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Full text of "Genealogical and biographical account of the family of Drake in America. With some notices of the antiquities connected with the early times of persons of the name in England"

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t::A K; 

Boatan INiWic Ubmy 
Boston, MA 0211« 


.rp ¥cS7 1 .D76 I 845 

opy 2 




15 1 O G II A r I LI C A L 




WITH SO^ir N©'i'<.r.,S or Tllft A^J'l'J'firWs IbpI^NKCTED 



Th'isi' nnly ilr-'strvi In l>o roinombciMl by po«lcriiy, who lrcn?iiro up ilm 
Iii^iory or ili.;ir auoosiry. Bukki;. 



AUGUST, 1S13. 








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• • :/•:••■• 
•. . . 



g|w gtiDfrtni ^isiotic ^m«AC«i)KAC '^MtiQ. 


©^ciualojjfcal J^cmoJv 




Tiiounii this family has been settled in this country 
ahove two hundrkd years, and is conseqnently nnc of the 
oldest in New England, there has not hitherto, to the writer's 
kno«ledi,'e, been a single essay, by descendant or other, to 
collect and compose any kind of a memorial of it. Hence 
it is easy for every one to see, that when I undertook such a 
task I liad not a x^cry little to do. 

To look through a space of two hundred yctm, where 
records arc perfect and legible, in a similar work to this, 
would bo no ordinary undertaking ; but to look for records 
where there wouhl often none bo found, or, when found, 
woidil only conv(-y the knowledge that nothing was to he 
kiutu-a from thi-in, is what every one must bo prepared to 
expect, who enlists in such a service. But there is nearly 
as much satisfaction, sometimes, in knowing that nothing 
can bo known, as there is in discovering the object of 

But long accustomed In the drudgery of similar investiga- 
tions in an equally early literary pursuit, I became habitually 
in love with whatever appertained to antiquities ; and this 


' i 

; I 



jy rKr.i''ACK. 

is ,1 synopsis of one bn.ncl. of my i,>v,£,'alinn, ^^Wu■h, if 
appreciulcd by those for whom it i« .nf.uUM, will 
rcpay mo for the many jonrneys I have ma.lo, the expcnso I 
have been at, and the time I have spent to brin.,' it touHhrr. 
And now, after a period of fnll twenty year., th-.m^h 
which I have been constantly watching, colle.ting and wait- 
in" for facts to enable me to compose a compl.'le acconnl of 
my inrme.liate ancestors, I have sat down to trive an abstract 
of what I have, during that time, been able to bring together. 
Not to publish it, but to put it into the hands of such of my 
friends and relatives as lake an interest in such enquiries : 
that by this they may see where I still want information, 
and to prompt them to communicate it, if in their power. 

I have written a multitude of letters of en.p.iry ; to many 
of wliic.h no answers have been received, whih. to others 
the replies have been all that could have been expected. 
Many persons with whom I have conversed with the hope 
of gaming information, seemed to have been iRuorant even 
of the story of the 'Three Brothers,' or that they had an 
ancestor beyond their grandfatlu'r, of whoso baptismal nan,e, 
too, they were often ignorant. Vet there are several penile- 
men of the name in diir.arnl parts of (he country to whom 
I gladly acknowledge my ind.d.ledness, for the pron,p'>-'«H 
Jlh which they have responded to my on.puries, and who 
luive shown by their connuunieations, that it was not for 
want of interest or ability that they have not answered me 
as fully as I desired. But in this slight acknowledgment 
I will not withhold the names of Danif.i, Dkakf., M. D., 
of Cincinnati, a descendant of the an.'ient family of the 


name seated at Piscataway, in N. J. ; Benjamin Du\ki:, 
M. D., of New York, of tho equally ancient family of DnA k f. 
of Wiiulsor, Conn.; Col. O. L. Drake, Ksq., of Freedom, 
O.; Ai.ANsoN Drake, E.sii., of Aiilwerp, N. Y. ; Reuren 
Drake, K.sq., of Kcdlleld, N. Y. ; Mr. W. H. Drake, of N. 
Y. ; Mr. Jeiiiei, Drake, of Slmlburn Falls, Ma.s.i., all of 
the same family, originally scaled at Windsor, as above 
mentioned, and Edenezer Drake, of North Pari.s, Maine, 
of the Massachusetts family. 

To many gentlemen of otlier name.-i I am also indebted ; 
especially to my esteemed friend, Samuel H. Parsons, 
Esq. of Hartford, to Sylvihh« Judd, Esq., of Northampton, 
Mas.s., and to my lamented friend, E. W. Toppan, Escj., 
late of Hampton, N. II., deceased. 

My progress in investigating the genealogy of my family, 
has b(c;n, from various causes, very slow ; and, although I 
began at an early age to enipiire about it of my aged rela- 
tives, they were able to give me but very slight informa- 
tion, and being located at considerable distance from such 
records as could aid me, and not having the means of con- 
sulting them, much perplexing delay was experienced. 

Jly father was one of Nature's antiquaries, but his atten- 
tion was never much turned to this matter ; and, having but 
a slender ('diication, was unable to improve the means at 
his command, which, under more favorable circumslances, 
he doubtless would have done. But to his preserving hand 
I am greatly indebted for many MS. materials, which other- 
wise would have been utterly lost. 

This liltlc work, I desire my friends to consider, (and I 



intcMul it for no,,,. •■Isc,) o„Iy a sort of .VrU-inu shn.lovv of 
ni,o In^urh a„a iv f,.w colh,t,-,;,lM of ..^V i.nni.^li;,l<- fnwnly 
v-hich, but for ll,o incrc;..o of exponsc, 1 sh..„l,l -xtr,,,! n,«,l 
clothe materially in many <,f its part.. 1. u.ll .orvo t,. 
.how, hovvevcr, ^vhat I esp,^cially inl,-.,.l na,n.4y, uhal ,.,- 
formation I a,n still in Nvanl ol. And in i^onoral, I ^viHh >t 
to be unch-rstood, thal,^vherc 1 have not co,.tinu<-d a Ixanoh 
of a farriily, it is for xvant of the requisite material. To 
persons of the name vvho do not find the families of their 
ancestors given here, I mnst observe, that it is boeau«o I 
have been tmable satisfactovHy to cmnect them vv.lh my 
own, or that 1 have no k.iowled^'c of thrm. 

I doom it almost mmoces^ary to a,ld any thin- in expla- 
nation of the plan adopt,-d in displaying i;.-ural-l,-., a.s U 
must be apparent at a slance. Suir,eo it to say, th-t ,„ the 
many plans pursn,:d by English as w,-ll as An.,.r,.an .ene- 
aloc.ists,Ihave met with none which appears to mo with 
haif the simplicity of t).,. The li,st s,.ri,-s of nnmbers ,s 
onW for reference, and a,e inchulcl in par,.nih.-s,.s to -hst.n- 
.uish th,-,n f,mn other Arabic nnnd.ers, wh,!,' the Uoman 
mimerals are used only to nnmber .!„■ n„.mb,-vs of .-acii 
particular family. The numbers al the cn.l of names, 
placed like an exponent in mathematics. sUou the n„mber 

of ,lu nerati,.n of the name to which it ,s s.-t. Hy tho 

aid of these numbers, thus arranged, any indni.lnal maybe 
traced backward or forward withont the least eonlns.on or 
waste of time. Double numbers, or one nnmber .in a paren- 
thesis set under or following another, likewise in parenthe- 
sis (in the continued series,) shows where the family of tho 



iiulividnal is ilisplayod, against whom the first of tl\n two 
nuniliors slaiuls. For examiilo, on pago 33, against SIMON 

Tim top nuintn'r, (34,) shows its particular place 
in till! genealogical series, and the bottom one, (88,) shows 
where the family rerord of that individual, (SIMON,) is 
displayed ; thai is, it follows (S8) in the regular series. 

I commence with the heads of a family, and give without 
interruption their children, in order, narrating of each what- 
ever I deem necessary. This I call the family record of 
such family. After having given the family record, I next 
take np llii^ first, or oldest of the family, and in like manner 
give the family record of that individual; I then take the 
second, or next oldest, and so on through every successive 
family. That wc do not know any thing of many individ- 
uals in the early families, need make no disarrangement in 
the plan 1 have adopted, as will be seen on reference to the 
following pages. If we omit to give family records of twen- 
ty pi ( 1IIS together, it leads to no confusion, for we can pro- 
ceed with noy number, at any time. To omit a member of 
a family for want of information is what we are compelled 
to do at almiisi every step, but if we are so fortimato as to 
find a memoir or record of the family of the individual so 
passed over, we have only to record it at the end of our 
work, duly numbered, and all is plain. 

As simple as this plan is, I have spent much lime in per- 
fecting it; and I'doubt not, that, were it generally known, it 
would be as generally adopted by all persons making up 
family genealogies. 

I can but slightly touch upon the antiquities of the early 

VI 11 


time, of the family in this momoir, nor ran I scarcely at all 
eulcr i.p.,n biographies of its aislingnishcl nM-,r,bers, a1- 
,hon"h I have ample materials for many of th.-m. Of A.>- 
mikIl Siu Francs Dkakk. I have indeed an elal>orale 
memoir, upon ^vhich I have bestowed several years of labor. 
This I felt called upon to do, as he had been so long neg- 
lected by Englishmen. Wl. .her I shall ever pnblisl, it, 
depends upon several conUMgcncies, over I can h..v- 
but slight control, and which it is nnncocssary to enumerate 



Tin: Hiinily of DIIAKE, accordinp; to the old Eng- 
lisli gcnctilogists, • is one of great aiUiqiiily.' Tliat it 
M of u.rcul. antiqini)/ llicie can be no question, for as 
early as the Norman Conquest there were several 
faiin'lies of tlic name, residing ehicfly within a small 
compass, in the south part of the county of Devon- 
shire. In Dooms Day Book, six places arc mentioned 
as possessed by jiersons of the name. Indeed, 
we are told that ' lloniton, one of them, was 
well luiown to the Romans, and was held by Draoo 
the Saxon, before the conquest.'*, Ilcnco the fact 
that the Drakes were Saxons. 

How long families of the name had jiossessed those 
])lacos before the conquest, there remain no means 
of which I am aware to enable us to determine. Not 
long afi(;r the conquest of England by Willia\n of 
Normandy, however, we find a family seated at ICx- 
mouth, the head of which was JOHN DRAKE. 
But as the old author.s to whom we are indebted for 
this information arc so vague, we can with ditii- 

* See Magna ISritanni n, i. 484. 


culty get nil niiproxiinatioii to the dates or periods to 
winch llioy roCcr: lliiis, riinco, viciir of ]5orry-roiu(v 
roy, who wrote and jmhlishcd 'The Wortliirs of 
Devon,' speaking of tlio family sealed at Ashe, (in 
the parish of Mnshtiry, ahont 1;| miles to the sonlh ol' 
Axminsler,) snys, ' This ancient and honorahle liniiily 
came orii;nKiily from Exnionth, a small hamh^ton tlie 
cast side of the river Ex, where it Hows into the 
mouth of the British ocean. Here dvvcllelh .lOTUN 
DRAKE, a man of great estate, and a name of no 
less anticpiity.' For this account Prince acknowledges 
himself iudchted to Sir William Tolc, (descended 
from that family on the maternal side,) who says, ' I 
copied it out of an old Roll, and written all with mine 
own hand, in the month of April, in the year of our 
Lord God, IGIC." 

Much more that is curious might he said ahout the 
anli(|uities of the Ihmiiy, but this sketch will not al- 
low it. 

Of the origin of the name of DRAKl':, the armo- 
rial bearings are sudiciently indicative.* In rmnotc 
ages, as at present among uncultivated people, names 
are accpiircd from some circumstance, action, i-lnce, 
or object. That the original hearer of the arms 
(name) of DRAKE performed some act to cntiMc 
him to it, there is, perhaps, no rjuesiion, hut wiiat tlint 
precise act may have been, has long since passed biv 
yond the utmost bounds of the province of tradition. 

* Giiwor mentions Dragons, or, as lie calla tlicm, ./f/c X)/-"/" 
being ol'len scon in tlio nir. Cmi. A. Ti. vii. 
Ami m lico wo]<ie nwnic flio 
Hi< llunij,'lilr ihcr Blocic Divoles there 
Al brciinj-ng as u drakic. . . lirf.wn, Kiiit: of Tm!, v. MS. 

: ! 

; ! 



A U M s 


It is a maxim with tlic liciiilds, that Ihc more 
siiiijilc a coat of amis, the more aiiriont it is ; this is 
too obvious to need any other proof in support of it, 
tliau tlie repetition of the maxim ; which eminently 
appHes to the arms of DRAKE. 

The crest of tliis coat, as given by Gnilim, is an 
' Eagle displayed,' which seems to have been laid 
aside for the ' dexter arm erect, holding a batllcax,' 
some ages ago, but wherefore riocs not appear. The 
ni'iKo has always been : 


The figure in the shield, or escutcheon, is called by 
heralds, a iv'iveni, which is another name for the 
fabled Dragon of antiquity. Draco, or Drago, is the 
lioniau name of Drake, and as late as the lime of 
Sir Francis Duakt, writers frequently coupled his 
name with that of ]">ragon. Lope do Vega calls him 
by no other name throughout his long poem of ten 
books, which he composed about him ; and Sir 
Winston Churclrill (who married a Drake,) says Sir 
Francis found no Dragon more terrible than himself 
to guard the treasures of the Spaniards ; and surely 



the S]inniaic1s lind rc;i.son, if any people could h:wc, 
lo iiiinginc tliat Sir Francts Dkakh was <lcsi-,-ii(lr,l, 
aiul (liiit too in no remote cle{,'ioo, (Voin tlio old lunslcr 
of all that was IcrriMc. 

The lloinans had among; their legions, DiiAroNAini, 
u-ho were the bearers of their standards; h-ii.-e ilic 
name Drake may liavc been derived from that 
Koman o/licer. The Jvomans got. [he name from (li<' 
Greeks, and it seems to have been known (.ilu-i- llian 
an ideal one, from the Mcditenanc:in to the Haltic, 
in earlier and later limes. 

We find that the Drahon was displayed in llic 
banners of the Britons as early as 1418, and that 
churches have borne the emblem from time ininio- 
morial;* probably from a similar reason llint barba- 
rous nations worslii|) by iiropilintory n(rcrin,".> tb.n rvil 

Many of those who liavc written books of Ik v, 
seem to have known bnt little about the origin of llic- 
arms of different families, or of those of the bramdics 
of the same family. Thus, when patents of anus 
were granted at different periods, and to dilli-ront 
persons, on different occasions, thoy of course dili'ored 
in their emblazoned devices. These consideralions 
being disregarded, we sec in some late books of 
heraldry, the same arms given to the two branches of 
the family of Diiakr, when in fact they should have 
been entirely diflerent, as tliey were conferred on 
differe it occasions, and at periods very remote from 
each other. But allhough the arms diller, the families 

* Sec Dirncomlie's History of Ilcrolbrd. 


lUciiisclvcs liad actually the same origin; and it is 
only since the lime of the great naval oonmiandcr, 
thai two coats of arms, essentially dillcrenl. have 
heen in existence among the J)icaki;s. Of the origin 
of liic arms of the navigator it is luuieccssary to 
S[iealc, as all wiio liavc read of his wonderfid 
achievement, — and who has not? — the circnnniavi- 
gation of the world, almost in the infancy of J'>nglish 
navigation, to say nothing of others, do not require to 
be told, thai it was conferred to comnicinoralc, that 
event, that Queen ELizAnnxu created a new coat 
for him ; than which, nothing could have been better 
conceived, or more ajiinoprialc. 

It has always been a practice in ]']ngland for all 
persons who could trace a connexion to him who hud 
arms granted him, to a]>propriate to tin in • Ivi'S the 
same arms ; this is merely a customary thing, and 
only serves to show il\at Ihe possessor is allied l)y 
blood to liie original grantee. The more remote an 
individual is from liiLii to whom the honor was first 
given, the less he generally values it ; and many at 
this day, even in England, care very little about their 
family armrs; and when any of these emigrate to 
llepnhlican America, they often leave even the 
recollection of them behind. Hence, in the course of 
two or three generations, descendants do not know 
that their ancestors ever had any arms at all. 


The following arc some ofllic earliest notices of i>or- 
soiis of tlie name of Drake, M-liich liavc been met 
with in my examination of ancient anthors. 

JOHN, in 127-', liolil l;\ncls l)y sn\nt IVoni Kilwanl T. 

R0(;F,R, in 1.^0:i, liel.l lluiiilonl and I;i Wood, of Dorlni^lon, at 

half ii kiiilhl''; foe. 
JOHN, 1.-51.1, hail permission of IMwar.l H. ' to go licyon.l sra.' 

This' individnal went from Devonshire, and very j.rohaldy 

settled in Ireland, as a family of ihc name appears there shoit- 

ly after, as will he seen. 
WILI.IAiM, KSll, was of Hiantinuham, oonnty of Herts. 
ROIiKUT, inr,0, was of ICiikehy. [Prohaldy in county of York.] 
JOHN, mV), was at K.xmnnlh, (or Axnimith.) Co. Devon. 
RICHAKU, tP..S'i, high shnilV, Co. iM.:iihe in lieland. 
JOHN, 1 102, mayor of Pnhlin, who with his eilizens overcame 

a large body of rebels near liree, July the .'ilh, eleven miles from 

Dnblin, with great slanghtcr. 
JOHN, 1422, high sherifl", Co. Meathe. A place called Dka kk's 

lown, in Ireland, is mentioned previous to this year. Il was 

prob:>l)ly here tlie first settlement was made. 
ROIIF.RT, 1122, of Budleigh, Co. V kui. 
JOHN, 1 1:!3, returned one of the gentry, Co. Snssex. 
THOMAS, lli'il, died at Moldon, June 2fi. 
THOMAS, 1490, died at Stratton, St. Mary. 



WILLIAHI, 153.1, 'Oinle pro animo Thom.-r Baxter qui diixit 
jVIarsarotani filiam William Dhakf. gcnerosi,ct habnit cxiliim 
q\ia(nr filios, ct unam riliani, et obit 27 Aprilis. Fornest St. 

THOMAS, ].').1.5, at the same place, 'orato pro animabus Tiiojie 
DiiAKE, ct Ki.iZADETit iixoris ejus.' 

All cliriatlfin ppnplc Hint wnik by tliys tomh, prly or Intc, 

Of your chcrity sa n pnfcr nostcr for the poiil of Tllo. DftAKE. 

RICHARD, 15.12, high shcrilT of Dublin in Ireland. 

ROBKRT, lO.Ti, a martyr, minister of Thiindcrsly in Essex, 
who with five others was burnt at the stake in Smith liekl, 
April 23d, in the reign of ]\Iary. When exhorted by liisli'op 
Bonnor to renounce his heresy, Drake made him this liold 
and memorable reply: 'As for your ciiubch of, I 


lie Iiad then lain near a year in prison, and was iminediatoly 
thnroaflcr ordered to execution. 
GEOlir.K, (Capt.) M'.i:!, of Apsham, was the first Englishman 
who sailed np and explored the river St. Lawrence. 

Tints \vc meet with a few notices of individiinls, 
whose number might lie greatly increased probably, 
Rhonld anyone have the time and inclination to make 
further researches. As wc approach more modern 
ages their recurrence becomes so frequent that to 
admit them for a few years even, is not within my 
design. , 

Tlic name of RonERT, as has been seen, is a very 
prominent one among the Drakes. Dr, Calamy ' 
mentions among the ' Ejected Ministers,' Robert 
Drake of Monktoa "West, 'a very considerable man.' 
The father of Sir Francis was named Robert, and 
was also a minister, who, to avoid siilFering in the 
same flames which had coiismncd his kindred, /led 

10 EAiii.Y NOTICES or nr.Aicr.s. 

his phcc of )irilivily, ;iinl .sccrclcd liiinself iiml f:\\t\\\y 
in an old rorsakcii ship fur ninny years. 

KOBEllT DUAKE wns amoii;^ the first, wlm, in 
nvoid persecution, fled 1o New JMiijlaiul ; dri\iNi 
liillier from fear of :i revival of rupery in a later 
reign. lie was contemporary witli admiral Sii: 
Fr.ANCi.s DuAKK, Knt., and was born the same yi'ar 
that, lie redinied from his great voyage round the 
world, and was lifieon years of age when thai eom- 
inander died. 

There was, among the papers of .Tohii C'ollon of 
riymonth, a curious IMS. letter by one UOIUOH'L'' 
DRAKE, dated 21 Nov. IGSO, addressed to the then 
governors of New Ivigland. No places of wriliii!;! is 
indicated in it, but there is internal evidence Ihat il, 
was written out of New England. It, coiilains a 
strong warning to those governors, to be prepan-d for 
nn invasion, which England at that time was confi- 
dent the S|ianiards, French, and 1'nrks inleiidcd 
against her and her colonies. ' The lila7-ing star' had 
no small share in bringing such a conviction u]ion the 
inind of the author, as his letter shows. It was, in 
short, a poetical e]iisllc, of which the following 
extract is a specimen : 

' The liliiziiii' .liar is sent to llico, 
To give llic iiolioo of iialions llirco. 
Tliroc liilnilrcd )>liips pi-ciiiiicd tlu-y Imvc, 
'I'o lay iv'ow l^nglaml in a i;nivi>. 
Tlicy iiUond lo besin in I'lyiiKiiilli town, 
And so to walk Now l';ii;;lan(l round,' iVti. 

I have not been able to ascertain any thing in regard 
to his family or connexions. As he was a cotem|io- 



rary of Rorkut of INTonktou "West, il may yet he 
ascertained tliat he was the same indivitlual. 

It was JOHN DRAKE (13G0) before mentioned, 
or liis immediate descendant, who by his marriage 
with Christiana Bii.i,et, acquired the scat at Ashe, 
which was handed down in the name from father lo 
son for near four hundred years. This gentleman, as 
before observed, went from Exmoutli, and left at Iiis 
decease, a son, JOHN, who by a second marriage of 
his mother, was unlawfully excluded from the estate 
of Ashe. He went and settled at Otterton, but 
about sixteen miles from Ashe, and here founded the 
Otterton family of Drake, from whom was the father 
of Sir Francis, an early descendant of that house. 
He left a son and heir, JOHN, by his wife, Chris- 
tiana Antage, who inherited Otterton, and married 
a Ckuwys of Crnwys INIorchard, and was succeeded 
by his son, JOHN, who, by Agnes Kelloway, had a 
son JOHN, who by a suit at law reovered Ashe, 
which had been so long and so unjustly withheld 
from his father, grand-father, and gi-cat-grand-fathcr. 


JOHN' DKAKF,, Ksq. of Oltcilon, who m. Agnes Kf.i.i.oway, 
hiiil chilclion, 

I. JOHN, who recovered Ashe, as just mentioned, and m. 

MAncAHET, dau. of John Cole, of Rill. 

111. ROBERT, father of the great navigator, who had 
twelve children, all sons, most of whom followed the 
seas, and died in foreign parts. 


EAUi.ii::-iT c;k.\i:ai.o(:ii:s of Tin: i)I!/\ki:s. 

IV. THOMAS, \v1ki wont In Ilortf.iril, nr Hartford. 
V. ACNF.S, llic malornal anroctor of tlm Poles of Slnilc, 
ami mollici- of HrK William 1'olk, lid'orc men- 
tioMcd, tlio Krrat antiijiiary. 
JOHN, son of JOHN HUAKK, la^t mciilioncd, m. Annt, dau. 
of RofiKU (^.uf.nvilm:, lOsq. and left at liis decease in I'jSS, 
I. ril'.UNAUD, aflrrward Sir liriiNAnn, Kni. a dis- 
tinniiUlii-d naviil oliifor, anil (;ioal-i.;iiMil-«iuMdliilliiT 
of llicrolobraled John Cm rutiin.i., I)i;ki; or M \kl- 
iiouoircjii, whose mother was r.lizalM-th, dan. of Sir 
John Dua ke of Ashe, 
n. ROUl'.KT of Wiscomb, the ancestor of 'a ■;enpro\is 

tiibo of Drakes,' inheriting tlicro in Prince'.s time. 
III. RICHARD of Surrey, one of the equerries lo (ineen 
Klizaboth, and ancestor of the respectable family of 
lincliin^'lLamshire, seated at Shardeloes, who d. II 
July, lGl):i. llis wife was Ursula, dan. of Sir 
William Rtai-foud. He was ennein nephew, as I 
believe, to Sik FriASCis, and was bv bitii iiiliod'c .d 
to the inimcdiato service of the (lueen. a.s abo.e 

It is not my (li-sii;n to imisiio tlio opnr;ilo,;;i<'s of 
raiy of the Kii2,lisli fiimilics, Iml 1o . xliibil .mly llic 
main bniiich of wliat is considoiivl llio imrciit slock 
] of nil, 111 tlio liinc of the (?mii;ialioii to AiiK-iiia. 

Before iirocccJiii;^ wilh tlioso in lliis couiiliy, it 
inny bo gratifying to ollicrs, iis well as to tlio wrilcr, 
to carry along with tluMii tlio roiin'inliranfo of soiiio 
of tlio many cinincnl nanu^s wlio have in moio 
motlcr;i times aiUloil liislrc lo the already iliiistrioiis 
house of Ashe. 

Of this family was SAMUEL DIIAKK, D. D., of 
eminent liteiaiy attainments, who ilieil in 1C)7:5, and 
whose cqnally eminent son of the same name, edit- 


):aui,iest gk.nIvAI.ogif.s oi" the drakes. 


cd nrclil)ishop Paikci's works, iVc. Also ROGEIl 
DRAKl-:, D. D., of St. retcr's Cheap, London, an 
nulhdi- nnd most excellent man, who siiflbrcd much 
for his nonoonformily. FRANCIS DRAKE, M. D., 
siirj;eon of York !m<l F. 11. S., a ^rcat anticjuary, 
author of ' The History and Aii(i<iuiiics of Yoik,' a 
work yet held in the highest cslimaliou, tlioiii^ii pub- 
lished above one hundred years aj^o. WJLLIAiM 
DRAKE, A. M. F. S. A., vicar of Ishnvorlli, was 
his son. Of tlic same family was NATHAN DRAKE, 
M. .D., of lladlcigh in Suflblk; the well known 
essayist, and most skillful and successful annotalor 
and l)iogra|)hcr of Siiakspcare. And before him in 
point of time was Dr. JAMES DRAKE, F. R S., 
whose discoveries in anatomy arc not surpassed in 
importance by those of llervey. This list might be 
indt.'llnitely extended, and with names equally 
claiming attention, but that does not come within our 



Wc nrc now to pass from onr kiiulicd in llie old 
■w'oikl, and to trace their descendants in the new; 
and we are reluclantly obliged to add, that those wlio 
came licrc made no records of ll\cir ancestors, or if 
they did, thoy have hcon swnllnwrd u\> in lh<' ^.V''"''''' 
wreck of time, or ollirrwise hid from lis. AV'i.' there- 
fore arc ohlii^ed to resort to the slender aid of tradi- 
tion to finnish ns with some of the most inqiortMnt 
pavlioulars, especially for the key 1o the eoniiceliii;^ 
link helween tlioso who cunn! here, uiid llieir auc<'s- 
tors who remained in EnglUnd. 

JOHN DRAKE, of the council of Plymouth, nue 
of the original company estahli.-hcd hy King James 
in inO(>, for settling New England, was a branch of 
the family of Ashe, several of whose sons came to 
this coimtry. 

JOHN, who came to ]3oslon in lOno, with two or 
more sons, anil who (iually settled in A\'indsor, 
ROBERT, also with two or more sons and one 
daughter, who settled at Hampton in N. J I. 

From these brothers arc desccndt'd all of the name 
in New JMigland, and most, if not alf of those bearing 



it in llic midillc, soulhcni, and wcslcin stales. AVc 
liowcvcr meet with some modern cniigiauts of llic 
imnic, but Ihcy arc not niuncrons. 

A member of the family of JOHN, last mentioned, 
settled in Taimlon, jNIass., and tUenco his couiu-xions 
and descendants spread into I\liildK'boroiigli, W'ey- 
moulli, Sharon, i.V:c., in the county of Plymoutli in 
the same slate. Wkh all lliese, the laiiiili(-s of 
^\'indsor, Conn., and liam^iton, JV. 11 , were coiuieeled. 
At least, so goes the Iradilion, and there is nothing 
which 1 can yet discover to disprove it. i\Ir. A\'ir,- 
LiAM DuAici:, of jMiddleboro', Mass, a soldier of the 
revolution, now near ninety, told me many years ago, 
in a call I made upon him, that he used to hear it said 
by old people, when ho was young, that his ancestor 
was a brother of Hobert of Hampton. Mr. Ai-ruKus 
Drake of Portland has the same tradition, but has 
no knowledge of William, just mentioned, though 
lie is descended from the same uncestor; his father 
having emigrated to I\Iainc when ho was a lad. 

As !i specimen of llin ni.'umcr and form in ■which 
our nnccslors Irausaclod important matters, the wir.r. 
of the first of the Drakes is given. Ami as a curi- 
o.sity, llie inventory of his estate, real and iiersoual, 
follows. This is not only curious, but exceedingly 
valuable, as shovi'ing relatively the value of property. 


not only by a comparison of clifTcrcnt commodities nt 
that (l;iy, but by a comparison of similar comiiioiliiirs 
of that day with our own. ]}y it wc sec bow much 
nwro nil kinds of tools and lioiiscbold utensils were 
prized then than now; of what small value land wns 
consiilcrcd to be, cnm)iared to artii:les now so ca.sdy 
man u lac In red and of such superior workmanshi[) to 
those then in use. A rough iron bolt was worth 
almost as much then as one of ocpial wcij^bt of silver 
would be at tliis time. Tim hundred yrars ! 7\las, 
what a change there bas been ! Now, a grvthman 
m our streets would think it degrading to jiick up 
from the dirt that which our fathers would have 
walked several miles to obtain. 

Wc can learn but very little about riOm-n'T 
DRAKE'S personal history, except that he m;\s .i 
man of eminent piety, and highly respected. Anion:,' 
the owners of the Great Ox Common, which was 
divided into 78 shares, one was assigned to ' ould j\Ir. 
Drake' in 1G51. That he should bo thus designated 
is not strange, for he was scvcnty-one years of ngc at 
that date. 

On the 15lh of March, 10-50, 'Uorekt Duakk 
entered his causion about a house and lands bought 
of rfrancis Tcaboddic, lying and being within the 
bounds of Hampton.' On the 2.0lh of the same 
month, Fancis Teabody of Hampton sold to llonunT 
Drake of Exeter, for X75 13s., a dwelling-house nnd 
honsc-lot, and six acres of fresh meadow, beyond the 
Mill Brook* 

, « Town nnd Coiiiilv 11<'('(iii1n. 



f^n 11)0 ^amc ^f f^*^o!» ^mcn ! the fifth of 

May, in the year of our lord one thousand six hundred and sixty 
throe ; I Robert Drake in tlic town of Ilaniplon in New En;^<l 
in Norfoll;,* searsje maker, heiua; of s:ood and perfect memory, do 
ordaine, and make my last \Vill & Testament, bcini; in manner and 
form as followelh : Firal, I do bequeath my soul into y" hands of 
allmliility j;od, trusting assuredly to be saved only by y" merrits of 
Jesus Christ, my alone saviour and redeemer, and my body to y° 
earth : Item : my goods I give and bequeath as followcth : To my 
eon NathanicU Drake I will and bequeath six pounds ; and to my 
son Abraham Drake's oldest son Abraham Drake, I give twelve 
pounds; to my daughter Susanna Drake, twelve pounds; to my 
grand-childien, Paskell Drake twelve pounds; to Jean Drake 
twelve jiounds, y^ which are my son Nalhanel's two daughters; 
to my grand-children, Susannah Drake, Mary Drake, Elizabrlh 
and Hannah, to each of them twelve pounds, being the children 
of my son Abraham Drake; and to my son Abraham Drake, I 
will and bequeath the remainder of my estate, being my house 
and house lot with my mcdows, salt marsh and fresh, with six 
shares, fower of cow commons and two of ox commons with all 
rights privileges and apj)ertenances thereunto belonging, my 
up lands and whatsoever lands; as also my cattcU; three stercs, 
two of sevcan years of age, and one of lower; two cows, one 
ycailing: Jlcm : my household stuff, bed and bedding, brasse 
puter, iron and led whatsoever; all which mentioned estate I 
will and bequeath to my son Abraham Drake : my sayd son to 
pay y" aforespesified legacies to the scverall parties, as before 
given, at one and twenty years of age : none to make any demand 
till a year after my decease : Item: if any of my grand-children 
dye before they be of age, there portion to be devided equally 

* IlTiiiiplnn Wfis first sculcd iu 1(>3S by cniigroiils from die Co. of Norfolk 
in Kiighiiid. Fannrr, 

o[ TllF, Wll.r- OF ROHRRT IMIAKF.. 

a,„on"st my ;:rnn.l-rh,l.ln.'U yet living-; ll.,„: I will ;.n.l ^Uo U. 
„,y so"n Al> Drake all -lel.ts .luc, l.ills,, ^l.also.v,.,- 
lx.lon.M.i.'toi„o-. inm: I ordain an.l ronstiU.lo my son AlMan, 
Drake my sol., pxccntor lo lUis n.y last will aii.l l.^slan.-nl, 
lovokin- all lormor wills by me ma.le. In witness wlHMr,.r I 
have horeniito set my and seal tl.e ei-hiecnlli of May, one 
UioMsaiitl six luimlroil and sixty three. 


John lUusnAii, 

i7i.^[ K()iii:i;r duaki:. 

[On the is this reconl] This will was ).rovc,l in y' 
Court held at Salisbury y" 1 1th of the 2d mo. IOCS. 

Tiio: Bkaouiiuy, rcc. 

Imp. This Enventory taken the 'JSih of Jenewary, K.r.7, of all i 

the goods of RoKF.i-.TT DuAKK of llaMiiilon, yeoman, win. d.-- J 

ceased the 11th rdJeniwary,l(')ii7. | 

X s. d. I 

}Iis dwellin- house, y" barne & ontl house> ;<t ten aker 

r,i) (Id (10 

lolt - - - ■ 
Six aeres of fresli mi'dow by y'' .'^liH Hrook, .'v; 11 

akers of upland, or lesse - - - - :i() 0() (in 
Thirteen aeres of planting land in the north (iehl, -in ("I ("l 
Thirteen acres of salt marsh by y<^ sprin- - - :i(i ("1(1(1 
Three aeres of fresh medow — 'i in y'' great, mea.h.w, 

& one by the Cassway that gocth to the Ox Com- 

. . . . :i 0(1 no 

iiion - • " " 
Three shares of y" Cows Co;amon & one sliare of 

the Ox Con.on "■ "" "" 

One hdiulrcul acres of land of a seeond division west- 

, ...-■-- b uo 00 

wtird . . - - 

III CatUi: 

Ono ox, .cr,-l IlefTer, .Cl-\>arUng, .£1 -one 

^^ 11- lo . - - -1110 00 

young Calf, 10 s. 
Due Store of4 year old, Xr,-1 Bull of ll year old, til b OH m 

III Jfoti.vtwld SlMjr: 

A fether-hed, a bolster & two blankets . - - 1 00 00 


A llockc hcpJ & one red rug 1 10 00 

One old cloakc H" 00 

In old wearing clollios .ind a hat ... - 2 00 00 

8i\- piilcr dislics, 2 putcr candclslicks k 1 salt sollor 1 00 00 
Two brass kittles & 1 grealt skillott, a brass rriortter 

IS: warming pan 3 00 00 

One. driping-pan & one speelt & one frying-pan - 7 00 

One Ila[ ] one payer of poltliookes 6t 2 liamcrs - 00 

Four iron wedges, a payer of bcellc-rings . - 10 00 

Two old axes Is. Half a hundred of oM iion lOi. - II 00 
An old plow-share and boult, a chainc, and copse and 

pin 12 00 

'I'lirco iron bolts, -Is. In leaden waits, 5s. - . .00 00 

One clicst with a lock, r>s. h 2 old chests, Cs. - 1 1 00 

Seven old small bookcs, , Is. a peck and half-peck, Is. 00 
Three old chairs, Os. o[ ], 153. 1 old h.'tlicrn 

bottle, l.s. 1 2 00 

Two meal-troughs & other lumber . - - 10 00 

A payer of small scales, 2s. & an old pcelc, Ipuil?] Is. .') 00 

In live cattle 8 00 00 

.£192 00 00 
This enneiUory taken y'^ day and ycccr above written by vs, 

Samueli, Dai-ton, 


Anr.AnAM Diiakf. tcstiued vpnn oath before the present court 
now held al Salisbury, M Aprill inst. 08, that this is a true en- 
uentory of y" estate of Robert Drake deceased: as attests 

Tiio. Bkadbuby, rec. 


(1) MOlSCVt 33l*tltjt' wasboni ill rouiity 

of Devon, Kiip;., ir)80, (ilic ycnr of the (iroM I'.ariliqiinkc, 
vefoiTi'd to liy yiiakspciiro, iinii wlioso, ap|ialliiij: (.'IlL'ctti arc 
so graiiliically dcHrrilicil liv Holiiislii'd ;) came lo Is'ew 
Kii^lajul with a family licforc 104.'), and took \i]i liis resi- 
dence at Exeter, X. II., Imt removed fiom tlicnec to 1 lamp- 
ion in llic same slate in the he^inning of IC.M. Jlere ho 
owned and left eonsideniMc estate, as we liavc seen. 

AVliat time lie went to Exelei" docs not apjiear, Iml ';« 
may lia\,- liecn of the Itev. John Wlicelwii^lil's eompany, 
■who sellUd there in lO.'lS. His linnse, (which he lioii^ht of 
I'ealiody li<'forc mcnlioned.) ;-lood on the same Jilaee now 
occupied liy the T.aiilist Meetiiij; house in Hampton, ll'-rc 
lie lived much respet leil till his death. wlii<li happened (ni 
the 14 January, lOOS, at the [rri'iit np' of SS years. In 
Hi.'il, as has Iieen nienlioned, lie was ealli'd 'oiild Mr. 
Drake.' and very ]>roperly, as he was ihen over 70; and 
hence (Wl at the tinte he came to America — a lime of lil'e 
nt which lew would lie found In .any country, and nniler any 
eircnmsianccs, willini; to eneouiitcr llio ]irlvalious and 
hanlsliips of an uncNplored wililenicss, three thousand 
miles froiii home ! In 10ri4, he was one of the select-men. 

As has hecn said, Kom;uT Diiake eame over with a 
family, hut whether with all his family, I have heen unalilo 
lo dclermine ; imr do I y<'l liud any reference to his wife, 
idtliou^di it is prolialrlc she came willi him ; if so she must 
have heen dead before he made his will, as there is no refe- 
rence lo her in it — the original of whieh is still preserved 



(foWoci and t\W,\) in ll.o ollloo nt Ips«i.l,, br.u.l.- 
fuUy written in the Mvo^v^l^'y of that ,lay-tlu,t have. 
Riven l,cinK an exact co,.y, and In.m ^vl,ieh the W .mM,|: 
reeonl is ohtained, «n,l also the rce,.,-.) of h.s eh.hhen. 

(2) I NATl'lANn'X.^h. ir.l2. His >vifo, (in-ohnhly his soecm.l,) 
4 ' was Jane, wi,h«v of Willian, IJern', of Little Ilarhov, 
(.inee l'..rtsn>onth.) Tie was at llan.plon in lOM, Imt 
resided in l'.M-tsn>onih lh,n. lf.5r. to IC.mi; was selerl.nan 
in 16G0-1. The same year he scned (with a 1i-.\n. is 
DnutE.) as grand-jnrov ; scleet man again n. ir.r,2;t; 
jnrvman ir,04. In IG.i.l, hy a vote of the town, Xat.ian- 
■,F.r, and FiMNCis Pkak.; were cleeted Mn-veyovs of the 
l,i,duvays* His n>aniagc ^vith Mrs. IknTy was helove '.t 
])eo. 1GG9, at whieh time she was 51) years of a-e.t ilc 
was aonin selectman in ICTO-K lG7r,-G. In 1G85, he was 
one of the petitioners against the usnrpations of Cranheld 
lie left no n.ale issnc, or I hear of none, n<,r -lo we hear ot 
him after IGOO, or anv aeeonnt of his death. 1 was ha- 
mcrly of oianion that he and his family emigialed to New 
Jersey, and seliled on a small river at a poi.d ah.M.t two 
r.dlcs north of New Brnnswiek.whieh was name.! V ,s,ataway 
hy emi-rants from the place of the sanu- nanu> in N. Hnmp- 

,i,h-e. Of the last mentione.l fa.-l there is n es|,„n. 

And with reganl to the other, certain it is, there was a 
J.-UANns DitAKK at Visrala(|na in Ts'. H., "s ne haM. 
shown and that there arc not y.'l diseovcre.l any Iraees ol 
either N,vrn\Mioi- or Vkancis or their po»t,-nly n. N. 
Knghmd, alter about Ifi'.tO ; ar.d fnrlher, that the ol 
Natii\nmici, and KiuNCis were among the early and jars. 
cnt families of the name in N. Jersey. This may ho 
ctitirely accidental, htit it was deetncd proi<er to slate the 
case as it actually appears at the present lime, hopmg it 
may lead to more certain infornnition. 1 am aware, t™., 
that there were 1)iiaki;s at Tiscataway as early as 1G7T.J 

. Exlrncls from ll.c Porlsmnulli rot-col., tiiiully furai-hc.l n.e liy i.«- 
son )-;dwauI) TucKuniMAN. 

1.IOUX,! from llic Kxi-lrr lU-conls. 

t Morgml l-;.twanls, Ilist.of tlic llnplisis, uad Uoiicilict. 



(■1) II. Sl'SANNAII,'-' of wlioni iKilliin;; !i|i|ii'iiis I'lil llio mciilion 
of livr iiiuiic in liei' fiitliri's will. Iiv wliicli slir Wiis to 
receive :\ U"^nr\' of .C\2. 
(.() III. SltJrt!l)«iIU»''' a inliaMlMiil of Ksi-lrr ! 
/^j ill Ifil-'!, mill aflcnviinl in ll:iiii]p|iiii. wliillici- lie vent, 

|tn»l»:iJ»ly willi liis fiillu'r. liis re?*iileiieo wtis nt ii pliieo 
.•iiiK'C ealleil ' DiMke'ssiile,' lieiMiKC it uns on tin' weslerlv 
side tjf ii eonsiilera.lile s\vain|) ; iiml liis eslntc lias Iieen 
lianiletl down in the name to lliis day, and in tlir name of 
AiiiiAliAM, willi a sintjle exeeplion, now alioni lirn linn- 
rf/f'/yoors. 'riiei>resentownori:-Aiii'.vii wDijaki., (I.'i,><,) 
wliose liiiiMinss arc to lie seen from llie liail-road de)!ot 
in In-inf^aliout one nii!osinilli-\ve?"terly from if. 

IIo\v Ion;;- lief'tre If'ito Aitn\ii\M ])i;aIvI; \vas at 
ICxeter, lias not been ascertained, Itnt in a pelilion, which, 
«ith 2(1 o;hers he .si:;ned and iiroenled to tlie general 
(tairt of Massachusetts, in tlmt year, iipiinst tlic cii- 
eroacliinciits of the iiei^rlilioriii^ settlers, it i ; said, those 
licople 'know we Ion:; sini-c |)ni'clia'ed these lands, also 
<|nietly ]iosM'~sed them.' In the allotment of the Ox- 
Common at llanipton in lli.'il, ho had one share. In 
li'iti.!. the town chose liiin to lay on t 41)00 acres, 'west 
of Hampton lionnds, and ii way to (.ireat I'ond. In 
ll'ifi,') he was appointi'il in luy mil ilie second di^i-ion. 
111 Ififif, mill Hilill hiMVilS I'llo-cn III nut the lo» n lines. 
He was sehMl-maii in lli.")f, and perha|i.i olhcr ycar.s ; 
and in Hi";! he had the a])poiiilnictil of marshal of the 
connly of Norfolk, in which ollice ho prohahly coiilinneil 
till the separation of .\. llanipshire from Mas.saclinsetis, 
in IHTl). He wa> a man lapahle of any husiness, a sood 
penman, and forward in all pnlilie .service. In n tax list 
of 2 d. '.) iiio. Ki.^iM. of an anionnl of L.'i.l I's. Kid., his 
ipiota was Ills. id. that of his father, 12s. .Id., and his 
lirolher Natiianmj.s. 7s. lid. The wliole minilierof 
])i r.-oiis taxed was 7;i. 

AltUAlIA.M DliAKi;, like his f.nher, lived to a 
very advanced ai;i", Iriit ihe lime of his death I Ikmc 
iiol yet disioM'icd. It appears I'mm a pencil note in 



Mr. ■l-.MM'-'"'^ l^"^'^- """ '"' ""■' ^""'" '" ''"^' "' 
To ihi; Kxclcr iictilion, 

cl, -J.-i .liin. li'VI'.. 
\)cl'orc ni.MilioiHMl, liis f.ij,'iiiiliM-.> 

OTbrO.^1 „:,.,.„.<.. ni..a.. a,in.„r:,nv 

(„ ,. l'ASKKI.l0..rwl,.n„m.U,in.lnr,l.'.:. ^^ ^^^^ ^^ .^ 

^•ju.cor,I.a-Wac.-,,,l....orK.v.S.>u: . 
r :.soxs, ,n. Is=v..c W.ian-n, Ks,, of I'o.-.s.nou.h, ^. H. 

"•" X ^.wUans;ona^v,„.nUas,,vasUlW^y.l>.•.n- 

• 1 r'..,,t Ui-icUi'l h: "avc, lirrlallii-i :\ \m\m 
l)i-\Kr. uianic'iM apt. 141." i»"! '"■ " . ,• i-, 

(K.,.,V7(lO,l,V>vla..n,n-..l,,aan„ ullu,,. .M.«• 

(«) II. Siuvaljmn; ... ..i>c-. >-..... n. >j''--;;; 

^ ' ,.. ... c 1, l,y wliinii li" lui.i loin 

//«■) 11 > will' Miis ^al.^ll ' i,i.; ^1 

'^'^ ,..,iM.-.n. He appears .o„av,.- ";"•;""-;" 

X020.S. lwJapion.m.n."wnHn,.i....--J>;^ 

fa.hor l,..r,.n. ha.l Lccn :-s..lcc.-nK,n i-i H,...., 1 . ^J 

0-,anin:..S. Wiil.. a.-i..^ -apa-My.. •.■... "1 

;;:i,,„UiuC.,ap,.Uli-pap,.r...-.l.ola..-y ■■ ^.s . 




(0) lir. SAKAII,^ honi 20 Aii;,'iist, 1050. 

(10) IV. MAl!Y,Mi(.m ar. M:iit1i, IC.riS. 

(11) V. Kl.l/.AHKTII,' Ix.iii II .Inly, ICfiO. 

(12) VI. ILXXNAIl," lidiii 14 Octolicr, 1G02. 

(1.1) VII. K01il",lM7 boiJi 2" Sci)t. 10r>4, m. S:irnli Knowlcs, 19 
(•il; Oct. 17ir., il. (•> Kcl). 174.3,of consiiinption, iu. 79. She 

(1. 8 June, 1 742, x fi.S. 
Sl'.S.WXAII.'' (7,) who 111. (;,vrT. Anthony ]$i:acket, had, 
(14) 1. .Iani;,< horn 7 l'Vhnt;nv, llw'.l. 
(l.'i) II. /ii Toinii.^ liorn 2S Sppt. ir.Hl), in. Caleh TowU\ 
( ir,) Jll. ZacIIAUiaii,^ horn 20 .Iilimarv, 1C.S2. 

(17) IV. Ann,* 1>. 18 June, l("i8l>, "i. James Lcavitt of Hampton, 

20 Fell. 1717, (I. 10 Koh. 1748, :e. 62. 

(18) V. Si SANNAU,* h. 29 An^'t. 1G89, in..Iaspci- Blake of Ilamp- 

ton, 21) Jan. 1718, reinovctl to Vahnouth. 

SI tJ Villi <int,'' (8,) who m. Sarah liiul, 

(19) I. .SARAH,* b. 7 Nov. 1086. 

(20) H. SltlVtlljilUl,'' (mygrent-sran.l-father,)!.. 

(2.')) 1089, m. Theodali-, dan. of Samuel Kohy, Esq., sou of 

JriMii; HESitY UoiiY, wliose anecstor Henry Uohy 
was at Kxe.ler in the beginning of its settlement, and 
one of the pofilioners (4) beroic noticed. Justice 
liobv lills a coMS|iiciioiis Jiage in the early history of 
N, llilliip«hlii'. 'I'lii'y W(>1V III, i Jiili. 1711. 11(1 <\: of 
dropsy. 13 Apr. 1 707, x. 78. She d. 12 Apr. 178.3, ic. 91. 

(21) HI. .JAXI'V I.. 1091, m. .T<i1in .Slicrlmiiie, 12 Nov. 171.3. 
(4.")) He was the son of Capt. .Saniuel Slicrliurne, killed by 

the Iiiilians at Marpiait, near I?riins\vi(k,4 Aug. 1691. 

(22) IV. M.VIOV !i. 1092,((».S.)m.Shul)aclSanhorn,7Junc, 

1710. Shed. 10 Aug. 177.'), re. 82. Hed. .3 May, 1759. 
(2-3) V. NATIIANIKI,,* 1). 7 May, 1695, m. Juno I>unt, June, 
/j_5-l 1710, d. 11 Sept. 176.3, a:. 67. She d. 2 Dee. 174,3, ic. 

51. This gentleman was a ]ironiluent citizen, much 
in public business in ofliccs of res])onsiliility which he 
faithfully and hoMoiably sustained. The following is 
an exact copy of his siguatiiiv in 17.32. 


'a/^a^ ^ra^^ 

32 nilAKF- FAMll.V IllSTOKY. 

]U>inCirr,M 1 :M who n. S.U..1, K,unv!..Ou,.Ulu. lolUnvin, ,.l,il.l,vM, 

(.|1 ) ,l;iim:ii"V. 17-4(>. 

(25) II. HANNaIi,' l.n,,li/,iMK 2^ Aiu-il, IViX 

1^,1. KI.I/AliKTn,M,,.sl^..|,..71:;,.n..K-vn,„:,l, 1 .t..M . 

' ' I-Vl,. I7.!M, s..ttK..l in Kxct..,-, X. H-, »",! h:x,\, 

.I„siali, lui.l .folin- ■""' 1«->1'"1"^ <'"'^■'■''■ 
(...) III. AliUAIIAM,^ 1.. 4 I'oc. 1715, ,... Is,, Al>i,..l XN-v 
;, cln.,. of .Iu,l,c K.,l..n,id Wc.uv, wlu, uas Mm ... 

^ ', wl,o uns 1,. lfi:U, H- i^otlu-r «..s l^l.ry 

Wait. Ala...,ilNV.nv.«asl,.17May, 17.r„a,Ml«as 
M.tcvof 11"N.'K \Vi:Mn:, ?"v,Tn..,-,,. .■,.>■■>■ 
i.lcnt ..f Xo»- Ilan,,.M,in-. M.r 'I- "„1. Iirr m-.m,. 
,,,i|,l, 2 Oot. 17.10. llo m. •i.lly, ALrjul, .laa. ol 
Samuel, so,, ,.r Hcmy, son ol lio.-rKi.i 
ul.o .-anic fmn., Kn;; in 1,^:^. an.l m„1..1 

in KnoUm-, N. ll.,^vU■a• in U'..!.'! I.- x^:> ' ""' 

,„,,i,i„„c,-s WU.vv (l) ,ncinM.u.-4, lM..,n Ih. an,,- 
„„a.S,or ((I.M.,K,.V D.MIl.nKN) ,nr ,I.M, ■.,.!.. \ <H 

late M.u. 1;kn. 11'.-^^ l.K^.nnuN, oC ,1a. ,• la- 

,i„„a,-v and laic ua,'. a„a M,-. K. 1*. 1>,:v.,u.ks o( 
Boston, lo «l,o,n ,na.,N of hi- nana' ,"ay .aa' .\...n 
lea,',, how n,n.l> th.-y a,T h,.lcl.,o,l lo la. ,„.l"~l>> 
am\ rcscairh in invcsli-alin;; ihoi,- liis!..,y. .\,m.. \,. 
1>„AIC,0 t!,l. ua^ h. 1^' O,-,. 1720. .1, I .laK, lMl,a.. 

ni, ,ipa,-lv. 

An„vi,o, PnA,,i, n.a,tloNo,-|hll.„nplo,i. «h. •■ 

l,c sculrd. a,al ha,l ,■M.•,.M^, ,:ossossi.a,s. w1,ah Ins 

,,„ste,-ilvs,illi,ihrvi,. llr wa^ .a,-ly hi l>lr ", ral. ,r 

,.„„,l„v;„c■„l,l.olUn^il an.l ,nilila,-y, a,al anaai;: ,ia' 

,i,-s, who took „p a,-Mi> in ih. ,vvolnl,o„a,y mnlost i 

wns ineinhor of (he i.,-ovi,a-i„l .'on-.-ass «ha h un-i al, 

Exeter. In the I'n-nc'l, «ai- whieli lo,-,n„,a,r.l „i ,1a. | 

fall of Canada, l,c se,-ve,l in s,.ve,-al exi,.ai„ons as , 

captaiuofho,-so;o,a-ea, (V.wnVoint. in the ,-evo. | 



liiliciii lie was Lieut. Colonel, nii<I mnrclicil In IJoslon 
on reeeipt of llio news of tlio liiitlle of Le.\ingloii, lunl 
was stjitiouiMl at Winter Hill. After llic cvaeniition 
lie relnnieil to N. HaMipton. Wlien inlellif;enee 
reaelieil liini of llie ]iro;;ress of Gen. Huvpivnc, lie 
inanlied a;,'ain with Iiis iTj;imcnt to intercept liini, and 
was ]ireseiil. at Iiis snn'eniier. While at Winter liiU 
he was introiliieeil to the iiiiniorlal AVAfiriNOTON, ami 
iiflerwarcl attended several eoiiiieils ealled In' him, In 

(Ifciile on iiHpiirdiiU li!!.»Jiiess, tV.I. Dntkcil. siiiMi-iily 

in his field, of n)io]>Iexy, Aujjnsl 1st, 1781, ie. fiti. 
(■JO) IV. SAMUKU,'' 1). l.-i Dee. 1717, m. Kslher Ilohhs, 14 April, 
(11^1) 174.3, <1. 3 Jan. 178fi, ;e. (W. She il. 18 March. 17!)'.!, le. 

7S. They resided on the paternal cslalc in IIani]ilon. 
(.10) V. SAKAII,-'- h. 8 April, 172i>, n>. Snnmcl lialchelder, ^3 
(77) Nov. 17.38. settled in Norlliwood, N. 11. 

(.31) VI. MAKV,-'I.. a;i Sejit. 1722,111. Kli.-,iia Maiston, 12 Dec. 
(82) 174.'-.. 

(.32) VII. AIil(;.\IL,''l). 28 Xov. 1721, in. .lohn Taylor, l.") Jan. 

(.33) A'lII. J< IIINV' li. 2 Jan. 1728, d. 2il .Tan. 17.31, a\ ;J y. 27 days. 

(.34) IX. SllUOU»'' (my praiidfathcr,) h. 4 Ott. 1731), in. 

(88) Judith IVrkins, who was h. 18 April, 173fi, 

d. 30 Nov. 1810, a\ 83 1-3 years. lie d. 10 jShiicli, 
1801, :e. 70 y. 5 nio. His wife Avas dan. of 
I'erhiiis of who dyini; uhen .she was ipiilc 

yoiin^, she went to reside with an aunt in llani|)ton. 
Here she heeaiiic aci|iiainted with her future hiishand. 
S!ie had lirothers, Thomas, .Toseph, and lieiijamiii ; a 
sister ifaiinali, who, (orauother sisler) nt. IV'eale, 

who had a .son Walter. Her tnother niariied 2dly, 
Win^alc of Slrathani. 
SiMiiN Du.vKK sclllei! in K]i|iinp:, N. H., ahoiit 
17.">2, then a wildcnies.s , the (irst frame house haviii;j; 
lieen liuilt there only two years before. This was at a 
time when there was iniieli apprehension from the 
.'ndians; a parly of ■whom the same year struck an 
awful Mow on some jioor selllers hut ahont two 
miles from his rc>ideiiec ; just in the u1'.;l of Noltiii";- 



liiim, wlii'iv llic'V Uilli'd ii Mr. llciird, Mrs. I'olsom, ami 
Jti.^. Siiu|.s(iii, wifo of AiidiTW Siiniison. 

Mit, Duuvi; was :i niiiii ol" rciii:iik:ilili^ rNin'tliosH, 
:in(i for lui'llioil :inil iiciitiirss in lii- niniiin;,' Inisiiicss, 
VMS only i'i|iiallc(l l>y liis wife in all llial a].].(rl;uniil 
l<> licr (Ic-parlinoiit. Id' Innl a line farm, wlilrli la- 
left to Ills voiinfrost .son, (97.) wlio solil il in IS-tT lo 
Coi.. AuTiAiivM Ti.iiMKK. (ai!i.) Il iIhis passid lint 
(if llir nanio, luit not out of tlic fniiily. as is spcli. 
(.■!.■)) X. TlIn.MAS.-' 1). H July, I'Tl, m. Isl. ralicrnp Toul.- -'" 
(OS) .Inno. ITf).-!. and -Jrlly. I-M^'crly of K|.|'i"-'- 

■when- lie scllli'.l, an<l oMni'il laials adjoining: tin- farm 
of lii- liiolliir SiMoy, lail (inalli r-niovcil In riiiihcs- 
Itr ill ihr same slati', u\\rrv In' il. Hi An;:. IMI".. a-. 
8.'i. His wife <1. 1.'), anil was linriciT on l!a IT.Irinr, 
177.5, on the day of ihc ini-inoraMi- Ir.uilc of Jiiinkns 

Hill. vv^-----, 

X.VTnAXIlOI-,' (L'-'l.) wlio m. .lam- T,nnl, laid. 
{:K] 1. KOBKinV' l>. 4 .Inly, 1717. m. JClizalicUi Drarliorn, 1.1 
(lO.-)) Doc. 17.T.>. She d. L'2 Fdi. 17H1, »-. :U\. Uc d. .'i 

JMav, IT.'ii'i, of fi'viT, a'. .'l.S. 


II. NATHAMi;i/' II. 11) May, 1719, m. Alii-ail 

(.■!S) HI. .IANK,''li. i; Jlar. 17'.'2. The sanio [n-rhaii-. who ni. 

.Tosi'ph I'alloll, .'■> Sc|it. I7.V1. 
{.",9) IV. Ar.KAllAM,'' I). 1 Marrh, I7:i(",,m. Martha Kalon, 17.'i2, 

and |irohalily solllcd in llrcnlwood, K. U. 
(.ID) V. SAKAll,' 1 ." ..„ l,hAy>.2:,T^V.,y.m:>. _ 
'11) VI. M.\KV,'' \ ' '■' ( haiil. sani<'. Umo, m. ^mion Jlars- 

ton, :ti) Doc. rT-'iiV,^ ^ 
liOHHIlT,^ (24.) who m. Doroiliy .MoiiTTon, had, 

J(llIN,''h ." Sc|it. I74S, ni. 


(11!') .,. ,.,.11 

(4.-!) II. KOl'.l'.K'l','' h. !-'l Aiij;t. 17.">0. m. /ipiiorah I owlc, li. 

(1^.1) I7."il, il. If' .Inly, lt<'iS, a-. 74. 

(11) III. Al!l(;.\ll.,-'h. 4 Doc. 17:>I. 

(4:-)) IV. .SAKAII,' h. I'l An-nsi, 17.')4. 

Fiirsovural facia ri-spccliui; llic aliovo fninily, I mil iiKlrlilcil 

to JiisKCll Dnw, I%Q. nf llanii.lnn, « Im U vory exact in llic-i; 

iniincr*, anil wlin has iniirli griiral">;ii al ilifiirnialiiin re^pcciiMg 

early llaniplnii IliniiUca. 


JANR' (21.) wlio m. Jolm Slicvlmrno. Imd, 
(iri) 1. Sah.mi.'I) 8 July, ITIS, m. Josopli Frcoso, 20 jrnrrl], 

(47) II. .Mu!<: vuKT,'^ Ii. ^',1 Jiiiio, 1718, in. llunry J)o;irli()ni, H) 
.laimaiy, 17.'ti<. 

(.(8) Tir. Samiki./' I). 7 Oct. 1720, m.I.yilia Mai-?ton, 27 July, Ul'l. 

(■t!l) IV. .Idiis,"' li. 2 Kcliniaiy, 172.!. 

(.'i(l) V. .I\Mv"' li. 22 Novcmlirr. 1728. 

(r>l) \1. Mmiv,M>. l.i A|iril. 17.!I. 

(.■>2) VU. Ki.izvr.inii,"' !i. 1.) Xoviinlii-i-, 17.34. 
KMZ.MU'n'lI.' (21;.) will) 111. Jfi-oiiiiali I'a<;o, liad, 

(.'i.')) 1. SAiiMi..'MM)rn ri Marcli, 17.')2. 

(.•)!) II. TiiK.n.ATr.,'' h. 21 Oct. I7.i;i, 111. IMoiris Jliilil..?, 2."i May, 
1 7.''.2. 

(.">."!) III. I'',i,i/aiu;tii,'' Ldrii 11 Anijiist, 17.1."). 

(.'.1')) I\'. 'I'AHnii \;'' l«vin 8 .May, 17.'i7. 

(.'■)7) V. Ji;i;i:mi \ii,'' I,(ini I'.l Mai-di, 17.">!l. 

(.'■>8) \'l. Aiii'^Aii.,'' liorii 2.'! .laiiiiary, 1741. 

(.V.I) VII. AiiliAiiAM." I'oni 2.1 .Iniiii.Try, l"4.'i. 
AI'.KAIIAM.' (28.)..f N. Ilainipl.m,w!i(.ni. ls(, Al.i.-ail Weaic, lia.l, 

(no) I. AVICAIJIO,''' Impli/crl 17 Doc. I7.);i. in. Ann 
(l;iO) sclllcrl ill Kllin^liam, X. II., wlioii: lie il. 18:;0. .-c. 

81. Tlicrc arc llioso yet liviiifi; wlio well vonionilprr, 
and I'lindly clici'isli llic nicimiry of lliis ;;cnlloiiniii, and 
will) ;;lvc liini an excellent eliaraclei'. In lii.s liillcr 
years lie. wa-; very ileaf. nnd was iili'it;ed lo cai'i'y iilicuit 
witli liiin a s|icaUiii^-li-iiiii|ict. Tlic l!i:v. Mii. Fhum-ii 
of Nciitli Ilani|itiin infonneil nie, in a, late visit lo Ids 
liosiiilahic niaii-Idii. tliat tlie ]iorlniil of llie IJev. 
Tlioiniis Sio/I, wliieli acectiniianles liis nieinoiis, Av.'is a 
sulking likeiic-s of Mit. lliiviii;. who. in liis old a'^c, 
wore a sort of liirlian aluiiit liis lu-ad, ns tlie porlniit 
re|iieseiUs Srnll to liave done, lie .sci'vcd in llie 
revolution, but liow Ion;; I have not learned. 

(01 ) ir. A P. If! A 1 1.,," II. 2 I let. 17411, d. 24 Nov. I7fiO, a;. 20. 

((■)2) 111. IMAKV,'' iLtptized 20 Noveinlier, 1744. 

((■..!) IV. AliKAIlAM.'Mi. 14 Fell. 1747, 111. Mary .leinies^, d. 11 
(135) ^l^iyi 1810. lie was well known as ("ounf.t Diiam;. 

She was I). 5 Mar. 1747, d. 8 Keli. ISl.l, iv. Gfi. 


dhakf, family history. 


(04) V. 



nSG, m. Simon Lruvilt, d. 23 Jnn. 

SAKATl « h. 
18(12, m. 40. 
VI. JONATHAN," h. 1.5 IT.'iH, m. S.inih Wfinl "f 
' Hampton, 12 Vcb. 17fi2,sctlW at BiciiVftst Hill in 
Hyp, where lie is yet living in the enjoyment of lii'^ 
fiiinltic?, in 88th year. He neennipanied liis fnlhei- 
in most of his rcvohitionary eN|>o.titions ; was at the 
.Mm-eiwlci- of lim-oyne, and attended on various o<ea- 
Hions of ahinn. His reeolleetion is Mill (Nov. 184.'.,) 
vefv i>ei*et of tli« Iraiisiietloiis of lliose limes. His 
wife was h. 12 Feb. 1702, d. .11 Dee. 1822, >v. 00. 
(00) Yll. N.VTHANIKI.,"!.. .'b Feh. 1700, m. Kli/.aheth .lenness-, 
( ir,l ) wlio was 1). 27 April, 1 701 , and is yet living;. He d. :< 

Xov. 1828, .T. 0a.'!-4 years. 

(07) VIU. A15Ii;AII/'1.. " ni. IVter Jenness of live, 
20 Dee. 1782. 

(08) J.K. THKODATIC," liaptiml 8 Junnary, 170:t, m. Lieut. 

Jn.iathan Hohlis. 

,/ SAMUF.L,'' (2;).) who m. Ksther Hol.l>s. hud, 

cV ./"l ,,.,.. r XUKODATI'V'I). 8 .January, 1744, m. Samnel r.nse 

of Hamilton, d. 13 .Tidy, 1770. 
EI-IZAUKTH," h. 2G Nov. 1745, in. 1st, -Tolm Fops of 
Hampton, 2dly .Toseph Kawlins of Kxet.-r, II Aug. 
1703. d. 183.'). 
MARY,"!.. 20 Xov. 1747, m. Stei.heu Collin of Hamp- 
ton ' d. 1821. 
KS'l'lIKl!," 1.. 2',), 174'.., died immedinlely. 
B.\MIJKI.," 1>. 3 AnnMst, 17r.l, m. Mary .(eiiness, d. 10 

Sept. 1812, ie. 01. She d. . 3 .Ian. 1822. 
.TOHN," 4 Oct. I7.">3, m. llnhlah Lane, 7 .Inly, 1780, 
settled hi Kflin;;ham, where he d. 1 842, a:. 8'.l. She 
d. 18-10, le. 81. 
ESTIHCU.'M.. 20 .(an. 17.".0, ni. Uenjaniin Dearhorn, 
settled in KthnKliam, d. 18.31. 
(TO) Vlll. SAHAH,''h. 2.5,Inly, 17.'-.'.t. m. .Tames Hohbs of lOlling- 

ham, 2.'. t'eh. 17110, d. 1842. 
(77) IX A151UAIL,"!). 3 An-. 1701, m. .Tolm .lenness, (1 STar. 
1787, settled in rittsfield, N. II. They had eliildren, 
Samuel, John .and Al.i;,'ail. 

(71) 111. 

(72) IV. 

(73) V. 

(74) VI. 

(7.-.) A'll. 



(;;.) It. 
(so) iir. 

(Kl) IV. 

(.'^4) II. 

(M) iir. 

{HI-,} IV. 

(S7) V. 

(SS) VI. 


S.MiAll,' {.10.) wlio m. Samuel Itiitclioldcr, Imd, (lliniish pcrli.'i]is 
not ill tlic Older I liivvc ;;iven tliem, and tlioro may have liecn otlicis,) 

(".'<) 1. Sami'ici.," wlio settled in Niirlliivnod, N. IT. 

IscKi: vsi:," who settled in the same town. 
.lovATiiAN," who also went to Noithwood. 


Aiimii.vM,'"' who .settled in Northwood. lie lind an 
impeiliment in his speech. 
M.VUV."' (31,) who in. Klislia Marston, had, 
(S.T) I. I' Smitii,'^ liorn 9 Se|iteml)er, I74G. 
Alilii.vil.," Iidin afi Navemlicr, 1747. 
Kijsii.v Siinii," lioin '29 .Taniiaiy, 17.')0. 
.los-MfiAX," hum 14 Dcecmlicr, 1752. 
M.Mtv," lioni 2 An;;iist, \'M. 
Joirx,'' li. 17 ,)aiiii:iiT, 17.57. 

SfjUOUt* (.-U.) whoin.Jt.DiTii IV.UKiNs, had, 
(89) I. JAMKS,'' h. 14 Nov. 1755. in. Hannah Waid of Ilanip- 
Ion, (.tister of the wife of his cousin (115.) .Iona- 
TiiAN.) 17 l>ee. 1781. She was 1.. .11 Oet, 17r,;!, nn<l 
is still living' in I'ittslield, N. II. lie d. 20 Feh 
18:!4, n: 7S. 

He eoinmcnecd making a farm in I'ittsfield a 
slinil. time liefoic his maiiia^e ; in which low n he 
was always one of the most prominent inliahitaiits, 
anil eventually liecame the owner of several ^rnod 
farms, all of which he aeciiiireil liy his fri-fjit indus- 
try and economy, ilis physical alulily has prohaMy 
selilom heen eipialled, and hence he was ahic to en- 
counter the most extreme fati;^ue with l>ul .sli;;lit 
inconvenience. He loiifj represented the town in 
the U'ljislatnre of llic State withrcpiihition; and for 
intejirity in nil his denlinf;s, none could claim a 
hi;;hcr place. lie was early attached to military 
all'airs, and anion-; the first to shoulder his gun in 
the revolution, lli(iu<;h then only in his 20tli year. 
After the war he was major of a regiment of militia, 
and was highly resiiceled hy nil who knew him. 










II,. ,v«s of the m-Mk s.auuc, of fme n^'.n<;, 
1,,,M rouna; andin Kl,o,t, of In. 
,,c.-.on, tlrit of S... 1.-UVNC.3 P.IUU.; W0..1.1 U- Hi- 

most pc.-f.--l when npi'Iied to l...n. 

MARY,' 1.. «0 AU.U.., 17r,7, ,n. 1 ros.oU of 
Km<ins,N. 11., settled in I'ittsfKld. Sl,c ... 20 May. 
1S29. lied. 4. Tilly, ISIS- 
m A1M5.M1AM," 1.. 20 July, 17.^0, ,n. Smal, of 
r,,„in.^ .so.tlod m Vittslield, .he-e he was ace.dent- 

,„y a.tonlion >v«s called by n,y <"7''' i " ' 
'l-LuNTON Ks.,.-tl.c ,nolnn.l.»ly acodc... .. th , 
,: " M.nMo,,day,.l,e20,huU.,, 

f.,llin..- t,TC.s a li-nl. u..fov.u.mtely loll o., Ins he.ul 
„'„d ,mt an end to his life.' The t«-o c, .n th.s 
lice a,c, .ha. Monday does .ot fall o...e 2 

nnd he was killed on Tuesday, .vlnch was the 22d 
lie was at work alone, fl..d not ret-unnnj; l.oine as 
;i,,...a,ehwasn,adefo..hi,n,andl.ew«.s o,,.u 

,vhere he fell, a.ul Iron. a,M.ea.anees k.,ew not that 

he was Inn-t. , , ,» .- 


Simeon," (n.y fatheO 1.. ir. .Inne, ntU, .n. 
t'L M. d,:. of U.V. .Ion. T.,c,u. .^ M.s.n.. 
N. 1 1, KiVeh. 1794, who wash. 2:1 Sept !,«». "'^ 
.1. .^l -Ian. 1M4, .e.G9 years 7 n.on.hs. Shed... 

A n-nsl, 1 8:17, a\l'.9, nearly. 

Tl,..v se.,U.d tirslly in Vittslield, K 11., whne 

„,ev„;adeafannontofaro..,hwilden.esson he 
casii.ankofSu.n.ooU.ive,-,a.nileandn.orehe w 
Cam's Mills. I, was a ...ost solitary .e.reat, and 
children except .he yonn,es,,(19f.)we.-eho,n. 1 ar 
f,™n the pnhhcoad and nci.hh,a-s, yet .here p,ol ■ 
portion of their days. They settled ... 



8(atc, whore llicy I'otli <lic<l, nnil liolli ropnsc 
tot;otticr, in the north hnr)'ing-^'ruiin(l ; ncnv the 
rcinnins of my early friend John 

SiMKON DiiAKE, uiihke all liis brollicrs, was of 
a slender constitution, and cnrly abandoned liis 
farm, and went into trade, in wliich lie was unsuc- 
cessful; owing partly to the cniliarso of ISO", and 
more perhaps to a want of a knowledge in the ' mys- 
teries of trade.' If henevolcnro he a fault, then this 
whole family of hrolhcrs were all fatdly in no slight 
dep'ce; and the lionevolencc of Simkon fo far 
outwent his discretion, that he involved himself to 
benefit others. This with the ' change of limes,' 
brought ruin in their train, from the effects of which 
lie never recovered. 

There are no ])aintings of portraits of any of the 
hrothers of this family of which I am aware, and it 
maybe gratifying to some of the descendants of 
Mit. Simeon Dhakt. to know, that some of the 
engraved jiorlraits of the Jtci'. Philip Dothhiili^c 
aiii'ro.ich tolerably near to a gooil likeness of him. 

Mii9. Dkakk was descended, on her father's side, 
from the ancient family of Tit'kk of Gorhton, 
county of Suffolk, England. ]{onKRT Tiicit^; of 
that place having eomo to New ICngliind before 
1C..3G, orin that year; was among the first juiipri- 
ctors of Hampton, N. H. He had a son John, who 
d. in 1742, K. OO, who had a son John, a graduate 
of Harvard rollcgc, 172.), and 40 years minister of 
fiosport, N. H., who d. in 177.1, a'. 71 ; whose S(m 
John, (her father.) grad. H. C, )7.'")8, minister of 
Epsom, N. H. till the commencement of the revolu- 
tion, when he received the appointment of chaplain 
to the nnny ; and while ]«occcding to join liis reg- 
iment at Pcekskill on the North Uiver, was siezed 
with the iimall-]]ox, which terminated his life in the 
town of Salem, N. Y., 9 Feb. 1777, in the 37th year 
of his age. 

»^^7>>«*^ lft^T«A4«h'~«A 


She was (Icsrciulcd on the snmc m<U' horn Un it 
AUdDoi.k of NcNvlmrv.aiKl Mourns 1I..i.i.s,»1m. ..f 
Nowlmiy- <'" '""■ "'"'l"''* •"'''« "'"" ""' ■''^'■'■"""'''' 
fioni .losniMl I'AlisoNS of SprinpfioUl, Mnss., Ill N- 
nv AivAMS of lin.inlroo, (lirr grnnil-niollicr l.iiiis,' 
cnu'in to llic rcvoliilioniiry pntiiot, GOVEiiNOn 
Samiiki. Adams of IloMon.) Hkv. Wim.iam 
TiioMi-sON of nininlnc, iiii>\ ollicia well known in 
(tiir riifl}' liiclovy, 
(94) VI. DAVID," 1). 14 April. ITC.H, ni. Klw.da IVikins of 
(Iflf.) I'iltstielcl, (1. 10 Mar. IK-IT. She «as h. l-l Aniiust 

1776, <1. 7 Nov. 18.17, a-. «1. He was a j;(i.tliinaii 
of "rcat worth and ro><p(<taliility. 
(OS) Vn. TIIKODATK.'M,. 21 Apiil, 1770,m. SamncnVikii.s 
(201) I'a-c of Hampton, (her roiisin.) .wn of Sainii.'l 

(09?) She il. I f. I'V'h., 1H:(8 ; he (1. 2;i Oct. 184.1, :v. 
75. They settled in Shnpleif;h, Me. 
(96) VIII SARAH," 1). 27 Sept. 1772, m. Col. Danif.i. I'm mih, 
(207) KRQ. of EppinK, N. It., 18 Dee. 1794, who was son 

of Samiiei. I'ltimeu of the same phiee, who eaine 
oririnallv from Newhiiiy, where he was lann 14 
Jan. 1721-2, d. in Kppin;;, 14 Mareh 1 80;t, le. 8 1 . 
HoN.Wii.i-iAM l', former governor of N. II. 
h. Sir. .Itme, !7Mi, (sii" liv'"i:.) i< "li"' '"" '""■ 

Ooi,. l)ANIi-.i. ri.iniEit was 1). 18 .June, 1770. 
(97) IX. SAMUEL," b. 11 July, 1774, in. Sahaii I"i«>sr of 
(2U) Andovcr, Mass. d. 27 June, 184r,, »■. 71, nearly. 

lie possessed the paternal estate in Kppin^', hut a 
few years before his death he i-cmoved to Newlmiy- 
port, where several of his ehildreii resided, at whiih 
plaec lie died, as before noted. He was the last 
survivor of this family of six hrolhers. A strikin- 
likeness of him, at 6.^ may be seen in thai of a 
lithooraphic print of Dr. Aulhamcl Vrccmnr, a. eom- 
panj^ng the Ameriran Medical Rio-raphy by Dr. 
Jnmcs Tliaehcr. 
(98) X. BETSY," bom 5 September, 1777, unmarried. .She 
resides with her sister IMumer. 




Edgcrly, Iind (tlic following 

THOMAS," (3R,) who m. 2<ily, 
oliildrcn, nil liorn in K|i]iing,*j 

(;)'.)) I. AIUC.Air.," li. m Siinuial ]')iivis of Oliirlics- 

tcr, (1 Oft. 1819. TIrj- JKi'l lint one cliild, Han- 
nah, who m. John Jones of ihc s.imc town. 

(100) 11. JOSIAH," b. 22 July, 17G2, m. Isl, Hcpzilmh Mimlen 
(2^3) of Ivpsom, who d. 31 Au^. ISO.-); 2(lly, Molly 

Winslow. He (1. 8 An^'t. 18.32, x 70. 

(101) III. ELll'HAI,KT,"li. 18 Sept 17i;.'i, m. Jndilh Shmiels 
(251) of Cliiehcstcr, 1788, d. 3 July, IS.l'J. She was h. 18 

Fell. 17r)9. 

(102) IV. AI$KAnAM,'"'b. 1708, m. Lydia How, settled in 

Kew Hampton, N.H, where he d. 18Fcl>. I84.'!,.t.75. 

(103) V. DANIEL,'' 1). 17 July, 1769, m. Susannah Staniels 

of Cliiehester, d. 3 Mar. 1837, had no children. 

(104) VI. NANCV,''1>. 1771, m. Jacob Staniels of Chiches- 

ter, d. 7 Oct. 1818, n?. 47. 
(1(10) VII. SALLY," b. 7 June, 1775, m. Josiah Shaw of Chi- 

fOllKHT,'' (31;,) who in. Elizabeth Pearbom, had, 
I. SAIJAH,'' baptized 12 Oilolier, 1740. 

H. TH()liy\S,'' bapli/ed 18 April, 1742. 

III. JAM';," ba)>lized 7 Ajiril, 174.'-.. 

IV. JOHN,'' baptized IG Orlolur, 1748. 

V. JOSIAlI,''baplized 20 Jnlv, 17.W. ) ... • 

VI. KOin';UT,''baplized26 Annust, 1750. S ^"'"'• 

(112) VII. SAKAll," bajitized 11 August, 1754. 

(1 i;i) VIII. A1U(;AIL." baptized 4 December, 1757. 

As ill lliir last family, so in tlii.**, llicrc may be several 
iimceiiinri*"'*. 1 derive my iiifiirniatidii from the llniniitnn 
OiureU Ileconls, in wliicli 1 observe iiirnnsiiienries, and 
1 know of no deseelidaiu of llie foinily wlnun I ini;^h( lax 
Willi furnishing oilier facis. 

NATHANIEL, ■■ (37,) who m. .\liigail , had, 

(114> I JOHN," linptized Hl.lannaiy, I74G. 

(115) IL EPIIRAIM," bapt. 10 Apl. 1748, was a soldier of tlic 

• 'I'hrouphoni lhi< nn'lnoir. in (reiiernl, where llic Hate is nol designaled in 
wliii-h n town id siitmied, New tlmnp.'iliirc is 10 be ilnderAlood. 




(IK.) Ill- 

(117) IV. 

(118) V. 
(110) VI 

rcvolntidn, settled in Tnftonboron-li, N, II , wlierc 
lie (I. ill 1844, nt the j^rriit a^c of 96 years. 

AIUGAU,,'"' tiai>lizc<l r> July, IT.W. 

AISIiAllAM," baptized 29 OrtoLcr, 17r.2. 

JANF,," lMi|> 9 Novemlier, I7.5.'>. 

BPyi'IUAIl,'' Imptized 17 September, 17r>8. 

TOUN" (42.) "Iiii "1- ' ,„ , 

(120) 'l. KM/AUKTIi;' b.n, July, 177.1, m. Jonntbnn Fowle 

of Norib Ilmniilnn. 
IIA>iNAll:" b 7 July, )77r., m. Amos To»le of Nrntb 

lliiuipton. noth still survive. 
AUKiAIL," b. 4 July, 1777, m. DudUy l-nnip>'y, 
and is ret living in Hampton. 
(f.l) IV. l{()15r,RT,M...'?l July, 1779, m. lUnkc, d. 

( 1 2+ ) V. JO 1 '>■'." ("" '" "•' l^"'""!"'') •''<■'' '" '"•"''"'T- 





KOnEUT," (4-1,) wlio m. Zipimrali Towle, bad. 





SAIXY," b. 

ELIZABETH,''' 1). 
])( )I,T,Y," b. 

m. Levi Brown of H. Enlls- 

m. Mnry Godfrey of N. 

WEAHE," (60.) wbn ni. Ann 

m. Zillab T.aylor of Hampton, 
unm. still livin;;. 
m. Israel Henderson. 
m. Amos Knowles of Hiimplon. 
J(')SErH,' l.apt. 11 Oet. 1761, m. Lney, 
ABIGAIL.' 1'6^. 

JOHN,? bnpt. l.-i Nov. 1768. m. Mary Leavitt. 
JVIAKY,' baptized 12 August, 1770. 

"WEARK," , ^ 

.I„„N DUAKK, i;«Q. i-m) of l.•,mn^l,l.n,, N. ll , l.n. far- 
ni«lic,l li.p will, .111 of lliU f..liiily,l.m U"! a "''i \""- 
licalnr cnc ; t" Ha: 'lefcruve in.-ia..rna(l.. la^ 
w-n. ul.lii;.-'! lo raak<: use of. Me m.-alinnH ch-l" '■lal<l..-a, 
1)111 raninornli-s vinf. lie il"e» aol m™ii..rl n «.ai ^^■^.An^^ 
tjiu hn» ABKAMAM nnil Kuzaoi-.tu. Ti. Akiuuam he 
pivcs Ihc .snine year of l.irlli as lo JoUN. This, ll .omrl, 
sln.W3 lliry wrrc twins. 

ARRAIIAM," (6;),) wbo m Mary Jenness, bad, 

(136) L SAMUEL,' b 27 Novembir, 1767. 

(137) II. MERCY,' b. 11 May, 1760, d. 8 Kebniaiy, 1813. 








TIII';f)l)ATK,' l>. 7 June. 1772.(1. 1.1 Fclirunry, 1807. 

(1 •■!'.!) 


S.VllAM.' 1). 7 Fcltninry, 177.5, unmarried. 



IMAUV," li. 19 SoptcinlKT, 1778, d. 24 May, 182.'>. 



AIUCAII.,' 1). 8 Oct. 17W), ni. Froze Dearborn of 
Kxctor. N. II. 



AliliAIIAM,' li. 1 May, 17M, unniarrifd. 



rifANCIS,' 1>.9 Sept. 178.5, m. M-vny DnAKi: (154,) 
liis cousin, il. 19 June, 1843, leaving sons, AnnAilAM, 
and NATiiANiri.. 


■^■JONATHAN." (6r),) wlio ID. Snrnli Wiml of Hnniptoii, lind, | 



HANNAH,' 1>. If. SoplcniLcr, 1783. 



AMKAHAM,' 1.. Ill Mar. 17SC., d. 10 June, 182.5. 



SAIIAII,' 1>. 25, Inly, 1789. 



TIIKODATIvIiorn 15 April, 1792. 



ANNA,' 1.. 25 Juno. 1796, d. 25 Mardi, 179S. 



JONATHAN.' 1>. 18 May, 1798. il. 20 .Inn. 18.33. 



COTTON WAUIV 1). 28 May, 1801, m. Marilia 


I'arsoiH of Kyc, N. 11., 14 July, 1822. She is 
descended from Jo.SErii Parsons of .Springfield, 

Mass. See (93.) 



JOHN,' 11. 1 Nov. 1803, m. Anna S. Parsons of \\\<:, 
sister of Martha, (150,) 22 Nov. 1822. 

XATIIANIKL," (r,f.,) wlin m. Elizftl)Ptli Jciimoss, liad, | 

(I. ',2) 


ItKTSKV.' 1..3I May, 17.'<5, m. John Leavitt. 



AKKiAII.,' h. 28 April, 1787, m. Ji.«l,ua licrry. 



MAKV,' h. 22 July, 1790, in. deacon Fhancis Duakb, 
(143,) lior cousin. 



S.\MUKT.,' 1>. I May, 1793, m. Mehitalilc Piokcrinjf, 1 
Fill. 1818. d. .3 Nov. 1835, a'. 42. His widow, Miis. 
Mkiiitaih.k DnAKK, resides in the old montion 
l.uilt hy Cm,. Drakk, (28.) 



XATHANIKIi,' 1). 4 August, 1797, d. 24 Apl. 182.3. 



ICMILY,' h. 2fi AuR. 1800, ni. Comet Simon iJro«ii. 


(73,) who m. Mary .Ionncss,lmd, 



AlJHAHAM.'h. 29 Mar. 1783, unm. resides on the 
estate wliioli had desrcnded in the name for six 
conernlions. See (4.) 

(1 •■'!•) 


AllHiAn,,' h. 4 Sept. 1784, m. Moses rtatclioldor. 



THEODATK,' b. 31 Oct. 1786, m. Joseph Jcnness. 





IV. MAUY,' li. 20 Scptomlicr, ITHK, mininrric'l. 
V.' SAMUKL/b. 24 Sq.t. 17!>(), m. Kli/.;il" lli, ilini. of 
C.i|>t..To>lin.i I'.criv "C ritts(ic-l(l, N. II. 
(16.1) VI. KIU;.VK//,Kli TIIAVIOK,- 1. 2 .Sept. I T'.fi, m. Al.i^n.l, 
dau. of Tl.oma.s Hcny, sctllr.l in ritl^lirM, <\. a.-i 
An-. IMtl. 
(ir,4) VII. KUZAUKTII,- I.. I2,Inn. 1795, m. Thonmo lUnwn. 

of IIi\niplon Fulls. 
(IGf.) Vlir. SAKAII/ 1>.;U .iMiinniy, IT'.i!^. iinmani.-.I. 
.lAMKS'i (89^) ,vl,o 111. Ilmin:ili Wiir.l ..f ll.itiiplon, liml, 
(16G) I. COTTON WAUD/K 1-1 .Inly, 17.-.1, m. l'""'"^'' 

IWiTv (if VillMii'lil, liis roiisiii; rcsiil.s in I'lllsln la. 
SAM-V; 1i. 7 AiiK. \-»:h m..l<-lni Urny. l !>''• l*"''^- 
I'OI-IA,' 1.. l'.> •I'liK', '""' '"• W.iU.r niiiii.l, 17 

Nov. ISOS, scltlrd in I5i>»', N. 11. 
HANNAH.' h 12 Mill-. 17H;i. in. .liini'"^ t'.ilc, 17 Nov. 

1K()8, si'tlU'il in rills(ii.'lil. 
JLiDri'lP li. 12 Mm-. I7ill. 111. IVHr Ilod-ilon, 1'i 
Mnr. lHir>. Srlllr.l in I-.mvll. Uv .1.2.-.(Vl. IHHS. 
liACIlKU' li. 2.! .lunc, 17'.i:i, ni. IM, .I.iinis Kelly, 

TIIKOOATK.' li.2(),ynnc. 17'.t.-i. m. TlioiniH Hmifi^ 
:i Kcli. I817,scttloil in ritl>fii'Ul. H' ■'• 
Icnviiif; oiio son (.'litivlcs. 
Vin. SIMON,^ li. fi Mm-. I'-"'. '»• i^'""'' "''''''■'■■ "''■ '"-■'' 
Sicltlcd ill (Venire lluilior. N. II. 
DKIiOliAll,' li. 2'-! M'"-- "■'■'> "' ^'""''' ^"'" "^ 

rillsliold, Nov. 1«2'.>, solllcd in Mollis, Me. 
JIKTSmV 1). 21 .Inly, 1W>2, 111. Will. KnowUon, of 

Vitt.s.icld, Oct. I82'.t. 
.TAMKS,'li. 2<.t.Iunc, IKd.'i, ni. S.initi Scmw, VA Anp;. 

1H.14, oc.'iipies llni imU'rnM cstnlo in rillsiiild. 
NOAH WAKl),' l>.29 .Inly, 1 Sim, m. Maiy K. HutHi- 
elder, ,') June, 1M4. 
MAUY" (90.) who m. Samuel I'nseott of I'ilt-fi.ld, li.i.l, 
(17S) I. SAl.n-,'li. 17, Inn 1779, in..Iolin Kalon of rni^deld, 

d. in eliildlied. i-t Aiifriist, 17^0. 
(179) II. JosiAU,' li. 31 July, 17WI, ni. Al.i-ail IVseolt of 


(lfi7) II. 

(IfiH) III. 

(1G9) IV. 

(170) V. 

(171) VI. 

(172) VII. 


(171) IX. 

(175) X. 

(176) XI. 

(177) XII. 























(180) HI. Hannah,' 1>. 8 Ainil, 1782, m. Ehcnczcr Rcrry of 

Viltsfiold. lied. 
Lr.Mr,' h. ."i Dec 1784, m. James I.nnc of I'ilfsfi.Id. 
Raaiuki, Wasiiixotos,'^ li. 4 Aii;;nHt, 1780, iii. Tolly 

liiDWn of Tiltsliclil, d. 20 May, 18.1;|. 
I'oi.i.Y,' I). 2fi July, 1788, unman ic<l. 
Ann IS,' 1). 1 .Iidy, 1790, m.. lames 'Piling of Hientwood. 
TiiKOiiATi-;,' 1). 11 Apl. 1792, in. .1. I'ahsons I.,iniiv, 

Esg. of I'ittsfield, a ijcnlteman lii;;ldy respeelcd. A 

hettcr likeness of him eonid prolial)ly not l>c made 

tlian that of tlic Tin'. John Tliornlon of Knijlanil. 
Matiloa,' li. .1 May, 1794, ni. Samuel lirown of 

John,' li. 29 Keli. 1790, hi. Mary, dan. Theodore 

Clarke of Pills(ield 18.17. 

AnnvMAM,' h. 7 Miueli, 1797, m. Alii};all Maisli of 

(^uiiiey, Mass , 1 May, 1 825 ; resides in Qnincy, Mass. 
Sai.i.y,' 1>. 19 Oct. 1800, m. Thomas iSwett, Jr. of 

ARKAUAM," (91.) who m. ,S;irah Unndlclt, had, 

(190) I. AHliAIIAM,' 1.. 20 May, 1790, m. Hannah Miirslmll, 
(217) .■•. Mareh, 1810. 

(191) ir. .SAM,Y,'I>. m. Uev. lieuhen Swain 

of IJrcnIivood, settled finally in Cliiclicster. 

SllUtOUt" (5.1,) wlio m. Iaive MixiiAMoni', Tikke, had, 

(192) I. JOIIX TUCKK,' h. 29 Dec. 1794, m. Olcvia Eliza 

Sloeum, of Troy, N V., 25 Eeh. 1828, d. ill N. Or- 
leans of a (piiek eonsumplion, 12 Veh. 18.30, ir. Xt\ 
"■ leaving a son, John," h 10 Se]>t. 1829, who d. 20 

Mairh, 18.10, re. months. 

Of tliis lamented liicither I have not rooin to speak 
• ft.s his memory deserves, or duty of nic requires, (u' 

as my feelings dielatc. Under great dls^idvantages 
lie aequired an excellent education, went pennyless 
into the woHd, and by his industry, integrity and 
economy, acquired a competent estate ; was most 
dniiful to his parents, and nt no time was he un- 
mindful of their necessities. From a counting- 


l,„„sc ill Hoston, 1.0 wont t.. WMmoyr in l'<n, 
^■l.crc, not sno-nlin;; i" businr.. to his wisIm-s, 1,. 
,voMl to fin.i„n..ti, OlMo, .."'I tl.c.o ...Itlnl an.l 
m.rncl. His ,„Tnmlurc <Ic»tl. was a blow of M,. 
greatest severity to parent., ..nd nil Ins n-Utnos. 
Jn their l.erenven.ent nil wl,o knew bin, -lee,, y 
Bvmpatl.i7,e,l. There arc r"''™i'« ^^'»"' " "'" 
Celebrate,! navigator, Cpt. Jnmc, Coolc, re- 
scnbic Inn, in a ren.arkabh. .1, ■^^,■ec. His "mIow n,. 
2(llv David Sironp; of ("ineinnnti. 
(lO.-,) H. MAUIA I'AUSONS/ b. 2 Dee. ITOf,, n, Tren, > 
' ' Sn,i.h of (iibnantown, N.H, I'i Se,.., 18. , wen. o 

Cineinnati in IMO, where she still ves.des. S he 
,,n, one ebihl, Maui V T-onisv," b. 2r, >eb. 1H-... 

(.04) III. Samuel a^nxXimv; (-y-iq .>. .. 


Oetober, I798,m. Lor..SA K..MKSof Mi.l.lleb,.r.,n.h, 

Mass., 12 April, 1S2.5, who was b. 22 Apnl, IHO... 

She i.^ (leseen.led, on her father's side, fron, 1 "- 

dolphns Eln.os, who .-ntnc fron. S..dh,.ry.n Snlb-lk, 

Knglnnd. in ir.:!.\ nl whieh lin.e he was Imt 1.. 

years of age. ( »n the side she eo.n.s f.on, 

the aneicnt family of Leonard, eaily se.lh.d in 

riyn.onlh colony. Her molher was ('....ok, .h.u. 

of V..I..I1', son of ,fo«.;ni l-v-oNAi.t, of 'Pa.inton, 

b. 2:, April, 1 758, d. 5 .Inly, 1»43. a: 85. Her 

1,,„,,, K,.n.nA,,..vr K.mkb, b. 14 Pee. 175.1.a 

of the revoU.tion, d. 4 A..t'"st, 1830, .e. 77, ..ea.-ly. 

His falbei-, Ki.KANA.r, was a ln.!;e piopnelor ot 

lands in IMiddh^horon^'li. 

TOSIAII' b. l.T Ma.Th, 1804, m. C'atha.ine Isii^ler, 

' of Ci.iri,Mmti,t>bip, 24 A,nil,18;i;i,M'tll"l ■>•'<''"■ 

oinnati. whither he went fn-st in 1828. 
IIAUTUKT I'.IdZA,' Noithwood, 10 Dee. 181.., 
went to Cineinnati in 18.12, ni. Sam.iki. W.l' 
of that eitv.l!), 18;ir.. The,e is a port.-n.t ... 
one of tl.; K.,plish ,mn..als, (I thi.,k Heath s of 
18.111.) a Kood lik,-..ess of her when nt the age of 18. 
DAVID," (94,) who m. Khoda Perkins, had. 

(1!I5) IV, 

(inn) V. 





I'F.HKIXS,' h. 21 Oct. 1708, m. Small Knnar of 


(iilfiml, N. 11., 15()i't. 1822. 



SIMON,' li. 2r) Sept. 1800, iii. Sarali Ann Sonter of 


Snitpi- llailior. 



.lOXA'l'lIAN',' 1). 22 Jan. 1804, m. Iktscy Leonard of 
A[i(ldlel)or<)np:h, Ma8S., I2l'VI>. I8;n. 



l)A\'lI),n). 4 Aug. 1807, selllcd in Illinois, where 



lie in. 
AUK AIIAM,' 1>. 2 Jan. 1811, went to Illinois. 

TIIKdDATK,'' ('.).".,) who m. Samuel Tcrkins raRc, had, | 



Uktsv DllAKi:,' 1). 180.1, d. Oct. 1820, K. 17. 



Samuel,' li. .1 Aiiiil, 1805, m. Laura Jane Trnflon, 
18,14, went to Illinois. 



TiiKfiiHTK Draki.;," 1). 28 Mardi, 1807, m. SAMiiF.t, 
C. Adams, Ks(j. Oet. 1 8.1.1, sittlcd in Ncwficlds, 
Mc. Mu. Adams is gicat ;rraiid-son of Mattiikw 
Adam.s of IJostou, an early IViond of the iinmoiial 




Saiiah ri.iTMKn,' Ii. .Tilly, 1809. 



Simon I'khkins,'' li. Manh, 1811. 



Nancv Jknnicss,' h. W.iy 1813, ni. Rev. Charles 
Dame, of Ivilinoulh, Me. 


9(1,) who lu. ('(il. Daniel I'lunier, Ksii-, had. 



1).vvid Doi.k," li. 24 Ajn'il, 1795, nuuiarried. 



AniJAiiAM,' 1). 21 Sept. 179f., ni. Sidly Cilly of Not- 
liii;,'liain, resides on the faun first improved by his 
Kraudfalhcr (.14.) Drake in l'",ppins. 



Samiihi,,'' h. 20 .liily, 1801), m. Kliza Martin. 



Daniel,' h. 12 Noveiiilier, 1802. 


" (97,) who m. Sarah ]''rost of Andovcr, lind, 



SIMON I'KliKINS,' h. If. Dec. 180.1, m. 1st, AdaHnc 
Shaw; 2dly, Martha A. Howe. lie sctdeil in Ncw- 
Iiniypoit, d. 1 .lime, 1840. His wife Adalinc, d. 1 
Jlnr. 1818. 



WILLIAM FROST,' l).15 Apl. 1H07, in., Susan- 
nah Cole. 



SAKAU Ilof/IVI). 18 June, 1808, m. Rev. Jaeoh 




MAUV WINGATE,' 25 Dcecmher, 1810. ' 

(^21) IV. 
(222) V. 


" ' A,n.:vn,. .1.... .,f Cotton W. Dhakk. (H.r,,) In, 

ronsin iiiotc, M'lllo.l in I'illsficld. 
(.M7) VI. K()I51.;iiT K NDICOTT,' 1.. 1 I'VLi-ua-T, »»!!"• 
AlM^\IIAM7(190,)«l,om.ll:nnn,hMnrsl".ll,l.«S , 

(218) I. CAKOI.INR KLl/.A15i;TH,«t>. 12 Sept. lfir.,.l. 2, 

Nov. 1818. - T, . T 

(210) II. WIIJ-IAM IIENKY.M.. 4 Dec 181 -, m. Het..y I. 

(.«„) III. GKOkTjK WAS1IIN'«;T(.N,^ l.. l A,.ril, 1819, (to 
,v! 1 am in.ld.toil for tins ivioid.) 

cAitor.iNR KLizAiurni," i.. 20 Soi.t. 1820, m. 

Jolm n. f'litlor 
SAKAII KUNDI.r/l-T,"!,. .11 Mar. 1822, m. Jacol. 

C. Kaslni.nn. 

(.»■)) VI. MAIiV .TANK,," 1-. I Sranh, 182.-.. 
2:4 vil. AKUAHAM MICKK1M.« I,. 4 .Tnly, 18.11. 
(..or,) VIII. ClIAKLKH M-AV1S,«1..2'.UV1,. 18.%. 

^r,) I. MAUI A LOUISA," 1.. i" Mi.Mlcl,oroni;h, Mass., .'■. 

.T.aniinrv, 182(1. (1. 1.1 .Inly, 1828. ^ 

FHANcis SAMUKI-,«b. in K..rtlnvoo.l 22 I.I.n.- 

avv, 1828. 
JOHN KOHEin? 1>. in Uoston 18 1-el.niaiy, l.«tO. 
MAKIA L()i;iSA,« b. in Boston 2i) Dcr. 18.11, .1. nl 

Uiilli. , 

SAMUEL OAUl>NKl!,"l>i'i Boston 19 Diionilicr, 

(..U ) VI. G J)li<iK UF,1!NA1!I),« 1.. in Boston 14 A,.ril, 18.18. 

lOSIAlI' (195,) wlio ni. Catlinrino In'iihW, Ims, 

■(...v.) I ' lOLl/AUl'/rU I.< »VE,« 1.. 29 i ».lol,n-, 18.14. 

0.^.1) n. ADA I'AUUINA," 1, IBnr,. 

•>.14l ill EMMA AMELIA," 1.. 27 November, 18.18. 

V, IV. MATTHIAS iaiGLEU,«l.. 1841. 

nAUKlET ELIZA,' (190.) «l.o m. Saninol W. Tbelps, Ims, 
(210) I. MAUTII A (iALUSIIA,« b. .W Mareb, 18.17. 
inriV" (74 ) wbo ni. Unlibib Lane, ba<l, 
Jll7) I. SAMUELL* b. 1787,,,,,on, 18on 

(227) n. 

(228) III. 

(229) IV. 

(2.10) V. 

(2.11) VL 



KHKNKZKK/ h. 1 789, in. Mary Brynnl, d. In 

IH2.'), Icfmocliililmi. 
JOllNV I). 1791, m. Hulh I'.-ilincr, lins lind 8 cliil- 

di'cn. To lliis jjciitlcman I am indebted for the 

rceoril of liis family. See No. (1.35.) 
SAKAII,' I). 1792, nnmaiTied. 
AltinAI V I'- I'95, unmanied. 
1KA,M). 1800, d. 181.5. 
AiniAIIAM,' b. 1802, iinmniTied. 
ino,) wbo m. ITe]i,ilbnli Mjirilrn, liiul, 
l'()],LY,' b. 2 Marcb, 1789, m. Aaron Seavy of Clii- 

ANN A,^ h. 1 2 Fell. 1 79 1 , m. Jobn Kaslmnn of Loudon, 

N. II., d. 2ri Sept, 1812. 
LUCY,' b. 21) June, 179.3, m. William Seavy of Cbi- 

rbestcr, d. 18. July, 1817. 
DAVID II.' b. 5 Feb. 1795, m. Phebc Weed of 

Sandwicli, N. H., d. 20 Oet 1844. 
TIKIMAS.M). 12 0et. 179G, m. Mcbitable Se.ivy of 

HANNAH,' b. 5 April, 1799, m. Newell Staniels of 

jnSIAlI,' b. 1.3 June, 1801, m. Lake of Cbicliester. 
SALLY,M>. 23 May, 180.3, m. Jcremi.ah I'rcseolt, 

(grandson of ' Olil Col. Prcseott ' of Cliielieslcr, a 

eaptain in tlic revolutionary anny,) 29 Nov. 1821, 

d. 20 Nov. 1832. 
KLIPIIALET,''' ( 101,) wlio m. Judith Staniels, bad, 
(2.'>2) I. TIIKODyVTi:,' b. 8 Nov. 1789, m. James Hook of 

(2.M) IL SAMUEL,' b. 17 April, 179.3, m. Elizabeth Sberburn 
(297) of Kpsom. 2 Mar. 181.3. To this gentleman I am 

prineipally indebted for my information respecting 

his immediate families. He resided for a time in 

Hoston, but is now settled in Chichester. 
(254) in. THOMAS,'!). 14 Feb. 1796, m. Ann Winslow.d. 
May, 1842. 





(240) IV. 

(241) V. 

(242) VL 
(24.3) VII. 
.TOSIAir," ( 
(244) I. 














(255) IV. JOHN STANIELS/b. 28 Apnl, 179'.l, .... IVisnlla 

(25r.) V. ])ANlF.r-/b.l9Ainil,lWl,m.lst, rrescott, 2<lly, 

Cm-pcnlcr, il. 4 Oct. IBI.l. 
(257) VI. OKUKN K.' b. 24 J.n.c, ISOfi, .... Na,.ry Cl«.k of 

(25S) VII TOhhYJ b. 27 Mav, 1 81 2, d. 10 Novcmlx-r, 1 8.^5. 
(259) VIII. I'EllRV/ h. 19 March, 1814, ri. Novc.l.c.-, 1814. 
COTTON W.' (Ifif',) wlio m. llnnnnli Hcrry, l.ns, 
(2C,o) I. W1M-IAM,«1,. m. 

(2r,l) II. • JAMF.S,Mtwinof\V.)ni. l-i"-'*'- 

(262) III. iiAKKii.yr,«b. "'-^^'"'r^^'TT^r^ 

J2fi3) IV. ABIGAIL," b. m.S.lMI. Drake (2K.) 

(2r.4) V. SARAH riATMKR,'*b. 

(205) VI. WAI.TEKBUIANT,»b. m. S.avah llcscy. 

JUDITH,' (170,) wlio m.rclcr Ilodg.lon, bas, y 

(2r,r,) I. JAM.:s MONUOE," b. 20 May, 1817, m. \A ob.,tcr 

(207) II. MAnYKMZA..F.Ti.,«b.2Marcb, 1819. 

("tiSl III.;f,l (iAKi.NF.n," b. 29 Sci>tc.,.bc.-, 1820. 

(269) IV. T...;oDATK IS.rnicKS," b. 15 Scptombc, 1822. 

(270) V. Hannah Waui.,'' b. 22 April, 1824. 
SIMON,' (173,) wbo .11. Sarab liciTy, bas, 

(271) I. MARY,Sb. 

(272) II. LUCKF/ITA,"!.. d- 
(27;!) III. HANNAH W." b. 

(274) IV. WALTKK BKIANT," b. 

(275) V. LUCyANN,«b. <1. 
.JAMKS,' (176,) wlio in. Betsy Seavy, ba.s, 

(276) I. Gi:01U;lANA,«b. 1S.'57, 
(277)11. .TAMES I'-RANKMN.M,. 1842. 
DEBOUAII,' (174,) who m. Moses Swell, Esq. has, 

(278) I. jANE,''h. 

(279) II. CllAnLOTTE,' b. 

(280) III. Edwin," b. 

(281) IV. Erancis Ahnot.d,' b. 
BEl'SY,' (175,) who m. William Knowlloii, has, 

(282) I. Mary Jane," b. 

(283) II. HELr,F,N,8b. 

(284) HI. ADELizA.'b. 22 April, 1830. 

Ml-"« JiSfl.Aiy.-W.lftJ) W •: 





Thom.vs CiiAni.KS,« h. Sept. 1833. 



James,"!). Sept. 1835. 



Jl,SEI>HINE,' h. d. 


(107,) who m. Sarah Farrnr, ha.i, 



miODA J.s l>. 18 An-. 1823, d. Sept. 1826. 



JAMES M." 1>. 2r, Feb. 1825. 



lillODA .7.8 h. 2(5 1 )er. 1S26. 



JULIA ANN,8 h. 13 Oct. 1828. 



MARY ADALINE," b. 18 Mny, 18.30. 



AI,FUKlVb. 2Mnr. 18.32. 



II.\RIUET,«b.2f, Fob. 1837. 

SIMOX/ (253,) who in. Sarah Aim Scntcr, has, | 



lOLOISA.s 1). 24 Dee. 18.34, d. immediately. 



LEWLS.M). 3 Feb. 183.5. 



AUGUSTA ANN,'b. 14 May, 1837. 


(253,) wim m. Eliznbetli Sherbiirn, hn."". 



OLIVER PERRY," b. f, 181C,m. Sarah Ehzd- 
belh Ilackctt of Boston, 30 Mar. 1843, 
ami resiilcs in Iloston. 



CYNTHIA," b. 5 Oet. 1817, m. Rodney rntlic of 
Crnfion. N. II., 21 Jan. 1831,. 



JULIA ANN,8 b. 5 Aug. 1810, m. Adna P. Baleh of 
Hanover, N. H. 30 Dee. 1841. 

(••101 ) 


FLllML\LET,8b. 14 Oet, 1823. 



SAKAII JANE," 1>. 11 June, 1827. 



JOHN," b. 3 May, 18.30., 



WILLIAM SIIERIiURN,«b. 11 April, 18.33. 



SAMUEL," b. Jan. 1830. 



MAHY ELIZABETH," b. 17 Feb. 1839. 

wti—aww*" **""" 


3 9999 06440 062 3 





V- r'W.