlandiiU pincalis. 
(Bramc«imer#Timber of Pine- 

(Bvanttctc, f. (Bvan. 
tBtanuitvinQ, f« Borning* 
(BrafTarga^iiøer/ a Rcvcller* 

(Bta^tvt, to rage, be rifc or 

dfvatitvnff the Graces« 
<BvaMi gratis, for nothing« 

^vav, Cfor c« 2)o5) a Grave, 
Tomb, Srpulchrc, (om CH 
6ftl*>) a Diih, More. (fom &C 

55cU•lrell^c gicci for at tin«* 
brc UDfalD^ a Contravalla- 
tion. (tcni; (cbig) a Cc- 

Æfral>bl•e^l the Border of the 
Grave, (^aac \'^a) to have 
onc Foot in the Grave, 

(BvAVt, to dig, breal? the 

Ground* (øan^c efter 59?i» 

mO to mine. (fig unbCC 
3orben) to carth yourfcif, 

(Btftvtf i. xib^vavtt grapere* 

(5t4tvi9f t Digfti 
(Btai^tttf ep %ngi 
(Bravere, Cøi^rei 

(Bravercr^ an En; 
(Stavixtt, engra% 
(Braver^afre# a 1 
(BvavtvitiQ, an 

Ørarirec^ Gnvit^ 
(Bravitettir^ grav 
(Erapitjetijf/ adv, 
(Bvavmin^tf (Btt 

Maafolanni* M 
(Stav^Uf Parenta 
(E^ravfcntbre^/ U 

m(rni)) a DispU 

fcriptioa on a '. 
(Brav^eb^ a Tomb 

Cprcrfitiot) aMa 

(Bravfleeni a Tor 

(Bvavitøtttt a fui 

<5reben, taken, ca 


ttn) a Grafp, G 
Cfltch. (paa ®r 

Croping. Cvai 
rhe Frat of a Lu 
Bing)aHandle, ( 
a Carch. CvciCi f) 
Hilc or Handle • 

(Det trette (dccb < 

ae øiøre iioøeO th 
dlc or Handling 
right Way or A 
Handling it or < 
Fetch, Tricks H 
SJyncfs. (forbo* 
PraiUcc, Underp 

OnfD to Jingrt 
Cbaoe paa ®rcb) 

at 4ny Thing* 

©r ) 341 ( et 

> tBrancfi« Bon^fi. Gi' 
) fl Twigf Sprig«Snooc or 
nj^Branch. Ot^ell ®tcen 

W) • Scicn. C(BtO 
Jl 9ffP«rtnd) ^he Lop- 
; 9T Pruning« (ilMPpN 
l) the Springing: or 
ning out of Br&nches* 
rianff# Gregorian« 
riuøf Gregory. 

fr f (tmelfem 2anht, 
ilommc/ ^arfi^ger/gn« 
•#fom btuøeé ofte i SUetf« 

QBorderSf Bounds. Li- 

> Frontiers, Connnes« 
ehes, Abaccflls. Cf<c(te 
Ifnr foOto4)oiind> limit, 
loands to« 

fe# V« (tiO to border or 

in« upon« ro abbnt ro. 

imctt) CO beconcigaous. 

fef^ilntnø. a Fronticr- 


recontmtefiott/ the Set- 

: of che Buundaries. 

|'ell^C/ bordering, con- 

g vpon. 

fefÆCnittØi che Setcing 


\€\ct{lCtVi one» that fecs 


tftitU • Bntt, Barrier. 


eflot# a Frontier-cas- 

é(iat>; iFronticr-town. 
'c(lc^/ aFroncier-piace, 

eflcen , « Mj er- done. 

tft^tttf fl Fronticr-pil* 

tlinø# Bordering, Con- 

branchy* fullofBran- 

^, brflnchlefs, wichoQt 

yret^Dinøf Ramifica- 

(Frenefprebeø; to ramify. 

(Bvtntvttt, Branchts. 
(?ccnet>iiø/ Bough-wife« 
(Bvtidiia, f. gi-fltflTelig. 
(Btttt, C^ftortnina af SXarf 

ijretc) Feg or Peggy. 

(Øret^e^ Cenøc(|P) nn EtrU 

CtpMP) • Coiinr. 
<Ørevcli8#of aCouht or belong- 

ing to • Counr« 
(Bttvijf^tf fl CoQf^efs« 
(årevinger f« (^roEoinge* 
(Erepffab; Eiirldom, Coune. 
(Bttb, (Efrtf/ a Griffin. 
(ØribCf to gripe, apprehend, 

catcb« layHold of% fecare. 

feize. (tage meb i^aon^en) 

to take or lay Hold of> to 
grlpe,grofp,catch. (^(^a^tit 
be) to icize, apprehend, 
arreft. (gri5c(iflai!)tollrain 
or exerc yourfclf, do your 
ucmoft Endeavours* beftir 

yourfelf. (gribe (?g m an) 

to ftrivc Tooth and Nail« 

(gribe een an) to arra^, 

aflfanlr, U\\ upon* (gribc Ct 

SBttt an) ^^ c"^<^r up^n a 
Work. (gribe til ©oaben) 

to rake np Arms. (ørtbC til 
tt f^aanbDcrf) ro rake up a 
Tråde. (j»ribe cii Jciliflbcb) 
to take» cacch an Oppor- 

cunity. (gribe til S(ugten) 

to betake yourfclf to your 

Heels. (gribe en Stng^ fom 

fa(ber) to fnacch a Thing^ 
that is falling. (gribe inb i 
eené Ømbcbe) to encroach 

upon one's Office, to inccr- 
meddle wich ic. ((KUl greb 

tiC 6o(baterftanbcn) he 

rurn'd Soldicr. Cnnt>tth iec| 
ti, b^ab jeg fPal gribe til) 1 

don*t know what Courfeto 
take{ or whatShift tomake. 

(gribe til ^aarben) to grafp, 

draw your Sword, Ci(^^ 

griber for i^iht om (ig) he 

goes too far> he exceedii 


et ) 34a ( øt 

er exorbieates, he (brpaffts 
tfie Bounds or don'c keep 
wirhin Bounds» (gribe om< 

ftfnø 0(1 (Dm OnbO «> 

fprcad aboat» (o cur ^r frec 
wide and dtep« (gtibc i f!n 

cøenøarm) to reflca upon 

one'sfelf« to defcend tnto 

one^sfelf« (gribe eené dSre 

Hn) to blaft one*s Reputa* 

cion« (o« cm nnber ^nuene) 

ro lend one AsfiftancCt aid» 

fucceur him. 

ØribetiØ; palpable« 

(Svibtligtn, palpably« 

(Pvibtn, Taking, Griptt)g»Grfl« 

^Vibtn^tt grafpin^ (.Verbum. 

(ørtbcabe cm Q^, (om 699« 

bom) conta^ious« 
(C^ribfalPf a Gerfakon« 
(Fiibelin^ gndclin^ 
(E»riffel| a Slatc-PcnciU 
(Btiin, Lauglitcr, Laughing« 
(E^i*iiiie> f. grine, 
(priie, a Pig (af et ^iltfmin) 
• a young Wildboar, 
(PriUCi a Crorchct, Whim, 


got. (ban er fulD af ®.) he 
has His Pate full ofCrotcnets, 
or Whiras, 

(E*riQefoilei\ a Fantom« 

(ØrlBenf^nc^er^ a vifionary. 
Fanatic, Hnrhufiall, a fanci- 
ful, fantaf^icaU freakirh* ca< 
pricrons Fellow, 

ØrillettfatngeriF , freaklfh, 
whimfictl, fancaftic« 

iPtiUtniccngcvit, Fanta (Heal- 
nc(\» Freakirhnefs, Capnce, 
Humorousnerst WhimficaU 
^ ncfs* 

(BtiWiø ii?:W» deformod, illfa- 
v^ured) aisfigurcd, hideous* 

Cvimactt a Grimace. (giore 

(Srimacer) to makc wryFa* 
ces, to wry the Mouch« 

(Bvimtf'* Halur, 
^timfftbt Uglinc( 

ty, Illfavoartdi 
(Btinc, to Ungh, 

per, Tab^ ro Iti 

(5vint$ ((oe futtrtQ 
to pac 6n t fo 

(Brine 9eMDa§f ( 

(BvintUt Grini)»ng 

Smiling« S^mpe 
(Brit, U (Friii, 
iFrife« te firrow % 

forth Pigs* 
' (Bnrefø^ber, Pert 
^ifefoci a Sow« 
O^rifle^ a Pccl to ] 

the Oven with, 

(Bvobian^ aGrol 
Churl, Clowd, r 


(Øroberiiri Gfos- 

lich Sitkfhiff; 

(Bvot, to grow, % 
grow up« (trti 
to heal up« . 

(Prøfre, (i en 9tt 

(Prol, (Waø)aGr 

Spitc % IJ-wii 

(øroei a Groc^ 


(BrorfpreffeTi f. 

Ørotre; a Grot c 

(Ørorteme(ler/ a C 

(Frottepecf I Gro 

thick« (øroDt^ 

coarfc, thick C 

(raa# uarbctb 

unwronght« i 

øterninøj a Cri 
Hue. (grop I 
Mistake, (jrol 

€Jr ) 343 ( &t 

iar Stiu (ørotyc Scmmer^ 

roboft Limbk« CøtOOt 9rø5^ 
coarfe Bread» (ørOD 902ab 
coarfe Meat. (ør^o Xont^ 
t grave Sound« CøroueOrb) 
hard* harfh Words, giofs 
Laogaag;e. (utuøtiae Orb) 
ob(cenc Words* Ribauldry. 
(pw GfrifO Letters of 
pcat Size« (øroo »Dipnt) 
. gitit Coin« (ørODt @fQbO 
'- mie Gnns, Ordnance« 
OKr# ftOPcO gfofs, plump, 
robnft« Cut^Øftø) rude. ru- 
fticaKcUiwniili. iil-bred.nn- 

polifhcd, (øroø iCarO « 

illinannered Feilow« (vjiØCC 

fer øro»t af btt) to exor- 

bicate, be excravn^ranc* take 
coo much Liberty« (i)Cit)( 

irev) to mfticats. (3 maa 
ci øterc Det for øro»0 ^^^ 

ina(i keep within Bounds« 

(beøorøne en ø.) t" f^wt or 

nfe one grofsly, roughly« 

(mu l^ar beøKeønct b**«in ø.) 

he has had hard Meafnrc« 

(beøle een ø. iøiennem) to 

take one up ronghly* harfhly 
or fharply* to rattle one to 
forne Tone. (f^nøe øroDt) 
to fing a Bafe« 
(Btwt, f. grov« 

Øroxniig, utovtiiqtn, grofs- 
ly, couriely. (f^nbCf ørooe« 
Itøen) to fin gricvously« 

Øropfiilf t rough File« 

^vov^tbø Coarfenefs, Thick- 
nefs» Meannefs« C9øer()eD^ 
Plampnefs« Cu|øfltø^e5) 
Ciownifhnefsi Rufticity,Ru- 
daoefs« IH-breeding, EttVon- 

999Vf9évlt a rough Plane« 

&tov^uttt§ rough-ikinned, 

ttov^noibp a Ruftic« Churl, 
CUwn • ill-brcd Fellow« 

(Bt^vi^mmttf ftrong* well- 

(Btovmaltv, • Dauber. 
Øcovfan^# Gravel« 
(Bro^vff iemt; obfcene Jeft« 
(5rov(f^^ft, Ordnance, gretc 

Glins« , 

(Bvov(mtb, a Blackfaiith« 
(BroPllØ^C/ lightly pounded« 
(Bvovtf courfeiy,roaghIy« (u« 
I bØØiøt^ rudely, ruftically* 

(Prot^traa^et/ having coarfe 

Files or T»reads« 
(Provrreolet/ having coarfe Fi- 
(Ptovblatt (Urt) PUntain« 
(Pv^^/ boiled Groars. 
(Br<^^e^ Fruits, Produ^ of 

Ilarth, Growth, Vegetation, 

(førUc) Premiccs. 
(Bv6^tM^i fruitful, fertile« 
(Prø^efflttnlnfl/ Fruillfication* . 
<Bv6'oevtiVf fruitful Weather« 
(B^ø^fa^; a Porrenger« 
(5r^t>e#i tof^rout, gerniinate» 

fpring forth. 

(Bf^ftf a Dirch, Pofs, Moat« 

Trench« (iøiennem ^orab« 

fer, Sicrr K.) Trench« 

Ørøfretf fnllofDitches, Tren* 
ch98 or FofTes, 

(év^tlf green, verdanr« (ffrCTt 
ellcrSrccO vtrdamTree or 
green Grafs« ^hiiH øron} 
to grow. green« becomever« 

ØrØnagtigi greenifh« fome- 
what green« 

CBrØnbUO, (Urt) Patitnce^ 

(Bv^n^tiitt Verjuice« 

(Eronfarvtf green Colonr« 

(Bv^niinftt Greenfinch« 

(?rønnnu(# olive-coloured« 

(^c^n^e^i Grenoefy or Ver- 


er ) 344 ( tie 

(gt^tlfaat, green Cole, 'gretii 

<5r^nttf /the Green or Vercfare« 

(paa M ørønnO on the 

Green, in the Grafs, 
(Bténntn^tf verdant. 
(Prf^niteø; to grow or become 

green or verdant. 
(Bvøntiiftig, corrodcd or fiill 

of Verdcgreafe, 
(Bvénii€Qcn, a Greenfinch; 

(BtønfitoUinQi a Strlplino:, t 
Chictifflce, a young beardlefs 
FelloWf that takestoomuch 
upon himfelf. 

(Br^ilfpcu a Spelght. ' 

(Bt^nimiv, accrb« 

(Bvénfvcetf • green Torf* 
. Green-Gazon, Sod, 

^vønivcttft^ffcv, (i ^augcO 


(B^rønt^ (fflaHutUO Pot- 
her bs. 

(ØCøttf/to bruifc, grind, (QJoil) 
to pcel Barley« 

(Erube, aPit, Hole in the 
Ground, Dirch, (i Q3iecø' 
verfer) a Mine, 

CC^i'tibefalt^ fosAl Sale. 

ØPtibcflfaf re r a Shaft in 
Mines, Lodeworks, 

(Brnblef to be in a Revery, 
pafs mclancholy Thooghrs, 
tøruitbe) tomcdirate, fpc- 

. culace, beat your Biains 
tbont fomeching, to fonnd, 
fachom, divcci: pierce inco, 

(Etnhltrt, Revery. C®runbcii) 
Speculation, Meditation, 

(Svnblcntt, fcrupulous, 

thoJighcful, penfive. 

(Frilbleilia penfivc, inqniilrive, 
Fellow. who has his Head 
full of Mulligrub5,a dull me- 
lancho.'y Man, a Sarurnine, 

Crubltnø / f, (Øcttbleii, 

^fmt, Horror, Te? 
blitig. Frigid Di 

iBmt iotf grue« vi 

dread, totrcAbl 
'^ ouakc for Fetr« 
attef^y abomintfi 
nanfeatc t Thing, 

on ic with Horro 

(Bt\ltii§9 horrtd, 
grievoBS, friglicf 
execrablei abomi 

(Ørueliøctl^ berrib 
nably, dismaUy« 

(BtVLtUgf^^f Horm 

(Btvntf er ad, barl 
humane« fiercc, Iti 
rible, Lcinous, 

Ørtimbe^f Crnelty, 
FuvY* Fiercenefsi 
Atrocity, ■ Tyran 

Ørtimmeligetti cm 
manely, basbaro 

(Bvum^t Grounds, ! 
Sediment, Drcg* 

(Bnimfeti thick, mn 
blcd, tnrned, 

(Brun^f ('Bund) 
Soil. (bDcrpaa 
Q)crC- (ecocr)the] 


vts. (af et Wii 
Vrime of a Pidu 

®riinN 9crre fai 

doubtlefs, cerrair 

Øranb) that is i 
(cale mcb®runb) 

lure Gronnds, co 
fon and Trnth, 

Foundation« ((d 
t\i ®runb) to ftn< 
nage to the B^tx 

€Mr ) 345 ( ©r 

polt or min a Thing (fltuftbc tø i en VihtnflåV) 

. Ctalt Ubcn iSrunb) to groond yourfeif in a 

Dorfe te Random, in Science« (grunbe tt d^olc« 

or withoiit Ground. rtc) to prime, Cøntnbe poa \ 

t noøet fra (Brunb) noaet) to mufe, meditate, 

lotn theveryRootor confider, refle£t upon. 

ingr« (ubeif ®rmtD) CErtunbegenffab, the primitive 

: Groond, unftdvifed- Quality, 

»otf I (Fi)bc et efib i (Svmi^v, . (@4iibbanfct) 

I to fink 9 Ship, Ci Shelves* Fiats, Gronnds^ 

I at the Bortom« (i (Briinbe iibi to penetrate to 

^ClCCØøe) to If y evcn the Bottom of a Thing, 

he Ground« (t>ibO (Bvxm^fxftz , f. Fundament, 

^øet af (Ørunben) to Ba(is« 

learn a thing (Ørtinbfas(lC;tofoQnd,groimd, 

jhly , . perfe^ly. lay the Foundation , to 

OReafons, Gronnds, eftablif h. 

»onded in Sciences. ' (Bvnn^iatvt, the Gronndco- 

:ii ©runb i en ffliben» ^®"«" » P"™*^ ^ 

to ground one in a (E^nmbgob f very "benign , 

. CbnMc fra ®runb element. 

bnild from the vcry (Sviinb})tvvt , the Lord of the 

tion. OSunb Ofl Manour. 

I entirely, totally. ^. r j i r i--» 

lf®runbcien@ag)to (^viin^i^, fundamental, fohd.f 

diligently. to fcriiti- well-grounded. (©ewié) 

•yordiveinto.Coære ft^ong, firm, nervous, evi; 

runbeil) to b« rotten i^^ » inconteftable Proof. 

Corc. CildbC paa CWanb) a dceply fliillcd 

n) to ftrike or run ^*"* 

d. (?riinbi9e# the Solid. 

(»eaonbctfe) Rudi- (Bv^inr>iqtn , fundamentally. 

Fundamentals of a ^^y^^^ ^ \^ ^y^^ 5^,^^^^, 

•C^arfag) Ground, ^P^t J; c r.- t. 

, Motive. C39epiiO C5rimt»i5be^ Solidity, Deep- 

jnt. "«f»» Profundity. 

?ienbom)Po$fcsrions. CHnmbFtlbe, Source, Head. 

I, Fields, Lands, (en Spring, Fountain. 

taPrincc'sTcrritory. (E>runbl(tt:b; adj. very learn- 

rfag, the chief or ed, orconfummateLearning. ' 

al Reafon. o^ ^"P Eruditior. 

a«fl(|e ©runb) to (Fninbl«:re / a fundamanral 

{found. lay Founda- noanne. an Axioin , main 

ound, ground or hot- (HhinMag^ the iBafe , Bafis, 

rfelf upon fomcthing Bottom > Ground. 


fH .) ^46 ( ^ 


Qiiic^renr* (af flRuffcté 
^ WO StalUf e. • ; 
4[vtt«MlltjB# (Siff) a Grourid- 
. lillg* , , 

(Srmblovtr nM Amdsmenul 

^ ^rimidv« Laws. 
ØrottMøif fiTOondUff • Dot- 

Mpilert* (h^V) tn Abyfiii 

boctoiDlert Pic« 
tPnm^ln§tt t Dani» Sliiic«» 
'. Floo(U;flce. 

<BvnnX^9M$99t agreeabh co 
ene Principles* 

(BrunbnutuiPiei the primitif e 

fPriiitbveøeli an Axi om* 'Prin* 

(ETrtiil^retf primitivt Hightw 
(Hruttbri^ 9 Gronndplot > 

Plan • Ichnography« 
etwn^icttning , a Prlnciplt* 

P^'opoficioii, Maximt Axtom* 

jSrunbficftf ir f«' ^tnnt>{^p 

(Øruntffati Quitrenn 
' <?rtln^{Fielmf in Archrogne« 

Ørun^ffn^^ a Shoc in. the 
Qoickworkor between Wind 
and Wacer or tinder Water* 

(Btunhipvo^f tbeorigmal 

(Btnntiftétn, a Foondation« 

Øra9^of# Principle«. 

Øntrtbft^fH# the lower Part 

of a Thing« 
<9vttBtfnppe# ihe Gronndf or 

Settlement of a LJqao«'. 

<B^utl^t^Qal>f om ^nO ^^^^l* 
low. CvanO Shoal-watcr* 

C»rult^teS(ting ^ a Draughc, 
Groanaplot t Plan » Ichno- 
graphy ^ or Sciagraphy« 

<EfmilPrert/ the original Texc, 

^vnnttV(mt>, fhallowWater« 

Ør uiibtpas^ftc , radical >Moi- 

^ntnbvorl^i Sfnree« 

Subftimct« - . ■ -- 
(ØrunbvølW :Yi«To9r 

BaAa« Groandwotk 
(Pruii69o(b«l<es«iB8- < 

Layioi^.of tht Foi|f 

(Btnppt, '(en (>ob Stgi 
fRaUric) aGrovp« 
plicfltion »r ICn 

C^rtlé/ Rubbifh, Rab 
Bfnins of g Building 
mants ofMattcr afed i 
i'^Xr O 9Kttteil)»Gi 

Ørufoni. Ciftaari)) cri 
hnman^^ tyrannicaU 
nary. (f^t9t9tMii)i 
blt»- aoominabU* t 
ghaffly. - \ 

Craclty, Inhumaniti 
heartednefs« (Sot 
(td(^d)) Horror, A 

(Øruf6ter# C^aarbt) < 

innnmanefy , tyran 

(forfFcqpfftliflcn) ^ 

(Btnvti Hearth* 
^t^^tf a Pot> Seethir 

a Pot of Earch oi 

iron Pot, 

(Fc^bf (aagi the I^id o 
(Br^bcfYtei a Ladle« 
(Bt^tf to peep> to daw 

arocr af £>aøen} ti 

begins xo peep,, i< 

Ør^ae« ^fime) to 

fpring tortlu 

C0r«llen# (fimene G 

tion, Sprouting« ^ 

iBrfn f Qroflts. (aj 

peeled Barley« (of 
peeled Oats« 

(Br^nebi gritry, rugj 

(Bv^nfotn, Grain for 

<S^r^ni|t^ae# aMill t 
Groac« npon^ 

»Il ) 847 ( 6» 


[e tnei> Qr^srn) 
'or euH @f olb) 

ake » for Good- 

C^ttb 9u £aO 

tdicu ! Good 

l^r ! God fave 

eicy , Godhead> 

iff divine, god- 

ommelid @DdO 


9Ctt# divinely, 

g(>e^, Divinity« 


:od]y • devont« 

3evoucly, pious- 
Picty, Devotion, 

t Gods. Cf)thn\nt 

e heathen Gods» 

%i @u6(rneé Sol) 

^tif, Ncaar. 
pife / Ambrofia. 
! God forbid ! 

godly« devoat» 
ligious > fearing 

n# pio«s1y, de- 

)e^ , Godlinefsi 
lefs, Devoutnefs« 

Iiod grant! would 
e^etS God fcnd 

(Bnbin^tf Goddeff« (for iof« 

(Btibmcbec/ Godmocher. 
(Dii^eager , ^Mittt^aavh) t 

Cemcrry • . Borying-piace» 

(?u^^befpotceUa , blasphe- 
mous » blasBhematory« 

(Øtl^9befportelre# a Blasphemy, 
impious Langufige« 

^iibøbefpotter# aBlaaphemer. 

(E>llbøboc^, theLord*s Supper, 
the holy Commnnion, ^øaac 
tt( ®Ubébor5) to commnni- 
care « takc the Sacrament of 
the Lord's Soppet) reccive 
the Lord's Sopper, 

(E^iideb^rPelfe/ Religion » che 
Worf hip of God. 

(Øu^6foraøter# a Defpinor or 
Reviler of fgcred Things» a 
prophane or impions Maiu 

(5ti0eforg<iaen# wicked, aban- 
doned, disfolnte* 

(Efii^efprgaaeniie^ , Wlckcd- 

nefs. DinfolDtenefs, 
(Ftl^6fotn<rgtelfe / Atheifm« 
<E>ubøfornatgter/ an Arheift. 
(^uba Sovf^n / divine Frovi« 


Øti^efr^gtf Fear of God« 

C5u^ø^e^>ll# divine Vcngeance, 

(Bnb6t)tui0f theChurch, Tein- 

(B»u^ePi(lef the Trtafvry of 

the Church, 

' (5tib«orb9tilccre# Diviniry . 

(SvLb^ovhS'iLcmv, a Theolo- 

guc » Divine. 
CBiibøor^o^tCtcner^ the Mini 

Iler of che Chorch« 

(øn^øot^ørCiene(le/ di vin« 

Service or Worfhip> Éxec- 
cife of Religion« 

(FllM>ni Godfon. 
(E>llt)ø'>laA^(llltnin9f the di* 
vine Defiiny* 

©K ) 348 i €lt 

ilie Lhnrch. l^lll^grlI^fy a GoW 

<!5iib«ni:n;rici i1 i vine S r vie«, (3lll^(llllr •■>**■ 

(EuB»rilfFi(Etlf(, the divine guM^" {oloqr. _ 

Deltiny, (E-lllfgtl^fn f * «• 

Cu^9 Vreitt 9ptU, mi rin. 

ExampUofthedivineWrath. <I!ii[t<t>Dlti(l < hoWt 

' (F II ti' 10 OH . a Sttnd, tnoii>i( GoH. 

iB0\b, Gnirl, CJICtJbaftCollil. W(r=v-jnld.=?M«l 

COtMcøtn) tatlCy Gnid. ØnlUttrat/ « Cini 

CtÉoani) i«*f Go'd. C6lang) (Buietluwp/ «■ 

Gold in Birt. Gold. 

mMliame, ■. Vdn or Strcik Øal»U^f(f ■ AhI 

•f Gold. Lac«. ; 

ØdlbttblCf solden Apple, (BnlMliRf Chryrecal 

ClonotnO th^ Tut. net . 

©ItlOrivL'dE«, Workin? in <Pol»«4B«t , Wi AW 

Cold. aGoldrmithsTnde. <PtlllMWScriC . AU 

C^lB«rt»ei6er , a Jeweller. «i>(»nAgCrre«fti I 

iStilbbarrt , in Insot «r <Ehi(&n(n« i a GoUs 

Weis« of GoJd. ØnlbmTnti • Golqo 

Ønltbtr<9l, ■ Chrrfobcryl. (ButCrApiir, silt Ki 

Ctribhlecge , ' Moontaina of (^nlbrrOvCf tht BH 

Giitrl. Gold. , 

ØafobUti, aGBld-lwf. øultotilvcrf GoMp 

or Goldfl^wcr. Crowfoot. "S*"' «"'' <^»'"- 

Æul&^«ta, iVutCe, » tmtH eulMAM« Gold U) 

ia% lo ejrry Moner in. <8ul»fl«oet, • Goldi 

©mH-r*mmt., gf "«» L»- «ui»fn„», . Goldfi 

(BiifDtTcSirci-.f.CBiiltflirNr. (Boltf««*«»6f t' 

tfalbcm, Gold-ore. fm;il.'i War*. 

<Riil»farvt, fl golri«n, goldifh jpuiefrntMaug , the i 

01 yello* Colonr. ^f Goijfmiihi, 

enl^fi^ge^, n . ^..slinger, g,, [jf^.t^« „„»„«! 

(Blll»fin(f, an OrchoUn. fmj.h'a Tri<U. 

eulepff , a Goldanty , Do- <Bi,iefmrb»?r«»»b#r| 

Ønl&fltttcr/ Spanglei of cltan thctr Work i 

Gtiu. ^|]It>(l^(^Bncmvel » 

Ønlbgafott/ a golden Lace. nfed by Goldfnuifi 

0»ltatf>aU , til« AlUy or (?iilt>fnitMVcTit> * >i 

VahitofGold. • inan-Goldrinith. 

JØnlbSlet; • Licharge of Gold <BulM'r<n!>ct / t G 

«r Uircafiic. dtawcr. 

Øtt ) 349 C 6itt 

an Em^roiderer* 
I, Embroidering* 

a Geldboin* 
V Gold-Tin<^are, 

Tf Goldwircdraw- 

rhcenft • Machine 
w Gold on. - 

rit 9 Goldwire- 


>ou Cfoin er fagt 

an inlaid, check- 


> Boards to floor 

a Rubbing-Cloth* 

to floor« 
, one thac,floors» 
with a Floor. 
g, che Flooring« 

a Mac, 

Sweepings, Dirt 
wcpt of a Floor. 
c, a Rubber, 
\f the Rabbing of 

a fquarc Br'ck. 

im, (hcffrijge mcb 

to gum ) (liften 
1. • 



I Gumtrce, 
)^ Gummiwarcr. 
Rump of a Fowl. 

1 echn 9 rcfound, 
l5crnO fo fhalce 


efonnding« Echo- 

<5\\n^t Favonr, GoodwlIU Bet 
nevotehce, Affcdion> Kind« 
nefs. Ctøttc (19 t ®UB^) ro 
gnin one's Goodwill, infi- 
niiafe yourfclf inro one's 

Favour. (paa en ne^r^|| 
S)iaa^e fcrtte ftø t %mi (^oi 

een) to fcrew yourfelf into 

one*s Favoiir. (tabt een* 

(SunØ) tolofe one's Fa vour» 

fa 11 into his D i sp lefl fure. 
(Biinjlbevitøning# théShewing 

or Rendering of a Fnvour. 
^iintliø/ favourable, aff^åio* 

natc, kind, benign, weU- 

aflcdted, gradous , benevo* 

(Butitligen# favourably, kmd- 

ly &ۥ 
^ttnflig(>fdr Favonrableneff* 

(Biirgel# che Throat) Gorgc» 

(Btirgelvan^# Gargle. 
(^argemctei indian Saffron« 
(BUfgUr to gargle, gargarize. 
(E>iU'gleit , Gargling. 
(5x\^, a Biaft, PiifF. 
(BiifleR^ wan, fallow, bleak« t- 
(5u(len(;e^/ Wannefs, Sallow- 

(5i'.\\\ , yellow. 
^»unUgtig/ yellowifh, 
(DiUilMrtHi fallow. 
^milblan^^ Cfom $aaO yel« 

(FmiiLiiiU/ fallow. 
(Pil n I K' ve ; Yellowcoloiir* 
CPuulgi'^n; olivccolcurcd, 
(DUlllne/ to grow yellow, ta 

tnke a yellow Hue, 
^wwl^aavtt , ycUouhaired. 
(Pmilhrii^/ yellowifh, 
(ruulfo^/ a Carror. 

(E^llI^<5^/ fomewhac red and 

(Bmilffteppe/ (UcO Baftard- 

Rhubarb, \^ 

Øiuilfot/ tba Janndif e^ : . . •^- 


eu ) »36 ( €% 

tSmnK^tiip jtondiced, infcc* 
' tcd witn cht Jtondiet,, 
Cteolfpurre # a yeilow Sptr- 

Øttnlfhribcf / yeilow - ftriped« 

flfovern^ # a Govemour t 

Lolrdlicntcntnt« ^ 

€fvanilfott# f. Øwniibu* 
Øvtriboti/ f. (Bufrtt9ii« 

øt^en #. f. Støbning* 
,Øil^tni Cfl)l9nO <^ Florint 

^^^n , gdldeh , of Gold* 

" CStber) the {(olden Age. 
ØYl^enl4f , Yeilow • Gilli« 

iØtl^enfl^fe« Brocade, 
Øflbfntal/ the golden Kom* 

(Btl^iØi vflltd, foflicienr. ev- 

^htntiC) binding, legal, good 

in Law, done in due Form« 

(flløtc 09(^10) to ritify, con- 

firtn. (>ttDe øO CO b« valid. 
Øflbigenf amhencicly, fuffi- 

eiencly. Oooliøcn) legally« 
(5tl^ia9ii^telfe » Ratification, 

(0^1^i0^e^r Snfliciency> Valt- 

dity, Legality. 

tfifl^iCf ^e^6 ' Secagelff / An- 

nutling, Abro^^acion. 
(Ø^IM3()e&e>33fvii«^ Legitima- 

(Bii^ntt'iLattf the hemdrthoi- 
dal Vein, Hetnorrhagy • 
bleeding Piles* 

<StI^nc €finb# the golden 

Ø^Ip 9 CQSttjrelliø) the Cod« 

ØY^pe » (rom Araicr u.) to 

croak, Kdw« ^ 
<9tlp(tt# Croaking, Kawipg« 
ØYt^t/ fl Sowpig« 

0^8e# Caiwittf 

<BW«f Pltftu ofV 

ØtPøbiBcbfi ftFic 

øin»fe#«to piftfttn 

00 over with PL 
<BtPf<f# pltfttredf 


ØYPfer^ • Plflftmr 

(ØtP«f^^# Vft^gcd 
iEhyrtlfTv « Fovndt 

<Øi^fe# to rhiwer • 
tremble* (af Xa 
ver with Cold* to 

fommec mig tH < 

ftrikes ni« with H 
8Tl)dO to fhiver 
(Btfeii/ Shivering« 
ing, Trembling, 
(af grwO Tcjw 

(torncO thorny J 



'4 ! inter j. oh ! i 

^^^ t (Sif) > Shii 

^aab, Hope, Hop 

tance. CMtatté 

to be disappoini 


i^a^be/ tohop«. h 
in HopesL, tmft 
C5tt »il ieg mt 
don't btl^tvc ic« 

J^ ): ^1 C ^A 

idped, «if^ftcif* 

Isnd« (UifttrffrcnO 

;ioii) iBond« Obli- 

Cfrtet^deO Li- 
lispdfaL Q>^pt frie 
I CO be «t your own 

> toadwitnoarCon- 
I ve frceScop'e. (^aat 
^aanht) to lend ont 
n^Hand. C»«rc»eb 
;^ CO be at Hånd or in 

or withinCatI« (Dif* 

ilne ty^nUt) toget- 

velihood bf" yQnr 

ork« (forøge ^aati' 
een ^ øribe een) to 

•rreftfl apprehend* 

>aAiid<n pdttr fUiae 

tay Hånds om beaf* 

)<ra5erne i 6fieaeO 
le» Cffaae S)aanbm 

:o forfake, abapdon 
ive him co th« wide 
wichdraw yonr Cha- 
n him. (biilbc £)SII« 

øDter paa) to ugoc 

mncbofgn:. {^CM 
Mtlhtn^ to have in 

ufiter ^aanden) nn- 

> privatfly. (5ap(ia 

laøe roeO taan^cl|) 

3able, manifefh C^iD 

iiOen ^etpita) ftnke 

ith me ar tMs* (af 

t DØ f 9)2undeii) from 

Mouth. C^m een 

[^^en^ to give one 

Ccfter tX^anbtn^ by 
CfFeipe en fmuf 

o write a fine Hånd« 
te btHtc) Hånds 

^ar Ut fra en ^ob 

ffiave it from good 

pQPt (eøaci&MOee 

fttO df Mtbtibt) to fftvri 

yonr Hånds folU havéWork 
ehoiigh npori your mnds* 

(|^aoefi|aaii>eni@ptlleO to 

have Hånd in the BaHnefi; 

C(Kin er min beire t)anuO he 

is my right Hånd or my beft 

Help. Qcø i^apbe ei it)Mn^ 

' -defiyihad no Hind ihit of 
I was< no ways inftrumenral 

tn \t. (fiébt nodet fra férfe 
^aanbi fra anden ^^anO (^ 

- Iray fomething at tha bo(t 
Hånd, aCthe worft' Iland« 

(Mc øff (am »el fra«9a<iii« 

btti) he facceeded w«ll w it» 
or ic w«nt< well witfi him; 

' Odøe'0i»ertaan5>:n>'^kt 

Force, prevail« OabC een 

iiaat paa b$ire S)aanb) to 

S've-one the rrghc Hånd or 
eWaiU (((tdøe^aanb paa 

* ei9)erO to lay Hånds onthe 

Woi:k. ((ardgefi5ie£)aan5 

paanoøet) to lay the hnifh* 
iog Hind^ upon fératthing« 

C^au Oper(^aan5) to gec the 

tipper Hånd« (fad-'-tfeø 
S)aanb) by himfell, of one*s 
• dwn'Accord> b^ his own In* 
duitry« by his own Inec- 
niousnefs Or Wir« (i^adn^ 

t9er 't^aanb) Hånd • over 
Hånd, (6fiMterm,). 

"^aåilXilt^vbtite , Handy work* 

^aan^belFen, a BafpTi, to 
wafh your Hånds in« ' 

ySaaxibblA^ f the Paltnof tht 

^aanbbo9# a Manual. 
^aanDbcltei* / Manacles« 
«$aan^bdre# a little Bort« 
v^aan'bbre^/ the Breadth of 

the Hånd« 

^aan^baif(/ r. ^aanbrag. . 

^aanttwg, f« ^aanhficc^ 

i^aant^elaøi the right Way or 

•good Manner of handling n 

Thing* Knack. ' ' 

{)a ) 352 ( t» 

<3>t«n»fa|lr ftrons;, robult. 

vigorcus. CfiatQ • Min ot 

hii Handl. 
^4Ait9fArbig, dcxteroat, 

^AAnbfitftningr *nOhligation 

or Conttaa, Clmrrer. 
^DanbfliiQc , the Palm of the 

itjaandfnlb, aHaniiriil, Grafp. 

i^naKtgeinxiiCSr • Fiay. Grap- 
plin^. EnC'iKemenT, ({omnK 
lil S)aanb<)tmÆiig) lo comc 
to Handllrokcs oi Hand- 

i^aiinbgicvnin(t, Handywork. 

i^nitnbriranDI r a Handgrcna- 

^aantgrtb, a Handle. Eir. 
(paa £»Ttn)' a Cacch nf a 
Dnor. Cpjil cn ÅOaTbc) ■ 
Hilr of a Suord. Cpao Sa« 
non«) Minigliom. 

be ftlt> pLiin, eviJGnc, 

mil ni fult. 
ijaanbgril'eliseiif evidcmly. 

•^annAlfÆvc « to nuinuin. 

tupport. dcfcnr] > counte- 

^iiantbAUcUti Maintenancc, 

Suppoi'l 1 Uefunci:, 
•j>t<>M&t>L'<^vct, » Mainiaineri 

Supporter, Dctontlir, 
i^tiiilielif (t f » T.<:dliorre. 
^a.inPKin, M^n-ides. CI«9' 

gt i^aanbttrn paa) to ma- 

•.'.iJUtFl.TOf, a To»«l, 
•5lIa^^NlIp , iin AppUufSi 

CLppinj ofiti- H.iMds. 
■j-wnPtKippei-, Rufflc!. 

linglir.g Btll. 

i^<tanbf«nft , .... 

^imntiFiir, ^rgen 
^aanof f » i th* . K 

^•iiinM>t(it , f. TOtn 

1I14>In^l(t^tt-, CbH 

BtrtSfollJ Hflndle« 

^a4nMtb, the Wri 
^attntMtt (UH Mb^ 

to lead by ihe Hu 

AaSt, minadna. 
•iaatMtbtr , ■ Co 

Handleadcr. Uh 
^aanilttfiinfff a < 

MiriiidDflion I t 

by the Mnitd. 
•5aanbUnDin8 r ti 

rl■^'!n^l'(;lfil a Hånd 
^attnbiii^UCi f. ^Mtt 

rJiiDtibpenQif an Sar 

n<:lhiioney> Ad van 
^iiantHlvn:i:n f a Hai 
'.iiiiuPreFiiingl A 

•jaaii&roFf (• ^»^X 
^aanttfttiig r > UiRC 
<^iIall^ffrivt, ■ Bon 

Obligation, afteco 

und«T Hind. 
^aanbflaqr Handfl 

iny iToinifc. ot 

claiK mi. 

^4tin»rp48(|ff tHan 


•^^onbfltenf aScoae 

^ )■ 951 C J^ 


nd« CUK^ClHlKit^O 
et Sff^ » mftnnaf* 
il) aBond, Obli* 

frie OctifdeO Li- 
(pdfflL (|)aoe frie 

o be «t your own 
o ad witnoar Con- 

sndej to l«nd ont 

i;Hand. C9«re»eb 
CO beat Hånd or in 
r wifhinCall. (ncr* 

De$rttn((r) toget 

slihood by yqiir 

k* ((orøge ^aaw 
\n t øribe een) to 

reftfl flpprehend. 

niibcii paa/ fUiae 

f Hånds on, beat, 

lodeme i (Bfte^et) 
. Cflaae S)aanbm 

forfake, abapdon 
e bim CO the wide 
ithdraw your Cha- 

him. (biobe £)(sit« 
itjer paa) to fagot 

Micbofone. ((^ 
inben) to have in 

privatiily« (berpaa 
Mt roeb taanbcn) 

.bie» nsanifefh C^lD 
btu bcrpaa) ftnke 
h me at this* (af 
Mouth. C^m een 

tben) to give one 

[efrer l[)aan5en) by 
(jtripc en fmut 


e bcifra) Hånds 
bar M fra en øob 

niifc it fcom good 


Hn 4f «r(eibe) to < trav« 

yenrHtndafiBll« hayeJITotk 
ehoiigb vipon your Htnds*. 

Oaoefiraanben i@pilte0 to 

have Hånd. in che BoOnefi; 

C(^n er min (eire t)aattO be 

■ is my rijKcHand or my Wft 

Help. Qea (^apbe ei ^ooq^ 

' 'bérO'Iha<rno Hånd iii'ic of 
I was< no ways inftrtiniénral 

in it, (Mbe noøee fra févfte 
^aanb, fra anben ^^asb) rø 

- Iray fometbing at th< be(t 
Hand» M'tbe worft'llahd« 

(Mc øff barn »e( f9a*9aaQ« 

ben) he (Qccecded weil fn ic» 
or k wtfnc*well \nM him; 

' 0(l^'Di»irbamib>;cb'ttk« 
Force, p/evaiU (labe ecn 
gaat påa i$\n ^aaitb) to 

S've-one che righc HaiM or 
e WaU, (((f øøe $!aanb paa 

' eiVecO CO layHaiids onfhe 

w<»k. (toøøe fiblli daanb 
paa noget) to ktytbe nnifK* 
iog Hdnd^Qp^n raioifething« 

((^apeObecf^aanb) to gec che 

fipiier: H*nd#- ObaårHfU 
^aanb) by himfelt, of one*s 
' dwn'Accord, bj hirown In«- 
duiby^ b'y hts ovn Inge- 
nionsneft or Wit« (j^aonb 
t»er 'O^anb) • Hånd • over 
Hånd, (6Kbieerm.). . 

^<tå\!XftMtibt , Randywdrk, 

^aan^béfPeit, a Mcftit to 
W<ifh yoQr Hånds' ^. ' 

i$4<mM>U^# the Paliaof chs 

tSaan^boQ # a ManuaU 
i^aan^bclretr / Manaclet, 
«$aan^b6re# a iitclc3oft. 
v^aan'bbreO^ tbe Breadch of 

the^ Hånd« 

^4ari^^aff/ f. ^aanbrag. . 
^aant^ug, f. ^a^nbHoc^ 
i^aanbelaøf the right Way or 

•good Manner of handling a 

Thing« Knack, 

■$a4n># ' 

- / 

^ ) 354 ( ^ 

(laatb (Setin) a profonnd 
Sleip. Cbaomt ^Bcir; boilier- 
ousWcitliM'. (ba(ii:t@lttn> 
we) a harHi Voict. 
<;a•ll-^Aaclct > foirewhat hard. 

ly, ftverely , tisorouilj, 
ijtwrbfAr, hirdy, tobnft, 

AaMbfte^tn, frozen op, con- 
'4tt«rt>frsf<< toconge«!, fireer« 

i^artøi^cfr » hardtn, to 

inilurai«! makc htrd. 
(^flflctntei-clfe, o Hardinyijf. 

te6)S(!ve^iiy.Aulltfr»y. Ri- 
guur. (ilbatmtiirtliat'O 
Crueliy. Inhumanity, In- 

fltxibiiiiy. Cæinmcit*) 

Shjrpneis ofWinter- 
i5imrB6it"ig , harJ-hearted, 

aat\, inliumanci nnchitita- 

bk. inflexiblo, tnftete. 
4«ttr»t>t«rti9ti«&. Hwdhear- 

icdncri. Croelty. Unchtriia- 

bUneri. Sev«riry, 
^aatMfffltxn, f- P>iat)9lbeR. 
^AarbuCi iheCall*fiiv, Hard- 

•ifdRrb&ubeD, calloD*. thkk 


^aatntogtMi boiIed.(a«fl3 

i^arOIIvtt. kpwtd in the 

Body, coIIlK. 
^ftarenfllftt, ftiff-necked. 

heiHItrong, pcrcinacioii), 

ftabborn. obftinsre, opi- 

niairci coiiiam«ciou5> rt- 

^aati>narttt, adv, obltinaie- 

ty, ItubbO'xly. 
^a«^^nafr(ntebr Obllin«y, 

Sidbbotnncri) Opiniattctyi 


Cipii BiRcry. 
^ooctttf idv. hud) 

rigortiusly, iiarf 

ftriaiy. (tale ti 
to take one ii| 
fevere Puniriuiii 
Cb(t bMtt taatt 
cnlt. Ctd to»ti 
bara) ™ noteafi 
flHded. CBCt (( 
|)E>£ barn mtli $ 
thai C11CI a Diair 

igaArbt&IVf Cofti 

^«fli-&U|T, o Toft 
Hair. (finaboh 

i^ii>!rtiiig, Miirclc 
^«Aretf haity.'fnl 
^aarfMltntaø ( ti 

^adrfalb, Alopac 

^4atfllt, Hairdoil 
^aatfimt, a Btaii 

Flaic of Hair. 
^aat(I»gef a liti 

^Attam, a Coml 
^4(trNfftM/ r> i^a. 
^ttarCMettlbtf tril 

i^aarritfoer aSeii 
CO Wil, Faiilttiiid 
ijlioa* Man, 

<^<l«ttl4rtciCi Ciii 
vJIUiion. Sophil 
pertiTMnt or ii 

^aattt*at^ a Boet 
^>f Hair. 

>o ) 355 ( J^a 

sck of Hatr* 
left. bald, bald- 

a Combin^- 

Sodking;, aCnr- 

I Pencil« Briifh* 
Powder for the 

Bag (co put y OUT 

y, fiiU of Hair* 

enttenfe^ @a?0 

Itng/ Ton fure. 


•rber*s or Hair- 


oleer or Bolting« 


i HairdrefTer, 


()oé ilctgerne <it 
nem @aar mtb) 

Mitøf the Pat- 
ron Pipes. 

Tweesers« Nip- 

uft of Hair* 



[ead ofHair» a 


ipana ^o^ gifFe« 
!t or wteU 

Girudge, Spleen« 
ice, Animodty« 

rate Hatred) In- 

^abCf tohate* bear an Ilf-will 
or Spite againft one; 

i$a^eful^' hatefil], fpitefal* 
ranro on«» 

^aMi^t odiooB , liacefiiU 

i^a^cUgen# odianaly, hatefbl- 

«^t>erf alfflter« anEnemy* an 

tnviotis Man» 
^albttø hated, 
«§a^i1?rbatefil^ fpiteliil gmd« 

ging^ rancorona* inalicious. 

.^ocber, Hqiioart Refpeft*. Ve- 
neration^ Fffeeni* Cl^oItC i 
^a?Det Og Wre) to refp^a, 
¥enerate» e((eein« . 

1^at^erIig/ honoarable» refoec- 
table. venerable« eftiraaDle, 

igot^erligen/ ht>nonrably, re* 

i$at^er9«Kl<cbiiin8#« Holiday 


«$<«bre* to refped« honovr« 
venerace« reverence. 

^««, Cpititf fce Hf flobO. to 

cherifn) fofter« noarUli, 
mainrain, fopport* 

tSccgtbctVt Clufterberries* 
Bird's Cherries, 

tScc^ttié (fr«feti) nicc* 
^^.tgle, L^cgle. 

tSccfft, f. ^affe. 

^Otl, a lieeU Cfe()te ttlCb 0^* 
lene) to rake toyour Heds« 
CO fhow fl fairPair ofHeels* 

C^^ttaitihi^ixunt paa een) 

to be always at one's Heéls, 
to follow one whcreever he 

^cclbre^ (♦ i^elbreb. 

2 ^Cfit, 

^ ) 35^ ( i|^ 


i^<de» Cftetiteb# ffitt(e|) eocon- 

ceftlft hide, kcep% cfofeorfe- 
cret. (So»cfof(er) to re- 
ctivt ftolen Goodt, Cm<5 
{t99e) f helter* barboar or 
receiveThieves« (Rcle, ^t(# 
ge) to concetlt disfemble« 
t$<cIefroft; t Chilbltin« 
^QtXrXt ^oeliitqi Concettmenc« 

Hidiiis. (Stelen / JD^taen) 

Disfimulfltion. . 
igotler # e Eeceiver of ftolen 

Goods. O^crlercn et faa 

1|05# fom6tt<rIeren)the Re- 
ceiver and thc Thief defervt 
cqnal Prniiflimcnt* 

i$aelee^ concetled* Kid* 

^oeltngi f. ^otXtn. 

^QtVtawt9 (paa 6fee) tht 

Qutrterpiece^ of • Shoe, 

«S«tImAøer cSer &tcK%Xt t 


i^iiemme/ f. fremme. 

l$aen^ef (brugn^ f un i ftføeobc: 
f oinme cil )t^<sote) to come to 

^KvC^tXf Cilf&Aanb) Handi« 

Cferadte(iø) Goiis* 

'^QtXifSltt (^eiUfCf to hang^tfwing, 

dangle« (t t)sUnc paa un) 

to be always at one't Heels« 
dangle afcer one« Q^t^dXi^x^ \ 
tt t^UUé^ CO hannt a Hodre« 
Cfor Cif SffuQtocover. hide, 
conceal« draw the Currain 
for« Cu5 tSnftcn) to expefe 
to the Air»(af CCn) to deoend 
on one. (»Cb) ro cieave,itick* 
CMtlUlO CO dangle, bob« (oe5 
ttXi) to be atrached to, fide 
with one« (frcnf OPCr) to 
hang over, lean to one 

Side« (ooet/ fom gare) to 

hover over, hang over, to 
beimminent« rHebfeiStØcr^ 

eo devottr Books» Cfnminen) 

CO bf eohttfR 

cher. Cmeb^oi 

down«- drobp« 

»«ngebog# aPa 

[oengebtn^f i 

S Ion fin« 
knøef ^i<# 1 H; 
lotngel/ a Pinn< 
[otngelaaør « P 

EdcngelåmpCf t h 
[(Kogclig/ pcod 
^«ngelipper a g 
or potttin^ Ui 
i^«ngfUpi>er^ b 
i5atBgeniattc# H 
^otngenutvef (. 

«^a:ngen/ aHan] 

^ctn%%%^tt Han 
iinminentt ioi] 

i^itnget/ to ba 1 

i$(xnge^re# a La] 

i$«ngeøree# lap< 

i$atngfel# a Hin 

i$<cngt# hanged, 

i$a:nøgen# ^an 
(Oanéøen i Jl 

Boy in the Bo: 

^Qttt an Army» 1 
bcer) the ce 
Cffi{(BnaDe) I 


^(crbc/ rohardei 
to indorate« ( 
to tegnpec Ironi 
ter) CO obduffl 
(fi9) toinnre 

dening. Ind« 
tc.) Témperin 

to inure yoar 

^ctttttt hardanc 
indnraced« in 
6CaaO tempt 

^« ) 357 ( ^<e 


^tnfasl, t Lapwing« 

^xrpaafC/ a Kettledmm« 
^xipaiifcr/ a KeccUdrnmmer, 
ixtftatt, a Hoftt an Army* 
<$xrjrareriiee (E»uD# thc God 

4ili Itoarfe , havine a rough 
Yake. Cfi^øU i<2ij to make 

httCt, C^Iioe l^arO to grow 
ftoirfe. Cfl^nøe (?ø (æé) to 
■ake yourlclf hoarfe with 

iubUcim^f Cbtn^tB fun i 
Mgea^c: fommc t^iiiblstUn^ 

k) to corae qnite ont of 
^«a{^cd/ Hoarfenefs« Raucity, 
Roughnefs of Voice* 

ifffttC; a Cowi , Hood« 

^fnt, Cnogtt 6o(be$ O ^ Main- 

tenance« Prefervation* Pro« 
teilion. Cart. (t»o(6e t t)a;ob) 
tomaijitain preferv^tdcftindi 
' fopport, protest« 

an .UfucaptiontPrefcription^ 
Acquilition of a Thing by 
Poltesfion of it« a certain 
Term of Years* (faae ^^ 
Haa noøel) to gct by Pre- 
fcription. C^tt, fom (an 
M^OCO prefcriptible« 

^imtt, fyxv^tfigtiU to pre- 
fcribe, acqaire or get by Pr^- 

i^nfMifii prefcrfptible* 

ittvltt§f to reroain in one^s 
Kand by Prtfcription« 

fcvbctf prefcribed, 

<«W/ (opløfte) to lift, heave 
ap, raife. (Vcnøff SifnDe) 
lo raifc Money, Tithet, re- 
ceivQ ch^m. (en S^aoir^lia* 

|eb) to remove a Difficnlty« 

C9}in^en (Ⱦoer CrepeO the 

Wind raifes thc Dnft. Cttf» 
ffaffe) to abolifht abrogate« 

(fi8 , fcrWc »«f<n i 5Jeir<0 

to bridle, th^oft yonr Chin 
into the Neck«. 
^ccvt, fyotvts, to heave« 

C^cien |^c(per ffø) the Dongh 

heaves« CopfDUlnC/ (CTPC) 

to fyvell, to puff* 

^XVZlftf aSweiling, Tumort 

Paffing^, Bump. C^v?pelfeé 

6otnDin9)the Taking down 

aSwelling, ftaatl)) a Schir- 

rus, (()aTfcn) the Squincy. 

^ctpttif the Lifting, Heaving« 

tSctvtv, C@faUcricO • Tax'. 

ijctverør/ a Siphon, 
i^ofvert/ a Crane, 
^ccvt9t f. bape. 
i^osvefpaait/ (bo^ IBogtroKca 

re) a Regiet* 
ijceveftanøi a Leavcr, ^Colt* 

^ctviit f. ^ern. 
i^agavtfalf/ a Hagard- 

i^agø/ aHook, Crook, Tack» 
Tache, Clafp. C^Xib< nO# 

gct mttr ^agc cSer f rog) 


"^age, (paa 92enne(Fer tcO thc 


^age# ((^age faff) to faft^n at 
wirh a Hook, to hook« (({g 
faft an t) to hook ih, 

^ag«/ f. ^agetan^« 

i^agebaanN a CWn-ClotM 
Snaffle, Bit or Brak«;« « 

^ageFl^fti the HoUow of thø 

M Chin« 

^agtfvum, crooked, 

^aqtl, HaiU (at fPpbe IDCb^ 
Hailfhot, fn>all Shot, 

i^agelbøfTø f a ?9wling-picc«, 

^ ) 358 ( ^ 

\a%tlpnngf t Shot-btg. 
»ageldft^/ a Cloud of HaiU 
[aøelfleeit/ Hail ftone. 
[agelveir« Hail-weathtr. 
[agt fm*Pfe/ a double Chin. 
Faøffmfffe, (for QJtrn) a 

ijagetorni Hawrhorn, Cornel- 

cree. (iBxOCornel-BerrieS) 

[agUf ro hflJL 
»4^4/ in'.TJ« ha! ha! 

i^h C jiff^ > Shark« 
[af, a No ch, 
i$af(f, f. a Martock, Pick-ai> 

Hough or H«e* 
^afft, V. CO chop, hack, hoe* 
(en %fitt) t'> till or break up 
a Field« (fmaa) ro hackle, 
minct, CQt fmall. (mcb^^c^f 

to crob or hoc o*p a Wine- 

yard C^aCfe paaccH/ latO 

to carp ae one, cen^ure hiin. 

((affe t SaUn) hum an4 

4<irf ebret # (©pillt » 3nffnu 
ment) ^ Dulcimer. (i et 
Xiøften) a Clioppine-board* 
(poa et @ftO TaffereU 

t$«f f elfci chopt Straw. (iriorvt 

Oot^cIfO ^0 chop Scraw« 

i^aff elfefFotrer/ a Chopper of 

^afUUttiftt, a Troa^h or 
Ched CO chop Scraw in* 

^affemat>, minced Meat, 

tSxi^tv, Can the Cnttlefini 
or Soand« ^ 

^ait, a Tail or Train of an 

igakf CbUnt^t @eefo(0 to hale 
orhawl. (Ji^l^U inl>} co ronfe 

kld^i witboi 
klen# ^aiiMi 
[«)llelujA# HaU 
[aliiti Scraw« ] 

^almbnn^t f* 

i^almfarve, Sci 
fiMmtnipvi, a 
• de of Straw* 
igalmrøri a $ 
i§aim(lraae/ a 
i^Almftub/ ScqI; 
i^Aimtag^ a thi 

i$4lmtae€fer, a 

i^Almviff, a W 

1^4 1 •/ t Nec 

Throat ar Go 

aet poa £)4ffe 

bled with fon 
|)alO to vor 

9a((en) co fa 



to clap a Wr 
Back. (det 91 

eter paa f^aU't 

come home r 


Power of Li 

(ot)er i^alé di 

Hurry, preci 

fulb 9a(0 ^ 
C(ee af fulb ! 

your Sides w 

(labe al fin 
t^iennem .^a(f 

Farcune go do 

(bet er€«gn i 

is a fhamelei 


one*s Throai 

paa i^(fen) 

abl« co one> 
charges* (|Pa| 
to get rid of < 

lang ^ao » 

^ ) SS9 ( ^ 

pmmt M ta i}(My 
Ib. bavndonc. (fii 
aTach. »ottt^lO 


. tbc J«salH. 

> tk Clnkk, C«I- 




talalWf npltil. crimlmlt 
alftW* ØUnitMf '' 

aallac »r Wm< 


■$«l«rrMf ibf Tbroii'Rin^ 

ofaBrMlt. (M 9(«f(f O 

ibc taKhtr-Mrif* fiun 






' I 

J^ ) 350 ( «« 

^oli^ h'fllf. (tn ^al» SttnO 

T MlftnHoiir. OoilMMIlffeii) 

^ fipff« t lictle 6aftcred« (balw 

690) hilf an Hpar pift fix, 

ffeoUf«a||e^)beteer by half, 

CiaU em (al9) To r«» in • 


^fvaatnif opened litlfWayt 
k«lf optiit or a Uttle jOptn, 

^(Vl^aéeitf toopenhalfWay« 
oroptn aJittfe, 

ifatvaarig/ Half « Yetr old, 

^aivct^tt half-etrcn« 
Ivfemte^ • 'Covernar« 
klvan^eil« one aind a half« 
tlv^l^tndinø, (af cneerreg 
Cii i}9il^} • Molatco. MoA« 

t^l9^roMr# aBrothcr on.the 
Fathcra or liothera .Side, 

i^vcirf elf « Demtcircle, Se- 

^Alv^eeli thcHalf. or« Mole* 

^alv^ttUi divided in bel- 

ijulv^eft Orlop, 

^Ulvtelff to dl vide in halves« 
CO part» divide in two Parcsi 
to deparc in (he Midft« 

ij^V^^linøiaUividing in haU 

falvtt^^i halfdead« 
^IvOØfi a Fbldingdoor, 

^Ivntf ta divide in halver 
t9 p«rt/ 

(a) a Repiqne« 

ijalvfeintt ^onr and a half« 

^Ivitmxtn^tt fonrceen an a 

^a(9fn«efi!nbøt^e» ninety« 
C (a{t)fcmteftn(étot)e V a c 

^flOWmcO nonageAmal« 

i^vfemtffliiOernTtn^ei the 

ty. ((KUnffertCflMIIIMLl 
f ommef) fcpmaiccnary, 

veitttech« . 

\aivic>bf half a Foot« 
léilvfulb, halMiitL . 
[4(99^/ ravin^, d^iMj 
an anrercledMiQd.l)areM 
edf crackbrained« t 3 
i^alvøaUnftab, Dotagaw? * 

i^Alx^ifnnemfiøtiør"; M- 
cranaparenr, fe ajdå i^ 

nouf« . ^ ' »f 

ifulvfticiitteiitØilHfiMb W 
cranspafency». Semidiaijl 
n^ity« - ;■ -^ 

igalv^iottt halfmadaw ■ 
^aivkn^t a Deiiii^({eN|« ' 
^aivb^ntfftt a Mitten, * 
iyaivi>nnt>vt^$, fifry; 
^alvlfIo^e, a Hemifphete* 
i^ftlvflobct^ heoiifphcricaL 
i^alvf oøfr to halfboil 9t pi 

i^alvfoøt, parboiled« 

^alvfolbf inkewarm, a tø 

^aivfvt^^, Semicycle, 
^Alvfngit, Hemirphere; 


9S<tMctv^,9^ prai^matfcalSnu 
tf rer in any Knowled{t» 

^alvmaant, a CreA:eiiti Ih 

Moon. (i tn QJefcdloini} 


^alvmcnn^fFci Hippocc 


i^af vntdtal^ Seroi^metaliknp« 
fea Metal« 

i^alvmiili half a Mile« 
^aivnotc, a Minim« 
i^aJvo.ctaVf aSemi-oAave* 

^alv^it a Peninfnla« a F< 
iflet a Demi- Island* 

i^A ) 3^1 ( ^^ 

k Moiety« 

ilf- rtw. 

f half- rotten oc 


half a Bafhil 
a Farrhinn;. 

) Onmber« 

^ammtv, a Hammer. (dfCf er) 
a Mallet, (POA en (Dtt) a 
Knocker of fl Door« C6pi^^' 

(ammer) ^ Pick, (Uiir(am« 

mer) a Toning Hamfner* 

(ac tiink t)cfi<fføe meb) a 

Smith'8 Shoing- Hammer« 

(eo @mib^'8oiSammcr) a 

Smith*s Sledge« 
^ammetmMtf, t Uill with 

i^ammerflPtet^ theScalcs; 

SUkef t .thfii ara hammered 

pot of Iroiu 
i^ammer|tA9# the Stroke of 

a Haminei;« 

»(, Halfbrothera i^ammerfmi^r (Gmib poa en 

?)am.merii|«ae). a Black« 
r Mocher*8 Side, ^ammec()ntbie# aForge* 

:/ ofaSeroitone. ^4mp# Hemp, 
, Bolkins> Half- ^^mp »Tiger, a Hempclore, 

^mpbere^ei'/ a Hempdres- 

«^ampbr«ffe/ JEI Hampbrake. 
igampbrotf ninf r the Brcaking 

of Hem|>« 
i^ampebaflf tha Rind of 

i^ampefr^e^ Hempfeed« 
the fcccnd and i^ampffrøy • <Dlie # Hempfeed- 

i5ampe(»egfe # a Hatchcl to 

hatchd Hamp with, 

t^ampetape $ a Filament pf 
Hemp. . 

ijamre, tonatnmer» bent pr 
vork with anH^pmert 

^dn, jie, 

^an , Ccn ^an) « Mele« 
(S&iO s Malebeet 

^.int»cf# C^iebmanbO Tråde, 
Traffiek, Commercet DeaU 
ing> Merchandizingi Meroa- 

torc« C<B€b gamle Jllccber) 

aBroker'a Tråde« (mttVt'9' 

flefa(b) Simony. CpvtPil«d<* 
ret) Monppoly. 

Vr a Sock. 

lalf a Ycar, 

rf , a Dcmi-bul* 

Half fl Dozen» 
9 and half* 

W^re/ Hf ty. 
a Hcmiftick, 
er ^rbet^e/ Bas« 

fiehalfWiiy, the 

ftlf Way. 
1 Sid'-*wind» 
Sloujgh of a Ser« 

• him« 


ROb / to be even 
CO be fopcrior to 
ingcha to be no-^ 
iour to one, 


^ •) 362 ( J^ft 

téoilbefi C®ictntti9) in Affair, 
Adiont Matter 9 Bufinefs* 
ThiiMp or Cafa. (Mcté) a 
Lawfoit » Snit 9 Adion 9 
Caiife, Proceft« Cafe,' 

[onbeltg/ f. fktanbelia* 
^MbeUboø/ a Merchant's- 

Book, Coantbook« Bpok of 

igAit^eUbrnS/ che Ufare or 

Fradice in Matters of Tråd- 

i$iiilbeløbt9rt8 # GommerciaU 

^anMBCompMtnitø t Part- 
ner f hip in Trading« 

1$all^e(6^49t>08/ the Journal 
of a Merchant« 

1$all^eIø§rfcn # a Branch of 

i$anbeUm<m^# a Merchant« 
- Tråder« Dealer, Tradesman« 

tradtng Man. j(ptt9t((gercO 
Q Monopolift« 

fSonbeUmebleiKi a Partner in 
Tråde« • 

^4ilbel6meø(!8 # coinmercia- 

^anbtl$^€lftab, a PartnerThip 
in Trading« 

^anM^ftahi « Mercamlle- 

i^aitbeløvtn^i t Tradewlnd« 

'«$All^Un8er^ i^attbtlnnger/ 

an HeJper« t Mafon's Man» 

a Hodman* 

tråde, deal» drive« evercife a 
Tråde« craffick, merchandife« 

Ci Hor« 9axtitO to fell by 
Wholefale or bv the Grear« 
(t @maaO to fell by RetaiU 

^atMt, CfotfarCf forrette) to 

a<^« deal« proceed« treat« 

Coc( ctfer t((c mtb) to deal 

well or ill with « trcat one 
well or ilU OiDiøt) to carry 

it cnnningly« (pm fl 
treat abotic or nej 
Peace. (om OtCføiM 
capitnlate« parley« 
^antltn^tf rrading/ d< 

«$aiiMer., a Dealer » 1 

i$anMinø# Dealing. Tr 

f. t<anM. 

Aclion« Ad« Decdf 

^AttbroiTelf a Malt-c 
^anbfti t^aitfe* to bi 

initiatc one by rid» 

Ceremonies« uB$<»% 
«$Aiibfeii# Bapdimorli] 

^aiibfe«@eIflP4bf the] 

or an Alliance of thel 

atic Towns* 

i^anbfefhb idcr ^anfrf 

Hanfeatic-Town, or ] 
^an^iitf a Glo ve. () 

landfPO A Gentlet« ( 
lanbfPer) Mittens^ 

Jrue^ f^anbftt, Urt 

Lady*s Cloves. 
i^anbftemaøer/ a Glov< 

i^attbfFeniiiøeHef a GI 


i^anbfpager,. f. ^anbf 
i^aitbteeiif f. ^aan^v 
^itn^ttt, to handlg« mt 

C^iht t>e( at (anbtcre 1 

to have a eood W; 
handling a Tning* 

«$aitbtenitg^ Bnriners,'j 

Occnpacion, Fondion 
fesfion« Tråde, (95^ 
Ung) Managing. ' 

^anbttvlig, managable, 
table, eafy« fapple. 

iJAtt • TErenpriiø , {<u( 
%iti) the Male -Flue) 


^ ) 863 ( ^ 

I Codu <{ tnmn) 

til CII Ktnbe) fl Cock 
irrclv (of Crse ti( tt 
I Ftacn« 

>f t Gon« (ttøCfe ^. 

%ock a Firelock« 
ffC^ thi Rid^e or T«p 
>ofe t rhe Cock- Loft« 
«ill§# Cockfigting« 
# • C«^k*s Fc«ther» 
, a Rannocolos or 
you (tit &iHt 
>d) CrOwfoot« 
, Cock -Growing. 
I, a Cock's Coinb« 

\, (UrO Primroft, 

ittg # a Cockerel » 


!g# che Wattles of a 

bt# a Cock's Stride« 
rf# a Cock*4 Spnr> 

Urt) larkfpnr« 
, a TerceU 
'the Milter« 

« M^le-Colr« 
f a Male-Bird* 
ifeft, aMale-Infea« 
Handle, or Ear of a 

neely a Male - Camel« 
rr# a He-cat« Boar-cat« 
rV| a Balkec wich a 

i, withont a Handle« 

\f the Male -Sex. 

r aMale-Salroon« 

a Cnckold« C^iétt 
MfCO CO CDckoid * 

f4ib 9 *$atirei(f Atib # 
tlddonit -Cnckoldrhip« 

ohm Jack« (fiu fjWiU 

pron» hif* 

»antøeii# f. i^^nøgen* 
[anavorft/ Jack-puddmg« 

[arAttgCf Haran^e* 
»arAffØtrfi to harangnc; 
igar^ngererj a Harangojnrt 

i^arff aHare, Qfna} • Leve- 
ret« (iK^fe tnf)att) to ftarc 
a Htra. Cmonae 9un^( tre 

^armé {Døb) two againft 

one is odds« (faoc eOerfoftc 

^afeitllger) tokindle« 
^QXtfitt GreafeofaRar^ 
i^arcjfo^raHarefoot« (llrt) 

Harefooff Hare-Cnrnmin* 

Cudweed. (ftf99< OØCr mtfe 

cn t>oref»b) to d« a Thing 

i^^reøarti f Nets or Snares to 

carch Hares in« 
i$arebini^# a Greyhound, 

i$Are{agf , the-'Cnnrfinj or 

Chjfing of Hfres. 

i^arefoali SoftSow-Thiftlt^ 
i§4rrtWtwr f Wbod -Ibfrel , 
fmall Sheep-forrtl QtftX 
[areCeier ihe Lair of aliart« 
[arcpoftei, a Harepafty« 
[areragn § a Harérag;oo». 
larcffiati HareCkin« 
[areil44r# Harclip« 
larcimøef a Levarec» yonng 

^avftp totiawk« 

i^orfeiif i$arfirtii9# Hawk- 


1$Arlefflt^f aEarlc^in, Bnl^ 
foon, Merry-Andrtw« 

i^arlef tlt^f Øp^ipBoffbontry* 

^atmtt Indignation, Ofience, 
GrieJF, Reientmcnt* Haart- 

i^arnir fretftil, fnll of Ipdigna- 
tion, ofitnded» i^cry angry, 

^a ) 354 ( ^« 

^avnttt V« te oflfendfte irritate« 
vxafperate » raifc one^s In- 
dignarion , vex him« 

i$armonief Hirmony. 

igarnif?/ a Hamefs, Armour. 
(for armene) BrafTctSi, Vam- 
brace. (fer IgrDlfeO « Cor- 
felet. (for Jaarcnc) rhe 

CuifTes or Armour for the 
Thighs, (i fu» iS)ariiiff) 
armedCap-a-pe« (bringe i 

' ftarniff) to provoke, inragc 
one, pnc him Pepper in tne 
Nofe« roake one fret« teaze 
or evafperate him« 

^4:iti(fFammer# an Armour, 
Arfenal, f« ^ti(lf ammer. 

^arttifFmager/ an Armourer« 

^atpt, a Harp. 

f^arpe, C CtH Sotni Ken^ 
n\ti%) aVan, aWinnowing- 
Fan or Van« 

^avpti V* (Som) co van or 

igarpel^^ , the Sound of t 

^avp^aatv, a Harper, 
^arpifi Refin orRofio. (Sioff 

i^rpij:) hnrd Rofin to rub 

Fiddle{h'cks with. 
«^4rpi>*a9rig/ rofinous* rofi- 

'•S^rpljrbeegf Rofin. 
i^arpiyere ^ to rofin« do over 

with Rofin. (©ae • {tcrm.) 

tb pay with Rofin. 

ffSatpivWii^t roGnous* fall of 

*Savpivi9ø f» ^arpiiragrig. 

*Sav}?\yttat # the Rofintree, 

i^arrtm« a Harpoon, Har- 
ping -Iron. 

igarpuficre^ to grapple, ftrike 
with a Harping -Iron. 

i^arpiinerer , a Harpooner or 

igarfelere, (forttroeliøe ficw 
btn »eb iMi^t @f iermptfler) 

to harafs the Enemy by 
fre^uent Skirmifhes^ 

i^ar(F# ru((y» ranci 
^arfFc # to grow 

^avt, f. Ifaav^. 
^avt A^\ almoft« v 
15<<rtblln^en# clofe 

^arr^oø/ f. n^trbos« 
^attiotn, a certain \1 

Ground, the Acres 
^<ivvt, f. J5 Harrow, 
^CUPC , f. to harrow 
farver I a Harrowei 
^avvning, Harrowi 
^afe> (Anæbafe) th 

Hough. (c utuiætt 
^afe/ (er ei)b(!oa bri 

t>H6 i folaeiibc: I 

^dfe) tt is a Foo). 

a Hafp. Cat foftt 

©or K.) a Hafp. 
i^afpe/ to wind on 

to reel or hafp. 
1$ a f p e n / the Wind 

igafper, a Winder, 

thar u'inds Yarn or 

^affelere / to toy, tri 

wanton Tricks , 

Wag, to drolK ban 
^affelbøne, f. JTerpe 
^aflfelficp/ a Stick of 

^Ja^cUnnt>, a Grove • 

of Hazel« Trees. 
t^a^ciminiB, Dormei 
*3a(felnø^# Hazelnnt. 

^a^tltovn, Holyoak < 

^ai^thivt, Cabaric, 

^a(t f Hafie> Speed, 
Himblenefs, Preci 
Celerity, (f eo pui 
precipitately , in a 

(l^aoe ffor ^a9) t 

^ ) 365 ( ^ft 

hfte. CilH^9tWttif Hatttform ^ (*' ^f^ttthM. 

irforily« fli^htly« ^atttfvamptt cht Loop of a 

htflet hiften* make Hit* 

to fpeed« C^aa) to i^atteiifTe 9 t Hatftring. 

ite, hallen, prefs for- f^attcmagjet f • Hatten 

fec forward* pnfh ^atttmAatthvtt f a Hatter*5 

ry* Cmc^) to haften Workih^board« 

tfs or pufh on« ^attcmagen^erf ^eb / a Hat- . 

laftening, Accejiera- tcr*s WoTkhpnfe« 

SptedinefS) Expedi- igattepulO# tlie Crown of a 

Hat. ^ 

p accelcrating» pres- i^atterant # the Edge of a 


haftened • puf hed igotteff YUfft # the Brim øf a 

celerated. Har« / 

hafty» precipitous* ^4tt(filor , f« i^ottebatfllb« 

. Cøcf»iit50 qnick, f^Attcflaferer elTer ^atflaf« 

(]peedy, nimble* (tit feter # fl Habardafhcr, 

hafly» hot, pasfio- igaubtte^ (et Gldøé XaKOB) an 

:oiichjr , hot headed, Hobit > ' Howirzer« 

a 'mdden Death« i^an^e^ • Garden* 

Rapidity* i^aiigeatbeibe # Gardening* 

r haftily • fpeedily, igatiøebalfom # Garden - minr* 

, foddenly, rapidly« ^augebete# a Bed in a Gar- 

>, Qoicknefs, Nim- der:* 

, Swiftnefs, Sudden- i^auøebtomfler/ Gardenflow- 

Raoidity* (fflrebc) »rs. 

* (tn étMmO Ra- tUMgtb^Ut, a Gårdener* 

(Oi>crilelfe> Preci- i^aiigeb^rfningf Gardening, 

1, Hor ry* tgaugefnifftér # ^iiugeureer# 

y CbrUdeé tun i fø(' Gardcnherbs« 

Caltmaaber: bet ee igaugeg4ng# a Walk in a 

ic is presiin^. Garden* 

ar ftaffoetryhe is m ^„gegierbe i an Enclofura 

lafte , ,n a Horry* %fVGarden* , 

[at* (af .«aftorf)oar) ^ .^ m^ « i ^k^..* 

/er* (nebflagcn) a ^4ii5|*«W«# ■ Hedge abonc 

ng or flapping Hat. « Garden, 

teeilipat) tococka i^angef4rfef Garden "CrefTes* 

age&atten Offerten) ^anstfni^, t Prnning-Knife* 

1 ofF thtf Hat to one* Zb ^ rr u «tf . 
tnb/ a Hatband. •gmigefone, an Herb-Woman* 

F, a Block to frame i^au^efiUltiietty Gardan-Ctim- 
n. min* 
fle#aDibble. igaugefaF # iShcats to lop 
I Felt for Hats* Treea wlth* 
eral # a H^rcafe« i^angefforUt/ (Urt) Garden- 
ri tb^Cawl orLining • Clary* 
it. i$4nge(rreppe#-C3arden • D#ck# 


^ft ) 366 ( ^ 

^Møefvrc f Gardtti • SorreL 
^atlØ(urt# Pot her bi. 
^anntx^rf , O^rdenitijj. 

igav, a sca, C^ct Sorc 9)er« 

^cnO ^^^ Ocean, Main* 
(j)ø9ft øaoer i CDoninaeri 
the Sea rolls. (t^ruftn^) 
fhc rajfing Sea. 

ifavaali a Cpnger. 

i$«varie# f. 4«verie. 

^avb^treTf a SeahoiTcu 

i§4vblif I a Calm. 

^avbvtbf thc Seafidc, fiet« 
(hore, the Coafh 

i^OVbrtlfeil , the Roaring • 
Rai^mc of theSea, 

ijavbuiiPy the Botcomof the 

ijavf ; (• ^atige. 

^avt f to have* ((»ab ^t 3 
lil nibbaø) what have yoa 
ffot for Dinner, Q^att gobc 
ØaøcO ^o ^^ endowed with 
good Talents; (baøc en St« 
cn^Otn) to poiTeU an Eftate« 

Obab bi( 3 ^Mt af nuø ?) 

ivhat do you want with me? 

(»ile l^aDC f begtære) to de- 

iire, wif h, want to nave fo- 
mcthing« (tffc fe(» mb<f 

tøab man til i^atO to <li*- 

agree with one's felf. ((ao< 
Sécbtbiøi^eb for) to have Re- 
fped for, vtnerate onc« (po* 
•eSffFocfeO to abomindte, 
deteft, abhor« Q^attOi^ 
#iSO to be etnployM* bu fy 
or takeo op with. Oltnfcclfc 
af) to appear. feem, bear a 
Face of. Q^cnt (SfO'bO to 
rejoice , bc glad. (OTaij til 
CCn} ro bear one a Grnrfge, 

((rmmeCtø ftag fil cenj) ro 

have an aking Tooch at> have 
« Spite agatnfl one. (onbt 
t StnbO ^^ conceive Evil in 

^ yoar M nd. (ban \^at tnøen 

l»rflanb) his Upp rf^nry is 

wiaroirhtd« (co@trttCM) 


ro be a lirtle 
[Q)ir paa) to 
Øxi meb) \tc 

upon. (i Siji 
defign. (nogtj 
to ger • garn • 

of. (Jart O 

fhare in. (p* 

tneb een) to 

with one* (ti 

noaet) to be c 

obliged ro. i 
6pin to be 
(K'b) tobeal 


gain bv it? (j 

ebetéQ^reO wl 

you Letter be 

6an efter fia %c 

afcer his Fai 


nn Fear for ths 

aet for) to be 

tnine. (ieg (a 
go(() I have 
Hånds, (man 
noøle af band % 

are ftill foine • 
extant. (^\ 

mth een) t6 

Refemblance te 

f^ar nof af ^ui 

tatkarive Felloi 
Venøe) he is a 

wealthy Man. 

^avtxitf Averag 
or Damage a S 
theWaftc or De 
•nd Merchandil 
din^ry Charges 
during a Voyaj 

i^aveCf f. ^av. 

^avtt^ 33evÆgeli 

tarion ot the S 

i^avece 35ølgec, 

•f rhe Scf, 

i^Avete ?D^bt>e , 

rhe Sca. 

i^Ai^et« Cbbe og 
FIbx, or ReBii^ 

^ ) S67 i ^ 


bCf Amphitrlce* 

I Scahorfe* 

t Seacoaft or Share* 

I Scafox« 

« Sctcoaft« 

Sqnill* il Seaoniotit 

• fl Seaman» Mer- 

Mrl#b# thc Over- ^tiwtmtA, Oatmetl« 

or Brcaking out of i^avrefof » a Sack for-Oaca» 

^a9rcfitppe# Watergrael« 
Hm 9 cfaeScnm of igavreti(Bbe# Avenage or a 

certain Qaantity of Oact 
a Mermaid, a Sea- paid to cbt Landlord* 

i^ai^ifl, PtriwJnkle« 
a Guft or Fnff of ^av^Ut tha Froth of tht 


^avivti^f aGulph^ Whirl- 
pool » Pit or Swaflow* 

i^asarb, Hazard. Paril. 

1$a^r^eerU8, KasardQiu» 
vetitnrefonit» perilona* 

HiirKimr M««*« ^AsorHrC/ JO kaxard. nik, 

#gf ) to makc Port, Hasard . tspoft. 
I arriv« at thc Port. _ ^ . - . 

\^f a Waterbailiff. ^^^tUttt, hajwrdad, vcn- 
«, the Chain of a »wrcd. ^ 

^ayctx^{$il9 a Game of Chtn^, 
pfft, Marks ofa ^^j intarj. Bh! 

icr, an Overfecr or ^cbetlt»«e, an Ebpny-Trt«, 
ofa Port or a Ha- Ebon-Tree» 

t^ebr^etf an Hcbrew« 

|e, Port-Dnty, ^ebraiff, habraic. hcbrew. 

g€ or Doty paid for "^ (SalimaoØO « Hcbraifip. 
itenance of a Haven - ^••^•♦•»^••'' \. ^ 

f Ship. that caft ^t<%%U, an heaic Fever* 

In ir« ^eoiff # badic« 

named* baacmHM^ ((.Mi 
(ebber 3?^ whar is yoiir 
Nana? Cbef (cMcff OM« 
ftger) ic U faid. 

i^e^e, f.ileat« Warmth. fl|«rf) 
parchine Bear« (6lllbct<> 
Ardor« Ardanqr* Vehamaa^ 
cy , Transport or Pasilon« 

igebei (iibprm £tiQb» IRarff 
beiireel ncb t^ng le.) a 

Heath t Placa ovargrowa 
with Seath« 


ics. (Am ^øbcR en 
i()a»re) to c^kc 

yonr Life. 
etf a Field fow» 
^ Oatenbrcad, 

f Groats« 

f chaOat-Harveft« 
I a Chcft to keep 

I t Gcaia of Oats* 


4>t ) 3^ ( # 

49bt9 Witt %etV) to he«r» 

I ivt pr ctnft Hetc » p«t in 

Hcte, make hoc« 
t^ebebleif ne # Blitter« Paftale» 

red Piinple/ 
ijebelerf e; a Hctthlirk » Tit- 

i^f^cttnør Sweec-Broom* 

Heatlu • 
^e^ett^^mmt # Heathendom » 

Heath«niTm, Paganifai* 
i$e^enfare# to deceafe* die» 

deparc thi s Life. 
'* i^cbcitfareiif deceafed. died« 
,,{ ^t^nfåvt, Deceale, Deatb« 

i^lbenffi heathenifh« pagan, 
genrile. (ScKnton) Pagt- 
nifnis Gencilirm, 

igthtnfiabf Heachenirni» Pa- 
gftnifoi* y 

ijebefpor^ (efter 9)i(bO A^* 

^tpninq, a Heathen, Pagan* 
ijebningcrnee para^iie# the 

Elytian Fields* 

«5ebfe# to chafe, coorfe, hpnc* 
baiu CS^unbe) to loo or 
fet Oogs at or nnon one« 
(en $)iorO to unnarbour* 
roufe or disiodge a Stag* 
(en iE)ate) to courfc, ftart 
or put up a Hare. Cf^fO 

Solti forttc Ueeiitøi)ek hneU 

icm bent) to fat tVarlance, 
> ør at oddit to caa(c a Divi- 
. fioo 1. Kø &t together by tht 

ffebfebatt^ iBaiting-pIac« for 
BuIIs and Bears. 

i$ebferi a Prickcr* a Honts- 
- man on Horfeback « Baiter* 

^ebønfnø^ Chafing« Hunting, 

ijecb; hot« ardent« fervenf» 

'lr<fnbenbe) bnrning* (fom 

\ttn) burning hot. C^olb« 

l^) rca1dinghot» (afoClM 

fiefaKbf ^CflJ n 
mco Fetr aøa Ar 
threaten hioi | 
(htt ØOAcr Jbcd 
chére IS hoc Wov 
^eeCf wholeV cmh 
complete, nnbro 

(bele 2)0(1(0} al 

x.' GI als, a Bnmptt. 

le) generally, «1 
^eel^i^rc^ ftnifh« 

pliThed bpvidic 

tion , follfilltd* 
i$é«l(|É#re / ro finif 

plifh, compltct 

^étlQi^ttt^bt i tun 

^ceiri^vte# COnt 


i^eelfonti healinr, < 


i^eelfomrr fanadv« 


i$eel(l«nbtø # .tota 


^Uit9 entirely« t( 

ijeftei n CeUK) 
(paa ed itøifbe) 

a Sword« 

iMttø (Deel af et 

rmall Book ftitcli 

a String« Tit» 

^tftti n to ci«. bnv 
ftcn, make faft* 
to join cogcther« 

fammeit pøa e« 

to bade, Cf*Q* 
a Boolu rtt ti 
to ftickto fømac 

) d69 ( ^ 

É H i h t tf aO <$einv^C9it90<iHeroiu 

få. •'-' ^eircHe^ff « HernOiiw* 

» «ioMnt«im-' of imall Treei« Cmtuht) 

> fiercc, hot, a QBickfer« 

erf e,* fervcnr« i^ef Pir Ct en 6talb) • Matiger 

ioknt Pflin« or i Ittek in m Stable. 

dent Prayer« ^tfftf'to-btitch^ bread» diV 

i«f ce or fn- dofe jo^tig onm^ 

ene (SSctor' i^effeb^rr Arlnn^ortlMFniic 

locion« Cbcf« of Srrawbertytn«.- 

ioIencStprm. ig^ttb^vttKi Arkitccrte 9t 

ndy, vfolent- Scrawberryvirec, 

y. wcesfive- ^I^,re^> Heiltt \(h(at Ulr 

y* «,. 9o5t)(rbreb) ro be inagoéd 

aifii<;«, Vjo- State of.HeaUh. 

iiion,Fi«rce- ^ ,. ^ . - • 

iisn«ffc Ea- '5«lbrebe^ to cure or beaU 

^tlbvtb9iia, (»rable, what 
tiKiy he Maled. ^ . 

i^elbrebelfc/ the Cure,HcaIing;» 
01 Rfecovery. 

ijelb, CPpffO Fortune, * Lnck, 
Prnfper^tyiHflppinefs C^tU 
anffdqbiøt^éb) Elegance, 

^clbi CSaHc) a Declivity, 
Stcepnefs, Decline« (ffootf 
paa v^^b) <o ^^ decliningr, 

((atiiSoffe fader p^t)tlS) 

ne is Qpon the 3rink of hit 

4e(5e* (6narO « Gin, Snart 

or Spring. 

ling, Fflften* 

lackle, Flax- 

hflckle« (em 
riticize, rc- 
!, chide, per- 
id, hackled, 
lling, Hack- 

e) to hedge, 
1, fence« 

: ffte^wuh '«t*4„:»a:iy^é6?*'' 

fa (len tight 

Crcrt Dcb ben 

. ^ei ^a! 
nimoly ! 

againlt CBS) to lean or ' 
bVid tewards« (Jba^tn^tU 
hvQ itgrows towards Ntghr« 
(ffluren f^eMer) the Wall is 

in Decay> br ready to fall. 

(f<enfe) to ponr. (^ed^er 
fom et 6fib) to heri. (tt 

&tib l^elber 6m6t9tboebeU 

(ecBagberb) theShip heels 
a Starooard or a Port* 


res, Darnel, t^tlbtHf ftBtnding, Inclining, 
roomgrafs. DecUning,chcGoingdown» 


J&e ) iTtQ i Uff 

4att«bei incltiik^ W|i4i>fei 

happf . . 
ijcl0t8eit# happily. pr«()^eT^ 

^tMnm, Cb^ihii S^tcfpnffrs* 
Dcchviry. il''iiauit<5li*ping» 

(af CH 6faM«t»> iiNi<s'a- 

' CIS of » SMti vtt. (M^tlt 


? a TiTc.«r begins'ob« Iow« 

ijeldi (af.bcEef> tfiN^illy. 

4eie, f. cm f^u) tU» tfit 

(famoKn/ ot^rf ftc«) ocon- 

i^fUi l)eU*^ to bMl «p» CO bt 

. cured. 
4tltn, Hctlin^t Confolida- 

Helena, Helen, 

i^élcn^C, healing, ^/^J^^^'i^^- 
ing, vulnerary« Qi tcrøCCOtl« 

«ClO. . 

t^flgetu a Saint. CaBc?)e(acné 

.©afiO «11 Saintf Day. 

ijettebarb/ a Halbard or H4t- 
bard. , 

AOcborbcri (cm, fom fércr 
CB J)c«*arb) « Halbtr- 

ijclcr, T«^«^ (jeg »il c JcN 
Ut K.) ^ *'■** rather or I 
could rjrhcr cholc to &c. 

ifclliS' holy« facred, relicious, 

bUff.'l. (beitibcliO^ folcmn. 

. C^c^eQii^O ihe S'Jints. Oen 

Mu\ ttan^) cHe holy Ghoft. 

Otn bcHigc ©fhfO "»« '»^^ly 

Writ» thc Scripture. 

i^tlli'g ' Tifteiii the £va btfore 

uivau *.if*'i-a 

nffHipvqpi 9 .ivm 

S'Ofc -,:• . 
^iUigbwm, ter 

. Thinu. . CS»d 
/ cbc SanAwiry« 

or Cnp« to fceff 
' Popifh Charcftji 

i$f Btgtf to hilloi 
cbniWvarå. • 

tSdHfCff haUoMd 
coi recrai«d« . ' 

"deatggttørelfH^ Sft 


vffediggiérer, a Sa 

^eli9^e^r Sanait 
Sacrtdnefa^ (fa 

b« a Hypoertce* 

^OigtK^lO^ to CC 
lemojzc; ftmdif 



hellig Pebar, tf^i 
Hypocrire« .falfe 


flfr# the Haro 



gerafe^, £uip| 
cwcluhpay atter 

<sciffy sMit. ' 


^ ) -sri ( ^ 

I a Maftiffs Co.llar ftt 
liAcp Points. 
leros Champion« War- 
Cc« 8i|P^ a.whitifh 

lt#: 'f heroic or epic 

ttr % .an epic ?oer. 
if heroic Vir tue. 
miitg^ heroic Feat or 

lociff a Romance« 
tfflg, heioic« hcfoi« 

^f heroic Spiriu . 

\t a Heroinc. 

> Heil« Tarcarus« che 

Jll Power«* 

if ' infernal« 

»^fgnin^/ cheAbyfi« 

I of Heil. 

I .l^ranb/ a Hellrake« 

brand of HelL 

» jlo^/ Styx or die 


»S^^i^^i theFarieaof 

6 ^U3^r Pluto« 

»«$utl^/ a Hellhound« 

3 PtttCf thc infernal 

6 Pfa9<9n^in&erf' f, 
:Dea furier. 

9s6viciø# the Gulphof 

iterj. hcm ! 

»fi a trigger. 

to ftpp, (^ay» carb« 
in, put « Stop toi to 

in« Cbcmme et 3;mO 

d a Wheel. 

tli^r fscret, private« 
rfttne« cljnctilatf clnfc, 
rious« hidden« occnlt 
econdite. O^tmmtU^ 
\ati\0 t^^*t Incer- 

conrfct. r^nk Apll^ «|| 
ttnj nndcrhifid . De^lingt 
with one« ( t^cmilicfiø il«« 

. tiaø) intriKuc. ((»emmcHø 

etmai) the ^Privy, thf 
Houfe of Office, neceftary 
IToufe. Cfftmmtli^t iiittø 

. IPab) clandelHne M^rrii^ge, 
Hedjgemarriaje. Cbemmeliøt 

Oicfaf) Ogline. (bemtne. 

Itdt Dp^otiiéfkb) a Hiding- 

piflce« C»f ^aøe intet bem' 
meCtøt tmeHem eO there is 

fio clancular or. privat« 
converfation becween ns, 

Cen betnmdia Krappe/ (Der 
: . eller Smiø) a private Stair- 

cafe« DoQr or PafTage« 
. Cbranteliø &aO an hidden 

Treafare. (bcmmeliø 6atllv 

menrottelfe) a fecretPlor or 

, Confpiracy. (b e m m e I i t 

" Sotlfr) a Myftery, fecret or 

bidden Art. Cl^an (oCDer 

fine ttnø (emtned'øe) he 

- does his Bafinefs with great 
Secrecy, he itaveryclofeor 
referved Man, 

^emmeUgen# fecretly.private« 
ly« clandeftinely, in hugger 
mugger, incognito. CpoIbC 

bemine(ioen) to conce^il, 

keep « Thirn fccpit or clofe, 

to iecret» Clii*'e beiiimcltøea 

. P'id een} to ly in Ambufh, m 
Wair or upon che Lurch for 

one« Optce, ^mmtli^tnf 

. bP^D 3olf ttøer) CO liiten pri- 

vily to whitPeop^e fay«, to 

. phy theEavesdiopper.Cøtpe 

een i^mmiUgtn et ^•'.^) ro 

five or tip one the.Wjnk, 
Ute Øa bemmeltaen bort) 

togoaway in a Mift toltcal 

away, 0te bemmeliøeip to 

Iflugh in the Sleeve« (pebe 
beilimettaen) to pray in Se- 
ere r. (forcctte noøet bem« 
meliøen) to do fomething 

a 2 ijent« 


^e ) 872 X Jgjf 

iJciMiéHMeb,' a Secrec. My- ^tnUt, to dk» ifidtilk« c» 

il«ty« hMdetiThing, S«crc- _ pirc. ... 

cy» Piivtcy. 

^dlifr^ib^alff/ hemorrhoidal. 

tjenV- fcimewhicher CaO to 
thtt PUce > on cliere, in6re 

- chtt Way« further chither« 

wtrd. (berben)'rhMier. #hi- 

therwnd. C^dae t»cn (il <fn) 4<nfa(ben, fiillcn« dteiy'i 

to go up to ««nt. (op) up pineH awiy. (tiQ given or 

thither, up to th«t Place. a^'^ii^ed to. ' « 

fjeitbcerei tocarry foroething ^ef|fill^en^f, CfttntCBffCitoffO 

^ .-trJ«— - •« »Mt%.n«rr langnifhing, pining^4Nra]r. 

^enbrage^to dragtdrtntniMif , 
carryaway* C^tKOi^i^M 
your Life. ■ •/ ' "^ 

^enfal^C/ tofall, fink, dcttyt 
drop down« C^ll{Wllif> to 
lah^uifh, pine away« (tff 
2afkt) to giv«^orMf«p 

to V'ces, 


ray, depart; (tiQ to |i^ 
travel fomcwhitMr* « 

^mfartf Depirciirt» Dcpift- 

fomewhitKer« to tranipert 

f^rnbØiCi' to-inclfn#» btod 

foméwhttlier « bend in. 
igenbroati transported, car- 

ried fifr.ewhithvfr« 

fStnbtiMt, to bring or carry a ,„ 

port ic: CSibcO w bufs igenPétte, t>efiff^«e, €•«•«• 

aw«» or bcftow the Time. pon rcmoveaThmgfbae. 

igenber to fall Otti, happen. .^^. . r*.! >t i.«f»>#*i«,4^ 

corac to pafs, comt by ^tnfl^ttt, O« Ct flfldtf ^M« 

Chance, to chance, to rcmovc. to fliitc y ottr Lod- 

•?enbe# pron. pcrf.her* ' _ 8^"KS. 

dwtaf, incident, happen- drop down. <« «MWr) ta 

ing,changing,adventitiotfl, b- disfolved in Tearfc 

(brtuirous. ^ i^enflve^ to fly fomewhicberi 

i$(ntclft# tn Accidont, ItiCi- ' to flee or tun away, to ft" 

dont, Advenrnr«,. VentBrc, tire to a Place. 

Ctfii«lty.Emjrk*n^^^^ ^tnfLxvt, to fly foqicwhither. 

CC Cafe« (jfl tn fienoelKj ' 1-. ' ' . ,. - 

accidenrtUn per Adven- *nf^i<f to adjoin. add.tOi. 

tnre. P"^ ^«- 

i^eitbenbt/ incident, happén- i^enførci to lead carry or bring 

ing. fotnewhiiher* 0(Q to relcr 

^enbeii pron. perf« her, hers, to. 

ChtnM *ioO her Gown. igg^f^i-t, ud, carried. or 

Chtt cr mm Ctoej o« iffc brought iomewhither. 

bcnbcO it li my Chair and . ° - _^ 

not heri. igen grtrtC, to go away or fowf 

igciibe (føl to happen, &11 

«$enbØb# decetffed, departed 

thii Life, dead. 

whither, to pafs away, (ti« 

^en gaaer ben) Time piifei 


i^eiiøiiiigf f. Sorrgaitf. 

^ ) ars ( ^ 

!t^ f. Cr« CM er øi^rt 

Sll)-tt if done foperii- 

or negli^enrly. 
^ CO give awsyt ptrt 
(f^tlabc) t#(ib«ndc>nt 

ic Cl^cøatøe (ta. cti(/ 

k fi4 til> CO ^ivc 

elf np to« (opofre Aa) 

oteyourt'elfco« (l90(d« 
||} CO yield yourfelf 

W§ given« addiAed, 

rd to. (een f^tn^ittu) 
d CO one* 0^enau>cn 

tr^ ^ivcn, indined to 

Bor mffedtonate Ser- 

t^b 9 Affpél^on 9 At- 
nCt Devotion* Refig- 

f to flip or (lide 

to appertiin» belong* 

, CoTitrtnt) •bont* 

b') towards, thicher*^ 
there flgaintti againft 

raflet # inconfidente- 


I tf to^ fling, chroW 

CO look or ca(i your 

ie# CO come* ger or 
o» CO arrive fomcwht- 

> Arc4vaU 

f, (Sv. Cj«(t Ian rtfe 
t aaa ^tn) I cannoc 
afs chus» 

»# CO lav orpncaftde* 
up« to weep* 

^ Ctir er ® red^ to at- 

fttfive CO« PHce. 

^entebei to lead, condué}* c« 
j{niclc, cari-y or bring fome- 
^Wiirfjer. (Tom ^nl) to 
derive or curn the Coarfe 
of Water. 

^eitlcbninøf a Condait ; Dari* 
vation, ^ 

^titl^bi (StbenO <h< Coarfe 

ot Time* (^Sanbetø) the 

Cour fe or Flowing oS of 
',. Watcr, 
i^enløbr^ to flow or ran Tome« 

whicher« (fom Siden) to 

pa^s or glide away« 
i^ettl^bettf flown or ran out^ 
■ paflTed away* 
i^enonti |^enomfrinø> chat 

Way about> cherc abovcft 

behmd aboat« 
^tno^t up above; 
^tnovev, beyond« overorofi 

the other Side« 
^entccfte, to reach fomething 

fomewhither« (UMi) tO 

reach, comeco* cotoach« to 

attain ro* 

«5eiire9ne/ to afcribe, attribatt 
or impace a Thing to a Par- 
fon« CO facher it upon hinu 

v^rnrcgnengfthat may beafcri- 
bed, arcriboced or imputed« 

i^enreifcy v.ta travel, joarney 
or go fotnewhither. 

i^enrrife, CaDeptrtare« • 
Going away* 

igenrf cté f to exectott* pat co 
Death. (ffpre) to direft. 

(benretre fi^ Sob tmob 92or» 
b^n) ro dire^ yoør Coorfe 
towards Nurch« . 

i$enrectelfe# Execacion« ctpi« 
tal PuniHinient* 

i^enrecteCf execatéd, pac co 

i^enriber to go an Horfeback 


# > S74 c H 

f 1 

4[Mri«c^ té drtw, pull antji 
: ilhttch'fWiyy^lemji^ocf or 

hnrry twty« ^- 

iSiiTéitfnø mi» Iowa foni« 

whirher* ptlH^fiwty. 
ijfénr^fc^ tocraiuporc. cotnr 

trtnct I ' rtvifh-t - pvc in tn 
•-■éirxw* to *ipnirt. ■ • 
^tnv%nt, 04 et etclV co 

drtw nigh* co «pprotch» '• 

^enrfffelfe^^ m Rsttfj^. Kap« 
. tiir«» R«virhm«nt» 
4eA*^f9ciiirf, nvifliiiilf. 

<haroiiQg» . ij. 

cafy« Trance or Rapmr^bt 
pot bffidfta himfelf, . ^ 
4i9«fihc cransporcad, tncrtftr 

^tiVPmif to pvc fetorpUtea 

' foiiMwhithft* or in loma 

iPltca« OiffM) to fat apatr. 

^dlfegiiei to MU dropor6nk 
• down* HU imo a Swoon«' ' 

^Cftfft/ tb look femcwhither« 
co ragatd« co mind« cake 
^ Notk* at f . ^ 

fnfiMci fa« adi^rbiiifctrorl 
i, (i t)cnfccnDc) in Coiyklé- 
raf{piv.^gard on RafpaÆo^ 
faeing» tonfijariog chaK^ ' 

^8M«Uam^ away,fail foma- 

wtiitfior* ** 

•»■ • 

«$aiifcii^# cofandaway« co-ax- 
- paditm4 to dispatclw 

ifftt^bf lfe>rh€ Sandlngaway; 
' a DJapaich« 

ijenfenbr# fenc away» diiptc- 
' chad* ^ . .. .1 . 

«$éniibbef to ramaiiH -ftay or 
*^ xontinaa in fona P)ice» :•-. 


4en(l(ac# a Defign, Purpofe* 
Drift, Aim> aScopeianSnd* 

- Intantioiu . 1$ Aiif 
-inRégardcot (nMi 

; titufi§t) in whai Vi 
^^(løcar cd,aiQtr.jJNri 
. :7umKth4vaa!Thin|[.J 

CO hava a Hrpofa vi 
. ' to ic« ep raga^ ni 

Ralatioo co» 
i^cnflgcevbc^ canjitm 

a Tendcncy or RcSi 

ralative* ; ,>.; 
(j^Øpctn^ adaur M 
r wicn Relation« > 
njenfTaffa, (btmøt lili 
' fo canfa fooMchini 
> bront ht or pot ram^ 

(fPaf c bort) to pal 
• ' turn ont or away«. : 
n^eaffiTfay co fend c 

fomewiiirlieri* dispi 
^tnftiHtHtf « Oif ptH 

bflSl'y, Misfiop, Dap 
,' Dclegatioiu 

i^enfFtf f eCf fent awi 

igenlfifnlnøy aSanVfl 
" wnicher. : 

^tnfttivt, (ff riae nlic 
^dnff) to wfK*'fo 


•• fhove awliy« (ibct 
to fhoot foinewhtth 

i^étfOAOe/ ro beat» oa 
whithtr. (t 3)eir aj 

i'^coåi^liren,. negled» 
-i defpiTe a Thing; 

^cn(Ioebe# to drag, hai 

^S^ftjflicnge^ co chra 

- fling away* 

i^enflibe, toweflr, waf 
. (fom £i5cn) to pafi 

^tnftMittf co malt aa 
Søivecjl C9 ba diif« 
maåcad ia 'Xatrv v. 

^> )) 375 (C ^ 


I fhMSliiritltt or 
l>y foret* to ran 

. .-■.■.■ . 

flink or fntak 

1 or Af ep, fbeO 
dit« ilecetft« 
eptrctd » deady 

I Fallings aSiecp«' 
D r o w fi n t f s, 

ilace foméwhtre« 
ren) r« leave To- 
>nt's DKbrtrton« 
tterlii«iii^ tO one* 

CgrcinMe fil) «> 

III« to meet at 

be bounded or 


>cxtend, ftretch 


fbill, fhed. 

(»trtfotn^e) to 

meager or chin« 

:hcGrowing rliin 
s Falling awpy« 

hnrU darttfling 
»mewhichtr > to 

grown thin or 
nnk Qi'wxi^ . 
akt* foalbajroarw 
of« pofTets'yoQr- 

Som AultO to, 

.akt ftitf. 
tnnmbtd« grown 

« go for, to bring, 
srtake« fetchnp, 

p to* towards« 

• go forward, or 
.vance> Hep to a 

. CO rtau>vt«. fo or marick to a 

ijent'^Oe, co.apply, actrtbntab 
. afcribc- tfr. wnpntt to« 

igenub^ pn^3»«ftpfthiaMKf^ 
oat iVoakkeipRCa. . 

i$enon&ir» jdMvto dowti hoat 
hvnce, d4»wn thirhtrwardt* 

ijtm^et^mtaKjiwartOt hy» 
' egatnft« al^pctft, 

^tiivte^,. (omtMll0.tbotit» aU 
mott. (MMHnit)^ aboat 
twtlvt Glook. 

ijeitvtntc* tn curn fonitwhi- 
thcr« to dirta» Cii" {XtAflt 
liQ to di^'td yonr.Inttntion 
to« 0^) to torn foaltv^i-^ 
ther, C^d (il een) to addraft 
or apply . yonrUlf to ont« 
makft Applmdrn or Ad- 
drefs to hlm. C^OttKlUe) 
to cvrn afida Ar tfway, 

v^enoenbelfe, aToniingfonit-. 
whicher» ' • -• 

t$inv\iBni»gf{ an Addrtff« Di^ 
redion, ' St Dircdmg ,of a 

Ptrfon« , ~ • 

i^nvi(i#.' to fhewont «1it Wajpp' 
fdtntwhitber. dir^^bioitlii- 
ihcri toaidirefa* 

i^eovifegbe/ addtoiifihg« dir^ 

iStv, htre, in tTifsFlact« f(ee 
øedcnfbf) bare btlow. CtKtr 
og Ni;} htrw and thtrt« # . ;; 

«$erAf# hercof« ont of ebif« 
benet« -from kariotb. kar at q f w 
by rhta. from tbia, . 

^ttaMfi It«raf>fty, Blaconry» 
che Art øf Bk'ioning, 

i$erbaHu«b.4fin HerbaU 

i^erberør an Inn« Lodgtng« 
HaT boor« Qwelling-Placa* 

Sbakar« CfM c« CaratonO 

" a Car- 

^i r sre ( €fi 

ji Cafivtnfcray« CWit^t 
bcrøO ^0 innfto honfeScran- 

gerfl« (t^gt ifib i l^erbetae> 
' to pur up at an inn or cakea 

temi orary Lodning, 
vjcthcrgere; to keep an Inn» 

CSReifenDe) to ifn or honfe 

Stranj^ers or-Tnvellsrs. 
i^erbergererr an Inn-keepar. 
løerbarifl, an HerbaUit Boca- 
. nift 

iferefrer^ (efter benne K^b) af- 

terwards. afrarrhis, h«tear- 
cer« a^ter. chis Time. (i 
Rremtibcn) for rhe future* 
derefter/ pron. dem. (bereftet 
retter ban fia) he. ko«s by 

thtSi oy chis he taKes his 
- Mearures, 
^erfon for ir« for tliis» 

rover, over and above« 
i^crfrai h^refrom, from Jience, 

i$erfrem#forth on,hithfrward, 
nearer to. ^ 

^erfiigl rhe Ho^poop, Pewer. 

i^crben, berbi^/ hither, hcre 
to. Otmbib} comebyhere) 
draw nearer. 

^er^oø; hcrcby. by this, here- 
with, 'here jointd or inclo- 
ftd, at tne farne Time« 

i^erty hercin, in this. 

i^ertgicnnentf thro' this Way, 


i^erimenenif here betwixt. 

^erimob/ hcreagainft, againft 

4^nb; f^ninbtf in here, with- 

^erfomfl, (gebfel) Birth, lEx- 

tra6)ion, Defcenr, Family, 

Race, Origlne. (riniC) Ob- 

fcuri-y of Birth. 
^erlet>e, to derivc. 
^ttli^i glorious, high, maje- 

ftic, great> excellent, illa- 

ftrtovs* ' mcfitflc 

oot, fplendidL 
i^erligenf gloriovi 

lently« mtgnifiee 

^ttligøtøtt^ CO gi 

Glory to, to exi 


«Serligbeb# Clory 
lUnårtoainefs • ] 
Splendor, Ma 
Brtghtncft. C9l 
liøbéb) theRighl 
leges of a Manoi 
gcrO tht Maicft) 

dite, a Scratw 

1$erou^# herewitht 

4ermelin# an Enni 


tStvmitagt, an Hen 

i^erncb, here beneat 

' down. 
15erne^en nnber^he 

undcrneath this 1 
i^ernorfl/ here nex 

Time to come* I 

i^er 09 ber, here and 

Way and chat W) 

i^érbtff, f. heroic, 
' epic. 

igtr^ff # «dv. hero 
l§eroI^/ an Herald, 

Arms, an Officer 

ries Mesfages bet 

ces« and proclaio 

and Peace. 

1$croI^e«ltmb«^e# s 

Office. " 
^zvoibB^&taVf the 

or Tipftnff of th 

Anns and Herald 
^eroME^ harabont> 


t »377 ( ^ 

.H hfffoftiiDst % 

I*, jNtPCUp« op 

rf -vpwardfl« 
MtMAf here- 

u. (i^aii bott 

b* lives in tha 

brre tbove« 

i^er,*ovcr tli»»f 
HAtuntttt (!i) 
arveif at chia* 

ofTs liere ac» to 
is I after this, 

t^ fom ttogft 

rd 9 Maller« 
a Proprieror« 

• (mtnc t)0 
bet et en frotif 

a fine Gcntte- 

i ^enfeenbe tit 

:) Ma(tei . 0>M 
»cO i^ depends 

C fin egen) to 

Mafter, (iniH 

r Lord. (Ⱦre 

to have the 
Dominion of 
tC ft.) to lord 
Maftery « play 
ike State upon 
nincer , carry 

rd. (fem ^er» 
ren) like Ma- 

rdly* OU (ler ly > 

i AortfpiO tht 
Cards of Ho- 

icart, an Fdi£l« 


^fntMff, (RifétaO ft Din 
or Aiiembly of PriiKea or 
EftåM«* ($cxr€taøc« ittl^ 
(DdaO I>«y« of Bafe. : 

igtttmmiiti « ØDmtnitff^ 

lordfhip . ■ . DonkuiicMOv 
S«Tgnor||» pir«aiøn», Q6» 

▼rrnment« (|mc ^enreliim' 

tne) to reign, gov<m, btar 
Enlø.prS^« CMtMneftc^ 

Ariftocracy/- Ct«iMlJ!4)#» 
ino«r«^.^.:(9gM umMtU 
bare) Tht#«rtcy^ (iiiniM 
9rOT(cC> itbfelafe Pøinh 
(nOen SoDe; Defpocifn«' 

igerregaartf a Maiiipn a lord't 

Seat« Lordf hip or SeMiory? 
i^errego^e # an Lordf b!p % 
• Kanourm, « Dtmtftn • tt 

Lord'a ÉiKit«» 
igerrcgun^f « Prince*! Ft>' 


tjerrefevoet/ higk^rfplciidid 

^ttvtilg, lordhr. noble, fpf g. 

Dincent > iplendid« 
i^errcng f biemliøett « lor4- 

likei maitetiyi fplendidly« 

t^tWtl^B, withoni • MAfter». 
trut ofPlace or Servleet Ofil 
that nobody wtU own« ' 

i^erremaO # dtlictt^^ ]itn^» 

Tidbirs, . ,' 

iferremantif > léf d^of a Ma- 
iior, Proprhtbr, aPoflTéffbr 
in his own Right* a S|mrt> 
a .Gentleman, (tet Mct 

fom enf[)erretDtiiD htriinp 

like a Gtntleinan« 

^erreitf (9ttl)thtL«rd€od» 

i^trteiiAaMf the Grac^ w 
Favour of tht Grcat« 

i^ertene 9ortf the Loifd*s 


•^ )}ST8: :(( , # 

4:€t9tm»i^$m, ^n^t^B igHfii^f ki^%rim 

Lord. rbc Day Vf Ja^jttntait. i$<fr»tieft9^ ItfMtfoé 

^lllf l lf ØalveftCr the: Anoiii"' iinnioHiiniMpDet&vB- 

• • itil«iC 'h« Lord; ino; RalcQT'Swtv« 

i^c t g< Uti rrtif'e lli«ir High- ijfCWiiiiio, tiK^aMiit 

' llig^riBeffers . ch« Ho[(tn nin|;» CoiMHMid ing 

.. Iff # f. i se r rt ww6 4 -^ tliif, to jt«.:aiHo u« 

^ 9Luik or D«grt«. w « Lørd 4(rrir^- « Dvki * 

' or NobliAtii; " ^ i$eitu9D#mmeV • D< 

PtrUr. ' ^ .Jertttsm^e a Dutcli 

ijfjretleiiedf, publte Serviet, ^etmgf . »roite , 

4in^n, to coait,, pro^^ ijernigø X)<rrbi8tfd 

F««» •«""""«•, - r - DignirybfaDtokt. 

<ei«4b, t Dominitlon, Sr g- ^^^^^ ^nt, oar herc 

noraw, LorcffbfD; Ctoni tb s Place. Waae 

(I ttpnwO Mafiar, Miftreff ^v |K), -l com/fort 

. of ril« Hoofe, (^r aiia< . w r i. I. r 

t>crfal>) the Prificei. ^«nil>«f , (• \)tvaU 

^Séttt<ib§, of«rbeh;iijingto. '5cru^e^ for^ herewi 

. a iord*t of e Manbr« ^eruii^er t hcre un; 

i^erfltebø mjjlle, Vj«ill bc- «' *>«ow . under tli 

longing ro ^ Manor* or a 

cnmroon Mill« 

TfS^Abf 6Ior 00 (9ob«/ a 


. -</ tog.pvcrnt mie« refgti, 
fway , bcar. Sway » mie the 
Koaf^, hav« tbé Cotnmand* 
piradion orGovarnoient of* 
OCføm CII fifiO ro prevaiU 

^^rfNtlbfy raiing» reigning. 

ijeiirewbf viU , imperionsly.- igeéfligeii, naftiJy, aboc 

ijerffer, a Rul«, M^fter, detcibiily« 

Commander, Governoor, igeøliabeb, Cglinefs, 

^r^cw, •^.mirv , OaftHncfs. < 

tferfTfrill^fi t Miftredi^ (^c^) Naftliners, Fil 

1Serl7e^f hcreby* b 
'hcrew th, 

i^rtrrejffl , a Rechang 

^céliøf ugly« deforroec 
voured • gflftly« dis 
tionedt disj^gt eeable 

nreen) nafty, fool 

DPciean« Iflbby« pUi 

ty. i^nanftcentiQ^ ii 
vnmannferlvt obfcen 
ie) f uh nafty.nnciea 
tv Language, (o 

^ ) 399 ( ^ 

'Wfly. Oi^en flPotff Horftcoarfing, Jacå«.y't 
rbdfiO • Pony* - Traét5» ,:v c ..-7 

»10 a Courfer or <i$c^^iir«li9i Bttds, H^rft- 

nnt Horfe. (BtC' i^eftc^M # che Horul«eoof 

I nnmly or wild ? iUU)^Cq^.$*M.QOU 

^f &cS)tftarring i$eftefi#^i Horreflefli« 

lO^Dtg) ft refty or i^SeJMrif bØf # • Mtogir« •: ^ 

rft. f JTom UciIcO 4éfttft<tH9 thciCroiq^ or 
Horic; Wirikta of^ HqiA» i ' 

^^acd» toilfome MefleUtiBtj f.!igiA00CtMS» ^ 

^^tlMthnft, cbt^An of t 

BtVttCCie) • Svid, :; HflTfUwcb« . i-^ ^ 

recd of Hor f«f. ^tfttlctqnitmffølØø: ^' vttcri- 

tbe Sboening of ^ '^naria^ ScnooL ". > 

i^^elitttbt/ dit Bottodk of t 

lit Star on aI|or- . Horic«: *..,:, r. r. 

ctd^ iSedelipper, tbt Lipif of 

« Gadfly f Hor fe- a Jiorfe. ^ ' / 

fSifttnutUf i^ettMfC!> tlw 

he Shonider of a . Man« of 4 HvrCi • 

tScØemorfeC/ aFair* whtrt 
»eb, the}nintof IjLoVfea arr fold-, Horfc« 
ier of a Hocfe* marker« -:^v' 

rigid, hard Cnre« ^tlttmé§j , HorCir^lteig. ' . -t 

a Caparifon« '^eflcntøUt # a Hor(^«-milL 
>r Horfeclofh. i^cjIemnåCy tht MoQCll 0^..^ 

p a Horfelecchf , Horfc« ^ ^ « 

a Drench for a . Mtnt.' 

eller jonrgt # a a Horfe. 

Horfes. ^Sf^^tf^ ^ t i4i1ttf)afML 

\ Hor fefoot« ^éEttpvan§n$ a Jockty, Hor- 

Horfefooctd« ic-conrTért .' a Otatcr Is 

Horftmeac, Proi- Horfc«. .• " 

. 1. « ' 1^ ijeile4Uce^ : tilt laet or Brttd 
l?rHo&F2? of Horfai, 
Colr, FotU * ^éftå'f'MifM , Hérae&»i 
ibt f SkiU in Hor- ^cR<r#f|ter # OcflMrfiigr 
Bini)cl») Dulncfi, BmfMarl^ a Grodm of 

thft Stable« ' 

a Gitth or Sur- ^cflernnM^' aHorfe'a TaiU 

^tftttnn^ QM) Sbavc- 
Horfehafr. grafs, H6r(t-TatL 

f, tht Chcft of ije^fa^Mr a Sad^le for • 
.■ ^ . Hofft« 


^e ) 080 ( ^ 

^ttttfdhiln99 the Sflddling of 

i^cftcø jorf^ObeiTf the F4)re- 
teet ot ■ Horfe. (bcnftØaO' 
hztn) the Hindfeet of a 

i^eflfø ^vHa§ , the Print of 

a Horfe^i Foor« 
i^eitefFoni # f* ^t(ttm^9* 
^tMtxnUp <ne Gelding bf 
' fl Horfe. 
i$e(le(r«rer f ^^cfUgil^er^ t 

i^eflfø Ain^baVfcr r the 

Cheeks' ot a Hurfe. 
^tfttftotT^ Horferhoe. (Urt) 

n^cflcfFofOlUb/ a Fir rier. 
i§<iteflfor(^«/ a Hobnail. 
i§f(leffoening# che Shoening 

O! a Horfc« 
^tfttfivabt, ^tfttftviffit, a 


i^efleø BnimiRf II ^ CmeØ 9«« 

nene) Fatcade. 
tgefkcø M^/ fl Carcer, Coarfe 

or Race« 
^tfttéHtt^f^ipring, a Capriole, 

Caper orGoatleao of aHorfe. 
^tfMmifft , Horfegears or 

^€ftt9VtCtftflo^9 Ghnderi« 

^ftt^ingtl, the SiKggers« 
i^eflfjiaCb, a Horfeftibl^ 

i^efledalning , thePltfin^ of 


'4tfM94mmt9 aHorfff-p<>nd» 
a Wat:ring-pljCs« 

*j^flefygbom ^ the Diseafe of 
a Hor le« 

^tittt^i, Harndrf. 0«adC 
i)€ttt$t paa) to harnefs« 

^tfttffVf a Stealer of a 

ijefleoiffeTf Ertt. dit faitnr 

^tfttvvitiiitn-^ che Neiglnaf 

of a Horfe. 
^cilefolf/ Horfeineii. Cavilrf* 
^etce# a Cowi, Hood* 
^tvn eDer ^ctviu Vtnftaaoc, 

Avenge', Vi'ndicattoi Um; 

09cl»>^»n) &evcfig4il|^ 

l^ttn) CO take VengÉMM 
i$fviie# CO av«nge, tevcm 

vindicateé (fi%) co rtvw^t 

yourfelr* oti , to* 
. venge iipon, to lighc 

felf againft bini« 
^tvntVf in Av4ng«r». 

ger or Vindicator« 
^tvntt 9 avenged » rtvcngi^ 
i^cvitcTierrig, revcngefvU tidp 

dicirive. gree^y of RtvciM 
^cvngierrigen, revengefnlTv« 
i^evngterrtq(>e^. RcvengefaV 

nefs Vindicasivcnefs. Gret* 

dinefs of Rev'cnge. 
^tvné'Tin, the Law of Repri* 

fals or Rctaliaricn« 
^c^$ a Wirch, Sorcerefs, fr 

male Nccromancer, (ØM^ 

tntl) an old HaR« 
^CV«/ to cnchanr, ufe Witch- 

craff, exerciTc Sorcery« 
^tptban^c, aOljngofWitchef 

or Sorcerers» 
«$e|rcbeaer/ an conjvring Cup, 
^erebiiieOe/ a Talisman, 
i^evcbog^ a con ju ring Book, 
^tVtboq\\avtv , magical Chi* 


gil^e, a Dance, Mcetinf 
or Feaft ot Witches. 

^tftbvif, a Fhiltre. 

^eirefigur/ a Talisman, 

^cvtbiftoviti a TaieoiFinigiC 
Adxci tiitej;* 

'S^jrefiePr a magic Wand. 

^ntfnu^tf a magic Knot« 

^tptfttb^i t magic Citxle. 

J^ ) 381 ( ^ 

tlw U«b An. Ui- 

xy.V/ tcbc'ift. 
Milk prodaccd by 

to bring or cirry 
t» dnw hither or 
o åtWt, chaf« hi- 

o flow liichcr. - 
j fly thii W»y. 

to Almmon ant 
command him to 

[O eirryt bring 


to %o hi'hcTi tid- 


to Itin 01 inclina 

ippcrtiin> belonb 
ii ta ønhn 9aai> 
inoihcr Time, 

•SWnVtilt hithn-to. till now. 

v>'ti1l naw> to tliii Pla^. 
ifibtaO>t, n ciU oTw hither. 
<^i&t«mai(f tocomcj arrive 

hiih r. 
^ibton^r Arrival, Coming. 
^l&lcCrf to condua , Uld 

^i^iift( fISr to fneak or crccp 

Otly hitber. 
ifMoitl, 10 cntica or allar« 

^Mtbti to rair hitfact or 

thi« Wayv 
^tbhiMi to inclina or ftoop 

thii W«y. 
iffibnrtt I dfim thia Wa^, 
^ibnø9Ci to prtft. importtné 
. ona to Gome hilhar. 
libov I Tp 'bil Wf y;. 
iiCeonr over nn thii Gid(. 
Ixbreffo a Coniiig rijtbar. 
R nm. 
^ttnifcr t« go,' joarnay hl> 

~ther> retitrn, go bich. 
^ibrtACf t* go bithar onHor- 
re!>ack. ■ -'.-;.'■■■ 

^i»nfn>C r to rqn or Horn bi- 

■jiCi'cr Cøi«K bttb) lo beib 
to put intqifaaii, giv« m 
canfe Heil. 

^IbfcCr to loob lhi( Wly. 

^IbftnM/to fcnd hither. 

^IM'ottti to put, (worpliG« 

^iefifi CtlftI*) ''01. ardant' 
U.ient. ttud foc ^PoetKp, 
pltfiunate. hue hen'kd, rili- 

ly provokcj. Ot'^Sa ScbcrX 

ta Ijitfiil WoWr) hc i« of a 
har c nlliiulion. (»I hMt 

ded Man. who will loon 
t^U Fire. Min of Spank 
and Dafh. C^ibfts Vt^<Y'(^ 

^i ) S84 ( ^ 

ijttmmtftøff ft Hankering 

a*ter Home* • 
^itmttiit, thc Goin^ home* 

warH« a Rttlifn« 
igiemribCy co return on Hor« 

^itm^jtnbtø CO fend Home. 
1§ifmt(n^elfef the Sending 

i§iemfrtfitittg # i. ^itmitiu 

^itmS^gt, CO vific« 
^temføgelfe, VWt, Vificanon. 

' (9uN) Affliaion, Suffer- 

^itmitiUtf ro commttt' leflve. 

' "Cicg bictnAiIItr i^ec Ctl e^cré 

SoriiJlti^Jl^fD) I comniit, pac 

or ieave ic to yovr Prvdence« 

*(fl« @aa til «U5) to Ieave 

iTyowr Affiri'f ta Providencd* 

^icmf^iTelr th^oufckceping. 

^ituurccfUj To go or waik 
home I to retsrn Home. 

ijiemvanbre, ro jc-^ ho'ne, re- 
turn to youT own Countrv. 

i^iemvei § your Way home or 
Return, (taqt éietnwifn) 

- to go homcward* 

lSl(lll19cn^C # 'O return home 
or to your Country. 

«$tfmvit>f to fend back, re- 
turn , to (tismifs. Cen @å^ 

fra en SKet (il en anben) to 

difmifs a Canfe from one 
. Coort to another. 
^XCmviUninQ f tlie Scniing 
bflck> Rettirning or Dirots- 

i^iemviUningø IDoni/ a DIs- 

roisfion of a Caufe from onø 
Court to another 9 a Refe- 
I rence to the firft Judge. 

ifitrne/ the Brain or Braini, 

(ben (tlle Q^ibietne ba^ S)ot 
)icbc0 che hind- part of the 
. Brain. 

^itvntb^ttf a Trepan« 

that inwraps c 

Pia - Mirer« 
^terneløf, har 

crack- brained 

t>f the Scult. 
^icrnefFaW the 


i^iernf ff almiif , 
human Brain. 
i^ierneipiti^, ■ I 
Phinrom, exil 
but in the Brai 
idie Conceit. 
^iernefpin^i(r# « 
^terccrlTPbf, f.' 
t^ieroglYPi)iflf , 

^itnti a Ileart. 
fttØcO che Hea 
the Kin;»iom. 
rjflje. S pir i t. Ur 

(f crrte fic iyittt 


Cbnoe fC qobc C 
to bear a goor 


U) Ididit out< 


Affe^ion, win I 

mtt øaitbCPe ^it 

my Soul or H« 
@runb) from t 

my HeJirt* (bi 

i ben Jtai'O th 

Coward* his n 

Hcrt 09 ccbeU fy 

and jj'cnerous S 

take flThing to 

fiQ no^eC ^dat i 

be art'eAed witl 
tike ir toHeart, 

tf fe (vaDc bcc S)i 

not find in my 

Iæøa< PA« $)ieri 
fec at noughr* 


^i ) 385 ( Jg>i 

'' til fijetfft) it ^ittttXlapptn, t Ptlpitatioiu 

ieves her « cuts Panting, Beåcin^, a Throb- 

He«rt. Ct>^ttM bing» a Shaking of the 

a M ttttt @Hh Heart. 

bis Heart falU ^iertef lemmen^ an Oppresfion 

oCe^ (icø ^obc of che Hearr* gréat Grie^ 

at gaat Utfj^n^ Hearc-brcaking,Hearc-born* 

find in my Heart t^itVttfUmtf opprefled of 

:r. C^D f^at M Hearc. Qeg er hitttttltmi) 

'. paa^ittttO h« my Hcarc is ready to break« 

[er Concern for is ooprefTed with Grief» 

Gpod* has it at ^UrtArvmpittitØ/ a Syftole« 

xn fmr Stomtné ^ierref ^ttMger, a Searchar of 

ffaanb^ he is all Hearts. 

e Kin^, or he i^iemlotppe, che Hap bf the 

Ininence over Hearr. ^ 

btt øif f>am mut ^itvulag, an AfTeaion, Mind, 

tnb noøec eHerO Cb^^t tt got t>ittttlagi M 

•re to che Heart een) ' to fland well-afioaed 

lanyThing clfe. towards one* 

rtndebetooermit ^itvttiiQ, heartily, cordiaJ, 

*c wellaway wich render, finccre. 

[ttttt er fulbt af/ ^ierceligen/ heartily. cordiaU 

)eu OOer ai) the 1y» tenderly, fincerely, 

^s,whattheHeart y^irrteløø, (ff^gfagtfg) cow- 

)rtfl(dt^eb) Face« ardly, fainthearted, tinman- 

n^e) Chape. ly. 

If Anyiety or ^iertel^ø^eb, (iowardline'fs, 

Hearr. Faintheartednefs. 

che Trembling igiercene/SCnger eKer 7^nel(t, 

ru aCoropunaion, Pricking or 

he Pericardiuni« Rømorfe^ a Trouble of Mind 

he Blood of the for a Fanlt committed« 

^- .^...\. ^iertenø ^riy^ C.^ft, Sitis- 

%t>t, pathetic, faaion/Joy, DeJight, 

. made in che 'Sievteiiø.SrvN (ttrO Balm 

Heart. ^^ Balmgcntle. 

^ierteøo^/ good- i^iercenø'EYøf acordialSa- 

injgn, kind. lure or Ki fs. 

elff/Heartbreak- ^^ierteitø'^Yfl/ an axtrJme 

Affliaion. Contcntmenc 

che Pie of the ^iertenø*Cr(((l/ an incernal 


Pericardiura. ^ifft^(Øre, the Bar of che 


•/ ^^^ Ventncle fjerter; (i Øpi'O Hcarts ae 

> ' Card^ 

rimer oas» fear- pierce *Tloe/ Tranquillicy of 

areed« * U«art or Mind« 

$5 b <5iec« 

J^i ) 386 ( 

tJiertt'Xoeb/ thc Boftom bf 

rhe Heart. 
i^ierterør, C*ate) Aorta« 
igiertf i'ørcnOe f aifcéling, pa- 

ijiertetllucire/ f. ^ierte^it« 


i^tenetorø, Grief orAngnilh 

of Hearc 
igiertefp(t>=Mil8f Wctknefs of 

H e a r t , Heflrtftirtcednefs« 
• N«rabn«ff of Heart. 
igicrtcfpaw, (Urt) Mother- 

igiert€(ling/ aSting orFiinin 
the H«art. 

iS{iert?(løt»»C[^m 6(Ar|^r<tlcteit 
giver en^DItébos^cr) thc fim- 

iJlerteii^l?enfeC/ cordial, cor- 


iJicrtcfl^rFningr a Cordial, 
Hcart's Eafe, 

igicrtefiif« »n Fjactilation« 
ejaculatory Praycr. 

<iecf ctr^f f en , Heart-bnm, 

igiertetf :&ortrenWfe/ Alie- 

i<iertetø (Pninb/ rhe Bottom 
of the Hcart. (btti tnbcrftc 
^Braacr) rhe inncrmoft Re- 
ceifcs of Hcart. 

i^iertete PiPFen/ thc Palpita- 


igiertete^erl^b/ thtEffnfion 

of Hcart. 
i^iertetø Vanfmcegtelfe, thc 

Fainrnels of Hcarr. 
i5ierrn?e<, Pain felt at tke 

Htarr, Heartbiirn. 
^i^vvtvttlf a Bofomfriend, 

intimare Friend. 

15icttct?ii^ni^g, a Diaftolc. 

fiitttvu^&*S^i6h Robin red- 

i^igei to Icng after« defire, 
wiH) > covec* be defirous of« 


^tgeiir an A 

Longing« ] 
^igent>e^ Ion 

^iiiie, chofe« 
"^if^ the hicci 
^iKf, to hi( 

^ittcnurn^r ii 

marry conn 

O wonderl 

^ilff/ to fallit 

ber me to h 
him« C(^i(fe 
one good D 
^Wtn, i^iUni 
Salute , Grc 

man figcr i 

good Oay. 
^imbotr^ Ras 

^imbccvtrctt, i 


^imitt CO die, 

Lait. (^rUj 

^tmmelf Heav 

ben S)tmmc( 
Air. (paa 

Roof of a C 
6eng) th« 1 

of the fitd« 
to exrol one < 


lonred> bli 



from Heavci 

Bfiif aRcgion/Zonf9 ^inanbeot one mother, eftch 

e, . ochtr* miitiially»,nSciprocO* 

!• Ibtfctftning , the ly« 

Mnc« . ijifl^# « Hind* 

Bøi^ffri tit celeftic ^iMbOt, a RindiMrry, Ittt* 

berr>« Prtmboife^ 
ito£#b# die Mou'on i$lit^ban:trirc> a Raebctry* 
Planetn Bafh« 

tøPolCi the iPolet of i$inbé# a lieiAbraiit» Cnticlt* 
^ N Pellidc 

tétf the Afcenfion of ^inhtu in<inbranaoeo«a or 
hrift^HolyTharsday. oiembraheoQt« ' 

trtøflDaø, Afcenfioo- ^in^efolMaagf 4teMte«l# 

tif elextced to the ij(ii5efotb# bembrancoiif* 

^inber# an Rindering or Hin- 
[ote« the celeftial drance» a Bar» ler« Impcdl- 

ment« Stop> InterraptkNu 
rcbOf the Circlea in bifhirbance» 
omy. ' ' i$tnber(^I^, an Ambiiflu Ann 

ØBU/ the celeftial bnfcade; Referve; Store« 

i$inber[i9# hinderinr. canfiiif 
ifO Bther, Air refin* an Imp«diai«ntt ooftm^live* 
fnblimed. disadvancegeonaé 

B^ø, the celeftial *«$SWb, a TDnjdt> 
^ ' ^inbfalv, a Fawif or Calf of 

r* '^ • i5inbre^ tohmder, bar, lét* 

MbtnU, crying« inrcrriipt. - "" 
) a crying Sin. ^inbtkt^, f. ^itMfU|U 

• ba 

a Bcdftead wIth ^inbret^ hincfered, barred* 

ern> Foor-poft-bed- . bftnided, interrvpted. 

iginbringi Hindering, f.^iiu 

V hea^enly, celeftial« btt. 

U fideral« aftraU ^ingflf a Stallion or Stone* 

filltbetr heavenly- horft. 

1. ^ingftfl^U « Horfe* Coltor 

iøf, thaceleftial Lad- Po«l 

' i5infe#roHmp» halr« golame^ 

torm, aFlying or fs* i^infebane^ (cit iheoiefeeg) 

korm or Tempeft« i$inVef^ilithe lieriU or fiVa- 

tr^q, a Region. penny-Morrla. 

em, a celeftial Sign« ^inftn. Limning, Ralting« 

tellat^on. Hobbhng. 

9c# ^tiiMmrfgef 7iu i^inf m^ limping, hobbling^ 

iKingdoQofHeaven« ^j^^^^ a Floclu (ft. 4f dPH 

^Uiiu * DMIt} Hard* 

i^i • ) 388 ( 

Uetr, Fallow-Detr. (5 9« 
gammtO a Stag, (4 lUr 

famintO " Sorc S[«gitai<). 
} Hat ømiuiulj a Soml. 

. Spade, (et tUtt n 9«! 
flafflBltO a Brock^'i. Pric- 
Jwt. (,<&ttii-9int) » Buck 
ef tht firft Head. CSE*«'"' 
^iMt)! Fallowde r. 

iJforMbniilllj theRucorant- 
ting of De«r. 

^ifivttb^vtii thc Atiireii thc 

SchI, Horns Or BcJrnsefa 
MT. CtCtnBl) l»"nt or 
Cilcintd U\irt Horn. 

DeefoomDeO ■'"= Cibbage or 
Eutroi a De-VslUal. 
^i»tt(^i>tnarodg«e itftrCaF' 
Itt, (he BL-o.chei or Bran- 
che) ofa Detr. C^t matløc 
(inaac OJa ff n^tii o| «ttior> 
Kboin) rlieTrochngt. («• 
fcO HJri'sliorr-fTiaving*. 

^iottf^oi'n , the bpoil* of « 

^loriejosci 'h* Hnnting or 
Chafinjt of Deer. 

^lontlaiv, lOcercalf, Fiwn 
or Prickec. 

■^iottttltt tStt^iomtlivtr, 
fwect rmelline TDfoil. 

*;ioi'[crici.'c, <t!e Hoof of s 

^iortel^BCf a leg ofa Hart, 

•jiortrl(t^(^f Bock'i Leaiher. 

^tørtdtit, t\\f Lnir.Retrliri or 
Harbour ofa Deer, 

^iontUb, a Deet's Fe«. 

^t»Vttptit, a Deer'i Pizzl«. 

^wm.Hffl, CllI et«u) 'lie 

BuiiflCltpcc; ol' a Deer. 
^iottegr(T«tting, the Pathire 

or ViaiKlE tit 3 Deer. 
^ioctcfFarti I Fewmew or 

Fewmifhing or Dnng of 1 


Troaiing or 

^i*itefpffr, [he 
ofa Deer. 

^iortftoFferr t 

Hart'ihorn . 

<^fsrtnornf thi 
^tortctunge, ( 

4l»rtic, • Co 

No.ik. Cf« 

ten* &iern(0 

Pms of ch« ^ 

^iern«, come 

^■»rnc^uii«, ■ 

^tOritentotil, ■ 


^irpc-cmSf (et 


of »»Tliing. 
^ip font tmp, 

felgcnbt: btic 

ir >i all aiike. 
"Suft, Millet, } 
^irftascTf aFie 



>5iv*l!(gl, a uoti 
^irlTiitngcr, • 

UagKcr, •» 
^i«( t>U! inMtj 

hahoo, hiltno 
^lening, (til 6 

>^g up. 

hoilt up. (g 


^ifTcf (ftm (hr 

^ ) 389 ( ^i 

^iifttt heretfrer« in the other 

Worldff in the Life co come, 

ih Heiven. 
^i(log^er# chisWay ind that 

Wiy, up and down* hither 

md thicher. 
ii^iti a.Hiftory, or Story. 
^iffmcboff/ a Hif^ory-GooK. 
{ifteteffr'tvcr, an Hiftoi-io- 

wteriff, hiftoricaU 

^m, to find, hit. (paa) to 

£•1 onr* inventt contrive« 
AMfe) to divine , hit on« 

Qm noaet falfFO ^^ forge« 

^Ifebaritf a Fonndlint^. 
^imgb^f, aFinding, aThing 
todnd by rhancc. 

^ioti Cnofict ooer^SotO to 

heave lomethinff over bpxrd. 

^inl/ a Wheel. O tn aSoffc). 

theO e-wheel dfa Mill. (pet 

femte piul paa en 3}ogn) 

good for nothing« 

^inlbaan^, f« «$iiilfrinne« 
^inlftcnetf bandy-legged>bow- 

^ifljbcilaøi the Iron Work bc- 

longing to a Wheel« 

<iolb^r, a Wheelbarrow. 
^tnMCge, the Spoke of a 

imlM^t, a Felloe or Jannt of 

t WheeU 
^tulformig#' made in cheForm 

of a Wheel. 
ik\fit^t, a Trigger, 
^ioimagcrf a Wheelwright, 

^ittlmagerarbeibf, a Wheel- 

Inav, the Navc of n Wheel, 
Ipet, ^Inlpett/ helped, 
^i'ifted« aiden, fuccoared, 
fiilriitff, f. «$iulfel9e. 
mvpf, a SpinningWheeU 

i^nlfiinntf Iron-Bandt, 
Cloutt, Streaks or Strakci 
iboQt a Wheel, 

i^iuIfFitffe/ (paa 9]an&møirei 

biuO the Laddle of a Wa- 

'^liihporgcr/ f. «5iiUe8e. 
i^itilfpor, the lliit, Track or 

Traa of a Wheel, 

^itilflcmpcl; (|)0d QSodbinbe« ' 

ren) ' Bookhin'Jer's Roll, 
^UlUMi^tf 3 Linch-pin, 
^iilli?crf / Wheel-work, 
1^0, bol Oh! Ah! Ho! 
^ob, a Heapf Hoardi an Amafs« 
PiUi Colledion, Agf regate* 
(8o(f) a Mnititude, Crowd» 
or Prefs,a Troop, Company* 

(af fammcnleDct Jlaf) a 


or Crew (ftor ©Ob gOlf) «" 
Abundance of Folks, a 

World ofPeople, (Venøe^ 

a Heap of Money, (bpnge i 
$0&} to heap, amafs* to \ 
hoard up, 

igobetal, f. «r. O* ©obetaO «n 

Crowds, in greac Nambers, 

in Troops, (om %in%) in 

^oboif a Hantboy, 
i^obotflr a Player npon the 

^ott, Adulcety, Fornication* 

^ottfatl, an Adulterer« For- 

nicator. Whoremafler* 
^oerfone^ an Adulterefs. 
i^ofi aConrt, RefidenceorPa- 

lace of a Prirx*. 
i^ofbager^ a Baker at Court, 

^ofbetiefitet/ a Courtier, an 

Officer åt Court, 
i^ofbriig^ theCnftom> Wayor 

Manner of the Court, 

^oi^ctQf^tf a Favourite or Mi- 
nion of the Conrt, 

i^of^amC/ a Tourt- Lady or La- 
dy o: Honoor to the Qu^n 
or Pr i- CC ''s, 

t$^f*(tthb:^9, an OfRce or Em- 
ployment at ConrC 

J^O ) 390 ( ^0 

4»f9«pfl^ tlie Kiiig*t or 

Qoe«n*f Chipel. 
^offfwalutf • Courtter, « 

Gerclem^n oftheCoart« 

i$#fVo»pliiiienrcr/ Court-Ho- 

ly AVttet. 

tgoflfonrOigr l>read, hanghtv, 
arroj^anc« infolent* "'S"' 
fodring* lofty, elate, puned 
up with Pride, hijfh-fwol- 
Un (bimc (^uff^C^id) to xrow 
>road. fweli ur i^ pnffed up» 
.wirh Fri le) prefvinptaoQS 
ri JtlAbtO beauifh , ipruct, 
iplendid, nice in Clothcs, 

iJofr^rMgcilf proudiy.haiigh- 
cily. irr.M^antiy &c, 

fSoffcttbigfft^, Pride. Vaniry, 
HaOKhcii. efst Arrog;tnce, In- 
fo cnce, Prernmptuouincrt, 

iØoflfblf ; Coarciers . People. 
tHac belongs to the Conrr. 

i^flirøer/ a Huncsman of the 

ijofitltlf er^ a Gf^ncleman of the 
K ng'5 BedchatnKer CQ\^tK» 
t^oftaufcc) theGroom of the 

«$offof/ a Cook at Court* 

fSofltv^tant^t 9 i Caterer or 
Porveyor t^ Courr, 

^fltvnttt the Way of Living 
at Cuurti a courtlike Way of 

ifofmaate # Court-Farhion, 


ijofmailb^ a Conrcier. 

vjofmatibø/ adj. courtlike« 

^imanttt,tht Caurt-fafhion, 
Gallantnefs* Courtednca- 

^ofmatftalf the Steward of 
the King'f Houshold« 

^fmeflet/ ((io6 umie i^errer) 

a Governuur, Tutor, (^uué« 
tfofmtfttt) a Steward orMa- 
^øimtfUtin^t f a Governeft • 

^ofmobf f« 4m 

Ordinary ae C 
i^ofllar, the Kit 

igofUr^ftia Chapl 

ry to the King 
^cfraab, aCoui 

King*s Connci 
^c^fretf thb Kin| 

of che Kingos h 
^^offTir, the Wa; 

at Cour'. 

^offToemaacr, a 
that HOT Et for 

"^offfva^tv, a ' 
works for che i 


Office mr Com 
i^offorg. theCot 

igofflproir the Co 
i§offtar# the ] 

igofrey the Hip 

igofte Slare, the 




hipped, hipfh* 
or Hauoch is i 

i^cfceptiie/ theS< 
- gout» 

Pocket of Ho< 

^oitex^tt, out 
whoie Kaunch 

ijofteffaafi the ] 


^ofteveer (• 4c 
^oftiene^Cr Coi 

ment or Scitt 

^» ) 391 ( J^o 

laneer) thc Orde«- , 

Fflfhion or Manner 

interj. Ofio ! 

incerj. ho chcre ! hold« 
:herel hola* htUoo ! 
ir! ftop! be (lill! 

brugte fun i f^tø^nbe: 

i)oIbcD<r (itSaiiO to 
Dpportnnicy > co im- 

^ati^^tb, &\b, bcr 

»gcOStren^rh (5er cr 

retr well , vill do a 
Deal of Service. 

iaftbtO Faftnefs, SoTi- 
Firmnofs* (D(r CC in« 

t« hold, keep) to t^ke 
ain. ru((ain, maincain, 

Sffe oDcrfrcebc) 'o 
fervei live np ro« 
5af#CI(Pe) ro love, che- 
fond le. (|)olbe tormc« 
flfll fdO to be hugely 
iced, make coo mncn of 
felf. (^iht aU faui' 
to approve of. (J), af 
;o keep ofT. Ct^oUe cU 
øO to diverct avert 
>ltl}to foltcit, petition, 
icate for. ((olbc 9ri)U 
) keep Wclding, r^OlDC 
to-keep in Awe« C|0(5e 

rn 09erx)aabcn) to ore- 

nhild at the Font. (^oU 
MO '^ make a Speech, 
; ^UUé) ro keep Hoafe. 

t iOuué, (arme I tmt 

afftc5>o blader, keep 
ry Noife, tbunder. (^, 

'ynué mcb een) to hiin- 

cronghly. (boCbC CCné 
*) to countenanct one, 
i with one. (bolbc faQ 
rioSalc> expofe tofale» 

(bolbe fat tautuøt) to profti- 

ture. Cbotbe Serie) to keep 
holy Day, (J)tlbt fot) to 
fiippofe, eftaem. jadge, re- 
pote, deemth ink, lookup«n« 
tflke. (bolbe for got) tot hink 
proper or fit. Cflolbe for MU 
lifaldr) co approve of* ,Citd) 
to keep from, wichhold. (b* 
fri) to dcfrayr or bear onc'a 
Charges, (fri fflanbao) to 
ccafe from Work. (bCUiøO 
to keep holy, folcmnize, ce- 

lebrace. (beflimetip faoimen) 

to collade» (boé (l^) to re- 
ferve. (b^it) 'O eftc-^in, vene- 
rate, reverence« (b^itibcli^, 
to celebrate, foleinnizt* u 
6tanO ro keeji in Repair« (i 
p^Ob) to preierve, oefend« 
Omob binanben) co compare. 
or match to'^vither. (tUfiaat 
be mcb) to moderate, (b. i 
8>lltine) torefririh, ch^-ck, 
to roalttr. QtoW, i$^ti) to 
be asgood as yoor Word. (b* 
tiøeDOrøO to counterbal^nce« 
(t^fct) to be a Lavjchingftock 
to fomebody« (SXaobe) to 
moderate« (mcb) to fide wi'h, 
ftick.adhereto*. (mobbiSAB« 
ben) to confcr. (tli^tOWft) 
10 uke Utnbrage tp.* (3x011* 
ben) to hold your Peace, be 
filent« (iXob) tu be conftant* 
be always likeyoi]rrelf.(Daaf 
fpOKO to fpare. ($r#OtJ to 

keq^ Touch, (fammcn) to 

join with, (land by oneano- 
rher. (iRoab} to confer No- 
tet, (fta / fon Stiøh, Sroøt) 

to hold ont, keep ((t^ fra) 
to abftain, forbear (ti( een J 
to keep to adhere (tick 
er clea ve to. (@tangen) to be 
cven with,bear np iigainft one 
rSronb) to keep Gronnd or 
iland to your Tackling, (ftø 
tti) to behave, deinean your- 
ftlf well. (tjlbaøe) coicfrain, 


' . '^ ^ 89Q c 4^ 

; nftniii.lnépb«k.OM^) 

' iiidn1(«< copnivt Btt bcir 

' ' With. (til ttMtt) to ha»- 

' band, iDi n«tc «i(liEcDn omy. 

'■ tø. Mim Ml} to cmtiimc, 

; MrftVtic. Cli>ira«lOn> bitr. 

Tuffer, hold oat, OlH) to 

kxdnde. f hm o«. Cmi) le 

coHTinD«. perrcvcrci (o on. 

Otb tiflOfo fcaep mOtrfEr or 

lUptiri to miinMJih fnftaini 

hold np; (fitif) to kctp, •- 

bidftthe Touch. (Itt^ fM - 

flMlfiC VnM VMt) t'i of fo 

«iuy Ponndi W<im. (jHt 

' tUMcfta moBicfat} it ■HM' 

nrei fo iMay Fivt. CW^ ' 

- ilg)tocflntim,c«mprchend. 

CMBprir«. CSIdffn Isner 


tiroGirioff. ttvOkftJm 

■ CB|(>fflliffS>o held ODr.(tB(i 

be ffiiWtiMitn) 'O keep aMc- 

diniB, C^Blte gitt) (O kccp 

tovtu CttlbttflfEicbf 6tB< 

Itr'STRr Qaahi Vog^ to - 

kiicp tShcp, School. an inn, 


gtn) to kttp one in PTifon. 

nolfttftiu Q*ni lilt^ iOfO' - 
. |Q rb haep|o»ChiIdrra fe- 
4lrimlTit9rfiDoI.Cb«ItattR ' 
mO Øclff«») ro bcar. k»D 
ene Cempanjr. C(o(bc gilllO - ' 
M keaptant. ClMlbC ^itTM' ■ 
tCt kf fe Nanllfa} te ko Hånd 
JnRancfwirhene^Cøtn') • 
W k«p the Sat, c|Mc t 

€(lMtR) t« keap vonrBcd. 
Clottt'Cn tA HfltO 'O keep 

'- rtoq- - 


6c) to rr.«on. 

(bolte KB«n) te 

himinthBt. Cbd 

*iti. her, Cbeli 

CptøntO to ha 

■ in Kaaping. fbol 
DrO lo lika 


Cbol»t ten i Ueiå 
. in Snrpancc. rts 
■ to cufriwate Frit 

oi-e. (be»e b» 

giait Account or 
lat«Kr«at Vttn 
nvchby. CttfM 
to fat • graat 
Geoda, tpeftimi 
mttRate. CbM 
3*i»lhlK>3 1 
jVll thefe Goodi 
¥otjoii.(oe(kc ed 
(kcT (Rt fei Kil 
' 400*1 look npeil 
Sqaal. (itf totte 

'. thebifiwir.o 

' 1lg)tokecpon«i 
' Ctsllt «a 1 Cd 
kaap onawithih 
fls rit at Itc> 
langhlnK. CMll 
kaip TiM. C*. 

CkRtfc^ t« ■€« 
ttw} co.faavt«li 
Knod Aeoowit 

^ ) 393 ( Jg>0 

P« C^Ibe (iø fer. 

ceep yourielfin 

irSKrOI ukc ir 
. C^oltc fia nøle 

CO itick clofe ru 

% erti fra f ioeO 

e ar Arin's End. 

.'C one harmlefs. 
fOin Ct @fi&) to 

)efort cheWjnd« 
f)at>ncn^ ro bear 
iarbour« (i^'^ ^ 
)car rcwardi rhe 

Æotftn) to bear 
d. (tM>Uc 5t(t bi 
Jcecp ynnr Loof« 

<Mt fSDøtnf fom 


^er fAili it holds 
Q to be difiiculc« 

.eeping orHold- 

i fr crrlcar men 

:ft)«rltfl} Promi- 
buc Performin^ 

b SAaat) Tave, 
ire (^an (r iltt 

icd) this won*t 

ir won*t do for 

IDcnDO wealchy. 

» Snbflance, 
kepr. (foO re- 
Di ed* 
hold. CtiHe beO 

»ke no Noife, ft- 

[btr (laac eillo 

(land ftill, ftop. 

1 RieaeO foftly. 



a Dotchman , 

^c^Qirnbcvie, a Farm > Dairy- 

i^oUitnDfr, dutch* hollandifh« 

CiaiuiafO « Fine-dtawing« 

CUtttO Holland or dntch 

i^olm t a lirtlc Island« 
i^oIfteen# Holfltin. 
^olileeiieiTy a Holfatian« . 
^oiftetnffi holfatian« CM« 

øccnfP @ilb) bloatcd, fmok« 

ed Herrin«, 

i^olsurti Cyfanie) Elccam- 

igotwing / Honey; C()aDe {^. t 
SAuobct) 00 (BaCbe i $}icrtet> 

CO have aHonev-tongne and 
a Hearr of Gall , or co hs 
doubljc-hearted« (miO £^00« 
ninfj) w.ild Honey« 

^onningarret t mellean. 

honning Hvir thc Kceping 
of Bec6« 

i^onttingblomffec / Honey- 

i^onniitødrif , Merheglin« 
i^onntng^ug f Honeydcw, 

i^onningfuøl/ (£o(ib(0 > 

^onniriQbiit , rhe Honey- 

^onniKøf agC/ a Honey-Cake, 

Sweetin((s. Ci etl Sicfubc) 

a Honeycomb. 

i^onningf fee f Melilor. 
igonniiiølugt^ OdourofHo- 

igotiitingf<^^# mellean f fwect 

as Honey« 
igomtingnrt^ Honey -wort* 
^onninQvaitt a Honeycomb. 
15onningvan^/ Mead or Me- 

rheglin. Hydromel« 

^oitilingviin/ Mellecifm« 
i^ottorerc/ to hononr« (en 

Sejrel) to honour a Bill of 
Exchange , to accept ir« 

j^o ) S94 ( ^ 

fS^Pt a Jnmp« Skip, Caper, 

Capering, Gambol. 
i^oppe # f. a Mare^^trt Sfue« 

(rnf) a Mare for Brecd. 

Cttnø) a Filly or FtHyfoal. 
<3oppe# V« to jtiQip, fltip, hop. 

leap, frifk. (fyitxttt ^tvptt 

i iam af OCcrde) his Hearc 

exnlrs with Joy, 
^pppt^øl, ayouneMare, a 

ijoppemelf f the Milk^of a 

^øpptn cHer ijopning , ^ a 

Jumping, Leaping, Skip- 

ptnt Cpaaeii9ob)GamboX 
t^opptnbCf jnmpint, leaping* 

i^orc^ 1. a Whore, Harlot, 
Stromper, Pnnk, Cr^ck« a 
Woman of the Town or P!ea- 
fure. (øetneen) a Proftimce, 
TruU, Doxy. Drab. (« &»' 

feO > Mi^s* O^i^e efter 90* 

TCr} to go a wenching« 
^OVtf V* ro whore, commit 

Whoredom or Fornication, 

to wench. 
>dorer2(rt# a whorifh Race* 
^OTthavftf a Baftard, Whore- 


^Ottbliff a whorifh Look or 
lafcivious Ogle« 

^OVt^mtt, a Whorehoafe,Bro- 
thel f Stew , a Bawdyhonft* 

^tiia^tv f a Hannter of 

Stcws or Bawdyhoofet« a 
Wenchcr, Leacher, Fornica- 
tor, Whoremafter« 

^oref ippe # a Brothel , Stew, 

^oref^e, a lafcivioaiKisnng* 

^orelernetf Whoring, Wcnch- 

ing, Harlotry* 
^øvtlptif a Whorc»s Pay. 
^otepaf , a Pack mf Whoret« 
"^oreplyg, a Wboremafter« 

i^rerie^ Whor« 

ing, Wenchin] 

Fornication, H 
i^orefitof i laifcii 

fcenc OitcoorT 
^orcféiif a Whori 
i^oreraisrer, f« 

of a Whore. 
i$oretr«ff Who 

meretricioQS. T 
^OttVtTt , t C 

Pander , RiifRi 

v^orevcrtinbf, a 

i^orcvetrttfabf Pii 
dry, or Bawdy 

^ottvift, a Bawi 

^oviiønt 9 che H 
er liøc meb Ootii 

zontal. foetM 
i;)0>(iollt) ir IS 
your Reach , f. 

^orisoiuallT/ a 


^oci^oRtalff / a« 


tal, orrnnning I 

^ori5oiita 3&rcM 

&t\vcnti ^xtht 

er i 3(i>n599nlv 

i$ori30ttt(lr^g , 1 

^OtU, (gtiP) thi 

^ority aHorn. (| 
to wind aHorn, 

øft bet fantme t)i 
bet Dttffe^ to 

plot together , 
gence together, 
ene Qaill. CfON 

Viinben) ro ^ 

cnckold, hornii 
him wear Horni 

btøbtbébO hc 

Plenty or Con 


SS* ) 39JS ( «« 


f korny>offtfiorny 

it, a HorndrcfTcr« 
r « t Wiodcr of a 


t/t Tårner inHor^ 
erhtd * cornntc*' 
, fl corhy Colonr. 
I Hornfirh».Horfi- 

g ,. f n thi Shape of 
made at a Horn* 
å .Cof net* \ 

^,' hard. at Horiu 

s#.. (i ØitO '^* 
ranicla. »f th« £yt« 

etter 6paU# (i 

che Cl«^t of a 
aw or Hoof* 
. 0(|it of Horn* 
> t Lanchorn with 

I , Horn "- Cattlf t 

|||<if# Hom-Geld* 

if an Ointment • to 
the Splitting of the 

9^ a horny Serptnt« 

«# (Stff) Hornfifh. 

ti Hornftone, 

, a Throft with tlie 
a Batting;* 

, the Homoarl* the 

# VeforHmniet) 


f 8 Neighingbir^ 

wich> fi(t» In abont* 
im) by or ivith hi ro* 

Senge %H (I9) to 

ilohey aboQt yoa, 

tf to bnild next or 

• » orjoéningtø. 

tScki a iStocking, Hofe« Caint 

mt1^^§t$nnt) toCttec 

one, fcraw yonrfelf Intp 

ontfs Favoiir* 
Aø^tfUMnbt a Garter* 
i9ofebMii& (Dr^etif cheOrd^ 

of fhe Ganer* 
ijoe biiMttbtfi, abreaft« togt: 

thcr« OHO with anochtr* 
4^tø9< 9 to ly with or by 

one 9 to have camally to do 

with obe^ to cowlo with» 
i^ølijMW f <he lyiAk With, 

Coition , or ^riaal Copvlc- 
. tion^ - ,j • ' 

yioélintuU p ClJKlMeste,) 

bordering upon* condgnoM 

to % adjacent to. 
ijoøpttftb •nHofpiriilot8ph<- 

tlc* (fét 6p€5alfc} a'Lasa- 

rectn or tasarhoure, ^ < 
4^it4MitUf the Cha^tof 

an Hofpical 
^flpitaU • Rpfftan^iif the> 

War^eo o? an HofpuaL 

i^ofl^toff - 31l^fom(ker , tht 

' Revéhiief of -an HofpitaU 
i^fl^oMTf CSprtc i aiQlMlt 

Og OdKoAieO anHor^odar* 
'i^oøfntff.t Jiixtcpo(itton» Ap- 

f^øføettf f to fet or pnt io» 

fet or Join to« 
^cøUntUftf i Jnnaion« 

.4ot(i^^/ to fit by or ar,- 

the Chm-Coogh, Cuqiieln- 
cho* Chnrchyard-Coiigh* 

4ott,^ v^^^oongh« 

4oiNir cicr tijdfbitiigi Covgh- 

•ingi '•' ■ 

ijoftéf/ a Covgher* 

i$oo9«re, to bt by or with^ 
to asfift or bapfrefeiit at* 

^^SofV^CttOftt Prefence* 

^9vmiil»ti prtfent* 



^0 ) 396 ( ^ 

ijotel t a grtzt Man's Houfe* 

ftn Hot^l, t Pa'ace, 
^OXlQi (bvn^té fun adverbiali> 

cer i følgende : jaøc i $)ouøf 
laSe It^uUreC od bu(tret , bet 
unt i bit anbeO ^^ inmble 

togeihn-, throw horly- bur- 
ly, one amon]; anorncr. 

tSov, Hoof. Cfom |>ar fulb ?)0 

hoof-bound, incaflelled oi' 
narrow hceled, CttlbCtCbt 
l^J to pare the Hoof« 
^OV/ jiffc^OVf a Bowner« 
^0Vbeft«9, che $hoing; of a 
Horie, ^ 

^oyCf CO like. (ft (o»e bet) 
ir cakes wtrh them* 

i^ove , Ofttbttfcr Oof# 6rø(Ké 
fun adverbialirer m^b tiC# 
font ti( $)P90 ^' Court* 

•^ove^f Head, Noddle« Patc» 

Poli. (Sorffanb, 93itti-.>t)cb) 

Genius, Wir. (ct ft^Xt po^ 
l>eb) a grcar \Vit> Genius. 
(et l\)ii^t S)eDcb) a mcrry 
Tcliow or Grig, good Com- 
panion , a DroII. Cfadt i 

fto»ebet# (crrO to gec by 

Hearc, imprinc in ene's Me- 
mory, (bc^xibt) comprc- 
bcnd* CtroO to ^* perfua- 
ded, CO belicve (^Infører) 
aHead, Chicf, Commander, 
Leader. (et unbetliQt J)0« 
9ab} on odd Sorr of a Man, 
(et lifti^t lfto»eb) a crafty 
Brain. TUade.(fnebiat ftco^b) 
alongHead. Utbumt^POeb) 

i\i.ackwir. (^aoe noget i ^0* 

Vtbdt tibO to know, re* 
tain in yonr Memory. (t^ilH 
paa) ro conlider, mieditace, 

rcflcd upon. (^at>e QOøet i 
>)oocbet, Dccte fortrebeltø) 

ro be oft'theHinges or Hooks, 

(bttbe ftt ^otcb for fiø fe(o) 

to indulgc your own Fancy 

^ or Huinour. (goae efter (It 

eøet^Obeb^ co bc opiniacK« 

obftinate, hetdy 

(oilbe igiennem i 

to go head i ly ral 
vifedly toWork^ 

iffe i bo^cbcO 
ceiveit. (briiiøe 


oiir o^ one'S He 

(af ftt eøct tftf 

yonr own Head 

fdac bet ttb af a 

fticks to my Min 
ways in my Hct 

iea itu foae i n 


fir ^0T»tb i 9asty 

ching. (^OKM 

* tf fe ret) heison 
Humoar. (ener 
9eb) précipicatel 
Hurry, (^i)an ^a 

' teb)hehasaeoo' 

(al %\nq ffai^at 

?)0»Ct") he MiH 


croubic yonr I 
fouictning. (bVVtl 

Um tlf 6ooeb 
noget) to beat o 

(fitt brobcr mit 

puzzles tne. (fAti 
btt) to cake it intc 


in ^ Pasfion. (^i 

09ei^ (it it>o»eb) c< 


tftHbcxnt (amn 

yonr HeaTds toge 

een for ^OMbet) 

ditgiift. pimieor 

»eb$o»ebet)to ( 

lay Hold of one 

for l^ooebct) 


^ ) 397 ( J^O 

t Tiattt the cephfllic 


« 2tiirf4g I the Head- 
», princip 1 Caufe or 
Iteafoni original Caufe, 
Sitar, the grcat AlUr, 
TLvbti^tf Srudy, Spe- 
ion 9 Application of 


Krgutnent^ the princi- 


[m cQet Ureelt / the 

:ipftl Branch« 
.2Itmeei the main Body 
it Army« 

• llrttVel , the chief 
t or principal Arriclc, 
»lUrpiitg# thennivetfal 

llbaU^ttt, cephalicBal- 

bAfHier^ an OriAambi 
irincipal Banner. 
itVilSf the principal 


bitlf tt the Architrave, 

mmer or Main - Beam 


I>in^# aWoman^sFillet 


bog/ (en JtiebmanbO & 

>rt^# ^ovfM»rt^erie# 
Seatitig or Racking oJF 
Brains abonr fomething. 
y, Application of Mind« 
>r^^cnDe/ hard, diffi- 
laboriousi painfuU 

bagning/ the main 
ling. , 

>tcleF (i en Sino) the 

:icncnt Parts of t Thing. 

^ocamcntcr, (i en @a(!) 

undamental Papers of a 
nit« thechief ororiginal 
ra orWritinzs of aCvitile, 
ct>^r, Cai CO SitU) 

^ove^^1r^# • cardintl Virm«. 
(De fire|)o»cØbobeO thef^ur 

Cardinal Virtues. Jnilice. So- 
beniefbt Wir and Conftancy. 
^ope^'Ø^genfFab/ the princi- 
pal QnaJty« 
^ove^en^e af Ibotbtt, ^éu 
* fosset, the upper End of 
the Tablc. 

^ove^fane^ f. «5o9e^banttcr• 
«JOve^ 5<cflning/ a confidert- 

ble Forirefs, 
^ove^flen^e# a capital. fworn 

or mortal Enemy. . 
1$ove^fIo^| a Rheum, Ct- 

i^ovc^ga^e, the principal 


igoveDgang# (i en 9ru6e og 

SDltnep the principal Vein ^r 
Streak of a Mine. (i en 
i^duge} the middle Walk in 
• Garden« 
i^ovc^giel^ # the principal 

^ove^giel^ner; the princiiff! 

i^ovebgienflanbi the chief 

iJovebgicr^C/ f. ^5ove^brc^ 
i^ovebgoD , (ticnlig for ^ovc« 

bcr) ccphalic, 
i^OPCbgobø I the principal 

Part of nn Eftate. 
i^ovebgreen / the principal 

^ovebamnbf the principal 

Reaion^ ((BrunOfffcntnø) « 

^ovebb^ar# the Htirofthe 

v^ovcbbotr, f. ^ovebarmce» 

^cveD|>cnfigt> the great Ain 
or main End or principal 

«So>7tb(^iitI/ the Mlfter- Wheel* 

<^ovcb«2fnb^olbf the chief 
Contcnts, c he main Points 

of a Bufinefn 


^ I wte ( |t9 

• W§lO ene principal Rkv«- 

' »Ml vf fl Pariflu 

4ovc^ « ^ttbørtbif Ml , chf 

chief ItiKrediemt. 
^SøvtbtJ^t, rhé Cr6wn of cH« 

Htad or Top of rht lUid, 
i^ovdbFaaW hetdtd CiblMgc* 

i$09cMappe, t Hood. 
t$ovebfilbe# chc yery Soprcc» 

che ^eadrpring^« 
■iiowMitft, the Cachtdrtlor 

C»thr«r^tl • Church. 
^^Vtbfla^tf theprineipti 

Coinpliint« ^entrtl Accmt- 

^evtibfnutt, (t c« Ckm^ the 

. main er c{iicf Point of ■ 

^cvttfranbé, t Crown« Gtr- 
, land or Wreach for rhe Htad» 
15o9e^^ttl^9# badigtn, pre- 

cipitately, headlung, wich 
l^vMctUø a Fief held in chitf 
or a Fiéf belcngmg to the 
Lord Paramonnu 

ij09cM«r^oiii# an Axiom. 
Madm » Aphorifm« • main 

ijovcblaf cnf f headcd Lettvce« 

l^ovc^Ielr # tht main Camp of 
an Army* 

4øvMinit, (< etamta%lO 

che dire£bLineofaPedtgree« 
ujoviMP^V the principal Loct 
Portion or Snare. 

^9Ptbiééf headleft* wichoot 
a Head« beheaded 9 withbtit 
■ a Chieit 

^evtbmanbf the chief, tht 

Commander orLeader.CCtifi« 

ter) Fonnder. (fot Cft JtonN 

« |(o() the Ringleader. (»åre 

^OMNmii^) to lead Parties« 

^OtøfMi^bfl, a fovtreign 

_prfiicipat wU, 

rtf# i'l*« 


Fronr of tM B 
løovc^pcrfdiiji th 

fon that aos i 
i^oftpiDrf » cij 

. Supporctrs, 

499Ctpi«t» 'Wm 
. in the Head. 

general Plan* 
4ov€bpomp<^ the 
1Sopc^podl O eg 

principal« the 
or Matcer in ( 

i$9V€bp0(l f (i 

the Head*Sapj 

v^ot^tpubef a 1 

i5o9C^ulver# cc 


i$ov(^ptinVt eici 

the verticai Po 

i^ove^pnnftf H« 
9)toce<p the m 
rhe Subftance c 

øfCfO I^tcdpitn 

1$09é^qvartctr » 
qoarters ojTan 
Placeof general 
or Lodgemcnt 


Dtacharge or \ 

4oi>€& }icb€tcr# 
der of the Ral 

&«le f an Axii 

J&O. ) 399 ( ^0 

øiiHc/ the chief i^otfebflreøer, O S^ØoiQacr) 

the fandamcncal Lines in 
tnim§f t general Drawing, Ondinea. 

^ove^^g, a ycrtical Dire c« 
ib# Cfom øaacr) tion. 

Officer, chatwalks ^ov^fbrøgø, verticallf;. 
ids* ^01^e^ilrØm/ a dired Car« 

in the Head« ^OVtbft^fU, an Arcicle,Poinr» 

the chief pr prind- Chapcer, Head, C^fctSeQ« 

:, ntain Point. (|e|i<d) the Headboard of t 

t Hcaddrefs« ' Bed. 

ifiøf ^QVtbfattf fgovebih^Hfntnø f a Coiifom« 

icipal Propofitii^n tive for che Head« 

«g09e^fiiflt# the Principal, ga- 

(, headed*S»llad» nerai Sum« 

»I a Loft or Damage ^ovibivitnmel , C Diziinefa. 

quer.ce, Giddinefs, Swiminingin tht 

, t cunning Blade« Head« 

^ovtbfvimmti , adj. giddy, 
cheSculIi Brain- vertiginous« 

t^ovtbting, the main Thing«, 

inbft, the royal i5ove&top,th Top ofrhe Head, 

Crown of the H<.ad. (fra 

r f. BcpfFAt. $ot>(6top tiC XobfaaU) ^^p- 

Itf a Arch-Rogne, a pe, from Top to Tee, 

1 Grain. ^OVC^tØif a Headdrefs Ctjf 

f ^ovet>fel^tfIa9f titfti) che Headftall ot a 

! Bactie, a picched Brtdle» 

:tle, general Fight« tiovtX>XV(Zf , (\ tn datøXtti) , - 
* ^f'\ - the chief Striaures. .' v-.* '-^ 

fe^aWomansHead. 'Sove^tv^fning, a fet or pit- 
»rs or Ornaments. ^*^«^ ^*^"** 

O fl Diadem« igovet^trc vler , the principal 

ttf tha chief Game- ^»^'«5* 

1SotI^e^9ilgt# the main Corps* 

g, the original <|c-G"flrd. 

e. igovc^vee, f* fgovcMnt. 

the Capital or chief iSo9Ct>Vfgtf the original 
le Metropolis« Weight« 

qtii thechiefStalk« ^ove^Villbf # the cardinit 
, the Principal« Winds, 

etebdocl og SRenrer) igo9fn# fwollcn, blown oc 

e Principal and In- puffe^f up , bloated« (øiecC; 

009Cn) to fwell , puff op« 

f, t gcnt rfli AlTattlc i^dven^e^, a Swelling, Pa& 
1^ fing , t Tnmvnr« 

^ ( 

■ _■ 

$i i 406 { 

'^^fifr foy> ta rcfoftt.' ' 
4ovtnitf > Jnbilfrion. kcjoi- 
-taitS, Ucrry-mikfn^'^Mlt- 

>4fVtrter Average, a 'frndg- 
* ■ irif Dsy't Worh or Bind- 
'"nilBt to hit Ltndlord. Eond- 
. *8«ivice, VilUnnge, Seccagt. 
iSitK feetttiO "> "f" ["IS' 
ftnikWorIt you irebcDnd 
"■ to by iht I.snl! yen hold 

inVillenlg« or Soccagt, 
941'(rht>»^^Cl « SoccagPT, t 

.i^ thi Ltnd* M-lwItfl in 
''''SoceBgc. ■■ \ 

^«vttitpUBt[^i boutf.tode 

^evfnfVi ftFitrter'ilartctit. 

tiø itutnfiBjm(c) * Vir«so, 
1 Tcrmagflnt. nttnly Womtti). 

tavmtfttt, f. ^mcltrr. 
ovmrjtcTliiet / i. ■^fnc 

>SoviKOft. Prid^ ir»iK)itinc(i, 

Ai;togtn» > PrcTninptian . 
■ Vtnitf. 
igeVflloUl ftø/ CO b« blown or 

piAd vpi gr«w pTond. 
igotfMobiø« proid, haathtyt 
• ittbgaQt* vtcCWfO"^* 
^•»tnoMøctii' prondly, 

btBghiitr &c ^' 

IfoVBCr to fwelU -JM blown 

or pnffcd ap . bf olotitd. 

«5orac«/ SwcUiog, .Bnffing. 

^»or«fpt/ t FiKl^'i Bipc 

<$ovfbMb*baMMif a Harriet*« 

' rier'* Bwwrii. 
i5»vf»iir, lUobmfl, 1 

ShoenaiK'-- ■, ■ 

ijoottinø/ a FtnM 

• CtM, ' ' -- ' 

Urtelt fUlf). 
^tURTtng, tht Bay- 

H«y - makfniV IW] 
^^tbIlll^/ • Mndaw; 
4«chiRMr • Boctt« < 
^^eb^nsr cfitr Z>M 
■ Stow o^'flMp éPm 
^t^rrr«,« fttckto 

in for H<trftt to fto 

^etr#ft, Hay.Math 

Harvaft ar Ctop. 
i$«e»tffler, a Hay 

^Øcb^ftnins, theMo' 

<MliTf I a LoadofH 
rf^elcc, i Scyrii«. 
mt[»ft, aHaylt^E. 
^øemaantb » Jnly. " 

.^Ør« intcij. Dø imj 

bcnrk y«l hcarkan 

ba Q bo thcrc ! h«ig 

^#e> Kager f a Uiy- 

^^f^ivtt a Btkv 

i^tftffaare, a Swaih. 

Giafi a Mower c 

down at one Sttok« 

^eflntU, a GtaTil 

^#e|Tri, Hiy-Mowinj 

^^((Inatfb/ Haymåkfaii 

4< ) 401 ( ^ 

iHiVrKiG^ »r Stick, 

Toek. ■ 

Ct>»} Afi«r-Grari> 


I Pitchfork. 

I Wirp«fHar. 

a Rty-Cirt. 
;«mnli GOmpliirinr, 
Crtid) Afficion*. hind, 
:oodOBicct. Cttnlii, 
(} aStblc. htimina 
iCtelO condcfccnd- 
it$ia9»ni ■ uodtft 

id Invitation, C|i*rt 
rotte etit p«a} to 
•Itte, loci*ilise. ». 
)aMrrVCoiic<itt in- 

civillyt gentcclyi 

f (irtifltrt) civiii- 

rnTteousneff, Pol'cc- 
inteelnefh Complai- 

ty, Hnoiinity. O 
I .good Bncdingi 
Minntri, (<IJcilIit* 
ndnersi Hnintnityi 
tj. C^Htbti imab 

I $*fliept») to ufe 
dly ■ polittly. 
S'Sevlllf Coiiipli> 


, an aqnilinc Nof«. 
Jill arifingGroundt 
en«. Oiben) t Hil- 
(H etat>b») * Sir- 
:fH» af ^} hil- 

hijtb. fcfty. tifing. 
till.'Cbn't itf>0 •» 
ai> iofiyTrtc. ((øi 

tllk(r) grMt Ag«. (UH 

Xaatuj ■ lofty Toiraf Jfttai 
K»|l) a load Voicc.- nti 
6tanO Kttit Quatity. Cb*i 
Sti«) an axtravagant ^ice. 
Oct n ^ei æib} ic IS high 
Tmt. (58it pna Sagtnl 
"Taroflhe Dy. (bfiSaSfeO 
nobl«, illufttii.ns Birth.ftole 
i tn (»iSonO '« i"?«''! ma 
lofty ScrnJn. (6»it Kan!«) 

lofty, rilMimp,h>l;l.-H..>vii«rI 

Thongfii-. (■■«• i'iiiH a 
lofty, laulime StUe. r^ 
6((0 *n ei""' Soo' or Utnd. 
Cmcflct b*ie@dg(0 nbftmra 
Thingt. C^ei VssnfnO « 

lofty, toweritig Strnftura, 
((•it Cprog} a fvblini« 
Langatgc^ompofti Wordi« 
(MetttO gi^evona Pcnal- 
tiet. Cb>< Viiatiro) bnrrlcif 
fomeTaKe). (ilianfi« (lie 
SonttrDiD e(n) to-mtertain 
an bigh Opinion ofone. ($. 
6(alc) an Aeadcoiy.Uivvcr- 
%. Cb*(t ØPiO high, dccp 
Game, (&•< St^} > facrtd 
Oath. <^af'SaiK)a ftrong . 
Colonr. (btt »fDC fa«k ft« 
niø^ititabnveiaa, biyond 
my Reich. (_\ti talmåOi 
beja" btghEMpraifiOn.COJt 
oifhrttn W CO) bighly ia 
onc'aBook, ingtMtPavoQr 

With oni,C3 ^T fat niøM 

fR t*'0 yoo ^** chatged 
nc too daar. (Ønttil Iifl* 
Øtr t*<0 'here Hm a daep 
Snow. C^ltllJ(a|ttb^tuM 
• ha alwayl aimi Et hign 
TUngi. (Celttt n ^eit ippt) 
tha San ia hi|;h, COtt tf f« 
6*11 foc »t dt fDrltoot^ Il il 
tao Mgh foifnato dircera. 
Ctt mwt itit VBttt ZfitO 
a very nigh Dtgrea ef Ho- 
nonr. (fltt Otdnfi M<) ''»"^ 
Men abreal>. CtM« MlWblC 
•- ■ - - ■ *-n«) ht 

J^ ) 49a ( „^ 

mouACtd vp«n tht grcflt 
ttorfc. a^i 9t9Ui) ^high 

Diy.Cttaøfe tftahfit Sina) 

. to aiiii te high Thingi or 
i creat Matters« 
.ij#tat^el# right nobt^ 
^iahtibodttnt right aoblcy 
^ of a noble Family, 
^#tirr9«rMg, right revcrcnd» 

moft revcrend« ' 
ti^imtViJCt^i^fyt^f Itcvtrcnce^ 

CDerc^ $9nrrMtf»l#^) 

moft reverand Sir,- yonr 

i$#Ugtbary hononrtbla^ right- 

ij^tftøttf CO efteem« valne* 
maicaa greac Account of* to 
hononrt refpefit reverence* 
venerare* confider, 
'i^iOØtelfe, Efteeoi* A^fpea*. 
' Veneracion«Reverence,Con- 
fideration* Deference, (mail 
flmief tt^t lt>0 Reputation 
rfterrO Prefertnce. 0>Mt 

Søiaatcffc for) I bøtaote. 

røøiaøtcIfcocrrO eftimable* 
worthy ofEfteem* 

ig#iaareiibc^ hononrable* efti- 

ijøiaøtetf efteemed* valoed. 

fjøi Tiitttf old or great Age^ 

i§#talbrcnbe.ftrtcken in Years> 
advinced in Years« 

i^ØianffcIiØr eminent« wor- 
thytof Worrh« righc-honour- 
ed> reputable, illuftrious* 

^ØibaattUf high-born, right 
nobiy born, 

i^Øibeøavet/ endnwed with 
great Qmliries« Abilirics or 
Qifts, of great Parts or Ta- 

igølbefUgclia eHer bøtf^be* 

flafCUg/ highly, hoienra- 
ble* dolefal, deplorablc. 
^ØilmømmtliQ, veryfamoos« 
tounanti ren owned«celebrat- 

féibeoet^ UglHli 
#tbetrofCf invtfl 
i^øibc, , a BiMi 
Talnefa. CW 

Ci i^øitaO •!« 
Place. (6«|CH 
Altitndc ot c 

SHinhph tttSH 

. tion* CSlaaM 

f^iettc^ theKilh 

f C om i Gtrifta 


i$#iere, C«f NQl 

greater Nnapc 

Caf eta«) ft^ 


tily All Hed or 

preme« C(gie|h 
Sommit« (p^i 
at the beft or 

(boicfte ftaør>i 

lop rerne Powtr 

fDldeiif Ab ti( b 

carry a Scicnc 
eft Pitch of Pt 



^iiotbnbtu, ti 

bid ^1 en 

i^ølforbMitbettf 1 



^øiforrtetf, bi| 

I et ene« 

i^ØiøunfHøy vtr 
01 nifedtonate, 

ijøibcbf Highnd 
Greatnaft» £«< 

S^ )' 403 ( S^ 

i^i^efliøf moft holy t facred« 
^i^itttttf flmbidoas, impiOo 

riout, eltced, hanghcy. 
4^tl«r^/ vcry learned. (« 

^t(<rrd^ ti tleep Scholar« 

ij^Uig, b^iliaenr highly. 

«ctcly> mii^ncilyf abfoluce- 

Ift neccflTarily« 
i^ll^vet/ bleflcd« masnified. 

iJ^lovliS^ very commetidftble» 

vorthy. (3(»uf oromerfe) gio- 

riMS 'Memory* 
lAMfbett^ei highrnned, fono- 

ij^«8ti9# very powerfuU 

moft icrene> hiéh and roigh* 

ty. H^im^U^ t)ttttt) 

high and inighty Lords (Hq* 

ijøiiiurøtigi^c^/ High -and 

^imcffe/ Grandmafs, Fore- 


nanimotts« CliolO f* povmo^ 

^nio^iØM/ magnflnimoiisly. 
^#iai0^igibeO> Magnanimicy* 

GenerQUty« Greatnefs of 


very neecmil* molt nccefla- 

«S#iiti9ttig # very ufefnU 

■Søiopltfl # highly-iHuroinat'- 
edi knowing, nnderlUnding. 
chat has a greac Infighc in 

i$^iprarflcng# pontificaK O 
(r.prft(le(iø VrobclfO i*^ 


^iprifeltg/ very commcnda- 
biet or praifeworthy, cele« 

^\tt9 right« (S)aanb) tha 

right Hånd, 

^#it#^i lively red> fcarler. 

t^Øirøflerf very loud» noify, 

^^itw^ttf bnnched or hpg* 

i50if(C^e# the HeadCeac at the 

^Øtrangftt^ Ecclefiaftes, Can- 

ticles, a fpiritual Song* 
^Sf^ifFaneerUg , greatly or 

mach efteemed« very prt* 

i$#iffoe# a highfoled Shoe» 

i$Øi(liad¥. greacly, verymnch« 
excremely, intirely, 

i^j^lflammetf 6øifliimiiiig# of 

a high Trank or Body, 
tgØiflbc^r^i^eCf extremely af« 

flided or forrowfiil« 
tg^iftb^bende / he , thac bids 

mod or the higheft Bidder, 
i^^iflfarllg^extremely danger* 

igøifll^ffeltg/ moft happy, 

perfc^ly fortn nate« 

ijøiflmagtpAAliggeti^e , very 
weightyorimportanCf of the 
greateft Conieqiience, 

iSØtflffabeUg^ extremely per- 

igøiilflrafvitrbig/ defervlni ■ 
great Punifhment, 

i5øit* Cflf (>^0 highly, greacly', 

mightily« (brite tn Jtonf 

f^etO to bring an . Art co 

^^itavtXf right honoured« 
igøttMivc^ (en @aø) to im- 

prove or cariv on a Matter 

to a high Picciu 
i^øitelfFet/ mach belovadi ve* 

ry dear* 
f^^itfl^Pf/ to foar or fly high, 

i$øitforr(cbf rie# High* trea- 

i$Ølrtt>/ aFeaftor Feflival Day, 
t htly Day« Cotnc l^tiCtl 
e 31 af 


^ ) 404 ( ^ 

éittn^o iiitkc#ne wclcomc, 

f ive him t kind Keception« 
i$^itiOeiig# ro]cmn9 fsftival« 

C^elt. @tabé) Magnificence» 

l$Øitt^eH9<n/ folemnly, in t 

folemn Manncr« Ql^ttbt i$i' 

tibtliQCn) to foleionize« ce- 

^itib€[tg^cN Sotemniey* Cc- 

Tcbracion, Feftivity. 
1$^ttt^eltgt>oI^clfe/ Celebra- 

ij^lri^øbaflf a Fcaft-Day« 
i$øiti^øl)r«t>i(cn , a Sermotit 

praacncd on a feftival Day» 
ifØici^øiBanø, aHymn or fe- 
.. ftival Song« 
vjøitlirøcn^e, Hniarcd tn 

t riung Gronnd« liigh ficoac- 

4<^it 00 cebclr# raagnanimous- 

Iy» generously, 
^øie og anfeeUgty majeftical- 

lyidacely, in great Stare, no- 


ijott oppe, on high, alofr. 

^^itvccn^tn^c, adv. vtry ur- 
gent, cogenr, prcsfing. CfaN 
tifl) very needy > indigcnc» 

nS^ittctngtn^t, adv. very ut- 

i^ØttvavenDef bombadic, high- 
foaring, rnmid, fweUing, of 
a high Stram* 

'5^!t^&flf# high-durch, ger- 

l$<^tvatr^ig^ right rever end» 
very venerable* 

^^ivigtigy very wcij^hty or 

y^^iviUf mod prndenCt very 

^^ftt, a Huckfter, Regrater, 
Broke6» onc, rhar relisfrnall 
Ctranodicies JBy Recail, 

Regratingft StMin 

^i^Htmatftti Brokc 
^éUwavtt Frtpper 
i^frc/ toregrace» r 

by RecaiL 

linen Cap før Cbil 
4^nt, a Hen. (m 

ig^ilt, Henf , Fowl» 

(mit lillc t^nO vy 


<$ønfefier/ Henfeatb> 
^éiifefo^ CUrt) H 
ijøttffgaarbf a.Yard 

^^nfectriirø, ( Mrt] 

^^itff (^Øg# Henhamii 


«$ønfebnn^# « Spat 

i$ønfebttitø# aHencc 

ton, Hcnrooft. 

f^ønfefagl, ^ønfef« 
Cackling of Hens. 
i^ønfefone^ a Sfue-I 
«5^nfefraaø# Gibleti 
i^nfefratmaier, a I 

fcn# ()»or be famle 

ferfl) che Craw of 

^S^nftmatUtf the 


v^ønfepigt/ a Mald, i 


1$0nfere^e/ a Hcn-ne 

^ønfeft-'arn, Heodnr 

i^ønftflangf t Ro«ft* 

*:?ønfe(lie, f* ^^nM 

i^ønfeflopningf Fan 
Cramming ofHen 


^ ) 405 ( J&ø 

9, Cfotroifclt^t Orb) 

iks, Snetkfby« (fiule 

tii>ønfct9»)cornetk, go 


»ører, a Fceder of 

IX. Cbtdfet) harchel- 

dr«(red Phx« (oforø 

itfta^ Asbelt Cbrpbe 

lo brake Flay« p>Mt 
fo fteep Plair* (oi(( 
QrO To8dflax» 

r ^ a Flax-gronnd. 
Hug, thc Cnltnre of 

fftf a Brake for Flax* 
IV9 the Hards of Flax. 
»nfng; cheSreeping of 

^t/ a Bnndle of Flax. 
3 hear, give oife' the 
ig, (paCit tit) to hear- 
lifren, give an Ear to. 
)t) to hcar, obcy, hear- 

I. OiU tilfommO <o 

: Dtity> bccomer be 
reafenable. CM fa* 
I t^te) it is pafTable, 
in allowable or fnfK- 
Excufe. CilbO to bc 
d« cenfnred« to be 
the Lafh of an evil 

I een til en onOen) to 

and carry, C^p^ to 
leave off, discontmne« 
r) ro alk for, inquire 
CO inform yourfelf of* 
I to cxamine. CfciQ ro 
ir. (()øre tuD tii een^ 
i at one'sHoofe. (til) 
one« appertain. (^tt 

n xonøe til, at) ic is 

5ce of a King to. (bet 

en o(é ^anh til, ot) 

le Duty of a wife Man 

t^r bttinb en anben 
I ofll here another 

Time. (*Dngeo (« htf) \i 

came to rhe Enrs of the 

King. Oabf fig f)ett paa tt 
3nllrument) to give a Speci- 

men of you SkiH in Mnfic. 
^^vt»ftvnt, the Faculty of 

^^reganfl, O Øf^O the Pas- 

fagc of the Ear. 
*S^vtift, the rfcaring. (tvng^ 

a hardHearing. C(et)aqi]icK 

Hearing. . 

l$øret^0^e# an Andienet, 
^^Vtnbt, hearing. 
^^vtv, an Hearer. (i en ©fOf 
- le) an Ufher. \ 

^6t^Wt an Anditory. 
f^ørefeatff the Sinewof Hear« 
, ing, 

a^vé ffge, Hearfay. 
^^vtfttvntf an Audience« 
^^vfinHf a Linnet,' 
^é^yiv^t, Lfnfeed. 
^øtgatttf Thread, Yamfpøn 

of Flax. 
^^vqvaatt gridelin. 
"^^r^eaU; a Hatdiel for Flax« 
i§ørl;<;t>i^(ee, a Dealer in Flax, 


^ørig, (bruøeé i @ammtn^æt' 
nina meb (i)btg, fotn : børig 

oa lObia) obedienr. 

t^évftotmtntv, f.^ørt^anbler* 
i^ørf rant/ the Goods of a Flaxn 

^Ørfran^ø^Flax, wreathedasa 

^ørl«re& / Linen -Cloth or 

i^^rolte^ Linfeed-Oil. 
i^drfel, f. *S*velff« 
<>ørfilFei (Urt) Dodder* 

i^Ørfoni, obedient« dntifuli 
obfequious, raorigerous« 


Obedicnce, Dntiiulnefs, Ob- 

^ørftengel eSeretilff tStalk 
ot Flax, 


^ ) 404 ( ^ 

af €f n>o mtke #ne welcome, ij^Perte , ^Øf riitgr S.tuil» 

f ive him t kind Kcception« Regratin^« Selling in finall 
i^^itioeltøy folcmn« feftival« Parcels* 

C^ait. @tabé) Magnificence» ^^f ermarfcr/ Broker's Streer« 

Pomp. "^^Utvavt, Frippery« 
ig^iti^eltø<n# folemnly, in a ^^f i'C^ to regrare. recail» fdt 

folemn Manncr. Qf^olbt (eii by RetaiL 

tibtliQttO CO foleionize, ce- ig^aeFe/ ^^Uiftt Biggin; a 

lebrace« linen Cap for Childreo« 

|$^tti^elig^c^r Sotcmniey.Ce« t^^nt, a Hen« (ung) tPnl« 

l'cbracion, Feftivity. hc. 

^^\t\tt\i§^olUiitt Celebra- igønø/ Hens, Fowl, Ponltry* 

tico« rmttlinetønO niyChickea« 

i^^irt^øbaflf a FeaftDay. ij^nfebe^ , ij^ilfebit) , (Ibt) 
•^øittbøprotDif en # aSermoni Hcn-Btt. 

preached on a feftival Day» «$Ønfefter/ Henfeacheriu 

i^Øici^«iBanø, aHymn or fe- ^énftiob, (Urt) Hena-Fcet 

. ftival Song« ig^nfeøaarb/ a. Yard for Pool- 
"^^itlirøcnDe, finiarcd »n try. 

a rifiogGroundt litghficuac- ^^nfegr^ø, C Uri) CUck« 

cd« weecl« 

^<^it 00 ceteltf raagnanimous- ig^nfe^øg/ Henharm« Henbar« 

ly« gcnerously. rier, 

^øic og anfecliøtf majeftical- «$ønfe(^nnb# a Spaniel. Sef 

]y,(lacely, in great State, no- ting-dog» 

bly« a^ønfet^tiitø i a Hencoop • Bir- 
i56it oppe, on high. alofr« Jo". »^"^Ji^^- . , . 

•3øltr«ngen^e, adv. ^ry ur- cackling of Hcns« 

gent.cogent,prcsfingCf at. ^ønfeFone, a Shc-Ponlterer. 

tlfl)very needy. indigenc. §;„}efraaø, Giblets ofHetn- 

P^®'* i^nfefrotmaier, a Poulterer« 

^øitccenøenOe, adv. veryut- ^^„fefroe, (SSdwn wb i)at- 

gentiy. , , , f<n, 6»or te fomlet «orDi(. 

^øtcravenDCf bombaftic, high- førft) thc Craw of Heni. 

^Jfl^ArlTn "*• ^''*"*"^' ""^ igønfemarret, the PoiiUry 
a higri bcrain« Market. 

^^it^t>{(, high-durch, ger- ^^nfepløe, a Maid, that fet^i 
'"*"• Hcns. 

^Øiv«rMg, right reverend. ^^„fere^e, a Hcn.nel^• 

very venerable« •, ' 

^.. . ., „- • L 'S^nfeffarn, Hcndung. 

i5øtvigtlg# very weijjhty or ;:'; . ' « a 

niaterial« ^øntejlang, aRooft. 

i5^ivil»# moft prndent, very <y^^M^t, f. ^ønfc{?«uø. 

judicioui* i^ønfeflopningf Faccening or 
fS^Uv, ■ Huckfter, Rcgrater, Cramming of Hent. 

Brokf s. onc, that fells fmall «$øn^eti^| Qat |IQ9C Cp) Jakin^^ 

Ctmnødtties By Recail« Time« 

^9 ) 405 ( J&> 

leftks« Snetkiby. (f itlle 

en$onfct9»)corneak, go 


iioøter, t Fcedcr of 


f. ^^9. 
?Ux. CNflfCt) harche!- 
or drefled Pl'ax. (oforø 
Ibcd'a^ Asbelh CbrQbe 
} CO brake Fla^. (bMt 
j CO (^ecp Plax. (pilb 
> Urt) Toadflax« 

ler , a Flax-gronod. 

[vliii9/ chc Culture of 


irf ff; a Brake for Flax, 

aavi che Hards of Flax« 

ø^nfn9# che Steeping of 

Ift^t/ a Bnndle of FIax» 
ro hear* give oife* che 
iring, (paa^ til) ro hear- 
« lifren, give an Ear to. 
ipbe) to hcar, obey, hear- 

to. Ottr ti(fomme) to 

the Duty« becomer be 
t» reafenable« Cb^t la* 
fiØ f>^^0 ic is pafl*able, 
I an allowable or fnfK- 
it Excafe. (t(bf) to be 
ned« cenfured, to be 
ler the Lafh of an evil 
»pi^. ftMtoaførCf fUiN 
fra een til en anOen) to 

h and carry, C^p^ to 
>i leave off« discontinne, 
for) ro alk for, inquire 
r» to inform yourfelf of* 
fr) to examine. (fci[) to 
hear. (børe ihD til een) 
:al1 at one'sHoofe« (til) 
bclong« appertain. (bet 

rren ^onøe til, at) k is 

Office of aKing to. (bet 

:r en oié !Ranb tir^ at^ 

t the Duty of a wife Man 

(b9t bertnb en anben 

19) ctAl here enother 

Time* (gongen (« bet) \i 

came Co the Ears of the 

King« (Tabe fig (øre poa et 
SnSrument) to give a Speci- 

men of you Skill in Mnfic. 
^^vttVtvntf the Faculty of 

køregang; O O^cO the Pas- 

fage of the Ear« 
i$ørelfe# the tfcaring« (tvng^ 

ahardHearing* (UO^^^icK 


tSøHXXl^ttf an Andiencc, 
^^ttn^t, hearing« 
v^^rer, an Hearer. (t en GfOa 
- le) an Ufhcr« \ 

i^^refal, an Anditory. 
i^ørcfentff the Sinewof Hear- 

^^vi fist, Hearfay. 
^^ctfttvnti an Audicnce« 
^ØtfinU, a Linnet«' 
*^éiiv^ti Linfced« 
i§ørgarn# Thread, Yarnfpnn 

of Flax. 
^évsvaatf gridelin« 
"^^rbcate^ a Hatchel for Flax« 
^Ørpah^Ue, a Dealer in Flax, 


^ørig; (bruaeé i @ammenrat« 
ntna tneb ipbtøf fom: bøng 

DCI lobtø) obedienr« 

i^ørrrormmerf f. ^ørt^anMer. 
i^øtf ram# the Goodi of a Flax-< 

^Ørf ranbø^Flax, wreathcd as a 

^ørl^re^ / Linen - Cloth or 

i^ØroUe# Linfeed-Oil« 
<?drfeU {. *S*velff. 
<)ørfilfe, (Urt) Dodder. 

^Ørfom, obedient, dmtfulf 
obfeqnious« morigerous« 


Obedicnce, DnciCohiefs, Ob- 

^ørftengel eScr^tilf/^ tScalk 
ot FlaX| 

^ ) 406 ( ^ 

mrttm Flt](wttd, Toidfltx. 

jf#(l# Crop, Rarwft CSttt« 

' Ml) Vinttge* CfoM ^cf 

Mi^ifaO tqtiimiitL 
i^# i£#fU|Mtib# AnnmiH 

HtrveihJinc* ^ 
i^^^rbci^, Htrvcft-work» . 
^Mtwif tucamntJ Brttd- of 
. Ltmbt Cliickfii te»/ 
^MtMovfUr« juninhial Floir- 

i^Øfk^ tolMrv«ft> crop» raft» 
to Mchtr cheFmiu aftn« 

. titid. OrO to g«c in yovt 
Hftrvtih inn ir« 

tS4fttføttt thekcAp^i|^;fiti^ 
veiraeiw ^ 

^egiltoe; « Hanptll««ft. 

^éfttmtmit a Rttpet. Hatveft* ' 

maa. 0Bii«(tKcnuuiO Vin- 
^éftttf reaptd» harveftcd. 

^ttm^p Oiik at Mit) Har- 

4^(lfni 9t/ anrainnal or late- 

ward Fruiu. 
4#ftfs9K» • Kt«y *io» f r. X 
i^MinmbØøUf the tBcmnnal 

Iffottf^ t Harvaftwoman* . 
Hig, ancvmnaL 
tti Aiigiift. 

t lateward Pcar* 

(I&f ancumnal Herringa» 
^ Annumif tht btter 

^ftøtitf Harvaft-Weatlier* - 

iSévebømimb/a Captain* Com- 


^cain's Ofiict« 

i^^vfr a pline. (ØCetheoQ 

t Smoobhing Ptant« ( tiw^ 
tø»n « Cortiifh-or Bed- 
inoii1ding*Flane. ^tn^nnU 
IdlMljlQChainfering« Iiol- 
Itwinf ^t chahelling Plane« 

i^vtftV ino«laft» cliftft« 
r«ce» fober« wtUHM 

i50«lff# adv.modaftly^ 
ly. fobcriy; .- . ^ 


4éVitt CO f^fOM^ to ffl 

or naka imoof h vich 

to niMt .Wood 
^Mibanfi aToinar^ 
^vltbcenH^ttPø che 

a loiner'i Bencli« 
^}9itban9$fttut, tb 

of a ]oiner'a Beodw 
i^Meflor^ tbt Vic^ 

Joiner'i Banch« 

^#9lcf|p4a«# thaShai 

ing or Smoothening 
^*t# *^t^9te(fef te* 

^tti (6inb og S9tt<] 

Inclinatton, Hnmoii 
Difftofition, WtiL ( 
tailb^vOhy Defirn, 
Porpofct purpofelys 

ijnb/ Shin, Hide« Ctl 
Pallicle« (tnMf $•: 
baater^ Skin. ($ 
St>aat poa) Hidea 

. Hair. (banfteenfi«« 

give one a found Un 

Cafontbe^O togali. 
en 9Ccm af en nnbcné 

. cntaThongofanorbc 

((»an barbeeair betm< 

^ot} he has paid evc 
of ir. 

i^ubena %^abéuin§ 
gnibninøf the Sbra 
Galling or Fretting 
Skin, Excorianon« 

m ) 407 ( ^tt 


o hetl opinco4i 

ir» conrolidace» 

*i ft Whipping> 



lipt« fconrged. 

» chafe or lofe 

Gall or (li^ht 
ing oftheSkin* 

hanging of thc 


man chatmakes 

en, f. ^tijen os 

Stripes, Drub-^ 

{. Ciicttt meb 

) a Slafh, Cut, 
>be beaten* get 

t een et 2\t> fum 

ive oneafound 

hcw. C^n^Qt 
cteavc Wood. 
dO ^o chop. 
:o chop> f^rike 
wdowrr. (f)n^i 

nem SIen^cn) 

Way thi o' thc 
m om ftø) to 
h your'Swora, 
caive. C^aøflC 
cut in cwo> to 
rodivide. (&ct 

|(jen cllec «uN 

fen) ir Is mere Nonfcnfe; . 
therc is ncicher Rhime nor 
ReaTon init, ((^nøøeløépAi ' 

(inanben) to fall upon one 

another withSwords. (htiQ* 

geneb/ maffacrcre) to bat- 
cher, mafTacre« ((^ttdøC neb 
for Sobe) to put all to the 
v^uggebisnF, C6o* Slagtere) a 

Hutcher's Chopping-Board* 
*^ug[gcblof, a Sutchtr's Chop- 

ping'Block or'aBlock tocnt 

Wood on. 
^uggeiernf a Chifel« 
l^nggeFAar^e/ a broad Sword<» 

a Backfwordta Simicer or Sf^ 

bre CO cut with* 
^nggot/ f^iiQQZt, cut» hewn* 
dugger, a Cutter, Hewer« 
i^uggeø og flaaeø, to fight 

wich Swords« 
tgugge(FoV|a Coppice orCopfe, 
i^uggetan^^ C^i(br9tnl) « 

i^tigntng, (i en ©f oo) the Fcl- 

ling or Cutting down of 

Trces in a Wood. 
^\lH:^tm, an Alder« 
^ngfli the Felling or Cntting 

d iwn of Trees. 

i^ugiliertf (en liladi S)ue) 


^ui og ^4ft/ (t 'en i^ut og 

^dft) prccipicattly, in a 
Hurry, with greac Speed« 

i^iitr CøIffbeCtgt @(riø) « 

Shout, Huzxa, a Cry of 

^uUt (booere) to fhout, cry 

huzza, rejoice* exulti jnbi- 

linjen eHer Roveren # Shout- 

ing, Huzzaing, Exulting, 

^iiUn og©frigen/Cpatt3fl90 

»5«^ V^^ 'jnF f fitting Jqnat 
upon che Tail. (gSH VM 
Quf) to At fquaty ^(Q cower« 

Jptt ) 408 ( ijBI 

Afk to An jle^ Nook» 


'uVer, "IK^^« 

t)Ioy, Kind of a htftvy luir« 

."Vow^lUrned Ship« 
.i<Ofnuiill# Gnomon, 
^i$uVteaAUltgf.Gno(nofiia, |;ht 

Art of DiiUng« . . 

^nfn^^^^ntf^fonftf theArtof 

^nfonmtr to rcmembcrt cdl 
N to Mind. (• ti>Ml^OIMICf fønr 

er mtve tnruøcltø« ^ 
ijiifommeii?/ ch^t my Ke re* 

merab^fed or culled tu Mffid* 
i^OfomiMelft I Memory, Re« 

.mtmbranct, rhe Ficttlty or 

Power ofKemembrance* (af 

IføneyKiø SOufDininclfO ot 

ileiTed« elorions Memory« 

(øob 6tt?oinme(fe^ good, 

true Memory« (({et/ fof C 1)0« 
fommftfe} < bart, fliorc Me« 

mory« røiifommelfef fem 

baltid bedefDer^ a ready 
Memory, (df Ou(otDmclfe# 
tlbeitilO byHeart« (eimin« 
Mfe) Monament.' (mm ^u« 

tDinmelfe ffddet mia fetO 

my MenAory (ails me* 

^ttfommeirea'jefti ({fol 3^« 
berne) Purim. 

^ttfomiiielfe*'i5uHitber Mne- 


t^tifommelftecpaiief a Me- 
i^ufciiøtiielfeeSfdfrf a Me- 

moriindnm, Memorials Kote* 
^ttf^mmeffe« Støtte # a Mo<* 

ifof^Bimelfea'Cegn > O en 

ioj3 a Taffel/ 

ijlifonime(feo*X)aAbeit^ Arma 
hotig op to preferve che Me«* 
mory of fomething conlide« 

ijttff vmelfefffVerf/ ao Aa of 


ijniøtMKlfetf X>ecø# t^chni* 
ctl Verits, 

ble, notahk^ •' 

i$H^ aHok. C<^3ocle 

[vaa et Coi) ■ s 

[6routbttQ ■ Lttf fc 
'&aa et Itlie Sj)unå^ 

ét an HoQfe of OoN 

ee $itl t Btenben) 1 

the Ranka of Hic 

(et Itbetliøt duQ i 
honfe. (fribe om i 
fer} to naontStewi 

(t>.iSinleiif naari 

a Ditnple« 

i$ulN f.(9cøemetf)r 

drConlUmtion ofc 
Opnbe« Favoor,^ 
lence.(fMnr(|e t)ll(b« 
fPab) to Avear Alleg 
1^ul^, adjL affeCkionate 

«$tl(^fFaP f Affedion. 
will. Kindnefs, S 

fe# Homage. 
^liUf C a Cave, Caver 
to, a Den« (fulb a 

^nlt, C. (tS>ttdnbeo) 

low of the Hånd. 
i^uUi V« tohollow« c 
^tiletf cavernona> h( 
^uift, to fob. 
i^uUeti foll of Holet, 
^ulm^^ame^ (eCSIa 

Trollmadam* ^ 

i$ulterrU3^ti(rerf ho 


conftifedly« . 
i^itroeiiri Hnmonr. 
i^iimle^ Hop orHoVs. i 

^nmleb^uøe eder 9i 

i^iimieiranVer aTendr 
or fmall Branch of 

*» ) 409 ( 9« 

.■StdtArllflpt. iSunt>ebangtr , tht 1 
~t ■ FoUtenH)(e EvtI, die cmine * 


, by. ^iiii&tbi>ti«/ * Dog1unn«l,~ 

'.ommtlntt-Srmt <^lln^ehltl, * DonKccin. 

nbbiO « Drone. ^imbtlrr , (. SfonitfM. 

• Lobtlcr. ^iinStfoiit-cl , •.LMfh, 
it, aLobllet-BDrt, nc^iiii&cFi'ampci Diftortlon. 
»c, th( Cltw of a r^iititclivbt, the iTipof • Oof. 

•5un(ifl(iife, ■ cUin (or « 

»lialr. limp. hob- Dag. 

^uitOcacrfCi ^MUftvM, tht , 

• Bnnch . Hnmp. Snout of • Dogl. 
(Iilini ^ort^O' > ^ull^t^>llr«tl . > Lovci of 

ovgb. ruggi . 
ly. (bumpitte^t* 

OhUon(. - 

i5i'n6tt'iniPt r f. ■SiiiilMiwfe.' 
Øtaf) a Fniul«! ^iinfttsfttiimtnrobliiig, thi 

I.Mllli^g Oi UogS. 

■ She-tpt. i^unt)» Spoi'lng, ilie Sctnt 

« feinilc Elm. ol Do^i. 

i(ttc> litnileFJaw* fjiinecftkrnci 'h« Oagftii. 

■^iiiiCetanft, theTooihoft '^ 

og. Ctn gok ftoit) ' Dt>|t. -,..„-. 

condiciontd Dog. ii^itTi^clilUOtf (UtO Hoond'l 
ifl^unb) »Debin- " Tonito% . 

Fro<tiK>l. i$tiii»r»f Imndt«!. M tlUI' 

*. (til aafltJunbO 6tt60 ■ Hunrtrc'i . » C«nt. 
i^iintvtCe 3avi huiulreJYcirt. 
Btiony, Dogber- i Ccniur][i an Ai;e. S 

Do»-IIitin» ^unbifDeiolCf ccniup)«. hin* 

, Voog'.<I.y.. ^^-"^i\ 

turrj Uogbine. r{,i|,pr,t,e (BaHBCf ■ linndMd 
I, a w;iipper ti, Tim>s, 

»n ttnf 'l£)Uabti Eryngo. 

bc one't Dra<l]{e. ^un9»9tmr«it> f hnnitcd 
the Grcif« of ■ thoufind. ' 

^iinftrtftCf ccntcfimal. 

» Dogf or Conch- scuiT-dral. « 

'JhnbtfotV, ntnghty. I»d. 
lanti«, a MtftifT* knivifh. 
maite of U»ih« •jiinMffttfrit r •»»»»•rT . 
ricb NmU, fcarvy Trkkt. ^ 

^tt ) 410 ( J^U 


«jittttff# åtgpCht canioe, 

«$nii^(ltgle , CSilO > Stickle- 


Ǥun^UC# a Hen -Pigeon. 
i$tin^t<^f thc Female. 
»^imftigl f the Henbird » Fe- 

roile« Shebird« 
lounger I Hunger, Apperite, 

Scomadu CMt S)»^ to ftay 

one's Senmach, 
i^UliaereRf^b / Famine. 
^unattt ro hungcri be hungry. 

(eftw IlOfleO '« be grcedy 

of • defirous oft ro covet. 

Cub) to famifh, to iiarve* 

v^ungrig, hungry. (m?øcQ 
fhtrp fet. (jtfttt tieøcO 
grcftdy of. ' 

^iinf^att, She-have. 

i>5uiff atiartefugl , a Hen • Ct- 

r^ititlfttlin/ a Doe - Rabbet. 

^iinfnt, a She-Cav 

KttinFtøtlr the Female Sex. 

^nnla^f a Spawner- Salmon, 

^ a Salmon wirh Roe. 

i^tinfpnrre^ a Henfptrrow. 

^n om fyti tUtt putl mf)ti, 
f. (Sr. (i <n buctotnbeO >n 

ahurry, prccipitsitcly. all 
on a fndden, hadily* 
«jtirr4f intcij. Huzza. 

^xitti^f si5»le» aftive, nimbic, 
expeditiouS) quick, lively, 
p.omc. adroit. C^aa 95c* 
IlCne) nimble of Fcet. Cbur« 
ti%t ipODCb) a quick Wit. 

^imiQtnf aftivcly, nimbly* 

^nniQ^e^i Agility, Aåivicy, 
ALiCricy, Speedinefs, Nim- 
Menefs, Dexteriry. (^tVi 
ffanbO Prafcncc of Mind, 

«o"f<<Vi a HafTar, 

^nthénhtf the Mafter orlfa« 

fter of th« Family, (Ctcrcs 
af et 3or5eo»d4) a Proprieo- 
ry , Lord of ■ Maner« • 

^uf^i (Sremmebc) co lodp» 

harbour , giva Lodgingr to» 
i^tife/ ^nVtf to remcmbcr. 
((^ufe |iaa> ro recollcdl. f» 
erin^rc• . 

i^iifere, O'ti^ tneb) to fpoBj 

lay wafte, ruin, dcfolat^ 
^ (med een) to treat ont ilL 
vex teazf* hiir. 

i^itfet/ Idr. CaoaepoatmfM) 

to go to the Hoiife of OfiOk 
to. eiife yotir Bel^« 

^ufcre ^erbcMrtngr Rcpair« 
^ttfete j^orgapli the Front of 

the Houfe. 

^uretø Ubp^nminø m^ 
i^utiegeraab , the Embtlli- 
f hing of a Honfe with Far- 

i^ufetø i^erre # the Mafttr a( 
the Houfc or Family« 

^iifUt, f. (>ttfe. 

^tifFtiD# Fraorion. 

i^iiflrue , the Wife« 

^ttivalti to eafe, r elieve, cpm* 
fort , confolate , alleviate, 

i^iifvalelfe # E^ife , Relief» 
Cemfort , Confolation, 


iCiinValelfe/ rclieving, com- 

^ixtlt ub t (ot>er{F«n5e aa 

fFamme ub) to reproach. 
reprimand , chide one» 
fcoldathim, to fnub, ratcle 
hira to forne Tune. 

«5iiiig f f. ^ng. 

vjtm(#hollow,imbricatcd, deef* 
coiled. C^ølfic) a rolling 
Wavc. Cf iinge^ t hollow- 
whc:ted Biidc. (forffadco) 


I ) 411 ( ^tt 

i^ittøbe^f tirt ncctfltry 
Thingt belonging to anoiif«» 
<til $Uttlb<(0») for ft CoflK 

^nuBtttm^f • BcgMr» that 
gO€S • begging trom one 
Doer CO aaomr« 

i$iiis#brttø^ f/ijmiøfrUL 
^nuicapti, a prWace Q]ia|»tl; 
i§uaKapetm # t Chapl«in » 

Cnrata* ... 
»ttt»brif, Drdinr^ Drink* 
(uitft^# a domtftic AnioHiL 

raina Creatnrt* , 
tSnHBtft^ltf an Icciclt* 
i5tttte»l£gtte# Domefticit 
i§ttn»fa^er I tlyi Faclitr or- 

Head of a FamtW* che good 

Man of the HoBiCi tha Ma» 

fter of the Hoofc. 
t^tinefoøc^/ a Steward. Honfe- 

keeper, Catercr or Spencer, 
i^miøfolf # Domeftict* Fani* 

lies dwelling in a Honfe. 
igunafotrretttinøctf domeftic 

or Houfhold-Biifinefs. 
iguuø fra i^titif / from Ho^fe 

to Hoafc. 
i^uuafre^/ domaftic Peace» 

i^uuafnie, the Miftrefs of the 

fSnntqttaåbf Hovfhold-Far- 
nitore, Utenfils. Honf hold* 
Implemencfl « HoDfhold-^ 
Stuff* Hovfholdgoods« 

fguuageiln^C/ the Family, 
Domeftics , Servants of the 

i^tttt6pei!iitat€ftAitb# Dome« 

^iin9*<Btvottt domeftic Armt. 

lomeftic Ser* i^uiiagu^er, C6eé'fi€bniii|(ene) 




rp Blade, 

rnefs* Cavity, 


ove fl hoUow 

a Gfooviog* 

nfered Ledge* 




icave Mirror« 


ilochyt Hart* 

Cpatt fianbet) 
fe. (Dberbiu 

UO the Up. 
the Houfe of 

er(^ufet) the 

or the HoDfe 

(bcfPifte (it 

n Order one's 
your Aft'airs, 
ofe of one's 
røe (tt f^QUép 
r Houfe with 

ade til Safte 
et formaacr]) 

affords* C60I' 
•)uuO to be a 
sbind« Ci^ah 

\Uh 3 1^0(50 
> you make« 


>riyate Devo- 


modeft Poot) 

Penatest HoQfnoldgodf. 

^mx^t^tttt, the Maftar «f tha 
Honfa* Lfndlord* * 



' ^t ) 412 < J^ 

.^nnt^^lttVf Cfom Whtt Hl 

r ffiaaH^ a Husband, Ecuno- 

fnift, O et f&UUé) t Hoafe- 

keeper« Cacerert Steward, 

i^mie^oI^ei'fF / economical > 

rpai inj^, thrifry, 

1$nn9t>ol^er(f, adv. fparingly* 


l$mt6t>oi^er(Fe| aHoafekeeper. 
a H'jurewifc. 

^niefyoMnQ, Honfekeeping, 
Economy, the Manaetng oif 
(onibcb)Hujban'lry. CctSrtt' 
tottmm^ré) Houfewifcry. 

che Regulacion of Hoafe- 

i^unepoIMngø « Kegler , eco- 
nomical R«!cs» 

t5iiu6(>olMnge ' Baøer , do- 

meilic Affairs, 
•juufijomfrne # a waicing 

<5miefi^b;flBargain, Purchafc- 

Biiying or Empcion of a 

Ho 11 fe, 
vjiinoFlÆber/ Dishabille, Un- 

drjfs or Homedrefs. 
^miefovj, a domclbc Evil, 

daiiy Plague« 
i$ilU6fo(l / ordinary Fare , 

^titiøFrig cUev ^r«trc, domc- 

ilicQnarrei, domeitic Feud, 
^mi^ltlZ, Honfc-rcnt, Hirc 

of aii Houfc« 
^tliløligf faniiliar, domef^ic« 

(for fon lig) fparin??, ccono- 

micalt frugalt houfewifely. 

i^tuieligen , cconomically , 
frugally« fparingly. 

i^misligbe^, good Husbandry, 
Economy, Thrifcincfs* Spa- 

^tltl^Uø/ Honfeleck or Sen- 
grcen. QliUO Stonecrop, 
Jiccit Houfeleei: . Frickma- 

^nntUt, i Shclccr 
Abrde, Loffgfn| 

. ()uu5lr:0 to gii 

gin^, CO harboi 
^tiuemanb # « H 

Lodger • in U 

ijnnøTfiober, thel 

" good Woraan of 

Ri Ige or Top of 

^uiiø og ^itm f t 
an Abode> Dwel 
Habiration. Mai 
Ho o fe and Hom 

i^iiuøor^eii 9 Ron 
pr Dtscipline. 

^luepoflil/ a Ct 
Sertnons, or a fl; 
tion of the Goff 
home on Stinday: 

^un6rAa^r domeil 

^ttuøraaMø, fparii 
economic, hnsb 

i^tttteraaNgeii $ 


Husbandry « S] 

^iinetegimenre ^ 

Government t Ec 
^uiiefT^if , domeil 

or" Mønner« 
^uuefTo'ei a privi 
^mieforg / che < 


i^utiefpøgélfe/ an F 
a Spirit haoncing 

rJtitieilanDi the c 

i^tinef^fie^ domefVv 

^wwetczfUv 9 a Ti 

^iitietofti a Toft or i 

a Houfc Hood on 

^utiøtømmer^ Timl 

Buiiding of HoDl 

<)tutentgrf aHoufh 

^UUør^P/ a dorne! 

>« ) 413 ( J^ 

iilttr, domtftic« i^valfffMetK * Cltf S«rbc^ 

ttéMBt} tp do- WhiUl^one» .• 

nrfelf. ^val^fFefanQ^i dit CacdiVr 

re* domcftic ^^ Whtlcs. ; 

i^DAlfi^Vefang^f tfie Catchmg 

lofMfticAflfairt. . . ^'|i,™"» «^Y^l*^ , 

i^valfiff c({tttter, ihc Fin« o^» 

dlordorpwnor ^.^^ nJti^«/ ^ 

3r driven from ^»j"**"««^ *• !•«««• »^ • 

r,cheSearching ^'^}'^'^1^T^^^^ n.M. 

. . . £)oa(pc) te wh«lp, . , 

I:T:**/*J"^o< 'Spalpci to wlielp: pup. 

«? ftMb foto ^ Seed of WUlef. 

O whatifkhe tSvaivcBfValnth^SfåhotCu 

> miø annaact) éy^aiipaf B1ttbber» 

or ts to mc, ^x>aiipcvmt, Spérm'a-Cttu 

^l* . ^va\t, 04 ttKifee) vaiiltcd» 
whether. arched. rftilrc (^DOU) t« 

rli^i whatevety arch« vaultf 

any* i^val«Ult9e# a young Whalt, 

ch> vavlt* make ^ fharp-edgtfd> ciitting«(fpiM) 
Vaulc* poit\ted> fharp* . 

valt* ^VMfinfMg, ntvilig pointedL 

lArch« aVanlt« Fms« 
oof. (£øna(|na ^vM^t^, Sfiarpnefst Råen* 
:o I 8<arttningcr) ' nef«, Actntnefi, ^ 

((>JKiU Sum i tSvtht,vfhM.C9anti)hwd' 

Concatncracion. "^ ^^ wheir • 

OiheCanopyof ^^^^ ^^^^ Whettfield, t 

A II f Field 'fown With Wheat. 

' i^vetcbr^/ White- bread* 

t^tte, t Center »"»^ »^ ^''^'»^«* 

1$ve^ebr^D•^lløt f Honey* 
•,archwife.bow* moon. 
Form of an Arch« 1gve^c^4(m# Straw of Wheiti 
ibø/ a Wafp« Wheacilraw« 

iT/ a Whale« ((p tSttttif^ft t Wheat -Harvcft» 
g Whale« Reaping or Githering oi 

r ofthe Nature .^j^^ll „,. 1. 
» cetaceons. ^Vt^tfli^s Wheat;Braiu 

i ah Stit for ^vc^ef orn/ .Grain of Wheat* 

i$9f ^€« 


j^ ) 3|^4 < «* 

4n«MM&; UA rf Wfaelt. 
Ammm«I# Uwl df VWt. 

^vcbéb whcncci from wjwnce? 
cM»c4tMC>a Shnf of WhcM. 
^Mb»e<C», WhMt Town. 
i^PVOfCf to flitrptn. «h«ti ftr 
' OB Edg«. mike niatp. 
ringt thi Settmf on Bdfc, 

nj in Ann. 

I Borcbn'i Steel. 
^VCfrfcØMtl« tWbR-Stonc, 

• H<m<. - 
ifttbfitt whettcd, fhrpcn«!. 
^octwttiMør f. ^mbfett. 

^9Cmr wboi accnf. ftc, iriion. 
(totm et ^r ?} wb« i* Kere 7 

(liKai tater 3 cif?) whom 
do VOR fpMk ro? (^n af 
ttlj whethtr of two? 

^WmfMibcIft, whofoevir. 
whonfntver. ' 

^Vtpå, Wtfp. 

SVCTi *t^9tt, cvery, cverr 
«ne.- ntcr dntM) cvery 
other. CfK fifl} eiA. f. n> 
' (ver. 

^vtt»n»9i ou tiiMbtr, etch 

^vcmSf cTerjDij', iliilf, m 
•ny Tifli«. cver. 

^MCbAØti cvciT Diy, qaoti. 
dfin. diily. ^(hO ■ 4B0- 
tidlM Agne. ^rhiM) dai- 
Ij Uboar, (AlalwO ordi- 
HHjr, common Clochtt. 

^»tCf4R8f cvcry Time. 

'ivnttH, neitticr. ((Mrftn 
mrt btrøibe (Sf t n»6<naflO 
neither by fur Hemt nor 
by For". 

ijvtcftnn^Rf the nfiiter Sex. 

4vttwunbi every onc. aoy 
Body, tU Mtn, iIl tht Wørli 

^vcroMiiM <^t«r « «•«■« 

Pro Hin te, j„ 

4»(ntatt*4lfHtr ■Mil) 

Hourc. ^^ 

<gp(rmiin&e3iwt, sLanghiaj. 

Siock 10 all rhe Worfd. 
^vnmanbt Vtn, every Bo^ 

t'riind. * Ftiend lo il). 
^vtr (In (Sang, every onB ifl 

hre Turn ot Ordcr. 
.^ocrtib, cvery Time. klwiyi. 

'•jucrx'Cf to beit upfarVoInn- 
teers. to levr. nife. lill ot 
enroH Soldiei), to r«cririi. 
(bDCTDcincIi {QtaaO '•prtTi. 
Clubt fiaivtnt) lobeenlilt- 
ed or eiifolUd; to CMbII 
yonrfdi m Soldier.,. .. 

^vttvtr, one tli» liftiSt)- 
di«N, t reciBirifl^ O*** 

^vttviag, L<vy, RufiqfcUf 
ingOT EnralUngof S«Hhlh 


^vttrvlwwpcngcPrt fw iiijÉ 

Eirncnmonay, givaan^P* . 

dieri, wtien cnroIMl - 
4verviiig«pl4»tf tbt ilM 

wbere Soldtcrt u« IwwL 

lifted or enroltMl. 
^vtrolnøtnotMUf tRacni^ 

i$veif ^v(M, Hiefingt Vl>» 

i^tftfe, txxcffr to biffc nakii 

hiiling Noife. 
fSvtntiBiii ^vøwtiNgr Hi» 

iSvi? why? for whet loft«! 
on whic AcconnlT 

ifviDf white or blank, (^ut) 
clear Skin. QSftb^lStunP 
tinmtO ''x Whini. ^ 
wIiiteFlasinWomen. CØQ 

:g«> . ) 415 ( J^t) 

ftigø whitifby fomewha€ 

^Venge af dnfle SarbiO 

>iC) Doickin* 

tVtUt whkened, grown 

ivtf CO whiccnt grow 


intet r whicc^fpeckled 

CbcO thc White, (i et 
the Ptarl or Whire of 

jre. (i et ^ø) che Glair 

iiice of an Egg. 

F, a Blay, Bfeak, Whit^ 

>0f riie Wliif'^s ift Wo- 
rhe whice 1 *•• ;. 
aUf whitcly, hoary« 
impeti whiretailed« 
t>r Whitencfs. (i^ttdcnd 
^learncfs, Fairnefs, 
tal/ Cabbage« 
^ctt/ f. ^x'i^agtig. 
er, f. tnergel. 

iti a whice Lily* 

»g# (gtif) a Whiting. 

01 Garlick« 

\f t9 whitant to grow 


ettet/ white-fpoctcd« 

Habai'ber ^ American 


T/ CUrO Solotnont 

*t, a Turnip« 
r/ f. (>vifl?f, 
V to hifs« 
in, Hisfing; 
T/ an Hi(r«r* 
tttttt whicefpeckled* 
vagltt, whitechekercd* 
adv. whicely, 
/ f. t^vitce* 
3ult, pale Gold. 
VHt, Whitcthorn» Haw-^ 

i??riiffe? wliy not? 

^ptlt/ V. to rcft, rcDofc, t«ké 
or get Reft. (fig) to rcft 
yoarfelf« be tt Rcf^. (paiL 

Scten) to bair. ((»trunter 

i^tiitt icO lier c lies &c* 

(pao/ fom en Sier (fe paa 

^uren) to relh Ican on« 

(fra ^vbtiti) to ccafe from 

Work, leave ofF workin^* 
^vUt, f. a Repofc» Reft, Rt- 

^vHtbnQ, theOafofRcft, tht 

i^vilef ammer, a Bedchimber, 

(ffO^itliø) a Grave» Tomb. 
i$9tle(an^ ttttt Q(ger#aFaUow- 

iSvUtpla^, a Rtftingplace» 

^Viltputiftf the Centre of Gra- 
vitation, (tragte til et ^Dile* 

punCt) to gravitatc« 

i^t^iUjfte^/aReftingplace. C^aa 
en tt^rappe) a Landingplace« 
a Broadftep. OBiIttetO « 
Lodge or Lair of Deer. (c5 
©050 a Grave, Tonib. fttb« 

faøc een (il fit ^piftHeb; to 

accumpany a Corpfe to the 

igvilet^ reftcd , repofcd« , 

tSviltti^, tine of Reft* 

fgvilrcimf/ Hcmr of Reft« 

i$9iUuO/ corelt repofe, takt 

^vi(Fe» (af (PiCfen) who> 



igviifcn/ who, which. (jeg 
peeb ei / i iC i^iUtn 6iht ieg 

Eal penbt mig) I don*c 
now to whar Side I fhall 
turn.((t>iCfcnaf tø) whcrher* 
((Pilftt et ®9nJ what a 
Sighr. ((^piUiaPvtfPaUare) 


^9iifettfpm(^elfl/ whofoevert 

JjS« )-4l6 ( JflH 

iQ«(nei Cfom tnaac eci(0 to 

fc)u<iik. fqniwl. 
i^Vivvd. ■ Whirt. (((ttrbndb 


- pool. or t quick Kniition of 
^ »he Water. fotlO ^CUtftcOt'« 
V'f'vllofihcHead. Cicni llnafi 
m-ipaa Kcomm<) a Kim; O 

-«fln»fO " whijip.'i-f. 
^eirvrUgrln, Turnmg. wind- 

in«, wliiiling. 
^pir^^fl^ctII| Veriebr«, 
igptrvelilagf ^vlivrl, (poa 
trotnin« tDaHlfliifO ' "uff. 
i«!iÆt»1'6«' • WhirJpoo!, 
^kir, a Nt. Abyfi. 

•jeftvtr ■- ■" 

•gvlrvle. ro iiirn orsoibom. 
• wSul nbout. 

i^iHrvlnr mad* inFormoTi 

• Whiil. 

c^rlnriCKf ^»irrling, a Tnr- 

ning ar Whirling aboof. 
ijoie, whoTc, CtlDi* fBiQitt » 

ktt} whort Imige il ic. ' 
^»{•r conj. ir, In Circ. (^9ii 

■^Vlevi«, Whj'mwham, 


renltcil SiulT. 
^tftti to whifpar. . 
ijVtfFCBt ^vffTtiie, WIiWpK- 

, ^vffFcrf ■ Whifptrar. 
<9Ptjle, Cfi>i*øOto'winK>»r>, 

to tofi 10 and fro. 

4»ltnfiiB, c« flRuurO tbc 
Wbittwinitng of a W^ll. 

■jviUtr (O whitint tvhitewafh, 
(O plaftcT. ro do ovtr wirh 

^vUttUftt t WhitinK*6tani, 

rh« plaOtn a V 
.fhed, < 

<VO, whfl. C^B « 

U thir., 

^ve (Str bvffoMf 
hc tlur. 

^Vor,idv.)nreTJ. Se 
(bBDi riig ban d 
rieh ro«v*T li« is 

^voruf,- wh«reofi 
IVomMhMice. of 
»il 3 btPiri NO' 
■will ^ou ptovert 
UUt, bvorof betl 
(he AUitcr. irh 
made. CtsMflf ti 
wlnnce coines i'L 

igvotBAii, how, la 

^vor t<rrf how d« 
Price or Rita, f] 
KltllO •■'hit ■> d 

^vonfttr, atm wl 
. ffianb, jtg Spnft 
Man I alk for. i 
liRg>' boorcftct 
mtø} (ha Ordar • 
J go. 

^oorfw, why, wlu 

^VOtføt inct why 

but wl>jt tlft. 

tVoiii wliat ?Uce,i 

i^votittttf Whicha 

^POtff wherain. 


^ ) 4ir ( ^ 

.1^ tmonf«|flmong(l> ^"øøjrvth tW^ tithoxkglh 

rhom or whtt« ^votvi^t, how liir» co whit 

tnntm, where Place« 

• through which ^^t cScr i^i infer}. (fom Sabfft 

tWh I ffvotiblanu ^^acimf^, . (UrO . Hyadnth« 

f on the contra ry» l^nrplc-f lowcr« 

b againft which. ^^acint^, (cR ØMtUO) ■ 

t, how long. Hyacinth* 

y how, in what Man« i^Yhetl^ Hap« 

>9orIcM Raacr bet iS^benrortti Hepthoriu 

^Clll?) how do yott ^^bff, elegant* fin«» handfømci 

f. arrig I fmiiK 

[t, how nany. ^^b^btb, f« 2(r|i0^5/BlRttf# 
re (ØAiiøf I how ma- (^e^* 

!s« i^^aeiio («t(bc# øtttml2>9r# Icf 

vhtrewith or whart^ (K^r KmtllcKig tig|fr( mcb UU 
what. VClp a Hyena« 

r# howinnch* i^^C/CfFrtac efter eei> to hooc«! 

. how often« one. 

whereoft of which, ^^tUf C&tiftn) Hooting, 
Mch. Whcoping« CPaa3«ftOHal» 

whereof, whereati lowing« 

• (ben Stbenbe, b* i^^^brauflr, (rom foeHaree be 
Hx mto) the Newi fl^bcnbe Stngi SeborøelfO 

1 1 rejoice. ' Hydraalicf. 

whertnpon» where- i^^OrCr a Hydra. 

•rpaa Koter 3; what ^^bvoftatif, CMtnhttint$ 

wait for. ^igeocrgC) Hjdroftatics* 

f howfoon, when. i^^fromerer^ Cf^m tifef tuf* 
irt fommer bM) i ené S^rte oDSttøtiøbebJ Hy* 

n doea hc comc. gfomeccr or (tygroicopc. 

nbti^t wherevan ^^fUlffi iatterin j;, hypocriti* 
•ver; in whatPlace cal, cotinterfeit. ^ 

^^f rer , f. ^ører» 

how great. ofwhat "Sm^ A»«tre finMli) » 

^ play.the Pnritan, bcorplay 

. , ' Hypocrite to dKTembl«* 

iL^'YSioTiirr/f^i CbpHefor, (mfttte) to flatter 
h. CbMrtil npUer cajole. iawn upon, give gU- 
• ^»»^ Purpofe 18 .vcring Wordf. to glave?. 

^^fltnbtp Omiørenbe) ilatter<b 

iow often, howma- ing« caioiihe. (IhttMiø) 
ts. disfeinbling in Iteli^ion« 

r i/hercof» out of tg^fUv, (fitinittigi) ah Hypo« 

crice« Furitan« talfePreteir« 
tf whert«Ader» un- der to Ho1in'.*fi • å Di^Tem* 
ich. bien • t rciieiotts Chcat. 

wheteby, by which» (6m(grer) a FWttrer, Ca* 
:h Mtaiia» folar» fiAWtitr* 

ID I «tfc 


Jg>9 ) 418 ( J^ 

. ijtf Icra^tin » (f mt$renbe) 

flattenng;« fawning« CUt^W' 
U^ hypocriticalt diflTein- 
bling. teienedt conntcrfeir. 

^^fiftitt rømiflrcir) FUt- 

tery, Adnlfltion, Ftwnin^i 
Ctiolin^. C etinhtUi^ht^ ^ 
Hypocnfy, Bi^otry, disgui- 
fedt counceifeic Goodnefit 
Devotion or Picty» Knavery 
cloaked wich a Veil of Reli- 
gion. CSovlttHcUO Diigttife, 

i$ti^lcrff, hypocritical, conn- 
tetfeir, flaceering> cajoling« 

^^ltt^i\bttVCtt,tin Eldertree« 

C@einnierbQ(0 Dwarfeldcr* 
(^n((9lb) Warerelder.f 

ig^l^e, r.aShelf. Ctil'^Bitt) 
Boo^cafa, Bonkfholves. 

"S^l^^f V. CO do Homage, to 
fwear Allegiance to aPrirce 
or King. (latc (ifl) to rcccive 

^^l^fbOCiV Elderberries. 

4^i^tblom\t, KlderblofTum or 

a Popgun. 
iS^lU i »E^ttif e I Elder-Vine- 

^^l&ctritC/ f. ^'9l^. 

i^llMS/ (fccb) flefhy, fat, 
corpulenr. ^ 
• fg^lMngi Homagc. 
i^tt^tngød^e^f the Oath of 

i5tlt>tnfli^pligtr Vaffalagc, 
the Duty of a Vaflal. 

ij^lOcfvarop/. (et @(aøé 

69amp) Jcws-Ear. 
i^iple, to howl, whinc. Cflf 
• etroff) ro yell. (fltClbe 00 

Ifriøcj^to bewail* lament. 

flf^lettf HcLwIing, Whining, 
«Yelh (6r<iab) Lamenta- 
ciotiy Bew«iling» 

, Cørftbciibe} ItoK 


fprcfidet.t af9oi 

^"ffit, f. *Jtl^. 

' var s veiU env 

«P- CØØtttb) to 

feif entirely, W] 

tip, moffle yonr 

^"^OiPei f. 4mU 

^"^littv, a Holfter. 

i^i^R^ei a CafhtOQ 

^^pericoiif Otrt) 
^TPt^eltf Hyphtn. 

45T>ocoiiber# < 

a HypocondrttCi 
rronbled with ti 
^^ponbvitp Hypo 

caK hipptni9 fp 


ijtpocraa/ C(n)^rel 

pocras or medi« 
^S'^pot^tf, aMorti 

of moveable or 

^«potenufe# Hv] 

hvpotenufal tii 

^toper fer af « 
ten om Xoftat i 

ro h^ap.iip Ear^ 
I<accO) Cflbbagi 

^^PPff^ frequeni 
Qlual « abnndan 

^VPPigeHr freqne 
times, abnndan 

^^r^e# a Her dum« 
Sw in. CCicl 



Poein» Bncoiici 

J^ .) 419 ( ^ 

r an Hcrdsman's 

tn Herdtman's 

tn Herdsraan*5 

%nlferdsinan's or 
I Dog, a Cnrr. 

an Herd smånot 

an Herdsman's 

i a paftoril Life* 
a pflftoral Mufic* 
a piinoral Sone« 
Shepherd*s Hook« 

CUtO the Herb 
I Purre. 
I Shepherdefs, 

M ith cHer paa en 

fiayward, hc chat 
common Herd of 

Hire, Salary, Wa» 

fcrffOtohire, be- 

I Hayward's Hnr« 
a Hackneycoach« 

ircd> befpoken« 

nbntfle) to equip« 
i Hackneycoach* 

ifh ! Peace here ? 
Peace ! be quiet t 
^oifel St! 

(til Saritng) 


>il iøf øemaderO a 


i^^eittroM^ t Wedg« e« drM 

. between the uDperPart of rhe 
Laft and the imall Pieccs of 
Leather to raifc the Infttp« 

^^9 hnfh« St! Silenctl 

fg^fleriff* Ityfttrical« 

i5^<f (M^tc) to take Heied, 
be ware» co Mva a Cart» ftand 
npon yonr Gnard. (({^ for 
tntt CMfal) to fhnn evil 

i$^C# a Hnr, Cottatc« Lodgt, 
Booth« (Af tccQ a CltY* 
Cottage, a wattltd HoaIa» 
(Søv^oetc) a grétn ArboQf« 

^"^tup (om cn Toarei'CMiiiev) 

a FingerlhiU* 
i^^tefn^/ aCaaforFifhtmnk 

or Stews. ro keep Fifhes id!» 
ijt^eient# a Sow or grtac 

Lump of Iron* 

Coocrollcr of the-Caftinf« 

hoafes in Minia. 
^^tt^n^ (@fiMcO the Poop, 
"iS^tttovhf aFnrnactinaCaft- 

<$t^crøg/ Orpint» Orpimcnc, 

^f pron* ptrf. Tov Ye. (3 

mtnc Smrc m nioe Sao^« 

ØitoCve} YoQ* Btethrcn* are • 
my CoBnfellors« ((9tf^ 3 vC« 
bAØcr) what yoQ plAife. * 
3/ prftDof. In, att wrthin, into» 
te* O et Hat) in the Space of 
a Year« O €on^onp at Lon- 
don« (øaiie i liften) to g« 

to Chnrch* Q^aat i 6fD(e) 
to go toSchooU(^UtOCfot(icM 
i een) to* fall in Love wich 
one* ^m fiø i or fFri>e) to 
exerci^Bpiirrclf in Writing* 

39 tnferj«lSb, ah» 
««ri thia Year, 

3 ) 420 ( 


yTL^ttUi tilif Evening« this 

3^ft<ltflutt^en/ in thcEven- 

^aørtagC/ to mind, obferve, 
regara a Thing, co cake Care 
or Notice ofi co give Heed 
to. (i'åiittaij^tiiQ) to have a 
Care* take Heed« tobeware 

of. (fin ©fplbidb«^) to 

comply with your Duty. 
^agttagelfei Hecd, Care, Ob- 

fervance, a Minding* t Re- 

gard of a Thing* 
^agtta^tt, minded, obferved, 

taken Care or Noticc of. 

3 al itvig(>e^r for «vcr and 
cvcr, to all Erernity. 

3 aUe S«lt> effec Ziii(tit>t, at 

all Advencures, hapwhaccan 
hap« at any Rate« 

3 7lImin^eligt»eb| generally« 
ingeneral« commonly, ufu* 
ally« univcrraMy^orilinarily* 

3 TUnt'Zal, By the Eli. 

3 andre Cilfaclder otherwife, 
ct'ntrariwil'e, aftcr another 

^^Irbeider bafied. occupicd, 
at Work, einploy*d. C^itlflt 
et i'91rbci^0 theWine is upon 
theFret« isfeitnenri: g. (ojfj 

reiSrbclbcmebnoaeO ^^ ^^^ 

te or about lorne Woik, be 
cmploycd, caken up with 

y7^9^nM}tn, in the Begin- 
nins« n firft« 

J 35ef^0lbr in Store, (^aoc 
.!t;-rn i 9cbo(2)) to hav.- < om 
in Store; (fommf i ^oD ©c« 
fUDlØ tilbaae) to return iate 
and found. 

Jbenf)oitf Ebon or Ebony or 
Prmce'j Wood. 

Ofrent^olttrite/ Eåontree or 
Ebonytree. ^g 

3 »ef^nbedlgbebf efpecially, 
particularly, principally. 

3 33etibø/ in Tim«, bcti 
i'eafenabiy« in the Nic 

3 f&etragtnhtø/ confidd 
in Confideration« inU 

of. ; 

3bibe, co btte inco. | 
3bit>em, adv. ClotJO) tU 

the fameFlaccThingoHJ 
3t>iø, Ibis (en lop N 

5«gDPUn). -5 

^btn^z Marfhmallow, A 

^blanbt, to interoiix« m 

mingle9 mingleornitjl 

ther, j 

3blant, among« among 

j biant^ (ttnbertibea) iCTl 

lometimes« now andlM 

3blant t^inan^eiif i^rtal 

ously, confufedly« pafa 

32Mtnbe, blindy, bM 

inconfideratelyv baafl 

iinadvifedly, rafhly. Ø 

^linDe) CO beli«vc i|MJ 

ly, have an implicit II 

(bxfalbt i Sd'nbe) toipy 

wichout examining. 
3boer coinhabir« dwclUll 

a Place. 
3boelfe# an Inhabiting« E 

lin^ in a Place« 

ycvotft, Cfom Q3røb i I 

ro Cl umble Bread into 1 

3 T>Ag, to Day. O Ood 

^(d) this Morning. (| 

^(bbngO this Nooa« 
3 1Dagnlngen# • at Bred 

3bel| C(utter) mere« pan 

ly, all« parcly* entin 
3bcligr .frequency coodi 


3bcligen# frequentlv« e« perp^tnally« 

3 ^^n^e 3norgen# this M 

3benneCi^f by this Thi 

prcienr, now. 
3 ^ett Stt^, inftead af 

on thtcontrarr. in ti« 


3^ ) 4ai ( Sf 


b^ wbilft^ wh€!)» dur* Twinkling of tn Eytt in ft 

K ThM^ theiii at thtt Moment« t 

3 (<it S^(8e# in t Snccesfion, 

i^.«iiiictbly« friend* fticcetfively« one after ano- 

a fricndly Manner* ther« 

• loyingly. (ftilffgac "J ttt BpHiif # • onje Lcap« 

BCd dct#ode) to make OfalDi (fom m SiouO Inci- 

dly CoiDpoficion. dence, 

itfttt tt thc moft; «t 3 $a[^, in Cafe« 

Df^ngCf to entangle» tocttch 

Wbftt, t leaft« one in. 

vige, tf for tht Rcft, ^itit^t tUtt ifaetbe#to ioint inio 

» one a nother« to mortifcb t« 

lfgc(lt# at leaft* fet within one another« 

me, in the farne, tt 3felte||; 3fae(Mitig, tht^ 

ae Time. . Jointing into ont anothkr« 

VanfntMg. . Mortifing, • 

MBtii»^# Ximtt in 3$«aeaffaW inComnoo« in 

■r of Oeatk in thc laft Fellowfhip. 

\x* 3fAfle# to' fallen, make fiift« 

maalf fecretly« elan- 3 jUn9# ae Randooou 

ly* inSecret, inhug- ^ SloVittalt in Herdi« In 

5gcr. CMt i 3)øløi« Troops, 

tb be delivered of a 3 jorbtgaaenbe, by iKe by» 

daodeftinely« • • by the Way» goingalongl 

Daab)Aaion, Deed» 3^or^umti^f anciently, in 

to imbibt* to foak Time pall« in formet Timett 

of old, In old Time. 

g, a Soaking in. 3 Jorgaarbf / the Day bafortb 

to inftill, infnfe by Teilerday* « 

CO drop in. 3 forrige ^ibf forraerly* ih 

ta(# by Heaps« by former Time, of.old« 

^lambers, copioasly. 3 Sorligninø mcb/ in Com- 

I, a Dipping into, ' patifon of, in Regard to. (tct 

to piange or dip into. er (utt \\M i Seciiantnø mel 

diptin, ptnngedin« htt, jeg ffplbef edet) it it 
If in Haftc, Tiaftily. «>"*y « Trifle to what I OWQ 

tt?c?,^*iilh P?w7^tl 3 lovtaab, in Store, in Stock* 

/ 3 5^ttroeWg^ebf in Confi* 

»i, in a Circle, in a ^ 2«nc«* . ^ . . 

3 J^i^^i^i beforehandi pra- ■ 
\, in a Row, one after vioasly. 

3 S^^ff^i in Conff qotnct 0^ 
tø in pntvate, privi« pnrhiant tQ» 

eieenrnra mth een) 3^^^^^ ^^ dothe, tttirt, ac- 

ivy With one. ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^ Clothtf 

9/ in theTntnin^of for. (fig) todrefi yonrfal^ 
in A Trice, in the pat mi yove Ciothee« 

3fi ) 42a ( ^ 

3fimite ClotUng. Drufing, 
PKtting OB fou Cloihci. 

. Vcftitnr«. ^ , 

3 5#rlhlin«n, la ih« Becin- 
ning, « liTft. 

Of^<^( Glotlicdi irtfftå, itri- 

£«ncc f6rw*r4> for ih« Fv- 


JfnlbtUb, withMSpHd. 

. CI f'ilfc Spi-iiig tintivy. in 
IiillCallop, infnll L*ap. 
3W»«, w fill. QtWlOt- 
filt.cnni, ftnfi: (fgacQu'll 

Citki, (Q tun. 

BO .'Hc Tunninf ofLiqnor. 
3fslM, filled cnnimed. 
3 ii^aar, \tfferdty. (i (San 

SJlotfltO Vi;(iarilBy-M.irr- 
- ins- (i ©fl« mm) lift 

Night. Yefternight, 
, jdmle Cogci of Old, jn oM 

Times, in former Times, in 

the D>ys of Vore. 
CKsdoct tntb nogctf muclmfcd 

eo. verfcrt in, OgaaCt IDCl 

ttn) iiMiniie wich ane. 
CJstrAAtt, lo-fall into. to in- 

tTgltllr igain, on ihe other 
H.nd. C3 ti( hwff« faoi- 
mtnfam 0;:5 bru^ oftet 
Sitii fot isifiri btifpr maa« 
tt fl«ft( rompofiti terof 
hflcS pdfl gien )c.) 

rfroD ar fall off ae»in, Cftfl 

froni, to rebel ISttiii 
^gitttnfgaae > H» go tgiin, 
tepafji pafi. Ctefi igiin. 

Cfra^umincfi) robi 

01 dcdutled igBJn 

^gieitrtftanWc, wtr 

in forne Marrer. 
^aicnnfl^be, (fømVi 

repsfF. return, (fo 

ticc (t (eiO 10 T«fii 

Ctgitnnf^ootf torelii 
up, farrenderiiDlli 
ov« sgain. 

3gl(nl>troinmCi to t 
recover, lecupett' 
laiti, reirieve or t 


U, to psyi 

3frf»MtMi to I 

be léft. 
CfgitTtbriugo tobfU 

ry back agirtii to 
3t!ltiil>ritigcligr ri 

»hai m»y be refto 
OgientTingclft, a 

back, aReftoTition 

3gtcnb«bf, to rcbt; 
CJgtcnbrivcr m ref otc 

diiprove, op)>ofe. 

Opinion. CflcifUig^ 

coanter a Thing, 

3gitii&ri»c[|e, R< 

Rcfoting, Cpnfnta 

SøfnifiiilCi togMisi 

ver, regain, retri' 

^gttnfinbef to find 1 

Jgitrt f l>r^rr, to demi 

I e demand. 
Clgltnføtnft, w ttru 
09>cnf«tit, (i tfieoli 


■3(tienf,6^(l(■e, Rtgani 
3aienfft^M*to beragi 

recompcAcCt retin 

2tø > 423 ( 30 

ti to give again* 
rcftore* return. 
en i given again« 
!d» rcturned« 
ttgi^rCf to reflore, 
make AmendS) make 
ke gQod) give Satis- 

re# to fecch back, go 
in»go and fctch afl^ain. 
tnin^f theFetching 

ftf# C«n) to call one 
recalK Cnoget) to 
-mand , revoke , re- 
reverfe or annul a 
ordered. (1)00^ nion 
O to recant, iinfayy 
>ne's Words. 
btlig, revocable, re- 


belftf a Recalling;, 
; back , a Repeal, 
rmand. (af (^»aD fom 
) a Rocanration. 

Delfeø 23rev/ Letters 


^ctf recalled; rcpcal- 
)cerinanded, unfayM. 
i^tf CO know again, 

tOe(tg# to be known 

t^t/ known again, 


?ef to redecm, ran- 

rcovcjr a Thing fold. 

iclig/ redeemablc« 

}tv f a Redeenaer. 

miug t Redecming, 
I, Recovciing of a 

,me# to eomc Lacki 

ntftt/ coms back, 


mc^^e ^ coming 

stiirninj. , 

3gienFdm(t/ a Coming back, 

ZfQi^nfvc^vtf to demand back, 

3gietiløfe , f. aien Wfe. 
^giennem/ through, crofs. 

Caaae tøtennem &toi9ih) to 

pafs through, to crofs the 
3giennem(cbe r co gnaw or 
cac through. 

OgieniteniblaOe/ ro thVrnb 

over aBook, pernf« it per- 
fiindorily, run ic over. 

Ogiennemblisfef toblow 


3giennemb(øbe / to foak » 

(leep or roacerate. 
3gtennembcre/ to pierce, per- 

forate or bore through« 
"^Jt^itnntmhvcctft, to break 


3giennembr()sitbe I to bnrn 

Ogiennembringe/ to get, lead> 
run or carry through. 

3giennembrubr/ broken 


3giennembr^^ei f* igiennem« 

3giennembreueit / driven 
through. (5ai!5reDen) cun- 

ning. fly. 
I^giennembrivf/ to drive 

3gienttemt>ruf f eit ,- foaked, 


3igiennemfare# to pafa, go or 
march through, to traverfe* 

^giennemfart, a Through 

3giennemf(^be| to flow 


Ogicnnemfliyve/ to fly through. 

^jfgiettnemfére/ to eondu^^t 
lead or carry through. 

3gieaitemgaae, (. giennem« 


3d ) 424 ( *JØ 

y§itnntWLgvavtf to dig 

ihrmgh« . 

l^glettnt mbegle # to hacchel 

. »thoroughly. C^CIl) to per- 
ftringe« criticize» ihveigh 

øgientim^tiage i to hew or 

ctit througn. 

^øtennemfoge/ to boi] tho- 

^ffitnntmfommt , to come, 

pafs or get chroa^b. (t^an 

fal ba«c onM i^tbat fotrime 

tO ke will make htrd Shift 
eo eome throt^gh. 

^øieittiemFrt(>e i to creep 

^gtettnetiiVrf^fti to omife 

through« crofs the Sea. 

39ienneml<rfei to perafc* 

read over or through. 

Øgiennemløbfi to ron or pafs 
through, run over« (een 
Q3oø) to rtin over a Book« 
perufc in Hafle» read over 
in Haft« 9 to lick ir. 

J§it\tntmraa^nt , to rotten 
or putVify emirety, 

ygitnntmvt^nt, (foafom ttif 

|C,]} to revife , count over 
again« caftan Account again« 

^giennemrføne , (fpm ^egn 
øtnip Hb Si^bvc) to foak 

l^gictiiieroreiff/ to travel or go 

through« trflverfeaCounjry, 

SgiennemriDe/to ridethrougn, 
traverfe >on Horfcback, 

CTgieiiitemrinOe # to run or 
flow thr<Migh^ 

3giennemripej' ro tear er 
rend thoroughly« 

3gtentiemfalre, ro fait or 
powder fufHciently, to foafon 
thoroughly wrth Salt« 

^giittnimfdiigei to faw 

2(gieitiiemfeeito look through, 
(iaitnneinfobcy to rcvicw, 
fcvife or cxamine t Book. 

dgiinnemflgtigf tn 

diapha«ioui« pcHnc 

rency, DiaphinoOi 
Øgiennemflfarre # to 

two or afander, 


^gienitemff^Cf te 
through« (melt en 

pierce or transfiv • 
an Arrow, (enSoi 

iie 9Mi) to infcri 

with blank Sheets 

upon. (coffatiooerc 

to chuckt. ' 

^giennemflaae ollf r I 
i^u^Beri to punch 
pierce through« ( 

tøtenncm Sitnben) 

you'r way through 
mi es, break throa 

maa fan^tolive fr 

toMouth, makeSht 

(ba^t onbt Dtb at 

to live , ro have n 
thekeep LiFe andS< 

tlicr. (ilt tQtennem) 

Paper blots or tran 
Ink, finks, (33^1 

t((c t'iiicnnetn) -th< 

bears Ink« 

!?giennamfégef to i 

ftrret in evcry 
make a ftri{l Enqu 

^giennemflegef toi 


3giennem(!iWer te 

transfix« transpierc« 
$aarbe) to riin ont 

witM Sword. C^^iii 
fen af Orm) worn 

^(aiennenifløbe/ to ti 

pufh through« Cni< 

2(0 topicrc«* to 1 

Så ) 405 ( 33 

tn§t, (feMtt) to 

ibont » to run up 
PI che Cotincry, 
treøf 9 to crofst 
it 9 er afe, fcracch 

trelfCf to run up 
n» to ramble fthout* 

vatft, (ItSanb) 

travel • march 
to travcrfe. (en 

hread into a Needle, 
vccngt, to pierce* 

ran^tlig, penetra- 


r^cngen^e # pler- 

nctracing, (roren» 
£ting, pathetic, 

panttt, to wandcr, 
iboQt. travcrfe, go 
lown>. perxmbuhxc« 
varme/ to warm 

to fee again, 
t, to l'end again, 

tp repeat, tell or 


tt to render.retlorc. 
in ) ro indemnify« 
digt reitorable« 
littø I Reltoring , 
ig , Indeinnifying, 
tf to fend again, 

ile/ Cf^m Otraalcr, 

to reflefti reverbe« 

t , Otiflaae fom 

kO to dap on a 
(O a Calle« 
, ro fcek again, 
a fecond Time, 
, to re tak c,- take 
f«nie, (^p&CW>e) to 

revoke, retra^, nnfay« ({{gr 

efter«) ro repeat , tell over 

•gain, (gtøre oftere) to rcite- 

" race-, redouble, (^^o4 (iø 

felt>) to repeat, t« con. 
^gicntagelfe, a Retaking, Re. 
fuming. (OrM) Repetition* 
n^ortb^b/ Rccapituhtion« 
COrterc(fe) Rcvoking, R« 

^gieutagett/ retakcn, refum- 
ed* Cc'ort oftere) reiterated. 

Dgientilbinbe t to bind or ri« 

again , faftcn again, 
3gientiiv«xnner to accufton 

one a'new , ufe one snew to 

^gicnvinDtf to regflin, win 

again. QmeO @oer5) to 

conquer igain« 
3gienvtinDen; regained, won 

3gel/ a Leech^ 
3*(E»riin^/ to the Bottom, per- 

fe^ly, cxa£^ly, fully. (;for# 

Saae en QibenfFdb i ®run« 

ben) tounderfland a Science 
ro the Bottwm, (o^eCorøfle j 
®VU4lt)en) to raCe to . the 
Giound , to ruin torally« 

(t)aiv feer ærlig ub / luen i 
©cunDen er (^an trebfP) hc 

feems to be haneft or has an 
Appearance of Sincerity. 
biu he is wily in the Main« 
3gt cDer (Øigt* Gont, Rhcu* 
maiifrti^ (i t)aanben]r cfci- 


3i)flpnbe()arer af en Vejpel i<u 
che Bcarer of å Draft etc« 

3^i^ngc/ to hang on, ftick 
ro a ching. 

3 «5emmeUg0c^# in Secret, ^^ 
cvcrly, in Private, privily, 

3 ^ciweent>ei in Regard'o^ 
RefpeiS^ to, as for, as to« 

3 »^enfeenbe at# feeing thaif 
for %% much« 

35 ) 4a6 ( Si 

^ft^itlftitt , to f boot one to 

Death, killhim withaGan* 
^ffitlflaat , to kiU, flay, 

morder , put to Dearlu ' 
CK^ielfiagen , 'kiiled, Haim 

3^ieltlceite/ to ftone on€ to 

Ol^it{(tiiU, to ftflb, poniard 

onsi run him through with 

■ Sword, 
3(inAUbftt» pellmell, confa- 

redly» in Confnfiont niin^U- 


3 t^inberbol^ I in Store » 

3 i^obetali in Crowds, in 

3 b^tefle ØraW in the higheft 

Degree, Cuperlatively« 
3btlf otitme^ to rememberfkeep 

in Memory« tocall to Mind* 
3()tifommelfe/ Memory, Re- 

men.brance, Commcinora* 

3 ivab ^er ett^ foiu v<^<^f 

adv. happen, whac will« 

whatever happens , fall 

Back . fall Edge. 

P ^vab for , i btH^bfombelfli 

whatever, whacfoever* 

3 &vie triangel, for Want of 
which • on the contrary, 

2f V5?or # howfocvcr. O 0*)or 

»ilDe uc ci; tncnnt t>XiC) how 

fa vage fu«vcr they may be, 

3 t)v^v ^n en^ giaazv, at all 

Adventurcs, fall Bailkt fall 

2J ^ror^rt^ cnb/ howexcv, in 

what Manncr foevcr. 

3 fyvotfyetif whithci focver. 

3 tvorJcbtø/ howfocvcr > in 
whac Manncr focver. 

y ^VOV lifet/ how littlc foever, 

3 b^oi meget/ how much 


3 ^vorfoflt^dil # 


3 t)Vort>eU altho*, 
3i! ho! why! 

3it)# »n Habitl 
Cii^vantr hahitual 
3il, Hafte, Horry. 

tion « Rapidiry« 
^Uatvbip, hafty» 

coo quick« fwifc 

3ilfa;r&igeit , haft 

Hurry« fpcedily» 


Hurry, Swiftoefs, 
3iø, Ice. C^libt pai 
' on Ice. (Jbf^ 

break the ice, øial 

the Bofinefs, Cf^tt 

icy. C8(e^en ^rt»€ 

there i^ a gret t C 

floating in the Rii 

3if(>aRo a Way cv 

Ofi^bterg/ a Mounti 

Ciiøbro^ eOer 23rA« 

nail. (un5ec ^i 

Froll-nails on a N 

Oteflagef a Fltke o 

3iefi-oefen, c 

iced, turned into 

Jtøfvtfe f to bc froa 
turned into Ice, 

Oiøfiigif the King 

^iøgang, the Breal^ 
Ice in fl River, 
frozen up. 

Oiøgraa, hoary. 

Oiø^avet / the fro 
the Norch Ocean, 

::^i(lngcrr f. Ofinge 

3iøPielt>er, an Iceht 
pit , a dsep i 
prefcrve Ice in. 

3i6«ict)t, CbtbafUi 
covet«<J with les. 

3f ) 417 i 3f 

eold a» Ice. (§ieni 
b) chilled» benum- 
th Cbld* 

a piercing Cold* 
tf an Icelander, 

congealedi iced, 

f^ icelandifh. 
I ' CO frecae* frceze 

tg, the Breakins of 

\, i. CTieWening. 
Cun^r coi^roe) a 


3w(føite/ t Scatc. 

# f- 3i60flg. 

tp an Icecroit* 

glazed Froft. 
f an Icefpnr* 
> f. DiepicL 

an Icicle« 

ff (Outi SlaBmnd t 

a Hole in che Ic«. 
Dt. C^iUM itti) not 

by 110 Means. 
rae# not only* 
Ht en^/ nothinj? but* 

»mindre I ifU be(to< 

t# neverthclefs > not- 


riitgeflei not the leoft. 

>f not fo much as« 

>mi# not yet, not as 

rgattg/ notfomnch 

Dr^^ not a Word. 
tVf nor. 

Vf/ disipprove, 

^e f!g ftge# to be obfti- 
inril^l* iinrnly. 

tgr berfra, not far 

itgt fva/ not far ofF. 

get/ not much» 

rc# no iBore« 

JHt mintvt, noler«» 
3W?e nogen r nobod^ , none 
3ffe nogeni1nbe# ncvar, n«(t 

&t any time« 
3?fc op(>i(rei not no ceafe* 
3PPc iiben , not but.' 

iWe nu I only, but; 

3n<xM/ dreifed, apparelled« 
cladS clothed« 

3fl(K^e# to cloth, drefs, appa- 
rel. ((i^) ro piit on youc 
Clo hes, drefs yourfclf. 

3fi(t^ningi an Inveftment. 
Dreflingv Apparclling, Put- 
ting on of your Clothes* 

!3fomme# to put in. 

3 Hcaft af # by Virtae of. 

3 Xrigcni Hi War, at War, 
dnrinj; the War. 

^HangbvaQt at the longRun. 

(træffe en @a<i i Sanøbraø) 

to prolong , protrad > hale 
ou(9 fpin outan AfFairt bring^ 
it to the long Run. 

3 lang Zip9 a long, great 
Whilc, a long Time. 

3 ilaver<ttning , a Sett ing in 
, Order > a Dispofing, Con« 

3lapef«tte# to pm in Order. 
place in Order » dispofe* 
to rank. 

3ll>i Fire/ (jintc^nht, fluffc 

3i^eiO ^o kind le, to put out 
the Fire. (jlaae 315) to ftrike 

Fire. (3l5en ulmer unt^et 

5l(fcn) the Firelies lurkitijr 
in the Af hes. (amt % patt5 
to makeFire. (fæfiTeBlb paa 
et $)UUé) to fer a Houfe on 
Fire, to Fire it. fgautCifJ f)tO 

5e) Ardour. (gfibfiorrbeD) 

Zeal. QQtthO Pasfion, Cho- 
ler. (goriØbeb, fWoW Live- 
linefs, Mectlc. Courage. Qtt 


Sr ) 408 ( iSl 

Kurnt Child drcad the Fire« 
(ft«t>e gcb) to fire. (gi»e 315 
of (Eanoner) *o 6rc Guns. 
Cunber en beffantia 3(b fra 
• Sienben fottc oc oocr Sioben) 

the F.nemy ealled \js with a 

contimial Fire in crosfing 

the TJivcr, 
CfC^bc(^rttU)ig, fixed. (Ctpm* 

^l^bcflan^i9(>e^ , Flilty or 

'JlbbombC/ a red -»hot Bomb. 

01^brel>| CVranbSeb) f. 

ØCDbuF » 35ranbbuf Ci en 

6Cw(fccil) an Andiron. 

?[bbun(l/ an Ignis fatuus. 
Ibe, ilU bad, nor weM. (ilbt 
aofeer) disregarded. (ittt bO 
ffttffcn) ilkonditi|ine<KOlbe 
rpbrageO illeducated. (Jbtt 

fal befomme ebcr ilbe) you 

will fmart for ir« (ta^c ilbt 
Op} ro take ir III, take am ifs, 
to refenr« (lu^tt ilbc) ro ftink, 
(fmaøe ilbe) ro have a bad 

' Talte. CJanble ilbt nieb) ro 

treår, ufeiJneilK abnfcone, 
Q^9Vt ilbe) to be hard of 

hearing, (fomme ilbe fra 

noøeO ro come bad ly otf« 

5lbe efler ftre, to make Fire« 
l^ an(laae» ro misbecome« 
to feen) improper, be unBt, 
iinfeeinly, indecenr« 

3(be anvfnbe# to misemploy, 
bcftow ill« 

JKbebranb, C3lW«>aabe} Fire. 


Ølbebanner^ .ill-made, ill- 
concrivcd, illfhaped. 

yiptttJ^VtVVtt, ilKacquired, 

3lbe forfinet f iU-furnifhed, 
ill-provided for« 

Jflbe forvitret r ill-kept or 
prefer ved i ' Ul • guardcd« 

to go ill, to hobbl 

(bet iiaacr ban fl 

go ill wirli hiui« 
to his Shifts or i 
is in a Plarfgcw 

Jlbt^iott, ill-donci 
ill • con rr i ved* il 

^Ibeøi^re nbe, doini 


3(be^runbee# jH- 
lbetnt^rettet# HU 
Ølbefl^tb, poorl 
fhabby, fhabbU; 
dreflTed in • paltrf 

^Ibefiingenbe, iU- 


3Ibelabenbe , «n1 

unfeemly« indecc 
Cllbehiotenbe, ftink 

3il>elvbent>e^ ill- 

diffonanr » disha 

CJIbenø^ebe, theH« 
3lt)e opbragen# Hl 

ill - mannered« 

Jittpiaqtt, very n 
bled » teazed » ( 
vexed« - ' 

3lber , C©Dr} a Fci 

^Iberaabf^rt , ill-i 

3lbe(!Mbet# ill-min 
affe<^ad > malevol 

Jlbeffirret, (uM 

qualified« unHr« 

Olbeffirfet , CubAi 
made, iU-fhaped« 

^iDefmagenbe, nnn 
illrafted « dispUafi 

3Cb»«Cffe# a Forgc 

3(bet«lent)C/ (fora 
for (id) unclo4»Qei 

31 ) 429 { 31 

rf) to be > forry 

, disruUfied, dis- 
l-contcm-id wIth. 
>>Cf inditpored. 

imprepcrlf. nn- 

, prepolteroujfy. 

itlcrMteJ. fpoil- 
lied, miiafed. 

cotrait. nUill, 
idle ill . miiur«. 
(om ft ®ti[b(i;ie) 

d. dcpiaed. 
Ot, lookins i1l, 
Irad Micn or Air. 
, TO aitinicrptee, 
-(ttctf ill-infor- 

31epc*f(i Ordeal by Fire. 
5i»pimft, CiSijrflloO thePo- 

cut or Centr« af t Bnrning- 

^iNHagtf iRahcfoT inOven. 
^lAi^tcøtii ■ Kain ofFire. 

3lM«0( fiery-Md. 

^lOrtfCf Firc-Armi. rm*ll 

31b((AtCr t Danuga casfid 

by Fire 
3l&fFttTinr • FtrefcTMn. 
^IBffnffa, a FiMfhdvel, 
OlCffye , afiiid of Fir«. 
5ie»lue, a Fiame. 
3lD*ntfb«eDanger or Hasard 

oi being firad. 


Flood ofFire. 

, FUke ofFire 


a Hearth. 

!r. (»citcSIbMO 

ok.: uu(. 

a Fnotltove. 
f. 3l»t(ing. 
Fyroicchny, the 
f ^irEWorkt. 

ikilled in tha 
I FirebaiU 
ibcri. hoc Afhc*. 
■ Morrarpicct. 
■ CJlafing^lfh. 

i m @IociletB> a 

CSSitCfl) » Volcan. 

31&ft««[, a Firefteel. , 

5l6(le», a Heatth. 

5l0|lel>».ee«, Foaga. 

5l^(tetll. Fiteftonet. 

nibft^tte,« PilUr of Fire, 

5lb|te««I«; i FUrh ofFir*. 

!3le(tri»ig, refrtflory to Fire. 

31e(lrtlbtl , a \Vliirl- pool of 

3(«eHt>bCHC t >n Etnpcion of 

3ib8V«iiMf Conflagrliion, 

^Ibfpamp, CSnejFJ a Spank. 

3iM«n5( Fifttongj.' 

3IbiAi, ^■?il#iy aTinderboK. 

3l6Vitte, a Pirafan. 

"^It, to halte, otakeUattaiitilkt 
Speed. (.Uri) [o go tantivy 
awflv. haltcn yonrUcpartiire. 
(itll)) to ton in, CmtD %ti>tv 
let) to halttn or accelerate 
the Work, (ter tltfl mtftSu 
or reqnires Hafte. <fw HU' 

•"'""■""• 31". 

31 ) 4S0 ( 3« 

Ølenbe, adj.hflfty. htftemng, 

beiii{( in aHnrry, rapid« 
Jltn^t, aciv. hallUy, in Hafte 

or • H'»rry, rapldly. 
Jligfmaabtf likewire* in 

the like Minnsr^ 
^Ugct;^ to cohabit., lie togc- 


O^^Q^^^' Cohabitatidn* Copu- 

Jling / a Showcr, 
^llnmtnatioit # Illumination« 
3tlumtnere# to illumint^re, Qtt 

itobbcrtoffc) <o colonr. 
3numineriiig/ liluminatingt 


Dlter , fc 3«)er. 
!3 tHaitgel a^, for Wanc of> 
il} Default of* 

^me^enø, while, whilft.(tne« 
btné t^an oac bet) during 

his Stay rhere« • 
^mcllentf betwecn, betwixr« 

(iblant) among. 
OmcUemflette / to twift into 

ene anotheri to incercwift 

JmtUtm l^manbtn, troong, 

amongitt amidft one ano- 

thcr> promiscuoosly. 
JtntVitmfommt, to come b«t- 

wLxt, intervcnc. 

3mcttemfomfl, a Coming bcr- 
ween, Incerpofition > Inter- 
vention. ' 

!7mc0eml(t89e^ to put or liy 
4£»inothing betwcen or ad- 
mid(t* in the midih (fi^ i en 
@aø} to interpofe* ihter« 
cedt, mediue. 

^mtUtmiigge, to lie between« 

^ntfOemløbe; to run between 
or betnixt. 

3mcaemf«tre/ to put, fet or 

pUce l>€cween, to interpofe. 

3llicllemfee, to fee or difcover 
• little* have but t Glimpfe 

ween , or an 


or thruft ben 
between » to 

3meaem(liFf e / 

pnc a thing I 

now and then 

JmtUtmvctvt , 

or in the mi 

3 tRiettg^ 
great Namb« 

3iRengei to in 

intermix« (fj 
meddle with , 

"Jmccne , f. imi 

^miMc^ti^/ me 
rime, in che 3 
mean Time« 

(Sinaen er 
ti( 3 ^09 itt 

Thing is ccr 
\von'c believ« 

3miterc/ to i 

to encer oné 


tion> Regifte 
of one's Nam 

3mmcr, alway 
nually * pcr| 


ui( hable , 
fver bnrnin; 
qnenched or 

3romerfoirtf p 

ccs'anrly » c 

Dmmermecrf i 

5m ) 431 ( 3m 

t^e# cvcrlafting, 
pecual) fempicer- 

:t)f # adv. cvcr- 
tnnally, perpe- 

ift, ccntrary to> 
, towards. (til 
Spite of, CdætC 
to crofs one , of- ' 
refitt him. (iinob» 

;:uno& ^ (ige oDcr 

l) towards Bven- 

5 binanben / drt« 

ry CO« oroppofite 

er. (imob^ftcn) 

ift or Eallwarrt. 
een) tobeagainft 
Advcrfary. Cimob 
againfr Narure, 
) Nature, (t)(rre 
fcn) to be kind 
uds one. (rcife 
:nj,' to go out to 
< go to meethim. 
)bj to compare» 
i^iO againf^ rhe 
amlt one'f Will, 

tmob i^immeien) 


^cn, ane egainft 
contrary to one 
»ppofite, to over 

if^ere tmob ()tnt 

iqfcd, fetagainil. 

to oppofc , fec 
noøcO to oppofe, 
y fo, (et yourfelf 
ine^ CO compare 

i f CCtribig^fb) 
> Hindrance, Ob- 


) a Coroptrifon^ 

Omobfløe/ C^en) CO gainfay« 
contradiA or oppofe« fpeak 
againft, fpeak counter tiim, 
to cxcept« cake Exc^priont 
agfiind whac he faid, to ob- ' 
]ti\ againft it, gainfav or 
disavow it. ^en c^aø^ to 
contradi^, ^oppofc« gainfay 
or disavow a Thing« co crv 
oiit upon • impugn. (een) 
to contradid, gainfay one» 
(dø fe(o) to be concradi^ 
himfeir. ^ 

3mo^fTge(fef Contradidion» 
Oppofition » Gainfaying, 
Objeaion« f. XXtob^qti)t, 

^mo^tl9en^e> contradictmg* 
gainfaying« disavowing. ' 

3mo^(l<ii)e/ to refift, oppofe, 
(tand out or tnake Head a- 
gainft, to withftand or hold 
out againft« torepugn. Q%xit 
flelfeO to ftand out againft 
Tcmptations, Qfom man 
i(fe imobHaaer) irrefiftible. 

3mot»r:aaenl>e# refifting, re-, 
pugnant> withftanding, 

*Jmo^(tvcib€, to rcfift« oppofe« 
ftrive againlh 

3mob(lr«ben^/ refifting/ ra- 

CJmobflri^C/ to fight againft, 
to itnpugn« repugn > refift» 

3mo^ftribenbt # repugnanr. 

3moD Btvømmen^ againft th* 
Streatn«' againft the Tide. 

Jmottaqtt to receive« accept 
of« to cake, admlCf ahter- 


\}mo^taqt\St , Re^eptlom Ac- 
ceptance. C^nb^cntflinø p 
foni s>eb 3nbtO(0 Entry, 

3 VTTovgen/ to morrow« 
• 3 tMovgeø , this Morning* 

3 m^t>e , f. er (øaae een. i 


f\* *.^(' 

3« ) 432 ( g* 

U^t iaun im^bt) to 6b- 

vitte theDftnger« Qf^e i^.) 
ro exp«£(, look forward to. 

(fcc med ((or Coriidrel i ^.) 

to expcd wich grcat Long- 

. »nff. Qfec ffn Q^fn-.'Ife i(Wøt 

btj to look forward to your 
tr t1tøt:ftiingett, in tht Dti(k 

of fhc Evcnino;, 

^mpbrerci f« bebe inbflarn« 

^mpørterti OntbrtngO 'o 

matrer « yield« 

Oinporrccrliø I (• forbeelag« 

^ Vtcsvvattlftn 9 Cai tn 9cr« 

• fon) in the Prer«nce of a 

Perfon. (i 5iccr»atte(fcn b^r 

omfrinø) in cheXcighbour- 
hood hereabours* 

Inclination « Propejifity , 

3nc!iitere/ (DOfrc Cilbefctia 
eller for nogcO *^ incline 
to, love* be prone to* 

CJnclufirfr inClufively. 

^ncogntto elltr infogttitO/ 
(fom ubthcnbO tncogmto, 

incogt uftk^iown. * 
^nt, in, to» into« (øadC tllb^ 

to go im (øaAC mb it)nf€t) 

CO go inco the Huufe« (bcr« 
inb) J" rhat Pl«cc. (Oriijc 
cuéøm t SRurcn) to drivt 

• Nail intu 8,Wail. 

^ntaanttf to fetch or draw 
Bredth, * 

3n^4An^^*t9/ tbe Fetcbin« 
or Urawing of Bieath 09 

Drawing in Air, 

3nb A^t inward, 'inwardt» 
towards the inner Parts« 

ØtttitDci to eat in or inro> 
to corrod<> frct. 

!7nlKKbenb€^ Miii 

3n^(t^nin§# a Coi 
ing into* Frect 

Bnb^tfei f« fnbe 
nt»aiFe # t9 ban 

^nbafTntits , tb 
into Afhes* (t 

^nbbastf f to b«t; 

Jn^barF/ the ir 
or Rind of a 1 

3nbbebe^ to ihvi 
to an Encertain 

3nbbefittti(ngf ( 

fion , Comprisi 

3nbbefac(e^ to c 
conc;tin» inclodc 
coinpafs Or takc 

3iibbcf<:tterf Comi 

tafned, incladed, 
3n^bcfrtttet/ adv« 

3nM>e<jrcb / Co 

3n^bcgrebm# f» 

3nbbegribc, (• in 

l^nbbererning, a : 

count« Relation 
ment* Informat 

3nbberette, to re 

infornit give Ae 
telligence of » 
acqnaint one wi 

3nbbtvettctf rej: 

ver ri fed &c» 

^itbbii&ei to mak« 
induce htm to t 
Chimcra^s inco 
toimagine, tanc 
think i prefutti 
have an Opinio 
yourfelf. (fifl u 

mi/a ygorfalb 1 

M ) 4S3 ( S« 

rteli on Mmreir, 

denc intheOpi* 


FftnCy* Conceit, 

« t Peffaiinon« 

• (fflfff) Prcoc- 
rejndice. («at« 

otchcc. (ngrun« 

Ig felOVanity* 

Ibnin^tt vm fid 

ime of yonrftlA 
,ood Opinion 6f 

fraft/ Imaginfl- 
itnaginative oi^ 
: Facalcy* 

leeitedly, pre- 


gined, fancied» 


bind in fome- 
>wrap or wrap 
p inaCIoth&c* 

• bind a BoOk* 

Cfou) 9eøerO 
»f Bocks, Gnb» 
;nwrapping or 
p of (ometning* 


nfpire« Aiggef^t 
per, into one*s 
ifay* toprtiuj^t 


ir ed, fitggefted» 

ore into* 

>€nd « bow in^ 


it ot bowad in« 

rmtad* ^ 

CfntbrftSfi bfottghcin> InhrO* 

Stt^bmnfe/ to break in, into 
or througb^ to énter bf 
force« CtnX)#0 to break Of' 
Force open a Doen O Sien« 
tctldtanb) to make aninroad 
or Irrupcion into, invadi 
the Enemy'a Coiintry. 

3n^br^røe# Oi$é ©Irabere) to 

turn in or -down» 

jMbtctfning, a Breaklng or 
Fofcingopen. (fotn Jtlcrberå 
i 69Ctting) the Torning in o( 
4own of a Seam» 

l^it^brotnb^to mark with a litt 
Iron, to imprint wirh Bnrn*. 

Jnbbtin^tp to bring in, to in» 
tr«dace» C^Zptf e) ro rehder» 

yield« (btbnøøe} to ind* 

3n^btinselfe/ Introdnfiioft* 

^nDbringenbe/ (forbctlaøMD) 
lucrative, profitable« 

3nbbtrttb/ o Breaking into. Q 
ttf^uni) aBarglary, Houfc* 

breaking* (fieitbtltdO ^n ^n* 
road,tnvarion, hoilile Irrup* 
tion^ a Infefling* 

CJn^brubtf broken open« (( 
SnCen) intermpted« 

^nbbr^be^ to break in or into* 
to enter by Force* OnbfOlbe 
iSalcn) tointerrnptonc, (i 
tanbct^ to invade, to make 
Bti Inroad into a Country« 
(boé een) to break inio 
one*s Houfe* 

tJnbbr^belfe, f. !^nbbrub» 

tJnbbUbettf bid to» invited« 

2Jnbbttffe, Cfom @øm i &J^tø 
ninø) to tnrn In ordown t 

tJrtbbttfntttø/ the Tttrning in 
or down 9f i Seam* 

t 3nt# 

3« ) 4S4 ( 3« 

^Øtb^be/ coinvite, bid to (an 
Entertainment). QM Stpt« 
lop) to bid or invice to a 
Wedding. » 

3nbb^belie# Invitacion« 
nbbifbelfee 23re9f an Invi- 
. tatory Letter or Latter of 

3Rbb5belfe»6rrifr paa Tlca* 
.^mtet# a Programma. 

3»»bb^^fr/ an Inviter. 

3wbbl^get/ an Inhabirant, an 
Abider, a Dwcller in a Place* 
a Citizen, (paa tnØO als- 

2hlbb^tbeøf nmtiial* recipro- 
calirefue^live, interchangea- 

ble. (inbbotbe^ dPøenffa^) 

Reciprocation. (jtrtø) inte^ 
ftinc or dvil 

Sttbb^rbeai adv. mnmally, re- 
ciprocally» interchangeably. 

3ltbca(Fere# to reccivc, coUe«^ 
Money, geticin, putitinto 

3nca(ftfrcr# a Receiver* Col- 

Jn^ca^tvinq , a Receiving, 
Colle£ling of Money, Get- 
ting in Cafh. 

3ltb0ele# todivide/divideinto 
S har el, to fhare. C^rt>) to 
fhare an Inheritance , to 
fhareitout« dividc it into 

Shares. (|tne Kimer) t* re- 

culate or fettleyou-Hours. 
O (Brager) to give the De- 

3ltbbeeUltg/ aDivifion, Shar- 

3ttbb<elt^ divided, fhared, 
divider] inroSharcs, regular- 
ed» fettled« 

^nbbrage^ (^ragecf@Ce^in^) 

to take up a Lodging at a - 
Place. (t.tinciPcnge) toc><ll 
in, receive your Money, (t 

ttné QBcfoWRiil 

one*sPay, loffi 

^t 9?9Cte aO to ) 


Confiicacion. ( 
the Stoppinr o 
cht Retrenchini 
ing of it. 
Sttbbrcveti, drive 
Oicld XC.) coU«^ 
ed, called in« 

3ttbbrete» (t (» 

wind, twint oi 
one another 

CJnbbreteii, Ønb; 

Winding, Twini 

3iibdrifft| CO in 

drink in, fup m 

abforb it. 
3itbbri)lf (ig, to 

be lo bold to g 
5nbMrive/ to driv 

@fatfer !c.) to 

ther, receive, c 
Debts. CCUkTC 
CACtle home. (i 

^orxb. tndfficrri 

cace, beat fon 
one's Head or B 
Ct @em) to d 
into. (fom 9?< 
refute« to nc 
b{itfl#''him, ftop 

(CoraJJÆle) to rt 

in wi^h a Ramr 

^n^briving, the I 
CCfottcrO the 

Gflthering of Ta 

3nbbrvppa, to ind 

gently, ro inføj 
V. n. to drop ii 

Cfnbb^ppe, f. i^^i 

^ntb^piiing« f. ; 

3nbe, within. (t 
within and witl 

cnbe mel Setol 

m ) 485 ( git 

ttri-^ ffg ia!U) to 

^lin VomtK 

»to fttTftcHomctto 

\Mn Doort. 

i M^pofltft) iMcpin 

Mis cooocapy, toen* 

Uø ^otTføfiOfi« |1 Se« 

► • 

B^ posfetfing« oc«> 
» enjoying. 
tf ft?osfcsron (af 
ni ØOH) one thac 
' pofftsfcs tnofhtr'f 

Kf CmMefoltO to 

< tioaipreh«nd9 in- 

» detf in, ftay» pat a 
Koholdin* rcftrain, 

inhibic* prohibiCt in- 
hindcr» (foiH'e) rO 

u (cn@aølX>otnetl 

* StO 'O fufpcnd« 


efift from , co ccafe« 

(ii# 3ll^fM^nilt9f 


mbt/> containins* 

t CO Ipcky fhmone 
ikuplomeehiog (L 
Dck orfhiicjourfelf 
nclofff* >' 


ng^ 3n^eIoffdfef 

ig or Shacting in» 


io€ked» fhoc ilt) 
p» cAcIored« 

ire Morning;* 

f of this City of 
clnngfinn: to this Ci- 
i^flfcpf O ^ Citizen« 
ibt aBttrgefi« 

Ønbtnfor^ on cht lnfidc> nrlth* 


Bnhtnfta, flrom witliin* 
nbcnti mtbtinnerParttt lo 
the Infide. 

3iitfn fort Ci^/ withia • Aorc 


3n^eflIan^fP# nattvt« bom Ia 

the CoiintrTi inland. CMCS« 
lOODfrøare) homebredCooi* 

modiciea (ittben(»ldf Xf«|> 
. tcivil or inteftine War). rajje 

^tn(an^fr Setl OtebidcfiO 

Katuralisatioji. (oi 3ilCii 
lARbn a N anv«. r 

3nben(Viero, alon« theShonu 
Cfdlc indciriKe^ to cbaft 
tlongt to go tlong or kttp 
clofe to the Short. 

JnhtntiU onthetnfide« with« 
in» intheinfterPartSy inctr^ 
naily> intrinfecBlly^* 

^n^ttUtf Citftia) ferventi tr» 
dent. Cfotlroftd) incimatc* 
(•m) tender. CoprtØtiØKear* 
ty^ (illb99K(c5) interior* in^ 
ward) internal* intrinfccal* 
(i 6inbH) mental; (tM|i 
fcQ ftrdent lohging or De* 
lire. (9øn^ « fervent Prayer« 
. n.6ot9^®(ttb0 ^n inward* 
' leciei, private Girief« Joy» 

Sftbcrligetii adv. C^fNacn) 
arden tly» fervently.CfoUroCF 
liøtn) idtimately. (•mt) tea- 
derly. (i eiObtO mentaUyv 
Onboortf O internally. (fiei^ 
fiøeiif opriøligciO cordiaUy» 

^nhtvftf intnofti innermo& 
moft inward. (httwUilO 
rooft intimate. (x>ittttté iHM 
bttftt Xon(tr) the tnoft fe^ 
Thou^hts of the Mind.' (M 
L Sildinjef t $)ltfcO the re» 
moteft RoOm of the Hnofc« 

3ttber(t<^ rhe innermoft or in* 
ctrior Uvu CfoflorømHC 

ift . af 

3« ) 436 ( 3« 

. •fMertet)tlieinnerfiioftRe* 
. ce(f tt of the Heart. 

dercentnt« Inmate« 

^v^eftaaci (fom af ®ie(b) to 

rtmain, ref^« (foace for) 
to warrant, be reiponfiblc or 
anfwertble for or acconnca- 
ble tOt to be bound to mtke 
good » CO be Sarecy for« 
(ll^ctff| CO ecch into, 
Inbcrfninør che Etching in. 
cnrrent« > 

^nbtVr «n Index or Table of 

3iibfalb/ (fom gorilanbenO * 

Sally or FlafhofWir, Flighc 
oftheBrain, Spurct« Starts, 
(arttøO Clinch, Qiiibble. 
Fun, apretry»"merrvFancy 
or Conceif, CftnbnøC) a wu- 
cy*ingenioasConceiCt t locky 

Hir. Cfc(fcmm^ øaracitiøc 

3nbftt(0 Freaks, Maggots, 
Whims, Frolicks Crorchets, 
ridicolous Fancy. (loitigc 3 J 
a mcrryThought* (pOCtiffc) 
{>oecical Rapraies« 

31t^fai^, (i en anbcné 2at\h^ an 


3it^fi?(b» (fomt (fi anhtni Ork 
cQer SorcbaocnbO >." ^^ttt- 

rupriun, Irteivcntion* 

3iibfrtl^ (ttilbragclfO ■" Ac- 

3n^fal^* Ciom Jorbcné/ pm 

fcélC.)f^c^'"king or Falling 
inofaGrouncl, theF<illing 
down of Houfcs« '(tt ijfnnéf 

htx truer meb ^itbfalb) t 

Hoiife rea'ly to fa 11. 

3fIt^faI»e/ (fom 3or5) to fink, 
fal! in. (»om &ufe) ro fall or 

tnmbic d.MH. (i Tiitnltni 

€onb) to invade, fill into« 
infeft, make an Inroad into 


fft falbtt rtMffr 

Eafler hapsens 
thi« Year. Qbti 
tnb) it falls inti 
I fa 11 in Mind wi 
into my Mind, ( 


Mind or occors 

(bet »ti tf (C f af b( 

chink myfelf oj 

Orbene) ro im 
in his Disconrfe. 
CO encroach c 
upon one*s Rijjb 

ir. (uforoarcnbc^ 

come uniooked 

3ll^fal^en# (fom 
(fom t>uft) tvoi 
gom xinb) ho 
Otnene) fonk. 

Onbfalben^e, (fo 
Ung down^ f. ver 

^c. (inbtrcfen 

uniooked to . 
3ilbf«lff, to joinc 
anccher, co noi 
or fct in. 

3n&faletting, chc 

ctnc thipg into 

3n^fare/ to ente 
come into. (i 
enter or get ir 

3llbf«rt# an ^ntr 
in^ inro. (en { 
the Mout^ of a 

bour. (i ^iergi 

3ncifatfittt9# aFr 
Border, an Frd 
ting in. Cfom en 
th-- S.'tting of« I 
Be;izel or CoHe 
for tlieStoQ^^ ( 
der, Pdg€. (3 
the Morcirin^. 
thaBQrdering« ] 

t ) 4S7 ( 13ft 


(om ef ^aut 

rder flbont a 

Com Cl IB(om« 


>or^cr» ed^e, 
npaft. (ctl S)?' 
) to fet or en- 
ous S tone in 

ibttit i Kam« 

Pi^are in a 

lertdy fdgedt 

itt^feI^e/ co 


3f onc Thing 
a Mortiflng« 

inco or faften 
a Nocch in a 

mceti apptar« 

i yonrfelf« to 

repairto a 


he aupoinccd 
ttttn) to ap- 
lourt, make 
IC« thcre» 


erline^ finltrt« 

V in« Clobt u 

infcrt, put in- 

(t i^aott fem 

£arge or dis» 
lence. (f^a^t 

. ccti filer no« 

e or bava in- 
mt or forne« 

thing. (en 8(oM 38l|C9ke(F 
fe i en anben) »n Inflnxt In* 
flaxion. (i enØoe) thtDia- 
charging or Disembogving 
of ont River into tnothcr« 

3nb(l^benbe/ flowing in. 
nOflte, to take Refuge or 
San^^uary* to fly to a Per- 
fon or Place for S helter« 
J^^flftninft the Removing 
into a Houfé* 

3n^fl^re# to retnove inco t 

Houfe, occnpy it« , * 
3nbfl7»e/ to fly into« 
3nbfo(t>e , to fold in ot «p« 
^n^for^re/ to demand* tnft* 

require. C6fatfer) to g«L- 
ther, receive> levr Taxes« 

(jbtn ulUacnht wttt) to 

call in Debcs. 

3n^for^rel'| a Demander. a 
DuAt anExai^er, 

3n^for^ring, (®iettl) tke 
keceiving, or Gathenng or 
Calling in of Debts. (@>foK' 
ttti meb VUUtaiti) military 

3nbf^btf adj« native, bornin 
any Conntry, indieenout« 

(be inbWtt Unberfaatter) 

the native Subje£^i9 

3n^føbi f. a Native, oneborn 
in any Counrry« a Natura!« 

3n^f^b6'11et# the Prerogative 
or Privileget of the narivt 

Subjtas« OnbføbéSRettenl 
^ebbeCeffe) Naturalixation. 
G. Voif nt) the Charter of 

Onbf<^re# to introducei bring 
in, uf her in, authorixe, afttf- 

blifh« (nce flXeeninøer) to 

broach new Opintons,(t* noe 
@ftffc} to innovate, make 
Innovatiuni, bring up new 
Cnft«m. (ee Ubtrpf) to 
bring in Ufa 9^ m^!^^ ^n 

• »^ 

3n ) 438 ( 3t 


^ SxprtTion evrrmn O en 

• 4StØ} to entcr info iBook* 

CitatUtnO to infert« røare) 

CO bring in or import Com- 
noditits* or tnccr thtnif 

(fttmmtbt DA i tt &ptti) 

to nacnralise t Word. (n^e 
toti) to inake« propofe« 
•fttblifh, confirm new Lawt« 

(een t WtattituUn) ^o ><»- 

tnacricolace« (cetl^ to ufher 

.one in. 
JnbiØVtiitø Introdnftiom 

Brinffinff or urherinr, in 

EfttMifhing. (ooe efiUti} 

Innovation« (t fflatridlUoj 

JnbiØvttf tn Introduélor* 


3tiM#rrd/ (af 9)arc) m im. 

portacion of Commodiriéf« 
O^ti een) an Atttchmtnr or 
Diftrefs of one*aGoods.(øi>» 
re 3nbf^W) to dlftrain or 
fcize Qpor> one's Goods. (3.« 
00 Ubføtfel) Importacion 
Mtid Exportarion 

3n^^rfel•«^ul^ma9r^ ■ Writ 

of Execation. 
JnhiØtti incroduced, bronght 

in, eftabiiHied. (inlfPreven) 

regiftcrcd, (» indføre. 

^nbWh to j«in into one ano- 

3nbf#ie(f(/ • Joining into one 

tjfnbfrie/ (tt ^antt ®M^ to 

redeem, disengaee» recover 
t Pawn, Goods &c« 

^fnbfrieliø/ redeemable, rever* 
fible » reeoverable« 

^nbfrienlnø, C^nbfrierfe, t 

covery« Rederaption* 
tfn^frier, t Redeemer« 

Cfnbfroffen* frozen np, con- 

fealed^ (fom Sfile) icc' 

3nbfrfff # to ft 

geaU (fom 61 

3nbfiiul# malicj 

Snbfuiilt^eb, M 
]JnbMa€f to en 

felf> CO cxamii 

en @aaj to p< 

£fiir.(ifN klw 
to pafs. (ftpn 

Jnt^aat, (fan 
fent« agr«e 
to accord ir« 
CO make a C 

øD^ SBiltaat 

reafenable 1 

ouin fan u) < 
3nbga(ien# eni 


Contraft) agi 

Onbgang, (C 
trance. Entr 
Avenue« Ae 

£anb tmeSem 

file« narrow] 

Vtftbtfen) a : 
ner gtoet t6l 


Cuftom for i 

Jnh^tt^tn, re 
folicary, moi 

Modelfy, Re 

^nbgierbff to 
wich an Bod 

C(nbøierbetr I 
clofed« (in> 


^ ) 43? ( *t 

nfllf I «ft EnclofVn^ 

Cieii n9ttt9 Jnlblor' 

llpttéf fiigreftonea 

prempt hini fo ici 

i apon fomttliingt 

ir in hftlflr« 0\ ^' 
M) to giv« int dtli- 
•Ufitt exfiibit a Ptci- 

icrfcmibbcO to giv«» 

liyfle, adminlftcr ic 

!vod Ilts infpired ic, 
^f Inrpiracion> Stogr 
» Promptitig. 

, inrptrcdt Aifj^c- 

eb flide, Ainkt fllpt 

cre«p into. 
tf to gtMw into» 
tf to ingrave, (ifl5« 

ØCeen) to ingrave 
^ O fSor^Cfi) CO hide 

nir «ngraved« 
liltøf «n ÉngrtMPing^ 
ivetfer) Rxcavation. 

(i ecn6 8C<(ttab(beO 

roachorent« Uforpa« 

(fimre Jnbøreb t) to 

h« or make an In- 
lenc upon. 
^e» tobound« litnitt 
ids to. conilne* ftint* 
»fcilOe# boiinding» 


*9nin9f Limtcttion, 

ng, . * 

, CO cncroaeh or en* 
ipon, ih vade« afarp« 
Ife # f. 5n^greb. 
. ro rake Roor« co 

9 grown inveceratCf 

to inM(^ • ponr in, 

, infisfedf pourad in« 

iqtf ro hånd a thing« 
aaliver it intø one's 

a Clåit* . ■:■',, 

?iib&4ftt« to anccr htfttUr« 
n^^thf CrMP UWe*) to 

ftitch. '?• : ' ' 
tTubbeftetr-^lttckM; .. 
O^^^gat, tp hcdgo-fni an- 

Compad; bifk'ibottr« ftncc 

with BtHiftan^' " 
tfnbf^eøtt jtr titd^ in, ancla* 

^nbf^ftfmintt anEncléibro^ tb 

Hedging iri; afaHcihgtbovt« 

^nbbdito C<tn^ eo«v«rraka, 

oiitrai«« mob m or «p. (jlft 

^tenetiiAiø) . té go tnd fMc|) 

Word, anosif tf aMit, ^ki 
Engvirf mar« infidvim f oari 
ftflfaboQC« Cft»4l -ildll M( 
f orf#mt>to racov«^ racriavc« 
maka up yoor Loft* (DmB' 
tncrneé JbenMfe) to racaiv« 

the Cognixahce oftfieTodgei« 

(9)afø B Cfcemnltf ne; to 

gackar or eo\U(k cha Vocai 

or SuflTrtgea of an Ela^ion« 

^ttb^tlinrtiiø^ aOrcrcakiBg, 

Fctohint ttp« 'i$ . 

^tibi^iflper to htl|> on« ger 
in romewhera« 

3Bb^ol^ tbaConCMitSt Tanon 
Fnrporc. Sen,(a; Snbftance 
or Meaning. ' (fott) an 
Abrldgtnant. Summary« 

Ønbbolb« 0^'R><i^) « Stop, 

Hindar* Oofttda* Oppoa*i 

3iibboCb» (øeørcli Omfeaø) 

Capaciry* Contanc or Larg«-* 
nafs oft VeiTeL (3^m) 
tbe Bxtartt of a Gfr ovnd^ • 

tf nb^olirer^ fi éUbtfU^tuK'^ 
cocka of Shlpa, 

Jnb^ft, Harvaft t Crop, 

3Qbt^(^ti to raap, harveft, 
cropf CO tnn yo^r Fmicfi 
gachar or raap yont Corn^ 
gét tn yoor ikrv^ft« 

tJtt ) 440 ( 3« 

ISåhbØftnin^ i Ettping« Har- 

ved, Crop* Gflchtring or 
Heaping of Corn , Gettine 
in pf yonr Htrvcft, ($)øcUj 
the Haymakini^« 

tf ttb&øiltiiBg^ » CtO# Htrvtft* 

;3itb()2aing# • Wrtpping up* 

Muffling up* , 
^nbl^^aci to wrap up« in« 

wrap« envdop« 
3n^jaOf# to drivt or l>ear one 

back or in again« rem (roøO 

ceaffrighr, inc«(nidatcb to pat 

one intoFcar* make nim af- 
. (righctdft Itriko with Fear« 
f[ll^i^n9t# an In'dian. 
^liMAitfff indiani from the 

3ltbiaD# the Indici, 

tfnbigoi Indjjro, 

3tibtrecte# Jndirc^ly, 

3nbfal^f Revocacion, 

3ll^Fat^e^ to call one in« 
(inM^QbO to invite, bid one 
to a Feall &o. (fof fKctttn, 
tnllCl^nc) to cite or ruin<> 
mon« (op(^cri»e) to revoke x 
abrogate, repeal. 

3nbf<ilb<lfe » a Kevocation^ 

Cu foi SRcUen) a Summons, 


!3n^i^<)l^en^ø# revoking. 

3ll^f<lf^tt, abrogated, repea« 

led. C®0bO P-viAfon, (inb. 

ICl^neO t'ummoned* cited« 

3n^Far9ø« to indent. to notch« 

øn^rarvoingi anindencing« 


^nbfaflkrø, f, intc4(Tere, 

3itt>fa(le» 10 wft, (iiog or 
throw inro, 

^tlbPiøf > to peep fomewhere 

into« (fee tun (tbel) to <^is-* 
cover little , harv« bat a 
Climpfo of« 

Porchafe« Einpi 

gain« (gttrtcif 

to roakc a good '. 

Jn^fi^tg to bay. 

- to procnrc Ibr 1 

fmrveigh« Qi f 
ay up Provifiofi 
3itbfi^frf i Piiri 
^nbMbning, f. ^ 
JntfiØttf to enttr 
Coach« drivt int 
(inbf forbc CO iiUi 
mel froanc Otb 

up a bawdy S^i 

tinen. (tmoif OW; 

!n[iibH«bitiii8# ai 

fhing* Adornin; 

^itbflavtøf inbfl 

cl i mb, clamber 
3tt^Pletnmef to hei 

narrow, to fque 
3ntHog# ciinninj 

(ly y fubrle » ref« 
3ubf neben # narre 

ftrait « itraitened 

conllfrained % { 

2Jnbfnebeilr narroi 

ly, (Iraitly, ir 

Cooipars. (boe 

to dwell clorc, 
^iDfnibe, to limit. 

fft Bonnda to , i 

ftraiten , mak« 

(tlbai»ter) to 

abridge, to redo 
' abate your Expe 

^nbPnibning f % 1 

Rellraining , Si 
Mdkingdrair, ani 
Uetrenching, Le 

CJnbFcge, inbfoge 

away , to ItfCpi I 

Cabt inhttgt) to 
Liquor. away i li 

3n ) 441 ( 3» 

\ 9 rhe Boiling 

t Lf flcning. 

CO come in« cntert 

itb in Aia^tt 9ln» 

o •ddrefs, prcfent 
int« Pecicion to, 

loøet troob een i 

pnc up • Prore- 
^fiinft one to the 

fem eMb 9 sten« 
i paid. 

in Income, Reve« 
tes« Comin^s in« 
rofict« Perqoifices,« 

e 3n5(oioSer) ca 


to demand« exaS» 

>ea(feO to collea* 

a Demanding of 


cklcdor wrinkledt 
'oolcn S'M(f» Cfoni 
OflCO crepe inco 


it, Cfom Seen) 


'O cieep into, 
b.) ro fhrink, 

1 CO fhrink • 
or wrinkle , to 

9 bc concra<^ed in 

tn9# Shrinking , 
. Wrinkling or 
;» Contrai^ion« 

ler« pormic 
:er ro pcrmir him 
admit him inco a 
la i nogcQ to in- 
jajre yourleU' in a 
o imbr.r'< in ir, ro 
termeddlc yf'uh ir, 
e or infnnre v^ur- 

en ^c^fommcIi^ 
^tV) to cnlar^c 

upont eo laonch ooc int« ■ 
tediontProlixtty. (fiimdet 

Seneneiinmer^ co havet Fa- 

iniliarity witn a Woman, (t 

en Setftntnø) re join Batd«. 
(fig I aSflreJiPab) to marry, 
contra^ Blarriage« (jL 9% i 
Gameolc) to enccr inco t 
3nMi!bclfe# Adniittance> Let« 
ting ID« (i en &ti^^ Enga«! 
f(in^ » Incermcddling or 

3nMrtnt# iakl into oi put {nto, 
inclofed. (inb^Qltef) pi«kled. 
conferved« Øoé tSnebtCff^ 
inlaid, checkercd« C«rfKP 
te) inlaid Work, Marquccry« 

3nM«<C/ (ienaer>aPica. Li- 
bcU CContra'3nO((rø) a Rer 
piicacion, C@oat pfla (Ton* 

Craf^nMaø) a Rejoinder. 
3nM^99e# to lay, put in. int 

clofc« (Sitn i en fttelber) eo 

]ay Wine in a Cellar. (i. gor* 

f parébocinnenter I SXeCtcn) to 

»refent or give in a KtyXy in 

Law. (giove inDIapt Uroeibe) 

to inlay. to makc checker^d 
Work or Marquccry* ^eeit 

eHer 6faa( meb ØlcraO ro 

damafqaine« toinlaylronor 
Steel wirh Metal. ((((1 %^0 
to i^et or acqnire Honour. QtØ 
6fam) to come ort* wich 

Shame, (ffn *^flW). ^^ "^' 

in yoor Commodicies« to 

f hut up yonrShop,CinMpUe) 

to conforvf. (®arnifon i en 

Geab) CO garrifon ^ City. 
Cl, imeHemj «» interpoft^ 
Ciubfoøbe) ro wrap up in^Q 
fomccliing« (JtlCTbeO tamakf 
Clothes nirrower, to (Irait^n 
them. Cilø bo6 etn) to rak« 
np Lodg-ng wich ene, {i. t% 

øobe Oro for een) to p"^ «" » 
Wori for one» (i. noget » 

e( 9eep) (q indofc 


2i» ) 442 ( ^ 

ynblmtnlns, th« Ltyinjt in. 
(Jt((fder<), che Mflkinr 
Clockes narrower. (i ffiittttlj 
Preftncmcnr« (i %t9t) In«« 
layinf^t Mikinji of checkered 
. Work, (i CO JtcelDer) tht 

• Laytng tnco a Cellar. 

3nd(argø'a>platøniitgf (famt 
«ii5ce Docntiti-nterO <He 

ExhibiMon of Writing« 

^nblebe ceiif to incroduee* 

le^d or bring in« 

3iiMebenbe# introducing« in- 

tJitblfber f tn Introducer* 

^nbUbnitia f ^ublebelfc, an 
Introdnaion« GnbU^ning i 
Ca(e) • prefatory Discourfe« 

ØitbUmmef to incorpocate« im-' 
body« with anotheri to join 
or add to it« to infert, tn re- 
ceiveor admitinto, totinire, 
asfociate* (i et @C(ffol>) to 
adtnit into a Socicty. n e( 
Sl'dO 10 incorporacc. (itn 
55 oa) ro ir. fer r. 

tKnHemntclfe^ 3nMemmtngf 

an Incorporation • Uniøn, 
^ntitnft, to incTiain, clap tip 
inl.on. CfOtnflJeen) ro joint. 

^nblenf ning/ Inchainjng;, 

'JnbUpcrc, to deliver, jjive up, 
conf'.^n , prcfent. (en 5ln» 
(øønillø} to give in, deliver, 
cxhibit or prcfent a Petition, 
to put up a Suic. 

3nblifter (noqct) to flip into. 

(fiø) to (lide. flink, flip, 
fteal or creep into. 
^nbloPfCf to draw onc in, al- 
Inte him , entice him or 
wheedle him into a PIflce. 

'^itblodbøning/ the Piloting 

of a Ship, 
3nbIdobfe, topilotaShip, fteer 
it into theHarboiir or bring it 
into theHarbour from thcSea. 

Month o? a Rive 
^Mh) the Moa 
trance of an Harb 

9lei{cit) thttPotei 

Harbour by th% ^ 
^nbl^bt/ to ran in 

inb, anfommO 

come tn, arrive« at 
t^ailt} to enrtr ini 

bour. (ec ^ted t< 

tb put into an Har 
to tak« Provifiont 

tii fammeii) to f h 

kie or wrinklc^( 
tllDMtn) the PdRi 

.(cberéQ^rcb er mig 

I have received yo 

Cwht, ^enbeé) « 
dnbl^be, (opløbe) to 

fctch ont up. 

3itbUbenbe/ «omin 

tering, arriving, 
^nbtøbnifig, (fom 

te.) theShrinkinj 
ings &c. (paa i 
Taking up at a Ii 

!3nbl<?>be»øtcbf (p( 

an Inn , a Retirii 
(for efibe) an 
Bay or Road fit to 

Jn^Wtt to redcero , 
fctch out of Pawn 

3nbl^feligi redeemt 


CJnbl^fcr^ a Redaen 

2InbI^«ningr Redeeo 
demption, Recove 

^ftibløeningt «Ker, i 

of Redemption. 

^nbl^øtiingd • 6ra 
Ctlflanb/ Soivab 

3nblØ(l^ redccmed, i 
fetched out of Pai 

^nbltiPfff/ to lock o; 
pen up« On^tKØl 

3n ) 443 ( 3« 

dofct fence witk in Endo* 

iuTt. Of iennem en Søt) '<> 

let one in chrotij^h t Door« 

3tlMTfe» (een) to hghr ont in. 

CnOiieO to give Lii^hc inco^ 

Snbdiab, (aføtcié« guøUiO 

Garbtge, Giblecs of si Geofe 

&C. (af 9laaM)0 Uniblet^ 

tJttbfftimge eller inMiteitøe/ to 

mterminele> inceriniK. (ecQ 

ictØAo) rotngage. inrir.- 

Éc or involve one in an Af- 
ir# (fig O to angage or 
inctngle yoarfelf.ini co in* 
termedile wich. 
^Wbrnctngaing, Incermingling 
or Inrcrmixing« 

3n^m^n9iti , an Ingredienr^ 
Mmute# to immnre* inclofe 
wtthin a Wall. 
3il^nntrer# iinroured> inclofed 

wihc in a Wall. 
^n^n^ttf to force one to 
come in. 

(n^Fulcre^ to inoeulate. 
[itbof filering # InocoUcion. 
[fl^« og U^gangø Zoit, Cu- 

ftom for imported and cx- 
ported Commoditiei. 
^11^. og Ubtcrgtabogr ■ Book 
of AccoontSt^ a Cal'hbook. 

3n^^fe# to pour into« infufe« 
n^paiftt to pack up, make 
np inro a Bondle. (fint @a« 
ØCt} to pack up your Things. 

Co»er ^aU oi 9ot>e5) to pick 

vp your Tools, march with 
Bag and Bagga{;e. (i^jtuf« 
fert} to cram into a I rank. 

(^are# f om laae ub til iali) 

tOftake in yonr StaH-Com- 
tnodities , fhut up your 
Shop. (t jtifter) to pack up 
in Chefls. (ftq) co wrap or 
mnfBe up yourfelf. 

^ntpafUv, a Packer* 

On'tpafning , a P;ickmg up. 

^ntpatnin^BttØnt a Facker's* 
Ve«> Facka^a. 

3nltpa6# Preiadtce,I>ctrineht» 
Damage. (oitrc ^nlpdé i en 

anhtni fUttj to invade, en-* 
^voach or intrench upon ano^ 
ther'f Righc (faae 3nbpAl 
ftoé) to creep into one's Fa<» 
vonr» to have great Inrereft 

with one. (giare een 3nb« 
paé) CO thwarc, to cali • 
Block in one*t W>iy. 

^n^pafft, (pafTe inb O to fic 

one ching into anotnor« c« 
joinc into one anoch«r« 

3n^pflflere# to enter, go in. 

3nt>p4ttf , (fooi en QNldfarelfc 
meb iln Sk^htté QKeif) to 

fuck in an Error with your 

Mother'a llilk* to imbibc« 
^n^plf nte # to inclofe or en* 

coinpafs with Planka, 
3n^pIanfning, the Inclofmg 

with Planki. 
3n^plance# to implant, inr 

3n^pIantet^ implanted. (pant 

li() habitual. 

^n^pI<tnrni1tg , Implaneing« 
3n^pløie , (med en Sfouø^p/ 

oeO to channel , chamfer« 
^n^po^e# to graft, inoeulate^ 

3n^PO^nillgr Ingrafting, In-* 

3n^prÆ^if e ^ to inculcate • 
beat into one'jHead« Coper# 

tale een til at troe) co induce 

one co believe, to fuggeft, 

3nbpr<tfriceref (9)are) to 
fmnggle Goods • to run 
thein in. 

^nbprorga^ to imprinr. 

'^n^pvagningø tmprinting. 

^nbprence« to inculcate, tm« 
print , fix in the Mind. 

OnbpreiTe^ to prefs or cram a 
Thing int% a Trur.k. 

^nbpropninøf Grafting, In« 


!5« ) 444 ( 3<l 

^f^pmmtf to graft* frtff or 
t ingraff, inocultte« 

Sntpunt, to pnt into, 
nbpurtfit; 3ll^pntnin9f a 

Pvtting intu , fnferrion« 
3il)Hiyarrer( ^ to qoarter or 
- billet Soldicri, to asQgn 

chem thetr Qnartcn by Way 

of Billets. 
^n^qvArtertng , the Qnarter* 

mg or Biileting of Soldiert. 

^n^^arteringøfrie# exempt, 

. frct from the Qnarter i ng 

of Soldiert* 
3lt^ql^rterinøo>Srt^e^# Kx- 

cmption from the Qiiircer- 

ing of Soldiers, 
3nt$i^4rrcrin9««penge/ Snb- 

fittenee- Money« 

^nbtamlt, (in5bn'»e Valt 
mcb en 9CamCe) to ram in* 

drive Scakesinto the Ground 
with a Rammer. 

Cht^ramltnø ; th« Ramming 

:2ItlOregn€ i mtb, to enter into 
an Account > comprchend it 
therein«add or inl'crc it thcre« 

!^^^ren^€^ to run in. 
^n^celIte^ (faffe of f!a) to 

yield Profit. 

^nbrerning^flDisporition. Re- 

gulation, Ord^r, Ordering, 
Infhrurion , E^^Mif hinenr. 
(etftufcCp) theCor^ti:ivance 
or Ordcr ota Houfo, Accom- 
luodationof a Houfc, 

-Jn^etrC/ to order. regnlatc, 
adjoft, accoipmodate, ma- 
nage, fctde, contrive, dis- 
pofe. (inDrettc efter) to ac- 
commodate, propo> don, fuit 
to. frame, fqaare. (inhvtU 
fe fl9 rfter) ro go by or fol- 

low. OnbrcttmUm ®ebær« 

(et) tocoropofe or fal'hion 
your Gellures. iinttUH fint 

fttmer) ro di^oft 

Jn^tttttø rogalttcdi 

dispofe^, lettled 
2(n^riOe# torideint« 

on Horfebick, ton 

Bntrance on Horf« 
On^ribf If( , an Ent 

^lA^tift^e, to flow or 

to discharge« cid| 

barden « or dia 

icfelf into« 
^ll^ringe!fe, an Ufl 

with Bella. 

3iibr^M>e> (fcrffcKi 

take Root* - 

Jnbv^mmt , to c^ 

Place, yield itnp« ; 

or vp, part witl 

o¥«r 9 reiign . grar 
3li^rømming / a Co 

a Grant, aYielding 

Right, a Refignati« 
3n^r<^r<^ totemper 

mix one thing with 

(Sd) to Beat Egga 
JnbtnUevt, to inlilt, 

CO the Li(l, to lift 
l^nbrnOertng/ Inlifti 

rolling, Entcring 


3n^r^re# <noget i «i 

infert fomething in t 

papers. (nieb eo Vr 

march an Army« 
£r^^bvCr) to tnar 
to *4Ke an Irrnpti 

3n^r^K€f (neget ^ tt 
in5) (O pull , draf 
pluck in. 

3n^rtfning, /i iti\ 
Enrranca into the C 

^nb\Aat, CO fow in. 

OhM'aaening » the 
into a Field, 

3nbfaa(e» (ieoGtoe^ 
ner Sole» 

3« ) A4S^i 3» 

N^ to foap Lifiefiw (irt« 
tØbflrfCl) tp Itcher 
»liilløf th« Soiping of 

iftf to pm under Wa« 

40 (ink or fabmcrff« 

iDgt. inro*- 

;e# CO filt* picklct 

er or fetfon« 

itf a Salrer« 

let^ rilred« ptckled or 

artd #ith Salr« 

Hf to anoint or par- 

ilCf to {^arher, get tm 
I. C6faO to raife or 
Faxef. O BA^) to inn« 
iIcTf a Gathertr« Col« 

ilet/ gatheredi eolled« 


tf ittg f a Gactiering » 

fe# to rathen colled» 
!ico a Place« 

. eihihliriiedf conftitvt- 
^<te5ft for) fabftttDted 
latttrCtØ^/et in by Art^ 
:onftitmed« OmClTtin} 
10 fed« incerealated« 

l# O 6piU the Srake 
iy» a Liv or any Thing; 

ed« Qirbfotftné Sor« 
la^ Pir«»li. (ta^tJ^tU 

[t(th) CO ^weep cha 

itinø^ ^ttbfffttflfe^ (i 

ibtbt) an Inft 1 ticni 
iture • Inftalment. 
UVti^t) Inftinition « 

ifhing« f( en nnbené 

I Sabrogarion« Suhf^i« 
I. (t forrige 6t(iit5) 
iblifhmentf Reftorrngt 
tajcration« (t et f dn) 
hituig ft Raiiiftålliog» 

tion* Fiitting* inio bolf 

ØtåttK . » > 
O^^i^ttifto inftltiitt,aftablini» 
conftitvtaw (i (SlIlMe) fo^ 
Inftall in« invafl ona with nt 
Offict».(i«effMelfe>'Co Mt 
one in PoiT^afion ot; (i ^Um 

reftore one to hiiown. \i té 

cnHné 6teb} to fttbfttcntai 
fobrogat*! d^maorappoinc 
ona in tht Rooa of anotlwv 

Mel tften) to rtiaftttf 
one. to raftore htm imo hia 
Office, (m^ Qtfftt^ to in* 
throna 9 tnflal é Bii kojp«/ O 
forriøe CfilBl) to relUre« 
rttflabfifk rMintamitr(( 

en Cienboni/ bee ev gitre trc# 

Mø) cuj^ivaonaa provifioott 
Poireiuon in a Svit to ona of 
the Partiet« till thaCaofa bo 
determintd« O 6øiO <v 
pur in. C^n DoffimeO ro ap- 
point a /ndga*Ceit vrtiip 
to conftitiita ont yoor Hair* 

5nH^t ^ een) to frfva « 
'htng into ona^f Cimodx* 

{^t%m i eeité InfiøO ^o- 

inprinc tha Ntila mco one't 

Facti (i SoMffeO CO elap 

ona up iato Pfilon* to im- 

prlfon hin^» "* - 

tiDfaiige« ro (km ktto« • 

itbfee, to look into^ (ftfte^ 

to andarfhi>d a Matrar, look 
into it* viewi axan^ or p<^ 
netrat'e it« inrptft into (Mt* 

thii|T* #r 

Snbfeen^ # a' tnrpeaion 'or 

Cara. C^aM 9«lfeetibe OM) 

ro hav% tha Infpvdion of» 
Svperintendeneeor pr^fiding 
Cara of a Thing* 

Dntfegl/ aSeaL 

IJttbfeiU, (t et (^dM? to fait 
inco or tftctr. t Port. 



3« ) 44é ( 3« 

Shibf<n5e> C^ftmmini) to 

fend one Word« give Nocice 
of. (QreiO to ^<^<1 * ^«t~ 

ter* (f n éeøicrtnø) to cx- 

hibir« deliver or prefenc t 

3itfi^berf tn Undtrtenant« 

3tlfibD^rt Mti ■ Lodger't 
* Rent. 
JnbiiQtt to proteft agiinft* 

to concradid* ninfay. 
Dtlbftgelfe/ Prote^flcion, Cttn- 

tradiélion* Gainfaying« 
3flb(igtf an In(ight» Skill in a 

Macter« PeAetration, Saga* 

city, Perfpicacity« (fem er 

af cø #er 3nbfløO fharp- 

wicccd « penetrating« O tn 
®aard} a View into one's 
Cfflbfløtøfolbr ikilfiil* know^ 


"Jnb^Aavtnt cnpoat, carved 
out. (med CaøatO jagged, 

3nbffafFe# to eet one in, pro- 

cure him Admisfion. 
'Jn^flaitti to inlert, interca- 

!3n^ff«ltefibe^ intercalar. 
[tt^fFaUntnø/ Intercalarion. 
fnOJTcertf to cut oot or into. 

(meb Satøer) to jr^ , or 


'Jntyflteivtn , JnMctvin^ t a 

Curting out, aNorching or 
Jfl{;f(ing$ fl Incifion. 

Jn^iccnU, to fiU a Glafs, 
ponr into ir. 

ØifbfPccrpe/ to incolcve, to 
imprcfs by frequencAtimoni- 
ciontt beat into one's Head, 

Øabflfiarrpelfer *Jnt)fficcvping, 
Incnlcation. . (i C^pmieiO 

^IlbfFibe/ to embark. v;tu put 
on Shipboard. (fofO ^ati) 
to f hip or load Gooda« 

3itb|(ibnf ng I fimbi 
Embarking« Shipf 

Snbffif (e , to fend i 
ttbff risnf Cf to bovn 
confine> refhraina 
Bounds or Limita i 

SeøterfiøftcbcO t< 

fnppr efa or keep ir 
fires« (fiø) to kee 
Bounds; copinch c 
Jn^Vvctnfnine, a B 
Lin(iicarion> Reftrié 
trenchin^ , Modi 

^fibfivtvtnt entered 
regidcred« writte 

(t StttHen) inrolhd 

'Jnfltipt f Jttff ripri 

^ftbffrivt, (icnSoø 
down in a Bo'ok,tO|? 
or note it therc. ( 

ffildcrihifea ^c.) t 

enrol, immatricula 
to enter or li(^ yon 
be cnroUed. 

CTnbffrivninø, (i en^ 

Entering, Podirig o 
in a Book > Enrotl 
li(ling, Iminatricn! 
2tlbffi*Me f to fcrcw i 
jlibffritmpc^ to f hrir 
klc) cockle , he co 

Clnbffnb/ (3nbffaltn 

f^rcalarion. (i f^i 
ffdb) Advance-Mc 
PayiTH? in Hånd; 
ØnbftuM^ put in ♦ a 
(fotii en ^aø eSer 

tercatar. (mbblctf 
red, fuggefted. 

ynbfftbe^ (inbM^fe 

fpire« fuj^gelt, infui 

gc i^anbel) to adv 

ncy, pay in Hånd. 
O^ncn) to f Hove Bl 

rho Ovn. ((Øllire 
noner) ^^ batter do 
wich Cannon« ' 

^ ) 447 ( ^n 

t, lofptmion, Sug- 

Cft« tu Set iKtt 

ram} tn EsKtption 

to ftriltt* bete inro* 
to bmk opcn tfie 
tt 9nad to drive t 

o. CJBinftueO to 
indowf« O iPaCfeO 

p. C9<^t<Bl<^KA19' 
ram in Fales. 


do« n« 


of Doors. 

to throw or flinj^ 

to let one int per- 

Encrancc. (f^m* 

CO get in , gec Ad- 


tg, a Shutting up, 
in. cfra aSe San« 

irronnding, Envi- 

(t gcmiirei) Impri^ 
Cen @coOé af Sten« 

to lockor fhatnp» 


n* fnrroiKidy envi- 
lompafsy cncloféthc 

l^€ imcQcm dabOelt 
l^bc ten paa beaøe 

o double upon ^ol 
o blodc up a Ciry, 
\p) to enclofCf fend 
onr Cover, (ttuh 
) to fum up, ^.lakt 
iecapitnUtion of ic* 

at fDtnncr) to re« 

ont in your Prey- 
rSfofler) ro doifter 

(bttfe t mcO to in- 

, 1 Aked, (hxLt Qp 
mnudin, inclofea, 
[«d 9 f ncompafled. 


bloked vp» O* < ncb) lAr 

nbifatltu. ^9 iBclt into» 
hbfmiftre (Ig, to Infiniiatt 
voiitUlf by Flattary« ^tep 
ipto ont'i Favosr« fcrt# 
yourfelf into it« 

3ni>fiii#r^ to grttfc (md 
VemoDe) toaapioc witbPo* 
natum« ^ 

^n^imnttf gratfcd, anointed« 
(Dr5) glavaring Worda, 

JnhM^tt to flip, fttal'iiit. fn 
inbv$teatth. (Øg)^to ilido« 
flinkf fliporcrefpinto«(fto 

ittnUBtmn to iAfihRtt«^ 
get or creep, wriggla iam 
one*f Favonr* 

3n^iniitlit, an lofinvatioB« 
Creéping, Cttting in by 

Bnbfnigen^C^ infinnating. 
nbffiit, a Cattingf Carvifigt 
!7ii^fiiittiing^ ScarificatioQ* 
On^fteittC^ to CQt or carv« 
ootf to noccli or jag« (M 
Caarteøcjp to naka an In^ 
cifion* T 

^nbfnittet/ cut« carvcd ottt. 

Jnt^ntttø tolace« 

^nt^fove, to fall aflccp* 

^n^fj^bc, CO flip Bp, fwi 


3nbføben; f* itibF^gt. ^ 
n^f>(tHbe/ (i Ra«mO to 

ftretch. ' 
3ndfpdrirrCf to hem lp, lockac 
pen op, endofa, barricttft* 

O cn &aV) to block op a 


3nbfp«rri(ti lockedorpenop, 
encigfed, blocked op« 

3n^fp(erriiig# t Barricade» 
Penning np, Blockade« 

pnbfpirarngff fpecklcd, vtrl^ 

tfnb« ' 


Sn ) 448 ( 3» 

SnbfOrinfti te l«ipt jnmp or 

hop in c«, 
^nifprtitt, to fqvirt. ryrin|« 

OnWprtft«'«"«' 3nWt>rub. 
Biitøi Syhngingi Sipiitt- 

DiiMttMie. f. in»<ftaac. 

ORbftdCtlAtg, inflanr, carneR, 
CBger, ur^inKipreifing, (9)C> 
gitrjos) Iiift«nce,«igt[Snit. 


^nbllAneigtn, mftantly, «nr- 

neftly. (btit inbftinWBftiJ 
■ ropray jnfttnTly. eirneltly. 

(o intreir, befeech. 
3n^(^(tn&h^()rt, Entrdty, 

Solicidtion, Importnnity. 
^nftftfllpfi toft^mp, or b«ae 

inio. ((BfOtftdltnO '" •■"" 

<t.->wn the Pnvit.^. 

Demi.f.d, Siiit or Ciufe de- 
ptrding «t Lnw. ("O* 3> 
I S!<lt([[|ling) the Rcncwing 
Or RevivinK af a Lawfnit. 

(fra fotflt gnftSanrt) "P"" 

the firft Dem^j-d or FoiM 

in Contruvet: , . 
^n&flitniie, to b«r, ptn. flint 

up tiitnjcaiic. 
TBbftængnirtB' » B«rrie«do. 

tn Appcil, thtl 
a Cl af« kcferc 


3n&ftfetc fts, lo fl 

or cnter by Sictl 

to import bjr 5 

3nD|tfftef loinftitn 

found, eftablifli, 
Dntftifttlftf Infttn 
, blifhmcnt. Fonn 

lioir.tinE. CillØUl 

Conr!cr3tJor. { 

or pronounc* ih< 
tal WoTdft 


OnCfliltt, io|>ntit 

Ttnftftti'l«, to liimmoni cite, 

w« n ■« Pcrfon to appcar be* 
fore tht Inlticc, (i' <<I C 
IioidcSttO 10 »ppMl. Cfcni 
fdti inDitodtJ til tn bfittt 
9tcO ttiat which may be 
trotght befnre « •lij;''" 

Caiin. Cunter SftlMm-iaO 

to rulpoeni. 
SnMttvntt/ ranEnoneit, ci 

3n&(ltBiiiiigi aSf- 

cation, ("11^' 

« ) 44? ( 3« 

of * Daui. 
cdi puOitiJ or 

ptå. (@1(»0 


trcw. fow nr 

)b> wipci <)o or 
fflgO I« *hip 
an swiy Mu- 

bc. Cl tBjtitt' 
lUc IB«, fem 
nabic ir.. O* 
y n> pnt Corn 

t F»:UJ rt 

-- 'jilV c4 

Jlt&ff(tl l'«WII lt|l, 

^nfinitt/ to prrrtrVtt ffnll> 

f«rv*, OntrnlKtf A«|fr} 
Comfiii, Frer<rv«l> Hwmi- 

^HBrtltniRH, Prtftrvlnt.rnn. 
fervlng, l'khliriK iil'hullu 

Onftfinftr tnfink nr lia |ilufi> 
lt«l tnio lunitiblnx, 

3itt)r4B<r o >*li*t I«lM. M- 
CD|>y. Uiahc yniitfair MtKaf 
of, 10 rak« ?fi%1ttfn,n utt tn 
eowimr, '^imitt'.mjttinké 
nyde. ftn étai) 11 tt1>4, 

z:rty * T',*n. i-iia ,f. fft 
iaaljt^.t'^r'i'iti ■ f.',¥r,'tf, 
fmtt Utmnit tj»åi»j -i 
ttyt t.y iffcFW, 'hm »0 
Od, ':<tyiy.'A, '*tn»-l} 
•; '.H'» , *r/i-t-'. /*.,'(.. 
''jiwtiy ". .■ ftftft. ''r»T( 

e-£l«y ". *'»■'> *'^VA, 

•: »I'l^ ■•«■ -,- ■! «, '6 

'. i: 5t-l> ", -ttj, jvv 

f-ie": '»3 ?MV* •-* «!• 
f- r- -•. t- ,A , - >«^ 
'tii 61 Srw, -.•. •*« -j* 

-..;\-. - *. /•>' r^l IM«* 

I-'V-T''« V -i5 «* Wil*, 
' J^iiir, '■. yv I'- ••**■►* 
itt-r. -JiflK tf loe*',*!^ 

3b ) 450 ( 3b 

(Diiion, C(em flititbJiiO 

thtAa of MkingPofTetTion, 
mutagen, rslcru rfliaid.tofi- 

qncrcil. (af tij^vbO ravifh- 
•d wiihjoy. OocLlffcO'"^- 
pou/ed fmirren. (txtdarct) 
infatuated, (. l?{rbtt, 

eharmirg, bewitching.illur- 

ingi plcafant, delighiful. 
3nAt«gtnb(t>i Chirmingncfs. 

ingtging Wiy, 
tlliftwit, V. (( 9tfO 'O <'»''"' 

(femandi chilltngc. vindi- 


3nt>talc, r. riKcOi CliTm. 
Demand. Chalknge. Vindi- 

^nhtttatt, ttf, cifnain{t fub- 
ilct fharp. 

yubtctgtf ihi Keceipt. (3nb' 
l«9t 00 UHitl) <>'' Kcctipi 
and Djiburrcmpnt. 

Ønttit. untit, ill CO, nnto, 
»* far *i, cven ro. CinHtil 
StoilO at fir M Rome, OnMit 
ttn^eite) to chit Dishc. 

^ttbtll fati (>tng(i imcM, 

3li»ril vlbtrfi til fntiher Or- 
de rt. 

JnMngt, n eompcéhcnd or 
incliidc Ibmcihing in i Bir- 
g«in or Agr«etn«nc. 

3nM«gi Entry. Cb»iit |Tt 
3a6lDg) to make yogr En- 

Ønbt^trefl, todry. dry np. 
fhrrnk by biin| tao dry. 

3nt>t«TrinS( thc Drying up. 
nbirafff lo »nttr, ro ftep 
in. (i øtiSliat Dcbtn) tocn- 
ter into Oiaer-, 
^n9t^n^tI1> f an Eninncc or 

^ntttrafft, to happen, fill ovt, 
eom* nnenpeacd, come to 

^abVtnblg, inrcrnit, inwaid. 

3nbtr(cfcli|f, cah 

nli foTtoiiost. 
3n&rT£ctftn&e. hii 


tfMtrolEt, to dr 

3sbir(ttf«, CSOOC 

tcT intOi cntet i 

6tdt) to cnttr : 

C^ttui) 10 «ni 


On^tmFniRg, an 

^nbirongt, inbtx 

ur by Fore«, (> 

tom) to invtd« 

Country, to mt 

tion into it. f 

SlObtr) to Uh 

(ølitcii 9^1 


to invade it, ofni 

inb) to, throng 

For«, an Intrn 
fion, a Throngi 

OiiMi'icngcnACf in 


3nbirDrnset, intri 

3uMroff«i/ happ 

3n6tr«r,in Itnpw 
bDily> n worh 

3H»tTftEci to imi 
ca:c. (noget i ei 

imprint toOMth 
3nbtvingCr -co 

3nt>t><cvc, to int 
3tit>vcn&Ct t» o 

ObjcAinfl ■{■• 

3« ) 451 ( 3« 

iligf tn Obje£(ion» 
rion* ExcepdoH) Re» 
xatnfayingi Contra- 

*Ci«««fe) ehcWardi 

> to clitnge, to bny 
in Exchang^e for cur- 
>neyt to g;ather thcm , 
Y of Evchange. 

confecrate, hallow, 
•, devote to God or 

Ufe, (en 95i(?op-) to 

rate a Bifhop« . 

tf Coi^ecration, Hal- 

. Devoting to God or 


>ei confecrating, hal- 


confecratedt hallow- 

K (een i en @ai) to 

:, eilgage or intangle 
a Biifinefs. (fig) to 
: or intangle yonrfelf« 
>CP) to muffle up your- 
fwaddle yoarfelf« ({. 
ben} to cwift intoone 

r. t^iøtt ureedO ^o 
c, intricate or intan« 

t f wra^t or folded 
forftaaeliø) intricate, 
)an5eO involved. tn^^ 

1 in, 

ng^ theWrapping or 

g up. (i en éajO In- 

igylroplication, (Sou 
") Intricating, Per* 

^tf (famtDtf e) to con- 

greetOt to grant, to 
>f , give Asfent to. 
;, CO interlace» inter- 

litig, an Interiacing 


Jntvi^tf to fhow one in, di« 
red him into a Place» fend 
him into it» 

^n^vittiø/ ingenidns» yery 
witty, fiill otWit. 

3n^voI^€^ theEntrails, Bow- 
els, Guts,, Ga'r bage, (ta^ 
% uV) to pnll OQC the Guta* 
Ctaøe 3. nb af én SufO to 

draw aFowl. Oaøe3. ttØ af 

en iif) to gut a Fifh, 
^n^9otreø/ tnward, incernal« 

inner, intrrndc, intrinfieaU 

inteftine« (Xfig} incaftine» 

civil War« 
3nb9orceø/ adv.indward1y» in- 

ternally, intrinfecally* 
jMvotttB, (bet) ebe Inwtrd 

or inward Part, (of OfenOCø 

ffet) the Heart of Man. 
3nfaaibel, adj.infallible, thae 

cannot deceive or be dccei« 

ved> f. nfeilbadig. 
OnfAnterieithe Infancry,Foot* 

Soldiers, Foot« 

3nftcere, I berntirce* 

Inficering, f. S&efmtrtelfe* 
n(l4mntAtipn / f* a&et«n^ 

information/ Information, f» • 

2(nforniatør/ aPrecepcortTa« 

tor or Mafter, 
3nformetf/ toteach, infttuA; 
DngcfeV; Ginger, (»ilb) Za- 

doary, (Z)anff) Waker<^tfi» 

Onøen/ pron, indef, no. none, 

notany, no one. (jeø tint C 

Stener) I bavé no Servantf 

(bar 3 inaen) bave yo« 

none? (i, fRennefe) no 
Man, nevcr a one, not one 

Soul, (i, af Vartterne) nci- 

ther of the Partiea, 
!3(igen <Ban9, no Time, 
3ngenieiir/ a Engineer, 
jfngenif urf on(l > Enginery. 
^ngenlunbe^ tio atall, byno 

Mtanft m no Wife. 

f • 3nf 

m > 49a c 3* 

Mtnner whtcfocver, Ctefcn« 

floil flMbM et fa«4«ca() no 

ji t m e d y whttfoe vtr u fo 
SMeiiØebøf aowhtr«* in no 

gngrMcntif tn Ingrcditnt. 
nøitnXn^tattfln foac lltn- 
ncr or Mtftfnrt, 
3m|«irfnf CO inqatrtb ntlni 
tn Enqviijt to (t tkoc fttrcli 
mftf r or ioijp* ". 
, ISnqvifttitiøi an Empiiry, 
. Stirchf ■ PerqQificSoQ»aQmtft 

or Seeking afcer, 
Sttqvifitf a Criiiiinal. 
jm^j^tkon, ffn Inqviiiiion, 
ftria Enqairy. (jnjUUMH 
• Sicttttic) chelnqatmion* a 
Sort of ecclefiaftical Conrt 
'tmons the Spantards tnd 
Portagnefe. ^C^btUi S)em) 
Sflfccti tn Infea* 
jqfrctae^enDfr infeftivoronr. 

3llfKti^<ilg# the Chryfalif or 
Kympht aurelia« 

t)nfectbøiine# Infecc-bean« 

anfcli f. -0«. . 

plaafing« (twcefci)anenga- 
ging Way» 

3 ttflnoetcr Oeti iMcO to pre* 

fent, infinaate* (fW af tO« 

finu^re ff J) to cnrry Favour 

^ wichonet endeavottr to infi« 

fioate hiittfelf into one'a Fa- 

vonr« (initituerc ftø f)i$ een) . 

• to infinoatcwriggle or fcrew 
yonrfelf into ona'a Favovr, 

Ci(n(IPription# an Infcriptiotu 

Snfpectioit/ Infptction* 

3nfpea#ri aa Inrpcaor> an 
O ver feer* 

tfnftauntf f* iiit>f«tte» 

(lalUrf itfr 1 9«^ 

iftiøere, f. cttfNobc, 

luitinct, tbe Ii\ilifA»: 

ral Senfé or llhcioti 

3nftraerCf to inftma 
^ttftrumtnt, an Udk 

Tool t Implkmiiit* 

8ee) Inftramtnt*' Id 
Jmtnmtntiik ioftni 

<i flkttfff) ioftmmta 


3ii(lrnttctifiitr one» c 
SluU to play oi| Iq^ 

^n^nttntRiaiierf an 

Onftrnfi an Ini!r«aio 
iMUf KttOt) Diftti 

3f^reør Al lifgsisSf an i 
Accdnnt. * *' 

3iit^tioi& {.tXlittiin 


ting* agreeable« 

3ntereire# Intereft, &tt 
ntttimø intcriir, mc 
2(nterlofnrorii IDdti, 

ttrlocution, Interlo 

^nrerlofotoriuK, an i 

Øntermetf^ 3ntermci 

Interlnde(in aPlfy} i: 
the Ads» 

3ntirrf ønum aninttrr 
Interreij^n, Time« i 
Throne ta vacaAt* 

3tttet^ nothing, nodg} 
eet tninbre) nothin 
(intet an^et) nothii 
Ontet onber cnb) i 
but« (for intet) for n 
Qbnt til tntet) to be g 

nothing, (g^are til, II 
brine a Thing ro Koi 
tnnnl, abrogatti mal 
nntfO) deftroyt defa< 

tommer intet ttb «f 

comes to noai(ht» it 

tnrpofe* notMog U 
y that* 

^tt ) 453 c 3« 


tvtnbtf vain» inntile, 
•fitiblet of no Ufe, 
sfst frivolons* 
iag«/ no Kind what- 

(meøet fortroclig) in- 

!» clofely flcquainced* 
•C/ ro tun«. 
'tnr Intonation* 
ictiott^ an Inci'odac- 

icHofiøsPenøe/ En« 


»# Cfom er bltttn nhtip 

Iciøp invalid, disabled, 
ined, disabled by Sick- 

- Hart$. OnDadbecnO 


triunt; an Inventory, 
>zue of MovcableS) a 
li a broken or dead 
Goods or Effeds. 
Tf/ f. opfinde, 
euø/ Cfom foA opffnbe 

I an ingenions, inven* 


011/ f. (Dpftn^flff. 

ioni f. CJnbb^bclft. 

I#^iøbe^# >» Abun- 
» abnndantly. 

(tate, f. i forga<irø. 
> ponr in« 
l, for che reft» 
nn^ai CVurgcfrrot 

nertfd^ Ipecacuanha. 
vii9, by the Weight. 
in a RoWf in Rows« (i 

Srai: cftcv ()tnan(oO 


to reckon or acconnc 
,to comprife in an Acr 

tttt to reprimand, re- 
reprove, ch^cK or 
(for dittttn) JO pro- 

tttliti « Reprimind, 
k ti Reprehenfiont 

3rettffftttcCfO to read onea 

Jtttttfmttv, a Reprimander, 

CfrftteCtb/ in due Timt, or 

Seafom predfely. 
Digang/ f* ^vvgan^. 
3riø/ an Iris (a fort of Flower^ 

the Rainbow. 
3^*iøgrØfir# iris-or rainbow- 

3vlan^i Ireland« 
5H<ln^ff/ irifh. 
3liaen^er# an Irifhman« 
'Jvonit, Irony. 
3ronijFi ironicaL 
^roniffr *<iv« ironically« 
3rrariotial/ irrational. CCi« 

nier, fom tf fe maaie^ it?e^ 
fdtnme ^aaU fom anbre} 

irrational Lines. ' '. 
Cfrirc, C^aae »ifb) to lofe yonr 
Way. CfflW Otlb) to err» be 
out, bewrone, beoucofche 
Way or in the wrong Box« 
mistake« lie or be under t 

Mistake. (fra C^anbbebcii) 

to deviatc from Trtitb* 
3r^e5ttl«r/ irrtgular, tnomt- 

3rreii/ ^vvtlit, Error, Mii- 

take. Fault. 

3rrenbe, erroneous. ftlftt f<N 

Cfrrgangf aMa«e, Labyrtfitb, 
3rrigi erroneons^ . ftlft (• 

Cfrrigcni adv, erroneointlf , in 
an errpneousManner* 

3rrl^e 7 Ignis fatutis. 
3ir(llerne^ a Plapet, wtnderlng 

3fa«C/ Ifaac* 

Jf<»bef| Of<»*rtl(f| f Ifabtll«; 


^«|p ) 456 ( 3« 

5M» 34«©rb| • Word, A«- 
ftni, Confefiff Prbmife, ?r- 
role. (faae 3<l»Ofd) to ob* 
tiin one'f Confenc or Pro« 

niirc, C3fl# fpottCl^ilO I ^"^*^'' 
rant yon indeed« 

ØAbroteri •Complicrt Flatte« 


^accbt James, 

3acot>ineri t Whitc-Frlir [or 


facobiternCf the Jieobltci« 
kco^øilavi JtcobVSraff, 
]acobtnvt, Rjgvort, 
(ab^cr» Prirdc-Prattle, Tittle- 

Tfltdc Babblingt'Prftttlinic* 
ØA^^rCito prattle, tarr|e, bab* 

ble> chatccr, 


Øabbrer, a Prattler t Tartler, 

Babbler» a BUb, Gabblcr, 

TwiccU, TwatrU. 

^a^tVt a Hunter, Hunrsman, 
Sportsman, Chafer, OcPact 
f« &(») a Prickcr, 

^(Tøfragtigi Huotsmanllke, 

Jflpgerbrengi a Hunter's Boy, 

O^gergarn, « HnneimanV 

D«gfr()ori!/ aHunting-Hom* 
Oafgcr{>ime, the Hvntcr'a lod'- 

ge or Shelttr, 

^(t^tvfniv, a Wodd-knifc, a 

3#rgerPonff, the Art pf Hun- 
ting, Venary, Hwiu^inan- 

Cf«g<rmcvøflflti f, j«ger«jt 

3<rflepme(!eiv the Maftcr of 
the Hunt« 

Sl#gerr«r/ the Hnnt$man*s« 

Language or hii 
Way ofcallinsTl] 
belong CO Hnncir 
JctCittf^^, « Bo« 

^irgerrafFe^ « B\ 

PoQch) Poke or S 

^oegerr^i , Implci 

Hunting, atToih 

page belongiog t 

3«i en,^# yeaalfot < 

and above, 

Jatn^ifHø notevei 

3a enbog, nay alfa 

^age# to cjnfe, hui 

be huntiiAor COQ 


out a Doors« (en 
to dislodge a Sca] 
ti) to courfe a Ha 
drive away, Mtt 
tftcr, to purliie, 
SKoo afSien^tn) t 
rctricvcrefcue fro 

my. (poa SlugO 
Plight, (iSanbjiQa 

exilt) banirh, (o| 

Slufttener) to ou 

more, enhance the 

en .^aarbe t eiod 

one through with 

3^gcn# 3aitnt«ci, 

Hunting, (SorfPlj 

l^agenbei chafing« 

^afstt, chafed* hun 
fuIøO pnifued« 

^agmcflTf, (@W 
fmall HatilVr, 

D<«gt/ (er SarrtQ * 

Hunting, Spprtt 

to give chafe to 
^agtbAti what flwj 
9T hunt^df 


^ ) 455 ( ^0 

fill» ftop« craiD> 
n Piecet. ifunder« 

Sieicn er t 6tt)f' 
at iswornouci is 

y Picc« by itfclf. 
rn) CO put inro. 
iSønbe} CO pour 
► a Tun. (i Uli)N 
ne onc to Ruirit 
afon^ CO Deliruc- 

-1 Italian« 
pur tn a Ca(k or 

;r ÅmuO co <iraw 

B Mug* 

fign« CO draw on* 
xtVit, to tell or 
icy in a Bag« 

mty opporcnnelyt 


put Liquor in a 
3ueh a Tunnel. 

rhe Puccing of 
ongh a Tunnel. 
Cafe of NecesfitVf 

Put. te a Pincfu 

Itaab i en 9}aaO 

hread into a Nee* 
ead a Needle« 

m SDanb i noøeO 

ibibe or drink in. 

(fom Q}anbO ^ 
Drinking in« Im- 

»aked. (i en @l)et 
into a Needle. 

, broken« in Pie- 
te ilu} ro bretk 

(()udae^ ?ære 

tn Piecet. 

':ve§ chatttly* tno- 

3 Cuem^rf eti in th« Dnflt of 

the Evening, by Twilight. 
3t^lbe/ to put inco a Barrcl* 
3Utibe# unfeafonably* nnti- 

yoccttf to be in. 
5»eri Zeah Fervour* Ferven- 

cy, Aflfedion, Actachment. 
CJver, (Xoeé) tb« Uddtr or 

Dug of a Cow* 
^vavficcttt, to execute, pnt in 

execucion« to perform» to 

bring about, bring to paft. 

3pertf«nelfe# Execucion, Ptr- 

^vovtUf rooted, injreterate, 

3vire ftg^ to fly or fall out in- , 
to a Pasfion, to be angry« 
be transported with Anger» 
to cakc Fire« 

"^Jvtig, zealout, ardent,«- 
ment* fervent, hot, pasTio- 
naca« choleric, apt ro bt 
angrv, foon angry. (JbiM 
iorig) to takt Fire, 

tft^rtøen, zealously. ardantlyt 
vehemently, pasfionacely« 

2fwiSbe^'# Ardoun Vehemen- 
cy, Pasfion, Choler« T(tns- 
• l^ort of Anger. 

% fal&et 3ob* 


a, yet, yet, ty, nay. (ja 
bttf fom mere er) nay what 

is more, yea and whae ts 

more. (^i»eft3ata noM) 
to asfent, give Asfenrco. 


Sl% ) 456' ( 3« 

JM* 34«©rb| • Word» At- 
ftni, Confenri Prbmife, Fr-^ 
role. (faoe 3<l«0»d) to ob- 
tiin one't Con i ene or Pro« 

mire« (3a/ fpottC^tiO I ^f^^" 
rant yon indeed« 

^Abroter, •Complicr, Flacte« 

3^C0t>ineri t Whice-Frlar (or 


Bacobiternei tha Jaeobitci« 
acobøilAVi JicobVStaff. 
Oacobetirt/ Rjgwort« 
Jabbcr, Prittlc-Pratf le, Tittle- 
Tfltdc Babbling, Prattlint^« 
ØAbbrCito prattU« tarrle, bab« 
ble, chaccer, 


Øubbrer/ a Prattler • Tirtler, 

Babbler, a BUb, Gabbier, 

Twitde, Twattle^ 

^(røerf a Hunrer« Huntsman« 
Sportsman, Chafer, CjX^att 
fil fted) a Pricker, 

^otøeraøtigi Hootsmanlike, 

JflPS^f brenSi a Hunter's Boy, 

O^gerøarKf a UnnttmanV 

D««r<f6orn/ a Hunting-Horn* 
Øitgert^tiiiei the Hwntcr*^ lod- 

ge or SheUer. 

0^9tvtnivt a Wood-knifc, a 


3#8erPpn(l| thc Art pf Hun- 
ting, Veneryi Huni^uian- 

^Mttm<x$H$$ f, j«ger«j- 

3<r8epme(!ei?# the Maftcr of 
the Hunt. 

^^ntvvfh the Hnnt$man's« 

Language or hi 
Way ofcallingTl 
balong to Huntii 

3ff9erfp^b# a Boi 


Pooch, Poke or 
^oegevrøi , Implc 

Hunting, asToil 

page belonging 
3«i < ycaalfo, 

and above. 
"Jatn^ifUø notevi 
5« enboj/ nay alfi 
^agf# to chafe, hi 

be huntiiSor C01 

iUtt paa yderen) < 

out a Doors« (eil 
to dislodge a Sr« 
re]) TO courfe a H 
drive away. (eft< 
aftcr. to pyrfuc, 
SKoo'af'Sien^tn) i 
rccrievetrefcue fn 
my, (paa glugtj 
plight, (i Sanbjlo! 

exilt, btintrb, (o 

jluffioner) to oi 

more, enhance th< 

en .^aarb< t £ip< 

one through vitl 

3^scit, Cfagntncii 

Huncing, (gotfPl 

l^agenbei chafinf^- 


3rtgeri chafed, hui 
fuIøO puifued« 

JagwcflTf, (@fil 
rmall HauOer, 

D<«gt/ (tt gflrW) < 
3«gt, (cfrcrOiiDt 

Hunting, Spprt 

(3^d(fe(ffa&i < 
ro give chafe to 

^agtbati what wa; 
or hunt«4« 

3« ) 459 ( 2le 

K Xorøf^^f Ifff che 

ng of Jtfus Chrifl* 


untctf Eucharift. 

^i }na1l^^m # the 

flttire of)erasChrii^» 
m Jefnit. 

Ot^tn, the Society 

'ad) » EcdcAflftes. . 

Cølaty li^e) evcn» 
» level > pUin« 
\ in open Field* 

level Way. 
•riflen # a Fellow- 

i, EquinOK. (font 

tt 3<^n^oøn) equi- 

[•/ eqainoxiaU C^it 
ninoxial Line* 

of equal or the 

level* fmooth, make 
fmooth 9. lay flat» 
C !3epninø. 
levelled » fmoothed 

f fimple« plain» ho* 

Smoothnerst Even- 

>nier %oittn) Piain- 

'lajndealing» down- 

Level ling, Smoooh- 
aying Hat. 
adj. trcqtient* ufaaU 
rit ordinary« 

|e/ (Sigemanb) an 

Match, Peer« 
\f frequencly. com- 

' 6tr^9 f Paralle- 

Ot^^nmaalf Symmetry. 
3cvnfUetf # of the farne or 

eqoal Strengrh* 
^evnflot/ of eqnal Greatnefs. 
^evnflr^gø/ in a paralled 

Oernti levelly, fra^othly* 
30 # yes, yea* QoftTf \tt^ 

6re) the foøner the becter. 

(jo oift) yes indeed« 
3obø Zaavtv , (et &iå^é 

»Rlailte) che Tear« of Job. 
^ot)an, John» Jack« (lilc 

3) Johnny* 

3oc«nne# Jane or Joan* 
^o^atiiue 7L<ihtnhavinQ, th» 

HeveUtion of Se* John* 
3obatini6b«r/ Garden -Cur* 

3«t)annidbrø&, John's Bread* 
3ol)anne6«a>mf the Glow* 

3o(>aniteøtr<«/ the Careb- 


^obanntB Urt # the Herb 
Hypericon St* John'a Wort 
or Grafs* 

30 litngcre |o fierere/ (Urt) 

HoneyfackIe» Woodbine* 

CfoIlCf a Yawl* 

Jo meer o{| meer / ever more* 

3omfriie , a Virgin » Damfel, 
Maid, Maiden, Mifs. (J.i 

'Dr^vtUtt^ttO Virgo. Oonii 

frnc jJt(erfcn) Mifs Peter- 

* 3omfruc2Wiief«if^ig6e&, Pn- 
dicity, Modeftyt Chaftity. 

jomfru e^om# Virginity. 
Maidenhead* (ttliftt) to be 
dedowered* (t^lØt) to de- 
flower a Virjin , deprivt 
her of her Maidenhead* 

3omfrlle^omo 35erøve[fe t • 

Deflowring of a Maid* 

jomfruelig/ virginal, maiden- 

3^mi } 

», > 4SB ( 2» 

jMNllU^ CO rvonkk Mnblt, 

raflti'c« fvUff foiU ctrniflu 

SafVfCr rallitdi fAiltdt.ram- 

. ^td« rnflkdt drtgglc-uil- 

(HMltor Jfimiii« Jcflemin* 
(MflUtt • IMIe # Jatmin* O'il« 
itimintVanb, Jtimin-Wt- 

• vifleiiø, yci cerainly« yct 
cruty • oj lorcly t ty » ty I 

3t§i LG<9 rcb)I nyfiir. 
crtttUe 2Bi^«Mfe# chtLt^ 
. . menudpotlof Jjeftmy* 
3erfHM««r Jcrtmy* . 
3criio«lUtil|f • ^t VLoCt of 

Cbcr toøøcl iMii SaBger) 
Iron» Shtcklet. (di#rc 3crnel 

hUkt H fmiMiO to make 
Iron htmnertble* mtllctbU. 

CfttiiMc 3enii mebené ha er 

' tkurmO <o <n<tk« Htyf while 
thc Son fhinet« 

3tr««3rbeiber (ron-Work* 

^embaanb/ Iron-Btndf or 

3erttbe(la9, Iron -Work* 

CiieniUilf IronpUce. Qcttin* 
net) a Tinpbct* 

^enibløiMfteri Helmee-Flowcr. 

3etiibolCi an Iron •Bolt. 

3crttbreV/ *• Letter of Refpite 
for a Debcor« 

^erttboRbeit # bonnd tbout 
with Iron« iron-boand» 

3eni*iCrtef Iroo-Ort. 

l^emforvef Iron-Colonr« 

::rcni(Uf(bMltrFilednft, Fil- 
inga of Iron* Irondttft« 

3tmg;<ttfr# • Grate, Iron- 

Cfcnwvo&ef Iron-mint* 

O^m^^mm^, a Font»k||iii» 
wbert Iroo it,£awl|i|4^ 

ScmbAitbelr Irem-tniiC - 
tm^iibUri é Dtfi« iv 

Iron. ■ .;r.- 

2(mifttttOf t Cafttn^ 
Foondery* a Placoiv 
I on is cal^. "*. ,. , ,,^ 

ferniorbf fermgino«! *^*^^ 

lunftctmMtt a 

old Iron. v . .;j«^;*s 

\ticw9tamp€, t Crampoåir ■ 
lirBttaI»# Iron-^Ort^-'V' 
[ctttMinfi an IronrlML • 
ffrtncbflofr IronrpsiclM^IK .3 
fem « <Df to f Iron - Om .. '.: 
[ernfdhnii t Plact« .imI ; 

Iron is mclted« ^ .- ■t*'' ' 

3<rnpiø# an. iron PoiiivJ.-' ' 
ernpiabCf an iron. PlfHi 
(tpilb) Sheet-irons. 
3ertipIcCf a Spot of JUt» • 
Ironmonld* • 

feritprecfi# nnlron^pwdu 
iern*Kebff^br Iron-iooli ; 
IttU'TSitHt, an IrOB*t^ 
Jernfafraøf Safron.éf Crni ■. 

3tvn(laft Iron-drofi. 
ernjtebCr a Fbrge» . { 

Sernflaitøf anIron»Bai; 
ernt#t# 3er A*2ltbflriib^ iroi | 

3fCR*Urtf Vervain» Holf 

herbf Figeon^grafa« Jw'^ ■ 

3<tinHiref Iron-ware, 
^m^nvttfø Iron-minei, • 

3eritsinner# (^omnierfKaO 

Iron • fcales* 
3(éirpe» (Sttg() a FraacoUa* * 


3ertf git# a Prodigyt Ifira* 

3ert(^fiilb/ mfrtcttlbos. 

3erufalemø « Sfow^øer # * 
Knighc-Erranc« %Raabitr» 

k ) 459 ( 2^ \ 

;oréf«ilef fe the ^tvnmuilf SjmeMrf. 

»f Jtfns Chriil. jfevitiUetf # of tht um« or , 

egeniog33lobt cqoal Scrtngth* 

etf Euchflrift. 3eutiftor# of mal Grcttntfn 

fUm^^onif ch« 3eonftr^g»# in t piraUcd 

'eof)ernsChrift» , Line« 

efnit. 3e9tlt# Icvellfi fra^cfilir« 

m 9 the Socieey 3o » Ves « yci^ Q^ ftr # io Ic« 

*iiL 6re) tb« fotfner the becter* 

iticiU ' (jo 9if) ycf iodeed* 

3obft Cofircr # (et 6(«aé 
9 E€defi«ftes. . 9^(ailte) cht Teart of Job. k 

u 3o^iitt# Joho* Jftdu (fiBc 

^# Itflc) event 3) Johnny* 

level* plein« ^oQunnef JencAr Jotn» 

:) open Field« ØotH^iuitf 3KiNillNiriiiø# th» 
el Way* ReveUtio« of Sc»iohn. 

ttii a Fellow- 3^t^<^»nUb«rr r Garden -Ciic<e 


S<|ninox. (fom 3#^an»Ubr#^/ Joliii'f.Brt«d. 

Ictn^øn) equi- ^o^ftnee^a^rm^ the GIow* 


N|ninoxiaU (!iu ^o\^anxu9tt^t tht Carob- 
xial Line. tree* ^ ' 

f eqnal or the ^o^atine* Urt, th» Tfcffb 
: ^ ■ , Hypericon 8t« Tohn*f Wort 

I, fmooth, make ^/ Graf«« • 

epnmø- "^ Honeyfnckle. Woodbine. 

ledt fmoothed ^ - ■ « • * 

iple. pUim ho. 3<^metrog«feri evermort. 

ight. 3omfnief a Virgio. Damftl, 
jothnefs. Even- Maid. Maiden, Mifs. f3M 

W ecu) Piain- ©orrtrebfcn) Yirgp (5»m. 

lealing/down- fmc »CUrf«) Mifs Peter* 
ly. fon. 

elling» Smooih- «3omfrue3ftluef<arbiøbe&/Fii- 
I flat. dtcicy, Modtfiy« Cheftity. 

ffMuene. nfoaU jomfriie^O«. Virglnity. 

)rdinary. ^ Maidenhead. (mO to be 
(»igemailb; an detfowered. OaaO to de- 
ch, Peer« flower a Virgin* deprivt 

eqnently* com- her of hér lleidenhead, ' 

' ^omfmebomo Seføvelfe I t 
tx^if Paralle- Deflowring of a Maid« 

^omfrudHl/ virginal* maiden- 
ulation* . ly« 

3^m« \ 


?• ) 460 ( 30 

(Urr) Maidenhair. 

3omfntfrf (fnidae ^MU tneb 
' i^iillcr t uden &mt t @9e« 

mm). Dead Eycs, 
^ømftnt^nnin^ # Virgin- 

^omfhle^lt^f « L«dy*t-Pup- 

^om frtiff lofter # • Convenc 
or Cloifter for Ladies, t 
, Nannery« 

^omfniefiMSt # (Hidernei 

• 3enO a Smelirmoclc » a 

Conrtcr of Ladies, 
Øonifrtief ritnfer f a Debaa- 

cher of Virgina, 

l^omfhietriTfifningf a De- 


^omfhle|ft^(f^e^ 9 virginal 

^omfrue niarie/ the Virgin 

Mary, our Lady, 
^ømivntf^litt Virgin- OiL 

J^mitU9»f>tvgamtnu Virgin- 

3omfnie«Kflni a Rap^, 
Sontfrtieflan^f tbe Stact of 


^omfmeff ge r C Q5Icr§f pflc ) 

the Greenficknefs. 

2f omfrne • Un^reelig^<^ / vir- 

gin Modefty« 

!3omfriie»t>0jr, Virgin-Wax. 

!3on(flP# [onic. 

nprH. th? Eartli* (®runO 

^ Soil, Grpund, Land. Cnplig 
inbtaiien til Snrfnin^) new 
pjowcd Gronnd, (fom b»ilcr^ 
•aFallowgi*ound. Oftraatia) 

Pot?cr*s-Earth, Clay. (tt 

©tpffc 3ofb) a Ploc, 
^OV^«^t>lef Sowbread, Earih- 

^OVOiiVrf f ^oil, Ground. 
S^f^mW I etrthly , fwU pf 

Jpvb^^Vt Strawbarric«, (jloO 

ChJng»Str»wberriej, Pau^^ 

Jothbcttpiantt 9 f« 9oc%i 

3ot&bacrf«fr, aJallyofStrav- 

berries« or a Sinip orjake 

of Strawberriet, 
Jov^hcttttcttt ArbQte» Scnw- 

bcrry - tree. • 
^orbbeeg; Bitumen. 
3ortrbefFrii>er, aGeognpftcr« 
lorobcff rivning, Gcograpky. 
forObog, a Terrier. 
lorObranb, a fabtcrraoN« 

Fire,aBurning imderOroMi 
Forbbuno, So'\ 

ortbiinf*f a Hillockor 

Lump of L... ih« 
^orObonnning eller IDMir 1 

D»ke or Dam , a Bank* 
3or00eling , forbene »C^ 

maaliiig/ the Snrvcy ei 

Surveying of Landv. 
3or^0rot# a Proprietori tbc 

Lord of a Manor« 
3orOO^rfer, a HoabanddHai 

a Tiller, 
ØorbOv^^f w^ng r Hnsbandrji 

Tilling, Tillage f AgriCil- 

tnre , Culture« 

2fopbe# (bcgraw) to bwryi 
intomb, interrt inhmac* 

3oc0efa?r0f aBarial, FnneriL 
Intcrring, Inhttmacion«Cftil 
beter berttl) funeral. 

ØorOjÆgn, a Coanrry, Rcgioni 
Tr^St uf Land, 

3or^cgobfl # Lands « Eftttffc 
Demeans. (frit 30 Fref 

3or^emobcr, a Midwife. 

3or0ett§.2CFe, (•3or0»*t.. 

Jtorbene (Ørø^e, the ProdnSf 
or Fruits ot the Earth^ 

^or^en« :RreOø/ tht Sphtr« 

pf the Eflrth, 

3or0ene»llltgei the Eartht 
tho Univerfe, the World. 

3orbet# buried> interred, In* 

30 ) 461 ( ^0 

dit Sinking of the 
it Weighing down 
earchly Colonr« 
chc level Ground 
f che Earth. 

a Lay of Earth« 
nittg t a fmall 

an Iftmna or 

L. . 

> containing £arth> 

I rifing Gronnd* 
I , Petif um f St» 
/ort or Grafs* 
a Cave, Den under 

arthly* terreftrial, 
, perifhable. Qbtt 
eartWy Goods, 
^ worldfy-minded* 
i* , a Vanlt nnder 

ener :Khtmpr « 
Lump of Earth. 
DC/ the terreftrial 

9, f. !3or^Plimp. 

, Earth- Cricket. 
, che Sphere of the 

, che terreftrial 

l, Earth-flea* 
tv, a Gcometrician* 
linQf Gc6metry. 
tngøfoitfl^ cheArc 

>if I f. CT^rbdriit* 

p Soil, Ground« 
. Éarch-mofi« 

Earth - nnt* 
r an Earth-worRlé 
V, Poratoes* 

Field »Robbing« 

3otbri9/ tig paa Jct^f £M 

of Earth» 
3orbr^9i (Urt) F«««tory. 
3orbfaft^ Mineral. 
3Mb(aUf mineral Salr. ^ 
3«»V0ffi«IV# Earrh-quake. 
^or^fforpCf che Surface of 

the E<»rth. 
3orb(ftlb» Land-tax. 
^orbflageitf fnll 6f earchy 

Spots, A 

3orl)fnf9le» • Cocklefnail.- 
3orb(lr^Øf a Climace, Regiofi> 

^ocbfvomp^ aMafhrtom. 
3orbfx?«ig^ a Pir. 
3orbtir«e t fosfil Wood. 
3orbx7ebbtiibe/ (Urt) Gronn^- 

Ivy or Alehoof. 
3orbve]cter , Fruits of the 

Earth, Vegttabtes. 
3ournal^ a Day-book, Diaryt 

^onrnaliitf a Journalift. , 
3ournal« H^rtbont/ 1 fupesd-« 

cial Knowledge« 
3o vift / y«» certainly, yei 

indeed, verily« 
3<>be , a Jew. 
3øb€»2l<iger^ OfbttttU) e«- 

orbitanti exCesfive« unlawfuf 


^^tt^^ntmtt Judåirm. 
^løbegabe^ CJøOcfortfer^ tht 
Jews-ward in a Town* 

3i6berir febvfer, WifitercherrJel* 
I^ightfhade-bertieSé Alke*- 

^^^tliXnt, Judéå. 

3øbelttm> Afphalto«* 

3#beJFoUf Synagogti^ 

^øbeftec it/ 1 Sort of ptetlottt 


3øMff^ jewifh, judaiC* 
OøDiflf* adr* in thé jewifh 
Hannet. ^ ^ , 


SItt ) 4«4( 3« 

JiHip tV'crt leWe »crffet iMUi 9f 3MM(ffal> n^riqr 

»e^ 3w 00 6iee) • 'Rock . che Gentle««A « CO^We> 

M^villy covtfed wich ptty thtTrvanc; ,^ 

let and Snow« 3tipltfrf Jnpittrt J<nNU « 

Strøen f George. Sapiccrt "IDrn^aiitc^ $ Ot 

3itHlf <9l«bftPri9i ^ttbel« SttelUm of jvpktr« 

(Mør Jobihtion« Snra, cbeLiw« i 

^nbf i > 3(ar^ che Yttr of Jiibi« SnH^ifT , Jaridkil • ia^MU 

1m. - Icgtl* tecordiuff to Ln> 

3uf|cfff|l, thcFeaftofJabiloe, Q. %atnlt€0 the Vmdcf.« 

jf Jobilec« Body of Dodort of liiv* ■ 

^oMI«pfr# ft Tiibiltte, tlli- S^riøbicriøit # t JnritdlålMii 

. siifttr or^Dodor« cKtc hts Qfurift/ aLtwy^r* t.QiV9* 

Itml in Ofiicf fifry Yearn mantWivUian, • Mm l atw i i 

BtlMlfrff to jabilara, rcloict« in Law» • -; ^ 

iibitcreit# JnbiUcieni Scjoi- 3uflr fnft* aeadly« 

' cing« 3aflcfe# co gaugt* to flNtotat 

3ilbiifi»^ Jadea« the Conteiict af t VdUi . 

11940' B^f t ercacbtrons Jn^tttmtfteti « Gam^ t 

Klfc. ^ Mcaforer of VdTala^ 

3ttb<i«'<Pre, Cct6(atlØtHim^ Shi^ffi^^/ aQa«gib Sorf" ' 

^k) Jews Ear, ard* 

3ttl, I. Oiiiil. Clufterittø^ Gauging. 

3ule«fteitf Chriftraas-l^ve, Øoftlrø/ Jvftice. fbiOtSii' 

nlcbulf Hobgobiin* one ^ftiti) co keep in Awi. 

difgnifed with Horns, to 3u9ttøbetieilt, aPeaoa-oieiri 

fcare Children. a Bailiff* 

3ult^(t§, Chriftaaft-Day. ^nftitøroAb, a Cotmftlteraf 

HtiJclagei a Chriftmafa-Cake» Juftice. 

^itleUcø^ Chriftmafs-^Play, 3tt6Vocanbt/ an Advoviait- 

YnlerGamta. Right to preftnt to a Bom- 

' Øttf epfalme # Carol or Chrift- iice» che Gift of t BoMict 

maft-Tong* Righc of Pacroaagt» 

JtMwutautt, theMonchot 3,,«!, Chriftmaft. 

jnniima^nt^i thalfonchof SiivHlfafTf/a Cafe for Javeli» 

June* SuveclMnbtlf JawaUer's 

3iinuiøf June. Tråde* 
unfer, a Sqaire or Gencle- .^„^elcrfr, 3n9eel»4ll^ 

'TiT?* oti n 1c like * Jpwcller. 

3ttnr«we ,^o?uJ Xe cintl 3«^' excraordinaryPeni«ifit«fc 

leman, 3^b^# « Joe«* Jutlandi^ 

danferfrab , brugié fan ad- Qørre3pb(ri0tnMim6flO 

verbtalicer i følgcnbe ; (øaae dried Her ringt. 


JN ) 46S ( 3^« 


m Clotk » Mantlew 
ft Mindet. (fttlH 

ffuc fficircO to 

; labber. 
Ktatnai) winton» 
» (pnrcivc, frolicki» 
>aMfC taab) to wan- 
ly the wtncon* plty 
CøCiO ftltcious, 
11 • ItachtroQS« in- 

Baaldiir, BAali^f/ the Snik 
of Colewort- Plant* the 
Stvmp of Cabbage. 

Saar, Condition« State, Cir- 
cvmftance, (gobc) C^od 
Ctrcumftancet » Profperity* 
Cbaoc dobt) to be in good 
Ctrcnmftancea » to live in 
Clovcr. Qlcm) Advtrfity. 
badCircamftancei« OomtBC I 
Jcrtt S«ae) ta be redaced 
to Indicence* (KTfei Øettf) 
CO be in a Diftrcfi« (VMIi) 
Choice> Bleaion; OptibB« 

_. ^„„.w*, « , Optii 

ic» Inftful« wanton. Sn^rbef t Sword« (fétj n, 
,^_,-.i i.^ Rapier.ChfteOttwohandeå 

nefs, PenilancytFro- 
eneft. (fiiUWi) La- 
tnefa, Lcacheryf In- 
ncy* Laftfulneff* 
tpttf calkacivc* lo- 
it • verbofe » prat* 
full of Talt 
ibetbe^f Talkative- 
.oqnacityt PrattHngp* 
mSuflO tjackdaw, 

f * Poge« 
f* :aogeir« 

Swbrd; ^ Chtt) « 

, _„j) nilita- 

ry Lfftl'War* AnDt« (jMrfj 
dO to fbllow the Tråde of 
aSoldier. (temmc f^C« Kb) 
to get Reputation inWar* 
(trcetfe) todraw* nofhetth 
your Sword. (ftiffc tllb) tø 
pQC up or f heath yonrSwo? d« 

(afaiert tn eertl Kb Xaar# 

bcnj to dccide a Qvarrel 
by Dint of Sword, ({khl§0 
,* i^v^ryw« to flourif h a S word. 

ole, CaU, €o1ewort. 2;44rtcbalg eDer effeebfi the 

Cabbage. QxébJ red sheath or Scabbard« 
je. (grw ;RjwU %aaxbtictittp the Handle or 
Cole or Cale. ^^ ^f ^ Sword. 

ow4r. C@*() Sftcolf XA«c»«9cp«n9/ Swor4>Mlt, 

9eb# Cabbage-head« J^aarbcliinge/ the Blad* oC 
H, l^Aflarve/ aCa- a Swbrd* 

lar. BAarMlit«p# the Pommel of 
mte^ Colewort-plan«. ^ Sword. 

J) Tnrniprooted . Xoarbefpibii the Point of « 
ig«» Sword. 

n, Colefprotitf . Cole- »oac^ W^ # « 'Thmft with 
. rprfptf. the Swor4» 


:BkMH9 f. Xort. Gttnt«. . n ' 

f oAfe« Qorb iftet) to (Ucr Slse. 

yonr Cottxfc* co ply co VicMptrriftf t htrole Smt« 

_cht North« SoiUt '^mportim htroif Afr 

3Ka^aI( » « Cabil« Plett Con* chiev«mtnn«r 

, fpirfttion; t iewifh Tmti* T&Ctvtmaål * r « Comhhi; 

aoiu (fltørc iL) to^MNnjPMRic 

XolNtUft. CDbfllift. Xftfe, Coflfee, f.C4(p|^OflN 

aUilMiUfifr^ cvbaliftie. « bøiivertc. ■ 

X«M# VMtkcn^i A Cablc, XaflfctYitnferr t CofM«|||ip 

irttc Ropc (er »elfUgc«) 3«9, BtfafFlby t KtMw;/^ * 

3it C^blc if wcl Uld« Slagt I • Ctfct« . /^ 

!K«btlt<ttn # Roptyariu . Xngcbogcr^ tPtfttyOotK. 

SAbftfMi Chevm* S4gfit# t Sctffold •rtiii. 

%4lki^$ (CbKfoilte) t Set* whcrt Fclont tre wUM 

hos. CffnWCl M JCOMl) tTtt 

X«lH^» (tUetilO ditCook* _ wbtpped tt thc Oirei4kfc 

IUmou X49l# Ctcklinffy Crj ofBI«; 

%é^mv, ÉCorpr«* C^rtcfti ^aaitt rb<tckle» crylttri 

detd BodjT* Hen« 

jBU^éf/ t Ctdttt t yotn^g Saøieit^ f. jRngt« 

Genclcniflnt ttaincd up in 3Kaft(lr09<tt# whipptd Orlnr 

ft Diilittry SchooL (6øeta< ed tt ihe C^trt^s Arft» 

ker) t MidfhipaiaA » nftvtl jRdCtfhrttfe r to Whip, Utku 

Ctdtt« ' thc CartU Arfc 

%å^a94fbmitø t militftry Kaoilr^øntnøf a Whin^tVJ"^ 

Schodl, naval Academy« thc Cart's Affe* 

JSa^mlt^ CAlanlih or Cidmiåi^ Xab^, a CabiA 

brater^« Jiafy^tttng 9 t C|it»iiiiO]r* 

^cmtHi to comb* %a\i^lMmvt, alictlcCaUii 

vSaemtttt« thc ChamberUm ,^ , . T«**itd.#* 

of thc City. å Rctfcivcr of ^*^*> * Jaekda#. 

thalLcV)!ntmof thc City« !&afad # Cecoå* v 

^ffkimi. C3ette> t Giaht* (af %4f 40iiØ^ Cotointat« t Cli 

!&(tnipé atter toM|)el# v» t« i^^paah.^* riw^»*Mft' 

eombåtei fight rwrcftle* K«Wétrdrt| Cotoatte*. 

%rmT!»efrl8# Watflaitiftth« Cockroach* 

^MItt>éiM»(ts^ gigahtiei gi- ^aaete, co fhite« 

X^mVlH« eoihbatirte* Pijht* Jn å MilL 

irtf. («r95ctt) *s^i,ebd„|er, Calcrfoiu 

Samuel** ftC)iaitipicft,Com« i,,...,^.,., •« Aoii^U. 

baunt« fighter; (i »Cfltef . f^^^**"f' '^ ^"1^,'*^, 

tcøe) ft WTeftier. !ft4Uittetin8# f^AJttMW 

$(l ) 465 ( $!a 

cfltioDf Cflllin^^« 
Office, (Sued'ø^ 

Abiliry. (»Jr«« 
benefice, Living. 
arfcQ Snmmons« 
ill , give a Call> 
intte. Cf, frcnii 
%\vf one • Cail« 

(i SRtttQ fo c«ll 
one (paojcocfllU 


mvoke. ((IncOrt 

recflnc. nnray* re* 

home. Cttl^aao 

repeal« revoKCi 

ake void* (f. til 

» nominace en an 

9i^ne)to call ro 
om^itM tn call 
cry out for H<lp, 

1 to call by Name. 
ocallafide, offor 
to call for rh. (u^ 

mme^ fem man 

to come in i*ic * 

nc. (falbe ffg)fo 

Name, to be cai- 
led t nominated» 
•ffl/ a Warning, 

ife f Refignations 

ap ofa Benefice« 


Conferring of t 

I Deedf of Gift, t 
ant of a Benefice« 

PS vocandi) Ad- 

:alafh. (Mtutn» 

Ho«d. yil ctt 


T^aliattt, totatilk a Sliip, beat 
in Oknm between every 
Plank and. pay the Seams 
wirh Pirch and Tar. 

ISialfatVtv, a Caulker. 

:Kalfatrm9, theCaolkingofa ' 


:aAlibetr, (9rt# Q}cfPaffen(c6) 

Sortt Kind, Stamp, Meritt 
Worth CStmche) Size, 
Bignefs^Bolk fafCoCaQon^ 

. the -Bore tf a Gun. (flf en 
fiuøeO the Size of a BuTlet. 

IBiM, C^røer) Cnp. Chalicc> 

the Commnnion-CDp« '\ 
Balf/ time« (tinttthttyUoT' 
tur. (ulorbf et) ginck tiuie*. 

StsMPeO flflked time. (fiaat 
(a(f> to beat or plafh Mor- 

:3BkA\fboinit a Frtine to beat 

:1llorrar in« 
Balfbrcrnbelig, what 

cakinitedf •"- ' 

Tiaifbvctnttv, a tim^*iAtkér« 

tRairbtfVf Cfiia SfCttrcO tht 

Pafen of the Chilice* 
X;iIfMig, ft VeiU 
jKalfgrtibf/ a time-pit« 
%alftt toplaifter, parger> d« 

over'wtth l^laifter« 

TiaVlttøftf t Ma(oii*f Bnifh» 

nelfe« (for «Uec(0 Ctfvt- 
^'•^"•' .-•,:«'> 

!^alFer/ « Ptrgeterr iplaifiti^^ 

^S^dlfejorOr time-eartfi. . 

Salfféac^t PlaiftvYcr^ BhiN 


:Ra{fiAagt f« SalfMfF* 
^alPning^ Ptrgecting, plaift« 

er mg, 

^Alfovm- Lime-Kiln« 

SalFflAiMi to beat or- plafh 
Morcar« mix the Lime and 
Sand to^her, ■ . .f-'*- 

S4lf fl^Bf fitPlifher ofMotAr« 


Sd ) 466 ( X» 

'S^Vtipat, Lirae-Spat. 
'SaUittn, Lime Scone, 
SolErritgi « Mil'on's Ilod or 

Tray. _. 
aaltule, rfS;r srWool peel'd 

fff liy Murtar. 
Kalhinf ■ Turkey-cock or 

Hin. , . 

eoch. CS«iO«Tjik«y-!i«n. 

br.'c)* or I' II« TnilMyi. 

SutlPittlbf Lime-wirir. (ilt 

jBfftK meli) Wbinng. Whtte- 

^(tUiinf Tripc Girbi^e, Gutt. 
XaUunemnnB, n Tclpt-uifln, 

"S-Attnnef^flt, l Tripc-wciniln. 

Ziillniieiii>4rEet, •Tripe-iHi- 

XoImuE, Calmiick. 
BoImiUi f., Cetmti«. 
Salotr tCiIotte. ItithetCap. 

fttn^ a Dorne. 
TLalt, (IK( ti'Kc o>t f|i|lc Af 
^.iftfiftO tho l'ulp, iliepiihuf 

Kaii'/aciir. cascif^faio • 

■ so.-kini(-c*if, Citiitty • 
ijved Caif, t'pfflic irtet tn 

Atlbtns .6alø) CO iil(iuL;h wir1> 
»nothtr M'n-s Heifv. G 

■ |^ip«■3Jira^^ ii.c putr« or 

...Bag in>» Fil'hingnet. 
X«IM,ti>eiir, biing forth 

Xttl«e4iw&ragf ■ Quitcer of 


S<tfv((Tint>( cair-ik-n. Cbinlit 
(Sener mb i SohKBInb; to 
bitil Book* 'n CitOdj, 
SAlttffhøi tnafteil Vcal, 
TSJUittvi* , til" ''w^rc Br«a.-| 

ffiCttO ^IiitNrltE 
lUnif a Comb. (t«t^ 
comb. CSccomotBl 
ziing-comb. (yat 
C.ell. Ctn in«ti 
Camb. Cffaic 4d 
tam; ■ Vafe or I 
Samtufr, (pM ' 

KaMttli • CiracL 

HantMtivtv, a C 

IJLfMtflgc««, Guii< 

Sanift(6a«rf Wol)t 

ZLomelcon, CtuitUi 

Sainclof, Cam le I,. 

^amnat, Compinii 

Tide. FeUow,' 

Z,iimtc^titab, f ram 

h ho,>d relloa 

:S>iiiiK->ttcAli Comb 

S^unCormlg, for^i 

^aiiiiUtMom^t r ^ 
S^niin. sChimney. 
Bumiiigiticr, a F*t 
XMmi^pIrt^r, ■ Bi 


:Kemi|Vl, i~. VcfL 
l^ammagtVt * Con 
Saninct-> a Cliambt 

Apirnuent. QOm 

eciiitiiKbuuf, fs 

3JDlii)uU«J a Bo«, 
llic fvchrqiicr.' ■ 

'l'rhe Kxclieqow. 

£•; m m e val V i ^e ilif« 
Scitrcc icU'ing ( 

S^muierbiiO, a Ha 
ih« Excheqatft 

^ ) 467 ( 5r« 

toliøittilt/ cht CoBrt IBiamptflHn, Rock-Stonei^' 

Ejtcncqnef* brown Free*Stonet» Fcb- 

yamtt t Lady of the bles. • • 

ittbtr* B4iiM9fcr# Camphirt* (tror) 

tagf Cambrlck* Camphirc-cree. 

er# tiChtmbcrlain of ^ftntflfitf, Pcriwinklt» • 

Wil. :&amftmtf pctriffcd Pcriwin- 

fovi7«{ttr^che Super- klen 

inc «f .tht Excheqver Slattf f« f nime* 

^errfb at^hambcrltin Batutli f. CanaiJ 
Rififf'&Btii-Chaiiiber. jKait4pt(ha Conchbed, SaéiMw 
iMKn^lKf a Maid of Banactctrøe. Canary^tcd, 
r» aLadyofcheBed-'iKaRarierttølf a Ctnaaybird; 
tr« . : - SattAdefnøUbefFt/ a iMuli 

lliilfciff a Gantlcman oV Brcad ot Caottf biktlil 
Bcdchambcr« / SoaMréffotf # OaiMnry- 8^ 

MMé Groam of tha fwcer, lafaioof Wina. '.'■* 

BAnoritruf f er , Cananfr«5«k 
gart the mofl refinedmfar* 

B aiiafUr , BanafIcmåaiV 

Canafter>Spanifh Xobatco^ 

%^n<tU\t, f. Cancellit« . :' 
pott€,t Chamber-pot. 'Zan^t, (af Cin cffer @aCa} t 

raa^ a Connfallor of JV'^li^ ^^^ ^^^^iS?*' 
chcquer* 0^ ®^«^ P«* to »oeiert a 

retf tha'Conrtofiha -. '^J!!*::^. « i . A. 
,iier EatibcbørfN^ a Botrla^brqflu 

L-L A«.- k 1 iUui^elfnffer ejer fanOerct 
fageri Affairs btlon jw euWer, Sngat-Caiidy. 

J^^JT^l^ *"' ^'''•' Xanbfdøber, a Pawtarai. (poa 

1M9a#Paga of dké Bad- 
er. . .i»» ■ ■ 
pi8t# aWaitittg^Wo- 

faøl# tha Seal of tha 

tiener^ Valet-de- 


nt, \. jelbtog* 

Fighte Coinbar« Con^ 
^reftlinv; (jathVt9* . 

[aba, a Fiald nf Batele> 
ing-Placa» Fighcing* 

t, f« cAiftpere. 

iig> CCampemcnf) f. 

ctratc# Campachioi 


Ititf Sanbeffabcr) 

pron Scatesnan, 
BanbeMbttiCf thaPawtacac^ 

Sitttbcjii.t/ che Mua^le. Snoo^* 

Crana of a Cann or Tank- 

X4AttiMita# by Poctki. 
%M^ybat,L Canbibat» 
2^ Aitbitfcé # tånfttt , laay ^ 

pei;haps«peradvennire9 pot* 

libTy« Tonf t^an f owf^ lom«' 

«icr; if he chancaa or hap* 
pent to^comc« 
^anCiXSkiab) a WherrfA a 

lrc<AMe)t6go» drivaiå 

.a$H4(t» "■ 

a AOa 

StCL ) 4^8 ( Sa 

tiétnttl, Cinnamon* Q^uV) tht 

Arabic Coftas« 
iBianttiharf, Cinnainon-bark* 
Baneelfan>e# cinnamon Co- 

%ant€ltt^ , Cinnainon-cree» 

Lignam'Cinnatnoni orCario« 

'Bianttiv^V f CinnaiDon-Wax* 
TSi^tntiMf Canvas* (fti'nt &• 

til f læbeO DimitT. 
]ilaiicf iørfcly che Ridinf in a 

Tianin^ tConey. Rabbir, (X.« 

ØlCTø^ t Warren, (9acø) 

t Purftncr. (Oauøe) War- 

ren (f>iiacOBurrowt.(Voftf 

tct) t Warrenar. 

3;aitoftf f. Canon u. paa 

mattonVielbcr, a Carcmacc* 
Jlonopec a Settee. 
2ianifttø may be» perhapf» 

aiantf a B'frder, Kdget Rim« 

Brien M^rtcin, Extremity« 

CfLibtn paa ®laé)ra€or»(9«a 
Slcrfrer; En^ing. C&i^rnO 
Comer* An$;l^. (()Dorpaa cn 

^paa SeO Liil or Selvage« 

Jra aB( .tanter) from all 
Sirles. (@eefane) Coaft, 
:Bi^ntan, f. Cancate. 

:6lante/ (fictte kanter paa) to 

border^ lace, to bind or edge 

Hantctr Cfat Sant orofrtno) 

bordered > laced. edged, 
(btørneO angnlar* having 
Angles* cornered. 

jGlatttning/ Bo< dering Edging, 

'JKantontttf tocamon, forti- 
fy yourlelf in a Place, 

^Kanconerinø/ Cantoning« 
HantOVi a Chanter, 

'Jlantoraci C^antor^ (Smhcbi) 

Si Chanter'sPUm orOignity* 

'Biantflttf t ChtncclUr. 
^Sianifitv^ Bitmbt^, ChtDeclr 


^ap, CSotbierø) t Ctpe, Pro- 

moncory or Poinr, 
Sap/ brnøcl (lin adverbialitcr 

meif om, faafom ; com jtap 
ener JtapO in SmuUtion of 

one tnv^ther« with a Ccncen- 
tion, who fhall do the bc-ft* 

((ebe om jtap) to vie rnn^ 
ning. CVctpe om jtap) t« 

writa in Emalacioni to vie 
Writing with one> tryMf 

ftery in Writing. 

jGlap# (MperiO ^incy* Kok 
bery ar Sea» ((obe Ub paO I.) 
to ffo a Pirating, 
!&apeb Chapel, Oratory, 
Bapellan, Ghaplain, a Cnnti; 
^SapeDanie^ a Coratefhip, 
3Glap€lmefler, f. Capclmcflcr* 

Baper, aPirate. Corfair« Set- 

:Kaper, ^IKaperflfib^ a Priw- 
teer^aShip, fitced out by pri- 
vate Men with aLiccncefroo 
a Prince,t» make Prize ofthe 
Enemies Shipf and Goodf. 

Baplafen, Cf^anMitJ) Pri- 

mage, Hatrooney. 

>E^apI^bf Emnlation«- Confeii^ 
tion in Kiinning. 

2\apløbe, ro rim in Emnlatioib 
to vie running with onti 
to run for a Wager. 

2^apløber#an Emnlator inRaa« 
ing, a Racer« 

Bappe/ a Cloati, Mancle, Robci 
(dODCbfappO t Cap. 

'Siavvtf fappt af# to cut« cut 
o tf. (forbceroe) to mntilace. 
(SKumpen paa en £^eff)rc cnr* 
taii. (fappc 9Rafrco) to cac 

the Mal(. C^appc ^otcctOl' 
øeO (O cpt the Cable. 
^appebrager, c€opebaaier» 

i(i ) 469 i ^« > 

pftcs of • Sh«c, 
Emalitioiit Conten- 
crivfnf to exceU (i 

»colKcnd« ctnolare, 

)ro viewritin{«wrice 


play the Pirtcctto ex- 

iincy* c« rob on the 

:8f lidt) Caper* 

U €«prioL 

*€, XUperØflifef t 

r# Kapodnernmiifi 

ror&cn^ the Order of 
I Cepon« 
to capon« 

1 CavefTon« a M azsit 
iband for a Hftrfe. 
«poc» rhehaving no 
«c Cardi» (øtt?C L) 
t onC 

c^uforf Ces ConteC« 
eller 6Uttnt»SMSt) 

r Mi dafa. 

oitottiii# (< Cffon«) 


eflelt Tnb» (99ailft' 

iffCiXaO • Laver* 

» Noicé tH Vrpg« 
i Cooler« aBrtwifig- 
a Rf evc* 
a Ctrabint. 
r# a Carabineer, 

(fRcrcfO* Charac* 
kt Print, (i QSogflaoj) 
er.Ltctcr,Princ, (Su 
■(|) Charaaer. Dig^ 

OK fkcnneilPe ttUU 
§Mbtt i t)nmeuo 

inde trO Chara^cr« 
Hnnoar« Nature^ 

Saractcrtfcrei toclitrtfttrise. 
Boractcrifereitf Charaatri« 


Xlaratterifllf I a Charaden- 

jS4rafffcifli(f# diaraaarifti^ 


:&avatal, (Oot^ f»m lignet 

SofTtn) a CaraciU 
jSarafTfi •.Crtict» Doeaactr« 
Barat, a Carac 
%avavan€, a Caravaiu 
Barbona^C| f. C^rMlAM; 
Barbonfei; f. C^rbArtet 
Barbc# a Card (for ^M^ooQ, 
jKarbe^ to card Wool. 
Z^arbemoniHie^ - Cardaisna 

Grain of Paradifi«« 
%avbtVf a Carder* 


:6larbetffe/ t TSi^vtttftt. 
2llart)etHitt# Cordovan*ltttbcr* 
j&iirDevattbctebfri aDrcfler 

ofCordovan-leachar»a Cordi 


j&nrbeoaitf'Sercbiiittfr the 
Dretfing •£ Cordovaiflaa- 

3arbiiiAl# a Cardinal* 

Xiiirbittal, C^naO radbrtaflitd 

BaroinoU« CoOegiooii tht 
. boly College« 

Borbmalatieiiibcbe/ t Cardi^t 


jSarblnaU-Banintri (t Soi|f 

cla»f) a CelU 
2UirbinaIa«t)«rbi9^ebi a Ca^ 

dinaPs Dignity. 


jS a r b u e f Barbtiitøpapiif ^ 

2iarbua/ (9a(røii tit en %Qlb' 

ninø) Cartoofe»aCarcridgt* 

Biirbuatobafi cut Tobacco* 

S4irbu«papåtma9érf Hft«^ 

iTft ) 470 ( 5Ri 

SUlHMi t little Ctlefli with 
two Wheels, a one Horfe- 

Sarflii^r a Difh-cloun 

3larl; aFcUow. Man. C^^ati) 
• brave Man. C^rti^l).«'^ ho- 
neft Fellow or Man.Qir)aail])« 
IKrfdtarQ a Joorneyman« 
(UnofarOa Bachelor Ca^ni« 
»e( UtiafarO old B«chclor* 
Ctn una£arO a Youtb,yonng 

2l«rl# Charles, 

jRarUvogn f. Carltvogtt. 

X^ornt/ aCafe, Frame, (tiftn 
©ør) a Doorcafe. CtiUt 9)m» 
■ ^ue) fl Windowcafemcnc. 
HkHvm, (afaøc O * Coach, 

Barmager r a Cooper, that 
makesgrsat Vesfefs orTubs« 

Bavmelttermtinf^ a Carmelice- 
monk or white Friar. 

Batinelirer<nonne; a Carme- 

%atmtitttv (!^r^en/ the Order 
of the Cartnelice or White 

Barvte(l^r^^/ Crimfon-co- 

Barmtin/ (røb 8ari»e) Car- 


Barnapf a Balcony* 

IB^atnat, aPulley. (t^té^utXU 
DlcSecc) Tackle-ropes« 

B vnavaU Carnival. 

Bartiiol, f. €avnioL 

Barnifie^ to finger one* han- 
dle him roughly, thuinp 

Barniø/ a Cornice« 

Barmø()«9e(fa Comicc-plane« 

Baroltn , (aammel ivaiift 
ffi{t)nO a Caiolus, 

Baroø/ a Coach. 

Barpe, a Carp. 

Barre, a Car, Cart. 

Barret« Såret, a Coach« (lu 
den) a Chariot. C^atrctfAb^ 
HiBø) the Body of a Cofth« 

C9rt>e|PainiiieO "3 

(»om) Pcrch. QHH 

Braccs of a Coach, 

Barrig, pennriont, » 

clofe-fiUed« niggin 

gy. (tn jtafrrø) « ] 

pinchfifts Pcnnyfai 
Barriøeti, pcniiriaiu 

didly, tenacionaly« 
Barfigt^eb, Pcnar 

Tcnacicy* Sordidn« 

ginefs, Niggardlin 
Borfe, CrefTwS. (han 

den - creffes. Q^Jr 

9rtto(arfe) Waccr- 
BarfF, \nn^f foond, 

healchfol, in Htali 

ty» hole. 
BarfF^eb, Sonndncfs 

fiilnefs« Sanity. U< 
Bartoune, a forry-eig 

Bartetfb'e, Grapefho 

BartetfFC'Bifle, t 

Barll^fe, a Kind 

a Crucian. 
Bariifel, C^pft Slitcf 

fel y Tilcing. 
Bar9alt^f Difhwatc 
Barve, to |ag • note 
fmallHollows. O 
hackle» chop« min 
bdf) to cnt Tobacc 

^9nt i Santen) t( 
Barver f. Bttmmen. 
Barveflfnre effer Bn 

BarvefloP, a Ttllyi 

poa XarMKotfen) \ 
Ban^etf jaggcdt norc 

Barvefnirter, crend 
Barxmtng^ Jtgging 

BafFeti t Montcro« t 


BafTutteni (Urt) D 

SUti ) 471 ( *t 

tfé,*Box, Chtft or 

rtif Jenflc) a c«fh, 

loir« C^tUighomé^ 

Cf arricuUeO the 

>rivy Piirfe, 
fl rhorc Coitt • 

affaffe, ttltntetøte« 

rogtce* annulfmake 
iccl, reverfe. (Qf* 
ffPtOidc) to caf ?iier» 
disband , break* 
i/rn ene out of hi$ 
CO discharge infa- 

nge in^/ f« itiN 

a Cafhier, Cafh- 

inulled, made voidt 

', cafKiered. 

an Annulling.Mak* 


Copperpani Casfc- 


Sort of a Woinan'f 


itf Casfia tree. 

t, Throw. X^Utn' 

:ont-caft. (UcngO 

(ræffc faflmi) ro 

hrows. (mtb ttU 
lait at Dice« (mtb 
5} a Draus(hc ot a 

imet jt. ne^)rocn- 

I one. (øioe (id I 
leddle wich« engag« 

ttf caft« thrown* 
0^ difperfed, fcac* 

, \. CaflTettetrer. 
• Caitanie. 
cait) fling. throw« 
Qtttrinø paa) to caft 
npon. (faficgor« 

agt paa een) to cad Scorn 

upon one» ro. defpife him« 

(f ofléSW^cii paa ef n) to lny 
cheBlaoie on one oratone's 
Door, charge one with a 

Guilt. (fdftc jttoi for ten) to 

h-ipupbné'sHeetsT giv«* one 
the Foil • to foil one, (faftt 
een ODCr (Sndt) ro rhrow one 

down« (fafte j^icti pad) to 

caft Eycs upon. (fo^c: bOD 

btt førff iFal \Laat i J((Q(ef 

fptO to throw Pins ae the 

Bowl. (f, Øfraaler} to 'dtrt 

Beams. (cn£ntP# épQ^tC.) 
to dart or hiirl a Rnife Spear 
&c. (taftt Vélgtv^ to nii« 
ditlate« Clait QSøbier) ro 
bnbble «p. (fflfte ililfer) to 
caft, drop Anchor. (%(iMt 
df fiq) tf« fhake off'the Yok^. 

(taftt »Jropt af fia) to yield 
Profic (fdfic (t Q9arn for 

S)ør<n) ro expofe a Child at 
aDoor. (faftcAorn) towin- 
now.(f. i ©ijngO t© ''^ap op. 
(faffti 9?crfen) to hit one m 
the Teeth or reproach wi«^h» 
to caft fomething" in one'a 

Difh. (faftc een paa 3ort«ii) 

to fling. one down or upon 
the Ground. (fafte fotltbtC 
(Mne paa) to ogle, caft 
Sheeps Eyei at, look aoiQ* 
rousfy upon. Cf^^O ^ ^tin^ 

forth. (fttHe Bofteret ht ttu 
ten) ro Hink. (f. fammta 
fom ©frccbere) finedravr. 
(f afte ub paa ©øren) ro turn 

out of Doors. l;f^ uhi giétt 
Ub(all) to draw op,, (ketch* 
inake a rongir Draoght of» 
Cfa^epp) to \omir. (f» tPtt 
(?nbe) to overturn. ^f. tU 

irmee oocr flpnbe) to break 
anlArmy. (falle en 5lappe 
paa) to flip a Cloak on. C(* 
noøit paa een) to throw 

fomething upon one« (fa|c 

len i f (tngfep ^ fn\' on« m 

St^ ) 4?a ( JTft 

FrifAti, clapoiitQpiiiir, (f* 
lerO <o throw away, to re- 

ita« (faffc o»ev éorb) to 
uave <iver Board« C%tnti?n 
faSer (ig) the Wind chops 
•bou or veiirs.OAficftilfom 

<Br<t5er K.) 'O ^^'^P- <^«^* 
((rtf!e mtb 9^«fca^ ro rofs 

your NoJc orilr cT. O^ftf fifl 
IcnS^ftnina) o thiow your- 

felf inco aForr.CMc i:n 9tOt 
oQ ro cut r break down a 
Bridg;e, (taftc XctttM^n^tt') 
cokicten« (taic ®rifO t'> Far- 
row, to pig. OaftimtbVtab 
ttn) to cofs up your Nofe« 

(tofte omfrtng for at cftcrf 
fee nogcO to tumble. 
lÉiafttgavn, a Fifhex's Caft-or 

jBlAfle4jev«r# a Ja velin« 
TSkafktl, a Ctftle, CiiadeK (Ironr 

Hnlfi. Cl>D()ge JtaffeHcr i Du^ 
Un) to build Cal^les in the 
%a(t9n, jG^aflnifigf Gafning, 

Thrwing H:nging, (mcb 

Kaffen nf goragn the Tos- 
fingot tiieNofc. (fottnécm 
9e6e< !^atun^ iSlingef onllen) 

• FoiK the Tripping up of 
one'ft Heells« 
THafttpiil, a ja velin, a Dart« 

Sa(leflfopI, a Winnow» Win- 
nowing Fan. 

ISlaflef^m^ Rentering, Fine* 

Baflefp^&, a J.ivelin« 
!Kaflet; ofted, fl'sng* thrown. 
Ba)Urtti^# a fudden Gu(t of 

Wind, a Puff or Blaft of 

:Erftning, f. tKaflef^itt. 

2la(lor; a Bcaver, Caftor. 
%a(iorbaav Beaverhair, 
lEaitovi^at, a Be^ver. 
"Miaftvat, f. €,afivat, caflre« 
re 2c. 

2la(!tiiiit OoIcHfl^ 

(Inint IDolori«. 
Safu«; f. Cafu«. ' 
:Eat, a Cat. Ct>«nfai 

or Boarcar. (S;>itiii 
male or She-cat* (j 
len i Ocrtf en) to bi 

in the Poke. 
Sat# (paa 9)oI^ii) a 
a#k.ind of high Pl 
pUnrGuns on. (o 

tMt Venae O t Se 

to keep Mooey in, i 
Feople carry abc 
Waft. C«n Xomi 
2^4taoupei a Lynx» 
jB^arbarinai Cathari 

2lacl^eier# Urinr^^r« 

3atbo»IlF| a Catholic 
:Gl4r^ciffr catholic. 
'Ratl^btVø Catfallf. 
J^atof!, (Urr) Mallo 
Katfporer# Riders. 
ISiantiélVf Glimmei 
IS^attu tolafh or flot 

a Gat and nine Ts 
^G^actearti a Race of < 


'Eiatttioht C<it Uri} 
Z^autUUingp a Kiti 

TS^atttflott the Paw> 
Glurch of a Car« 

!Glatrefnurren# theP 


:GlAtremi49cn# the I 

j^attem^ntCf (Urt) 

Iiarterumpfia Cattn 

grafs. (QSlotnfer; 

Batteffinr Catikin, 
:Glatte|Trig, Gatterw 
:&atreiingcf f. 11«tti 
Satccurr , the Herb 

.ått ) -*?s ( 4N 

■ "I • 

^éKco* 9ottoiu Cltf» Xeifcr^ m Cmpteor or Bmpv^ 
»Mton-fnannfii^re* roar* (riléi^ Cxtr. (^r« 
9 ScrccchowL h9) Salttn» 

StO ctM;Catclefirh» TUtihvtommtf an Emp{r% 

!&etferittbe# an EopMrf. 

> f.C4tifionf Caa« $etfcri»bef Cm Gtagi Vorf e) 

ovr Ltdy't Petr. 

•m ptcTM) M ytlp. 2l(iferf rotte f (QHoitti) ' cht 

yclpiog.' Imperial- Crowfu 

f. covect, • ScifcrUg« imperiaU belon|({nt 
Caviar« to the £mp^Mf« (MutitlftXø 

f. jUcMter« (tge) chs ImpaHaliftt. 

hX Zvtbaf* Xclfetrligf 2l4t9iiicr6ofrci# tb« 
CO* Imperial Cbamber« 

Lactle« Caldron. CSoC# Beifrrff, imptrial • ofthc Em* 
cO « Copper. Boiier* perour't Party« (p9tt goit 

n, (ot tooe en SCefe« fdf(rfP)-t6 btnnlmpcrialift* 

) a Hamboiler« (JiU to fidc with che Emperoh 

Skiller« 2;eiferfRlt# (i Siiaføitriea) 

Per# a Tinker« . Hyfterocomatocis. 

ferie , a Tinker^t- :Gletr(>aatt?>et 9 ^ leftkanded* 
chc Mending of old (jtctfi oø Sllet^onbel;) am- 
» • bi<iexcre« 

ferpofci a Tinker's Seicbaanbig^eb eSer feit# 

baanbit <Biertting# tbe 

g, a Pot -bander* Aé^ion of an aukwardMan« 
Ol 2XebeI(lager# a TUtltvingø f. Sielcriftg. 

jGlentre/ to tnrn nplide dowot 
ifime , f. i$<erpanf e* overcarn« 

Pin or Kayle«rSeg« :s;eref!gefteri(agu)tocfteera. 

ne-pint> Ke4ls«([(pil« valo.e, care for» take Heed 

play at Nine - ^\n$ of > have Refpe^ for« ONc 

to tip Nine - pms. (. (7g efter) to neglet* 

p) to fet op Ninepins* flight take no Care off take 

le^ a Bowling-green« no Notice of« 

fel^ a Bowl. THercmaal, S(cremAal# Con« 

ittct# conical, in the plaint« 

f a Sugar-loaC :Glei*mee# Kermes« 

ir# a Cone« ^ermeeforir# CochineaU 

niig^ conic, :Bi€tmn, f. 6f arlogeital^ti« 

nittgeflerOpfattttitigi Berflmitr, Kerfeymire« 

ting op of Nine-pinf» :Kctfe# (ot fiingcSiff tla Bow. 

rer ener Øpføetteri net or Weel« (at fpiSe 9o(t 

lat fetf up Nine-pins, med) a Bactle-door«'Kacke^, 

N*m Volures. Ketfemager/ a Rackec^make 

;, O ®eome(rten) an SiO, a Rid« 

)ola. Bi^e , (faae Stih\ to kid* ^ 

, aPlayatNine-pins« IKibiPC/ f« Voerfaat* 

M eøeé) O CK lidni SieblerCftve»e(<etSaiitlØitlt»i 

a Ctuk^ IWOC M øfwmH}! « Gag, 

^ ) (9ri^ { -IR 

•XM; wtary« wwried, itléynK 
\6ck» disgaftcd, furietud«' 
oar of Ctnccir wi^h. 

JUe»e, tf Chtin« Caf •»!») a 

golden Chain. Qaf Vtcrgc) 
\ • Chain of Monncatnø. 
2llcb«9anf# Concateratinn, a 

SaiKi of Linkf* CJCtndft«IC 

pa<i t)dle) a Cncb. 
StCtclceti a Link of t Cfifltn, 
XiøiMfatmiien^ tochaim bind 

op in Chains« 
XfcOft, chainttL 

Xic^e« Vfb# CO bf or itrow 
tircdi wc^riedi cloy'd or 
furfeitcd with« 

forne* tedioosi faåidioos« 
loatfiroma, irkfomt« odiobs, 
CJlorO *n ifiipertfn«nt» nn- 
pleafanr Fallow* a Plag ae« 

Hicbfommeliøett/ ecdionsly ^ 


j&icbfomméligbc^ # Tt dtons- 
ncff, Wearifomtners> Loach- 
fotneneft» Surfeir« 

jRtffc# the chepi, (øjne een 
paa SikHtn) to give • 

Flap in rhe Face« 

. moH^btiØøe«. 

3kicf# brave, valianr* ftre- 
noousi hardy« (louc, bold, 
conragions, (fitof) able» 
el* ver, 

%M\^t> p Valianinefs, Hardi- 
nefa« Stoorncfs« Couragious« 
nefs, Undauntedncfs« 

Xlff mobif 9 botd , brave » 
vndmntad* keen« hardy« 

XicfnioMal^c^ ^ Boldnefs ^ 
Hardinefa« Scomneri, 


Si<fl# bravely, boldly« freely. 
ftoQt1y,oodaanied]y« (fLMO 
^ ckvtrly« ingeniouiiy« 

ZM5cr^tCfilltr» Cavt» Vtmlt« 


2ltcl««rbaff , (llcf 

' lanrcl* Sparge^ 

IS^iti^tv^nU aBrcat 

- Vene -or Air-Hofi 

of a Cellor. 

meibernif(lcr> B«c 

Wood-Loofc« i 

Btclberpiffi eht ] 

SMbcrffriverj CI4 
CalUra ae Cobn 

xLielberfff ittt « thtl 
of a CelUr* 

Btelberfven^f BntI 

Bielbervitt^ue, a 

in a Cellar* 

Bifltrinø/ a Ragaa 
rry. mean or fcab 
« Ralcal« 

or Scoundi ela f ' 

Bien^bar| knowab 
vablet discernab 
riona, evident » 
CMbaO f«nfible« 

'jKienbbar^ # V 

Evidencnel'i« ( ] 

Bien^fi to know« c 
acqaaincad wichw< 

again. (fienbe ea 

len) to under lian 
Hair« have tho 
one's Poot co a Hi 

paatUttif bMn 

cide, takt Cogn 
Cmer(e) .eo pare 
btoanéCB) te diao 
goifh. (fri) fc 
(fctO CO flujcaka' 

m ') 475 ( SH 

n Motltftr (ftmte 
an er) to "f^^wi 

iboQts one IS. 

fem fifl £)nKfuO P 

o«r Witt. 

• t M«rk> Sign, f» 

l^aVi tchar&£fceri- 


genffab/ Chtrader« 

# kncwable« percei- 
difcernible, vifible, 
ble« diftin^ifhablfy 
r. Cmisrfeliø) nota- 
itl, roanifed, retntr- 

CføUftd) renfibie« 
tcnbcliø) ro mark* 
eit^ fennbly* npta- 
iin£tly» apparenrly* 
iøcn) manifeftly , 

Sentence > Verdia. 
Sag) Cognizance » 
I Notice. 

/ C SotnemmcCfe ) 

Senfation , Feeling. 
Zt^t, a Mark > Sign, 
Token, Charafler« 
iD9) a TaOel. 

f. a Connoi^Teor, a 
or knowing Man % a 

otbf to know igain. 
)0 CO acknowladge* 

^ , Sign , M^rk, 


i:^ / an Epithet. 
re# to chara£lei>]ze* 
erntnøf Faa. 
[^# (9eCienMfPa6) 


(iic# to difccrn) di- 


2l{(9 , å Stlek Snff* Cvdgtf« 

Biepptfl«ø# 3tftin'ado. Cnd- 

^ifff fiiei^f dear« loveljr* 

amiable. (obreffø fiort) to 

,endcar- ydnrftlf. (tan Cf 

fiirt efter '9N<il) haitfoni 

of Wine, 

%ift, f. a ^rfh, M6or» 
Fen, Bog. /• 

^Glietf fiert# dearlv« ttnderly* 
(tf t er mid f letO I tm glad 
of it. Coer er mig (ige tieiQ 

it at dl one to me« 
:& i e r b 11 Pfl an Og1<» Ogliligi 

amorons Looka« 
:Kiere, incerjed« pray» prithcti 

I befeech you t pray do» 
Biererc/ dcarcr* lovciter, (M 

baote »csret miø f ieteec ol) 

I had rarher Aiat &t« 

%ittt (tg efter , f. fere« 

Biere(l# deareft, moft belov- 

B I er e (le I CStuenttmmer) a 

Sweetheartr Miftrefs* Dar« 
ling« Love« 

Suicor, Gallant, Sweethctfrt« 

!Gl(erfomme«» welcoaic grate- 
fnlly« plaafirig, acceptabloé 

:6lierli9, afTeftionate, favourv 
ble, loving, amiable