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5?arbart (College libraro 





or THE 








Offered for Cash at the affixed net prices by 



16 Piccadilly, December 1886 to August 1887. 


)u eU.;W 



XYLOORAniY, Block-booki, 
Elij Jlclnl Engrnlngl wllh 

Inscription! . 


nPOORAPIlY: . . 

8481— KM 



m;i— Mtc 

kUlotx: (lutentnrg, t'tul. 

aduxfer. . . . 


Struelmrg: Meutrlin, Etf- 

geetein, and other* . 


Cologne: Vlr. Zdl, Ttf 

Hoernen, etc . , 

3547— M 

Clm : Uokentraag, Zainer, 



Aiigiburf : U. Zainer, 

Sehiuler, Sorg, etc. 


Dud: Btthtl. Wetultr, 

Fur Icr, etc. . 


KUmberg: K'frr, Semen- 

fdMuf, Kobtrger, ete. . 

3*88— 76 

Sr«J-er: ftfrr »mcA ami 


Elchitet, Enlingeil . . 


Lubeck : Brandit, Dittt . 


Rotfock, Erfurt, Lelpllg, 

Uricb, Paeaan, lletsmln- 

|CB, Vienna, Munich, 



Hegenibnrg, ltagenao, 

Zlnna, Oppenhelm, 01- 

mUn, Pfortiheltn.S. Did, 

Zurich, Bern, Wltten- 

bnrg.Wonai, Frankfurt, 

etc 35 JO— M 

Unknown Prena . IMf— 9* 

Collection!, with various 

imprint! .... 8503-88 


*»d Biloium; . 1387— S«t0 

Loo Tain: VcUrncr, John 

a/ Westphalia, tee. . . 8897-600 . 
Brugti : William Cotton 3600 

Bruelles : Frulm ride 
communis . 8601 

Deeentcr : Pagroed, Joe. it 

Brtda .... 3603 
Oonda: (liter. Let* . . 8608 
Delfl: Jacob Jacobs*** . 86M 
Zwolle : Peter van 0$. . 3604 
Antwerp: Matt, ran der 

does, (Iker. Jan, etc. . SCO*— 10 
Lejim: the Eltevi -4 . 8610— !6 
Amilerdam: OuKUtvirt . 3616— JO 
Bock« omitted from Section! 1 

mas ... . 3610— a 



rasas won 

t. iTALT 3823 ■ -37S7 

Suublaco : Sditccinheiin 

and Pannarl: . . 8028 
III me: Sckmluhrlm and 

Tilnmuit . . . 3824— tfi 
Ulr. ffuka . . 36*7 

OOia- ]>■ litlert . . . 36.'7-3» 
Vcalce : John and il'iude- 

H» o/Sjxyer 


A'i'c. Anion . 

SO 14— 48 

Ofair jirtntori 


Aldlnepren . 



FollgnO: Numeiiltr 


WUnn: Zamito, Vuldarfir 

and otkert 



Knplee: J!U(«iKr, ^mcl 


dws BriLb, Vol . Aforap. 


Bologna: AaofHldo 





87 so— n 






Florence t C'raalnf, 



cominl, Ifrrii, tic. 


SeTonirolm'i Works 




The Olnnta Press 

8733-35 i 

Verona, Crcmor.n, 


una .... 8788—39 

Pnrra., radius, Uondoti, 

Bnicls .... 8740-4J 

Vlcenia .... 8748-40 

Coma, Genoa, Pcmgln, 
liodeoa.Toscolsiio . 8748 — 47 

Regglo, Aqulls, Skna, 
Poscls, F«oo . . . 8748-88 

Sablonetta, Cafllarl, Ilc- 
rmn.ll .... 87*0 

Flstoja, Catania, alalia, 
Boi go Nuoro, OetlRlla . 8781—08 

Book* without Imprint. . 3739—87 

Iiooki omitted; Germany, 
Italy .... 


r.vou raoa 

4. Faixct .... 3739— 3830 

Pari* 3749— MO) 

Kruiitz, Gcring, Fri- 

bmger, Keyeer. . . 8739—61 
Frira de Afarae/, J. 

Dupri, etc. . . 8762—63 

Anlkolne Verard, P. 
Lerouge, tic. . . 37C3— 09 

VtUrt and Pif/wchct 8770—74 
P. Le Varon, M. Lrnuir, 

tic. . . 8774-78 

Guillannt Eustace, and 

oUutm .... 3778-80 

Jran Petit, Lei FM- 
enne, etc. . . . 3760— «J 

Kerrcrt, Begnault, Har- 

dovln.etc. . . . 3783-91 
Gallia Da Pre, find 
other* . . . 8791—88 

Sivum Collna. Gen/. 
Tory, etc. . . .37.8-8.9 
Lyons .... 3310—3.' 
Buyer, Leroy, Tnple, 

etc 8810—13 

Ealmria, .Siicoii, 7.7 

Smrry, etc. . 3814-17 

ArtunMet, Trecheel, etc. 8818— » 
Toulouse .... 8823 
Oenera .... 88*3 
PoliUrs, Caen, Renncs . 8B24-2» 
Bouen, Tool . . . 8923 -26 
Keufchatd, Reims . 3S27 

Rochelle, Sanmnr, etc. . 8828 
Nlort, Bayoone . . . 8828-29 
Book! without Imprint! .8829—3) 
ScrruiiMTt to Section! 1, 2, 
3, 4, consisting of pur- 
cbaaca from the StUUera 
Ubiery .... S83I-88M 

Xylography • *9*l 

German) : Malms, etc. . 3832—40 
Low Countries : Devea'cr, 

etc. 8840—41 

Italy: Rome, Venice, etc. 8841-4* 
Francs: Paris, Lyons . 8848- * 


Sraix *»n Poin 

OIL . 

MM— 91 

Valencia . 


8851— M 

Zaragoxa . 





Barcelona . 


»8«8— 70 








8873— 76 



8875— 7« 




Valladolld . . . 


Granada, Tarragona . 

8880— 8* 

Aid. . . . . 


Torn, Colmbra, Erora, 

Cuenca, Medina . 


Orenae, Guadalajara, Bil- 

bao, Cordon, Malaga, 


«. Koktuui Eoaorx 


Stockholm . 

. 3891 

Upaala . . 

. 8892 

Copenhagen . . 

. 8891—9-2 

Iceland . . , 

. IHI-M 

Finland, Livonia 

. 3893 

7. Kurui Eraon . MM— 9« 

Prague .... 8894 
Crcco» .... 3894 
Bakau, Warsaw, Wllna, 

Zamoec, Brnnaberg . 3SS5 
Moaeow, etc . . . 3896 

8. SrAaian Abikica . 8696—900 

Mexico .... 8896-99 
Pan, Bolivia, Boenoa 
Aire*, Yucatan . . 3899—900 

9. AmiLO-AaimucA . 8900— MM 

Cambridge, Maaa. . . £900—01 
Bost'.n .... 3901—03 
Philadelphia, K«w York . 8803-04 

raws raon 
Worcester, Chnrleetown, 
Uonmonth N.J., Vlr- 
glnla, w. Indlea . . 8904—0* 

10. Obkxtil akd Austxaia- 

auK Paxeaxa . . 8906— 06 

Turkey .... 8908 

Japan, Philippines, Ba- 
U t la, Taamanla . 8906 

11. E»olaxd .... 8907—99 

I. English Printers of the 

Fifteenth Century . 8907—88 

Cazlon . , . 8907- li 
Oxford Press . 8912—14 

St. Albans Press . . 891J— 17 
William of Mnchllnln . 3917 
Wynkyn de Wordo . 3918-23 
Richard Plnaon . . 8923—27 
Julian Notary . . 8927—28 
II. London Printers of the 

Sixteenth Century . 8928—36 

III. English Bibles printed 

In the Sixteenth Cen- 
tury .... S9S6— 68 

IV. English Liturgical 

Books, Fifteenth- 
Sixteenth Centuries 8963—88 

York Ueo . . . 8068 64 
Serum Uae . . 8964—78 

Bcmrmed Church . 3979—418 
V. English Provincial 

Presses . . . 8983-81 

VI. Scotland . . 3983—90 

VII. Ireland .... 3(91 
VIII. English Books printed 

on the Continent . 8991—97 
IX Books wltliont Imprints 8997-99 

12. ScrruanT to Moio- 

atmttA TTFOGXArBICA . 4000— Oil 

13. StrrunsxxT to Mokd- 

wiu TrrooBArucA . 400t— 4047 

1. Germany . . 4008—18 

2. Low Countries . . 4013-16 





1. Italy .... 

4016 -14 

4 France .... 


«. Spain .... 


6. EnRlund ... 


7. Minor Oronpe : Enilcra 

and Northern Europe. 


Scandinavia . 4048-4* 

RomuucbPreu. . 4042-60 

Bohemlca . . . 4060— 41 

1'AOEfl TAQSa 

Crobnllcnm. . . 4051 
Ilungarica . . 4051— 52 

Polonlca . . 4052— M 

RuMlca,Slovrnlcuir> . 4054 

8. Americana 4054— St 

9. Oilentalia 405S 

10. Bibliography of T. lining . .4056—67 

Ymxi. Supplimixt or llASC- 
acmrra . 



pages i-xli. 


A Catalogue of Books produced by the 
earliest typographers in- all countries, 
arranged so as to illustrate the history of 
the origin and development of the Art 
of Printing ; as well as the publications 
of the famous Aldine, Giunta, and Elzevir 
Presses; preceded by some examples of 
prm-typographical Printing, 


and Early Metal Engravings with 

Xylography, — a term denoting that phase of wood-engraving in 
whjch cevhuii in-iriptions or portions of text were cut upon the block 
in addition to the pictorial design, — must have come into existence about 
tin- end of the fourteenth century. It seems to have reached its most 
flourishing period bboai tin- viur 1450, and to have been chiefly cultivated 
in the Rhine-lands. It had probably a continued existence in Germany 
and Holland till near 1480: we find a belated Italian specimen in 1509. 

13 BECKKR (Rnd. Zach.) Holzschnitte alter deutscher Meister . . 
Gravures en bois des anciens Maitres allemands tirces des 
punches originales recueillies par Jean Albert de Derschau, 
avec un discours sur la nature et l'histoiro de la Gravnre en 
bois, 3 parts in 1 vol. imp. folio, 213 engravings, some very large 
and folded, printed from the original blocks of the fifteenth and 
limteenth centuries; hf. red morocco extra, £10. I 1 

Qatha, 1808-1 ij 

An incomparably precioos collection, including aereral xylogmpliic 
impres-ioiu nail rude engraving* which belong lo the very beginning of the 
fifteenth century; and ranging onward to the finest achievements of the great 
nitist- of the -ixiecnth centnry. As all these arc from the original wood 
block.*, Dcrschau's collection must rank infinitely higher than all the books of 
modern facsimiles or imitation". 



35944 Designs from Metal Plates, printed at Hildesheim about 

A.D. 1400, and illuminated by a contemporary hand; contained in 
the following MS.: 


SHElMENSis), l2mo. MS. on vellum written on 2C(i leaves, with 
9 Miniature-Initials and '1 l-injer separate Miniatures printed 
from loft metal and then coloured and gilt by the scribe ; one of 
these miniatures bearing the words Ave Maria impressed in pale 
ink ; purple morocco, gilt edges, with chased silver-gilt clasp ; 
lettered Breviarium Romanum, £45. 

(Hildesheim about A.D. 1400) 
The MS. and its general feature* apeak for themselves as to the dote of 
this volume ; the place is indicated by the names of St Gottbard and 8t. 
Bemhard, Bishops of Hildesheim in the eleventh century, which appear in red 
letter in the calendar, nnd which are also in the Litany. There are other 
nomes of less prominence which also indicate the region in which the book was 
executed ; and on the final blank leaves there are Bomc prayers (now nearly 
effaced) in a fifteenth-century hand, the language of which is low Saxon, 
approximating to the Westpbalian dialect. As a specimen, the following 
few fragmentary words will serve, — " Holp mi lcno herre so da ... an tnyne 
leuende dat ik diner heligc gcselle mute . . . also dine . . sellescap besitte." 
These additions arc in the same hand as the vellum leaves inserted here and 
there giving the music of the services, and were written about 1450. 

35945 Gesciiiedems van het heylighe Cruvs; or tho History of the 

Holy Cross, reproduced in facsimile from the original edition 
printed by J. Veldener in 1483, text and engravings by J. Ph. 
Berjean, sm. 4to. (published at £1. 5s), bds. 20s 4863 

Introduction, 12 pp. History of the Holy Cross, text (in modern type) 
with illustrative extracts from the Golden Legend and ancient French ilss. 
60 pp. Tho facsimile, 64 woodcuts ou 33 leaves, with text at foot 

The lost blockbook which Veldener utilized by cutting the eleven blocks 
(liearing 64 designs) iuto 64 separate pieces, and then printing them as a book 
with a Dutch text (instead of tho original Latin) at the foot of each picture 
must have been Dutch and probably thirty years older than the date of 
Veldener's production at Culenborch in 1483. 
35945 # Ars Moriendi (editio princeps, circ. 1450) a reproduction of the 
copy in the British Museum, edited by W. Harry Ry lands, with 
an introduction by George Bullen, 4to. pp. viii and 22, followed 
by a perfect facsimile of the unique blockbook consisting of 11 ©p. 
of illustrations and 13 ]>p. tj test printed inbrown ink; cloth, 14* 

Holbein Society, 1881 

The original was bought for the British Museum at Weigel's sale for the 
sum of £1072. It is the only extant copy of the first xylograpbie edition 
of tho Ars Moriendi, and is perhaps artistically the finest of all the block- 
books. Mr. Wcigcl and Mr. Duller agree in referring it to Cologne about 
1450 ; there can be no doubt about the place of impression, but tho date may 
turn out to be a little later. 

35946 SPECULUM HUMANE SALVATIONIS : le plus anci. n 

Monument de la Xylogrnphio ct do la Typographic lvunies, 
rcproduit en facsimile avee introduction historique ct biblio- 
graphique, par J. P. Berjeau, impl. 4to. including facsimiles of 
the 116 u-oodeuts (published at £4. 4s), cloth, £ 2. 10* 18C1 

Title and Introduction, 72 pp. The Sjicculum in modern t)pe, 33 pp. 
The Speculum, ia facsimils, 63 leaves printed on one side, and including 116 
distinct designs, on Dutch-made paper of precisely the same texture and tint 
a.' the original. Only 166 copies wire printed, and the book is now out of 



" I'his block-book, supposed lo have been executed nboul 1435, is of the 
greatest interest in 1 lie history of the origin of typography, as well as of 
popular education. It il ■ Pictorial Scripture, History, that is to say a picture 
of a oertain subject from the Old or New Testament is given, with a more or 
less brief account in black letter underneath it, of the personages or scener 
intended. Each page hat a double subject. As regards the drawing we hold 
it to bo, though rmle, very artistic. There is a decided character and an 
expression in the figures that are nltnost worthy of Albert Duror. Nothing 
is feeble, though much il quint The draperies are simple and effective, 
and there is no crowding of figures, but a judicious grouping of from two to 
fire personages in each, with backgrounds of trees, hills or houses, as in the 
works of the early Musters." -See Ilome and Foreign Review, April, 1863. 
■7 BIBLIA PAUPERTJM. A beautiful Manuscript Facsimile of 
the Biblin Patiperum, with all tho Illustrations, carefully 
executed by Leclabart, roy. 4to. modern invented title, and 
it) leaves of faotimxlei bound in bright old French red men 
pill edai .--. by D, rome, £8. 8* _ (? 1450-1770) 

This, like the famous Speculnm, is doubtless of Dutch origin and not much 
curlior than the middle of the fifteenth Century. Tho facsimile is apparently 
Blade from (ho edition which usually ranks as second. 

35948 LIFE OF CHRIST in engraved designs, by B a r- 


THOLOMBU8, a Suabian artist: A valuable series 
op six unique early engravings executed about 
///•■ year 1470, in the style known in England as 
•■ dotted /ihitcs" in. France as " la maniere cribh'e," 
ami in (lermany as " Schroltbl "utter ;" — -partly tinted \ 
tip mounted on cardboard, and bound in a volume, 
4to. morocco extra, £105. 

The second of these remarkable engravings is that which 
ives the artist's name. He was perhaps Bartholomous Zeit- 
blom of Ulm, described by Nagler as " einer der Hauptmeister 
ilcr Sclnviiliischen Schule," who was at work ns early as 1468, 
but who is best known as a painter, about 1490. 

1. Christ and tho Woman of Samaria. Around the border 
of the well, his words are given as an inscription (white on 
black ground) " Wyp gip mir drinck." 

2. The Raising of Lazarus. At the bottom, on a black 
ground, is the inscription in white " Bartholomeus," which can 
only mean the name of the artist. 

3. Christ riding on an ass into Jerusalem. 

4. Expulsion of the money-changers from the Temple. 
The above four are smaller than the following two, being 

impressed in pairs on the single leaves; but all are of one time 
and from one hand. 

5. The Flagellation. Christ attached to a column in the 
middle, nnd so placed that his body is full in front of the 

rt&tor. There arc three sconrgers : ono on the left strikes 
Him with a bundle of twigs, one on the right clutches Him by 
hair and flogs Him with a whip. Tho third, kneeling in 
i. is fastening his rods with a thong. 

6. Christ appears to Magdalen in the garden. She kneels, 
with the pot of ointment in her right hand, its cover in her left. 

243 • 


359-19 Mirabilia Rom*. Item in dem pneehlein stet geschrieben wei 
Rome gepauet ward . . . 12mo. a German Block Book, being a 
Hand Book for the PHaritnt at Rome in the XYth Century, with 
descriptions of the Belies kept in the Churches, and of the Indul- 
gences given by the Priests of the various Churches, facsimile 
:nt, cloth, uncut, 9s About 1480 (about 1870) 

Only 12 copies were reprinted in facsimile by M. Berjean, for subscriber*. 

35950 Opera noua contemplatiua p. ogni fidel christiano laqnale tratta de 

le figure del tcstamento vecchio : le quale figure sonno veri- 
ficate nel testamento nuouo : eon le sue expositione : Et con el 
detto de li propheti sopra esse figure : Si come legendo trcue- 
reto : Et nota cue ciascliuua fignra del testamento nuouo troua- 
rete dua dil testamento vecchio : le quale sonno alligurat to a 
quella dil nuouo Et sempre quella dil nuouo sara posta nel 
nieggio di quelle dua dil vecnio : Cosa belissima da itedcre 
achi se dilectano de la sacra scrittura : Nouamente stampata, 
sm. 8vo. (12mo.), A BLOCK BOOK, ah Itamah Bibua 
TAurEicuM, oarved -ntirehj on wood, with cuts by Giovanni Andrea 
Vavamore, from designs by Albert Diirer, Bellini, Carpi: 
8quaroioM and Mantegna, a very fine, clean and sound copy, olive 

morocco i ra, gilt edges, by Lortic, £42. 

' ', ra di Giouaniandrca Vauassore ditto Vadagnino : Stamjuitu 
■/.mete nella inclita citta di Vinegia Laus Deo. [circa 1510] 
Contains : A to O. in eights, and H (7 leaves, of which the last contains 
on the reverse a woodcut of the Virgin and Child). 

The excessive rarity of ft complete copy of the Opera Nova, the sole 
Block-Book in Italian known, has led bibliographers into some confnsion in 
their descriptions of the Tolnme. The fact is there were abont three distinct 

35951 DUTUIT (Eugene) Manuel de 1'amateur des Estampes, Vols. I, 

IV, V (all publisheil as yet), roy. 8vo. and a quarto portfolio of 
" Planches Xylographiques," with numerous facsimiles from, the 
Block-books; bds. uncut, £5. Pa ris, 1881-84 

35951* WEIGEL (T. O.) und ZESTERMANN (Ad.) die Anfange der 
Drnckerkunst in Bild und Schrift, an deren frfihesten Erzeug- 
nisseii in der Weigel'schen Sammluug, 2 vols, folio, portrait. 
145 full-si:c facsimiles, edloitrti and uncoloured, after Block- 
books and early engravings, with numerous woodcuts in the t- 
hf. bd. Mr. Henry Vradshaw's copy, £9. Lcipsig, I860 




including Sivitzerland, Lorraine and Alxace. 

(1450) Maintz. 

The two Johns of Maintz : 

Johann Guttenberg (? 1450) 
Johann Fust (? 1455) 
and Peter Schoffer of Gernsheim (1457-1502). 

A B Moses the scheme of the ark, and Solomon that of the temple 
Did not achieve without (the aid of) clever constructors; 
So One who is greater far than Solomon, now renewing 
A greater grace of his church, renews Bezeleel and Hiram. 
Lo! He who deigns to draw forth men that excel in science, 
Has given these masters twain, unpeered in the art of engraving, 
Tim Johns who both derived from the town of Maintz their 

Illustrioris First-producers of boohs that were stamped with 

Utters : 
AVith whom did Peter come to the sepulchre thev were bound 

— Later to run was he, but first to enter within it, 
Excelling them both as he did in the fine perception of 

"Wherewith the Sole Giver of light and genius had endownl 

Every nation with him may find its fashion of letter 

with all manner of types truly is he the foremost. 
"lis almost past belief how high are the money-wages 
ih- hires the doctor.- withal, who read and correct his roj.y 
With him is the master Francis, well-skilled in composing 

the type-rows, 
Whose finely symmetrical press-work throughout all the 

world is renowni : <l ; 
Anil me likewise to him no pitiful pittance has bonded 
But only the public weal, the vantage of all earth-dwellers. 
Thus < » ! would all setters of type and all proof-readers 

To clear and purge (likens) their models of text from blemish 


Doubtless the Hall of Learning would crown them with rays 

of glory 
Since 'tis by them a thousand Chairs with books are instructed ! 

These rude verses (of which several faulty translation, 
have appeared) are found at the end of " Justiuiani Institu- 
tiones," printed by Schoeffer in 1468. They were written, as is 
evident, by Johnnn Brunuen (Joannes Fons, Joannes de Fonte), 
the corrector and reader of Schoffer's press, who also wrote the 
metrical Latin Grammar which SohSffsr had printed in 1466. 
They contain a brief notice of five persons who continuously 
formed or worked the first printing-establishment in the world ; 
namely, and in this succession, John the first of Maintz, John 
the second (Fust), Peter (Scbuffer), Francis the compositor, 
and (John Brunuen) the reader. Therefore the fact, on which 
Mr. LleSsols dwells, that Schoffer's house was not the identical 
building in which Guttcnberg had first worked, was manifestly 
one of no importance in the eyes of Bruunen, and consequently 
the words in his Grammar (second edition, 1468) me downs 
genuit unde caragma venit are simply a loose form of expression, 
on which no argument can be based. — The above testimony as 
to the inventor of printing only needs to bo supplemented and 
completed by the letter of Fichet to Gaguin which forms a 
preliminary to the edition of Gaspariuus Porgamensis printed 
at Paris in 1470. There it is stated by the Prior of the Sor- 
bonne that " John who styles himself Gutenberg and who 
dwells near Maintz " had invented the art of reproducing books 
by little metal types of letters, according to the information 
given him by the three Germans who had come to Paris to 
introduce the same art into that city. — The next special evidence 
on this point appeared in 1474 in the Chronicle published by 
Lignaraine at Rome in 1474 ; and a confirmation from Mentz 
itself, from the Schoeffer press in 1505, will be found in the 
German Livy described infra. 

(Johann Gutenberg alone.) 

35952 CATHOLICON. Incipit suina que vocat' Catholicon 

edita a fre Johanne de ianua ordis frm pdicator', large 

folio, Editio Princeps, printed in small Gothic 

characters, in double columns, 66 lines per page, the 

capitals and the above intitulationpainti din by hands 

n/ssia, [jilt edges, gilt tooling, by lioger Payne, £420. 

Altissimi presidio cuius Jtutu infantum Ungue 

fiunt diserte. Qui flj nuosrpepuu/is i-eudat i/uod 

sapientibus eel at. Hie liber egregius. aitho/icon. 

dniceincarnacionis annis Mcccclx Alma in urbc 

maguntina naciunis indite germanice. Quam dei 

<■/■ in, iiriu tain a/fii ingmii lumine. dotlO flj 


gtuito. ceteris trrrar naoioittbus preferre, 

illusir(iri'i\ dignatus est Non calami, still, aut 

penne svffraglo. Sj mint patronar* Jbrmar'aj 

concordia pporcione et ttioaulo. impreS8UB atg* 

confectus est. Hinc tibi sam-tr pater nato cu 

jlamine sacro. laus et honor ilno trino tribuatnr 

et una Ecclesic lawlr Ubro hoc catholice plain le 

Qui laudare piam semper non linque mariam 

Deo. Gracias (1460) 

In spite of the extraordinary interest which attaches to the 

Mttzarino Bible, Sehoeffer's Psalter, and the Durandus — the 

Catholicon is not excelled by any of them as an important 

document in tbe early history of Printing. Those three works 

• may have all been pradnCM in one establishment by Peter 

Srhoeffer between 1455 and 145'J, as Mr. Hessels concludes; 

this can only be considered the production of the other printer, 

the " John of Mentz called Gutouberg " whom wo have long 

heard of as the inventor of the Art. 

The language of the colophon in the Catholicon, so far as 
it relates to the new art nnd the glory of the city of Mentz, is 
strikingly moro emphatic, more original, and more stamped 
with the tokens of priority than any of the similar statements 
made in Sehoeffer's colophons. 

5 THOMAS AQUINAS. Beginning: (P)ostulnt a 

me uestra dileccio. utdearticulis fidci . . . colophon: 

Explicit suniina de articulis fidei et ecclesie sacra- 

mentis. edita a fratre thonia de aquiuo. ordinis 

fratruin predicatorum. Deo. Gracias, sm. 4to. 

13 lea res, 34 irregular lines per page, in the identical 

Gothic type which is used in the Catholicon, boards, 

uncut, £42. 10s Sinenota 

[Maguntio?, Joannes Gitttenberq, circ. 1460] 

This is one of the ten recorded copies — this and another 

being the only two which are not yet locked up in the great 

libraries. It is a volume of considerable importance for the 

history of typography, seeing that it is in the exact type of the 

famous Catholicon and that only three books altogether (besides 

the Catholicon) can be so specified. 

Johann Fust (1455-66). 
Peter Schoefler (1457-1502). 
i954 PSALTERIUM cum Canticis, Hyumis, Litania, et 
precibus. Fol. 1: Beatus | vir . . . large folio, 
t hie missal type of two sizes, 136 leaves, 23 lines or 
26 lines per full page ; printed on vellum: rubrkat< ,1 




umber of printed capitals, and 

I enormous 
belHehed with aba 

two colours (red with blue floreat/un, 
floreation;) t&e Mr. sic written on a staff of four lines 
in the spaces left for that purpose at the bey inning of 
each psalm or canticle; large and beautiful copy 
(17 x \\\\, inches), in nd morocco exfr'a, gilt edges, 
toith the Sykes arms on the sides; enclosed, in a blue 
morocco case, 5000 guineas 

I'resens psalmor coder: venustate capitalist 
deco- | ratus. rubricntionibusq; sufiicienter dis- 
tinctus. I adinuenconc artificiosa imprimeudi ac 
caracterizandi : \ abs</) 'vlla calami exa%acdne 
sic effigiatus. et ad landun | dei ac honorc 
sancti Iacobi est o&Gmaf, Per loh'em fust \ 
due magritiw't. et Petrii Schoiffier de gems' heym 
■ cleric n | Anno dm Miiheimo ecce. lix. xxix. die. 
mens is Augu sti, ( 1 4 5 U ) 

The second book printed with a date ; the grandest work 
ever produced by typography ; and one of the rarest of the early 
monuments of Printing. 

In the two Psalters (one dated 1457, the other as above 
1459) Schoeffer achieved a work which amply justiGed the 
I "ast translated on a preceding page. In Jackson and Chatto's 
Wood-Engraving (p. 201) it is very justly stated that " the 
large initial letters engraved on wood and printed in red and 
blue ink, are the most beautiful specimens of this kind of 
ornament which the united efforts of the wood engraver and the 
pressman have produced. They have been imitated in modern 
times, but not excelled. As they are the first letters in point of 
time printed with two colours so are they likely to continue the 
first in point of excellence." — In designating the above volume 
as the grandest work ever produced by typography, I naturally 
treat the two Psalters of 1457 and 1459 as substantially the 
same book ; of which there are now in existence 21 copies all 
varying from each other like different editions, but of which 
nine have a colophon dated 1457 and twelve a colophon dated 
1459. In the copies with the latter date, the Athamisiun (.'reed 
is given, which does not appear in those of 1457, and the colo- 
phon affords a variation in the name and description of one of 
the printers. In the 1457 colophon, he is simply I'rin'i Qchoffar 
(/.. Oi rufzhi nn, in I lmt of 1459 he is (as he probably considered 
more correct) Petri Bchcifh tr t U genu' heym cliricu. 

The abovo copy iB not only splendidly fine in preservation ; 
it is also perfect. Most copies qnu to be imperfect, as 
the British Museum copy, and the Windsor copy, of the 1457 


liter. — The Mazarine Uiblo is comparatively a common book 
liv (lie side of I he Psalter j several copies of the former have 
been sold during tin' liist twenty years, while this is the only 
copy of the Psalter which has turned up for the bettor part of a 
century. The great public libraries have absorbed nearly all 
that remain of the few copies originally printed by Schoffer. It 
H probable that he never produced more than fourteen or 
fifteen examples'of each of the two kinds. — The two Psalters are 
differentiated thus, — that one is the service-book of the Church 
of Maintz, and the other the service-book of the Benedictine 
monastery of St. James at Maintz ; the varying use being shown 
in the pray e re which sneered the Psalter. 

Peter Schoeffer alone (1466-1502). 

35955 THOMAS AQUINAS, Secunda Secundje. Fol, 1: 
(P)ost omane cosideracoero de virtutibj et vicijs . . 
. . . In fine : explicit ordo et signatio questiouu scdi 
libri secude ptis bti thome de aquino. bfidictua de' 
Ame. folio, First dated editimi, Gothic letter, 258 leaves, 
in double en! minis, 59 lines per column ; bound in 
hi in morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bozfrta/n-jeune, £50. 

JIoc opus secilda secude Alma in rrbe 
moijmitiiKi indite nac/'onis germanice qua dei cle 
no tin bim nlii mgenij lumie donogj gratiiato ceteris 
(errarum naconibi fferre Ulustroreqi dtgnatus 
e. Artificiosa quada adinuencone trnprimendi sett 
rack rizadi absgj. vlla calami exaratione sic 
effigiatu el adeusebia dei Industrie est osummatu 
per Petrum schoiffher de gernszheim. Atmodni, 
2f.cecc.lzvt}'. </ic sexta mens, marcij (1467) 

86955* the same, folio, wanting 19 leaves, ana having 

a few blank margins cut away, bid Printed on 
Vellum, and having the initials richly coloured and 
illuminated, old call', from the Sunderland library, 
£50. 1467 

35956 THOME DE AQUINO (Sci) Opus Quarti Scripti, 
folio. Editio Princeps, fine copy in veau faure, gilt 

l>< runic, £48. 

MogunHce, I'. Schoiffer de Qcrnezheimy 1469 

The fnll colophon in red ink is: Preclaru hoc opuB quarti- 

■01 thome de aquino. Alma in vrbe mOgQuDfl, incliie 

iiuaice. qua dei clemetiu t;"i alti ingenii luino. donoqj 

grataito. ceteris terrar' nacdibo pferre. illustraeqj dignata e. 

Aitificiosa quada adinuencoe imprimendi Ben I :i':icterizandi 


iibsq} vlla calami exaraciie sic eftigiatu. ct ml eusebia dei indus- 
trfe est cosumotu. p. petru sehoiffher de gernszhem. Anno dni 
millesimo qu;uli iiiLrrnt'. .-imo sexagesimo nono. Tredecima die 
Junii. Sit laus dtio. The* usual two shields are impressed in 
red beneutb. — The type throughout is very small Gothic. 

35957 MARCHESINI (J.) Sanimothreptoa. Mammi:- 
thactus (sive Expositio super Biblia et Legenda 
Sanctum ra, de Orthographia, etc.), folio, first edi- 
tion, _/?««.' oopy in red morocco, gilt edges, by Roger 
Payne, with Wodhull anus in gold on side, extremely 
rare, £21. 

Explicit Maiuelraetus Arte iiupriiueudi seu carac- 
terizandi absq; calami exaraenne sic effigiatus. et 
ad eusebia an. Industrie per J'e/ru scnoiffer de 

gernszht in in ciuitate magiitina feHdter cSsumatUB 

Anno duici- mearnacdis. Af.cccc.fxx. 

in rig if in Martini 
In the same small Gothic type in which the Aquinas is 
printed. The colophon is in red. The initials and headings 
are painted in. 

35958 [HIERONYMUS.] Ad laudem beatiasime trinitatis. 
exaltationein vl'is cccie & honorificeutia gl'iosissimi 
Jeonimi, Incip lib' Jerooimianufl mc dictus eo q' 
epl'aa btiJeronimi ad diu'sos et diuersoru ad ipm: 
Sj et felice eius transitu ex hoc miido at5 miracl'a 
... 2 vols. roy. folio, very fine copy in old French 
red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Derome, £24. 

. . . per Petru Schoiffer de Gernszhem in ciuitate 

nubili Magiitina . . . Anno domini. 

M.cccc.txx. . . (1470) 

The original editor of this text was the famous doctor of 

law, Joannes Andreae. — The type is Gothic, much larger than 

that of the Aquinas. 

35959 TAMBACO (Joannis de) Cousolatio Theologire. 
Wot, 1 : Quoniii BOd'm apl'ni. quecuqj seripta But 
. . . Colophon : Explicit osolaco theologie opilata a 
mgro iohane de taiubaco sacre theologie doctore 
eximio, sin. 4to. Gothic letter, 99 leaves, 27 lines to a 
fid I page (except in one leaf which is in larger type), 
very fine copy in calf neat, tooled in antique path m, 
£6. s. n. (Moguntio?, Petrus Schoeffer, 1470) 

Vkbt babe. A curious circumstance in the printing of this 
book is not noticed by Panzer, Hain. and Drunet ; which pur- 

haps indicates that all Bopxi obi liko the present. After 

the fortieth folio which ends the fifth sheet, a single leaf is 
inserted, printed in a larger type than the rest of the book, for 
the purpose of supplying an omission made by the compositor. 
This additional leaf cannot have been added in all the copies, 
many of which had no doubt been distributed before the error 
discovered. Signatures arc added to tho sheets in red ink 
by a contemporary hand ; the inserted leaf is thus marked f 1, 
and sheet f cousc-queutlj' consists of nine leaves. 
35960 VALERII MAXIMI Romane urbis iurisp'tissimi. in 
librii factor' et dictorum memorabilia ad Tiberiu 
cesarein Prefatio incipit, sm. i'olio, printed in a stout 
Qothic type in long lines, the initials paint.. I in the 
first heading and (he rnlnphon printed- in red; nil 
French red morocco extra, gtft edges, from the Askew 
and Wodhull libraries successively, £32. 

Presens VcrferU Maximi opus p 'clarissimu . in 
nobili m-he MogStina liheni terminatu. anno 
Mxccc.lxxi.xviii. kaledis iuliis.per egregium Petri* 
schoyffer de Gernszhem artis impssorie mgrm, 

felicitcr oSsUmatu (14 7-1 ) 
dementis quinti opus costituconu clarissinifi .... 
large tblio, printed, on vellum, in strong parchment 
binding, £84. 

.... per Pet rum Schoiffer de Gernszhem .... 

Mxccc.lxxi. tredecima die mensis Auyusti (1471) 

The text occupies two columns in the middle of each page ; 

and the gloss of Joannes Andrea) is in smallar type in an inner 

and an outer column. A Schoeffer on vellum is always a 

desirable acquisition. 

I TURRECREMATA (Johamiis de) Expositio 
P-almorum, sm. folio, printed in the same Gothic type 
as the Valerius Maximus, but hawing the first words 
of each Psalm in large missal -characters, the initials 
painted in, the colophon printed in red ink ; old 
English blue morocco i/ilt,from the Sunderland library, 
£7.' 10s 

Reuerendissimi cardinalis tituli sancti Sixti domini 
Joha nni8 de Turrecremata expositio breuis et vtilis 
super Mo psalterio Moyfitie impssa Anno Jui. 
Mxccclxxiiii. tercio Lias septembris p. pctru 
Schnyffer de gernszhem jeliciter est 
consiimata (1474) 


35963 GREGORIUS IX. Incipitnouaopilatiodecretalium 
gregorij. ix, large folio, Gothic letter in quadruple 
columns, the text occupying the two inner columns in a 
larger type, the gloss of Bernardo Bottom' filling the two 
marginal columns in a smaller type u-hich has 81 lines 
to the fall column ; the colophon and printer's mark in 
red ink; old English red morocco extra, gilt edges, 
from the Sunderland library, £36. 

Ann<> mcarnattoTtts anice M.cccc./xxiij. ix.L-1. 
decembrcs . , in nobili vrbe Mag u da . . quo 
diuina ctia clemetia dono gratuito p. ceteris 
terror' nationib' arte impssoria dignata e illns- 
troe; hoc pus decretale glosa eu onlinaria dni 
Bernhardt, no a frame tali penna cannon e sed 
orb guada ingeniosa imprimendi . . . Petrns 
schoiffer de gernszheim . . consummauit (1473) 
359G4 HERBARIUS, sive Aggregator. (R)ogatii pluri- 
mor' inopil niimor' egentiu appotecas refutatiii . . Ob 
id psens opusculu sua supsit denominacone Aggre- 
gator praiticus de simplicib' . . . sm. 4to. Gothic 
letter, 150 icoodeuts of herbs, the names given in La'iu 
and German, and accompanu <l by a Latin text; uncut, 
in limp vellum cover, £5. 

s. n. (Mogunt. Schoffer, circ. 1475-80) 

Four preliminary leaves, tlie first a blank ; 150 numbered 

leaves ; 1 leaf unnumbered ; a blank leaf ; 18 unnumbered 

leaves, — 34 lines per full page. Scbofler brougbt out a second 

edition in 1483, bearing his mark and the date. 

35965 HOKl'ORCH. Conclusiones siue decisionee antique 
• I nor' auditor' dc Rota (edidit Guilhelmus Horborch), 
2 vols, in 1, sin. folio, Gothic Utter, 285 printed 
leaves, double columns, 49, 50, and 51 lines per 
column, with 2 blank, leaves ; bound, from the Pirck- 
heimer- Arundel library, £5. 

Anno dni. Meechexvu ... In duitate Mdguntma 
impssorie or/is muetrice elirnatrtceo) prna Pi true 
Schoyffer dt Oernsz heum . . finiutt (1477) 

35966 MISSALE (VRATISLAVlENSE.) Rnmu mis- 
yule Ad dei laude ct honoveui .... folio, printed m 
huge missal characters, in red and black, a leaf m i 
■missing in the middle, old calf, £10. 10s. 

per Betri' sc/udjer de </< mszhcym In iuelitu duitate 

Maguntina . hulus arlis Impress* n-ie inuetrice : 
atqj ellmatrlce prima . glorioso deo fauente . suis 
cosignando scutls . Impressum et finitu Anno 
domlnlM.cccc.xcix. sabbato post mathei apostoli 

This is an interesting issue of a raro volume. Only two 
copies of Schoffer's Breslan MiBsal of 1499 are recorded by 
Mr. Weale, and they both vary from this in having the use 
specified. The date also would seem to be given in a different 
form, as Mr. Wealo gives it "28 Sept.", the same day being 
indicated in a variant method in the above copy. 

Johann Schoeffer (1503-35). 
35968 LIVIUS. Romiscke historien Titi Liuii mit etlichen 
newe Translation . . . [durch Bernliard Schdfferlin 
[und Ivo Wittig] stout small folio, numerous very fine 
wot "Iritis probably by II. Sehaufelein, Hans Burgmalr, 
tmd others ; one leaf of the Register a Utile defective; 
in the original pigshin binding^ £12. 10s 

Jlcniz, Joannes ScJioejfer, 1523 

This volume is one of the documents upon which the history 
of Printing is based. The dedication to the Emperor Maxi- 
milian ends with the following statement relating to Mentz : — 

In which town, also, the wondrous art of Print iinj was 
originally invented, firstly by the ingenious Johann Guttenbergk, 
1450 years as it is counted from the birth of our lord Christ; and 
(hereafter improved aiul made permanent by the diligence, cost, 
und labour of John Faust and Peter Srhoffer at Mentz, etc. 

This statement, emanating perhaps from Ivo Wittig, but 
ovidontly sanctioned if not composed by the printer, has a 

inol value, as showing that, in 1505, Johann Schoffer, the 
sun of Peter Schoffer and the grandson of Fust, was not under 
tlic influence of any family tradition which could invalidate 
the priority of Guttenberg. It was first printed in that year, 
1505, a fact which must not be forgotten in connexion with the 
iipi" :\nince of quite dissimilar statements in other Schoffer- 
books from 1515 onwards. 
Uutten's Works— see post, under Steckelberg (1519). 

(1459) Strassburg. 

Johann Mentelin (1460-76). 

1 Joannes Cheysostomos. Traductio libror' Sancti Iohannis cris- 
ostorni Super Matheum e greco i latinu edita a Gcorio {sic) 
trapi'/.'iiiti" . . . s. l..\-it. scd tt/pis liu, aliuiU l-tG5 — 

Auoi 8.) de Arte pradicakdi, stated in Preface to hate 

been eontmitted "Johanni Mentelin," for publication (Argent, 
"t 1465)— 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, very Jinn opien, in rnssia 


extra, leather joints, gilt edge.; by linger Payne, both UforJu 
excessively rare, £36. (? ] 

These two works are partly in ll.c peculiar backward-leaning sc-mi- 
Gothic in which the Latin Bible was printed by Mcntelio, which bears in 
one copy a rnbricntion dated 1460-61. 

The two preliminary leaves of the Augustine are a notice by the editor 
concerning his Inbonrs to obtain n corrected text of a treatise so useful to the 
men of his own order — he was u Dominican or preachiug monk. He had 
examined all the copies that were to be found in Heidelberg, S]>eyer, Worms, 
and Strassbnrg, so as to make his own a perfect model of correctness -, and 
next came the duly of multiplying examples for his fellow monks. Wherefore, 
since I judged that by no other mode or means could this be effected, I persuaded 
in every way the discreet man John Mcntelin, citizen of Strassburg, master of 
the printing art, that he should take upon himself the burden and labour of 
muliijlying (Am little book by the method of Printing, with my copy Acid 
before his eyes. Snch are his words turned into English, and this senteuce 
has served lo identify several noteless books as printed by Mcntelin. 

An identical statement, bnt with the name altered to Johann Fust, 
appears in the edition printed at Mcntz by the latter in 1465, usually hitherto 
considered to be the first ; but Mr. Madden has conclusively settled the ques- 
tion of priority in favonr of Meutelin. 

35970 AUGDSTINUS (S.) de Civitate Dei, cam Cornmentariig T. 
Valois et N. Triveth. Gloriosissimam ciuitatem dei .... folio, 

/ fine copy with painted Capitals in old gilt russia, by Boger 
Payne, £30. s. 1. If a. sed Argentorati J. Mintclin, circ. 1467 

Excessively rare, and by many considered the first edition, as Lord 
Spencer's copy bears an inscription by the illuminator, J. Ba'mler, dating his 
work 1468. 

The text is in the tame type as the two-volnme Latin Bible of 1460; 
the commentary is in the typo which Mcnlelin used for his German Bible. 

35071 HIERONYMUS. Fol. 1 reverse: (I)ncipiunt capitula lidri 

epistolarO sancti Ihkronimi. Fulio 3: Amasiis eps. fralri & 

copresbro iheroio . . . folio, semi-Qotliic letter, 223 leaves, double 

-. 50 lines per c-olumn; fine copy in blve morocco extra, 

gilt edges, by Mackenzie, £16. 

Sine nold (typis lfmttlianis, oirea a.d. 1468) 
This very rare book is in the same type as the Latin Bible printed by 
Mcntelin before 1460, and is known for ccrlain to bnvc been produced before 
1469. There is a copy in the Bibliothequo Nationale, which was bound in 
that year by Johann Rychcnbach, of Gcrslingcn ; and the volume BIM 
therefore have been produced by Mcntelin some time between 1459 and 1469, 
but probably nearer to the latter date- say 1467 or 1468. A considcralion of 
the text appears to show that it preceded the edition of Rome, 1468. 

35972 IS1DORI (S.) Etymoi.ooicon. Fol. 1 .- incipit epistola isidori 


episcopvm . . . Folio 2 verso: INCIPIT LIBER primts ethimolo- 


isidori isi-am. vi- 1 1 iscopi . Inge folio, temirOoilnc letter, with 
headings in Bomum capitals; 141 leaves, double oohtmmt, 51 
per column; five copy in old russia gilt, £6. 

*. n. {Meat. I in, rice. 1469) 

This is not in the same type as any of the before-mentioned volomes by 

Mcntelin, but Panzer states that the Roman headings are in the same type as 

was used by the printer for his headings in ihc one volume of Viucentius 

Bellovacensis which bears bis Ml 

R — books — sec under Cologne. 


Heinrich Eggestein (1466-78). 

apparata famosissimi juris doc. domini Io. an suis imbrica- 
tion i bos bellissime distinct us, large folio, the text in large 
Got In i-:r columns and Jo. Andrea's gloss in 
smaller Gothic in two outer columns on each page, BOLD 

Argent. H. Eggesteyn, 1471 
Remarkable for the words of the colophon " Per venerubilcm phie. 
magistru ac etia indite Argcntinons3. ciuitatis ciue bone merita dnm lleinricu 
Eggesteyn hni' artij pcritissimti nt innumcra antehac ilinini humaniqj iuris 
per ipsO testantar rolomina. gumma cu maturitate ac diligentia impressu* 
est. Anno dni. M.cccc.lxxi. xi. Kl. decembris." The Gratian which be 
printed in the same year, and probably about the same time, although it bears 
no month-date to resolve the question of anteriority, does not contain the 
noteworthy statement about the innumerable volumes that the typographer 
bad already produced before 1471. 

35974 [ADRIANI CARTHUS1ENSIS] Liber de remodijs vtriasq 5 

fortune pspere scilj et per quenda. A. poetam prestantem 
necn. sacra Theologie professorem eximium nouiter copilatus, 
small 4to. very fine copy in red morocco, gilt edges, " relie par la 
V« Gueffier," with her ticket, £7. 10s 

Sine notd (Argentorati, H. Eggesteyn, circa 1470) 

This extremely raro volume is very curious for having the folios numbered 
in the centre of the front margins in Arabic numerals. Branet ia possibly wrong 
in assorting that the Sermo ad Populum printed by Therhoernen at Cologne, 
in 1470, is " le premier livre dint lei pages aoimt chiffrlei," but as there is 
no certain date to be assigned to our Adrianus Cartliusiensis, we cannot 
assume its anteriority. The only item of information towards approximating 
tho year of impression is that Ther Hoernen's edition, printed in February 
1 471, was reprinted from Eggcstoyn's. 
LUDOLPHUS DE SAXONIA. Incipit prolog' in vita Ihesu 
xpi descripta jux serie quatuor euangelior' a quoda magno 
deuocois ac religiositatis patre sacri ordis carthua. monacho 
professo dom' motis beafce mario Virginia ppe inclitam ciuitatc 
ArgentinenseiD, stout folio, Editio Princeps, Gothic letter, 394 
leaves (including blank at end), double columns, 55 lines per 
■nin, in the Original lioards covered with pigskin, £7. 10* 

[Strassburg, Eggestet/n] TmpressS Anno dni. 1.4.74. 

Brunct speaks of a leaf of Register at the beginning which is not in this 
copy nor in nny Other which I know, and which would alter the number of 
leaves lo 89S instead of 394 as he specifics them, since tho blank leaf at end is 
part of the final sheet. This copy is in such fine original condition that it is 
easy to collate the book by its sheets, tho MS. signatures appended by the 
printer being still visible for the purpose of verifying tho completeness of the 

LUDOLPHUS DE SUCHEN. Folio 1 : Regtstru de itinera 
;d terra sancta . . Folio 2: De terra sancta et itinera iheroso- 
lomitano ct do statu eius et alijs mirabilibus que in mari conspi- 
i-iotui' videlicet mediterraneo . . sm. folio, First edition, Gothic 
r, 34 leaves, 41 lines per page; boards, covered with vellum 
which It partly written over with a Niirnbcrg document of 1519 ; 
tarn large uncut cop;/. £20. 

S. n. {Argentorati, Sentient Eggesteyn, circ. 1473) 

. '.'•• another copy, sm. folio, old red morocco gilt, from 

Mr. Croft's library, £\a \bi (pin, 1478) 


S&977 Seneca do forma ac honestate vite — Senecn . . de temedufl 
fortuitor' — 2 parts in 1 vol. sm. folio, Gothic hi In; 10 leaves, 33 
lines per page, bds. £2. 

8. n. (per ignotum typographum Argent aim. 1474) 

35978 LAUDIVIO (Zacliaria). Epistole Tdrci Magni ad multos 

scripte. <fc epistole rescripte ad eundem. nnmero nonaginta, sm. 
4to. Golliic Idler, l(j leaves, the last blank, 20 Knet to (he full 
page ; hf. russia neat, £3. 3s 

S. n. (per ignotum typographum Argeiitineiisem, circ. 1475) 
Laudirio (called in the present edition Laudiaius) professed to bare 
translated these letters from actnal originals in the Turkish or other Oriental 
languages ; but they arc generally supposed to be of his own fabrication. — 
Some of the books in this type which are assigned by Panzer to the I'trnotu* 
typographut arc referred by Holtrop to Eggesteyn'a press. 

Martin Flach (1475-1500). 

35979 SALUSTII (Cnij Crispi) de Lncij Catiline coninratione liber 

felicit' ineipit, sm. folio, Gothic Utter, 20 leaves, 34 lines per 
page, old calf, £3. 5s 8. n. (/ Martinus Flach, cirr. 1474) 

35980 GASPARIN1 BARZIZII EPISTOLE. Fol. 1: Gasparini 

pgamensis clarissimi oratoris epistolar' liber feliciter ineipit, 
Gothic letter, 53 leaves, 34 line* per page; Bine void (f Argent. 
Martinus Flach, circ. 1475) — Diooenis Epistol*. Fol. 1 : Ad 
bcatiBsimu &■ clementissimu patre & donrinu Pinm Secnndu 
PontineO Maximft in Diogenis philozophi cpistolas francieci 
Aretini prefaeio . . Gothic letter, 20 leaves, 32 lines per page ; 
Hoc opus exiguu diligens sculjisit Fridericus Nurmberge Crcuszner 
arte fabrili sua (circ. 1475) — 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, fine c 
old red morocco gilt, £5. (? 1475) 

The Sallust and the Gasparinns are both in the same type ; said to be 
i'li ntieal with that of a Speculum vite humans printed by Flach in 147S. 

35981 WOL1TOR (Ulricus) De laniis el phitonicis mnlieribus 

Tentonicc vnholden vcl hexen, sm. 4to. printed in Gothic letter, 
•17 har.s, BC lines per page; 7 curious woodcuts ; bound in citron 
morocco extra, by Claessens, £5. 5s S. n. Flach (circa 1 160) 

The text in this volume is more correct than that in the edition primed 
at Cologne by Conrnd of Zyrichsec. It is also a fine typographical produc- 
tion -, but Uio woodcuts are rude and archair. 

Heinrich Knoblochzer (1478-79). 

35982 VEGIUS. Maitei mm landensiH ad eustatbium praefalio 

[in dialognm cui titulns Philalethes kt Veritas], sm. 4to. 
Gothic letter, 13 haves, 32 lines per full page, mm large woodcut 
of the two perfonoges with xylographic inscriptioii, and 2 bnijr 
initials which are printed white on a black dotted ground; 
covered with vellum, £5. 8. n. [H. Knoblochtzer, circ. 1478] 

Johann Griininger (1483-1523). 
85983 TERENTI' cu Directorio Vocabuloru Sententiaru— Glosa iter- 
lineali artis Cornice— OcffllAtarjjl Donato Gvidone Asccnsio i 
sm. folio, seven large fnll-page woodouts, and imwnilOM t mailer 
uoodeuti throughout (he teatj printed in two types of Soman 
hit. eom in the original boards, Covered will* BWM '", £15. 

lnipressum in . . Argentina Per mag istrum ftxHI 


Anno inearnatidii dcmmice, Milletimojttatnq-, mna- 

gesimo sexto ■ ■ (1496) 

i>984 the samo, sm. folio, woodoult, aelhtm, £7 10* 

Argent, . . Qrwdngm . . 1499 . . 

This second edition of Griininger's Terence reveals in the colophon the 

10 of the editor — " Ad ilium formam ut intnenti jocundiorntqao intellectu 




facilior csset, per Joanncm Cartnm ex Ebcrspach redactum." 

LOCHER (Jacobus). Libbi f-iiii.omusi. Panegyrici ad Reg6 
Tragedia de Thurcis et Suldano Dyalog' de heresiarchis. small 
4to. Bomotl -pt the headings which are in Qolhi', 02 

leaves, with 20 woodcuts ; vellum, £6 

Argentine per Jtagittiwn Johanna QrOniiuar, iwu oM$tro 

(sic) saliiti/ero. 1497 
Hark. The chief piece in I ho volume is a drama on the subject of a holy 
war, in which the Pope and the Emperor, the Sultans of Turkey and Egypt 
are amongst the characters. 

HUGONIS (Joannes) de Slktstat. Quadruuiu Ecclesie Quatnor 

prelatorii ofllcinm Quibus" omnis aniraa subijeitnr, sm. folio, 

Roman letter, numerous woodcuts, including curious symbolical 

,<..-- ,• oalfiuat, £2. 

In . . Argetina p. loanne griiniger . . MiUcu'mo Quiiuje,i- 

tesimo Quarto (1504) 

BRUNSCHWIG. Liber pestilentialis de veneuis opidiniie. Das 

bach der vergift der pestiletz das da genat ist der genii in 

Bterl>ent der Triisen Blatren. von Jeroninio bruswig, small folio, 

H fine woodcut*, a very ran- ml lime, fine copg,bro\Onmin 

r extra, gill edges, by Dirtic, £8. 10s 

Strassburg . . getruckt und volendt durch meister Hansen 

gnhiinijer . . 1500 

BOETIUS de Philosophico consolatu sine de consolation' 
philosophic . . 8m. folio, Human letter, with numerous spirit"! 
woodcuts, and elegant initials, calf extra, gilt edges, £4. 10* 

Argentine p. Iohanne griiningcr . . 1501 
The only edition ornamented with woodcuts. They are 77 in number. 

the same, bid. folio, title mended, but the copy fine, large, and 

foB, bound in the original boards covered with hogskin staiwd 

Hack and stamped with the imperial eagle, the rose, and other 

£7. 10* 1501 

The binding is of the same ago as the book ; but the lettering-piece on 

the back was added in the last century. 

ANNE and KATHERINE (SS.). Dysz ist eyn seltzeme vu gute 

legedc von eant Annan nnd von jrem gantze geslecht welche 

Bant Anna geboro hatt die mutter gottes die jugfrowo Maria . . 

(h 4 woodcuts — Disso ist eyn fiire redde jn das leben dor 

beUigen bischoff Encbarii Valerii vnd Materni die do disze 

lutzhmt zu de nistcglanbe babe bekort. Getruckt uff Or iinecle . . 

uts — Das ist ein niiwe seltzeme nnd liistige legend 

macb.1 vn andern sechs legende vnd sagt von dem vrsprung 

vnnd leben marter vnd sterben vnd ouch von den wnnderzeichi"- 

der wolgeborne kiinigin vn Jnnekfrawen vnd marferin Bant 

Katherinen, Strassburg vo meister Hans gruenninycr . . . 1500, 



with 18 woodcuts — 3 vols, in 1, 4to. fine clean copies in Hie oriyinal 
oak boards covered with stamped leather, £20. Strassburg, 1500 

The present edition of the first ami second pieces of this volume was 
unknown to Gracsso, who ineutions the Strusburg edition of 15(19 only, aud 
there is no donbt but that it is of great rarity ; the third piece is mentioned 
under St. Katherine. 

The woodcuts, which ore twenty-nine in number, are very superior in 
execution to those usually met with in similar books of the period ; they are 
all coloured by a contemporary hand so skilfully as not to detract from their 

The vellum leaves which form guards to the volume are portion of a life 
of the martyr Trnnquillinus from a MS. of the eleventh century. 

35991 CHELIDONIUS. Passio Iesu ChrtBti saluatoris mundi, vario 

Carminu genere F. Benedicti Chelidonij Musophili doctissime 
descripta. Cam figuris artificiosissimis Ioannis Vuechtelin, sm. 
folio, Roman letter, with 28 admirable full-page woodcuts from 
the designs of Hans Wechtlin ; fine copy in olive morocco extra, 
gilt edges, by Gape, from the libraries of Desgand Didot, £31. 10* 

f. n. (Argent. Griininger, 1507) 
This excessively hare first edition contains at the end one 
engraving of two deathbeds which was not repeated iu the later impressions. 

35992 PLAVTVS Poota Comicvs (cum prrefationo Ioannis Adelphi), 

12mo. (18mo.), printed in a minute semi-Gothic letter, with many 
woodcuts ; a rare and pretty edition, SA. 4< 

Joannes Gruninger . . M.D.VIIT. . . Argentine (1508) 

35993 COSMOGRAPHIE INTRODUCTIO : cam quibusdam Geo- 

metric ac Astronomic principijs ad earn rem necessarijs. 
Insuper qnattuor Americi Vospucij nauigationes. Uniuersalis 
Coamographie descriptio . . . sm. 4to. Gothic letter, 37 lines per 
page, woodcut diagrams, with an exact facsimile of the folding ugf 
Which e.ehibi/s the outline of a practical globe, and is usually 
called the Mappi-mand'-, bds. £20. 
Fressit apud Argentoracos hoc opus Iiigeniosus vir Joannes Q 

niger. Anno . . supra sesqnimillesimii Nono . . (1509) 
The first edition had been printed in 1507, of this famous book in which 
the name America was proposed and used for the first timo. 

the same, am. 4to. quite perfect and genuine, a beau- 


liful copy in dark brown morocco extra, lined with olive morocco 
gilt, gilt edges, £45. 1509 

another copy, sm. 4to. perfect, in old calf, £40. 1509 

Bound up with two pieces printed by Hcnricus Stephanas at Paris : 
" Victor do Carbcn do vita ct moribus Ivdeorvm, 1511," and " Clichtovovs do 
landibus Lndovici regis Francitc, 1516." 

86096 GERSDORF and GEYLER. Feldtbuch deb wundartzney (von 
Meister Hans von Gerszdorff genant SchylhanB), ff. 4 and 95, 
Gothic letter, double columns, with 42 lines per e,,lumn. niimrrrcms 
a i.d jim woodcuts of surgical operations, by limn Wachllin, 
Straszburg, Joanes Schott, 1517 — Die Emeis Dis ist das bnoh 
veil der Omeissen . . , von dem hochgelerten doctor J<>; 
Geiler vo Kciscrsperg ... 2 parts, 88 leaves (numbered 
Gothic letter, double columns, 43 lines per column, numerous 
• oeiiigs, two of which are signed C 15 or E 15, the las! Uaf 
mended and fastened to inside of cover, Strassburg, Johannes Grie- 


, 151G — in 
Tebach' d. G 1-. 

1 vol. 8m. folio, early stamped eoif binding, 


Johann Pryss (1486-1520). 

THERAMO (Jacobus tie)] Belial zu tontach. Ein gericnfa 
handel zwischen Beleal hcllischem verweser als klegcr einem 
teil, vnd Jesu Oris to, liymmelisckem got, antwurtcr, anderni 
teile . . . small Mo. with 33 curious woodcuts, vellum, £7. 10s 

rg, Johannes Pros:, 1508 

Th« translator's preface assures as that this legal contest bad never really 

taken place. The plot of the drama or 6tory is that Lucifer considered hirn- 

Belf defrauded by the Crucifixion, of his rightful ownership in a great number 

of souls, and therefore instituted the process which is described here. 

Renatus Beck (1490-1521). 

; ORTUS SANITATIS | Do horbis et plantia. | Do Animalibus & 
reptilibus — DeAuibusetvolatilibus| DoPiscibus&natatilibus |Do 
Lapidibus & in torre vonis nascetibus | De Vrinis et ear'apeciebus | 
Tabula medicinalis Cum directo- | rio generali per omnes trac- 
i.iuis, am. folio, Gothic latter, double columns, 55 lines to a full 
page ; fine large woodeut on the back of the title and nearly 1000 
leuts scattered throughout the text; wanting leaf b 2 ami leaf 
ail 1 {the. latter probably a blank leaf;) vellum, £5. 

s. n. [? Argent. Ben. Bed;, circ 1490] 
This is the first edition described by Unmet, and the one which he evidently 
considered the most ancient. It is the same type as the Ocsccntins following, 
which Holtrop in the Hague library cataloguo refers to li. Beck. 
5999 CRESCENTIJS (Petri do) Ciuis Bononieii. in commoiiu rura- 
tiuM cum figuris libri duodecim, sin. folio, Gothic letter, 158 
leaves (the first being the title and (he VMh a blank leaf), fa 
iumns, 53 lines per column, with numerous woodcuts of 
. gardening operations, rural architecture, 
farming, etc. in the original ■■tamped binding mended, £10. 

nota [{"Argent. Ren. Beck, circ. 1490] 

Johann Schott (1490-1516). 

PTOLEM.EU.M f;cot.'i-nplioruTn rov ap^oi- emaculatum, locup- 
tum, necnon & primo suo candori restitutum . . . gratare 
mrio Obelo . . . large folio, with 47 woodcut maps, fine tall 
calf gilt, £16. Joannes Seotus, Argcntorati Uteris exoepit, 1520 
A valuable edition. The title is within a fine ornamental woodcut 
border, which is printed in a brown chiaroscuro tint, and presents a very early 
example of this style of printing. There are in all forty-seven maps, the lir.-t 
of which is printed in five colours, and the others more or less tinted by hand 
The 29th map is entitled, " I )rbis typns universalis juxta Hydrographorum 
tradiiionem ; " in this are marked the islands of " Isabella. " and " .Npagnolla " 
and a part of the mainland of the continent of America. The 30th map, 
entitled '• Tabula in: hi: sotb," is tho famous map known as the "Carte de 
1'Aniiinl," which along with the Orbis Typus that precedes it, was undoubtedly 
the work of Amerigo Vespucci, in 1604, when he had just quitted hia employ- 
ment as captain or vice-admiral in the Portuguese service, and was looking for 
BM position in that of Spain. 

>1 JNDAG1NB (Joanrus) [Johann Hagen] Die kunst dor Chiro- 
i hung der liend. I'hysiognomcy . . Naliir- 

24-1 • 


lichen Astrologey . . . Complexion eins yeglichen menschens. 
Natiirlichen ynfliiss dor Planeten . . sm. folio, Gothic letter, 
numerous woon hiding the portrait and a mis of Indat 

many diagrams of the hand, delineation* of heads and faces, astro- 
logical Jig it res, etc. ; hf. morocco neat, £6. 6s 

Stras-burg, dnrch Joannem Scholt, M.D.zxiij (1523) 

Joharm Knobloch (1497-1527). 

36002 MELBERII Gerol/zhojfien. (Joannis) Voi'iilmlarius Predicantium. 

(On first leaf of text .) Vocabulariua dictus Variloquns, qui 
verbu polisemon ac a'quiuocutn lingua Gerraanica multifariara 
exponit, piiBclicantibua vtiliasimus . . . sm. 4to. Gothic letter, 
bis. £2. 16s (Argent.) Knobbatchus {circ. 1498) 

The author compiled this useful unit curious Latin-German dictionary 
from the discourses and lectures of Jodocus Kychman do Kulb, professor of 
divinity at Heidelberg. 

36003 PASSIONAL. Dor text des passions oder leydens cbristi nusz 

den vier euangelisten zusammen in ein sinn bracht mit schonen 
figuren, 'small folio, 25 large woodcuts illustrating the life of 
Christ, by Urs Graf, a fine large copy in red morocco extra, qilt 
edges, by Bedford, £12. 12a 

Johannes Knoblouch :v Stras:burg, M.ccccc.vij (1507) 

another fint /" morocco extra, gilt edges, 

/>e, £15. 1507 


Passio Domini nostri, sm. folio, the text in Latin, but the 10a 
the same as in the German edition, parchment-covered board*, £9. 

Joihtes Knoblouchus, Argen. 15U7 

" Cc mince volnme conticnt 25 grundes gravures qui portent le mono- 
grnmme V + G, qni est celui d'un artiste strasbonrgeois, eleve de Martin 
Schon, qu'on avail confondu d tort avee Urse Graf, niais quo M. Passavant n 
signale, t. II, p. U0. On croyait autrefois a Bale qu'il se nommait Urse 
Gamberlein." — (Didot, Cat. rat*., n° 167.) 

Later researches have however established the fact that these engravings 
are the production of Urs Graf, who was then working iu Zurich or Basel. 

Many euch works as this, creditable alike typographically and artistically, 
were produced in Strassburg while Alsatia was still an independent princedom 
of the Kmpire, but from the time when it lost its German nationality — till now 
— it seems also to have lost its vitality as a home of art and literature. 

Mathias Hiipfuff (1499-1515). 

larum textu <j5 accuratissime deprompta additis sactissiinis 
exqaisitissimisqj fignris .... Rigmannus Philesius ad lecto, 
Mira arte, . . sm. folio, Roman letter, with the sunn $et of n 
cuts, from the identical blocks, as in Knobloch's edition supra j 
fine copy i)i red Monaco tatra, gilt edges, £10. 

Mathias Hupfiiff imprimehal. Argen. Anno. M.D.XIII. 

Other Printers. 

36o0G # NoT0M Testame.vtcm Greece, 12mo. with a good many nearly 
temporary MS. notes by an English hand, J. II'. calf, 20s 

Argcntmati, a/aid Vualjium t'ephahvum, 1524 
A valuable edition. This volume fa usually wanting to complete the full 
text of the Greek Bible published by Cephalieus. 


36007 HUTTICHII (J.) Imperatorvm et Cawarvm Vita? cum Imagi- 
nibus . . . elencho & Iconiis Consilium ... 2 vols, in 1, sm. 
4to. Roman letter, wooilcut portraits tff the Emperors (while on a 
black ground, copied (probably by Vogtherr) from the Ulnstrium 
Imagines of Fulvius, Rome, 1517; with numerous woodcut 
borders U • by Holbein, fine copy in fkt Original limp 
ct'llum, £3. 3s Argentorali (Wolfgang Cephalceus), 1534 

Tin: intended book on the Consuls by Huttich was not printed : and the 
publisher only issued a list of Consuls' names with the collection of their 
portraits Tlie woodblocks of Holbein's ornaments must hare been lent or 
cent from Basel to Strassburg for reproduction in this hook. 

36008 BOCCACCIO. Centum Novella Johannis Boccatii. Hnndert 

nenwer histovien, 65 spirited woodcuts, Strassburg, M. Jacob 
merlander, 1535 — Pauli (Johannis) Das Buch Schimpff 
■ \' Ernst geuannt . . . 40 fine woodcuts by Hans Burymair, 
mi:/ Hans Scheufelcin, Augspurg, Hcnirich Stryncr, 1536 (on 
title L526) — 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, ca gold tooled sides in 

Grolier style, gill and marbled edges, £16. 1535-36 

These two volumes constitute a most interesting repertory of early 
German artistic illustrations. 

36000 Zieoler (Jacobus) Terno Sanctro, qvam Pala?stinam nominant, 

Syrias, Arabia?, ^Egypti & Schondina doctissima descriptio . . 

sm. folio, 8 folding maps, red morocco extra, gilt edges, by 

Kalthoeber, £12. 

Argentorati, apiid Yueml-linttm l!il,,t:nm. An. M.D.XXXVI (1536) 

>10 LOOSZ11DCH, zn ehren der Romischen, Vngerischen vnnd 

Bohemisehen Kiinigin, sra. folio, Oothie Idler, with innumerable 

n all potsibie combinations, and 117 admirable 

: fine oopy in green moroeeo ttra, : r'll edges, by Lortic, 

£16. Strassburg, bey Balthassar Beck, 1546 

This is a fortune-telling book in verse. 

36011 (BIDPAI) DER ALTEN WEISENN exempel spruch, mit vil 

schonen Bcyspilen vnd fignren erlencbet. Darinncn fast aller 

mensehen wesen, Hiiiidel, Vntrow .... Fignriert viid ange- 

zeygt worden, sin. folio, MMlHrotU woodcuts, hf. bd. £10. 

Strassburg, Jacob Frolich, 1545 

This is a translation of the Directorium I Iumanic Vita: of John of Caput. 

The names found in the original Kalila and Dimna have tan transformed 

(through the deficiencies of Oriental alphabets) from Nnshirvan to Anastres 

Tastri and fmm Bidpai to Sendebar. The similarity of many of the stories to 

M in the "Seven Wise Masters" which is properly called the book of 

.bud, and this corruption of the name of Bidpai (which is easily accounted 

for in the transit from Arabic or Persian through llebrow to Latin Letters) 

have frequently caused the two books to be confounded. 

(1463) Cologne. 

Ulrich Zell (1466-94). 

1 2 CHRYSOSTOM. Fol. 1 : (P ) Ictores imitantur arte natura A 
'"res . . At end ; . . per mo Ulricii zcl de hanan elerieu 
Mogutinefi. Anno dni niillt'simo qnadrigetesimo sexa- 
gesimo sexto, sm. 4to. an excellent copy of an excessively rare 
opuscule, £55. 1466 

Only three other copies arc known of this, the first dated production of 
the Cologne Press. 


3C013 ADGUSTINUS (S.) Prologus bcati augustini in libra de vita 
cristiana felicitcr incboat, 19 leaves, the first two having 25 
to each page, six having 28 lines to a page, and the others having 
27 to each page — Augustini Aurclii Ejii liber de Bingularitate 
clei'corum, 33 leaves, 27 lines to each page, Per me Olrieu sel de 
Hanau clericii. diocesy Moguntinen. AnnoSfc. sexagesimoseptimo — 
2 vols, in 1, 6in. 4to. Gothic letter, old English red morocco t 
gilt edges, £36. {Colonial, 1467) 

36014 ^ENEAS SYLVIUS. Pius papa secudus eloquetissimns . q obijt 

Anno. M.cccc.lxiiij. in Ancbona. du pficisci pposuerit contra 
tnrcos. coposnit. etc. sm. 4to. Gothic letter, 54 leaves, the first 
being a blank,27 lines per page ; fine copy in French blue morocco 
extra, silk linings, and gilt edges, by Padeloup, £8. 8s 

8. n. (Colonim, Ulrich Zell, circ. 1468-69) 

Both Brunei nnd llain blunder in their description of this rolume. The 

total number of leaves is 54, of which the first is totally blank ; the second 

begins with an intitulation as above, and the text ends on the twonty-fifth line 

of the obverse of folio 54 with " cni e honor & gloria in scculor' secula Amen." 

36015 SANCTIUS (Rodericns). Ad sanctissimu et . B. dominu. dfim 

Paulum secundum potificem maximu. liber incipit dictns speculu 
vitc humiie . . . edit' a Rodoico zamoresi et postea calagaritao 
higpano eiusde scitatis i castro suo sci angeli castellao, sm. 4to. 
Gothic letter, 204 printed leaves, 27 lines per page; bound in 
strong old russia, gilt edges, £7. 10« 

Seeulu (sic) vite huane : in quo . . . finit. f elicit.' (Colonial, 

Ulrich Zell, circ. 1409-70) 

36016 JEROME (St.) Incipit epistola beati Eusebii. Ad sanctum portnen epni & Theodosiu Romanorii senator?. Do 
morte gloriosi] confessoris Ibcronimi. doctoris eximij. 47 /• 
— Incip. Epistola bti Augustini doctoris eximij ad beatii C'yrillu 
secund' Ihcrosolomitanu Episcopu de magnificetijs eximij doc- 
toris bti Ricronimi psbiteri, 9 leaves — Incipit Epl'a Sancti Cyrilli 
seenndi Ilicrosolimitani Episcopi. Ad beatu angustinu Epm 
doctoreni eximiu de miraculis beati Iieronimi doctoris egr. 
55 leaves — 2 parts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. Gothic letter, 111 leaves, 87 
li%ei per page : fine '''-'I'll in blue morocco extra, gilt edges, £3. 
Sinenotd (Colonics, Ulrich I'll, area li; 
The last fourteen leaves contain two epistles of St. Ji- runic himself: "Ad 
Sufannaui lapsam," and "Ad El) odor - ." 

36017 Axtonim's ARciiiKi'iscorns FtORBHTOTDB. Imipiut Rubrice super 

"•tilth ilc- instructionc sou directiono simpliciu OOnfl momm . • 
. . Prologns sup Trnctatu de instructione sen direetioe simpliciu 
oOfessor 1 Editu a duo Aathonoio fticbiepfl lloretino . . . In fi 
Incipit Bermo beati labia Oriwatomi de penitentia, Gothic £ 
I I ! leaves, the last blank, 87 r po^e— (Thomas Aqi a 

Inc-i|ii( Bamtna edits \ woto Thorns de Aqno. De Articnl' fidci 
&. Bcoie SaommStifl] Gothic tetter, 16 leave.* (the lii.*i Hank) 

1 Mils, in L, sm. ito.fim copies in the original 
stamped ealf landing. £0. 8. ik (jOctcmvr, Uh. Zell, tire, 1409-70) 

The initials II. C. slainpcd on the biuijiuj; represent probably the binder's 


36018 CICERO. (De Amicitu et Paradoxa) Fol. 1 : (Q) Vintua . 
mucins . augur . multa | narrae de . G. lelio . . Fol. 20 : Finit 
liber ciceronis do amicicia. Fol. 27 : fV)ersu8. xij. sapietu . . 
Fol. 31 : Marci Tnlij Ciceronis paradoxa Incipit . . Fol. 43 : 
Marci Talij Ciceronis paradoxa explicit. Gothic letter, 43 leaves 
{of which the 30th is blank), 25 lines )>er page, the margins a little 
weak with damp ; Sine nota (typis Ulr. Zell, c.irc. 1470) — Bcrley 
(Walter) Incipit Pulcher tractatus, 98 leaves, Gothic letter, as 
described post under Ther lloernen, 1472 — 2 vols, in 1, em. 4to. 
old calf , from the Sniiderland library, £20. Colonial, 14(70-)72 

The printer of the R-Bible (1466-75). 

36019 CATHOLICON. Fol. 1 : Incipit summa qne yocatur catholicon 
cdita a fratre iohanne de ianna ordis fratr' pdicator', large folio, 
semi-Gothic letter, with capitals which are for the most part 
Soman and include the jieculiar R; the second and third leaf 
wanting j in doable columns, 67 lines per column; the initials 

■ ted; splendid copy in crimson morocco extra, gill edges, by 
'in, £18. S. n. (e»Ve. 1466) 

This is perhaps the second work produced by the printer whose peculiar 
letter It has occasioned so much discussion. The water-mark is sometimes 
the bull's head, sometimes the rose, and sometimes different from both of these 
but not made out. — It is quito certain thnt Mcutelin was not the printer, but 
it is still possible that the volume may hare been printed at Strassbnrg, although 
the tendency is growing to accept Mr. Madden 's theory that the Brothers of 
Common Life at Cologne produced all the It-books. 

36020 MAGNI (Jacobi) de Parisius, ordinis bereniitar' sancti Angn 
Zopbilogium, 6m. folio, Soman letter, 219 leaves, the last two 
blank, 35 lines per page ; with autograpk rig nature and manuscript 

■■■!■■ of " Fr. Henricns de Liechrstal,'' a contemporary of the 

. lint copy, with painted initials (tin firsi listoriatrd with 

the author's j ifl brown notOOtO extra, borders of gold, 

i, £7. Sine nota (! Colon in', about 14')t.'') 

This book is the original of the " Book of Gode Manors " wbidi was 

printed by Caxton in 1487, in a version made by himself from the French 

translation of the text. The proper name of Jacobus Magnus was Jacques 

Legrand ; he wae a native of Tonlouse. The manuscript index referred to 

above is on 8 leaves of the same paper as was used by the printer. Fr. 

Ilciuricua of I.iccli-tal must therefore have lived in the neighbourhood of the 

place of impression. 

36021 VALERIUS MAXIMUS. Incipit Ensrot-A super declaracione 
Valerii Maximi. Edita a fratre dyonisio de Burgo sancti 
Bepnlchri ordinis fratrum heremitnnim {sic) sancti Atigustini, 
stout sm. folio, Soman letter, 86fl //»«■, 36 lines per page ; ruled 
throughout with red Knet, the large initial on first page finely 

ited, and the large initials painted in. half calf, £10. 

Stne nofo {? Colonial, 1466) 

There arc manti»cript signatures, apparently by the printer himself. 

Madden holds that the It-books were printed by Jcnson at the Monastery of 

Wcidonlach between 1 102 and 1169, in which latter year he went to Venice. 

They are both on the same paper, of which the water-mark is tho Gothic y 

Mirinoanted by a star ; which indicates tho vicinity of the Low Countries. 

-ENEAS SYLVIUS. Epi8tole Enee silnii Poetc laoriati Incipinnt 
fcliciter, sm. folio, Soma,: letter, 215 leaves, 37 lines per 


red morocco, with ornamental gilt borders, from the Sunda 
library, £6. S.n. (circ. 1472) 


supposed to have been printed by Mentelin of Strasbarg about 1472. Tbcre 
are MS. xignnturcs, probably of tlio same date as the impression. — On the 
blank leaf at the beginning is a contemporary signature or note " Per 
1 Inns to stutg " — which might tempt a reader to regard it as the printer's 
name. — This book is evidently of later date than tho two preceding volumes, 
and indicates a greater technical skill in tho printer. Strange to say, the 
poper-mark throughout is the Cross-keys. 

Arnold Ter Hoernen (1470-83). 

36023 THOMAS AQUINAS (S.) Incipiut tituli questionu de xii. qodlibet 

fratriB thomo de aqno do ordine pdicator' .... sm. folio, 
Gothic letter, in double columns, forty lines per column, icith 

i in j mommm in capitals; the colophon printed in red; the 
Mdb painted in; very fine copy in French blue morocco extra, 
Impressns Colonie per Arnolduui ther hoernen Anno dni. 1-471 . . . 

It is a rare circumstance to find a book with Ther Roemen's name and 
the date both indicated. Out of 61 impression-", only eight are thus marked, 
and most of the eight belong to tho later productions of his press. The above 
l>elong8 to the work of his first year. 

36024 Sermo. Incipit sermo do presentacione beatissime virginis. Marie. 

am. 4to. Gothic letter, 14 leaves, 26 lines per page, bds. 20s 

8. n. (Arnold Ther Hoernen, circ. 1471) 

36025 BURLEY. Incipit Pnlcher traetat' collcus. p vonerabilem 

doctore Walteru burley Anglicu De vita ph'or', sm. 4to. Ml 

same Gothic type as the Aquinas, but in long lines, 27 lines to 

the page, the iut Halation and the colophon printed in red; red 

morocco extra, by Roger Payne, from the Wndhull library, £15. 

Et sic finitur perpulcher tractattu o linens vita mores ■' ae 

elegatissima phylozophor' ded ! simnl et gesta 

Per me Arnoldu ter home Anno dni. 1472 

'.' '-25»ROBERTUS MONACHUS. Explicit htstoru de Itinere otra 
TURCHOB, sm. 4to. Editio Princeps, printed in Gothic letter, long 
lines, 27 Unas to a page; fine copy in old red morocco, from the 
Sunderland library, £28. Sinenotd (A. Ter Hoernen, about 1472) 
This contemporary Chronicle of tho first Crusade is a book of permanent 
interest and value. The author mentions himself in tho Apologetieus Sermo on 
page 8 — from which we learn that he composed bis work in tho cloister of *ome 
monastery of St. Remigius in the bishopric of Hhcims, and that his name was 
Robertas, He accompanied Godfrey to tbo Holy Land, and in this work 
us un eye-witness the events of the years 1095-09. 

36U26 FLORI (Lucij Anei) Epitoma id est abbreuiatio de cursa ac stnni 

romanor' a fundacoe vrbis . . . sm. folio, printed in minute 

We characters, much smaller than in /lie Aquinas and tlte 

linrlrtj, with the i ntitnlat ion printed in red ; old yellmo mor. 

gilt mges, £5. nota (Colonize, A. Therhoernen, 1472) 

88027 the same, sm. folio, a very large and fine copy in green 

mora t, £7. 10s (1 ) 

An extremely rare edition, so seldom seen formerly that it w»« stated by 
Laire to bo " AKMa jienttus ijnota." Sykes's copy sold lor £13- 13s. 


Johann Koelhof (1472-1500). 
28 CICERO. Marci Tallii Ciceronis oratoris clarissimi ad Heren- 
iiiiini Rheloricorum nouorum liber primus feliciter ineipit . . . 
8m. folio, Gothic 1 leave* {the lust blank'), 34 lines per 

old red 'morocco extra, gilt edges, from the Sunderland 
library, £5. N. <i. (Colonire, Joannes Koelhof, circ. 1477) 

With signatures at in eights, g mid () six leaves each (the last a hlnnk). 
—This edition is described in the Bibl. Spencer. I 353 j by Brunei II 31 ; 
and by Panzer IV 112 ; but none of these bibliographers divined who was the 
typographer. Graesse however guessed rightly: the book is in exactly the 
same type as the .Bn«os Sylviut and the Ovidii Vetala which follow. — At the 
end of the Rhetorical in this volume, two letters of vKncas .Sylvius are printed ; 
one of which, addressed to Ileiurich Count of Lupffen, contains an interesting 
sketch of the various kinds of book-collectors. The real object of the letter 
was to obtain a loan of the MSS. of Terence, of CMA de Arte Amandi, Amoris 
rtmtdio, and Triitia, ami of Hieronymus in Epislolis, which Count Lupffen 
possessed ; as ^Eneas Sylvius was desirous of re-perusing those old friends 
now that Easter is nigh and tltat I shall be able to feed on meat and get rid of 
fish, potherbs, and oil. 

To this printer belongs the distinction of having been the first to use 
popM ri gMJtniM fja his edition of Nider, Prcceptorium divine legis, 1478). 
3602V -1:m:AS SILVIUS. Enee siluij senusis . . . Ror' familiariii 
1 1 1 c i j > i fi t epistolc peramene, am. folio, Gothic letter, 251 leaves, 
35, 36, or 37 lines per page, last leaf mended, old calf, £5. 10* 

Per me Johanncm Koelhof dn lubeck Oolonie incolam Anno 
iuoinuitionis M.cccc.lciij (1458, sic pro 1478) 
With signatures n2 to ce (8) irregularly printed. 

36030 OVTD (pseudo-). Prefatio sino argnmentuj Lconis prokmotarij 
sacri palaoij bizantoi sab Vatackio principe in librum Ouidii 
nusonis pelignensis De yetola, sm. folio, Gothic letter, 42 leaves, 
with SO tines per pagi .■ portion of three lines lost on the last leaf; 
'•yrocco extra, i/ilt edges, £5. 

menu et correclus summa cum diligentia per meJohannem 

Koelhoffde Lubeck Oolonie eiuem Anno natiuitatis dominice 

qii'idringestetimo septuagesimo nono . . . (1479) 

First edition with a date. — It has signatures n2-f3. 

■ 1 [VORAGINE (Jacobi do)] Lombardica historia quo a plerisqz 
A urea legenda sanctoru appellatnr Item MartyrologiO Usuardi 
monaelii ad Karolum magnum, 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, Gothic 
Utt I in double CoUmUU, 45 lines per column; bound, 

£2. 16s Impresii diligent? p. wte JohSj Koelhoff de Lubeck 

i 'iuem sdcte felicisqy Colonic agrippine If oosu- 
malu feliciter= Anno salutis ac gre 
mcccoxc. (1490) 

Johann GuldenschalT of Maintz (1477-87). 

OIOB&O. M. T. C. Di: Amicicia, sm. 4to. Gothic letter, 26 leaves, 
26 liu-< )•■ r page ; fine copy in old calf gilt, from the Sunderland 
librarf, £5. >'. n. (Ooloniir, ilnhhnschaff, circ. 1477) 

iK (J.) Serrao de ocepcioe gloriosissie dei genetricis vginis 
marie subtilis & exatus p. egregiu; ilhimlissiuiu atj doctissimu 
ip' mgrm lohem gereon . . . small 4to. fine copy in boards, 
£1.8* Sine notA {Colonise, Gulden$ehaff,oiroa 1477) 

Sixteen leaves, in Gothic characters, twenty-five long lines to the full page. 


Heinrlch Quentel (1479-1502). 

36033 PETRUS HISPANUS. Tractatus dnodecim Petri Hispani, 
small 4to. with 2 woodcuts and. 3 woodcut diagrams, fine copy, 

Ira, tooled sides, gilt edge), £3. 3* 

Golonie industria Henrici Quentel [1499 J 
A treatise on Logic, in the form of an Aristotelian commentary. It ii 
uncertain whether the author was the monk I'elrus Hirpanus, who become 
Pope John XXI, or a different person who never rose beyond the cloister. 

36034 [WIREKER (Nigel) Speculum Stultorcm]. Liber qui ititu- 
latur Brunellus in speculo stultorum Narratio Galieni de bruneta 
et bicorni Narratio de gallo et qncrimoniis galline Brunellus 
onertit ae ad singl'os status hoim, sm. 4to. Gothic letter, 70 
leaves, 35 linijf per page ; with signatures a-0 in sixes, except c. f, 
t, ft, ill, n, which are in fours ; 27 curious woodcuts ; some leaves 
wormed ; old French red morocco extra, by Derome, £4. 

In impcriali f'Aiciq-, ciuitate Coloniensi Anno . . . millesimo 

quadrigentesimo nonagesimo nono . . . {Quentel, 1499) 

The last leaf has a double woodcut on the reverse, but is otherwise 

entirely blank. — Sec a long account of the author in Wright's Biographia 

Britannica IAteraria. 

36035 Passio Magistrates dm nri Iesu Cbristi . . . Cfi glosa ... p. 
Iacobu gaudesom . . . sm. 4to. in sheets, uncut, 10* 

Golonie, Henrietta Qitcn-tell, 1506 

Ludwig von Renchen (1483-1500). 

36036 MISSALE ROMANTJM. Folio 7: Incipit missale scdm stilii 
romnnc enrie dnica pma de aduetu . . . Colophon : Finit 
missale scrim ordinantiam romane curie . . . sm. folio, 291 
leaves, printed in black and red in three types, the text in large 
Gothic missal type, with the Canon in a still larger and bolder 
character, the iiis/ntelions in similar but smaller Gothic leth rs. iu 
double columns, 30 lines per ordinary column; bound in blue 
morocco extra, gilt edges, £25. 

JnprawNffl p. wu I'dnvicum de Renchen. cine Coloi. 
Anno . . . Millesimoquadringrtrsimooetiiagcsimot' 

. . . (Colonial, 1483) 
Mr. Wcalc records the existence of three copies only ; two of which are 

Conrad of Zurichsee (1489-1517). 

36037 MOLITOR. Do Lanijs et Pbitoicis mulieribus ad illnstrissimit 
piicipcm dominum Sigismundnm archiducem austrie tractatus 
pulcberrimus pUlricum roolitoris de Constanlia . . . small 4to. 
Gothic letter, 22 leaves, 34 lines per page, 9 woodcuts (of wine/, 
3 arc reptitiniis) j blue morocco extra, gilt edges, with the Marquis 
■ / Blandford's crest on the sides, £4. 10* 

hnpi-'ssum Colonic apvd eotnu ntwm pdicatorv In de stole! 

J'' i ieluet ■ . ■ (arc. 1490) 

This is the only edition of (he work which I -ins an indication of the 
place and printer. It varies from the eililion described port, amongst 
cdi'lt'ona line nolo, and has several faults of impression. 

36038 — — — — another edition of the same, sm. 4to. Gothic letter, 22 


! Hues per page, with 7 woodeutt, hf. eoij Mint, £5. 

B. n.(rOolomi», L490) 

Evidently printed by Conrad of Zyrichzee. but with the errors corrected, 
the repetition of woodcuts avoided and on additional design impressed as a 
frontispiece on the title. 

3G039 Nicodeuds. Historia siue cuangelinm Nycodemi de geatis a 
principibua sacerdotu de pasaioe et resnrrectide dni. que inuenta 
est IriB hebraicis a theodosio magno imp'atore in iherusalem in 
pretorio pontij pylati in codieibua publicia, sm. 4to. woodcut of 
the crucifixion on title and at end, hf. bd. 32s 

Sine nota [? Ooloii i V Zyridkeee, cite. 1495] 

Hermann Buragart (1495-99). 

36040 Passio siue Historia zi. miliu v'oiku, sin. 4to. Gothic letter, 30 leaves, 
33///'- per page, Lirge woodcut of the martyrdom on the title, 
ami WOOOOld of St. Urmia on the last paye ; hf. bd. £3. 

S. K. {Hermann Bumyart, circ. 1496) 

11 ROSELLIS (Antoniua de). Tractatus putil' de Ieiunijs copoaifc' 
p dnm Anthoniu d' resell' vt'usqs iur' doc. bui. 4to. in a 
1 iarhj neat Gothic batarde type, 6 tear -, M7 lines per paye, 
a larye woodcut of the Holy Three Kings worshipping on the last 
page, panelled calf extra, £2. 2s 

Oolon. . . . per Hermanum Bumyart d'Ketwich . . . 

M.ccccxcvij. (1497) 
Other Printers. 

36042 FLAVII IOSEPI viri Ivdari iript avroKpAropot Xoyiepoi. Hoc eat 
.I Emperatrica Ratione, deqve inclyto septem fratrvni Macabre- 
oraiu . . . liber a D. Eras mo Roterodamo diligenter recognitua 
Luline, small 4to. lioman teller, 15 full-page woodcuts, calf, 


• 'ervicornus [circa 1516] 

Thil ran and curious volume is a history of the martyrdom of the family 
ol Um Maccabees and their mother, which is fully represented in the curious 
woodcuts with which the book i.-i illustrated. The last three represent the 
linking of the martyrs' bones and their preservation in tho College of tho 
Maccabees at Cologne. 

ISHER (John) Assebtionis Lvtkeranao Confvtatio Inxtavernm, 
ac origin.iliin archetypuni . . . Per reueredum patrem loanne 
Roffensfin Episcopum . . . am. 4to. lioman letter, in the original 
,".</ pigskin, with clasps, 30s M.D.XXIHI (Colonics, 1524) 

I I Assertionis Lvtheranae Confvtatio . . . nunc ad ungue 

ilili le recognita . . . ^Editio ultima . . . locupletata, 

the original stamped pigskin, 20s 

■.■'"•. Jmpen.iis , . l'ttii Quentel. M.D.X \\. 

sertionvm Martini Lvtheri confatatia . . . Aooeasit 
tol.ius opurifi |> eunde, pnt'eipuu tanicn anuntationum 
lil i in ui recngiiitio, L2mo. Guihic letter, a rare Spanish copper- 
Martin Luthero Herojo " added and patted 

in r ; en If, 16s 

Apudsanctam Vbiorwn Agrippintm M.D.XXV. 

36046 Das ga.vtz New Testament: So durch den Hochgelerten L. 

Hieronynram Emser verteutscht, mitt sampt scincn zugefugten 
Summarien vnd Annotationen . . . wie Martinus Lutther dem 
rechten Text (dcm Huschisehen exemplar nach) seins gefallens 
ab und tzugethanvnd verendert hab . . . sm. folio, Goth;,- I 
many woodcuts and woodcut initials} in the original wooden boards 
covered with pigskin, £2. 10s 

Collen, durch Heronem Fuels, corrigirt vonn J-ihan Li' 
Mit verlag des burgers Peter QuetUel, M.CCCCO.XXIX (1529) 

(1466) Ulm. 

Ludwig Hohenwang (1466-1501). 


Gothic letter, 289 printed leaves, 35 lim-s per page, calf gilt, £14. 10« 

[Ul »'"', per L- llfheiuranij, circa 1469] 

This raro volumo has been shown ntj clearly to be one of tho earliest 

books printed in Ulm at tho press of L. Hohenwang, abont 1470, by Dr. 

Hnssler. in his very careful and elaborate treatise on tho subject. 

36048 [LUCI ANI Asinus, Latine interpretatus perPoggium.] 

Poggius plurima salutem dicit Cosmo de medicis . . . 
sm. folio, Gothic letter, 15 leaves, 33 or 34 fines to a 
full page, with 8 large woodcuts ; old blue morocco 
extra, from the Sunderland library, £100. 

[Uhux] Ex qfficina et ductu ludovici hohemrnnng 
de Elchmgen (sic), s. a. [cir. 1472] 

Excessivelt rare. Its rarity may be imagined from tin- 
fact that Hassler, the special bibliographer of the early press at 
Ulm, cites it with hesitation, on the authority of Panzer, and no 
one else appears to have seen it nntil now. 

Besides the eight woodcuts referred to above (one of which 
is a repetition) there are two ornamental woodcut initials. Tho 
book is without catchwords, foliation, and signatures. 

Johann Zainer (1469-84). 

36040 PETRARCA, Grisel. So ich aber von stiitikait vnd getriiwir 
gemahel- | schafft : so manger frowen gesehriben habe, vnd 
von | kainer grossern iiber die grisel, von der franciscus pe- | 
trarcha schrybet, doch vsz johafiis boccaccij welsch in | latin: 
vnd von mir vsz latin in tutsch gebracht ... 12 leaves, gothie 
characters, 30 lines per page ; with 10 uoodouit, coloured; a wood- 
cut arabesque border to the first page. Sine nota [TJlmce, J 
Zainer, 1473] — (I)jjcipit. epistola. Franci | 
insigni. obedientia. et. fide, vxoria. Griselidis. in. Walthervm. 
10 leaves, Roman characters. 30 Hw per page, a woodcut aral, 
border to the first page ; 17 per loAtfneiH MMM1 

Beutlingen Anno domini. — 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, 

>M in old English ,■■ J moroeco I ttra, gilt edges, with the Wodhull 

arms in goll on the sides, £20. 1479 

The Latin text and the German translation were probably inned at almost 

tbe same time. There ore no woodcuts in the Latin, which may mnrk perhaps 
a alight anteriority. The translator into German was probably Johann 
Zainer himself. 

36050 Albertus Magnus. Incipit. liber. Alberti. Magni. ordinis | Pre- 

dicatorvm. de. adherendo. Deo. nvdato. intellectv. et. affeotv. 
et. | vltima. ■ et. svprema. perfectione. ho | minis, qvautvm. 
possibilc. est. — Gerson (IohauuiB) Tractatvlvs. de. Remediis. 
contra, pvsillaniinitatem. . . . — BoMYUTtm, Cardinalis, Epis- 
tola de modo proficiendi ; Brevis et vtilia doctrin:i Ivvenvm — 
4 parts in 1 vol. sm. folio, Soman character*, 40 leaves, 33 Unea 
to a page, an arabesque border to the first page ; bd. £2. 

Smm notd (Uhn, J. Zainer, about 1473) 

36051 [RAMPIGOLLIS (Antonii de)] Liber mannalis ivc introductorius 

in liiblie historias ligurasqj veteris ac novi testament i peroptimua 

Aurea diblu vocitatus . . . First edition with a date, Gothic type, 

158 leaves, 32-34 lines per page 

Vim diligent' p. Johdne; fOMMr it Tiutlingcn artijitialit' ejjlgial'. 

Anno legis gri. M.ccccdxxv . . . (1475) 

Liber Margarita Daditica nuncupates . . . Gothic type, 124 
iMVOfj 34 Unes per page, woodcut arabesque border to the first page 

■ r! t niel icuoilrnt initials 

Sine nota (Augusta, Gunther Zainer, circa 1474) 

2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, old russia gilt, with the Wodhnll 

arms on the sides, £7. 10* 14(74-) 75 

36052 ^ESOP. Fol. 2 a : Vita P^sopi fabulatoris clarissimi 
e greco latina per Rimicium I facta ad reuerendissi- 
nunii patrera domiuii Anthouiu tituli sancti | 
Chrysogoni presbiterum Cardinalem . . . Fol. 114 b: 
. . . Finis diuersarum fabularum, sm. folio, Gothic 
letter of two si;:<s, 114 leaves, 42 fanes per full page; 
with numerous uunn/cuts and icoodcut initials, ami 
arabesque border to the first two pages which face each 
other; blue morocco extra, rich/// gilt, gilt edges, by 
Lortic, very fine copy, with rough man/ ins, £100. 

Sine nota (cir. 1475) 
The first leaf is blank on the obverse, and bears the wood- 
cut of " Esopus " on the reverse. The signatures are a-q, of 
which u, c, e, g, i, 1, n, p, q, are in quires of eight leaves, tho 
others in quires of six. This edition is described only by 
Dibdin, and the continuator of Brunet ; and is referred by 
the latter to an Augsburg press, about 1472. There is an 
arabesque border of leaves and flowers enclosing the portrait of 
^Esop on leaf 1, and the first page of text on leaf 2. 

Perhaps printed by Johann Zainer, but not in the same typo 
as any of the three preceding articles. For the contents, see 
puft. an mulated edition described under the heading of 
Ntirnberg, Koberger. 


36053 Joannes Presiiyter. De Ritd et moribus Lndorum. Prespitcr 

Jolianes . . . amico suo Emanuel i Rome gubernatori salute 
. . . bid. 4to. vellum, £10. Sine nutii (?Ulm, Zainer, 1475) 

The celebrated teller to the Byzantine Emperor Manuel, which rofulicil 
Europe at the end of tHc twelfth century. A rare edition, containing 9 leaves 
(sign, a), 31 lines to a full page j the first page >nrrounded by a woodcut 
border, similar in character to what appears on the preceding Esopus. and the 
Petrarch which bears the name of Johann Zainer. 

Leonard Holl (1482). 

36054 PTOLEM^EI COSMOGRAPHIA (Laline reddita a Jac. Angelo) 

lientissimo patri Pavlo scevndo pontifici maximo (insoripsit) 
Donis Nicolavs Germanvs, folio, First Edition of the Ulm 
Ptolemy, splendidly printed in a semi-Gothic character, with 
woodcut initials, and the complete set of 31 maps, in contemporary 
colouring, a few of the leaves mended, and the leaf of colo] 
missing; calf, £10. (JJlme per Leonard nm H<d. 1482) 

The world-map is marked "Inscnlptum est per Iohanne Schnitzcr de 
Aruiszbeim," who was probably the engraver of all the maps. 

Conrad Dinckmut (1486-96). 

36055 BIDPAY. Hie endet sich DAS nucii dlB weiszheit oder der niton 

weisen. Ton anbeginne der welt von geschlecbt zn geschlechf , sin . 
folio, printedin Gothic letter, 35 line per page, with about 120 full - 
page woodcuts; fine copy iu dark OTOUm morocco super extra, 
vellum fly-leaves, gilt edges, by Chambolle-Buru, £63. 

Das hat gcdruckt Cunrad Dinelm 
Vim '. . . lf.oooo.lnxT. . . (1485) 
This is the famous and world-wide story of Kalila nnd Dimna ; known in 
medieval Latin as the Dircctorinm llumnnn: Vita'. 

36056 CRONIGK (VON SCHWABEN), sin. folio, original edition, 

with numerous full-page woodcuts, illustrating scmics in SkoMsh 
'■■ry; slightly wormed ; bound in brown morocco extra, ailt 
edges, £25. gctrurkt ton Cunrad Dinchmvt »u Vim, 1 

The annals of this chronicle end with the sack of Merit/, in M62. The 
woodcuts are remarkable as rare examples of a little known school ; tb«y 
were probably designed and executed by Dinkmnt himself, who had been an 
engraver bears he became a typographer, lie published a second edition in 
the same year as this, omitting however all the woodcuts but one. 

(1467) Augsburg. 

Giinther Zainer (1468-77). 

36057 ARS MORIENDI. Vol. \a: Tabula dispositorij artismoriendi . . . 

Folio 16: Nobilissimns liber de arte moriendi, sm. folio, Got hie 
letter, 21 leaves, :il IJMf pet page, with a if ■ the last 

page; an illuminated initial on page 2 \ ih:> t 1 morocco 

extra, gilt edges, from /'. Park library, £25. 

a i lypu I hmthen ■■' i c. 1 470) 


et B. dnm Paulam secudutn pontificem maxima liber in 
.Ik-ins bpk i.'.m nn in mam . . . sditna ft Bodobioo uaoiuRBi el 
postea calagaritano liispao . . . sm. folio, printed wt (Wei Qotkie 

r, AUGSBURG. 3357 




characters, 35 Untt pot page ; bound, 
H mcroMO extra, ptft edge*, £7. 7s 
.FiiuV tifor ... a Ginthero :aiacr SB Reutliifjru . . . trie 
ofit i-.jiiiam nH Aitgiuteiui . . . Anno . . . Mil- 
quadringentaiimo sepluagesimv prima . . . (1471) 

36059 APOLLON1US OF TYRE. (H)ett ichs geton ... Das is( aiti 
rornd indie uijstori des kuxioes appoloku . . . sm. folio, First 
Edition <>/' the German ted, printed in Qothit okartutert, 35 long 
H lies to each full page, three leaves mining; bound in old calf 
neat, from the Wudhull library ; EXCESSIVELY RARE, £5. 

Ill,: \ystory dot hunigtt , vo latin ;i< teutteh gemachet, 

hal qedruekt Gintlwrm Zainer von R tu tlingen t:u 
• Augipurg, Anno 4"c. HP.ccotP.laxaj'. (1471) 
The famous romance from wliicL Shakespeare's l'erielcs was derived. 

Johann Schiiszler (1470-73). 

3COM OROSIUS. Paul i Horosii presbiteri historiogphi discipl'i sancti 
anguatini cpi. viri liispani generis eloquentissimi. aduersu 
cristiani nois qrulos prologus i librossepte . . . sm. folio, Editio 
Princeps, printed in Gothic letter, the initials painted in, ViOleavet, 
35 Knot per pagi ; fine copy in old blue morocco extra, gilt edges, 
£b. Per tohtamiBehUsilerJlon ntittime orbit Auguste concine 
presti . . . 3/". qlringetesimo et septnagesiinopmo . . . (1471) 

-I'ENTII (Petrus de) Fol. 1: Petri do crescentiis ciuis. 
Bononiensis epistola in libru comodoru ruralium . . . Petri de 
crescencijs ciuis bouon. ruraliii omodorum libri duodecim finiunt 
feliciter . . . folio, Gothic letter, 209 leaves, 35 lines per page ; 
line copy in ■' ir . oik i Iget, by 0. Smith, £8. 8s 

p iohauu '''in angiutantem . . . Anno Millesimo 

qnadrinijeidctiiao et septuagesimoprimo fyc. (1471) 

the sinic, ti fine large oopy in the original b in ding, dm 

inscribed as having belongctl to the monastery of St. Mary of 
F&rttenfeld mi 1472, £10. 10« i 471 

TiiEBAUO (Jacobi de) Compendia pbreuo Consolatio peceatorum 
nnncupatnm : et apud nonnullos Belial vocitatum . ad papa 
Vrbanu sextum conscriptum : Incipit felitor (sic), sm. folio, in 

mat type at the Orosius, 115 leaves with 35 lines per page ; 
fint an jf ►* old red morocco extra, gilt edges, £7. 10« 
Per Joh. BoKUule' cine .1 m . . Mo.occclxiij . . (1472) 

l"ii>t dated edition of a very celebrated book. — There is a strong family 
resemblance between the type used in tbeso three volumes, and the Gothic 
type nsed by Mentelin in his Latin Bible, — which shows that the same person 
must hare cut the models for both. 

Anton Sorg (1475-92). 

; li LOUBKR (Jacobus). Nota h' quedil breuia excerpta Ex tractatnlo 

fratris jacobi louber . . . cotra istros qui dictint sauctos Joseph. 

joochim. marii jacobi ot salomo. ceteroscij vetoris testaimnii 

sanctos . . . nun esse venerandos . . folio, Qothie l-lter, 34 leaves, 

MN to a full page, the first and the last leaf blank; in the 



original boards covered with stamped leather, with maU 7/. 
pieces and knobs, £3. 10s 

t. n. (Augsburg, Anthon Sorg, eire. 1475) 

Bound up willi a MS. on vollum — -the first page illuminated — whicli 
contains a deed of assignment from Ludwig and Ulnch, Counts of Wiirtcin- 
hcrg, to Frederic Bishop of Coustanz, dated I486. This is followed by late* 
documents concerning the same ecclesiastical properly, down to 14T9, at winch 
date or soon after it is probable the book was bound, and these instrument* 
with it for safe keeping. 
CATHONIS MAGNI . . ethica (cam expositione Philippi Bergo- 
mensis), stout bid. folio, Editio Princeps, printed in Qvthio 
characters, 484 leaves, 40 I inet per page, fine copy in bhu morocco 

a, gilt edges, by Charles Lewis, from the Syston Park library, 
£7. 10s • 

. . . torquedo Augnstc imposita . . . M.OCOO.lxxv . . . (1475) 

l'riuted by Anton Sorg, although his name is not given. The number of 
leaves is Btateil by Brnuet to be 486, erroneously j but the other bibliographer* 
give it correctly as 484. 
3606G AMBROSE (ST.). Incipit Exrosmo sen explanatio UVOT1 


small folio, printed in Gothic characters, 159 leaves, 38 lines per 
page, with leoodoui initiate; fine copy in scarlet morocco M 
leather joints, and gilt edges, £5. 

. . per Anlhunium Sorg incolam opidi Augustensi.< . . . • tanneit 
haracteribus artificiality •fiigiatn ...Anno millet 

gvadringi ntetimo septvageeimo sexto (1470) 
36067 BOCCACCIO. Hyenach volget der kurcz syn von ettliohen 
fraueu von denen jobannes bocencius in latein beschriben lint 
vnd doctor heinriens stainhuwel getentscbet, sm. folio, Gothic 
letter, 148 leaves (the last blank), 33 lines per pagr, with nearly 
80 curious woodcuts to illustrate the ttorie*; a few slight u-orrn- 
hi'lrs in the margins near the end; fine copy in the original 
stamped calf binding repaired, £20. 

Augspurg vo Anthoni Sorgen . . Ixxix. jarc (1479) 
30068 BELIAL. Hie hebt sich an ein gut niiczlicb buch von d' recbt- 
licben iiberwindung xpi wider Satban den fiireten der belle vn 
des Blinders betrostug, sm. folio, Gothic letter, 93 leaves, 33 or 
34 lines per page, tvith 38 curious icoodcuts ; from the Pirchheimcr 
and Norfolk libraries, red morocco extra, by Bedford, £20. 
Anthonius sorg in . . urbe August en si . . Anno dni Ixxix , . (1479) 
One of the rarest of the early Geiman editions ; few copies having escaped 
the wrath of churchmen and the touch of clumsy bauds. 
36069 [SUSO (Henricus)] Hie seind gesebriben die capitel des buchs d5 
do PER Seusse beisset . . stout sm. folio, Gothic letter, 39 
per page, with woodcut initial.-, and many large and cm 
woodcuts, in contemporary ooiouring ; in the original bindi* 
wooden boards, covered with stamped pigskin, £15. 

Utdrvckt vnd OoUendet ist dies buch (des geleich lioeh better* 
de laien nit kund isl MM leben tebettern genant der Sd 
von Anthonio sorg, in der lieyserlichen stat Augs\>urg . . 

. . tauten t uier hundert neat und 
A curious mystical and visionory book written in 1.152. The engrai 
are full of striking symbolism and denote in themselves the character of the 
work. The author was a l>ominicun monk. 



gescheben zu Costencz] sm. folio, without the first Ihrn: and the 

last ten leaves ; about 600 woodcut coats of arms in contemporary 

colouring, and many KM / n ry large size represen ting 

'res, processions, sports, etc.; in the original wooden boards, 

b&, .CI". ■:/, Aiitlnmi Sorg, 1-183 

71 BOCCACCIO. Cento Noueli.e. Das soind Dio bundcrt neuen 
fivbelon oder historian so die gesaget scind worden zu einer 
pcstili'czischen zeiten, sm. folio, printed in Gothic letter, in double 
columns, 38 lines to each full column, numerous woodcuts, the title 
and (hi largt Woodeui on its reverse inlaid; hf. bd. gilt edgrs, 

VERY HAEE, £15. 

ispurg, von Anthonio Sorg : . . Tausendl vier fan 

cud in dem neunczigosten Jar (1490) 

Johann Biimler (1479-95). 
36072 MELUSINA. Das abentetirlich buch bewciset vna 
vu einer frawen genant Mclusina. die do ein merfeyn 
vn dnrczu ein gebornc kiinigin. vn ausz de berg 
Awalon koine ist. der selb berg leyt in franckreich. 
Vn ward disc Merfein alle samstag vu dS nabel liin 
vnd' ein grosser langer wurm. dan sy ein halb 
gespenst Wj . . . sm. folio, Gothic letter, the. above 
mtttulation printed in red, 100 leaves (the first of 
i'<h m entirely occupied by a large woodcut), 27 lines 
jii r /"!</■, with over 70 rude woodcuts which illustrate 
the story, a/most in the style of die old block-books; 
fine copy in crimson morocco extra, with broad borders 
of gold ami gilt e/ljes, from the libraries of Utterson 
and Didot, £120. 

Getruckt end vollendt von Johanni biimler zu 
Augspurg . . . U.OCCOXXXX. jar. (1480) 

Excessively rake: apparently no other copy of this edition 
being known. The book was translated by Thiiring von 
Rii' i of Bern from the French text of the romance 

<1 to Jean d' Arras. 

Erhart Ratdolt (1487-1516). 

73 REGIOMONTANUS. Almanack maqistri Ioiianis de monte 
OIO ad anos. xviij. accuratissimc calcnlata. sm. 4to. Gothic 
I 8 separate almanacks with diagrams, of 14 {cares each, and 
i leaves; altogether 2G0 leaves, a few water-sta^ 
Mi 24s Erhardi Uatdolt . . . iudustria . . . August*- Vindelicor' 

. . . M.cnr.l.rrscuj (1488) 

3C07L PSALTEBIUW cum appnratu vnlgari fmoiliariter iipprcsso. 
Lai Salter mit do loutechen nutzliche dabei gedrurkt, 

sm. 4to. printed in red and black Oothic letter, with woodcut 



initials enclosing figvm, these woodcuts and that of the frit 
marie coloured by a contemporary hand; in the original stamped 
binding, mended and rebacked, £5. 

Augspurg, von maister Erharte ratdolt . . . M.cccc.xciiij (1494) 
The Latin text, in a largo bold typo, occupies the body of the p:<pr-i ; the 
German translation is in a smaller type on the margins. — Tho title which 
precedes tho text of the Psalms and follows the calendar and register ia as 
follows : Incipit pealteriu inxta cumuneni orthodoxe ccclesio ritu cum 
npparntu rulgari pro more gcrmanor concinitvr adiuclo. 

Johann Schonsberger (1491-1514). 

36075 PONTDS UND SIDONIA. Das bnch vnd loblicho histori vo 
dem edelcn kiinigs snn ausz Galicia genant Pontns. Auch vfl 
dor schene Sydonia kiinigin ausz prit-ania. weche (sic) histori 
gar lustig vnd gar knrczweylig czu horcn ist, sin. folio, Q< 
letter, 88 leaves, the last one blank, 35 lines to a full page, with 47 
large wjudcnts,jinc copy, hf. bd. £00. 

Huron liannsen Schonsperger in . . Augspurg . . 
Mecca . . . Ixxxxi . . (1491) 
Kmesbivklt rabf. : no other copy than this (formerly in the library of 
Dr. Kloss) being apparently recorded. 

30070 ^ESOP. Dkr teitbch Esopos, am. folio, Gothic letter, <f.. 
columns; numerous woodcuts including the large and curious j. 

i-.'sop which appears on buth the obverse and the reverse of the 
title-leaf} four leaves, wauling and a fifth slightly defective, hf. bd. 

£5. Augspurg, von liannsen Schi'msprrgi ,-, 

M.cccc. vnd Lrxxxviij. | 
Tho life of A'.-o\> is followed by tho set of Fables which passed under his 
name ; then succeed the extra-^Csopian fables ; the fables of Himicios, newly 
Germanised j Avionns j Miscellaneous fables j Index. 

30077 CRONICK von dem bochwirdigon vnd loblicbon heyltam atiff do 

hcyligon Perg Andechs genant In oborn Bayren, small 4to. 
ioute, including a folding leaf with re presentations qftx 

velle,.., .17. 10» 

Augspurg, von Hannsen Schonsperger (uL> 
The detailed list of relics makes it plain that Andechs was more fortunate 
than the rest of the world in tho number and the value of its km red 

30078 THEDERDANK. [Prarzpra (Mdohior)] Dio geperSahBttea. 

vinl cins toils der goschichten des loblicbe strcitbaren vnd 
hochberiimbten holds vnd Rittors, Tewrdmiiickhs, folio, I 
Uothie letter with jliiii.rishcd ornamentation, 118 large woodcuts 
"ft' r Bfl '• VH ; fine copy tlH blue morocco extra, ail! \ 

by Bedfi rd, £81. 10* 

dedruckt in d< e Knysi i-lichi n Slat Augspurg dn 'tern 

Bin rger im Jar Tausent fUnffhui 

mid im NeunUehenden (1510] 
This is the second edition. Sec description of the first (1517) under 
Nnioiubcrg post. 

Johann Otmar (1502-17.) 
3C079 VESPUCCI (Amerigo). Fol la: M nines Norns. FoUolb: 
Alboi'icns vcF]mciua Laurentio Petri dc medicis s-.ilutcm pluri- 


mam dicit, Gothic letter, 4 leaves, 40 lines per full page, crimson 
■morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, vert hare, £48. 

Magister johanes otmar : vindelicc impnuii Avguste 

Anno mSUtkno qmngentetiiHoftiarto (1504) 

36080 LAYENSPIEGEL. Der Kit) Layejjki'iecei. Von reuhtmassigen 

ordnnngen in Bnrgerlielicn nnd pcinlichen Rdgimenten. Mitt 

Additon. Anch dor guldin Bulla, Koniklich reformation 

■andfriden, anch bewarnng gemainer rcclit vnd anderni antzaigen 

[von Uluicii Tekgi.Er], small folio, 3-1 full-page woodcuts by 

Hans Btirgmnir and Hans Frank, representing the transaction of 

civil and criminal affairs in Suubia, courts of justice, scenes o 

Aliment, etc. fine copy in vellum, £10. 10* 

Augspurg, Hans Othmar, 1511 

Erhart Oeglin (1505-16) and Georg Nadler (1508). 

1081 REITTER. Mortilogus. F. Conradi Reittcrii Nordlingensis 

Prioris monasterii CresarionBia. sm. 4to. Roman letter, woodcut of 

arms on title, and 9 fine woodcuts in the text, fine of which contain 

ins which must have suggested some of the figures in Holbein's 

Dance of Death ; blue morocco extra, gilt edges, £5. 5* 

. . p- r Erhardum dfflin §' Oeorgiu Nadler Augustcn . . 
Anno Itilletimo quingentesimo octavo (1508) 
A very curious book of Latin poetical exercises, two of which arc invoca- 
tion* to the Virgin against the French %-ox. — The Death- Dance pictures have a 
particular interest as being produced in the nalivo city of Hans Holbein 
when he was just eight years of age, and his father had not yet left Augsburg 
fb* Basel. 

KM A N I ' KL Rf.x Portcgalmj!. Epistola potenfissimi ac inniclis- 
KUni Emannelis regis Portugalie ct Algaibioru. do. do victorijs 
habit is in India <fc Mnlacha. ad . . . Leone deeimfi. ponl. 
maximu M.D.xiij, sm. 4to. Gothic letter, 4 leaves, 32 lines jier 
page ; red mm ■ a, gilt > fdget, uncut, by Bedford, m £6. 6s 

S. n. (Augsburg, Oglin, 1513) 
EMANUEL Rex Poritgai.liae. Ahtrnck aina latcinischon snixlt- 
brienea :n\ babetlicbe heiligkeit, von kiinigklichor wnrde zn Por- 
egall,disiars ansgangen, von d' eroberieBtadt Malacha, an florin 
kiinigreychen»vniid oornchaftn m India, anch gegen anfgangk 
Snmn.ii . . sm. 4 to. ' ,'.'/..> letter, 5 leaves, 33 lines per page ; 
nd morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, £7. 7s 

/ . . Erhart tiglin (Sejitember, 1513) 

Other Printers. 

HASH (Jniiniii- ) Aft nimiiigensis Ars Cliiroiiiiiiiiien. Fol. 1: 

Prefatio Laudatoria in Artem Chiromanticam, sm. 4to. Gothic 

r; large woodcut on title representing Dr. Haas investigating 

hand, a third per/cm looking on; and2l diagrams 

. m hand with all the varieties of chirotnantio lines ,• aid 

f awe, from the Yemeni: library, £7. 

insle per Lianuem Erffordianum . . M.D.XViiii (1519) 

• iily known copy of an almost unknown book — ono of thecnrlii'-t 

treatises — on the corions science of Chiromnncy which has been revived by 

l>r. Unas or Ilanw is unrecorded in the QclehTten-lttieon ; 

nlllionirli in the picture on tliii* title of the book bo is represented as wearing a 

doctor's gown and hat, and his escutcheon is suspended abovo his head, 



36085 LEO JUD. Ain knrtze vnd gemaine form fiir die scnwach- 
glaubigc, kinder zu tanffen. Anch andere ermanugen za got, 
so da gemainklich geBohehen in der Christcnliche versamlung, 
em. 4te. Oothie letter, 8 leaves, 28 lines per page, fine woodcut 
border to the title, bds. 30« B. ft. {? Augsburg, 1521) 

Thin is reprinted from tho Zurich edition of the same yew, with a few 
alteration* in orthography. 

BABLBTItTS (Marinus) Des aller streytparsten vn theuresten 
Kiirsten vnd Herrn Georgen Castrioten genaut Scanderbeg . . . 
Kit torlicho thaten, bo er zn erhalten seiner erbland, mit den 
Tiirckischen KayBern in seinem leben, gliickliche begangen . . . 
vote durch Joanne Pinicianu Nowlich vertentscht, folio, Gothic 
letter, numerous fine woodcuts by an artist of JJurgmair's school; 
stamped hogskin, £8. 

Augspurg, Bnrch Seinrienm Btetner, m.p.xxxui (1533) 
Bound np wit)i Egetifpus von zeritlirung Hitrusalem, Slrasiburg. 15.12. 

(1467) Basel. 

Bernhard Richel (1470-86). 

7 BIBLIA LATINA. Incipit epistola sancti iheromui ao 
paui.inl'M . . . stent folio, Gothic letter, 468 leave, M double 
column.*, -18 lines per full column; woodcut initials, 
slightly womed in the margins ; altogether a very large and ihir 
copy in Ike original binding of oaken boards covered with tta 
bather, £36. Sine nota [Basilea;, liemurdus Richel, circa 1472] 

Vfrt rarr. One of tho grandest typographical productions of tho 
fifteenth century, well and regularly printed on very thick nod strong |iaprr. 
The nnmher of leaves is 468, inclusive of one blank leaf at the beginning. 
niul the book is divided into two exactly even sections or Tolnmes of 
leaves each foot, as Brunei says, 833 and 235). This edition may have 
preceded the issue of the Rodt-Richel Biblo in two volumes, which i- unify 
MUrtbcd to 1473. far the following reason. Tho second volume of that book 
(printed by Kichel to complete tho unfinished work of Rodt), corresponds in 
contents and in types exactly to tho second volume of this, but consist* of 116 
loam with 48 lines per column ; while Vol. II gf the Kichel Bible consi 
•j'. I le w with 48 linos per column. As we know very well that, amongst all 
the curly printers, a greater compression of type and a diminished number of 
pages were always distinguishing mirks of reimpression, there arises a §0 

J reliability that the Kichel Bible is older than tho second volume of tho B 
[ichel Bible. It is true that the date 1475 is added in some copies at the 
of Cm Apocalypse in the Kichel Bible: n circumstance to which many parallels 
can I* found in ancient as well as modem days, when publishers reissued the 
unsold copies of their liooks. — Altogether, tho conclusion we may draw is this. 
thiil l;..ili and Kii-licl were two rival printers in Basel, about the year 1470; 
that each was producing a Bible ; that Rodt died when he bad only printed 
hi* first volume; that Richel produced his complete Bible about 1473(reiataed 
Inter with the date 1475 added); and thai he took up Rodt's stock and coro- 
j 1 1 1- 1 u<J Kodt's Bible by reprinting his own second volume in a more compressed 
form about 1475. This is contrary to the usual opinion of tho bibliographers, 
who hold that Kichel was Kodt's partnor, that he printed Vol. II of 0m 
Km It- Richel Bible in 1473; and that he produced his own Bible (the present 
article) about 1475. 

The first Biblo in which marginal references or concordances are 

Michael Wenszler (1474-91). 

3C088 VORAGENE (Jacobi de) Legekda Sanctorum. Fol. 1 : Tabula 
fostiuitatumtemporum et sanctorum in hoc libro ■ inline foliorum 
et numero contentomm. . . Fol. 2 : Incipit plogua super legenda 
sanclorum. Alias lombartica hystoria. quiim copilauit frater 
Iacobz naciono Ianuens' ordinis fratrum predicatorum, stout 
folio, Gothic letter, 245 lotwei,double columns, 47 Una par column, 
fine copy in old calf gilt, £7. 10s 

i [t Basilece, M. Wensler, circ. 1473) 

This tare and splendid edition is printed in the larger type ascribed to 

Wensler by Brnun. Oaaof t lie recorded copies bears an inscription which 

proves that the book was published before 1474. If Wensler.and not Michel, 

was the printer, it is probably the first book from his prc«a, — A number of 

MS. Sermons and Homilies in a contemporary hand are prefixed in the volume. 

YRILLUS. Speculum sapiencie bcati Cirilli episcopi alias 

i|inidii]iartitus apologeticus vocatus. In cuius quidem prouerbijs 

omnia c-t tocins sapiencio speculum claret. Foliciter incipit. 

small folio, Gothic letter, 61 leaves, 34 Hum ftr page; a few 

toormholeti erinton morocco extra, gilt edges, by Charles 

.',£4. is Sine notd (typis Wenszlerianis, circ. A.D. 147o) 

30090 NYDER. Iscipit sianuamc confessobdm vsaarabilifl patris 

Fratris Julian nis Xydor . . 52 leaves — Incipit tractatus de morali 

lepra fratris Johiinis Nyder ... 68 leaves — 2 parts in 1 vol, 

mil folio, Qolhie totter, 34 lines per page ; old French red morocco 

txtra, gilt e&get, £4. Sim: mild (typis ]Vens:lerianis, circ. A.D. 1476) 

'1 CAIiClLANO (Micliael de) Siosi eloqoii PGOSIS celkbkrrimi 

kratris Meiholan, ordis miorum regularis obser- 

■ utilissimu p. ADUETrM et qdragesimii de peccato 

in genere <fc do trib' peccatis pricipalib' . s. supbia. auaricia. & 

laxuria. stout folio, Gothic ti/jie, printed in double columns, 

■1'J. leaves, with 60 lines per column; the lower margin slightly 

mad; hi the original boards, covered with leather, bearing an 

\ped pattern, £4. it 

ep,Michahele Wensslm , . MCCCCUxix. . (117'.') 
Jobann Amerbach (1481-1518). 

92 I'ETRARCII (Latin Works). Libromm Francisci Polrarclioj 
Basiloro Impressorum Annotatio . . . sin. folio, lloman letter, 
gilt edges, by Uaumgarten, with the Wodhvtt 
I on sides, £5. 

Basilcai, per Magistrum Jon . I merbach, 1496 

:'3 the same, sm. folio, a . jine large COpg, ruled, in olive morocco 

Iges, by Charles Lewis, £10. 1496 

Michael Furter (1490-1517). 


. . . [auctore Jacolw Philippido Basilea], l2mo.Jine copy in old 
1 '.-. not blue morocco extra, gilt edges, £3. 3s 

, i'. Michaels Furter . . M.cccc.rliiij {sic, pro 1494) 
The date of this book, as printed in the colophon, bus rendered it one of 
lilies dear to book-collectors. The subject is however extremely 
mieresliug and tinyukrly bold in its dealings with the vices of churchmen. 


36095 MEINRAD. IncipitpasBioBanctiMeynrhadimartyriaotheromito, 
am. 4to. First Edition, Gothic letter, 14 leaves, 38 lines per page, 
21 curious woodcuts ; fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, ojf 
Mackenzie, £10. hasilea . . Furter Michahcl . . .cij. octobris 

anno etc. xcvj (1496) 

36096 METHODIUS primu olympiade : et postea Tyri ciuitatum epis- 
copus. snb diocleciano Imperatoro In Calcide ciuitate (quo 
]iiirropontu5 appolatur vt diuns scribit hioronimus inartirio) 
(sic) coronatnr : . . De renelatioiic facta Ab angelo beato metho- 
dic in careers deteto, Bm. 4to. First Edition, Gothic letter, with 
61 / rioitf woodcuts illustrating the prophetic visions 
afforded to the saint conci ruing the future fortunes of Christendom ; 
ealfmtra, gilt odgas, £S. 8* 

Finit Basilee per Michahelem Furter opera et vigilant ia 
Sebastiani . . Brant Anno Nonis Januarijs 

36097 METHODIUS primu olimpiado et postea Tyri ciuitatum episcop', 

sub diocleciano Imperatoro . . . smallest 4to. Gothic type, with 
the same 61 woodcuts as in the preceding, vellum, £4. 4* 

Basilee per Michaelem Furter opera et vigilantia Sebasti 

Brunt Anna M.ccccc.xvi Kal. Martij (1500) 

36098 the same, sm. 4to. fine copy in brown morocco extra, i/ilt 

edges, by Bedford, £6. 6s 1 500 

The date of this edition is usually rend ns 1516. It may be read however 
cither ns the 14 February, 1500, or the 1 March, 1516 ; and the former is 



certainly the correct one, as it will be shown below that the edition dated 1615 
is infallibly later than this. 

another edition, sm. 4to. Gothic letter, with the same 

woodcuts, hf. I'd. £3. 5» ib. id. it.ococo.Wj (1504) 

The thrco preceding editions (1498, 1800, and 1804) all resemble each 
other closely. 

— another edition, sm. 4to. Gothic letter , with the same 

Icnls but with a differently composed title and typogrcmh 
arningement, very fine copy in red morocco e.ctra, gilt edges, £5. 

ib. id. M.D.xv (1515) 

On tho title of thiB edition we find that the error (common to nil the 
proceeding) of dividing marlyrio and eoronatur is corrected for the first time. 

36101 ETTERLYN (Peterman) Kkonica von deb lobliciien Evli- 

sm. folio, numerous fine large woi'd'-uts by tew d'ljirciit artists, the 
title-leaf mended ; bound in smooth green morocco extra,gilt so 
£5. Basel . . Tvsent Funffhundert vnnd Siben . . with an 

escutcheon bearing tho initials ATF (Miclmel Furter, 1007) 
The legend of St. Mcinrad, with which the Chroniclo begins is illustrate! 
in nn older and rndor style than that of the engravings which represent the 
legend of William Tell. Tho same difference between the two hands is remark - 
aide throughout tho book ; the later being one of the vigorous artists of the 
new school that may he said to have begun with Diirer. In this book the Tell 
story appeared for the first time in print. 

36102 MOSER (Lndwig). Eyn schon nutzlich biichlin dryen stetten 

der heiligen Criatenheit, Namlieh den Bussern Beaserern vnd 
dsn Volkommen menschen zugehorig mit sunst andeni hjonaoh 
L>est in) j >t i ii Xraototlin. S. Angu.'-tin von Disor welt uppi 
. . . Snnt Bcrnhards prcdig . . . S. Bonnuentura von 


lebona bran . . . Bant Thomas von Aquin von dor ewiger 

Belikeit. Bin fruchtbar gebet . . genat Cn.rtu.sia, 10 pieces in 1 

roLatont sm. Svo. (12mo.) Gothic U.-tt ■;-, with woodcuts; in the 

f stamped calf, £3. At tho ond of the 

Thomas Aquinas : getruebi ■ lurch Michel Farter Im 

iar als mi nil Tuseiit fUnffhuiuh irtond tibonjar (1507) 

A rare collection of Carthusian pieces. 

t3 11EDER (Joannis) Parabola filii glntonis profnsi atqj pdigi nedu 
venusto veriiotia vtiliter & denote . . . pro totius anni 
preapne qnadiaeerime sermonib' accouiodata, 12mo. Gothic / 
double eoUnnn*,3i tine* per oolumn, mitJi several woodowtt, 231 

unman' : I n Jl I N I ights ; fi M COfJj ill blue 

morocco extra, gill edges, by Riviere, 36s 

Batilei per M iehai IS fork t ■ . m.cccccx (1510) 

Jobann Froben (1490-1527) and his successors. 

30101- NOVYM IXSTRUMENTU omne {Greece et Latine), diligenter 
ab Eeasmo Roterodamo rccognitum & emendatum, no solum ad 
grfficum ueri lutein, ueram etiani ad mnltornm utrinsqj lingua) 
oodieam, eoramoj notcrum simnl & cmondatornin tiJom . . 
una cu Annotntionibus . . 2 vols, in 1, stout sm. folio, with 

i. n A ligned by Holbein ; numerous 
■ mporttry MS. notes, a email womhole through several leaves ; 
in the original hogskm binding, with clasp*, £16. 

Apod mclytam Qermaniae Batilaeam . Io. Fro. . . m.d.xvi 


36105 NOVVM TESTAMENTVM omne, mvlto qvam antebac diligm- 
K0 Roterodamo recognitii, cmudatum ac translatnm 
. A'ldita sunt in BingoJu Apostolonun epistolas Arguments 
pet Eraamvzn Rot., folio, without the volume of Annotations ; a 
wormkolet, otherwise a very fine copy in the original boards 
Iher back, £5. 

Basileae in aedibvs lonnnis Urobenii . . m.d.xix (1510) 

II A SMI ROTERODAMI is Acta Apostolobvm paraphrasis . . 

nunc primum recons & nata & oxcusa, sm. folio, fine copy in the 

1 binding [rebacked) which vat ased by Henry VIII, 

d with the crown, the Tudor rote, the portcullis, and the 

{which ivere afterwards converted into lion and 

I, £5. 

i To. Urol <:j. An. .m.d.xxiiii . . (152-t) 

The tillc-popc bears the signature of the great Greek scholar Bryan 

if ti, Oxford, abont 1610.— On the leather itsolf, on tho 

lower ever, them i< - ■ writing, Scriptural quobitioiui, in a bold hand con- 

toropormrf with the book, which might be conjectured to be in tho King's 

/I !]>ll. 

' Richard). RichardiPacoi.invictissimi regis Angliaeprimarii 
secreturii, eivBqve apvd ElvetioB oratoris, do Frvotv Ori ox 
doctriim pi rcipilvr, liber, sm. <tto. Roman letter, title within an 
elegant woodcut border ; fine copy in old calf, EUBI, £G. 

Basilea< apvd 1". Frobenimn, m.h.wh 

A witty book on tho anomalies and vaearics of orthography, orthoapr, ntnl 
mrjing pn arncd men, ibe assumption! of lg nut 


pretenders, and generally on tbc slate of classical learning throughout Enro|>e, 
with amusing anecdotes interspersed ; amongst which will lie found the laugh- 
able story of the Frenchman who Baid " Nos Galli non curamus de quantitate 
sylldbarum." On the subject of Music, l'acc held that all the knowledge of the 
nncicnts bnd been thrown into the shade by the English musicians of his own 
lime who were true masters of the science of harmony. The book is bound up 
with " Palladii Fnsci Putavini de situ orae Ulyrici . . Antonius Jlladiu, Roma, 

36108 P. VELLEI PATERCVLI Historiae Romanae dvo volvmina . . 
per Beatvm Rhenanvm Selostadiensem ab intcritv vtcvnqve 
vindicate, em. folio, Fint Edition, the title and two other leave* 
decorated with Jlne woodcut borders, the first of which bear* 
monoijrum of Ambrote Holbein, 1517 ; red morocco gilt, gill edgi -, 
£8. Ss Basileae, I. Frobenius, 1520 

With the signature of tho celebrated Dutch scholar Janus Broukhuys on 
tho title, and MS. notes by him. 

30109 Auriani & Hannonis periplus. Plutakchvs de flurainibna «t mon- 
lil'iis. Strabonis epitome . (oranca Greece editi, enm prajfat 
Sigisinundi Golonii), sni. 4to. tint 13d it ions, calf neat, gilt edges, 
the library of the Bake of Sussex, 25s 

Lasilene, Frobcn. 1533 

3(!110 PTOLEM./EI (Clavdii) Alexandrini philosophi cum primiserudili, 
Do Geographia libri octo . . (Graice, cdidit Erasmus), em. 
First cditiun, vellum, £3. 3s Basileae, Frobcn. 1533 

Johann Bergmann (1494-99). 

3G111 COLUMBUS. In laudem Serenissinii Ferdinandi 
Hispaniar' regis, Bcthicoe & regni Granata:, obsidio, 
victoria, & triiiphus, Et de Insulis in mari Indico 
nuper inuentis, sm. 4to. woodcut of King Ferdinand 
on title, and four large woodcuts in t/ie text of the " De 
Insulis " rt<i>ri s< nling the navigation and discoverita of 
Columbus; bound in velhtm, £105. 

[Basilece] J. 13. [Bergman de O/pe], 1494 

This little volume was an appropriate conjunctive record of 
the two great contemporary events on which the greatness and 
glory of Spain were founded — namely, the destruction of tho 
Moorish power by the capture of Granada, and the discovery of 
i lie New World by Columbus, — both signalising the year 1 
The first work is a dramatic reprosontation of the siege, 
written by Carolus VerarduB, one of tho Pope's chamberl 
and produced on a private stage in the palace of Cardinal Riario 
immediately after the announcement in Rome of the trtumph of 
Ferdinand and Isabel. The other, which is the Latin version of 
the famous letter of Columbus dated from Lisbon on the 14th of 
-March, 14'.l3, on his return from his first voyage to the ln> 
had already been printed several times in separate form in 1 

There is a preliminary poem addressed to King Ferdinand 



by Sebastian liraiit on tho couqu&st of Granada, in which the 
following linos occur — 

O patria, o fcolix Germania, si tibi reges 
Aut lortuna pares nut dens ipse daret, 
Credo L'i[uidum cunctus nostri sub legibus orbis 
Jamdudmn forot, et clymmata t-nncta soli. 
— but ho proceeds to soften tho implied charge against tho 
Emperor Maximilian. 

Adam Petri (1511-28). 

30112 PASS ION A EL efte Dat leaent der hyllighen to dude : vth dom 
latino : Mit velen nyen hystoricn vii leren : de beth heer to don 
mrnst'lie vonlunkert vii vorborghe sint ghewezen, folio, .rijloara- 
[>liic title ,wiih large woodcut on tlw back, numerous jint: xoood&ttt 
throughout the volume by Una Graf (whose initials appear on soma 
of (1 '^*)> H-*NS Scheufeleix uiul others; lanjc 

OOjtt) in antique calf neat, by Lewis, £20. 

QeenditjL 'riickel dorch dat beuel Add Petri, 

oorger der ttadt Basel. Anno. M.d.xi. (1511) 
Vi.ur haul. The text if a reproduction of the Low German Passional, 
printed it LBbeek in 1498, but with nn entirely new series of woodcuts. It is 
extremely curious that the great publisher of Basel should have published a 
J>ow German translation uf the Amea Lcgonda rather than one of the High 
i icrtuan texts which were so plentiful. 

30113 Das New PlexariC oder ewaxgei.y buck, so inhaltet alle Ewan- 

gelieD vnd Epistelen deaz gantzO iars, sampt alleB gesangs idler 
wesson, vii der heilige kirche angenoinen. . . sm. folio, the 
numerous fine woodcuts by Holbein, Havs 8ei ■ "»'l Urs 

Qraf, elaborately coloured by a contemporary hand, oelhttn, £7. 10« 

Basel, Adam Petri, 1518 
HERA. [Decas Qdarta] de nvper svb D. Carolo repertis 
Iu.-uli-, simnlq ; iucolarum moribus, R. Petri Martyris, Enchi- 
ridion . . sm. 4to. Herman letter, neatly bound, £5. 

Basilem (Adam Petri) K.D.XX1 (1521) 

30115 the same, sm. 4to. red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bed- 

i, £7. 10« 1521 

This is not an extract as has been supposed, but is the ontire fourth 
■de, printed now for the first time, and containing the history of the New 
W odd from 1516 to 1520, in which the discovery and compicst of Mexico are 
recorded. 1 1 mi evidently made from a surreptitious copy of the MS., but iu 
existence nevertheless falsities tho statement made in the beading of the fourth 
Decade (in the edition of 1530, Alcala) " nunc primum nata ot excuse." 

86116 DAS ALTB TESTAMENT DEUTSCH, Der vrspriintjliehen .warheyt nach, aulfs trcwlichst verdeutscht [durch 
Martin >Lui Ik »;i l2mo. QothioletU r, with 5 woodcuts by Holbein; 
thefiret few lontfm slightly watt ' ; in tlie original boards 

mth stampty calf, £2. lOl 

'Basel, bey Adam Petri . . . M.D.xxiiij (1524) 
Notwithstanding the statement on the title, the volnme consists only of 
the Penteteacb. It is a reprint of. the volume produced by Lotthcr for Lnthor 
II Wittenberg in 1523, and is very rare. 

WYCLYP'S 'Dialogues. Io. WICLEFI viri vndiqvaquo piis. 
<lialogoru libri i|ttuor , . . title within woodcut border, m.d.xxv — 


Hi '■:.. OpnacaUh Ioannea Hvsa Do Anatomia Anlidn-isii .... 
Appendix Othonia UrvimoiYlsii — 2 vols, in 1, am. 4to. Roman 
litter, calf, £2. BinaindieaH lea, Adam Petri), 1525 

36118 P8AI/TEK WOl, VKRTEDTSCHT nusz der heyligen eprach. 

Verklernag des Paaltera .... duruh Johaim Bogenliag ausz 

I' ni Von dem Latcin inn Teutsch . . Mit ettlichen vorreden 

[M. Butzers, etc.] .... am. folio, Gothic letter, printed in ,1. 
calumnx, woodout initials ami title within fine woodcut border ; 
tree-marbled calf extra, gUi edges, £1. ■!.-• 

lin: I. ditnh dim Petri, im iar. m.u.xxti. (1520) 

36119 l»lK BOUTBB wel verduytsclit wt die heylige oft Hebrc ■.■uacho 

«|nii k i - : Vcn-l.-iriii'/lir des ghelieelcn Psalters seer clacr tmdfl 
profitoUo door Jobanem Bogexbaq wt Poxaaroa . . . in goeden 
rentAdelikendoytflol nor ebeset. Eon voorredo Martini Batser, 

i U;. mi), tl'i. title icitliin lViitidcut border, oil/, £7. 

Basel. Adam Anonymus [Petri'], 152G 

With tlic rnro II IMTM It and " Den hondcrt endo thirnden Psalm met 

Aii.llnDirt u|i ilii> vnlacho locrinpc Bntccri vant Sacramut,'' forming *i?- 

ii i ! ni r- . Iih. ii, nn. I kk, which were added after the completion of the book, by 

"I It II " and " .lii".l'S," the l>ntch translator?, ami which contain letter* 

1 1 I. nihil Mini from liiiKeiihiiFen, protecting against Bucer'a her 

I.. Rtionol the commenHury on the. l loth Pwilm (on iho subject of tin. 
I I. m -IU-1-) This h not in Iho preceding German edition. 

Other Printers. 

36180 l'i i ii i. Los chosos contenuea en cesto partio da nouueau 
li hlaiiicnt, Uno Epistro exhortatoirc. Luunngilo scion S. 
1 1 him S. M:u-'\ S. Lnc. S. Johan. — Le eontenu onoe^to partio 
ilu nouueau testament. UnoEpi-tn exhortatoire. Lescpistres 
Boinot Pol. xiiii. Lea opistros cntholiqaes. vii. Les actus des 
Apostrt's. i. Lopooalypae B&inct Jcliau. i. Auee lea Figures, — 
"-! |ini'(s iii 1 vnl. (Jiirlc l'Jnio. with fiill-i'aiji' woodcuts in the Apo- 
ctili/i'ti; By some artiste o/ high skill; oaken boards covered with 
itamped leather, £15. . Ian 1525 

IMition fort rare dc la Iniduction do Le Fovrc d'Estnplo. — .Brunei. 
86121 Viihk (Lavrcnl ii I de \ olvplate nc vero bono libri. in., sm. 4to. 
Borot letter, titU vithinam elegant woodcut border ; vellum, 16s 
Basil-,/, apod And ream Oratandrvm . . . m.d.xviii (I 
I : < '• 1 ii i2 SriiAiat.M: ati|ve uhlrorvm ccolestinm ratio, natura, & motua partim 
Onset I'lrinn I.iiiuir, bvo. diagrams, title within woodout boi 
-' (Basilew) M.D. XXXVI. Valderus (I 

J. Zicglcr de SphaTm constructions ; Proclus de Splurra ; Berosi Hciui- 
cvclium ; AratUMle sidcrum natura ; Plnnisphieriurn Ptolemtci, etc. 

(1469) Niirnberg. 

Heinrich Kefer, Johann Sensenschmidt, Andr. Frisner 


23 EYB. Fol. 1 : Tabula sine Begifitr' presentia operi8 incipit . . . 
26: Marcauita roETicA: opua clarissimu foeliciter incipit. 
(A) LBKKTUB i'i; Eur, Jnrisntnnsqj doctor .. 2 vola. sm. foltOj 
Editio Princeps, Qethie letter, 477 leaves, 35 1 

7 m old French gram n, gilt edges, fmm the 


libraries tueo en i vol y of the Cardinal de Lomeaie and Mr. Wod- 
hull, £7. 15* 

Anno a natiuitatl dfniini Millesimo fjiKidrinijentesimo septua- 
gesimosecundo . . Jinita est her tunuM Alberti de Eijb . . 
p. indtutriosvj vmpreuoria artii Magietn Johoi 

smsciischniid cincm Kurmbergenscm . . (1472) 
The first book printed at Numbers with h date (so far at wo know ut 
prescDt) was produced by Scnsenschinidt and Kcfcr in 1470. 
I J !■ CISIS (Rainerns de) Colophon : . . . egregia snmma f ratris Rayneri 
de pisis ordinis pdicalor' : quo alio nomino I'atheoi.OGIA qsi tola 
tin dlogia haud ab re vocata est . . . stout folio, Gothic letter, 
double columns, fine copy in the original hoards covered with 
ilf, £10. 
Anno . , millesimo quadringetcsimo septuagrsimo tercio . . 
p. industriosos impssorie artes Mgros iohein scnsensclnmd 
</>■ '■'/<•<', ,/ lu-iiricii Kefer de nauiutia Nvtmberge vrhis 

eives (1473) 
Tho only volnme whicli boars the nnmc of Kcfcr, the first printer of 
Niirnberg. ilis associates, Svnspuschniidt and FrUuor, were less chary or less 
1)1 J ILIA LATINA. Quia vestigia seqmur Joann. An. Epi. 
Aloricnsis ... 2 vols, large folio, Gothic type, double columns, 
GO lines per column, Jew leaves mended and nine leaves wanting ; 
in On- original oak boards covered with vellum, £10. 

Hoc opus Biblic ejjigiatum est i nurembcrga . . ivsiu Andre 
Frisner Bunsidelcnsis . . et Joannis sensenschmit . . . 

M.cccc.lxxv . . (1475) 
A magnificent example of early typography, and also a very raru book. 
Tho text and preliminaries were reprinted from tho lliblo produced by 
Siliwcinhoim mud I'aunnrtz at Rome in 1-171 , and thus it is the second 
cdiiion of the lionuin Vulgate. The initials arc printed in red ink, as also arc 
l he headings and the colophon with the escutcheons which form the printers' 

Anton Koburger (1471-1513). 
I 26 (Honobics AutiosTODBNENSis) CnBtiamis ad solitariii quondam do 
ymagine mnndi. Honorio : folio, Gothic letter, 4ti printed h 

page; red moroooo antra, gilt edges, by Padcloup, 

'i: the oval label of Girardot de PrSfondt library patted intith . 

£12. 12s *,n.(Ant.Ko\ -.1471-2) 

1 11'NOEins AuoosToi'LMN.-i-.i Cb is i lANrs ml sobtariii quondam 

ilr ymagine mundi. Honorio: Qotkio Utter, 48 leaves (the 

lust two blank), 30 lines per page — Bvri.ey (Walter) Incipit 

1 1 1 ••lias do uita & morib' ph'or' & poclar', Gothic letter, 

leaves, of which the first leaf and the last four are blank, 

31 lines per page — Alcinoi diseiplinaru platonis epitoma, Gothic 

letter, 28 leaves, of which the first leaf, and the last three, 

Hank, W.OOOO.lami. 1472 — Poooy florcntini . . focetinr' liber 

. . . Gothic letter, 48 leaves, 33 lines per page, the first leaf and 

two blank — all in 1 vol. sm. folio, bd.fiiu copies, £5. 

.■■. /. at />//'.»■ (Anion Koburger, I 172) 
ltiiunil up with Houtoimn (Sancti) liber do viris illustribus, Gothic 
. ''..' lines per pngo, tine nolo, in the Iffi-M of Gunur '/..-.. 


nbont H7U.— Anton Kuburgcr, who commenced to print probably in 1471, 
ma one of the princes of typography. He baa rarely been excelled, if 
equalled, in the grandeur of his operation!, and the number, beauty, and 
■uinpluousness of his impressions. 

36128 BIBLIA LATINA, Koburger's scam! edition, 2 vols, in 1, folio, 
fjotljtc letter, double columns, 51 lines ]>cr column, line largt 
a cnjuj in the original board*, rebaeked, £5. 
J idki incuriialdnis ilTiice. Mittenmoguadringi »/■ rimo u p t u g . 

gaijii'.'Si I'timo . . . In reijia ciuitale ifurnbergn /'• AnUmmm 

Coburijcr . . . (1477) 

another copy, unique in the folUwinu, 


respects: ten leaves are prefixed which contain a 
of genealogical tables from Adam to Christ with 
many woodcuts; and forty-two leaves added cd end 
containing the Tahle of Hebrew names interpreted, in 
double columns with 58 / '/ 'm ■■* per column; in the original 
wooden hoards, covered icitli /a'ash-in, armed With brass 
knobs and clasp, £100. 1477 

The additional forty leaves at end lire in the typo which 
waa used by SensenBchmidi and Frianer, but are differently 
composed from tho corresponding matter in the only Bible 
which l hoy printed — see above, the Table in that being arranged 
in 30 leaves, treble columns, 07 lines per column. As for the 

ten woodcut leaves at the beginning, they seem to l>c I "."hi 
extracted from the Rndimentum Novitiorum printed nt Luhcc 
in 1475. It is sinpular that these additions should be found 



in o copy of Koburger's Bible which is evidently in the original 
binding of the publisher's house. 

30130 BIBLIA LATINA, Kohurger'e third edition; -J. vols, in 1, folio, 

Gothic letter, double column/, 51 lines per column, the ini 
painted in, the first page illuminated with on elegant border 

\ed about 1480; beautiful copy in old Fi 
citron moroCOO extra, jilt edges (by Padclouji), £50. 

Nurnberg, Ant. Oobwger, 1478 

30131 ESOPUS.— (On rain of teoond leaf:) Vita Esopi fabulaton's 

clarissimi e greco latinaper Rinucium fa | et&adiraeNndiaauna 
I'aircm dominu Antlmniu tituli snncti ChryJ sogoni preebiteroxn 
« rdinalem — (At end, on reverse of l\Uh leaf:). ■ . lusus 1 . 
dinenarnm fabularnm, folio, Gothic letter, woodcut portrait ■/ 

a title, and numerous woodcuts throughout the vol- 
superbly large and fine copy, in old "English calf, £80. 

S. it. (J Ant. Koburger, aire 1 I7flfl 
A liirni.RTO UNDKBCltiBin edition, of which only one other wpj U 
known. The Icltcr-prcs* looks like the work of Koburger ; but the chiaroscuro 
woodcut initials arc identical with those uwd at a later dale by Michel Fnntrr 
in Basel. — There are 114 leaYcs.with signatures a to q : in quires of eight ami 
of six leaves u», c,c, g, i, l.n, p, eights ; the rest in sixes). The portrait of 
.l.-"p i» on the front of the firit leaf ; the tevem iff blank. The first I: 
the second leaf cuds with the words " Kiuuciuni fu," and the last line ends 
" Qui dum mi.i].'' The lost line of the lost page is " lusus Finis divcnuruui 

On loaf in .1 I here is an English memorandum in MS. on Che margin which 
runs thus, " scabro. a wormo cngendred in a deailo horso," in a handwriting of 
about the middle or earlier part of the sixteenth century, and shows how long 
the volume hud been in this country. The binding dates from abont the 
beginning of the last century. 

Thus edition, and the other undated one described under the heading of 
Ulm, contain exactly the same matter, namely : 1. Ac-op's Life ; 2. Aesopian 
Fables in vorse and in prose ; 3. Fxlravaganlcs ; 4. Fabuhe novo? ; 5. FabellaJ 
Aviani -, 6. Collectm (Stories from l'oggio, PetruB Alphonsus, etc.). 
3G132 NUREMBERG CHRONICLE. Fol. 1 : Registrum huius operis 
libri eronicarum cu figuris et ymagibus ab inicio mudi. Colophon 
OH folio 266 : Completo in famosissima Nurembergensi vrbi 
Open do hystorijs etatum mnndi. ac descriptiono vrbium felix 
ini|ionitnr finis. Collectnm breui tempore Auxilio doctoris 
Hartmani Schedel . . . Colophon on last page : Adest nunc 
studiose lector finis libri Cronicarum . . . folio, Gothic letter, 
20, CCC, and 6 leaves (including four which are blank) ; a few 

a slightly water-stained towards the end, on the whole an 
excellent copy in brown morocco (size 1G-J ins. by 12 ins.), £15. 

An t hum' ii.i hoberger Nuremberge impressit . . . 1493 

36133 the same, a fine copy, bound in a sixteenth-century binding 

ofst'iriiji, ,1 pigtJtin, icilh the /•.'/■///'' W/BulthasarHorlpnesbyter 
(size 16* ins. by 12 ins.), £15. 1493 

36134 the same, a nary tine large copy in bds. (size 17J ins. by 

1-J| ins.), £18. II'.':; 

Of the fonr blank leaves, one is in the nnfoliated supplement " do 
Sarmatia." The other three are foliated 239, 260, 261, and were left blank 
so that posterity, down to the end of the sixth age of the world, might be ablo 
In add notes and remarks. 

mONE8 BASCTS Bikgitte [editiB ad instnntiam 
Floriani Waldauf do Waldonstain], sm. folio, w/lh several large 
fine wood • ngravings, which are ascribed t" Albert Diirer, old 
calf gut, silk linings, gilt edges, £7. 10s 

p. Aiithmiii'i Koberger cine Nuremburgen . . . M.ccccc (1500) 

Friedrich Creuszner (1473-97). 

N'DRE^E (Joannes). Fol. 1 : Circa lectura arboris dinersis 
ulirn diuersu modtim tonentib' Joannes do deo hispan' . . . 
Fol. '.' : explicit lectura sup arboribus osag. et affi. Joanis 
MldreO, Gothic letter, 10 leaves {including two full-page woodcut 
consanguinity), 34 lines per page ; calf extra, gilt edges, 32s 
Pol. ■; Impressum p Fridcricu Creuszner de Nunnberga 

(aire. li"o) 
Bound up with: IJreoe copOdinm artis geometric a Tiioma miAi/Annm 
. 2 parts in I, Roman letter, 37 leaves (20 unnumbered leaves, 
and folios 2-18), Parisius in aipo gaillardi 15116 (sic) with the mark of Jehan 
'.. The first known production of t'renssnor's press appeared in 1*73, hut 
he was at work for probably a year or two earlier. 
17 TROTTUS (Albertns). Fol. 1: Distinctus est iste tractatus 
iciiiiiij . . . Fol. 2: Alberti trotti ferrariensis ad reuerendissimum 
antistitem de padua in tractatu de Ieiunio prohemium incipit. 
small folio, Gothic letter, 22 leaves, 35 lines per page ; calf extra, 
gilt edges, £5. 

Bumnuta . . . npUoit feliciter ._ . . M.CCCO.L XXVii . . . 

Impressum per Fridericum CreQszner ciuem 

A'urmbergerwem f^YVH^ 


Augustinian Hermits (1479-91). 

30138 MISSALE ROMANTJM. Folio 7 : Incipifc ordo missalis scdm 
consueturtine romanc curie ... sm. folio, Gothic missal type 
i black and red, in double columns, 31 litu •• per ruin, an, 
foUoi k6 and 7 deficient) several leaves mended ; in the original 
wooden boards covered with stamped leather, brass corners, etc. £b. 
Finit felici/er opus . . . pro fratr' herein it a nun (sic) 
AiKjusiini de obnruSUa iussii §• atupitio reueredi \ 
Avdree pics . . . operaq- } §• inpensis /rat rum hennut- 
arum rcligionem predictam in impialc ciuitatc i\ 

bergesi obserutUiu ....!/.'' •-/ (1191) 

This is n grand volnmc with its treble variety of missal type, the largo 
woodcut on the last page, and some leaves of M.S. added at beginning and cud. 

Georg Stiichs (1484-1517). 

3613D MISSALE ROMANTJM. Fol. 7 : Incipit ordo missalis s'm con- 
raetadinem romanc curie . . . sm. 4to. printed on vellum, hi red 

1 black Gothic letter, double columns, 30 lines per column, 
wanting two leaves in the middle and the last two leaves; in the 
old boards covered with parchment, £1G. 

(Nurmberge, per QeoravHm Stiichs de Sultzbach, 1484) 
Vert bark. The Imok is composed of 33 quires, in eights except llm 
first quire (the Knlemlar) which is in six. Thus a complete copy should 
SOD) mi SM leaves (the present copy has 250), as the Villafranca catalogue 
states, not 256 as staled by Mr. Weale. The specification of eight preliminary 
leaves by Mr. Weale is on obvious error, since ho records the Villafranca. 
epic .-, havo only six, as perfect. 

36140 FINDER (Udalricus). Speculum pjlssionis domixi nostri Ihesu 

eiiuisri . . . folio, Roman letter, with 77 beautiful woodcuts a 
ELtHB BOHMPHCLCT, forty full-page wn and thirty-seven of smaller 
portion! : fine copy in morocco, gilt edges, £20. 
. . . i'« impiali Nurenbergen . . . impressum . . . M.CCCCC.rii 

. . . (1507) 
Probably printed by Georg Stiichs. The woodcuts are extraordinary 
works of art, considering that Scheufelin was not more than eighteen years of 
age at the date of their publication. 

36141 Grunpeckh (Josephus). Spkcumj naturalis coolestis & prophet icn? 

si-imiis: omnia calarnitatum tribulation u <fc ansietatum : qua 
super omes status: stirpes & nationcs christians rcipnblice . . . 
proximia Uporibus venture sunt, folio, 13 large woodcuts with 
ornamental borders, half morocco, very neat, £8. 8» 

Jmpressum Nuriiberge per me Georgia Stiichs . . . 3I.T> 


VEiniASfiKP. ZEYTHE EltKUNDEN. — Colophon: Also hat cin endtfl 
dieses Biichlcin, welches ausz wellischcr sprach in die dcwtsclion 
gebm&te vnd gemachto ist worden, durch don wirdige vnd 
hoohgehuihen herrG Jodsten Ruchamer. . . folio, fine copy in 

...dure!, mieh Cfaorge* Stiichtten tu Niiremberik . . . 
M.ccccc.t'iij . . . do uxu dor tweynlzig isle tage des Slot, 

Septemlirit (1508) 


Tliis rare ( ic.rrnnu volume U a translation of die famous Vicenin I'aesi 
novamenU ritrovaU. and in, according; In Humboldt, preferable as a text to the 
Latin translation known as the Itincrarium Fortugallonsium. 

Hieronymus Holzel (1496-1525). 
30143 PINTER (Ulricli) dkr besciilossen gart des rosenkratz marie, 
2 vols, folio, an immente number of large and tmall woodoutt by 

Bane Bow a in 7. in and i 'aipa/r BoieH4IuueT{ in the original uw.nli'u 
boards, covered with itamped leatlier, £25. 

NUrnibrrl:, ihirrli doctor V/riehen Pinter . ■ . M. Jim!)' hiin-h rl 

rod /mil]' jiir (1505) 

Excbssively haiik and Tory little known. The second volume is 
wonting in most copies. Next to Durer's works, the Buchlosten Qart (in 
which even his collaboration may be delected) is the chief monument of tho 
art of wood-engraving in Germany in tho early part of the sixteenth century. 

The work is a curious miscellany of mystical theology ; supposed to 
contain everything necessary for the study and guidance of the UoscnkranU 
i ir Kosnry Brethren — associations of devotees who attributed thoir foundation 
to St. Dominic. 

Johann Weyssenburger (1503-13). 

86141 Loched (JaoobuB) Continentur. In hoc opnacnlo a Jacobo Loofaer 

I'iiilninuso fncili Syntaxi concinnato. Vitiosa sterilis Mule a<l 
masam . . . Comparatio. Currus sacre llicologie triumphal is 
. . . am. 4to. Soman '.'//"', very carinas woodcuts including a 
urge one which •■ > open pages, Ms. 30s 

iltuninuiii Ioatuutn yaneteiibwger, 1500 
A number of latin pieces in verso, full of coarse satire and abuse ; but 
i 1 1 1 j s I m tei 1 willi woodcuts which, ill their style and spirit, draw tho book inlu 
sUon with the Ship of Fools. 

Sodalitas Literaria (1501-2). 

3C145 HROSVITA. Opeua Hrosvitk illvbtris yiroisis et 


. . . Oomedie sex in omulatioem Thereucii . . . Octto sacrro 
liv ii hexa. & pctlia . . . Panegiricus versu hexanictro 

in liiiidr.t gesta Oildonia magni . . . am. folio, Editio Princeps, 
with eight beautiful largt woodcuts, the full size of the page, 
i Albert Durek, calf gill, from the Sunderland 
library, 625. Nbr%nberge.A. P. 150] 

The letter* A. I', which appear at tho end of the two works hero recorded, 
appear to ttasd for wdibus I'irekheimerianii. Tho palace of tho NQrnbefg 
patrician ISilibald l'irckheimcr, Durer's friend and patron, was made tho club 
and printing-house of the now publishing society, called the Sodalitas 
raria, foanded at Worms, and also named CtUica Sodalita,', aflcr Sound 
!■*. he being supposed to be the greatest genius of tho club, and to have 
deserved so well by his discovery of llrosvita. It consisted of thirteen 
mi'inbem, including l'irckhciincr, the Abbot Johann Tritheirucr, Joliiinn 
1 i.illnirg, Bishop of Worms, and others. 

10 CELTIS (C'onradi) Qnatnor Litrri Amoruin, enm Germaniro 
oi-.ilis Dcscriptione ; Norinberga et alia Opuscula, small 
nib 'cuts, tome of them by Aibbri Di 

■ ' ; fine copy ■ ceo, gill ■ 

Noribergce, 1.P, l&M 
Excessively rare. Mr. Bcckford's copy sold for £15. us. 


36147 CELTIS (Conradi) Quatuor Libri Ainorum, sm. folio, a fwfoci 

copy in English olive morocco extra, gilt edges, £25. 1 5< - 

Friedrich Peypus (1509-35). 

36148 Pt.ato. Dialogi Platonis, AxioehnB, vol do morte. Eryxias, vel do 

diuicijs . . . Bilibaldo Pirekheymero interprete, Bm.4to. R> 
latter, thr title within an extremely elegant wood ' r of 

arabesque ornament, the pattern produced in whits on a black 
ground; hf. bd. 7s Gd 

Xurimberge apud Fridericum Peypus. Anno m.d.xxiii (1523) 
The woodcut border referred to above bears a date m.d.xxii and a motto 
•' Ratio rincit." 

36149 CORTES (Hernan) Praeclara Ferdinadi. Cortesii do Nona 

maris Oceani Hyspania Narratio . . . Anno Domini, m.h.w. 
transmissn : In qua Continentur Plurima scitu, & admiratione 
digna Circa egregias carii pnintiarii Vrlws, Incolaru mores 
. . . Potissimuqj de Celebri Cinitate Temixtitan ... a. 
Doctore Petri! saguorgnanu ... ex Hyspano Idiomate in 
latin u versa . . . m.d.xxhii. 4 unnumbered and 49 numbered 
hares, Norimberga . . M.D.XXIIII . . Per Fridericum Peypus — De 
herds, et Insulis nonitor Reportis (i.e. Petri Martyris dc Angle- 
ria Decas quarto), 12 numbered leaves — Tektia Ferdinadi 
Cortesii . . . pclara Narratio, In qua Celebris Cinitatis Temix- 
titan expugnatio, aliaruq3 Prouintiaru, que defecerant recupc- 
liitio continctur . . . Per Doctore Petrum Sauorgnanu . . . 
ex Hyspano ydiomato In Latinum Vcraa, 4 yreliminarii l< 
hmmha Ted, 61 numbered leaves, and a final unnumbered i 
"Erratula," Norimberga . . Anno . . Milletimo ijnin 
vigesimo quarto — 3 parts in 1 vol. sm. folio, Eoman Utter, U 

escutcheon ami portraits of the Emperor and the Pope, t.nt 
iiithout the plan of Tomixtitan ; some pages written on; bds. £6. 

Number g, Peypus, 1524 

36150 the same, a better copy, hound in 2 volt, also without the 

plan, calf, £7. 10* 1524 

36151 tlie same, exactly agreeing with the preceding copies ; a 

/ bound in 1 vol. russia extra, gilt edges, by Kalthoebcr, 
£10. 1524 

Albert Diirer (1510-27). 

36152 DOBIS (Albert) TnE Little Passiox. (Passio Christ! ab 

Alberto Durer Nnrenbergensi effigiata . . .) sm. 4to. the 
artist's own original edition of the 34 fine woodoutt, print, 

side of the paper only, as first issued taj him, l> 
addition of the title-leaf and :!>■ text, in the original start 
li<"j 'iig, rebacked, £60. 1510 

A vr ry precious copy, the engravings piintcd on tbc two inner-face* of 
each folded leaf, the backs being left blank, and ihos showing not inly linw 
tlie impressions were worked by Dure, bnt also that the first or title-leaf 
(containing the seated and weeping fignro of t hiistj usually found in copies 
was not portion of the original designs, bnt added as an nflcrthonght. m the 
tir-t iiinliiiice without, and finally with a text. (A facsimile of the title-leaf 
In- longing to that third issue is added here so as to serve as n frontispiece, bnt 
it is not really necessary.) The impressions are wonderfully fine and clear ; — 


in fact, it would be impossible lo find another copy like this. One circumstance 
to be remarked is, that in the picture of the expulsion from Paradise, tlio 
backbone of Eve ii indicated by a vertical lino which is cut by short erojs- 
.'trokas. This very rare stale is held by Nnglcr and others to prove that the 
block was engraved a second time, the original one (as printed hero) having 
been lost, or for some reason rejected ; as the cross-hatching docs not appear 
in any issue subsequent to this first, from the edition with text of 16 ID down 
to our own time. In the above volume two engravings by Wolfgang Hauler 
or Huber (about 1520) are added which represent the Circumcision and the 
Presentation in tfie Temple, two snbjects not treated by Diircr in his pictnres 
of the Little Passion. 

— The Little Passion. Passio Chribti ab Alberto 






Dnrer norimbergensi efligiata, the set of 36 small ito. leaves 
engraved tcith tubjectt of the lift of Christ, without the on';/ 

• ce for which a re-issue bearing the title " Figvrs | 
Passioms Domini | nostri Iesv Christi " has been substituted; 
a genuine set of Diirer's second issue oj tliese engravings, with the 
exception of the leaf of title, mounted ojj 4to. paper, £16. 

Nurnhenj'V, 1511 


JESTJ . . . per fratrem Chelidonium collecta. cam figuris 
Albert) Dnreri Norici Piotoris, 12 large foUo-tim ' - ngravingi on 
wood, with printed text on the back, mounted on paper of a much 
larger sine, £25. Nurnberge per Albert um Durer . . (1511) 

A good copy of the Btcond issue. The first issue, which had no text on 
the back, ia no longer attainable. 

Life or the Virgin. Epitome in divae parthenices 

CTM VERSIBVS ANNEXIH CHELIDO.NII, folio, 20 large and beautiful 
woodcut engravings with Latin i\ it printed on tlie back of each leaf, 
mounted on roy. folio drawing paper, £14. 

Impressum Numbergi per AVx rtum Durer pictorem. Anno 
christiano Millesimo quingentesimo vndeeimo (1511) 

another set of the same engravings, — three of them 

being of the same issue as the preceding, i.e. with Latin text un 
the barb, one other a late imjircssion without text, awl the other 
10 engravings of the earliest issue, and without text, beautiful 
impressions, cut ruibul and mounted in a folio volume, red morocco 
gilt. £20. (?1510) 

Apocalipsis Cu Figuris, folio, 16 beautiful wood 

ravingi, inlaid and enlarged to atlas folio, bds. £16. 10s 

Xurnberge per Albertum Durer Pictorem, 1511 
The text is on the reverse of the engravings, in Latin, double columns. 
This grand work of tho great Nurnberg artist is of a very high degree of 
rarity The original of Diirer's Apocalypse has been seen by but few collectors, 
although it is a magnificent specimen of his powers. 

the Triumphal Car. Currus hie triumphalis ad honorem 

Inuictissimi ac glorioBissimi Principis diui Muximiliaui Cicsaris 
semper Augusti ooncinnatus, ac per Albertum Durer deliniatuB 
est . . . a single large wood engraving 91 inches by 17 {, print- ' 
on eight sheets of paper, largo folio, £20. 

l,,./,ressus per Albertum Durer. Anno. H.D.XXJH — 
Venetiis, Jacobus Ohinig, 1588 
These are fine impressions from tho original blocks which had been 
I'liieliased in Nurnberg by Chinig or Koeoig from Diirer's inheritors. 



The Emperor is represented sealed in a magnificent car, drawn by twelve 
horses and accompanied by several allegorical female figures. 

" Ci- morccau est un cbcf-d'u>uvre do I'art de la gravoro en bois, et le pins 
bean de tous cenx de cc genre que Ton ait d'Albcrt Diircr. Le dessein 
correct et plein do gout ne laisse aucun doute que Diiror no l'ait tracti lni- 
memc sur les planches. II fant en memo temps admirer le talent rare dn 
graveur qui l'a execute en bois, et qni (suivant Htudcrffer) est Jerome Iteach." 

BarUch, Peintre Oraveur, Vol. Ill, p. 154. 
Etliche vnderricht zu befestigung der Stett, Schlosz, vnd 


flecken, folio, Gothic letter, 47 lines per page, several leaves of 
diagrams and designs of warlike operations, including a large 
folding view of the siege of a city, coloured-, and coloured escutcheon 
of the empire on the title; limp vellum wrapper, £20. 

GedrucU zu Nurenberg . . Anno. M.CCCCO.XXvii (1527) 
A beautifully printed volume The large folding woodcut of a B 
which is not an integral port of the book, is excessively rare. Some critics 
arc inclined to deny that it ii by Diiror, although it bears his monogram and 
the date 1527. 

Johann Schonsberger (1517). 

36160 TEWRDANNCKH. Die geuerlicheiten vnd einsteUs 
der geschichten des loblichen streytparen vnd 
hochberiimten helds vnd Ritters herr Tewrdannckhs 
(durch Melchior Pfixtzing), folio, 118 beautiful 
woodcuts by Hans Schdufelein, title inlaid, otherwise 
a very large and fine copy in citron morocco, (jilt edges, 
by 1'adehup, from the Bcckford library, Hamilton 
Palace, £125. Niirnberg, durch den etiern Hannsen 

Schvnsperger, 1517 

36161 the same, a still larger and finer copy, in 

superb condition, bound in red morocco extra, gilt 
edges, by Ii'iciere, a grand and magnificent volume, 
£185. ' 1517 

First and rarest, edition of this famons metrical Romance 
of Chivalry written by Pfintzing to record the chivalrous deeds 
of his Sovereign Maximilian the First, who himself is supposed 
to have furnished the materials to be turned into rhyme. 

The rarity of this first edition is little suspected by moat 
people, but is plainly proved by the fact tlmt t lie Holbein 
Society was obliged to use the Augspurg edition of 1519 as the 
original of the facsimile reproduction. 

36162 Scuaeufelein. La Danse des Noces, par Hans Schenfelein, 

reproduite par J. Sohratt, aveo une Notice Biographique, folio, 
21 large and most admirably designed wood-engravings, 
containing large full-length figures, cloth, 20» Paris, 1865 

Very few copies were produced of this highly interesting Wedding-Dance 
designed by the artist of the celebrated Teterdannck of 1617. The original* 
are supposed to have been executed about 1530, probably at Niirnberg, since 
the costnmes depicted are chiefly of that city ; but they might with equal 
justice be referred to an earlier date. The male and female costnme is 
represented with great spirit, and deserves the belt attention of art students. 


Other Printers. 

36163 DIE GEYSTLICH STRASS. Folio 1 : Die maynung disz 

Dm geystlicb strass bin icb genant 
Tin leyden Christi wol beknnt . . . 
Em. 4to. Gothic letter, 40 leaves, 36 lutes per page, 17 full-page 
woodcuts of the Stations of the Cross, stamped calf neat, £9. 9s 

Niirnberg, Johst Gutknecht, M.D.xxi. jar (1521) 
These engravings represent the actual still existing figures of the Passion 
carved by Vcit Stews in Niirnberg about 1510. 

36164 DER PSALTER TEUTSCH, folio, magnificently printed in very 
large Gothic characters, the woodcut initials beautifully coloured 
and illuminated ; 159 leaves, 23 lines per page; fine copy in the 
original stamped hogskin binding, £7. Niirnberg, J. Petreius, 1525 

Vert hake edition of Lather s Psalter. This copy corresponds with 
the description of his own copy given by Gotz, and may be the same. See his 
account of its rarity and peculiarities, in Vol. Ill, Deutsche Bibeln, p. 158. 

36165 BEHAM. DIsks buchlein zkyqet an vnd lernkt ein masz 

Oder PKOroscioN der Ross, nutzlich iungen gesellen, malern 
vnd goltschmide Sebnldus Bcbam Pictor noricus faciebat ISP, 
sm. 4to. Gothic letter, 20 leaves (of which the last is blank) 
containing some text and diagrams, and 12 beautiful woodcuts of 
outline, progressive, and finished designs of the horse; bluemorocco 
extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, £25. 

Gedruckt *u nurmberg. jm. 1528 jar 

(1470) Speyer. 

Unknown Printers. 

36166 BARTHOL01LEI PISANI Summa de Caribou Conscientira 
Fol 1 .- (Q) Voniara vt ait gregorius super ezechielej . . . At 
end: Explicit summa enj tabula dicta de caaibj alias pisana. 
DEO GRACIAS. sm. folio, Soman letter, 345 leaves, 37 lines 
per page; calf, £7. 8. n. (circ. 1471) 

This very rare volume is usually assigned to the press of Peter Drach at 
Speyer, but apparently with no reason whatever. All (he books which bear 
that printer's name, beginning with 1477, are iu Gothic characters; while 
this is in a fine type of purely Roman character, with nothing whatever of 
Gothic style about it except the smnll letter v. 
167 BARLA AM and JOSAPHAT, attributed to St. John of Damascus. 
Fol. 1 : (C) Vm cepissent ntonasteria conBtrui . . . At end : 
Explicit Liber Barlaam et Josapbat, sm. folio, Gothic letter, 
.inted leaves, 36 lines per page ; French red morocco extra, gilt 
edges, by Derome, from the Crevenna and Wodhull libraries, £10. 

S. n. (Spirm, circ. 1473) 

This extremely roro book was produced by the first printer of Speyer, not 

earlier limn 1473, as is manifest from tho use of printed signatures in tho 

volume (a — k). It seems certain that he was not Peter Drach who is usually 

styled the prototypogrnpher of that city. 

Peter Drach (1477-1517). 
361C8 AQU1LA (Petri de) Qntestiones in quatnor Libroa Sententiarnm, 
Joannis Scoti. Folio 1 : Petri de Aquila sectntoiis nobilia- 

246 • 


simarnm snbtilissimi Joannis scoti doctrinarum. libros lios 
sentenliaruj quatuor .... Fol. 2 : Numerns et ordo questionu 
in primfi scntetiarfi Magistri Petri de aquila . . folio, Gi 
Utter, 178 leaves, double columns, GO lines per column ; fine copy 
in obi gilt russia, with Wvdhidl arms in gold on side, £3. 10* 
11 anc studiose tibi gaudet cudisse hlieUnm fifptrotuti 

Drach Petrus arte sua. 1480 
A finely printed volume, tho first page of wbicli is an address to the 
reader regarding the corrupt state of the text in the existing MSS. It serves 
as a title, and bears, like the eclophon, the date of 1480. 

36169 BREYDENBACH. Fol. 1 : Reverendissimo in xpo patri & dno 

Bertholdo sancto Maguntiu. sedis Archiepo . . . Bernard' de 
Brey den bach . . . In fine : Sanctaru peregrinationu in monte 
Syon ad venerandii christi sepulchroj in Hierusale. atqj in 
mon(« Synai ad diuam virgine & martyrem Katherinu opusculu 
hoc contentinu . . sm. folio, Gothic letter, quite per fet, with all 
the iniiriirimjs in their entirety ; green morocco extra, gilt edges, 
£15. per Ptt rum ihuch ciue Spirensem . . M.ccccc.ij . . (1502) 
Without a special experience of this book, in its various editions, no one 
could appreciate its extraordinary rarity in a perfect Btote. The folding 
illustrations are ordinarily defective in some point or other ; the view of Venice 
almost certainly truncated at one or the other end ; nnd, as for the map of ihe 
Holy Land, to have seen it in its full length (49 inches by lit) is a chance 
that but few collectors have enjoyed. 

(1470) Eichstet. 

Michael Reyser (1470-94). 

36170 TUNDAL. Incipit libellna de raptu anime Tudali et eiu8 viskmo 

Tractans do penis iuferni et gaudiis paradisi, smallest 4to. 
Gothic letter, 28 leaves, 30 lines per full page ; with several rude 
and singular woodcuts, the first of them xylographic ; one page 
slightly defective at the corner ; fine copy in red morocco, extra gilt 
edges, by Bedford, £12. 

Sine nota (Eustadii, Michael Rei/ser, circ. 1473) 
Probably the firBt edition of the celebrated Vision of Hell. At least, it is 
the earliest known appearance of the book in print. 

(1472) Esslingen. 

Conrad Fyner (1472-77). 
'171 CiESAR. Fol. 1: (C)ay Iult cesaris dictatobis exordia . . . 
Fol. 82a: Explicit Libel - , (i.e. Iulii Celsi de vita Cazsaris) Deo 
Gracias. Ac. Anno Dni M°CCCC°LXX° Tercio. Fol. 83a: 
(G)allia est omnis diuisa in partes tres . . . Fol. 144a : Supra- 
scriptos. vij. libros de bello gallico oomposuit ipse 000P. 
Sequontera ante. Julius celstis cesaris familiaris. Fol. 153a : 
Fininnt feliciter libri comentarior' Jnlij cesariB de bcllo gallico. 
kxiii., sm. folio, Qethic Utter, 153 leaves, 38 lines per page; fine 
and very large copy with rough hue,?, £30. 

Sine loco et typ. nom. [L'sslingen, Conrad Fyner], 1473 
A vert RAitK edition, printed in small gothic letters, without marks) 
of any kind. It bears no name of printer, nor place of impression : but was 
Induced by Conrad Fyncr at the first press of Esslingen. 


The excessive rarity of this edition is best shown by the citation which 
M. Deschamp* gives from the preface to the Delphin edition of Cicsar. There 
the editor Mate* that although he had sedulously inquired for it in all the most 
eminent libraries of his time, he was nnnble to find a copy. 

16172 GERSON. Fol. 1 : Incipit tractatus venerandi mgri. Tohis gei-son 
Cancellarij pijsiens' dc serupulo qnorudu au debeaut celcbrare 
diuina pollucionibus noeturnalibns corrnpti ab extra, 13 leaves 
— Regule ad ognoseendu differeciaj iter pet; nmitale & veiale 
beinrici d' bassia, 5 leaves — in 1 vol. small 4to. Gothic lei: 
18 leaves, 27 lines per page ; bds. £2. 2s 

S. n. (Esslingen, Fyner, about 1173) 

36173 NIGER (Peter) Fol. 1 : Ad Renerendissimii in xpo prem ao 
dominu. sanctc ecelesie Ratisponens' Episcopu. Prefacio ffis 
petri Nigri. Ordinis pdicator In tractate otra pfidos Iudeos de 
• 'ilii.ionib' veri meBsie . . . Fol. 43: Explicit tractatus Ad 
Indeor' pfidiam oxstirpandam . . Inpressns est p discretu ac 
Indus triu virii Conradnm Fijner de gerhuszen. In Eszlingen . . 
Milleaimo cccclxxv die sexta Iunij. I'vl. 4-1: In nomine domini 
amen . Bescbem . . em. folio, Gothic letter, in two sixes, 49 leaves ; 
bds. £9. HuUngm, Oonrad Fyner, 1475 

_ The second book in which Hebrew types were used. They appear on leaf 
45 in a large alphabet for learners. The book consists of selections from tho 
scriptures which are given in Hebrew and in Latin, the Hebrew being trans- 
literated in the larger Gothic type above referred to. (Tho first Hebrew book 
had been printed at lieggio a few months earlier.) 

3G174 SCHWARTZ (Peter) Stella Messia?. Fol. 1 : blank on obverse, 
a large woodcut on reverse. Fol. 2 : (I)N aller iibung der 
vcrnuft ist die czu preysen . . Fol. 322 : Das bucb bat gedriickt 
vnd volendt Conradus feyner von Gerbausen in der keyserlicbfi 
Baling . . Tausent vierhundert vnd siben vnd sibenczigk. 
lar. Explicit Stella Mescbiab, 4to. Gothic type of two kinds, 322 
leaves, with woodcuts ; red morocco extra, gilt edges, £12. 12* 

(Esslingen, 1477) 
Peter Schwartz is tho same as the Peter Niger mentioned above. Tins 
German book is a new work on tho same subject as the former Latin one, and 
the g.notation and transliteration of Hebrew texts is mnch more ample here. 

(1475) Lubeck. 

Lucas Brandis (1475-99). 
175 RUDIMENTUM NOVTCIORUM. Fol. 1 : Beatvs vir qvi in 

sapienciii, morabitur . . Colo-plum : Epithoma istud partes in 
. iuxta mudi sex etates diuisum. pri' alibi n. reptu. Qd 
|il:icnit rudimetuni nouicioru intitulari . . . folio, Gothic letter, 
401 printed leaves, double columns, 47 lines per column, with 
• in the style of the Jiloch-Iiooks ; fine large COW 
foil / leaf marked 11 inlaid), old gilt nissia, by 

l\',il!hoeber, with WodhuU arms in gold on side, £50. 

Anno . . M.cceelxjrvo . . Impiali nobili in vrbe lubicana. 
a etc unpssoria. speciali yra diuina diaru ob salute 
lidelu'/ inucnta . . .Per viyrvi lucambrddis do schasi . . 

This curious Chronicle wu the first book printed at Lubeck and is 
extremely rare. 


36176 JOSEPHUS, Laline. Fol.l: Ineipit prologus sancti Ieronimi in 
Iosephum . . Fol. 2 verso : Flauij iosephi hystoriar' ant iquitatis 
iuduico liber primus incipit . . 2 vols, folio, Gothic letter, 396 
printed leaves {not 395), doable columns, 48 lines per coin 
■printed in the same type as the Ruiluiuntuni, with grand arabesque 
woodcut borders on ttvo pages, large 'woodcut initials enclosing 
figures at the beginnings of the various books, and with alternately 
printed and painted initials to the chapters; the page-headings in 
large open capitals ; fine copy in old calf gilt, £36. 

S. n. (Lilbeck, Lucas Brandis, circa 1478) 

Ludwig Dietz. 

36177 DE BIB LIE vth der vthlegginge Doctoris Martini Lnthers yn 

dyth diidesche vlitieh vthgesettet, mit sundorgen vndcrrichtin- 
gen alse mon seen much, 6 vols, in 1, folio, with a great number 
of large and fine woodcuts by Erhart Altdorffer ; some leaves near 
the end slightly wormed ; in the original stamped binding re- 
backed with pigskin, £36. 

On title: Liibeck by Ludowich Dietz, M.D.XXXITI— At 
end : ym Dusent vyff hundert vnde veer vnde dortigesten 

yare . . (1533-34) 

The aided arc stamped with an inscription of ownership "Ioannes TiJcrnan 
— Anno Domini 1 591,'* and a loose leaf is inserted in the book recording the 
presentation of the volume from Johann Tide-man to his cousin Paul Bungen 
at Frankfurt in 1C06. 

First Edition of Luther's Bible, in Low German, translated from the 
original (completed in 1532) by Bugenhagcn and Johann Hoddersen. The 
woodcuts are of magnificent size and execution — the Hauptwerk, as Nagler 
calls them, of Altdorffer's artistic career. 

(1476) Rostock. 

Ludwig Dietz. 

36178 REINEKE VOSS, fa Low German. De Warheyt my glint* 

fremde ys | Do Trnwe gar settze, dat ys gewisz. Retnke Vosz 
DK olde, nyge gedrucket, mit sidlikem vorstande vnd schonen 
fignren, erlnchtet vnde vorbetert. M.D.XLLX. sm. 4to. Gothic 
letter, title printed in red and black within woodcut borders, '272 
numbered leaves and 8 unnumbered leaves, with over 50 fine 
woodcuts ; calf gilt, gilt edges, £20. 

Gedruckt by Ludowich Dietz ym Tare . . Dusent vyff hundert 

ncgen vnd veertich (1549) 

The colophon at the end of the Register is : Gedruckt tho Rostock doreh 
Ludowich Dietz, M.D.Liij. — which shows that the final eight leaves were not 
printed till four years after the book. 

(1479) Erfurt. 

Johann Knapp (1493-1524). 

36179 Claudmrds (C.) de Raptu Proserpine, smnll 4to. Roman letter of 

peculiar elongated type, 26 leaves (the last a blank), 25 lines per 
page; with signatures A-F (the first in six leaves, the rest in 
fours), calf, £3. 16* (Erfordim) I.K. (et'rea 1508) 

36180 Que in noc Libello coNTrejNTUR. Octauiani carmen ne Aneis 

(sic) Virgilii comburat'. Sulpicii Cliarta . . Elogiutn Senecc 



. . . Et alia Lectione digna, Roman Idler, Brffordie per me 
Inliu (rirc. 1508) — Palladii de Insitiono Carmen 

(ih. id.) — Tueobaldi episcopi Phisiolog' do naturis duodecim 
animalium, Oothie letter, woodcut on title, S. n. (Quentel, 
Colonial /), 1502—3 pieces in 1 vol. 4to. calf, £4. 1508-2 

(1480) Leipzig. 

Melchior Lotther (1491-1536). 

36181 MASCtNELLt (Ant.) Scribendi Orandiq; Modus per Anthoniu 
Mancinellu . . Lyptsck per Baccalarium wolf 'gangum de Monaco, 
M.CCCCC — Seneca de quattnor virtutibus cardinalibus, Lyptzk 
per Mvlchiore Loiter. Anno . . Nonagesimo nono — Phisiologus 
Tiikobaldi Episcopi de naturis dnodecim aninialium, S. n. circ. 
1490 — Alancs in puerbijs metrice coscriptus cu sententijs 
exponibilib' . . Lyptzk p. Melchiore Letter . . Nonagesimonono — 
4 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. Oothie letter, purple morocco extra, gilt edges, 

the Syrian Park library, £2. 1499-1500 

Gregor Botticher (1492-95). 

36182 Babtolus a Saxoferrato. Infrascripti vtiles et solaciosi tracta- 
tuli Bartoli legii doctoris famosissimi . . . 8m, 4to. Gothic letter, 
52 leaves (of which folios ix-xlv are tn/m '"•)■<,/), 31 Hues per 
page; crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, from the Syston Park 

■tj, £4. 4* 
Liptsk per Qngorim boticker. Anno dni M°.cccc.zciij. . (1493) 

Wolfgang Stockel (1493-1524). 

36183 Wimpfelino. Fed. la: Do triplici Candore Mariae ad reuerendis- 

si m ii ni H. Bertholdum Hennenbergen. Archiepiscopu Magun- 
tini'i . . . Fol. 1ft: Reuerendissimo in Christo patri Domino 
Bertholdo . . Jacobuso Uympfelingns Slettstattensis . . sm. 4to. 
35 linn per page ; maroon morocco extra, 
1 edges, £4. is S. n. (Lipsiat, Wolf, ring Stiickcl, circ. 1493) 
3618-1 Sacropdsco (J. de). Opnsculum Iohnnnis de saerobuBto spericnin, 
cum figuris optimis . . sm. 4to. Oothie letter, 38 leaves, with 
numerous woodcuts, bd.i. 15l (Lips. Stockel), 1498 

36185 GRUNPECK (Josepb) Spiegel der natnrlichcn himlischen vnd 
I'i'iphetisclien sohungen aller trubsalen, angst, vn not, die vber 
■He stands, gGBcblechta, vnd gomaynden der Cristenbeyt, 
sundcrbar so dem Krebsen vn Scorpion . . vnderworffen sein 
. . in knrzen tagen geen wcrdenn, sm. 4to. 13 curious woodcuts ; 
\ gilt edges, £3. 3s Leypszk, durch Wolfgang Stockel, 1522 

Valentin Schumann (1502-34). 

6 Mas New T . So dnrch L. Emser salige vtenscbt . . Leypl- 

i: dureli Fatten Schumann, 1528 — Annotationes Hieronimi 

Knistis salige fiber Luther's New Testament . . Anno. 

m.D.xxviii — 3 vols, in 1, 12mo. numerous woodcuts, rutsia neat, 

30* 1528 

36187 another copy, in the original pigskin boards, £2. 2* 1528 

The annotations contain a very vigorous attack upon Lather's German Biblo. 



(1480-81) Urach. 

Conrad Fyner (1481). 

36188 LEBEN DER HEILIGEN. Jfol 1 : Das Register. . Fol. 2 : Hie 

hebet sich an das Summer teil der beiligen leben Vnd za dem 
ereten von de lieben beiligen lerer Bant Ambrosio dem beiligen 
Bisehoff . . stout sm. folio, Gothic letter, 1 unnumbered and 240 
numbered leaves, with numerous woodcuts of martyrs, and an 
elegant coloured woodcut border to the first leaf of text ; oak 
boards, leather-covered and rebacked, £5. 

(Conrad Feyncr zu Vrach, 1481) 

This is only tlio Snmmer teil, and has no colophon. 

We team from Hain's description of the Winter theil the printer's name 
and the date. — Fyner's chief house was at Esslingcn, bat he printed a few 
books in Uracil during 1481 and perhaps 1482. 

(1481) Passau. 

Conrad Stahl (1482-85). 

36189 HERBARIUS Patauie impressus Anno doml & cetera, lxxxv. 

sm. 4to. Gothic letter, 34 lines per page ; 4 preliminary leaves, 
including tlu abuvi title, 150 leaves numbered, and 0*6 final !■:,</ 
IM numbered, with numerous woodcuts coloured; calf gilt, £2. 

(Passau, Conrad Stahel, 1485) 
Some copies have an addition of eighteen leaves at the end, beginning DtEsula. 

36190 Modus leoedi kt accEtuandi epistolas et euamqblu : scdm ritu 

kcclesie Ratisponensis . . sm. 4to. Gothic missal type for the ami a smaller type for the instructions, printed in red and 
black with all the Music, 24 leaves; half morocco gilt, £5. 

8. n. (Passau, Joh. Petri, circ. 1-495) 

(1482) Memmingen. 

AUoert Kunne (1482-1519). 

36191 ITINERARIUM. Preeacio in itinerarhtm seu pebboedja- 


■cr, 36 leaves, 32 Unci per page ; with one large woodcut of the 
Virgin, and 54 smaller ones (arranged three by three on eighteen 
pages) which illustrate the lives of the Virgin and of Christ ; some 
leaves water-stained ; vellum binding, £5. . . 

8. n. (Memmingw, Albert Kunne, about 1475) 

36192 tbe same, a fine copy in modern stamped calf, £10. (1485 

(1482) Vienna. 

Johann Winterburger (1492-1519). 

36193 M1SSALE PATAU1EN. sm. 4to. Gothic letter, printed in red 
an 1 blaok, with woodcut initial* and2 full-page woodtmts, that of 
ih> 0rue\ fiasion coloured ; in tht original ria/mpt d vxgsldn, very n 
£7. 7» Jodnes Winterburger . . impssil . . M. d. ix. . . 

In Vienna Pannunie (1509) 
A very creditable piece of press-work, striking by reason of its music, 
woodcuts, and profuse rubrication. 

Hieronymus Victor (1510-31). 

36194 LOGAU (Georg von). Georgii Logii silesii ad 
inclytvm Fcrdinandvm Pannoniae et Bohemiae regeui 
invictissimvm. Hendecasyllabi, Elegiae, et Epigram- 
mata. small 4to. the dedication-copy to King 
Ferdinand, printed on vellum, Roman letter; the 
words of iiititulalionand the verses on the bade of the 
title, as well as two other jiages of dedication, printtd, in 
gold, the royal escutcheon on the title and the arms of 
tliu author at end richly emblazoned ; in the original 
gorgeously gilt calf binding, bearing inscriptions on 
one nd& " Ferdinando Regi" and on the other " G. 
Logus dedicarit ; " in a blue morocco case, £150. 

I'ienii'.ii' I'annn/ii'.n' Ilieronynms Victor Silesitts 
excudebat Mense Maio M.D.XXIX (1529) 
Unique. It is an article of extraordinary interest, an 
edition de luxe of which Viennese typography might be proud. 
Printed, illuminated, and bound in Vienna for the King, who 
was afterwards the Emperor Ferdinand I, it ought to be 
preserved and treasured in the Austrian imperial library. 

(1482) Munich. 

36195 BATRISCHES LANDRECHT. Das buech deu oemeinen 

landpot. landsordnung. Satzung. vnd Gobrench. des fiiretenn- 
thumbs. in Obern. vndNidern Pairn. Im fiinftzehnhundert vnd 
Sechtzehendem Jar anfgericht, sm. folio, Gothic letter, printed 
in red and black, fine woodcuts by Kaspar Klofic.i. ; in the 
original wooden boards, £5. {Munich, or Ingolstadt, 1516) 

The title bears portraits of the two ducal brothers, Lndwig and Wilhelm, 
by whom the Law was promulgated. Towards the ond there are twelve fine 
large woodcuts of the various fish caught in the Danube, designed of natural 
dimensions so as to show the sizes under which the fishers were forbidden to 
take them. 

(M. Deschamps, in the Dictionunire de Geogrnphie, does not seem to bo 
aware that Ilans Srhawer printed a typographical edition of the German 
Mirabilia Roma) at Munich in 1488.) 

(1481) Regensburg, Ratisbon. 

36100 GALLUS. Catechismvs Predigsweise gestelt, fur die kirche 
zu Regenspurg, zum Methodo, das ist, ordentlicher summa 
Christlicher lere, wider allerlei newerung vnd verfelschung. 
Durch Nic. Galium, 210 leaves, Gedruclct iu Begenspnrg durch 
Mil Ehol — Klaqbede D. Martini Lutheri ... 16 leaves, 
tin last .i blank— Raoschee (Hieronym.) Eine Predig aus dem 
Propheten Hosea, vber der leich der . . . Flirstin Fretilin Elisa- 
beth, Pfaltzgrenin ... 12 leaves, Qedrucht zu Regenspurg Jurrh 
Hansen Rial, 1554 — 2 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. Gothic letter, villi 
many fine woodcuts by Martin and Michael Ostendorfer ; blue 
morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, £6. 6s 1554 


(1489) Hagenau. 

Heinrich Gran (1489-1527). 

36197 DAS HELDEN BUCH mit synen figuren. Folio 2 : Die vorredo 

dissos bucks. Dye faliet an der helden bnch das man nennet 
den Wolfdietherich. Vnd sagt . . . von herr keiser Otnit vnnd 
de kleinen Elbericb, vnd von jr morfart in die heideschafft dem 
kiinig syn tochter ab zugewynnen, sm. folio, Gothic letter, the 
title neatly mended; numerous woodcuts, including the excess: 
rare large one at the beginning ; dark morocco extra, gilt edges, by 
Bedford, £25. Hagenaw, Henrich Oram, 1509 

One of the rarest books printed at Ilugcnau. When copies do occur, tliey 
are almost always imperfect and in very bad condition. Panser imagined that 
this edition was the first (it is really the third), and considered it a highly 
important and remarkable book, as a collection of (he oldest German poetry. 

(1492) Tzenna or Zinna. 


dulcissimis none legis mirabilib' dini amoris rtfertis nonit' ad 
tci otcritoz ofectu [a Hermanno Nitzschewitz], stn.-tto. Oc 
type, with a large number of elaborate and curious woodcut illus- 
trations, and full woodcut borders ; very fine copy in brown 
morocco super extra, gilt edges, by Chambolle-Duru, £96 . 

Anno Nonagesimo sectldo . . . ad impmedum omissum Nue 
et in T:enna . . . impressum (1492) 

The above indication of place and date arc extracted from the prologue. 

A volume described as " d'chk babetE extbEme " by Brunei, who 
fnrther observes, " mat* c» qui U rend surUrnt remari7ini6le, e'ett Vateetsivt 
abturdiU do gravura faites eeprndant Crrsarto Sumptn.'' The work was 
probably printed for im|>crial presents only, and the impression limited to 
very few copies, the expense having been defrayed by tho Emperor 
Frederick 111 and his son (afterwards Emperor) Maximilian, whose figures 
(kneeling) arc introduced in every border. 

Tbe absurdity spoken of in the Manuel is simply in the boldness of 
conception which marks the artist's work. The blood of the Crucified is seen 
flowing from his wounds into a barrel, from which it spurts out in several jets 
upon good men standing round, or falls into a fountain from which monks 
take it up in pails. It is upon symbolism of this kind that Brunei bases bis 
charge of absurdity. 

The monastery of Tzenna was cast of Magdeburg and north of Lcipcig. 
The woodcuts are, as Didot has remarked, of more archaic type than tho 
contemporary prodnctionsof Numberg, as indeed might be expected. South 
Germany being far in advance of the North in artistic cultivation. 

(1494) Oppenheim. 

36199 Stoeffler (Ioannis) Calendarivm Romanvm majjnum, sm. folio, 
Roman letter, with the exception of Hot hie headings j printed in 
red and black, with numerous, diagrams representing eclipses of the 
moon, and a couple of 'woodcuts to every page of the Calendar ; im 
the original oak boards, £3. 16s 

Oppenheym per Jacobum Kiibel, 1518 
The number of diagrams, and elaborate tables printed in red and black. 
the woodcuts and tho general apparatus make this * book of imposing 



6 parts 

TRITEMIUS. Claris Polygraphia Ioannis Tritemii 
diui Iacobi Herbipolensis quondam Spanhemiensis 
in 1 vol. small folio (4to.), vellum, 32s 

(OpiirnJiriiii), loan. Haselberg de Aia, 1518 
The first work in which the art of secret writing was codified by meana 
of a series of vocabularies.— The last part contains treatises on the Ciceronian, 
the Runic, the Frankish, and other ancient methods of notation. 

(1500) Olmfttz. 

36201 Institoris (Henricus). Sancte Romane ecclie fidei defensionis 
clippenm Aduersus Waldesium sea Pickardoram heresim 
Certas gcrmanie Bohemieqj naciones in odinm cleri ac 
cneruacione ccclcsiastice potestatis virulenta cotagioe sparsij 
inficientes . . . per . . . frem heinricu institoris ... In 
farmam sermonura vtilissime redactnm, sm. folio, Gothic letter, 
woodcuts on obverse and reverse of title and woodcut device at end ; 
i-i.lluni, £5. 10s Olomuae . . . per magistral Coradu 

Baumgarthe impressu: . . . M.ccccci . . . (1501) 

The anthor was an officer of t lie Inquisition, and his work is directed 
chiefly against the Hussites and Moravian Brothers. 

(1500) Pfortzheim. 

Abs Memorandi. Fol. 1 : Hexastichon Sebastiani Brant in 
memorabiles euangelistar' figuras . . . Fol. 14 : Georgius 
Relmisius Anipimins lectori . . . ; sm. 4to. Soman letter, 
18 leaves, unnumbered, with irregular signatures; 15 full-page 
woodcut*, fi ncl y engraved; old veaufauve extra, gilt edges, £4. 4s 
Thomas Badensis cognomento Anshelmi . . . 1504 
This is a sort of Utmoria technics of the Scriptures, edited by Georgius 
Relmisius. The verses which accompany the explanations are from the 
Memorial* divinorwn eloquiorvm of Peter of Rosenhaim. 

(1507) St. Die in Lorraine. 

qyibvadain | geometriae | ac | astrono | miae prin- 
Cipiie | ad cam rem necessariis | Insuper quatuor 
Amcrici Ve- I spucii nauigationes . . . sm. 4to. 
1BI5, //"hiding the folding leaf with the large 
Globe, red morocco, by Bedford, £150. 
[St. Di6] Vrbs Deodate tuo clarescens nomine . . . 
pressit . . . Finitn vii. kl. Mnij Anno supra 

sesquimillesimum. vij [25 April, 1507] 
FIRST EDITION of the work by Martin Wal/.emuller or 
idseemiiller (calling himself Hylacomylus), in which the 
name of America was suggested as the one by which the New 
World should in future be known. This is on folio a5, and 
consists of the following statement : " alia qnarta pars [mundi] 
per Americum Vespntinm nt in scqucntibus audietur inventa 
est qnam non video cur quis jure vetet ab Americo inventors 
sagacis ingenii viro Amerigen quasi Americi terram sivc 


Amekioam dicendam." The world lias adopted the suggestion 
of Waldfeemiiller, althongh the fame of Columbus was injured 
by the appellation, and nothing can now avail to change it. 

There is a promise, in the verses which form the colophon, 
of a large harvest of books from the press, but it was falsi lied 
by time. So far as is known only another book was printed. 

(1508) Zurich. 

3620-t BIBLIA SACROSANCTA . . translate in sermonem Latinnm (a 
Leone Judee aliisqne, 3 vols in 1, stout folio, Boman letter; some 
leaves wormhole ; calf, blind-tooled, £5. 

Ti'juri, 0. Froschnverus, 15-13 

Tho celebrated Zurich Bible ; with the autoorapu or the mabttkko 
Biioop Latimer (H. Lattm') on the title. 
6205 STUMPFF (Johann). Gemeiner loblicher Eydgnoschatft 
Stotten Landcn vnd Volckeren Chronickwirdiger thai 
beschreybung . . . Durch Iohann Stumpffen beschriben . . 
2 vols, in 1, stout folio, Gothic letter, with nearly two thousand 
woodcut*, including maps, heads of distinguished personages, and 
a most interesting assemblage of designs representing seen' 
Swiss and European history, by Virgil BoKt, and apparently also 
by members of the Holbein family; in the original stai; 
I [/'kin, with clasps, £5. Ziirych bey Ohritiqfgl Froschouer, 1548 

One of the most magnificent artistic productions of tho sixteenth century. 
Asa hook with illustrations it may be compared with the Nurnborg Chronicle 
(which was probably in the mind of the publisher), but the designs in this 
volume are for the most part of high artistic character. — On folio 23 of the 
first part we find the following statement — "Sondcrlich ist die edel knnst der 
Bnchtruckercy . . bey den Tcutschon 7.o Meyni/. und Mroosiburg, durch 
Johann Kauntinm ini jar Christ) 1446 erfnnden und aufbrncbt. durch 
welche kunst alle gnte Biicher der altcn wideruiu erncuwerl, ans liccht 
gebracht, anch in Tentschou landen so vil cdler nnd guter ingenia crweckt 
nnd 7,u der gschriffl ge/.ogen sind." An engraving of Scheffer's press, and 
four men at work, accompanies this statement. 

(1509) Bern. 


De quattcor hebesiaechis ordinis Predicatorum de Obsernantia 
nnnoupatorum, apud Swicen6es in ciuitate Bernensi combustis 
Anno Cristi &c. M . D . IX . sm. Ho. Got hie Idler, 27 
33 lines per page, with a woodcut on the title-page; calf extra, 
ailt edges, £5. 8. n. {? Berne, 1509) 

36207 ii. (H.) Hienach volget das ernnBtb'ch vnd gewalltig erobern 
der loblichen vnnd reychen hochberiimbten vn vesten statt 
Pressa . . . sm. 4to. Gothic letter, 8 leaves, 33 lines per page, 
with woodcut on the title, bds. £5. S. n. (f Berne, 151:.') 

Although placed under Burn, these two bonks may have been printed 
elsewhere. They are in identical type.— The author of the second piece was 
at the storming of Brescia on the 19th of February. 1512, and wrote this 
Zeytung in Bern 6ve days later for the information of bis lord WoH 
von Ahayni, Hitter n Wildenaw, Laudhofmcister of Bavaria. — No press is 
known to have been established in Bern for some twenty years after that date ; 
but it is remarkable that tho type of these two books U, notwithstanding their 
date, extremely rude and archaic, betraying the hand of a new and provincial 
printer. There is sufficient prima facie evidence for supposing these books 
to be the 6rst fruits of the press in Bern. 


>8 BOCCACCIO. Ioannis Boccatii de Certaldo insigne opvs do 

Claris Mulieribns, sin. folio, Jloman letter, 15 fine vjoodcuts by 

I. K. iiu-liidiiuj the curious Labour of rope Joan; old calf gilt, 

£b. Bernm Helvet. per Mut hiir, m, m.d.xxxix 

The printer, Mathias Bienenvaler, i>r Apiarius, is the uiun usually 

>upposetl to hare founded the first press in Bern about 1525. 

3C209 Ein fast Kuurzwvi.ii) Fasznachtspil, so zu Bern uff de Herren- 
fassnacht in dein m.d.xxii. jar vou burgersitsonen offeutlich 
gemacht ist darin die wnrbeit in schirnpffe wyss vom Papst vnd 
syner priesterscbafft gemeldet vnd angezeigt wiirt. Item ein 
ander spil . . . 12mo. fine copy, red morocco extra, gilt edges, 
£8- 8s Bern by Matthia Apiario im 1540 

The two pieces in this rare little volume appear to be Carnival revel dramas 
enacted at Bern iu 1522. anil are, as might be expected from the date, 
directed against Hie Pope and the Church of Rome. They are written 
throughout in rhyming verse, and there were between eighty and ninety 
personages engaged in the representation. • 

(1503) Wittenberg. 

I >'.'0Dareb. Historia Dnretis Phrygii de E.xcidio Troie, am. 4to. partly 

\ te and partly Roman I ype, 24 leaves, 2C lines per page, a 

woodcut on the title and 10 full-page woodcuts preceding the text ; 

36s (Wittenberg) in offioina Joaunis Qronenbergii . . 1513 

II DAS NEW TESTAMENT DEDTZSCH, Vuittemberg. sra. folio, 

First Edition of Luther's Testament and first 'printed port ion of his 
German Bible, with fine woodcut initials and numerous full-page 
woodcut illustrations to the Apocalypse, by Lukas Cranach and 
Hans Burgmair ; folios bl and bo" in the Apocalypse wanting ; 
hf. bd. £■: I (Melchior Latter, September 1522) 

Excessively rare. This was the first appearance of Luther's Bible iu 
the language of which it is the foundation and the earliest monument. Having 
onmplatod his version of the New Testament during his seclusion in the 
u'mthiirg, he took the MS. on bis return to the world in March, 1522, to 
Melchior Lotther in Wittenberg, by whom the impression was brought to an 
end iu the September of the same year, bnt who did not venture, no! withstand- 
ing that he was in comparative safety there, to put his name to it as printer. 
By this book the struggle of the Reformation was tnrned into a triumph, the 

Silitical supremacy of the Popes was broken, and the modern literature of 
crmsny was called into existence ; and in this book oar English Bible was 
conceived. It is thus one of the great works of the world ; an object of never- 
ending admiration aud respect. But its rarity is nearly equal to its extra- 
ordinary merit ; this and one other aro the only copies I have ever bad, and 
there was none in the grand " Caxton Exhibition " of Bibles. 
1 1 Das Ollde Testament dudesch, Mart. Lcth. Wittemberch mdxxv, 
1 _'!.:'■ '.hie letter, woodcuts, in the original stamped pigskin with 
clasps, £7. 

fol. 2: Oedrwket Nickel Schyrlent*. Anno $o. mdxxv (1525) 
This is Luther's Pentateuch translated into the Low Saxon dialect of 
I'oineranitt, probably by his friend liugenhagen. 
119 Luther. Dbud chismus. Mart. Luther, sm. 4to. title and 

\'l i.n inhered leaves, Gothic litter, title within *i full im 

twral orna n lent framing a Onudfimon; contcm- 
mi/ Miff, nott j mi tern-ill nf the margin*; fine large copy in red 
morocco extra, gilt edge*, £8. 

Wittenberg, innh Georgen Bhaw m.d.xxix (1529' 
First edition of one of Luther's inoro important works. 


36213 LUTHER. Von Abednial Christi, Bokentnis Mar. Luth. sm. 4to. 

Gothic letter, lillr within a beautiful border containing a pirlure 
of the death of Goliath, by Lucas Cranach (L. C.) : on culj, £4. 

Wittemberg durch Hans Weissen, 1534 

36214 Das Newe Testament Mar Luters Wittemberg 12mo. 

Gothic letter, numerous woodcuts after LuAas Cranach, coloured, 
and all Die chapter initials illuminated ; — six leaves wanting (tl8, 
2la 3-6, Oil 8) ; green morocco extra, gilt edges, £4. 

Qedruckt zu Wittemberg durch Hans liuffl (1530) 

The preliminary notice on Hie back of the title runs thai — " Ich bitte alle 
rncine Freunile unci Feindc, mciue Meistcr, Drinker, nnd Leser, wollea dia 
New Testament lassen mcin scin ; habcn lie nber Mangel drag das sic selbs 
ein cigenB fur sich mochcn, Ich iveis wol was ich macbe, seho auch wol was 
ondermachen. Abcrdis Testament sol des Luthers deudsch Testament scin. .. " 

36215 Kirchenordnttnge zum anfang, fur die Pfarherrn in Hertzog 
Heinrichs zu Sachsen v. g. h. Fiirstenthum. 1539. small 4to. 
Gothic letter, title within woodcut border, the Music of the Com- 
munion Service in large lozenge-shaped notes on a staff of / 
lines; limp olive morocco, £6. Wittemberg, durch Hans Lufft, 153!) 

With a MS. note in the handwriting apparently of Luther suggesting an 
alternative prayer in the baptismal serricc, for the one printed under the bead 
of Lassl tins beleii at the end of the ceremony. 

36216 LUTHER (and others) [Melanchthon, Unterricht der Visit*. 

toren an die Pfarherren] mit Luthers' Vorrede, no title, Wittemb. 
Hans Lufft, 1539 — Melanthonis Verantwortung auf der Colnis- 
chen unter Clerisey Schrifft widder Martin Biitzern ansgangen, 
mit der Vorrhede Lutheri, Wilt. Joseph Khtg, 1543 — Bugen- 
hagen, Leiden nnd Antferstehung Christi, Witt. Qeorg Rhaw, 
1544— Luther, an Kurfursten zu Sachsen und Landgraven zu 
Hessen, von dem gefangen H. zu Brunswig, Witt. Joseph King, 
1546 — Luther, zwo schone und trustliche Prodigt . . . von der 
Tauffe Christi . . . von der Bekerung S. Pauli, fine portrait of 
Luther on the reverse of title, Witt. Qeorg Rhaw, 1546 — Jonas 
(Justus) zwo Trostliehe Predigt uber der Leich D. M. Luther, 
ib. id. 1546 — Melanthon, Oratio nber der Leioh Martini Luthers, 
fine portrait of Melanchthon on reverse of title, ib. id. 1546— 
Bugenhagen, Predigt uber der Leich Luthers, ib. id. 1546— 
and other pieces in 1 vol. small 4to. stamped hogskin, £4. 

LUTHER. Enchiridion piarvm precationdm, cum Passional!, 
ut uocant, quibus accessit nouum Calendarium cum Cisio iano 
uetere & nouo . . Vuittenibergre. D. Marti. Lvt. Anno m.d.xmii. 
12mo. Roman and Italic letter, with 50 woodcuts after Diiri f 
the Passional, the Calendar printed in red and black ; fine copy, 
brown morocco extra, gilt edges, £6. 

Vuitlemberga: apud Iohannem Lufft, 1543 
36218 B1BLIA: Das ist : Die gantze Heilige Schrifft, Deudsch, Auffs 
new zngericht, D. Mart. Loth. . . 4 parts in 2 vols. sm. folio, 
(i it/y large number of fine woodcuts, after Cranach and others, 
throughout the liisturical books and the Ajiocalypse ; 
pigdttltf f(U edges, £12. 

Wittemberg, durch Hans Lufft, 1546-1535 



(1513) Worms. 

36219 SACHSENHEIM (Hermann von), fflon'n. Eyn Schone 
Kurtzweilige vn liebliclie Histori, wulch durch weiland Herr 
Herman von Sticbsenbeym Ritter (cyns abentbeurlicben handels 
balbe, so jni in seiner jngent begegnet) beachriben, vnd hernach 
die Morin genaut ist . . . small folio, numerous large woodcuts, 
"I'll in brown morocco, gilt edges, by Petit, £16. \6s 

Zn Worms truckts Sebastiaiius Wagner, 1539 
Tbo engravings are by a Strassbnrg artist, and were first produced in 
1612 in that city. They nre the finest artistic work which tbe Strassbnrg 
school had produced.— Tbo poem itself is a Metrical Romance, of great 
rarity, written by Ilcnnnnn von Sachsciiucym, who also makes himself the 
hero. He wrote about 1450. The poem is in smooth and fluent couplets of 
tight syllables from licginning to end ; and combines allegorical, fantastic, 
nnd -.itirical features, like sonio French productions of the same lime. The 
Morin, ■ little dark woman, accuses the young knight of falsehood to her 
lady, Queen Venus. Thero is plenty of dialogue, but little incident. 

(? i 1 5 5 3o) Frankfurt - am - Main - 

30219 , Tebentianvs Mavuvs, do Literis Syllabis et Metria, am. 4to. 

wuodeut on title, RomOH letter, ••''//' ;/'/'• 10s 

Urancofortia, apud Christianum Egcnoljdium, 1532 
Bound up with " liuherti Britanni do foelicita'.e nostrorum temporum 
oratio, Paris, 1540." 

30220 BI1JLICAE HISTORI AE, magno artiticio depicts, A utilitatia 
publics causa latinis Epigrammatibus a Georgio .ZEmylio illus- 
tratn?, sm. 4to. 54 leaves, with 83 very pretty woodcuts, by Mans 
Sebald Betiam, whose monogram is on the title, vellum, £32. 

Trancoforli, Ohrutituuu Bgenolphut, 1539 
36221 PASSIONAL. Doctbina, Vita, et Passio Iesv Christi, iuxta 
Noui Teatamenti fidem et ordinem, artificiosissime effigiata . 
Lebre, Lebenu, vnd Sterben ... 37 full-page woodcuts of the 
lift of Christ; Sei|vvntvr Hiatoriae Evangoliorvm, ordine eccle- 
siastico, 30 full. page woodcuts ; 2 parts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. 
containing altogether 73 fine woodcuts by Hans Scheufelein ; large 
copy in blue morocco extra, rjilt edges, by J. Clarke, £18. 18s 

On title: Francoforti, Apud Christianum Egenolphum. 
At end : Oelruckt zu Franckfurt, am Meyn, Bei Christian 

Egenolf. M. D. L. 

This is called Schcufclein's Little Passion, and bears his mark on the 

title (the shovel bearing tbe initials I S in a monogram). — In 1543 Egenolf 

described himself, and in 1555 was described by his heirs, as the first printer 

of Frankfurt (in 1530). 

CHISMUS Fur die gemeine Pfarrhcrr vnd Prediger 
1 1. Mart. Lnther, sm. folio, Gothic letter, 26 fine large Woodcuts 
by U mair ; blue morocco extra, gilt edges, £10. 

Vranehfurdi am Mayn,durch Hermann (Hilfferichen . .(1553) 
Un signature G 4, there is a separate title " Kin Trnwbuchltn, fur die 
einfclligcn 1'farrherrn." 

23 FRQN8BERGER. Fiinff Biicher. Von Kriegsz Regiment 
1 Ordnung, wic sieb ein yeder kriegazman inn seinem Ampt 


vnd bcuelch halten soil, vnd was zu anfang eines Kriegs 
zuerwegen vnnd zubetrachten sey . . . Durch Lienhart Fi 
pergern, sm. folio, Gothic letter, numerous very fine woodcut* of 
soldiers and officers, weapons of offence, etc. by Jost Amman ; fin.. 
copy in vellum, £8. 

1'ranckfnrt am Mayn, durch Dauid Schoffel. M.D.J.V. 
Tho beautiful designs in this rare volume give it a sort of monumental 
interest : they were the first sustained effort* of the genius of Jost Amman. 
who was only sixteen years of age when the book appeared. 

(1519) Steckelberg Castle, private press. 

3G224 HUTTEN (Ulrich von) Hon in volvmino haec oontinentvr . . . 
At end: Hoc Vlrichi do Hvtten Eqait. Gcr. Invectivarviu cvm 
aliis qvibvsdam in tyrannvm V V irtenpergenaem opus . . am. 
4to. woodcuts, £2. 8s 

Excvsvm in arce Stekelberk An. M.D.XIX. (1519) 

Remarkable as an early instance of the practice of private printing. The 
woodcuts arc a picture of the murder of llutton's cousin by the Duke of 
Wurtcmborg (which led to these invectives against the tyrant), and a portrait 
of Hutten himself. — One of tho letters in this collection is addressed to hi« 
friend Fridrich Fischer, whom he asks to get a wife for him — "graceful, 
young, well brought up, cheerful, modest, patient; endowed with enough, 
not too much ; for I do not seek riches ; and as to her family, I deem her 
sufficiently noble who shall wed Hutten." 

A modern German writer has shown that this book was probably printed 
by Schoffer at Maintz, and the imprint fictitious. 

(1530) Siemern. 

36225 RTJEXNER (Georg) Anfang: vrsprung: vnnd herkomen des 
Thnrnirs in Teutscher nation. Wieuil Tburoier bisz vff don 
letsten zu Worms, auch wie.vnd an welchen ortten die gehalten. 
vnd durch was Fiirstenn, Grauon, Heran, Ritter vnnd vom Add, 
Bie ieder zeit besnebt worden sindt, stout folio, first edition, 
numerous fine wood engravings of Tournaments and knightly 
pageants, by the unknoion master 3. H., including a large fvl 
woodcut between folios xliii and xliv, the coats of arms beautifnlh/ 
emblazoned in contemporary colouring, fine copy in the original 
leather-coloured boards, rare, £21. 

Siemern, in verlegntig Hieronimi Rodlers, 1530 

A magnificent book, with regard to its typographical execution and 
illustration. It was realty a Uvrc it lues, printed in very large and beautiful 
type, apparently identical with that in which the Thewrdank was printed, ami 
is upon fine pnpor; very unlike the later editions in these Iwo respects. 
3G22G RUEXNER (Georg). Anfang ; vrsprug vnd herkomen dvs 
Thunders inn Teutscher nation. Wieuil Thurnier biss vff di-n 
letstenn zu Wornibs : Auch wio vnnd an welchen orten 
L'l'lialten .... folio, with numerous fine woodcuts, including a 
large one in a folding sheet, by H. H. ; pigihin hack, with m 
ment sides, £4. 4s 

in verlegung Hieronimi h'ndt< rs . . -u Siemern . . Fiinfft- 
.1, under! end im Zir- ipuifldr. are (1532) 

A full acconnt of thirty-six grand Tournaments which were celebrated 
in Germany between the years 938 and 1482. 

The woodcut* are from tho identical blocks used in the preceding edit in | 
but the types are totally different. 

(1543) Wesel. 

_7 Melancthon, The epistle of the fatuous and great Clerko 
Philip Melancton made vnto oure late Souereygne Lorde Kynge 
Henry the eight, for the ronokinge and abolishing of the six 
articles set forth and enacted by the craftie meanes of procure- 
ment of certeyne of our prelates of the clergie, newly traslated 
out of laten into Englishe by I. C. The truth wyll haue the 
victorie, 18mo. blfldt letter, a small wormliole through the .' 
calf, rare, £2. 8* Printed at Weesell. 1547 

IUiik. Tlic White Knights copy sold for £2. \8i. Contains A and B, 
in eight* : the lost leaf blank. 

An early example from the press of Wesel, in which town printing was 
introduced only four years previously. 

(1545) Neuburg an der Donau (Bavaria). 

128 KIlfCHENORDNUNG. Wie es mit der Christenlichen Leere, 
hoQigen Sacramonten, vnd Ceremonieu inn des . . Hcrm 
Ottheinrichs, Pfaltzgrauen boy Rhein . . Chur vnd Fiirsten- 
thumben gehalten wirdt. m.d.lvi. — Von den Eesachen. Wie 
diesolbige . . gehalten werden soil, m.d.lvi. — 2 parts in 1 vol. 
sm. 4to. Gothic letter, the first title in red and Hack; wormed in 
the fir it pari ,- parchment hoard*, £3. 

Jfi nhiinj an der Thiuanc, inn Hansen Kilia-ns Druckerey. 1556 

(1559) Miilhausen. 

[FRANK (Sebastian)] De arbore BctENTiAE boni et mali, ex 

qvo Adamus morte comedit, & adhuc hodie cuncti homines 

mortem comedunt . . Avgvstino Elevtherio authore, sm. 8vo. 

(12mo.), Italic letter, a library stamp on title; maroon morocco 

r a, gilt edges, 36« 

Mvthueii, svperiorie Alsatiae, per Petrum Fabrum. 1561 
liter Schmidt (1'etrns Faber) was the first printer of the town. This 
l»u>k has usually been considered his first production ; but it is laid that be 
had printed another in 15S9. 

(1574) Tegernsee. 

.10 BREDIARIUM vna cum Psalterio, Secundum ritum & consue- 
tndinem Monachorum de obseruantia S. Benedicti in Tegernsee, 
iam primo & magno studio impressnm ... 2 vols, folio, 
'hi red and black, in large Gat hie letter ; a few leaves in 
(he first volume a little damp-stained, but generally a fine copy in 
the original oak boards covered with stamped hogskin, £10. 

Tegemiee, Anno Domini 1576 

Apparently only three little tracts hud been printed by the monk- of 
Tegernsee before this great work issued from their newly established press. 

1) Brunsberg in Polish Prussia — seepost in Sclavonic division, 



• (1619) Rinteln (on the Weser). 

36230 # Tii.emanii alias Sclienck (Jobaunis) De Successionibas qaibns 
tarbato mortal itatis ordine deferlur htereditas dissert 
18mo. vellum, 7* 6d BinteUi, IMS 

Unknown Presses. 

30231 QUATUOR NOVISSIMA. Fol. 1 : (M)Saunara nomamma 

tna et in | cternu non pcccabis Eccia. | vii. Sicut dicit beat" 
Aug. | libro sunruui meditacionum . . am. 4to. Roman I 
with a little inti rini.i 1 ure of Gothic, 81 leaves, 25 lines per p 
bds. £5. 8mm nota (about 1 

A remarkable volume, unnoticed by any bibliographer. All the capitals, 
except Q, are Gothic ; the <1, v, b, amongst the small letters, arc also Gothic ; 
all the others arc Roman type of clumsy and irregular shape, evidently on 
of the first typographical experiments of the kind. There are no signature* 
numerals, or catchwords. Some contemporary glosses, in German, arc written 
between tho lines. 

30232 ALBERTUS MAGNUS. Fol 2: Incipit prologus in compen- 

dium theolyico vcritatis. . . . Fol. 129b: Explicit liber vita 
huius oompendij. Den gratias. Fol. 132 : Ego Thomas Dorn- 
bcrg do Momniyngen. . . . Fol. 1-126 : . . . hec ego Thomas 
Domiberg prefatns fclh-iiw perfeci & oompleni. Anno Domini 
MillesiiiKi i|iiadriiiL'ciitesinioscptnagesimoterciii . . Explicit Re- 
gistrum Deo p-atias, bib. folio, Gothic letter, 1-12 leave*, -11 
per page ; bits, vellum bacl;,3(Js Sine nota (about 1-174) 

Fcrhaps printed at Speyer. — There are three blank leaves: 1, 130, 131 
The first. 129 leaves arc foliated (with the following errors : 1 is not numbered, 
2 and 3 are numbered 1 and 2, 8 is unnumbered, 9-25 are numbered 8-24 ; 
tho total result being to runke the numeration of 2G-129 correct)— and this 
book must therefore bo considered one of tho earliest examples of that 
practice. There arc no signatures or catchwords. Of the type, it may be 
remarked that the b and the 5 are but little different, and that .each of them 
inclines forward out of the perpendicular. 

30233 JACOBUS DE CESSOLIS. folio 2 : Incipit libellus de lndo 

Bcachoram & do | dictis factisq5 nobiliuj viroruj philosopho | 
rum et antiquoium prologue libelli, sm. 4to. Gothic letter, 60 
leaves, 29 lines per page, with signatures a-fj ; fine copy in 
morocco extra, gilt edges, by Thouvenin, £15. 15s 

a nota (about 1480) 

Tho first leaf is n blank. The signatures arc in eights, except the 
which is in four leaves. Tho type is of the Venetian kind commonly used in 
Kurnberg, Basel, Strnssburg, Cologne, aud Speyer, about 1480. 

The book is excessively rare ;' so much indeed that Brunei doubted if it 
were really the well-known treatise of Jacolio de Cessoli, or not. 

3623-1 HEMMERLIN. Clarissimi viri Juriuqj doctoris Felicia 
hi mmerlin cantoris quonda Thnricen. vario oblectationis opuscula 
et trnctat', sm. folio, Gothic biter, leaves, 47 lines to a / 
fine woodcut of the author on the title-page; blue morocco ■ 
gilt and marbled edges (by Padeloup), £5. 5* 8. n. (circa 1480) 
Finely printed in a alear Gothic typo, which resembles a kind dm-i! by 
Coburgcr in Xurubcrg, Furter in Baseband Uracil fit Speyer. 

36235 BIBLIA PAUPEKl M tbl I: (T)anta pollet excellent* 

pdicatiois officii! . . . Ful. 3 : Incipit picelard op' qd bililin 
paupam appellat patile omnib' pn-ilicatoribas, am. 4to. Gothic 
teller, 102 leaves, double columns, 39 lines per column, n-ith 
signatures an in eights, ncejA the last sheet which is in 
h aces ; wooden boards partly con-re ' with leather, CI. 

Sine nota (circ. 1485) 
Tlie first two leaves (which are without signature) contain s preface and 
on index of the chapters. — The colophon attributes the authorship or com- 
pilation of the book to St. Bonaventura. 

86236 SPECULUM STULTORUM. At end : Explicit speculum 
stnltorum. Quisquis theologns, quisquis legista peritus . . . 
email 4to. Gothic letter, 58 leans, 'M lines /»;■ j'age'j line eopu in 
French green morocco extra, gilt edges, in the style of Leroi 
jeune, £4. 4s 8. n. (perhaps at Cologne, about 1488) 

There are signatures n-g in eights, except g which has ten leaves. The 
first leaf after tlio title begins thus : Incipit epistola vctcris vigelli ad 
Tuilbelmom nmicum suum sccretum coDtinons intcguinentum speculi 
•tnltomm ad enndem direeti et inferius scripti. — This satirical poem by Nigel 
Wirckcr is one of the most important literary works produced in England in 
the Middle Ages (before a.d. 1200). — The edition might possibly bo referred 
to a Low Country press. 

36237 BREYDENBACH. Titles Dis bach ist innhaltond die heili-0 
irysin gem IheruBalem zu doin lieiligen grab vnd furbasz zu 
der hochgelobten jungfrowen vnd merteryn sant katheryn, sm. 
folio, Qui hie letter, 49 and 48 lines per page, perfect with all the 
large folding woodcut vieios, etc. very line copy in old Dutch 

:i KBIT rare, £28. s. I. >5' "• (■' Strassburg, about 1489) 

The designer of the woodcuts in this work, who was Erhart Kcnwich of 
Utrecht, has been described as deserving to rank with the very foremost of the 
tiinc. In point "f fact, the illustrations to Brcydcnbach formed a now epoch 
in the history of the Art of wood-engraving and book-illustration, and tho 
engiavrr. whose namo is unfortunately unknown, deserves no less credit than 
the designer. 

The original Jlentz blocks seem to havo passed into the hands of tlio 
printer of this volume, with the exception only of tho frontispiece; and 
from him they must have been immediately transferred to Peter Drnch at 

The type in this work is almost identical with tho founts used by Priisz 
iu 1 507 nad Schwan in 1524, at Strnseburg. 

Collections with various imprints. 

38 Bodknstein von Cakolstat ( Andreas) 
21 pieces in 1 vol. sm. 4to. bds. £4. 
Contests i 


othors, Tracts, 

Oicolami'a Dii's, Maleachi mit Auszlegnng 
VardaDUcht dnreh Lud. llHlzer ». 1. 1526 

Camoiftat. Berichtung dresser Red . . . 
Rcgnu Calorfl '.im patitnr, etc. 

Witltmbtrg, 1521 

den nnlerriehtung Andres Bo. 

ion Carolstadt ib. 1521 

Klagbriefl' oder Supplication der iinnen 
DiirlTtigen in Engrnlanilt an den Kiiiiig, 
widder die reychen gevstlicheu bettler 

... I. (1529) 

Die war History von den vier keti' r prax 
diger ordcua "zu Bern vcrhrant, woodcut 
on title [Zilrkh. about 1520) 

247 • 


Track tad I von etlichen grosscn klngon vom 
Hcvligcn Vntier 1639 

Eckon (Joh.)Missino BBdZwiDglil vernnt- 
wurt Ziirich, 1524 

AnfliM Ba too I ludbUd Antwort gtweiaM 

wassor bcluagcnd Witlcnbcry, 152 1 

Dersc-Ibc von beiden gC8tiililli.ii der 

lb. 1521 

Zwingly, Articled so . . . 1523 off' 
disputicrt i n. 

npadius, das die beicht nitt schwer 
scy <.Yimm) 

Qpadli Niinciliiiiittis 8. v.. 
Die vcrtcutsch Bulle des Bapst Leo wyiler 
Doctor Luther i. n. 

And other pieces. 

36239 Lutheran Tracts, 22 pieces in 1 vol. sm. 4lo. Ids. £2. 10, 1 


History bruder Jacobs, l'rior zu Antdorff, 

Savonaroln, Aus/.lcgungdK dTS/ot vers/, 
des dreyssigisten l'sulmen la tc Domlnc 
spernvi, gcinnchl durch bruder Jhcroni- 
mnm j. I. (Augsburg, S. Otmar) 1588 

Kvangolinm Nicodemi in teutsch gcbracht 
S.n. [Hilrnberg, 1522) 

Hugonis vo Landcuberg Misclurif bra 
Costantz, Krnstliche ermanung des Fri- 
dena und Christcnlicher einigkeit . . . 
(mit Conimenlar) . . . At end, with new 
pagination : Summnrium dcrschddlichcn 
lodtlichcn gyfften ho in disem Mandnt 
Hohentteyn, Bans I'lh-wilzig {Wilrn- 
berg, 1522) 

Ain niit/lkhcsGesprechund vndcrweisung, 
woodcut on title (? Siirnberg) 1525 

Bricsnmns ( Johnnnis) Untvrricht vnd erma- 
nnng an die Chrisllich gemcyn zu <A>it- 
bua (irill.iil'.rj) 1588 

[Staipitz (Job, von)] Ain suligs newea 
jar. Von dcr lieb gottes, woodcut on title 

Wider die venneynte euangelisihC. Beriebt 
(Augsburg) IS83 

Kyn wundcr schous vfl gar nuczlichs 
buchlein (to.) 1523 

Wcstcrburch (Gcrhnrl) vom tegefewer 
vnd standi der vc-r.-chi-yd<- scion, vtry 
rare (Ilagenau, AnseUn) 1523 

fine woodcut title, portrait of Friar Jacob 
at the end \{ Kylmburj. 1698 or 

Cnpito (\V. F.) an den hocliwiirdigen 
lursteu Wilhelmcu BlschoSen in 8 
burg (Augsburg, 

Krasini l'urnclesis Tculscht, 
title {Augsb. 15J3I 

Erasini Auszlegung (ib. : 

Erasini Vcrummiiig dua hailige Euaugc- 
liuiii . . , zn le 

,,('. Big, Qrttnm) i ■>■■:■> 

Erasmi vou Wnlfurl vennanung 

(Zurich, fVosekoMr, i 

Herr Erasmus . . . Dcr xilfi bond! 

(f Eyltnhurg, I 

Eynn kurlzcr bogriff in wawrlcy gestalt 
die Bernhnrdiuenscs tzn PnsnUw nu-z 
getiil'-iiTi (A". 

Ain sehoner dialogus Ciinlz nnnd der 
Frii/. Die branchcni iranig \wi/. . . . >u 
■lad gut Luthrisch baun-ii 8. n. 

Dialogus von dcr zwitrachtung desGlau- 
bens ncnlich enstnndeo 

Ain Bchoner dialogus von Ilanns Tboll 
unnd Clans Lamp B. n. 

Eyn sehoner Dialogus IzwUchcn ciin l'fnr- 
rer und cim Schultbayss, woodcut on 
tide S. n. 

30210 Mei.anchthon, Carolstat, and otbers, Tracts and Opuscules of 
I nly days of Luthernnism, 19 pieces, in 3 vols. sm. 4to. hi 
lettered " Tracts ou the Reformation," £10. I '.'-Xl 


Standeroer (Baltliosar) Ein sendt brieff 
von dcr lieb gotz vnnd des ncchsten, 
4 leaves, tcoodcuton title ,-. I. 1523 

Bbentii (Joh.) Wie sich Frcdigcr vnd 
Lcyen halten solleu. so der Turik das 
deutsche land vbcrfullc wiirde. coloured 
woodcuts on title n'ittcmberg, 1531 

CaSOUTAI (Andreas) Von da empnv- 
hern, znyeheii, vnd zusag des hailigen 
sacraments flaisch vii bhltl Christ) 

Drenden, IF. Sttekel, 1533 

Mklam RTSOSIb (l'hilippi) Declamnliun- 
tnl.i in D. Pavli doetYUMn 

ri(ittenb«rp«, M.Lotthtr, 1520 

Ai ■ i rarrwi Tructot von iippigkail ll 
in 'i'eulscb gcbracht 

Augspurg, 8. Olmar 

BtiRCHARDi (Ulrichi) Dialogisun- 
Cliiistiunn, iroodeut on title 

(Babenberj, 1523) 

Bhcnskei.s(i itho) de Katione Decimarrm, 

woodcut border on Hlit S. n 

is (Johannes) Drey grnndilicbe 

rntterichtnng md wurhafftige en: 
digong wider dio ertichtcu verbmultitm 
■ 'Jicla- l-'iirstcn i\\ Brvszlaw . . . 

Drtmdcn, Sticktl, 1528 



in l'awicn ra 
werilt bey Harnberg . . . too dem 

Fre.ien willen, wonJcv.1 on Mil S. n. 

BOBnrrsn ro ititt (Andres) 

Von abtnhnng der Byldcr. elegant wood- 
cut border to title 

, 1639 

(Hi DialugiK, ilcs inhalt, 

ein argument der Rdmisoben . . wood- 
cut on title '•■ i- 1. 1 ."- _! I i 

nui (Jobana) Ain fralntHcIi I 
liche vermanurig an nllc fnmimon Chris- 
ten to Augspnrg, woodnit on Htlt 

•■■berg 0688) 

Erasmus, Voun Wnlfart, woodcut on (i(I« 


Capito (W. F.) Wm man lialleii vnnd 

Antv. I von der spallung zwi- 

I.uthor vnnd Carolstnt, woodcut 

border to title 8. n. 

mrumb or seyn tocbtcr ansz dem Clcw- 
ter liinwcg gefiirt bab . . . cin Vorred 
Andreas Osiandcr Hurcmberg, o. J. 

Kiimiuu iMi.rtin) Anzargung wic die 
gcfallene Chri-stPiihnit widerbracht miig 
wi-rdii . . . (Augsburg) 1524 

Ki i i.ii: (Michael) Etlicb Semi 

cut on t it h (Augsburg) \ 525 

Baitua ! VHeb) Dialogua odex ri 

ilea ApjiostnlicuiiK Angelica vnd andercr 
Spcceri'v del Appotcrkco Antrcffen Doc- 
tor M. Lnllertrs ler (1521) 

Hcaz (Wolfgang) Ayn Sermon in wclchcr 
der menscli geraitzt vfi ermant «irl n 
lid) der En&gelischcn lere, title ■ 
a beautiful woodcut border in Qeofiroy 
Tory : 0. ». 

Emskr (llieron.) Miasae chrii,tianorum 
Contra Luterana misaandi formula As- 
BCrtio (Dreiim) 1524 

11 MsXANCHTHON and others, Tracts, 5 pieces in 1 vol, sm. 4to. fine 
«*, hf. id. £7. 10»- 1520-22 


I'ii iiatbt ahtickel nnd furnesten 
puncten der gnnt/.en hayligcn scbrifft 
urea I'liili[i|i Uelanobton Lai 
grmaclii ui". fulgent rerteaUcht, ayn 
■anlcf 8081 biccblin, MB* in red and 
black within icoodeul border. BARB 

'orUnRaeh, 1529) 

1 . ■ (ie.'pnich biielilin, 

woodcut Mile a i 

f. I. et a. I Tubingen or Ilngenau, 
Thomas Ansclm, 1521) 

142 LoTBEB, Cabolsi it, and otheks, Tracts and Opuscules, 14 piecefl 
in 1 vol. sm. 4to. wooden boards backed with hogthin, £7. 10s 


DOG Martini T.itiii:ks. Augustiner, Bin 
IraatHcbj BBchleiu, getcutscht durch 

uini S|iiilMlinm\i. title villiin wood- 
cut border Augspurg, Silv. Ottniar, 1520 

Eiiasmi Klag des Frydis, durch Leo J ad 
rertQUeht, title in ieoodeu< border 

Ziiricli, Chr. Froschouer, 1621 

Das Wui i n;i »ano, curiouJ iaWricat 
tcoodcut «. n. Zurich (Fnuehorer) 


(LrrnKH) Ain Chri-tlychc mid Mist 
lebewcyiung von dem Jugstcn 
1 1. II. L. 

Wiitembtrg, s. a. {/ire. 1586 I 
i, i Iflenbarang des 1 ndteliri 

( liithnriitum 
fVittwmhtTf, 1604 

Dm Wolff Gesing, cur icuj wood cut 
fuce rrj . ■ he Wolves attired 

at f- ■'•», troppiny 

Royal and other Geese in a s. n. 

vmtt 1880 

rml veriinlwnrltung 
■ I an ayn Chriglliche 
remain der St . 

WWtmberg, 1583 

UTAT, Von manigfeltigknil dea nin- 

nigcn willtn Gotte* .'. t. 1524 

liKiMi.MiT. Anzavgnng wic die gefnllenu 
CbrtaUBBaH wwerbraeht mugwerdn 


Wie der llnilig Viillcr Bapst Adrianua 

illen i-( .'" linm. 2S Augii»li. I '•22, 

a satirical dialogue between an Abbot. 

a Courtier, and tlie Devil in a Monk's 

dress, woodcut on title B. ». 

Lctiieb. Absag cnlor rbedschrift dea llell- 

n Fiirjtc Lncirers (1524) 

Mi i.ANCimiON nnd LCTBBUt, Von dem 

Papal K-ii /.u li"in iiini Miiiu-li kalbi a 
Fterbnrg in Mejnea (onden, tin dent- 

t u ii fz dcrzwii greivliclun ligui-n, tiro large 
and extraordinary woodcuts 

Wittenberg, 1689 

Vonn walfart : Eraaini vermnnang WO 

Cbriittu in -I'in rdeh n sucheniat 1622 


Niphns (Aug.) de falsa Diluvii prognosti- 
cationo 1524 Aug. Find. 1524 

Lutiikii. liesuliilin Lntheriauii super pro- 
positionc dc Potestnte Papa; 

8. n. {Wittenb. 1518) 

36243 Reformation Tracts, 39 pieces, sra. 4to. unbound, £10. 

Suggcstio Deliberandi super propo-iii"".' 
1 1 .ulriaui pont. Hum. i. I 

Bvlla contra errores Martini Luther tt «c- 
quueium, with the seal of tin Bithop oj 
Augsburg Dilling, 1510 


Contents : 

I .co Jud, Form kinder zn tonffen 

Zurich (Frotchouer, 1524) 
Zuingli, DcrHirt 

Ziirich, Chr. Froschouer. 1524 
Eberlin (Johan) Kin sclioncr Spiegel cms 
Cbristliehen lebens 

Stratiburg, Joliann Schwan von 
Marburg, 1524 
EntschuUligung gemeynor Edytgnossen 

(ib. id.) S. Ti. 

Simon (Niclaus) Ein Brantetiick alien die 

den elie-lund licbeu [ib. id.) S.n. 

Senium m ik'in Ertzbischof zu COIlen 

etc. (ib. id.) S- n. 

In discm buchlein . . nrsach warnm 

die Bisclioff und 1'roslcr zu Jerusalem 
I'hristum getodt haben (ib. id.) 1524 
Warm (Mnlhis) Chri«tlicher benefit vfi 
rermanung (ib. id.) 1524 

Lamprccht (Fr.) . . cin cnangeliscbcr 
beschreibung iiber der Barfiisser Kegel 
(mit Lathers Send brie ll") 

8. n. (ib. id.) 1524 

Locber (Johann) Vom Auc Maria Lcnthen 

(ib. id.) I'.L'l 

Carlstatt (Job.) Epistetl an dicGcnu-yne l7.u 

Miltcnborg {ib, id.) 1524 

Osiandcr, Ordnung wie man Tanffet 

Xiirnberg, 1524 
Carolstat(Aud.) Eyn fragc ohaucliycuiiiiii 
inogc eelig werden on die furbitt Marie 
Wittenberg. IBM 
F. Ch. E. z. S. Edles Tractatleiu 

8. n. (ib.) 

Ayn bezwnngcue nntwort vber cyncn 

Sendtbricff eyner Closter nunnen an jr 

achwester 8. n. (ib.) 

Eyn gesprech von dem gemayncn Schwn- 

baeher Kastcu 8. n. (ib. id) 

Zwingli I.eerbiechlein sl.(> Witt.) 1524 

Dicpolt (Job.) Ain Sermon 

s.l.{? Witt.) 1523 

Frnwen Bieclilin 

8. n. {? Augspurg, 8. Grim, 1524) 
IJug (Michel) Ain knrtzor Serin.. n 

8. n, (ib. id) 1511 
Rychszner Weber, Ain acholic. Tnderwoy- 

sung wie in Cbristo alio gebrudor scyen 
( 1524 

Ain gesprech biichlin {ib. id.) 1524 

biipsch Gosiirech biechlin von ainem 

Ffaflen vfi ninein Weber {ib. id.) 1524 
Autwurten so ain Bnrgcrmaistcr l; 

dcr gros* rat Zurich . . {ib. id.) ISM 
Schnczrcd des Iiatbs nnd gemaind Brc-slaw 

vou wcgen iter newen Wable ihres ocwen 

llrrtcnu Vreslaw, Caspar Libitch, 1523 
Schwanhaus (Joh.) Eyn Sermon .'. I. 1524 
Ein Cbristlich Underricht e. I. 

Schntzrcde . . item die Wittcmbcrgijcho 

Nacbtigall 1. 1. 

Fiinff vnd vycrtzig vfec i. I 

Ein kartzer begrif von gutten werckenn 

i. I. ISM 
Carolstat, Ayn Sermon ob dye Orenhcn lit 

e.l. 1624 
Ohdsi'No wie c« sol mit dem gottis din«t 

. . m Elbogcn gehalte werden 

«. I. (.' Zwickau or Wittenberg) 1524 
Christonlicho Ordnung Kilnig Ludwigs zu 

Hungern von wegen ellicbcr artii-kcln 

des glaubcna (ib.) 1524 

Etliche Miindut wider die newo MnpSraag 

desGlaub (ib.) ISM 

Hi i. ri so zwen Angustincr ordens gemar- 

tert seyn tzu Bruxel (ib. 1523-24) 

Korn (Gallus) Warnm die Kirch vier 

BtutugelisMi ■ - (ib.) ij^ii 

Din buchlein gibt dir in verston wn» 

ctlich priester nondt gctbon, in verse ib. 
Rnsi (Wolfgang) Ein gnetc mitzliche 

prcdig »b. 1623 

Feugiibagu (Joan.) Waa vnd welcbca die 

sunt scy in de beyligen geist (ib.) 1524 

30244 Luther (and others), curious Anti-Papnl Tracts, 20 in mm 
in 1 vol. sin. 4to. wooden boards, 2>" ill 'J cocered with hooi 
£3.10* 1524-1688 


Luther, etliche acholic Predigten aus 
dcr ersten Epiatel S. Johannis Von der 
Liebc, iraoiIruC title Wittenberg, 1633 

iln- i.i ii Cupiteldea Propheten Jcsain, 

Von dem Leiden und der llerrligkcit 
Christi, woodcut title ib. 1503 

Ein Gesprech miff das knrlzt iwosche 
eynem Christen und Jnden, woodcut 

{Wittenberg) 1524 
Carion (J.) Bedeotnu* vnnd Ollcubarang 
(I'ropheccy. 1540-60) 

(Magdeburg, Riidingcr, eire. 1549) 


ITarnuug godicht [beginning — 
■ O Gott brlosor ullcr well 
Dein wort host una jcta fur gcstell ") 
S. n. (Siimberg, 155a) 

Ein Ermannnng an die Kcysorlicbc Mojos- 
. . durinne anch ein Trewe wnrnung 
an Vnns Tcutschon, in wr» 

{Wittenberg) 1510 

IB, Ein Schrifft . . wider den 

Eislobcn {Magdeburg) 1549 

Ellirho Sprikhe ans Luthori SeluifUn 
Nicolnus ton AmsdorlF . . 

{Magdeburg) 1551 

Form und Weiss cincr Bisachotiichcn 
Visitation am Kein {Wittenberg) 1549 

Ein Gebct sum Herrn Christo in Kriegsz- 
notcn . . . C. S. (Number?) 1553 

[Scliiiiiiiss (Ciiiacus)] ein Eobspriich fur 
die wolthaten Johans Fr. llcrzog iu 
Sachssen, in rhyme (NUrnberg) 1662 

Johanns Frid. zu SacliBcn Christlich Gebet 
in Crcutz Not, woodcut NUrnbcrg (15G8) 

Matth. Flac. wider die nowo 
Kctzcroy dor Dikacnsiston 

(Magdeburg (mo?) 
— and olher pieces. 




(1473) Louvain. 

Johann Veldener (1473-77). 

151 THOMAS AQUINAS. Incipit tractatus boati llioiae de diuiuis 
moribus, small 4to. slightly stained, Gothic type, 10 leaves, 2.7 
{•Ml to each fall page, calf gilt, £o. 

Situ notd (Lovanii, J. Veldener, 1473) 
Fifteen leaves, in small Gothic characters, twenty-seven long lines to a 
full page. 

Tim bo-lit and three or four mora in ttio same typo were formerly 
described (in lirunct and elsewhere) as printed by Veldener at Cologne about 
1 17". Bottrop has proved that ho produced thorn nt l.onynin. 

I IICULUS TEMPORUM. Fol. 1 : Tabula breuis & vtilis BUp 
libi'Uo quoda q dicit' fasciculus tepor' . . Fol. 10 : . . . Fasciculus 
tpiii otna nutiqaor' cronicas oplectens incipit feliciter, small folio, 

hie Idler, 72 leaves with 15 woodcuts {one of Christ, and 

rleen of cities, ■tc.) and many diagrams to illustrate the 

chronological succession of historical events; red morocco extra, 

£10. Impressa e hec psens cronica que fasciculus tpm dicit' in 

jlorclissima vnii'isitate louaniesi ■ . p me iohanne 

veldener . . . M.ccccdxxci . . . (1470) 

Amongst the pictures in this curious book wo find one of the Rainbow, and 
views of lComc and of Cologne. On the last leaf, just above the year 1454, 
and between the narrations of two facts which occurred in 1457, there is a 
statement " Artifices mini ccleritnte subtilioros solito finnt. Et imprestores 
librorum iim/tijvlicunf ur in terra." This was written by the author, Werner 
Bohvink, a Curthusian monk at Cologne, in or before 1474; in which year 

l floenier printed the first edition from the author's own fir»t fair copy of 
his work. Kulcvink (born in 1425) had lived as a monk in Cologne from 
about 1 447, and, from the nature of his studies, must have been personally 
acquainted with Zell, and whoever else introduced printing into Cologne. 
His acquaintance with that art ami its history cannot bavo begun later than 
1462-3 ; consequently, the assertion above quoted has much greater forco than 
a mere obiter dictum. Vet, up to 1467, wo only know positively of the three 


Mainz printers. — VcMoner reprinted Ther lloernen'i text: having, as ev. 
types testify, close business-relations with Cologne, although he never printed 
there as an independent typographer 

Johann of Westphalia (1474-96). 

36253 CRESCENTIIS (Petrns de). Fol. 1 : In nomine sanctu et 

indiuidue trinitatis Amen .... Incipit liber ruralift comodoru . 
a Petro de crescentiis ciue bonon . . sm. folio, Oothic !■ 
196 leaves, double columns, 42 lines yar page, the initials painted 
in red by lit? rubricator ; greert vellum gilt, with the arms of Q> 
de Retz on. the back and those of Mr.Wodhull on the sides, £1U. 10* 
Colophon (printed in red): Presens oput mralin enmodorum 
Petri de crescentiis . (ftwdam industrioso caracterisandi il 
nouissime omnipotentis dei suffragio adinuvto . extitit hae 
littera vera modernata . abscUa . §• formata : imprestum . p 
louniiem (/'.' cvestfalia Paderboiwa dyooetit . In alma CM 
jlnriHUshna vniuersitate Louaniesi resideniC . Anno incur- 
nationU dominiee . M°.cccc .lxiiii° . mentis Decembris dif 

nona (14(4) 
The first book produced by this great printer at Loavain, where the art 
had been introduced one year earlier by Veldcner. The rubricator's inscription 
is so interesting that it deserves citation : ltubrice per me facte sunt et complete 
anno 1477 meneie Junii il in quo anno viUa Attrebatensis {i.e. Arras) a 
Francorum rege Ludovico obsessa eidem regi in manus reddita est. B. V. 

36254 AENEAS SYLVIUS. E.nee Sii.vii . . . rervm pamiuarivm 

pncipiunt ei'Istole peramene, sm. folio, Roman letter, 303 b 
31 lines per page ; very fine large copy, old calf neat, £10. 

Pit" Secundi . . Familiares epistole date ad amicos 1 qnadrupliri 

uite eivs statu finiunt per me Iodne de HUettfalta In alum 

uuiuersitate louaniesi comorate . . M.CCCC.LXXX III (1483) 

The signatures are all in the front margins, and printed at right angles 

to the lines (i.e. run down the page instead of across, except the first, which 

runs up). These seem to have been added after the book was printed. 

36255 AILLY (Pierre d") Fol. 1 verso: Ymaoo mcndi Incipit . . Ful 7 

verso : Petrns de Alyaco . . Tractatus de jmagino mnndi . 
Epilogns mappe mnndi . Tractatus do legibus & sectis . . . 
Preter hos aut opuscula quedam uuditoris eius magistri Ioanis 
Gereonis adiunximns . . sm. folio, Gothic letter, 172 leave* of 
which 2 are wholly blank, 41 linen j" r full page ; with diagTO 
bound, £7. 10s >'. It. (Johannes de Wesl/Inilin, circa 1483) 

A very rare work of roedinval geography. — The signatures run as 
follows: — a— ft in eights (of which a— fi 1 ore printed sidewise in the same 
manner as the signature.* of the Aeneas Sylvius) and I four leaves -, an — ll in 
eights, and kk 10 leaves. All these signatures must have been added after 
the printing of the book, a» the original manuscript signatures in red ink are 
still visible on many of the leaves. — A MS. inscription on the first blank page 
records the possession by the Carthusians of Bruges, to whom it was given by 
their ConfrOn Martinus Ic Bulletur, who bad enriched their library with many 
and various volumes (about 1485). 

36256 OPUSCULA VARIA. FA 1 : [Antonii de Butrio] Speculum 

de confessione . . Fol. 28 : Opusculnm quod speculu aureii . . 
Fol. 44: Incipit tractatus artis bene moriendi . . . Fol Sii 
Domini hugon is . . speculuj ecclesio . . Fol. 51 : Finit speculu 
eccleaio . Incipit specnlu sacerdotuj . . /■'»/. 52: Ad saiuti-Mimi 


& bcatissimnm . . liber incipit dictus speculum humane vite . . 
a Rodorico zamorensi . . Fol. 152 : Humane vite spcculu . . 
diligentiis pariter et cxpesis Magistri Ionnnis de westfalia . . 
in vniuersitate Louanienai . . Amen. Fol. 154 : Speculum 
conuersionis peccatorum magistri dionisii de leuwis alias rikel 
ordinis Cartusiensis. Fol. 169 verso: Speculu conuersionis 
peccatoru . . Inipressnm Louanii per me Ioanne de westafalia . 
small folio, Gothic letter, l<i:> lencts (of which the 153rd and Ihc 
Inst are blank), double columns, 11 lines per column; icith sig- 
natures; calf neat, gilt edges, £ih. (circa 1463) 
" BOETIUS. Fol 1 : Incipit tabula super libris Boetij de cosola- 
cione philosopbie scdm ordine alphabeti. Fol. 8 : Boecii 
Romnni it oratoris celeberrimi libri de consolatione philosophio. 
& comentarius eximii preclarioj doctoris sancti Thomo super 
eosdem . . Gothic letter of two sizes (distim/uisliing the text and, 
the commentary), 115 leaves, (of which the last is a blank) . . 
per tne Iohane) de westfalia in alma Louaniesi vniuersitate 
. . Anno gratie Millesimoquadringetesimooctuagesimoquarto 
(1481) — [Bokthics vel Thomas Cantiprateksis] (O)Scnletur 
me obcdIo oris sni . . Gothic letter of two sizes, 67 leaves (of 
irln'r/i the firtl is blank) . . In domo magistri Iohonnis de -west- 
falia . . Millesimo quadringetesimooctuagesimoquinto (1485) — 
8 vols, in 1, sm. folio, fine copies in the original stamped leather, 
£12. 1484-85 
[Sauceto (Nicolai de)] Fol. 1 : Tabula alpbabetica in libr' 
subsequete* Anthidotariu ate appellatu . . Fol. 5 : Incipit liber 
aureus qui antidoturius animar' dictus est, sm. folio, Gothic 
letter, 290 tear. ., double columns, 42 lines per column ; fine OOpV 
in maroon morocco extra, gilt edges, £4. 4* 

in, alma vniuersitate louaniesi in domo Iohdnis de westfalia. 

(circ. 1485) 

159 [VORAGINE (Jacobi de) Lkgbhda Sanctorum] Fol. 1 verso: 
Iucipiut historie plurimoruj scor' . . Fol. 3 : Barbara virgo . . 
Oolopkon : Explioront hvstortti plurimor' scorum . . sm. folio, 

. 11 lines per column ; 
ooo i 'ti'ii. gilt edges, £7. 10« 
i domo Iohanie de westfalia . . MCOCClxxxv . . (1485) 

A contemporary inscription on the first page runs tlms " lata pars 
sunctomm scquenliuni est pro. conventu M . . . . (defaced) jnxta Kmbricam." 
Tlie Words iwe conventn arc almost effaced, bnt it is plain that the book was 
meant for a convent in Emmerich. Underneath, in a hand of almost the 
same date, are the words " Datur nunc pro conventu fratrnm Minorum de 
obterrnntia in Dursten." 

Ludovicus de Raveschot (1488). 

36260 RIVO (Petrns de) Opus Magistri Petri de Riuo sacre theologie 
Profenoria legetis in ♦ninersitutc louanien Resposum ad eplam 
■poll 1. pauli de middelbnrgo do ano die et feria dominice 

-lonis, sm. folio, Gothic letter, 45 leaves, 46 lines per page, 
ted in black and red, with 4 striking woodcuts (three of them 
fiill-pu.j, tue, and the fourth occupying the title-page under a 


j-(i.ii?".N'i«.- iutiiklatio* in five line*) ; fine copy in rutsia neat, 
/»* ''/«• >i/*;.'ii library, creatively rare, £24- 

J mjimvti 11? In ofaia iti?"n«-«/afe Latumieiut Per me 

lodouicum de rauetcot (1488) 

The ilutc if fonn.l in the hcadinp of the Prologni "Prologs! in opu 

Mn|iii>n> i|ii i>; di imuo die ra fcria dominicc paaraunis. edinun in Tninerrilaa; 

poiuruh> Mini'.; I.iiuuiicni." Anno incarnationi* dni. H:crcc:lxxxriii:" 

'"!i> mul »»(' oilier Imok were the only prodncrioo* of the printer. The 
pmeni volume if * line example of careful mnd elegant tjuugiaphy. 

Thierry Martens (1492-1528). 
30201 MORE i^Siv Thorns*-) Lihellns vere anrena nee minvs aalTtarif 
o,\ am i i*1 ion* do optimo reip. Etatn, deqj nana. Insula Vtopia 
nuilnwv ilarissirao two Thoma Moro . . . cnraM. Petri Aegidii A arte Thoodorici Martini Alnstensis . . none 
primum wvnratifttinic cditns, sm. 4to. TW'tifr Piincepe, Roman 
JiW.-r. hi Irartv, 80 line* per page, woodcut of Utopia on the back 
if tht .'i.'ii ,- f ( '))rf..>i tniiTiVGO ttrtra, .front fie Bouiourlin library, 
£$. S<? Printer's marl on last leaf, with hi* name : 

Theodrie' Martini (1516) 

Tht dntc if obtained from the preliminary pieces. Tta first edition of a » lik-h haf attained to so great a celebrity U always interesting. The 

KHMii.l c.liijiiTi IVisrl. l.MP"> iatnneh more common, and it frequently regarded 

mvwxwlv a» the princep*. 

Other Printers. 

30202 SMYTH Piatriha de Hominis irstificatione aediU 

Oaoiiine in Anglia. anno . . 1550 . . adnersoB Pet-ram Martyre 
Ycrmelim'i . . |vr Ricordnm Smjthtenm Angltun Mygorniensem, 
(f.'r'i 12mo. Ji\i/..i>. h iter, with ornamental icoodcut initial*; orange 
th.TK-.M cjfni, jji7/ e.lgct, £3. 10* 

Lor an it, Anton. Maria Bergaigne, 1550 
■ One of i li o mrliift of the long line of books printed in the Low Countries 
by refugee V.nglifh Catholic*. 

30203 linn- (Thomas) A Oonsol.itorie Epistle to the afflicted Catholikes: 

set foorth by Thomas Hide Friest, l2mo. hf. calf gilt, £8. 

Louaine, by Iohn Lyon. 1580 
The book wa» of course intended for circulation in England. " Thoma* 
Hide. 1'rirsi" may not be the author's name ; it ought perhaps to be read a* 
Themas liide-rrictt . a pseudonym. 

(1474). Bruges. 

William Caxton (1474-76 and 

Colard Mansion (1474-84). 


Ft'l. 1 : l'e present traictie est diuise in quatre parties 

prineipales . . . Fol. 3 : Cy commence la premiere 

puttie ties quatre derrenieres choses . . sm. folio, 

Gothic letter, printed in red ami black; two leans 

'67 ««</ 72) eupplkd in facsimile, the book being 

^hertoise perfect and in fine and large condition mtn 



rough leaves} in original binding, and enclosed in red 
morocr .£500. Smenota (W. Oaxton, 1474) 

Only one other copy known which is in the British Museum, 
and which has one leaf in facsimile. 

(1476) Bruxelles. 

The Brothers of Common Life (1476-87). 

CARLERII Storta. Fol. 1 : Tabula coutetor' in sporta frag- 
metor' . . . Ful. 2 : Incipit pfatio Mgri Egidij calorij decani 
eccie Camcracens' in sporta fragmentor' . . . Colophon : Explicit 
sporta fragmentor' mgri egidij carlerij . . . impssa in opido 
lnuxellensi dneatus brabatie. Anno domini M.cccc.lxxviij — 
Kji'sdem sportula. Fol. 1 : Tabula contentorum in hoc 
sportula . . Fol. 135 verso : . . . Explicit sportula fragmeutoru 
masistri egidij carlerij . . . impssa in opido bruxelleusi ducatus 
braoatie. Anno domini M.cccc.lxxix . . . Quod autcm sequitur 
raooeasit a domino iohano econto sacte theologie pfessore . . . 
Vol, 159 : . . . cicliro practicatam esse eligendam — 2 vols, 
small folio, Gothic I filer, 121 and 169 leaves, 38 lines per full 

?vt,j pies in green morocco extra, gill edges, from the 

ibrary of Count Boutourlin, ,-616. 

BruxeUis {per Fralres vitco communis), 1478-79 
At the end of cucli volume there are several examples of tlie French 
language as used in the documents and proceedings upon which Carlertus 
had boon appointed to deliver juridical opinions. As a specimen I cite a 
conple of lines : — " l'oiir che q nous anons goy lonch tamps dc plnsours 
licrihLEc." •' I.e quelle feme aprcs che q ello nous eult rendu led' fiefs se 
[at, soit seen se a prinche doibt aptcnir led' fiefs." The long enjoyment 
referred to in the first cxtrnct appears as lonnhc gooanchc. 

JOANNIS SARISBURIENSIS Polycraticu.s. Fd. 1 vma i 

(ll)ic liber ititulatur de nng' curialiu" & vestigijs ph'or' cui' 

mnes Salesberiensis Carnotesis epus fuit actor . . . Fol. 2 : 

Tabula libri policratici . . . Fol. 33 : Eutheticus Iohannis 

cpiscopi Carnoten In policraticon . . . Fol. 38: Policratici 

de curialinm nugis & vestigijs philosophorum . . . sra. folio, 

kit letter, 249 leaves (of which the 32nd and 37th are blank), 

dottbtt column!, 40 lines per column; a wurmhole in the inner 

train of thejirst ten leaves; but altogether a fine copy in limp 

vellum, with the lower margins of the leaves uncut and exhibiting 

Vie pristine MS. tig no In res, £18. 

S. a. (Bnuvellis, Fralres vita: communis, circ. 1479) 

A MS. note on the first page indicates ownership by the Monks of the 

Hob Croa at Utrecht in the sixteenth century. 

PETRI BLESENSIS EnsTOUt. Fol. 1: Incipit tabula eplar' 

^ristri petri Blcsensis bathoniensis arcbidyaconi . . Fol. 9 : 

In' ijniii epiatole magistri Petri Blesensis . . . sm. folio, Gothic 

tr, 807 leaves, double columns; fine copy in citron morocco 

ailt, on lln'rlc wooden boards, £7. 10s 

8. it. {BruaeUii, FVo4rM vita MflMMM&j tin. 1480) 
ta pasted on at the beginning states that " Istc liber pertinet 
Tr'ecten. et fuit mntuatus lino. Abbati Stabulcn . . . Irujecli 
anuo IS, etc." — written before U0O. 


(1477) Deventer. 

Richard Paffroet (1477-1500). 

36268 SABUNDE_(Raymond de). Fol. 1 : amor est pmu donu. 4 res 

data est tm signii amoris . . . Fol. 8 : lucipit theologia naturalis 
siae liber creaturar' specialit' de bomine & de nattira eins 
inquatum homo . . . oposit' a venerabili viro mgro Raymudo 
de Sabude . . . sm. folio, Gothic letter, 256 leaves (of which 
first is a blank), double columns, 39 lines per column; hf. n' 
£2. 10s Explicit liber crcalimir' rail nature sine de hole . 

Impssus Danetrie p meRychardu paffroed. (aire. 1480) 
The text and colophon end on the obverse of the lust leaf. On the 
reverse nothing is printed bnt the words Theologia naturalis, as a sort of final 
inlitiilntion. — On the blank first page, in a handwriting contemporary vrilh the 
book, there is a record of ownerrhip by the monastery of licgnlur Canons at 
Aachen, lo whom it had been presented by Wilhclm Lentz. 

36269 Guilhelmus DE Gocda. Title: Officii misse. Fol. 2: Tractatus 

de expositioe misse Edit' a fratre gnilhelmo de gonda . . . sm. 
4to. Gothic letter, 30 leaves (the last a blank and the first con- 
taining nothing but the two words of intitulation), 28 
page; bound up with the other pieces described below, in 
temporary wooden boards covered with stamped leather, £4. 10* 
FmprMfti dauatrie mi itnpreuvra platec epit 

(Paffroed circa 1-185) 
The following are the lilies of the works bound up with the preceding 
Officium Hum: — 1. Collcctura iusiguis duar' passionum domini nostri 
Gothic Utter 68 leaves (the Uut blank). S. n. — t. Lilwllus dc regimine rnsticor' 
. . . Gothic Utter, CI! leave* (Jirat and last blank). :)0 lines per page, Louanii, 
lohan. de Wcstfalia (circ. 1485) — 3. Speculum Pccciiloris. US. neatly icntten 
about 1185. — The inside leaves of the binding are portions of a lectionary of 
the eleventh cenlnry on vellum. 

36270 Vocauui.ari' OPTHf' Gumma vocabulor' merito diet' Quia duob' 

milibns optimor' vocabulor' maior e priori gemula et multo 
correctior, sm. 4to. Gothic letter, 23" printed lours, with signa- 
tures, 39 lines per page, fine copy bound in smooth red leather over 
wooden boards, £6. 10s 

/ ; ''tietrie Per me Richardii pafrat. 

Anno diii. M.cccc.xcv (1495) 
The fly-leaves arc from various vellum M.SS. and include four page* of 
a metrical Latin glossary transcribed in the fourteenth century. — On the tille- 
page of the book are two notes of ownership written by successive nun- 
librarians of a Convent of Mary Magdalen, in the sixteenth century, 
printed book-plate of the Prince of Nassau-Dillcnburg's library (about 1720) 
is pasted on the back of the title. 

Jacob of Breda (1485-1519). 

36271 EleoantiabC viginti pcepta incipinnt, sm. 4to. Gothic 

leaves, 28 lines per page; maroon morocco extra, gilt edges, by 
Bimii r, £4. (.--. /.) Per me iacobvm de breda (c 

36272 Boetii viri celebcrrimi de consolatione Philosophic liber cu optimo 

commento beati thome, sm. 4to. Gothic Utter, 157 printed haves ; 
in the original boards covered with (tempi d Uathi '•. £3. 16* 

. . . Per mo Iacobum de Breda in Dauentria . . . 
Millesimo qvadrtgtm tt tinMt o nigeiime (sic) tepft 

. . . (\m) 


(1477) Gouda. 

Gheraert Leeu (1477-84). 

36273 SEPTEM SAPIENTES. Fol 2 : Incipit historia septem 
sapientu Rome . . . sm. 4tn. Qothic letter, 79 leaves, 27 Km 
page; with 4 full-page woodeuti, multiplied by repetition to 18 i 

a few letters torn away on the eighth leaf; blue murocco extra, 
■pit edges, VERY RARE, £42. 

S. H. (Ooitdee, Gheraert Leeu, 1479-80) 
No conv is known in the Dnteh libraries ; it is described in Mr. Campbell's 
Annales from one in the University library. The book was unknown to 
Brnnet and bis continuator. 

74 DIALOGUS CREATURARUM. Fol. 1: ^PJrefacio i libra qui 
dicit' dyalog' creaturaru moralizat' omni materie morali iocudo 
et cdificatino modo applieabilis Incipit fcliciter . . . Fol. 10 : 
Dyalogus creaturaru optime moralizatus . . . sm. folio, First 
Bait G kie Utter, 102 leaves, 34 lines yer frill page, with 124 
curious woodcuts, the Ant page of t'.'t decorated with a woodcut 
border and initial; hf. bd. with the arms and ex libris of Ilia 
hi library tides, £20. 

. . . Per geranium leeu in Ofido yond'usi . . . Anno domini 

m&leeimo mtadriugenieeimo nctuagesimo . . . t'S LEEV 

. . . (1480) 
In Ihil copy four leaves are supplied in a hand contemporaneous wiih 
the book and containing neat drawings, 

275 tbe same, sm. folio, ported .■ a Utile wormed, otherwise ajbui 

large copy in old ralf, £40.! 1480 

The signatures ol Thomas Ireland, Nicholas Slokcsley, Bartholomew 
Kirkbyc, and Robert Thacker, all written in this volume between 1490 and 
1670, attest its early arrival in England. There arc a few Kuglish glosses in 
the writing of the earliest owner, Thomas Ireland. 

the same, perfects a very large audjint OflW, bound up with 

Gesta RoMAxma m of the same printer, 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, 
in the original boards covered with leather, £03. 1480 

Tbe description of the Gcsta is as follows : — Fol. 1 : Ex geslis romauorutn 
In -loric notabilea . . . Colophon : l'resens hoc opas ex gestis romanoru qd 
lertur recollcetorium ... in gouda . . . per Gerarc'um leeu . . . Anno . . . 
millesimo quadriiiginlesimo octuagesimo . . . (USD), uith the same woodcut 
border on the first page, and tin tame printer's mark on the last page as are 
found in the Oialogus; 14S leaves, double columns, 37 lines yer column (there 
ought to be 143 leaves, but the last leaf of table is missing). 

With an iufcriptiofl " l'erliiiet in Steyn prope Goadum " first WTitten early 
in ihe sixteenth century, and repealed eltewhere at n later date. 

36277 DIALOGUS CRKATUliAKUM. Fol. 1 versa: Hier begint dat 
ju'wlogus dj is voerapraec int boec dj gehiete is dyalog' orea- 
turar' . . . sm. folio, Qothic letter, without the leaf b 8 and having 

with (In fame woodcuts as in //..■ Latin ediliuti,all 
boards, wanting rebook- 
ing, £7. I'Js . . /• r go \de in hollant bi mi gheraert hm . . 

MCCCClxsxi (1481) 
N BACRAMENTKM, Fol '. 1 verso : (G)od die beer 
Bade viulcT simaohticb . . Fol. 2 verso: Hier beghwt die tafel 


. . . Fol. 5 : Hier begbint dafc eerste . . sm. 4t ■ . ■ 
laaon, double columns, with" fine woodi uts(col 

of consanguinity ; fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, £ 

Toleyndet ter govde in kollanl by my ' w . . 

The Inst book printed by Gerard Lceu in Gondii, lie started a new 
in Antwerp this very year. — The painted initial! and the coloured woodcut?, 
which are of excellent design and finish, give a grand nir to this volume. 

(1477) Delft. 

Jacob Jacobssoen van der Meer (1477-87). 

36279 DIE DUTTSCHE SOUTER. Jbf. 1 i (D)It is vade lone der 

saline, daer augustinus sonderlingbe prisolie van seit in ecnon 
boec gheheten dat boec vanden gheest ende vander sielen . . 
Fol. 7 : Inuitatorinm Laet ons aenbede . . Beatns vir . . 
(S)alich is die ma dio niet of gbegaon en ia ide raet . . 
Fol. 284: Hier eyndot dio duytsche souter . . divided inin 
2 vols. 12mo. Gothic letter, 284 leaves, 17 lines jm r /"':/•,' the 
last leaf facsimile; old calf neat, £7. 7s 

te delf in hollat, Int. iuer ons heeren dusenl 

bonder! audi tnchtich . . (1480) 
The colophon is followed by the two shields which the printer Jacob Jacobs- 
son used forhismark. — This is the first edition of the Dutch Psalter, that book 
not having been included in the Bible published by the same printer in 117 7. 

36280 TTTRRECREMATA. Fol. 1: TractatusdevcnerabilisacramentG 

{sic) Incipit plog' tractatuli opilati i basilia p frem iobi 
torre cremata . . Eo otra oiciites sub vtrat|j specie . . sm. 4to. 
Gothic letter, bb printed leaves, 27 lines per page, hf. bd. good clean 
copy, £6. Jmpressui delf in hollami 

With the shields which this printer nscd as his mark, at the end. 

36281 EPISTELEN ENDE EVANGELIEN. Fol 1: Hier bestiail 

alle dieepistnli"' sfi i mmgelien mettfi Bermonfi van den gheheelen 
iaro . . gbenomen wt . der bibelen volmaectelic en gerecbtolic 
oner gheset wt den latino ingoedenduytsebo . . sm.4to. Gothic 
letter, 305 leaves (title mitring which should make it 306) , 27 lines 
per page, the first page and the 25 curious woodcuts illuminated 
with gukl and colours like a MS. 

tot Delff in hollat . . M.COCG eh latum. (1486) 
Die tier VTEK8TE, sm. 4to. Gothic letter, b7 leaves, 27 lines per 
page, 5 woodcuts coloured 

te delff in hollant . . M.CCCC. ende Ixxxvi. (1486) 

2 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. old calf gilt, £15. I486 

Both these books were printed by Jacob Jacobsson. The second work is 
a Dutch tran.-lation of the well known Qnatuor Novissima. 

(1479) Zwolle. 

Peter van Os (1483-1510). 

36282 CANTIPRATENSIS (Thomas). Drr is der bikn boick, sm. 

folio, Gothic letter, tt on the title including em impression 

frui fh* vohd-bloeki utti tn tht tylo/raphie BibtiftPaa< 

perum ; 187 prmtod ItfVdfj double columns, 3G UtUl per full 
MM : KKXKMH board . WfttA leather, £10. 10« 

. . &j Ml [l /• /"' sir,, Hi' . . }[,:r-.!.,;r.iriij (1-188) 

A pointed border encircles tho title-page. On tlio rerorse, the following 

i|>tion appear* : " Dit bien boecht hoert lot santo maria in uascrot efi ia 
ccn conuent fcoecht." This was written liy some una socn after tho date of 
the hook. 

3G283 another copy of tho same work, sm. folio, brown morocco 

extra, gilt edges, hy Bedford, £12. 1488 

With a slip of paper pasted on the first page of text, and bearing the 
name of Butt. Magrittc vyoes (i.t. Sister Margaret Van Goes, about lfiOO). 

The blockprint on the title has considerable interest as placing 
beyond discussion the fact that the Bi'Mi'a Paupemm was a Dutch work. 
That it was anterior to the Mazarine Bible we may assume without going 
back so far as Holtrop lo about 1410-20. As for Weigol 'a assumption that 
i;- date was not fur from WO, it is invalidated by the peculiar affectation of 
exact deductions from doubtful premisses, which marks his work. 

-1 HORATIUS DE ARTE POETICA, sm. 4to. Oothic letter, 16 
leaves, 18 lines per page : with woodcut on the till,, apparently 
intended to represent Harare ; several small wormholes through the 
leaves but the book in sound condition otherwise; calf gilt, from 
the Sunderland library, £20. 

■pensis Petri 0s de Breda (circ. 1498) 

Unique. The type is apparently identical with tiiat which was used by 

SmTiiiiTt. at Delft in 1498 and 1497 (Alphab. divini amor is and Sintt Bar- 

und also with the typo used in the imprint of Aristotclcs do Moribus 

\ ler ran Os or his ion in 1S00-, but it< clear-cut unworn condition shows 

dial the Horace wns nutcrior to the latter book. 

(1482) Antwerp. 

Mathias van der Goes (1482-91). 

30285 QUATDOR NOVISSIMA. R>t*. 1: Incipit cordialo do quatnor 
nonissimis . . Gothic letter, 72 leaves, the first blank, 24 lines 
per page, fine copy Antwerpie impressum Per mathid goes 

Anno. M.CCGG.Lxxxiij (1483) 
LifiKitrus. Speculum peccatorum plucidissimi venerabilis in cristo 
patris ao dni Liberti Episcopi Bericen. . . Gothic letter, in tlio 
as the Stella L'lciicornm, 6 leaves, 31 Zincs per page 

8. n. {Mathias van der Goes) 

Stella Clebicorum. Fol. 1 : Thenar 1 preabiteroru qni et stella 

clericoru inscribitur . . Gothic letter, 14 leaves, 31 lines per page 

S. n. the large woodcut mark of Mathias van der Goes 

on the last page 

Cokfessionale. Fol. 1 : Incipit confessionale, pmo p. qnestiu- 

M . . Fol. 156 .- Sequitui' ijiiiiKj; urationes gregoriane . . 

with small woodcuts ft n. tho large woodcut mark of 

I 'mi dor Goes on last page 
— — and 2 other works in 1 vol. am. 4to. old calf, lettered 
Mauipulus Cnnitorum Guidonia et opuscula varia, £10. 

1483(-85 circit..,) 

Gheraert Leeu (1484-93). 



i, sm. 4to. Gothic letter of three sizes, 28 leaves, with 

on the title; red morocco extra, gilt edges, £7. 10* 

. . oppido antwerpiensi p vie Qerardum 

36287 MANDEVILLE (Sir John) Fol. 1 : Tabula pfitis libri . . 

Liber pns cui' auctor fert' iohilnes de miideaille . . Fol.4: Com- 
mendacio breuis t're iherosolimitano . . . Colophon: Explicit 
itinerarius a terra anglie 1 ptea ierosolimitsuas ot in vlteriores 
transmarinaa . . sm. 4to. Gothic letter, 62 leaves (of which the 
first is blank), 33 lines per page ; unbound, £10. 10* 

(Antv. O. Leeu, circ. I486) 
This copy belonged to Thomas Aleyne, John Barrett, and John 
home- successively between the years 1490 and 1570. A MS. map is rudely 
drawn on the hlauk portion of folio 3b, probably by John Barrett, about IHO, 
in the style of the most ancient maps. — The hook is marked with sign..; 
A-ll printed on the inner part of the lower margins. 

36288 another copy, sm. 4to. red morocco extra, gilt edge*, be 

Mackenzie, £8. 8s (Ante. Leeu, tire. 1 !■-•"• I 

36289 SUCHEN (Ludolphns de) Fol. 1: Registrum in librom lndolpbi 
de itinera ad t'ram sanctam . . . Fol. 3: Prologns in libr' iliii 
lndolphi de snehen . de t ra sacta et itinera iherosolimitnno 
sm. 4to. Gothic letter, 54 leaves (signatures aa ff in eights and h, 
in six leaves), 33 lines per page ; fine copy in blue morocco t. 
gilt edges, £8. 8s (Antv. G. Leeu, circ. 1485) 

This book and the Mnndeville, along with a Marco Polo not in this 
catalogue, were all printed by the one primer, and intended, as tho signniur< * 
betray, to form three successive portions of a Collection of Voyages, li ft 
now generally agreed by the standard authors that Leeu printed them at 
Antwerp, but it is hard to reconcile this assumption with the specific words of 
l lie colophon to Maudeville — " Quod opus ubi inceptu 6imul et copletu sit ipa 
elements seusingularu seorsu caiacteres lraruin, quibus impressu vides venelica 
monstrant mnnifeste." How can Venetian types make manifest that a book is 
printed anywhere rather than at Venice .' 

30200 LUDOLPHUS DE SAXONIA, Tboeck vanden leuen ons hei cnmsTi, sm. folio, Gothic letter, 306 leaves, donble volumnt, 
43 lines per page ; with 147 large woodcuts, many of them j-ijIu- 
graphic, and numerous woodeut initials; fine copy in brown 
iimroeeo extra, gilt edges, £30. 
Tantwerpen bij mij Gheraert de belt . . MCCt ' . . (1487) 

First edition of the Dutch text ; and also first edition of the remarkable 
engravings with which the book is so richly illustrated. — They are wholly 
nucoloured. — The copy in the Royal Library at the Hague must be imjx n 
as it is described by Holtrop as having only .'104 leaves, and Mr. Campbell 
again in bis Aunalcs has described the book very elaborately as containing 
304 leaves (probably baring inly MSB the same copy as Holtrop). Tin 
leaves in my copy are all printed on. 

Rolant van den Dorp (1494-1500). 

36291 Die . alhek . Em i i u hi Ok-nike . \k Bkauant, sm. folio, Qc 

letter , double column*, 40 Mmcj wood' 

cuts; ii / mended end venting a iheet (Q) ; t" ■ 

covered with leal her, £10. 
geprcnt bi my Bolcmi vBdi n Dorp . . Thantvx rfi V.CCO&m I \j . . 


Henrick Eckert van Homberch (1500-1519). 

88892 LUDOLPHUS DE SAXONIA. Dir es dleue o.vs liefs heeken 
inESC cristi . . 8m. folio, Gothic letter, folios viii and 1-328 ; 
irirh about 150 woodcuts; fine copy in the original stamped calf, 
£7. 10s Antwerpen . . hit huys va delft By mi Henrick eckert va 
homberch . . Dusent COOOC. ende drye . . (1503) 
The woodcuts here aro not the same as those in Geracrt Lceu's edition, 
but aro much ruder and more archaic in stylo. 

Jan Doesborch (1490-1520?). 
English works printed by him ; see post in English division. 

Willem Vorsterman (1511-35). 

36203 Devoot boecxciien. Hier beghint een scor goet denoot boeexchen 

voor eene yegelijcke kersfcen menscho . Hoemon don berch van 

Cftlnnrien op climme sal, 12mo. Gothic letter, 30 leaves, with 27 

woodcuts including some xylographio engravings ; blue morocco 

a, gilt edges, £4. is 

Antwerpen . . bi mi Willem Vorsterman (circ. 1515) 
36294 Devoote meditacie. Difc is een deuoote meditacic op de passie os 
liefs here eu va plaetso to plaet . . 12mo. Oothic letter, with 17 
rude woodcuts ; brown morocco extra, gilt edges, £i. is 

Antwerpen . . Bi my Willem, Vorsterman (circ. 1515) 
.'o DEN BII3EL tgeheele Oude endo Nieuwo Testament, 2 vols, in 1. 
folio, Gothic letter, a great number of woodcuts and woodcul 
initial': wanting first title, the first leaf of Genesis, and small 
ions of tiro leaves in the New Testament ; broken binding, 25s 
Thantwerpcn, Willem Vorsterman, 1532 
Substantially in agreement with Luther's German version, notwith- 
standing which VontermaoD obtained the imperial license to print. It was 
however afterwards recalled, and the copies destroyed when found. Most of 
those which are now extant aro imperfect. 

Jan van Liesvelt (1526-44). 

>EN BYBEL met groter neersticheyt gecorrigeert . . 2 vols, in 1, 
folio,'. r, title printed in red and black within woodcut 

printed i» double eohmmt with numerous woodcuts 
interspersed; stamped calf binding, £2. 16s 

Tantwerpen By my Hanskcn van Liesvelt, 153S 
This Bible was prohibited by authority, and the printer Jacob von Liesvelt 
wa* put to death. The above issue of 1 538 bears the name of Ilantkm (Little 
Jack) who may have been the son of Jacob. 

Martin Keyser or L'Empereur (1525- . . ) and Simon Cocq 


'7 LA SAINCTE BIBLE, en Fraucoys, translatee selon la pore et 

traduction de sainct Hierome, conferee ct entierement 

iriii-itic . . 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, Gothic letter, double columns, 

ff. I , {viii) and Bow; with a great number of excellent 

'/, £12. 

. . Lan Mil Cimj cens S( Trente En Anucrs par Martin 

Lempereur . . (1530) 


36298 La baiicctk Biblb, en Franooya, am. folio, perfect with '' 

leaf between folios 258-259, a very fine large torn a 620 

The first complete edition of Le Fevre d'EtapIcs' French version of the 
Bible. Its separate parts bad already been printed in small »i».e and in various 
places between 1523 and 1528 ; bnt in tint volurno they were united for tin- 
first time in a single book. Although Lcmpcrcnr obtained the license of the 
Emperor and the Inquisition for this impression of the Scriptures, •' que il ayt 
puis na gucres fait translatcr," it was not long before it underwent the usual 
fate of vernacular Bibles on the Continent. Hence its rarity at the present 
time. There is no small interest in comparing this with the English Bible 
which was printed in the same city five years later. 

30299 LE NOUUEAU TESTAMENT, atiquel est demonstro Testi 
Cbristi sauueur du niondo estre venu : annonce de Dicu a noz 
Peres anciens . . . 12mo. Qoihic letter, title ami calendar printed 
in red * i ml black, many small woodcuts in the text; leaves ( 
l.cviii, and (xc), ruleil wi/li red ink lines throughout ; fine 
in veil inn, £10. An iters par Martin Lempereur . . h.p.xxxi (1531) 
— the same, 12mo. an exact reprint of the 1531 edit 



morocco, ivith the stamped sides of the origin* 

bearing the initials W. JJ., £7. 10s ib. id. 1535 — at end 1525 

ENCHYRIDION, ou Manuel contenant plusieuva matieres 
trnictees es linres do Lancien Testament, exprimees par figures, 
auec le texte appertenant a icelies . . 12mo. numerom 
by the same hand Of illustrated t 'ucerdale's Bible; blue mOTC 
tjilt edges, extremely rare, £7. 10s 

Aimers par Martin Lempereur et Simmi 0o6 . . SI.Djcxxv 

30302 AGRIPPA (Henrici Cornelii) de Incertitudine A Vanitato 

Scicntiarii & Artinm, at<|5 cxccllcntia Verbi Dei, declainatio, 
sm. 8vo. (12mo.), Roman letter, old French r«l morocco extra, 
£1. 4s Antuerp. (s. n. tgp.) 1531 

30303 Amahdi Zierixeknbis Chronica compendiosissima . . adiectac svnt 

cpistoltD . . ox noua maris Oceani Hisjiania ad nos transmissae . . 

12mo. Unman letter, vellum, £5. Synnai CoqWH . . 1534 

Amongst the three Franciscan lotters from Mexico, the one from I'ctrr 

of Ghent, dated Mexico. 1529, is of the highest interest, and was here printed 

for the lir.-t time 

Jehan Grapheus (1520-36). 

30304 LE NOUUEAU TESTAMENT de nostra Bauluenr lean Chi M 

tvfislate selon le vray text en franchois, 12mo. Gothic letter, ff. 

354 and {j r Hi) including the second last !■ ' it blank 

the last leaf with tht iirintcr's mark ; c<ilf,j'r,,i,i Ike library of the 

Duke of Sussex, £1". vr lehan Qrapheus, L53S 

This is a rare reimpression of Le Fevre's Testament as it bad boon issued 
by Lempereur. 

Jan Steels (1533- . . ). 

3C305 SEPDLVEDA (XioreofO de). Romances Nnonamcnto sacados 
do bistoriu aotigtUM dela cronica do Espiiiia eompuostos por 
Lnrcneo de Sepulneda. Afiadiose el Romance dela conqnista 
dcla ciudii'l dfl Africa in Barueria, on el bSo m.iu.. y otros 
diucrsos, etc. 12mo. riBST edition, Soman Utter, very fine 


v in gr* n extra, gilt gavfri edge*, by M 

BXTKEMKLT BARB, from the JJeckford library, Hamilton Palace, 
£28. Bn Aimers, hum St-lsio, 1551 

There was no copy in tlio Salva collection. The number of Romances is 
136. eight of which were omitted in the edition of 1566. 
36306 LE NOUUKAU TESTAMENT, auqncl est demonstro Iesn 
Christ sauuear du monde estre vcmi nnnonce de Dicn, lGmo. 
Roman letter, the title and calendar printed in red and black 

■ in the or uKng, mended, gilt 
edge*, £4. Anuers par Tehan Steelsius, 1538 

A rare and pretty •dittos of tho version of Lc Fevre d'EUiples. 

Other Printers. 

[»7 PASSIONAEL. BOEOXKHH Tractorende van dat lijden ons 

II. 'ren Iesu Christi met noch veol mare andere trooetoliko 

stiii'kiii , . :i vols, in 1, Bin. 8vo. (12rao.), Gothic letter, woodcut of 

Scmrgiiifi on title; fine copy in tin- original stamped binding, 

clasps, £1. 1 Niclaes van Oldenhorch, 1534-36 

I he lext is undated ; it is followed by two CUegghinghm, of which tho 

lirst is dated 1536, without a name, the second hears the name above given 

and tho date 1634. The book is evidently from an Antwerp press although 

I Ik' place is not indicated. 

36308 LITRE ARTIFIC1EUX, et tres prouffitable pour Pointres (sic), 
tvllenrs desimaiges, etDantiqnos, Ortbubres, et plnsieura anltrcB 
gens ingenieuses . . sra. 4to. 28 leaves, eontatning tevi nil hundred 
woodcuts of artistic studies, brown morocco extra, gilt edges, by 
Hague, fine copy, £55. Anuers, Jehan Richard. 151.0 

' K.cneil dc teles d'exprcssion, de coiffurcsdefonimo.dc casques, armurcs, 
rhapitcnux. etc., tria Men ex- cutes an trait. Cost un livro d'art des plus 
rurifin et des plus rarcs." — Didot, Cat. Itais., No. 234. 
36300 CANCIONKHO DE ROMANCES, en qne eatan recopilados 
la mnyor parte do los Romances Cnstellanos, quo hasta agora bo 
han compnesto, nueuamente corregido, cmcmlado, y afiadido en 
mnehas partes, 16mo. Bomm letter, vera fine copy in blue 

met, £20. 

Anvers, Mart in .\~ucio, 1555 

The first complete edition of this celebrated collection. 

10 yESOP. Les Fables et la Vio d'Esopc Phrygian, Tradnites de 

nosnean en Francoys selon ia verite Giveqite, LSino. entirely 

■ itresde civilife, nlivc morocco extra, gilt edges, S 
it; £12. 12* - 1 nvers, Jehan Bellere, 1561 

A pretty little book, liBving tho appearance inside of being engraved 


ULVEDA. Romnnees nvevamonte sacados do historias 

ignaa de la croniea de Espaiia . . 16mo. Roman letter, blue 

morocco extra, gilt edges, by nth the arms of Lord Stuart 

de iMhesay on the sides, £10. 10s Anuers, Pedro Bellero, 1580 

Christophe Plantin (1555-89). 
12 RIPLIA, ad vetustissima excmplaria castigata, Latino, 5 vols. 
18mo. Roman letter, blue morocco extra, gilt edges, with thi- 
ef ( fount Hoym ..'< the sides and his crest on the hacks, £30. 

Antcerpiae, ex off. Chr. Plantin, 1565 
A remarkably pretty little book. " Cette edition passe pour arc la plus 
l'lantin ait publico dans ce format."— //eon Ho Qeorge. 


36313 MONTANDS. Hvmanae salvtis monvmenta B. Ante Man 

Btvdio constrvcta et decantata, 4to. (large 8vo.), 72 beautiful 
engravings, mostly full-page size and engraved by Haeyler and 
Wierx after Cruj)in van den Brock; old French blue mot 
extra, gilt edges, £25. Antwerp. Chr. Plantinvs, 1571 

Planlin also printed another set of plates with the same title, in 8vo. site, 
designed by Peter fiorch. As the same cugjarcd title-page was used for belli, 
they are frequently confounded. 

36314 Gemma (Corn.) de Naturro divinis CharacterismiB . . 2 vols, in 1, 

8m. 8vo. numerous ivoodeutt of monsters, abortions, and other koi 
of nature ; Be Tliou's copy, bound in vellum, with his arm* 
motto on the sides, and his oivn monogram on the back, £3. 16s 

Antverp. Chr. Plant**. 1575 

(1483) Leyden. 

Jan Severin (1509-16). 

36315 Missale ad veru cathedialia ecclesio Traicctensis ritn . . Qood 

IoiineB Souerin' calchographuB in opido Leidensi imprimebat . . 
folio, Gothic letter, printed in red and black, a large wood of 
St. Martin and the beggar, with a church and town in the back- 
ground, on the title; numerous other woodcuts throughout 
book, that of the Crucifixion with the first leaf vi ' 
printed on vellum ; fine copy in the original stamped calf, £20. 
. . in opido Leydesi partium HoUS&ie coplelii. Impssore . . 
Iohanne teuerini . . Anno vginei partus decimoqnarto mm 

millesimii aningentcsimum (1514) 

The Elzevirs (1583-1702). 

36316 Cluvrrii (Philippi) Germaniio antiques libri tres . . . Adjecta? 

sunt Vindolicia ct Noricum, ejusdem anctoris, Lugduni 1 
varum, npud I.ndovicum Elzevirium, 1616 — Philippi Cluveiii 
Italia antiqua, 2 vols. ib. ex ojficina Jffleevirianu, 1624 — Philippi 
Cluverii Sicilia antiqna ; cum minoribus iiisul is, ei adjaccntibns. 
Item, Sardinia et Corsica, id. 1619 — together 4 vols, folio, t 
maps and plates, vellum, 25* 1616-24 

"Ou les trouve ilillicileincnt rcunia." — Bruntt. 

3G317 Apollonii Dyscoli, Alezandrini, Grammatiei, Historioo Com- 
mentitia) Liber, Greece et Latine. Ionnnes Moursius Recensuit, 
Syntagma de eius nominis Scriptoribus, it Commentarium, 
addidit, sm. 4to. blue morocco extra, gilt edges, £2. 2s 

Lui/duni Batavoruvi, Apud Isaac um Elzevirium. 1 

36318 VIRGIL. Pub.Virgilii Maronis Opera, 18mo. 129 nffl., i 
title, red morocco, gilt edges, by Roger Payne, rare, £6. 6« 

Lugd. Batavorum, apud Abraham Elzevirium, I 

30319 (Io.) Argenis . . . Cum Clave, hoc est, nomin- 

fropriorum elucidatione hactenus nondum edita, thick 12l 
10 mill., title engraved, ruuia, 7s 6d 

Lugd. Bat. Ex offleina EUcviriana, 1 

3G320 — tho Btime, thiok 12mo. 119 mill., old olive French mor 

extra, gilt edges, 20i 

Firit Edition. " File est fort rurc,"— Killm. 



nan. Geor: Buchanani Scoti, Pocmata quaa extant, 24mo. 
102 mill., title engraved am! containing portrait, French olive 
morvcrn, t/ill edges, 36s Ex njjieina Elzeviriana, 1628 

HORAT1VS ELACCVS (Qvintvs). Acccdunt nunc DaniePs 
HeiiiBii Do Satyra Horatiana Libri duo, 3 parts in 1 vol. thick 
12mo. 125 mill., engraved general title, and separate printed titles 
0$ specified, by M'il terns; old calf, 30s ib. 1628-29 

the same, 12mo, engraved title with margin repaired, fine 

copy, ruled, red vwr., gilt edges, by Roger Payjie, £6. 10s 1628-29 
Exactly agreeing wild the preceding copy. 

the same, 12mo. with both the engraved and the printed 

rul titles of 1629, 127 mill.; old French red morocco extra, 
gilt edges, by 1'adcloiqi, with the bookplate of F. W. Harvey 
(about. 1780), £5. 1628-29 

125 (HEINSII) LauB Asini tertia parte auctior, cum aliis festivis 
opascnlis, 24to. 10H mill., engraved title; red morocco, gilt 
edges, by Roger Payne, £3. ib. 1629 

2G ■ another copy, 24mo. 104 mill, vellum, 36a 1629 

■ 7 BiSi (Io.) Argenis. Editio novissima . Cvm Clave . . 16mo. 
best edition, pp. 690 -(- 3ff.,Jinc copy, 121 mill, crimson morocco 
extra, gilt edges, by Beh-Niedrce, £2. 2l ib. 1630 

Heoemtii (Gotfr.) Itinerarium Frisio-Hollandicum,et Abr. Ortelii 
Itinerarium Gallo-Brabanticnm, 24to. 100 mill., red morocco 
extra, gilt edges, by Dcrome, £3. 3s ib. 1630 

G'li.NnzI (Abrah.) VlysseB Belgico-Gallicvs . . . 18mo. vellum, 
7»U it. 1631 

An itinerary of the Low Countries, Spain, France, Savoy anil Piedmont. 
BusBKgnu (A. Gislenii) omnia quro extant, 18mo. 109 mill, title 
engraved, old red morocco, gilt edges, £1. 10s ib. 1633 

■ the same, 18ruo. Ill mill., blue morocco extra, leather 

joints, gilt edges, with the Marquis of Blandford's crest on sides, 
the Jieckford copy, £5. 15s 1683 

the same, 18mo. 114 mill., red morocco, gill edges, by 

r Payne, £2. 10s 1633 




Premiere edition collective des lettres ct opuscules da ci/lebre diplomatc 
et Toyagenr Bonsbccuues." — Willcms. 
Q. Ci"i;in Run Historiarum libri, 18mo. 124g mill., title engraved, 
'/>, ruled, old red morocco extra, gilt edges, £3. 16s ib. 1633 

the same, 18mo. 128J mill, fine large copy, in old calf, 

red with fleurs-de-lis stamped in gold, gilt edges, £5. 1633 
The third of the three reimpressions nndcr this date. 
Novim Ti.siamentdm, Grmce, stout 18mo. 125 mill., fine copy in 
' morocco, blind tooling, silk linings, gilt edges, by Roger Po 
£9. 9s ib. 1633 

"De» troia edition* du NoiiTeau Testament grec donnees par les Klzerier 
. . . ccllc-ci est la plus belle et la pins rechcrclieo." — Willems. 
LIVII (Titi) Historiarum Libri ex recensiono Heinsiana, 3 vols, 
stout 16mo. 121 mill, red morocco extra, gilt edges (by Dubuisson), 
£2. 2s t"6. 1634 

TAOITVS (C. CornolivB) ex I. Lipsii accuratissima editione, 
12nio. 123 mill fine <•• I, in red morocco extra, gilt edges, 

by Derovi: , with his ticket, £7. 10s ib. 1634 


36338 BiliTBTiVB Cmsi'vs ((_'.) com veteram Hisloricorum fragme- 
1 Llnio. fine large eom (130 mill.) in red morocco, jilt 
Brow Payne, £3. 10s 

The size of (his copy is extraordinarily large. It is of what Willcmt describes 
at the second reimprcssion of 1 030. 

3633'J G/ESARIS (C. Ivlii) qute extant ex cmendatiouo Ioa. Scali 
l'2mo. 136 mill. Inp.iul, 36.i ib. 

A singularly largo copy of the issue which is described by Willeius n- ilio 
second rcimpression of 1635. 

36340 Pi.imi Sbcumh (C.) Natnralis Libri xxxvn, 3 vols. 18mo. 123] 

mill., title engraved, eellnm, £3. ib. 

36341 another copy, 3 vols. 18mo. 124 mill, ol I 

I, gill edges, £4. 4s 168S 

342 the same, 3 vols. 18mo. 127 mill., fine copy m 

moroeoo, gilt edget, by Bogor Payne, £6. 1635 

" Cctte ''iliiiiii do l'line, In seiilo quo les Klzevier uieut publico . . . (lawi 
n .It' it pour on dc leurs chofs-d'u.'uvre." — WiUems. 







u bon droit poo 

TERENTII (Pvb.) Comcodiro sex Ex recensiono Heuuoaaa, 16mo. 
131J mill., the bottom, blank margin of the I. 

the whole a fine uud matchlessly tall copy of the first ELevir issue 
of this year : rary calf binding, £2. 10s it'. 1635 

This has nil the crileiia by which Willems indicates the genuine first 
i-.-ue ■, and as for its height it exceed* by 3J mill, tho tallest copy recorded by 
that bibliographer. 

Sulpitii Severi Opera omnia quaa extant, 18mo. 125 mill., ol 
too extra, gilt edges, 25s ib. I 

Waf,.sus. Compendium Ethicio Aristotelicai Ad Normam Veir 
Christiana? revocatnm, ab Antonio Waln?o . . . Accesseruiit 
ejusdeni Orationes Duos Cum Hymno ad Down, et Tbeoilori 
.Sehrevelii Iambi Morales Con tinentes totius Philosophic M" 
Minima capita ac pnveepta, 12mo. 12iii mill., 
morocco, gilt edges, by Soger Payne, £2. 10« St. 1636 

" Edition la pluB rechercnec ct la plus complete do ce traiie." — N'illcms. 

VIUG1L1I MARONIS (P.) Opera; nunc emendation. 18mo. 
Okioikal Edition, 122 will, title engraved, with map ; 
bookplate of Bom. DtftMV, and the autograph of J" . old 

edget, £:>. be ib. 1636 

another copy, 120 mill, bine morocco extra, gil 

Simier, £5. 5« 

■ another copy, 18mo. 128 mill., ruled, tall BO] 

morocco, gilt etlges, by Eager Payne, £12. 12s 

These three copies have the passages printed in red which aro die 
criteria of the original issue. 

the same, second issue (" In c et la plus jolifl <!'■.-> 

deux lvimprussions " — Willems), 12mo. 133 mill., very fine and 
lull ■ d morocco, gilt edges, by Bog £3. ID* 1636 

the snme, 12mo. o beautiful copy, unmatched for iU 

height and the immaculate whiteness of the paper, 137 mtll 

morocco, gilt edges, £•*>. 5* 

I'chionii fVirgilii) Princeps eiot a • 

Lataxdtata donavit [ohanxtcs Ktvvbs, 12mo. 123 
gill edges, by Bogtn I otis ib. apud E , 1687 


10352 Barclaiits. Evphormionis Lusinini sive Ioannis Barclaii Btti yxioon 

]wrtcs quinquo curn Clavi. Accessit Conspiratio Anglicana, 

thick lSmo. 127 mill., till K fine oepy in red morocco 

■ra, •!;!: edges, 3Gs ib. 1G37 

Kin* Elaivir edition, with page* 207 and 209 misnumberod 107 and 109. 

35053 BbvbrotiC! (Ioli.) do Calcvlo Renum ifc Vesica) liber singularis . . . 

ISbbo. 1221 mill. <--tl»>«. 10* ib. 1038 

ra (L. Annasvs) CI. Salrnasivs addidit Lvcivin Ampelivm. 

E cod. MS. nunqnam anteliac editum, 12iao. 122', mill., calf, 12* 

ib. 1038 

Not the second edition of this year, but the corrected ton v.f the first. 

30355 PuraBCVLVfl (M. Velliivs) cam Noti.s Gcrardi Vossii, 12mo. first 

tion of this year, 128 mil/., fine oopy, ruled, in red morocco 

■', gilt edges, by Boyer, J'ruui Prince Talleyrand's library, a 

"v booh, £5. ib. 1639 

I1i;in.-ii (Danielle) Sacravnni Exorcitationum ad Novum Testa- 

mentnm Libri xx. Qtdbne AristarehoB Sacer, Indieosqueaccedunt, 

folio, old calf, with the arm of Sir Christopher {afterward* 

Lord) Ilallmi on tide*, £2. 10* ib. ex Offidnd TSUi i 1689 

.i bistoriar&m Ex Trogo Pompeio Lib. xi.iv. cum notis Isaaci 

Vossii, 18mo. 132 mill., engraved title, fine copy, red morocco, gSl 

' edges, £4. is ib. 1040 

The first and finest of the two editions with this date. 

'■-• C. Pub li Cm alii Seoandi Epistolarum Libri x. & Panegyricus, 

18mo. 129 mill., fine oopy, ml morooeo, gilt edges, by Boyer Pai/uv, 

£6, ib. 1040 

" Jolio edition." — Brunei. 

TACITVS (C. Corn.) ex I. Lipsii editione cum Not. et emend. 

H. Gri tii, 12mo. 129 mill., fine e rocco, gilt edge'', by 

. from th' > Syeton Pari -library, £5. 5* t'6. 1040 

the same, 132 mill., very fine, copy m the original veil iuii, 

the Sunderland library, £0. 0* 1040 

Ueissii (Danielis) Orationum Editio nova . . . Accedunt Dis- 

ationes aliquot, etc., thick lHmo. 130 null., fine oopy in red 

"Roger Payne, £3. 10* t'6. 1042 

162 the same, thick 18mo. 134 mill., very tall copy in old calf 

extra, gilt edges, £3. 10* 1042 

n'IER. Lcs Satyres, et autrcs (Euvres du Siour Regnier 
(avee la Sphere), Scion la copie Imprimie it Paris, 1042 — Le 
Travesty en vers burlesques, Do Monsieur Scarron fan o 
In ' nl la copie Imprimee a Paris, 1048; 2 vols, in 1, 

18mo. 125 mill., n-d morocco, gill edges, hi/ Boger Payne, hare, £9. 

i teyde, Elsevier, 1642-48) 

lea of llognicr nnd Scarron printed by the Ubserieri nro extremely 

Benzon's copy of Regular sold for 910 franc* j and Bordo's, described 

by Brunei m " tret court," for 4904huiOt. Cailhavu's copy of Scarron sold for 

G5 francs. 

Roterod. (Des.) Colloquia nunc ernendatiora, in 2 vols. 
l^i no. 133 mill., till-: engraved, fine copy in red morocco, 
Payne, £$■ 8s 

/*.'<;; I'J.e ofiicina lihi B iriana, 1643 

■ the Hanie, thick 18mo. 133j mill., portrait added, fine 

It edges, by "Roger Payne, (17. 7* 1043 


36366 COLLIGNY. La Vie de Messire Gaspar de Colligny Seigneur do 
Chastillon, Admiral de France [tradnite du latin de Jean de 
Serres]. A laqaello sont adiouste pes Memoires sur ce qui so 
passa an Biege de S. Quentin, 2 vols, in 1, 12mo. 128J mill., 
nice copy in russia extra, by Roger Payne, with the Woilhull anus 
in gold on sides, £5. 5s 

A Leijtle, chez Bonavenlure §• Abraham Elsevier, 1643 
ExTitEMBLr kare. The Syston Park copy sold for £9, and Mr. 
Beckford's for £25. 

"Ce petit volume, parfnitcment execute, est un des plai recherche* de U 
collection elzovirienne." — Willems. 

36307 Heinsii (Dan.) deTragoedias constitvtione liber . . . editio anctior 
multo. Cui & Aristotelis de Poetica libellua . . . accedit, 12mo. 
130 Tin//, odium, £2. 2« ib. 1C43 

36368 CORNEILLE. Lo Cid, Trogi-Comedie, Suivant la Oopie k 

ii Paris, 1644 — Rodognno Princesse des Partlies, Tragedie, id. 
1047 — Heraclius Empereur d'Orient, Tragedie, id. 1647 — Hoi 
Tragedie, id. 1647 — Cinna on la Clemence d'Anguste, id, 1646 
— La Mort do Pompoe, Tragedie, id. 1648— Polyeucto Martyr, 
Tragedie, id. 1648 — Lo Menteur, Comedie, id, 1647 — La Suite 
du Menteur, Comedie, id, 1648 — 9 vols, in 1, thick 12mo. 
126 mill, vellum, £10. Leyde, Elzevir, 164448 

36369 LIVII (Titi) Uistoriarum libri ex rccensione I. F. Gronovii, 3 vols. 

1645-44 — Gronovii (Joh. Fred.) ad T. Livii libros svperstites 
Notte . . . 1645 — together 4 vols. 12mo. 134 mill,, veil urn, 30$ 

ib. 1645-41- 

36370 Vlitii (Iani) Vonatio Novantiqua (Gratius, Nemesianus et Cal- 

purnius), 18mo. 133^ mill., engraved title, fine copy, red morocco, 
gilt edges, by Roger Payne, £4. _ 

[Liigd. Bat.] Ex Ojficina Elzeviriana, 1645 

36371 Charron (Picrro) De la Sagesse, trois Livres, thick 12rao. 132 mill., 

title engraved, r< ■rgfine OOpjf, citron, morocco, gilt edges, £4. is 

A Leide, chez les Elseviers, 1646 
The First and Best Elzevir Edition. 

36372 Ecclesiarim Belgicamm Christiana et Orthodoxa Doctruia et 

Politia: viz. Confessio, Catechesis, Liturgia et Conones Eccli-si- 

astici, Orcece, em. 4to. fine large copy in red morocco < 

edges, 30s Litgd. Bat., B. et A. Ehevir, 1048 

36373 COMM1NES. Les Memoires de Messire Philippe do Comminee, 

Sr. d'Argonton, thick 18mo. 124 mill., title engraved, red morocco, 
gilt edges, £3. 3s A Leide, chez les Elzeviers, 1648 

" Jolie edition."— lirmet. 

36374 Schcrman. Nobiliss. Virginis Anno? Marina a Schurman, Opus- 

tula Hebncn, Gneca, Lat inn, Gallica. Prosaica <t Mctricn, ISmo. 
154 mill., portrait, fine copy in red morocco, gilt edges, by ]■ 
Payne, £10. 10» Litgd. Batavor. ex Ofiicina Elsevi riorum, 1648 
The portrait, draws and engraved by the authoress, is often missing. 

36375 SENEC3S (L. Annrei) Opera omnia . . et M. Anmri Senecnj 

Rhetoris qua) exstant, 3 vols. — Gronovii (Joh. Fred.) ad L. tc M. 

Anna>os Sonecaa Noto3 — together 4 vols. 12mo. 137 

£4. 4* 16. 1649 


176 Gronoym (Joh. Fred.) ad L. & M. Annteos Senecas Notre, 12mo. 
126 mill., fine copy, red morocco extra, gill edges, lis ib. 1649 

36377 Claumani (CI.) quo> extant. Nic. Heinsina, Dan. F. recensnit ac 
Notas addidit. Accedunt qnredam hactenus non Edita, 18mo. 
1.33 mill., title engraved, old French olive morocco extra, gilt adget, 
£2. 2s ib. 1650 

Tbe Sunderland copy solil for £3. 3s, the Bcckford for £4. 4«. 

36378 Plinii Cscii.ii secyndi (C.) Epistohe et Panegyricus . . Marcvs 
Zverivs Boxhoroivs recensnit . . 12mo. 123 mill., old morocco 
extra, gilt edges, 20s 

Lugd. Bat. apud Juan, .v / Elsevier, 1653 

36379 THOM<E A KEMPIS Canonici Regularis Ord. S. Angnstini do 

Iraitatione Christi Libri Qnatnor, 18mo. 120 mill., title engraved, 
brown morocco, gilt edges, £5. ib. [1653] 

36379* tbe same, 18mo. 127j mill., fine copy in brown, morocco 

extra, double with red leather, with dcntelle gold border, leather 
joint*, gilt viarbled edges, by Hardy, £12. 12s [1653] 

" Cettc jolie edition est nne des plm rechcrchiScs ct dca moiiis communes 
qu'aicnt donntes les Elsevier." — Brunei. 

'• Cc petit rolnnio passe a bon droit jionr nil des plus beaux et des pins 

■ tix de la collection elieviricnne." — Willemt. 

BoU for 1420frs. Potier, 1050 frs. Bcnjon, £28. 10j J. T. Payne. 

:^0 Adtobes Rei Venatic.* Antiqci cum commentavys lani Vlitii . . 

12mo, 126 mitt., vellwn, 15s Apud Elsevirios, 1653 

36381 PsALTEninM Davidis (et Libri Sapientiales), Ad Exemplar Vati- 

canum Anni 1592, 12mo. 129J mill., title engraved, fine copy in 

iU edges, by Pu del otip, from the ZammtfHOH 

Collect ion, rare, £10. Lugdutl i, Apud Joh : et Dan: Elsevirios, 1653 

36382 ■ another copy, 131 J mill., old black morocco, gilt edges, 

rlana library, £5. 1653 

" L'cdition est fort jolie."' — Willems. 
183 (Jacobi) Lexicon Arabico-Latinnm . . . acccdit Index 
Latinvs copiosissimus, qvi Lexici Latino- Arabici vicem explore 
possit, thick folio, fine copy, bound, 20s 

ib. typis Bonaventurm Sf Abrahami TSlievvnorwn, 1053 

" 1'or nn louablc ccntiment de piete filiale, les cMitieurs ont tenn a M <pic 

eet onvrage, veritable monument typographiqne, dont I'impression nvait dure 

des amices et nvait offcrt des difticultes extrnordinaircs, parut sous le nom de 

leurs parents decodes, '• — WilUms. 

36384 LIVII (Titi) Historiarum Libri ox recensione I. F. Gronovii, 

3 vols. 12tno. 1314; mill., vellum, 32s Ex ojficina Ehcviriana, 1654 

36385 CiiAitnoji (Pierre) De la Sagesse, trois Livrcs, thick l2mo. 

132j mill., title engraved, fine copy, red morocco, gilt edges, try 
Roger Payne, £2. 16s A Leide, Che: lean Elsevier, 1656 

86386 Tasso (Torqnato) Aminta, Favola, Boscareceia, 18mo. 131 mill., 
tine copy, red morocco, gilt edges, by Roger Payne, £4. 

In Leitla, Presso Giovanni Elsevier, 1656 
another copy, 126 mill., old calf, 18s 1656 


" Cetlc edition, fort bien imprimee, est rare." — WilUms. 

Balzac. Les Oenvres diverges dn Sieur do Balzac. Augmentees 

in Cettc Edition, de plusieure pieces nonnelles, 12mo. 131 mill., 

title engraved, fine copy, red morocco, gilt edges, by Roger Payne, 

the Beckford copy, £6. 6s A Leide Ohez lean Elteuier\ 1658 


9 Sbnault (Lo R. P. I. P.) De l'Usage des Passions, thick 
130 mill., title engraved, fine copy, in red morocco, gOi 
A'-/..- Payne, £2. 10* .1' 

30390 LUCANUS. La Pharsale de Lvcain par Mr. de Breboeuf, 12mo 
Papier fort, 189 mill., illustrated «>/.' A plat** by II. de Bntggkt, 

red morocco extra, borders of gold, b ath< r joints, gilt • 
uy Kalthoeber, fi'un the Tieckfurd library, £10. 

It is well known that a variation exists with regard to the titles of tliis 
<■ t ttioft. In the present there is no printed title, but there isn second engraved 
one in which thero is a figure of Bellonn, whose shield held forward serves u 
a cadre for tho title " La l'unrsnlc do Lucain," engraved by II. de Brugge. 

(1506) Amsterdam. 

The Elzevirs (1638-81). 

36891 Baodii ( Diiniiniui) Amores, Edento Pctro Scrivcrio, thick I 
1 I'J.l mill., portrait, fins ecrpy in red morocco, gilt edges, by U 
Payne, rare, £7 . 10s TJugduni-Batavorum, I 

Bander Wane (Anut. I.. BUevier), i 
" Un choix fort bieu fait dc petitea piitces relatives a l'aiuonr ct nu 
mariage." — Willtms. 

30392 Clai'siarii (Are.) Do Arcanis Rerum Pnblicarura Libri eox 
itiiati'i illnsti-nti a loan Arn. Corvino J. C. Accossit V. CI. Clir. 
Bcsoldi Dc eadom materia disenrsus, Nee iion Arnoldi Clap- 
raarii Et aliorum conclusiones de lure Publico, 12nio. 13S mitt., 
with engraved title, fine copy in red morocc : j f 's, £'2. 12 

Amtterodami, A pud Jin .. 164 

•3 G ROTH (H.) et aliornm Dissertationes do Studiis in.stituendis, 
lOino. 125 mill., red moruo-a. gilt chjcs,by Eoger Payne, 
Byiton Park library, £9. ib. 1045 

This is n genuine Elzovicr, with six preliminary leaves (not fonr) 
comprising the title. From Willcm", who assigns only four preliminary leaves 
to the genuine book, one might conclude that this was an imitation by Blacn ; 
lnit it is JWjillmlll from the press of Ludovicus Elzevir. 

1 OWEN. Kj'iL.'1-ammntum loan. Owenii Cainbro-Britanni Oxoni- 
is Editio postrcma, etc., 2-hno. 99 mill., portrait and engraved 
title, blue morocco extra, gill edges, by Di route, £i. is it'. 1647 
another copy, 115 mill., hf. bd. mci'T, £5. 5* 1017 


SCHEDII (Elite) Do Dis Germanis, Sivo Veteri Germanonim, 
Callornm, Britannormn, Vaiidalornm Roligiono Syngrenininta 
Quatuor, 12mo. 158 ■mill., engraved title, fine 

HVeettf gilt edge*, by linger Payne, £2. ib. 1648 

30397 APHTHOSll Sophistic Progymnasuiata . . 12mo. 127 mill., 

7s 6 ib. : 

30398 ERASMUS. Adajjiorom D. Erasmi Roterodami Epitome, thick 

18mo. 137 mill., red morooco, gill edges, by li< , . £4. 

.".» AULI GKLLII Noctos Attictc, Btout 18mo. 132 mill, engra 
title, red morocco extra, gill gauffered edges, by liogci V 
" Edition fort jolle ct qui pone poor tri 


■\'£ music* avctores septem . Marcvs Meibo.mivs resliluit ac 
notis explicavit, 2 vols, in 1, thick sra. 4to. russia extra, I 
£3 Amsteloda/mi apud Ludovicum Ehevirium, 1652 

36401 BAUDII (Dominici) Epistolro Semicenturia anctte . . . Accedunt 
ciusdem Oiutiones et Libellus de Foenore, 12mo. 148 mill. fine 
I title anil portrait, y in red morocco, gill edges, 

by linger Payne, £4. ill. Typis Lmh irii, 105-1 

"II no H peat ricn de micux ecritdans le genre epislolniro." — I'aquot. 

36401*HOUCR1 Mas &, Odyssea, Et in oasdem scholia, sivo iiiterpretatio 
Didymi. Cum Lntina versione. Accurante Corn. Schrevelio, 
4to, title etuji turn, 15s ib. Ex Ojlicind Eheviriana. 1656 

36102 NOVUM TESTAMENTUM [Gr-r, |. Editio nova . . . Studio 
& laboro Sioplitini Coroellttii, 12luo. 146 mill., ran i.u.t. 0OPT 
ruled with red lines, in old red morocco extra, With rich ornamental 
gilt tooling, gilt edges, in Le Gascon's style, £10. 10* ib. 1658 
Bound u! the Lime of publication, or abont the year 1060. The, aides and 
I nick are richly gilt with lines and curves in line dotted gold. 
" Edition fort belle, et rcjuit.'v Irii corroctc.'* — WiUems. 

I i; I L. Annan) Philosophi Opera omnia ex ult. I. Lipsii & 
I. F. Gronovii cmendat. et M. Annrei Senecro Rhetoris arm 
Hit; ex And. Schofcta recess. 3 vols, in 6, 12mo. 127J mill., 
int. gill edges, £4. auuvirioi, 16511-58 

36404 the same, 3 vols. 1659-58, J oh. Fred. Gronovii ad 

L. & M. Auna:os Senecas Notre, 1658 — together 4 vols. 12nio. 
130 mill., red morocco, gilt edges, 36s 1658-59 

36405 OV1DII Nasonis (P.) Operum editio nova. Nie. Heinsius Dan. F. 

recommit ac notas nddidit, 3 vols, in 6, 18rno. 129 ,.iill.,euyi 
title, red morocco, gilt edges, by llogtr Payne, £12. 

ib. (.'.'• <;('(' Wiana, 1659-61 

W6 Cokvini a (Arnoldi) Jus Foudale, per Aphorismos 

licniuni. Editio altera, priori emendatior, 12mo. 

134 miff., . 7s 6d ib. 1660 

17 CHARRON (Pierro) Da la Sagesse, troia Livrcs, thick 12mo. 
132 mitt., title engraved, line com, old red morocco gilt, gilt edg s, 
£2. 2» ib. cites Lotiys et Daniel Ehecier, 1662 

18 MENAGII (>Egidii) Poeinata, 18mo. 137J mill, very tall oopy in 
I morocco, by Boffi r Payne, £10. ex officina Elr.eeirinnn, 1663 

This copy contains the very IAN additional three lefcfW, OOntkioiDg the 
ut ml Julimn Miuariuimi, at the end. The two uncut copies in the 
Hamilton ralacc*alo fetched £34. 5s and £31. 10s. 

09 I'M EECULUS (M. Velleius) cum Notis Gerardi VosBii, 18mo. 

1 mill., line copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Thompson, 

£3. 3» t'6. 1664 

36410 Pkui'Eniii I'i.eueyii.- | Aurelii) Quoa extant. Nicolaus Heinsius . . 

recensuit, it Animadvcrsiones udjecit, 18mo. 131i mill., old 

■I: blue morocco extra, gilt edges, £3. 3» 

ib. apud Danii It >m, 1667 

I I another copy, 130 mill., red morocco extra, gilt edges, by 


— . another oopy, L33 mill,, Ihe first ten leaves a liul tool 

stained, green morocco, gill edgt t, 62. "J-- 1007 

"Julie edition, osicz rcdiercheo."— Brunei 


36413 LUCANI (M. Annuai) Pharsalia, sive de Bello Civili Ctesaria el 
Pompeii Lib. X. Ex emcudatione V.C. Hug : Grotii, MUD 

ciusdoni Notis, 18mo. 114 mill., engraved litl , n d n eec • 

gilt edges, by Roger Payne, £4. ib. Typis Danielis Eh,i ii ii, 1071 

30414 POLYDORI VERGILII Urbinatia De Roram Inventoribus 
Libri VIII. Et do Prodigiis Libri III. Cum Indicibna Loc 
letissimis, 18mo. 130 mill., with engraved title, red mon 
edges, by Roger Payne, £5. 5s ib. apud Danielem Ehcvirium, 1071 

30415 tbe sumo, 18mo. 133 mill., very tall cajnj in red morocco, 

gill i -dyes, by Roger Payne, £6. 6s 1671 

Doth theBC copieB contain the rare two leaves of Frefncc to the De Prodigii* 

36416 Svetonivs Teanqvillvs (Caivs) cam annotationibns diversorum, 
12mo. 127 mGi., bdt. uncut, £3. Typis Danielis B L671 

30417 CLUVERII (Philippi) Introdnctionis in Universam Geographiam 

tam Veterom quaru Novam Libri VI . . . Acceaait P. P.crtii 
llivviarium Orbis Ten-arum, thick 18mo. 133 mill., engr 
title and' 38 viaps, red morocco, gilt edges, by Roger Payne, £5. 

ib. ex officina ElteviriaHa, 1672 

30418 SENEG/E (L. Annrei) Opera, qua? extant, Integris Justi Lip.-ii, 

J. Fred. Groiiovii, & selcctis Variorum Commentariis illustrate, 
etc., 3 vols, in 5, sm. 8vo. 186 mill., engraved title, fine eon 
red morocco extra, doulh' with red leather, gilt edges, by J.' 
£25. ib, apud Danielem Euem'rwtn, 1672 

"Ce Sencquc, qui fait partic do la collection des variorum, Ml 
tstiniG. et on le recherche d'nutant pins qu'il n'a jamais ete ifimprfl 

A splendid specimen of Boyet'H binding. The full lining or doublure ii 
n feature of considerable rarity in books bound at that time (about ! I 
being only found in volumes which were esteemed to be of iho highest value 
and worthy of the decorator's best efforts. 

3641 'J Avodstiki (D. Aurelii) Hippon. Episcopi Libri XIII Confessionum 
. . . emendati . Opora et Studio R. P. H. Sommalii, 18mo. 139 
mill., 'iii/raced title, line copy in red morocco, gilt edges, by Roger 
Payne, £11. lis Lngdiini, apud Danielem Elieviri-, . 1 ■ • 7 " 

1'rintcd in Leydon, by the widow and heirs of .lean Klzcvicr, for Daniel. 
" Cettc edition des Confessions de St. Augustin, la scale quo les El/evicr aieot 
donnee dc ce livre, est jolio et trcs recherche*." — WUlcnu. 

The Beckford copy sold for £11. lis. 

86420 VIRGILII MARONIS (P.) Opera: Nic. Heins. Dan. F. E mem- 
lininis compluribus iisque antiquissimis recensnit, 12mo. Large 
Paper, 172 mill., with maps, beautiful copy, ruled with red 
lines, blue morocco extra, gilt marbled edges, by Padeloup, thn 
Lamoignon copy, £60. Amstelodami, ex ofjicina Klzeviriana, 1676 
Extremely rare. Only 48 copies printed. This copy contains tbe 
two leaves of Dedication to Louis XI V, and the two leaves of the nodal 
"Lectori," which has the nsnal modifications in tho text, but with thc/totron 
aux roses trimiires not au baffle. Willems notices these modifications, but 
sayB that they arc always accompanied by the Jleuron au bvjjle, the notice 
without the modifications having the fleuron aux roses tremieres. 

36-421 Horatii FLACCi(Qvinti) Poomata, Scholiis . . . illustrate a Ioonne 
Bond, 12mo. 129 mill., red morocco extra, gill edgi me le 

*eune, £4. ib. aptld Danielem Elzcvirium, 1070 


3G-422 TASSO (Torquato) Aminto, favola boseareccia, 24t<>. tngraoedi 

/Tinted titles, and 6 plates by Seb. Leelerc, 100 mil., Ofimton 

morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bozerian, 21s ib. D. Elsevier, 1678 

J3 LI VII (Titi) Historiarum quod extat. Ex recensions I. P. Gronovii, 

12mo. 146 mill., title engraved, calf, £2. 2» ib. 1678 

2 1 tho same, 12mo. 148 mill., very fine large copy, blue 

morocco extra, gill edges, rare, £4. 4s ib. 1678 

36425 the same, 12nio. 149 mill., very fine large copy in red 

morocco extra, tooled leatlmr joints, gilt edges, by Roger Payne, 
£10. 10s 1678 

Such line largo copies of this book as theso lust two are among tho 
chief desidcrandu of an Elzevirian library. 

26 MO LI ERE (Monsieur dc) Les Oeuvres de, 5 vols. 12mo. 125 mill., 
with frontispiece, clean copy in vellum, £10. 

A Amsterdam, Che: Jacques le Jeune (i.e. Daniel 

Elsevier), 1679-83 

Annexes to the Elzevir Collection. 

-7 HISTORL33 Avgvsta? Scriptorvm Latinorvrn miuorvm (partes 
qnatuor), 4 vols, in 5, 12mo. engraved and printed titles, 125 mill., 
red morocco extra, gilt edges, £2. 

Lugd. Bat. ex ojjicina Ioannis Ma ire, 1632 
128 Lviaxi (M. Annan) Pharsalia sivo de Hello Civili, 12mo. engraved 
title, 132 mitt., vellum, 5s 

Avec la Sphere — Amsterodami, I. Blaeuw, 1643 

189 Duvdosis (Hilarii) Praetica Artis Amandi et alia ejusdetn 

materia-, 12mo. engraved frontispiece, 136 mill., veau fanve, gilt 

s, £2. 10s Amst. apud Qeorgium Trigg [/ I. Ianssoii], 1652 

10 [Beeoalde de Vervillb.J Le Moyen de Parvenir. Oevnro (sic) 

contenant la raison de tout co qui a este, est, & sera, 18mo. 1 18 

mill., blue morocco extra, silk linings, vellum fly-leaves, gill edges, 

£4. Imprime'. cello annce. (circa 1652) 

•• Jolio edition.'*— WilUms. 

1 if.i.r. (T.) Les Illustres Ennomis, Comedio . Suivant la 

Se a Pari*, 1662 — Les Engagemons du Hazard, 

Comedio, id. 1662— La Toison d'Or, Tragedie, id. 1662— 

Timocrate, Tragedie, id. 1662 — 4 vols, iu 1, 18mo. 124J mill., 

calf, 16s 1662 

30432 Moktbesor. Memoires do Monsieur do Montresor. Diverses 

Pieces durant lo Ministere du Cardinal de Richelieu. Relation 

de Monsieur de Fontraillos, 2 vols. 12mo. 132 mill., red morocco, 

■jilt edges, by Roger Payne, £2. 10s 

Cologne, Jean Sainbix le jeune (a la Sphere), 1664-5 
30133 Lk Jolle (Pierre) Description de la Ville d' Amsterdam, on vers 
Burlesques, 12mo. 127j mill., with engraved front ispiece contain- 
I'l'in of Amsterdam, veaufauve extra, gilt edges, £2. 12s C>d 

Amsterdam, chis Jaques le Curieux, 1666 

Thi* amnsing little book is dedicated " A rres-vilains, tres-sales, tres- 

lnurds, tres-mal-propres, ct tres-ignorants Messieurs Boiionrs ct Curours des 

cmnsux d'Amsterdaru." The poem U a burlesque of the manners and custom* 

of the Inhobltants of Amsterdam, 


36434 RABELAIS. I,l- (Ecvms de M. Francois Rabelais, •_• vol*. 

bound ill 3, 12mO.CM<JUK COPT, ILLD8TRATED6y<l/-i-/»../-. .)/•»• ; 

14 hnmoitrnus ''Figures Drolatiqnes," engraved 
Dutch painters, and 103 very clever pencil dratoingt, aft. r Hollar's 
designs in imitation of. Leonardo Da Vinci; 1 -tO .'. mill.; F> 
red morocco extra, joints, gill edges, £0. 9s a la Sp) 

This edition has the " Clof Je Eubclais," which is not to he found in thnt 
of 1663. nnr in thoao of 1666, 1075. and 1691.— The date of 1659 on the first 
title, is merely a typographical error for 1669, as the second title gives it. 
Unmet considers thnt the work was printed at Brussels. 
""> IIoitAiios Flacccs (Qvintus) Daniel Heinsins . . expressit . . 24fo 
engraved title, 111 mill., calf, 5« 

Amstelodami, juxla copiam Elzerii i'-rum, 10y0 
30430 Viiinir.n Maronis Opera Nic. Hcins. Dan. Fil. . . recensnit. If 
i ng raved title and map, 131 mill., calf, 15s 

Yltrajerii apnd tlnil. van de Water, 1704 
36437 Meursii (Jonnnis) Elegantim Latilri Sormonia sen Alotsia .^ijnra 
Tolctana De arennis Amoris & Veneris Adjnnctia Fragnu 
f|iiibusdam Eroticis, 2 vols, in 1, Bin. 8vo. 103 null., witi 
frontispiece, fine copy in old French red morocco eatra, gilt edges, 
£3. 1G» Lvgd. L'atavoruni, e.c. tgpis Elsevirianis, !. 

3(3438 Willems (Alplioiise) Lea Elsevier : Hiatoiro et Annates Tvi" - 
grapbiques, large 8vo. emblazoned arm* andfaaiinBo of a n 

gill potntilK- binding, a Woodcut and 2 folding tablet, pp. ■ 

and GOO pp. double column-, a handsome and 
volume, 24* Jlnuolb 



30439 C< nalk on Bcichtspiegel, reprodnit on facsimile d'a] 

l'uniquo cxemrilairo par E. Spanicr, avee tine introdnction par 
J. W. Holtrop, roy. Svo. 16 pp. of tout and l' ; I'p. of loe-i'miir, 
cloth, ft BjJ La'ling,. 

Augsburg : Hans Schonsberger. 

30-140 DER TEUTSCH BELIAL. Vol. 2: Hie bebt sicb an citi 
niitzlich bneb von d' rechtlicben uberwindung Christi 
Sathan den fQrston tier licll . . sm. 4to. Gothic letter, 123 leave*, 
20 lines per page, ttylographic title and numerous curious . 

f nls; the c.ilrenu margin of the first four leaves a little worinat ; 
If gilt, £& 6s 
. . Bonne BchSntperger tn der lei/ferlicheii slat Augsjiiirg . . 

From the woodcuts in Ihis very rare volume, those whii h appear In the 
edition printed nt BttMbwg by Johann Priiss iu 1508 wero closch 

Antwerp : Adrian van Liesvelt. 
U TMITATIO CHRISTI. Dit is ecn seboc boeexke on is ght 


Qui gcqait'me efi met ten aadorS driS boecxkee nv nieuwe 

gheprintcn ncerstclic ghucorrigeeTt - . Btpat 12mo. Gothic letter, 
a woodcut on title and another at the end; 234 leaves with four set* 
of .- . 20 lines per page; fine cup;/ in the original oak 

boards, covered with stamped leather, £10. 10s 

Tanhet rpi i: nidi r naest den ffrottM nwrtier . 
U.OQOQ.V ■ . (1505) 
First edition of the first DaU'h translation of a famous work. It is Htttt 
known and only threo or four copies nre supposed to be now extnnt. The a Ij v 
in the liritUli Museum is imperfect. 

Wittenberg: Hans Luffl. 

12 LUTHER'S BIDLE. Die Proitieihn au.e Deudsch. (nnd das 
Neue Testamknt) D. Mart. Luth., folio, Gothic fetter, HI Mtm- 
bered leave*; villi 5K Jim.' I l ]/mU some of which hear the 

monogram of 8 Sp ; fine earn in the original boards covered with 

hoasl.iii, £7. 10« 

Qedmukt iv Wittenberg: Dureh Hans Lnfft. M.D.XLL (1511) 
This is the NCCffld volume of l.ulher's dclinitive edition of his German 
Bible— tho most intrinsically valuable of all the editions. 

Johann Kraft. 

IS BIBLIA GERMANICO-LATINA (Luther's Uebersetzung) nff 
Churfiirstlichen Sechsischen Bcfchl gedruckt (mit Vorworfc 
von Panl Eber), 10 vols. sin. 4to. riled woodcuts, 

'ably by Tobias Slimmer or Jost Amman; in the original calf 
i/ill binding, bearing the initials " G. M. N. 1581," and MB 
portraits of Luther on the upper, of Mebinehtloai on the barer fide, 
d in the sunk centre compartments of each volume, £G0. 

Witteberg, 1574 
This may lie called tho Electoral Edition, nnd was evidently produced as 
a grand and sumptuous work— perhaps only intended for presents. Its rarity 
i» »hown by the fact that there was no copy in the t'axton Exhibition. 

3»Vttt Histoirb do l'lnvontion de llmprimerie : Ai.bcm Tvpouraphiqce, 

folio, facsimiles from flu Matarine Bible, and the Indulgences, 

I of the early printers' materials and tools, port rail of 

■ I, etc. bds. 15s I 'aria, 1840 

■■'. F.m.k! n-ii:in (Const, Karl) Gesehichlo dev Buchdruckerkunst iu 

ihrcr Eotetebtwg und Ausbildung, 4to. numerous faeibn/Bet, 

of the works of the early .rylographers 

and tjjpograpkero, and illustrations of the processes of modern 

'lug; bd. 20s Leipsig, 1840 

Thi« work, as well as tho French Album above it, was produced on the 

i ho qiintcrccatary Jubilee of Printing iu 1840 . . 

It". HOLTROP (J. W.) Monuments Typographiqucs des Pays-Bas au 

qninziljine sioclf, atlns 4to. 130 plates of facsimiles from the works 

he early printers, bds. £G. Gs La Uay< . 

A work "I permanent and unrivnllcd importance. 

fjiNDH (Ant.i Quellenforschuug but Geschichtc dor 

inlung der Typographic : dns Broviariuin Mii^iiutiiium, 8vo. 

rl. Mr. Dradtluiw's copy, 3s 6d Wiesbaden, 1884 


Facsimiles of various Block-books. 

Monuments de la Xylograpiiie au XVe siecle, reproduit* 
en facsimile par A. Pilinski et precedes de notices par 
G. Pawlowski. Tires a petit nombre, large 4to. has, 

Paris, 1882-1883 

36448 I. Apocalypse, premiere Edition d'apres Heineckcn, 
48 pp., plain impressions, £4. 

3G449 the same, coloured, £10. 

36450 II. Biblia Pauperum, 40 pp. £4. 

36451 the same, coloured, £10. 

36452 III. Ars Memorandi, 32pp. £4. 

36453 the same, coloured, £8. 

36454 IV. Ars moriendi, 13 pages of text, and 1 1 engratim 

36455 the same, coloured, £8. 

36456 V. Oraison Dominicale, 10 pp. £3. 4s 

36457 the same, coloured, £9. 

36458 VI. Cantica Canticorum, 16 pp. £4. 16s 

36458* the same, coloured, £20. 

36459 [HEINEKEN (Baron)] Idee generate d'une col- 
lection complette d'Estampes, avec une dissertation 
but l'origine de la Gravure & sur les premiers Uvrea 
d' Images, 8vo. numerous facsimiles of pages i 
pictures from the Blockbooks and from the earliest 
illustrated typog raphical productions of Germany i 
Italy ; morocco extra, gilt edges, £3. 16s 

Leipsic et Vienne, 1771 
A work of so much information and permanent value thai 
nothing lias over superseded it, notwithstanding that several 
faults may bo found in the author's conclusions. 

36460 Bible Prints. A set of 38 early woodcuts illus- 
trating the life of Christ, — impressions recently taken 
from the orii/inal woodblocks which are still i 

of Dutch origin, 4to. ///'. bd. 20s (?1470)-1875 

A text from the first English Bible, printed in red ink, 
has been added at the foot of each engraving by the modern 
printer of the old blocks. 


(1465) Subbiaco. 

Conrad Schweinhelm & Arnold Pannartz (1465-67). 

1461 LACTANTIUS. [Leaf 1 :] Lactantii Firmiani de 
diuinis institutioibus aduersns gentes rubrice pmi libri 
incipiut, folio, Editio Princeps, with the tioo rare 
Inwes of errata, a splendid copy, large and clean, with 
9 exquisitely illuminated initials, the rest being painted 
in red ami blue, red morocco extra, gilt edges, by 

Bedford, EXTREMELY BARE, £225. 

Lactantii Firmiani de diuinis institutionibus aduersns 

/' ntea libri septem . necno eiusdei ad Donatu de 

ira dei liber units . unacu libro de npificio hois 

ad Demetrianit jiniunt. Sub dno M. CCCC.LXV. 

. . . In uenerabili monasterio Sublacensi . 

Deo gratias. (14G5) 

16462 LACTANTIUS, folio, Editio Princeps, with the 
err a ta,ve ryfne copy in red morocco super extra, rich gold 
tooling, gill edges, from theBechford library, £250. 1465 
This is not only the first edition or tuk book, but is 
also the first dated book which issued from the first Italian 
press, and the first book in which Greek characters 


This copy was bound for Count Dmitri Buturlin and formed 
part of his second collection. It has a special interest as 
containing an inscription by tho rnbricator, who gives his name 
as Nico. W. — Who was ho ? — a German monk in the monastery, 
US w German workman from Maintz associated with Schweinheim r 
Than is so little known concerning the first Italian press at 
Subbiaco that even this little item has its value. A certain 

>las Wolff Alamannus bad a printing press at Lyons from 
1498 to 1503, and Jodocus Had ins was, at least for part of that 
time, his preBS-corrector. It is not improbable that he had 
himself occupied a similar office at Subbiaco, and written tho 
inscription above referred to. 

The discovery in the Klemm Museum at Dresden of a copy 
• f tho Cicero de Oratore (also printed at Subbiaco in 1465) 
bearing a dated MS. inscription by a reader, which would lead 
bo tho presumption that the Lnctantius was posterior to the 

to, has not induced me to cancel tho recognized claim of tho 
former. The list of books printed by Sehweiuhcim and 



Pannartz which they caused to bo prepared in 1472 specified 
Lactanlius immediately after the Donatus pro puerulis which was 
their first offort. 

(1467) Rome. 

(1467) Conrad Sweynheym (1467-74) and Arnold Pannartz 

364G3 LACTANTIUS. Lactantii Firmiani do diuinis institutioibns 
uduersns gentes rnbrico primi libri ineipiut, folio, fine laey, 

with initial letters illuminated in gidd and Colours, will 

porary MS. nates, blue morocco, gold line tatdiwj, jilt <-dye>i, ty 
Jioijer Payne, extremely hare, £42. 

(Romoe,prr Sa;-i/nhei/niet Pannarlz) /'■ d 

Petri de Maximo, 1468 

Second Edition, and, according to Unmet, quite as rare M tho First. It 
is tho First Edition of Lactantins printed in Home, and tho Greek quotations 
appear completely in it for the first time. The names of the printers are 
contained in the following three hexameter lines before the date : Hoc 
Conradus opus (uurynheym ordine miro \ Arnoldusq : simul pannartz una 
edt eolendi | Gente theotoniea : rome ewpediere sodaUs. The Sunderland copy 
sold for £41. 
86464 AUGUSTINUS (S. Aurelius) de Civitate Dei, thick folio, 
beautiful large clean copy, in. old nusia extra, Harleian gold 
tooling, £40. Roma;, Steeynlieym et Pannartz, 1468 

The last four lines of tho book are : Hoc Conradus opus suueynheym 
ordme miro | Arnoldusq. simul pannarts una tde eolendi | Qcnte theotoniea : 
rome expediero sodales. | In domo Petri de Maximo. 1468. 

Tins Second Edition is, according to Brunei, quite as rase as tub 
first, and is ono of the earliest books printed at Rome. 

The above is a magnificent copy, measuring 15J by 10J in., that is a trifle 
less than the Sunderland copy, which I sold for £140. The first leaf has been 
slightly torn, and a portion of throe or four letters destroyed, bnt thin is 
absolutely tho only defect. My copy from the Sunderland Library was so tell 
that the origin*] MS. signatures of tho .-heels remained, and I wai thus 
enabled to giro the following collation, vii. a, 16 leaves (tho first and last 
blank) ; l-n in sheets of ten loaves ; o, in twelve ; p-z, and two looeee 
sheets, in tens ; two further sheets, eight leaves each (the two final leaves 
being blank)— making in all 274 leaves, including 4 blanks. This collation is 
verified by the present copy, which also has tho original MS. catchwords — in 
exceedingly rare circumstance in these old volumes, which aro generally ent 
down by mcccssivc binders, and only to lie found in tho very finest specimen-. 

I In tho first leaf ia written " li'l"> in Christo pr. Dhs. Xieolaus ex Comitibt. 

Doiiini (Suit $ Epus [Episcopus] I.ucensis dono ilieauit hue Codictm 
Billroth* 3"" [eonventu*] jcti Petri Calicola [some words erased] 1491." 

B6465 Al'l'LEIUS. Luoii Apuleii platonioi madauresis philosophi rartav- 
morphoseos liber : ac iioimlla alia opuscnla eiusdem : iiecuon 
cjn'toma Alcinoi in disciplinaru Platonis desinunt, sm. folio, 
First Edition, fine large and clean copy, vellum, from the 
Hamilton Palace library, £50. 

Borne [per Bweynheyu tor!*] in i 

Petri de Maxim.', 140'J 
Vr.itt rarf.. One of the rarest of the first editions of Classical Am 
limine I" en printed. The Suudcrland copy fetched i • 
I. B ViMiere I (20 fh, aiidthcSykes copy, which sold lor £39. 1st 6d, was resold 
in the Sjnton 1' £43. 

" i ■ 1 1- 1 1 . i •' r • ■ i-iitiiin, tret-rare, et qui > tc nierite dtoflrfru tcxte exempt 

des corrections busrdeea que prticntcnt la phipitrtdrsnutres editions ancienuci 
du memo livre." — Brunei. 



60 AULI GELLII Noctes Atticoa, ex reoopiiitione Joannis Andreas, 
Bm. folio, First Edition, very fine and large copy in blue morocco 
extra, leather join!?, silk linings, velluni fly-leaves, gill edges, by 
Bozerian jeune, £80. Ilonue, [per Sireynheyin at Paitnnrt:] 

in dome Petri de Maximis, 1469 

Excebdixolt itAitiT. Only 275 copies were printed. Ft contains very 

early specimens of Greek printing, the passages in that language being all 

printed in Greek type. 

36467 C.-ESARIS Opera, am. folio, First Edition, ruled with red lines, the 

front margins minded, and tic first and last two leaves in cause- 

ncc slightly damaged, red umrocco, gilt edges, very rake, £20. 

Anno Glvristi. M.OGCC.lxix . . . Itome in domo Petri de 

Miui, m's [Per Pannart: el Sweynheym .~\ 

Tbo Paris copy sold for £53, the La Valliero for 1260 francs, the 

Sunderland for £195, the Oslerley Park (wanting two leaves and with 1 1 

damaged) for £35. 10*, and Mr. Wodhull'i copy, which cost him £42, 

for £48. 

(QUTNTILTANI Inatitutionea Oratorim). [Leaf 1 :] Ioannia 
Andreo Epiacopi Alerien ... in Qnintiliani recognitionem 
Epistola, folio, fine tall copy, blue morocco extra, gilt edges, by 

Bedford, EXCEEDINGLY RARE, £45. 

Eomm, Swcynheiia el Pannart: (1470) 
This is a remarkably fine tall and clean copy. The first page of the text 
is surrounded by a beautiful border painted in gold and colours, the first initial 
letter is also illuminated, and lha rest painted in blue and red. 

The printers' names appear as usual in the eight-lino colophon at tin end. 
The epistle at the beginning is dated 1470, so tho book must hare been 
printed shoot that time. 

"EdiLion plus rare encore que la prcctfdento (Editio Princeps)." — Brunft. 
169 CICERO. M. Tul. Ciceronia. ad. M. Brntnm ft ceteros epiatolo 
(ad Qniutnm Fratrem, ad Ootnviuni ft ad Atticnm), folio, very 
fine largecopy, with initial letterjmrder and coat of arms on thofirst 
iUumtnated in gold and colours, red morocco extra, gilt edges, 
1. 10s Imjiressii Rome opus In diano Petri ■$• Fracisci de Maxis. 
iuzta campii Flore, psidcnlilnis magistrxt Corado 
Sinteynhrym §• Arnoldo Panartz, 1470 
First Edition. Excksmvf.i.v 'hark. This copy contains 199 printed 
leave*. a« Brunet and Main say ; not 198, which is the number given by Dibdin 
and Vnn Praet. It is said that only 273 copies of this volume were printed. 
The Duke .1 Koxbnrghe's copy sold for £189, and was resold for £91 at Sir 
M Bykes sale. 
36470 AUGUSTINUS de Civitafe Dei, folio, with elegant painted border 
: iced style on the first page of tej-t, and large, Hin- 
di, a eery fine large and clean copy, old calf, £16. 

RotntB, cjwei/nheym et Pannart:, 1470 
Thi* third edition printed by Sweynheym and Pannarlz is almost as rare 
M llie lii-l or «ecoud. The colophon is in 'the Dana] eight lino, followed by 
the lists: 

" Aspieis illustris lector, quiennq; libcllos 
pis artilicum noinina nosse: lege. 
Aspera ridebis cognoinina tentona : forsan 
Miiiget ars mosis inscin nerbn nirum. 
Coradus snucynheym : Arnoldiis piinartzq ; magislri 

IM impresscrunt talis multa *imul 
Petrol rum fratro Francisco Maximal umbo 
Huic ooeri aptatara contribueredomum.'' 
Tlie Sunderland copy sold for £37, mid the Bratofl Park copy for £2 1 . 1 0s, 

•240 • 


3(3471 CALPHURNII (C.) carme bacolicu incipit felicitcr (Carmina XI), 
First Edition, (i«h nota sed Itomm per Bvm/ttiteym ft Pom* 
1471) — SILII ITALICI Pnnicornm Liber primus incipit (liliri 
XVII), First Edition, Romw, Sweynheym el Pannartz, 1471— 
2 vols, in 1, am. folio, fine large and clean copiex, with pain t ed 
initials, in red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Derorne, £25. 1471 

Itoth these works, which were evidently printed at the same time, are 
exceedingly rare. For beauty and elegance they are unsurpassed by any of 
the works over published by Sweynhoym and Pannartz. Only 375 copies 
MR printed. 

After the date at the end of the Silius Italian are the follow in | 
lines: Aspicis illustris lector quicunq. libcllos | Si cupis artifieum no a n na 
noise : lege. | Atpera ridebti eojnomina Teutons, : forsan | ilitiget art mui'i 
intcia uerba uirum | Coradus suueynheym: Arnol'ius pdnartzq. tnayutii | 
Itone impresterunt talia mvlta simul. | PcVrus cum Jratre Pranciseo Ifart'miu 
ambo | lluic operi aptatam contribuere dotmim. 

This copy sold in the La Valliere sale for 1160 fr., and in 1791 ru 
pnrchnj-cd in the Paris sale by Mr. Wodhull for £30. 15s. 1'inelli'i copy 
sold for £48., and that of Leon d'Onrche* for 901 fr. 

33472 CICERONIS Orationes, Editio Princeps, stoat folio, mUmr. 
rare, £10. 10s Bomte, Sweynheim et Pannartz, 1471 

This edition is more complete and certainly not less rare thon that of 
Valdarfcr, printed at Venice in the same year, with which this dispute* 
priority. Leaves 333-9 are inlaid, and the first and lost leave* mended, 
otherwise this is a fine tall copy. Thorpe's copy fetched £52. 10s. 

The volume ends with the usual colophon of eight lines, with the date at 
the end. 

30-473 STATITJS. tiruiriluiv Hoc volvmine Domitivs (Calderinus) 
inservit Syluaram Stntii Pnpinii libros quinq. a se emendates: 
Commentarios : quos in Syluns composnit : Commentarioloa in 
Snppo Ouidii quos cdidit : Propntii loci obsenriora a se elucu- 
bnita . . . am. folio, large copy in old red morocco extra 
edges, £12. Impressil. Ronuu ad ci'-iiY.* Ma.rivmf 

Pannartz. e German in . . 1475 
Vtitr barb. The l'inelli copy sold for £14. 3» fid, Libri's for £13. Its. 
unci the Sunderland copy for £15. 

86475 SENEC^E EpI8T0LJC, sm. folio, slightly wormed, but generally a 
/. perfect with the leaf of Register, lif. bd. £10. 
Soma Praisens hcec epistolarum 6 1 LvctUm impreeeio 

In alma vrbe Roma in domo nobilU viri Petl lllfl 

Hon atramento i plumali calamo : neq$ stilo areo : ted u 
rim. i ijiiudiim adinnentione imprimendi sen characterize 
opus lie ijjigiatum est ad dei tandem idttstriaiq} p 

Arnold u pannartz Alamanfi est cviuinatu. 1475 
First Edition with a date. 

3C47C THOMiG AQU1NATIS (S.) Question* de Veritate DispuUt*. 
folio, mu birjc and clean copy, russia extra, with Woahnll arm* 
in gold on gide, very rare, £6. 6s 

hnprtnH tt(MU ingeniosutvir Anioldue Pannartz. nation* 
Germanne. in domo clari civil Petri 147'' 

One of the lute*t and scarcest productions of the fatM 
Rome, from which Schweinheim had already seceded. Soon after the dale of 
this volume, both partners were in the grave. 

Ptolemscs— see post, under Arnoldus Buckink (1478). 


Ulrich Hahn, of Vienna, or Udalricus Gallus (1467-78), 
with Simon Nicolai, of Lucca (1471-74). 

'M177 CICERO. [At end:] Finiti sunt Libri Tullii Tusculanarum 
Questionum, small folio, First Edition, a fine illuminated border 
"•dk coat of arms on tin- first page, old French red morocco extra, 
ijilt marbled edges, a fine large oopy, rare, £36. 

Rome per Mgrm Vlriann ban da urienna Anno dm Mcccclrciiii 
Die uero Prima inensis Aprilis (1409) 
Contains 70 leaves, the lost being blank, printed in u smnll ueat aomi- 
gothic type, without marks. 

3(3178 PLUTARCH! Vitro Parallels, a diversis interpretibus Latinro 

;:l', a J. A. Campano collectra et ediUc, 2 vols, largo folio, 

inlli bordered initial to each volume finely illuminated in gold 

•irs, and painted initials, very large copy, with coiitem- 

MS. notes on margins, a few I faces mended, and in one 

Utnoe two or three letters iwpplied in MS. facsimile, russia, 

£12. 12,- [Romm] Udalricus OaUve (circa 1470) 

Fiust Edition of this translation. Extremely bake. This copy 

contains : VoL I, 293 printed leaves and 2 blanks j Vol. II, 299 leaves and 

5 blank* ; thus agreeing with Dibdio's description and also with tin: Wodhull 

copy. This copy sold for £16. 5« 6J in Sir If. Sykes' sale. 

30479 TORTELLII Arktim (Joatmis) Commentariortun Gramaticorum. 
do. Orthogphia dit-tionu E grecis Tractarum. Libri, folio, vi rjf 
fine large copy,witli tv,, beautiful bordered initial letter.', illu- 
minat-d in gold and cokairs, red morocco extra, £12. 12s 

Insci'lj'tmn est Rome in domo de taliacoxis Sub iussu Yield 

i /alii Teutonici : Et Simonis Nicolai Lucensis, 1471 

Vbrt raiik. Disputes the precedence with Jenson's Venico edition of 

the -larac year, some bibliographers stating this to bo the First Edition and 

36480 AUGTJ8TINTJS de Civitate Dei, folio, all the large initials 

ill'i . and an elegant harder in the interbic d style painted 

.■'..■ first leaf of text, the last fete folios slightly wormed and 

il, otherwise a fine copy in veUum, £4. 
Present Ann-lii Augustini . . . de Ciuitate dci preclar. opus : 
Alma .n uric BoflM . . . noil attramento j'l^i'iali calamo 
"['7? stilo ereo : sed artificiosa quadam adiiiitentione seu 
caractcrizantli sic effuj iat n m ad Set laudem industrieq', est 
cunsumatnm. per Vdalricum Qallum A 

lai de Luca . Anno dotnini . Mt'i 't'CLXXIIII . . . 
One of the rarest of the early editions. The Sunderland copy fetched £21. 

Georg Lauer (1470-81). 

36481 THOM.E AQUINATIS (S.) Duodecim Quodlibeta disputata 

sub mino domini 1272, folio, First Edition, blue morocco citra, 
by Dcromc, £6. s. n. sed Romce in S. Etuebii Monasteriu per 

Georgian Laver, circa 1470 
3S4£J CURTIUS (Quintus). Finis gestornm Alexandri mngni que. 
Q, Cnrlius Rufus uir Romauus litteris madunit. Et Popimi'' 
(Pomponius) nro tepore corrcxit. Ac Geovgius Lauer improssit, 
em. folio, Editio Princeps, very large copy, margin of fint 
mended, old English ral morooeo, RARE, the Sunderland copy, £21. 

{Ronue) Georgius Later (circa 1470) 


30-183 CURT1US (Quintua) Bin. folio, fine large copy in 

t.itra, gilt edges, by Lorlic, from the Didot collection, £±5. (1 ' 

30-181 EUTROP1US. Incipit Entropi' historiography : & poet i 
Paulus diacon": de historiis italice prouiuuie ac Romano; 
sin. folio, large copy, with eontmporary MS. notes, in the orig 
oak boards covered with leather, £7. 10s 

Eutropius histuriographiis Rome imprcssus Anno dhi 1 171 
Editio 1'bincefs, vkby"b-abe. 

" Thin impression is unquestionably the production ol Layer's press ; and 
it is the most perfect of il with which 1 am acquainted." — Dibdin. 

Johannes Philippus de Lignamine (1470-81). 

■o SUETONIUS. Cai Snetonii Truquilli de uita ct moribus duode- 
cim principum Romanov, liber primus incipit (libri xii), sm. 
folio, the Greek passages printed in Greek type, fine large copy, 
old English red morocco extra, gilt edges, very bare, £25. 

. . . absolutus Rome in pinea regime uia pape [per Ph. de 
Lii/naurine] Anno a Christi natali. M.GCOO.Lxx. Sattiti 
mise Pauli auteni Veneti. ii. Pont. Max. anno sexto. (1470) 

Emtio 1'uinckpn, rind regarded us the first book printed by Philip de 
Lignamine. The Sunderland copy sold for £.'J6. 

6 BQDBIGO SANCHEZ DE AREVALO. Liber dictus Speculum 

uiU) humano . . . cditas a Rodorico Episcopo znmorcnsi, sm. 

folio, fine copy in russia, by Mrs. Weir, with Wodhull arms on 

siih's, rare, £2. Impressus est hie liber Rome in domo Nobili* uiri 

Jvhanis Philippi ile lignami. Messah. 1473 

: II 187 ( PIIILIPPI [DE BARBERIIS] Opuscula,cum prsufatione Joannis 
Pbilippi de Lignamine), small 4to. with 29 rude woodcuts of the 
12 Prophih. 12 Sibyls, Proba Falcon ia, Christ, John tlie Baptist, 
the Nativity, and Plato, russia extra, gilt edges, by (.'. Lew:'. 
VERY RARE, £20. : 'sum Ro. An. dhi. 14--1 

The following possogo from the dedicatory epistle of John l'hillip de 
Lignamino (who most probably printed the work) might serre for a title . 
" JJecrcui caraetcribus perpetuis imprimere caleberrima opuscule : qum . . 
vigr Philippus cm ordi« pdicator. eOlerracus ^- ajjinis meus edidit In quibut 
ante omnia tractatus est de discordStia inter Euscbium Bieronimii : if Aureliu 
Augustinum approbatus SibyUarum if pphctar. dictis omniumq} grntilium. Jf 
philotopkorii : f veterum poetarum ; qui de Chri$to uaticinati sunt : atq} 
alii/ua pdwmnt. Dcinde cOmetarii sup. Symbolum Athanasii: orationtn 
ilominicam : tf talutaXionem angelica : tnoz eiplanatio sup. Te dtum 
laudamus: f Gloria in cxcelsis dee. Demum Donatus theohgw ■ qua thtolo- 
gice qutstiones gramatica arte soluuntur." 

Johann Gensberg (1473-74) 

3G4S7*P«UUHM, Francisci Aretini in pbalaridis tiraui agrigretiui 
cpistolaB . . . [At end] Pbalaridis . . Epl'o . . Per i 
Aretinu translate . . sm. 4to. with some MS. notes in 

margins, red MOTOCCfl .jilt, ijilt edges, RARE, 28» (><•■ 

Printed in the Mine character as Johan Geusberg used for liii Koiuau 
edition i I IT I) •■( C'uldcriniiK' Comnientory on Martial. 

The Tolumo coMisui of 41 leaves, of 30 lines to a page 


Georg Sachsel and Barlhol. Golsch 1 1474). 
3G488 VARRO (M. T.) De Lingaa Latina, sm. folio, citron morocct 
extra, £7. 10s Mm rfrca 1474) 

Very rare. It contains 58 leaves, with 35 linos to a page. The type is 
similar to that used by Sachsel and Golsch in their Amiiiinitus Marcolhnus, 
l'arsdoxa, and Anrelios Victor. Only live works are known which can bo 
attributed to those printers. 

VS. In hoc volumine continctur. [Modestus] de Ro 

Militari . [Pomponius LibIub] Do Magistratibus Vrbis . . 

sm. 4to. calf, £3. 15s nola(c. 1474) 

Tbii edition consists of 3u leaves, without marks, of 26 or 27 lines to n 

Varying conjectarcs as to the printer have been formed by Haiti. 

itxlin, and in the La Valliere catalogue ; bat Brunei refers the volume to 

tho press of Sachsel and Golsch. 

EJohann Schurener of Bopardia (1474-78). 
[• PL1N1VS. C. Pliiiii secundi Veronensis Oratoris clarissimi et 
Consulates Epistolamm Liber . . sm. 4to. old English citron 
morocco gilt, £4. fif, >'• ("• 1474) 

A very rare edition, without marks ; 140 leaves (not 141, as Brunei gives 
it) with 29 lines per page. The type is that of Schnrener. 
Simon Nicolai de Luca alone (1474-79). 

Albirtds Magnus do Ammalibus, sm. folio, lit. jjoth. First Edition, 

fine copy, the first page richly decorated with initial letter and 

I er finely illuminated in gold and colours, with the 

small initials prettily drawn in colours, green morocco extra, gilt 

edges, £16. 10s Hoc pircsens Alberti magni . . . opus imprest 

Home [per Simonem Nicolai de Luca], 1478 
So rare that tho Mantua edition of 1478 was formerly regarded as the first. 

Bartholomew Guldinbeck (1475-81). 

I ■ Syi.vils. Tractatus . . . de cnrialium miseria ... 22 
n without marks (sine loco), 1475 — Incipit tractatnlus dc 
iluob' se innice diligetibus (de duobns umantibus) ... 40 leaves 
without marks (sine uota) — Epistola . . . de unions remedio 
EacipH . . . G leaves without marks (sine nota) — 3 vols, in 1, 
Uo. calf, from, the Sunderland library, £4. 1475 

These three very roro pieces were printed by Barth. Guldinbeck, at Home. 

Wolf Hahn, or Lupus Gallus (1476). 

3641)1 TURRKCREMATA (Joannes Cardinalis de) vnlgo Torqnemadn. 
Expositio brevia et utilis super toto Psaltorio, sm. folio, with 
illuminated initial letter, fine copy in calf extra, gilt edges, £6. 

Home . . . per magislriun- Lupum gallum frem mgri 
Vdairiot galli de Bienna, 1*76 
Very rare. Brand erroneously ascribes this edition to Ulrich Ilahn. 

Arnoldus Buckinck (1478). 

j I'T 0LEMJE1 Cosmogvaphia, Latine, folio, the First Edition with 
Haps, the '17 copper-plate maps uneoloured and for the most part 

impressions, a very huge copy, elegantly bound in I 

oeco super extra, covered all over with scrolled tooling in the 




Grolicr stylo, leather joints, gilt edges, EXTREMELY RARE, £52. 10» 
Arnold vs Bvckinck e Oermania Rome tabvlis aencis in 
pActwi* fornialvm. impressit . . M.CCCO.LXXV 1 1 1 . . . . 

The second leaf of text has l>ccn supplied iu photo-lithographic facsimile, 
so skilfully doDe as to defy detection by all save experts, tho blank leaf before 
tho mips having becu used for the reproduction. The first leaf is neatly 
mended, and a few of the maps are mended in the lower margins, and in one 
or two instances a line or a few letters restored. 

This first illnstrnted edition of Ptolemy's Geography, and also the first 
daled instance of maps engraved on copper. The work contains a doriblt 
serios of maps, firstly tho reproduction of tho old Greek ones which bi 
properly to the text, and next a set of modern maps which represent Ibl 
geographical knowledge of the timo, and which constitute the importance 
of the volume as the first dated General Atlas. 

The binding of this volume cost over i!_0. 

Eucharius Silber, alias Franck (1478-1512). 

30-193 [Scriptores Veteres Rei Militaris]. Aeliani de instruendis 
aciebns opus ... a Theodore Thessalonicese latinum factum. 
Impressum Rome ]>cr Ventrabilem uinnn Mngistri Eucharium 
Silber: alias Franck, 1487 — Flavii Vegetii . . . Epitoma 
Institutornm Rei Militaris, etc. ib. 1487 — Modcsti Libcllus de 
Voealralis Rei Militaris, ib. 1487 — Sextii Inlii Frontini Viri 
Consolaris Strategematicon libri, ib. 1487; — 4 parts in 1 vol. 
email 4to. calf extra, gill edges, rare, £4. 1487 Kditidn of these four authors, whose works, though printed 
separately, should be bound in one volume. It is 6cldom, however, that tho 
four are found all together. 

30494 Arkti.nts (Leonardos) de Temporibna Suis, Veneliis (with printer's 
marl; bearing tho initials D.P.) 1485 — Sexti Rnffi niri consulates 
Valentiano Augusto de Historia Ro. Libcllas, Roma 
EuclarivLi Silber al's Franck, 1491 — Jobiinis Strimutii Camertis: 
de modo in iure studendi . . . Epistola, Rome, 1491 — Tractatus 
Clari8simi Philosophi et ruedici Math col i Pcrusini de Memoria, 
(7 pages of 33 lines), sine not a, sed Roma, per Btepk, I'lanuck — 
Laudivins Eques Hierosoliiniti.nus . . . de Vita Bcati Hieronimi, 
Impressa in alma urbe Soma, (\ier Job. Besicken) 1495 — Ioannis 
Baptistm Pii Bononicnsis pnelectio in Plautnm Accinm, et 
Lucium Apuleiu, (12 pages of 25 lines} sine nota — Ad Ant«miu 
mariam Salcnsem . . . antonii Solierii carpenBis Epistola (in 
funere Petri Canonici), Impressum Bononios per Caligulam 
Bazilerium ciuem boii. 1502 ; — in 1 vol. sm. 4to. red morocco 
■jilt edges, £3. Ws 1485-1501 

30485 MANUEL, King of Portugal. Obedientia Potentissimi Emanuclis 
J_.ii.- i t :■ n in< Regis, Ac. per clarissimnm Inris. V. conBultum 
Dieghum Pacettu Oratorem ad Juliii. II, Pont. Max. Anno Dm, 
1505. Pridio No. Innii, small 4to. 8pp. unnumbered, boards, £5. 5* 

[sine nota, sed Roma!, Eucharius Silb-'r, 1505] 
In this extremely rare tract an account is given of the discoveries of 
the 1'ortiigucse in Africa. India, tic. 

30490 Epistola Potentissimi ac Inuictissiroi Emanuelis Regis 

Portugal lie & Algarbior' Ac. de Victoriis in India <fc Malacha : 
Ad. S. in xpo Patrem & dominu nostrum dnm Leonem. X, 


Pont. Max. sm. 4to. Portuguese arms on. lillc, 4 leaves, sd. £4. 4s 

[Roma!, Eueharius Sillier, 1513] 
197 Emanvelis Lvbitan. Algarbior : Africao Aethiopiae Arabiae 
Persiae Indim Reg. Invictiss: Obedientia. [Obverso of ait] 
Dieghi Pacecchi Iur. Consult. In prrestanda Obedientia pro 
Emannele Lusitanor : Rego Innictiss : Lconi. X. Pont. Opt. Max. 
dicta Oratio, em. 4to. with woodcut border and coat of arm* on 
/ilh; <ji!t vellum, £5. 5s [sine nota] 

Tho volume consists of signatures n and b (four leaven each); n full pago 
containing 27 lines. It was probably printed by Eucharias Sillier, in 1513. 

This very rare piece is an account of tho discoveries of the Portngnese 
in the first doien years of the 16lh century. 

3C498 Pbocohvs de Bello Persico {Latine) . . . per Raphaclem Volatcr- 
ranvm conversvs, sm. folio, slightly wormed, calf neat, 15s 

Homo) per if agist rum Eucluirimn Silber (1509) 

Stephan Plannck of Passau (1479-1508). 

5 ^IGIDIDS ROMANDS. Liber de regimine prineipu editns a 
fratro Egidio romano, sm. folio, fine copy in old French blue 
morocco extra, gilt edges, £3. 3s 

Jtnpretswn h'ome per Stephanum plannck de Patauia, 1482 

TURRECREMATA. Meditationes . . . patris domini Joannis do 
Turrecremata Saerosancte Romane ecclesie Curdinalis posite ifc 
ili[iicte do ipsius mandato in ecclesie nmbita sancte Mario do 
Mincrna Rome, sm. 4to. cjotijic Utter, corners of title mended, but 
Otherwise a very Jim- Mpj/, irith 83 vcr.y FINE WOODCUTS, green 
morocco, gilt edges, very rare, £16. 16* 

Rome per if agist ru Stephanuin Planck de Patauia : 1498 

The woodcuts in this volume are reproductions of the first engravings of 
tbnt kind ever done in Italy, and are copies of pictures by Fra Angelico. 
Tho volume consists of signatures a to c in eights, and d (5 leaves). 

01 TURRECREMATA. Meditationes . . . Ioaunis de Turrecremata 
. . . posite & depictc de ipsius mandato in ecclesie ambitu 
sancte Marie de Minerua, Rome, jjotrjic letter, with 33 vert fine 
woopcdts, Pome per Stephanum Planck, 1498 — Tractatus quidam 
ib- mju benedictft. {At end :) Hec aunt . . . que ego . . . 
.Ii'lmnnes do Turrecremata ad problema per magistrum Petrum 
jlicnm propositnm . . . annotaui . . . got hie letter, a {G leaves) 
iiml b (4 leaves), {sine nota) — Resolntorium dubiorum circa 
celebrationem occurrentium : per . . . Johannem do 
Lapide . . . collectnm, crotfjic Utter, a (G leaves), and b to din 
eights, {sine nota) — Tractatus breuis domini Bonauenture de 
tiiimIo Be preparandi ad celebrandum missam, gotfjic letter, 8 leaves, 
i. n. — De vtilitate misse earn diccntivm necnon profectv earn 
nvilicntivm deqve poricvlis cam negligentivm, 4 leaves, n. d. — 
Incipit expositio misse secrndu fratrem Hngone Cardinale ordis 
preilicator., 10/oanes, s. n. — De defectibus in missa occurrentibus, 
gotrjie letter, a (6 haves), s. n. — Questiones iuxta doctrinam . . . 
sancti Thome de Aqnino circa confessionem sen sacramentum 
penitentie, gotrjie Irittr, o (7 leaves'), s. n. — Casus Papales. 
Episcopales. & Abbatiales, 4 leaves, s. n. — Incipiunt Canones 



juiiitentiales per Epm Ciuitaten compositi, gothtc Itttrr, a 
(8 leaves), s. 11. — Tractatus de Vauris : cditus per dnm Antonium 
de Rosellis, gott)ic letter, a (6 leaves), s. n. ; — 11 pieces in 1 
Bin. 4to. all in fine condition, in the original limp vellum, very 
rare, £21. r. y. 

S6502 Miradima Rom«, Germanice. In de bnechlein steet gescliriben 
vrio Rom gepauet wart vnd von dem ersten knnig vnd Ton 
eiiicm yetliehen kanig zu Rom . . . waB kirchen yn Rom tint 
vnd was heiltfi vnd gnad in den kirclien alien ist. Alio die 
Stationes die in den kirclie sint vber das gantz iar, 18mo. black 
IttttT, without sign. C (i), with spirited woodcuts, vellum, very 
rare, £3. 3s 
Qetruckl :k Bom durch twister Bteffan planch vo passaw . . . 1500 
The history of l'ope Joan is on signature F (iv.) 

Sixtus Risinger and Georg Herolt (1481-83;) Georg Herolt 


36503 BARBERIIS (Pliilippus de) Tractatvs. sollemnis. ct. vtilis oditu 
per religiosnm uiru magistru Pliilippu Syeulu Ordinis predica- 
tonun ... In primis discordatias nonullas inter sactv5 Ensebiu 
. . . Secundo dnodccini sibillaram naticinia . . . sin. 4to. wood- 
cuts ; two small wormholes in the last dozen leaves ; red tiiorutco 
astro, gilt edges, £6. 6* 

Sine nota; on the printer's mark are the letters S. R. D. A. 
Full-page figures of tint Sybils, fine initials, and an interlaced border to the 
first page of text, all executed in wood engraving, adorn this rare Yolunie. 
3G504 VITRUVIUS et Frontinus. [Leaf 5 :] L. Victrwii Polli.,nis 
... do Arcbitectvra liber primvs. [Leaf 9i> :] Sexti Ivlii 
Frontini viri consvlaris : do aqvis qve in vrbem inflvvnt : libellvs 
mirabilis, 2 parts in 1 vol. am. folio, First Edition, slightly 
wormed, otherwise a fine copy, red morocco, gilt edges, £20. 

{Sine nota, sed Boma per Georgium Herolt, circa 1486) 

The volume consists of 4 preliminary leaves, 94 for the Vitruvius, and 16 

for the Frontinus, making 1 1 1 in nil, with 34 lines to a page. According to 

Audiffredi, and other bibliographer!* who have followed him, the book was 

.>» printed by George Ilerolt, about I486. 

" Such is the rarity of this impression, that Cardinal Quirini, in hi- 
Lidfratura XJruriana, p. 122, was induced to doubt its existence." — Vibdin. 

Johann Besicken (1484-1506 ;) 

with Martin of Amsterdam (1500 ;) 

with Jac. Mazocchi (1506). 

3C505 MiRAiiit.iA Rome, 24mo. ©oth,u Etttcr, with woodcut on title and 
10 ill the text, leaf 26 tliyhth/ cut into, calf v cat, gilt edges, rare, 
£2. 16« 

Liipnssnm Bom 1 per llartinu de Amsterdam if Joi 

/.-. n Almanos. 
Consists of 63 leaves. The woodcut ou the reverse of leaf 36 bas U 
bottom the word' " Mar" and " De Ahstpam" in black letters on 
BeroUa, and " im" immediately beneath (he latter in white letters on a i 
ground, showing that Mai I in of Amsterdam, one of tlie printers, was til 
cngiavcr. I mi tin- «n il. ut ou the icverse of leaf 25 also, there is a »lm|j 
with the initial- of bulb printers " I " and " M " interlaced, in both large and 
small letters. 


10506 AQUILANO. Opere del facvndissinio Seraphino Aqvilano collectc 
per Francesco Flavio, am. 4to. First Edition, large copy, red 
viorocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, very rare, £6. 

Impresso in Roma per maestro loanni de Itesicken. 1502 
Coulains: 8 preliminary leaves, marked from ii to iiii ; and signatures 
a — n in eights, except a (10 leaves), ai being blank. 

J6507 MANUEL, King of Portugal, Copia de vna lettera del Re do 
Portogallo miidata al Re de Castella del viaggio & successo do 
India, sm. 4to. Gothic letter, 8 leaves, 39 lines per page; fine copy 
hi modern bdt. formerly in the Oolombina library at Seville, £75. 
Roma . . loanni do Besicken . . Mcccccv . . (1505) 
Ferdinand Columbus's copy; with his MS. note on the last page "Kato 

libra costo en Roma perfeti . . tobro di 1515. [Eita registrado 

2428] " The words within square brackets rofer to his having inserted the 
title in his catalogue. 

Of this excessively rare book, only some three or four copies are in 
existence : its chief importance consists in its being tho first printed record of 
Cabral's discovery of .Brazil in 1500. The special object of tho letter was to 
describe Cabral's two expeditions to India in 1500-1504, but his accidental 
crossing of the Atlantic at the outset, and the setting up of Portuguese crosses 
on the Terra de santa crocs was a fact of such signal importance that tho first 
printed account of it becomes a book of permanent value. 
08 Peocopics. [Leaf 2;] Procopivs de Bollo Gothorvm per Christo- 
phorrm Persona . . tradvetvs, sm. folio, the last two leaves 
mended, but a very good large copy, old calf, rare, 12s 

hiipressttm Romce per Ioannem Besiclcem Alemanum Impensa 
Jacobi Mazzochii Romance Academuv. Bibliopole . . 1506 

Pelrus de Turre (1490-97). 

i'j9 PTOLEMiEI Cosmographia, Latine, folio, with 27 copperplate 
maps, bound, RAKE, £14. 

Hoc opvs Pthulomei memorabile qvidem et insigne exactissima 

Migmtia casligatvm Ivcondo gvodam Wraetvrt impramnftrii 

et complelvm Rome . . . M.0C0C.LX X X X . . . arte ac 

impensis Petri de Tvrrc 

5510 the same, folio, a large clean copy, hf. vellum gilt, gilt 

edges, £16. 16* 

The second edition with these copperplate maps, which are from the very 
same coppers as those of the 1478 edition (the first with illustrations). 

Andreas Fritag de Argentina (1492-96). 

5511 COMPOTUS. Liber qui Compotus inscribilur una cu fignriB & 
manibus neccssariis. etc. sm. 4to. with 11 woodcuts, including 8 of 
, fine copy in red morocco, gilt edges, by Berome, £3. 16» 

Rome per Andream Fritag de Argentina, 1493 

Jacobus Mazochius (1506-24). 

$12 PASQUILS. Carmina, ad Pasqdii.lum Herculem obtrancantem 
llvdram referentom posita Anno 1510, Latine it Balice, with 
harder to title, a to e in fours, and f (6 leaves). Impres- 
tutn Bon urn Liaibij Mir.ochifi. 1510 — Carmina ad 

Pasqiiillum positn. Anno. 1511, Latine et Baliot, n-illi WOO 
on title. A to II in four*) ami E (6 leaves), Imprcsmni Roma; 


per laoobum Mtuocchium "Roman at Acad 1 ."> 1 1 

— Carmina Apposita Pasqnillo 1512, Latin-- 
in fours, and C and D in stales, sine nota — Carmina ad statuaiu 
Pasqniiii in lignram Martis presenti Anno. 1512. conuerei, 
woodcut on title, a and b in fours, and c (2 leaves), s. n. — Cnnnina 
Apposita Pasqnillo anno. 1.513, with woodcut on title, A and i.' Si 
fours, and C (6 leaves), s. n. — Versi Posti a Pasquillo ne lauuo. 
1513, with woodcut on title, 4 leaves, s. n. — Carmina App- 
Pasquillo An. 1514, with woodcut on title, A to I) in foun, t. n. 
— Versi Posti a Pasqnino nel Anno. 1514, 4 leaves, i. n. — 8 
pieces in 1 vol. sm. 4to. old calf, from the .Sunderland library, 
very rare, £7. 10* 1S10-M 

A collection of very carious and rare pasquinades ; all in excellent 
condition, aud rnled with red lines. 
3G513 Bkosonius. L. Domitii Brusonii Contursini Lucani Facetiarum 
Excmplorumq. libri Til, FIRST EDITION, the only one uncoil r 
with fine woodcut border to title, and capital 1- j fine copy 

in red morocco extra, blind tooling, gilt edges by Gruel, £< 

Roma) per Iacobu Mazochiii (IS 

Extremely rare. Colonel Stanley's copy sold for £40. 19s, and the 
White KniKht"s for £27. Ills. 

The date which is printed in small Arabic numerals, in the margin, was 
evidently added after the publication of the book. 

36514 Epiorammata Antiqvro. Vrbis (collcgit Jac. Mazochins), sm. folio, 

with woodcuts, contemporary stamped leather rcbacked, 24* 

liomiie. in. aedib. Iacobi Haiochii, 1521 
30514 # XENOPnoNTis de factis & dictis Socratis memoratu dignis Bessarione 
. . interprete. libri qnatuor, sm. 4to. title within woodcut border, 
old calf, 36s Eomce, Ariottui de Trino impensis Iuannis Ma: 

MDXX1 (1581) 
Bound up with liosselclti (Clnudii) Epigrammata, Lngd. 1537. 

Stephen Guilleret of Lorraine (1506-24 ;) with Ercole 
Nani (1511-14.) 

36515 VIPERA. B. P. D. Mercvrii Viperae ... do divino et vero 

nvmine apologeticon (primum nsqno ad sextnm). G purls, with 
fine woodcut borders to titles, the preface of the first dated from 
Borne, 1515, (sine nolo) — R. P. D. Mercnrii Vipere ... do 
disciplinarum virtutuqz Laudibus opnsculum, with fine woodcut 
border to title, A to T in fours, Impressum Romm in regione 
Parionis per Magiitrum Sthephanum QuiUertti de Lunariuilla 
Tulleii. dioc. 1515 — Orationes . . Viperas . . A. to H. in fours 
(the lost leaf blank), Impresses Rome in Regione parionis Per 
Magittmm Stephanum guillereri de lunariuilla (sic) tulleii. 
dmcesis Et Herculem nanii Socios, 1514 — Oratio per . . Vipera . . 
in ingressv pvblicarvm avilic-ntiaivm habita, woodcut border, 4 
leavet (sine nota) — 9 pieces in 1 vol. sm. 4to. all ruled, in con- 
temporary calf, with armorial bearing, and the initiali of C. J-, 
and the Roman figures xvi, on the sides, from the Sunderland 
lihrary, rare, £3. 10* Romm, 1515 

The collations of the six Apologetic* are respectively : a and b in fours 
and c (5 leaves) ; a to d in fours (the last leaf blank) ; a and b in fours, and 
c (6 leaves) j a to c in fours ; a and b in fours, and c (6 11.) j a to f in four*. 


36516 TACITUS. P. Cornelii Taciti libri qvinqve noviter inventi atqve 
cvm reliqvis eiva operibva editi (cura Ph. Beroaldi), am. folio, 
slightly stained, calf, £3. 16s 

Borne impressi p. Magistrum Stephanwn Guillereti de 

Lothoringia Tulleii. dioc. . . 1515 . . 

" Cette Edition precieuse est mine an rang its kditions princkps, parce 

qa'elle est la premiere qui contionne les cinq premier* lirres des Annales." — 


La Vnlliero's copy fetched 500 fr. This copy does not contain the Life 
of Agricola (10 leaves) generally found at tho end of the book. 

3(5517 the same, complete, with the ten leaves of Vita Agricola?, 

small folio, slightly wormed and leaf 4 slightly injured, otherwise 
a line and large copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, £12. 1515 

Zacharias Kalliergos of Crete (1509-23). 

30518 Pindaki Olympia, Nemea, Pythia et Isthmia, Grace, Ibo.fino copy, 
old French blue morocco extra, gilt edges, £3. 3s 

Impressi liomre per Zachariam Calergi Cretensem (1515) 
Brnntt, after speaking of tbo firet edition as •' tres-recherchOe," calls this 
'• edition egalement rare et recberehee." The Beckford copy, bound in russiu 
1 iy linger Payne, with his bill for binding, fetched £39. 

19 PiiAViintscs. Magnvm ac pervtile Dictionarivm. qvod qvidem 
Vai-inrs Phavorinvs Camera Nvoorinva Episcopva ex mvltia 
variiaq : avctoribva in ordinem alphabeti collegit. Greece, thick 
am. folio, fine large copy, red morocco extra, £2. 16s 
. . tv Pii/iy . . Z. K. (Romas, per Zachariam Caliergi Cretensem, 1523) 
First edition. Rare. 

Marcellus Silber, alias Franck (1513-27). 

36520 Psai.moblm LinER et (16) alia Cnntita Biblica ^Ethiopice; com 

>\llaborio Linguaram Chaldtcarmn (JEthiopicarum) ; impres- 
uum iugenio et impensis Joannia Potken, sm. 4to. with a fine 
wooden I of Kinj Tkmd hiirpiiuj printed in red ink on the first leaf, 
in !>:■• original stamped leather binding, rebaeked, bearing the 
rip! ion " Judocns de Lede ob laudem Christ i librum hunc recte 
ligac:," rare, £3. 10» 

Impress-uin est opusculii hoc iugenio &• impensis Joiinis Potken . . 
Home per Mdrcellum . Silber al's Frock . . . 1513 
Tub first uook printed in ./Ethiopia* characters. 

36521 Vin k\ R. P. D. Mercurii Vipere . . opna de publicia : & 

C'iuilibus inatitntis, am. folio, with woodcut border to title, very 
jiw, large and clean copy, old calf, 16» 

Ronue }>er Marcellii Silber. 1516 . . 

Antonius Bladus of Asola (1517-60). 

__> VALKRIANUS. Io. Picrina. Valerianae, de. Fulminnm. Signi- 
tionibos. L2mo. Piunted on Vellum, blue morocco extra, 
of null, tooled leather join Is, fill; linings, vellum e. I, 
•jilt edges, EXCESSIVELY RARE, £12. 

Imprestil Ronue Ant. Bladus Asiilanus. [15171 
Only one other copy known, printed on vellum. 


3G523 TOLOMEI. Versi, et Regole de la Nvora Poesia Tuscana (di 
Claud io Tolomei), with woodcut portrait, In Jioma y.-i 
Illado d'Asola, 1539 — Copia do Vna lettera di Napoli che 
contiene li atupoudi, & gran prodigij apjarsi sopra a PozeoIi 
(di Francesco Marchesino), dated from Naples, 1538 (ib. $. a.), 
4 leaves, with woodcut — 2 vols, in 1, sra. 4to. olive morocco, gilt 
utljes, with Aldinc anchor on sides, £5. 1539 

3G524 EUSTATHII Archiepiscopi Thessalonicensis commentarii in 
Honuri lliadem et Odysseam (Grace, edidit N Mi ruins; cum 
indice Math. Devarii), 4 vols, folio, FiltST Edu ion, with the rare 
blank leaves at the end of VoU. 2 and 4, but no title to Vol, 2, 
beautiful copy in French red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Derome, 
from Lord ISexley's library, £12. 

Roma (per Antonium Lladttm), 1542-50 
Vkrt rare. Sold at the Duke of Grafton's sale for £53 j ]»r. Heath's 
for £08. 5s ; Hebcr'a for £25. 10#. 

Tbo text of the Iliad and Odyssey is included. 

The first edition is among the most splendid monuments in tho world of 
Greek erudition and of Greek Printing. M. Kenouard well observes in the 
opening of his description of it : — " TriSsor d 'erudition grocque, eipece de 
sanctunirc dans lequcl n'ont acccs qne ceux qui rieja ont fait progrec dans 
l'utudo des aneiens Classiqncs." — BOA. d'un Amateur, Vol. 2, p. 138. 

3G525 Marliani (Bartholomaei) . . . Annales Consulum, Dictatornm, 
Censornmq ; Romanorum a condita Vrbo vsque ad Ti. CaMarem, 
etc., 8m. folio, calf, 7s Hd 

Ttomm ex officina Anlonii Iiladi imprestoris Cam. 15G0 

Joannes Andreas Lascaris (1517-18. 

3G52G PORPHYRII philosophi homericarii qnmstionu liber. Et do 
Nympharii antra in Odyssea : Opnscnlum : Leonis decimi Pon. 
Max. beneficio o tenebris erntum, Grace, 8vo. fine large coj 
old calf, gill c'l'jts, £2. 2* 

Jiomie in gynmasio Mediceo ad Caballinu monte, 1518 
the same, 8vo. very fine large copy, red morocco, gilt edge 



£3. 3* 

First Edition : Kxtuemelt Rare. Sir Mark Sykes' two copies sold 
for £9. 9« and £5. 2a 6d. 

Some Latin verses on the back of tho title are in capital letters, evidently 
from Alopa's fount. Lascaris was appointed head of the Gymnasium be 
printing Bleak texts, by Leo X, but the press only prodnctd two (or perhaps 
three) works in 1517-18. It seems to hare been distinct from tlmt it 

Ludovicus Vicentinus (1524-27), and Lautltius Perusinus 

36528 CORYCIANA [i.e. Carmina diversornm in landem Jani CoTycii, 
oolleota a Rlossio Pallndio], sm. 4to. ruled with red lines, 
temporary Venetian moraoeo, the sides covered with tooU&tg in 
Grolicr manner, having on one side the fa Mali I.L.N. (J. Laurent, 
Xii'-h ns) ami on ike other " CobyclaNA," gilt and gauffrcd e 
rare, £12. Irnpressiim Rome apuA Lwlouicum Vincenlinutn 

a Litntitinm l'< rusiuum. 1524 
A lnrge and fine copy, but for ft slain in the top margins of ihc first 
few leaves. Printed in italic type. Contains A-Z, and AA-MM in f.mrs. 
Tlie I. I.. N. ore evidently tho initials of the original owner, whose name, 


with * memorandum of tlie coat of tbo book, appears on the liy-lcaf, thus — 
"Jo. Laurentii Nuclei denar. 8." 

It is interesting to compare this binding with that which Grolier gave to 
his copy of the same work (see Gustavo Brunei, La Reliuro ancicnue et 
iiioiitroe). They were apparently done by the same hand, but in two different 
styles. The only interlacement here is that of the two intersecting triangles 
which form a centrepiece for the name, and all the rest of the ornament is in 
graceful arabesques, tooled d filets pleitu. The effect is brilliant and very 
pleasing ; and the whole binding is iu wonderfully line and fresh condition. 

:;i08. Zachariae Ferrerii Vioont. Pont. Gardien. Hymni 
Novi Ecclesiastici, etc. am. 4to, fine copy, calf, £1. 5* 

Roinrn in a&dibus Lwlouici Vicvntini et Lautitii Ferusini, 152S 

30 VI DA. Marci Hieronymi Vidae Cremonensis do Arto Poetica 
Lil>. in Kivsdem do Bombyeo Lib. n Eivsdera do Lvdo Scac- 
chorvm Lib. I Eivsdem Hymni. Eivsdem Bvoolica, 8vo. original 
on, Jlne large and clean copg, calf, from tlf. Sumlerlatul 
lihrary, £3. 3» Romae apvd Lvdovicvm Yicenlinvm, 1527 

Franciscus Minitius Calvus (1524-31). 

:l JOVIUS. Pavli Iovii Nouocomensis libellus do legationo 
Basilii raftgni Principis Moschouia? ad Clements. VII. Pont. 
Max. in qua situs Rcgionis antiqnis incognitus, Religio gentis, 
mores, & causas legationis lidelissimo refernntur , . ■ sm, 4to. 
with woodcut border to title, green morocco extra, gilt edges, by 
Zaehnsdorf, very rare, £12. 

Romae ex aedibut Francisci Minitii Caho anno. 1525 
The first and rarest edition of the first European book upon Russia. 

36532 MAXIMILTANI TRANSYLUANI Cajsaris a secretia Epistola, 
do admirabili & nouissima Hispanoru in Orientem nanigationo, 
qua uaria?, & nulli prius aceessaa Regiones inuettB sunt, cum 
ipsis etifi Moluccia insults beatissimis . . . quibuscum historiis 
Insulnribus ambitus describit alterius Hemisphaorii, qua ad nos 
tandem liispani rcdicrunt incolumes, sm. 4to. with woodcut 
bord '-, very fine copy, brown morocco extra, blind tooled, 

gilt edges, very hare, £16. 16* 

Ronute in ui-liba F. Minitii Galvi anno 1524. menseFeb. 
This is the nriginnl publisher's secoud edition of tho first published 
nnrrBtive concerning the tint circumnavigation of the globo. Mr. llarrisse 
has erroneously given the first place to the Cologne reprint of January 
1 523(-24) and the second to Calvus original edition of November, 1523, taking 
tho ambiguous date as his criterion. 

Other Presses. 

J FULVIUS. Antiqvitates vrbis per AndreftmFvlvivmanliqvarivin. 

Ro. nvperrimo aeditao . . . em. folio, with woodcut border to 

tiUt ugly jhi'- large copy, with some uncut leaves, old calf, 

villi the Marlborough arms on tides, £4. {Romce, 1527) 

Tho Imprimatur is dated from Rome, 1527. 

(4 PA LATINO. Libro di M. Giovam Battista Palatino . . . Nel 
anal s'insegnaa scriuere ogni sorte luttera . . . et con vn . . . 
orso de la cifre, Riueduto nuouamente, etc., sm. 4to. with 
•ait of author on title, and a very large number of 


specimens of writing, very good copy, vellum, £5. 

In lioma nella Contrada del Pcllegrino per la Moglie che fu 
di Baldassarre de Gartolari Perugino, 1643 
A to F in cighta, and G (4 leaves). The printer' A-mark on the but leaf 
is a cnrioui woodcut of a butterfly hovering over a lighted candle. 

36535 NICOLAI PRIMI Pont. Maxirai Epiatolae, folio, 

large taper, in the original smooth brown morocco, 

the back covered with fleurs-de-lis in gold, and the sides 

rirhly gilt with a geometrical and arabesque pattern, 

Grolier's copy, with his name " Io. Grolierii ct 

amicorum" and the title of the book on the front-cover, 

la's motto " Portio mea Domine sit in terra viventium" 

on the back; enclosed in a red morocco case, £300. 

Romae, Franciscus Priscianeusis, 1542 

This beautiful specimen of Grolier's library comes from the 
Marlborough collection. It is No. 185 in Le Rous de Lincy's 
list, where the binding is described thus, " Reliure d'uno grando 
magnificence et dans un efat parfait de conservation. ' 

36535 # BEMBO. Delle rime di M. Pietro Bembo terza impressione, sm. 
4to. laroe and thice papeb, fine copy in old red morocco gilt, 
from the Sunderland library, £3. 

Stampate in lioma per Valerio Dorico et Luigi fratelli, 1548 

" Belle, bcaucoup mcillcurc, ct plus complete que lea denz prfec-dente*, 
cctte edition . . . a eie donnce par Guultcruzii et revue par Annibal Caro." — 

The only other Large Paper copy which has hitherto appeared in the 
auction-rooms fetched at the Wellealcy sale £6. 

3C536 Tbissino. La Ifalia Liberata da Gotthi del TbissinO [Tomo I :] 
Stampata in Iluma per Vahriu i Luigi Dorici . . 1547 [Tomi II 
and III :] Stampata in Vcnezia per Tulvmtu Ianiculu da Lressa . , 
1548 — 3 vols, in 1, thick 12mo. Fibst Edition, fine copy in the 
original vellum, £2. 5* 1547-48 

This copy is of the genuine original issue, and has all the line* which 
were suppressed by tho author as inimical to the Church, and which are found 
in very few copies of the book. Like all the first editions of Trissino g works 
it contains the Greek letters w an i to express the close o and e. 

36537 Georoiecitz de Cboacu. Opera nova che comprende qvattro 

libretti: . . . Bartholomco Georgieuitz de Croacia, detto IV') lc- 
grino Hierosolymitono Anthore, 12mo. the title within a border 
composed of 14 small woodcuts illustrating the life and passion of 
Christ, with pretty woodcut initials, a full-page map of I'alrstine, 
and a woodcut of Georgieuits occupying the last leaf, vllum, run; 
£6. 6* {At end: In Roma appreiso Antonio Barre.) 1 

A to Q in fours, and R (6 leaves). The third book is a " Prophecy of the 
Turks, their ruin or their conversion to Christianity by the sword. ' 

36538 Paiiakoi.e. Stvdio delle Virtvose Dame. Done si vedono bellis- 

simi lauori di punto in aria, relicella, di magi in. Dissegnati da 
Isabetta Catanea Parasolc, oblong 8vo. with 33 plates of elegant 


Lace-rat t, two, vellum, unique, £50. 

In Roma, Appresso Antonio Fnc-lielli, 1597 

A to II in fours, of which the first three leaves contain the title unci two 
dedications, the rest the plates. 

ThiB in placed here as a rarity and as a specimen of curious printing. 

(1469) Venice. 

John of Speyer (1469-70). 

3G539 CICERONIS Epistol* ad Famimares, folio, fine large and clean 
■i, with border, initial letters and arms of 1'itti iuuminated in 
gold a ml colours, rttssia extra, leather joints, gilt edges, hy Roger 
Payne, £84. Venetiis, J. de Spira, 1 HS9 

Tub First Book'pri.nted in Venick, and the First Book hearing the 
Dame of John of Spira. 

The excessively rare First Edition of the two published in this year. It 
has the metrical colophon: 

Primus in Adriaca formis imprcssit aenis 
Vrbe Lihroa Spira genitus de stir]>o Iohannes 
In rclicjniB ait quanta nides spes lector hahenda 
Quom Labor hie primus calami superauerit urtcni. 
The Bricune-Laire copy sold for 2000 francs. 

CICERONIS. Epistola ad Familiares, folio, very fine large co\ ;/, 
old Idue morocco gilt, from the Sunderland library, £90. 

( Venetiis, Johannes de Spira), 14(39 
This is the second and rarer edition of the Epistolia, printed by John of 
Spcicr. From the colophon, which wc givo below, it would appear that tlio 
printer only worked off 300 copies of each edition. This copy contains 135 
leovcs, as described by Dibdin, Haiti nnd Bninct. The first page is richly 
i AiMtn and ii.lcminaikii j as are also all the initials. The headings of 
the Epistles aro written in bine and red. The colophon reads ns follows : — 

IJcsperio quondam Gcrmanus quosqj libelloa 

Abstulit : En plurcs ipso daturus adest. 
Kunqj uir ingenio miraiidua & arte Ioannes 

Excrihi docnit darius ere hbros. 
Spira fouet Vcuetis : quarto nam mense peregit 

Hoc terceutennm bis Ciecronis opus. 

1541 ATJGTJ8TIMUS (S. Anrelius) de Civilato Dei, thick folio, fine 

Ifii. :'l, tht large initials drawn in colours, and the mall 

, blue unit n it. old red morocco extra, IJarleian gold tooling, 

gilt edges, £32. Venetiis, Joannes et Yindelinns de Spira, 1-1-70 

At the end arc these seven lines, with the date underneath: Qui dootU 

Im cr erihi poire Ioanves | mense fere trino Centena wlumina pli-ni | I t 
tvlidrm Maffni Ciecronis Spira libtllos: | Cepcrat Aureli : suhita sed I 
ptreptus | Aon potuit Ceptuni Venttis finire uolumen | Vindelinus adcti 
ttvtdcm /rater : .f arte | Aon minor: hadnaeaque morahitur vrbe. | 1470. 

I ii> [lie Inst leaf of this copy is a MS. note t" the (licet that it was given 
bj Peter Muiitiignana to the Canons Regular of the Monastery of l'adua, in 
1 1 :h. The Sunderland copy laid for £48. 

The impression of this volume was not qnite finished when John of 
Bpevar died ; his brother Wendclin completed it in 1470. 

Windelin or Speyer (1470-77). 
H I ' ornelii) Annalinm et Hi.storiiiium lihri BaperotitcB ; 
LihelluB nnreuB, de Situ, Moribns et Potmlis Gennauu*, et 



I >i;ilogn8 de Oratoribus claris, sm. folio, Editio Princeps, with a 
few contemporary MS. nol6t,fifU oopyinred morocco extra, <jilt 
edges, by Lortic, from the Vidot library, ex c ee dingly run:, £1-. 

[Venetiui] presrit [yiii'l'-liiiii.s <!>:_ ,-nent : 

arti* gloria prima sue. [1470] 
This work is described, in the four verses which serve as colophon, u 
printed liy S|.ir.i. nnd as the " prima gloria artis suit," which prove that, as it 
is the first fruit of the independeut press of YVendcliii of Speyer, it i- not later 
tlinn the year 1470. The Libri copy fetched £48. This is tbc first book 
printed with catchwords. 

36543 LIVri Historiarura Romanarnm Decades, cum Epistola Andrew 
Episcopi Aleriensis, in 3 vols, folio, slightly wormeil, else vem 
large copy, in old calf, £52. (Venetiis) Vindelinus de Spira, 1470 
This is a very fine copy in all respects, except for a few worm-holes, 
which are indeed very slight and only in a few leaves at the beginning and 
end of each volume. The first page of text in each volume is surrounded lo- 
an illuminated border in gold and colours, and has a heading of three lines 
written iu gold ; and the initial letters of each book are artistically drawn in 
gold and colours. — It is generally unknown that John of Speyer printed the 
first volume of aLivy in 1469 with the date. When Windelin completed this 
edition in 3 vols, (of which Vol. I exactly corresponds except in date with the 
1469 book) he did not think it necessary to specify his brother's name although 
be had done so in the instance of Augustinus. 

30541 Livn Historiarntn Romanurum Decades, stout folio, the 19 

printi d /■ a/ wanting, a n ryfine large and sound copy, but a few 
leaves at the beginning and end eery slightly wormed, red morocco, 
gilt edges, £20. 1 171 1 


The l'inelli copy sold for i*.54. 12*, and the imperfect copy above 
£32. Ill in Sir .Murk Sykos' sale. 

After the dnle there are 46 verses, of which the 7th and 8th ran that: 
" Kt Vindelino debebis tu qnoqs: fonnis 
Kgrcgie impressit has niodo qui derating." 

" Celte edition est prodigiouscment rare, et trcs recherchie; 1'execuii 
est magnilitpie, et on la reganle cominc un ehef-d'ieuvrc de l'excellent 
imprimcur t|ui l'a tuiso en jour." — Dt Bare. 

" This is the moat splendid monument of the press of Vindelin de Spira." 

36545 VIRGUJI OrKKA, folio, First Edition with a date 
printed on fine vellum with the initials painted ",,d 
illuminated ; the first -page decorated with a magnifi- 
cent border in which architectonic and arabesque 
ornament arc combined with exquisite figures of winged 
and wingless bambini, those in the bottom compartment 

tea) puintet 
the upper part life-like in flesh colour; the whole 

i,i little defaced) painted in camaieu blue, but thou 

' I'. 
'/',-.' radiant with gold, and lovely with harmoni 

ours; bound in red morocco, gill edges, far Lord 

Sunderland, blue morocco cose, £1000. 

I indelinus . . . opud Venetos, L470 

Tin- ti'lophon is an enthusiastic eulogy upon Yindeli- 
prior to the great painters and sculptors of old, not 


he produced many volumes, but because (us in this instance) ho 
gave to the world peqnilchra si mid optimaque. And in truth it 
was no small glory to have printed a first edition of the Latin 
Epic — a work ranking among the few great monuments of 
literature which are likely to survive the destruction of suc- 
cessive empires and the devastating influence of social and 
physical revolutions. Who would not be proud to possess the 
Virgil of 1470, the Dante of 1472, the Homer of 1488 ? The 
Virgil is the rarest, as well as (typographically) tho first, 
member of that noble company ; and one may \to forgiven a 
little enthusiasm in sight of this glorious illuminated copy 
of the Editio Princeps printed on vellum. — Panzer styles it 
Editio Prince}* .-•■!■ a, ula, and Brnnet agrees with him in tho 
opinion that an undated edition produced by Schwoinheim and 
Pannartz at Rome preceded that of Vindelin. The probab Hi I y 
is on their side, but there is absolute certainty in the fact that, 
Vindelin printed from a MS. and recorded the dato of his 
labour ; while tho two candidates for anteriority depend upon 
circumstantial evidence ami pore conjecture. 

46 CICERO. Officiorum Libri XII; Paradoxa ; De Amicitia; De 
Senectute ; Somnium Scipionis ; et Versus XII Sapientum, sm. 
EollO, very large copy, irilli illuminat. ,t , and a most elegant 

border accompanied by the initials P. Z. on the first paye, if I 
morocco extra, gilt edges, by Mrs. Weir, £18. 18s 

Venetiis, Yindelinde Spira, 1470 

tho same, sm. folio, a sound copy, with many capital 

li-lters beautifully illuminated in gold and colours, russia gill, 
ijili edges, Ihdot's copy, £15. 15» 1470 

Vebt rark. Each of these copies contains the very rnro two leaves 
containing the Versus XII Sapientum. The date at the eiul of the Somnium 
Scipionis is followed by these two hexameter lines : E spira nolo Ciotronis 
upuscula quinque | Hec Vindelino fonnis impressa fuere. 


PETRARCA. (Rime: Sonetti, Canzoni, o Trioufi del Petrarca) 
small folio, Edizione principe, with the arms of the Veniero 

lily painted at foot of the first page of lest, <•■ Hum, perfect, 
(mm Consul Smith's, t'rrrenna'l, and Mr. Wodhull's libraries 
successively, £120. Findi linns, MCCCCLXX (1 t?0) 

The rarest of all the editions* principe* of Italian literature. The total 
immlerof copies in existeuco maybe counted on one's ringers, and most of 
them are imperfect. This one was imperfect when in Consul Smith's posses- 
ion, but Crevenna was fortunate enough to obtain tho missing leaves rroin 
another copy. They have since been fastened in, and are inlaid to the size at 
n -i of the book. 

Mr. ltoscoe paid £01. 10s for his imperfect copy; and no perfect one has 

-old for more than half a century. 

'■ An exceedingly precious volume ; among the most beautiful, as well as 
the rarest, of those executed by Vindelin de Spira." — Dibdin. 

another copy, small folio, the table 7 leaves. tUfpU 

old Italian MB. facsimile, throe other leaves wanting, and one 
live; old English red morocco extra, gill edges (fiu 
ICoger Payne), £25. 1470 

' Under 'the date the six following lines of colophon appear: 

250 • 


" Que fucriit multis rmodam confu&a tencbris 

Pctrarcc laure metro sneratu sue 
Christophori et fernons paritcr cyllenia com 

Trnnscripsit nitido lucidiorn die. 
Vtqz superucniens noqucat eomiraperc U ptu 

En Vindclinus cnea plarn dedit. ' 

30550 MARTIALIS Epigranimata, em. folio, probably the First Edi- 
tion. //".' margins of a numb* r of leai; < repaired, and some leave* 

lid, ruled with red lines, red morocco, ijilt edges, by Mrt R 
£36. (Venetiis) Vindelinus de Spira [1470-M72] 

A most rare and rcry finely printed edition. Whether it was ismed 
subsequently to that of Ferrara, 1471, or not, it in certainly the first oom- 
i'i.m'K edition, since that of (Jallus does not contain the" Liber SpeetatH- 
lorum." The volume ends on the reverse of Uie 181 leaf with these wordv 
Kaphael 'fatten roniiu Inter. Vindelino spyrrsi ob \ eius incredibiUm iiHprimtndi 
irolerttam. D. D. \ Consumatissimm ill* martiatu | Impristus digitis uind»- 
lianis, etc. I sold a copy last year for £90. 

36551 CYPRIANTJS (S.) Incipiunt epistolo Cecilii Cypriani, folio, i 

MS. notes by a contemporary learned mottle belonging to the 
" Fratres SanctiB Crncis in Colon ia " on the fly-leaves, very fins 
copy, red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Derome, £6. 6* 
Loquitur lector ad Vindelinum spirensem Ariifioam qui BptM 

Beat! Cipriani red, lit in Itmm, 1471 
Very rare. The La Valliere copy sold for 250 fr., the Sunderland copy 
£11, and Mr. Wodhull gate £6. G« for this in 1791. 

36852 PLUTARCHI Apophthegmata, per Franc. Philelphum o Grwco 
in Latinnm tr.mslntii, folio, EDITIO PftlNCEPS, c nj tin,' tall and 
clean copy, in old bine mOTOOOO i. lira, gilt edges, £10. 10« 

Venetiis, Vindelin a\e Spi ra , 1171 

Excessively rare. Tho First Edition of this Latin version. The 

volume is divided into iwo parts which, in this copy, have been transposed b* 

t lit- binder, The second part is entitled the " Apophlhcgmata laconics," MM 

at it.- Bad is ihc following inscription : — 

" M.i O C.l.VXI. 

Impressum formiB iustoquc nitorc coruscans 

Hoc Vindclinus condidit artis opus." 
The volume contains 77 printed leaves, of SS lines to a page, without 
numbers, signatures or catchwords. This copy was sold lor £13. 1.1s at the 
Sykes Sale. 

30553 VALERII MAXIMI Dicta ct Facta Memorabilia, folio./nr tall 
clean copy, with fine illuminated capital to the Jirnt j,a.j, 
English rw moroeeo extra, with broad dentellt borders and centre 
ornammtt, exceedingly rare, £30. 

(Venetiis) Virtd'linns de Sjiira, 1471 

">4 the same, folio, Jine and very large ropy, with fine /// 

ROtai border, and initial Utter containing the arms of the original 
owner (a boar sable on a fu Id Vr\ in old French red morocco extra, 

£36. it: I 

Aficr the date arc these two lines: Impreuum Jormls iustoq. nitor* corus- 
cans | Hoc Tindelinus candid it artis opus. 

If not the first, then the second edition with a date. Though it is 
usual to give precedence to the Mainz edition "I Si bajflet printed in July of 
the same year, I)r. 1 libdin declaret that " the point of chronological pi i 
is yet, however, fairly . 


36555 MAKTIALIS. M. Velerij Martialis Epi.'nnnnto Liber pin*, (cum 

Vita Martialis in commentarios quos Domitius Calderiiius edidit ), 

§ Email 4to. (i rind remarkably large copy, icith iiuiiiernug 

uncut leaves, If. Int., £2. 8s (sine nota) 

An kxtukmii.t rake edition, printed in Gothic Letter, on 180 unnum- 
bered leaves of 32 lines to a pane. The signatures ran from n to s in teus. 
Printed bv Vimihi in op Spina in the mum t vpc us his Dante of 1477. 

36556 CICERO. De Natnra Deorum libri III ; de Divinatione lib. II ; 

Ide Fato ; de Legibus ; Academic. Qaasstionuin liber secundus ; 
-\l..destus do Disciplina Militari ; et M. T. Cieeronis Vila ex 
dictis Plutarchi, sm. folio, old red morocco gilt, from the Sunder- 
land library, £2-1. Venctiis, VindeUntU ih Spira, 1471 
This very early edition of great rarity is one of the finest specimens of 
Vindelin's press. It contains 186 leaves, including 2 blank ones (folios 151 
and 152), not 187 as Brunei sayB. Dibdin gives the number us 185, but his 
copy had only one blank leaf. 
The date is on the fourth preliminary leaf, after the twenty-four verses of 
Severus Cornelius. The volume ends with six verses beginning thus : Spyro 
tuum nomen tolo eelcbrabihir orbe: | Qhs Vindellini dicerie ene Farou. | 
Ordine qui tanto Cieeronis npuscvla matjni | ituprimif, etc. 

"•57 STRABO. [Folio 4, reverse :] Strabonis Cappadocis seu Gnosii 

y'.niasini scriptoria celeberrimi do situ orbis liber primus (libri 
[VII). [Last lea/:] Strabonis Goograpbi Europe a Guaiino 
'eronensi translate, large folio, first edition WITH a i.mi. fry 
vrge copy, but slightly stained and wormed, red morocco extra, 
'It >tlyes, by Derome, /ruin the library of the Due de Brancas, iri/h 
it I Isolate, bark, £5. (Voneiiis) Vmdelinui de Spira, 1472 
Vindelin's name appears in the verse colophon beneath the date. 
" Orbis nosccre lector uniuersi 
Si trnctns cupis : hos emus libellos 
Mraliuni- i tibi nomine dicatos 
Zeili prcsulis optirai sacriu/.. 
Quo nil doctiu." Kruditiusqz 
Nnnc antcnorci uident penatcs: 
Imprcssos digitis nidelianis." 
'• A magnificent specimen of the press of Vindelin do Spira." — Dibdin. 
'LAUTUS. Plautine uiginti Comoedie: 
Latino delicie : magna ex parte emendate per 

^G^orgillm Alexandrimnn (Merulam), thick folio, 
Editio Princeps, large cojn/. /"" ui 'it idly clean, vellum , 
veky R\nF.,from the Sunderland library, £100. 
Impresse fi/cre opera A- impendi,, Ioannis de Colon in 
Aijripiui usi; etq. Vindelint de Spira. Venetiis. 1472 
A very clean, sound and desirable copy. Many of the 
initials are painted in the most artistic manner, and the titles of 
the pIftjV BJ"8 written in red on the top margins. On tbe last 
E there is a contemporary MS. note to the effect that tin's 
volume was presented to the Monastery of St. John Baptist do 
Viridaria at Padna by Petrus Montagnana, in 1478. 
J6559 PLA1TI Comcedise, folio, Editio Princeps, mall wormihote through 
i jiiv leaves, Jim largi copy molivi morocco extra, leather jointe, 
ret, by 0. Lewis, with anus"/ 8irM.Sy.ket in gola 
MO. 1472 


,,,,%/ /ML CATALOGUE. 

;(/.'.'> - N '^2__ _ — — -— 7~~£^unx geutilium . . secundum Iohri 

... •"■"■■^ylilicr'ynmus bcipit felicitcr [libri XV], 

■-■'■■'■■ .rii'i tyjfaq/painted bltie, Venetiu impreuw ndel- 

margin ,;/ ;f''s-iAv.'V--- 1472 - . — Ioannia Boccaccii de Certaldo : 

//»(""' '"j'^g . grlnis: fontibus : lacnbus : fluminibus : staj^nis : 

d e "" I'miiii' : tie nomibuB maris : liber icipit feliciter. two b 

tat contemporary MS., lo. Buccal :i 'Hi- 

g g„list*me ipreuum finit. Venetiu [per Yimlrlin 
/,/».-■ /(""■ eeee j aviu (1473) — 2 vols, in 1, thick folio, First 
Editions, with MB. note, said to be in Mclanchllwii's writing, 
the autograph of Henry, Jjord Stafford, son of Edward, Uut 
of Buckingham of the Stafford line (beheaded 1521), large enpiet, 
Helium, with < 11-tnrl-inl; drawing on tlie back, tk.rt 

bare, £3. 10s L472-73 

These two early sixteenth-century inscriptions appear amongst those ol 
other owners on the reverse of the last leaf: " Henry bolloke y* the owner 0} 
thy/ boke vijtnes Henry Stafford," and " thys ys Harry Stafford bold dono 
magiitri bullok " : and this on the first leaf, " ilededit Siit/iursto Nobilisrimui 
Domin' Staffordus." 

Before the colophon ol the Oenenlogia Deorum come a number of reraes, 
ol which these are the two Inst lines: "Hec Yindelliniu tignis qui impretrit 
nhenis \ Bi tibi eomendat jamiliamip suam." No printer's name appears in 
I he " De montibus, etc." but it is usually found at the end of the " Oentahgia," 
and there is no donbt about the type being Vindelin"-. 

Nicolas Jenson (1470-88). 

36561 IUSTINI Historic! in Pompeii Trogi Historias, sm. folio. Editio 
Princeps, slightly wormt dvna few leave*, otherwise a fine large c 
with the border ami initial letter of the first page illuminated in 
gold and colours, and the smaller initials drawn in red and blue, 
old English red morocco, Harleian gold tooling, gilt edges, £12. 

Me gall us W net a Ienson Nicola us in urbe Formauit. 1470 

Very barb. The La Valliore copy sold for 680 fr«., the Scherer for 
J.VJ frs., l'inelli's for £18. 17*. 6d, and the Pari- copy for £31. 10*. 

'• The collector of the early pieces of the celebrated printer of this Edition 
need not lament the want of any other specimen of his press, if he bo fortunate 
moaab to possess the present rare and very' beautiful production of it." — 

30562 CICERO. M. Tnllii Ciceronis Epistolarum Familiarium liber 
primus incipit (libri XVI), sm. folio, old English red morocco 
a, from the Sunderland library, £15. 

Opus prcBclarisfiniHiu a Nicolao lento* Hal lie,, impresewm 

(Venetiit) 1471 
A rare edition, "described in glowing terms by Crcvennn." The present 
is n very fine large copy, with the initials painted in red and blue. 

86563 C&SAR. Caii Iulii Caesaris Commcntarios Belli Gallici : Civilis 
Pompeiani : Alexandrini: Africi : ac Hispaniensis Nicol»us 
li nson Gallicns Venetiis feliciter impressit, folio, beautiful I 
copy in brown morocco e.clra, gilt edges, by Duru, £48. 

vtHetiit, Nicolavs Teuton, 1471 
This seeonil edition is described by Unmet as "edit. mugtiUiqiK 
exccii ti'-r. et prsMM i>m- - 1 qui on* I" preefdonte [tb* Brit]." 

The Sunderland oopjr, as line as this, but certainly not liner, nnd in an 
inferior binding, fetched £68. 



1664 SUETONIUS. Caii Suetonii Tranquilli de Vita, XII. Caesarum 
liber primus divus Iulius Caesar incipit foelicitor (libri xn), 
sm. folio, the margin of Jirsl leaf mended, fine large copy in old 
r- J morocco, (jilt edges, £16. 154 (YottaHu), Nicolaus Jenson, 1171 
Vkkt babe. Tho Sunderland copy told for £27, and the Bcckford for 
£13 IS. 

5505 [CORNELIUS NEPOS.] Aemilii Probi viri clayissimi do vita 
excellentivm liber incipit feliciter, sm. folio, First Edition, a 
very large copy, slightly wormed in the margins, in old yellow 
morocco, from the Sunderland library, £24. 

per M. Nicolavm Ienson Yenetiis opvi foelioiter impressvm est aim., 
a Christ: incarnafiono. M.OQOO.LXXI. VI 11. IdvsMur 
The ExTREMKi.r babe /hist edition of this work, wrongly attributed 
to ./Emilia* Probna, 
5566 (QUINTILIANI Institntionum Oratorinnim libri xn.) [At end »] 
Qvintilianvm eloqventiae fontem ab ervditissimo Omnibono 
Leoniceno eruendatvm, ttiick folio, fine large copy in old red 
morocco gilt, from the ciuiobrlmvl library, £30. 

M. Nicolavs Ienson Qallicrs clc iitibrs posterisijve miro 

impretrit artifioio [Venetiu), 1471 

A fine and rare edition. The blank spaces for the Greek passages have 

in many instance* been tilled in by hand, and there are many MS. notes in 

the margins. The first page of text and all the large initials are finely 


"Edition belle et rare." — Brunei. 
26567 ARETINI (Leonardi) de Bello Italico adversns Gottbos, sm. folio, 
fine large tapj in blue morocco extra, gilt edges, by Deroiue, teit/i 
Ike WodhuH arms on side, £6. tis 

Gallicus hnnc libruin impreseit niridaus ienson (Iiomca), U71 
Hake. Mr. Bcckford's copy sold for £14. 10s. 
"Edition encoro rare ct rochcrchi'r." — Brunei. 

3 NICOLAI ANTIDOTARIUM, et Alii Tractatus, small 4to. with 
illuminated initial and coal <f apntonfirit page, very fine largt 

ropy, in en If extra, gilt edges, VIST kare, £6. 6* 

Yenetiis, Nic. Jenson, 1471 
On the reverse of leaf 44 the following colophon appears : Finit Antidc- 
fanum Kicolai impressvm Venetiis per Kicolaum Ienson Gallicum. 1471 ; 
then follows on leaf 45 Tiaetatuhu Quid pro Quo. which occupies leaves; 
on leaf 51 wo read IneipiunJ Sinonima ; and on the reverse of the 68th and 
!«--! leaf appears the final colophon : Finis Antidolarii Kicolai: et tptorundam 
aliorum tractatuumimpressomm Venetiis per Kicolaum Ienson Gallicum. 147 1. 

CICERO. Marci Tullii Ciceronis Tnsculanarura Quaestionum 
liber primus (libri v), small folio, some leaves mended, nd 
rtra, leather joints, gilt edges. £8. 1(1* 

fan tut, -V. Jenson, 1472 
Rare. The Libri copy sold for £10. IS*. 
• Edition belle et rare." — Brunei. 
MACROBII Opera, sm. folio, Editio Princep8, large copy in red 
morocco -.r'ra. gill edges, £18. 

Pent MM opera et impensa Nicolai Ienson tiallici, 1472 
. iikmki.t bank. This edition contains the first printed texts Of pWI 
>.f Homer nnd Locretjus. The Iji Vallicro copy sold for 726 frs., tho l'inelli 
for £33. Its, the Sunderland for £30. Ids. and this, as April. 1881. for £M. 
" Unc des pins difficile* ■ tronvar de la classc dea preraii m iffluieaikmi 

De Burt, 


3G571 MACROBI1 Opera, am. folio, uith valuable t 

temporary MS. notes, fitted into a splendid Can* ■ 
binding, somewhat Jaded bg time, but rich to on iau& 
am/pled degree in geometrical and arabesque ornasrm 
in guli/ ainl silver, and icii/i /minted compartments, 
forming a mosaic of harmonious colouring, tht 
known Canerari medallion stamped as a centrep 
on Hie sides ; and mosaic ornaments between the bonds 
on the back, in a green morocco cose, t;150. 

Pi nctiis opera impcnsa Nicolai lenson (iallici. 1472 

30572 SOLINI (Inlii) do Situ Orbis et Meniorabilibus quae Mundi 
Ambitu continentur Liber, sm. folio, fine large copy in rvssia, 
leather joints, gilt edges, by Eoger Payne, £7. 10s 

Vein tl ■ /•-■ i" r Xi'-i'lu inn ZflWOH Gallicum, 1 -t 7 • • 

36573 tbe same, sm. folio, vera fine largo and dean copy, with 

rough leaves, with the three blank /"ices, old blue moraeoo extra, 
gilt edges, £10. 1-173 

If ni.t the First Edition, at least tlie First witii a dat«. V«ar 
BARK. The second copy fcichcil £17. 1 01 :ii the Sunderland sale. 

" No less i-i unable from its rarity than from its great intrinsic raloe." 


36574 DIOGENIS (Laertii) Vita et Sentential Eorum qui in Phil. 

pliia propati fuernnt in Latinum translate a F nitre Ambrosio 
oi recensiono Benedict! Brogmoli, sm. folio, with the autog 
ami MS. utiles of " Uieromjmi Gigli Lucensie. 1-1-77." tXTJ) 
largo copy, with elegant illuminated border and initial hutoi 
with portrait, and with the arms of the Zeni, blue morocco extra, 
fill edges, very rare, £15. 15* 

Iw}ire*sHm Venetiis per Nicolawn Ieiutm gallicum, 1473 

First EblTlOV, though there 19 another, vrithont date, which Kane 
bibliographers, wilhout any proof, consider to be anterior to this. 

'• li is a most bcnntilul production, and may be justly deemed one of the 
finest specimens of the typographical art of Jcnson. and its rarity is cqnal to 
its beauty." — Moss. 

Dibdin alter noting the rarity of this magnificent volume says, ■' In 
beauty is greater than its rarity -," and afterwards he declares it to be "one of 
the most beautiful volumes printed in the XVtn century." 

3G575 AUGUSTIN1 (S.)- Aurelii Attffiistii opus de 
civitntc dei felieiter explicit, sm. folio, in double 
columns, large and good cojig, in old calf, .1110. 1 .">.•< 

Venetiis ab egregio & diligenti magistro Nicolai 

lenson, 1-175 

Collation : Index 14 11. ; text 280 leaves, without foliation, 
catchwords and signatures. 

86576 the rame, small folio, magnificently printed 

on vellum, with an exquisitely illuminated first 
page, and th initials throughout painted and ail/, old 


crimson morocco gilt, gill and gaujfred edges, £1200. 

Venet. Xic. Jerbon, 1475 


kiciied Lord Sdnderi.and's library. Whether considered us 
a faultless specimen ot" printing upon (he finest vellum, or as a 
book decorated with exquisite illumination, it is one of the most 
glorious volumes ever produced by the taste and skill of the 
wonderful craftsmen of the fifteenth century. 
577 VIRGIL. P. V. Maronis Opera foeliciter finiunt, sm. folio, old 
calf, with Svnderlawl arms on sides, tlH. 18* 

Veneliis, Nicolaus Jenson, 1475 

This edition OOOUlni 272 11. without marks. It i.s profusely annotated 
Ihrouhont in * nearly contemporary handwriting. I'inelli's copy sold for 
£15. lirienne-Laire's for 500 fro., nnd Chardin's for 400 frs. 

iS578 [ADRELIUS VICTOR] Plinins Primus de Praeclarc Gestia 
Romanorum, sm. 4to. fine copy in old green morocco extra, gilt 
edges, £3. 3* sine nota, per IficoUwn AHMMKi B. 1475 

Vkbt hark. This edition was unknown to Dibdin, and there is no 
mention made of it in the Spencer Catalogue. The present copy is from the 
library of Sir M, M. Sykcs. who has written inside "Liber exiiniie raritatis." 
The volume DODtain* 31 leaves, of 24 Hues to a page, without numbers, 
signatures, or catchwords. 

K"") BIIiLIA LATINA, small folio, fine copy, roW, with border and 
I d initial illuminated in gold and colours, as usual 
.'ing the l"if eontawMg " Registnm," red morocco, gilt edges, 
by Derome, £20. lliblia imprrsso }'■ neHu opera atqj, imputed 

Nicolai Jenson tlalhci, 1470 
A perfect copy consists of 469 leaves (not 470 as Brnnct states on Haiti's 
authority.). This contains 468 leaves, including tho 339th, which is blank. 

MJO PLINIUS. Historia Natvrale di. C. Plinio Secondo tradveta di 
lingva Latina in Fiorentina per Christophoro Landino Fioren- 
tino . . . folio, very large tin- and clean copy, broken sheepskin 
bindinij, from the Snml- Hand library, £10. 

Opvs Nicolai lansonis ilol/iri impressvm anno sah-li< 

M.COCCLXXVL Vmctiis. (1476). 

The riRST em ins of Lahmno's Italian veusion of Winy, as that of 

1473, mentioned by some bibliographers, never existed. The volume consists 

of 413 leaves and 3 blanks. 

'• Edition magnitique." — Brunei. 

36581 DIOMEDES. In hoc volumine haec continental Diomedes. 
De structaris & differentia sermouis. Dc perfectis & imper- 
Rm lis, etc. . . Phocas De Nomine & Verbo. Epitoma Pris- 
linni. Caper. De latinitate. Agrtetins De Orthographia : 
proprietate & differentia sermonis. Donatus De Barbarismo <t 
octo partibns omtionis. Servius et SergiuB Iu Donatum, sm. 
folio, First Edition, with illuminated initial, border and coat of 

•I page, fine copy, russia extra, gilt edges, Uttered 
'' tiro m.,. . res," rare, £7. 10s 

( I . netiit) Sici.lans Jenson Qallicus (s. a. svd circa 1476) 

36582 l'-i;i;\ I AKIUM juxta Ritum Romane Curie (cum 
Oalendario), 2 vols, in 1, folio, printed on vellum, 


n-iih exquisite borders. historiated initials and nume- 
rous capital letters all beau I iinl'hj illuminated m gold 
and colours, with the arms of a Cardinal in the I 
margin : from the Beckford library, Hamilton Palace, 
old French red morocco extra, leatJu r joints, nOc 
linini/s, i/ilt edges, lettered " Manuscri," £300. 
Hid' o/iis corrector e.rtitit deary? if spa/haruB . . . 

ipssor uero Nicolaus icnson gallicus: hue lira 

tepestate impssoTi prieeps; Qa qdi op* ipressii in 
floretissivia urbe ueneUar. <st. 1478 

This, as an artistic monument, is equal to a fino illuminated 
MS. The borders and figures, and painted ornaments are 
extremely elegant, and include some work in fine caraait'ii-r 
Among the animal-figures, there is one of an elephant) Bad 
another of a bear walking off with a man and his spear over his 
shoulder. There are MS. additions, evidently made for the 
Cardinal, on the blank-leaves of the book, to supply certain 
offices not included in the original impression. 

This Breviary on vellum belongs to the most magnificent 
productions of the Jenson press. 

:! GREGORIUS IX. Nona docretalium compilatio gregorii. Villi, 
large folio, fin- oopy, with 5 elegant Miniatures and initial I- 
llhii •: gold and coloun, MMMO, With Wodhull arms in ;/"'■' 

on side, £8. 10s impressa nenetiis impensa a/75 industria ringt 

Nicolai Ienson gallici, 1479 

Christoph Valdarfer of Regensburg (1470-71). 

36584 Ckkkosis Okatiosks, Editio Princeps, folio, the large Initial on 
firtt page ill unlimited niul I iii 11 lira 11 1 if 'till g ill 11 mi. 

arabetquf harder, ill hind , in. I ilown the side of the page ; th. 
of the firtt Oration written in letters of gold : the large initials 
painted in; without the preliminary leaf of Tabula ; a fine oopy 
DOtlnd in eit rem morocco extra, with joints, and rellum jlg-lf 
from the library vf Lord Leigh, with his bookplate, £15. 

. . Christophoru-i. Valdarfer . . Venetum verfeoii in urhe . . 
1 1 1 1 'italic in Bibl. Spenc. says, " This impression is executed in a brilliant 
style of typography, mid inny lie called one of the most magnificent productions 
of llic Venetian prei-a." To the sumo printer we are indebted for the fanion; 
tir«f ediiioii of the ■' Decameron," which was printed in the same year as the 
nbovc work. The name of Valdarfer'* corrector. Lodovico Carboue, is found 
nt the end of the fourteen verses that embody the colophon composed by 

The monuments of Vuldarfcr's establishment in Venice arc few and very 
rare. lie migrated to Milan eventually (before 1474), and there won his full 
celebrity as a great printer. 

Johann of Cologne (1471-72); with Johann Manthen 


ICERO, M. T. Cicoronis de fiailma I ' t nalor, I., primus 


(libri V), sm. folio, large copy, slightly ttained, hf. vellum, .£'.>. 

Venetiis. 1471. . . Ioanne cr Colonia Agrippinensi suniptu 

mvnttrante Tmprettwn, 

Fiiist Edition with * date. Extbemelt bare. Contains 89 printed 
loaves, and 4 blank. The Syston Park ioi.v. « iili the arms of I'rincc Eugene, 
sold for £43, Sir If. Sykes' for £14, and the Duke of Grafton's for £13. 13s. 

3C586 STATU Sursuli (Papinii) Achilleis, sm. 4to. beautiful large clean 
i. in i I'd norooeo entra, gilt edges, £5. 
(I'er Johai m o m de Colonia) 1472. Nicolao Trono Principe Vencliis. 
Vkkv isahe. The First Edition of any of the works of Statins with a 
dale. It is uncertain whether this is the First or Second Kditiouof any pnrl Eon 
• if Statins. The only edition which enn precede it is that of the Thebais and 
Achilleis without dale, or name of printer or place. There is another edition 
of the Achilleis with this date, but Dibdin is decidedly of the opinion that it 
■hooU he placed after this. Helmr's copy sold fur £•',. 2s 6d. 

-7 (Pompeids Festus do Verborum Significatione), sm. Wo.fine topy, 
vellum, rare, £2. 

Festi Pdpi'i libir pnpluiie emedat' explet' e : ac Ipes. Iohduis dr 
Culonia nee no Iohduis vidthe de Gherreze . . 1474. 

^8 CICERO. Finis libri M. T. Ciceronis de officiis : de senectnte : de 
amicitia : paradoxa : de sonio scipionis. nee no de essetia mundi, 
sm. folio, tome few wnnls on the verso of leaf 94 stated, fine large 
copy, old English blue morocco extra, rare, £5. 

Venetiil ductu §• expesis Iahanuis dr Colonia agripiueti ar 
lohdnin viiitlien dn Gherreslhc, 1474 
From the Sunderland Sale, in which it fetched £11. 5*. The colophon 
and date appear on the last leaf bat eight. 

Varbo. M. T. Varronis de Lingva Latia, sm. 4to. large copy, slightly 
wormed, old red morocco extra, from the Sunderland library, £'2. 

(fine notn, sed 1474) 
Rase. Contains 85 leaves, one of which is blank, of 29 lines to a page, 
with signatures (a and a-k ), but no other marks. Copies arc sometimes found 
bound up at the end of the Pompcius Festus of these printers, the type 
and the arrangement of the pages is similar, it is most probable that this is 
also one of their production*. 

90 MARTIALIS (M. Valerii) Epigrammatum opns, sm. folio, a ft w 

•es very slightly wormed, but very large copy, old red morocco 
gilt, from the Sunderland library, rare, £18. 

Imprettum Venetiis Impcnsis Ioannut de Colonia : sociiqz < ins 
Ioannii munlhen de GherreUex . 1475 
" Edition rare et rcchcrchee.'' — Unmet. 

91 CATDLLU8. Catnlli . Tibnlli . Proptii . & liber Siluar . Statii 

papinii i isto uolumine cotinet'. sm. folio, old yellow morocco gill. 
■ copy, from the Sunderland library, £50. 
Iproin lit opere Sf impensa Iohannii de colonia : $• Iohannis 
month? de ghersem qui una Vmtoiit fideliler ]~iiatitt. 1475 
The second edition of ihc collected woBKaof these rona I'oetb. and 
■ if Mm iiAiuti. It commences on the verso ol leaf 1 with the life of 
Tibiilloa, followed by his poems, which end on the verso of the thirty-first leaf 
(a ihirty-sccond blank one bnving been cut away by the binder). A leaf 
folk)*!, containing on its verso a brief summary of the life of Catullus, 
occupying 1 1 lines only. The poems of Catullus then begin on the recto of 
the next leaf and occupy 34 II.; next comes a blank leaf ; on the verso of the 
next is Ihc life of Propertinj, followed on the recto of the succeeding leaf by 


fall poems, whicb occupy 59 11,: dI the end of f'ropcrlins is llic imprint. Si 
follow?, and occupies llic remaining 59 11., with a blank ono at the end. The 
total number of leaves in a complete copy is therefore 188 (including three 
blank ones', and not 182 as liriinel says. The three leaves containing the 
lires of Catullus, Tibnllns, and Propertius are often wanting, as they inu-t 
have been to the copy described by Brunei. There are some remains of 
signatures in the Propertius in this copy, but none in the other books. 

36592 AENEAS SYLVIUS. Pii. II. pooti&U mnxinii. historiiv rervm 

vbiqve gestarvm. cvm locorrm descriptione non finitn Asm 

Minor iiieipit, bid. folio, Fibst Edition, the first leaf etamped, 

and the last fete haves wormed, old red morocco, rare, £2. 10j 

prima pars [Asia Minor] Ji nil it r : frimpretrioni Vrmtiis dedita : 

per Johannem de eolonia MOHMIMM MM hdianuem ntanth- n </. 

Gherretiem MHO WliUetWIU) I eooouKtoiL | 1 -17 T I 

36593 the same, sm. folio, old red morocco toitk otrnami nUk 

borders and pain U, gilt edges, £3. 10» 1477 

30594) the same, sm. folio, oerfflnn, large and oZflOH OOfy, w 

Original binding, rebacked; but the stamped leather sides in ■, 
preservation, rare, £4. 10s 1477 

The following work is also in the same volume with the last I 
Oeorffii ilervlae Atexandrini anliqritatiM vieecomitvm (Ifediofanmrium) liter 
pri'mvi (lifcri X). It contains 8 preliminary leaves (of which the first is blank) 
and 138 numbered leaves. The last two preliminary leaves contain a letter 
from the printer Alexander Minutianns (of Milan), but there is no further 
indication of the place or time of impression. 

No more than the first part of the .Kneus Sylvius was ever published. 
Santauder calls it " edition trcs belle ct la premiere." 

36595 PLATINAE Historici Liber tie Vita Christi : ac Pontincnm 

Omnium : qui hacteuus duccnti et vigintiduo fnere, sm. folio, 
very fne large clean copy, red morocco extra, unfit gold border on 
sides, and r, „trr ornament, £6. 10« 

■(/ Iohtiiiis de Colonia agripinisi tfq. toeii Iohanu ma 

de gheretsem, 1479 

First Ecition. Veht rark. In this original edition the text differs 
in some curions points from that of the post-Iicformntion impressions, as, for 
exnmplc. in the life of Cletus. the third ocenpant of the see of Rome, it says in 
this edition, "uxoreni habuit in Bilhynia,'" but in later editions was altered 
to " uxorein non habuit in Bithynia.'' 

"One of the earliest specimens of John de Colonia's new fount of letter, 
when he censed to use the types of Viudelin de Spira." — Dibdin. 

36596 Duns Scotus. Qnestiones. (At ends') Expliciut qones quo! 

edito a I'ratre. Joiinc duns . . Per . . Tlioiiiu peketh anglicu . . 
emedate, sm. 4to. in the original Venetian painted veil 
damaged, ran, 12s 

Ult I netij* ope ac impSia Jodnis d' Coloia . Nicotai 
.[•son . sociorihj-j Ouram ae ditigent&am adhibnit in his 
.'limn* i liar, arte rir: nutgr .luaiinc* d' Selgenstat . . 14J?1 . 
< onlnins A-l* in eights (the first leaf being blank), but there is no signa- 
ture K, and D contains twelve leaves. 

The following work of Savonarola is bound in the same volume : " Pre- 
iliihc utili&simc per In <piadragesima del reueiedo padre frnte hicronyroo 
Sauonnrola . . sopra Ezechiel propheta: & etiam sopra lo sacro Knangetio 
(At mil:) Stampata in Venetia per Bernardino Benalio. 1517.*' There is a 
woodcut on the title, snrrounded by au elegant border; but the book is unfor 
innately imported, several leaves being missing or defective. 


Unknown Printer. 

97 Bartholomeo da li Sonnetti [Zambebto] (Isolario), 4to. Gothic 
Idler, with 49 woodcut maps, boards, uncut, £16. 16s 

[sine nota, Bed Veitetiis, circa 1480] 
A very fino copy of this rare geographical work, written in verse, and 
described by Dr. Dibdin as" one of the rarest volumes of early Italiau poetry." 
The first five pages are occupied by a metrical introduction. On the sixth the 
first sonnet begins, which is devoted to the Island of Cerign, opposite to it is 
given a woodcut map, then follow the sonnets on Crete, Rhodes, etc., in due 
succession. The maps are simple oulliues. without any names of places, which 
in this copy are inserted in MS. in n 15th-century hand. The subject of the 
last sonnet is Cyprus, the concluding leaf being the map of that island. 

Tin' present copy accords exactly with the description given by Brunet. 
It consists of fifty-six leaves, without either pagination or signatures. The 
author gives his name on the fifth pugo thns — 
" Per aprobar nucsta opereta fata 

per me bartolomco da li soneti 
mtendo de monatrar con vcri effeti 
■ 1 linn to che londa egiea abia ccrchatta . , ." 
A copy sold in the Bcckford Sale, Part I, for £29. 

Adam of Ammergau (1471-72). 

5598 CICERONIS Orationes, sm. folio, slightly wormed, otherwise a 

fine large copy, with the bookplate of " Philippus Wilhelmiis, 

Conies de Ibiienburg," and his autograph " Iioinebourg," red 

morocco extra, leather joints, gilt edges, £8. 10s 

{At the end are four lines, ending thus) Anibergew natus ahem* 

Impreuit formii. Ecce magister Adam [Fene/iis] 1472 

Yinr raiik. Tallevrund's copy sold for £13. 13». and the Sunderland 

f.-r £18. 

This edition is celebrated as having been formerly attributed to an 
unknown early press at Ammergau. Van Praet and Brunet both seem to 
consider that it was printed in Germany, but it is difficult for any one who 
inspects the volume to refer it elsewhere than to Venice. 

Franz Renner of Heilbronn (1471-72;) with Nicolas of 
Frankfurt (1473-94). 

19 HUH, IV LATINA, thick small folio, fine copy, with 2 initbiU 
illuminated in gold and clours, and prettily painted initials, in 
■fill russia, by Mrs. Weir, with Wodhull arms in gold on tide, 
, £15. 15s 

Explicit biblia ipressa I ■ net Us p Fraciscn deliailbrun 
Sf Nicolnu d. Frankfordia socios, 1476 
36000 POMPONII MELLE Cosmographi de situ orbis liber primus 
(libri III), stout 4to. with fine woodcut capital letters, calf, 21s 

Pi m liis per Franciscum renner de Haibrun, 1478 

36601 the same, sm. 4to. large copy in old English russia or red 


3 (Bl B LIA LATINA.) [Leaf 1 :] Incipitepistola sancti Hieronymi 
ad Pauliuu presbyterum : do omnibus diuiue historie libria . . 
thick Bmall Ho. golhir. letter, with coloured capital* and many MS. 

r, from the library of llu I: an -/noted Carmelites (' 
bibliotheca oonventus monacentis Carmelilarum discalceatorum "), 


icil/i ilir bookplate of the fraternity, and their arms on the cover 
stamped pigskin, £2. 16s 

licit biblia impresso Venetiii per Finnciscti rentier de 

hailbrun, 1483 
The last 48 leaves (signs. S [to X) contain the " Interpretations* hebrai- 
corum nomiNtifn secundum ordin em alphabet!." 

I [Mail niisiNUS (Joannes).] (At end:) Explioiut expositides A 
correct! 5es vocabuloru libri cj appollatur Mamotrectus tam biUie 
q>. aliorii plurimoru libroru, thirk 12mo. villi jly-haves of vellum 
from a liturgical MB. of the eleventh century containing music, 
wooden boards, rare, 30* 

Impue Venetiis per Frane.iscum de Hailbrun. 1493 

Bartholomaeus Cremonensis (1472-74). 

3GG05 HIERONYMO. Comincia la vita (gli niiracou) e la lino del 
glorioso sancto Hieronyno (tic) doctore exeellentissimo, sm. 4to. 
line large copy, vellum, £2. 10* 

1473. Kiriilim Trvna dvce. Vetictiarvttl regmuite impresscm feit 
hoe opvt foetioiter (per Bartholomeum Cremoneiisem). 
The following «* l' nc9 precede the date: 

" Qaan legis : impressiis dum stuhit i ii-rc carncter 
I 'mil nou longa dies nel fera fata prement. 
Candida ppctuiu non deerit fama Crcmonin. 

l'hiiliuciiiii liinc snpornt Burlholomous chur. 
Ccdite chalcographi : millesima ucslra fignra est 
Archetypal fingit solns at istc notas.'' 

36606 AENEAS SILVIUS. Sflvii Aenea> . . . Histoiia De dnobu 
amatibuB Cu niultis epiBtolis amatoriis . . . sm. 4to. flme copy, 
extremely large, with some rough leaves, russia neat, gill edges, 
KARE, £3. (sine nota) 

Contains : n-d in eights, except b (10 leaves). A full page consists cf 
25 or 86 lines. 

The type is that of Bartholouueus Cremonensis. 

Gabriel and Philippo de Piero (1472-78 ;) Philippus condam 

Petri (1478-82). 

8060V BOCCACIO. Incomencia il libro primo : di Florio : & di 
Bianzafioro chiamato pbilocolo cbe tanto e adire quanto amorosa 
hticba Coposto per il clnrissimo poeta miser lohanno boccacio, 
etc. (con la Vitn di miser Ioliaune boooatio composta per 
Hieronymo Squar/.:ilico de Alexandria), folio, very largo copy in 
red moroeeo afro, Sarleian gold tooling, nil/ edges, by ./. Cla 

Impresso p. maestro Gabriele di piero : S[ del copagno maestro 
Philipo: in lalma pattia Venetia. 1471 
Excessively I can find no record of the sale of any other copy 
liming lite last half century. Thi- copy, apparently perfect, contains 38S 
leaves, not 330 as 1'anzer says, nor 323 as Brunei gives it. 

- BaLbOBTIDS. Fol. 1: M. T. Ciceronis in Crispnm Salnstinm 
iKinsio sen. innectiua . . Fol. 3 : Crispi Salnstii hist 
:ii'|iie oratoris ilarissinii nita . . Fol. 4 : oMNES Homines qni 


sese student . . 51 leaves; having the last leaf inlaid, but on (he 

whole a fine copy, ruled throughout with red lines, hound in old 

li/u, morOCCO tiCtrtt, gilt edges, with the bookplate of Lord Leigh, 30* 

pi Sal nst ii historiograph iclarissimi Caliliiiarii ac lugurlini 

belli finis . opere .V hnpSua inagistri Philip-pi petri . . 

Mill'-sinw . creel. Hi . . (1478) 

-'50009 HORATII Opera, sm. io\io,fine copy, with the large initials Oram 
in blue and red, the small written in red, old English red norOCCO 
extra, gilt edges, very rare, £14. 

Horalii apere finis own viagna diligentia . Impressum n r 
J'hilippu: condii petri in ueneaiis, 1478 

A-" in eights -, 1' G leaves. Ai is blank, and not in this copy, 
i hi the Hy-leaf is written " Rariss. Longman, £17. 17i." 

Christophoro Arnoldo (1472-79). 

16610 Antoninus. Incipit Confessionalo in vulgari sefmone editnm per 
vonerabilem . P. D. Antoninnm Archicpiscopum Florentiao 
Ordinis Praedicatorum, Italiee, I". nesia per Christophoro ArnoUk, 
1473 — Incomincia el libreto dela doctria Christiana, etc. (sine 
nolo, ted ib. 1473)— in 1 vol. sm. 4to. bd. £2. 2s 1473 

Rare, especially the second i iece, which is printed with the same type as 
the first. It contains 28 leaves of JJ linei to n page, the Table occupying the 
last 3 leaves. There arc no signatures or marks of any kind. 

Jacques Le Rouge, Giacomo de Rossi, Jacobus Rubeus 

(1472 81). 

OYIDll'S. [At end:"] Huins (Ovidii) opera omnia Medea excepta : 

& triumphu OtBSaru : & libello illo pontica lingua composite : 

warn incuria tempon Pi ■i-iiTunt, 2 vols. sm. folio, the first leaf of 

■mil all the large a pilot let l,rs illuminated in gold 

and lutours, old brown morocco, £40. 

Incubus Rubeus nationi ijallirus impress-it . Nicolao 
Marcello 1'uce inclylo Veneliarnm . 1474 

I Z the same, bound in 3 vols, folio, the first page painted in 

I h ' ■ lours, the large capital letters ornamented in inland 

blue, and headlines written in red ink, van fine large copy, with 

■ liu.jlii broad margins, old russiatoith gilt panellings, from 

Ike 8* I library, £80. 1474 

Vebt bark. A very fine specimen of the early press at Venice. First 

D ■■! Ovid's works printed there. 

• i 'tie edition est fort belle." — Brunct. 

"The imprusMon present.- u- with a specimen of the early Venetian press, 
which, when in line preservation, may vie with the best productions of the 
Spiral and of John de Colonia." — Dihdin. 

313 ARETINO. . . . historia del Popolo Fiorentino composta da 
Lionardo Aretino in latino : Et tradoeta i lingua i 
da Donato Acciniolo, sm. folio, Editio Princeps, very fim ■•"/>;/ 
blue morocco extra, by Dcrome, from the library if 1'. 


Omtrdot de Prefoml, with hit tiehet in gold slumped on nun. 
and also from the Bedford library, Hamilton Palace, £9. 

Vinegia, Jacomo de Rossi di nation-' Oatto, 1-1-7 

36614 Sveto»iv8 Tranqvillvs cvm Philippi Bcroaldi et Marci Ant-mii 

Sabellici commentariis . Cvm figvris nvper additis, sm. folio. 
with woodcuts, the viargin of the last few leaves slightly wormed, 
vellum, £6. 6s 

Venetiis . . Per Ioanem Rubeum Vercelletem . . 1506 . . 

Leonardus Aurl (1472-73). 

36615 Eu8KBius. [Leaf 1, EpUtle of Qeorgius Trapeiuntitu to 1 

Nicholas V.~\ Evscbivm Pampbili do eaangelica pivpatiorje 
bitinu ex grteeo . . . effeci, sm. folio, slightly wormed at 
beginning and end, "Id cull', rare, £2. 10s 

(Vmrliis). M.CCCC.LXXJII. Leonhardut Anrl 
This work is in the same types as the Cicero of Adam of Ammergnu, and 
he may therefore have been the printer, Anrl only the corrector. At the end 
of the book, just before the date and tho printer's name, there stand the*e 
four verses npon the primer and his art, containing a ludicrous piece of 
profanity : — 

•' Artis hie : & fidei splcndet mirahilo numen : 
Quod fama auctorcs : anget honoro deos. 
Quid mngis artilicem pcterct Dux : christus : & auctor ? 
Trcs facit ictemos ingeuiosa innnus." 
They were wriiten by Comazano in praise of Jenson, and consisted of 
eight lines ; but the intermediate four in which that typographer's name was 
specified in the book in which they first appeared iu 1470 were omitted by 
Anrl iu reprinting them. 

Laurentius Presbyter de Aquila and Sibyllinus Umber 

3C617 PLATYNAE [i.e. Barthol. Sacchi] de Honesta Vcftvptafa 

Valitvdirte libri X, sm. folio, very fun ropy, in green morocco extra, 
tooled leather joints, sill; linings, gilt edges, £7. Hit 

Veneliis (lubure ei diligentia Launntii l'rcsliyteri de 
Aquila: necnon SiLyllini I'mlri) 117"' 
V«bt rare. The First Edition of this famous Cookcrj-Ilwl. 
n date. 

Antonius Bartolomei (1476-86). 

36618 HIERONYMI (S.) Epistoln?, 2 vols, in 1, large folio, fine large 

,, iriih two fine illvminated initial letter* / •, onemth 

a portrait of the Saint reading, the other of him pratfim 
Christ crucified; coat of arms in gold and colours, and all the 
initials painted, hf. vellum, £7. It 

Elegantissimas Diui Hieronymi Epistolas .- Antoirim 
Bartolomei Yenetiit Felioiter Tntpetit, 1476 
Contains 156 and 203 (not 201 is bibliographers give it) leaves, the 
Table of contents of the first part occupying 3 leaves, and that of the •> i 
4 leaves. 

36619 I V I KG1LLJ O] ct:i. i urn Mnphn'i Vegii libfo trc'dcci- loe) 

[At unl:] rnblii Virgilii MaroniB . . . Volnsrina hra Vnu 
emu Bemii honointi . . . CommC-tnriis Ac Einsdem PoetiB 


.. Folio, old Frifnii mottled calf gilt, ijilt ami marbled edges, 
noa i hi: uiirary of TBI BiROK M LosaKPIIBTO, with his 
h of the Toison d'ob imprei&ed in gold on the side* and 
bade, from the Bwtderland library, £18. 18* 

\~> i<>/iis Ii/ipressa sunt per Antoiiium Bartolomci 
impressorum discipulum. 1486 
Am kxckllrnt corr of this fihbi.t fuintbd akd hark k»iti<in, 
with the first page illuminated, and a painted miniature of tbo poet in the 
ti rat initial, the painted escutcheon of the original owner (a member of the 
Agaccio family of Bologna) on the lower margin, and several small illoiniuntcd 

Andreas Jacobi Catharensis (1476-77). 

JO AULT GELLII Noctes Atticte, sm. folio, fine large copy, with a 
feio old MS. notes in margins, red morocco extra, with arms of the 
link.' <•/ li'n.ibnrglie in gold on sides, gilt edges, RARE, £12. 

Anil Gellii Noctium Atticarum Commentarii Finis: impressi 
VotutUt per Andream Iacobi Catharensem, 1477 
A and B in rights ; a 10 leaves (a i blank) ; b-x in eights ; y and x in sixes. 
36621 Victoris (Aurelii) Liber Ulustrinm Virorum. [Leaf 1 :) Gai 
Plinii Secvndi oratoris nouocomensis Liber illustrium Viror. de 
Proca rege albanorum, small 4to. first editiox with a date, 
fine large HH, rod morocco extra, gilt edges, rare, £4. 

Venetiis iwpreisvm (per Andream Jacobi Catharensem), 1477 
The printer's name appears in the following fonr lines over the date : 
'• Qui enpis in parno compendia prison libello 
Me lege : snecincta: sum pater historic. 
Si petis artificem : quis bit : putriamqx requiris. 
I m "In Andreas : & Qithnram pntria." 

Bernardus Pictor, Erhardus Ratdoldt and Petrus Loslein de 
Langencen (1476-78). 
lOSS I'iriuNis (Coriolani) Petri Mocenici Imperatoris gestornm libri 
III. with Jim- initial lotion, and woodcut border round first page, 
IfHpreuum est hoc tijntsculum Venetiis per Bernardum pictoreni 
rhardttm ratdolt tie Augusta una cum Petro loslein de Lan- 
,j- linn cm-nriore ac socio. Laus Dei. 1477 — Joannis Crisostomi 
do oorapunctione cordis, 58 leaves of 36 lines to a page, sina nota 
— Solinns de Memorabilibns Mnndi, Imprassum venetiis per 
dorum <le regasonibus de asnla, 1491 — Ruffi. Sexti. vivi. 
ii'iisularis. Remm. Gestarnm. P.R.V. Augnsto. Liber, (item do 
AKiliGcatione Venetiarum) 20 leaves of 22 lines to a page, sine 
'iis per Fl'ircntiitm tie Argentina, 1472 — Siluii 
Knee . . . Hystoria de duobus amatibus cu mult is epistolis 
umatoriis, Venetiis per Magistru. Petri} Bergomensem Impesis Dhi 
de 8tM ModiolOM&e, 1497 — 5 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. in original 
oaken boards, with leather bach, £2. 16* 1472-97 

5G23 [REGIOMONTANI (Joanna) Kalendarium.] Avreus hie liber 
est : non est precionior ulln Genia Kalendario . . . Hoc Ioannes 
opus regio de monte probatnm Coraposuit . . . withvolvelle and 
woodcut diagrams of Eclipses from 1475 to 1525, Bernardus pictor 
■ '• .1 ugutta 1'ctrns lotlt in de [jttngencen Erhardus ratdolt tie Augusta 
(Venetiis), 1476 — Sphera Magistri Io. do Sacroboscho (tine 



tiota, sed Ventiiis. 1476) — 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, sow* 

jfl //it uriginal boardl, aovored with stamped leather, £ 1 2. 12* 1 176 

Two very remarkable and curious specimens of Early Printing The 
title of tbc Kulemlnr, which consists of twelve lines of elegiacs, is surrounded 
wiih a very elegant woodcut border, at bottom of which are the names of 
tli''-" who assisted in printing the book : Iiemardus Pictor dc Augusta — 
Petrua Loslein do Laogencen — Erhardus Ratdolt dc Augusta — with the date. 
The body of the book, in black and red, is embellished with many fine initials 
composed of branches and leaves gracefully entwined, and at the end is n 
volvclle within a woodcut border and a couple of diagram*. The whole 
forms a volume of charming character. 32 leaves, without marks. 

At the end of sheet a of the De Sphern, some mutter had been left ot 
the compositor, and to supply it a separate leaf WM printed. It h not wholly 
filled up, and a notice — Nichil deficit — was printed in the blank space. 
Signatures a (9 leaves) and b (6 11.). 

Erdhard Ratdolt of Augsburg alotte (1478-85). 

86624 Matabaiij (Francisci) . . . de componendis versibus it 
Pentnnietro opuBculnm, sm. 4to. wiih fine WOO&tvl Initial 
large cop;/ with Count Boutourlin's bookplate, red n 
25* Erhardus ratdolt Augustensis probatiss-imus libi 

exactor gumma con fecit diligentia. 1468 [147* J 
This book is particularly curious on account ol the date, which | 
however, have been intended for H78. 

36625 (CHYROMANTIA). Ex diuina philosophor. aendemia colt, 
(sic) : chyromantica scientia natnralis ad dei Iflndem lini' 
i ltd], sm. 4to. with 21 woodcuts of Psalm 
£7. IOj Impn tt 

Erhardvm ratdolt la [s. a. sed circa 1 

Contains: a and l>, in eight! ; and c in ten leaves, of which the lust is blank. 

36620 POMPONII Mellae Cosmographi Geograpbia, etc 

map, Erhardus ratdolt Auguttitia impretsii \enetiis, 1482- 
lulii Bolini rerfl memorabilium collectnneie, Impretsvi* 
for A ud ream Portiliaui, 1480 — 2 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. with 
notes, vellum, babe, £2. 2s 1 !^0-82 

lt('.C27 PDBLICIUS. Oratoriao art-is Epitomata : Sine Quae ad c i 
inntii ■ |i (taut Oratorcni : . . . dicemli ! scribendiq; bn 
ntaoMfl : Neo nfi & apt as optimo cniqj viro titnlns [Are To! 
more ej'istolandi] : pqjfaciUa memorie art is mod' Jacobi Pnl 
Florentini loonbiatione in Incem editus ... I! parts in 1 
em. 4to. with fine woodaut initi<ils, v-IIhm, £5. 

Erhardus ratdolt augustensis. M ■-'_'. i, 
The first eciition of these curious works. The Ontario lnittt-. I 
contains A-E in eights (except E in six), the first leaf being blank. The 
An TxiUiano more Epittolandi contains a (8 leaves) and b Id leaves). And 
the An Memoriiv. a treatise on mnemonics, and the most remarkable i 
three pieces, coutaius c and d in eights (the last leaf l>cing blank). Tin. 
last includes ten pages of most curious woodcuts, representing an alpholiet 
and a chess-board amongst other things. 

36628 SACROBOSCO. Nbuic^sadoleacStib': adaatronoioio&rDxap; 
Ioannis dc B&CTO bnsto spbericu opusculu. Cdtraqj emBn 
i planetar' theorioaa delyrameta loam's de mote regio disputa- 
tionos . . Necuo georgij purbachij . . sm. -1 1 < ■- 
with diagram* and llum, £2, 16* 

. . dUtgentia Erhardi Ratdolt . . I 


' i'UBLICIUS (Jacobus). Oratoriao Artis Epitoma . . . Dicendi 
Scribendiqvo breves liutiones . . . iusvper et perqvam facilis 
Memoriae Artis Modvs Iaeobi Pvblicii Floreutini lvcvbratione 
in lvcem editvs, 8vo. with woodcuts of alphabet, chessboard, fine 
initial letters, etc., large clean copy in green morocco extra, gill 
edges, £6. Wrhardui Batdolt, 1485, VeneUie 

3G630 the same, 8vo. large clean tsopy, limy vellum., £.3. 16* 

Dibdio, who has devoted 1-1 pages, including numerous facsimiles, of (ha 
Bill. Spenccriann to its deseriptinn, took this to he the First Edition. 

" In regard to the beauty of the impression, it is deserving of all praise; 
and the volume may be ranked among the choicest specimens of Ratdolt's 
press, "—l/ibdin. 

Juvenis Guerinus (1477). 

31 LfJCARUB. M. Annei Lvcani Cordvbensis Pharsaliae Liber prinws 
(libri X), Bui. folio, fine large copy, red morocco extra, gilt edges, 
£8. mprinum est hoc opus (Yen tits, per Juvcnem 

Gueriiium), 1477 
On the la*t leaf but one there arc fourteen lines preceding the colophon, 
of which the Inst two nro : "Ergo cape: t inuenem Gucrinum adsydora 
lullas. J Lucannm ueueta docto ■ j 1 1 1 impersserit (sic) ubro (sic)." 
'• I leUfl edition."— Brwut. 

Nicolaus Girardengus (1479-82). 

132 [Tkrfxtii Comoedi«B,cum Aelii Donati interpretatione]. [Leaf 5:] 
Ailii Donati . . in sex. P. Terentii Afri Comoedias examinata 
interprctatio, sm. folio, with one small-wormhole, a fine large copy 
' tome uncut leaves, hit. 24s 

Iin/iraMswn VetUtUe . per Nicolaum girardeii'/um : recognili'ig^ 
p. Magistrt FroneUet diona . . M.CCOCLX.VIIII. (147i'j 

Piero Veronese (1479-94). 

13 PETRARCHA. Triumpbi de Misser Francesco Petrnrcba con li 
Sonetti : eorrccti nouamente (col comento di Bernardo Olicino, 
: "ii A castigati per Hieronymo Ccutone Pmlnano), sm. folio, 
villi lint full-page wooden! < to tach if the Triumphs, eellnm, rare, 
£2. 10s Imprest'* tia per 1'iero Vi-roneso, 1490 

< if tl> is edition Brunei say?. ' On lo recherche a cause de sou texlc, donl 
quilque* lecons ont rccu l'approbntion de plusieurs litterateurs itnliens 

Joannes Santritler of Heilbronn (1480-89). 

\CRO BUSTO. Sphaerae Mvndi Copendiu foeliciter inchont 
. . . Iobi'inisde sacro bnsto sphwricu opnsculu unacu additionib' 
nullis . . Con(nii|z cremonensiain planeiar. theorieus delyra- 
menta Iohanis do mote regio disputatioes . . Necno Georgii 
(.in b.icliii i iiirfule mot" pliinetar. acuratiss. theoricto . . sm. 4to. 
u-iti. woodcut on first page, and diagram/, verfi 

fuie large ''<p'J- calf gilt, rare, £3. 

. . 1488 . complete est . VeneMs. 

:iins 69 leaves (signatures A to G). Tho last leaf contains, beside* 

ill.' liboTB colophon and (he printer's mark, six lines entitled "Carmine in 

> ssor. Iiui' npusculi laudem," the third of which is " Santritter helbronna 
■ rb* lohannes." 

251 • 

Joannes and Gregorius de Gregoriis (1480-1516 ;) Gregorius 

alone (1516-28). 

30035 Ketiiam (Joannes de) Incipit fasoiculus medicine . . . trac-tans de 
nnothomia & dinersis infirmitatibns : & corporis hnmani : cui 
annectuntur multi nlii tractatus per diuersos excellentissimos 
doctores coropositi. Necuon anotbomiaMundini, sm. folio, fine 
lull-page woodcuts, principally of Anatomy, a few / meJ, 

bds. £5. 5s Impressum Venetiisper Juuwum §• Oregon 

1 rfret, 1500 

36635*£PlC0O&Oimn (Augustino Patrizio)] Rituum Ecclesiasticorum give 
Sacrarum Cerimoniarum S. S. Romance Eoolesue. libri tres non 
ante impress), etc. sm. folio, with woodcuts, rvllum, £2. 10* 

Gregorii de Oregon is E.misere, Venetiis, 1516 
Mnrcellnfl. the Archbishop of Corfu, published this valuable work M hi* 
own, dedicating it to Leo X. It van soon found out to be really an unpub- 
lished one by Pfceolotthli, tho editor of the first Pontifical (1 485), and 
thereupon the Pope decreed the suppression of all the copies. They hare 
consequently become very rare. 

3GG36 BOCCACCIO. II Decamerone di M. Giovanni Boccaccio, sm. 4to. 
a fine gpi/ in brotvn morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, £28. 

Vinegia, per Gregorio de Oregon', 1516 
Vkkt babb. Col. Stanley's copy fetched £33 -, the Marquis of 
Blnndford's, £22. lis. 

Niccolo Delfino was tho editor of this book ; the first Boccaccio in quart" 
size, and the first critical edition of the text. It was used as the basis of all 
succeeding editions. 

36637 DBUTSCH R0MISCH BREVIER. Fol 1 : in der eer der aller 

h&iligeU . . ; ccrso : . . Hie hebt sich an das deutseh riitii 
Brevier . sm. stoat 4to. printed in black and red Gothic !• 
with numerous full-page woodcuts and borders; a i \ of a 

splendid volume, in the original stamped calf, £10. IG» 

Venedig dutch den erbere minster Gregoriii de gregoriis . . 
(luvsr't. r. A liei fill, iar . . (1518) 

This book is very' rare. The impression consisted of 400 copies pnm.-d 
at the expense Of the Fiirst und Ucrr Christophoio Fraugipanni. 

Ottaviano Scotto (1480-1500); his Heirs (1500-31). 

36638 (Statu Open). [Leaf 1 ofThebais:] Placidi Lactaotii infan*- 

prn-tatiu in primum librum Thebaidos. [Leaf 1 o/ AehUleSa z] 
Kt'i'ollecta super Acbilleida. P. Papinii Statii : tmdita a Don 
Fr;icisco Matarncio . . [Leaf 1 of Sylvos :] Ex emendation.' 
& interpretatione Domitii calderini . . Statii . . Syluaru Liber 
I'rimus . . sm. folio, fine copy, old calf, 30s 

I . netiisper Octauianu Scotu Modoetiesem. M.CCCCLXXX1II . . 

Fibst kdition with a date of the complete works of this author. 
30039 SrjiSETH. Calculator. Subtilissimi Rienrdi Suisetlt Anglic! Cal- 
ctilationes noniter t-inedate atqz reuige. Questio insuptr 
reactione iuxta Aristotelis sentcntiam it Comentatorig, 
folio, with diagrams, large woodr a I initial and many small 
eitr co, gilt edges, from the library of Gi 

% ii 

Pint f{{i heredet Odaviani Seoti civis Modoetieneisac sociomm, 1520 


' I PoMPOHATU Muntaani (Petri) Trai-tnlns . . . De intensione & 
retnissione formarnm ac de paruitate & magnitndino. Do 
react ionc. etc. sm. folio, first edition, very quaint Capital 
any fa citron morocco extra, gilt edges, by Padelonp, 
£3. St ' 

Yenetiis, heredet Octamani Sooti tfodoetimrii et sociorum, 1525 

Lucas Venetus Dominici Tilius (1480-83). 

3CG4I Philostrato do l'amorosu fadigo di Troilo, oto. sm. 4to. ohl caff, 
£2. 5s Maedro Luca (IV„w. aire. 1-480) 

First edition. "This in doubtless a very rare book," says Dihdin in 
lii-. description of the Spencer copy (VI, p. 50). Tbe word Finis on the last 
page is followed by a bastard-sonnet, which eulogizes all the arts so as to 
arrive at that of typography : — 

mcritan giimpressori nn nobil scgio 
tra ipiali maestro I.uca porta il vanto . . . 
This poem on the loves of Troilus and Chryscis was written by Boccaccio 
when his lady-love left Naples ; and the amorous scenes described so wurnily 
and so sweetly were probably pictures from his own career. The nnmr of is here trnnsformed to Ciriseidaj in Shakespeare's play it became 
' vi-ki am Epiatols. [Leaf G :] Ctecilii Cypriani ad Cornelia 
papain do fidei Christi edfessione eogratulautis Jc hortatis : ut 
cfistanter & firm iter ad onine patientiain pseueret. Epistola 
prima, sm. folio, large copy, flu large iniHaU elegantly illuminated, 
a coat of arms on tha first leaf of text, old calf, £6. Gs 

Jjini Gamlii Cypriani . . epistolat , . Lucas Venetus Dominid 

Jilius . . ipreerii Y.-netiis . . M .cccchs.r i i i . . (1-483) 

Contains 166 11. commencing with an epistle of the editor to Jacobo 

Grasolario occupying 2 11. (leaf 1 blank) ; tabula, etc. 3 11.-, text, signs, a-i, 

&, A-B, in sizes, a and B having 8 II. each (Its blank). 

Bernardin Venetian Vidali (1480-1536). 

3C«V43 JDSTINIANO. Lavde dkvotissime et santissime compoBte per 
el nobile et magnifico Misiei Leonardo Ivstiniano di Venetia, 
smallest -4to. (12mo.), with numerous pretty woodcuts, some of 
thnn with bordert, fim oopy fa red morocco extra, gilt marbled 
• ■';/«*, very scarce, from the Bedford library, £21. 

Stampala in Venetia per Bernadin Venetian di Vidali habita 

in la cotra de san Qiulian Del. 1517 
Some of the cuta arc of remarkably elegant design, and it is evident that 
i In iuLi-t bad his training in the school that produced the famous Poliphilo, 
1 II id. and /hop. The book was bound by Padcloup abont 1750. 

Manfredo di Monferrato (1481-1515). 

I 4 E80PU8. (Onreverse offol. 1 .) Accii Znchi . . . in Aesopi Fabulas 
interpretatio per rliytlimos (Latine et Halite) . . . sm. 4to. the 
first impressions of the 67 fine outline woodcuts within borders, by 
the artist who illustrated the celebrated l'aliphilo (.' Zoan Andrea 
VaUxuore),fine copy in old English red morocco extra, gilt edges, 
! r Pavni:, from the Hamilton Palace library, £48. 
Jmprestum venetiii, per Manfredum <!■■ Moteferato. de "istreno, 


Excessively rare, and exhibiting perhaps the earliest productions of thRt 

deatcrons baud from which the Poliphilo of ll'j'J derived its lovely engravings. 

3660 BERNAI 


36645 Coknazano. Sonetti e Canzone del Preclarissimo poeta Messero 

antonio cornazano Placentino Cum Gratia & Prinilegio, 1 ! 
title printed in red, fine copy, red mom , rare, 30* 

Stttiiipata in la Inclila Cilta di Vinetia per mi Ma 
Man/redo de Montefrrato, 1 
Contains : n-h in rights. 

Baptista de Tortis (1481-1514). 

36646 Scetojucs (de Vita XII CffiSfiruin) cam commento (M. Ant 

Sabellici), Bin. folio, good clean copy, vellum, 15s 

Yeneliin per Baptistam de tortis. -xx . . (1490) 

Michael Manzolini (1481-83). 

36647 Pkisciani Opera Granimatica ct Interpretatio ex" iK 

Orbit Situ, sin. folio, fine huge clean copy in v-llum. ii'l. 2j 
Impressmn Veneciis Impensis Magistri Mic/mcli* Manzuliin 

Parma, 1481 
Matheo di Chodecha da Parma (1482-95). 

36648 Dan i n k alegiori fiorentino. (Divina Comedia col comment" di 

Chri8toplioro Landino, revista & emendata diligemente per Piero 
da Figino), sm. folio, with a great number of beautiful woodt 
including three occupying each a full "page, "ml muni/ ■hgoni 
woodcut initials, a few letters on f 164 supplied 
vellum, rare, £3. 16* 

Impreua in Venetia per Matheo di chodecha da partita, 1 
Tbis edition is justly prized for the elegant woodcuts, of which it contains 
a great number. 

Bemardinus Stagninus (1483-1536). 

36649 Vkkcilii (Pvblii) Bvcolica, Georgia*. Aeneis cvm Servii coro- 

mentariis . . . seqvitur Probi ... in Bvcolica et. Georg 
commentariolns non ante impressvs, Ad lioe Donati fraginenta, 
Christophori Landini, et Antonii Mancinelli commontarii, 8vo. 
VIM Woodout OK title, atid to each book. orary stami 

calf hin 'ling, from the Sunderland library, rare, £12. 

Venetiis excusi 1507 . . . Bemardinus S Tmpetua 

fecit, Ioannes Baptista Egnal ins Tenet us Em- 
On the binding the following mottoes aro stamped : " Miliar vigilantia 
somno. Ant. R." [AntoninsRinckius whose autograph appears inside thecorer, 
with the date 1568], and " Spa una Chrittus. 

Bemardinus Benalius (1483-1534). 

36650 iEsor. Esopns constrnctns moralii'atus & hystorintns vltimo 

impreesus & correctus ad vtilitatem discipnlorum, sm. 
troodent border round the title, with sixty -five finely derigned wood 
engravings, red morocco super-extra, gilt edges, babe, £10. 10* 
Impre/ttsum Venetiis per Bernardinum Benalium Anno dni. 1517 

Andrea de Bonettis (1483-86). 

36651 Casam (Ubertinns de). Incipit prologvs in librvm ijvi intitvlatvr 

arbor vite crvcifixc lesv. et dicitvr opvs Vbertini i 
f\it frater professvs ordinis minorvm beati Fraooi 
fine clean copy, with two or three very .'mall womkolet M <h> firtt 


ro, with ''"Hurt's arm t on lidett and 
\grcm m book, uri, £4. 10* 

Impressus I'enetiis f. Andrea it Bonettis de Papia. 1485 
vrage singulicr et rare, qui fait remontcr a Jesus-Christ la fondation 
de l'ordre des Freros niincurs." — Brunei. 

Bernardino di Novara (1485-92). 
52 Ovidii Opera, cura Boni Accursii, 2 parts in 1 vol. thick small folio, 
the head-lines of tome loaves out into, wanting 7 leavet, green 
morocco extra, £3. 10s Venetiit, Barnard inns de Nnraria, I486 
The missing leaves are : 1' 2 and 7 of Part 1. and Q 4 to 8 of Part 2. 
3CG53 BEBGOMENSIS (Jacopi Pliilippi Forest!) Chronienrum Snpple- 
mentum. Opus preclarum Supplementum chronicar. vulgo 
appclliitu In omnimoda historia nouissimo congesta Fratris 
Jaoobi pliilippi Bergomeusis, etc. am. folio, woodcuts, red morocco 
esstra, bather joints, gilt edges, £6. Impressumautem 

Venetiu per Bernardam Bisum deNouaria, 1490 
Contains 12 preliminary leaven numbered at the bottom (the first is n 
blank and not in this copy), and 261 numbered leaves. 

The invention of printing by Gutenberg or Fust is notified nndcr the 
year HS8. Under the year 1186 there is a long article, occupying over tiro 
pages, on Procter John and India. 
I- [PI iltTOLANO.] Questaevna opera nocossaria a tntti li nauigati 
clii vanoin diuerse parte del inondo pec banal tutti bo amaistrano 
a cognoscere starie fundi colli vale porti corsi dacqae e mareo 
comiciaudo da la cita de cadcx in spagna dretamente fina nel 
porta de la schiuso passando p. icanali fra laixnla tic ingelterra 
da terra f'erma scorendo le bache do fiadra fino ala ixola do 
ii-landa . . . [At end :] Finito lo libro cliiamado portolano 
composto per vno zentilomo reniciano . . . am. 4to. first 
edition, OF extreme RARITY, line copy, red morocco extra, gilt edges, 
said to be by Roger Payne, from the Beckford library, £30. 

1". nexia per Bernardino rizo da nouaria stampador 1490 
The authorship of this excessively rare volume is attributed to I.nigi 
laiaosto, the great voyager and geographer. 

Paganinus de Paganinis (1485-1518). 

J6055 BOROO [Lnca Paciuli de). Diuina proportione Opera a tutti 

u'liugegni perspicaci e curiosi necessaria . . . M. Antonio Capella 

ilitiss. Becensente ... — Libellus in tres partialos 

■fatus dinisus qnqj corpor. rcgnlarium & depedentiu actine 

i-riitati.'is . . . ; — 3 parts in 1 vol. small folio, with 

diagrams and initials, and ^7 fnll-pagc woodcuts of 

'icrs of the alphabet, after Leonardo aa 

py, brown morocco extra, vellum Jly-leavcs, gilt 

rare, £12. Venetiu Impressum 

per . . . Pagan in a in de paganinis de Brueia. lf»09 

One of the most beautiful early Italian books with woodcuts. 

Simon Bevilaqua (1485-1518). 
BVETl IN I VS TRANQVILLUS cvm Pliilippi Berooldi ct Hand 
Antonii BabelHci commentariis, folio, fine copy, is old Wreneh 

l, gilt edges by Bayer; with the arm< of 

I 'ugeni on . and his cipher and coronet "ii the back, 

£24. Venetiit, per Simoncm Beuilaqua. mccc-cl.cxx.ryi (sic 1496) 


36656* Aegidius. Egidius de Regimine Principum, sm. folio, blue morocco 
extra, gilt edges, by Derome, rare, £2. 10s 

Venetiis per magutrum Bimontm Ileuilaquam Papicsem, 149* 

36657 Finvn-rs. Julius Finnic' do natiuitatibus, sm. fulio, first BOITfOI 

ihr till-' engraved m wood, with woodcut initial*, old calf, ran-, £'.i 1 1 1 
Impressum Venetiis p. Symonen papiensem dictum biuilaqua 1497 

Bartholomeo de Zanni de Portesio (1486-1514). 

36658 LP7IUS. Deche de Tito Liuio vulgare hystoriate, sm. folio, 

with a large number of woodcuts, fine copy, in the orig 
stamped Venetian binding, rebaaked and npa/vrat, rare, £7. LO* 
Sldpate l Venetia p. Bartholameo deZdni de l'ortesio. 1511 
Lncn Antonio Junto's mark is on the title printed in red. 

36659 Valerii Maximi priscoram exemplorO libri noucm . . . cu 

landatis Oliucrii ac Theophili comentariis . . . multoriiqx 
pnetorea nouis obseroationibns . . . sm. folio, with woodoutt and 
initials, in the original oaken boards covered with stamped 
piyskiii, 'I U 

E.t'jilicit opus Vaierii Mawimi . . . Tmpnmm Venetiis 
Bartholomeum deZani* de l'ortesio. MB. VIII (1508) 

Franciscus Bolanus (1488-89). 

3G660 Eschdid. Snmnia astrologitr indicialis de accidentibus mmuli 
qiur anglicana ualgo nunenpatur Ioannis csbcuidi (sir) niri 
(tie) anglici peritissimi scietra astrologies (opera ctcuralohatmU 
lueilii Sanctiter [pro Santriter] helbronensis germani) fot-lici 
sidere incboat, sm. folio, a few leaves at beginning and end 
wormed, in the original oaken boardt covered with /tamped 
damaged, rare, £2. 5i Jmpensis . . . Fracisci bolani . . . 14H9 
The author was John Estwood of Aihcndon, Bucks, about a.i>. 1350. 
Contains : a-i and &, in eights, except k (4 leaves), 1 (6 leaves) and 
n (9 leaves) ; and A-l >, in eights, the last leaf containing the Register only. 
The two preliminary leaves mentioned liy Ilmnet are raiding. 

Philippus Pincius (1490-1525). 

36GG1 LTV1I (T.) Decades, (cum notiB M. Ant. Sabellici), sm. folio. I 

many woodcuts and Irani if ill capital leltrrs, the three pages with 
woodcut borders slightly cut into, old English red morocco gilt, 
gilt edges, rare, £24. 

Venetiis per Philippum PincttWH Mantwuwm . ■ . Impresses. 14'.C> 
The prinler's-mark in red at the end is that of I.uca Antonio Junta. 

36662 (SUETONIUS de Vitre XII. Orsarnm). Commentations 

conditae a Philippo Beroaldo in Suetoniu Tranquillum . . . 
Caii Snetonii nita per Philippum Bcroaldtnn . . . Caii Suetonii 
nita per Sabellicum . . . Cu comento einsdem . Pbilippi 
Beroaldi Vita p. Bartholomew Blanchinii . . . sm. folio, with 
woodcuts, vellum, £3. 3* 

Hie . . . per Philippum I'iiicium Mautuanum . . . 1510 

36663 APULEIUS cum comento Beroaldi. & figuris uouiter additis, sm. 

(olio, irith vnodemtt, slightly wormed, dm calf, £5. 

i Axmleii in Minn aureu opus Explicit I 
p. Philippe pinciii Miituavii impssH . . . 1510 

This copy has n MS. Index in English written on two lcavo« in a 
sixlccnth-ccntury hand ut the beginning. Contains ccxxxvi numbered leave*. 


Lazarus de Soardis (1490-1517). 

36664 Joachim. Kxpositin magnipphete Joachim: in libruzbeati Cirilli do 

magnis tribnlntionib' & stain sancte mfis ecclesio . . . 1 1 • m 
tractatus de antechristo magistri Joiinis parisiensis . . . sin. 
4to. with numerous woodcuts, hf. vellum, £5. 

Impressum Veneliis per Lacar. lie Soardis. 1510 
The engravings in llii- volume are smiii-timcs attributed (o Mart- 
Antonio Kaimondi, from the monogram ".M." which is found on ono ol 
them. Xagler, however, says thai they are liy an unknown artist. 

36665 (Ciceboni3 opera Philosophical M. T. Ciceronis tres de officiis 

libri, el avrevm illvd de aicitia (sic) senectvteqve volumen vim 
cvm pnradoxis hoc habentvr Pvgillari (cura L. Victoria Fausti), 
18mo. printed icithin borders, old calf, rare, 30« 

VI -a ''V' • • • M.D.XI. . . . huur nrr sumplui nec diligiiVB 

parcel Lazarus Soardus Imjr 

Alexander Paganinus (1491-1531). 

06 HORATIUS. Q. Horatii Flacci Poemata . . . Vndeuiginti 
met rorum genera, et quenii aint, et e qnibus constent pedum S, 
et ante volume simnl habent, et iutuB in volumine suis locia 
24mo. oil calf, gilt edges, £3. 10s Ale.rtui'hr Puijaniiivs. 1521 

166* the same, 24mo. with portrait inserted, fine c»] 

roeeo, nil/ edges, £4. 4« 1521 

67 OvTBICS. P. Ovidii Nasonis. Fastorvm, Libri vi. Tristivin. 

[abri V. De Ponto, Libri mi. In lbim. Ad Liviaui, 24mo. 

tknt, 24* In aedibvs Ah.nnuli i it Pog'OfWnw. 1521 

l'rintcd in Pognnini's well-known upright italic characters. 

36668 TJGONI (Mat too) Stkodia Ugonia Episcopi Phaniangnstani . Do 
Coneiliis, 8m. folio, very fine oom in red moroeeo e.rim, hu Deromt 
It ji the library of the Duke of Sussez, £4. s. I. 1532 

In a fine thin planting liolhic type which seems to be from the Paganini 

Sress. The book is rare, lining been found inconvenient by the conrt of 
lome during the second half of the sixteenth century. 

Maximo de Papia (1491-92). 

30669 BOCCACCIO. Commentia illibro ditato a Fiammetta da cs.«a 
:ill;i inamorata mandato explecto per lo illvstre poeta et oratorc 
gravissimo Giovani Boccacio, sm. 4to. old calf, £9. 

ipreeto m Veiiesia p- Ma.rimo de Papia . 1491 
A rare edition. Contains signatures n-i in eights, except h (6 leaves) ami 
i (4 II.). The first leaf contains merely the word ■ Fiammetta " 

This edition and two others are described by Unmet as " des livrcs rarcs 
ct meme assez prccicux." 

Joannes de Tridino, alias Tacuinus (1492-1536). 

Hruti (Jacobi)] Corona Anrea cornscantibna geromis: & precio- 
sinsimis conserta margaritis . . . (de Imninrtalitntc Anima>, eto. ) 
8vo. red morocco ejira, gilt edges, rare, £2. 8* 

Jmjiressa Veneliis per Ioannem de Tridino alius Tacuinum, 1 196 

\'CIO. L'opera de misser Giouanni Boccaccio do mulie- 
ribue Claris, sm. 4to. with woodcuts, incliuling that of Pope Joan, 


,0G1 i:. 

/ in green ndroeea extra, giU edge*, by II*. 1'rati, £G. 6* 
Stampade in Volutin aar maistro Ouatuu de Trinos 1606 

72 VITRUVIUS (M I">' locundum solito castigatioi- 

Bgoria et tabula ut iam legi et intelligi possit, sm. folio, vritk 

MMIWOtM Vimdeuh, jinr large OOpy, With ilium hull' 

arms of D'Orgereux, in blue morocco extra, gilt edgi t, by Di r 
£5. 5» Venetiis, Ioamies de Tiidiit'i dl in-: Tacuino, 1-M1 

Hare. The First Edition with woodcuts. 

Benedetto Fontana (1495-1506). 

■ I HoRATlUS oum quattaor comenturiis, sm. folio, calf, with the arm* 
innl Dgpker o/Nie. Won on back, £3. 3« 

I . net i is f j>cr Hem ,1. I'm, In '•/ IMI / . U 

Petrus Liechtenstein (1497-1522). 

86674 III III. I.I CZKSKA, llohrmnin, stoat folio, black Ictttr, i«i'/A M 

coloured wondeuts, a f, : n h i de 

copy in vellum, with clasps, with i bookplates of the " M 

ltd i/hm li usis Ord : S : Jli nediet i." ami B relluu: fLy-lcof with the 

i. .I:'!;, .hiiii (tjnlrsjhrri: ilr.ijj 

.., fold and ooleyn, bbsi' annus kou the use or the Hossi 
i.\n;niM.\ un, £4-0. 

Pent His in BdibiH /'• W Liechtenstein I 'olontenni & rwaiw, LSI 16 

Of this excoisivcly rare edition only three or four ol 
Like inost early Bibles, the present copy has several leave- mended, bat is 
evidently otherwise perfect, and probably stands alone in this respect. 

Ucbtmatetn's Bohemian Bible is even scarcer than the Illvrian I'rcces 
and the Brcvinrum Croaticum twice printed by .lndrcoj .Isulanus in the same 
city. Cunsult I "ngar, and the various notices by the Bibliographers Le I 
Goetzc, Clement, Vidckind, Klcich, and Eisner, who all speak unequivocally 
of its rarity and value. 

Ungar has remarked as curious that this edition was not suppref- 

iircd by the Church on its appearance, in spite of an objectionable wood- 
cut which might have betrayed its heretical origin. This is the engraving to 
the sixth chapter of tho Apocalypse, in which the l'ope appears lying in lull. 

36675 PTOLKM 1 1 -. Sacratissime Astronomic Ptholomei Liber drain waffi 
ilium : Quern scrisit (lie) ad Heristhonem lilium sua : tmctana 
compendiuse de diucrsis rebus : . . sm, llo. Gothic ILcUrr, fine 
dean copy, calf, 28s 

Explicit Liber . . 1509 . . I 

/, lite Oermani . 

" Livre rarisaime." — Qratare. 
;:<it.'.rr. MISSAI.H PATAUIBU. Cum additioxribua Benediotwnnn 
Ctrsor: Cinornm: Palmaram: Ignis paBchalia . etc, thick 
4to. lit. golf), with wHmeroue imali woodcati jinnl 

stamped Iwyskiu, with a Bishop's Arms in silver and red o 
ami clasps, £6. 12«6d L522 Petri Lit 

Georgio di Rusconi (1500-22 ;i Helisabetta (1525 26'. 
M677 BERGOMEN9IS (Jacobus Pbilippos [Forestus]). N 

hiatoriorfl omnia' reperenssioes: nouiter a. . . Jacolxi pi i i l i [ > ] •• ■ 
BergomenM . . . edite: que Supplementum supplement! 
niearij DUnoupantur . Incipiendo ab exordio mudi vaqc in Anno 

. j . . . Iliick sm, folio, with many 
■I fin-, fu l l p age cats, and beautiful initials and borders, obi calf, 


with Sir Christopher, Lord Hat ton, on sides, £12. 

in* press um Opere Sf impensa lieoraii de RllSOOnibuS, 150(3 
The whole of the year U93 ia here occupied with un account " uk 


, - | M wi ■i:i:iii (Hieron.)] Opera noua intitiilnta n. i'eecub ntilissima 
ad intendere la eagione de moltc cose: & maxiuiamente alls 
ronsi'i'iintiuiie della sanita . iiouamente stain pada . Cnm Gratia, 
sin. It. i. lit. gotlj. last leaf slightly injured, in vellum wrapper, ill 
Stcrmpata in I i inttantia de Zoni ai B 

Milanese, 1.V.7 
I! ah !-. I'ontoins: A and B, in fours; ami, n to t. in fours (the last leaf 

36670 UUIDII (P.) Metamorphosis Cum luanlentisaimifl Raphaelis Etcoii 

enarrutionibnB, etc. sm. folio, with a woodcut bordi r round 'In title, 
and a great number of eery fine woodcuts, fine copy, in ml 
maroceo extra, gilt edges, itxi kahe, £6. 

Qeorgius de uusconibut, Venetiis, 1517 
I YEl!(.;iLII (Pvblii) Bvcolica, Georgica, Aeneis cvm Servii com- 
iiniitariia . . . Beqvitnr Probi ... in Bvcolica et Georgva 
oommentariolva nun utte UBprenns. Adboe Donati fragmentn, 
Christopuori Landini, et Antonii Muncinelli commentarii, 8vo. 
with woodeutton title, and to each book,a large and good oopy but 
a stain in the bottom margins, in the old Venetian binding, the 
back neatly mended, £2. 10« 
)'■ tdibus Oeorgij de Husoonibvt .V nAt impeiuit ntieuni, 

X par litijiti'tmn Kynatiicm Venetian cmendati, l.VJw 
-1 Si ruins*. Itinerario Asyaticho di Siptabiua Pisnno Poetu celc- 
berrixao, 18mo, title within woodout border, with many woodeuts, 
fine oopy, old red monceo gilt, from the Hamilton Palace library, 
£7. 10ff Nouamente stampato. In la iuelitn citta ii Vineggia, 

Per Helisabett.i ,1. Rttschoni . 1526 

Vi . ii v rake. Mr. Beckfonl hai written on the lly-leaf "Leigh, Feb. 
1812. «U.1I" 

Iacomo Pentio (1501-23). 

'•-:■ KORGI (Piero). Libra De Abacho, 8vo. large oopy, A/. vellum, 
rare, £2. 5s Stampata in Veto -tin pi r Iacomo pentio, 1509 

A celebrated arithmetical work. 

The Sessa family (1501-88). 

ham (Jobn).] Jo. Arrhiepiscopi Cantuariensis Perspectiua 
Communis, sm. folio, leith fine large woodcut on title, and many 
1AKK, M2« 

Jmpressuni hoc opus Venetiis per Io. Baptistam Sessam. 1504 

the same, sm. folio, wry large copy, hf. red morocco, £4. 



AU0MA8AB. Introductorium in astronomiain Albamasaris abalachi 

to continens partiales, Cotijtc ILcllrr. " to /« in eights (///• last 

tea/ blank), with woodcut on till* and other* in text, and fine) 

(al letters, Venetijs : mandato If i Melchioris Betsa . 

Per Jacobum pent . 1500 Albunmsnr Flores Astm- 

logie, lEotljtr Leila, a to e in fours (the last leaf blank), with 


douts, Tmpretswm Ymi-tijs Per. Jo. Baptist am Setta. («. a.) — 
Albumasar de magnis niunctinnibus : annor. reuolutioi 
cor. profectionibus : octo otines tractatus, Gothic Uttttr, .1 
in eights, ami M (6 leaves), with woodcuts, Tmprestwn Vem 
Mandate §• expensis Melchiorem Sesta . Per Jaedbum pent iv 
Leucho. lblb — Astroru indices Alkind' Gaphar de pluuijs im- 
bribns et vetis : ac aeris mntatioe, a (6 leaves), and b an-l 
fours, Venetijs Anno Dni . 1507. Ex vfficina Petri Liechtenstein — 
Abraam Ivdaei de nntiritatibvs . . liber . . restitutus, per loan, 
Dryaudrvm . . A to F in eights, and G (6 leaves), title within 
woodcut border, Colonie apud Eucharium Geruirornnm. IS37 — 
loan. Tritemij Abbatis Spanheyrnen . De Septem Secundeis, id 
est, intelligentijs, siue Spiritibns Orbespost deum mouentibus . . 
libellns . . , A-C in fours, and D (3 11.), Imprestum Francofurti 
apud Oyriatmm Iacobum. 154>5 — . . Lucre Gaurici . . Pni 
tiones super omnibus futuris luminariutn dcliquiis . . Figurw 
ctelestes Venetiarum, Bononioe. & Florentire . . with diagr 
A to L in fours (the last leaf blank), Poma>, Antonius Bladiu 
Asnlanns excudeliat, 1539 — 7 hare Astrological tracts in 1 rol 
sni. 4to. old calf gilt, from the Xeerman eoUectiOH, £o. 5* 


36687 Ouidio de Arte Amandi vulgnrc historiado, 18mo. with 5 woodcuts, 

old red morocco extra, gilt edges, £2. 10s 

I in presto in Venetia per Marchio sessa §• Piero di lo 

compagni /'<•/. 1516 

36688 HYGINIUS. Clarissiuii Hyginii Astronomi De mundi Etsphceno 

Ac vtrius(|5 Partium Dcclaratione Cum Planetis Et Variis 
Signis Historintis [opus], with numerous large woodcuts p) 
signs of the Zodiac, the planets, and the constellation-; With the 
printer's murk of the cat and mouse, Tmpressosgj Vemetiis kmc- 
tiuiUM OUm /" T MelehioreM sestam of Petrum de Rauan 
1517 — Navseae Blancicampiani (Frederici) . . Libri Mirabiliiun 
Septem, with fine woodcuts by Anion von Worms, Colonics a 
Petrum Quentell, 1532 — 2 vols, in 1, sm. Mo. in a Vent 
binding of smooth dark morocco, simple gold ornament* m the 
centre and at the angles, lettered on the front side " Lib. Minis 
Frede. Hygi. de. Stelis," £3. 10* 1817-32 

Bound in Venice, and lettered ns nbove about 1540, for some colkotor 
who had imported the Kausea from Germany. The volume was already in 
its present slate when the inscription was written which appears inside the 
corer— " Emptns xvi soil. P. Mohn, 1560." 

36689 MANDEVILLE. Joanne de Mandnuila : Qual tracta de le phi 

marauegliose cose e piu notabile elf se trouino : e como pi"' 
mete ha cercato tutte 1c pte habitabile del raodo . . square 1 ! 
title within WOOdeut border, the top margin of the first few leaves 
mended, but a fine copy, red morOOOO extra, gilt edges, £7. 

I m presto i Venetia p. Marchio Sessa cf Piero di rat 

compagni . 1521 

36690 Petrarcha. Chronica de le Vite de Pontefici et Impem 

Romani . . allmjuale sono state aggiuutu tjlle die da topi d. 1 


Petrarcha insino alia eta nostra mancavano, 12uio. some • 
stained, theaptkin, 16* 

Stampalu in Vtnegia per Marehio Sena . . 1534 
Columbus in mentioned on leaf 116, under the date 1494, and the history 
of l'ope Joan is also given. 

SG601 VIRGIL. L'Opere di Virgilio Mantoano cioo la Bucolica, la 
Georgica, e 1' Eneide (Latine). Commentate in lingua volgare 
Toscana, Da Giouanni Fabrini da Figbine, da Carlo Malatesta 
da Rimene, & da Filippo Vennti da Cortoua, thick sm. folio, 
with woodcuts, old English red morocco extra, gilt edges, £8. 8s 

Venetia, gli heredi di Miuxhio Sessa, 1588 

S092 SaceBDOTALI Romanvm Ad consuetudinem S. Romanas Ecclesite 
nliarnmqj Ecclesiarnm . . sm. 4to. (Gothic Ettttr, ire red mid 
black, with musical notes, old leather binding, with clasps, £3. 5s 
ft in-! iis, 1585 . Apttd Io. Huptistam Sessam, Sr Fratres . (1585) 
Folio 319 reverse to 328 obverse (18 pp.) contain a " Compendium 
Mmticc " with illustrations. This is valuable for tbe study of old Church 

Bindoni family (1507-36). 

3 GRAPALDI (Francisci Marii) . . . de partibus Aediu. Addila 
modo verboru explicationc, etc. sm. 4to. with numerous woodcut 
capital letter*, old English red morocco extra, £2. 2s 

Venetiis per Alexandrum de Bindoni*, 1517 

4 THEBALDEO. Opera do Miser Antonio Thibaldeo da Ferrara . 
Sonetti . Dialoghi . Disperata . Epistole . Egloghe . Capitoli . 
Ao, sm. 4to. irith woodcut and border nn title, red morocco, £2. 10s 

hiipresso in Venetia joe AltMtodlFO de llindoiiis . 1511 

5895 CON'TARINI. Itinerario del Magnifico & Clarissimo messer 
Ambrosio Cotarini . . . madado ne'l anno. 1472. ad Vsnncassan 
i: le Persia: Cbiamado modemamento Sopbi . Nel qnal breue- 
mente se cotien tutti le citta, castelli, ville & lochi posti nelle 
ifrascripte puintie : & mari : Videlicet . 1 Alemagna 2 Pollonia 
. . . sm. 4to. olive morocco super extra, covered with Grolier gold 
tooling, tooled leather joints, gill edges, by J. Mackenzie, irith crest 
A. Uanrott on sides, exci:ssivkly rare, from the Hamilton 
Palaa library, £10. 

Stampato nella inclita citta di Vineggia per Francesco 
Bindoni, §• Mapheo Pasini, Compagni . 1524 

*>% Opkka nnona intitulata il Perche vtilissima ad intedere le cagioni do 
moltf coso : & maximamente alia conseruatione della sanita : Et 
phisionomia . Et virtu delle herbe . . . 18mo. with woodcut on 
Hilt, Cellini*, 10s Stampato in Vinetia per Francesco bindoni : 

if Mapheo pasini capagnii, 152'i 
A tn S in eights, B (8) being blank. A very scarce edition of this curious 
'• \\ ' l.v and because." It contains the poem in Tiriini, " Wbot to eat and to 

PDLCI. Mnrgante maggiore qual tratta delle battaglie & gran 
fatti ili Orlando & 'li Itinatdo, & de tutti li paladini, & damoro 
cose bellissitne. Et de la morte do li paladini traditi da Gano 
in Ronciuallo . . . square 12mo. with woodcut on title, very fine 


Copy, ,di, i, ,jill edges, VERY BARK, £2. 16* 

Stampato in Venetia per Francesco Biruloni &■ VaphtO 

Pat [530 

36698 ARIOSTO. Orlando Furioso di Measer Ludouico Ariosto. 12mo. 
title in fticiiiniih; red | Ira, gilt edges, £2. 2* 

Stampato in Vinegia, appresso santo Moyie al segno it V Angela 
Raphaelln, per Francesco di Alessandro liimloni t[ Mat 

Pasi/ii compa 
Very hark. Fetched £22 at Hanrott'a sale, and £ll. fii'ut i 
The blank margins of the first seven leaves are neatly mended. 

3GG99 Vkrini. Ardore d'Amore . . per . . Giouubattista Verini . . till 
sua Dina Cleba, Co vna Cofessione d'Amoro . . Gothic iLcttrt, 
with a woodcut on title, very rare, Tu Vinegia per Ago 
Bendmii . . 1543 — Epistole di M. Enea Picolbvomini . . da M. 
Alessandro Braccio in volgare tmdotte . . In. Vinegia per Fran- 
eeteo SmdoniTSinihmi], ^- Mdiiliro J'asini, compagni , . 1541 — 
2 vols, in 1, 12rao. old calf, rebooted, 28* 1541-43 

Nicolo Zoppini (1508-36). 

36700 BOCCACCIO. Fiametta . Opera Gentile & Eleganto Noruinata 

Fiametta Alamorose Donne Mandata Composta Per . . . Ioanne 
Boccaccio . . . 12mo. iritli woodout on title, fine copy in 
monteo extra, gilt edges, by Cape, £4. 4s 

Tmpreteo in Venetia . . . 1511 
The type is apparently the same an that which was u.-e.l in the Cornazano 

36701 CORNAZANO. Opera Nona de Miser Antonio Cornazano i terxa 

rirnn : la q'l tratta. De modo regedi . De motu Foniii- . I )■• 
iir^'i-itatc rai Militaris: & qui in re militnri Lmperatoree B3 
luerint . Noumuf-tc impressa : & Hystoriata, 18mo. with 19 
woodcutt, red morocco extra, gilt edge*, from the linn ih .-i, 1'oi.i.. 
library, £2, 16* Tmpreua mi Venetia per Nicolo Z 

Viin-.-iitin comjiagni . l.M- 
The large woodcut on the title, representing Cnraazano deliverii 
precepts lo the young Alfonso of Fcrrarn. is -igncd with the initials E. A. 

36702 TniBALDEO. Static nana de raiser Antonio Thibaldeo : . 1 vtivhio 

Iualo no amiido in giouentn : fu costretto amare in vecobiesa 
altre Stantie singulurissime in dialogo & vna Fabni 
Nareiao de miser Giouanne mozarello da Mantoa, 12mo. jine 
woodcut on title, with the last leaf containing the pi 
an tn morocoo, gili edges, 36* 

Impressa in Venetia per Xicolo dicla Zopino <V I 

oompngno . 1520 
03 ARIOSTO. Orlando Fvkioso di Lvdovico Ariosto . . . ristarapato 
ft con molta tlili <Zt otia da lvi corretto . . . sm. 4to. tome ' 
Hained at begimiing and the. last thru- in facsimile, in a 

. :. ilarl. leather, the tides covered with alternate rows of 
gold ami blimd-tooled ornament, the I with an 

from which jlames are issuing, £1">. 

Skunpato fu lineUta t'itta di Veneti olo Zcpini 

Vim o net, 

Bonad nlmnt I.' in. .Mi. 


("04 ARIOSTO, Orlando Fvrioso, sra. 4to. the first *heet in facsimile, in 
the original binding oeecutedfor Maioli, covered with gold tooling, 
and hearing the insoriptioni " Orla||do||Fvrj|so|| " and "Tho. 
Haioli et aniicorvin ;" in a cloth ease, £25. 1524 

3705 Cornazano. Prouerbii d. M. Antonio Cornazano in Facetie : 
riatCpat) di nnouo : & cotrc Prouerbii ngiunti : & dui Dialoghi 
nuoui in disputa : .... 18mo. with wooden/ border i« title, and 
17 woodoute, with the rare last leaf with " Tabula," fine copy, 
blue morocco extra, ijill edges, £3. 3s 

Stiunjnitii in Van tin ]'■ r Nioolo Zopino de Aristotile di 

Rossi de Ferrara. 1525 

3C70G ARIOSTO. Comedia di Measer Lodovico Ariosto intitolata 
Casaaria . . . Stampatu in VitUffia per Nieoio di Aristotile di 
%ra di Ho Zoppino. 1538. — Cornedia di . . . Ariosto intitolata 
Gli Soppositi, id. 1538. — Le Lena Comedia di . . . Ariosto. 
Zti 7 Mapheo Pasini BooU. 1538. 

— II Negromante Comedia di . . . Ariostp. In Vinegia per 
Nioolo oV Aristotile delto Zoppino. 1538. — 4 vols, in 1, 12mo. with 
but portrait on, each title, in a titeteenth-century gilt morocco 
binding, with the medallion and device of Canevari, in a red 
moroeeo case, £50. Vinegia, 1538 

1707 CONVIVIO DELE BELLE DONNE Doue con li nuoui recami 
•v lasorieri co gitista misura compassati . . . sm. 4to. title 
iriil •/ Ini-tl. r, trith 89 pagee ofwoodoui Lace Designs, 

fin moroeeo super extra, gtU edges, £50 

tampato fn Vinegia per Nioolo tC Aristotile detto 

Zopino. 1531 
< v n-i-ic-. n[ '2-j lenvcK, «iih dgnnlnm Aii -XI. The Ban two lama 

in tin- ml.- miii dedication. On the woodcut at tin- Ix-tcutii of the lilli' 
there is ■monogram oompond ot the following initials iu lioiuan I'huroctera : 

— T.H.M. tad P. 

708 GDAZZO. Astolfo Borioso di MeBser Marco Gnazzo . . . (in 
ottava rima, parte prima), with large woodcut on title and many 
m the tat, Tm i Veaei/in per Nioolo a" Aristotile Ferrareee 

no. 1539 — Di Aatotfo Borioso la scconda parte di 

Mtirco Gduzzo . . . with woodcut border to title, and MMMTOM 

iouie, ib. 1533 — 2 vols, in 1, am. 4to. fine copy, brown morocco 

I .,/,„, gilt , /,„ r, by i '. Lewis, £12. lUs 1533-39 

A »err rare metrical romance. It follows ont of the argument of tho 
of < imrlemngnc and his |ieers. and is written in imitation of the 
( iilmi'lo l'uriuso. Astolfo the Vainglorious I'M King of the Lombards. 

TAL!. Linuo PBIKO della historia de l'Indie occidentali. [On 
■ me:] Srmnilrio de la generale historia do l'Indie occidentali 
ato >ln lilii i BCritti 'lit I aignor don Fietro Martyro . . . — LlBBO 
8KCOSDO delle Indio occidentali. [On rem m ] Svmmario de la 
hi torifl . . . composta da Gonzalo ferdinando del Otiiedo . . . 
lotta di lingua castigliana in Italiana . . . — LlBBO VLTUtO 
del o delle Indie occidentali. [Leaf 2 :] . . . doue ai 

I di tin to quollo ch' c stato fatto nel tronar la prouinuia tic 


Peru, onor del Cusco . . . [da Francesco de Xerez]- 
three parts in 1 vol. sm. ito. with the rare genuine map of " 
Spagnvola," and a facsimile of the unique map of the East In 
vellum, £15. 

In Vinegia (printer's name not specified), MDXXXIIII (15341 

30/10 the same, a fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt ad 

by Bedford, £21. 1584 

Excessively hare, the three parts being scarcely ever found together. 
The first part is dateless, bat the year 1534 appears on the titles and in the 
colophons of the second and third. 

The small map is the earliest we have of St. Domingo, and Is very rare 
indeed, being one of the only two copies known. 

The facsimile of the largo map is taken from the unique copy in the 
Lenox Library. 

On the last leaf of the Libra seeondo there is a notice of this large general 
map (" tavola vniuersale del iwose di tut to le Indie occidentali ") and of two 
other smaller ones (" insiemo con le tanole particulari csuate da due carte da 
nanicarc di Spagnuoli"!, one of which belonged to Peter Martyr and ni 
drawn by Xuno'Garzia do Toreno, of Seville, and the other by another Seville 

Slot. We have above a facsimile of the large map, taken as stated from 
r. Lenox's copy, and the genuine map of Spagnnola, another copy of 
which was also in Mr. Lenox's possession, bat the third map luu not yet been 

The printer was probably Niccolo Zoppino, to judge from a com- 
parison of the types with those which he used in books that bear his name. 

36711 1l Viaggio fatto da oli Spaonivom a torxo a' l hovdo, -m. 

4to. hf. bd. £25. mdxxivi (181 

Kxcessitkl r sake. In this instance, also, neither the place nor the prin- 
ter's name is specified, bat the book comes evidently from the same press as the 
Summario, and was probably intended to be a fourth part or supplement of 
that collection. It comprises the two accounts of Magellan's voya^*. by 
Maximilian of Transilvania and Antonio l'igafetta; which are preceded hy 
a remarkable preface "al Lettore" in which the editor (who docs not give his 
name) shows himself to have been perfectly acquainted with the progress of 
discovery aud research in the west, and to have understood the real import UM4 
of the events then taking place, better than most of his contemporaries Thi* 
preface only occupies five pages, but it is indeed a noteworthy review of 
all the latest advances. 

Bernardino de Viano de Lexona Vercellese (1513-36). 

36712 CORTES. La Prcclttra Narrations di Ferdinando Cortese dello 

Nuona Hupatrna dd Mare Oceano, til Sacratissimo, ct Innictis- 
fiimo Carlo di Romani Imperatore serapre Augusto Re Dhispngnn, 
& cio che siegue, nellano del Signore. m.d.xx. trasmessa . . . 
small 4to. very fine copy of this rare book, with the excessively ran 
folding woodcut map of the town of Temixtituii ; tin- title uithiu n 
pretty woodcut border awl untouched by the'- Icnif 
r. •/■.«!! < if the last leaf is He printer's mark, mi elephant - 
a eatUe, the recto of the leaf being blank ; a few letters of -'. 

supplieil in beautiful facsimile; beautifully bmind 
lUper i.i!rn, i/ill edges, by Cliambulle-lJuru, £05. 

Stampala Ml )~ineliu per Bernardino de Viano de I. 
Vercellese. Ad instantia de Baptista de Pedei 


36713 tbe same, sni. 4to. with the last leaf of print'. 

but tint map in facsimile, the tup corners of tb m <f a fete 


KOMI "I tin' end mended, the last leaf but one a little injur' 'I, 
othenriie a very good copy, russia gilt, leather joints, gilt edge.', 
by Kallhoeber, BARK, £10. 1524 

Cortes' Second Letter, translated from the Latin of l'ctrns Savorgnanualiy 
Nicolo Liburnio. This volninc is of rare occurrence even when more or less 
incomplete, but it is extremely difficult to tiud it with the large folding map 
and with the woodcut border of the title-page not cut into by the binder's knife. 
1 1 la said, indeed, that only one or two copies are known to exist with the map. 
One fetched over 2000 francs at the Court Salo in Paris, 1884. 

The Da Sabbio family (1516-60). 

307 1 -t A i 'i;i a Historia de vita & miraeulis domini nostri JeBU Cbristi, 
12mo. with woodcut border to title, printed in large Missal type, 
Calf extra, gilt edges, extremely rare, £11. 10* 
Venetiis per Jodnem Antonium SfFratres: de Sabio [circa 1510] 
The following work is bound up in the same volume : — [Begins] 
" fofrajcripta sunt pcregrinutiones totius terre sun etc . . . ," [and end*' 
" riniunt ludulgi'iie. & pcrcgrinationes terre sacte hicrosulem Venetiis [circa 
IBM] mpreaso (»te). 

5 I [OM i:R. ' flMHPOT 'iXtac, p.eTa0\r,0elo-a irdXat «'? KOtvijV 
y\a>o-o~au . . . irapa Nt/coXaou rov XovKavov ■ ■ . 8vo. the 
Iliad in Romaic verse, with numerous woodcuts, beautiful copy in 
nil morocco . .ct ni, hmad borders of gold, gill edges by Derome, 
from the litckford library, Hamilton Palace, £60. 

Venetia, Stefano da Sabio, 1526 

Kxcessivklt kahe OBioiMAL kditiok, important as an early literary 
monument of the modern Greek language. The text is preceded by a 
Glossary of difficult Homeric word- retained in the paraphrase ; many of 
which are very simple indeed. When the paraphrase was made is not 
mentioned, but Nicolans Lucauua was probably a contemporary of the printer. 

The binding is not marked with the owner's arms, but his bookplate is 
inside engraved with his turns and the initials II. C. 1). L. (Brancaa, Comtedo 
Lnuraguais). There is also an inscription. " Bib. de La Vallicre," which 
shows that the Lauraguois' collection passed into the hands of the Dnc de la 

716 Bemiio. Do Gliasolani di M. Pietro Benibo neqvali si ragiona 
d'amore primo libro (libri III), 8vo. hf. bd. 10* 

Vinegia per Giovavantonio Sf i Fratelli da Sabbio. 1530 
The first leaf contains merely the words " Edition secouda." 
" < 'ctte edition, quo cite la L'rusea, est preferable aux preccdentes, parro 
qu'elle a M revue ct corrigce par l'auteur." — Brunei. 

Bruno. Rime di M. Pietro Bembo, 8vo. first edition, fine large 

i y, dark olive morocco, gilt edges, 36* 

1 inegia per Maestro Gionan Antonio Jj" Fratelli da Sabbio. 1530 

PRIMALEON. Loa tres libros del may esforcado cauallero 

Primaleon et Polendos su hermano hijos del Emperador 

[ntlmerin de Oliuti, am. folio, title printed in red and black, with 

70 woodcut ; numerous smaller woodcuts throughout the text, a 

• ye copy, somewhat stained, old green morocco extra, £12. 10* 

MA tie imprimir en la inclita ciudad del Senado Vene- 

oiomo . . . fue Impreso por M. luan Antonio de Nicolini de 

8abio, Alas espesas de M. Znan Batista Pedrecan (1534) 

ID tbe same, sm. folio, brown morocco extra, gilt edges, £25. 

'J here was no copy of this rare and beautiful edition in Salva'a collection, 



although he described ii carefully as one which he had seen and of wbl 
extolled the value. There is no better testimony than tins fuel to the • 
and worth of the volume. It was edited l>y Francisco Dvlicudo or Delgado. 

36720 XEREZ. Lidbo primo de la conqvista del Pert & prouincia del 

Ciizco de le Indie occidentali (La ndmirabile . . narratione 
della conquista del Perv . . mandata a ana Maiesta per 
Francesco de Xerez . . tradotta nouamOte in lingua Italianaper 
Dominico de Gaztelu . .) small 4to. fine clean ocpy i 
£6. 6* 

Stampato in Vinegia per Maeilro Stephano da 

36721 the same, sni. 4to. Jine large copy in oil blue morocco 

gilt, £8. 8a 1536 

Vebv babe. Collation : Title, with large woodcut of imperial 
arms ; second leaf, containing a more ample title, with the translator'* name 
and arms on the back, dedication, 2 leaves ; text, 58 leaves, bearing signature 
a to / in eight, and g ten leaves. 

The statement clearly made on the second title concerning the translator 
and the original work disposes of tho confusion of Brunei- with regard to the 
authorship, and of on the subject of the translator, concerning whose 
birthplace be quotes hesitatingly tho conflicting statements of Ternaux and 
Alcedo. It provea the book to be a version of tin Spanish one printed at 
Seville by Perox (in 1S34), and that the translator was a native of Tndela in 

The words Libro prima seem to indicate that Stefano da Snbio intended 
to bring out nn American collection to rival the Summario in three parti 
which had ap|iearc<l the year before iu Venice. But nothing waa ever 
produced in continuation of the Xerez. 

36722 Xerez, Libro primo do la conqvista del Perv, 1535 — Libm BOOOBdo 

dello Indie occidentali (Svmmario de la natvralo et eeoenl 
historia de l'lndie occidentali, composta da Gonzalo ferdinando 
del Ouiedo . . tradotto . . in Italiano), with afutt-pagi 
0j u hammock, Stampato in Vinegia, 1534 — 2 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. 
a few leaves wormed, old calf gilt, with the arms of the Archbi 
if Reims on the tides in gold, from the Drake library, very i. 
£18. 18* 15:: 

36723 Dasii.u's (S.) Opera qntedam Beati ii Cwsariensis Kpuoopi 

Traetatus Ethicorum, Regula . . . De Virgmitata, Contia 
Eunominm, Item Sermouea & Epistole, etc. Grmce, sm. I 
riBST l I'lTlON, red morocco extra, gut edges, rnr. 

Yenetiisper SI'-jdianum de Sabio tuntj tie vera D. 

Ilamiani de Sancta Maria, 1535 
86724 [GIOVANNI DEL PLAN CARPIN.] Opera dilettcvulo & 
intendere, nclla qnal si contieno doi Itinerarii in Tartaria, 
alcitui Frnti dell' ordine Minore, e di S. Dominico, mandati .1 1 
l'apa Innocentio III I. nella dctta Prouincia de Seithia per 
Ambasciatori, Non piu uulgari/atn, 12mo. with woodoul 
Mongol's head on the title, I 000 extra, gilt edges, from (he 

Hamilton Palace Library, £16. 16l 

Vimegia per Oilman' Antonio de ... 
Vkbt hark. Fibst BniTins of the account of Giovanni del I'lan 
Carpin concerning his embaasy from the l'opa to the successor of Cbiugii 
Kban(A.D, 1246-47). 

85725 TIRANTE IL BIANCO Valorosissimo Cavaliero: nelqralo 
contjrnsi del principio della i:i|ialciia : del stato, & vflicio sao: 


dell' essaniine, clie dobbe esser fatto al geutile, e generoso 
huomo, clio dell' ordino di caualeria decorar si vnole , . . Di 
lingua Spagnola nello idioraa nostra per Messer Lelio di Man* 
fr.ili tradotto, etc. 8vo. title with fine woodcut border, red morocco 
extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, £10. 

/.; Vinegia. Nelle ease di I'ietro di Nicolini dii Sabbio: alle spese 
pero del Nnbile huomo M. Federioo Torretano d'Asola, 1538 
Excksdinoi.t bark. Hibliert's copy fetched £12. 12f, and Libri'a 401 fr«. 

27 BOIARDO. Orlando Iunamorato. I tie libri dello innamora- 
mextio di Orlando di Mattheomaria Boiardo . . . In Vinegia. 
-V< ' di Nirvlim da Sabbio. 1539 — II qvarto 

liliro dello innamoramento di Orlando . . Composto per Nieolo 
delli Agostini . , ib. 1539 — 2 vols, square 8vo. with woodcut 
front iipite: ,• ,n.,l iihiptjini copy iii green morocco extra, gilt edge*, 
hi/ I'ervme le jeunr, with hit ticket, a beautiful piece of binding, IT. 


30726 APPIANUS. Civii.i. Appiano Alessandrino dollo guerre Cinili 

de Ruiuani tmdotto da M. Alcssnndro Braceio . . 12mo. in the 

binding with an elegant mosaic pattern of Qrolieretq'iu 

in green, white, blaek,and gold tntefltuementt ,• 

a very fine example, £40. Pietro di Nioolbti da Sabio, 1538 

WOO.] Chaos del Tri per Vno, 12mo. with woodcuts, old 
green morocco, gilt edges, rare, 21s 

Giouann Antonio §■ Pietro fratelli de Nicolini da Sabio. 1546 

86728 Zaxchi. Del Modo di Fortificar le Citta. Trattato di M. Giovan 
It.ittista de' Zanchi da Pesaro. Al . . . Be Massiinilianod'Austria, 
Etc di Boemia . . . sm, Ho. with woodeul portrait, numerous 
jiln: . a beautiful copy, large and clean, blue morocco 

■extra, n\ , Belt-Niedree, £2. 10s 

In i r Thmenico, §• Cornelia de' Nicolini da Sabio, 1500 

Vucv iiahk Apparently unrecorded. 

Cesare Arrivabene (1518-22;. 

I7S9 BOCCACCIO. Fiammetta . . . Dopo la ultima e piu fedel firentina 

impressione nouamente reuista . . . ttampata in Venetia pre 

euetaro arrivabio Venitiano: ne li anni . . mille cinque-cento 

idoto . . (1518)— S.\x Pkdbo (Diego de) Cabceb i>amork 

traduto dal magniueo miser Lelio do Maufredi ferrareso: de 

Iiiioma Spagnola in lingua materna . . Stampata in Venetia p. 

u Rusconi . . 1518 — 2 vols, in 1, 12mo. "/■/ stamped 

morocco, bark, £12. 1518 

Neither of these rare edition is mentioned hy Ttrunet. The first 

consists i.I' ciiii leatCB, in. hiding the title, signatures A-N in eights. The 

second consists of signatures u-l in eights. 

Juan Batista Pedrezano (1531-54). 

I ELESTINA.) TbaoiComedia de Calisto y Melibeas .A 

afiadido el tractado de Ceturio, 12mo. (Gothic 2Tgpr, 

the title and several in the text very good. 

25J •' 


clean copy, limp vellum, very rare, £8. 10* 

Venecia, por miscer Juan batista Pedrezano mercader de 

libros que tiene por ensena la Tore : iunto a! pucnte de 1531 

Primaleon — see ante under the Da Sabio family. 

36731 MEDINA. L'Arte del Navegar, in larval si contengono le regolc, 

drchiarationi, secret i, & auisi, alia bona nauegation necessarij. 

Composta . . . Pietro da Medina, & tradotta de lingua Spagnola 

in volgar Italiano . . . [da Vicenzo Paletino da Corzula], sm. 4to. 

vilh woodcut on title, diagrams, map and initials, hf. bd. £3. 15a 

In Yinetia, adinetantia di Oioanbattista T 

Nella Stamparia de Aurelio Pincio], 1554 
Vettor de Ravani & Company (1531- ). 
36731 , Epicdro (Antonio). Cecaria. Tragicomedia del Epicuro Napolitano 
intiolata la Cecaria . . In Yinegia per Vettor de Rautn. 
Compagni . . 1538 — L'Amoroso Convivio di Dante . . 
in Yinegia per Mar chio Sessa . . 1531 — Libro della vita ci\ 
. da Mnttlieo Palmieri . . (no marks, but by Sessa) — 3 vols, in 1, 
12mo. ruled with red lines, vellum, arms on sides, 32* 1531-38 
3G732 CASTIGLIONE (Baldesar) il libro del Cortigiano, 12mo. in the 
original binding of smooth dark morocco, richly gilt ami ornam. 
at a later date (about 1590) for Demetrio Oam ran', whose medal- 
lion is impressed in the centre, and whose mark of two interla 
AA (deltas) is added above and below, in a red morocco case, £50 

Vinegia, Vettor de Jlabani, 1538 

The chief peculiarities of this binding are the appearance of the deltai, 

and the ooter row of ornament added by Demetrio Cancvari. This is > scries 

of oblong figures, alternately red and silver, united by bars or links of gold, and 

evidently representing a long chain of pearls and rubies. 

Joanne Andrea Valvassore (1532-33). 

30733 La vita di Esopo historiata. Francisco del Tuppo . . . ISmo. 

with numerous woodcuts, in the original morocco binding, with 
ornaments on thesides and back, the name "S. Laldomine" wilhiu 
the centrepiece on the upper cover, and " Marignolli " on the lower 
cover, £3. 10* 
Zoanne Andrea Valuassore, decto el Quadagnino. nel A> 

A curious document as allowing that the celebrated artist who did tlie 
engravings of Poliphilo, turned printer in his old age. The book U verv rare. 
Aluise Torti (1534- ). 

30734 ARIOSTO. Orlando Fvrioso di Meeser Lvdovico Ariosto . . 

nvovamente da lvi proprio corretto e daltri canti nvovi aznpliato 
nvovamento stampato, sm. 4to. old calf, from the Sw 
library, £15. Stampato in Vinegia per Aluise Torti. 

Rare. The title is in red and black, with a woodcut portrait of Ariosto 
in the centre. This edition contains the 46 cantos. 

Contains signatures A-Z and a-h in eight* except h (4 leaves). 
Bartholomseus Zanetti (1535- ). 

30735 Boccaccio. II Dec&merone . . . nuovamente stampato et ricorrotto 

per Antonio Brncioli, sm. 4to. the first edition by Brt«. 
old red morocco, £2. 

Vinetia ad instantia di Oiouanni Giolito, MBXXXY ! 1 1 

36735 # the same, sm. 4to. large and thick taper, wan 

tilh and the last leaf, old calf, £4. (1 

Only one other Largo Paper copy is known. 


36736 IIKSIODI Aacraei Opera et Dies. Theogonia. Scutum Hereulis. 
Omnia nero cu multis optimisque expositionibus (omnia Grtece), 
square 8vo. beautiful copy in green morocco extra, gilt edges, 

Venetiis in auiibus Bartkolomai Zanelli Gastenagensis, 1537 

3C737 BIBLE. II Nvovo Testamento . . . Di Greco tradotto in lingua 
Toscana, per Antonio Brvcioli, 2 parte in 1 vol. thick 12mo. fine 
clean copy, with the autograph of " M It Fulci Bonon :" on 

last leaf, brown morocco extra, gilt edges, £4. 10* 
Sluiiijniiii in Venetia per Bartholomeo de Zanetti da Bressa, 1540 

Gabriel Giolito de Ferrari (1532- ). 

36737*BOCCACCIO. II Decamerone di Messer Giovanni . Nvovamento 
correttoper Messer Antonio Bruccioli, thick 18mo. vellum, 20s 
In Veitetia per Gabriel Iolito de Ferrarii. 1542 
" Jolic Edition."— Brunei. 

38 I'LIXIO. Historia Natvrale di C. Plinio Secondo di Latino in 
volgare tradotta per Chriatophoro Landino . . . corretta Per 
Antonio Brncioli - . . thick small 4to. old brown morocco, 
red with golden shllnle dots and angle ornaments, having in 
the centre of the tide* the device (Bear and Bagged Staff) and 
initials (B. D.) of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, stamped in 
silver, in a remarkably fine state of preservation, gilt edges, £15. 
In Venetia appresso Gabriel Iolito de Ferrarii. 1543 

IL PETRARCHA con l'espositione d'Alessaudro Vellvtello . . 
Bm. 4to. numerous woodcuts, the woodcut border of the Mile 
slightly cut into, otherwise a fine copy, ruled throughout with red 
ink lines; citron morocco extra, gilt edges, with Count Hoym's 
arms on the sides ; bound by Padeloup, £25. 

Vinegia, Gabriel Giolito, MDXXXXV 

ARIOSTO. Orlando Fvrioso di M. Lvdovico Ariosto . . . con 
alevne stanze del . s. Alnigi Gonzaga in lode del medesimo . 
Aggivntovi . . . vna brone expositione. Et Tavola ... 2 vols, 
in 1, 12mo. woodcuts, old French red morocco extra, gilt edges, 
£4. 4* In Vinegia appresso Gabriel Giolito de Ferrari. 1546 

Vl Orlando Fvrioso . . . con alevne stanze, ct ciuqvo d'vn 

DTOVO Libra . . . con alevne allegoric, et nel fine una breuo 

rx positions et tavola . . . Bq. 8vo. with many elegant woodcuts 

and initial.-!, ruled with ml lines, fine copy in brown leather, 

with QroUer gold tooling, with the name <f "Anne 

gvter" in tht centre, rebacked, gilt goffered edges, £4. is 

Vinegia Gabriel Giolito de Ferrari . efratelli . 1551 

12 the same, square 8vo. red morocco super extra, gilt edges, 

by Cape, £5. 1551 

13 PETRARCHA (H) con l'espositione d'Aleasandro Vellvtello . . . , 

8vo. with elegant initials, and woodcuts to the Triumphs, fine copy, 
IN idice morocOO, richly gilt on sides, gilt 
edges, £4. In Vinegia appressa Gabriel rrari 

e. fralelii . 1550 


36744 IL PETRARCAcon la spositione di M. Gio. Andre kldo, 

sin. 4to. woodcuts ; fine oopf •" the original mtooth red morocco, 
bound for the famous Cardinal Aleuavndiro Waniete, with 

elegant arabesque arid interlaced design in silver, green, am! gold, 
on the sides; his amis and hat forming the centre pi- 
obverse cover, the reoerte baonng simjilg the motto Doi 
Farnesiana semper florida exit, £42. Qabreil Gialiln, 1 

:iiirU # GiovANNi. I Qvattro Libri della Caccia, di Tito Giovanni Scan- 
diancse . . . con la Tradvttione della Sfera di Proclo . . . dull" 
Autore ..." 2 parts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. with Many beautiful 
woodcuts and initials, alf, rare, •■>'2»- 
In Vinegia appresso Gabriel Qiolito dc Ferrari, et fratilli. \ 

36745 Paraoorgo. Comedie di M. Girolamo Parabosco . . . 1 - 

red morocco, nil li interlaced BS aid YY. mid den, s-ie-ltt M the 
bach, gilt edges, 30s 

In. VttUgia uppressn I ,'abriel QioVtode' Ferrari. 1560 

36746 Giicciardini. Dell' Histuria d' Italia di M. FranC" Gvieciardiiii 

. . . gli vltimo qvattro libri non piv stampati . . . sm. 4to. 
copy, old French red murocco extra, gilt and marbled edges, tcith 
arms on sides, £3. 16s 

In Vimegia appresso Gabriel Giolito de' 1564 

These ITtb, I8th, 19ih uml Mttfa baokl are rare, and often wanting from tela. 

36747 Dolce. Lo Prime Imprese del Conte Orlando di M. undoi 

Dolco . Da lvi composte iu ott-ava riina . . . sm. 4to. 
iiiinieriat< woodwtt with the initial P. P., and woodcut initiah. 
morocco, gilt eilges, 36s 

In Vinegia appresso Gabriel Qiolito de' Ferrari, 1573 

Comin de Trino (1535- ). 

36748 Petkakciia (II) con 1 'espositione d'Alessandro Vellvtello . . . 

12mo. old red morocco, rare, 24s 

In Vinegia per Cumin de Trino de Ml 

..-.a favgrit §t Zuane di Fraucesij Compagni . . 1541 
86749 Machiavklli. II Prcncipe di Nicolo Machiavelli. La Vita di 
Castrvccio Castracani da Luea. II Modo che tenne il Dnca 
Valentino per amrnazzare Vitellozzo Vitelli, Oliuerotto da Fcrmo 
il S. Paolo, et il S. Duca di Grauina. I Ritratti delle Cose di 
Francia, & d'Alemagna, 12nio. calf, £1. lit 6d 

In Vinegia, per Comiti ■ 1541 

The Aldine auclior appears on the title. 

750 PATRITIO (Francesco). II Sacro Regno de 'I gran' IV 
uiio reggimento, o de la uera felicita. de '1 Principe, t 
diue burnaiia, sm. 4to. with vvndrut title ami initials, ti 
specimen of Italian Oroliexeigite binding, covered with a mosaic 
and interlaced design in red, white, green, gold, and black, in very 
fine j. re." nation, gilt goffered edges, £25. 

In Vinegi I o di Monferrato, L'anm 

86751 JOVIU8 (Pauliis). Pavli Invii NovocomenBia Bpii oeruri 

Historiarvm gvi femporis . Tomvs priino 
in 'J \ thick PJiiio. ruled throughout with red mi 

ginal smooth morocco, covered with gold dot* and interlaced 


1 in mosai 


and gold, 

lite tutes and bacfe; ajresn ami \o '/-/'- served specimen, JtoU. 
Venctiis Wptd Cominvm de Tridino Montisferrati, anno 1553 
Bound probably in Venice about 1570. 

Vespasiaso. Opora di Frate Vespasiano Amphiareo da Ferrara 
. . . nclla qvalc »i insogna a scrivere varie sorti di lettere, . . . 
oblong 8vo. with 85 woodcuts of Oraauuntal Alphabet* and 
Calligraphy, fine copy, red morocco super extra, gilt edges, by 
Petit, HARK, £5. bs 

In Yinegia per Oomin daTrino di Monferrato, I'linno 155G 
Contains signatures : * (4 leaves), and A-F in eights, except F (4 learn). 

Francesco Marcolini (1530- ). 

53 [DoHI.] L'Asinesca Gloria dell' Inasinito Acadomico Pellegrino, 
small 8vo. with woodcut on title, and 21 ounoiu ipoo&outi in the 
;<.' copy, red morocco super extra, gilt edges, very rare, 36s 
In Vinegia nell' AcaJemia l'vlleyriiia per Francesco 

Marcollini, 1553 

BOCCACCIO. Lo Cento Novelle [del Boccaccio] da Messcr 

Viucenzo Brvgiantino detto, in ottava riuia . . . urn, 4>to. with 

leutf and initials, fine copy, blue tnOTOCCO extra, gilt edges, by 

JJeroihsle jeune, with the label of Qirardot de Prefrnd in red 

moroete inside the cover, vert rare, £25. 

In Vinegia 1554 per Francesco Marcolini 
"Volume tres-rare." — Brunei. 

ZENO. Dei Commentarii del Viaggio in Persia di M. Cateriiio 
Zeao il K. . . . libri dvo . Et dello scopriinento dell' Isole 
l'Yislamla, Eslauda, Engrouelanda, Estotilanda, & Icaria, fatto 
sotto il Polo Artico, da due fratelli teoi, Id Nicola il K. e M. 
Antonio . Libra Vno . . . 12mo. with the ukiginai, map, fine 
copy in French red mot . gilt top, uncut, by Ilardy, £21. 

In Venetia l'cr>- . 1558 

The Bcckford copy fanned £60 \ the Duko of Hamilton's £38. The 
chief value of tliis little volume lies in its map, which professedly originates 
with the record of the voyage of the brothers Zcno iu 1-380-90. The contro- 
versy which hal lung rageil with regard to the genuineness of the map (in 
which Greenland is better designed tlinn in any map printed before 1658) is 
still nnended. and Baron Nordenakjold bus added his celebrated name to the 
Dumber of the disputant* Mr. Major has pretty nearly settled the mntter 
nl ■ lie text, and MaigDSd their proper local relation lo the chief circumstances 
"f the narrative, but the history of the enigmatical map has still to be 

I. The Zcno who gate it to the world in 1558 states that be produced 

«n the old M.S. chart left b» his ancestor, and it b) evident from the 

eonflgtmtion of Greenland that ho possessed better sources of knowledge 

my of his contemporaries. The lands which appear on tlio left margin 

■ il i hi map (broken by the border of the engraving), lie south-west of Green- 

land, snd are marked Estotiland (Labrador) and Drogeo (which is either the 

i -east comer of Labrador, or else Newfoundland). 

Other Printers. 

J756 ROSA lilt i in iosa vrroink Maria Di nuouo Stampato 

da C'ASTELLoJ.con nuoue & belle Figure adornato, 

>h nearly 200 wood -engravings and a woodcut border to 


v page, water-stained, old smooth morocco binding, a 
wormholes through the leather, the sides and hack cor: 
iiiti'rlno'd 'lesigiu combining several geometrical fi ill i"» 

broad silver lines edged, with gold, the three interlaced ores- ■ 
of Diane de Poitiers forming a centrepiece, the inscription " lo. 
Grolierii ET AMICORUM " added in the bottom of an outer gold 
border on the upper side ; in a red morocco case, £50. 

(Without mark, but Venice, about 1530) 

The extraordinary combination of these two names ia only to be accounted 
for by supposing that, between the years 1559 and 1565, Diane (who had had 
the binding done for her after the death of Henri II) either sent the book a* a 
present to Grolier, or else turned it ont of her library, and that it was then 
acquired by him. 

36757 [Tansillo (Luigi).] Stanza di CvRvra sopra gli Horti de Ie 

Donne, stampato nvovamonfco, et historiate, 18mo. with 4 toood- 
cuts, olive morocco extra, by J. Mackenzie, £4. is [Venice] 1538 

36758 [Tansillo (Lnigi).] Stanza in Lode de la Menta a le belle et 

cortosi Donne, 18mo. with 3 fine woodcuts, red morocco ea 
with blue leather centre-pieces richly ornamented with gold tl 
gilt edges, by Burn, £5. [Venice] 1538 

This and the preceding articla form a complete early edition of lh* 

36759 Paradossi cioe Sententie fvori del comvn parere : . . 12mo. in the 

original Italian binding richly gilt d burl.-. 

"Hercvles . II." on one cover, and "Ferrar. Dvx . VI " on the otht r, 
£5. In Tmetui 1545 

36760 Tasso. Lo Letterc di M. Bernardo Tasso . . 12mo. old Vemtt 

red morocco, with gilt tooling on the sides, gilt edges, £4. 

In Vinrgia, nclla Boltega d'Erasmo di Vincenzo Valgrisi: 1549 

36761 MASHAL HA-KADMUNI, by Isaac ben Salomon Sahnla, edited 

by Meir ben Jacob Frwizoni : a work consisting of proverbial 
phrases in rhynie, illustrated by prose fables, all in Hi : 
sm. 4to. numerous woodcuts of talking animals and other facetious 
tl' signs, somewhat in the style of ^Esop and the Septt m E 
h'lintil in hogskin, stamped with portraits and arabesques in ■ 
partmenU, DM the arms of Saxony, very rare; from the Sunder- 
land library, £4. 4* s. n. (Venice, about 1" 

Hound along with three olher rare Hebrew pieces: Shcvile Amunah, 
Trent, 1559; Snaar-ha-Shamavim, by Geraon ben Solomon, Vines, IS*:-, 
Kvronoth, a Hebrew Calendar, Trent, 1561. 

The names of the printers are uot indicated in any of ihetc pieces. 

36762 Pdlci (Luigi). Morgantc maggiore qvale tratta della morte del 

conto Orlando e de tvtti li paladini . . . with rude woodcuts, fin* 
tall Mpy, calf neat, £3. 

1m presto in Venetia />ir Gioanne Pod 

This edition is mentioned neither by Haym nor by Urunet, The volume 
consists nf title, 194 leave*, and 1 leaf with the printer's device. 

I In- famous and popular poem was constructed by Pnlci from the older 
chronlelM and romances of Roland and tlie peer! of Charlemagne, wbilo 
frequenting the court of the magnificent Lorensa The first edition appeared 
in 1481. It is generally iccopniicd in modem times as a burlesque upon the 
romance of rhivalry, but it was not so considered in the sixteenth and str~ 
teemh auturies. 


36763 LA GLORIA ET L' HONORE de Ponti Taqliati, e Ponti in 

Aere . . Bin. 4to. with 29 woodcuts of exquisite Lace Vesigns. 
vellum, unique, £40. 

In Ycnetla per Mathlo Pagan In Freiatla al a 

delta Wette. 1558 
Consist* of 16 leaves (numbered from signature A (I)-VI1I), of which 
the first leaf contains the title, surrounded by a woodcut border, and the 

36764 [TANSILLO (Lnigi)] Stanze Amorose, eopra gli Horti delle 

donne dfc in lode della menta. La Caccia d'araore del Bernia. 
Qnarantadui Stanze in materia d'amore . . 12mo. with wooden/., 

' Copy in nitron morOCCO e.iiru, joints, silk linings, gill edges, 

with O.Hervng'i ticket, £5. 5s In Venetla, 1574 

The first poem in the volume is the well-known work "il Vksdem- 
•iiatorb," which was naturally placed in the Index as an infamous and 
dangerous production. It is a light ami elegantly written poem on u subject 
which is banished from the domain of all honest literature. 

Aldine Press. 

Aldus Manutius (1494-1515). 

765 MUS./EI opnsculum de Uerone & Leandro, qnod & in latinam 
lingnam ad nerbum tralatnm est, Greece et Latino, small 4to. 
Fibst Edition, with two curious woodcuts, jine clean cup;/, in 
morocco, excessively bake, £36. [ Vinetiis, Alius, 1494] 

3G766 the same, sni. 4to. remarkably fine large copy, with rough 

leaves, red morocco super extra, gilt edges, by Chambollv-Dm ». 
£42. [1494] 

This choice and beintiful book is the first and rarest production 
of the Aldine Press. 

" Ce mince volume ct la Oaleomyomachia, sinou les deux plus rarcs, nu 
mcjius les deux plus preeieuses peut-ctro de* editions primitives d'Alde, sont 
regardes commes lea piemitrs essais des travaux de cettc Imprimerie." — 

"Production litterairement ct lypographiquement sopericurc it la Oali o- 
myomachia." — Rmouaril. 

767 BEMBO. Petri Bembo de Aetna ad Angelvm Chabrielem Liber, 
small square 8vo. a very fine large and clean copy, £20. 

ImprestrvniVenetlis in aedibvs Aldi Romani . . M.V.D. (1495) 
" J.ivret extri-tneincnt rare, et d'unc grandc beanie. C'eat Ic premier 
outrage tout latin imprime par Aide."'— Rtnouard. 

36768 ARISTOTELIS Opera, Greece ; TheopbrostideHistoriaPlantarum 
libit X, et de Cansis Plantarum libri VI, etc. Greece, 5 vols, in 6, 
feliOi First Edition, a very good sound and clean copy, with 
•■u:\nirary Greek MS. notes in the margins of the first 200 
U if the last volume, with Hie TllEOPHRASTUB IN DUPLICATE, 

I in old calf, backs broken, hare, £20. 
I in fretsvm Venetiis' rilatc Aldi Manueli Romani, 1495-8 
De Ootta's i spy fetched 660 fr., Heber's 4T43. another of Hcber's £t», 
• uard's £40, a copy in 1853 1300 fr., RearziV 710 fr . Itiva's 675 fr., 
Libri'l £iS, Sir John Thorold's for £61, and Wodhulls for £30. 

IAZA. In hoc uolnniine hacc insunt. Thcodori Introductina) 
grnmatices libri quattior. Eiusdem do Mcnsibus opusculum sane 



■ I Hfij.iilcliru. Apollonii gramatiei de constructione libri qaa' 
Herodianus de numeris. Greece, sm. folio, Editio Princeps. 
clean copy, old calf gilt, from the Sunderland library, rare, £ 

Impressum Venetiis in cedibns Aid* Romani . , 1485 
30770 TIIEOCRITI Eclogra triginta. Genus Theocriti <fe do inucnt 
bucolicorum. Catonis Romani sententire panenetica? dial 
. . . Theognidis megarensis siculi sentential clegiaciB . . . Aurea 
CarminaPythagorce. Phocylidaa Poetna admouitorium. Carmiua 
Sibyllas erytbneai de Christo Iesu domino tiro . . . Hesiodi 
Theogonia. Eiusdem scutum Hat-culls. Eiusderu georgicon 
libri duo, omnia Grace, sm. folio, laiy fine copy, but slightly 
wormed, old calf, £2. 10s 

ressum Venetiis characteribus ac tttulio 
Aldi Manucii Romani. 1495 
There were two Isaacs of sheets F and G. In this copy sheet F is of lb» 
First Is-suc. shirt li of tin- S.von.l. 

I In- same, sm. folio, First Issue, some leaves A 


a few iUghtlu wormed, with "Ad usum Herculis Doyoni liclltt- 

• is" in MS. on title, old French yellow morocco, gilt i 
£5. 5s 

30772 tbe same, sm. folio, Second Issue, fine clean copy, old 

red morocco extra, gilt edges, £10. l i 1495 

Hah: . Tbe volume contains the I'ibst Kdiiions of the majority, if Ml 
nil. of the pieces which it include*. Pinelli's copy sold for £11, Sir M. 
Bylcet' for XI3. 13», Libri's for G.'t5 fr., and the Snoderlnnd for £16. 

96773 BlKIDIOTBB. (AJexandri Ptcniitii iknedicti Veronensis l'hv?iii) 
Diaria de Bello Carolino, sm. 4t<j. tkt lust leave* a Utile wot 
Vellum, £3. (Veneli:, [Aldus], 1490) 

Vruv Kakk. llibbcrt's copy sold for £5. 5a, licina's for 155 fr., and 
the Syston 1'nrk copy for X5, 5s. 

36774 IAMF5LICHUS de mystoiiis Aegyptiorum. Cbaldteorum. 

rum. Proclus in Platonicum alcibiadem de aoima, atq ; da-i 
. . . (Latine), sm. folio, Editio Princeps, fine large copy, a few 

res wormed, with this autograph inscrij 
" Gratia Dei sum tjuod turn Jaipar Urijffglh. 1000," old monastic 
binding, RARE, £2. 10s 

Venetiis . . Mil ID. In ojdibui Aldi. (1 I 
Xbc following work is bound op in the same roiutM ' Kuarraliooca 
nl Icgoi i'li' fiibuluruiii fulgentii plnciadis," villi many woodcut initials, ratittr 

wortiKif. " fiiumwiwi Mediolanl p msgistru Vldwicfi scinientelcr una 

3G775 Inmih i i"Si.;s Gkxc.£ Gramma m>:i> (fcoctore Urbano Bolza-- 

sm. 4to. First Eiii iion, fine large oopy in red estra,by 

J'. I. r in gold '.'ii tides, 'jilt tdgee. £0. 10# 

I . •../,.. /,, cedibut Aldi Manutii Bomani. 1497. www Ianuario 

30776 1 1 hi. iii.i. fine large copy in blue morocco <-■ 

gilt edges, by C. Lewis, £8. 104 

I.mimmii.v Haiii. This was the first Greek Grammar written 
Latin Language, iirul even in H99 hud become so rare that in one of his 
kitten 1 ru-imi- ibplorM ill i;reat rarilv Sir M. 8j '' asM !"•• 

£11 16*. 

86777 [LEON10BN1 VTSCBNTIN1 (Nicolai)] Libellus do I-I^i.U- 
qnam nnlgo morbum Qfellicnm »■ cant, equal 1 


Very rare last leaf ••/ Hnita, olive morocco extra, gilt edges, with 
anchor on sides, TIBf RAKE, £8. 8* 

Hit, In domo Aldi ManutU, Mense Iunio. M.iii.D. (1497) 
One of the earliest works on this subject. Tlie last leaf contuiuiug the 
Errata is often wanting. 
(MAIOLUS (Lunri ■ntius) ) De Gradiluts Medicinunuu, square 
8vo. gly fine copy, in purple morn »/.-', 

velUtm fiy-leaoes, gut edges, byvoterianjeune. wilh aw-linr mi 
let, very hare, £6. Vmetiis (A! lux), 1497 

' *AATHPION (Psalterium), Greece, small 4bo. minted Ml red and 
blach, fa. ■ij. a ie i a the handwriting of Bishop Butler, 

red hoards, £10. . Aldus Mtiitutius (s. a. sed circa 1497) 

This excessively rake edition mint have been printed in 1497, or 
early in 1498 at latest, as it is included in the Aldine Catalogue of 1498. The 

Ion Park copy sold for £17. 

Tho first line of sign, i, which was accidentally omitted during the 
printing, has in this copy been supplied in au old handwriting. 

, -ii AKISTOPHANIS Comoediae Novcm, Greece, folio, riBBT edition, 
idi awl mottoes of John Fox (1529) on title and 
imprint, fine copy in old calf, very rare, £15. 15* 

Veiictiis apud Aldum. 1498 

1 the same, folio, a beautiful copy, large, elt an and sound. 

bound, with the beautiful original i II black Venetian 

iroeeo, finely footed, in excellent preservation, inlaid, £10. 10s 

1 198 

Ou llic fly-leaf after the colophon, there is un inscription iu the writing of 
".Miaoncs gender dc Norinbcrgn," stating that he bought this volume in 
„-n:i iu 1514, and the price he gave for it anil for the binding. 


1'IIILI, vbi liviuana omnia non nisi Somnivm esse 
docet. at.qve obiter pluriina scitv sane <ivam iligna 
cummemorat [auctor Franc iscus Columna], Hawse, 
folio, Euitiu Fiunceps, with exquisitely beautiful 
wood engravings from designs by b (i. e. Giovanni 
BelHno or Sandro Botticelli), same of them {according 
to Mr. Lake Price) by Vittore Garpaedo; a very fine 
<n/ J large copy from the libraries of Dr, Farmer and 
George Stevens, in green morocco extra, gilt edges, by 
C/tarles Lewis^ £100. Venetiit apud A/dum, 1491) 

Mr. Cheney's copy (sold by me to him six or seveu years 
i was resold on the 29th Jane of this year for £119, 
to the great benefit of his estate. The owners of property thus 
brought to auction must appreciate the plan pursued by some 
book-buyers, of entrusting their commissions, not to men whose 
lion they are interested in removing, but to agents who 
merely execute orders, 
I I I.I I I! I', l'l 1 ( :ii i. Libri sex nnper einendnti, sm. 4to. so/ne haves 
English red mora at, very rare, 

! 12s VeneH&t, aeouraUew. Apud Aldi, 1500 



iu 1 vol. thick sm. 4to. vellum, 30* Venetiis apud Allium, 1 199 

36785 the same, 2 parte in 1 vol. thick sm. 4to. purple mor 

£2. 10* 1 199 

36786 the same, 2 parte in 1 vol. thick am. 4to. very fine I 

and clean copy, with uncut leaves, vellum, £4. 

The first title runs : " Epistolm diueraorum philosophorurn, etc" — the 
second : " Epistolie linsilii Mngni, etc." Too first part only is dated. 

36787 CATHARINA pa SIENA (Sancte) Epistolk devotissime rlc 

. adunate insemi con gi-andissima dilipentia &. faticha per spatio 
di circa uinti anni per . . . frate Bartholomeo da Alzano da 
Bergamo, etc. sm. folio, with Very fine full-page woodcut portrait, 
dark olive morocco extra, gilt edges, £6. 10s 

Stampato in Inclita Cita de Venetia in Oasa De Aldo Ma 


This edition cited as Tcsto di Lingua is very scarce and much sought 
after in Italy. 

" So si rigaarda I'cleganzn de' carattcri, la bellezzadclla carta, lanitideua 
dclla stampa, quest' edizionc, di cui si trorano con estrema difficolti esemplari 
i.ilidi marginosi c ben conservati, e uno dc' piu bei monumenti delle stamps del 
vecchio Aldo."' — Qamba. 

36788 MART1ALIS, 12mo. top margin of title mended, otherwise an 

exceedingly large and fine copy in old Venetian morocco, richly 
ornamented with gold tooling, vellum fly-leave*, gilt gunfire edges, 
thick paper, from the Beckford library, £21. 

Venetiis in aedibus Alii, 1501 

The lettering MAR appears on the front cover. Both sides are ornamented 
with a brond border and an oval centrepiece, also bordered, with a simple rate 
in the panels on the back — all in gold. The back has been mended in two 
small pieces. The goffering of the edges is of a sort of luce-pattern, and is 
extraordinarily fresh and fine. 

36789 Piiii.ostrati de uita Apollonii Tyanei libri octo. Iidcm libri latini 

interprete Alemano Rinnccino florentino. Eusobius contra 
Hieroclem q. Tyaneum Christo conferre conatus fnerit. [dan 
latinos interprete Zenobio Acciolo, etc. 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, 
fine copy, old red morocco, Harleian gold tooling, RARE, £8. 8* 

Venetiis apu'd Aldum, LS0L&-4 

36790 PICI (Ioannis Francisci) Liber de Imaginatiotie, square 

exceeding!'/ large fine copy, in green morocco extra, leatl 
silk linings, gilt edges, with anchor on tides, £4. 4* 

Venetiis apud Aldum Bomanum, 
Vkbv scarck. The Riro copy sold for 141 francs, and Connt Libri'. for 
£5. 19s. " Un des volumes rares de la collection de« Aldo." — Orunet. 

36791 (POET.<E CHRIST1ANI VETERES, Orcece at Lotine), 2 vols. 

thick small 4to. good clean aopy in green morocco, £10. 

Venetiis apud Aldum, 1501-8 

36792 the same, 2 vols, in 3, with the Greek tests vf Joannes 

Damascenus and the Homerocentra in duplicate, lbOl-2—Qregorii 
Nazanzeni Carmina ((Trace), cam versione latina, with 

' in duplicate, Venetiis ex Aldi, Aeademia . . 1504 — N 
Panopolitae Paraphrasis Bvangelii secundum loaauen I 
KXTBEMELI RARE (Venetiis, Aldus, 1501) — together iii 4 vols. 

am. 4to. fine copiei in red morocco, gilt edges, with gold anchor on 

Bides, VERY RARE, £28. 

OfthePoetce Christian* Iicnouard Eays : " Collection in liniment rare et 
preciense . . . le pea d'exeroplaires qai restent, sont presqao torn plus ou 
raoins incomplet." The two supplementary pieces — Gregorins Nazanzonus 
and Nounus — are very seldom to be had. 
793 VALLA. Georgii Vallao Placentini . . de Expetendis, et Fugiendis 
Rebus Opus, etc. (de Arithmetica, Musica, Geometria, Astrologia, 
Physiologia, Medicina, etc.) 2 vols, large folio, with woodcut 
diagrams, russia, gilt edges, £4. 4s 

Venetiis in atdibus Aldi Romani, 1501 

36794 the same, 2 vols, large folio, red morocco extra, gilt edges, 

with anchor in gold on sides, £7. 7s 1501 

"Ces deux volumes sont de la plus belle execution, sur bon papier, bien 
imprimos, enfin. beaux commo tons les ouvragcs que pablioit alors celte 
Invpriinerie culebre " — Renouard. 

36795 VERGILIUS, 12mo. First Book printed in Italic 
characters, and one of the rarest of the Aldine Series, 
rerji slightly tcormed and mended in the first and last 
in-,, or three leaves, otherwise a very good copy in blue 
morocco, leather joints, gilt edges, Iry Kalthoeber, £155. 

Venetiis, ex aedibus Aldi Romani, 1501 

To procure the first Aldine Virgil in perfect condition is 

almost hopeless. Neither Mr. Beckford nor the Duke of 

Hamilton, although would-be purchasers at any price, could 

obtain a copy even in tolerable condition. 

36796 Iyvexalis. Peksivs, 12mo. with the anchor on the title, fine copy in 
French red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Derome le jeune, £2. 8s 

Venetiis in aedibvs Aldi, et Andreae soceri, mense Avgvsto, 

M.B.I. (1501) 
7'.'7 Him e. Le Terze Rime di Dante, 12mo. large copy, hf. bd. £2. 16* 

Venetiis in aedib. Aldi, 1502 

the same, 12mo. fine clean and large copy, hf. red morocco, 

./,// aaufri edges, £4. 1502 

The first edition of Dante in portable form, and tbe first book in 
which Aldus used his mark or the anciioii. 

Vat Duke of Hamilton's copy fetched £10, Mr. Beckford^ £ll. 15*, and 
tbe Syston Park copy XI 2. S* 

1799 (Tbtgtdidib, Greece), sm. folio, Editio Princeps, wanting the title 
word "Thucydides, 'four or five leaves at the begiu- 
: and end a little stained, but otherwise a good sound copy, 
vcllnm, rare, £3. 3* Venetiis in domo Aldi. 1502 

ii amds dk Vrbibos (G-raxe, cura Aldi Romani), sm. folio, first 
Ki'iliuN', wants sheet F, red morocco, leather joints, gilt edges, by 
Roger 1'ayne, rare, £5. Venetiis apud Aldum Romanum, 1502 
36801 Vai.ebm Maximi Dictorum et Factorum Memorabilium libri 
noreto, 12mo. vellum, 7s Venetiis in aedib. Aldi Romani, 1502 
Tbe Syston Park copy fetched £b. 6*. 
LUCANUS, 12mo. very line tall copy, ruled with red lines, in red 
-, by Roger Payne, with anchor in gold on sides, 
£4. 10* Pi netiis apud Aldum, 1502 

The Sunderland copy fetched £9. 


3C803 SornocLis Tragaediae So])tem cum CommeotaiiiB. TmgoHlinrum 
nomina. Ainx flagellifer. Electro, Oedipus tyrannus. Antigone. 
Oedipus coloneus. Trachinia;, Philoctetes QrW0$,tm. Bvo RMI 

EDITION, the corner of the Ji est leaf torn off, veau fane, gilt edges, 
20* Venetiu in ALU Eciniun' .\. \SOi 

First cditioic, and very kahk. The Syston Fork, copy sold for £12. 
Sir Mark M. Sykcs* for £8. 8», and a copy in red morocco wai fold nt 
Sotheby's in lSfi'i for £19. 

" l'lU'Btanliri-iina omnium htee edito est, qnie mnjoretn qniun cetera odium 
nnctoritntem babet, ct plus qoam qua-vis ulin. tide diguti est." — BrtmcJr. 

36804 STATU Sylvimim libri quinque, Thebeidos libri duodceim, 

Acliilleidos duo, 12mo. very Jine large copy in red morocco, 
yaufie edges, by Roger Payne, with anehui Ifl gold on sides, 
£5. 15* Venetiii, Ml At 

With the rare piece Orihogrophia <t FUxvs Dictionum Gracatum 
oaintutn apud Statium nt the end. 

The Hamilton copy without the Orthographia fetched .£5. IS?. 

36805 (ANTHOLOGIA GR<ECA] Florflegiofii Diversorum Epigram- 

iniitnm in septem libros, Grace, 12mo. maroon morocco i 
gilt edges, tcith anchor in gold on tides, £7. 10* 

: n ledibut Aldi, 1503 

First and rarest of the Aliline Kditions. 

36P06 Gkmisti, qni A Plotho dicitnr (Georgii) ex Diodori, & Plutn 

liistoriis de iis, quas post pugnnm ad Mantinenm gesta sunt, pa 
< il'ihi (niiiaiiip llrr.idiani a Marci principatn historian libri 
octo . . . Enarratiunculte nntiqua?, & . pcrbreues in totnm Tin 
dideiOj etc. (Imce, bid, folio, Jive copy, Dutch red mot 
ornamented with gold tooling, £2. 16* 

1 '. a 1 1 iit in , I Idi A • aeadawwiu, 1503 
36807 EURIPIDIS tragcedia? septendecim, ex quib. qna-daru liabcut 
comiuentarin. & rant bo. 1 . Hecuba, etc. Greece, 2 vols. H 
KlltST EDITION, jine large copy in nllum, tiO. 

! Aldum, 1503 

36808 tbe same, 2 vols. 12mo. very Jine large copy in red 

morocco extra*, gilt edgei, by Jigger l'nyne, £15. 15* 1503 

Though tbe titlo announces only 17 Tragedies, there are in this editi< n 
really 18, the Hercules Fureus being added nt the end of tbe Mo i»l m lume. 
30809 LUC1ANI opera. Icones Philostrati. Eiusdcm Heroica. Eioadam 
nit a- SopliisLirnni. Icones Iunioris Philostrati. Descripti 
i laUistrati. Grace, sm. folio, very fine huge and clean o 
lH rrn title and autograph of" ]'. di: Qardonnel. Ml 1 ' 'I . 
gilt, from the 8vnderhtf>a library, Rise, £7. 10» 

Vmi \ldi. 1503 

in tbe sume, sm. folio, very fine large and dt . but 

with " iwali wormhole through the first few leave*, blue 

<<•, gilt edges, by Derome, with Aldine anchor in gold on .- 
BIO. 1503 

36810*HOMER1 Ilias, Ulyssf.a. Batrachomyovacbia, 
II vmm (cam Vitg Homed ex Herodoto, Dione, 
Plutarcho). Grax?, -J rofs. sin. 8vo. FIRST Ai.niM 

bwtkw, PRINTED UPON VELLUM, ft at 

olfvt morocco binding by one of the artists who 


worked for Henri II, Diane, and ' 'atheriue, gilt edges, 


sides and back ornamented with a beautiful pattern 
of scroll-work decoration, it fers azures; from the 
Sunderland library, in red morocco cases, £650. 

( Venet. Aldus, 1504) 
Here we have Hie rare combination of a book in every way 
valuable, with a binding of the most precious character. The 
owner of the first Aldine Homer on vellum can put himself 
on a level as a collector with Lord Spencer and the Duke of 
Devonshire ; but it is not likely that any of the four copies 

ribed by Renouard (Royal Library II. M., Pius VI, Althorpe, 
Chntsworth) can vie with the Sunderland copy in its exterior. 
This is probably one of the last grand works executed by the 
great artists who disappeared from the capital of France when 
the Huguenot persecutions began which culminated at St. Bar- 
tholomew. It was executed about 1560-65. 

11 IOANNIS GRAMMATICl in Posteriora resolutoria 

Aristotelis Comentaria, Greece, sin. folio, fine copy 
in old Venetian brown morocco, with gold tooling, ana 

in) /'fissions of 2 very elegant meilals {representing 
n Until, ,,f Caralry, and Orpheus Charming the Wild 
ll. .'.s/.s) impressed as centre ornaments mi sides, ami 

book ornamented with golden fleur-de-lis, painted 
dan border on edges, £100. 

Venetiis, a pad All am, 1504 

A moBt beautiful specimen of Venetian bookbinding. 

Demo? in: ones dure & sexaginta. Libanii sophistas in 

cis ipsas onitionra argnmenta, Vita I temoBtbeius pax LibtHuum, 
Kinsdem uita per Plntarchum, Qrtne, thick sin. folio, TBI! I 
PAPER, W nen of some leaves stained, but otherwise a very 

jine large copy, contemporary stamped pigshin, with clasps, £5. 

KsmMu in aiib. Aldt . . 1504 

This and Iho Sunderland copy of , this second issue of the Aldine 1604 

km are both primed on fine and stoat paper, — hitherto supposed to lie one 

id r lie |».inu distinguishing it from the first issue. This second Una, though 

said 10 be the le** rare, contains n corrected and far better text. 

The- Sunderland copy fetched £25. 10>. 

3 ^ESOP. Vita & Fabelhe Aesopi cum interpretatione laliua . . . 

Gabrire fabellre tres &, quadraginta ex trimetris iuinbis, prreter 

ultiiniini ex Soaconte, Glim latina ink-rpretatioe . . . Phurnutus 

ut alii. Curnutns de natnra dcorum, etc. sm. folio, clam 

copy, old English calf extra, £12. 12* Venetiis apod Ahhim, 1505 

'■ Belle euit. tres-rccherchec." — Brumt. 

The Systou Park copy sold for £20. 10», and Sir M. Svkes' for £20. 

86814 Pontam Opera, 12mo. red morocco extra, gill edges, with anchor in 
, £1. 12* Venetiis in cedibusAldi Bo I 

The Hamilton copy fetched £10. 


3IS61S QUINTI CALABRI Derelictorum ab Homero libri qnatnordecim 
(aco. Trypliiodori Excidinm Trojro et Coluthi Rapt us llelt 
Grace, 12mo. first edition, meat. 163 mill, bevelled boards, 
covered with brown morocco, leather joints, in the old ttyle, I 
Meyer, VERT rauk, £12. ». n. (Aldus, e. 1 

the same, 12mo. meas. 159 mill, in vellum, £10. 

(c. 1505) 

" Edition Ires-rare." — Brunei and Itenouard. 

368 1 G 

EURIPIDES. Hecuba, & Iphigenia in Aulide Euripidis tragcedus 
in lutinum tralataa Ernsnio Roterodamo interpret*. Eiusdem 
(Ei-asmi) Ode de laudibus Britannia?, Regiaqj llenrici Beptimi 
ac regiorum liberorum eius. Eiusdeni Ode de sem-ctutis incom- 
rnodis, em. 8vo. very fine copy in old calf gilt, gilt edges, £3. H# 

Venetiis in aedibus Aldi, 1 

36818 the same, sm. 8vo. very fine copy, ruled, old red wutn 

from Croft's library, £4. -Is 1507 

Vf.iiv hark in tins fine state. In most copies several leaves bin 
defaced by the Inquisition. Tlic present copy is unmutihitid. Sir M S; 
copy fetched £10. 155. 
30819 Ai.di Manl'TH Romani Institationum Grammaticarum libri quat 

(et alia opuscula), sm. 4to. fine copy in blaeh morocco, gilt edge*, 
by 0. Lewis, £2. 2* Venetiis apud Aldum, 1508 

At the end are 20 leaves with separate signatures containing ainongtl 
nllier works the " Introduclio porbrevis ad Htbraitam Linguam." 

36820 ERASMI Roterodami Adagiorum Chiliades tres, Ccuturiie fere 

totidem, folio, a fine specimen of French binding of the Middle of 
the 17th century, in brown morocco, covered with jlenre-de-lit in 
gold, and having an Archbishop's arms on the sides, gill edges, 
£12. 12* Vmetiie in aedibus Aldi, L50G 

36821 PLVTARCHI Opvscvlu (Moralia). LXXXXII. Index M..i-.ilium 

omnium, & eorum quie in ipsis tractantur . . . Greece, 2 vols in 
1, thick sm. folio, Editio Princeps. a very fine, large, elm; 
sound '•"//>/, measuring 11,; by 7\ inches, old calf gilt, £8. 8* 

Venetiis In tedious Aldi St Andrem Asulani Soceri . . 1509 

" Wyttenbach has given this edition & high character for a faithful 
transcript of ibe MSS. consulted.'.' — Dibdiu. 

36822 LASCARIS Byzantini (Constantiui) de octo partibns on'mis 

Lib. I. Eiusdem de Constructione Liber Secund vs. Einadtun 
nomine & ucrbo Liber Tertros, etc. Grceoe et Latine, sm. 
fine •'■•1'ij in red morocco, gilt edges, by linger Fayn. 
in gold on sides, £5. Venetiis apud Aldum, 1512 

This copy contains the rare Appendix (of 20 11) which iudwti 
Introduclio ad flebraicam Linguam. 

36823 PLATO. Omnia Platonis Opera, Greece, 2 vols, in 1, Btont sm. 

folio, Editio Princeps, fine copy in old calf gilt, the 
1:11 the tides ; with the bookplate of hard Leigh, £10. 
Venetiis in aedib. Aldi, et A 

Septembri. M.D.XI II '1513) 
: -21 ALEXANDRI APHRODISIEI in Topica Ariatotelia, C 

ment&rii, Ortece, sm. folio, very fine copy, red moroteo extra, with 
anchor on rides, gilt top, dnoot, £5. 

Venetiis In adtbusAldi, et Andrx 


36825 PINDARI. Olympia. Pythia. Neraea. Isthmia. Callimachi 
hymni qui inueniuntur. Dionysius de situ orbis. Licophronis 
Alexandra, obscurum poema, Grace, 12mo. calf, rare, £4. 

VautHi in inlili. Aldi, et Andrew Asulani Soceri, 1513 

Fihst Edition of all the pieces except the Callimachna. This edition 
\< remarkable for tlio manner in which tho signatures are marked, i.e. by 
numbers, not letters. The pages too are all numbered iu the right-hand 
corner. The Sunderland copy fetched £9, and the Syston Parle £11. 

" Cettc edition, qui est belle ct rare," etc. — Reiiouari "Premiere 
edition, tres-rechcrchce. " — Brunei. 

26 PON'l'ANl Opera, Urania, siue de Stellis libri qninq; Meteorniu 
liber mius, etc. Venctiis in cedibus Aldi, et Andrem Asulani 
Soceri, 1513 — Ioannis Iovinni Pontani amorum libri n. De 
amore coniugali m, etc. ib. 1518 ; 2 vols, inl, thick 12mo. with 
the uuerfpHon of "Alex. Chilialmi tf Amicorum," red morocco 
extra, gilt edges. "'itl< anchor on sides, £2. 8s 1513-18 

STROZII Poetw Pater et Pilius, 12mo. very fine copy it ml 
■(". (jilt marbled edges, by Roger Payne, with anchor in gold 
on sides, £5. 5* 

Pi m /;"■; fa (BcK&IM Aldi et Andrem Asulani Soceri, 1513 
The first page of text is illuminated, and bears at the foot a painting of 
an elephant drawing a triumphal car. containing the arms of the owner. Over 
pliant is a 6croll with tho motto Unfit quod ben* fertur onus. 

8*3828 PHTRARCHA (IL). [Sonetti et Canzoni in vita di Madonna 
Laura ; Sonetti ct Canzoni in morte di Madonna Laura ; 
Triomphi ; Aldo agli Lettori ;] 4 parts in 1 vol. 12mo. 
'UhijIij fine Ctrpy in brown morocco extra, gilt and marbled 
, ornamented in the Italian style of the first half of the 
nxteentli century, by Bedford, £8. 

Impresso in Vinegia nelle case d' Aldo Romano, 1514 

29 [Scriptores Rei Rustics.] Libri de Re Rvstica M. Catonis 
lib. I. M. Terentii Varronis lib. in. L. Iunii Moderati Colv- 
niellae lib. xn. . ■ . Palladii lib. xmi. . . . 8vo. fine clean copy in 
red morocco extra, gilt marbled edges, with anchor on sides, £2. 12s 6d 

Venetiis in mdibus Aldi, etc. 1514 

the same, 8vo. Jive clean copy, calf, gilt edges, £2. 2# 

PHebtcbii Dictio.variysi. Graice, folio. First Edition, fine large 

and ./.(i/i copy, in the original oaken boards covered with stamped 
pigskin, rare, 24* Pi net lis in Aedibus Aldi, 1514 

VTBGILIUS, 12 mo. very fine large copy in old French calf, with 
Count Hoym's arms on sides, very rare, £28. 

I'i mi tiis in ill/thus Aldi, etc. 1514 

the same, 12mo. very fine copy, ruled with red lines, in 

0TOHg6 morOCCO extra, silk linings, gut edget, with anchor in gidd 
iftfa*,£20, 1514 

re are Iwo editions of this Virgil dated 1514. Both the above copies 
•to of the very rare Fieri Edition, with the 4 pages of Errata. 

'.; VIRGILIUS. [Opera edente Aldo] em 8to. 
(12mo.), ubl red m<>rocco extra, >//'// eagivtyfrom the 



Sunderland library, m « bku morocco case, SI 

Venetits in aedibus Aldi et Andrea . I 51 1 

since Brunot doos not record a copy. This is tbc first o! 
editions with the same date issued by Aldus, and contain- 
nnmb. 11. (the last erroneously numb. 120) ; leaf with imprint : 
2 11. uf errata ; and one with anchor. Height 154 mill. 

Tho gold tooling on the sides is formed by a double row of 
throe-lino fillets with anj,'le ornaments; the back is full;. 
with eurvrs, aulate, niul dots u fetUifi rt. The binding waa dun.. 
about 1050, by one of Le Gascon's successors or imitators. 

ALDI MANVTII Romani Grammaticae Inatitviiones Gmu-cbo 
Orwce, sm. 4to. large copy, vellum, £2. Is 

Veneiiii in aitlihvs Aldi, >■!■■. 1515 

the same, sm. 4to. very large copy, red morocco t 

edges, with tmohor on side), £3. 3* lob' 

Vkkt babe, nml Ibe only edition of thU grammar. 
AULI GELLII Noctium Atticarum libri undeviginti, atom 
8vo. fine copy in red morocco, gill gaufri edges, with a 
sides, £2. 10* VenelUs in tedious Aldi, tic. 1515 

the same, sm. 8vo. icitli stamp on title, and n few "' 

Hotel in margins, old Venetian Unci: morocco, lettered Qxu 

rse and Noctes oh reverse of cover, £3. 10* IM5 

BEMBO. Gli Asolani di Meeser Retro Bombo, sm. 8v-o. tojjj 
dedication to Luefelia 1'-, torocco extra, gilt edges, 

miclior mi sides, £2. 10s 

Iiii[/ressi in Vinegia uclli Case d'Aldo Romano, etc. 1513 

tho same, sm. 8vo. with ti 

clean cnj'i/, in the original Venetian lim!:. damaged, £3. 

the same, sm. 8vo. with the dedication, very 

'■I'll, in red morocco extra, gilt nlges, £3. lOl 1515 

DANTE col Sito, ct Forma dell' Inferno tratta thilla istesan 
dcseriltiono del Poeta, 12mo. woodeuts, very fine oof 
vwrocco extra, gilt edge*, with anchor on sides, £14. 1 ■* 

hitprrssa in V elh Date d'Aldo, etc. 1518 

(ho siunc, 12mo. woodcuts, fine and n 

ml/, gili edges, £15. 15* 

'1 bixTolnuie bis keen lelmckcd with .■tarpritong ilcxt' ritv, l.nt I 
s"nles Ire slill there witli gilt tooling lit tho corners uml in tin- > . 
liiniling. ai well nsthehixik, i- AldUM; very .•lightlrnrnauirntal, bntdigi 
and rlegunl in its aimplii .-ity. 
36843 ERASMUS. Pncis Querela, Do regno administmndo. Instil 
Principia Christiani. I':megyricu8 ad Philippum A can 
Id tii ix Plutarcho. Do discriminatione adulntoris, c t.\ I". 
tn irilil'iin Aldi, etc. 1518 — Erasmi Rcterodami Opuseulum 
I it ii his est Moria, id est Stultitin, quie pi ne lmjuit in 

1515 — 2 vols, in 1, 12mo, m 

?and bearing a eipht r which 
etttrt i" the word Pranoe, i 

'I'l.i Dab, P. V., appear amongit the arabesinie of the •) 






work. On the blank page following Ibe dedication, there is an ornamental 
escutcheon painted de oueules. ait chevron d"or, accomjiagnc de trois Ir^Jles de 
m<W, deun en ehef un en pointe, supported by two figures of feirmlc angels, 
winged like peacocks, and having their sex slrongly indicated. They are 
accompanied by a cipher which seems to consist of the letters in the word 
franc*. The back, which had been plain, was tooled and gilt about the 
beginning of lost century for the AMI 1 de Fourcy, whose book-plate is in the 

Of the first of these two books Renouard uses the words " livrc tres-rorc," 
and of the second, "l'une des plus rares des editions Aldincs." 
M LUCRETIUS, 12mo. Thick Piper, fine large copy in red morocco 

i, veil urn fly-leaves, 'J ill edyes, Vi:i:V HARE, £12. 

]'i>ii:'IHh It, leilibus Aldi, etc. 151"t 

Copies on Thick Paper are very hake. Mr. Beckford's copies on 
ordinary paper sold for £12 and £8, 5*. 

Andreas Asulanus and his Sons Francesco and Federico 


I.'. BESSARIONIS t'urdinnlis Nioaoi . . in calumniators Platonia 
libri ijuatuor . . Eiusdom correctio librorum Platonis de legibus 
irgio Trnpczuntio interpreto . . Eiusdom de nntura & arto 
odnersus cundem Trapezuutiu tractatus, . . Eiusdem Metaphy- 
1 1 in lib. I. Index . . 2 parts in 1 vol. sni. folio, bds. 25s 

.. aedibvt Alii, <l Andreae soceri, 151G 

another copy of the same, 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, fine 

houl tie leaf with anchor al end, in old red morocco supt r 

. gilt edges, by Boyer, babe, £10. 10* 1516 

A fine specimen of old French binding. From the library of Prince 

Eugene, niih his urms stamped in gold upon the sides, and his monogram, 

an interlaced V. on the hack. 

i.i m Ai OTJ81 a Scriptorks] Joannis Baptists Egnntii Veneti 
do Caasaribns libri III, etc. stout L2mo. fine copy in red moi 
iga, villi anchor on tides, run-. £4. Is 

Vent Hit in cedibut Aldi, el Andrea Soceri, 1516 

Iwiii.ii'iil's de mysteriis /Egyptiorum, t'haldnjoruin. Assyriomni, 

lus in Platonicum AJcibiadem de iiniinn. atqj demone. 

In.-, de mm nlicio, & magia . . (Porphyrins, Syneeius 

llns, PriBcianus a Marsilius, Alciuuus, Speuaippus, Pytha- 

gorus. X( nocrates, MercuriueTrismegistns ct Mar.silius Ficinus), 

i. (olio, veau/aute, with the Fosvarini arttu on tides, £2. 10s 

Kbv$ Aldi. eto. 1516 
PAU8ANIA8, Hiwce, sm. folio, first mhtiom, Am targ, copy in 
tellwn, £5. tin w aedibtu Aldi, </•-. L516 

■SMELT hare. Sir M. Sykes's copy sold for £10, Sir John 
Xhorold'i (oi £U. 5*. 
CICERO. In hoc volvmine haec continentvr. M. T. 
Cic. Officiorvin. lib. m. Cator Maior, sive de 
senectvte. Laelivs, sive de Amicitia. Somnivm 
Scipionis ex vi. tie Ucp. excerptvm .... 12ino. 
printed on vellum, unth illuminated initials. 
beautiful •■■■i i ii in <>lirr morocco extra, lined with 
crimson morocco, the sides, back and insidea richly 

•J.-.H • 


covered with gold tooling in a sixteenth-Centura style, 
leather joints, gilt goffered edges, by J. Clarke, /rem 

the Beck ford library, £80. 

Venetiis in aedibrs Aldi, et Andreae Asvlani sot 

3C852 DivKitsoRCM Vetekdm Poetarcm in Priatoii Lusus, 12rao. fine 
en}'*/ in vellum, with vellum fly-leaves, £5. 5* 

Venetiis in aedibus Aldi, etc. 1517 
..." Edition belle et Ires rare."— Renouard. 
3G853 MARTIALIS, 12nio. large copy, with the initial letters beautifully 
illuminated in gold and colours, as in books from the library of 
Groi.IER, blue morocco, gilt gaufre edges, by Roger Pa; 
anchor in gold on sides, £6. Pi nrtiis in aedibus Aldi, etc. 1517 

36851 MITS^EI opusculum de Herone & Leandro (Grace et La! 

Orphei argonautica. Eiusdem bymni. Orpheus de lapidibus, 
Grace, 12mo. yi'm- BOpu HI ri'd morocco, gilt gaufre edges, by fi 
Payne, with anchor in gold on sides, £6. 6* 

Venetiis in cmlibus Aldi, etc. 1 ■"■ 1 7 

The Sunderland copy sold for £ 9. 

36855 OPPIANI do piscibus libri V. Eiusdem de nenatione Kbri IIII. 

(Grrece) Oppiani de piscibus Laurentio Lippio interprete libri V, 

]2mo. large copy, old calf, gilt edges, from the Sunderland ISn 

£2. 2s \'i-nr!iis in uedibvs Aldi, ete. 1517 

36850 the same, 12mo. large copy in red morocco gilt, gilt ■ 

vellum fly-leaves, with anchor on sides, £3. 3* 1517 

3G857 the same, 12nio. the top edges of the first thre- 

leaves stained, otherwise very elm «, ugly fine and large 

copy, in red morocco, £4. is 1517 

" Edition rare et rccberchee . . . e'est d'ailleurs la premiere edition do 
poi'-me De venatione." — Brunei. 
30858 SCENECiE (tie) Tragcedite, sm. 8vo. large copy in red morocco, 
gilt edges, by Roger Payne, with anchor on sides, £2. 16* 

Venetiis in a'dibus Aldi, etc. 1517 

36859 the siime, sm. 8vo. choice copy, in old I rfd 

morocco, gilt tooled sides, gilt gauffered edges, £7. 15* 1517 

A very tall copy measuring 1G1 miilim. The tooling on the tides i» in a 
quaint Venetian pattern ,in panels of gold lines, with four circles down the 
middle with a star in the centre of each. 
B6860 TERENTIUS (cum pnefatione Francisei Asulani), sm. 8vo. 
Jorge <""/'.'/, in contemporary calf binding, damped with MM 
groteiqut figures of animals and monsters, gilt and gauffered ■ 
(back damaged), £25. Venetiis in a'dibus Aldi, etc. 1517 

The lir«t Aldine edition of Terence, dedicated to G roller. 
" Cette edition C6t extrimement rare." — Renouard. 
The binding is a fine example of its kind, with the figures in bold and 
clear relief. 
3G8G1 LIVIUS. Ex XIIII. T. Livii Decatlibus. Prima, Tertin, Qn:. 
etc. (ace. Decadis Qnintre libri quinque), 5 vols. 12rao. fi 
copy, one volume in vellum, the rest in old red morocco extra, 
■jilt edges, rare, £8. 10* 

Venetiis in wdibus Aldi. ete, 1518-19-80-21-33 
" II est tris-diflicilc do trouver rcunis les 5 vol. de cette edition."— Brums*, 



36862 Lonooml's. Christopfaori Longolii civis Roraani Perduellionis It' i 

Defensioues duoe, era. 8vo. clean copy, in old red morocco extra, 
rrllitui fig-lnires, silk linings, gilt edges, rare, 21s 

Venetiis in aedibu* Aldi, etc. (». o led c. 1518) 

36863 Plikids. C. Plinii Sccundi Epistolaram libri X. Eiasdcm Panu- 

gyricus Traiano Principi dictns. Eiusdcm de Viris illustrib. in 
re militari, & in administrandarep. Saetonii Tranquilli de claris 
Grammaticis, & Rhetoribna. Iulii Obsequentis Prodigiorum 
liber, 12mo. vellum, 7s 6d Venetiis in aedib. Aldi, etc., 1518 

S664 POMPONIVS MELA. Ivlivs Solinvs . Itinerarivm Antonini Avg. 
Vibivs Sequester. P. Victor de regionibus urbis Roma; 
DionysiuR Afer de Situ orbis Prisciano Interprete, 12mo. fine 
rupy, with the autograph of " Floriani do cainpo, el amicoruni " 
M title-page, old red morocco gilt, gilt edges, £3. 3s 

I enetiis in aedilms Aldi, etc., 1518 

the same, 12mo. a very large copy, old red morocco, gilt 

edges, £3. 3s 1518 

TIic Svston Pork copy sold for £10. 5s. 

[BIBLIA GRjECA, Editio Princeps.] Sacrae Seripturae Veteris, 

Novacque Omnia, bound in 2 vols, folio, Laki;k Pater, fine 

clean copy, old calf, gilt and marbled edge*, from the Sunderland 

library, £65. Venetiis in aedib. Aldi et Andrene soceri, 1518 

Excessively rare on Large Paper. 

'7 PONTANI (Ioannis Ioviaui) Opera omnia soluta oratione com- 
posite, 3 Tola. 8vo. fine large copy in maroon morocco, gilt edges, 
with anchor in gold on sides, £10. 

Venetiis in 'rdibus Aldi, cte. 1518-19 

36868 [HISTORIC August* Script-ores] Noma) it Traiani, atqj 
Adriaui Ca&arum uito; ex Dione, Georgia Morula interprete, 
etc.'.12mo. red morocco extra, i/ilt edges, with anchor on fides, 
£2. '2s Venetiis in axKbut Aldi, etc. 1519 

9 Q. HORATII Elacci Poemato Omnia. Centimetrum Marii Seruii. 
Annotationes Aldi Manutii Romani in Horatium, etc. stout 
12mo. Thick Paper, excessively hare, fine copy in red morocco, 
gilt edges, by Roger Payne, with anchor on sides, £15. 15« 

Venetiis in adibiis Aldi, etc. 1519 

STATU Sylvarum libri V. Achilleidos libri XII. Thebaidos 
liliri II, etc. sm. fivo. fine copy in red morocco, gilt edges, by 
/.'.;. e I'ayne, with anchor on sides, £3. 

Venetiis in ledibns Aldi, etc. 1519 

the same, sm. 8vo. fine copy, blue morocco extra, gilt 

edges, Inj liozerian jeune, £3. 10s 1519 

the same, sm. 8vo. very fine large copy, M French red 

neeo -jilt, .jilt edges, £5. 5s 1519 

.3 PLUTARCHI quae vocantur Parallela, etc. Gnece, thick folio, 
very fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Derome, £12. 12s 

Venetiis in aedibns Aldi, etc. 1519 
36874 LIVIUS. Ex XIII. T. Livii Decadibus Prima, Ten la, Qw 

.... Polybii libri V. do rebus Romanis in latinum traducti i\ 

Niuulao Perotto, t'tc. folio, veryfinelaryi 

i ',',•:. gilt tdgu, with anchor oft Met, vi.icv u&i, £6. 6* 

Venet/H* in wd/U m Atdi, etc. 1520-21 

The several parts forming this volame, having each their own pagii: 
iiml imprint, are seldom all found together. The l'olybiu*, forming a distiuct 
work of itself, is often .separated, and has liccomo very rare. 

30875 Apdi.i.ONti Riiodii Argonautica, antitpiis una, A optimis cum 
ooinmentariis, Greece, sm. 8vo. fins large oopy, in odd 
BuHderlana copy, £3. 10s Venetiis in aedini All-. 

- I ctto edition est belle et tres rare." — I'enoiiard. 

The Beikford copy sold for £9. 15.--, the Systoti for£9, 

76 APULRII (L.) Motaruorphoijeos, sitielusus Asitii libri 1L [alitqBfl 
Open ncrnon] Isagogicus libor Platonicie phi! per 

Aliinuu ((, odentu Fr. Asolano), l2mo. ritlal Ihrougl 
red lines, fine copy (159 X 90 millimetres), oi 
villi the Toiton d Or at the four corners an itid lie on each 

sid*, full gilt back, gilt and marbled edges, from Lonqkfiei 
library, £16. 16s Venetiis in uedibus Alii, etc 1521 

This may he one of the bindings of the celebrated Du-cail, of whom 
so little is known. The ornnuicuialioii on the back seem* to partake of 
Padoloup'n style and that of the seventeenth century. It was probably done 
soon after 1700. 

30877 Licubnio. Lc Viilgai-i Blegaatte di Mesaer Nicolao Libit I 
12mo. with the MtogntpA of /.. Aimi-Martiti on fly-leaf, F 

blue morocco cjl.'i, rcllnn i jlij-l'tif'.--. ! . 4* 

Impreue in Vinegia nolle Cute oVAldo, etc 
36878 Si-ktonii Traiiqvilli (C.) XII Osssaxes. Snti AuroliJ Victoria a 
D. Camre Augnsto usq ; ad Thcodosium exoerpta. Km 
de gestis Romanoruin>- X, dr. 12nto. fine co\ 
red lines, in . \cco, gilt edges, by Uoger Payne, with a 

tides', rare, £2. 8» Venetiis in csdUme ALU. etc 1521 

3687'J Bud.kus. Guillielmi Buduoi Parisiensis Secretarii Hegii libn V 
de Asse, & partib. eius, etc. 8vo. fint 
morocco extra, gilt edges, by JJerome, £10. lUs 

Rare. Dedicated to Grolicr. 

iitintliur I'i'pv. 'h the autograph omd some MS 



nottt of lli nrirns I'vlHt'ium* ; l<n-'i- copy in u limp vellum wrapper, 

21s 1523 

! m cio. II Docamerone di M.Giovanni Boccaccio novamentc 
corretto con tie Novelle aggiunte, 8vo. very tine large dean 
ruled with red lines, panelled, double" with re>i 

hatha- , . d with gold tooling, gilt marl.hd -ilges, by 

p, rebacked, with anchor in guhl 1, \\.i;\ : 

£31. 10s Impresso in Vinegia tielle Case <TAldo Romano, etc. 

■ the same, 8vo. fim '-opy, with font leave* » 

simile, red morocco extra, leather joint.'', gilt edges, b'i D 
£12.12* 1522 

v rare. The book is an octavo, not a quarto, as Unmet and 1 
detl rib* u. TtUi Sunderland copy sold for £1 li>. 

• Edition a la fuio belle, corrcctc, rare et recherche*."— Brunei. 


i L\ OIAN] Dialog] et alia mvlta opora . . . Imagines Philos- 

i . Eiusdem Heroica . Eiusdem uitn? Sophistarum . Imagines 

Innioris PhiloBtrati . Descriptiones Callistrati . Grcece,Bxa. folio, 

very fine large and clean copy, vellum, from the Sunderland 

lihrimj, £5. VenetHi in cedibus Aldi, etc. 1522 

the same, sm. folio, vary fhu large and clean copy, citron 

lUOroeeO, 'jilt edget, In/ I'adclonp, with Aldine anchor in gold on 

leg, £8. 1522 

Ex Plauti Comoediis. XX. qnarum carmina magna ex parte in 

raensum suum restituta sunt, 8vo. exceedingly large fine 

i, ruled with red lines, old French red morocco, joint broken, 

gilt edges, with arm of an Abbot (a cross between 4 castles) on 

• . and Ihi: book covered with interlaced BE and yy separated 

by fleurs-de-lis stamped in gold, £4. 4s 

VenetUe in mdibus Aldi, etc. 1522 
The binding, which is n beautiful specimen of Frcuch art and French 
leather, was done at the beginning of the 17th century. The Syston Park 
copy sold for £5. 5«, and the Sunderland for £i. 6*. 

Trogi Pompei Externao Historiae in Compendium ab Icbtino 
redattno. Kxternorum iruperatorum uitie authore Aemylio 
Probo, 12iilD. vellum, ran-, 7- I '- ,. ■•,' >'/>• in lu-dihiis Aldi, etc. 1522 
The Suudcrlnud copy fetched £5. 6s. 

7 A i. la Pii Manutii Institutionum Grammaticarnm libri quatuor. 
Brumi Roterodami opusculum de octo orationis partiuni con- 
st ructione, 8vo. jine copy in maroon morocco extra, gilt edge*, 
with anchor on . i i, C2. 2s VenetOi in adibut Alii, etc. 1523 
S Geoiiiiii Tbai'kzim ii Rhetoricoruni libri V. Consulti Chirii Fortu- 
natiani libri III. Aquila' Roniani <lo tiguris sententiarnm, <fc 
cloculionis liber, etc. sm. folio, old calf, £'o. 

Venttvu in tadAw Aldi, etc. 1523 
C. VALERII FLACCI Argonautica, 12mo. very fine tall eopy in 
morocco extra, silk linings, gill edges, by /'. Lefebvre, £b. 

VsnaHie in osdibni Aldi, etc. 1523 
■ ") HoMKia I lias . Vlyssca . Batruchomyomachia . Hymni . XXXII. 
' vols. sm. 8vo. some leaves a lilllv. stained, otherwise a 
py, in red moneeo gilt, gilt edges, by Boyd, £2. 16s 

Mil hi aedUnu Aldi, etc. 1524 
The S)>ton Park eopy sold for £8. 6». 
1 V1HGILIUS, Thick Paper, Venetiis in cedibv* Aldi, etc. 1527— 
Pix-Uc tres egregii nunc primum in luccm editi, Gratii, q. 
Augusts Principe floruit, de uenationc Lib. I. P. Ouidii 
Nnsonis Halieuticon liber aiephalus, etc. Venetiis, in anlihiis 
hirnd'im Aldi, etc. 1534 — 2 vols, in 1, 12mo. large line copies in 

red '" '''"• ■/'/' edg -', by Roger Payne, with anchor on sides, 

i, £20. 1527-34 

'EROTTI (Nicolai) Cornucopia', siuo lingua) latiuas comentarii 
diligentiasune recogniti: atq : ex orchetypo emeadaU, etc. folio, 
fin* copy in r< o extra, leather joints, gill idge.*,with anchor 

. £4. Venetiu hi ctdibut Aldi, etc, 1527 

am Grammatici Cajsariensis Libri Omnoa, 8vo, fine eopy in 
gilt gaufra edge*, by Soger Payne, with anchor on 
. 62. -- Vonetiu in a-dibn, Aldi, etc. 1527 



36894 Q. HORATII FLACCI Poemata Omnia, 12mo. torj 

moroccu, gilt edges, by Roger Payne, with anchor on iidai, £■ 

Venetiii in 'til/bus Alii, etr., 1 527 

36895 the same, sm. 8vo. fine /■//;//' <•"/•;/, old bhu morocco, 

name and motto of Laurini <>n sides, in imitation of a tpeci 
from La a ri iii's lil-rnrij. gilt edge/, £7. 7* 1527 

Extremely rare. Mr. Beckford's copy gold fur £45, the Sunderland 
copy for £15, and Hebcr's for i'12. \2s. 

36896 vEGINET\<E (Pauli) Medici optimi, Libri septeni, Grace, to 

First Edition, Large Paper, exceedingly rare, very line ca\ 
vellum gill. UNCI'T, £7. Is Venetiii in odibvt Aldi, eta, 1528 

36897 MACROBII in Somnium Seipionia ex Cicerouis. VI. libro de Rep. 

eraditiasima Explunatio. Eiusdem Saturnaliornm Libri VII. 
Censorinns De dio natal i, etc. 12mo. red morocco, gilt 
Roger Payne, with an char on sides, £3. 

Venetiii in a Ul/ui Aldi, ti 1528 

3C898 the same, 12mo. very fine ami large copy, but ''•'■'' 

leaves from a shorter one, old blue morocco, gill edges, £4. 1528 

Paulus Manutius (1533-1573). 
86899 CASTIGLIONE. II Libro del Cortegiano del Conte Baldesar 
Castiglione, 12mo. fine large copy in blue morocco extra, 
gauffered edges, by Bauzonnet-Trauiz, £5. 

In Venetia nelle Case delli Heredi d'Aldo Romano, el 
Andrea d'Asola tuo suocero, 
36900 OVIDII Opera Omnia, 3 vols. 12mo. very large fine copy, n 
with rod lines, in red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Dei 
anchor on sides, rare, £15. 

Venetiis in asdibus hteredum Aldi, et Andreas Soceri, 153! 

36901 the same, 3 vols. 8vo. Large Paper, very fine clean copy, 

with rough haves, calf, excessively rare, £20. 153! 

36902 Libri de Re Rustica. M. Catonis Lib. I. M. Terentii Van 

Lib. III. L. Junii Moderati Columellae Lib. XII . . . Palladii 
Lib. XIIII., etc. 8vo. in a sixteenth century red morocco bin* 
gilt edges, from the Sunderland library, £3. 

\'> m tiis iii aedibus haeredum Aldi, etc. 1533 
With the arms of Cardinal Granvcllc. and his motto. Durate. yrinld on 
the back of the title. This Addition must hare been made after the year 1560. 
in which he received the hat. and stamps this volume at having once formed 
part of his famons library in Besancon. On the tipper cover, the title " Coin- 
mell. de Bo liustica" is impressed in gold. 

36903 PofiT.E thks egrogii unnc priinum in lucem editi, Gratii, q. An^ 

Principe floruit, de uenationo Lib. I. P. Otiidii Nasonis Halicti- 
ticon liber acephalns, etc. 12mo. blue morocco gilt, gill edges, with 
anchor uu sides, £3.'16» Venetiis, in i.rdibns handum Aldi, etc. 

36904 Pontasi Opera. Vrania, siue de Stellis libri qninqj, etc. Vm 

in cedibus haredwm Aldi, etc. 1533 — Toaunis Ioviani Pontani 
nmoimn libri II. De amore coniugali III, etc. i. n. (the I 

.ivrfiit of Ah/us' editi, m of 1518) — together 2 vols. 12mo. 
fine copy in red morocco, gilt gnu/re edges, by Roger Pat 
anchor on lidet, £4. 

The Lycos counterfeit hai been added to complete the Opera Poetic* of 


15 Sasnazarii (Actii Synceri) do Partu Virginia libri III. Eiusdem 

de Morte CIni.-ii l.amentatio, etc. Venetiu in adibtu hasredi 
All',, etc 1533 — Arcadia del Sannazaro, ib. 153-1 — Sonetti, 6 
Canzoni del Sannazaro, ib. 1534 — 3 voIb. in 1, 12mo. green 
morocco extra, gilt gaufri edges, by C. Lewis, £4. 4s 1533-34 

The completo works of Sannaxariux, bound in 3 vols., arc very seldom 
found together. 

16 Valerius Maximcs nupor editns, 12mo. a few letters of the Dedica- 
tion wanting, otherwise a fine copy in red morocco, gilt edget, by 
Roger Payne, with anchor on sides, £5. 

Pi i:< Kit in uedibvt ii,i ndvm Aldi, etc. 1533 
"<7 Isocrates nnper aecuratissime recognitus, et auctus. Isocratcs 
Alcidamas. Gorgias. Aristides. Harpocration. {ovinia Graxe), 
sm. folio, icilh Cardinal t'lranrelle's arms stamped on the back of 
the litis, old English red morocco t:etra, gilt edges, £2. 2s 

Venetiis in "dibtis hcerednm Aldi, etc. 1534 

TriKMiSTius. Omnia Themistii opera, hoc est Paraphrases, et 

Orationes. Alexandri Aphrodisiensis libri dvo de anima, et do 

Eato vnvs, Greece, sm. folio, First Edition, fine large copy, vellum, 

rare, 28* Yenetiis in cedibns ha-rednm Aldi Manulii, &• Andrea; 

Asulani . . 1534 

30909 IDVENALIS. PkkbICB, Vlmo.fine large copy in vean fame, gilt 

■ *, bg Derome, with anchor on sides, from tin- (Jaignat library, 

£4. 4s Venetiis, in tedibiis hirrcdum ALU, etc. 1535 

Kare. Mr. Bcckford's copy sold for £6. 2» 6i 

36010 Sasnazarii (Iacobi) Opera Omnia Latino scripta, nnper cdita, 
12mo. blue morocco extra, gilt edget, vi/h anchor on sides, £3. 

Venetiis, i,, adibtu Hatredum Aldi, etc. 1535 

I] I.UTANTIUS. L. Coelii Lactantii Firmiani Divinarvm Insti- 

tvtionvm Libri soptcni . . Eivsdem De ira Dei Liber I. Do 

opificio Dei Liber I . . Tertvlliani liber apologctieua . . thick 

12mo. good clean copy, old calf, £4. 

Venetiis, in aedibes haficdem Aldi, etc. 1535 
" Tris bonne edition, bien superieuro & cello de 1515."— Renouanl. 

1 1 J EUSTRATII et aliorum insignium Peripateticorum Commentaria 
in libros decern Aristotelis de Moribus ad Nicomachum, una 
cam textu suis in locis adjecto, Greece, sm. folio, very fine copy, 
,,, red morocco extra, with the arms of Ilea. II. Drury in gold on 
gilt top, dbcut, £G. 

1 • to I Us, in irdibus LTivredam Aldi, etc. 1530 
I.IXIUS. C. Plinii Secvndi Natnralis Historiae prima (seconds 
et tertia) pars (cum Indice), 4 vols. 1 2mo. five copy, old red 
morocco extra, gilt edges, RARE, £10. 

Veneliis, in aedibvi haeredem Aldi, etc. 1540-35-40-38 

36914 the same, 4 vols. 12mo. very Jim large copy (fimouanTri 

m bine morocco extra, cellum fig-leaves, '/ill edges, by Conrteval, 
£12. 1540-40-35-38 

" On trouvo difrkilenient dc bennx cxemplnires dc cette edition." — 
Brim of. 

The dale 1640 implies no difference of edition in these volume.", which 
■re >U of tbe original Aldine impression. 

30915 Vii«;ii,ivs, 12nio. finedaan copy, with theauti 

and " Joannes le Bossit " on title, old calf, £2. 2* 

Apvd Aldi filios , Venttiit, 15-41 

36916 LEONE. Dialoglii di Amorc, composti per Leono Medico, di 

untioiic Hebreo, ofc ilipoi fatto Christiano, l'2mo. fine DOptf M '■'"•• 
morocco extra, gill edge*, wtrt anchor on ride*, £4. 

Zn Vinegia, 1545. »'» com de'Figlivoli di 

36917 POLIl'lIILO. La Hypnorotoinachia di Poliphilo, cioe Pugn» 

d'Amore in Sogno. Dov' egli mostra, chc tatte le cose humane 
non sono altro clie Sogno : & dotte narra molt' altre cose dagM 'li 
cognitione, sm. folio, totfA /Ac beautiful illustrations attribi 

to l liiicaitiii lhllinn Or Carpacoio, tin- fame at in 

edition nf L499, fine oopy, ftd morocco extra, gilt edge*, g< 
Derorne, £45. In Vinegia, 1515. In ea limli di Ahlo. 

36918 RlOOU (Bartholoniaci). De Imitations libri tres, etc. sm. 8vo. 

'•"I'll, in calf extra, gill edges, by C. Smith, with an 

lKv I notUt, npud Ahlifilio*, I 

30919 ARIOSTO. Orlando Fvrioso di Messcr Lodovico Ariosto, et di 
jiio aggivnlovi in line piv di cinqvecento stanze del medesimo 
avltorc, noo piv vedvte, 2 parts in 1 vol., sm. ito.fimt ' 
but with imail stain in !■•/> margin, old calf extra, from th- 
land library, £7. 15s 

In Vinegia, mil Anno 1545 in cata de Figlivoli di A 
"Tits bonne ct Tunc ilcs plus rures piirnii les editions AMines." — Brunei. 

36920 VIAGGI fntti da Yi.uiia, ilia Tmm, in Persia, in India, b) 

Constant inopoli ; in Vinegia', 1545. Nelle Case de' Figlivoi 
Ahlo, i;,15 — Delia Gucrra di Rliodi, Libri III. Auttore laoopo 
Pontano Giurite. Vinegia, Vie. Vaugris, 1515 — in 1 vol. sm. 
i-ini'li morocco, gilt edge*, £4. 4i 1545 

Mr. Btckfnrd'a copy of iho Viaggi sold for £8. 6*. 

36921 SPERl INI. Dialoglii di M. Speroil Speroni, Xnouamento risUM- 

pati, & con molta diligenza riueduti, it corretti, 12mo. ruled 
red line* throughout, imooik dark- ealformorocoo, the nam to 
with " grand interlaced or geometrical pattern in rilrer 

tubtidiary Ornament in gold, "nd tin- had- hearing the words " I<>. 
Grol. et amic," gilt goffered edges ; in a yellow morocco c 

In Vinegia, In cato dr' figllioli di . I 

122 MEDICI A.Migiri OHMS, qui Latinis Uteris diversorumMt>rb<<njin 
genera iV li media pcrsecuti sunt, etc. folio, green morocco •■ 
i/ilt edges, with anchor on tides, £7. 

Aptid Aldi Filioe. VenetUt, 1547 

" V*0301M tare ct lcclierclie."— Brunei. 

36923 < ' -. i ii ■. i: i n \ tu Siina |S:,n!a) Epialole et Orationi della sci-aphica 
Vcrgine SantaCatliarina da Siena . . . vi i: iiL'finnta la nil 

onixatiooe della detta Santa, etc. small 4to. very ■fine copy in 
bin, , imii [probably unique in thit 

ii Jliilin anchor in goLl on tide*, £5. 

In Vinci a apfrtuo Weden ano [Aldus], 1546 


30984 Mm.vvm Bmotooti vm Onsen lingoes, none reoenB summn adbibita 
diligent i;i oxcusuin . . Greece, sin. folio, old calf gilt, from 
Bw&erland library, rare, £2. 

I"> /.'//-■ apud b'nli r in: in TiirrimnHm [ Milam]. 1549 
" Belle edition."— Brunei. 
86925 Ai:i:iixo. Al beatissimo Givlio terzo . . il Gcncsi I'Httmanita di 
Christo, & i S;ilmi. ( ipero di M. Pietro Arctino . . sm. 4to<jStM 
large copy, red morocco, ijill edg< t, 68. 

In Vmegia In can de' ftglivoli d' Aldo. (At end: 1551) 
" Kii i iT. .11 KonenMe et pen commune." — Brunct. 

126 QmuiU Statuta, Siuo Dccrcta Fratrnni tcrlii ordinis sancti 
Franclsoi, de ooenitentia nunenpati, etc. Voneiiisavud Aldi /•' 
1541 — Apostolus Privilegia Fratrum tertii ordinis, etc. id. 1551 
— Ordinationi delli Fiali Maeroati, etc. id. 1551 — Ordini da 
OSBeroarBl iu ciaBchednna Prouintia delli frati, etc. MS. if 7 /"»;/••-■■■ 
— in 1 vol. sm. 4to. red morocco, gilt edges, by G. Smith, 25s 1551 

36927 ARISTOTELIS Opera Omnia, Oram, -mdio Joannis Baptistro 
Owootiia G vols. sm. 8vo. vary nicely bound copy, in calf extra, 

ijill <!./;/«*, with anchor on tide*, £7. 10s 

I '. iu •''/■. apud Aldi fit ion, expensis utro Nobilis niri Domtiti 
Ft I rid de Turritanu coram auvncuii, 1551-52 
" Bditlon estimee, et dont los cxcmplaircs complets so tronvcut tr,'-. 
rarcincnt." — Kmouard. 

-8 PARISETI (Junioris Ludovic'i) Begiensis de Divina in llominem 
Bensvolentia, iitipie Bciielicentin Omlioni-s tres, etc. Svo. I.ABOB 
i'apgk, vKiir raiik, fine copy in red mofoeco extra, leather i 
■jilt edget, with anchor on sides, £u. Gs 

Veuetme apud Aldi FiliiK, 1552 

■ LORENZO DE' MEDICI. Poosio volgari. nvovumeiito stainpatc, 

di Lorenzo de 1 Medici, che fa padre di PKM Leone: Col 

oommento del medoainjo sopra alcuni de' suoi sonelti, 12mo. 

plate with the original theet in eight leaves hehieh was 

to four leaves for the purpose 
of suppressing objectionable matter), fine copy in olir 

• i. ornanii nted in lh- style of Aiding binding/!, gilt edges, by 
Bedford, £10. In Vinegia, incasa ile' Figlivili di Aldo. 1554 

• JO tlie same, 12mo. very large and fine copy in green morocco 

i. ijili edges, from the library of Benouard, £15. loot 

This copy, which has the complete original eight leaves of the sheet O, is 

•• I. It. ii dans laqucllc on tronve raremnnt les 8 ft. dc la fcuillo O, 

pp. hi). I I J. lesqucl* out etc sopprirofs pendant le tiragcet rcmplncis par 4 

noimniix 11 Coti I 105-108." — Brunei. The loose nature of the suppressed pieces 

caused the sheet to he cancelled hefore the edition was completed, since tliu 

the end accords with tho altered, not the original copies. 

[CERONIS < M. Tvllii) Orationvm pars I (II, III) cum correc- 

tionibos Pnnli Manutii, 3 vols. 12mo extra, gilt 

t/ith the ami* and bookplate of Lord Leigh, £8. 10* 

/ Pavlvm Manvtivm, Aldifiliom. M.U.LIIII. (1554) 

I'atavisi (T.) lii.siorinrum ab urbo conditn, Hbri, qui extant, 
XX KV inn ii'iivers i ■.■ historiae opitomis, a Carolo Sigonio 


emendati, 2 vole, in 1, thick sm. folio, yellow moroeeo i 

edges, £5. 5« Venetiis, 1555. Apud Pentium Manutiism, Aldi F. 

" Belle Edition bien imprimcc, snr Con pnpicr, ct peut-ctre de tome* oellcs 
de cet historicn, la plus umio de l'u-il et In plus facile a lire." — llenouard. 

36933 LIVIUS. T. Livii Prttavini, historiaram ab nrbe condita, libri, 

qui extant, xxxv. cum universal' historiae epitomis, a Carolo 
Sigonio emendati : Cuius etiam scholia simnl eduntur, 2 parts 
in 1 thick vol. folio, good clean copy, peUwm, £2. 10* 

I . in tits, njnid Punlum Mult iitiiim, Abli F. 1555 

36934 Faleto (Hieronymi) de Bello Sicambrico libri nil . . sm. 4to. i» 

the original calf binding, 20* Aldus, Venetiis, M.D.LV1I (1557) 
;iii'.'.'(5 VICUS. Angustarum Imagines aereis formis expressae \ V 
quoque carundem breuiter enarratn?, Signornm etiam, qu:> 
posteriori parte numismatu efficta sut, ratio explicate -. ab Aenca 
Vico Parmense, sm. 4to. with fine impressions of the engt 
title and 63 plates, giving portraits of the Empresses from medals, 
fine copy, vellum, £6. 6s Venetiis (Aldus), 1558 

36936 the same, sm. 4to. thick paper, with spit ndid impres- 
sions of the title ami plait s, a very fine copy in old French mow 
with lac. August Thuauus' arms in gold on fides and monogram 
on bach, gilt edges, from Renouard's collection, £12. 12* 

36937 Virciimus. P. Virgilivs Maro, Pavli Manvtii adnotationibvs 

12mo. a few leaves stained, with MS. notes in margins. 

30s Venetiis, Apud Faulum Ma milium, Aldi F. 1! 

" Cette edition, la premiere Aldine nvec des notes mnrginales, cat tres 
rare ct bien execotee."'— Jfenouard. 

36938 Ptolemaei Planisphaerium. Iordani Planisphaerium. Fed' 

Commandini Urbinatis in Ptolemaei Planisphaerium Commen- 
tai-ius, etc. 2 parts, each with separate title and pagination, with 
tl iii grams, Venetiis (Aldus) 1558 — Progne Tragocdia [anctore 
Gregorio Corraro], nunc primum edita, In 
1558 — 3 parts or 2 vols, in 1 vol. sm. 4to. citron morocco 
gilt edges, with anchor on rides, £2. 16* 
:><•'.'■'■'.• Mili.mi- hi I,i"\\i-. Gli egregi fatti del gran re MeKadaa, Qm 
altre rare prodezze del fie Artu, di Palarnides, Amornult 
d'Irlandu, . . Gallehault il Bruno, Segurades, Galand, & altri 
ualorosi caualieri di quel tempo . . 12mo. a beautiful copy, both 
large ami fine, Hook moroeeo, gilt edges, by Belt-Niedrio, £4 

(On title:) Aldus, con privilegio. In Venetia, 1560 

(.1/ end:) In Venetia per Isepo Ouigliclmo Yincenlino, alle peril del nobil' huomo M.Fetlerico Tori' ! tola . 1558 

flic 2'arle Prima of an excessively rare version of a Romance of Chivalry 

belonging to the Round Table Scries. It is one of the scarcest of the AMiM 

Collection ; Renonard had never seen this volume. The only copies of both 

parts which are mentioned were sold for £35. lu» llibbcrt, and £'J' 

Butler, and were imperfect in the first volume, whilst the above copy of this 

volume is in the finest possible condition. The leaf at the end, said by Brunet 

to be blank, has really the Aldine Anchor printed on it. 

36940 Viroilids. P. Virgilivs Maro. Pauli Manntii adnotationes, <t 
Homori loca mag'B insignia, qnro Virgilius imitatus est, in 
marginc notata . . . 12mo. old calf, 30* 

Venetiis, 1561 . apud Paulum Manvtium, Aldi F. 


36941 Pror.EMAEi (Claadii) Liber de Analemmate, A Federico Commau- 

dino Urbinate instaaratas, & commentariis illustratus . . . 
Eiusdom Federici Commandini liber do Horologiorum deacrip- 
tione, sm. 4to. with diagrams, green morocco extra, gilt edges, 
with anchor on sides, £2. 

Bomae, 1562 . Apud Paulum Manutium Aldi F. 

36942 Cuetii Papiensia (Matthtei) de Prondii ac Camas Modo libellns, 
sm. 4to. with the arms of Cardinal Borromeo painted on title and 
last leaf, green morocco extra, gilt edges, with anchor on sides, 
£2. 2« Roma, 1562 . Apud Paulum Manutium, Aldi F. 

A rare work on Cookery. 

Pni.r.. De Concilio Liber Reginaldi Poli Cardinalia, Bomiv, 1562. 
Apud Paulum Manutium Aldi F. — Reformatio Angliae es 
Decretis Reginaldi Poli, ib. 1562 — 2 vols, in 1, am. 4to. vellum 
gilt, 21s 1562 

869 14 Tkrkntius, a M. Antonio Murefco locia propo innnmerabilibna emeu. 
datus, 12mo. red morocco extra, gilt edges, with anchor on sules, 
£1. fa Venetiis, 1563 

36945 OlKOOTS, et Decreta Sacrosancti Oecumenici, et Generalis Con- 
ch. n Tridentini snb Paulo III, Iulio III, Pio IIII, Pontificibus 
Max. sm. folio, large copy, with MS. iiulex at end, green morocco 
extra, gilt edges, with anchor on sides, £5. 5* 

Rimi'V, apud Paulum Manutium, Aldi F, 1561 
Extremely kare. The lirst mid most precious of all Ibo numerous 
edition!. The Sundcrlnud copy iold for £9. 

" La premiere (Edition), in-fol., est extremement rare, et merite place 
parmi les livrcs les plus priScieux." — Renovard. 

Hobatics. In quo qnidem, pneter M. Antonii Mureti scholia, Io. 
Michaelia Brnti animadnersiones habentur, etc. sm. 8vo. xoorm- 
hole through the last few leaves, old red morocco, 25s Venetiis, 1564 

36947 Uuuaxii Bolzanii Bellunensia Grammatical Institutiones ad (inmnn 

Linguam, 12mo. citron morocco extra, gilt edges, vellum fly-leaves, 
by Boierian, 28* Venetiis, 1566 

36948 Cataneo. L*Architettura di Pietro Cataneo Sencse, folio, numerous 

wooilcul.s. tiit'l numerous MS. additions by the famous architect 
ViNCENZO ScAMOZZIO, green morocco extra, gilt edges, with anchor 
on tides, £3. lbs a \'inetia, [563 

!'.i Streinnii Huronis Schwarzenavii (Richardi) De . Qentib . et 
Familiis Romanorum, sm. 4to. red morocco extra, gilt edges, with 
anchor on sides, 12s Vi-netiis, 1571. Ex Aedib. Manvtianu, 

AldusM anutius, Junior (1574-1598). 

ins. Octariani Ferrarii Hieronymi. F. Mediolanensia de 

rmonibus Exotericis Liber, sm. 4to. laroe paper, beautiful 

OOpjf HI russia extra, vellum flyleaves, gilt edges, by Thouvenin, 

i \n:i ■mki.y rare, £1. 16s Venetiis. 1575. Apud All mn 

51 Mam in (Aldi) DeQunesitis per. Epistolam libri. in,sm.8vo. vellum, 

80i Venetiis, 1576 

At the end is anotfacr work : Iani Guiliclmii Vcrisimilium 1 i In i Ire-, 

Antvtrpiae, Ok. I'lantin, 1582. 


36962 MANIJT1I (Aldi) de Qua?aitis per cpistolam, sm 8vo. urge 
i.vri.i;, very fine copy mi red morocco extra, gilt edge*, with ai 
on sides, £(J. 6* 1 576 

Vkbt hark : unknown to Iicnoimrd mid Itrunet in lliil jlnlc. 

36953 P. VIRGILII MARONIS Mantuaiii Bttff. OeeBg. Unci's doi 
virorum notationibus illustrata opera, ct. iudustria Jo. A. !!■ 
Bergizoinii Reign?, stout 12mo. >■//<•• moroeeo, gilt edge*, with 

(i/irimr iii, ,././(-'. hi/ 0, Lewis, rare, £10. In,. 

I i ii . n/nnl AM 

$6954 Bellanda (Com.) Viaggio Spirituale, Nel quale, faoondoei paaaa 
da questa vita mortale, si ascemlc alia celeste, etc. am. 4t". 
mOTOeeO extra, gilt edges, with uwhor on sides, £1. 

In Venetia (Aldo), 1578 
3G955 Viihiimcs. Bvo. Geor. jEneia P. Virgilii . . . nota&mibva illvs- 
trata opera . . . Io. A. Meyen . . . thick 12mo, woodi- 
tu title, old olive moroeeo, from the Sunderland library, £5. 5* 

Van. Apvd.Aldvm. 1580 

Tlie titlc-f.ngc bears an Inscription recording flic owncrohip of ■ grrnl 
scholar, rwv 'Kiwioti, n G ra-cization of the unine Darnel Hcin^ici-. 

3G'."56 OsMOBim ile Die. Natali Liber . . . Ab Aldo Mannaocfo, Puulli 
V. Aldi N. iiiKiiilatus . . . square 12mo. fine eopjf, oelluu 
leasee, nueia extra, uncut. B e n ouard't copy, 24* 

Veneliis. 1581. A r 
Thit. copy lold for £:t. 10s in Biidiop S. Butler'i seI*. 

88987 WANDT1DS (Pnnlus). Antiqnitiitum Romararum Paulli Matt* 
nncoii Liber de. S'cuatu, siu. 4to. Jine copy, green mon 
•jilt top, uncut, £7. 7* Venetiit {Aid**) 1581 

3G958 Cictno (M. Tullius) Wnnuceiorum Connucniariis iUnsdmtv 
iintiquneq. lectioni reatilutus. (opera omnia), 10 tain. 
thick sni. folio, a few leaves of one volume stained, veUl 

\' in 

36969 MANUTIUS. Antiqvitatvni Roinanarvm Pavlli. Manvccii 

de. i i\ itato. Romana . . . 4to. with portrait inserted, nd n.crooeo 

■ .ilni, IN.. II, £G. C« 

Jintniii-. I,'.-',".. .\/iil PartlitdoMa 

.[!i A ldo, Typis I 
60 VA1RO (Leon.) Do Fascino, 12mo. fine copy in red 

osi ii, eery rare,£&. Venetiis, 1589. Apud Al 

A team work on Witchcraft, 

] ROCCA DE CAMERINO (M. Angalo) Osservationi jnlorao «lle 
Bellez/.e dclla Lingra Latiua. 12mo. tiiu rnjnj, 
I, nllnni flyleavt -: I V IT, £8. 8* 

In Venetia, 1590. Prei 
86968 Sthfinnii Baronis Schwarzciiavii (Riohardi) De. d i 
Pamiliia Romanoi-uin, cum Index (etc), aq. 12u 
tdget, by ''. Clarice, with anchor on tide*, 9i 

I i n fii*, 1591 

3 I'n iivr.Eu. Fk.m.mi m \ Tabulae Antiquae, in quia aliqnot 
Proviacufl Itinera. Ex Peutingerorum biblioUi 
Ivhntc, ,v DxpliCMitc. Marco Velsero, sm. 4U) 


7 III ftllM mOTOOCO, Vellum fly-hurt'*, ,/ili top, UNCUT, 

£2. 16* VenetHs, 1591. Ami Aldum, 

"La premiers ddilion dc cct ouvmge *i preatoax pour It geQgntphta 

auciconc." — Cm in (. 

MM I BIBLA SACRA Vnlgatac Editinnis (Sixti Qninti Pont. Max. ioasu 

recognita atque eilita [Clemcntis VIII. auctoritatc reousa i, 

folio, with engraved title, Sp. Butler't copy, ruled, bright old 

woaoo, the sides covered with gold tooling, gilt edget, rare, £25. 

Bomae, •■■•' Typographia Apottoliea Vatioana, (Aldus,) 1592 

Tlic revised editioli of tho Sixtiuc Bible, ami the Standard Text of the 


HiUert's copy sold for £26. 5s, tlio Sunderland for £29, and this copy 
for £ it at Sotheby's, in 1854. 

Imprint of Venice Academy, by Paulus Manutius. 

65 Kxi'Laxatio libri i. Physicorum Aristotelis. ex Ludoviei Bucca- 
ferrcm Icctionibiis excepta, 8m. folio, fine large oopp in vellum, 
£2. 8a In Acad 'a Veneta, 1558 

16 B( rioi i.i .!: (Hieronymi) lapriraajn partem C[odicis] commentarin, 
ac rcpetitiones, sm. fulio, fine copy in red morocco extra, vellum 
fy-leavet, gilt edget, £1, IBs In Aeademia Veneta, 1558 

'■Fort rare ct preside iuconnu."— Rtnouard. 

■ 7 Btbiahi kBtaqoiasimi Interprctis in II. XII. ct XIII. Aristotelis 

Libros Uetaphysices C'ommentarins, a Hienmymo Bagoliuo . . . 

batinitate donatus, sm. 4to. large copy in blur morocco extra, 

i anchor on sides, i\< In Aeademia Veneta, 1558 

\i (Le) dell' Imperii) eontennte nella Bolla Doro, Nell' 
Aeademia Venetiana, 1559 (at end 1658) — 1 Dicci Circoli dell' 
Imperio nella Gen nti title and preface VMI.), ib. 1558 — 

•_' \ in 1. sm. -Ho. bhu morocco extra, gilt edget, with anchor mi 
Met, £2. 16s 1558-59 

89 Ihi mum (l'V.krici) de Flnxn ct Refluxti Aqnaa Maris, Bubtilu ei 

enidita l>is|iutnlio : Eiusdi-m de Mniu I letavic SphlBNB, Bm, folio, 

diagrams, green morocco extra, gilt edget, with anchor on i 
£2. 16a In Aeademia Veneta, 1559 

"Co Toloroe cat au>si fort rare.'' — Uenouanl. 

. ORATIONK8 Olarornm Hominnm, vel Honoris Officiii-pic causa ad 
Ptfacipes, vel in fanorc do virtntibns eoruni hobitn, stout sm. 
4io. out calf, bark, 21- In Aeademia Veneta, 1559 

[j (Flavii Alexii) . . . Dc maximin Italia) atqae Grasoire 
i-.daniitiii ibua, etc. sm. 4to. very fine large and) clean oopy m 
panelled olive morocco gilt, gilt edget, with anchor in gull on 

I, £i. In Acndeiuiii Wnetti, 1559 

Lyons and other Counterfeits of Aldine Editions. 
,'_' \ HRG1LIUS, 12mo. the Miliar Counterfeit, with facsimiles of the 
title and last leaf of the real Aldine Edition, probably to va 

ginal, th without the imprint, red 

a, gilt eilges, with Aldine anchor in gold on 
015. 15« (Lwjiluni, 1501) 

TWa volume wn9 the liist issued by the Lyonese Forgers in imitation of 


tbo A Mini- type, mid is certainly as rare as the original of 1501. Bi 

Batler'a copy sold for ESS, 
3G973 CICERO. M. T. C. Epistnloo Familiares, stout 12mo. prist ed oh 

vellum, in original vellum binding, uncut, EXCESsiYELr rare is 

this state, £30. *. n. (Lugduni cirea 1 

The counterfeit of llic Aldino edition of 1502. RcaOMfd only knew of 

two copies printed on vellum. This copy sold for £56 at the Sunderland sale. 
3G974 PHILOSTRATUS de Vita Apollonii Tyanei scriptor luculentua 

a Pbilippo Beroaldo eastigatus, 12mo. filU oopjf Ml green morocco 
<;, juuble with citron morocco, leather j 'Inmfly-h 

by Bozerian lejeune, very rare, £5. s. n. (Lugduni circa 1505 i 
This volume is not a copy of any Aldine edition, though pri ted in the 

pseudo-Aldinc type. 
3G975 Pontani Opera. Vrania, siue de Stellis libri quinqj, etc. 12mo. 

maroon morocco, gilt edges, £1. 8s t. n. 

Exact copy of the Aldine edition of 1513. 
3G976 PETRARCH A. Le Cose Vvlgari di Messer Francesco Patnroha, 

Aldint Counterfeit, ruled vilh red lines (tine no/a) — Hocatom- 

pbila. De Misser Leon Battista Alberto, Hecatomphila clu- no 

insegnia l'ingeniosa arte d'Amore . . . title within wnodcul 

border, fttampatain Vineggia per ifarchio Sessa . . .1534 — 2 vote. 

in 1, 12mo. old red morocco gilt, gilt edges, £3. 3s 

The I'ctrarch is one of the. Lyons counterfeits, and according to Itenoutrd 

the first of them. The pnges ere unnumbered, the volume containing signature* 

ii -y in eights, z 4 leaves (the last blank), and A 8 leaves (the last blank . 

3G977 Ei'isiOLE Obsccrorum virorC od Vencrabilem virum in agist rum 
Ortuinum Grntifi Daueutriensem, etc. srn. 4to. lit. goth- 
I WW, formerly in the possession of llieronymiis I . with 

his autograph on the title, dated 151G, maroon nun ■, gilt 

edges, with anchor on sides, VERY rare, £4. 

In Venetia impressum in impressoria Aldi Minutii, etc. 

$. a. (area 1 
Evidently from a German press, probably at Hagenau or Cologne, 
Contains 20 leaves. 

" Extremcment rare." — Brunei. 
3Gi»78 LUCANI (Annei) Poema nupcrrime imprcBsnm ntqne ndamn- 

costigatnm. 1521. sm. 8vo. fine large copy, in the original 
olive morocco, with gilt tooling on sides, a very ii>. 
binding, though tl<> back ii tlightly Mured, te&i bars, £15, 
Fimm sortitus est Liicatius isle Lugdun. in ojficina Quill 

huyon cnlehogrnphi Annu dumini . 1521 . die 

One of the rarest of the Aldine counterfeits. Henonard's copy told 
for £7. 

" Ccst a ce rare volume, acquis en 1788, que jc dois les premiere* Di 
stir cettc suite d'r.litious lyonnoim, aiusi qne la posaibilite d'en tracer le 
pres l'histoiic." — Renouard. 

'.'■< .'78uRenouard, Annales de riwprinicric des Aide, mi liistoire des i 
Manuce et de leura editions, 3me. i-dition, 8vo. plaiee am! 
/...', hf. bd. 28j 

3G978& llic Mime. i.Aitiir PAPER, n i 


( 1470) Foligno. 

Johann Numeister (1470-79), 

{in partnership at first with Emlliano Orsini.) 

3G979 ARETINI (Leonard!) de Bello Italico adversus Gothos, First 
Edition, with the autograph of " Jacques Le Chandelier, 1550," 


Ilunc libel I u in Kmilianus de Yrsinis Eulginas fy Iohannes 

Numeister theutunicus : eiusq. soli i felii -iter iuipresserunt. 

Fuhjiii' 7 in d i nno eiusde Emiliani anno domini millesi- 

mogvtuh 1 age tesimoseptuagesimo feliciter. (1470) 

.Ti si imams. Bernardi Iustiniani, Leonardi oratorw filii, Legati 

Veneli (Initio Iiabita apud Siitum quartnui Pontificem maxi- 

mnin, very rare Ada Rome . . . 1471 . . . El impresse sunt in 

Homo Xniiiliuii i lokannii pkitippi de Lignumine . Sicnlus(sic),ete. 

2 vols, in 1, 4to. verij fine copies, from the library of Girardot 

de Prefond, with his Museum ticket in letters of gold on red 
morocco pasted inside the covers, red morocco super extra, with broad 
ilinlrlle borders of gold, sill; linings, gilt edges, a beautiful 
specini', of binding, byDerome, £70. 1470-71 

The Aretinus, besides being the First Edition, is also the Fiicst Book 
fruited at Foi.ioxo. Johnn Numeister is stated to have been Gutenberg's 
partner, when the latter printed the celebrated Catholicnn de Janua in 1460, 
at his second pre.'.-. The Inst hut one word of text is in this copy erroneously 
printeil hnius tor huiwr. This misprint was corrected in a second issue. 

The JnftiTn'nmi.< is an exceedingly raic piece (consisting of only 9 leaves), 
barely mentioned in a note by Brunet, who evidently never met with it. It is 
nukuonn to Ilnin. Lignninino hnd only started printing in the previous year. 

(1470) Milan. 

Antonio Zarotto of Parma (1470-1504). 

D CTCKRONIS Topica. Fol. lb: M. Tnll. CiC C. Trebatio. S.D.P. 
. . Ful. 2a : Incipit Prn>fatio Cicironis In Librnm Topicornm . . 
20 leaves, 25 lines per page — Ejusdem Partitiones. Fol. 2a: 
IfaiCJ Tullii. Ciceronis do ptitionibuB oratoriis ad Ciceronem 
tilium liber . . Fol. 28a .- Anno Dominico Mcccclsxii . . Ecce 
Gnu jurtitionnm oratoriarnm : qnas Gabriel fontana placentinus 
BOB 1 1 : ' 1 1 1 1 ■_• i ■ 1 1 to r recngiionit, 28 leaves, of which the first is blank, 
SB /').<•- perpagi — 2 vols, in 1, iAo.fine oopie* in old English blue 
. from the Sunderland library, £12. 12* 

[Milan, Antonio Zaroto, 1472-73) 

WithoDl Miznaturcs, catchwords, or foliation. The date at the end of 

DM Partitiones is undoubtedly the date of the printing. The ty|>e is identical 

: these two Ciceronian pieces, and also identical with that of the 

it liritins following. Id I be Topica, and in tbo Mombrilius, however, 

ilni- igni ft wear and less clearness of impression than in the 

• may assign them lo a date at least one year later. 

fontana, the editor, tra* one of Zarotto's partners during the years 1472-3-4. 

lfOMBRITlUS. Fol In: Bonini Mombritii ad sanctissiram. d. 
dominntD Siatoni qnartum sumum pontificem de dfiiea passiono 
lil 1. 1 -primus . . stn. lto. 73 leaves, '26 lines per page; greenish 



vellum, £3. 5* 

I wtptl ii in Ml'i per Anton iu Zarotum Fmihohom (<irc. 1473-4) 
Without signatures, catchwords, and foliation. There is nn inscription of 
dedication on the first page to Sancta Maria coronata /or the use of Fralrr 
Jlomu of Mian from Frater raiilinus of Mian Vicar General. This Fratcr 
l'uuliuns was one of the most distinguished Augustinian monks of his time : 
he was called to Rome some years later end died there in 1481. 

36982 JUSTIN1 Historici Clarissimi in Trogi Pompeii Historias Lil.ri 

XLIIH, Bm, folio, remarkably fine urge copy, russia tutrix, gilt 
edget, £8. 8s (Medioluni) Ant. Zarolhus, 1474 

Very rare edition. The verse colophon in four lines runs than : 
Historias veteres peregrinaijue gesta rcuoluo 
Iu&binus. lege me. sum trog%u ipse breuis. 
Quern vianus Antoni Zarotho sanguine creti 
Impreisit toilers : insubribuniue 

36983 (VIRGILII Opera.) [leaf 1 :] P. Virgilii Maronis Partheniie 

Mantuani Bncolicon liber . . . sm. folio, old red morocco, 
ornamental gilt borders, from the Sunderland library, 36* 

(Mediolani, Ant. Zarutlius, 1475) 

Only a portion of this extremely rare edition, consisting of leaves I to 163; 
wanting therefore the 19 leaves at the end containing the Oputeula and 
Priapeia. Several leaves are mended and defective. 

An unkuown printer of this city produced in the same year an edition of 
Servius' commentary on Virgil. 

36984 CAESARIS Commentarii cum A. Hurtii ant Opii Snpplcm< 

ex recensione Petri Jnstini Philelphi enm Indice Rayniundi 
Marliani, folio, aome leaves wormed, but a fine large copy 
English red morocco extra, £15. 

Anno Christ i. 1477 . . . Hoc opus diligent er emend 
Ant on ius Zarothus par mentis , . . impretsit (J/V.>' 
A rare edition, and the first with the index of Raymundos Marlianus. 

36985 MAN1LIUS. Marci Maitilii Mntlieroatici Poctao clarissimi A 

nomieon ad Cacsaicm Avgvstvm Liber primvs (Libri r), i I' 
Slcpliano Dulcinio edcn(e), am. folio, largi copy, old Englul 
viorocco extra, £12. ImprestH fuit in civitate Inclyta Medi 

Per Antoniii Zaratu Parmcnsem. 1489 

36986 PETRARCHA. Opera del preclarissimo Poeta misser Fronct 

Petrareha con el comento de misser K<rnardo Lycinio sopra Ii 
Iriuphi. Con misser Frficescho Philelpho: Misser Antonio de 
tempo : MiBscr Hieronymo Alexidrino sopra li Soneti A 
nonamente liistoriato : & correcte per misser Niculo Peranxone. 
Azonte molte notabele & excellente addition' 2 parti in 1 rbL 
sm. (oBo, with <> l>ciiiih'/nl full-paga wood' morocco i 

gilt edget, extremely rare, £12. 12* 

Tmprom i. Milcmo per, Antonio, Zaroto Parmente vel. 1494 
The colophon appears at the end of the Sonclti It Cainniic, the Trimui.lii 
being without mark. Collation : Triiuiiphi, uu and a q, in eights ; Sop 
Cansonc, AM, in eights, nnd N (5 leaves. 


Chrlstoph Waldarfer (1474-88). 

36987 AMBROSIUS. Sancti Ambrosii Episcopi Mediolanonsis do 
Officiis liber primus (libri III, cum Vitn, etc.), sm. 4to. large and 
sound copy, but the last few leaves a little stairied, old English blue 
morocco extra, £15. 

Im/iressus viediolani p. Ohristofor. Valdarfer Ratisponensem, 1474 
This is the first edition with a date, and 11I311 the first book printed by 
Valdarfer at Milan after his removal from Venice. 

The proper collation of this very rare book will be fonnd in the Diction- 
noiro Geographiqnc annexed lo lirunet. Brunct himself was wrong in 
ihinking it should comprise 130 leaves; it contains properly 128. The 
colophon, with date and printer's namo, is found on the reverse of fol. 98. 

98 [BANDELIS (Vincentii de)] Libellus Recollectorins Auctorilatum 
ilr \ "dilate Conceptiones Beataj Virginis Gloriosn?, 4to. fine 
\py t inih paxnted initial letter, blue morocco, gilt edges, by 
Mrs. Weir, *■■ ,1/ rare, £12. 12» 

Ife&iolam jm Ohriito ft mm Valdarfer Ratesponentem, 1475 

169 PHILELPHUS. Francisci Philelfi Satyrarum Hecatostichon 
prima decas (decades X 1. sm. folio, First Emtion, eery fine large 
and clean copy, with rough leaves, hf. vellum, £15. 

Mrdinlaiii per Christophorum Valdarphcr Ratisjiniieiisem, 1470 

the same, sm. folio, very large copy, in old red morocco, 

from th-' M" rnidii and Syston Park collections, £10. 1476 

' Premiere edition, trcs-rarc et furl rechoichee." — Brunrt. 

POGGIO. Pogii Florentine Oratoris clarissinii. Facetiarnm 
Liber, sm. 1 to. fine large copy, red morocco, by Mrs. Weir, witJl 
the Wad hull arms in gold on ndet, rare, £5. 5s 
Mt'i (Mrtliolini) iwf-stum per mnaistrfi Chriit»l~>rum ualdarfer, 


>VJD. Li brain hnnc herodium (sic). P. 0. wisonis : cum coso- 

latoria eiusdem ad liuiam augustnm de mortc Drnsi (sic) neronis 

1 1 ruz libro de philomen. Mcdiolani. OhristofForDS. Ratisponesis. 

[mpresit (-/'). 4to. lit. rjolli. 0/1/ blue morocco gilt, from the Snnder- 

1 library, £12. Mediolani, Chubtoyvordb (Vai.pabkkr), 14W0 

A rare edition, containing 64 leaves, 33 lines lo a page, printed in bold 

Gothic characters. 

Unknown Printer (? 1475). 

86903 TACITI Opera, cum Francisci Puteolnni, sm. folio, fine com Ml 
old ealf, £6. 6# (line nota, tea circa 1-175) 

t another copy in vellum, gilt edge*, £7. (? 1475) 

The work is supposed to have been printed at Milan (probably by 

Valdarfer) a* l'uteolanus resided in that city, and in his dedication expressly 

rta " (toffa-ii 11 'J ressoribus tradidimus." It contains 187 leaves, of which 

•i are blank. The life of Agricula, which occupies tlio last 11 leaves, is the 

Firal Edition of that work. 

Unknown Printer (1475'. 
I.'KYII HONORATII Commentarii in VIRG1LII Open, com 
rgilii, sm. folio, a fete leaves wormed, 'I" fiftt leaf defec- 
, and tin tail four mended, old red morocco, with ornamental 

254 • 


gilt borden, gili tdge*,from the Sunderland library, very rare, 
£7. 7 s U 1 ITS 

This edition i6 remarkable for its catchwords, which in plrad on the 
verso of some leaves, some in the centre of the lower margin, ami other? ar 
right angles to the end of the last line. The name of the printer has not jet 
licen ascertained. The type is not that of Ant. Zarot, to whom Putter 
uscrihes this edition. 

Unknown Printer (? 1475-78). 
36990 Momdritii (Bononi) Sauctuarium give Vitae Sanctorum, 2 TOh». 
folio, very fine large eltan copy, rellnm, £3. 5* 

{>;„■ ,,,,<„. te& Kediolomi circa I 

Rare. These henntifnl Tolnmes are plated with the same type as ihr 
Statins edited by Munihriiiuaanil printed at Milan, and as the Dictys (.'retrnsu 
of 1477. — It has been variously attributed to Zarotto and to Lavagna. 

Hiliilin describes this as exhibiting " the most capricious and pnuling 
arrangement of signatures " of all the books he had ever collated. His colla- 
tion of it is very defective. Unmet omits to mention that one of the leave* if 
Wank. In this copy Vol. I contains 344 leaves, and I blank leaf, who b 
is omitted (rom the collation below; and Vol. II contains 863 leaves. 

Collation: Table to Vol. 1 (3 leaves); Table to Vol. II (2 leaves). 
Besides these five leaves there are signatures a-v, and as each letter rectus 
several times, we give a full description. There are 8 signature as. lOb's 
4d's, 4 o's, 3 F's, 2 f*s. 4 g's. 2 h's. 4 l's, i L's, 11 m's. I n'-. 7 p'l [simple p oc 
enmng twice], I r,S .-'-, 1 T, :l fs and J Vs. All of these arc in eights c 
(1) a, which is in :> leaves ; 8 a, 10 11. ; 9 c. 7 II.: 4 d, 7 11. : 4 c, 1 1 
fi II.; 2 f, li 11.; (I)h, 9 II. ; 2 L, 10 11.; 11 m, loll.; 4 n, 4 11.; (I) p, 
r, 10 11.; (1) T, 11 11. ; 2 t, 6 II.; 3 t, 5 II. ; 2 V, 10 leaves. 

Filippo di Lavagna (1475-89). 

86997 [HIERONYMI (Sancti) Opuscula] at end: Hoc sunt Rubric* 
quaternion it flosculoruj & Iransitus sancti Hyeronimi < 1< •• 
<x i in ii A miroculoruj & quarudam epl'arnin sancti Augustini ,1. 
laudibus sancti Hyeronimi ad Cyrilum ePna yponcnsem & Cyrilii 
ad Augustinum, small 4to. fine copy, in maroon morocco i 
gilt edge*, rare, £3. 

Impssuiii (Mediolani) y. MagittrO Philippun 

i.occo.lxzv (I47.'i i 
H.MiK. Contains: 174 leaves of Text without numbers, signatures, or 
catchwords (..f which the 1 00th is blank, and not in this copy); and 2 leave* 
containing the Kcgistcr at the end. 

At the bottom of the reverse of leaf 74 appears "F.rplirit doctrina S> salt 
JJitrommi ex mis optrilau ejregie diveruaia et eetern ; " and on the opposite 

Esge "inetpit I Wf aw iil iei beats BUronomi." On leaf 100 the >.>u(oU 

The book dated 1469 and printed by Ijirogna. which has usually been 
considered the tir-t typographical production of Milan, is now rrjec'toi M 
having a considerable eiror in its dute. 

3G998 HORATII Opera, sm. folio, old English red IROroeeo extra, from 
the Sunderland library, £31. 10s 
opa Srimpeusit Philippi de Lauagnia CT* lanmtie, 1478 

A very rare edition, (in the margin of the first page is int 
drawing of a tree, bearing the motto •• Sine fronde tamen vivain; - ' ben 
this is a coat of arms. 

88999 PLINIUS. Caii Plinii Secundi Nouicomensis Orat 

simi epistolarum Liber Primus incipii (libri VIII), Btnall I 


old '•'»■ gilt, from the Sunderland library, £7. 10* 

Mediolani per FhiKppum Lauagniam Mediolani etuem, 1478 
A line, large and cleau copy of this rare edition. The first initial illumi- 
nated, ind tlic other! painted in blue and red. 

37000 LUCANUS. M. Annei Lvcnni Pharsaliao Liber primus (LibriX), 

(ate. Pomponii Infortunitti Lucaui Vita), sin. folio, large copy, 
old English ml morocco, rare, £10. 10s 

Opus impression Mediolani impensi* rhi/i)<j>i Lauagnim 

Anno 1-177 . . . 
A (10 leaven, of which first blank), B to () in eights, and P (6 leaves). 

37001 JUVENALIS ET PERSIUS. D. Ivnii Iwenalia Aqvinatis 
Satyra prima (Satyrns XV) — Avli Persii Plaeci Satyrarvm 
Liber — in 1 vol. sm. folio, slightly worm, J, oil h'.njHsh red 
morocco extra, from the Sunderland library, hake, £18. 18s 

I), lunii TuuenaHi s A' -I. Venn Flood .•ntyras imprcssit 
I'lu'lippus Liutagnius mediolcmonsis . . 1478 . 
tains : a to g in eights, and h (10 leaves), and one separate leaf with 

Unknown Printer (1475-78). 

37002 PhilXLPHI (Francisci) . . . Mcdiolanense Conuiuitim primnm (et 
Secundum), sm. 4to. old red morocco, from Croft's library, rare, 
£2. iSl (sinenota) 

I'rinted at Milan, probably in 1477 or 1478. 

There arc two epistles t>i I'hilclphus : ono from Leonardus Jostinianus, 
dated " Ex Vcneliis, Mcccoxliii ;" the other from Jo. Franciscus Marlianus, 
dated " Ex Ticiim. MccccLxxvii.''— The former was portion of the codex 
which Marlianus read, and from which this impression was taken with 
HarlUnna' own epistle prefixed. 

The volume contain! : a to 1 in eights, m (4 leaves), and A (4 leaves) — 
or"J6 unuumbercd leaves, of 28 lints to a page. The signatures are very 
irregularly placed, beiug sometimes in the bottom margin, at others in the 

BllIMt describes the book as printed about 1498, — simply a typographical 
■ 1 1 r Fir 1478 ; but Graessc has, as in most cases, faithfully followed him. 

Joannes Bonus (1475). 

>■> AUGU8TINU8, Avbei.ii Avgtstini devotissimvs confession-vm 
i.ii'iu IXCIPIT (libri Xlll), 8m. 4to. finely printed in a I hin-f ■;■■■■ ' 
Soman letter, old calf gilt, £12. Mediolani, 1475 

I in-i ammo* with a date; so rare that although it is mentioned by 
Iiruntt and his coutinuator, no collation is given by them, the liook itself 
never apparently having come into their hands. The volume consists of 16* 
leaves without marks. The Roman tyjie is of very primitive character and full 
of contract ion-. Even the proper form of the printer's name, as given in the 
ted colophon, is uncertain. He was an Augustiniau monk who had 
l'i ailed a book at Savona in 1474. and had been obliged by the plague to quit 
his convent there and settle at Milan, lie is thought to have been identical 
with Johannes Wurstcr of Kempen, who was printing at Mantua in 1472, 
but this is apparently not correct.— The metrical colophon runs as follows: — 
" Q. Iteltim augustina feral confessio fa-turn 
PnesetM fnitre refert pagina pressa suo. 
Theutonicis dclatus euim bonus icre Iohannes 
Hoc mediolani fertile prcssit opus. 
Anno incarnationis dosiim 

xil Kale.iuas Avovsti :'' 


37004 BOCCACCIO. Comincu m. mmiiiale hesoi.ano damuki. i 0X1 i 


4to. 80 leaves, throe .'Ian-, is of oiiuva rima oh mm page ; rn 

copy in crimson Mi rn, gill edges, by Ho id i/- Menu it, £32. 

(Metlii'Iii . 1475) 

With register at mil ; but without numeration, catchwords, and signs 
The types are those of Ionnnci Bonn?, and ibc book may bare preceded the 
AngoanotM above described. — The edition has not hitherto been known to the 
authorities : it is true that this apparently unique copy was described in the 
Didot sale catalogue, but no conjecture of place, dote, or printer was given 

Bonaccursio of Pisa (1475). 

37005 [PLAUTINA DICTA, collecta a Bono Accursio], am. 4to 
large clean copy in red morocco extra, (jilt edges, by f?. Leteis, VEKT 
rare, £4. 4* (tine nota, oirea 1 l-r.'--76) 

tho same, small 4to. " laornthole through the ■ 


margin if the first twenty leaves; otherwise a fine Copy with ! 
margins, old calf, £2. 8s fl 1 171 

ThiB is in the some time as tho Latin portion of the P«tiltcr of 1481. 

Greek Press. 

Bonaccursius of Pisa (1476-81). 

37007 LASCARIS. Compendium Octo Orationis Partinm ct alii.: 

qnornndam Necessariorum, editum a Constantino Ln 
Byzantio, Grwce el Latine, sm. folio, fine large and clean 
red extra, gilt edges, £18. 

Qoo dtUMMfa opus mprettnm esi Meiiolani - ■ . 1480. 
,y in!*. i/u-i-tal urn per . . . Iohanuein (Qmt 
monachum Pla 
SiiuNti Edition. Vkrt rare. No copy was In the Snndri 
Bcckford or Ilnrnili. .11 libraries, or in nny of the grent libraries lately (pU, 
except the Syaton Turk, from which this comes. 

37008 (PSALTERIUM, Grace et Latine, ex recensione Joaimis [Crastoni] 

Placentini.) David Proplietae et Regis Melos. siu. folio, 1- 
Edition, a very large /■/•■ morocco, insole bar 

edges, RARE, £10. Impressum Mediolani Anio Ban 

die . . . xx. 8tvtenibris. 1 L481) 

Find Edition of the Greek l'snltor, and of nny part of the Bible in <ircck. 
The third book printed in Greek. 

Some copies have the aords " impsnsa Boxaccl-rsi I'ibaki in the 
colophon in addition to those given above. 

Dr. Askew's copy sold for £16. 16s, and this in Sir M. Svki«" sale 
for £21. Is. 

The Psalter and the Lascaris ore both in the same Greek typo. 

Dominico da Vespola (1476-78). 
370U9 BOCCACCIO, 11 Philocolo. Incomencia il libro primo di 1 1 

& Biauzafioro chiamato Philocolo chc tanto e adiro quant© 
nraorosa faticha . Composto per . . . Iohani Bocoaooio a « • r- 
t.ildo : . . sm. folio, a few leaves slightly loomed and slaineJ, 
two letters missing from the first leaf, but a large copy, 

ipsso p. Dominico da Vespola nel iclyta cita de ililan 1 
The only copy mentioned by Brunei <u that in the Knxbnrghe wle, in 
which it was sold for £38. 17*. 


Second Greek Press (1493). 

? Ulrich Scinzenzeler. 

S7010 (ISOCRATIS Orationes, Greece, carante Demetrio Chaleondyla) , 
sm. folio, with tlio autograph " liber Thomas Cayi socij collegij 
uinr. Oxofi. 'fine large copy in the original oak board* covered with 
stainj'cd leather, £15. Mrdicdani, per Henricum Qermanum, 

et Sebastiuintw de I'ontreiiiulo, 1493 

37011 the same, 8m. folio, fine large copy in old "Emgum red 

morocco gilt, £20. • 1493 

Kditio I'rirckpb. Very rare. Sir M. Sykes' copy sold for £28. Si. 
"Premiere edition assez belle et fort rare." — firunet. 
On the last leaf we find tho murk of Ulrich Scinzenzeler, which goes far 
to prove that he was the Ilenricus Qermanus whose name appears in the 
colophon as printer. 

87012 CH ALCOND YLiE (Demotrii) Erolemata Synoptica octo Partinm 
Orationis; Manuel Moscopulns de Prosodia; et, Gregorina 
Corinthiua de Dialeutis, Orate, sinnll folio, First Edition, very 
Jinr large clean copy, in purple morocco extra, leather joints, gilt 
edges, with Sir M. Sykes' arms on sides, £7. 7s 

sine >v)ta, sed Medinhini, circa 1493 

Fmsr Edition. Vkrt uaiie. By a mistake of ihc hinder tho 
Clmlcondylas has heeii placed at the end of the volume, instead of at tho 

Collation : Chalcondylaa, n-ij in eights, and 8 in fours, of which tho last 
blank; Moscopulns. n-i/ in rights, ind " and t in sixes) Corinthius n-v in 
eights, except )i in six. This copy sold for £20. 9s 6 J in Sir \I. Sykcs' sale, 
and l'inelli s for £19. 8s 6d. '• Wc are about to describe a volume of snch 
uncommon rarity, that the lato Rev. T. Crofts imagined there were not three 
copies of it in existence." — Dibdi'i. 

The Isocratcs and tho Chalcomlylas are both in the same type i which 
differs in size from that used iu tho" Psalter and Loscaris of the preceding 

Leonhard Pachel (1478-1511) and Ulrich Scinzenzeler 

37013 CELSUS (Aurelius Cornelius) de Medicina, sm. folio, fine large 

and clean copy, in obi rilrou morocco extra, gill edges, £1. 

Impressum M&liolani Per Leonardum pachel S( Vldericum 

sinc:en:eler, 1481 
Second Edition. Very rare. 

37014 Bonaventuba (S.). Incominciano le denote meditationo Bopra la 

passione del nostro signorc canate & fondate originalniente 
sopra mi'sere Boiianentura cardinale de lordine minore. Sopra 
Nioolao ill lira, etiadio sopra altri doctori & predicatori appro- 
bati, stn. 4to. with a long contemporary J/6', rrayer in Italian 
on the fly-leaf, vellum, rare, 32s 

Mediidano, Leonardo Pachel et Ulderieho Scin:cencllcr 

ilr AUmonia, 1480 
I0RKNTII Comccdia-, cum Vita excerpta de dictis D. F. Petrarcre, 
sm. folio, large copy, russia extra, gilt edges, £12. 

iloc opus e 'prcssii Mediolaip. magistros Leonardil If 

Olduricu socios (s. a.) 
Ve*t RAM. No copy, except this, has appeared iu any of tho reeeut 


great sales. Willi Payne and Fosa* MS. note, " An exlnnicly rare edition, 
which will not he found in the Spencer, any of llie great libraries 
in this country." 

37016 VLRG1LII Opera, bui, folio, fine copy in old blue 'Ira 

irilli broail gilt ornamental border*, and centre ornaments, WHIM 
for Lord Sunderland, £30. 

Mediolani, haonard. pachel una cum Vldericho scinzecellcr 

oi. socio, 1481 

37017 MISSALE ROMANUM, cum Calendario, bdi. 4to. ©othic £tttfr, 

rubricated, leaf go (i) Ml MS., othenoise a good copy, dark green 
morocco, gilt aofferededget, hare, £6. 6* 

il/i- .leti'i s'tii consuetudinem romane curie tunima euj 

diligent in Mediolani Tmpretnnopifieio It idustria Leonardi 
pachel y Ulderici tcintn Hceller {/•■ Ala mania socior. 1-4-81 
ll.Mir. Not nientionc<l in Wcale's Bibliographia Liturgies. 

37018 [BRASCHA (Santo) Itinerarioalasancta citta do Jerusalem nell' 

anno 1480.] [Leaf 1 :] Ad Magni6cnm Dominum Antonium 
Landrianum Ducaleni Thesaurariuui generalem : Sanctas 
Brnscha. Salutem, sm. 4to. fine copy, i 'tra, gilt edges, 

from tin- Hamilton Palace library, VERY babe, £16. 

Leonardus faciei .V lldericu* sinczenccller : Theutonici hortatu 
dmbrosij archiuti leu: opusculun) in lucern attnl-.runt. 1481 
Contains signatures a-f in eights, g (10 leaves), and h (»ix leaves, of 
which the fourth i- blank). 

37019 Gerson (Joannis) De imitatioe xpi [Christi | & do oteptu oium 

vanitatii mudi, sm. square 8vo. (18mo.), fine copy in maroon 
morocco, gilt edges, rare, £5. 

lmpres*um Mediolani impensis Leonardi pachel 

de alamnnia, 1488 
Isocrates and Cualcoxdvlas — see Greek Press, Nos. 37010-12. 

37020 Terentiani Macri de Litteris Syllabi's et Metris . . . Liber, sm. 

folio, she: i »/ i I leaves) reprinted, veUum, 25* 

Impressum Mediolani per uiagistrum VIdericum sciuzmzclcr, 1497 
Fihbt Edition. Veiit hake. Tho l'inclli copy sold for £13. 13*, 
Ahkew's for £12. 12s, nml this. 27 October, 1603, for £9. 

37021 SIDONII APOLLINARIS poema Aurcum eiusdemq; epiv 

(cum commentario Joannis Baptistre Pii), sm. folio, fine oiryc 
copy, red morocco crtra, till- lining*, gilt edge*, by -/•'";< riam jrune, 

Impreunm Mediolanni /•* r magistrnm Yldericum tciae\ 
(sic), Impensis . . . Jlyeroniml de Asnla necnon I 

ubbatibu* placitini, 1 Ifl8 
Fihst Knmnx with a Date. Kxihlmelt Hare. Contains 4 pre- 
liminary leaves, and U0 (not 144 as Brunei says) learcs of text. The Dole 
of lioxburghe's copy sold for £12. Ma, 

Alexander Minutianus (1478-1520). 
8/02S C01MO. Dello eccelletissimo oratore mes^er Bernardino C 

Milanese . Historia cotincnte da loriirinu di Milano tatti li gi'sti, 
futti, e dotti preclnri, e Ie cose mriuurudu milunesi, in fil 
tempo di esso Autorc . . . .thick folio, LaBOE Paper, with 
eery rare 6 preliminary leaves, with 2 full-page woodcuts, a beau 


copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Ant. Chaumonl,a splendid 
piece of binding, from the Hamilton Palace library, £1'2. 

Mi'diolani npud Alexandra Minutiouum. 1503 

First Edition, containing many passages subsequently suppressed. 

The first six pages, containing the title and Kepertorimii or Index, were 
not printed till some lime after the completion of the book, and are found in 
but few copies. 

Philippus Mantegatius dictus Cassanus (1490-97). 

37023 Piiilku'HO (Francesco) La Vita dil Sanctissirao Iohanni Battista, 

am. 4to. with two vellum fly leaves from an old MS., old red 
nmrocco, rebached, with the Wodhull arms in gold on sidet, 
'62s restwn Mediolaui per Mogul-rum VhiUppv/m 

Mantegatium dictum Cassanum, 1494 
" Fort rare"— Iirunet. 

Guillaume Le Signerre of Rouen and his brothers 


37024 Veoius (Maffietis). Maffiei vegii Laudesis pootro & Oratoris 

clarissimi Disccptatio temp: solis & Auri : Liberq. l'lnlalilis 
& Veritatis. Necnon de fcelicitate & miseria . Carmen quoq. 
Astianactis atq. describedm rcr. gestarura historian ejccunalio, 
Bm. folio, fine copy, in calf, rare, £1. 8s Impssa mediolnui. 

xiii. mail 1497 per Quillermu signerre rothomagensem 

37025 SEDULII Carmen Pnscliale. Aurelii Pkudentii Poemata, 12mo. 
Printed dpon Vellum, with exquisite illuminated borders to 
3 pages, and 14 illuminated capital letters, old red morocco, gilt 
edges, from the awtderland library, £18. 18s 

Zmprtuwn MI'i twnptibut Iani: §f Catelliani Gotten 

dexterittiie. Quillelmor, h signerre froJr. (.«. a, sed 1501) 

Vsuv haick. Contains signs, a to o in eights, and p (6 leaves). The 

dedication is .tinned bj Janus Parrhasius. On the last p:ij;e is written the 

autograph " CateUiani Coif* Jurens.'' evidently of the Cutta mentioned in 

the colophon. 

Joannes Angelus Scinzenzeler (1500-23). 

37026 VARTRMA. Itinerario dc Lndouico De Verthcma Bologi 
at lo Egypto nc la Suria ne la Arabia Descrta & Felice ne la 
Persia ue la India : & no la Ethiopia. Le fede el uiucre it 
costumi de tutte le prefato prouincie. Nouamente impresso, 
sm. 4to. with woodcut title, bds. £14. 

Sta M,cecmpata (pro Stampata) in Milano ;»;r Iohanne 
Angelo Scin:en:eler . . . ccxxiii (pro Mcccc-czxiii) 

Gotardo de Ponte (1500-35). 

37027 Isidorus de Isolinis. Inexplicabilis Mysterii gesta Beatas 

Veronicas Virginis . . . Monasterii Sancto Martha? urhis 
Mediolani . . . (interpreto Isidoro de Isolanis), am. 4to. with 
several elegant woodcuts and woodcut initials, vellum, £3. 10* 

Medi'ilaui apod Qotardvm I'onticum, 1518 
A very rare book, with highly finished woodcuts, and fine ornamental 
initials. The designs are purely Italian in character, and of superior order, 
although executed with great simplicity. 


Lazarus de Turate (1502). 

3/028 FIORE DE VLRTU. Incomincia vna operetta vtilissima cbinmata 
Fiore de virtu. Loquale tratta de tutti li vicii: humani Eqmli 
gli honiini die desiderano vinero seenndo (tie') dio del' 
fnu'iii'. Et insegna come si dobia acquistare le virtnte )i 
costumi morali pronando per auctorita de sacri theologi de ntolti 
philusophi doctissimi, small 4lo. with numerous spirited m 
cuts, the title-page surrounded by a woodcut border containing 

ial figures, and bearing the initials B. T., purple morocco, 
gilt edges, £15- 15s 

Im/iressum Mediolani per Jjazarum de Titrate . . . 1502 

The unknown engraver B. T. may not bo Bcnvonnlo Tisio Garofalo 
of Florence, who, although only twenty-one years of age at the date pi 
this book, was already a skilled engraver. The moral precepts are illus- 
trated by stories, so that the book may bo attached to the class of NovelU. 
The woodcuts, being executed fur the stories, lend au additional interest to 
this edition. 

Gian Giacomo di Legnano and his brothers (1503-33). 

37029 ITINERARIC PORTUGALLfiSlC I lusitakia a tjrou A Orel 

IN (X H & I ■ t MIM AC AQiriI.0J.RM, am. foli.', curious 100) 

map on title-page, perfect with the two lea res of Index, whirl. 

ally wanting, fine lull copy, ru«ia. 'jilt ■ ,lges, £35. 
iijuri suprema manut impotila est kalendii guintilibut. Ludoi 
yiil/inr. not huiut urbit telite sceptra regitc . . . 15U* i M 

37030 the same, sin. folio, with curiam woodcut map on Hi 

with the two leaves of Index ill fn fini large and cl 

in red nOTOCOO .'..'/■■/. £21. 1506 

The Beckford copy fetched £78. 

This work is a translation i 1 1 1 ■ • Latin by Archangclus Modrignanuf, a 
Cistercian monk, of the famous first edition (Ficensa, 150") of the " I'aesi 
novamcute retrovati, ct Novo Mondo da Alberico Vcsputin Florentino i 
lato," and ends like the first issue of its original with chap. 14*. The value 
of the leaves of Index in the Itinenuiamn Portugallcnsiuin, and the necessity 
of [XMB&Hsing them, must be estimated from tho fact that they give an analysis 
■ I the contents' together with the names of the discoverers, while the text of 
the book runs on from chapter to cbuptcr without distinction. 

37031 ITINEFAMUM POKTCGALLKNSIUM, the two rare and important leave* of 

Indi ■ .-lithographic facsimile, 21s 150* (l-"''i 

The itiWrarium J'ortiiyaMcnsium bears no printer's name, bat wa» 
evidently produced by or for the Brothers di Legnano, being in the same 
style, and size, ns the Vaneum of IB) J. They probably intended t< • publish a 
Collection of Voyages in Latin, and made a good beginning with the two 
worki reft nid to. 

37032 VARTIIKMA. Lvdovici Patritii Romani Novvm Itinerar 

Actlii"i>i;i' : Aegypti : vtrivsqvo Arnbine : Penidil I Siriae : no 
IiuliiU' : intra it extra Gangom, sm. folio, First Latik Eon 
,( fine large dud Ofoam copy, vellum, gilt edges, hark. £25. 
' >]'■ ritUpri ma nuinui imposita est auspiciit . . . JlmiariliHi 
Caruaial hitpani. Epitabinti 

The bi->k lis.* no name of place of printing or date, bur ih. 
dated " Mtdiriai\i nctaw colen. luniat MM.ii." The mark, and im>, 
" I .. In in. Irat.' ile Legnnno" ap|<car above the iutitulaliun on the title- 
page. " I ivre pen commiin et fort recherche." — BrtiNer. 


Zanotto de Castellion (1506-21). 
37033 [SPIRITO (Lorenzo)] Libro Dk La Ventura Overo De Lk 
BOBTX, Perohe Si troua lo infra scripta rasono a traro con git 
dadi che sono nella prescnte roda chiamata roda dulla uontnra 
. . . sm folio, full of fine woodcut figure* and border* in the 
grand Italian style, very fine copy in olm morocco extra, gilt 
edges, by L>rtic, £30. 

aUmpato in milldo -per Zanoto de caste/lion Faiio ale tpose 
lie loltdne lac >'"- it Lcyndn ,V f rah Hi. Net 1508 
The artist's nninc i- unknown, bat ho must bo held to rank among the 
best designers of his time. There is a freedom and boldness in his drawing, 
and n mastery of composition, which are seldom found in union with tho 
apparent roughness of execution, and the absence of finish in (he typographical 
adjuiM". Ill- groups of bambini are very ranch like those in the l'oli- 
philo, and quite as charmingly delineated. The book is a fortune-telling 
encyclopedia, and the pages me full of little figures of dice or dominoes, with 
references below to the grandly-bordered circles on tho pages in which further 
reference* are made to tho woodcuts of the prophets whore responses appear. 

Jacobus Ferrarius (1508-9). 

Si FULGOSI (Baptistie) de dictistactisqjmemorabilibus collectanea: 

a CatnUlo Gilino lafcina facta, am. folio, First Fiuti.ix, fine 

large copy, rulet] With red lines, red morocco extra, gilt edges, 

RARE, £b. 6s Jacobus p'e.rrarius, Mediidani, 1501) 

The Invention of Typography by " C iiitemborgus Argentincnsis " is 
here related, with au insinuation tlmt I lie inventor had been directly inspired 
by God. By this wonderful nrt, says Fulgosus, tho great writers of ancicut 
days may bo said to hare begun their existence in U4o. 

The discovery by Christopher Columbus, a (unocse, of a way to tho 
Indies shorter thnn any known before, is also recorded (although with tho 
mistake that the voyage had been accomplished in thirty-one dnysi. Fulgosus 
lays that this new method was shorter, easier, and far preferable to the long 
■nd dangerous voyage along tho Coast of Africa and through the Southern 
(Indian) Ocean, by which others (Vasco do Gama and the Portuguese) had 
sooght the same regions. In spite of its errors, this constitutes an interesting 
and very early none of the two most important voyages in tho long annils 
of Geographical Discovery. 

Other Printers. 

15 HORRA. L' A morose Rimo di Lvigi Borra Parmiggiano, printed 

in u ringular upright large italic type, with woodcut portrait on 

itampalo In Uiloma in eamdi Oioi Antonio de Oas- 

tiglioni ad Inetantia di Metier Andrea OaUd, 1512 — Trissino 

(Giovan Giorgio). Rime del Triasinoi, printed in italic type, 

<. the and ui, and e and i, distiiiynish"!, Slampala in Viceii:a 

Tuiluimeui laniculu), 1529 — Libro Primo de gli Amori di 

lo Taaso, First Edition, printed on blub paper, rare, 

In Vtnegia per Oiouan Antonio S[ i'rat.lli &a tfabbio. 1531 — 

la. in 1, am. 4t«>. old calf, gill edges, £1. 4? 1629-42 

86 I'-' 1 1 .UID0. Tntti li libri do Orlando Inamorato. Del Conte do 

Batadiano Mattheu .Maria Boiardo Tratti Fidclmrnte (no) Dal 

sun Kmendatissitini exempl&re. Nouameute stampato & 

toriato, sq. 8vo. with woodcuts, calf, £7. 7» 

Impressum. Mediolani. 1539 
A VF.ur RAiiK edition. Colonel Stanley's copy sold for £22. Is, Ilibbert's 
for £lo. in., md Libri's for 2-35 francs. 



C'ORONR'A de don Ai.uaro de Luna Condestable dp los Reynoe 
do Castilla y de Leon : Maestro y ndministrador de la nrden y 
caualleria do Santiago, folio, First Edition, woodout lit. 
whirl, fi on equestrian, a tittle mended, fine oa\ . 
£20. Fue Impressu In presente obra en In gibdad de aftZatt 
Juan Antonio de. Castellono (sic) Impressor: A. 
dins del Mes de Otubre de M. D. xh-j A Q 

37038 the same, folio. First Edition, extremely fine and fa 

copy in old calf gilt, £25. 1546 

Vkby babe. " Thi« first edition is a book of I lie greatest rarity among 
the Chronicle* of Spain." — Salt-u. 

37039 Modio. II Convito di M. Gio. Battista Modio overo del Peso dclla 

Moglie. Doue ragionando si conchiude, elie non puo la Donna 
dishonesta far nergogna all'huomo, 18mo. red morocco extra, 
Duru, 2o.« UHano A p pn u o di Oiovann' Antonio de gli Antonii. 
(At end : Imprimeuanoifratelli da Med a). Ibbi 
Vebt scarce. At the cml is n Novel of Corna7,/.ano not in the edition 
of 1554, which on account of it* rurity was reprinted at Milan in 1812. 

(1470) Naples. 

SLxtus Risinger (1470). 

See post in Supplement to tin's Italian section. 

Arnoldus de Bruxella (1472-77). 

370-40 EPISTOLE niagni Tnrci (Mnhatnmodis seenndi I a Landiuio eqte 
hierosolymitano edite, in ciuitate Neapolis impreise per Am 
de Bruxella, 1473 — Nicolaus Sagnndinus ad Ioliannem filium. 
do cpistolari dicendi genere, line ulla nota — 2 vols, in 1, sin. 4to. 
beautiful huge clean copies, in old red morocco with Harleian gold 
tooling, gilt edges, £8. 1473 

ltuth books are kxcessivei.t barb ; the second unknown to Bronct. 

The Sagundiniu contains 1 1 leave*, 24 lines to a page, without number*, 
signatures or catchwords. Dihdin was of the opinion that the printer of this 
excessively rare piece was not Arnoldus de Brnxclla, as the liuke of Casaaoo 
thought, but perhaps I. 1'. de Lignaniine. The type ia certainly utterly 
unlike that of the Epittoltc Magni Turci above, which bears the name of Am. 
do Bruxellu. Pamer, who evidently never saw either of these works, describes 
them as one book on the authority of CI. Morelli. He afterwards. howeTer. 
contradicted that view on the authority of CI. Giustiniani, who says that they 
were neither printed together, nor by the same printer. 
37041 SILVATIC1 (Mathei) Liber Cibalis et Medieiiialis Pandectarnm, 
thick folio, First Bdicov, very fine large clean copy, from 
Oolbeti'l library, in red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Padelonp, 
wiih the ami of the hue de "Branca* in gold on sides, vert rare. 
£10. 10s Neapoli (A rnoldui de Bruxella I 1474 

The colophon says : Explicit, liber l'andcctnruiii. Quern Angelus < '»!•> 
Supinaa de Beueueto l'hilosophus A medicus magna cu diligetia t emedate 
imprimendfi curauit in . . . ciuitate Neapoli . . . 1474: 

•• The name of Arnoldus de Bruxella is assigned by Panzer as that of 
the printer of this truly magnificent volume. It is indeed very rarely thai *t 
discover a nobler production of any press in the XVth century."— Dibiin. 


Mathias Moravus de Olmiitz (1475-91). 

37042 SENEGA. [Leaf 1 :] Incipit lncii annei Seneca? cordubensis 
liber de moribus in quo notabilitor & elcganter nita? mores 
enarrat, folio, First Edition, very tall copy, but some leaves 
wormed, obi calf, from the Sunderland library, £18. 

Neajwli, tSaihia* Moramte, 1475 

13 the same, folio, very tall copy in green morocco extra, 

gilt edges, with arms on sides, £28. 1475 

This exclusively rare volume is tho most important production of the 
early press at Naples (except only tho Horace of 1 474, of which bnt one copy 
is known). It is, moreover, the first hook printed in Naples by the famous 
primer Matthew of (Minuet*, all of whose impressions are very rare. 
Fetched, [« ValliiVe, 800 fr. ; Libri, £36. loi. 

The colophon in the end of the first part runs thus : " est imprcssum hoc 
mtU in riumito Ncnpolis . . . M.lxxiiiii ...;'" and after it come the 
following verses : 

" Inin pirnc nl^tulerat Seueco: monumeta uetustas 
VixqJ erat hiec alius enl bene note forent 
Tarn bona : sed docti Malhin! scripta mornui 
Artili<i- : non est passa pcriremanus 
Iluic igitnr mcritas grates stiidiosniunentus 
I ' i . » tain sublimi muiiere fempcr agas." 

Jodocus Hoensteyn of Speyer (1475-80). 

it MANILIUS. M . Manilii Asstronomicon (sic). Primvs (v), am. 
4to. stained, old calf, from the Swnderland library, £4. 

Iiiiprc-'iiim (xic) wapuli /«')• Io'licitm hoenstei/n . . . (line 

aiuio, fed circa 1475) 
Vest Rare. Consists of 79 leaves, without marks. 

Conradus Guldenmund of Nuremberg (1478). 

L5 MESUA. Incipit Liber Ioannis Mesve do Complex ionibvs Pro- 
prietatibvs. Electionibrs. OperationibvB qve Simplicivm 
Mi iliciiiarvm Laxativarvm (cvm certa additiono Petri Apponi 
medtoi preclari), folio, good clean copy, old red morocco extra, 
from the Sunderland library, £9. per magistrrm t'onradrm 

vhb ■■nmvnd de Nereuhergn Xea/edi impretSVS, 1478 
A rare edition in Konnn letter, without marks, containing 201 leaves. 

Bernardinus de Gerardinis (1478). 

PO Maono, Libra cliiamato della nila oostnmi nalura. A ome 
altn cosa pertinete tanto alia conseruntionc della sanita dellomo. 
i|ii^iit.i alfe cause et cose humane, sm. folio, fine large enjiy in 
rutaia, by Roger Payne, with Wodhull arms in gold on sides, £7. 10# 
.V. apolij impssum . . . Ope ae impensa Magnijici dni Bernard in i 

de gerardinis de Amelia militis aomitxtpalatini, ac Begentie 

magna m curiam vicarie, 1478 
Excessivklt bare, and not mentioned by Maittaire, Denis or Panzer. 

Aiolfo de Cantono of Milan (1492-96). 
37047 ARETINO. Opcro ititulala Laquila composta per . . . Leonardo 
lino: A da ipso curiosamfite translata da latino in uulgare 
Bcrmone, sm. folio, Fikst Edition, lent <f Eagle, and 

i. r to first page of text, calf, rare, £5. 

Xapoli, Ayolfo de Canthono, 1492 


Caterina, widow of Sigismondo Mayr (1517-20). 

37048 Maz.v. Tr.n'tatii \>cv vtile A delectabilo nominato amatorifl ncto 

ad ordinare lo amore humano alii dobiti virtu it deuiuri 
cMiiie illicito amora in che solu ci'miste virta nouarnete ojiosto da 
f rate Jacobo ma/.a de rhegio ad instantia de Dom ramudo it 
Cai'dtma : Vice re del regno Neapolitnno, sm. 4to. with 
border to title, in (he original oak boards, with etaipi, 20s 
Impreuo in Napoh per Madona Caterina qualfo moglu 

magislro Sigumondo Mayr, 1 ■"• 1 7 
Matthias Cancer (1529-53). 

37049 Pobtids. Ue Rcrum Naturaliuni Principiis. Simonis Poriti 

NeapoHtani Libri Duo, etc. sm. 4to. old Vreneh ml moroeco, gilt 
edget, with WodhttU ami on sides, 12» 

Neapoli Excudebal Matthias Oaneer, 1553 

(1471) Bologna. 

Balthazar Azzoguido (1471-80). 

37050 ANTONINO (Bcato). Incomenza nno tractato uulg&re o sia 

confMoiopalo composite perlo Retierendwwmo padre Bcato frate 
Anlouino de lordine de frati predicatori arziucscliouo de fiorenza. 
Eltrnale se intitula Medicina de lanima, etc. sm. 4to. / 
copy, with the first initial illuminated and historiated with Nm 

iiii! liar's portrait, and the remaining initial* icritlen in red and 

blue, purple morocco, gilt edges, very rare, £5. 

Bonanie impreetum anno. [typieBalth. Attogvidie], H7~ 

This Tcr)' cnrlv -| iiinicn from the press of liolognn's prutotypographer it 
Mi,- second mentioned by Panzer under the name 01 thai lava. It contains 
95 leaves, .'14 liucn to a piijrc, without signatures or catchwords. 

37053 0ATHERLNA DA SIENA. Libro de la diaina proaidfitw 
I iCpOBio in ulgare da la Serajiliiea nergine siieta Chnterina da. 
.sii-na suoro del terzo ordie d- sacto Dominico, etc. sm. folio, 
hf. hd. £3. S. ». si d lUanaiiiv, lyjns llalth. AzzaguidtM, circa 1478 
First Edition. Vtiir kahe. Hibbot's copysoM for £6. 8* 6d, and 
Oaurott's for £'•■ 

37052 PETEARCHA. Gli Trionfi, con la i.i Bi 

Glicino (Lnjiini), folio, with illiimiuatnl initials, lower margins 
of tone nded, lust line of the colophon and o/ hi. 

leaf tnjvred, old nd moroeco, with broad gill ornamental L i 
I for Lord Sundi rlaud, £25. 

/ ,ii 1475 . . rft'i 

First edition irita Gliano'a Commentary, Then is a K'autiful |«intr>l 
border on Qm first page, with ■ portrait of retran h in ibe Rrsl initial, »ud in 
the bottom margin three circular frames, two of tlum painted with figures of 
barw, ihe aims of ihc original owner in the lliird. On the botton of tho 
laird page there is another painting — of Pclrareh in ihc middle and the figure 
of a peacock at each aide. 

37053 OVIDII Opera, S vols. sm. folio, wit h illunu ><rm$ 

first page, J and clean copy, old calf, from the Bnnder- 

Innd library, 668. 

/.'"/ laserten de Assoguui -em, 1490 

This lacoMi i .iution fkoh AzzotfOiDi'i rails u \s uarr as tuc 
first. A earioa feature that il has signatures in the side margins. 


Ugone Ruggieri (1473-99) with Dionisio Bertochl (1474). 

M VALERIUS FLACCUS. C. Valerii Flaoci Sctini Balbi Argo- 
navtioon Libri VIII, am. folio, ni;si BDiTlos, exceedingly i 
Kny, vim numerous MS. notes, old red morocco extra, (jilt edgei, 
£10. Boiumiav impressinti p>r me I'joxem linger inm. ct Dotiinum 

/;. rtoehmn Btgiente*, 1 17 1 
ExtkiiJiei.v rare. The La Vulliere copy sold for ;10 fr»., the Taris for 
£24. 3», 1'inclli's for £26. 5«, Lord Spencer's duplicate for £25. 10s, «nd 
iho Snndcrland copy for £80. 
37055 MANIL1US. Marci Mnnlii poetac clarissimi Astronomicon Libri 
(accedit Amtlius Gennaxuci :i<l Augustum, Latino), sm. folio, 
///. margin* of tome leaves mended, else tine lun/c copy, red morocco, 
gilt edge*, £10. 10* 

Bononiae iimpresswn per me Ugonem ltujerinm. ei Domuttn 

/.'• rtoehum, 1 174 

First Kdition according to Dibdin, Maittaire and Fossi ; and, at any 

rate, the first with date. Vkhy hark. The two parts forming this volume 

have inverled by the hinder. Sir Murk Sy lies' copy sold for £12, and 

the I'ari- copy for £30. 9«. 

87066 [MANFBBDJ (Hietunymo).] Liber De Hoiuine: . . . de Oon- 

..ilionc Sanit&tifl . . . de Cavsis & Natvris Omnivj Eorvm 

Quao Svmvutvr In Cibo . . (Italicc, vultr- > ilicrns Libro del 

Pkbcue), sm. folio, first Epni'iv, ///i. largi copy, rtusia extra, <jilt 

get, babe, £12. 12» 

Bonn,,; per me Vgonem Uvgerivm. et Do nine m 

B'-rtoehrm liri/rnsi .-. 1 J- 7"- 1- 

Consists of 12 preliminary leaves and 9? leaves of text. I'urtions of this 

first edition of the '• Libro del Pcreho " were subsequently suppressed. Thcie 

are eleven pages of a Tnblc of Affinities in very neat contemporary hund- 

writing it the cud (if the v,.lumc. 

WMt'KL ISRAELITANO. Tractato tie roqsitoe dubiose & 
argiiini-ti circa il fodaiiieto dfl I" naifl tVde ou la dicbiaratione do 
le pfi tic [profetie],8m. 4to. margin of last leaf mi ndei, old French 
/•I" extra, gilt edges, Vital i; \i; i , ,£ii. 3s 

Bononie, | Ugo Hugeriusei Doninus Bertoohus] 1475 

- BARBATIDS. Repititio solennia rvbricae: eta fide inatrvnsn- 

torvm, Duita per . . . Andrcam barbaciii Sicnlu HeaaaneoBom. 

First Edition, . . . ' per 1'ijtntrnt lliiijerinm] 

. . 1474 — Cavtello . . . Bartholomei Cepolla Veronensis. 
Tmpreesum Mediolani per Xpoforum Vunldnrfer liaiisponensem, 
l„ipiii-ls . . . I'etriiintunii ile Ijiiii/ii dicti tasleliono iV PhiUppi 
at lanania , . . 1475 . . . — 2 vols, in 1, folio, fine large oopies, 
old red it . HU edges, KcissiYXLT BABB, £4. 1474-7". 

Botfa woiks arc amongst Ihe earliest productions of the celi'liraled p 
from winch lliey emanated. The second look is a curiim- collection of nice 
law-joints, i|uibblcs and quillets, and hints for sharp practice. 

The Uurbntius contains 31 leaves, in double columns, without marks. 
The Cepolla contains -19 leaves, in doable Oolumnr, with 53 lines to a page, 
without murks, the lu>t leaf containing merely the register and colophon 
(printed in red). 
159 MANDEVIUjE. Tmetiitu de la piu maraueglioM COS6 B pin 
BOtabile she si trouino i le parte del mondo reducte ecolto sotto 
bronitn in lo psontc conipedio dal strcnuissiruo caualier a speron 



doro Joliaiio do Mandanilla anglico nato nela cita de scto (lie) 
Albnno . . . sm. 4to. brotcn morocco extra, gill edges, by M 
£15. Impssvw I'oii. [Bon atria] p. Ugone Jtugerin in,,. ik% I486 
A fine copy of a very rare edition. 

Sigismundus a Libris (1476-77). 

NURSIA (Benedictus de). Pnlcherrimum & utilissimu opni ad 
sanitatis coKeruationem. reditu ab . . . Bencdicto dc Nursia . . . 
Ineipit fcoliciter. Similiter etiniu de magistro Tadeo de florentia 
de regimine sanitatis secundum quattuor partes armi. ctr 
4to. fine large copy, with the first initial illuminate'!, calf with ml 
morocco back, £3. 1C« 

TractatiU . . . opera &' industria Dominiri dc Lapis . iwpmdio 
tamen Sigismundi a libris . . . liononicnsis feliciter finiunt . 

Anno. 1177 
A very rare volume from a scarce press. 

Henrico de Colonia (1477-86). 

370C1 SABAD1NO. loannis Snbadini de nrientis Bononiensis . . . 
farctiurii poretimaru opus, Italic*, ran. folio, FIHST EDITION of this 
celebrated collection of Erotic Novels, a very fine large copy, with 
painted frontispiece {dated 1498) and border to first page, 
morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford. u< -kkdisgly sari . 650 
Tmpressa nella il lustre cita de Bologm 
II, hi ieo de i olonia ... 1 
The only other copies of this exceedingly rare hook that have or, 
fur sale bf inn lion, lire llie two mentioned hy Brunei, viz.. the Pinelli 
which mated the la.-t III leaves, and the Wilbraham copy, Tery badly cut 

Plato de Benediclis (1487-96). 

37062 BOSSUS (Mnttliteus). Qu® hoc volnmine habentur varia diver- 
st>que et longa ex dispersione collecta quo brevi stibtitulo sul'ii- 
ciantur ac nomine Recuperationes Fesulanas lector apnf^' 
sm. folio, very slightly wormed at the beginning, other* 
copy, in red morocco extra, gilt edges, rare, £3. 3s 

Tmpressit J'lnto dc Benediclis Bononoi 1 

87068 HEROniANI Librornm Octo de Imperio post Mucoid: vol de 
suis TemporibuB : Angelo Politinno interprete, /■' 
de Bentdtetis, 1493— [Scriplores de Re Militari] Sextna falna 

Fruiitinus . . do re militari. Flailing VegetiuB . . de re mili- 
tari, etc. iVi. 1495-6— in 1 vol. stn. folio, line copies, i 
morocco, gill edges, by Roger Payne, rare, CM. 9 14J • 

BURT1US. Bononia IllnMrata (Nieolai Burlii), sm. Mo 
large and ch 1 1 hi English red morocco extra, £2. 8i 

■ . ex ojficina Via I 

BOS8I (Mattbrei) . . . M [KBTrTDIKDO SaHINTM Ammo Digpo- 
tiitioio > pi r 'lii b. VI II. Tmpi i 

Bna&iCTO, L495 — Mattba>i Bussi ... in Ii-i Ciiristi Si 
toris Pussione flebilis et di-viitissiiiir '6. 1495 

in 1, em. 4to. printed on vellum in lloman characters with an 



elegant illuminated border and 10 illuminated initials, very large 

and fine aijjij in old Calf, witli the L L monogram and 0roi0fl on 

the back in gold, £60. 1495 

[Scriptores he Re Mimtari.] Sextus Iulirta Frontinns . . da 

re militari. Flanins Vegetius . . de re militari. Aelianua do 

instrucndis aei?bus. Modesti libollns de uocabnlis rei militaris, 

am. folio, fine copy, old calf neat, with Mouillie's ticket, rare, £2. 

l)e Arte Militari: Fmntinnnt : (etc.) .. auctores penitns 

iiuinoi 0. etutigatiuinu impressit omni solertia Plato de Be. 

nedirtis llunonieusis In alma ciuitate ltononiie. 149(5-)G 

The Scriptorti de Re Militari is divided into two ports, of which the first, 

containing I'rontinus, bag a separate imprint, and might easily be taken to be 

a separate volume. 

Benedictus Hectoris (1487-1523). 
37067 Pici Mirandulx (Ioannis) Oposcula, Itnpresrit Benedict its Hectoris 
Bononien. Bononice, 149G — Dispntationca Ioannis PiciMirandulro 
. . . adnerana aatrologiii diuinatriccm quibna penitns aubner- 
nata corruit, ib. 1495 (Privilege dated 1496) — 2 vols, in 1, am. 
folio, fine copy in old nutia ewtra, vtitk the Wodhnll arms in gold 
on sides, 80* 1495-96 

These two volumes arc rarely found together, though they belong to each 

68 VALERII FLACCT (C.) poete elegantissimi Argonautica. Dili- 
geter accurateq3 emOdata & sno nitori reddita, sm. folio, old Hue 
it, from the Sunderland library, £10. 
limitmire j'i T Benediction Ilectoreum Bibliopolam, 1498 
370G9 SayonahOLA. Predicbe del Reueredo. P. Frate Hieronymo da 
Ferrara . . . facte in sacta Maria del fiore liino. 1494 .... 
raccoltu per ser Lorczo niuuoli dalla nina uoce del prcdicanto, 
sm. folio, with vellum jly -leaves from an old MS., hf. bd. rare, 
36s lmpresse nella citta di Bologna in la Casa de 

Benedetto di Hector librario. 1515 
Thin contains the sermons preached during 1494 and 1495. 
The first part of the volume, containing the 1 494 sermons, consists of sig- 
natures A-C in sixes (the first leal" l«ing blank), and I) (4 leaves) ; the second 
part, containing those of 1495, consists of signatures AA-1I in sixes, ami KK 
and 1.1- in fonrg (the last leaf beiDg blank). 

Caligula di Bazaleri (1495-1512). 

97070 Gcidai.otto. Tyrocinio de le cose vnlgari do Diomede Guidalotto 
Bologneee Cioe : Sonetti Caiusoni Seatino Strammotti Barzeletto 
lituli Egloglte E prosit, sin. 4to. large Copy, old calf, £3. 3» 

In Lalma tf Inolyta Citta di Bologna per me 

Caligula di Bcuulen, ( 'ittadino Bolngnese, \504i 
First Editioh. Kaiik. A-X in eights, except 1) (4 leaves) and X (10 

Other Printers. 
71 (David, Ethiopia- Rex.) Legatio David Aethiopiae Regis, ad . . 
Glementem Pnpii VII . . Einadem Danid . . Legatio, ad 
EmanueK-in I'm Ingallire Regem. Item alia legatio einsdeni . . 
id Ioannem Portugalliic Rcgem. De Regno Aethiopise, ao 



populn, dlqj itiortlius riusdom popnli, nonimlla, -m. H->. fine 
copy, itnii-iib 'ra, .jilted, rare, t'k 4t 

Bonouiae apud Tacobum Kemolen Alosten 
A-E in fours, ami F (3 leaves). 

37072 (TEF1LLOTH:) Daily Prayers, according to the us. 

Roman Synagogue, in Hebrew, stont sm. 8vo. (12mo.), printed 
on fine vellum, a very fine and largt copy in 
gilt edges, £10. 10. 

Boloniya, Ri/n.-l T.dmni, 207 (I 

(1471) Ferrara. 

Andreas Gallus, Andre Beaufort (1471-93). 

37073 POGII Facetiaj, sru. 4to. large copy, red morocco, 

library, £15. 15s Imj 1471 

FlHBT EMTIO* WITH A DATE. VeUT IIARE. All'llni- liallli* MM •%• 

Erinterof this volume, according to Brunei. The only edition "f tbii cele- 
rated work contained in the .Sunderland Library was that of 1477. 

Laurentius de Rubeis, or Laurentius de Valentia 

37074 BERGOMENSIS (Jacobi Phiuiti), De pldrimis ci uu 

TI8QUE (sic) Mclieribus. Opus prope diuinum novis<i 
gestum, sm. folio, illiislrnt,,/ with 175 remarkably fine uv<ex/c«if«, 
two of which, (he full rite .f the page, are ■ tqmeUe tperimm 
elaborate Italian derign,thelatttwoorthreel"ti- „,, nded,bnt . 
,,ut the least injury t,, (hi type, a remarkably Jh » (His 

rare, and beautiful bonk, in citron mOTOCCO tuptl Uh beau- 

tifully tooled border on the rides, gilt, very 1ARI . 631 

Ftrraria, Laurent beie, 14'.'7 

One nf the mott beautiful of the illustrated books of the 15th eel 
« MM in goud condition are of extremely rare occurrence The Didol 
sold for £60. 

Giovanni Macciochi (1509-17). 

37075 GUAR1NI. BrotemaU Grusrai [Orate] cum rnultis Addita- 

mentis, et cum Commentnriis Latinis, 12mo. f 
roeeo emtra, gilt edges, lettered " Chrysolora 
£2. lGs Impresavm Ferrariap me loani Mat 

Rare. The (iaignat copy sold for 123 francs, Larehcr's (of 1-7 franc*, 
and Sir M M. Bjhef for £4." 16*. 

3707G CIECO (Francisco Bello, detto il). Libro Darme e Su 

nowto UJuabriano composto per Francisco I Pi rrara, 

square 8vo. First Edition, clean copy, in calf, rare, £7. IT 
Tmvrenwn Ferrariai perloannem hfacc-iochium Bonden 
" Edition tres-rare, et la premiere de co pocme assez ettitui', qui »ppu 
an cycle de Charlemagne."- flcunet. 

37077 BIGUS. Lodovici Bigi Ptatorii Ferrariensis in G 

Ilvtnnornm Epitaphorumque Liber Eiusdem Epigmmni 
Libelli duo, an. my, fine copy iv 
sipvp, £3. '3s 

Joannes Maciochus Bond, mi 151 1 


57078 A RIO ST 0. Oblakdo Fvrioso di Lvdovico 
Akiosto pa Febbaba, small 4to. First Edition, 
large copy in the early Maiolesaue morocco binding. 
the sides covered with ornament, a geometrical 
interlaced pattern of grand style in painted compart- 
ments (scarlet, green, Hue. and silver) forming the 
ground/cork, and all the opm spaces filed in with 
gold dots, except the centre compartnu nis in tchich, 
within 'i frame of gold ornament which includes the 
fleur-de-lis and 'figures of 'birds, appear the inscriptions 
1 ' 'rlantlo Fvrioso," and " Lvdovico Ariosto m.d.xvi," 
£500. Ferrara, 1516 

Probably bound about 1540, and to judge from the fleurs- 
de-lis which are seen at the outer angles as well as in the 
centra] compartment, perhaps for Grolier or some other distin- 
guished Frenchman. 

Other Printers. 

37079 Faletds. Hieronymi Phalethi SavoneuBis Poematum Libri Septem, 
sin. Bvo, (l£mo.), ruled with red lints, old ctiif, 7s 6d 

Aj'iid Tnclytam Ferrariam per Franciscmn Bu&etlM, 1546 

:7i -i. MESSISHYCO (( 'laist. f. no di) Banchetticompositioni di vivande, 
et apparecohio generale . . sm. 4to. with port rail, and Zfuil-pagt 
woodcut*. iiuj the Ci'okimj of food, the other a diiiiur, 

fa Italian variegated morocco, with gul geometrical ornaments, 
gilt gqfferi 6 65. 5* 

In Fi rrara per Giovanni I'c Jlnglhal Ft Antonio Under 

Compayui . 1549 
A very tare Cookery Book, preceded by n nun.ker of hills of fore of 
great banquets given by or to tbe Dnkcs of Fcmiia, under the author's 

>7081 B1BI.IA EN i.EKui'A EepaSola, traduzida palabra por palabra dela 
ferdad Hebrayea por muy excelentcs letrados (con yndustria y 
deligeneia de Duarte l'incl Portuguese vista x examisada por 
el officio dela Inrrnisicion, folio, lit. Jjoth., doiille columns, old 
from the Sunderland library, £(33. 

,,:/ ada i u 'Ferrara a casta y despesa de Jeronimo de 

Vargas Bspa&ol: en primero de Marco do. 1553 

Excxbhvf.i.y babe. It is tbc edition of the lliblc in Spanish (or .TiiN<- 

i-li) commonly known as the "Jens' Bible" or ibo "Ferrara Miblc," 

and contain! ju-t n mucb of ibe sacred text as is contained in all Hebrew 

!- ii commence* with the title, which i> within a curious woodcut 

border, and on its reverie ibe dedication epittli of Jeronimo de Vaigai ud 

rte l'incl to tbe I Mike of Ferrara ■, then "til lector" 2 pp. j Table 6 II. ; 

text 400 numb, leaves. Then follows "TaIii.a 1>E US II u n i \KOTH M 

•■ EL AKO," 2 11. (WABTWO IN SEAH1.V ALL COI-IEl). The volume 

Miles wiili tbe register and hnprinl ( l leaf}. The title and soino hull- 
down have- n i o »i mud ; but the b< dy of t lie book is in excellent condition. 
I be preface implies that the translation into .Spanish was made for ll B 


lir.-i lime in the preparation of this Bible, and the editor (in the dedication 
signed by J. de Vargas and Dunne Pinel, it ii called nuartra tradueion which 
they wished eacar a luz) in his address to the reader states that he hod cauitd 
the Bible to be translated by several learned men. lie excuses the barbarous 
style of the language on the ground that the ancient sententious language of 
the Spanish Jews had been used for tho purpose of obtaining greater closeness 
to the original. All this makes it probable that the translation was really an 
old one, in use in Spain amongst the .Tews for centuries before, and that it 
was merely sacada a Ins in 1553. so that (as the editor says) Spain should 
not be the only conntiy without a vernacular Bible — that is, in Cnstilian, 
for he mentions the fact that the Scriptures had lieen printed in I'oialmi. 
In the well-known passage in Isaiah, in the phrase " the maid shall concave 
and bring forth a son," the word for maid is wioea, which i> eonaltaad to 
indicate the nsc of the Jows, while in other copies the corresponding wool i* 
virgen, so as to suit Christian tastes. 

(1471) Treviso. 

Gerardus de Flandria (1471-98). 

37082 ALEXANDRO MAGNO. Commenza ol Libro Del Ntiscim. 

Dc lit uita. con li grandissimi fatti. Et delta morte infortnnttta 
de Alexandre- Magno, sm. 4to. hf. green vellum, £0. 
Finlh, A,li awtft. Feuraro.M.COOO.LXXUII. In Tri lite (1474) 

ExCKSKivm.Y iuhe. From the press of Gerard de Flandria. the 6r»t 
printer at Treviso. The volume contains 100 leaves, without signature* or 

" Edition fort rare."— Brunei. 

37083 MTRABILIA ROME, square 12mo. old calf, £7. 7* 

Tarvuii, 0. R, 1475 

An excessively babe tract consisting of 9 leaves. After the wnnl 
Finis on the last leaf comes the colophon, thns : " laut Deo. U.i 'CCC I 
an' Aprilii. Q. Tarvuii. P." The initials evidently standing fur Gerard., 
Flandria Brunet merely knew of the existence of this volume, bin 
quote a single copy. 

A very rare edition of tho " Plautina Dicta," without dm 
name, or name of place, is bound up in the same volume, l'nufer imagined 
that it came from tierard de Flandria's press. This is very unlikely, the top* 
being utterly different, I'robably he also saw a copy with the " Mirabilia 
Rome " bound up at the end. 

37084 Laupivius Eqnes Hierosolymitanna. [At end:'] Epistolae Maoxi 

Tvnci ( Mulminiiu'ilis II) finivnt : a Lavdino eqvite Hieroso- 
limitano editae : (accedit De Hennafrodita per. d. An. Pn 
niitanum. Carmen Decasticon.), G. F. T. (Gerardus de Flan 
Tn rvirii, sine anno, sed circa 1475) — Gai (sir) Pi.inii Seci 
oratoris nouocomensis [Aurelii Victoria] Liber illnstrium \~ 
First Edition with a date, Venetiit imprestvm (per Joe 
Audream Cathantm), 1477—2 vols, in 1, sm.4to. lul. kare, £ I. 4l 

The Epistola ilogni Turn" is very rare. It consists of 22 leaves nam' 
in Roman numerals. This is a very early example of foliation. < to the 
obverse of leaf 20, immediately before the word Finis and the printer's initials 
(G. F. T.), are ten verses headed •• De llcrmofrodita per. d. An. 1'arnor- 
mitanum. Carmen Dceatticon." Dibdin styles this "an elegant little 

The Plinii Liber Ilhistrivm Vi'rorum consists of 25 leaves, without mark. 
.lust baton the colophon there arc two verses, the last two of whkfe 
" Si petis artijicom : quit lit : patriamqs rtquirii. | laeobi Andrea 
Catharum Patria." 


'S7V6b HAEDUS (Petrns). De Amoris Geucribus, sm. 4lo. original 
edition, large clean copy, old. calf, from the Sunderland library, 
rare, £5. 5s Accural fa i 'me impressum Tarvisii per Geranium 

de Flamdria . 1492 
A fine specimen of this press. 

Hermanus Levilapis or Lichtenstein (1477). 

36 TE REN Til Coniwdiee cum Donati interprets coramentario iuxta 
fidele Calpliurnianaj castigationis exemplar, sm. folio, with 5 
initial letters and a fine harder containing a coat of arms beauti- 
fully illuminated in gold and colours, with the autograph signature 
and notes of " Th. J. ah Almeloveen," russia, RARE, £8. 8s 

Hi nnanus Leuilapis Coloniensis, Taruisii, 1477 
Described by Dibdin aa a " desirable and elegant edition." 

Bernardus de Colon ia (1477-78). 

17087 MAI US. Juniani Maii parthenopei ad inuictissimum Ferdiniidum 
ragMB in librnm do priscorum proprietate verboru prologus 
fceliciter incipit, (luck sm. folio, fine large copy, with illuminated 
initial, green morocco extra, gttk edges, £7. 7s 

Turvisim, Bernardus de Golonia, 1477 
liaro. The Mecrman copy sold for 35 florina. 
•• Belle edition."- Brunit. 

-6 SENECj33 Opera Moralia, sm. folio, fine large copy, red morocco 
extra, gilt aages, by Throne, £5. 

Impressum. Taruisii per Bernardum. de Golonia, 1478 

37089 the same, sm. folio, very fine and large copy, first initial 

illuminated and the others painted in blue and red, in the original 
oaken binding covered with stamped leather, from the Sunderland 
library, £G. 1478 

The following contemporary inscription is written on iho last leaf : " Hoc 
Kolttmen est domni Francisci Barbara, q. Magnifici dni danieZtl quod quidem 
ere pattrvo emit." 

Bernardinus Celerius de Luere (1480-83). 

37090 DiONYsu Halicaknasei Origiuum sive Antiquitatnm Romanaruni. 

Liber primns (libri X, Latine, interprets Lappo Birngo), sm. 
folio, two words on the lust page siipplh 'I in MS., calf. £2. 

Impressum Tarvisii per Jieinardinum Celerium de Lucre, 1480 
Fiasr Edition of this version. It auk. The Syslon Park copy sold for £8. 

Paulus Ferrariensis (1481-82). 

1 (Tebektii Comcedito, cum Vita Poeta', et Commentariis AElii 
i imiati.) {Leaf 5 :] Aolii Donati Grammatici clarissii (sic) in sox. 
P, Terentii Afri Comcedias cxanimata interpretatio, sm. folio, 
with contemporary MS. notes, some leafs wormed, old calf, from 
the Sunderland library, 32s 

Improsssum Taruisii per Magistrum Fanlum Ferari. Recog- 
ni/timq} per magistrum Alnisyum straziirolum. 1481 
run- edition is not mentioned by Iiinnit. It contains 156 leaves, 


(1471) Pavia. 

37002 MISSALl 1 ; secundum Ordinein Cart-omen, thick small 8vo. with 

fine woodcuts, and musical imirs, jtur hill evyiy, having six ' 
supplied from a sh . vellum, rark, £7. IOi 

/:..• n.-.v,-, '■,.„ r...' ■;.■,,,■ Papienris. Mm ■. 1501 

Printed in the Qertoaa of l'nvin. 

(1471) Florence. 

?B3rnardo and Dominico Cennini (1471- ). 

37003 FICINUS. MarsilH Ficini Floi-eutini liber de sristfana relig 

lid lnurontium meilicern, small Ho. calf, £'i. (abi 

Ki'irio Piilttcers : iiaub. Supposed to* hare been printed U V- 
by the Cennini. the protiitvpogrnphers of Florence, in 1474. Only dim 
is known tinted from that singular press which holds tin- credit of on 
independent prnctico of typography not derived from Qtnui workmi 
teachers. — The Ficinus is printed in Konian letter, without mark*, 
(the 2 11. of table Wanting to this copy). Tho work «m written in 1474. U 
appears from n slntement on folio 21, 

'• Premiere edition, belle et rare."— Brunef. 

37004 FICINO (Marsili.i). Libro di Marnilio Ficino Fiorcntiuo Dell* 

Christiana Rcligiune . . . tto. large and fine copy in old calf 
£\. -is {Sine /;■■ irca 147V51 

This Italian Iranslntion is excessively rare. It contain- 114 II. -J being 
occupied by the table, nml I blank. 

It hll been slnteil that the types used in this volume were I 
Niccoli di Lorenxo used in the Vitndi Colombini.bui il i- almoil certain 
close in«|icetion that it was printed with the same type* its the Luliu original 
(supposed to have been printed by the Cennini. the prutotrpograph. I 
1' l"i cme). or, us seems more probable, with a clearer and nhnrper fount pro- 
duced from the same matrices. 

Monastery of San Giacomo di Ripoli (1476-83). 

37005 I'ETRAKCA. Fotio 1 b: [noominoia . la. Tavola . della . pras i 

opera . di Messcr . Francieaco . IVtrarca . . Fol. -in - Pro 
di Ifasser Franceacbo . Pel nucha nel liliro degli Imperadi ■ 
PonteBci, small folio (4to. i. 108 leaves, 38 line* pa p 
copy iriih the initials filled in by hand, via- iif tin iii anelotittg a 
mi n inline and forming the ilarting-point of an Ulumir 
horilcr ; bound in smooth yellmr uu rocco, £5. 

. Fbiriutiac . itjinl . Sniirlrm . laeobvm . d« Ripol 

Domini . .'/ CCt * I. XX. VI 1 1 1 | 
Nicolo Todescho, or Nicolaus Laurentii Alamannus 
37096 BERL1NGHIERI (Francesco) in questo rolni 

BBFTl oiouuxi DBLLi Gkoorai'Hia di Francesco Rorliiigi 
folio, 33 maps engraved OK c "ii 1 1:, very fine Un 
perfect) in red morocco super-extra, gilt ■ 
686. tirente, Nk 

.7 the hum, large folio, wanting the map of 1 

tin last leaf with the aegisler, bound in "<i 

riiii \ogikin, £ ( 1 17 

'II. ■ urn i ■* afford i minus indications, so far as ibey vary Ii I 


Ptoltlimn 'crii-.-. rf the knowledge Of Eastern geography possessed by 
European.-* in tbe fifteenth century. 

Francesco Iterlinghieri, a Florentine, contributed greatly to the study of 
Geography by this popular work in Italian verse. It bears no date, but 
must have been published about the same time as the Roman Ptolemy of 1478, 
since the Duke of L'rbino, to whom it is dedicated, died in 1482. Indeed it is 
more than probablo that the work of Berliughieri is entitled to claim prece- 
dence before the Ptolemy (has the first collection of Maps printed from copper- 
plates), as the two sets of engravings arc very much alike, but tho Koman 
book exhibits a very superior technical finish which evinces the improvement 
of a later hand. In somo respects the Berliughieri approximates nearer to 
geographical correctness. 

Antonio Miscomini (1481-95). 

Ki iii:.u:m Sntna, [Leaf 1 :] Tabula super sermones Ephrera 

diaconi : seenndum traductionem Venerabilis patris Ambrosii 

Camaldulensis, sm. folio, very fine large and clean copy, calf, 32« 

.M.CCCC.LXXXI. Avyusti. .cj-iii. Impretsum Florctim per 

Anloniu bartholomr! (1481) 

37009 HORATII Carmina cum eommentatione Christo- 
piiori Landini Florkntini, stout sm. folio, Printed 
on Vellnm, with two leaves elegantly illuminated in 
gold and colours, old citron fnorocco with gilt borders, 
in a blue morocco case, £350. 

Florentioe, per Antoniu/n J/iwininum, 1482 
UNIQUE. Tm; ni.'M edition of Horace witii this 
I drat ED COHMRXTAST, : 1 1 1 tl one of the finest Italian typo- 
graphical monuments of the fifteenth century. We can trace no 
record of another copy on vellum, and Brunct knew only of 
tins copy by report. It commences with the Ode of Politian to 
Horace on the verso of the first leaf : on the opposite leaf begins 
the i . « Inch, together with the " Tabula Vocabulorum," 

occupies 5 leaves. The text then commences and is numbered 
fols. j-cclxrv, after which come 2 leaves not numbered. Fol. 
Ixxiv is numb, lxiv; exxxxiv is numb, exxxiv. Measures Hi 
by 8 in. On the first leaf is written "Hie liber est met 
Bartoloviei Tom," in a contemporary handwriting. 

ini (Marsilii) . . . Putonica Theologia de Imraortalitate 
Animorum, stout sm. folio, old calf, £3. 10» 

Tmpreuwn Florentte Per Antnuium Miscniiii>u<iii, 1-182 

Kuril" fhincki's: rare. It contains 318 leaves in all (including I 

blank) instead of 316, as Brunei Bays. Tho Register which occupies the last 

■ n wanting to his copy. % 

l-k-inu* was certainly more a pagan than a Christian, although he also 

wrote a work on the Christian religion. Tho story runs that he appeared after 

Ml death to his friend and lellow-Platonist, Mcrcali, to benr testimony to the 

troth of his arguments for the immortality of the soul. 

Ncrlii Fratres (1488). 
57101 IIOMERI Opera, Gk.eck, 2 vols, folio, first edition, 


the two Latin leaves of printer' 8 advertisement absent 

at the beginning, but altogether a most desirable a 
very fine and very large, the Iliad in old olive morocco, 
and the Odyssey, which is even larger, m red morocco, 
gilt edges, £100. 

Florentia;, Sumjitibus Bernard/ et Nerii NerUorum. 


The firet edition of Homer must undoubtedly be the founda- 
tion stone of a classical library, but owing to nil copies being 
secured for public libraries, its rarity is continually on the 

The Wodhull copy fetched £200. 

The two following notes are on the fly-leaf of the Odys- 
sey in the abovo copy : — 

" This is the largest and finest copy I ever saw. April 4, 
1852. Henry G. Bohn." 

"H.SfB. (Second Duke of Hamilton), 1852— Le plus parftut 
oxomplaire possible— achetez ITliad a quelque prix que co eoit, 
si vous pouvez un exeinplaire pareil." 

The Iliad measures 12J x 9 in.; the Odyssey 13f X 9| in. 

Laurentius Francisci de Alopa (1494-96). 


Rhet.) Greece, edidit Jo. Lascaris, cum ejus Epistola Latins in 
fine, Editio Princeps, stout sm. 4to. printed tukocghoct a 
CAPITAL LETTERS, a few letters obliterated ..;i jirst leaf, lint tall 
Copy, in the original calf binding rtbacked, in a case, gilt edges, 
£30. Imprestum Florentine per Laurenlium Francii 

Alopa Venetian. Hi. idus augusli, l-l'.'l 

37103 ^— — — the same, stout sm. 4to. a few leaves slightly 

without the teoen leaves of the epistle of Lascaris, old oaken boi 

a bargain, £10. 10s 1494 

"The first, and the nm»t beautiful, of all the puMication' 
capital letters, which came from the press of Lanrcutius <Ic Alopa." — Dibdm. 

The hurt seven leaves, containing the Latin letter addressed by Lascaris 
lo l'ictro dc Mcdicis, who lied from Florence when the French entered 
Tuscany, ore only to be found in the very few copies which had been 
distributed before that event took place. It was then completely (oppressed. 

The Sunderland copy fetched £51. 


Greece, sm. 4to. the Greek Text without the Scholia, fine large copy, 

green morocco e-rtra, gilt edges, by C. /..».'.. r.v 

£25. tine nota, ted Florentia per Laur. Fn* 

Alopa, circa. 1494 
EDITH) PRINCEPS. Printed throughout ih Capital Letters. 
The rarest of the five Greek books printed in this manner durinp. th. 
century. The lu leave* containing the Scholia are almost always wanting. The 
Hoxburgbc copy with the Scholia sold for £60, Rcnouard's lor £85, and the 
Snudcrlnud £49. 

"On tbc rarity, beauly, and value of this edition,! consilient' 
might easily be written ... If any one of my leaders should ba\c Ilie 


good fortnno to meet with a copy for sale, 1 advise him to procure it l>y all 
means, for lie who is possessed of this edition is possessed of one of the greatest 
treasure* bibliography can boost of." — Moss. 

" La plus rare des cinq editions grccques imprimces en lettres capitalcs." 


37105 APOLLONII RHODII Argonautica, cum Sclioliis. Uraxe, sm. 
4to. vary fine large and clean copy, with illuminated initials and. 
floriated borders in gold and colours on the first two leaves, purple 
morocco extra, jilt edges, very eire, £21. V.y <phapivTtu (1496) 

3710G the same, sm. 4to. with the autograph of Lord Sunderland, 

a beautiful large and clean copy in deep red morocco e.ctra, gilt 
, Bedford, £31. 10« 1496 

Editio Pbincei-s. Toe text printed entirely n Capital 

I >nly five of these Greek books were printed during the 15th centnry, all 
apparently by Alopa. 

37107 EURIPIDIS Medea, Hippolytus, Alcestis, Andromache, Qrceoe, 

cava, Joannis Lasearis, am. 4to. fine largo copy in old English 
red morocco extra, gilt edges, i;\ckedinoly rare, £27. 

s. ii. sed Florentine per Lain- utiiuu Franc. ./.■ Alopa, 

ante annum 1000 


Kenuimrd's copy sold for £36. 15«, MacCurthy's for 600 fr., Didot's £30. 

Unknown Printers. 

37108 [Cavalcha (I)omenico)] Tractato onero libro chiamato Pangi 

lingna, 8vo. with woodcut on title, calf, 18s Fireiue, 1 l'i 

09 Passauanti (Prate Iiicopo). Speccliio di ncra Pcnitcntia, sm. 4to. 
the beautiful woodcut title repaired in one corner, very good copy, 
rutsia super-extra, gilt edges, £2. 12.* lid Fircnze, 1495 

Contains n-t in eights, except a (4 leaves). 

Piero Pacini da Pescia (1496-1513). 

1'J PL LCI (Luca). La Giostra di Lorenm de Medici messain rima 
da Lvigi de Pvlei anno. M.CCCCLXVIII., sm. 4to. first 
KDlTION,./iiie woodcut, velUm, extremely rare, £4. 4s (sine nota) 

Consists of 18 leaves (signs, a, b and c. 8, and -1 leaves respectively). It 
was probably printed by Francisco Buonaccorsi for l'icro 1'aciui da Pcsciu, at 
Florence, about 1496. 

The author . .f this work was Lnca l'ulci, though it is on the title wrongly 
attributed to Luigi. 

S711I (LIBBO DI MERCANTIE). Qnesto e ellibro che tracta di 
rcatatae & nsnnze depaesi. [0« 1st page of text~\ Incomineia 
il libro di tncti echolumi. cumbi. monete. pesi. tuisuro. & nsanze 
di lectere di cabi. & termini di decte lectere cbo nepaeBi 
sichustnma & indiaerse teiTe, square 12mo. with woodcut on title, 
hf. calf, £5. 5s 
ham n in Firenze appetitione di Ser Piero da Pescia [c. 1500] 

V i in bare. The woodcut on the title represents tho connting-honse ol 
an Italian banker in the lSlh century. The book is of great interest and 
importance for tho history of coiuu-crco and exchange in the Middle Ages. 


37H1 , VESPUCCI (Amerigo) Lot tent delle Isole nuuuamente trouate in 
iinnttro snoi Viaggi, sin. 4to. woodcuts — a facsimile rem 
If. Id. £b. bs (I'itro Pacini da /'■ scia, L'O.j i — 

Bernard Quariteh. 
lint live copies of the original edition are now in existence. It i» the 
Only authentic iind vm'iaMc record of Vespucci's first fonr voyages, including 
that of 1497-98, in which he touched the COM of Florida. 
A book of priceless importance to Aiwiinin itnrlanH. 

Bartholomeus de Libris Florentinus (1496-1511). 

37112 LJBRI DA COMPAGNIE. [Last leaf, obverse:] Emit- illibro 
da compagnie & prima lordine del nonitiato Et poi tucto luficio 
della doiia . . . sm. 4to. printed on - vei.ldm, with two elegant 

lails(The Crucifixion and Trinity), splendidly I" 
mOTOOeO '.r'ni, tooled leather joint', 'jilt edges, by ' '. E I -. £30. 

Wlorentioe per Barlholohn urn de L-ibrU Flori ntinu. loll 
Specimens from this press are of extraordinary rarity. The only ooj 
this hook known to Brunei and his continnntor, and Graesse, wa.* tlii-, ninth 
was sold in the Sykes sale for £11. 

Societas Colubris (1497-98). 

87118 MARULLUS (Michael Tarclianiota). Hymni el Epignunn 
Marvlli, ran. 4to. first Edition, large copy, water-stained, in 
original Italian binding with ijilt tooling mi sides, gilt gtj) 
edge$,21t Imjiretnt Florentia Soc ll-'-'T 

37114 tbo same, tni. 4to. fine coy/ in old Em/lisl 

gill edges, 25* 1497 

Mr. Wodhull gave £2. 15s for this lust copy in 1783. The Simderlaud 
i"l'.v was sold for £2. 2s. 

Other Printers. 

37115 Bemvieki (Hieronyrao) Commento di Hierony. B. sopra ■ pil 

mo liin/.one et sonetti dello amore ot della belleza divina, srn. 
folio, old oalfifram the Bunderland library, £2. lu* 
Firenxe per. S. Antonio Tubini $' Loi P ; 

$■ Andrea Qhyr[lando] UOOOCO (1 
87116*GiAMBCLaRi. Pier Francesco Giambvlari . . . Del Sito. Forma, 
A Bfwdre, • 1 .'■ 1 1 • > Inferno di Dante, 12mo. with woodcuts of i 
fine copy, olive morocco antra, ;///' edges, rare, 18* 

In Firenii />■ r Ni ri I' 1044 

37116 VASARI. Lo Vite do piv eceelenti Arobitetti, Pittori, el S.vltori 

lt.-iliiini, da Cimabve insino a' tempi nostri: deseritte in lingua 
'J'osiaim, da Giorgio Vasari . . 3 parts in 2 vols. 8vo. First 
Edition, titles within woodcut borders; old English red morocco 
gilt, gilt edges, fbu copy, from ii- libniyj BIS 

Wtoreswa appresso Lorenxo Totrentino . ■ MI'f- < 1 

17117 ( LUMENS AI,KA.\NMilM> kahmenti 

r<i i'i'poTk(i/iii (i lirayra [Opera Grace, edidil Petrus \ 

folio, Editio Princeps, fine large oopy, in thi o rig in a l 'Hum 


. irii/i the /"»'/.• -j//n/'' ni' Giiillaunio Bigot de la Targere 
nU 1(550), £-1. 

i?.r Bibliotheca Kedieea. (.1/ snd: Cmh-i,,,i Florentxa 
Laurentitu Tom intirnu.) 1550 
Rakf. -, and al*o intrinsically valuable Tor its text, which is curefaHv 
edited. On the title-page there is the ttgmuure of " Lud, M.irtellux," of 
Rouen [1579), nnd ail motto, "Irreqpieta Qnie*," 
87118 Bembo, Le Prose del, sm. 4-to. (8vo.) with the lad I- ing 

the colo/ < Jorge copy, red morocco txtra, ijilt edgu, £"2. 2* 

InFioreHxa appreuo Lorenio ZVn Hampata at ■ • [548 

"Bonne edition citee parl'Acud. dc la Crate*. H — Brunei. 
r ll9 DANTE. Vita Nvova di Dan to Alighiori . Con XT. Cnii/.oni del 
medosimo . E hi vita di 0880 Dante scritta da Giovanni Boccaccio, 
12mo. boiwn morocco extra, by II'. Pratt, £4. 10s 

Fireim, Bartolomeo Serma/rtelU, 157C 

Works of Girolamo Savonarola. 

57120 SAVONAROLA, Trattati, Predicbe, Esposizioni, 
ction of contemporary or original editions, 
:;i punos in alt, sm. 4to. with about 40 beautiful 
Florentine trnoi/ar/s ; nine of these pieces in Separate 
state, six bound in one. volume, calf, and th* outer 16 
in their original condition as bound in oaken boards 
in 1 498 for Dominico Benivieni, one of tJie followers 
of Savonarola, £105. Florence, I 192-98 

Severel MS. notes by Dominico Benivicni appear in the 
volume above described, explicatory of the date, or subject, or 
the cause or effect, of the various treatises. 
Contents : 

nolo k apiritnalc ... in do- 

fi-naiune ,'. i ione dell oratione 

■;ilc coaiposto ad initmctione, con- 

tirniotione, & eonsolntione dello aniino 

'/i tiro fine woodcuts on the 

first page, a 6 leaves, and b 4 leaves i. n. 

Tractatodiiioto It utile drllu llnrnilita . . . , 

with elegant woodcuts M (MI*, sign, a ft* 

and lent j age, a 6 leaves, and b 4 leaoei 

I. n. 
o delta Amore di lean Christo . . . , 
fine icoodcut of the Crucifixion for 
frontispiece, and another on iipi. C •", a 
and b in eights, and c (4 leaver) I. n. 
i nnoue . . Tractato dello •.more <li 
'liriito. with frontispiece lan elegant 
woodcut a/ do Crveifimio* I, another cut 
igv. C i, and a Hard on the last page, 
i and b in i I e (G leave*) j. n. 

' utie ilella nrulione n 
A a. B "■''' a '■ odeut 

I b I(«k» 
i case per Antonio 

Mi-chumini, 1401 

Kxpo.-itione . . . soprn In ornLionc dclla 
Vcrgine gloriosa . . . . a (8 leaves), and 
bull.) i. n. 

La expoiitiono Del pater mater .... a to 
e in eight; with charming woodcut on 

firtt leaf, and 4 (besides small I | 

ot/iers, tAat on the reverie of a iiii being 
most exquisite s. n. 

Expositione (La) del Tutor Hotter: 

in latino da frn Hieronymo ... & tradncta 
p. gli denoti coteniplntori (In nno buo 
■mieo in nulgnrr, a to c in eights, and d 
(a lea 

Jmprcssa In Firense yer Maestro 
Antonio Slischomini Anno. 1194 

Operetta . . . soprn edieci romnmUmenti 
dl Die . . . nella ■|iinle sicoticno In 
exiiininn do peccuti dngni 5c o,ualun<|tie 
peccatoro : elie a mile H periecte cor*. 
lessione. ivith a fine Kondcut i ■:: Ml ./ir.-t 
page and another exceedingly I'm- 
separate leaf at the end, a to c in eights, 
and d (6 leaves) 

ImjTcsso i firetut . . ■ 1495 

Copin dell » letters die V\:i Ilicronymo da 
fcrrarn mnmlo allut Tirllltinilllltm limit 
'I<1 Ba di Francia, 2 leaves (11115) 

Fra Ilicrunyrno . . . olle suorc ilel tcrlio 
online di Ban Domcnico .... 4 leaves 

I. It. 

Epistoln di Frato Ilicronymo da Ferrara 
... a nno Aiiiico, with fine woodcut on 
firit page, a (li leaves) i. ti. 

Copia duna epistoln ... a Madonna Mag- 
dalene Contessn delln mirandola, Inqualc 
uolea intraro in nionnstorio, with wood- 
cuts on first and last pages, a (4 leaves) 

i. n. 
OhBMkUo <li rcvelatione dcllo invlilc servo 
di Iesv Christo frnte Ilicronymo da Fer- 
rara . . . , a to d in eiglits, e to g in sixes, 
and h (4 leaves) 

Impsso I Firenie p. ser Fmctscho 

Buonaceorsi nol 1495. 

Bennoae del . . . Fratc Hieronyrno . . . 

facto a Mini frati nclln uigilia delta 

l'oscua di nnlale, sopra la natiuitn del 

nostra siguorc Icau Christo, a (4 leaves ) 

s. n. 
Ooainda illibro della Vita Viduale com- 
pos to ... ad inslantia & contemplationc 
di incilto diuote Vcdouo & Vcdoni, with 
fine woodcut on title, another on a separata 
leaf "' "> e end, a and 6 in eights, and c 
(4 leaves) 

Impretso In Firente per Ser Lorenzo 
Morgiani Ad inslantia di Ser Piera 
Pacini, 1496 
libra Di Frulc Hieronyrno da Kcrrara 
Delia Simplicita dclla Vita Christiana 
Tmdocto in volgare, with fine woodcut 
on title, a to /in eights (except f, 1 2 leaves) 
Impresso In Firenze per Ser Ijoreruo 
Morgiani Ad instanlia di Ser Pitro 
Pacini. I4H 
t'omiiicia la exposition!.' difrute Ilicronymo 
da Ferrara topra clpsalmo Ixxix. (ira- 
docta in lingua Horcntina da uno ,-uo 
familiarc), with uuodcufs on first and last 
pages, a 4 leaves, and b 6 leotvs .«. n. 

1'icdica del arte dell Bene morire, with a 
very fine woodcut surrounded by an ele- 
gant border on the title, and three other 

large ones in the tett, a 6 leaves, b t 
leaves, c 4 leaves s. n. 

Tractate . . .circa cl reggiinenU> & gouerno 
dclla Cilta di Firenze . , . , a to r n 
eights, and d (4 Uavtt) »- «- 

Tractato contra li Astrologi, tcttn fine 
icoodcut with border on the title, a to c 
in eights, d (10 leaves), and two separate 
leaves o/ Errata at the end #. «. 

l'rcdica del . . . fratc Ilicronymo Sauoua- 
ml» da Ferrara : facta ndi. xxv. 
Fcbraio 14 'J 7. la DoflMOka del 
cialc in scA Maria del fiore : et r 
per ... ser Lorenzo Vihnoli da la'iin* 
noce . . . , a and b in eights, c (4 leases) 

s. n. 

ne di lliercmia propheta locale Kra 

Girolamo da Ferrara ha cofonato . . . , 

2 leaves, with 4 leoodcuts '- » 

Epistola ... a tucti li clecti di I 
fodeli christiani, 4 leaves (Firen-- 

Epistnla di fra Girolamo da Ferrer.' 

la excomiinicalimi.' lubrtMitia uimiiu- 
mento facta, 2 leaves (Firenie, HOT) 

Bpittola EmtlU llierouymi Kcrrmricnais . .. 
contra sententiam cxcomuuicalioois 
cOtra so Dupcr iniuste lata. Latins <t 
Italice, a (6 (eaves, last blank) s. n. 

Declaratione del Mystcrio dclla croce q«i 
descrinta, 4 leaves (sign, a on first) 

I'rule Hieronyrno da Ferrara . . . a ;uoi 
dilecii fratelli in Cliri-m I 
leaves (FlorentiV, 1 1 91 , 

Tractato del sacrnmento ei dc o 

della niessa & ld-cnk utile .... with 
woodcut on title, 4 IMMI s. n, 

llegola del IjCii uiuerc. Ooltllf Irlln, I 
loaves, with beautiful tpoodeuts on fir it 
and last pages (tine loco,) Laus deo 1 *'.'« 


-I nU IT! iiAI.IBl'S PBOBASOI, <*0ltlf 

Irllrr. a (0 leaves), excebsivelt kaue 
(no mart, but April, 1498) 
Thu piece is the public challei 
Savonarola's supporters, with the accep- 
tance by the lYnm i-rans, to the famoM 
i ml. ul i)f Fire, which led to the fall and 
destruction of the great Dominican a fe' 
days later. 

.'17121 SAVONAROLA, Trattati, Predichc, Esposizioni, etc., 17 i 
Btn. 4to. numerous beautiful woodcuts, £21. Flon ■ • (H'. 1 .' 

a lew I 

Tractato ... in defenaione cl cotmnenda- 

liona dclla oralione mentalo, a and b in 

eiglUs Impresso in Firenie p. Maestro 

Antonio Afiscomini (Sine anno) 

Sermone dclla orntionca. M. A. d. S. . . ., 
a (8 leaves) and 6 (4 II.), w,th a lovely 
woodcut on first page s. n. 

BraanoV aUlatracti lella, Unmlliu . - ., 

a (11) leaves, «J which the UnJ and 'Jtn 

missing), with a fine woodcut on first 
page s. n. 

i IpatCtta del amoro di lean .... a and b 
in fours, and c (6 leaves), with fine uood- 
cuf on title; and 2 oil »- «. 

Expositione . . . supra la oralinne della 
ne glorlon 

lingua uulgarc ad uutanliadi oerta denote 

ioore Ferrarcso, a (8 leaves) and b (4 
leavta) •■ n. 

F.xposilionc del Pater noster cfipostn in 
Uliao ... & tradacta . . , In uulgnrc, 
a to e in tight*, and d IS leaves) 

Inprctsa In Fireme per Maestro 
Jntonio Mitchomini, 1491 

Operetta . . . sopra cdieci coniildamonti d> 

ilio diritta alia Madonna o ncro ISodessu 

del munislero dcllo Marotc di Firt-zc 

. . . , a to e in eights, and d (4 leaves), 

with woodcuts on first and last leaves 

Jmprcsia in Fireme per Ser Lorenzo 

Morgiani ,f Oumanni di Manama 

(»me anno) 

C'opia dan* ppistola . . , a Madouna Mag- 

dalcnn Contetsa della mirandoln, laqunlc 

unle Inlrare in monasters, a (4 leaves), 

with woodcuts on first and last leaves 

I. n. 

Cnpin ilana cpistola . . . a mndonaMagdn- 
lcna Contemn dtlla Miradola . . . , a (4 

|» ... a nao Amico, a (6 leaves), 
inth woodcut on first leaf s.n. 

Compcndiodi lii.-vi'liiiiur.cdelloinTtilc servo 
di lesi Cbrirto Fratc Hicronymo .... 
a to d in eights, e and / in sixes, and g 

(l leaves), Impsso i Fireme p. ser Frii- 
ctsclu) Buonaeeorsi nel 1 495 
Libro . . . Delia Scmplicita della Vita 
Christiana Tradocto in volgarc. a to g in 
eights, with fine woodcut on title, and 
woodcut capitals 

In Ftrense per 8*r Lor*nm Mbrtfidni 

Ad instantia di Ser Fiero 

Pacini . . . 149C 

Comicia la cxpositionc di frate IJieronymo 

da ferrara sopra el psalmo. Ixxviiii 

a and b in eights (the last leaf blank) 

lmpresso in Firense apresso a sancla 

Maria maggiore . . . 14flB 

Kplslola di fra Girolamo da Ferrara cotra 

la cxeomunicatioue subrcptitia nuona- 

mento facta. 2 leaves (Firejue, 1497) 

Dcclaratione del Mystcrio della croce i|oi 

descripta, a (4 leaves) sine nota 

Trnctato del Sacramento & de mystcrii 

della messa & rcgola utile coposta da 

frntc hieronymo da Ferrara, «m. 4to. 

4 leaves, with a fine woodcut on title, 

vellum, £'-'. 

(s. n.. sod Florcntioj, circa 1497) 
Operetta . . Hegola a tutti ereligiost . . . 
Traetato del sacrnmento, & de mysterii 
della mcRga . . . Hegola del ben uincro 
.... a (4 leaves), with fine tcoodeut on 
first leaf s. n. 

17122 SAVONAROLA. Prediche 

. facte lanno. del. 1 L86 ne u'iomi 
dello feste, finito che hebbe In Quaresiraa : & prima ripoaatotri 
circa nno meso ricomincio ol di Sco. Micliele A di. viii. di Mug* 
gin, HCCOGLXXXXTT, sm, folio, margins of a fine leaves mended, hf. 
M, £2. 10* s. n. (Florence, 1-496) 

I 37123 Vita del P. F. Girolamo Savonarola, scritta gia dal P. F. Pad.* 

fico Purlamacchi, rivednta dal P. F. Tirnotheo Botonio, 8vo. with 

rtrait, td, 10« Lucca, 17G1 

H Batokaholh (Jerome), sa Vio, bm Predications, ses Eerita, pa* 
V. •]'. Perrons, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. oil/, 5s r„l (1853) 

B (G.) Lea Illustrations des Eerita de Jcmme Savounrolo 
pnblies en Italic au 15e et au 16e sicde et les Paroles de Baro- 
narole anr I'Art, 4to. with portrait ami 32 woodoute, fiierimiled 

from limb, hf. calf, uncut, £4. 4* lh'Jot, 1879 

A ml dire, noas preferons surtout les gravurcs cxifcntues entrc 1401 it 
14M> IA-\prcssion des riaagea y est plus serieuse, plus intense, plus naT>o. 
N'cat-ce pas d'ailleurs I'epouue on Pi-cole florentiue a touto sa grace, tonic son 
elegance, toute sa sat ear ? " — it. Gruyer, Les illustrations des Ecrits de Savo- 

liiiuarkably in contrast to hia turbulent eloi|iicnce, is the feeling for the 
beautiful in nature, and the appreciation of ii nx an exponent to his arguments, 
ntly met with in his sermons; they abound with passages of great 
ideality ami refinement of poetical expression in their figurative blending of 
art with religion.— British Museum Early Italian Prints, 6y Richard Fisher, 
p. H'J. 



ami vi it vnlunblo Collection of 30 Metrical fries 

printed at Florence from 1523 to 1596, WITH BDfttl 
chakmiko woodcuts, bound in 2 vols. sm. 4i' 

i.v rabb, £50. Flortna , 152 

Contests : 

La Rapprcsciilatione <li S. Apollonia Ver- 
t:\v.v. a Mm lire. Nuounmeulc ristnm- 
pnta, A (8 leaver) and B (4 leaver, of 
vliicli Hie lari Hank), with woodcuts on 
(/m (ill;, and 12 others in the text s. n. 

Ln Riprtaentatiooc drrata di loseph figli- 

toIo di Iacob, a (6 leaves') and b (4 
liarer), villi vxodcuts on the title, and 
4 others 

Imprersa in Firenee per Bernardo 

Zmcchelta a Petitione di Bernardo di 

eer Piero Pacini da Pescia . . , 1523 

T.a llnpresentationo di Santo fiionanni 

Gunll>crtn. Niiouanienle RUtamputn, 

A (6 leara), and B (4 leaves), mthtvaod- 

cut on title, and 6 others 

In Fireme ■ . . 1565 

La Ruprc m ntatfoat di Nabucdonosor Re di 

Babilloniu. Nuouameiite rislampata, A 

(8 leaver), with wcodcuts on title, and 

another In Firenze. 155S 

I.a Hnpreseutaiione di Bingio ronlndino. 

P in mum-Die listninpAta. A (4 leaves). 

villi voedcuts on title In Fireme. 1558 

1 n l\'i i>ir-i Nations di Sniiln AsatkTOgil <' 

,V Vaitire. Nuuunnienlo ICii-tniiif nl;i. 

A 16 haw), Kith vdent on title, and 

another 1" Firenze . . . 1558 

I.a IJajn cn-iiliilii in- dello l'urificnli. in' di 

iioalrn Dcnrn: Che M fa per la I 

faiiln Mnria dclla Candellnia. Knona- 

nirnti' RUlanipntft, 4 leaver, i ■ill. iim.iI- 

cuti on title, and avnthir 

ln Fireme. 1559 
In I.'a] rcfcutnlioro tU-Iln .list! uliii-ne di 

Saul: & del pinto di Unit. Nnona- 
ucnte RiMintMlB, .-1 (8 Itatet), 

moJctttr en litlc. 8 others 

In Firenie. 1569 

La Rnpi Dt&Uonc >!i Sumo Valentino, 

tc di Simla Giulinna. e allii MlPttli, 
Nimuanicnle Stainpatn, A (4 (cans), and 
B (6 haver, lie latl b'nul I, uilli woodcut 
border to title, and 6 woodcuts 

In Firtiize ... 1S6H 

I.a DcnoUMMM HappreteatarSons dl Buita 

Itnrbinii. A ond B in eights (la/t leaf 
Kant'*, ii if A vt.odeiit on title, and 4 

H W ■, .. M A/ jrcero Alia Badia. 15KB 
Ln linp|n«iilniioLe di Judith hebien. 
Nim. illinium- Ristampata, A (8 leaver), 
kuls M title, niii/ I flhirr 

llO'Un I' Anno 1568 

Iji ltnppresoiilatione di Saula Chi 
Vcrgine ft Martin. Naoaamenti 

bunpata, A (4 leaves), and B (6 leattt, 
the lait blank), Itith WOodaMtl on title, 
and 8 others 

In Fiorenza Ajyretso Alia Badia. ISO* 
La Itappre-enlaiionc d'viio slnpi -mlr. mlrm- 
colo di nanta Maria Maddelena. 
mcnle ristampata, A (8 (ratio), ond B 
(4 leaves, the latl blunt), in(/i woodeul 
on tide, and 6 others 

ln Fiorema, per Bartholomeo Ar\ 

I'anno 1568 

La Rappresentatione & fosta di < >tta«i*n» 
Inipcradore, A (4 leaver), with woodcut 
border to titlt, and 2 otliers 

7 i Fireme . . . 1518 

Iji Rapprc-entalione di Laxero ricch 
Ijucro poucro. Di nuono Kistauipata, A 
(I (cafes), villi iroodcut* on titlt 
In Firenze . . 

La Rappretentatione 4 Festa: Di Agnolo 
Qebrco Quale si battezo per mirsi 
Dentin Donna. Kuuunmcntc Risii" 
A (4 leaves), v ilh u-ocdml and border on 
title In Nnm . . 

La linprescnlatioiii Kooaa> 

meiite liittnnipnlii, A (8 (taws), initk 
troodcut on title, and 7 others 

In Fireme . . . IIJC 

Iji Kopresenlatione di CuMunlino Iroprra- 
dore, Di San Silucslro Papa, St di 
Snnta Helena iinperatrice. Nonaaonla 

Hiflampaln. A and B in eijhl- 
voodait on title, and 6 others 

In fir Clue a itavia di laeojo I'trini 
da Villa Ba 
La Knjn -i iilnli. nc tli Snnla IvifroMna 
Verpine. . . Ctu due Lands n^ 
di onono Nonas \ at». A and 

B in fours, and C (2 (caffs), mid uxotf- 
iuI in h'tl*, and anolbir 
In FVorcluo. Ad i»/an:a di laeojo Chili. 


Raprcscntationc de Langiolo Baphai Do, .'. 

• .I. aiul B (4 leaves), trilh wood- 

on title, ond :\ 'there 

In Ro'oona jer Barll .'late* 

itnlonio, ad lutta.' > de 

BaettdM tla dal Vucouat.. 

La i 

.1 in Irn i-i 'ie.aail 

••*>'' i. n. 


l,i II Hi': .1.-1 i - 1 Ki-iim II.'-i.t, 

Imvh '. Kith woodcuts on title, and 

3 others 8 I P ireme Appresso 

Gioun<:>>, Beltni iicll' anno. 1587 

L* Raprcientntinno ill Snnla Vlivu N'mmiu 

DMBti Miiiidatn in I.ucc, A to E in fours 

i If.* last leaf blank i, with woodcuLt on 

title, and 2 other* 

Stampata In Fircnze presso A 

Mateo Oalatsi L'Anna 1580 

La Rapprcxentationc »I i S.viu li.ili.i 

Vprginc el Murtire. Nuounmcntc rUtnm- 

patu, A ( 1 'J leaves), with woodcut on title, 

and 1 7 others s. n. 

1» Feitn • I i Sniitu Gugliclma, A (8 leaves), 

with woodcuts on title 

Stampata in 1'ircnic uppresso 
Giouanni Bnleni, t'^nno 1588 
he. lUppmcntiui MC .li s. RaBore Martin, 
A (10 Uavatj. with woodcuts on title 

Stampata in FlrMu uppraMo 
innt Balem, i'.lnno 158'J 

Lh Rappraentaxioiu (sic) et )■'.-'. i ili 

Rofoaa, A and B in eights ithi last leaf 
blani ideal within border on 

title, and C other* 

In Fireme appresso Qiouanni Bileni 

(no liaff) 

I,i Bappmentaifoni'ili S. Kiifrasia. Com- 

per M. Ciuftollnno Castcllnnn. 

Niioiiiiniente Kislampata, A (8 leaves'), 

and B (G leaves), with woodcuts on title 

Stampata in Firense, Appresso 

Qiouanni Bileni. 

I,n Rnppiosenta/.iono di San Francesco. 
Qd inclo Conuerii quei tro Lndruni die 
poi si fecion Frail, A (6 leaves), with 
woodcut on title In Fiorenza. 1891 

La Stork di S. Marin MaiMaU'iia, Si 
Mfo,& Miirt-i. .-1 i-t leaves), with woodcut 
on first pajc 
Ristampata in Fircn:e, all' lnseg>. 

Tesluggine . , . (no dale) 

87127 H wn;i si'MATH'M-: ( Li) del Figlivo] Prodigo. Composta per Mona 
Aniiinin ili Bernardo Pnloi. Nuonamente Ristampata, am. 4to. 
.1 (8 leave*), with woodeuU on title and last leaf (wkieh it other- 
■ blank), hf. green marooeo. 20* 

In Firense, Oon liaenta dif Suj rt ri, PerU Tied* di 

Franoena Won, Atte 8oaL d\ Badia . L620 

J 198 Rapkkskxtatioxe (La) di Santa Gngllelma. Kfaonamente Ris- 

tampata, Bin. 4to. .1 nml I! m four*, with \» on title, and 

2 " ,; . /■-, 20* hi I' Iaeopo I : u'ii . 1572 

{7129 I' (La) d'vn Miraoolo ili ire Pellegrini, Che 

andorna a San Iaeopo di Galitia . Nuouamenta Rutampata, 

Ho. A (6 leave*), with woodcut* oh title, 80i 

Li Finn:., All* Boalee tli I' ' inri. 


I I! win -i:\tationk (La) di Santa Evfrosina Vergine . . . Con ilno 
Lauds aggioatoni di nuouoNouanieriteStiiii|ut;i,sni. Ho. .1 and 
n, and (2 leave*), with woodeut on tide, audi other, 

Jo Fiorenta. Ad imtanta da Iaeopo Ohiti . 1572 

17181 EUppbisbktazioni (La) del Re Salamone Delia sentenaie che egli 

dette per quelle dne donne clio haoenano atninassato vn lore 

KgliiKilii. sin. 4to. .-I (-1 leave*), with leoodeut on till, hf, red 
. 29 
mpata in Firensi Appreuo Qiouanni lUihni,!' Anna 1585 

The Giunta or Junta family. Florence and 
Venice (1480-1598). 

Florence : Filippo Giunta and his heirs (1497-1598). 

I IRPHEI Argonantica et llymni . Procli Hymni . Ormee, am, Ho, 
Editio Priaceps, I with the autograph of Lord 



Sunderland, red moroccQemtra,by Bedford, nvn rasi, £36. 
Florentie imperua Philippi lite (Juni 

" Premiere edition, fort belle, corrode et tres-rare."— Unmet. 
" This is oho of the most elegantly printed ancient volume* of Greek 
poetry with which I am acquainted." — Dibdm. 

VALERIUS FLACCDS, limo.fineeopy in contemporary Florentine 
rulf iiim.liiiij, ttamped with gold ornaments on the tides, gut 
gavffen d i dgt i, £5. f>» 

Tmpreseum Florentia opera $• impenta Philippi biblii 

{Junta), 1503 

" Edition rare."=--Brun«t. 

37334 VERGILUS, thick 12mo. old English red morocco crlm, £13. I0l 
Impressnm hoc opus Florentia, impensa Philippi di I 

Flnr.-ti,,;, lolO 

" Edition Iris rare." — Brunei. 

This edition contains the l'riapcia at the end. 

Q. HORATII FLACCI pocmata . . . Einsdem omnia 
genera, qure sint, quibnsq ; constent podibas, ante A intus 
in locisadposita, etc. sm. Hvo. title surrounded bij « WOOdoui border. 
with oonlemporaiy MS. notes on fly-leaves, fine larg i the 

ofidinal Florenims brown morocco, with broad gold panels on i 
gift edges, £o. hs 

Florentia Swnptibus Philippi de Giunta I , 1514 

APHTHON1US. In hoc volvmine hnec continentvr. AsMurj 
(sic) sophistie pneludia. Hermojrenis Rheli'iic 
Jine clean copy, bit 35 
Tmpresswn Flortntuu in wdibvs Philippi Iuntce Flo 

37137 the same, sm, 8vo. fine clam copy, red morocco extra, 

marbled edges, by Detpme, £3. 3s 1515 

37138 BOCCACCIO. 11 Decamcrone di Messer Giovanni Bocchn 



nvovamente stampato con tic Noveile nggivnte, sm. 4to. pi. 

in italic It ttt rs, with numt-r. voodcuts, old crimson morocco 

gilt, ail I edges, VI NE COI'V, £48. 

Impresso in Fireme per Philippn di giunt 1 
Hake. The Iir9t edition fnm the Giunta fn-tsi, and remarkable 1 
three additional novel* wrongly printed at the end and wrongly ftttrihati 
Boccaccio, which arc however quite as valuable in themselves as if they had 
liccn hi«. They occupy the lost .19 pp. 

37139 Pldtarchus. Sapientissimi Plutarchi piiralellum (sic). "\ 

Romauorum & Gra>corum . Qaadraginta nouem, sm. folio, 
Editio Princeps, title stained, otherwise a good clean copi/ 
calf, rake, 30* Florentia in adibus Philippi fatta . 1017 

35140 TERENKNTIAX.E (sic) Coi din-, limo. jine large copy, old 

English red morocco extra, gill edges, £2. 2s 

Florentia tunptu Philippi hmUe Flormtini. Anno a 
ivitate Dai. XVII. Supra mille (1J 
.'Till Statuta Coscilii Floubtott, .sm Lto. cfcofi copy, eelUim, n 

£3. 3s Impresse in Alma \~rbe Florentia ■ ■ Par ll-rredt* 

Philip) I--.18 

37142 Q. HORATII FLACCI Poemata, Svo. MS ■ a 

separate leaf by Mr. Heber, very fin* copy, tk rrxl lines, in 


•m r.riru. gill edget, by Deromt h jeuna, from the library 
of the Marquis £a Oow . £0. 6« 

Florentus par hmredes Philippi Iunta, 1519 

37143 Linm me Re Rvstica a Nicolao Angelio . . recogniti . . [Cato, 

Varro, Columella, ot Pal lad ins], thick sm, 4to. old calf gilt, 16s 
Floreiitice per heredes Philippi Iunta?.. 1521 

37144 PETRARCHA (II) (Sonetti e Canzoni) 12mo. with woodcut*. 

fine large copy, in the original Florentine stamped leather binding, 
£3. 3s Tmpraata in Fiorenza p. li hcredi di Fitippo 

di Giimta, 1522 
The host Junta edition. On the. fly-leaf is written a monogram composed 
of the letters A, M and It. with the date 1526. 

37145 ARISTOPHANIS Comoadiro Novem cum commentariis antiquis, 

etc. Greece, thick sm. 4to. line large clean copy in green morocco 
". gilt edges, rare, £2. 16s 

Florentice per hceredes Philippi htnlie, 1525 
37140 BOCCACCIO. Ir. Decamebone, di M. Giovanni Boccaccio 

TANA, "fine copy, with the title of the counterfeit edition added, red 
morocco, borders of gold, silk linings, gilt edges, by Derome le 
Jeune, with hii ticket, in red morocco case, excessively rare, £96. 
ImpreUO in Firenze, per li hcredi di Ph Hippo di Oiunla, 1527 

" II exi- !e pen de livrcs qui aicut acquis uno vnleur d'estime et en meme 
temps uno valenr d 'argent proportionnec a cells que depuis plus de deux lieclcs 
a conserve' ce roluine pelit in-40 ; cffcclivvnieu'. il mi-rite l'ctpece d'enthon- 
-in-mc arec lcquel il fut toujour* recherche, surtout en Italic." — [tenouard. 

7 SON BTTI e CANZONI di diversi antichi Avtori Toscani (Dante, 
Cino da Pistoia, G. Cavalcanti, ecc.) in dieci libri raccolte, 
sm. 8vo. eery fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt marbled edges, by 
Duru, £2. 2s 

I m presto in Firenze per li heredi di Ph Hippo di Giunta, 1527 

1-8 the same, sm. 8vo. very fine large copy, brown morocco 

/<•«, £3. 3s 1527 

::71 19 the same, sm. 8vo. an exceedingly large and fine copy, n A 

morocco super extra, gilt edges, by Bauzonuct-Trautz, £6. fig 1527 
" Volume rare," — Ronoitarii. •' Hocneil recherche ct difficile a trouver." 

37 15U ViRuiMCS. P. Verg. Mar. Latinornm Poetarum facile principis 
Opera, etc. sm. 8vo. old English red morocco extra, gilt edges, 
£1. 8s Floe, i, loir Opud P,enedic!:nn Inn dam, 1544 

The date at the end is 1564. 

37151 BARG.^1 (Petri Angclii) Poemata Omnia . . Item Mnrii Colvmnae 
Qua-darn Carmina, 12mo. fine copy, old French red morocco extra, 
gilt marbled edges, £4. 10s 

Florentiae apvd lent as (At end : Li aflicina Iuntarum 

n'ernardi F.) 1508 

371- J QUA L/TBRUZZI DA FANO. Libro di Novelle, et di bel Parlar 
utile. Nel iiual si conteiigono Cento Nouelle altranolta 



mandate fuori da Messer Carlo Gualteruzzi da Funo . . sin. 4m. 
with woodcut initial?, calf, rare, £2. 

Jn Fiorenta . Nella Bi 

37153 the same, sm. 4to. fine large copy, dark olive morocco 

I .'tra, gilt edges, £4. L679 

The epistle to the Reader is signed by Filippo and Jacopo Giunti. 

37154 BOCCACCIO. II Decameron Di Messer Giovanni Boceacci . . 

Ricorretto in Roma, et Emendato secondo Fordine del Sacro 
Cone, di Trento . . sm. 4to. large paper, will 
woodcuts in the initial letters, very fine copy in the original limp 
olive morocco, gilt edges, with fieiirn-dc-Iis mi the back, £4. 4s 
In Fiorenta Nella Stawperia de i Oiunti ( Filippo Sr Jacopo) 1573 
This celebrated volume, in spite of the alterations in certain places, 
remains in nil other respects the best edition of Boccaccio. Tbc change* are 
not such as it might lie expected the censorship of morals would dictate, but 
only in such small matters concerning religion as the substitution of «n 
giardino di damigeUe for un monatterio di donne. 

37155 Caterina da Genova. Vita rairabile, Et dottrina Bantu della beat* 

Caterina Da Genova . . Con vn Dialogo tra l'Anima, & il Corpo, 
composto dalla medesima . . , 12mo. old French red morocco ■ 
gilt marbled edges, by Derome, from the Hamilton Palace library, 
rabe, 34* In Fir- mm, Nella Stamperia de' Ciuuii . 1580 

37156 VASARI. Ragionamenti del sig. . . Giorgio Vasari . . Sopra U >"- 

nentioni da lni dipinte in Fironze nel Palazzo di loro Altezzo 
Serenissime . . sm.4to.jcj7/* woodcut portrait, fine copy i>. 
blue morocco, gilt edges, £3. 16s 

In Firente. Apprew FiUppO Ow 

37157 LONGI Pastoralinm, de Daphnide & Chloe libri qnatuor, <:. 

sm. 4to. First Edition, very large copy, red morocco, £6. 15* 

PlortfUiat, Aj'nil rhilippum 1598 

Venice : Lucantonio Junta and his heirs (1482-1600). 


OBDINIS UALLISUMBROSE, stout folio, printed 
on Vellum, numerous lanje and beautiful wood 
many of them richly Uluminatcd by a contempoi 
oohurist, who has also in some places added painted 
arabesque borders, the margins of a dozen lea\ 
the end mewled; in a splendid red morocco bin 
executed for Henri 11 of France, the sides an 
covered with a grand ornamental design in gold, 
a centre-piece on the sides on which are stum: 
arms, initial, and collar of the King, oiU cdg< 
cloth ease. £150. 

\'rnriiis apud Lucam Antontum Juntam idibus 

dec* iiibrih, 
No loss valuable as an extremely rare book tli 
specimen of the finest development of ornamental bin 


which hah I'vcr rxisfed. The pattern is unequalled for the 
freedom and beauty of its curves and the masterly skill of the 
composition. The last time a vellum copy of this Giunta Missal 
appeared in the market- was in 1860, when it was bought at 
Sotheby's for the British Museum for £120. In that copy it 
seems that the final leaf of colophon was wanting. 

37159 Missale RomanC : multis frigijs, imaginibus, ac diuine Bcripture 
& sacroru doctoru anctoritatibus ad festiuitatii cogruentiam (per 
fratrem Albertnm Castelanum Vcnetum) decoratum : nuprimeqi 
ipressii), 4to. with many woodcuts (some coloured), and initial*; 
with the Music, very good copy in the original oaJcen boards covered 
with stamped leather, new bach, rare, £10. 

impesisqz Lucantonij de ginta jhoetini . . . 1506 . . . 
in almo venetianl vrbe impressum 
Leo.nici TnoMur (Nicolai) De Varia Historia libri tros, sm. 8vo. 
old English yellow morocco extra, £1. 

Venetiis in ir.dilius I, new Antonii Inula Floretini, 1531 
37161 CANTUS MONASTICI formula nouiter impressa . . . cuj tono 
lametationis hieremio prophete & aliquibus aliis cantibua 
nicnsuratis ipsi tempori cogruis, sm. square 8vo. with a full-page 
tout OH the reverie of leaf 2, very fine clean copy, in the 
'mil Venetian red morocco, gilt tooled sides and bach; with 
" 1). Elena" on one cover, and " Zibramonti" on the other, gilt 
goffered edges, ieilh olotpl, in excellent preservation, £7. 10s 

Caul or in Ut .V processionarius per totii anttn in diuinis ofjiciis 

celebrandis s'm ritii cogregationis cassinesis alias sancte 

Justine ordinis sancti benedicti . . . in officina Inueomtondj 

Junte floretini Veiu.tiis excusus, 1535 

J i IjCBBOHIfl (M. Tvllii) Opera . . . ^cum notis Petri Victorii), 4 vols. 

folio, fine largn copy, old russia extra, £3. 3s 

Venetiis in ofjxcina Lvea'autonii lent re. 1 .13 7 

'O e Berki. Orlando Innamorato nvovamente composto da 

M. Francesco Berni Fiorentino, sm. 4to. Fn:>r Bdi TV I*, fine large 

topy in old citron morocco extra, gilt edges, from the Sunderland 

.are, £16. 16s 

Btampato in Viuetia per gli heredi di Lucantoniu Giunta, 1.141 

37164 Biiua (La) tradotta in lingva Toscana, di lingua Hebrea, qnanto al 

testamento vecchio, & di lingua Greca quato al nnouo, etc. (da 

S.-mti Murmochino), thick sm. folio, with woodcut border to title, 

fine clean copy, in old calf extra, £10. 10s 

In Yineijia OpprtSBO gli heredi di Luo' anlnnia 1,'iunti, 1545 
r. The Book of Job and the l'salins nro in blank verse. There ii a 
carious woodent of David plnring a violin, at the beginning of the Psalms. 

BOIARDO. Orlando Innamorato composto gia dal. S. Matteo 
Maria Boiardo . . . Et horn riffttto tutto di nnouo da M. 
Francesco Berni . . . square 8vo. very jine clean copy, beautifully 
.I in brown morocco extra, gill edge*, by Oaf 4, O 

Stampati iv, nam. nte in Venetia per Ii heredi di Lwal.mio 

la, 1 .in 
Betfheots'l copy sold for £6. 6j, the While Knights' for XT. 12*. and 
Bunlet'a for £8. 8s. 

256 • 


37166 BAPTISMALE sine Cathecumenus, iuxta ritum. 8. Romano 

ecclesie, in quo ctiam ofnciaqno apud egrotu, atoj defunct urn fieri 
oportent, continentur . . . Additi sunt etiam Exorcismi qvatuor 
ad effugandos demones, Sancti Ambrosii: Luciferina. Si 
Cypriani, & qui, Rome ad Colnmnam legitnr, sm. 4to. printed in 
red and black, with the Music, aiul some small woodcuts, in the 
original Venetian morocco binding, with the name"Sor. Camilla." 
on the one tide, and " Rainondina." on the other, rare, £2. 16* 
Vtnetiis apml he-redes Luceantunij Jin 

37167 MAUROLYCUS. Marryrologivm reverend, domiiii Francisci 

Mavrolvci . - . Multo quam antca purgatnm, & locupletatum. 
In quo addita sunt ciuitatnm ac locorum nomina, in quibus 
saneti Martyres passi sunt : atq ; eorum corpora in pitesentiarum 
requiescunt. cum Indice . . . 4to. in the original morocco bin 
splendidly gilt and ornamented on the sides ami back, with the 
arms of Lorenzo Leoncini, whose name is written on the title-, 
gilt edge*, £20. 

Venetiis, nptul Iuntas. [at end: in oijtcina Lucce An 

Twite] ( i 
This is a magnificent specimen of Venetian binding, the pattern 
ornament being of a graml style, and tbo one of golil luxuriant to almost an 
extreme degree. 

(1472) Verona. 

Johannes Veronensis (1472). 

37168 VALTURII (Roberta) de Be Militari libri XII, edente P. Rati. 

thick folio, first book printed at Verona, with h2 beautiful 
woodcuts from design* />;/ MaMeo Paiti, with Ms. 
rnbrioated headings, slightly wormed, else fine copy, in ml morocco 
'.'Ira, gilt edges, by Derome, £80. 

Iohannet ex uerona orivmdm . ■ . impretsU. 
An. M.CCOC.IiXIil (1 17J • 
First Koitiom. Excessively rare, and eagerly sought at- 
account of the beautiful woodcuts. It is the fir-,1 with a date executed in 
Italy in which woodcuts aro found. Mr. Bockford 's oopi £81. 

'I he opuscule dated 1470, Sommnrivu's Italian translation of the Ban 
myomachia, may be unhesitatingly rejected from its old place of honour as the 
first book printed at Verona. It was produced nearer to 1500 than to 1 

Bonino de Boninis (1481-83). 

87169 VALTURIUS. Di Roberto Vnlturio di Arimino opera de larte 
militare finisse traslata per. . . miser Paulo Ramusio de 
sm. folio, with about 90 curious and weU-emeculed woodemtt. 
Including one of a revolving cannon, a few leaves staiwd, large 
copy, vellum, £6. 6» 

\prem 06 induttria di Bonin di Boninis d,i Ilaguei 
ila Magnifica Oita di Vinnm, 1 188 
" Edition rochcrclicc, a cause des figures ct parce qn'ellc est la prcur 
eelte traduction italienne." — Brunei. 

Paulus Fridenberger (1486). 
3/170 LUCRETIUS. T. Lncreti (Can. poefap pbiloflopbici 

hi in i de rertiin natura liber primus incipit fosliciter, sm. folio. 


.-.Injhlhj ]Bomed,Old EngKth red morocco gilt, gilt edijeg, very rare, 

£15. I'aulus hunt mpremtfridmpertjrr in iwruna. 

Qui jenitus est in 1'atauia aim magna . . . 1486 

Until the discovery of the dateless Brescia edition, this was regarded as 

the 1'rinceps. Pinolli's copy fetched £23. l(ls. 

Antonius Putelletus. 

"171 SARAYNA. Torolli Saraynae Veronensis Leg. Doct. do Origine 
et Ainplitndine ciuitatis Verona). Eiusdcm De viris illnstribus 
autiqnia Verouensibus, etc. sm. folio, with portrait and 28 large 
woodcuts of the Antiquities of Verona, including a large folding 
plati Iff the Amphitheatre^ and a plan of the city, very fine copy, 
old citron morocco extra, gilt edges, front the Mazarine Library, 
£4. 4a Veronae. 1540. Ex Ojjicina Antonii Putelleti. 

(1472) Cremona. 

Bartholomaeus Cremonensis (1473). 
12 HIERONYMDS. Vita, mirncoli, e la fine del glorioso sancio 
llirronyno, Bra. 4to. vellum, £3. 10s 

{per Dartholomeum Oremnnensem) 1473 

This book has nlrcady been described more fully antt under Venice, 

p. 3652. It is inserted here because of the opinion expressed by M. Deschnmps 

and the Italian bibliographer Mclzi, that this was the second book printed at 


Lodovicus Britannicus (1535). 
37173 VIDAE (Marci Hieronymi) . . . Christiados Libri Sex, sm. 4to. 
Original Edition, beautiful large and clean copy, contemporary 
olive morocco, with centre gilt ornaments, from the Sunderland 
library, £5. 5* 

Cremae in aedibus divan Margaritae . . . 1535 . . . 

Lodovic. Britan. impr. 

According to Panzer this book was printed at Cremona, not at Cromn. 

The introduction of typography into the latter town is believed to date from 


(1472) Fivizano (Tuscany). 

Jacobus Lunensis de Fivizano (1472). 

174 JUVENALIS. Iuuii Iuvenalis Aquinutis Satyrici Poctro Dignis- 
sinii Liber Incipit, sm. 4to. large copy, slightly wormed, old. 
crimson morocco, with ornamental gilt borders, from the Sunder- 
l'Xii'l library, £12. 12s Jacobus de Fivizano (s. a. et I. circa 1472) 
A rare edition of the separate text of Juvenal. It contains 72 leaves. 
i in the recto of the last leaf ore six lines, the four lirst of which read as 
follows : — 

" i )cto bis sstyras Iuvenalis perlcge aquini : 
Bcrlptit quas lacobus icro notante mnnn 
De r'iuizano : Veneta cod doctas in urbe : 
Iampridem Lime patria elara tenet." 
The first book primed at I-'ivizano. Sec the (Geographical Supplement to 


Brunei. — The printer having learnt hia nrt in Venice, ami e*M)!hbed 0M prc»s 
in Firiuuio, where he only printed this book and one other, returned t'> Venice 
and carried on his occupation there for some years. 

(1472) Parma. 

Andrea Portilia (1472-81). 

37175 (PLUTARCHUS pe i.ireris Educandis Gaarino Yenmaaae b 

preto; Heronyiuii.s I'rcsbytorns de officiia liberoram ergo, paren- 
tos ; Hitsilii Magni do legendis Gent ilium libris oratio, Leonardo 
Aretiuo interprete), sm. 4to. the initial and I" fin of the 

first jMijr illitmiii'i/i'il, fiimrwhat stain, ■!. ../ / calf, from lh 

Idiid library, £25. Parma, Andrea* Portilia, 1472 

Vkbt bakk. The Fiicst Book Printed at 1'akm». 

3717G Somnus. Cai Iulii Solini reru memorabilinni nnllnnfanrn), 8vo. 
very fine large copy, in e&ron morocco extra, gill ed\ 
£2. 10s Impressum parma per Andream PortiUatm, 1480 

37177 PLIN1US. Cnii Plynii Secvndi Natvntlis Hysterias liber prii 
(libri XXXVII), large folio, very large copy, with I 
beautifully illuminated, and the reft in bin- ';»<' rd, 
morocco extra, from the Sunderland library, EUBK, 610. 10* 

fill - ;' l'lynii SccnuJi Naturali* /'. NfMU 

septimus A u/i im us J'iuil. Parmm itnprestm 

imp&sa Andn a Portitiei . . 1461 

37178 the same, large folio, very fine large copy, with lh 

I'iiicUi illuminated in gold and colours, dd red murveco e 
£12. 12s 148] 

Franciscus Mazalis (1505). 

37179 [OVIDI1 METAMORPHOSES.] Habebia candide le 

Ouidii Nasouis Metaniorphosin castigatissimam, cum liapl. 
Regii comuionturiis emendatissimis, & capitulis ligunit i.s 
appositis, folio, with nwmerow fin> 
illustrated the Poliphila (I. A. i.e. Zoaii Ami'. 
I ki/iIc morocco, gilt edges, with the autograph of J. RceKi.v. £20. 
ImprcscKui Parimv Expends S( L- 

. . . H.D.V. (1 

Enea Vico. 

37180 [ZANTANI (Antonio)] Lc Imogini con tvttii vivn-i troTkti I 

viii' de trli Tniperatori tratlo dalle Mednglio el dalle Ik 

U'li antirlii. libro primo, sm. 4to. line plates of Medal*, />;/ I 

Vico, KLE'iANTLV DOi'KO in contemporary bi 

omamental gill touting in the GltOUEK MANNER, gil 

plate if Jean Jobert inserted; autograph of llvrerb 

from the 8vnderland library, £36. 

The ornamentation on the aides ia n masterly effort of skill ami I 
a grnml \ct .-ini pie framework of geometrical interlacement in parallel guM 
lioM "ii'i ■ few centre and corner {tamps 7>l*i» or. The binding «a» 
probably done at Venice about 1550. 


(1472) Padua. 

Bartolomeo de Valdezochio and Martinus de Septem 
Arboribus Prutenus. 

37181 BOCCACCIO. Iohannia. Bochocii. Viri. elloqvenlissimi. ad 
Fliimettam. Panphyli. Amatricem Libellus. Materno. Sermone. 
nodltu s, Italice, small 4to. First Euition, with the initial letter 
Uhtminat^d, part of the last line of the first leaf cut away, wanting 
10 leaves, but fine large gleam oopy, in brown morocco super extra, 
tooled leather joints, gilt aloes, by G. Lewis, £12. 

m.occc.lxmi. die. XXI. Karoii, Finis. Fait. Fiamete. 

Bar. Val. Patauus. F.F. 

M 'tet in us de septe arbortbut Prutenus. 


Koxbnrgfcc copy sold for £21. 
37162 Zoccms (Jacobi de) Famosum, Utile atqae Altvm Caput omnis 
utriusque Sexus do Pcenitentia et Rcmissione, sru. folio, a few 
leaven vent slightly wanned, olhenoise a fine copy, in bine morocco 
extra, gilt edges, by Derome, £8. 8s 

{Patavii) Bar, de Yaldezochio Patauus. F.F. Martinus de 
septem arboribus. Prutenus. T172. die. 28. Iullii. F. 
A ran and valuable specimen of the press of l'udua's prototypographors, 
who printed their first book only four months before thij. 

37183 Mavroceni ( Pavli ) Opus do Aeterna Temporaliqve Christi 
Geueratione in Ivdaicao Improbationem Perlidiao ChriBtianaeqvo 
Religionis Gloriam Divinis Knvntiationibus comprobata, sm. 4to. 
very fine large clean copy, in old russia extra, with rich gold 
tooling, gill edges, £2. 1(5* 

Patau ii. iiii. Id's maias. M.rccc.lxsiii. . . . 
Barthnlunw!U.i Oampanus Ponticuruann.i. 
Vert bark. The Williams copy sold for £3. 16«. 

Some copies vary in the colophon, and hare llartholommis patauus 
Martinus de septem arboribus prutenus, instead of Barttiolomceus Campamu 

Pierre Maufer of Rouen. 
l [ (Claudii Tiberii) ] gram mat ici perjtissimi fabnlnrum 
brenifttio oaidii nasonis elcgans & succinta (sic). Et prinio do 
cliao i quattuor eleiueuta diaiso, small 4to. old calf, 36* 

Pet r ii' viaufi r iiuiiiinnus Rothomagesis ciuis [«. I. et a. 

sed Patavii, circa 1479] 
Very rare. I'nknown to (Iain, l'oter Maufer, the printer of this volumo, 
was a native of ltouen. Brnnet mentions him as " Un typographe franeais 
dont le nom est rcste 1'une des gloires de la rille de Rouen sa putrie." The 
present rolnmo consists of forty leaves, twonty-fonr lines to a page. The 
signatures are curiously irregular : a, 9 leaves, b 7, c 10, d 7, and o 7 ; but the 
book is perfect, although a few leaves are transposed. 

Unknown Printer. 

.ST. ANTONY OF PADUA. [A2 oheerwi] Qui finisse ol libra 
della vita o miracoli del glorioso sfioto antonio do pad on, 
-latato de latiuo in vulgaro italiano . . . [/(2 reverse:] 
•to suiio le reuclatioue lequalo foron monstr.-vdo a sancta 


^ — __ 1 * 

Klisabeth figliola tie lo Re da Unghnria de la varans Maria, 
small 4to. gotijir letter, with three full-page woodeui 
elegant outline style, very fine copy in blue morocco, gold to*, 
leather joint*, silk linings, gill edges, by Simier, from the lien, 
library, £16. 16* [Without marks, but I'a,lua, about 1-1- 

Excccdingly rare ; being unknown to Brunct, and only quoted by I 'surer 
on the aothorily of the 1'inelli eataloguo and l)cnis' Suppl. o> Maitbiire. 
The woodcuts are of Venetian artistic origin : one at then i x tony 

preaching to the Adrintic fishes with the to WC CT Kid walls of Kavcnaa in 
the background (although according to the text it was at Kirnini that he 
perfonnM that very surprising action). The orthography also resemble* ih»t 
of Venice, but the dialect of l'adun is *Jmo«t identical with the Vcnctinn. 
The book was probably translated from the Latin of Siccus I'olentonus, which 
hud Iwcti printed at l'adua in 1476. 

_ The volume consists of 40 leaves. A enrious feature of the book it the 
position of the signatures (a to k in fours) at the top right hand corner of the 
page, where the number of the pages usually appears. 

(1472) Mondovi (Piedmont). 

37186 G1RALDI CINTHIO. De gli Hecatommithi di M. Giovan 

Battista Gyraldi Cinthio nobilo Ferrarese. Parte prima (o 
seconda), (i quali son cento Avcnimenti narrati da una nobiaa 
brigata di liuomini A <li domic in nit loro viaggio), 2 vols, thiok 
sm. 8vo. rebound in morocco, with the original richly gUi 
tide* pre s erved and let in, gilt edges, a singularly large a.n>i 
eopjf, 6J| inches iii height, £21. 

Net Monte Begale Appreuo Lionardo Torrent inn, U 
" La dilfieultc de recontrer ce livre bien complct en fait ct la rarete et U 
valcur." — Brunei. 

(1472) Brescia, Brixia. 

37187 ARRET1NI (Leonardi) Epistolaivm Fainiliarivm liber m 

[usquo ad octavnm et ultimnm] felieiter incipit . . sin. I 
the first bonk printed at Brescia} with illuminated initial; /ism 

COJOJ in nil urn, £h. 

(Sine loco et typography nomine) MOOCCLXXII (1472 I 

37188 another copy, very large, in old russia gilt, boun 

Lord Harley'a binders, £6. lbs 1 »,"J 

The colophon is followed by a short epistle of the editors, Antonio 
Morctus and Ilieronymus Alexandrine, to Oiacoroo Zcno, bishop of Padu 
As Antonio Moreto lived in Venice at a somewhat later date, and seems 
bam corrected the press there, this book ha* sometimes been ascribed to 
Venetian press. 

Jacobus Britannicus (1483-1507). 

37189 VIRGILI1 Opera) mm Commentariia Servii, am. folio, with M8 

notes in the margins, aid calf, with the Sunderland arms on 
tide*, and crowned Dolphins on the. back, £'.'. 

Impretewn Brixia: per Iacobum Britannid Brienanum. I 

Bernardinus Misinta (1492-1502). 

87100 JACOPONE DA TODI. In questo volume se Contengono qneato 
opera mfraaorite. Le laude del Beato f i-.n • 
I. link- del Maguillco Leonardo Justiniau. Le laudu del 



doctor, s. Tomaso de aquino . . . am. 4to. calf extra, gilt edges, 

£■2. \a» 

Brixie, p. Bern anl inn da misinlis . . m.cccclxxxxv . . (1-495) 

37191 THEOPHILI Brixiani Poemata, First Edition, Impressil Br: 

Berinirt/hni* Misinta 1'apiensu, 149G — Domici Palladii Sorani 
Mliirjraniaton libelli. Li hell us olegiarum. Genctbliacon urbis 
Romn?. In localeiura, etc. First Edition, Venetiis p. Io. Baptieta 
dc Si >■<'( Muiliidiiiieuscm, 1198 — in 1 vol. sm. -ko. red morocco 
. gilt edges, by Padeloup, £2. 16* 1496-98 

(1474) Yicenza. 

Leonardo de Basilea (1474-91). 

87193 Fazio (Bonifazio) deoli Ubeuti. Incominza el libro prisio dita 
mvndi componvto per Fazio di Glvberti da Firknza. et prima do 
la bvona dispositione cbe egli ebc adretrarsi da gli vitii et segvire 
lo virtvti, sm. folio, the first known book printed in Vicenza, a 
ill wormhole through the last twelve leaves, but otherwise a 
fine copy in old citron morocco gilt, gilt edges, bound for Lord 
Sunderland, £30, Vmeentta, Mdettro Leonardo, 1474 

((Ki.iiNAL edition of tliis curious and interesting early puem ; »nil of 
cheat itAuiiY. It commences as abovo without title, and contains 100 11. 
Signatures were placed at tbc extreme lower edge, and are. in eousciincnco, 
usually cut off in binding. This copy has them all. 

1 he colophon is in sixteen lines at the end containing a rhyming history 
of Uio book written in the first person. The seventh, eighth and ninth lines 
are as follows : 

" Mia famu rinoua per sua cortcsin 
maestro lconardo con mirabel Btampn 
ilrjnal gia naquc nc lalta Basilia." 

37193 LEONICENU8. Omniboni Leoniceni Rbetoris clarissimi in Mnrci 

Tullii oratorem ad Q. frativ cometoriuin fcelieiter incipit, sm. 
folio, First Edition, very fine large oopy i>i obi English blue 
morocco extra, £7. 10* Vicentiat, 1476 

37194 A- the same, sm. folio, without the first leaf with the 6 lines, 

fine large copy in oil English red morocco extra, 28« 1476 

liarc. The type resembles that used by Leonnrdus Basilicnsis in the 

I'iliamundo of Fazio, in 1474. The complete volume contains 176 leaves 
|n«.t ITS as Brunei aays), including the Brat, whirl, is blank on Uio obverse, 
and has six lines noting the contents printed on the reverse. 

i.j LASt'. \KIS (Constantini) Compendium Octo Orationis Partium, 

sen Erotcmntuni liber primus, Orieee et Latitw, ex versione 

amis (Crestoni) Placentini : acccdit Erotomatnm liber tertius, 

sin.'ill 4to. the last leaf slightly wormed and mended, red 

morocco extra, gilt edges, by 0. Lewis, £5. 5* 

Vicentice per magistrn; Leonardum de basilea, 1489 
Hake, the Eroiemalum liber tertius, of which this is the first kditiox, 
beiDg especially to. Sir M. Sykes' copy, wanting tho Liber Tertins, sold for 
£6. I ".■ 

" The impression is of extraordinary rarily. The copy of it in tho Bibl 

Crofts, no. 103, was considered to be unique, whilst that in tho Crevcnna 

\ ction is described as ■ very rare and almost unknown.' Yet neither of 

these copies possessed this curious Gro.'k appendix [Liber Tertius]."— Vibdin. 


John of the Rhine or John of Cologne' (1475-82) with 
Dionysius Bertochus (1481-83). 

pnemissa Epistola Joan. Calphnrnii ad Horinolaum Barbanira, 
sm. folio, very clean copy, with illuminated inititd and arm* on 
jirsl page, old red morocco, binding cracked, from Sunderland 
library, £18. 1481. Actum Viceutiiv per magistmm 

louannem (tic) renensem iSf Diottysium Berthoc 

A rare edition, 6ncly I'riiilcd iii K.mian leticr, the first page illuminated, 
:iinl capitals painted in blue. It contains 145 11. only : a-x in eights ami 
sixes, except sheet (|, which is in seven leaves, hut milling i* wanting (the 
absent leaf was (he sixth of that sheet, strange to say. and could only hare 
been hlnnk, ns there i- no hiatus in the text which runs continuously from the 
lifih to the seventh leaf "f oJ. This eopy wants the three separate leaves con- 
taining the C'armeH Calphnrnii, following after the colophon, as described by 

Herraannus Levilapis or Lichtenstein (1475-80). 

:'.', '['.'7 VIRGIL. P. Maronis Virgilii Lihor Eneidos fcliuiter Incipir. 
Italics, sm. 4to. the last leaves wormed, red morocco extra, m 
fly-haves, gilt edges, by Boeotian jeune, £5. 5s 

Viceucia . }"'' Il'-i-maium Leuilamde da Colon /a. 1470 
Remarkable as the first appearance of a classical poet in any install 
language. The translation is, however, from a prose abridgment. 

37198 Ovum Opera, 2 vols, in 1, thick sm. folio, jiu copy hi itron 

tROroeCQ extra, gilt edges, by Derome, with Wodhuti arm* on tidt, 
rare, £14. 10* ipressil Hermanns Coloniesis Lichtvnstein Via ■ 


Henricus de Sancto Urso or Henrico Vicentino (1480-1509), 
with his son Gian-maria (1507-9.) 

37199 APULEII (Lucii) . . . mkiamoiuiioseos libek: ac nonnulla alia 

opuscula eitiBdem : necrion epitoma Alcinoi in disciplinurum 
[sic] Platonis, sninll folio, blue morocco extra, odt edges, watered 
sill.- linings, by Hict'niin. t'10. 

lui/.rtvssa per Henricum de Sancto Vrso in Vioentia, 1488 

37-00 the same, folio, old English red morocco extra, A tiby 

LARGE COPT with uncut edges, from the Sunderland literary, £15. 

The printer is probably the fame as the Henrico Vicentino who printed 
the Peetim 1S07. 

RENTIN0 1NTITULATO, bltj. 4to. Fibst Issue 
ui- I'lusT Edition, uith <r<>mleiit initials, the 
printed in red on woodcut scrolls and globe, 
morocco extra, gilt edges, by Baumgartei 
Beckford library, 6320. 

Stamp" tt) ill I ire,, tin ri, hi i/i//ir,,s<t ile Afgro IL 


Vicentmo : & diligente citra <l- twin stria de Zama- 
ria suofiol nel. M.cccccn'i. (1507) a di. 

in. ilc mouembn. 

37202 the same, sm. 4to. First Issue of First 

Edition, with the title and last leaf of Table in 
beautii'iil facsimile, olive morocco extra, gill edges, £50. 


37203 another copy, begitmtng with a 1 arid ending 

with Cffi y <i>id wanting altogether 15 leares, £5. 1507 

First issue ow tiii: first eihtion, ani> excessively kark. 
This work was truly tho first Collection of Voyages ever com- 
piled. [Tho Portuguese book, dated 1502, and containing thu 
travels of Marco Polo, Hieronymo di S. Stephano, and Nicolo 
Conti together, translated by Valentino Fernandez Aleraun, 
might lay claim to Bfieh a distinction, but certainly not 
the Italian abridgment of Peter Martyr's first Decade 
(Libretto de tutta la Navigation) printed at Venice in 1504, and 
In ire reprinted in the Pacsi.] That these copies are absolutely 
of the first, issue, appears from the number of chapters, and 
from the full colophon, which ends with " Own gratia § privi- 
legio /■. mii. x. coma lull" mm Bolla appara: rite p. sda del 
1'iiuiiui" Viihln no ni'Iisrii ifriiiii'iiii.'' In some copies, this 
colophon ends with tho word " iirinileijio," from which we may 
conclude that they belong to a re-issue made when tho ten years' 
privilege was nearly run out (after the date of tho Itinerarium 
Portugal!. 1508). The compiler of the work was Fracanzio di 
Montuibnddn, or " Montalboddo Fracan " as it appears at the 
bee&ag of the dedicatory epistle ; and the contents of the work 
are as follows: — 

Voyages of Cadamosto and Pedro de Cintra, in Portuguese 
service, 1454, 1463, their first publication (Capp. i-r. ). 

Vasco da Gama's Voyage round the Cape, 1497-1500, its 
frit publication (i.i-lxii). 

' -abnl-B Voyage, 1500, fink publication of the narrative 
conceriiimj the discovery of Brazil (lxiu-lxxxiii). 

Abridgment of Peter Martyr's yet unpublished first Decade, 
containing voyages of Columbus, Alonso Nino, Pinzon, 1492- 
1500. already pnniod at Venice in 1">04 (i.xxxiy-cxih). 

Vespucci's Letter to Lorenzo di Pier Fr. de Medici, re- 
h.inslated from the printed Latin of 1503 (cxiv-cxxiv). 

Letters of Venetian ambassadors and merchants, dated 1501- 
1502, ooncerning the Portuguese voyages to India, and Cork' 
Kciil's voyage to , Amaritsa,—fintpublirnii',u (Vxxv-i'xxviu) 

Account of India, by Ioseph of Crnnganor (tho Indian 
Christian whom Cahral brought from India in 1501), given in 
l."i" J, first publication (cxxix-cxui). 

As will appear from the preceding detail, tho chapters 
l-L'M.ii in this first issue of the Paeti, In the second issue, which 


presents the truncated colophon referred to above, anoiln.i- 
chapter (cxxni) was added, giving a translation of King 
Manoel's letter to Pope Julius II concerning his conquest in 
India (Emanuelis Obedientia, etc. printed at Roino in 1505). — 
Mr. Harrisse says that the Cabral Voyage (capp. 63-83 above) 
was translated from King Emanuel's Letter to the King of 
Castile, printed in Italian at Rome and Milan in 1505 ; butt! 
simply a blunder. The letter of 1505 is a short opuscule of eight 
leaves, the first four being devoted to a brief record of the satno 
events as are detailed in the 21 chapters here ; but it refers to 
another letter (not yet discovered, and which was probably trans- 
lated in the Cabral chapters of the Paesi) in which the Por- 
tuguese king states that he had ah-eady given full information. 

Beneath the register on the last page is the printer's mark 
containing the initials R. V. 

The compiler of the Grenvillo Catalogue, speaking of tbo 
rarity of this volnmo, says, " Camus, in his Memoire sur De Bry, 
p. 342, regrets that he has never been able to see a single copy 
of this Edition." 

Jacobus Dusensis (1482). 

37204 CLAUDIANUS. Finis operum CI. Claudiani (ex recensione 
Barnabai Cclsani), sm. folio, Editio Princeps, coat of arms 
/minted on first leaf of text, fine large tOpy l red morocco extra, gill 
edges, by Bedford, rare, £21. Vicentice, Iacobut Dusensis, 1 169 

(1474) Como. 

Gotardo da Ponte (1521). 

37205 VITRUVIUS. Di Lucio Vitruuio Pollione de Architecture Lilu-i 

Dece traducti do latino in Vulgare affigurati (da Bono Manro da 
Bei'gamo, Benedetto Jovio Comasco, etc.) : Comentati : & 
mirando ordine Insigniti (da Cesare Cesariano) ; . . . folio, I 
numerous toood engravings, fine copy, russia extra, gill tdges, from 
the Hamilton Palace library, £8. 10* 

Impressa nel amcena Jj" delecteuole Citato de Como p. 

Gotardo da Pole C it ad i no Milanese: . . . 1521 
A volume of great rarity. Amongst the woodcuts are exhibited tome 
curious representations of Milan Cathedral, which Mr. J. S. Hawkins con- 
sidered so important, as being the earliest engravings of Gothic architecture 
known. For a long time Mr. Hawkins was nnnblc to obtain even a sic. 
the work, but finally procured a copy ; the volume is described by him as " so 
scarce that I at present know of "no more than two copies besides my own 
existing in this country, and one of thc6e two is in the Bodleian Library." 
Some of tho other woodcuts are moat interesting, and include an ancient ma- 
dia), antique bath, the sphere, a ship moved by paddles and various BOttn 
powers, architectural instruments, etc. The Commentary is extremely valuable, 
not only to tho mathematician and architect, but also to the painter ami 
sculptor, as it gives rules for colouring and for studying symmetry of propor- 
tion, especially mentioning Michael Angelo and other eminent artists. The 
first mention of the camera obscura, usually attributed to Porta, is also found 
in this work. For the history of art and literature Ccsarino's notices are 
bigblj important, us nearly every page has allusion to, and mention of, name* 
ol meu cuuuenl in every branch ol science. 


(1474) Genoa. 

3720C -^ESOP. Eaopus constrnctns moralizafcns & Hystoriatus ad vtilita- 
tera diacipuloruni, Latine et Ilalice, sm. 4to. with woodcut title 
and a woodcut to each fable, in the original limp vellum, £5. 

hnpressum Qemie per Antonium de Dellonis, 1556 
This version in Latin elegiacs, with an Italian translation beneath, is by 
Bcruardus Zimonis who signs the " ad lectorera " at end. 

Early impressions from Genoese presses are so rare that even this book 
may be allowed a place here. 

(1474-75) Perugia. 

Stefano Arns (1481). 

37207 FREZZI. Incomincia el libro intitoiato Quatriregio del decursu 
della uit.ihu.iua De messer Foderico Fratre dellordine de sancto 
Dominico. Et ia uescono dolla cicta de Foligni . . sm. folio, 
First Edition of a famous poem, Gothic latter, icith large woodcut 
initial and border to the first page ; three leaves of Table wanting ,• 
gnen uiorocco with joints and gilt edge.', hij Hering, with tlie 
bookplate of Lord Leigh, £12. 

Peruscia per Maestro Steffano arns alnunio iiel M.cccc.lxxxi. 

"Frezxi, dans son Quadriregio d£crit les i|tiatre regncs de 1' Amour, de 
S:itan, des Vices et d,es Vcrtus. II nsouvent trouve' ilea vers henrenx. et qui 
ne MAI pns indignes dn Dante." — SismotuK. 

This printer, who was u llamlmrg mnn, afterwards returned to the north 
and established his press at Liibcck. — The arms of a noble Italian family 
(yules, a tbreo-towered castle argent) are printed at foot of the first page. 

(1475) Modena. 

Dominico Rocociolo (1481-1504) with Antonio Miscomini 


37208 THEBALDEO (Antonio) [Sonetti, capitoli e rime, chiamate 

upfiv d'Amoi'i 1 ] sm. mo, fine large cup;/ in the oontemporawy 
Italia, i Ohvt morocco binding, with ornamental panels of gill 
tooling, gill edgt t,from the Sunderland library, £ - 27. 

Intpreeto in Modena per. M. Dominion Rocociolo. 1488 

An unusually line example of llulian binding at the cud of the fifteenth 
century. It may be Florentine rather than Modencsc, but the probability is 
that it was iI"Iil' ut Modena between U'Jo and 1500. 
109 BELLENCINI (Bartliolomui) Tmctatus de Cliaritatino subsidio : 
et Decirna beneficiorum, sm. folio, fine OOVJf, in the original 
'muling, with half vellum wrapper, i'.'i. lUs- 

Mutiw per magistrwrn AntohiH MieohonUnvm §• 
Dominica Rich i sola socios, 148'J 
Rare. Contains 54 leaves, the last 8 containing the Table. 

(1478) Toscolano. 

Alessandro Pagan ini (1521-33). 

10 MBBLraca Cocaids. Opns Merlini Cocaii Poetc Mantuani Maca- 
runii'oruui totu in pristinam formnm per . . . Aequarium 


Lodolnm optime rednctu ; in his infra lmtntis tiiulis cliui>im i . 
Zivnitonella, . . . Phantasies Mncaronicon, . . . Moschee 
Fncetns liber . . . Libollus Epistolarnm, e um, 
etc. 18mo. toilh un nitrous full-page woodauft, trim G 
autograph on page 272, fine iofy in ritrcm morocco, gilt edge*, 
fn,7n the Bedford library, £30. 
Tttsctiltini Apud Lacum Benaeensem. Alexander Paga nimu . 1"'"J1 

A very ran edition, printed with Pnganini's lingular type between 
Roman and Italic. It is also (lie inl complete e<lition, and is the princept 
of nil succeeding ones. Copies like ihe above, in which the marginal note* are 
n.'i oai Into, are teldom found. 

Though n few books Here printed at Toscolano in ihe 13th century, 
Alcssnndro l'a^iiiiini was the first to found n rcgnlnr pre 

37211 Trbentics. Pvb. Terentii Afri Comoedine in sva mcti.i i. stitntir. 

liiti'iptMnliliiis Aelio Donato [et aliis] . . . stn. 4to. 
woodcut border and woodcute, bound, 32s 

Impressum Tueeulani nynd lleinicuni 1 
Kaiie. The text is printed in • peculiar semi-italic type, in the cm, 
the pages, surrounded by the commentaries, which are in n -mailer but similar 
ctltraeter. This type distinguishe- the Works of Pagan ini alone, and fil 
all the productions of his press (especially those printed at Tuscahum 
the Logo di Garda) a considerable value in the eyes of bibliophiles. 

(1480) Reggio d'Este. 

Prosperus Odoardus (1481) and Albertus Mazali (1481-87 1. 

37212 CATULLUS, Timu.i.cs et PROrEimus, sm. folio, old orJV 

morocco, gill edges, from the Sunderland library, £24 

lin/ii Lepidi. AvetorihtU Pfotptnt Odoardo ri 
Alberto Matali regieiwibui, 1 I s ! 
Very rare. A very early specimen of the press at Reggio, us pi : 
was only introduced there duriDg the previoui jrar. M. Deschamj 
mentioning this editimi omits the name of Mazali. lie then says that the 
lirst Iwok printed by him at Begglo wns the Virgil of 1488, The (net is that 
the Catullus, etc, «ns printed before Mn/.ali established an independent pre** 
there. The present is a good copy, with the initials printed in ltd and blue. 

Bartholomeus Bruschius (1482). 

37213 SCRIPTOHES REI RUSTKVE. folio, fine la old rtd 

morotec taint, gill edge$,frotn the Sunderland library, t'7. 
|_/n>/ prinltd leaf bul mo- of I he l'alladins : I'alludii It 
Tarri Aemiliaiii tiri ilhttru de re rvetica libri imprett (*»V) 
llegii opera et impetisis Bartholomei Vrvsehi al. Bi 

Begienrit. 1482 
A line and rare edition, as well as one of the early products of the Reggio prow. 

Benedetto Manzi. 

37214 riuARiNUR el l.n-\Mrs. Erotemata Qnarioi [Qrae*, mectdii 

Kpistola Poutici Virnnii, aocedit Libanii OpnHCnlnm i 

Epistolnmli, Ciiecr], 1'Jiiio. in I In original limp calf, 

Uhnjit Lingobardia impevtii nobilia Simovu I &• 

tooior. Pontii I »t»; -V preebyten Inonyiii BtHi 

lii m did hi Ma n: ,' a.- Co rj> 1501 

This little volume It »eq rare. The town la which it «aa pri 
Reggio (d'Kstc), most not be confounded with the Calahrian Bcggl 


(1482) Aquila. 

Adam de Rotwil (1482-83). 

PLUTARCO. Priro« Parte dello Vite do Plntarcho traducte de 
Latino iu Vnlgnre per Baptista Alexandre. Jaconello de Riete, 
sra. folio, small hole i/i loaf hi, kf. grem vellum, £5. 

AgviUa, Adorn <tr Rotwil Alamano, 1482 

Fihut Book primtkd at Aquila. Rare. First Edition of this trims- 

lotion. No more tlinn the " l'urtc Priam " *a* pnhtiihed. I'ontnins : Tabula, 

1 leaf; Text, u2* and A-L, ull in tone, except I, IC mul I,, which are in 

eightl j L (8) is blniik, nnd L (7) "CfltlUlHI the Ragutro. 

Eusanius de Stella, J. Picard de Hamel, Louis Masson. 

17216 [ESOPO HISTOPvIADO] Colophon: Fkancisci de 
Tuppo ... in uitani Esopi fabulatoris . . . traductio 
materno sermone fidelissima & in eius iabulas alle- 
le cum cxemplis antiquis modernisque liniunt 
felieiter. Aquile per magtstru Kusnnium 
de Stella . . . una tTi Ioanne Pieardo de Bamell ac 
Loiso de Masson Franc.igcna consociis suis . . . . . . Bin', folio, 90 large woodcuts 
within elegant woodcut border^ in the original smooth 
calf binding cow red with geometrical interlaced tooling 
in gold and rih't r with painted compartmt nfs, the back 
mill the fore-edges mended, the ?tj>/ier side bearing ait. 
inscription of ownership, " Io.( Iroheni etamicorvm;" 

in n hi in: mOrOCCO ease, £320. Aqttile, 1493 

ThiH edition of Tuppo's iEsop, printed at Aquila, in the 
kingdom of Naples, is so excessively rare that no copy has ever 
ippeared in the market or in any bookseller's catalogue. 
There are probably not four copies in existence, and this — the 
lii-t which has ever been offered tor sale — has the additional 
ho&Onr of a binding which bears (iivlier's well-known device. 

(1484) Siena. 

21" CaTBBBUM I'A Siina <S.). Vita Miracolosa Delia Seraphim. S. 

henna da Siena. Compoatn -in Latino dal Ileato Padre Fraie 

uiondo da Capua . . . Et tradotta in lingua Vulgaro dal 

Beaewndo Padre rrate Ambrosio Catherine da Siena . . . Con 

agianta di Icune | prriineti al psete stato dela Chiesa, 

ete. small 4to. wouilent bonier lo title, woodiui of St. Catlu'i 

i if title, numerous woodcuts in lext, vellum, £10. 10s 

Slapaia ndla magnified citta di Siena /> Simione di Nioeolo 

Ail mttatia >li lacomo amtonio Caianeo Libratro Soneto, 1524 

I xonolHOLT uaiik -, unknown t" 1 'mixer und llnin. The woodcat ut 


St. Cnthcrinc on tlio reverse of the title bears the engraver's monogram. 

There is at tho end of this volume n sni«ll work of 3J pwy entitled, 
" Dcscriiione delta General l'rocesiiono faltn in Siena Da' Fratelli di Santa 
Catcrina da Siena. 1623." 

(1485) Pescia. 

Sigismond Rodt of Bitsch (1488). 

37218 VEGET1US. Flauii Vegetii Renati viri illustiis Epitoraa rvi 

militaris libri namoro. iiii. small folio, lit. got!)- large copy, 
from llf Sunderland library, rare, £15. 15.« 

risa'c, Sigismondu Rodt it Bitsche, operis architecto, 1488 

(1502) Fano. 

37219 VIGERU (Marci) Dechachordum Christianum, sm. folio, with 

beautiful wood engravings within elegant arabetqw harden by the 
•matter F. V. (Florio Vavassore, brother of the Venetian 
Andrea), fine largo copy in green morocco extra, gilt edget, rarc, 
£5. II i'1-onymus Soncin 'i.~ iu Vrbe Fani ivipret 

An early specimen from the first press of Fano, where printing was 
■luccd only live years before. The beautiful arabesque borders, white ou Mack 
ground, arc probably tho work of a different artist from the designer of the 
figure-groups. Besides the ten large engravings occupying full pages, there 
is a number of smaller ones in the text. 

It is customary to treat the illustrations in this volume as woodcuts, bat it 
is equally probable thot they were produced by engraving on soft metal. 

(1551) Sabionetta. 

37220 PENTATEUCHUS HEBRAICUS et Chaldaicns, enm qninqne 

Afegilloth et Haphtarotu, thick 18mo. beautifully pbimm> 

ON VELLUM, WITH ALL THE POINTS, red morocco, doV&U villi b\ 
morocco, richly tooled in gold, leather joints, gilt gaufre edges, by 
J. Clarke, irilh the arms and crest of the Rev. T. Williams on - 
£10. Id In done Tobta FVw, 8abionettw, A.M. 317 (A.D. 1557) 

Not more than five other copies of this beautiful little volume appear to 
exist, and of those one at least is imperfect. This was sold for £14 in the 
Rev. T. Williams' sale. 

It is a splendid example from the first press of Sabionetta, the seat of on* 
of the most important Hebrew presses of tho 16th century. As printing was 
only introduced there in 1551 by Tobias Fob, this is a very i .en. 

(1557) Cagliari in Sardinia. 

37221 BoNFANT(Dionisio) de la Oivdad de Caller. Trivmpli'» '!■• I> 

del Iieyno de Cerdeiia (Sardinia), sru. folio, with 100 title, 

old red morocco, gilt marbled edges, RARE, 24* 

En Caller (Cagliari), en la Emprenla ibl Doctor At 

Galcerin. For Barthvl . 1635 

(1609-7) Recanati Press. 

37222 ANGEL1TA. I Pomi d'Oro di Gio. Francesco Angdita . Done 

si contongono due Lottioni Do' Fichi l'una, c Do' Melloni I 'ultra 
. . Agginntani vna Lettionc della Lumaca, etc. small 4to. with 


I border io title, portrait and manj/ outjoim rt«Is ewj/ratJ- 
tnjs M Ifirf, r-llitui, rare, £4. Bicanati . 1007. Antonio Uraida. 
Almost tlie earliest, if not t'i« earliest, book printed in Kecanati, near 
Lorelfo. No curlier was known to the compiler of the Diclionnaire de Olo- 
graphic appended to Brunet's Manuel. Falkenstcin and Cotton give 160C as 
the date pi l lie inlrodnction of printing to this town, bnt tlioy do not name 
any book printed in that year. The volumo contains!: Titlo and leaf of Verses, 
■J II. ; f— ttttt > D fours, except the first and last, which have only two leaves 
each ; A-Z in foal's, the last leaf being blank. 

(1627) Pistoja. 

-;7^l':3 LE POMPE DI MIXKItVA per lo nobili, e virtvoso Donne, Che 
con industriosa niano di trattener si dilcttano, in far Rez/.e, 
Maglia quadra, Punti in aria, Pnuti tagliati, Punti a Reticello, 
cosi per Frcgio, come per Merletli, e Rosette di vario sorti, etc., 
small oblong 4to. with exquisite woodcut designs of lace and 
embroidery, ruttia gilt, gilt edge*, £36. 

In Pntoia, ;»v J'ier' Aiitmi. ili (1642) 

Excessivklv nARB. Consists of: Title (1 leaf), Dedication (I leaf), 71 
plates (signs. A-F in twelves, the hist leaf blank). 

Theie is no date on the title, but the 1'rcfnce bears that of " 20. Agosto 
|i'j|2.", so the book was presumably printed at the same time. Falkenstein 
and Cotton give 1U43 as the date at which printing was introduced into this 
town, and name a volume from the same press as this as the first here printed. 
Brunei's continuator in the Dictionuairo de 0/ographie can only quote one 
earlier book (of 1027) — on ihe authority of "hi bibliogr. allemande." 

(1635) Catania in Sicily. 

{7224 GbaBSBBI (Giovan Battista) Le Zolle Historiche Catanee di, 
sm. 4lo. with a folding view of the city, and plate representing 
two archers, fine copy, rvssia extra, gilt edges, by 0. Smith, RAltK, 
In ' fa tn nia Nel Pala;zo dell' Jllttstrisi. Senato. Per 

Giouanni Bossi, 1651 
Printing was introduced into this town in 1635. 

(1647) Malta. 

> ABELA (Era Gio. Pp.) Delia Descrittione di Malta Isola nel 

Mare Sieiliano con le sue Antichita, ed altre Notitie Libri 

Quattro, sm. folio, with frontispiece, map mid plan, and plates in 

rare, £2. 10s Malta, Paolo Donacota, 1647 

Tub first hook rnistTKD at Malta. 

(1674) Borgo Nuovo. 

22C Statcti della Sac. Religione di S. Gio. Gerosolimitano, con le 
Ordinationi dell' ultimo Capitolo Goneralo . . aggiontini Li 
Priailegii, etc. sm. folio, vellum, 2i« 

In Borgo Novo, Nel Murchesato di Boccaforte, 1676 . Per Bar* 

tolomeo Ootta Stomp. Camerale [dated elseiohere 1674] 

Contains: IS pre! 11. (including General Title, engrarwMitlc and_por- 

trait), 244 pp., and Tavoli nod ludice (32 U.); Ordinationi: Engrnred Title, 
180 pp., and Taroln and Indice (15 II.) ; CmemoniaXe super elections : 24, 10 
and 10 pp. ( I'rivilegii : Engraved Title, portrait, 100 pp., and 8 11. of Indice. 



Ostiglia, in the Milanese. 

!:7J_'7 < i 1 1 i: i t:Ti (Jo. Mntfhaei) IBpiecapi 1"> . . Open . . Bdttio 

auctior, & emcndatior, 4to. with portrait, naif, '2-U 

UortiUae apud Augustinum Carattonium, typ< 

8eminarii Vcronensis . 1740 
Probably one of tbo lir.-l I It- printed at Ostiglia. 

Books without imprints. 

37228 SALLUSTIUS. [Bollnm Catilinarium et Jugurthinum],sm. folio. 

villi the four blank leaves, fine largo and clean cojnj, with :. 

letter illuminated in gold ami eoloun, old blue vioroceo i 

edges, £15. 15s -irca 147U 

This exceedingly iiabe edition is nltriliuted by Maittaire to the press 
of Ail. .in Rot ot Rome, bal Hniu cowdden this doubtful, and Hrunet ng 
" Mnill.iire n cru, mais snns fondcmciit, que ces deux lettrcs [A. K. on the lut 
leaf] dedgnaleot Adam Rot: In vcritc est, qa'on nc suit encore dt 
imprimenr ellcs sent lc monogiamme." 

Coutnins 02 leaved, of which tho fir§t, 22nd, 2.1rd and last are Wank. 

This copy fetched £1" at the Sunderland Sale. 

" Edition do la plus grando tmii" — D rm t t, 

37229 OUIDI1 NASON1S (P.) De Ponto libri IV, sm. folio, a wall 

portion of the last leaf supplied Mi M8-, red morocco extra, 
toother joints, gill edges, £3. 10* sine nuta, sed eirm 1470 

Vinv hake. The volnmo contains 36 leaves, of 45 lines to a page. 

f'ollati'.ii : A-F in dxet, except A eight leaves, and F four leave*. By 
accident K 3 and 4 have been wronuly bonnd between F 2 and 3. 

37230 ALEXANDRI GALLI, vuhjo Di Villa Dei, Dootrimle, sen 

Grammntica Latina metrice conscripta. sine nota, sed Ve-n 
per Yind. de Bpira, 0. 1470 — Lazarelli (Ludovici) Opuscnluni de 
Bomlivfc, tine nota, sed Romas, per Euoh. Silber, c. 1493 — 2 I 
in 1, sm. Ho. fine large copies, in old calf gill, TIM IUKK, £10. 

S. K. 

This edition of the DoctrinaU of Alexander Gallus consists of 47 leaves, 
of 28 lines to a page, without numbers, signatures or catchwords. The type 
bears a resemblance to that of Vindelinus do Spira. Another edition of ihii 
work, printed at about the same time, consisting of 45 leaves, of 30 lines to a 
paper, without catchwords, signatures or numbers, and w ithont date or printer's 
name, was sold in tho Sunderland Sale for £41, This present edition teems 
to be undescribed by bibliographers. I find descriptions of editions with 41 
leaves, and 45 leaves, but of none with 47. It begins [SjCribere derieVii pan 
ihctri-i\ale noutllis ; and ends on tho reverse of leaf 47 with the simple word 
fin if. 

The Opiijffu!uw de Bomayee of Lnd. Lnzarellas consists of 6 leave? 
lines to a page, with tho signatures a i, aii and niii mi the first .1 leaves. 
According to Brant*, the book is unknown to all bibliographers, and is of 
extreme rarity, 
M 1 l< ANUS." M. Annoi Lncani OordubenMs PhanaliM I 

primus (libri X), sm, folio, fine i with 

initial mid arms illuminated in gold and colours on thi 
andtheoilur painted in red and blue, m margin 

of one leaf mended, old red morocco, with gilt . mW- 

lings, o, oments, g . from the Sundorland 


a'veht uark iniiii.., apparently the .-ennui. CoahriM KM leave 
without mark -of any kind, having 40 lines to a fnll page. It commeneta with 


4 preliminary leaves, containing the life of Lucau, and oxtracL* from Martin!, 
Tacitus, etc 

37232 LUCANUS. M. Annei Lvcani Cordvbensis Phamliae libar 
primus (libri X), sm. (olio, fine large and clean copy, old TlngKeh 
red morocco extra, TBRT rare. £14. (ainenota, ted (Hrca I i/l) 

The volume consists of 1 OS leaves without mirk*, of MliOM ti a page. Ii is 
printed in the same type asa dateless Horace (of about Mil), aud as the Vita 
dtl bealiitimo Hirrcmymo and the Plutarchi Apophthcgmala in toil catalogue. 
The e with the lengthened short stroke is the most striking letter. 

The Pinclli copy, wanting the first four leaves, was sold for £17. 17s. 
7233 HIERONYMO, Comincia la tavola sopra la vita el ti.wxsito et 
gli mikacoli del beatimrimo Hiebonymo doctore excollentissimo, 
sm. 4to. 120 /•. it. .«, Ilia first page of the work adorn .1 u-ith a con- 

tc M pantry ILLUMINATED BORDEB, BED MOROCCO extra, loathar joilltt, 

'jilt edget, £5. (sine uota, sod circa 1171) 

Excessively rare. I can only trace the existence of two other copies: 

one in Lord Spencer's library, and an imperfect copy on vellum in the Bibl. 

linpcrialo. At Libri's sale in 1857, the eight leaves which contain the saint's 

life, alone fetched 51 fr. Dibdin's description of Lord Spcnccr'B copy agrees 

with the above except that he gives four leaves for the table, which is ■ 

iiii-tnke for four pages. 

"Edition trts rare Lcs carnetAres sont les nidincs que ccux d'nn 

lloi.icc sans date, ct d'un opuscule de S, Batik, iinprimu en M7I."— Brunei 

(.VI 13210 

The work is professedly compiled from letters of St. Euscbius, the 
Dd of Jerome, of SS. Augustine, Cyril, and others. These letters are 

Mtowvd by long relations of miracles. 

The type is the same as that of the l'bilarch'% Apophthcgma'.a (post)) 

with the curious letter e. 

i'U'ERONIS (M. Tullii) Episitilarnm Faruiliiiviurn Libri, small 
foli". /" . in red moroeeo extra, gilt edges, by 0. Smith, 

EXTKi'Mll.v UBS, £8. 10* ' , 1 171 

The volume ends with these (our lines followed by Lhadati : Tullius 
ingcnmi pr.efulgens mentc solcbnt | Has Cicero cl.iris niiliere patricUs | Marco 
respondent iniiliu quus arte notarat | Eloquiuui priscis sumino in honore fuii | 
1 171. 

lint M6 leaves, With -to lines to n | 

According to Brunei the type is the Mm* as that n "I by Am. SSafol in 

hi- edition of the same work printed at Milan in 1476 ; hut according to llaiu 

Olid Dibdin, this was printed at Venice by Adam, 

CICERO. M. T. Ciceronis ad Ouintum Fratrom In Libros De 

i baton Prefatio Inaipit Foeliciter, sm. folio, fine copy, ohl n ' 

rocco gilt, from the 8underland library, £16, (tine no/a) 

A very rare edition, containing 108 leaves, without marks of any kind, 

having 32 lines to u foil page. Dibdin attribntcs it to Vindclin de Spin, the 

tope being similar to that used by him in his edition of ' iSBro'l offices. 1170. 

He alto considers that it was not printed later than 1472, Too first page aud 
the initials are illuminated in gold and colours. 
16 [PJ.ITAKCHI A pophtliegmnta per Fninciscum Pliilelphnrn 
tianslnta.] Ad magnanimvm et illvstrissimvm prinoipam 
Pbilippvni Murium Anglvm inolytvra Mediolnnenrivm dveem 
mcifloi Philelfi praefatio in Plvtarchi Ohi iph» 

tin . i incipit. n't :] 

Plntarchj Apophthejrmatulaocraicor. liber nnlt, em. 4to. tingularly 
fine large copy, russia extra, with the Wodhull ,.. . / on 

(tii. .-a 1472) 

This excessively hare volume is printed in the same type as the first 

edition of Horace. The most remarkable letter is the e, of which the .-mull 


slroko is prolonged considerably beyond the other part. Tbo volume consists 
of two parts, tlic first with .11 . anil tbo last with 50 leaves, with 2? lines Co a 

The Mayans copy was bought by Holier for £9, though be sent a com- 
mission of £31 for it. 

37237 DIONIS CHRYSOSTOMI de Regno libri IV. a Gragotio 
Typhernio translati, sm, 4to. ivith beautiful and I rder 
in eamaiou-grie unrounding the first page of / 
eopy, iriili contemporary MB. notes, nutta, £4. 4e nneutia 

Rare. Consists of 69 leaves, of 2.1 lines to a page, withont signatures, 
catchwords or numbers. At the beginning is an Epistle from Cardinal 
Franciscus dc L'icolhomini to the Archduke Maximilian, dated Ei urbe Kal. 
Jan. 1469. The volume must hare been printed at Rome abont 1470 or 1472. 

37238 AUGUSTINI (S.) Liber de Vanitatibus Secci.i. da Vit* 

Christiana, de Anima et Spiritu, de Ebrietate, ad Virginea de 
Sobrietate et Ebrietate, do qnatuor Virtutibus Caritatis, et do 
Contricione Cordi(s) — 7 pieces, or 3 parts in 1 vol. am. iin.fin 
eopii, bds. £3. 10* 

Finiius est liber sen tract atus beat! Angnstini . . . de Co! 

cordis . oS ceteris tractatsMs eUudem . . . <] 

£8. 18s 6d, Sir Mark Sykes. 
Ijiirc attributes this excessively rare edition to the press of Guothcr 
Zainer ; but Panzer thinks it was produced in Italy. It is too rudely 
to have appeared nt Rome, but the " Cross-keys " in the paper-mark show that 
the volume hod its origin in the Papal Slates. It is perhaps one of Ibc firH 
books printed in liologna. On one of the fly-leaves tbe original owner'i 
name, " < nh Biunde'," or Bawde, is inscribed, with the date 1473. 
Contains 73 leaves, of 24 lines to a page. 

37239 MARTIALIS Epigrammata,4to. largeandfinecopy,theplainmargtm 

of the first leaf cut off, the large initials painted m blue and red, 
old blue morocco gilt, from /he Sunderland library, £50. 

(tine nota,sed oirca 1472-4 i 
A very rare EDITION, printed in n small Roman letter on 17* II. 
having 32 lines to a page ; without marks of any kind. The recto of the first 
has a register, and the verso the same epistle as in V. de Spin's edition. It 
finishes ou the verso of the 17Sth leaf, which tuM 33 lines, with (he last 
Apophorctum " lentaeula," beneath which is the word • Kim-. " 

37240 (PLAUTI Comoedis tiii.) Planti coraici elnriss. Axopitliiyo 

( Asmaria, Anlularia, Captivi, Curculio, Casina, Cistelsrin, 
Epidicus), sm. folio, some ancient MS. notes on the margins, 
otherwise a fine and large copy in old ! arms of 

the secoiol Duke of Marlborough, and the motto, "Kel 
desdiiliailo," £14. (Sine n 

This excessively rare edition was printed somewhere in the north of Italy 
about the year 1473-4. It looks even older, but as it ha* signatures it cannot 
be earlier than 1472. So far as I can learn, the vellum copy in the P»rU 
Nat ional Library is the only other one recorded. Unmet copies Van Pratt* • 
account, and none of the other Btandnrd bibliographers have mentioned it, 

37241 BOCCACCIO, Fiammetta. Incomincia il libra di madonna Fi 

nictta da lei alio innamorato mandato. sin. foli". 
letter, very large copy in old cri ooco gilt, y 

Thcytar 1474 i- ■Aligned by Dibdin coujcclurally to the impression e.( 
this rare volume. It was probably printed at Venice. It must lie one of the 
first books in which signatures ippeared, Il was only the presence of tbo 


signatures which induced Brunei to rank (his us of later date than the edition 
of 1472. 

The signatures arc a to k in eights, except a (9 leaves), h (6 lenves, not 8 
as Dilidin says), and k (6 leaves). Thus the total number of leaves is 77, 35 
l>cing the full nnmber of lines to a page. 

37242 HORATII Opera : On*, Satire, do Arte Poetica et EmTOL«, 
em. folio, fine large and clean copy, old red morocco gilt, binding 
broken, from the Sunderland library, £50. 

(nine nota, sed Medinlani, circa 1471) 

A vert rake EDITION, containing 123 leaves printed in Hoiiinn lctlers 

in lung linos, 33, and sometimes 35, of which go to a full page. It has no 

marks of any kind. The typo resembles that used by l'hilip of Lnvagnia. In 

this copy the Satires are bound alter ilia Epistles, 'the contrary arrangement 

nring most frequently. 

37243 HORATII OdjE et Ars Poetica ; cum Commentakiis Acronis et 
PoRVHTRlONIS, 8m. folio, large copy, old blue iu'weco with brnad 
birders of ornan f ntal gilt tooting, rough edges, from the Sunderland 
library, £25. >/.././) 

This edition is supposed by Dibdin and others to bo the first of Horace 
with the commentaries of Aero and Porphyrio. and anterior to that of Milun 
1174. It is printed in long lines in a semi-Homau type, without marks, a rude 
Greek character being used for the Greek words and quotations. This copy 
contains 823 11. only ; Dibdin and Brnnct wrongly give 224 as the number. 

it TERENTH < OMOEDIJ!, am. folio, old red morocco gilt, gilt edges 
■py, £8. (». /. (7 now. imp.) 1474 

A rare edition, printed probably with the types of Vahlnrfer nt Milan. 
This copy, muting the 2 11. with the Life of the Poet, contains 102 II. only j 
some leaves are soiled ; and the lost leaf very slightly defective. Hobcr's copy 
sold for £16. 

15 (Comcedia)). Terentius apher Carthaginensis ox libris 

per alios correctis & ex uuriis :mt icjiLts Codicibus perspectis per, 
A. Sabinum poetam lau. eraendatior faetus, sin. folio, fine large 

.. (he first initial ill ii mi; '• the cajiitah painted red, old 

bliw morocco, with ornamental gilt borders, from the Sunderland 
library, £ u. (sine note) 

A very rare edition. It commences as above and finishes with the 
following inscription: — Terrentii Aphri Carthagineiisis Conwdia scxta .J- 
ultima per Angela Sabinu Poe. lau. limalior faclajinil Joclieiter." — followed by 
a leaf containing the register. It contains 107 II. printed in Bosun letter 
without marks, having 32 lines to a page, Panzer considers that this edition 
was printed abont 1474. 

16 VIRGILII Opera, sm. folio, fine large and dean 600V, Wanting ItCo 
leavi i, for which duplicates of others an inserted) otd blue morocco 
gilt, £6. (sine not a) about 1474-5 

I i . -in tin? Sunderland Library Sale, iu which it fetched £39. This rare 
edition contains 233 lenves, 38 lines to a page. 

7 JUVENALIS et PERSIUS. Iunii luueiialis Aqrtinatis Baton 
Prima (Satyrro) — Anli Plaoci Persii gatyra prima (Satyrn?) — 
•J parts in 1 vol. sm. folio, old crimson morocco gilt, from the 
Sunderland library, £10. 10s nota) about 1475 

A Viitv n*ni. edition, printed inn neut Homan type, with signature-. 
33 lines to a full page. The Juvenal has 00 II., the l'ersius II leaves. On the 
recto of the Inst leaf of the Juvenal i- we I'lkiwing:— - ' Explicit Jiivcnnlis 
Aqninalis fclicitcr emendation per M. M. A. S. M." These initials are 
supposed by Panzer to stand for Marcus Antonius Snbcllicui. A large nud 
generally clean copy, but slightly stained. 


37248 LUCANVS. M. Annei. Lvcnni. Cordvbensis. Phnrsaliae: 1H 
(H'imvs (libri x), sm. folio, obi red morocco tv ' 

iderland library, £12. (/. it.) 

A itARR edition printed in Roman letter*, probably about 1475. The 
volume consists of 1 19 leaven and a blank, signatures n-n in eight*, oand p in 
fixes (llie last leaf blank), and t leave.-, of the life (which Ire lure r.tit ot the 
end instead ot the beginning). A fall page contain- 35 or 36 line*. The 
volume ends with the single word " Finis " with small woodcut ornatuen 
either sido and below ii. 

37240 LANDIN1 (Christophori) . . . Dispvtationam Cumaldvlensivro. liber 
primvB. de Vita contemplativa ct activa. felieiter incipit . . . 
fonr parts in one volume, smnll folio, old oaV, 
arms on side.", and Drowned monogram on Inch, £4. 

(»iW no/a) 
This very rare edition is the one which Iirnnct describes as having 128 
leaves (this has 12'.i and 2 blank leaves), and which had been inlwhl ithtd by 
Panrcr. Bnutonrlin.nnd Hain, from their acquaintance with merely imperfect 
copies. The Tolnmc has signatures, but they arc very irregular. The book 
was probably printed at Florence about 1475. 

The first leaf contains merely tlio words " Libro prirno de vita activa ct 
contemplativa : libro soevndo de svmmo bono libro: u : mi. allegoric in 
Virgilivm," ou the reverse. 

37250 AUGUST1NO (Sancto) de la Oita de Dio. small bfio, etifml 

large clean copy, in blood-red morocco, leather juiittt, j 
very rare, £7. 10« 

Contains 322 printed leaves, double columns, with 46 and 47 lines to a 

Collation: Table, sign, u ( 1 1 leaves and 1 blank); Text, a-*, and All. 
in tens, except H, twelve leaves, of which the Inst blank. 

37251 V1TE DI SANCT] l'ADRI. Inoomeaoiano lo uite di bh. 

padri per diuersi cloquotissimi doctori uolgaris»te, an. folio, 

beautiful tall clean copy, with numerous painti 

£2. 16# [#. 

A very rare and beautifully printed edition of the Lives ot 
probably executed at Venice about 1478. Contains 267 lei 
double columns of 16 lines each, without numbers, signatures, or catchword*. 
After the Lives of the Saints, is given the curious legend known in Knglish m 
the Vision of Tondall, and in Spanish as '• Don Timpano," while in Italian it 
becomes " La Visionc do Tnnlolo." The scene is still laid in Ireland. It 
extends to seventeen chapter'. After this comes " II I'rato Spiritaalc," a 
most curious collection of legends and tales. 

37252 AENE-E (SILVII) . . . Historia De duobus aroiUibns Cu multis 

epistolis auiatoriis, 8vo. very large copy, with rough edge*, 
vellum, £2. 2» 

This edition is printed in n very peculiar thin Roman letter, similar lo 
l lint used nt Krinli for the Vlalyna de Ilonesla Voluptatc, printed by Gerard 
do Flaudria about 14S0. It consists of 34 leaves (sign, a-d in eights, except 
I. in 10 of 26 lines to a page. 

37253 SERENUS. Qvinti Sereni Sammonici Liber (do Mcdicina), 

Editio Priuceps, .sm. 4to. . o with or 

hordrri and e tee, from <■ 


This molt ancient edition known of this povni must l,n»c bo 
iibiiiit 1480-4 (Brunei says at Venice, Audilfrcdi gue? 
Milan i. The reverse of the first leaf contain*. Solpilina Vcrulatiu- 
the reader, and a life of Sereuus. — Contains 26 leave-, in Roman letter, 35 lines 
lo a page, without marks. 


I VIKGILIUS. [.1/ end :) Maronis rjpofl cu Soruii honorati 
enarratioe, thiclc sm. folio, old blue morocco extra, bound for 
Lord Sunderland, £20. 

tprestu ammo Mxoco.laxewiii. die. xv. d, rebels. (1183) 
An K.xTiiEMKLY rare edition, apparently hitherto unilescrihcd. It 
contains 31-1 leaves; signatures n-z, &, d, R, aii-ciil and A-C, in tens, except a, 
nil, cc, dd nnd A ip eights, and U and C iu sixes. 



Cologne or Strassburg. 

T'-'o SENECA. Lncii Annei Senece Cordnbetisis ad Lncillium epistolo 
Feliciter Incijiiunt, sm, folio, First Edition, old yellow morocco 
ijilt, gill edge*, from the Sunderland library, £8. 8s {sine iwtn) 
ibis edition is generally regarded as the first of these epistles, and 
•ttributeJ to Mi-ntelin's press at Strassburg, circa 1469. It was, however, 
really printed by the man of whose books the peculiar capital H is tho dis- 
tinguishing feature. Contains 210 11. in Unman letters without marks, 
having 35 lines to a page. Somewhat wormed, but n large and generally clean 

37250 (Dosati Commentarins in Terentii Comedias), sm. folio, old- red 
morocco gilt, from the Sunderland library, £7. 

{sine nota, sed circa 1470-2) 

Probably the first edition of this commentary. A fine large coi-y of 

this vert hare EDiTioS, printed in Roman letter without marks, with the 

peculiar capital II, formerly regarded as Mentclin's. Contains 250 leaves of 

35 lines to a page. 

The volume ends with these two lines : — 

" Qui cupit obstrusum frngem gustasse Terenti 
Oonatnm nncral noscere grammnticum." 



HIERONYMI (Bentissirni) Epistolre (ex rcconsione Theodori 
Lelii), 2 vols, thick folio, the initials illumiutited, one of them 
cow miniature, and tht capitals painted ; finaeopu in the 

nnal ttamped tAoq ■ the Sunderland library, 

£14. la. Ru. {sine loco at anno ; circ. a.d. 1472) 

Presentation copy to tho Abbey of S. Maria ud G ratios at Neustift in the 

"I. from Kleanor of Scotland, Archduchess of Austria and Countess of 
Tyrol. This appears from a MS. inscription in each volume, which must have 
been written not later than 1479, as the Scottish princess died in 1480. 

This rare edition (formerly referred to Jacobus Rubous at Venice, aud 
I'lriih llahn at Rome) is now generally assigned to Sixtus Riossinger, at 
Naples. The type seems certainly to be tho same as was usod by him; but 
whonco cemes the inscription at the end, " la Ru " ? Neither Brunei nor 


Grnosse attempts to explain it, ulthough they hoth state thnt this wi' the i 
of the older nssignmeut to Jacobus Rubens. There is a mystery aboat the 
matter, — for if we jndgo from Oie early Tyrolian inscription (probably written 
about 1475), and from the fact that another copy, which pttwdlhroagl 
market many years ngo. belonged, about 1480, to a nobleman of Rori-n.— >c 
would seem, in connexion alio with the circumstance that the two rolnujcs 
were reprinted at Parma in 1480— that the " la. Ru." edition must have been 
produced in North-east Italy. Thus it becomes an interesting problem fur the 
history of early typography in Italy. The book is printed in a nnaU type. 
nsually called itmi-gothic but really pure Roman, in double columns of 50 line* 
to a full page. The last page finishes as follows : — "finis «ccundi voluniinis 
Kpistolarum Beatissimi llicronymi. Veritas Vincit. Ja. Bo." So fine a copy 
for cleanness, absence of wormholes, and general excellence of condition, it 
would perhaps lie h '■ml a^-ain. 


37258 (TERENTII Comcedia?). P. Terentii Afri Comiti (sir) preclari 
epithaphion fcelicitor incipit, sni. 4to. old cal morocco, with 
ornamental gill border*, from the Sunderland library, £20. 

" Edition do la plus grandc rarcteV' — Brmnl. 

A must andsot and extraordinarily rare edition of this Poet The book 
was described from an imperfect copy by Dibdin, who considers that it was 

Erintcd at Brescia, not Inter than 1471, Bib. Spencer, ii, 402-10. Brunei 
orrowt* his description, without having seen a copy. It is printed in a rude 
irregular Roman letter without marks, commencing as nbove ; the inscr.: 
at the end : " tkhentii. auki. COXICLFOEI I, I OBna. femciter. explicit. 
am hn." being iu small capitals. It coutains 132 II., 26 line* to a page, except 
the last which has only 20 l>esidcs the imprint. There is a small hole in the 
first leaf, 2 II. are torn, a portion of the plain margin of the Inst leaf has been 
cot ok and the leaves are very tender, having been washed with chemicals. 


37269 BbONDl Flarii Forliviensis Roma Triumphans, sm. fob'o, large 
copy, red morocco extra, leather joint*, gilt edge*, BASS, £0. I 

sine nolo, ri i otrea 1172 

Without date, name of printer or place, but with the same types as lho« 

used in the Dante of Mantua, printed in 1472 by Georgiui and Paulas 

Teutonic! (the Germans). The volume contains 190 leaves, with 41 lines to 

a page. The Snnderlond copy sold for £16, 

137270 Aroelati (Philippi) Bibliotheca Scriptortim Mediolanensiam . . 
pnomittitar Josephi Antonii Sa.xii Ilistoria literario-t 
graphic* Mcdiolanensie, mcdlxy-md, 2 vols, folio, eat/, roya 
arnu on sides, 20s Mi 

37271 (AunrFKEDi) Catalogns bistorico-criticua Romanam nan 

saecnli XV, Ho. sd. 7s 6d 

37272 CiAMtiA ( Bartoloinmeo) Bene dei Testi di lingua Italia* 

8ro. bd. 6s 6d 1828 


(1470) Paris. 

Martin Krantz, Ulrich Gering, Michael Friburger 
(Sorbonne Press, 1470-73). 

37273 FICHET. [Leaf 1 :] Gvillermi Ficheti Alnetani, artiura & 
theologiie parisiensis doctoris, rhetoricum libror. prtBfatio ; 
small 4to. Roman letter, with the three blank leaves in the middle, a 
very fine large and clean copy, with painted initials, beautifully 
bound in green morocco, gilt edges, by Derome, £50. 

In Paruior. Sorbona cnifliln: Firlict.'ii: '.rhetorical finis ; . . . 
(Martinus Krantz, Udalricus Oering Sf Michael Friburger, 

circa 1471) 

r t the same, small 4 to. a wonderfully fine clean copy, even 

larger than the one above, with painted initials, with ax extra 
I .will-leak, blue morocco, gilt edges, from the Bidot collection, 
£00. (1471) 

Of course neither of these copies has the two leaves at the beginning, 
containing the author's two Kpistles, which are described by Do Bure and 
Unmet as found in n copv in the liibliothcque Nationale. The second copy, 
however, bus a cancel of leaf 123, not found in any other. The leaf 123 of 
the first ends with the word " tocietates," the additional one in the second 
ends with " rex." 

Owe of tub first hooks printed ix Paris. In Panzer's list it is 
the fourth of the ten books produced at the Sorbonne press, but it might, with 
equal reason, have taken the second place. 

" l"n des premiers livres impnmes a I'aris . . . Quant a la date de ce 
Tolume, il font consnlter nn travail remorqnable de M. Mndden et qui sera 
in nt-etrc le dernier mot snr In question de VOrigine de Vimprimme de Paris 
(Ala suite de aes Lettres d'un bibliographe ; Ve. sfrie ; Paris, 1878, in-8)." — 

To (BODERICJ ZAMORENSIS Speculum Humanro Vitro). 
[Leaf 1 :] All sanctissimu & beatissituii dotninu, dominu Paulu 
Srcundu Pontifice Maximu ; liber iueipit dictuB Speculum 
humanas uitie (Quia in eo cuncti mortales in quouis fuerint 
statu nel officio spirituali aut tpali ; speculabunt' eius artis &. 
iiita; prospera & aduersa ; ac recte uiuedi documenta) edit us a 
Rodorieo zamorensi & postea Calagaritano bispano, eiusde 
nnctitntis in castro suo Suncti Angeli castellauo ; small folio, a 
'I'll, large, clean, and in perfect condition but for the 
(fang of the front margin of the first leaf, russia, £12. 

' words :~] Finis fadix atq' } optatus illiusbreuis tabula: sine 
repirti'iii fer aljdiabrtu, in presentem I ibr' speculum humanai 
uitos nuncupatum ; [Parisiis, per Krantz, Gering Sr Friburi/er, 

c. 1473] 

In the same type as the Fichtt printed by Krantz. Gering and Friburger 

at the Sorbonne, but differing from the Angelnt de QambigUonibus de Aretio 

which they priiiicii afterwards at Paris in 1476. It is printed on 140 leaves, 

OOt marks of any kind j each page consisting of 32 lines. 

An excessively RARE Paris edition, unknown to Unmet. 



Krantz, Gering, and Friburger. 
(Second Press 1473-78). 

37276 GAMBIGLIONIBTJS DE ARETIO (Angelas de). Angeli do 

Aretio legu doctoris tractatus de criminibus. seu de maleficiig, 
ineipil feliciter. bdi. folio, Ictttes gotfjtqutg, very fine large and clean 
copy, old red morocco extra, gilt edges, by lloyet, extremely rare, 
£16.16* . . Impressing} Parisius per Martian. I'dalricn, 

et Michaelem Anno a natiuilate diti. M.GCCC. harvj. Die 

vij. 8evtt wtbrit. (1476) 

37277 PLATEA. Tractatus Restitution^ eximij doctoria fratris 

francisci de platea ordinis fratram minoru Bononien. Incxpil 
feliciter, small folio, the first few leaves very sligldhj wormed, but 
otlierwise a fine and large copy, with the WodhmU arms painted on 
the first leaf, red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Derome, extremely 
RARE, £15. . . Impressus parisius In sole aurco p. Ifiw liiwi 

Udalricum. et Michaele. Anno. M.CCCi '■ fa 

mentis Jv 1 476) 

Containing 168 unnumbered leaven, iniitead of 170 as Panzer. IUio and 
Graessc give it, lint apparently perfect. The leaves are numbered in a 
contemporary hand-writing and run straight on from 1 to 168. Mr. Wodhull, 
to whom this copy formerly belonged, has written in it without prevarication 
" CoUai: f comj'Ir t : ". The volume is divided into two parts, of which the 
first is entirely without marks, but the second has signatures (a-1 in tens 
except e and 1). 

37278 LEONARDDS DE DTINO. Sermones Quadragesimales de 

Legibns eximij sacre tbeologie doctoria Fratris Leonanli de 
Utino ordinis fratrnm predicatornm, large folio, Irttrrs gotrjtquts, 
309 leaves (303 numbered and 6 unnumbered ) . 
columns; a few leaves slightly mildewed ; blue morocco ( 
edges (by Fadeloup), £7. 10* . . Pariiiii . . p honor. 

virus Mart iiutm Fthilrici et 

regis Ludouici. on. die n-ru ell una wests octobris (1477 i 

The leaves nre marked with Arabic numerals ; this is probably the first 
instance of the use of sneh numeration in books printed in France. It has no 
signatures. Panzer and others have mistaken the true date of this volume. As 
the sixteenth year of Louis XI ended in July, 1477 ; consequently tlic October 
of his seventeenth year wos the October of 1477. 

In 1478 Goring was left alone by his two original partners and began a 
third phase of his business ; associating with himself at first a certain George 
Miiynynl, and afterwards Berthold Kembolt who remained his partner from 
mI* "ui 1484 till Gering's death in IS 10. 

Ulrich Gering (1478-1510). 

37279 MOXTE IiOCHERII (Gnido de). [On a ii:] Liber qui manipulos 

curatorum inscribit', in quo pernecessaria officia eorum on 
nuimaru cura commissa est brcuiter p. tractantur: fel )• 
incipit, small 4to. a very large copy, old calf gill, vert BAM, 
[Colophun :] 1> viri domini guidon herii 

liber qui tfanipuhis curatoru interibitw : Jhtit feliciter. 
Tnvpremt Ponriw per magutnim Fdalrieum Gering Anno 
do7iiin:.Millisimo quadringi utitimoteptuai Die vera 

Containing signatures a-t in tens, except a. b and t in twelves ; the first 
and lost leaves being blank. 


37280 EYB (Albertus de). Margarita poctica de arte dictandi ac practi- 

caudi epistolas : Opns clarissimum folicitor incipit, sm. folio 
Roman type, russia extra, gilt edge*, rare, £7- 15* 

Finit opus eximium Alberti de Eyb. impressunuj$ parisius p. 

Magistrum Vlricum Quering. Anno M.ccec.lxxviii. die vero 

Jienultima mentis Nonembris. (1478) 
by Qering after bis partners, Fribnrger 
and Krantz, left Paris. 

The present copy baa a specially English interest from the circumstance 
that wc find records of early English ownership written on the last page. 
We may translate two Latin memoranda thus — 
It belongs to John Anstgn, merchant of the Staph (about 149O-I50O). 
It belongs to William Mackicell, of Edgtnoare, its present owner falionl 1640) 
and an English one which seems intermediate in date (about 1620) runs thus 
" The price of this book is iii «." (that is, three shillings). 

37281 [HENRICI DE HASSIA] Opusculum, q'd speculum aureu ale 
(animaa) peccatricis inscribit': incipit feliciter, small 4to. a very 
large copy with some rough leaves, sd., £4. 10s 

Speculum aureu anime peccatricis, a quodam cartusiense 

editum : finit feliciter. Impressumq} Parisius p. mdgistn'i 

VdaMewn eognometo Qering. [circa 1479] 

Extbejjelt babe. Containing signatures a-d iu tens, except d (12 


37282 (PSALTERIOM cum Postilla Nicolai de Lyra.) Postilla vencrn- 

bilis fratris Nicolai de Lyra saper pBalterium feliciter incipit, 
thick small 4to. a remarkably fine clean copy, beautifully bound 
in old French red morocco extra, in splendid preservation, gilt 
edges, by Padeloup, £10. 10s 

. , hnfresiuqi in eeleberrima vrbe Parisiesi in vico sacti iacobi 

ad, vHtemgniv l6U$ aurei per mgrm vdalricu gering. Anno 

dni M".cccc°.ir:i riii. ,1,', qniiiltt imuembris (1483) 

Extiikmelv nABE. Containing signatures a-z and A-P in eights, except 

b (7 leaves, because there was a blank between bi. and bii.), and P (12 

leares) ; ni. is a blank. 

Pierre de Kaysere or Petrus Caesaris (1473-84) and Johann 

Stoll (1473-77). 

37283 PEROTTUS. Nicolai Perotti . . . erudimenta grammatices, sm. 
folio, line large copy green morocco extra, gilt edges, by I'ercmie, 
RARE, £7. 10* 

JM VMU a Parisius in vico savcti iacobi in intersignio Follis 
viridit infra sanctum Sutudietum ti 1' 'red iea tores . . . 1470 

. . . An sonfiet vert. 

Pi lilted by PtefW de Knyscre and .Tohnnn Stoll, who, having learnt the 

nit of printing white apprentices with Knots, Goring and BVUmrgw, set up 

fa ill, ii -(1105 the first independent press of Paris — their former masters being 

at tin- time printers for the Sorbonno only. 

Unknown Printer (about 1475). 

37284 VALERIUS MAXTMUS. (Fol. 1.) Cy commencent les rubriecs 

<lu liiire Valerius maximns translate de latin en francois, ou quel 
il i m remains et des carthageniens et de plniseiirs 

autre- DationBetde leura guerrcs . . (Fol. 10:) Cy commence 
le liure de Valerius maximns, translate de latin en francois, par 
reHfriflBM psonne maistre simon de hesdin maistro en theologie, 

258 • 


et fre de saint iehan de ihrl'm, 2 vols, folio, lcttrts gothinurs, 
(T. 2t!2 and 250, double columns, 44 lines per column ; 
large WOodoutt (one at the beginning of each volume) itbmii 
as miniatures, and further decorated with a floral border ; fine 
copy in old French blue morocco eatra, gilt edges, £50. 

Sine not a {? Paris, about 1475) 

Excbbsivelt rare, and no loss important as being perhaps the first 
French book printed in France. It is a grand and imposing work of typo- 
graphical magnificence, presenting something of a resemblance in its arrange- 
ment to the Liiheck Rudimentum Kovitiorum of 1475. Bat the type iiftr nan 
elegant, and more akin to the Schoffcr model of Mnintz. The capital* are all 
in line Roman letters ; amongst which the Q may bo remarked as having » 
1 it tie knob on the tail, a short distance from its end. 

The work is a free French translation, every paragraph opening with a 
citation of the first word or two of the text. The original owner of the 
book (abont 148U) has added in neat MS. the complete text in segment*, m 
the brood ruled margins. 

GoOfTroy, Anguilbert, and Jean de Marnef (1481-1536). 

37285 LA GRANDE DANSB MACABRE. Fac-similo de lediti..,, 
latino de 1490 execute par Adam Pilinski. — Chorea ab mimic 
Macabro versibus alemanicis edit a. et a petro defray trer 
qnodi oratore nuper emendata. Parisinsq; per magistrum 
Gnidonem mercatorem pro Godeffrido de marnef ad im 
pellicani in vico diui iacobi commoriiti. Anno doraini qu 
gontcsimo nonagesimo supra millesimu idibus oetobris impress*. 


i 'our thu-- printed), dark green morocco extra, top edge gdt, BIS 


3728G (HOR^E) Ad vsnm Romano curie, small 4to. flotljtt ltttrr, each 
page surrounded by a woodcut border, with 20 lo,- ,U, a 

copy, old English red morocco extra, gilt edges, with i 
Franaii Freetiag'i bookplate, £21. 

[On (i iv) reverie:] Ces present es hcures a 1 usage de Rome ont 
este vmprime-y a Paris pour Jeoffroy de marnef libraire demo- 
iitul o pari* en la rue saint iaques a lenseigne du J 
Lnn mil quatre cens quatrevingtj it ir 


Y::i:v rare. Collation : a, aa, and b-m, all in eight), except aa 
(four each), and m (6 leaves). The Almanach is for the years 1489-1 JOf. 
27287 BRANT. Narragonice profectionis nunq satis laudntu Nnnis ;> 
Sebastianu Brant: . . iam pride Per Iacobu Locher cognoo 
Philomusum : Sueuii : in latin ii traducta eloqmii : & p. Sebas- 
tianu Brant: denuo seduloqj renisa: felici exordit' prin> 
small 4to. with 119 exceedingly fine spirited wooden 
large Ciqiy, beatiliiulh/ bound in red », by 

Padeloup, babb, £14. 

[ On tea/ 1 '1. 1 1-.} l'ini< Nam .. in ! nidntisrima 

I Pariiiensi : nup. opera .V pmotide '■■ numef. 

[nnosah . M.rt'L'CXCViii. 

37288 LE MA1RE HE BEU.ES (Jan). Ln legends de Venitt 

atitretiii t Iciir cronicquo nbbregoe. Par lnqnelle est demonatre 
le tiv-in-ir fondamo&t de la guerre contra buz . . . (Par Jehan le 
Mitiro des Beiges) with woodcut on title and second 


and the device of E. and G. Be Mann/ on the last leaf, a 
icoriuhule in the margin, [Reverse of title:] Lacleur . . A I 
imprinter Best m, par Geuffroy de marntf, Lib 

iure de luniuersite de Paris. [No date]- — Le traictio intitule de 
la difference des seismes et des Concilles de leglise Et de la 
preeminence etvtilite des cocilles : de la saincte eglise Gallicaine. 
Compose par Jan Lemaire de Beiges . . . M. v. Centz. et xi . . 
the last leaf containing two large woodcuts (ib. 1511) — L'Epistre 
du Roy a Hector de Troye. Et aucuncs oeuures Assej digues de 
viuir. (Par Jan le Maire do Beiges), with woodcut on title mid 
reverse, I i a Paris . . Lan Mil cinq Cent-, et Trcze Par le 

OommandemSt de Moist re Jan le Maire . . Pour Geoff roy de 
liamef . . (1513) — 3 vols, in 1, 4to. gotrjic letter, fine large 
l in rcUnm, £12. 10* 1511-13 

Collations: La Legendc.a, lib anil cc in fours, and dd (C leaves) ; Le 
Traictie, a-lc in fours j L'Epistre, A-C in sixes, D (4 leaves) and E (8 leaves). 

1 KUTROPII historiographi clarissimi Pauliqj Diaconi . . do 
Inclytis toting Italice prouincie, ac Romanornm gestis libri. xviij. 
. . sm. folio, Soman letter, title printed in black and red, with 
small woodcuts at the headings of the chapters ; hf. bd. 32« 

. . ab Egidio Gourmont . . parrhysiorum Lutetia . . (1512) 
The editor was Nicholas Maillard. The printer, Gilles Gourmont, 
produced the edition for Geoffrey de Marncf, Galliot du Pre, and for Jean 
Gourmont, whose exclusive mark is on the tide. 

290 BAD1DS ASCENS1US (Jodocus). Nauis stultifere Collectanea 
Ab Jodoco badio Asconsio vario carminu genere no sine eornndem 
familiari explanatione conflata, small 4to. with the marl; of I/"' 
Be Marnefs on the title, and 115 very fine spirited woodcuts from 
the same blocks as Geoffroy de Marnefs Brant of 1498; a fine clean 
copy, nutia, gilt edges, £12. 

[On title:} Venundantur Parisiis in vice suncti Ineobi Bub 

PiUeano. Sf wi adibus ascensianis. 
[Colophon:] Em qfficina nostra in Parrhisiorum achademia 
nobtitnma . . M.B.XIII (1513) 
Collation : cvii leaves, and I unnumbered leaf. 

I 1. KM AIRE DE BELGES (Jan) Les Illustrations de Ganle <fc 
SinL'ulniitL/. do Troye (premier liure, etc. 10 preliminary haves, 
ff. 1-72, and 8 unnumbered leaves) Imjirime a Paris La mil cimj 
i '7; ,y . Ax. pour Emjuillebcrt .ymaistre Iehii d lit I'ierres 

■ond liure des Illustrations do gaules . . (4 prelim. 
l-.accs, ff. 1-52, and 2 unnumbered leaves), Imprime a Paris Lan 
Mil.ccccc. Sr auc . . — Le Tiers Liure dos Illustrations de Gaulo 
. . (-- j'li.lim. leaves, ff. 1-57, and 1 leaf containing Viart'i mark), 
Imprime a Paris . . lan Mil cincg. nut; et ijuinze . . — Le traictio 
de la difference des scisrues & des Cocilles de leglise . . (38 

r.-s unnumbered j, Imprime a Paris . . Mil cinq cent; at . I 
— Lepistre du Roy a Hector do Troye . . (30 unnumbered 
. . Lan Mil Cinq Cent; el disueuf . . — La legendo 
des Venitiens . . (IS leaves unnumbered), Bant date -6 parts m 
1 vol. am. folio, Icttrta gotljiqucs, fine woodcuts, in the original 
bind It d, C 1-"'. 1515-19 


37292 COMMINES. Croniques dd Rot hcytiesjik do ce no 

qno Dieu ubsoille, eotenat la verite des faictj et gestes dignes de 
memoire du diet seigneur, quil feist en son voiagc de Naples et 
de la conqueste du dit royaulme de Naplos & pays adiacens Et 
do son triumphat et victorieux retour en son royaume do Fraee : 
Copile et inise par escript en forme de metnoires par Messire 
Phelippes de Comines . . small folio, gotfjic letter, i"ith wood- 
cut border to title, fine • and initials, an extremely 
copy, large and clean, will- - ' leaves, green morocco taper- 
red on back and sides with jleurs-de-lis, gilt edges, by 
Gape, VERT RARE, £40. 

On les vend a Paris a la me said iacqs a lenseigne du Pclliean. 

Sf a Poietiers au Pellican. 
[At end:] . . . Et furet aeheucs dim-printer Ian mil ciq tit. 
x-xviii . . . Pour maistre EngaiUeberl (f< Mar net, lifrraye 
iure d' lunwriitt de Paris. (1528) 
Jean Dupre (1481-1521). 

37293 MISS ALE PAIIIS1ENSE. Minnie parisieusc noun. 

thick folio, gothif Irttir, HEAUTJFVLLY PRINTED OS 
VELLUM, with ill unit lotted and painted in/tod*. 
2 full-page and 17 SMALLER MAGNIFICENT MIMA- 

illuminated in </ufd and Colours, bound in ft 3 clvd, 
nll/ini fly-leuees, lather joints, <jil £400. 

[Recto i if last leaf:'] . . Ad instantia c(- impcruis 
maijistri Jnhanix belin: QrriUermi le canm et 
Johannis de prato librariorum iuralorum vniuersi- 
tatis pansien. hoc preset opus impression -xtitit 
[ Verso of same :] Actu sccftdo et cupletum >. 
unpressoria: preses hoc missale sen must ordi- 
nandi : in ipsa preclara vrbe (Parisiensi) . . 
Impressore guide Iohanne de prato. Attno di.i 
mi/lesimo tptadriiiijentesimo oetuaiiesitm . . 

Missale parisiense. Johannis le Munerat opus 
secudn directions, Requiescat in pat ten. 

One of the grandest liturgical works ever produced by any 


Wealo could only mention two copies, both on paper : that in 
the Bibliothique de Sairite Genevieve and an imperfect one it 
Bibliotheque Mozn- 

The volume consists of : 8 unnumbered preliminary leaves ; 
248 (misnumbercd rclxviii) leaves ; and 3 unnumbered leave* 
after fo. lxxvfii (marked v.j. v ij, and v.iiji rmteining the 
additional Prefationes with Music. Folios 79-84 ore either 
misnumbered or not numbered at all. 



Gui Le Marchant (1483-1505). 

37294 GASPARINUS. Epiatolo Gasparini, small 4to. gotjjic Utter, 
with the printer' 's mark on the title, and a full-page woodcut on 
the reverse, blue morocco extra, gill edges, by Padelonp, £10. 

. . Impresse Parisij in Capo Gaillardo a Magistro Outdone 
Mercat»rr. . 1 nno dhi. 1498. Die. 16. February. 
Extkkmklt hare. Collation : signatures a-f (a, c and f in eights, the 
rest in sixes). 

" Ce Lirre fut dans la Bibliothequo da Hoi de ffrnnce, & fut apporto ea 
Angletcrre par henrictta Mario femme da nudheurcux Charles Premier." — 
" I'illeneuoo." — ilS. note onfy-Uaf. 

Anthoine Verard (1484-1512). 

195 [LORRIS (Guillanme de)] Le rommant de la rose imprimo a 

Paris, sm. folio, letters gotijiqurs, with numerous woodcuts, very 

On, copy, red morocco extra, with broad dentelle borders on, the 

, 'j ill edge*, £50. 

Im/irimr imnuellemenl a Paris [par Antoine Verard, vers 1490] 

First edition printed by Verard of this famous book. It accords exactly 

with [In description given by Unmet. It bun. as he describes, 142 leaves, 

printed in two columns of 43 lines each, without pagination or catchwords, bnt 

with signatures, and the last leaf bearing on the recto a large woodcut of 

" ilaistre Jehan de menu " in his library, with the reverse blank. Brunei does 

not, however, seem to have known of this particular issue, which differs from 

that which ho describes in not having the printer's mark on the title or last 

l.ul of text, and is therefore probably the earlier impression. 

>!DRACH AND BOCTHUS. La kontaihk de tootes scikces 

du niiuOzoPHE Stdrach, sm. folio, Itttrre gotijfquts, with two very 

large ivoodcuts; fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Cape, 

£12. lis Imprime a parts pour Anthoine verard libraire 

demourat a pari* sur le pot nostre dame . . [about 1492] 

An extraordinary repertory of mediaeval knowledge npon all subjects. A 

thorough study of this book (written in the thirteenth century) would not only 

enlighten modem readers with regard to the state of learning and education 

amongst our ancestors, far better thnn any other work could do ; but would 

even supply many items of useful information to the most accomplished 

nam] scholar of the present time. 

'7 BOCCACCIO. Lc liure De Jehan bocasse De la louenge efc vertu 

des nobles et cleres dames traBlate & iprime nouellemet a paris 

sm. folio, lettres gotijiqurs, with woodcuts (a small hole through 

the first), portrait added, with the last leaf containing only the 

printer s mark, a fine copy, old French calf, gilt marbled edges, 

VERY RARE, £15. 

prints a pane ce xstviii. iour dauril mil qua Ire cens quatre 
cingtz fy treue par Anthoine verard libraire Demourant 
iris sur le print nostre dame . . . (1493) 
I LARBRE DES BATAILLES (par Honore do Bonnor) sm. folio, 
ItlltfS gothiqurs, 154 leaves, 34 lines per page; numerous largo 
deute imitated from the designs in the old manmtoript Romances 
I h until/, tome of then xylograph ic ; a preliminary, containing 
III--, llurr Word* uf intitulat ion in faetimHe; red morocco extra, 
gill edges, £18. 18* 

. . imprime a paris . . Mil. eeee, quni, 

anthoine verard ... (1 493 | 
Collation : a six leaves (the second leaf marked ,i iiii ;) a-t in eights, 
except o anil t which are in 6ixes. 


37^99 MERLIN. Lea prophecies de merlin, small folio, letttts gotfjiquts, 

the .njloijiaphic title inlaid, wanting the seven pre! i ■ 

after the till':, slitjhily wormed, otherwise a fine copy, red morocco, 

leather joints, gilt edges, BARE, £15. 

nouuellemcnt imprime a parts Ian mil. iiii'.iiii.xx.xviii. pair 
anlhoine verart Demourant sur leponl nostre dame . . (1498) 

This volume is usually found with the French edition of the Lib of 
Merlin, in two volumes, without any printer's name, bat evidently printed l«y 
Verard at about this time. Those two volumes, however, sometimes want Ibe 
"Prophecies," which should be joined to them to complete the set. 

37300 LE FEVRE (Raoul). Le recueil des histoires 
troiennes contenans troys liures. Au premier est 
contenu la genealogie tie saturne et de Jupiter so 
iilz auecques leurs faicts et gestes. Au second 
conteuu des faitz et des prouesses du vaillat herculee 
comet il destruisit troies deux fois dessoubz le r 
laomedo et loccist Au tiers est conteuue la reeditua- 
cion de la dicte troye faicte par le roy priant et 
generalle destruction dicelle faicte par les gre£"\- 
auecques plusieurs aultres belles et plaisantrs 
raatieres, small folio, IfttJTS ffOtt)iqilC$, 1'Rixtkd on 
vellum, with 3 full-page and 80 small Mmiati 
beautifully illuminated tfl gold and colours, all the 
initial h'tters illuminated; presentation covy to 
Charles VIII of France, with his arms emblazoned 
in 5 places ; bound iti red morocco extra, silk Hit* 
ijilt edges, by Lefebvre, £105. 

Imprime a part's par Anthoine verard Itbx 
demourdt sur le pont nostre dame a lim 
saint ieliCi leudgeliste ou au palais au 
premier pilier ou on chants la messe du 
messeigncurs les presi dens [circa 1498] 

Before the sale of this copy only three others on vellum 
were known, of which two are in the National Library at Paris, 
and one in that of the Due d'Aumale. This copy appears to 
want 17 leaves, as it only contains 158 printed leaves besides 
tho 3 miniatures on separate leaves (which of course do not 
appear in the paper copies), and Brunet gives tin- mini Lit 
ns 175. The first full-page miniature represents Verard pa 
ing thus volume to Charles VIII — though the author's dedication 
is to the " due philippe de bonrgoiguv." 

37301 LE ROMAN T DE LA ROSE. Cc-DIClUJ & riaVAttOR ft 

MA1STKK l£8A DE MELN . . 8m. 4to. ltttrCB (JOthtqUCB, dvubU 

columns, woodcuts; very fine copy in old F 


edges, by Dc Rome le jeune, from the Didot collection, £G0. 

X :i:o llement Impriine a Paris [par Jean Du Pre now 
Antoine Verard], s. a. (circ. 1498) 
Tbe title of the second part is as follows : " Le Codicille & testament [I 
de raaistre Ioha de mean Auccqnes lepitapho du fca roy Charles septiesme qui 
trespassa a Mean." Branet in citing it, gives, instead of the last two words, 
"■adit Meun." which is perhaps an error on his part, and not an indication of 
a different issue. 

37302 Valere le grant (translate de latin en francoys), le premier 
volume, folio, Ictttca gotljiqucs, printed upon vellum, with four 
large and beautifully painted Miniatcres and Borders, the first 
border containing a coat of arms, all the initials illuminated, old 
French red morocco, gilt edges, £50. 

Icy fine le quart liure de valere le grant (Antlioinc 

Verard, Paris) [1500] 
A most benutiful example of Vcrard's printing on vellum. The minia- 
ture* are of exceptional excellence. 

37303 (GYRON LE COURTGTS Auecques la deuise des armeB de tous 
les chenaliers de la table roude), small folio, First Edition, 
rjutljic letter, with woodcuts, the last leaf in exact facsimile, and 
the f runt margins uf four leaves cut close, but without injuring the 
text, otherwise a fine copy, red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Wright, 
£50. Imprimc a paris pour Anthoine verard inarcluint liln> 

demourat a Paris pres petit pont Deuant la rue neufue 

nostre Dame a lenseigne Saint iehan lenangelistc . 

Ou au palais au premier pillier Deuant la 

chappelle ou len chante la Messe De met- 

scigii'-urs le president . [About 1500] 

DidoVa copy, with the title and another leaf in facsimile, fetched 1300 fr. 

jiIuj auctioneer's commission. The Yemeni/, copy, a line one, sold for about 

£240. A dirty and wanned copy fetched 1500 fr. at Paria in 1876. 

Thi* copy does noi bear a title printed on the obverse of the first leaf (tbe 
rcverte of which contains a large woodcut), although it is certain that some, 
probably the later, copies were so issued. The last leaf in exact facsimile. 

Mr. Uttcrson, to whom the copy formerly belonged, has prefixed a leaf 
from which the above title is taken, containing a facsimile in manuscript of 
the titular words as he found them in some other copy. That variations exist 
between copies is shown by the circumstance that Branet remarks that folio c 
Is marked i mi, whercus in this copy it is printed correctly. Moreover, he 
mentions that nothing but a woodcut is found upon the lost preliminary leaf, 
whilst in this copy there is, as well as that woodent, a Prologue, occupying 
both pages. 

This volume consists of signature A and a-o and A-S, all in eights, except 
n, o and S, which arc in sixes. Thus the total number of leaves is really 258 
(uiisnumbered CCC.xxxix), and not 257 as Brunei states. 

37301 [BOUCHET] (Jehan)] Les regnars tracersast les perili.hsks 
votes des folles fiances de ce monde cotnposees par Sebastieu 
brand . . Et nut res plusieurs cuoses composees Par autres fae- 
teure, t» verse, 138 leaves, signatures n-% in six >""> 

nis woodcuts, large and small; . . imprime a paris four 
anthoine verard (about 1497 — (Sebastian Brant) La nek 
POU Dd monde, signatures n-l HI rixet, except b which is in eight 
leaves, wanting the first leaf of signature I, and the last one of 
sigu.X; with about 115 curious Woodcuit . . imprimee pour maistre 
m j' Geoffrey dc marnef . . M.CCCC-.'vii 


(1 t'J7) — 2 vols, in 1, Icttrcs gothiqucB, sm. folio, in the sixteenth- 
century limp vellum binding, gilt edges, £30. Paris, 1497 

The first work in this volume wns (ho composition of Jean Honchct ; the 
name o£ Brunt is quite fictitious. Pierre Kiriere was the translator of the 
37305 Ltjcan Sdetoine & Saluste en Fracoys, folio, gothic Ittttr, the 
title-page occupied by a fine woodcut initial L, ma two page* 
follotcing having each a large woodc-ut, very fine tall and clean 
copy with many rough leaves, the original (tamped calf side* pre- 
served, £15. 15« 

Imprimc a Paris . . (1500) Pour Anthoine Verard, marchant 

libraire Demmirant audit Paris pre* petit punt a I y mage 

saint Jehan leuanyeliMc, etc. (1500) 

This rare volume is not, as might be supposed from the title, a tnm«Iatioo 

of the throe authors, but is a history composed after their works. It is a 

mugniliceut specimen of the press of Verard. 

37300 TRISTAN. Tristan chlr. de la table ronde nouuollement Imprimo 
a Paris, 2 vols, in 1, small folio, gotijic letter, with two large wood- 
cuts, the last leaf " re/ait," otherwise a fine copy, green morocco 
extra, with E. V. Utterson's monogram on the sides, gill e 
£3(5. {Paris . . . Anthoine Verard . . dcuant la mm neufne 

nostre dame . . ), [no date, but 1503-4] 

Very rams. Didot had no copy of Verard's Tristan, but only the 1'oris 
reprint of 1G33. 

The most celebrated, and generally regarded as the most beautiful of all 
the Hound Table Romances. 

" Cette edition n'est gnere iuoins rare que la prccedente (la premiere), et 
elle est fort bien imprimiSe." — Brunei. 

37307 GOBIN (Robert) Lbs uovvs kaulssans . . . thick small 4to. ItUrr* 

gothiqutS, numerous large and striking woodcuts, including an 
original Dance of Death, singularly well engraved; very fine 
copy in French blue morocco extra, by Bauzonnet-Trantz , from the 
Yem< km and Didot collections, £63. 

Colophon : Cy fine ev pn-si nt Hun <lvs lovpt rauissans fait 

et compose par maistre Robert gobin . . . Imprimr jntur 

anthoine verard, s. a. (? 1503-4) 

First edition. The Loujis Pavissanls and the Agnelrts are of coarse 

metaphorical ; but this book is nevertheless of somewhat similar form to the 

Dialogus Oeaturarum, and it contains some .Ksopian tables told in Terse, 

ivliivh are remote precursors of La Fontaine. The Dance of Death, with its 

quaint rhymes and quainter designs, is another interesting feature of the book. 

The opening poem, Je suit la Mart, is a powerfully written and remarkable 


37308 [JACQUES DE CESSOLE] Le Jeu des ead 
moralise Nouuellenient Imprime u paris. Coloph 
Cy finist le liure des eschez et lordre de cheualem 

translate de latin en Francoys . . sui. folio, Ifttl'fQ 
rj0tf)iqUC5,^. 5 and 102, signatures a, 4 /tares, b-* 
Ul .sires; woodcuts, red morocco, by Trautz-Bauzon 
from the Didot collection, £150. 

. . Lou. M. v. c. &. iiii. Pour anthoine verart 1504 
First edition known of this translation, copies of which are 


: FRANCE, PARIS. 3769 

extremely rare. It is dedicated to Anne de Bretagne, who is 
represented playing chess, in a large woodcut. 

The Chess-treatise ends on folio 58. On the reverse of that 
leaf, we find Oy Jinist etc., and beneath it a woodcut ; under 
which are the words "Sensuyt vng liure qui consone fort a la 
matierc precedente dudict Jeu des eschez. Atous Nobles: 
princes : eheualliers et gens de touz estatz." On folio 82 recto 
" Cy fine le liure de lordro do eheualerie," and a little below (by 
way of intitulation to a third piece " Cest vng petit trcctie a 
lenseignetnent et an prouffit de tons princes et barons qui lo 
vuuldrot entendre et garder le quel fut fodo et extraict dune 
fiction trouuee en esoript. Et se commence comma il sensuyt." 

37309 [SEYSSEL (Claude)] La vicrotRE dc roy contre lbs veniciens, 

sm. 4to. Utttta gotljiqucs; printed on vellum; the title, the wood- 
cn/s, and the initials illuminated, illuminated borders added; 
fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Padeloup, £75. 

. . a cstc achene dimprim w • - mil ofaq cSs Sc dim . Pour 

anthoine verard . . (1510) 
One of the half dozen copies which Claude Seyssol caused to bo printed 
and illuminated for great personages of Louis XII's OOOft His own arms 
are emblazoned beneath the royal escutcheon on the title ; and, on the verso 
of the title, they appear similarly, but smaller, on the desk at which the wood- 
out represents him us writing. The lower blank margin of this page is 
mended with paper (dono at the time of binding about 130 years ago), 
apparently to destroy on inscription which might havo revealed the hrst 

Anthoine Verard junior (1518-19). 

37310 ST. GELAIS. Le Seiour dhonsedr b composo par reuerend pore 

en dieu messire Octouien de sainct gclaiz Euesquc dangolcsme 
. . 8vo. IcttrtB gathiqucs, wanting four leaves (p. 3-6) ; in the 
original stamped calf binding, rebacked, £4. 

. . Paris pour AiUhoyne verard . . Mil.ccccc. et . xix (151'.') 
Vinr rake. Fetched £21 at the Sunderland Bale. The Sejoucr d'llonneur 
i- Hie chief work of Octavien dc St. Geluis, a poet of high rank but a very 
poor Bishop, who died in 1502 at the age of 36, worn out from the results of 
debauchery. — This Anthoyne Verard was either the nephew or the grandson 
■ i the famous printer (deceased in 1513). lie lived in the same honse and 
i ihc MM mark. 

Georg Mittelhuss (1484-1500). 

37311 MANCINUS ( Dominions). Libellus de quattuor virtutibus et 
omibus offieii.s lul bene Lcuteq; viuendu, small 4to. CJOthit letter, 

Am large copy, blue morocco, vellum fly-leaves, gilt edges, 
rare, 36s 

Opera Industria, arteq$ Georg ij rwUtelhuH German!: in regia 

vrbe Parisior. : In edibiwqz SaCOMewUh ■ Clauis arjentei 

imtwtigno In vico sancti Jacob i ppe pam&ponte . . 

M.CCt 'C.LXXXviij (1488) 

Pierre Le Rouge (1487-88). 
J Ml SB (LA) DES HISTOIRES. La mer dea hystoires, 2 vols. 
tbick large folio, (jothic Irttcr. Bj/lograpMc till**, with par* many 
magnificent woodcuts and woodcut ijn't,<>/ne border* and initial*, 
first volume in perfect condition, mi'l the tooond equally fine 
: n the last haves, which are a little wormed and stained 


inn! mended in the bottom of the lower margin, but for which these 
magnificent volumes are in grand condition, olive mora 
tooled, gilt edges, £20. 

Ce present volume fust achetie on viois de Feurier pour Vincent 
coin-in marrhant demouraiit a lenteigne de la rose en L: 
noeufne de Nostre dame de paris . et forfeit '■' listre 

Pierre le Itoiii/c libruire if Imprimcur dv B 

Lan Mil. CCCC. iiij" et vim. (1488) 

Excessivebt babe. One of Iho grandest productions of the curly 
French press. 

The first volume contains 12 preliminary unnumbered leaves, and i 
(257) numbered leaves ; the second, ii »UxJ (for 273) leave*, 8 nnnumborvd 
loaves of Table, and 28 other unnumbered leaves containing the Uartirolo-j* 
des samciz. 

Philippe Pigouchet (1487-1512). 
LlVKKS d'Hecbks— see in following, paragraph under Simon Vostre. 
Simon Vostre (1488-1520). 

37313 Heures de Rome. (On title, beneath Pigouchet's mark :) Cm 

1'kesetes heukks a lusage de Rome furct achen< i 

iour doctobre. Lan Mil. CCCC. iiii. xx. et xv. Pour Simfi a 

. . . large 8vo. Itttrcs Jjothiqucs, 74 leaves {sign, a-h in eights, i in 

U n :)•■!■' i-'i page decorated with <i beautiful iiorm *>g a 

great number of woodcuts illustrating the Sibyls, the Pan 

with 18 • ng racings of large si:e, including that on tin- title, the 

anatomic Man, and the Grail; all uncolowed ; fine large cm 

the original stamped binding, £60. (Para, 1 

Vbby babe. There is less of the cribU background work in the border* 
than in the 1498 and later books. The flower and insect patterns in iho 
Culcndar borders give a special air of elegance to this volume. Some of the 
lnrgcr engravings that appear here were not used in the 143 8 publication*. 
No. 23 of Brunei's list. 

37314 Horae Sarum. (Ontitle,beneath Pigouchet '« mark:) 
Hoke presentcs ad vsmn Sarum impresse tuerut 
ParifiiaB pur Philippii pigouchet Anno Balattf, 
M. CCCC. xcviii. die vero . xvi. Maii . pro •Symone 
vostre . . . sm. 8vo. letticg gotbiqurS, printed on 
vellum, 128 leaves {sign, a-g), every page dk 

iriili beautiful borders enclosing fine small eng 
and i ml "ding a Dance of Death; with 13 juU-p* 
engravings, not including that on the title; the minor 
capitals illuminated but all the engracings and ban 
in pure uncoloured state; old blue morocco ■/Hi. FA 
Didot's copy, £150. ( Paru } 1 4 

Some prayers in the body of tlio book are in English : and 
(be contents of the book arc elaborately recited I --lish 

on the Inst four pages. — The office of St. Thomas of Canterburv 
18 scratched oat, by an old English owner, who also has erased 
the word jiapa wherever it occurred in the Calendar. 

This i* the only perfect cupv on vellum known to be extant. 

No. K) of Branet'g list 


37315 Hore presentes ad vsum Sarum . . another copy of 
the same, printed on vellum, wanting 30 leaves; 
old English red morocco gilt, lettered " Missal," 
£18. 18* 1498 

37316 Heures de Rome. {On title, under Pigoachet's 
mark:) Ces presentes hedres a lusaige de Rome 
fhret aeheuez Lan Mil. CCCC.iiii.xx. & xvii. le xxii. 
ionr de Aoust pour Symo vostre . . . 8vo. Ifttt'fS 
rjOtbiqUfS, printed on vellum, 72 leaves (sign, a-i), 
decorated throughout with fine engravings, 18 large and 
hundreds of smaller ones ; with, richly varied borders 
to every page, in which the Dance of Death is included; 
all u ncolou red ; fine copy in morocco extra, gilt edges, 
h ; , G. Smith, £75. (Paris, 1498) 

117 another copy, printed on vellum, extra- 

niuVinirily fine, and also having the engravings un- 
rulmired; magnificently hound by Mar ins- Michel in 
a Grolieresque style, with a mosaic of variegated 
moroccos on the sides, lined inside with crimson 
morocco; enclosed in a morocco case, £125. 1498 

A superb specimen of modern artistic work in binding- 

u-ation. The pattern is derived or imitated from a sixteenth 

century example. — This is one of the moBt splendid and 

snmptaons of the illustrated Livres d'Heures produced by 

Vostre. No. 42 of Brunefs list. 

37318 [LE ROY (Francois)] Le dialogue db consolation entre lame 
p.t itAisoN. fait & compose pur vng religieux de la l^eformatid do 
lordre de Fonteurault . . . bdi. 8vo. (12mo.) Itllrcs (jothiquts, 160 
litres {sign, a-v in eights;), in the original stamped binding, 
£7. ' {Simon Vostre, 1499) 

With Vostre's labge hauk at end, his - mull mark on the title, and a 
woodcut of the entombment on the back of the title. 

37319 Heures de Paris. (On title, under Vostre's mark:) Ces presentes 
iii:i:res a lusaioe de Paris au log sans requerir auec les hystoires 
de- lapocalipse et les miracles nostro dame et plusieurs aultres 
hystoires faictes a latiq ont este imprimees pour Symon vostro 
Librairo, Bm. 8vo. lettrcs gohjiquts, printed on vellum ; 136 leaves 
(sign, a-p, a, <\ i, in eights, except d and p which are four leaves 
each : I, a d> eorativt bordt r to every page, enclosing various sels of 

nitration*, Bible stories, the Passion, the Dance of Death, i 
with '1\ full-page engravings, not including the title nud the 
anatomic man ; aU tie- engravings uucolour&l, and only the small 
oils illuminated ; bound in purple velvet, gilt edgu, £'M'<. 

(Paris, 1507) 
One of the most remarkable issues of Simon Vostre. No. 6'J of brunct's 
lilt. Height, 194 millimetres. 


37320 Horae Romanae. ( On title, beneath the mark <>/ 
Simon I 'ostre :) Hore beate marie vginis secundu vsfi 
romanum . . . roy. 8vo. IfttieS gotbiqufS, printed 
on vellum, 88 leaves (signatures a-le, ami a, S; c in 
four leaves, e and k in sixes, the rest in tights), 22 

large engravings and small ones, illitniinai 
Larders which enclose hundreds of small ants, 
page thus tit carated, till the larger designs splendidly 
ilhiiiiinated as Miniatures; beautiful copy in gr<<n 
morocco extra, gilt edges, by Derome le feune, £100. 

(Paris, 1508) 

Vostre printed several distinct editions in the one year, of 
varying sizes, of which the largest is the best. This is of the 
second size, also a rare and beautiful kind ; and the above copy 
measures 226 millimetres in height, being thus over the standard 
which Brunet has fixed. It i"b No. 83 of Brunet's list. 

37321 Heuresde Paris. (On title beneath Vostre'smark:) Ces pbesehtes A ldsaioe de Pauls sot uu long sans ries requerir : aaec 
les miracles nostre dame, & les figures de lapocalipse, <fc de 
lantique, & des triumphes de Cesar, 8vo. Itttrta gothinucs, printed 
on vellum ; 104 leaves (sign, a-k, a, e, i, 6, in eights, except e in 
four leaves, and 1; and o in six each), with the same illu»tra/i. u< 
(UNCOLOUKED) as in the preceding volume, slightly rnodifi-: 
distribution, and having French instead of Latin description* 
beneath the dory of Susanna, etc.; but having alto additional 
mutter at the end in two extra sheets (i, 6 ;) bound by Le Gascon 
in mottled oitron morocco, with o geometrical pattern in 
the side.-:, £'M. (Paris, 1506) 

Originally in the possession of a noble Bnrguudinn lady, C( ) <!c 

Villore-la-Fay, whoso portrait appears in a miniature painted on the first 
of five additional MS. leaves of Prayers added at the beginning. II. 
escutcheon (or, a fasce ondee, nucules) appears on the last of thoce leaves, and 
the monogram, CV, is painted ou the first leaf of the Hone in the »pot on 
widen Simon Vostre 's monogram was printed. 

This issue is not described by Brunet. but it is of the second sise of the 
I (cures which Vostre published in 1508. SIS millimetre* is the height <>( 
tho present copy. The first 83 leaves correspond pretty closer/ wll 
80 leaves of tho preceding article (83 of Brunei's list). Folios 83-90 are 
Identical with 81-88 of the preceding. But in the Yillers la-Fay I 
ii. nitecn further loaves are found, which bear the signatures land fi^CCmtai 
hifnee d» nostre daint de pitie, etc all in French, and having borders and 
■ mull woodcuts of exactly the same type and character as the rest of 
volume. These 14 extra leaves would make the iseue appear to l<? identical 
w Ith Bnmet'B Mo. 81 .but as that was a Roman use and had certain inscriptions 
in Latin which as above stated arc here in French, the two cannot be identical. 

37322 HOR-E ROMANCE. (On title, beneath \ 
mark:) Hore ciiiasTii'i i;i; VIRGINIA KA2UE q 
vst'M BOHA2T . . . vim en triuphis cesaris, imp. B 
Utiles rjothiqties, 102 leaves (sign. 3-<$ in eighie 


f, <B, in fours, and <& in six leaves) ; 25 large engravings 
(not inr/in/ing the title, the anatomic Jigiue, and the 
Grail), with about 250 smaller woodcuts in the borders 
and a vast quantity of purely ornamental work; 
wholly uncoloured ; magnificent copy in old velvet 
binding, gilt edges, £200. (Paris, 1508) 

The largest and rarest issue of the year 1508 ; being also 
the finest and most sumptuous example of the Grandee Heures 
produced by Vostre. It is over 250 millimetres in height, and 
171 in breadth. Brunot does not seem to have seen this 
particular issue, although it is No. 80 of his list, in which he 
cites Peignot's elaborate account of it in his Ilecherches siir let 
Datises des Marts. Among the peculiarities noted there, is the 
occurrence, in the sories of Death-Dance figures, of French 
rhymes at foot of the subjects, which are not discovered in the 
other Hone ; also the comparatively large size of many of the 
minor woodcuts, such as those of the Sibyls. In fact the size 
and scope of this edition gave Vostre an opportunity of 
exhibiting the entire wealth of his illustrative art; and tho 
borders are consequently richer and more elaborate than in any 
other. Of the large engravings, the majority are identical with 
those of the two previously described issues of 1508 ; but the 
number was enlarged, and there are some which appeared here 
for the first time. 

37323 ANIANUS. Peoloous in librum asiani qoi compoh 

ntxccpatur incipit feliciter, sm. 4to. Ullrra gotljiqura, 41 leaves 
cultures a-f in eights, crecpt f which hat nine leaves, the lower 
margin of 18 cut off ; crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, £3. 

N. u.\Puris, abuitt 1508) 
Tho printer was perhaps Nicholas Higman, but as the type is the simo ns 
in ilic preceding Hone of 1507, the work is hero set down under Vostre. 

37324 Horse Sarum. (On title beneath Vostre' s murk.-) Officium 

bentt- Marie vginis ad vsum Saru : cu plurib' denotis orationibus 
& coteplatioibus impsis caracteribus, fignris, ac mortis acci- 
ilrtiii milliter additis, expensis honest i viri Symonis vostre como- 
rantis Parisius . . in intersignio sancti Iohannis enaugeliste, 
biu. 8vo. Icttres tjothinucs, printed on vellum, 128 leaves (sign. 
a-q >. richly illustrated with 14 large figures, not including 

ill, title anil the anatomical man, »»■' borders lo every page, 
enclosing hundreds of smaller engravings, Dance of Death, etc.; 
in ,t h-century binding of pigskin slumped villi figures and 

'i in,/ the impressed initials S R, gill edges (168 villi.), £180. 

Paris, Vostre (1512) 
The date is conjectured from the circumstance that the Almanac is for the 
years 1612-30. — Several prayers and rubrics, as well as the detailed contents at 
the end, are in English. This edition was unknown to Unmet. It corresponds 
in signatures, and In number of leaves and lines, with his No. 88 ; but Um 
uh prayers and calendar in the above volume, and the fact that the Dance 
of Death begins on the last leaf of sign. I, prove that they are unite distinct 


37325 Horae Sarum. (On title, beneath Vast re's mark :) Hobb Beate 
Vieoinis Marie : secnndu vsum Sarnm : cu illius miraculis : 
vnacu figuris apocalipsis : . . . impresse fuerut Parisiis opa ac 
arte Nicolai Hygma. Impensis honesti viri Symonis vostre . . 
royal 8vo. Ittttes gothiquta, printed on vellnm, within mgrami 

borders which contain several series of illustrations and ornament*, 
including the Dance of Death, and several large engravings, full- 
page she, executed in the finest and most delicate style of Tostre's 
art -work, old red morocco extra, gilt edges, £70. 

Paris, Vo$tn I L5S 
A magnificent and excessively rare edition ; one of the rami IxMimifnl 

examples of Vostrc's Graudea lleures. A copy, wanting a couple of leave*. 

fetched at Paris, in 1852. 1800 frs. The book onght to consist of 120 pp.. 

signatures a-p. The copy in the Bodleian library wants a leaf in ihe Calendar. 

In the copy above described the last cahier, 1' (eight leaves, containing the 

Rosarium tt'ar.e Marie), was wauling, but has been supplied by a facsimile oi 

tin' text on vellum, bound in a tliiu red morocco volume, as a match to the old 

binding— No. Ill of Brunei's list. 

Pierre Le Caron (1489-1510 ?). 

3732G CHART1ER (Alain). Lea faiz maistre alain clmietier 
Tous charetiers tat par faiz q imparfaiz 
Qui charier veullet droit sas niesprendre 
De maistre allain charetier lcslicaux faiz 
En ee linre mis au vray doynent prendre. 
2 vols, in 1, small folio, gotjjir Utter, »Uh Woedeui$ t slightly 
wormed, othencise a fine and large copy, old red . gill 

edges, £40. 

Fivissent les fait:, dictes et baladei maistre Alain chartier 
Impri/iw: a fan's par Pierre le caron marclmnt libraire 
demourant a paris en la rue de quiemSpoU a lensei 
de la croix blache ou an palais pres la premiere porte 
<h- ! entree [about 1490] 

37327 another copy, 2 vols, inl, small folio, with the autog, 

of tlif l'r< -ii'-h poet " Amadis Jamin" on the title, beautifully bound 
in green morocco super-extra, lined (double) with dtrim 
hot 'her joints, gilt edges, by Trautz-llmconnel, £36. [about 1490 J 
This very a*nn edition consists of 65 and 68 unnumbered leaves, or 
signatures a to k and A to K. 

Berthold Rembolt (1489-1519). 

87828 BREUJAR1U Sextii et Clemontinaru ab Johane de vaquel . . 
compilatB . . ISmo. Icttrta gothiqucB; Henry VIIVi copy in 
the original Tudor binding (rebacked), with the rose and motto em 
one tide, the royal arms, crown and supporters on the other, £b. 

Parhiss . . Opera Magistri Berthold i Kembolt . . 
Millesimo quingetesimo xiiij . . (1514) 

Wolfgang Hopyl (1489-1521) and Henricus Stephanus 


37329 PABER. In hoc libit) oontent*. (Jacobi Pahri SfapnleTiis) 
Epitome, oompendk>Baq5 introdactio in libros Aril dini 


Senerini Boetij : adiecto familiari commentario dilocidata. 
(Jodoci Clicthovei) Praxis numeraudi certis qnibnsdam regalia 
constricta. (Caroli Bovilli) In trod actio in Gcometriambreuius- 
culis annotationibus explanata : sex libris distincta . . etc. 
small folio, title very neatly inlaid, with numerous woodcut dia- 
grams, russia, by Roger Payne, £2. 

Id opus impresserut Volphgangus hopilius el Henrietta stephanus 
ea in arte socii in Almo parisiorum studio, 1503 

37330 the same, small folio, clean copy, vellum, lettered Ioannia 

de Sacrobosco, 28s 1503 

One <if the throe books printed by the celebrated Henri Eatienne (the 
founder of the great printing-house) in conjunction with Wolfgang Hopyl, 
before starting as an independent printer. 

Michel Le Noir (1489-1520). 

37331 GODEPFROY DE BOUILLON. La genealogie aueeqnes les 
gestes & noBles fait/, dtirines da trespreux et renomme prince 
loffroy do boalion : et de ses cheualereux freres Baudouiu 
ct Eustace: yssus it descedus de la tresnoble &■ illustre ligneo 
da vertueux choualier au cyne. Anecqacs aussi plusieure autres 
eronicques & hystoires miraculeuses : tant da bon roy sainct 
Loya come de plusieurs aultres paissans et vertueax cheualiers, 
-mall folio, gothic letter, with many splendid woodcuts, a magni- 
ficent topy, very dean and large, having many rough leaves, red 
extra, lined (double), with richly tooled blue morOCCO 

leather joints, vellum fly-leaves, gilt edges, by Bauzonnet, £72. 

Imprime a Paris par michel le noir libraire iure en 

luniuersite departs : demourdt sus le pont sainct Michel 

ii hjmaige sainct J eh an hnawjeliste . . Lan de grace 

Mil cinque (sic) centz .$• qttatre . (1504) 

Excessively bark. The earliest edition known to Brunct. Contains 

Mcuutarcs a-i. & and ?. A and B, in sixes, except A (4 leaves) — that is. 

160 unnumbered leave*. 

• !2 ROMAN DE LA ROSE. Lo rommant de la rose nouuellement 
imprime a paris, small 4to. gothic letter, with woodcuts, and the last 
leaf containing only woodcut on front and printer's mark on back, 
a i'. and clean copy, brown morocco super-extra, lined 

i with red morocco, leather joints, gilt edges, by tied ford, 
iure, £12. 12* 

. . Imprime a Paris Lan mil cinq cens §• neuf . . par 

Michel le noir Lihrain; iure M Luniuersite de paris 

llemouraut en la grant Rue sainct Jacques a 

lenseigne de la Rose blanche couronnee. (1509) 

Contains ; A-X and aa-hh, in sixes, except D, G, L, P, S, X, dd, ff and 

gg which are each in fours. 

37333 BocBOOtrTNC (Symon). ' L'Espinctte da ieune prince. Con- 
querant le roynnlme de bonne renommee Nouuellement Imprimo 
I l'.ii.. i.a vers), small folio, lettrca rrothiques, with many very 
fu, woodcuts, fine copy in red morocco, £20. 

Noumllemeut im prime par Michel le noir Libraire im 




mi lunivertitn de parts Demourant en la rue sainei 
J't'iiies a lenscigne de la Rote hla* 

oouroiiuer-, 1514 
Vert rake, A copy in the library of M. Itaaq sold for 600 fr. The 
author's name appear* on the taxi page in an acrostic entitled " he notn de 
lactcur en maniere de supplication. " 

Denis Roce or Rosse (1490-1516.) 

37334 Fareni (Fratris Anthonii) Confeasio vtilis et neceesaria, woodcut 

— Libcllus do modo penitendi et coiifitendi — Modus contend i — 
Interrogationes & dootrine quibns quilibct socerdos debet 
interTogare sunm cofitentcm — Opusculum tripertitum ciasdem 
de preceptis decalogi . . — Thesaurus incompavabilis — Speculum 
ecclesie Et speoulum sacerdotnm — all in 1 vol. 16mo. old Fi- 
red morocco extra, gilt cJy.<, by Padeluiip, £7. Paris, about 1 

All these undated pieces bear the name and woodcut mark of Denis Bate, 
except the Interrogationes, which t>cars the name of Bernard Anbri. but has 
Rocc's identical motto. 

37335 BoNAVENTrjnus (Beatns). Vita ohristi secundfi bonauentui :\. 

Denis Tloce's mark on title, a-m in eights (the last leaf blank). 
Explicit lller aureus de vita xpi . . Imprestus subiirbijs /■ 
Germain' Je prntis p. Petrum Letter ibidem comorantv in . 
signi" cruel* aurce . . 1497 . . — De mundicia et castitate 
sacerdotnrn, a-e in eights, Opusculu . . Jim'/. Imprestumqi ptr 
Dijvnisium Bosse comoninle iuviro ,'nurli iacohi . . (no datt\ but 
about 1497) — in 1 vol. l8mo. gotj)tr letter, old calf, back covered 
until fleurs-de-lis, rare, £2. 8* 

These other two Gothic letter bonks are bound up in the same volume i — 
Ortulns roaarum de voile lachrymarnm, a-e in eights, with 9 woodcuts. 
Claude Jaumar (no place or date, but Paris, about 1497); 

De valors missarQ, a-d in eights, with Jehan Pctil's mark on title, 
Libcllus de vencrabili tacramento ct valors mitsarum jinit fiUcittr. Impress** 
Parisiiui In Bella visu per Magistrum Quidonem Mercatorem . . 1499. 

Jean Trepperel I, sa Veuve, Jean Trepperel II 
(1491-153 .) 

37336 CENT NOUVELLES. Les cent noouklles, rouuIU • Cn- 

tenant on soy Cet chapitres et hystoires, ou nonueaulx comptes 
plnisans tfc recreatiz (sic) pour deuiser en toutes compaigniea par 
ioyeusete, small 4to. Itttrcs gothtqtits, ivoodcuts, broicn vioroceo, 
ijilt edges, from the Solar ana Didoi Ubrariet, £63. 

(_';/ finitsutt It* cttiionueaux (sir ... I m prime* a 

paris Par blmu trepperel ■ . (about ISOTi 

Extremtly rare. This is tho " bonne edition do premier Jchaii 
bnnl " which the bibliographer* are careful (.. iIMmiUi from Iba 
edition made about fifteen years later by the second printer of th.-it nunc. 

37337 LOMME PECHEDR Par personnaiges iouc mmuelk-ment. Cost 

ussauoir la Terre et le Lymon qui engendrent lad 
est a. lxiiii. personnaiges dont les norns sensuinent, small 4to. 
Itttrcs gotlliquta, 2 WOOdcute ; till m. ..r three Utters 

in the intHtuation restored} bliu morocco extra, lir ■ uritk 

crimson morocco decorated with on extremely d dejant 


dentelle pattern in gold, £16. 16s 

. . tprime par Ieluxn trepperel , iprimeur $■ libraire . . 

{about 1510) 

Vkiit rare. This curious miracle-play or mystery most hare taken a 

whole day in representation and required an enormous stage. The Devil, his 

•on Sin, Lucifer, and Satan, are amongst the chief characters, and the fate of 

sinning Man furnishes the ground- work of the plot. 

37338 CHARTIBR ( Alain ) Srnsoyuet les faictz de maistre ala! 
CHARTIER . . Qalopion i Of linissent les faitz, ditz & balados 
Maistre Alain chartier . . small 4to. Itttres goUjiques, woodcut 
on title; fine copy in green morocco super extra, (jilt edges, by 

Tn lm-1, RARE, £30. 

Pari*, Veufue Jehan Trepperel et Jehan Jehannot ', s. d. (circa 1515) 

37339 [MARTIAL DB PARIS, dit d'Auvergne]. Les viqilles du 

EOT chables ou est cdtenn comenti il conqnist Frnce sur les 
ANGLOYB La duchie de normedie et la duchie do guiene et 
des nobles coqnestes et vaillaces qui furent faictes . . . small 
4to. Itttres gottjiquts, a small woodout on title, and a large one on 
the reverse which is repeated at the e)id ; red morocco extra, silk 
linings, gilt edges, EXTREMELY rake, from the Bedford lihrary, 
Hamilton Palace, £25. 

Paris par la veufuc feu Jehan Trepperel et Jehan Jehannot, 

s. d. (aire. 1520) 
This rare rolnme is entirely in verse, of varying metres ; and narrates the 
history of the conquest, of France hy Henry V and the gradual reconquest 
by the French, from 1422 to 14G3. Martial's account of the bergerelle de laage 
de dix huyt atu ijuon nominoit Jehanne la pucelle. and his relation of Talbot's 
hurrying from the hearing of mass to the scene of battle at Chatillon where he 
perished, are amongst the most interesting parts of the book. 

37340 [Liviu: pia Merveilles du Monde] Cust le secret de lhystoire 

natnrelle cotenant les merneilles et choses memorables dn 
monde, et signantement les choses monstrneuses . . ensemble 
de toutes manieres do bestes tenestres volatiles, & aquatiles, 
etc. small 4to. Itttres gotljiqucs, old calf, £4. 

. . Paris pour Iehan treperel . . (1527) 

Brunet mentions two editions of this book printed in the sixteenth 
century, and his continuator one printed by Arnoullct nt a later date than the 
above. The intermediate edition of 1627 does not appear to be recorded. 
Many of the stories related in it are most carious. 

Gilles Couteau (1492-1519). 

37341 ORINGORE. Les menus propos, small 4to. gotrjie Itttrr, with 

ujany w ryfint woodcuts, u tfhoui signature a (viii). and tignatvret 

d sheet !'('.'• leaves) m facsimile, hut afi\ and dean 

ild French red morocco binding, very richly 

( and tides, with Out arm* of M. de Bernage on sides, 

gilt edges, £0. 10s 

.i menus propos compose: par Pierre G rim/it n . . 

I., prim a Parti pour led/id Hi ingore par Oilles Oouteav 

imprimeur Lan mil cinq ecu-: . . (1521) 

reublt rabe. This copy sold for £13. 10s in Mr. Beckford's sale. 
The Solar copv sold for itoi francs. 

259 • 


Jehan Lambert (1493-1513). 

373-12 KEMPIS. Cy comence lo Liuro tressalutaire, Intitule De limita- 
cion nostreseignr Jesucrist (sic) et pfaict contepnement de ee 
present miserable monde. Lcquel a este par aucuns iusqnes a 
psent attribue a saint Bernard, on maistre Jehan gerson . pose 
■ I Hi' soit autremet. Quar lactenr dicellaj soubz nostreseignr fast 
vng venerable pere & tresdeuot religieux chanoine regie . vinat 
en son temps en obsernace regnliere Jouzte la regie monseigneur 
saint angustin, ndme fro re thomaa de Kempis . . . Translate 
do latin en francois . . . sm. 4to. printed on vellum (only one 
oilier copy known) and ornamented with 15 miniatures finclt 

ILLUMINATED IN OOLD AND COLOURS, leaf '39 Cut out, d fine volume 

in old calf, with arms of N. J. Foucault in gold on sides, 


. . imprime a Paris, par Jehan lambert. If. 

nouembrc . Mil . 0060. qitatre Outfit et treze . (WSi) 
The name of the printer and date arc partially erased. 
The beauty of the paintings, the value of the book as a nearly IHltq>l 
vellum-impression, and the bit of literary history embodied in its title, h 
this volume with a -insularly interesting character. 

Guillaume Eustace (1493-1521) with others. 

37343 MARTIAL DE PARIS, Dtl d'Auvebone. Les vigilles De 1* 

mort du roi Charles septiesrue a neuf pseaulmes et neuf lecons, 

Conteuaus la cronique les faiutz adnenuz dnrant 1a vie du dit 

feu Roy Composees par maistre marcial de Paris dit Dauuergne 

jirocureur en parlement, small folio, gothic letter, with woodcuts, 

a remarkably fine copy, beautifully bound III purple morocco, 

covered on back and sides with gold fleurs-de-lis, lined (double) with 

red leather, ornamented with gold border and the arms and mono- 

yni in of the Mart/ids de Ooislin, leather joints, gilt marbled edges, 

lij NiedrSe, within a case liiod with soft leather, very tube, £15. 

Imprime a paris Par Robert bouehier Imprimatur Demourant 

«» la rue sainct Jacques en lenseigne de leseu an 

Soleil lAbout 1500] 
Tin the reverse of the Inst leaf is Guillaume Eustace's mark, and under it 
thee four linM : 

•• Den achater chascun 
Son demur face 
Dcdens lo pallnys 
Les vent Guillaume euitace." 
373-M MISSALE nd consnetadinem ecclesio Romano : . . (cum Calen- 
dario), thick small 8vo. jjotfjic lctttr, printed on vellum, with 
woodcuts and initials, old French calf, with silver clasp, extremely 
BASS, £25. 

[On (E if), reverse ;] . . Impensis honesti bibliopole Guillermi 

eustace in alma Parisioru academia rub intersignio duori 

Sagiltarioru vici Judaici cOiiwrautis . Anno dni . 

M . CCCCewj . iij . kal'. decebris. (1511) 

Containing 8 unnumbered preliminary leaves, ccxvij numbered, and 13 

nnnumbered leaves. 

733-1-j DIVRY. Lee triuphes de frace traslatez de latin en fracoia par 
maistre Jeha diury buchelier- enmcdeciuesclO le tcxte de charlea 


cnrre mamertin, 8vo. got|)ic letter, printed on vellum, with 
woodcuts, ruled with red lines, the lower corner of the blank margins 
at the end eaten away, hut a very large and dean copy, from the 
Earl of Jersey's collection, excessively rare, £36. 

. . II est defedu a tons libraires et xmprimeurs deno itnprimer 

. . cesluy liure . . iusques a vng an fini et acopli qui sera 

Ian mil . ccccc. §r neuffors qua Otiillaume eustace 

marchant et librare (sic) au Palais departs au 

tiers pillier et devdt le premier qui est 

depute par led it diury . (1508) 

Tho Bockford copy, on paper, sold for £23. 

Containing a-g in eights, except d (6 leaves). 

Tho three following pieces, in the same types and also printed on vellum, 
are bound up in the same volume : — 

Lcxil de gennes la superbe par frerc .1 i;n as danton historiographc ilu 
Roy. (Avec Lepitaphc de maistre Gny de rochefort . .). Signatures aaa, 
(8 leaves') and bbb (4 leaves, of which the last contains only two large wood- 
cuts). [On 6bb (3) obverse :] Pini et aarmpli . . Ian mil . ccccc. et huyt par 
Jahan barbier imprimeur et libraire de lum'uersite de parts. (1508) — 
[Reverse ;] . . it est deffendu a tous libraires et imprimeurs .- de non imprinter 
cesluy liure ititule !es triiiphcs de /nice auee vng autre traictie des faicU if 
gettes de monscigneur le legat $■ aultres . compillra el trdslatez . . par ledict 
diury . . iusques a vng an finy et accomply qui sera Ian mil . v . cents . et 
neu/ . . excepte au dessus diet juillaume marchiit Jf libraire , . (1508) 
Epistre aux rommains . . Signature aa (0 leaves) . [Without marts.] 
A lalonenge du tresnoble legat | George damboise de paix incdiateur | l-'.t 
de rotten archenesque et prelat | Quontient en franco second gubernntenr I . 
Signature A (9 leaves, for the first, which must have been blank, is not here'). 
[Without marks.) 
37346 HECHES. Les presentes henrcs a lusaige do rome sunt toates aa 
long siins rions reqrir auecques les grans BuffragCB . . sm. 4to. 
(8vo.) jjothic Itttcr, printed on vellum, the 19 large and 15 
smaller woodcuts, and the borders and initials finely illuminated 
i/i gold and colours, a remarkably fine and large copy, ruled with 
red lines, in old stamped leather binding with a new back, gilt 
edges, very rare, £21. 

. . imprimees a Paris par Jehan de la roche Lan mil vim] 

cos iV quatorze pour guillaume t HltaM libraire en lad' 

ville a la rue neiifue nostre dame a lenseigne de lam ttt 

dei ou au palais au troisietme pillier. (1514) 

On the fly-leaves are 4 pages of MS. Memoranda relating to the family of 

Le Liovre of Avallon (1516-96). 

Containing signatures a-n and A-D, all in eights, except b, d, c, n and 15, 

fonr each, and U (6 leaves). 

373-47 LTVIUS. Le premier (le second et le tiers) volume des grans 

decades de tit' liuitis Translatees de latin en francois (par Pierre 

Berchoire) nouuellement corrigees et amendees. Et ensuyuaut 

les faict; dndit Titus liuius aucnnesaddicions de plusieurs grans 

historiographes sicomme Orose Saluste Suetonc et Lucain, 3 vols. 

in 1, thick small folio, IcttUS QOthiqucs, "''"< « number of very fair 

large icoodcuts and many woodcut initial letters, a feto leaves 

.ued, tn old oaken binding, covered with stamped leather, ury 

mrc, £35 Paris, Guillaiime Eustace et Francois Regnavlt, 1515 

The first volume onds thus : " Imprime a parts pour Ouillaume eustace 

libraire iurc de luniuersite demourant en la rue neu/ita tiosire dame a 

Icnieiane de lagnus dci Oh aupalais en lagnil salle au troisiesme pillier." Tliv 


colophon of the second volume also boors the name of Eustace . The third 
volume, however, cuds with : Imyrimmc a parit . . . (1515) . Pour franoois 
rejnoult libraire iure de luniuertita de ladicte ville dtmouranten La rue tainct 
tuques a lenseignc de lainet claudc. The title-pages of all three volumes have 
the mark of Onillaume Eustace. 

There arc tivc|carly copper plate engravings inserted, two of which are after 
Hans Collaret. 

Joannes Philippi Cruczenach (1494-1517). 

37348 BAPTISTE MANTUANI Carmelite. Theologi atqj Poete 

celeberrimi : Opus dininu de parissimn, uirgine Maria . . Item 
Einsdem Baptiste opnsculum elegiacti in quo hortatur jK)et«B . . 
small 4to. Roman letter, printed on vellum, with initic 
illuminated in i/old and colours, a woodcut on reverie of leaf a 1; 
Orofts' copy, ruled, in old red morocco, with Wodhull arms painted 
an title, £15. 

Parisiis . . Opera mgr Wolff Badentie : »■ 

lolidni.i 1'li/lii no salutit 

Nonagesimo quarto . . (14t'lj 
Presumed to be unique, o» Brimct know only of Crow ■ 

37349 VITA & PROCESSUS sancti Thome cantnariensis martvris 

super libertate ecclesiastica . [On verso of (in r'l :] . . ipretta 
j'uit Porieittt par mogietrum Johannem phditf 

.iiiiiiratrm in rid, set'i (sic) Jacob i ad int'sia Imrbarr. 

Et ojilcta Amw dhi Milleeimo qdringSteeimo nonageeimog 
. . (1495) — Libellus isle conllat' est ct compositns per dominant 
Petru bertrandi . . . Explicit quid' libellns de jurisdiction* 
cccl'iastica . . Impressns parisij per magrm Joh'em philippi 
alemanu . . Anno diii milli-sinm csitno nonagesimoqi' 

. . (1495) — 2 vols, iit 1, small 4to. a fine large cleancopy, russia, 
/■'/ Mrs. Weir, with the WudhuU arms in gold on sides, VERT RARE, 
£6. 1 105 

Pierre Le Dm (1494-1509). 

37350 GRINGORE (Pierre). Les follcs entreprises, small 8vo. Itttrrs 

rjoti)iqiics, with very fine imodaits, a very large and fine copy but for 
a small huh: in the title and a light stain in the top corner of the 

margin--, red morocc lira, gilt edges, £12. 

Luprinw a parte pur maietre Piem le Dm im p r i n u mr ptHw 

icelny Onnaore (1505) 
Very rare. The First of the two editions of this date. Itorlaat'* copy 
si ild for 400 francs. 

Beneath the woodent on the title appear the following verses : — 
Qui en veult anoir so transporte 
.'-mi- i|i -hunncur & sans diffnmo 
I'ii'- da I- .iit du pont nostre dame 
A lemeigno de mere - 

Jean Petit (1496-1536) ; and others. 
17351 VlROIL. P. Virgilij ilaronis . . Buccolicca (sic) et Georgica 

vnacnm Iodoci Badii . . oxplauationc . . 1 tr ab . . 

atom* 'li'ii lacobi : Jf Ioanne 

cqfiuatino in aeino <i,i. ft ad 

n eythaee. [A Thi ••««, 1500J — Aertcis 

Vergiliana cum Seruii Honornli . . :inotationibus . . Accewit 


ad hoc Mapplu'i Veggii liber . - without haves 81-3 and 382, 
Que omnia . . a Thielmano Kerwr ciimpressa. Venwidantur Parr- 
hisiis ab . . Ioaini . . S{ TooiM conjltcntino . . [At end: 

MD (1500)] — Vergiliana opusunla familiarit' exposita Iu hoc 
volumine . . contents. Culex . . Diro . . etc. with 2 pages of 
Music, ib. (1501) — 3 parte in 1 thick vol. small folio, in contem- 
porary oaken boards covered with stamped leather, 36* 1500-1 
; Kdition of tho Virgil of Badins. 
('"ll»tn>ii : 6 unnumbered preliminary leaves and clxxxiiii leaves; 
6 annumbcred. cccxciii (pagination jumps from 372 to 375) and 1 un- 
umubered; lxxii leaven. AM three parte have Petit s device on the titles, and 
the last two have Kcrver's on tho last pages. The Preface to the Biicotica is 
dated 1500, and that to tbe Culox, 1501 ; the colophon of the latter is also 
dated : " ad Idus Martins post lubiUft.'' 

37352 COMPOTUS cam coraento Pour Jehan petit, sm. 4to. Itttrea 

gothiquts, 36 leaves, with 8 full-pay woodcuts of Hands, lif. bd. 24* 
Tmprivie a Paris pour Claude Janmar . . . s. d. 

(about 1498-1500) 
A treatise in verse on the Calendar ; containing a mtmori technics, for 
tho divisions of the ecclesiastical year, illustrated by diagrams in which tbe 
hllld with it« joints and lingers and knuckles plays the chief part. The 
author's name was Anianus, and he is supposed to have lived in the fifteenth 
century . Between each sentence of the verses, an elaborate prose commentary 
ii interlarded. 

37353 LANCELOT DU LAC. Le premier volume de lancelot da lac. 
Nouuolleinent imprime S Paris. Lan mil cinq cens et treize. — Le 
second volume . . Lan mil cinq cens et vingt. With Michel le Noir's 

'.-,■ on the last page — Le tiers volame . . . Lan mil cinq Cens 
et xx, with Jehan I '< tit's device on the last ]>agc — 3 vols, small 
folio, fjothic letttT, with numerous woodcuts, a fine cojiy, old French 
green morocco extra, gilt edges, by Deromo hjeune, VERT rare, £75. 
I'hon :] . . imprime a Paris pour Jehan Petit libraire iure 
de luniuersite de Paris demouranl en la rue sainct Jacques. 
Lan mil cinq ceits If . xx . . . (1513-20) 
>6 SAINT GRAAL. Cest lhystoire du sainct Greaal. Qui est le 
premier liure de la Table ronde. Lequel traicte de plnsieurs 
matieres recreatines. Ensemble la queste dudict sainct Greaal. 
Faicte par Lancelot, Galaad, Doors, et Perceual, Qui est le 
ilfinier linre de la table ronde ... 2 vols, in 1, small folio, 
gotljic letter, tite title printed in black and red within woodcut 
border, with woodcuts throughout the t'.'-t. I >■, ui i i fully bound in 
red mofooeo nlra, gill edgee, by Padelonp, for Guvojj de Sar- 
Dll BR, whose name is written on the last few, £90. 

[O/i tide .•] "" les vend a Paris par Thilippe le Noir Libraire, 

| /,'. 1 . /, iure en luniuersite de Paris Demourant en la rue 

sainct Jagnes a lenseigne de la rose blanche couronnee. 

ophon ;J Oy fine le derrenier volume . . Nouuell" 

impi ime a Paris. Par Jehan petit Galiot du pre et Michel 

le noir Libraires demourant a. Paris. Le. xxv. iour de 

Septembre Mil ting cms <t seize. (1516) 

Exckssivkly rare; there was no ropy in the grand llidot collection. I 

bought the Double copy for 6000 fr. in 1869, mid MM was sold at the Ohedean 

auction in l'aris a few years later for 4010 fr. No other copy than tho present 

and ifeflM two has appeared in the market for over half a century. 


37355 [HENRY (Jean).] Le liure de la tonte belle sans pair qui est la 

vierge Marie, 12mo. cjoot fjic letter, with the printer's mark on 
the title, a fine copy, maroon morocco extra, gilt edges, from the 
Bedford library, rare, £16. 10» 
Imprime a Paris pour Jehan Petit Libraire iure de luni 

Paris demourant a la rue sainct Jaques alenstigne de !■> 

Jleur delis [1510] 

A very singular work, notwithstanding its piety. One chapter is on " le 
sacrS ventre de In Vierge," followed hy n " Meditation nux cui'.«se.«." It is not 
therefore surprising, while he dwells on the mere ventre, and " ees dignca et 
precicuses cnisses," that the author says " De ccste /ontaine de vie eituit a% 
jardin de dclices spiritaelles . . . precede un jleQve de grace qni arrosc toate* 
les belles vertucuses hcrbes dicclny jardin." Another meditation is on toe 
Virgin's dignts Jlancs. 

Collation : na-zz in eights, and &k (10 leaves). 

37356 GRINGORE. Heures de nostra dame tmnslntces en Francos 

mises en rihtme {sic) par Pierre Gregoire (sic) diet vandemont 
. . par le commandement de . . madatne Regnee de botirl»>n 
ducbesse de Lorraine, small 4to. gothtc Letter, with i 
and most curious woodcuts engraved by GbOWROi 'Poky 
leares at the end mended, and a few letters slightly injured , 
£32. Et se vendent chevy Jehan Petit a la rue so: 

a la jleur de lis dor [Paris, about 1 

The Privilcgo is dated from Lyons, 1625, and the Almanach U for 

foliation : 8 unnumbered preliminary and xc leaves. 

First, edition of this extraordinary book. It is so rare that only two 
other copies on paper are known, one of which is in ihu library of the Baron 
James Rothschild, and the other in the library of a private collector in 
Kngland, while on vellum no perfect copy of it is known to exist The reason 
of the extreme rarity of the edition is more easily accounted for than is often 
the case with books which have well-nigh disappeared. It is on record thjt 
in I62t) a company of Italian comedians visited Paris, aud were greatly 
patronised by the court, to the prejudice aud injury of the French actor*. 
This was so strongly resented by Uringoire that among the very eurions 
engravings with which the volume is illustrated, he inserted one which, at 
first sight, appears to represent Christ reviled anil crow ned with thorns ; bat 
the author had recourse to the extraordinary expedient of revenging hinwelf 
on hia competitors by putting his own portrait in the place of Christ, with his 
hands bound, while he is surrounded by the Italian comedians who revile and 
mock him, and one of them reaches forward a crown of thorns to place on his 
head. The andacions profanity of this performance soon aroused the censures 
of the Sorbonne, and ■ decree of Parliament, dated Aug. 28, 1527, commanded 
that the work should be suppressed and not reprinted. The artist's mark 
(S within G, surmounted with a Lorraine cross) appears in the right bottom 
comer of this engraving. Bernard's work on Qeoffroy Tory is no doubt 
correct in reading the mark as O(ododridus) T(orinus) S(calpstt). 

One of. the only two other known copies was formerly in the Didot 
collection, at the sale of which it was sold for «78. 

37357 LANCELOT DU LAC. Le premier volume (ct le second et le 

tiers) de Lancelot du lac nonuellemet imprime a paris, 3 vol:-, in 
1, small folio, rjolfjtc letter, with the last leaf oontaintng PeUfi 
murk, a fine copy, old French blue morocco extra, arms on sides, 
gilt marbled edges, from TioscOe's and Sir WilUam Tile's collar. 

ti'i'is, RABE, £30. 

Mil cinq cent, xxxiii. On les vend a Paris en la rut saict 


Jacques par Jehan petit libraire iure en luniuersite de Paris 
a lenseigne de la fleur de lys. 
[End of Vol. Ill:] Nouuellement imprime a Paris pour 
Phelippe le Noir Libraire et lung des deux relicurs de Hares 
iure: de Luniuersite de Paris demourant en lagrat rve S" !>"'■' 
Jacques a lenseigne de la Iioze blanche couronnee. (1533) 

Anthoine Denidel (1496-1500?). 

37358 Vivet. Tractatus de orthographia, small 4to. gottjic Iettrr, with 

printer's mark on title, sd. 18* 

Tractatus de orthagniphia edit us a magistro iohanno carthu- 

tiensi viuel nuper per magistrum. AiUhonium denidel prope 

collegium de coqucret i Intersignio cornu cerui 

parisius Impressus finit feliciter. [Sine anno, sed circa 1500] 

This rare and hitherto nndescribed tract consists of signatures A nnd B, 

both in nixes ; a full page containing 38 lines. 

Stephanus family (Paris and Geneva) : 

Henri I Estienne (1496-1520) ; Frangois Estienne, 

Robert Estienne. 

37359 Liber tbiom riROROM & triuni spiritualium virginum (Sonet i 
Hermae Martyris, UgaentiDi Monachi, F. Roberti Praedicatoris, 
S. Hildegardis, Elizabeths et Mechtildis Virginnm, editore 
J. Fabro Stapulensi), small folio, with woodcuts on the title, awl 
many beautiful woodcut initial letters, very fine large and clean 
copy, red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Deroine, £3. 3* 

Emissum Parisiis ex ofjieina Henrici Btephani chalcograplii 
e regione schohe Decretmum, 1513 

37360 E VSEBII Csesariesis Episcopi Chronico : qaod Hieronymus . . 

Lntinnm facere enrauit, & vsoj ad Valefce . . adiecit . . sm. 
4to. elegant woodcut initial* Henricvs Stephanas (1518) 

The annals were continued by Prosper Tyro, and in the fifteenth century 
carried down by Mattoo and Mattia Palmieri to 1481 s the later additions to 
1512 may hnvc been by Stephanus himself . . Under tho date 1457 we find 
the following interesting recognition of Gnttenberg — 

" i^imntam literarumBtudiosoGcnnanisdebeant nullo satis dicendi genero 
rxprinii posset. Namqu* a Joanne Gnutcnbcrg Zamlnngcn eqniti Mnguntiae 
Itheni solcrti ingenio librorum imprimendorum ratio 1440 inventa : hoc 
tempore in omnes fere orbis partes propagatur." These words were written 
by Mat. Palmieri before 1481. 

161 A. Persii Flacci Satyra) Sex. — Commentaria Aelii Antonii Nebris- 
sensis Grammatici, in sex A. Persii Satyras. — 2 parts in 1 vol. 
sm. 8vo. a good copy in French calf. Vis 

Parisiis ex ofjieina Roberti Stephani . . 1527 

37362 TERENTIUS. Pub. Sex. Terentii Afri Comici Andrin [»-t aliie 

qninquo Comoedue] Adiectis, in [adolescentnlorum grntiam, 
accentibns . . 6 parts in 1 vol. 4to. the first title KtHad and 
mended; old English red morocco, gilt edges, 36s 

Parisiis apud Franciscum Stephanum 1538, et apud StfltMMM 
Colinmum S( Franciscum Steplmniim, 1539 

37363 TONSTALL. De Arte Svpputandi libri qnatnor, Cntlieberti 

Tonstalli, em. 4to. fine copy in the original calf, stamped with 



in alull ions of Mars and Lucrelia, £8. 8* 

Parisiis ex ofjicina lioberti Stephani, 1538 
The medallions were perhaps intended to represent Francois I and the 
Dnchets d'Ktampcs. 
37364 TERENTII (P.) Comcodiaa sex . . . Aelii Donati . . cometar" 

studio it opera Des . Erasini Roterodatni . . 4to. Large Paper, 
jiii' copy in the. original calf bhuliiig, stai, ' gilt, with gilt 

edges; from the Sunderland library, 24s 

Parisiis Ex officina lioberti Stephani. MDXL1 i L64J > 
VALLA. Lanrentii Vallffi de Latinoi linguie eiQgsataa Lib. IV. 
Do rociprocationc Sni & Suus Lib. I. Eiusdem iii Antonium 
Raudensom nunotationum libclltiB. In Pogium Florentinu 
npologeticas & Bconicns actus admoduru festiuus ac taa 
Iodooi Badii Ascensii in . . 1 ibros [Vallaj] . . postrema epitome . . 
smallest folio, a beautiful copy, old, French red morocco, gilt edge 
icith the monogram of Thuanus and Gaspmde de la Chastre i 
the back, and their arms on the sides, £5. 15s 

Parisiis. E.r .ifi'u-ina Hob. Stephani ti/pographi Begii. 1541 
37366 (NOVUM TESTAMENTUM.) Evangel irm. . Acta Apostolorvm 
.... Pavli Apostoli Epistolae . . Epistolae Catholicfie 
Apocalypsis B. Iobannis . . 2 vols, in 1, 12mo. fine copy, 
in <dd French oitron morocco, gilt ed ' the mem 

L(ouis) several timet revealed on the l"ick and • 
£4. 4s 

Pari-' . /' qffiotna Bo. Stephani . . M.D.XLI . . (1 
This binding was executed nbont 1670 by one of the most skilful ud 
elegant French masters of the art. 
8fJW7 Caesauis (C. Ivlii) Rervm ab se gestarvm Commentarii . . — 
Evthopii Epitomelbelli Gallici ex SvetoniiTranq villi monvuu 
qnae desiderautw . . — 2 vols, in 1, stout l2mo. fine copy, 
■'. Ml " Firnch. calf binding of about tlie. gear 1600, gilt edges, 
with three curs-de-ehasse on the sides and the 
Alexander ( ! 'ueslatiu on the sides, £2, 2s 

Lutetiae . . Bob. Stephani . . M.JJ.XLIIII. (1544) 
ALAMANNI. LaColtivatione diLvigiAlamannial Christ liuussimo 
Ro Fnuiccsro Pritno, sm. 4to. printed in large Italics, fine cpy, 
ruled, in red morocco extra, '/ill edges. In/ Lortic, £2. 16s 
. . I'arigi da Roberto Stephana, M.D.X I 

•J vols, l'liu". line Ctipg, ruled throughout with red ink line'; in an 

exguitite red morocco bindingby Le Gascon, with ay it tern 

OH tin' tides, all the interstices Jilted hi WltA arnbiniur urnanuml 

formed '*;/ delicate curves, flowers, and stars in dotted odd . o 
the mat beautiful jexteting specimens of the artiet't work {.about 
1 < ">25-30) in red morocco wrappers awl a i ceo cote, from 

Lord Leigh's library. £63. 

Jjvtetiae . . I. < Roberti Stephani tijpographi 

Regij, I . . M.I' A LJX I i 

This is the puires tane of the U mirificam edition. 

Cam daplici interprctatione, I). Enisuii, A \ i 
Uarmonia item Etmngelica, .V copioso Iodic 


fitla BOpy, ruled, old French red rrwrocco extra, double with red 
lea&er, gilt tntwblad edge*, In/ lioijet; from the Bedford library, 
Hamilton Palace, £21. 

Exojj'x-ina 1! ohani: M.D.XLI . (altered 

by erasure to M.D.LI) (1551) 

KxTREMELT BARB. TlIK KiltHT EDITION ill which the text WU divided 

into numbered verses ; according to Iho arrangement universally adopted since. 
The date of 1 65 1 is the correct one, the X LI having been merely a typographical 
blunder corrected by erasure of the X nt the time of publication. 

This was the first hook produced at the Genevan press of Slephanns. 

Dionis Nicei Rervm Romanarum a Pornpeio Magno ad Alcxadrum 
MaimviP, Kpitome Ionnne Xiphilino,, : Dionis . . Epitome 
. . (iuilielmo Blanco Albiensi intcrprete Latine; 2 vols, in 1, 
4to. a wornihole infonrl eaves, calf, 16s Lvtet. Bob. Stephantts, 1551 

The Kervers : 
Thielman (1497-1522) ; his Widow and sons (1522- ). 

37372 111 IRE sacrosancte v'ginis Marie scd'm vsuin Romanum, naiTow 
I'Jmo. gotljtc letter, printed on vellum, tluz 18 woodcuts and (he 
initial h I!, rs very finely illuminated in gold awl colours, old red 
morocco fill, extremely rare, £16. ttii 

. . acheuees le Hi. imir de Becembre . Lan Mil cinq ces $f 

aire . par Thielma Kvruer . Imprinnur Sf libraire 

fore de luuiuersite de Paris demoural a leseigne du 

aril i n In rm 'taint Jaauet . pour Gilles remade 

aussi libraire inn . di tnourSl n l'aris sur le jiot 

tail Michel ii lenseigne dc la licorne ( 1504) 

Containing am in sixes. Horm in this agenda size are excessively rare. 

There are 54 pages of contemporary additions, in a very neat and legible 

handwriting, and headed : " Cost office enmiuantte comma le premier eamedi 

die aduene : et dure iuiquct a vespres. la nuyt de noel. " 

On one of the fly-leaves at the beginning there is an illuminated i 
arms — perhaps that of Jean do Coupignyl 1688) whose name is here transcribed 
in a modern hand from his own erased signature on an earlier leaf. There is 
ou another a MS. Almanack for the years 1505 to 1535. 

37.'->7.i BORE intemerate dei genitricis virginis marie secudnm vsum 
uanum, totaliter ad longnni, q'plarimis sanctorum sanc- 
t;iriuiii|; ilouotissimis his adlfictis orntionibus & sufl'ragiis, 8vo. 
gat hie letter, hunted ON VRLLVit, splendid impressions of the beauti- 
ful uoodout border! round cadi }>age, and of the IV) large engravings, 
Hi initials illuminated, a very fine clean copy in- perfect condition, 
handsomely bound in calf, the panels on the sides being those of 
original binding, vrrij richly gilt and toolrd in an interlaced 
ptUtom, gilt edges, £D0. 

. . acheuees le . .■■ . ■ /• Jiiuier Lan mil cinq cens et cij . 

l'ar Thielman Ker-uer imprimeur .V libraire mm* de 

luniuersite de Paris, demouranl en la rue sairtf 

Jaques, a laueigfu eh t.'ril . (1507) 

Containing a-ni in eights, and n (4 leaves) 

l||>HK deipore Virginia Marie secnndii vsum Romanum, plerisqj 

biblie liguris atqj chorea lethi riivfnnuiiitr. QOuiBOj effigiebus 

mate, rt to septe pealmia peni tontialib', ha vigiliis defunctm-fi, 

A in lion's scte erucis in horis quoq3 scti spus videre licebit . 


1520, am. 8vo. printed on vellum, in red and black, with a u 
cut border to each page (including a Dance of Death) and 40 I 
fine woodcuts, in perfect condition, free from colour, th-- •mall 
capitals richly illuminated, beautifully bun, id in ' 
super-extra, the sides and back elegantly tooled i" gilt "i U Ot 
pattern, and inlaid with yellow, red and black morocco in 
harmony, the inside liiied (double") with olive morocco, beaut if 
gilt-tooled in compartments with foilage-work, leal) 
leaves of gold cord and silk, the edges gilt and goffered, by Murim 
Michel, the famous " doreur," in a brown morocco case, £84. 

. . . Exarate quidem Parisiis, arte industrii bibliograyhi 

Thielmani Keruer . . . in vico sancli Iacobi, ad svj 

i iiicornis commorantis . Anno domini Mil . t 

. xxiiii . mensis Nouembris . (1 

An exquisite volume as a choice specimen of the tramptuon* sistrcnth- 
centnry printing and a real masterpiece of modern French bookbinding. 
Containing A-Q in eights, and 11 (J leaves). 

37375 MISSALE ad consnetndinem frntrum Predicatornm : ordiuis 
sancti Dominici . . . 12mo. gothie letter, printed M black and 
red, with woodcuts and woodcut initials, a7uJ music, a fine clean 
copy, red morocco extra, gilt marbled edges, by Lorlie, rare, 
£7. Ids 

Parisijs Ex officina libraria Yidue spectabilis viri Thielmanni 
Keruer, in vico sancli Jacoli -• sub signo Vnicornil . M.D.xxit. 

Containing 16 unnumbered preliminary leaves, cxl numbered, 76 un- 
numbered (signatures A-I in eights, and K in four), and 61 leave," (numbered 
to lxiij). 

3737G HORE, in laudem beatiasime virginis Marie, Ad vsum Romannm. 
1545, small 8vo. gotfjir letter, with beautiful woodcuts, a remark- 
ably fine large and clean copi/, dark blue morocco extra, gilt edges, 
by Bedford, £60. 

I'arrhisijs, apud Thielmanum Keruer in vico sancli Jacobi rub 

signo cratis . (1545) 

The larger woodcuts arc of that now and particularly beautiful kind, m 
ontline only, which wo generally uscribe to Geoffroy Tory. Here tliry air 
remarkably elegant and chaste. 

Containing +, a-T, A-B, A-B and na-bb, all in eights, except the t«o 
B's (4 leaves each). 

37377 1IORAPOLLO. Ori Apollinis Niliaci, de sacria notis &, scnlptam 
libri duo, vbi ad fidem vetnsti codicis maim acripti rest i tola 
aunt loca permnlta, corrnpta ante ac deplorata . Qmbn 
uersio recena, per Io. Merceram Vticeaem concinnata . . ( Grtece 
ct Latine), 12mo. with 194 pretty woodcuts of Emblems intrndfl 
to represent Egyptian hieroglyphics, attributed to the hand of Jsan 
Cousin, a very fine clean topi), green morocco extra, gilt edgre, by 
Bedford, £4. 

I'nrisiis Apud Iucobum Keruer, via Iacohea, sub dttobus ' 


:;;;(78 the aame, 12mo. a singularly larg py, red morocco 

<j-lni, gill marbled edges, by Thibaron, £5 


Jean Poitevln (1498-1518). 

37379 Heures de Paris. Fol. 1 recto: Heures a ldsaioe de Pabis •. 

AH LOHO . Printer's mark engrave'! ami bearing the name Iehan. 
Poitevin . . am. 8vo. Ictttts gothiquca, printed on vellnm, 128 
leaves (eight preliminary, and sign. A-P in eights ;) the printer's 
mark and 14 full-page engravings coloured and illuminated at 
Miniatures, arabesque borders painted by hand on all the pages 
opposite the engravings ; the initials and capitals also richly illu- 
minated; red morocco extra, gilt edges, tooled after an old Italian 
pattern, by Bedford, £52. 10s 

. . Mil v. ec. .J* neuf : pour Iehd poiteuin libraire, demourdt a 

pans . . (1509) 
The last fifty pages are all in French, and include Hymns to the Virgin, etc. 

Frangois Regnault (1500-36) ; 
his Widow and successors. 

37380 VIRGIL. Opera Wergiliama docte et familiariter exposita . . a 

Seruio, Donato, Mancinello : & Probo . . cQ adnotationib' 
Beroaldinis . . & ab Angustino datbo . . ab Domitio Calderino 
. . ab Iodoco Badio Ascensio . . thick small folio, title within 
woodcut border, in the original boards covered with stamped 
leather, 24s (Parisiis) Ex oficina Ioannis barbier : impHdio 

Francisc'i Regnault . . M. DXV. (1515) 
With the thirteenth book, by Maffcus Veggins, at the end. 

37381 Horse Sarum. Hore beatissime viroinis Makik ad legitimu 
Sarisbnriensis Ecclesie ritum, cam qnindecim orationibus beate 
Brigitte, ac multis alijs orationibus pulcherrimis, & indnlgetijs 
. . 1535, imp. 8vo. IrttrtB gothiqiUS, printed in black and red; 
17 large engravings, with a great number of others which are of 
mr.liiiin OHM fiiiallrr si:t ■• ; ivilh OOtdOTI In the larger engravings j 
line capg, hf. bd. in old English calf, the only perfect copy known, 
from the Old Palace library at Richmond; M an olive morocco 
case, £70. Parrhisijs per Frdciscum Regnault . . Anno domini 

millesimo qningentesimo tricesimo sexto (153C) 

1 La Bible translate de Latin en fracois an vraj sens pour les 

simples gens qui nentendent pas lati corrigee St. iprimee nouuelle- 

met, 12mo. Roman letter, numerous woodcuts by P. R., blue 

umrocco extra, gilt edges, by Wright, £5. 

Paris par Pierre Regnault, 1543 
Nogler supposes that tho printer was also the artist, and gives some praise 
to his work. The text is uot a Yerbal translation, but a popular ubridged 
version of the Old Testament only. 

Jean Pychore and Reray Delaistre (1503-4). 

Heures de Rome. Fol 1 redo: the printers' 

marJe and names ; fol. 1 verso: Quant la lune . . and 
the figure of the anatomical Man; fol. 2 recto: 
Miixmac, 1497-1520, etc.; fol. 6: Initium sancti 
euangclii Secundum Iohannem . . ; colophon: Ces 
presentes heures a lusage de Rome ont este imprimees 


et acheuees A paris . . La mil . cinq ces & trois. Par 
Ieha pychore: & Rerny de laistrc . . roy. 8vo. fsm. 
4to.), Ittttts gothiqtirs. printed on vellum, 96 
(sign. A-M in eights;) wUh 13 very bu 
arid a great number of smaller ones enclosed in As 
beautiful arabesque borders by watch every i'n.j,< is 
an i- rounded; fine copy in olive morocco extra, qill 
edges, £110. " Paris, 

One of the most beautiful, as well as one of the rare-: 
all the Litres d'Heures. There is no vellum copy recorded as 
being in any of the Paris libraries. Brunet's description was 
taken from the paper-copy in the library of the Institut — the 
only copy then known to him. 

The Hardouins: 
Gilles (1503-21 ;) Germain (1522-38 ;) with others. 

37384. (HEURES A l'usage de Roin), small 8vo. gothic letter, ikimi i 
viai.iM, within elegant woodcut borders, the 19 large ami 30 • 
woodcuts, ami the initial letters, very finely ill nun 
fine large oopy, red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Riviere, exces- 
sively BABE, £20. 

I'hon :] A la louenge de dieu et de la glarieuse merge marie 
et de sainct Jelian laitagtMt ' '" presents* 
Hemes a lusaige de Hume taut an long 

auec lis figures de Inpocalipse : ont este imprimeet a Paris 
par Quttlawme anabat imprimeur demourani n la rite, Sainei 
/i htm de beauuais pre* let 

W Hill' i liarJainjn . . . Et pour germairt lianUiuin 

. . . [1600] 
Containing A-K in eights, and S [i leaven). 
The Almanack is for 1500-20. 

37385 HEURES a lusaige de Romme tout an long sans riens requ. 
Auec lea figures de la vie de lhomme: et la destructior 
liii rnsnlcm. . . 8vo. gothic ItttCC. rmxiEO OH 
murk "a title, with -" largi fine designs, each page mr re u n d ed by 
an eleganl iroodeut border, unooloured, with illuminated init 
rulf, i \ii:i.mi \.\ BABJS, £18. 

. . acheuees a paris le huitietme iour de Mars . Iian mil 
ces et nevf. Par Oilh-t Hardouyn I 
rant an bout du pout an eh 

iiii desmilr, de la !■ 
It in ii circumstance of unusual rarity to find an i 
d'Heures printed by the Uordouvnt, In the present ht leaves of 

ndditional prayer* lire inserted in MS. ixt the .- u . 1 . 
Containing A-L in eights, ami M (1 leaves). 

3738(5 HEURES. A la louenge de diea et de la tressaincto A 
vierge Marie et a ledification de tous boa cathol 
oomencees ces presetes Heun- a Insaige de rtonune tout uu long 
sans riens requei-ir . . 8vo. gotljic letter. PBIKl 1 1 1 DM tillom. 


18 i '31 small woodcut*, and the capital tellers, finely 

illuminated in gold and. colours, a very fine large copy, dark olive 
inoroceo super-crtra, gilt edges, by Chambolle-Duru, extremely 

HAKE, £50. [On title :] Xouuel lenient i mprimees a Paris par 

Gilht Hardouyn imprimeiir dennairnnt an bout 

dii pont Nostre dame . . pour Germain Hardouyn 

demourant entre les dcu.r partes du l'nlays a 

leneeitrne tdinole Margin rite . [1510] 

Collation : Signatures A-I. in eight-, with the colophon on the reverse of 

Inst leaf <fi>lio 88). The 18 large plule.J are so illuminated, id opaque colouring, 

most probably by the hand of Germain llunlotivn himself, that they may M 

considered origiuol Miniatures. 

The Almnnack is for 1510-25. 

37387 HEURES a lusaige de Rorame tont au Ion (sic) sans riens requerir 

anec la destruction de Jerusale : & lea figures (If la vi>- de lhome . 

et plusieura autres belles figures, 8vo. goHjic letter, printed on 

vei.ll'M, within elegant woodcut borders (including a i 

Death), the printer's mark on the title, with V? large and 31 small 

woodcuts, ami tilt capital letters, very finely illuminated in gold 

ami colours, a beautiful copy, in a magnificent Grolieresgue bind- 

Iral pattern, surrounded by a border, in mosaic 

of gold and Colours, irith a new bach-, gilt edges, EXTUiMll.v HARK, 

£52. 10» . . iprimees a paris par Gillet hardouyn demon rant 

au bout de pot nostre dame .■ deuant sainel 

de la chartre . . . [1515] 

Containing A-L> in eights. 

38 (HEURES A L'USAGE DE ROME), narrow 12mo. gotrjic Utter, 
MUKTSD us v k i. irith the 16 woodcuis ani the initial letters 
finely illuminated in gold and colours, a very fine large copy, red 
morocco, gilt edges, i v m i-inoly rare, £48. 

[Colophon :] Ces present es hewres a lusaige de Home tout <iu 
longt sans riens requerir ant este n o uu e llemeni imprimees 
a Paris four Germain Hardouyn . . [1523] 
Ca m n hrttlg A-M in eights Bom of this agenda <si7.e are of ex.' 
rarity. The Almanack U lor 1S23-37. 

Gilles de Gourmont (1507-33). 

180 HUGONIS AMBERTANI COLUNGIANI Silueeolebratiaainiam 
■ ncisci magni valesij in holuotios victoriam, cantatissima 
Ciiroli octaui & lodonici duodecimi prelin (qnibufl bellacisaimus 
lacobna chabauus equea auratus Francie Maresealna fortiter ac 
triuriijihiintissimG interfuerit) necnon strenuisainii eqnitia aurati 
comesis prefect! & religioaissimi aniciensia ecclesie antistitia pro- 
lia coiuplexe, 12mo. <i large <'"/';/. with illuminated initials, fa 
the <oiyinal binding, willi yilt goffered edges, from Ihr libra/ y of 

Francis I, his arms and device in gold on tides^ with n new lark, 

from the Hamilton Palace library, £24. 

Venules liahHur apud Egidium Qormont ium in porrhiti 

Lulelia anno verbi incai cimn- 

ti xto fn liciter absolute . 1 l.Mti) 

87389 (GAZA.) Tlieodori introdvetivte grarumatices libri qvatvor. 

Liber primus only, tl" Mh in red mid blaek, the 

border containing a Dance of Death, Venales reperiuntur in 
vieo sancti Ioannis lateraneneit e regione cam< 
coll i-qij apuil Egidium gourmont diligentissimum &• fidalia- 
simumBibliopolam. {Parisiis, 1516)— EN'TIINION ''HTOI 
Luciani Vita, Greece [ib., s. a.]— "ISOKP'ATOTS pfropoo. 
irpoa viicoickea, irepl HaoiXelao \o'yo<r. Isoeratis Oratis 
contra Nicoclem, Greece [ib., ». «.] — 'JaoKpuTovo- irpbo 
hnpoviieov \6yoa trapaivtriKoa. Isoeratis Oratis cootm 
Dcraonieum, Greece [ib., s.a.] — 4 pieces in 1 vol. small 4to. 
remarkably fine large and clean copy, ijueu 
goffered edges, extremely rare, £7. 7* (151 

Tho Oai'a contains sigunlurcs a (3 leares), b (8 1L), c (4 11.), d (4 11.). su.'l 
c (3 11.). The Lucianvs, o-o in fours, and jr (2 leaves). The Iiocratet. A-4 
and a-y in fours, and 8 (2 leaves). 

37391 PERCEFOREST. La Treselegute Deliciense Melliflue et tren- 
plaisante Hystoiredn tresnoble Victorienx & excellontissime Roy 

Perceforest, Roy de la grant Bretaigne Auecqaes lea 

merueillenses entreprinses, faitz & aduetures, du tresbelliqueulx 
Gadiffer, roy Descosse ... 6 vols, in 3, folio, Itlltts gotjjiqiue. 
curious woodcuts, titles and initials, fine copy in van route, 
edges, £20. 7 '« ris, Egidius OormonUns, 

The 1 1 iilui copy fetched 1600 franca. This edition was printed by Gour- 
mont for Jehan Petit and Philippe Lenoir, the mark of either of whom may 
he found at the end of the sixth volume. 

Anthoine Bonnemere (1507-35). 

B7392 JUDAS MACHABEE. Les excel let es inagiiifiqucset triumphant** 

croniques. dee treslouables et moult verttu-ux Eaicta de la saincte 

hystoire de bible da trespreux et vultuieux prince Jndas macha- 

beus vng des. ix. prenx tresuaillant iuif . et aussy de ses qnatre 

freres Jehan : Symon : Eleazar : et Jonatbas .... small folio. 

First Edition, gothtc Iftttr, u-ith very fine woodcuts on title and 

in text, and large elegant capitals, Wttkout the leaf of Table, a 

magnificent copy, large and cleun, and in tin best condition, brown 

morocco e.rtni. Hind tooled tides, gilt marbled edges, by Bauionnet, 

.I'll' i. Cy fine le . ii . Zi«re et acomplissemet de la iresexrUvnt* 

hystoire des . . Machabees Nouuellement translate* 

ae latin en nostrt tvvlgairr Jraays . Imyrime a Paris 

. . . pour Anthoine bon mere [an. title, Bonnemere] 

Imprivicttr demorat en la rue saincl Jekast de 

Beauluais a lenseigne saincl Mart 

Paris perfect Sf acorn ply on moys Baonst. 

Lan de salut Mil cinq Cent et . ziiii . (IS | 

First Edition ; with line woodcuts of remarkable design and execution. 

which arc important for tiio history of the art of engraving in France. 

Olivier Senant (1510-17). 

:17:S93 JOANNES DE HESE. Itinerarius joannis De hese presbyt. ri 
a Hiern6alem describens dispositiones terrarnni insnlarnm 
inotiiiiii et aquarnin . . . Jolmnnis presbvteri . . I 


nd Emannelem . . de ritu et moribus iudoru . . . Tractatus 
pulcherrimus de situ & dispositione regionum it insuliuum 
totins indie, etc. sm. 4to. 20 leaves, Hainan letter, with the 
printer's woodcut device at the end, representing two men shooting 
with crossbows at a bird in a tree; tlie corner of the last leaf 
led in the margin ; morocco extra, £6. 
Paririus per Roberta gourmont pro Oliuerio tenant («. d. dr. 


37304 the same, sm. 4to. fine copy in old calf, Sunderland 

armt On ndet, £8. (1505) 

A curious hotch-potch narrative, written in rude 'ungrammatical Latin, 
and of very doubtful authenticity. The author professes to have set out on his 
pilgrimage in 1489, not 1389 as stated elsewhere in this catalogue. 

37395 ROMAN DE LA ROSE (LE). Le Rommant de la Rose nounelle- 

ment Reueu et corrige oultre les precodentes Impressions, 
thick 18mo. with woodcuts, title backed, and very small hole in 
' •mi] two lati leaves, some leaves slightly stained, hut otheririsc 
a fitu and very large copy, with M. Velaleu's bookplate (1754), 
very neatly bouwl in old French olive morocco, gilt marbled edges, 

VEKY BABE, £4. 4s 

. imprime <i Pari.', par maistre Pierre vuloue. Pour Galliot da 

pre . . tenant sa boutioaus an palays, an premier pillier. An 

inoys de Mars, mil cinq cent:, x.n'.c nuant pasques. (1520) 

According to Brunei thero should be a leaf at the eud, after the colophon, 

with the printer's mark, which is not in this copy. 

37396 CHARTIER. Les oevvres feu maistre Alain chartier en son 

viuant Secretaire du feu roy Charles septiesme du non . . thick 
18mo. a remarkably fine tall copy with broad margins, measuring 
137 mill, by 90 mill., old French citron morocco extra, gilt edges, 
from the Hamilton Palace library, £36. 

. . Imprimees a Paris p. maistre Pierre vidoue, Lan. ccccc. 

t.pOWf i ,'alliot du pre . . (1529) 
" Le" amateurs recherchent (cette edition) bcauconp, purcequ'elle est en 
Ictlrcn rondes, et qu'on n'eu trouve quo tres-diflicilemcnt des exemplaires bien 
conserves." — Ilrunet. 

Fetched at Christie's, in 1873, £44. 

37397 PERCEVAL i.e GALLOYS. Tresplaisante et Recreatine Hys- 

toire du Tresprenlx et vaillant Cheuallier Perceual le galloys 
Jadis cheuallier de la Table ronde. Leul. acheua les aduetures 
da 8aict Groal . . sm. folio, letters rjothiques, double columns, 
lower border of the title in facsimile; fine copy in red morocco 
>. Untd inside with red morocco, dentelle borders, by Sim ier, 
from tlie Yemeni: library, £36. 

. . Imprime a Paris, /»<»/• honestes personnel Jehan 

denys. el Jehan longis . . Lan mil cinq cens trente (1530) 
Very rare ; no other edition having been printed. Didot's copy fetched 
2800 francs. 

The four additional leaves, " Elucidation du St. Graal," were not inserted 
in tliis con ■ 

• in the title Galliot Du Prtfi name is associated with those of the oilier 
two publishers ; and on the border tbo initials 1) A seem to indicate that 
I'nTUftrd Aubri bad also a share in the edition. 



Galliot Du Pre (1512-32) 
with others ; and his successors. 

37398 (BOUCHARD, Alain) Les grades croniques de Bretaigne, 

nouuelleinent Im primes a Paris: tant de la grande Bretaigne 
de pnis le roy Brutns qui la conqnist . . iusques an temps de 
cadualadrus . . Que ausai de nostra bretaigne de present de 
pnis la conqueste du roy conan meriadec breton, qni lore et 
appelle le royaulme darmoriqne iusques an temp et trespas de 
francoys. ii. de ce nom dnc de bretaigne . . esquelle* i-nmieqnes 
est menoiou faicte daucuns notables faiz aduennz es royaulmes 
de France Dangleterre Despaigne . . . etc. thick small folio, 
rjothif ltlttr, villi jiiir inioili-nis. Hie title in facsimile, a wry 
copt/,in contemporary utaiiij-ftl riilj liiwliinj, with a newer bwl.-, £32. 
Imprimees a paris par Jehan do la roclw imprimeur demoural 
en la rue snivel Jacques, pour Oalliot ilti pro marclianl Hi 
ihiuourrit a paris : tenant sa bout try au teoond pitur cert la 
chappelle on Inn chute la i««sf di messeigin /■ 
§• paracheuo dimprimer Le ,xxv. de nouembre M 

$-. xiiii. (I5U) 

FlRHT EDITIOH, KXCEBBIVBLT BARB. The last of the woodcuts rapTCMOU 

the seven saints of Brittany. The largo wooilcut of St. Yves, occupying i full 
page (the reverse lilnnk). is given in facsimile from one of the only KM 
copies which are known to have it. This woodcut is nnmentioned I 

37399 GAGUIN (Maistre Robert) LES GRAHDE8 CBOKIQ1 

excellens faitz et vertneux gestes : des tresillu- 
trcschrcstiens magnanimes et victorieux Roys de 
France .... en Ian Christifere mil cinq tin- el 
quatorze songneuscmentreduicteset trims] a tees . . . 
en nostre vulgaire francoys . . . ensemble aussi i 
sieurs additios . . . folio, lettres dOTHlQUBS, Printed 
on Vellum, with the woodcuts elaborately o 
and illuminated in the style of original miniatures, 
a beautiful copy, ruled throughout with red it 
sixteenth-century binding {repaired), calf atom 
in'ih hold gill ornaments on the sides and I"' 
edges, £420. Paris, Galliot du pre. 1514 

A lovely book, worthy to be enshrined in a king's library. 
The binding was done in Paris about 1570. It is in tin Lyonneae 
style, of mixed geometrical and arabesque pattern, with fowl 
il'uzur. On the first page of the book, the arms of the original 
owner are painted, with his device, and two lions for supporters. 
However, tho distinctive emblems are effaced, and we can only 
see that the shield was gveuUs. The first word of the motto is 
also defective, and we can only read the remaining two, which 
are dargent si I In. 
37-100 VESPUCCI. Lo nouneau monde et nauigacions faietat p. Eraoric 
de vespuce tloiOtin, Des pays ct isles nouuellemet tronue;, an 


para u at a nous incongneuz . . . Translate de italien en Lague 
francoyse par Mathurin do redouer . . small 4to. gotf)ic Utter, 
Ike title printed in red mid black with the printer's mark, with 
igrtmt dud initials, a small hole in the two last pages, but a 
fine copy, russia extra, gilt eelges, £84. 

. . Imprime a parts pour Qalliot du pre, mareliant libraire 
demourant sus le pun I imstre Dame a lenseigne de la Gallec, 
• I'jinil ta li'Uitii/ue en la giant salle du pallays a« second pillier. 
Auec le priuillege du Rot/ nostre sire . . (15l(>) 
FlItST KDITION of the French translation of the Patsi. Brnnet and 
Harrisse have invented a strange theory concerning the chronological succession 
of the editions. The facts are plain. This was the original edition, produced 
by the legitimate publisher, and bearing the privilege, dated 1516, which gnvo 
him the monopoly. While his privilege ran, no printed edition could bo issued 
with a date. Henco the others which exiBt, five or six in number, bear no 
honestly recorded year of impression and have no privilege. Another 
significant token is the fact that in the chapters of Vespucci's third voyage, 
there arc three diagrams of constellations in the Southern hemisphere, 
bold woodcuts, in Galliot Dnpre's edition, which were omitted through care- 
lessness by the repriuters, notwithstanding the catchwords in the text. 

37401 YSAIE LE TRISTE. KIj Tristan de leonois, iadis cheualier de 
table ronde, et de la royne Izeut de Cornonaille. Ensemble 
les nobles prouesses de cbevallerie faietes par Marc lexille fibs 
dndit Isaye. Histoyre monlt plaisanto et delectable, nonuellement 
Imprimee a Paris, small folio, golftic letter, with woodcuts, a fine 
copy, blue morocco extra, gilt edges, with E. V. Utterson's initials 
mi ill'- -ides, £60. 

/■ |f jinisl Ihystoire . . <hi prawfa cheualier Isai/c le trisle . . 
reduitedu trial longaige an langaige francoys et nouuelle- 
met imjin'iwr a PW** pair mnistre Pierre Vidoue pour 
Qalliot du pre Libraire demourant . . a lenseigne de hi 
gallee yres la Magdalaine ayant sa boulicque en la grande 
taUi d a paAsyi an tiers pillier. (1522) 

Tiik rauicst AM> i'iw.*f edition nf this celebrated Romance. The 8oittf 
1 mum. The Didot collection could only boast of a smnll (to, 
Kprinl by Bonfoos, undated (abont 1570), which fetched 1650 francs nl the 
Didot -ale. 

The title of the above volume bears the words " nouvellcment imprimiS," 
but then is no record of any earlier edition than this, which is equally remark- 
able for its rarity, und its condition as a bcautifnl specimen of typography. The 
Pdvilege ii doled 1522, 

02 MABRIAN. Histboire singnlierodt fort recreatine Cotenntla reete 
fiiilz A- Gestes des qnutre iilz Aymon, Regnanlt, Allnril, 
Qnicbard, el le petit Ricbard. Et de leur consin le snbtil 
Mnugis (leqnel fut pape de Rome) BemUablemfint La cromoqne 
4 hystoire du chfiialetireux preux it rcdotibte juice Mabrinn 
Roy de Ilientsale} et do Inde la maiotir Filz de yvon roy 
de Hierasale Leqnel fnt filz du vnillut Rcgnanli do mon- 
tnaban. Aussi y sont compritis les vertueulx faitz darmes Des 
rntfans dtulict mabrinn, & antros do lny yssns et desceduz. Et 
plnsienrs aultres choses singulieres. Le tout traduict de vieil 
uige En vulgaire francoys. Et nouuellonunt imprime a 
Paris, small folio, Icttrto flotljiqucu, with numerous large woodcuts, 
tkebordei oftitU cut int o, "Ihertcise a fine copy, red morocco extra, 


gilt edges, Iry De Rome, £42. 

Nouuellement Inuprime a Paris par Jaques Nyuerd libraire ay- 
sa bouticle ioiiigmit la jmiere Porte du Palays. (1J 
First edition of an excessively rare Romance of Chivalry in Prose, in spit* 
of llie " nouvcllement imprime"' in the colophon. The date appear* at the end 
of the Privilege on the back of the title. This Privilege is granted to " Oaliat 
du pre libraire t'urs de luniuenite de Parts," whoso name is also at the foot of 
the title beneath that of Jacques Nyverd. Only one other copy is it present 
known, and that fetched abont £80 at the Didot sale. M. Double's copy of an 
edition by the same printer in 1530 sold for 1650 francs. 

37403 TRAICTEZ SINGDLIERS . . . Les trois coraptes intitule* de 

Cupido et de Atropos, dot le premier . . par Serapbin . . . Lc 
second et tiers de linncnt ion de maistre Jehan le maiiv . . . Les 
Kpitaphes . . composees par George chastelain . . . Le teple de 
Mars faict & copose p. J. molinet. Plnsieurs chantz rovaulx, 
Dulndes, Rondeaus et Epistres composees par . . Gnillaume 
creti . . Lapparition du feu mareschal de Chabanes faicte A 
composee par ledict Cretin, 12mo. Utlrte ftothiquta, wi 
mis, with the last leaf containing only the printer' I 
copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, from the Hertford library, 
Hamilton Palace, £20. 

fin du present opuscule auquel tout comprises | 

oeu u res . . Nouuellement tprimees a Paris pour 
Galliot du pre . . en Fourier mil cinq. cent. 
This rare volume is entirely in verse. 
Containing signatures A-M in eights, and N (6 leu. 

37404 (VOLKYR .DE SEROUVDLLE, Nicole) Lhistoire & Recueil de 

la triumphante et glorieuse victoire obtenue centre les sednycti 
et abusez Lutberiens mescreans du pays Daulsays & autre-, 
par . . Antboine . . due de Calabre, do Lorraine et de Bar. 
,V.-. en deffendant la foy catholicqne, nostra mere legliso, et 
vraye noblesse, A lutilite et puffit do la chose publicque, small 
folio, gotl)ic Utter, the. first page slightly men Jed, with a mm 
on the title and others in text, rdlum,£A2. 

(Pont, <;,,lliutdn Pri, 1526) 

Three of the woodcuts in this rare book are the size of the yage. two of 

llictn bearing the mark which has been attributed to Geoffroy Tory, and other 

Hi-lists of his lime — namely, a G enclosing an S of smaller size, and supporting 

the JVirrainc cross. 

This book affords n remnrknbly early instance of the nse of the won] 
Lutherien in French. The history refers to that portion of the Bauemkriar. 
which extended lo Lorraine and Bar. The Privilege is dated January 12th, 1516. 
87405 CH ARTIER (Alain). Les Faictz et dictz do feu De boi 

memoirc Maistre Alain chartier, en son viuant Secretaire Da 
feiv roy Charles septiesmc Du nom. Nouuellement imprinic. 
reueu et corrige oultre les precedentes impressions . . . small 
folio, rjotln'c Utter, a very fine copy, olive morocco extra, gilt ndget, 
by "Bedford, fUR rare, £15. 

.Fiji du present volume . . . Imprimc a Paris par Anil 
couleau imprimeur pour Galliot du pre . 
le dixierme iour Je Jitilh I Mil cinq cent. ..< VI i 1**26) 
Containing 6 preliminary unnumbered leaves, and 127 leave* (miinumberoJ 
C.xxiiii.). The numi'iulion jumps from 112 to 1 U. without any defc "i 
there is a full-page woodcut genealogy, beaded ," Le roy toys roy it 
France," between pages 58 and 59, 


37040 [CAVICEO.] Dialogue trcselegant intitule le Peregrin, traictant 
de lhonneste etpudique amour concilie par pure et sincere vertu, 
traduict de vulgaire Italien en langue Fracoyse par maistro 
Francoyse dassy . . . smallest folio, trotrjic letter, First Edition, 
with woodcuts and initials, ruled with red lines, the last leaf 
containing only the printer's mark; with Oirardot's bookplate, old 
red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Derome, with the owner's initials, 
P. Oir. d. P., stamped in gold (but nearly obliterated) at the bottom 
of the back, very rare, £10. 10* 

Fin des trois liures du Peregrin . . imprimea a Paris par 

Nicolas couteau imprimeur, pour Galliot du Pre . . 

ay at sa boutique en la grande salle du Palais au premier 

I'illier Et jut iicheuc le vingt cinquiesme iour du moys de 

May Lan Mil Cinq can ciugt et sept. (1527) 

Containing eight preliminary unnumbered leaves, C.Ixix cumbered leavea, 

and the lost containing only the printer's mark on the reverse. 

37407 CELESTLNE en laquelle est traicte des deceptions des aervitours 

I'liuers leur maistres, & des macqnerelles enuers lea amoureux 

(nislate dytalie en fracois, 12mo. rjolljic letter, with woodcuts on 

title and in text, a fine clean copy, olive morocco extra, gilt edges, 

from the Didot collection, vert RARE, £16. 16s 

Inqirimc a Paris, par Nicolas cousteau imprimeur. Pour 

Galliot du pre . . Et ful aeheuc /• fmiirr iour Daoust 

Lan mil cinq Cans vingt et sept. (1527) 

Containing six preliminary leaves, and signatures a-y in eights. 

27408 CRETIN (Qnillanme). Cbatz royaulx oraisons, et aultres petitz 

traictez, faictz et composez par feu de bonne memoire maistro 

(iuillaume Cretin: en son viuant ohantre de la saincte chapellc 

royale a Paris, et tresorier du bois de Vincennes, 12mo. Icttres 

tj0fljif|urs,.//fie copy in red morocco extra, gilt ■ dges, by V> Tom*, £21. 

[At etid :] Imprime a Paris par maistr-- Simon du bois pour 

Galliot du pre libraire de Vuiiiversi/e dudict lieu: lan 

mil '■ cinqcensvingtsept, It PMOfMMM iour Uupiiril. (1527) 

Extremely BAKE. W. Martin's copy sold for 1010 francs; and the 

Solar, for 650 francs. 

"■ Edition la plus recherchue." — Brunei. 
37040 MELIADUS DE LEONNOYS. Meliadus De leonnoys. Ou 
present Volume sont contenus les nobles faictz darmes du 
v ail la nt roy Meliadus de Leonnoys : Ensemble plusieurs autrcs 
nobles proesses de Cheualerie, faictes tant par le roy Artna, 
Palamedes, le Morlioult dirlaude, le bon cheualier saa paonr, 
Cialebault le brun, Segurades, Galaad que autrea boa cheualiers 
estas au temps dudit roy Meliadus Histoire siuguliero et recrea- 
tiae nouuellement Imprimee a Paris, folio, rjotljic letter, with a 
fine woodeui of a knight in full armour on horseback, a very fine 
copy, clean and large, beautifully bound in blue morocco extra, gilt 
•-, by Padeloup, from the Beckford library, £72. 

On les vend a Paris en la grande salle du Palais au 
premier pillier en la boutique de Galliot du Pre 
marchant Libraire iiire de luniurrnite. [At end:"] 
. . ful acheue d'imprimer . . Lan mil . ciioj a 

i . (1528) 
Excessively babe. A poor copy was sold for £75 at the Didol sale. 


37410 JOSEPH US (Flavius). Lhistoire escripte pfl 

raent en Grec par Josephus le Juit' aucteurj|tresnoble 
& aucion Er .-it apree hum: en La tin danit elk a este 
clepuys faicteflFrancoysG . . . folio, IcttrCS gOiljiqutS. 
printed upon vellum, (he large woo&juto 
i 'iijutuls splendidly and elaborate ly illuminated untk 
Miniatures, tonich two vaunted in opaipn colours u 
tlir original wooden/*, green morocco, rich I u fooled red 
morocco timings [double), gilt edges, in a red morocco 
case, hj LorhCjfrom the Didot collection, £200. 
. . Et fat accomplye de impnmer le huyti 
iour Ihctohre mil cinq 
Nicolas Sauetier Imprun* ur . . I 'our honnt 
personnes GralUot du pre, Ponoet 

Claude CheuaUon . . (1530) 

The embellishments and Miniatures, as well as the language 
of the translation, moke this a veritable Uvre d* eltnaU ris. Tho 
lirst Minia I ure represents the translator on his knees, present 
his work to the King of Franco, who sits enthroned in the a 
of a splendid court. Tho second shows Kin<_' walking 
with his courtiers in llio grounds of his palace, while ainbossa- 
dors on horseback approach the gates in the background. The 
third depicts buttles around Jerusalem between Jews and Romans. 
The fourth represents a battle between longs and nobles in 
open field. The fifth shows various groups of noble J ■ 
suiting together on the hills outside Jerusalem. The sixth is a 
tournament between two splendidly armed knights, in the back- 
ground the walls and towers of the town, and groups of soldiers ; 
a knight hanging in his armour from a turret on the b 

87411 REGISTRE. Lc registre des ans passez puis In du 

monde, iiuquee a lannee presente Mil cinq cens. kin, small 4*©. 
CJOthtC letter, with numerous coloured woodcuts and initial*, a 
wormhulr through the latt few leaves, Itmp i-ellum, 5# 

. . acheur dimprimer le vii iowr dapuril par A\ ufosu 

Imprivteur pour Qalliot du prt . . i 

Contnining 4 numbered preliminary lcares (the but blank), 66 l«a*ra 
(mironmbcred Ixt), and lxxx lenve*. 

87412 TYARU DE BISSY. Les oowres poetiqv, 

'Hard, Seigneur de Bissy, 2 parts, .1 Pari*, Pa* I Pre\ 

ni, S. laquee ■ . 1573 — Ponti Tbyardei, irrm 

Ron.sanlvm, de Coelestibus Asterismis I'ocinatiuni, PaHiUt, 
.ly.-i / '.'•)/• . t ii in .) Prato . . 1573 — Mantics on Disooon de l» 
verito de Diuinotion pur Astrologie . Autln ur Pontus de 1 
Seconde Kdition augmentce . /'/.. » ".- 
• ov Dialogve de la fvrevr poetiqve . Par Ponton >rd . ■ 

ondo Edition augmentee . some leaves slight! 


#. o. — t vols, in 1, small 4to. ths complete collection, with (he 
OMtograph of W. Urummond of Hawthornden (" Qui. Drumond"), 
oldeatf, £21. 1573 

-ively rare. Lcb. do Montgermont's copy without the Montico nnd 
Solitaire sold for 900 francs. 

Collatiou : (Euvres Pocliqacs, 4 unnumbered prel. leaves, and 164 numbered 
nnd 40 unnumbered leaves ; Poematium, 4 unnumbered leaves ; Monties, 2prcl. 
leaves. 1 14 pages, and 1 leaf of "Fames;" Solitaire, 2 prel. leaves, and 
68 pages. 

Philippe Le Noir (1514-36) 

87413 CHRISTINE DE PISAN. Lea cent hyatoirea do troye. 
[I'rinlcr'a mark :] Lcpistre de Othea deesse do prudence enuoyeo 
a lespet'it cheualereux Hector de troye, avec cent hyatoires . . . 
amull 4to. gotijic letter, with mmimu woodcuts, Gayon de 
dOre'e copy, with his autograph, olive morocco extra, jilt 
tdget, by Derome, £20. 

. . nouuellemciit Imprimees a Paris par Philippe, le noir 

Librairc et Reliew iure en Limiuertite de Paris. 

Lan viil cinq Celts vingt et deux le dernier iour 

de nouembre . (1522) 

Extremely rare. This copy sold for 360 francs in the Yemeni! sole, and 

fur 600 franco in tlint of Borluut. 

A hundred admonitions in four hundred lines of verse, for the 
guidance of a true knight. There is a marginal gloss to illustrate the 
classical allusions. 

1 1 SAINT-GRAAL. Cost Ihystoire dn sainct Greaal . . Becond 
edition, 2 vols, in 1, small folio, gotijit Utter, a very fine co/oj, 
'-/.■ ro, [/Hi marbled edges, £96. 

. . Nouuelleuii nl in* prime a Paris. Par Phelippe le noir . . . 
Etj'ut iicheiii />•. .criiii. iour Doctobre Mil cinq 

>•./!>• ciio/i el trovi . . 1 l •">_:>) 

The only apparent differences between this and the first edition ure in the 
culophun and the woodcut initials. 

The Didot copy fetched 7600 franc-. 

" One of the most remarkable editions of these romances is that of Paris, 
in folio, published iu 1516, in which the history of the Grual is divided into 

I 'ranches." — Bergmann. " Philippe Le Noir en donna a Paris, en 1523, 
une reiinpression qui est tout atissi rare que ledition originate (de 1516)." — 
Franciique Michel. 

" The Sangrcal is the Brarccst romance of tho Koand Table." — Dunlop. 

Pasquier Lambert (1517). 
17415 HYGINUS. hyginii liystoriographi et phylosophi argutiasimi 
libri qaattuor non solum poeticaa & hystoricas vcrnm et astrono- 
mical Pernialtas veritates acriori collectas lima & Lacoica 
hrouitate enodautes . . . amall 4to. with printer's mark on title, 
and many astronomical woodcuts, a fine copy, old French calf 
•jill. perg rare, £2. 2* 

\' neul a fidelissiiim alms parrhisior. acadcinie bibliopola 

patoaeio lambcrl incluso brunello sub diui claudii signo 

e coqucrclici ijymiiasii regione . . (1517) 

The Epistle from Joannis Lodovicus Vives to Joannes i'ortls on the last 

leaf is dated from Paris, 1517. 

touting A-K in fonrs. 


Thomas Laisne (1518-21). 

37416 INNO0ENTII tertii pontificis Maximi, dc officio Missc. et 

Bacranionto altaris : Liber sane omib'i rcligionis Chriniiane 
cultoribus adprimo vtilis . . . 12mo. godjt'c Uttrr, title in red 
and black leith printer's murk, n jiw copy. <dd French calf n 
16s [On printer's mark:'] Thomas laisne [circa 188 

Rare. Containing A-K in eights, and + O leaves). 

Pierre Viart (1519-22). 

37417 CICERON1S (M.T.)Officiorvmhbri trescollatisvariisexeniplanli 

acevratissimo recogniti . Cato Maior, lire da Senertvte LaeliTs 
sive de Amicitia. Paradoxa . Somnivin Soipionis ex sexto do 
Repvb. Adiectis ad calceru annotationibvs Desiderii Erasmi, 
18mo. Printed upon Vellum, in a nru minute Bormh '■ 
ruleil with red ink, old French calf gill, a ,-' 
binding, £25. 

Lutetie arte, &■ opera Magislri Petri Vidt u >lnu 

vero Petri Yiartii . . M.H.XXII. . I I 

A scarce edition, of which even ordinary topic* are seldom seen No 

OKBMM copy on Vellum is kkowji. Contains title (with the mark »f lli» 

bookseller Viart below); Epistle of I*. DancsiiK. 1 leaf; text pp. 26*. 

annotations (commencing on p. 262), pp S3. 

Simon de Colines (1520-47). 

37418 BOETIUS. Divi Severini Boetii Arithmelica, duobus discrcl* 

libria : adiecto commentario, mysticam nutnerorum npplicm- 
tionem perstringente, deelnrata, with many :■!■ ; lent 

initials, Simon Colinceus, Parisiis, Ami" ' ' — InhocLibro 

Contenta. Epitome, compendiosaqne Introductio in Libros 
Arithmeticos . . . Boetii, etc. Jmpressil Simon Oolinaut, in 
Parisiensi Academia, contra Decrctorvm scholar, 1522 — 2 vols, in 
1, 8m. folio, with the autograph of " Robert Qffley," blue morocco, 
with W'vdhull arms on side, £5. 

37419 [RICHARD (Pierre)] Confeesionale Richardi, seu pastomlis 

decalagns, curatis uecessario requisitus : anctns & 

cu indice materiarttm notabiliiim, 12rao. with woodcut i 

title by GflOFKROY TOST, with initial letters richh/ illuminate in 
gold and colours, n lanje copy, green morocco, gilt goffered ■ 
by Thompson, £14. 14« Parisiis Apwl Sin 

Extrsmely rare -, unknown to Bruuct and his continnator. The work I* 
a sort of Vade-mecum for Confessors, and contains sundry very extraordinary 
instructions and examples of deadly sin*. 

The Lorraine cross on the border of the title-page indicates dearly the 
hand of Gt-ofTroy Tory, who, a* is well known, often worked for bis friend 
Simon de Colines. 


nouuellemut trounee.s en la grand mer 
temps du roy Dcspaignc Fernad & Flizal 
femme, f'aict premierement en latin par Pi< 
Mttityr de Millan, & depuis translate en languaige 


Ira ii coys 

. Item trois Narrations . . . small 4to. 
a remarkably fine large copy, russia 7ieat, gilt edges, 
VERY EASE, £130. 

On les vend a Paris rue sainct Iehan de Beauuais, 
chez Simon de Colines au soleil dor [At end :] 
Lan de grace Mil cinq ccs trente-deux . . . (1532) 

37421 the same, small 4to. a fine copy but for a 

small wormhole in the margins of some leaves, beauti- 
fully bound in old blue morocco extra, gilt edges, by 
Derome, the Hamilton Palace copy, £120. 

This book, which may be culled the first French Collection 
of Voyages, has been very badly described by Mr. Harrisso. 
The anonymous editor dedicates the Extraict, which is a French 
abridgment of Peter Martyr's first throe Decades made before 
the publication of the entire eight in 1530, to Charles, Dnc 
d'Angonleme. The Narrations are dedicated, not to Margaret of 
Austria, but to Margaret of France. The first is an abridg- 
ment of the fourth Decade printed at Basil in 1521. The 
second and third are drawn from the second and third Cortes 
letters, printed in Latin at Niirnberg in 1524. Consequently the 
"Extraict" must be held to take precedence of Grymeus, as the 
Novus Orbis did not begin to embody Cortes' letters till 1555. 
The compiler was probably one of the distinguished scholars 
who surrounded the two promising children of Francis I, men- 
tioned as receiving the dedications. The Due d'Angouleme 
was then only ten years of age, the Princess Marguerite (after- 
mods Duchess de Berri, and wife of Emanuel Philibert of 
Savoy) only nine, but they were already regarded as future 
patrons of literature, and their education was carefully 
cultivated. — This rare work fetched at tho Beckford-Hamilton 
salo £126. 

37422 VIRGILIVS, 24 mo. a very pretty copy, ruled with red lines, beauti- 

fully bound hi old French olive morocco gilt with the amis of 
Louis Bi;eau in the centre of the sides, and his monogram in the 
corners and on the back, £8. 10« 

Parisiis Apud Simnnem Oolinreum. 1530 

37423 CICERONIS (M. Tvllii) Officia diligenter restitvta . Eiusdem do 
Amicitia & Senectntc dialogi singuli : Item Paradoxa, A, Som- 
nium Scipionis : Cum annotationibns Erasmi Roterodami, <fc 
Philippi Melanchthonis. Item, Annotat. Bartholomroi Latomi 
in Paradoxa, 12mo. a very pretty copy, ruled with red lines, beauti- 
fully bound in red morocco extra, lined (doublS) with the same, 
(jilt edges, by Buyer, £2\. Parish's Apud SimonemColinetum. 1541 

24 (CICERONIS Opera.) M. T. Ciceronis Orationum volnmen prim- 
nm (et secundum et tertinm), 3 vols. Parisiis . Apud Simonem 
r.tnnii . 1543-4 — . . De Philosophia, prima pars (et volvmeu 
I ndvm), ib. 1545 — . . Epistolae familiares . . title mended, ib. 
1545 — Rhetoricornm ad C. ilerenninm. lib. JI II . . ib, 1545 — 


. . Officiorvm lib. Ill . . Farisiis . Ex offieina Ti^b. 
iypographi lleijij. 1546 — . . Epistolte ad Atticum . . Pavli 
Manvtii in casdem epistolas Scholia, 2 vols, in 1, Lvteliae 
1547 — . . De oratore ad Quintnm fratrem lib. Ill . . . etc., :''. 
1546 — togethor 11 vols, in 10, 24mo. very pretty capiat, beauti- 
fully bound in old French red morocco gilt, ijilt '•dyes, with the 
arms of the Marquis de Menars in gold on sides, £9, 

CoHiuxhu ,S ah jihauus, 1543-7 

The first ten volumes of the above (the Officiorum Libri and bpiitol* 
of Stophaous, together with the seven volumes of Simon de Colinee) form a 
perfect set j— the De Oratore of Stephanas is additional. 

Of the Ejnstohs ad Atticum Itcnouard says : •• Jmprimc. ainsi que le 
volume Do Officii*, de 1846, ponr completer les sept volumes da Ciceron dc 
S. do Colines." — Les Estienne, 2e. edition, 1843, p. 70. 

Denis Janot (1520-36). 
37425 MELIADUS DE LEONNOYS. On present Volume sont con- 
tenus les nobles faictz darmes du vaillant roy Meliadus do 
Leonnys : Ensemble plusienrs antres nobles proesses de 
Ckeualerie, faictes tant par le roy Artns, Palamedes, le Morhoult 
dirlando, le bo ohenalier sans j>aour, Galeliaolt le brun, 
Seguradcs, Galaad quo autres bons Cheualiers estans an temps 
du dit roy Meliadus . . small folio, gothic letter, with 
border to title, a beautiful copy, from the private library of fi 
Louis Philippe (Palais Royal), red morocco super-extra, gilt 
marbled edges, EXTREMELY RARE, £48. 

. . acheue dimpriiner a Paris le. xx. lour du mays de M 

Lau mil ciivj i. (1532) 

Denis Iakot's name appears in the woodcut bonier round the tide. 

" Cctte edition n'est gucre moins rare que la precedents (premiire) . 
Au haut des 6. de ce livrc se lit en titre courant : Le premier volutin du roy 
Meliadus de Leonnoys, et cependant le ronisn est complct en un seal 
volume.'' — Brunei. 

37426 (LESCAIGNE, Tristandus de). Dispvtation cntre lhommc it 
Raison. Compose nouuellement a lonneur de la Glorienso 
Vierge Marie Mere do Dieu . . . 18mo. vrith woodcuts, a jine 
oepjf, olive morocco extra, gilt ■nuirbled edges, by Boyet, vert hare, 
£7. 7s 

Oil (sic) les vend a Paris en la BtM nmjue Xostre Dame a 
leseigne sainct lehan Baptist e pres Saincte 0m 
des Ardans Par Denys Janet libraire [without ■ 
This rare and carious book is is Latin, in spite of the French title. 
Amongst other things it undertakes to prove that Joseph was not old. but 
vomit;, is In i) lie married the Virgin Mar}', and also that he never wi> jeadocu 
uf her, or doubtful of her virtue. 
Containing A-G in eights. 

Nicolas Higraan (1521-35). 

37127 HEUBE8 a lusaige de Rome ton bw an log sub reqrir . . . 8ro. 
rjotrjtc letter, title with printer's mark witki *t border, 

intli 17 large WM ' l ge within a bt ■•-r.a fims 

large and found copy, old calf with Oroli •/. ami the 

name if Uit'Pjiiiiiivs Fioraventivs (an Italian Jesuit, Rector of 

the English Ooty&p in Rome) on the cover, and his autograph on 

tJie title, irilh a nc-ic bach, gilt edgBS, EXTREMELY KARE, £15. 

[(£8), reverse :] . . imprimees a Paris p. Nicolas hicman, 
pour Ifuillaume gadard \_godard, on title] Libraire 
iure deinourant a Paris sur It potU an chage deuat 
lorloge du Palays a lenseigne dc Lhome sauluaige. 

[ Without date] 
The Tabula act imieniendil nubilia fetta, on tlic buck of the title, gives 
direction.-- for the years 1524 to 1533. 
Containing A-L in eights. 

Michael Vascosanus (1522-53). 

3/438 CABSAR1S (C. Ivlii) Ror\-m ab Be Gestarvin Comintmtarii . . 
Until nuiodculs and beautiful initials, Parisiis Ex offidna 
Michaelis Vascosani, in uia jimb est ad D. Iacobuin, sub Fot 
instant. 15-13 — PI. Veuktii . . de Re Milituri libri ci vulvar. 
Sexti lvlii l'Vunlini . . de Strategomatis libri totidem. Aoliuni 
di' instruondis Aciebus liber vims . . Modesti do vocabulis roi 
militaria liber vnus . . Collata sunt omnia ad antiques codices, 
maximo Bvdaei . . with 120 full-page woodcuts of Military 
Machinery, Cannons, Diriny Apparatus, etc., Parisiis, ApH ' 
Ohristianum weehelum, sub Pegaso, in v-ico Bellouacensi . Anno 
1553 — 2 vols, in 1, folio, very large copies, ruled throughout with 
rt& Kin <':/ bound it) old French olive morocco, richly and 

/'/ t"olrd on bach and sides, in perfect condition, gilt 
edges, £70. 1543-53 

A most beautiful specimen of binding, by an artist of the Kve family, 
done about the end of the sixteenth century. 

( in the sides there is an interlaced geometrical centrepiece, rounded with 
wreaths of foliage ; nod a full border of similar leaf-pattern with shield- 
cartouches at the corners and in the middle. The ornamentation on the back 
is in harmony, bnt the leaf-forms are a little larger. On the whole, this noble 
example is a work of masterly skill and taste. Its freshness is remarkable. 

Jehan Saint Denys (1524-35). 

AVTOX LHystore mcrueillense Plaisante et Rccroatiue du 
grid Empereat de Tartarie seigneur des Tartres nOme lo griid 
... ([Ft. i:] Et fat ce traicte premiurewent faict eu 
l.-itiu par . . mosieur Aycono seigur de Courcy cheuolier it 
nepueu du roy Darmenie la grand . . Et . . translate de latin 
in francoys par frere Jehan de longdit lie do Ippre . . ), 
smallest folio, golljic letter, with fine woodcuts, coloured by a con- 
mrory hand, the edges of the last leaves a little stained; m Ad 
whOlt n line Copy, In antifullij bound iii old citron morocco extra, 
gilt edges, with the La Vieuville arms in fold m sides, by lioyer, ex- 
DIBtT babe, £65. OnlesvSdavarieenla rm ••• ufue nredamea 
jne. S. Nicolas el uu /nil/ays en la galleru toe on oa a, la 
llerie pour Jeha. s. denys. \Ai end: j Tmprhnoe nouuelU- 
non! n Parit I'in Tan mil cinq MM "';/'' A '■'' • • pour Jehan 

eat i . 1. 1529) 

IVAL lk G alloys— see under Galliot Du Pro ante. 


Geoffroy Tory (1525-31). 
37410 Heures de Paris. HoKfl in UUDBM pkatissime vjroinis Marie: 
secundum conBuetadinem ecclesie Parisiensis, 6m. 4to. Irttrcs 
tjotijiquts, MO leaves (signatures a-3 in eights, accept ichlch ha* 
four), ever// page decorated with an exquisite woodcut border oj 
flowers, insects, birds, and arabesques; with 13 la, 
in outline; entirely uncoloured ; large copy in old calf, gilt edge* 
(216J mi7/iW<tt'*Xl56), £60. 
. . . achevees dimprimer le ring/ deuxieame ioitr Dociobre, Mil 
cinq censvingt sept Par maistre Simon du bois imj 
maistre Geofroy Tori de bourges q let vend a Parti a 

dn p«t custe (1527 I 

37441 the same, sm. 4to. « atiU totter and n 

olive morocco extra, gilt edges, bi/ Bedford (218 m till mil re* x ] 
£70. 15W 

This Heniit if ul copy is taller than the preceding hut not quite w> wide. 
This is the book which aroused the extiwes of Dr. Dibdm who iln:l«re«l 
the illustrative ornamentation to bo the most beautiful he had ever seen, li 
is indeed a lovely example of the taste and skill of Geoffroy Tory. The 
description in Bernard's monograph is at fault ; he perhaps had a smaller 
reissue before him, siuce he specifics the volume as an octavo with sign:. 
a-r. (therefore probably having 181 leaves, and a height of about 170 mill ). 
37442 [TORY (Geoffroy)] Champ Flevry. Au quel eat contena Lart A 
Science de la dene & vraye Proportio des Lettres Attiques. 
dit antremet Lettres Antiques, & vulgairement Lettres Romaines 
proportionnee8 selon le Corps & Visage huinain . . am. i 

beautiful woodcuts by G. Tori/. Including a gmil variety of "''■ 

I'd ical forms and letter-types, and comprising even an At 
a Samaritan alphabet ; with various elegant ornam- 
morocco, gilt edges, by Kalthocbcr, from the lkckford HI 
(240 mill.), £21. . . acheuc dimprimer . . Lan Mil Ciucq 

Ccns. XXIX. Pour Maistre Geofroy Tory 6t Bourget, Aulheur 
dudict Linn- . . Et pour Oil | 1529) 

37413 another copy, still finer in condition, crimson morocco 

c.rtra, gill edges, by Lortic, front the Didol library (240 mill.), 
£24. 1529 

Not only the artistic beauty of the designs, bnt also the character of the 
text make this book remarkable. He treats of the proper form of French 
speech, and Hiiirizrs pedantic and slang expressions, of which some specimen* 
are given ; as well as of provincial and Parisian methods of ppi 
It bus thus a considerable value for the study of the French speech in Franci* 
l's time. There is also a Aondeau by Madame d'Kntrsgues. — In both these 
copies, us in most others, the title leaf is slightly shorter than the rest < 

Anthoine Couteau (1525-30) ; with others. 

37444 GUY DE WARWICK. Cy commence Guy de 

vvaruicli cheualicr Dangle terrc qui en son temps fit 
plusieurs prouesses et conquestes en Allemaig 
\talie et Jiiiini'iiiarclie. Et aussi sur les infitlelka 
ennemys de la chrestiente Commc pourrez veoir plus 
a plain en ce present liure Imprime uouuelleinent a 


Paris, small folio, Ifttl'fg ff0tl)iquf£f, with woodcuts, 

autograph of J. West, with holograph letter from 

Lord Warwick, tin inking him "for the sight and 

]>iTiisal of so valuable a work," fine copy in red 

morocco, gilt edges, with Wodhull arms in gold on 

side, £180. Nounellement. ini prime a Paris par 

Anthoine couteau pour Francoys regnault librairc 

in re dc Ltiniuersitc dcmourant en la rue sainct 

Jaques a lenseigne dc Ich/diant deuant 

les maturins . . . 1525 

An excessively rare prose Romance of Chivalry. Mr. 

Corser's copy fetched £286, and Prince d'Essling's, which sold 

for 1550 francB, was resold in the Yemeni/ sale for 5000 francs. 

The volumo contains 4 preliminary leaves (including the 

title) and 80 numbered leaves of text, the last misnumbered 89. 

Branet says there should be 90 leaves, but he is mistaken. Tho 

numeration skips from 49 to 60, and without noticing this, one 

would naturally think there should be 90 leaves in all. 

37445 FROISSART. Le premier (lo second, le tiers, et le quart et 
dernier) volume de messire Jehan froissart, lequel traicte des 
choses Dignes de memoire advenues, tant es pays de France, 
Angleterre, Flandres, Espaigne que Escose, et anltres lieux 
lirconuoisins. Nouvellement onltre les precedentes ini- 
pressios Iinprime a Paris, 4 vols, in 1, thick small folio, Icttrtfl 
cjothiqurs, -with woodcut titles, a few woodcuts and many fine 

tnii'Jriit initials, jine ("j"J in stain fed pigskin, £12. 12« 

Xniiuellement imprime a Paris par Anthoine conteau im- 
primeur, pour Foncet le preux libraire iure de Uinim, 
demmirat en la rue sainct Jaquet a Icnseiijne du Louf duuiit 

les maturins . . . 1530 
Kvidcntly the -nine edition as the one described by Unmet, as published by 
Jehan Petit in the same year. The name of Galliot du Prf appears on tho titles 
of the first three volnrues beneath that of Foncet — and the mark of Jehan I'ctit 
nlto is on the reverse of the last leaf of vol. 3. The woodcut border of tho title 
nf vol. 4 differs from those of the other volumes, and contains the name of Jehan 
Petit in six different places. 

The collntion of this copy differs slightly from tho one given by Brunei, 
Tom. I. pp. vi and 213, and leaf with printer's mark — Tom It, pp. iv ninl 119 
and leaf with printer"* mark — Tom. Ill, pp. iv. and 172 — Tom. IV, pp. ii 
and 80. 

Christian Wechel (1526-50) and Andreas Wechel, 
his successor. 

kDOS. Eximii prophetarum antistitia regia Dauidis oracula, 
per Franciscu Bonadum Angcriro presbitorum Santonensem 
Aquitnnnni, ad Psalmoru seriem centum quinqnaginto numeris 

ticis exarata, sm. 8vo. printed on vellum, ruled villi /•../ 
old calf, 'jilt edges, with the Wodhull onus in gold on the side, £10. 
■.its Excudebat Christ!, u, us Wechelus, sub seuto llasilintsi, 

in uico Iacobieo, Anno 1531 


37447 [Scbiptobes de Re Militari.] Fl. Vegetii . . dc- re Militari libri 

quatnor. Scxti Ivlii Frontini . . dc Strategematis libri totiden 
Ailiani de instruendis Aciebns libervnus. Modesti de vocabulis 
rei Militaris liber item vnua . . . Collatn sunt omnia nil antiques 
codices, maximo Bvdaei, small folio, with 120 full-page iroodruts 
of Militari/ Maclrinery, Cannon*,' Diving Ajtpara 
copy, vellum, 25s 
Lutrtiw ajHtd Ohrutiamwn WeeJidum, tub teut / 

Unmet ilid not know tail edition, but regarding that of 15.14, * r. 
i>r this, he wrote : " Ccttc Edition ne rccommando et par le nom dc son Mil 
le savant Budec, et par lea gravurcs stir hois dont elle est oniee." 

37448 [GAIGNY (Juan del] Ll mire dk noucel Reimprimf faisajm 

mention DBS sept PAROI.LES que nostre benoist saulnen: 
redempteur Jesucbrist dit en larbre de la croix; small U 
Jinn woodcuts, none of them repeated, beautiful copy i'i 
stamped binding, £12. Paris, Ch. II 

Inscribed in MS. on the fly-leaf by the author "A scar Pbelippo de 
Ghcldres": that is, to 1'hillippa of (iufldrca, Duchess of Lorraine, who had 
retired to 'the convent of Sii-t.i-Clarcs at l'out-a-Moiisson, 

37449 D0RER. Albertus Dnrerus NurembeTgansia pictor huius cci 

celeberrimus, versus e Germanica lingua in Latinum, Pictor! ' 
Pnbris terariis ac lignariis Lapicidis, Statnariis . . . prop.- 
neces.savius . . , Quatnor bis suaru Institutionura G comet ricarum 
libris, lineas, supertices & solida corpora tratavit, etc. folio, 
woodcuts and diagrams, in thl original stamped hogskin, bearing 
the date 1546, £3. 8s 

Parisiis, Ex oflicina Christian! Wtchcli, sub Scitto Basiliensi, 1535 
The following is bound up in the same volume: Strabonis licographi- 
corurn libri xvii, Olim, nt putatiir, ft Guarino Veronensi ac Gregnrio 
Trifernate Lutinitatc dnnnti, iani denno a Conrado Uercsbachio recngnii 
ii 'i'(h woodcut border to title, and charming woodcut initials. Basil** apud 
loan. Vualder, 1539. 

37450 ALCIATUS. Livret des Emblemes de maistre Andre Alciat, mis 

en rime francoyse, & presents a monseigneur Ladmira! 
France,12iiio.UltrrsgotiiiqucB,wi'A MS fine woodcuts of /. 
beautiful copy in blue morocco extra, gill edges, by Duru, t'l" 
. , / la maiton d* Ohrestien Weehel. . W.D.XXX il 

After the printer's dedication in Latin, a second dedication follows, which 
is in French by the translator .lehnn le Fevre, secretary of the Cardinal u> 

37451 HORAE in laudem beatissimce Virginis Maria?, secundum con> 

ludiiuin Romance ecclcsin-, Ora . -linn, with ih. leaf at the mid 
containing thi printer'i-navh ; »/.; »-/.- bin Igot, 

£3, 3s Parisiis. Inofih-ino Chriftinni Wrchcli, M.D.XXXV1II ( 1- 

37452 Alciati ( . . Andreac) Ehablematoin libelltu . . ab ipso iiun 

nut bore locupletntus, 12mo. US woo&oute, brown monee 
gill tdgae, B3. 10* Parisiis . . (] 

37453 Ci.enard (N.), It. QviLUtV, Jean Fouet, G. Skpiw. Iiistitvtinne* 

in lingvuni Qrnoam . . Nicolao Clenardo anotor I AJr. 

,-./,. I.".;.:: — Gnomon Renati Guillonij, ib. Andr. Weehel, ] 

— Brevis Dialecticir lU -ciii'i in . Ioaune Foetio authore, ib. Start. 

Inn, n. 1655 — MenalcasGerrasii Sepini Salmvrei, ih il ■ ••k*l, 

6 — 4 vols, in 1. Bin. 4to. n ••ger 

l'ai/nr, gilt edj bill arms in gold on 1553-56 


55 Tueodosij Tripolit* Sphtericorvm libri tree nrnrjvam antehae 
Grace excusi. Iidem Latine redditi per Ioannera Penaru . . 
1558 — Edclidis Optica & Catoptrica, nvnqvam antehae Grace 
;i ilita. Eadem latiuo reddita per Ioaonem Penam . . 1557 — 2 
vols, in 1, am. 4to. fine copies, ruled; in the original damped 
•■ill/, <jill edge*, 34s ]'■ pud And nam Weeheluui, 1558-57 

Jehan Longis (1528- ), 

37455 LORRIS Muiillaumo de) et Jean de MEUNG. Le rommnnt de 

la Roae nounellement reneu et corri^e oultve les preeedentea Im- 
preaaions, thick sin. 8vo. ItttrtB jjothiquts, with woodcut*, olir. 
morocco extra, gill edges, £8. 8* 

t hi let vent a Pan's au Palays ni In garllerie des marciers par 
ou on va voir les prison/tiers a la boutique de Jehan ho,, /is. 

[At end, 1538] 

37456 GERARD D'EUPHRATE. Le premier liure de 1'histoire A 

ancienne croniqve de Gernrd d'Evphrate, Due de Bovrgongne . . 
Mis de nouueau en nostrc vulgaire Francoys, sin. folio, numerous 
elegant woodcuts and graceful initials, by Oeoffroy Tory ; in the 
anginal .•«//, t'l">. 15,- 

I'aris /inr F.slirnnr t'lroulleau, pour lay, Ian Longis, 

Sf Vincent Sertenas, 1549 

(inly one of the woodcuts bears <!eoffroy Tory's mark; but his work is 

\i-iblein most of them, and the initials are undeniably his. According to 

M. Uidot the large engravings were the work of Jean Consin, and tho initials 

of Denis Janot. 

Guillaume de Bossozel (1533- ). 

37457 LUDOLPHTJS DE SAXONIA. Le premier volume du gr.vt 

vim \\i traslato de latin en francoys . . ; Le second volume . . . 
4 parte forming 2 vols, bound in 1, folio, Ictfrcs gothiquts, 
numerous woodcuts; fine copy in purple moroooo blind-tooled, gilt 
edges, £8. 10* . . Paris /„ir (liiillnuiuv de bossosel (about 1535) 
Tin' colophon, which is too long for complete citation, gives the una M 
the author and the translator as " venerable pore Ludonlphc " nnd •' venerable 
«ciclific(|uc & elounetc pcrsonnc frere . (inillnnmc le ineunnd." 

37458 TERENCE. Le grant thcrece en francoys tut En Rime que en 

Prose Nounellement Imprime a Paris . . . (en La/ in et en Fran- 
) iTiotliic ano Roman ILrtfrr, with border /•• title, ,i,,d 

many fine woodcuts in thl text, a beautiful copy, large and clean, 
'•i bound in old calf gilt, with the Due •!■ la PbJWeVe'i urns on 

the tides, /rmn the Jtath'irst collection, £10. 

i Paris par lluillainne de Bossozel au I 'liastean rouge, 

M.i >..•:• ■•■;.■■. I 1589) 

ThewoodcnW arc from the identical Mockl which were used for tin- Ijilin 
Terence printed at Lyons in 1493 ; nnd thus represent tho most striking and 
artistic work of illustration produced by the early French school. 

Jean Bignon (1535 — .) 

37450 MESCB.INOT (Jean). Lea lunettes des princes aveo avlcunes 
balades & additions nouuellement composees par noble horn me 


Iehan meschinot Escnyer . . . 18mo. a very clean copy, blue 
morocco extra, silk linings, vellum, Jly-leavet, gilt edges, lg 
I'nurteval, with his ticket, from the Hamilton Palace library, 
very rare, £15. 

Jmprime a Paris par Iehan Bignmi imjiri incur at no. u rant 
audit lieu, en I das, pi la Bon, 

sainct e tleneuiefue . 1539 
" 520 fr. Potier en 1870; porle a 700 it. an catalogue FotiUior, 
1875.''— Brunei's continuator. 

Containing signatures A-Q in eights. The last leaf contains only the 
printer's mark. 

Jean Bon Tons, and Nicolas Bonfons, his successor. 

37400 HUON DE BORDEAUX. Les gestes et faictz merucilleux da 
noble Huon de Bordeaulx Per de Prance, Due do I 
Nonncllcment redige en bon Francoys : . . small 4to. gottnr 
letter, with woodcut on title and other* in text, .; feu Utter* in the 
headlines of the Table and the headline of thi un\ leaf restored, 
ii dean copy (7g by 5J inches), blue morocco MPMV 
marhled edges, by Trantz-Bauzouiol . from the Didot coll., 
VK.ItT rare, £25. 
A Paris . Pour Jean Bonfons libraire dcnimim,, 

nostre Dame a lenseigne sainct Nicolas. 5301 

37401 the same, small 4to. a very fine and large copy 

b$ inches), red morocco super-extra, gilt marbled edges, hi/ 7V 
Jlauzonuet, £40. [About I 

Containing signatures a-/.. &, '.ml na-11. all in eights, except & ami II 
(4 leaves each). 

37402 OGER LE DANNOIS. Dnc de Danuemarehc qui f..t l'vn dee 

douzo Pers de Franco . . . & fut long temps en Faerie puis r 
commo vous pourrez lire cy apres, small 4to. with woodcut on Hit 
iiml many in text, blue morocco, gilt edge*, ran, £3. 10* 

A Fan's. Par Nicolas Bonfons, libraire 1/ --n la rue 

venue nostre. Dame a Vetueigne Sainct Nic< 

37403 ARTUS DE BRETAIGNE. Histoiiv des merveillevx faita du 

preux & vaillant Chenalier Art us de Bretaigne. Et des grandc* 
adnentnres ou il s'est trouue en son temps, small 4to. with 
■ lent on title ami others in text, green morocco super-extra, 
gilt edges, by Duru, rare, £10. 10* 

A Paris, Par Nicolas Bonfons . . 1584 

Arnoul and Charles Les Angeliers. 

37404 VIRGIL. Lea oenures do Virgile. Translatees de latin 

francoys [par Michel de Tonrs et Octavien de Saint-Gelais], et 
nonnellement imprirnees, veues et corrigees oultre 1' 
dentes impressions, etc. sm. folio, Irttrrs gothiquts. numerous 
woodcuts, with the c ry ran: last leaf containing only the printers 
mark, two or three small wormholes, otherwise large copy, 

red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, £10. 

1540. On les vend a Paris . . . pur .1 nrnil Ian. 
The liilc is inrroundcti hy a woodcut border containing the name of Jean 
Petit In Mtcnl place*. 



le pooond | volume du triumphant Mystere des Actes des Apostres 
translate fidelement a la verite Historiale, cscripte per sainct 
Lnc a Theophile. Et il lust re des legendcs autentiques et, vies 
de Sainctz recenes par leglise, tout ordonne par personnages, 
dernierement ione a Bonrges . . 2 vols, iu 1, thick small 4to. 
golht'c Itttfr, a few leaves slightly cut in the headline, red morocco 
extra, gilt edges, by Pratt, £8. 8s 

M.D.xl. On les vend en la grant salle dn palais par Arnold 

et Charles les angeliers freres, tenons leurs bouticques 

aux premier et deuriesme pilliers, deuant, la 

chapelle de messieurs les President. (1540) 

This book il not only very rare, but al§o excessively curious, and belongs 

to a class of early literature now much sought after. It contains the Acts of 

the Apostles dramatized as a mystery, with a number of singular characters 

and grotesque stories added to heighten Ihe effect. When it was played at 

Bourges, as the title states, it must have been divided into parts, as each 

representation would have occupied several days. The printer's device is a 

panning one : two angels tied, with the motto les angea Mr*. 


le second) volume des Catholicques oeuvrcs et Actes des 

Apostres redigez on escript par saint Luc . . . Auecques 

plnsieurs Hystoiresen icellny inserez des gestes des Cesars. Et 

les demonstrances des 6gures de Lapocalipse veues par sainct 

Jeha zebedee en lisle de Pathmos soubz Domician cesar, anecqs 

les cruaultez tant de Neron que dicellny Domician. Le tout 

ven et corrige bien et deuemet Belon la vrnye verite, et ioue par 

personnages a Paris en Ihostel de Flandres Lan Mil Cinq cens. 

xli., 3 vols, in 1, sin. folio, Icttrcs rjotliiqiirs, with woodcuts, very 

slightly wormed, but on the whole a very fine copy in red morocco 

in, gilt edges, by Perome le jeune, with the arms and name of 

I on paper-labels pasted inside the cover, from the Bechford 

library, £60. 

. . . El jut (ichene ledit linrc dimjirimer (d Paris) . . . Lan 

Mil cinq cens. xli pour Arnoul Jj* Charles les 

angeliers freres. (1541) 

Excursively raiie. The third part has the following title : /.apocalypse 

Sainct Jehan zebedee, ou lont comprin*** les virion* et regulations que ieclluy 

rainct Jehan eut en lulu de I'atmos . . . Ensemble le* cruaultez de Domicien 

Cesar [-ompoiif par 3/ai*tre Loy* Chocqutf]. The binding was probably dono 

about 1*70, and is perhaps part of a third collection made by Girardot 

<le l'ri'tMDds. It is ft very beautiful specimen of Dcrome'i work, and the 

lcatlier.ii particularly bright and rich in colour. 

"Edition la plus recbcrchec."— "lrun-f. 

Other Printers. 

87467 GR1NGORE. Hcvres de nostre dame translatees de latin en 
r'nincoys & mises en rhyme, Additionnees do plusieurs chfit/. 
royanlx (igurez & moralisez, snr les mysteres miraculoux de la 
passion de nostre redepteur Iesnchrist auec plnsieurs belles 
Oraisons It, Rondeaulx contemplatirz : composez par PieiTe 
^oire . . Parle coraaudement de haulte & noble Princesse 
Madame Renee de Bourbon, Duchesse de Lorraine, small 8vo. 
with 13 beautiful icoodcuts said to be by Qeoffroy Tory, a fine copy, 



blue moroeco extra, veil n m ih/-leaves, gilt edges, eetremeli/ rurr, 
from thr Ilcclcfonl library, £22. 10* 

On les vend a Paris en la rue sainct Iaequet, en la maiion de 
Odin Petit, a lenseignede la F/rnr ./. lis. [1541] 

The woodcuts, -which are very fine, have been attributed to Geoffrey Tory, 
and bear his mark of the Lorraine Cross. 
The Almanack is for 1541-54. 

37468 (CAPITDLARIA) Antiques Bvrgvndionvm Leges, 95 pp. ; Tn 

Christi nomine incipivnt Capitvla Ri'l'viii it Episcopornm 
maximeque omnium nobilinm Francorum ad repriniendas 
Neophytorum quasi ndelium diuersaa adinnentiones, pp. 1-224; 
2 vols, in 1, 16mc. printed on Vellum, calf, from the libraries of 
Baluze and Lord Sunderland, £28, 

8. n. \_Parisiis, J. Bogard, 1546 

This unfinished work was never published. Jean du Tillct was the editor. 
Bnluze had this vellum co[>v and three other- on paper, all of them imperfect 
at the end, and being probably the entire survival of the uncompleted edition. 
The paper copy which went into the Bibliotheqne Nationale bears the name of 
the printer and the date. According to Brunet it ends with p. 448 which look* 
like a mistake from his having confounded the 224 as a foliary instead of • 
paginary number. Bnroet makes no mention of the Burgundionnm Legal 
which may be unique here. 

37469 DOC (Jean) Vrra, Rissio, Sepdltvra Christi mabttris Ario- 

paoit* Dionvsii socioRUMqnE Eios : Corpornm eornndem 
Inuentio ac Translatio, per piu regem Dagobertam. Qaibns 
iuncta est Dominieto precationis quiedft brenis explanatio, ad 
iaaenes Dionysinni monasterii Catnobitns, Iotinne Docieo, oidem 
pitefecto, autliore, 12mo. printed on vellum, in the original 
binding with gilt ornamentation on the sides, ami filt edge*, £ 

8. ;,. (Pari*, | 

Appabbntlt unique xsd usKNciws. It is not recorded by any of the 
bibliographers (barring an uncertain reference found in Fahricins) although 
it is decidedly the most ambitious literary work executed by Doc or Dooms 
Bishop of I aon, as be became a few years afterwards. The preface in this 
volume is by Claude Baudet one of the professors of the Abbey school of St. 
Denis, and he describes the author as next in rank among them to the Abbal. 
This preface is dated " ex icdibus Diouytianis anno salutis srxquiroillesimo 
quadragesimo nono," i.e. 1549 ; and it is possible that the book may hare been 
panted within the walls of the monastery. This nniqne copy has probably 
survived becanso of its being printed on vellum, and bound for some dis- 
tinguished person. It is possible that all the ordinary copies, having been 
delivered to the boys and the young monks for daily study, were all destroyed. 

37470 PARE (Ambroise) la maniere, de tkaicter les 
plates f'aictes tilt par hacquebutes, que par fleel 

. . . sm. 8vo. (12mo.) printed on Vellum, u 
Numerous initial* and woodcuts of surgical 
ments and their usee, nil richly painted ami Uluntmai 
the presentation copy to Diane de Poitiers ; til 
original calj binding, repair' <l, with << </r<n/dgeometri'->il 
or architectonic pattern in gold on (//■ "c hack 


covered with gilt toolinq ; uniquk ; in mi olive morocco 
o/se, £300. 

On title : A Paris, par la vefue Jean de Brie . . 

1551; At end: . . . Fan mil cinq cens 

cinqnante et dettx . . (1552) 

There is no special mark on the binding that indicates 

possession by the famons Diane ; but in cadres within the 

illuminated border of the title-page, the three crescents and 

the interlacing H and DD are wrought in silver upon a blue 

ground ; and the style of the ornament is that usually adopted 

by her binder. This is the dedication copy to Henri II. 

37471 BELON. L'histoiro natnrelle des estranges poissons marins, avec 

la vraie peinctvre & description dn Dauphin, & de plusienrs 
autres de son espece, Obseruce par Pierre Belon du Mans, small 

4tO. tritli nil nj till'' iroailcutt, the last lent' rmit'i inimj 

printer's marl-, a remarkably fine copy, beautifully hound in old 
French rod morocco, with broad gold inside-borders, gilt edges, by 
PatUloMJI, I KRY RAKE, £18. 18* 

-I I 'oris . De Vimprimerie de Bogttaiud Chaudiere . 1551 

37472 BELON. Portraits d'Oyseavx, Animavx, Serpens, Herbos, Arbres, 

Homines et femmes, d'Arabie & Egypte, obseruez par P. Belon du 
Mans . . . small 4to. with numerous fine woodcuts, and a folding plan 
of Mount Sinai, but without the folding map of Mount Athos, a 
renin rhahly fine copy, beautifully bound in red morocco extra, gilt 
eilgvs, by Padeloup, £12. \2l 

A Paris, ehet QuiUanme Cauellat . . . 1557 

87473 the same, sm. 4to. perfect, with both the maps, an even 

finer copy, old red morocco gilt, £21. 1557 

Tin' engriivcr of these fine designs is unknown, the letters G. C. which 
appear in the tiile border, nn«l were referred in Nngler's Monogrammisten to 
GHUea Ourroxet, being nls» tho initials of Giiillnnmc Cavcllat, the printer. 

37474 [CORLIEU (Girard).] Briefue Instruction pour Tons Estats. Bo 

laqm ll>- ■ -t soraranirement deelaire, comnie ebacun en son Estat 
Be doit gonnerner, et viure selon Dien, small 4to. Cursive Tvi i . 
(i wonderfully fine copy, large mid clean, red moroaeo flip r-tatra, 
gilt iiKirbh ,1 rilges, by Trnutz-Bauzonnvt, £52. 10s 

A Paris, De Vimprimerie de PhiUppi Itmifrie, et Rlclmnl 
Breton . . . M.v.'Lvllj. (1558) 
l'\TRKMEi.r hare. Printed in very curious Ultra de eiviliU. The 
earliest edition mentioned by Unmet is that of 1561. 

Containing 10 preliminary unnumbered leaves, and Ixvi nnmbsn I 
The preface is signed by FllJIIJfil Veilroc, tho latter of which VOrdj 
is an anagram of Corlieu. 

37475 MARGUERITE DE VALOIS. L'Heptameron dks Novveu.i M 

de tresillvstre et trosexcellento Princesse Marguerite de Valois, 
Royne de Nauarre, Reinis en son vray ordre, confus au parauant 
en sa premiere impression . . par Claude Grnget Parisien, -in. 
4to. title and Initials, ran CLEAN copy, old calf, VERY 

rarl, from the Sunderland library, £45. 

1'nris, par Betwixt Prewut, rue Fremetel, 1559 
'Secondc edit, de l'lleutaiueroii. mais la premiere uni renfermc lea T-> 

261 • 


nouvellcs. C'est d'apres co tcxte que les nombreuses editions do l'onvrageoai 
etc faites. I-e volume se Ironvc diflirilement, et il est recherche deaenrieux. ' — 
Bruntt. A French bookseller recently priced a copy 2300 fra. 

(1473) Lyons. 

Bartholomieu Buyer and Guillaume Leroy (1473-88). 

3747C LA BIBLE. [Leaf 1 of Table .] Oy commance la table de oe 
present liure qni est dit La bible du viel testament, sra. folio, 
First Edition, gotfjic letter, with two or three wormholes at the 
beginning, portions of the 228th and 229th leavei supplied fa 
facsimile, and half of the 230rA and 231st leaves destroyed; a 
very large copy with some uncut leaves, calf antique, extraordi- 
narily rare, £30. 

[End:'} Oy finist ce preset liure q. est dit la bible du viel 

tcs/amet. [Without date or place, but at Lyons, hi/ J: 

about 1 I 

This abridgment of the Bible, by Julian Macho and Pierre Fkhobt. 
iaTHE Filter Kiikncii tuanm.atiom. 

The yolumo is printed in doable columns of .11 lines, nnd consists of . — 
5 leaves of Tublc, followed by a blank leaf ; then signatures a-« (p and ■) 
being double ), three more, and aa-cc, all being in eights, except cc ( I u leave* ). 
It thug contains, besides the 5 leaves of Table, 242 unnumbered leaves, which 
iu this copy have been correctly so numbered by a contemporary hand. 

The type is the same as that used by 13 1 v i : it . Lyons' first printer, in Oie 
Iloderieus Sancius do Arevalo of 1477. Il is probable that this translation of 
the Bible would be his first production. 

This edition has apparently never hitherto been described bv bibliogra- 
phers. Brunei mentions one (in tho La Valliere sale) totally different, in a 
iv|.!' which he declares to be Buyer's also. 

B747B RODERICUS SANCIUS DE AREVALO. Cy commence la liure 
intitule le miroir de vie humaine fait par rodorique hispaignol 
euesque de zamoresis Ouquel toute creature humaine mortelle en 
ipiclque estat que elle soit establie ouenomee spiritueloutemporel 
]»>nrra veoir de chascun art et maniore de viure les prosperitez 
it aduersitez et les enseigncmens de droitement viure Lequel 
liure a este translate de latin en francois par frere iulie doctenr 
cu theologie du couuent ties freres sainct augustin a lion sur le 
rosne En Ian milcccclxxvii, small folio, first edition, very large 
OopV, bul slightly wormed, and having margins of first and of last 
leaf mended, red murncco, gilt edges, by Derome, VERT rare, £ IS 
ivipsse a lijon sur le rosne p. bartholou 

citoien dudii IjfOn, 1477 
Valuable as a dated production of the first ureas of Lyons. 
In the same rnde type as the preceding Bible. 

(Fol. 1 , sign, a 2 :) Ci commence le romant de la rose 
On tout lart damours est enclose 
Aintes gens dient q 
en songes 
Ne sot q fables 
et mensonges 
Mais on peult telz 
songes songiir 
i.'ni no sont mie meiisniik'ii'f . . 


small folio, Editio Princepe, Itttrrs gothiquea, 149 leaves (sig- 
natures a-t in eights, except a which has seven and t which has 
eight leaves), printed in double columns, with 92 woodcuts, and a 
woodcut border on the first page, coloured by a contemporary hand ; 
a small worm huh: in the lower margin of eleven leaves; otherwise 
a fine copy in old French red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Derome 
lejeune, uniquk, £96. 5. n. (Lyon, environ 1479-80) 

Unique as a perfect copy ; there ia however a second copy known, now 
in the Lyons library, whicli wants the Inst leaf. Beyond the two copies 
specified, there is no other extant to onr present knowledge. The type is not 
the same ns in the edition assigned to Gnillaume Leroy and described by 
Unmet as " uric des plus unrienncs que. jusqu'ici, nons commissions de CO 
1 i v re "; but the woodcuts in each of the two editions are identical and from 
the same blocks, only a little more worn and showing a few breaks here and 
there in the later edition. We therefore place the impression under Leroy's 
name, although ho may not have been the printer. Tho above volume 
exhibits them certainly in the first stage of their uso. — The Gothic type is 
totally different in style and character from that in the following edition. 
One of the points to be remarked is the frequent use of the upright Gothic d 
instead of i. — Brunct gives a long paragraph to this edition, but he knew 
nothing of it except from a private letter addressed from Lyons to Van Praet, 
describing the imperfect copy in the Lyons library. 


(Fol. 1, sign, a 2 :) Cy comance le romanfc de la rose 
On tout lart damours est enclose 
Aintes gens dient que 
en Bonges 
m Ne sont que fables et 

Mais on peult telz 
songes songier 
Qui ne sont mie mensougier . . . 
small folio, lettrcs gotijiqucs, 150 leaves (signatures a-t m eight*, 
except t which has six leaves), with the same woodcut and border 
as in the preceding edition; eleven leaves in facsimile (title, a 4, 
a 5, a 8, o 7, and the six leaves of t) ; large and fine copy m 
crimson morocco super-extra, covered irith gold tooling of roses in 
compartments, with gilt and marbled edges, by Belz-.\ 
magnificent example of binding, £40. 

S. n. (Lyon Guillaume Leroy, environ 1484) 
The Didot copy fetched 5500 francs. 

Unmet speaks of this edition as being, in his opinion, the earliest known 
impression of tho work. Such howevor it cannot be from its having the 
identical woodcuts of the preceding edition in a secondary state. The most 
remarkable feature in tho Gothic type of this volume is thai there is no abbrc- 
v iation for et. which is always printed in full. There is no upright d amongst 
the characters. 

" ImprimiS avec les caractercs dont Guillaume Leroy s'est servi a Lyon, 
en UBS, dans le Doctrinal de Sapience.." — Brunei. 

Unnamed Printer. 
181 MAUDEYILLE. Fol. 1 

/Ki'/e woodcut iij the 
lohannes de Montevilla. 

recto blank, verso a full- 
author with the inscription 

Fol. ! : (C) E liurc est 


appelle mandeuille et fust fait & compose par me^siere 
Iehan de mandeuille cheualier natif dagleterre <le la 
ville de sainct alein. Et parle de la terrc de pro- 
mission cest assauoir de iherusalem et de plusieurs 
aultres Isles de mer & les diuerses & estrages choses 
qui sont esdictes isles, sm. folio, IcltrfS gothiqucs, "1 
leaves (sign, a-1, the first (wo quins in eights. t//> 
in seven leaves, "/></ me rest in sices), iriih 108 
loooih-iils in omit mporary colouring; maroon morocco 
extra, gilt edges, by Hiring, with tin: BamSton and 

Beck/'ord crests us curner-ornmnenfs, £125. 

Cy finist ce tresplaisant Hure nomine Maud, uille . . 

[Lyon, i in-iron 1485] 

Excessively rare. The type of tbe book, although much 
lareer, is very like that which was used by Topie and Heremberk 
in 1188. 

Michel Topie and Jacques Heremberk (1488-90). 


friico q dieu absoluc vnzicsme de ce no auecqs plusieurs aultres 
aduetures aduenues, tat en ce royaulme de franco come es pays 
voisins depuis Ian mil qnatre ecus. Is. insques en Ian mil qnatre 
ces qnatre- vingtz <fc trois Inclusiucmet, small folio, Irtttrs 
fJ0tl]iquc2. very fine clean copy, red morocco cctrn, gilt edge*, by 
Bedford, very rark, £'27. [Sans lie* n* date, Lyon, vtn 1488] 
The first edition of this rare anonymous Chronicle. Brunei, who pire« a 
long account of this volume, aays it is also well known under the title of 
" Chroniqiics Scandaleuses.' 1 It is printed with the same type* as were need 
l.y Michel Topie and Jacqncs Heremberk of Lyons, in their " Voraga da 
Breydenbach " of U88, and "Cent Histoircs de Tr.'vc- " of I (M 

-3 BREYDENBACH, Voyage a Jerusalem. Fol. 1 : Ces lwstea Icy 
soubz ponrtraites sont comme nona les auos veue6 en la terre 
snicte, a full-page woodcut beneath ; the printers' mark on the 
reverse of the leaf; Fol. 2 : A treshanlte trescrestienne et 
In sredoubtee princesse la royne de frace Margneriti' . . . Frere 
Nicole de Hue . . . At end: Des sainctes peregrinationa de 
iherusalem et des auirons & des lienx prochains. Da mont de 
Bynay & la glorieuse katherino : Cost onuraigc eft petit liure 
conteniit du tout la description ainsi que dicu a voulu le & 
a cognoistrc . . . small folio, Itttrrs jjalljiqiics, 132 leaves of 
le tte rpr eu (signatures as in, except b, c, n. p, q, r whit 
in IMWf), villi separate folding leaves of t late aufnWMWJ 

which represent views if towns; ]'. . jilt edges, I 

Imjirime a Lyon par honestes > 

\ Toques heremberct: da 

eccc. qwxtlrevij! . X kuiett . . [\4 
The plates iu this very rare volume are the first examples of ooppar- 
l.liitc engraving ever produced in Fmuce. The panorama of Vcuic • alone la a 


Eictnrc 61 inches in length. Tho view of Parens is only double-page dimension; 
at thoeeof Rhodes, C'andia, and Modem arc also of considerable size- According 
to the Didot catalogue, there onght to he two other plates (Corfu and the 
Holy Land), bnt the book is hardly to be found in a complete condition, most 
copies having been long ago mutilated for tho cabinets of print-collectors. 
Even the Didot copy wanted the grand view of Venice, which is the best of 
all the engravings. 

Johannes Trechsel (1488-98). 

37484 (TERENTII ComceditB cum Guidonis Jnvenalis intorpretationo) 
( 1 nidonis luuenalis natione Cenomani in Terentium familiarissima 
interptatio eft fignris unfoniqj sewnas propositi's, 4to. with a fine 
woodcut on tin- title, and many others in the text, the title mounted, 
and two wormhules through the last few leaves, but a good large 
and sound cop;/, bound, rare, £5. 

Impressum est hir opus I'ura atq% impensis Magutri Iuhnmiis 
Trechsel. In ciuitale Lugdunensi . . M.ccccxciii . . (1403) 

The first edition of Terence with woodcuts to each scene of every play. 
These woodents, by an unknown artist, are much superior to those in 
Gniningcr's Strassbnrg edition; and form the most striking and artistic work 
ol illustration produced by the early French school. 

Jacques Maillet (1490-1511). 

37485 SONQH i\,V.) DU VERGIER. [On a ii :] Cy commence le 
pmier Hare intitule le songedu vergier: du clerc & du cheualier, 
small folio, gotijir Idler, the first leaf containing nothing hat a 
large very fine woodcut, with two small wormholes in the first five 
leava, otherwise a remarkably fine copy, large, clean and sound, 
old French calf gilt, £16. 10* 

Imprime [a Lyoni] par Iacques maillot, Ian mil. 00G0. 

quatre vints el vnte . . (1491) 

The vert rare First Edition of n famous book, which was written 
in 1377 to maintain tho rights of tho crown against the papacy. The author- 
ship is uncertain and disputed. 

('•.niniiiing 126 unnumbered leaves, or signatures a-v. in sixes, except 
aandt (8 leaves each), nnl n and v (7 each), the last two signatures terminating 
respectively Books I and II. 

Jean Bachelier ? (1497-1510). 

486 KALENDR1ER DES BERGIERS (LE). Le grot Kaledrier 
Des bcr-gicrs nonuellemet imprime a Lyon. Ordonne a la verito 
an quel sot plusiem-s augmiitatios & corrections neuuellemeti 
adionstees anltremont quil nestoit par auant, smallest folio, 
got hie letter, with a great number of fine bold wood cuts and initials, 
n liw rb'iin copy, calf extra, gilt edges, VERY rare, £16. 16« 

' Finit A lyon 1510 Dauril le 8 

This is the original French of tho •• Shepherd's Calendar," of which so 
many editions were brought out by onr early printers. 

Containing signatures A-M, in eights. 

The letters I B engraved in white on a black ground, with decorative 
additions, must be meant to indicate the printer's name. These initials 
were borne in 1510 by two printers of Lyons, Jodocus Bad i us and Jcnn 


Guillaume Balsarin (1498-1503). 

37487 BRANDT (Sebastian). Fol. 1 : La nef des foi.z du siosdb, a 

woodcut of the ship beneath, and IM fkl linet of verse : 

Homines mortolz qui desirez scauoir . . . En la me merciero 
cheulx balsarin. Fol. 2 : Sensuit le prologno du t rnn.slateur . . small 
folio, ItttttB rjotfjiquefl, 84 leaves (sign, ao in sixes), with 117 
curious Woodcuts ; the last two leaves slightly wormrd in the 
margin; old French red morocco extra, gilt edges, from the 
Bcckford library, £55. 

Oy Jlnist la nef des fol: . . coposec en aleman par maislre 
scbastien brant ducteur es droit:. OonteqviUlOdt ooleman 
en latin redigee par maislre iacqms lor her . . tnUtatc* 
de latin en rethorique francoise. Et final 
translatec de rime en prose . . . mil attain cent 
gnat re ring; f Jiilinit. It-,, grattai I 1 !. 
Tho verso translator was Pierre Riviere. Portion of his version U given 
in extracis of fonr, six or eight lines at the head of each paragraph. The 
pronator is not mentioned. 

37488 BALSAC (Robert de). la nef des batailles anec le cheinin de 

lospital copose par noble et pnissat seigneur Robert de biirsat 
seigneur dautresgues ct de saint amand eamontaignes dauuergne 
conseiller et charabcllaj du roy . . . am. folio, gotrjie lftttr, with 
woodcut and coat of arms on title, and woodcuts in the ti 
large copy in the best condition, red morocco extra, gilt to\ 
Bedford, £8. 8* 

Cy finist vng petit linre intitule la n .,-es $■ des 

batailles . . Et est eesl present ounre imprime a lion 

en rue merciere p. maistre guillaume balsarin 

imvri mem- du rou HOttre sire . . 1502 

This volume is paged LIII-LXV, as forming part of a collection of pieces 

made by Sympboricn Champier, but is complete in itself. The author, Itobart 

de Balsac, Seigneur d'Entragues, a favourite of Louis XI, died in 150.' 

Jacobus Sacon (1498-1522) and others. 

37489 Biblu [Latina] cu cocordantijs' veteris & noni testanuM 

sacroru canonum (etc.) . . . Nouissime antem adilite sunt ocor- 
duntio ex viginti libris Josephi de antiquitatibus & bello iudnico 
excerpte, stout folio, (jotl)ic letter, with a great number 
woodcuts, coloured by hand, red morocco, gill edges, from the 6 
ierland horary, £5. 5* 

. . Lugduni, per Jacob a ni Sacon, expensis Ant ger 

Nuremburgensis . . 1516 
The woodcuts (144 in number) are by a Venetian artist, and note are of 
very curious character. 

37490 Biblu [Latina] cu concordantijs veteris & noni testament i et 

sac rorum canonum . . (etc.) folio, gotrjie letter, u it h woodcut border 
to title, and many woodcuts in ti- 

the. margins of some /-• mil, in the original Ottktn boards 

,-w n d H Oh stamped pigskin, £2. 10» 

hnpreua autettl Lugduni : i otmtU 

... I ntonij Koberger AY 1 Bn 

The book was bought in 15*3 by a Swiss named Johaun Kaas, a rev 



whose family-history till the year 1626 is written in German on nine pages at 
the beginning and end of the volume. 

37491 Virgil. Opera Vergiliana docte it familiariter exposita : doctu 
qnide Bacolica : & Georgica a Seruio Donate . Mancinollo : & 
Probo naper addito : cam adnotationib. Ber"baldinis . Aeneis 
vero ab ijsdo preeter Mancinellum & Probu & ab Augustino 
datho in eius principio : opnscaloru pneterea qda ab Domitio 
Calderino . Familiariter vero oia ta opera q opuscula ab Iodoco 
Badio Ascensio . . thick email folio, with many woodcuts, old calf, 
£7. Excussit Lugduni §• in ojficina sua literaloria lacobus 

Sacon : Impensas ant protulit bibliopolaru. optimus 
Ciriacus Hookperg . . MDXVII . . (1517) 
A bake edition valncd for its woodcuts, which are the same as those 
used in Gruninger's edition. 

Claude Nourry, dit le Prince (1501-32). 

37492 CRONIQUES (Lks) des boys de frace abregees &, imprimcea 
nonuellement, small 4to. jjothic letter, with woodcut on title, a very 
fine large and clean copy, old calf, with the arms of Jean I>U 
Bouchet, Conseiller du Boy, on sides, very rare, £8. 8* 

Imprimees (sic) a lyon sur le rosne le. xx. tour 
de decembre mil cinq cens §■ vug par Claude nourry . (1501 ) 
Consisting of signatures a m in sixes, the last leaf containing only a 
coat-of-arnis with fleurs-de-lis. 

(DIALOGUS CREATURARUM). Destructoriu vitioram ex 
similitndinu creaturaru} exemplorum appropriatioe per moilu} 
dyalogi. auetoritutiiqi sacraram script uraru . philosophorum 
ct poetarnm : Costrnctoriamqj virtatum : smallest folio, black 
letter, with 122 woodcuts, and a great number of very fine woodcut 
initial letters, brown morocco extra, gilt edges, £15. 

Impression lugd. (Lugduni) per Claudiuia nourry, 1509 

This is an edition of the " Dialogus Creaturarum Moralisatus," under a 

new title. Some of the cuts were copied in the English translation printed at 

Paris about 1540, and reprinted by Mr. llazlewood, but they are much less 

numerous, and very inferior to those ill this original edition. 

04 OGIER LE DANOIS. Ogier le Dannoys due de 
danemarche : qui fut lug des douze pers de france, 
Lequel auec Layde du roy Charlcraaigne ehassa les 
I 'ives hors de Rome & remist le papeen son siege . . 
Et frit couronne roy Dangleterre & roy Dacre, 
& coquist Hierusalem et Babylouc, & plusieurs 
autres vaillances feist ledict Ogier . Et fut long 
temps en faerie, puis reuint come vous pourrez 
lire cy apres en ce present liure, am folio, xjotllic 
Irittr, with woodcut on tide, and many in the text, the 
two leaves (A v) and (/ riii) in facsimile, but a beautiful 
r "l'!h '''.'/ large and clean, red morocco super-extra, 
lined {doubU) with blue morocco richly yilt, leather 


fuints, gilt marbled edges, by Lortic, from the Didot 
collection, £120. 

Imprime a Lyon sur le rosne par Claude noumj, 
'lit le Prince : demourant deuatit le coucnt de 
nostre dame de Contort . . Lan de any 

Jfil.ccccc.xxv .. (1525) 
Excessively rare. Only one other copy (the Yemeni*) 
is recorded as having occurred for sale during the last sixty 

87495 COMMINES. Cronique & hystoire Faicte et coposee par feu 
messire Philippe de Comities . . contenat les cltoses aduennes 
durat le regne du roy Loys vnziesme, taut en Frauce. Bonr- 
gongne, Flandres, Arthoys, Angletcrre, que Espaigne. c-t liatv 
circouisin8, smallest folio, gothic Itttrr, with woodcut 
title, and fine wooden! on luck, a wonderfully fine copy, dean and 
large, with some niicnl /evict's, beoiilifulli/ bound in od morocco 
super-extra, covered on back and sides with jh . with the 

French royal arms inlaid in blue and citron in M of each 

cover, gilt marbled edges, by Lortic, very kike, £55. 

. . Et fut acheuee dimprimer . . Lan mil cinq cent, xsrj. par 

Claude Nourry, dil le Prince: demourant a Lyon tur le 

Rosne pres nostre dame de Comfort . La us deo . ( 1526) 

The coronet, surmounting the French royal arms on each coicr. is ili»t of 

a fiUda France, from which it would appear that this lovely volume wbh bound 

for the Due d'Autnale. 

Vincentius de Portunariis de Tridino (1506-36). 

37496 CHAMPIER (Symphorien). Le recueil on croniques des hystoire* 
des royaulmes daustrasie, ou franco orientale dite a present 
lorrayne Do hierusalem, de Cicile. Et de la duche de bar. 
Ensemble des sainctz conteset euesques de toulx contenant 
liures tant eu latin que en francoys . . . Ad lectorem 
Champier, small folio, gothic letter, wtth fine woodcuts, « I 
large copy, reti morocco extra, gilt marbled j Trault- 

Buuxonioi, i:ai;k. £40, 

Veuudantur in vico mercuriali apud Luijdunum in officina 

Vincent ij d'' port iiimrijs </• tridino, ( 151(1) 

Thii superb copy had belonged in succession to rarioue distinguished 

owners : ICevoil, the Prince d'Kssling, the Due d'Aumale. M. Double, and 

Ambroisc Finnin-Didot. 

Jacobus Myt (1510-35). 

MrU'" NALLUST. Opera Sallnstiana. Caij Crispi Sallostij . . . cum 
Jodoci Badij Ascensij expositione . . . opera . . smallest i 
tjotliir letter, with woodeute, a fine sound and //y, in th» 

original oaken boards covered with new buck, 

BARB, £9. 

Lugduni . . Tmprctsus per Jacobum myt . . M.qnii 



Jacques Mareschal alias Roland (1510-32). 

37498 Virgil. Opera Verffiliana cvm decern cometia doote & familiariter 

exposita,folio, title within woodcut border, with numerous woodcuts, 
tome haves stained, contemporary calf, from the Sunderland 
library, £2. 2s . . per Iacobii Mareschal al's Roland: excitsa 

Liiyd. . . 1527 (on title 1528) 

Johannes Moylin alias de Cambray (1511-35) and others. 

37499 Biblia Magna ( Biblia cum concordantiis vetiiis et noai 

testamenti et sucrornm canonnm, etc. thick folio, printed in red 
1 blaeh, with woodcut title on I mtnu rout woodeutt and border- in 
text, mi excellent copy, with old vellum Jhj -leaves covered with con- 
temporary MS., it, oaken binding covered with leather, £4. 

Lugdvni impressum per Joliannem moylin al's de cumhray. 

honetti Otri Steplmni aiifyuard ill's pineti, 1520 

37500 LULLI US. Prnctica copendiosa nitis Ruymudi Lul. Explanatio 

compediosaq} applicatio artia . . Raymundi Lull, ad "is 
fucnltates : per . . Bernardu de lauinheta . . lncubrata . . 4to. 
rjothir. letter, with woodcut border round title, and many woodcuts 
in the text, with the autograph of Beroaldc de Yi'i-villo, author of 
" Lo Moyen de Parvenir " (•' Franciscus Beroaldus Veruillus 
possessor"), ids., run:, £2. 10s 

. . jiiiiu. < i) 'lis dr f.niiiiilietii hoc OpUS . . Liojdiini . . 

Imprttstun in edit us Joatinis Moylin al'sdc Cumbruy . . 1523 
The leuf after the colophon contains nothing but the printer's murk, with 
Si mon Vinccntius' name. 

Jean Marion (1516-21). 

"ID IC'TYS CRETESIS dc bello troiano. Cum privilegio, small 4to 

with .-iiiiiU WOOdeuts on title which is printed in red within block 

woodcut border, a fuH-juvjc woodcut on tht baohh '"'"' '"'''"'■■'• 'dire 

■ . ijilt i ihjisi £2. 2s 

Fin it opus Dictys Oretensis . . Impssum Lugd\fR\ ver Ioannem 

Marion. Sumptibus tf ewpetuit Romav Morin bibliopole 

eiusdem ciuHaiit . . 1520 

Thin mythical history, professedly translated from a Greek text disguised 

in Punic letters, was perhaps the work of the pseudo-tronslntor himself, 

Scptimioa. in the fourth century. Ii formed the basis of the popular legend 

"' Tmy, in combination with the so-called Dares Phryj.ii>>. 

02 MdlAMMKI) II.] Kpistole Thnrci p. Laudiuiu hieroKolimitnnii 

Ci|iiitrin ile, small 4to. the title in ml within black 

Irut border, with many fine icoodmis, »-<■ t'n fours, a large 

■in copy with some uncut /■ores, old calf, RARE, £18. 18s 

Impreue Lugduni /•- r Toannl Sfai n •■ sumptibus .y cxpeiuns 

Jiomdnt Morin bibliopoU eiusde emftatis . . 1520 

The following books are bound up in die HH rottmw: — (ii-oigii 

Agricolac Oratio de Bello ndversvs Tvrcam svsri|iien.l. •, Ad IVrdimindum 

Vnguiiie lioiimia^qi regent, & l'riticipes (irrmanUi, BasiUa (.Frobenitu) 

18— Vt. Affljctiouibva Rbodiorrm milium ortl. noi li to, FJaptiaUB, soccnr> 
nitiir, nd Principal & < hrwtUnoa oouks, Othonis Brnufclsii (iratio. E* 
Baulta. o;u.l Andnam Ciatandmn . . 152.1— Dc Bello Iihodio, libri trei 


. . Iacobo FontaiiQ Brugensi nutorc . . the last leaf with imprint and 
mark. Haganoa apxid Ioannem Sccerium . . 1527 . . — Vita Theoderki Hegis 
qvondam Ostrogothorum & Italia . . avthore Joanne Cochla-o Gerroano. 
Ex ojficina Alexandra VueUsenhorn C&lcopraphi IngoUtadientis. 1644 — 
Victoria seroniss. l'olonine Hegis contra Vaycuodam Muldanite, Turtle 
tributarimn k subditum . . I'ariiiit Eteudebat Chriitiamu Weclulus, in uieo 
Iacoban, sub scuto Basiliensi. 1531. 

Olivier and Baltasar Arnoullet (1521-55). 

37503 LIVRE pe CDYSINE. Linre fort excellet de Cuysine tresvlillc 
& profitable contenat en soy la maniere Dhabiller toutes vim. 
Auec la maniere do seruir es Bacijuetz & festins. Le toot 
reueu & corrige oultre la pmiere Impressio p. le grat Escuyer 
de Cuysine, 18mo. QOtijic letter, a very good sound copy, calf, 


On les vend a Lyon pres nostre dame de Oonfori 

OU/mu r Anumil 

[At end :] Cy finist le liure de Cuysine nouuellemet Imp 

a Lyon par Oliuier ' . I •> i'l 

This excessively rare cookery-book has been falsely attributed to 
Taillcvcnt the aalhor of the Vivandicr or Lime de Taillevent grant cwysi'niVr 
du Boy. llrnnet could only quote tho sale of two copies. Containing 
eight unnumbered preliminary leaves, and Ixxij numbered leave-, signed a and 
B-K in eights. 
375CM, LES CENT NOUDELLES. SEnRuyuet les cet nouuelles OOB. 
tenant cent bystoires nouueaulx qui sont moult plaisans a 
raoompter en toutea bonnes corapaignies par maniere do 
ioyensete, sm. 4to. rrotbie Utter, with a woodcut on the ti 
woodcuts and initials in the text, a few letters of the last leaf 
restored, red morocco extra, gilt marbled edges, by E. 
from Utterson's library, RARE, £20. 

. . Nouuelleincnt imprinters . . Mil. ccccc. xxxij. a Lyon tmr 
le rosne par Oliuier Arnouller demmirat aupres de 

dame de 
The small woodcut on the last leaf (K fi), mentioned by Brum 
this copy. This collection of stories was tirst compiled between the Nan 
1450 and 1460 ; as some think, by Antoine de la Salle (the author of IVut 
Jean de Saintre). The usual idea is that the work was simply a redaction to 
• riling of the tales and anecdotes with which the Dauphin (Louis XI) sn.I 
his friends beguiled their stay at the Court of Burgundy between I IM 
nnd 1461. 

37505 [HABERT (Fr.)] Description poetiqve de l'Histoire du bean 
Narcissus, 12mo. a fine OOpy, in very nice old Frene 

Ira, gilt edges, from the Hamilton Palace library, vert i 
£10. A Lyon, Chez Laltliazar Arnoullet. 1 

3750G MILLES & AMYS. La tres ioyeuse plaisante & reorem 

bystoirc des faitz gestcs triuphes & pronesses des tres pnui 
& vaillans cheualiers Milles & Ainys. Et de leurs en fas, 
costassauoir Anceaulme & Florisset lesquelz vne mauluawo 
femme par enuie fist gecter dedas la Mer, et par la voalent* de 
Dien deux Cignes les tirereut hors de la Mer, A lea nurerit plos 
de troys cens lieues loing lung de laultresusle sablon, small -It" 

fjuthjic Ittttr. With WOttdeUt <"i title, and others ■ eery fiat 

and large copy, beautifully bound in red morOCCO super extra, 


lined {double) with blue morocco, gilt-marbled edges, by Lorlie, 
from the Didot collection, £90. 

On les vend a Lyon an pres nostre dame de Gonfort die: Oliuier 

Arnonllet. [(At end .-) . . imprimc a Lyon sur le Rosne par 

Oliuier Arnonllet . . Lan. mil. GOOCO.liij. (1553)] 

Extrkmei.t bark. Containing signatures A-S in eights, and T (six 

leave*), each page consisting of 35 lines. 

Sebastianus Gryphius (1524-36). 

37507 (Hll'POCBATIs Aphorisrai.) ' liriroKpurov^ ' A^opiefiwv Tfti'ipara 24mo. 
a pretty capy in red morocco, yilt edges, by 1'adeloup, £2. 

(Alfred Sebastianum Gryphium, Lugdnni. 1532) 

Francois Juste (1524-36). 

37508 BRANDT (Sebastian). La grad nef des folz du monde 
en laquelle chascun Lome Bage prenant plaisir de lire les 
passages des hystoyres dicello morallcment & briefuemet 
exposees, tronuera & congnoistra plnsienrs manieres de folz, et 
aussi ponrra discerner entre bien & mal, & separer vice et 
peclie : danec vortu a eulx cOtraire quest vng oeunre excellete 
pour inener 1'homme en voye de saint, small 4to. gotliic Irtttr, 
with woodcut border to title, and many woodcuts in the text, a very 
fine copy, well bound in old French red morocco extra, gilt edges, 
rare, £12. 12« 
1530. On les vend a lyon en la maison de Frdcoys Juste Imprimeur, 

il-iidt nostre dm,, c dc confort. [(At end :) Cy finist la 

nef des folz du monde . . par maistre Bebaitien 

brant. . . Lan. M.OCCGO.xxix] (1529-30) 

Melchior and Gaspar Trechsel (1530- ). 

37509 PxOLtmr. Clandii Ptolemwi Alexandrini Creographicna Enarra- 
tionis libri octo. Ex Bilibaldi Pirckeymeri trnlatione, sed ad 
Gncca & prisca exemplaria a Michaele Villanouano (Serveto) 
iam primnm recogniti, etc., folio, with 50 very large woodcut 
maps, tall copy, brown morocco e.etm, gilt edges, by Petit, £12. 12» 

Lugdnni ex officina Melchioris et Gasparis Trechsel fratrum, 1535 

10 the same, folio, with the 50 maps coloured, in fine old blue 

morocco binding, gilt tooled sides, gilt edges, £16. 16* 1535 

I : a ii i: . nil the copies that could be obtained having been ordered to be 
burned by Calvin. It is the most famous edition in the entire scries of 
Ptolemies, in consequence of the paragraph that caused the martyrdom of 
Servetus. This paragraph is alluded to by Ebert, Brnnet, Harnsse, and 
others, but nil of them make the same mistake with regard to its position 
in the book. It appears on the map of Palestine in the second series, and the 
fault lay in accusing the " Biblici libri " of " injuria ant jactantia pura ;" 
but, of course. Servetus was not the author of the passage, having merely 
reprinted it from the editions of 1522 and 1525. Indeed the labours of 
Servetus were not very heavy ; he did but reprint those editions, with a few 
additions, a few omissions, and a total substitution of text only in the 
descriptions of France, Spain, Germany, and Italy. Here, Servetus expresses 
freely his own opinions and prejudices, which differ extremely from those 
of bis predecessor. With regard to Germany, he quotes "producit Hungaria 
boves. Bavaria sues, Franconia cepas rapas et glyccrliL'iani, Sucvia merctriees, 
Boemia hercticos, Bavaria itenini fnres, Helvetia cnniificct bubsequas, 


Wcstfalia fallaces, tota doniquo Germanis ac totus eoplemtrio jrulnnes el 
pota tores." To the identical account of Columbus which appeared in the 
editions of 152-2 and 1525. Servetus has appended > few remarkable words 
concerning the absurdity of patting the claims of Americns in precedence to 
those of the real discoverer. ThU is the only early protest we meet with 
against the name of America being given to the New World. 
37510 HOLBEIN'S Bible Prints, Historiaram neteris Insfcrvm 

Icones ad uiuum expresses. Vna com breni, boiI quoad Cirri 
potnit, dilncida earandem expositione, sm. 4to. first wotttOU, 
with fine impressions of the 92 beautiful woodcuts en 
linns Tiiit;elberiji'r from the designs of Holbein, 
gilt edges, by Bedford, £42. 
Lvgdvni, svb Scvto Ooloniensi. M.D.XXXVI1I [(At end 
Excvilebant Lvgdvni Melchior et Caspar Trecltsel fi at 
Didot's copy sold for 1960 + 100 fr., that is, about £92, in 1879. 

37512 BIBLIA SACRA [LATHI A] ex Santis Pagniui tralatione, aed 
ad Hebraic® lingua) amussim nonissimc ita recognita, & achoUu 
illustrata, ut plane noua editio oideri possit (cum pre&tknM 
ufc notis Serveti). Accessit prajterea Liber interprotationna 
Hebraicorum, Arabicornm, Giwcorumqj nominum . . eodem 
autbore, folio, KIRST EDITION, fine copy in old blue morocco extra, 
gilt edges, by Derome, £5. 5* 

Lvgdvni, A pud Hvgonem a Porta. [(At end:) Escudebat 

Oaspar Trechsel.'] 1542 
This edition was suppressed on account of the notes of Serretus, which 
sought to prove that ail the Old Testament prophecies usually supposed to refer 
actually to the Saviour's life had been historically fulfilled before his birth. 

Dominicus de Celle (1532). 

37513 DA SERA. Libbretto nonellamete coposto p. maestro Domenico 
da Ben detto il Franciosino : done si appara: & insegna a tattc 
le nobili & leggiadre gioaanette di lauorare di ogni sorte pi 
punti : Cnsire : Reccamare -. & vltimatamete far tutte qlle va 
<fc belle ope re : clie si appartegono alle vertoosc & lodeuoli 
fanciulle . . small 4to. with voodmtf border \o title, and S2 I 
I if ul woodcut Lai-r.ili'.iigiis. blur ,. ra, gilt edges, £50. 

Btampato in Leone Nel. MD. .\\ xxa ii , . [(At i 

a Lyon Lan de grace mil cinq tent 'rente ,$• dear . . 

ThU extremely rare volume consist* of: Title (1 leaf) ; 32 pages of 
beautiful woodcut designs, on 16 leaves ; and one leaf bearing the Colo) 
and 28 lines of French verse, entitled " Balade fonuille." 

Jean Frellon (1536- ). 

87514 HOLBEIN'S Bible- Prints. Icones Historiarvm Vetcris Te«U- 
menti, Ad viunm exprossa?, extremaqne diligt 
factin, (iullicis in expositione homeeoteletitia, ac rentnnia ordi- 
n i I uis (qui priiis turbati, ao impares) sno nunii 
[,.iiin'_ it Qallice, sin. 4to. with 94 exq 
,iii,l figure* of the four Evangelists on the last 
HOLBEIN, olive morocco extra, gilt edges, by < '<f/"", Sir William 
Tilt's copy, £15. Lvgdvni, Apua Toannem Frellonium, 1547 


37515 HoLnEiN, Icones historiarum Veteris Testamenti, stn. 4to. a 

I copy, brown morocco extra, gill edges, by Frail, £16. 154? 
37516 the same, sm. 4to. a fine copy, calf veal, £20. 1547 

37517 the same, sm. 4to. from the Sunderland collection, with 

the autograph of " Hadriani Beverlandi et amicorum," probably 
the largest and finest copy in existence, old bine morocco gill, gilt 
edges, £28. 1547 

Ad early and rare edition of these celebrated Bible-cuts. It contains 
signatures A-M in fours, the hist leaf bearing the imprint. 

37518 HOLBEIN. The Images of the Old Testament, Lately expressed, 

set furthe in Yngltshe and Frenche, vuith a playn and brief 
exposition, sm. 4to. with the 95 beautiful woodcuts, a fine copy, 
vellum, very rare, £25. 

Printid at Lyons, by I oh an Frellon, the yere of our lord God, 1549 
This edition, with English and French text, iB ono of the rarest of the 
Holbein works. 

37519 (CICERONIS Opera ex onstigatione Ioannis Boulierij), 9 vols. 

18mo. a very nice copy, contemporary calf, richly tooled in a ;/./.- 
Metrical pattern, the vackt rather faded, tut the sides in good 
preservation, gill edges, £4. 10* 

Lvgdvni, Apud Ioannem Frellonium, 1558 — 
Apud Anlmiiiiiii Yincentiuin, 1560 
The Epittolit ad jlltieum, Brutum A- Q. Fratrem (1558) bears the name 
of Jean Frellon, the Ofterf, dated 1560, have that of Anthoine Vincent. 

Antolne Constantin (1544-49). 

S7520 MAROT. Les Oewres de Clement Cahors, vallet do 
Chambre dv Roy. Plusamples, & en meilleur ordre qneparauant 
(Avec les Tradvctions de Clement Mnrot . .), 2 parts in 1 vol, 
thick 12mo. a very fine OOpg in blue morocco extra, gilt edgi f, 
from the Hamilton Palace library, £36. 

A Ltjnn, ii Vtnseiyne dii Jlocher. 1545. 

"Edition precieusc dans la<|iielte les poesies de Marot sunt pour la 
premiere fois, clawees methodiqucment ' soubs la correction et bun iugcmcnl 
H I'Miilhenr.' " — Brunet. SMMM Fetched 1550 fr., Leb. de Montgermont ; 
1710 fr., Brunei ; 1510 fr.. Saiote-Heuvc, 

Some of Morot's pieces were printed for the first lime in this edition. 

Jean de Tournes (1545- ). 

37521 ALCIATUS. Clarissimi viri D. Andrene Alciati Emblcmatvm 

libri dvo, 18mo. with 113 very pretty woodoutt by Le Petit 
try line Copy fa '/reen morocco ,xlra, i/ill edges, by 
Bedford, £0. 15» 
Lvgdvni, Apud Toon. Toniwsivm, ( $" Clulielmum ilazeiitm . 1547 
First edition of Alciattis with the engravings of Le Petit Bemud, ind 
alto one of the earliest and rarest prodnetions of this artist. 

37522 OBSKQUENS (Julius). Giulio Ossequente de' Prodigii. 
Polidoro Vergilio de' Prodigii Lib. III. Per Damiano Maraffi, 
fatti Toecani. (Giovacchino Camerario de gl' Ostenti lib. II.), 
email 8*0. irith woodcuts, a very fine copy, ruled with red lines, 

gilt, gill edges, £3. 

In Lione, per Oiovan di Tovrnet . 1554 


37523 FIGVRE DEL VECCHIO TESTAMENTO, con Versi Toscani, 

per Damian Mnmfli nuonamente composti, illustrate, with 228 

beautiful woodcuts after J. Mm.:. I . I, 

Tovrnes, 1554 — Figvre del NvovoTestamento, ffloBtrate da versi 

vulgnri Itnliani, vith 95 woodcuts after J. Moni, In Liuue, per 

Gio. di Tomes, 1577 — 2 parts in 1 vol. 12mo. fine dean 

■morocco extra, gilt edges, £6. 10* 1554-77 

37524 Simkoni. Les Illvstres Observations Antiqves dv seignevr Gabriel 

Symeon . . sm. 4to. with woodcuts, some leaves stained, old ■ 
15* A Lyon par Jan de Tovrnes . 1558 

37525 VIRGIL. L'Eneide de Virgile, princes des poetes latins, Trans- 

latee de Latin en Francois, par Lovis des Masvrcs Tovrnisien, 
en Latin et en Francois, sm. 4to. with woodcuts, a fine copy, 
the last two leaves containing the jointer's address ami di 
calf, rake, £12. 10* 

A Lion par Ian de Tovrnes imprimevr dv I. 
The first edition o£tbe French translation o( the complete &» 
87526 LE NOVVEAV TESTAMENT de Nostre Seigneur hm Gfariat, 
thick 12mo. with numerous pretty woodcuts by le Petit Bernard, 
ruled with red lines, fine copy, oil calf, gilt edges, tki 
nilli II,, anum and LL monogram which were usually 
in the bindings done for the second Luke of ifarlbormigh. £6. 

A Lion par Ian de Tiwrncs . 

Other Printers. 

37527 GALTHERUS. Pbilippi Galtberi pot-te Alexandrcidos 1 

decern, nunc primum in Gallia Gallicisque cbaiarUrilnis edit], 
small 4to. a very fine copy, remarkably large, utth MM rough 
laves, hf. vellum, £5. 5« 

Lugdunj, Excudebat Jtoberlus GranjOH ijjj >/'*. 1558 

37528 the same, sm. 4to. a fine copy, in the anginal stamped 

bather binding bearing the date 1570, £4. 4* 

This volume ia printed entirely inGrnnjon's peculiar running Italian or 
script h |>c\ und is described on the title us the first book printed in that 
character iD Franco. It *u nn attempt to introduce n new ltpe; bot, after 
a few books had been printed, it was abandoned. 

37529 LE NOWEAU TESTAMENT . . Benen . . par 1'aduis des 

Al i u ist it's de Geneue : Avcc Annotations reueni's . . par M. 
Augustin Marlorat. — Les CL. PBeavmes de David, Mis en rime 
FraaaottS I" 11 ' Clement Marot, & Theodore de Beze . . par M. 
Augustin Miirlotat. (Avec la Foime des Prieres, etc., k la 6n), 
ivi/li the Music — in 1 thick vol. 18mo. ruled with red lines, old 
calf, rare, £10. 10* A I/yon, Par Gabriel Cotier. 

(1476) Toulouse. 

37530 (Boetii de Consolatione Philosophiir cum commento Thorn/. 

Aqnino). [Leaf 1 :] Sancti Thome de acqnino super ' 
Boetii de consolatione philosophic commentum cum expoeitione 
feliciter incipit. [Leaf 3:"] Anicii. Manlii. Torqi; 
Boetii . . . tie consolatione phie liber primns feliciter it, 
sm. folio, lit. JJotl). uilli paintid capitals, one M 


through the first Ih/rei md ttoo or three at the end, but u 

fine large ana sum,,! copy, old calf, eueb, £4. 10* 

Fiin! Tholote Anno Oristi. Sf.t ' M. Johanne Porta 

/'. Hotter hnprinestte. (1481 ) 
A pronl of the rarity of this voltime is tho circumstance that Graessc 
names tlic printer Paris, ami girds ut Brunei for calling him Falri.r. A I 
liny ate both wrong, it is pretty certain neither of tho bibliographers had 
seen the book. Jean l'm-ix, whatever his original German mime may have 
• s ii, «.i- iln- lii-.-t typog rap her ofTonlouse known to HI by name. There were 
time books — one datoil 1476 and the other! dateless, nameless, and all by nu 
unknown printer, printed h lure the first on which l'arix's name appears. 

FJTJPONT (I iiMiian")] Lr.s Coxtrouersses des Sexes Masccmx, 

rr Fbmbnts,- sm. folio, Icttrcs gotijiquts, 21 preliminary leaves, 

lios 1-17 1 .'. rod ■"" unnumbered containing the colophon and 

print •/..- with 21 wo< lotUt and several deooratvoe borders t 

pHrph morocco extra, gilt edges, '.;/ Simier, £40. 

Dedans Tholose ; imprin ment 

Eil il ee linn : eaohes neuueHement 

Par I/" itr laajues: Colomies surnomme 

Ire imprimeur 

/. i 1 1 at y.'< tftr\ ii bon oompte 

I) a move Tanuier. (rentiesmt sons mescompte (1534) 
First edition, excessively rare, of a poem which is held by ihc French 
a to be a compound of d'ulness and iudecency. 

2 \ ii.. ,iiii degvisat, o I'Eneido bvrlesco, Del Sr. do Vales, Sb 
N I . . t ( : 1 1 - ,-h, [ parte in 1 vol. sm. tAo. a very fine copy, olive 
dget, hi/ Lottie, from tin- Videi collection, 
KXTU1 Ml I.V ram, £30. 

.1 Tovlovso, Del'Tmprimario ili' Francis Jlovdc . . 1648 

Collation : Title and Dedication (2 leaves): 1st Book, 58 pages; 2nd 
i-piiiiiI .red 74) page« i 3rd Book, 63 pages 1 and Ith ll.»>k. 71 
I mi--iiiiiiiln -red 7.'i) pngef. 

The author* Of the Biajraphie TouJnusaine, says Hrunet. only knew of 
om eopr, which belonged In I s -' 9 to K BegniBat, and which, as well as that 
ii ihc Bibliothiiiue A'ationale, contained only tho first three books. 

(1478) Geneva. 

because of its position in literature and bibliography 
as a French ttityJ) 

Le Notiuenti Testament, Cest a dire La nouvello 
Alliance, l)e nostra Seignenr & senl Snnueur. Jesus Christ. 
Translate de Oreo en Francoya (pur Belieem de Belimalrom), 
title deverhj facsimiled by Harris, and a few leaves slightly oist 
I . . ,i Qeneue, par Jehan Mr-hl itemourunt en In plact 
S Pierre denat la grad Eglise. 1538 — Lordre et nmniere tjnon 
ii.'i .ii adrainiatrant lea aainota aacremena . . Imprime par 
n Michel, etc., 1538— in 1 thick col. ISrao, gotrjic letter, old 
• Ii Count Hoym'i arms en the tides, 
. c .. L588 

foliation: .n. 7'..- '.< (Bleares), 'i. d loafet), a-a and A-X in eights, | 
Table: A-C in eights. — L'Orare i A-l) in eights. 



Novum Tesi amentum [Greece at Latine) cnmduplici interpiv 
2 vols. 16mo. 1551 — see aute No. 37370. 

37535 Xknoi'iiontis omnia qua) extant opera (Qroce tL Ito&im i . In 

Xenopkotem annotationes Uenrici Stepkani . . Indicem 
copiosissimTtin cum Latina interpretatione . . kabebis, 2 parte in 

I vol. thick folio. I.AKOE PAPER, u eery Jim copy, bound in 
beautifully (tamped all over with symbolical and pictorial j'o_. 
sii/iied F. H., with Ihr initials of the Just oiene,; H. W. L., and thr 

ditto. 1571 on the front couer, 30* 

(Geneva)) An. M.D.LXI Eiccudebai Henri 

illustris liri Hvldrioi Fvggeri typograpKui i I. 

The nil int who designed Ihe elaborate illustrations ou tbil binding m 
probably Fran/. Hoeck of Munich. 

(1479) Poitiers. 

37536 Bouchet (Jehan). Les Triumphes de la noble et amonreuse dame. 

Et lart de konnestement nymer. Compose par le Trnuei 
ties voyes perillenses, sm. folio, black letter, with woodemt fc 
to title, ana initials, very line tall and clean copy in th< 
slumped calf, £12. 12* 

mprimest tt a vmdre a limyrimeria a la celle, it J, 
Cordeliers par Jacques Bouchet Impriwatr. I A! end : 1 
First and rarest edition of a peculiar book, which oontahM an allegory In 
mingled prose and Terse. The -noble Davie is the soul, and several person irird 
abstractions .-inn mini and bold converse with tier. A few of the he, 
will indicate the character of the work. " Comment la noble dome ecu 
la terrc de jcunessc " — " Kpistrc envoice par le Prince de Volopte " — " De- 
scription du pnlais de Volupte. comment Lame . . . . v sllcrcnt, | 
recneil qui leur fnt fait " — "Comment ill ftireut pratitatt et mis au UttirVcau 
de pecbe." 

37537 JUST1NIANUS. Institutionum ciuilium nb Iust.'ninno CneMre 

editurum libri 1111. Bipartite convment&rio . . illtistr.iti, enlu 
pars altera Romnnum, altera Gallicum ius . . compleotitar . 
Per Egvinnrivm Baronem . . 4to. ntled leitl. 
ijilt aim --. with a medal of Henry II. of l'cancr, and 
In faja ou rides, £7. Is 

rietari--. !■:.: .jjieina F.mjinlbert i Marn.jij . 1 .",.'..", 
This was probably the dedication copy to Margaret, QmCB "1 .Sn\atTr. 

(1480) Caen. 

37538 [BOUCHARD (Alain)] Li - Croxicqvm PI I 

. . . Additions depuis le roy Charles huytiestne iusqaes en Ian 
mil cinq cens. xxxii. . . . Et toutes lea ohoeea adTjenuea iusqaes 
en Ian mil cinq ces, xxxii. Et le tout reuen 1 1 nis la 

dirniere ipressio . . M. oinq cens. xxxii, sm. folio, Itttifagothiqute 
woodcut iniliitl.i ••mjrueeil ichite upon him I. • tl.t marginal . 
enees tliijhtly cut into; old calf, £8. 10« ». / 

Described by 1'auzer as printed et Caen, an ascription which i 
endeavours lo explain without acquiescence iu it. The last paragr»| 
devoted to a narration iu detail of some grand engineering n 
at Caeu in 1*31, and the language »p|*nrs to ipdicate Ihl »«« 

rritblt; in that city. 


(1484) Rennes. 

37539 LANGL AEI (Iani) in Senatu Britauniae Colticae Consilium Otiuni 

Semeatre ad enndem Britannia) Celtiea? senatum, folio, old calf 
'/ill, from JJord Sunderland's library, £8. 8* Rhedonit, 1577 

A rare work on the custom* of Brittany, aud the rights and privileges of 
the Breton Parliament. 

(1487) Rouen. 

Jehan le Bourgeois (1488-99). 

37540 LANCELOT DU LAC. [Leaf 1 of Table .•] Cy commence la table 

et registre dos rubrichea du premier volume du liure ou romnt 
fait <fc coiK)8e a la perpetnation de memoire des vertueux fair. & 
geates de plusieui-s nobles it excelles cheualiore q furet au teps 
du tresnoble A puissiit roy art' copaiguos de la table rode. 
Specialemet a la louego dn tresvailliit cheualier lacelot du lac 
filz du roy ban de benoic ea parties de gaulles q len dit a preBent. 
estre la duehie de berry. (Le premier volume), folio, go I l)ir letter, 
irilh Hi-' large woodcut on tin ,-, , / - ,./' sign. : Hi, and the printer's 
'.!. ,it tin end coloured, somewhat wormed at hey inning and end, 
but otherwise a sound large copy, without in tain leaves mentioned 
belotO, old calf, rebacked, Utkrrton's initials mi Hip sit/is, ■jilt edges, 

littered Le Roman du Roi Arthur, t:\titAOnDiNAKiLV hake, £12. 
Rouen, en lostel de gaillard, le bnurgois degraot 
mil. i ■<■•■'■. iiii au. Jf" hmji lr. .'■■liiii. four de nouSbre. 
Far ichnn U hourgois . . (1488) 

This begins with the Table on signatures an i, aa ii, and (an iii). The last 
• if these contains on the rcrerse the beginning of the Prologue, which should 
end on (aa it), unfortunately missing from this copy The text is contained in 
.signatures a-r. and A-L, which are each of eight leaves, oxcept perhaps L. This 
BOpy wants sheet m. signatures n iiii and (v|, and has only the second nnd lust 
two leaves of sheet L. A few letters are missing from signs, i.i and ii. 

The second volume was never printed at Rouen. 

According to Brunetand his continuatur, it would appear that seven copies 
of this volume were still extant ; but tlint number ought perhaps to be reduced 
t<> two or three, as the names of seven owners do not certainly indicate an equal 
number of copies. Iu Baron Seillierc's sale (Sotheby's, March, 1H87) his 
copy, described as probably unique, fetched n hundred guiueas. 

The first books that can be positively asserted to have been printed in 
It. men were two editions of the " C/tfOiiiouei de Kormandie " Issued the year 
before this volume. 

Pierre Regnault (1499-1518). 

::7541 CHRONIQUES DE NORMANDIE. Lea oroniques de nor- 
mntdie nouuellernent Imprimees a Rouen, sm. folio, jjottuc letter, 
with larg ! initial and printers marc on ttile, and wood- 

tut on leaf 6, a very small hob' in the first too leaves mended, a 
fine targe copy, blue morocco, gill edgt t, I ( rSKMBLT hark, £48. 
i'ij flnissi hi Us cronicquet de normedie nouuelletnel Iprimee* a 
rotten pom Pierre regnault libra in de luniversttt de cae 
nrnl en froidi \ about 1500] 

Brunei could onlv quote four Coptet of this cMremcIv rare volume. 

eo9 • 

Richard Mace. 

37542 Mr.Ri.ix. Les prophecies do Merlin : era. 4to. with m 

mill Jiii-lmril Mae«'a mark on the till", "».' 
initialt, a very good sound copy, re morocco 
Bedford, extremely rare, £0. Gyjintl 

Merlin nouuclleniet fprimeei a Botm pout Jena 
demourani a regnet pres eainct souueur a ly\ 
Iriiinii/clinic. El paw ' Miohel amgier demourani n I 
pout naincl pium ¥.< pour Richard maa demourani ■ 
iott.rte !■• piu 

Two otlicr nndntcd volumes containing Ihe Life of Merlin bad 
printed ut lfouen by the tame printcri, but lirunet nevi 
second volume. 

Only two copies of tlie three volumes hare occurred for *ale : one at 
Sotheby's in IMS, which fetched £», the other I tn-r-on'-. irhicl 
£■] in' I *.-.;. 

Toil is the modilicil fifteenth century rejection of the early u. 
Robert dc Borron. 

(1505) Toul. 

Pierre Jacobi (1505-9). 

37543 VIATOR (Jean Pelerin, dit). De. arttfic! 

pspectiva. [Woodcut circles]. Viator, sm. folio, 
87 leaves containing beautiful outlint woodcuts , 
• 'a one side onh/^ a very fine large copy, but tin 
leaf of the French translation inlaid, and tritl 
two last 'words " Deo Gralias;'' with an autograph 
from Bnivtt. tin- great bibliographer ; French a 
morocco super-extra, from the Di 


[On sign. (.#10) /] Impressum Tttlli Anno 
veritatis Qutgitt simo quito supra Mill simu : Ad\ 
Calendas Julias. Solerti opera petri iacobi . 
Tncole pagi oancti Nicolai. { 150 

First Edition of this most celehrated work the lirst 
on perspective printed iu Prance, and the Brat book printed »t 
Tmil. Apparently do other copy has occurred for mk 
■notion than this and the solitary ore met 

" Viator, ce predeceseeur d'Albert Diirer 
dons la geoinc'tnc appliqnee rd dessin, n donnl dea plnochi 
perspective reinarquablea par lenr joa tease et lent On 

a cm reconnaltre dans plosieurs d'entre elles dee monui 

a : Notre-dame, la Sainte-Chapelle, 
rimprimenr dn livTe esl anssi lc graven r dea •" — 

(Didot, Oat. r 762 I 


(1533) Neufchatel. 

Pierre de Wingle, dit Pirot Picard (1533-35). 

| In thi Suguen ■ • days, it nuty i c stiffen I that Ifevfahatt I. at well as 

Geneva, was a l'i; net town.) 

37544 BIBLE. La BiUe Quest toute I&SaincteeBcriptore. EnlaqueUe 
son! contcnns, lo Vieil Testament & le Nonueau trnnslatez en 
Kranoeys. Le Vieil, de Lcbrieu j <fc le Nouueau, <lu Grec . . 
folin, gotijic letter, "./i/c largt coj>y,but th< s» qf the second 

'immary leaf shghtly cut into, ruled with red lines, old calf, 
£05. dimpriiaer en In Ville et <',,„•, ,1, XeitfchasUl, 

Pierre de wingle, diet Pirot pioard ■ . 1535 . . 

37545 tlic sunie, folio, a fine buye and clean copy, but the title 

and I I eighth preliminary leaves taken from a smaller 

. ami the marginal notes of the second a little cat into, old 

calf, £60. L536 

10 the same, folio, title defective, wanting second and i igkth 

preliminary Lave.', a small hole in the last three leaves of text, the 

Dni i o's copy, hi old French oil , ilt edges, with 

the arms of L. a\ I la Briemte, m gold on sides, 

£12. LO* " 1535 

Vkbv rake. This 19 TUB rinsr Fkencii Bible i-cdmsiikd iir tub 
FsOTUTAl-TS. Il nn" the Work of P. Robert (Jlivclnn, who hml the valuable, 
assistance of Calvin. Copies in Rood condition nro exceedingly rare. 

The translator's UBine is found in an BCTOBtle oa I lie back af the seventh 

preliminary k-of, which reveals the words " Petrol Roberta olivctauus; " 

and another peculiar feature of tlie hook in the nietricnl colophon at the end. 
out of whieli by picking the first letter of every nurd, we obtain tin.- 
eonplet : — 

I-«s Vuudois, peuple cvangeliipic 

i lot mis ce thresor en puhliipic. 

(1551) Reims. 

17 DE L'ISLE. La Legende de Charles, Cardinal do Lorraim', A do 

fti'i'is, del a maison de Guise. Drcrite . . par -Francois do 

l'lsle, 12mo. old red noner,;, gilt, with the arms of the Oomti di 

Brioude ,,„ fides, (jilt and marbled -d<j- -, '*;/ lloijer, rare, £'.'. 

.1 Reims, De rim/'iino el de Tacquet Martin, 1576 

The book is bitterly hostile lo the l.ui-e family. 

i OCSA1N (Le), centre les Massacrevrs et Avteure des confusions 
i'ii Prance, Par leqnol, la source & origine de tons lea maux, qui 
di' 1 • ■ i) j_r temps trauaillent la Ifranoe, est dosoouuerte. Ann 
d'inciter & esmonnoir tou.s les Princes Bdellee, de sTemploynr 
ponr le retrenchement d'icelle. Admse* a tons les Prinoes 
i 'lu-i sties, sm. 8vo. red morocco, by Mrs. Vreir, with II on hull arms 
in gold on side, £3. 3* A Reims . . Jam Martin. 1577 

(1560) La Rochelle. 

37540 (NOUVEAtJ TESTAMENT twdail en Basque, par Jean de 
LJcarragne do Briscous.) Ibbyb Christ GKnre -avnaren T( 


raetitv Borria, thick 12mo. a Jhic lary rilb 

lining?, gilt edges, by Roger Payne, £36. 

Roohellon. Pierre Hotttin, Tmpr 1571 

An extremely hark Basque translation, done for the Protestants, and 
ilnlicnted to Jeanne d'Albret, Koine de Nauarre, ft. 

Collation: 20 unnntnbercd preliminary Wye* (signatures ) ; «53 

leaves, and 3 unnninbereil pages ; S6 unnumbered leaves (signatures A-G in 
eights) ; and 31 unnumbered leaves (signnfures n, e, i sml o in eights, the last 

.'17550 [TraVIM (Walter),] Ecclesiastieae Disciplinao, et Anglic 

Ecclesite ab ilia Aberrationis, plena e verbo Dei, & diluoid* 
explicatio, 12mo. with the three rare folding table*, 
morocco extra, gilt edges, by J. hlache>i:le, 35i 

Ropella, esecedebat Adamoe it Mamie, 1574 

(1582) Saumur. 

37551 QoiBOBCT. Ars Rntiocinandi lepida . . in cartilvdivm redact* . . 

Authore F. Petro Gvischet . . sm. 4to. irilh engraving* of a 
set of 52 cards (Crabs, Fishes, Both and Acorns), fine 
morocco vstra, gilt edges, by Derome lejenne, £12. l0» 

Salmvrii, Apud Aritlmiiivm Hernavlt, Typogra, 

In Nomine letr. 
A rare and curious volume intended to teach logic and develop the rea* ■ 
faculties by menus of a card-play. It was bound by Derome la jeunc alwut 
1 708-63; and has Oirnrdot's label in red morocco pasted inside. 

(1583) Pont-a-Mousson. 

37552 HORDAL. Heroino? nobilissimir Ioannie Dare . . Hist 

viniis . . scriptoribus excerpta Eiusdem M&aoxtuB Virj 
ft mocentw ft calunmiis rindicato Antbore loanne Hordal . . em. 
Mo. title engraved, 2 portraits "f Joan of Arc, with a th 
a bniiitifiil copy, red morocco super-extra, the back and 
covered with fleurs-de-lis, gilt edges, kare, £9. 9# 

P.jntl-mvssi, A pud Molehian m BernardwH - . 1612 
The binding of this volume cost 300 francs. The first book known to 
been printed in this town is dated 1 583. 

(1589) Niort. 

37553 [BRUNEAU(LoCapitaine) Si lew -di Bivedouau] Histoirc vem 

de certains voiages perillevx &, b&eardenx nut la mer, arnqsali 
reluit la justice de Dieu sur Icb uiik, & sa misericorde snr le» 
autres . . Irtmo. a eery large ropy irith tomi leaves uncut, but 

page* 7*8 "lightly damaged, blue mOTOCCO, fill.- lining'. jQi cJft$ 
from the Hamilton Valuer library. £10, 

A Niort, I'm- Than 

Thomas Portau was the prototypographer of Niort. 

First and excessively/ rare edition, unknown to the bibliograplien 
In fact, the work itself was only known through it- - 
described enrefnlly both by Brunei and by Ternanx, but natumlly without »"» 


indication of the real authorship. In the first cilition, there is a dedication to 
Philippe de Mornay, signed by the Huguenot Minister, Louis de le Blaehicrc, 
in which he reveals the authors name as above. In the second edition the dedi- 
cation i.- suppressed, and a false authorship suggested by initials on the title. 

37554 BODIN. Le Fleav des Demons et Sorciers, Pnr I[ean]. B[odin]- 

Angevin. Rouen & corrige . . sm. 8vo. a fine copy, beautifully 
bound in old French red morocco extra, by Padmovp, from II"' 
Jlamilloii Palace library, £5. 15k A Nynrt. 1 Jan id du Terroir. 1616 

(1630) Bayonne. 

37555 B.v TO! \ Uiocesaco bi-oarrex Catkhima, lehcnbicico comu- 

nioncn eguitera preparatcen diren Hani'rencat. P. Guillaume 
de Lavieuxville . . manuz impriniatnn, Catechism in Jtasque, 
12mo. calf extra, gilt edges, £5. Ilnynnan, l'. Favvet, 1733 

Cotton" gives 1693 as the dnto of the introduction of printing into this 
town, hut the Dictionnaire de Qfographie quotes n volume dated 1630, 

Books without Imprints. 

37556 GUIDONIS DE COLUMNIS Liber de Cnsn Trojee, folio, 

'ype, 114 leaver {the first blank), 34 lines per page, 

\aUlirtt a-p ; fine copy in gre«H morocco extra, gilt edges, by 

f. Lewis, £7. 10a S. n. (/ LugdumC, circa 1485) 

37557 another copy, sm. folio, old calf gilt, £.*>. 

The watermark is a wheel with teeth or spikes issuing from its periphery, 
which is an almost sure test that the volume was printed at Lyons. 

37558 ACTORES OCTO libros subscri | ptos continentes videlicet I 

Cnthonis | Faceti | Theodoli | De contemptn mundi | Floreti | 
Alani du pnrabolis | Fabnlarnm esopi | Tliobiadis | sm. 4to. 
Gothic letter, W2 leaves, 33 and 34 lines per /mge, signatures a-0 
Ml lights; talf, from tht Si/i'ih rlaml librar y, £.'i. Sine nota (1480) 

The back of tbe title bears the preface of the editor Johannes Vincentius 
Mctulinii-. a scholar who belonged to the South of France. It is therefore 
probable thst the first edition was printed at Lyons before the dated one of 
MBS ; anil that this is a reprint from the north of Franca. There is a MS. 
inscription on one of the pages, •' Istud volumen est conventtis Celestinornm 
de Metis ; " i.e. that the book belonged to the ('destines it Met?, (about 1 490). 
87559 ERUDITORICM PENITENTIALE. Incipit ernditorium poni- 
tentiule cuilibet christieole pernccessariurn . copendiose auctori- 
tatibus sacra scripture insignitum, 8m or small 4to. Irtt«9 
rjothiquts, 76 leaves (signatures a-b m eights, i and k in sixes, 25 
Hnet pet page), with 17 large woodcuts, slightly tinted . rw 
morocco astro, gilt edges, by Bedford, £20. 8. »• {about 1485) 

This seems to be from the first press of Abbeville, notwithstanding 
Brunei's assertion that it was printed in the I'ays-Bas. 
37560 AoODSTOtDS, Isidorus, Gerson. Incipit liber bcati augustini de 
conflict n viciorum et machina virtutum, 14 leaves, signatures a 
| b. 33 l>'ii'-'.-- tn a full page, the last page containing merely ike 
title De rtuiflictn vicioru et macbina virtutnm, >. n.— Incipit 
ysidoros de ortn et obitu prophetaru et apliirii . . 20 leaves, sign . 
a, b, c, 35 lines /»■/■ page, in a afferent type from that of the 
.\u. . the last page containing merely the title ysidorns, 

Q, ii. — [GiRBON] FhI. 2 : cliristinnifnti BOIU , . ' kdopho* : Explicit 


opus tripertitu, do jiceptis, de cofeasione, de acientia martin, a 

M. I,, limine de gorsouo, 19 I 

in the same li/i"' as the Augtutin -"' lew/ ; 

third signature in fin kmxh only, 8 ».— 3 pmrta is I 
8m. 4to. Itltics gotljiqurs, n 

A."/', £2. 18* " -!'■ 

37001 MACER. Fol. 1 -. Incipit libellus Mai-ii de viribiiF 

El primo de artbemiaia, am. Ito. Ictttts gotrjiquta, ' : 
(m'ijii. a-f), 00 woodcuts, hf green morocco, 3(ii '- 

The first leaf, although not so marked, is a 2. so Ihnl a bos » ml v 
leaves; b-f lutvc* eight loaves each ; f lias four leave-. The number of lino 
to a full page is 38. 

37502 MIRABILIS LIBER qui propfaeti&s Reuelatiouesq; m ■ 

mimndna pTCtoritaa preeentea & fatums; aperte demonatz 

108 lea vet (marl- ed in error xi'i tign. n-o — Proplietii rjl In 

seconde Partie de CeLiore, 28 I a-t — 2 parts in 1 

12mo. icttica tjottjiqucs, but the French part in 
type from the Latin ; in •! curious stamped calj binding, on i labomlc 

■ in on tin front cover, with si vend tigm 
i.lrnilroii Tory, £i. S. n. (7 Pari*, 

An inscription on the fly-leaf, written about I J3", runs thus : " I l'cpolh 
Vinisot evath that beko," evidently the autogioph •■! n loicigner rnriiil 
England. The last three words mean ou-n this book 

37663 NUUVEAU TESTAMENT. La premiere partie du nouutsau 
testament: eotenant ce qui sensuyt . . — La 
nouueau testament: contennt ce qui sensiivt , . — - Tola, in 1. 
square lOmo. Icttrrs rjotljiqucs, a woodcut border t" 

woodcut initials: calf neat, £4. is 8 

The first volume consists of 216 numbered leaves (*i;m. ,1-Dl r.nd tbe 
second of 158 numbered and ltj unnumbered leaves (afal ,1,1-1']'. There ore 
16 hues to a full page, 'J he translation is that of I 

37564 BOURBON (Frcre Iacques, bastard de) La grand* u il« 

leuse, & trcscruelle oppngnatio de la noble Citie de Kb 
prinse naguercs pnr iSultan Selyninii. a pivirnl grand Tim-'i 
Reueue, & tresdjligement corrigee. ■ en plus 

lieu . . sm. folio, Roman letter, 30 /• es, a 
the title; calf neat, £0. 0* . nil'/, Ciuq n 

ThU .rare volume, n highly inlcresting narrative »f the lM) 

l;l"-i"s. by ana of the knights who fought there, ii mid i,Iku,i,. . 
ut l'aris. Ud the last |mge hat one there is a 

in presence of the Pope by Frere Thonms Gnicbanl, with thi Irordi 

dicta oraison cat Impnmee en ceste villo de l - nn-" ; from « 

conclude that the book itself was also printed in' 1 © 


37505 EnotiKF. Rervm in Gallia ge8tarvm, abvsque itn pari* 

edicto.mense Mai" I 570. ."1 bunc diem insiguis, eaqtic 
narratio . . Autbore Georgio Ebouff, 12mo. tall 

ithvrii, L'.i offiei/ia Amcd'ei M 1577 

A rerj ran trai t, containing ; i pagrs, including iiic til 
is, of course, spurious. Cotton was in.t able i" identify 

is the real date u hundred jears latei 
up in the rolurne: — Apologia Gallicorvm Kccla , .,ua 

ni'l-er VUleqaenat, Regie Icgatae, Gernuniu: . . I'rincipibut txpceult. i 






embodying a considerable number of 
purchases from the library of the 
late Baron Seilhere 


prologhe va 


ousel - U'liou 

this space. 


{Many otlmn "'ill bt incorporated in thi i ny eatalogtu of Early 

bpanuit Typography.) 


IA: (under a print of the Crucifixion bearing a 

.'///< ton i [ill ic insert} <tion) 

Dit i> 'Hi' 
den spieghel 

Fol. 134a: Dit boecJc vobnaeet in die goede sleds 
r.i,, culenburch by my iohan veldener In' iaer one 
In ren M.CCCC, i nde Ixxxiy. des saterdaghes post 
maihei avosioU, am. 4to. goihii' Idler, 134 leaves ■•/ 
topography with the 128 Xylographic woodcuts of /If 
famous Blockbook Speculum, printed from the identical 
blocks [each cut into two component halves) of the so- 
called Coster editions; tin' finest copy in existence, 
/-lino/ in antique boards carved with stamped leather, 

lasps, £200, Culenborch, J. I eldener, 1483 

Vui > - \ survive; and this is undoubtedly tb 

ofl : ,i l481Veldener cameinto possession of the original 

blocks of tlic celebrated Speculum Hantaan S&lv&tionia ; but ;>* 

J were in folio »izc with two jiriuts ou each block, he had 


them sawn asunder so as to constitute 1"2S distinct engravings, 
which lie used as illustrations of a typographical text in t lie 
above volume. The interest and importance of this Culenborch 
edit inn arc substantially heightened by the fact that the last 
twelve woodcuts are not found in the four folio editions (which 
only contain 58=116) although it is evident that they are not 
addition by Veldener, but integral portions of the artist's work. 
Even Veldener was unaware himself of their existence whci 
prepared this edition, and somecopieB appear to have be 
before the acquisition of the final twelve blocks enabled him !■> 
complete his book. 

In this volume, dismissing all controversial considerations, we 
have undoubtedly the oldest known productions of Xylogrn 
in Holland ; originating either from Utrecht, or from Haai 
before the year 1470. 

(1450) Maintz. 

37867 .ITSTINIANI Ixstititiones. Fol. la: In note dni ... In . 

dni . . . Incip. lib' p'mns diii iustiii. impiitoris institntionii sen 
elementomm . . large folio, gothic Itttrr, the teat M tir., inner 
0o2wniW| the gloss in a smaller type in two outer columns on eaeS 
page; red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Hardy, with I' 
Si il Here's arms on the tides, £6. 6* 

Anno int. M.ccccJxxci. . . In nobili orbc Magueia 1H 

imi'ssorie arlis invent rice i lihititricnfi pmo ' p*M I 
OpUS pclorii ■' 1': '/•"»• Srli,,ij}'rr ,/<_■ gerntfhr 
sent it ! . . feliciter a»> 
The colophon and the two shields beneath it are printed in red. 

375G8 CHAIMIS. Incipit interrogatoriam siue wfeniomde DOT veuera- 
Mli tratre Bartholomew de cbairais de medtolooo - . sin. 4to. 
gothic itttrr, 151 leave*, 80 Knee per page, ft in bronm 

morocco extra, 'jilt tdget, by ciiambolle-Duru, £8. 8* 

. . Anno dni. M.cccch eviij . . in nobili tube M ■ 

]) retrv sehoijfer de g> . . ( 147> i 

The colophon nnd the two shields lire printed in red. 

87569 [BOTHO (Conrad)] Cbonbckrh di :i: sasseit, bid., folio, gothir Inter, 
'Jhh (instead of 284) leaves, with some hundreds of fim 

uncolonred ; jine eopy beautifully hound in olive mora 
the rides richly tooled, with gilt edges, by 

8rilliire library, £10, mntias, Petru 6 1 102) 

The aiilhor of this Chronicle of Saxony was Cord Bothe or Connid Botlto i 
nnd ihc hingunge in which it is written is the old Low German of BrnnMocL, 
The woodcuts, including grcnt number* of «upposed portrait- and hen 
bearing), as well us designs of battles, towns, and castles, give a grand and 
implying a>|scl to the volume. It begins with the Creation of the vrarH 
ancient history is so snnimnrily dismissed, that upon the eleventh leaf we 
come lo Ibe words. "So weren twee fursicn der BmoW in westersawen t. 
geren. De eyu het llcnghest. de ander llorst" relating how these two Saxon 
chiefs from Kngeren were called into Britain, settled there, and ■■ se wnirlew 
gehcten de Engersschen hide " — that is, tht English ptojii. The ( hmnieU 
ends with the year 1489. 


(1459) Strassburg. 

t) PAULUS DE SANCTA MARIA. Fol. 1 s Jncipit dyalogns qui 
Tocatoi* srrutiniu scripturai-urn Composttus p Reuerendu patrem 
dominu Paulft de sancta maria . . . que eoposuit post nddi- 
linnes positas ad post i I lam Nicolai de lyra Anno domini 
. . sm, folio, tjotliic letter, 210 bare", the last 
blank, o'.i Unesper /»';/''. the last Una being " secnla scculor'amen, 
Deo gracias " ; fine copy in brown . rtra, leather joint* 

and '/Hi edges, by Beu-Ntedrde, with the Seilli&re arms "u the 
tides, £5. 5s N. ». ( .' Mi iiteliu, about 147U) 

The type can scarcely be called identical «itli Unit employed in the 
Attguitmus <U arte predicandi, produced by Mentelin s but it is singularly 
like it, and the volume niny almost certainly be considered to have emanated 
from his press. 

IMU'IT, sm. folio, gotijic letter, 155 leaves, 35 lines per page, fine 
copy, in broicn morocco extra, leather joints, uncut edges, /-;/ Bclz- 
Nil iii lb-- Seilliire lit, ran/, £10. 10* 

N. n. (Georg Ilussner, about 1470) 
(HUGO DE S. VICTORE.) Fol. 16: Ineipinnt eapitula septem 
libror' didascalon magistri hugonis prioris snneti victoris. Et 
primo libri primi de studio legendi duo . . small folio, gotrjte 
letter, 245 leaves (the last two blank), 33 lines per page ; fine, oopy 
M boards covered "-it/, cell nm, many uncut leaves, £4. 

S. n. (f H. Eggestet/n, circ. 1475) 
The end leaves of this volume are from a liturgical MS. of the eleventh 
century with Music. 

the Holy Grail. Vol. I. : Paktzifal. Folio 1 : 
(I)st zweiffel hertzen nachgebur 
Das inns/, de.r selen werden fur 
Geschmehet vnd gezieret 
1st wo sy parieret 
In eines verzagteo mannas mut . . . 
Folio 1596. (U)nd diser aucntcure endes ail 
Nicnl me do von sprcchen wil 
Ich wolffian) von eschenbach . . . 
Vol. II.. Tytukel. Fol. 1 : (I)N anegengen 
vfi an letze. Bist du got cewig lebende. Dein kral't 
an vnder setze Hymcl vnd erde haltet enbor niirl* 
schwebendc . . . Fol. 306 : Ich wolfram bin 
vnschuldig. Ob schrcibcr recht vnrichtiff machet. 
M.CC( '< I.LXXVII. Fol. 307 : Diaz seind die capital 


disz bueh.s . . . Fulios 30N, 309 blwtk : 2 v,,ls. 
folio, scmigolhic lfttfr, printed in doubh columns, W 
//'•■ column, very Jim copies in are* 

super extra, gilt edges, the sides and i chit) 

tool d after a Qrotier vattt rn, 6200. 1 ! 

Ext !■:.- -i\ i.i.y BABE. The PercevoJ or Pi 
entirely the genuine work of the Minnesinger Wi 
posed about a.d. 1205, is far rarer than the Titan 
not so popular and of which only portion is by Wolfram, 
two works are, howevor, complementary of 
<■• >nst it ii 1 1' the German Grail Romance, corresponding 
in the Pera val and the S 

vomancists. The German text is, however, far 
than that of the French romances, as they were sophistics 
altered, ami abridged many limes before thl 

The impression of these volumes has been attributed 
variously to Mentelin, to Bggeateyn, and to Qunther '/... 
Whoever the printer was, to him belongs the credit ol 
been the Brat man who iruvf a threat monument of old ' ii 
literature to the press, and he thus deserves to rank with 
typographer of the Brat Dante in Italy, and with Caxton as 
printer of the Morte d'Arthnr in England. No other con 
can claim a similar honour for its earliest prinl 

17574 HUS SCHyEPLER. Bin Liepliohs lesen vnd ein n 
Bystorij wie einer (d' da hiesz Hug schiipler vfi w} 

.'b\ i ein gewaltiger kiing an Frankrich ward du 
nose ritterliohe manheit . . sm. folio, trotiiir. letter. First 
Edition, with 37 large andjim woodcuts of th< 
Khool; orimscm moroca extra, linen ,ni>m 

morocco richly tooled with an eleg 

Thibarov and Marina-Michel, thi S j m 

a ease, £31. 10* 
In i/i a, 

riickl . . {lurch II . 

I ■/. ,1 si, ill ■ 

The Romiim-e of Hugh Capet, the rounder of the modern Knack) 
DMMHUtby. Tim Ander Vorred statei that the matter i mm 

unacted is Wttisli from tbo Chronicle of St. Denla bj Johann 
NatSM lad Si enl it to hit mother Elisabeth ..; i 

She. translated It Into German ; but the text was poor umi ilefi 
a Conrad Ueynd&rffoi declares thai he improved sad coi 

37575 [REISCB I dLlkoarita rBiLO&orai 

(jotl)tr letter, nvman and diagram* j ceo evttrm, 

'jilt tdget, by I'* hi, faun tht S'lllicri: libianj, £d, G* 


A perfect cnc_vclu|'ieilia of nil the tttidits "I Hie time, including » Hafcrew 
ami a Greek grammar, and treatise* in tioal Mux, 

including: n num 

37576 MAHDEVILLE. IohannksMonvkdili mut, 

sm. Uu. itollitc leltcv. 70 leaves, with 111 curiout iroodeuls, aawl 



, .1/ Orion I in re I in irooao tup 

leather fointt and gUt edges, In/ BoU~Nm \r< ■, from the Seillierc 

iTatkit lh>f»ff. Tudor fryen ttat Strassburg . . M.OOOOO. 

riiil rin iur . . (1501) 
Vbrt rare. <>n the back of the title thore is a prefAco by the trans- 
lator beginning thin: " Ich Otto vu DttBWfalgc Thiiinhcrrc zu Me/, in 
Lolhringen ban dues bnch vsz lntin vnd welaclier sprochc in teutsch 

37577 (CAOUR8IN.) Historia Von Rhodis Wie ritterlich uie sich 
mhitltfl mil dem Tvninnischon keiser Maehomet vsz Tiirckye, 
Instig vn lieplich zu lesen. sm, folio, purl mil of the Grand Matter 
Ptsm /' on 1 In- till and 34i other woodcult mthei 

,/// genu ; fine copy in brown morocco k 

gilt edges, by I witii the SeiUthre arms on the tidee; in " 

616. 16* 

itratiburg durch . . tiarlinum Flaoh . . Taut »' f&nff 

hvndert onnd dnysohn (1513) 

The profoce is addresicd Ic Muxiinyn von Rappolsletll by " Johannes 

Adalphu ArgentUeoiii Piqnrient," who Cruslated the work from the Latin 

narnuivi- hi •■ Willn-lm Caonenyn." 


vhm rtnra Odor dor Spiegel der Tagani ffi Brsamkey t, mit gar 

SL-lioni-n vinl kostlicheTj livsimiin Bxemplsn, zu TOd'vrisnDg 

■i- kyn'l. sm. 4to. with l" large and e I .• having 

n tmaU hole in leaf i'.'. otheru sopym brown moroooo 

:,i, doubld (lint'il) with n>' m rr»CC" celrn bihiriinj tlie Srillicre 

arm, by David, £18, 18* 

. . Stratsburg dutch ■ ■ Jbhannom Knnbloueh . . 
Wjxee. ond . ma, far (1519) 
The colophon informs as that the book was translated from the French 
bj Marqnart rod Stsyn, Kuter vnd J.undnogt zu Montpelliciut. 

The book is an extremely enriom one as representing the conversation 
between n wise father and bin two daughters whom he instructs in the practice 
of all womanly virtues, indicating the danger of the contrary sins by a number 
of stories, some of these being a little more than riiy.i. 

(1466) Cologne. 

LRIUS. Ful. 1: Pfologus Cesarii cisteroieaia monaohil 

Hevsterbnclto in dyalogfi miracnloruxn lncipit feliciter, '2 purls 

in 1 vol. sm. folio dition, rjotliir Ictict. 309 1 ote», double 

mi s. a. (Ulr. '/,<U, aire 1475) 

i' I'iiiinias)] Int-ipit lilicr qui dioitur luuunn viiiin-r- 

■ ili' pprietatibua apnm, sm. folio, rrotrjic letter, do 

I *ret d.-X in eights {except % 7leaeet,and 

x tin lea & a. (oiro. 1 176) 

buth works in 1 vol. thick sm. folio, in the original 

tards, witl 65. 1 1 !■< 5- / i; I 

THE COLi IQNB CHRONICLE; Dia OaoKiOi »m Dnsiuiaia 
i ' i u.f:, folio, with n large number of w . quite 

■ : ,i ,■: \g a ix ■ ,; H '• o '■ a/ 
• fine copy In bl 


gilt and marbled edges, by Belz-Niedree, will. Hen arm* 

on the tides, £31. 10* 

Iohan Kucllwff Larger in Coellen . . Anno mm . . (1499) 
Such a copy as (he present of this celebrated Chronida "ill probably 
never be seen again. lis importance as a document relating to the History of 
Printing cannot be overestimated. I in leaf .11 1 verso, nnder the year 1430, 
begini tlie famous chapter " Van der boy clid nicker Knnst. Wann. War 
durch wen U vonde . . ." which has been so frequently quoted, and in (Thick 
Koelhof relates the events which he had frequently heard his master V 
Zell relate. Zell came from Merit/, to Cologne in 1462-3 . hi- first dated book 
appeared in 1466 ; Koelhof started as an independent printer in 1472 It 
was probably therefore between 1466 and 1472, that Koelhof learned the 
practico and history of the art in Zell's house. There are eighty -one 
lines in his narrative, but the most remarkable words in it are thote. And ia 
the year of our Lord 1450, it was then a golden year, then teas it begun to 
print, and" Me first book that wot printed una the Bible in Latin, and it tnu 
Itiiited with a coarse type, such as is the type wherewith Afusat oooi< are 
printed now. . . Item, although the art was invented at Afents a* aforesaid, in 
the manner in u'?iic'l now it it usually practised ; yet fie firtt jrrefigurement 
thereof was found in Holland in tlie Donatiues which were printed Oyer, 
before the time . . . — But t/ie first discoverer of printing vat a citizen of 
Hunts, and he wot born at Strassburg and he was named Jonker Johamn 
Oudenburch. The word Junker implies gcntln birth. Thii -slalemeui. 
regard to the Art of Printing and its inventor, onght to l« conclusive ; a« far 
as the use of Blockbooks is concerned, it shows that ilicy were considered to 
have bcou liutch uml not Gciuinn in their origin. 

37581 Die Cronica van utit uilligeb Stat va Cokllk, folio. 

of lit'iv-ivi/ leave* men ded, mid a letter or I ■■ 

but the teal perfeoi j 6n >, a aheap copy of th\ i celebrated 

and important book, £12. 12* 1 100 

(1466) Ulm. 

37582 [ARETINO (Lionardo) Giiscakdo and Sigissiunpa] Hy»i 

Rigismunde! der tochtcr iless ffirsten tanci edit WW Mtfenua, 
dess iunglings gwiBgnrdi. Tancredns na ain fun-t no. folate 
gotliir letter, 12 fine woodcut* including one which depict* th 

lon-r* in the moment oj delight and detection ,• gi 
gilt edges, by Chambolle-Duru, £1". 

S. a. [Ulm, TJudwig Holiewwang, .;/•<.,<.• l-iT'-'i 

Unique German prose romance, no other copy than (his having yet urea 
dbWOTend. At the end there is bound up with this a leaf evidently i»-ocd as 
a broadsheet by Anton Sorg. and formerly pasted as on end leaf on the eoti 
the Guiscurdo. It if in rhyme, in double columns, and begins thus, l)«r •; 
sagt von dem pild der hailigeu driualtigkuii Zu Augspurg gedrueki . . ami 
ends with the words •• Also spricht bruder iijrg preining, which indicate th* 

(1468) Augsburg. 

37583 [JOHANNES VON FRIBURG]. Fol. 2 : Hie Dawh 
ilus KiL'iatcr iiber tins bnoh genat Si ma IobaJI 
nomie domini Amen. Hie hebt sich an der prolog) 
vorred disr. buclis, genut Surua lobiinLs weln ■]»■ 
iii MB!! dfi heylige Decret bnch . »m. folio, gotljit Ii 



leaves the first of which it blank, 29 Unes per page; the initiate 
painted j brown moroeco tvper extra, joint*, gill edges, by Del:- 
Niedree,with the SeiUiire arms on tide, £7, 7s 

TohSnet Siimber . . Augspnrg. Anno ij-o. M.cccc. vii in dS. 

Ixxij. tare (1472) 
The carious nature of the chapters on marriage and divorce it indicated 
by the headings, " Hindemiss der Ee von grossc wogcn dcs manncs gelyd," 
" von coge wegen der frnnwcn gelvd," etc. 
Hie kebt sich an ein buck gesetzet in oren vnsers kerren Ikesu 
cristi vnd seiner muter mitrien vnd der keilige dryer knuig 
wirdigkeifc wie sy in die land konien vn nnder werek die sy 
begangen vnd volbroekt haben vntz in ir end vnd vo manigerley 
sittf ires lnndes . . . sm. folio, with bS remarkable woodcuts; 
beautifully bound in bin.: morocco super-extra, lined {double) with 
brown morocco tutra, gilt border, by Thebaron,the SeMiiri arm$ 
on the tides, £75. f. n. I Augsburg, or Ulm, about 1478) 

I'stijrl ASD (BUT rOB THIS OOP*) UNKNOWN. .lollBUUCS 1 1 i Klc-il K-i lll- 

ensis. a Carmelite, wrote a similar legend in Latin in the fourteenth century, 
edition* of which, and of translations into French, Dutch, and English, alt 
still extant. But of the German version (if version it be. and not an 
independent work) no one suspected the existence till this unique copy turned 
up within the Inst twenty years. 

F565 GODFREY OF BOUILLON. Xylograpkie title: HlRTWW 

GoTrRiD wie er wider die Tiirgen vnd llayden gestritten vnd dj 
keylig Grab gewitneu kat, smallest 4to. 110 leaves, large wood- 
on reverse of title ami numerous woodcut initial*; maroon 
morocco extra, blind tooled, gilt tupi, lined (double) with dark blue 
morocco, by Oiambolle-Duru ; from the BeiUtire library, £10. 10s 
Lucas Zeissenmair zu Augspnrg . . FUnffttehehundert vA 

HMy iar. (1502) 

375*6" TRITONIUS (Petrus). Mei.opoi.* sivk harmoni* TBTMOumaJE 
snper xxii genera cnrniinuin Heroicoru Elegiacorii Lyrieoiuni 
iasticoru kymnoru per Putrutn Tritonium et alios doctoH 
sodalitatis Litterarirenostnomusicos secundu natures &, tempora 
sylliiUiru el jiedtim composite et regulate duetu Ckunradi Celtis 
foalioiter impresse, . . am. folio, with •_' fnll-fiage woodcuts by 
Albert /'»'"•, and thirteen full pages of Mcsic ; brown Morocco 
'. gill edge*, by Petit, from ike Beilhere library, £21. 

Impressum Augusta ciiolrlicoruni inynio 

,V i whist ria Erhardi OgUn (s. a. 1507) 

Kxcrsmtelt RAttB. From a verre addressed to the printer at the end of 

the volume, we learn that this Erbardtis Oglin was the first to print music in 

Germany by means of movable types, and that this was his first work. 

The Music comprises settings of twenty-two of Horace's odes, arranged 

in parts for four voices. It was the earliest appearance in Germany, of music 

with the notes and the staff both printed. Conrad Celtis dedicated it in some 

verses to Jordanns, the lender of a vocal choir at Augsburg. It is said that 

Tritonias' proper name was Olivenbatun or Oclbaum. 

CICERO. Officia M. T. C. Ein Buck, so Marcus Tullius Cicero 

Homer, zu seynem Sunc Marco ... in Latein gesckriben, 

Welcks auff begere, Hetren Jokansen von Schwart/.enbergs Ac. 

■'i mscket, Vnd vnlgens, Dnrcfa ine, in zyerlicker Hockteutsi-li 

gebrackt . . sm. folio, with 103 fine looodout* by linns liur.jkmni.,. 


including a itrikwg portrait of Schwa \lbert 

•r; brown mot \ra, gill I lit 

SedKire arms on tide*, £12. lit 

. . Awttpurg, duroh HiryrwAefl Sttwu lit, 

M.I'WXI | I:,: I | 
This is the second issue of n remarkable honk, first ieracd Iwo i 
enrlier, niul frequently afterwards reprinted. It I Dtaioa the wood- 

enta in their beat state. The translator inserted illiuU 
eoapletl ami qnstrains, between the paragraph-sections of hi* rersi 
which the work derives an additional interest as n contribni 
German literature. 

One of the woodcuts bears Hans Burgmnir's mark, and nil the r 
ittribnted to him, except the Scbwartaenberg portrait, which work- 

mnnship. and, according to Nogler, may have been from the hand "I .1 
llink The monogram U bears secma to be a combination of I an. I 
by the I lying horlioiitaJly ncross the waist of the B. 
37588 BRUNO (Christopher). [oAinrn Boccatii . Dii 

histori mill's ' vfi l.iiilzsi begriffen . Kin In 

Bohone Orntion M. T. Ciceronis, fiir SI. Mnrcellum 
zii.-nnien bnu'lit, vnd verteutsclit, dnrcti Christophornin I 
Doncm von Hyrtzweil . . many fini 

er, M.l>. XXX Hi'. I 

(Leonardns). Zwey Schono Audi Instigc B 
Oeficbiobi bficher, der Rhoruer krieg, wider die C 
. . newlich inn das Tentscb durcb Miin'tim Tallinn .... 
fine woodcuts by Hi ni'.u and !!• 

ITainrich Stayner, XXXX (11 vols in 1. sua. fnli 

. Ira, gilt 
ihr Sri!! ' on the sides, C L5, 

Tin use of Boccaccio's name In t lie title o( the lirst worV teem* to bo 
fraudulent. The book itself is ro more than a frii 

(1470) Basel. 

9 GUIGO. SiAiii\ ordinis cartusiensis ;i docono Qaigoni 
Dftrttuie edits, 5 parts in 1 vol. sm. folio, gnlhir letter, 

.'7 mall woodcut initials; vellum, £2,8* 
indtutria magish i total 


i,i ill' 

(1470) Nurnberg. 

37590 RETZA I FrMaMasde) I Hie Codi 

nciOKUM . . Frsnoisci de Ketut . . finil feliciter, larj 

rratiur letter, ■_' 6 ,doubh columi iritk 

,,;/ painti 'I in I: 
gilt i I tit S< ///■■'(';• ; 

,Sv. mar'q] cocordia 1470) 

The first book printed at Nurnberg; excessively ran 
That tin- celebrated Perckheimcr, who collei 
Iowa i m of tin' fifteenth ct ntnry, had i 

sir,', Ing w Idcnee of it- rarity mm tl 

.luhntiii Suisenschmidl wai the printer h) whom thi. volume «■' 





37591 BONA VENTURA (St.) Die Legend des bstugui vattkks 

Fbancisci. Nach dcr beschreybung des engelischen Lerere 
Bonauenture, sm. 4to. with 57 fine woodcuts, coloured by a run. 
temporary hand, and heightened with gold} brown morocco extra, 
gilt edges, by Lortic, from I lie Seilliire collection, £14. 

. . Nuremberg Durch Hieronymum Hollzel . . Tausent 

Fuuffhundert, vh 1m Zu-flfften Iare (1512) 

Tho line woodcuts in this volume ore attributed by l'ussiivant. to Caspar 

Rosenthaler, a Franciscan monk, mentioned as the former owner of Iiblzel'a 


(1472) Esslingen. 

37592 ANTONINUS. Fol. 1 : Opus Anthonini archiepi florentiui . . . 
Do erudicione Confessor' feliciter iiicipit, sm. 4to. tjoi lnc Itttcr, 
initials painted in n d, 136 leaves, the last blank, 27 lines per page ; 
bound in vellum neat, the edges uncut ; from the Seilliire library, 
£2. I0.f s. n. {Es.-ilingen, Conrad Fyner, circ. 1474) 

In the samo type us was used by Fyucr for the Gersou described on 
p. 3579. 

(1475) Liibeck. 

37593 PASSIONAEL efto dat leuent der hyllighe to dude vth dem 

latiDo init velen nyen hystorien vnde leiv . . . stout 8m. folio, 
irilh numerous engravings, most of them from the identical blocks 
■used in the edition of 1492, folios 18 and 55 t» the second part 
Wanting, in the original boards covered with stamped leather, 36s 
. . (torch dath beneel Stiffani Anides . . Lubech . . 

M.ccccc.efi. rii (1507) 
In the fecond design we see a martyr bonnd or fixed en a machine like 
Ibe guillotine, niid the executioner is in the act of cutting the cord that keeps 
the axe in its frame. 

(1507) Constanz. 

37594 Die StBfi CCbs zu Teiitseli nuff ninen yetliclie tag d' wochc-n ain, 
mit vil nndern schonc gebctten, 12mo. printed hi red and black, 
with 8 woodcuts; brown morocco extra, gilt edges, by Chnmbolle- 
Durufi£,7 . 7s Ootteni durch Johanem Bckaffeler, 1517 

A Prayer Book in seven courses, with its knleudar and foot-rhymes just like 
the contemporary Livrts-d' Hcures. Tho last two pages are occupied by tho 
printer's mark (a cop between the letters II and S, printed in white on red 
groand), with Ibe evangelical symbols at the page-corner*. 

(1530) Siemern. 

90 AYMON'S SONS. Eyn sclion lnstig G< seliielit, wie Keyset- 
Cnrle der gross vier gebriider, Heit/.og Aymont von Dordons 
Siine, trnib dus der cltest vndter inen Rcyr.liardt genaut, dem 
Keyser seiner Neuen eynen, mit eynem schnclibrc-t eisclihiL'. 
seebzehon jnrlangk l.ekrieget . . . busk Fiiinlzosiscbci- sprneh 



in Teutsch transferiert, sm. folio, numeral 
luns ]■_• and 1 .-. '» faenrnUe, othertoue fine and lai 
morocco super extra, g. c. by BeJa-Niadree, with 8< QK irt an 
ridet, £8. 8* 

Qetruckl ;u Sitinmcrii, durck Iheronimui Bodler . . 

D.M.r.vre (1 

(1477) De venter. 

37597 Miirmeli.ii Rurcmundensia (Ioannis) Nuclei, sm. 4to. jrotijir lctur. 
woodcut on title, ami a large one on the last page | ioeco 

extra, gilt edges, by Trautz-Banzouiict. from the Seili 

Dauentrie inofficina litteratoria Albert t 'pafraet . . MD.xiiij (1514) 
This volume appcan lo bo undescribed by bibliographers ; i[ cou-i«t» of 
28 leaves nilh signatures, and contains a Latin Grammar for boys, with the 
Dutch phrases appended in several places to the corresponding Latin wor 
The woodcut at the end is apparently from a blockbook, and represents < 
seated in clonds with four angels round him j his heart pierced by arrox 
nnd about to be pierced by another which "Cantos " is shooting from a bow. 
She is standing, with face averted from the weapon, on the battlement* of * 
tower; near her "Oratio - " looking upwards, clasps a vessel from which 
feathers arise and wing the arron - daft*. 

(1482) Antwerp. 

37506 VIVES (LniB). Io. LODOVICI Vivis Valcntini de inslitutione 
I'm uiinre Christianas :i ■ 1 Sercniss. D. Ciithurinii Uispnnfi, Anglisr 
Reginatn, libri tres . . . sm. 4to. printed upon vellum, brown 
morocco, blind tooled, gill edges, from the Seilliire library, .€ 
Antverpiw apud Michaelem Ililleiiium H.D.&ciiii (1 
Fiiist edition of this work, dedicnted to Catharine of Aragon, wife of 
Henry VIII. Only two copies of tho work arc known printed upon vellum, 
that in the Bodleian Library and the present copy described by Ilrunit, with 
the first four leaves on paper, but also having a facsimile of the fame four 
leaves supplied on vellum so as to match the body of the book. 

(1498?) Schiedam. S 

37590 BRUGM AN. Fol. la: Vita Ltdwine brcoma. Schiedam. In 
IInt.t.ANtiiA on scrolls between woodcuts ; fol. 1 b: (betieath a wood- 
cut) Prologus in vitain alme Virginia Lydwine. Et hec ent 
1 1 - : 1 1 1 - 1 : 1 1 1 . • tercia per venerabileni patreru fratrem Iohioom 
Iirugman. Anno, domini. M°CCCC°Lvi° pro too cmndtas 
frntrii minor' apud andomarnm (sic) lectore coposita. Incipit 
Felioiter, Bntall 4to. goth,ic Ittttr. numerous woodcuts, 

brown morocco extra, joints, by Marivi-Miehel, £52. 10/ 

// e opus dei fatiUtt qrii limit. 

Anno \l ■ . . (1488) 

This gariom volume is the first book known to bare ltd U 



Schiedam. Campbell records an imperfect volume (Lcre etc.) which according 
to liis Opinion wM [irinteil about 1430 imd in a typo retembling tomewhal the 
type t'f the Lydwin. It wonld bo ludicrous to rcaon from such n statement 
that any known book exist* printed it Schiedam of earlier date than Brngman's 
work above described. 

(1565) Arnheim. 

37000 DfjRER. Les qvatre mvres d'Albert Dvrer . . De la pro- 
portion des parties & pourtraicts des corps humaiuB. Tradvicts 
par Loys Mcigret . . sm. folio, numerous elegant full-page 
woodcut* giving designs in outline of the human form and its 
parts, with folding leaves of diagrams, etc. fine cipy in red 
morocco cu'lra, gilt edges, by Lortic, £3. 10* 

Arnhem, lean leans:, 1613 

(1467) Rome. 

• 1 PONTIFICALS. Fol. 1 blank; fol. 2a: (S)Anctissimo in xpo 
pri >t duo nro dno Inuocentio diuina puidetia Papo Octauo. 
Angnstinus Patricins de Picolominibus . . Fol. 2a : . . (P)onti- 
licalis ordinis liber incipit . . . Fol. 301J : Explicit Potificalis 
Liber magna diligentia Rcuoredi in xpo patris dni Angnstini 
Patricii do Picolominib' . . Fot. 302a : Rogistram Foliornm 
huins operis . . stout folio, Editio Princeps, flotrjic letter, printed 
in red and black, with the Music noted in black on a staff of five 
rid lines, both the staff and the notes printed ; very fine and large 
copy with several illuminated initials ; the original binding, £36. 
Imprcssus Rome, opera discrcti viri Mai/istri Stephaui Flannck 

... Mccccl.rz.ta . . . (1485) 
As the first edition of a great liturgical liook, and the first grand example 
of Music-printing, this is a highly remarkable volume. 

(1469) Venice. 

37602 SUETONIUS. Cuii Svetonii Tranqvilli de Vita. XII. Caesarvm 
liber primvs divvs Ivlivs Caesar incipit foolieiter (libri xn). 
Bin. folio, the margin of first leaf mended, large copy in old red 
morocco, gilt edges, £15. 15s (Venetiis), Nicolaus Jenson, 1471 

37602* the same, a fine copy in crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, 

hy Bedford, £16. 16» 1471 

03 AULUSGELLIUS. Avli Gelii Noctivh Atticarym oommextakii, 
folio, with illuminated border and initial to the first page of I 
maroon morocco extra, gilt edges, by Chambolte-Durv, £12. 12« 
. . VenetUsperNicolavmlenson . . M.CCOO.LXXII (1472) 
A magnificently printed volume ; and also a xcry raro one. The 
Sunderland copy, described in the cntalogne as spoiled, fetched XI 3. 10*. 
57604 PETRAHCA, "Sun.tti, dmzoni, Triumphi. Fol. la: (V)oi 

CHASCOLTATE IN RIME SPARSE IL SONO . . Km. folio, Roman kiln. 

wanting the seven leaves of Tabula and two leaves (115, 116) of 


' ; a tery fine copy hound in old English rtd ■morocco eitra, 

■■ the Earl of Suwlerlaul (269 X 1G> milUm'ctret) 
£21. OOi -LXXllI . . in Venetiis . . Kw . . (1473) 

Vr.BT babe. Four copper-plate engravings dated 1656, ud illnstm iog 
tract of the wane Bertoldo story were inaerted at beginning and end by hoi 
former owner. 

37005 I'ETRARCA, Sonetti, Canzoni, Trinrophi, quite perfect, the first 
■• decorated with an illuminated border, a couple of blank pages 
and many of the margins covered with contemporary MS. glosses ; 
very large copy icith roii'jh gilt edges, in green morocco, titles 
bhnd-tooled, by Thompson, from the Seilliere library (275 x 172 
millimetres), £30. 1173 

37000 VALERIUS MAXIMTS. Valcrii Maximi Dictorvm 
ct Factorvm. Memorabilirm Rvbricac . . Fol. 3 o : Valcrii 
inaximi f.actomm : ac dictorum memoralium (sic) liber ad 
'I'ikriiiin Cesarem, am. folio, an illuminated border painted on 
the first page and the Visconti or Milan arms beneath it ; fine 
copy in crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, by Hardy; with the 
Seilliere arms on the' si Jet, £8. 

Venetiis . . per Iohdnem de CoUmia agripinensi ac Iohanne 
Mdthen dc Gherretfhem .- . . M.CCUC.LXXIIII (11 

B?607 AULUS GELLIUS. Fol. 1 b: Avli Gelii Noctivm Atticarvin 
Commcntorii . . Fol. 17 vacat. Fol. 18: Avli Gelii Noctivm 
Atticamn Commentarii . . em. folio, fine copy, with a few old 
MS. notes in margins, red morocco extra, icith arms of the 
Duke of Roxburghc in gold on sides, gilt edges, BARK, £10. 

. . Venetiis per Andream Iacobi Calharensem. 
M.OCCC.LXXVII . . (1477; 
the same, with an illuminated letter on the first pay it 


text, fine copy in crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, by Hardy, uith 
the. Seilliere arms on the sides, £12. 1477 

BARTHOLOMEO DA LI SONNETTI [Zamherto] (Isoi.abio), 
4to. jjothic letter, with 49 woodcut maps, very fine and lary 
in the original bind iny of oak boards covered with stamped leather, 
vilh clasps, enclosed in a neat hf. morocco case, from the Beil 
library, £31. 10* [sinenota, sed Venetiis, circa 1480] 

" ' 'no of the rarest volumes of early Italian poetry," and at tlie same time, 
the earliest special Allan of the Mediterranean. The first five pages are 
occupied by a metrical Introduction, On the sixth ti.c first sonnet begins, 
which is devoted to the Island of Cerigo, opposite to it is given a woodcut 
map, then follow the sonnets on Crete, lthodes, etc., in dne succession. The 
maps arc simple outlines, without any names of places, and arc coloured hy 
hand. The subject of the lost sonnet is Cyprus, the concluding leaf being 
the mop of that island. 

The present copy accords exactly with tho description given by Brunet. 
It consists of fifty-six leaves, without either pagination or signatures. The 
author gives his name on the fifth page thus — 
" Per aprobar imesta opercta fata 
per me bntolomco da li soneti 
intendo de monstrar con vcri effeti 
>|uanto ehc londa cgiea abia cercbatta . 
A copy sold in the BecktoH Bale, Part I, for £29. 

The tint thrco lines are a dedication which contains an elaborate reduction. 
Of tho sovereign's name to numerals. They run tbjis — 



Al Diuo Cinque cento cinque c dicco 

Tre cinque n do Mil nulla trc o do an cento 

Nulla . . 
Cinqno cento=l), cinquo V, dicce X ; trc=Z or 3, cinque=V, a — A, 
• I. ' n or N, mil=M, nulla (), tre Z or 3, E, do n or N, nn=I, conlo=l\ 
nnlln=0. The union of tlioso symbols makes the name DVX ZVAN 
Mi 1ZKNIC1 ), i.e. the Doge who ruled from 1477 to 1485. 

37610 BENEDICTI PJEANTII (Alexandri) Diana do bcllo Carolino, 

8m. 4to. olivo morocco extra, gilt edges, by Aitkin, from the 
Seilliere library, £0. i. n. (Venetiis, Aldu< Munutnu, 1496) 

Tliis rare volume is printed with the same type as that nsed by Aldus 
Mnnutius for the " Ilcmbo" of 1495, it also bears the date m.iiiiu in two 
letters included in the work. Bound up with it is a rare tract " l'omponii 
vita," Venetiis per Bernardinum Venetu, 1489. This was Up. Butler's copy. 

37611 IAMBLICHUS de mysteriis Aegyptiorum. Chaldioorum. Assyrio- 

rum. Proclus in Platoiiicnm nlcibiadcm do anima, atq ; doomono 
. . . (Latino), sm. folio, Editio Princeps, a fine and very large 
copy (315 X 212 millimetres) from the libraries successively of 
IJilibnld L'irkheimer, Lird Thomas Arundel, Henry Sixth Bake of 
Norfolk, the Boyal Society, and Mr. W. 0. Borlase, £7. 10* 

Venetiis . . M.IIID. In asdibus Aldi. (1497) 

370 12 (socunda editio aucta) sm. folio, fine copy in old gilt 

russia (bound about 1700) tcith the Foscarini arms on the sides, 
£3. 10s 
Venetiis in mdibvs Aldi et Andreae soceri . . M.D.XVI (1516) 
tho samo, a very fine and large copy in brown morocco 


super extra, gilt edges, by Hardy, with the Seilliire arms on sides, 

£6. 1516 

(ASTRONOMI VETERES) Iulii Firraici Astronomicorura libri 

octo . . Marci Manilii astronomicorum libri quinque. Arati 

Phenomena Germanico Closure interprete . . Arati eiusdem 

phienomonon fragmentura Marco. T. C. interprete. Arati 

eiusderu Phomoraena Ruffo Festo Aaienio parupbr.tste. Arati 

eiusdem Phenomena grroce. Theonis commeutaria . . Procli 

Diadocbi Sphmra grace. Procli eiusdem Spbtera, Thoma 

Linacro Britanno interprete, sm. folio, fine copy in olive morocco 

super extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, from the Seilliere library, £15. 

Venetiis cura, $■ diliaentia Aldi Bo . . M.IB. (1499) 

One of the rarest volumes of the Aldine series. 

37615 PLUTARCH. IIAOTT'APXOT IlapaXX^Xa. . . Plvtarchi qvro 
vocantvr Parallela . hoc est Vitso illystrivm Virorvm . . Grtvce, 
stout sm. folio, Editio Princeps, fine copy in brown morocco extra, 
gilt edges, by Hardy, with the Seilliere arms on sides, £10. 10s 

Venetiis in ted i bus Aldi, et Andreae Soceri . . 

M.B.XIX (1519) 
the same, a very fine and large copy in old French red 


morocco extra, gilt edges, by Heroine, from the Oaignat library, 
binding a little fatigue", £12. 12s 1519 

SILI1 ITALICI de Bello Pvnico seevndo xvn libri nvpor diligent- 
issime castigati, 12mo. the anchor on title and at end illuminated 
with gold and silver ; fine copy in brown morocco extra, gilt edges, 
by Hardy, the Seilliere arms on sides, £5. 

Venetiis in cedibus Aldi, ct Andrea) . . M.D.XXIII (1523) 


37618 STAGI (Andrea) Opera do Andrea Stagi Anconitnno Intttokta 

Amazonida La Qnal Tract a Le gru Bataglie e Ti-iumplii dhfl 
Fece Queste Done Amazone, 8vo. 2 woodcut f: fin* '"'7.7 ■' 
morocco super extra, lived (double) with red morocco having a 
large dentelle border, gill edges, by ChamboUr-lhiru, witA 
Seilliero arms on the sides, £12. 

Qui Finisse le Aspre Bataglie de 

Stampalo inVcnetia . .'M.CCCCCIH . . (1508) 
Of this first edition of a very rnre romantic poem in ottava rima 
tome threo or fonr copies arc now extant. The text of the work 
Roman letter, bat the title-page is in Gothic. 

37619 SPAGNA. Incomincia il libra vulgar dicto la spagna in quaranta 

cantare diuiso doue se tratta lo battaglie cbe race. Carl" mi 
in la prouinoia do spagna, sm. 4to. ©olljt'r It 1 1 rr. numerous s- 
woodcuts; having the last page mended, but on the whole n 
copy in olive morocco extra, gilt edges, by Chanibrdlc-lhim. with 
the Seillicre arms on sides, £7. 7s 

Yenetia per Guiehno da Foniane . . M.ccccc.xiiii (1514) 

All the early editions of this Romance of Chivalry »n ottava rima are 

very rare. It was composed by Sostcgno di Zanobi of Florence, iu the f"ur- 

teenth century j his name in this edition being eoniipted (in the last stanza) 

to Sostregnio de Zauibi da Fiorenza. 

37620 BOCCACCIO. II Decameronedi M. Giovanni Boccaccio, srn. 4to. 

Calf neat, £10. Vinegia, per Gregorio de Oregon, 1516 

Edited by Nic. Delfino, and forming the basis of all succccdiug editions. 
I sold a copy quite recently for £28. 

37621 PARIS AND VIENNA. FoL 1 : Ad illvstrissimvm domil 

Antonivm Pratvm . . Divi Rochi Narbonensis : VitA 
loannem Pinvm Tolosanvm edita . . — Fol. 1 : Ad nobib 
egrcgios adolescentes Antonivm ct Gviclmvm Pratos . . . Allo- 
brogicro Narrationis libellus . . At end : Allobrogice nan-at k 
liber per loannem Pinvm . . — 2 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. ruled wilk 
red lines, fine copy in brown morocco super extra, gilt edges, by 
Gruel, u-i/h !/<■■ SeUUire arms on sides, £4. 

VeruHi* ■ . per Aleasddrum de Bindonu . . mitletimv 
quingenietimo decinto tenia 1 1516 i 
The first piece is only n tract of 20 leaves on the lifo of St. Koch 
addressed by the author, Jean Unpin Rishnp of Rienx, to Antoir* 
ciiiiuccllor of France. The second piece, 64 leaves, is a translation ot lb* 
well-known romance of 1'aris and Vienna, and is addressed bo 1 mprat • 

37622 PARIS AND VIENNA. Inamohamento De Paris r. Viexa His- 

TOBIATO, sm. 4to. large woodcut on title and nu 
woodcuts in the text, red morocco extra, panelled sides, ;, 
by Chambolle-Duru, from the Scillicre library, VERY RARa", £• 
. . nenetia per Marchin 

Bauani . . M.OOOOO.X I 3 . . (1519) 

37623 REALI DI FRANCIA. Libro cliiamato Reali di Friiza : Nel 

quale si cotiene la generatione de tutti li Re : Duclii : Prix* 
& baron i do Friiza : & do li Paladini : cfl le battaglie da Ioro 
fatto . . sm. 4to. title irilhiu an elegant woodcut border, and 
numerous small woodcuts throughout the tentj red morocco extra, 



(jilt edges, by Chambolle-Durii, from the SeilU&M library, very 
dare, £5. Venetia p r Van -hi,, Bom . . MD.XXW'II. (1537) 
l lot of llio moat important volumes in (ho literature of tho Churleuiugne 

83 '.23*LODOVTCI (Francesco d'i) Triomphi di Carlo, am. ito.fne large 

woodcut on title-page, jine copy in crimson morocco extra, gilt 

edges, by Ghambollc-Duru, wilh the Seilliere arms on ndei, 

£3 I6f Yiuegia, Pasini e Bindoni, 1535 

l'msT Em i ms of a celebrated heroic poem in Jena rinia. 

37623 BOCCACCIO (M. Giovanni) Labcrinto d'Amore . . Con una 
Epistola a Messer Pino de Rossi confortatoria del medesimo 
avtore . . 12mo. woodcut border round title, red morocco extra, 
gill edges, log RflpiiWuc, with the Seilliere arms on sides, £2. 8s 

Firenze per gli heredi di Fhilipvo de Giunta . . 

M.D.XXIX. (1529) 

17625 Boccaccio (Giovanni) L'Araorosa Fiammetta . . nuouamente per 

M. Lodonico Dolce da ogni errore emeudata . . 12mo. woodcut 

title-page, red morocco taper extra, panelled rides, gilt dyes, 

hy Bett-NiedrA ■ with the Seilliere arms on sides, £2. 12s Gii 

In Venetia appresso Gabriel lulitu de Ferrarii, 

M.D.XLU (1542) 

(1470) Foligno. 

37626 ARETINO. Fol. 1 ; Leonardi Aketini de bello italico advebsvs 
Gotkos, sm. folio, Editio Princeps, First book printed at 
Foligno; "'- leave*, 28, 29, and 30 lines per page, Roman letter ; 
liar Ctipy, rubd xeilh red lines, bound in crimson morocco extra, 
gill edges, by lleh-Xiedree, with the Seilliere arms on thesides, £50. 
Emilianus de Orjinis Fulginas Sf Iuhannes Numeister . . Fid- 
ginei in domo eiusde EmUiani anno domitii Millesimo- 
guadringelesimoseptuagesiino feliciter (1470) 
All Numeister's books are of extraordinary rarity; aud are also exception- 
lily interesting on account of the relation!! between him and Guttenbcrg. 

(1471) Bologna. 

MANIL1US. Fol. 1: Marci Manlii Poetae clarissimi Astro- 
immicon ad Caesarem Avgvstvm (libri quinque; et A rath tin 
Qermanioi), 2 parts in 1 vol. am. folio, First Edition with 
Date, red morocco extra, gilt edges, £10. 10* 

Bouoniae impressom per me I'i/mm Bvgerivm . et Doninvm 
Bertoehvm Anno Domini. M.CCCCLXXIIII . . 


the same, a very large copy, the margin* fiUea irith 

valuable mamueripl notes by L. Bonincomtkius, who printed an 
edition of Manilitii with his Commentary at Home in 1484, lint 
iehose notes on Aratus have never been published, red morocco 

., gill edge.,; £12. 12* 1474 

Thii valuable copy, formerly in the Magliubcchi and I.ntircntian libraries, 
is accurately described by Bumliui and FatU, 

37C28 Iustincs hisioricus Una cum L. Floko a Phillppo Berc 

cobuectus, Bononie Impressit . . Bencdichu I . MS.V 

(1505) — Pavlvs OllOSlVS. Venetiis per matjistr' el, 01 de 

rSril: ile Madello . . M.cccc.lxxxxix . . (1409) — 2 vols, in 1, 
sin. folio, in a fine Venetian -«•• ntury binding, /> it-red on 

the tide Ivetinvs Historicvs. P. Orosivs, £2. 10s LA $-1499 

(1471) Treviso. 

37G28*La Histokia pcrcho si dice o fntto il Bccco a l'Oca, bdi. 4to. 
woodcut on title, red morocco extra, gilt edges, " ex Musa?o Carol! 
Nodier," £3. Trevigitt Pistoia (about 1 

A curious facetia in cttava rima, 4 leaves in double columns. 

(1472) Mantua. 

37G29 PADLDS DE SANCTA MARIA. Fol. 1 : Incipit Dialogus qui 
uocatur Scrutininj Bcripturar' copositus per reue rendu patre. 
Dominu Paulu de seta Maria . . Quem composuit post 
additicneB per cum compositas ad poetillaj Nicolai de Lira. 
Anno domini. MCCCC.xxxiiij. Fol. 151 : (I) Ncipit Secunda 
pare . . Fol. 249 : . . Hoc opus impressit rernm scrulinia 
Scballus lohannes doctor artis Apollinee. Anno domino Mil- 
esimo quadringentesimoseptungesimoquinto (1475) — Fol. 'J."' 1 - 1 : 
TractatnluB multum nlilis ad couincendum iudcos do errore sno 
. . Fol. 269 : . . per me Iohannem Seliallue artiu doctorc 
Mantue impressiis . . M.ccc.lxxv . . stout sm. folio, ©otrjtclitm, 
2G9 leaves (one blank), 39 lines per page ; the initial lettl 
first page (which is mended) illuminated ; green morocco extni, 
(jilt edges, from the Systou l'ark library, £5. (Mantua, 1475) 

This lost piece is the Letter of linbl i Samuel lo Knbbi Isnnc. 

(1470) Paris. 

37030 MERLIN. Le premie (sic) volume de merlin— Le secosd 


sin folio, Icttrrs rjotliiqurs, premiere edition, numerous wood- 
cuts ; the last four leaves of Vol. II wanting, ana) tl. 
Vol. Ill cut out and mounted ; the first two volumes Uiuni M one 
old red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Boyet ; the third tolume in 
old French calf ijilt with arms on \d the bo. de Yialart de Moligny ; from tl 

(End of Vol. Ill :) Cy finissent les pr< ■ ■ nomu-Ut- 

ment imprime a paris Ian m il. rx xriij. 

pour Antlioine remit . . . (1496j 

37631 (GYRON LE COURTOYS Anecques la denise des armes de tons 
les clicunlicrs do la table ronde). folio, First Edition, goihic 


38 17 

ItttCi oeral large woodcuts, a wonderfully large, sound and 

<> x 241 millimetres), old calf, £60. 

Jiiipn'mc a pan's j>ciir Anihoine Dsrord manihant Hbraire 

demouriit a Paris pres petit pont deuant la rue neufue 

tuttn dame a lanseigut Saint Uhan lauangeJitte . . . 

(about 1504) 
This was the first issue by Verard, as appears from the absence of a title, 
and the absence of a leaf of prologue. Ilcre the preliminary leaves are seven 
in Dumber (lb* first, a blank, huviug been torn away); of which, six leaves 
[■ ii— [a vii]i contain the table, and the seventh has a large woodcut on the 
obverse, the reverse blank. — i In the second issue, these preliminary leaves 
were reprinted in smaller characters. The largo woodcut was placed* on the 
reverse of folio 1 , and the words of iutitulalion printed on the obverse ; the 
table occupied leaves 2 — 7 ; and on the eighth leaf a prologue was added.) 
37632 - — nnothi-r copy of the same issue, sm. folio (303 x 200 mill.), 

with the words of intitulation added in imitative handwriting on 
a separate leaf at the beginning, and the leaf of prologue added 
from a copy of the second issue; Ihe last leaf of the book in fac- 
'simile, £45. (About 1504) 

Brunei, his continuntor, anil the compiler of tlio Didot catalogue, all 
refer this edition to "vers 1501 ;" but Brunet himself shows elsewhere that 
Vcrard did not describe his house as "devant la rue neove Notre Dame " till 
after September, 1603. 
J Heures de Rome. On title beneath Verard' s mark : HORE BEATE 
ldtrcs goti)iquc0. It) large engravings, not including the title and 
the unatiniiir mail, every page aneiofafl" within a woodcut border 

taining .'waller designs, which include Dance of Death, ■ 
lilt!: I in Upper margin, vellum, very rare, £20. 

I '■ • / r> -• ,i - h*ure$ a lusage de Romme furent aeheuees le. .n'ii. 
jour Dodobre. Lan Mil cinq cens et hunt. Pour Anth. 

Pi rard fibroin demount nt a Paris (1508} 
Verard's Horse are much rater than those of Vostre. 
34 SPECULUM. Le miroir de la redemption iumaink imi>rime 
A Paris, sm. folio, ItttrfB gotfjiquts, double columns, 232 

/ curious vnodcuts ; fiiu oapy '" Dfinwofi noroooo extra, gilt 
edges, by Lortic, from the Scillii .■■ library, £32. 

Imprime a paris j,ar Nicolas despret . . Pour ichun 

petit . . (environ 1505) 
This is the translation made by Julien Machn from the celebrated 
blockbook Speculum and wma tirst printed at Lyons in 1478. According to 
Brunet the above Paris edition appeared about 1499-1500; but the assign- 
ment to " about 1505 " seems more justifiable. The woodcuts are very curious; 
being far more numerous than thoas of the original work, and certainly not 
elia primitive. 
37635 [BOUCOUTNC (Symon)] Lespinette du iecne prince. Con- 
querant le royaulme de bonne renommee . . am. folio, ItttrtB 
golljiquca, 9G leaves, sign. 9-(Q in sixes, with numerous woodcuts, 
large copy in old calf, £10. 

. . Jehaii petit . . Ml dug cens et qua/one (1514) 

Bound np with a copy of Commutes' Chroniquc do Louis XI Maistre J. Q. 

1525, in which two leaves are wauling. 

16 [Siohoi ( lacquea) La totals et vraie descriptio de to' les 

passtnL't'N lions & destroiotz : par lesqlz on pent passer & entrer 

dee Gnules es ytnlies, etc., sm. 4to. gotjjic letter ; leaves k 2, k 3, 



mutiny in ill- 1 index of buhopriet; l"<t with '/"' Btry rwrtfoUbma 

woodnd moy " La Carte DlTAME," hroion morocco ej:tra, gill 
edges, by David, with the Seilliere an I, £4. 4* 

Parisius . . M.v.c.xviij. sumplib' Ton- . /s . . (1518) 

The map. which is a route-chart, extending from Ifoml St. Bernard to 
Sicily, and from Bosnia to Provence, is extremely carious and interesting. It 
measures 19] X 11 J inches. It seems to have been unknown to Brunei, as be 
never mentions it. although he gives more than a column to his description of 
the book. The Supplement describes it properly. OM can understand that 
it must have been torn out of most copies for the use of travellers. 

37637 SEYSSEL. La orant monarchie de France eoposee par mi^ 

Claude de Seyssel lore euosquo do Marsi-ille et a present 
Archeuesqtie de Thnrin . . sm. 4fco. Icttrcs gotfjiquta, fine copy 
in blue morocco super extra, gilt edges, by Thilionni-Joly, from the 
Seilliere library, £7. 10s 

. . Paris pour Regnault cha< Mil cinq cent 

,l ,:.„■,./ . . (1519) 

First edition ; with a woodcut of the royal arms on the title, and a foil- 
page woodcut of the king presiding in the council of his peers precedes the first 
chapter of text. 

37638 BREYDENBACH. Le grant voyage de hierusalem diuise en 

deux parties . . , sm. folio, Iettres gotfjtqtire, numerous woodcuts, 
but without the two separate maps, old French marbled calf, 
£12. 12s 

r<iris jinn- Fracois regnault . . mil cinq cens. nit 
The first part consists of Nicole Le Haen's paraphrase of P.rvydvnbacb ; 
the second is an independent history of the Crusades and of the Saracen- from 
a.d. 730 to 1517. The autograph of the celebrated French poet Philippe* 
Desportes (1546-1606) appears on the title. 

37639 SAINT-GRAAL. Ckst lhtstoire dv sainct Greaai.. Qui est le 

premier litre de la Table ronde. Lequel traicte de plusieurs 
matieres recreatiues. Ensemble la qucste dudict sainct Greaai 
. . 2 vols, iu 1, small folio (252 millimetres), gotl)ic Ifttrr, the title 
in red and black within a woodcut border, numerous woodcuts ; a 
beautifully preserved copy of an extremely rare Itook, red morocco 
super extra, dooble' with blue morocco, richly gilt dentettt border, 
gilt edges, by Ghambolle-Dtirii xoith the Seilliere arms on sides, 
£60. ' 
Paris, par Phelippe le noir . . Mil cinq cens vingt et troys (1523) 

37640 tbe same, sm. folio (268 mill.), a very large and fine copy in 

blue morocco extra, gilt edges, by Duru, from Prince d'Essling't 
library, £70. L5S3 

The Yemeni* copy sold for 2000 francs ; Isold another in 1872 for£l»); 
and a third fetched 7600 francs at the Didot sale. 

37641 CRETIN (Guillaume) Chatz rovaolx | oraisons, et aultres petit.- 

traictez, faietz et | composez par fen do bonne me | moire 
maistre Guillaume | Cretin . . Auec priuilege . . 12mo. 
(sm. 8vo. 150 millimetres), UtttfS gotljiquta, old tV w ifll 
morocco extra, gilt edges, a charming Padeloup binding, from Ihe 
Lavalliere collection, £1G. 

. . Paris par maistre Simon au bois pour Qattiet dn gn . . 
mil cinq cens vingt sept 


87642 CRETIN (Gnillaurne) Chant/, royaulx, oraisous, et aultres petitz | 
traicd'/., Gadcts & composez par fou do bon | ne memoire . . . 
another copy, with a variation in the arrangement but not in 
the wording of the title; very large ami fine copy | L60J millim.), 
siij '■ -i lily bound in red morocco extra, double with blue morocco richly 
gilt, by Tliilnirun Joly,from the Seilliere collection, £21. 1527 

The best edition of these work*. The dedication is made by Francois 
Cbarbonnier to the celebrated Margaret of Navarro. 

37643 PERCEVAL le GALLOYS. Tresplaisante et Recreatiue Hys- 

toiro da Trespieulx et vaillaut Cheuallier Pereeual le galloys 
Jadis chcaalliur de la Table ronde. Leql. acheua les aduetures de 
saict Graal . . sm. folio, ltttrts gotljiqura, double columns, having 
tlte lower border of the title in facsimile, and without the four 
leaves of " Elucidati'm .•" fine OOpjf in red morocco extra, lined 
ui.v/./r Until red morOOCO, dantelle hunter*, by Snnier, from tlf 
Y' in, iii'.: library, £30. 

. . Imprime a Pari<. fOWt himestes personnel Jehan sainct denys. 
et Jehan long is . . Lan mil cinq cent trente (1530) 

37644 the same, quite perfect, with the four extra leaves 

"Elucidatid de Lhystoire du Graal;" very fine and tall copy 
in annuo* moroeee raper extra, double with olive morocco, gilt 
border inside, gilt edges, by Trautz, from the Yemeni*, Benzon, 
and 8i illiere libraries; enclosed in a case, £70. 1530 

Thii copy fetched at Mr. Beuzon'i sale 5800 francs (plus the usual com- 
mission). Another perfect copy fetched ul the Double sale 4450 fr. 

37645 ORD'iXACES [et Aultres ordonaoes] du Roy nostre sire, sur 
lestat des Tresoriers, et manynient des Finaces : nouuellemet 
puhliees au coseil de la Tour carree, sm. 4to. blue morocco extra, 
■lilt edges, by II. Duru, from the Seilliere library, £4. 4* 

8. >'■ (Paris, 1532) 
With the autograph of Jean Borromee on the verso of the last leaf. The 
Ordonnances occupy 8 leaves, sign. 9 and t> ; the Aultres Ordonnances, 
4 leaves more, sign. <C, including its separate title. 

37646 ORAISON eseripte suyuant lintontion du Roy treschrestion, aux 
Serenissimes, Reuerendisaimes, Tresillustres, Tresexcellens, 
Magnifiquos, Treshauls Seigneurs, & a tous les estas du sainct 
Empire assemblez en la ville de Spire, sm. 4to. red morocco extra, 
gilt edges, by Chamlmlh - Du t II . from the Seilliere library, £6. 6* 

Pari*, Robert BfKmfM, M.DXLIIII (1544) 

This discourse was written because the three French commissioners (of 
whom Jean du llellny was chief) were not allowed to appear at the Diet of 
Speyer and deliver it viva voce. 

37C47 GALIEN. LHtstoire do preox & vaillant Checalikr Galibn 
Rethore tilz au Conte Oliuier de Vienna Per de France . . Bin. 
4to. ltttrts gotijiqucs, '<■''''' several woodcuts, title printed in red 
and black ; red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bauzonnet, from the 
8M I here library, £10. 

. . Paris pojir Iehan bonfons ■ . (circ. 1545) 
One of the best and most entertaining of the Charlcmagoe romances. 


(1473) Lyons. 

3764.8 Natalip.cs (Petri de) Catalogvb Samctortm, Vitas, passione 
mimcula comtnodissiine annectens, sin. folio, iTiOilnr Ittii i 
columns, about 300 woodcuts, a hole ' -ench 

f gilt, £2. 10s Lugdnni, liijidh 'mi, 1542 

(1478) Geneva. 

37C49 Jean d' Arras. La M£i.usine, bdi. folio, a irst 

EDITION, consisting of 92 leaves, g0ti)ic Irttrr, the remarkable 
woodcuts coloured, unbound, £15. 
[Imprifru par nuiistre Adam Steinschaber . . en Geneve, 1-174} 
The mining portions of this excessively rare book have been supplied 
in manuscript. According to Brunei a complete copy shnuhl contain 194 
leaves, hut no complete copy is now in existence, except tbe one in tbe 
Wolfcnbiiitcl library. 

(1483) Chambery. 

37650 [DUPIN Joan) Lp livre de bonne vie qni est appelle Mandevie], 

srn. folio, gotjjtc Utter. 2 looodoutt, browr coLf 

with red morocco, blind tooled, gilt edges, by OhamboUe-lhirU, 

from the Seitliere library, £72. 

. . Chambery en sauoye Par . , ant hoy ne neyret . 

quatre ecus Quul a. . . I 1485) 

This excessively rare work (one of the first printed at Chambery I consists 
of 8 books, the first 7 being in prose and the Sth in verse. The first four 
leaves contain a woodent frontispiece and the table of chapters. < >d folio t 
the text commences thus : " Kn Inn de lincarnacio de iehsuscrit m. iij. c. et. 
xl. nns. ... si entrepris a compiler ung Mure. . . . par maniere de vinO par 
exemplcs de cognoistrc le monde et leg condicions des hommea." Tbe last 
leaf, with a woodcut, is wanting. The fir»t page and a few others at the and 
have been very neatly repaired. 

(1486) Abbeville. 

37651 NEUF PREUX. Colophon : Cy fine le linre intitule le trinmphe 

des neuf preux . . . sm. folio, rjotljic Itttrr, with woo nted 

in double columns, the first three leaves in 

blue morocco e.rlrn. gQt "lyes, by Padeloup, with the Seillicre arm* 
stamped mi the sides, £36. 

. . i hi prime m la rille dabbevWe par Pierre gerar ' 

mil ijnutre ces quatre vingt. 1487) 

First edition of this famous BomaDce of Chivalry, and the third book 
printed at Abbeville, a most rare and precious volume. The present copy, 
formally of the Gaignat and Prince d'Kssling collections, is. with the excep- 
tion mentioned above, a sound and fine copy. The Didot copy was bought 
by me at n cost of about XI 80, anil I have since sold it. 

(1582) Pont-a-Mousson. 

37652 Resit (N.) Discovrs des ehoses advenves en Lorraine, depois le 

decez dn Due Nicolas, h celuy du Dae Reni, sm. 4to. 
ei. graved title and portrait of Rent II, but t last leaf 

with errata, half red morocco neat, from the 8e\ 

An Pont-a-Mousson, par If. 
Fiiist edition of this rare and interesting relation 


(1474) Valencia. 

Jorge Costilla. 

37(354 [BERGOMENSIS (Jacobus Philippus Foresti dictu B )] Title: 
Llanuvdo (sic) en latin SuplementiV Cronicar'. Fol. 4: Corn- 
ienca la traducion dl Libro intitulado Suplemento de las 
Cronicas : taoado de lengua Latina y Toscana en esto preseute 
vulgar Castellao : por mossen Narois, thick sm. folio, 
woodcuts, tttlt stained ""'' mended, old calf neat, rake, £10. 

. . Valencia t por Gory Gust ilia . . . Mill. d.x. (1510) 
uiun : a-z. A-Z and aa-11 in eights (except t which ho* six leaves) 
or folioa 1-346 ; 10 leaves. 

Fine copy, notwithstanding a suuill wormholo Sfl the last leaf or two, and 
the title being slightly mended. 
CoBTIfl (Hernan) Carta qnarta de Rclaeion, Coitilla, 1586 — see 
pott, along with Carta tcrcer.i, undo Seville. 

37055 HIERONYMUS. Epistolas dc sant Hieronimo, folio, with wood- 

cuts, including a full -page woodcut of /he Saint oh reverse of title, 
tk» last leaf of the Table wanting, otherwise good copy in old 

Is, VERY RARE, £10. 

. . Valeria: por Jorge costilla Mil. D. xxvi. (1526) 
Collation i woodcut title, Kpistola and Tallin, 9 leaves (of 10— the last 
being absent) -. CaoimcjU los epistolas. n-z in eights ; two other sheets in 
eights : A-L in eights ; M and N, C leaves each. 

The translation was made by Juan de Molina, judging from the dedica- 
tion and a notice to the reader. 

This edition is so rare that not any copy of it has occurred for aale 
apparently this ..cmury. The elder Salva had an imperfect copy of an edition 
of Valencia, 1620, but evidently never saw one of tic above. 

Juan Joflre. 

37056 Ordisariuj de mi.mstraok sacramentorum secundum consuetu- 

dine*. almo metropolilauo sedis Valen .... sin. 4to. golluc 
letter, printed HI n '/ and black, with Music, ami two large woodcuts 
if the Cliuiji.rimi ; the lati l-uf wanting j nthim null, £5. 

i Valencia, litem Tojfto. 1514) 
Khi:ssivelt bark. A great part of the book is in the Valeucian 
language. The first two lines ol the titlo and seven lines on folio 05 arc 

ELESTINA. Tragicomedia de camsto v Mkmhea naenamete 
reuista y ernendada co nddicion dlos ai l-hiih (os de cada vn auto 
en principle . , etc. sm. 4to. with woodcut on the upper half of I he 
title, i-i other woodcuts in the book, fins and perfect 

copy in old stamped calf, £18. 

. . . impressa Ml la intigne rimlad de Valencia por Juan joffm 
a xxvii. Je Marco de M. D. y xciii. alios. (1518) 
Uion : A-I G in eights. 
Vanr uabk. Not quoted by Salvi, lirunct, or Iiruuef i coniinoatori. 



37658 APPIANUS. los Tbiomphos do Apiano. — (Oh second leaf.) . . . 

Epistola presente dietada por el baobiller Juan de Molina sobre 
la traducion do Appiano Alexandrino Sophista, sni. folio, golhtc 
Itttrt, woodcut uf Arms on title, first <m& last juije-i of tejit 
surrounded by woodcut border, line copy in hf, morocco, BABE, 
£5. 10s . . Valencia . . Mil D.'XXII . . hian loffn . . (1522) 
" In the preface to this work we lind a very long and interesting account 
of the disturbances of Valencia ut the time it was printed." — Salvti. 

Diego Gumiel. 

37659 AUREUM OPUS regaliam privilegiorum civitalis et regni 

Yalentic .... Cohe.n^a la Coquesta p. lo serenissii 
catholicb princep do immortal memoria do Jaume p. la gra do 
doa Roy do Arago . . . dela insiguc ciutat e regne do Valencia : 
doliurat aqlla de la mabometica s'vitut, stout sm. folio, gotljic 
Itttft, woodcut portrait of the Conquistador, till: I within woodcut 
borders, first awl last leaf in facsimile, some leaves toater-sta 
calf, £12. Valencia, Didacus de Gumiel, I 

Very rare : not in the Salvii collection. A copy was sold not long since 
for £60. A wormed copy fetched 535 fr. at the Miro sole. 

Collation : First title, with woodcut, I leaf ; sequitnr Tabula. 5 leave 
with woodcut of Don Jaume on the last; Conquesta, etc., 21 printed leave* 
(signatures A, B, C : 22 leaves, the last of which was a blank) ; folios 

Francisco Diaz. 

37660 ROTG (Jaume) Libre de cosells: fet per lo niagnifich mcetre 

.limine roig, los quals son molt protitosos y saludables axi peral 
regiment y orde d' be viure com pa ttngimtiir la d'uocio a la 
puritat y cocepcio de la sacratiRsima verge Jin 4to 

Edition Principe, gothic letter, woodcut on title, ■■■ icoodeut 

at end, Perfect, fine copy in broutn morocco extra, by Bedford, gilt 
edges, £00. 

Fonch stampat lo present, libre en la insigne eiutat d'Valeeia 
per Fracisco diaz l\omano al stvdi genet 

Any. U.D. xxxj (153 

Salvii Btates that he never Haw ronrc than two perfect copies and that 
even the imperfect ones (wanting either title or final woodcut or both) arc 

Without Name. 

37660'ROCCA (Vicente) Hysteria en la qnal se trnta de la origen y 
gncrras que ban tenidos los Tnrcos, desdo su comienco liastn 
nuestros tiempos . . sm. folio, gothic Inter, till? mounU 
couple of leaves mended, relhtm wrapper, £'J. . . 1 1550 

In three books, of which the first and second are historical !"■< 
time ofthe first Crusade to the year 1551, and the third treats on the manner* 
and customs of the Turks. 

(1475) Zaragoza. 

Paul Hurus of Costanz. 

37661 [DELI (Andreas)] Thesoro de la Passion sacratissima de 
nuestro redemptor, small folio, gothic letter, 119 leaves numberol 


120, with 38 woodcuts ; brown morocco extra, gilt edge*, by Lottie, 

£90. (1494) 

La presente obra fue acabada en In insigne z mug noble ciudad 

J- Caragora do Aragon : por imduttria y expesas de Paulo 

Harm aleinan de Costancia : a dus dias del mes de octubre .- 

en el ano de In lunnana saluacion. Mil ijuntro oittot tKMito. g 


Excessively rare, unmentioned by Salva and by the authors of the Ensayo, 
nlllioiigh its Taloo ns an early art-book is great, and the woodcuts it contains arc 
" .... bien snpi-ricurs anx premiers ossois do ce genre qne Ton voit paraitrc 
dans lea inclinable* allcinnnds ou lyonnais. Ce specimen est d'uutant pins 
CUrletUE ijae. so rnpprochaut du stylo des premiers xylographes et de la cora- 
I -iiion de Van Eyck, de Memmling ct de Martin Schou, il moutre dans nno 
conlree eloignee l'influence d'un art dont, ii cetto epoqne, on comniencait u 
■'{■carter dans la plnpart des autres pays." — Didot, Essai sur la gravure en 

37662 BOCCACCIO. Johan bocacio de las mujekin 

ILI.USTRES EN ROMANCE, BID. folio, 0OthlC letter, 

;o//ot/raj>hir, title and numerous curious woodcuts 
{indmliiK) that of Pope Joan) witii :njiujrapMc 
inscriptions, a small icurmliole in some few of the 
margins; old calf, £105. 
. . Caragoga . . Paulo hums . . Mil qiiatrocienlos 

nouenta <{• quatro (1494) 

A volume of extraordinary rarity. No copy of it is in any 

Eul/lic library in England ; and even in Spain, no copy was 
Down to Salva, who mentions it simply on the authority of 

Jorge Coci, or Georg Koch. 

S7C63 LOPEZ DE META (Anton de). Title: Tractado del cuerpo : 
u i>ei.a ANiMA with a rude uoodeul beneath. On the reverse : 
Comienca lu contienda del cuorpo &. dela alma compnesta pu 
Anton do mutii . . . mil -Mo. gothic Utter, 10 leaves ecnUavUng im 
Ortrioutly primitive woodcuts, and 43 stanzas in octaves, printed on 
i'ii* stout }>aj ! mud in Line vwrucco extra, gilt edges, £2&. 

s. n. (T Zaragota, Gorge Oooi, about L505) 

The book and the author arc both totally unknown to (be bibliographers, 
and (he (minor i- r"tisenuently perhaps unii|iic Tim woodcuts ore OXtfafl BKMl 
simple and archaic style, coarse and ugly, but .striking. The first represents 
the body in a coffin, the soul like a child is Hying away, the angel with 
• •iit-trc-ulic.l wing, borer* over them, and bears :i scroll "n which are the 
letters A V II. According to the 36th octave, the scroll i- the -enttneo Of 
illation. The poem consists of a dialogue between the body and the soul, 
'the lust Mania ruii6 thus: — 

llefauai triad 

i ihc lttmtoiia 
in I ildad 

Ul -CI -141-1(1 


Pol, 1 bears n Bignatnro III ; fol. 3 the sigimtn 



tol '. ■ i^uatnro 

iomi to Da Itrl DE 

Epilogacion do la Moral I'hilosopliiu : Bobn in vinudes 

265 • 


cardinaleB : cotra los vioios y pecados mortales : . . . . co las 
coteplaciones d'san Bernardo sobre la passion : el Sal mo Mis'erc, 
de p'fnndis, 6 gloriosa domina, etc. small 4lo. gotijir Irttcr, ™ 
wanting, but otherwise a fine aom in old oalf, £15. 

Acabada fue . . wtu jptii u en t oi y sum ■mdad de 

Burgos. . . Y fue imprimida por industria de Gorge 

cod Aleman en la muu nobh riudad de raragofa 

. . Mill 'j ni 'niitos y oeho (1508) 

"Cc livro cut tees-bare, disent Salra et Brunei." 

This Canciouero wan only known to Tiekaor through a reference by 
GayangoB (in a note in the Spanish translation of the History of Spanish 
Literature) to works of the period in which cancioncs of n spiritual character 
n mlil In' found. 

37GG5 AMADIS DE GAULA. Los quatro libros del 
Virtuoso cauallero Amadis de Gaula : Compiladu-. 
sm. folio, rjothk Utter, First edition, unique, fa 
woodcut on title; in fine state of preservation 
rough edges, red morocco super extra, DOUBIJ& with 
olive morocco, richly gilt-tooled tn an elegant Gfro 
design, gilt edges, by Chambo/le-Duri/, ici/h the 
Seilliere arms on sides ; in a neat case, £200. 
Acabansc los quatro libros . . . em/"'imidos 
en la 


muy noble, y vnty leal eiudad de Carag<- 
• George Coci Aleman . . . mil y qix 

y ocho ahos (1508) 
Few books possess such a title as this, to rank among the 
costly rarities of bibliophily. It is the nnique copy, in splendid 
condition, of the long lost and long sought-for, first edition of 
the Amadis — a work, which besides its own literary merit, has 
also the grand distinction of having influenced and tinctured 
the minds of writers and readers throughout Spain, Fnr 
Italy, and England for nearly two centuries. Till Truss 
discovered it at Ferrara and sold it to Baron Seilliere, no one 
knew of any edition older than thai printed at Rome in 1519, 
which, for many reasons, was decidedly not the princeps. Au 
edition, of Sevilla, 1511, was frequently cited with doubt, ra '.lie 
faith of an entry made by Ferdinand Columbus in his catalogue 
early in the sixteenth century ; but no one had ever seen it, and 
the correctness of the description was suspected. One may 
conceive therefore the sensation of surprise and delight with 
which the bibliophiles heard of Baron Seilliere's t ran 

dated Zarngoza, 1508. — Neither the first French Lancelot, nor 
the first English Mort Arthur, nor the first Valencian Tirant to 
Blanch, can compete in rarity with the first Spanish Amadis, » 
book that is equally with them a great central monument of old 

The editor or renovator, Garci-Ordonex de Montalvo, 
according to later editions, is in the rubricated he 
prHwapt] described as Garcirodrigucz de Montalvo, and 


prologue makes the usual statement that he simply corrected the 
corrupted text of the three books of Amadis, that he had had the 
good fortune to get hold of the original fourth book and the 
original Sergas de Esplandiaii (i.e. the fifth book or first 
continuation), and that he translated the latter two so as to add 
them to the former three. He did not, however, print the 
Sergas until it appeared as a separate book in 1510. The 
judgment of critics is divided as to whether ho was himself the 
author both of Book IV and of the Sergas, or only of tho latter. 
With regard to the original three books, and their origin, tho 
following recital of the case as it stands may be useful. 

The usual and generally accepted belief is that a Portuguese 
or Galician knight, Vasco de Lobeira, wrote the Amadis (i-iii) 
in the latter part of the thirteenth century, and tho earliest 
statement to that effect is made by Gomez Ennnes de Aznrara 
(about 1440-50), who speaks with some contempt of Lobeira as 
having fabricated his idle history in the reign of King Ferdinand 
(i.e. 1367-85). This agrees with the statement made by others 
that Loveira died in 1403-4, which is probably correct. [But 
Swore is a farther assertion made by several persons, that he 
wrote the Amadis for the Infante Alfonso of Portugal, who is 
mentioned in Lib. i, cap. 40, of tho romance, and that the Infante 
was born in 1370; from which they conclude that the book, 
I '"I'tugnese or Galician, was not written earlier than 1386. All 
i Ms ie aboard, ns there was no such Infante, and the mention in 
Lib. I, cap. 40 is plainly made by Montalvo himself. Four Dom 
Alfonsos were Infantes of Portugal between 1290 and 1490. 
The first, who became King Alfonso IV in 1325, is too early for 
Loveira; the second, who was the son of Joao I, and died of the 
plague in 1400, had only reached his eleventh or twelfth year, 
and was therefore too young to suit the theory ; the third was 
Infante only for the first six years of his life and then came to 
the throne as Alfonso V; tho fourth, a son of Joao II, was born 
in 1475 and died from accident in 1491.] The residue of 
conjecture mav be taken to be that Loveyra's Amadis was 
written about 1380-90. 

The Spanish critics point out that the existence of a 
popular Amadis romance is indicated by Pero Lopez do 
Ayala (about 1370) and by Pero Ferrus (in or after 1:: 
and that consequently it must have had considerable circulation 
before that time. It is thus insinuated that Loveyra could not 
li.ivo been the author. Tho stanza of Ferrus even goes so far 
as to specify that his Amadis was in three books, just as 
Montalvo says in the printed Amadis. Of conrso it is possible 
that Loveyra may have written as early as 1360, but even then, 
it hardly seems that the work would have had time to become 
popularly- known in Spain. 

Garcirodriguez de Montalvo does not profess to have 
translated but only to have amended the three books of Amadis, 
but he would hardly consider himself as doing translator's work 
if he were simply Castilianising a Galician or a Valencian text. 


The referenco in Lib. I, cap. 40, to the nltenition in the story 
commanded by the Infante Alfonso of Portugal probably I 
to the young Alfonso who came to many Isabel Di B] 
(daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella) in 1490, to whom ho may 
have presented the MS. of his first book, and for whom he may 
have made some change in the incidents, rejected win-: 
re-wrote tho romance as we now have it, after 1491. 

3766G ARISTOTELES. Title: La PHiLOsorm.v KOBU ffaJ Ari*t 

es asaber Ethicas : Polithicas : y Economicas : En Romance. 
Fol. 78 : Acaban se los diez libros de la Ethica de Aristotil : Id 
qnales fueron transladados por el muy il lustre don Carlos 
prinoipe de Viana . . Y siguen se los ocho libros de la politics 
del mesmo Aristotil . . trasladados de latin en romace de 1» 
traslacion de Leonardo Aretino, 2 parts in 1 vol. sm. I 
{JOtljic letter, 150 leaves, large woodcut on title, old 
£'6.103 . . Caragoca, por mduitria y </<-, Oorgteooi 

Aleman . . in ill y <i n i 

37667 Marin bus. Lncii Marinei Siculi de primis Aragonie regions 

eorum rerum gestarum perbreui narratioe liber primus (libri 

quinque), sm. folio, FIRST EDITION, i: 

cuts, fine copy Ml blue mOTOOOO, gilt edges, with the arms 

Gonie: de la Cortina in, gold on sides, £ti. 8s 

In OoBiaraugusta iiielyta civitate . . . Industria vero G\ 
Ooci . .Anno domini mUlesimo qutngentitimo none. (I- 

Collation: Frontispiece (a large woodcut of the Arms of Aragon 
supported by an nugel, with two lines of verse at foot), 1 leaf; dedication, 
1 leaf ; on fol. in the work commences with title as above and finite* on 
folio xtix, sign, a-h, a baving 8 leave* ; h. 6 leaves ; tho rest being in raxes. 

37668 ENZINA (Jnan dol) Cancionero de toda- i an 0BR4S he Jul 


best of the curly editions, (jotfjit letter, 08 leaves (including title) 
in double or treble columns ; having the title mended, but on the 
whole a fine and large copy in violet tii per extra, Until 

(ihndiW) with red morocco, gilt edges, the SeilHere arm* on the 
nda, £36. 

On fol. 91: Fue imprimido el present llamada 

Cancionero: por Jorge Cod : en f 

quinienti ■■ s. (lSlo ) 

Kxcesstvely rake. Juan del Knzina lived from 1468-9 to 1S34. Them 
works, of which the dramatic compositions thai I last section are 

considered tlio most valnablo, belong to the most important class of early 
Spauish literature. The fame of the poet was always high, and his writings 
wera well known in printed selections and inMSS.. but the editions printed in 
his own time had disappeared so utterly when Antonio compiled tie Biblio- 
tbeca that he treated Knzinn as a poet who bad never been printed, 

37669 LIVIDS. Title absent. Ooloph n . A. pi se da tin 1 conclusio & 

las decadas ilel elarissimo orador Tito linio: 'i de los 

hechosdcloB Romanos : segnn In tt-anslaeii'ii i| defl , frny 
Pedro dela vega . . stout sm. folio, tjotliic Inter, a great number 

of woodcuts of the Strassburg type; a very, \e original 
{lamped binding, £3. 

' ■ I""'.'/' ." ■ • George Curt . . mil qui 


70 SAN PEDRO. Carckl de amok Compnosto por Diego de Bant 
Pedro a pediniieto del seftor don Diego hernandez alcayde de 
lou donzeies & de otros caualleros cortesanos . . am. 8vo. 
u umerova pretty little mjudciUa, hf. morocco gilt, £20. 

' a empremidv el prtsente tractado . . . /echo en caragoca 

por Jorge cuci Y acabose a seya dios de Agoato ano de 

!l ,V 'juiclos §• veynte tres aiioa (1523) 

On leaf K 4, begins the " Tratado one i\i.o Nicolu NnSex nobre el q sunt 

pedro copuso do Ccrimno & luureola llamndo carcel de amor." This was 

added by a continnator who considered that the original story ended too 


Pedro Bernuz and Barth. de Najera. 

376?] ESCOBAR. Las quatrocikntas bespuestas a otras tanta9 
Preountas : que el niustrissimo seiior don Fadriqne enrriquez 
Almirate de Cnstilla y otitis peraonas en diuersas vezes embiaron 
a pregnntar al autor, que no quiso ser nombrado, maa de quanto 
era frayle menor, con quinietos prouerbios de consejos y auisos, 
por manera de letania, small folio, fine copy in old calf, £16. 16s 
Impreaao M la lad de qaragoca, en 

casa de Jorge Coci. A costa %■ induatria de Pedro 
ij Boriholome de Nagera. Acabo ae a . 
xvi . diaa del mes de Setii'b