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Full text of "Geḳlibene shrifṭen"

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Translated into Yiddish by D. M. HERMALIN. 

Copyright 1911, 

Hebrew Publishing Company 

New York. 

271 y n d y a 

iyn«n ^8 — ? ijrnnijDwa iy pk mw mi — y^ynj; pn &ny5y:i 
d?tk tyiKn «t p« wira-nip h wmik DBioyj "t 

? aytDanyarn 


a"J « mi .iirnpiw tw^ramin nynjytD^o «a pk ny ,po 

.B"n»iD pn nxa DaBDypy:i ny dkh 


■hhmik a^r nytDDyn *«n |jmw pk ny — ! pj»n «r Dip 
yoyn$ — .now pna dw w onw — •ivijn jphdid p» pi? in 
n njfrwa ,yny* jDJim lyommyD k pn in mfc *p* ,mib 
jyoip oy .pyMD y\V"K mi nyoyn ijnnyn yiy"K dd*5p — .do 
tysDtf h .D"iTno fiwnpya D*n dkm ,anDyn pa ito"» h 
|yteM*n* ijtfjm y^yny h p« dd*tido d^d ijnrajn |yfcm 
pn tynya pmv nynyMi nn 5$? dip ,8n»D .iwbw yiy"T p* 
-ya .jiw'dbw pk iy *pvi mi iy^8D w*d mtk do ny 5ijt .ibd 
tD*»a — jiijw !"d jik nyr^p iyDu nyn ,rD'5»t pk iim^D* 
-"ID !D"rrna — .em* w^D^n — .ircKM pant) k td 

(•DnisDP ny) ! D«n 

! d*m«dm a pk d5jtm h ! ti "n jmmk # jwmk i*p 

am dkm Dimjimnip on njni ! \tsn *\v5mv I \tso ny^iny 

i lyDMDBnjTD *|M PQ ■sjH 

! iwditmiii do in Dim dkm ,DD8PWDif paiu nyn nvn 

iMjo^iM no row 270 

5*p \T\yt w Tt dwib ny .on** n«a oy tyn$a*iyD td 
nijjra dkii tyBn$D a*p k 5*d jnw t» dp'p ny p« ,j$d * 
tytDvy? tytyn a* iwn*n pn jyaya iv *oid awi ^h •dihd 

?rw nytyn pa ty^oa^n h n^ iyj>n dku ,d*:i /» 

.nyMyn ,ynj# ,ptay:i 


mi !5yovi pn nyt^K n« oy du m ,d^ imudmjd** 
,5nW) Day* ! dd^h D^yii yv^sa h p« jyrp*a ny^n h ! "ne 
Dpan tDD«ip pna ,Dp»ny:ia$ jyj»r jy5*n*jM wd ,yay5 yj"D 

.lap div 


n m ,iyDD*tfp p« jmr pn w t'yny^ rpp'*^ v« ^yo 

? jy&soya pa jynyr ^ Drp« dd5$t 


pna do rnrr ny ,T« *n nw5"n pk ny ,tDi^T Dm* ?*jtf 
do td t« 3 * n ,no»i$T»5jr ,3$D-™nn nyum p« — .naia 
D«n nytDtjD nytD^s p*o .fyan«De> ^th 5im t« tk ^ytD^yn^s 
inn y^H^yn p« v^mv pa DDKBoyD^pafco « pa ,DBoyaya yn 
,tDiynya do dh'r dd^h n ,d*:i .Dyayj pn pa iy5»«iipw pk 
nyn p« to b"1d d'J* ?""i ^ny* !iyD*y* ijn pa -sp* p» 
dkh o^om ,DayDy:i lyDD^nDio p« *m inyD dmd pa jtuidp 
5$t t« ^8 .hdid td lDDao Dvy^ # dw*h Diivayj dd"j p*d 
! p^a pn |$ lyorwu* t» ,?'n*y:i tynyr 5»dj«k i^ tyw? 
t^k :n$y:i — dmd pk ny — dj"n pk my in w dpip— 
-nya^K ,Day*ynya^ p*5* th DD$n n ,rDya ,an«o^ — dmd 

269 vnppj 


pio iv B^rpna pa nv^^m *ma i»nto v** *tft d$j 
? iddmitu oyo « mil) dkii ,an*D (.a* wwi) .ibd 

pK T'K J8D p*D .D"VI p>T pa ByDDUnW) ,W T'K IWJ^t^ll 

ny tk ,dj$? jyo ; Diva pa nymsBP fynyii jyDDTa n .inuuw 

♦typnyo do i'mmb oy h# pk ,d:i$t tyo dun do ytfa 

? iy D1HD DN11 


.jyay^yn do pnnyppnw pn mm ny m ,ktid nun tk 

.dmd na n$y:i p« /urn* on** *pik wl njun d'd$j 

law nmirtftfj *un Inifyj 


rDyj Dm* dkh /pudwd^d Darayji jyawn imd^ ^ jjni 
btid k lyteayju* t^k isn .paiyn lyo^m* «t 5$? ny dp^m 
-ya y^s t* iyttf*N »t jyn ^8 ! ai*ya — .nan pa irom5*D 
.ny mi jyoMiya yDia dot Dsnya *pi* «t jy»5ijm ,iy mi |y&5*n 
t^k ny pn d^d aiajya pa un*uya jya^DBnjn iw«i y^a 

.dmd D'nyD"»n « tMiipwa 

?roya oy o»x\ 

■ \ 

♦tMJ^hin pb YMi 268 

a>— — — ,— , . . i . ■ ■ ■ — — ■ — i— . i » 

-5*IB> yj"D *|MK Wl DV DK11 IJ/tDDW DK D"U T* .IWnDMK 

oy pa w pK .jyaipDijn iv wnijmya tk P* P'toi* .nyo 
iyt"p pa t^iD nyn do ,py*u n rtin do ,|ytt'5?"M ntin do 
pk yuie* p*o ♦jyosn* oyto pk oy — iruiim yj"D pit 
II#mi D'oip .jyayj p*d mi pm **? n DB$nyji nun *pn .lyoipya 

.jynyiwi **? 


? jyoy oysy do idd5mi 

.dj"p jyDM-n pit pn n mi ,i$: ny? /no p*o ,do n^ 



lyDWi nyn iinyny:^** jyjyp dd^t h imi ,»mJ p*a 
.ruia* ynten k *imk jyonip Dyj"5>p pn pa lyt^iwnn *pa 
pyDM* pa ,pn *uny*> iyn pa jyooya jy:yp 5*t t» ai* — 

♦Datf wi nin pa ,5yD*n 


•pna dmwj oy ov)) ny pit ! n^sn 


(•3? yrutf) .DnyD^ oy mi nyt pa pnit nyj 

267 »n»yj 


.nmm p>o lynyt do ftm t« pi nn p^p n»n tk ,yny5 
nsiny fyayo td^dmk in dito"5 warn Dm Ijirnya td$* 

j*d dmw « ivd 

.yoniD pa 


ny t»"NBtf*BP h .vd id^d nyn ,j»d n»y^ ,*pi Dyn *pn 
w«n jynyr td*j£ ,dip ,p^« in pa dmk ^t o^y? n ,td Diya 
-wd^d w^nDw iin px .Jit»d nnyr Tt jyiyoyn "? ; nruum 

.inyo bo ti *p* lypiin do 


tyiKH «T .(MM Utf PW PK iy ?j'fDW aaiiw IDDtfH 

,D«n*nD pna /o»n pna : ttfyanpiya nyosjs ^j djj^k *p& 
? ny D?y>s^ itf ip k ikd dm ? b*p p*d .iww iww p» nyao 
? wa jy^sw ynitf pk ? rn(Mi pa imn Diyn dm — 

-om to ^n jyp Djtfyia ,hdid dbb !■»»** pna ,k* 


do inro pw Tt |yp in /unyo* ddim d$i jyoyn 

•tMM^iM pa roya 266 

-ip n«r» *ma 5ya*p fyJn^vya n 5*r teewp pk pno* d^d 
: ana Dan pa wri vw*k d^ik opjno^ .ryainaiyu ayttfya 
-5yn ayn pa i»n n p* Inyiy !rwi limn WK nvn 

I hdpj 


! mm ! nmi ! rum 


! p*my f nDpr5» ! noprfcD 

•(tweeny) noprtyn 

nijtfi pa fyr^tnya w n na ,w\w pa pnw n any: 
5j*t ,iy^ayj n ddwi n 1*01 .&"* ipd dds pk fa Jyo*n on 
-iya pk bspd Dim /wan — ! map pk jjnjm lyanipw u 
jny"K dti ,dwi *n ayjynsmya p* dbipdp p« oy»jnip 
lyjpiftww n«a "wri yiy^a pk a^yo vmvtw nwa nyvnyn 

PfiBfBJTp * T* *P n 

pw jyno vd ,yny* •onnyi auw pw imiwi niya n 
.■^•wna 00 nnyt ?*k D3*j h .nna nyn p* to wi »nn 

265 gnppl 

(: ovvny) ygxjty 
-ji» tin pn m«t nsn wo ,ijm pa pn pit nsn p'D 
B«nva pt* ispnnn H"3 to Wp*rora ,o$:i .oto tjanJip 
»#p ! \tf ttfip iik njtsn p'o tmK 3"n tk .tJtf'ii out mm om 


? IK IDDlsSp itfomi 


-3>5l"11 pD t'T'^JTlK mV\W PK pnDE* *P1R IS 3«5P T* 

OTOBuiya <t Bttn |«a "in** p« .titon «5 r« an5w pr 'i ,\n 
.rovo k wn»WJ* i"^8 V* own ipjfi in /warn nn>« *pn 

.B'lB Pit I8D Tin 

? D«mmtn n Boas! n tR ,»"mnmi pa bri oix lomjnw 

looyu r tjmmwm tr5sa DD»n n tr ,iwbw ojni jyo |im 
?*tKjn r5 pK TiBD pa nsnoB' in ix tfsn pn tiuwircrit 



k w 1103 trim «?) ,m»nM rw"* 


DRii ,oanw ive»5D'n on pa "una*! 
> pR anSw ,iy»'5t"ii po i"n5jn« iio'it 

imira'a K |»*1K0B» ! 't 5$r I»18BB' 

.fW^a^iM pa row 264 

|yj$Dnyii h iw«t tna pa jjrayj jye»w b"1bb> lyD^nywvD 

*Dumj pa |#KW 

p*5n j«k rtin ! div* im*k ^h Dyismjn /WDjnwun 
pit f DD«iD imih *?w ov m ,n*n pn pa »y*5 pn pa 
p» lywawnyaynK on** uuaifn fyusna omK 5*t bd"J pn 


pa pntDt? *hk biww # BDn» jyo^nyi ojn pa iroan 
,Dyjyn$riya p« jy^ntDTiK is ^wdikbjik pn w Dijnw 
-lyn vwx imk ! d^ ^n t^J oyjjynsnya pa tya*nDB> iv 
oan pk Don* h *mn wn pn ,pn iyj"T DDyitjt px nyv 

! nyii ! nyii : nyDynmya h ny^K dmk 

J rom ! nyn 


nsn Dyoyn ,iy:)yi:riya tyjyj :kj£p h d>ik wi ^yan t« 
p« pnt)^ *n* jinmw w ,pn iw»? Doih* oyoyn ,pn pk 

263 pnpgj 

0D*3 11 ,Dt*3 ,18 ."lJftDjn* 18 [18 IWJfTSjlJFB « ,noK 

! a«ii p'o — ! nopj 5jf2 ijn*5pjni? k 

mx nsn pn cm inyp .puron vrvt d*iik vi js^p 

! iwxiimoiBa 

! IJ'Spjnt? .12&V |"0 IX in<K TO 1«5 .TOW MJf<5 ,njT3 

jsonim 8 p« ,dd"1d moxitf iin ,ri8D .bibiumm pn vw 

(: ti 1KB) ynso 
I ijf]«| oi b5m> netM 1"» ! ay: ,n« ,vo pisce* 

oirpeiVD nuis p'a — ! Mia i"o jib ds'i ! njni ! njni 
D8n ,n*58> t'B'18 DB^ri p» eisii 'i 'ii !i)ia'9"rai in im 
■«d ,»nsB ,n pK ! cio p« i» : irtwa h iwjjna lnui oyn 
"8^ in? 1 lifpiniKixsnK dik ,iyoipja loca drii isb !jni 

.I'D T8?iyB ,TD tS5l]fD ?""'t M"B JIB aJUWKiy 1HJJIH 
.[W1BBP JM»p 5«t V* IK 

[«■! pa t« m ,vi pjn .["5* oD'a n ! m"5a to is5 

,IffDW1»B DH58 p* »HK 1H 5$t 081 1 °0K DW1TO .pITOIJUl 
•VI 0JH1M V« '11 


! I'D 18B 0» ! TO 18B DM ,»3B'5 D»0 5lB flDtM ,11 

.tlID85EnjTD PK riBfl p'D 

.080 oD'a n .tyDinsaiyi in *pik tt ami iff 

P« 118 .imMDMK O'J 1PP |1N 31801? ,ai80B» T* 

.tw:r5nyn pa rtDW 262 

IW tvp tk ItM"^ Dm a* r^ pa tpix ny»p ,nma 

.yjmyny^ h "3 pk uufiijtn .tyoipm* ijnni 


ddm5) — TK ! V* — ! 3"N W* Pfi ! bm ! dim 


aa^a (.n$ yn*D) .D5ya"wnya ny /qtp nya ,yn«o 
! one jih lyansD ,oy 5rra *pn ! nxni ! nyn ! 3"ii p*o pa 

(:jp:yiWK pa) yntJD 
.(lynyDiwiK ^11) |j»j^?«ii 

?D*J ^MK pW Dm *pK fyp ,D^ 

(: D^^iy) jmBD 

-j»n» ^n ny dmi lyBwywy^BT pa d*vik .pyu* ra ny 

•P8D p« jyansnyj 

h •inKBya pa d*vw pk iinna pn — .dm t*k on** 
•Tj"iD wn iw^r ,*r»paypjn m^rnya** ,nnKD*D$p wwk 
■wyaya ow^iron lynya ,ty\$\\ pn vik ,n5«a Dm* iitfyii "? 

! rw pa ,ynso ,5nipi ny5 .do 

nyjyiqSnya /wan* ,jya"fr qn 5jm t« 

263 y n py3 

dd*i n ,d#i ,iu .nyoyi^ i» pu ny:y?*5iya u ,nou 

! a"ii pns — ! nop: 5yi iy:D^pyiB> « 

dw nun pn dw myp .lyHunya yryn Dm« ih j$5p 


! *p5pyw •Tiir5jr pna w i»*u *po ?$5 ,nwa mm* ,nyj 
juonim u vk # dd"1d nwvy5 nin jnuo ,tnuuayaya pn in* 

! ny^n &q d5«q now pna ! Dip ,n$ ,*po pii»v 

Dnrrsnya ranu p'D — ! mid po pa dm ! njni ! nyn 
Dim ,mto I'Dnu DD*n pu diuii n m ! lya^^vau nyn *pn 
-wo ,ynuo ,n pu ! d*id pk ny : miw h jyaam vpk ojni 
-#* my* lypjmmvimK dik ,|yoipya idd^i dun nua !yn 
,*po NjSnya ,*po ?q£iya ?-un ya«o pa ajny^aay ynjya 

.iwmov jyayp 5*T *p* ?K 


pn pi *pu tK ,nn pain .p*5u Don n ! jw«5a *po r*5 
,jyDy;nyB oyte pu n?u in 5»t d*:> ! oy5u oy:nya .pwiim 

•ti Dy:nya v* m 

Itd ikd oya Itd lua oyi f yay*5 d>d 5u> now ,n 

•lyo^Bnya ?*u nun pns 

•tDUtD dd*i n .i»jnunijn in vm in dwi ny 

on p» pu .jynyaDnu do jyp P« ™vw ,y\$w y* 

.tw^a^ya pa rtDW 262 


*WJ ?yp tk ! jw^ii o«n a$ ?$5 pa *mn nyB* ,ntna 

jranwyJ h "i pk uufiifn .jyBipm* ijnjrm 

•lyninw one i«tk .iwdipdmk bo bwi vpk 

(: ^n wm) pans 

BD'ti) — v* ! T* — ! *"" *W"* P* I m^ J M1 J 


bbo (.a* yn*B) .B5»"iwnye iy /w nw ,yn»B 
! b*ib pit iyBi8D ,oy 5.tb *p* ! rum ! njni ! i"n p*B pa 

(raowwK pa) jrnBD 

?BO T1« PW DOT *pK jyp ,Blfl 

(: Bj"»ny) yn»D 

o»ik ^n ny Ban iyBD:yajy5««T pa D*rro .pirn* r» iy 

•Pkb p« jyfintjiiyj 


h .inuBW pa D*n* pk nmm pn — .bu t^k d«vn 
•■wna W"t iw"t ,*ntjn:yp:n sa^myn^ ,iyi«D^D$p y:pw* 
-uyayji Dya^iyBn jyaya ,bi^i pn *m* /tfsa dip* nftm "t 

! nw p« ,yn»D # 5nijm ny? .do 


261 ynayj 


yj"? .D^yayj p« tvnyaDM« ayu ijnm p*o ,ty;ir5?"ii 
td f |MJ*5i"ii — b$p ■upvui pn ! nyttfy pn ,nroiKU mini* 

<: trmnM pikbp) puns 

! tot wwn 

! mkid ,trup prBK* h 

(.DiTk "t mm) 

(P (:tbsb m I'ynsD m"ii pn aypsa k *pik dd«i) 
.^ntniK oyDna D'nynra pn jynynBwnytuiK pw pk 

! 5w*n pk Dip 

TK jyp n»n ! jy^y? lyi^n 5ip iy ! oy D*niit t« pk 
,*i?k &>: pm ?DiyoBnv dkh t« dkii ,tyDDniya iirwii 
.iwwn D«a w5y p*o ft aim ^h ,xn* ■wdw ! wma 

(jrop w«? dvm Don» pk ijny^s on*K ikb t* ddikii) 

^11 .nan dki td BD"iw p^mk pn .pwp injr? pk iy 
iv turnip nm pn tk jyii ,dw pk ! oay^ya awi tk 

.Msniy? m tk tb* ,d«tk 

4»M*?iM pa mm jco 

twypyj b>d$3 tn ttfsii /vd on« t? Dnym oyte *ny*Ji 

.(tu"tny) jmso 

h Dif — ! jynn t» h# ! nn td a** — ! ynwa ony 
mikov ynso ,Bai«&B> *? Ittfriyaya to to idkh ttfBDpyj 
T« ,dd"j nyrJyr ,td r*j£nya — .to ikb t* Bpnura n pic 

.■uy?y auya pw pa 

jviwd pa *p* -& D "J p»p pa t* ,iyj^?"ii 


pk ny 4yay5 D'nynna .p*o ih «a lyoyawD^H dip tk 

.jynytD^K to 5$? iy iBaamw m jptJiwik 

ywiyoaD n oonaya tyn^n pa ^ate ijn ! yn«D >dp 

! inyo tw nyn /vd nya^a du«vj pa 

,V*Pin* pk oy ,tyM*5t"N ?tyai8DB> 5$? imna p*o ph 
,fya^p no *p* ?k ; jh5iboik ?>k ny : jy^r nn *nm T* m 
-ya vt& now pn .nip iya^"B>a» ayn pa lyttfamva* ^h 

! Dnya^yna pk dot .mnn ya^nj^a pa mmm 

V© Ban bmd pa Dyn&$ nrwjnnyinya *un tk ,DDny? n 
-jy5y is d5s an«&B> t« .lap div bpw Damp pns ,tta^ny:u$ 
5$r *p* !W JJtfa^'nnya pa jwtdp t& bddip n p« im 
n^o p« ttfy-o«ynya t* D»n nroojna ph D5(m # jrrjn ty:yp 

359 ynoy* 

jjMfiyn pa JrunD* « ,d#i a$ ? "isd^d^p iwi^t^n 
.lyj^ra* wvv oo n^: ny Dyn ,jynya nm* iv 5$t w*\xn 
,n iynyt Byn ny ryyi p» ,n«n oy^yi g mnv* Ton B»n iy 
— ^n njy^y nrw r»a vtfvu fiW?m nm D«n ny vtfm 

? n PK 1KV) 


.nnDnBTn pa w 

ikb ktid nan *pn .tyny^ T5»n no n .wr iv ^a vpb 


Dtf'jff D'tftt^PTI 

iyj"? nyj^a w«d yto .*i*iw *n* ,pjstip nm pi t« 
p*p .TiUD on lyoynDyaa^K &«n nyny>B djd^pitwk >m 
WDfio — *\vnti>w |ya?*n pa .bd&j «a o^jj ,i$b «a du ,rm 
iy /tfsni p« TrtDy: tnymn t« nun bdsj wnijtfi .niDtfn 
nan t« .trun*BWD*nK t& pa ounw pn iwmtWD^nn dkh 
•DonyJw jyiiy: t^k njsn h ijdk ,tnyw p*o ipatajv ttfqmw 
tDpipyajtf to ,bi"p p» tDiyii^ pn oayJwpnw ny bkh im 
tyuBfiyi pk ny — .vd iy&rn pyii« pk pa MioamyB d*d 

DfPK BRn Dllfll pH ! BOUD UTMl^y .DiTK 1KB nyt^v *p* PR 

bJrdbwwid pn irb BDiytr* n n« b>ib dw B5"nBTtRnyB 
td — IrBya ! rtDya ?tyri8BB> ny 5$? IiyiyimyB r *«n 
nya^R hb^ lynan rrmn yp*n ; p^r b^ *pr jyimB ly^jyo 
— ! 5vm M"Q ?wn oy m5s >n ! brd ! brd (.*pr BVBy?) .uir 
Diny^ td Bony? D"W mmmnwiyfi ,ny»?Bp ,iyB5«p k 

.IM^a^nyn pa raya 258 

.yonm nyi n»fi 
.y my b ,n Dpsi^y 


•*P PK yn»D ^ytDD^ltD *|"K 5$T Dtf) 

oyo^ra k pK |y?w)yH*nK iw"t td ,ytTy5 ! pam "t Dip 
-yj .Bayiy* to dkh n*n Dm *n /itk dpjib t^k oy •p^^uim 
-ay>tD nyn p« lyaisnywnK nyammyD d5k .5ynm d*k jyugi) 

•yoirn nyDD 


,iyttfy pn ! onia w pk *vfip h ; too nip DD"tt ,&>:> nija 
-j>d h ,Dy5a pa nnyo n« ,nyny>a oruyjira k f |mum w^t 
jffio « pa iwnw oy no mik pk ,now in pit d^piwdd 

.nuD^Dijp ijn pk iyM*5p*ii Dim tw 



nyJvDyo .jyuiDan^n ytnymyji* tnmayiD'in dkji jyo 
,tDijnyiya jyo dkh lytny-wn ; imijmya twyiriya yiv^ pk 
d^k onyt ddk ■utf om ,&5>ytnyay:i pit tDsypya ,o?ywy:i 

.lytwero onyii tf">wywyo 11m ,pifiDa*5* k *ii 

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——————— ^i ■ ■ i » i ■ — — — — ———■»*»«*>»» 

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lyain pa |y5«D wid imiw t* »**N 'Ktirt /VD wmi v* 
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d«h iy ! n$y:i *wvu nyn .d*kjip '•ni "? oaimya iyo ,d"H y« 

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lyD^^i 1st ,tf*n pns DDnmyn do d5$u wk jyu .Dp^wa 
iyp*pB>y:Q$ do yd D'id jyDDD^pyn^ oyi pa jyinsDya y^s 

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ttyri ny pm ojy^J yjyny^iya ^bidd^m ty^yn d*mjw yj"t 

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pM jyDDva do jyjjni ".jyiwya do 5*dj»p D3"»y*e oy 
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245 ynoya 

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.*na yjnya ,t*k budded 

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ay^B *pn .ftnaya rum d>j rran om *vd dkd ,jy? lynoijni 
n>o dihd Dvy^ winim ,?nnyppnw pu wit iyna td 


.IMW^IM PD row 244 

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lyoaut jynya py*n h Jiyajyo^o wxu itm p« ,fya]no 
■on wmw nn ,dw5b> op*bwd*ik nwn Smyai* .on* 
-mw m ,o)ifT jyb .jyfriyD d>j jyp oy •twstiv pn -tfM oyii 

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p*»o p« *mn pa pyyia 5$? n .wnn oyn vn« n^ .now pn 
♦lytfyo I'D isn p« jyt^nn^ jynyr n od^t vt ! -tf sn .d$5b> 

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243 ynpyj 

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I'D PN /l.T* Ml 1*5*11 TD DK11 013 MTK DPJ1B |yD"11 TD 

.fy^^sn iv win o*n jyn«n 

-bmk "D-Mr»o "wn tib tym*D pa jyjim ,iyDni&e> o*n 
iyii*nn k |y:iByi w vn jyn«n t*n ; |yn$D -iirw tM"n ,fjnyn 

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P^k *pt p« ,d*kjib> yiytJiK p« pn dpo *pr jy^t td na 
.tDDyjp jyBDTB n iyntD«nya ^"k Ban o*n .\vtfvn 

(.3$) .nom k *u ph ny /i5*ii ,dip 

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p« ,tywv:$ nyroy^D ,inyu* n lyvtsynB^iK vd$5> ,pr5 
onmo h td iy5yu jmtnyfi k fyayii onnoo mbd }yo jyn 

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.lyM'a^w pa raya 242 

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td d>d dkh imn d«ii asnaiya jytyn /i*d &:rtfiy pa 
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AV&sn d^j oyii d«ii ,tyiyn DQtjno^yn ?*)$&& iy:pjy> iyi 

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iy:ne> idd5$? ^h tn wd ,pno ooyn n d«ii ! p^a tD>o 

.wirrteDB oyn *nyn nyoiK 

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241 yn&m 


DN.iyj do jyn«n "? dnm ,p^min dni \y\m wv ?*n dni 
# rtDya .p$* iy>n jyD5»mv:i$ DDi?y:i D^iftn iy:tfyyi ,iyima pn> 
nw pn tytDDTD h .ddbbobddsmh h t$ onyj ,*pi Dyn ^N 
ibd lytDDyn dw pn oyn oy .\vpm in ty^yn iJ85>e>D>H 

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?U8Db>dmn on Msoya ippn dn.i dnm iv .umini Djysyi 
?D"n"ia pn ywy-i yiy^N jyjMiya lyiyMi ttf$? vpn din 

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mi ptfusn pN'D^yo vrnv^w y5>N pa tynwBo* iynN d5mi 
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u»k pn jyo D3N nMN pN ,jy:unyi$D yiy"N w iwJyn- 



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jddjipw iyi pN jyiyDt? do hik pn ti hini dni pn 

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pa tm .dvdoih oy d5$h *j«m nss do pM to isd do ,J8d 
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pB do oy ihd t* tm ,prvw wm omi in** ?Yiirn 

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ton tm tm ,wm dj>^d ,pn «id i^bm 5$t tm jjmi pm 
,\vnr\vn n pm 5ynM nyn jyaya nyaoa^ii «a mi tytfyn t^m 
nyn pm Dvy^ mi 'ostf dmi jyD^n pM wwii wtf t^ "una 
Dyjyai^D m mi nwijtfp dmd td irnM d5$t nyoyn — ?5>«a 

•Imdd&mji ny^M jjnyii 5*t tm if^m ■win 


■w tM "up d:>"^pb dJ*ii ,|yny*M do d5*ii dmi jyii 


239 yne*i 


mi dmk Dnyt ny .prmtDt? 5yDiyB-*irD nn &n"5nyB pk 

•DMT5»rt>i5a pk dww k d*d Din* "humm3M k 

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idiq tpnatp iwrrawypJifli iwn: Din pa two pk p* 
*n pa "nv pk imyw mi ty*D*Bt? ■uruytMD pk nrwytMo 

•lytnyw yj"5p mi 

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nyn ijtvmiv pk ,iyo«£a y»yn y:nmy"a yfcna on p* pk 
•nw pn syp mmDMYiw b*d i»3mw yowMia tyoy^K 

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Vt bkh oy p« ,d* lyratfa k pk mvtv* d5$m oy mi irnn:i 

.inim y:m» tuypya dkh jyo tk ,iyai*Mya mtk 


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•lyeo^p » |i» nj?B*ijn "lis ]jm«injn pa any? fjtts 
•peitf ,«1boibb» opBD ,n^ii bnw 

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237 tfhajn 

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&D$n ,pipa*»n pb n^ya lya^a i'bmk DirrayaDMiK "t dkh 
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*n jyo dkh ,ddiwim ov iyn«n "i nyi"K to !&pipyu* 

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ny tyn ,5iyp nytyn a* ; nyaropo k lyiiyj D-itp pk oy .jya 
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wa nyj"« D^yBsvya *pr .man n fynwn >im ■ ,W3^o « 

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pa .jnnypDMit w bpjib dde»p ,iddwi .aqriK tm vvm 

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nya « imwa pk oy m ,im*bm«d*ik "? jyann i*d 


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-jyaTp t'BMK iyn^« pa ,iy p« .,B«ny»MK y?« \v\m iw«t 
.lyJia&myBJiR iyBU b*d uik b^d d5*iwi iy Ban ,oiwb 
vm.|»;»i i'o .fiiiip p» |yD*pyninK orr* Ban nyj"« ! wfi 

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dot ! ijnyii iM^D^njn 5$r ,jy:iyptMy tt o5yt)B> oy nyu 
-j'fr •|M«topnw oo i»: *$t oy nqu enyt .Dinyuut r* trup 

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DyD'Hya oy ,tnyt^v ■ukSbwh ww pk ,oyo»p nya^pyw k 

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!*pt twnjy ami iyom !p»np iny? 

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•■uwmwik iyo*vu k lyavwomK jyiwn pmu h .|y«njn 



pn |y»ra f ijnw*tir "? ♦tyafcWP h pb wnyn h pk 
•natf mrra d«t iwaunyD uftm *n tk ,kiid aKn ^k .jmrup 


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nnyo r?K ,a$D k pirn* tD.nya oy dkh pk ,|yjKt>BwmK pw ?yo 
muw jyonyao^K dwi utf d*j pa wwdiiw nyn .oy bdpkn 
njn mil /uyaya njn pk \n oun ,oyn to n5»a pk f irr5mi 
jyonrnw wwrnpya «wr \vr\vm Avrnwutt dkh -okdwik 

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233 ynoya 

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pa 5yiy pit rnoio .iyen k pa lyooio dki Pit iy„ : D^iftn 

".P^UIK p*| PK "10 PK PDBfr) PK ,0"i1«1D pn 


3K.1 T* l»W 1KB DW^K V1K JW1U* 1>0 "T I^^t 

-ya inyo nan i*it m jidk oyi D"N 092 ! omm p*o jyasiny:! 
D^aiitM dk.i i*k tk # to m jyooDy: p*o iwn w ojmw 
-yj w dim ou ,iyon jynoya pit jyjpnoio it pa (yogi i'ihd 

V* DK11 Dyi IV ,P381 "I Oip ,pK JUB1 pK 1»M03"1 \VM\ 

♦o^nnyi tk n«n ,oayio&>y:i nan 
♦oyiBi*m o>o jn$j» ,ynj# 

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tynnn pno iv iyo*K iyaim ou ppip $1 5$t jyo urn 

oan in** *n ,iiyn imhwj /vpk dd«ii .oawp-wn d^o 
t»5mi ,jyinypiya^ *p? ojm o?jm h jyii ,oy»i"¥ya$ia wir 

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-md*vw "D-»ir"D pw"|M"t to ,yn5yr om tfa pit oy 

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.iymyfrw pa rem 232 

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To tk ww ,wnDM nun tk dkii ,a"ip tk tow .nym 
tyjyp d5$ii tk lyaftm pK ,D"¥ iin pa DDtfiya Din nya*K 

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ww pn «a mmi DD*a n .D5yD"iwwD ^tk do «? 


.Dn* nya^p^HiK ik iwim I* Ton pa td pk dkt 

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jynK.n dkii /uu Din pa ya^oy umw tik |m«t 01*% 
1KB jy^yo^ w t& ,ttf jmanw «mw am tk *k pwm vd 
\vivn "? tk ,jyjyayi DjyDya am tk 5"ii ,w yoony w^d 
": tonyDDjyyi tk am pn .t5diw nnyr iotwdik do td d^d 

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ttfyBpyjij"K oa* inyr am tk„ :tny&D:yy:i am tk 
-yoiwtt do oy tk ?$? ,t5m pk dm ojnoinD ikd jyay* pnD 

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JDDtfn DP 8TK 

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jyDipy;u$ pa tk jyii ,D5ipin ynma iwwmd^k pk oy 
d*HP am tk ♦Pinomnm pk iwrJpw pk nyajyo^D po 
TK »m T^a ,n»na s?8 vsnvs am tk ♦Daypyj do oyj"p 

231 ynoyji 

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-yn) ! 3$ td *¥* .■wnwrnyD iwn Djym h ,3$ T& t*j£ 
pa ,D^n^n» pa yay^ pn p* id^j toot (.dpi** pa *pt oy*nD 

(.3$) -ixnyii \mvrn nn 5$? ptf nyowrw njn 

o5»ii T* ! ?M# T»¥* pn* pa n#) ! ptf tomhiw ijn 
tronww i»ftni td 5$? ny ixnn ,nyt)$D nirwn pns Dyrupny 

.yD8?a jytyn 


J"¥3"W D*D D3>5 K DfiyDtf B»D 1'D*1K .D"31K 


HiDWJK p*o p« ,tw "up td tDpyo^ jynyji any* dot 
jyjyp 5>$? t* yd wu y* ; 3*0 iv j$d po tow yd dtoi 
♦oyony:y^« oyay p* nn n m ,irt5*:u"H yd toik jntfr 


.tyuttfiyuy ravn n Dim f y&3*wrji pn t¥ a ,v w jot 
;d*iow yj"i jyonnys iv *uyn h pk ,t"uy3 k irna »»n 3*a 
ur do nn p« Tna h nn lyrowpw lyftnip Din tisenya 

•two p*p jy3«n 

i»M^i» t* fl»M 230 


5>n T« OP¥* fl* diytot ™b wd i'd*d jn»&*5p) 

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Imyn jyny^ p^o IpyaMMK :?p» 

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|jm» pn tm JD'3D«nM p*o tot jyny^ pn pjnojy ,nya 

.du dd*:j n dmii oyay imd iwdSmh is ^h ^nw *im 

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•iwnwi p*o iv ttjynip *im /uina pud nmw dd^ n iim 

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yj"D tm ,5id iv pm nan p*o .*ni> wivx ,to Dyn"myD 

.d^im d*j nnyo oy jyttf an own 

orr* ;wn h «a t$ pmM ©aw) ! Mi* nyoyiMU ,iyay^ 
I'dmm anjw«ii in'M d5bb iy ; v» jwip «? n» ,Tt iv 


229 vnoyj 

(: nynn k d^d ddip) pans 

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•ttrwato *im on* DDnyt ? in id>d ?*k dmi 

pa ;irum D3«D«nyD *im *$? t« jy^n iy"K ?** oy 

.iy5D"ranyD to in** tD3«D uofi*n pa inn** h 

w Tft^a orr* to dd$p Dm aoyii m pk — ,noom « 
5rra th jw nyau P*d /ioio- pn> du v5nya (: Tin) .jywo 
.lyoynya do 5ipj"p oy 5jm t* P* ,D"«T»nD pit yay5 pn 

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.jynyjonK DNDyj t* d5*m ,pn rnyu om dtop wit jyii 
-UK do vk ban to p» jys^D-DD^n p^p nan t« ,d#i pns 
-ya t 1 * dku pnD px |yay*5 w t 1 * mi pjsny: p^p ,w 


B«nay»nyn*it ytyn jyu (:jpi>yj"tt) .td D^ya^D^ lira 
jynyt w w ,|y;mtfy:n$a mra* jynyr w m inyo do Dwmya 

— \"?~\w w wwmv* mi"* yte 

dku idd"M nyaoyii *np p« ,dd;»n n dkn do dd"N n 

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.vin pa pyD^uin in DDjyp n •bDJni n jyu 

d>d iyr*5 ^H tm 5$? ?*pin pm do iddu *m» i» no 

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jpmiyn ,iyiyn do iip Dim pain ',|yM*Jpm ,po ? oyiiip 

•in an? *p* m dd^ii n ,ti 

iyi idt to diidp jytyn p« iypj« wJ»n in pm oy 

♦do in dd»iw p>idp 


-iwmik h .D5nwya dmh dmi i$j ! iv pw DDn^n ,*itm 
jynyD^ *n DD^t n tk f Dma 1* nwn iwimh p*d pa |yMio?w 
iy 5$r ! iyp*p pm ,|md lyjpoanB pm lyonui f to*p jwi pm 
? is do Dnnr in p*o jyomi lyjyo n lyDJiM iyr*j"M in pn 
ny iyi pm idtid do tyu • jyiyDP vt *po do pan ,iyjupJpm 

•in iyn^M tynya oyii ayu p*o .pn* 

227 ynagi 

JjrS'tt J"D IPOM WHOM Iff DRrt JB1 ,5WfiM p'B *i*i» irhd 
linn ijwvu oy jptttovin v* pH .jrarBamtfaaiD w»a mi 


•tJfD'nw W I't DMR BBIp DP 

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i»t pk tvrifta pnw nn<« i»d bra 01*11 T^yo'T i"t vw 
-jik ijdr dtpm ike pr dri >qp iintf«n iv oi*i vt ,D*to 
iv unrn DiT« jrasniR ik iJDKn i5*a ijtfyii vd ;v5aw 


ujni ijn«p in m ,tvo»n twsp td 5"ii ,-injro w |ik 
iBDJifa«*WD»iK p'i ,5isp jir ,e5im iin pa timwpiniR i?«a 
•tyasn iv iwju«o ihp'bvbdipsd oajneenyo .Tj^oaw 

.oaninpn d>j jir bSwiiju oo ^bj pr is ? 5i*p 

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Djr im> iim :ni5wa j»»r pa (pitta ivoma r odbi n 

.[Win jnroR b'd "i Donyi n t« ,i»pjjn i5sa 


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"pDWPUOfi'lH jn>53Fljntf3JlR D'SlBP .B'J T'« V" 1W 
•T» BrnVOlRja Y1 

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nr» ,t»5a nyjiw ktk .iwayayDKrw jm* h aKn *pK 
pn pk |yt^ pnrc dppk *no dw pk ,tnrPMtoain tSp^j 

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.pno tDaiKiya do oy jyaKn *n 

-ya nyaK *n jyaKn dkii .Doya jyoSunya in fyaKn «? 
d« ,dwib> pk ny^fi d*d Dyp&ntDDyji dkh jyxrpn ? pro twyp 
! on** dbh vk ! wyo iy?"a pk nyv5*tD^ ijn ,ny pk dki 
tyoyayaanK iip dkh nyaJim ,o^tD^ k m odpkii di?bj"k pn 
•pnx p^K pw jyoy^a wn^» h pk ,jya"D n^d k 

?nyt"p p^p mr\v* do *n jyaKn 

d5s Diyn ny ,paim iyD$p iin ?n*a pk iy ! ma yay>5 
,|ynye>y:i vk oy dkii Dnynyji dkpi iy ni jp-i'mintrmo pn 
jynya n D^nya \w iinMyoom mniB h d^d t* m pk 
jyD5» ojn tyaonya jyp tk ! nm* «? dt*5„ : tuwyj ny dkh 
W dkii ,5*dp D-up t^k ny jyu pk ,rD«£a 5yp^DB^ pn ytsya 
.B88Be> i'ikb mid nm pa tmnya jyaKn vd "?vpk dJmi 
D'vyp tusnya ft Ton pa d5*n t« jim* ,DHfty:i ny dkh ",i«„ 
-j"K pa p^a j'anK jynnu* dd«ji jyrnnjiK p*o jy^r dkh 

"! jyBoyo yanr 

.Djyjjn k pa dd«ji on dt5i» ny 

l"» pk ly, .iwrpn *pik |jnri w jyannyiHfi tyaKn vd 
-ya do oy dnh iy anK„ .tn$m ny dkh vkmh vnoya 

225 gnpya 

D'ynso jyaqnaBnyB imj^pmi nan t* mi oyn ^j j$d nm p« 
ytDDjn pns |yo5»nw P« d^twiv *noy:i td gun ny /U8n 
mi ,Dy-i$ iid fynijsiiw dbi^bwdm-ir pk n tk ,BDya mm n«n 
mi lyp^-inyM t* pa p^ruyriK jytyn pa /qa .ty3*pny:a$ 
-pmi ! ikupJpmi ! lynqtMyj tyD$e>y:i:}$ td pk n 5"M ,\y\m 

,nyay5a yj"t iHM*:n» jyJjni td .wrcarnyD ojn oynya 
ynj8B> pa lyoniya Dma jy5*i 1st ,Dtfaj"K pn jynijnanyBaiK 
pK d»iow yj"D tDD^a pk nyt t» .bmb iv pn lyoynaaMH 
! nnif> n5«n p*K ^j ptfn ,roy;i ♦BnyDyoBn* n*iow yj^n 


5yp*&&> « o>n oyay ,tpa D"M t« •Tin orpto now pn 
p« mm vw pn tk *!W"M jouasn p^p td pa t* 5mi &"* 
pk to mi i*j jy^saya Jipa^H mi inyo ,|yp^Mw any* 

•lynya o^ 5ipj"p ^j oy pk ,B*y 


vw iwnn «r Itypnnya h w bdip ♦noia msd p^3 
♦iTd n lyonyjiy^K pw t»o^ ^»id-i*d oyn D«ny:i juw w*tf 

Dtfte D'T^jn« 

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nya ddjwd n .eitfp pn pn iirnw iv pnw lyrptfiy ,«t o^d 
nn Dim oy pn ,iwjww w«i no tynyaivDMiK do jyayiap 

•ijn mi pn lyoyn nyo'K oi^ 


-up ijn ?n iwmito >n pa dd5mi n tk t \vw *vd jy^yii 
,b»b-5«m njn mi jjrnrn t* «r jy^r •imnwnij »r tDyn iyr 
jjnyn ty^yu "? ♦tynynoMnK do t^k pa lyaK tt iy?*t "t 
on"53 D«n ,amDDMK' pn pa ,tDytDoy^o iyD>^yr»p in pa 
H oyey dppk "3 nxn p« nyr^p on ^mk typ ^k .^«5ji wik 
w^t tytPMiv jyn«n w ^h tywiimm Ton D«n ny •riDiyM 
DoyM iik d$5p pn pa jyvion |yn«5a «*# do Doyu .tyyon* 

•tJnyii jyanya 

«rma* it jyny^ya t« iyi"K /tfsD om dawm wfri 


♦do v* D^yiy5 ny mi dpjib ,do t* Djyiy^ya hdid iyn 
*imh pn t* raw ,uu-n$ px iyj"T tyast wi jyu .do n$r 
oo .ijnyu iv aunya p* DJJsa MionyrwMiK pna J«u ,pna 
td D2»5n •=i»t pnt Ms hbd :w jy?"ii iroanoMK yrDD 
-ivnif mu"d D'nyr^p Dyi ,pk dot pa ,pn» * ana** ?M5a 
5yo\n nyn tk ,iyma nyoya jyjyayn r58aa PH "wa^ .jiirow 
■spa pa .b$p i'nya>« jyoip "t 5$? tk ijn^n ,iytoaj"K 5i$r 
jyaso jyjyp jy^t *vd jyii p« ! nyDyir^yaijin k mi iyaip ftm 
Din pa nyasw *an i^t n^sn ^dd^t t«n ,iy?8tp^ ynymn 
j^ony^yDJin nyryn "3 bdmd pn nM« *i*n t^ loonwip 

(: TJsn pn Dpipya) paya 
owiya ann t« d«m ,Di5n nyr DyD^nya dkh dkt ,n$ 

223 ynDyj 

mrmn f h *?kk? *w&r& n 

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.wn D'inj'pn d*d tDvoytyn pk pirrnDm * *ow on 

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w f n*m5* "vnMM? k dp*mhdmk n«n *p* .wo tnv 
jynan "? w ,tyinsany nun t* *n •in d^d tonya oy mi imyn 
djpk *pnn ami pk pjniK *tf«a *p* pa ,d-i$m w? jyaipayj 

♦Dpsaya "t *vd jyaan 


-ay^seyi ya^-iron nyDMK DDtfiya do irp ann *p« 


tf>a« wwivz D^viiya do *pt dd*h n *T5nny w DD>a n 
-nvw oyn nya^K dkh mud lya^nny iyn dkm ,Dayn oyn DnD 
ty&»p p*p "? ti^mi I'd pK ,Dajn^K pk iwon >n Iiyayia 
pa y^nyaya h DDMiao'D t^hw tyaan *n .lyatfiyDJiK do 
*imk ijran loomm ,DyDDy*D pn \vp *p« mi dm? pk •wp 

joyu iv pk oy ♦jyjjm inyo 

jojm d'd jyiiya jynynaiv m ron pa pa ?k 


,pk mo"d pns .D^nyayji j* tod pa vi dkh i«aiyn pa 
jyDKn* ,*pi pK Doaayaya pa tynaya aayap ya>n pftgt in ts 

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jwa*pn ! DBBBnyrva nyoiK d*d pk oik b^d noDm &kh 

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•tugr ny pkii 

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m?k ,pna W dkt &"5 maya tD»nw 1*3 j»d5*ii td iwi 
-aga pk jwMiya td — jyoipDiK Dayooayn td mvp nynK 



.Dn*ii dw k oik ikd ww 5*r iy t'r^w tyoyn jyjjm i*d 
♦tyoK^a pK Dn*BB> h pw nyr tk mi *p*5a ,i$a oy ddip td 


.I'roM pnK mq£ 


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i»*iw pn |jnwn* DDjni n ?jnn ,hpid &u awm n 
-iw> pD jyiiyoKi iv th dkbbok .onDBMK \vw$nr\ oyi pa 

•pnK nyayo ^ip ^h iy dittd* ,iynm 


pK wk w u tDa^r /pro im «n i'ro»KT*5y anaynyr) 
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.DMyte p*p pro do ny 5*? tn$BB> ijn iijsj /wik tmip ,jyD 
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njn *pd d*d |y5*t y?K uk ^dipd-ik am t« iw bo bis tb 

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♦tyosnya am n«a ,D"'nK lynya dwp ,d"? you yj"D ,fyj 
vpk djvp ,iyonyj mu t*k oy dku pk -do ifa D«np 

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di^ii D*n jyaipayj dnh jyo nta *ii mnw Dun ny :jya$t 
lyjJBayn jyriKn pvn^n pa jyviyn h ^1 ,iy:wie> pn jyaya 
pa ,ny Dyii ,do iwi .ju^m in duk^d iy 4y^8t y'Dix^n 
n i«i p» ,jypy ny^a yto pa di^d^ h iywjH* ,yniDB> k pa 

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dwi Dim ,b>d8B po 8t8 nyj"D -oari nynyr"K lyoajn iyryn 
•invarum yto pa atpnyinn"* jijDnmrBip pa immp d.vk 

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on* ny dd«i i»"iw a "3 ,Tiy mn w 
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ra oy m ,tpk dd"N I-osn nyi p* dww Din b*d 
Tin urjtfwnn to 5$t t* tk ,a"uimya vd t$ nip dw* 
T« "imk ? i* ya iye>"W i'b^k pjhik pit nyan-iyrifli yfo yryn 
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nin pa wn n pa iwnw do oy d5>u wm jynn ,D«p:pDMn 


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jyD8D *po ijrnnD ,wdmn tnvbvz pn do pm dmi ? diihd 
-iya to ,\irmw 5$r tm W IW*d td /wnornM) m imb 
Diifii y^Jnyon dmi ,yw pn jytewinM 5$? *p* jwumn 
djh pm D'JUtfuri T^iwn \w*m td jot ,d>q h d^d jyDyiD 

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idd^ii ,-tfn D'nyr^p nyn iwijidm do dd5$n n pm 
-in dppm d^d in iyn» n»^n nyn tyoyiaa^K nym Dnoyji 
n .WMp-nopj lys^iny jm pm djpdihjwd pa tm •jwijni 
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*PM M*w ik& /=!»* 8t8 iijtnDyi |yny? pn pM ddJijm n pm 

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nvpyyiM yD"5 «n dim do ,w\m dw«5p oyn dim do 
iww pm oy jyaMVWDniM t* P* #Diynw "t dmh # |yonw 
■wtm Dnyt ! jjnnjni rc p^m vd pm ly^nsyn w mi* p*d dim 
do j»Mn ^n dmt pm w«p ijn ?wn pm DayuiM oysy 

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*n ,ayin k iihwji pi* &yvi vpk p« iyt"p m* lytDJiK .vt 
.onan jny^n pa t^wns h pk iy^ D*n tyaymsDnK m« 


! 5yt>yv iy^K d*d iyn» 

jytyn *pn t^hw rrno pa ,iy^o^iyi pa ray* ,tk„ 
-a>iK ,pnw &"* lyvnip k d>d ,td a«n t>k *n *uk ,?k ,*iyns 
— tDi» tyt^ynyTK *n* T^ D ^ P* W"P oyn ivaya twnnw 

pn tywa a»n t» ,5ynyi p^p pn t* -^ok tD>j r« D*n 
a«n ^n i'tD*»D pK # i»ijnaiyD do i#i tDytDDyKD nya^iyt^p 

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♦•wd"n Diyn pa T 1 ^ tD^nnyi 

p» tyDyiDD-nK iw«k 5*r .inw do nip ny&»n 5>n *p« 
,iyr^p nyi jyay^ Dne> p^K tf >&k tDasoya tk a«n : typ^ya 
,tyryniya t* Ton pa do ^k nan ? v'Twoy pin dkt \vm 
MnniM^K ? Djyayi pn jh5w pk 13*5 pd*h dkm D"ii t» t* 
d5$n T« ?W"P njn an5w tyj"T ,iyDn h ,W?i> h dkii 
5*? ^k m ,t]n]my±K fyt^ ^d 5$? yx jyu ,ypw « pmw 

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217 yntDyj 

f D"pjPD3iny:i ly^oyttDy^D pa tos^b nn p» ty&yiDy^n* 
f pvu5"n pb nypnyp k pk BKnttnroJu»nK &kdbok /spa ,p* 
nmi ,tnyop yony^w yj"? pa yj"K lyiyMiyuij y»K ny Ban 
&d$b ov m nyu* k b*d MriBBnyo vpk .pjhik ttf$r wk pn 
iwranvw niioy d*d p» jy^ytD^ in o5*? wit ,nyon « n»o 

jrw&»n on 

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-ud ny^n d*d jyasD iv tD^spyn t»h ip ^nn iw*n *tod 
,nmy n ^"K Dyn^nya nyr^p lyn .VW? p» m*uj o'oyany* 
-tDia yto pa v 1 * Dynayn p» Din pB oniK v 1 ** sonyj ny 
nytMw id^d jyaypnyj* idbikt nma dkn ,;y&^nD^ yDjymffl 
dwi aw Din «n jynyw %tk ttf*t t*n p« ,p:st tyj^yno 

♦jyty^yn^B (n ^«k 

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pny iyrn iku : lyr^m any:i irvK iy-p>K tyi*yi pn* *i$j .ays 

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ippk tyni ,^"k pb d^b pn 3$ nt» nyt"p nin Dinam 
-ya tyj"f "? pK onnn yj"D lyiiya jyj«! "T ? nonj p« &*n 

?p$n&y:i "? id^d vn» bkh d«ii ♦fyny^a 

.patrn p^p 3h5w bo ^"* to iyj>n pbijh 

jirwmyB bo tt"t wk w ,Bpjyiy:i bo i^a nan ^h ! *i» 
♦ .♦ananyn bo pw jyaipBBnyD dkh irp* Dim ,Din iv 

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•Hun* nrr w f*n» am Dirt* 

mt "am *m* nam jnjruiK i* b«t iron m ,bd*mi wk 


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.jy^KD y^8p jyjyp mi inyo oyey hoot t» 

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jjti-osn ijn iv tDiynya oy Dim n^j 

•iwm tf*DK jy?$5 oy dwp ,yao to na oy dkm 

pk nwa jo*5"WD$fl oyoyM ,n:yn d'wp pa D"? %tk 

215 ynpya 

-"t .ur:£*i> w 5nvim tyooayn pn tt^pj^yiB'nyn iy»K »y» 

? rraitf d >5yn D*n ?yj 


ytDn^yj b*d lyjyo # Djnu^*DD f iyo«aiiO"w ,»ny*w 
(♦ddvu ijn *ma ^n tDt>ni) .BynyaonK &u ww in pa oypttfip 

.■pro ijn ikq dihii iy:i:*:p^ya pa ytDya 

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n»D p» D"t in** imi |y:y^yiyn d*$t wk tk # Dtny w 


.do niyo p^p *p*K p« nun t* t« ^«n ijnw ?r 


.d"pjh5w wk dipid wit 

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*w* Bpyop tvtfww on .jynyo^ jyp *p* ? IWdjw *n d$ 

.did* ywip h DB^.my^K *n ,Mnw yon* to 

•iMMifrM pa raya 214 

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pa nnnatn PR ttfyosnya jw«t |]hrd*d¥P »nnyn h 

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•dip tr 


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jnny 5y>a 

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♦b*j in :n$r 

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ytDDpnso^ h D^yosnyD Jnywo ny"R vm iw«n td 

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-owsn nya^wp pn ird lyonn w mi jyom jyJim to 

213 ynpya 

! "ia jyj"t "? ,iWJ8Dyi pn "? jy**? .n*n oy»iD « jyiiyj 
tyo^p yjjrtf*p yo^ia h ; D^vyr ytDi^tDisyi h *n» jtimbi ao 

— tyrw yiyn ikb jynyo^ 

jyjyu d*$m v« ."i3*a"T5»n k inn nyi ^ "? ddsb oy 


-yj jyo^n d^kSd lytfyu *pik ,yjyvo a jyiiy^ tD^ytin oy 

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h IwayMyDijnv rtfn oJipi t* ,D3"yiyj do d5»$ii tk 
px 5yiy — |yjm* yj"D .tyou p*o *put w»m pa in"* 
— ?tDny^ya do *po ima dmh ,jw mip5 wk !jyo"p 
jyoty p« — ! «r *pik naypip finijMM d«? do d>*ii *p* 

! oijjm dki jyohtfi w do iyt"p po 


ny Doyn n m jiyayiyn .lypjsiyj yryn d*vw in j$te 
flyjyjyjya n du "t DD^D&?y:i do dd*3 .d*mji» h ikd iw^r 

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?td pa nftm "? jyjyp dkii 



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? oy>o pk dkii — 5rpo in 

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jy^yn ,p»t « p» bd"* wn un *n ni^D td dip *pn 

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yr>o b>d *pi Bnyn d«h ,nByn8?^y ,Dino k ikb t^k dku 


-y*5 yjo"K ,iyD$BBnin tya Ban yjo"K .oyomya bo iip 
vd "? o^nya bo nyiw Bjypya too nan nyj"p .p^ntD p» jya 

.lyjy^vya nyoya 


-anipw niD^wp ikb ?B"mnB ikb HO^tfyi D*n t^h 
tk ,|yDijtiBKnyD Ban jyo tyrtfyn i«b d*h ?*k — ? b^pdk? 

? d>b* nana jynxn 5$? p« jynya 5wn 5$? oyj"« 


-k& *n .lytD^B iwfo*n nyuw lyayj bo nyn ,180 iyny^ 
k* pan yjinfiyai iirTUM *n d^b p* ny ,pti n*«? pic im 

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-ww "t |jni .|»5jm un<K Jjm tk ,w v* o?«n wmn 

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?^n anyn dkii 

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•jya^my yonyaitfya yto 

Tt eonya pk vnu enya ? i»a ? wwa wi« w« »«n 
.d>ik"i*b ti»B"T i#im to .pa«-ie> wwa l» »»oya n 

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.esyjp nyoty-iy 

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209 ynoyj 

pip jyjynp do jh»"p ,*n tyftm DJu^iipB Din no 

?nytfn dkt iyD?8ny3 pw im* Ban 
,fya*r i* oyey nn Ban ny ,1'nmD b*d nya ,^na ! pu 



(: dm*? ,?8bp p«) ansitf 

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.y?y:i"BB> p« pn« dj"Sw oy B«n 

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,e»ey5 *im Tt ny B«n B"nDy:i 

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jyayyfriya ps rtDW 208 

-po^r-iir pr v^po^k w n^n>n jynynya** 5$? drn /wr 

-nya p^5>« ^? pr pr yao"? dri jyaynp oyn iyiy^ ?^y* 

do mru* tw» "? tr ,iyn*tfji "? jyn »vy^ drdbor Ainnvn 

.IW8D y*5»p pm« 18 iy5xni «? ?>n oyay jyonw 

? iw«iDnn DDninM tw D"v r?r pr td tyD5$n 

-e>D"n ww PR eyp yrnroiR p*p iimya do lyoJipi *Ktin 
lyoJipi *vd •pnD iv auya tD»nw r5>8 to \m$wi td to »"W* 
tyoyiypsrrrrn nyniR iyo5ijii td ,D""iByn *tfyii pa nya h 
ditr d^d \vovm iRaiyn pr f n5»n pa tyD*m r Mm»a p* 
Tt td jyo^ii ,iimya auya do tjir d^ii oytyn ixnn .an h 
Tt ^naennon mnn dh? i'd^d ,D*nvi3 h /mm ynyniR d^d 
,iypiyD h ,*ftm h jyaya n:«5> pa jyvyjjna h irb D5yDB>y:i 
IWD*pyn D"V nytfynm pa p« ,tymvjRiB h ,dp^b h tswi 
d^ii drt ,n$y:i ,*ib .iyt"p py^no lyuiR pa iinw} yo"ii h 
-y^« ikd jyny? pn p^r DtyDP jyo fyii ! wiv*? r jyo^nya 
? jynyji idd^ii pmRU (.tpw DMnep nifyi) .p'5a oyj^o 

PR — # dikbwm«k jyj^n td tr ,jyoy:nyD 1RH T* ,^8 

01R lyiiyDSI IV D1R pR — tTlKBBW"* WR DKPI Wp 1JH 

•jyny^ dri p*k td jyJyDP xmifi Dyjyj"R nyr 

•hdid p*p do i^iyo 

nwn # jywyo yDDy?^ jyj*n d«t !D"mnB ! o«n»iD 
f inywa d^d ,|yj«n pa lynyapyuR d5»t !jy5?"R yDjy? 
•iyr^iya>R tpr d5*t tMRMUpa jwdrdpo'ir pr tot 

207 ynpya 

qmms do t* a»n ♦jynytD^K typ oy m 5y>D ^m do 
ny"? pn pw t^k ,iyt$oyo yDjy^vyjonK tyDD*PD h nytD^m 
V*p*fc ixnw pwn dkii ,iyBoyo you ? jy:n$De>y:iDMK po 
jyn«n Etfyii ,]vmm ; jy^sntDnyDJiK yiyn pk p« ^n p« 
KniD do \nxn «t p* #P^ jy^ns p« jy^yny jk tin"* Djypya 
ytfyn »3 ; tyniya kjpd do tw d?tk pa dppk ikd D«ny:i 
jyD^^ ny"? DKnya lynan >n ty^ ty5$upy:o$ ra nxn om 
pD jyaso ^ynns DDnwnya do iyn»n >n p« ,e"D iv *pr "a 

♦»r d'd iyay? jyjyp w ma iyfr«Diwin wi h 

?iyDn y^yt« bjypya ima D«n 


*ii pjwmy T» T« *yM \vzti> 5jni t* m«* *m I 'mi* 
jyDDTD h pa ,tw k lynyaya d»»t uugn pa *nnm*5 nyn 
j'nyDJiK tyDyjyj m*n ,\y\m "mm jyj"? dkii ,iimyn pa 
♦jyny? iv "t ivfiiffrjDVM vk pftfiru** dkt p» tywn jynD 
' pa DD$Dy:i dkh ny yD^jni ,in*nypD8D p^p mm do p« oy 
p« nmm h pd ayp iron ,y^D n .fyjyn ii^d Dyjyj"K \»i 
-yo jroynytD^K-nnDn n pa ,yte pa jypsa yD>n n ,*jy5T>D 
iyooy:i tynan ,iy'DOB yD^nyis d*d yfo ,dop? yj;w p» nyj 
T* D«n nytfyu ,wnyn w pa D"pD>?Yiyn nm pa 5™nw* 

.wk mi tyo^P^D mt« dpjib /nyn * tywj r« D*n 


do inyo iitfyn pddvd y:rtym t« ,ty&^n do i^d jy^r 
h tk ,tVD^n po to jy^T ?^dj^« n*»tK jyosnv lytnnyn 
pN dod^ n pa DDsen^nD p« inynD # *ijA^p po HnnyiyD 
-ty^^DSD nyDDny^HD ijn t>« jyj8HDiyD^« h pD yDy>? n 

.twyyfrBD pa ypyj 206 


pu> a«n yx mi t^j ,Dy pk td pa ,ytwy5 h pk dp 
-y^nya st« &8ny:i d^ m$ pip ann t* ♦ty ta i8Be> iv ya«nw 

! iyr^p nyn yay* by (: ft bdm) .jw 


! jyay? 5*r iy 


-ibbp *pd ijn^K ,tn$ii Dyt>vy5n$a ijrom pn 5$r D*n 
T« p» .5btp** yafrrom jyaan td 5"H ,Dm« ay*5 ^k .tya 
h ruyjBwn h ihd jyesa no iy /iy mi nya^p^a ^j pa 
tk ,D"n ^k .iytr:i yjvr jytDtDsn h dmk jy^j J^injn ,?"D; 
-"Janya w wvt w »ii ,dmb pn lyoya iy 5mi 5*p yajyto 
dpjib (: t$ dd^) .nyaiyp jyttf ysnpiya 8t» pa now h tya 

— jya*p w t* tD^8D &tfa nyniK jyu p« .dvik 5$d p^« w 

? tngm DyovyJ nyniK pn 5$? dkm ,181 


!o"rpnB n yay* oy 

!&".Tna n yay* oy 

! D«^nD h yay? oy 

.tyaissp rrm td jyjyp ,jyay5nya'K tain ayu n fyu p« 
-"p n pa *p5p*fci ^po^k ynyoia DD"a p« jyny? td 5"n 
n pa iytDD*va h iynn .*p5p*5:i ^p^j^k yny?Ji« pa on«r 

— t*n /i*o W* mi *»n& mtk nyt^p Din jy:yn jy^yn wwn 

Myiyii enjn^s 5>y^a oy no t*n 

205 pnsyj 

do w tDytDisiny ima ? fynymo'viK *nB p^k nm jy:rtf 
,ny:tfn |ik n^ya lyngnjnyB jyjjm to .tf*n p*p jyM'pn pfl 
on iwtfiyyK "i pk \wtm jyjyp do oy \rtw *n urn 


♦tyntfoma do oik lySmi "? lynK 


.jyrana ptfa «nm jyo 

♦b»d D«a ,wyap jn^ya ,nDyn8nty ^oya 


V^k oy dt*5 .jyourw 'inisBya h oik owjna nm d$ 
b>b5b h .typano oyi m do DDyjnyB in^nB yj«o ,iypyoB> 
h d*d *m* d.ts noyaut^y) .mib yny^ ,yj"« toj jny5 r« 

? $do inyo" pw pk (: 5yDp» 

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n»DB> jynun jyBi*n «r .D'nR n no ! yny>5 pns ,po ,po 

♦yoynyDrK pns ^n pk oy ; ^r do ,hip 

•jyoMin pR p:r-ib> pa pn* n Dorw 

.twwSnm pa raya 204 

>ip k jymnya td 5$t iy .jyo^ w dku t^o bo pw jyn«n 
(♦&y-i$5>) .J8Q nyn pa d*vik ddip n *u *iw ,D"myD]n*N 

(: 5yay5 on t« wnitf) ritfya 

•tynyr t& t*> 
(: ddipbO yny^ 

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D«n ny Ciyoyo «t) :vd *pp lyo^^ya iy oan nynna 
rc nyDwya-^an t'Tin dmih pa t« jyu ,&*mp« |yD$B>yj 
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nan t* .wjh irr p« ntfBBy«'nK t^k n ; td pa D"n bo 
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.IMJO^ya pa row 202 

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tyjyp yd irii |Vd^ j'd*d p*r tin*BB> yd .Mir5r dw 


201 gnaya 

lin&xn jy^im to (.as aisya) .ww jir tpp^sa co rani 
-B'lR "i iy?st D'wtfyn wi jik ,iim»j h irb "tfnw in 
Ol»D'm jib imwaoifiB) .?WW w« jnv ,, i D'B jVDyia 
tiuy^KO uw Dim ijo^jni ,pifi iwn r d'd bdi? k ,»fi« 
dw dhju i») .D'tma jt'dik'd t"i W^'ii to smk ,yatnD h 
(.(Wii jib jinin oiyn |m) ? d»"J i^k dkii (.nyoDjya 

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.'na yoyiB js«am Bosn n 

.fMw^w pb row 200 

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m jyoni 5jm t« t^n ,md lya^owa do ftm i*k 

.inuBW pb Dm* o>n tpk 

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.jyny? njnyni in ty^yin td 
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.niB ktk jynw ny 5*r oyn ,ny^5 okh d$: ipdwi 

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yiyn pa lyp^to om tynyrya ann tk urn tyajgayiBn* t^k pit 
•ipBnjn nnyo do to T* a*n ,|yny?yji *n nun tk m .oyp's 
n lip jyjyw td roya .t«d yyois i« ikb tdkp k m jyp 

•jyDDsi pb y^i 


-ji* pa *n iWKnyB .fytonnyno h tw uiom *iyj no 


199 vnvv* 

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turnip v* P* iw»h .i»w» &"" td b>d pw pk oy ,w 
*jn ttf*r vpk pk lyajtf w twn ft wn nrp* ♦*»£> p*o iv 
jny^K tytoynwy fy^ayn nan t* .5»tp^ \"n p& i#«ntni$ 

•Pirn* n5i» two .titt 

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.jynw vd# jrnwD jrajr^S 

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vd »*d t»o pn tu»inya irnun DDjm VT .ttfyjunwoviK 

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,&fi*nw 3«n t* *nna p« |y5uDj«m vd d>d ddjhi n ,fyj 

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im p« *u nriwn ^a n^ya B^nB pa na"B nyraiK pk ,jwaiD 

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/iyn» T^a m*D i'b>ik t»"t imam^D-D^n h (: 5*»p) 

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-aitat? "m m myo tao |ya"t *u .minain "vi* nwBwaiK 

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ta^a pw "? Israel #iwa a^vaiB ptfzi tasnya ta^u *p* jyn 

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twv jyoip ^a jyjjni oy ,anwa mip5 pna ,p^vi ,yny^ yj"D 
pn p« DDa^ii n jmi nyoyn pk Dy .iy*nB *pi dowi n urn 
1KB n^enifB in pn 5$r ""pna M*na 5y^B w *n ^trnainn 
! nynm ,Jni|m Day? ^ynso ,5n*jM tany? ;My5y lyiyoye^ 

taw ?# /unvn'wup* .ijniia /in pb pyiia ta^a j»p t* 

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tinyn "I !V^T 18T pK ! DW : D"T *liTK *H p*T ty^T «T pK 


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.D"p:p5tf!p*5ji w jyi.TB T» ttfijt? pk nsttfs our tfin'BM 

-ny^w tynoyiD oyjy* w pn fcrntfw jyoww iiftm vd 

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vk nw«K mfci .pwibb^k do nyj"p ryp *pn (: mon) 

.dot?! noin iy &*n 'wijn .oruya unw 

n«n ^k .td ty^y^ \mv* iv tv t»"n p^a D*n .rupa ,bh 
W pyiiK »nya ,1"** aya *p* ,iyxrpn (:Tin) .ttfrpDyj pw 
}*r .*na ny"» ?*k n .runuo wk tnyi n;yn« |yrDJ"n 

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!ddip fimp 


?jjfo«nv "t tyj"? 5iwn 
jwud n« tnywn 

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d5wb> pk "lyiym *pt ttf$my ny nyi^« ,tymntn»' p^p pirn* 

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-yn pk ays w^p^a tynya *i"* pk tMwya V'K **t tap 
.-urwp ny^K iw> ,n$ v* &n*» v dkh jy& yjy* lyoten 

195 ynpya 

»t lim pa ,D"n tinw w I* &a"n oy .jin^^B^ w Dyj"K 

(♦n*) ! ywyo in pa 

I«d p& Pima tw bnw ,iwrpn iMy>5 ,*p*n &M T* 
jjynynaw jyj"T ,iny"« p« D'ya^nyr /iyB"n yj>n .ijnnn 
lyayoMnys « un*iiw oasiaw pk rD>5ay? .p*5k t>k ny 

.D#K 1KD K11D 3Kfi T« pK ,D*)£e> pn pk 


.pjnin du nw t* #*wi &"* 
(:ddip) p&y:; 
frtrwD h pK ra .trum iw^DD^a ijn ,»i*p pk bmp 


.ymp j>« tynya inm ttf*t &vy> 

?^vrun p« — nwunw) wo 

Jijni *iv»k j»nw WH d5*t ^^nin 

1 row • 

.tWM^-iw pa row 194 

\mxn "t aw ,bo D"ii ^k pa ^^jyin ip tw^t jn»wm nyaa 
« /wna yj"B ,nwH» *p*k 5jnn t« .imw lypwvaip 

.D«nm 5yp^BB> k toj bu *iny? Bpyap pm ttfj 


•*w*n nwpa«K b>o lyjumaDW y?« tyftm t^ b5*jm t* 
l«5p pin 111 BKnyj bo nnyo pw &*n ny ? ivdm^idjv ,dkii 
dot aim iw«p ! !sd p>« i«b iya>tfBjy w .fyiww y5ymn 

— .IW8? 1* U1K pB PBT1 DOT DK11 ,*iya5y?K IWIK ,|ya'tiJI DO 

oysy im*bm tDjni irpK mil /in** pa # nnm p* ,nrpK on* B"i 
BayBtnyn imn ,pm* "T &:wna ,Bayjp yB»im?w jnyuiK pd 

jmwipp ytyn iw^no^K tyno td ."t 


JiiWi #nj# ,j>&j» 


,iyw ynyi^ !p*5a»jpiK p*p iyp5iya bo lymin va 
•wwy* nan* 4wni>tD^n t* D"v pn> bo i5*dk ^"k 20 *p* 
pip jtfss in DSyapya .|ya*nDwinK iyan to Ban pic on* 
tOT ,iyiyayv «r nm .iWDiyan dk »t tw"t amp ,tmy*"H 

|ypiPD*nK TIB T« (-3* "M* H) ,D^^ p>B IV |»D1P |VD BJH1 

193 ynpya _^ 

pK VD W fyatfOTHaW Tt DKfl 31IJM .I'D *1MK tKUVnyj pK 

pn *imk *pvm pa ,ro*fa in mi ,vk ; lyMnBiwnytMnK pk 
jnarepn urDyry^ njnyMi via *>y t*k nyjn nyn mi pk ^ya 

? tot k in w ddip jyjKM pa 

jyoMowwin v* aKn ,BBrfpyi to ^«n nyaJim ,oyj"K 
thdmk v? tD«n nyvJSB pn nyc?a # onjnya h pk 5wwp Din 
PD o«iDya t 1 * nun tk P* ,iy5»ay:nytwnK pk iy .?yaMn 

.tot k Djymyfi td pk vb k 


w ^n dkh wuiD pa ,iynyap jyay^ayj td jyj"? im 
jyii k jyoowaain *pr td jyann fin pa ,|yatfBWin tjik 

OTmti pd DDiKiya jyaK.n ,Dnrpay:i aKn tk dkm ,DJ\n h 
jy^n "T iyan .Djyayaya *jn jyDJqm yanyuiK pa |yrw pn* 

♦Dayjpoa>n mi lyfiifte^y 

,jyDnn iv^p ,n nip -iyD^o:y iyj«r nj"B pa -u>nD 
ikd man h d*d aKn tk .wn «n «id lyttfKnya td tso^n 
td D«n ikddbmh iy«? pfi 5«B ijn .pro iv auya Dsnyj I'D 
3Kn tk .lyaijtfDjy |yj"? «? pk ,iy>D«row iv «t tyfi^nyi 

.yjyuBBya ya^ay pk in*a irn 

?jyjntDjy ibddbmh ijn pk 


/unrp ,ddip .DimyDmya news iwa jyann *n 
bo DD:yp n .|yrnrc pa Dya-aipD k aaao — ! ra^ay? ,mp 

.D"1BBn» jyj"? "T JDV&V p*D PK DDlp .tot f'BMK iwdm 

•twd'?iya pa roya 192 

ny? t* ! I'roM nyt tk I ^um ,&u — ,00 jyp *p* 

J i':n*yi 

? -nya vw 

! iwnftwy y:y^ ! iwrt ! own *n ! mya h wh vm 


.Vt ly^ne^iv "? .«? nya^n ray* ,iy»*D p* in*a h 
ny itnvfi n dkh iy pyayiD-iynsa oyn tannin roya 
&*n nmyoKp pns jama on* jywyo jya^n k ! lynytDs? D3«5a 

.ww y?« lynya «? — # M*nnjn 

«btib a ,yny^> jn&ya # f aya 

! am ! «rn ! rvvi ,p*5a in w<n *p* 

(:Yiya pa lytuna Dnyj) y^W 

yj"D pk ,wntty:i rjyn nan *p* Ibdjum p« BDay* n 


l'n*yji tk pam *P P* J lytriipya oy ?*k *$d oyrtDj^n 
IwiipwnyDavw aim tk .*pn pjsh I'yny? p« ,!»# t'"i*i 
two i"D lyaijomm i»n i»nn «? /nya pa ikdobmh djh 

191 gnttg* 


! jy58DW vx ny ! M83 — w in earn r&ya 


! 5nim ! au ,ma 


.inyo d>j t* n»t i'r»n ! nw ,nyii 

D'nifw .imb&mh t^k ny i*m ;wmM dm^pjhv k vx oy 

.Tin Dimnimyft enn lynfci 


? iyny5 do iDonyt .tomviii dip 


••wan* n* nmMViK ww oyfa .j"J 


? wn D'jyjwpn in tyaten m ♦dip juki 


jp<j pk r»y: -ens 
•nvnis dip 

.iMttD*5i» pa ray* 190 

d» dmh tynyr pm tnimrenini i'imh iwwmwik ny 5*r 

? tynya wm t« 5jni *nm *ii 

♦BDyjp nytwra 

h jyD^nnjn pw iDDjyp /weft* yj"& vm vvim nya 

♦tyanp wii oiip pa pm p^ 

(:vvim DDnp) aayap nyiwny 

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.eoyjip nyetny 

.iv ansa di* iyan* n»«n iny"M 

jynyDt? wwtev* "t uracil *Mi>n Ip/eotf »D«TiyD 
,iyo>mv pnu iw«m J*t -b*p pM **ip m lyrmn 5*t t« P« 
Wym* iDDnyt (-a* oayjp) .|ya*nDpniir pm tyDtfeiyfi "? pm 

^jtdid pD tyD^D pm pinya wnMiw *m n nw t* 

! ip w*5 tm /wmi* lyiuro ,d*H0 

? dmi pm njni ,*imr«D iw^ii m 

•tMDDi^in in 

189 vn&yi 


Jyom |y?yn pa b^jp nyn *np B"t *wk .^k oyn *p« 
!«w««k iwrfcw "? ny Dyn ,*mn d?tk D-wn :siy5ypytte> 


! pyilK Dn<K tDT^n 1.TK (IK ! ?$5l /lyttyBDlpD 

(: b^bj pk o^na tDDip jytwiK pa) pB'toyr 
! yt *»n& ^n dkii jyo^i n^M jy^yn "t ! td ^j 


(: -tfBtt pa) ynj?^ 

-ayt nynsna .DfrMnwoviK n^sn pk iy ! ptf>n iv fray* 
h jyyryn &*y^ iy5»ynn vd .&stf &:>8Dy:i pw &o$n n # r»*5 

.syp nynjn yny^t d*d ypj^^ 

TSTWI « BE J1K3 « 

.Bsyjp .oiroirovwD pa^syr 
.Bsyap nyaeny 

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Tin ijn p« dp^5> tyrp* ftm t« .t#"nDW T* tb*> 

I'Tin win DMyi jpjhhd h td nrra ,n*ns ,n pa .ma 
5:ipd «t 5>yin tk pa ,ypj^ nyn lyn^a jyoip jySim "? .Uim 
?k ,tDnyt tyn p« .td jynyj DM"5n n ,n$y:i .pn dob 
.jyD"? h px «t »5»«Qyn p« do tnyw mtk ,?$ *p& lye^na "i 
"t iy:yp td dkn ,|"« do iip d*8D «t .iwdbb "? |y5yu vd 


..■fani b nya^iw njn *pm jn«a « b^t p« *piH 
jrawpsrippTpy ,t«BBB*in 

5w^k BD«n Dm jwitf ijn *m* DfrDpyinif *p* bkh ny 
I'ikd lyann iv mio do ,dkii .jyn«n win **r ny jibvw 

? lyamow *pik ojni dun ,dipd* 

ny pyomjf nyi lyo^n d5*t irra lyftm do d^ii tk 
5mi ,i* bb"*w ny owi # iwmy oyi ?k ,na po stk oysy own 
•tyoj^n po iyoya oytD^n # -njr nyn pa imutfw"* Dnw iy 


.vnm »o ny»pya t* 

187 unttyj* 

"run p^K ftm yx ; mnv \vft& p* ti* Dm pk jyD"i:i 

♦pnD iv tD«n ny jyDim &n jynyt 5$? ny n« pn 

*iy ,ijyiKi n Mm nya* ttfp ny .innuw yte iM*n i*d 

DP^B D.TK \VP JVC pK ,J1» H pK M"J pK |yp*5 y?K pD D»11 

/Wfa"Btfirplfp pK WD K Ml tVBM DO MTK 


lynya td ipftm Deny w .jiwip pw jy^yn vd 
w jyoip pn* no ny ,do nina jy^yu ny **? .lynnDW p>p 

.d$5p pn jyan^nDnyD 

? irrmao tjrwyo twin wuw nyum 5$r 
-yii Dijn^n d*d pw ivnitn td th /wk dd"H .d*ii» 

-BMK Diyil ?"K P*DB> yVJBJI DOT 1]n"K /OMWM IKDim 
TD (IK ,DD8Kn«33W WJUt pK 0*1*11 D1W1 Dy .tmittD 

•pit iyi vik lyois wo \vnww 

■6wi pit mm 

,D"* ytDosyn n tyiiM *pw ^k oy ,5*0* d*d y** jyoip *n 

•D^nara win pram lyon D'jyarpn dkiv 

4M*3*5l» pB PDyJI 186 


? imkd no 

.*iyt"p t'D^o iwwi na iy ,3kbm"1 few iwwa PK ny 

.iwj5i »»n pa tara"« •vrarw td htwdibm isn .du 


•djt *i*n th 


xw \mn h pm*u* *** P* #d*vm pw td# 


•w tarn njr .d*vw do up ddip ,jymyn w^d ,D*Dim 
jyoipDiK do w\ oy dkii pit .pro* rw iwwn put tyaitf e> 
p* ipd*j 090*1 pk nyoyn jyD'tfoiy oyu ,tyii*oyi \my\) p* 
y5* td pnjni m?k .nyi*J p* jyow w pnur im>* ,"ptd 

"1* p^K DfPK 5*0 y^K 1KD 5*D1"K {ynD TO /UDinW 1*0 

185 ynoyj 

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-yaa* Blip yi imit o*n ?tbwi nww ,oy dhw hi 

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-w bJ*h |yt"K WDpnuov dot 1'rwfcp h oy bbip 
-iv to *n* ?*k iy ! Jwvhd dw .rtfi hi ly-i^iiya DiyDyDt? 
To o«n nwn nyn dot ,|ynytMDHK own oy m ,h?k jyat^ya 

•fya^ywnK my in pa 

♦lympyan* p^k o^onyT to b*h vpk dkh 0*3 tDpj«n 

•w "d-ht^d tyj^t jysn -umb a ,i»pjot w b^j ra oy 
k ? nyBnJya njn vk iroi .iwvn 

t jm k n a n k * 


fro lywa MiBrnyD ijn w oysy wow dkh 


f B«mK 5yp^D^ D'|MJ*$?"n PK DOT 

.jyM^Jiya no yw* 184 

.nya vih n$» ,j>Dy:i 

! dmiww n irm ,11 ,?yru/DB> a«fa 

.jynyj pna *nn nuoni dkh 

,yjy«BE>y:i yiyus h iv divr irpfi ,n$y)i !diw I 11 "! 
ty^nnyi no t* •i^nni 1'iyww &itp ttfsn ytiy? wJjni 

(.n$) .lyi.TD nrwD'tiwy iy*n 

t t^M bi.tb" lytfyn ,iy»n iy?jiK pa imiflWJ pk dun 

-arm Dm* dkh nyn p*d ,iyt>my:mK urm lytDenyajiK 
-ytD^ jyay^aya r* pimyiyo pn p« nys pa oiyi"J*y:nyD 
nye i'iwk nowamK Dm* |y:mn lytrn w^i .onp pa fyp 

.5w»b pa tyaipoya *n ,tyD$to:y pa 

npa »*? 

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.nyon lyBtny 

in w ?*a rvaiQ k |yo"iD'nn dt$* jyiipaip "i Dim iy 
-5y*D Dm* td jyfcm ,o"ii iv jyi^iya *pr »yn iy 11m ; 5mo 

183 vrrnvi 

k .jytDDW ty^yt yd p« |yny:i Jiiroi y* di*5 iy ,*nk 

.DDyjp nyemy 

lypin? # pnw d^d dip 

! yh pa no k 

♦DDyap nynmy 

? nm ,iddiwi 

•tDDyip lya^iw 

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.toyap iyDtny 

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do D"M t* ;litf"o«n do v* typ *it*„ :d^w pa tbbb 
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jynnsany ,td lyjyj aiv nyn Dnyji axy* ? oy pk d«ii pa .lyp^a 
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dwwk *yD>aa timw pk *t .fywunuH *u t>nw oy?* 
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DiyDtMXMi »«n n .b»bd"U tpk m jya^ya *po dkh n m 
Mm oy na iya$p tyno dmw Djni Dm Inyoya r5« jowi 
IjnijWJ lya^Dyi jyj"t wSjm ,v5t*d «a •iriyii jpdiwd 
n$a oyay>5 p*p lymjyuif -tfsa tw Dijrn ,p*tam yay>5 k pa 

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pa ,pnDyj do dd»5p p*p Sijdj^p win ny Dun DBnmya 
oy 5>*t ny |yo"iw k vik jyjy^DK oy Dim ma pb *\inw 

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•jyaynp do dppk jy^t vd jjni ,yuw&> « iww DJqm oy 
ny Dyii /w5*p D"3 lyases 5$dj»k nip 5jni tk nm 

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oyo yD^yr« /nyn tow /lyou ?"d .jypsaj^p h tyrpvD'n* 
•nxi iin»D*tiDjy i« db*o jyo *n do *pt jyaw typ 

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do ty5yn td .j»nn D*y pw iy *nm wna ynyuw 
lynyr jy^t «t jyom^o vb)^ « iyp^om« p« jyosnyB 

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/raw* h do Djyp in** 

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tyrwiy p« irriTO *p pk nyaSjni ,dtop « a*n v« 

171 yntDya 

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-ipD» nfi D"t irrn dku jnw jn«a ^«k msd oy 
-^i5p k pk tynya 5in"D yoyn* Dm ikdw 5$? •tn^uw tya 
jjniM pk ,twypnin dkh n iwjm ,\tso wunv w 5"u /WDD 
irum 5$t n tk ,«nvi D«5n t* J P*J >** ? wttodmo * 

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on jynntnya \mvp fru t* m ,d*j td lDomDM 

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:tya$T ^«k no *p* -lynipya nynne vpk d5$n i*tfn 
-y^ vpk iyji«iiya jyaa^t^ii D«n D&8Boyutt&y:i pn wirum 
-md oyn tD^nayi nan *p* .jyD*jnsBnya n nun *pK pk ,ya 
lyn p« , D«n dkii ,ij*n you h DyDamye iy pa ,5y:i 
d«ii p« Dip D"11 ,dvik ny d.t^d Dvy .jyoy iv lynyaya ,d*u 

jjnnw pn jyan iv ,pyn k iwd 

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iv 5mkn /um Dy^ystjtn k jyoniv iy dkh ,*iro 3>ik 
nyu j'd>d imipw DTjmnw lytMnyj do D"? in** Dim ,t*k 


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169 irn&m 

yana^K Dm pw tD5*n ,iy:u>a^nya pa rD'aty! ,iwj*pn pa tin 

•Jun dkii ,oy jyj"t p*5n «t 5"U .ijnipwi tyteaiv p'J* -tfsa 

.jyosD h iwnw lynruiK pa dd"j nm *pn< jyo 


rntDiD jyj"? «t 5"M ,DriBw pya D"5 yryn bJijm *p* 
pK yd d'd jynw "t jyno jynp vpd y* ?w .5jny pa 

■wk jyaan pit? titf*! "t ?k ,iywin tD^yoya ttf$yi tyo 
-ya yw oy pr jot .dd^d wt jyjyp w us* pa Djyiy5y:i 
yeninnfi^K myn tWJtiy&BWirw d*d jy^tfya w Y^inya 
imj pa D"pi5*D ya^nyr^P y?yn ^psd 5«n .|yjmDnynmMw 

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oyn pD mo « jyaso iv *n 5>yD>D Dmro* p*p nyt y* 
-ya d\) pw i»d iya«n .5nm I* DD*nji Dim DD"riru'iw 
nyDJia ynyn m ,yjn5rm h pa \mtfp h diip pa ip tnyn 
Dpayn ?«t iya^« jyirnyn lip jyJni yjyj"K-a"5 p« jyasnD 
-?*d yDDa^-iny&yj h jyoipD^iK i»5jni pmin tk ,du m 


-nya i^w &"n»»5yj »ny* a \mm i>»dk d**n dv^r 
oysy "t 5$? oy do 5»n y* iija ,|y5i»n w ra^ay? p« jyara^ 
«t jy^t 'jm pa ,iKpM>y;i jya«n jyftm «r DJqm y* .irm* 
p« -WDV5W mv"i pk rnn lya^aiya |y5wi "? m ,tjnjnw 
c«n y« 5ym mwd*? lyDoaynm "a -trujn pa lynyaomn do 


♦tya^yfriya no raya 168 


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pa ?™tf snuga om i^n^vyi niwnin *nm /unya b^b par 
mi ,na«£ djh pK ByBDy^D ya^iyp'p pM yau t*k oyey um 
iyp t*n ,yijn:» pa mnBa^nyn ^mayoo-PD ,*pnaoyp v^ 

.lyaainaayoim* ww pn> t^ 


tDDgnya pa Bnya .B"v nynayDssam t« P* bdip 

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nin *imk syp h mi jyopsM «? ♦D^poy y^^ iinyMi 



pK iy"D b^d nyDMK ,iyB*pDMK bo i$a «t typ tyo p« 

jaionyaiyDaw wnoio k p« BiyMP 


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p« aytDDy^D ny^K jyii ;pd3mi i«q bo oy B5sn t* 
■"iyMiK vw$ nyim jyao^myD do tt [yayp tyBDva h 
m /rasJiWH w«a nya« Ba*j£p bdmdik bo .nptfnD jnayB 
fymJa jyn»iw p* jypami) tMfci jawnnaiwn b*d 5i& tm oy 
nya-pa jya^mimyD |ya^iya*K oyn pa Boys oy-i pa -^a 
y>na p« y^yny y^y^D iyaan«a *yp tw^t *p v^ P* -wip 
-$Mya iiDi ^dj^« vd jyB^M .nn i$a jypjyn dkm ,iywyo 

167 ynpya 

•lyM^rwn npr«p. 

♦Dya pM d^ik Dfiyr iy 


-iv p^a tp* !»m PM ,im**?«n m^n do pa ^* 
;ty5D"unyD iv d^im *vd ddip ,tyay5 dwmjwiwj pna vm pn 

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(.d*d h iv divm t»t jirBimi dnmo n) 


?oy"j pm dmh ?iiT« d«t nxni 

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pD w»n pM jyir^yi pa row -*i^n dim t^k jwm- td pm 
I'd tyii f Da*nya pM 1#*bm :pd"Yi ynyniM jinan ro^ayr 
iy?"p iy»n jyDyn *vd .iKnyaoaa pa D«5»a tyDipya fyj"t 
y*M I'd jyj"? do jjm ,jyuyD*n dim ,*iSn dim DyDoy*«D ya>* 

♦iytoy:i jjnjni runo vfijm td pM diowi 


DMH W»M ?DMT T^M DM11 ! tD^ TOPS«n ! Dip w5«n 

-ya jjtdJ^i "t jwi ; did p*m rtfn nyD"iiv im /u*n pn< iip 
■» im tpk d5$u dmii ,d*b "nv iv pM.i»n "iiv iv dmh 

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jynMn iv nuorn d)»dp'*d iy"M pisdi^ inyr tyDya td 

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jot iMJtf tun *pvik dkii nip ddip ny ♦jynyji 

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•iron 5ni t* n* tyfrDM* *pt nfrm to 

•«t jyoip D* ,Dtf 

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•ty?*5n$ »o Dmm dot 

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-MMinytMi* n jnma na oy ,ny"et? pu> pima onw 

?Iinrpi>nn oy jyjjm vd m /vra twin 

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.pmn 5"na tytnyD « ikd lyDnwo^K 5$d 5y*D pn t* 

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iro^ra p* ,rB3ina n* dnii ,nrriytrnp pn p* orra *n T* 
,Bnyt J«u .jwn*n D"3 aa&nyB *^d oy &*n Blip pit ,5«8t 
l»ip ^t tJU8ii pa to* ,du mugi « pk *nn * pa nn « 
&$) j«k up pa ,tW8DB>y:i mtk td pa v* ? *tf ya fono dot 
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pH ny mi twyi 5y>D m?k nan t« tk ,ptpdb k td iwynp 
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iyny:i *$t t« *k ^db> QJn lyriyayj^K ■spJw td tD«n 

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■tftp jnyvMs iyouy:ns i^d «a dot ,pn *mo divk 5$t Dip 

161 ynoya 


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*»d d^3 pa^ny? ,f tiya ,-ij>b$s D'nto njn 

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•WMipD pna &:n$nyB du pa pp p*d d^d myna p« nn pn 


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PD 5n"D y»wny» bin inn p* twrnpya nnnin t* dkh 
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tiw * tm oy •jyny^ynm oyto on mi lyny^D ftne Mm 
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J Twin toom iynmw iw)Di5n» k tm ny ! >bib8? i^oyooK 

.IWM^IM ?1D WW 160 

ai^yn lys^tD&p njn »«n nya^ yj"D ♦&>: dkbp t* 
iym pa ; jyt*j£ nnw m*5 t^j rtsya &yu y:^n r tDB8Dy«>n« 
|yn*n p* ,dww ynytJiK mi ,tyo8n* \vnvvw t^j jyJyyi to 

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dmi .wk d*d pn 5>$? iy ?k r D3jn mi inyo iw oy r^ muron 
pa iyo^ y^n t^nfiyn w vd ikd pm Dim Dm p^a k ikd 

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.pw tDnya ,k* ,0 

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159 ynay:i 

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jwk tyiyn w tDDn^yr td b>d lyiyMi tDnt^ jyttf"*oy:r»K 
-yin ,]vwmq Dyi jy^ya lytviym w *.*& p>a mi inyo oy bd*p 

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1KB D^M-JIB lyirPDW 5lJT /PK *M t3pJ*IB PK DK1 ! Kftto PK town tyo .jyounye B'o jyo nisi $1 m ,oy 5«tb tk 
jynyr &yn iy p« ,|y.j*5pMi lyiyMi pi ^k ?k ,ttf".i&y:it^D 
itDD^t ,i"rtfyi« ,181 .\w> iy dkii pn» ^ayo mi 5>yjB> Mm 
nytvn yiymK .DftnnD n mi 5mb mw jypn i>d tk ,iyj"D bu 
yiynia ,D8tpiyD£3M« iyj«T «r p» iyi*jmy:i Bpi8ttenya jyrn 
p« .kdd3"1 iyi pa •tDVDytyatDi^a jyiyu jyDtiuKmyiMiK 
•lytDpy^iB yiyuw imrpD-nn TftMyBfcjn &yM .man* 

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-m D'*i$B»n oyi •tD^niK pn .*bi*d ^8d pk ,fy.:«^PMi ,ny:i 
5$t oy jyM dki .Dnyniya Mm pwm r yj«o ,yj"i ,jyoyiyp 

— p"»b^$b iyi ny^w ptfn iip pn i^a« 

• ♦jyDSBP vowp n 

.imj^jim no raya 158 

Din ptfn D¥&yB> voxo h &s$m Ban |yo dkm oyfo lya^tD 
■vd jy3nn ,|yuyji pk oy mtk mi -DwyniyB pa p*minyMi 
V* liK t^nyay* oysy vd dkh oy ,iyo*nv &"* k tsny^y; 
tynwn ^pfrjy .*p*k p* vd ttfnya oy dkn ,ttmimy:i d*j nun 
-yno oyn bk&pjk ,tynyty:i nan t»n .jwmk h Djyfiyyj *vd *p? 
-wddtb a pB jytDBypyj h &ny*yaBMK town dkm ,t*& jyya 
k mi jnnjyj$5p lynynm 5$d;j"k *imk tn a*n dppk jdipib 
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tynynpymv dot *pn awn jjsbjs p« .iBtrmnn ny^i* k mi 5mb 
I'bmk \vw5y* -*np v^ ^« d*h #Mn*DBB ya^p^Mi* iy"« 
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/lyny r5« j$b iv aga jib ^«k b*d dwi oy mi ,iyna &vy> 
P*d pirn* *p*K pa o*n t« IVM ,iyn"myB td vp« dmd 
n nun *p* ,Mjn dw k tnijt n twrenyn tpk ♦BBSBn^nB 
nyn*« d>j n typ ny^im jMtfDjyntf *imk pma* f« Bpwyji 

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! mvo -\vwi% — ♦tynaytt^DiK yryn pa ^inyByj r« tt"pD»r 
-iy pn lyoyn *iyj"K mi bpjib an'minp-mD mw &"? nmn 
no i«Biyn "»pso pit ,tyi$My:i intwut omit r*t 5jn«o oyo^ 
■sp* dkm ,td tDyn^vnyB /ijot h vd bo ^mn do ^"k *pn 

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K3PD PK-1jri"*P 3119'Dl' jn»"t PK WJJfp .)"t 0?St 1,TK Dim 

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.tWM^IM pa «DM 156 

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p« B^mnB .tmfryfi tw \w v* m ny ! jwji pk oy 
'« Jynso iron* .twjpwn iinym to Ban vn* jyyfa 

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jynyn ; utf T^yiBiyajiK ijnynn w ft ^d on«n B"v h 
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p« ,pn B^iiya Ban in** ikii tnip jyiiya ima B5$n *ro?n 

♦jyB^nyjpnw du ^dj^p v* jyB^n *vd 

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155 ynam 

imyj D5»yDt?y:nynyoit to nitn y* /mm pn »^d p^it ty^y* 
pa *iytDiyn -i$$a k„ : orrit iv D^my^DP DJ$?y:i pit amD nyn 
*p* -typipenin p*i8db> irmmw Pit iy ".ty^o^-iya ny"it 
noiD tDsny^ onp Dun iy .dob pn pa nan yj"? jyry^ nun 
jurDiytDttn jyDDipB it ,td *mit — td *mit jypip w auya 

/osdp pn m wny iywa pit jyonwa pn m ,dd"h Din 

k mitd t**» .Dayiayj ny Ditn "?p*jnynDi» dd^i n„ 
5*u *p* pit, ,DJ$?y:i t» nan Myjm^iyn nyDDn pa on* 
W* pnD pit, ,D3$ty:i ny Ditn ",jy:n$D dip,, — "jyayia 

"•inyi iy»"ii td jyjyn Diip 


?jyoipyi iddu 

inyt ,h$5 5**n*D pit jynyDP mioya n«n *p* Pit ,*irnit 
pa pit Djyn$a pa Dpipyn td tyrmn •nwn yjyrn h jjb5 
*po jyo D*tn ^Jnay ".dpip,, raamDyj to nun t« .nmrn 
•Di»ya do oy Ditn td .t"3 lynyryjonit Ditn ny f Din^y«>n« 
Ditn iy ,tv^d^edvp p*o Day5y:Q$ pit ryugiyjw DfpK iv pn t« 
nun p*p do Ditn dkvi nyj«n *n ,t"3 *p*wfi jynyryaD^it 
in** dkii r Dirwiitiw T* oitn iy .jyp'iyo tw#> do oy 5>m pit 
*po Ditn dot .Mwiy&*n jyDDipa it *pn jnyi w orpit D5yD&? 
«5iy«wr (n t^nJa iw^n oy m ,DiyaDjyy:i aitn *p* .jyowwya 
.lywa^ya pa rDyj jyn *pit pit ,jypw pit yiisna ,rywyo 
h pit ,Dyjjny*myfi writ pyrtiB tymnyu* iy dot jot 
pit dd>5»b p*p jh5w do t»>k t^h ny tit f jyiw t^k ^ittDBnn 

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•tw^D^iyn pa raya 154 


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djh pe lyr^p h jyowya n«n *p* .ly^ifiyn Ban *n 
lyjymye wr ^r t» en* P* ilW 1 * t"t b>d lyt^nynDM 
tpvm pyna ypypwn B"5ayn t* a*n ,iypjnt> pit tyoy pu 

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tnynyj *p* nan ,mnDntm , n pu /tisn pit ,nynD»n p*p jyoipya 
,iytDynynyn>N *pt jynitn h$b»i nyn pit tyar^'n : |y5njnnrr 
PD wo?* iyn b>d wmn « pa tDiyiya 5>y>a *put »nn tw P« 




ijn w tnnwm n aitn ny *n f iynyrya aitn t* 
Tt jyaitn td ! inyp pit n ,tn$n p»o «n .f«w pa n .vn& 
tD^yp^^ya &itn iy ,opjmy:i lyoyJit utit own n ,opny:i y5* 
"mita jy^n "i ,iynan w nwn pisdp lynyryaonK ,a$p j'b*d 
^nw inyp *t„ : trfyD-noyj &itn p^o om pit ,iy«8ayj 


•pn jyp Dm 

pit iy .i»DipyaD*nK iy Pit aip it pu — iyt>«ii tnyn 

153 ynDya 

? jyny? do td $*ii n 
?my& h tin&» iny"* D^ny&yi jyu 

.ip jyi"5i *pd ,Dys&> w n* oy 

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lim /umD-Dqfcp dw lyoipyjn* pi *p*.iyN wwwyapHw v* 
nn BKn ny ; tyayptD^y DfrDpyi dppk t* tDun dd«j lyovi p*D 
do oy p* *|ip — .jp td jytDnmny dmi jyinsaya h t)jyp 
-y: do inn tk dkn ,ryDoy^y: y^a h tym$ w do dijh 
tyugBJV jyjyp $w nytf^Biio n ?k hi ,h$b»i i'ikd djh» 
do pnD w *p* jyp oy5« dot .|y?$5yjnyi*K inn *p* nw 
td "t iy^»t i8i junrnyB nyniK pa jywo^iyi jhwikp 
do d^ii t« tynn ,iimyji nyoyi d^h oy — .lyoten do *p 
•IBnipnyi'K iyn« jynip — pyyia 5jm v* iyia .iwwm 


jn^ya ,pa*tay? ,}>djh 

•Dajjtya im tk 'N i»mwm pk oy ,Dnyt 

.IMJ^SlM no W) 152 

(: M«my) pans 
♦jyan v 1 * m*j£ ^tf^^n nyn # Yiyn nyrny^ 

ItDnya I mm 

•5yjp tyoip iv ^k &ya iy 

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iy tyii ,yt)n*nwD .jynyf om |yftm td liyww *pD 
*p* ,:upnyira$p nun t« .pJmp P^ t* .a* orp* t"N ,ddip 
pk im # iwnwi m* -=ii#-d vk iy ana .n* dh>n t«n — *i*j£b> 

jyii jyryn «q^« rtfn oy 


•puns ,|1»jp*?«ii 

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?nya h fyto$u$ t* 5$t .mtu tnini oy 

151 yn»jn 

p* i^n vpk ddhw ^y) .p^aawmK p*n ^j am^y 

? piy? w oyey ^ td tpk B«n 

.jotm no tk 

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PN nyj ! lya^pMi /rn nyii ,tn j$? /mmri *P8» .now may* 
•jytmynyn ^h i& pn nya ^nn pn Don n tn ,pm ih n^a 

— jpmynDU ,T*wifi tDD>n n 

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-mm ,t8D5»yny in pa *i85pe> n lyiyu ooyii n ,tyD*npyuN ^h 
-jin o*n pn ,*np .judo^d pa ^vn i]n pn t>wyp n ■um 
wpbihw pn tyan^ya w in ,d«t p^d pa D"pjpjnynDiM 


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pn iimya pn oy ?rc divk idmiwi dki !yny^ b*d 
lynyji ttfijm iy jyn ^jyitjt^ya idd^ii dku p« ;»«p3H5w 
•wnnDwyam 8t8 /w»dip5mi iwwji dni dJijii td ? mro* 

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oay* ,iy:w 5w y* P« /usn ny^a iypip iv to o:n5iy 
JyD»an pa y* ?k /no yanyja ,yo ojntjoiyn in** .Jnijm 

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h d»"5l wtfim ,*y-i"o oy-r om o^nynin ! onyj ! arm 
-ny-irp iM^u-iyoDn .|go bis y* dotmi pa tpfo'nmrf 

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vpk BKn Dim ! v* oJyoenyD vpk m ,y'k *unw Y* 
-m* pk *\vtfw\ ,|«d k DDtpwenyD oan nn>« ? jyaijtiBBnyD 
-lyunyi p« lyouyi y'* P* "h** P* W"p ?yw jyojnoyj 
yjyjmKiivyji « mi inyo do ?>k dki ? dh*k 1* d3>*d ? ddsp 
njn ? nwn? y:rtym ps yvoytya jnyuia do tynon •nyu* 
"run ,tt a dtpu i'dmk m'tfi dmi /utwp o*n ofriw 
m ;wS pa ww m tjnjni w DD»n *>y .pom ruro* fypyo* 
■on !w"p Pfi kw k &$* P« nn i»»^wn*a pa kiw 
? now nybutt pn o>o f n ,iw*Jp*ii ,n ! wvn k po 

.fMwJnya pa rtoya 148 

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iy-iK iyay5 *vd an* T 1 ** tnyo^p dkh .Ton *pik »d mi 


•tao to twyp 

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•IMmh h ikb lytyiiyn to t* jyttf $11 jyD«? yjfw 

♦n5»a ny^K lyjiayj trup ttfifli nrpK f onw 

-yiDMK ik pa jyDyitn$a h iyB»iiv 5ypm a p* oyay 
vpk ,apjjny:i # iw:^t"ii ,v^k ayn t« jp^dbb iyjym$&B> 
JM"? "t iyn wyDoayn |yD*u lytDiyn v&?m /vd d*d anyi 
njn jyo jyrtfyyi ,nyttfytDBnya k .dhwd yiyr^iK pa dwdbd n 
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? iiwin v* PD l» ?»t dmi ; ^ntwyjyj oyn anyn pit jyajtf 

yij DIM DJH B'D tDiK^aya MTK pi *pK .ttf*M 1.TK DN11 

•TD ttf*fl jyo DK11 1KB »>J D18 *pD ?» ,p3 

147 tfiiDya 

ijffl^i D f T^jn« 

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.l»«5a 5*t ny jy5yu *hp bJijh p« .tD^j on** ay* *pn 
jyp t* jim i^dk ,iku0 dppk b*d t»ypy;i »5if« t« #ibdiw 

.180 j"p n«D |WKn oo nfca d<tk 

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•1MWWW Tt *i*^a bw pwn ?*k iy 



tumypgym Ban in** ? v ns ymya /in** bjbtib Dim 
-nya ny t»m ,iyD"wn* |y5im tt bw iy jyii pit rixn ?>n 

.IMM^M Ilfi rt)W 146 

M"D 1KB IttW D?K |»n»t *|lfJ 1H T« 5jni D3"tfy*D 

w in twn tyn^a yaJyii /lrtfyD h ddmvujd n mi ,pyMD 



•myn imhwj ,po 

.d*iow w«D yfo jya"t do3* yj"D -po ,tya$T do ooayp 
! jya^PMi ,Dnya nyn« — Dgnyj *|H 3«n t*< ^ "** 'M* 
"W yS*p oyftpD dkh irr* .(yaw is dkm do t« a«n inyo 

! Dfiya .d3»d 


•tyiif? 5$T T« DKM DO D"M *p* fl* 

(.3* *i$b»3) 

(: Da«my) ptne 
5mi *np pk .do do D5n*D m •i^h DytDium? T*n5rm 

.ny^an in* jynyapjniK lyiifJ do t 1 * h 




? pyiiK *p»d td \mnw 


♦■ny3K &a«n ^vj 


*un pa pyiw d5*m ^k mi dpjib ,dmk oy onyt vd 


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145 yn&y:i 

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jyjiDyaDMH ny tD«n nuron ,jinyM iv *pfc*DJin jyiw^ d?vk vx 


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jyvjw p« iyB$mya d«t *p« b^ii /nyn lyoMia « jyiiya 

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jy^yii iynir»5 b^ii tk 5>"u ,iKairr pk oy .iKanyn bo 
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D'uina^n lyt"! oyn pa jy^n d«t \viyn lyoyn ,5y:i"a yuyji 
jyBoay^B oyn *pn jynyn jy^ym Din t»k b^ii lyoya r iyonw 
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jwgagiga pa ruga 132 

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I"D .imn*M P'^3 [«« D3BDW T» OKil Dm — ! 1BJ K p3 

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ttfrpoya n«n *p* tk ,iyt>Bnnyn t« IVP ,tM$Tya lyoyn ,Dya 
5yom njn tyn ,w^«n dot ijtpbp ov mi p^nayana oyay* p« 
/wpimw jywi D^in yto .jyaau^Bny w«r jynyt «t m*j£ 

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inyr jyuya pk iy .i«b> ttfy*eB>ya yi"i \nm "t "i 
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pk dot .ijnynD'iK tuypyj d>: nun *p* dku ,&a$?ya Drfyfi 
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ttfipi n m T^a f wrai*p I'm* tyana n d^d oamwiw 
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yiytDDa^D n inn nanny* yi dot oy m ,Dnn p« D*as Dyn pa 


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om wm in tDDnyj jyo mi iy*yDBn*a do iip m D^yp mm 

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nwif? to own iy om ,jymia tD^ytD^ya td im "umiwb Mm 
,oomMW ti*BK pw oy tD«n ny ,DiyaD:y w«d pa DiyDPyi 
-w Diim tD«n ,i«5?8n pa lyaqtfDjy rm iwJjni ,nymya 5"M 
pnsDt? .jyoMi oy^K DJipw tD«n ny nya« .nirpJp n Darna 
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h w tot iwom* n$*n n pa ww rm iy„ : DnyD^yy^ nan 

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1'otfn jyjyp pdip d5$? vpk jyu ! D"U t« dmi jyom d5*t 

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D*«DB>y:wna k pa into « /nynDBi inyo do vk anyiosa 

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iJum ?k ,D"n»oifp*i$B i»tk pa yo*J p*n n$: i^bk jypmw 



•imm^im pa raya 128 

-jik iy"K *pt tDonyj jyo mi wfyvunw bo is* t* tuyp irra 

•tyvisn dw p^a 

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tnyiy:i dkh iy tm ,jyDMi iv riywo mtk jyiw ?*k iy 
is**? to Ban iy Dtn ,iyaKiD tD^yn^w i>d pk "tmwya *nk 
,»Dirowi tf^K pit? oy dkh iy .Diyowy yj"D p» &iy&B>y:i 
-ya tDxn ,^r«n pa iya$5>B:y pk lyrtfyii ,iynya 5"vi 
pistol .p/DMi oy^N ttf$iiy:i bk,i iy iyn» .mm?* h aairo 
*p« .aroiKynyD do &"? m« tDayiaya iy bk,i &:ii$?y:j 
h iv to tyvt^a^ *i$$n h pa ns:i t^k iy„ : Biyatwyy:! dk.i 

"•lya^D-Dia nvv^p pa tym 

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•^j pa 5y«^K dki ,jy:iy:iDMiK oy5» i5«n ttf siiyj bkpi iy 
,&iyny:i lyiN bk.i iy mi mt« .|y"iDyn w 'n^K ok ,wiyi i5ya 
-iv pup v* iy bk,i ,tyiyn D^neyn oyi in* *pm ayii vpk m 
-iy:pK ^"K jyaBt Biyuin tD^ryaj* td san iy ♦jyttfsnyapn 
« jyttfBnyjn* dn.i iy .jyoyaiyQ "? nan yx lyaa — jyayaiv 
-j'5t"N tn* pn »o typ t«» : lyoiyn h iyn*« nm vm^ 

♦iviyi tyj.iynyji tyno t* Dyn iy 


Drra "tsd : D^ry^ td dmh iy ? t^oiyi vpk tw«D dkm 

.omit *pik oy?8 D18M *p *"ii ,jy5"K Tt 5$? iy 

127 PHPP3 

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*$dn ov pa tk *n ,n»n p>d ind 5y^a iv ?*n oy ? p^j stg 
,D:"oy:i ikh t* yaftm ,tyBoyo yoyJy h pa aojynruji jynyj 
pa 5>8Q"n djh pa ,ddtd pa jyp^i h pa ,"? t^Tiynyi tn tk 
1«d jynyjiyapnw vd DD$n n ,ytDya ijny"fiD ,rDy:i Idvin 
yj"D pa Mvwn» h tMHjyya dd$h n ,8n»D ; tn dmm"k 
aiynosn ,Datf iyj>n un pN *u *na >im *po ?niB V* .own 
-nya m*Jiw y*N iot'Obo* 5*ii t* ,tyny? do inyo *pN J*h 
1"d .in:nww td Dortfyt td w *po jynNPi otJot ,ty^n:>i 
tyrants dwiotpm p*p vdo pn ip ,tt ownniw n*n 
w ,pn w oyay din tN ,dmim t^n oy •D^po^na ly'noN to 
*pi* pn jyennw do tya *ron ,d"pd*vw pn p^a ty^nnrr 

•Iinjm dwiotm do 

jtfyifi «^N Jjyil TN ! HOT I"D JJfWOT T'N 5$? Dtf) 

jnyv pn nynoNn .tyugfimif *ii do i^sn d«n vn tn f |»Dna 
-na i«n 5*? d*j„ : tyraaa-oypiD n 1"k fyp^ dvin ty5"D 

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yDD^yn dot pn JmwK pn *mn D"n twaruK *iy"N 

.jwhin vt typ boot n dkh 

•utf pirn do dot Dm 


dot ,d>id iy^N to pn ! \mfi dot irpN m ui$ om 
.nnso n *hn iotndmu wwyo h m tyvj»^ nyjpDa^ to oy 

♦tyaa^Jnyn pa raya 126 

&$a„ : iya*r pa ,wiyn -osn pn l»»i in* ^» »d5»t n 


?nanwya nm 

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.taytrwnyaiK »o ^yiK 


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tsn pa -tyaniya i* n armya tDKn ijvk namnim ,tDvy» m innt 
•IMnn n tajm inn* ny^ m pn T*P'*a w* WK ttf $t 

•aataanya nyryn waai* m p>^ pn? to &om tk I I&* 


yoma h tin ,ypn m«5p k mbd /no wl pna ,jnn -an 
bsny iv .Bnpa^DnifiitMmyfi yonna in d*d aanmayiya 
-•wna yryn din ,*mn ty^a^i pa lyiyt^miyn in ny ayii 
-nyaon-m ny tarn jot .ntfrrpnif Dwaatf nynana in 5$? Ba$B> 
— p« xiyayn yannaiaaya"* n pa nayn h pa ny&>a m«i jyo 
pn .p*5n twitf td*5 ,nDyn«?*5y ,dip /lyoDinw ,ddip 
.Mm»a dh*k yaynaanK yo^nya omya dkh iwjth 

•lrom a>a emm nrp* dkii ikt p*p 



&*y> &>n ijtk ,jm*iw pa typasna .&*a oy iwnin i>d 

♦jynya 5*d« i*a oy d«t *n nytrraBinya 

On* jynya «yi h) 

125 ynpyi 

vk n m ,&Dya >im lyttfsnya t» m*n n p» /u«n ynyt"K 
-nin nynn*n t& nan t« .ty3*rttyj^ *vi ,wn$ oin pa dtik 
j*n ,|'Dtfn iw)"ii DaiKiyn rtfn n»n tk .M*my p« jypipB> 
yanyny? ,yu a tynyjya vd odSijii n »ii ,iwyrw T« ttf$u 
.nyt^a p* Dtfw pn jyajyin w dik pyn« ibd5$t avy^ — .-i:«n 
Dy^ya Msoya pw ti Ban *mn lytDDsmyD iyn jwm* p« 

! nowur^y *na pns jyan no t* •tyoanya 

/ma ny^ia pa pk ijnnn p*o 
ju*n Dyn wk jyo^nD^ orpa b>d t* no iip pa 

jpoama ly^ian ddwi n 

/us£ dpdwmm' p*p »o na jypjsna 


■wwriw *an pa wr* d^ p*d ta ,|yj*? m tk P« 

suvm todotmw pa 


Doy^fi *p .iM^orowra-oy fcm tk pa pup iDDjyo nan 
djh"5pm iyj"t vrfm jnn h t* jya^n -tfsa p« ,p«d -an 
"t |W"t ,tyma ,j8i pa ,nynj"ii pa ny-tfya yDiypsyj d*d 
-5>ya pa py Din ddk T* oa"a t'd ijn ♦d$5b> a b^d tDj>npya 
1'ana dpjib D*n* fynya ^«8t pa nyawya h .d&w wmi ,jyr 

.»"N imo* y5y>a tt &,t* Dan ,iyoayi 

•(w"Bny) ntaynanty 

? oyay nma bm*5iw) dkii 

.twa^iya pa raya 124 

;wmn p« d^pwd ikb # OKn ny .ip imyMi vh «r i»»k 
^tk .|yoy iv d?tr bo Mia p*o .iwjjnaDMiK tD^ypya bo *i^ 
-dmik bo jm? p*o 5>mi *i$B"a nyn : tyj«Btnya *pn a«n 5y^a 
I»"5pdmk p* iyn»D^Dijp ya^nyt"p tyjyny Dim jyo ; jyayj 
•txnjni lya^jyjDMR aim B"ruwy5M« yuga n nm ,a$B k 
-nya *pn ; "na D"? vpr ,Bnya5>y™ ,5mi oy mi pn oy ^r nyaa 
-iv nyi pk Djni im» om /uan ny"« mi bo nip w^ii hi£ 
.D«nw pk tD^j pa T^^ay tDO jroJyn do -o^b vw dbjip 


-im ^vt is p*5aHHmK lyryn pa /u*n ny^« ^k dhw *n 
dw^»k ik mi pn 5$? Dm Jin ,iyMnDiya p» D^pa^i^na jyp 
ny ! ! T5nroinya:w tya"5a 5*t oy /iidw nyi pa yovm 
(: "Man D'snso DDnyj) ,fyonyj w -osn yryn *|mk i>d dim* 

.■sBtfrns y^K pa yBDtyny Dm jyony: bwih p» 

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.vd b^d jybsnv oy tDD^t n jjni 

nMK .om tM*Mwn lyp^a yj^i .»rwm dmi bo Boanm 
5yu T« P» wn h v* bo ".w„ t« ^yt ,jy«^PMi ,mtk 
-yiw /in pjm t* ! nynna pit nrna p*o — ".j»k„ tya*t 
IWBfi^ mi nnyo oysy writ) ddwp n m ,dmk dpmi oy ! nyDD 
jytyn lyswyv^nK din jnre « DnmwDMK dd$h n ♦Dpitfa 
dkm .Diya5yn« /»na mw do oysy bdpip n .Jwmd ?ynmM 
tDQ^ny: am ^k dkm ; T^a nw pa — t* ? "^i b&wd 
ytDvy? .dmib T* w Bam td pk ,^k nyr Dtn ^HjyoMiD 
# ytDan p^o jyayaya vi a«n i>» tk ^'n^n'w to ^m dkh oaw 

123 yntDjn 

dtid vpm tom ,pn td Dyii oy m D"u *p* >"ii ,My ^yona 


,TM> TH *"11 ,PW1M *p1M Jm TK PM JTDDVnD P'D ,M* 

-ya .pip iwi Tin jynyiny *pd *mi tm p>*j m mu dmh 
D'vin ?*m ny in^yii pn jip in pm ijnm pn pn *$r dotw 

♦jw:»d iv to 

imb pm djvm iKfi nruijfi*n d>d 5na jyuy:i vx msn p*o 
TPi 5m T«ir .wa» D^a Diipyj iy dmh "! Jnipi Dny5„ .in 

".IM'bw Trwni DiTM 5yii t* tm ,jya 

d5$ii tm tm ,1*D t* OTM1 *11 ,^m .di^vi iy dmh *itm ,M* 
Tin tow w^d pa D^nnyan pm MioJainyD n DDMnya do 
pn Djypya -tfsa im dd5$h n .lyayfonp m^jmynnyj dmh 


♦t»rnfi M"t dmh nyayBB> tim |yj»5a* dmi *pw 

nm do Doay*5 n ?m ,mhd a«n t* .*n*D ,do oy djijt 
TM pm ,Djymya T* ^n ,t^ tm dmh nyaM .tm m pisd^ 
tim jyD"?ayi to 1#vh dmh jyuofiyn n d*d td dd^id 
Din p« pK in pm up ,wn iyvjw p« pn w .on* iyiy> 
oyny> I'yoyoya ,DnyD"min Dfcni nyn pa f jyay5 w r"np jyow 
DMii ! jy^ymoniM nip jyjyp nynyn «iht ya5y?« dmh ,p*fti 
5«a"a in dmh nznw\ m imb dmii ,tyDDTa n pa wn w pm 
tm ? D^pa^ytp^a mhtjuk jd«w"m wi \vm dJwi njn iia 
y?M iya*M oa^D^ # imm dmt ; Dwnw pm oa^nya *ya m 

.iwaiwni pm tnaufivn ya^o 

4»w5nM pfi ray:i 122 

ny pw v*« *p* ann pip p*n *td m*j£ /sp* wa tk 
nya^K ivarrfya trum vfiw w pw iya» bj»b> -writ ; oan5 
jiwnjra a iwmik jjnjni jyayaya I*: jyp dwi # djh 

D^iDiyn yay>5 ynftwi* ! *n*o ,:oyitDB> w d«t *wtk 


dkh \m ♦tystfsnya do own iip pa «v» nyaa ! pn fyp 
vn T»n pn»D^ ,jy&"p mi iw«t lyMNipayiJ : &Jiny5y:i "spo 
nyamw «t iw"t ,jyay*5 «t ?yii /ny5i"D p« f DBw&nj*myi> 
AVi>& W"t uni^ya tD«n iy mi djh "qip paw mi 

? ojjnyJM t*k dkt Dim *um 

imp jytuyvayt p*o w f»a .nyoDM^p pns pa pD*Da* h 
r p^a om •spa Pfiw V 1 * &'& "HP P* /in 1 * "a pmyj *p* pa 
-M tD«n n *wk d*d fyiM pa *p* jyii f |yoipyj atcn *pn dkh 
d*d 5iu nun « DKnya t>«n m .iron Diyoyj niunri pit Bar* 

•mid ytD»a«»MDMK i« imwa pk n ,jy5mDyji 

mi (:i»n "inn* tDony^ ny) .in w v^a iimya n pk tan 

? lyr^-iya ^"K 5jni tk pni ,jynya to b>d oy dwi 

pn ^|"K tarn oy tk ,*i*n ^u (: pmv ijun vpk Dnnyj) 

121 jrnoys 

4Pvi«n \wv pa t>5 *vd biiid oy 

>mi p>J* t« .*pn* dppk o:uim .asyjp djh tynyr vb*> 

•tnrragp i"D p* pn* Dm* warn .iron on** d>d 

.(Tt tarem) &n« 

«D"rrt ftp* w* 

? |ytnip pk iitwmp Jwait imnwin ritf"K we* J*n 

Post coenam stabis, rel passus mille meabis. 


W DW W* .-UltW tD^J VK 1KB ?*K |WtDM DOT ,riOK 

jute djh nwnp 
(.»pw ttnytDP dm) 

(: tt ikb) Dimiaynjp* 

»*d *po t* >W jwrrn pn man i*j on** 5wi *pn jjni 

.jwwna* pw D.TK 


b*d *i$n pit *|"* ytfa T* -T& »ay»5 wn m ,b:i$t vpk 

•|)D8d ^5p^3 ^"K pK T^p^a pn w *j"K 

.IBwySnya pa hdm 120 


-w aiyii i»5jni ,&oyo itojjd^vwd^k in pn no *iyn 

>io ntn pa tDnn^ 

.win*?* p*p pn imiM bo pn ijr 

?*N DN11 (.1WDD»D DW |W^5 1WJTH H) .TD fyD"11 DN1 

.nyayn 8 

.BMW D'lMi^T"11 /WOT fyDlpym DM11 11^ PN Blf 

•ty-tfyDj* dobh orpN 5»n ny ,5m ny dkh nip tDnyr 
pipit *|ip jypjnB pn *n* jynyBP "t •&nw BunByMM5) 

(.pnW BD1P BUTIByMP*) 

? jyBDnMM N 1NB DNN 


t'N |Mr5t"11 .DJ^TM "UniTON 18 T 1 * DN1 B^tfll Wfa 


1 V 


"n iwoMpjniN BDy:p "tt b^d dh>n bnh jyM^Jnya 
♦.mm h tyaynw* v* nariBjy ?^n nyj"N m5i .^wn 

,rrwn D'nrN 

119 vnovi 

Dim ,iypiyt> h pb aw Din ty*w Dvsy tt Diyn dkii 

? jjnwa io^ddtd mv"K ,pBiin oysy wk dd"N 

twwijD iv *m nynnfi ^st riM'tani pu> dkh iyr^p nyn 
-Djn Din jy^DDyDyi pa rmoirniiw h lyfigpwnif ,*u«5 Dtn 
-D^n* ,*p5jynya iy tDjni ,oy dd«h ,t«n .D:jny:i fnaa Dpya 
v* w .&«n»DDnp ijn n«a p« -ottf pa i^b \vm lynya 
rtDijnD ,?>k -us? D*n p« # iyD»rt)WinB w»n d^d vvtotywyi ny 
•nwimw « nyo^K *wj ,tinyna"u«£ wiwjpnyB « 
,ry:ma im "n niroy* h pa pwiyn* in ,tyn8iw ,typj*na 
-5yt ,|yjrpn *nytDn MH'namn p« yayiB pb DD'inyB finyu 
jyD$B&> /n«n iyny?"K ijn d*d jmj*d*5to ,d^b pw d^o ytD>n 

♦otfaj"* D'lyr^p nvi iya*K "uy:iy:i iyryn p* 


,»t iv jyonya n5«a do t* tayii tDyDDy>8D yj»? jyu ,to 

.D5yii h tjnnypiyn>« *jn "t ty^yii 

-ina p">» ,tinnir y^a D"t ,nytDvy5 nyn r« Da^my::** 
dot w ,nynK *i$n t« ; nnw do td &*** ny p« *sw nytDD 
-Daw p« *pin pn dw tD«n ny?"p ijn .py*n H85 do Dyii 
? imj^pw pa I'DiyrtfyiB nn^« dmp ,n^»P^ twi .nn 

•wwnw ^"H ,po 

,iyDipj* Dyii Boyo nyryn m fyDiain* oyn :pik 
nya jytJD^jny Din iynyr u y* *wb jy*nfi *pr ifr* oyii i*n 
•IHtnw p*n p« nytan jyDDD.nyjy^K pa ihdwhjjw 

•IM W*1» pD rt3M 118 

mmt ■ f 

d5m dwsj h dmm tyt"ii jm pK ; jyD"ii pd tDnyo^ iyo jyii 

iv ftwyip o^ytD^ya oj^n D"t ifPM tm ,d^im Dt"ii oy 

♦lyD^mnsn im*t 

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*pim Dm nyj"p pm ,iwvp mnn t* iw Djypiin Dinm 
nyii tyo^i 5$r ivd dim .Din ny>u *imd 5y:pMiMa p*p do «t 
pfi Jwn m jyaipD D?*r vpm jyiwi du oy d5*u ,d"? ippm 


-yn ntfiiyj jynw mm jyo ? dihidbwdmk vpk dmh imu 

•tyiiyj pm DMi 58H*p ty^yn «n jyn 

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•lirvwn yj"D ,*wn ^m do lmru« oyBy pa Dnjn 
-y»*J. f rrcn pm» t« I* djjbb .mru* pn oy mm &"d D"n 



DD"n dmii /ud'iumm ^dm^b m Day* diibp:mid tyaya 

— lypiruyDp*? 

117 Enayi 

W"P "3 .BJKpyi Blip pi TK ! tDIIBpJ^B pfi B"? 1.TK 

-ids 5yD*iK B^*p inn iy"K td jyaan ;uu*np d'is^d^dpkd 
jomv* bo T* ^«n lytfyra ? Dinwtf* pk jyo^ ny^a .Bin 

w jvdkb 5$t oy dim .i8D5y$ jyo^ny:; Ban iyB$a pna 

K pK |yo$J |1D ^1D DJH BirMWa I'D T* 3«n ,5wd p*D 

.DinBitf $ dv vk mmm pa ,vm$z ypo«Bi0 

•DroynKPM tt Bun in»n dkii # tvnDyj bu d«h nrv« 

B5$TI T 1 * B'D ,i:8^yBKD p'T pK BO nBIWl ]»p BKH *03J « 

.■=l*nBBnyBiD iy"K p« tv^iot n?n tik oy 

.niunn imw bo vk dv 

•tyDsniK n*$a k ivn«n iyn^r yfa 


•im^wdhd pn pK bo naiim p>p B«n iraa k 

?vum wnmann p*d ,onim v^ &y wk bd^ii 

•jyi^iiyi iMPWMDMK n* ty^nya Bi*p pk ny 5>m 


«3 ,5"n : v* mm* h •yssmK p'K pn fyp Dm ! ** 
niny BjnjniKnyD ,iymyn h b^d BDs^BJKpyn ynyBjyn$j k 
/yfcnimya ^n ,Bay^ dkn ,B"pr5"n p« Biwnnnny pe pn? 

.IMjo^ijd pa ray* 116 


! pn 5"*di idib> 5>$? d#i 


,Dtfaj"M jyoinji m bmh ly^yn ,n»m"iy»*piinttM in 
do jynyDBnya dmii ,|yBoyo y:tfy?M nyt^tf d^d tDvoytyn pk 
"lyofa *pn &m nw pm oy ?m ,Dm5:i jyo .yDiDyi y^^oni n 
pit py^M oyn d>d wmpvi iv *uyj *pi Mnrnsmy iy«j pit 
pM nynu n ijnxni nm d$ .dimdp ijn pa ■umdbw pyonM 
-ya yrj"* pm ntfrip yD^M o^n5 # oyo3nya dbmehmmmj n 




pit ,mp pm tinww pa jy^y? dmi juya m«J do iyn« 
y5>ya yDSym pe j^dmt m -y^ya »5ny?M ii$a jymp in p*n pit 
im ^uvoytya nyniM jyosriv ttfytDt? yDiruimnip yJy*D pa 
DMii ; viimvn tD>j jyBoyo n pa mu"d n pm ly^ii nyn pm 
pru« is pa fyjnip pm ,DDin imd d^m dj"h tt Mm oyj"M 

•>D1V M *p5T;oiywiM DW *1Tlt D$ ; DDyi DO 1MB DDMIDyn 

PM ,y*Dy?y:i n wwwvi oy?M dmi '.D"pjPMjny«iM pm «w 

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.iyoyn d*wji pm dmt 


anyi-nu mtm ?'M *i»Jyn # 5yaya iyi do twypnyjM dmt 
dippb oysftm ,H"j dmi *pw iy oyntfamya ,iyo"pawo *pim 
-ya pm DMi urn i^bm ,jyn DyjyDyiDy«*iit pa nywnM djvm 
,1:8? pa nyirpaiya n jyj"? tyoupvms n tm ,jyD5>8n "t .nyo 
lim ,oya pM pibdp tynyii "t pm ,iyrop-5yD"3 jy:"? "? tm 

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115 ynpya 

inyt>"M in* ^n i«d pk t» ,&D"n Dm ^mk tk p*d dot 

PH \V2ti> 1585 K D^»PW ttf *M MTU ,PK WD3HW DOT pK 

p« pnrrflpm dw n*j oy 5*? i» *a« ,pnyna pk nn un»n 

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ddip mi ?i»mmma oo trup ,tymyn ,wk »nw* 


P*d lyonyj w pnwi tr»jn pa *pK •isaijn^r ^psa pk oy 
TK m ,Dwnin D«n ^yays in mi *pa mtk ; npvr D'iyD$a 

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.lyuwfrya pa row 114 

-"prnya y5ya jib \*d iy«r k t>k ny ,du d?vk \vv *pn 
♦D^nun pk na pn iwim dh>k jya Donn DBnrnw** .fyD 

•lyoiD pn pa w^w'm v dmi dot 

.I»nn oJ^im do 5*dj"p nuron nyna n dot ibd 

-MJ* DOT DK11 ,W"P Wl |»D"HM DOT WK DJ$T *11 

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,pi PD3 « d^d D»nm 5»a ?yny «a ; y^ayryj "*ny5« pa utf 
,niaoin h p« m &j>ay;i ,n*p n* oy ijhk ^nya oy dkii pk 
-ayiDi^a dot dmb»d<ik i»ot nyjyo »^iny5M n wfrii &d 

h pn tw fMnin Di*p ! d*iim ! yvDyryj pa ufo** k 

♦nnnn mwr 

113 ynttm 

iinim vrtm* h ; tnuM *pn ttf nya "? dkii ,d*h jyvsyny 
jroyvjy*:) *pn iyttf8»my iv rriMi y:yn>ny:iJK ny"? iwinDP 



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dj»h Dtny pa *p« ?m , d:"d ♦triKiya |y& mi wrrcyi dkh 

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-pn d>d t>m ya*y? dkt pm ,pa tm mi ptfp mtm ,jmk pm n«n 
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oxn nyoMM ,oy:"p i#mi td 5«ii ; p*k jyoynDK i>d omii dbi* 
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.iyaa*a^ya Pb row 110 

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Iinjni J8i .pnrrBDn* iw\wv* oyte *pi* fyp I» ** ,iy w^d 
nyo trwi iy:^« pa jyJnyBya nya>« ptfnyBya jyayayaDmK 
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na*tf pa ewyan pa nn ijn tD^D jy^nD *in ty5$? «r dot ,ra 
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jyDfcnya lyaanrrBBn* oyoyn pk tt D:^By: Dain pa m^ 

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m nyaa .*nB nrp* en jot ,pn pk fyomya iy«n jyn 
d5k tk ,i$a D«ii *p* ?pnynB-ia«J i'd^d lyaawayaw oy pk 
*iotjpi8d i'd^d iywa vw tk P^ in* 1 jnyvayr pb ?yaa>« 
oy jyaan |y&DVB h iy5"D yoma « ikb dmi j«0Da*n j'Bn* 
nyB dot *i*B»a iy"« jnyDina ^a ontfa n pit Dasoya tan^n 
aar k to ^a ny vorm w pa .pynK D'iyp*p orr iyn* 
do payn v* P* jyD^wa fya*n onnoo yiyraiK jyii ,pyii« 
dot Dim ?wnayya taut jypnw oy?« do pk .D&ayJp p*p 

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-3WMH p^m vik nyan m "t jy:^t ?m:iy5> jny^r pm jyeoyo 
*imm lyjsnony^iK yiy^r jytoDyn vtfw ,iyan yw imd p^d 
nn *pim ?iyDy?B> pm nysin y^y^r iyiyB*m pm jyow h 
nyt"p jjny^nD nywM pa nn^y? h jyn /iny*n &"? lyny-os 
5$? iy pm ww on pa nnsaya iv tyiyu DvoyrMDW jy^t 
Tt jy^yp "t ny^n tf*n 'iw iyjMiwy»DTD h w fnjyn t* 
,bd"> iy&u m bo oy pm ; jyny? ny"? jy:nT>nBiyD p^m dmp 
-p&"n lyrnnyn w ,|y5t^D jyas^ is *qn ttf •"? anyi lyrtfyn 
-yn oyj"M jy-jy pm inrrDiw"* o"pjpMnyj pm sayi /ntf 
nyo ,iy:o^5nyn ,n pm ?ww on pa mow in o*d ]vmp 
-$t "? on bmbbom ,iy*D*MD *p? lynya td dmu ,mi« &op:n 
ao p^m *pi \vp dmu # tDytDoy^D lyo^ii nn w maim t* jy? 

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dmu oyfo BMnya mo iyttf$ii ,tnytfw i»-pm m jyiiya ^pbd 
ny^yi dwmi d«t ,oy 3*i5ji t« ! inyno pm mi ^yinyayn mo 
.©"pa^Dynpya pm rpn on jyooyj jyjyp iv dim ,5yjmir3*n 
do i^a Tt "t iyr^ nyn^KiNT ,*|8 !y^M imd pn^.mjm dmt 
*imm «t jy^ya^ nyt^p iyTJiM d^d pm n$$n vm p^p jyopsM 
I^noya \-\v* tD^n pM dw dj"d iy .dim lyaHjyowMJiK im 
41M 5td^b> lyiyijs is oysy a^D \vw odw tsn ♦lyoyn ^w 
^Mwyj oyey DD^naya ny 5^ii pm •mtm iynM mtm o:«d 

.IMW^IM pa «DM 108 

p« n«5 tw^Dya jyosnv tynan td mi t* tntpiyn t* jyii 
pK ,iyo*MW dw iyj"K oyto jyiiyi t* jya^r td mi /ma 
pk ! pn mtk Ton ^t oy tywumyji DJipm vo nan *pn mi 
-a* td pk i:8n yryn nm ,&D>ntD wag) p*o jynyji d*j dot 
p« Day^Dsy: *po ddijki n p« ,Dinomtf «n jyiifMya jyo^^ya 
p« tk ,Da$ny:i dot t« ? invn « mi *invn mm td dd>3 n 
— w p« /wot ytDDyi pns pm nyD5jnK DyM dmipw irr 



-i$a in dot t»« jyM ,Dtf$ay:i d5$dot to dd^m n jyM 
•du jyayiJayji oyto d5$m ^Jsnsns *qtp tynya iv tyatjt^yi 
p« tyny^fiMn ya^p^Mw dot fyDJunyapnw dot *pn nyaa 
,D^^ry^ wk in Dy dot t« .iya"M h d^d jyD'wnns: n 
h litfnynin ,iyB"pB»Yuo &n lyayaas ^h ooyM n jyu ?k 
TO p« ,*iy5r«D yDimaiya ,nuinn yjyjjtfyj d>: pa iya"M 

♦aotf k jyiyM uDDim ,tya»r y^y?K 




Bniru* d5$m oy nyn« jyoynya dot ^k d5$m wtin 
-!•»« mi ijnMnya ^yny mtk p« "ia mtk.dpjib d"»j idd'o .iyMy:i 
?M5a ^HynawiK mtk do iddu ?nj*5B>DiH p« iy:"K im 
nytDJi« nytDJiK ^h iDoaiKM to pk /iyt"p div jKHDiyDJiK 
? pp pn pk ny 5>"M ? *i$B»a Din pa idd$h dkm ? yjyan^M 
k pa riDiyM djh Doamyoiy n ?ty*"i ^n jyp ny 5^mi 
p« iyt"p pn pa ,d^ pa tm^o rajy.mK r^« lya^yu /iron 
-'wpo f jya^wya"K ik pa o^a h iv ^h Doay? ! BDtfy? ^n pa 

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109 ynpyi 

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my"t 1$ iw'n *n dkii /winn iwh^Jm «? iDDmm *np 
-jmmh |"n *pm w? irr «? iwn ?"iinjy* inm pa jy&oyo 
vm iw«nDn«D3in vwi jy^KDyn wJyii # nyon wr i«b p^a 
njn *pi* ?iyoy5^ pa nyaijrr yly^t pnyD^iv pit progi h 
iyt"p jyiy^nD nytJiK lis limy* h jyii /unym d»i nyijrr^s 
5*? iy iik low Din pa inuDyji i* tyiyu DVDytyaD'iK jy^t 
Tt ly^yp "t nwa tf*n *w "wmtMyDDTD h iv jruyii t* 
,dd"> ny&u k do oy t^k ; jyny* ny^r lyan^noiyD p*5k d>ip 
-PD"n lyjpnnyn iv ,iyfo*D tyas^ iv •qn t$ "t mm lyaJyii 
-yn oyj"K trw 1 P« unrPDWK tD^prtDDyiy^ pa wyi /u*5 
-nyo ,iyaj^^nyn ,n p* ?kjip Din no iid*o in ens jyjyp 
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00 p*5* t* jyp d«ii ,oytDDy^D nyD"ii ijn iv iruyii *pt jy5 

lyoJifii jyDDTfi h jyii .jyM^?"ii ,nyt>BnyD *pn ,k> ,w 
dkii oyfo t9Knya vd uracil ,Diin5'P ima mi jyiiya ^pso 
-iiny> bbomi om fiv ytfa t« I unyno |ik mi # jjnnyayn vd 
.o^pyfoyiipyn pa yn oyn jyooya jyjyp iv dim ,5y:niD-:rn 
do nip Tt "? iym* iyn*mm ,^« !y5« ikd pn5n$n dot 
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lifriDya py^ d5*ii P« du wn iy .di« nyaHayowwin i« 
|in 5td*5p lyiyos its Dysy ^ifD jyny> ddip tsn .nyoya ^ 
p« n^Miwra oysy DD^naya ny 5«n p« .nr« ijhk >itk dj^d 

.j»«o^i»a pa VDyji 108 

pa i"5 jw^Dy^ lyosnv i»«n td mi tt in$cnin v* 11m 
p« ,|yD"iw dw iyj"fc oy^a tynyi t* jyj«? td mi ,vna 
r« ! pn mtk Ton 5$r oy jyiwumyji d^dki td nan tk mi 
-nif td pk n:sn yryn tyM ,DD»nD yvj&i pns tyuya do d*h 
p« D3y5aay:i ^>d dd$h n p« ,DinD-os£ "n imi|Myj jyoij^w 
p« tk ,DB$ny:i ann t« ? imm k mi ^nyD mm td dd^ n 
— &w pa .nann yoDyi pns pn nyn?yn» t)yM dbjipw nin 

n$a in nan t« jyii ,Dtf$ay:i ctfipin to bd5$m n iyu 
♦du jyay^aw oyto d5$m ,DJMsm *|ip jynya iv lyatj^^w 
p« fynyteMn ya^p^Mw dot tyoSunyapnw dot ^h lya* 
,DJ$ty:i iyD>« in oy nan tk /wmi h d^d |yD"p&>niB: h 
h jy^nyvnyn ,jyD>wni*o wo lynyjns ^h DDyM n jyii tk 
m p« fitfw yDirraiya ,noinn yjyjjtfyj do pa iya«ii 

.aotf a lynyn iDDyM ,fy38? yD5yr» 


? Dyfo DOT JMD DKM 1V "MM 

mina* d^m oy nyiK ,iyDynya dot t« o^m *m5n 
-vk mi ijnM^ya 5yny mtk p« >na Mm dpjib do idd^i .jyuyj 
TM5n ^ojynnwm mtk do idd^i ?*os^d>h pa iyj"« *oya 

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?pp pn r« iy ^mi ?ti$B»n oyn pa idd^h dkm ?yjyan$M 
k pa nDiyM nyn ooamyoiy n ?jyv^n ^n \vt> iy 5"M 
p« iyt^p pn pa ,Dija pa tm?3 aoaynaK r« nyaJjni .nyon 
-'kjpd f twonjya^« ik pa D^a h w ^h Doay? ! Don^yr t? pa 

! n?a tyan 

107 vnovi 

i^dk pw td nftm jjtb yrp^nna pnaBt? ! b$j yo^nw 
,wwiro Din pa *pw pk mi ays y:tfy?K ,bd"h om ,tman do 
*pa iyj*my v* .jyoMJon* p« jyounx jya$^ tyjy^a td \m 
*po »5d T* *m W3 op^jnya /oy:m p*d t* Tno b^d 

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&*\m v* onn ny jw ,b»b D"3 nnwi oy t^k 5$dj"k 

♦nynyB k b^d lyMromin 

•up* d«t djhd^ /osn pn pa jyaqflBWDMiK d«t n«n *pn 
-iv jyBJisnya tod ^n tynxn td .Dm* d^b nnn dmk unqmyji 
nyny» t^ win bkh iKaiyi ,tsrMi> yM*nn pk yaw mi tyost 
T» ! iiWkb pk i$bd*p (.BMtfnm pk pn* bdo) .BjypiyjK 
-ya Mtn oik bkh wwikb nin jy\i ,B*nay:i tdji oy bkh 


.oaKioyaoMK dkt bkh anmiMi pa *i*b»:i ijn 

j^ytD"5 imk "^xn pk wye lyBjyiy^y:! k jww t*k iy 
m?k mi ,DrT»K iv jyiy:PKiy t» t* ftm jyny? 5jm *p* farta 
-ya pk ^nrraaMK nyuw b3m5w ,B8nyj ny»5 oik bkh iy 
■to-du^mw k isnviim pk W?w\ avw t*p^ ™& jyo^rr 

♦■wna yj"? pa nyn 


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ynyorwyjJK p*p t* jyp B^mK nyn to ? bo dkm ikd 
,*p?ww -B^roytt&nya p*d t* lyjnvDijn v* mi phb bo to 

♦tiwo^iyi pd YW* 106 

jyD$p iypi8»^ « t»ik f»« ,m*5 5y*a in t>K oy ikm Dn*n 
oy dkm pn oy 5*r .i»d$p5mi lyMya td oy d**m "=ii#n — 

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! Dtf n « pu 5$? oyfa dot p« iww vw 5$? t« tim ,^k 
dmp to a«n t« tyoyn pa ,iyM*3*5iM pD t?5wiy:i nyi pa 
*iy>iQ mi tjny*DyjD^K n«n t« lypwoa oynyM ,D":mwHD*nK 
iy>nDy:i nyo5>K nyn ,iy p« ! fyro^nviyn** w dot &a$ny:i pa 
-pnrc ?iyiyii lyoy^s oyn pa tDyin dkm ,dv^ nya^^n Iyvv* 
Atfmx d^k ,iynan td um ,588? oyn p« ,Diyn?jrr« ,DirrDy:i 
D3y5»py^ p« Dny*5yji dppk dd$h n p« — imv n jynyntDyn 
w tDjyn^j pn |yn jyp iim .now uwa"* pn iv mi ditk w 
-p^a ! iyns tD^j inyo dsb t* mi ^s ? jyosn on** pit 
nyttfK nyn jyii d5$dot ,"m«D pw D"? in** ,iyD"* y^^ 
tynxn td iwa ,po*p D"i jyoyrya *n ^j r^« jywa^w 
mi .d*dk5d h mi Dny^ya ni» pa d«tk orw D5y^e>y:i t* 
,D"M t« ! iinyny ima yj"D p« n^^u iyn dot t* iy?yM 

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? nyiDP t« dkm ^ jynya td oy "t jyjyp ? oy 


jpttiKD »yM jyoy dot m (: iy:jy:i p« pMt b>s£d « d^d) 
Tt 5$r ,*pt tDvyr r tDDip ;jyp:ntD oyey ^Mnyn td tytyM ,ty^y^ 
n.TK ?a ,Dpjjn .D>^n nyi p« tt ^n tD>n in^K tk r iyD3«n ^^k 
,tyD8nv tyoyty: do ws? pi^ jyj^r n^o .raya D^n nynyMi d^t 
Daj85iyn) ,pMi ^8?q k tyosriv jypaniDMDMH do ^»5 pi^ 

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Bj"n Dtnj pa v* m ,TiTh oj"d .«nmn ipd mi jstom own 
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"PM D'D PK pa^Pl DKT fl« ,p3 T«* Ml p'Sp M>« ,anK pK plKI 

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in 1KB uwimm w .Dip -i»dmk ,!wd» "ijtp'k ,im*hsdw 

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DIPS T° tl^MI "I .TO "llO'K IJn'JS>BB» J"R pR \SQ$$n pK 

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tpnyt ix dp'pmdmik djvr srh t« m ,odiruw drh iivk 5*»n 
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,n p« .iprasKTwa b'j i"« ix Tt Dim is 5«n ,pn» ix ddikt 
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jynyn isn .fjnniBDn* i^iwm oyfo in* ipp jpd m /iy bj»d 
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na«5 pa twrruon tut nn ijn b*d tP"iB in jy^r «r dot ,pk 
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ijn dun /wbipi tapain bdtb put up tD^j m ,urunw vnm 

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d5k tk /up D"n i*k ? tpnpninatf i'b*d jpaawpaur oy pk 
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bot dk» ?Banappa raut twnw dp5k B^a pk .dm#p j«p 

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109 ynpyi 

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jny^t n$ jyt^n "t dkii /laaiyn lyan^yi "t UDomin ^t 
-.jy^iK p** ^i« iyD>t pn «r |yj"T ? ww*? yiy^t p« jy^yo 
*na lyjBnanyDJiK yiy^t ly^aya vrfm ,nyan yjy ikb P^n 
njn n^K ?iyoy^ p« lyaim yiy»r lynyD&m p« jyow h 
nyt^p tjny^no iyuia pa iroy5 h jyn ,iynyMi &"? nyiru* 
5*r ny pa iuw oyn pa in^aya iv jyiyii tMtDyryaDMK iy^t 
Tt tyjyp "t nyeo ^>n ^j nyamtMypDVD h is ty-oyn *p? 
,bdv* ijmia k bo oy r« ; jyny? ny»r jyjH^ntnya p*5k omp 
wn ty^nnya is f |y5D*o tya*^ w *pr ft *n anyi ny^yii 
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-nya ,iya^3^iyi ,n pa ?iou$> Dyn pa maso in d*d tyjyp 
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tw p^k *pt iyp dkii ,&y&Dy^D nyo"n nyn w tyuim *pr \v*? 

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nynyi dwmi D*n ,oy m^ *p* ! jynyna pa nn ,unnyjya td 
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do nip tt "t jyt^ nyn*mm ,*i* !y5« ikb pnfrnpi om 
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p« n^Mi^ya oyay dd^wi iy ^mi p« .mtk ijn« *»n« w^d 


.tMw^iD pa yw 108 

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PK ,jyD"ii» div iyj"K oy^K jyiiyi t* jwn td mi /vna 
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-a* td t^k n:sn yryn txnn ,dd"1d yu&i pns lyiiya do dkh 
p« Djy5aay:i *po dd$h n pk ,DinD*w*5 "n iimpiya \vn$wv* 
p« ?k ,Da$ny:i 3Kn t* ' iinna m mi inyo jyiiyj *vd dd*3 n 
— bvxp p« /OMn yDr>yi p*o pn nytfynM dwi Dajipiv in 


nijtD in nKn t»k jyu ,Dtf$ay:i DJrpDm to dd5$u n jyii 
♦do jyayJaya oy$»K 0**11 ^mm-d *np jyny^ iv tyatfpyji 
PK jynytoMn ya^p^MiM dkt lyDtenyjpmv dkh *pn nyaK 
,tD3{jtrya nyo^K in oy ikh *pM /iyn"ii h d*d tyD'wm&j h 
h lyJnynin ,tyD"pe»vi*o wo jyayanjjt ^h ooyii n jyii tk 
TO pK fifiw yDiiraiya ,noinn wy^j^ya do pa iyn>Mi 

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TM?3 ,JOJymMJ1M MTK DO 1DD*3 ?"08^D>H PK 1W"M -uya 
nyDJIM lyDJIK *|H 1DDQ1K11 TO PK ,iyT"P D1V fMilDiyDJIM 

? pe> pn pk iy J"ii ? *u$e»n ayn jib iDD$n dmii ? yjyan^ii 
k pa nDiyii oyi ooamyoiy n ?iw»i •qn jyp iy 5"ii 
PK nyt"p pn pa ,d$i pa tm>3 aoayraM pk nyaJyii # iyDn 
-'k:pd ,iyaon»a"M ik pa D^a h w ^h Doay? ! Dortfy? t* pa 

107 sntjya 

* — ■ — —— — — — — — — ■ n — — — — ■ — — ^ 

i^bk jmb> td jytyM aya ya^nyiB p*i8&p ! m* yt^nya 
,*i*n:ipi8D djh jib *imh pk mi ayo y:tfy?K f oD«n om ,jyiKn oo 
To "Winy tk .jyBMfonK pk jyoKn* jyB$5B> jy^s t»d jyii 
*po ay^B *p« mi tpp.ifp* twinya .mm t"D j$ Tna b*d 

? ly^non* p«£$b ayn d*d 

d5*iwi v 1 * oun ny iwi ,b»d o^n jyuyj oy pk 5$dj"k 

♦nyDyo k &d jyriyDBnjn 

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nv lyBtenyj Ton t* jmhh vd wn nnn dmk irmmya 
lyny* tik wik bkh iKBiyn ,iyjw* jnima pk yau mi jyos? 
TD ! ii^kb pk i$bd$p (.DMuJiin pk pn* bd*j) ,BjypiyjK 
-w mtk uik bkh wjpikb ijn jyw ^^ibw Ton oy bkh 


.oamDMDMK dki bkh nnnMi ps rmt^a ijn 

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Mm mi ,djvk iv iinyrmy yn tk 5xni jyny? ftm ^k jor^ 
-ya pk ,HnjTBBMK nyum BiMJyj ,Dunya ny^ nik bkh iy 
td-dm^mw k irmmyj pk nyaftm ,oyjy^ *p5p*?:i ikb iyo5»rr 

.-wna yj>M jib ijn 


inyBny»MK t"p tk 1*p b^shk iin w* ? bo dkm ikb 
^•vbsu •D«n»aawiyB pna is lyarnpim t* mi phb bo }t» 

•ly^a^iya pa wm 106 

tya*p lypistD^ k tik pk ,m*5 5>y*D *n pk oy ikm tn*p 
oy dkm pn oy 5*r .lyoipSMi iimya to ov ttf$M *|ip — 

! Dtfn k pn ^t oyfo djh pk lyamviy 5$? tk jyii ,^k 
dmp to a*n vk jyoyM pa jya^a^iya pa ylwm iin p« 
we mi inyioyaDM* a*n tk lypwuK oyoyii ^"aiKyjDMiK 
iy*noyj nyttfK iyi ,iy pk ! lyrttfyiviya** w dki &a$ny:i pk 
-pnw ?jyiyii jyoy^s djh pa oyii dkm ,&tp ny:p*"n !ray;i 
,*jyJjo*K d5k ,jyaKn td ikm ,5kk? Dyn pk ,tnya5yna ,tnrn>yji 
vBVtm pk oay^ya dd^h n pk — imv h fyaynaya 
iv Djyn$j pn |jn jyp nyii .now iyjy:i"K pn w mi dppk w 
-p^a ! iyn» bo inyo dbb *p* mi ^« ? jyosn djvk pk 
nyttfK iyn jyM oJipm ,"aiKa imp D"t vpk # ?y»"» ya*5 
jyaKn to iwa ,po*p D"a jyoytya *p *up pk jyara^iya 
mi ♦D>aKfo h mi oay*5ya mk pk dvik ttfy^pya T* 
,D"M tk ! ijnyny ima ya«D pk *i$e»a iyi dki ^m jyjjni 

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? ayitw *p* dkm ^j jyaya td oy «r fyjyp ? oy 

rtnKD bum jyoy dki pa (: nyaya pk pmi pk5d k &>d) 
Tt 5*r ,t* avyr ,ddip ;iyp:no oysy ^Mnyn td jyjyu ,jinyM 
n.TK m ,tDpayn .o«n ixn pK tt "a &"? tmk tk ,iyaa*n v* 
,?yDunx jyoytya t^: aj«5 pw jya^r n^D .rim o^a iyny>M tD»r 
oajuJijn) .pMi P8?a k tyoKtw jypjnoyaoMK tw m«5 pip 

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105 JMDjrj 


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f a >ros"22cp p*d ,tik wn iod"n 

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.njroya dp opmv jyoipziyj 

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Dip .tid p*o tynyr ipnno no t* .T'* iww "uny'ii T* V* 

.5"18P ,D^D 


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•tftt PK \V0V DOT ,rDDl5 "T ! -U*n J"D IDD^H ,|8D ,*H 


MD»*p*to (: d?tk oenp |im Tin nyn pa *pik orpK &:nn) 
sun en h tyu nyo'ia ,oyMy^ Dinirus p>p jyp dku ! w 
nn w D?*t pan 5*r d#i ^ya^^^iyn .o:pDM«nOT t* 

•Dm* is Tna 5y^B jyay* 

•tMJO^IM P& y»W 104 

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? i ir>p tyDiia pa jy^nynin oyey in yt& 5$? 


♦tyoy t'^j 


Diynw ,dw nyn «n d#p k pa *n*p k pk jypintyiip 
pa nerpn jy^^iyn ps nyn Din nn^*» tnyoin "iw b»t 

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ny ojypiyn ,D"pB*nny5yji 5y^s pa ra ,dmk bpmi oy 
? jypintnip Biynya pwni is /iy&$s dww^k pn &: iip 


.biip ijn *P1K D*j£e> P« *W K PK IJPintriS* 

,ypp?y&D yny* twypyj lynna nan *pn .00 tk ayia Dm 
*nip ,v>& in mi ODwwa nm *pn iyn"K ,jyp*5 pn jyajni 

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poors d*d 


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•iwm^iw n* »m 102 

T* .linifliM *» w oy pk td .tw«5 no Ptfa i^qk pk ny 
on nyn iwnwa p*o pa rmnn im vik iwipow oy ?«n 
mw iimw pk *i*b»i ny"K imn DJipin nina ,wi»Skdb 
,iynna iyo jnynya &n ,orpa ikh t* .to.iww *w* 
d^d vd nw T* P* #P*o Din *m* tya^nynynyo jya^ "Viv 
ddt pironoTN on pa ayiD h *pvik iw^pn pa lyvjariD 
,1Mmk ww vnn tp ddip jyo njn^K ♦nytfyn^n p* mvi 
pk o-up jrJywD^jnufi ynyt"K ik pk rtD»tn^t js *pr o^aya 
pk iy m /u«n h t'wma lyny^ya pk *i$b»i nyn lyjstD^ya 

mipy^lf pi T* ^ t»WW T1« TO *T PK # tWJWW"niKD 

-ya n^D pi pk iwiun pns pk Di«5y:i ikh t« .nrmti pa 
ww jjniM to pk iya5yn ,iw*n pa wmtf dw tyuw 
T* /u*n h lyiyaya td dot *u$b»i njn town pk ,iy5 
,*wra»i in dwtm dot dot ",Djypnin do to dot ny doth 
/ni'D^yirtf an^run pk /pin Dnyiya tyDD^DDiK nun t« *"N 
,Djypiyn do t*k ikh t* 5«ii iKDim wo, : D^rya ny dot 
,du„ : DiyaDjyya t* nun jot "/o«n h lyayaya t 1 * T* a*n 
-njn ,Djypnyn do to dot vpk 5"ii pk oy ,td oy piyo t* 
I8d man im pk "mm d$ "/oot h pmv t 1 * t* 10 ikb 
pk iy .pun k mi dpjib t5ot i'dmk pip? iKa unijtiw omi 
ddtd div pit jpintf tiaruv^aa div hdp pk jya^yaj^iK 
Daij n^D jwnn Dsnaip .Da^piyo «r iwa ^^d p« /sow pa 

♦DiniDS ^t nyin«n 

•iw^ nnw to b5*t in^« jySjni d^m ^^k 

P^d p« D>n in>« .jpnn d«t ^^k d» t»k ?dkii i«a 

.jyiMiiD^D do D^siiya ytyn 5yn t« P« #tD5wiw 

1»Dn 1»"H t^« DKT •D^lfTW DO Up TO OHH DKT 


101 ynoyj 

.ytDJso jynMtrD 5m tk 

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(.n$) .n^p ,dip 

-ya ny trtipi bow ,iyo*B pn pk lynBtnyji do pk iy 

.pnK te&p p« pugi 

*pik n>D o5y:^ (: b»d i'd^ik Diyi^ pa Din oyi n^yiyj) 
td Dyu D"pD*foyiipya . h .pip pns to do pk iyvj»s Din 
ddvh n |jm ,bmh Bgnyi DD$n n ,pbikd nynnn .ddu phb 
.dvhdv p* jyBfcnya oik DKn vpk ,|yM*5p*u — Bjipyi 

(.a* P* *n* anjynw ,do oiyDwy) 

iw«t ikii .v* BjyDsiiBjy ,ddip .hbid Din do bt^m 
lyi^iya do iip t>k oy tk ,|ys*n J*ii t« ?*un"5p vwk 
mbv* dkt Djyay ,DDyjp yj>u bmtib (: Dayjp but) 4^^ 
njn Djypya *j"K b*$ii *pk ♦jyJnya do up 5$r oy ?k ,Dnyr pk 

j«o"d n pa iynip $"ii 

.M"K r*K PK Dy /UK to tomi$ 

,nan irttft'ir pk dw^d k tynyj Djypyj ^«k b$*ii tk 

•tNM^M pa r&y:i 100 

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tvnxn ,ty^iDyn Ban myn iyn *ii ,n*nyD«p p>d p« ^k 

b»jp w"t jyfoayn jyj"? Hgn pa Yiyn iyn ,iyDp8ny:oyD8T 

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.ijjdw*d jmm dmk bnyt iy 

•jyvisn p« pntD mm td tayii p^:dk pn 

♦jyoy on iy38D Dayrv *tf«n jynm nyoyn t»*5 — ! W 



,p>n lytDoyn oyi o*vm urn p* Jyo^Bnyfrp n dwj 

(.3$) .wymwD jyn«n *n 

99 ynsya 

jjnynqny d>d iy ddip d*up 

♦tamp nyo^n pa 

1"K 5*t Dtp !?y^8QW iyn«n td ^ar^ya ?yn«n vd 

! |y*ni> yJrowyDna 



? tyay^ayaonK m$ >itk D"t vpk dvikn ,iwwi pk omi 

-dm pk nynjyvj tye»iw Diyitfya *m* tynwn to 
-yj ^p jynKn to pk ,tyoip D^iiya do dkh iy nyiK ,nyi W in td jynun v*"W Jiyii t'fi^K pk ny tk ,DDiKn 
ww in pk pk ^yiriyo^r k *pik pyiiK pk ny ,wjnDJf»v 

jnyaannmw pa *imji D»n jyoyrya ;pnn 

.\*o p*o lynxn na^B 5$? iy DDBDya *n jywn omK tik 


jyj"? n>o pk ! pyim .ywi p*o D^tya ^«5a oy n«n *p* 
-piyo lynya oy pk D*mn pk .t5kii nyatfTKn r*pn jyonyj 
k Djyayjyn td jnKn ,imiimyj ddkj pk oy m nm ; jpyph 
•ttfyn wd pe imiflw lyJawa iyj"t *i*b> oyDyn ,^ddkb 
,p^j pa id^d k pk oy„ : mtm pk MK>ya dkh wn ivoik 
jmanin *nk .id*d ivvn iyn D*ni>yji dkh wik "! jya^p w«d 
♦D^yjp ny^D d^d |j»^n w tv^ip^^v lyxpJpw pk 

♦jy^a^iya pa ^ya 98 

,wi ruyaKPoam h ,ddu pno iv »«wMy5w auw ?yo 
-» *u B"p:pi»inMJiK ^nyo »n tynyaya ,prnn ny>n *hk 



-5yn nip 5$r Dip .»Dnin n dkh do DD"n n /iy»wnw 
do pa iimirn pnwi d"* njn d^d 5*t wp nyniK m ,jya 
P*d iwm b^5w WK Dftrtran iya5»yn ,phj*?t"N pmgDaip 


inyr pk ijnnn |«o ♦jy^nDiiK do ,nDMKP5y ,td$5 
ix nrnro joa^w iwjw njn "a pa tk -T^ n jDwaiy 

♦B»K"D18BJ1K pn IKinin J»p pK WW. 

♦tyanJwDjy do nip divk prp |yo 

DKH •DV^iya>K -spD DKil f DiynW DH>K PB nKfl T& D *™ 

pa dpdu pk oyay^ 5ya nm D^rtynin do p^k jkd ph 
nv ijniw pwn "t pm /uwp wt prow pk *p5p*fo *n ? dppk 

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k ikb dkii ,th Dya *p* ,iip td j$t .pn pw fyp dkt 
-"id pwa DnonD^K nya^yn ,pnMyo s?k pK pw*5 m ddu 
pns pa kjib> dw yDDjyn w«t dd^p^d nyaftm /wna jyDDy 
iy Dan ,jhw oik pk lya^yii /w"p tyDu iyoiK pk ,i«d 

? onpp Tin pwnw w 

dkt Dt^a i»Bamrpnt> nyn IiyDKQ nyn IiyDKD ijn 

"Jwid nyn *hk Daso ,Ditjn svn„ :5jny? 

103 yn&ya 


♦W"K p5k td ?>k y:ina>K D*n ; tWJ«By:i pa t« 

.y iDya 
D«ny:i nno iv ttfqm vpk tim .jjnn ta>a >im ttf$r ima 

,*i$5e> djh jy&^apyuK btidki y* , w>aim ijn ttfsn ,fy&"p 

(/ttn"5p n tD>D tyj^eny Dayjp h) 

Cyijnis h t$ sins p» im"5p «5iw«k d*ik ^r 

(: tweeny) ^nsp 

.(d?vk oenp) ptajtf 
? Mmai» in oysy oy rooifn *u .wp pna ,jKnip do 


inyt t^a t* t* ,tM*t ytM8& h !iy&KB ,:pd»5b inyr 



?oainaMB*D oyiy td iDoyn 


•d^ nip 5*p DyrtM^n 


tPJjnytya 5y^a a*n *pn 


.twawSiM t« nay* 102 

•spa •Ijn^iM a» w oy pk I'd •im^5 no Ptia tf'SK pk ny 
oyn riyn imhsh pva pb roinn iin *n* iw^ntaw oy ?kh 
*nk jjnwa vk *i*B»a *iy"K jyii DJipn yiKi:i ,w:iv5kdb 
,nynnD jpd inyviya »*d , awn tk .TD.iwya :pddo 
d>d td nya tk pk ,pkd djtt vm lyaisnynynyo \v&v "nv 
div pinonDTii oyn pa syitD h *pvik lyjrpn pa iwomfi 
,jyanK ww wk *iw dd^p jyo nrr"K jnya5ri"n pa BnM 
pk onip f y5y^wjn«B ynypw ik pk rtDsmij is tt opByj 
pk iy m /o»n h I'wana lyayjyj p« w* nyn jyjsD^ya 
tyoipyuif pa *p* *m tyayjya tik i*o *t pk ,ty:owya"anKD 
-yj td pa pk ty^^sn p*d pk Dattfyj awn tk .|WM*n pa 
ww oniM td pk nya^yn ,iw«n pa *unru»5 div tyuw 
*p* /ukh ^ tyayaya t»d ta«n *i$e»a nyn : ta^^rya pk ,ay^ 
,ti$t5»n iyn »iy»ny3 dkh dk-t "•tDjypijn do ^d dkh ny D»yn 
,3H'D^yan5 anaimn pa ,Tin D-ryiy:i iroD^DDiK a«n tk 5"«n 
,Djypiin do ^"K awn tk *"N iKDiyn ^psd,, : oa^rya iy dkh 
,du„ : DiyDDjyya ^k a«n t«n ".■ukh h lyayayj i«k Tk a*n 
nyn ,Djypiyn do *po dk.i 5"n pk oy ,td oy piyo tk 
I8d man iin pk "aiyr d$ 'Vokh h pnw ^"K tk ao ikb 

PK iy .P81 X *N DpJlB tfKH fD^K p*V 1KB JjniflTO B*V1 

ddtd div pm nntf timavfcBB div aiDP pK jyBijtfyamK 
db$ vd jyasn Djna^ .D^5»piya >n i«d td |ik ,hjdw pd 

♦DiniDK ^n iyan*n 

.jw*5 nniv *po D5»*r in^ |y^yn d^ii ^k 

p^D pk D>n in** j^nn D>n ^«n Dya ^k ?d«ii ikb 

•tya^nao^D do &xms yryn 5yn ^« pk ,D^iiyi 

nw)n ny^K pk d*h ♦DntjiTya d>j n^ to dkh dkt 


101 yntDya 

(•a*) •wp ,mp 

-w iy ttf$N DDJifT ,nyo*D pn pa iyna*riy:i bo t^n ny 

•pn» 5bbb> p« jy^w 

*nn td B^yjp (: b»b i'ewk bijdw p» Bin Dyn r-uyaitf) 
td tDynn B^pD^Dyvipyn h .pip p*d to bo p« nyvjss oyi 
BD*n n iyii ,B3in tDsnya BD*n n ,pbibd nynm .dbu pnB 
•oynB$ p« jyofanyj oik B«n ,jyM»5?"M — M$m 

(,a$ p« tpm anjynya ,bo BiyaBjy) 


jyj"t ikii .i«n BjyDguBjy ,bdip .hbid Din do BT5nya 
jin^iya bo i^ ?nt oy tn ,iya*n ^11 ^n-?ijn"5p yiy^K 
mbm DNi B^yay ,BDy:ip y:"t Bay-ia (: Bayjp div) .iyjtf&ay:i 
nin B^ypya v 1 * d**m V* •IJ^nw 00 n^ 5$? oy m ,Bny? pa 

.yao^D n pa jynip 5"vi 

.M"k r^« pk oy /nk to *?$* 
,td tjnwit pa dw"b k tynyj Bjypyj T"* b5*jm *p* 

•IW^a^iya pa yvv* 100 


jyaan ,ty^ifiya onn twi nyn '•n ,"im»Kp pns pa *p* 
-iv jjnw lyttfsii td *m dpjib ,imj^?"m iv dbj^pwi* in 
oayjp w»n tyfa&ya jw«? wan p« nyn iyi ,jyDpBiiy:oyiD8? 

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•tyoy Dm jyasD earn* "tf «a jynw nyoya t»$* — ! is 

.anyjjin y?« onw iwn "? 

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TH *flp IWKrt TD [IK ,I»W D5*1UU B'J BWI Iff -lma ,nio 
DTK ItfJ TI TD IMKil TSlJlf JJF11 I'B'IK PR 1» IK ,DD1R11 

raw ti ''»* pk jaimiw't k ipik pwik r« "w .BsjnwtaiM 

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— 1"1D 


i«a w^iw pk tJun I'm* wid pn p^raw pk pk 

— line 

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— "m*v pa t*» 

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iuna "i # 5rava pn w **¥* .Dma i&Dyn jp b* (:n^a 

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jyny? w nn nn: a p* oy .ibpj"? djh jyn"BnyBn* Bjypyj 

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91 ynpya 

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tyryn d* ; |ynyi iv DiTk D-imayj tb dd*pi n dkii ,d$j in 
yopnmyDJiK n jyoim 1* pic lyovri tyDDTB n jyoyn ?«d 
/o«n yryn td d?# (/o«n yoDjn pn ddiw ;iy) .tt iruwi 

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nn*K tk ,iy5sayM"K t^k t 1 * 'n ,l*n ;yp*J*p btb Di^n 
■uot |«k ptin D«ny:i ^pm dot dkii ,oyj"K pa Dnynya dot 
5yu *p* — iwn wn^yn a |jn*iw wi pk iy >n» mi p* 

.jyoynyi) do 5*dj"p dot 

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d:"k pk n ; yny* pB pm Din do nya* n d^.tb ,jy:rm 

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89 yncys 

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jyinypniny^i ojm jyn ,myn p'D .^Sp'Sum Ton vx 

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to *n f iypyo^ iyDyn ^^r drt oyyi ,*ujtfB> m* tyrnvD^R t* 
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— PR o&w D1V 

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lyDStiy p« rj«"K iyj"t yrtfyii ,omj *m — D"pD8rn$ny:> 
pn ty^y5 wjw om jyo *nm *i?k pk .jyaipDiin dw do 
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tot « jynyay^ ^«n D?qm t« /unum « lipiDmij Diyiy:ij$ 

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87 ynoy* 

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nin pn pn ,tyj$D j'to b$p Din is o5yoe> juurmyD yriya 
lyDgo dkii ,mi»n ytfym jynyopojy jmr\ 5y*D w pa o«pDinw 

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n*j dip t« -iwyp "? Dim pno *u jwiyrany* |yj"? fyasj 
in .oaiw yosy* n tyfiifteyj pa v* w #o«n .od pa dmii 
-jyjy^ ny"? tn5n n* Dm ; tyoiqu pn o-irraya ^d onn n$na 
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do \vp t« o»n ny ; lyops? pit oiiany pn rit ijod^p p*o 
*p* .pno oyay iyp jyo wn ,Dvm to iy op^ iitanm ; |ynn 

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•P^3 VK M*N T* 


•V'K ™ B »*W Dm 

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\vm vk pw iyn 5"n rtfn v* oy ; typjna B'o j«n p>p *nm 

.t^j arm* ^h p^no n«Diyn a* ,tu p>D 

? tynytDBnyo D*n v« 5$? mi 

-jno pa jyoy .d^ oy tDnytD^iya dkii ^«h w Jmkn 

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n« ny"« w iy&p^y:i /lyrnmo /wujbp D"? wk ; mnn 
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tyrnDyjya \m»* wvzw h .o^nov p« pn« do idd5*t 
.d"* rw"?iD « pn Dim oy f 5wj*K ,nn ;*? v* •nyjyo tik 
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:um n« :wuk pn pmv tywisn no ,n$y:i ,ny:i .ovy^ jyD*n 
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-dmd p'D ,pdi*d jyen to iriyn w nyoyn t* 3^ W 


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jyouyapimM wmtf djvm oy aMfi t* -oya pm t^j o>n 
njn pa otow oyofa D'nyosB p*o tyDuyj j*n jvnoy^if pm 
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p^ajyriK liny* n*n v* # du tanya oyfo ,wmid pn 5$i iy 

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D^rrnD n« lyny? 5yD'n om /iy*ti njn *pik tD3y: p« jpd *wd 
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•jWJ^^iyn pe row 80 

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.pn nMD iro^m pa yw td*5 /imyaw ,dip .b$p i'ikph 

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tin wmv* nw pit Diin Drpic ny oJipi f iww ypteD ^n 


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77 V HDST3 

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nyrra nyusna^n 

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d^j j'noK pk dkh t>* pa "»W"P .twin JH"i Ban in** 
•aennynyn ^"K &*n friwa oya"^ k .mw\ n intfnyD 
■me pK 5yu'K k ikb D»mp» DDBByji tynan iMJiJ"u*n yiy^K 
w •qn »n* oyj^a k Tin D^irya dkh yi*ju$y5 ^yi"D k 
Dm iBD*n nyaDBmy* .;:iJKm$B Qjn nn^nmpiK jyayiiyn 
p» lyranBD^ii tD^iiya rtfn yi dkh yn*j*y5 .&tf$By:D*o 
nyn #¥d5iTbw pk y^jny "3 ts ,iyty*ityn Ban .D".nya 
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69 vnuv* _______ 

dkm ,Dn$ii omy* ?«»ryi wk Tin iinnBt? wnj^no tny 
d^d Djwrwa rDynofcupi tt dkh ,yay* d^d lyHtfpya DKn 
tf *bk ! lyjJina Djypyj dhh n p^a k ikb dkm .ijnn»n p*o 
mi ,My5&> ^th fjniya do iyj"T jyjM* ya>5p^ajy:iMK mm* 
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tn8BB>y«"K dmk ,Djypy:i tk nnn mi ,D5"Kiya*K mtk \vnn 
do m ? tyaviayj dv*k n ami ? yoDim ktk tyonyjBMK # D"p 
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imniiM tt /lya^DDya ijn ur / is ! wn w pk ,wyByy: 
TK tk ,pn rmo jray*5 yra"K prunw n.TK pk d^b inmK w 
tyo ? jya^T jyo Dyn dkm /iyaK — ! jyay* do tnv iyp 
■u*ni) ya*n ! jyaww a *ikb pk dvid k ikb jyo^un ti oyii 
oy vwp dkm nyaK — .in nya^K jyaKD mooti T* jyJyn 
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iDD^n mi ! lytDKB nyoKTMna .^^p^a DJn'Bya ^i>d d5*m ^^k 


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do nyo^ii pw oy jyp ny ; tyriK yj"t ikb DasnayJ ^n \ifi 
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.iy*nwa jnrn *imk lyDD^oy^* mi ly^n ,fKHtiwi jn»"? 


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dduw om d$ ^DDD-nnya D'jn^:^ ikd dvib^d^k Dm 
nye ,niy nin w tyrut h d^d /wjpmpJ'D* j*d iny n 
onn ny dm ,D"prj"5p jny^ p* ^itfjyuiDP snip n D3"5a 
m p* n dpw Dfiif .b»d i'bmk nyo^K Day^ ,Dpwy:i nrvK 
PWP v* n r* .lyvon d*d tt djpto dkn ,D"prnru!K po 
w*> ny?yn no 5*r n jjni p* ;t* wnnM om ,yay? po 

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Amvn iv nyo^i ,Djynip nxn pa ,dw jyoipw pmv iJnyimR 

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oyn jn* wm jyvBDnpy t>u nw nwp "t tk # D^rya i»m 
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do oy di«td jyo ijdk ,i$b db* jyoip tyoyiop yD^yts 

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nyn tynyr rc dim ,ys*ia ixn *hm jwo iy>n jy^yD^ w Dyp 
div piyu* oyn *pt pm f iyaiTfiMM jyDBny owr lyoyu Dyii oy 
d^d iwinavyaDMiM in"i "t iyj"t ip .pywnyrun jyony 
"t tm /uruuM "ony* DiyamyD td pm lyo^pvmw my"? 

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nynna dmh ,tyD""nv our iyj"M jynyi D^iiya jynMn ,n«ii pm 
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DjroDsnaj^ k ,riKn Dyou k dk?i ,oiri^nyj nnyr pk ny ; D"p 
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pfi to*o uiPnMRww ytyn m ,pn mio ton otid 


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dti£ i»jniDori iid ,jnMnoMK any^ n ; r5$DB> jwnw 
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lyoipyap'viK D*nrww> *iy"? jymw vh iRonyn pa ,d"p:pd 
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-ya «t nun ^« jynn ,|yaip-MmitD ,|yj$t 5tpg to pit ^ok 

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td a«n ]vo ? nnDfiDTii k pk ip oyey t>k dkii ? d*5b> pa 

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DWDD»nny5 k ,riKn om k Dan r Djn^nw inyr r« ny ; D"p 
yjyj"* D«n pK otfi m ?yD>nn ny v* *udk namm ,5rrDy;i 


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dt# ty^yiitDom pa ;pMnDn* on** d»^ n ; r5ipv iwnw 
Dm* Dt"ii n ; nymwD 5»^k ikd rastfa nya'K 5*D8 to n 

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tyDipyjpm* wronv'? iji»i jypnw pr muron pa ,d«pjpd 
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45 ynoyj 




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do nya *p* »^nn awi ,d-i$ii i«d iy3$nay:i ann t* 

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•5in"D Dyony^nya « pa jynyitD n naa Dpu gai* 


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39 ynoyj 

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.jyDny^iyB pa ny:ne>D h 38 


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•pniv db$ nun vpk Dn"5a /=i$j vt n Dny:i 


? oy pk mw 

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(jnwnwnB) ymx 

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oy^ya^K pa lyaynayj Dnyu dku ,nitn Dw*5tnw k 

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jyonyriyDjnK Ban dob iw^nrio a t^a # y^8D h 

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.pni* dd$ n*n nn*a Dn"5a ,*np in n Dnya 


? oy r»a *nk 

37 ynoy* 

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jyotp n« yoyfo * d>d i«iny ivnn .y5ay 

i*d t* a*n m*> pw ! l*nyr lyftm 1*0 ,du pip 

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in 5jm t* /i*J tniw jmiwi pna o?>Diy oijm Dj"n 

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pit ny in *pik yajtfD n pynu Dintni) 
Oiyo*^ n DD"iw 

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35 ynDjri 

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d*>k ,DB*nw wii *rw nun t* ; pn w Diynya oy >n 
.jynyt do inyo n 5m *p* #tw ! 0"n in pit n d3"5d 



•totm «i .inyp nr* t* dvjkd oy 

d?kd yj»D* •t'yj'D* iww sw y^y) 

.jya¥nDnm inyo do oy \vp *p* 

.tpjpjnp *po &pm oy pa n»n p*o d:»u nm 

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tytDny^ya k Dim nyii ,po ^n •Djymya oy dkh ny 

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•iwmyn jyr^ do d?vk nyn« ,|yny^ nrrit dtid n 
!d>d dip .w$m m*? pit? *pn nun Dm 


! DDyfi D1V ! W«D DW 


? |*nny pit 


in Dyii ny ,tyny? ddwi .3«5a ^*t /i$j nya 
? |y>na ^h oy pyu .jynyjD'D pa lywaa iyr$5 ^ 

♦jytDay^iyD pD nyai&PD h 34 

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! tynyj pit? no t« 

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(: Dnynyya) yroa 

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Iwibwi ,dip ?d*d too itDDnya ,y^DK 

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.r«» wnvw oyn jym«mys ^^ tDj^n nik ayu d«t 

37 ynoya 


•ire*: pk mrt* is o*d ppn» tow .y*» 

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.^ddkb on innypya iv o«wwp5w n i»nn w 

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jy^yiD n oitjtn IttDiypI •DIP ,MTK yw 

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! iyt)tjp oyn mi on>« tDiyn ,»ajn p« dvjbd t*n 

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35 ynoyi 

,0?!'* jyp p>*K U DKN ,DpJ'> pK DMJH D>D W8D in 

or* ,DD*nyji vr* »pik nun t« ; ?"t w Diynyji oy >n 
•tynyt do nnyo n >m t* ,oip ! D"n iri pk n Di"5n 


•twoD ow Don !wbd &yn DDDKnyo 
.mm "i .iny^ m» tt twrawi) oy 
d5bd wok .t'yj'DK tyenp Jm y^y) 
(.dj»ii p* tten t / c>iK in** 

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8 — 40 ]7»ny i*iyi> jib ny:nvD n 

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