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Full text of "A genealogical and biographical sketch of the name and family of Stetson : from the year 1634, to the year 1847"

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3 1833 01751 7860 







Virtus nohilitat omnia. 






Mr. NAHUM stetson, 

Of Bridgwater ; 
This Work, the fruit of the past year's labor, is very respect- 
fully, and affectionately Dedicated, as a mark of esteem and 

The Author. 


iN^he following pages I have embodied all the information I 

have succeeded in obtaining, of the Stetson Family. Though I 

have not been able to trace its history back farther than to the 

earlier days of our country's history, I regret this the less, for the 

. r\ reason that the Family has made for itself a name, and rendered 

\^ itself illustrious, by the private and public virtues, intelligence, 

^» and enterprise of its members. Cornet Robert Stetson, our first 

^ ancestor, was one of the most noted and valuable men in Ply- 

*^ ' mouth Colony, and held many offices of trust and responsibility. 

Several of his descendants distinguished themselves in the War 

\ : of the Revolution, and the War of 1812, and held different offices 

V^i in the U. S. Army. Among our number, there has been one 

V Representative to Congress, and several Senators and Represen- 

>>[ tatives in Massachusetts and Maine ; Clergymen, Lawyers, Phy- 

^sicians, and Justices of the Peace ; eminent Merchants, aud Man- 

\, * ufacturers ; one Judge of the Municipal Court ; Deputy Sheriffs ; 

_^ J Selectmen, and other Town Officers ; one Professor, in Jefferson 

y rj College, La. ; Captains, in the Army and Navy ; Directors of 

\^ Banks and Rail Roads, &c. &c. Indeed, the name stands de- 

\j, , servedly high in the public esteem ; and it is believed none, witli 

\^ the same advantages, can present a greater array of men of 

^\ worth and influence. Its present representatives, wherever known, 

J prove the truth of this assertion. -lj A f^A. 'SO^ 

I find our Family name differently spelt on old records; as 

^ Slilson, Slurtson, Sludson, Sledson, Stulson, and Stetson. At 

present, it is usually spelt Stetson, though some families spell it 


The Coat of Arms, in the Title-page, is a copy of the coat 
found among the papers of Cornet Robert, and is, without doubt, 

To those who have assisted me, by furnishing copies of 
Records, &c., I tender my sincere thanks. Were I to name all 
to whom I have been thus indebted, I should mention several 
Town Clerks, and very many heads of Families. I have sought 
to render the work as perfect as possible. I dare not flatter my- 
self that it is entirely free from errors, but as a whole, it is be- 
lieved to be worthy of confidence. 


In the following pages, the Arabic numeral is placed against 
each son who left descendants ; and each numeral will be found 
to occur twice ; once to designate the position of the individual 
in the series, or in his father's family ; and the second time at the 
head of his own family. By this means, it is easy to trace every 
family, and every individual, back to the first ancestor. The 
object of the few Roman numerals which occur, will be readily 
imderstood. The abbreviations are few. Generedly, the date 
which follows the name, is the date of birth ; lap. stands for bap- 
tised ; m. for married ; d. for died ; and ch. for children. 


P. 6, Note 1, line 10, for County read Comtrey. P. 10, line 25, omit the -words 
" of land." P. 12, line 25, for promise rend proviso. P. 13, line 3, after annually 
insert the words to be. Line 13, for ^^ of the same," read "thereof." On p. 21, 
it is said that Mr. Robert Stetson of Hanover, " lived on a pari of his grand- 
father's Indian purchase." I have since ascertained that his farm was made up 
of the Common lands of Scituate. P. 40, Nos. 89, 90, and 91, James, Abel, and 
Royal, were sons of Gideon, instead of Benjamin. P. 41, For the family and 
descendants of Mr. Zenas Stetson, see Appendix. P. 48, No. 140, instead of 
Sarah Tronbon, read Troitbou. P. 51, line 6, for Dudley read Dwelley. P. 52^ 
in family 12, Bi-adbuary m. Benj. Dwelley, not Dudley. 


The ancestor of the Stetson family in America, was Robert 
Stetson, commonly called Cornet. Robert, because he was Cornet 
of the first Horse Company raised in Plymouth Colony, Mass., in 
the year 1658 or 9. * From what place he originated, I have not 
been able satisfactorily to learn. Tradition says that he came 
from England, and from the County of Kent. The precise year 
when he landed in this country, is also unknown. He settled in 
Scituate in the year 1634, at which time he received from the 
Colony Court a grant of a considerable tract of land, on the 
North River, which constituted his farm, t His house stood on a 
sloping plain, near the bank of the river, and an unfailing and 
valuable spring, which supplied him and his descendants with 
water for two hundred years, still marks the spot. The old house 
is gone ; and the farm, which was kept in the possession of the 
family until the time of Charles Stetson, has, by his death, and 
by the marriage of his widow to Clarke Sampson of Duxbury, 
now passed out of the Stetson name. 

Whether the Cornet married before or after his settlement in 
Scituate, I am unable to say ; and the maiden name of his wife 
is unknown. Tradition says he married twice, and the last time 
a widow Brj'ant. In his will, he calls his widow Mary. 

I find the name of Robert Stetson among those able to bear 
arms in Scituate, in the year 1643 ; and in the year 1652 he be- 
came a freeman. % The Cornet appears to have been a very en- 

* Anno, 1659. " Capt. William Bradford, Lieftenant John Freeman, and 
Comet Robert Studson are confirmed by the Court to bee commission officers of 
the troop of horse." — Col. Rec. 

t Deaiie, History of Scituate. The record of this grant, if contained in the 
volumes depositee^ in the State House, in Boston, must have escaped my notice 
when I examined them. 

t " Att the general Court of election holden at Plj-mouth for the jurisdiction 
of New Plj-mouth ; the 3d of June 1G52 before Wm. Bradford, gent, governor, 
Thos. Prince Miles Standish Timothy Hatherly John Browne and John Alden, 

gents, assistants," the name of Rof>eri Studson is among those who "stand pro 
pounded to take up their freedom." — Col. Rec. 



terprising man from the time of his first settlement in the Colony, 
and was held in high estimation by his own townsmen, and by 
the Colony in general. 

In 1656, he erected a saw-mill on what was then called the 
"third Herring brook,"* which was burnt by the Indians in 
1676. t 

In 1658, being in " want of a covenient way from his house to 
the meeting ; this Court doth request and appoint Mr. Hatherly 
and Capt. Cudworth with any other whom they shall choose to 
lay out a foot way from the uper meeting house att the north 
river at Scittuate up the said river to the house of Robert Stud- 
son ; soe as may be most convenient and least prejudiciall to 
any."— CoZ. Rec. In the years 1654, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ; 1660, 1, 2, 
6, 7, 9 ; 1670, 1, 3, 4, 7, and 8 ; seventeen in all, — he was a 
deputy to the General Court ; a responsible office at that time, 
and one conferred only upon the most prominent men in the 
several towns. In 1660, and for several years subsequent, ac- 
cording to Deane, he was commissioner to act for the country, in 
all matters relating to the trade at Kennelec ; and in 1665, for 
his services in that capacity, he had granted to him two hundred 
acres south of Mr. Hatherly's grant, above Accord Pond.| 

* " At a full town meeting c£ the town of Scittuate, Nov. 10, 1656. Free 
Iibertie was this day graunted to any man or men of the town to sett up a saw 
miU upon the third herring brooke as neare the north river as conveniently it 
may bee on these conditions viz : that in case any of the townsmen doe bring 
any Timber unto the mill to bee sawne the owners of the mill shall saw it 
whether it bee for boards or planke before they saw any of theire owne Timber 
and they are to have the one halfe for sawing of the other halfe. And in case 
any man of the Towne that doth not bring any Timber to the mill to bee sawne 
shall want any boards for his owne pticulare use the o\\aiers of the mill shall sell 
him boards for his pticulare use soe many as he shall need for the County pay 
at three shillings and six pence an hundred Inch Sawne, but in case the men of 
the Towne doe not supply the mill with Timber to keep it att worke ; The 
owTiers of the mill shall have liberty to make use of any timber upon the com- 
mon to saw for theire benefitt ; and in case any man or 'men of the towne doe 
undertake to build a saw mill as aforesaid the.y shall begine the worke within 
three months after this day or ells this order to be voide. 

James Toerey, Town Clark. 

We whose names are underwritten doe testifye that we were with Robert 
Studson att worke the 9th of February 1656 to provide Timber to build the saw 
mill that the said Robert Studson hath built." 

Signed with the marks of Josepth Wormall, John Hudson, and Josepth Berstow. 

t Deane's History of Scituate. 

t It is presumed that the following records i-elate to the above named grant. 
" June 1665. In reference unto a fornier Iibertie graunted by the Court unto 
Comett Studson ; two hundi'ed acres of land is gi-aunted unto him on the south- 
erly side of the three mile square of land formerljr graunted unto Mr. Hatherly. 
The said two himdreJ acres of land with all and singular the appurtenances be- 
longing thereunto to appertaine unto the said Comet Robert Studson to him and 
his heires and assignes for ever, to bee layed forth for him by Leiftenant James 
Torrey." — Col. Rec. 

" Since the death of Leift. Torrey the Major and the Treasurer are appointed 
by the Court to lay it out." — " In June 1666 The Major and the Treasurer are 
appointed by the Court to lay out 200 acres of land graunted unto Comett Stud- 


In the year 1661, Cornet Stetson was chosen a member of the 
Council of war;* ancl in 1681, I find him still holding that office.t 
It is presumed that he held it during this whole period of twenty 
ycai-s, as at ditlerent intervals his name is mentioned under such 
circumstances as to prove that he was connected with this coun- 
cil. | The members of the Council of VV^ar were all men of the 
first standing ; chosen because of their peculiar qualifications for 
the office ; and regarded as among the most active and valuable 
men in the Colony. 

In the war with Philip and other Indian tribes, which was car- 
ried on by the Colony during the latter half of the aforenamed 
twenty years. Cornet Stetson was an active officer, and rendered 
valuable assistance. In 1671, the Court agreed and voted, that 
" some force be raised and sent to the Indians att Saconett to 
fetch in theire armcs and in defect thereof theire p'rsons as oc- 

son. It is al.«o ordered that when they come upon the place That they are to 
allow hhn such a proportion thereof as thev sliall thinkc meet considering the 
badness of the land there. 1667. Accorclin^ to the Courts appointment we 
layed out unto Comett Kobert Studson a certam tract of land bounded as fol- 
loweth viz. on the North side by those lands that were graunted att accord 
pond ; on the east by the line of the Towne of Scittuate untill it crosse a deepe 
still brooke ; and on* the South west and westerly side by the said brooke ; and 
soe againe from the Townes line as Mr. Hathci-lys land nuis westerly untill it 
crosse the said brooke there again ; with all the sjpots and holes of meddow that 
arc within the abovesaid bounds. 

Witness our hands, Josias Wiuslow, Constant Southworth." 

*"Julv7, 1661. The names of those that were Cosen by the Court to be 
aded to the magistrates to be of the Councill of War. Capt. Matthew Fuller, 
Lieft. Kphraini' Morton, Ensigne Marke Earner, Cornett Robert Studson, Mr. Jo- 
sias WinsUiw Sen'r, Secr'y Xothaniel Jlorton, Mr. James Walker, Mr. Thomas 
Huckens, Mr. Isacke Chettenden." — Col. Eec. 

t The Council of War chosen in 1681 were, " Capt. Nathaniel Thomas, Capt. 
■losiah Standish, Capt. Jonathan Sparrow, Leift. Ephraim Morton, Leift. John 
Thacher, Ensigne Marke Eames, Comett Robert Studson, Secretarj' Nathaniel 
Morton, and ^Ir. .Tames Walker." — Col. Rec. 

The following is a copy of the oath administered to the members of the Coun- 
cil of War: " You shall reddily appear on any summons directed to you by the 
Presedent of the Councill of Warr at such place or places as you shall be ordered 
unto by the said summons unless any Inevitable providence doth or shall Im- 
pead ; att which meetings you shall with rcsjx^ct to the good and welfare of this 
.Turisdiction Give your best advice and councill; in all'matters of Importance 
(or soe seeming) presented to you in reference to peace or Warr; you shall not 
disclose or discover any councill committed unto you ; but shall conceale all 
matters that may be agitated and Transacted in the said Councill in reference 
to the p'rmises, That shall be thought meet to be concluded by the I'resedeut 
and councill of Warr ; Soe help you God whoe is the God of truth and punisher 
of falsehood." — Col. Rec. 

J Under date of 1671, June, after speaking of the disposition to be made of 
certain anns taken from the Indian King Philip, which were declared to be 
" justly forfeit," and which were to be " kept att the several Townes according 
to theire equall proportions ; untill October court next ;" and of arms taken 
from the Indians of Namassakett and Assowamsett, allies of Philip, " that were 
feched in bv Major AVinslow ;" I find the following names of " such as are aded 
to the magistrates to bee of the Councill of Warr ; Mr. Josiah Winslow Sen'r, 
James Walker, Thomas Huckens, Nathaniel Morton, Leift. Morton, Cornett 
Studson, Ensigne Eames, and Isacke Chettenden." — Col. Rec. 


cation may require ;" and the management of this enterprise 
was " referred to the Council of Warr, or soe many of them as 
shall meet ; soe as they be nine in number, viz : the major p'rte 
of them concuring." — CoL Rec. Of this Council, it will be re- 
collected, the Cornet was a member. At home and abroad, 
were his services important ; in protecting his own townsmen, 
who suffered greatly during the war ; and in giving battle to the 
foe wherever they went. In the year 1667, about the time of 
the opening of the war wilh Philip, Cornet Stetson was appointed 
by the Colony to visit that Sachem, " in behalf of the country," 
but it does not appear that he succeeded in his mission, or in in- 
clining the Indian warrior to keep the peace. 

In 1668, Comet Stetson was commissioned to purchase of the 
Indian Sachem Josias Chickatabutt, a tract of land now princi- 
pally comprehended in the towns of Hanover and Abington, for 
the use of the Colony ; and as that tract of land, by order of the 
Court, was subsequently re-deeded to him, the following papers 
relating to that transaction are copied from the Colony records, 
as matters of family interest, and as serving to show, in connec- 
tion with the grants of land made to the Cornet at different times 
by the Colony, the amount of his Real Estate. 

" 1674. Winslow Governor. 

Know all men by these p'rsents that Josias Chickatabutt 
Sachem of Namassakeesett in the Government of New Plymouth 
in New England in America hath bargained sold allianed en- 
feoffed and confeirmed unto Cornett Robert Studson in the Juris- 
diction of New Plymouth aforesaid, and by these p'rsents doth 
bargaine sell allien enfeofe and confeirme unto the said Stetson 
his heires and assignes forever a certain tract or p'rsell of land 
by the Indians commonly called Nanumackeuitt, for a valuable 
consideration, to him in hand fully payed and satisfied ; The said 
lands are bounded on the north of the lands formerly graunted to 
Mr. Timothy Hatherly and is to run by his line 2 miles west into 
the woods ; and on the east is bounded by the line of the town of 
Scittuate and is to run 3 miles in length southerly from Mr. 
Hatherlys his said graunt upon the townes line ; and soe againe 
2 miles westerly upon Mr. Hatherly's line upon the other syde ; 
and three miles againe northerly to meet with the first line ; all 
which Tract of land, soe bounded, as is above expressed with all 
the woods waters, benifitts proffitts privilidges and emunities 
thereunto apertaining and belonging hee the said Josias hath sold, 
and by these p'rsents doth convey and passe over from himselfe 
and his heires forever unto the said Stetson and his heires ; The 
said Josias hath only reserved unto himself and his men, libertie 
of hunting with theire Guns, on the said lands ; and the said Jo- 


sias doth allow the said Cornett Studson to cause this deed to be 
involved in the records of New Plymouth or any other Rcgester, 
in New England ; and doth fiu'thcr engage att the said Cornetts 
charge, att any time to make him such further assurance as ac- 
cording to law may be required, and doth warrant the said lands 
att this pr'sont to l)c free from all Intanglemcnt and Incomber- 
ancc and shall defend the same against all p'rsons claiming 
from by or under him, for true performance whereof hee hath 
hereunto set his hand and scale, this 13th day of Aprill Anno 
Dom. 1668. Josias Chickatabutt 

Signed sealed and delivered his I O marke 

In the presence of -•-^-^ 

JOSIAS WiNSLOW and a \ Seal I 

John Browne. t ) 

Be it known and rightly understood That notwithstanding this 
deed was made unto Cornet Robert Studson and his heires ; hee 
was ordered by the Court of Plymouth to make the purchase, 
and hee purchased it for the CoUonies use and it is soe improved. 

Major Josiah Winslow. 

This deed was acknowlidged on the day of the sealing before 
Josiah Winslow assistant." — Col. Rec, 

" Know all men by these presents that whereas the Gcncrall 
Court of New Plymouth as on record doth appccr ; have ordained 
and appointed Maj. Josias Winslow and Mr. Constant Southworth 
theire agents for to make sale of sumc land, on the west ward of 
Scittuate Townes bounds ; and the said Major Winslow and Con- 
stant Southworth have made report unto the said Court, that for 
and in consideration of £1. 5s. of Currant New England pay to 
them in hand payed before sealing and delivering hereof by Cor- 
net Robert Studson of Scittuate ; have bargained and sold alliened 
enfeofcd and confeirmed and by these pr'sents doe bargaine sell 
allien enfeofe and confeirme from the said Generall Court and 
their successors unto liim the said Robert Studson hee his heires 
and assignes forever ; one p'rscll of upland be it more or lesse ; 
and is bounded towards the North to the 3 miles square graunted 
to Mr. Hatherly by Accord pond, towards the South to a white 
oakc tree marked on the north syde with R. S. and from the tree 
to a hcape of rockes by the brooke syde ; and soe on the west 
line from the tree through the land to the utmost extent of the 
purchase made of Cornet Robert Studson of Josias ; the Court 
taking notice hereof from theire agents, doe for the aforesaid sum 
acknowledgede themselves fully satisfied contented and payed ; 
and thereof and of every p'rte and p'rsell thereof doth exounerate 
acquitt and discharge the said Robert Studson his heires execu- 


tors administrators and assignes forever, and doe allow rattify and 
confierme the aforesaid bargaine and sale of land from them and 
theire successors unto him the said Robert Studson hee his heires 
and assignes forever ; To the proper use and behoof of him the 
sd. Robert Stetson, hee his heires and assignes forever, To be 
holden according to the manor of East Greenwich in the County 
of Kent in free and common soccage and not in Capite nor by 
Knights service by the rents and services thereof due and of right 
accustomed and warranting the sale and title hereof against and 
from all people whatsoever claiming from by or under us or by 
our right or title claiming any right title or interest of or in the 
pr'mise, or any p'te or p'rsell thereof in witness whereof we have 
hereunto sett the seale of the Government ; Memorandum before 
sealing ; that the land above mentioned is bounded towards the 
East to the land given Cornet Studson by the said Court. 

Thos. Prence, Governor. 
New Plymouth, the 10th of July 1669."— Co/. Rec. 

" Whereas I whose name is hereunto subscribed was by the 
Court held at Plimouth the fourth of July 1684 ordered to lay out 
a certain p'rsell of land formerly purchased of Josiah Chukatabutt 
the late Indian Sachem by Cornett Robert Studson for the use of 
the Colony of New Plimouth ; as by the deed thereof under the 
said Indians hand and seale dated April 13th 1668, more at large 
appeareth, and after purchase made thereof the court disposed of 
the said tract of land to the said Studson, William Brewster and 
divers other persons as by the order of the said Court may ap- 
oeare Have according to the above recited order with the helpe 
of severall other p'rsons Laid out the said tract of land according 
to the length and bredth ; and in such manner as by the said deed 
is specified and sett down, viz : beginning at the South East cor- 
ner of a tract of land of 3 mile square formerly graunted unto Mr. 
Timothy Hatherly at Accord pond commonly called the shares 
and from the South east corner wee measured along by the uper 
bounds of Scittuate Township 3 miles Southward and on the brow 
of a hill neare a beaver dam made across Indian head River wee 
marked a white oake tree of about two foot over on four sides for 
the southeast corner bounds from which tree we sett and ran west 
nine degrees south and marked severall Trees in and by the 
range and on the East side of poor meadow brooke at the bank 
side wee marked a Clumpe of maple trees, from whence wee 
continued our line about 60 rodd farther and came to the extent 
of 2 mile from the said white oake tree and there on a plane on 
the west side of the said brooke sett up a stake marked and raised 
heap of stones about it ; for the south west corner bounds of the 
said tract and from the said heape of stones we sett and ran north 


to the shares aforesaid marking severall trees in the range and 
att the said shares we marked a white oake tree of about a foot 
over, formerly marked for the range or south side line of the said 
shares and soc butted the said tract of land north ward upon the 
said shares. 

Note that the needle or flye by which I ranged the land above- 
said varied from the true mcredian of the heavens just one point 
westward from the north of the land above said was laid out ac- 
cording as the flye did traverse without allowance for variation. 
In witness whereof I hereunto sett my hand the 16th day of 
May 1685. Nathaniel Thomas." 

In 1672, Oct. 29th, an order of Court was issued to the town 
of Scituate to lay out certain lands in the westerly part of the 
town, and in accordance with this order a Committee was chosen, 
of which Robert Stetson was a member, who reported their do- 
ings to the Court at its session of the 4th of June 1673 ; and in 
that report I find set ofi" to Cornet Stetson " 80 acres of land along 
by the side of the land bee had of the Countrey and adjoyning to 
it 555 rodd in length." 

In 1656, " fifty acres of land were granted to Robert Studson, 
aded to twenty acres which hee hath bought which was James 
Davis his land for which the said Robert Studson shewed a deed 
in Court ; the said 50 acres of land to lye to the seaward of Ply- 
mouth path towards the Indian head river In case it be found 
not to intrench on any former graunts ; and in case it shall be soe 
faund to doe then to have it in some other convenient place where 
he shall find it." 

The above seventy acres, fifty of which were granted him, and 
twenty purchased ; with the eighty acres of common land set off 
to him ; and the Indian tract, three miles long and two wide ; and 
the two hundred acres granted at Accord Pond ; constituted his 
possessions in the west part of the town, and in Hanover and 
Abington ; — an immense body of land, now very valuable, and 
covered partly with heavy timber, and embracing several dwel- 
ling houses and farms. At the horneslead, near the North river, 
his possessions were also extensive. The exact amount of land 
owned by him here, I have no' been able fully to ascertain, but 
according to the statement of Mr. William Stetson, one of his 
descendants, who lives very near the old place, and upon a 
part of the Cornet's land, it extended " from the Block house on 
the river, below Union bridge, to the Smelt brook, adjoining the 
bounds between Scituate and Hanover, and from the river back 
to the road upon which Deacon Ebcnczor Stetson, one of the 
Comet's descendants, now lives." He also, it appears, owned 
land in what is now called the " Old Pond Country." Putting all 


tliese together, it appears that his landed property was very ex- 

Cornet Robert Stetson died Feb. 1, 1702-3, aged 90. He 
was a man much respected and highly esteemed. " He lived 
long, and left a good name at last." 

His Avill bears the date of Sept. 4, 1702, and a copy of the 
same is annexed, which was taken from the Probate Records 
some years since by Nathaniel Thomas, Register. 

" Scituate the fourth Day of September anno Domini 1702. 

I Robert Stetson of Scituate In the County of Plymouth in New 
England Being Aged and week of Body But of Sound Disposing 
Mind and memory 

Prayers Be Rendered to God for the same and Being In Daly 
Expectation of My Last and Great Change and Desirus to set 
things In Order Before My Death Do therefore hereby Make 
and Declare this my last Will And testament in Manner fol- 
lowing .... 

Imps. I humbly Commit my Spirit to the father of Spirits 
And my Body to Decent Burial when itt Shall Plese God to Call 
Me hence .... 

And touching shuch outward Estates as itt hath pleased God 
to Bless Me with My all Will is that the Same Be Imployed Be- 
stowed According as herein Expressed. 

Item. I Give And Bequeath to Mary My Well Beloved wife 
upon the promise and Condition herein after Set Down the Sume 
of twelve pounds in money and ten pounds Worth of My House- 
hold Goods Shuch as She Shall Choose with the Sole use and 
Benefit of the South End of my Now Dwelling house and one 
half of my seller and two Cows with Summer pasture and Win- 
tering of them With fifteen Bushells of Good Merchantable Bread 
Corn annually paid and delivered to her and Suffisiant and Con- 
venant fire Wood Cut and Laid att her Door as shee shall want 
the same* the said ten pounds worth of Goods and two Cows 
with the said twelve pounds in Money to Be att her own Disposal 
as to her shall seem meet the other perticulars to Bee for her 
Support and Comfart during her Remainder my widdow and No 
Longer the sd ten pounds worth of Goods and Cows to be Paid 
and Delivered to her By my Executors within two months after 
my Decease ye sd twelve Pounds in Money and other perticu- 
lars to Be paid and Delivered to her By my Eldest Son Joseph 
Stetson as followeth (viz.) the said Money att three Several pay- 
ments (to wit) four pounds to Be paid in one Year after my De- 
cease and other four pounds within two Years after my Decease 

* The provisions of this ■will, as relating to the widow, are similar to the pro- 
viaions of most wills of the same date. — J. S. B. 


ye Residue at the Expiration of three years after my Decease 
the sd Bread Corn Summering and wintering of ye sd Cows and 
fire wood Provided to Be Annually Delivered paid and performed 
By my said son as ye same is above Expressed. 

Allways Provided and itt is the true Intent and meaning of 
This my will and the Condition of the Bequests and Devise above 
said — And Every perticuler of the same. 

That my Wife Shall and Do Within two Months after my De- 
cease in wrighting under her hand and seal absolutely Quit Claim 
too and Release her Right of Dower and power of thirds in and 
unto all my Lands and houseing in Scituate aforesaid that She 
may thence fourth have Or pretend to have in or unto the same 
or any part of the same Except what is above Given unto her to 
my Eldest Son and His Heirs &c.* 

Item. I Give And Bequeath to my said Eldest Son Joseph 
Stetson All that my Dweling House out Houses upland And 
medows Being the farm on which I now live and Dwell to hole 
to him and his heirs forever according to the Known and accus- 
temed Bounds of the Same Excepting Out of itt one Acre of 
Medow which formerly I promised to Give to my son Samuel 
Lying Next unto his other Medow which said Excepted acre of 
Medow I hereby Give And Bequeath to my son Samuel and his 
heirs for ever hereby Enjoining my said Eldest Son Joseph 
Stetson to pay Deliver and perform unto my wife as above said 
upon her Release of Dower as above said And acceptance of 
What is By this my will Given And Bequeathed unto her which 
if She shall neglect Doing or Refusing to Do then I hereby De- 
clare that what I have above Bequeathed unto her and Every 
perticular of the same shall thenceforth Be null and void 

further itt is my Will that my sd Eldest Son Shall not alien or 
Sell any of the Lands above Given him unles to his children or 
one of them. 

Item. I Give And Bequeath to my Son Benjamin ten pound 
out of my moveable Estate. 

Item. I Give And Bequeath to my son Thomas five pound to 
Be paid him out of my Moveables. 

Item. I Give And Bequeath to my Son Samuel the sume of 
Eight pounds out of my moveable Estate. 

Item. I Give And Bequeath to my Daughter Eunice Rogers 
ye sume of ten pounds out of my moveable Estate. 

Item. I Give And Bequeath to my son Robert my Wearing 

* I have been told that the children of the widow Brj-ant, whom the Comet 
married for his second wife, were great spendthrifts, and to prevent the waste of 
his property by them through their mother's indulgence, may account for this 
apparently singular clause in his will. — J. S. B. 


Cloaths which with what I have formerly Given him I judge 
Convenient for him.* 

Item. I Give And Bequeath to my Daughter in law Abigail 
the Relict and widow of my son John Deceast the sume of ten 
pounds to be paid out of my moveable Estate. 

Item. I Give unto my Grand Children yt are now surviving 
to Each of them Six Shillings. 

Item. My Debts Legaceys And funeral Expences Being paid 
I hereby order the Residue of my Moveables to Be Equally De- 
vided Between my three Children viz. Benjamin Samuel and 

Lastly I Nominate And appoint my two sons Namely Benja- 
min And Samuel Joyant Executors of this my last Will and tes- 
tament and hereby Revoke and make Void my former will or 
wills By me made and Declared this only to Be my last will and 
testament In testamony Whereof I have hereunto Sealed and 
Subscribed the Day and year first above written In presents of 
these witnesses. The Mark of Cornet 

Joseph Bearstow Robert (R) Stetson 

William Bearstow •^■^^ 

Samuel Sprague 5 s^aj \ 

On the first day of March 1702 - 3 Before Nath'U Thomas 
Esqr the said Joseph Bearstow William Bearstow and Samuel 
Sprague .... 

made oath that they did see and here the above said Robert 
Stetson Sign Seal and Declare the above Wrighting to Be his 
Last Will and testament And that he was then of A Disposing 
mind to the Best of there Knowledge and Judgment." 

A number of other papers relating to the public and private 
history of the Cornet, are in my possession, but are excluded for 
the want of room. 

The following list of his children is taken from the Town 
Records of Scituate, and the dates of Baptism from the Records 
of the 2d Church. 

t Robert appears to have been rather a wild youth, and the levities and indis- 
cretions of his early days made some heavy drafts upon his father's purse : 
hence the meaning of the above clause iu his will. — llde Col. Rec. 



I. Corpet Robert Stetson, b. 1613. d. Feb. 1, 1702 - 3. had 

II. Joseph. June 1639. bap. Oct. 6, 1645. 

III. Benjamin. Aug. 1641. bap. Oct. 6, 1645. 

IV. Thomas. Dec. 11, 1643. bap. Oct. 6, 1645. 
V. Samuel. June 1646. bap. July 12. 

VI. John. Ap. 1648. bap. May 7. 

Eunice. Ap. 28, 1650. Col. Rec. Called in her father's 
will, Eunice Rogers. The date of her death unknown. 
Bap. May 19, 1650. 

Lois. Feb. 1652. Not named in her father's will. Proba- 
bly she died before he did. 

VII. Robert. Jan. 29, 1653. bap. Feb. 26. 

Timothy. 1657. bap. Oct. 11. Not named in his father's 
will. Probably died young, and without issue. 



n. Joseph, eldest son of the Comet, m. Prudence (See 

his will, Prob. Rec. Plym. 4. 417. Date Ap. 4, 1722.) He lived 
in Scituate, and seems to have passed his days in comparative re- 
tirement, as his name is not conspicuous in the annals of the town 
or church. He died between the years 1722 and 1724, as under 
the first date his will is found, and his Estate was inventoried 
May 8, 1724. He had— 

8. Joseph. 1667. bap. June. Rec. 2d Ch. 

9. Robert. Dec. 9, 1670. 

Lois. Mar. 1672. m. Ford. (See her father's will.) 

William. Dec. 1673. d. Aug. 14, 1699. No ch. 

Desire. Sep. 1676. m. Richard Sylvester of Scituate, Aug. 

16, 1703. 
Prudence. Sep. 1678. m. Ebenezer Leach of Bridgwater, 

Dec. 17, 1707. 

10. Samuel. Dec. 1679. 

Hannah. June 1682. Called Hannah Lincoln, in her 
father's will. Probably she is the one who m. Solomon 
Lincoln, Ap. 25, 1705. 

8. Joseph, son of Joseph, m. 1st, Hannah Oldham of Pem- 
broke, Nov. 6, 1688 ; and 2d, Widow Mary Perry of Pembroke, 
Mar. 1, 1736. — " Maiy, wife of Joseph Stetson, Sen. bap. Sep. 
26, 1742, agd 61." Pemb. Ch. Rec. The records of his children 
are from the Scituate books. 

Ruth. Sep. 11, 1689. m. William Bryant of Pembroke, 

May 7, 1712. 
Lois. Aug. 10, 1692. bap. Oct. 18, 1713, agd 22. Pemb. 

Ch. Rec. 
Bathsheba. Sep. 29, 1693. m. Samuel Gardner of Pem- 
broke, Jan. 30, 1722. 

11. Nehemiah. June 25, 1696. 

12. Joseph. May 23, 1698. bap. Feb. 21, 1720, agd 22. Pemb. 

Ch. Rec. 
Hannah. Aug. 1, 1700. m. Austin Beane or Bearce of 
Halifax? Oct. 21, 1736. 

13. Hezekiah. Aug. 29, 1703. 

Abthiah. Ap. 24, 1706. bap. Dec. 25, 1726, agd 22 — 
Called Apphia. P. C. R. m. 1st, Moses Wade, 1738 ; and 
2d, Jonathan Chandler, 1745. d. in Bridgewater, 1792, 
agd 86. Mitchell. 


•Abigail. Jan. 17, 1707. bap. in private, being sick, Mar. 

31, 1727. Recovered. 
Mary. Feb. 1, 1713. bap. Sep. 26, 1731. Pemb. Ch. Rec 

m. Isaac Oldham, jr. .' Nov. 11, 1731. 

* Is this the Abignil who m. Stutson Bishop of Pembroke, July 22, 1756 ? 

9. Robert, son of Joseph, m. Mary Collamore, of Scituate. 
He was Constable in the year 1722, and seems to have been a 
man of some business enterprise, though his name does not often 
occur on the town books. 

14. Anthony. Sep. 12, 1693. (Ought this to be 1692.?) 
•Jemima. Mar. 13, 1694. m. Daniel Damon, of Scituate, 

July 27, 1721. His 2d wife. 
Isaac. Mar. 15, 1696. bap. 1700, Drowned in Scituate, by 
the 4th Cliff, in 1719. Not. m. 

15. William. June 26, 1700. bap. Nov. 5, 1704. 

16. Amos. June 18, 1703. bap. Nov. 5, 1704. 

Martha. Sep. 3, 1706. bap. Sep. 8. m. Nehemiah Hatch, 
Dec. 21, 1731. 

17. Gideon. July 19, 1709. bap. July 24. 

18. Robert. Sep. 3, 1710. bap. Sep. 10. 

* Records 2d Church call this child Jeremiah. The Church records must be 

10. Samuel, son of Joseph, m. 1st, Elizabeth (Rec. 2d 

Ch. where several of the first ch. are called ch. of Samuel and 
Elizabeth.) She d. before the year 1731, and he then m. Ra- 
chael Stetson, da. of Sergt. Samuel Stetson, Jan. 7. His will is 
dated Nov. 8, 1757, in which his wife is called Rachael. He 
died in the year 1761. Prob. Rec. Plym. 20. 308. 

19. Abner. Nov. 3, 1712. bap. Sep. 6, 1713. 

20. George. Nov. 6, 1714. bap. Feb. 20, 1714-15. 
Elizabeth. Mar 24, 1717. bap. Sep. 1. m. Nathaniel Stet- 
son of Pembroke, 1739. 

21. * Joshua. June 26, 1719. 

Alice. Mar. 20, 1720. m. Joshua Ripley, Mar. 29, 1744. 

22. Joseph. Mar. 25, 1724. 

Ruth. Called Ruth Merritt in her father's will. Is she the 
one who m. Jonathan Merritt ? Nov. 6, 1746. 

* The Records 2d Church say that Joseph and Alice were bap. Sep. 30, 17-22 ; 
but I think the name Joseph is"mistaken for Joshua ; ami in all the records of 
the Church relating to this .Toshua, the same mistake occurs ; he is constantly 
confounded with his brother .Joseph. An instance will be seen in my account 
of Joshua's family. 


11. Nehemiah, son of Joseph, jr. He lived in Pembroke, 
whither his father moved after the incorporation of the town ; and 
his wife's name is called Sarah. The date of his marriage, as 
also the maiden name of his wife, I have not been able to as- 

Hannah, bap. Aug. 4, 1723. 

23. Zebulon. bap. Aug. 4, 1723. 

John. bap. Aug. 4, 1723. d. Ap. 18, 1725. 
i Marv. bap. Ap. 12, 1724. d. Ap. 27, 1726. 
) Nehemiah. bap. Ap. 12, 1724. d. Ap. 27, 1726. 
John. d. Dec. 10, 1730. 

24. John. -b. 1731. bap. Feb. 13, 1732. Pemb. Ch. Rec. 
Mary. bap. Mar. 19, 1727. 

25. Nehemiah. bap. May 9, 1729. 

Deborah, bap. May 11, 1735. m. Jabez Hull of Halifax, 
in 1762. 

12. Joseph, jr., son of Joseph, jr., lived in Pembroke, and m. 
twice : 1st, Abigail Hatch, Dec. 26, 1727 ; and 2d, Elizabeth 
Bourne of Pembroke, May 5, 1757. His will is dated Ap. 10, 
1775. Prob. Rec. Plym. 24. 57. and in it he calls his wife Eliza- 
beth. His history is involved in some obscurity, and my records 
of his children, and of his brother Nehemiah, are much less per- 
fect than I could wish they were. 

26. Abel. bap. Nov. 10, 1728. (Called in his father's will, his 

oldest son.) 

27. / John. May 20, 1730. bap. July 12. 

) Hezekiah. May 20, 1730. Not named in his father's 

will. Probably died young. 
Joseph, jr. Dec. 22, 1736. bap. May 8, 1737. Not named 

in his father's will. Probably he died young. See below. 
Hannah, bap. July 9, 1732. Called Hannah Cushman in 

the will. 

Note. — Abel, John, and Hannah, are the only children named in the will. 
If he had others, they doubtless died, either in early years, or without leaving 
issue, as it is quite probable their names would have" been mentioned, had there 
been any, for he speaks of his son John's da. Hannah, jr. As for Joseph, I find 
from the Prob. Rec. Plj-m. 19. 434. that one Joseph Stetson of HaUfax d. in 
1765, and Abel Stetson administered on his estate ; and it is quite probable that 
this is the one. 

13. Hezekiah, son of Joseph. I have not been able to learn 
any thing about this person. I have no record of his marriage, 
or of his death. His history, thus far, is entirely a blank to me. 

14. Anthony, son of Robert, m. Anna Smith, Mar. 28, 1717. 
He died in 1747. Prob. Rec. Plym. 10. 394. He lived in Scit- 


uate, and was a Conlwaincr. (Let, of Admin.) But little is 
known of his public life. He raised a large and respectable 
family of children. 

Mary. Dec. 9, 1717. bap. May 11, 1718. m. 1st, Vi- 

nal, and 2d, Woodworth. 

28. Isaac. Oct. 19, 1719. 

29. Joseph. Feb. 24, 1722. bap. Aug. 5. 

Anna. June 2, 1724. bap. June 7. m. William Hayden, in 
1744, and left a large family. 

30. Charles. Oct. 17, 1726. bap. Dec. 25. 

31. Ezra. Sep. 22, 1729. bap. June 28, 1730. 

32. Elisha. Jan. 28, 1731. bap. Aug. 4, 1734. 

33. Thomas. Ap. 22, 1734. bap. Aug. 4. 

34. Benjamin. July 7, 1736. 

35. Abiel. Oct. 23, 1738. 

♦Martha. Aug. 18, 1741. m. Seth Taylor of Pembroke, 
Nov. 29, 1759, and moved to Chesterfield, Mass., where 
she d. Ap. 22, 1815. 

* In a letter from ilr. William L. Stetson of Chesterfield, a descendant of 
Abiel Stetson, he says, " My grandfather had a sister Martha, who married 
Seth Taylor, and moved to C. They had 10 children, all of whom lived to an 
adult age ; and two of them, Mrs. Elizabeth Southwick, aged 87, will now travel 
2J miles on foot and back, to attend meeting on Sunday ; and Miss Sally Tay- 
lor, aged 70, now lives in town.' The others have all died within a few years." 

15. William, son of Robert, m. Hannah Lapham, (Lappam, 
Rcc. 2d Ch.) Nov. 21, 1723. He appears to have been a man 
of considerable note in his day, and was actively engaged in pub- 
lic life. He held for many years, the office of Constable and 
Collector. He died in 1761, and is supposed to have been mur- 
dered, as his body was found in the North River, opposite his 
house, and he disappeared under circumstances of a very sus- 
picious character. His widow survived him twenty years, and 
died in 1781. 

36. Job. June 23, 1724. bap. June 2, 1728. 

Caleb. May 31, 1726. bap. June 2, 1728. As he is not 
named in the letters of administration on his father's 
estate, it is presumed that he was then dead, and died 
without issue. 

37. William. ) bap. in private, Sep. 28, 1738. Probably they 

38. Stephen, f were sick at the time, but recovered. 
Hannah. Jan. 18, 1731. Not named in the settlement of 

the estate. 

Note.— I find that Anne, da. of William was bap. Sep. 24, 1732, and she m. 
James Briggs in 1751. I think this Anne is the same as the Hannah above, for 
Anne Brigo;s is named in the settlement. A little obscurity hangs about Wil- 
liam's family, and the above is the best information I have been able to obtain. 


16. Amos, son of Robert, moved to Braintree, and there m. 
Margaret Thayer, May 9, 1727, da. of Benjamin T. Thayer, 
who, it is said, kept for a time the garrison in Boston, to defend 
the whites from the Indians, Under date of 1731, I find on the 
Prob. Rec. Suf. that " Amos Stetson of Braintree, and Margaret 
his wife, and da. of Benjamin Thayer, late of Braintree, Quit 
Claim, for .£120, to her brother Benjamin Thayer, all their share 
of her father's estate." The above Amos was a Cordwainer, 
and d. in Braintree in 1777. Eleven children, or their legal rep- 
resentatives, are named as heirs to his estate. 

Margaret. Dec. 13, 1728. m. 1st, Adam Howard, and 2d, 
John Gibbens. 

39. Amos. May 19, 1730. 

40. John. Oct. 27, 1731. 

Mary. Mar. 14, 1733. m. Hezekiah Thayer. 

41. Rufus. Dec. 8, 1735? 

Sarah, m. Samuel Mellish of Dorchester. 
Rachael. m. Benjamin Lyon. 

42. Benjamin. July 3, 1741. 

43. Gideon. 

Thankful. Feb. 8, 1746 ? m. Major William Seaver of 

Taunton, in 1771. 
Hannah. Oct. 24, 1744. m. John Niles. 

17. Gideon, son of Robert, lived in Scituate, and was a Cur- 
rier by trade. He m. Lydia, da. of Joseph and Mary Pitcher, 
who was bap. Nov. 24, 1717, and m, June 5, 1735, Until the 
year 1748, on the Scituate Town books, their children are inva- 
riably recorded as the children of " Gideon and Lydia." But in 
his will, he calls his wife Mary ; and from the Scituate and 
Braintree records, it appears that Gideon Stetson of Scituate, m. 
Mary Paine of Braintree, July 12, 1740. (Aug. 18. Br. Rec.) 
It may be that the name of the wife is mistaken in the record of 
births on the Scituate books, as there is no doubt in my mind 
that Gideon married twice, and married the persons named. He 
d. in 1761. Prob. Rec. Plym. 16. 173. The children, as named 
in his will, and as recorded on the town's books, are — 

44. Gideon. May 6, 1737. bap. May 29. 

45. Amos. June 9, 1741. bap. Jan. 24, 1742. 

46. Zenas. Dec. 28, 1743. bap. Mar. 11, 1743-4. 

Lydia. Nov. 28, 1745. m. Joseph Brooks of Hanover, 1769. 
Hannah. Nov. 23, 1747. m. Adam Hunt of Braintree, 

Mar. 29, 1770. 
Mary. May 11, 1750. m. Seth Turner of Scituate, Dec. 

11, 1773. 


18. Robert, son of Robert, lived in Hanover. He m. Han- 
nah Tower of Pembroke, Nov. 23, 173M. Mr. Robert appears 
to have hvetl on n \niTt of liis ^ranilfathcr''s Indian purchase ; but 
his farm there contained only forty-three acres of land. The 
house erected by him is still standin<^, on the road from the Con- 
gregational meeting-house in Hanover, to Hanson ; and is tht 
oldest house but one in Hanover. In 1746 he sold this place to 
William Stetson. The date of his death is not known. 

Robert. May 8, 1740. bap. May 18. d. Feb. 27, 1768. 

not m. 
Reuben. Nov. 31, 1746. d. Jan. 24, 1769. not m. 
Hannah. Sep. 15, 1748. m. Elijah Gilbert. (Some say 

Josiah Randall.) Date of marriage and death unknown. 
Mary. June 22, 1751. m. Gershom Curtis, 1780. 

47. Batcheler. Dec. 11, 1753. 

Caleb. Aug. 13, 1756. d. Sep. 21, 1774, in the W. Indies. 
Martha. July 28, 1760. m. Morgan Brewster, Mar. 31, 

1784. d. 1838. 
Jemima. Dec. 24, 1763. m. in Maine. 

19. Abner, son of Samuel, m. Deborah, da. of Matthew Stet- 
son, Oct. 7, 1762. He lived in Scituate, and d. Nov. 20, 1805, 
aged 89. Rec. 2d Ch. His will is dated July 28, 1795. Prob. 
Rec. Plym. 40. 334. 

Deborah. 1763. m. Abner Crooker of Marshfield, Nov. 27, 
1791. (Nov. 21. Ch. R.) 

48. Joshua. Oct. 1766. 

Lois, or Louisa. 1768. m. Henry Josselynn of Pembroke, 
Ap. 13, 1793, and d. July, 1843. 

49. Abner. July, 1771. 

50. Melzar. Nov. 27, 1772. 

Rogers. 1775. Deaf and dumb. Never, m. d. Oct. 1843, 

20. George, son of Samuel, m. Eunice, da. of Jonah Stetson, 
May 10, 1742. He was in the Revolutionary War, and tradition 
says he was one of Washington's Life Guards. He was also in 
the French War of 1756. Deane. The date of his death I have 
not been able to ascertain. 

Eunice, bap. Oct. 25, 1747. m. 1st, Thomas Nash, Feb. 
18, 1766, and 2d, Jordan. ^ 

51. George, bap. June 2, 1751. 

52. Samuel, bap. Oct. 20, 1754. 
Christopher. Never m. Lost in a privateer. 

21. Joshua, son of Samuel, m. Mary . He lived in 

Scituate. The record of his family is quite imperfect, and as 



yet I have not been able to learn the fate of any of its members. 
On the town books I find against one Joshua, presumed to be this 
one, the following. 

Joseph, bap. in private Jan. 19, 1744 - 5, being sick. The 
child doubtless died. 

Susanna, (or Lusanna.) Feb. 28, 1745. bap. July 27, 1746. 

Mary. Aug. 15, 1748. 

Prudence. Mar. 19, 1750. bap. Dec. 1, 1751. 
The Rec. 2d Ch. call Lusanna, Maiy, and Prudence, children 
of Joseph Stetson ; but, as I remarked when speaking of Joshua 
in the family to which he belongs, he is constantly confounded 
with Joseph on the Church Records, and here his children are 
thus confounded. I am sure that my account of Joseph's chil- 
dren, which follows, is correct, because his son Joseph is living ; 
the above must be, therefore, as the town records say, the chil- 
dren of Joshua. 

22. Capt. Joseph, son of Samuel, m. Martha Gross of Scit- 
uate. Mar. 20, 1778. He was a mariner the former part of his 
life, but settled down to farming before his death, which took 
place in 1797. Prob. Rec. Plym. 36. 225. I have been told, by 
Mr. Harvey Stetson of Pembroke, that Joseph owned a place in 
Scituate, which he sold to Capt. Seth Foster, and then bought 
another, above the old forge in Hanover, on which Charles Dyer 
now lives. 

Xoa. May, 1779. 

Zintha. 1781. m. Ebenezer Curtis, jr. and moved to Maine. 
53. Joseph. Aug. 27, 1787. 

Lucy. 1789. d. Mar. 13, 1846. 

One son, Joseph, b. 1783. d. at the age of 4. 

23, 24. Zebulon, and John, sons of Nehemiah. I have been 
able to learn nothing about either of these, except that John was 
published to Joanna Dote of Plympton, in 1763. Halifax Records. 

25. Nehemiah, son of Nehemiah, lived in Halifax, and m. 
widow Elizabeth Bearce, July 30, 1754, of Halifax. His estate 
was administered upon in the year 1756, from which it appears 
that he died at the age of 27. Prob. Rec. Plym. 14. 29. d. Jan. 

^P, 1756, in Halifax. His widow m. Abner Hull of Kingston, 
July 15, 1758. 

Sarah. Feb. 21, 1755. m. Gamaliel Br\'ant of Halifax, 
Nov. 20, 1772. 

26. Abel, son of Joseph, m. Lydia . His will is dated 

Jan. 11, 1776. Prob. Rec. Plym. 24. 67. He lived in Pembroke, 


and probably died there about the time of the Revolutionary war. 
His widow died Nov. 16, 1810. 

Lydia. Aug. 11, 1754. d. Sep. 26, 1754. 

54. Abel. Aug. 7, 1755. 

Abthiah. July 22, 1757. d. Oct. 13, 1758. 

55. Zenas. Nov, 7, 1759. 

Lydia. Mar. 19, 1762. m. James Vaughan of Pembroke, 

Nov. 2, 1784. 
Martha, Dec. 4, 1765. m. Benjamin Bates of Hanover, 

Mar. 3, 1786. 

56. Hezekiah. Dec. 2, 1752. 

Hannah. Sept. 1763. Burned to death. 

Abigail, called, Nabby in her mother's will. Not m. — d. 

27. John, son of Joseph, m. Hannah Gushing of Pembroke, 
June 25, 1770. His estate was administered upon in the year 
1776, Oct. 7. Prob. Rec. Plym. 24. 208. His widow m. William 
White of Middleboro', July 13, 1778. 

Hannah. Mar. 29, 1771. m. Eels. 

57. John. Nov. 16, 1772. 

58. Joseph. Dec. 26, 1774. 

28. Isaac, son of Anthony, m. Ruth Prouty of Scituate, Nov. 
16, 1749. He lived in Scituate, south of George Moore's Pond, 
and died there, June 8, 1811, aged 92, very much respected and 
beloved. His widow died Sep. 18, 1805. Rec. 2d Ch. 

Isaac. Nov. 30, 1750. d. Mar. 5, 1778, on board the Jersey 

prison ship. 
Ruth. Mar. 27, 1752. bap. May 3. m. John Lincoln in 

1779, and moved to Maine. Now dead. 
Elizabeth. Sep. 7, 1754. bap. May 5. m. Gershom Bowker 

of Scituate, Feb. 18, 1773. d. 1842. 
Anne. Sep. 22, 1755. m. John Morton of Scituate, Nov. 

13, 1785. d. 1836. 
Eunice. May 31, 1757. d. Nov. 28, 1758. 

59. Elisha. Ap. 8, 1759. 
Eunice. Jan. 2, 1761. ni. Richard Boylston of Charlcstown, 

Mass. and d. in 1840. 

Abigail. Dec. 26, 1762. m. Henry Nye of Hingha^ 

d. Mar. 1844. ^ 

Mary. Jan. 1, 1765, Not. m. Yet lives near the Scituate 

Town House ; a very active and intelligent woman for 

her age. 
Chloe. Aug. 21, 1767. m. Benjamin Bowker, June 30, 1791, 

and moved to Charlcstown, Mass. 
60. David. July 7, 1769. 


29. Joseph, son of Anthony, m. Mary Eames of Marshfield, 
in 1743, and moved to Kingston, where he died. I find from old 
papers, that he was in Kingston in 1749, and in 1758. Also in 
the year 1754, when Elisha Stetson died, Joseph Stetson is one 
of the names mentioned in the papers relating to the settlement 
of his estate. The only record of birth I have found is the 
following : 

Jedediah. Jan. 23, 1757. 
What became of this Jedediah, I do not know. 

30. Charles, son of Anthony, m. Bathsheba Hatch of Roches- 
ter, in 1752, and lived in Rochester ? 

61. Charles, b. 1752. 

62. Thaddeus. b. 1756. 

63. Joseph, b. 1758. 

Hannah, b. 1760. m. Deacon Wm. Sherman of Rochester ? 
Smith, b. 1754 ; died without issue, aged 29. 
Rebecca, b. 1762. m. Richard Hammond of Fairhaven. 

31. Ezra, son of Anthony, m. Sarah Rider of Plymouth, and 
moved to Hardwick^ Mass. He d. Ap. 25, 1805. The following 
list of his children was sent me by Mr. Wm. L. Stetson of Ches- 
terfield, and Mr. Thayer of Dana. 

64. Anthony. 

65. Benjamin. 

66. Ezra. 

Mary. m. Benjamin Thayer of Dana. She is d. 
Hannah, m. Wm. White of Fairhaven. She is d. 
Sally, m. Ephraim Thayer of Dana, Mass. She is d. 
Anna. m. Theodosius Russell of Greenwich, N. Y. She 
is d. 

32. Elisha, son of Anthony, m. Lydia Cook of Kingston, in 
1753. He is called Elisha the 3d, on the Kingston Records. It 
is presumed that he died in the year 1761, as from the Prob. Rec. 
Plym. 16. 143. I find the death of one Elisha of Kingston under 

at date. He had one da. 

PhcEbe. Jan. 30, 1755. 
On the Pembroke Ch. Records, I find that Phoebe, da. of the 
widow Stetson, was bap. May 29, 1757. It is presumed that 
reference is had to this Phcebe, and if so, after the death of her 
husband, Mrs. S. probably moved to Pembroke. 


33. Thomas, son of Anthony, m. Susanna Gray of Barnsta- 
ble, about 1766, and d. in B. Feb. 8, 1785. He was a Ship- 
carpenter by trade, and left 


67. Thomas. July 15, 1766. 

Susjjinna. 1770. ni. Thomas D. Yovmp ahout 1795. She d. 

July 21, 1842, and he Feb. 21, 1802. 
Marv. 1774. m. Job Stevens of Fairhaven, about 1790. 

He d. in 1831. 

34. Benjamin, son of Anthony, m. Mercy Turner, June 14, 
1763, and lived in Scituatc. Me was a tailor by trade. 

Lucy. Ap. 26, 1766. m. Benjamin T. Lane, Nov. 2, 1790. 

Rec. 2d Ch. and moved to Sherburne, Mass. She d. 

in 1836. 
Mercy. Mar. 30, 1768. m. Elijah Jenkins of Scituate, Sep. 

19, 1794, and d. in 1845. 

68. ) Benjamin. Jan. 8, 1771. 

(Joseph. Jan. 8, 1771. d. single, Oct. 12,1778. A mariner. 
I3etsy. m. Leonard Clapp, Nov. 28, 1797. 

Fanny, m. Bradburn, and moved to Beverly. She d. 

in Attleboro'. 

35. Abiel, son of Anthony, m. Ruth Bonney of Ilardwick, in 
1767, and settled in Chesterfield. His deed of land there is 
dated Sep. 9, 1765, lot No. 32, in the original survey. Mr. Wm. 
L. Stetson, his grandson, says — " My grandfather wintered in 
C. the first winter, in company with a man named Benjamin 
Bryant, also from Scituate ; and I have heard him say that they 
lived in a log house, covered with bark, and were obliged to 
watch, and keep a good fire burning all night, to prevent freezing 
to death. Brjant had a wife ; my grandfather was then single." 
Mr. Abiel Stetson d. Aug. 28, 1819, aged 81, and his wife Ap. 
12, 1809, aged 63. 

Mar^-. b. about 1768. m. Elias Parsons of Chesterfield, and 

d. Sep. 1823. 
Cynthia. Mar. 1772. m. Dean Franklin, Sep. 1807, and d. 

at Beaver Dam, Wisconsin Tr. Oct. 14, 1846. leaving ch. 

69. Bela. Oct. 1776. 

Hannah, m. Nathan Healy of C. in 1804, moved to Mar- 
cellus, N. Y. and d. Aug. 1, 1818. 

36. Job, son of William, m, Mary Prouty of Scituate, Sep. 
26, 1742. The record of his family is quite imperfect, and has 
been collected from various sources. 

Malachi. bap. June 26, 1743. Rec. 2d Ch. 

Rhoda. bap. Feb. 10, 1744 - 5. m. Jehiel Simmons, Ap. 

10, 1763. 
Luther, b. Jan. 1747. bap. May 6, 1750. 


It is presumed that Mr. Job Stetson d. previous to the year 
1767, as from the Prob. Rec. Plym. 19. 490. it appears that 
Luther Stetson, a minor, was then put under guardianship. Also, 
Rhoda seems to have m. Jehiel Simmons of Duxbuiy, in 1763 ; 
for, from an old paper, I find that Jehiel and Rhoda Simmons of 
Hunger Island, Lincoln Co. Me., deed to Stephen Stetson of 
Scituate, all their right, &c. in the estate of AVilliam Stetson, 
deceased, (her father,) which was set off to Hannah Stetson, his 
widow, also deceased, &;c. Dec. 9, 1783. JNIalachi, or Mclatiah. 
Prob. Rec. 28. 317. m. and moved to Taunton; for under date 
of Ap. 5, 1782, I find that Luther Stetson of Taunton, Black- 
smith, as guardian for Mary and Bathsheba Stetson, minors, 
children and heirs of Malachi orMelatiah Stetson, deceased, deed 
to Stephen Stetson, &;c., as in the former case. The foregoing 
notes embrace all that I know about this family. The Taunton 
town records were destroyed by fire some years since, and I 
could learn nothing there. What became of Luther, I know not. 

37. William, son of William, m. Mary Lincoln, July 19, 
1764, and moved to Thomaston, Me. I have sought in vain for 
information concerning him. Very possibly his descendants 
may be in Thomaston, but I have heard nothing from them. 

38. Stephen, son of William, m. Experience Palmer of Scit- 
uate, Dec. 19, 1762. He d. and she, Jan. 12, 1829, aged 

97, " a worthy woman." Deane. 

Stephen. July 17, 1763. A blacksmith bv trade ; never 

married; d. 1832. 
Hannah, b. 1765. m. Elijah Randall of S. Dec. 22, 1784. 
■ d. before 1801. 

70. ( Charies. Sep. 12, 1767. 

( Rachael. Sep. 12, 1767. m. Proctor Sampson of Marsh- 
field, Dec. 10, 180 L d. before 1829. 

71. I William. Aug. 17, 1771. 

( Jane. Aug. 17, 1771. m. William Copeland of S. Oct. 

31, 1815. A widow. 
Huldah. Dec. 25, 1774. m. Moses Parsons, of Maine. 

d. Jan. 1838. 

39. Amos, son of Amos, m. Experience Holbrook. He 
appears to have lived in Stoughton, and was a Cordwainer. Prob. 
Rec. Suff. It is said that he d. in 1779, of sickness, in the 
Revolutionary War, at Saratoga, soon after the surrender of Bur- 
goyne. John Vinton was appointed guardian tp his children, 
Robert and Betsy, July 17, 1779, they being at that time over 
fourteen years of age. Prob. Rec. Suff. His widow afterwards 


m. a Loring of Hingham, and then a Crosby. I have not been 
able to obtain the dates of birth of all his children. 

Betsy, m. White. 

Robert. Never m. Mariner, d. 

72. Jacob. 

73. Isaac. 

74. Joshua. Sep. 15, 1770. 

Rhoda. m. Thayer, of Sterling. 

Phebe. m. Lemuel Veazie, of Braintree, Jan. 8, 1796. 
Taniar ? 

75. Amos. Feb. 25, 1777. 

40. John, son of Amos, m. Rachael Paine, da. of Samuel 
Paine, of Randolph. He was a farmer by occupation, and lived 
and died in R. He d. Jan. 30, 1811, aged 81, and his wife Nov. 
6, 1793, aged 53. A very benevolent man. 

76. Gideon. Jan. 18, 1762. 

Sarah. Sep. 16, 1763. m. Samuel Thayer of Randolph, in 

1782. d. Jan. 31, 1840, leaving ch. 
Rachael. Dec. 19, 1764. m. Reuben, brother to Samuel 

Thayer, in 1783, and d. Jan. 16, 1803, leaving ch. 
John. Ap. 12, 1766. Fate unknown. He went to sea. 

77. Samuel. Aug. 12, 1767. 

78. Amasa. Mar. 26, 1769. 

79. Simeon. Oct. 26, 1770. 

80. Jonathan. Ap. 20, 1773. 

Rebecca. Dec. 20, 1774. m. Jacob Canterbury, Esq. of 
Boston, and d. May 22, 1807. 

81. Peter. May 15, 1780. 

Esther. July 23, 1784. m. William Barry, Esq. of Boston. 

41. Rufus, son of Amos, m. 

He lived in and d. 

Sally. May 8, 1774. m. William Stetson of Quincy. 

82. Jeremiah. Sep. 1, 1776. 

Mary. m. John Thomas of Weymouth. 
Nancy, m. Luther Thayer of Weymouth. Now a widow, 
in Duxbury. 

83. Timothy. May 17, 1783. 

42. Benjamin, son of Amos, m. Mary French of Braintree, 
in 1766, and moved to Lincolnville, Me., where he d. Aug. 1817. 
He was a Farmer by occupation. 

Benjamin. Sep. 12, 1766. d. Dec. 12, 1768. 

84. Benjamin. Nov. 6, 1768. 

Mary. Sep. 14, 1770. m. Ephraim Belcher, and lives in 


Phebe. Nov. 21, 1773. m. Thayer. 

85. Josiah. May 2, 1779. 

86. Daniel. Ap. 25, 1785. 

43. Gideon, son of Amos, m. Hannah Holbrook of Braintree, 
in 1770, and d. in Randolph. He was a Carpenter by trade. 

87. William. Mar. 27, 1773. 

88. Zeba. June 15, 1775. 

Hannah. Dec. 14, 1777. m. Nathaniel Holbrook of Ran- 
dolph, and d. July 6, 1839. 

89. James. Oct. 15, 1780. 

90. Abel. May 22, 1783. 

91. Royal. July 11, 1786. 

Polly. June 29, 1789. d. about 1826. not m. 
Elisha. Sep. 6, 1791. d. aged 16. 
Susanna. June 28, 1794. 

44. Gideon, son of Gideon, m. Eliza Perry of Scituate, Nov. 
14, 1757. The date of his death is unknown. He had ch. 



Mary, went to Maine, and married. 

Lydia. d. Ap. 6, 1771. 

45. Amos, son of Gideon, m. 1st, Elizabeth Pray of Brain- 
tree, in 1762 ; and 2d, Widow Lydia Richardson of Quincy, in 
1780. Braintree Rec. The names of his children, as given me 
by Mr. William Stetson of Quincy, are, by the first wife, 

92. Zenas. Moved to Lyme, N. H. 

Susan, m. a Goodwin, and d. in Braintree. 
One pair of twins, d. young. 

93. ( Jesse. Jan. 15, 1779. 

\ Twin brother. He died, and his mother at the same time. 
By the second wife he had, 

94. William. Ap. 23, 1781, 
Lydia. d. young. 

Fanny, d. aged 15, or thereabouts. 

46. Zenas, son of Gideon. Of him I have been able to learn 

47. Batcheler, son of Robert. Of him I have been able to 
learn nothing. I have been told that he moved to Maine ; but 
whether he married or not, I cannot say. 


48. Joshua, son of Abner, m. Lydia Ewoll of Marshfield, 
Oct. 3, 1802. He was in the United States' employ under the 
elder Adams, and resided in Scituate, not far from Church Hill. 

Harriet. Sep. 21, 1803. Not m. 

95. Joshua. Nov. 21, 1805. 

96. Abner. Feb. 26, 1808. 

Eliza. May 3, 1810. d. Jan. 15, 1832. 

Charlotte. Jan. 9, 1813. m. Henry Josselynn of Pembroke, 
in 1832. 

Lydia. July 19, 1816. m. Adams. Lives in Lowell. 

Susan. Aug. 23, 1819. Not m. 

Lois. Aug. 19, 1822. m. Daniel T. Blanchard of Bridge- 
water, 1844. 

Hannah. May 13, 1826. d. Oct. 20, 1826. 

49. Abner, son of Abner. In the spring of 1793 he moved 
to Newcastle, Me., and afterwards to Nobleboro', where he d. 
Sep. 13, 1846. He m. 1st, Susanna Day of Bristol, Dec. 25, 
1795, who d. Sep. 22, 1819 ; and 2d, Susanna Wiley, July 15, 
1820. The names of his children, as they have been sent 
me, are, 

Martha. Sep. 14, 1796. m. James Robinson, Dec. 26, 1816, 

and d. July 6, 1828. 
Deborah. Nov. 22, 1798. m. Jeremiah Knowlton, Dec. 24, 


97. Abner. Jan. 26, 1800. 

98. William D. Nov. 18, 1802. 

Marv D. Feb. 29, 1804. m. Joseph Hiscock, Dec. 30, 1823. 
Susannah. Jan. 19, 1806. d. Mar. 1, 1809. 

99. Waterman. Jan. 1, 1807. 

100. Melzar. Nov. 4, 1809. 

Henry. June 2, 1811. d. Sep. 8, 1835. 
Benjamin D. May 9, 1813. 

Abigail. Nov. 24, 1814. m. Lorenzo Wright, in 1844. 
Susannah. Aug. 11, 1817. d. Oct. 11, 1819. 
The above by the first wife. By the second he had, 

101. James. May 30, 1822. 

50. Melzar, son of Abner, m. Clarissa, da. of Matthew Stet- 
son of Scituate, Sep. 29, 1803. (Oct. 23. Rec. 2dCh.) He is 
still living in Scituate, near Church Hill, and his wife also. 

102. Rogers. Dec. 19, 1803. 

Melzar. Sep. 30, 1805. In S. Boston, Shipwright ; not m. 
Warren. Dec. 7, 1807. d. Feb. 19, 1829. (Feb. 24. Rec. 
2d Ch.) 



Deborah. Mar. 1, 1810. m. Martin Curtis of Hanover. 

Feb. 15, 1834. 
Clarissa. July 17, 1812. m. Israel W. Sherman, 1834. 
George W. Feb. 6, 1815. Not m. 
Matthew. July 1, 1817. m. Sylvina B. Sherman, 1846. 

103. Luther. Jan. 28, 1821. 

51. George, son of George. The Town records say he m. 
Betsey Torrey, Oct. 23, 1777. He d. in 1799, aged 48 ; Prob. 
Rec. Plym. 37. 207. But his daughter says her mother's name 
was Betsey Collamore. He was a Mariner. 

104. George W. Ap. 10, 1778. 

105. Christopher. Oct. 20, 1781. 

Sarah. 1783? m. Sidney Menill of Boston, Sep. 16, 1791. 
Benjamin. Dec. 20, 1785. Has not been heard from for 
twentj'-five years. 

106. Joshua. Aug. 10, 1788. 

Betsy. Dec. 24, 1795. m. Consider Merritt of S. Aug. 12, 
1815. (Oct. 11. Rec. 2dCh.) 

52. Samuel, son of George, m. Deborah Gross, July 16, 
1780. Of his family I have been able to obtain no knowledge. 

53. Joseph, son of Joseph, m. widow Betsy Whitman of 
Weymouth, May 12, 1839. He lives not far from Church Hill. 

Joseph F. Feb. 1840. 
Martha E. Nov. 1841. 

54. Abel, son of Abel, m. Sally or Sarah Oldham, of Pem- 
broke, Dec. 1, 1782. He d. May'lO, 1810, aged 55. His will 
is dated Mar. 15, 1809. Prob. Rec. Plym. 43. 218. 

Abel. 1796. d. Feb. 3, 1798. 

107. Isaac O. Mar. 8, 1792. 

Sally. Aug. 19, 1801. m. George Bailey, Ap. 4, 1828. 
In Middleboro'. 

108. Abel. Ap. 4, 1803. 

Almira. Mar. 27, 1806. m. Franklin Peterson. 

109. Zenas. Jan. 26, 1809. 

55. Zenas, son of Abel. He died in the Revolutionaiy '\^'ar, 
leaving no issue. The Inventory of his Estate is recorded on the 
Plym. Prob. Rec. 28. 226. under date of 1781. 

56. Hezekiah, son of Abel, m. Elizabeth Tilson, Jan. 20, 
1780. He lived and died in Sumner, Me. The following list 


of his children was obtained from Mr. Isaac O. Stetson of Pem- 

Elisha. Abel. Ilczekiah. 

Zenas. Tiison, Ephruim. 

2 daughters. 

57. John, son of John. Of his family I have been able to 
obtain no record. 

58. Joseph, son of John. I have no account of his family. 

59. Elisha, son of Isaac, m. Rebecca Curtis of Scituate, in 
1784, and moved to Durham, Me. 

For the record of his descendants, see Appendix. 

60. David, son of Isaac, m. Sarah Lapham of Scituate, Sep. 
8, 1793, and in 1794, moved to Charlestown, Mass., where he d. 
Dec. 6, 1833. lie was a man much respected in his adopted 
town, and left behind a good name. Ilis widow still survives, 
and resides with her daughter, Mrs. Felton. 

David. May 17, 1795. d. Oct. 13, 1795. 

Charles. Oct. 2, 1796. 

Sarah. Aug. 28, 1798. m. J. J. Fiskc, Esq. of Boston, 
now of New York, Oct. 13, 1821. and d. Mar. 24, 1827. 

Mary. Oct. 13, 1800. 

Catherine. Oct. 22, 1802. 

Anne. Mar. 15, 1805. m. 1st, David Lee, July 25, 1825 ; 
and 2d, John Hartwell of Cincinnati, O. d. Dec. 1, 1843. 

David. Ap. 11, 1807. d. Nov. 4. 1831. He was a mari- 
ner, and Mate of a Ship. 

Ruth. May 5, 1809. m. J. P. Welch, May 1, 1834. d. Ap. 
3, 1837. 

Eleanor. Aug. 14, 1811. d. Aug. 28, 1811. 

Eleanor. Aug. 12, 1813. m. S. M. Felton, Esq., Civil 

Edward. Mar. 15, 1819. On board the U. S. Sloop of War, 
Capt. Hull, as Clerk. 

61. Charles, son of Charles, m. Jane Jenny of Fairhaven, 
about 1781, and lived there, and in New Bedford. He was a 
Ship-carpenter by trade. The dates of birth of his children were 
sent by Mr. Silas Stetson. Their names, as given by Mr. Peleg, 
one of his sons, are — (He d. 1816, and his wife 1840.) 

110. Smith, b. 1786. 

William, b. 1788. Drowned. Never m. d. aged 19. 
Charles. Drowned with William, in Buzzard's Bay, aged 17. 


Samuel, m. Mary Thrift of Norfolk, Virginia, and d. be- 
tween New York and New Orleans, in 1816. 

111. Silas, b. 1792. Feb. 24. 

112. PelegH. b. 1797. July 10. 

113. Ebenezer. 1805. Mariner. 

Charles. Lives in New York. m. Henrietta Hooper. 
Sukey. d. young. 
Betsy, d. 

Betsy, 1800. m. Capt. Thomas Seaverns of Fairhaven, 1822. 
Susan. 1803. m. 1st, Wm. Ritchie, and 2d, Joseph Pierce, 
in 1844. 

62. Thaddeus, son of Charles, m. in New Bedford, 1st, a 
Jenny ; 2d, a Howard ; and 3d, a Russel ; and had the following 
ch. (He d. 1844.) He served in the Navy in the Revolution, 
and was in the Hyder Ali, in the battle off the Capes of Dela- 
ware, with Capt., afterwards Commodore Barney. After the 
war, he followed the seas several years. 

Daniel. Matthew. Fatima. 

William. Esther. Mary. 

63. Joseph, son of Charles, m. in New Bedford, 1st, a Wood ; 
2d, a Wood ; 3d, a Perry ; and 4th, a Sherman. He. d. 1831. 
He was a Shipwright. 

Joseph, in Fairhaven, about thirty years old. 

64. Anthony, son of Ezra. He lived in Wilmington, Vt., 
and d., after an illness of three years, of a wound received across 
the hips at the raising of a barn. He m. Selina Wars ? of Wil- 
mington, Vt. 

Anthony. In Wilmington, Vt. 
One other. 

65. Benjamin, son of Ezra, lived in Sangersfield, N. Y., and 
there d. several years since. He m. Mary Johnson of Hard- 
wick, Mass. 

Ezra. In Sangersfield. 
Joel. do. 


da. m. Beebe. 

66. Ezra, son of Ezra, lived in Springfield, N. Y., and m. 
Susan Gibbs of Greenwich. He is dead. 

Jesse. In Rochester, Wisconsin Ter. 
Olive, m. John Southworth of Batavia, N. Y. 


Azuba. m. Wilson, and lives on the old farm. 

Esther, m. Thomas Stephens. Lives in Springfield, N. Y. 

67. Thomas, son of Thomas, m. Mary Hinckley of Barnsta- 
ble, Sep. 24, 1789. lie yet lives in B., and is a Ship-carpenter 
by trade. 

Sallv. Jan. 11, 1790. m. Sylvanus Bourne, Ap. 19, 1812. 
. d.' Jan. 13, 1822. 

114. William. Feb. 25, 1794. 
Hittv. Ap. 13, 1796. 

115. Calvin. Sep. 27, 1799. 

Thomas. May 29, 1802. m. Thankful G. Lothrop, Dec. 

1828. No. ch. 
Mary. Feb. 22, 1806. 

68. Benjamin, son of Benjamin, m. Mary Alexander of Bos- 
ton, Sep. 3, 1793. His first four children were born in Boston, 
and the next five in Scituate. He moved to Smithfield, R. I. in 
1809, and d. there in 1810. His last child was born in Smith- 
field, and his widow is still living. 

Mary. Nov. 6, 1794. In Wallham : not m. 

Eliza. Jan. 30, 1796. m. James Wilson. Lives in Lowell. 

116. Joseph. Aug. 28, 1798. 

Nancy. Dec. 31, 1799. m. Luther Richardson : now a 

117. James Alexander. Sep. 28, 1801. 

Mercy T. Ap. 30, 1803. d. in 1831. Not m. 

Fanny. Dec. 9, 1804. d. in 1834? Not m. 

Almira. July 29, 1806. m. Francis Winch, and lives in 

Nashua, N. H. 
Catherine K. 1808. m. George Benson of Brooklyn, Ct. 
Sally A. July 1810, Not. m. Lives in Nashua, N. H. 

69. Bcla, son of Abiel, m. Cynthia Blssel of Chesterfield ? 
Nov. 19, 1801. By occupation, he is a farmer; and his son, 
William L. Stetson, Esq., .says he is the oldest native inhabitant, 
excepting one, now living in C. There are but two persons who 
have lived in town longer than he has. To show the state of 
things when his father was young, he says, " The firet settlers 
had to endure many hardships and privations ; the nearest settle- 
ment being at Northampton, twelve miles distant ; and there was 
but a blind path of marked trees, to point out the way. In one 
instance, my grandfather, in coming from Northampton, missed 
the track, and got into the wrong line, but continued to pursue it, 
not knowing where it might lead him, until it brought him to the 
top of a hill about two miles from home. As another instance, 



of the privation of a neighbor, Mr. Buck, I would state, that, 
finding himself short of provisions, and that he should soon need 
further supplies, he started for Northampton. A severe snow- 
storm set in, and he was detained some time. The people, 
knowing the situation of his family, turned out upon snow-shoes, 
and went to their relief. They found them entirely destitute, 
excepting that ]\Irs. B. had dressed a dog^ which was all she had 
in the house, for the sustenance of herself and children. .Mr. 
Bryant, the father of the person with whom my grandfather win- 
tered the first season he resided in C, started for Ashfield, ten or 
twelve miles distant, and got lost in the woods, and perished, his 
remains being found the next Spring." He adds, — " Several 
families came to C. fi'om your town, (1. e. Scituate,) many of 
whom I have known. There were three by the name of Bates ; 
three Brj-ants; two Ewells ; three Sylvesters; two Beswicks ; 
three Pierces ; one Stephenson ; one Stetson ; one Taylor ; two 
Cudworths ; three Rogers ; one Jones ; and three Damons ; 
making twenty-eight in the whole." 

It seems that Mr. Abiel, the father of Bela, was a soldier in the 
campaign of 1758, under General Abercrombie, and was at the 
battles of Ticonderoga, and Catarocqua, where they were de- 
feated. He afterwards weni to Canada, and helped take the fort 
where Kingston now stands. He suffered many hardships during 
this campaign, and finally returned to Scituate at the close of the 
year, being sick with a fever, his brother meeting him with a 
horse, somewhere between Springfield and Albany. He con- 
tinued to live in Scituate, following the fishing business, till the 
year 1765, when he moved to Chesterfield. — Mr. Bela's chil- 
dren are — 
118. William L. Ap. 29, 1803. 

Eunice O. Aug. 17, 1805. m. Dea. Enos Porter of Cum- 
mington, June 8, 1835. 

Hannah M. June 4, 1808. m. Huntington Porter of Cum- 
mington, Dec. 1835. 

70. Charles, son of Stephen, m. Lois Crooker, about 1814, 
and d. Dec. 25, 1832. His widow m. Clarke Sampson of Dux- 
bury, in 1834, and into his hands the Cornet's place has fallen, 
and for the first time passed out of the Stetson name. 

Charles, b. 1815, June, and d. at the age of eleven, or 

71. William, son of Stephen, m. Deborah A., da. of Silas 
Stetson, Dec. 12, 1820. He is a blacksmith by trade, but owns 
and carries on a farm, quite near the Cornet's old place. 

Deborah. Dec. 30, 1821. 


William. Sep. 21, 1823. Clerk in Medford. 
Stephen. Aug. 12, 1826. 

72. Jacob, son of Amos, m. Patience Smitl), June 28, 1792, 
(Stoughton Records,) and moved to Maine. I have no knowl- 
edge of his family, except that I have been told that he had sons, 
Jacob, Amos, and otiiers. 

73. Isaac, son of Amos, m. Abigail Sumner, Mar. 14, 1792. 
(Stoughton Records.) It is said that he died in Canton. 

74. Joshua, son of Amos, m. Nabby, da. of Aaron Everett, 
Esq. of Foxboro', Nov. 10, 1798. He has been extensively en- 
gaged in the manufacture of edge and agricultural tools and im- 
plements. " Stetson's Hoes," are famed far and wide. His first 
wife d. May 28, 1807, and he then m. widow Olive Smith, da. of 
Silas Plimpton of Medfield, Jan. 1, 1809. 

119. Joshua. May 31, 1800. ^ ^ t- m r- r^ m 

120. Everett. July 31, 1803. Hb4:O04: 

75. Amos, son of Amos, m. Hannah Hunt of Braintrce, Jan. 
8, 1800. He is a merchant in Braintrce, and by his industry 
and application, has acquired a very respectable estate. He is 
an esteemed member of the Congregational Church, in B., under 
the pastoral charge of the Rev. Mr. Perkins. 

121. Caleb. Jan. 6, 1801. 

122. Amos W. Ap. 27, 1802. 

123. James A. Dec. 28, 1806. 

Rhoda. Dec. 12, 1808. d. Oct. 15, 1811. 

Marv. Mar. 27, 1804. ni. Joseph Porter of Wrentham. 

Rhoda W. Oct. 21, 1812. 

76. Gideon, son of John, m. Anne Thayer.? in 1783. He 
was a soldier in the Revolutionary Army, and entered into the 
service at the early age of fourteen. 

Charlotte. 1785. m. Simeon Cole of Goshen. 
Polly. 1787. m. Dickerson of Amherst. 
Gideon. 1790. 

Rachael. 1795. m. Warner. 

Sally. 1797. m. Hawley. 

Nancy. 1799. m. Rufus Kellog, of Amherst. 

Ainasa. 1801. Of Stetson, Me. 

\\illiam Barry. 1803. 

Rebecca C. 1806. m. Simeon Edwards. 

John. 1809. 


77. Samuel, son of John, m. Katharine, da. of Eev. Moses 
Taft of Randolph, June 16, 1789. He lived for a time in Ran- 
dolph, and then moved to Boston, where he was engaged in 
business, with his brother Amasa. He died in Watertown, in 
July, 1805, and his wife the same month and year. His wife 
died first, and whilst her funeral was going on, he was on his 
dying bed, and breathed his last before his friends returned from 
the grave. 

" Catharine, m. Ezekiel Jones, d. aged 28. 
124. Samuel. 

Irene, m. Rev. Mr. Ely, of Fredonia, N. Y. Now a widow. 
Hiram, d. at sea, at the age of 18 or 19. 
Marv D. Nov. 14, 1802.'' m. Luther Clark of Stoughton, 
Mar. 1, 1821. 

Note. — From the Prob. Rec. Suff., it appears that Amasa Stetson, and Jacob 
Canterbury, w ere appointed to administer on the estate of Samuel Stetson, de- 
ceased, in 1899. Also, Jonathan Stetson of Randolph, was appointed guardian 
to Catharine, Samuel, Irene, Hiram, and Mary Stetson, all being minors, trnder 
fourteen years of age. Date, July 29, 1S05. 

78. Amasa, son of John, m. Rebecca, da. of Joseph and 
Rebecca Kettell of Boston, and grand-daughter of the Rev. 
Thomas Pi-entice, formerly of Charlestown, Mass. She was b. 
Aug. 25, 1775, and m. Aug. 21, 1798. Mr. Stetson had no 
children. He commenced life, as a poor boy, and learned the 
shoemakers' trade, which was the trade of his father. He after- 
wards went to Boston, and engaged in the shoe business, with his 
brother Samuel. By that close application, and strict economy, for 
which he was always distinguished, his business prospered, and his 
circumstances began to improve. He was a man much esteemed 
wherever known ; and during the last war, held the office of 
Commissar}^ for the district of Massachusetts ; and has held the 
office of Senator in the same state. His property was vers' large ; 
the assets, at his death, which occurred Aug. 2, 1844, being over 
8500,000 ; and his liberality was in proportion to his abilit}'. 
He gave to the town of Randolph the sum of $10,000, for the 
erection of a Hall, which occupies a conspicuous station in the 
western part of the town ; and §10,000, for the endowment of a 
School, to be kept in the Hall ; also $100 towards building a face 
wall in front of the burying-ground, on North Street, in which 
his father and mother lie. The town of Stetson, in Maine, was 
named from him, and a short time before his death he caused a 
church to be erected there, for the use of all denominations. It 
was finished at the time of his last visit to the place ; and what is 
a little singular, the first time the bell was ever tolled, was for 
his death. He resided in Dorchester, and the splendid clock on 
the church of the Rev. Mr. Hall, which was his place of worship, 
was a present from him, and cost $700. Many acts of private 


munificence might be recorded here ; and a large circle of rela- 
tives and friends have reason to remember him with thankfulness 
and gratitude. A pleasing circumstance connected with the 
School founded by him in Randolj)h, may be noticed here. 
Soon after its establishment, all the scholars, accompanied by 
their teacher, made a visit to Mr. Stetson, at his residence ; and 
it bcin^ the winter season, ths scholars had both the ride, and an 
opportunity to see the man to whom they were so greatly in- 
debted. He received them with his accustomed hospitality, and 
on their departure, they gave three cheers for his health and 
happiness. A full length portrait of Mr. Stetson, by Frothing- 
ham of Charlestown, graces the Town Hall in Randolph, and one 
of the most excellent and striking likenesses it was ever my 
privilege to look uj)on, is in the house of his widow at Dorchester. 
His body lies in the Dorchester burying-ground ; and over his 
remains stands a chaste and elegant monument of white marble ; 
a most appropriate and touching memento of the affection of his 
surviving partner. 

79. Simeon, son of John, m. Elizabeth, da. of Reuben Kid- 
der, Esq. of New Ipswich, N. H., Jan. 25, 1796. She was b. 
June 4, 1773. Three of his children, Reuben, Anna, and 
Charles, were born in New Ii)swich ; and one, Thomas, the 
oldest, at Washington, N. H. He moved to Hampden, Me., in 
the spring of 1804, and here spent the rest of his days. Here, 
too, the rest of his children were born. Mr. Stetson was a man 
of good property, and highly respected by all who knew him. 
He was, for many years. Justice of the Peace; and held the 
office of Representative whilst Maine was part of Massachusetts, 
and after its erection into a separate government, he held the 
office of Senator in Maine. He d. Dec. 20, 1836. 

125. Thomas P. Feb. 1, 1797. 

126. Reuben K. Oct. 8, 1798. 

Anna K. Feb. 25, 1800. m. Jno. Crosby, son of Gen. John 
Crosby of Hampden, Me. Dec. 24, 1823. 

127. Charles. Nov. 2, 1801. 

128. George. Jan. 25, 1807. 
Isaiah. Feb. 6, 1812. Not m. 

80. Jonathan, son of John, m. Charlotte, da. of Joseph Spear 
of Randolph, Jan. 5, 1795. With all his brothers, except 
Simeon, he lived for a while on " Castle Island," where Fort In- 
dependence now is, as a soldier; about the year 1795 or 1798. 
In 1805, he was chosen Ensign ; in 1806, Captain ; and in 1809, 
Major, of the 3d Regiment, 1st Brigade, and 1st Division of the 
Massachusetts Militia. He is a man much respected by his 


townsmen, and has presided at many of its meetings, for busi- 
ness, and the advancement of the cause of Common Schools. 
He has spent most of his days as a shoemaker and farmer, and 
yet lives in Randolph, 

John. Feb. 1796. d. youngf. 

Jonathan. Feb. 1797." d. Ap. 1809. 

Simeon. Lived but two weeks. 

Amasa. Feb. 1801. d. Sep. 8, 1824. 

Sarah. Aug. 1803. m. 1st, Keros NUes, Feb. 6, 1820 ; and 
2d, Charles Lamb. 

Charlotte. Aug. 2, 1809. m. 1st, Thomas Gouch, Ap. 30, 
1829 ; and 2d, Moses Bean. 

Rachael. Dec. 11, 1814. m. Josiah Gay, Nov. 27, 1806. 

Charles. Oct. 25, 1811. 

Simeon. Feb. 7, 1820. d. Oct. 21, 1835. 

81. Peter, son of John, m. Amity, da. of Samuel Shepard of 
"Stoughton, and resided, till his death, which occurred in Oct. 

1846, on the place owned by her father. He was m. in 1800. 
Mary Dorr. Ap. 12, 1801. m. Ephraim Jones of Randolph, 
Sep. 26, 1819. A widow, in Stoughton. 

129. Samuel S. Oct. 7, 1802. 

Philena T. Feb. 2, 1805. m. William Thayer of Belcher- 
town, Sep. 28, 1830. 

Laura G. Nov. 1, 1806. m. David Thaver of BelchertoAra, 
Nov. 26, 1828. 

130. John G. Feb. 28, 1812. 

Albert A. Ap. 4, 1819. d. Nov. 15, 1822. 

Fanny C. Oct. 16, 1815. m. Seth Arnold of Belchertown. 

Marilla. m. Levi Arnold of BelchertoA\-n. 

82. Jeremiah, son of Rufus, m. Hannah White, Dec. 1, 1603. 
She was b. Mar. 18, 1784. 

Mptv. Oct. 5, 1804. d. Oct. 18, 1804. 

Eveline. Nov. 25, 1805. m. Joseph Thayer of Randolph, 
June 2, 1823. She is now a widow. 

131. Hiram W. Nov. 14, 1807. 

Lucinda. Jan. 19, 1811. m. William Bowker of Randolph, 
Jan. 16, 1844. 

Louisa W. July 8, 1813. m. Asa Bradley, 2d, Oct. 30, 
1836. He is dead, and his widow resides in New Ha- 
ven, Ct. 

Harriet N. Mar. 2, 1815. m. Nathaniel Hayden, Nov. 3, 
1836, and d. June 5, 1840. 

132. David B. Feb. 1, 1817. 

133. Anson. Jan. 18, 1821. 


Julia A. Dec. 14, 1823. m. John Gray of Quincy, Ap. 

16, 1843. 
Henry M. Dec. 18, 1825. Lives in Randolph. 

83. Timothy, son of Ilufiis, m. Deborah Nash of Weymouth, 
Mar. 13, 1803, and d. Mar. 19, 1835. He lived in Weymouth, 
and his widow still resides there. 

Charlotte. Sep. 27, 1803. m. Jared Vining, May 26, 1824. 
d. in 1835. 

Lavinia. Aug. 28, 1805. m. Richard Blanchard, Jan. 5,1826. 

Belinda. Mar. 4, 1809. m. Edwin Shaw, in 1831, Thanks- 
giving day. 

Mary A. July 27, 1811. m. Watson Bates, Sep. 4, 1831. 
d. Sep. 28, 1832. 

134. Timothy Alden. Ap. 22, 1818. 

William Henry. July 27, 1819. d. Nov. 2, 1821. 
William Henry. Nov. 2, 1822. 
Charles Loring. Aug. 15, 182G. 

84. Benjamin, son of Benjamin, married and died in Rich- 
mond, Va., leaving one daughter. 

Maiy Ann. m. Allen, Lawyer, of Richmond, Va. 

85. Josiah, son of Benjamin, m. Polly Tower of Randolph, in 
Ap. 1802, and moved to Lincolnville, Me. in Nov. 1804, where 
he yet resides. He has been a very enterprising man, and of 
excellent business habits. 

Mary. Feb. 20, 1803. m. Uriah Miller, June 6, 1826. 
Isanah. Mar, 30, 1805. m. Joseph Miller, July 12, 1829. 
Harriet. July 30, 1807. m. Capt. Joseph Gould, Oct. 
14, 1832. 

135. Josiah. Oct. 12, 1809. 

136. Amasa. Oct. 17, 1811. 

Caroline. Sep. 13, 1813. m. Joseph Pottle, Nov. 10, 1844. 
Elizabeth. Feb. 11, 1816. m. Israel Gould, May 25. 1845. 
Benjamin. Nov. 16, 1817. Not m. 
Sarah. Dec. 16, 1819. m. Capt. Allen Noyes, in 1846. 
Amanda. June 20, 1822. 
Julian. Aug. 15, 1824. 
Daniel. May 17, 1828. 

Lost one child, died young. 

86. Daniel, son of Benjamin, m. Hannah French of Ran- 
dolph, and moved to Lincolnville, Me., where he d. Oct. 31, 
1833, being drowned with his little boy, — his only son. He 
left daughters, — 


Mary A. m. William H. Esty, July 24, 1825. 




87. William, son of Gideon, m. Rhoda Holbrook of Ran- 
dolph, Jan. 8, 1800, and died there, leaving children, — 

Rhoda. July 3, 1800. m. William Holbrook, June 26, 1818. 

Hannah. Dec. 12, 1801. m. Charles Holbrook. 

William, Feb. 17, 1804. d. aged six weeks. 

Joanna. May 17, 1806. m. Charles Wilde, Ap. 17, 1828. 

Roxana. Aug. 2, 1808. m. Samuel Pierce, Sep. 18, 1833. 

William. June 5, 1811. 

Elisha. Nov. 27, 1814. 

88. Zeba, son of Gideon, m. Widow Betsy Sawin, Jan. 27, 
1808. Supposed to be dead, as he has not been heard from for 
many years. 

Martha. Nov. 25, 1808. m. Oliver Grant, Oct. 28, 1827. 

137. Ellridge G. Nov. 4, 1810. 

138. Louis T. Ap. 25, 1813. 

139. Bradford. May 25, 1815. 

Caroline. Mar. 24, 1817. m. Samuel C. Veazie. 

Jabez. June 14, 1819. 

Hannah. 1824. m. William Canterbury of Boston. 

Ann. Jan. 1826. m. John P. D. Wilkins. d. May 15, 1846. 

89. James, son of Benjamin, m. Polly Holbrook of Randolph, 
and lived several years in Providence, R. I. He then moved to 
Plymouth, la., and left there for Randolph about ten years ago, 
and has not been heard from since. He was a Carpenter by 
trade. His widow lives in Randolph, and is a " widow indeed 
and desolate," having lost all her children. 

James S. Oct. 1805. d. Ap. 1832. 
Austin L. Oct. 1807. d. May, 1829. 
Mary H. Dec. 1809. d. 1812. 

Columbus T. Ap. 1813. m. Maria Burt, and d. in 1836, 
leaving no children. 

90. Abel, son of Benjamin, m. Charlotte Holbrook. She was 
b. Oct. 31, 1786. He d. May 29, J 825, and his widow lives in 
Randolph. He was, by trade, a Carpenter and Wheelwright. 

Charlotte. July 8, 1807. d. Sep. 6, 1823. 
Olinda. June 25, 1809. m. Lewis Holbrook. 
140. Abel. May 13, 1811. 

Vernum. Mar. 11, 1814. d. Oct. 26, 1833. 


Livia. Mar. 30, 1816. m. William D. English, Ap. 22, 1839. 
Whitman. Jan. 2, 1819. d. Aug. 1820. 
Polly. Feb. 3, 1822. 

91. Royal, son of Benjamin, m. 1st, Lydia Ilolbrook, and 
resides in Canton, Mass. His 2d wife was Cynthia Wentworth. 

141. Joel M. Jan. 10, 1809. 
Royal T. Oct. 1810. 

142. Gideon. May, 1815. 

By 2d wife, — 
Lydia. Oct. 15, 1826. 
Besides the above, he had two Lydias, and one Gideon, who 
died young. 

92. Zenas, son of Amos. I have been able to obtain no 
information of his family. 

93. Jesse, son of Amos, m. Sarah Dickerman of Roxburv, 
in 1801 ? 

Elizabeth P. Dec. 18, 1801. m. Bradbuary Pevear, Mar. 

28, 1819. 
Sarah. Nov. 10, ]803. d. Feb. 1, 1826. 
Mary A. Oct. 26, 1805. m. Burnham Pevear. She d. 
Rebecca B. Mar. 27, 1808. m. Rev. Nicholas Medbury. 
Frances. Nov. 4, 1810. m. Mason Pierce. 
Susan. Mar. 18, 1814. m. Isaac Hooper, and d. May 

13, 1839. 

94. William, son of Amos, m. Sally, da. of Rufus Stetson of 
Randolph, and lives in Quincy, near the ledges. 

Fanny. Ap. 4, 1803. m. Zenas Whiting of Quincy. 

Sally, d. aged two. 

William, d. aged two. 

Lydia. Mar. 18, 1805. m. Ansel Snell of N. Bridgewater. 

Barrel! W. Mar. 1, 1812. Not m. 

Sally, m. Gideon Howard of N. Bridgewater. 

Mary. m. Enos E. Faunce of N. Bridgewater. 

95. Joshua, son of Joshua, m. Deborah Josselynn, and lives 
in Hanover. 

Elvia Ann. May 8, 1834. 
Sarah Jane. July 25, 1836. 
Deborah Frances. Mar. 28, 1839. 


' Lois Anna. July 27, 1842. 
Joshua A. Dec. 2, 1845. 
Andrew Barstow. d. young. 

96. Abner, son of Joshua, m. Julia Leonard, and lives in 
Scituate, not far from Church Hill. 

Abner L. Dec. 6. 1845. 

97. Abner, son of Abner, m. 1st, Mary Eiscock, Dec. 13, 
1821 ; and 2d, Betsy Riggs, July 18, 1841. His first wife d, 
Jan. 8, 1841. He lives in Maine, at Newcastle .'' 

Abner. May 30, 1822. d. June 27, 1833. 

Everett W. Aug. 23, 1825. m. Sally A. Knowlton, Sep. 

25, 1846. 
Joseph H. Nov. 25, 1828. 
Mary E. Aug. 16, 1831. 
Martha S. July 20, 1830. 
Cruton H. Jan. 1, 1834. 

By 2d wife, — 
Charles W. Dec. 21, 1841. 
Henry W. Oct. 16, 1844. 
Frederick. Sep. 1, 1845. 

98. William D., son of Abner, m. Sarah Hiscock, June 22, 
1825. Lives in Maine. 

Almira. Oct. 17, 1825. m. James Barstow, Ap. 25, 1843. 
( Waterman. Nov. 1, 1827. 
\ Melzar. Nov. 1, 1827. d. Jan. 15, 1831. 
Louis J. Mar. 1, 1830. 
. Martha H. Aug. 8, 1832. 
William F. Jan. 8, 1835. 
.Abner. Jan. 18, 1837. 
Sallv B. May 12, 1839. 
Benjamin. Sep. 29, 1841. d. Jan. 2, 1843. 
Susannah A. Nov. 29, 1844. 

99. Waterman, son of Abner, m. Ann McDowell, Jan. 23, 
1833, and lives in Maine. 

Randel. Dec. 16, 1833. 

Ellen. May 9, 1835. 

Waterman. July 20, 1836. d. same day. 

William H. Aug. 20, 1839. 

Charles A. Jan. 18, 1842. d. June 25, 1842. 

Sarah A. May 14, 1843. 

Waterman. May 14, 1845. 


100. Melzar, son of Abncr, m. Lucy Chapman, July 14, 1833. 
Adaline. Aug. 13, 1834. 

Caroline. Dec. 21, 1839. 
Mary. Aug. 28, 1843. 
Georgiana. Aug. 11, 1846. 

101. James, son of Abner, m. Elmira Chapman, Aug. 
28, 1844. 

Maria L. July 22, 1846. 

102. Rogers, son of Melzar, m. Susan Barker of Pembroke, 
Feb. 28, 1836, and lives in Scituate. 

George F. Feb. 24, 1837. 

Susan R. July 27, 1838. 

Henry F. Feb. 15, 1841. d. 1844. 

103. Luther, son of Melzar, m. Caroline Gardner, in 1844. 
Ella Caroline. June, 1846. 

104. George W., son of George, m. Sybil Tilden, and is a 
mariner. His family live in Scituate, near the Town House. 


Sybil, m. George Tilden of Marshfield. 

Helen, m. William Jones. Is a widow. 

105. Christopher, son of George, m. Mary Wright of Scit- 
uate, Sep. 28, 1804. (Nov. 26. Rec. 2d Ch.) He is dead. 
143. George. Aug. 21, 1805. In Charlestown. 

Mary. Nov. 23, 1807. Not m. 
Eleanor. Jan. 8, 1813. Dead- 
Sarah. In Abington : not ra. 

106. Joshua, son of George. I have been told that he was 
married, and died at sea. Whether he left children or not, I 
have not been able to ascertain. 

107. Isaac O., son of Abel, m. Emily Josselynn, in May, 1821. 
He lives in Pembroke, and enjoys the confidence of his towns- 
men, and their respect. 

Isaac O. Aug. 1826. m. Jane R. W., da. of Gen. Oldham 
of Pembroke, in Nov. 1846. 

108. Abel, son of Abel, m. 1st, Mehitable Ripley, but had no 
children by her. He m. for his 2d wife, Persis C. Ford, July 8, 
1838. Lives in Pembroke, near Hanson, 

Persis A. Dec. 1839. 


109. Zenas, son of Abel, m, Martha Melvin, and lives in 

Martha J. about nine. b. 1838. 
Zenas T. five last fall. b. 1842. 
George G. b. 1844. 

110. Smith, son of Charles, m. Phebe Horton of Boston, and 
had four children. He d. in Virginia, in 1817, at City Point. 
He served most of the Revolutionaiy war, and was a Lieutenant 
at his decease. 

Jane. William. Sarah. Francis. 

111. Silas, son of Charles, m. Mary Mandell, Oct. 12, 1817. 
He lives in Fairhaven. 

George M. May 27, 1819. m. Cynthia M. DeWolf, Ap. 

8, 1842. 
Henry M. June 7, 1821. 
Lucy M. Sep. 26, 1822. d. Mar. 30, 1829. 
Silas. Jan. 13, 1823. 
Mary M. Aug. 10, 1825. 
Lucy M. Mar. 14, 1830. 
Thomas S. Feb. 13, 1832. 
Betsy S. May 28, 1833. 
Hannah M. Mar. 12, 1835. 

112. Peleg H., son of Charles, m. 1st, Hannah Mandell, in 
Nov. 1824 ; and 2d, Priscilla Ward of Middleboro', in Ap. 1836. 
Now in Kingston. 

Charles. Aug. 20, 1825. 
Nancy B. June 17, 1828. 
Jane. Nov. 3, 1832. d. Mar. 1835. 
Jane. Sep. 1838. 
Nathaniel S. S. Jan. 1840. 

113. Ebenezer, son of Charles, m, Hannah Bennet, in 1830. 
William M. Mar. 4, 1835. d. aged six months. 

William M. Feb. 12, 1838. 
Maria J. May 11, 1842. 

114. William, son of Thomas, m. Martha Willaford, in Wil- 
mington, N. C, and resided there till he d. in Aug. 1827. 

William H. 1821. 
Sally. 1823. 

115. Calvin, son of Thomas, m. Polly C. Nye, Oct. 18, 1840, 
and lives in Barnstable. 

Thomas H. May 30, 1842. d. Feb. 22, 1844. 


116. Joseph, son of Benjamin, m. Elizabeth Thompson of 
Edinburgh, Scotland, Oct. 27, 1822. He lives in Plymouth, and 
is Landlord of the Samoset House. 

George T. Sep. 1824. 
Benjamin F. July 1828. 
Hannah J. Oct. 2, 1834. 
Has lost two eh. d. young. 

1 17. James, son of Benjamin, m. Dolly Witter of Brooklyn, 
Ct. May 27, 1827. In a letter received from him he says, — 
" All my children, except the last, were born in Brooklyn ; the 
last was born in Northampton, where I have resided for the past 
four years; but next spring I think of returning to Brooklyn." 
By trade, he is a Harness maker. His wife is an only da. of 
Capt. Ebenezer Witter, and Wcis b. July 8, 1807. 

Almira B. May 28, 1828. 

Mercy T. Nov. 29, 1829. d. Feb. 12, 1832. 

Mary S. Dec. 8, 1831. 

Ebenezer W. Oct. 21, 1833. d. Nov. 1, 1843. 

Sarah F. Aug. 16, 1835. 

George R. May 11, 1837. 

James A. Oct. 21, 1839. d. Jan. 20, 1841. 

Lucy D. Dec. 20, 1841. 

James E. Ap. 24, 1844. 

118. William, son of Bela, m. Clarissa Strong, Nov. 3, 1825. 
He holds the office of Deputy Sheriff ; has been Selectman of 
Chesterfield for the last three years ; and for the seven years 
previous was Collector of the Town. 

Charles A. Jan. 2, 1827. 
William W. Jan. 26, 1829. 
Emerson L. Ap. 21, 1832. 

119. Joshua, son of Joshua, m. Almira, da. of Eliakim 
Adams of Mcdway, Aug. 27, 1823, and lives in Walpole. 

Abby E. Sep. 14, 1826. d. Aug. 20. 1837. 

Josephine ^A. Feb. 26, 1829. d. July 26, 1832. 

Harriet L. June 23, 1831. 

Josephine A. Feb. 15, 1833. 

Francis M. W. Oct. 23, 1835. d. Jan. 11, 1837. 

Abby F. Dec. 28, 1838. 

John S. June 28, 1841. 

120. Everett, son of Joshua, m. Mary P., da. of Timothy 
Adams of Medway, Oct. 6, 1825. Lives in Walpole. 

Aaron E. Sep. 12, 1826. 
Edward P. Oct. 28, 1837. 


121. Caleb, son of Amos, m. Susanna, da. of Dea. Ebenezer 
Hunt of Braintree, in 1824. He is an enterprising and wealthy 
Shoe Dealer in Boston, and one of the Directoi-s of the South 
Shore Rail Road. 

Albert E. May 1825. Graduated at Yale, 1846. Studying 

Amos W. 1827. 
Caroline. Dec. 1828. 
George R. Jan. 1833. 
Helen. Mar. 1838. 
AnnaM. 1840. 

122. Amos W., son of Amos, m. Susanna Curtis, in 1828, 
and lives in Braintree. Shoe ]\Ianufacturer. 

Anne W. June 1829. 
Noah C. 1832. 
Henrj^A. 1834. 
Charles. 1838. 
Warren. 1840. 
Oliver H. 1841. 
Susanna. Dec. 1844. 

123. James A., son of Amos, m. Abby Brigham, in 1842. 
He graduated at Harvard College in 1832, and is settled as a 
Physician, in good practice, in Quincv, Mass. 

Josiah B. July 1843. 
Elizabeth. Dec. 1845. 

124. Samuel, son of Samuel, m. Hannah S., da. of Dr. 
Thomas S. Ranney, formerly of Brentwood, N. H. He resides 
in Stetson, Me., and is a man of good property'. He has lived in 
Maine for twenty-seven years. 

Irene. Rebecca. Nancy A. Samuel R. 

125. Thomas P., son of Simeon, m. Sarah White of Hamp- 
den, Me., da. of James White, Ap. 29, 1S23. He is a Farmer. 

John. Ap. 4, 1825. Clerk in Boston, with C. A. White. 
James W. Mar. 14, 1829. 
Simeon. Ap. 17, 1832. 
Stillman W. Aug. 27, 1834. 

126. Reuben K., son of Simeon, m. Charlotte T., da. of 
Maj. Gen. Jedidiah Herrick of Hampden, Dec. 18, 1835, and 
resides in H. Merchant. 

Reuben K. Dec. 24, 1837. 
Charlotte H. Nov. 22, 1839. 
Elizabeth K. Ap. 4, 1842. 
Henry. Ap. 10, 1845. d. Jan. 2, 1846. 


127. Charles, son of Simeon, m. Emily J., da. of Waldo 
Pierce, Esq. of Frankfort, Mo. lie graduated at Yale in 18'.i3, 
and studied Law. lie Iuls held a number of responsible ofl'ices 
in Maine ; as Clerk of the Supreme Judicial Court ; Municipal 
Judge ; and a member of the Governor's Council. He resides in 

Charles P. May 24, 1835. 

Emily J. Nov. 28, 1837. 

Ann M. May 28, 1839. 

Amasa. July 28, 1841. d. July 1842. 

Caroline P. May 28, 1843. 

128. George, son of Simeon, m. Adaline, da. of Elijah 
Hamlin, Esq. of Bangor, Nov. 13, 1845, and is a Merchant 
in Bangor. 

Has one son, b. Nov. 15, 1846. 

129. Samuel S., son of Peter, m. Rosilla T. Upham, Ap. 17, 
1824. He resides in Stoughton, and is in the Shoe business. 

Elizabeth J. Nov. 8, 1828. 

Laura A. Aug. 8, 1831. 

Ellen R. Oct. 17, 1838. 

Amasa S. Sep. 1, 1841. d. Sep. 18, 1843. 

Alonzo J. Oct. 6, 1844. 

130. John G., son of Peter, m. Sarah, da. of John Thayer of 
Belchertown. He now resides in Stoughton. 

Mary. 1843. 

131. Hiram, son of Jeremiah, graduated at Yale College, 
and became Professor of Mathematics, in Jefferson College, La., 
where he d. Oct. 23, 1840, at the early age of 33, in the prime 
of life and usefulness. 

132. David B., son of Jeremiah, m. Abigail Spear, Ap. 25, 
1841, and lives in Quincy. 

Warren B. Sep. 26, 1842. 
Abby E. Feb. 14, 1844. 

133. Anson, son of Jeremiah, m. Harriet Spear, Feb. 5, 1843, 
and lives in Weymouth. 

Maria L. Dec. 29, 1845. 

134. Timothy A., son of Timothy, m. Mary Cheesman, and 
lives in S. Weymouth. 


135. Josiah, son of Josiah, m. Sarah Gould, Jan. 1, 1833, 

and lives in Maine. 

Gideon. George. Israel. Josiah. Leander. 
Lost one. d. young. 

136. Amasa, son of Josiah, m. Sarah Thorndike, Dec. 29, 
1837, and lives in Maine. 

John. Warren. Amanda. Edwin. George W. 

137. Elbridge, son of Zeba, m. Chloe Pratt of Hanson, and 
lives in Randolph. 

Alonzo. Mary A. William B. d. William B. Hannah, d. 

138. Lewis T., son of Zeba, m. Ann J. Packard, Sep. 4, 
1835, and lives in Randolph. 

Sasan. d. Maria, d. 

139. Bradford, son of Zeba, m. Mary Hodgdon of N. H., 
and lives in Randolph. 

Helen. Another daughter. 

140. Abel, son of Abel, m. Sarah Tronbon, and lives in 

Columbus A. Dec. 1838. 
Charlotte E. Jan. 1840. 
Albert W. Dec. 1843. 
Theodore B. Ap. 15, 1845. 

141. Joel M., son of Royal, m. Chloe T. Lapham, May 4, 
1834, and lives in Randolph. 

Louisa J. Mar. 1837. 

142. Gideon, son of Royal, m. Hannah Lyon, May 3, 1839, 

and lives in Randolph. 

George A. July 9, 1844. 

143. George, son of Christopher, m. Susan Stone of Medford, 
and lives in Charlestown. 

One child, d. young. 

One child, d. 1846. aged 14. 




III. Benjamin, son of the Cornet, ni. Bctliiali ,(Prob. Rcc. 

Plym. 3. 66.) He lived in Scifuate, and was a man of consider- 
able enter|)rise. He was chosen deputy from Scituale, to the 
General Court at Plymouth, in 1691, and was Representative in 
1693and4, and 1700. He d. May 4, 1711. His name occurs 
frequently on the Church Records. He was one of a Committee 
to make the rate in 1684; and in 1698, with Dea. Thomas King, 
he was chosen "to go to the neighboring ch'ers and acquaint 
them with our present state and condition, (in consequence of the 
long absence of our pastor Deodat Lawson,) and intreat their ad- 
vice what sd. church may and ought to do." At a subsequent 
meeting, the same Committee were appointed " to look out and 
get a minister for us ; " and he was chosen agent, with Joseph 
Turner and Stephen Clapp, to appear at the ne.xt general court at 
Boston, to answer a petition presented by the lower part of the 
town for a division of the town as to the maintainance of the min- 
istry. — In 1702, with others, he was chosen a committee to settle 
Mr. Eels. In 1708, with Mr. Collamore, he was chosen to make 
application to the town for the rectification of a mistake in laying 
out some of the parsonage land. 

1. Benjamin. Feb. 16, 1668. bap. May 19. 

Matthew. June 12, 1669. d. Nov. 1690, in the Canada ex- 
pedition. Prob. Rcc. Plym. 1. 74. 

2. James. Mar. 1, 1670. 

3. Samuel. Oct. 1673. 
Bethiah. May 14, 1675. 
Mary. Ap. 21, 1678. 

Hannah. June 1, 1679. did she d, Ap. 10, 1708 ? 

Deborah. Dec. 3, 1681. 

Eunice. Mar. 1683. m. Dea. John James, a man of great 

business note in Scituate, in 1700. 
Margaret. Sept. 1684. d. Feb. 1685. 

1, Benjamin, son of Benjamin, m. Grace Turner, Jan. 22, 
1690. He lived and died in Scituate. His death occurred about 
the year 1740. Prob. Rec. Plym. 8. 190. 

4. Matthew. Nov. 5, 1690. 

Grace. Ap. 29, 1692. She is called Grace Beals, in the 
settlement of her father's estate. Did she m. 1. John Ha- 
tel, jr., Feb. 26, 1718-19 — and 2. Beals.? 


Margaret. Mar. 30, 1694. m. James Briggs, Nov. 22, 1739 ? 

5. Benjamin. July 1, 1696. 

Bethiah. May 4, 1699. m. Nicholas Powers, Sep. 5, 1728. 
Leah. May 6, 1702. m. Enoch Whitten, or Whiting, Nov. 
16, 1732. 

6. Abijah, July 4. 1704. bap. with Leah Sep. 24. 1704. Rec. 

2d Ch. 

2. James, son of Benjamin, m. Susanna Townsend, of Boston, 
Nov. 26, 1696, and lived in that city. I find no mention of his 
death in the City or Probate Records. The following list of his 
children is from the City Records. 

Susanna. Dec. 19, 1697. 

7. James. Sep. 11, 1699. 
Lydia. Jan. 1, 1701. 

8. William. Ap. 26, 1704. 

9. John. Dec. 19, 1706. 

3. Samuel, son of Benjamin. I have looked in vain for any 
record of his marriage, or any sketch of his life. I cannot find 
that he was married, or left any family. 

4. Matthew, son of Benjamin, m. Hannah Lincoln, Sep. 24, 
1730. He appears to have lived and died in Scituate. 

10. Matthew. Aug. 24, 1731. 

11. Lincoln. July 27, 1733. 
Hannah. July 7, 1735. 

Deborah. Nov. 10, 1737. m. Abner Stetson, Oct. 7,. 1762. 

12. Benjamin. Ap. 7. 1740. 

Grace, bap. Oct, 10, 1742. Rec. 2d Ch. 
Martha. 1744 ? d. Feb. 24, 1818. Not m. 

13. Ephraim. bap. Nov. 17, 1745. Rec. 2d Ch. 

14. Jacob, bap. Sep. 27, 1747. Rec. 2d Ch. 
Mary. bap. Nov. 6, 1757. Rec. 2d Ch. 

5. Benjamin, son of Benjamin, m. Lillis of Hanover, in 

1725. Shed. June 1, 1755, aged 54, and he Aug. 31, 1758. 
His will is dated Aug. 15, 1757. Prob. Rec. Plym. 14. 430. I 
have been told that he lived near where Melzar Hatch, Esq. now 

Lillis. July 25, 1726. m. Joshua Stetson, July 8, 1747. 
Desire, bap. Aug. 10, 1729. m. Caleb Sylvester, Nov. 1,, 

15. Benjamin. Feb. 3, 1731. 

16. Job. Mar. 22, 1733. 

Susanna. Jan. 26, 1735. m. Abner Sylvester, Dec. 3, 1761. 


Nathaniel. Aug. 19, 1737. d. Oct. 6, 1738. 
Grace. Mar. 5, 1739. d, Mar, 21, 1740. 
Samuel T. Ap. 1743. 4, May 16, 1743. 

6. Abijah, son of Benjamin, m. Deborah Turner, of Scituate, 
June 5, 1728 or 9. She d. Jan. 25, 1786, aged 81. Mr. S. lived 
in Hanover, on the spot where Mr. Lemuel Dudley, Sen., lately 
deceased, resided. 

17. Adam. Mar. 12, 1729. bap. July 19, 1730. 

18. John. Ap. 17, 1731. bap. July 9, 1732. 

Abigail. Nov. 4, 1733. bap. Sep. 28, 1735. d. Feb. 3, 

Deborah. Ap. 26, 1737. d. Dec. 14, 1762. 

19. Prince. Aug. 1741. 

Margaret. Ap. 7, 1745. m. Job Sylvester, July 18, 1765. 
Both d. 

20. Elijah. Mar. 1747 > 

Zilpha. Mar. 1750. m. James Curtis, Oct. 17, 1771. d. Sep. 
21, 1776. 

Note. Adam, John, and Abigail were bom in Scituate ; the rest in Hanover. 

7. James, son of James. He appears to have lived in Hing- 

ham, and to have m. Margaret . I find these children against 

his name on the Hingham records. 

21. James. Sep. 7, 1734. 

22. Benjamin. Ap. 12, 1737. 

Ezekiel. Oct. 28, 1738. d. the same year ? 
Ezekiel. Nov. 10, 1739. d. Feb. 12, 1740. 
John. Nov. 15, 1740. d. May 15, 1741. 
Margaret. July 26, 1742. d. Aug. 17, 1742. 
Atherton. Nov. 12, 1746. d. Dec. 6, 1746. 

Note. I think the above James must have been a carpenter, as the first par- 
ish of Scituate contracted with him to build a new meeting house for them in 

8. William, son of James. He also appears to have lived in 

Hingham, and to have m. Abigail . His children are from 

the Hingham Records. 

Richard. Feb. 22, 1739. 
William. Mar. 10, 1740. 
I have been able to learn nothing more of this family, or what 
became of the sons. 

9. John, son of James. As yet I have been able to learn no- 
thing of him. 


10. Matthew, son of Matthew, m. Mary Randall of Pembroke, 
Feb. 5, 1761. She d. June 22, 1800, aged 64, and he Jan. 25, 
1807, aged 77. (Dec. 1806, aged 74. Rec. 2d Ch.) I have been 
told that he was at the taking of Louisburg in 1745 ; but if so, he 
must have been very young at the time. I have also been told that 
he was the first minute-man drafted from Scituate, at the time of 
the Revolution, and that his name still stands on the army roll, 
made out at that time. For the correctness of these traditions, I 
cannot vouch. They are given as I received them, from some of 
his descendants. 

Matthew. Mar. 3, 1763. d. June 9, 1782, in Boston, of a 

23. Gershom. July 27, 1765. 

24. Winslow. Aug. 12, 1767. 

25. Thomas. Nov. 6, 1769. 

Mary. Jan. 31, 1773. m. Moore; lives in Whitefield, Me. 

Grace. Feb. 26, 1775. d. 1792, of fever. 

Clarissa. Aug. 2, 1776. m. Melzar Stetson, Sep. 29, 1803. 

Matthew, b. Dec. 14, 1762 — lived but 5 weeks. 

11. Lincoln, son of Matthew, m. Sally Colman, of Scituate, about 

1769, and d. about 1785. Prob. Rec. Plym. 29. 412. and 33. 510. 

Sarah, b. 1770 ? m. Jonathan W. Josselynn in 1795, and d. 

about 1798. 
James, b. 1771. d. Feb. 1796. 

27. Lincoln. Nov. 16, 1774. 

28. William, Sep. 12, 1777. 

29. Jacob. 

12. Benjamin, son of Matthew, m. 1. Bradbuary Eels of 
Hanover .' Ap. 30, 1768. She wash. Ap. 19, 1741, and d. Feb. 
19, 1782. He then m. Betsy Young, Nov. 8, 1784, and she d. 
June 9, 1813. The name of his third wife was Betsy Stockbridge. 
He had children only by the first. I can only give their names 
as I have received them, and for the most part without dates. 

30. Edward. 

Bradbuary. m. Benjamin Dudley in 1788 — is d. 

31. Benjamin. 

Mary. m. Samuel Plyer, Nov. 21,1819. lives in Hanover. 

r Joseph, d. Oct. 12, 1778, aged 8. 

J Charles, d. Oct. 21, 1778, aged 6. 
^ Caleb, d. Oct. 13, 1778, aged 4. 

[ Elisha. d. Oct. 16, 1778, aged 2. 

Note. It is a very remai-kable circumstance in the history of this family, that 
they should have lost four promising boys, all in the short space of nine days, 
who were carried off by that common disorder of youth, the dysentery. 


13. Ephraim, son of Mattlicw, m. Olive Rnmsdall, Feb, 17, 
1778. (1780. Hanover Ch. Rec.) He d. Feb. 17, 1814, aged 68 ; 
and she Nov. 17, 1811, aged 57. 

Olive. Sep. 7, 1781. m. William Fly of Edgecombe. Me. 

d. in 1808. 
Celenda. Jan. 4, 1782. m. James Harvey Jacobs, Nov. 24, 

1811. d. 1812. 
Matthew. Ap. 31, 1784. d. May 15, 1810. A Mariner. 
Lusanna. May 13, 1786, m. James Harvey Jacobs, Nov. 26, 

Peddy Dow. Feb. 4, 1789. m. Christopher Josselyn, Feb, 

24, 1811, d, Dec, 1813. 
Ruth. Aug. 2, 1792. d. 1828, Not m. 
26, Ephraim. Jan. 22, 1794, 

Elener. Oct. 6, 1797. m, Silas Ramsdell, Sep. 24, 1828. 

d. in Boston, Feb. 1838. 

14. Jacob, son of Matthew. Whether he lived to man's es- 
tate or not, I have not been able to learn. His name was found 
accidentally on the Church Records, with others of the same fam- 
ily. He may have died young. 

15. Benjamin, son of Benjamin. 1 have been told that he 
married, and left sons Benjamin and Peleg ; but this is all the 
knowledge I have of him. 

16. Job, son of Benjamin, m. Hannah Monroe, July 8, 1762, 
He was a very fine man, I have been told, and left a family ; but 
the names of his children I have not been able to learn. He 
moved from Hanover, to parts unknown. 

17. Adam, son of Abijah, m. Betsy, da. of John Curtis of 
Hanover, and d. in the Revolutionary war. 

Abijah .? 

Joshua : the eldest son ; killed in battle, 

Adam. Moved to N. Yaimouth, Me. ; and thence to parts 

Betsy. Went to Vermont. 

Susan. She and Betsy married brothers, I have been told, 
Melzar. b. 1765. d. 1795. 
The above is the best and only information I have been able to 
obtain of this family. 

18. John, son of Abijah, m. Thankful Curtis of Hanover, Dec. 
3, 1761. She d. Feb. 5, 1805, aged 63, and he Ap. 15, I81I, 
aged 80. 

Abigail. 1765. m, Shuble Monroe, Jan, 21, 1788, d, Jan. 6, 



Thankful, b. 1768. d. July 20, 1826. Not m. 
Zlipha. m. Samuel Stetson, in 1777, his 1st wife. 

32. Joshua. Aug. 23, 1777. 

33. Lebbeus. Ap. 27, 1783. 

John. d. young, aged fourteen, or thereabouts. 
One daughter, d. young. 

19. Prince, son of Abijah, m. Eunice Sylvester, in 1768, 
and moved to Freeport, Me., where he died some years since. 
He is called Capt. Prince. 



Eunice T. m. Thomas Willet of Abington, May 3, 1795. 

Is dead. 
Temperance, m. Jacob Stetson. 

34. Nathaniel, b. 1772 ? 

Penthy. m. in Boston. Is dead. 

35. Prince. Feb. 28, 1780. 

36. Charles. 1786.? 

( Joseph. 
( Henry. 

20. Elijah, son of Abijah, m. Lusanna Curtis of Hanover, 
Ap. 9, 1772, and d. at the age of ninety or thereabouts. 

37. Charles. 

Asenath. m. Barnabas Strout of Durham, Me., and has 
two children. 

21. James, son of James. Of his history I have been able 
to learn nothing. From the Hingham records, I find that a son 
of James Stetson, Sen. d. in 1741, and as this date applies to no 
other child, it may be that it applies to the James above. 

22. Benjamin, son of James, m. Zibiah Elmes of Scituate, 
Feb. 5, 1756. Lived near the Harbor. 

Lydia. Dec. 29, 1756. 

Anna. Ap. 23, 1759. m. Barnabas Webb, Jan. 7, 1779. 

Susanna. Nov. 9, 1760. 

38. James. June 26, 1763. • 

Zebiah. May 14, 1765. m. Be ret Dunbar of S., Nov. 

7, 1787. 
Leah. Feb. 12, 1769. d. 

39. Benjamin. Jan. 7, 1772. 

23. Gershom, son of Matthew, m. Agatha Hatch of New- 
castle, Me. in 1792. He d. Oct. 4, 1844, of the palsy. 


*Elisha H. Ap. 30, 1794. d. May 12, 1827. A Mariner. 

Thomas. Jan. 6, 1796. Lives with iiis mother in Scituate. 
Not m. 

George. Aug. 1797. m. Roslinda Hatch. Lives in Wash- 
ington, Me. 5 ch. 

Lydia A. Jimo 30, 1799. m. Anderson, d. Feb. 11, 

1824 ? 

Mary. July 24, 1803. d. Ap. 1842. 

William. Mar. 1, 1801. d. 1835, at sea. 

Agatha. Jan. 4, 1805. m. Darius Dutton, Nov. 26, 1833. 

Abigail. June 10, 1807. m. Robert Shimnions, May 1844. 

Clarissa. Nov. 25, 1811. d. Jan. 6, 1812. 

Stephen C. Mar. 26, 1813. d. 1841. Second officer of 
Brig Selma. 

* From the Prob. Rec. Suff. I find that Elisha was in the employ of Biyant 
and Sturgis, of Boston, and his brother Thomas administered oti his estate 
March 30, lS-29. 

24. Winslow, son of Matthew, m. Prudence Ralph, Dec. 3, 
1796, and lives in Warren, Vt. 

Susanna R. Jan. 8, 1798. m. William Moore ? Sep. 7, 1819, 
and d. Jan. 18, 1838. 

40. Winslow T. Aug. 12, 1799. 

Priscilla G. Jan. 2, 1802. m. Asahcl Young, Mar. 28. 1820. 
Clarissa. Ap. 12, 1804. m. Oliver Porter, Jan. 30, 1829. 

He d. Feb. 1, 1844; and she then m. Aaron Jones, Dec. 

16, 1846. 
David B. July 23, 1806. 
Jonathan R. Jan. 10, 1809. d. Jan. 18, 1813. 

41. Alvah W. Aug. 13, 1811. 
Fidelia P. Mar. 19, 1814. 

TMary R. Fob. 26, 1816. m. William Moore, Sep. 23, 1839. 
Alexander R. Jan. 27, 1821. 

25. Thomas, son of Matthew, m. Lydia Drew HoUis of 
Hanover, in 1802. He was a Sea Captain, and d. July 9, 1838. 
His widow yet lives, in Scituate, near the Cornet's old place, on 
the North River. She was b. Dec. 13, 1779. 

42. Thomas. Jan. 18, 1804. ^ 

43. James Hervey. Nov. 26, 1805. ^ 
Mary. Ap. 9, 1808. d. Nov. 6, 1832, of consumption. 
Alexander H. July 25, 1810. m. Jane Eastes, June 2, 1836. 

In Pembroke : no ch. 
Caroline. Mar. 15, 1812. Lives with her mother. Not m 
Nelson. Oct. 25, 1814. 
Samuel De.xter. Dec. 2, 1816. 

44. Charles Henry. Nov. 27, 1818. 


Lydia Drew. Oct. 18, 1820. d. Sep. 10, 1842, of con- 

Maria Louisa. Feb. 18, 1824. d. May 16, 1841, of con- 

26. Ephraim, son of Ephraim, m. Rebecca Curtis, Feb. 1, 
1819, and lives in Abington. 

Adaline B. Feb. 25, 1820. d. Oct. 14, 1822. 
Henry. Nov. 6, 1824. 

Caroline. Oct. 24, 1826. m. Frederick G. Parker of Eng- 
land, Nov. 27, 1845. 
Betsy. July 31, 1828. 

27. Lincoln, son of Lincoln, m. Nancy Batchelder of Salem ? 
Nov. 10, 1810. She was born Sep. 16, 1774. Mr. S. was a 
Shipwright by trade, and I have been told that he served his 
time with Enos Briggs of Salem. 

Lucy Ann. Oct. 9, 1811. d. May 10, 1828. 
Mary Celenda. Ap. 14, 1816. d. Nov. 30, 1836. 
Emeline. Dec. 19, 1821. m. Abraham Bosson, Oct. 
22, 1838. 

28. William, son of Lincoln, m. Mary Ropes of Salem } Aug. 
23, 1800. She was b. May 17, 1781. 

Sally. Mar. 7, 1801. 'd. Mar. 3, 1804. 

Mary Ann. Sep. 28, 1803. d. Nov. 4, 1821. 

Sally. Aug. 15, 1805. d. Oct. 3, 1809. 

Martha. May 14, 1807. d. Feb. 12, 1812. 

Hannah R. Feb. 23, 1809. d. Jan. 13, 1842. 

William. Jan. 10, 1811. d. June, 2, 1812. 

William. Feb. 10, 1813. 

Matilda. May 22, 1815. m. Samuel Pettengill of Salisbuiy, 

Dec. 3, 1833. 
Nancy. Sep. 10, 1817. d. Oct. 5, 1818. 
Eliza. Nov. 2, 1819. m. Andrew J. Pratt of Reading, 

in 1839. 
James. July 9, 1821. 

' 29. Jacob, son of Lincoln, m. Temperance, da. of Prince 
Stetson, in 1796 .? She d. May 19, 1824, and he Oct. 25, 1839, 
in Maine .? 

Sarah. Sep. 1797. d. May 2, 1825. 

Sage. Dec. 31, 1799. m. Daniel Stetson of Warren, 

in 1819. 
Zilpha. Sep. 1803. m. Wadleigh Dow of Salem, Mass. 
July 10, 1825. 


Lincoln, d. at the age of three. 

45. Jacob. Ap. 16, 1S07. 

46. Mirick. Jan. !25, 1S09. 

Joanna. July 5, 1S12. m. Charles Young of Warren, Me. 

in 1.S29. ' She .1. Aug. 29, 1^40. 
Hepsibeth. Fob. 2S, l!K15. m. Hezekiah A. Williams, Dec. 

16, 1S37, of Warren, and d. Jan. 4, 1S42. 

30. Edward, son of Benjamin, m. Hannah Perry, Jan. 1, 
1799. He lived in Hanover, near the four Corners, and was a 
blacksmith by trade. Died, May 1846. 

47. Edward. Nov. 3, 1800. 

( Marv Eels. Ap. 17, 1803. d. Aug. 15, 1839. 
\ Bradbury Eels. Ap. 17, 1803. d. Oct. 1835- 
Caroline. Nov. 25, 1805. m. Martin Church, May, 1832. 

48. Martin William. Nov. 16, 1807. 
Eliza, m. Sumner Stetson, July 6, 1829. 
Horace. Ap. 22, 1817. d. Aug. 14, 1842. 
Melissa. Feb. 15, 1815. d. Dec. 7, 1815. 

31. Benjamin, son of Benjamin, m. Betsy, or Elizabeth 
Estes of Hanover, Nov. 1, 1798, and lived inH. He d. Aug. 
20, 1826. Prob. Rec. Plym. 64. 69. leaving no children ; and 
his widow m. Joshua Gates, Aug. 10, 1828. 

32. Joshua, son of John, m. Priscilla Dwelly of Hanover, in 
1804, and yet lives, a widower, in Hanover. 

( Angeline. July 11, 1805. m. George Gray. 

\ Cassandra. July 11, 1805. m. William Curtis, Dec. 

3, 1826. 
Avis D. Nov. 2, 1808. m. John Lane of Abington, Dec. 

22, 1831. 

49. John. Aug. 26, 1811. 

James, July 3, 1817. m. Lucinda B. Wright, in Jan. 1843. 
Lives in Brighton, and is a Drover. Has no ch. 

33. Lebbeus, son of John, m. Sally Bates, Feb. 19, 1807, 
and moved to Boston, where he kept a wood wharf. He 
is yet living there. fj 

ZilphaC. Dec. 14, 1807. m. Joseph Goodwin, Feb. 25, 1830. 
Thankful. Feb. 21, 1809. 

50. Lebbeus. Oct. 16, 1810. 

Joshua. Nov. 12, 1812. m. Susan G. Shute, Feb. 18, 1836. 

She d. Aug. 9, 1844. 
Catharine B. June 28, 1814. m. Eleazer F. Pratt, Nov. 

15, 1839. 



Joseph G. Nov. 1, 1818. d. May 18, 1820. 

Louisa T. Feb. 15, 1820. m. Frederick T. Hooper, Feb. 

18, 1841. 
George B. Oct. 3, 1821. d. Ap. 17, 1825. 
Sarah M. Mar. 30, 1824. 

34. Nathaniel, son of Prince, m. Ruth Curtis, in 1793, and 
ftioved to Maine, where he d. in 1828. His wife is also dead. 

51. Daniel. Sep. 1797. 

Vienna, m. George Corlis. 
Eunice, m. John Stevens. 

52. William B. ^ct. 28, 1803. 
Emeline. m. F. Woods. 
Clarissa, m. Samuel Matthews. 
Nathaniel, b. 1817. d. in 1835, at sea. 

35. Prince, son of Prince, m. Hepzibeth Patch of Hamilton, 
Mass. in Feb. 1806, and d. Sep. 14, 1843, in Lynn. 

Ann S. Nov. 30, 1806. d. Nov. 19, 1828. 

53. Charles A. Ap. 1, 1810. 

Caroline L. Sep. 16, 1812. m. Samuel C. Pitman, Mar. 

12, 1833. 
Augusta L. Sep. 26, 1814. m. 1st, William G. Kimball, in 

1831, and 2d, Augustus T. Wellman of Salem, in 

Jan. 1845. 
James P. M. June 30, 1819. m. Adaline Parker of New 

York, in 1842, 
Emeline M. Mar. 3, 1823. m. Henry Pike of Exeter, N. H. 

Sep. 1846. 
Lucy A. May 10, 1824. m. Rufus Parrot of Lynn, 

Dec. 1844. 

36. Charles, son of Prince, m. Jane Bartlett, or Bartol, of 
Freeport, Me., and there d. His widow is still living, I believe, 
in Brunswick, Me. 

54. Harvey. Feb. 21, 1813. 

Julia A. m. John Pollard. Is d. 
Penthy. 1816. m. Javan K. Hall. 
Charlotte, d. young. 
William H. d. young. 

55. Charles P. Dec. 16, 1818. 
Hannah. 1822. 
Melinda. 1826. 

Sarah. 1829. 
Zoa. 1830. 
Elizabeth. 1834. 


37. Charles, son of Elijah, m. Abigail Dennison of Freeport, 
Me., and resides in Maine. 

Asenath. m. Job Merrill. 

56. Charles. 

57. Washington. 

•William, in the family of Benjamin, p. 54, m. Widow Betsy 
L. Pratt of Cohasset, and had — 

Caroline. Aug. 19, 1804. m. Henry Austin of Lowell, in 

1827. He d. 
Eliza. 1805. d. aged three months. 
Julia A. Sep. 17, 1807. m. Jonathan Chacc of Lowell, in 

1832. He d. 
Eliza. Ap. 1, 1809. m. 1st, a Stedsfield, Feb. 22, 1832; 
and 2d, a Chadbourne, Feb. 1842. 

58. Daniel B. Ap. 6, 1810. 

59. William J. June 12, 1814. 

38. James, son of Benjamin, m. Nancy Elmes of Scituatc, 
in 1786, and d. Ap. 25, 1812, in S. 

Solon, m. Betsy Bronsdon, in Boston, Dec. 15, 1811, and 
d. Dec. 1817, aged 28, leaving no ch. 

39. Benjamin, son of Benjamin, m. 1st, Lucy Clapp, Feb. 19, 
1795, who d. Aug. 21, 1811; 2d, Deborah Jackson; and 3d, 
Abigail Pratt of \Vcymouth. He was formerly of Scituate, but 
now of Weymouth. 

Zilpha. Oct. 28, 1795. m. Josiah Mann, Dec. 10, 1820. 

60. Benjamin. Mar. 6. 1799. 

Lucy. Mar. 13, 1804. m. 1st, a Davis, and again at the 

61. Peleg. Nov. 18, 1808. 

40. Winslow T., son of Winslow, m. Matilda Rice, Jan. 29, 
1832, and lives in Vermont. 

Pluma A. Dec. 29, 1832. 

Luther L. Ap. 18, 1838. 

Mary A. Dec. 29, 1840. 

Sallv L. June 22, 1843. 

Cynthia F. Feb. 3, 1845. d. Ap. 19, 1846. 


41. Alvah W., son of Winslow, m. Mary A. Bass, Oct. 9, 
1842, and lives in Vermont. 

Mary A. Sep. 30, 1843. 

42. Thomas, son of Thomas, m. Betsy Marsh, and lives in 
Duxbury. He has been a preacher, of the Methodist persuasion. 

Marv E. 1833. 

Cordelia J. 1836. 

Abby W. Jan. 26, 1839. In Pembroke. 

LurettaT. 1841. 

LydiaD. 1846. 

43. James H., son of Thomas, m. 1st, Deborah Barker, Mar. 
11, 1828 ; and 2d, Mary Stetson, in 1836. His last wife d. Ap. 
4, 1845, and he is now a widower. By his first wife he had, — 

James H. 1830. 
Deborah B. 1832. 
Barney B. 1835. 

44. Charles H., son of Thomas, m. Lucy Dodge, and lives in 
West Braintree. 

Lucy C. 1845. 

45. Jacob, son of Jacob, m. Sarah Wade of Union, Me. Ap. 
4, 1831, and d. Dec. 20, 1834. 

Benjamin M. d. aged 10. 

46. Mirick, son of Jacob, m. Rachael Libby of Warren, Me. 
Mar 22, 1838. 

Delia. Ap. 21, 1839. 
Anson. Oct. 8, 1840. 

47. Edward, son of Edward, m. Mary Clarke, da. of Joseph 
and Elizabeth Clarke of E. Middleboro', Sep. 18, 1827, and lives 
in New Bedford. His wife d. Oct. 13, 1836. 

Charlotte M. A. C. Aug. 31, 1831. 

48. Martin W., son of Edward, m. Ruth Stockbridge, in 1836, 
and has, — 

Ruth VV. Jan. 27, 1838. 
Mary T. Aug. 1839. 
Betsv H. June 1841. 
Edward P. Ap. 14, 1844. 


49. John, son of Josluia, m. Eliza A. Wellman, Ap. 14, 1840, 
and lives in Medford, where he is Deacon of the Congregational 
Church. lie is a Shipwright by trade. 

Lucinda M. A p. 14, 1840. 
James H. July 12, 1842. 
Frank Lloyd. Aug. 21, 1844. 

50. Lcbbeus, son of Lebbeus, m. Sarah A. Bates, Oct. 13, 
1836, and lives in Boston, where he is engaged in the dry-goods 
business, in Hanover Street. 

Edward L. Aug. 31, 1837. 

Sarah L. Ap. 2, 1839. d. Ap. 25, 1844. 

Mary E. Oct. 29, 1840. d. Jan. 23, 1844. 

Susan S. Dec. 22, 1841. 

Caroline T. Aug. 31, 1843. 

51. Daniel, son of Nathaniel, m. Sage Stetson of Warren, 
Me. in 1819, and lives in VV. His wife d. May 30, 1846. 

Mary J. Sep. 18, 1820. m. Thomas C. Nye, in 1840. 
62. William B. Feb. 13, 1823. 

Temperance. July 19, 1825. m. Benj. P. Bachelder, 1845. 

Vienna C. Nov. 2, 1827. 

Sarah A. Ap. 2, 1830. 

Emery L. Dec. 9, 1832. 

Dennie H. May 22, 1835. 

Hepsibcth. May 21, 1837. 

Adelbert H. Dec. 6, 1839. 

52. William B. (Capt.) m. Melinda Dunham, Dec. 25, 1826, 
and lives in Freeport, Me. 

William E. Sep. 26, 1827. 
Melinda H. ? Ap. 8, 1829. 
Joseph H. Jan. 20, 1831. 
George W. Oct. 18, 1832. 
Eliza F. May 18, 1835. 
Lucill E. May 8, 1841. 

53. Charles A., son of Prince, m. Lucy A. Brown of New- 
buryport, in Ap. 1832. He is the Landlord of the Astor House, 
in New York. 

Alexander McCulloch, 
Lucy A. 
Charles A. 
Prince Redington. 
Edward C. dead. 


Laura W. dead. 
Caroline E. 

54. Harvey, son of Charles, m. Lucy E. Hall of Topsham, 
in 1839, and lives in Brunswick, Me. He is a Carpenter. 

Alfred D. Oct. 6, 1838. 

Marietta. Mar. 7, 1843. 

Harvey M. Aug. 3, 1845. 

Mary M. Aug. 16, 1840. d. Feb. 9. 1843. 

Juliette. Oct. 15, 1842. d. May 15, 1844. 

55. Charles P., son of Charles, m. Sarah Appleby, in Dec. 
1843, and lives in Boston. He is a Carpenter. 

Charles E. Sep. 28, 1844. 
Son, b. Nov. 1846. 

56. Charles, son of Charles, m. Lydia Osgood, and lives in 


57. Washington, son of Charles, m. Angeline Knights, and 
lives in Maine. 

Has three children. 

58. Daniel B., son of William, m. Edith Wyatt, a native of 
Virginia, in Elizabeth City, N. Carolina, Ap. 23, 1828. He 
lives in Georgia. 

William, b. 1831. d. in Elizabeth City, N. C. 
Elizabeth, b. 1829, in Charleston, S. C. and d. there. 
Elizabeth. 1839. 
William. 1842. 
Daniel B. May 1846. 

59. William J., son of William, m. Catherine H. Folsom, 
Sep. 9, 1841, and lives in Boston. He is a Mason by trade, and 
is a verj' industrious and enterprising man. 

Emilv H. Aug. 16, 1843. 
WiUikm J. May 18, 1846. 

60. Benjamin, son of Benjamin, m. Deborah Webb of Scit- 
uate, and lives in S. 

Mary H. Nov. 18 1828. d. young. 
Mary A. Sep. 14, 1831. 


61. Peleg, son of Benjamin, m. Rachael Pratt of Weymouth, 
and lives in Scituate, near Mr. Thomas' Mceting-House. 

Anna M. Feb. 28, 1834. 
Lucy C. May 1837. 
George H. Sep. 14, 1839. 
Benjamin ? Ap. 28, 1844. 

62. William B., son of Daniel, m. Hannah Libby, and lives 
in Maine. 

Emily. 1846. 



IV. Thomas, son of the Cornet, m. Sarah Dodson. Deane. 
His will is dated July 2, 1729. Prob. Rec. Plym. 6. 296. As 
his wife's name is not mentioned in the will, it is presumed she 
was dead at the time. 

Hannah. Nov. 1671. m. Foster. Prob. Rec. Plym. 6. 

296. d. before 1754. See her brother Gershom's will. 

1. Thomas. Sep. 1674. bap. May 31, 1674. Was he b. in 1673 ? 

2. Gershom. Jan. 1676. 

Sarah. Jan. 1678. m. Bennet, Father's will. 

3. Joshua. Jan. 1680. 

4. Caleb. Mar. 1682. 

5. Elisha. Mar. 1684. Rec. 2d Ch. say bap. May 23, 1686. 

6. Elijah. Mar. 1686. bap. Ap. 1, 1688. Rec. 2d Ch. 

Maiy. Mar. 3, 1691. m. Nathan Basset of Sandwich, Oct. 
22, 1712. 

7. Ebenezer. July 22, 1693. 

Ruth. Dec. 11, 1695. m. Nehemiah Randall of S., Aug. 

30, 1716. 
Margaret. Aug. 4, 1698. m. Nathan Pickles, jr. Mar. 13, 

1731 - 2. 

1. Thomas, son of Thomas. From the Boston Records it 
appears that he m. Mary Balston, Nov. 18, 1715. He was a 
blacksmith by trade, and lived in Orange Street, where he owned 
a house. His will is dated May 21, 1740. Named as dead in 
Gershom's will, date 1754. 

Thomas. July 25, 1719. d. Jan. 27, 1721 .? 

John. Jan. 12, 1720. m. Bethiah Oliver, Dec. 30, 1751. 

Bost. Rec. 
Thomas. Ap. 23, 1722. d. Feb. 16, 1725. 
Ebenezer. May 20, 1724. 
Sarah. Feb. 13, 1725. 
Thomas. Aug. 5, 1728. d. June 27, 1729. 
Lydia. Called Lydia Safford in her father's will. 

2. Gershom, son of Thomas, m. 1st, Mary Holmes of Scit- 
uate, Nov. 28, 1707. She d. Sep. 9, 1708, and he m. Anne 
King, Jan. 29, 1712- 13. His history is involved in some little 
obscurity. He lived and died in Scituate, and during his life ap- 


pears to have been a very active man, especially in the Church, 
as the following minutes show. He was chosen Constable in 
1714, to collect the Church rates ; and assessor in 1724, 1728, 
1729, 1730, 1731, 1732, and 1733. lie was Committee of the 
precinct in 1734 ; and one of the Committee chosen in 1737, to 
settle the bounds between the two precincts in Scituate. In 1740, 
he was one of a Committee to see about enlarging the meeting- 

In several places, on the Church Records, he is called Ser- 
geant ; from which it is inferred that he held that military office ; 
and an offjce of much more consequence, or esteemed so, in his 
day, than in ours. — The following curious document from the 
Church Records also relates to him. " Whereas complaint is 
mad of divers badd men and women and boys and garles on 
Sabbath days mack desturbance in the meeting house and else 
ware for Remeday The day above sd the precinct mad choice 
of Mr. Peter CoUomer, Mr. Gurshom Stetson, Samuel Curtis, jun., 
Elisha Silvester, and Gilbord broocks to be aded to the fomer 
comity, to suppress all disorders on Sabbath days, both in the 
time of divine sarvis and in the vacancy between the publick 
exercise." This was in 1732. 

He d. in 1754. Prob. Rec. 13. 321. and his wife Anne, is 
named in his will. In this will, he speaks of his son Caleb as 
deceased, but as having left children. This is all I have been 
able to learn about him. 
8. Caleb. 

3. Joshua, son of Thomas. From the will of Gershom, his 
brother, it appears that he was married, and had children ; but 
died previous to the year 1754 ; and from the Prob. Rec. SufT. it 
appears that one Joshua Stetson of Boston, Cooper, who is proba- 
bly the same person, died about the year 1740, and his wife 
Sarah was appointed to administer on his estate. This is all I 
have been able to learn about him. 

4. Caleb, son of Thomas. From the Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll. 
Series 2. Vol. 3. p. 208. it appears that "Caleb and Elisha Stet- 
son were living in North Plymouth in 1717, and with thirty-nine 
others, residents of that town, and of Plympton and Pembroke, 
petitioned for, and were set off as a separate parish, afterwards 
known as Kingston." On the Kingston records there is a copy 
of this petition, with the names of Caleb and Elisha Stetson ap- 
pended. Caleb had descendants, but their names I have not been 
able to learn. They settled somewhere in Halifax. 



5. Elisha, son of Thomas, m. Abigail Brewster of Kingston, 
about the year 1706. He was in Plymouth as early as 1699, 
for Dr. Nathaniel B. ShurtlefF of Boston, informs me that in that 
year Plymouth was divided into two militaiy districts, and Elisha 
Stetson was in the Southern. After Kingston was set off, he 
became a resident of that town, and lived and died there. Five 
of his children, and it is presumed all he had, were baptized Mar, 
19, 1721, viz. 

Sarah, m. 1st, Robert Bradford, Nov. 4, 1726 ; and 2d, 

Hunt ? 

Zeresh. m. Benj. Bradford. Published Dec. 18, 1721. 
Egloth. m. Ephraim Washburn. Published Nov. 4, 1732. 
Hopestill. m. John Simmons, Oct. 21, 1736. 
9. Elisha. b. 1718. 

6. Elijah, son of Thomas, m. Ruth Chittenden, Nov. 17, 
1710, and d. in Hanover, July 14, 1775, aged 89. 

Elijah. Jan. 15, 1711. bap. Ap. 7, 1723. Rec. 2d Ch. Scit. 
Did he d. young ? 

10. Joshua. May 12, 1713. bap. July 28, 1728. Rec. 2d 

Ch. Scit. 

11. Nathaniel. 

Elizabeth, m. William Eastes of Hanover, in 1736. 
Simeon. Of his life, I have no account. 

12. Luke. bap. May 15, 1726. 
Ruth. bap. May 10, 1730. 

Note. — Nathaniel, Elizabeth, and Simeon, were baptized with their mother, 
Mar. 31, 1723. 

7. Ebenezer, son of Thomas. Mr. Joseph Pitts of Dighton, 
one of his descendants, informs me, that he m. Lydia Barker of 
Scituate, who d. Feb. 20, 1776. He d. in 1778. Prob. Rec. 
Plym. 28. 91. ; and he and his wife were buried on Church Hill. 
It is said that he was a very zealous Churchman, and built the 
Church on Church Hill at his own expense. No vestige of that 
building now remains ; it was taken down in 1810. 

13. Ebenezer. Dec. 12, 1728. 

14. Snow. Mar. 1730. 

Thomas. 1732. d. at the age of 20, in Dighton. 

Gershom. b. 1734. d. in 1761. Prob. Rec. Plym. 19. 251. 

He died of the small-pox, near Philadelphia. 
Zilpha. m. Clapp of Scituate. 

8. Caleb, son of Gershom. All that I have been able to learn 
about him is, that he was married, and died young, leaving these 


children, said to have been born in Stoughton, though their names 
arc not on the Stougliton records. 

Caleb. Of him, I luive no record. 

15. John. b. 1738. 

9. Eli.sha, .son of Elisha, m, Sarah Adams, Ap. 26, 1742, 
and lived in Kingston. He d. Aug. 28, 1803, aged 85, and she 
Oct. 26, 1834, ageil 83. 

16. Theophilus. July 10, 1742. bap. Sep. 23, 1744. King. 

Ch. Rcc. 
Abigail. July 1, 1744, m. John Sampson, jr. Du.xbury, 

Dec. 4, 1760. 
Sarah. Dec. 29, 1746. d. Dec. 1761. 

17. Samuel. Nov. 19, 1749. bap. Dec. 31. 

18. Thomas. Mar. 9, 1752. Ixip. Mar. 22. 

Hannah. Sep. 12, 1754. m. Ezekiel Loring, Plympton, 

July 1, 1773. 
Betsy. Jan. 31, 1757. m. Abijah Drew, Kingston, May 

19, 1777. 
Lydia. June 15, 1759. m. Amos Cook, Oct. 24, 1783. 
Sarah. Nov. 24, 1761. m. Cornelius Drew, Nov. 12, 1781. 

19. Elisha. Feb. 19, 1764. 

10. Joshua, son of Elijah, m. Lillis, da. of Benjamin Stetson, 
July 8, 1747, and lived in Hanover. 

Lillis. Ap. 1748. m. Samuel Stetson of Pembroke. 
Luscenda. bap. Ap. 29, 1750. Ch. Rec. 
Joshua. June 14, 1752. I have no record of his life. Is he 
the child who d. Aug. 19, 1754 ? 

11. Nathaniel, son of Elijah, m. Mary Dillis, Ap. 1, 1735, 
and lived in Hanover. His wife d. Ap. 20, 1796, aged 91. 

Nathaniel. 1738. d. July 14, 1824. Not m. 
One daughter, m. a Jenkins. 

12. Luke, son of Elijah, m. Ruth Howland of Duxbury, in 
1762, and she d. in 1764. He was for many years a School- 
master in Hanover, and was quite noted for his eccentricities. 
He d. in Hanover. 

Ruth H. Feb. 12, 1763. m. Asa Soulc of Halifax, Dec. 
27, 1784. 

13. Ebenezer, son of Ebenezer, m. 1st, Hannah Hall of 
Raynham, in 1750, and the same year settled in Dighton. She 
d. in 1761, and he then m. Anna Leonard of Raynham, in 1762. 
He d. in Antigua, one of the W. I. Islands, Oct. 1768. 


Hannah. June 1754. m. Noah Brooks of Scituate, in 1770, 

and d. in Camden, Me. Ap. 18, 1814. 
Thomas. June 1756. d. on board the Jersey Prison Ship, in 

New York, aged 22. 
Lydia B. June 9. 1758. m. George Pitts of Dighton, July 1, 

1780. He d. Oct? 31, 1838, and she yet lives in D. 

a widow. 

20. Ebenezer. Mar. 8, 1761. 

By the 2d wife — 

Zephaniah. b. 1763. d. at sea in 1780. 

Nancy L. July 1765. m. 1st, Ebenezer Smith of Taunton, 
in 1783, who d. in 1793 ; and 2d, Josiah Shaw of Rayn- 
ham. Now living, a widow, in Bucksport, Me. 

14. Snow, son of Ebenezer, m. a French lady, named Du- 
pee, in Newport, R. I. and d. in the West Indies, aged 27. 

21. Snow. 

John. d. aged 11. 

15. John, son of Caleb, m. Bathshebar Dunbar of Scituate, 
Sep. 10, 1761. He moved to Chesterfield, in 1779, and in 1788 
moved to Sangate, Vt., where he d. in Ap. 1797, and his wife 
in Aug. 1797. 

Deborah. May 1762. m. James Bradley of Goshen, and d. 

at Sangate, Vt. in May 1801. 
John. July 11, 1763. d. Mar. 17, 1767. 
Margaret. Aug. 9, 1766. m. William Davis of Chesterfield, 

May 16, 1786, and yet lives in C. 

22. Thomas. Mar. 17, 1768. 

23. Caleb. Sep. 22, 1769. 

Sarah. Ap. 12, 1772. m. Phineas Cole, and went to Whites- 
town, N. Y. 

John. Ap. 23, 1774. d. in Chesterfield, in 1780. 

Hannah. Mar. 4, 1776. m. Reuben Booth. At Bethany, N. Y. 

Lucy. June 4, 1779. m. Rice of Ballstown, N. Y. 

d. in 1827. 

Rachael. Jan. 8, 1782. m. Sweet of Middlebury, N.Y. 

and d. in 1826. 

16. Theophilus, son of Elisha, m. Abigail Prince of Kingston, 
Nov. 24, 1768. His ch. were b. in Kingston. 

Polly. July 4, 1769. m. 1st, a Weiner, and then a Pierce. 
George. Oct. 31, 1770. m. Widow Black, d. in Alexandria, 

D. C. No. ch. He was a Sea Captain. 
James. Nov. 4, 1772. Lives in Portland, Me. Has been 

m. three times. 


Lvdia. Dec. 28, 1774. m. Cant. Pollard of England, and d. 
in 1819. 

Lewis. Nov. 4, 1776. In Portland. Has been m. twice. 

♦Thomas P. Sep. 14, 1779. 

Betsy. Aug. 24, 1781. m. 1st, Capt. Inglec ; and 2d, Capt. 
Prior of Duxburv. She is d. 

Lucy. June 24, 1784. m. Capt. S. Harding of Bath. He is 
d. and she lives in Berwick, Me. 

Abigail. Ap. 2, 1788. m. 1st, Capt. Oakman Spraguc, Oct. 
27, 1811. He d. in St. Domingo, and she then m. Mr. 
Scaver of Rochester, Mass. 

Mahala. June 27, 1790. d. Aug. 25, 1790. 

John. Mar. 20, 1792. m. a Deniroth, da. of a Polish noble- 
man, and d. in the West Indies. No ch. 

17. Samuel, son of Elisha, m. Huldah Brewster of Kingston, 
Jan. 28, 1776, and d. in 1828, May 12. Prob. Rec. 66. 217. 
His wife d. Dec. 25, 1833, aged 77. His obituary, published in 
the Old Colony Memorial, at Plymouth, June 14, 1828, states 
that he lived happily in the married state for fifty-two years, and 
" by industry and diligence, filled up his time with usefulness to 
the community, and support to a numerous family. His correct 
example as a Christian, in the various relations of life, was 
crowned with consolation and peace in the prospect of approach- 
ing dissolution. lie came to the grave as a shock of corn in its 
season, fully ripe, leaving behind him a worthy character. His 
children rise up and call him blessed, and all who knew him 
have occasion to say, may we live the life of the righteous, that 
we may die his death, and that our last end may be like his." . 

24. Seth. July 17, 1776. 

25. "M H. Feb. 19, 1778. 

26. Martin. Ap. 21, 1780. 

Leonice. Oct. 17, 1781. d. June 8, 1782. 

27. WiswcU S. Nov. 3, 1785. 

Rebecca. Mar. 19, 1783. m. Nathl. Cushman, Jan. 1, 1809. 
Judith. Feb. 16, 1788. m. David Smith, Esq. of Waltham, 

May 17, 1810, and d. in Nov. 1846. 
Huldah. Feb. 19,1790. m. Avery Richards, Duxbuiy, Nov. 

29, 1810. 

28. Andrew. Ap. 21, 1792. 

Julia. Mar. 3, 1794. m. Charles Foster, Kingston. He 

d. 1827. 
Christiana. Feb. 21, 1796. m. George 'Brewster, Nov. 

24, 1814. 

29. Samuel. Ap. 25, 1798. 




Elizabeth. June 4, 1800. Not m. Lives in Kingston. 

30. Joseph. Aug. 21, 1802. 

18. Capt. Thomas, son of Elisha, m. Elizabeth Cook of 
Kingston, Sep. 3, 1778. They both d. in Harvard, Mass. ; he in 
1820, and his widow in 1838. He was a Ship-master for about 
thirty years, and at the age of fifty, settled down as a farmer in 
Harvard. His wife wps a descendant of Edward Gray, who was 
brought over in the Mayflower, at the age of seventeen, by Gov- 
ernor Winslow, his guardian. Edward Gray married the da. of 
John Winslow, brother of the Governor, and became a rich mer- 
chant. His family still reside at his place, on the road from 
Kingston to Plymouth. 

Sarah A. Ap. 26, 1779. Not m. Lives in Harvard. 

31. Uehry. July 2, 1780. 

Priscilla C. Jan. 6, 1782. m. Moses Simonds in 1808, and 
is now a widow, in Ashtabula, O. 

Ellen. Mar. 30, 1783. She is not m., and has been a mis- 
sionary among the Cherokees for 25 years. 

Mary G. Jan. 16, 1785. m. Jonathan Witherly, in 1806. 
• Lives in Dexter, Me. 

Benjamin. Sep. 26, 1786. Lost at sea : mate of a ship. 

Nancy. Feb. 4, 1789. m. Bradford Harlow, Esq., late 
Mayor of Bangor, Me. 

Maria. May 7, 1791. m. Noah Sparhawk of Bucksport. 

32. Caleb. Julv 12, 1793. 

Jane. Oct.' 6, 1795. d. aged 21. 

33. Charles, b. 1798. 

19. Elisha, son of Elisha, m. Olive Brewster of Kingston, 
Jan. 15, 1792. Ch. Rec. ; and lived and died in K. He d. Mar. 
23, 1837, of Palsv, and she Julv 27, 1831, aged 63. 

William. Ap. 5, 1794. d. July 26, 1800. 

34. George. Aug. 3, 1796. 

Martha. Feb. 7, 1799. d. Feb. 25, 1802. 

35. William. Feb. 14, 1802. 

Deborah S. May 2, 1804. d. A p. 4, 1831. 

36. Elisha. 

20. Ebenezer, son of Ebenezcr, m. Olive Hall of Raynham, 
in 1780, and yet lives in Dighton, at the advanced age of 86. 
His wife d. Dec. 23, 1842. His life has been checkered with 
many eventful scenes. At the early age of sixteen, on the 26th 
of March, 1777, he enlisted in the Army of the Revolution, for 
the term of three years, in the company of Capt. Carver, attached 
to Col. Bradford'sRegiment, and Gen. Patterson's Brigade. He 

^-.rJT^ * 


was in the cngaj^emcnt of Saratoga, which resulted in the sur- 
render of Gen. Burgoync, and his army. Ho was then marched 
to Valley Forge, for winter quarters, and in the spring of 1778, 
went to New Jersey, to intercept the march of the British army 
from Philadelphia to New York, and was in the battle of Mon- 
mouth. In 1780, March, he entered on board the American 
Privateer Viper, William Williams of Boston, Master, and on the 
16th of July they engaged the British Letter of Marque Brig 
Resolution, mounting 16 guns, and after a smart contested 
action, in which he lost his right leg by a cannon shot, the Reso- 
lution surrendered, and was taken to Boston. By the pension 
act of 1818, he now draws from the Treasury of the United 
States the sum of $96 annually, towards the support of his de- 
clining years. 
37. Zephaniah. Nov. 20, 1781. 

Hannah. Ap. 15, 1784. m. Martin Leonard of Greene, Me. 

Olive. Sep. 15, 1785. d. in Maine, July 16, 1810. 

Deborah. Feb. 25, 1787. m. Isaac Bonney of Turner, Me. 

Lydia. Ap. 8, 1795. m. William VValcott of Fayette, Me. 

Welthca D. June 6, 1797. Lives in D. with" her father. 
Not m. 

21. Snow, son of Snow, m. Lydia Tolman of Scituate, Dec. 
7, 1780. He was a soldier in the Revolution, and his widow 
draws the pension granted to such, by the act of 1818. He lived 
awhile in Charlestown, Mass. ; also in Scituate, where he kept a 
tavern ; and d. in Bridgewater. His widow resides in Buf- 
falo, N. Y. 

Eliza, or Betsy, b. 1788. m. 1st, Isaac Larkin, and then 

Otis Clapp, of Charlestown, in 1825. 
Lydia. m. Cyrus Atheam of Bufialo, N. Y. 
38. John. June 9, 1792. 

Louisa, m. Hiram Havens of Buffalo, N. Y. She is d. 
He lost two children, who d. young : one Sep. 26, 1802, 
^agcd 3 weeks. 

22. Thomas, son of John, m. Aurclia Bisbcc of Sangate, Vt. 
in 1790. Supposed to bo living in Middlcbury, or Bethany, N. Y. 

Thomas. John. 

23. Caleb, son of John, m. Charlotte , in Salem, N. Y., 

and d. at Canandaigua, in 1828. 

John. Joseph. James. 


* Thomas P., son of Theophilus, p. 69 m. Elizabeth Sprague of 
Topsham, Me., and lived in Bath. His wife was b. Aug. 1, 
1790, and m. Jan. 14, 1813. He d. June 16, 1835. 

Ruth. Oct. 20, 1813. m. Jno. Shaw, Esq., Cashier of the 
Insurance Office in Bath, May 2, 1836. 

Oakman. June 22, 1817. m. Harriet N. Sweetser of Cum- 
berland, Me. Dec. 15, 1846. 

Mary F. Aug. 22, 1815. m. David T. Stinson of Bath, Dec. 
17, 1845. 

David S. May 22, 1819. m. Martha Sickles of Philadelphia, 
Feb. 15, 1843 ; and is a Sea Captain. 

Thomas P. Feb. 26, 1822. 

Josiah W. Dec. 26, 1823. 

Henry B. Nov. 21, 1827, d. Aug. 16, 1829. 

James P. Sep. 13, 1829. 

George H. Aug. 20, 1835. 

24. Seth, son of Samuel, m. Lucy, da. of Capt. Seneca 
Wadsworth of Duxbury, in 1801. He lived with his parents till 
he was seventeen years old, and then went to learn the Carpen- 
ter's trade, of Mr. John Cook. When free, he went to Maine to 
work, where he was wounded, and laid up for many months. 
About this time his attention was called seriously to the subject 
of religion, and his thoughts to the ministry. Pie spent part of 
his time with Rev. W. Riddel of Bristol, and part in keeping 
school ; and after about three years, was approbated to preach, 
by the Lincoln Association of Congregational Ministers, which 
met in Winthrop, where Rev. J. Belden was then minister. He 
married at the age of twenty-five, and removed to Norridgewock, 
Me., where he preached part of the time, and part of the time in 
other places, for about two years. In 1804, he was called to 
settle in Plymouth, Mass., over the Society at Monument Ponds ; 
and from the Massachusetts Plistorical Society's Collections, 2d 
Series, Vol. 3, p. 201, I find that the settlement took place July 
18, 1804, Sermon by Mr. Baker of Middleboro', from Hab. 2 : 2. 
Mr. Niles and Mr. Judson assisting. Here he remained about 
sixteen years ; but after preaching twelve years, he met with a 
change in his views ; and from being a Trinitarian, and Hopkin- 
sian, became a Unitarian. Disaffection arising on this account, 
in 1820 he asked his dismission, and removed to the village. 
While he lived at the Ponds, eight of his children were born, and 
four of thein died. He resided in the village four years, and 
here had three more children. About this time he preached in 
connection with the Unitarian Missionary Society, and went to 
New York, to the town of Galway, and spent a few months, and 
to Belfast, Me., and Carver, Mass. He then advanced in Scrip- 


ture doctrine, and finally renounced the creed which contains 
endless sin and misery, and became a Restorationist. He then 
preached in Old Colony Hall, Plymouth ; in Carver ; and in 
Duxbury. In 1825, he was invited to preach in Charlestown, 
and Salem ; and after spending one winter in Charlestown, was 
installed in Salem, over the Universalist Church and Society. 
With that Society he remained about three years, and then re- 
moved to Boston for a few months. After this he went to Bruns- 
wick, Me., and likewise to Bath, and Bowdoinham ; and in 1828, 
with his family, went to Maine, where he has since resided, 
preaching the gospel to different societies ; and now resides in 
Brunswick. He says, — "The Lord has followed us with his 
goodness all our lives long. We have abundant reason of 
gratitude and praise, for his long suffering and mercy towards 
us. He has proved his love, too, by chastening us. It has been 
good for us to be afflicted. We have found kind friends wher- 
ever we have sojourned. It is now about forty-five years since 
I began to preach the word of God, and this is still my sweetest 
work. I hope to meet my departed children and friends, ere 
long, in a better world." ' 

Seth. b. 1802. d. in NeV York, in 1829. 

Daniel, b. 1807. d. at Brunswick, in 1830. He was deaf 
and dumb. 

Emily, d. at the age of 15, in Buckfield. 

Prudentia. m. David E. Stanwood, and d. in 1845, aged 31. 

Sarah D. d. at the age of 9, in Plymouth. 

Lucy. d. in Plymouth, aged 5 months. 

39. Clement, b. 1809. 

Robert. Lived but 10 hours. 
Desire. Lived but 15 hours. 
( William Pcnn. b. 1823. 
\ Theodore L. b. 1823. 
Mary T. b. 1821. 

25. -i^h. H., son of Samuel, m. Eleanor Allen, Jan. 1, 1807, 
and lived' in Minot, Me. 

EUza. Nov. 1, 1807. m. James F. Davis of Danville, Me. 

Maria. Jan. 8, 1809. 
Christiana. Ap. 17, 1812. 

40. Allen. Mar. 27, 1814. 

Samuel. Dec. 14, 1815. m. Valeria A. Chace of Hebron, 

Harriet. May 7, 1817. 

41. James H. June 17, 1819. 


Olive A. Nov. 28, 1820. m. Samuel Roberts, now of Bos- 
ton, Nov. 12, 1845, 
42. Joseph. May 30, 1822, 
Clarissa. July 12, 1824. 

26. Martin, son of Samuel, m. Mary Dinsmore of Norway, 
Me., and lived in that place. Five of his children seem to have 
been born in Kingston, as they were bap. there Sep. 12, 1813. 

Carlton, m. in Bangor ; has two ch. 

Edwin, m. at Oldtown ; has ch, 

Angeline. m. twice; both husbands d. at sea, 

Hiram D. 

Martin H. 

Calvin. Works in Boston, on the Mill Dam. 

Mary J. 

Caroline T, 


27. Wiswell, son of Samuel, m. Sally Holmes of Kingston, 
and there resides. Is a Ship-carpenter. 

Judith S. Aug. 1, 1817. 

Lorenzo. Aug. 14, 1819. Lost at sea, in Feb. 1846. 

Marcia H. Aug. 21, 1821. 

Elizabeth E. Aug. 11, 1823. 

Sarah A. July 3, 1828. 

28. Andrew, son of Samuel, m. Sylvia C. Hathaway of Dux- 
bur>', Mar. 18, 1820, and lives there. Is a Shoemaker by trade. 

Charles F. Jan. 30, 1822. Clerk, in Medford. 
Winslow. June 1824. Painter, in Boston. 
Sylvia C. Sep. 2, 1828. 

29. Samuel, son of Samuel, m. Martha Smith of Duxburj', 
OcL 6, 1833, and resides there. He is a Lawyer. 

Julia. 1834. 

Emma. 1839. 

Eudora. d. aged 2, in Lexington. 

Ella. 1844 

30. Joseph, son of Samuel, m. Hannah Brewster of Kings- 
ton, Aug. 28, 1833, and lives there. Harness maker. 

Albert. Aug. 6, 1834. 

Julius. Sep. 7, 1836. 

Hannah A. Aug. 23, 1838. d. May 15, 1843. 

Emma F. July 14, 1841. 


31. Henry, son of Thomas, ni. Mary, da. of Timothy Green, 
Esq. of Boston, Feb. 27, 1806, and d. in New York, June 1816. 
His widow still lives in New York- 
Henry. 1806. m. Harriet Woodman, about 1828, and is a 

merchant in New Orleans, of the house of David Felt 

Mary. 1808. m. Willard Toby, in 1835. Lives in N. York. 
Ellen M. 1815. m. William C. Brooks, 1832, and d. 1844. 
Benjamin, d. in infancy. 

32. Caleb, son of Thomas, m. Julia A. Meriam of Lexington, 
in 1827. He graduated at Harvard College, in 1822, and 
studied Divinity at the Theological School, at Cambridge. 
Ordained over the 1st Parish in Medford, Feb. 28, 1827, and still 
resides there. 

Thomas M. June 15, 1830. In Camb. Coll. 

Julia. Ap. 1, 1834. 

Osgood. Oct. 5, 1837. d. Oct. 9, 1838. 

Edward G. Nov. 4, 1840. 

Abby. Sep. 10, 1844. 
His oldest son, Frederic D., b. July 1828, was lost at sea, 
Mar. 10, 1846, on his passage from Palermo, where he had been 
for his health. 

33. Charles, son of Thomas, m. Louisa, da. of Hon. Willis 
Silliman of Ohio, in 1831, and resides in Cleavcland, O. He 
was educated at Providence College, studied Law at the North- 
ampton Law School, and is now a Lawyer in good practice. 
Has children, but how many, his brother Caleb was not able to 
inform me. 

34. George, son of Elisha, m. Deborah P. Washburn of 
Kingston, May 30, 1826, and resides in K. 

Thomas D. May 30, 1827. 

Kimball W. Aug. 30, 1829. 

Has one da. and lost one ch. d. Jan. 24, 1838, aged 18 mo. 

35. William, son of Elisha, m. Sally S. Burgess of Kingston, 
May 13, 1829, and resides in K. 

Sally B. March 11, 1830. d. Mar. 13, 1830. 

James B. Mar. 27, 1831. 

William K. Jan. 13, 1833. 

Charies. Sep. 10, 1834. d. Jan. 6, 1835. 

Charies. b. 1835. 

Sarah M. Aug. 3, 1837. 

Deborah S. July 19, 1839. d. Oct. 29, 1839. 


Angeline. Feb. 26, 1841. 
John. Mar. 17, 1843. d. June 26, 1843. 
Elizabeth S. Oct. 13, 1844. d. Feb 25, 1845. 
John VV. Infant. 

36. Elisha, son of Elisha, m. Lydia C. Faunce of Kingston, 
and resides there. 

Henry T. Jan. 28, 1839. 
George F. June 6, 1841. 

37. Zephaniah, son of Ebenezer, m. Emma Wyman of Med- 
ford, Jan. 14, 1808, and lives in Cambridge, near the Colleges. 

Emma W. Nov. 27, 1808. m. W. Plummer of East 

Sidney A. Dec. 26, 1820. Of the firm of Stetson & Hop- 
kins, Dry Goods' Merchants, Boston. 

Joseph W. June 1, 1823. 

38. John, son of Snow, m. Irene F. Ames, Jan. 16, 1823, 
and lives in Burlington, Vt., to which place he moved in 1826. 

Irene. Jan. 8, 1824, in Taunton, d. July 6, 1826. 
John. Oct. 11, 1825, in Taunton, d. Dec. 28, 1832. 
Irene. Ap. 4, 1830. d. Dec. 25, 1832. 
Caroline A. Mar. 17, 1833. 
George I. Oct. 6, 1835. 

39. Clement, son of Seth, m. Eliza Richardson of S. Read- 
ing. He was a Carpenter by trade, and d. May 30, 1842, from 
the effects of a fall from a house which he was erecting at Ja- 
maica Plains, Roxbury. 

Clement. Emily. 

40. Allen, son of Job, m. Laurina Randall, in Sep. 1844. 
He lives in Maine. 

Harriet R. Mar. 1845. 

41. James H., son of Job, m. Mehitable Cushman of Roxbury,' 
Nov. 5, 1844, and lives in R. 

Nathaniel H. Aug. 19, 1846. 

42. Joseph, Son of Job, m. Maria Browne, Feb. 1, 1845, and 
lives in Brunswick, Me. 

Joseph E. Nov. 23, 1845. 



V. Samuel, son of the Cornet, m. Lydia . (The chil- 
dren, on the Scituate Town Records, are called children of 
Samuel and Lydia ; but from the same Town Records, I find 
that Mercy or Mary, wife of Samuel Stetson, d. in 1687. Was 
he m. twice ?) He lived in Scituate, and was a man of consider- 
able note. His name occurs quite frequently on the Church 
Records. Thus, in 1702 - 3, Samuel Stetson, Peter Colemore, 
and William Perry, were chosen to attend to the sale of a parcel 
of land belonging to the Church. He was chosen with Mr. 
Cushing, and Dea. James Torrcy, to make the rate in 1703. 
In 1707 he was on a Committee with Ensign Clapp, to see the 
town about changing the locality of a road. He was chosen with 
two others, in 1709 - 10, to see about clearing and fencing the 
parsonage land. And from 1719 to 1722, he was chosen to 
make the rates. 

1. Samuel. June 1679. 

♦ Elizabeth. Ap. 1, 1682. 
Lydia. July 1683. 

Patience. Dec. 1687. bap. Sep. 9, 1705, aged 17. Rec. 

2. Jonah. Ap. 1691. bap. Mar. 23, 1717- 18. aduU. 
Mary. June 1692. m. Joseph Pitcher, Oct. 21, 1714. 

3. John. Mar. 1694. 

4. Silas. June 1696. 

5. Seth. June 1698. . 

6. Nathaniel. June 1700. 

Deborah. Oct. 1704. bap. Oct. 22, 1727. adult, m. Jona- 
than Jackson, Oct. 30, 1732. 

Rachael. bap. Aug. 18, 1717. adult, m. Samuel Stetson 
in 1731. 

* Did Elizabeth have a twin brother Judah ? I find such an one on the Ch. 
Rec. bap. May 14, 1682. He probably died young. 

1. Samuel, son of Samuel, m. Reuben Turner, May 12, 1719, 
and lived in Hanover. He d. June 23, 1760. 

7. Samuel, b. about 1725. 

Lydia. Never m. d. before the year 1776. 
Rebecca, d. Aug. 28, 1765. 
The above, children of Samuel, were bap. Feb. 19, 1726-7. 


2. Jonah, son of Samuel, m. Mercy Turner of Scituate, May- 
Si, 1720. He d. in the year 1766. Prob. Rec. Plym. 19. 387. 
His decease was very sudden, he being found cold and stiff in a 
pasture, whither he had gone to walk. He was a man of busi- 
ness note, and much esteemed by his townsmen. His wife d. 
about the year 1769. Prob. Rec. Plym. 21. 298. 

8. Jonah. July 1721. bap. Feb. 25, 1722. 

Eunice, bap. Nov. 29, 1724. m. George Stetson, May 

10, 1742. 
Micah. bap. in private, July 4, 1729, being sick. He died 

soon after. 

3. John, son of Samuel, m. 1st, Relief or Hannah Ewell, 

July 27, 1727 ; 2d, Abigail ; and 3d, Ruth Penniman of 

Weymouth. On the Rec. 2d Ch. I find the following note, 
which appears to relate to the first wife. " Hannah Ewell, da. 
of Gershom Ewell, and Submit, his relict, and wife of John 
Stetson of Marshfield, was bap. in private, Sep. 25, 1728." The 
above John is said to have d. Jan. 13, 1786, aged 92, of a stop- 
page. Rec. 2d Ch. He built the first Tide Mill at the Harbor ; 
and in 1730, purchased the noted Warton estate, which had pre- 
viously been in possession of a Quaker family of that name. 
Here he had a ship-yard, and ship-building appears to have been 
carried on to a considerable extent, for those days, at his yard. 
He was quite a landholder, having considerable real estate in 
Scituate, and in Braintree. Prob. Rec. Plym. 30. 169. His 3d 
wife, Ruth, d. Ap. 20, 1791, aged 82. By the first he had no 
children, and but one by the last. 

John. b. 1734. d. Ap. 9, 1754, aged 20. Killed by a fall. 
Lydia. Sep. 5, 1742. d. Ap. 25, 1821. Prob. Rec. Plym. 

54. 8. Not m. 
Mary. b. 1744. d. June 1745. 
Mary. b. Jan. 22, 1747. d. Dec. 4, 1832. Not m. 

9. Samuel, b. 1748. 

Elenor. m. Dr. Charles Stockbridge of Scituate, Oct. 4, 
1784. She was the helU of her day, and is said to have 
been very beautiful. 

Ruth. d. at the age of 21. 

4. Silas, son of Samuel, m. Mary Brackett, in 1743. He 
left but one child, and d. Nov. 27, 1772, or thereabouts. 

10. Silas. Mar. 1, 1759. 

5. Seth, son of Samuel, m. Elizabeth Rose of Hanover, Ap. 
19, 1727. He lived not far from the Congregational Meeting- 
House. His wife d. Sep. 4, 1787, aged 83. 


Elizabeth. Oct. 2, 1732. Did she d. Dec. 16, 1783 ? 
Eli. d. Dec. 12, 1734. 

11. Scth. June 4, 1735. 

Thomiis. Nov. 1737. d. Nov. 19, 1739. 

12. Jeremiah. Aug. 8, 1740. 

13. Thomas. July 23, 1741. 

Samuel. June 1744. d. Ap. 17, 1748. 

6. Nathaniel, son of Samuel, m. Rebecca Brisco of Hanover, 
Feb. 13, 1738, and lived not far from his brother Seth. He d. 
July 28, 1753, of a quick lover. Prob. Rec. Plym. 13. 155. and 
his widow m. David Cudworth of Scituate, in 1760. 

♦Freelovc. Sep. 18, 1738. m. Thcophilus Withrell, Dec. 

31, 1761. d. Sep. 13, 1824. 
Rebecca. May 1743. m. Joseph Studley, Jan. 10, 1765, 

and moved to Vermont. 
Ruth. b. 1746. m. Jonathan Bates of Rochester, Feb. 

11, 1771. 

* One of the oldest children of Mr. Nathaniel Stetson, a son, d. Sep. 1738. 
Was he twin to Freelove ? I have in my possession a very curious letter, more 
than one hundred years ohl, written by Mr. N. Stetson and his wife, to her 
father, who was then in North Carolina. It shows him to have been a good son- 
in-law, and she was a dutiful and aflectionate daughter. 

7. Samuel, son of Samuel, m. Else, or Alice Rogers, Dec. 

14. 1766, and lived in Hanover. He d. Feb. 5, 1791, of ner- 
vous consumption ; and she d. May 29, 1820, aged 76. The 
estate of Samuel St'jtson, jr. was appraised May 5, 1791. Prob. 
Rec. Plym. 31. 375. 

14. Turner. Sep. 8, 1767. 
Reuben. 1769. d. Sep. 12, 1778. 

15. Samuel. May 1772. 

Rebecca. Sep. 10, 1776. m. Timothy Church, Nov. 27, 
1796. Yet living, in Hanover, near the four Corners : 
a widow. 

Lydia. b. 1778 ? m. Ezekicl Turner, Feb. 28, 1799. d. July 
15, 1819. 

8. Jonah, son of Jonah, m. Elizabeth Hatch of Scituate, Dec. 
19, 1751, and lived in Scituate, not far from the Cornet's place. 
Elizabeth, wife of Jonah, was b. May 12, 1728, and d. Ap. 26, 
1816, aged 88 ; an excellent woman, and much esteemed. The 
Inventory of the Estate of Mr. Jonah, was made Mar. 4, 1783, 
Prob. Rec. Plym. 28. 551. He was a man of good property, 
good character, and good business habits. 

Elizabeth. Jan. 11, 1753. d. Feb. 15, 1834. Not m. 


16. Micah. Nov. 21, 1754. 

Lucy. Mar. 1, 1757. m. Benjamin Vassal of Charlton, Sep. 

8, 1782. and d. June 14, 1786. 
Bethiah. May 1, 1759. d. Mar. 20, 1845. Not m. 

17. Jonah. July 27, 1761. 

Mercy. Sep. 1, 1766. m. Daniel Wilhams of Charlton, June 

4, 1786, and d. Feb. 8, 1843. 
Lydia, da. of Jonah S., was bap. Oct. 26, 1755. She died 


9. Samuel, son of John, m. Mary Clapp of Scituate, Ap. 26, 
1779. He was a shipwright by trade, and a great singer. He 
d. in the year 1788, aged 40, and his widow m. Job Turner of 
Cohasset, in 1800. 

John, only child, d. Mar. 12, 1792, aged 12 or thereabouts. 

10. Silas, son of Silas, m. Martha Milton of Braintree, Feb. 
3, 1780, and lived and d. in Scituate. His wife was b. Mar. 23, 
1758, and d. June 12, 1842. He d. June 10, 1829. Prob. Rec. 
Plym. 67. 554. 

Benjamin. Oct. 21, 1780. d. Feb. 6, 1781. 

Mary Brackett. Nov. 12, 1781. m. Robert Stover of Port- 
land, Me. in 1802. She is d. 

Deborah A. Aug. 24, 1783. m. William Stetson, Dec. 12, 
1820. d. June 16, 1842. 

18. Silas. June 25, 1785. 

r Betsy. May 1, 1787. m. Peleg Sprague, and d. Mar. 

^ 3, 1846. 

[Rachael. May 1, 1787. m. Martin Palmer, Oct. 15, 1811. 

Living in Hanover. 
Nathan. May 10, 1789. d. in New York state. May 29, 
1840. Not m. 

19. Samuel. Ap. 28, 1793. 

20. Ephraim Arnold. Feb. 21, 1791. 

21. Jotham. Nov. 17, 1794. 

Hannah M. Ap. 29, 1797. m. Joseph Sylvester. 

22. William. May 6, 1799. 

11. Seth, son of Seth, m. Lucy Studley of Hanover, Ap. 
1, 1765. 

Rebecca. Dec. 17, 1765. m. Clement Bates, Dec. 25, 1785. 

d. Sep. 29, 1813. 
Deborah. Mar. 18, 1767. m. John Bates, who moved to Me. 

She d. in 1841. 
Hannah. Ap. 1, 1769. m. Samuel Bates, Mar. 27, 1791. 

He moved to Me., and she d. there in 1831. 

23. Nathaniel. Jan. 6, 1771. 


24. Scth. Mar. 4, 1773. 

25. Samuel. Mar. 22, 1775. 

Lucy. Feb. 11, 1777. m. John Tubbs, jr. of Pembroke, 

Aug. 18, 1797. 
Thankful. June 7, 1779. m. Freeman Harden, Jan. 25, 1800. 

26. Ezekiel. July 8, 1781. 

Reuben. Mar. 27, 1784. d. aged 9. 
Martin. May 16, 1789. d. aged 4. 

12. Jeremiah, son of Seth, m. Lucy Bates, Jan. 3, 1753. 
He was of Pembroke, but lived part of his days in Hanover, and 
was Deacon of the Church. His will bears date June 21, 1803. 
Prob. Rec. Plym. 38. 397. He d. Sep. 14, 1803. By occupa- 
tion, he was a mill and wheelwright ; he also carried on farming 
to some extent. 

Lucy. Feb. 9, 1754. m. Alexander Soper, jr. of Me. Nov. 

14, 1776. 
Rachael. Oct. 21 , 1756. m. Ebenezer Bonney of Hanson, 

Ap. 25, 1790. 

27. Jeremiah. Sep. 10, 1762. 

Lydia. May 4, 1766. m. Isaac Beals, Mar. 16, 1788. 
Mary Rose. July 20, 1768. m. Col. Amos Turner, Oct. 

27, 1816. 
Elizabeth. Sep. 23, 1772. d. Ap. 18, 1840, of fever. 

Not m. 

13. Thomas, son of Seth, m. Olive Mann, June 18, 1772. 
He lived in Hanover, near where Mr. Zaccheus Eastes now re- 
sides. His wife d. July 20, 1819, and he d. Dec. 24, 1821. 

28. Thomas. Mar. 31, 1773. 

Olive. Mar. 20, 1775. m. Samuel Beals of Chariestown, 
May 7, 1796. Now resides in Livermore, Me. 

Ruth. Mar. 10, 1777. m. David Snow Whitman of Bridge- 
water, 1798. 

Elizabeth. Jan. 30, 1780. m. Calvin Bates, Aug. 2, 1801. 
She is d. 

Lucinda. b. 1783. m. Noah Mason of Boston, mariner, 
July 5, 1804. Now a widow, and resides in Illinois. 

Benjamin, b. 1786. d. voung. 

29. Benjamin. Sep. 28, 1790. 

30. Eli. Oct. 13, 1794. 

14. Turner, son of Samuel Stetson, m. Lydia Rose of Han- 
over, Feb. 1, 1795. He was a man of great business enterprise, 
and for more than twenty years, held the office of selectman. 
His wife d. Jan. 22, 1819, aged 50, and he d. Feb. 25, 1844. 



31. Turner. June 22, 1795. 

Ruth. Sep. 24, 1797. Lives on the homestead ; not m. 
Lydia Rose. Ap. 10, 1799. d. Ap. 22, 1799. 
Lydia. May 18, 1800. m. Mr. Cobb of Abington. She is d. 
Aristides. Ap. 11, 1802. d. at the West, Oct. 16, 1839. 

Not m. 
Samuel. Dec. 14, 1805. d. Jan. 13, 1806. 
Alice. Feb. 11, 1808. Lives with Ruth. 
Eliza. Oct. 1, 1811. m. John Hatch of Hanover, Aug. 

25, 1836. 

15. Samuel, son of Samuel, m. 1st, Zilpha Stetson, Feb. 29, 
1778. By her he had three children. She d. Jan. 5, 1807, and 
he then m. Abigail, da. of Shuble Munroe, with whom he still 
lives, near the Congregational Meeting-House in Hanover. By 
occupation, he is a farmer. 

Zilpha. Dec. 29, 1799. d. Nov. 1800. 

32. Albert. Aug. 8, 1802. 

Fannv. July 22, 1805. m. Perez Perry, Nov. 2, 1828. 
d. Mar. 19, 1831. 
By the 2d wife he had — 

Zilpha. Jan. 1, 1809. m. Zenas Rogers, Feb. 20, 1632. 

Reuben. Oct. 31, 1810. 

Charles. July 14, 1812. Lived but one day. 

Abigail. July 26, 1813. m. John Little, Aug. 11, 1835. 

33. Jchn. Jan. 15, 1815. 
Mary. Sep. 27, 1816. 

Samuel. June 1, 1818. He sailed from London on a whal- 
ing voyage, nine years ago last November, and has not 
been heard from since. 

Melatiah C. Ap. 12, 1820. d. Feb. 16, 1825. 

Rebecca Mellen. Jan. 18, 1822. 

Isaiah. Nov. 30, 1823. d. Dec. 27, 1823. 

Jeremiah. May 10, 1826. 

Henrv Martin. Au2. 16, 1827. d. June 14, 1831. 

Turner. Ap. 27, 1829. 

Henry Martin. Dec. 29, 1832. 

16. Micah, son of Jonah, m. Sarah Copeland of Scituate^ 
Mar. 23, 1783. He was Representative to the State Legislature 
in 1815 and 1816, and a man of considerable business enterprise. 
He lived near the Comet's place, and d. Dec. 27, 1838. 

Sarah. Nov. 23, 1783. m. Edward Eels, late of Medford, 

Oct. 5, 1805. 
Esther. Nov. 24, 1785. m. Noah Brooks of Boston. She 

is dead. 


34. Ebenezer. Oct. 14, 1787. 

( Mercy, or Mar}'. Nov. 9, 1789. Not m. 

\ Lusanna, or Joiinnah. Nov. 9, 1789. d. about the age of 13. 

35. Joseph. Jan. 15, 1792 

36. Alpheus. Ap. 8, 1794. 

Lydia F. Sep. 25, 1796. m. Rev. Mr. Sullivan of Shutesbury. 

37. Elisha. May 8, 1799. 

17. Jonah, son of Jonah, m. Elizabeth "Vinal, Mar. 31, 1796, 
who was b. Ap. 17, 1770. He d. Ap. 2, 1825. 

38. Lemuel. Sep. 10, 1797. 

Gushing. Ap. 31, 1800. d. Aug. 31, 1801. 

39. Gushing. Ap. 25, 1802. 

Elizabeth. Ap. 4, 1806. m. J. E. Dow, Esq. of Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

William V. Mar. 13, 1807. d. Jan. 12, 1830, in Bridge- 
water; Hatter. 

Lusanna. Dec. 2, 1808. Never m. 

Bethiah. Aug. 15, 1811. d. Aug. 18, 1811. 

Franklin. May 14, 1815. d. June 12, 1838. 

18. Silas, son of^ Silas, m. at Philadelphia, and d. there. 
Of his business and family, I have been able to learn nothing. 

19. Samuel, son of Silas, m. Mary Kimbjill of Scituate, in 
1819, Lives near the Gornet's old place. 

William H. Nov. 14, 1820. 

Samuel O. Jan. 27, 1823. 

Mary J. Mar. 11, 1826. 

Daniel K. Nov. 5, 1833. 

Martha Loring. May 5, 1842. d. Feb. 20, 1844. 

20. Ephraim A., son of Silas, m. 1st, Glarissa Granc, (b. Ap. 
23, 1800,) in Nov. 1821. She d. Nov. 22, 1836, and he then 
m. Nancy T. Daniells, (b. Feb. 5, 1810,) Dec. 5, 1837. Had 
children only by the first. He and his 2d wife both died in one 
week, of consumption ; he Feb. 23, 1845, and she Feb. 27, 1845. 
Mr. S. lived in Waltham at the time of his first marriage, but 
afterwards moved to Nashua, N. H., where he spent his last 

Glarissa A. Sep. 10, 1822. m. William Parker, July 1,1845. 

Lives in Manchester, N. H. 
Ephraim A. b. 1825. d. young. 
Ellen E. Ap. 12, 1828. 
Ephraim A. Oct. 23, 1830. 
William Wirt. JaJ. 22, 1833. 
Mary F. Nov. 14, 1836. d. Oct. 8» 1837. 


21. Jotham, son of Silas, m. Harriet James, Oct. 3l, 1822, 
and moved to Medford, where he carries on Ship-building quite 
extensively, and holds the office of Deacon in the Church. 

Almira James. Aug. 11, 1823. 

Harriet Richmond. May 14, 1825. m. Edwin Briggs, 1846. 

Martha Milton. Ap. 17, 1827. 

Abby Dwight. July 23, 1837. 

Florence Warner. Feb. 22, 1840. 

22. William, son of Silas, m. 1st, Rebecca Curtis, (m. in 
Boston,) Nov. 10, 1822. His first wife was b. Mar. 16, 1800, 
and d. May 1, 1844. He then m. widow Elizabeth B. Clark, 
Dec. 15, 1845. He resides in Marlboro', Mass., but transacts 
business part of the year in Baltimore, Md. 

40. William. Nov. 26, 1823. 
Franklin. June 9, 1825. 
Silas M. June 16, 1826. 

Josiah C. Jan. 5, 1828. d. Feb. 21, 1830, in Boston. 
One child by the 2d wife, b. Nov. 24, 1846. 

23. Nathaniel, son of Seth, m. 1st, Temperance Curtis, Nov. 
7, 1793, and lived in Hanover. By her he had — 

41. Nathaniel. Ap. 17, 1795. 

42. Elisha C. May 3, 1797. 

43. Samuel. June 28, 1799. 

44. Seth. Sep. 18, 1802. 

His first wife d. Nov. 6, 1808, and 'he then m. Joanna Pratt, 
Mar. 7, 1811. By her he had — 

45. Harrison. 

Temperance C. m. Hiram Munroe of H. May 6, 1832. 

24. Seth, son of Seth, m. 1st, Sally Hibbert of Danvers, who 
d. July 1824 ; and 2d, Abigail Jennings of Methuen. He lives 
in Boxford, and is a Farmer. 

William, b. 1804. Lost at sea. May 3, 1833, aged 29. 

46. Seth. b. Sep. 3, 1809. 

George. Oct. 1820. Lives in Boxford. 
Sarah. May 27, 1811. d. in Danvers, 1843. She m. Gil- 
man Hull of Danvers, in 1843. 
Betsy, d. young. 
Seth. d. young. 

Elizabeth, b. 1818. d. in Boxford, Feb. 2, 1838. 
Nathan, d. young, aged 2. 


25. Samuel, son of Seth, m. 

Martin. Lucy. Mehitable. 

2 younger — boys. 

26. Ezekicl, son of Seth, m. Sylvia White of Pembroke, 
May 4, 1806, and moved to Greene, Me., where he d. in 1845, 
June. He lived for a while in Hanover, and five of his children 
were born there. 


47. Lauristen. Oct. 30, 1811. 
Prentice. In Texas. 


Chauncy. In Texas. 



Lewis. Sep. 6, 1827. With Lauristen, in East Boston. 

27. Jeremiah, son of Jeremiah, m. Lydia, da. of Joseph Bon- 
ney, Aug. 5, 1784. He was living in Hanson, Feb. 1, 1847, at 
the advanced age of 84. By trade a wheelwright. 

Lydia. Sep. 11, 1785. m. Robert Thomas, Feb. 2, 1806. 

48. Jeremiah. Mar. 25, 1788. 

Judith. Dec. 27, 1793. m. George Cook of Hanover, Jan. 1 , 
1817. She d. 

49. John. Feb. 2, 1797. 

50. George F. May 9, 1809. 

28. Thomas, son of Thomas, m. 1st, Betsy Studley, in 1801, 
She was b. June 4, 1782, and d. June 3, 1833. He then m. 
Michel Bates, Ap. 21, 1834. Lives quite near the factory in 

51. Thomas. Oct. 29, 1803, 

52. Nahum. Dec. 3, 1805. 

53. Martin. May 29, 1807. 
Betsy. Sep. 23, 1810. 

Alden. Ap. 14, 1813. d. Dec. 22, 1817. 
Welthea. Sep. 1, 1816. 

29. Benjamin, son of Thomas, m. Lucv Bates of Hanover, 
Sep. 10, 1820. (She was b. June 26, 1799.) He lives in Han- 
over, about one mile west of the Congregational Church, on the 
Hanson road, and is by trade a millwright. 

Olive. Jan. 30, 1821. m. Peabody Little. 


Priscilla. Mar. 31, 1825. m. Rev. William Whiting of North 

Benjamin L. July 1, 1837. 

SO. Eli, son of Thomas, m. 1st, Harriet Josselynn, and 2d, 
Widow Lucy Thomas. He lives in Hanson, near the factory, 
and is by occupation a millwright. By his first wife he had — 
Diana A. Dec. 9, 1824. d. 1842. 
Harriet M. June 15, 1826. 
Lucy F. May 11, 1831. 
By his 2d wife he has — 
George. July 3, 1834. 
Sarah Louisa. Ap. 15, 1838. d. Sep. 22, 1839. 

31. Turner, son of Turner, m. Sarah Sylvester of Hanover, 
Mar. 13, 1822. He now resides in the State of Michigan. He 
had but one child, which died. 

32. Albert, son of Samuel, m. Welthea Perry, Nov. 29, 1830, 
and resides in Hanover, near Mr. Duncan's Meeting-House. He 
has been Selectman. 

Zilpha Ann. June 29, 1832. d. May 7, 1843. 

33. John, son of Samuel, m. Ann Hookaway of SjTacuse, 
N. Y. in 1842, and resides in CurdifT, N. Y. 

34. Ebenezer, son of Micah, m. Rachael, da. of Nathaniel 
Turner, Jan. 13, 1836, and resides in Scituate, near his father's 
place. He is Deacon of the 2d Church, and Selectman of the 
Town. Has no family. 

35. Joseph, son of Micah, m. Mary, da. of William and Lucy 
Eaton, Aug. 27, 1820. (She was b. Sep. 7, 1798.) He resides 
in Camden, Me. 

Mary Eaton. Sep. 8, 1821. 

Sarah Copeland. Aug. 15, 1823. 

Lucy White. Dec. 20, 1826. 

William Micah. Dec. 19, 1828. d. Mar. 1, 1846. 

Jane Gushing. A p. 9, 1831. 

Ann Augusta. Aug. 18, 1833. 

Joseph Franklin. Feb. 24, 1836. 

Henrietta. June 21, 1838. d. Feb. 2, 1845. 

Elizabeth Hatch. June 25, 1840. 


36. Alpheus, son of Micah, m. Hannah W. Kent, Dec. 4, 
1819. (She was b. Oct. 20, 1802.) He resides in South Bos- 
ton, and is engaged in the Wood and Coal trade. 

54. Alpheus M. Sep. 21, 1820. 

Daniel F. W. Sep. 15, 1823. d. May 16, 1825. 

Edward F. June 18, 1826. d. Nov. 15, 1829. 

Hannah Elizabeth. Nov. 7, 1828. 

Edward F. Mar. 23, 1830. d. Oct. 27, 1830. 

Sarah A. Aug. 15, 1823. 

Franklin J. Ap. 5, 1839. d. Mar. 28, 1841. 

Mary Adelaide. June 25, 1843. 

37. Elisha, son of Micah, m. Phoebe R. Whittemore of Peter- 
boro', N. H., Feb. 3, 1824, and lives in Medford, where he is 
extensively engaged in Ship-building. 

Phoebe. Jan. 1825. 

Mary. 1826. 

Lucy. Feb. 1829. 

Eudora. 1831. d. Dec. 1845. 

Elisha. d. aged 7 months. 

Elisha. 1835. 

38. Lemuel, son of Jonah, m. Margaret A. Snow of Boston, 
Sep. 4, 1832, and resides in Charlestown. 

Emma Frances. July 31, 1833. 
William Gushing. Mar. 15, 1835. 
Margaret Ann. July 4, 1838. 
Mary Horten. June 28, 1841. 
Ella Elizabeth. Ap. 3, 1844. 
Cornelia Willis. May 13, 1846. 

39. Cushing, son of Micah, m. Frances E. B. Barrows of 
Roxbury, Oct. 16, 1838. He is a Commission Merchant, and his 
place of business is on India Wharf in Boston. He also holds 
the office of Venezuelan Vice Consul. His place of residence is 
at the Highlands in Roxbury. 

William Franklin. July 1839. 
Henry Cushing. Oct. 1843. 
Frances Elizabeth. Oct. 1845. 
Lost two, died young. 

40. William, son of William, m. Elizabeth R. Howe, Ap. 12, 
1842. (She was b. Nov. 10, 1825.) Resides in Marlboro', Mass. 

Alston Howe. Sep. 1, 1842. 
Warren I. June 16, 1844. 


41. Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel, m. Betsy Whittier of Bath, 
Me. She died, and he m. Bates. 

Nathaniel W, 
Lydia S. m. 
Sarah, d. 
By his 2d wife he has two young children. 

42. Elisha C, son of Nathaniel, m. Betsy Barstow of Pem- 
broke, Jan. 14, 1816. He lived in Hanover, and d. Jan. 21, 1845. 

Elisha. Nov. 19, 1817. d. in Pembroke, Jan. 2, 1818. 

Hannah. Ap. 25, 1818. m. Howard of Pembroke. 

Morgan B. Nov. 24, 1820. . 

Lucinda C, May 11, 1823. m. a son of Dr. Anthony CoUa- 

more of Pembroke. 
Leonora C. Jan. 9, 1826. 
Elisha C. Oct. 18, 1829. 
William F. Oct. 3, 1831. 
Sylvina. Jan. 3, 1834. 
Betsy. Mar. 22, 1836. 
Sarah M. Nov. 15, 1840. d. Ap. 25, 1845. 
Albert. Jan. 14, 1843. d. Mar. 27, 1845. 

43. Samuel, son of Nathaniel, m. Lydia Thayer, A p. 1, 1820. 
Lives in Pembroke. 

Julia A. Ap. 1, 1821. m. Belcher of Weymouth. 

i Samuel. Mar. 28, 1824. 
\ Lydia. Mar. 28, 1824. 

Eliza. 1822. m. Crossly of Marshfield. 


44. Seth, son of Nathaniel, m. Desire O. Palmer, Ap. 17, 
1832. Lives in Hanover, near Mr. Duncan's Meeting-House. 

Seth C. June 9, 1836. 
William Wirt. Ap. 13, 1838. 
Nathaniel M. Mar. 1, 1843. d. 
Abby Maria. Aug. 25, 1844. 
Mary Elizabeth. Aug. 10, 1846. 

45. Harrison, son of Nathaniel, m. Smith of Cat- 
skill, N. Y. 

Sarah Cecilia. Jan. 31, 1843. 
Joanna Pratt. May 2, 1845. 


Benjamin, son of , m. Eliza Munroe of Hanover, Dec. 11, 

1838. Lives in H. not far from Dr. Studley's. 
Josephine. Oct. 1839. 
Eliza, d. aged 1. 
Betsy A. 
James E. 
John Q. 
Abby. Aug. 7, 1843. 

46. Seth, son of Seth, m. 1st, Mary T. Howard, May 1 , 1832, 
who d. Sep. 7, 1845, aged 32 ; and 2d, Margaret A. Goodhue 
of Essex, Dec. 25, 1845. He resides in Danvers, New Mills. 

William H. Jan. 7, 1834. 

Seth H. Mar. 6, 1837. d. June 24, 1838. 

SethH. May 27, 1839.? 

Mary E. Nov. 20, 1843. 

47. Lauristen, son of Ezckicl, m. Elizabeth G. Davis of 
Portland, Mar. 13, 1837. Resides in East Boston. 

No children. 

48. Jeremiah, son of Jeremiah, m. Lydia Josselynn, da. of 
Eleazer Josselynn of Hanover, Jan. 14, 1808. He resides in 
Hanson, and is a very ingenious and enterprizing mechanic. 
His trade is that of a Shipwright. 

Oren. May 25,1808. m. Nancy J. Kean of Boston, Mar. 11, 

1838, and resides in Madrid, Me. No ch. 
Jeremiah. June 27, 1810. 
Emeline. Aug. 20, 1812. Resides in Me. 
Gilbert. Jan. 6, 1815. In Philips, Me. 

{Lydia. Ap. 6, 1817. m. Aaron Huntoon. Lives in Ma- 
drid, Me. 
Lyman. Ap. 6, 1817. Worked last summer in Connecticut, 
on the Derby Canal. 
Cordelia, m. William D. Kempton. In Madrid, Me. 
Betsy, d. aged 2. 

49. John, son of Jeremiah, m. Deborah Thomas, Aug. 26, 
1818. He is a Farmer. 

Betsy T. Oct. 30, 1818. m. Julius Josselynn of Hanson. 

Is dead. 
Jane. b. about 1820. m. William H. Bourn. 
George, b. about 1826. 
One more daughter. 


50. George F., son of Jeremiah, m. Chloe M. Barney, in 
1832 ? He resides in Hanson, and is by occupation a House- 

George F. Ap. 1833. 
Chloe M. 1836. 
Sarah B. 1843. 
Lost 2, died young. 

51. Thomas, son of Thomas, m. Asenith Bailey, Dec. 10, 
1827. Resides in Hanson. 

Alden. Sep. 13, 1828. 
Hiram. Mar. 12, 1831. 
Asenith C. Sep. 14, 1836. 
Charlotte W. Sep. 1838. d. 1841. 
Charles T. Dec. 5, 1841. 

52. Nahum, son of Thomas, m. Maria Bailey, Mar. 3, 1831, 
Lives in Hanson. 

Nahum. Ap. 1831. 
Eliza M. 1839. 

53. Martin, son of Thomas, m. Huldah, da. of John Stetson^ 
Nov. 2, 1828. Resides in Hanson, and is a Shoemaker. 

Martin T. Ap. 9, 1829. 
Sarah A. Dec. 3, 1831. 
John M. Aug. 9, 1834. 
Andrew O. Nov. 17, 1836. 
Lucy J. Mar. 15, 1839. 
Jason E. Jan. 30,^ 1842. 

54. Alpheus M., son of Alpheus, m. Sophia B. Osborn, Oct. 
7, 1842. Resides in South Boston, and is engaged in the Wood 
and Coal trade. 

John Alpheus. July 28, 1844. 



VI. John, son of the Cornet, m. Abigail . (See the Cor- 
net's will. Deane, in his History of Scituate, calls his widow 
Mary ; but he must be mistaken. ) " In the Canada expedition, 
in 1690, under Sir William Phipps, at the taking of Port Royal, 
and the attempts upon Quebec, Scituate furnished sixteen men, 
under Capt. Joseph Sylvester, Lieut. Israel Chittenden, and En- 
sign John Stetson." Deane, 130. He died in that expedition, and 
the inventory of his estate was taken by his brother Benjamin. 

On the Plymouth records, I find, that " at the Court holden at 
Plymouth, the 3d Tuesday of March, 1690- 1. In reference to 
the settlement of the estate of Ensign John Stetson, late of Scit- 
uate, deceased, the Court do order that the oldest son John shall 
have and enjoy the house and land which his father died seized 
of, when said son shall attain to the age of 21 years ; excepting 
his mother's thirds thereof during her life, he paying to Honour 
and Barnabas, his sister and brother, each of them 50 shillings 
when they attain to the age of 21 years, or at the day of their 
marriage, which shall first happen or be. And the relict of the 
sd. deceased to have all the goods and chattels of sd. deceased, 
as her own proper estate, and the benefit of the sd. house and 
land till the heir come of age as aforesaid, for the bringing up of 
the sd. children, she paying to Abigail, her oldest daughter, and 
to Anne, her youngest, each of them 50 shillings at their day of 
marriage, or coming to the age of 21 years, which shall first be 
or happen. Attest, Samuel Sprague, Clerk." 

Abigail. May 1677. m. Benoni Studley, Dec. 22, 1701. 

John. bap. May 4, 1679. d. 1730. Prob. Rec. Plym. 6. 405. 

Honour. Mar. 1684. m. Thomas Hunt of Duxbury. Prob. 
Rec. 6. 405. 

♦Barnabas. July 1688. d. Dec. 27, 1742. 

Anne. Dec. 1690. 

* The Rec. 2d Ch. say that Barnabas was baptized July 16, 1682. 



VII. Robert, son of the Cornet, m. Joanna Brooks, in 1676. 
The same year his house was burnt by the Narragansett Indians. 
Deane says he " left no family on record." This must mean on 
the Scituate books ; for it is beyond question, in my mind, that 
he left children, though the information I have been able to ob- 
tain of his family is less satisfactory^ than in relation to the other 
sons. He appears to have resided in what was afterwards Pem- 
broke. On tne Pembroke Church Records, under date of Aug. 
1711, 1 find the following entry, made by Rev. Daniel Lewis, 
the first pastor of the Church in that place. " Sometime in the 
Spring of the year 1712, Pembroke was made a township, con- 
sisting of the north-easterly part of Duxborro', a Tract of Land 
called the Major's Purchase, and the Land commonly called 
Marshfield ;" and among the names of those who were heads of 
families in ihe place, I find those of Rohert Stetson, and of Isaac, 
who was doubtless his son. All or most of the descendants of 
Robert and Isaac, have resided, and still do reside, in Pembroke 
and its vicinitj- ; and the family has been a noted one, from the 
fact, that its members have been verj- extensively engaged in the 
Iron business, and yet rank among the foremost of those engaged 
in this business, in Plymouth Count}-, or even in Massachusetts. 
Few families, probably, have been more noted than this for me- 
chanical ingenuity ; and now, some of its prominent members 
hold important offices, eis superintendents of forges and rolling- 
mills. Mr. Abisha Stetson, who died in Bridgewater ; and his 
son, Mr. Nahum Stetson ; and the family of Mr. Dyer Robinson 
of Taunton, which is comiected with this ; and Mr. Jonathan Stet- 
son, lately of Marshfield, but now of Scituate ; are names well 
known to the business community ; and for business activity and 
enterprise, have few superiors. The children of Robert, so far 
as I have been able to learn any thing concerning them, were — 

1. Isaac. 

2. Timothy. 

3. Resolved. 

Sarah, m. Ebenezer Bennet of Middleboro', Ap. 23, 1719. 

4. Nathaniel. 

1. Isaac, son of Robert, lived in Pembroke, and probably died 
there. I have not been able to learn the name of his wife, or 


the date of his marriage. His name occurs several times on the 
early records of the town. His children were — 

5. Abisha. b. about 1706. 

6. Nathaniel, b. about 1708. 

7. John. b. 1710. 

Jennet, bap. Mar. 23, 1729, aged 17. m. Benjamin Thomas, 
Nov. 5, 1730. 

8. Peieg. b. 1714. 

Jerusha, b. about 1718. m. Elisha Palmer, Dec. 31, 1741. 
Agatha, b. about 1720. m. William Page, May 31, 1742. 
Mary. b. about 1722. m. Peleg West of Kingston, Mar. 8, 
1743 - 4. 

2. Timothy, son of Robert, appears to have lived and died in 
Pembroke. I cannot learn, however, that he left any family. 
He died in 1759, and John Stetson of Pembroke, administered 
on his estate. I find, from the town records, that he was chosen 
in 1722, as one of the Jury of trials at Plymouth, from which 1 
infer that he was probably, at that time, 25 years old at least, 
and possibly older. 

3. Resolved, son of Robert, He also lived and died in Pem- 
broke ; but as in the other case, 1 cannot find that he left any 
family. He d. in 1749. Prob. Rec. Plym. 11. 104. Nathaniel 
Gushing, Isaac Kean, and Isaac Taylor, were the administrators 
on his estate. Prob. Rec. Plym. 11. 275, 

4. Nathaniel, son of Robert, m. Susamia Randall, July 28, 
1710. He had one daughter, — 

Susanna, b, June 9, 1712. 
This was his only child. See letter of guardianship, Prob. 
Rec. Plym. 3. 242. He d. Ap. 12, 1713, and his widow m. 
John Holmes of Pembroke, Nov. 29, 1714. The daughter, Su- 
sanna, d. Oct. 23, 1715. Prob. Rec. Plym. 4. 3. and 3. 398. 

5. Abisha, son of Isaac, m. Elizabeth James of Hingham, in 
1730. Mitchell, in his History of Bridgewatcr, states that he was 
from Kingston. Possibly he lived there for a time previous to 
his removal to Hingham. The only children I find on the Hing- 
ham records are — 

9. Levi. Dec. 12, 1732. 

10. *Gaius. Aug. 14. 1739. 

11. John. July 10, 1741. 

♦ From the Prob. Rec. Suflf. I find that "Gains, son of Abisha Stetson of 
Hingham, Shipwright, deceased ; being a minor, constitutes TheophUns Gushing 
of Hingham, his guardian. Date, Nov. 6, 1755. From this I infer that Mr. Abi- 
sha d. previous to the year 1755, and was a Shipwright by trade. 


6. Nathaniel, son of Isaac, m. Elizabeth Stetson of Scituate, 
in 1739. His will may be found in the Prob. Rec. Plym. 30. 259. 
He lived in Marshfield, but his descendants are in Pembroke, 
and there, it is said, the latter part of his days were spent, and 
there he died. 

12. Samuel. May 3, 1742. 

Rachael. Aug. 20, 1744. m. Zaccheus Fish, Nov. 25, 1779. 

13. Nathaniel. Mar. 4, 1746. 

14. Thaddeus. Mav 16. 1749. 

15. Lot. Sep. 21, i751. 

16. Abner. Aug. 15, 1754. 

Sylvina. m. Joshua Magoun, Oct. 25, 1781. 
Betsy, or Elizabeth. Never m. Now d. 

7. John, son of Isaac, m. 1st, Abigail Crooker, Nov. 28, 
1734 ; and 2d, Deborah Tower of Cumberland, R. I. He was 
engaged in the Iron business at quite an early date ; and his 
grandson, Mr. Jonathan Stetson, tells me he was a furnace-man, 
in Marshfield. It is his descendants, in particular, that have 
been eminent in the Iron business. He d. Dec. 12, 1802. 
By his first wife he had — 

17. Nathaniel. Jan. 1, 1736. bap. Mar. 14. Pemb. Ch. Rec. 

18. Abisha. May 20, 1738. bap. May 28. 

John. bap. Sep. 26, 1742. Probably died young. 
Ruth. Ap. 5, 1746. m. Amos Withrell, Dec. 24, 1767. 
AbigaU. Aug. 10, 1740. m. William Standish, Dec. 8, 1763. 

By his second wife, Deborah, he had — 

19. Isaiah. July 10, 1750. 

Timothy. Sep. 16, 1752. d. aged 21. Bled to death. 
Deborah. Jan. 30, 1755. m. Nathaniel Randall, Mar. 28, 
1776. Went to Vermont. 

20. Nathan. Dec. 15, 1757. 
Gaius. Ap. 9, 1759. d. young. 

Lillis. Dec. 5, 1761. m. 1st, Aruna Fullington, Ap. 22, 
1784, and went to Vermont ; and 2d, Zebedee Hackett. 
Now living in Woodstock. 

Naomi. Mar. 7, 1765. m. Miles Sampson, Mar. 5, 1788, 
d, about 1815. 

Content. Mar. 28, 1768. m. Zenas Crooker of S. Bridge- 
water, Oct. 15, 1791. Living. 

Priscilla. Sep. 14, 1770. m, 1st, John Western of Duxburv, 
Jan. 1, 1794; and 2d, Wait Wadsworth. She is still 


8. Peleg, son of Isaac, m, Mercy Ramsdcll, Mar. 9, 173S, 
and lived in Abington, where he d. in 180G, aged 96. Prob. 
Rec. Piym. 40. 505. 

21. Isaac. Aug. 23, 1738. 
Ephraim. July 1740. d. Ap. 1743. 

22. Ephraim. Mar. 28, 1743. 

23. Oliver. 1745.' 

24. Levi. June 1747. 

Betty. Ap. 1749. d. young. 

25. Peleg. Ap. 1751. 

26. Laban. Aug. 1753. 
Betty, bap. Oct. 19, 1755. 
Hannah. Never m. Now d. 

Mercy, m. Townsend, and died in Bedford, Mass. 

in 1806. 

9. Levi, son of Abisha. All that I have been able to learn 
about him is this : From the Boston records, it appears that one 

Levi Stetson m. Mary , who d. in June. 1820, aged 86. 

One child is recorded. The rest I give as told to me. 

Sarah. Mar. 17, 1764. m. Simeon Polly. 

Mary. m. William Andrews of Boston, Bookseller. 

Christina C. 1772 ? m. Alexander Young, father of Rev. 

Dr. A. Young of Boston, about 1792, and d. in 1797. 
Susanna, d. aged 20 — deranged. 
Levi. Not m. 

10. Gaius, son of Abisha. Mr. Jonathan Whitney of Boston 
tells me, that his grandfather, Mr. John Stetson, son of Abisha, 
had a brother Lemuel ; but I find no such name on record, and 
think Gaius must be meant, who had two sons and several 

27. Levi. 

28. Edward. 

Catherine, m. Plummer — is d. 

Elizabeth, b. 1766. d. Mar. 1815. Not m. Boston Rec. 
da. m. Ferreter. 

11. John, son of Abisha, m. Joanna Green of Boston } Dec. 
1, 1766, and d. Aug. 7, 1799. His wife d. Oct. 21, 1815, aged 
71. The inventory of her estate was made in 1816, in which 
the surviving children are named, among whom the property 
was divided. Prob. Rec. SufF. Mr. John was a Carpenter by 
trade, and built the Dome of the New State House. 

Sarah. Sep. 6, 1767. m. Isaac P. Simpson of Boston, — 
d. Ap. 24, 1813. 


John. May 7, 1769. d. June 21, 1792. 

29. Thomas. Nov. 16, 1771. 

Samuel. July 5, 1773. d. Mar. 25, 1776. 

Joanna. Feb. 11, 1776. m. Capt. William P. Matchett of 

Samuel. Nov. 28, 1777. d. Dec. 18, 1777. 

Esther Green. Sep. 7, 1781. m. Jonathan Whitney, Esq. of 
Brighton, Nov. 24, 1801. She d. Aug. 15, 1843. A wor- 
thy woman. 

Mary, or Polly. Jan. 1, 1779. d. Sep. 25, 1779. 

12. Samuel, son of Nathaniel, m. Lillis, da. of Joshua Stet- 
son of Hanover. He was a Shoemaker and Farmer, and died 
in the year 1808. ^Estate administered on in Ap. 1808.) 

Lillis. May 3, 1768. m. Wood. 

30. Thaddeus. Sep. 15, 1770. 

Lucinda. Feb. 24, 1773. bap. May 22. Pemb. Ch. Rec. 

m. Zadoc Fish, June 23, 1803. 
Samuel T. Ap. 23, 1775. bap. Nov. 14, 1784. Pemb. Ch. 

Rec. Died Aug. 11, 1795, being drowned. 

31. Joshua. Oct. 3, 1778. 

Sylvina. July 8, 1787. m. Charles Howard, Aug. 24, 1809. 

13. Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel, m. Ruth Mitchell of New 
Bedford, and was a Carpenter by trade. He d. Dec. 10, 1815, 
aged 68, and his wife d. Jan. 8, 1817, aged 64. 

Cynthia, b. 1792. m. Pardon Taber, Farmer. 

40. William, b. 1774. 

41. Nathaniel, b. 1782. 

42. Mitchell, b. 1789. 

43. David, b. 1786. 

44. Ansel, b. 1784. 

Elizabeth, b. 1779. m. Capt. Thomas Clark. He d. 1836, 

and she in 1844. 
Parnell. Oct. 6, 1775. m. 1st, Benjamin Summeter ; and 2d, 

Henry Purrington. 

14. Thaddeus, son of Nathaniel. He married and left chil- 
dren, but their names I have not been able to learn. 

15. Lot, son of Nathaniel, m. Joanna Soule of Duxbury, da. 
of Joshua Soule, and lived for a time in Duxbury, following 
fishing in the summer, and the coasting trade to Carolina in 
the winter. He finally moved to Pembroke, and spent his last 
days in farming, living about two miles east of the Meeting* 


House. His estate was administered upon in 1812. Prob. Rec. 
Plym. 44. 373. 

32. Harvey. Ap. 3, 1777. 

Caroline, m. Daniel Caswell, and lives in Walpole. 
Joanna, m. Alanson Caswell of Plymouth, Sep. 28, 1808, 

and lives in Bridgeport, Ct. a widow. 
Joseph Soule. d. in P. Dec. 1, 1814. Prob. Rec. Plym. 

48. 72. 

33. Lot. Sep. 15, 1785. 

Mercy, m. Charles B. White. She is d. 
Nancy, bap. June 12, 1803. Pemb. Ch. Rec. m. Seth L. 
Stratton, and lives in Bridgeport, Ct. 

16. Abner, son of Nathaniel, m. Polly or Maiy McLaugh- 
Icn of Kingston, Nov. 22, 1787. He was a house-carpenter by 
trade ; but the latter part of his life was devoted to farming. He 
owned quite a large estate in Pembroke, in the south-east part of 
the town, on the road from Plymouth to Pembroke, and d. in P. 
Sep. 15, 1838. His wife d. Oct. 31, 1845. 

Betsy. Sep. 10, 1788. m. Zaccheus Fish, Dec. 29, 1808. 

34. Nathaniel. Aug. 14, 1790. 

Robert. Nov. 10, 1793. d. Mar. 26, 1802. 

35. Abner. Oct. 25, 1795. 

36. Pelham. Oct. 5, 1797. 

Maiy K. Nov. 4, 1799. d. Oct. 11, 1838. 

Ruth. Nov. 18, 1802. m. Levi Walker of Marshfield, Mar. 

29, 1826. 
Charles. Oct. 8, 1804. Not m. Lives on the homestead. 
Rachael. Nov. 29, 1808. m. David Carver, jr. of Marshfield. 
Rebecca. Oct. 15, 1811. d. Sep. 14, 1830. 

17. Nathaniel, son of John, m. 1st, Sarah Bishop, Dec. 3, 
1761. She died Jan. 27, 1808, and he then m. Deborah Soper, 
Feb. 18, 1810. He d. at the age of eighty or thereabouts. I 
find a little contradiction in the records concerning him. His 
will appears to be dated Mar. 10, 1808. Prob. Rec. Plym. 53. 
409. in which his wife is called Sarah ; and she appears to have 
died in 1821. Prob. Rec. Plym. 54. 94. Chloe Sampson was 
then d. 

Chloe. Mar. 27, 1763. bap. June 5. Pemb. Ch. Rec. m. 

Jonathan Sampson of Pembroke, and d. before 1821. 
Sally or Sarah. July 10, 1765. bap. Aug. 18. Not m. 

37. John. July 9, 1768. bap. Sep. 4. 

Ruth. Sep. 29, 1771. m. James Glover, Nov. 20, 4791, 
and moved to Me. 


Nathaniel. July 10, 1773. Probably died young, as he is 

not named in his father's will. 
Tinnothy. July 28, 1775. Also died young, at the age of 

six or seven. 

18. Abisha, son of John, m. Sarah Crooker, Ap. 15, 1761, 
and moved from Pembroke to East Bridgewater. He d. in 1777, 
aged 39, and his widow m. Solomon Packard, in 1779. 

Abisha. 1764. d. 1771. 

Molly. 1762. bap. Jan. 10. m. Benjamin Pinchin of Bridge- 
water, 1787. 

♦Abigail. 1766. bap. July 13. m. Dyer Robinson of Bridge- 
water, 1787. 

38. Jonathan. 1768. bap. Oct. 22. 

Sarah. 1770. m. Harlow Harden of Augusta, Me. 1795. 

39. Abisha. 1773. 

Bethiah. 1776. m. Calvin Keith of East Bridgewater, 1794. 

* Mr. Eobinson of Taunton, the very intelligent and gentlemanly agent of the 
Iron works there, is of this family ; and he has six brothers, as I have been told, 
all great mechanics, and agents of different works. 

19. Isaiah, son of John, m. Susanna Bonney, Mar. 14, 1776. 
He was a man of considerable note in his native town, and was 
selectman and assessor in 1784 and other years. He was also 
a Captain in the army during the Revolutionary War, and was 
at the taking of Stony Point, under General Wayne. He died in 
the West Indies, in 1798, very much respected and lamented. 
He was a Sea Captain at the time of his death. 

Sylvina B. Nov. 3, 1782. m. Alexander Parris, Architect 
of Boston, Ap. 10, 1801. Now resides in Pembroke. 

Susanna. Nov. 29, 1784. m. Luther Briggs of Pembroke, 
Mar. 22, 1812, and d. Oct. 19, 1832. 

Chloe. Dec. 22, 1786. m. Elijah Perry of Pembroke, July 
6, 1806, and d. 1813. 

20. Nathan, son of John, m. 1st, Bethiah Crooker of Pem- 
broke, July 4, 1782 ; and 2d, Sally Withrell, widow, and da. of 
Thomas Randall of Pembroke, in Sep. 1796. He moved to 
Woodstock, Vt. in 1793. 

Mary C. b. 1790. m. Timothy Hayward of S. Bridgewater, 

in 1817. 
Deborah, m. Silas Thomas, in 1805, and d. Sep. 1806. 
Peabody. d. aged two, in Pembroke. 


Nathan, b. 1787. m. Sally Warren of Houndsfield, N. Y. 

and lives there. 5 ch. 
Bethiah. Ap. 9, 1794. m. John Cutler of Orange, Vt. He 

d. 1840. 
By 2d wife — 
Tower. July 8, 1797. m. in Naples, N. Y. and has 7 ch. 

Clarissa. Sep. 8, 1798. m. 1st, Ora Slayton of Woodstock 

Vt. May 20, 1826, who d. Ap. 6, 1830 ; and 2d, Jona 

Ralph, Sep. 24, 1832. 
Sally. Feb. 17, 1800. m. Charles Benjamin of Hounds 

field, N. Y. 
Ursula. May 6, 1801. m. Benj. Holmes of Woodstock, Dec 

6, 1827, and now lives in Duxbury, Vt. 
Barker. June 29, 1803. Moved to Bristol, N. Y. ; is mar 

ried, and has four children. 
John. Oct. 8, 1807. m. Betsy Randall, and lives in Bristol 

N. Y. Has two ch. 

Note. — Mr. Nathan Stetson was an officer in the Revolutionary War, and an 
exemplary man in private life. 

21. Isaac, son of Peleg, m. Betsy . He lived in Abing- 

ton, and d. there in 1806. Prob. Rec. 42. 9. 

Isaac, d. in Norfolk, Va. 
Jacob. In Amherst, Mass. 
Hannah, m. Asa Shaw, 

Others d. young. 
This is all the information I have been able to obtain. 

22. Ephraim, son of Peleg, m. Ruth Ford. 

45. Ephraim. 

46. Barnabas. 

Lydia. m. Daniel Barstow, in 1803. 

Ruth. m. Ward Bates. 

Mary. m. Amos Ford. Lives in Windsor, Mass. 

23. Oliver, son of Peleg, m. and d. in Abington, in Nov, 

47. John. Oct. 11, 1787. 

48. Isaiah. 

Susan, m. George Bennet of Abington. 
Abigail, m. Albion Studley. Shed. 

49. Ira. 



Eveline, m. Smith Ames of Marshfield. 
50. Oliver. Aug. 14, 1794. 

24. Levi, son of Peleg, m. Pratt. Lived in Abington. 


Levi. m. and left a son Levi, who was killed by the falling 

of a tree. 

da. m. Cox. 

da. m. Brown. 

From the letter of Mr. Wm. L. Stetson of Chesterfield, I learn 
that this family is in Plainfield, Ms. and its vicinity. 

25. Peleg, son of Peleg, m. Ruth, da. of Perkins Gurney, in 
1775. He lived first in Abington, and then in E. Bridgewater, 
where he d. about 1803. Prob. Rec. 37. 546. 

Adam. m. Parmelia, da. of Capt. Levi Washburn of Bridge- 
water, 1817. 
Peleg. m. Clarissa Gurney, 1818. 
Charlotte, m. John Reed, in 1807. 
Sally or Sarah, m. Isaac Reed, in 1803. 
Jane. m. John Harden, in 1803. 
Delpha. m. James H. Gurney of Roxbury, 1813. 
Laban. d. young. 
Mercy, m. Oliver Leach of Bridgewater, in 1817. 

26. Laban, son of Peleg, m. 1st, Widow Stoddard. She d. 
and he then m. 

Betsy. Eveline. Minerva, d. 

By 2d wife — 

Minerva. Thurza. 

27. Levi, son of Gaius. From the Boston Records, it ap- 
pears that one Levi Stetson m. Mary Emmes, Ap. 20, 1784. 
Is this so .'* I have been told that Levi was m. and left ch. 

28. Edward, son of Gaius. He was m. and left ch. but I 
know nothing more of him. 

29. Thomas, son of John, m. and d. in Boston, Jan. 2, 1810. 

51. John. June 21, 1796. 

52. Thomas G. 

Alice, m. — — Barnes. Live* in Leicester. 


Joanna, m. Ilawkos. Lives in Holliston. 

Caroline, b. 1797. d. Oct. 1823. 
One son, d. young. 

30. Thaddcus, son of Samuel, m. and lived in Dorchester. 
He was a Gardener. 

53. Thaddcus M. Oct. 1810. 
Samuel. Not m. 

Elizabeth, m. Monroe. 

Mary. m. Kelton. 

31. Joshua, son of Samuel. I think this son must have died 
young, as by the strictest inquiry I can find no record of his mar- 
riage, or having a family. 

32. Harvey, son of Lot, m. Polly Landman of Scituate, Nov. 
25, 1802, and now resides in Pembroke. He informs me, that 
he learned the Ship- carpenter's trade, and served his time with 
William I'urner of Boston, formerly of Scituate, with whom he 
continued till his failure. He then went to St. Johns, N. B. and 
staid there about three years, working at his trade. After his re- 
turn, he married, and went to Duxbury, and worked for Capt. 
John Aldcn awhile, and then went to Plymouth, where he lived 
eight years, during which period he built several vessels on his 
own account. Times being hard, and money scarce, and having 
met with serious losses in trade, he took a journey to New Bed- 
ford, and finally worked there, and at Fairhaven, four years, for 
Capt. John Delano. From thence he went to Mattapoisett, and 
worked awhile, and then to Nantucket, where he worked, off" and 
on, for seventeen years. In 1828, he took a voyage to East 
Florida, and during his absence, kept a journal of the occurrences 
of each day, which I have seen, and which is quite interesting. 
After leaving Nantucket, he went to Pembroke, built a house, 
and settled there, working occasionally, and at intervals, at his 
trade, in Plymouth and Duxbury. He has but three ch. 

54. Harvey. June 3, 1806. 

Mary A. Feb. 26, 1808. Not m. 
Edward. June 30, 1813. Not m. 

33. Lot, son of Lot, m. Hannah Rider, in 1807, and lives in 

Hannah. Nov. 19, 1809. m. Isaac S. Kempton of New 

Mary D. Nov. 1817. m. Joseph B. Lothrop, and lives in 




Nancy, b. 1811. d. 

Lucy. Oct. 1822. m. Benj. Dillard of Plymouth. 

Samuel, b. 1816. d. an infant. 

Asenath. b. June 1820. d. young. 

Asenath. b. July 4, 1825. d. young. 

Nathaniel R. Dec. 31, 1827. Lives in New Bedford. 

34. Nathaniel, son of Abner, m. Thankful Rowland of Pem- 
broke. He d. Aug. 9, 1818, from the effects of a fall; and his 
widow d. Nov. 22, 1819. He had — 

Nathaniel. Sep. 3, 1815. d. Mar. 3, 1826. 
Jane P. (or H.) Mar. 22, 1817. m. Cyrus Dyer. 

35. Abner, son of Abner, m. Clarissa Loring of Duxbury .'' 
and is now a widower, in D. 

George. Feb. 1826.' 

36. Pelham, son of Abner, m. Lucinda Fish of Pembroke, 
July 13, 1826, and lives in Pembroke. 

Pelham 0. Aug. 9, 1838. 

Mary A. b. in the summer of 1843. 

37. John, son of Nathaniel, m. Abigail Magoun of Pembroke, 
May 24, l'-92. She was b. in 1772. Mr. S. d. May 20, 1831. 
Prob. Rec. Plym. 70. 281. and his widow yet lives in P. He 
was a shipwright by trade ; but the greater part of his life was 
spent in the pursuits of agriculture. 

Abigail. Feb. 26, 1793. m. Lewis Clapp. Dec. 2, 1818. 

d. Oct. 28, 1840. 
Lucy. May 2, 1797. Not m. 
Huldah. Oct. 22, 1799. d. Sep. 24, 1802. Town Rec. : 1799, 

Fam. Rec. 
Ruth. Dec. 7, 1802. m. John Gardner. 
John. bap. June 2, 1805. Pemb. Ch. Rec. d. May 26, 1816. 
Huldah. Aug. 5, 1807. m. Martin Stetson of Hanson, Nov. 

2, 1828. 
Sarah B. Sep. 7, 1810. d. May 31, 1819. (Mar. 24. 

Ch. Rec.) 
Caroline. Nov. 27, 1812. d. Sep. 21, 1813. 

38. Jonathan, son of Abisha, m. 1st, Huldah Magoun of 
Pembroke, June 14, 1791; and 2d, Sally Curtis, Dec. 13, 1835. 
Had children only by the first. Mr. S. has been extensively en- 
gaged in the factory business, during his life. He built a Fur- 
nace, for Iron, at Carver, and carried it on for about fourteen 
years. He then went to West Bridgewater, and there, with his 


brother Abisha, and Mr. J. Perkins, owned a forge in Hanson, 
and a store in East Bridgewatcr, which he carried on for several 
years. While in B. he went to Franconia, N. I J., and superin- 
tended building a furnace, and carried it on for a company at 
Salem, for a year or more. In 1810, he went to Marshfield, and 
erected a Cotton Factory, which he carried on for twenty-eight 
years. This was the tirst Cotton Factory put in operation, in 
Plymouth Co. There was one building at Plymouth the same 
season, but his started first. Mr. S. now resides in South Scit- 
uate, about one half a mile from Rev. Mr. Moseley's meeting- 

55. Abisha. Jan. 1793. 

Huldah. Aug. 1798. m. Col. Ford of Duxbury. 

Mclinda. Feb. 18, 1802. m. Waterman Josselynn. Lives 
in East Boston. 

56. Sumner. Aug. 4, 1806. 
Eliza. Sep. 2, 1805. Not m. 

39. Abisha, son of Abisha, m. 1st, Alice, da. of Ezra Allen, 
in 1794. She d. in 1821 , and he m. 2d, Mary Johnson of Kings- 
ton, in 1821. He d. in 1844, aged 71. He commenced life, a 
poor boy, and learned the millwrights trade, as 1 have been told, 
in company with Mr. Jacob Perkins of Bridgewatcr. Subse- 
quently, he and Mr. Perkins carried on business together for 
many years, and were always, till his death, partners in the 
house of Lazell, Perkins, & Co. which has been in existence 
about forty years. In connection with his brother Jonathan, he 
and Mr. Perkins started the Marshfield Cotton Factory ; and 
afterwards he had the management of a similar Factory, erected 
in East Bridgewatcr. For many years he had the charge of a 
Blast Furnace and Cotton Factory, in Kingston. After this, with 
others, he purchased a Cotton Factory in Hanson, of which he 
had the Agency ; also the Agency of the Anchor Works, erected 
by Charles Josselynn, which he managed till his death, a period 
of about ten years. He was a man extensively known ; of great 
business enterprise ; and very much respected by all his ac- 
quaintances. But for him, probably, the Hon. Artemas Hale, 
one of the Representatives in Congress from Massachusetts, would 
not have held that distinguished office. Mr. Stetson took him from 
Hingham, where he was keeping school, to the Cotton Factory 
in East Bridgewatcr, and from thence he went into the counting- 
room of Lazell, Perkins, & Co. where he formed a connection 
with Mr. Carver, the inventor of the Cotton Gin, in which busi- 
ness he was abundantly prospered. He was many years Town 
Treasurer; many years Representative; many years Senator; 
and is now in Congress. 


Mr. Stetson's children were — 

Jennet. 1797. d. 1820, Consumption. 
Sarah. 1799. d. 1820. Same disease. 
Naomi. 1805. 
Alice. 1813. 

57. Nathan. 1810. 

58. Nahum. 1807. 

59. Ethan. 1803. 

60. Calebs. 1815. 

40. William, son of Nathaniel, m. 1st, Sarah Hammond ; 
aud 2d, Betsy Delano. His last wife d. in 1831, and he was lost 
at sea in 1814. He lived in New Bedford. 

William. Lost at sea, in 1823, off Cape Horn. 

41. Na'haniel, son of Nathaniel, m. Betsy Stevens ; is a 
Carpenter by trade, and lives in New Bedford. 

Eloisa.' b. 1809. m. Luther Howard, Farmer, in 1828. 
Belinda, b. 1811. m. Samuel P. Jenny, Carpenter, and 

d. 1838. 
Polly, b. 1818. m. Jehazel Jenny, Shipmaster. He d, 1844. 
Sarah A. b. 1822. m. Alfred Briggs, Surveyor. 
William, b. 1824. A Carpenter : not m. 

42. Mitchell, son of Nathaniel, m. 1st, Sally Pope, who d. in 
1820; and 2d, Abigail Pope. He lives on his father's farm, and 
owns it. 

Frederick, b. 1820. 

43. David, son of Nathaniel, m. 1st, Betsy Butler, who d. in 
1821? and 2d, Esther Jenny, who d. in 1^30.? He followed 
the Carpenter's business for some years, and about thirty years 
since moved to Georgia, and followed his business awhile, and 
then commenced trading. He d. in 1837. 

Eliza ? 1813. m. Raymond Kay, Merchant, of Georgia. 

44. Ansel, son of Nathaniel, m. Joanna Pope. He was a 
Farmer, and d. Jan. 3, 1844. 

61. Henry. 1808. 

Mary A. 1810. rn. Elnathan P. Shaw, Carpenter, and d. 
June 11, 1842. 

62. Nathaniel. 1812. 

Charles, b. 1820. Follows the whaling business : not m. 

45. Ephraim, son of Ephraim, m. Nabby Barstow of Hano- 
ver, Dec. 21, 1813, and now lives in Hanover. 


Isaac. June 22, 1817. m. Rosamond Savil of Dorchester, 

in 1845. 
Mary. Ap. 17, 1816. m. Horatio C. Williams, May 27, 1836. 

Abigail. Ap. 1828. 
Elizabeth. Dec. 29, 1825. 

Lost one ch. Oct. 8, 1821, aged six weeks. 

46. Barnabas, son of Ephraim, m. Lucy Barstow of Hanover, 
Oct. 10, 1802, and lives in Abington. 
Julia Ann. m. Samuel Blake. 

Lydia. m. Pollard. 

Amos. d. 

, 47. John, son of Oliver, m. Belinda Norton, and lives in 

63. John. Oct. 29, 1814. 

Belinda. Feb. 14, 1819. d. July 19, 1820. 
Belinda. June 29, 1821. m. Esau Loud. 
William N. Oct. 23, 1823. d. Dec. 18, 1841. 
Henry A. July 5, 1830. 

48. Isaiah, son of Oliver, m. Thurza Kean. She is d. and 
he is supposed to be also, as he has not been heard Irom for over 
thirty years. 

64. Isaiah. 

One da. d. with her mother, aged three weeks. 

49. Ira, son of Oliver, m. 1st, a Smith, and 2d, a Winslow of 
Scituate, and went to Hamilton, N. Y. I have only been able to 
learn the names of the ch. by the first wife. 

Ruth. Catherine. 

50. Oliver, son of Oliver, m. Mary Arnold, in July, 1818, 
and lives in Hanover. 

Ruth L. Sep. 1819. m. .John Perry, Ap. 1030. In Wareham. 
Thurza. Oct. 1823. m. Leonard Arnold of Abington. 
Oliver. Aug. 1824. m. Rebecca Soule of Duxbury. 
Lydia. Ap. 1832. 

Mary J. Ap. 1828. m. Charles Stevens. 
One child, a boy, lived but a few days. 



51. John, son of Thomas, m. Ann M. Ladd ? June 1, 1835. 
(He says his wife's name was Freeman^ a widow ; but I find it 
Ladd on the Boston Records.) He lives in Boston. 

George H. Aug. 1, 1837. 
Ellen M. June 3, 1840. 
John. Sep. 23, 1843. 

52. Thomas G., son of Thomas, m. Margaret D. Thurston, 
Sep. 27, 1824. 

Daniel. In Vermont. 
Ezra. In Boston. 

53. Thaddeus M., son of Thaddeus, m. Esther Kimball, in 
Jan. 1837. He lives in Roxbury. 

Mary E. June 1837. 
Frances A. Feb. 1839. 
Charles M. Jan. 16, 1845. 

54. .Harvey, son of Harvey, m. Abigail D. Walker, Jan. 29, 
1832. He is a Ship-carpenter, and a very ingenious and skilful 

Isaac H. Jan. 8, 1834. 

William T. Feb. 26, 1835. d. Jan. 12, 1841. 

Abby. May 19, 1837. d. Feb. 13, 1841. 

( Sylvanus. June 21, 1842. 

\ William. June 21, 1842. 

John W. June 7, 1844. 

55. Abisha, son of Jonathan, m. 1st, Betsy N. Harvey ; and 
2d, Chloe Sampson, Oct. 27, 1844. He lives in Pembroke, and 
is a farmer. He was once engaged in the factoiy business. 

No ch. 

56. Sumner, son of Jonathan, m. Eliza, da. of Edward Stet- 
son, and lives in Pembroke. He formerly resided in Taunton, 
and was Clerk for Crocker & Richmond. 

Huldah. Sep. 1833. 
Mary A. Sep. 15, 1837. 

57. Nathan, son of Abisha, went to Pennsylvania, and m. 
an Abrahams. He afterwards returned to Massachusetts, and 
was settled as a Baptist preacher. He now resides in Penn- 

Abisha. Eliza A. Sarah W, • 

Daniel A. Martha J. Nathan. 


58. Nahum, son of Abisha, m. 1st, Sarah, da. of Rev. George 
Barstow of Hanson ; and 2d, Lucy A. F. Barstow. In the year 
1825, he entered the store and employment of Lazell, Perkins, 
& Co. of Bridgewater, with which House he is still connected. 
In 1828, the whole charge of the Books and Accounts of that 
extensive establishment devolved upon him, and on the death of 
Nathan Lazell, jr. Esq., he was chosen Agent and Treasurer, 
which office he now fills. It is well known that this house is 
extensively engaged in the Iron business, and it is of this busi- 
ness that Mr. S. is Agent. In 1837 and 8, he had the tempo- 
rary charge of erecting the Weymouth Iron Company's Works, 
in East Weymouth ; and in 1841, was elected Agent and 
Treasurer of that Company, which office he also now holds. 
In March 1816, he was called upon to erect, and \n\\. in opera- 
tion the Trcmont Iron Company's Works, in Warcham, where 
the first Rail Road Iron in this country was made ; and of that 
Company he is also Agent and Treasurer. Thus it will be seen 
that he has the charge of three extensive Iron Works, the chief 
business of which is conducted by himself personally. He has 
been a Director of the Bristol County Bank, at Taunton, ever 
since the fall of 1835 ; and in 1837, 8, and 9, was elected a 
Representative from Bridgewater, to the State Legislature. He 
is a Director of the Fall River Rail Road Company, and of the 
Cape Cod Rail Road Company ; and altogether, is a man of in- 
defatigable industry, and distinguished business talent ; and all 
who know him will testify to his private virtues, and his gentle- 
manly deportment. Resides in Bridgewater. 

George B. 1830. 
Sarah L. 1834. 
Nahum, jr. 1836. 
William B. 1838. 

59. Ethan, son of Abisha, m. Hannah L. Baker, and d. in 
1831, aged 28. 

Mary Allice. 

60. Caleb, son of Abisha, m. Ann Cook of Abington.? and 
left one daughter. He d. 

61. Henry, son of Ansel, m. Sarah F. Pcarce, in 1832, and 
is a Carpenter by trade. Lives in New Bedford ? 

Henry. 1845. 

62. Nathaniel, son of Ansel, m. Keziah Small, and is a Cooper 
by trade. Lives in New Bedford ? 

Ansel. 1837. 
Helen. 1840. 


63. John, son of John, m. Elizabeth Baker, and lives in 
Kingston. His wife is dead. 


One other daughter, quite young. 

64. Isaiah, son of Isaiah, m. Tiley S. Cook, Feb. 12, 1835, 
and lives in Hanson. 

Sarah F. Mar. 8, 1840. 
Charles H. July 22, 1842. 
Thurza A. Oct. 9, 1846. 


P. 1. " Family Origin." It is presumed that the Cornet mar- 
ried after his settlement in Scituate, as his fii-st child was .:ot bom 
till 1639, and the date of his settlement was 1634. — P. S. In ref- 
erence to the visit of Cornet Stetson to the Indian King Phillip, I 
find this note on the Col. Rcc. " 1677. Paid Cornett Studson for 
his horse time and paines 40s." In June 1659, " Maj. Josiah Wins- 
low, Lieut. Southworth and Robert Stetson were appointed by the 
Court to join with such as the Bay government may appoint, to view 
the line betwixt the Bay government and us," i. e. the line beween 
the colonies of Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay. Deanc, p. 3. 
In 1653, Cornet Stetson was foreman of the jury for laying out 
roads. Deane, p. 12. In 16^0, Cornet Stetson, and Nathaniel 
Thomas of Marshfield, hired the Cape fishery for bass and mack- 
erel. Deane, p. 25. In 1675 Cornet Stetson was on the commit- 
tee to procure clothing, &c., for the soldiers in the Indian Wars. 
Deane, p. 120. 

P. 23. Mr. Abel Stetson was a shoemaker and farmer. His 
son-in-law. Mr. James Vaughan, lived in Halifax. Mr. Benjamin 
Bates, who married another daughter, yet lives in Hanover, at the 
advanced age of 84. and is a Revolutionary pensioner. Abigail 
died at the age of 32. With her sister Hannah, she owned part 
of her father's place. 

P. 49. Benjamin of Scituate. The following note relating to 
his history, wa-; accidentally omitted, and it is inserted to show at 
how early a date the Stetsons were engaged in the Iron business. 
" 1720. The town of Scituate granted two acres of land on the 
Indian Head river, between Pine hill and Rocky run, to Joseph 
Barstow and Benjamin Stetson, for the accommodation oi n forge 
QuA finery.'''' Deane, p. 29. 


P. 53, last line. Mr. Shuble Monroe, who m. Abigail, da. of 
John Stetson, yet lives in Hanover, aged 85. He is a man of 
wonderful memory, and I obtained from him a great deal of in- 
formation about the Stetsons in Hanover, and on examining fam- 
ily and town records, I found the information furnished by him 
strikingly accurate. 

P. 31. No. 59. Elisha, son of Isaac. The following lisi of his 
descendants was not received in season for Insertion in the regu- 
ular narrative. Mr. Elisha yet lives in Durham, Me. 

Ruth. Nov. 18, 1784. m. Nath'l. Parker, of Durham, May, 

1811, and d. Sep. 25, 1826. She had nine children. 
Sally. July 20, 1786. Lives in Durham ; not m. 

1. Elisha. Nov. 17, 1788. 

2. Stephen. May 28, 1791. 

3. Isaac. Mar. 3, 1793. 

( Clarissa. May 18, 1795. m. Elisha Lincoln, Oct. 20, 1820, 
I d. Mar. 11,1840. 

i Abigail. May 18, 1795, m. Nathaniel Parker, Feb. 14, 
1828. d. Jan 24, 1844, 

4. David. Mar. 30, 1798, 

Mary. April 6, 1800. m. Capt. Nathaniel Lincoln, Jan. 21, 

5. Charles. Ap. 11, 1802, 

6. Nathaniel. July 20, 1804. 

1, Elisha, son of Elisha, m. 1, Parmelia Haskell, of New 
Gloucester, Me., Oct. 29, 1815. She d. May 22, 1822, and he 
then m. Laura Bradford, of Turner, Ap. 5, 1823, 

Elizabeth A. Sep. 10, 1816. m. Nathan Briggs, of Auburn, 

and lives in Bangor, m. Dec. 1839, Has 3 ch, 
Alfred. Nov. 5, 1818. m. Eleanor Barden ? in June 1845, 

and lives in Wellington, Me. 
Emeline. Oct. 27, 1820. 
By the 2d wife,— 

Bradford. Jan. 15, 1824. 

Pamelia H. Feb. 19, 1826. 

Laura B. Dec, 8, 1827, d, Aug, 10, 1839. 

Sylvanus C. Sep, 28, 1829. 

Maria L. C. Nov. 27, 1832. 

Abigail L. Dec. 8, 1837, 

Elisha F, Dec, 26, 1841. 


2. Stephen, son of Elisha, m. Betsy Dennison of Frecport, 
Aug. 13, 1813. 

Jennet Y. Sep. 22, 1815. m. Nelson A. West of Greene, 

now of Bath. 
Betsy. Dec. 27, 1817. m. Dan Whitham of Lewiston, Me. 
George D. May 13, 1819. m. Harriet Cole of Lewiston, 

Jan. 6, 1845. He d. Aug. 23, 1846, and his wife Aug. 

29, 1846. 
Pamelia H. Dec. 5, 1821. m, VVm. Randall of Lewiston, 

Nov. 10, 1844. 
Elisha. Aug. 30, 1824. 
Andrew J. Nov. 4, 1828. 

3. Isaac, son of Elisha, m. Betsy Curtis of Boston, Mass. 
Nov. 23, 1818. Lives in Pownal, Me. 

Caroline. July 18, 1820. 

Lucy. May 15, 1822. 

Mary. Sep. 21, 1824. 

Ruth. Feb. 13, 1827. d. Aug. 1, 1845. 

Eunice. Ap. 27, 1829. 

Stephen C. x\ug. 25, 1831. 

Seth D. Mar. 1, 1834. 

Rebecca. Mar. 20, 1836. 

Jane. Mar. 5, 1838. 

4. David, son of Elisha, m. Elizabeth Sylvester of Freeport, 
Me. Dec. 4, 1824, and lives in Auburn. 

Harriet. Nov. 18, 1826. d. May 14, 1829. 

Charles. Feb. 16, 1827. 

Rosanna. Sep. 4, 1828. 

Mary A. Mar. 13, 1830. 

Frederic. Nov. 22, 1831. 

Harriet. Dec. 4, 1833. 

Nelson W. Mar. 14, 1836. 

Henry. Ap. 22, 1838. 

David L. May 7, 1840. 

Sylvester. Mar. 4, 1842. 

George F. Dec. 15, 1843. 

5. Charles, son of Elisha, m. Elmira Watson of Calais, Me. 
and lives with his father, in Durham. 

Isaac. Aug. 2, 1832. 
Ebenezer. Ap. 1, 1834. 
Susanna. Sept. 19, 1841. 


6. Nathaniel, son of Elisha, m. Ann Osgood of Durham, 
Dec. 25, 1825, and resides in D. 
Charles. Oct. 21, 1839. 
Mary A. Mar. 13, 1832. 
John. Mar. 13, 1834. 
David. Nov. 13, 1836. 

The records which foUovv^, were collected from various sources, 
and relate to families, whose place in the regular series I have 
not been able to determine. 

Charles Stetson, born in Scituate, Jan. 15, 1792, m. Maria 
Learned of Watertown, June 29, 1815, and d. in Boston, in 1835. 
His widow resides with her daughter, Mrs. Huston, in Boston, 
and informs me that her husband's father died when he was 
young, and his mother m. a Goodwin. 

1. Joshua A. Ap. 1, 1819. 

2. Charles H. Jan. 4, 1817. 

Samuel L. July 17, 1821. In Boston. 

William F. Dec. 4, 1825. 

Maria L. Sep. 29, 1823 ? m. Huston, Aug. 1843. 

1. Joshua, son of Charles, m. Rebecca Steers, in June 1843, 
and resides in Attleboro', Mass. He is a Free Will Baptist 

• Mary J. One boy. 

2. Charles, son of Charles, m. Sarah Gray, in 1836, and 
lived in Cambridgeport. He d. in Oct. 1846. 

Charles A. Sarah E. 

Robert Stetson, of Dorchester, m. Sarah Bates of Braintree, 
Nov. 30, 1817. He was b. July 22, 1788, and his wife Nov. 4, 
1788. Mr. Robert's mother's maiden name was Abigail Mills. 
Sarah M. Aug. 9, 1825. m. Henry H. Moody of Roxbury, 

Ap. 12, 1845. 
Abigail M. Ap. 13, 1828. m. Abner C. Kingman, Dec. 1, 
1846. Lives in Dorchester. 

Mr. Barzillai Stetson, of Plymouth, m. Experience Crowell of 
Chatham > and had by her seven children, whose names follow. 


He lost his life in Salem harbor, in 1779, the vessel in which he 
sailed, being destroyed by fire, and all the crew either burned to 
death, or drowned. His wile d. in S. Bridgewater, in 1798, 
aged 55. Mitchell. 

Barziliai, of Nantucket. Has posterity there. One of his 
sons is named William. 

Ruth. m. Prince Washburn of Plymouth. 

Lucy, m. 1st, Isaac Barnes ; and 2d, Joel Perkins, both of 
Plymouth, Mass. She now resides in Ohio. 

Sarah, d. aged 3. 

Experience, m. Capt. Wm. Davy of Plymouth. 

James. Never m. d. aged 20. 

1. John C. 

1. John C, son of Barzillai, m. Lois, da, of David Leonard 
of Bridgewater, in 1795. He lived first in S. Bridgewater, and 
then in E. Bridgewater, and d. in S. Bridgewater. 

Louisa, d. young. 

Experience D. b. 1797. m. Orren Lindsley of Attle- 
boro', Mass. 

Louisa L, b. 1799. m. Rev. Plummer Chace, now of New- 
bury port. 

Rachael S. d. young. 

2. James O. b. 1803. 
Rachael S. d. 

Mary A. b. 1811. Not m. 
John C. d. 

2. James O., son of John C, m. Salome, da. of 2ebulon 
Willis, of W. Bridgewater, and resides there. 

Susan M. d. 

Roxana B. m. Orin Shipman, of Vt. 

( Elizabeth D. d. 

) Lucy P. d. 

Salome A. 

John C. d. 

Lois E. 

James M. 

P. 41. No. 92. The following information, from Arthur La- 
tham, Esq. of Lyme, N. H., was received April 4th — just a 
month after the work was first put to press ; which accounts for 
my lack of knowledge, at that time, of the family of Mr. Zenas 
Stetson. This Mr. Stetson m. Betsy Powers of Groton, N. H. 


Feb. 21, 1791. He was a farmer, in moderate circumstances, 
and, with his wife, deceased in Lyme. His children were — 

1. Zenas. Aug. 28, 1791. 

2. Jesse. Aug. 24, 1793. 

Betsy. Feb. 16, 1795. m. Jno. Newell of Orford, N. H. 
Six ch. 

3. Amos. Feb. 7, 1797. 

4. William. July 1798. 

5. Isaac. Feb. 1800. 

6. Nathan. Nov. 1801. 

7. David. May 1803. 

Mary. Mar. 1807. m. Joshua Tenny, and lives in W. Fair- 
lee, Vt. 

Sally. A p. 2, 1809. m. Levi Waterman, and lives in Thet- 
ford, Vt. 

1. Zenas, son of Zenas, m. Lucy Petegrew of Lyme, N. H. 
and now lives in Rochester, N. Y. 

Roswell. Newell. 

2. Jesse, son of Zenas, m. Esther Heaton of Hanover, N. H. 
and resides in Wentworth. 

Harriet. Horace. Harvey. 

3. Amos, son of Zenas, m. Lavinia Wheeler of Enfield, and 
resides in Lyme. 

Isaac. Lavinia. Augustus. Matilda. 

Betsy. Otis. John. 

4. William, son of Zenas, m. Sally Newall of Orford, and 
lives in O. 

John. Daniel. Emily. William. 

5. Isaac, son of Zenas, m. and moved to Henry Co., Ohio, 
where he practised Law. He is dead, and left one child ; but 
nothing is known of its present residence, or that of the mother. 

6. Nathan, son of Zenas, m. Sally Brown, and lives in Dor- 
chester, Mass. ? 

Fanny. Chauncey, Marshall. Betsy. 

David. Emeline ? Silas. 

7. David, son of Zenas, m. and moved to New York state, 
where he died. " Of his family," says Mr. L,, "I can learn ncr 


There are two families of Stetson's in Pawtucket, Mass, viz. 
Miss Ann, and Mr. James. 

There is a Stetson living in New York State, who has been a 
Kepresentalive to Congress. 

I have been told that there was formerly a Stetson in Sand« 
wich, Mass., connected with the Glass works there. 

From the Scituate Records. 

Edmund Spear, and Mary Stetson, m. Oct. 10, 1749. 
Nathaniel Stetson, d. May 27, 1840, aged 51. 
Louisa Stetson, d. May 18, 1841, aged 72. 
Isaiah Damon, and Lucy Stetson, m. Oct. 28, 1779. 
Thomas Cohnan of Marshfield, and Betsy Stetson, pub. 1782. 
Thomas Palmer of Halifax, and Betsy Stetson, pub. 1782. 
Cummings Stetson, and Lucy Cudworth, m. Nov. 30, 1815, 
This Cummings, it is said, lives near Scituate harbor. 

From the Kingston Records. 
Jenisha Stetson, d. Dec. 14, 1795, aged 80. 

From the Pembroke Church Records. 

Amos, and Elizabeth Stetson, twins of Amos Stetson, were bap< 
June 17, 1763. 

From the Boston Records, 

James Stetson, and Margaret Kelsea, m. Jan. 20, 1800. 
Samuel Stetson, and Mary Kimball, m. Aug. 10, 1817, 
Samuel Stetson, d. Aug. 1820, aged 3 : child of the above? 
John Stetson, and Mary Brown, m. Dec. 10, 1^21. ) <;, , 
John Stetson, and Parmelia Brown, m. Sep. 28, 1826. ) ® 
John Stetson, d. Aug. 1824, aged 24. 


John Stetson, d. Ap. 3, 1840, aged 24. 

Oliver Stetson, and Ellen Conner, m. Jan. 25, 1836. 

Nathan Stetson, and Mrs. Mary Childs, m. Jan. 7, 1839. 

Rebecca Stetson, d. Sep. 1816, aged 30. 

Lydia Stetson, d. Sep. 1820, aged 76. 

Lucy G. Stetson, d. Jan. 1822, aged 20 months. 

Anna Stetson, d. Oct. 1838, aged 52. 






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