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Student Life 








Residence Life 








Our Legacy I 


/,_1 fraternity perform together in Spnn^ Sing. At the end of the night, the performance by Alpha Chi Omega, Schv.itzer \^3l and ^cee. Mali was announce^ -hi 
A ir n iii'ig pei ■ tormance. Gallery Fhota 

tenors Mary Beth Arnold, Elizabeth Shafei; and other members 
-'- the women's swim te^m smile at a competition. Sut^mittcJ 


Sutler Universiti President DrBol I 

r-^i dttlr Irf -Jt 't\r- 

senior JulanEetijjlcolstothroi'.'thebaSt; .■:■■ ■■ii 
mate at the BraclKtbuster qame. Galkn.' F: ■ ■ 

during Sigma Nu's World Vision &ok\ et-ent Gallery Fhota a^3\n. Gallery Photo. 

o SLhi'.it:.-' ■.-.-. ■- [ . ; _.._,-: 'ron 
'^' eating to srnile for the camera. Suhnli^ 
ted Fhota 


0„r ^ 


After the second vohme of 'The Gallery" covering the 2005-2006 
academic year was published highlighting the sesquicentennial celebra- 
tion, we were left wondering how to best approach this academe year 
With 50 many major events happening this year - the nevv- Apartment 
Village and Health and Recreation Center were completed, the Butler 
Rising Campaign was launched, and the men's basketball team made it to 
the "Big Dance" running as far as the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA tour- 
nament - we felt the onl/ thing appropriate to sum up this year as well 
as appropriately follow last year's celebratory theme was "Our Legacy" 
The exciting happenings of the year will certain}/ go down in history as 
[■yrt of the Butler legacy - our legacy 

student leaps to catci ^ 
ill eemestei: Gallery Photo. 

Senior IvIolV Hunter gives a presentation in one of her education 

rlai«p=, f'i^Sfrv Phntn 

five after a well-played match. Gallery 

jtudents participate in a game during the Alpha Phi Phiesca 
''0\\\. Gallery Photo. 

Junior Unsay 

-ofton turns to 
ask another stu- 
tent a question. 
'allery Photo. 

Our Legacy 3 


Met-nbers of Pi Beta Phi perform in Yell Like Hell during Homecoming \'/eek. Gako ^ ^ 

-eft Juniors Leslie Jordan 
and Bess Anderson talk 
at the anthropology table 
during Block FSrty Gallery 

Right Lei'ester Johnson 
talks to attendees of 
the Health and Recreation 
Center dedication cer- 
emony Gallery Photo. 

4 Our Lejocy 


tudent Life 

Senior 3ecc3 Combs-Cawley plays tuba and freshman John LeHew plays baritone in 
the marching band's Homecoming perfoi'mance while freshman Nico'e Do'"e5 SP"^? 9 

:5 participate in the decorating contest during Homecoming VVeelc. Galery 

Our Legacy 5 

Welcome Week 

Left: Members of 
BAMA talk to poten- 
tial members at Block 
Rarty Gallery Photo. 
Right: Freshman 

Ashley Cofield visits 
■•- table at Block f^i-ty. 

Above: Senior Austin Stanforth 
and junior Zane Hrubey talk at 
Block fSrty Gallery Photo. 
de\ow: A student performs at 
Block FSrty Gallery Photo. 

Welcome Week was an exciting time for incoming 
freshman, as it is every year. They ha\/e no idea what 
they are getting themseli/es into. Playfair is a strange 
and crazy way to meet fellow freshmen, but it is also 
very effectn^e. Each year at Playfair; freshmen are a^ked 
to do things such as dance while attached to someone 
else's back and find all of the people that have a birthday 
in the same month as their own . 

"I still talic to some of the people I met at Play- 
fair;" freshman Tara Roberds said. "There are actually a lot 
of people here that I share my birthday with!" 

Not only do freshman experience the overwhelm- 
ing affects of meeting everyone in their class at once, 
they are also exposed to EJlock FIrty as Welcome Week 
ends. All of the organizations at B'Utler line the mall 
with tables of information to promote their purpose or 
recruit new members. It is also a great opportunity to 
get free stuff! 

Above: A student tiasnes a 

peace sign at Playfair Gallery 


Below: A giant pizza runs around 

at Block FSrty to promote, fhpa 

John's Pizza. Gallery Photo 

I (L 


Members of the Butler College Democrats smile at their tab; 
db& fSrty: Gallery Photo 
6 Our Legacy 

Jiology Club talk to new students at Block fSrty 

fage designed by Mia Claxtol 

Welcome Week 

Nei\ students sit on the iriali to listen Co the instruct,. 
Playfair activity Gallery Fhoto. 

Our Lesacy 7 

Homecoming Week 

Noove. A student participates 
in the Yell Like Hell competition. 
Below: Students dance in the 
Yell Like Hell competition. Gal- 
lery Photos. 

Left Students partici- 
pate in the Yell Like Hell 
Right: The members of 
Delta Gamma work on 
-!■■ Homecoming lav^n 
-, orations Gallery 

Homecoming 2006 began the week of Oct. 16 and vvas 
an exciting e^/ent on Butler's campus. Tlie theme for the year was 
Butler l^ays, Hollywood Nights Students had the opportunity to 
participate in traditional Homecoming actiwties like Yd ike Hell, mid- 
night snack and lawn decorations in the week leading up to the 
Homecoming game against Valparaiso. Other events included a walk- 
off, a service project, a "Black Tie, Black Light Bingo" event and 
a Better Than Ezra concert Puring the game's halftime, seniors 
Michael Landes and Christina Aloia were crowned Homecoming King 
and Queen, respectively After halftime, the game resumed, and the 
Butler Bulldogs went on to defeat the Valparaiso Crusaders for a 
Homecoming victory 

At'ove: A student holds a sign ax 
the Yell Like Hell competition. 
Below: Students perform dancf 
moves in the "ifell Like Hell compe^ 
tition. Gallery Fhoto5. 

students participate in tne ten Lii.e Mr 
..^g in,^ Week. Gallery Photo 

8 Our /.egocy 

^^^^^IIH Ml II ■! ■Illl I M ■! I i^^MI I 111^^^^^^ ^^^^^^m^ 

The. women of Kappa Alpha Theta work on their lawn decorations for 
Homecoming. Gallery Photo. 

?a%e desKxned by Marcy \'/illieim j 

Homecoming Week 

Students get into the 'Xd Ike Hell competition during Homecoming 
Week. Gallery Photo. 

The I'.orr 
coming, cia.'r 

jvvn decorations for Horns- 

Our Legocy 9 

Homecoming Day 

The cheerleader's ie^d the tm\'S in s --hee.r -iin-iq pr&qame. Gallery 
10 Our Legacy 

nt Dc Bobby Fong and his wife ride in the 
Fhota '' 

by Marcy I'/ilhelmil 

Homecoming Day 

Lfi.; The cheerle.. . " 
ers lead the crowd 

Right: Homecoming : 
and Queen candidat: _ 
Chuck Day and Lindsay 
Conn ride in the Home^ 
coming Farade. Gal'c: \ 

Above Homecoming Queen and 
King candidates Melinda Qua- 
sius and Ryan Boente ride in 
the Homecoming FIrade 
Below Senior Marc Williams 
pumps up the crowd at the 
Homecoming game Gallery 

Above: 5GA President Andy 
Seibert and Schwitzer Home- 
coming Queen candidate Erin 
Elliott ride in the Homecoming 

Below: Senior Nate Miller runs 
ivith the hall during the Home- 
--■' ■■■•r'tos. 

The Butlei- University Marching Band turns to play part ot tlie Hcniecorning halttime 
show to the crowd of students that has gathered on the hill. GakryPhota 

The football team gathere together to get pumped up before the 
Homecoming Game against Valparaiso The Bulldogs defeated the Crii- 
saders for a Homecoming victory Gallery Photo. 

Dav\d McCullough. ' 
herds the band totjc 

Our Legacy 1 1 


Above: Butler alum X'larKn 
Morgan listens to a speech at 
the HRC dedication ceremony, 
delow. duller Unii/ersity Presi- 
dent Or Bobby Fong speaks at 
the HRC dedication ceremorry. 
Gallery Fhotos. 

Left: A band p6rhrrr\ed 

at the party following 

the HRC dedication 


Right: The HRC is 

located V/est of Hinkle 


In the tall, two building projects were completed or\ the 
Butler campus. The n&w campus apartments in the Apartment Vil- 
lage were opened for residents in August, although some work was 
still being done in some buildings and students faced typical problems 
of new buildings Many of these problems were ironed out within a 
few weeks. Juniors and seniors living in the Apartment Village enjoyed 
private bedrooms in their apartments shared with three other stu- 
dents, a secure student IP card access system, and an excellent 
location from which they could watch the home football games 

The new Health and Recreation Complex was also opened 
in the fall, shortf/ after classes began. Students could benefit from 
the equipment there or the indoor pool, as well as the counseling 
center The center was formally opened at a dedication ceremony 

Above: Butler alum Todd Bol- 
ster speaks at the HRC dedi- 
cation ceremony 
Below: Dr Bobby Fong and Dr 
Levester Johnson lean in to cut 
the ribbon, formal!/ opening the 
HRC. Gallerv Photos. 

The new Health and Recreation Complex was opened in the fall ieme^- 
ter. Gallery Fhota 
12 Our LeQocv 

A number ot items were given out to promote the HRC Gallerv 

: deaqned by Marcy Wilhelin. 

Above: The Pawg House sits in the 
mddle of the Apartment Village 
and houses the laundry fecilities 
and convenience store. 
Below: Tables with umbrellas are 
set up behind the Village so that 
reSKients can haws a place to relax 
in the shade. Gallery Photos. 

Apartment Village 

Lett: The Apartmeir 
Village overlooks th.- 
Butler Bowl. 
Right: Juli Doshan and 
other Village resideiit' 
enjoy the spaciou 
areas in the Davvtj 
House. Gallery Photos. 

Above. Students participate in 
a Bingo Night held in the Dawg 
House of the Apartment Vil- 

Below: The Dawg House has 
several entrances, including one 
upstairs and two downstairs. 
Gallery Photos. 

The Apartment /mage was coinpietea in trie tail setnestei' tnis year: Suhmitted 

Walkways can be found between buildings in the Apartment Village. 5ti^- 
mitted Ffioto. 

.Jacki Bolin and students hang out at the Apartment Village. Sul^r 
ted Photo. 

Our Legacy 13 

Spring Sing 

Left: Alpha Chi Omeqa, 
Schw'itzer Hall, and 
Ross Hall perform 
together in Spring 

Right One of the 
groups performs at 
Spring Sing. Galery 

Above: Members of Pi Beta Rhi 
perform in Spring Sing. 
Below: A student, performs in 
Spring Sing. Gsllery Photos. 

.Above: A member of Pelta 

Gamma performs in Sprinj 


Below: A student performs ir. 

Spring Sing. Galery Photos. 

-.ipha Chi Omega, ; ^.-i.^ r-jn, sul. SoiVuitzer Han perioririej togetiici »i Sprmg j-mg. 
After all the groups had finished performing, theire was named winner Galery 


Uelta Gammas giuup iimshes its performance in Spring Sing. Galery 
14 Our Legacy 

A group performs in Spring Sing. Galery Photo 

■■ designed by Marcy V/iiheli 

Sprins Sports Spectacular 

Left: Members 
Alpha Phi play soccer 
at Spring Sports 
Right: A student 
takes a quick breal 
during Spring Sports 
"i'fctacular Gallery 

' ' t05. 

b\c X3yy':v and Y\ara Albert take a few minutes to rest during Spring 
:5port5 Spectacular Ga/teryP/iotc 

The men of Phi Kappa Ffei get together during a game 
Gallery Photo. 

Our Lesacy 15 

Greek Philanthropies 

Aboi'e; A student participates 

in the Alpha Chi Omega Fnsbee 


Below: A student plays ball 

during the Theta Griil-Off Gal- 


Left; Freshmen Taylor 
%nc& and Sul Rayman 
perform during the 
brother auction as 
3. part of Sigma Nu's 
.'orld Vision dow\ event 
ght A student partici- 
pates in the Kappa Kicl- 
o^. Gallery Fhoto5. 

Throughout the ysat; the members of the Greek houses 
on campus are, <re5pon5\b\e not on\/ for their acad&mc work and 
involvmenent in extra-curricular activities outside of their houses, 
but also philanthropic events sponsored by those houses to which 
they belong, Many of these events are promoted acroe'o the 
campus and not just to the Greek community These events also 
often last for more than a day, with things like penny wars being done 
throughout the week to collect money 

These philanthropic events go to benefit a variety of causes, 
including nearly everything from the Riley Children's Hospital to Court 
Appointed Special Advocates to cancer research 

Above: Sophomore Dane Suare; 
participates in Octoberfest. 
felow: A student runs with the 
football during Sigma Nu's World 
Vision 6>owl. Gallery Photos. 

Students hau <.\ 
Gallery Fhoto. 
16 Our Lesacy 

t of Octoberfest 

I an 1 pel tor ms at tne i neta onii-Utt Gallery Photo. 

FSge designed by Marcy Wilhel 

Greek Philanthropies 



The women of Kappa Kappa Gamma and Pi Beta Phi t 
of football during Sigma Nu's \ /orld Vision Bowl phila it 
lery Photo. 

Students play football on the Schwit: 
Vision &owl Gallery Fhoto. 

Our Legacy 17 



Formal Recruitment 

jf.ft: Women on Butler's 
campus run to their new 
houses on the last da) 
r formal recruitment 
''nht Students hang T ^ 
itsde the Kappa ■ 
'ta house on tt- 
of formal recr 

Above: ," -J as 

Superman runs down Hampton 
Drive on the last day of formal 

Below: On the last day of 
formal recruitment week, sev- 
eral girls get together to hug. 
Gallery Fhoto5. 

Each yeai; several men and women return to campus earjy 
from the semester break in ord&r to participate in formal recruit- 
ment For many students, formal recruitment is a time to get 
to know younger students on campus and invite some into their 
house. For others, it's a time to learn a bit about the houses and 
decide which house is right for them, because freshmen are not 
allowed to join social houses before second semester their first 
yeat; most get involved in formal recruitment Students return to 
campus the week before classes start up again. d>y Sunday, they find 
out which house they have been invited in to. Then, new students 
get to begin their journey to initiation in those houses 

Above: A student waits out- 
side on the last day of form.?. 

Below: Two students hug after 
finding out their houses on the 
last day of formal recruitment 
weel'. Gallery Photoe. 

Members of lambda Chi Alpha run tlitt^ugh ^arnpus on the last day ot 
formal recruitment. Gallery Fhoto. 
18 Our Legacy 

students nang out outside tne i Nt nouse on tne last day < >r toi niai 
recruitment Gallery Photo 

Page designed by Marcy \7illielt7 

Formal Recruitment 

Students gather outside one of the Grs& houese on the. last day of 
formal recruitment Gallery Fhota 

Sorority members rush to meet their nev. sisters on the last day of 

formal recruitment Gallery Photo. 

Our Le^oc)/ 1 9 


Above: A senior carries her 

diploma as she crosses the 


Below: Aaron Lee waits for com- 

mencement to begin to play with 

the orchestra. .Gallery Photoa 

Left: Seniors rise tor 
the singing of the 
National Anthem ind 
the Butler Alma Mater 
Right A senior ha" -i^ 
oi/er her seating ti 
as she enters the j 
in Hinkle Reldhouse 
Gallery Photos. 

duller University's Class of 2007 filled Hinkle Reldhouse 
Saturday morning. May 12, to go through the commencement cere- 
mony Commencement itself was the final event in a week of events 
seniors were welcome to participate in. Some events included a 
lunch, a trip to Chicago, a champagne toast with the university 
president and a baccalaureate ceremony. The class, which was the 
largest freshman class in Butler history with 976 students, found 
out during the week that it would also be the graduating class with 
the highest retention rate, with S22 graduates crossing the stage 
Saturday morning. 

Above: Butler University Presi- 
dent Pr Bobby Fong addressee 
the graduating class at com- 

Below: A senior crosses the 
stage with his diplmona. i 


Andrew tmbry and a fe'low senior look at the crowd as thev 
hliii' le Fifidhouse for commencement. Gallery Photo. 
20 Our Legacy 

Pharmacy students wait to receive their diplomas at co 
Gallery Photo 

?a%e designed by Marcy Wilheim 


Students sit and wait for commencement to begin. Gallery Photo. 

The graduating class tiils Hinkle Fieldhouse as the commencement 
ceremony begins 5ut>mltted Photo. 

Our Legacy 2 1 

jt-^t. Pr Charles St. Cyi; a 
/urnalism professoi: teat-f 
Jiscussion with his class, 
.,3ht: Junior Jeremy 
Horner sets up a proce- 
dure for students to do in 
his chemistry lab lesson in 
an education class. Gallery 

22 Our Legacy 




Our Legacy 23 



- ■-■ -'■ . i::ie nowe to both LAS and the College of 
Education. Gallery Photo. 

students perform in one of the many theatre perfor- 
nancesheld in JCFA. Sulmitted Fhota 

''''■"-• • ' - - ; ' ■ ' : ..1 listen to another student speak in a class. Uass attendan^Ho^^ 
tion B critical to success in all colleges in Butler Students are encouraged to attend class, because class atter 
15 often a large part of a student's grade. Gallery Photo. 

&eiow Left: Students recie^e well-deser.ed recognition at the ^S Awards, held during Honons Weekend G 
Photo Middle: Students are acknowledged by their professors at the annual LAS Awards Gallery Photo Below ^- 
I he Mens Glee Club performs at CIS. The Glee Club class offere non-music major students a chance to part. ■ 
in Butlers actwe music enwronment. Gallery Photo 

designed by Mafcy Wilheirn and Emily Mclnerney 

Junior Nate Schaefer laughs during an exercise in the 
' allege of Eiducation. (Saferj P'lc'Cj: 

below: Faculty and staff picl ed out outsta d j, / > i ,c , ^^ i u . 

tudents to be recognized in front of their peer^ at the concert of the year in April. GaWery Photo. 
nnual LAS awards, held in April. Gallery Photos. Below: Team work and cooperation are critical in , 

of Butler's colleges Gallery Photo. 

Our Legacy 25 





jeral f 

art of the C 

bA curncuir 

"omputers are a vital part of a CbA student's life. 

students listen intently to Professor Ariing's lecture in MS 265: Informaticri Mana^ernerit CbA is accreditee ._, ; ~, 
AAC5B, which is an honor bestowed upon on\^ 15 percent of business schools around the world. Gallery Fhoto. 

Jottom three pictures: Students \n MS 265 work in groups to complete a project that tests their skills in variouE 
3oftware applications Group wort; is common for CEA students, as professors feel that group work best prepa:"ef 
students for their futures in the business world. Gallery Photos. 

SA students must become proficient in many com- 
puter proqrame: before earning their degree. Gallery 

Students in MS 265, 
mjny other C&A students, 
I'ety' heavy on comput- 
ei"5. This was not the case 
back in 195^ when 
was established on Butler's 
campus CBA mo^'ed to its 
current home in the Hol- 
comb Building in the 1990s 
Gallery Fhota 

\ student iistci'is Ciosey to 
1 software lecture during 
I Ins Tuesday morning class 
/ith technology changing 
lapidl/, it is important for 
students to keep up with 
the times. Gallery Photo. 

1 MS 265, students focused ov\ fine tuning their software skills Gallen 

It is common on Butler's campus to always see stu- 
ifnts in computer labs, finishing assignments and 
' I in^ their e-mail Gallery Fhota 

M)ove and below: Computer^ are a vAai part of life for all col- 
fege students, not just CBA students Gallery Fhoto5. 

Above and below: CBA students know the impC" 
tance of communication and paying attention, as 
those skill will help them most in the business vJor\d. 
Gallery Fhoto5. 



Our /.egacy 27 



Iducawn majors, III e 
their class time discu;;- 


■ ■ 


V^R^^HH ^^^BIh 


Senior MoV Hunter goes through her presentation 

■ -nior IvioA' Ml It iT-r i-=„i s on tne progress ner "students" are mat ing. education students typically practice less'L'n; 
■1 fellow students before trying them out on real students. Gallery Photo. 

Qelovv' Left: Presentation skills are vital for education majors, which boasts ar\ impressive 100 percent job placement 
for seniors after graduation. Below middle: Junior Nate Schaefer looks over his notes before class begins Below 
Right: Jermey Hornei; junior Secondary Education major, addresses his fellow education majors during class &feo' 

-ellow classmates Photos. 
won;, like a good teacher would. Gallery Photo. 

28 Our Legacv 

%e designed Ly Marcy W-ilhelin and Bniy Ivlclnerney 

\\or Jeremy Horner sets 
.^ his presentation before 
ass cot mapr3 usuaiy 
' resent on current topics 
J id focuses in education, in 
'ider to gain better knowl- 
edge of w'Inere education 
^tands Gallery Photo. 

Teachers need strong presentation skills and COE profes- 
sors know It In classes, students like senior Mol^ Hunter 

§ve lessons to peers as practice. Gallery Photo. 

t>Ove: Students dtocuaa dnutiicr atuticnta prctpcntdtion 
ssfery Ptoto. Below The class asis question after a stu 
snt's presentation, in an attempt to gam more knowledge in 
ie education realm. Gallery Phota 

Above. Jen Sherbak, a graduate student, and senior 
Marcy Wilhelm work together on a project Gallery 
Photo, delow: 5eri\or Brendan Flanagan and a fellow 
student work together in order to buiW skills needed 

Our Legacy 29 

/orcfcffi col/eqc 


Junior L^ura Kautza and sophomore Ke 

j,-r. in-'T|-|^ii/1-.iil-,ir-ri t =h'" ' ;. 

h" ru c-nTa, /ind Ensemble members, including sophomore Zeb Watl.ins, sophomore Jada Schuessii^ 
id freshman Nate Hamilton, must attend weekV rehearsals, on top of full course loads, homework, and add\t\on 
t ''hesrsal time Submitted Fhoto. 
Below Lett The women's glee club performs at CT5 in their Spring concert Gallery Photo. B>elow Middle: Sophomoi: 
iV^sa Vander Heyden lehearees at the Wind Ejisemble practice-. 5ut>mtted Fhoto. Below Right; The conductor t 
the women's Glee Club keeps the tempo of the ladies going. Gallery Photo. 

- 1'. men or the Cjlee Uul 
shot Gallery Photo 

30 Our Legacy 

by Marcy VVilheim and Emit/ Mclnerne, 

tuba section ot the 
Ensemble, made up 
C'f sophomore Austin 
sophomore Sam Bivens, 
diid junior Matt Goldey, 
i'.arms up for their pend- 
ing rehearsal. 5ulpmitted 

Or. Robert Grechesky conducts the Wind br\5err\i>\e 
at a rehearsal. Practice makes perfect for all JCFA 

imi'^rs 5uhvitted Phota 

lOMS. Junior Chris Hodgson conducts the \'/ind Enseriible. Ail 
inducting students practice their skills with the ensembles.. 
ibmtted Photo. Below: Jonah Winston, Caroj/n Jenia and 
Timie Reinstatler in the theatre department's presentation 
■ 'The Marraige Fhoposal." 5uhmitted Photo. 

ALovo Jonah \/in5ton, Carol/n Jenia, and Jimmic 
Reinstatler perform in a production of "The Marnagr 
Proposal." Submitted Photo. 
Below: V^omen's Glee Club performs at CIS in Apti 
2007 GJeryPhota 

Our Legacy 3 1 

A student closed studies his keyboard, hoping to male 
rr,p ri.iht arpL?. GakryFhoto. 

3eniorlvleredithV/atkinsand5ophomoir ,iut;;ii r- ,- h 'i . i F 

335: State and Local Goi^ernments Outside resources enhance the Ly\S learning experience. Gallery Fhoto. 

fJeloiv Left: Junior Brett McNeal catches up on •oomt sleep in a class Gallery Fhoto. 5enor Chris Speckman helps I 
Charles St Cyr start a i/ideo for a class Gallery Photo. Junior Josh Mazur thinks during class Gallery Photo. 

Junior Lindsey Lofton leads class discussion in Joi'dan 
Hall, the home of b^S, the largest college on campus 

32 Our Lesacy 

fige designed by Marcy Wilhelm and Emily Mdnerne 


Senior Hannah Werntz pays 
attention during a lecture 
in Jordan Hall, Ly\S has 15 
departments with more 
than 35 majors here at 
Butler Gallery Phota 

A student works on a paper 
or his LAS class Ask any 
LAS student and they would 
share their favorite 
paper writing memories. 
Gallery Photo. 


Senior major Meredith Watkins studies a map display- 
ing gerrymander political districts. Gallery Photo. 

(,•■-■■ , i. I- - r I class , I V I II 1 •- ^ 

\l\ery Photo. 'oegcfb. Gallery Photo 

low: Outstanding LAS students are recognized at the Below: Pr Charles St Cyr leads class discussion, 

nual presentation. Gallery Photo. O355 discussion is a critical part of 3r\ LAS education. 

Our Lesacy 33 



Laptops are a critical component u' tne uurns pi 

grams, as all students receii'e in the third y^r nf the 

prrtiraiii. GMery Fhcto. 

^ ™^ 

r-iirvr-i \ t Health Care Services, students were assigned to cover one side o^ a controi/erisal topic in ■ 
i argue their side in a debate Students had to present a coherent argunnent and make clear points in order t- 
leve a qood qrade Gallery Photo 
ee pictures below Pharmacy students listen to both side of a debate on the effects of media on pharmecutiG 
wees and sciences Many issues concern pharmacy students, which is why COPHS push students to learn hot' 
ies to every issue and to be able to create intelligent dialogues Gallery Photos. 

-tijociM-' ai ine t'egirining ci 

class Gallery Photo. 

34 Our Lesacy 

• destined by Marcy Wilhelm and Emi>/ Mclnerney 


Left: Sophomore Angle Mm 
: icte the ball at a sot - 
jame. Gallery Fhota 
?.\(px:. Cheerleaders • 
across the football '-' 
to lead the team out 
the tunnel before the I 
off of each qame. Galr 

36 Out Legacj/ 

Our Lesacy 37 

.-.. 03,0. C. Jiive. OP^ M. Pirtitia-h, R. EVfys. > 

Mgill. ncsnnijii _'|yc.riLci _^'l«i» 

Opposing player: Gallery Photo. 

Above: Junior Perek North runs with the ball. Gallery 


Below: A Butler player runs with the ball. Gallery Fhot 

Right; Sophomore Jordan Quiroz kicks the ball, held in 

Dijce hv feiiiC'" Fhil (Juchjsnjti iSa.;? n ■ fvjc^M 


9/02 Albion 
» Hanover 
9/16 Jacksonville 
' 9/23 Dayton 
[10/07 San Diego 
lio/i4 Drake 

^10/28 Missouri-Rolla L, 35-20 
ai/04Morehead State L, 14-7 
sii/ii Davidson L, 50-10 

L, 31-10 
W, 30-20 
L, 31-7 
W, 23-20 
L, 56-3 
L, 29-0 
W, 32-10 

Highlights: Vs. 

Score \^ 

8/25 Marian 

W, 3-1 V*. 

8/29 Chicago State 


9/01 Kennesaw State 

W, 3-0 V-^ 

9/02 Army 

L, 3-1 V" 

9/02 Evansville 


9/05 St. Joseph's 


9/08 Eastern Illinois 

L, 3-1 \ 

9/09 Western Illinois 


9/12 lUPUI 

L, 3-0 

9/15 Duke 


9/15 Notre Dame 


9/16 Arizona State 


9/22 UIC 

L, 3-OJ 

9/23 Loyola 

L, 3-1/ 

9/26 Ball State 

L, 3-0/ 

9/29 Wright State 

L, 3-0/ 

10/06 Cleveland State 

L, 3-0/ 

10/07 Youngstown State 

W, 3-0/ 

10/20 Loyola 

w, 3-2/ 

10/26 IPFW 

L, 3-1/ 

11/10 UW-Milwaukee 

T '^ r\ ^ 

L^ ^-(j^ ■ — -- 

11/11 UW-Green Bay 


11/17 UIC 



y' k 

Above: The team unites before a qame. Gallery 


Left;: Sophomore Chloe Blasingame lowers hereelf 

to hit the ball. 5ubmtted Fhoto. 

Below: Freshman Stephanie Steele hit the ball to 

return It to the oppoenq team. Submitted Photo. 

.eft;: Freshman F&rshia Allen jumps to 'n- 
submitted Photo. 

R05TEP: forshy Alien, Melody Austin. Chloe Blas- 
ingame, .Alicu Coltrdne, Pana Papnte, Michelle 
PeGeetei; Corissa Fostei; Krystal Hendnx, 5Li5ana 
Henri, Adnanna Higle, Nina Inic, Stepliame McGurk, 
Stephanie Steele. 


Legacy 39 


, . , \ki, Zach Pernent, Ad^- . . 

■ ,' ,:.'■' Oe Allele, Porshon P&- 
':^i:uiri bna Austin b/are, Edu^rd^ 
Giarratana, Jared Gillespie, Nick Herj 
glib, Frank l%tano, Frank fetodv; Mi 
Sweeney. Aaron Thompson. Tbrri lur' 
Benken, Joe Weinman. 

Vs. Score 

8/13 Western Kentucky W, 2-1 

8/16 lUinois State L, 2-1 

8/25 San Diego State L, 2-0 

8/27 Boilerniaker Challenge Cup W, 2-0 

9/03 Miami (Ohio) W, 1-0 ' 

<-)/08 ViUanova L, 3 ' 

4/ 10 Navy L, 5-1 ' 

9/14 Ball State L 2 1 

9/17 Eastern KentLicky W 4 1 

9/24Xavier L 2 11 

1 1 9/29 Loyola T 2-2 1 

|lO/01 Cleveland State W 7 if 

[10/031UPU1 T 1 l[ 

10/06 Wright State L 1 o/ 

10/08 Detroit h, 3 2^ 

10/13 UW-Green Bay h, 3 Ij 

10/15 UW-Milwaukee L, l-0> 

10/20 Youngstown State W, 2-Oi 

10/25 Indiana State L, 4-0> 

10/28 Horizon Leagiie Quarterfinals: 

Wright State W, 2-2 

11/03 Horizon League Semifinals: 
Loyola L, 3-1 



left Sophomore Moll/ Gallon dribbles the ball down the 

fte\d Gallery Photo. 

Below: A 5occer team member runs during a game. 

Gallery Phota 

Left: Senior Megan Gallon runs after the ball. Gallery 


ROSTER Molly Arenl-'erg, ^lulie Backscheider; Megan 
Gallon Moiy Gallon Moro^ni""^ C'JirYi'^fi ur-'-n H^i" 
ne\ MFtinHaine^t WjapK^iw f i j k n inIi 
h M I til Uji 1 lili r I I! "h \ 

Zv h -Jii [ Um n ' 1 i 1 I H 

Vhle\ X\ chuB" i«-riic Ti n 
J I ktl 


Legaq/ 41 




■ ■nb-\o Ml Irri &dtl can, La'- "^ 
■ .. ■> ,. - i- . riv.i;-.. ivldtt I Linham, Ta^ I ii EdCt r, , 
C''3uson, Aiex Mains, Philli[ Haulf^, ' ^in ^a chs, Ri h 
aid kay, Prett Millard, icolf (\r\4, \'\i\ '^vmpi, 
-JListin Roedei; Phillip 5ihvfiii, Ohi f triir i ^iticn 
■3n mil, Andrew Ibward i h^i 'dr.- 1 r i i ^ i, 

Micliolas Zellmei; 

Right: One, of the members of the men's team runs 
tor the finish line. Gallery Fhoto 

Above: One of the men on the cross country team runs 

in a competition. Gallery Fhoto. 

Right: A member of the men's cross country tear^ 

runs tovafd the finish line. Gallery Fhoto. 

Below: One of the members of the men's cross cour- 

try team stops for water after a race. Gallery Fhoto. 

»• .. i.^^"i-» Vtt^^/ T 

^— 1 

<>r VS. 


/9/15 lie 


/ 9/23 Roy Griak 


— - 




10/14 NCAA Brooks 


■ 10/28 Horizon League 


\ii/ii Great Lakes 


\ii/20 NCAA Division I 


\ Championship 


5. Score 

15 lie 22/26 

1/23 Roy Gria 7/30 

/29 Oregon 6/11 

0/14 NCAA Brook 12/37| 
0/28 Horizon League 1 / 9 ^ 
1/11 Great Lake 4/30; 



•^bove: Senior Ava Hutchinson lines up against other 
unnere. Submitted Fhoto. 
Left: Junior Sarah Kemple cheers on her fellow runners. 

Below: Or\e of the members of the women's cross 
country team runs in a race. Gallery Photo. 


Left: One of the members of the women's cross coun- 

r!Li:.5TtP Msru Beitel. Ajysaa Burlcliaridt, Enca duscer, 
Gcn't Gadnei, CJi Grimes, Kirne- Havvitt. Caitin 
Hei.qcseii, Tarj Herir\', Rachel Hojnarki, Oaire Holme, 
^lenny Homan, Ava fHutchinson, Sarah Kemple, Cniy 
Maiei; Maggie Mathieson, Jenni F&reira, Ashley Salt, 
lv1.:.rbetli Shieli. ^Librey Smith, Kan Splitt, isabd , 


Legacy 43 

J.: .';cvMcCulle\;[?f'nSlulei: 

Right: benicr JJaon brozei simitis dunrit) a race, ijuciri/r- 
ted Photo. 

h'oove:. Se.nor Raj Puggal competes in a race. Submit- 
ted Fho to 

Right: Two members of the men's swim team sit before 
swimming, Sulpmitted Fhoto. 
Below: Members of the men's swim team smile fror' 
:'ne pool. Submitted Fhota 


J V 

qQ^ Score 

(^/^ 10/14 Intercollegiate 

7th, 83 

C^W/IB Evansville 

L, 120-85 

y^ 10/15 St. Loius 

L, 151-54 

/l0/15 Valparaiso 

L, 119-84 

/ 10/21 Transylvania 

W, 148-112 

/ll/03 Grove City 

L, 132-108 

/ll /12 UW-Milwaukee 

L, 227-57 

/l2/02 TYR College Classic 

6th, 321 

1/14 UW-Green Bay 

L, 144-80 

1/28 Wright State 

L, 131-62 


W, 126-39 

2/04 Xavier 

L, 105-79 

12/21 Horizon League Championships 

6th, 65 

\2/22 Horizon League Championships 

6th, 121 

\2/23 Horizon League Championsliip 

5 6th, 181 

^2/24 Horizon League Championships 6th, 219 



Noovs. Members oi the women's swim team smile 

before a competition. Sui^mtted Photo. 

Left: One of the women of the swim team dii'es into 

the waXsrSui^mitted Photo 

be\ov. 5enor Mary Beth Arnold takes a breath as 

she swims 5ut>mtted Photo. 

Left: A member of the women's swim team competes 
in a race. 5ut>mitCed Photo. 

ROSTER :5tephanie Altepet ei; Mai A' Be- ^ - 
BiTiore, Sarah Lvnne Gates, ^"■ -• 
me: M'jies. Melissa Nemet. A 
Shafei; Ivlomo \'/ilson, Kenda" V/l-'' ■-• ?> 


Lesacy 45 


R05TEP: Julian &etU>, ffete C^nipl'el, dranion Qrane, 
FJIiot Engdmann. A.J. Graves, Mike Green, Avery Jukes, 
Grant l^iendecl^i; Pilan L13011, Mancus Nellems, Nick 
Rodgers. &en Slaton, Prew Streicliei: Wie Vfeaslev: 

V y 

Riglit: Senior drandon Crone jumps to make a basket. 
Gallery Flio-ca 

Above: Willie Veasley takes a siiot at tlie I?a5l;et Gal- 
lery Photo. 

I?ight: A.J. Graves looks to tiie basl;et and prepares tc 
make a sliot. Gallery Photo. 

below. Drew Streiclier drbbles the ball as bf rLir"^ dovi 
the court. G3i:er\ Ph.ptc. 

iighlights: Vs. Score 

1/12 Illinois L, 65-47 

1/17 Bradley W, 85-73 

1/22 Air Force L, 62-61 

1/29IUPUI W, 58-53' 

2/10 Purdue L, 81-38' 

2/20 Tennessee State W, 85-57 ' 

2/28 Cleveland State W, 66-57 ' 

2/30 Youngstown State W, 80-56 ' 

/06 Wright State L, 76-71 ' 

/13 Loyola W, 79-73 1 

/18 Detroit W, 59-51 

/27 UW-Milwaukee W, 81-74J 

/03 Wright State W, 68-56[ 

/OS Loyola W, 71-67/ 

1/17 Detroit W, 77-64) 

,/22 UW-Milwaukee W, 74-59J 

1/01 Youngstown State W, 59-45> 
/07 Horizon League Quarterfinals 

Yotingstown State W, 77-60 
!/09 Horizon League Semifinals 

UIC W, 88-83. 
l/ll Horizon League Finals: 

UW-Green Bay L, 91-64 

Noove. A member of the women's basketball team 
jumps to get the ball in the tip-off. Gallery Photo. 
Left Senior Jackie Closser prepares to make a shot 
during lA/arm-upa Gallery Photo, 
bdow. 5ophomore Candac& Jones looks to pass 
the ball during a game Gallery Phota 

S' i^^ 



la , 



-•MMiriiMiffiH''*'*^ "' 

Left: Sophomore Candace Jones runs down the court 
and watches for the ball. Gallery Photo. 

R05TEF Lade Akande, Cmdsce Bam, Candyce Brown, 
Jac^e Qoseer. Cassie Freeman, Caria Ghe-orghe, 
Ellen Hamilton, Candace Jones, Susan Lestei; Taia 
Millei; Julie Sees, Mel Thornton. 

Lesaq/ 47 

Below; The cheerleaders stand atop a pyramid at a 

basketball game. Gallery Photo. 

Right; The cheerleaders create a tower at a football 

game. Sui^mtted Fhoto. 

far right Cheerleaders attend ei^ery home football 

aame to cheer on the team. Gallery Phota 



Above: The members of the dance team pose for a 

group picture. Suipmitted Fhoto. 

Left: Members of the dance team strike a pose in a 

performance. Gallery Fhoto. 

Fsr Left: The dance team performs at a home bastet 

ball game. Gallery Fhoto. 

Above: A member of the dance team does a kick during 
a performance Gallery Fhoto. 
Left: The dance team performs at many home basket- 
ball games ov&r the course of the yesc Gallery Photo. 


Legacy 49 


Kiight: The marching band pertorms a tielci 

show for half-time of a football game. 5ut>mit- 

ted Photo. 

Below: Sophomore Darren Williams plays 

trombone with the marching band. 5utmitted 


r % 

3elow: Freshman Ashley Cofield and graduate 
student Jen Sherbak play alto sax with the 
marching band Submitted Photo. 
Left: Junior Kobi Walden plays the drums behind 
flautist Christina ftpillon. Submitted Photo. 
far Left Senior Qave Elliott leads the march- 
ing band as drum major in the Homecoming 
Parade. Suhmitted Photo. 

50 Legacy 






■ove: The marching band does a field show 
.; : one of the many home football games this 
year Sulpmitted Photo. 

Right: Nora Phelan spins a flag as the color 
guard performs with the marching band. 5ul?- 
mitted Fhota 

?ar Left: The basketball band performs at every 
home basketball qame during the season. G3I- 
lery Photo. 

Above. Junior dr\ar\ Kaeer and senior Brant Sloan 
play tenor sax with the basketball band at a home 
game Gallery Photo. 

left Bethany Godar, Alicia Phelps, Chnstina FSpilon, 
and Jessica Nelson play piccolo with the basketball 
band at a home basketball qame. Gallery Photo. 


Lesacy 51 

Above: A member of the men's golf team lines jp /.itn 

the ball. Gallery Fhota 

Right: A member of the men's golf team prepares to 

hit a ball. Gallery Fhota 

Below: A member of the men's golf team watches to 

se?" v.'here his ball lands Gallery Fhota 


9/5 Univ. of Indianapolis 4/10 

9/11 Cleveland 9/11 

' 9/25 Butler Invitational 5/5 

10/09 Ball State 16/17 

10/16 IPFW 7/8 

' 3/12 North South 6/10 

5/19 Butler Invitational 5/8 

f4/3 UC Collegiate 8/12 

f 4/15 Wolf Run 11/14 

/23 Dayton 10/12 

Is /I Horizon League Championsliip 5/7 

11 Stale Classic 
lutler Invitational 
rkansas State 

/23 Austin Peay 



5 Big River Telephone Lady Racer Classic 3/8 
'/ 12 North South 9/18 

/13 North South 8/17 

/20 Butler ln\'itationa.l 6/9 

17 Loyola 3/5 

/I Horizon League Championship 1 /5 

I. ^/^ ; 1 1 ii^i r ii-oi w 1 trie women's golf team watches 
her bal to see where it will land. Gallery Fhoto. 
Le't A rnemper of the women's golf team gets 
f^oy t h t her ball Gallery Fhoto. 
Be o. /^ member o^ the women's golf team looks 
at her bal cefe-'e hitting it Gallery Photo. 

-v. A rriernt'cr' of the women's golf team hits her hall. 
•illery Photo. 

Lsiiteri 5riowc:fS, l^-iiiifA' 'zW 


Lesacy 53 

54 Legacy 


2/25 Morehead 
3/4 Belmont 
3/13 Huntington 
3/17 Wright State 
3/31 Cleveland 
4/21 UIC 
5/1 Valparaiso 
,5/9 IPFW 
5/16 Xavier 
5/24 Youngstown 

W, 21-9 
W, 18-0 
L, 11-5 

W, 19-10 
W, 7-3 • 

L, 20-7 

Highlights: Vs. 

/ 2 Kentucky 
W/3, lUPUI 
3/ 11 Army 
[ 3/12 Yale' 
3/16 Florida A&M 
3/30 Notre Dame (OH) 
I 4/3 Purdue 
4/15 Detroit 
4/1 S Dayton 

4/21 Youngstown State 
4/24 Ball State 
4/29 Loyola 
4/30 Oakland 
5/6 UW-Green Bay 
5/1 Cleveland State 


L, 10-5 

''* v/ 

W, 10-1 
W, 7-2 ' 
W, 9-1 
W, 6-1' 
L, 6-0] 
L, 9-2 1 
W, 4-0 j 
W, 4-1 1 
L, 3-1/ 
' W,2-lj 
U 9-6 i 
L, 2-1 i 


■\/.:y V--V 

X y- 

Above: The Softball team gathers together at a 
qame. Gallery Fhoto. 

Left: A member of the Softball team gets ready to 
throw the ball. Gallery Fhoto. 
Below: A member of the Softball team prepares to 
t n Che ball. Gallery Fhota 

I - It A member of the Softball team walks to the plate 
tai-e her turn at batting. Gallery Fhota 


Right: Members of the Lacrosse team osfiei to^jet'v 
at a competition. SuMntted Photo. 

Above [vleml e rs l + the Laci - r x 

field X.oqtXh&r.Suk'mttedFhota 
Right; A lacrosse player leaps in play Submitted Photc 
Below: A member of the Lacrosse team pushes against 

\i lhrnirr.^.,-1 Photo. 

Early i 
the Spring semester, 
it was announced that the 
Lacrosse program would be cut 
following this academic year. Sub- 
sequently this year's season was can- 
celed as well. The photos used on tWs 
' spread are from recent years and serve 
^as a tribute to Butler's Lacrosse program. 

Above: Freshman Janelle Kummick rides a horse in 
Equestrian Club Gallery Fhota 
ieh:. Junior Andrew Kramer participates in a race 
with the Cycling Club Suipmltted ffiota 

H e t SopnoToreLau '"nhoul''rde dhor'se th 
rhtr i7uestr an C ub Gs cry Pnoro 
UP o ausan Surber s f^ on ner b 1-^ v th the Cycl ng 

J SibmfedFno'To 

Lett F t nc u I (-5 3 I'di' with her 

horse with the Equesti lan Club Gallery Fhoto. 



Abel's A msmbsr of the Dawg found cheers the bas- 
ketball team on. Gallery Fhota 
Right Members of Dawg found paint themselves to 
support the team. Gallery Photo, 
far Right A student supports the Bulldogs at a cross 
country meet Gallery Photo. 
Below; A member of the Dawg found supports the has 
ketball team by cheering Gallery Photo. 

'X» '5f ~f 








Above: Pawg fcund member show their loi^e not onl/ 
for the Bulldogs but also ESPN. Gallery Fhoto. 
Left: Members of the Dgwg F&und raise their arms in 
anticipation of a free throw Gallery Fhoto. 
far Left: Jack! Bolln and Stacey Ergang show their BulWog 
spint at the NCAA tournament 5uk>rviixed Fhoto 
Below: Members of the Dawg l%und paint themselves 
to support the basketball team, (tilery Photo. 





lai Society of C 

H\ event. C7J»ctv rntT. 

Left: Freshmen Taylor fence 
and Erin Mueller dance at 
the Kappa Kappa Ffei Satea 
Night ei^ent Gallery Photo. 
Right Students have 
^un dananq at the Kappa 
:',appa Ffei Salsa Night G3I- 

60 Our Legacy 


A student plays cornhole at the National Society of Collegiate Scholars Field Day 
Gallery Photo. 

nor Blen Kizik discusses article topics for the new edition of Pawgnet in the v^eeiy 
iff meeting. Gallery Photo. 


Our Legacy 6 r 



Top Right: A Butler student casts her vote at assembly. 
Middle Right: Students wte to approve a proposal at weekiy 
assembl/ Middle Left: President Andy Seibert and VF of 
Diversity Andrew B Jones speak to the assembly; Botton' 
Left: Katy Kaesbrer speaks to assembl/ about Fall Alternative, 
Break. Gallery Photos. 

Jelow: Student representa- 
tives come speak to the SGA 
assembV often. Gallery Photo 

The Student Governance Association, or SGA, has had a 
busy year Under the leadership of this year's SGA President, junior 
Andy Seibert, SGA had another successful yeai; with a myriad of 
events held. Included in these events was Flip the Script, a finals 
treat for students, the band Sister Hazel and Anthony Rapp of 
"Rent" fame visited campus, and favorites, such as Java Jams 
and Ethnic Fest SGA is composed of student representatives 
from organizations, residential halls, and Greek houses, who meet 
weekly to raise concerns and vote on issues related to Butler 
SGA also serves as a liaison between students and faculty and 
administratton, which helps build a strong relationship 

FliD the Script is a popular event 
ng students. Gallery Photo. 

The SGA executive board listen 
carefuiy to their constituents 
Gallery Phota 

62 Our Legacy 

fSge designed by Anne f&elker and Emit/ Mclnen 


Top Left: Andrew B Jones talks to a fellow executwe board 
member during assemb^ . Middle Left: Students speak to 
the assembly Middle right: Faculty serve students breakfast 
during Flip the Script Bottom Left: Sister Hazel performs at 
Butler Gallery Fhotoa 

Students vote at SGA assem 
biy. Gallery Fhoto. 

de\ow: Students dig in at 
the Script Gallery Photo. 

Student representatives at 
SGA. Gallery Photo. 

A student addresses assembly! 
Gallery Photo. 

Our Lesacy 63 

Business Organizations 


Top Right: A business professor speaks to students before 
a BAMA panel. Middle right: Business professionals speak to 
students at a joint BAMA/PRS6A panel. Middle left: i 
dents listen to real world business stories during a BA 
panel. Bottom left: The presidents of PR5S5 addrf-^^=, 
bers before a panel. Gallery Photos. 

students network with 
a business professional after a 
BAMA panel Gallery Fhoto 

With it5 national!/ recognized College of Business, it's no 
wonder that Butler is full of business organizations Students 
hai/e the option of joining various business clubs, each focusing on 
some aspect of business Economics, finance, public relations, 
marketing and advertising are pot a few of the topics that has 
Its own club dedicated to it Many clubs offer different speakers 
and panels which feature business professionals who come and 
speak to students about their experiences in the business world. 
Butler's business organizations offer students a chance to , 
networking, before the even complete their business degrees 

Below: A panel of business profes- 
sional at ?■ p-^ ' ' ^ ■-■' " — ""■--- 

Above: Students asl, questions 
of business professionals at a 
PR5SA panel. Gallery Phota 

64 Our Legacy 

Hige designed by Anne f&elker and Emilv' Ivlclnei l 

Science and Math 

Top Left: The president of the Chemistry club opens up their 
meeting, Middle left: f&ojan fStel, President of the Actunal 
Math Club, begins their bi-weekV meeting. Middle right Mem- 
bers of the Chemistry Club listen intently during a meeting. 
bottom right: Actunal Math club members get pizza before 
d meeting. Gallery Photos. 

Butler offers various math and science organizations and 
clubs that are open to any student with an interest in either 
field. These organizations offer students a chance to meet other 
students with similar interests, network with professionals in 
each field, and gain more knowledge and under-standing into the 
math and ec\&nc& ar&ae. Math and science clubs met bi-week[/ 
or monthly and usually offered students a forum to further their 
understanding of math and science and to discuss issues with 
other students 

Below: Senior Nick Freidman and I 
other Chemistry Club memler- 
under the Ffenodic Table of Be- 
ments. Gallery Fhota 

ddow: Senior Bryan Frauhiger 
settles in dunng a meeting. Gal- 
lery Photo. 

Above. Senior Zach Brown talks 
to his fellow members. Gallery 

Our Legacy 65 

Vocal Ensembles 

Top right: Members of the Men's Giee Club sing in a practice^ 
Lower right: Members of the Women's Glee Club get together 
for a group picture. Upper left: Members of the Men's Glee Club 
rehearse. Bottom left: Members of the Women's Glee Club 
rehearse. Gaiery Photos. 

f Below: Membeers of the Wom- 
en's Glee Club prepare for a 
ocractice. Gallery Photo. 

Music is everywhere at Putlei; even for the non-music 
majors Sutler offers a variety of vocal ensembles, including Men 
and \'/omen's Glee Club, Freshly 3reived, Butler's pr&m&r '^erY\a\e 
accapeWa group, and Out of the Pog House, Butler's famous male 
accapella group. Members of these groups frequent}/ offer con- 
certs for students to attend and, enjoy, often for little or no cost 
These groups allow students in other colleges to explore their 
musical side, without being a JCFA major 


Top left; Members of the Women's Glee Club perform m the 
fell!/ Room. Lower left: Members of the Men's Glee Club 
rehearse in a room in Lilj/ Hall. Upper right: Members of the 
\'yomen'5 Glee Oub rehearse together Lower right: The diree 
tor leads the members of the Men's Glee Club in a practice. 
Gallery Photos. 

Left The Women's Glee Club gath- 
ers together for a photo during a 
rehearsal. Gallery Photo. 

Below: Senior Mike Vogel prae I 
tices with the Men's Glee Club 
Gallery Photo 

Right A member of the 
Women's Glee Club prac- 
tices (Sg/teryPtota 

Lctc Members of the Men's Glee 
Club rehearse Gallery Photo 

Our Lesacy 67 


islrumental Ensembles 


Top right: The tuba playere in the Wind Ensemble practice dunn 
rehearsal. Middle Right: A percussionist plays the marimt 
during rehearsal. Middle Left: Freshmen Anna Michel and '\3.y\c 
f%nce play clarinet during a" Wind Ensemble rehearsal. Bottc- 
Left: Senior Jon Plodder plays saxophone during a reheare,;i 
Gallery Photoa 

'-. Pr Robert Grechesky con- 
ducts the Wind Ensemble during 
a rehearsal. Gallery Photo. 

Sutler Unii/ersity offers a number of different instru- 
mental ensembles with which students csn get inwived, ev&n if 
they ar& not music majors or in the Jordan College of Rne Arts 
Ensembles like the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic band. Symphony 
Orchestra. Percussion Ensemble and the Jazz Ensemble perform 
regular^ throughout the year; both on campus in sites like Clowes 
Memorial Hall, as well as off campus sites 

■■':■'■■ :".c-3 play their 
r-'- .,;^.;;~j a ,',irj Bisemble 
rehearsal. Gallery Photo 

68 Our Legacy 

de\ow: Pr Robert Grechesky talks 
to the Wind Ensemble dunng a 

1^ ? 




Sge designed by Marcy \'/ilhe 


Top Left: Students in the Wind Ensemble listen to the condue 
tor during rehearsal. Lower Left: Members of the Wind Eneem- 
ble practice at their rehearsal. Upper Right: Sophomore Austin 
E>yl plays the tuba during a rehearsal. Bottom Right: Flautists 
rpliparse during a practice time Gallery Photos. 

Left: Dr Robert Grechesky con- 
ducts the Wind Ensemble during 
a rehearsal. Gallery Photo. 

Below: A student conducts 
ensemble. Gallery Photo. 

Right Members of the Wind 
Ensemble rehearse together 
Gallery Photo. 

Left: Senior Libby Doss p.A - ; --■- 
'boon with the \'/ind Ensemble. 
Gallery Photo. 

Our Lesac^ 69 

S il i 

e Arts Organizations 

Top Right Hew membere of Sigma Alpha lota get together for 
a picture. Lower right: Students dance at the Kappa Kappa Ffei 
Satea Night. Upper Left: Junior Claire Nicholson and freshman 
Taylor Fence perform at the Kappa Kappa fei Salsa Night Lower 
Left: Students dance at the Kappa Kappa f%i Salsa Night &/■ 

: Students dance at the 
Kappa Kappa f%i Salsa Night G3I- 
ery Photo. 

Several opportunities exist for students to get molved in 
Fine Arts organizations on campus V/ith a handful of music organi- 
zations (like MENC, Sigma Alpha Iota, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Kappa 
Kappa m, Tau B>eta Sigma, and Mu Phi Epsilon), dance organizations 
(like Sgma Rho Pelta and the new datoom Pancing Club), ar]d the- 
ater organizations (like Alpha Psi Omega), it would be difficult for 
any student interested in fine arts organizations to not find his 
or her niche 

Ida Nininger and Erin Mueller smile 
after a Sigma Alpha lota ceremony. 
GsSery Photo. 

Students dance at the 
Kappa fei Salsa Night Gallery 

70 Our Leqarii 

ge designed by Marcy Wilhe 


Left: Student talk during a R-e-Health meeting. Middle 
Left: Students walk in Hinkle during Relay for Life. Middle 
Right: Students make banners during Relay for Life. Bottom 
Right: Students gather for a Pre-Health club meeting. Gallery 

Vyith many Sutler students with Pharmacy maiors and 
pre-hsalth majors, it on!/ makes sense that a variety of Pharmacy 
and Pr&Health clubs and organizations exist on campus The Pre- 
Health club IS for students exploring and considering career'o in 
medicine and health. Relay for Life, an annual event sponsored by 
Colleges Against Cancet; is an opprounity for students to raise 
money and awareness for cancer 

Below: A memorial to a 
one lost to cancer deplayed at 
for Life. Gallery Fhoto. 

Below: Students particp3t'= 
' toi Life Gailet \ PI 

Moove: Pr&Heaith Club members 
set up for a presentation. Gallery 

Our lesacy 71 



Top Right: Sports Editor Jackie fSquette works with st^ff to 
make a CoWe^an deadline. Ivliddle Right Juniors Josh Arntz, 
Josh Mazur, eopr\omore Tim Maurer, and freshman Christina 
daucco gather at a Dawgnet meeting to discuss story ideas. 
Ivliddle Left: Collegian staffers often find themselves huddl. 
around computers in order to make deadlin 
Pawgnet Photo Editor Liz Goerlitz gets a 
photo assignment from the News E. 
Josh Arntz in a meeting. Gallery 

A Collegian staffer checks 
sources and edits her 
3allery Photo. 

Every Wednesday, students anxious!/ await the new copy 
of The Collegian, which often sits right outside their classroom's 
door Ei/ery Monday, Pawgnet is updated with the latest campus 
news, reviews, and opinion pieces Student publications cannot be 
ignored on Butler's campus Numerous students participate in 
these publications, which also include Manuscripts, the student- 
ran literary magazine, and The Gallery, Butler's Yearbook. Through 
these publications, students mrk on their journalistic and pho- 
tograpy skills and learn things outside the classroom. 


Below: Copies of the Collegian pile 
up in the office Gallery Photo. 

lery Photo 

■ OWi- cop'y. te);- 

Top Left: Pawgnet staffers eat and discuss story leads 
Middle Left Qsllegian staffers finish a story in time for deadline. 
Middle Right Ellen Kizik, Managing Editor for Pawgnet, assigns 
stories to staffers. Bottom Right: Pawgnet staffers finish 
-eeting so they can start writing stories. 

gnet staffers wear 
creative t-shirts with pride. 

Ray Hoffman worl. 
the Dawgnet website. Gallery 

Right Pawgnet News Editor 
Josh Arntz listens during a 
meeting. Gallery Photo. 

: : The Collegian office is filled 
ii awards and staffers. Gal- 

Our Lesacy 73 

Academic Honoria 


Top Right: Senior Kristina Anderson and a friend participate in 
the National Society of Collegiate Scholar's Reld Pay Lower 
Right: Students wait to be inducted into the National Soci- 
ety of Collegiate Scholars. Upper Left: A student reads at 
the induction for the National Society of Collegiate Scholars 
Lower Left: Students participate in the NSC5 Field Day event 
Gallery Fhoto5. 

jiow: Students have fun at the 
5CS Held Day event Gallery 

duller 15 home to a number of chapters of honorary 
organizations to recognize students who excel academically; Some 
include Alpha Lambda Pelta, Phi Eta Sigma, the National Society 
of Collegiate Scholars, Phi Kappa Phi and Mortar 3oard, to name 
just a few: While some have induction ceremonies in the fall, most 
choose to induct new members in the spring during honors weelc- 

A speaker presents at the NSC5 
induction cerei^ - , ", ■ > 

Students listen to speakers at 
the NSCS induction ceremony 
Gallery Photo. 


74 Our Legacy 

fSge designed by Marcy Wilhe 

Faith-Based Organizations 

Top Left: Students in Hillel, a Jewish organization, set out an 
information table during a field day euent. Lower Left: Students 
participate in an on-campus mass as a part of the Butler Cath- 
olic Community Upper right: A student presents a reading during 
mass on campus, lower right: Students listen to a speaker 
during a Butler Catholic Community service. Gallery Fhotos. 

Several organizations exist on Sutler's campus to allow 
students to further explore their faith, hlillel is an outlet for stu- 
dents who follow the Jewish faith. ?>CC is the common name for 
the Butler Catholic Community, which holds mass on campus every 
week during the acad&mc y&ac Campus Crusade for Christ is an 
organization for Christian students that meets weekf/ Many of 
the faith-based organizations claim the blue house near Clowes 
Memorial fiall as their home base on campus 

Below: Students sing and play | 
songs with the Butler Catholic 
Community during mass. Gallery 

The "Blue House," located near 
Oowee Memorial Hall, is home to 
many of the faith-based organi- 
zations on campus. Sulpmitted 

- r..:mq at a 
Butler Catholic Community mass 
on campus. Gallery Photo. 












Our Legacy 75 

sity Organizations 

Top Right: Students participate in the Sex on the Mall ev-ent 
sponsored by Alliance. Lower Right: Students particpate in an 
Alliance meeting. Upper Left: Students participate in the Al'i- 
ance event Sex on the Mall. Lower Left: A student sits at ji 
Informational table during the Sex on the Mall event, 
sored by Alliance. Gallery Photos. 

ioeiov. Alliance representatives 
nat with students visiting their 
Mb\e. Gallery Fhoto. 

Several organizations on Sutler's campus promote diver- 
sity in the community The types of diversity range from qender- 
based diversity (such as Demia) to racial and ethnic diversity (such 
as the Black Student Union, ASIA and LASO), to diversity of 
sexual orientation (such as Alliance). This yeai; a new center was 
opened to give such organizations a home base. The Efroymson 
Diversity Center is located In the basement of Atherton Union 
and provides a more convenient location for all diversity organiza- 

Students give out information at 
the Sex on the Mall event spon- 
sored by Alliance. Gallery Photo. 

btudents proudly show off their T- 
shirts to promote the Sex on the 
Mall event sponsored by Alliance. 
Gallery Phota 

7b Our Legacy 

ge designed by Marcy Wilh. 

Top Left: Freshman Randa Mason and other members of Alli- 
ance participate in the Sex on the Mall ev'ent that the orga- 
nization sponsored this year Lower Left: Students talk in an 
Alliance meeting. Upper Right: Students try to inform other 
'■cudents about issues surrounding sexuality at the Alliance's 
Sex on the Mall event, lower Right: Stu- 
dents participate in the Sex on the Mall 
event Gallery Photos. 

Left: Students participate in 
Alliance's Sex on the Mall event 
Gallery Photo. 

Below: Members of Alliance • - :" 
to make the Sex on the :/h 
event a success Gallery Photo. 

Right: Students participate in 
the Sex on the Mall event spon- 
sored by Alliance. Gallery Photo. 

Le't; students attenci an nin- 
ance m&ex.\n(i.5ut>mltted Photo. 

Our Legacy 77 

Service Organizations 

Top Right: Students that participated in FA& get together for 
a group picture. Right: Students help build a house with 
FAB Upper Left: A student works on a house during FAB Lower 
Left: Students wort together during PAd Gallery Photos 

Students are hard at 
work during ?hb. Gallery Fhoto. 

Several service organizations exist on Butler's campus 
Two of the popular ones. Fall Alternative Break and Alternative 
Spring Break, are organizations that exist for a single service 
event each year - a trip to a location away from the Butler Bubble 
to do service. 

Other service organizations at Butler Include groups like 
Circle K, Alpha Phi Omega, and Hampton House. 

Students take a break during FAB 
Gallery Phota 

Students participating in FAB 
receive instructions on how to build 
a house. Gallery Photo. 

78 Our Legacy 

F5ge designed by Marcy \Vi 

Top Left: A student relaxes during FAB to do some knitting. 
Lower Left: A student poses for a picture during FAB Upper 
Right: A student poses for a picture during FAB Lower Right: 
Students work together during ¥A& Gallery Photos. 

Left: Students work hard during 
FAB Gallery Fhota 

&e\ow: Students observe 
and help each other ham( 
Gallery Photo. 

Right The house the students 
are working on is starting to 
take shape Gallery Phota 

Left: Students participating in 
FAB pose for a picture during 
break. Gallery Photo. 

Our Legacy 79 

J u|^ dj 1,1 ic^ ofX I odcii- tc (^(j D\iX.o\at tu ciijcy one ot the two siioiv cidya Eiutler expeiienced this yeacuijfe/'y W70ECi 

i| Left: Freshmen Emily John- 
son and Kelly Utrick spenn 
some time relaxing from 
work in Schwitzer Hall. Gal- 

Right: Sophomore Jacqui 
Mahuren and a friend pose 
for a picture, in their house, 
Alpha Chi Omega. 5ut>tr\it- 
r-.-i Photo. 

80 Our Legacy 

Residence Life 

Our Legacy 81 


R 5 5 

Hall IS a co-ed dorm 
that 15 comprised of mostly 
freshmen and a fei'.' sophomores. 
The dorm hosts mainly male students 
however it is capable of holding over 100 
female residents. The dorm recently receii^ed 
an '$Q0,000 facelift that included new carpet, a 
new roof, and a new boiler room. Ross Hall offers 
a great experience for incoming freshmen because 
it has a community feel to it. Students leave their 
door5 open and often come out of their roomei to allow 
for an energetic atmosphere. The dorm al-bo hosts a 
Resident Assistant for each unit. The RA is there to 
assist the residents in anyway possibly. The units 
can come together for unit proQiram'b that are 
planned by the RA. This promotes a safe envi- 
ronment for students to get to know each 
other and have fun while doing it. Over- 
Ross IS a great place to spend 
the first year or two of the 
college experience. 

Ross Hall 

Selow: Sophomores Cara Nowling, He 
Belmonte, and other toss resident? 
enjoy the Battle of the Bands at thr 
Apartment Village Submitted Phot 

The staff and faculty-in-residence of 
Ross pose for a portrait Submitted 

Sophomore Nic Belmonte and . 
Ross resident enjoy a basketfe 
off campus Submitted Fhoto. 

82 Our Legacy 


zer opened its 
doors to welcome a nevv' 
group of freshmen women this year 
As always there were friendships made 
that will last for the next three, four, or 
maybe even fii/e years of college. A community 
IS always formed among the students in Schwit- 
zer and some enjoyed the experience so much that 
they came back as sophomores or even juniors. The 
building is made up of 225 rooms that break down into 
thirteen units. Each unit houses approximately thirty 
omen, has one community bathroom and one Resident 
\ssistant. The RA acts as a friend, peer, and some- 
times even a mother as the freshmen adapt to a 
new ln/ing environment and spend their first year 
of college (growing and maturing. Each floor also 
has a kitchenette for the four units to share. 
With the building holding right around 500 
students there are plenty of oppor- 
tunities for memories to be 

Belo.v: Freshmen Molly Hadge and 
Kfl-is Osland decided that they 
..ould rather use the window than 
-n- 4oor 5ut>mitted Fhota 

Belovv Soplcit c- Er tta 
catches a cati d[. "l *"' ^ r 

' • • • !M 

Below: The ladies of the lower level 
of Schwitzer look snazzy in thier unit 

•s.hirf-, "^i ihirMTr.f--! Phnr.n 

Suinvitted Fhoto. 

Our Legacy 83 

R s s I - 
dential College, 

more affectionately known as 
ResCo, was build in 19&9. Students 
can chooe>e to \\ve in this dorm as sopho- 
mores. Porms in Resco are set up as suites, 
with two roommate-5 to a room and two roome, 
to a bathroom. Keeco Is also the only dornnltory 
to have air conditioning. Each wing of ResCo has a 
faculty-in-residence. These faculty members usually 
create programming for their residents to enjoy in addi- 
tion to the programs their RA's already create. ResCo 
IS said to have a quiet atmosphere more conducive to 
the increased studying that sophomores may be dome 
In addition to the generally quiet atmosphere, each 
wing and unit has a study lounge that students 
can use. Students also enjoy ResCo because one 
of the two cafeterias on campus is located 
next to its lobby - students can wander 
down to breakfast or lunch m their 
pajamas without ever leavmq 
the building. 


Res Co 

Junior? J.s^'^ Br ■-!■■.:- svd Aridi'pv.' Raylwrn 
and senior Kelliarine Holt h,:'- ■ - -' "'■--■■ 
Leathermans'. Suhnitteci 

Freshmen Jay (iys and PJ Spilsbury 
aM eophomoree Darren \'/illiams and 
Max \'/anderman spend an evening with 

Students enjoy a Valentine's Day craft 
night with the Leathermans Sutrnitted 

84 Our Legacy 



Terrace is the dutler-owned 
apartment complex slight!/ off campus 
that has greeted students at the beginning of 
the school year for the past sei/eral years. The unique 
livinq enwronment that UT offers students includes themed 
floors such as a community service floot; a fine arts f loot; and 
ar] academe floor The community sen/ice floor requires students 
to provide service for the surrounding community The fine arts floor 
houses students who have the hectic schedule that goes along with being 
a part of the Jordan College of Fine Arts. The acsdemc floor is located in 
the basement and is for those students who have a 3.5 GFA or are enrolled 
\n the honors program. The apartments in University Terrace are similar to 
those that one might find in an off campus apartment complex but UT offers the 
opportunity to live near campus Ths allows students the flexibility of living away 
from Butler while still being able to walk to class and participate in campus events 
University Terrace is the Butlerowned apartment complex slight!/ off campus that 
has greeted students at the beginning of the school year for the past several 
years. The unique living environment that UT offers students includes themed 
floors such as a community service f loot; a fine arts f loot; and an academic floor 
The community service floor requires students to provide service for the 
surrounding community The fine arts floor houses students who have the 
hectic schedule that goes along with being a part of the Jordan College 
of Fine Arts The academic floor is located in the basement and is for 
those students who have a 3.5 CfA or are enrolled m the honors 
program. The apartments in University Terrace are similar to 
those that one might find in an off campus apartment com- 
plex but UT offers the opportunity to live near campus 
This allows students the flexibility of living away 
from Butler while still being able to walk to 
class and participate in campus 



V/ I t h 

the start of a new 

year came, the start of a 

new y\ou5\nq community on Butler's 

Campus. Juniors and seniors mo^/ed 

into the brand new Apartment Village at 


the beginnmg of the school year. The \/illage 
did have a bit of a rocky start because apart- 
ments were not completed upon move in, By the 
middle of the year most of the apartments were 
completed, Offering a single bedroom, a shared 
bathroom, and a common living room and kitchen the 
apartments were a great compromise for those stu- 
dents who wanted the apartment life while still 
living on or near campus. This resident hall was 
built only for upperclassmen which allowed for a 
more mature living environment. The downfall 
with the apartments this year was that 
they were not filled to capacity. Butler 
hopes to solve this problem by 
requiring juniors to live on 
campus next year 

lage. Submitted'- t>t 

^H^ ^ 


I^^HP^-' -"' 



^^^^H^^ .^■fl 



Students watch a Butler football 
game from the villacie. Submitted 

Students participate in d,u^o m tne Paw- 
ghouse. Submitted Phota 

86 Our l_er;ocy 


Students enjoy a picnic lunch outside of 
the new Apartment Village. Suhmitted 

Students gather to play video games 
in the Pawghouse. 5uk>mitted Photo. 





Our Lesacy 87 


* -J- 

This school 
year has been one filled with 
productiMty and success for the women 
of Alpha Chi Omega. Our annual fall philanthropic 
event, Frisbee Fling, which benefits The Julian Centet; was 
a huge success! Our chapter was chosen to participate in the 
IMPACT Alpha Chi Omeqa program sponsored by our national orga- 
nization. IMPACT was very beneficial to our chapter as a whole. We 
were able to set goals about what we wanted to improve in our chapter 
and discover ways to achieve these goals. Homecoming was another very 
exciting time for Alpha Chi. We placed second in ^11 like Hell and lawn decora- 
tions Alpha Chi also came in third in the canned food drive. Homecoming kick- 
off, and a walk-off competition. Our annual spring philanthropic event is Vvialk 
Against Domestic Violence with the women of Kappa Kappa Gamma which 
benefits Coburn Place and the Julian Center It was also very successful. 
This year's recruitment was great for Alpha Chi. We welcomed 35 new 
members who were initiated March 22. They have been adjusting 
to the house well and making us proud. We are certain that 
the coming year will be another successful one for Alpha 
Chi, one in which our members will continue to seek 
the heights 

Alpha Chi 

feinting banners is always a bonding time 
for sorority member '^' ■,'-—*----' ■"'- -r.^ 

Members of Alpha Chi get ready for 
another successful year at. Block 
Fartry. Sut'mtted Fl\" 

Members get a small group photo at 
Spnng Sports Spectacular 5ut>mitted 

88 Our Leoacy 

Alpha Phi 


The Epsilon 
3eta Chapter of Alpha Phi 
was established at 3utler University in 
1967 The women of Alpha Phi have been living in 
the current location on V/est Hampton Prive since it v»as 
built in 1976, This is the on}/ sorority house to occupy the 
north side of the street The chapter celebrates the installation 
of their sorority, known as Founder's Pay, on Oct \0. Alpha Phi's phi- 
lanthropy is the Alpha Phi Foundation, which helps support research and 
education of women's cardac czre and heart disease. This foundation was 
established in 1956 and is one of the oldest Greek Foundations Bounce for 
Beats is Alpha Phi's annual 36-hour bounce - a - thon, which raises money 
for the Foundation. This event takes place every spring in front of the Alpha 
Phi house. The chaptef; along with the community, jump on trampolines 
in shifts to complete the bouncs-thon. Each yeat; more than $3,000 
IS raised for cardiac care. This past yeai; Alpha Phi was recognized at 
the Alpha Phi regional conference for their many accomplishments 
In particulat; the women were proudl/ awarded Most Improved 
in Rush. Other highlights include: receiving first place at 
Freshmen Skits and Outstanding New Member 
Education and ?ro%ramm\nq at the Greek 
Excellence Awards 

An Alplna Phi member tnes to raise 
money for their philanthroov Sur- 

A member of Alpha Phi wears a sign to 
promote the philanthropy event Suhmit- 

ted Photo. 

Alpha Phi members enjoy some pie, 
5ut>mtted Photo. 

MerWere of Alpha Phi take advantage of the 
r ^-r- rr-' 3t the ^'^'C. e:.:h""tf.d Photo. 

Our Legacy 89 

P e I t a 
Gamma had a very exciting 
2006-2007 school yeair They began the 
year by being named the Homecoming champions 
and were able to watch their i^ery own Christine Aloia be 
crowned the 2006 Homecoming Queen. In Novembet; they held 
their annual philanthropic et'ent, Anchor Splash®, at the pool of 
the Indiana School for the Blind. Raising more than $4,000, the annual 
cookout, swimming races and fraternity synchronized swimming competi- 
tion all proved to be successful and fun events! After Formal Recruitment 
in January, Delta Gamma welcomed 36 fabulous new members who placed 
3rd in Blue Key's Freshman Skits in March. At the Butler University Greek 
Excellence Awards Ceremony in April, Pelta Gamma was honored with Most 
Outstanding FVogramming and Most Outstanding Involvement, and sophomore 
Meghan Speidel was named Butler's Greek Emerging Leader They were ateo 
credted with the Five Star Chapter award. The women of Pelta Gamma 
have excelled in many areas at Butlet; from the Top 100 Outstanding 
Students to the Pean's List, and most of their women are \nvo\ved 
in extracurricular activities with many girls holding leadership 
positions Pelta Gamma looks forward to the upcom- 
ing months as they will break ground for their 
house expansion in May 2007 

Delta Gamma 


Members of Delta Gamma pat^ 

ticipate in a service proiect. Suf- 

90 Our Legacy 

Delta Delta 

The women 
of Tn Delta had a i^ery excit- 
tng and busy year The year \Nab full of 
philanthropic ei^ents raising money for children's 
omcec reeearch In the fall they held Alex's Lemonade 
Stand in 3road Ripple, during which they handed out lemonade 
and raised more than $ 1,500 for the cause. The ladies of Tn Delta 
also held their annual Flapjack Attack, the Sincerely Youre letter writing 
campaign, and Tndeltathon, which benefited St Jude Children's Research 
Hospital. In addition to their many philanthropic events, they also had many 
opportunities to bond as sisters. They held sisterhood activities such as a 
haunted house, bowling night, movie nights and games on Schwitzer's lawn. 
Throughout the year they had two formals and one-semi formal. Their 
formal was held at Fountain Square. Their spring semi-formal, Tahiti Svv'eetie, 
was held at ^a\^ama freeze and their spring formal was held at the Fox and 
Hound. Tri Delta also participated in all campus events such as Homecom- 
ing, Geneva Stunts, Freshman Skits, Spring Sing and Spring Sports. 
The women of Tn Delta are looking forward to another exciting 
year at Butler filled with mors opportunities to aid the 
community and develop as sisters. 

celebrate a great peF 
at Yell Like Hell. Suhmit- 

Tri Deltas cheer on their runners in the 

PhiFfeiSr Suhntf-iFiv-'t- 

Tn Peltas celebrated Homecoming 
2006 with a Batman theme. 5ul^- 
mitted Photo. 

The nei'v' rnembere o* ^'i Delta en;o\' 
men 51. Its Submitted ' • ' 

Our Legacy 91 

is home to -the 
3et:a Zeta chapter 
of Pelta Tau Pelta. They 
have been "C o iti m i tt e d to 
Lives of Excellence" since ^Ei>7&, 
makiiiQ thei-n the third oldest 
fraternity on carnpw^. The offi- 
cial co\ore> of the chapter are royal 
purple, white and qo\ d , and the offi- 
cial flower of the chapter is the purple 
iris. Every year, the men of Pelta 
Tau Pelta hold TRIKE, a philanthropic 
event whose proceeds go to support 
fxiley Children's Hospital. This Fall's 
recruitment showed a 200 per- 
cent increase from Fall 2 05, 
and -the chapter was a\A'arde d 
the Court of \-\onor and the 
Hugh Shields awards at 
their national con- 

Delta Tau 



The Beta Zeta chapter rock sits 
outside the Pelta Tau Delta house. 
Sulprntted Fhoto. 

iiRrnbers o' Pe'ta Tau Delta parxici 

Delts are excited to welcome new 
members. Submitted Fhcta 

The Delta Tau Delta rock sits near the| 
sidewalk that passes by the Delta ^auj 
Delta house. S(Jt'/rj;rr- ■ ■''•" "' . 

92 Our Legacv 

Kappa Alpha 


The Gamma 
Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta 
wa5 bunded in 1S72 at Butler University 
The first initiated class, consisting of onl/ six women, 
establish Gamma as the third chapter nationwide. The 
Gamma Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta Chapter is one of onj/ two 
dnaptero to house the special K3ppa Alpha Theta china, in addition, it is 
also fortunate enough to be one of two chapters to house the unique red rug 
which is embossed with the fraternity crest. The women of Kappa Alpha Theta 
strii/e to uphold the standards their founding members believed to be important. 
These standards include social, intellectual and moral good. The women of the 
Gamma Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta pride themselves in their achievements 3nd 
involvement on Butler's campus This yeai; Kappa Alpha Theta earned the highest 
GFA Amongst all of the sororities on Butler's campus In addition, the women of 
the Gamma Chapter were able to raise $6,000 for Court Appointed Special 
Advocates at their annual philanthropy event, Theta Gnll-Off The Thetas 
also collaborated with the women of Kappa Kappa Gamma to hold a Mr 
Butler competition, which raised $5,000 for the Make-A-VVish Founda- 
tion. LastV, the Gamma Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta proudl/ 
received the Golden Kite Chapter Award at Grand Con- 
vention. This award is given to the top 20 
chapters in the nation. 

Thetas pose for a picture. Submitted 

C3'o5\e l^uszek. Heather Kane, and 
Jessie Kruse get togethier at a can- 
dielighit e^ent, 5u\?mtted Photo. 

Thetas go to St. Louis to cheei 

Our Lesacy 93 

Kappa Gamma 
has had a presence 
on Sutler's campus since 
1S7&, and is the longest 
standing fraternity on campus. 
The M u chapter has the key, the 
wise owl, and the fleur-de-lis as 
symbols and their co\or3 are light 
blue and navy blue. The women of 
Kappa Kappa Gamma support Coburn 
Place, a shelter for battered women, 
with their annual event Kappa Kickoff. 
Additionally, a high value is placed upon 
scholarship and a c a d em\ a a m o n q the 
women of Kappa Kappa Gamma, so 
much that there are quiet hours 
set aside five days of the week 
for people to work on home- 
work or study in some of 
the common a r e a 5 of 
the house. 

Kappa Kappa 


Jaime Koch and Noreen Conniff e t 
on top of a bulldog on the 
of the Kappa house. Suhntt 

toe sophomores in fappa Kappa femma fiet togetti- 

•-■- -•-■* ■■-•.•fhfhou ^Sicn ^ ip r 

Laurie Frey and Mo\\/ Tallisch pose for 
a picture on their Homecoming lawn 
decorations. Sulpmitted Photo. 

Jenna Wdmann and MoS/ "Bisch pose fcr a pcture 
at the national cav&rioon. SitmttedPhota 

94 Our Legacy 

Lambda Chi 



1 n 

1 9 O 9 , 
\'J a f v e. r\ A . Cole 

founded Lambda Chi 

Alpha in 'S? o eiX, o n , Massa- 
chusetts. The Alpha-Alpha 
Zeta chapter was founded 
at Butler Uni\/ersity six years 
later. The current house that 
the fraternity occupies was com- 
pleted in 1929. More than 1,540 
Yr\ e n Y\ av & lived there over the 
years. The house boasts a large 
q a m e room, two widescreen tele- 
visions, and has its own cook 
and house momi. The Lambda Chi 
Alpha symbole is the cross 
and cree'Cent. Its colors are 
purple, q r e e n , and q o \ d . 
The Lambda Chi Alpha 
flower IS the white 

-lench sits on top of the Lambda 
la marker in 'ront of the 

Members of Lambda Chi Alpha show their 
Butler spirit Suhmitted Fhoto. 





A bench sits in the Lambda Chi Alpha yard. 5ub^ 
mtted Fhoto. 

Members of Lambda Chi Alpha pose 
together ^''- ~ r ' :'--. -■;':.'"^-- ■^■"' - 





Our Lesacy 95 


Fall 2006 
was an exciting semester 
for Pi Beta Phi. They kicked off the year 
With Arrowspike, Pi Beta Phis fall philanthropy, which 
raises money for Arrow'mont School, This was a suc- 
cess with the chapter raisin,3 more than $2,000 The spring 
philanthropy event, Swing into Spring, which benefits the American 
Cancer Society, was also a accomplishment raising moK than $ lfl-00 
This event was expanded to include a home run derby and a special guest 
judge for the king contest. Summer from Radio Now 931. The following week- 
end the f irct ever Pi Phi Egg Hunt took place where books were donated to 
an Indianapolis Public School. Many sisterhood and eoc\a\ events also occurred 
throughout the year Puring the fall semester Pi Phis had sisterhoods at 
places such as, f&ttery By >&u and Fright Manot; just to name a few This 
was in addition to a beautiful formal at Key Bank. Spring semester began 
with an informal where new members and actives had the opportunity 
to hang out and have a good time with each other Throughout the 
semestet; each executive member also hosted her own sister- 
hood. Some of these include sushi making, button making, 
and movie nights Pi Phi ended the year with a final 
formal at Meridian Hills Country Club and 
lastly, the senior send off 

Beta Phi 


Enn MacAliistet; Kayela Smith, Gina 
Cantrell, Hannah Muehlbauer and Mal- 
lory Bond pose for a picture dur 
Arrow5pike. Fhoto Submtted 


Phi Kappa Psi 

Indiana Zeta 
chapter of Phi 

Kappa P5 i was char- 
tered in 1971. These 
3utler men proudly wear 
their chapter colors of hunter 
green and c a rd \ n a I red. The 
official flower of Phi Kappa Ps i 
is the jacquemint rose and their 
symbol is a shield. Every year, 
the Phi Ps I 500, a go-kart race, 
and the Phi Ps i 5K, a footrace 
around campus and the nearby 
neighborhood, are held to raise 
money for Hope Lodge, a wing 
of St. Vincent's Hospital for 
cancer patients. The men of 
P h I Ps I won the Freshman 
Skits connpetition for 
the tenth year in 
a row. 

Me t-r=5 Pni r I 
2007 5uimttedFliu- 

Members of Fh t%i enjoy a spring break 
togetliet: 5ut>mitted Photo. 

Michael Rine, Brian Rochford, 
Andrea Wenzel, Ashlee \lard, Evan 
Strange, Kevin Swanson, and Ryan 
Balmat enjoy the Phi Ffei formal. 
Sulpmtted Photo. 

A group of Phi Ffei's come 
tunity 5ut>mtted Photo. 

Brian Rochford, Joey Gardetto, Jared 
Rifis, and Carlos Lynes hang out at Phi 
fell. 5ut>mtted Photo. 

Andy Baker plays with a student from an 
after school center at or\& of the Phi I%l 

philanthropy eventa 

A rirnun <^.o\-■^T■b tL\ietner to ta^f _^ r 

Our Le%acy 97 

Tliia year has 
been one of great success for 
the Sgma Oii brothers of Rho chapter I' /e began 
dunng the summer iMth sending thre-e brothers to an inter 
national leadership conference knov.n as Honzons We also sent most 
of our executive Ward to the Balfour I_eader5hp Training Workshop, whch is 
the brgest all-greek leadership program. We kicked off the first semester with our 
annual derby days in whch we raised just under $4,500 for Riley ChiUren's Hospital 
and the John Huntsman Cancer Institute. Derby days also saw an all soronty competition 
with the sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta winning in overall points We also co-sponsored Youth 
Fall Fbst with women of Pelta Delta Delta, fall fest is a program for chiUren from the di&ler- 
'\atm%Uin area to aKn& experience a stress free day of fun and games on Butler's campus 
This year ^w more than 50 kids comt out and enjcy the fun. Second semester started with 
a successful rush as Rho is set to initiate 13 new members. Rho chapter also had 
showing at our annual Sigma Oil Hoosier State Day which is the oWest greek province 
meeting. We are a\5o proud to again host our annual 'light up the night." Co-sponsored 
with the women of Delta Gamn\a we plant thou^nds of luminaries all over campus 
to raise drunk driving awareness. Rho chapter looks forward a strong return 
of the second oUest tradt\on in the collegiate world: the Sigma Chi 
Chanot Race Look br it at the start of next year's home- 
coming as all fraternities battle for the title of the 
Chanot Champions 

Siqma Chi 


Colin Quinn, Matt Kolkman, and Pavid 
Jacobs hana out at a tailgating party 

f„,^ R, ,,„.,. i„„,h3iL Submitted Photo. 

Our Ls^acy 

Derby Days. Submitted Photo. 

Sigma Nu 

The Sigma 
Nu fraternity at Butler 
University was originally established 
as Pelta Phi Sigma on Jan. 11, 1923. After 
building a strong reputation on campus, Delta 
Phi Sigma became the Epsilon Mu chapter of Sigma 
Nu on May 6, 1926, becoming Butler's fifth national fra- 
ternity and the fifth Sigma Nu chapter in Indiana. Hailing 
nearly 1,300 members, the Butler chapter of Sigma Nu has 
consistently been recognized as one of the strongest brother- 
hoods around. Throughout the past year, the Butler chapter of 
Sigma Nu hosted its international condave in Indianapolis, Vv-here 
It was awarded six international awards and was named among 
the top 10 Sigma Nu chapters in the world. Furthermore, 
the chapter won Butler's Homecoming competition, was the 
top fraternity in Spring Sing for the second year in a rov^', 
and has consistently claimed the highest fraternity GPA 
on campus. Hai/ing taken a pledge class of 27 fine 
young nnen m the 2006-2007 academic year, 
the men of Sigma Nu are looking forward 
to another excellent year in 2007- 

Sophomore Pane Suarez snd friends get Members of Sigma Nu play on the Schwitzer lawn. 5uIp- ^&i'i> ^' 'o\qir,i I ■iu =et j; 'c r 

ready to piay a gig. Sulpmtted Phota mitted Fhoto. mitted Photo. 

Our Legacy 99 



has been a 

chapter of Tau Kappa 
Epsilon ov] Butler's campus 
since the Gamma Ps i chapter 
was chartered in 19 51. The official 
colors of the chapter sre cherry red 
and grey, their symbol is the equilat- 
eral triangle, and the official flower is 
the carnation. Like all of the other simi- 
lar groups on campus, the men of Tau Kappa 
Epsilon have philanthropic events and sup- 
port groups that are m need, however, one 
of the things most commonly associated 
with the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon, is 
the way that they spread holiday cheer 
after Thanksgn/ing 3reak every year by 
playing holiday music for the entire 
campus to hear, particularly the 
■utier 'classic' "Pommic 
the Italian Christmas 
Po n key." 

Tau Kappa 


The TKE house sits across the ma,., 
from Atherton Union. 5ut>m\tted 


for a picture on Bid Pay Photo Submitted 

The members of Tau Kappa Epsilon 
have fun at a party for the seniors. 
Photo 5uhmitted. 

i he mam&3 o: Tau Kappa Epsilon gather 
together on Bid Day Photo 5iihfr«tr''d 

100 Our Legaq/ 


there might not have 
been as much of a decrease in 
the commuter population due to the 
new Apartment Village as the unn^ersity 
might have wanted, this might change m future 
years as Butler's new housing policy requires 
juniors to \\ve on campus as well. Many students still 
chose to lii^e off campus this year Some decided to 
avoid potential parking problems by finding a house or 
apartment to rent c\o5e enough to campue to walk to 
class each day. Others felt that they needed a longer dis- 
tance between school and home and therefore moved far 
enough from campus to require a short commute to school 
each day. Some students did not feel living close to campus 
and having a commute was a big deal since their internships 
'r student teaching placements were close to where they 
were living. "If 1 had lived on campus 1 would have been 
further from my student teaching placements than if 1 
lived off campus," senior Stacy McGuire, a commuter 
student, said. "1 was lucky to have found an apart- 
ment very close to my schools." Although the 
University is hoping more students live on 
campus in the future seniors will stil 
be given the option of living off 
campus and commuting. 

Seniors Susan Swarner and Allie 
Leacln sit together In Leach's off- 
campus apartment Submitted 

Senior Suosn Swarner dances in her 
apartment. Sulmtted Photo. 

Senior Aliie Leach and friend spend an 
evening together 5ubm\tted Fhoto. 

A dance party takes place off C3mpu5. 
Submitted Photo. 

Our Legacy 101 


Chns Blis watches sn event in Hii 

spring Sports Spsctd 

Left; Two members of 
Kappa Kappa Gamma get 
'eady for ar\ e,vmt hr 
thar house. 5ut>mtted 

Tight: A student smiles as 
'he gets a Henna tattoo 
luring Exam Jam at the 
end of the school yearfe/- 
ery Fhoto. 








Mike Abe! "'^'" 
Abigail Adams 
Krishna Anderson =■; . .-^ 

Javier Angulo 

Kimberly Arnold 

Mary Beth Arnold 

Jorge Luis Arredondo 

Katie Bartholomew 

Beth Baughn 

Stacie Beckett 

Rachel Bell 

Mark Berrv 

Elizabeth Bertram 

Jaimeane Blomenberg 

Erica Boys 

Matthew Braun 

Leslie Brinson 

Christine Brockett 

Curt Brooks 

Ashley Brov\'n 

T04 Our /Legocy 

Cl^ss of^007 


Erica Buchanan 
Greg Budney 
Jovana Bulajic 
Libby Butler 

Matthew Byzet 
Sara Callahan 
Christopher Campagna 
Megan Cappa 

Audrey Carie 
Matthew E. Carwile 
Chelsey Casperson 
Ben Caudell 

Anne Cauley 
Ashley Clouser 
Becca Combs-Cawley 
Adam Congleton 

Lindsay Conn 
Brian Consley 
Amber Cook 
Janet Cruz 


Our Legacy ?05 


Kelsey Davenport 

Alissa Davis 

Amy Davis 

Stephanie Derybovvski 

Nick Devries 

Randy Dunham 

Kayla Durrett 

Brittany Edwards 

Katie Eich *»" 
Amy Ellcins 
Courtney Elliott 
Dave Elliott 

Allyson EmJey 

Anna Ertenberg 

Jake Erven 

Erik Feldmann 


k' ki 

Ian Ferries 

Alexandra Fisher 

Brendan Flanagan 

Emily Flittner 


;06 Our Lesocv 


(^l^ss of^007 

Jonathan T. Plodder 
Jessica Fox 
Julie Fox 
Joseph Frasca 

Stephanie Freck 
Jordyn Frick 
Amy Gahm 
Brian Gallagher 

Nathan Galle 
EiTiily Gavin 
Janelle L. Gearries 
Brandon Gill 

Michael Green 
Sarah Green 
Ashley Gretencord 
Adam Gross 

Claire Gross 
Elizabeth Gross 
Daniel Hamer 
Sara Hanlin 


Our Legacy 107 


Amanda Hansen 
Kristin Harnest 

Jeremy Hartman 
Susan Heiniger 

Meghan Heis 

Margaret Henne\ 

Stephanie He\ 

Kayla Hickox 

AUison Hines 
Heather Hirsch 

Allison Hol-UT 
Christy Hoover 

Lucy Houchin 

Jessica Howard 

Amy Howell 

Matt Hradek 

Jermifer Hudson 

Paul Hutman 

Dave Inman 

Teneka Jackson 

^0?, Our Legacy 



Camille Jamerson 
Carling Jennings 
Kelly Johnson 
Heidi Jones 

Theresa Kirkman 
Kristen Klatt 
Allison Knauff 
Kristin Kraus 

Megan Kudo 
Hanna Kuznyetsova 
Stacy Laarman 
Kirsten Lambert 

Heide Larson 
Michelle Laub 
Ally Lavoie 
Charli Lehman 

Our legacy 109 


Katie Lenz 

Theresa Leon 

Jason Levi 

Mandi Little 

John LiLi//i 

Julie Londino 

Whitney Lucas 

Kaitlin Madzelan 

Michelle Malone\ 

Nicole Marsh 

Ashley Martin 

Jamie Martin 

Megan Maurer 

Greg McCullough 

Kevin McGinley 

Colin McKinnev 

Andi Montgomcr\ 

Karen Montgonier\ 

Steven Mooro 

John Morgan 

/ !0 Our Lesacy 


Lauren Morris 
Greg Moser 
Meredith Newman 
Jen Nuest 

Brad O'Brien 
Femi Oni 

Jaimie Oppermann 
Scott Overall 

Marcie Pardieck 
Corey Perry 
Alison Pitt 
Amanda Plummer 

Anne Poelker 
Gabrielle Poshadlo 
Jenessa Price 
Brandon Ragland 

Justin Rakestraw 
Amanda Ray 
Drew Rechner 
lonathan Reed 

Our legacy I / / 


Katie Rile\- 

Joe Risch 

Brooklyn Rogers 

Jessie Rogovvski 

Courtney Rollins 

Adrienne Romary 

Dominique Rosemond 

Ryan Rybarczyk 

Colin Sanberg 

Megan Sawuscln 

Marianne Schilling 

Anna Schmidt 

Taryn Schmidt 


Kyle School 

Poojan Shah 

Beth Shamo 

Amber Shelton 

Grover Shelton 

Julia Simpson 

//2 Our Lesacy 

riAss of:Z007 

Andre Skates 
Russ Slack 
Amanda Smith 
Lauren Smith 

Elesha Snow 
Kanako Somatsu 
Katie Southwick 
Claris Spitler 

April Stamper 
Austin Stanforth 
Meghan Steuer 
Sarah Stillinger 

Jena Stinson 
Matthew Stockton 
Susan Swarner 
Kristen Thinnes 

Suzie Thomas 
Stuart Thompson 
Eric Timm 
Carra Tinges 

Our Legacy 113 



Ashley Townsend 

Jenna Tyler 

Ijeamaka Udeozo 

Delmi Valladares 

Erica Vancani[: 

Mike Vogel 

Nicole Warder 

Mark Watson 

Ryne Webb 
Ellie Webster 
Brian Welch 
Laura White 

Melissa Wickens 

Erin Wiersma 

Jessica Wiley 

Marcy Wilhelm 

Marc Williams 

Jennifer Wittig 

Anna Wolak 

Jacquelyn Wonsey 

Ijijj: ' M Our Legacy 

(^Iass af^OOY 

Our Legacy 115 


Marianne Bamett 

Laryssa Becker 

Elizabeth Crumble 

Amanda Dimnio 

Juli Doshan 

Matt Goldey 

Myra Guttner 

Laura Hazelton 

Julie Ihlenfeldt 

Amber Latta 

Elisa Liszewski 

Laura Michel 

Sara Minor 

Tyonka Perkins 
Emily Reeser 

Meghann Reynolds 

Megan Tolen 

Betsy Ummel 

Kristen Wilcox 

Jarod Wilson 

116 Our Lesacy 

3 OP /l077lOr6S 

Sarah Arntz 
Jennifer Beisner 
Emily Borchert 
Kate Bunten 
Samantha Campbell 

Kalin Clifford 
Lauren Cormlcan 
Keny Craig 
Jessica Diefenbach 
Kelly Ferriell 

Susie Foxworthy 
Megan Calvin 
Cindy Halfman 
Jeimi Huhnke 
Robbie Kusz 

Joe Lawry 
Stefanie Lystlund 
John Magill 
Tim Maurer 
Kevin Mazelin 

Lindsey McAdams 
Mandey Meniken 
Jen Rajpura 
Jamie Roberts 
Madison Schumann 

Jenna Underwood 
Katie Wagner 
Darren Williams 
Brittany Zarse 
Colin Ziegel 

Our Lesacy 117 


Nina Abraham 

Katie Andricopulos 

Jenny Arnett 

Matt Arwood 

Whitney Ashtary-Yazdi 

Zach Bayless 

Stephanie Beachy 

Andrea Beale 

Lauren Beeson 

Brittney Belchior 

1 18 Our Lesacy 

Sara Bell 

Kyle Beougher 

Meghan Biallas 

Dani Blair 

Claire Blessman 

Michael Blosser 
Willie Boucher 
Tiffany Bo\'ard 

Derek Bradford 
Sean Brad\' 

Mindy Brandt RT 
Stephanie Brey ff' 
Lydia Bringerud 
Allison Brown 
Tori Brown 

Class cf^O 7 O 


Victoria Buchanan 
Jen Buckingham 
Kailey Burger 
Samantha Butler 
Nate Buursma 

Alisha Cahue 
Jaime Cara 
Kacey Carroll 
Megan Carter 
Jama Casey 

Craig Cazares 
Curt Cazares 
Nicole Cegielski 
Chris Chapman 
Kaitlin Cherichello 

Katie Cich 
Mia Claxton 
Ashley Cofield 
Zac Colby 
Natalie Connell 

Juliaime Cook 
Katie Cox 
Elizabeth Curley 
Janet Czys 
Carly D'Agostino 

Michael Dalton 
Marie Danh 
Rebecca Davies 
Nikki Day 
Jillian Deam 

Our Legacy 119 

Katryna Decker 

Michael Demarco 

Rachel Derr 

Michael Diefenbach 

Laura Doell 


^ Erin Lambert 
3 Jessica Langsdon 
Chelsie Lanning 
Christina Lear 
John Lehew 

Our Legacy 121 


Stephanie Moles 
Andrea Moore 

Hannah Morgan 

Brittany Moser 

Erin Mueller 

Lisa Muhs 
Chelsea Murray 

Jessica Nel: 
Andrew Nemeth 
Kristina Niehott 

122 Our Leqacj 


Cl^ss of^O / O 

Willis Orlando 

Ali Overgaard 

Natalie Parker 

Kim Phifer 

Mark Lawrence Presto 

Betsy Shirley 
Heather Sperry 
Kelley Spillson 
Daniel Spilsbury 
essica Staldine 

Jacki Stephens 
Laura Stewart 
Sara Stiles 
Katelyn Studabaker 
Curran Sukowaty 

Our Lesacy 123 



Patrick Thornton 


Zakary Tschiniak 

Lauren T\'e 

Lacee Utt 

Jennifer Van Horn 

Mike Vertin 

Heather Wagner 

Anna Wangler 

Tara Wasrkowski 

Stephanie West 

Brett Wiggins 

Erin Willhelm 

Karen Williamson 

Heather Wolf 

Chad Wood 

Kendall Wormle\ 

Erin Wythe 

Nishaat Yvmus 

George Zabaneh 

J24 Our Legacy 



Our Legacy 125 

Students payed comMe as a part of the Octoberfest event. 

Left: A group performs in 
the Spring Sing event Gal- 
lery Photo. 

Right: The men of Sigma 
Chi watch an event at 
Spring Sports Spectacular 
and wait patientl/ for their 
turn to compete. Gsilery 




Our Lesacy 127 

It starts out with the idea that helping people would be a giejt career. You go to 
school, study, maybe support a family in between — all in pursuit of the dream to help 
people live healthier lives. 

f-or over loo years, we've built Walgreens around the same idea that the dream of 
counseling patients and changing iives can become reality 

As a pharmacy and healthcare company founded and run by pharmacists, our top 
priority is about improving quality of life through personalized, professional patient 
care.Thrs 'pharmacy-first' philosophy offers tremendous opportunities to work directly 
with your patients and ennch your career. 

To learn more about how Walgreens can help grow your career, simply log on 
to Or call toll-free 1-866-967-5492 

Phone: 317-632-9494 

Fax: 317-631-5567 



Supplying all of your residential and commercial stone, 
marble, granite, terrazzo and tile needs. Indianapolis, l^ 

Manufacturers of Interior Window Coverings 

Congratulations and Best of Luck 
to the Butler Graduates of 2006! 

11815 Tectinology Drive • Fistiers, Indiana 46038 
(317)577-2670 • Fax (317) 577-2680 




Oaklirook Village is ihe hoi spol in Indy I'or luxuiy aparlmenl 
li\ ing! We olTer great amenities like sauna, steam roonts. 
e.\ercise equipment, tennis courts, pool & more! 
.Student Discounts! ^^% 



CALL 293-5041 <=> 

62nd & GEORGETOVi^N ?^ 





Brailsford & Dunlavey: 

Your Catalysts for Building Community 




Facility Ranners • Program Managers 
Carafysis for Building Community 

Phone: (202) 289-4455 
Fax: (202) 289-6461 

E-mail: infocg' 

128 Our Legacy 


Abel, Mike 104 
Abraham. Nina 118 
Adams, Abigail 104 
Adika, Brian 38 
Akande, Lade 47 
Akl, Danny 40 
Albert. Kara 15 
Alberti, Emily 94 
Alcala, Richard 38 
Allen. Porshia 39 
Aloia. Christine 8, 

10,90, 132 
Altepeter, Stephanie 

Ambrico, Vinny 42 
Amore. Michael 52 
Anderson. Bess 4 
Anderson. Kristina 

74. 104. 138. 139. 

Andricopulos. Katie 

Angulo. Javier 104 
Ansboro, Jackie 140 
Arenberg, Molly 41 
Argo, Annie 141 
Amett, Jenny 1 1 8 
Arnold, Kimberly 

Arnold, Mary Beth 2, 

45, 104, 141 

Arntz, Josh 25,72, 

73, 140 
Arntz, Sarah 117, 140 
Arredondo, Jorge Luis 

Arriaga, Jen 55 
Arwood, Matt 118 
Ashtary-Yazdi, Whit- 
ney 118 
Austin, Melody 39 


Backscheider, Julie 

Bade, Melissa 140 
Baer, Stephanie 1 18 
Bails, Caitlin 118 
Bain, Candace 47 
Bain, Emily 118 
Baker, Andy 97 
Baker, Lu Ann 141 
Baimat, Ryan 97 
Barbeau, Andrew 42 
Bardua, Dan 42 
Barnes, Tony 54 
Barnes-Israel, Stu 32 
Bamett, Marianne 

Barry, Nicki 118 
Bartholomew, Katie 

Baucco, Christina 72 
Bauer, Claire 118 

Baughn, Beth 104 
Bayless, Zach 118 
Beachy, Stephanie 

Beale, Andrea 1 1 8 
Becker, Laryssa 1 16, 

Beckett, Stacie 104 
Beeson, Lauren 1 1 8 
Beisner, Jennifer 1 1 7 
Beitel, Maria 43 
Belchoir, Brittney 

118, 141 
Bell, Rachel 104 
Bell, Sara 118 
Belrnonte. Nic 82, 

Bement, Zach 40 
Bender. Brian 38 
Bennett, Josh 44 
Bennett, Mike 38 
Beougher, Kyle 1 1 8 
Berry, Mark 104 
Bertram, Elizabeth 

Betko, Julian 2,46 
Betsch, Rick 54 
Biallas, Meghan 118, 

Binning, Laura 140 
Bivens, Sam 31 
Blair, Dani 118 
Blasingame, Chloe 

Blessman, Claire 1 1 N 
Blosser, Michael 11<S 
Blomenberg, Janneane 

94, 104 
Boente, Ryan 1 1 
Bohrer, Dan 38 
Bokowy, Bryan 54 
Bolin, Jack! 13,59, 

Bond, Mallory 96 
Borchert, Emily 1 1 7 
Boros, Alex 55 
Boucher, Willie 38, 

Bovard, Tiffany 1 1 8 
Bowen, Alison 94 
Boys, Erica 104 
Bradford, Derek 38, 

Brady, Sean 1 1 8, 

Brandt, Mindy 118 
Branyon, Jared 38 
Braun, Matthew 104 
Bray, Chris 138 
Brey, Stephanie 1 1 8 
Bringerud, Lydia 1 1 8 
Brinson, Leslie 104 
Broaded, Laura 141 
Brockett, Christine 

Brodmerkel, Colin 

Ftr \ \ |r| I JM I I I 'p-llil\ 

the maruhin] tenJa Homecoming halttime shov 

Brolsma, Kevin 38 
Brooks, Curt 104 
Broszczak, Laura 96, 

Brown, Allison 118 
Brown, Ashley 104 
Brown, Candyce 47 
Brown, Jeff 84 
Brown, T.J. 10,38 
Brown, Tori 1 1 8 
Brown, Zach 65 
Brozek, Jason 44 
Bucalo, Dustin 54 
Buchanan, Erica 105 
Buchanan, Phil 38 
Buchanan, Victoria 

Buckingham, Jen 1 1 9 
Budney, Greg 105 
Bulajic, Jovana 105 
Bunten, Kate 117 
Burch, Adam 40 
Burger, Kailey 1 19 
Burkhardt, Alyssa 43 
Burris, Lester 38 
Buster, Erica 43 
Butler, Libby 105 
Butler, Nikki 141 
Butler, Samantha 119 
Buursma, Nate 119 
Byl, Austin 31,69 
Byzet, Matt 54, 105 


Caffery, Colin 38 
Cahue,Alisha 119 
Callahan, Sara 105 
Callon, Megan 41 
Callon, Molly 41 

Campagna, Christo- i 

pher 105 ^ 

Campbell, Pete 46 j 
Campbell, SamanthaJ 

117 \ 

Cantrell, Gina 96 || 
Cappa, Megan 1 05 | 
Cara, Jaime 119 [j 
Garden, Lucas 40 ^ 
Carle, Audrey 105 :! 
Carroll, Kacey ll9'j| 
Carter, Megan 119 'i 
Cartwright, Kelly 5 ' 
Carwile, Matthew E.j; 

105 [ 

Casey, Jama 119 ' 
Casey, Josh 141 
Casperson, Chelsey 

Casteen, Jennifer 5f' 
Caudell, Ben 105 ; 
Cauley, Anne 105 
Cazares, Craig 1 1 9 
Cazares, Curt 119 
Cegielski, Nicole 11 
Chapman, Chris lU 
Cheney, Travis 44 
Cherichello, Kaitlin 

Chida,Yuki 141 
Chomicz, Ricky 54 
Christie, Ashlen 53 
Cich, Katie 119 
Clarkson, Nick 38 
Claxton, Mia 119, 

Clifford, Kalin 99, 

Closser, Jackie 37, 4 

A student gets a henna tattoo at ILxam Jam near the e 

y Photo. 

130 Our Legacy 

Clouser, Ashley 105 
Cofield, Ashley 6, 

50, 119, 130, 138 
Colby, Zac 119 
Coltrane, Alicia 39 
Combs-Cawley, Becca 

5, 105 
Comotto, Nick 38 
Congleton, Adam 

Conlon, Luci 141 
Conlon, Mike 141 
Conn, Lindsay 11, 

Conn, Scott 38 
Connell, Natalie 57, 

Conniflf, Noreen 94 
Consley, Brian 1 05 
Cook, Amber 105 
Cook, Julianne 119 
Cormican, Lauren 

Corson, Katie 83 
Cousino, Case 38 
Cox, Katie 119 
Cox, Kyle 54 
Cox, Morgan 41 
Crable, Brian 38 
Craig, Keny 117 
Crone, Brandon 46, 

Crumble, Elizabeth 

Cruz, Janet 105,129 
Curless, Garrett 54 
Curley, Elizabeth 1 1 9 
Czys,Jay 84, 119, 


Dages, Jon 54 
D'Agostino, Carly 

Dalton, Michael 119 
Danh, Marie 119 
Daprile, Dana 39 
Davenport, Kelsey 

Davies, Rebecca 119 
Davis, Alex 38 
Davis, Alissa 106 
Davis, Amy 106 
Davis, Chris 38 
Day, Chuck 11 
Day, Derek 38 
Day, Nikki 119 
Deam, Jillian 119 
DeAngelis, Mike 40 
Deans, Dorshon 40 
Decker, Katryna 1 20 
DeGeeter, Michelle 

Dimaio, Amanda 1 1 6 
Demarco, Michael 

Dempsey, Joe 54 
Denney, Chris 54 
DePotter, Evan 54 
DeRango, Dom 98 
Derr, Rachel 120 
Derybowski, Stepha- 
nie 106 
Deter, Brian 54 
DeVae, John 40 
Devereaux, Andy 42 
Devries, Nick 106 
Diefenbach, Jessica 

Diefenbach, Michael 

38, 120 
Diggins, Ryan 38 
Dikeman, Kurt 38 
Dimond, Theodore 

Doane, Katie 141 
Doell, Laura 120 
Dolan, Annie 55 
Donner, Chase 38 
Dores, Nicole 5 
Doshan, Juli 13,116 
Doss, Libby 69 
Dudek, Katie 120 
Duggal, Raj 44 
Dunham, Matt 42 
Dunham, Randy 106 
Durrett, Kayla 1 06 

Eaton, Taylor 42, 

Edwards, Brittany 

Eich, Katie 106 
Elkins, Amy 106 
Ellefson, Kelsey 120 
Elliott, Courtney 106 
Elliott, Dave 50, 106, 

Elliott, Erin 11 
Ellis, Chris 102 
Elmore, Julie 45 
Embry, Andrew 20 
Emley, Allyson 106 
Emo, Galium 40 
Engelmann, Elliot 

Ergang, Stacey 59, 

138, 140, 141 
Ertenberg, Anna 1 06 
Erven, Jake 106 
Evans, Austin 40 
Eye, Nick 38 

Farmer, Kate 120 
Farrell, Casey 120 
Federer, Craig 54 
Feldheiser, Jaime 54 
Feldmann, Erik 106 
Ferguson, Matt 54 
Ferrell, Katie 120 
Ferriell, Kelly 117, 

Ferries, Ian 106 
Fischer, Caleb 120 
Fischer, Kristin 120 
Fischer, Richard 120 
Fisher, Alexandra 106 
Flack, Chandra 120 
Flanagan, Brendan 

29, 106 
Flanagan, Laura 141 
Fleury, Rachael 120 
Flittner, Emily 106 
Flodder, Jon 68, 107 
Flynn, Megan 94 
Fong, Bobby 10,12, 

Foster, Corissa 39 
Foxworthy, Susie 117 
Fox, Jessica 107 
Fox, Julie 107 
Frasca, Joseph 107 

Mike (sire&\'\ jumps to make a lysket at a basketball 
qame as fete Campbell looks on. Gallery Photo. 

Frauhiger, Bryan 65 
Freck, Stephanie 107 
Freeman, Cassie 47 
Freidman, Nick 65 
Freier, Stephanie 141 
Frey, Laurie 94 
Frick, Jordyn 107 
Fritz, Jacob 38, 120 
Frosch, Jenna 141 
Fussell, Lindsay 120 

being a 
Nu's World Vision Bowl. Gallery Fhoto. 

^ignia Students participate in the scooter r3,c& as a part of A member ok the women's tennis tc 
Spring Sports Spectaculai; held on Friday, April 13 this match against Xav\er: Gallery Photo 
year Gallery Photo. 

Our Legacy 131 



Gahm.Amy 107 
Galik. Angela 120. 

Gallagher. Brian 107 
Gallagher. Sara 141 
Galle. Nathan 107 
Galvin. Megan 117 
Garcia. Eduardo 40 
Garden. Niki 53 
Gardetto, Joey 97 
Gardner. Danny 141 
Gardner. Genni 43 
Gates. Sarah Lynne 

Gaul. Derek 120 
Gauson. Darren 42 
Gavin. Emily 107 
Gearries, Janelle L. 

Gehring. Blake 120 
Giannini. Lauren 94 
Giarratana. David 40 
Gill. Brandon 107 
Gill. Caitlin 41 
Gillespie. Jared 40 
Gilmor, D. 38 
Gilna. Meredith 120 
Gheorghe. Carla 47 
Godar. Bethany 51 
Godbey. Katie 120 
Goerlitz. Liz 72 
Goldev. Matt 31. 116 

Gordon. Chris 44. 

Gore, Sarah 120 
Grabowski. Charlotte 

Graves. A.J. 46, 127 
Gray. Janice 141 
Grechesky. Robert 

Green, Mike 46, 107, 

Green, Sarah 107 
Greenwald. Jake 38 
Greeson, Luke 120 
Gregory. M. 38 
Gretencord. Ashley 

Grider, Chris 38 
Grimes, Calli 43 
Groesbeck. Reba 
Groot. Joey 98 
Gross, Adam 107 
Gross, Claire 107 
Gross, Elizabeth 
Grudzien. Val 84 
Gryzbek. Mary 120 
Guggenberger. Derek 





Guttner. Myra 


Hadge. Molly 83 
Haffner. Amy 94 
HafFner. Lauren 4 


Hagen, Maribeth 
Haggarty, Kristin 
Mains, Alex 42 
Halfinan, Cindy 
Hall, Nancy 120 
Hamer, Daniel 1 07 
Hamilton, Ellen 47 
Hamilton. Nate 10. 

30. 121, 141 
Handler. Caitlin 121 
Hanford, Heather 121 
Hanlin, Sara 107 
Hansen, Amanda 108 
Hamest, Kristin 41, 108 
Harrigan. Jeff 44 
Hart. Nate 54 
Hartman, Jeremy 108 
Hartmann, Rachel 83 
Hasse. Kim 121 
Hatcher, Ralph 141 
Hawitt, Karrie 43 
Hawley, Philip 42 
Hazelton, Laura 1 1 6 
Hebel, Danielle 121 
Hebel, Lyndsay 121 
Hegeman, Nick 40 
Heiniger. Susan 108 
Heis. Meghan 108 
Helgesen, Caitlin 43 
Henderson, Adrianne 

Hendrix. Krystal 39 
Hennev. Margaret 108 



Henri. Susana 39 
Henry, Kara 43 
Herrold, Brandon 38 
Hess, Jim 38 
Hey, Stephanie 108 
Hibbler, David 121 
Hickox, Kayla 108 
Hiday, Mike 38 
Higle, Adrianna 39 
Hildebrand, Keith 38 
Hines, Allison 108 
Hirota, Stacie 121 
Hirsch, Heather 108 
Hodges, Joanna 81 
Hodgson, Chris 
Hodgson, Nikki 
Hoffman, Nick 98 
Hoffman, Ray 73 
Hohn, Allison 108 
Hojnacki, Rachel 43 
Holme, Claire 43 
Holmes, Colby 121 
Holobyn. Tommy 1 2 1 
Holsinger, Kyle 38 
Holt. Keilianne 84 
Holthaus. Brian 38 
Homan, Jenny 43 
Hoover, Christy 108 
Hoover, Kegan 38 
Homer, Jeremy 22, 

Hosmer, Jordan 38 
Houchin, Lucy 108 

Dr Leicester Johnson speate to an audience at the dedi 
cation ceremony for the HRC. Gallery Photo. 

Houle, Lauren 57 
Hovious. Megan 121 
Howard, Jessica 108 
Howard, Jimmy 44 
Howell, Amy 108 
Hradeck, Matt 108 
Hrubey, Zane 6 
Hubbard, Sheehan 121 
Huber, Kimberly 121 
Hudson, Jennifer 108 
Huhnke, Jenni 1 1 7 
Hundt, Sarah 121 
Hunter, Molly 3, 28, 29 
Huntley, Chris 38 
Hussey. Michael 54 
Hutchinson. Ava 43 
Hutman. Paul 108 
Hyerczyk, Amy 55 



rio, i.inj jnJ Quee;,. _l. ;0 

Ihlenfeldt, Julie 

Indiano, Christy 121 
Inic, Nina 39 
Inman, Dave 38, 108 
Irons, Jonathan 141 


Jackson, Taneka 1 08 
Jacobs, Dave 98 
Jacobs, Jenny 55 
Jacobs, Sam 42 
Jamerson, Camille 109 
Jamerson, Jason 54 
Jenia, Carolyn 3 1 
Jennings, Carling 109 
Johnson, Emily 80. 83 
Johnson. Kelly 109 
Johnson. Levester 4, 

12, 132 
Johnson, Luke 38 
Johnson. Seth 121 
Jones, Andrew B. 62, 


Jones, Candace 47 
Jones, Heidi 109 
Jones, Jeff 38 
Jordan, Leslie 4 
Joyce, Rose 121 
Jukes, Avery 46 
Julka, Bethany 121 


Kaesbrer, Katy 62 
Kaiser, Brian 51 
Kalway, Evan 109 
Kane, Heather 93 
KauLAbbie 41 
Kautza, Laura 30 
Kay, Richard 42 
Keller, Tyler 38 
Kellough, Amy 121 
Kemper, Tim 24 
Kemple, Sarah 43 
Kennedy, Shawna 141 
Keyes, Milton 109 
Kiefer, Jessica 121 
Kime, Justin 109 
Kincaid, Jeff 38 
King, Dana 108 
Kirchner, Chris 38 
Kirkman, Theresa 108 
Kirkpatrick, Jessica 

Kizik, Ellen 61,73, 

Klatt, Kristen 108 
Kleer, David 98 
Knauff, Allison 108 
Knies, Caleb 137 
Kobli,Matt 38 
Koblinski, Kyle 38 
Koch, Jamie 94 
Koch, Justin 121 
Kohl, Ashley 83 
Kokonas, Eric 38 
Kokta, Kenzie 41 
Kolkman, Matt 98 

132 Q^r Legacy 

Kopnicky, Jessica 121 
Koumpouras, Jackie 

Kramer, Andrew 57, 

Kraus, Kristin 109 
Krimerman, Feana 

Krueger, Jessie 121 
Krueger, Katie 45 
Kruggel, Connor 38 
Kruse, Jessie 93 
Kruszka, Ryan 54 
Kudo, Megan 109 
Kummick, Janelle 57 
Kusz, Robbie 117 
Kuznyetsova, Hanna 

Kwiatkowski, Mark 


Laarman, Stacy 109 
LaBeau, Luke 98 
Lambert, Erin 121 
Lampe, Jessica 138 
Landes, Michael 8, 

10, 132, 141 
Landry, Casey 38 
Langsdon, Jessica 121 
Lankhaar, Kaylee 94 
Lanning, Chelsie 121 
Larkin, Armalise 41 
Larson, Heide 109 
Latta, Amber 1 1 6 
Laub, Michelle 109 
Lavoie,Ally 109 
Lawler, Lauren 137 
Lawry, Joe 1 1 7 
Leach, Allie 101,141 
Lear, Christina 121, 

139, 140 
Leatherman, Duane 

84, 141 

Leciejewski, Katie 94 
Lee, Aaron 20 
LeHew,John 5, 121 
Lehman, Charli 109 
Leiendecker, Grant 46 
Lennartz, Jackie 122 
Lenz, Katie 1 10 
Leon, Theresa 1 1 
Leslie, Ben 122 
Lesser, Veronica 1 22 
Lester, Susan 47 
Levi, Jason 110 
Lewis, Sammi 122 
Ligon, Brian 37, 46 
Line, Tiffany 141 
Liszewski, Elisa 1 16 
Little, Mandi 110 
Liu, Jennifer 122 
Liuzzi, John 110 
Livingston, Kent 30 
Lodar, Wendy 122 
Lofton, Lindsay 3, 32 
Logel,Abby 122 
Lohe, Kristen 122 
Londino, Julie 110 
Long, Jessica 122 
Lucas, Whitney 110 
Lynes, Carlos 97 
Lystlund, Stefanie 


Maas, Ryan 38 
MacAllister, Erin 96 
Madzelan, Kaitlin 110 
Maier, Cindy 43 
Magill, John 117 
Mahuren, Jacqui 80 
Maliga, Victoria 94 
Malinkey, Kristen 55 
Maloney, Michelle 

Manuel, Dakota 122 
Marek, Monica 122 

Marsh, Nicole 110 
Martin, Ashley 110 
Martin, Jamie 41, 

Martinko, Daniel 38 
Marzotto, Chris 38 
Marzotto, Mike 38 
Mason, Randa 77 
Massey, Eric 122 
Matacale, Diane 122 
Matheny, Joel 54 
Mathieson, Maggie 

43, 141 
Maurer, Megan 1 1 
Maurer, Tim 72, 1 1 7, 

Mazelin, Kevin 117 
Mazur, Josh 32, 72, 

McAdams, Lindsey 

McAtee, Jen 140 
McClure, Brian 38 
McClure, Lauren 122 
McCoy, Grace 122 
McCracken, Paige 53 
McCulley, Korey 44 
McCullough, David 1 1 
McCullough, Greg 

McDonald, Jodi 23 
McGann, Collin 38 
McGinley, Kevin 

110, 125 
McGinsie, Cavan 122 
McGleam, Elizabeth 

McGuire, Chris 122 
McGuire, Stacy 101, 

McGurk, Stephanie 

Mcllrath, Kelsey 122 

Mclnerney, Emily 

138, 139, 140 
Mclnerney, Will 38 
McKinney, Colin 110 
McLaughlin, Kyle 54 
McMahon, David 38 
McMuUen, Macy 55 
McNeal, Brett 32 
McNcer, Alan 141 
Medford, Andrew 38 
Mego, Natalie 138 
Meinhold, Jill 55 
Meintz, Samantha 55 
Memken, Mandey 1 17 
Meyers, David 38 
Michel, Anna 68, 122 
Michel, Laura 116 
Mileham, Michelle 

138, 140 
Millard, Brett 42 
Miller, Amy 94 
Miller, Ashlee 139, 

Miller, Hannah 94 
Miller, Laura 41 
Miller, Nate 10,38 
Miller, Tara 47 
Millet, Kate 94 
Minor, Sara 116 
Moles, Stephanie 45, 

Mongillo, Paul 40 
Montagano, Alex 54 
Montgomery, Andi 

110, 139 
Montgomery, Karen 

Moore, Andrea 122 
Moore, Steve 110 
Morgan, Hannah 1 22 
Morgan, John 110 
Morgan, Mike 38 
Morgan Warren 12 

Some members of Kappa Alpha Tiieta stop by the pertii' 
wars buckets to check their progress at Spring Sports 
Spectacular Gallery Photo. 

Morris, Lauren 1 1 1 
Moser, Brittany 122 
Moser, Greg 10,99, 

111, 141 
Mosser, Bobby 54 
Muehlbauer, Hannah 

Mueller, Erin 60, 70, 

Muhs, Lisa 122 
Muir, Angle 36,4! 
Mulvihill, Abe 52 
Mulvihill, Issac 52 
Mulvihill, Thomas 38 
Murray Chelsea 122 

Murzyn, Dale 38 


Naffziger, Nikki 55 
Nardini, Billy 38 
Neat. Ryan 54 
Nellems. Marcus 46 
Nelson, Jessica 51, 

Nemec, Melissa 45 
Nemeth, Andrew 122 
Nesline, Carolyn 41 
Newman, Meredith 

Nichols, Kristen 48 

Alpha Chi Om&a,a, 'Rose Hall, and Schwitzer Hall p( 
together in the Spring Sing event. Gallery Photo. 

Students gather at a table on the Starbucks patio. 5uh- 
mtted Photo. 

'\\\'o rnembeiL- .-•; .',.p,.c. .. .. .-...^..j 

smile for a picture. Gallery Photo. 

Our Legacy 133 

Nicholson, Claire 70 
Nickol. Austin 54 
NieholT, FCristina 1 22 
Nininger, Ida 70 
Niswander, Katliy 139 
Noel, Rob 10,38 
North. Derek 38 
Northam, Sabra 94 
Notestine, Eric 38 
NowHng. Cara 82, 86 
Nuest, Jen 1 1 1 

O'Brien, Brad 1 1 1 
Ochs, Joe 54 
Olympidis, Alex 141 
Omari, Nana 10 
Oni, Fcmi 1 1 1 
Opperman, Jaimie 1 1 1 
Orlando, Willis 123 
Osland, Katie 83 
Ota, Kristie 140 
Overall, Scott 42, 1 1 1 
Overgaard, Ali 45, 123 


Pachacz, Greg 38 
Paine, Bridget 55 
Papillon, Christina 

50. 5 1 
Paquette. Chad 38 
Paquette. Jackie 72 
Pardieck, Marcie 1 1 1 
Parker. Natalie 123 

Parsons, Nicki 141 
Patano, Frank 40 
Patel, Poojan 65 
Patel, Tru 94 
Patrick, Kelly 80 
Pauley, Joe 54 
Pauszek, Cassie 93 
Pavlik, Sarah 41 
Peabody. Frank 40 
Pecchia, Mike 98 
Pechin, Tom 52 
Pence, Taylor 16,60, 

68.70, 137 
Pereira, Jenni 43 
Perkins, Tyonka 1 1 6 
Perry, Corey 1 1 1 
Person, Robbie 38 
Phelan, Nora 50, 127 
Phelps, Alicia 51 
Phifer, Kim 123 
Pignolet, Jennifer 83 
Pitt, Alison 111 
Pittman, Joe 38 
Plummer, Amanda 1 1 1 
Poelker, Anne 111, 

138, 140 
Poshadlo, Gabrielle 

Potcracki, Michael 52 
Presto, Mark Law- 
rence 1 23 
Price, Albert 123 
Price, Janessa 1 1 1 


Ouasius. Melinda 1 1 
Quinn, Colin 52,98 
Quiroz, Jordan 38 


Raber,Ally 123 
Radtke, Brent 103, 

Ragland. Brandon 

Rajpura, Jen 1 1 7 
Rakestraw, Justin 1 1 1 
Rauff, Andrew 123 
Ray, Amanda 1 1 1 
Raybum, Andrew 84 
Rayman, Paul 16. 

123, 137 
Rayner, Andy 42 
Reade, Corin 123 
Reader, Rebeckah 1 23 
Rechner. Drew 1 1 1 
Records, Amy 141 
Redman, Jonathon 

Reed, Jonathan 1 1 1 
Reeser, Emily 116, 

Reinstatler, Jimmie 31 
Retzlaff, Elliot 52 
Reynolds, Meghann 

Richey, Cariann 34,35 

Rickert, Steve 38 
Rifis, Jared 97, 123 
Riggs, Maggie 55 
Riley, Katie 112 
Rine, Michael 97, 123 
Risch, Joe 112 
Ritter, Geoff 54 
Rizzi, Frank 52 
Roark, David 123 
Roberts, Jamie 117 
Rochford, Brian 97, 

Rodgers, Nick 46 
Rodriguez, Edwin 54 
Roeder, Justin 42 
Rogers, Brooklyn 112 
Rogier, Matthew 123 
Rogowski, Jessie 1 12 
Rollins, Courtney 112 
Romary, Adrienne 

Rosemond, Domi- 
nique 112 
Russell, Stephanie 123 
Ryan, Courtney 123 
Ryan, Sarah 123 
Ryan, Tom 38 
Rybarczyk, Ryan 1 1 2 


Salt, Ashley 43 
Sanberg, Colin 112 
Sasena, Kevin 52 





H^.', '""n 1 i^-m 

A student grabs some food at the Snowcominq I 
Snack event. Gallery Fhoto. 

Cheerleaders and Dawg F&und members cheer on th 

it a pasFSthaii game. Ganery Fhoto. 

Sawusch, Megan 112 
Schaefer, Nate 25,28 
Scheuemian, Aimee 

Schilling, Marianne 

41, 112 
Schluge, Lindsay 55 
Schmidt, Anna 112 
Schmidt, Taryn 112 
Schmidt, Tyler 54 
Schmidtz, Ryan 38 
Schoening, Eric 112 
SchoofKyle 112 
Schuessler, Jada 30 
Schultz, Kyle 54 
Schumann, Madison 

Schwegel, Megan 123 
Schwein, Phillip 42 
Scchler, Joel 98 
Seibert, Andy 11,62 
Seiss, Julie 47 
Shafer, Ben 44 
Shaw, Aaron 38 
Shafer, Elizabeth 2, 45 
Shah, Poojan 112 
Shamo, Beth 112 
Shelton, Amber 112 
Shelton, Grover 112 
Sherbak, Jennifer 29, 

50, 141 
Sherman, Russ 23 
Shiell, Marbeth 43 
Shirley, Betsy 123 
Shofroth, Melissa 55 
Showers, Lauren 53 
Showers, Lyrmsy 53 
Shrock, Emily 94 
Simpson, Julia 112 
Sinkiewicz, Jeff 54 
Skaggs, Tyler 38 
Skates, Andre 1 1 3 
Slack, Russ 113 
Slaton, Ben 46 

Slattery, Tim 21 j 
Sloan, Brant 21,51 
Smith, Amanda 113; 
Smith, Aubrey 43 
Smith, Chris 42 
Smith, Kayela 96 
Smith, Lauren 1 1 3 
Smith, Steven 42 
Snow, Elesha 1 1 3 
Sokolowski, Matt 54 
Somatsu, Kanako 1 1 ? 
Soldato, Matt 40 
Southard, Jenny 4 1 
Southwick, Katie 1 1 '. 
Spears, Danielle 22 
Speckman, Chris 24, 

Sperry, Heather 1 23 
Spillson, Kelley 123 
Spilsbury, D.J. 84, 

123, 130 
Spitler, Chris 113 
Splitt, Kari 43 
St. Cyr, Charles 22, 

25 32, 33 
Stamper, April 113 
Stafford, Amy 53 
Staldine, Jessica 123 
Stanforth, Austin 6, 

Steele, Stephanie 39 
Steiner, Alycia 9 
Stephens, Jacki 123 
Steuer, Meghan 113 
Stewart, Laura 123 
Stiles, Sara 123 
Stillinger, Sarah 113 
Stinson, Jena 113 
Stoate, Isabelle 43 
Stockton, Matthew 

Strange, Evan 97 
Streicher, Drew 46, 


T34 Our Legacy 

Studabaker, Katelyn 


Sturgis, Heather 94 
Suarez, Dane 16,99 
Sukowaty, Curran 123 
Summers, Graham 

Summerville, Spencer 


Surber, Susan 57 
Swanson, Kevin 52, 

Swamer, Susan 101, 


Sweeney, Ian 40 
Szymczak, Tyler 54 

I T 

Tallisch, Molly 94 
Taylor, Bre 1 5 
Tepe, Tyler 54 
Thinnes, Kristen 113 
Thomas, Kyle 52,98 
Thomas, Suzie 1 1 3 
Thompson, Aaron 40 
Thompson, Stuart 1 1 3 
Thoreson, Glen 141 
Thornton, Mel 47 
Thornton, Patrick 124 
Thurston, Abby 94 
Timm, Eric 1 1 3 
tindell, Kathryn 124 
Tinges, Carra 113 
Tolen, Megan 116 
Tormoehlen, Brandon 

Toward, Andrew 42 
Townsend, Ashley 

Trujillo, Ricky 38 
Tschiniak, Zak 1 0, 

124, 139 
Turner, Tom 40 
Twehues, Ashley 41 

Twyman, Carrie 41 
Tye, Lauren 124,140 
Tyler, Jenna 114 
Tyson, Rick 38 


Udeozo, Ijeamaka 114 
Ulery, Buck 38 
Ummel, Betsy 116 
Undercoffer, Chad 98 
Underwood, Jenna 

Urban, Chris 141 
Utt, Lacee 124 

Valladares, Delmi 114 
Vancamp, Erica 114 
Vander Heyden, 

Alyssa 30 
Van Horn, Jennifer 

Van Lopik, Matt 38 
Veasley, Willie 46 
Vertin, Mike 124 
Vogel, Mike 2, 67, 

VonderBenken, Kyle 



Waananen, Lisa 141 
Walden, Kobi 50, 

Waldrop, Kevin 141 
Wagner, Heather 1 24 
Wagner, Katie 1 1 7 
Wanderman, Max 84 
Wangler, Anna 1 24 
Ward,Ashlee 97 
Warder, Nicole 114 
Ware, Chad 42 
Wasikowski, Tara 1 24 
Watkins, Meredith 32, 



Watkins, Zeb 30 
Watson, Mark 114 
Webb, Ryne 114 
Webster, Ellie 114 
Welch, Brian 114 
Wenzel, Andrea 97 
Wemtz, Hannah 

West, Stephanie 
White, Alex 38 
White, Laura 114 
Wickens, Melissa 114 
Widmann, Jenna 94 
Wienman, Joe 40 
Wiersma, Erin 114 
Wiggins, Brett 124 
Wilcox, Kristen 116 
Wiley, Jessica 114 
Wilhelm, Dearma 141 
Wilhelm, Erin 124 
Wilhelm, Marcy 29, 

114, 138, 139, 140 
Williams, Darren 50, 

84, 117 
Williams, Marc 11, 

Williamson, Karen 

Wilson, Helen 
Wilson, Jarod 
Wilson, Momo 
Winston, Jonah 
Wittig, Jennifer 115 
Wolak,Anna 115 
Wolf, Heather 124 
Wonderly, Jamie 55 
Wonsey, Jacquelyn 

Wood, Chad 124 
Wories, Kenton 42 
Wormley, Kendall 

45, 124 
Womiley, Seth 115 


Wright, Crystal 41 
Wright, Rebecca 1 1 5 
Wright, Teresa 1 1 5 
Wring, Andrew 1 1 5 
Wythe, Erin 1 24 


Xander, Peter 38 


Yunus, Nishaat 124 


Zabaneh, George 124 
Zarse, Brittany 83, 

117, 141 
Zellmer,Nick 42, 124 
Ziegel, Colin 54, 117 
Zike, Trevor 38 
Zimmer, Zack 38 
Zollicoffer, Britney 

Zumbrun, JoAnna 55 
Zwickel, Kirby 41 
Zwolinski, Patricia 


A student participates in the 

Kich-off Gallery 

^he basketball team stands up in a pep rail/ following its run to the NCAA Sweet Si.'' 
teen. Gallery Fhoto. 

Two students smile for the csmera during Sigma Nu's 
World Vision Bowl brother auction. Gallery Fhoto. 

Seniors file into the gymnasium of Hinkle Reldhouse for 
the commenceme.nx. ce.'ce.mony at the end of the year 
Gallery Fhota 

A student ponders what food to take at the concession 
stand during Spring Sports Spectaodar. Gallery Fhota 

Our Legac)/ 135 

■ather around 3 table for the Kappa KicL-off ei/ent Gallery Fhcz 

Left: A group perform? 
Geneva Stunts in the 
'emester Gallery Fhot. : 
"i^ht Pr Bobby R' 
■loUs the ribbon as it 
;jt during the dedi. . - 
tion ceremony for t'r 
■lew Efroymson Pivere:r> 
Tenter Gallery Photo. 

* /!!■ It * ; . , * 


m^^^^s^f^-S^ Mf: 

vi^linr fc'T j^^<^^ ' 'IT^^^^I 


T^P^ i'lljr Pl^ I^^H^ 


1 Bc^ ' 

- - -^i^J 

M . ' M^: 

i^Bri^'-ft iri 


i. ' 1 

I's ■' 


k|bk?'1P-^-^^B|k^~'^^^Bpj-.^ SI^^^^^I 

m '^^ ••■ ■ '^' 

i nhr^ ■ ■*-^^Sig: ' ^fess^ic^^ 


Homecoming King and Queen candidates Caleb Knies and l-auren l_awler get excited at 
lialftime during tlie Homecoming ^qmp Gahry Photo 

StLidents perforrii in the j' i iu.-i '[ i 'i ij Mj ri r-i r ^.-aihiy Photo. 

leri uyiui hente and faul Rayman [jenuini witri tiie rnaicriin^ 
halftime sliow of the Homecoming football game. Gallery Photo. 


yfJzKj Kjorc/sfro/n 


y. rian Jay Qys teaches junior Natalie Mego how to 
tie a neck tie. P/iotc 5ut>mitted 

oenore Anne Rbelkei; Marcy Wilhelm, and Knstitia Ander- 
son pet Blue II following the senior champagne toast 
with Butler University President Dr Bobby Fong. Photo 

Senior Marcy Wilhelm smiles for a picture with Jay Leno 
following an interview before his performance on Butler's 
campus in October PtotoS(,'t'/T?;£te^. 

138 Our Legacy 

bedrest Kead&r, 

If you are readnq a letter from the editor at the back of your college yearbook, chances 
are pretty good you were a bit more closet/ involved in the process of creating the yearbook. 
Maybe you were on staff: maybe you donated photos for the cause: maybe you were simpy good 
friends with one of the page designers. In any case, you probabf/ have a slight inkling, at least, of 
how much blood, sweat and tears go into the production of a yearbook. Lick the pages of this 
book and you just may get a dose of salt large enough to rival the amount found on McDonalds 
fries. Thank you for taking the time to read our words, few or many, here at the back of the 

As this school year came to a close, so too did a chapter in the history of this book, 
for as the school year came to a close, so too did the Butler careers of several people key to 
the production of this book. 

For five of us, as students, our Butler careers have ended as we have stepped closer 
to the "real world" through graduation. This book would not have been possible without Kristina 
Anderson (whose efforts, among others, ensured we were paid, even if the amount justified only 
a fraction of the work we'd actual}/ done^, Anne Foeker (whose efforts to acquire content from 
the Greek community often seemed to accomplish little by no fault of her own), Michelle Miieham 
(whose efforts to contribute to the actual content of the book and what appears on the pages 
were outdone onjy by her efforts to tolerate silliness that regularly occurred during staff meet- 
ings), Chris Bray (whose efforts pretty much always kept things entertaining), and, apparent^, 
myself (whose primary efforts are to blame for this letter). 

For one of us, educational plans dictated that her service on the yearbook staff for 
Butler cease as she interns in Washington, DO. in the fail and graduates early: still, this book would 
not have been possible without Emijy Mdnerney (whose efforts can be held responsible for the 
fact that we have photos in this yearbook at all, as well as the fact that meetings were never 

And finaiy, for one key person in the production of this yearbook, the end of the year 
brought the end of her career at butler, not as a student but as a member of the staff 
Although the contribution of an adviser is not readily seen on the pages of a yearbook in the 
form of photo or page credits, without a doubt, this book would not have been possible without 
the aid of Stacey Ergang (whose efforts were vital to putting the fear of God in certain members) 
of the Butler community on whom we relied for content we could not acquire on our own). 

The amount of work put in by everyone on staff, and especially those listed on this page, 
can be measured several ways Most obviously, one can measure in hours and minutes (Anne 
guesses about 273 hours, but would not clarify if that was on her part alone or her rather low 
estimate for the entire staff). Some measure in the very blood, sweat and tears mentioned 
earlier in this letter (according to Emil/, "Too many, because realty, who counts tears?"), f^rsonally. 

Junior Emi^ Reesei; fresh- 
man Ashley Cofield, senior 
Dave Bliott, sophomore 
Tim Maurer, sophomore 
KelV fernell, and junior 
Jessica iampe gather 
together for a bite to eat. 
Photo Submitted 

Tieasure in quantity of movies used as a distraction during work days ("Shreic": two times; "Shrel 
2": two times: '5tir of Echoes": one time: Tern Gulley": two times: Tabrynth": tliree times: "Gone 
With the Wind": two times: "Wak the Line": three times: "Care": one time: "The DaV\nci Code": three 
times: "Mean Girls": two times: and the first \and on^ two seasons of the television sitcom 
'Titus": one time). 

As the academic year began, [ worried about the fate of the yearbook. When we, the 
:urrent seniors, inherited it three years aqo, we dreamt big. We wanted to drasticall/ improve 
Sutler's yearbook. In our short time here, I felt we had, even in the face of adversity given to The 
Gallery. (Yes, yearbooks can face adversity, and yes, E'Utler's definitely has) The adversity was in 
fact more cause for me to worry about the fate of the book - when you pour so much of yourself 
into something, the last thing you want is for that effort to be wasted. 

Fortunately for us - and the Butler community - we didn't have to v^vrry too terribly 
much about this As we graduate and leave Butlei; we leave our beloved yearbook The Gallery m 
the capable hands of future editor-in-chief Christina Lear We know that The Gallery can only go up 
from here and that we leave behind a legacy of improvement for it to build upon. And it is secure 
in this knowledge that 1 sign off on this, my final letter-f rom-the-editot; in the last volume of The 
Gallery that 1 am fortunate enough and blessed to have helped produce. 

Marcy Wilhelm 
Editor-in-Chief, The Gallery 

SeriL es a creative tactic tocy. 

of Cocd-Cc\d F'noto Submitted 

5enor Marcy Wilhelm 
paints Aslniee Miller's face 
in preparation for a bas- 
ketball qame in the NCAA 
tournament Photo 5ut>- 

Senior Andi Montgomery and freshman Zak Tschiniak play a game of ping pong ''■ . .' 

Seniore Knstina Anderson and Marcy \'yilheim and junior Emiil/ Mclnerney go out for a 
late night snack. Photo Submitted. 

Freshman Kathy Niswander and juniore Julie Ihlenfeldt and Kobi \'.'alden svvay to the 
music of an advertisement during the NIT FVe - Season Tip - Off Tournament in New 
"i&rk City Photo Submitted. 

Our Legacy 139 


Kn5tin<a N(\(\tv'bor\ - Co-Editor-in-Chief 

Jackie Ansbro - Staffer 

Josh Arntz - Photographer 

Sarah Arntz - Photographer 

Melissa Bade - Staffer 

Laura Binning - Staffer 

Chris Bray - Photographer 

Mia Claxton - Staffer 

Christina Lear - Sports Editor 

Jen McAtee - Photographer 

Emiy Mdnerney - Photo Editor 

Michelle Mileham - Staffer 

Kristie Ota - Staffer 

Anne fcelker - Residence Life Editor 

Lauren lye - Staffer 
Marcy Wilhelm - Co-Editor-in-Chief 

/-JO Our Legacy 

Stacey Ergang - Adviser 


Annie Ncqo 

Mary 3eth Arnold 

Lu Ann S'aker 

Laryssa decker 
^rittney 3dchoir 

Nic ^elmonte 

Meghan 3ialla5 

Jacki 3olin 

Sean 5'rady 

Laura ^ro2.dtd 

Laura 3ro5Zczak 
Nikki Sutler 
Josh Casey 
Yuki Chida 
Luci Conlon 
Mike Cor\or\ 

^V2^ndon Crone 

Th&odore Pimond 

Katie Doane 

Stacey Ergang 

Laura Flanaqan 

Stephanie Freier 

Jenna Frosch 

Angela Galik 

Sara Gallagher 

Panny Gardner 

Chr\5 Gordon 

Janice Gray 

Kristin Haggarty 

Nate Hamilton 

Ralph Hatcher 

Adrianne Henderson 

Johathan Irons 

Shawna Kennedy 

Jessica Kirkpatrick 

Andrew Kramer 

Michael Landes 

Allie Leach 

Puane Leatherman 

Tiffany Line 

Maggie Mathieson 
Josh Mazur 

Stacy McGuire 
Alan McNeer 
Ashlee Miller 
Greg Moser 

Alex Olympidis 
Nicki FSrsons 
3rent Radtke 
Amy Kecords 

drian Kochford 

Aimee Scheuerman 

Jennifer Sherbak 

Glen Thoreson 
Chris Urban 

Lisa yJaananen 
Kevin \la\drop 

Veanna Wilhelm 
Helen Wilson 

3rittany Zarse 

The staff would like to thank those listed above, 
for without their help and contributions, 
this book would not have been possible! 

Our Legacy 141 





The firet volume of The Gallery created by a staff of students at Butler University in Indianapolis, Ind. They operated out of the year 
book office in Atherton Union 308 The office phone number is (317) 9405330. The book was published by Jostens, 1312 Highway 40, Clarkswlle 
Ten 37040 The Jostens representatives were Mike and Luci Conlon. 

The theme. Our Legacy, was chosen in June during the Jostens yearbook camp hosted on Butler's campus 

The book was produced ue>inQ Adobe Indesign Creative Suite. Layouts and copy were produced using a Pell Optiplex GX270, affectionate!; 
known by the staff as Rhett The staff was advised by Stacey Ergang. 

Album portraits were done by MJM Photography, Inc. The photographer was Jim McAdams 

FSges were designed by the appropriate section editors. Dividers were designed by the editor-in-chief All other spreads were designed b; 
the staff member named. 

Fonts and sizes varied throughout the book. The thematic fonts were AYT Cheers, AYT Begance, and AYT Nicole. 

142 Our Legacy 


Legacy 143 



/ ^3>^^l 


D llflD D34h=iDa 7 


Do Not Take From The