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Full text of "A genealogical history of Henry Adams, of Braintree, Mass., and his descendants; also John Adams, of Cambridge, Mass., 1632-1897"

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Author of the History of Fair HaveD, Vt., and Member of the New England Historic 

Genealogical Society ; also great, great graodsoo of Dea. James Adama of old 

Londonderry, (now Derry) N. H., a graduate of the Divinity School 

of Harvard University, formerly member of the Legislature 

and Senate of Vermont, and Genealogist of 

the Adams Families of New England. 






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Henry Adams, 1 

Sons of Henry Adams, 5 

Lieutenant Henry, 8 

Lieutenant Thomas 87 

Captain Samuel 253 

Deacon Jonathan .295 

Peter 312 

Joseph 392 

Ensign Edward, . 500 

John of Cambridge 957 

Index I, Names of Male Descendants of Henry Adams, 

with Name of Father 1105 

Index II, Names of Female Descendants of Henry Adams, 

with Name of Father, 1149 

Index III, Names of Persons Related by Marriage to De- 
scendants of Henry Adams 1188 

Index IV, Adams Descendants of John, with Name of 

Father 1214 

Index Y, Some Persons who Married Descendants of John, 1226 

Supplement. Some Corrections and Additions, ... . 1232 


Each of the sons of Henry Adams is placed separatelj-, and 
his desce.idants given, each child ■^"ho has descendants being 
number'jd consecutively in the margin. These numbers appear 
in brackets at the right of the name, when the person is again 
given as a parent in the generation folloAving. It is thus made 
easy to trace the ance.stry or descent from any point in the book. 

JS'"^ The special attention of the reader is called to " Some 
Corrections and Additions," page 1232. 


The book is not perfect; no such work can be. // does not claim 
to be complete, is not as full as the author ^YOu]d like to see it, 
although as full probably as the average work, of its kind. Nor 
can it be free of mistakes and errors, being derived from thousands 
of fallible sources. Considering what many of the sources are it 
would be a marvel if there were not some grave mistakes, some 
humiliating errors. 

Uniformity in the spelling of proper names has not been 
attempted, as such spelling varies with the taste or whim of every 
person, and sometimes names are so illegibly written that the 
correct spelling can only be conjectured. Residences will be 
found only approximately correct, since parties are removing from 
place to place, and their real abode is often unknown. 

No doubt there will be disappointment because the book does 
not endorse and establish the connection with the Ap Adam pedi- 
gree, does not claim royal blood and a coat-of-arms for Henr}- 
Adams. The author anticipates criticism on this account. But 
unless there be found some further evidence than any which as 
yet appears, the truth of history requires that we give up the flat- 
tering belief. 

It is not anticipated that the sale of the whole edition of the 
book will compensate for all the outlay of time, labor and money 
spent in its production, but the satisfaction derived in the doing 
of the work is a partial compensation, and that the book will 
commend itself to posterity, and prove useful when all who are 
now living have passed away, is the author's firm belief. 

To the many friends who have so kindly aided in the work, 
and whose words of encouragement from time to time have placed 
me under obligation to them, most hearty thanks are now ten- 

Fair Haven, Vt., Jan., 1898. 




1. Old Adams Houses at Quincy, Mass., . . - Frontispiece 

2. Residenceof Rev. Joseph Adams, Newington, N. H., " 

?,. Fitch Davenpoi-t Adams l'''^ 

4. Rev. William Adams, D. D..' 331 

5. Rev. Elisha Adams, D. D 337 

6. Hon. Bailey Frye Adams 338 

7. Hon. John Adams, LL. D., . . 39S 

S. Hon. Samuel Adams, (the patriot) 'i^"-| 

9. Hon. John Quincy Adams, LL. D., *<-"*^ 

10. Hon. Charles Francis Adams, LL. D -^^3 

11. Maj. Enoch George Adams, --^2 

12. Man.- Abigail Senter ^"^^ 

l;^. Hon. Charles Fraucis Adams id, LL. D 4^53 

U. William Taylor Adams (Oliver Optic) -579 

15. Andrew Lemuel Adams, ^30 

1«. Rev. Myron Winslow Adams ^'^^ 

17. Prof . Herbert Baxter Adams. 685 

IS. John Quincy Adams, ^37 

19. Hon. V^illiam Claflin '^^■^ 

20. lames Adams Woolson, '"*' 

21. Alexander Clinton Adams,, '^" 

Hugh Miller Thompson, . '^^^ 



Henr}- Adam^ of Braintree, called thus because he was one 
of the earliest or first settlers in that part of the Massachusetts 
Bay designated " Mt. Wollaston," which was incorporated in ]04<> 
as the town of Braintree. It included what is now Quincy. 
Braintree and Randolph, Mass. 

He is believed to have arrived in Boston with his wife, 
eight sons and a daughter, in 1032 or lC>3'i. The colonial 
authorities at Boston allotted to him 4i> acres of land at "the 
Mount." for the ten persons in his family, Feb. 24, lt;3;>_40. 

The name of his wife is not known, nor where and when she 
died. It has been believed that she returned to England with 
her son John' and daughter Ursula, and died there, which appears 
not improbable. Henry Adams died in Braintree, Oct. t), 1640, 
and was buried on the Sth. 

His will was proved June 8, 1647, and is as follows: 

" First, my will is that my sonne Peter and John, and m\- 
daughter Ursula, shall have the grouude in the neck, both upland 
and meadow during the term I was to enjoy it, until it returne 
into the towne's hands againe, from whom I had it ; also the aker 
in the mill fields : my will is that my bookes shall be divided 
amongst all my children, that my wife shall have and enjoy all 
my other goods .so long as shee live unmarried, and if shee marry, 
then my will is y't Joseph. Edward and my daughter Ursula 
should enjoy all my ground in the fielde y't lieth on the way to 
AVeymouth Ferry, and my house lott, with all the houses and 
fruit trees and all my movables at the death or marriage of my 
wife, provided they and their mother shall pay to my sonne 
Samuel that which is due to him for the ground I bought of him. 
to be paid in convenient tyme ; but in case God soedeal with my 
wife that she bee constrained to make use of something by wav 
of sale, shee may: — finally, for movables, my will is that my 
sonne Peter and John shall have an equal share with my sonne 
Joseph and Edward, and my daughter Ursula." 

[Sec X. E. and Gene. Register, Vol. VII., p. 35 ('l.>.^3)]. 

•2 }1ENKV Ar).\M^ ( >} LJiAINTRF.E. 

That Henrj- Adams came from Devonshire on the south coast 
of England, has become a current and fixed belief, from the fact 
that his great, great grandson. President John Adi.rns. erected a 
monument to his memory in the old church yard at Oumcy with 
the inscription. 

"In memorv of Henrv Adams who took his fliirht from the 
Dragon persecution in Devonshire, England, and alighted with 
eight sons near Mt. Wollaston. One of the sons returned to 
England; and after taking time to explore the countrv, four 
removed to IMedfield. and f\vo to Chelmsford. One only, Joseph, 
who lies here at his left hand, remained here. — an original 
proprietor in tJje township of Braintree." 

The monument commemorates "the piety, humility, sim- 
plicity, prudenct;. patience, temperance, frugality, industry and 
perseverance " of the Adams ancestors. 

President John (Juincy Adams dissented from this opinion 
of his father, thai Henry Adams came from Devonshire. 

After giAnng the matter particular and thorough investigation, 
both in this country and in England, he published it as his 
conviction that Henry Adams was from Braintree in the county 
of Esse.x, on the east coast of England. . " The statement in the 
Alden Collection," he says, "that the first Henry came from 
Devonshire was received by the collector of Epitaphs from my 
father; but I believe it was not from Devonshire but from 
Braintree in the county of Essex, that he came, -s * * -st * 
My father supposed that he formed part of the company that 
came with Gov. Winthrop in 103m. most of whom* were from 
Devonshire. But at the time my father formed this opinion Gov. 
Winthrop's Journal had not been published." 

\Vinthrop"s Jotirnal, I. 37, says, "1032: 14 Aug; The 
Braintree Company which had begun to settle down at Mt. 
Wollaston by order of Court, removed to Xewtown. These were 
Mr. Hooker's Companv." [See Family Memorial by Elisha 
Thayer; Note p. 3S.] 

Hooker himself arrived in Sept.. Ifi33. but his Company, 

which was mostly made up from Chelmsford perhaps also 

from Braintree and other neighboring villages of Essex county, — 
had arrived the year before. Hence it appears highly probable 
that Henr}- Adams from Braintret in Essex ioined Hooker's 


Company and arrived in Boston m 'n'>Z2. Dr. James Savage. 
author of the Cienealug-ical Dictionary of the early farst-comers of 
New England, conciirs in the opinion of President John Quincy 

The brothers Adams [son&i were among the active citizens 
of Chelmsford, in England. 

Moreover, there may have been other persons of the Adams v- ho came in Hooker's company, and removed with him 
from Newtown to Hartford and vicinity. They may have been 
kindred c.f Henry Adams.. 

It is a matter of regret that so little has been presen.-ed, and 
is positively known of the ancestry, life and character of the noted 
progenitor of the Adams family of Quincy. It is known that he 
was a malster as well as yeoman, or farmer, and a plain, 
unassuming man of tact and ability, who came to America for a 
better opportunity for his large family. There is nothing to 
show that he bore any titles, or assumed any rank among 

While there were many different styles of insignia in use — 
as many as twenty-eight different coats-of-arms, it is said upon 
good authority, in the Adams family, — there is nothing to indi 
cate which, if any at all, were ever made use of by Heni_ 

The Ap Pedihkee. 

It has been assumed that Henry Adams was of Welsh origin, 
the sixteenth generation from Ap Adam, the father of John, or 
Lord Ap Adam, who was called to Parliament by Edward I., as 
" Baron of the Realm," from A. D. li>90 to 1307, and that he 
came out of the Marches or Borders of Wales into Devonshire. 

This ancient pedigree was furnished by William Downing 
Bruce, Esq., F. S. A., who says, "It is copied from an ancient 
parchment roll, with arms, of the time of Charles I., which I 
di.sovered among the papers of the late Hamlin Adams, Esq., 
of .'Middleton Hall. M. P. from the county of Carmarthen." 

It was first published in this country in the New England 
Historical and Genealogicr.l Register, Jan.. 1853, Vol. VII.. p. 
3'.'-iii, .-ind is as follows-. 

4 henkv adams of brain1 kht. 

Ap, Adam ; 

Sir John Ap Adam'. Kt., Lord Ap. Adam ; m. Elizabeth, dau. 
of Sir John Gourney of Beverstone and Tedenham. Gloucester. 
Residence several generations at Charlton. Gloucester. 

Sir Thomas Ap Adam', and others: 

Sir William Ap Adam'. 

Sir John Ap Adam'. 

Thomas Ap Adam". 

Sir John Ap Adam', Kt., m. Milicent, dau. of Sir Matt. 

Sir John Ap Adam', alias Adams; m. Clara, dau. of Mr. 
Roger Powell. 

Roger Adams', m. Jane, dau. of Ellyott. 

Thomas Adams'", m. Marie, dau. of Mr. Upton. 

John Adams", m. Jane. dau. of Mr. Rennelegh. 

John Adams", m. Catherine, dau. of Mr. Stebbing. 

Nicholas", m. and had no issue; John", m. Margerye. dau. of 
Mr. Squier. George", m. and had issue. 

Richard'*, (son of John"; m. Margaret, dau. of Mr. Ar- 

Robert", m. Elizabeth Sharlon. 

George'"; Henry"; Ambrose"; John". 

This pedigree is thought by good judges to be correct, and 
genuine, as far as Nicholas", — "a mere transcript of the record 
made by the Heralds in their Visitation of Devonshire, 15G4." 
"This Visitation Pedigree, however, ends with Nicholas", who 
married and had no issue. No brothers of this Nicholas" are 
given. . The re.^^t of the Pedigree beginning with John, 

brother of Nicholas", is an addition by somebody." Col. Joseph 
L. Che-ter, LL. D., an American genealogist of high rank, 
resident in London, wrote [See New Eng. Historical and Gene- 
alogical Rc'gi.ster, July. 1S77 : Vol. XXXL, p. 333], "I have no 
hesitation in pronouncing the portion connecting the English 
familv with the Braintree Adamses utterlv incorrect." 

Second Generation.] SONS of henry 


I. Lieutenant Henry', b. in England, 1604; m. in 
Braintree, Nov. 17, 1643, Elizabeth Paine, dau. of Moses 
Paine, Esq. 

He removed and settled in Medfield. Mass., in 1646, then a 
part of Dedham, but incorporated as a to%vn in 1650. The greater 
part of the town was burned by the Indians in King Philip's 
war, 1676. 

Lieut. Henry Adams was the first Town Clerk of Braintree, also 
of Medfield. was the Representative of the town in the General 
Court for the years 1659 ; '65; '74 and '75. He was Lieutenant 
of the Medfield military company, which foug"ht against the 
Indians in 1675-76. He was killed bj- the Indians while standing 
in his doorway. Feb. 21. 1676, the second year of the war. His 
wife was accidentally shot the same day, at Rev. Mr. Wilson's 
house, and died '29th of Feb. She was confined to the house by 
sickness, and was in a bed in the chamber, wher. the gun in the 
hands of Capt. John Jacob of Hingham. who had charge of a 
company of about 80 men stationed at Medfield, was accidentally 
discharged in the room below her, the ball passing through 
her bed. 

II. LlEUTEN.ANT Thom.-v.s', b. in England, 1612; m. 
in Braintree, 1642, Mar\- [Blackmore?]. According to Shattuck 
[History of Concord] Thomas removed with his brothers Samuel 
and John from Braintree to Concord, Mass., in 1646, John going 
thence to West Cambridge (now Arlington), and Thomas and 
Samuel settling in the west part of the town of Chelmsford 
in ]iio'i_4. 

He was chosen chief Sergeant of the military company in 
l*''5i», but the.County Court refused to confirm him on account of 
his religious \'iews. He was confirmed in April, 16('>o upon 

T) ><'N> OK HLXKV. [Second Generation. 

solemnly agreeing not to disseminate his principles or notions 
contrary to what the church doth confessedly own and practice. 
He was chosen Ensign in Km^. and Lieutenant in 1C>>2, in the 
company of which his brother Samuel was Captain. He jvas 
Town Clerk. Selectman, Commissioner or Representative to the 
General Court. He d. in Chelmsford, -20 July. ItiSS, age 76. 

Lieut. Thomas made his will March 2S, It'.SS : proved Oct. 7. 
1690 ; inventory of property Aug. 11. ] fis*^. To his wife Mary he 
gave the use of his house and orchard; his sons Pelatiah, 
Timothy and Samuel to provide for her. To Jonathan he gave 10 
acres on the east end of his home lot, and other lands, and 
di\'ic'ed lands among the other sons, .Samuel to pay £'1G to his 
dau.. Mary Cooper. His widov,- "Mary," as per Charlestown 
record, died 2.3 March lC<'M-o, age ^2 

HL C.\rT.\iN S.\MUEr, b. in England, 1017; 

m. (1) Rebecca Graves, dau. of Thomas Gn.ves: d. S Oct., 

m. (2) May 7, 1008. Esther Sparhawk. dau. of Nathaniel Spar- 
hawk of Cambridge, Mass. ; d. 4 Nov., 174."^. 

He removed first to Concord, Mass.. and thence to Chelmsford, 
tr..=;3_4; Capt. Samuel, brother of Thomas, was Commissioner of 
the Court in 10>'>~ ; he erected mills in the east part of Chelms- 
ford, near where Lowell now is. He had 450 acres of land 
granted him July 3, lOjO. and exclusive right to erect and run a 
sawmill, provided he would sell boards at three shilling; per 100 ; 
— and another grant of It'ti acres, and right to build and run a 
grist or cornmill, provided he would keep a sufficient mill and 

He d. 24 Jan., 10.«?S-0. 

IV. De.^cox JoNATH.xN'. b. in England, lt"'l!t ; 

m. {1) Elizabeth Fussell, dau. of John Fussell ; 

m. {-2) Mary . 

He settled in Medfield. His house was burned by the 
Indians in 1670, and he rebuilt on what has been known as the 
Joseph Adams place in East Medway, (now Millis). 

He d. in lOS^n, age 71. 

Second Generation.] sons OK HENW. 7 

V. Pktek', b. in England. lOi^; m. Rachel . He 

settled in Medfield 1(>5:? — his wife Rachel and son John coming 
with him from Braintree. Mass. 

His bouse was burned with others by the Indians in lG7(i. 

He died about 1c.>hi. 

\'I. JiiH.N-. b. in England, about l(«2i. See "John of Cam- 

VII. Ji.i^El'11% b. in England, l(j-_'0; m. in Braintree, Nov. 
il*", I'iji", Abigail Ba.xter. dau. of Gregory and Margaret (^Paddy) 
Baxter of Boston; d. in Boston. 27 Aug., JC;-<2, age Sb. 

He was a malster; freeman. I'i33 ; Selectman, lf>73; d. in 
Braintree. Dec. ]f>;"4. age r.s. 

VIII. En.-ign- Env.Ara)', b. in England, IGS'i ; 

m. (1) 10." 2. Lydia Rockwood, daughter of Richard and 
Agnes iBicknellt Rockwof>d: d. 3 Mar.. ]G7<>; 

m. ci) 1G7S, Wid. Abigail i Craft) Ruggle.s of Ro.xbury, Mass. ; 
[Tilden savs Abigail Day of Dedham] who died 1707 ; 

m. i3) Jan. •;, 17o;«-lO Sarah Taylor. 

He ."settled, with the other three brothers, in Medfield, Mass. ; 
was Ensign and Selectman, and was Representative of Medfield 
in the General Court in 16S9. in 100-2, and in 1702. He died in 
Medfield. 12 Nov.. 1710, "the last of the original settlers." 

LIEUTENANT HLNRV. [Third Generation. 


Children of Lieut. Henry' (1<.«'>4) (Henr}-') and Elizabeth 
(Paine) Adams; res. Medfield, Mas? 

1. i. Eleazer', b. in BrHintree, MiisB.. Aug. ?. ](>44: m. ICOT. Elizabeth Hard- 

ins, dau. of .Abrabam Hurdiug : she d. 1708. He built uear Lis 
father's in Medfield: hi(> house was buriied liy ^^^ Indians in King 
Philip's war and rebuilt. He d. 14 A7>ril, 1701. 
ii. Ja8f>er ', b. in Medfield. Masp. , April 23, 1647 : he d. in Sherborn, Maes. , 
near the present villape of Holliston. 10 Jnlv, 1742 : was nnm. 

2. iii. Elizabeth, b. in Medfield, Xoven-l.ev 11, 1C49 : to. Dec. IG. 1667-8, 

Den. John Harding, beli«.vt-d tu have been a son of Abraham Hard- 
ing, the father of Elizabeth above, and ii first settler in Medfield. 
Dea. John re. 1st Xov. 2C. 1C5",. Hannah Wood -who d. 23 Feb. 16G7, 
and he then m. 2nd Elizabeth Adams. He d. 4 March, 1720. She d. 
iv. John-, b in Medfield. July 14, 16j2. He was called '-the miller:" d. 

nnm. 11 April 1728. 
T. Henry , (twin; b. in Medfield, July 14, 1C52: d. 10 July, ICX?. 
;i. vi. Moses , b. in Medfield. Oct. 2C, 1C34: m. April 15, 1631, Lydia Whit- 

ney, dnn. of Jonathan and Lydia (Jones) Whitney, b. July 3. 1657, 
d. 27 March 1724. (Tilden says he m Mary Fairbanks.) He was 
selectman of Sherborn. Mass . in 1701 ; Bev. Abner Morse save he 
inherited his father's farm, and drew laud in Douglass, Mass., in 
171.'; : d. 1724. 
4. rii. Henn'", b. in Medfield, Nov. 15, 1657, m. Dec. 16, 1670, Prudence 

Frary, dau. o! John F. and Elizabeth Adams (Harding' Frary, b. 
Aug. 20, 1C62, andd 2u Feb. 1750. "a woman of cherished memory." 
He was a Eeprefaentativp in the Gen. Court in 1706. 'OD, '11, '19, '21, 
'24 and '2S, and d. in 1733. 

'muel , b. in Medfield, Nov. 2 (Dec. 10. ;-> 10C1.2: m. Xov. 2. 1709, 
5. lil ■'■y Plimpton, dau. of Joseph and Mary iMorse; Plifljpton. He 

"ire 1682. 
d. ■- 

Fourth Generation.] lieutenant henky. 9 

Children of Eleazer (1644) [1] (Lieut. Henry\ Henr>'')and 
Elizabeth (Harding) Adams; res. Medfield, Mass. 

C. i. Elizabeth*, b. in Medfield, Mass., April 29, 1672 ; m. 1«95, Dea.Samnel 

Smith. BOD of Samuel Smith. He -was a RepresentatiTe in the Oen. 
Conrt from Medfield, in 1742 She d. 1754. 
ii. EleazerS Jr..b.inMeJfield. 12th mo., 15th day, (Feb. or Dec.) 1673-4, 
and d. 1675. 

Children of Elizabeth' (1649) [2] (Lieut. Henry', Henry") and 

Dea. John Harding; res. Medfield, Mass. 

• i. Haunah Harding, b. inMedtield, Feb. 12. 1667-8; d.26May following, 
ii. Abraham Harding, b. Feb. 6. 1688-9; d. 5 April, 1671'. di. John 
Harding, b. Sept. II, 1609: d. 16 May, 1670. iv. John Harding, b. 
Feb. 21, 1671 ; d. 8 June, 1672. .*. Henry Harding, b. Jm»e7, 1672 ; 
ni. July 7, 1698, Maria Allen. vi. Ichabod Harding, b. Nov. S:-", 
1675: m. 1609. Abigail Barber; res. Medfield, Mass. He d. 2 Feb 
1730. vii. Maria Harding, b. June 22, 1681 ; d. 12 Jan. 16S2. 
Tiii. Abraham Harding, b. Dec. 27, 1688; m. 1700, Mar.y Smith, 
ix. Hannah Harding, b. Oct. 16, 1686; d. 18 Jan. 1718.' i. Jchn 
Harding, b. Sept. 23, 1091 ; d. 16 Jan. 1693. 

Children of' (1654) [3] CLieut. Henry', Henry') and 
Lydia (Whitney) Adams; res. Sherbom, Mass. 

7. i. Benoni''. b. in Sherbom, Mass.. Nov. 8, 1081: m. Nov. 14, 17^4, Mary 

Winch, dau. of Samuel Winch of Framinghatn, Mass., b. Nov. 23, 
1700. He settled in Holliston, Mass. ; -was selectman in 1731 and 
1734; made his will March 1742-3; d. July, 1748. 

8. ii. Lydia^ b in Sherborn, Feb. 2. 1684; m. July 31, 1706, John Fisk, 

son of Nathaniel and Mary Fisk ; b. March 17, 1682-3, and d. 1730. 
She d. 1730; adm. panted July 13. 
iii. Elizabeth", b. in Sherborn, Sept. 18, 1680; J. 17 Jnne, 1689; her's the 
i'iret grave in Sherborn cemeterj% 

9. iv. Hannahs b. in Sherbom, Feb. 8, 1688; m. Jan. 16, 1705-6, Nathaniel 

I'isk, son of Nathaniel and Mary Fisk: b. Jane 0, 1678, and d. 
b'^fore 1733. She d. 21 July, 1718. 

10. V. Eliiabeth', b. in Sherborn. Oct. 25. 1689; m. May 16, 1711, Daniel 

Kjder, son of William and Hannah (Lovettl Ryder of Watertown, 
Mats. He d. 1704. She d. 1724. 

11. vi. Moses-, bora in Sherborn, Nov. 26, 1691 ; m. March 27, 171C, Deborah 

Satvin of HoUiston, 'Mass. He d. before 1730. 

12. vii. James, b. in Sherborn. July 7, 169^-3; m. Jan. 1, 1712-3, Abigail 

Hill. dau. of John H. and Hannah Hill: d. 17 Sept. 1786.' He set- 
tied in Sherborn : •was selectmau there in 1725; d 14 Jan. 1728. 

13. ^■iii. Isaai- . b. in Sherborn, March 4, 1695; m. Mny 10. 1722, Martha Vose 

of Hollieton, Mass: she m. 2nd Oct. 2t), 1733. Benjamin Green of 
Me ulon, Mass. Isaac settled in Sherl'oru nnd d. 5 June 1730. 

14. is. Abiciil'. b in Sherborn. Sept. 7,1697: m. Dec. 21. 1714, Nathaniel 

Perry. He d. 7 Sept. 17.50. She d. 15 March. 1729. 

1(1 LiKT'i r;:N \ST HENRY. [Tciurlh Generation. 

Children of Henry' (lt;."'7j [4] iLieiit. Henry'. Henry') and 
Pnidence (Frary) Adam= : res. Medfield. Mass. 

15. i. Prudence', b. iu MedfleUl. Mass., April 10. 1682-3; m. April 14. 1702. 

Jo8«pb Morse, son of Capt. Joseph and Meiutable (Wood^ Morse, 
b. in Sherborn, Mass.. March 2.=;. 167'.), d. l8 April, 1754. She d. 23 
Feb. 1772. 

16. ii. Hanufth', b. in Medfield. Otct. 14, 16S."i: m. June 0, 1703, Edward Clark. 

sou of Benjamin and Dorcas (Morsel Clark : b in Medfield. Kov. 
11. IC7:i, d. 4 Jul;-, 17-lG. She settled iu Medway, Mass., d. 27 Oct. 

17. iii. Thomas-, b. in Medfii^id. May 21, lOSS : m. Mary Ellis, dau. of Eleazer 

and Mary iMetca!f; Ellis: b. IGOl; d. 177S. He was ouf; of the 
largest Jand ownori" of Medfield : was seiectmau and an inJiuential 
citizen; made Lis will March 8, 1703: died 31 March. 1703. 
19. ir. Jeremiah-, b. iu Medfield. Jan. 14. 1691; m. 1715, Mrs. Bebecca 
(Whet-lock; Fisher, widow of Jtihn Fisher: shed. 20 Feb. 1774 in 
her 82d yf ar. and is called widow of the late Jeremiah. He was 
Eepret.eutative fron; Medwuy iu 1738 and 1741. and d. 8 Oct. 177-,' iu 
hii" 81ot rear. 

V. Elizabeth , b. in Medfield. Jau. 8. 1603. 

m.n- 1740, Sulomiiu Clark, son of the 2nd .Toseph and Mary (Allen') 
Clurk. who was b. 1078. m. 1st 10'J8. Mary White: she d 1740. He 
was s -lectmau aud i-epreseutative in the Grii. Court; d. 1778. 

m. (2j ll'ii. .I<ise\.h Eichardsou. son of J.-hu and Rebecca' Clark > 
Bicnardson. b. 10-^7: was twice m.irried. d. 1748. She d. 26 Xov. 
1760: probably no issue. 

19. vi. Sarah', b. in Medfield. Dec. 13, 1007; m. 17-24 Samuel Ellis, sou of 

Samuel, b. lO'.tO. He m. 1st Sarah Adarus. m. 2nd 1735, Miriam 
Partrid;ie, aud 3rd Elizo Bice of Dedham. Mass. Sarah, d 173:1 

20. -rii. Henry'. Esq.. b. in Medfirld. May 24. 17u-?; m Aug. 15, 1720. Jemima 

ilorse, dan. of Hod. .Joshua and Elizabeth (Penniman) Morse of 
Medfield. Mass; 1.. March 10, 170!>: d. 178.5. He was appointed 
coroner by King (ieorge IU. for Massaeliusetts Bay in 1743 : was 
selectman. His bible. pulMished iu Edinburgh iu 1720, is in the 
possessiiiu of his great graudsou. Henry S. .Vdams, at Paola, Ksl-. 
He d. iu Medfield. 3 Nov. 1782. 

Child of Samuer 'Hm'>-_'i ['.j (Lieut. Henry-', Henry' i and Mary 
(Plimpton) Adams; res.Medrield. Mass. 

i. Joshu.v. b. in. Medfiel-i. Mass., -April -22; 1710. 

Fifth Generation.] lieutenant henrv. H' 

Children of Elizabeth* ilS7-2) [fi] (Eleazer', Lieut. Henr>-", 

Henry') and De?. Samuel Smith ; res. Medfield, Mass. 

i. Eleazer Smith, b. 1690 : m. 1729. Sarah Turner: shed. 1763. He d. 
1768. ii. John Smith, b. 1699; d. young iii. Samuel Smith, b. 

1700; m. Silence : ahe d. 1778. He d. 17GS. iv. Haunoh 

Smith, b. 1703; m. (I) 172-5; Benjamin Plimpton ; m. (2; Jonathan 
Metcalf. She d. 1744. v. Elizabeth Smith, b. 1705 ; m. 1727. 
Nathaniel Cutler, of Medway, Mass. She d. 1785. vi. Jonathan 
Scitb, b. 17o8; d. early. rii. Eliaha Smith, b. 1710; d. sool. 
riii. Lydia Smith, b. 1712; d. unm. 1795. 

Children of Benoni* (lUSl^ [7] ('Moses'. Lieut. Henry', Henr}-') 
and Mary iWinch") Adams; res. Holli.ston, Mass. 

2;. i. A(.a\ b. in Holliston, Mass., March 15, 172=;: m. Jan. 20, 1740, Buth 

Parker; d. 3 Feb. 1801; a<ze 80. He waii selectman iii Holliston in 
1707; d. 21 Jan. 1801. His ■nill waH made June 7, 1797; proved April 
&. :801. at which time he was resident in Hopkint »u. He gave the 
US'- of his household furniture to his wife Rnth, and it was to be 
divided at her deeeuse between hta daughters, Mary Littlefield and 
Both Eames, and the heiis of his danghter Buth Forbes, deceased. 
An agreement for a division was made among the heirs Jan. 30. 1801. 
and receipts were given to Moses, the executor, signed by the 
widow Ruth, by Silas, by .^sa Littlefield and his wife Mary, bj 
Moses Eomes and his wife Lois, and by Elijah Forbes for 
Levina, Patty, Nahum and Betsey Forbes, 
ii. Daniel', b. in Holliston, Jan. 21, 1727.- 

iii. David', b. in Holliston, April 0. 1729: probably d. young, not named 
in will of his father made in 1742., 

22. iv. Mary', b. in Holliston. .Nov. 25, 1730; m. Jau 22, 1753. Col. Abner 


23. T. Isaac, b. in Holliston, Dec. 15. 1733; m. Sarah Partridge, of Medway, 

Mass. He settled in Westborough. Mass. ; d. 1817. 

24. vi. Sarah', b. in Holliston. March 0, 1735; m. Feb. 25, 1702, Timothy 

Twitchell, son of Ephraim and Hannah <Sang%r) Twitchell, b. m 
Holliston, June 11, 1736; inherited his father's farm in Holliston : d. 
in Barre. Mass., age about 10 >. She d. "of a cancer." 

Children of Lydia*. (1CS4) [8] (Moses*, Lieut. Henry', Henry') 

and John Fisk; res. Framingham, Mass. 

i. John Fisk, b. May 8, 1700 ; m 1781, Abifiail (Leland) Baboock. of 
Sherborn, Mass. ii. Lydia Fisk, b. Jan. 14, 1711-2; d. 1715. 
iii. Isaac Fisk, b. Aug. 21, 1714; m. Xov. 11, 1786, Hannah Haven, 
dau. of Richard and Lydia Haven: b. June 10, 1716: d. 21 Feb. 
1300. He d. 22 Dec. 179ft. iv. Daniel Fisk, b. 1716. v. Lydia 
Fisk, b. Aug. 4. 1720. vi. Peter Fisk. b. March 12. 1722-3. viL 
Abigail Fisk, b. July 24. 1727; d. 27 July, 1727. viii. Nnthaniel 
Fisk, b. March ;^I. 1730: d. 17.50. 

!•_> LlElTLNANT MEXKV. [Filth Generation. 

Children of Hannah', (lO^^) [!*] (Moses\ Lieut. Henry% 

Henr\-') and Nathaniel Fisk; res. Sherborn. Mass. 

i. Nathuniel Fiek. b. Nov. 11,1700. ii. Asa Fisk, >■. in 'Watertowii, 
Mnafi.,Feb 22 170S ; m. Jan. 30, 1735, Lois Leiaad, dau. of Timothy 
Lfelaud. He settled in Hollietou, Mass.: his will was proved Jau. 8, 
1781. iii. Hannaii Fisk. b. Sept. 9. 1710. ir. Mosee Fibk, b. 

Jan. 29, 1713: m. Mehitable . He d. in Xatick, Mass. t. 

LjdiaFiak, h. April 24, 1715; d. young. ri. Lydia Fisk, b. Oct. 
5. 1718. 

Children of Elizabeth* (It^t-'.') [!"] (Moses' Lieut. Henr>'', 

Henry') and Daniel Ryder; res. Watertown, Mass. 

i. Hannah Eyder, b. Ang. 17. 1712. ii. James Bj'der. b. March 9, 
1715. iii. Dnniel Ryder, b. Aug. 13, 1717. it. "Darid Ryder, b. 
Aug. 15, 1719. V. Peter Ryder, b 1722; d. 174.". vi Phineas 
Ryder, b. Oct. IG. 1724. 

Children of Moses' (1 C^tl ) [n ] (Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') 
and Deborah (Sawin'i Adams; res. Holliston, Mass. 

i. Mobcb', b. in Holliston, MasH.. Dec. 14, 1716; d. 17 Dec. 1716. 
ii. MoBes', b. in Hollistou, Feb. 27, 17io ; d. 4 Sept. 1721. 

25. iii. Moees'. b. in Holliston, Feb. 27. 17-Jl: m. Nov. 1744. Lois Haven, 

dan. of JoBeph and Miirtba Haven, b. in Hopkinton. Mass.. April 6, 
1724 ; d. in Hopkinton. Muss , 1756; age 32. He settled on the Silk 
farm in Fraraingham. Mass: d. in Framinghtm 23 July, 1756. 

Children cjf James' iH'!t-T)Jl:?j (Moses', Lieut. Henr}-% Henry') 
and Abigail (Hilli Adam.-^; res. .Sherborn, Mass. 

26. i. Jamt6\ Jr., b. in Sherborn. Mebr.. March 13, 1714-5: m. Nov. 27, 1739, 

Rebecca Fairbanks. He d. in 1755 : (as per letter of his son Samuel 
•tt-rittf ij May 1-5. 1836), leaving a widow with three sons and three 
daughters. Widow Rebecca m. 2d May 18, 1756. Dea. Jason Phipps, 
a wealthy farmer of Dudley, Mass . also Justice of the Peace, Rep- 
resentative, etc., by whom she had a number of children, nnd died 
at an advanced greatly esteemed. 
ii. Abigail , b. in Sherborn. March 3, 1717; m. March 13, 1733, Samuel 
Warfield ; res. Mendon, Mass. 

27. iii. Elizabeth\ b. in Sherborn, S.'pt. 4, 1719; m. Ang. 18, 1738. Elisha 

Rockwood of Groton, Mats. ; b. 1710: d. 5 Dec. 1788; age 72. Sh« 
d. ICMay, 1799. age 79. 

28. iv. Hannah . b. in iiherhorn, Jan. 2;. 1723-4; probably m . Jason Phipps. 

29. V. Moses, b. in Sherborn. April 27. 1720. 

m. (1) Xov. 7, 1751, Hepziboh Death ; d. in Sherborn. Mass., 10 
• May, 1762. 

111. (2!Mary Swan of Peterboro. X. H. He settled in Dublin, N. 
H.. 1111763. " 
vi. John', h. in Sherliorn, Sept. 6. 172?: <L 21 June. 1744. 

P'ifth Generation.] lieutenant henry. 13 

Children of Isaac' (1695) [13] (Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') 
and Martha (Vose) Adams; res. Sherborn, Mass. 
i. Martha', b in Sherborn, Mass., July 10, 1723. 
ii Elizabeth\ b. in Sherborn, Jan. 19, 1724-5. 
iii. Abipair, b. in Sherborn, March 4, 172G-7. 
iy. Hepzibah', b. in Sherborn. June 8, 1729. 

Children of Abigail* (16H7) [14] (Moses', Lieut. Henry', 
jlenry') and Nathaniel Perry; res. Sherborn, Mass. 

i. Abigail Perry, b. in Sherborn. Mass., Aug. (May ?) 5. 1715 ; m. (1) Feb. 

8, 1738, John Whitney of Fratninsrham, Mass.; m. (2) March 29, 

1743, Ebenezer Chapin of Mendon Mass. She d. in Mendon 8 

. i Nov., 1706. ii. Nathaniel Perry Jr.. b. in Sherborn. March 2, 

j 1717; d. 2 March. 1754. iii. Moses Perry, b. in Sherborn, Nov. 

,.'< IS, 1719; m. Deborah iV. Hezekiah Perry, b. in Sherborn. 

April 28, 1721 ; d. in 2 mos. v. Mary Perry, b. in Sherborn. 
Nov. IC, 1724; d. 29 Oct., 1727. vi. Deliveiauce Perry, b. iu 
Sherborn. Dec. 12, 1726; m. Samuel Whiting. vii. Mary Perry, 
b. in Sherborn, April 29, 1729; d. 80 April, 1729-30. 


Children of Prudence' (lf.S3) [15] (Henry', Lieut. Henr>'', 
lenry') and Joseph Morse; res. Sherborn, Mass. 

i. Henry Morse, b. in Sherborn, June 14. 1703: m. Sarah Kibby. He 

d. 5 April, 1766. ii. Job Morse, b. Nov. 15. 1705: m. Experience 

Morse; res. Stnrbridge, Mass. iii. Seth Moree, b. Sept. 12. 

'^ ,. 1708; m. Abigail Battle; res. Hopkinton, Mass. iv. Elishit 

Morse, b. April 12. 1715 : d. unm. v. Jacob Moree, b. Sept. 12, 

1717 ; m. Mary Marryfield : res. Douglass, Mass. He d. 30 March. 

1800. vii. Judith Morse, b. Oct. 18,1720; m. Capt. CalebLeland; 

' " res. Sherborn. Mass. She d. 26 Oct., 1774. vii. John Morse, b. 

•'■ Dec. 31, 1723; d. 1725. 

Children of Hannah' (16'^5) [10] (Henry', Lieut. Henry', 
>iji >■"•)-»«!• Edv^^rd Clark; res. Medway, Mass. 

i. Hann&h Clark, b in Medway, July 28, 1704; m. March 17, 1725, Jona- 
thanMetcalf. She d. 24 Oct., 1792. ii. Edward Clark, b. Aug. 18, 
1707; d. 14 May. 1708. iii Prudence Clark, b. March 10. 1709; 
m April 12, 1739, Joseph Lovell. She d. 18 Sept., 1784. iv. 
Patience Clark, b. May 3, 1710: m. April 30, 1732, Capt. Jonathan 
Adams, son of Jonathan and Tamezin ^ShefSeld) Adams of Med- 
field, Mass., b. Aug. 15, 1709. She d. 11 July, 1801. v. Edward 
Clark, b. Nov. 27, 1712. vi David Clark, b. April 23, 1714. vii. 
, Benjamin Clark, b. Jan. 6. 1717: d. 15 Dec, 1787. viii. Nath- 

aniel Clark, b. March 10, 1718; d. April, following. ix. Re- 
becca Clark, b. Jan. 21, 1720; m. James Knapp. She d. 23 
March. 1780. x. Elizabeth Clark, b. Oct. 16, 1721: m. June 21, 

14 Lii.u ri-NANT iiLNKV. [Fifth Generation. 

1T4--!. Georjre Bnrber. Slie d. T July, IT")!). si. Sarah Clark, b. 
Au^r. 2. I'ii: 111. JusLiia Hnnlm-;. She il. 2 Aug., 1701. xii. 
JiihiiCltirk. \>. Feb. TJ. ITJ". ; .1. I.". Feb , l!<'il. xiii. Elijah Clark. 
h. Sei>t. !i, ITiT. • xiv. Heury Clmk. b. Sept. 2. 172'J. 

Children of Thomas', (^lti>^i [ITJ i Henry', Lieut. Henry', 
Henry') and Mary (Ellis) Adams: res. Medfield. Mass. 
i. Mary, b. iu MedfieM. Mu»3. . 1711 : d. youns. 

ii. Haunah', b. in MeilfieKl, Muss-, 1712; m. 173-5. Dauiel Lovell. son of 
.\lexaailer autl Elizabeth ' Dyer; Lovell. Shed, in spring o( 1736, 
nud an infant child. 

lii. .Mary . b. iu Me<llield. 171-1 : d.iiuni. 17ii'.i. 
30. iv. TliouiiiM , b. in Jledlield, 172."i:- 

ni. i1;175', Kliziibftli ('lurk. dim. of !Sult<niou Clark: d. 4 Oct. 
1707, iu "ye a^id year of her age." 

ui- (2iAi>ril27, 17Gx. Siiiah Harris, dan. of NicholaB Harris of 
AValpole, villas. She il. l^M, age 74 

He inherited the homestead in Meiltield. was a man of education 
and intelligence, the father of Haunah the historian and writer. 
, He kept a diary ; d. !3 July. 1S12. 

Children of Jeremiah', (It'.'.ih [l*«] (Henry'. Lieut. Henry', 

Henry") and Rebecca (Fisher i Adams; res. Medway, Mass. 

i. Abigail , b. in Medway. Mans . July 2<), 1717; m. Xov. IV. 1740, Rev. 
John Swilt of Acton, Mass.. bod of Rev. John Swift, who was the tirst 
pastor of Franiingham. Mass. He was b. Jan. 14. 1734 ; graduated at 
Harvard College and became the first settled minister of Acton. 

31- ii. Dea. Elishu , b. iu Medway, Feb. IS), 1719; m. Nov. 20, 1741, 

Rachel Daniel, dau. of Jereuiiah and Hannah (Partridge; Daniel, 
and graud dan. of Johuaud Elizabeth Adams Partridge; b. Oct. SO. 
1714: d. 11 Jau. 180:J, age 8'.". He was town clerk 1750-1700; was 
Uepreseututive in the (ieu Court 1763, 'CO. 00 and '08 ; d. 23 March, 

32- lit. Elizabeth , b. in Medway. Sept. 2'J. 1728: probably m. about l7-"iO, 

.loliii Ituilcti, Moll lif l\Ii4-liiii-l iiud Lydin Bullen; b. in Medway. 
Hept. 18, 17.")2. and d. 2>< Nov. I.M17. 
iv. Euor'. b. in Medway, June '.', 173;J. Notmiig hn* been IpArued 
uf hiiu ; au Kuoii uitM- iu liiooklield. MuaH.I iiud m. Sept. 2<i, 17-*3, 
Mary.Blood. » 

Cliildren ol .^.ti.ilr, (|t;!t;i \\'.i\ iHi-nry'. ^ '"Ut. Henry'. 
nenr\'') and Samuel Ellis; res. Medtield. Masi' 

i. Siiriih r.llin. I. 17J.% 111 I ;v.'; .li.iiiiMinii Alb-tr. d. 1771. ii 

Siiiiiiiel ilUiH. I>. i;-::. m. i7.M. Siiiidi .MiM'ho : il. .>:t. h. It. Ml- 
d. 177:1. iii ICmbid Ktlin. b. 172;*: m. 17.'iU, UetU .MarsU: settled 
ill F-iiii biiiU"'. Mi»:<> It I •'(•'I I'llta, b I7::2. il. siiiiii. 

F;;th.Gtoe-.ation.] l.lLLTtNANT HtXKV. 1.3 

Children of Henry', E>q. (17'i2i [i'<tj (^Henry', Lieut. Henr}--. 
Henry' I and Jemima (Mi,irsei Adams: res. Medfield, Mass. 

id. i. Rev. Anus , b. in Medfield, Miiss.. Sei>t. 1, 1728. 

m. M ; Oct. 18. 17.")3, Elizabeth Prentice, dau. of Dea*. Henry auil 
Elizabeth Prentice of Cainbndgre. Mass. She d. 10 Aug., 1700: 
m. (3) Feb. 15, 1770, Mrs. Abigail Mears. 

m. (3) 1771, Sarah Chauncey, dau. of Eev. Dr. Charles Chaun- 
tey of Bootou, b. 1728. 
He {rradunted at Harvard Cullege, 1752; became pastor of the 
First Church in Kcpxbury. Mass.: was Chaplain in Col. David 
Brewer's 'Jth Cuntinental Kepiment in Oct., 1775: d. 5 Oct., 1775. 
ase 47. 

ii. Sarah', b. in Medfield. Dec. m. 1730; m. Harding. She 

d. i. Doc, 1700. 
iii. Elizabeth', b. in Medfield. Sept. 21, 1732; d. 2-j Sept.. 1733. 
34. iv. Dea. Euuch'. b. in Medfield, June 4, 1784; m. Nor. 3, 1703. 
Eunice Wight, dau. of Jonathan and Sarah (Plimpton) Wight; b. 
July f', 1740; d. 22 June, 1817, a<.'e 77. He was selectman, treas- 
nrer snd deacon m Medfield: removed to Milford, Mass.. in 1795; 
d. 9 July, 1311. 
 V. Eli7abeth , b in Medfield. Oct. 1, 1736: m. Sept. 11.1700. Lieut. 
Oliver Adams, son of Capt. Jonathan Adams of Medway, Mass. 
Sued. 11 Dec. 1S22. "=■ 

H5. vi. JVcninn', b. in Medfield. Aoril 11, 174): m. S-^pt. 27, 1704. Capt. 

J(.8tiiL Lcvell, son of Joseph and Prudence 'Cliirki Lovell of 
Mea-,v:iy, Masb.; b. Aug. 2b, 1741. She d. 27 Oct.. 1814. 
vii. Lydia . b. in Medfield, Nov. 23, 1741 ; m. 17GG. Dea. 'V\"illiRm Park- 
man of Concord, Mass Hem. 2nd. Jan. 2". 17><9, Lydia Proc- 
tor oi Boston. They were ili^missed from church in Medfield 
to the church in Concord, Mass., in 1775. She d. 10 May. 1787. 
30. viii. Elijah Es(i., b in Medfield, Nov. 14, 1743: m. 1700, Abigail Chenery, 
b. March 12. 1747: d. 12 May, 1824. He inherited the home- 
stesd in Medfield, Mass. ; was selectman, justice of the peace 
and a promineiit citizen: d. 4 April, is2ii. 
ix. Kezia\ b. in Medfield, March 31, 1747: m. May 28. 1777. Dr. 
Josiah Holt, son of Paul and Melatiuh (Chandler! Holt, b. Feb. 23, 
17."4: wa3;i surgeon in the revolution ; purchased a car^jo of medical 
supplies on which he realized a large sum: settled in Killingly, 
Conn. She d. 7 April, 1812. 
37. s. So\)Lia'. b. in Medfield. March 3. 1749: m. Dea. Esek Marsh, 

son of Alexander Marsh, ol Hollii^ton. Mass. : he inherited his 
father's homestead : was chosen deacon in Juue.l7U3. and servetl for 
40 years. He is described as a man who waH well informed and 
facetious. She d. 14 April. 1820. 
xi. Henry\ b. in Medfield, Aus. 11, 1754: d. 2S Dec. 1758. 

16 i.iEL-TEXANT HF.NKv. [Sixth Generation. 

Children of Asa*, ( iT^a"! [21] (Benoni*, Moses', Lieut. Henry', 
Henry') and Ruth (Parker; Adams: res. Hopkinton, Mass. 

38 i. Mary*, b. in Hopkinton, Sept. 2,17.50; m. Asa Littlefield, eon of 

Epbvaim and Sarah (Bullard; Littlefield; b. 1757; d. 10 ^Nov., 
1837, ase 80. They settled in Framingbam, Maee., in 1791, -where 
she d. 12 Feb.. 1838, age 8S. 
ii. Ana', b. in Hopkinton, Jan. 25, 1753; d. young. 

89 iii. Dr. Asa", b. in Hopkinton. Nov. 6 (20?), 1735; m. Ang. 22, 1783. 

Ma'rtha Metcalf of Franklin. Mass. He settled iu South Natick 
Mane . and built a bouse there. 

40 iv. Buth', b, in Hopkinton. June 9. 1757; m. June IS. 1776, Phineas 

Forbes, son of Dea. Jonathan and Joanna (Taiuter) Forbes; 
b. March 2, 1748 : d. 29 July, 1819. He m. 2d Aprils, 1797, Bebecca 
Tainter. who d. 25 Aug.. 1802; res. Westboro, Mass. Kuth d. 2 
May. 1794. 

41 y. Lois'-, b. in Hopkinton. Jan. 31, 1760; m. Not. 1G. 1780, Moses 

Fames, son of Joseph and Susaiiuii (Pike) Eamee, grandson of 
Thomas, the brick-layer ; baptized April 11, 1732. He was a prom- 
inent man in Framingham, Mass.: planted t-wo chestnut trees in 
front of the hot-el there : sold out in 1809, and removed to Jaffrey. N. 
H.; d. in Whitingliam, Vt. 

42 -vi. Moses', b. probably in Med-n-uy, Maes, .about 1763 : m. March 25, 1793 

Martha Fames. 
48 vii. Silus'.b. in Medway, Mass.. 1704; m. Feb. 25, 1788. (pub., Dec. 1767.) 
Lois Ide. dau^ of Josiah Ide of Medway ; she d. in WTiiting, Vt.. 
9 -\ng . 1818, in her 57th year. MeJwny record says. -'Silas of 
Hopkinton " m. Lois Ide of Med-waj-. He removed, about 1790. to 
Jaffrey, N. H.. and thence, in 1807, to Whiting. Vt. He d. in 
Middlebury, Vt., 17 Jan., 1842. in the 7iith year of his age. 

Children of Mary'. (1730) [22] (Benoni', Moses', Lieut. 
Henry', Henry') and Col. Abner Phipps; res. Holliston, Mass. 

i. Nathan Phipps, b. Oct 31, 1752; m. 1773, Lydia Parker. ii. 
Moses Phipps, b May 29. 175S: m. 1788. Hannah (perhaps Moree; 

Children of Isaac', (1733) [23] i Benoni*, Moses', Lieut. Henrj-', 
Henry' j, and Sarah ^ Partridge i Adams; res. "Westboro. Mass. 

44: i. Isaac'. Jr.. b. in Westboro. March 17, 1777: m. (pub. Jan. 10. 1802), 

m. April 8. 1802. Margery Gibson of Hopkinton. Mass., b. Feb. 23, 
1775. He settled on homestead. Westboro, Mas-s. : d. 25 June. 1815, 
age 38. 

4-5 ii. Deborah', b. in WeetV»oro. about 17!r0: m. Joel Butler, bod of Jere- 

miah and Martha iMoree! Butler: he m. 2d, LviUa Chamberlain. 
They bettled in Winchendon. Muss. 

Sixth Generrction.] lilltlnant henkv. IT 

Children of Sarah', (17?o) [24] (Beconi', Moses'. Lieut. 

Henry', Henry' i and Timothy Twitcheil ; res. Hollislon, ^ilass. 

i. JoeepL Twitcheil, b. June 9, 1763: ra. Lucj- Bice. She d. in Ja- 
maica. Vt., 20 April, 1S49. He removcil to WardBboro. Vt., and 
a. April, 1835. age 72, ii. Hanoah TT»-itchell, b. Jnlv 4, 1704. 
iii. Sarah Twitcheil. b. Sept. 2. 1706. iv. Mary Twitcheil, b. Jan. 
20, 1709. V. Timothy Twitcheil, b. Oct. 1, 1770. yi. Lucy 
Twitcheil, b. Dec. 13, 1772. rii. Buth Twitcheil, b. Oct, 9, 1774. 
Tiii. Trial Twitcheil, b, Feb. 2, 1777; reiuoveJ to Black Birer 
country, X. Y, 

Child of Moses:'. n721) [25] (Moses*, Moses\ Lieut. Henry', 

Henry') and Lois i Haven) Adams: res. Framingham, Mass. 

40. i. Eev. Moeos'. b. in Framingham. Maas., Oct. 10, 174J?-9: ni. about 

I77i:, Abigail Stone, dau. of Hon. Josiah and Anna 'Haven; Stone^f 
Fraiuiugham, Mass. : b. Noy. 11, 1749, d. 7 Dec, 1812, age 63. He 
graduat^^d at Harvard iu 1771 : was cidaiued at Acton, Mass., June 
25, 1777: din Acton. 18 Oct., 1819. H«- was commiesioned as chap, 
lain in the Continental army. Col. Eleazer Brooks' Reg. Sept. 25, 
1770, and was stationed near Xew York: was present at the battle of 
White Plains. N. Y. 

Children of James , Jr.. (1715) [20] (James', Moses', Lieut. 
Henry', Henry' i and Rebecca (Fairbanks'! Adams ; res. Sherbom, 

1. John , b. in Sherborn. ; d. 2 June, 1744. 

ii. Susanna', b. in Sherborn, Sept. 20, 1740: d. 20 June. 1744. 
iii. Jfjues'', b. in Sherborn, Jan. 13, 1742: d. 4 July, 1744. 
iv. Susanna", b. in Sherborn, Feb. 13. 1744-5, • 

V. James, b. in Sherborn, Nov. 8, 174G; m. Abigail (Kabbyi Car- 
penter, dau, of Elipholet Carpenter, of Woodstock, Conn. ; b, July 
8, 1748. She m. 2nd Asa Childs. He settled in Keeue, N. H., re- 
moved to Woodstock. Vt. 

47. vi. Rebecca', b in Sherborn. Aug. 22, 1749; 'm. Elijah Houghton, 

of WoodBtock, Tt. ; b. May 20, 1745 : d. 7 March, 1838. She settled 
in St. Johnsbnry, Yt.: d. 12 Jan., 1S32. 
vii. Abigail . b. in Sherborn, Aug. 2. 1750 : m. Thomas Hoi brook, of Vx- 
brldge. Mass. 

48. viii. Samuel , b in Sherborn, Dec. 80. 1752: 

m. (l)Mayl, 1777, Mrs, Elizabeth Xewhall, of Lancaster, Mass. 

m. (2) Deborah Bishop: b. Jan. 23, 1705, d. 27 Jan., 1S33. 
His father dying in 1755, he made his home with his mother's eis- 
t-er, Mrs. Samuel Green, in Mendon, Mass., till of age. He 
settled in _«ngor, Franklin Co.. X. Y., and d. 12 Feb., 1938, age 80. 

IS LlEUTE.NANi llENKV. [Sixth Generation. 

40. ix. Benoni', b. in Sherborn. Dec. 31, 17.'j4; m. May 8, 1777, Sosan 
Cbamberlain, dau. of JbooI) Clianiberliuti, of Dndlej-, Mass. BeDoni, 
a privrtte in Capt. KatLauiel HeiJey'g Co., Col. Jonatban Holmes' 
■Worceetei- Co. Beg.; served in R. I., 43 days: roll of Dec, 1776. 
Again in Capt. Xathaniel Clapp'B Co., Col. Benjamin Hawes' 4th 
Baflolk Reg., 1 mo., 11 days in R. I., July 26, 177s to Sept 11th. 

Children of Elizabeth', QTlOi [:27] (Jamas', Moses', Liq|it. 

Herrrf, Henrj'') and Elisha Rockvood ; res. Groton, Mass. 

i. Elizabeth Rocktrood, b. May 6, 1730; d. 17 Sept., 1753. ii. Elisha 
Rockwood, b. XoT.9. 1740: d. Feb., 1831. iii. Samnel Rc^t^od, 
b. Aug. 11, 1742: d. 2 Sept., 1753. iv. Joseph RookJ^d, b. 
Jnne 13, 1744; d. 1816; m. Saruh Richardson. v. Dr. '^f0nezeT 
Bockwood, b. Aug. 13, 1746: d. 10 Feb., 1830. vi. Lydia Bock- 
wood, b. May 27, 174?: d. 17 Sept., 1753. yii. Abigail Rock-wood, 
b. Aug. IB, 1751; J. 182 J ; va. Ebenezer Woo9. viii. Moses 
Rock-wood, b. July 11, 1753: d. 7 Sept.. 1753. ix. Dea. Samuel 
Rock-wood. b. Dec. 6, 1754; d. 20 May, 1804: clothier, Groton, 
Mass. : ni. Lucy Hubbard. x. Elizabe' sBockwood, b. April 17, 
1757; d. 11 Sept., 1847; m. Dea. Anios Farnsworth, of Groton. 
xi. Lydia Rockwood, b. Aug. 23, 1759; m. Abijah Wood, of West- 
minster, Mass. . xii. Sybil Rockwood, b. Aug. 11, 1761 ; d. 1818; 
m. Dft-yid How, of Sudbury, Mb*?. siii. Sarah Rockwood, b. 
Jiily 3, 1703 ; m. Stephen Hornby, 6f Pepperell, Mass. 

Children of Hannah', (1723j [2S] (James', Moses', Lieut. 

Henrj-', Henry') and Jason Phipps; res. Sherborn, Mass. 

i. Hannah Phipps, b. Dec. 23, 1756. ii. Jason Phipps, b. July 23, 
17.58; d. 5 Sept., 1759. iii. Jason Phipps, b. June 23, 1760: m. 

Mary . iv. Moses Phipps. b. Nov. 29, 1761. v. David 

Phipps, b. Nov. 9, 1763 ; d 10 April, 1767. vi. David Phipps, b. 
Aug. 3, 1708 ; m. Betsey . 

Children of iMoses', (172(5) [i>9] James*, Moses', Lieut. 
Henr\-', Henr>'') and Hepzibah (Death) Adams: res. Sherborn, 
Mass., and Dublin, X. H. .^ 

60. i. John",.b. in Sherborn, Mass., March 11, 1752 ; m. Jan. 25, 1774, Mary 

RolliuB. dau. uf James of Dublin, N. H. : b. Jan., 1758: d. 29 March, 
1818, *gft 60. He removed from Dublin to Neleon, N. H.^and. 
thence to Rodman, Jeffeiaon Co., X. T.,. about 1813; d. 13 
Jan., 1E2D. 

51.' ii. Hepzibah-, b. in Sherborn, Deo. 8, 1761 : m. April 29, 1784, Asa 
Fairbanks, son of Den. Ebenezer Fairbanks : b. March 4,. 1702 ; d 
26 July, IdlO : Eoldier of the Revolution^ settled in Dublin, N. H., 
1784. " 

Sixth Generation.] lieutenant henrv. 19 

Children of Moses', (1720) and Mar>- (S^van) Adams. 

iii. Aljie-nil , b. in Dublin, N.H., Jtine 23, 1700: d, 15 April, 1780. 
r.2. iv. Hannah', b. in Dublin, Feb. 8, 1767; m. March G, 1783, Maj. 
John Morse, b. June 19, 1754 : an influential and important man ; d. 
19 Feb.. 1«13. She d. April, 1853. 
5a. T. MoBes-, b. in Dublin, Not. 10, 1767-8: nj. Jan. 10, 1793, Hannah "Wil- 

bod; b. June 27, 1772 : d. 18 Jan., 1864. He d. 30 April, 1844. 
54. vi. JaiiieE', b. in Dublin, April 8, (23 ?) 1770; m. Aug. 31, 1794, 
Abigail Haywanl, dau. of Joseph Hay\vard, b. Dec. 20, 1777. He d. 
June, 1810. 
•rii. Sarah*, b. in Dublin, Feb.. 11, 1772. 
Viii. Samuel, b. in Dublin, Dec. 10, 1773; d. 27 Aug., 1777. 
ix. David', b. in Dublin, April 2, 1775; d. 17 Aug., 1777. 
X. David , b. in Dublin, Aug. 25, 1778; d. 18 Dec, 1779. 
li. Jesse', b. in Dublin, Feb. 17, 1781. 

Children of Thomas\ illib) [3u] (Thomas', Henry', Lieut. 
Henry', Htnr>-'i and Elizabeth (Clark) Adams; res. MedSeld, 

i. Hannah", b. in Medfield, Mass., Aug. 16, 1751 ; d. vonng. 

ii. Betsey , b. in MedHeld, April 14. 1753. Shed, unm., in 1789. Her 
sibter, Hannah, the historian, calls her "Elizabeth," and says 
that upon her the care of the family devolved on the death 
of the mother in 1767. She waa to Hannah like a mother, "her 
iruide, philosopher and friend." 

iii. Hannah', b. in Medfield, Oct. 2, 1755. She -n-as known aa the 
■writer and historian ; d. nnm. in 1831. 

She knit bobbin lace during war time, 1775-80, and in bo doing 
earned more than she could have done at ordinary spinning and 
■weaving ■which was the common occupation ; she also earned money 
after the war in teaching Latin and Greek to several young men 
■who were fitting for college. She wrote several books, as "A View 
cf Religions," "History of New England," and " The Hiatory of 
the Jews." The first went through four editions, and wae fa^vorably 
noticed in England as well as in America. Her i>etitioD presented 
to Congress by Fisher Ames resulted in a law to protect the 
rights of authors. 

iv. Lncy, b in Medfield, Aug. 1, 175S; m. 1777, Moses HUl, of Gaid- 
ner, Mass. 

V. Lewis, b. in Medfield, June 21, 1761; d. unm. 26 Dec., 1835; 
was characterized as "learned but eccentric. " 

vi. Xfwton', b. in Medfield, April, 17C4 ; is said to have married, 
but no more is known. He d. 17 Dec, 1844. 

A Xcwt on enlisted July 14, 17s0, in Capt. Nathan Thayer's Co., Col. 
Ebenerer Thayer s Suffolk Beg., served 3 mos. and 6 days; was 
at Vest Point: discharged Oct. 9, 1780. Also in Capt. Amos Ellis' 
Cf... Col. Deiiiis 4th Suffolk Beg., March 3, 1781, 15 days, to 
March 17. 

L'o LIEUTENANT HENKV. [Sixth Generation. 

Children of Thomas', (172r.i and Sarah fHarrisj Adams. 

53. vii. Johu Wickliff, b. in MeddelJ, July 11. 1773: 

m. (U Jau 3, 1805, Amy Ballou, of Frankliu, Mass., " a woman of 
supeiior abilities;" d. 7 Nov., 1820; age 43 years, 9 mouths, 27 

m. (^2/ 182y, Grace Holbrook, dau. of Thomas aud Sally (Dana) 
Holbrook, of South Xtttick, Mass.; b. Nov. 11, 1781: d. 18G6. 
He was a successful teacher aud a remarkable mechanic. He 
eslabliahe'l a brush factory ; manufactured organs, etc. He d. 6 
Feb., 1870, age 97. , 

50. .-iii. Capt. James Harvey", b. in Medfield, Oct. 2, 1775. The record 
says '• Sarah M. " the ■widow of James, ot Bristol, d 1834. ape 49. 
He settled in Bristol. R. I., was a seamnu, aud d. on the coast of 
Africa ; time not ;;n'^eD. 

57. ix. Mary*, b. in Medfield, 17S4; m. l'^08, Amasa Fisk, son of Robert 

Fisk; b. Seiit. 17, 1780: a graduate of Brown University and 
an attorney: d. in Dover, Tt., 23 March. 1847. She d. 1834. 

58. X. George Whitfield, b. in Medfield; m. 1703. Polly Drown, dau." of 

Jonathan and Rhoda Drown, of Bristol, R. I. He was a 'teacher 
and d. at .Savannah, Ga., in 1S20. 

Children of Dea. Elisha\ (171l») [.31] (Jeremiah*, Henry', 

Lieut. Henry". Henry'i. and Rachel (Daniel) Adams: res. Med- 

way, Mass. 

i. Abigail , b. i€ Medv.ay, Oct. 4, 1744; m. ipub. Msy 21. 1761) Tim- 
othy HamHut. Shed, in Med way, ;Rockvillel Mass. 

59. ii. Rev. Dauiel , b. in Med way, Jan.. 174ii-7; m. May 20. 1777, Silence 

"Wight, dau. of Jonathan uud Sarah (Plimpton') Wight, of Medfield, 
Mass. She was b. Dec. 11, 1743: m. 2nd Nov. 2.:i, 17S4. Capt. 
John Baxter, of Medfield. aud d. 15 April, lal7. 

He graduated at Harvard College in 1774; was ordained and 
settled iu Watertown, Mass., April 29, 1778: d. in W., 16 Dec. 
(Sept?i 1773, age 32. 

Child of Elizabeth-. (ITl^Si [?>-2] (Jeremiah*. Henry', Lieut. 

Henr}-'. Henry') and John Biillen; r^s. Medfield, Mass. 

i. Jednthon Bnlleu, b. Jui.- "O. : 

m. 1 1) July 2, 1772, Dolly Clark ; d. 20 July. 1795. 
m. (2j Nov. 9, 1785, Bathsheba Daniels; b. April 0, 1763: d. 21 
Apnl, 1828. Hed. 5 March. 1830. 

Children of Rev. Amos', (17:is^ ■:>"! ''Henr)-*. Esq.. Henr\'", 

Lieut. Henry', Heni"}''), and Elizabeth tPreiitii;ci Adams; res. 

Ro.xbur\% Mass. 

60 i. Elizabeth\ b. in R'.>xl>uri-.,Mas.s . Anc. 2. I7."4; m. I'.il'. Oct. 16. 1779) 

Rev. John BuUnrd, sou of Hi'nry aud Jeiuiuiu  Poml) Bullard, b. 
Nov. 28. 17.j<ir prad. Harvard 1776: ordftiuedainlsetTieu inPepperell, 
Ma-H.*.. in 1779 : il. iu Peppere!!, 18 Sept., 1321. ngc 0?. She d. 1827. 

Sixth Generation.] lieutenant henrv. ,21 

ii. Amos*, b. in Roxbary, Xot. 22, 1755 ; d. 2 June. 1761. 
iii. Harry*, b. in Eoxbury, June 29, 1758; m. Solly Pelton. He i 1793. 
iv. Charles*, b. in Rosbury, Jan. 16, 1760; m. in Newbern, N. C, 

and had a dan. He d. in Xewbern, 1799. 
V. Amo8\ b. in Roxbury, Dec. 25, 1762; d. in Medfield, 17 Dec, 

1786, in his 24th year, 
vi. Rftv. Thomas", b. in Boxbnry, July 6, 1764; m. Dinah Wiley. He d. 
in Camden, S. C; one son, TVilliam, d. unm. 
61 Tii. Joseph", b. in Rosbury, July 11, 1767; m. Jan. 26, 1792, Debo- 
rah Marsh, dau. of John Marsh of Litchfield, Conn., b. Jnly 18, 
1773; d. 23 July, 1357. He d. in Litchfield. Conn., 14 July, 1856. 
63 viii. Sarah. [Sally?] b. in Roxbury, March 26, 1769; m. Oct. 6, 1789, 
Giles Richards of Boston. She d. 1836. 

Children of Dea. Enoch', (1734) [34] (Henry', Henry', Lieut. 
Henr}", Henry') and Eunice (Wight) Adams; res. Medway, Mil- 
ford and Rutland, Mass. 

i. Eunice*, b. perhaps in Medfield, Mass., July 17, 1768 ; d. in Rntland, 

Mass., umn., 5 Dec, 1859, age 91 years, 5 months and 18 days. . 
ii. Enoch*, b. in Medfield. June 24, 1775; d. 31 Aug., 1782, "in ye 
8th year of his age." 
C3 iii. Oliver', b. in Medfield. Oct. 27, 1777; m. abint 1795, Betsey 

Parkhurst ; d. about 1860, age 81. He d. DfC. 1848, a^c 71. 

Children of Jemima' (1"4<)) [35] (Henry,' Esq., Henry', Lieut. 

Henry', Henry'), and Capt. Joseph Lovell; res. E. Medway, 


i. Joseph Lovell, b. in E. Med-n-ay, Dec. 23, 1765; d. 31 March. 1766. 
ii. Jemima Lovell, b. June 3, 1767; m. 1786, Ezra Richardson. 
She d. 3 Oct., 1826.* iii. Elizabeth LoveU, b. June 17, 1769; m. 
Rev. Stephen Baxter. Shed. 11 Oct., 1832. iv. Sarah LoveU, 
b. May 29, 1772; d. 27 April, 177-5. v. Abigail Lovell, b. Jan. 
20, 1775; m. 1800, Rev. John Pierce. n. Keziah Lovell, b. 
March 2, 1778; d. 7 May, 1797. vii. Sarah Lovell, b. Oct 31, 
1783; d. 10 Sept., 1786. 

Children of Elijah,' Esq., (1743) [36] (Henry*, Esq., Henry', 
Lieut. Henry', Henry'), and Abigail i^Chenery) Adams; res. Med- 
field, Mass. 

C4 i. Sarah', b. in Medfield, Mass. , June 29, 1767 ; m. 1790, Calvin Turner 

of Mendon, Mass., son of Ichabod, d. 1840. She settled in Med- 
field, Mass., and d. 20 March, 1831. 
ii. Rebecca", b. in Medfield, Sept. 12, 17G8 ; m. 1797, John Smith of 
Medfield, Mass.; b. 1763; d. 1343. Shed. July, 1848; no issue. 

• Sarah RicbarJson. dau. of Jemima and Ezra, b. 1796 ; d. 1834 ; m. 1621, Alran Bond, ami was 
mother of Hon. Henry R. Bond of New London, Conn. 


LIEUTENANT HENRV. [Sixth- Generation. 

iii. Abigail", b. in Medfield. Jan. 7, 1T70; m. April 18, 1799, Xathan 
Wight of Medfield, Mass., son of Jouathan and Lois (Clark) Wight ; 
b. Feb. 2, 1772; d. 22 Jan., 1850. Shed. 13 Oct., I860; no issue. 

iv. HenrJ•^ b. in Medfield. Aug. 0, 1771; d. 7 Aug., 17S7. 

65 V. Elijah.' Jr.. b. in Medfield, May 21, 1773; m. March 30, 1797, 

Lydia Smith: b. June 27. !771: d. 1804, age 86. He resided -with 
his brother on the homestead, Medfield, Mass.; d. 20 Dec, 1849. 

66 vi. Elisho*, b. in Medfield. Dec. 14, 1774: m. Susanna Foster of Bos- 

ton: d. 21 Jan., 182S, age 53. He was a cabinet-maker; res. 
Dorchester, Mass. 

67 vii. Amos', b. in Medfield. May 9. 1770: 

m. CI) April 14, 1805, Margaret Flint of Salem, Mass. 
m. (2) July 23, 1809, Mary La Favour of Portland, .Me. 
He was a carisenter ; settled in Portland, Me.; d. in Portland, 12 
Oct., 1849, age 73. 
viii. Prudence', b. in Medfield. June 29, 1778 : d unm. 28 June, 1813. 
is. Kezia", b. in Medfield, Oct. 9, 1779; d. same year. 
X. Jeremiah', b. in Medfield, Oct. 5, 1780: d. 6 Oct., 1804. 
si. Joseph', b. in Medfield. Aug. 25, 1782 ; d. unm. 4 Mar. 1830. 
xii. Elizabeth', b. in Medfield, April 20. 1784 : d. in infancy, 
xiii. Martha', b. in Medfield. May 10, 1785; d. unm. Dec, 1859. 

68 siv. Henry', b. in Medfield. Oct. 15, 1787; m. Oct. 21, 1824, Eliza 

Crane of Dorchester. Mass ; d. 24 Nov. . 1680. He resided in Med- 
field, Mass., and d. on the homestead 29 June, 1858. 

69 XV. Charles Jeremiah', b. in Medfield. Oct. 11, 1789; 

m. (1) Hannah Baker of Dorchester, Mass.; d. 23 Oct., 1838, age 43. 
m. (2) Mary D. Breck of Milton, Mass.; d. Dec. 1889. 
He was a merchant in Boston. Mass.- d. 20 March. 1848. 
xvi. Elizabeth', b. in Medfield, Aprillo, 1791 ; d. unm. 17 Jan., 1815. 

Children of Sophia', (1740) [37] (Henry', Esq., Henry', Lieut. 

Henry", Henry') and Dea. Esek Marsh : res. Holliston, Mass. 

i. Eeek Marsh. Jr. ,b. : settled in Charlton, Mass. ' ii. Amelia 

Sophia Marsh, b. March 10, 1770. iii. Lucinda Marsh, b. 
Dec. 20, 1778. iv. Alexander Marsh, b. Jon. 3, 1782. v. 
Charles Marsh, b. Oct. 30. 1785. vi. Elizabeth Marsh, b. Aug. 
15. 1792. vii. Amos Marsh, b. . 

Seventh Generation.] LIEUTENANT HENRY. 23 

Children of Mar>-*, (1750) [3S] (Asa', Benoni', Moses', Lieut. 

Henry', Henry') and Asa Littlefield' ; res. Framingham, Mass. 

i. Asa Littlefield. b. probably in Hoiikinton, Mass. ; d 1790. ii. Bath 
Littlefield. b. Nov. 3, 178^': m. (1) Nov. 30, 1797. Thomas Temple, 
m. (2) Dec. 22, 1806, Luther Rockwood. iii. Adams Littlefield. 
b. June 30. 1783 ; m. Feb. 20. 1817, Mary Morse. She d. 31 Dec., 
1834; he d. in Southboro, Mass., 25 Dec, 1872. iv. Polly Little- 
field, b. July 20, 1792; m. Dec. 23. 1812, Grant Fay; she d. 6 
Oct.. 1872. 

Child of Dr. Asa', (1755) [3y] (Asa', Benoni', Moses', Lieut. 
Henry', Henry') and Martha (Metcalf) Adams ; res. South Nat- 
ick, Mass. 

i. Asa Metcalf', b. in So. Natick, Mass, Jan. 10, 17S3. 

Children of Ruth', (1757) [in] (Asa', Benoni', Moses', Lieut. 

Henry', Henn,-') and Phineas Forbes; res. Westboro, Mass. 

i. Elijah Forbes, b. July 15, 1777: d. 9 April, 1848: m. June 12, 1803, 
Lorisa Warren: b. Aug. 3. 1780; d. 27 Sept., 1854 : res. Westboro, 
Mass. ii. Leveniah Forbes, b. Not. 2, 1780; m. April 24, 1803, 
James Bowman ; b. Nov. 9, 1770. iii. Patty Forbes, b. April 1, 
1783; m. May 8, 1805, Eli Warreu ; b. Feb. 12, 1772: d. 6 April, 
1851. iv. Nahum Forbes, b. April 23. 1785 : d. 27 Nov., 1839 ; m. 
(i; Nov. 28, 1809. Lucy Kinsman ; b. 1787 : d. 19 Sept., 1821 : m. (2) 
June 4, 1822, PoUy Fairbanks. y. Susanna Forbes, b. July 17, 
1787: d. 12 Aug., 1791. vi. Betsey Forbes, b. Oct. 29, 1789; d. 
10 Sept.. 1801. vii. Polly Forbes, b. Feb. 25,1792; d. 22 July, 

Children of Lois", (17G0) [41] (Asa', Benoni*, .Mo.'^e-\ Lieut. 

Henry', Henry') and Moses Eames; res. Jaffrey. X. H. 

i. Sally Eames. b. Aug. 25. 1780. ii. Debby Eames, b. April 24 1788. 
iii. ActsaJi Eames, b. Feb. 27, 1790. iv. Moses Eames. Jr.. 
b. Dec. 8, 1791: res. So. Natick, Mass; removed to Jaflfrey, N. H. 
v. Lois Eames, b. Nov. 27, 1793 ; d. 14 March, 18C8. vi. Joseph 
Eames, b. Jan. 27, 1796. vii. Olive Eames, b April 10. 1798. 
viii. Aaron Eames. b. Feb. 27. 1800 ; d. youns. ix. Leonard 
Eames, b. Nov. 20, 1802. 

Children of Moses', (1763) [42] (Asa', Benoni', Moses', Lieut. 
Henry ', Henry') and Martha (Eames) Adams ; res. Hopkinton, 

i. Eliza", b. in Hopkinton, Mass , April 10. 1790. 
ii. Hannah", b. in Hopkinton, June 10. 179i. 

24 LiEUTEXAXT HENRV. [Seventh Generation. 

iii. Warren', b. in Hopkinton, Nov. 14, 1800. 

ir. Almira', b. in Hopkinton, April 23, 1802. 

V. Asa', b. in Hopkinton, April 9, 1804. 

vi. Jane'.b. in Hopkinton, April 10, ISOG. 

vii. Sarah', b. in Hopkinton, Dec. 20, 1816. 

Children of Silas", (1764) [43] (Asa', Benoni', Moses', Lieut. 
Henry', Henry') and Lois (Ide) Adams; res. Jaffrey, N. H., and 
Whiting, Vt. 

70 i. Joseph', b. inMed-svav, Mass., Oct. 21, 1798-9 : m. M^rch 10, 1810. Eliz- 

abeth (Betsey) Washburn, dau. of Benjamin and Jernsha (Foster) 
Washburn : b. in Whitin-;, Yt.. May 19. 1784 : d. in Middlebnry, "Vt., 
9 June. 1840. Hed. in Middlebury. Xt.. 3 Feb., 1850. 
ii. Thirza', b. in Jaflfrey, N. H. July 7, 1792 ; a milliner ; d. unm. in Mid- 

bury, "Vt., 24 Jan., 186G. nge 74. 
iii. Silas', Jr., b. in Jaffrey, N. H.,Feb. 0, 1790; d. at Savannah, Ga., 

nnm. 22 Aug., 1820, age 25. 
iv. Lois', b. in Jaffrey, N". H.. October 29, 1799 : m. Samuel Pond; d. at 

Burke, St. Law. Co. N. T., in 1822: 2 children, deceased. 
V. Gregory Ide', b. in Jaffrey, X. H., June 18, 1804 ; removed to Lock- 
port, X. Y.; returned about 1849 to Middlebury, Vt., and d. unm. 27 
Nov., 18G8. 

71 vi. Asa', b. in Jaffrey, N. H., Oct. 3, 1805 ; m. at AuOTsta, Ga., Elizabeth 

Gable. Shed. 22 Jan., 1802, age 50. Cabinet-maker; settled in 
Middlebury, Yt.,in May, 1843, and d. 27 Oct., 1843, in the 38th year 
of his age. 

Children of Isaac', Jr., (1777) [44] (Isaac', Benoni', Moses', 

tic'Jt. Henry', Henry') and Margery (Gibson) Adams; res. West- 

boro, Mas'?- 

72. i. Hannah', b in Westboro, Mass.. April 3. 1803 ; m. Dec. 34, 1835, Ap- 

pleton W. Dresser. She d. in Dresserville, Cayuga Co., N. T., 10 
Aug., 1887. 
ii. John G., b. in Westboro, Sept 4. 1304. He removed to N. Y. State 
and to Illinois, and d. about 187.}. 

73.. iii. Sanford', b. in Westboro, Nov. 15, ISO-I; m. March 19, 1829. Sarah 
Nahor, of Hancock, N. H., dan. of David and Esther (Peabody) 
Nahor: b. Oct. 19, 1800. He d. in Westboro. Mass., Nov., 1880;* 
made will May 19. 1870: same filed Nov. 10, 1890. 

74. iv.. Olive', b. in Westboro, April 17. 1807; m. March 13. 1841, Elijah For- 

bush: b. March 28, 18W r d. 29 Dec.. 1898. She d. » Aug., 1866; res. 
Upton, Mass. ; left one dau. 

75. V. Isaac V.'. b. in Westboro. May 30. 1809 ; m. Dec. 13, 1831, Cynthia L. 

Littlefield: b. Dec. 12, 1804: d. in Detroit. Mich.. 21 May, 1887. 
He removed to Detroit, Mich., and d. July, 1893. 

Seventh Generation.] lieutenant henrv. . 25 

vi. Sarah', b. in Westboro, Feb. 2, 1811; d. yonng. 

70. -rii. Alvin T.', b. in Weatboro, May 10, 1S12: 

m. (1) Nov. 22, 1830, Bethia L. Beal -. d. 5 Jan., 187><. 
m. (2) Nov. 29,1882, Mary L. Phippa ; res. West boro, Mass.: 
liTingin 1890. 

77. Tiii. Daniel P.', b. in Westboro, Sept. 21, 1814; (pub. Sept. 17), m. Nov. 9, 

1830. Abby T. Fisher, of Bellingham, Mass. He d. in Milford, 
Mass. , 29 May, 1885. 

Child of Deborah', (17S0) [45] (Isaac', Benoni*, Moses', Lieut. 
Henrj-', Henry') and Joel Butler; res. Westboro, Mass. 

i. .Adorns Butler, b. May 1.5, 1790; d. in Southboro, Mass ,2 July, 1873, 
age 83 years, 7 months, 17 days. 

Children of Rev. Moses', (174S) [40] (Moses', Moses'. Moses', 
Lieut. Henry', Henry'j and Abigail (Stone) Adams ; res. Acton, 

78. i. Louisa', b. in Framingham, Mass., Sept. 7, 1773; m. June 25, 1790, Dr. 

John Park, of Boston; Dartmouth College, 1779; d. 4 March, 1852. 
She d. 1813. 

79. ii. Nancy', b. inFramingham, Jan. 18, 1776; m. Rev. Nicholas B. Whit- 

nej-, of Hingham, Mass.; Harvard University, 1793. She d. in 
Hingham, Mass. 

80 iii. Dr. Moses', b. in .icton. Mass., Nov. 28, 1777 ; 

m. (l)Oct. 19, 1800, MaryL. Tuttle, of Littleton, Mass.; d. 1815. 

m. (2 1 Dec. 12, 1821, Nancy Phillips, who d. at Belle Plain. Me., 
i Jan., 1803. He graduated at Harvard, 1797; practiced medicine 
in Ellsworth, Me. ; d. in Ellsworth, Me., 11 Dec, 1839. 

81. iv. Nabby', b. in Acton, Jan., 1730; m. Oct. 11, 1804, Luke Bisby, mer- 
chant, of Acton, Mass. They resided much of the time in the 
West Indies and the Southern states, and both died of consumption, 
she on the 17 Nov., 1808. at Acton, he at Savannah, Ga., on the 20 
Nov., 1808, age 31. Both were buried on the 21st, he in Georgia, 
she in Acton. 

V. Josiah', Esq., b. in Acton, Nov. 3, 1781: m. Feb. 1. 1810, (pub. at 
Windham. N. H.. Nov. 11. 1809) Jane Park, sister of Dr. John 
Park above, of Windham, N. H. He graduated at Harvard, 1801, 
practiced law in Framingham, Mass. ; d. Feb. . 1854 ; no issue. 

vi. Joseph', b. in Acton, Sept. 25, 1783 ; m. 1814, .\lmira Fisk, dau. of 
Rev. Thaddeus Fisk, of W. Cambridge, Mass. He graduated at 
Harvard. 1785 ; was an attorney in W. Cambridge, and d. there 10 
June, 1814; no issue. 

vii. Clarissa', b. in Acton. July 13, 1785 ; m. Nov.. 1843, Caleb Hersey. 
of Hingham, Mass., (his 2nd m. ) no issue. 

26 LIEUTEXAXT HEXRV. [Seventh Generation. 

Children of Rebecca', (174^) [47] (James', James', Moses', 
Lieut. Henr}-', Henry') and Elijah Houghton ; res. Lyndon, Vt. 

i. Alpheus Houghton, b. Sept. 19, 1TG9: settled with hia parents in St. 
Johnsburj- and Lyndon, Tt., and d. 3 May, 1847. ii. Stephen 
Houghton, b. .A.iig. 31.1773: d. 20 Nov., 1811. iii. Susanna 
HonghtoD, b. July 12, 1775; m. Mr. Chandler; remoTed to Canada. 
iv. Elijah Houghton, b. July 2'5. 1877 ; removed West 1830-5 v. 
Bebecca Houghton, b. July IS, 1778. vi Samuel Houghton, b. 
June 7, 1780: d. 10 Hay, 1782. 

Children of Samuel", (1752) [4S] (James', Jr., James', Moses', 
Lieut. Henr}-', Henry') and Elizabeth (NeA%'hall) Adams; res. 
Lancaster, Mass. 

i. Joseph Xewhall', bapt. in Lancaster, Mass., March 22, 1778; res. 

Boston, Mass. 
ii. Sally Newhall', bapt. in Lancaster, Oct. 3, 1779 

82. iii. Samuel'. Jr.. b. in Lancaster, July 10, 1781 : m. Nov. 27, 1805, Dorcas 

Hale, of Dummerston. Vt. : b. in Oakham, Mass, Jan. 13, 1782 : d. 
in Brookline, Tt., 15 July, 1866. He -was a slater ; settled in Dum- 
merston. Vt. : removed to Brookline. Yt. : d. 20 Aug., 1801, age 80. 

83. iv. John', b. 1779. bapt. in Lancaster. Sept. 22, 1782 : 

m. (1) rpub. Feb. 14. 18061 Dolly Siuart. of Leominster, Mass. 
m. (2| Mary Ann Burdett : d. 11 Nov., 1851, age 25. He d. 2 Nov.. 
1851, age 72. 
V. 'William', bapt. in Lancaster, Sept.. 1785. 

Children of Samuel", (1752) and Deborah (Bishop) Adams; 
res. Bangor, N. Y. 

84. vi. George', b. in Leicester, Vt., Aug. 29.1791; m. Nancy Lawrence, 

dau. of Nehemiah and Abigail (,MilIer) Lawrence; b. 1791; d. iu. 
Bangor, 1 July, 1861. age 70. He d. in Bangor, N. Y., 28 Jan., 1808. 
age 76. 

85. vii. James', b. in Leicester, July 27, 1793; m. May 20, 1814, Mrs. Mary 

"Wallace Silsbee : b. Aug. 34. 1788 ; d. 8 Feb., 1866, age 77. She kept 
public house in Herkimer, N. Y.. during the war of 1812. Here- 
moved fromN. H. to Bangor,. N. Y., and d. in Bangor, 27 May, 1874, 
age 84 years and 10 months. 

86. viiL Rebecca', b. in Leicester, May 29, 1796; m. Hiram Lawrence, a 

brother of Nancy above. Settled in Mich, at an early day. 

87. ix. Charles', b. in Brandon. Vt.. Sept. i:t, 1801 : 

m. (DPsuuelift Whitney, in Bangor: b. inBrattleboro, Vt. ; d. in 
Ft. Covington. N. Y.. 1852. 

m. (2 March22, 18-53. Ann Jane Crowe; d. 23 April, 1803. Hed. in 
Ft Covington 22 March, 1866. 

Seventh Generation.] lieutenant henrv. 27 

Children of Benoni', (175-J-) [4i»] (James\ James', Moses', 
Lieut. Henry', Henry") and Susan (Chamberlain) Adams; res. 
Dudley, Mass. 

i. Polly', (or Dolly?- b. in Dudley. Mass., March 13, 1778; m. 

Cottrell. and d. iu Dudley, Mass.. G March. 1810. 
ii. Susanna', b. in Dudley. Sept. 17, 1779; 

m. (11 Oct. 10. 1804. Joseph Sabin. of Providence. E. I. 
m. (2) Xathan Willard ; b. 1770: d. in Providence, 13i0. age 73. She 
d. in Providence. June. 1814. 

88. iii. Rebecca', b. in Dudley, Aujr. 13. 17S1-2: m. May 4. 1800; Charles 

Morse, (his first wife) b. May 4, 1774: d. 30 Dec, 1858. 
He m. 2d Diademia Johnson. Eebecca d. in Providence. 28 March. 
1811, (or 12 March, 1812?). 
iv. Nancy', b. in Dudley. Nov. 4. 1783: m. n Smith, and d. 4 Jane, 1803. 
V. Sally', (or Sarah ?  b. in Dudley, Dec. 3, 1783: m. an Adams and d. 
Sept., 1808. 

89. vi. Harvey', b. in Dudley, Oct. 11, 1788: m. Hannah Foster. Here- 

moved to Houston, Texas: is said to have d. in Ohio. 

90. vii. Lowell Leonard', b. in Dudley, May 30, 1790: 

m. (1) Feb. 28, 1811, Maria Lydia Gladden. 

m. (2) Sept. 13, 1828, Hepziisah Thayer, dau. of John Thayer of 
Surrey. N. H. He was a soldier in the war of 1812-14: afterwarda 
jeweler in Providence, K. I. He removed to Dover and Collamer, 
O., and d. at the latter place 4 Dec, 1859. 
viii. Phebe', b. in Dudley, April 2S, 1702; m. April 9, 1809, Philip 
Potter. She d. in Providence, R. I., leaving one child. 

Children of John", (1752) [on] (Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. 
Henry', Henry') and Mary (Rollins) Adams; res. Nelson, N. H. 
and Watertown, Jefferson Co., X. Y. 

91. i. Hepsebeth', b. in Nelson, N. H., Feb. 0, 1775; m. May 30, 1792, Asa 

Robbins, of Nelson; d. Oct.. 1813. 
ii. Abigail', b. in Nelson ; Oct. 30, 177S : d. 30 June, 1812. 

92. iii. Capt. John', b. in Nelson, Oct. 26, 1780; m. (1) July 0, 1803, Polly 

"Wright: d. 30 June, 1812; m. (2) Oct. 11, 1812, Rebecca Butterfield. 
He settled in "Watertown, N. Y., 1805; d. 4 March, 1840. 

93. iv. Henry", b. in Nelson, Aug. 13, 1783 ; m. 1804, Hannah Ingalls, of N. 

H. i b. Sept. 20, 1784; d. S.Aug. 1873. He a soldier 1812-4. Set- 
tied in Dexter, (Pillar Pt.) Jefferson Co., N. Y. ; d. 7 March, 

1870. age 88. __, 

V. Mary', b. in Nelson, Nov. 28, 1804: d. young. 

94. vi. Moses', b. in Nelson, Nov. 19, 1783 : m. Oct. 1, 1813, Sally Scripture. 

dau. of Samuel Scripture, of Nelson: b. Jan. 22, 1793; d. 29 March, 
1873. He settled in Richland, Oswego Co. : d. at Sandy Creek, N. 
Y., 9Sfpt., 1805. 
vii. Mary', b. in Nelson, Nov. 28, 1789. 

28 - LIEUTENANT HENRV. [Seventh Generation. 

viii. James', b. in Nelson, Oct. 8 (12), 1792. He is said to have remoyed 
to the West, but no trace of him caabe found. 

95. is. Joseph', b. in Nelson, July 12, 1794: m. Maria Cole, dau. of Dr. Na- 

than Cole; b. ; d. 5 Sept., 1835. In the summer of 1835, he re- 
moved from Laporte Co., Ind., and was a first settler in Caledonia, 
Kftcine Co., Wis. ; d. 16 July, 185a. 
X. Jesse", b. in Nelson, July 11, 1796. 

96. xi. Dr. Seth', b. in Nelson, July 20, 1799: m. .\ug. 19, 1827, Mary 

Collins, dau. of Gen. OliTer Collins, of New Hartford, Oneida Co., 
N. Y. ; d. 13 April, 1879, age 70. He graduated from Fairfield MeJi. 
cal College in 1870: settled in practice in Lowville, Lewis Co., N. 
Y. ; d. .\pril, 1873. 

Children of Hepzibah," (1701) [51] (Moses', James', Moses', 

Lieut. Henry' Henry') and Asa Fairbanks; res. Dublin, N. H. 

i. Hepzibah Fairbanks, b. in Dublin, March 31, 1785; m. Nov 17, 1808, 
Joseph Gowing. She d. 5 Oct.. 1843. ii. Asa Fairbanks, Jr., b. 
in Dublin, May 17, 1787; m. (1) Polly Newcomb: d. 24 Sept., 183S, 
age 53; (2) Sarah Heniston. iii. Moses Fairbanks, b. in Dublin, 
Feb. 3, 1789; m. Jane Harper. iv. Ebenezer Fairbanks, b. in 
Dublin, May 28, 1794: m. (1) Betsey Wilder; (2) Eleanor C. 
Farnsworth. He d. Sept., 1828. 

Children of Hannah", (1707) [.r2] (:Mo£es', James*, Moses', 

Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Maj. John }iIorse ; res. Dublin, N. H. 

i. Samuel Morse, b. Feb. 7, 1784 ; m. 1827, Chloe CarroU. He was 
an attorney ; res. Croydon, N. H. ii. Abigail Morse, b. May 7, 
1788: nnm. iii. Dea. Jesse Morse, b. July 15, 1792: res. home- 
stead: unm. iv. Royal Morse, b Feb. 13, 1794. v. John 
Morse, b. Jan. 21, 1799: merchant: removed to Rock Island, 111., 
in 1830 : d. there unm. 20 March. 1844. 

Children of Moses*, (170S) [53] (Moses\ James*, Moses', Lieut. 
Henry', Henr\-') and. Hannak (Wilson) Adams; res. Dublin, 
N. H. 

97. i. SamneP, K in Dnbbn, N. H., May 8, 1794; .; 

m. (1) Almira Kendall, dan. of Joel : b. April 3, 179.5; d. 25 
Junei 1823. 
m. (2) Dec. 3, 1824, Martha Broail ; d. 20 June, 1825. .:y- 
m. (3) Jan, 33, 1827, Azuba Broad; d. 30 May, 1854. 
He removed to Peterboro, N. H., 1837; d. 26 July, 1887. 
08- iL Moses', b. in Dublin, Aug. 27, 1795: m. April 12, 1821, Sally 

Morse: d. It May, IS'*!. He d. in. Dublin, 7 Nov., Ib73- 
iii. Isaiahvb. in Dublin, June 11, 1707: d. unm. 26. June, 186.5. 

Seventh Generation.] lieutenant henrv. :>9 

Children of James', (1770) [54] (Moses', James', J^Ioses', Lieut. 
Henry', Henry') and Abigail (Ha\-ward) Adams; res. Dublin, 

X. h'. 

90 i. Polly', b. in Dublin, X. H., Not. 2, 1705: m. March 6, 1815, Samuel 

Farewell; b. Feb. 12, 1783. They removed to Nelson, N. H., and 
thence to Boxbury, N. H. She d. 10 March, 188C. 

100 ii. Calvin", b. in Dublin, Dec. 18, 1790; ni. Sept. 6, 1821, Rebecca 

Farewell, dan. of Absalom Farewell of Keene, N. H.: b. Aug. •5, 
1300: d. 12 Feb., 18CS. He removed to Keene, Coshocton Co., O., 
in Sept., 1821 : d. 1-3 Aug., 184'J. 

iii. Hannah', b. in Dublin, June 28, 1799: d. Feb., 1801. 
iv. Sarah', b. in Dublin, Feb. 10, 1800; m. April 14, 1823, Jonathan 
K. Smith. • She d. 20 Nov., 1343 : no issue. 

101 V. Reo', b. in Dublin, Aug. 9, 1802: 

m. (1) June 2, 1831, Susan Flint, dau. of Joshua Flint of Bead- 
ing, Mass.: b March 18, 1809: d. 3 April, 1839. 

m. f2i July 22, 1841, Hepzibah Flint, sister of Susan; d. 23 
Dec, 1883. 
He removed to Keene township, O., Nov., 1837; d. 30 Jan., 1802. 

102 vi. James," Jr., b. in Dublin, Dec. 8, 1805: 

m (1) Jan. 24, 1833, Emily Taggart : d. Aug., 1835 tone dau., b. 
Dec. 8. 1834: A. same dny. 

m. (21 MHrch 17, 183G, Mary Farewell, dan. of Samuel Farewell; 
d. n April, 1842. 

m. (3) Sept. 27, 1842, Louisa H. Gowiug. 
He d. 18 April, 1892. 

103 vii. John', b. in Dublin, Aug. 10, 1807: m. June 7, 1354, Ellen L. 

Russell of Jackson, N. Y.; living at No. 351 W. 123d St, New Tork 
city. He removed to New York city 1832-3: d. 1869. 

104 viii. Abigail", b. in Dublin, Dec. 3, 1809: m. June 11, 1829, Dester 

Mason, son of Thaddeus and Lydia (Perryj Mason: b. Dec. 1, 1802. 
He m. 2d Harriet G. Farewell, dau. of Samuel and Polly (Adams) 
Farewell. She d. 2 Aug., 1343, in Nelson, N. H. 

Children of John Wickliff', (1773) [oo] (Thomas', Thomas', 
Henry', Lieut. Henry'. Henry') and Amy (Ballou) Adams; res. 
ledfield, Mass. 

i. Mary Ann", b. in Medfield, Mass., July 30,'180G: d. 7 Nov., 1826. 

ii. Amy Ballou", b. in Medfield, Aug. 17, 1803: m. 1830, Samuel Kings- 
bury, Jr.. of Walpole, Mass. She d. in Brockport, N. Y., 10 Feb., 


iii. Harriet Clementina', b. in Medfield, June 12. 1810 : m. 1834, Walter 
R. Johnson of "Woodstock, Conn. She d. in Brockport, N. Y., 23 
March, 1830. 

30 LIEUTENANT HENUV. [Seventh Generation. 

105 iv. John Jor', b. in MedfieKl, May 31, 1812: 

m. (l)Phebe Ann Allen of Amherst, Mass. 
m (2) Mrs. Harriet J. Bartlett. 
He ■was brush manufacturer in Taunton, Mass.: removed to Bos- 
ton and then to New York city ; A. in New York, 1879. 
T. James Monroe', b. in Medfield, Aug. 20, 1816: d. 4 July, 1831. 
vi. Sarah Ann', b. in Medfield, Jan. G, 1823 ; m. Joseph Andrews. She 

d 1858. 
vii. George 'Willinm', b. in Medfield, July 1, 1826: d. unm. 2 Oct., 

Children of Capt. James Harvey', (ITTo) [50>J (Thomas', 

Thomas', Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry'), and Sally M 

Adams; res. Bristol, R. I. 

i. Xancy Martindale', b. in Bristol, R. I., March 0, 1809. 
ii. George James', b. in Bristol, Feb. IT, 1811. 

Children of Mar>-', (17s4^ [57] (Thomas\ Thomas*, Henry', 

Lieut. Henr\-', Henry'), and Amasa Fisk ; res. Medfield, Mass. 

ii. Altamira Fisk: m. James Gardner. ii. Mary Fisk; m. (1) Chas. 
Mason; ni. (2) John Ellis. ui. Adelaide Fisk, m. Clark. iv. 
James Fisk ; m. Louisa Morse. 

Children of George Whitfield', ( ) [oS] (Thomas', Thomas', 

Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Polly (Drown) Adams ; res. 
Medfield, Mass. 

i. Betsey', b. in Medfield, 1796: d. 1797. 

ii. Mary D. ", b. in Medfield, 1800: m. James G. Carnes. She was a 

teacher ; d. in the South, leaving a daughter and a son. 
iii. Thomas', b. in Medfield, 1800. 

iv. Lucia', b. in Medfield, 1812 : m. James G Carnes, (2d wife) ; she d. 
at the South. 

Children of Rev. Daniel", (17i0-7) [o'j] (Elisha', Jeremiah*, 
Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Silence (Wight)- Adams; 
res. Watertown, Mass. ' 

100 i. Horatio", b. in Medfield, Mass., 1777: ro. 1804, Elizabeth Hardin<„ 

dau. of Abraham and Hepzibah (Prentice) Harding; b. in Med- 
field, 1784: d. 8 Dec, 1869 ; age 85 years, 7 months, 6 days. He d.. 
in.E. Medway, Mass., 25 Dec, 1845. 

107 ii. Hon. Daniel', b. in Watertown, Mass., March 20, 1779 ; m. J«n. 4, 
1816, Harriet Reetl, pub in Rutland, Mass., Dec 17, 1815; b. in 
Claremout, X. H., May 10, 1794; d. 1872: she was dan. of Col. 
James and Mary Reed of Cloremont. He graduated at Harvard, 
1790; studied law: settled in Medfield, Mass. ;' waa representative of 
towniu Legislature 1812, "17, '19, '20, '29, '41, and d. 2 Sept., 1852. 

Seventh Generation.] lieutenant henry. 31 

Children of Elizabeth", (1754) [60] (Rev. Amos', Henrv-*, 

Esq., Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Rev. John Bullard ; 

res. Pepperell, Mass. 

i. Elizabeth Bnllard, m. Henry Bass merchant of Boston. ii. 
Lucretia Bullard, m. 1S17, Samuel Parker, merchant. She d. 22 
June, 1827. iii. John Ballard, m. 1808, Sarah Parker of Pep- 
perell, Mass. iv. Henry Adams Bullard, b. Sept 9, 1788; m. 
Sarah Keasar. He became a judge in Oregon; d. April, 1851. 
y. Ker. Royal Bullard, b. Jlay, 1789 : m. Oct. 25, 1820, Esther 
LeTvis Murray; Yale college, 1810. vi. Sarah Bullard, b. April 
1, 1791: m. Oct. 7, 1819, Joseph Breek. Tii. Mary Adams Bul- 

lard, b. April 21, 1794; m. Oct. 2, 1823, Dr. Shubael Blanding of 
Columbia, S. C. viii. Chaa. Adams Bullard, m- March 21, 
1831. Margaret Dougkss ; he was a graduate of Harvard. 1819 ; res. 
Camden, S. C. 

Children of Joseph', (1767) [61] (Rev. Amos', Henry', Esq., 
Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Deborah (Marsh) Adams ; 
res. Litchfield. Conn. 

i. Sally', b. in Litchfield, Nov. 20, 1792; m. 1812, Tracy Peck of 
Bristol, Conn. She d. 9 Dec. 1812. 

ii. Henry', b. in Litchfield, Aug. 18, 1794; m. i821, Mary S. Fair- 
child. He d. 11 Feb., 1842; no issue. 

iii. Betsey', b. in Litchfield, Oct. 31, 1790: m. 181G, James May, of Bath, 
N. Y. Shed. 23 May. 1877. 

108. iv. Amos', b. in Litchfield, Aug. 11, 1798; 

m. (1) Eliza Dean, 

m. (2)1833, Clara Stewart Bailey. He d. at Baton Bouge, La., 
Sept. 1850. 

109. V. John Marsh', b. in Litchfield, April IG, 1801; m. Oct. 9, 1829, 

Sarah Susannah MacMurphy, dau. of Geo. A. G. and Kezia P. 
(Martin) MacMurphy of Augusta, Ga. He settled in Angiista, Ga., 
in early Ufe; d. in Augusta, 22 Jan., 1853. 

110. Ti. Charles', b. in Litchfield, May 13, 1803 ; 

m. (1) 1827, Jane C. Hinman, of New Haven, Conn. ; d. 1828. 

m. (2) 1830, Jnha M. Hinman of New Haven. He was the 
founder of the New Haven Palladiam and eilitor of the Litchfield 
Inquirer ; d. in L. 23 Oct., 1883. 

vii. KeziahHolt', b. in Bristol, Conn.. March 19, 1811 ; m. 1828, Hon. 
Henry W. Rogers, of Buffalo, N. Y. She was a widow in Ann 
Arbor, Mich., in 1893; no issue. 

viii. William Thomas', b in Litchfield, Oct. 14, 1814 ; d. unm. at Augusta, 
Gn.. 1837. 

32 LIEUTENANT HENRY. [Seventh Generation. 

Children of Sally'', (ITtVJ) [iV2] (Rev. Amos', Henr>-*, Esq., 
Henrj-', Lieut. Heniy-, Henry') and Giles Richards; res. De^ 
ham, Mass. 

i. Sarah P.ichards, b. July 2.i, 1790; d. 15 Jan., 1819: m. June C, 1811, 
.\mo3 Lawrence, of Boston. ii. Gilea Richards, Jr., b. Jan. 6, 
1792: m. Nov. 1, 1820, Eleazer H. Lloyd: removed to Ohio. iii. 
Amos Adams Richards, b. Jan. 6, 1794 : removed to Ohio. iv. 
Henrv Richards, b. Sept. 15, 1705: d. 10 Oct., 1812. v. Mary 
Richards, b. Feb. 22,1708: d. 26 Jnly, 1799. vi. Charles Rich- 
ards, b. July 2, 1802: removed to Ohio. vii. George Richards, 
b. May3, 1804; d. 180-5. viii. George Thomas Richards, 
b. April 2G, 1808 : banker in Paris, France. is. John Richards, 
b Feb. 7, 1809; d. 27 Mny, 181.3. x. Mary Elizabeth Richards, b. 
April 7, 1811: m. John R. Adams, of Boston. She d. rrith first 

Children of Oliver', (1777) [<5:3] (Dea. Enoch', Henry', Henry', 
Lieut. Henry^ Henry') and Betsey (Parkhurst) Adams ; res. Mil- 
ford, Mass. 

111. i. Lorana', b. in Milford, Mass.. June 21, 1708-9: 

m. (1) April 1, 1819. (pub. March 20) Arba Bullard of Rutland, 
Mass. : killed by fall of a tree 23 Nov., 1824. 

m. (2) .\8ahel Preston, a brother of Elijah Preston of Rutland, 
Mass. She d. in Rutland, Mass. 

112. ii. Oliver", Jr., b. in Milford, March 10, 1801-2; m. April 6, 1323, 

Cecelia Esteu: b. May 10, 1801: d. 7 Dec, 1880. He settled in Dud- 
ley, Mass. ; d. in Wilsonville, Conn., 31 Dec, 1889. 

113. iii. Enoch', b. in Amherst, Mass., June 5, 1804: m. April 5, 1829, Phebe 

Sheldon, of Thompsonville, Conn. ; b. in W. Greeu\rich, R. I.. Nov. 
23, 1812 : d. 25 Dec, 1879. He settled in Pawtucket, R. I., and d. 
there 7 Feb.. 1880. 

iv. Elizabeth', b. in Milford, April 4, 1807; d. nnm. in Dudley, Mass. , 


v. Mary P.', b in Milford, Aug. 10, 1809: d. unm. 1832. 

vi. Eunice W.', b. in Milford, Oct. 17, 1812 ; m. (pub. Feb. 27, 1832) 
Elijah Preston of Rutland, Mass. She d. in Milford, Mass., Nov. , 

114. vii. Henry Parkhurst', b. in Ward, now Auburn, Mass., Sept. 33, 1819 ; 

m. Dec. 27, 1840, Elizabeth Seabrook ; she was b. in Waccamaw, S. 
C, April 4, 1S24 : d. 8 Jnly 1895. He was living in Paola, Kan., in 

Seventh Generation.] lieutenant henry. 33 

Children of Sarah', (1767) [64] (Elijah', Esq., Henrj-*, Esq.. 

Henry', Lieut. Henrj'', Henry') and Calvin Turner; res. Med- 

field, Mass. 

i. Sarah Turner, b. 1790; m. (1) JohxiPondof 'Wrentham ; m. (Si Isaac 
Davis. ii. Obed Turner, b. 1792; m. Irene Bichardson. He d. 
in Medway, Mass., 1829. iiL Stephen Turner, b. 1794; m. 1820, 
Susan F. Adams, dau. of Elisha and Susan (Foster) Adams; h. 
Nov. 12, 1798; d. 1879. He inherited estate of his uncle, John 
Smith, and d. 1885. iv. Joseph Tamer, b. 1797 : d. 1797. v. 
Susanna Turner, b. 1798 ; m John Harding Partridge, and d. iu 
Medwaj". 1874. vi. Calvin Turner, b. 1800; m.(l) Susan Foster; 
m. (2) Marj- Wilson ; d. in Mendon, Mass., 1877. vii. John 
Turner, b. 1802: res. Disfield. Me. viii Kezia Turner: m. 
Samuel Thayer. ix. Martha Turner; m. Elijah Cady of Hamil- 
ton, Conn. 

Children of Elijah', Jr., (1773) [65] (Elijah', Esq.. Henry'. 
Esq.. Henr>-', Lieut. Henry', Henr>-') and Lj'dia (Smith) Adams; 
res, Medfield, Mass. 

115. i. Wyman', b. in Medfield, Mass., July 3, 1797; 

m. (1) June 2, 1821, Betsey Daniels, dau. of Elias and Abigail 
(Adams) Daniels: b. June 9. 1804 : d. 21 Feb., 1834, age 29 

m. (2) Nov. 19, 1834. Sarah H. Daniels, sister of Betsey : b. April 
4, 1811 : d. 29 March, 18C0, age 49. He -was amillwright: d. 17 March, 
1879, age 82. 

lie. ii. Kezia', b. in Medfield, Jan. 25, 17^9: m. April 10, 1825. Nathan 
Harding, son of Asa and Kezia (Jones) Harding ; b Feb., 1797 ; d. 30 
May, 1854. Shed. 21 Sept., 1882. 

117. iii. Maria-, b. in Medfield, March 27, 1801; m, 1827, JohnF, Newell, son 

of George and Hannah Newell; b. in Needham, Mass., 1797; d. 
185G. She d. 1895. 
iv. Lyoia". b. in Medfield, April 11, 1803: d. 8 April, 1807. 

118. V. Bebecca", b. in Medfield. July 20, 1805; m. April 8, 1835, Cyrus 

Daniels, son of Elias anH Betsey (Daby) Daniels, of Medway, Mass. 
He m. 2nd, 1871, Jaue E. Bobinson, and d. 5 Jan., 1884. 
-ri. Henry Smith', b. in Medfield. March 25, 1808; d. 25 Jan., 1826. 

119. vii. Charles", b. in Medfield. Oct. 13. 1810: m. Oct. 9. 1834, Mary 

Jane Lewis of Gorham, N. H. She d. in Dedham. Mass., 10 March. 
1877, age 65 years, 10 months. He was a harness-maker, and d. at 
Hyde Park, Mass., 11 Feb., 1892. age 81 years, 3 months, 29 days, 
viii. Lydia", b. in Jledfield, April 30, 1813; d. 13 March, 1814. 
ix. Elizabeth', b. in Medfield, March 26. 1815 : m. 1835, George Newell. 
Jr., of W. Medway. Mass. 

120. X. Lowell", b. in Medfield, Dec. 21, 1819; m. 1850, Gaily F. Hartshorn. 

dau. of Warren ond Gaily (Clark) Hartshorn: b. 1831. He was a 
farmer near the old homestead in Medfield; d. 18 July, 1883. 

34 LIEUTENANT HENRY. [Seventh Generation. 

121. si. Marj- Ann', b. in MedfielJ, March 5. 1822; 

m . ( 1 ) Elisba W. Meisgs of New York. He -n-as lost at sea 1848-50. 
m. (2) Jerome B. Peck. Tvho d. in iledway, Maes. She resides 
in 1897 at Hyde Pork, Mass. 

Children of Elisha", (1774) [60] (Elijah', Esq., Henry-*, Esq., 
Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Susanna (Foster) Adams; 
res. Dorchester, Mass. 

122. i. Susan Foster', b. in , Nov. 12, 1798; m. 1820, Stephen Turner, 

son of Calvin and Sarah (Adams) Turner: b. 1794. She d. 1879. 

123. ii. Elisha', Jr., b. in , March 24, 1801; m. Caroline Boyden of 

Walpole, Mass. 

iii. Isabella', b. in , Sept. 24, 18 2. 

ir. Henry', b. in Dorchester, April 18, 1304; d. 3 Aug. 1831, age 27. 
V. William', b. in Dorchester, Nov. 28, 1805; d. 30 June, 1808. 
vi. Abigail', b. in Dorchester, June 23, 1808. 
vii. 'William', b. in Dorchester, April 5, 1810. 
" viii. Maria', b. in Dorchester, June 9, 1811; m. James E. Adams, her 
cousin, son of Amos' of Portland, Me. 

Children of Amos', (1770) [07] (Elijah', Esq., Henry*, Esq., 

Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Margaret (Flint) Adams; 

res. Portland, Me. 

i. Margaret', b. in Portland, Me., Oct. 13, [20] 1805; m. Mary La- 
Favour (2nd wife). 

124. ii. Amos", b. in Portland, Oct. 23, 1809-10; m. Oct. 20, 1840, Sarah 


iii. Mary', b. in Portland, Aug. 4, 1811-12. 

iv. Catherine', b. in Portland, April 15, 1813; d. 24 Oct., 18o4. 

V. Alfred A.', b. in Portland, Aug. 8, 1815; carpenter; d. in Port- 
land, 15 Sept., 1864, age 49. 

ri. Hannah', b. in Portland, June 4 [20] 1817; d. 10 June, 1819. 
vii. James E.', b. in Portland, Feb. 14, 1819; m. Maria Adams, 
dau. of Elisha and Susanna (Foster) Adams. He d. in Port- 
land, 27 April, 1843, age 24. * 
viii. Charles Henry', b. in Portland, Sept. 28, 1824; m. Aug., 1865, 
Helen SkiJlings. Held. 27 Aug., 1876. ; 

ix. Ann Maria', b. in Portland, Feb. 12. 1827. 

X. Alphia', b. in Portland, Oct. 10, 1828; d. 2 Jan., 1850. 

Children of Henry", (17S7) [0^] (Elijah', Esq., Henry*, Esq., 
Henr>'', Lieut. Henry', Henr)-'} and Eliza (Crane) -\dams ; res. 
Medfield„ 2klass. 

i. AngnstaPmdence', b. in Medfield, Mas*., JTov. 8, 1825: living, anm.,- 

on the old homestead of Lieut. Henry Adams — 1397. 
ii. "WimaiQ H. ", b. in Medfield, Sept. 28, 1823; d. onm., in MedfieM, 
24 March, 189(>. 

iii. ■Walter G.", b. in Aledfield, Oct. 20, 1S36: d. Aner., 1837. 

Seventh Generation.] lieutenant hexrv. 35 

Children of Charles Jeremiah', (17S9) [60] (Elijah', Esq.. 
Henr>'', Esq., Henry', Lieut. Henr>-', Henry') and Hannah (Baker) 
Adams; res. Dorchester, Mass. 

125. i. Prof. Charles Baker', b. in Dorchester, Maes., Jan. 11, 1814 ; m. Feb., 

1839, Mary Holmes, dan. of Bev. Sylvester Holmes of New Bed- 
ford, Mass. He was Prof, of Geology and Nat. Science in Middle- 
bury (Yt.) College, 1838-1847; Prof, at Amherst College, 1847-1853. 
He made the first geological survey of Vermont in 1845-1847: was the 
author of " Contribution to Conchology," and Elementary Geolo- 
gy, i-c; d. at St. Thomas. 18 Jan., 1853. 
ii. John Q. ', b. in Dorchester, Not., 1824 ; d. in Dec, 1824. 

Children of Joseph', (1789) [70] (Silas', Asa', Benoni', Moses', 
Lieut. Henr>-', Henry") and Betsey (Washburn) Adams; res. 
Whiting, Vt. 

i. Maiy Ide\ b. in Whiting, Vt., May 31, 1811 ; d. unm. at Crown 

Point. N. Y., 13 Jan., 1897. 
ii. Lucinda-, b. in Middlebury, Vt., Aug. 11, 1815; d. in Middlebary, 
14 June, 1829. 
iii. Silas", b. in Middlebury, Oct, 1820; d. unm. in New Orleans, La., 
July, 1849. 

126. iv. Daniel ■Washburn-, b. in Middlebury, Dec. 31, 1823; m. March 12, 

18jl, Mary Ann Taylor, dau. of Horace and Hannah B. Taylor: 
living with dau. , Mrs. Maxham, in Rutland, Vt., 1897. He settled in 
Crown Point, N. Y., and d. June, 1894. 
T. Laura Lucinda% b. in Middlebury, July 12, 1831 ; d. 12 Sept., 1842. 

Children of Asa', (1S05) [71] (Silas', Asa', Benoni', Moses', 
Lieut. Henrj'S Henry') and Elizabeth (Gable) Adams; res. 
Augusta, Ga. 

i. William T., b. in Augusta, Ga., 1829; d. 21 Feb., 1833, in his 5th 

ii. Mary Elizabeth', b. in Augusta. May 21, 1832; d. at the South, 1853. 
iii. Thjrza Gable', b. in Augusta, Sept. 23, 1836: m. Hosea Edwards, 

She d. 1877, in Webster City, Iowa. 

127. iv. Silas Gregory-, b. in Augusta, Jan. 12, 1839; 

m. ri) Sept. 24, 1867, at Middlebury, Vt., Caroline Langworthy ; 
b. March 22, 1838; d. lljune, 1884. 

m. (2) Jan., 1885, Mrs. Goddard. 

Res. D^v-ight, Livingston Co. 111. 

36 LIEUTENANT HENRY. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Hannah', (1S03) [72] (Isaac", Jr., Isaac', Benoni*. 

Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Appleton W. Dresser; res. 

Westboro, Mass. 

i. Sarah E. Dresser, b. Oct. 23, 1836 : d. unm. ii. Margery H. Dres- 
ser, b. Aug. 11, 1838: lives, unm., in Cortland, X. Y., 1897. iii. 
Aaron H. Dresser, b. Feb. 14, 1841 ; res. Dresserville, Cayuga Co., 
N. Y. iv. James H. Dresser, b. April 17, 1842. v. Daniel A. 
Dresser, b. May 3, 1844 ; d. unm. 

Children of Sanford', (1S05) [73] (Isaac,' Jr., Isaac', Benoni', 
Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Sarah (Xahor) Adams ; res. 
Westboro, Mass. 

128. i. James, N.'. b. in Westboro, Mass.. Jan. 14, 1829; m. Xov. 10, 1852. 

Mary I. Wheeler of Grafton. Mass. He removed to Illinois, in 1858. 
Res. Girard, CratvJord Co., Kan., and Los Angeles, Cal. 
ii. Sarah Caroline", b. in Westboro. Oct. 8, 1830: d. 13 July, 1849. 
iii. David X.% b. in Westboro. March 31, 1832. 

m. (1) March 20, 185G, Martha Sophia Bullard of Shrewsbury, 
Mass.: b. March 31, 1834; d. 18 June, 18C2. 

m. C2) Nov., 1804, Maria L. BuUard: b. April 12, 1831: d. 24 
May, 18C7. 

m (3) April 13, 1870, Elizabeth White : b. July 7, 1S35. 
He d. in Westboro, Mass., June. 1873 ; no issue, 
iv. Maria A.^ b. in Westboro, Nov. 24, 1833; m. Aug., 1872, John M. 
Kendall of Framingham, Mass.: res. Framin?ham, Mass.: no issue. 
T. JohnF.", b. in Westboro, Sept. 1, 183o ; m. .\pril, 1872, at Lincoln. 
Neb., Agnes M. Daniels; res. Lincoln, Neb.: no issue. ' 

129. vi. Emily', b. in Westboro, Nov. IG. 1837: m. Nov. 3, 1858, Daniel O. 

Bacon; res. Ft. Scott., Bourbon Co., Kan. 

Children of Olive', (1S07) [74] (Isaac', Jr., I.saac\ Benoni*, 

Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Elijah Forbush ; res. Upton. 


i. Melissa B. Forbush, b. Oct. 27, 1827; d. 18 May, 1842. ii. Deborah 
Elmira Forbush, b. June 7. 1832: d. 12 April. 1342. iii. George. 
Pike Forbush. b. March 30, 1841. iv. Elmina Forbush, b. Jan. 
10, 184.5: m. March 30, 18C2, George B. Pike of Westboro, Mass. ; 
res. Westboro, Mass. 

Children of Isaac V.\ (I'^OO) [To] Jsaac", Jr., Isaac', Benoni*. 
Moses", Lieut Henr>-', Henr}*') and Cynthia L. (Littlefield) 
Adams; res. Hopkinton, Mass. 

130. i. John Clark", b. in Hopkinton, ^lass.. July 1. 1331 ; m. April 13, 1853. 

Sarah J. Claflin: res. Worcester. Mass. 

131. ii. Hannah Lonisn-, b. in Hopkinton. April 12. 1333: m. .\pril 20. IS-^."!, 

Moseft Harriman, b. Sept. 25. 182.J: res. Detroit. Mich 

Eighth Generation.] lieutenant henrv. 37 

132. iii. George A.', b. in Hopkinton, Feb. (June) 30, 1837; m. April 20, 1859, 
Helen M. Walker : res. Worcester, Mass. He d. 16 May, 1873. 

1.13. iv. Ellen A.", b. in Hopkinton, Sept. 23, 1844; m. April 2-5, 18G7, Charles 
Ball. Shed. 27 Feb., 1868. 

Children of Alvin T'., (1612) [76] (Isaac", Jr., Isaac', Benoni', 
Muses', Lieut. Henry', Henry") and Bethia L. (Beal) Adams ; res. 
Westboro, Mass. 

i. Mary H.", b. in Westboro. Mass., June 28, 1338 ; d. 6 Dec, 1848. 
134. ii. Isaac B.". b. in Westboro, Sept. 2. 1840; 

m. (1) Nov. 20. 1871. Caroline L. Brnley; d. .5 Nov., 1884. 
m. (2; July 15, 188S, Lizzie A. Fairbanks; res. homestead. West- 
boro, Mass. 

iii. Minot C", b. in Upton. Mass., Sept. 24, 1842. He enlisted July 10, 
18C2, in Co. C, 34th Reg. Mass. Vols., and -was mustered in at 
Worcester for 3 years ; was taken prisoner at Martinsburg, Va. , May, 
1864, while on his way from Harper's Ferry to join his regiment, 
and d. in prison at Florence, Ala., 1 Nov., 1864. 

iv. Lucy B.-, b. in Upton, March 18, 1845; d. 12 Dec, 1859. 

Children of Daniel P.\ (ISU) [77] (Isaac', Jr., Isaac', 
Benoni', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Abby Tyler (Fisher) 
Adams; res. Westford and Milford, Mass. 

nr,. i. Abbie C, b. in Bellingham, Mass., Sept. 16. 1837; m. Sept. 16, 1858, 
Eben Brown, son of Isaac and Ruth (.Mosher) Brown; b in Wilton. 
Me., June 24, 1832; res. Milford, Mass. She d. 6 Sept., 1892. 
ii. Harriet E.", b. in Bellingham, March 25, 1841 ; living unm. in 1896 ; 
res. Milford, Mass. 

iii. Wilbur F.", b. in Bellingham, July 3. 1844; d. 10 April, 1883. 
iv. Ann E.", b. in Belhngham, April 17, 1847; living in Milford, Mass, 
unm. in 1896. 

136. V. John W.^ b. in Bellingham. Nov. 3, 1850 ; 

m. (1) May 30. 1870, Mary E. Whitmarsh; d. June 1877. 
m. (2) Dec. , 1878, Eva Whitmarsh (sister of Mary E. ); res. Spencer, 

137. vi. Charles A.', b. in Bellingham, March 3, 1853: m. J. Emma Aldrich. 

He is a photographer ; res. Gardner, Mass., and Pawtncket, R. I. 

Children of Louisa', (1773) [76] (Rev. Moses°, Moses', Moses*. 
Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henrj'') and Dr. John Park; res. Boston, 

i. Joseph Warren Park, b. in Boston, Mass., April 19, 1800 ; d. 25 April, 
1801. ii. Louisa Jane Park, b. in Newburyport, Mass., Feb. 7, 
1802; m. Oct., 1840. Rev. Edward B. Hall, D. D., Unitarian clergy- 
man, of Providence, R. I. . who d. 3 March, 1880. She, an authoress, 
d. 8 Sept., 1892. iii. John Cochran Park, b. in Boston, June 10, 

3S LIEUTENANT HENRY. [Eighth Generation. 

1804: m. (l)Xov., 1829, Mary Moore, of Boston ; b. June 12, 1811; 
d. 1852: m. (2) Xov. 1, 185-1, Charlotte Cutler Dean: b. iu Mil- 
ford. Mass., Sept. 11, 1823. He was a graduate of Harvard, 1824; 
■was au eminent attorney of Boston; d. at Xewton, Mass., 21 April, 
1889. iv. Mary Ann Park, b. in Boston, May 26, 1811; ni. Oct. 
1, 1835, Hon. Benjamin F. Thomas, a prominent attorney of Wor- 
cester, Mass. 

Children of Nancy', (177C) [79] (Rev. Moses', Moses', Moses', 

Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henrj-') and Rev. Nicholas B. Whitney; 

res. Hingham, Mass. 

L Ann C. A. Whitney, h. Jan. 7. 1802: m. Dec. 23, 1821, Caleb Hersey, 
of Hingham : b. June 6, 1796; d. 1 Oct., 1882. She d. 23 May, 1342. 
ii. Lydia Bowes Whitney, b. Aug. 27, 1807; d. unm. 5 July, 1838. 
iii. Benjamin Lincoln Whitney, b. 1810; m. Caroline St. Aubin 
Homer, of Cambridge, Mass. He was a merchant in Boston; d. in 
Cambridge, Mass., 30 May, 1835, age 45. 

Children of Dr. Moses', (1777) [SO] (Rev. Moses', Moses', 

Moses', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henrj-') and Mary L. (Tuttle) 

Adams; res. Ellsworth, Me. 

188. i. William Joseph', b. in Caatine, Me., Jan. 1,1802; m. Aug. 26.1833. 
Deborah Foster Chickering, of Boston. He was a g^raduate of 
Harvard, 1822: a teacher of Boston; d. 20 Feb., 1866. 

ii. Moses', b. in Castine, Nov. 9, 1803: m. Frances Bradley, of Boston. 
He was a ship captain: d. in Boston Harbor, 17 Feb., 1837, attempt- 
ing to swim from a wrecked vessel; one child d. in infancy. 

iii. Newell", b. in Caatine, Aug. 21, 1805; res. Boston: unm.; d. at Union- 
town, Ean., 30 .\ug., 1855. 

iv. Mary Lawrence', b. in Castine, Dec. 25. 1808 : m. John McLeod, 

merchant of Quebec, P. Q. She d. April, 1880. 
v. Charles', b. in Ellsworth, Me., April 23, 1809: d. at Quincy, Mass., 12 
May, 1829. 

Children of Dr. 'Moses(1777) and Nancy (Phillips) Adams-. 

139. vi. Herbert% b. in Ellsworth, Nov. 27, 1822; m. Sept 29, 1851, Abba J. 

Barnard. She m. 2ud.BoberiJ. Hackett, of Detroit, and is Uving' 
1897. He removed to Michigan in 1840: d. at Belle Plain, Ta., 4 
Jan.,- 1803. 

140. viL. Josiah", b. in Ellsworth. Aug. 1, 1825: m. June 10, 1869, Nettie 

Harper, of. Jackson, Mich., dan. of Dr. Harper of Middlebury, 
Ind. He removed to Michigan in 1851 : lumber dealer, JackjBon,': 
Mich..; d. in Pierre„So. Dak., 24 Nov., 1895. 
■riiL- Laura'» b. intownshipS. Hancock Co.. Me., Oct. .3. 183T: m. Sept. 14. 
1838. Oreu/T. Sabin; divorced; noissne. Shea teacher, Pierre, So. 

Eighth Generation.] lieute.vant hexrv. 39 

is. Charles', b. inMaine, N'ov. 23, 1829: m. Dec. 23, 1803, Eliza J. Coates 

of Detroit. Mich., d. ; no issue. He settled in Detroit, Mich.,- 

followed the sea : d. 23 Dec, 1865. 

141. X. Francis", b. in Maine, Sept. 13, 1831 : 

m. (I) Feb. 20, 1862, at Bangor, Me., Annie M. Graves; d. in De- 
troit, 3 April, 1885. 

m. (2) Not. 17, 1887, at Detroit, Isabella Duncan. He settled in 
Michigan in 1851 ; lumber and real estate business; res. 238 Lafay- 
ette ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Children of XabbyS (17S0; [SI] (Rev. Moses', Moses*, Moses*, 

Moses', Lieut. Henrj-', Henrj-') and Luke Bixby; res. Acton, 


i. A son b. in Boston ; d. Sept. 1805. ii. Nabby Adams, (Martha) 
Bixby, b. in Jamaica, W. I., Dec. 16, 1806; m. Aug. 24. 1830, 
Winthrop E. Faulkner; b. in Acton, April 16, 1805; d. in Acton 25 
March, 1880. She survived to be 90 years of age, made two jour- 
neys to Europe after she was 70 years of age ; had a family of 8 
children; d. 3 Feb., 1897. 

Children of Samuel', Jr., (17S1) [82] (Samuel', James', Jr., 
James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Dorcas (Hale) Adams ; 
res. Brookline, Vt. 

142. i. Samuel Newell', b. in Dnmmerston, Tt. , July 6,1807; m. Laura 

Ormsbee, of Newfane, Vt. ; d. 2 Nov., 1833. Hotel keeper at New- 
fane, Vt. He d. in Newfane. 1 Sept., 1851. 

143. ii. William', b. in Dnmmerston, July 15, 1810; m. Oct. 2, 1834, Sarah E. 

Osgood, dau. of Brown Osgood, of Brookline, Vt. ; d. 4 May 1892 ; 
farmer in Brookline, Vt. He d. 28 June, 1892. 

144. iii. Chauncey', b. in Dnmmerston, Nov. 9, 1814 ; m. July 6, 1837, Cath- 

erine Brown, of Jamaica, Vt.; b. June 3, 1817; d. in Washington, 
D. C, 19 Feb., 1885. He studied law, became merchant in Indiana, 
held an appointment in the Patent office at Washington. D. C, 
under President Polk; d. in W. 28 Sept., 1803. 

Children of John', (1779 [S3] (Samuel', James', Jr., James', 
Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Dolly (Stuart) Adams ; res. 
Leominster, Mass. 

i. Nathan Stuart", b. in Leominster, Mass., May 12, 1806. 

ii. John", Jr., b. in Leominster, Nov. 10, 1807; m. twice; d. in West- 

boro, Mass. 
iii. Eliza", b. in Leominster, Nov. 20, 1809: d unm., age about 80. 

145. iv. William Jefferson", b. in Leominster Feb. 23. 1812: m. twice. 
V. Samuel", b. in Leominster, April 26, 1814: d. unm. 

ill LIEUTENANT HENRV. [Eighth Generation. 

146. vi. Eli Jones', b. in Leominster, April 17, 1816 ; m. Jan. 3, 1857, Fidelia 

Brown W'hitcomb, vvidow of James Whitcomb, of Princeton, Mass.; 
res. Princeton and Leominster, Mass. He d. 21 March, 1848. 

Children of George\ (1791) [S4] (Samuel', James', Jr., 
James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry") and Nancy (Lawrence) 
Adams; res. Bangor, Franklin Co., N. Y. 

147. i. Jane Maria", b. in Bang-or, N. Y., May 3, 1823 ; m. at Ogdensburg. N. 

Y. , Feb. 1, 1854, Harrison Montgomers': d. Ti July, 1888, age 72 ; res. 
No. Bangor, N. Y. She d. 28 Sept., 1893. 

148. ii. Charlotte', b. in Bangor. Sept. 23, 1828 : m. Capt. William Hyde ; d. 

16 June, 1886 ; res. Malone, N. Y. She d. 188S. 

149. iii. Charles J.\ b. in Bangor, Sept. 19, 1833 ; 

m. (1> Jan. 14. 1848, Mary Crooks; b. Sept. 5, 1838 ; d. 9 Feb., 1864. 
m. (2) Dec. 28, 186.5, Abbie Stevens; res. Bangor, X. Y. 

150. iv. Samuel", b. in Bangor, Xot. 15, 1835; 

m. (1) Nov. 10, 1864, Harriet Storms. 

m. (2; Dec. 27, 1882, Cornelia V. Crooks'; res. Bangor, N. Y. 

Children of James', (17D3 [>5] (Samuel", James,' Jr., James', 
Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henr}'') and Mary Wallace (Silsbee) 
Adams; res. Bangor, Franklin Co., N. Y. 

151. i. Hon. Gorge S.^ b. in Bangor, N. Y., Oct. 7, 1816; 

m. (IJOct. 30, 1838,inEllenburg, N.Y., Catherine E. Myers, dau. 
of H. J. H. Myers; b. Oct. 18, 1811 : d. in Malone, N. Y., 20 June, 
1854, age 42; fell from a carriage. 

m. (2) Dec. 11, 1855, S. A. Minerva Tread-n-ay ; removed to Califor- 
nia; divorced. 

m (3) July 6, 1868, at Natick, Mass.. Philena H. Looker; b. in 
Adilison. Vt., Dec. 15, 1824; d. at Burke, N. Y., 1 Sept., 1876. 

m. (4) Jan 16. 1878, at Mannsville, N. Y., his former wife S. A. 
M. Treadway,Tvho is living U897) in the"Loui8e Home," Washington, 
D. C. He was a self made man ; was Postmaster of Malone in 1846, 
admitted to the bar in 1856, and became a Judge of Franklin Co. 
court; resigned his ofiSce on account of failing health, and retired 
to Burke, N. Y. , where he built two large saw mills, and failed in 
business; d. in Malone, 16 Feb., 1888, age 72. 

152. ii. Sally Lovisa,', b. in Bangor. May 11, 1818 ; m. March, 1839, Edmund F. 

Sargent ;^ b. in Brattleboro^ Vt., April 18, 1815. She d, 19 March, 
1842, age 24., 

153. iii. Mary L. ", b in Bangor, July 8. 1822 ; m. 1844 Edm. F. Sargent ; d. . 9 

Nov., 1890, age 75. She d. 26 Sept., 1856, age 35. .■ 

Children of Rebecca', (17i)6) [S6] (Samuel*, James', Jr.,,. 
James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry") and. Hiram. Lawrence;- 
re&. unknown.-, 

i. Sally. iL Jane. iiL . Edward, and. iv. another. 

Eighth Generation.] lieutenant henrv. 41 

Child of Charles', (It^ni) [^7] (Samuer, James', Jr., James', 

Moses% Lieut. Henry', Henr}-') and Pamelia (Whitney) Adams ; 

res. Bangor, Franklin Co., X. Y. 

154. i. Deborah-, b. in Bangor, N. Y., Aug. 25, 1835 : m. Ocl. 26, 1854, John 

H. Hatton; b. in Brandon, Vt, 182G. She d. 18Feb., 1892. 

Children of Charles", (isnl) and Ann Jane (Crowe) Adams. 

155. ii. Charles J-. b. in Ft. Covington, N. Y., May 22. 18o4 : m. Oct. 13, 
1877, Helen R. Hutching of Bangor, N. Y.; res. Moira, Franklin 
Co.,N. Y. 
iii. George S.\ b. in Ft. Covington, Dec. 28, 1857; resL Dickinson, Stark 
Co., Xo. Dakota: nam. 
150. iv. Mary E.-, b. in Ft. Covington, Aug. 14, 1859; m. Oct. 8, 1881, C. E. 
Slater : res. Moira, N. Y. 
V. Rebecca", b. in Ft. Covington, Jan. 31, 1863; rea. Holyoke, Mass.; 

Children of Rebecca' (17S1-2 [SS] (Benoni*, James', James*, 
Closes', Lieut. Henr}-', Henry") and Charles Morse ; res. Provi- 
dence, R. L 

i. Ambrose Morse, b. in Providence, R. I., May 21,1801. ii. Charles 
Morse, Jr., b. in Providence, July 24, 1803. iiL Ezekiel Morse, 
b. in Providence, April 22, 1805. iv. Rebecca A. Morse, b. in 
Providence, March 25, 1807; d. 5 Feb., 1812. v. Sally Morse, b. 
in Providence, Sept. 1, 1808: m. Joseph Sisson. She d. 11 Feb., 

1837. vi. Mary Morse, b. in Providence, Aug. 3, 1310 ; m. 

Stone. , 

Children of Har\'ey', ( ) [S9] (Benoni', James', James*, 

Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Hannah (Foster) Adams ; 
res. Providence, R. L', and Houston, Tex. 

1. Edwin", b. probably in Providence, R. I., An;i. 12, 1811. 
ii. Harvey, Jr., b. Dec. 19, 1812. 
iii. Nancy", b. July 14, 1814. 
iv. Mary", b. July 23, 181C. 
V. Emily', b. May 26, 1819. 
vi. Harriets b. May 29, 1821. 
vii. James F.S b. Jnly 23, 1823. 
viii. Lo-well", b. 1826. 
is. Caroline". 
X. JohnQ". 

42 LIEUTENANT HENRV. [Eighth Generation. 

Child of Lowell Leonard', (1790) [90] (Benoni", James', 
James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henr}*') and Maria Lydia (Glad- 
den) Adams: res. Providence, R. L, and Collamer, O. 

i. Susanna C, b. in Cleveland, O., July 12, 1818; m. Nelson Cody of 

Children of Lowell Leonard' (1790) and Hepzibah (Thayer; 

ii. Edwin L.», b. May 8, 1833; d. 29 April, 1839. 

iii. Williamina', b. Nov. 12, 1835; d. 20 June, 1841. 

iv. Charles B.% b. Sept. 13, 1837 ; d. 30 Oct., 1838. 

V. Mary L.*, b. in Cleveland, April 27, 1839; m. 1855, Job D. Adams ; d. 
at Collamer, O., in 1859 ; a dan. Bertie d. young. She d. in Cleve- 
land, O., 1800. 

vi. Edward L. B.N b. Aug. 20, 1841 ; d. in Cleveland, 1861. 

157. viL Col. Henry Herschell", b. in Cleveland, July 9. 1844; m. March 26, 
1867, Helen Eliza Bedington, dau. of Joseph A. Bedington of 
Cleveland. O. 

He enlisted Aug, 1802, when 18 years of age, in Co. G, 125th 
Ohio Beg, Col. Emerson Opiyke, and rendered the regiment 
valuable service, taking part in numerous battles : Franklin, 
Tenn. , March 9: Triune, Tenn. , June 9, Chattanooga, Aug. 21, 
Chickamauga, Sept. 23, in 1863; at New Hope Church, Ga., May 25 
to June 5, and at Eenesaw Mountain, June 10 and July 2, in 1864. 
He was, for a time, special agent in charge of the mails for the 
division of the Mississippi. He was captured, with others, by 
Forrest's cavalry, Sept. 20, 1804, at Athens, Ala., and sent to 
Cahaba, Ala., where he endured close confinement and great hard- 
ship for three months. He was exchanged at Vioksburg late in 
Nov., and served as Aide on the staff of Gen. Opdyke. He was dis- 
charged at Nashville in March, 1865. 

He has served in various important commissions as an iron expert, 
has been a prominent, active Commander in the Grand Army, and 
ia now an iron merchant of New York. 

Children; of Hepsebeth' (1775) [91] (John*, Moses', James', 
ifoses', Lieut. Henr}-', Henr>-') and Asa Robbins; res. Nelson, 
N. H. 

i. Asa R. Bobbins, d. 31 Ang. 1813. IL Jolm Bobbins, d. young, 
iii. Adams Bobbins. 

Eighth Generation.] LIEUTENANT HENRV. 43 

Children of Capt. John\ (17S0) [y2] (John', Moses*, James*, 
Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Polly (Wright) Adams ; res. 
Watertown, N. Y. 

158. i. Marj-% b. in Rodman, N. Y., June 18, 1804: m. Dec, 3, 1822. Darius 

P. Kundell. son of Jesse and Naomi (Hollister) Rundell ; settled in 
Troy, N. Y. She d. in Weedsport, N. Y., 11 Aug., 1824. 

159. ii. Moses", b. in Rodman, Jan. 11, 1800; m. Caroline Balkrd, dan. of 

Hooker and Abigail Ballard of Homer, N. Y.; d. in Eau Claire, 
Wis. , 1893. He was educated at Lowville Academy and Cazenovia 
Seminary, N. Y., and was a teacher for several years.- became a 
member of Oneida M. E. Conference, 1830-47; settled in Racine, 
Wis., 1854, in book trade and as agent of Am. Bible Society: 
removed to Delphos, Kan.; d. 3 Sept., 1871. 
iii. Vilander', b. in Rodman, Sept. 4, 1807: m. 1838. Laura Ann Jloody 
of Rodman, N. Y. He waa a farmer ; res. Rodman and Water- 
totm; N. Y.; d. 30 May, 1884 ; no issue. 

160. iv. John% Jr., b. in Rodman, Sept. 16, 1809 ; m. March 14, 1835, Electa 

Fox of Adams, N. Y.: b. Jan. 12, 1808 ; living, 1897; res. Watertown. 
N. Y. John, Jr., was enterprising and sncceBsfnl, but met 
reverses. He d. 5 Oct., 1884, age 76. 
V. Jesse', b. in Rodman, July 7, 1811 ; d. in the West, age about 19. 

Child of Capt. John' (1780) and Rebecca (Butterfield) Adams. 
101. vi. Albert B.', b. in Rodman, March 2, 1810; 

m. (1) Xov. 7, 1842, Lucy S. Ma^sey; d. 22 Aug., 1843. 
m. (2) Feb. 20, 1845, Lucy S. Merriam: b. in Haldman, Northum- 
berland Co., Ont., Dec. 30, 1822; res. Rodman and Watertown. N. 
Y. He succeeded in business and retired: remoTed. 1800, to 
Brighton, Out., then to Mich., and d. in Bellevue, Eaton Co., 
Mich., 26 Oct., 1893. 

Children of Henry', (17S3) [93] (John', Moses*, James', 
Moses', Lieut. Henr>-', Henry') and Hannah (Ingalls) Adams; 
res. Rodman, Jefferson Co., N. V. 

102. L Henry'. Jr., b. in Nelson, N. H., Aug. 3. 1806: 

m. (1) Feb. 10, 1828, Eliza Spicer of Houndsfleld, N. Y.; d. 1835. 
m. (2; Jan. 28, 1838, Mrs. Emily Ackerman Dickinaon; b. 1811; 

living 1897. 

He settled at Pillar Pt., Dexter, N. Y., 1834; d. 20 Oct., 1895, 

age 89. 
183. ii. Solomon Ingalls', b. in Rodman, N. Y., Jan. 15, 18(>9: m. Oct. 6, 

1833, Nancy E. Bush; b. in Lyme, Conn., July 21. 1810, dau. of 

Amasa and Lucretia (Maynard) Bush. He d. in Custer, Mason Co. , 

Mich., 24 Feb., 1891. 

44 LIEUTENANT HENRV. [Eighth Generation. 

164. iii. John', b. in Rodman, Jan. 2. 1811 : m. Nov. 3, 1833, Eunice Farewell. 

daughter of Solomon Farewell of Denmark, N. Y. ; b. 1810 ; d. 4 

April, 18S8. age 78. He settled at Pillar Pt., Dester, X. Y., 1834; 

d. 22 Jan., 1896. 

1C5. iv. Mary", b. in Rodman. Oct. 10-2, 1812; m. Feb. 22, 1832, WiUiam King; 

res. Chaumont, N. Y. 
1G6. T. Philip Dodridge\ b in Rodman. Sept. 22. 1814: m. Nov. 8, 1837, 
Julia Lucas: b. March 18, 1815: d. 3 July, 1893; dan. of John 
Ward Lucas of Barnes Corners, N. Y. He settled at Barnes Cor- 
ners, Lewis Co., N. Y.; d. 18 April, 1881. 
1C7. vi. James Rollins', b. in Rodman. N. Y., March 7, 1816; 

m. (1) Oct. 25, 1838, Margaret Satchwell; dan. of Josiah of Dex- 
ter; d. 24 April, 1872. 

m (2) Mrs. Susan Lepper of Watertown; d. 1889. 
He settled in Dexter, N. Y.. with his father ; d. 28 April, 1892. 
vii. Maria", b. in Rodman, March 1, 1818 : 

m. (1) Reuben Day of Limerick, N. Y.; d. 1875. 
m. (2) Selah Farewell. 
Res. Osborne, Kansas, 
viii. Abigail Charlotte", b. in Rodman. Jan. 19, 1820 ; 

m. (1) Wm. Douglass of Dexter N. Y.: d. 1875. 

m. l2) Ira Washburn of Neb.; res. Lincoln, Neb.; no issue. 

• Children of I^Ioses', (ITS^) [04] (John", 'Closes', James*. 

Moses', Lieut. Henr\-', Henry') and Sally (Scripture) Adams ; 

res. Sandy Creek, Oswego Co., N. Y. 

i John", b. in Rodman, N. Y., Aug. 1, 1814: d. same day. 

ii. Orville\ b. in Rodman, April 10, 1817. He settled on a farm nigh 
Chicago ; sold out and returned to Sandy Creek, and d. unm. 

168. iii. Alvin', b. in Rodman, Aug. 7. 1818; m. Jan. 13, 1850. Miranda Colvin 

of Ellenburg, N. Y.; b. Feb. 12, 1833. He settled on a farm in 
Sherman, Wexford Co , Mich , in 1878, and d. 8 Feb., 1890, age 72. 

iv. Betsey", b. in Rodman, Jan. 24, 1821; d. June 19, 1840. 

V. Samuel Scripture", b. in Rodman, June 17, 1,823 ; m. July 1. 1849, Lois 
A. Wilder, dau. of Nixon Wilder of Brattleboro, Vt She m. 2ud, 
June, 1855, Milo Frary, and, 3d, Lyman. Moore of Boylston, Oswe- 
go Co., N. Y., and d. in Decatur. Burt Co., Neb., Oct 1886. He 
d. in Sandy Creek, N. Y^., 10 .\pril, 1850; noissae. ',■ 

vi. Mary E.% b. in Rodman/May 1,1825; d. 15 June. 182.'!. 

169. vii. Mary X.\h. in Rodman, March 16, 1828; 

m. (1) Nov. 10, 1849. Lewis L. Wilder, son of Nixon Wilder of 
Vermont ; d. 9 March, 1881, age 56. 

m. (2) Oct 22, 1891, Richard M. Knollin, 
Res. Mannsville, Jefferson Co., N. Y. 

viiL Nancy", b. in Rodman, May 9, 1830; living, unm., 1897. 

Eighth Generation.] LIEUTENANT HENRY. 45 

is. Albert*, b. in Sandy Creek, X. Y., Aug. 27, 1833 : m. Eliza Moulton ; 
she removed to the West, returned to Saudy Creek, and d. about 
1889. He removed to Mich, and d. there ; no issue. 
X. Sarah', b. in Sandy Creek, Feb. 8. 1837; 

m. (1) March 27, 1866, Alvin Hadlev; d. 20 Nov., 1880, age 61. 
m. (2) March 31, 1885, Aaron E. Hunter. . 
She has no issue. 

Children of Joseph', (1794) [95] (John", Moses', James', 
Moses", Lieut. Henrj'% Henry') and Maria (Cole) Adams; res. 
Caledonia, Racine Co., Wis. 

170. i. John C.-, b. in La Porte, Ind., April 21, 1825: m. Nov. 17. 1859, Lu- 

cretia Thrasher: b. in Cape Elizabeth, Me., Dec. 23. 1830. He d. 
in Caledonia, Bacine Co., Wis., 13 Nov., 1875. 

171. ii. Armenia', b. in La Porte, Feb. 14. 1827; m. 1843, Josephs. Long- 

iii. Nathan-, b. in La Porte, 1829. He d. unm. 1844-0. 

172. iv. Edward M.\ b. in La Porte, Jan. 21,1832; m. Feb. 9, 1871, Annette 

Chambers of Racine Co., Wis.: res. Norwalk, Monroe Co., Wis. 

173. V. Joseph B.% b. in La Porte, Oct 22, 1333 : m. Oct. 4, 1854, Jane 

Amelia Kelley, in Bacine; d. at Columbus, O., Feb. 9, 1838. He set- 
tled, 1872, in Pierce Co., W is.: d. 31 Dec, 1877. 

174. vi. Lettie M-. b. in Bacine Co.. Wis, Sept. 2, 1835; m. Sept. 2, 1359, 

James Bacon of Bacine, Wis.; res. Bacine, Wis. 

Children of Dr. Seth', (1799) [96] (John', Moses', James', 
Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henrj'') and Mary (Collins) Adams ; res. 
Lowville, Lewis Co., N. Y. 

17.3. i. Charles D.-, b. in Lowville, N. Y.. Nov. 30, 1828; m. April 8. 1S:>2, 
Frances Calkins. He studied law with Eli Collins: admitted to 
bar, Jan. 1852 ; practiced in Lowville ; settled in Utica, N., Y., 1370. 
ii. Caroline C\ b. in Lowville, N. Y., May 30, 1843 ; unm.; deaf. 

Children of Samuel', (1794) [97] (Moses*, Moses', James', 

Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Azuba (Broad) Adams ; res. 

Dublin and Peterboro, X. H. 

17C. i. John Q.", b. in Dublin. N. H., Oct. 27, 1827; m Sept; 27, 1853, Abby 
W. Fisk. She d. 10 Nov., 1870. 

ii Sarah B.", b. in Dublin, July 18, 1829; d. unm. 10 Aug., 1809. 
177. "7 iii. Samuel', Jr., b. in Dublin, Sept. 14, 1831; m. April 21, 1853, Jane 
Matilda Nay ; res. Dublin, N. H. 
iv. Hannah A.", b. in Dublin, Jan. 3, 1833 ; d. unm. 1 Nov., 1857. 

i6 LIEUTENANT HENRV. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Moses', (1795) [OS] (Moses", Moses', James', 

Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Sally (Morse) Adams; res. 

Dublin. X. H. 

i. Harriet-, b. in Dublin, X. H , March 10, 1822: d. 1 Oct., 1833. 

ii. Zmily, b. in Dublin, Feb. 18, 1824; living, unm., 1894. 

iii. ElizaS b. in Dublin, March 11, 1820: living, num., 1894. 

1T8. iv. Charles W-, b. in Dublin, Jan. 29, 1828: m. Dec. 2G, 1835, Maria A. 
Henry ; ree. Dublin. X. H. 

V. Henry A.', b. in Dublin, Dec. 11, 1839: m. Julia Eastman He d. 
19, Feb., 1881; no issue. 

179. vi. Frederick M.^ b. in Dublin, Oct. 27, 1840; 

m. (IJ 18U0, Ida Estelle Goodrich of New York ; d. 1882. 
m. (2) 1884. Mary Louisa Magee of Watertown, Mass. 
He is a shorthand reporter ; res. New York City. 

Children of Polly', (1705) [09] (James". Moses', James', 
Moses', Lieut. Heiiry', Henry') and Samuel Farewell ; res. Rox- 
bury, N. H. 

i. Julia Maria Farewell, b. Jan. 28, 1816; d. 1 Nov., 1818. ii. Louisa 
Farewell, b. Jan. 23, 1818: m. Dec, 183T, George Ellis; res. Swan- 
zey, N. H. He d. 24 March, 1850. iii. Abigail Adams Farewell, 
b. June 8, 1819; m. (I) Rufus Nims of Nelson, N. H. m. (2; 
Phineas Gleason of Dublin, N. H. iv. James Adams Farewell, b. 
Jan. 23, 1821 ; m. Mary Perkins of Coleraine, Mass.: d. in [Chicago, 
111.: res. Brattleboro, Vt. He d. iuB. v. Emily Hay ward Fare- 
well, b. Dec. 27. 1822 : m. Willard Gay; b. in Dedham. Mass.TTeb. 
8. 1811; d. in Swanzey, N. H., 12 June, 1882. She d. in Swanzey, 
N. H., 24 Jan., 188ti. vi. Harriet Gove Farewell, b. July 6, 1824; 
m. Dexter Mason, of Dublin, N. H., (2nd wife); res. Dublin, N. H. 
Shed. 1888. vii. Reo Adams Farewell, b. March 21, 1826; m. 
Augusta Townes ; res. New London, N. H. He d. 13 Nov., 1892. 
viii. Diantha Smith Farewell, b. June 11, 1828; m. Joseph Phelps of 
Grafton, Vt. ; res. Sonora, Cal. She d. 14 Feb., 1889. 

Children of Cah-in^, (179^'.) [100] (James', Moses', James', 
Moses', Lieut. Henr)-% Henry') and Rebecca (Farewell) Adams , 
res. Coshocton, Ohio. 

i. George W.", b. in Keene. O.. Sept. 28, 1823 ; d. 23 Oct., 1832. 

iL Oscar F.', b. in Keene, July 3, 1820 ; nnm. ; d. 26 May, 1854. 

180. iii. Waldo T.", b. in Keene. Jan. 11. 182S; m. Dec. 25, 1856, Katie Hook, 
dan. of John and Sophia Hook of Bethlehem. O. ; b. Dec. 22. 182"! ; 
res. Coshocton, O. 

Eighth Generation.] lieutenant henrv. 47 

181. iv. Reo W.', b. in Keene, May 2.5-8, 1832; m March 10, 1854, Elizabeth 

Emerson, dan. of Enos and Eliza Emerson; b. in Keene, May 15, 
1831; farmer; res. Quasqueton, Buchanan Co., Iowa. 

V. Abigail R.% b. in Keene, Feb. 2, 1835; d. 27 Dec, 1852. 

•ri. Angelia T\ h. in Keane, May 31, 1837; m. Dec. 2-5, 1855, Thompson 
Waters, son of Allen "Waters, Esq., of Clark, O. ; b. July 20, 1835; res. 
Waushara, Lyon Co., Kan. 

182. vii. Milton R.% b. in Keene, Oct. 23, 1840; m. Dec. 34, 1861, Nancy J. 

Logan, dau. of B. £. and Miranda Logan, b. near New Philadelphia, 
O. ; farmer; res. Independence, Buchanan Co., Iowa. 

Children of Reo', (lSO-2) [101] (James', Moses', James', 
Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Susan (Flint) Adams ; res. 
Keene, O. 

183. i. Ellen M.^ b. in Dublin, N. H., Jan. 27,1832; m. March 29, 1855, 

Thos. Elliot; b. Nov. 9, 1831. She d in Holmes Co., O., Jan., 

ii. George C.', b. in Dublin, April 18, 1833 ; m. Aug. 21, 1856, Harriet B. 
Belzer ; no issue. He d. at Resaca, Ga., in the war ; enEsted May 
3, 1864, Co. H., 80th Ohio. 

1!54. iii. Josephine', b. in Dublin, Nov. 6, 1834; 

m. (1) March 29, 1855, Wm. B. Emerson. 

m. (2; Jan. 2, 1870, Geo. Humiston: res. Farlinville, Linn Co., 

iv. Mary W.', b. in Dublin, Dec. 17, 1830; m. July 31, 1856, James C. 
Adams, son of John Q., who migrated from Boston to Coshocton 
Co., O. ; b. in Coshocton Co., Feb. 2, 1836; d. in E. Tawos, Mich. ; 
only child, Milo M., m. Sept. 5, 1883, Delia Thompson and com- 
mitted suicide ; res. E. Tawas, Mich. 

V. Myron", b. in Keene, O., March 19, 1839; d. young. 

Children of Reo' (1S(I2) and Hepzibah (Flint) Adams. 

183. vi. Elbridge G.% b. in Keene. April 18, 1842 ; m. Jan. 22, 1863, Mary Jane 
Leatherow. He d. in Keene, O., 22 Dec, 1863. 

36. vii. Charles F.', b. in Keene, Jan. 5, 1850; m. March 23, 1871, Letetia 
Dudgeon, b. March 5, 1853 ; res. Blue Mound, Kan. 

187. viii. John", b. in Keene, April 23, 1852; m. Nov. 25, 1875, Rhoda J. Beoll ; 
res. Keene, O. 

is. Susnn', b. in Keene. Jnne 10, ; m. .\ug. 10, 1881, Wm. G. Rich- 

ards ; res. E. Tawas, Mich. 

46 LIEUTENANT HENRY. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of James', Jr., (ISOo) [lu-2] (James*. Moses', James', 
Moses', Lieut. Henry'. Henry") and Mary (Farewell) Adams; 
res. Dublin, X. H. 

i. James Marc«Hn8% b. in Dnblin, X. H., May 6, 1837 ; d. 10 Sept., 1844. 
ii. Mavy Elizabeth", b. in Dublin. Oct. 1, 1838 ; d. 18 Sept., 1844. 
iii. Emily Maria', b. in Dublin, Jan. 13, 1840; d. 10 Sept., 1844. 
iv. CharleB Gaylord', b. in Dublin. April 27, 1841 : d. 10 Sept., 1844. 

Children of James', Jr., (l>n.j) and Louisa H. (Gowing) 

188. y. Anna :Miraiida-, b. in Dublin, Oct. 2, 1843: m. March 3, 1862, David 

Vr. Kinamau. She d. IG May, 1867. 

189. vi. George Everetf, b. in Dublin, Sept. 27, 1845: m. Aug. 5, 1873. 

Elenora Martin Learned. He removed from Watertown, Mass.. to 
E. Los Angeles, Cal., 1887. 

190. vii. John Lavater', b. in Dnblin. June 5, 1851 ; m. April 30, 1870. Abby 

Jane WTieeler. He removed to Duarte, Los Angeles Co.. CaJ. , in 


191. viii. Merrick Calvin", b. in Dublin, Sept. 2. 1853; m. June 21. 1870, Mary 

Elizabeth Hadley, dau. of Thomas and Aeenath (Dyer; Hadley of 
Hancock, N. H. ; b. July 16, 1851. He a farmer ; res. Dublin, X. H. 

Children of John', (isftT) [ln3] (James', Moses', James', 
Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Ellen L. (Russell) Adams ; 
res. New York City. 

i. William Kusseir, b. in Jersey City. N. J., April C, 1855; d. 24 July, 

192. ii. John C.\ b. in New York. May 20, 1856: m. April 1883, Mary A. 
Irtvin of X. Y. ;. res. 35 IW. 123d St., New York City. 

Children of Abigair, (1S0!>) [104] (James',. :Moses-, James',- 
Moses*, Lieut. Henry', Henry-') and Dexter Mason ; res. Nelson ' 
X. H. 

i. Sally "Ann Adams Maaon. b. March 12. 1830; d. 1 June,. 1943. ii.- 
James Adams Mason, b. Dec. 31, 1832; m. Nov. 14. 1853, Lydla Ann 
Morse. iii. Lvilia Emily Mason, b. Oct 2, 1834: m. May 23., 
1854, James Knowlton. iv. John Dexter Mason, b. Ang. 1, 
1841 ; d. 27 June, 1843. 

Eighth Generation, lieutenant henry. 49 

Children of John Jay', (1812) [105] (John Wickliffe', Thomas', 
Thomas*. Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henrj'') and Phebe A. (Allen) 
Adams ; res. New York City. 

i. Amy A ',_b. in Medfield, 1835; d. young. 

193. ii. Adrianna', b. in Medfield, 1837; m. Henry XI. Zavalla; d. in New 

York, 1865. 

ui. Alice A.', b in Medfield. 1838; d. young. 

Children of Horatio', (1777) [10^] (Rev. Daniel', Elisha', 
Jeremiah', Henry', Lieut. Henr>'', Henry') and Elizabeth (Hard- 
ing) Adams ; res, E. Medway (Millis), Mass. 

194. i. Charlotte", b. in E. Medivay, Mass. , 1805 ; m. June 18, 1836, Orion 

Wight, son of Jonathan and Sarah (Harding) Wight; d. 23 Aug.. 
18G9; res. Medfield, Mass. She d. 15 Feb., 1879. 
ii. Elizabeth', b. in E. Medway, Feb. 20, 1808; m. May 2, 1836, James 

Barrows of Hartford. Me. ; living in 1397 in Peru, Me. 
iii. Elisha", b. in E. Med^ray, Dec. 15, 1809; d. unm. in Needham, Mass., 
9 Jan.. 1878, age 68. 

195. iv. Silence", b. in E. Medway, March 12. 1812; m. Dec. 25, 1834, Obed 

Hartshorn of Dover, Mass. ; d. 12 July, 1880. She is living in Med- 
field, Mass., 1897. 

V. Emily", b. in E. Medway, Dec. 1, 1814 ; d. unm. 17 Jan.. 1872. 
vi. Hepzibah". b. in E. Medway, Aug. 30, 1817; d. 9 May, 1838. 
190. vii. Horatio", Jr., b in E. Medway, April 6, 1821; m. Nov. 18.1846, Mary 
B. Ford; b. 1826; d. 6 March. 18.58, age 32. He d. in Medfield. 
Mass., 26 Sept., 1886. 

Children of Hon. Daniel', (1779) [107] (Rev. Daniel', Elisha', 
Jeremiah', Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Harriet (Read) 
Adams ; res. Medfield, Mass. 

i. Daniel", Jr., b. in Medfield, Mass., Nov. 7, 1817; d- of consumption, 

28 May, 1843, age 26. 

ii. John", b. in Medfield, Nov. 16, 1820 ; d. SO July, 1821. 

iii. John", b. in Medfield, April 27, 1823; d. same day. 

iv. Harriet Read", b. in Medfield, March 18, 1825; d. 5 March, 1844. 
97. V. Mary Baxter", b. in Medfield, March 7, 1832 ; m. 1860, William B. 
Fowle, son of Henry and Elizabeth (Bentley) Fowle; b. in Boston, 
Oct. 17, 1795; d. in Medfield, 6 Feb., 1805. He m. 1st, 1818, Maria 
Antoinette Moulton, dan. of Ebenezer Moulton of Boston, and 2nd 
Mary Baxter Adams. He was an active educationist, and assisted 
Horace Mann in conducting . teachers' institutes. Mary Baxter 
Fowle d. in Medfield, 9 April, 1893, age 02. 

vi. Henry Newman", b. in Medfield, Sept. 13, 1833; d. of consumption, 

29 April, 1857, age 23 years and 7 months. 

50 LIEUTENANT HENRV. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Amos', (179S) [lOS] (Joseph', Rev. Amos'. 
Henry', Esq., Henr}-', Lieut. Henr}'', Henrj-') and Eliza (Dean) 
Adams ; res. Baton Rouge, La. 

L Harriet Dean", b. in Bath, N. Y., Jan. 10, 1822 ..m. Sept. 1, 1842, Kev. 
Wm. H. DePny ; res. New York. 

iL Ame Eliza', b. in Bath, N. Y., Jan. 3, 1824; d. unm. 30 Sept., 1845. 

Children of Amos', (179S) and Clara Stewart (Bailey) Adams, 
iii. Lucretia Deborah-, b. Oct. 11. 1832; d. 20 Sept., 1835. 

iv. Mary LoaiBa-, b. Nov. 16, 1835; m. George A. Pike of New Orleans, 

V. Clara Kezia% b. Maj 28, 1838; m. Thomas Bynam. 
vi. Josephine', b. 1841 ; m. Chas. McMead of New Orleans, La. 
Tii. Joseph Henry'. 
■viii. William', b. April 4, 1843 ; res. Baton Rouge, La. 

Children of John Marsh', (ISOl) [109] (Joseph', Rev. Amos', 
Henry', Esq., Henr>'', Lieut. Henry', Henrj-') and Sarah Susanna 
(McMurphy) Adams; res. Augusta, Ga. 

198. i. Mary Keziah', b. in Augnsta, Ga., Aug. 28, 1830; m. May 1, 1851, 

Justus Bobbins Buckley. 

Mr. Buckley was a descendant of Rev. Peter Buckley of Con- 
cord, Mass. ; was President of the New York & New Haven R. R.; 
d at Bye, N. Y., 30 Dec, 1802: res. Rye, Westchester Co., N. Y. 

ii. Sarah Deborah', b. in Augusta. July 17, 1832; m. Oct. 9, 1800, Geo. 
Gray McWhorten ; d. 1890 : res Augusta, Ga. 

iii. Josephine', b. in Augusta, Nov. 3.1834; m. June 28, 1857, Gen. Alex. 
James Perry of the U. S. .\.rmy. 

iv. Elizabeth Bacon', b. in Augusta, Feb. 2, 1837 ; m. Feb. 10. 1858, Dr. 
Joshua Henry Bathburn. 

V. Harriet Henrietta', b.ia Augusta, March 24, 1839; m. Nov. 15, 1860. 
Joseph GenahL 

vr.. Ansa', b. is Augusta, Oct. 11, 1841; unm.; res. Augusta, Ga. 

viL' , Joseph HJemy*, b. in, Angusta, Nov, 12, 1843; student at Princeton; 
joined 'Clinch Rifles," O. S. A., 1861; killed 8 Oct, 1801. at Santa 
Rosa Island. 

viiL Greorge McMurphy", b. in Angusta, April 24, 1846: killed in the Con-- 
federate armyat Missionary Ridge, 24 Nov., 1863. 

ix. William Marsh*, b. in Augusta, Dec. 21, 1848 ; d. 23 Feb., 1849. 

X. John Marsh'', b. in Angnsta, Nov. 28. 1851; nnm ■: res. ranch. Potter, 
• Neb. . 

Eighth Generation.] lieutenant henry. 51 

Children of Charles', (1S05) [110] (Joseph*, Rev. Amos'. 
Henry', Esq., Henry', Lieut. Henrj^', Henr>-') and Julia M. 
(Hinman) Adams; res. Litchfield, Conn. 

i. Jane Deborah*, b. in Litchfield, Conn., May 19, 1831 ; d. in infancy. 

199. ii. Joseph Hinman', b. in Litchfield. Ang. 15, 1833: m. 1855, Emeline A. 

McKee of Perryville, Conn. ; President of Eagle Lock Co. He d. in 
Champaign, lU. , 19 May, 1870. 

iiL Henry William', b. in Bath, N. T., Dec. 8. 1835 ; d. anm. in Brooklyn, 
N. Y., 26 Jan., 1889. 

200. It. Mary FairchildS b. in Bath, N. T., Jan. 29,1838; m. 1807, John W. ^ 

Wheelock: d. 19 Aug., 1895; res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

V. Sarah Elizabeth", b. in Bath, N. Y., March 25, 1840; d. nam. 7 May, 


20.1. vi. Julia-, b. in Bath. X. Y., Oct. 21. 1842 ; 

m. (1) May 13, 1863, James Howe of Brooklyn, N. Y. ; d. 24 April, 
m. (2) June 1, 1876, Francis Wessells; res. Omaha, Neb. 
■rii. Charles', b. in Litchfield, Conn.. Feb. 2, 1845; enlisted 1863; 
wounded at battle of Cold Harbor, June 3, 1864 ; d. June 10, 1864. 

202. viii. Frances Deborah*, b. in Litchfield. Nov. 19, 1847; m. Sept. I, 1870. 

Julius Deming of Litchfield ; res. Litchfield. Conn. 

203. is. Ella Kezia', b. in Litchfield, Feb. 21, 1852 ; m. Nov. 3, 1875, Chas. F. 

Baldwin; res. Litchfield, Conn. 

X. Francis Scovil', b. in Litchfield, March 30, 1855 ; d, unm. 4 June, 

Children of Lorana', (179S) [111] (Oliver*, Dea. Enoch*, 

Henry*, Henr>-', Lieut. Henry', Henr>-') and Arba BuUard : res. 

Rutland, Mass. 

i. John Bullard, b. Jan. 3, 1821 ; d. 22 Feb., 1876. ii. Horace Ballard, 
b. April 15, 1823; enlisted in Mexican war; never returned. iii. 
Arba Bullard, Jr., b. March 18, 1825; d. in Lynn, Mass., about 
1880 ; leaving wife and one dau. 

Children of Oliver', Jr., (ISOl) [112] (Oliver', Dea. Enoch', 
Henry*, Henrj-', Ens. Edward', Henrj-') and Cecelia (Esteni 
Adams ; res. Dudley, Mass. 

204. i. John Quincy', b. in Dudley, Mass.. May 14, 1827; m. Harriet L. Bot- 

tume of Woodstock, Conn. He enlisted from Webster, Mass., in 
the 25th Reg. of Mass. Vols. ; d. of yellow fever at New Berne, N. 
C, 5 Oct., 1864. 

205. ii. Samuel-, b. in. Dudley, July 29, 1832; m. Aug. 12,1851, Almira 

Frances Darby, dau. of Samuel E. and Lucretia (Hammond) 
Darby of Thompson, Conn. ; merchant and postmaster at Wiison- 
ville. Conn. , since 1857. 

52 LIEUTENANT HENRV. TEigrhth Generation 


iii EdwinS b. in Dudley. June 22, 1841 ; 

m. (1) Ellen Whitney of Webster. Mass. 

m. (2) Lizzie Phillips of Portland, Me. 

m. (3) Lena . 

He -was a soldier in the 2.*>th Mass. Beg. of Vols., afterward a R. R. 
employee at Hannibal, Mo. He had one child, Arden L., by Ellen 
Wliitney, and one, Alice Maud, by Lizzie Phillips. 

Children of Enoch', (1S<<4) [113] (Oliver', Dea. Enoch', 
Henry*, Henr>'', Ens. Ed\vard', Henry") and Phebe (Sheldon) 
Adams; res. Pa-\vtucket, R. I. 

206. i. Mary Ann', b. in Pawtucket, R. I., July 7. 1832: m. Jane 16, 1863, 

Myron T. Kinyon of Smyrna, N. T. ; res. Pa^ucket, R. I. 

207. ii. Lyman Parkhursf, b. in Pawtucket, Feb. 14, 1837 ; m. June 19, 1866. 

Eliza Hatton. dau. of Elijah Hatton of Hillsdale, Mich. ; b. in H. 
May 4, 1847; res. Cbnton, la. He d. 28 Sept., 1895. 

Child of Henry Parkhursf, (1S19) [114] (Oliver", Dea. 
Enoch', Henry*, Henr}-', Lieut. Henr>", Henry') and Elizabeth 
(Seabrook) Adams ; res. Paola, Kan. 

208. i. Henry Seabrook", b. in Eufala, Ga. ,1350; m. Ada A. Mathewson, 
great granddaughter of Roger Williams ; res. Paola, Kan. 

Children of Wyman', (1797) [115] (Elijah'. Jr., Elijah', Esq., 
Henry*, Esq., Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Betsey 
(Daniels) Adams ; res. W. Medway, Mass. 

209. i. Asa Vf.\ b. in Medway. Mass., Aug. 30, 1821 ; 

m. (1) Not. 1845. Betsey Fisher Smith of Holliston, Mass. ; d. 
28 March, 1859, age 34. 

m. (2) Nov. 1805, Abby Partridge of Medway, Mass. ; d. 1890 ; 
pattern-maker ; res. Everett, Mass. 

210. ii. Betsey Maria", b. in Medway, Sept. 28, 1823 ; m. Jan. 18, 1844, Simeon 

Partridge, sonof Elihn Partridge ; b. Oct. 6, 1815 ; d. 20 Jan., 1882; 
living 1897; res. Medway, Mass. 

iiL. Henry SmithS b. in Medway, Nov. 7, 1826 ; d. in Los Angeles, Cal., 
unnj., 1 Feb., 1865, age 38. 

iv. Sarah E.", b. in Medway, 1833 ; living; nnm. 

Eighth Generation.] lieutenant henrv. 53 

Children of Kezia', (1799) [116] (Elijah", Jr., Elijah', Esq.. 
Henry', Esq., Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Nathan Hard- 
ing ; res. Medfield, Mass. 

i. Laura Ann Harding, b. in Medfield, Oct. 25, 1825; m. Nov. 18, 1843, 
James H. Ellis. ii. Addison A. Harding, b. Dec. 2, 1830; d. Aug. 
1832. iii. Elvira A. Harding, b. May 2, 1833; m. John A. Hut- 
china. Shed. 11 April, 1884. iv. TrjThena Mel vina Harding, b. 
Sept 6, 1837; m. Nov. 25, 1854, Fred Swarman. v. Adeliza Maria 
Harding, b. April 29, 1840; m. Oct 18, 1861, Leander S. Daniels. 
Shed. 27 Oct, 1888. 

Children of Maria', (ISOl) [117] (Elijah*, Jr., Elijah', Esq., 
Henry', Esq., Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and John F. New- 
ell ; res. Medfield Mass. 

i. JohnF. Newell, Jr., b. 1831; d. in Chicago, 111., 1888. ii. Abigail 
W. Newell, b. 1833; m. 1848, Emery A. WiUey. She d. 1861. iii. 
Maria A. Newell, b. 1834; m. 1852, Wm. Clark. She d. 1865. iv. 
Lydia S. Newell, b. 1837; m. 1857, Thos. L. Smith. 

Children of Rebecca', (1S05)[11S] (Elijah', Jr., Elijah', Esq, 
Henry', Esq., Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Cyrus Daniels ; 
res. E. Med way, Mass. 

i. Harriet K. Daniels, b. Oct. 24, 1836; m. Newell Hunt; res. Hollis- 
ton, Mass. ii. Albert Bobbins Daniels, b. June 4, 1842; m. April 
14, 1866, Anna Frances Richardson; res. E. Medway, Mass. 

Children of Charles', (ISIO) [119] (Elijah', Jr., Elijah', Esq., 
Henry*, Esq., Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Mar}' Jane 
(Lewis) Adams ; res. Dedh'am and Hyde Park, Mass. 

i. Elijah Henry\ b. in Hyde Park, May 8, 1837; d. 29 June, 1884. 
ii. MaryE.'. iiL Sarah J.'. iv. Josephine". 

Children of Lowell', (1819) [120] (Elijah", Jr., Elijah*, Esq.. 
Henry*, Esq., Henry', Lieut. Henr>-', Henry') and Cally F. 
(Hartshorn) Adams; res. Medfield, Mass. 

211. i. Warren H.', b. in Medfield, Mass.. Nov. 8, 1854; m. Nov. 6, 1879, 
Elizabeth Jewett. He a farmer, Medfield, Mass. 
ii. Edward L.% b. in Medfield, Oct 12. 1800: res. Medfield. Mass.; unm. 

54 LIEUTENANT HENRV. [Eighth Generation. 

Child of Mary Ann', (1S22) [121] (Elijah', Jr., Elijah', Esq., 

Henry*, Esq,, Henr}'', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Elisha W. 


i. Clarence U. Meiggs, b. in New York, March 28, 1848; m. Nov. 12, 
1872, Ellen H. Pierce; d. June, 1892. He resides at Hyde Park and 
has an office in Boston. 

Child of Mary Ann' (1S22) and Jerome B. Peck. 

i. George C. Peck, b. in Medway, Mass., Nov. 19, i856; m. June 6, 
1883, Agnes M. Trafton, dau. of Enoch F. and Esther J. Trafton. 
He resides in Pawtucket, R. I. 

Children of Susan Foster', (179S) [122] (Elisha*, Elijah', Esq., 

Henry', Esq., Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Stephen 

Turner; res. ^Medfield, Mass. 

i. Stephen F. Turner, b. 1823; m. (1) 1853, Mary J. Babcock; d. 1869; m. 
(2)1871, Abby F.Lewis; res. Medfield, Mass. ii. John S. Turner, 
b. 1825; d. 1878. iii. Francis A. Turner, b. 1827; d. 1831. 

Children of Elisha', Jr., (ISOl) [123] (Elisha*, Elijah', Esq., 

Henr>-', Esq., Henr>-', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Caroline 

(Boyden) Adams; res. Dorchester or Medford, Mass. 

i. A son, whod. 30 Oct., 1834, age 2 years. 

ii. Edward", b. probably in Dorchester, Mass., Aug. 9, 1827; d. young. 
iii. Edward", b. probably in Dorchester, March 4, 1830. 
iv. Edwin^ b. in Medford, Mass., Feb. 3, 1834. 

He was an actor; made his debut Aug. 29, 1853, at the National 
Theatrein Boston as Stephen in The Hunchback. He also appeared 
at the Howard Theatre in Boston in November as Bernardo in 
Hamlet. He played at Philadelphia in the fall of 1854, and won 
great success at the St. Charles Theatre in Baltimore. He acted 
the part of Hamlet at Buffalo, N. Y., in 1860, and appeared at 
Wallack's in New York. 

At the opening of Booth's Theatre in New York, Feb. 3, 1867,^ 
he appeared' aa Mercutio. He played with Edwin Booth during, 
the season of 1869-70, and went to Australia, where his health 
feiiled. On hia return he received a great popnlar benefit at San 
Francisco, May 27, 187C. . His voice was one of wonderful richness, 
strength and melody. 

He wa« married and hs» wife who played with him oi the stage,' 
retired at'his demise, which occurred at Philadelphia, 25 Oct,' 1877. 

Child of 'Amos', (1810) [124] (Amos', Elijah', Esq., Henry*, 
Esq., Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henrj-') and Sarah (Thompson) 
Adams; res. Portland, Me. 

L Mary Ellen', b. in. Portland, Me., May 19, 1846. 

Eighth Generation.] lieutenant henry. 55 

Children of Prof. Charles Baker', (ISli) [125] (Charles Jere- 
miah", Elijah', Esq., Henry', Esq., Henry', Lieut. Henry", 
Henry") and Mary (Holmes) Adams ; res. Amherst, Mass. 

i. Charles Holmea', b. in New Bedford, Maas,, Nov. 26, 1839; d. 1 Aug., 

ii. Charles Breck'. b. in New Bedford, Dec. 23, 1840. 

He enlisted May 20, mustered June 20, 1861, for 3 years, in 
Co. F, 6Tth N. Y., "Beecher Reg.," was an Orderly Sergeant; 
d. 17 Sept., 1861. 

iii. Dr. Edward Hitchcock*, b. in Middlebury, Vt., Aug. 18, 1842; m. 
June 1835, Mary Frances Milliken, dan. of Dr. Ebenezer C. and 
Eeturab (Norris) Milliken of Boston. 

Dr. Edward H. graduated at Williston Seminary and the Medical 
College of Georgetown University. He was Surgeon's Steward on 
the U. S. Steamer Wachusetts, Feb., 1885, to Feb., 1888, and was 
appointed to the Naval Hospital, Washington, D. C, May 4, 1863; 
was discharged Aug. 18, 1876. He resides at Fair Haven, Mass. ; no 

iv. Sylvester Holmes', b. in Amherst, Mass., April 22, 1844. He enlisted 
as a private in Co. F, 21st Reg. Mass. Vols. ; d. in the army 29 
Dec, 1861. 

212. v. Henry, b. in .Amherst, Oct. 31, 1845; m. Sept. 23, 1873, S. Miranda 

Morgan of Waterford, Conn. 

He trained himself for a sharpshooter and enlisted for 100 days, 
but the war closed before he was enrolled; is now a druggist in 
Springfield, Mass. 

213. vi. Lillie", b. in .Amherst, Sept. 8, 1848; m. March 13, 1873, George S. 

Atwood of Newton Highlands, Mass. 

56 LIEUTENANT HENRV. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Daniel Washburn', (l>i23) [126] (Joseph', Silas', 
Asa', Benoni*, Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Mary Ann 
(Taylor) Adams; res. Crown Point, X. Y. 

i. Lizzie Little', b. in Middleburj", Tt., Aug. 24, 1852; m. April 20, 
1878, Lewis G. Mawson at Los Angeles, Cal. ; res. Rutland, Vt., 
diyorced and resumed her maiden name. 
ii. Walter', b. In Middlebury, Dec. U, 1853; d. 18 Feb., 1856. 
iii. Flora Hannah", b. in Middlebury, Dec. 2, 1855; m. March 2, 1883, 

Fred Wm. Maxham; res. Rutland, Tt. ; no issue, 
iv. George', b. in Middlebury, Nov. 20, 1859; d. 21 Jan., 1862. 
214. v. Gertrude Taylor', b. in Middlebury, July 26, 1868; m. Ezra Hiram 
Allen; res. Rutland, Tt. 

Ti. Bertha Washburn', b. in Middlebury, April 23, 1873; num.; res. Rut- 
land, Tt. 

Children of Silas Gregory', (ls31>) [127] (Asa', Silas', Asa', 
Benoni*, Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henrj-') and Caroline (Lang- 
worthy) Adams; res. Dwight, 111. 

i. Henry Silas', b. in Middlebury, Tt., Jan. 1,1871; mail agent, Chicago 

to Minneapolis, 
ii. George Asa", b. in Dwight, lU., Sept. 4, 1873; is married and has a 

dan.; b. 1896; is a trainman on C. R. L & P. R. R. ; res. Blue 

Island, lU. 

Children of James N.*, (1S20) [12S] (Sanford', Isaac', Jr., 
Isaac', Benoni', Moses', Lieut. Henrj-', Henrj-'j and Mary I. 
(Wheeler) Adams; res. Girard, Crawford Co., Kan., and Los 

Angeles, Cal. 

i. Warren', b. 1853. ii. Hattie, b. 1854. 

Children of Emily', (1S37) [129] (Sanford', Isaac", Jr., Isaac', 
Benoni*, Moses', Lieut.. Henr}-', Henry') and Daniel O. Bacon ; 
res. Ft. Scott, Bourbon Co., Kan. 

i. Walter E. Bacoa ii. George O. Bacon. 

Children of John Clark', (1S31) [130] (Isaac V.% Isaac', Jr., 
Isaac', Benoni*, Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henr>-') and Sarah J. 
(Clafiin) Adams ; res. Hopkinton, Mass. 

i. John Albert*, b. in Hopkinton, Mass., Feb. 3, 1882 ; d. next day. 
ii. Annie Mary', b. in Hopkinton, May 21, 1870 ; onm. ; res. Worcester. 

Ninth Generation.] lieutenant henrv. 57 

Children of Hannah Louisa*, (1SS3) [131] (Isaac V.', Isaac", 

Jr., Isaac*, Benoni', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Moses 

Harriman ; res. Detroit, Mich. 

L Flora E. Harriman, b. Jan. 31, 1836 ; teacher ; unm. ; rea. Detroit, 
Mich. iL Bion L. F. Harriman, b. Nov. 5, 18>7 ; d. in Hopkia- 
ton, Mass., 14 Dec, 18C0. 

Children of George A.', (1837) [132] (Isaac V.', Isaac', Jr.. 

Isaac', Benoni*, Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henr>-') and Helen M. 

(Walker) Adams; res. Worcester, Mass. 

i. Frank Gifford', b. in Hopkiuton, Maas., March 5, 1882; unm.; res. 

Worcester, Mass. 
ii. Albert Walker", b. in Hopkinton, June, 185S ; d. July, 1868. 

Child of Ellen A.', (1844) [133] (Isaac V.', Isaac', Jr., Isaac', 
Benoni', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Charles Ball. 
L Nellie Adams Ball, b. Feb. 20, 1889; unm. 

Children of Isaac B.', (1840) [134] (Alvin T.', Isaac", Jr., 
Isaac', Benoni', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Caroline A. 
(Braley) Adams; res. Westboro, Mass. 

i. Laura A.', b. in Westboro, Mass., July 20, 1873; d. 24 Sept., 1881. 
ii. George U.', b. in Westboro, Aug. 24, 1875; d. 14 Sept., 1876. 

Children of Isaac B.', (1840) and Lizzie A. (Fairbanks) 


iii. Charles Isaac', b. in Westboro, Jan. 15, 1889. 
iv. George Albert', b. in Westboro, April 9, 1890. 

Children of Abbie C, (1837) [135] (Daniel P.', Isaac', Jr.. 
Isaac', Benoni*, Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henr>'') and Eben Brown ; 
xes. Milford, Mass. 

i. Oacar Brown, b. in Milford, Maaa., March, 1860; d. in May following. 
iL Ernest Clifton Brown, b. in Wilton, Me., Oct. 18, 1881. iii. 
Nellie Brown, b. in Milford, Mass., Oct. 28, 1888. iv. Herbert 
Spencer Brown, b. April 6, 1869; d. 20 June, 1870. 

Child of John W.;, (1850) [136] (Daniel P.', Isaac", Jr.. 
Isaac', Benoni', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Mary E. 
(Whitmarsh) Adams ; res. Spencer, Mass. 

i. Alice M.', b. in MUford. Masa., April 10, 1871; d. 29 Dec., 1891. 

58 LIEUTENANT HENRY. [Ninth Generation. 

Child of John \V.', (1S50) and Eva (Whitmarsh) Adams, 
ii. "W. Howard', b. in Spencer, Mass., Jan. 12, 1882. 

Children of Charles A.', (1S53) [137] (Daniel P.', Isaac', Jr., 
Isaac', Benoni', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henrj-') and J. Emma 
(Aldrich) Adams; res. Pawtucket, R. I. 

i. Mary E.», b. in Woonsocket, R. I., Oct. 3, 1881. 
ii. Climenia', b. in W. Gardner, Mass., Ang. 19, 1884. 
iii. Charles A.', Jr., b. in W. Gardner, Dec. 15, 1886. 

Children of William Joseph', (1802) [138] (Dr. Moses', Rev. 
Moses', Moses', Moses', Moses', Lieut. Henr}-', Henry") and 
Deborah Foster (Chickering) Adams ; res. Boston, Mass. 

i. William Alleyne', b. in Xew York City, June 2, 1834; d. in Roxbnry, 

Maas., 21 Jnly, 1841. 
ii. Horatio Chickering', ;b. in Boaton, July 29, 1836; d. in Dedham, 

Mass., 25 Sept., 1850. 
iii. Lucy Elizabeth", b. in Boston. July 19, 1839; d. 14 March, 1842. 
iv. Charles Lawrence', b. in Boston, April 30, 1842; d. in Dedham, 28 
Sept., 1874. 

215. V. Dr. James F. Alleyne', b. in Boston. March 20. 1844; m. Oct. 20, 1870, 

Anna Elizabeth Nichols Bailey of Washington, D. C. ; b. Oct. 23, 
1845; d. at St. Augustine, Fla., 5 April, 1892. 

He graduated at the Dedham High School in 18C0 ; Lawrence 
Scientific School, H. C, 1800-62; Harvard Medical School, 1866; 
Acting Medical Cadet, U. S. A.. Jnly 15, 1862, Dec. 27, 1862; Med- 
ical Cadet, U. S. A., Dec. 27. 1862. Dec. 27, 1863; Acting Assistant 
Surgeon. U. S. Nary, Feb. 2, 1864. Feb. 24. 1865; Surgeon U. S. 
Bark James L. Davis, E. Gulf Block. Squad., stations Tampa Bay 
and St. Joseph's Bay, Fla. Had part in capture of Tampa, May 
6. 1864; settled in practice in Pittsfield, Mass., 1867. 
tI. Mary Lee', b. ia Boston, Oct. 29. 1848; unm. ; res. Dedham, Mass. 

Children of ^ Herbert' (1S22) [139] (Dr. Moses', Rev. Moses', 
Moses', Moses*, Moses', Lieut. Henry, Henry') and Abba J , 
(Barnard) Adams; res. Detroit, Mich. ., 

216. i. Mary Jenette», b. in Detroit. Mich., Sept 6, 1852; m. March 11, 

1884, Thomafr H. Walsh of Cleveland, O. ; d. Feb. 1895; res. Fenton, 

217. iL George Herbert', b. in Detroit, Jan. 19. 1855; m. July 30, 1879, 

Fanny Jordan, dan. of. James and Annie CMcLeod) Jordan; b. in- 
WardflviUe, Ont., April II, 1860; coal dealer; res. Detroit, Mick . 

Ninth Generation.] lieutenant henkv. 59 

Child of JosiahS (lS-25) [140] (Dr. Moses\ Rev. Moses", 
Moses', Moses', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Nettie 
(Harper) Adams; res. Jackson, Mich. 

i. John Phillips', b. in Jackson, Mich., March 28, 1870; living nnm. in 
Jackson, 'J'enn. 

Children of Francis", (1631) [141] (Dr. Moses', Rev. Moses', 
Moses', Moses', Moses', Lieut. Henr^'', Henr>-') and Annie M. 
i^Graves) Adams; res. Detroit, Mich. 

i. Evelyn Frances', b. in Detroit, Mich.. May 6, 18GT; unm. 
ii. Annie Graves', b. in Detroit, July 21, 1870; nnm. 
iii. Mary Louise", b. in Detroit, July 27, 1873; nam. 

Child of Francis' (1S31) and Isabella (Duncan) Adams, 
iv. Katherine Isabel', b. in Detroit, Jan. 29, 1890. 

Children of Samuel Newhall', (1807) [142] (Samuel', Jr., 
Samuel", James', Jr., James*, Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and 
Laura (Ormsbee) Adams ; res. Newfane, Vt. 

218. i. Mary Almira", b. in Newfane, Vt., Dec. 8, 1833; m. Frank W. Coles 

of Glen Cove, N. Y; res. Glen Cove, Queens Co., N. Y. ; d. 1867. 

ii. Adeline L.', b. in Newfane, 1834; d. age 8 months. 

Children ot William', (ISIO) [143] (Samuel', Jr., Samuel', 
James', Jr.. James*, Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Sarah E. 
(Osgood) Adams; res. Brookline, Vt. 

i. Mary Elvira', b. in BrookUne, Vt, Oct. 19, ISM; m. April 4, 1894, 

Orlando Smith; res. Brookline, Vt 
ii. James Henry', b. in Brookline, Ang. 3, 1837; d. 13 June, 1840. 
iii. Charles Henry', b. in Brookline, Nov. 23, 1839; d. 12 Jan., 1840. 
iv. John C.\ h. in Brookline, Nov. 25, 1842 ; d. 25 Nov., 1844. 

Children of Chauncey', (1S14) [144] (Samuel', Jr, Samuel", 
James', Jr., James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Cath- 
erine (Brown) Adams ; res. Washington, D. C. 

i. George William', b. in Lima. Ind.. May 15, 1839; graduate of the 
University of Michigan; journalist at Washington, D. C, in 18G0; 
correspondent of N. Y. World, Chicago Times, Boston Herald, 
etc.; num.; d. in Washington, D. C, 10 Oct, 1886. 

60 LIEUTENANT HENRV. [Ninth Generation. 

ii. John Q.', b. in Orland, Ind., June 3. 1841; he removed to Washing- 
ton. D. C, about 1853. and married there; d. in Georgetown, D. C, 
April 1875. 

iii. Catherine A., b. in Orland, Ind., Feb., 1852-3; m. June 18, 1886, Frank 
L. VanAuken; no issue; res. Alexandria, Va., 917 King St. 

Children of Eli Jones', (1S16) [146] (John', Samuel', James', 

Jr., James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henrj-') and Fidelia Brown 

(Whitcomb) Adams; res. Leominster, Mass. 

i. Genevieve E.', b. in Leominster, Mass., May 2i), 1859; d. 25 March, 

220. ii. Walton E', b. in Leominster. Oct. 10, 1861; m. Nov. 6, 1884, Hattie 

M. Johnson; res. Leominster, Mass. ; carpenter. 

221. iii. EmmaE.' b. in Leominster. Oct. 12, 1860; m. ^'ov. 1886, Geo. W. 

Johnson; res, Leominster, Mass. 

Children of Jane Maria' (1S23} [147] (George', Samuel*, 

James', Jr., James', Moses", Lieut. Henrj-', Henrj'') and Harrison 

Montgomery'; res. No. Bongor, N. Y. 

i. Horace Adams Montgomery, b. Oct. .1 1 , 18.55 ; m. at Moira, N. T. , July 
8, 1883, Ella L. Johnson. ii. John Harrison Montgomery, b. July 
23, 1857; m. at Holyoke, Mass., Sept. 13, 1883, Hattie E. Garrison; 
res. Holyoke. Mass. iii. Nancy Ann Montgomery, b. July 21, 
1860; m. at No. Bangor, N. Y., May 3, 1882, Lansing Donaldson; 
res. New York City. 

Children of Charlotte', (1S2S) [US] (George', Samuel' James', 

Jr., James', Moses', Lieut. Henr}-', Henr^'") and Capt. William 

Hyde; res. Bangor, N. Y. 

i. George Horace Hyde, b. in Bangor, N. Y., Oct. 8, 1853; m. at Cort 
land, N. Y., July 24, 1878, Esther A. Colvert; res. Cortland, N. Y 
ii. Charles William Hyde, b. in Bangor, Aug. 14, 1856; m. at Elgin 
P. Q., June 20, 1883, Annie Elizabeth Cameron; res. Malone, N. Y 
iii. John Sheridan Hyde, b. in Bangor. April 23, 1865; m. at New 
Haven, Conn., June 9, .189(\ Martha Washington Fields; .res. New 
Haven, Conn. ; 

Child of Charles J. %■ (1833) [149] (George', Samuel', Jamer 
Jr., James*, Moses', Lieut. Henr)-*, Henry'} and Mar}' (Crooks., 
Adams ; res. Bangor, Franklin Co.^. N. Y. 

i. Ettie', b. in- Bangor,. NwY., Not. 3, 1859; unm. 

Children: of Charles J/, (1^33) and Abbie (Stevens) Adams, 
ii- Clinton*, b. in Bangor, Dec.. 14, 1867; num. 
ilL Florence", b. in Bangor.. Not. 12.^ 1873. 

Ninth Generation.] lieutenant HENRY. 61 

Child of Samuel', {1835) [150] ^George', Samuel', James', Jr., 
James', Moses', Lieut. Henr}*', Henry') and Harriet (Storms) 
Adams; res. Bangor, Franklin Co., N. Y. 
i. 'Jhusa", b. in Bangor, N. Y., Jan. 31, 1866. 

Children of Hon. George S.", (1S16) [151] (James', Samuel', 
James', Jr., James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Cath- 
erine E. (Myers) Adams; res. Malone, N. Y. 

i. Mary EIizabeth\ b. in llalone, N. Y., Aug. 28, 1839; d. 29 Jan., 1840. 
ii. James Myers', b. in Maloue, May 15, 1843; d. 3 Feb., 1846. 

222. iii. Margaret E.', b. in Malone, Jan. 29, 1847; m. March 20, 1872, J. 

Murray WitLerell of Burke, N. Y. Settled in PnJaaki, Oswego 
Co.,y. Y. 
iv. George Myers', b. in Malone, Feb. 7, 1849; d. 20 June, 1856. 

223. T. Mary C.\ b. in Malone, June 10, 185ii; m. June 7, 1871, Matthew M. 

Earl of Ssndy Creek, N. Y. 

Child of Sally Lovisa', (1818) [152] (James', Samuel', James', 
Jr., James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Edmund F. Sar- 
gent ; res. Malone, N. Y. 

i. May Louisa Sargent, b. in Bangor, N. Y., Aug. 5, 1840; m. Sept. 15, 
1863, Fayette W. Lawrence; res. Malone. N. Y. 

Children of Mar>- L.\{IS'22) [153] (James', Samuel', James', Jr., 

James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Edmund F. Sargent ; 

res. Bangor, X. Y. 

i. James Henry Sargent, b. in Bangor, N. Y., April 4, 1848; m. Dec. 14, 
1869, Esther A. Tarbell; no issue; res. Brushton, N. Y. ii. Flor- 
ence \. Sargent, b. in Bangor, Aug. 4, 1854; m. Sept. 20i 1876, 
Frank E. Taylor; d. in Malone, N. Y., 28 Sept., 1877. 

Child of Deborah', (1825) [154] (Charles', Samuel', James', 
'r., James', Moses*, Lieut. Henr>'% Henry') and John H. Hatton; 
•s. Ft. Covington, N. Y. 

i. Florence Hatton, b. Sept. 9, 1862; living unm. -with her father. 

Children of Charles J.', (1854) [155] (Charles', Samuel", 
James', Jr., James*, Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Helen 
R. (Hutching) Adams; res. Moira, N. Y. 
i. Gracie*, b. in Moira, X. Y., Nov. 4, 1878. 
ii. Hiram', b. in Moira, Oct. 4, 1880. 
iii. George", b. in Moira, Oct. 12, 1882. 

62 LIEUTENANT HENRY. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Mary E', (1S59) [156] (Charles', Samuel', James', 
Jr., James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and C. E. Slater; 
res. Moira, N. Y. 

i. Edith Slater, b. May 30, 1883. ii. Lula P. Slater, b. Sept. 16, 1885. 
iil. Mabel R. Slater, b. May 1, 1896. 

Children of Henrj- Herschell', (1S44)[157] (Lowell Leonard', 
Benoni', James', Jr., James*, Moses', Lieut. Henr>-', Henry') and 
Helen Eliza (Redington) Adams ; res. New York city. 

i. Nellie Bedington', b. in CoUamer, O., April 29, 1869; m. 1892, John 

D. Barrett of New York City; no issue; res. New York City, 
ii. Henry Herschell', Jr., b. in Collamer, June 20, 1873; unm; Yale, 1893; 

res. New York, 
iii. Laura Grace', b. in Collamer, Sept. 4, 1875. 
iv. Mabel Stella', b. in Collamer, Nov. 10, 1877; unm. 
V. Lowell L.', b. in New York, March 10, 1892; deceased. 

Child of Mary', (1S04) [15S] (Capt. John', John' Moses', 
James*, Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Darius P. Rundell ; 
res. Weedsport, N. Y. 

i. Cornelia Naomi Bundell, b. in Weedsport, Feb. 28, 1824; m. Jan. 18, 
1853, James Sheldon Brown of Henderson, N. Y. ; d. 30 March, 1895. 
Settled in Adams, N. Y., in 1865; living in 1896 with herson "Walter 
Brown, a shoe merchant of Adams, N. Y. 

Children of Rev. Moses', (1S06) [159] Capt. Jo^, John", 
Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henr}-', Henry'') and Caroline 
(Ballard) Adams; res. Delphos, Kan. 

i. Mary-C, b. in Tompkins Co., N. Y., Feb. 25, 1834; d. 7 April, 1836. 
224. ii. John Ballard', b. in Dryden, N. Y., Jan. 26, 1836; 

m. (i; Sept. 20, 1860, Susan A. J. Duncombs, dau. of Dr. Elijah 
Duncombs of St. Thomas, Ont. ; d. 19 May, 1863. 

m. (2) Aug. 24, 1864, Caroline Belden, dau. of Ira and Carolu 
Belden of Batavia, lU. 

John Ballard graduated from Albany Law School in 1858; settled . 
Evanston, IIL, 1868; elected President of So. Evanston village 1873, 
and held the oflSce for five successive terms; was one of the anthers 
of Adams k Durham's Real Estate Statutes and Supreme Court 
Decisions of lUinois, 1874; rem. to Saugatuck, Mich., 1892. 
iiL Mary C, b. in Oneida Co., N. Y., Nov. 25, 1837; d. 2 Nov., 1848. 
iv. Flavilla', b. in Oneida Co., Sept 13, 1830; d. 13 March, 1844. 
V. George Hedding', b. in Oneida Co., April 11, 1842; d. 19 Aug., 1843. 

Ninth Generation.] LIEUTENANT HENRY. • 63 

225. tL George Hamline', b. in Morrisrille, N. Y., Aug. 26, 1844; m. 1866, 
Nettie JohiiBonof Manitowoc, Wis. ; d. in Arizona, 1874; res. Cripple 
Creek, Col. 

228. Tii. Flarilla A.», b. in Conrtlandyille, N. T., May 19, 1846; m. George 
Foster of Bacine, Wis. ; d. in Racine, Wis., 26 Jan., 1877. 

227. viii. Caroline A.', b. in Cazenovia, N. Y., June 11, 1848; m. Dr. Frederick 
Reckard of Chippewa Falls, Wis. - res. Chicago, IlL 

ix. Charles Wesley', b. in Watertown, N. Y., Dec. 10, 1850; onm. ; res. 
Cripple Creek, Col. 

X. Francis A.', b. in Watertown, April 3, 1853; d. at Racine, Wis., 15 
Nov., 1855. 

Children of J6hn", Jr., (1S09) [IGO] (Capt. John\ John*, 
Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henr>'') and Electa (Fox) 
Adams; res. Watertown, N. Y. 

228. i. Jesse M.». b. in Pinckney, Lewis Co., N. Y., Feb. 17, 1836; m. Feb. 

n, 1875, Elizabeth L 'ng of Watertown, N. Y. 

Served as Quartermaster's Sergeant in Co. C, 2nd Vet. Cav. of 
N. Y., Aug. 25, 1883, to Nov. 25, 1865. Was Secretary of Water- 
town Fire Insurance Co. for 18 years; became a druggist in Water- 
town, 1886. 

ii. Beth Rinaldo*, b. in Watertown, N. Y., Aug. 24, 1837; d. 11 Aug., 

iii. Adelbert', b. in Watertown, Jan. 30, 1839; d. 21 Feb., 1841. 

229. iv. Rinaldo', b. in Watertown, Dec. 20, 1843; 

m. (1) Oct. 30, 1878, Elsie M. Goddard of MayviUe, N. Y.; d. Oct., 

m. (2) Feb. 21, 1887, Alice Stebbins Parkhurst of Jamestown, 
N. Y. 

Was a private in Co. A, 94th N. Y. Inf.; enlisted Oct., 1861; 
discharged July 3, 1865; res. Jamestown, N. Y. 

230. V. Imogene Cornelia', b. in Watertown, March 16, 1846; m. Oct. 17, 

1866, Wm. P. Herring, a paper manufacturer of Rodman, N. Y.: (a 
veteran soldier) ; res. Watertown. N. Y. 

231. vi. John Q ', b. in Watertown, Sept. 28, 1849; m. 1872, Amelia Burnett of 

Cape Vincent, N. Y. 

He enlisted as private in Co. B, 94th N. Y. Reg., April 11, 1865; 
discharged July 11, 1865; now director of AgrL Ins. Co.: res. 
Watertown, N. Y. 

Children of Albert B.", (1S16) [161](Capt. John', John', Moses\ 
James*, Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Lucy S. (Merriam; 
Adams; res. Watertown, N. Y. 

i. Orrin\ b. in Watertown, N. Y., July 4, 1840; d. 23 July. 1847. . 

64 LIEUTENANT HENRV. [Ninth Generation. 

232. ii. Dr. Albert W.\ b. in Watertown, Jan. 21, 1848; m. Oct. 6. 1872, 

Nancy E. Cessna, dau. of Dr. Joseph P. and Lorina Cessna; b. in 
Seneca Co., O., Jan. 27, 1850: educated in Olivet College. 

He removed with his father to Brighton, Ont.. 1860; removed to 
Charlotte, Mich., 1869; graduated from Michigan University, 1870; 
(scientific course) and from medical department, 1872 ; practiced 
in Kalamazoo and Bellevue, Mich., for 23 years. 

233. iii. Lucy Ann*, b. in Watertown, April 12, 1851 ; m. Sept. 29, 1868, Tru- 

man A. Crandall ; res. Battle Creek, Mich. 

Children of Henry', Jr., (Is0(?) [162] (Henry', John", Moses', 
James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Eliza (Spicer) Adams ; 
res. Dexter, N. Y. 

234. i. Alexander S.', b. in Houndsfield, N. Y., Sept. 18, 1832; m. Oct. 9, 1864, 

at Clarrndon, X. Y., Catherine Nay; res. Elyria, Valley Co., Neb. 
(4 others died young). 

Children of Henry*, Jr., (1806) and Emily Ackerman (Dick- 
inson) Adams. 

235. ii. Jane C b. in Brownsville, N. Y., April 28, 1839: m. Jan. 11, 1855, 

Capt. Alfred .\ckerman : b. in Brownsville, X. Y., Aug. 8, 1820; 
res. 1856-1865, Kenosha, Wis.; removed to Twin Lakes, Kenosha 
Co., "Wis. 

236. iii. Edwin E.',b. in Dexter, X. Y., March 12, 1841; m. 1866, Hattie E. 

Crandall of VTatertown, X. Y. ; res. Dexter, Jefferson Co., N. Y. 

Children of Solomon Ingalls', (1S09) [163] (Henry', ^hn', 
Moses', James', Moses', Lieut.^Henry', Henrj'') and Nancy E. 
(Bush) Adams; res. Scottville, Mich. 

237. i. Julia M.», b. in Rodman, X. Y., Nov. 10, 1834 ; m. Noy. 17, 1852, 

Isaiah C. Lanin^; b. Oct., 1827; res. Fenton, Mich. 

238. ij. George W.', b. in New London, Conn., July 20, 1830; m. Aug. 21 _ 

1864. Laney MariaLawrence; b. inChataugua, N.' Y. ; res. Fenton, 
Mich. ; soldier. 

239. iii. Benjamin F.*, b. in Waterford, Conn., Ang. 7, 1838; 

m. (1), March. 1870, Minerva Howard; b. 1847. 
m. (2) Nov. 25, 1883, Mra. Mary Adelia (Porter) Coats; b. 1831. 
Settled 1883 in Bald Knob, Wliitft Co., Ark. 

240. iv. Hannah L.", b. in Brownsville,. N. Y., May 8, 1841 ; m. July 3, 1862, 

David C> Calkina-; b. Jane 24^ 1834, in.Mexico, Oswego Co., N. Y. ; 
res. Custer, Mason Co. , Mich. ; 

241. V. Charlotte M.', b. in Brownsville, Dec. 2. 1843; m. Oct. 8, 1865, Henry 

Watson Brown; b. in Cheater, Mass., Oct 30, 1843; res. Custer. 

Ninth Generation.] lieutenant henrv. 65 

242. vi. Margaret S.% b. in BrowDsviUe, July 1, 1847; m. July 3, 18&4, Hiram 
Junius Davis, b. in Beach Hill, Delaware Co., N. Y., Dec. 7, 1840; 
res. Port Sheldon, Ottawa Co. , Mich. 

yii. Angeline', b. in Pinckney, N. Y.. Aug. 11, 1850; d. same day. 

viii. Mary M.', b. in Rodman, N. Y., Not. 1, 1852; d. 12 Sept., 1835, in 
Vernon, Mich. 

Children of John', (ISll) [164] (Henr>-', John', Moses', 
James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Eunice (Farewell) 
Adams; res. De.xter, Jefferson Co., N. Y. 

i. Edwin', b. in Dexter, N. Y., Aug. fl, 1834; d. 29 Aug., 1839. 

243. ii. Seth O.', b. in Dexter, June 3, 1830; m. March 11, 1858, Frances 

Jackson; res. Dester, N. Y. 

iii. Cordelia S.', b. in Dexter, April 17, 1833; m. Feb. 18, 1858, A. P. 
Millard; res. Mannsville, N. Y. ; no issue. 

iv. Laura L.', b. in Dexter, Feb. 5, 1841; m. March 10, 1863, Austin Van 
DeWalker; no issue. Shed. 27 Feb., 1873. 

244. V. Kendrick S.', b. in Dexter, March 28, 1843; m. Aug. 6, 1884. Susan 

Fohs; served as a member of Co. H. 2nd N. Y'. Heavy Artillery, 
Sept. 20, 1861, till Aug., 1865; res. York, Pa.; d. 28 Oct., 1896. 

vi. Diantha V.', b. in Dexter, Sept. 19, 134.5; d. 17 June, 1846. 

245. vii. Cynthia H.', b. in Dexter, June 2, 1847; m. Nov. 25, 1869, Nicholas 

, Rector; res. Perry, N. Y. 

viii. Levi D.', b. in Dexter, April 6, 1851; d. 16 Dec, 1852. 

ix. MiloJ.', b. in Dexter, Oct. 16, 1854; m. Dec. 22, 1874, Laverne E. 
Adams, dau. of James Rollin and Margaret Adams; b. Oct. 5, 1854; 
no issue; res. Dexter, N. Y. 

Children of Mary", (1S12) [165] (Henry', John', Moses', 
James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and William King ; res. 
Chaumont, N. Y. 

i. Caroline King, b. Dec. 25, 1832; m. at Cap« Vincent, N. Y.,' Feb., 
1852, George S. Howard, and had three children; shed. 27 Oct., 
1875. ii. Amelia King, b. Aug. 7, 1834; d. 25 July, 18.S9. iii. 
Nettie King, b. Feb. 25, 1837; m. Sept. 9, 1857, Albert E. Smith. 
He d. 9 April, 1871. iv. Mary E. King, b. Sept. 15, 1838 ;,m. 
June 22, 1857, William W. Shelley; res. Cape Vincent, N. Y. ' v. 
EoUin W. King, b. at Cape Vincent, N. Y., Oct. 5, 1842; m. at 
Geneva, Wis., 1869, Emma Stephens. He d. in Nebraska, 3 May, 

66 LIEUTENANT HENRV. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Philip Doddridge', (1S14) [166] (Henry', John', 
Moses*, James*, Moses', Lieut. Henn,-', Henry') and Julia (Lucas) 
Adams; res. Barnes Corners, Le-wis Co., N. Y. \ 

346. i. Samantha Orilla", b. in Barnes Corners, N. T., May 31, 1841 ; m. 
Feb. 19, 1860, Morris Porter 'lyler; b. July 12, 1836; d. 8 Jan., 
1880; res. Barnes Corners. K. Y. 
ii. Esther Eliza*, b. in Barnes Corners. Oct. 2, 1853; living; nnm. 

Children of James Rollin', (IS 10) [167] (Henr}-', John', 
Moses', James', Moses', Lieut, Henry', Henry') and Margaret 
(Satchwell) Adams; res. Dexter, Jefferson Co., N. Y. 

i. Albert', b. in Dexter, X. T., Jan. 15, 1840; d. 15 July, 1844. 
ii. Mary C, b. in Dexter, Aug. 27, 1841; m. Nov. 8, 1855; Charles A. 

Emerson of BrowDBville, N. Y. ; res. Lincoln, Neb. 
iii. Charlotte', b. in Dexter, May 8, 1843; d. 25 Oct., 1844. 
iv. Laverne E.\ b. in Dexter, Oct. 5. 1854; m. Dec. 22, 1874, Milo J. 
Adams, son of John and Eunice Adams; no issue; res. Dexter, 
N. Y. 

Children of AlWn', (ISIS) [ICS] (Moses', John', Moses', 
James', Moses'. Lieut. Henry', Henry'j and Miranda (Colvin) 
Adams; res. Sherman, Wexford Co., Mich. 

i. Samuel', b. in Sandy Creek, X. Y. , Oct. 4, 1851; a farmer, is mar- 
ried and has 2 children; res. Sherman, Mich, 
ii. Alvah*, b. in Sandy (reek, July 1. 1853; m. MiasRichey; res. Sher- 
man, Mich, 
iii. Emma', b. in Sandy Creek, Oct. 7, 1854; m. about 1874, Melville 

Baker; ree. Boylston, Oswego Co., N. Y. , and Sherman. Mich, 
iv. Mary', b. in Sandy Creek. Dec. 9, 1857; m. about 1876, Eugene 

Palmer; res. Sherman, Mich. 
T. John', b. in Sandy Creek, Aug. 22, 1859; 
m. (1) Elma Richey. 
m. (2) Estella Carpenter. 

m. (3) Mrs. Mary Letherland. He d. at luterlochan, Mich., 4 
Feb., 1893, leaving one child, 
vi. Charles', b. in Sandy Creek. June 14, 1862. 
vii. George', b. in Boylston, N. Y., Aug. 30, 1804; m. and has one child; 

farmer: res. Sherman, Mich, 
viii. Lewis", b. in Boylston, Nov. 2.5, 1860; nnm. 
ii. Howard', I), in Boylston, July 30. 1868; unm. 
X. EJie Grant', b. in Boylston, Jnlj- 1, 1870; nnm. 
xi. Cora', b. in Boylston, March 30, 1872; d. 1 Feb., 1875. 
xii. Cora', b. in Boylston, Jane 13, 1875; d. in South Carolina, aged 2 

Ninth Generation.] lieutenant henry. 67 

Children of Mar>- A.*, (1S28) [169] (Moses', John', Moses', 

James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henrj'') and Lewis L. Wilder; 

res. Mannsville, Jefferson Co., N. Y. 

i. Frank Wilder, b. Sept. 23,1850; m. Sept. 25, 1870, Emma J. Peck. 
He d. at Wildwood, Sumter Co., Fla., 11 Jan., 1893. ii. Duane 
L. Wilder, b. May 1, 1853; d. 12 Oct., 1803. iii. Ann M. Wilder, 
b. April 5, 1855; d. 25 Jan., 1859. 

Child of John C, (1825) [170] (Joseph', John', Moses', 
James', Moses', Lieut. Henr^-', Henrj-') and Lucretia (Thrasher) 
Adams; res. Caledonia, Wis. 

247. i. Lydia Maria', b. in Caledonia, Wis., Jan. 6, 1303; m. Jan. 28, 1886, 

Geo. W. White, a farmer of Bacine Co., Wis. 

Children of Armenia', (1827) [171] (Josephs John', Moses', 
James*, Moses', Lieut. Henr>-', Henry') and Joseph S. Longwell; 
res. Western L'nion Junction, Wis. 

i. Arthur Longwell. LL Minnie Longwell. 

Children of Edward M.',(1832) [172] (Jo.seph'. John", Moses', 
James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Annette (Chambers) 
Adams; res. Xorwalk, Wis. 

i. Morton E.'. b. in Xorwalk, Wis., Nov. 21, 1871; unm. 
ii. A. Johnnie*, b. in Xorwalk, Sept. 8, 1873. 
iii. Maude', b. in Xorwalk, April 27, 1870. 

Children of Joseph R.', (1833) [173] (Joseph', John', Moses', 
James', Moses', Lieut. Henr>-', Henry') and Jane Amelia (Kelly) 
Adams; res. River Falls, Pierce Co., Wis. 

248. i. Charles H.», b. in Kacine, Wis., April 11, 1855; m. Dec. 9, 1884, Mittie 

E. Leckliter; b. 1804; res. Wildwood, St. Croix Co., Wis. 
ii. Frank D.', b in Racine, Feb. 7, 1857; unm.; res. Ferguson, S. C. 
24t>. iii. Minnie Sarah', b. in Bacine, Nov. 4, 1858; m. Feb. 20, 1880, William 

Martin. Settled in 1881 in Crawford Co., III. 
2nO. iv. Fanny L.°, b. iu Bacine, Nov. 3, 1800; m. July 30, 1878, Horace B. 
Preston; res. Spring Lake, Wis. She d. 2 Oct., 1883. 
V. Amelia J.', b. in Bacine, Feb. 17, 1803; m. Sept. 7. 1892, Bev. Halsey 
P. Waldron of Brookville, Wis.; M. E. clergyman; res. 1897, Knapp, 

vi. Kate E.', b. in Baciue, March 29. '.803; unm. 
vii. Joseph U.', Jr.. b iu Bacine. Feb. :i4, 1870; unm. 
viii. Johu B.", b. in Pierce (. o , Wis., Feb. 4, I87U. 

6S LIEUTENANT HENRY. [Ninth Generation. 

C"hildren of Lettie M.', (1835) [174] (Joseph', John', Moses\ 
James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and James Bacon ; res. 
Racine, Wis. — 

i. Helen Bacon. ii. Jennie Bacon. 

Children of Charles D.', (1828) [175] (Dr. Seth', John', 
Moses', James*, Moses\ Lieut. Henr}-', Henry') and Frances 
(Calkins) Adams ; res. Utica, N. Y. 

i. Emily F.', b. in Lowrille, N. Y., Oct. 18, 1853; m. April U, 1875, 
Frederick J. Pratt of. Utica, N. Y. ;adau., Helen Adams Pratt, b. 
Dec. 4, 1880. 

ii. MaryE.», b. in Lowville, Dec. 4, 18G5; m. May 27. 1887, William 
Wallace Wetherspoon, captain in U. S. Na\-y; a sou. Alexander 
S. Wetherspoon, b. "Dec. 2, 1892. 

iii. Seth Collins*, b. in Lo^vrille, .i.pril 2, 1867; m. Jan. 10, 1894. Alice E. 
Thompson of Utica, N. Y. ; no issue. Attorney in business with his 
father, Mann Building, Utica, N. Y. 

Children of John Q.\ (1>:27) [17ti] (Samuel", Moses', Moses', 
James*, Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry'; and Abby W. (Fisk) 
Adams; res. Dublin, X. H. 

i. Wallace P.', b. in Dublin. N. H., Dec. 23, 1834; d. 30 Nov., 1864. 

ii. Dr. Henry Fisk*, b. in Dublin, May £0. 1857; m. Sept.. 1880, Alma 
Buswell; no issue; -went to California for his health, and d. there 9 
Sept.. 1892. 

iii. HerbertG.', b. in Dublin, May 14, 1800; d. 21 Aug., 1865. 

iv. Helen F.% b. in Dublin, June 2.i, 18<J4; unm. 

T. Mary May , b. in Dublin, Aug. 6, 1873. 

Children of Samuer; Jr., (l!!«3T) [177] (Samuel', Moses*, Moses*, 
James', Moses', Lieut. Henr>-% Henry') and Matilda (^Xay) Adams ; 
res.. Dublinr, N'i H. . 

251. L Loren W.', b. in Dublin,. N. Hi, Nov. 14, 18ff;; m_ Sept 13, 1884, 
Addie Spalter.- 

JL Clarabel F.% b. in Dublin,' Oct. 1, 1861; m. July 13, 1887, Charles P. 

iii. Kate A.°, b; in; DTiblin,.^ Sept. , 2, 1864; m.. Dec. 25, 1888. John G.. 
Townsend. . 

Ninth Generation.] lieutenant henrv. 69 

Children of Charles W.", (1S2S) [ITS] (Moses', Moses', 
Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Maria A. 
(Henry) Adams; res. Dublin, N. H. 

i. Charles H.', b. in Dublin, X. H., Oct. 16, 1857; res. Denver. Col. 
ii. laabellfl M.*, b. in Dublin, Aug. 10, 1805; tinm. 
iiL Laura M.». b. in Dublin. Jan. 12, 1874. 

Child of Frederick M.', (1S40) [179] (Moses\ Moses', Moses', 
James', Moses', Lieut. Henr>-', Henr)-') and Mary Louisa (Magee) 
Adams ; res. New York City." 

i. Frederick Elliot', b. in New York, April 21, 1830. 

Children of Waldo T.', (1828) [ISO] Cah-in', James', Moses', 
James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Katie (Hook) Adams ; 
res. Coshocton, O. 

i. Ella', b. in Keene, O., Feb. 23. 1859; m. April 14, 1878. Reo Over- 
holt, son of John and Catherine Overholt; b. Dec. 24, 1856; farmer; 
res Coshocton, O. 

ii. Rose', b. in Keene, Oct. 15, 1861; m. Sept. 25, 1884, John Stewart, 
son of James and Anna Stewart; b. in Coshocton, O., Sept. 18, 1850; 
carriage maker; res. Coshocton, O. 

iii. Herman X.', b. in Keene, April 10, 1863; merchant; nnm. ; res. Cosh- 
octon, O. 

Children of Reo W.\ (1S32) [181] (Calvin', James'. Moses', 
James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry") and Elizabeth (Emerson) 
Adams; res. Quesqueton, Buchanan Co., la. 

i. Abby\ b. in Buchanan Co., la., Oct. 20, 1855; m. Jan. 7, 1875. 

Henry P. Baker, 
ii. Frank", b. in Quesqueton, la., July 17, 1857; m. Nov. 30, 1883, Emma 

iii. Irene', b. in Quesqueton, March 15, 185D; m. Nov. 30, 1883, John 

iv. Mero", b. in Quesqueton, Feb. 5, 1861. 
v. Laura', b. in Quesqueton, March 28, 1803; m. Nov. 9, 1884, Hiram 

vi. Candace\ b. in Quesqueton, June 10, 1800; m. June 10, 1880, Thomas 

vii. May', b. in Quesqueton, Oct. 10, 1803; m. July 18, 1830, James 


70 LIEUTENANT HENRV. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Milton R.', (IS-ln) [182] (Calvin', James', Moses', 
James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Nancy J. (Logan) 
Adams ; res. Independence, la. 

252. i. Gelia", b. near Quesqueton, la., Jan. 2C, 1863; m. Jan. 0, 1886, Fred 

C. Xorman of Winthrop, la. ; res. Winthrop, Iowa. 

253. ii. Ulysses G.', b. near Quesqueton, .•Vpril 4, 1865; m. Dec. 4, 1891, 

Regina Hartman of Independence, la. ; res. MarshalltoTvn, la. 

254. iii. Hattie Z.' b. near Quesqueton. June, 16, 18G6; m. Sept. 15, 1886, 

Frank L. Tillinghast of Clear-water, Kan. ; res. Clearwater, Sedg- 
wick Co.. Kan. 

iv. Charles F.', b. near Quesqueton, Jan. 25, 1869; unm. ; res. W. 
Union, Iowa. 

V. Lewis E.', b. near Quesqueton, Oct. 21, 1877. 

Children of Ellen M.', (1S32) [1S3] (Reo', James', Moses', 
James', Moses', Lieut. Henr>-', Henry') and Thomas Elliott; res. 
Keene, O. 

i. Infant, b. and d. Dec. 15, 1855. ii. Abby E. Elliott, b. Nov. 17, 
1856; m. Jan. 27, 1831, J. Hustin Conley; res. Mirabile, Mo. iii. 
Reo F. Elliott, b. Nov. 9, 1859; m. March 1, 1883. Ida Bowman; 
res. Mirabile. Mo. iv. Ora J. Elliott, b. Oct. 9, 1860; m. Nov. 
27, 1882, John Suckman; d. without issne. v. Josephine S. 
Elliott, b. Nov. 14, 1862; m. Jan. 3. 1883, Geo. W. Chevens; res. 
Colorado. vi. John Thomas Elliott, b. Oct. 3, 1864. 

Children of Josephine", (1S34) [1.S4] (Reo', James', Moses'. 
James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry'j and William B. Emerson; 
res. Farlinville, Linn Co., Kan. 

i. Ida Emerson, b. in Ohio, Jan. 5, 1856; m. Dec. 16, 1S80, Lewis Her- 
man; res. Blue Mound, Linn Co., Iowa. ii. Ellen Emerson, b. 
in Kansas, Jan. 4; 1858; unm. , iiL Lura Emerson, b. in Kansas, 
Oct. 5, 1859; d. 16 Jan.. 1861. iv. Reo- Lester Emerson, b. ,in 
Kansas,. Sept 9, 1862; d. Feb., 1894. v. Mary Emerson, b. in 
Kaxxsas, Dec. 30, 1864'; m. Sept. -20„ 1891, B. N, Hostettler. 

Child of.Elbridge G.% (1S4-2) [1S5] (Reo', James", :\Ioses% 
James', Moses', Lieut. Henr}-', Henry') and Mary Jane (Leath- 
erow) Adams ; res.. Keene,, O. \ 

i. Elbrie', b. in, Keene, O., Jnne 25, 18«9 : m. June- 3. 1883, Albertua 

Ninth Generation.] lieutenant henry. "1 

Children of Charles F.', (ISoO) [ISO] (Reo', James', Moses', 
James*, Moses', Lieut. Henry", Henry') and Letetia (Dudgeon) 
Adams; res. Blue Mound, Kan. 

i. Maro J.', b. in Blue Mound, Kan., Dec. 22, 1871. 

ii. Dora L.', b. in Bine Mound, Au^. 6, 1875. 

iii. Carrie L.', b. in Blue Mound, Nov. 1, 1877. 

iv. Eeo R.*, b. in Blue Mound, Nov. 24, 1879. 

V. Stella X.\ b. in Blue Mound, Jan. 15, 1837. 

Children of John', (1S52)[1S"] (Reo\ James", Moses', James', 
Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Rhoda J. (Beall) Adams; 
res. Keene, O. 

i. Parker B.', b. in Keene. O. . March 22, 1877. 
ii. Bertie L°. b. in Keene. Feb. 1, 1879. 
iii. Nellie M.', b. in Keene, June 30, 1881. 

Children of Anna Miranda', (1843;^ [ISS] (James', Jr., James', 
Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henry", Henry') and David W. 
Kinsman; res. Dublin, X. H. 

i. Elizabeth Richards Kinsman, b. in Waterto'WTQ, Mass., May 6, 1863. 
ii. Jennie Louisa Kinsman, b. in WatertoTm, Sept. 9, 1894. iii. 
Willie Joseph Kinsman, b. in Watertown, Sept. 8, 186G ; d. 3 July, 

• Children of George Everett', (1S45) [ISO] (James', Jr., 
James", Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and 
Elenora Martin (Learned) Adams ; res. Los Angeles, Cal. 
i. Emma Elenora\ b. in Watertown, Mass., May 11, 1877. 
ii. Everett Eugene', h. in Watertown, Sept. 11, 1881. 
iii. Edwin Learned', b. in Watertown, Oct. 2G, 1885. 

Children of John Lavater', (ISol) [190] (James'. Jr., James', 
Moses', James', J^Ioses', Lieut. Henry'. Henry') and Abby Jane 
(Wheeler) Adams; res. Duarte, Los Angeles Co., Cal. 
i. Willis John', b. in Dublin, N. H., Nov. 12, 1877. 
ii. Reo Cyrus', b. in Dublin, Dec. 13, 1879. 
iii. George .\ppleton', b. in Duarte, Cal., May 9, 1882. 

72 LIEUTENANT HENRV. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Merrick Calvin', (ISoS) [191] (James', Jr., 
James', Moses', James', Moses", Lieut. Henrj-", Henrj-') and Mary 
Elizabeth (Hadley) Adams; res. Dublin, X. H. 

i. Eunice Louisa'', b. in Dublin, N. H., July 2, 187T. 

ii. Albert George", b. in Dublin, Feb. 24, 1879. 

iii. Lewis Waldo% b. in Dublin, Aug. 17, 1830. 

iv. Frederick James', b. in Peterboro. X. H., Feb. 26, 1882. 

V. Frank Thomas', b. Nov. 3, 1383. 

vi. Eva May', b. April 18, 1888. 

Child of John C.\ (1856) [192] (John', James", Moses', 
James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henn.-') and Mary A. (Irwin) 
Adams; res. New York City. 

i. Eleanor", b. in New York, Nov., 1895. 

Children of Adrianna', (1S37) [193] (John Jay', John Wick- 
liff', Thomas', Thomas', Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry") and 
Henr}' M. Zavalla: res. New York City. 

i. Amy Zavalla: m. Mr. Squiers. ii. John T. Zavalla ; res. New 
York City. 

Children of Charlotte', (ISOo) [194] (Horatio', Rev. Daniel", 
Elisha', Jeremiah', Henry', Lieut. Henr}-', Henry") and Orion 
Wight ; res. Medfield, Mass. 

i. Mary Jane Wight, b. March 28, 1827: m. Nov. 10, 1851, Reyfj W. 
Colburn ; rea. Newton Upper Falls, Mass. ii. Harriet A. Wight, 
b. April 28, 1828; d. 10 April, 1830. iii. Henry F. Wight, b. Nov. 
17, 1829 ; m. 1857 Fiances J. Snell, and d. 18 Jan. , 1890. iv. Eliza 
•A.. Wight, b. April 24, 1831 ; m. May 8, 1855, Emery A. Wheeler: 
res. Worcester, Mass. v. George H. Wight, b. rjune 18, 1832; 
m. Jan. 11, 1866, Mary B. Adams, dao. of Edward and Kezia L. 
(Clark) Adams of Medway : b. Oct. 24, 1838 : res. Medfield, Mass. 
vi. Margaret E Wight, b. Nov. 30, 1833 ; m. Jan. 1, 1859, Wm. P. 
Hewins ; res. Medfield, Mass. vii. O. Laprellette Wight, b. April 
10, 1835: d. 22 Sept., 1855. viii. Sarah H. Wight, b. Aug. 21, 
1837: living, unm., Wayland, Mass. ix. Jonathan G. Wight, b. 
Dec. 10, 1838: m. Jennie Muirhead : res. Worcester, Mass. x. 
Harriet H. Wight, b. July 9, 1840; rea. Wayland, Mass. xi. 
Charlotte A. Wight, b. Aug 3, 1842 : m. April 23, 1865, Henry M. 
Parker: shed. 28 Jan., 1871. xii. Frederick E. Wight, b. Jan. 
27, 184«: m. 1886, Ellen K. Springer of Natick, Mass.; res. Natick, 

Ninth Generation.] lieutenant hexrv. 73 

Child of Silence', (1S12) [195] (Horatio^ Rev. Danier, 

Elisha', Jeremiah', Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Obed 

Hartshorn ; res. !Medfield, Mass. 

i. Josephine M. Hartshorn, b. Feb. 8, 18-t2; m. April 11, 18«7, Stillnian 
J. Spear ; res. ^edfield. Mass. 

Children of Horatio', Jr., (1S21) [196] (Horatio', Rev. Dan- 
iel", Elisha', Jeremiah', Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and 
Mary B. (Ford) Adams; res. Millis, Mass. 

i. Franklin Edgar', b. in E. Med way, Mass., Sept. 3, 1847; onm. ; res. 
Millis, Mass. 
235. ii. Elisha Eugene", b. in E. Medway, June 4, 1849 : m. March 19, 1873, 
Anna F. DanieU: mason: settled in Worcester, Mass., Sept., 1889. 
iii. Marylda\ b. in E. Medway, Jan. 2, 1851; nnm. ; res. Afilliw. Mass. 
256. iv. Daniel B.\ b. in E. Medway, Sept. 28, 1852 ; m. Sept. 23, 1874, Jen- 
nie M. Clark ; res. Waltham, Mass. 

Child of Mary Ba.xter", (1S32) [197] (Hon. Danier, Rev. 

Daniel', Elisha', Jeremiah', Henry', Lieut. Henr}-', Henry') and 

William B. Fowle ; res. Medfield, Mass. 

i. Harriet Adams Fowle, b. in Medfield, June 28, 1862 : teacher in Nor- 
mal School, Boston ; anm.| 

Children of Mary Keziah*. (1830) [19S] (John Marsh', Jo- 
seph', Rev. Amos', Henry', Esq., Henry', Lieut. Henry^, Henr}-') 
and Justus Robbins Buckley; res. Rye, Westchester Co., N. Y. 

i. Julius Huntington Buckley, b. in Sand Hill, Ga., Feb. 22, 18S2 ; d. 
13 March, 1835. ii. Sarah Adams Buckley, b. in RaTcnswood, L. 
I., Sept. 20. 1853; lost in mid-ocean, on the Yille .dn Havre, 22 
Nov., 1873. 

Children of Joseph Hinman", (1S33) [199] (Charles', Joseph", 
lev. Amos*, Henry*, Esq., Henry", Lieut. Henr>'', Henrj'') and 
iimeline A. (McKee) Adams; res, Terrj'ville, Conn. 

i. Emma Louisa', b. in Terryville, Conn., July 12, 1857 ; raun. 
ii. Julia Adeline', b. in Terryville, Dec. 9, 1858; d. 3 Oct., 1802. 
iii. Samuel McKee', b. in Terryville, July 23, 1860 : d. 30 Sept., 1802. 
iv. Charles', b. in Terryville, May 7, 18G4: m. Oct. 21, 1890, AUce Sher- 
man, dau. of John T. Sherman, Esq., of Brooklyn, N. Y.; Yale. 
18S7 : no issue; res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
V. Joseph', b. Aug. 6, 18C0 ; d. 5 April, 1871. 

74: LIEUTENANT HENRY. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Mar>' Fairchild', (l!s3>) [iOo] (Charles', Joseph', 
Rev. Amos'. Henry', Esq., Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and 
John W. Wheelock : res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

i. Mary Macy Wheelock, b. .\ug. 17, 1871 ; d. 4 Jan., 1872. ii. Sarah 
Adams Wheelock, b. Dec. 10, 1873 ; nnm. iii. Joseph Adams 
Wheelock. b. Oct. 27, 187G; nnm. iv. Julia Adams Wheelock, b. 
Jan 1(5,. 1878. 

Children of' Julia', (1S42) [•2nl] (Charles', Joseph", Rev. 
Amos', Henry*, Esq., Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and James 
Howe; res. Brooklyn, X. Y. 

i. James HoTre, b. July 16, 1804: nnm.: res. Omaha, Neb. ii. 
Chrtrles A. Howe, b. July 22, 1860: nnm.: res. Omaha, Neb. 

Child of Frances Deborah% (l>-t7) [io^] (Charles', Joseph', 
Rev. Amos\ Henry*. Esq., Henry', Lieut. Henr>-', Henry') and 
Julius Deming; res. Litchfield, Conn. 

L Julia Adams Deming, b. Aug. 12, 1871. 

Children of Ella Kezia% (lS5-i) [2n3] (Charles', Joseph', 

Rev. Amos', Henry*, Esq., Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry") and 

Charles F. Baldwin; res. Litchfield, Conn. 

i. Charles Adams Baldwin, b. Sept. 0, 1870. ii. Mary Elizabeth Bald- 
win, b. March 7, 1879. iii. Katherine Baldwin, b. Sept. 21, 1880. 
iv. Alexander Baldwin, b. Dec. 6, 1882. v. Margaret Baldwin, b. 
Nov. 3, 1885. ri. Dorothy Baldwin, b. Jan. 12, 1889. vii. 
George Hinman Baldwin, b. Nov. 13, 1892. 


Children of John Quincy', (l.>^27) [204] (Oliver', Jr., Oliver", 
Dea. Enoch', Henry',. Henry',. Lieut. Henry', Henry')/6nd Har-^ 
riet L. (Bottume) Adams ; res. Webster, Mass. 

257. i. Charles Francis", b. in Webster, -Vaas., Jaly 18, 1830; m. Sept. 29, 

1874, Cornelia E. Groom of Whitinsyille, Mass., dau. of Benja. F 
and Jane S. Groom ; b. in Troy, N. Y., Oct. 8, 1853 ; res. Woi 
ceater, Mass. 

258; ii.: Inez Langford\ b. in Webster, Oct. 27. 1853; m. Nov. 5, 1878, 
Frank Angustna Atherton, manufacturer of refrigerators. Wor-; 
cester, Mass.; res. 5 Hall St., Worcester, Mass. 

250. iii. Ellwood", b. in Worcester, Mass., April 15, 1850; m. Oct. 3, 1883, 
Carrie Pierceof Worcester. Mass., b. Aug. 27, 1857, dan. of Syl- 
Tester S. and Stella C. Pierce-: hardware merchant. Main St., Wor- 
cester, Mass. 

Ninth Generation.] lieutenant henry. 75 

Children of Samuel", (1832) [205] (Oliver', Jr., Oliver", Dea. 
Enoch', Henr\'', Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Almira 
Frances (Darby) Adams ; res. Wilsonville, Conn. 

20''. i. Irene', b. in Weheter, Mass., March, 1854; m. Sept. 19, 1875, George 

W. Miles, overseer of Pattern-Gingham Works, Lancaster, Mass.; 

settled in Clinton, Mass., 1887. 
201. ii. Irving', b. in Wilsonville, Conn., May 23, 1858; m. Flora Fairbanks; 

res. Wilsonville, Conn. 
262. iii. Carrie", b. in Wilsonville, Sept. 22,1867; m. Edward Forbes ; res. 

Dudley, Mass. ; P. O. Webster, Mass. 

Children of Mar>' Ann', (1832) [206] (Enoch', Oliver', Dea. 

Enoch', Henry', Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Myron T. 

Kinyon; res. Pawtucket, R. I. 

i. Nettie Delina Kinyon, b. .\.pril 1, 1864; unm. ii. William Her- 
vey Kinyon, b. Dec. 18, 1868; m. Joly 12, 1893. Ella May Gilmore of 
Providence, R. I. 

Children of Lyman Parkhurst', (1837) [207] (Enoch', Oliver', 
Dea. Enoch', Henry*, Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Eliza 
(Hattonj Adams; res. Clinton. Iowa. 

203. i. Mjrron Henry', b. in Nebraska City, Neb., Nov. 30, 1800 ; m. Oct. 20, 

1890, Mary Nickel of Clinton, la.; b. May 1, 1866 ; res. Clinton, la. 
ii. Oliver', b. in Nebraska City, Nov. 21, 1868: d. same day. 
iii. Maud', b. in Lyons, la.. June 23, 1870; nnm.; res. Clinton, la. 
264. iv. Robert Hatton'. b. in Lyons, Oct. 21,1873; m. Sept. 25, 1895, Mary 
Rnssell Shaff of Folletts, la; b. June 14. 1874. 
V. Edward Sheldon', b. in Clinton, la.. Sept. 19, 1882. 
vi. Paul Edgar', b. in Clinton, Jan. 11, 1886. 

Children of Harry Seabrook', (1850) [208] (Henry Park- 
hurst', Oliver", Dea. Enoch*, Henry', Henry', Lieut. Henry', 
ienr}-') and Ada A. (Matthewson) Adams: res. Paola, Kan. 

i. Charles Francis', b. in Paola, Kao., 1874: res. Sabetha, Nemaha 

Co., Kan. 
ii. Matt', b. in Paola, Kan. ; res. Paola, Kan. 

Child of Asa W.', (1821) [209] (W\-man', Elijah", Jr., Eli- 
jah', Esq., Henry', Esq., Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and 
Betsey Fisher (Smith)Adams ; res. Somerville, Mass. 

i. Anna Louisa', b. 1852 ; m. Edgar L. Thompson ; res. Worcester, 

76 LIEUTENANT HENRV. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Betsey Maria" (lS-23) [210] (Wyman', Elijah", 

Jr., Elijah', Esq., Henry*, Esq., Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry',) 

and Simeon Partridge; res. Medway, Mass. 

i. Herbert A. Partridge, b. Sept. 3, lS47;d. 8 Oct., 18.50. ii. Henry S. 
Partridge, Oct. 26, 1850 ; m. June 5, 1894, Jennie T. Lapham ; 
res. Medwaj-, Mass. 

Children of Warren H/, (ISo-t) [211] (Lowell', Elijah', Jr., 

Elijah', Esq., Henr}-*, Esq., Henrj'', Lieut. Henr}-', Henry') and 

Elizabeth (Jewett) Adams ; res. Medfield, Mass. 

L Chester C, b. in-Medfield, Mass., 1883. 
ii. Bessie F.', b. in Medfield, 1886. 

Children of Henr}-\ (1845) [212] (Prof. Charles B.', Charles'. 
Jr., Elijah', Esq., Henrj-*, Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and 
S. Miranda (Morgan) Adams ; res, Amherst, Mass. 

i. Charles Baker', b. in Washington, D. C, June 30, 1874; Amherst 
College, 1896 ; entered Columbia College. N. Y., to study medicine, 
ii. Mary Holmes', b. in Amherst, Mass., 17, 1877; d. in infancy, 
iii. Mary Elizabeth', b. in Amherst, Dec. 0, 1880. 
iv. Henry'. b. in Amherst, June 5, 1883. 

Children of Lellie', (184S) [213] (Prof. Charles B.', Charles 

J.', Elijah', Esq,, Henrj-*, Henry', Lieut. Henr}-', Henr)-') and 

George S. Atwood : res. Newton Highlands, Mass.] 

i. Charles Melbourne Atwood. b. Jan. 2. 1874. ii. George Herman 
Atwood, b. Nov. 28, 187C. iii. Frederick Huntington Atwood, b. 
April l."?, 1878. iv. Harold S. Atwood, b. Oct. 5, 1879. t, 
Felis Ballard Atwood, b. March 9, 1884. 

Tenth Generation.] lieutenant henry. 77 

Children of Gertrude Taylor", (1S6S) [214] (Daniel Wash- 
bum', Joseph', Silas", Asa', Benoni', Moses", Lieut. Henr>-', 
Henr}-') and Ezra Hiram Allen ; res, Rutland, Vt. 

i. Robert Ernest Allen, b. Nov. 2, 18!'0. ii. Hazel Allen, b. May 26, 
1893. iii. Florence Irene Allen, b. Jan. 18, 1897. 

Children of Dr. James F. Alleyne', (iS44) [215] (William 
Joseph', Dr. Moses', Rev. Moses', iloses', Moses*, Moses', Lieut. 
Henr>-', Henr}'') and Anna Elizabeth X. (Bailey) Adams; res. 
Pittsfield, Mass. 

i. John William'", b. in Pittsfield, Mass., Feb. 10, 1873; d. Feb. 11, 

ii. Lacian Barley'", b. in Pittsfield, Feb. 19, 1874. 

iii. Charles Lawrence ", b. in Pittsfield, Jnly 28, 1877. 

Children of Mary Jenette', (1S52) [21C] (Herbert', Dr. 
Moses', Rev. Moses', Moses', Mose.s*, Moses', Lieut. Henry', 
Henry') and Thomas H. Walsh ; res. Fenton, Mich. 

i. J. .\dam3 Walsh, b. Sept., 1889. ii. Pitt Hancock Walsh, b. July, 

Children of George Herbert", (1S55) [217] (Herbert', Dr. 
Moses', Rev. Moses", Moses'. Moses*, Moses', Lieut. Henry', 
Henr)-') and Fanny (Jordan) Adams ; res. Detroit, Mich. 

i. Florence'", b. in Detroit, M: b., Sept. 3, 1881. 
ii. Carleton'", b. in Detroit, May 5, 1889. 

Children of Mary Almira", (1S32) [21 S] (Samuel Newhall', 

amuel', Jr., Samuel", James', Jr., James*, Moses', Lieut. Henry', 

enry') and'Frank W. Coles; res. Glen Cove, Queens Co., N. Y. 

i. Harry Adams Coles, b. Feb., 1858 ; anm. ii. Robert McComber 
Coles, b. 1861 ; d. aged 12 months. 

Child of Walton E.', (ISOl) [22n] (Eli Jones', John', Samuel", 
James', Jr., James*, Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Hattie 
M. (Johnson) Adams; res. Leominster, Mass. 

i. Rodney Walton, b. in Leominster, Masa. , Xng. 10, 1885. 

78 LIEUTENANT HENRY. [Tenth Generation. 

Children of Emma E.', (1S66) [-221] (Eli Jones', John', 

Samuel', James', Jr., James', Closes', Lieut. Henrj-', Henry') and 

George W. Johnson ; res. Leominster, Mass. 

L Harry K. Johnson, b. Jan. 1, 1883. ii. Boscoe E. Johuaon, b. 
Dec., 1889. 

Child of Margaret E', (1S47) [222] (Hon. George S', James', 
Samuel', James', Jr., James', Moses', Lieut. Henrj-', Henrj-') 
and J. Murray Witherell ; res. Pulaski, N. Y. 

L Mary Katherine Witherell, b. in Mooers, X. Y. , Sept. 12, 1879. 

Children of Mar>- C\ (1S50) [223] (Hon. George S.', James', 

Samuel', James', Jr., James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henrj'") and 

Matthew M. Earl ; res. Sandy Creek, N. Y. 

i. Pardon A. Earl, b. April 6, 1875. ii. Geo. Adams Earl, b. April 
12, 1877. iii. Ruth Myers Earl, b. Sept. 14. 1878; d. 26 Jan., 
1890. iv. Mary Louise Earl, b. May 26, 1885. v. Oren B. 
Earl, b. Aug. 1889. vi. Irene Earl, b. Dec. 8, 1895. 


Children of John Ballard', (1S36) [224] (Rev. Moses', Capt. 
John', John', Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and 
Caroline (Belden) Adams; res. Saugatuck, Allegan Co., Mich, 
i. Belden"', b. in Eacine, Wis., Sept. 12, 1865; d. 16 Dec, 1866. 
ii. Cornelia'", b in Bacine, Jan. 31, 1867. 
iii. Caroline", b. in Evansville, 111., Nov. 20. 1868. 
iv. Florence"', b. in Evansville. Feb. 22, 1871 ; d. 25 July, 1871. 
V. Gertride'", b. in Evansville, Feb. 17, 1873. 
vi. John Belden"'. b. in Evansville, Nov. 20, 1874. 

Children of George Hamline', (1S44) [225] (Rev. Moses', 
Capt. John', John'. . Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henr}-', 
Henry') and Nettie (Johnson.). Adams; res. Cripple Creek, Col. 

i. Franklin"', b. Sept,, 1867; killed by the Indians Ln New Mexico, 1885 
ii. Frederick'", b Nov. 1868; res. Cripple Creek, Col. 
iii. LiUitf ", b. 1870. 

Children of Flavilla A.', (1S46) [226] (Rev. Moses', Capt. 

John', John', Moses',. James*, Moses% Lieut. Henrj-', Henry') 

and George Foster ; res.  Racine, \Vis. 

L Lulu B. Foster, b. in Bacine, Wis., Dec. 18. 1869; m. at Ean Claire, 
Wis., Geo. J. Lange. Settled in Sheboygan, Wis. • iL George 
E- Foster, b. in Racine. April 25» 1871; nnm.- 

Tenth Generation] lieutenant henry. 79 

Child of Caroline A", (1S4S) [227] (Rev. Moses", Capt. John', 
John', Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henrj-', Henry') and Dr. 
Frederick Reckard. 

i. Harry", b. in Chippewa Falls, Wis., July. 187"; rea. Chicago, 111. 

Child of Jesse M.', (1S36) [228] (John', Jr., Capt. John', John', 
Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Elizabeth 
(Long) Adams; res. Watertown, N. Y. 

i. Jessie May'", b. in Watertown, N. Y., Nov. 7, 1880. 

Children of Rinaldo", (1S43) [229] (John', Jr., Capt. John', 
John', Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henrj-', Henr}-') and Elsie 
M. (Goddard) Adams; res. Jamestown, N. Y. 

i. Jennie June'", b. in Jamestown, N. Y., Sept. 16, 1879; d. 19 Sept., 

ii. Jessie May'", b. in Jamestown, May 24, 1881; d. 25 May, 1894. 

Children of Imogene Cornelia', (lS4r6) [230] (John', Jr., Capt. 

John', John', Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henr>-') and 

William P. Herring; res. ^Vaterto^vn, X. Y. 

i. Pauline Herring, b. in Watertown. N. Y., Sept. 2, 1867; unm. ii. 
Frederick Wm. Herring, b. in Watertown, Oct. 25, 1868; unm. 

Child of John Q.', (1S49)[231] (John', Jr., Capt. John', John'. 

Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henrj-') and Amelia 

(Burnett) Adams; res. Watertown, N. Y. 

i. Mabel B.'", b. in Watertown, N. Y., Aug. 20, 1874; m. 1892, C. H. 

Child of Dr. Albert W.', (1848) [232] (Albert B.", Capt. John', 

John', Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Nancy 

7.. (Cressna) Adams; res. Bellevue, Mich. 

i. Nellie Maud'", b. in Bellevue, Mich., July 26, 1875; member of 
Albion College, Mich. 

Children of Lucy Ann', (1851) [233] (Albert B.', Capt. John', 
John', Moses', James*, Moses', Lieut. Henrj-', Henr)*') and Tru- 
man A. Crandall  res. Battle Creek, Mich. 

i. Addie May Crandall, b. in Charlotterille, Mich. . Oct. 5, 1870; d. 6 
May. 1873. ii. Albert Wilfred Crandall, b. Aug. 18. 1889. 

80 LIEUTENANT HENRY.  [Tenth Generation. 

Children of Alexanders.', (lS3i>) [234] (Henry', Jr., Henry', 
John', Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henr}-', Henr>'') and Cath- 
erine (Nay) Adams; rfis. Elyria, Valley Co., Neb. 

265. i. Eliza Jane'", b. in Brownville, N. Y., Sept. 28, 1865; m. Dec. 4, 1884, 

Eli Morris, 
ii. John Preston"', b. in Brownville, May 8, 1867. 
iii. Hattie Aiigrxista'", b. in Murray, N. Y., A'lg. 11, 1872; nnm. ; res. 

Elyria, Neb. 

Children of Jane C, (1S39) [235J (Henry', Jr., Henry', John', 
Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henry", Henry') and Capt. Alfred 
Ackerman ; res. Twin Lakes, Kenosha Co., Wis. 

i. Harriet I. Ackerman, b. in N. Y. State, Oct. 1, 1855; d. at Kenosha, 
Wis., 20 Dec, 18-59. ii. Edwin T. Ackerman, b. in Kenosha, 
Wis., Sept. 26, 1857; m. Feb. 24,1880, Ada F. Lsrkins of Milwaukee, 
Wis., d. July, 1837; res. Chicago, 111. iii. Alfred L. Ackerman, 
b. in Kenosha. Nov. 19, 1861 ; m. Dec. 22, 1888, Caroline Anderson 
of Dodgeville, Wis. ; res. Chicago, 111. iv. Martha A. Ackerman, 
b. in Keuosha. April 23, 1864; m. Nov. 2, 1887, Geo. A. Maclean of 
Chicago; res. Riverside, 111. 

Children of Edwin R.', (1S41) [236] (Henr>-*, Henry', John', 
piloses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Hattie R. 
(Crandall) Adams; res. Dexter, Jefferson Co., N. Y. 

266. i. Brayton C", b. in Dexter, N. Y., July, 1868; m. 1892, Hattie Graham. 

267. ii. Charles R.'", b. in Dexter, 1871; m. 1894, Sadie Moffet. 
iii. Myrtie E.", b. in Dexter, 1876; d. 31 March, 1837. 

iv. Henry W.'", b. in Dexter, 1880. 

Children of Julia M.'. (1S34) [237] (Solomon Ingalls', Henr>'', 
John', Moses', James', Moses*, Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Isaiah 
C. Laning; r6s. Highland, Oakland, Co., Mich. 

i. Nancy A. Laning. b. in Brownville, N. Y., April 19, 1895; m_ Apri 
19, 1875. George Jones. ii. Desdemoois H. Laning, b. in Hig* 
land, Mich., June 24, 1858; m. Oct. 27, 1885, Andrew J. Brink, 
iii. Benjamin H. Laning, b. in Highland, Aug. 3. 1860; m. March 7. 
18S6, Ella Cornell. iv. Mary M. Laning, b. in Highland, Jan. 28, 
1863: m. Dec. 7, 188t, .WilliD'Connell.. v. Fredie Laning, b. in 
Highland. July 7. 1865; d. 23 Dec, 1868. , vi. Kittle L. Lan in g. b. 
in Highland. Aug. 9, 1867;. d. 9 May, 1885. vii. Willie E. Lan- 
ing, b. in Highland, Dec. 7, 187U; m. Sept. 25. 1895, Evelyn Webber, 
viii... Leverna N. Laning,. b. in Highland, July 14, 1872. 

Tenth Generation.]  lieutenant henry. 81 

Children of George W.', (1836) [23S] (Solomon Ingalls", 
Henry', John', Moses', James*, Moses', Lieut. Henr}-*, Henry') 
and Laney Maria (Lawrence) Adams; res^ Fenton, Genesee Co., 

i. Seth IngallB'", b. ia Holland, Mich., Sept, 1873; d. iu Dakota, winter 
of 1881-2. 

ii. Roy Quincy'", b. in Holland, 1875; d. in Dakota, 1881-2. 

iii. George Lawrence'", b. ia Holland, 1877; d. in Dakota, 1881-2. 

iv. John Robert'", b. in Michigan, Hutohinaon Co. , So. Dakota. April 

11, 1881. 

Child of Benjamin F.', (1S3S) [:>39] (Solomon Ingalls", 
Henry', John', Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henr}-", Henry') 
and Marj- Adelia (Porter) Adams : res. Bald Knob, White Co., 

i. Florence Olire'", b. 1879. 

Children of Hannah L.', (1S41) [240] (Solomon Ingalls", 
Henry', John', Moses', James*, Moses', Lieut. Henry^, Henry',) 
and David C. Calkins; res. Custer, Mason Co., Mich. 

i. Man,- Eliza CalkinB, b. in Venice, Mich., Aug. 10, 1853; m. May G, 
1880, .Wm. N. Perrin. ii. David Ingalls Calkins, b. in Venice, 
Dec. 12, 1865 ; m. June 3, 1886, Verna Calkins. iii Wm. Benja. 
Calkins, b. in Venice, Dec. 29, 1867 ; m. Oct. 21, 1889, Ina Calkins. 
iv. Henry Ernest Calkins, b. in Venice, March 13, 1870 ; d. 29 
Dec, 1881. V. Ad2J3i Pierce W. Calkins, b. in Venice, Aug. 18, 
1871; d. 12 Dec, 1881. vi. Sarah Ellen Calkins, b. in Venice, 
Nov. 20, 1873. vii. Geo. Waahington Calkins, b. in Venice, Aug. 
3, 1870 ; d. 4 Jan. 1882. viii. Hannah Betsey Calkina, b. in So 
Dakota, May 2, 1879 ; d. 15 Dec, 1831. 

Children of Charlotte M.', (1843) [241] (Solomon Ingalls', 
Henry', John", Moses*, James*, Moses', Lieut. Henrj-', Henrj-') 
nd Henr)- Watson Brown ; res. Custer, Mich. 

i. George Henry Brown, b. in Allegan, Mich., June 23, 1886 ; m. Sept. 
23, 1896, Edna E. McClain. ii. Etta May Brown, b. in Allegan, 
March 25, 1863. iii. Flora Bell Brown, b. in Allegan, March 17, 
1870. iv. Maria Charlotte Brown, b. in .\llegau. Aug. 31, 1872 ; m. 
Feb. 4, 1890, Fred J. Baker. v. Margaret Saliuda Brown, b. iu 
Allegan, Aug. 29, 1874. vi. Walter Seth Brown, b. in Allegan, 
April 20, 1870. vii. Kittie Brown, b. in So. Dakota, Xov. 19, 167 J. 

82 LIEUTENANT HENRY. [Tenth Generation. 

Children of Margaret S.*, (1S47) [24:>] (Solomon Ingalls', 
Henry', John', Moses', James*, Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') 
and Hiram Junius Davis; res. Port Sheldon, Ottawa Co., Mich. 

i. George W. Davis, b. in Olive, Mich., June 4, 1363. ii. Maria J. 
Davis, b. in Olive, Dec. 7, 1866. iii. Frank J. Davis, b. in 
Olive, Dec. 7, 1870. 

Children of Seth O.', (1S36) [-243] (John', Henr>'', John',) 
Moses', James', Moses', . Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Frances 
(Jackson) Adams; res. De.xter, N. Y. 

208. i. William H.", b. in Dexter, X. Y., Sept. 30, 1861 ; m. Lizzie Fitzger- 

ald, dau. of John Fitzgerald of Pillar Point, N. Y. ; b. Sept. 20, 

209. ii. AdelbertK.'\ b. in Dexter, Feb. 20, 1865; m. Eva Lepper, dau. of 

Henry Lepper of Sackets Harbor, N. Y. ; b. Dec. 20, 1864. 

Children of Kendrick S.". (1S43) [244] (John', Henry', John", 
Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henrj-') and Susan (Fohs) 
Adams; res. York, Pa. 

i. Ida B. '", b. in York, Pa., May 26, 1806; m. July 23, 1885, Henry 

ii. Ella L.'», b. in York, April 7, 1863; m. Feb. 14, 1888, Henry 

iii. Seth E.'", b. in York, Aug. 3, 1870; m. July 3, 1892, Sally Ever- 

iv. Edward C", b. in York, Nov. 7, 1372; m. Nov. 12, 1890, Lillian Ber- 

v. Mary L.'", b. in York, March 9, 1874; m. March 14, 1897, Henry T. 
Gruner of York, Pa. 

vi. John H.'", b. in York, May 2, 1876 ; m. June 10, 1897, Sue H. Berry- 

vii. Carleton G.'". b. iu York, Nov. 2, 1880; d. 24 May, 1889. 

viii. Gertrude F.'", b. in York, March 1, 1883 ; d. 23 May, 1889. 

ii. Walter S.'", b. in York, May 21, 1835. 

Children of Cynthia H.'. (1.S4T) [245] (John', Henr>-', john", 
Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henrj*', Henry') and Nicholas 
Rector; res. Perry, N. Y. 

i. Minnie Rector, ii. Lanra Rector, iii. Everett Rector. 

Tenth Generation.] lieutenant henrv. 83 

Children of Samantha Orilla*. (1S41) [246] (Philip Dod- 

ridge', Henr>'', John", Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', 

Henry') and Morris Potter Tyler; res. Barnes Comers, N. Y. 

i. Jnlia Lorena Tyler, b. Aug. 18, 1861. ii. Ora Morris Tyler, b. 
Feb. 4. 1866. iii. CharlcB Kollina Tyler, b. May 21, 1870. iv. 
Ella Orella Tyler, b. Nov. 19, 1874. 

Child of Lydia Maria', (1SG3) [247] (John C, Joseph', John', 
Moses', James', Moses", Lieut. Henry', Henry') and George W. 
White ; res. Caledonia, Wis. 

i. ElJie Mae White, b. May 11, 18D5. 

Children of Charles H.', (1S55) [248] (Joseph R.', Joseph', 
John*, Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henr>'', Henr>'') and Mit- 
tie E. (^Leckliter) Adams; res. Dellwood, Minn. 

i. James L."' b. iu Wild wood. Wis., Oct. 17, -1883 ; d. 29 July, 1886. 
ii. Edward 3.'', b. in Wildwood, Jiine 13, 1888 ; d. 4 April, 1891. 
iii. Buth'", b. in Wildwood, April 11, 1896. 

Children of Minnie Sarah', (ISoS) [240] (Joseph R.', Joseph', 
John'. Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Will- 
iam Martin; res. Crawford Co., 111. 

i. Mabel Amelia Martin, b. .\ng. 24, 1883. ii. Ora A. Martin, b. Aug. 
30, 18S5, d. 28 March, 188G. iii. Frank Adams Martin, b. May 18, 


Children of Fanny L.'(1S60) [250] (Joseph R', Joseph', John', 

Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Horace R. 

Preston ; res. Spring Lake, Wis. 

i. Vintie F. Preston, b. July 20, 187». ii. Mertie L. Preston, b. Sept. 
16, 1881. 

Child of Loren N.', (1857) [251] (Samuel', Jr., Samuel', 
Moses", Moses', James', ^', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and 
ddie (Spalter) Adams; res. Dublin, N. H. 
i. Marion", b. in Dublin, N. H., Dec. 23, 1836. 

Children of Gelia', (1803) [252] (Milton R.'; Calvin', James', 

Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Fred C. 

Xorman ; res. Winthrop, Iowa. 

i. Zula Ida Norman, b. April 2.'5, 1888 ; d. 22 April. 1890. ii. Milton 
Byron Norman, b. .v arch 4, 1891. iii. Winnifred Blanche 

Norman, b. Dec. 17, 1893. 

84 LIEUTENANT HENRV. [Tenth Generation. 

Child of Ulysses G*, (1S65) [253] (Milton R.', Cah-in', James', 
Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Regina 
(Hartman) Adams ; res. Marshalltown, la. 

L Marion Francis'", b. Feb., 1893 ; d. 31 July, 1894. 

Children of Hattie Z:\ (1S6C) [-254] (Milton R.', Calvin', 

James', Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and 

Frank L. Tillinghast ; res. W. Union, Iowa. 

i. Florence Louise Tillinghast, b. July 7, 1887. ii. Charles L. Tillin- 
ghast, b. Nov. 3, 1889. iii. Ruth Tillinghast, b. June 8, 1892. iv. 
Mildred Tillinghast, b. Aug. 15, 1894. v. Richard Tillinghaat. 
(twin; b. Aug. 15, 1894 ; d. 6 June, 1895. vi. Frank L. Tillin- 
ghast, b. Aug. 8, 1896. 

Children of Elisha Eugene', (1S49) [255] (Horatio', Jr., 
Horatio'. Rev. Daniel', Elisha', Jeremiah', Henr}-', Lieut. Henry', 
Henry') and Anna F. (Daniels) Adams ; res. Millis and Worces- 
ter, Mass. 

i. Edna Gertrude'", b. in MiUis, Mass., Aug. 36, 1874 
ii. Grace Ellen'", b. in Millis, Nor. 7, 187C. 

Children of Daniel B.', (1S52) [250] (Horatio', Jr., Horatio', 

Rev. Daniel', Elisha', Jeremiah', Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry',) 

and Jennie M. (Clark) Adams; res. Waltham, Mass. 

i. Mary Bryant'", b. Dec. 20, 1874. 

ii. Henry Horatio'", b. Oct 18, 1876. 

iii. Bertha Maria'", b. Dec. 21, 1879. 

iv. Arthur Clark'", b. Dec. 8, 1880; d. 12 Feb., 1887. 

Child of Charles F", (1850) [237]' (John Quincy', Oliver', Jr., 
Oliver', Dea. Enoch', Henr>-', John', Lieut. Henrj-', Henry') and 
Cornelia E. (Groom.)' Adams ; res* Worcester, Mass. 
i. Harriet L'", b. in Worcester, Maaa., Oct 30, l)lr75. 

Children :of Inez Langford*, (1853) [25S] (John , Quincy% 

Oliver', Jr., Oliver' Dea. Enoch^ Henry*, John", Lieut. Henr>**, 

Henr)'') and Frank Augrustus Athertoa; res. Worcester, Mass. 

i. Ralph E. Atherton, b. Aug. 18, 1878. iL Bessie F. Atherton; b. 
Sept. 17, 1884. iii Philip H. Atherton, b. May 27, 1888. iv, 
Ruth E. Atherton, b. March 5, 1890. v^ Lora J. Atherton, b. 
June 11, 1892. 

Tenth Generation.] lieutenant henry. So 

Children of ElU%-ood', (lS56)[25H](John Quincy', Oliver', Jr.. 

Oliver', Dea. Enoch', Henry*, Henry', Lieut. Henry^, Henr>-') 

and Carrie (Pierce) Adams ; res. Worcester, Mass. 

i. Robert Pierce'", b. in Worcester, Mass., Sept. 1, 1884. 
ii. Hazel'", b. in Worcester, Ang. 23, 1887; d. 12 Nov., 1891. 
iii. Gertrnd* E.'", b. in Worcester, May 6, 1893. 

Children of Irene', (1S54) [26o] (Samuel', Oliver', Jr., Oliver", 

Dea. Enoch', Henry*, Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') and George 

W. Miles; res. Clinton, Mass. 

i. Maad A. Miles, b. in Danielsonville, Conn., Dec. 30, i870. ii. 
Grover L. Miles, b. in Woonsocket, R. I., July 20, 1884. iii. 
Marion Edna Miles, b. in Clinton, Mass., March 31, 1839. 

Children of Irving', (1S5S) [261] (Samuel", Oliver', Jr., 
Oliver', Dea. Enoch', Henry', Henry', Lieut. Henry', Henry') 
and Flora (Fairbanks) Adams ; res. Wilsonville, Conn, 
i. Harold I.'", b. in N. Grosvenor, Conn., April 2^, 1879. 
ii. Iva M.'", b. in Quinnebaug, Conn., Jan. 21, 1881. 
iii. Ethel May'", b. in Woodstock, Conn., Jan. 5, 1886. 

Children of Carrie', (1S07) [262] (SamueP, Oliver', Jr., 

Oliver", Dea. Enoch', Henry', Henry', Lieut. Henr>*', Henry') 

and Edward Forbes ; res. Webster, Mass. 

i. Stanley E. Forbes, b. Feb. 1, 1889; d. in Sept., 1889. ii. Mildred 
A. Forbes, b. June 17, 1890. iii. Inez H. Forbes, b. March 17, 


Child of Myron Henry', (l.S6<".) [26-3] (Lyman Parkhurst', 
Enoch', Oliver', Dea. Enoch', Henr\'*, Henry', Lieut. Henry', 
Henr\-') and Mary (Nickel) Adams; res. Clinton, la. 
i. Mildred'", b. in Clinton, la , May 8, 1892. 

Child of Robert Hatton*, (1873) [264:] (Lyman Parkhursf, 
x:.noch', Oliver', Dea. Enoch', Henry*, Henry', Lieut. Henr>-', 
Henr\-') and Mary Russell (Shaff) Adams; res. Clinton, la. 
i. Chester Shaff", b. in Clinton, la., Oct. 2.5, 189<5. 

86 LIEUTENANT HENRY. [Eleventh Generation. 

Children of Eliza Jane'°, (1SG5) [:>Q5] (Alexander S.' Henry', 

Jr., Henr>'', John', Moses', James*, Moses', Lieut. Henry', 

Henry") and Eli Morris ; res. Elyria, Neb. 

i. Charlotte Josephine Morris, b. March 6, 1885. ii. Addle Jane 
Morris, b. Aug 17, 1880. iii. Milly Bell Morris, b. Sept. 22. 
1887. iv. Samuel Eli Morris, b. Feb. 23. 1889. v. Ida Morris, 
b. Not. 17, 189a. vi. Edward Freddie Morris, b. Feb. 16, 1893. 

Child of Brayton C.'°, (1S6S) [26G] (Edwin R.', Henry', Jr., 
Henry', John", Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') 
and Hattie (Graham) Adams ; res. Dexter, X. Y. 
i. Stanley R.", b. in Dexter, N. Y. 

Child of Charles R.'°, (1S71) [-267] (Edwin R.", Henrys Jr., 
Henry', John', Moses', James', Moses", Lieut. Henry", Henry') 
and Sadie (Moffet) Adams; res. Dexter, X. Y. 
L NiJes E.", b. in Dexter, N. Y. 

Children of \Villiam H.'° (1.^G1) [2fiN] (Seth O,', John', 
Henry', John", Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') 
and Lizzie (Fitzgerald) Adams; res. Dexter, X. Y. 
i. Laura", b. in Dexter, N. Y., April 30. 1884. 
ii. Frank'', b. in Dexter. Sept. 22, 1887. 
iiL Bell", b. in Dexter, March 2, 1890. 

Children of Adelbert K.", (1S65) [269] (Seth O.', John', 
Henry', John", Moses', James', Moses', Lieut. Henry', Henry') 
and Eva (Lepper) Adams; res. Dexter, X. Y. 
i. Myrtie", b. Oct. 5, 1880. 
ii. Edna", b. Jan. 19, 1888. 

Third Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 87 


Children of Lieut. Thomas' (1612) (Henr)-') and Mar}'( ) 

Adams ; res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

i. Mary', b. in Braintree, Mass.. July 24, 1643; d. soon, as per Brain- 
tree record. 

1. ii. Jonathan', b. in Concord, Maaa., Jan. 6, 1646; m. Aug. 29, 1681, Leah 

Gould (Goole ?) twin dau. of Francis and Rose Gould of Chelin»> 
ford, Mass. She d. 1718. He Tvaa a farmer in or nigh Littleton, 
Mass ; d. in Chelmsford, 25 Nov., 1712. 

2. iii. Pelatiah', (twin) b. in Concord, Jan. 6, 1646; m. 1670-80, Ruth . 

She d. 18 Sept., 1719. He d. in Chelmsford, 29 April, 1725. 

3. iv. Timothy', b. in Concord, (April 2?) Feb. 15, 1648; m. Mary . 

He d. in Chelmsford, 1 July, 1708. 
V. George", b. in Concord, March 29, 1650; probably d. young. 

4. vi. SamueP, b. in Chelmsford about 1652.3; m. Mary , -whod. 28 

March. 1718, in Canterbury, Conn. 

He was a millwright; removed to Charlestown, Maea., and thence 
to Canterbury, Conn. , where 'he waa a prominent citizen and d. 
26 Nov. , 1727. He sold his property in Charlestown to Joseph Ran- 
dall, in 1697, according (to Bond; the deed waa acknowledged at 
Flainfield, Conn., in 1714-5. 

He waa one of the first board of selectmen in Canterbury, chosen 
May 31, 1699. Both he and his son Samuel, Jr., received each one 
and one-half shares of land as original first settlers in the division 
of April, 1723. He is said to have had twelve children, five of whom 
died young. His will, made and signed with his mark, Aug. 7, 
1727, probated at Flainfleld, Dec. 4, 1727, and on record at Willi- 
mantic, speaks of his sons as three in number, and four daughters, 
but names only Henry and Thomas, Abigail and Margaret, the por- 
tions of Abigail and Margaret to remain in the hands of the 

yii. Edith', b. in Chelmsford, Feb. 21, 1655; probably d. unm. 

viii. Rebecca', b. in Chelmsford, Sept. 18, 1657; d. young, 

ix. Elizabeth', b. in Chelmsford, Oct. 21, 1658-9; died young. 

X. Thomas', b. in Chelmsford, July 22, 1660; d. 20 Nov. same year, 

xi. Mary', b. in Chelmsford, Oct. 29, 1664; m. Cooper, as per wilL 

Note— The Concord records give the births of Jonathau. Pelatiah, Timothj- and George; that 
of Samuel is not to be foand. 

88 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Fourth Generation. 

Children of Jonathan', (1646) [1] (Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Leah (Gould) Adams; res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

5. i. Edith^, b. in Chelmsford, Maas., Dec. 1, 1683; m. Jacob Powers, son 

of Walter Powers of Littleton. Mass., b. Dec. 15, 1779. He m. let 
Sept. 18, 1703. Sarah Merriam. who d. 15 April, 1705, and by her had 
one child, 
ii. Marj-", b. in Chelmsford; m. May 13, 1707, Wm. Haggett of Andover, 

Mass. She was deceased 1718. 
iii. Margaret', b. in Chelmsford, June 24, 1689; d. yonng. 

6. iv. Lydia', b. in Chelmsford, April 2, 1691; m. Aug. 6, 1713, Thomas 

V. Abigail', b. in Chelmsford, Nov. 9, 1693. 

vi. Jonathan', b. in Chelmsford, March 21, (23 ?) 1695-8. He deeded an 
interest in his father's estate to Samuel Chamberlain in 1717. 

7. vii. David', b. in Chelmsford, March 29, 1699; m. Aug. 27, 1723, in Can- 

terbury, Conn., Dorcaa Paine, dau. of Elisha and Rebecca (Doane) 
Paine, b. in Eastham, Mass., Feb. 20, 1699; d. in Canterbury, 
Conn., 3 March, 1745-6. 

April, 1770, the heirs of Dorcas received Lands from her father's 
estate, and they were Abel, called the 3d son, Elisha, called the 4th 
son; the 2d dau. was Leah, wife of Isaiah Cain; Bebecca was the 3d 
dau. ; Jonathan was the eldest son. and Constance, the late wife of 
Bobert Eeynolds, is named; David d. in Canterbury, 21 May, 1759. 
viii. Elizabeth'. ii. Edward'. x. Bachel'. 

Children of Pelatiah", (1646) [2] (Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Ruth ( ) Adams ; res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

8. i. Tabitha', b. in Chelmsford, Mass., ; m. about 1393, Thomas 

Blanchard, son of Dea. Thomas Blanchard of Dunstable, Mass. 
She d. 29 Nov., 1696. 
ii. Thomas', b. in Chelmsford, . 

April 16, 1702, Pelatiah and his wife Ruth, for love and good will, 
made deed of sundry parcels of land in Chelmsford to their sons 
Thomas and Pelatiah, Jr. 

April 3, 1727, Thomas Adams, carpenter, of Chelmsford, made a 
purchase of Joseph Baldwin, block-maker, for the consideration of 
£300, 800 acres in Dunstable. Feb. 11, 1728, Pelatiah and his 
wife Lydia Adams, in consideration of £560, release and quit- 
claim to Thomas Adams, late of Chelmsford, now of Dunstable, all 
their right and interest in lands divided and undivided. Lydia 
was the wife of Pelatiah, Jr., in May, 1728. 

There is no record that Thomas married, and it is probable that he 
d. unm. in Dunstable. 

9. iii. Buth', b. in Chelmsford, March 8. 1673; m. Oct 4, 1798, Thomaa 

Blanchard, (2nd wife^; res. Dunstable, Mass., now Nashua, N. H. 

Fourth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. * 89 

10. iT. Elizabeth', b. in Chelmsford, April 26. 1680; m. Oct. 3. 1705. Dea. 

John CummingB, Jr.; b. July 7, 1682; d. 1750; res. near present 
B. R. station, Weetford, Mass. She d. 30 April, n.-iO. 

11. V. Pelatiah', Jr., b. in Chelmsford, Nov. 7, 1682; m. June 8, 1711, Lydia 

Fletcher; res. Westford, Mass. 

vi. Samuel', b. in Chelmsford, March 28. 1685. 
vii. Ediths b. in Chelmsford, June 25, 1688. 

12. viii. Sarahs b. in Chelmsford, July 12, 1691; m. Nov. 17, 1712, Capt. 

Joseph Fletcher, son of Joshua and Sarah (Wiley) Fletcher; b. 
June 10,1689; d. in "Westford, Octi: 1772. She d. 24 April. 1761. 

13. is. Abigail', b. in Chelmsford, June 7. 1697; probably m. 1712, Xaion 

Parker: b. April 9, 1089. He m. 2nd Dorothy Fletcher; res. 
Jaffrey, X. H. 

Children of TimothyS (1C4S) [3] (Lieut. Thomas', Henr>-') 
and Mar>- ( ) Adams ; res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

14. i. Thomaa', b. in Chelmsford, Mass., 1675; m. Judith ; b. 1680; d. 

15 .\pril, 1754; age 74. He was a carpenter; settled in Dunstable, 
1726; d. 18 Feb., 1746; age 71. 

15. ii. Timothy', Jr., b. in Chelmsford. Dec. 13, 1677; m. Aug. 11, 1699. 

Dorothy Chamberlain; d. 19 June, 1766, age 90. He J. 25 Feb., 
1701, age 83. 

iii. Mary', b. in Chelmsford; d. 29 Jan.. 1681. 

iv. Mary-", b. in Chelmsford, Sept. 2.5, 1635. 

V. Jonathan', b. in Chelmsford, April 3, 1888; d. before 1708. 

Thomas and Timothy lived on homestead till 1725, ■when Thomas 
and Judith quit-claimed their rights and interest in the place to 
Timothy, the two brothers being the only heirs. 

Children of Samuel', (1053) [4] (Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Mary ( ) Adams ; res. Canterburj', Conn. 

16. i. Abigail', b. in Chelmsford. Mass.. about ; m. July 26, 1709, Paul 

Davenport, son of Chaa. and Waitatill (Smith) Davenport of Dor- 
Chester. Mass. ; b. Jan. 30, 1683. 

17. ji. Capt. Joseph', b. in Chelmsford, about 1682^; 

m. (1 ) July 23. 1708, Eunice Spalding; d. 5 April, 1725. 

m. (2) April 4. 1728, Mrs. Susanna (Wood-ward i .^dams, dan. of 
Daniel and Elizabeth (Dana) Woodward of Preston, Conn., and 
widow of William Adams; b. 1693; d. 29 April, 1790; buried in 
Baldwin cemetery. So. Canterbury, Conn. 

He was a first settler in Canterbury, large land dealer and prom- 
inent man, called "Joseph. Esq; " d. 3 March, 1752; age 70. 

90 ' LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Fourth Generation. 

18. iii. Henry', b. in Chelmsford, about 1694; m. Sarah Adams, dau. of 

Richard and Rebecca (Davis) Adams of XorTvich; b. March 8, 1683; 
d. 16 AprU, 1753. 

Oct. 11, 1712, Richard Adams of Norwich, Conn., by his mark, 
deeds to his daughter Sarah, wife of Henrj Adams, the 7th lot at 
Mortlake, one division of the great tract purchased of Maj. Fitch. 

19. iv. Thomas', b. in Chelmsford, about 1683; m. Feb. 23, 1714-5, Abigail 

Davenport, dau. of Charles Davenport, Esq. , of Dorchester, Mass., 
b. March 10, 1693; d. 3 June. 1733. 

20. V. Samnel*, Jr., b. in Chelmsford, about 1690; m. Mary Cady; d. 11 

Feb., 1725-6. 
vi. Susanna', b. in Charlestown. Mass., March 13, 1692; m. James Brad- 
ford, (2nd wife), (Charlestown records). 
vii. Katharine', b. in Charlestown, May 27, 1693; m. June 7, 1718, David 
Adams, son of Henry and Patience (Ellis* Adams; b. Sept. 3. 1692; 
d. 29 Aug. ,1753; res. Canterbury, Conn. She d. 2 Aug. 1733, age 38. 
viii. Margaret', b. in Canterbury, Conn. ; m. Samuel Adams, son of John 
and Michal (Bloice) Adams; b. Feb. 25, 1684-5; d. 24 April. 1742. 

She made her will March 13, 1752; proved March 20, 1752. She 
appointed her nephews, called " cousins" Samnel and David Adams, 
the " natural sons of her sister Katherine," as her executors. 
ix. Rebecca', b. in Canterbury; d. 5 Jolj', 1709. 

Oct. 8, 1729. Joseph and Henry Adams, and James Bradford, 
made deed to Thomas Adams, consideration £30, of all their right, 
title and interest in a grist mill, dwelling house and barn — given 
to said Henxj- and Joseph, together with Abigail (wife of Paul 
Davenport) and Susanna (wife of James Bradford) in the will of 
their father Samnel, or before his demise, as was the custom in those 

Fifth Generation. LlEUTEXANT THOMAS. 91 

Children of Edith', (16S3) [5] (Jonathan^, Lieut. Thomas', 

Henr3-') and Jacob Powers ; res. Littleton, Mass. 

i. Lrdift Powers, b. Oct. 6, 1713. ii. Esther Powers, b. Sept. 13, 
171G. iii. Jonas Powers, b. July 19. 1719; m. April 12, 1739. Mary 
Tryon. He d. 1755. ir. Edward Powers, b. May 3, 1725; m. 
Mary Nourse. Settled in Harvard, Mass.. and removed to Peters- 
ham. Mass. 

Chrldren of Lydia', (16ftl) [0] (Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas\ 

Henry'j and Thomas Robbins; res. Framingham, Mass. 

i. Thankful Robbins. b. in Chelmsford. Mass.. April 24. 1714. ii. 
Lydia Robbins. b. in Chelmsford, Jan. 23, 1715. iii. Leah Rob- 
bins. b. in Chelmsford. April 25, 1719. iv. Robert Robbins, b. iu 
Framingham. Mass.. July 6. 1720. v. Edith Robbins, b. iu 
Framingham, Jan. 17, 1723. vi. Mary Robbins. b. in Framing- 
ham, Nov. 7, 1726. vii. Nathaniel Roblnns, b. in Framingham. 
July 22, 1729. viii. Anna Robbins, b. in Framingham, Feb. li?, 

Children of David*. (1699) [7] (Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry'; and Dorcas (Paine) Adams: res. Canterburj-, Conn. 
21. i. Jonathan', b. in Canterbury, Conn., May 25, 1724 ; m. Dec. 27, 1745, 

Desire Ashcraft ; she d. 19 May. 1753. He d. before Jane 8, 175C. 
May 0. 1756, he gave a receipt to Samuel .\dams, executor of his 
father's will, for £280, his full share of the estate. • • • June 
8, 1756, letters of administration were granted to David Adams of 
Norwich, Conn., on the estate of Jonathan Adams, late of Canter- 

"22. ii. Levi\ b. in Canterbury; baptized at Lisbon. " Newent Society," 

Nov. 18, 1728 ; he m. Dec. 26, 1751-2, Margaret Perkins ; she was b. 
July, 1729, andd. in Hartford, Wash. Co. N. Y., from an accident. 
23 June, 1827. age 99 years, 11 months. 

Levi and his four sons were carpenters by trade ; with three of 
them, viz. : Levi. Jr., David, and John, he was a soldier in the 
Revolution. He was at New London, Conn. , at the time of the cap- 
ture of Fort Griswold, Sept. 7, 1781. He removed to Pawlet. Vt.. 
iu 1782. whither several of the family had gone. He removed thence 
in 1811, to Hardwick, Oswego Co., N. Y., where he died in 1816, age 
88 years. 

-23. iii. Dr. Abel, b. in Canterbury, Jan. 5, 1730 ; 

m. (1) about 1756, Abigail . 

m. ''2) Deborah Young. 

He removed first, about the middle of the 18tb century, to 
Canaan or Salisbury, Conn. ; resided in Dutchess Co., N. Y., but 
removed later to New Marlboro, Ulster Co.. N. Y., and d. there 16 
-A.i)ril, 1791. His will was made May 15. 1790. proved May 4, 1791. 
He was a Quaker, and one of his sons became a minister of the 
Friends. One of his descendants remembers having heard him 
spoken of as a physician of prominence in his county. 

ya LIEUTENANT THOMA<. [Fifth Generation.. 

24. V. Eli8ha\b. in Canterbury, July 5, 1733. 

It has not been poBsible to find Tchom Elisha married, but it 
appears highly probable that either he or his nephew, Elisha, son 
of Epbraim, b. June 27, 174G, was the Quaker ancestor resident in 
Dutchesf Co. N. Y., of Elisha. David, Joseph. Edward and others 
of Otsego Co., and who himself lived, late in life, with his son 
Elisha, at Otego. X. T., and died there, 
vi. Dorca8\ b. in Canterbury. June 5, 17i5. 
■rii. Leah\ b. in Canterbury, Aug 18, 1738 ; m. Isaiah Cain. 
Tiii. Rebecca', b. in Canterbury, Aug. G, 1742. 

Children of Tabitha', ( ) [S] (Pelatiah', Lieut. Thomas', 

Henry') and Thomas Blanchard ; res. Dunstable, Mass. 

i. Abigail Blanchard, b. March •'>, 1694. ii. John Blanchard, b. May 
20, 1690. 

Children of Ruth*, (lt)73) [0] (Pelatiah\ Lieut. Thomas'. 

Henry') and Thomas Blanchard ; res. Dunstable, Mass. 

i. Thomas Blanchard, Jr., b. Aug. 13, 1799 ; m. Elizabeth , and had 

a son, Thomas, b. Oct. 20, 1724. ii. William Blanchard, b. 1701. 
iii. Ruth Blanchard, b. April 1, 1703. 

Children of Elizabeth*, (10.s«>) [10] (Pelatiah', Lieut. Thomas', 

Henry') and Dea. John Cummings; res. Westford, Mass. 

i. Elizabeth Cummings, b. 1706. ii. John Cummings, b. 1710. iii. 
William Cttmrnings, b. 1712 ; res. Groton, Mass. iv. Thomas 
Cummings, b. 1714. v. Abigail Cummings, b. 1716. vi. Sam- 
uel Cummings, b. 1718. vii. Ephraim Cummings, b. 1720. 
viii. Bridget Cummings, b. 1722 ; m. 1744, Moses Parker. ix. 
Mary Cummings, b. 1724. x. Ebenezer Cummings, b. 1726. 

Children of Pelatiah', Jr., (16s2) [11] (Pelatiah', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Lydia (Fletcher) Adams; res. Chelms- 
ford, Mass. 

i. ZachensS b. in Chelmsford, Mass., 1712-3 ; d. 11 Dec., 1714. 
Hi. ii. Samuel', b. in Chelmsford. July 21. 1714 ; 

m. (i; Aug. 28. 1734. Esther Fletcher, dau. of Panl and Deliver- 
ance (Stevens) Fletcher ; b. Jan. 20, 1712-3 ; d. 14 Nov., 1745. 

m. (2) March \!i, 174C, Esther (Parker) Emerson ; res. West- 
ford, Mass. 
iii. Lydia', b. in Chelmsford, March 26, 1716 ; perhaps m. Nov. 12, 1736, 

Phillip Woodward of Dunstable, Mass. ; she d. 30 Dec, 1745. 
iv. Zacheu8\ b. in Chelmsford, March 20, 1719 ; d. 17 May, 1719. 
V. Susanna\ b. in Chelmsford, July 22. 1723 ; perhaps m. March 12. 
1745. Thomas Haggett of .\ndover, Mass. 

Fifth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 93 

Children of Sarah*. (1691) [12] (Pelatiah', Lieut. Thomas', 

Henry') and Capt. Joseph Fletcher; res. Westford, Mass. 

i. Joeepb Fletcher, b. July 6, 1713 ; m. May 1, 1735. Sarah Underwood. 
He d. 17 JaJy. 1784. ii. Capt. Benjamin Fletcher, b. Aug. 8. 
1716 ; m. (1) June 29, 1744, Bethiah Herrick ; m. (2) Feb. 9, 1779, 
Elizabeth Symmes, widow of Capt. Caleb Symmes, and dan. of 
Rev. Willard Hall. iii. Timothy Fletcher, b. April 12, 1719 ; m. 
Bridget Richardson. iv. Thomas Fletcher, b. March 10, 1721 ; 

m. "Sarah" ; she d. 3 AprU, 1813 ; he d. 19 July, 1813. v. 

Sarah Fletcher. vi. Edith Fletcher, b. April 8, 1725 ; m. Ben- 
jamin Carver. vii. Pelatiah Fletcher, b. May 3, 1727 ; m. Jan. 
13, 1757, Deborah Hildreth. viii. Joshua Fletcher, b. Nov. 20, 
1730; m. Elizabeth Raymond. He d. 10 June, 1783. ii. Ruth 
Fletcher, b. Aug. 28, 1730 ; m. Willard Hall, Jr., son of Rev. Wil- 
lard Hall. x. Mary Fletcher, b. Aug. 29, 1735 ; m. June 16, 1755, 
Eleazer Fletcher. 

Children of Abigail', (1697) [13] (Pelatiah', Lieut. Thomas', 

Henry') and Aaron Parker; res. JaflFrey, N. H. 

i. Aaron Parker, b. in Westford, Aug. 19, 1713 ; m. (1) Mary Barrett ; 
m. (2) 1738, Dorothy Fletcher. He d. 30 Sept., 1752. ii. Samuel 
Parker, b. Jan. 1, 1717 ; m. (1) 1739, Sarah Fletcher ; m. (2) Mrs. 
Mary I Proctor) Robbins. He d. 7 Aug. , 1795. iiL Moses Parker, 
b. May 16, 1718. iv. Abigail Parker, b. Oct. 17, 1720 ; m. John 
Senter of Liondonderry, N. H. v. Mary Parker, b. Oct. 20. 1723; 
m. Oliver Proctor of Chelmsford. vi. Lucy Parker, b. Jan. 17, 
1725-6 ; m. Stephen Corey of Littleton, Mass. vii. Elizabeth 
Parker, b. Feb. 8, 1728 ; m. Gershom Proctor of Chelmsford, 
viii. Inaac Parker, b. May. 20 1731. ii. Joseph Parker, b. Jan. 
21, 1735 ; m. 1763, Susanna Fletcher. x. Esther Parker, b. 17?8. 

Children of Thomas', (1675) [Ii] (Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Judith Adams ; res. Dunstable, «Mass. 
i. Jane ', b. in Chelmsford, Mass.. Dec. 2, 1704. 
iL Esther', b. in Chelmsford, Aug. 18, 1700. 

23. iii. Henry\ b. in Chelmsford, May 20, 1708 ; m. Mary ; res. Dun 

stable, Jf. H. 

27. iv. Ephraim', born in Chelmsford, Nov. 14, 1712 ; m. about 1738, Thank- 

ful . He was taxed ia Dunstable, Mass.. in 1744 

28. V. Stephen', b. in Chelmsford, Feb. 4, 1715 ; m. Rebecca ; she d. 

in Andover, Vt., 29 Sept.. 1813, age 98^ years. 

He removed to New Ipswich, N. H. , about 1750. On Jan. 15. 
1771. he i>urchased 42 acres of laud in HoUis. N. H., of Ebeuezer 
Farley, and in the mortgage given he mentions his son Silas. The 
historian of New Ipswich says h^ was a soldier in the Revolution, 
and furnished three sons for the war. He was a " very quiet man;" 
removed to Audover, Vt., where he died 3 Aug., 1801, age 80. 

94 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Fifth Generation.. 

vi. Phebe', b. in Chelmsford, Dec. 3, 1710. . 

vii. Zaehariah\ b. in Chelmsford, Nov. 5, 1718 ', m. Anna . 

He was assessei in Dunstable in 1744, but settled in New Ip- 
STvich, N. H., before 17o4 ; built a saw-mill in New Ipswich before 
1760 ; May 3, 1773, Zachariah and wife Anna— she by her mark — 
■were of New Ipswich, and executed a conveyance of 60 acres in 
New Ip8>rich to Eleazer Cnmmings. 
viii. Phineha8\ b. in Chelmsford, May 7, 1724; d. 4 Dec, 1747, age 23 
years, 7 montba, 8 days, 
ix. Hannah', (twin) b. in Chelmsford, May 7, 1724. 

29. X. Thomas , b. in Dunstable, Mass., 1727 ; m. Ruth Elliot; b. 1730 ; d. 

in W. Windsor, Vt., 4 Feb., 1806. 

He settled in New Ipswich. N. H. , and removed thence to An- 
dover, Vt. ; was chosen town grand juror at the second town meet- 
ing in Andover, March 12, 1781 ; was among the earliest to take the 
freeman's oath in Andover, and was listed the highest in 1782, '83 
and '3.5. He d in W. Windsor, Yt., 9 June, 1800, age 73. 

Children of Timothy', (1673) [15] (Timothy', Lieut. Thomas% 
Henry') and Dorothy (Chamberlain) Adams; res. Chelmsford, 

30. i. Samnel\ b. in Chelmsford, Mass., Nov. 15, 1700; 

m. (1) Oct 28, 1728, Elizabeth Butterfield. 
 m. (2> Nov. 14. 1760, Mrs. Hannah (Craft) Spalding ; 
res. Westford, Mass. 
ii. Timothy', b. in Chelmsford, Aug. IS, 1703; d. young, 
iii. Elizabeths b. in Chelmsford, Oct. 26, 1705: d. 22 April, 1734. 
81. iv Thomas', b. in Chelmsford, June 3, 1707; m. July 11, 1759, Mary 
Mead, dan. of Dr. Thomas ^ead of Westford ; she m. 2nd, April 20, 
1777, Matthew GriflSn. and had 3 children, viz.: Matthew, Sally 
and Prudence Griffin. f 

Thomas Adams d. in Westford, Mass.. 10 April, 17^5. On the 
settlement of his estate, Sept. 8. 1783, the Probate Court, Hon. 
Oliver Prescott, Judge, assigned two-thirds of the real estate to 
Timothy, the eldest son, he, to pay to each of the other heirs — his 
brother Isaac and sisters Bstaey, PoUy, Bnth, Ede, and Esther — 
.£22, lis., 4 pence. 
32:' V. Mary*, b. in Chelmsford, April 14, 1710; reported to: have- nr. Dea. - 
Aaron Chamberlain— probably an error, 
vi. Jonathans b. in Chelmsford, Aug. 17, 1714. . 
vii. Eda\ b. in Chelmsford, Dec. 31. 1716; d. 14 April, 1743. 
33. via. John', b. in Chelmsford, Aug. 13, 1T19; m. March 22, 1743„ Sarah 
Adams, dan. of Joseph and Mary Adams of Chelmsford ; b. Oct.' 5,.; 

John d. in Chelmsford, 15 March,. 1791. His will was proved 
Oct. 1, 1791. and makes mention of sons. John, Thomas, Robert,, 
and Timothy, and a dau. , Sarah Chamberlain. 

Fifth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 95 

Children of Abigail', ( ) [16] (Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 

Henry') and Paul Davenport; res. Canterbury, Conn. 

i. .Abigail Davenport, b. Feb. 2, 1710. ii. Charles Davenport, b. July 

2. 1717; m. Waitstill . He d. in Canterbury, 15 Nov., 1779. 

iii. Mary Davenport, b June 22, 1720. iv. Samuel Davenport, 
b. March 19, 1722. v. Paul Davenport, Jr., b Xov. 16, 1724; m. 
July 1, 1747, EUzabeth Frost of Canterbury; d. Dec, 1799, age 73. 
Hed. 12 April, 18O0. 

Children of Capt. Joseph*, (16S-_') [17] (Samuel', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Eunice (Spalding) Adams ; res. Canter- 
bury, Conn. 

i. Joseph', b. in Canterbury, Conn., June 10, 1709; d. 7 Sept., 1709. 

34. ii. Capt. SamueP, b. in Canterbury, Sept. 4, 1710; 

m. (1) 1731, Sarah Cady, dau. of Richard and MaryCady; d. 7 
Jan., 1730. 

m. (2)1739, Abiguil Adams, dau. of Samuel and Mary (Cady) Adams; 

b. Xov. 12, 1712. She m. 2nd Dea. Richard Hale, father of Capt. 

. Nathan Hale, the American Spy. She d. in Coventry, Conn., 21 

Aug. 1809, age 89. '• Capt. Samuel" d. in Canterbury, 27 Dec, 

17G0, (as per tombstone), age 51. 

3o. iii. Eunice\ b. in Canterbury, July 25, 1713; m. Thomas Bradford, son 
of James and Edith Bradford; b. Nov. 14, 1712; res. Canterbury, 

30. iv. Lieut. Joseph', b. in Canterbury, Dec 6, 1715; m. 1738, Sarah Brad- 
ford, dau. of Lieut. James and Edith Bradford; b. Aug. 27, 1720; 
d. 20 March, 1807, age 86. He d. 6 Dec, 1780, age 65. 

V. Mary', b. in Canterbiiry, Aug. 5, 1719; m. L'each. 

o7. vi. Parker', b. in Canterbury, April 18, 1722; m. May 9, 1745, Freelove 
Fanning. - Daniel Frost app. Nov. 5, 1739,toadm. his estate. 

Children of Capt. Joseph', (1682) and Susanna (Adams) 

vii. Susanna', b. in Canterbury, Jan. 19, 172S-9; d. 8 Oct., 173-. 

oS. viii. Elihu', b. in Canterbury, June 11, 1731; m. March 6, 1753, Jerusha 
Adams, dau. of Eliashib and Deborah (Traceyi Adams; b. Aug 24, 
1729; d. 24 Jan., 1815. He d. 22 Dec, 1804. in his 74th year. 

S9. is. Capt. Thomas', b. in Canterbury, July 31, 1734; 

m. (1) March 7. 175 , Susanna Peck; d. 13 Feb., 1780. 
m. f2) Jan. 4, 1782. Mary Mudge; d. 27 Sept., 1814, in 77th year. 
He d. 22 April, 1815. Capt. Thomas' made ivill March 23, 1813. 
proved May 20, 1815; names wife "Mary." sons Reuben and 
Erastus, and dau. Patty, the wife of Daniel Kingsbury. 

96 MEUTENANT THOMAS. [Fifth Generation. 

Children of Henry', (16S-lr) [IS] (Samuer, Lieut. Thomas', 

Henry') and Sarah (Adams) Adams; res. Canterbury-, Conn. 

i. Mary', b. in Canterbury, Conn., Sept. 7, 1707. 

ii. Rebecca', b. in Canterbury, May 31, 1709. 

iiL Thomafl\ b. in Canterbury, Jan. 14, 1711; m. Deborah . He d. 

13 Feb., 1780. 

40. iv. Ahaziab', b. in Canterbury, Jan. 22, 1715; m. Eleanor . She d. 

19 June, 174 . 

Children of Thomas*, (lOSS) [19] (Samuel*, Lieut. Thomas-', 
Henry') and Abigail (Davenport) Adams; res. Canterbury-, Conn. 

41. i. Charles', b. in Canterbury, Conn., Jan. 2, 1715-6; m. Sept. 14, 1744, 

Judith Hyde; b. Aug. 29, 1725; d. 22 June. 1813. 

He removed to New Marlboro, Berkshire Co., Mass., of -which he 
was one of the first settlers, and helped to organize the first church. 
He d. in New Marlboro, 30 Sept., 1762. 

ii. Waitstill', b. in Canterbury, Oct. 5, 1717. 

iii. Davenport, b. in Canterbury, March 23, 1720. 

iv. ReleaBe\ b. in Canterbury, Feb. 12, 1721-2. 

42. v. Eli|>halet\ b. in Canterbury, Feb. 28, 1723-4; m. June 5, 1753, Mary 


Administration on the estate of Eliphalet of Canterbury was 
granted to Stephen Frost. Jan. 13. 1701. May 4. 1762, Mrs. Mary 
was appointed guardian of Thomas, Eliphalet and Charles. James 
Dunlap was appointed executor of her will, Sept. 0, 1775. 

vi. Abigail', b. in Canterburvy 1726. 

Children of Samuel', Jr., (1600) [2(:(] (Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Mar>- (Cady) Adams ; res. Canterbury, jConn. 

L AJjigair, b. in Canterbury, Conn., Nov. 12, 1712; .' 

m. (1) 1739-40, Capt. Samuel Adams, son of Capt. Joseph' and 
Eunice (Spalding) .A.dams; (his 2nd wife.) He d. 1760. 

m. (2) Dea. Bichard Hale, (father of Capt Nathan Hale> of Cov- 
entry, Conn. She was his 2nd wife; no issue. She d. in Coventry,.. 
Conn., 21 Aug., 1809. 

IL Anna', b. in. Canterbury, July 24, 1717;. d. 3 March, 1725. 

iii. Samuel\.b. in Canterbury, Oct. 5, 1719; d. 23 Feb., 1724.5.^ 

iv. Maryv b. in Canterbury, d. 3 March,: 1724-5. 

V. 5eth\ b. in Canterbury, Feb. 3, 1725; d. 30 March. 1726. 

Sixth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 97 

Children of Jonathan', (1724) [21] (Da\-id', Jonathan', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Desire (Ashcraft) Adams ; res. Canterbury, 

i. Eliaha', b. in Canterbury, Conn., June 27, 174C. 
ii. Edith\ (twin) b. in Canterbury, June 27, 1746. 
iii. Ephraim", b. in Canterbury, April 8, 1746-7; m. ia Pomfret, Conn., 

Oct. 27, 1771, Deborah Adams ? 
iv. Margarets b. in Canterbury, Jan. 6, 1750. 

T. Jedediah*, b. in Canterbury, April 16, 1753; m. Roxanna . 

Darid Adams of Norwich, Conn., was appointed July 13, 1756, 
guardian of Edith, Ephraim and Jedediah, minor children of Jona- 
than Adams. 

March 7, 1765, Ephraim, minor child of Jonathan, late of Canter- 
bury, chose Phineas Adams of Nonrich his guardian. Phineas of 
Norwich was a prominent citizen, a descendant of John Adams of 

Children of Levi', (172S) [22] (David*, Jonathan', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Margaret (Perkins) Adams; res. Canter- 
bury, Conn., and Milford, Otsego Co., N. Y. _ ^ 

43. i. Lucy', b. in Canteruury, Conn., March 23, 1752; m. Bey. Jordon 

Dodge, son of John and Lydia (Rogers) Dodge; b. inC, Aug. 6, 
1749; d. 23 Sept., 1828. He was a noted Baptist minister of Fair- 
haren, yt., and Granville, N. T.; also a mechanic and inventor. 
She d. 8 May, 1831, age 79. 

44. ii. Serg. Levi*, b. in Oswego, Dutchess Co., N. T., Feb. 14, 1754; m. 

Aug. 9, 1771.2 at Canterbury, Hannah Pettingall; b. in Norwich. 
Conn., May 29, 1753; d. 3 March, 1835. 

He was a carpenter by trade, and a soldier in the Revolution, 
1776-8; removed to Pawlet, Vt., 1780; became a Serg. in Capt. 
Samuel Willard'a Co., CoL Ira Allen's Reg., and served 5 days, 
Oct. 23, 1781. He removed to Milford, Otsego Co., N. Y., 1799, 
and thence in 1826 to Ripley, Chautenqua Co., N. T. He was en- 
rolled as a pensioner, May 11, 1833, and d. 26 Dec, 1883. 

45. iii. Capt. DavidS b. in Canterbury, March 22, 1750; m. May 1. 1777, Abi- 

gail Carver of Canterbury; b. May 22, 1754; d. 15 Dec, 1838, age 84. 
He served aa a soldier in Connecticut; removed to Pawlet. Vt., 
and was with his brother in Capt. Willard'a Co., CoL Ira Allen's 
Reg., in Oct., 1781. He removed in 1793 to Westford, Otsego Co., 
N. Y. , where he was a farmer and hotel keeper, and member of the 
Presbyterian church. He was enrolled as a pensioner in Otsego 
Co. for services in the Conn, line, July 31, 1818. He d. in West- 
ford. 31 May, 1833. 

98 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Sixth Generation. 

iv. Margaret-, b. in Canterbury, Dec. 20. 1758; d. 14 March, 1759. 
V. Margaret , b. in Canterbury, Jan. 17, 1760; d. young. 
40. vi. John", b. in Canterbury, Dec. 16, 1702; m. Sarah TValden; d. 12 March, 
1828, age 62. 

He, like his other brothers, -was a carpenter by trade. remoTed to 
Yermont, and served as a soldier in the Revolution. He is said to 
hare been on gxiard at tte execution of Maj. Andre, Oct. 2, 1780. 
He removed to Vergennes, Vt., in 1811, and thence to St. Albans 
and Barton, Yt. He received a pension from March 4, 1831 ; d. 10 
June, 1840, age 77. 
vii. Joanna\ b. in Canterbury, Aug. 4, 1764; m. at Paivlet, Vt., Daniel 

47. viii. Asahel\ b. in Canterbury, June 20, 1766; m. Oct. 10, 1790, atPaivlet, 

Vt., Esther Peck; b. in Norwich, Conn., Aug. 8, 1766; d. in Scipio, 
N. T., 19 Aug., 1823. 

He removed from Pawlet to Otsego Co., N. Y., and thence in 
1800 to Scipio, Cayuga Co., and to Lyons, Wayne Co., N. Y. He 
d. in Lyons, 14 Sept., 1828. 
ix. Asenath*, b. in Canterbury, March 11. 1769; d. young. 

48. X. Lydia", b. in Canterbury, May 14, 1771; m. Sept. 9, 1792, Maj. Joseph 

Taylor of Hartford, Washington Co. , N. Y . ; b. in Concord, Mass. , 
April 5, 1767; d. 16 Jan., 1836, in his 69th year. She d. in Hartford, 
N. Y., 27 Jan., 1838. 

49. xi. William', b. in Canterbury, Feb. 3, 1774; m. Freelove . He 

removed from Hartwick, Otsego Co., in 1820 to Buffalo, N. Y. 

Children of Dr. Abel', (1730-1) [-23] (David', Jonathan', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henr>-') and Abigail ( ) Adams ; res. New Marl- 
boro, Ulster Co., N. Y. 

i. Dorcas*, b. in Crnm Elbow, Dutchess Co., N. Y., Feb. 4, 1757; m. 

LadoTvick Hosie, 'his 2nd wife). She d. 19 May, 1816. 
ii. Martha', b. in Crum Elbow, April 23, 1759; m. Ladowick Hoxie. 
iii. Abigail", b. in Cnua Elbow, 7th month, 4th day, 1761; m. Thomas 
60. iv. Abel*, Jr., b. in Crnm Elbow, 7th month, 5th day, 1763; m. Lora- 
hanna. M. Lewis. He was a hotel keeper in Xew Marlboro, 
Ulster Co., N. Y. ; made will May 23, 1805; proved Aug. 19, 1805. 

Children of Dr. Abel' (1730-1) and Deborah (Young) Adams. 

51 V. Samuel', b. in New Marlboro, Sept. 8, 1773; m. Anna Wright, dan. of 

Job Wright; b. Jan. 6, 1777; d. 27 April, 1863. She was a minister 
among the Friends. 

He was a notary public, conveyancer, and probably minister of the 
Friends. He d. 30 Jan., 1844. His will was made Jan 10, 1843, 
proved March 13, 1844; res. New Paltz, Ulster Co., N. Y. 

Sixth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 99 

Ti. Deborah', b in Xew Marlboro, Feb. 20, 1775; cL 27 Sept., 1784. 
Tii. Mary , b. in New Marlboro, May 1, 1777; m. Nathaniel Haight. 

52. riii. Anna", b. in New Marlboro, March 23, 1779; m. about 1797-8, James 

Hull, son of Joseph and Phebe (Palmer) Hall; farmer; b. April 16, 
1774; d. 21 June, 1858; res. Milton, Ulster Co., N. Y. Shed. 31 
May, 1838. 

ix. Rebecca", b. in New Marlboro, Jan. 10,1781; m. Joseph Bloodgood 

andd. 22 Feb., 1862. 
X. Amelia", b. in New Marlboro, Jan. 8, 1783; m. Isaac Gage, a miniater 
of the Friends. She d. 10 Aug., 1817. 

53. xi. Deborah*, b. in New Marlboro, April 4, 1785; m. Absalom Barrett, 

who d. 22 Feb., 1865, age 83 years, 8 months, 22 days. She d. 9 
March, 1862. 

54. xii. Rer. David", b. in New Marlboro. Sept. 5, 1737; 

m. (1) Mary Halstead, b. April 8, 1789; d. 1825. 

m. (2; 1828, Ann Gardner of "Gardner Hollow," Beekmantown, 
Dutchess Co., N. Y. She d. in DeBuyter. N. Y. 

He was a Quaker minister in Bensselaerville, Albany Co., N. Y., 
before 1821, when he returned to Ulster Co., removing in 1846 
to De Ruyter, Madison Co., N. Y., where he d. in 1867. 
xiii. Elisha', b. in New Marlboro, May 23, 1790; d. 20 March, 1793. 

Children of Elisha', (1733) [24] (David*, Jonathan', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henr>-') and Adams; res. Dutchess and Otsego 


„ N. 

Y. ___ . ^^ 



Elisha", b. in Dutchess Co., N.Y., Aug. 18, li«»f m. Leah Ackerman, 
who was b. Jan. 10, 1774. 

He removed and settled 1827 at Cram Horn Mount, Maryland, 
Otsego Co., N. Y. ; took a farm in Milfo^ ^a., in 1830, sold and 
settled in Otego, Otsego Co., in 1833, w^ . d. 6 Feb., 1858, age 
86 years, 5 months, 18 days. Hia wi^ .8 Feb., 1846, age 72 
years, 7 months, 8 days. ' 
















Children of Samuel', (1714) [25] (Pelatiah*, Pelatiah', Lieut. 

Thomas', Henry') and Esther (Fletcher) Adams ; res. Westford, 


i. Samuel', b. in Chelmsford, Mass., Sept. 5, 1735; probably d. young. 

ii. Esther", b. in Chelmsford, Nov. 3, 1737; m. Nov. 25, 1760, Josiah 
Spalding ? 

iii Biidqet , b. in Chelmsford, Feb. 10, 1739. _ 

100 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Sixth Generation. 

Children of Sapauer, (1714) and Esther Parker (Emerson) 

57. iv. Samuel*, "3d", b. in ChelmBford, Sept. 9. 1747; m. Aug. 80,1770, 
Thankful Chamberlain, dau. of Dea. Aaron and Thankful (Adama) 

He waa called "Merchant Adama" of Boston, and "trader;" ia 
Baid to have marched aide by side with Patriot Samuel at the battle 
of Bunker Hill, 
v. Lydia*, b. in Chelmsford, May 3, 1749; m. Nov. 25, 1773, Ephraim 
Cumings. (?) 

vi. Pelatiah*, b. in Chelmsford, June 1, 1751; m. Oct. 14, 1773, Zabiah 

Holt (?) 
vii Sarah', b. in Chelmsford, June 2, 1754. 
viii. Esther*, b. in Chelmsford. Jan. 22, 1702. 

ix. Rebecca', b. in Chelmsford. May 17, 1764. 

X. BetoeyS b. in Chelmsford, Dec. 29, 1768. 

Children of Henry', (1708) [26] (Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Marj' Adams ; res. Dunstable, (Oldtown) 
now Nashua, N. H. 

i. Lncy«, b. in old Dunstable, Mass., July 28, 1726; d. 2 Sept.. 1738. 
ii. Olive', b. in old Dunstable, Dec. 3, 1734; d 14 Dec, 1738. 
__ These are the only children of " Henry and Mary" of whom any 

record<i^are to be found, but there were undoubtedly others, and 
the writer "is x>ersnaded that several of the old families of New 
Hampshire who can give no account of theii history, may have 
descended from Henry and Mary. 

David and Elizabeth Adams of Dunstable (Oldtown) had, L £de, 
b. Nov. 16, 1752. ii. David, b. Nov. 6, 1755. iii. Bichard, b. Dec. 
13, 1757. iv. Oliver, b. Aug. 13, 1761; and v. Zadoc, b. April 18, 
1772. Descendants of these are living in Lowell, Mass. It is not 
impossible that William Adams, a first settler in Hollis, N. H., was 
a son of Henry. 

Children of Ephraim', (1712) [27] (Thomas*, Timothy', Lieut: 
Thomas', Henry') and Thankful Adams ; res. Dunstable (Old- 
town) now Nashua, -N. H., and Dunstable, Mass. 

68. i. Corp. Jacob*, b. in Dunstable, Dec. 3. 1739; m. Grace . 

He paid minister's rate in New Ipswich, N. H., in 1763; June 0, 
17G6, Jacob of Dunstable, yeoman, purchased of David Holt of 
Andover, Mass., lot No. 6—80 acres — in Wilton, N. H. April 16, 
1777, Jacob and Grace of Wilton executed a mortgage of two lots 
in Wilton, N. H., to David and Moses Lovejoy of Andover, Mass. 
He waa a soldier in Capt. Taylor's Co., Dec., 1775, and served in 
Capt. William Walker's Co., Col. James Bead's Beg., from Dec. 7, 
1776, to March, 1777. 

Sixth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 101 

59. ii. Henry', b. in Dunstable, March 7, 1742; m. (pab. Sept. 3, 1767) Ede 

Adams, dau. of Samnel and Elizabeth (Butterfield) Adams of West- 
ford, Ma88.,b. 1746. 

He was one of a committee of inspection in old Dnnstable in 
1770-7, chosen to see that no British goods were sold in the town. 

Fox, in the history of old Dnnstable, says that Jacob and Henry 
were soldiers of the Revolution from Dunstable. Henry was in D. 
March 17, 1783, and made a deed of 20 acres of land in Dunstabln to 
Joseph Kidder. He made his will May 30, 17U0, proved Aug. 5, 
1790, and mentions his two sons, Henry and Joel, and the three 
daughters, Ede, Betsey and Amy. 

60. iii. Mary*, b. in Dunstable, April 13, 1744; m. Nov. 19, 1784, George 

Cobum, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Holt) Coburn, b. Sept 5, 
1738, at Hampton, Conn. They settled in WUton, N. H. He d. Zt 
Jan., 1812. She d. 28 March, 1842. 
iv. Lncy% b. in Dnnstable, May 8, 1747. 

61. V. LydiaS b. in Dunstable, Jan. 27, 1749; m. 1770, Samnel Holt, son of 

John and his 2nd wife Deborah (Stevens) Holt; b. in Andover, 
Mass., May 1, 1749. He was a soldier, was at N. T. in Sept., 1776, in 
Capt. Abijah Smith's Co., CoL Baldwin's Reg. He d. in Temple, 
N. H., 5 Dec, 1799. She d. 24 June, 1844. 

vi. Judith", b. in Dnnstable, 13, 1751. 

vii. Thankful*, b. in Dunstable, Aug. 2, 1753. 
viii. Betsey', b. in Dunstable, Aug. 24, 1755. 

ix. Sarah", b. in Dunstable, June 3, 1760; m. June 24, 1784, Oliver Stap- 
ley of New Boston, N. H. 

X. E8ther\ (twin) b. in Dunstable, June 3, 1760; m. Feb. 7, 1780. Isaac 
Kendall of Dnnstable. 

Children of Stephen', (1715) [28] (Thomas*, Timothy', Lieut. 
Thom.-is', Henry') and Rebecca Adams ; res. New Ipswich, N. H. 

i. Stephen', Jr., b. in Dnnstable, Muss., Dec. 29, 1738. 

He was "of New Ipswich, N. H.," Dec. 19, 1769, when he made 
deed of 66 acres of land in New Ipswich to Oliver Wright. He 
enlisted, April 23, 1775, from New Ipswich in Capt. Ezra Town's 
Co. , Col. James Reed's Reg. ; was described as 86 years of age, b. 
in Dunstable, Mass., 5 feet, 7 inches high, fair complexion, blue 
eyes; probably did not marry, 
ii. Civil', b in Dunstable, Nov. 23, 1740. 
iii. Olive', b. in Dunstable, Jan. 35, 1742-3. 

iv. Silas', b. in DnuHtable, June 8, 1745; m. Susanna . 

He appears to have been a soldier in the Revolution; also one of 
the committee of safety in Dunstable in 1776-7. 

Silas and Susanna were of New Ipswich, N. H., Sept. 7, 1786, 
when they executed a deed of 2^ acres of land in New Ipswich to 
John Pratt, Jr. Rebecca, a dau. of Silas and Susanna, was b. in New 
Ipswich, Jan. 20, 1777. 

102 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Sixth Generation. 

68. V. Corp. Levi', b. in Dunstable, April 2, 1747. 

m. CI) Mary Abecca Perry. 

m. (2) Lydia Patch. 

He enlisted May 12, 1775, from New Ipsirich in Capt. Ezra Town's 
Co., Col. James Reed's Beg.: was described as 5 feet. 9 inches high, 
fair complexion, blue eyes. He saw his brother Jonas woonded at 
the battle of Bunker Hill; served through the war about ii years. 
He removed to Andover, Vt., and d. in Ludlow, Vt. 
vi. Phinehas", b. in Dunstable, Oct. 15, 1749. He was a private in Capt. 
Town's Co., Col. Reed's Reg., and was killed at the battle of Bunker 
Hill, June 17, 1775. 

vii. Rebecca*, b. in Dunstable, Jan 2, 1752. 

vui. Hannah', b. in Dunstable, Nov. 8, 1754. 

is. Jane', b. fh Dunstable, Nov. 28, 1736. 

63. X. Corp. Jonas", b- in New Ipswich, N. H., Aug. 18, 1753; m. Phebe 

Hoar, dau. of Capt. Benjamin and Ann (Brooks) Hoar; b. March 
1, 1765; d. 26 Feb., 1813. 

He was a soldier in the Revolution; was wounded at the battle of 
Bunker HUl, June 17, 1775, and became a waiter to Col. Cilley. He 
settled 1784 in Jaflfrey, N. H., and removed 1794 to Andover, Yt. , 
where he d. 19 Feb., 1812-13. 

He drew a pension under the law of April 27, 1810, from Feb. 6, 
1809 to the time of his death. 

64. xi. Luther", b. in New Ipswich about 1760; m. Oct. 2, 1792, Fanny Stan- 

ford, dau. of Joaiah and Esther Stanford, b. in Dublin, N. H., Oct. , 
1771; d. 12 Jan., 1842. '; 

He was frozen to death while attempting to cross the mountain 
for provisions about 1803-4. His widow removed with the family to 
Littleton, N. H., and Concord, Vt. She d. in Lunenburg, Yt. 

xii. A son who remained at home during the war to care for the family is 
Btdd to have been captured by the Indians while out in search of 
the cow and scalped. 

Children of Thomas', (1727) [29] (Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Ruth (Elliott) Adams; res. New Ipswich, 
N. H., and Andover, Vt. 

65. i. Ruth", b. in Dunstable, Mass., Dec. 19, 1749; m. about 1771, Simeon 

Bullard; b. in New Ipswich, N. H., Aug. 30, 1745; d. 21 Jan., 1826. 

ii. Phebe\ b. in Dunstable, Dec. 31, 1752. 

66. iii. Abel", b. in Dunstable, Feb. 25, 1755; m. Feb. 20, (pub. Feb. 1) 1780, 

Hannah Proctor of Dunstable; d. in 'W. "Windsor, Yt, 27 April, 
1828, age 85. He settled in West Windsor, Yt. ; d. 12 July, 1821, 
age 06. 

Sixth Generation. lieutexaxt thomas. 103 

67. iv. Isaac', b. in New Ipswich, K. H., ilay 9, 17G1; m. Nov. 7, 1780, Mary 

Blanchard; b. in Ashby, Mass., 1760; d. in W. Windsor, Vt., 27 
Feb., 1838. 

He was a soldier of the Revolution. Settled in W. Windsor, Tt., 
and d. 12 Nov., 1824. 

V. Judah', b. in New Ipswich, March 12, 1764. 

Children of Samuel', (1700) [30] (Timothy*, Timothy', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Elizabeth (Butterfield) Adams ; res. West- 
ford, Mass. 

68. i. Thankful, b. in Westford. Mass., Not. 4, 1728-9; m. (pub. March 29, 

1751;, John Glen of Dunstable. ' 

69. ii. Samuel\ b. in Westford, Aug. 26, 1731; m. (pub. Dec. 3, 1736), Eliza- 

beth Blood. 
Samuel from Westford was a private in Capt. Zadam Wright's 

Co., CoL Ebenezer Brooks' Middlesex Reg., at White Plains, N. Y., 

Oct. 31, 1776. 
iii. Elizabeth', b. in Westford, Sept. 27, 1733. or 

iv. Lucy«, b. Aug. 17, 1734.^1-. PaKT^uH;^ / Vy7r? ^^Cm;**. (?«««^ (s^o^^ 

V. Henry', b. April 14, 1741. 

vi. Ede'b. ; bapt. 1746; m. Henry Adams, son of Ephraim and Thank- 
ful Adams of Dunstable, Mass. ; b. March 7, 1742. 

Children of Thomas', (1707) [31] (Timothy*, Timothy', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Mary (Mead) Adams ; res. Chelmsford, 

70. i. Betsey"; b. in Chelmsford, Mass., April 15, 1760; m. Sept. 7, 1784, 

Jesse Minot, son of Jonathan and Esther (Proctor) Minot : 
b. Nov. 5, 1759; d. 17 Oct., 1823, age 09; res. So. Westford, Mass.; 
she d. 3 Oct., 1828, age 68. 

71. ii. Timothy', b. in Chelmsford, June 14, 1762 : m. July 15, 1783, Lydia 

Bobbins, dau. of Jacob Bobbins of Westford, Mass.; b. Sept. 1701 ; 

d. 3 Dec, 1825, age 64 years, 4 mos. He settled in Cavendish, Vt., 

and d. 23 May, 1841, age 79. 
iii. Mary", b. in Chelmsford, May 4, 1704; may have m. Fletcher or 

iv. Ruth", b. in Chelmsford, Nov. 6, 1786. 

72. V. Isaac, b. in Chelmsford, June 22, 1769: m. Nov. 30, 1797, Hannah 

Adams, dau. of John and Mary (Lock) Adams; d. 29 Jan., 1850. 
He was a fanner in Chelmsford, Mass.; d. 30 Oct., 1829. 
vi. Ede'. vii. Esther'. 

The last two were minors under 14, when the father died in 
April, 1775, and they made choice of Jesse Minot for their gniar- 

104: LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Sixth Generation. 

Children of John', (1719) [33] (Timothy', Timothy', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry") and Sarah (Adams) Adams ; res. Chelmsford, 

i. Sarah'', b. in Chelmsford, Mass., Aug. 26, 1744 ; d. young. 

73. ii. John% b. in Chehneford, May 20, 1747 ; 

m. (1) Dec. 14, 1769, Molly Parker. 

m. (2) Dec. 8, 1772, Mary Lock. 

John of Chelmsford made will March 5, 1819 ; proved Feb. 27, 
1821 ; names wife Mary and danghters, Mary Hapgood, Abigail 
Bryam and Hannah Adams : d. 21 Dec., 1820. 

74. iii. Thomas", b. in Chelmsford, Jan. 3, 1749 ; m. March 15, 1781, Esther 

Perry of Westford, Mass.; d. 22 Ang., 1843, age 83; he d. 24 Nov. 

75. iv. Robert', b. in Chelmsford, Feb. 21, 1751; m. Dec. 10, 1778, Rachel 

Wheeler; res. "Westford, Mass.; bed. 19 Sept., 1798, age 47. 
V. Timothys b. in Chelmsford, Sept. 7, 1754; d. yonng. 

76. vi. Capt. Timothy', b. in Chelmsford, Aug. 14, 1757; m. S jpt. 18, 1781, 

Joanna Keyes, dan. of Jonathan and Eliza (Fletcher) Keyes. 

Capt. Timothy was a private from Chelmsford, in Capt. John 
Ford's Co., May, 1775. Col. Bridges' Reg., enlisted April 29, 1775, 
and again, Sept., 1777, Capt. John Ford. Col. Jona. Reed. 
Settled in Carlisle, Mass.; made will Dec. 14, 1820 ; proved Sept. 7, 
1824 ; names wife Joanna, sons Joel, John, Timothy, Simeon, and 
daughters Anna Parker, Sally Bennett, Betsey and Fanny Adams, 
and son Benjamin. 

77. vii. Sarah', b. in Chelmsford. Sept. 18. 1760 ; m. Aaron Chamberlain ; she 

d. 16 Dec. 1835; he was son of Dea. Aaron, and Thankful (Adams) 
Chamberlain; b. in Chelmsford, Sept. 21, 1753; d. Oct. 10, 1835. 

Children of Capt. Samuel', (1710) [34] (Capt. Joseph*, Samuel', 
Lieut. Thomas^ Henry') and Sarah (Cady) Adams; res. Canter- 
bury, Conn.. 

78. L Captain; Samuel', "3d," b. in Canterbury, Conn., June 13, 1731;, 

m. April .12, : 1756, Lydia Adams, dao. of Solomon and Abigail' 
(Monroe) Adams: b. Jan. 7, 1730-1; " Lydia, wife of Samuel, 8d," ' 
d. 10 May, 1760 ; he d. 14 July, 1820. 
iL. Anna', .b. in Canterbury ^ May 19,. 173 — ;■ married Aba AspinwalL 

Children of Capt. Samuel',-- (ITIO) and . Abigail (Adams) 

79. iiL; Gideon', b. in Canterbury', May;?, 1743.; m* Jan. 5, 1764,' Mary (or- 

Jude ?) Leach ; she was called " Mercy ;" d. 1819, age 75. 

Gideon removed 1770 to Pawlet, Vt.,' where he became Town!' 
Clerk and Justice of the Pence, serving in the latter capacity for 
39 years. He was a Representative in the General Assembly of Ver-- 
mont in 1778, and for six years u thereafter; is described aa a witty^ 

Sixth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 105 

Etnd genial man. He enlisted from Pa^rlet Oct. 12, 1780,and serred 
two days in Capt. John Stark's Co., Col. Ira Allen ; wma Ave days 
in Capt. Samuel Willard's Co., Col. Allen's Reg., Oct 23d on the 
Northern frontier ; and served in Capt. Stark's Co., CoL Allen's 
Reg., from Nov. 6 to 16, 1781. He d. in 1827, age 84. 

80. iv. Ennice', b. in Canterbury, Jane 17, 1746 ; m. April 16, 1784, Capt 

John Stark; they settled first in Pallet, but removed to Grand 
Isle, Vt, where they both died. 

81. V. Nathan*, b. in Canterbury, Dec. 22 (31 t) 1748; 

m. (1) April 4, 1771, Phebe Ensworth; b. Aug. 1, 1749; d. 13 
July, 1800, age 51. 

m. (2) Mrs. Mary (Wright) Hale ; b. Dec. 3, 1743; d. 22 Dec., 
1808, age 65. Mrs. Mary Wright Hale was the widow of Richard 
Hale, Jr., son of Dea. Richard Hale of Coventry, Conn. He was 
b. Feb. 20, 1757 ; m. March 16, 1786, Mary Wright, and d. in the W. 
I., Feb., 1793. 

m. (3) Boswell of Norwich. 

Nathan Adams owned a farm and grist-mill one mile south of 
Canterbury village, and a house in the village, where he spent his 
last days. He d. 4 Feb., 1837. 
vi. Abigair, b. in Canterbury, April 12, 1750-1 ; m. Nov. 19, 1768, Elijah 

Williams of Canterbury, 
vii. Sarah^ b. in Canterbury, Nov. 1, 1753; m Dec. 19, 1771, Maj. John 
Hale, son of Dea. Richard and Elizabeth (Strong) Hale ; b. 
Oct 21, 1748 ; d. 22 Dec, 1802. He was brother of Capt. Na. 
than Hale, the martyr, executed Sept 22, 1776. The father m. Sa- 
rah's mother for his 2nd wife. 

Sarah d. Nov., 1803, in less than one year after him. 
viii. Alice', b. in Canterbury, July 1, 1756; 

m. (1) Eliaha Ripley. 

m. (2) William Lawrence of Hartford, Conn., who d. 21 April, 
1821, age 69. 

Alice was the betrothed of (Japt. Nathan Hale when he died. 
Shed. 4 Sept, 1845. 
'82. ix. Joseph*, b. in Canterbury, Dec. 19, 1758 ; m. 1792, Abiah Edgerton, 
dan. of Capt Simeon Edgerton of Warwick, Conn. 

He entered Yale College in 1773, bat left to join the army; en- 
listed May 11, 1775, and was in Gen. Israel Putnam's Beg He 
served till 1780; settled in Pawlet, Vt, in 1783; removed to 
Grand Isle, Yt, in the sammer of 1793, when his son Samuel was 
8 months old. He d. in Grand Isle, 25 Dec, 1835. 

Children of Eunice*, (1713) [35] (Capt. Joseph', Samuel', 

Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Thomas Bradford ; res. Canterbury, 

Conn. • 

i. Thomas Bradford, b. March 23, 1734 ; d. 12 Feb., 1783. ii. John 
Bradford, b. Julyl, 1735; d. 18 May, 1750. iii. Susannah Brad- 
ford, b. Feb. 12, 1737 ; m. Ebenezer Brown. iv. Eunice Bradford. 

!•' LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Sixth Generation. 

b. April 6, 1739; d. 3 March. 1750. t. Edith Bradford, b. Oct. 3, 
1741 ; m. Asa Bacon. vi. Lj-dia Bradford, b. March 0, 1744 ; d. 
24 May, 1750. rii. James Bradford, b. Jan. 4, 1746; d. 27 Sept., 
1749. viii. Samuel Bradford, b. July 27, 1748: m. Lydia Dean, 
is. Submit Bradford, b. Feb. 21, 1750; m. Joseph Pellett. x. 
Thomas Bradford, b. Jan. 21, 1751 : m. Philena Davidson: d. 8 
June, 1807. xi. John Bradford, b. Aug. 12, 1754 ; m. (1) Bethia 
Bunt ; m. (2) Sally WiUiamson. 

Children of Lieut. Joseph', (iTlo) [36] (Capt. Joseph*, Sam- 
uel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry'j and Sarah (Bradford) Adams ; res. 
Canterbury, Conn. 

i. William*, b. in Canterbury, Conn., March 4. 1740; d. 5 July, 1759. 
ii. Samuel', b. in Canterbury, March 30, 1742 ; m. Mrs Sarah Willsby. 
He d. 11 April, 1820; no issue. Samuel of Griawold, Conn., 
made -will Oct. 24, 1818: proved May 22, 1820; mentions his wife 
Sarah, and James, Jeduthan and Lather, sons of his brother James. 
In a codicil. Feb. 11, 1819, he gives a half of the residue of his 
property to Elijah WiUsby, the son of his Tvife. 

83. iiL John*, b. in Canterbury, Feb. 17, 1743-4; m. Dec. 21, 1765, Submit 

Butts; hed. at Fly Creek, Otsego Co., N. Y., 25 Xor., 1810, age 60. 

84. iv. Joseph", b. in Canterbury, Feb. 2, 1745-0 ; 

m. (1) Nov. 25, 1773, Elizabeth Chapman; d. 10 April, 1785, 
age 38. 

m. (2) June 19, 1788. Lydia Chapman (niece of Elizabeth) : d. 
22 Feb., 1852. age 90 ; he d. 25 Sept., 1824. age 79. Both are bur- 
ied in Westminster Parish, Conn. 

85. V. Jame8\ b. in Canterbury, June 7, 1748 ; m. Feb. 16, 1772, Jerusha 

Knight of Lisbon, Conn; b. March 22, 1748; d. 26 July, 1829 ; he 
d. 28 June, 1805. 
vi. Sarah'' Uwin), b. in Canterbury, June 7, 1748 ; m. about 1770, David 
Hale, Sen., of Canterbury (some say David Hyde) ; she d. a widow, 

86. vii. John Bradford", b. in Canterbury, June 11, 1750 ; m. April 0, 1780, 

Sarah Davenport, dau. of Paul and Elizabeth (Frost) Davenport ; 
b. Oct. 24. 1759 ; d. 30 Aug., 1815, in 56th year. 

He served ae a private in Capt. Obadiah Johnson's Co., CoL Is- 
rael Putnam's Reg., May 10 to Dec. 15, 1775: d. 30 June, 1829. ' 
viiji Je88e''f b. in Canterbury, Dec. 7, 1752; d. young. , 

ix.: .Elifiha* (twin), b. in Canterbury, Dec. 7, 1752 ; d, 12 Jan., 1753. r 
X.. Mary', b. in Canterbury, Dec. 5, 1755; m. 1774, Samael Barstow; b. 
Jan.,. 1749; she d. 1776, with, infant child. 

87. xL JeeseS b. in Canterbury, July 17 (Feb. 6?.), 1757. ; m. Nov. 30, 1780, 

Zerriah Cady, dau. of Abijah Cady, Esq. 

He settled first in Lebanon, Conn. ; removed to- Pawlet, Yt., in 
1780, where he d.,. 1812, age 55 : family removed to Nonda, N. T. 
siL Tryphena', b. in Canterbury, July 17, 1760 ; m. about 1786, Joseph 
Safford ; a son. Joseph SafTord, Jr., b. Sept 29, 1788. 

^ixth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 107 

Children of Parker', (1722) [37] (Capt. Joseph*, Samuel", 
Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Freelove (Fanning) Adams: res. 
-Canterbury, Conn. 

i. Zerriah*, b. in Canterbury, Conn., May 6, 1748. 
ii. Delight*, b. in Canterbury, Nov. U, 1750. 
iii. Saberah", b. in Canterbury. Sept. 16. 1752 ; d. 20 June, 178—. 
IT. Aflhur', b. in Canterbury, April 6, 1755 ; d. 29 Jan., 1777. 

Children of Elihu*, (1731) [38] (Capt. Joseph*, Samuel', 
Lieut. Thomas', Henr>'') and Jerusha (Adams) Adams; res. 
Canterbury', Conn. 

■88. i. RoBwell", b. in Canterbury, Conn., June 13, 1753; m. Nov. 23, 1780, 

Eunice Davenport, dau. of Paul and Elizabeth (Frost) Davenport; 
b. Feb. 17, 1767 ; d. 21 July, 1846. 

He was a private in Capt. Obadiah Johnson's Co., Col. Israel 
Putnam's Reg., May 16 to Dec. 15, 1775. He settled in Roxbury; 
Vt., and was one who took the freeman's oath at the first freeman's 
meeting, in 1797. He was a Justice of the Peace in Roxbury, 
1803 and 4 ; removed to Northfleld, Vt. 
-89. iL David", b. in Canterbury, Oct. 7, 1754-5; m. Nov. 28, 1782, Alice 

Ensworth ; she was b. 1752, and d. 9 Sept., 1823, age 71. 

He was probably a soldier in the same Co. and Reg. as Roawell, 
May 19 to Dec. 16, 1775 ; res. Preston, Conn.; d. Feb., 1829. 
iii. Elihu*, b. in Caaterbury, Sept. 28, 1759 ; d. 3 Jan., 1777. 
iv. Jerusha', b. in Canterbury, Sept. 12, 1762 ; d. unm., 3 Dec, 1851. 
^0. v. Susanna*, b. in Canterbury, April 16, 1765 ; m. April 14, 1790, Paul 

Davenport, son of Paul and Elizabeth (Frost) Davenport ; b. Feb. 
27, 1762. 
■91. vi. Joseph*, b. in Canterbury, Nov. 9, 1787 ; m. Nov. 12, 1795, Mary 

Brown ; b. Jan. 15, 1774 ; d. 22 June, 1841 ; he d. 8 March, 1846. 

Children of Capt. Thomas', (1734:) [39] (Capt. Joseph*, Sam- 
uel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Susanna (Peck) Adams; res. 
Canterbury', Conn. 

«2. i. Martha', b. in Canterbury, Conn. , June 23, 1760 ; m. Dec. 10, 1776, 

Daniel Kingsbury; he was b. Aug. 21, 17J0; d. in Brookfleld, Vt., 
29 July, 1817 ; she d. 26 Dec, 1846. 
*3. ii. Maj. Reuben', b. in Canterbury, Oct. 22, 1761; m. Dec. 4, 1783, 

Abigail Lovett; she d. 26 Oct., 1841, age 77 years. 

He settled in Brookfleld, Vt. ; received a pension Dec 8. 1832, 
for services in the Revolution; d. 30 Aug., 1833, age 72. 
iii. Roxanna', b. in Canterbury, Oct 14, 1765 ; d. 17 May, 1766. 
34. iv. Erastus', b. in Canterbury, Aug. 10, 1786-7 ; m. April 28, 1790, Mary 

(Polly Brown ; she waa b. Feb. 28, 1763 ; d. 12 Feb., 1823 ; res. 
Pomfret, Conn., where he d. 10 Nov., 1833, age 66. 
V. Roxanna*, b. in Canterbury, April, 13, 1773 ; d. 5 Jan., 1774. 

108 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Sixth Generation. 

Child of Capt. Thomas', (1734) and Mary (Mudge) Adams, 
vi. EliphaletS b. in Canterbury, May 4, 1782 ; d. yonng. 

Children of Ahaziah', (1715) [40] (Henry*, Samuel', Lieut. 

Thomas', Henry') and Eleanor ( ) Adams; res. Canterbury, 


i. Sarah', b. in Canterbury, Conn., Dec. 31, 1737; m. Asa Stevens, 
ii. Eleanor', b. in Canterbury, Sept. 22, 1739 ; m. Dec. 30, 1764, Thomas 

95. iii. Susanna', b. in Canterbury, April 20, 1742 ; m. April 5, 1764, Dr. 

Timothy Adams, son of Isaac and Eleanor (Fassett) Adams ; b. Sept. 
■" 5, 1742 ; res. South Canterbury; she d. 18 Jan., 1843. 

96. iv. Thomas', b. in Canterbury, May 20, 1745; m. Dec. 11, 1767, Mary 

V. Deborah', b. in Canterbury, May 15, 1747. 

Children of Charles', (1715-6) [41] (Thomas*, Samuel', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Judith (Hyde) Adams; res. New Marl- 
boro, ^lass. 

97. i. Chloe', b. in New Marlboro, Mass., June 16, 1749 ; m. Jan. 21, 1782, 

Col. Daniel Taylor; she d. in New Marlboro, Mass., 24 April, 1878. 

98. ii. Davenpor^', b. inNeTv Marlboro, Feb. 11, 1751 ; m. Elizabeth Taney ; 

b. Feb. 29,1733: d. 6 Oct., 1817. 

He enlisted in Co. of Capt. Zenas Wheeler. Col. John Ashley, 
July 8, 1777 ; discharged July 27, 1777 ; enlisted again for service in 
the Highlands in Aug., 1777 ; d. 15 Feb., 1833 ; estate administered 
March 5, 1833. 

iii. Mary", b. in New Marlboro, Feb. 14, 1753: m. and said to have re- 
moved to Poultney, Vt. 

iv. Abigail', b. in New Marlboro Feb. 25. 1755 ; m. Aug. 14, 1779, Col. 

"Walter Dean. 
V. Elizabeth', b. in New Marlboro, March 21, 1757; d. yonng. 

Children of Eliphalet'. (1723) [42] (Thomas*, Samuel', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Mary (Frost) Adams; res. Canterbury, 

i. Asa', b. in Canterbury, Conn, Sept. 25, 1753 ; d. 14 Oct, 1760. 

99. ii. Lient. Thomas', b. in Canterbury, April 24, 1755 ; m. May 17, 1781, 

Mary Abbott, dau. of Benjamin Abbott of Canterbury, Conn. ; he 
settled in Brookfield, Vt., in 1797 ; d. in Brookfield, 1804. 

iii. Eliphalet', b. in Canterbury, May 24, 1759. 

iv. Charles', b. in Canterbury, July 29, 1761. 

Aug. 29, 1775, Charles, minor of Eliphalet, chose Lieut. Thomas 
his guardian ; Feb. 7, 1797, Charles was " late of Canterbury," and 
administration of his estate was granted to Thomas Adams of 
Brookfield, Vt. 

Seventh Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 109 

Children of Lucy', (1752) [43] (Levi', Da\'id*, Jonathan', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henr>-') and Rev. Jordon Dodge; res. Fair Haven, 
Vt., and Granville, Wash. Co., N. Y. 

i. Joel Dodge, b. in Sturbridge, Mass., Jaly 7, 1772; m. Jan. 16, 1790. 

'- Lucy Backus, d. 13 Dec, 1853; res. Sandy Hill, Wash. Co., N. Y. 

He was permanently injured and disabled about 1825, and d. at 

. ' Freetown, N. T., 10 March, 1844; was an iron-maker. ii. Asenatb 

^ ^ Dodge, b. in Sturbridge, 1777; m. Griffith, andd. 15 March, 

. 1841, age 64. iii. Rer. John Adams Dodge, b. in Sturbridge, 

Ci ^' 1 '^ Nov. 7, 1778; m. (1) March 18, 1818, Anna Peake, b. in Starksboro, 

•' • ^ Vt., April, 8, 1796; d. 13 June, 1835; m. (2) Jan. 6, 1836, Sarah 

. '- ' Peake, (a half-sister of Anna). He t(3S an Lnventor as well as 

, , ' preacher, and invented the first sewing machine in 1818. See 

" Johnson's Encyclopedia; " his last pastorate was at Charlotte, Vt. 

.■ . He d. 22 Dec, 1871. iv. Capt. Levi Dodge, a seaman; perhaps 

 ,' he who m. at Sturbridge, Mass. , Nov. 15, 1796, Eezia Ellis. v. 

Jordon Dodge, Jr., b. 1795; a blacksmith, who d. 24 Jan., 1833, age 

38. vi. Peter Dodge, a teacher. vii. Achsah Dodge, m. a 

Potter. viii. Nancy Dodge; m. Tbos. Brown of Monkton, Vt. 

ix. Dorcas Dodge. z. Lydia Dodge. zL Deidemia Dodge. 

Children of Serg. Levi', Jr., (1754) [44] (Levi', David*, Jona- 
than', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Hannah (Petting^U) Adams ; 
res. Canterburj-, Conn., and Pawlet, Vt. 

100. L Ezra', b. in Canterbury, Conn., Nov. 23, 1773; 

m. (i; Eunice ; b. July 24, 1778; d. 13 June, 1823; 

m. (2) Feb. 9, 1825, Kezia Barton, b. Dec. 25, 1784. He removed 
to Pawlet, Vt., in 1786, and to Milford, Otsego Co., N. Y., in 1794; 
was a farmer, justice of the peace, etc. ; d. in Milford, 24 April, 1830, 
age 57 years. 

ii. Lucy', b. in Canterbury, May 24, 1770; m. Huff; res. Cayuga 

Co., N. Y. 

101. iii. Polly', b. in Canterbury, June 1, 1778-9; m. about 1797, CoL Joseph 

Mumford, who was b. June 2, 1776; d. 19 Nov., 1857; res. Milford, 
N. Y. Shed. 21 Oct., 1875. 

iv. Ruby', b. in Pawlet, Vt, May 11, 1783; m. Keyes; settled in 

Chenango Co., N, Y. 

102. V. Oren', b. in Pawlet, Jan. 21, 1784-5; 

m. (1) Fanny Lee; b. April 6, 1787; 

m. (2) Mrs. Susan Cunningham; a carpenter; res. Milford, N. Y. 

103. vi. Hannah', b. in Pawlet, Sept. 21, 1787; m. about 1822, Henry Dean; 

b. May 20, 1793; d. 6 June, 1870; settled in Stratford, Conn ; 
removed to North East, Erie Co., Pa., and d 23 Feb., Ib'H. 

104. vii. Levi', b. in Pawlet, Oct 30, 1789-90; m. Eliza Hall; settled in Ripley, 

Chautauqua Co.. N. Y.; d. 8 March, 1844. 

Ill* LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Seventh Generation. 

viii. Ores', b. in Pawlet, June 3, 1792; m. Mehitable ; res. at on& 

time, BingliEimton, X. Y. 

Inquiry fails to find any definite record of Ores and family. 
He was at Binghamton, N. Y., in March, 1863, at which time he wrote 
to his brother John, saying he had sold his farm and bought a place 
nigh Binghamton, — at .A.mboy. one-half mile out; also that Harriet 
and Jane had died seven years before; George was in Iowa, and 
John was a wagon-maker at Dixon, the county seat, where he had 
married the only child of a Dr. Bingham, who resided with them. 
He speaks of Maria Brewer and Henry .^dams; says Maria had a 
son who enlisted at 17, and was in the battle of Bull Run, and at 
Ft. Donaldson and Corinth; Ellen, the youngest daughter, married 
an .A. dams and had 4 boys. 
105 ix. John', b. in MUford, N. Y., Nov. 27, J 704; 

m. (1) April 3, 1823, Sally Lane of Milford, N. Y. ; b. April 26, 1803; 
d. 29 April, 1840; 

m. (2: Oct. 0, 1S46, Sarah Stone, b. April 30, 1813; d. 27 April, 1867. 
He settled in Ripley, Chautauqua Co., X. Y., in 1820, and d. there 
28 Sept., 1872. 

106. X. Henry', b. in Milford, June 17, 1796; m. April 11, 1827, Louisa Pride; 

b. Sept. 5, 1805; d. 24 April, 1886. He was a tanner and currier; 
settled in Westfiekl, N. Y., in 1820, and d. there 15 Oct., 1882. 

Children of Capt. David', (1756) [45] (Levi', David', Jona- 
than', Lieut. Thomas", Henr)-') and Abigail (^Carver) Adams; res. 
Westford, Otsego Co., N. Y. 

107. i. Dyer, b. in Canterbury, Conn., Aug. 4, 1781; m. Jan. 1, 1806, Nancy 

Culley; b. April 27, 1783; d. 6 Aug., 1804. 

He removed to Westford, N. Y., in 1793; thence in 1836 to Frank- 
fort, Franklin Co., 111., where he d. 9 Oct., 1837. 

ii. Polly", (Martha), b. in Canterbury, March 12, 1783; m. Timothy Chase. 
She d. 19 Sept., 1864. 

iii. Sally', (Sarah) b. in Canterbury, June 3. 1786,. d. nnm. 26 Feb., 1852. 

108. iv. ABenath\ b. in Canterbury. April 13, 1788; m. Benjamin Bivins. She 

d. 9 Sept., 1867. 

109. V. Mary', rPoUy) b. in Canterbury, March 21, 1793; m. April 3, 1816, 

Garrett Roseboom. She d. 13.May, 1877. 

Child of John", (1762) [46] (Levi*, David*, .Jonathan', Lieut. 
ThomasS Henr^'') and Sarah (Walden) Adams; res. Barton, Vt. 

110. i. Dr. Frederick Whiting', b. in Pawlet, Yt.,178«; 

m. (1) Rachel Harmon. She d. 16 Dec, 1818; 

m. (2) Mary Ann Wallace, who d. 3 Jan., 1887, age 86. 

He studied medicine with Dr. Oliver Harmon of Pawlet, Vt., and 
attended medical lectures in Dartmouth College. He began prac- 
tice in Cambridge, Vt., and settled in Barton, Vt., in 1814; removed 
to Montpelier. Vt., in 1386. He attended lectures in Philadelphia 

Seventh Generation.] lieutenant thomas. Ill 

in l?o5-6 and attained a ■n-icle reputation aa a physician and surgeon. 
He Tvas a philosophical thinker and writer; also a mosician and 
poet. He was a skillful violinist, and gave particular attention to 
the manufacture of violins from old woods. He waa a friend of Ole 
Bull. Although reputed to be an infidel, he was admitted to have 
been very benevolent, honorable, generous and kind. It waa said 
of him that "he lived more practical Christianity daily than any 
other man in town." To the poor he not only remitted charges, 
but added gifts. He d. in Montpelier, 17 Dec, 1858. 

Children of Asahel'. (I'M) [47] (Levi', David*, Jonathan', 
Lieut. Thomas', Henr}-') and Esther (Peck) Adams; res. Scipio, 
Cayuga Co., X. Y. 

111. i. Benjamin Chapman', b. in Pawlet, Vt., June 2-1, 1791; 

m. (1) Xov. 18. 1812, Amy Rosetta Seaman; d. 7 Nov., 1815. 
. m. (2j Jan. 30. 1817, Laura Smith; d. 28 Nov., 18H1. 

m. (3i Aug. 1, 1833, Alma (Dodge) Forsyth; d. 4 July, 1863; ree. 
.A.ttica and Batavia, Genesee Co., N. Y. He removed in 1845 to 
Kenosha, Wis., and to Beloit, Wis., in 1855; d, in Beloit, Wis , 4 
June, 1861. 

112. . ii. James Harvey", b. in Pawlet, Yt., May 9,1793; m. Dea 19, 1824, 

Rosanna House; living 1894, a widow in Buffalo, N. Y. He re- 
moved at an early day from Otsego Co. to Buffalo, N. Y., and d. 
there 23 Nov., 1840. 

113. iii. John, born in Burlington, Otsego Co., N. Y., Sept. 19, 1794; m. Feb. 

20, 1819, Rebecca Bemis Hamilton, dau. of Dr. Samuel Hamilton of 
Manchester, N. Y.; b. in Keene, N. H., June 16, 1798; d. in 
Canandaigua, N. Y., 5 Dec, 1864. He settled in Scipio, N Y., in 
1800; removed to Canandaigua in 1815; merchant in Lyons, N. Y., 
1820; county treasurer, 1857-60; d. in Canandaigua, N. Y., 13 
June, 1862. 

iv. William Perkins', b. in Pittsfield, Otaego Co.. N. Y., June 27, 1797; 
d. 2 June, 1817. 

114. V. Hon. David P.', b. in Pittsfield, Aug. 13, 1799; m. Jan. 1, 1836, at 

Lyons. X. Y., Hannah Perrine. He was a jeweler and merchant; 
settled in Lyons, N. Y. in 1822; removed 1836 to Tompkins, Jack- 
son Co., Mich., where he was a judge of the Circuit Court, warden 
of the State prison, etc., etc ; d. 27 Feb., 1879. 

115. vi. Daniel Peck', b. in Scipio, N. Y., Sept 12, 1801; m. Deo. 17, 1829, 

Maria Seaver; b. in Sunderland, Tt., Oct. 27, 1801; d. in Buffalo, 
N. Y. , 6 March, 1880. Hewasaprinterin Batavia, N. Y. , where he 
d. 29 Feb., 1872-3. 
vii. Hiram', b. in Scipio, Sept. 8, 1803; d. 10 July, 1806. 
no. viii. Eliza L.', b. in Scipio, Sept. 8, 1805; m. March 4. 1823, at Lyons, N. 
Y., Henry Knowles Avery; settled in Detroit, Mich., 1831, and d. 
there 2.^ Dec, 1834. She d. in Beloit, Wis., 10 June, 1881. 

112 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Seventh Generation. 

Children of Lydia', (1771) [4S] (Le\'i', David', Jonathan', 
Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Maj. Joseph Taylor; res. Hartford, 
Wash. Co., N. Y. 

i. Daniel Taylor, b. in Hartford, N. Y., Jan. 19, 1793; d. 1797. ii. 
John Adama Taylor, b. in Hartford, April 25, 1794; m. Jan. 4, 1816, 
Sarah Anfitin, dau. of David Austin of Hartford, N. Y., d. 22 July, 
1881. He removed to Port Byron, N. Y., and d. 12 May, 1879. 
iii. Hannah Taylor, b. in Hartford, May 13, 1796; m. Nov. 17, 1814, 
David H. Lytle; res. Argyle, N. Y. iv. Daniel O. Taylor, b. in 
Hartford, May 25, 1798; m. (1) Jan. 16, 1823, Evelina Perry; m. (2) 

; res. Granville, N. Y. v. David Adams Taylor, (twin) b. 

May 25, 1798; m. June 13, 1850, Sophronia (Enos) Bumsey. He 
was a teacher, and d. at Port Byron, N. Y. vi. Nancy Taylor, 
b. in Hartford. May 12, 1800: m. Nov. 1, 1819, Bobert Morrison; 
res. Hartford, N. Y. vii. Betsey Taylor, b. in Hartford, June 
13, 1803; m. Sept. 30, 1824, Samuel Townsend; res. Aurelius, N. Y. 
viii. Asenath Taylor, b. in Hartford, Feb. 21, 1805; m. (1) Oct. 27, 
1825, Daniel L. Mason; m. (2) Carey Barker. ii. Lucy Taylor, 
b. in Hartford, Nov. 28, 1808; m. Dec. 6, 1828, Lorenzo B. 
Olmstead: res. Bingrhamton. N. Y. 

Children of William*, (1774) [49] (Levi', Da\'id', Jonathan', 

Lieut. Thomas', Henr^'') and Freelove ( ) Adams ; res. Buffalo, 

N. Y. , 

L Lydia'. ii. Studley'. iii. Elsie. iv. Lucy. 

Children of Abel", Jr., (1763) [50] (Dr. Abel', David', Jona- 
than', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Lorahannah M. (Lewis) 
Adams; res. New Marlboro, L"'lster Co.. N. Y. 

117. i. Abigail', b. in New Marlboro, N. Y., Jan. 9, 17a'5; 

m. (1) Feb. 20, 1803, PelegBansom, Jr.son ofCapt. PelegBansom 
and Susannah Griffin; b. in Marlboro, 1782, and d. 20 Feb., 1813. 
m. (2) Johans Deyo, who d. 1818. [ 

m. (3) Wm. Moore; Abigail d. 20 June, 1850. I 

ii. Dorcas', b. in New Marlboro about 1787; m. Daniel Scofield. 
118 iii. Ladowick', b. in New Marlboro; m. Olive Sherman. He was living 
in New Marlboro, 1835. 
iv. Lorahannah', b. in New Marlboro; d. unm. 
V. Abel Lewis', b. in New Marlboro; (mentioned in will). 
vL Micajah', b. in New Marboro; d. before 1805. 
119. vii. Loammi'. (Laomi'; b. in New Marlboro; April 8, 1796-7; m. 1818, 
Catorah Dayton. He was a farmer; remo'ved to Semproniua, 
Cayuga Co., N. Y., in 1836, and thence to Moravia, Cayuga Co., in 
1870. He d. 21 June, 1885. 
viii. Ann'. ix. Beulich. z. Ruth. xi. Rosanna. 

Seventh Generation.] LIEUTENANT THOMAS. 113 

Children of Samuel", (;i773)_ [51] (Dr. Abel', David*, Jona- 
than', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Anna (Wright) Adams; res. 
NeAv Paltz, Ulster Co., N. Y. 

120. i. Nathaniel', b. in New Paltz, N. Y., June 29, 1797; m. Frances M. 


He was a bj-ick manufacturer, and invented in 1839 the first brick, 
making machine which was patented. He put up a machine in 
Philadelphia in 1840, which so incensed the old time brick-makers 
that thej" combined to mob him, throwing his machine into the 
Schuylkill river. He settled in Cornwall, N. T., and d. 6 May, 

121. ii. James ', b. in New Paltz, Oct. 28, 1799; 

m. (1) Eustatia Underhill, who had no issue. 

m. (2) , and had several sons. He d Oct., 1877. 

iii. Mary', b. in New Paltz, April 27, 1802; d. 22 Feb., 1820. 

122. iv. Abel', b. in New Paltz, April 10, 1804; 

m. (1) Cooley. 

m. (2) Nov. 3, 1834, Phebe Hallock; res Newburg, N. Y.; d. in 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., in 1864. 
V. Deborah', b. in New Paltz, Jan. 28, 1807; d. 8 Aug., 1825. 
vi. Naomi', b. in New Paltz, Jan. 23, 1809; d. 8 March, 1312. 

123. vii. Rev. Samuel C", b. in New Paltz, March 10, 1811; m. Mehitable M. 

Cooley. She was b. in Pleasant Valley, Orange Co., N. Y., Aug. 
111, 1813; d. in Indianapolis, Ind., 20 July, 1889. He was a minister 
among the Friends; d. in Indianapolis, Ind., 11 Sept., 1873. 
viii. Anna Mary', b. in New Paltz, July 19, 1813; d. 20 Oct., 1838. 

124. ix. David M.', b. in New Paltz, Sept. 1, ISl.i; m. Hannah C. Cooley. 

He was a bnek manufacturer in Baltimore, Md. . Davenport, Iowa, 
and Indianapolis, Ind., and d. in Indianapolis, 11 April, 1888. 
X. John H.', b. in New Paltz, March 2-5, 1817; m. Emma Thorne; res. 
Newburg, N. Y. ; no issue. 

Children of Anna", (1779) [52] (Dr. Abe?, David*, Jonathan', 
Lieut. Thoma.s-, Henry') and James Hull ; res. Milton, Ulster 
Co., N. Y. 

i. Phebe Hull, b. Nov., 1798; d. in Milton, N. Y., umn. ii. Wager J. 
Hull, b. Nov. 25, 1800; m. Kezia Cooley; res. Milton, Ulster Co.,N. 
Y. He d. 21 Aug., 1851. iii. David A. Hull, b. Sept. 30, 1803; 
m. Phebe R. Fish, dau. Henrietta. iv. William Hull, b. Jnly 
21, 180C; m. Sarah Jane DeGraw. v. Dr. Abel Adams Hnll, b. 
Oct. 9, 1808; m. .Amelia Ann Haviland. He d. 1890. vi. John 
Y.Hull, b. Jan. 31,1811; m. Sarah Ann Train. vii. Oliver P. 
Hull. b. Jan. 29, 1813; m. Hannah Clapp. viii. Henry C. Hull, 
b. Jan. 10, 1819; m. (1) Anna M. .Ulen; m. (2) Anna Haight. 
ix. George D. Hull, b. Feb. n, 1821 ; m. Mary E. Cluet of Albany. 

lii LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Seventh Generation. 

Children of Deborah', (17S5) [53] (Dr. AbeP, David*, Jona- 
than', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Absalom Barrett; res. New 
Marlboro, N. Y. 

i. Samuel Barrett; m. Mary Underbill. ii. Mary Ann Barrett; m. 
Jacob Townsend. iii. Pbebe Barrett; m. Oliyer Hull. iv. Ab- 
salom Barrett; m. Elizabeth . • v. James Barrett. v. 

John Barrett; m. Martha Townsend. vi. Amelia Barrett. 

Children ot Rev. David', (17S7) [54-] (Dr. Abel', David*, Jona- 
than', Lieut. Thomas', Henr}*') and Marj- (Halstead) Adams ; res. 
De Ruyter, Madison Co., N. Y. 
i.— iv. Children d. in infancy. 

125. V. Samuel H.", b. in New Marlboro, N. Y., March 25, 1811; m. Feb. 4, 
1835, Mary Ann Gardner of Beekman, Dutchess Co., N. Y.,; b. Jan. 
23, 1818; d. 29 July, 1891. He removed in 1849 to Skaneateles, 
Onondaga Co., N. 1'., and thence to Crum Elbow, Duchess Co., 
about 1857; d. at Crum Elbow, 25 Dec, 1834. 

Children of David' (1"{<") and Ann (Gardner) Adams. 

■ri. Isaac', b. in New Marlboro, 1829; d. young. 

120. vii. James G.', b. in New Marlboro, June 30, 1831; m. Jan. 8. 1852, Sa- 
mantha Newitt; she m. 2nd Geo. Mason, and resides at De Ruyter, 
N. Y. James G. d. iu De Ruyter 26 June, 1807. 

viii. Mary', b. in New MarllK)ro; deceased. 

Children of Elisha* (1771) [55] (Elisha', David', Jonathan', 
Lieut. Thomas', Henry") and Leah (Ackerman) Adams ; res. 
Oteijo, Otsego Co., N. Y. 

127. i. DaTid-, b. in Rensselaerrille, N. Y., March 24, 1793; m. May 2, 1813, 

Deborah Thome of Rensselaerville, Albany Co. , N. Y. She d. in 
Warren, Ohio, 6 July, 1884. He was a blacksmith;, removed to 
Warren,.©., and d. 11 Dec., 1870-1. , 

ii. Phebe', b. ia Rensselaerville, March 7, 1795; m. Henry Thome, of 
Rensselaerville, N. Y. She d. in Coxsackie, N. Y. 

128.. iiL Henry-, b. in Rensselaerville, March 4, 1797; ' 

m. (1). Prudence Gnmey of .Cmm Home Mountain, Maryland', 
Otsego Co., N. Y. ' 

m. (2\ Charlotte VandozetL' He d, in Lowville, Erie Co., Pa., 
about 183f. 

Seventh Generation.] lieutenant thomas. ii5 

129 iv. Rebecca', b. March 16, 1799; m. Benjamin Thome of RenBeelaerrille, 
N. Y. ; reo. Maryland, N. Y. ; removed to Springfield, So. Dakota. 
She d. 4 May, 1870. He d. 10 Dec, 1883. 

130. V. Abel', b. May 22, 1801 ; m. Nov. 10, 1832, Mary Macey of Maaailon, 

O. ; b. in Nantucket, Mass., March 6, 1813; d. in Massilon, O., 10 
Oct., 1838. 

131. vi. Hannah', b. Feb 26, 1803; m. May 23. 1829. Richard HoUiday of 

Schoharie Co., N Y.;re8. Otego, N. Y. Shed. 11 March. 1831. 
He d. 1 May, 1888. 

132 vii. Amos', b. June 20, 1805; m. Martha Haight of Lairrena, Otsego Co., 
N. Y. He was a stonemason; settled m Aarora, HI., 1860; d. 

133. viii. Rev. Elisha', b. April 10. 1807; m. Feb. 12, 1831, Eliza AUen of Mil- 

ford, Otsego Co., N. Y. She was b. in Middleburgh, Schoharie 
Co., N. Y., Dec. 13, 1810; d. 16 April, 1854; blacksmith and Metho- 
dist preacher; d. at Doaglass, Fayette Co., la , 15 Sept., 1895. 

134. ix. Joseph M.', b. nearOswego, N. Y., April 7, 1810; m. Aug. 10, 1834, 

Anna M. McClintock of Lewistown, Pa.; b. Jan. 23, 1818; d in 
■Webster, W. Va., 22 Oct., 1890. 

He served an apprenticeship of seven years at marble cutting 
in Philadelphia; afterward resided and carried on business at sev- 
eral places, settling in 1857 in Webster, W. Ta., where he died 
suddenly 14 May, 1894, and was buried by the Odd Fellows, of 
whom he was one. 

135. X. Levi', b. Nov. 11, 1812; m. Feb. 16, 1850, Mary Ann Hall, dau. of 

Henry and Hepsibah (Bemis) Hall; farmer; res. Otego, N. Y. ; d. 
2 May, 1892. 

136. xi. Electa', b. Nov. 29. 1815; m. Oct. 7, 1846, William Leicester Clark of 

Laurens, Otsego Co., N. Y'. . 

137. xii. Edward', b. March 21, 1819; m. Pluma King; res , Otego, N. Y. ; 

farmer. Pluma King b. in Gr. Barring^on, Mass. , Nov. 12, 1824 ; 
d. in Otego, 12 June, 1884. He died 22 Aug., 1881. 

Child of Joseph', [5Q] (Elishi', David', Jonathan', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Adams; Otsego Co., N. Y. 

138. i. Israel', b. in Otsego Co., N. Y., April 3, 1797; m. Sophronia Moore; 

b. Aug. 30, 1807; res. Bingham ton, N. Y. 

Children of Samuel "3d." (1747) [57] (Samuel', Pelatiah', Pela- 
tiah', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Thankful (Chamberlain) 
Adams ; res. Westford and Boston, Mass. 

i. Patty', b. in Chelmsford, Mass., April 28, 1771; d. 14 Sept, 1773. 
ii. Samupl', b. in Chelmsford, Aug. 10, 1773. 
iii. Tatty', b. in Chelmsford, April 4, 1775; d 10 Nov., 1791. 
iv. Polly', b. in Chelmsford, Oct. 15, 1778. 
V. Lucretia', b. in Chelmsford, Aug. 17, 1782; d. 18 Sept., 1783. 

116 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Seventh Generation. 

vi. Sophia Charlotte Augusta', b. July IG, 1784; pa. Wm. Kidder, Jr., of 

Boston, son of M'm. Kidder, the chemist. 
vii. Kancy', b. in Chelmsford, Aug. 13, 1786. 
viii Sukey'. b. in Chelmsford, Dec. 22, 1789; d. 13 Nov., 1790. 
ix. Sophia', b. in Chelmsford, May 21, 1793; probably m. Dec. 3, 1835, 
Daniel W. Hemmenway. 

Child of Corp. Jacob', (1739) [oS] (Ephraim', Thomas', 
Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Grace Adams; res. 
Wilton, N. H. 

i. Nathan', b. Aug. 21, 1783. 

Children of Henry', (174-2) [50] (Ephraim', Thomas', 
Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Ede (Adams) Adams ; 
res. Old Dunstable, now Nashua, X. H. 

i. Ede', b. in Dunstable, Aug. 10, 17G9; m. March 5, 1789, Benjamin 
Smith of Nashua, N. H. 

139. ii. Betsey', b. in Dunstable, July 29, 1772r-m. Nov. 13, 1791, Willard 

RobbinBX)f Nashua: b. March 9, 1768; d. 8 Jan., 1847. 
St. iurr ("i 1 2,^ 4 
iii. Amy', b. in Dunstable, .\pril 10, 1775; m. Abraham Hale of Nashua. 

140. iv. Henry', b. in Dunstable, June 7, 1778; m. Jan. 20, 1S08. Sarah Brad- 

ley, b. Sept. 10, 1783, in Hudson, N. H.; d. 9 Nov., 18C3. He d. 5 
June, 1842. 

141. V. Joel', b. in Dunstable, May 2, 1783; 

m. (1) Sept. 4, 1800, Jane Lund; b. April 17, 1784; d. 14 June, 

m. (2) about 1811, Polly Moore; b. .\ug. 12, 1790; d. 30 Nov., 1874, 
age 84. He d. 6 April, 1828, age 46. 

Children of Mary', (1744) [60] (Ephraim', Thomas', 
Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and George "Cobum ; res. 
Wilton,' N. H. 

'L Mary Coburn, b.- Sept. 2, ITdT; d. unm. . iL; Lydia Cobnm, b. ;■ 
March 6, 1707; m. Nov. 27, 1788, Sam Howard; res. Temple, N. H. 
iii. Parthonia Coburn, b, Feb. 19, 1770; res. Vermont. iv. , 
Judith Coburn, b. Sept. 9, 1770-1; m. Jonathan Paige. v. Levina ' 
Coburn. b. -\ng. 18, 1774; m. May 10,. 1790, Phineas Carleton; res.,: 
Temple, N.H. vi. Thankful. Coburn, b. Oct. 0, 1776; m. James^ 
HilL vii. George Coburn, b. Sept. 19, 1778. viii. Jacob- 
Coburn, b. Sept. 9. 1780. is. Sarah Coburn, b. Aug. 22, 1762; d. 
in Northbridge, Mass., 22 June, 1811. x. James Cobnrn, b. Nov. 
10. 1785. xL OUve Coburn, b. Sept. 0, 1780; m. July 2, 1814, Levi 
Wheeler;. and d. at Berlin, Mass., 25 Nov.. 1785. 

Seventh Generation] lieutenant thomas. 117 

Children of " Lydia", (1749) [61] (Ephraim*. Thomas', 

Timothy", Lieut. Thomas', Henrj-') and Samuel Holt; res. 

Temple, N. H. 

i. Lydia Holt, b. in Temple, N. H., Nov. 12, 1771; m. 1791, Andrew 
Stiles; res. Nelson, N. H. She d. 5 Feb., 1313, age 31. ii. 
Samuel Holt, b. in Temple, April 1. 1773; m. (1» Jnlj- 21. 1790, 

Phebe Perry of Wilton, N. H. ; d Dec. 1822; m. (2) Knth ,' 

who d. 22 Oct., 1839. He d. 4 Oct., 1848, age 75. iii. John Holt, 
"b. in Temple, Nov. 8, 1775 ; d. 6 Not., 1776. iv. Ephraim 
Adams Holt. b. Aug. 14, 1773; m. Dec. 4, 1800; Rhoda Russell. He 
d. in Sullivan. N. H., 31 July, 1857, age 79. v. Rachel Holt, b. 
Sept. 9, 1780; d. 9 April, 1782. vi. Daniel Holt, b. Sept. 27, 1782; 
d. unm. 14 Sept., 1803. vii. Nathaniel Holt, b. May 22, 1786; m. 
!l) Dec. 6, 1805, Rebecca Upham; d. 18 July. 1847; m. (2) Nov. 15. 
1849, Hannah Barns. viii. Esther Holt, b. Jane 15, 1788; m. 
1806. Robt. Smith. She d. in Weston, Vt., June, 1827. ix. 
Nehemiah Holt, b. Sept. 27, 1790; m Dec. 31, 1812, Mary Wright, 
d. 22 April, 1838, age 46; res. Alstead, N. H. x. Henry Holt. b. 
in Temple, N. H., March 7, 1793; d. 13 June, 1795. 

Children of Corp. Levi', (1747) [62] (Stephen*, Thomas' 
Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henr}-') and Mary Abecca (Perrj*) 
Adams ; res. Andover, Vt. 

142. i. Asenath". b. in Rindge ^. H., Feb. 1, 1775; 

m. (1) Thomas Chandler of Chester, Vt. 

m (2) Oct. 29, 1812, Lynde Sargent, son of Jabez Sargent of Ches- 
ter. Vt. ; b. Feb , 1781; d. 16 April, 1849. She d. in Milton. Vt.. 

143. ii. Rhoda', b. in Rindge, Feb. 18, 1777; m. Aug. 10, 1798. David Dickin- 

son; b. April 17, 1771; d. 15 Aug.. 1825. She d. in Proctors ville.Vt.. 
5 Feb., 1873, age 95 years, 11 months. 17 days. 

144. iii. Phinehas', b. in New Ipswich, N. H.. July 24, 1782; m. April 24, 

1809, Hannah Kibling; b. Dec , 1789; d. 18 Aug., 1873. He settleil 
in Moriah. N. Y., 1826, and d. there 28 Feb., 1838, age 55. 

140. iv. Levi', Jr., b. in New Ipswich, Nov., 1788: m. Abigail Bemis. He d. 
in Ludlow, Vt., 4 April, 1869. 
V. Ebenezer', b. in New Ipswich; d. in Mass., at 18 years of age. 

146. vi. James', b. in Rindge, N. H., April 5, 1789; m. April 28, 1817. Nancy 
Pingry, dau. of Joseph Pingry of Shrewsbury, Vt; b. in Ashby, 
Mass., April 3, 1794; d. in Andover, Vt., 24 May, 1873, age 79. He 
removed to Andover, N. Y., where he d. 22 Feb., 1885, age 95. 

Children of Levi', (174J) and Lydia (Patch) Adams. 

vii. Charles', b. in Andover, Vt. ; d. unm. 
viii. Mary Abecca', b. in Andover; d. unm. 

ix. Roxanna'. b. in Andover, Oct. 22, 1802; m. Oct. 1824, Reuben Emery; 
res. Ludlow, Vt. 

lis LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Seventh Generation. 

X. Lydia', b. inAndover; d. tmm. 
xi. Stillman', b. in Andover. 
rii. Dorcas', b. in Andorer; m. Otis Archer of Bridgewater, Vt. 

Children of Corp. Jonas', (IToS) [63] (Stephen', Thomas', 
Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Phebe (Hoar) Adams ; 
res. Andover, Vt. 

U7. i. Lucy C.% b. in New Ipswich, X. H., March 22, 1784; pi. Dec, 1803, 
Cyms Dickinson; d. 12 Jan., 1840. She d. at Westminster, Vt., 4 
Feb., 1813, age 28. 

14^. ii. Capt. JerrvS b. in Jaffrey, N. H.. Aug. 15, 1785; m. Feb 21, 1816, 
Dorcas Austin; d. 7 Sept., 1863, age 65. He settled in Weston, Vt., 
1842; member of the Legislature of Vt., 1834; d. in W., 20 Dec, 
1873, age 88. 
iii. Jonas', Jr., b. in Jaffrey, Aug. 25. 1787; d. 23 Sept., 1700. 

149. iv. Phinehas", b. in Jaffrey, Oct. 20, 1789; m. Feb. 25, 1813, Bebecca 

Gibson; d. 1 Nov., 1872, age 78 years, 8 months, 5 days. He 
settled ia Grafton, Vt; d. in Ludlow, 18 Dec, 1845, age 56. 
V. Milly", b. in Jaflfrey, Sept. 2, 1791; d. in Weston, Vt., unm., 15 March, 
1657, age 65. 

150. .vi. Nancy', b. in Jaffrey, Feb. 25,, 1794; m. March 9, 1814, James Ester- 

brook. Settled in Ehzabetown, N. Y. ; removed thence to Man- 
chester, la. ih<, b: 2 0« .i. I* r? 

151. vii. Achsa', b. in Andover, Vt., Oct. 29, 1799; m. July 26, 1818, David 

Austin, (brother of Dorcas Austin). She d. 8 April, 1879, age 79. 

viii. Laura', b. in Andover, April 18, 1802; d. in Ludlow, Vt., unm., 1 June, 
1879, age 77. 

153. ix. Alvin', b. in Andover, June 16, 18J4; m. Nov. 10, 1831, Ann Rebecca 
Bridge of Boston; d. 10 June, 1882. 

He was the founder of Adams Express Company, begun by him 
him in May, 1840, running at first only between New York and 
Boston, including New London, Norwich and Worcester. A con- 
solidation of several companies being effected in 1854, Mr. Adams 
became president, and the business was widely extended through 
the South and West, the company rendering the government valua- 
ble assistance during the civil war, 1860-1865. He d. in Watertown, 
Mass., 1 Sept., 1877, age 73. 
X. Stillman', b. in Andover, Aug. 26, 180<J; d. 10 April, 1807. 

153. xi. Orison', b. in Andover, Dec. 13, 1807; m. July 28, 1834, Cynthia 

Prescott. He settled in So. Boston, where he d. 7 Nov., 1869. 

Children of Luther', (1760) [64] (Stephen', Thomas', 
Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Fanny (Stanford) 
Adams; res. Dublin, N. H., and Weston, "Vt. 

154. i. Polly', b. in Dublin, N. H., Jan. 8, 1793; m. March, 1816, Robert 

Nichols. They settled in Concord, Vt., where she d. 13 April, 1877. 

Seventh Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 119 

ii. James', b. in Dublin, Aug. 2, 1795; cl. yonng. 
155. iii. Capt. Luther', b. in Dublin, Nov. 6, 1796; m. March 20. 1822. Ada 

Brown; b. in Littleton, N. H., March 6, 1797; d. in St. Johnsburj-, 

Vt., 28 Nov., 18(i7. He settled in Littleton, N. H., 1810, and d. in 

St. Johnsbury, Vt., 8 Aug., 1878. 
150. iv. Sirene', b. in Dublin, April 1, 1801 ; m. Ira Caswell, b. Aug. 14, 179G ; 

d. in Concord, Vt., 29 July, 1874. She d. at Xo. Littleton, N. H., 

13 April, 1841. 

157. T. EMra', b. in Weston, Vt., March 30, 1803; m. March 20, 1828, Daniel 

Howe; b. 1793; d. in Guildhall, Vt., 11 Oct., 1854. She removed to 
Fond du Lac, Wis., and d. 20 April, 1888. 

158. vi. Mercy', b. in "Weston, June 3, 1805 ; m. Dec. 28, 1823, Levi Ball of 

Concord, Vt. ; b. Feb. 24, 1805; d. in Sutton, Vt., 26 Jan., 1892. 
They removed to Sutton, Vt., in 1839. She d. 7 June, 1840. 

Children of Ruth', (1749) [65] (Thomas', Thomas*, Timothy', 
Lieut. Thomas^ Henr>'') and Simeon Bullard ; res. New Ipswich, 
N. H. 

i. Ruth Bullard. b. Aug. 7, 1772. ii. Azubah Bullard. b. July 20, 
1774. iii. Caleb Bullard, b. Sept. 7, 1778; d. 1 Jan., 1777. iv. 
Ebenezer Bullard, b. Aug. 8, 1780; d. 15 Jan., 1811. v. Mary 
Bullard, b. May 20, 1782. vi. Sarah Bullard, b. Feb. 20, 1784; m. 
Luther Bowers. vii. Asahel Bvillard, b. March 15, 1786. 

Children of Abel', (1755) [66] (Thomas', Thomas', Timothy', 
Lieut. Thomas', Henry'j and Hannah (Proctor) Adams: res. W. 
Windsor. Vt. 

i. Hannah', b. Dec. 20. 1783; m. March 23. 1802, Bezaliel Bridge of 

Windsor, Vt. ; d. in W. Windsor, 13 Feb., 1820. 
ii. John, adopted, b. June 4, 1785. 

Children of Isaac'. (1761) [67] (Thomas*, Thomas', Timothy', 
Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Mary (Blanchard) Adams; res. 
Windsor, Vt. 

i. Isaac', b. in Windsor. Vt., May 3, 1784; d. 23 May following. 

ii. John', b. in Windsor, Aug. 22, 1785; d. 27 May. 1792. 

iii. Isaac', b. in Windsor, Sept. 7, 1787; d. 19 June, 1789. 

iv. Polly', b. in Windsor, Jan. 13, 1790; m. Feb. 4, 1808, Daniel Wetherby 
of Reading, Vt. She d. 6 May, 1855, age 65. 

V. Ruth', b. in Windsor, May 3, 1792; d. unm., 19 Nov., 1840. 

vi. Phebe', b. in Windsor, May 4, 1794; d. unm., 8 Aug., 1845. 

vii. Abel', b. in Windsor, Jan. 17, 1797; per. m. Polly Adams. 

120 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Seventh Generation. 

viii. Ira', b. in Windsor, Sept. 0, 1799; m. March C, 1823, Hannah Bobin- 
80D; d. 9 March. (18'2?). He d. 23 Jan., 1833. 
is. Judes', b. in TVindBor, Feb. 17, 1802; 

m. (1) Jan. 7, 1819, Elijah Robinson of Windsor, Yt. 
m. (2) Woodward. 

Children of Thankful", (1729) [fis] (Samuel', Timothy', 
Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and John Glen ; res. Dun- 
stable, Mass. 

i. John Glen, Jr.. b. 1731. ii. Sarah Glen, b. 17-57. iii. William 
Glen, b. 1758. iv. Isaac Glen, b. 1761; m. Sally Nutting. v. 
Molly Glen, b. 1763. 

Child of Samuel", (1731) [69] (SamueP, Timothy', Timothy^, 
Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Elizabeth (Blood) Adams; res. 
Westford, Mass. 

L Jonathan', b. in Westford, Mass. , March 3, 1757. 

Children of Betsey", (1760) [70] (Thomas\ Timothy*, 
Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henr}-') and Jesse Minot ; res. So. 
Westford, Mass. 

i. Betaey Minot', b. 1784; d. unm. ii. Jesse Minot', Jr.. b. 1787; m. 
Amelia Fletcher; settled in Lockport, N. Y. iii. Joseph Minot', 
b. 1789; m. Fanny Hildreth. He d. in Manchester, N. H. iv. 
Thomas Minot. b. 1791; m. 1818, Zoa A. Goodhue; settled in 
Boston. r. Isaac Minot, b. 1795; m. 1844, Mary Ann Hildreth. 
vi. Jonathan Minot, b. 1797; m. a GUes of Boston; settled in Bos- 
ton, vii. Bufus Min 't, b. 1800; m. Rebecca Townsend of Boston. 
Tiii. Otis Minot, b. March 9, 1803; m. Elizab. Bartlett of Boston, 
ix. Mary Ann Minot. b. 1807; d. 1809. Settled in Maiden, Mass ; 
d. 6 Feb., 1837. 

Children of Timoth}-", (1762) [71] (Thomas', Timothy*, 
Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Lydia (Robbins) Adams ; 
res. Cavendish, Vt. 

150. 1. Lydia-, b. in Cavendish, Vt., Jan. 19, 1732; m. 1803, Amos R. 
Wheeler; b. in Pepperell, Mass., Nov. 28, 1775; d. in CaTendisL. 
Vt, 13 Jan., 1835. Shed, in St. Charles, 111., 27 Dec., 1858, age 
76 years, 11 months, 8 days. 

160. ii. Thomas', b. in Covendish Jan. 8, 1785-6; m. about 1813, Abigail 
Conick. He removed 1810, and settled in Westrille Centre. Frank- 
lin Co., N. T., where he d. 15 March. 1817, age 31 years, 2 mouths, 
7 days. 

Seventh Generation.] LIEUTENANT THOMAS. 121 

iii. Timothy', b. in Cavendish, Oct., 1787; d. 15 April, 1803, age 15 years, 
6 months. 

iv. William', b. in Cavendish, Aug. 26, 1791; d. at Black Rock, N. Y., 1 
Sept., 1828, age 37 years. 

101. T. Dr. Ira', b. in Cavendish, Aug. 23, 1792; m. March 25, 1831, Anzelia 
A. Root of Denmark, N. Y. She was b. in 1800; d. 10 Dec., 1887, age 
80 years, months, 3 days. 

He was a graduate of Albany Medical College; was surgeon at 
Ft. Erie in 1812-14; settled in Denmark, Lewis Co., X. Y., in the 
practice of his profession as early as 1806; removed about 1812 to 
Lowville, N. Y., where he d. 8 March, 1857, age 66 years. 

vi. Olive', b. in Cavendish, June 8, 1794; d. 21 July, 1817, age 23 years, 
I month, 13 days. 

162. vii. John', b. in Cavendish, June 1, 1795; m. about 1815, Huldah Wright 
of MaasachuBetta. She waa b. Nov. 2, 1791; d. 19 April, 1862. He 
settled in Rushford, Alleghany Co., N. Y. , but returned to Vermont 
in 1828, and d. at Weathersfieid, Vt., 28 Feb., 1874, age 79 years. 

viii. Patty', b. in Cavendish, March 20, 1797; d. 28 May, 1814, age 17 
years, 2 months, 16 days. 

is. Sylvia', b. in Cavendish. July, 1793; m. Asa Courtland; res. Western 
N. Y. State; a dau. Sylvia. 

Children of Isaac' (1769) [72] (Thomas', Timothy', Timothy', 
Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Hannah (Adams) Adams; res. 
Chelmsford, Mass. 

163. i. Charles', b. in Chehnsford, Mass., April 11, 1800; m. Nov. 30, 1826, 

Nancy Robbins, dan. of James and Phena (Osgood) Robbina; b. 
Sept. 27, 1803; d. 27 July, 1878. He was a farmer in Chelmsford: 
d. 20 April, 1883. 

ii. Sumner', b. in Chelmsford, April 3, 1803; m. Sarah Copeland, aud 
settled in Boston; restaurant keeper; d4Nov., 1845; no issue. 

iii. John', b. in Chelmsford, June 27, 1803; m. Sept. 23, 1831, Clarissa H. 
Haskell; b. in Gloucester, Mass., July 31,1811; res. Lowell, Mass. 
He d 12 Dec, 1881 ; no issue. 

iv. Isaac', b. in Chelmsford, April 22, 1808; m. Nancy Worthing. He 
was a farmer in Chelmsford; d. Jan., 1893; no issue. 

V. Thomas Minot', b. iu Chelmsford, Sept. 12, 1810; farmer in Chelms- 
ford; d. nnm., 23 April, 1895. 

164. vi. Haunnh Maria", b. in Chelmsford, June 20. 1813; m. about 1832, Solo- 

mon Edwin Byam, son of Solomon and Abi (Adams) Byam; b. July 
13. ISIO; d. June, 1873; res. So. Chelmsford. Mass. 

vii. Rufus'. b. in Chelmsford, Jan, 2S, 1817; a writer and elocutionist; d. 
unm., 29 Jul)-, 1883. 

122 -LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Seventh Generation. 

Child of John" (1747) [73] John', Timothy', Timothy', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Molly (Parker) Adams; res. Chelmsford, 

i. jMary', b. in Chelmsford, Mass., Sept. 18, 1770; d. young. 

Children of John' (1747) and Mary (Lock) Adams. 

ii. Mary', b. in Chelmsford, July 17, 1773; m. Hapgood. 

165. iii. Abi', b. in Chelmsford, July 17, 1773; m. March 13, 1791, Solomon 

Byam; b. May 8, 1770; d. 16 Jan., 1834. She d. 20 May, 1857. 
iv. Hannah', b. in Chelmsford, March 8, 1778; m. Nov. 30, 1807, Isaac 
Adams, son of Thomas and Mary (Mead) Adams; d. 30 Oct., 1829. 
Shed. 29 Jan., 1856. 

Children of Thomas" (1749) [7-4] John', Timothy*, Timothy', 
Lieut. Thomas', Henr}'') and Esther (Perry) Adams; res. 
Chelmsford, Mass. 

i. Thomas', b. in Chelmsford, Mass., July 22, 1731. 

ii. Joshua', b. in Chelmsford, Feb. 25, 1783; d. in Westford, Mass. 

iii. Asa', b. in Chelmsford, Dec. 10, 1784; d. in Carlisle, Mass. 

iv. Amos', b. in Chelmsford, Aug. 24, 1788. 

V. Isaac', b. in Chelmsford, June 29, 1793. 

vi. Polly', b. in Chelmsford, Nov. 24, 1795. 

vii. John', b. in Chelmsford, July 5, 1798; d. 1801. 

Children of Robert' (1752) [75] (John', Timothy*, Timothy', 
Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Rachel Wheeler Adams; res. 
Westford, Mass. 

i. Robert', b. in Chelmsford, Mans., May 3, 1780; d. in Cambridge, 

 Mass., 28 Feb., 1800. 
ii. Reuben', b. in Chelmsford, March 12, 1783; d. in Norfolk, Va., 1800. 

166. iii. Richard', b. in Chelmsford, Sept. 6, 1785; 

m. (1) Dec. 9, 1806, Sarah Fle"tcher; b. in Ashbomham, Mass., 
June 28, 1789, dau. of Pelatiah Fletcher of Westford; divorced; d. 
in Westford, 24 Aug., 1868. 

m. (2) 1844, Eugenie Swift; b. Feb. 29, 1804; d. 14 Nov., 1872, age 
63 years. He removed to Bnshford, N. Y., in 1833-4; d. in Rush- 
ford 24 Dec, 1860. 

167. iv. Susanna', b. in Chelmsford, Oct 16. 1788-9 ; m. Aug. 23, 1810, Capt. 

Joseph White; b. in Cavendish, Vt., Nov. 19, 1780; d. 9 March, 
1869; res. Cavendish. Vt. She d. in Cavendish, 15 Aug., 1872, age 
83 years. 

Seventh Generation.] lieutenant thomas. . 123. 

168. V. Rufus', b. in Chelmsford. June 10, 1791; m. Feb. 17. 1819, Sophronia 
Searl, dau. of David Searl of Rowley, Mass.; b. May 4, 1792; d. 20 
Feb., 1860. He settled in Rushford, Alleghany Co., N. Y., in 
1824; d. at Pine GroTe, Mich., 2 Oct., 1871. 

Cliildren of Capt. Timothy' (1757) [76] (John', Timothy*,- 

Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henr>'') and Joanna (Keyes) Adams ;- 

res. Carlisle, Mass. 


109. i. Stephen", b. in Carlisle, Mass.. Feb. 22. 1782; m. Dec. 22, 1805, Patty 

Butterfield; d. 24 May, 1841. He d. in Boston, 28 Sept., 1806; 
kicked by a horse. 

170. ii. Hon. Joel", b. in Carlisle, Nov. 4, 1783; m. Aug. 10, 1808, Catherine 

Mary Gibson; b. July 17, 1786; d. 7 May, 1881. He graduated at 
Harvard, 1805; was attorney in Townsend, Mass.; d. 21 Nov., 1864. 

171. iii. John', b. in Carlisle, Dec. 12, 1785; m. Feb. 22, 1816, Mrs. Sally 

(Simkins) Kendall; d. 24 Nov., 1863. He settled in Norfolk, Va. 

172. iv. Anna-, b. in Carlisle, .Sept. 12, 1787; m. June 28, 1818, Maj. Jonas 

Parker of Carlisle, Mass.; b. July 28, 1782; d. -i June, 1866. She 

d. 24 March, 1872, age 84. 
V. Timothy', b. in Carlisle, June 6, 1789; removed to Wheeling, W. Va., 

and d. there an old man. 
vi. Sally', b. in Carlisle, Nov. 30, 1791 ; d. 5 Aug., 1793. 

173. vii. Betsey', b. in Carlisle. Aug. 23, 1793; m. April 1. 1821, Capt. Thos 

Heald of Carlisle, Mass. ; b. March 2, 1795; d. 20 April. 1873. She 
d. 31 Oct , 1857. 

174. viii. Benjamin', b in Carlisle, May 12, 1795; m. May 21, 1720, Abi Heald; 

d. 20 July, 1864, age 67; settled Carlisle, Mass. He d. in Carlisle, 
7 April, 1843, age 48. 

175. ix. Simon', b. in Carlisle, Nov. 4, 1796; m. July 8, 1829, Maria Parker. 

dan. of Nathan and Polly (Richardson; Parker; b. in Wobum, 
Mass.. July 9. 1801; d. in Concord, Mass., 19 Jan., 1861. He was a 
merchant in Lowell, Mass., member of Mass. Legislature; d. in 
Lowell, 7 Sept., 1847. 

176. X. Sally', b. in Carlisle, Oct. 8, 1798; m. April 30, 1820, John Bennett. 

177. si. Fanny', b. in Carlisle, Nov. 8, 1801; m. April 20, 1828, Nathaniel 

Taylor of Carlisle, Mass. ; b. Nov. 8, 1831; d. 28 Oct, 1865. She d. 
26 Oct., 1865, 

Children of Sarah', (1760) [77] (John', Timothy*, Timothy', 

Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Aaron Chamberlain, Jr. ; res. 

Chelmsford,- Mass. 

i. Ira Chamberlain, b. July 22, 1782; waa m.; d. in Grand Isle, Vt., 10 
Feb., 1874. ii. John A. Chamberlain, b. April 20, 1784; m. 3 
times; d. 15 Dec, 1873; res. Grand Isle, Vt. iiL Sarah Cham- 
berlain, b. Dec. 14, 1786; d. unm., 22 July. 1821. iv. Patty Cham- 
berlain, b. Jan. 13, 1789; m. Sept. 10, 1822, Elias Barron. She d. 

'•2i LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Seventh Generation. 

23 April. 1837. r. Aaron Chamberlain, b. May 2), 1791; -naa m. ; 
d. 21 April, 1868; res. Brasher, St. Lawrence Co., N. T. vi. 
Bhoda Chamberlain, b. July 12. 1793; d. umn.. 24 Sept., 1859. 
vii. Joseph Chamberlain, b. March 5, 1797; m. Martha Putnam, 
who d. 13 Feb., 1873. He d. 14 March, 1865. viii. Mary Cham- 
berlain, b. March 5. 1797; m. Dec. 14, 1337, Elias Barron, who d. 14 
Sept., 1861. She d. 19 Jan., 1867. 

Child of Capt. Samuel " 3d," (1731) [7S] (Capt. Samuel', 
Capt. Joseph*, Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Lj'dia 
(Adams) Adams ; res. Canterbury, Conn. 

i. Lydia', b. in Canterbury, Conn., April 28, 1760. 

Children of Gideon", (1743) [79] (Capt. Samuel', Capt. 
Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Mar}- (Leach) 
Adams; res. Pawlet, Vt. 

i. Judith', b. in Canterbnry, Conn., April 17, 1764. 
ii. Margaret', b. in Canterbury, March 11, 1767 ; m. James Keigwin. 
iii. Mary', b. in Canterbury, April 17, 1769 ; m. John Kirby of Middle- 
bury, Tt. 

Children of Eunice', (1740) [fi^ij] (Capt. Samuel', Capt. Jo- 
seph*, Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Capt. John Stark ; 
res. South Hero, Vt. . 

i. Samuel Stark, b. in Canterbury, Conn., July 19, 1765. ii. Eunice 
Stark, b. in Canterbury, April 9, 1766. iii. Abigail Stark, b. in 
Pawlet, Yt., March 5, 1773. iv. Anna Stark, b. in Pawlet, Feb. 
29, 1775. V. Alice Stark, b. in Pawlet, March 24, 1777. vi. 
Lucy Stark, b. in Pawlet, April 6, 1779. yii. Sybil Stark, b. in 
Grand Isle, Vt., April 29, 1781. viii. Polly Stark, b. in Grand 
Isle. April 30, 1783. ix. Bachel Stark. i. Sally Stark. xi. 
Nancy Stark. xii. Alta Stark. xiii. Catherine Stark. 

Children of Nathan', (lT4-j^) [SI] (Capt. Samuel', Capt. Jo- 
seph', Samuel', Lieut- Thomas', Henr^' ') and Phebe. (Ensworth) 
Adams; res. . Canterbur\-, Conn, . 

i. Mehitable', b. ia Canterbury, Conn.. Jane 16, 1772 ; d. 11 Aug., 1797. 
178.: iu Hon. Rnfufl\ b. in Canterbury, May 0. 1774; m. Nov. 26, 1807, (pub. 
at Springfield. M«M., Not. 22), Joanna. Byera: b. Sept. 14,1781 : 
d. 27 Jan., I860. 

He wa» a graduate ot Yal». 1795, member of the Legislature. 
Judge of! Court. 1820': removed to New York City; d. 21 Dec., 
1840, age- 66. 

Seventh Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 12.'. 

Children of Joseph', (175S) [Si] (Capt. Samuer, Capt. Jo- 
seph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry") and Abiah (Edgerton) 
Adams ; res. Grand Isle, Vt. 

179. i. Sally', b. in Pawlet, Vt., 1789; m. Ephraim Beardsley (2n(i wife); 

she d. 29 June. 1834, age 43. 

180. ii. Hon. Samuel', b. in Pawlet. Dec. 10. 1792; m. Alice McKinstry, dan. 

of Alexander McKinstry of Royalton, Tt. ; b. in Royalton, Aug. 
13. 1797; d. in Grand Isle, Vt., 2'3 Feb., 1882. 

He was taken to Grand Isle in his mother's arms, when 8 months 
old: member of Legrislature, 1827, '31, '34, '38; Senator, 1839 and 
'40 ; a prominent and influential Whig citizen ; d. 11 Jan., 1808. 
iii. Jane', b. in Grand Isle, Vt., about 1793 ; d. nnm., in Borlington, 
while at school. 

181. It. Nathan-, b. in Grand Isle, Vt., April 12, 1794 ; m. 1827, Caroline 

Hildreth; d. 11 April. 1S90. age 87 ; he d. 10 May, 1857, age 63. 
T. Mary Ann', b. in Grand Isle ; d. nnm. 
vi. Hon. Henry', b. in Grand Isle, Oct. 12. 1796 (July, 1795 ?). 

He entered University of Vermont, 1817 ; graduated at Dart- 
month 1821 ; taught at MilledgeTille,Gft., till 1823 ; admitted to the 
bar atSt. Albans, Vt., 1825; d. of consumption at Brattleboro, Vt., 
3 Feb., 1854. age 57. 
J32. vii. Emily", b. in Grand Isle. May 4. 1801; m. Nov. 21, 1830, "Wm. Lewis 
Sowles of Swanton, Vt.; b. May 30, 18C0; d. 28 May. 1879, res. 
Swanton ; she d. 21 May, 187.5. 

183. viii. Dr. William R.', b. in Grand Isle, May 10, 1806 ; m. .A.nn Fox; res. 

Champlain, N. T.; he d. in Champlain, 9 Sept. 1849. 

Children of John', (1743) [S3] (Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', 

Samuer, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Submit (Butts) Adams ; 

res. Canterbury, Conn. 

i. Dolly', b. in Canterbury, Conn., Sept. 29, 1766; m. Wilson; 

she d. near Columbus, O. 

184. ii. William', b. in Canterbury, Dec. .5,1768; m. Dec. 8, 1803, Abigail 

Mallory; b. Nov. 20, 1772; d. 18. Nov., 1853; he settled at Fly 
Creek, Otsego Co., N. T., in 1780; d. 20 March, 1843, age 74. 

iii. Submit', b. in Canterbury, March 6, 1771 ; m. Stephen Palmer; she 
d. at Burlington, Otsego Co., Ky., 15 May, 1813. 

iv. John', b. in Canterbury, June 2, 1774: d. 27 Dec. following. 

185. V. John', b. in Canterbury, Jan. 20, 1770: m. Feb. 2, 1799, Percey 

Cheney; he settled in Fly Creek", N. Y., 1780: d. there 15 April, 

1843, age 67. 
vi. Tryphene", b. in Canterbury. June 21, 1778; m. McNeal ; she 

d. in Fly Creek, N. Y. 
vii. Lydia' ; m. Joseph Cheney, 
viii. Sarsh', b. Feb. 8. 1785; m. 1803, Simeon Clinton; she d. 31 Dec, 


126 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Seventh Generation. 

Children of Joseph*, (1745) [84] (Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Jo- 
seph*, Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry") and Elizabeth (Chap- 
man) Adams; res. Canterbury, Conn. 

i. Elizabeth', b. in Canterbury. Conn., Sept. 18, 1774; m. Squire 
Kingsley ; d. 8 March, 1820 ; she d. Sept., 1829 ; no issue. 

186. ii. Gurdon', b. in Canterbury, June 11, 1770; m. Sept. 27, 1800, Sally 

Safford, dau. of Joseph and Tryphene (Adams) Safford. 

187. iii. Capt. Sylvester', b. in Canterbury, Aug. 29, 1778; m. Feb. 2, 1803, 

Nancy Walden, dau. of Silas Wolden of Scotland. Conn. ; b. March 
17, 1786; d. 27 Aug., 1842, age 56; he d. in Canterbury, Conn., 
5 April, 1856, age 77. 

188. iv. Capt. Ira', b. in Canterbury, April 5, 1781 ; m. April 14, 1817, Elvira 

Wood ; b. 1800 ; d. 11 Dec, 1866, age 66 ; he d. in Canterbury, 7 
Feb., 1866, age 84 years, 10 months. 4 days. 

189. V. Orrin', b. in Canterbury, March 15, 178.3 ; m. about 1810, AmyMeach. 

dau. of Daniel Meach ; d. 26 March, 1847 ; res. Westminster Par- 
ish, Conn. ; he d. 1850. 
vi. ^Chapman', b. in Canterbury, April 6, 1785. He removed to the West, 
and no more learned of him. 

Children of Joseph" (1T45) and Lydia (Chapman) Adams. 

vii. Statira', b. in Canterbury. Feb. 11, 1789; m. Charles Cutler; she d. 
2 Sept., 1869, age 80; no issue. 

190. viii. Perrin'. b. in Canterbury. Dec. 31, 1792; m. March 29, 1824. Susan 

Baldwin, dau. of Rufns and Hannah (Hascalb Baldwin ; d. 20 Feb.. 
1803, age 61 years, 8 months. 

He was a soldier, stationed at Stonington, Conn., in War of 
1812-14 ; d. in South Canterbury, Conn., 5 March, 1883. 

191. ix. Chauncey', b. in Canterbury. Feb. 17, 1795 ; 

m. (1) Jan. 1, 1822, Sarah W. Adams, dau. of John Bradford 
Adams ; b. Nov. 14, 1797: d. 4 March, 1835. 

m. (2) July 6. 1841, Tabitha G. Robinson; she m. 2nd, Aug. 5, 
1852, Lester Amidon of Canterbury, Conn. Tabitha G. Robinson, 
dau. of Samuel and Abigail (Ward) Robinson. Mr. Amidon d. 2 
Dec, 1872; she d. 26 July, 1892- He d 8 Dec, 1850. 
X. Nancy- (twin), b. in Canterbury, Feb. 17, 1795 ; m. Jeremy Young; 
she d. in Westminster Pariah, 23 March, 1851, age 56; no issne. 

192. Ti. Sophia', b. in Canterbury, Nov. 29, 1798 (Dec 6, 1797?) ; m. May 24/ 

1818, Whiting Butts; b. 1785 ;• d. 22 Any., 1848 ;shed. »Nov., 1852: 
2 children ; d. young. ' 
103. xii.Mflabel', b. in Canterbury. Feb. 19, 1799 ; m. Sept. 1, 1822. William T. 
Deming ; killed 28 April; 1823, age ^d; she d. in Hampton, Conn.; 
no issue surviving, 
xiii." Bnnsell', b. in Canterbury, March' 2, 1802; 
m. (li Mary Robinson: disappeared, 
m. (2) Eunice I. Witter*.- d. Sept., 1885, age 62. 
He d. iniCanterbnry, Conn., at a good age; no issue. 

Seventh Generation.] LIEUTENANT THOMAS. 127 

Children of James', (1748) [So] (Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Jo- 
seph*, Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Jerusha (Knight) 
Adams ; res. Canterbur)-, Conn. 

i. Sarah Bradford', b. in Canterbury, Conn., April 2, 1774 : m. Nov. 5, 
1798. Jabez Butts; hhe d. at Pompey, N. Y., 10 May, 1832. 

194. ii. James', Jr., b. in Canterbury, Not. 5. 1775; 

m. (1) Jan. 31, 1798-9, Alice Bradford, dau. of John and Eliza- 
beth iBondi Bradford; b. April 15, 1777: d. 25 April, 1812. 

m. ^2^ 1813, Phillis Pellett. dau. of David Pellett; b. 1780; d. 17 
April. 1837, age 57. 

m. 13) 1840, Delight Carver, dan. of Gideon Carver; b. 1792; d. 
March, 1831. 

He was a cooper; res. Abington Parish, Pomfret, Cons: d. in 
Manchester. Conn., 24 Nov., 1851. 
iii. Mary', b. in Canterbury, March 26, 1778 ; d. at home, nam., 23 May 

iv. Lorenza A.', b. in Canterbury, June 30. 1780 ; m. April 15, 1811, Sam- 
uel Partridge ; she d. in Pompey, N. T., 17 June, 1837. 

195. V. ElishaA.'.b. in Canterbury, June 1, 1782; m. Feb. 16, 1805-0, at 

Coventry, Conn., Clarissa Cook, dau. of Oliver and Mary (Harris) 
Cook ; d. in Benson, Tt., 1 March, 1646. 

He settled in Landoff, N. H.; removed to Orwell, Tt, 1820; d. 
in Benson, Vt., 17 Oct. or 12 Nov., 1863. 
vi. Luther', b. in Canterbury, Feb. 10. 1784 ; d. 17 July, 1820. 
vii. Lucy (twin), b. in Canterbury, Feb. 16. 1784 ; d. 25 Dec, 1784 
viii. Jeduthan A.', b. in Canterbury, Aug. 13, 1786 ; d. on homestead, 
unm., 23 Nov., 1845. 

196. ix. Joshua Knight', b. in Canterbury, Jan. 1, 179! ; 

m. (1) Nov. 7, 1814, Peddy Wilmarth Tiffany of Harford, Pa. ; b. 
Aug. 27, 1796; d. 6 Nov., 1830. 

m. (2) Jan. 1, 1831, at Harford, Pa., Minerva Follett; b. May 13, 
1806; d. 10 May, 1899. He settled in Harford, Susqne. Co., Pa., 
1812; -was sheriff of the county; d. 7 Feb., 1876. 

Children of John Bradford', (1750) [S6] (Lieut. Joseph', Capt. 
Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Sarah (Daven- 
port) Adams; res. Canterburj', Conn. 

197. L Abigail', b. in Canterbury, Conn., March 20, 1781; m. Nov., 1815, 

Benben Herrick of Canterbury; d. 6 Dec, 1843. Shed. 16 Jan., 
ii. Ruby', b. in Canterbury, Oct 3, 1782 ; d. 13 Sept, 1798. 
iii. Lucy', b. in Canterbury, Dec 9, 1784; d. num., 5 Oct, 1859, age 74 
years, 10 months, 10 days. 
108. iv. Joseph Bradford', b. in Canterbury, Feb. 22, 1787; m. Jan. 1, 1811, 
Lucretia Heath; d. in Southbridge, Mass. He d. in Sonthbridge, 
Mass., 11 Feb., 1835. 

IL'S LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Seventh Generation. 

199. V. Mehitable', b. in Canterbury, Julj- T, 1789; m. 1810 or 12, Orea 

Palmer, son of ThnddeuB and Esther (Cleveland) Palmer; d. 19 
Aug., 1855. She d. 2 Dec, 1872. 

200. vi. Paul DaTenrort', b. in Canterbury, June 19, 1791; m. Nov., 1821, 

Mary Lewis; d. Oct., 1657. He d. in Canterbury, Conn., 8 Nov., 
vii. Samuel", b. in Canterbury, May 31, 1793; removed to Ohio; had 6 
children; d. Sept., 1834. 

viii. Septimus', b. in Canterburj-, Nov. 7, 1795; d. 21 Feb., 1796. 
ix. Sarah W.', b. in Canterbury, Nov. 14. 1797; m. Jan. 1, 1822, Channeey 
Adams, son of Joseph and Lydia (Chapman) Adams. She d. 4 March, 

Children of Jesse', (1757) [>7] (Lieut. Joseph", Capt. Joseph', 
Samuer, Lieut. Thomas', Henr}-') and Zerviah (Cady) Adams ; 
res. Lebanon, Conn., and Pawiet, Vt. 

1. Abijah', b. in Lebanon, Conn., Oct. 3, 1781; d. unm. ; killed at Port- 
age, N. Y., July, 1832. 
ii. Olney-, (or Lucy?) b. in Lebanon, Jan. 8, 1733; d. 14 Julv, 1783. 

201. iii. Festus', b. in Lebanon, May 31, 1784; ni. Oct. 12, 1813, in Benson, 

Tt., JuJia Parsons, dau. of Picuben andLncinda(Pomeroy) Parsons^ 
b. Feb. 23, 179G; d. Oct., 1847. He settled in Brighton, Monroe 
Co., N. Y., and was drowned about 1345. 

202. iv. Prosper-, b. in Lebanon, Nov. 27, 1785; m. Sept. 3, 1811, Polly Rob- 

inson, dau. of Capt. Ephraim Robinson of Pawiet, Vt. ; b. June 15, 
1793; d. G Nov., 1373. He removed to Portage, N. Y., and d. there 
4 April, 1839. 
V. Sarah', b. in Pawiet, Vt., Sept. 13, 1787. 
vi. Lucy', (twin) b. in Pawiet, Sept. 13, 1787. 

m. (1) Dana, and had a dau. Laura. 

m. (2) John Patterson of Portage, by whom she had four sons. 
She d. in Portage, N. Y., about 1851. 
vii. Sybil', b. in Pawiet, 1789; m. David Clark, by whom she had a son, 
Aaron Clark; res. 'Westport, N. Y. 

203. viii. Jesse', Jr., b. in Pawiet; m. Mabel Spencer, and settled in Gaines- 

ville, Wyoming Co., N. Y. 

204. ix. Zerviah", b. in Pawiet, Oct 16, 1790; m. Feb. 24, 1820, Elisha Smith, 

who Tvas b. in Preston, Conn., May 12, 1784, and d. 5 March, 1861; 
res. Portage, N. Y.; d. 10 Aug., 1830. 

Children of Roswell', (1753) [SS] (Elihu' Capt. Joseph', 

Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry*) and Eunice (Davenport) 

Adams; res. Canterbury-, Conn., and E. Ro.xbur}-, Vt. 

20.5. i. Anson', b. in Canterbury, Conn., April 20, 1788; m. Dec. 5, 1811, 
Sukey Gold, dau. of Joseph and Patience (Goodnuff) Gold; d. in 
Northfield, Vt., 14 Jan., 1877. age 86. He settled in E. Rosbury, 

Seventh Generation.] lieutexant tiiomas. 129 

Vt., in 1803; removed to NortlifielJ, Vt., inlSlC; was Representn- 
tive in Genernl ABsembly in 1S3C; il. in Northfield. 17 Jan., 18C4, 
age 70. 

•20n ii. Lyuiliv', b. in Canterbury, Oct. 22, 178!*: m. Nov. 14. 1814, Lncy 
Nnson; b. Sept. 1. 1702; d. 7 June. 1800. He removed from Brook, 
field, Vt., to Stowe, in 183G, and d. in Stowe, 12 Feb., 1802. 

iii. Hnrvey', b. in Conterbury. Nov. 7, 1791; d. nt Bro"lcfield, Vt., unm., 

11 April, 1842. 

207. iv. Anni.s'. b. Canterbiirj-, Oct. 3, 1704; m. .-Viiq:. I. 1*1:'. I-.Tiuli Shn^v, Jr., 

of 'Woodstock; b. in Bridc^ewater, Vt.. ^Mny 11, 1701; d. in Nortb- 
field, Vt., 22 Sept., IS^U. She d. at Nortblipld. Vt., 20 May. 1833. 

V. Harriet', b. in Canterbury, Nov. 20, 1800; d. in Brooklield, Vt.. num., 

12 June, 1840. 

208. vi. Orilla'. b. in E. Roxbnry, Vt., Oct. 21. 1801; m. 182". Abol F. Traeey. 

d. in Northfield, Vt., Jan. 18GG. She d. in Nor^valk, Conn., C Aug., 

200. vii. Jaliez', b. in E. Roxbnry, April 1.?. 1807; m. April 22, 1841, Mary M. 
Tilden, dau. of Leonard and Phebe Tildeu; b. in Williamstown. 
Vt., Nov. 5, 1818; d. 30 Sept.. 1882. He d. at Northfield, Vt., 26 
July, 1880. 

Children of Daniel", (1754) [s(»] (Elihu', Capt. Joseph', 
Samuel". Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Alice (Ensworth) Adams; 
res. Preston, Conn. 

210. i. Capt. Elihu', b. in Preston, Conn., May 20, 17S4: 

m. (1) Sept. 14. 1800, Lncy Chapmau; b. May 7, 17S8; d. 27 Aug., 
m. (2) June 1, 1828, Caroline Davenport, dan. of Paul Davenport; 
d. 11 March, 18C0, in her 70th year. He was lost from his vessel 
ofiTtho coast of Japan, Sept. 10, 1829. 

an. ii. Gay Fitch', b. in Preston, July 13, 1780; 

m. (1) Jnly 7, 1811, Temperance Morgan, dan. of Capt. Israel 
Morgan; b. April 27, 1783; d. 29 Nov., 1813, ago .30. 

m. (2) Aug. 6, 1820, Snaanna Davenport, dan. of Paul and Susanna 
(Adams) Davenport. He settled in Ledyard, Conn.; d. at sea, 8 
Aug., 1832. 

iii. Sophronia', b. in Preston, March 7, 1700; m. Lewis Warren. Shed, 
at Sturgeon Bay, Wis., at the res. of hor sou, Albert G. Warren, 10 
Dec, 1881. 

iv. Alice', b. in Preston, Jan. C, 1790; d. in Preston, num., March, 

130 " I.IKITF.NANT riiiiMA>. [Seventh Generation. 

Children of Siisann.Y. (ITr.O) pm] (Elihu', Capt. Joseph', 

SamueF, Lieut. Thomas-', Henry' i and Pa'.il Davenport; res. 

Canterbury, Conn. 

i. Delius Davenport, 1>. An?. 24. 1702; d. IT :\rarch. 170.3. ii. Caro- 
line Davenport, 1). Dec. CO, 17;i'.); ni. Juue 1. 1828, Capt. Elihu 
Adnms. Sbe <1. 11 Jlarcli. 17C0; no issue. iii. Susanna Daven- 
port, b. June 20. 17!)4; m. .\ujr. rt, 1820, Cm j- F. .idama of Po<ine- 
tonnuck, Coun. 

Children of Joseph'. (17(m) [Dl] (Elihu', Capt. Joseph', 
Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henn,-') and iLary (Brown) Adams; res. 
Canterbury, Conn. 

i. Calista', b. in Cnuterlmry, Couu.. Sept. 10, 1700; il. 14 Marcb, 1810. 
ii. Sabrina'. b. in Cautorl.ury, Nov. 2'>, 17'.17; m. March 25, ISTO, Hub- 
bard Adams, sou of Ernstus and Polly (Brown) .\danis, (2nd Avife). 
She d. in Canterbury, t'ouu., !» March, 18Sl1. 
iii. Arethnsa', b. in Canterbury, June '.). 17011; d. 2 Oct., 1826. 
212. iv. Albert M.', b. in Canterbury, Marcb 3i), 1801; 

m. (1) Auff. 10.1828, .Vlmira X. Pendleton, dan. of Christopher 
Pendleton; d. 20 Marcb. 1840. 

m. (2) Jan. i), 18-12, Sarnb .Vnn Tlifiinpsou; d. in Canterbury, 30 
Jan., 1884. He d. in New London. Coun., 11 An?., 1891. 
V. Eveline-, b. in Canterbury, Feb. 12, 18ii;l; m. James SafTord; res. 
Plymouth, Mich. 

Children of ^Lnrtha\ (ITiUi) [ic'] (C.npt. Thomas', Capt. 
Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Daniel Kings- 
bury; res. Canterbury, Conn. 

i. Thonins Kingsbury, b. in C'lnu., 1770; d. l"* Oct., 1845, age GO. ii. 
Eela KinjTRbury, b. iu Vt., 1782; d. 11 March, 1822, age 40. iii. 
Nathaniel Kiu-sbury, b. in Vt., 1780; ni. 1847, .\ptha Woodbury. 
He d. 1 Fell., 18t;4, acre 78. iv. Dimiel Kinc.slmry, b. in A't. , 
Dec. ?,. 1792 ; m. June, 1827, Lorinda.Smalley. Hed. 10 Oct. 1850, 
age 58. 

Children of Maj. Reuben", (iTtUi ['Xi] (Capt. Thomas', Capt. 
Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Hear)-') and Abigail (Lovett) 
Adams; res. Brookfield, Vt. 

i. SnsaDQa', b. in Canterbnry, Conn., .\ng-. 10, 1784; d. in Brookfield. 

Vt.; nnm., 11 Oct., 1304. nge 80. 
ii. Samnel', b. iu Cauterhurj-, .Ian. 28, 1780; d. a Nov., ITO.!, age S) 
•ilJ. iii. Tliomas . b. iu Brookfield, Vt.. Aus. 10. 17sm; m. May 22, 1814, Maty 
Warner: b. iu Randolph, Vt., S:<'pt. 14, 178'; d. in Brookfield. Vt., 
22 Feb.. 1892. Ue d. iu Brookfield. Vt.. 20 Sept.. 1843. 

Seventh Generation.] LIEUTENANT thomas. 131 

iv. ,Tohu', b. in Brookfield, July 29. 1700; removed to Wisconsin ami J. 

y. roily", b. in Brookfield, Jan. 1. 1792; i1. 25 Oct., 179.".. 

vi. Xnbhy", b. in BrookfieKl, JnnelO, 1794; tl. 3 Mnicb. 1820. 

•Jit. vii. S.imnel Loyett", b. in Brookfield, Oct. 11, 17%; m. July 3, lS<2b<, 
Hniriet Coblei^h; b. Feb. 27, 1805; d. 1849. He settled in North- 
field, Vt. ; d. in Revere, Mass., Dec, 1S77. 

viii. Nnncy", b. in Brookfield. March 18, 1799; ni. Sept. 14, 1810, John 
West; one child, Asahel West of Morrisville. Vt. 

is. Emily-, b. in Brookfield, July 29, 1802; d. 19 Sept., 1823, age 21. 

X. Beubcn', b. in Brookfield, Oct. 11, 1804; m. July 2G, 183.'5, Elvira 
Downs; only child, Mrs. Jennie Edgerton of Lyndon, Vt. He d. 
17 Sept., \8r,0 ; buried in Brookfield, Vt. 

xi. Lutlier, b. in Brookfield, Aug. 3, 1807; drove atasie at Morrisville, 
Vt. ; d. in Morrisville, unm., 4 May, 1881, age 73. 

Children of Erastus', (1707) [04] (Capt. Thomas^ Capt. 
Joseph', Samiter, Lieut. Thomas', Hcnr^-') and Polly (Brown) 
Adams; res. C.anterbur)- and Pomfret, Conn. 

i. Sarah", b. in Canterbury, Conn., Feb. 14, 1701; d. 2.'5 Sept., 1819. 

215. ii. Hubbard', b. in Canterbury, May 10, 1793; 

m. (1) May 10, 1821, Mary Stores; b. Oct. 29, 1794; d. 4 Aug.. 1828, 
age 33. 

m. (2) March 2i"i, 1830, Sabrina Adams, dau. of Joseph and Mary 
(Brown) Adams; d. 9 March, 1880, age 83; res. on the homestead in 
Canterbury occupied by hie ancestors for five generations. He d. 
10 Sept., 1857, age 04. 

iii. Russell", b. in Canterbury, Oct. 23, 1795 : d. 11 Jan., 1847. 

iv. Susan Martha, called also Polly Susanna", b. in Pomfret, Conn., May 
28, 1805; d. 20 Jan., 1827, age 22. 

Children of Susanna", (1742) [95] (Ahaziah% Henr>-', SamueP, 
Lieut. Henry', Henry') and Dr. Timothy Adams; re.s. South 
Canter I)ury, Conn. 

i. Asah Adams, b. in Canterbury, Conn.. Oct. 7, 1704. (Pomfret record 
says "Asahel"). ii. Alden Adams, b. Sept. 9, 17GG; m. Jan. 18, 
178-. Mary Wilcox. iii. Isaac Ad.ims. b. Dec. 12, 1769. iv. 
Cyrus Adams, b. Jan. 21, 1772; d. young. v. Rebecca Adams, b_ 
June 20, 1774. vi. Susanna Adams, li. Nov. 3. 1770; m. Oct. 6, 
1801, Peleg Lewis. vii. Timothy Adams, Jr.. b. May 1, 1779. m. 
Patty , who d. 27 Jan., 1804. 

132 MEUTEXANT THOMAS. [Seventh Generation. 

Children of Thomas\ (174:.) [!>('.] (^Ahaziah . Henry', SamueP, 
Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Mary 'JIubbnrdi Adams; res. 
Canterbury, Conn. 

i. Sybil', b. in Cftuterbnrj-, Conn.. Jiioe 11, 170'.'. 
ii. Deborah', b. in Cautorbnrj-, i"eb. 10, ITTi. 

Children of Chloe", (174!i) ['.'7] (Charles. Thomas'. SamueT, 

Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Col. Daniel Taylor; res. New 

Marlboro, ALass. 

i. Lucretia Tnj-lor, b. Sept. 11, 17SS; il. -i) Feb.. Ij;73. ii. As.ibel 
Taylor, b. Jnu. 11, 1700; d. 4 March, is.-,l. iii. Ecnnjnh Taylor, 
b. Jan. 11, 1792. 

Children of Davenport," (17.")1) [v^-l (Charles', Thomas', 
Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Eli;;abclh (Taney) Adams; 
res. New Marlboro, Mass. 

210. i. SabrinaS b. in New Marlboro, Mass., .Tau. 22, 177"; ni. Feb. 21, 179i>> 

Seth Bngs; 1>. in Berlin, Conn., Mii}- 14. 1772; tl. iu New Marlboro, 
15 Feb.. 18n0. She d. iu New Miirlbor<i. 1 April. iy;J4. 
317. ii. Charles', b. in New Marlboro, Ort. 27, 17ri".; m. .Tnti. lit, 1SI2. Eliza- 
beth Dodge, dau. of .Tohu Dodire. Esi]. ; d. 20 June. lt?40. lie was 
a farmer; d. in New Marlboro, I'.i ;Mny. is.74. 
218. iii. Dr. David", b. in New Marlboro. .Vnpr. 21. irrs; m. Oct., ISOO. Sally 
Finch, of Andover, N. Y. She d. 'J Feb.. \^'i\. He d. iu New 
Marlboro, la June, 1>*42. 
iv. Statiru', b. in New Marlboro. .Tan. ;;i. 17.'<'»; 
m. (1) Constance Southwortli. 

m. (2) .Tohu Holmes, who d. in Sal;.';bnry, Conn., 21 Nov., Ittfil. 
She d. in Salisljury, 7 May, 1^")". .She h:ul a son. Con.Mtance South- 
worth, who was six months ohl nt the time of his father's death. 
She resided with her fiitlier for ten yeiirs. then m. Mr. Holmes, 
who had a son and five dmiphtprs. 
V. Daphne', b. in New Marlboro, Oct. Ifi, 17':'1; d. num., 9 March, 1S14. 
vi. Catlieriue'. b. in New Marlboro, Dec. 2.j. 17^3; m. Uriah Morwin of 
Goshen, Conn. She d. 10 Oct., \>*i'>x. leaving two sous, Erwin and 
Julius Merwin of Goshen, Conn, 
vii. Rnby', b. in New Marlboro. May 31, X~i'>; m. Feb., 1S21. Daniel Lee 
of Cooperetown. N. Y. She d. 2r, Sept.. 1><24. 
21}». viii. Dan', b. iu New Marlboro, Feb. 0. 17S>!; 

m. (1) Sept. 12, 1820. Anna A. Covnrt; d. 2ri March. 1830. 
m. (2) April 12. 1843, Liicj- Ann Gran:;er. dan. of Thaddeufi 
Grnuger; b. Ai>ril 14, ISOS; d. 2i> July. ixf..",. He d. in New Marl- 
boro, 27 April, ISDX. 
ix. Bet.sey- b. iu New Marlboro. J;\u. 17. I7:i'J: d. 2U May (or Au-r. ?i, lf<00. 

Seventh (leneration.] i.iiiUTENANT Thomas. 133 

X. Plielif", Ij. iu New Murboro, June 10, 1791; m. Levi Holmes of 
AVutorloo, N. Y. She d. IDSept., 1984. 

xi. Lyiliii, 1> iu New Miirlljoro, July 20, 1794; m. Benjamin Bullard; res. 
Sautlibfic-IJ. Mi\ss. ; d. 10 April, 18C7. 

xii. Eliznlietli', biith date not given; " duu. of Davenport ondElizabeth;" 
d. '^0 Aus.. 1800. 

Children of Lieut. Thomas". (175')) ['.»'.»] (Eliphalet', Thomas', 
Saunter', Lieut. Thomas', Henry'j and ^Lary (Abbot) Adams; res. 
Brookfiekl. Vt. 

220. i. Deii. Eliph d..-t . b. in Canterbury, Conn., March 4, 1782; m. April 3. 

I'^Oi, Lnoiiulii AVulbrid-e. He settled in Cabot, Vt.. in 1808; was 
early cbuseu deacon of the Congregational Church; d. in Cabot. 
2'J Jan., l'^2(i. 

221 ii. Chark-s ', h. in Canterbury, Oct. 15, 1785; m. Milla Edgerton. He 
settled iu Raudoli-h, Vt.; d. 20 JftU., 1839. 

222. iii. Kufus', h. iu Hamiitun, Conn., Feb. 17, 1788; 

m. (II March 2:5, 1815. Nancy Morgan; d. 1 May, 1839. 
m. i2' Nov. 17, 1^40, Lydiu Bigelow. He removed from Ran- 
doliih to Brooklield. Vt., in ISitoi; plough manufacturer; popular 
and prosporouB; d. 24 June, 1859. 

22J. iv. C;>iit. John .\iidrews', b. iu Hampton, Nov. 15. 1790; m. March 2.5, 
IMa, Lois Liiird of Cabot, Vt. ; res. Cabot, Vt. He d. 180ct., 18G3. 

134-  I.IELTENANT THOMAS. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Ezra\ (1773) [l«n] (Sergt. Levi' Jr.. Levi , 

David*, Jonathan", Lieut Thomas', Henry') and Eunice ( ) 

Adams; res. Milford, (')tsego Co., N. Y. 

i. Clarissa-, b. in Milford, X. Y , July 3, 1708; il. -1 Fflj.. 1S»J. 
224. ii. Saviiiia-, I), in Milford. Sept. 28, 1800; m. Nov. 29, 1S2.-,, John Ayls- 
wortb; b. Nov. 2'J, ISOO; d. 9 Oct., tSTO. She d. in Milford, N. Y., 7 
Nov., ISGO. 

iii. A dau. , b. and d. April 20, 1803. 

iv. Dr. Spencer', b. in Milford, May 20, 1804. 

Dr. Spencer removed to Ohio with bia brother. Dr. Ezra E.. as 
early as 18u9. 'We Lear of his bciu^ in Ripley. JucIckou Co.. West 
Va. , in 184'J, where he had GOO acres of land and where he must 
have been at the breakin;: out of the war of the rebellion in IsCil, 
although he is rei>orted as at Letart Falls, Meigs Co., O., in Oct., 
1800. He was a staunch champion of the Union ca.iae. and had to 
defend himself in several conflicts. We hear of four children, viz.: 
Schuyler, b. about 1840; Egbert, b. about 1840; Eunice, whi> d. in 
18.0, and George. Diligent inquiry has failed tp ebcit further in- 
V. Dr. Ezra E.\ b. in Milford, Nov. 1, 1800; m. Nov. 8, 1829, Cuphuruica 
Barton; b. July 27, 1810. 

Dr. Ezra E. removed to Ohio at the some time as Li.s l)rotber 
Spencer. He is said to have been at Irouton, Lawrence Co , O., in 
]8o7, andin 1SG2, and to have had a son named Russell. Several 
inquiries have been sent to Ironton, but no intelligence of him or 
his family could be found. * 

vi. Vienna-, b. in Milford. April 4, 1810; m. Feb. 11. 18-27. Chns. Crippen; 
removed 18.')7 to Orwell. Ashtabula Co., O. 

vii. A sou. b. and d. Aug. G, 18 i 2. 

viii. Louisa", b. in Milford, Oct. 13,1813; m. S. B. Peck; d. in Betbt-l. 
Conn., April. 1857. 

ix. Hairief, b. in Milford, Ang. 22, 1817; 

m. (1) Lyon; m. (2) . Judd.  

Children; of Polly', (1779) [101] (Sergt. Levi', Jr., Le\-i\ 
David*, Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry'), and Col. Joseph 
Mumford; res, W. Oneonta, N. Y. 

L Jesae Mumford, b. May 8, ITOrt; m. Nancy McDoniel; living 189»J. 
He d. 31 Oct , 1887. ii. Robinson Mmnford, b. Oct. 1, 1801; m.. 
Ann Coon; living 1890. He d. March, 1888. , iii. Sa\-ina Mum- 
ford, b. July 24, 1805; m. Lyman Scott of Milfonl, N.Y. She d. 
llNov.,18n. iv. Orville Mumford, b. Nov. 30, 1807r m. .Aug. 

Eighth (leneration.J i.ilutenant^. 135 

ill, 18^0, Jerusha L. EJson; h. June 11, 18U'J; d. JO July, 1889. He 
d. 28 Auff., 18S-2. V. Deville Mumford, b. June 4, 1810; m. Abi- 
goil Ht-rriu". He d. 3."i Feb., 1870. vi. Sabriuu Mumford, b. 
Dec. 1, 1812; m. Murch, 184U. Andrew Cunningham; d. 1884. She 
d. 2 Jul}-, 1883. vii. Orris Mumford, b. July 17, 1814; m. 

Lavira Smith. viii. Lavina Mumford. b. Dec. 10, 1817; m. 
Henry L. Edson. She d. 3 June, 1895. ix. Delora A. Mumford, 
b. June 30, 1820; m. Feb. 11, 1844, Mary M. Moak. 

Children of Oren'. (17>.'i [102] (Sergt. Levi', Jr., Levi', 
David'. Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas", Henry') and Fanny (Lee") 
Adams; res. Milford, Otsego Co., X. Y. 

22J. i. Hurry Arvillii-, b. in Milford. X. Y., Jan. 7, 180G; m. 1829 at Oneonta, 

X. Y., Caroline McDonald; b. Jan. 2, 1809. He settled in Windsor, 
Ashtabula Co., O., in 1834, and d. 10 Sept., 1895. 

220. ii. Alexander Hamilton", b. in Milford, April 23, 1808; m. Adelia Crocker 
of Oneontn, X. Y. , and Lockport, Pa. She d. at Adrian, Mich., 7 
June, 1875. 

He was a master mechanic and builder; removed in 1845 to Mo- 
bile, Ala., and subsecjueutl}- settled in Abbeville, Ln.. where he was 
shot by his partner (one McDermont) in 1850, iis he was about to 
return to the Xorth. His widow removed with her brother and 3 
chililren to Lockport. (now Platea). Erie Co., Pa. 

227. iii. Vienna P.", b. in Milford, July 20, 1810; m. Feb. 18. 1830, Hiintington 

Parish, who was b. in Worthington, Mass., June 21, 1808, and re- 
moved with his parents to Oneonta, N. Y., in 1810. He waa living 
ISUC. She d. in Oneonta. N. Y., 18 March, 1878. 

228. jv. Oren Lee\ b. in Milford. March 19. 1819; m. Xov. 19, 1844, Clarissa 

Smith of Wilton. Conn. He was a hatter by trade; settled in 
Redding, Conn., in 1835; removed to So. Xorwalk, Conu., in 1860, 
and d. 20 Dec, 1894. 
v. Roanna", b. in Milford; d. at 3 years of age. 

Children of Hannah', (17>7) [l'».3J (Sergt. Levi", Jr., Levi', 

David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Henry Dean; 

res. Xorth East, Pa. 

i. Margaret Dean, b. Xov. 22, 1823; m. June 8, 1843, Richard Par- 
tridge. She living 1897, Grass township, Spencer P. 0., Chria- 
ney. Ind. ii. Amelia Dean, b. 1827; m. March 25, 1852, Paul 
Jones; 4 children. She d. 19 Dec, 1892; res. Chrisney, Ind. 

Child of Levi\ (17s!i-'.»ii) [lu-t] (Sergt. Levi", Jr., Levi', 
David', Jonathan \ Lieut. Thoma.s', Henry') and Eliza (Hall) 
Adams, Ripley. X. Y. 
i. Harry". 

13(> i.iiiUTKNANT THfi.MAs. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of John', (17ti4) [](•:.] (Ser^t. Levi". Jr., Levi% 
David', Jonathan-. Lieut. Thomas'. Henry') and Sally (Lane) 
Adams; res. Ripley, X. Y. 

229. i. MaryM.-, b. in Ripley, N. Y., Nov. 19, 1803; m. Oct. 20, 1839, 

Georire Couley of Ripley, N. Y. She d. iu Kausua. 
ii. Monell D.-, b. iu Ripley, Oct. 1,1840; m. Sept. 17, 1801, Loretta 
Wiuters of Ripley. He d. w-ithout issue, 30 Oct., 1804. 

Child of John', (1T!»4) and Sarah (Stone) Adams. 

iii. Alniou L.-, b. iuRipU-j-, Feb. 27. 1848; m. Sept. 23, 1809, Auna L. 
Hulctt cf Ripley; res. Ripley. N. Y. ; no issue. 

Children of Henry\ (ITiMJ) [lor,] (Sergt. Levi'. Jr., Levi', 

David'. Jonathan . Lieut. Thomas', Henry'; and (Pride) 

Adams; res. Ripley. X. Y. 

i. H. Delus-. b. in Ripley. N. Y., Feb. 20, 1828; d. umu., 21 March, 

230. ii. S. Delevun-, b. in Ripley, Miiy 24, 1831; m. May 23. 1808, Laura D. 

Strong:; res. Sherman, N. Y. 

231. iii. Sophia', b. in Ripley. June 1, 1834; ni. April 27, 1805, Frank S. 

Nichols. Shed. 13 Jan., 1880. 

232. iv. Julia A.-, b. in Ripley, April 19. 1838; m. Oct. 21. 13C2, John A. Ten- 

Ddut; res. Ripley. N. Y. 

233. V. DuMue W.", b. iu Ripley. Jan. 14, 1842; m. Feb. 27, 1872, Mary E. 

AVells of Westfield. N. Y. ; dau. of James and Lnura (Burchard) 
■Wells; b. March 10, 1847; res. Sherman, Chautauciua Co. , N. Y. 
vi. Dcloras', b. in Ripley, July 4, 1845; d. 17 Nov., 1845. 

234. vii. Delbert D.". b. iu Ripley. June 19. 1848; m. Dec. 31, 1873, Fanny O. 

Tierce; b. iu Livouia, N. Y., Sept. 24, 1853; settled in Livouia. 
Liviii-btuu Co., N. Y., Jan., 1894. 

Children of Dyer', (17^1) [107] (Capt. David', Levi', David', 
Jonathan", Lieut. Thomas', Henry'.) and Nancy (Culley) Adams; 
res. Westford, N. Y., and Ouincy, 111. 

235.- i. Sylvester, b. in Westford, N. Y., Dec. 15, 1807; m. May 6, 1832. 
Susan Pheliw of Canajoharie,^ ^f . Y. ; b. in Canajoharie, June; 30, 
1811; d. 24 Jan., 1879, age 68. He settled in Pinckneyville, 111., ia 
1840; removed thence 1843 to Du-Qnoin, Perry Co., 111. ; d. 23 Jan., 
ii. Sa\-inia-, b. in. Westford, March. 10;i810; m. Sept 22, 1830, Anderson? 
P. Corder. She d. in UkiahCity, CoL 

236. iiL Ezra M.-, b. in Westford, Feb. 24. 1810; m. Jan. 28,1831, Electa 
Ismoud. He tL at Jacksonville, Morgan Ct ., 111., 17 Feb., 1879. 

Eighth Cieneration.] lieutenant tmoma>. 137 

iv. Mary Jane', b. in Weatford, Aug. 12, 1814; d. 22 An?., ISJt). 
237. V. Salima', b. in Westfonl, Sept. 2"), 181G; m. Auj:. 1, ISJT, Sumnel 
Turner Jones; b. in Kentucky, Dee. 12, Iyl2; d. in llockwood. 111., ao 
Jan., 1377. She d. in Delphos, Ottawa Co., Kan. 
vj. David-, Jr., b. in Westford, June 28, 1819; d. Julj-, 1830. 
vii. John", b. in Westford, Aug. 30, 1821; d. 23 Jan., 1821. 
viii. John W.-, b. in Westford, Au?. 15, 1828; m. Dec. 5, 1800, Juliu A. 
Goldsborough. He d. 11 April, 1854. 
ix. Ileury Whiting', b. in Westford, Oct. 25, 1832; d. 21 Sept., 1857. 

Children of Asenath', (ITf^s) [los] (Capt. David'. Levi. 
David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas-', Henry') and Benjamin Bivins; 
res. Westford. Ot.sesro Co., N. Y. 

i. Lorella Adams Bivins, b. March 8, 1800; d. Sept.. 1870. ii. 
Lyman Biviiis. b. Jan. 17, 1808. iii. David Bivins. b. Nov. 12, 
1810; d. 10 March, 1813. iv. Ebeuezer Bivius, b. Dec. 2."i, ISU. 
V. MeUina Bivins, b. May 8, 1818; d. 14 Sept, 1818. vi. Marion 
Bivins, b. Dec. 18, 1824; d. 10 March, 1841. 

Children of Mary\ (1703) [l(i!i] (Capt. David", Levi', David'. 
Jonathan , Lieut. Thomas'. Henry') and Garrett Ro.scboom ; res. 
Westford. Ot.sego Co., X. Y. 

i. Robert Roseboom. b. Feb. 10, 1817; m. Dec. 19. 1844, Hannah Groff. 
He d. GOct. 187.x ii. Garrett Roseboom, Jr.. b. Aug. 10, 182ii; 
m. Aug. 29, 1847. Emma Skinner. He d. 20 Sept.. 1804. iii. 
Emily M. Roseboom, b. April 8. 18?4; m. Sept. 11, 1849, Miles C. 
Comstock. She d. 15 Jan., 1872. 

Children of Dr. Frederick Whiting', (KsV.) [lln] (John', 
Levi', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thoma.s', Henry') and Rachel 
(Harmon) Adams; res. Barton, Vt. • 

i. Laura Hormon', b. in Barton, Vt. ; d. in June, 181C. 
228. ii. Eliza S.% b. in Barton, March 11, 1811; m. Amos C. Robinson of 
Barton, Vt. He d. 10 March, 1870. She d. 22 March, 1S7G, age Go. 
239. iii. Mary P. «, b. in Barton; m. Timothy C. Cobb of Borton, Vt. Shed. 
20 Jan., 1801. 

Child of Benjamin Chapman', (1701) [111] (A.sahel", Levi'. 
Daniel'. Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henr}-') and Amy Rosetta 
(Seaman) Adams; res. Attica and Batavia, N. Y. 

. i. Esther-, b. in .Utica, Genesee Co., N. Y., Oct. 2-i, 1814; d. 2'! .\ug.. 


'[o< l.lliU ILNAN r iii(^.MA>. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Benjamin Chapman', (1701) and Laura (Smith) 

240. ii. Julio Auir. 1>. iu Attica, K. Y.. Oct, M, 181T; m. April Vo, 18oG, Louib 

C. Hyde; res. Bt-luit, Wis. 

241. iii. William Perkins , b. iu Bntuvia, N. Y., Oct. 22, 1820; 

nj. (1) Oct. 10, 1S4'.1, Husau E. Doolittle ; d. 21 April, 1877; 
m. (2) Juue 21, 1878, Eilna B. Porter; d. 12 Sept., 188G. 
m. (3) Oct. 7. 1801. Ellen H. Buckley. He settled in Beloit, Wis.. 
Oct., 184S. 
iv. Georfre Beujiimiu , li. iu Batavia, Jan. 17, 1823 ; d 18 Sept., 1824. 
V. George Smith', ).. iu Darieu, N. Y., April 17, 1825; d. 10 Feb., 1820. 

242. \i. JuLu Henry", h. iu Darieu, June 24. 1827; m. Sept. 18. 1830, ElutUeria 

H. Blodirett of Jellersjuu. Wis. ; 072 Xatioual Ave., Milwaukee. He 
was a Laruess- maker; settled in Milwaukee. Wis., Oct.. 1881; d. 
18 Aus.. 180i. 
rii. Laura Eliza", b. in Darien. May 10, 1831; d 10 Sept., 1831. 

Child of Benjamin Chapman'. (ITi'l) and Alma Dodge 
(Forsythe) Adams. 

viii. Mary Eliza", b. in Darien. N. Y., Oct. 27. 1834; m. Nov. V, IS-'iS. John 

D. Foster, deceased; res. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Children of James HarA"ey\ (17!»3) [112] (Asahel", Levi', 
David', Jonathan", Lient. Thomas', Henry') and Rosanna (House) 
Adams; res. Buffalo, X. Y. 

Frederick Hou.He". b. iu Buffalo, X. Y.. Oct. 8, 132.5; d. Nov. 1827. 
Esther Eliz.a", b. iu Buffalo, Au?. 30, 1828; in. April 28, 1853, Ezra S. 

Curr; res. since 188!, Lake Mills, Jefferson Co., Wis. 
Clarissa", b. in Biiffulo. Jan. 31, 1830; m. Oct. 13, 1802, Cyrus A. Teel; 

he d. C March, lS8(i; res. Buffalo, N. Y. 
Bonjamin Chapman", b. in Buffalo. Sept. 8. 1833; m. Dec. 22, 1859, 

Jane Green; res. Silver Cliff, Custer Co., Col. 
V. John Hibbard", b. in Buffalo, Dec. 20, 1834-0; unm. ; res. Bufi'alo, 

N. Y. 

Children of John\ (1704) [113J (Asahel". Levi', David', 
Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henrj-') and Rebecca Bemis (Hamil- 
ton) Adams; res. Lyons, Wayne Co., X. Y. 

240. i. Catherine Pulmer", b. iu Manchester. N. Y.. June .1, 1820; m. Dec. 
20, 1840, George W. Bemis of Canandaignn. N. Y. She d. in C, 13 
Sept., 1877. 









Eighth fjeneration.J lieutenant thomas. l;'.:i 

247. ii. Emily Ward , 1>. iu Lyons, N. Y., May 28, 1822; ni. Juue 11, l;U(i, 

Hiiu. James C. Smith. She tl. ia Canainlui^'iia, N. Y., 31 July. 

248. iii. John Hamilton-, li. in Lyons, Nov. 12, 1S24; m. Nov. 11. 1847, at 

Aurora. N. Y., Sopliia Adeline Wood, ilnu. of Seueca Wood, Est]. 
Settled in Rochester, X. Y., 1857. 
iv. Laura Bemis, Ii. iu Lyons, July 29, 1830; d. 18 Aug., 1875. 

21;). V. r.ebecca Mehituble", b. in Lyons. Dec. 1, 1832; m. Dec. oO, IS'.C, 
Alexander McElroy; res. Cauaudaigua. N. Y. She d. 2U Oct., 1S74. 
vi. Eliza Clarke", b. iu Lyons, Dec. 5, 1834; m. Oct. 31, 1800, Bev. Geo. 
S. Letvis; d. 1 Aug., ISGl; res. Albany, N. Y. ; no issue. 

2">0. vii. Huu. William Heury', b. in Lyons, March 24, 1311 ; ni. Sept. 27, LSti-", 
Charlotte Lewis Lapham, dan. of Elbridge G. Lapham. He was a 
Captaiu in the U2d Keg. X. Y. Vols.; attorney in Cauaudaigua. N. Y., 
fleeted a Justice of the Supreme Court for the 7th Judiciid Distric t 
of X. Y.. 1887, and appointed by the Governor to sit in the Appel- 
late Division of the 4th Department, Jan. 1, 180G. 

Children of Hon. David P.', (17!t!>) [lli] (A.sahcF, Levi\ 
David', Jonathan', Liuut. Thomas'", Henry') and Hannah (Pcrrini.-) 
Adam.s; res. Tompkins, Jackson Co., Mich. 

2)1. i. George Perrine', b. in Lyons, X. Y., Dec. 23. 1820; m. Oct. 1. 18"rO, 

Ciiruliue E. Hulett of Lyons, X. Y.: wheat buyer audmaunfaL-turer 
of fauuiug mills, Jackson, Mich, 
ii. Helen A.', b. in Lyons, March 3, 1830; d. Sept., 1831. 
2")2. iii. AVilliam Henry, b. in Lyons, Sept. 8, 1832; 

m. (1) Sept. 8. 1852, Harriet M. Draper; d. 11 Sept., 1884. 
m. CJ) June 7, 18S7, Cornelia Jameson. 

He was educated at Albion, N. Y. ; practiced medicine several 
years; was school supervisor of Jackson Co. for 10 years; uow 
farmer at Tompkins, Mich. 

253. iv. Ellcu". b. in Lyons. Jan. 10, 1834; ra. Oct» 4, 1854, Geo. J. Townley. 

v. Jaue Antoinette", b. at Tompkins, Mich.. Feb. 11, 1838; m. Jan. 1. 
1808, Jacob S. Pope, farmer. She a graduate of Albion Seminary, 
1801 ; no issue. 

Children of Daniel Peck', (isni)[n5] (AsaheF, Levi\ David'. 
Jonathan', Lieut. Thoma.s', Henry') and Maria (Seavcr) Adam.*^; 
res. Batavia, N. Y. 

i. Augusta Everett-, b. in Medina. X. Y., March 5, 1832: d. 2UDec.. 

140 i.iru lENANT ■nioMA>. [Eighth Generation. 

854. ii. "William Henry-, b. in Modirm, Jan. 2H, l8j-1; m. .Tun. IT. 18C1. Anna 

A. AVheeler of Detroit. MicL. ; b. iu New York, Feb. 11. \SH. lu- 

siiriiuce aseut, BuUali-, N. Y. 
iii. Helen Maria", b. iu Meibna, Sept. 2(i, 1S:JT; <1. 30 Muy, 1?4(3. 
2.W. iv. Augustus Everett', b. iu Bufl'alo, X. Y., Feb. 4, 1S4:J; m. Sept. 1."^, 

1802, Caroline A. Lester; b. in Ratuvin, X. Y., March 20, 1844; res. 

Bfttavia, N. Y. 

Children of Eliza L.\ (isn.ji [lie] (A.saher. Levi% David'. 
Jonathan", Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Henry Knowle.s Avery ; 
res. Lyons, N. Y. 

i. Charles Henry Avery, b. iu Lyons. X. Y.. Jan. 11, 1S24; liviujr, nnni.. 
in Boloit, Wis.. 18%. ii. Helen Eliza .\very, b. in Lyons. June 
30. 1827; m. M) ut Dnrion, N. Y.. Oct. 10. l-.iU. Qnartus Iv. Lee; d. 
iu Beloit, Wis., 23 March. 1808; m. (2)Feb. SI, 180'J, Dwisht Durkoe 
of St. Louis, Mo. ; res. St. Louis. Mo. iii. Caroline Louisa 
Avery, b. iu Geuevji. X. Y.. Dec. IT, 1S2;>; ui. Oct. 10, lyiO. Hiram 
Tuttle of Kenosha, Wis.; d. 22 Se|>t., 1808; res. Beloit. Wis., 18UC. 
iv. John Adorns Averj', b. iu Detroit, Mich., Xov. 13, 1831; d. iu 
Chicago. 28 April. 1808. v. Henry Kuowles^ Avery. Jr., b. in 
Detroit, Oct. 27, 1833; d. iu Detroit, April, 1835. 

Children of Abigails (17>.>) [II 7J (Abel', Jr., Dr. Abel", 
David', Jonathan', Liert. Thomas'. Henry') and Peleg Ransom. 
Jr.; res. New Marlboro, Ulster Co., X. Y. 

i. Benjamin Ely Ransom, b. July 2. 1800; m. April 30. 1828, Mary Ann 
Deyo, dau. of Jacob and Ruth (Smith) Deyo of Marlboro, N. Y. ; b. 
Jan. 28, ISOO; d. 22 Xov.. 1S83. He d. 3 Oct.. 1851. ii. Abel 
Adams BauBom.b. May 20, 1810; m. Mary Kins. iii. Pele:; William 
Ransom, b. Sept. 12, 1812; m. (1; Caroline Bates; m. (2.> Elizabeth P. 

Child of Abigail', (Ransom) (I7>ri) and Johan Deyo. 

i. Mosea W. Deyo, b. Feb. G, 1817; m. Betsey Ann Kinjr: livinjr 1897 in. 
Poughkeepaie, N. Y. ;■ no surviving- iaaue. 

Children of Abigail', (Deyo) (ir.-'TA and \Villiam ^loore. 

i. Cornelia Ann Moore, b. April 24, 1821 ; m. July 24. 1847. Deyo Smith; 
li\-ins 18'J7 in Po\ighkei'i>sie. X. Y; ii. Elizabeth Moore, b. 
Sept. 2!), 1822; d. unm. at Poiiphkeeimie. X. Y'..2l June. 1805. iii. 
Samuel Moore, b. Feb. 29, 1824; d. 5 Nov.. 18.51. 

Eighth Generation.] lieutenant Thomas. Ul 

Children of Ludowick^ ( ) [llsj (Abt.-r. Jr., Dr. Abel', 

David'. Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Ulive (Shermacj 
Adams; re.s. Xew Marlboro, Ulster Co., N. Y. 

i. Almirn". m. Isnoc C. B. Ransom. 

ii. Phelie", m. Matthew Fowler; J. leavinff one dau. who m. S. Watkins, 
anil resided in S3Tacu3e, X. Y. 

iii. Jame.s ('.", ni. Lamphere and removed to Texas. 

iv. Iluxie'. removed to Texas. 

V. Adelin<^", in. J. Tompkins; res. HigLlnud, Ulster Co.. N. Y., decesfled. 

vi. George', d. in infancy, 

vii. Elizabeth". 

Children of Loammi', (17!<r,-7) [110] (Abel", Jr., Dr. Abel\ 
David'. Jonathan', Lieut.', Henrj-'iand Caturah (Dayton) 
Adams; res. New Marlboro and ^Moravia, X. Y. 

i. Jacob", b. in New Marlboro, N. Y., Dec. 22, 1819; a farmer; settled 

in Moravia, X. Y. 
ii. Abel", b. in New Marlboro, March 22, 1822; a farmer in Morana, 

N. Y. 
iii. Elizabeth", b. in Xew Marlboro, May 2, 1S24. 
2".r,. iv. William H. ", b. in New Marlboro, An;;. 2, 182G; m. 1858, Mury Jane 
AIIpj"; merchant and farmer; res. 3\Ioravia, N. Y. 
v. John L.-, b. in New Marlboro, Feb. 12, 1828; d. C Au^., 183«. 
vi. Elmira". b. in New Marlboro, April 28. 18.11; d. 27 Jan., 1882. 
vii. Charles L.', b. in New Marlboro. Dec 24, 18:^2. 
viii. Julia", b. in New Marlboro, March 4. 1830. 
ix. .Vristiilcs D.", b. in Sempronins, N. Y.. Sept. 18, 1837; d. 3 .\pril, 

s. Ladowick H.", b. in Sempronius, March 21, 1340; hardware merchant 

in Moravia, N. Y. 
si. George M.% b. in Sempronitis, Aug. 23, 1844. 

Children of Xathanier, (1T07) [12it] (Samuer, Dr. AbeP, 
David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas", Henry') and Frances M. 
(Cooley) Adams; res. Cornwall, Orange Co., N. Y. 

i. Justus Coolcy, b. Nov. 8, 1821; d. 7 Feb., 1841. 
ii. Samuel Fraukliu", b. Aug. 2, 1823; d.'SO.Tuly. 1840. 
2r,7. iii. Mary", b. June 0, 1823; m. Oct. 20, 1847, James H. Leonard of New- 
bury. N. Y"., and d. 9 Jan., 1880. He d. 30 May, 18C4. 
iv. Esther Haviland'. b. 1828; d. in Savannah, Ga,, 22 Feb., 1840. 
V. William-, b. 1830; d. in Newbur?, N. Y., 1 April, 1877. 

I..-' i.iKrTF.NAXT T]i<)MA>. [Eighth (jcneratioii. 

Children of Aber, (1.mi4) [122] (Samuer, Dr. Abe]\ David', 
Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas'. Henry') and Phebe (Hallock; Adams; 
res. Xewburg. X. Y. 

i. Emily", deceased. ii. Aunn Mnry', deceased. iii. Murtba". 

iv. Charles', deceased. v. Walter; d. Fel)., 1S74. 

Children of Rev. S.amucl C.\ O^'^l' [l--'-] (Samuer, Dr. 
Abel', David', Jonathan", Lieut.', Henry') and !Mehitable 
yi. ^Coolcv) Adams; res. Xewburg, X. Y.,and Indianapolis, Ind. 

208. i. Frances Anna', h. at Croton-on-Hiidsou, X. Y., May 2."). 1S30; m. July, 
180", T. Ellwood Townsend. She d. IT Jan., 1884. 
ii. Georse-, 1). in Philadelphia. Oct. 2G, 1838; d. 21 Sept., 18.-)T. 

2.V.). iii. Hon. Justus Cooley', b. in Philadelphia, Nov. 23. 1841; m. Jan. 2U, 
18G7, Samantha S. Bless. , 

Mr. Adams has been for many years a prominent man inlndianaii- 
olis, largely identifii-d with the prosperity and grroTvth of the city. 
He is au extensive brick manufacturer and larjre farmer; has at- 
tained prominence as a legislator, and speaker of the Indiana Lejr- 
islature. He is a Quaker born and bred, and has the general con- 
fidence of his fellow citizens for his iuteg^ity and morol worth. 

20O. iv. Samuel, b. in Philadelphia, Feb. 27, 1844; m. Aug. 8, 1870. Isabelle 
Nichols; res. Indianapolis, Ind.; d. 28 Nov., 1878. 

3i!I. V. Fraukliu', b. in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., May 25, 1850; m. Nov. 20, 1879, 
Molly Bray. 

2C2. vi. Robert Howard', b. in Poujrhkeepsie. Feb. 28, 18.j4; m. April 30, 1S7'>, 
Marietta P3'le. 

Children of David M.\ (I si 5) [Ui] (SamueF, Dr. Abel', 
David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Hannah C. 
iCooley) Ad.ams; res. Baltimore, j\Id., and Indianapolis. Ind. 

203. i. EmmaF.', b. in Baltimore, Md., May 11, 1845; m. Jan. 18, 18C.5, John 

D. Sherman; res. Indianapolis, Ind. 
ii. Henry G.\ b. in Baltimore, Dec. 31, 1840; m. July 5, 18TC, Marietta 
Vail; res. New York City; no issne. 

204. iii. Anna W.% b. in Baltimore, Sept. 17, 1851; m. April 24, 1878, William 

T. Cannon; res. lutlianapolis, Ind. 
Sir.. iv. James C.\ h. in Poiishkeepsie, N. Y., Feb 5, 1854; m. July 20, 1880, 

Harriet A. Cooley; res. Newark. N. J. 
200. v. Alice Howard', b. in Baltimore, May 2.5, 1850; m. Jane 20, 1883. Enos 

Edwin Pray. She d. 23 June, 1800. 

Eighth Generation.] lieutenant TiioNrAS. 14:> 

Children of Samuel H.', (1>;11) [12:.] (David", Dr. Abel". 
David', Jonathan", Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Marj- Ann 
(Gardner) Adams; res. Crum Elbow, Dutchess Co., X. Y. 

i. Mary H.~, b. in Miltou, Ulster Co., N. Y., Jnn. lO'. 1830; m. Oct. 7. 
1857, Thomas Stringliam of Sennett, X. Y. Settled iu Crum Elbow. 
N. Y. ; no iBsne. 
ii. Daria J.', b. in Milton. March 7. 1S38; J. 2 Mny, 1840. 
iii. .\melin G.', b. in Milton, Angr. 2, 1842; .1. 12 Feb., 18GS. 
iv. Jftue Eliza-, b. in Higblaafl, X. Y.. April 25. 1844; il. 20 Aiiril. 1843. 
V. Hannah Y.\ b. in Highland. May 27, 1840; d. 1 Oct., 1849. 
207. vi. George B.~, b. in Sennett, Cayugn Co., N. Y., Ang. 21, 184.8; m. Nov. 
14, 1878, Alice Gardner of Crum Elbow; res. E. Park, Dutchess Co , 
X. Y. 
2(i8. vii. Lottie C", b. in Sennett, Oct. 10, IS-W; m. at Cnim Elbow, Feb. 21, 
1872. Edward I'oung; res. Salt Point, Dutchess Co., X..Y. 

Children of James G.\ (ISMl) [I -if.] (D.avid'', Dr. Abel'. 
David'. Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry'; and Samantha 
(Newitt) Adams; res. De Ruyter, X. Y. 

i. A son, b. Xov. .1, 1802; d. in infancy. 
2G!». ii. Ellen M.^ b. in De Ruyter, X. Y.. June 28. 18.'54; m. Oct. 3, 1872. 
Frank M. Lawson. 

270. iii. Marj- A.\ b. in De Ruyter, April 8, 18(18; m. Oct 3, 1882, DnWayne 

Benjamin; res. De Ruyter. Madison Co., X. Y. 

Children of David', (ITici) [127] (Elisha". Elisha', David', 
Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Deborah (Thorne) 
Adams; res. Warren, Ohio. 

271. i. Elizabeth", b. in Greene Co., X. Y.. Xoy. 24. 1814; m. Aug. 5. 1832, 

in Milford, Otsego Co., X. Y.. Lunian Walljiig, son of Xichulaa 
Walling of Maryland, Otsego Co., X. Y^. ; settleil in Wattsburg, Erie 
Co., Pa.; removed about 1841 to Parkersl.nrg, W. Va. ; d. at Camp- 
bellsville, Taylor Co., Ky., 1 Feb., 18'JO. She d. in Parkersburg, 
W. Va., 18 May, 1830. 

272. ii. Samuel Thome', b. in Greene <o. July 11, 1817; m. May 1, 184S, 

Sarah Helme Gardiner of Medina, O. ; b. Feb. 22, 1827. 
Ue left his father's home in Mary land, Otsego Co., X. Y., when 
21 years of age, and taught school iu Wattsburg and Girard, Erie 
Co., Pa., finally settling in Medina. Medina Co., O., where he now 
lives in hia 80th j'ear, mentallj- vigorous mid interested in this his- 
iii. Elisho Jones-, b. iu Galwa.v, Saratoga Co., X. Y'.. April (t. ISIO; d. 
num.. at Meadville, Pa., 1 Dec. IS'JO. 

144 l.lKi'TENANT THOMAS. [Eighth Generation. 

273. iv. Aloiizo H.-, b. in Galway. Feb. 20. 1821; m. April 17, IS.jO. at War- 

ren, O., Snrali Electa Brockway; res. Warren, Trumbull Co., O. 
2735 '^- Eliza Ann', b. in Gnlway, April G. 1824; m. Oct. 13. 1S42. Johnson 
Eatonof Fairview. Erie Co., Pa. ; res. Lordstown, Trumbull Co., O. 
vi. Prudence-, b. in Galwny, Jan. 20. 1327; d. nnm.. 2.:; May. ISSG. 
vii. Henry-, b. in Galway, Feb. 2r,, 18o0; m. May 31, 1888, Sarah E. Pear- 
sou; res. Lowellville. Mahoning Co , O. ; d. there; no issue. 

274. viii. Joseph-, b. in Galwaj', Nov. 10, 18.'32; 

m. Ill Nov. 12. 1817, Mary Georgiaua Mitchem. She d. in 
Ottumwa, Minn., of cousuraptiou. 23 Jan.. 1808. 

m. (2) July 4. 1870, Eruestiue M. Hardstock; b. in Germanj-. 
He settled in Washington, D. C. , about 1874. and is a clerk in the 
Pension office. 

Child of Hcnry\ (1707) [1-2.V) (Elisha\ Elisha\ David', Jona- 
than", Lieut. Thomas'-', Henry') and Prudence (Gurney) Adams ; 
res. Crum Hornc Mount. Maryland. Otsego Co., N. Y. 

i. Amos Gurney-, b. in Maryland, N. Y. ; m. Melvina Hollidav, (his 
cousin); settled in Topeka, Kan., and d. there. 

Children of Rebecca", (17tt'.t) [liit] (Elisha', Elisha^ David*. 
Jonathan". Lieut. Thomas', Henr\-') and Benjamin Thome. 

i. Harriet Thome, b. J\ine 24. 1810; m. Sitzor; d. 23 April, 1802. 

ii. Henry Thorne, b. March 1, 1821; d. 15 Feb.. 1824. iii. Eliza- 
beth Thorne, b. Sept. ."5. 1824; m. McCnraber; d. r> Aug.. 

1804. iv. Pliebe Almy Thorne, b. Oct. 22, 1820. v. Adeline 
Thorne. b. Sept. 4. 1831; m. Wiu. W. Benedict; res. Woodhull, 
Steuben Co., N. Y. vi. Rebecca Ann Alice Thorne, b. Aug. 20, 
1837; m. Oct. 7. IS"., Leander Whipple; b. Jan. 27, 1828. vii. 

Hannah Maria Thorne, b. Feb. 2>, 1840; m. Ribenbnrg. 

She d. 7 March, 1878. 

Child of Aber, (ISiil) [1.3i>] (Elisha". Elisha% D.avid', Jona- 
than', Lieut. Thomas'. Henry") and Mar}- (Macey) Adams; res. 
Massilon. Stark Co., O. 

L Caroline, Kin Massilon, O.. Nov. IT, 1834.. She d. in So. Union. 
Logan Co., Ky., 18G4. . 

Children of Hannah', ( [ISl] (Elisha% Elish.a". David*, 

Jonathan'. Lieut. Thomas", Henr}'") and Richard Holliday ; res. 

Ottgo. X. Y. 

i. PhelM* Holliday. b. March- 27, 18.30; m. Amos G. Adams, son of 
Henry and Prudence (Gnmey) Adamn. He d. in. Topeka, Ktui.. 

Eii;-]ith C.cncration.] LIEUTENANT TIIOMA^-. 145 

niul sbe m. asnin, nud removed to Oreprou. ii. Hannah Melvinn 
Holliilnj-, 1). iu Fulton, Schoharie Co.. N. Y.. Oct. 3, 1831; m. Jan. 
]'>. 1804, Dftuiel W. Niles; she d. 4 Marcli, 1881 ; res. Springtield, Dk. 
iii. Hiram Delos Holliday, b. July 2'.l, 1837: d. 23 Sei.t., 1838. ir. 
Electa Holliday, b. Oct. 7, 1842; m. July M, I8C3, Theodore E. 
Kuapp; res. Springfield, Bon Homme Co.. So. Dak. 

Children of Amos', (ISoo) [132] (Elishn\ Elisha', David*. 
Jiin.-ilh.-iii . Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Martha (Haight) Adams; 
res. Aurora, (Montgomcrj- P. O.) 111. 

i. William". ii. PhebeR.-;m. Mead. iii. Elisha". 

iv. Seth". V. Tracey". vi. Elizabeth". 

Children of Rev. Elisha\ (ISuT) [1:33] (Eli.sha', Elisha\ 
David'. Jonathan", Lieut. Thoma.s', Henry') and Eliza (Allen) 
Adams: res. Douglass, Fayette Co., Iowa. 

i. Luther J.-, b. in Otsego Co., N. Y., Feb. 1, 1832; m. in Avon, IU., 

Catherine Dodge. He was a miller, 
ii. Belinda", b. in Delaware Co., N. Y., July 2, 1834; m. Henry Eckers 

of W. Union, Iowa, a carpenter and painter from Wisconsin. She d. 


iii Lucinda", b. in Delaware Co. about ISS-'j-G; m. Henry Miller, a miller 
by trade. 

iv. rhebe , b. in Delaware Co. abont 1837; d. at 2 j-ears of age. 

V. Isriiel L.", 1). in Broome Co. about 1833-9; m. Jane Widger; res. Anrorn. 

111. ; no issue. 

vi, Edward H.', b. in Broome Co. about 1840; m. at Forest City. la., 
Li lib}- Pierce. 

Edward H. enlisted in 1801 in Co. C. 12th Iowa Resr., and lost a 
lei: in the war; afterward wore a cork les. and wa-s educated for 
business at the Upper Iowa University, Fayette, Li. ; settled in Forest 
City, la. Three months after his marriage, he returned to Fayette 
on an errand, took sick and died, lea\'injr a dan., now Mrs. Edna 
H. Farriugton of Minn. The mother is also deceased. 
27.";. vii. Electa A.", b. in Broome Co. June 27, 1842; m. A\i^. 20, 1800, Addison 
Dewey; res. Maynard, Fayette Co., In. 
viii. Amos E.", b. in Broome Co. abont 1844; res. unknown, 
ix. Jennie E.", b. in Kane Co., 111., about 1840; m. Rev. J. L. Dawson, a 

Methodist clergyman of Oklahoma. 
X. David Darwin", b. in Kane Co. about 184S; res. Grants Pass, Josephine 

Co. , Or. ; unm. 
.\i. Jose))h Llewellyn", b. in Kane Co. about IS-IO. He married and 
settled in Faj-ette Co., Iowa; had 2 children, Lottie and Lawrence; 
removed to Dakota, and disappeared. 

14G LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Josepli M.\ {[>^l») [1?,4J ^Elisha', Elisha', David'. 
Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas-', Henry'; and Anna M. (McClintock) 
Adams ; res. Webster, W. \'a. 

270. i. Alviua-, b. in Lewiston, Pn.. 1839; m. Oct. 2?,, ISIO, Jackson Hill- 

yard; res. Independence, Preston Co.. W. Va. 

277. ii. Mar}- Jane, b, in Miflliu, O., April 1, lSlI;m. iit Webster. W. Va., 

Sept. 21, ISiJ'i, S. M. Heirommns of Winchester, Vo. ; res. Davis, 
W. Va. 

278. iii. Elizabeth Tate-, b. in Conneant, O., Dec. 2.5, 184:!; m. Oct. 25, WW, 

William M. Daris; d. 12 Dec, 18:iG; res. Simpson, W. Va. ; family 
now in W. Grafton. W Va. 

279. iv. Caroline-, b. in Warren. O., lS4j; m. 1870, John W. Willhide, a 

soldier in the war, who d. 2 July, 1800; res. Webster. W. Vn. 
V. Amanda', b. in Bridfcewater, I'o., 1847; d. in Websler, W. Vs., unm., 
18 Oct., 1874. 

■vi. William", b. in Morgrantown. W. Va.. 18")2; m. 1886, Mrs. Katie 
Brown of Wichita, Kan. ; res. Wichita, Kan; no issue. 

280. vii. Hester Ann", b in Morgantown. 1812; m. Dec. 31, 1881, J. O. Hnnter 

of Wheeling, W. Va. He d. May, 1837; res. Fairmonnt, W. Va. 

281. viii. Charles Lee', b. in Independence, W. Va , 1857; m. March 21, 1881, 

Maiirie Burson of Wichita, Kan. ; res. New Mexico. 

282. ix. Jennie", b. in Webster, W. Va., 18.19; m. Aug. 5, 1891, J. P. Scott of 

Simpson, W. Va. ; res. Parsons, W. Va. 

Children of Levi\ (lSl-2) [V.^->] (Elisha", Elisha', David'. 
Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas", Henr}-') and Mary Ann (Hall) 
Adams; res. Otego, Otsego Co., N. Y. 

i. Amanda B.", b. in Otejro, N. Y.. April 21, 1851; d. 18 March, 1802. 
ii. AlonzoH.-, b. in Otego, Feb. 7, 1854; m. April 30, 1881, Mary Luelln 
Sargent, dnu. of Aivin D. Sargent of Norwich,. N. Y. ; res. Ote°-o, 
N. Y. 

Child'of Electa:, (ISI.d) [i:3fi] (Elisha% Elisha%', Jona- 
athan', Lieut. Thoma.s', Henr>'') and \Vm. Leicester Clark: res. 
Laurens,. Otsego Co., N> Y.  

i. Helen Clark, b. in Laurens, N. Y. She m., lived and d. in Mary, 
laml, Otsego Co.. N. Y., and left 2 sons. 

Children of Ed \v.'ird\ (IM'.M [l:'.7] (Elisha". Elisha', David\ 
Jonathan'. Lieut.. Thomas\ Henr>-') and Pluma (King) Adams: 
res. Otego. Otsego Co.. X. Y. 

Eighth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 147 

i. Sarah-, b. in Otegro. N. Y., July 7, 1847; 
m. (I) John Vannamee. 

m. (2) . She d. in Utica. N. Y., 1801. 

ii. Mary E.% b. in Otego, April 24, 1850; d. 30 April, 1871. 
iii. Lncins K.\ b. in Otego, Nov. 8, 1853; d. 11 July, 1880. 
■29iL iv. Charles H.% b. in Otego, Sept. 27, 18.")9; m. Anjj. 4, 18S4, Emma 
Cheaboro; b. in Westford, N. Y. He is a painter; settled iu Bing- 
ham ton, N. Y., 1880. 
V. Julio M.', b. in Otego, Feb. 11, 18C2; d. 2 Ang., 18S1. 

Children of IsraeV, (1797) [13.S] (Joseph\ Elisha", David*, 
Jonathan", Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Sophronia (Moore) 
Adams; res. Binghamton, N. Y. 

i. Clorisaa D.*, b. in Binghamton, N. T.. Feb. 28. 1828; m. William 

Esterbrook of Honesdale, Fa. ; res. Palatka, Fla. 
ii. Ami', b. in Binghamton, Oct. 5, 1827; d. 1835. 
iii. Morgan', b. in Binghamton. Feb. 27, 1831; m. Reliecca Warrick of 

Chenango Forks, N. Y. He d., leaving 2 sons, who d. yonng. 
iv. Charles", b. in Binghamton, April 20, 1833; d. 1837. 
283. V. Alonzo D.', b. in Binghamton, Nov. 27, \S3r,; m. Sept. 27, 1859, 
AmeUa Brown. He was a machinist, and d. in Binghamton, 22 
May, 1883; widow living in Scranton. Pa. 
vi. Anson F.", b. in Binghamton, June 20, 1838. He retnmed from Chi- 
cago, and died. 
^-ii. Martin H.', b. in Binghamton, Feb. 15, 1841; m. Annie Hicks. He 

d. 1873; had one daughter, 
viii. Frederick T.', b. in Binghamton, Feb. 10, 1813; d. nnm., 1872. 
i\. William M.% b. in Binghamton, March 1, 1848; m. Ophelia Moon. 

He d. 1887. 
s. Cora L.% b. in Binghamton, July 8, 1850; d. 18C7. 

Children of Betsey'. (1772) [139] (Henr>-", Ephraim*, Thomas', 
Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Willard Robbins; res. 
Nashua. N. H. 

i. Willard Bobbins, b. Feb. 12, 1198. ii. Moody Bobbins, b. Jan. 20, 
1801. iii. Edith Bobbins, b. Jan. 'J, 1803. iv. Rebecca Rob- 
bins, b. April 2, 1804. v. Cyntliia Robbins, b. March 29, 1800. 
vi. Jotham Robbins, b. Jan. 9, 1608. vii. Sfewall Robbins, b. 
Feb. 17, 1811. viii. Emeline Robbins. b. Jane 2, 1814. ix 
Micah E. Robbins, b. Jan. 6, 1817. 

148 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Hcnry\ (177S) [Ui»] (Henry', Ephraim', Thomas', 
Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henr}-') and Sarah (Bradlej-) Adams; 
res. Nashua, N. H. 

284. i. Heiirj- Prescotr. b. in Nnahna. N. H., Sept. 30, 1808; m. Dec. 2, 

iSa."!, Rosannn Tnrrell. He d. 10 Nov., 1848. 
ii. Sarah Mntilfln', b. in Naahna. Dec. 5, 1812; m. April 6, 1843, Cnm- 

mings Turrell; 2 dans. d. unm. She d. 7 Aug., 1886. 
iii. Ede', b. in Noshno, Nov. 19, 181. T; m. Nov. 0, 1838, Eben'r Stow 

Newton; 2 children deceased. She d. 18 Feb., 1805. 
iv. Amy Sophia', b. in Noshna, June 24, 1818; m. Dec. 19, 1844, Enoch 

P. Chase of Nashua, N. H. ; deceased. 
V. Lydia Maria, (twin), b. in Nashua, Jnne 24, 1818; m. Nov. 5, 1839, 

Edwin Chase. She d. 15 April, 1805. 
vi. Marj' Almira', b. in Noshua, Sept. 24, 1821 ; m. Sept. 5, 1844, Elbridge 

Hntcbina. She d. 2'J July, 1857; no i-sue. 
vii. Cynthia Angeline", b. in Naahna, June 25, 1827; d. 2 July, 1339. 
viii. Eliza Jane', b. in Nashua, Jan. 14, 1833; m. Dec. 5, 1850, Edwin 

Kent; 3 children; only Ellen Jane living; res. Nasbaa, N. H. 

Children of Joel', (17S3) [141] (Henry", Ephraim*, Thomas*, 
Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henr}-') and Jane (Lund) Adams; 
res. Nashua, N. H. 

i. Joel Newell\ b. in Noshuo, N. H., May 15. 1807; d. onm., 13 March, 
1805, age 57. 

ii. Elizn Jane", b. in Nashua, May 23, 1810; m. 1808, Nathaniel Taylor of 
Hillsboro, N. H. ; living 1805; res. Hillsboro, N. H. ; no issue. 

Children of Joel', (178-3) and Polly (Moore) Adams. 

iiL Mary Emeline", b. in Naahna, Jon. 30, 1812; d. num., ft March, 1878, 
age flO. 

285. :iv. Mark .\bel\ b. in Nfishna.v AprU 5, 1816; m. Dec. 4, 1838, Amelia 

Colbum; b. in Milford. N. H., Jnne 2, 18tU.. He was a merchant in 
Naahna, N. H.; d. 11 Feb:. 1872. 
T. LouuM-EO, b.. in Naahna, Oct. 31, 1823; <L unm , » Jane, 1852, age 29. 

Children of Asenath', .(J7T5) [142] (Corp. Levi', Stephen',, 
Thomas*, Timoth)-', Lieut.. Thomas', Henry") an<l Lynde Sar- 
gent; res. Chester, Vt* 

L Perria L. Sargent; b. Jnly, 1813; m. Edwin Short. iL Flayilla' B.. 
Sargent, b. 1815; m:. G«H>rg» Hnnyon. - iiL Mary B. Sargent,- hi  
; m. Bobert Short.' 

Eighth Generation.] lieutuxant thomas. 149 

Children of Rhoda', (1777) [U3] (Corp. Levi', Stephen', 
Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and David Dick- 
inson : res. Andover, Vt. 

i. Mary Abecca Dickinson, b. Oct. 1, 1707; m. Porker Petttgrew. She 
d. 6. S«i>t., 18C1. ii. Belinda Dickinson, b. Aug. 19, 1799; m. 
Sept. 18. 1817, Silas Warren, son of Dea. Thos. Wurren; d. in Lud- 
low, Vt., 14 Aug., 18GC, a^e 73 years; thrown from his carriage iu 
June and injured. Shed. 20 Feb., 1809. iii. Hannah Dickinson, 
b. Sept. 1, 1802; d. unm., 2a Sept., 1843. iv. David Dickinson. 
Jr., b. Aug. 29, 1803; m. April 15, 182'.). Lucia Haakius. He d. 23 
March, 1875 v. Rhoda A. Dickinson, b. July 27, 1803; m. Ira 
Dickinson. She d. 3 May, 1858. vi. Sophroniu A. Dickinson, b. 
July 27, 1807; d. unm., 21 July, 1868. vii. Sylvia L. Dickinson, 
b. March 31, 1809; m. Nov. 23, 1833. Josiah Barnard. She d. 9 
March, 1895. viii. Hubbard B. Dickinson, b. May 0, 1811; m. 
Nov. 20, 1840, Relief S]. afford. He d. April, 1894. ix. Laura 
A. Dickinson, b. May 20, 1813; m. Jan. 12, 1843, Allen Streeter. 
Shed. 3 Feb., 1858. x. Cyrus Dickinson, b. Jan. 0, 1816; d. 23 
May, 1819. 

Children of Phinehas', (17s2) [144] (Corp. Levi", Stephen'. 
Thomas*, Timothy', Lieut. Thoma.s', Henry') and Hannah (Kib- 
ling) Adams ; res. Andover, Vt. 

286. i. Alzina', b. in Andover, Vt., 1810; m. March 10. 1831, Hervey Dickin- 

son of Westminster, Vt. , son of Cyrus and Henrietta (Chandler) 
Dickinson; d. 10 July, 1801. She removed to High Forest, 01m- 
stead Co., Minn. ; d. there 16 Feb., 1374. 

287. ii. Betsey', b. in Andover, Feb. 11, 1812; m.l833, Apollos Williams of 

Westport She removed to High Forest, Minn. , and d. 8 March, 
283. iiL Addison K.", b. in -Andover, Jon. 10, 1815; m. Sept. 22, 1839, Lucia 
Ann Burr; b. in Springfield, Vt, July 2.5, 1817; d. Feb., 1887. 
He removed from Moriah, N. Y. in 1830; res. No. Wolpole", N. H. 
iv. Sarah', b. in Andover, 1317; m. Howard QilsoQ of Westminster, Vt. 
She d. in Westminster; no issue. 
289. V. Lucy W. , b. in Ludlow, Vt., 1819; m. Sept. 21, 1838, Oorret Fuller, 
b. at Greensburg, Warren Co., N. Y., Aug. 25, 1809; living 1897 in 
Toledo, Tama Co. , la. She d. at Muciuoketa, Jackson Co. , Iowa, 
5 Oct., 1884. 
vi. Lorinda', b. in Ludlow, March 23, 1821-2; m. Luther Bates; res. 

High Forest, Miun. ; no issue, 
vii. John', b. in Moriah, N. Y. ; m. and d. in or near Philadelphia, Pa. 

150 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Levi', Jr.. (1780) [145] (Corp. Levi", Stephen', 
Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Abigail (Bemis) 
Adams; res. Ludlow, Vt. 

290. i. Elmirii , 1). iu Bustun, Muss., Nov. 21, 1805; m. March, IS'iU, Jnmes 

Tettisrow of Ludlow, Vt. ; d. 9 Aug., 1889. She d. in Ludlow, Vt. , 
13 An-,-., 1890. 

291. ii. Lucinda", b. in Ludlow, Vt. , Dec. S, 1807; m. Samuel Hemmenway of 

Ludlow, Vt. ; b. April 20, 1808. 

292. iii. Austin", h. in Ludlow, Feb. 8, 1810; 

m. ( 1 J Oct. 25, 1831, Betsey Adamn. dau. of John and Nancy 
(Tenney) Adnnis; b. Oct. 2, 1810. 

m. (2) Nov. 4, 1841, Polly Walker of Ludlow, Vt. Ue d. iu 
Westou, Vt. , Oct. , 18911. 

293. iv. Nancy . b. in LiuUow. Nov. 22, 1811; m. Dec. 0, 1832, William Clark 

of Audover, Vt. ; b. July 28, 1800; d. in Stoughton, Wis.. 14 April, 
18:^7. They removed in 1855 to Union, Ky., and thence to 
Stoughton, Wis., in 1874. 

294. V. Albert", b. iu Ludlow, March 17, 1814; m. April G, 1841, Dolly Parker, 

dau. of Zachnriah Parker of Ludlow, Vt. ; d. 9 Nov., 1893. He 
settled in Evansville, Wis., in 1804, and d. 20 Feb., 1883. 

295. vi. George Eemis". b. in Ludlow, May 17, 1810; m. June, 1841. Hannah 

Taylor, dau. of B. Taylor of Audi>ver, Vt. ; b. 1821 ; d. in Marengo, 
111., f, Jan., 1885. He settled in Marengo, 111., May, 1857. 
290. vii. Marietta", b. in Ludlow, July 10, 1818; m. Dec. 27, 1837, Alonzo 
Cluik. brother of Wm. Clark, 
viii. Abigail , h. iu Ludlow, Sept. 10, 1320; m. June. 1844. nornce Brown; 
b. Oct. 20, 1818; d. May, 1895; no issue. She removed from Wes- 
ton, Vt., to Holyoke, Mass.; living 1897. 

297. ix. Loriuda", b. iu Ludlow, Oct. 10, 1822; m. Emerson Farnsworth, de- 

ceased. She living 1897 in Minneapolis, Minn. 

298. X. Dciiustua C. , b. in Ludlow, June 13, 1320; m. Nov. 28, 1852, Susan Fi. 

liussell, dau. of Nathan Russell of Shrewsbury, Vt. ; b. June 2, 
1820. He settled in Owatonna, Minn., Nov., 1873. 

Children ofi James', (1780) [146] (Corp. Levi", Stephen% 
Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Nancy (Pingrey) 
Adams; res. Ludlow, Vt., and Andover, N. Y. 

i. Mary Ann% b. in Lndlow,.Vt., Jan. IT, 1819;. m. Not. 2, 1843, Henry, 

Bullard of Andover, Vt. She d. suddenly, 5 Oct., 1893. 
ii. Naomi", b. in Ludlow, Sept. C, 1821 ; 

m. (I) April 19, 1838. Thomas Whittemore; d. 26 May, 1840.  
m. (2) April 10, 1842, Martin L. Comatock; d. 5 April, 1883. . She* 
d. at .iiidover, X. Y., 2 ApriL 1883; borietl some day with' her 

Eighth Generation.] lieutenant tho.m.\>. 151 

iii. Dianna , b. in Audover, Alleghany Co.. N. Y., May 14, 1827; m. 
June 15, ISol, Wm. Swain, Jr., of Andover, N. Y.; She d. 2Sept.. 
iv. Murtha", b. in Andover, N. Y., April 9, 1820; m. June 15, 1S51, 

Leland Cook: res. St. Marys, O. 
V. Lucy Arvillu", b. in Andover, Aug. 15, 1831; m. Jan. 1.5. 18G0, Chnrles 
Kaplee of Andover, N. Y. 
2'M. vi. Den. Levi J. F.", b. in Andover, Nov. 11. 1833; m. Dec. 15, 1881. at 
Almond, N. Y., Amj- J. Korr; retired farmer; res. Andover, N. Y. 
vii. Thomas R.", b. in Audover, Jan. 9, 1837; enlisted Sept. 3, I3(il, Co. 
II, S.Tth N. Y. Vols.; taken prisoner April. 18i'i4; U. iu Auderson 
prison. 12 J»ily, 18W. 
viii. Valeria Nancy, b. in Andov-er, Sept. 23, 1840; teacher; num.; res. 
Andover, N. Y. 

Children of Lucy C. (17>i4) [147] (Corp. Jonas", Stephen', 
Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thoma.s', Henry') and Cyrus Dick- 
inson ; res. Westminster, Vt. 

i. Hurvey Dickinsou. b. Dec. 17, 1805; m. March 10, 1831, Alzina 
Adams, dan. of Phinehas and Hannah (Kibliuy;) Adams; b. 1810; 
d. 10 Feb., 1874. He removed to Illinois and thence to Olmstead 
Co., Minn.; d. 10 July, 1801. ii. Alvin Dickinson, b. Dec. 6, 
1808; m. Jan. 13, 1835, Elizabeth Titcomb. He d. G July, 1858. 

Children of Capt. Jerry', (17.s5) [Us] (Corp. Jona.s", Stephen*, 
Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Dorcas (Austin) 
Adams; res. Weston, Vt. 

i. Phebe-, b. in Andover, Vt.. Aug. 20, 1817; 
ui. n) Aug., 1830, Gaidner Piper. 

m. (2) Dec, 1848, Trumbull Adams, son of Jesse" and Miriam 
(Smith) Adams of Cavendish, Vt. She d. 18 Nov., 1872, 8j;e 56; no 
300. ii. Loana". b. in Andover, March 5, 1819; m. July 17, 1835, Daniel Cobb; 

settled 184C in Hingham, Wis. ; d. 22 Jan., 1892. 
•301. iii. Lucy% b. in Andover, July 13, 1822; m. Nov. 23, 1848, Joel Tubbs; 

farmer; res. Weston, Vt. She d. 31 Oct., 1870. 
302. iv. Hon. Austin", b. in Andover, May 24, 1826; m. Sept. 8, 1857, at 
Dubuque, Iowa, Alary Keeler Newberry; b. in Peru, Ind., Oct. 17, 

He grndunted at Dartmouth College 1848, and received the degree 
of LL. D. from his alma mater; was priuciiial of West Randolph 
Academy four yeors; elected Judge of Supreme Court of Iowa, 1873; 
res. Dubuque, la. ; d. in Dubuque, 17 Oct. , 1890. 
3ti;(. v. Alvin A.", b. in Andover, July 31, 1832; m. Dec. 0, 1855, Cynthia 
Vienna Richardson, dau. of Leland and Cynthia (Piper) Richard- 
son of Weston, Vt. ; b. Moy 31, 1834; res. Boston, Mass. 

152 • i.n;u TENAM' Tii()MA>. [Eiyluli Gcncralion. 

Children of PliiiiL-has', (ITMJ) [14'.t] (Corp. Jonas', Stephen'. 
Thomas', Timothy, Lictit. Thomas-', Hcnry'j and Rebecca (Oib- 
son) Adams; res. Ludlow, Vt. 

i. Bnn, b. iu Gniftuu, Vt., Muy I'J, 1815; d. 2J Muy, 1815. 

304. ii. Hornee llunisou-, b. iu Gruftou, May 20, 181G; ni. Jiiu. 12, 1840; 

Aliuila Orvis. yiie m. 2uil, Dr. Futuum Biirtou. Ho il. o Aiiril, 
1851), a:,'e 42 yeurs, 10 months, la iliiys. 
iii. Oriu Gibsou', b. iu Graftou, Nov. 9, 1817; ui. Due. 21, ls42. Ailii 
Ebterliiook. lit' d. ut Syriicuae, N. Y., IG Juui.*, 1S02; kilk-d ou 
ruihoad. No isbuu surviviug. 

305. iv. Ambi use L. ~, b. iu Grafton, Dec. IT, 1818; 

ui. (1) Miirc-b 14. 1843, ut Ludlow, Euiily biiuKliui,', dun. of ZucL- 
ariiili uud Itlnnluirifice) Spaldiujjof Loudouderiy. Vt.; b. Dec. lo. 
1820; d. lU.luue, 1853, age 08. 

m. (2) July C, 1804, Melviua A. Foiiater of Bostou. Hi- wiis a 
dru-:i;ist iu E. Bobtou; d. 20 April, 1304. 
V. Aduey Foster', b. iu Grafton, Oct. 28, 1821; d. 13 Muy. 1303. 
300. vi. Edwiu , b. iu Graftou. July 9, 1323; m. Feb. 22, 1347, Caruliue A. 
AJdricL, dan. of Ziba Aldricli; b. 1824; li\iu- 13Ju. He a dry 
goods merchnut. Settled in Lansiugburg, N. Y. ; removed to 
Melrose, N. Y., 1800. 
■\-ii. Dan., b. 1325; d. iu weeks — 17 March. 

viii. Alviu La\vaou\ b. iu Ludlow, Vt. , May 5, 1827; d. S .Viail. Is33. 
is. Culviu", b. iu Ludlow. May 23. 1329; m. Nov. 23, 13112. widow Caru- 
liue Harlau, deceased; res. Spriugtield, Vt. ; liviug 13'J0; Uo i^.bue. 
007. s. Laura Ann", b. in Ludlow, Aug. 18, 1333; m. March'.). 1350, Uarvey 
AV, Parker, Shed. 20 May, 1874, age 40 years, 7 uiouth:;, 8 days; 
res, Ludlow, Vt, 

Children of Xancy\ (170-1) [IJ"] (Corp, Jonas'", Stephen \ 
Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas'", Henry') and James Ester- 
brook ; res. liLanchester, Iowa. 

i. NuthuD A, Esterbrook, b. March7, 1810; d.27Sept., 1822. ii. Polly 
Ebterbrook. b. Dee. 14, 1817; m. Jun. 1, 1835, Alviu Fairbrother. 
iii. Laura £lBterbrook,.b. Sept.- 14, 1819; d, nnm,, 10 Nov., 1S4S), 
age 30. iv. CuroUue Eaterbrook, b. Set)t. 20, 1823; m. July 10, , 
18-11, Phinens WilliamB. She d. Id April, 1845. v. Achsah Ebter- 
brook, b. April 1, 1825; m. Aug. 2, 1840. Asa Crippin. vi.- 
Muryette Ebterbrook, b.Aug. 1, 1827; m. Jon. 20, 1847, Austin U. : 
Smith. vii. Grocie E. Esterbrook, b.-Nor. 5, 1830; m. Jan. 5, 
1808, Ira P. Adams, son of Trnmbull and Cynthia (Tarbell; Adams, -. 
b. iu Cavendish, Vt., Jan. 1, 1832. viii. Aurua Esterbrook, b. 
Dec. 19, 1832; m. Oct. 21, 1858, Margaret Friaatine. is. Hannah 
E- Esterbrook, b. Feb. 0, 1335; m. March 20, 1802, John Freelove.. 
X. Orison Ebterbrook, b. Jan, 16, 1807; d. 19 Nov., 1858. 

Eighth Generatiun] mlutenant thc'>.ma>. I.",:] 

Children of Achsa', (ITii'.M [1."<I] (Corp. Jonas", Stephen. 

Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and David Austin; 

res. Andover, Vt. 

i. Aldeu Austiu, b. Oct. 17, 18iy ; d. lu Culiforniu, 18G2. ii. Jumes 
AuBtin, b. Nov. 2, 1S20; d. 21 April, 1821. iii. Edwin Austin, li. 
Au-. a, 1822; m. Feb., 1844, Hiiunuh Webber; res. Auburn, IJ. Y. 
iv. Duvid X. Austiu, b. Feb. 5, 1827; d. 5 Au^'., 1S2'J. v. Elminii 
Austin, b. Juue 8, ISaO; m. Sept. lii, 18G1. U. V. Snson ; d. 8 May, 
18G2. vi. CLiirlotto Austin, li. Muy 21, ISU'J; m. Oct. 13, IS.I'J, 
Fuyette Elilridjje. 

Children of Alvin\ (lS(i4) [Ij:.'] (Corp. Jonas'. Stephen'. 
Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Ann Rebecca 
(Bridge) Adams ; res. Boston, Mass. 

i. Annie Maria", b. in Bostou, Muss., July 23. 1832; J. 2U Sei>t., 1851. 
ii. Alviu", b. in Boston, April 10, 1834; d. H Muy, ls6l. 
iii. Wuldo", b. iu Boston, May 23, 1830; nj. June 2, 18.">7, at Lowell, 
Mass., Isabelle Hortenae BuruLani; b. March 25, 183^; uo issue. 
He became manager of the e.xpress company estublished by his 
father; d. in Boston, March, 18'J2.- 'V/^ (37 Y 
iv. AVilhc , b. in Boston, Feb. 23, 18o8; d. 11 Aiiril, 1838. 
308. V. Edward Liviugstou", b. Aprils, 183'J; m. Feb. 9, 1870. in New York, 
Emily Mucy. 
vi. Elk'U Waters-, b. Oct. 11, 1341; d. 28 Dec, 1844. 
300. vii. Ueleu Frances", b. Oct. 18, 1340; ni. Nov. 22, 18G0, Wm. B. Dius- 
more ; res. Boston, Muss. 


more ; res. Uoston, iuttss. i 

Josephine-, b. Feb. 14, 1848; d. T3May, ISOOt?''''' ^ 

310. ix. Clara Belle', b. March 4, 1803; m. Sept. 2'J, 1870, Edw. P. Keunard. 

She d. 20 June, 1870. 

Children of Orison', (l^o7) [1.53J (Corp. Jonas', Stephen \ 
Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Cynthia (Pres- 
cott) Adams; res. So. Boston, Mass. 

i. Harriet Childs'. b. in Nantucket, Mass., Aprils, 1835; m. Nov. 15, 

1862, John Davis. She d. 30 July, 18C5; no issue, 
ii. George Hervey', b. in Nantucket, Sept. 5, 183G; d. 22 May, 1837. 
iii. Harrison", b. in Nantucket, Nov. 23, 1838 ; d. 7 Dec, 1848. 

311. iv. Warren P.", b. in Nantucket, July 10, 1840; m. April 3, 1878, Mary 

E. Pawlifl of Brooklyn, N. Y. He publishers' asent; res. Woburn, 

312. V. Melvin-, b. in Nantucket, Nov. IS, 1341 ; 

m. (1) Oct. 5, 18G2, Anna Do\-is: d. 24 July, 1809. 

m. (2) June 0, 1871, Mary E. Frye, dou. of Joseph Frye ; b. iu 
Quincy, Mass., March 0, 184G. His res. So. Boston, Muss. ; enlisted 
Auj;. , 1801 ; 9 months in 0th Mass.; was in several battles; dis- 
charged July 2, 18G2. 
vi. Orison", b. in Nantucket, May 2, 1844; d. 21 Feb., 1840. 

154 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Polly'. (170:5) [1.-.4] (Luthtr'. Stephen', Thomas'. 
Timothy', Lieut. Thoma.s-', Henry') and Robert Nichols; re.s. 
Lunenburg, Vt. 

i. Luther Adams Nichols, b. in Concord, Vt., Sept. 17, 1810; m. April 
15, 1841, Caroline Hiill; res. Lnnenburpr, Vt. ; living' 18JG. ii. 
, Elvira Nichols, b. in Concord, Sept. 1, 1818 ; m. 1340, Mosea Bemis. 

She d. at Littleton, N. H., Oct., 1849. 

Children of Capt. Luther', (ITlMi) [1J5] (Luther', Stephen, 
Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas'. Henry') and Ada (Brown) 
Adams; res. Lunenbursf. Vt. 

313. i. Luther Parker", b. in Lunenburp, Vt.. March 11, 1823; m March 13. 

1850, Sarah W. Chandler; res. Haverhill, N. H. 

314. ii. Ada Warren", b. in Lnnenbur?. March 8. 1824; ni. Nov. 8, 1848, John 

W. Chandler, son of Dea. Beubeu Chandler of Luueuburg, Vt. ; 
res. Fitchburg, Mass. 

315. iii. James", b. in Lunenburg, Jan. 23. 1826; m. Feb. 27. 1862. Charlotte 

Beyuolds; d. 15 Feb., 181)7. He a machinist; d. in Lowell, Mass., 
5 Jan., 1892. 
310. iv. Horace", b. in Lunenburg. July 24. 1828; m. Dec. 0, 18'<3, Emily 
Carpenter. He a farmer, Maidstone. Vt. ; P. O.. Guildhall. Vt. 

317. V. Philander B.". b. in Lunenburg, Aug. 22, 18o0; m. Dec. 18. 1855. 

Mary P. Huse. He d. at St. Johnsbury. Vt.. 17 Oct , 18'Jl. 
vi. Charles", b. in Lunenburg, Nov. 12, 1832; m. March 25. 1808. Mary 
Jane Mears, deceased; one son d. while his father was in the army; 
he was a soldier 2 years; d. in Rochester, 111., 10 Jan.. 18GG: res. 
Sangamon. 111. 

318. vii. Frances Brown', b. in Lunenburg. Se^t 10, 1834; m. July 31, 1802. 

Chas. D. Cobb, b. Oct. 1, 1834; d. in Derby, Vt, 11 Dec, 1874; 
she living in Fitchburg, Mass. 
310. viii. Alfred', b. in Lunenburg, Feb. 19, 1838; m. Dec. 3, 1803, Francelia 
J. Dexter; d. 22 July, 1884; he living in St. Johnsbury, Vt. 
ix. Edwin", ,b. in Lunenburg, Oct. 20. 1840; m. April 17, 1871, Sorah E. 
Trail;. tailor;, reH. Manchester, N. H.; no issue.. 

Children of .Sirene',.(l HOI) [156] (Luther*, Stephen', Thoma.s'. 
Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Ira.Casii\'elI; res. Con- 
cord, Vt. 

L Obcot J. CaaweU. b.ia Littleton, N. H.. May 30, 1824; m. Mary Jane, 
Hobbs of Lowell, Mom. ; d. Jane, 1896. Settled in Lowell. Mass. ; 
d. 4 Jane, 1870. ii. Alba 3. Caswell, b. in Littleton. May 20, 
182"; m. Loi» Gregory of Concord,. Vt.;-he d. in Waterliml, Vt, 25 

Eighth Generation.] lieutenant thoma:>. 1."».'> 

Mny, 1889. iii Jeiletliuh B. Caswell, b. in Littletou, Mnrcb :iO, 
ISaO; d. 3 Aug., 1831. iv. AWen Y. Ctiswell, b. in Littleton, Anjr. 
19, 18ul; m, Mary Ann Damon of Lowell; no issue. Settleil iu 
Lowell, Mass.; d. 24 Jan., 18U4. v. Clark R. Cnawell, b. in 
Littleton, April 5, 1835; m. Aug. 2C, 18G2, Lizzie S. Seaver of 
Lowell; b. Aug. 30, 1844; he enlisted iu the army, in GthMuss. Reg. 
9 months, Aug., 1802; discharged Moy, 1803. Settled in Lowell, 
removed to Lawrence and Xorthumi>ton, Mass., and to Keene, N. 
H.; d. in Keene, 14 Jan., 1897. 

Children of Elvira', (lb^):^j [1 .17] (Luther", Stephen', Thomas*. 
Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Daniel Howe ; res. 
Guildhall, Vt. 

i. Edward Adams Howe, b. iu Guildhall, Vt., Dec. 20, 1827. ii. Ellen 
Mario Howe, b. iu Guildhall, June 18, 1831. iii. Oscar Perkins 
Howe, b. in Guildhall, July 4. 1334. iv. Elvira Jane Howe, b. 
in Guildhall; d. at 4 years of age. 

Children of Mercy', (1S(»5) [1j>:] (Luther', Stepheir, Thomas', 
Timothy', Lieut. Thoma.s% Henry') and Levi Ball; res. Concord, 

i. Adeline Ball, b. in Concord, Vt., Sept. 15, 1829; m. 1852. Rollin C. 
Dubtiu. They settled in Manchester, N. H. She d. June. 
IMUC. ii. Jo8ei)h Boll, b. in Coucord. April 9, 1832; m. 1857, 
Sylvauia Jobuson. He settled, 1855, in AVorcester, Muss., removpd 
thence to Staubteiul, P. Q., where he d. 24 Jau. 1805; a dau. de- 
ceoKed. iii. Levi Adams Ball, b. in Concord, Nov. 25, 1830; 
enlisted in the army from Lunenburg, Vt., ond d. of fever at Fred- 
ericksburg, Va.,3 Jan., 1803, age 20. iv. Henry Harrison Ball, 
b. in Sutton, Vt, May 31, 1S40; d. 2 April, 1841. 

Children of Lydia', (1702) [lott] (Timothy", Thoma.s\ Timothy'. 
Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Amos R. Wheeler; res. 
Cavendish, Vt. 

i. Betsey Wheeler', b. in Cavendish, Vt., March 30, 1805; d. at St. 
Charles. 111. ;unm., 18 Oct., 1840. ii. .\.rvilla Wheeler', b. in 
Cavendish. Nov. 30, 1800; m. Feb. 20, 1820, Horace Bancroft. She 
d. inYpsilauti, Mich., at the res. of her only dau., Eliza B. Dunham, 
3 Oct., 1883. iii. Timothy .\damB Wheeler', b. in Cavendish. 
Feb. 21, 1809; m. Abbie Whitcomb of Cavendish, Vt. He d. at St. 
Charles, 111., 2 June, 18CT. iv. Sarah Potter Wheeler, b. in 
Cavendish, Sept. 21, 1810; m. Aug. 4, 1834, Ira Miuard; d. 22 Jan.. 
1870. She d. at St. Charles, 111., 30 March, 1895. v. Amos Rich- 
ardson Wheeler, b. in CuvondiBh, Sept. 12, 1815; d. in Mich. ,7 

l.">t'. i.iF.UTENANT THOMAs. [Eighth Generation. 

Feb., 1883. vi. Olive Wheeler-, b. in CaveniUsh. Oct. 11, 1817; m. 
Job Knight. She liviug ISOO with her only duu., June Wultou, 
Ripuie, Gu. vii. Churles Wheeler, b. in Cuveudish. Oct. 5, 1819; 
ID. Eleunor Pnitt of Wuyne, 111.; res. Lu Cygne, Kan. He <J. 9 
Sept., 1878. viii. Cluriudu Arilacella Wheeler, b. in Cavendish, 
Mftrch 21, 1822; ni. Read Ferson, deceased; res. St. Charles, 111.; 
living 18'J0. is. John Quiucy Wheeler, b. in Caveiidish, May 10, 
1827; d. uum., at St. Charles, 111., 21 Jan., 18CU. 

Children of Thomas', (ITsO) [ICiO] (Timothy", Thomas', 
Timothy', Timothy', Lieut.— Thomas', Henry') and Abigail 
(Conick) Adams; res. Wcstville Centre, Franklin Co., N. Y. 

320. i. William T.", b. in Westville, N. Y., Feb. 23, 1814; m. Moy IG, 1838, 

Samantha Brigj.'s, dnu. of Ira and Jemima Brisks; 1>. Feb. 27, 1814; 
d. March, 1871. 

ii. Martho Ann", b. in Westville, Feb. 33, 181G; m. .\lonzo Chose. 

Children of Dr. Ira\ (IT'.mi) [ICIJ (Timothy", Thomas'. 
Timothy', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry'} and Angelia A. 
(Root) Adams; res. Lowvillc, X. Y. 

321. i. WUliam Roof, b. in Lowville, N. Y.. Oct. 25, 1823; m. Aup. 17, 1852, 

Melissa Mills, dan. of Timothy Mills, Ewi. . of Lowville, N. Y. He 
a graduate of Union, Col., 1851 ; principal of Lowville Academy for 
many years; resigned iinidly in 18'J2. 
ii. Rebecca B.', b. in Lowville, Feb. 18, 1826; m. Jan. 2, 1349, Daniel 

Patten. She d. at Lowville, N. Y., 30 Sept., 1851. 
iii. Ira , b. in Lowville, July 28, 1828; d. 1 March, 1§31. 

322. iv. Dr. Ira Bobbins-, b. in Lowville, AuJ;. 17, 1831; m. April 11,1800, 

Sophia Mills Latimer; b. in Elmira, N. Y., April 0, 1830. He d. in 
Lowville, N. Y., 10 Nov., 18U2. 

323. . V. John Parker", b. in Lowville, Dec. 10, 1834; m. Feb. IG. 1858, Azubah 

A. Martin; res. homestead, Lowville, N. Y. 
vi-. Elbridge Gerry", b. in Lowville, Aug. 9, 1837; m. April 3, 1870, Anna 
C. MeuluB of Collinaville, N. Y. He o teoeher; rea. Vernon,'N. Y. 
TU. Harriet Newell-, b. ia Lowville, Sept. 10, 1842; m. July 8, 1868, John, 

W. Brown. She d. 1 March. 1878. 
Tiii. Martha Sophrooia", b. in Lowville, July 15. 1815; m. Feb. 21, 18C8, at 
Copenhagen, N. Y:, Wm. A. Ragon; rea. St. Paol, Minn. 

Children of John',' (ITO.i) [hM] (Timothy", Thomas', 
Timothy*. Timothy\ Lieut. Thomas% Henry') and. Huldah 
(Wrijrht) Adams: res. Rtishford, N. Y. . 

Eighth Generation.] lieutexaxt thomas. 157 

324. i. Maitlia', b. in Rnshford, N. Y., .Sept. 8, 1810; m. about 1837, Gregory 

Russell. She d. 30 March. 1840. 
ii. Sophronia', b. in Rnshfonl, Nov. 21, ISlil; d. nnm., 18 June, 1841. 
iii. Irn% b. in Rnshford, Jnne 5, 1821, nj. Ann Grout; Le died 14 May. 
1804; no issue. 
32V iv. Dr. John Quincy, b. in Rushford, N. Y., Dec. 31, 1837; 

m. (1) Au?. 15, 180.3, Sfirnh L. SpaKlins of Proctorsrille, Vt. ; d. 
28 Dec, 1807; no issue. 
m. (2) Feb. 23, 1870. Helen V. Smith of Chester, Vt. 
He ft grndunte of Berkshire Medical College, 184ft. Settled in 
Carmel, N. Y., 1833; surgeon of ship Henry Clay. U. S. N.. 
18.'>2; in the army 1802-05; returned to Corniel, 18GC; removed to 
Pasadena, Cnl., 1688. 

Children of Charles^ (ISoti) [103] (Isaac', Thomas\ Samuel*, 
Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Nancy (Robbins) Adams; 
res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

320. i. Charles Henrj-", b. in Chelmsford, Mass., April 3, 1827; m. Nov. 29, 

1850, Ann Relief Bj-am, dau. of Henry Byoiu. He settled in Boston, 
1840; i)roduce merchant; d. 24 Jon.. 187.8. 
ii. Nancy Marin', b. in Chelmsford, April 22, 1829; m. James M. Thrasher, 
dentist; d. in Boston, 11 Aug., 1882; one child, Geo Prescott 
Thrasher; res. Cambridge, Mass. She d. 30 July, 1880. 

327. iii. Hon. George Z.". b. in Chelmsford, April 23, 1833; m. Sept. 10, 1801. 

Joanna F. Davenport. He is a graduate of Harvord College, 1800; 
an attorney in Boston; member of Boston School Board, etc. 

328. iv. Rufus Osgood', b. in Chelmsford, July 12, 1835; m. April 5, 1800, 

Susan Walker, dau. of Benjamin Walker; res. Lowell, Mass. 
V. Sylvester Robhins', b. in Chelmsford, April 10, 1838; m. l8Cl,Philena 
H. Newhall, dau. of Seth and Philena NewhalJ. He a dentist, 
Boston ; no issue. 
^^. Amos Francis", b. in Chelmsford, May 20, 1842; m. Dec. 20, 1805, 
Alice J. Wellington of Ashby, Moss. ; commission merchant in 
Boston; preiiented town of Chelmsford with public library building, 
May, 1890; no issue. 

\\i. Sarah Copeland', b. in Chelmsford, Dec. 7, 1844; d.22 March, 1846. 
\nii. John Minot", b. in Chelmsford, Aug. 15, 1847; m. Nov. 20, 1874, 
Georgie H. Warren ; has one dau. Amy; res. Melrose, Mass. 

Children of Hannah Maria', (l-si:^,) [J (',4] (Isaac% Thomas', 
Samuel', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas'. Henry') and Solomon Edwin 
Bvam : res. So. Chelmsford. Mass. 

Ijs LiLUTKNANT THOMAS. [Eighth Generation. 

i. Maria A. Bynm, b. Oct. 10, 18-33; m. April 3, ia"i3, DaviJ Clinton 
Perbftin; res. CLelmsford. Mass. ii. Edwin Byam, b. April, 
1S35; d. 22 Sept.. 1(J35. iii. Welthy Ann Byam, b. July 20, 1837; 
m. Oct. 9, 135C, Nathan C. Bean; d. 13 July, 1895. She d. 13 
Feb.. 1939. iv. Rufus E. Byam, b. Au?. 19, 1839; m. March 9, 
1803. Caroline Simiison. He d. i.T Ma}-, ISCr.. v. Snmner .\dam8 
Byam, b. Aug. 3, 184.1; m. Sept. 24, 1872, Maria A. Burns; res. 
Lowell. Mass. ri. Frank Colby Byam, b. March 20, I84S; m. 
Jan. 24, 1872, Amelia F. Wetherbee. vii. Lizzie H. Byam, b. 
May 31, 18.'il;m. Nov. 1.3, 187::. Geo. P. Mansfield; res. Chelms- 
ford, Mass. ^-iii. Fanny A. Byam, b. Seft. 20, 1851; d. 20 Dec, 

Children of Abi\ (177:^) [ir.5] (John'. John% Timothy', 

Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henr)-') and Solomon Byam ; res. 

Chelmsford, Mass. 

i. Patty Byam, b. June 8, 1791; d. 1 May, 1800. ii. Tr3-phena Byam, 
b. Feb. 20, 1793; d. 8 Nov.. 1870. iii. Josiah Byam, b. May 8, 
1795; d. 17 Jan., 1803. iv. Selathiel Byam, b. Feb. 5, 1797; d. 19 
April, 1875. v. Otis Byam. b. Feb. 27. 1799; d. 5 Nov., 1857. 
vi. Mary Byam, b. Sept. 20. 1801; d. 18 Jan., 1837. vii. Betsey 
Byam, b. Dec. 20, 1803; d. 23 Nov., 1837. viii. Marcus D. Byam, 
b. April 15, 1805; d. 22 March, 1873. is. Clarina Byam, b. April 
18, 1803; d. 10 April, 1891. x. Solomon Edwiu Byam, b. July 13, 
1810; d. June, 1873; ra. Hannah Maria Adams, dau. of Isaac 
Adams. xi. Ephraim Byam, b. .\n?. 10, 1812; d. Jan.. 1885. 
xii. Lanra Bj-am. b. Jan. 13, 1815; d. 22 Sept. xiii. Stillman 
Byam, b. Sept. 11, 1817; d. 9 July, 1873. ' 

Children of Richard', (17.^.j) [H'.r.] (Robert', John', Timothy', 
Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Sally (Fletcher) Adams; 
res. Westford, Mass., and Riishford, N. Y. 

i. Robert', b. iu Westford, Mass., Dec. 3, 1807; d. nmn., 1823. 
ii. Sally, b; iu Westford, April 5, 1800; d. 1812. 
iii. Rachel-, b. in Westford; d. 1812. 
329. iv. Dr.- Richard Fletcher. Ix in Westford, Dec. 2X. 1812; 

m. (1) Deborah: Ingalls- of . Cavendish, Yt; b. in Pomiret, Conn.;, 
d. Nov., 1840. , 

m. (2) Elizabeth. M., Osgood; b. in Weatford, Mass.; dan.' of Dr. 
Benjamin Osgood of Westford, Mass. She d. in Amboy, 111.,, 
March, 186.'); m. also the 3d and 4tli time. He d. in Denver, Col.,; 
Sept., 1890. 
330.' T. Benjamin Franklin*, b. in Chehnaford. Maaa., Ang. J>,' IHt.'i; m. May 
7, 1840, Frances C. Leighton; b. in Westford,. Mass., April 28, 1815; 
d. in Brookline, Mans., 28 Jnne. 1891. He wan a merchant; re- 
moved to Boston Brookline, Mass., in 1870. He d. 10 
June. 1892. 

.Eighth Generation.] lieutenwnt thom.Ai^. 150 

Child of Richard', (1785) and Eugenie (Swift) Adams, 
vi. Sophronift", b. Jod., 184G; d. 30 April, 1853, age 8 years and 4 months. 

Children of Susanna', (1788) [ir.7] (Robert", John', Timothy', 
Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Capt. Joseph White; 
res. Cavendish, Vt. 

i. Snsnn White', b. in Cavendish, Vt., Jnne 4, 1812; m. Oct. 30, 1834, 
Otis Robbins of Cavendish, Vt. ; d. 7 March, 18ST. She d. in Cav. 
endish. 24 Feb., 1883; no issue. ii. Joseph .\dain8 White, b. in 
Cavendish, May 22, 1817; m. Dec. 3, 1840, Ellen L. Proctor. He d. 
7 Aug., 1879. 

Children of Rufus', (1701) [IGS] (Robert", John', Timothy', 
Timothy'. Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Sophronia (Searl) Adams; 
res. Rush ford, N. Y. 

331. i. Rnfus Alfred", b. in Cavendish, Vt., Oct. 15, 1821; m. April 22, 1840, 

Lncinda Akers of PorUge, Wyoming Co., N. T.; d. 23 Jnne, 1886; 

res. Rushford, N. Y. 
3:52. ii. Soi.hronia Gilbert", b. in Rnshford, N. Y., .Tune 4, 1820; m. Aug. 6, 

184'», John rietcLer Gordon; d. 2 Feb., 18G0; res. Rushford, N. Y. 
3;«. iii. Salome Searl", b. in Rushford, Ang. 7, 1828; m. Ang. 7, 1848. Jacob 

Wislar. Settled at Pine Grove, Allegan Co., Mich. She d. C May, 


Child of Stephen', (1782) [IGO] (Capt. Timothy', John', 
Timothy'. Timothy', Lieut. Thoma.s', Henry") and Patty (Butter- 
field) Adams; res. Chelm.sford or Carlisle, Mass. 

i. Sarah A.", b. in Boston. 180C; m. 1825. Wm. Lamb of that town; he d. 
iu 18.')7; she d. 1871, iii Lowell, Moss. 

Children of Hon. Joel', (1783) [170] (Capt. Timothy', John', 
Timothy', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Catherine 
Mary (Gibson) Adams; res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

334. i. Maria Juliette', b. in Chelmsford, March 15, 1810; m. Oct. 9, 1834, 
Dr. John C. Bartlett. 
ii. Charles Edwin", b. in Chelmsford, Dec. 31, 1811; d. 27 March, 1832, 
iii. Henry Kirkland". b. in Chelmsford, Feb. 1, 1819; d. 17' Sept., 1820. 
iv. John Henry", b. in Chelmsford, Feb. 8, 1822; d. 2GJuue, 182C. 
v. John T. K.", b. iii Chelmsford, 1828; d. 29 Jan., 1867. 

It'.o I.IKL'TFXANT THOMAS. [Eightli Generation. 

Children of Johir. (ITs:,) [I7l] (Capt. Timothy\ John', 
Timothy', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Sally Simpkins 
(Kendall) Adams; res. Norfolk, Va. 

i. Stephen Kendal]-, b. in Norfolk. Va., Dec. 13, 181G; il. G Oct., 1817. 
ii. Twin.s. b. and d. July G, 1818. 

Hi. Vir^nia S.\ b. in Norfolk, Sept. 2.1, 1819; d. 8 An?.. 18'-'4. 
iv. Snll}-. b. in Norfolk. March 2n. 1822; d. l--. Mny. 1822. 
V. Joel-, b. in Norfolk. Jnne 23. 1823; d. 1 Oct., 182.';. 
3J."i. vi. William Simpkins'. b. in Norfolk, An?. 15, 182'); uo. IJ^Ol, iu Warwick 
Co., Va., Sarah EIi7al)oth Crafford; d. nt Lee Hall, Va.. 14 Jan., 
1837. Hed. 17Jnly, 1884. 
vi. Samuel H.-, b. in Norfolk. Oct. 37. 1827; d. while a student at college 
in Delaware, Moy, 184.'5. 

Children of Anna^ (ITsT) [172] (Capt. Timothy", John', 
Timothy', Timothy", Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Maj. Jonas 
Parker ; res. Carlisle, Mass. 

i. Joanna Parker, b. Dec. 11, 181!); m. 18.TS, Jonas Gleason. She d. 10 
Oct., 1890. ii. Ohve Maria Parker, b. July ."5, 1824; d. 7 April, 

Children of Bctscy\ (170:)) [17:5] (Capt. Timothy^ John', 
Timothy', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas", Henry!) and Capt. Thomas 
Heald ; res. Carlisle, Mass. 

i. SarahElizabeth Heald. b. Feb. 2, 1822; ui. Nov. 28, 184.5, Wm. M. 
ParkhurBt. She d. 3 June, 1801; one dan. ii. Timothy A. 
Heald, b. An?, r,, 1824; d. r, Dec. 1840. iii. John Henry A. 
Heald. b. May 15, 182C; m Christina A. Wheat. He d. 21 Dec, 
1884. iv. Lncy Heald, b. Dec 22, 1827; d. 4 Oct., 185.5. v. 
Maria P. Heald, b. April 11, 1829; d. 2fi June, 1831. vi. AngeUna 
Heald. b. Feb. IC, 183:1; d. 14 May, 1838. 

Children; of Ben jamhi\(17J»5)[r7-J-] (Capt. Timothy*, John',.. 
Timothy', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and. Abi. (Heald) 
Adams; res. Carlisle, Mass. 

i. Harriet E.-, b. in Carlisle, Mors.. March 11, 1821; d. yonng. 
ii. Joanna", b. in Corhsle. Nov. 4, 1822; d. nnm., 7 Feb., 1895. 
33G. iii. Miriam Abi', b. in Carlisle, Jnne 0.1824; m. Oct. 27, 1847- George- 

Cnml>er of AftUlnnd, She iL 18 Feb., 1872. 
337. ir. Mercy Tirginia-v b. in^CarliBle. Dee. 1, ISS-I; nu Zebina D. Bartlett 
of Bethel, Mel : res. Carliaie. Mar's.-' 

Lli-iuii Generation.] lieutenant tiuimas. 101 

j::>. V Catherine Mnry", b. in Cnrlisle, Oct. 2, Wil; ni. George Smith of 

Holyoke, Mass. ; d. 2G Jau. 
vi. Lncinila Maria", b. in Carlisle, June C. 1820; il. l-T Ang.. 1844. 
:;:;. \ii. Timothy, b. iu Cadisle, Feb. 2C, 1831; m. April %".. 18.-.4, Sarah E. 

Chamiiney; farmer, etc., Chelmsford. Mass. 
;;i:i \iii. Saiiih Amelia, b. in Carlisle, June 27, 1832; m. 18-12. Benjamin II. 

Webster of Carlisle; he was a soldier iu Co. G, 47th ; J. 28 

.Inue, 1S02. She d. G Feb., 1872, ase 39. 
:'.il iv. Charles Ed\rin\ b. iu Carlisle, April 1". 1S34; ni. March 20.1801. 

Viriau Broxvuof Billerica. Mass. He was q caiiientoi; res. Peuna- 

eook. N. H. 
:!!.'. \. .Bov. Benjamin Sterhen\ b. in Cnrlisle, Dec. 14.; m. June Ifi. 

]S7."i. Eliza A. Cole. He settled in Cabot, Vt , preachetl iu Glover. 

Vt.; d. in St. Juhusbury, Vt., 2 Jan., 1891. 

Children of Simon\ (1700) [17:^] (Capt. Timothy\ John". 
ri.,-'..ihy . Timothy'. Lieut. Thoma.s-', Henry') and Maria (Parker) 
.N'l.iiii--; res. Lowell, Mass. 

i. Clara Maria", b. in Lo-well, Mass., Auj;. 30, 1830; unm.; res. Boston. 

:M:! ii. :\rnry Julia', b. in Lowell, July 9, 18-33; m. An?. 21. 18.V;. at Coucord,, .\.bel Gardner Haywood, son of Abel B. ITnywood; he 
was an inn-holder; b. June U, 183o; d. 9 Feb.. 187:;. ahc d. iu 
Worcester, Mass., 17 Nov.. 188";. 

;:i ill Eliz:dioth Bartletf, b. in Lowell, A»i?r. 12, isyr,; m. June 12. 18f.1, in 

Charlestowu, Mass., Georjje Tolrann, son of Elislm and Henrietta 
(Mayo^ Tolman; b. in Rosbnry. Dec. 9. 1830; journalist; res. Con- 
cord, Mass. 

CliiKlren of Sallys (I7f>s) [170] (Capt. Timothy", John', 
'i"invaliy, Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and John Bennett ; 
i\:-. C.-rlisie, Mass. 

i. John Bennett, Jr. ii. Sarah Bennett, who m. Artemns Parker. 

Children of F.anny\ (1S((1)[177] (Capt. Timothy', John", 

'ir.v.inliy. Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Nathaniel 

T.TvlDr; res. Carlisle, Mass. 

j. Frances :\raria Taylor, b. March 20, 1829; m. Oct. 3, 1870, Joseph 
Manning. ii. Adelaide Ausmatn Taylor, b. Aug. 28, 1830; m. 
Jan. 1, ISnn, Win. B.^ Nash. iii. Claraniond Taylor, b. Jon. 7, 
1S33; m. July 29. ^sr,2. Ira Gridin. iv. Mercy Annette Tnylor, b. 
Jau. 17, l.^:}.'">; d. l.T Oct., 18.'i7. v. Nathaniel Abraham Taylor, 
b. Jan. fi. 1837; ni. (1) June. 1809, Amanda E. Scott; d. l-T Aug.. 1870; 
m. (2) Nov. 2. 1881, Ellen Davis. He d. 20 Aug.. 1890. 

1G2 LIEUTENANT Tii()M.\>. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Hon. Rufus\ (1774) [17S] (Nathan', Capt. 
Samuel', Capt. Joseph', Samucr, Lieut. Thomar^', Henry') and 
Joanna (Byers) Adams; res. Canterbury, Conn. 

345. i.'. b. in Cnnterbnry, Conn., Oct. 5, 1800; m. Dec. 21, 1831, 

Heurj- SmifL, hardware mercLnnt in SprinKfield, Mass. He d. 4 
Oct., 1872. Shed. 14 Aiiril. IHSO. 
ii. Mary Smith", b. in Canterbury, June 25, IHll; d. 14 March. 1815. 

340. iii. Dr. Xathan", b. in Canterbury, May C. 1813; m. May 4, 1843, Eliza- 
beth Watkinsou; b. Sept. 18, 1817; living 1897. He settled in • 
Spriusfield. Mass., 1844, and practiced hi.'^ profession; d. on a visit 
at Marblehead, Moss., 2 Oct., 1888. 
iv. Mary Smith", b. in Canterbury, .Tnne 30, ISl.'i; m. Nov. 23, 1852, 
Benjamin W. Delameter. He d. 21 June, 1881. She d. 13 May, 
1873; had one child; b. Aufi. 27, 1854. ond d. same day. 

347. V. Johannah Byers", b. in Canterbury. Nov. 0. 1817; m. Dec. 21, 1840, 

Francis Burt of Longmeadow, Mass. ; b. .Tune 21, 1801 ; d. 20 Dec, 
1879; she settled in Longmeadow; removed later to Springlield, 
Muss. ; Uving 1897. 
vi. Phebe EusworthS b. in Canterbury, Nov. 5. I81'.i; m. Dec. 31, 1853, 
William Kiuue; b. in Plainfield, Conn., Morch IG, 1819; a teacher 
of Bacon Academy and New Haven High School, and privately at 
Ithaca, N. Y. Shed. 17 April, 1893. 

348. vii. James Byers", b. in Canterbury, Oct. 10. 1822; m. Jan. 7, 1852, Cath- 

erine M. Johnson; b. March 11. 1821; li^^ng 1897. He was a dry 
goods merchant in New York; d. 22 Maj-. 1857. 
viii. Rufus", b. in Canterbury, Oct. 4, 182.5; d. 9 Oct., 1825. 

Children of Sally', (17.s'.i) [I7li] (Joseph'', Capt. SamueV, Capt. 
Joseph*, Samuel', Lieut, Thomas', Henn-') and Ephraim Beards- 
ley ; res. St. Albans, Vt. 

i. Jerome Beardslej", b. in St. Albans, Vt. ; removed to the West. ii. 
William Beardslej", b. in St. Albans; " .•ccentric;" went to Grond 
Isle, and is supposed to have been drowned. 

Children of Hon. Samuel', (17H-_>) [Iso] (Joseph', Capt. 

Samuel', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 

Alice (MeKinstry) Ada-ms; res. Grand Isle, Vt. 

i. Sophronia% b. in Grand Isle. Vt., April 13,1828: 

m. (1) Sept. 10, 1845, Williom. Warren White of St. Albana^ Vt.^ 
an attorney; d. July, 1862.' 

m. (2) May 9, 1804, Rev. Cbarlea Fay. (Episcopalian); d. Oct., 
188«. She d. without isaue, April, 1891 or 2. 
340. iu- Marj- A.", b. in Grand Isle, 1830; m. 1852. Cornelias LynJe, Jr., son 
of CorneliuB Lynde. Esti.. of Johnson. Vt.; b. Iti25; d. 1883. They 
settled- in Rock Islonil. 111., in 1852. 
350: iii. Sarah. B.-. b in Grand Isle, July 1«, 1834-; m. Oct 12, 1853, E. Mar- 
vin Smolley. attorney. St. AJbaus, Vt. Shed. 13 Oct., 1883. 

Eighth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 1G3 

Children of Nathan', (170i) [ISl] (Joseph", Capt. Samue? 
Capt. Joseph', Samuer, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Caroline 
(Hildreth) Adams; res. Grand Isle, Vt. 

i. Hod. Henry Clay\ b. in Grand Isle, Vt., July 4, 1828; m. 1850, 
Maria Reynolds. He was admitted to bar 1^4; State's Attorney 
for Franklin Co., 1859-01; Assessor of Inter. Rev., 1801-9; d. 13 
Feb.. 1800, of pneumonia; buried in Grand Isle, 
ii. Frank Hildreth", b. in Grand Isle, .July 24, 18:3S. He was atlmitted 
to bar at St. Albans, 1807; State's Attorney, Grand IsleCo., lS~5-il, 
and 1881-85. 
351. iii. Julia Hannnb\ b. in Grand Isle, Jan. (Ma\-) 15. 1843; m. Jan., 1867, 
Edw. J. Parker of St. Albans. Vt. 

Children of Emily', (ISOl) [1S2] (Joseph", Capt. Samuel', 
Capt. Joseph', SamueF, Lieut. Thomas', Henr^-') and William 
Lewis Sowles ; res. St. Albans, Vt. 

i. Edward A. Sowles, b. Oct 23, 1831; m. May 21. 1803, Margaret B. 
Weeks; res. St. Albans, Vt. ii. Albert Sowles, b. Oct 5, 1833; 
m. Nov. 15, 1859, Sarah A. Paul; res. St Albans. Vt iii. Seth 
Sowlea. b. Aug. 13. 1835; d. 20 May, 1852. iv. Merrit Sowles, b. 
Dec. 34, 1837; m. Sept 10. 1802, Lucy M. Beck\rith; res. Platts- 
bnrg. N. Y. v. Mary Ann Sowles, b. Aug. 19. 1839; m. Feb. 10, 
1802, Chas. M. Hardy; res. Chicago, 111. vi. Milton Sowles, b. 
Jan. 10, 1842; m. Oct 3, 1800, Alice H. Blake; res. Swanton, Vt 
He d. 20 July, 1871. vii. Emily Sowles. h. June 14, 1840; m. (1) 
Sept 25, 1800, Chas. S. Hogle; m. (2) May 9, 1878, Dr. C. S. L. 
Leocb; res. St. Albans, Vt. 

Children of Dr. William R.', (ISOG) [1S3] (Joseph', Capt. 
Samuel', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henr}-') and 
Ann (Fox) Adams; res. Champlain, N. Y. 

i. Laura A.', b. in Champlain. N. Y., Jan. 7. 1834; m. Dr. H. C. Bulis. 
She d. at Decorab, la., 4 Aug., 1801. 

ii. Emily C.°, b. in Champlain, June 21. 1835; m. C. M. Long; res. 
Toledo, O. 

iii. Sarah J.', b. in Champlain, Jane 5, 1837; m. C. S. Dodds; res. Cham- 
plain. N. Y. 

iv. Dexter B.", b. in Champlain, March 5, 1839; d. 7 Sept., 1890. 

V. Harriets.', b. in Champlain, Feb. 8, 1841; m. Dr. H. C. Bulis of 
Decorab, lowo. 

vi. Mary E.% b. in Champlain, Oct. 3. 1842; m. Joseph Cogan; res. 
Rouses Point, N. Y. 

vii. Alice", b. in Champlain, Sept 10, 1844; d. 31 Aug.. 1840. 

1G4 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of William\ (ITC.n) [1>4J (John', Lieut. Joseph' 
Capt. Joseph'. vSamuel', Lieut. Thoma.s', Henry') and Abigail 
(^Mallory) Adams; res. Fly Creek. (Jtsego Co., N. Y. 

i. Suralj-, b. iu FJy Creek, N. Y.. Jau. 14. lJ<05; d. 7 Aug., lSlt<. 

352. ii. William Brndfor.V. b. in Fly Creek. Feb. 11. ISOC; m. Dec. 10, 18-J9. 

I'riecilla AilaniB, dnn. of JoLu aud Poicj- (Cheuey; Adams; b. 
Feb. 10, 18JC. He Bettled in Maldeu, Bureau Co.. 111.; d. 18 Aug., 

353. iii. Eli Bartletf, b. in Fly Creek. Feb. 28. 1812; 

m. (1) March 5, 1840. Clarindu Wbeeler; b. Aug. 10. 1811; d. 20 
JIay. 1851. 

m. (2) Dec. 2, 1853, Mrs. Betsey (Spencer) Long; b. May 18. 1821. 
He d. at Fly Creek, N. Y., 18 July. 1881. 

Children of John', (l""'''j [1^"'] (John', Lieut. Joseph', Capt. 
Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry'} and Percy (Cheney) 
Adams; res. Fly Creek, Otsego Co., N. Y. 

354. i. Adin', b. in Fly Creek, N. Y., Sept. 15, 1800; m. April 19. 1S19, Sally 

Williams; b. in Connecticut. April 19. 1802; d. March, 18C9. He d. 

at Cooperstown. N. Y., 3 March, 1879. 
ii. Nancy, b. in Fly Creek, March C, 18(2; m. April 17, 182.1. \Vm. Rut- 

tenber. She d. at Trout Creek, Delaware Co., N. Y., 15 Jan., 1877. 
iii. Dolly, b. in Fly Creek, Feb. 29, lt:u4: m. April 10. 1829, Fred 

Elwell of Lodi, N. Y. She d. at Lodi, Otsego Co., 1 Oct., 1841. 
iv. Priscilla-. b. in Fly Creek, Feb. 10, ISUO; m. Dec. 13, 1829, William 

Ii. Adams, sou of William and Abigail (.Mallory) Adams; b. Feb. 

11, 1800; d. 18 Aug., 1»C9. 

355. V. Johu J. \ b. in Fly Creek, April IC, 1808; 

m. (1) March 28. 1831, Betse} Day of Hartivick, N. ¥. 
m. (2) Harriet Bacuu of Buffalo. N. Y. 

m. (3) Sarah Ann Hall of Eatonville, N. Y. He d. at Avoco, 
Wis.,, 10 March, 1885, age 77. 
vi. Fersis-. b. in Fly Creek, March 29. 1810; m. June 12, 182S, Wm. N. 

Elwell. She d. at Middle\-iJle, Herkimer Co.. 4 April, 1852.. 
vii. Eliza-, b. in Fly Creek, Jan.' 10, 1M2; m. Stephen Wheeler.. She <L 
at Corning, (Horseheads), N. Y..2!>Jnne, 1801. 
350. viii. Ebenezer Cheney-, b. in Fly Creek. Sept.. 1814; m. Oct. 30, 1844, 
Nancy Owens. He d. at Painte<l Post, N.iY'., May, 1888. 

357. is. Walter". 1). in Fly Creek, Aug. 28. 1810; m. Sept., 1838, Sophronia 

Robinson of Coopersto'mi, N. Y'.; res. Comin;.', N. Y. 

358. X. Samuel Wilson-, b. in Fly Creek, Aiig. 17. 1820; m. Jan. 21, 1840. at 

Frankfort. N. Y., Maria Covenhoven of Herkimer. N. Y. ; b. March 
2. 18-20; d. 3 Nov.. 1895; reo. Painted Post, N. Y'. He settletl iu. 
Painted Post Sept.. 1M5; whs Prof, of vocaJ mnsitr. and conductor 
of mnsicol conventions for 45 years. 

Eighth Generation.] lieutenant tiiomas. 1C5 

Child of Gurdon, (177f,) [isO] (Joseph', Lieut. Jo.seph'. Capt. 
Jo.seph'. Samuer. Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Sally (Safford) 
Adam.s; res. Canterbury, Conn. 

i. Chiipmun", b. in Canterbury, Conn.. 1801. 

Children of Capt. Sylvester', (1778) [l.s7] .(Joseph'. Lieut. 
Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Saihuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Nancy (Walden) Adams ; res. Canterbury, Conn. 

i. Elizabeth Chapmon', b. in Canterbury, Conn.. Nov. 17, 180C; m. 

Dec. 1, 1832, John D. Butts, son of Cupt. David Butts. They 

settled in So. Hadley, Mass. She d. 10 March, 1801. 
ii. ElkanuhC". b. iu Canterbury, Morch 2, 1808; went to Limn, Peru. 

S. A. ; m. a Spanish lady; had five children, names unknown, 
iii. Sally M.-, 1). in Canterbury, Au^. 22, 1813; m. Oct. 3, 183G, Daniel 

H. Burdick. She d. 12 April, 1840. 
iv. Rosina', b. in Canterbury, April 10, 1815; m. Elisha P. Branch of 

Norwich, Conn. She d. 1 Aug., 1851. 
V. Sylvester, Jr., It. in Canterbury, Dec. 27, 1318; m. Jan. 18, 1840^ 

Jane Randall. He d. 11 April, 1857; no issue, 
vi. Nancy-, b. in Canterbury, Jan. 20, 1820; d. in Sprinpfield, Mass.. 

num., 2'J Sept., 1863. 
351). vii. 'Joseph Xormau~. b in Canterbury, July 3, 1837; m. Nov. 25, 1849, 

Rachel M. Lee; settled in Colchester, Conu., in 1847. 

Children of Capt. Ira', (17n1) [18S] (Joseph'', Lieut. Joseph'. 
Capt. Joseph', .Samuel', Lieut. Thomas", Henry') and Elvira 
(Wood; Adams; res. Canterbury, Conn. 

i. Laura L.\ b. in Canterbury, Conn., June 14, 181!); m. Nov. 33, 1848. 

Edwin Sufford Phinney; (3d wife). She d. I'J Muy, 1878. 
ii. Elizabeth A.~, b. in Canterbury, June 18, 1821; m. Dec. 24, 1845. Hart 
Williams, sou of Walter Williams, Esq. He d. 3 Feb., 1883, age 
UO years; res. Westminster, Conn; no issue, 
iii. Orilla Elvira', l>. in Canterbury, Nov. 8, 1824; d. 10 Sept., 1827. 
iv. Julia Maria, b. in Canterbury, Nov. 17, 1829; d. unm., 10 Sept., 1873, 
age 44 years. 

Child of Orrin', (1783) [18ii] (Joseph", Lieut. Joseph', Capt. 
Jo.seph'. Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Amy (Meach) 
Adams; res. Westminster, Conn. 

i. Harriet Elizabeth", b. in Westminster, Conn. , April 20, 1822; d. unm. 

160 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Perriu', (1T02) [I9n] (Joseph", Lieut. Joseph'. 
Capt. Joseph', Samuer, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Susan 
(Baldwin) Adams; res. So. Canterbury, Conn. 

• i. Eugene Hascftll", b. in Canterbury, Conn., April 7, 1827, farmer; 
uum. ; Huntley, Minn, 
ii. Edwin Chapman, b. in Canterbury, April 13, 1829; d. 19 Oct., 1830. 
iii. Jchn Baldwin', b. in Canterbury, Sept. 23, 1832; m. July 20, 1859, 
Caroline Burnett; farmer in Hanover, Conn. ; aoldier of the civil 
iv. Susan B.", b. in Canterbury, Feb. 3, 1334; m. Oct. 17, 18.59, George 
Palmer, son of Zephaniuh Palmer; teacher and lawyer; d. in Scot- 
land, Conn. ; res. Providence, R. I. ; no issue. 
V. Jerushu Mullory", b. in Canterbur)', May 7, 183G; m. Mari-h 12, 1859, 

John Craig; res. Canterbury, Conn.; no issue, 
vi. EUeu Mnria-, b. in Canterbury, Sept. 11, 1838; m. Feb. 13, 18(iC, 
Rev. Percival Matthewson. She d. without issue, 2i Dec, 1872, 
age 34. 
viL Myra Baldwin", b. in Canterbury, Ajiril 28, 1841; teacher; umu. ; res. 
Packerville, Conn. 
3C0. viii. James Madison', b. in Canterbury. Feb. 10, 1844; 

m. (1) Nov. 28, 1807, Sarah Young of Providence, R. I.; d. 13 
Maj-, 1874. 

m. (2) Jon. S, 1S83, Natty Doeg of Huntley, Minn.. He d. at 
Huntley, Minn., 10 Dec, 1892. 

Children of Chauncey', (ITIKS) [I'j]] (Joseph", Lieut. Joseph', 
Capt. Joseph', SamueF, Lieut. Thomas", Henry') and Sarah 
(Adam.s) Adams; res Canterbury, Conn. 

i. Miriam, b. in Canterbury, Conn., Jan. 15, 1827; d. 10 Sept., 1833. 
ii. Sarah L.", b. in Canterbury. Sept. 13, 18i9; m. April 9, 1847, Doug- 
loss L. Waters. She d. 8 Oct., 1850. 
iii. Sarah Adeline", b. iu Canterbury, Aug. 15, 1831; d. 2 Oct., 1831. 
301. iv. Adeline L.", b. in Canterbury, Nov. 15, 1832; m. Feb. 13, 1803, Linus 
Foot; d. 1880; res. Norwich, Conn.. 
T.. Lucy AauVb. in: Canterbury, Oct. 1,-18:34; d. 4 Oct. 183S.  

Children:, of Chauncey',, (170S) and, Tabitha (Robinson). 

303. vi.. John Channcey% b. in Canterbury, Oct. 8, 1841 ^m. March, 1875»V 
Fanny L. Penhollow of New London, Conn. ; rea. New London... 
TiL Charles Henry', b. in Canterbory,' March. 31,^ 1846-; nnm. ;. Bettled^ in< 
Norwich. Conn.. 1873. 

Eighth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 167 

Children of Sophia', (ITDS) [102] (Joseph'. Lieut. Joseph\ 
Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry) and Whiting 
Butts ; res. Canterbury, Conn. 

i. Susan Butts, b. in Canterbury, March 11, 1830; d. 'J March, 1843. 
ii. Frances Butts, b. in Canterbury, April 18, 1822; d. 28 March. 

Child of LsabeU, (1 7!)'.») [I'.i?.] (Joseph", Lieut. Joseph', Capt. 
Joseph', Samuer, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and William T 
Deming ; res. Hampton, Conn. 

i. Eunice Isabel Deming. b. June 28, 1823; m. Amos Witters of Hamp> 
ton Hill, Conn. 

^ Children of Joshua Knight', (17!il) [1 !»(".] (James", Lieut. 

Joseph", Capt. Joseph', SamueP, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 

Peddy (Wilmarth) Adams; res. Harford, Susquehanna Co., Pa. 

363. i. Emma Verona-, b. in Harford, Ph., Oct. 15, 1814; m. March 1, 183fi. 

Benjamia Barton; d. 1846. They settled in Cherry Valley, Otaepo 
Co., N. Y. ^he d. 31 Aug.. 1848. 

364. ii. Polly Knight", b. in Harford, Oct. 4, 1817; m. Oct. 27, 1837. David 

Larrabeo Hine; b. .Jan. 12, 1815; living in Harford, Pu., 1897. She 

d. in Harford, 24 May, 1892. 
iii. Stirai Amelia', b. in Harford, Jan. 15, 1820; living, unm., in Harford, 

Pa., 1897. 
3Cr>. iv. Zelio Jerusha", b. in Harford, Feb. 14, 1822; m. Sept. 25. 1842. Daniel 

Brundage; b. June 6, 1821; living 1897; res. Ariel. Wayne Co., Pa, 
V. Nancy Maria", b. in Harford. May 7, 1820; d. unm., 22 July, 1805. 
vi. Mary Sehna", b. in Harford, July 20, 1827; m. Jan. 8, 1S54, Hon. Asa 

Crosby Marvin, a widower, a slave-holder, a leading man in Henry 

Co.. Mo., who advocated the Union cause in the war, and lost his 

property; res. Clinton, Mo. She was educated at Mt, Holyoke 

Sem. ; d. 10 May, 1855; no issue. 

vii. Warren Clinton", b. in Harford, Oct. 23, 1830; d. 20 Jan., 1840. . 

Children of Joshua Knight', (1701) and Minerva (Follett) 

306. \-iii. Alvah Marion", b in Harford, Feb. 9, 1833; m. Sept. 6, 1800, Susan E. 
Wagner; b. March 13, 1840; living in Oregon. Hed. 5 Jan., 1879. 
ix. Helen Jane", b. in Harford, Jan. 0, 1835; m. Julius Duvis of Pompeys 
Hill. N. Y. ; he d. about 1880; res. with dan. at Whites Valley, 
Wayne Co., Pa. 
s. Laurise Jeduthan", b. in Harford. Dec. 13, 1836; m. Hannah Sharpp; 
res. Carbondale, Pa. 

ll'"''^ LIEb'TKNANT THOMAS. [Eighth Gcil«jr;ili(>ll. 

xi. Harriet Aik-liu , b. in Harford, Jnu. 8, 1839; m. Sept. \i, isiji. Irxiu;; 

Weed of AVu3-murt, Pa.; res. Wiiymart, WayueCo. . Pu. 
xii. Eiluiu Ferris", b. iu Hurford, April 28, 1841; d. in the iiruiy 1 Juu . 
xiii. Jacob Bluke', Ij. in Harford, Feb. 33, 18-13; m. Nov., IsOL, Heu-ii 

Lundou; res. Lou^mout, Col. 
xiv. Lewis Barton , b. in Harford, March 21, 1S45: d. 14 Ajiril ISK;. 
XV. Ida Adeline", b. iu Harford, June !l. 1817; ui. HawUy WVcd i.l \V;i\- 
mart, (twin brotlier of Irving Weed) deceased; res. Wnyniart. I'm 

Children of James', Jr., (177.">) [1U4-] ('James', Lieut. Jc'seph , 
Capt. Joseph', Samuer, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') ar.u AIi<-.j 
(Bradford) Adams; res. Abington Parish, Pomfret, Conn. 

30T. i. Eduu Alice , b. in Pomfret. Conn.. Jan. 9. ISOO; m. Jan. I'. !■■:; ul 

Plaiulield, Conn., Sidney Olcott, sou of Rev. All'.'U .iiid C^i.iMi:'. 
(Hooker) Olcott, b. iu MaucLester. Conn. Mar. 7, 179'i; d. !J Oi.t., 
1883. SLed. in Manchester, Conn., 1 Feb., 1872. 

308. ii. Moses Bradford", b. iu Canterbury, June 28, 1801; m. Maiili 
20, 1828, at Westminster, Conu. , Clarissa Cutler, dau. of Natliaiiii-l 
and Mary (Kingsbury) Cutler of Westminster. Conu. ; b. tuiic rj. 
1800; d. I'J July, 180-j; he was a carpenter; res. Canterlniiy. (.'uuii.; 
d. 8 April, 1800. 
iii. Harriet", b. in Cauterlmry, Feb. 10, 18J3; d. 9 Au?., 18(k;. 

30'J. iv. Sulouie", b. in Cauterbury, June 14, 1804; 

m. (l)Dec. y, 1824.atPlainfield, Conn .William WLite lli;.kii:s. !.. 
April 1, 1801; d. iu Lee Co., 111., 2 March, 1H54. 

ni. (2) Oct., 18j(i, at Amboy, 111., Anthony Stearns. T1j(.\ i.ui..\ 
in New Milford, Pa.; removed 1844 to Lee Co., III., and in !j";T In 
lola. Waupuu Co., Wis., where shed. IS.Aus-. 1888, a;^c t<4 ycuis. 
2 months. 4 days. 

370. V. Mary", b. iu Canterbury, July 19, 1800; m. June, 1831. Beubtu Siiilord 

son of Ephruim Satford, (2ud wife). He d. iu Norwich. Ci^ui:.. (>.( 
1877. She d. iu Canterbury, Conn., 12 March, 1840. 

371. vi. William Bradford", b. ia Canterbury, March 9, 1808; m. Svpt. 2>.» 

1833, at Scotland, Conn., Mary Ann Knight, dau. of Dea. .\i-tem.i-. 
Knight; b. iu Norwich, Coim., 18J9-10; d. in Aiisterlitz, N. V., 4 
May, 1871. He was a carpenter and wheelwTight; removed 18"i8 tt. 
Austerlitz, N. Y., and thence in' 1871 to Hopkinit, Mo. ; d. 14 Seiit. . 
372: vii. James Bradford", b. in Cantetbary, Jnne 14, 1810; 

m. (1) April 12, 1849, in ;AaBterlitz, Columbia Co., N. Y., Maria H. 
Tyler, ad dau. of Muj. Meatle and Etlith (Bnulford) Tyler; b. F.-b. 
4, 1817r d. 27 Nov., 1872. 

m. (2» Jan. 24, 1874, Matilda B„Bartlett; bw March 22. 182(1. 

He removetl ISGO to Garnet, Kan. ; d. 1889.' 
viiL Johtt . (twin) b. iu Couterbur)-, June- 14, 1810;: d. 17 June, 1^! 1. 

Eighth Generation.] lieu tlnant THO.NrA^. K-!* 

Children of Elisha A.', (17.S-2) [19.")] (James. Lieut. Joseph'. 
Capi. Joseph', Samuer, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Clarissa 
(Cook) Adams; res. Orwell and Benson, Vt. 

i. Roderick\ b. in Landaff, N. H., Jan. 18, 180C; m. Sarah Cox of 
Orwell, Vt. He settled in WestfieKl, Mich., and d. there. 
37S. ii. Frederick Warren", b. in Lunda£f, Nov. 11, 1S07; m. Sept. 10, 1840, 
Sully Ann White; b. Jan. 1-5, ISiO. He settled in Token, Wis,.. 
18GC; removed to Sun Prairie, Dane Co., Wis., 1881; d. there 12 
Jan., 188'J. 
;i71. iii. Nelson-, b. in Landaff, March 27, 1800; m. April 2, 1832, Hannah M. 
Wurren of Orwell, Vt. ; d. 9 May, 1377. He settled iu Bonsou. Vt. ; 
removed to Hopewell. Wash. Co., Kan. ; d. ID May, 180G. 
■:•",. iv Edward-, b. in Landaff, Jan. 27, 1811; m. March 2G, 1840, Cnliwtii 
Church of AVest Haven. Vt. ; b. 1814; d. 17 Nov., 1803. He wus a 
blacksmith and farmer; d. in West Haven, Vt., 5 May, 1890. 
a70. V. Edwin K. (twin) b. in Landaff, Jan. 27, 1811; m. May 8. 1844, PersiK 

Ellen Parsons at Chardon, O. ; b. in Dover, Vt., May 5, 182.'j. He 
settled in White Hall, Green Co., III. 
377. vi. .Tames-, b. in Landaff, Aug. 14, 1813; m. Oct. 19, 1843, Phebe Cush- 
man of Orwell, Vt. ; dau. of Joseph Cushmau of Ticouderoga; 1>. 
iu Orwell, July 9, 1824. He settled in Mason City, 111., 1852, and d. 
there 19 Oct., 1852. 
:!7s. vii. .Juhn D.-, b. in Landoff. Aug. 10. 181",; 

m. (1) Sot>t. 1, 1839, in Benson, Vt., Catherine F. McGaffee; d. in 
White Hull, 111.. 15 Aug., 18C0. 

m. (2) Dec. 18, 1801, Coroline Cunningham. He was a carpenter; 
settled in White Hall, 111., 1839; killed 19 Nov., 1892, by falling be. 
tween the wheels of a loaded wagon. 
viii. Mary-, b. in Landaff, June 22, 1817; d. 20 June, 1821. 

37'.i. ix. Dea. Gordon Cook-, b. in Orwell, Vt., Jan. 22, 1820 ; —- .. 

m. (1) 18G2-3. Harriet N. Watson, dan. of Noah and Catherine 
Watson; b. in Benson, Vt., April 20, 1322; d. iu Brookiyu, N. Y., 
12 April, 1872. 

m. (2; April 4, 1873, Ella M. Squier; b. in Swanton, Vt., Oct. 27. 
1851; d. in Brooklyn, N. Y., 2 April, 1882. 

m. (3) Feb. 12, 1883, Mattie Allen; b. in AVhite Hall, HI., Oct. 18. 
1844. He was educated ot Burr Academy, Manchester, Vt. ; tunght 
in Warren, Mo.; settled in Brooklyn, N. Y., 1851; treasurer, 
deacon and elder of Congregational church many years; res. Austin. 
X. WiUiam Harlow', b. in Onvcll, May 14,' 1820; d. 8 Aug., 1825. 
si. Amanda-, b. in Orwell, May 22, 1821; d. 12 Oct., 1820. 
■.i>^0. xii. Harriet Maria', b. in Orwell, Jan. 21, 182G; m. Aug. 13, 1861. Abraham 
Woods, (2nd wife); res. Manito, Mason Co., 111. 
xiii. Mary Ann-, b. in Orwell, March 28, 1828; m. Jan. 1, IS-l-'i. James 
Kelly of West Haven. Vt. ; d. 27 April, 1888; res. West Haven, Vt. 
Shed. 19 Aug., 1894; no issue. 

170 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Abigail', (17.-^1) [i;i7J (John Bradford'', Lieut. 

Jo.seph'', Capt. Joseph', Samuer, Lieut. Thomas"', Henry') and 

Reuben Herrick; res. Canterbury, Conn. 

i. Benjamin Herrick, b. in Canterbury. Conn., Aug., 1810; m. Jan., 
1850, Mury Fisk. He d. Aug., 1857. ii. Dyer Herrick, b. in 
Canterbury, March, 1818; m. May, 1837,^ Abbv Fulkner. He d. in 
Canterbury, 9 March, 18'J2. iii. Emily Herrick, b. in Canter- 
bury, Jan.. 1820; d. unm., 29 Oct., 1882. 

Children of Joseph Bradford', (1757) [VJS] (John Bradford", 

Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', SamueF, Lieut. Thomas', Henry") 

and Lucretia (Heath) Adams; res. Canterbury, Conn. 

i. Emeline', b. in Canterbury, Conn., Oct. 3. 1812; d. 1840. 
ii. PhiletusB.", b in Canterbury, Dec. 10, 1314; unm.; d. 1845. 
iii. Lucretia M.", b. in Canterbury, June 28, 1817; m. 1837, Lewis Elliott. 

Shed. Nov., 1880. 
iv. Sally D.', b. in Canterbury, Jan. 30, 1820, perhops d. young. 

V. Mary E.', b. in Canterbury, Oct. 18, 1834; m. J. C. Warren; res. 

Keeue, N. H. 

VI. Lucy Ann", b. in Canterbury, Dec. 15, 1830; may have d. young. 

Children of Mehitablc', (I7s!i) [littt] (John Bradford", Lieut. 
Jo.seph", Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Oren Palmer; res. Canterbury, Conn. 

i. Sarah Maria Palmer, b. Oct. 7, 1819; d. num., 2 Feb., 1838. ii. 
Jo.siah Cleveland Palmer, b. Nov. 13, 1821; m. Nov. 8, 1S52, Elvira 
A. Stevens; one dau. Lucy E. ; b. April 1, 1857; unm. ; res. Canter- 
bury, Conn. 

iii. TbnddeuB Palmer, b. Oct. 17, 1823; d. 15 March, 1844. 

iv. Samuel Adams Palmer, b. Sept. 24, 1825; d. 5 Oct., 1834. 

Children of Paul Davenport', (17!)1) [2w>] (John Bradford", 
Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', SamueF, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Mary (Lewis) Adams; res. Canterbury, Conn. 

i. John Brodford", b. in Couterbury, Conn., Oct, 1823; d. Feb., 183*., 
ii.. Francis", b. in Canterbury, May, 1S25; d. Dec, 1832. 

381. iii. ChorleB Lewis". \t. in Canterbury, Nov., 1820; m. Aug. 4, 1857, Ann 

Shailor, dou. of Calvin and Julia (Glossinger) Shailor; living in 
Colchester, Conn. He d. in Colchester, Conn.„ 18 Oct., 1879. 

382. iv. Mary Fronces", b. in Canterbury, July, 1833; m. March 31,1850, 

Charles Hyde; res. Canterbury, Conn. 

383. V. Louisa Jane", b. in Canterbury, Nov., 1837,-. m. March 25, 1805, Eliaha 

H. Lathrop; res. Vernon-Centerr Conn. 

Eighth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 171 

Children of Festus', (1784) [2(tlJ (Jesse', Lieut. Joseph. 

Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Julia 

(Par.son.s) Adams; res. Brighton, Monroe Co., N. Y. 

i. Jesse Cady% b. probably in Brighton, N. Y. ; m. 1st a Geimau Imly; 

m. 2nJ Julia Morgan of Rochester, N. Y. He il. without issue, 
ii. Reuben PorsonB", b. in Brighton; m. Kute Gule, iiud huil 2iluughters, 

Kate and Coroline He d. in Brighton, N. Y. 
iii. Henry", b. in Brighton; m. Bethia Jump of Brighton, N. Y. 

Settled in Mich, 
iv. Festua Melancthon, b. in Brighton; m. at ornigh Clifton Spa., N . Y'. ; 

d. without issue. 
V. Mary', b. in Brighton; d. unm. ; date unknown. 

Children of Prosper', (17>.j) [-lirl] (Jesse', Lieut. Jo.seph'. 
Capt. Jo.seph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Polly 
(Robinson) Adams; res. Portage, Wyoming Co., N. Y. 

3Si. i. Charles', b. in Pawlet, Vt., June 19, 1SI4; m. Alice Patterson, who d. 

11 Feb., 1833; res. Oakland, Livingston Co., N. Y. He cL 20 June, 

385. ii. Mary", b. in Pawlet, 1812; m. July 19, 18i9, Josiah St. John. He 

settled in Marengo, McHenry Co., 111., and d. in Riley, 111., 2-1 

Dec, 1874, age G8; Mary d. 19 Dec, 1875. 
iii. Lucy. b. in Pawlet, 1815; d. in Portage, N. Y., 1832. 
38G. iv. Fanny, b. in Portage, N. Y., Oct. 23, 1818; m. Oct. 29, 18;J9, John 

F. Olney; res. Nunda, N. Y. 

387. V. John Curtis", b. in Portage, Feb. 4, 1821; m. Nov. 23, 184.';. Eunice 

Fitch Robinson, dau. of Ephraim, Jr., and Anua (Fitch) Rubiusou 
of Pawlet, Vt. ; b. Jan. 20, 1824. He settled in Cuba, AJleghauy 
Co., N. Y., in 1847, and d. 8 June, 18'JC, age 75. 

388. vi. Capt. S. Bradford", b. in Portage, Oct. 10, 1828; 

m. (1) Oct. 10, 1855. Lucy Hyde; d. 10 Dec, 18C5. 

m. (2) Oct. 14, 18CG, Sophia Knapp. He enlisted Sept. 10, 1801. 
in Co. C, 85th N. Y. Infantry; was discharged May 2, 1805; res. 
Colwich, Kan. 

389. vii. Zerviah Smith", b. in Portage, June 14, 1832; m. Sept. 11, 1833. 

Henry Edmund Seelye; b. in Black Rock, X. Y'., Aug. 21, 1820; d. 
3 Oct., 1890. She d. in Eaton Rapids, Mich., 11 Jan., 1893. 
390 viii. George Edward", b. in Portage, March 5, 1838; m. Sept. 22, 1801, at 
Wellsville. N. Y., Phebe Ellen Bradford, dau. of Clark Bradford. 
She was b. in Tyrone, N. Y., March 3, 1837, and d. at Alma, N. Y., 
8 Sept., 1884. He settled in Alma, Alleghany Co., N. Y., in 1847. 

Children of Jesse', Jr., ( ) [2u3] (Jesse", Lieut. Joseph'. 

Capt. Joseph*, Samuel', Lieut. Thoma.s", Henry') and Mabel 

(Spencer) Adams; res. Gainesville, Wyoming Co., N. Y. 

i. Clark". ii. Ralph'. iii. George", 
iv. Laura", m. Albert Clark of Portage, and removed to Gulesburg, 111. 

172 LIEUTLNANT THOMAS. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Zerviah', (ITOC) [-Jui] (Jesse", Lieut. Joseph', Capt. 
Jo.seph', Samuel', Lieut. Thoma.s', Henry') and Elisha Smith; 
res. Portage, N. Y. 

i. Bramnn Fitch Smith, b. Nov. 20, 1820; d. 28 April, 1S23. ii. William 

Fitch Smith, h. Feb. 10, 1822; m. Sept. 27, \3G\i. Maria Frisbfe; 

res. Cabtalia, Town. iii. Prosper Ailams Smith, b. Oct. 5, 1823; 

m. June 27, 1850, Delia Spencer. He d. 2 July, 1887; res. Lincoln. 

Neb. iv. AnuaZerviah Smith, b. Feb. 0, 1827; m. (1) Au-j. 13. 184"., 

Gpo. N. Miller; ra. (2) March 3, 188G, Calvin C. Adams; res. Cedar 

Fulls, la. She d. 28 Dec. 18'J2. v. John Braman Smith, b. Nov. 

23, 1828; d. 17 April, l!S30. vi. Elisha Adams Smith, b. Aug. 5, 

1830; d. 18 Oct., 1830. 

Children of An.son', (17n>) [2ii.3] (Rosweir, Elihu', Capt. 
Joseph', Samuer, Lieut. Thoma.s', Henry') and Sukey (Gold) 
Adams; res. Northfield, Vt. 

301. i. Adeline-, b. in E. Roxbury, Vt., Doc. 10, 1812; m. Nov. 15, 1835, 
Joseph Deuibou; b. March 4, 17S)4; d. 2 Nov., 18-10. Shed. 2GJan., 
3U2. ii. Elvira-, b. in E. Rosljury, July 4, 1814; m. Oct. 19, 1842, Thomas 
Slade; b. Nov. 20, 1814, li\-ins 1800; res. So. Northlield, Vt. She 
d. 11 March, 1800. 
303. iii. Emily-, b. in Northtield, Vt., March 14, 181G. m. Francis Davis 
Henry; b. Jan. 13. 1815; d. 15 Oct., !S84; res. Northtield, Vt. 
iv. Infant, b. in NorthHeld, Jan. 4, 1818; d. 10 Jan. 

V. Susan-, b. in Northfield. April 17, 1810; m. Jesse H. Foster; removed 
to parts unknown. She d. without issue, 10 Dec, 1847. 
r,04. vi. Eveline Minerva', 1). in Northfield. Feb. 17, 1821; m. Thos. Nutter; d. 
in Cal. about 1875-7; removed about 1850 to Marysville, Cal. 
vii. Harriet S.-, b. in Northfield, Nov. 2, 1822; d. nnm., 10 Aug., 1879. 
a05. viii. Charlotte-, b. in Northfield, June 10. 1824; 

m. n I Philander Scott; b. 1815; d. 20 Jan., 1845. 
m. (2) John C. McManuis. 

m. (3) James Le Baron; res. White River Junction, 
ix. Ursula-, b. in Northfield, Oct. 13. 18*25; m. Nov. 11, 1849, Porter C. 
True; res. Pittsfield, Ni H.; no issue. 
oOft. X.. Roeweir, b. in Northtield. April 15, 1827; m. Lucy Emeiy, dau. of 
Caleb ond Eliza Emery of Waahington, Vt He d. from railroad 
accident, 1 Jan., 1898. 
397. xi. Sophrouia-, b. in Northfield, April 5, 1829; m. May 4, 1951, Warren 

Marsh, living in Walthom, Muss. She d. 30 Nov., 18<i8. 
399. xii. Afl8on\ Jr., b. in Northfield, March 22, 1831; 

m. (1) Nov., 1853, Bosinn HouBe-r dan. of CoL House of Berlin, Vt.- 
m. (2) 18«7. Jennie Humeof Lowell, Moea. -y d. Nov. , 1870. He en- 
listed June, 18C2. in Co^ G. 108tbIIL Vol.: dischiirged Sept., 18C5. 
xiiL George W.', li. in Northfield, Jane I, 1833; m. Nov. 27, 18.56, Mary 
McK. WillougWjy of Lowell, Mass.; retireil merchant, Chicago, III. r 
no issue. 
xiv. Fanny, b. in Northfield, Jnne 25,^1835; onm.; res. Woltham, Mass. 


Eighth Generation.] LIEUTENANT thomas. 173 

Children of Lynda; (ITs'.tj [^00] (Roswell', Elihu\ Capt. 
Joseph', Samuer, Lieut. Thomas', Henry'j and Lucy (Nason) 
Ad.ims; res. Brookfield and Stowe, Vt. 

■u'.t'.i. i. Eunice-, b. in Brookfield, Vt., Aug. 14, \S\',; m. June 3, 1838, SLer- 

mnu Gold; d. 1873. She d. 27 May, 1880, (1800). 
•too. ii. Lucy Maria-, li. in Brookfield, Feb. 15, 1817; m. March 11, 183.'., 
Treason R. Gale, 
iii. Caroliue", 1). in Brookfield, Jan. 17, 1819; d. 11 Sept., 1823. 
iv. William-, b. in Brookfield. Nov. 27, 1820; d. IG Sept., 1823. 
. V. Susair, b. iu Brookfield, March 2, 1823; m. April 14, 1844, Albert 
Luce; d. in .StoT\e. She d. 4 Jan., 1378; 4 children. 
401. \± Ezra Nason-, b. in Brookfield, Dec. 30, 1824; 

m. (1) April 27, 1840, Charlotte Russell; dan. of Cyrns RusRell; d. 
Aug., 1878. 

m. (2) March 27, 187'J, Philinda Bates; He was a farmer; re.i. 
Stowe, Vt. 
4(i2 \ii. John Q.", b. in Brookfield, Sept. 27, 182G; m. Feb. 17, 1852, Horriet 
Luce, dau. of Ivory and Orillo Luce; b. iu Stowe, Vt., Feb.. 1830; 
farmer; res. Stowe, Vt. 
■103. viii. Daniel K.-. b. in Brookfield, March 1, 1828; m. Dec. 2.1, 18.14, Olive 
Ami Hale; b. July 18, 1830; He was a cariieuter; res. St Paul, Minn. 

404. is. JIartha Ann', b. in Brookfield, March 10, 1830; m. July 27. 18.J2, Ozro 

A. Edgerton; d. 24 Jan., 1889; res. Morrisville, Vt. 
X. Joseph W.-, b. in Brookfield, March 21, WM; m. May 8, 18C1, Ann 
Dutton; ree. Cooper8\-ille, Mich.; no issue. 

405. xi. Sarah J.-, b. in Stowe, Vt., Jan. 2, 18.38; m Nov. 28, 1858, Riverions 

Raymond; d. 27 Jan., 1859; res. Stowe, Vt. 

Chihlren of Annis\ (l"!t4) [2n7] (Rosweir, Elihu\ Capt. 

Joseph', Samuer, Lieut. Thoma.s', Henry') and Isaiah Shaw, Jr.; 

res. Northfield, Vt. 

i. Lovino Shaw, b. in Northfield, Vt., Dec. 5, 1813; m. Sept. 5, 1842, 
Aurin Ralph; d. in Warren. Vt., 10 Oct.. 1850. Shed, in North- 
field, Vt., 11 June, 1887. ii. Anna Shaw, b. in Northfield, March, 
1815; m. about 1845, John Clapp of Stockbridge, Vt; res. Wood- 
stock, Vt She d. 25 March, 1880. iii. Elihu Milford Shaw. b. in 
Northfield, Feb. 23, 1817; m. March, 1843, Maria Davis; res. 
Bridgewater, Vt He d. 29 Sept.. 1893. iv. Huldah Shaw, b. in 
Northfield, Dec. 24, 1819; m. Aug., 1845, J. N. Anthony; d. May, 
18.50. She d. in Woodstock, Vt., 1 Dec, 1891. v. William 
Oman Shaw, b. in Northfield, Oct. 19, 1824; m. Jan. 1. 1803, Eliza- 
beth A. Kingsley; b. Jan. 12, 1832; res. Northfield, Vt vi. 
Rebecca Shaw, b. in Northfield, Jan. 24, 1827; d. iu Moretown, Vt. 
8 Jan., 1892. vii. Roeina Shaw, b. in Northfield, Sept. 12, 1828; 
m. .T. C. Morgan. viii. Anuis SLaw, b. in Northfield, Ma3- 10, 
1833; d. June, 1833. 

174 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Orella\ (lsn3) [ons] (Rosweir, Elihu\ Capt. 
Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Abel F. Tracey ; 
res. Xorthfield; Vt. 

i. Eliasbil) Trncey, b. iu BrookfielJ, Vt., about 1828. ii. Edn-in Tracey, 
b. iu XorthfieKl, aliout 1838. iii. Emma Tracej', b. inBrookfield, 
about 1842; m. Wm. Merrill; res. Norwalk, Conn. 

Children of Jabcz\ (Isi'T) [:?(iO] (Roswejl", Elihu', Capt. 

Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas-', Henry') and Mary M. (Tilden) 

Adams; res. Norlhficld, Vt. 

i. Althea Tiklen', b. in Crookfield, Vt., Nov. 27, 1844; d. 9 April, 18C1. 
ii. Mary M.', b. in Nortbfiekl, Vt., Dec. 4, 184G; m. Dec. 9, 1805, Geo. 

M. Reed; d. 24 Marcb, 1SC8; res. Northfield, Vt. 
iii. Olive C.\ h. in Willinmatown, Vt., March 23, 1853; m. Jan. 20, 1892, 
Wm. T. KuB.sell : res. Northfield, Vt. 

Children of Capt. Elihu\ (1784) [21i>] (Daniel', Elihu\ Capt. 

Joseph', SamueF, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Lucy (Chapman) 

Adams; res Poquetanuck, Conn. 

400. i. Jedediah Enswortb". b. in Preston, Conn., Ang. 22, 1807; m. Jan. 18, 

1831, at Norwich, Conn., Angeline Moples; b. Jan. 18, 1810; d. 12 
Dec, 1870. Settled in New York, 1830. He d in New York, 23 
Dec, 1880. 

407. ii. Abner Chapman", h. in Preston, June 28, 1809; 

m. (1) Sept. 22, 1833. Lucinda Store? of G^een^•ilIe, Conn.; d. 
without issue, 4 July, 1838. 

m. (2) Sept. 20, 1839, Mary Storer of Greeiiville, Conn. ; d. 20 
Feb., 184.1. 

m. (3) Martha Miner, an invalid; d. in one year. 

m. (4) Sept. 3, 1851, Emily Storer; d. at Buffalo, N. Y., 11 Sept., 

m. (5) Aufi. 12, 1850. Anna M. Corna of Buffalo, N. Y. 

He d. ueor Plymouth. Mich., 12 Jan., 1800. 

408. iii. William P.\ b. iuPxeston, Aug. 23, 1812; 

m. (1) April 5» 1835, Meletta Storer of Greenville, Conn.; d. in. 
Norwich, Conn., 8 Nov,, 1835. 

m. (2) Nov. 27, 1839,;Mary B. KingBbury, dan. of Joseph and Lncy' 
KiiigBlmry of Pontiac, Mich.; b. April 23, 1810. 

He flettle<l in: 183T at Livonia, Wayne Co., Micb-;,TemoTedtoCan>,. 
ton, Mich.,, where he iL 19 July, 185G. 
ir. Lncy Jerusha", . b. in Preston, Nov. 1,1814;, d. nnm., atGreenrille, 

V. Alice Abigail', b. in Preston, March 26, 1817; m. William Menzies; d.- 

21 Feb.. 1.890; res. BratUeboro, Vt She d. Iff April, 189.'>. 
vL Jnlia Muria*. b. in Preaton, April 18, 1820; m. Francis H. Pitcher; 
res. Wayne Co. . Mich. 

Eighth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 175 

Children of Guy Fitch\ (1780) ['ill] (Daniel', Elihu', Capt. 
Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henrj*') and Su.san (Daven- 
port) Adams; res. Ledyard (Poquetanuck), Conn. 

409. i. Fitcli Davenport", b. in Canterbnrj-, Conn., Ang:. 30, 1822; m. Sept. 

2, 1844, Nancy Wheeler. She d. in Newton. Mass., 10 Jon., 18'.r., 
age 72 years, 11 months and 13 days. 

He is a master car builder; was connected ■with the BufTalo ami 
Erie railroad at Buffalo, N. Y., for ten years, and ha.s served fcir 
twenty-six years ^-ith the Boston A: Albany railroad, as superiiitcn- 
dent of car shops, resigning his position in Morch, 189(>. He was 
the second president of the National Car Builders' Association; res. 
Newton, Mass. 
ij. Caroline-, b. in Ledyard, Dec. 20, 1824; d. 27 Dec. 

410. iii. Charles Bingley', b. in Ledyard, Jan. G, 1827; m. Sept. 10, 1S40, 

Olive M. Ford, of Willink, Erie Co., N. Y.; dau. of Samuel Slier- 
wood and Sarah I'Maples) Ford, b. inBozrah, Conn., Sept. 10, 1820; 
res. Buffalo, N. Y., 1855-1890; res. Willink, N. Y., 1897. 

iv. Thomas Peck", b. in Ledyard. Oct. 17, 1828; unm. ; res. Poqnetou- 
nck, Preston, Conn. 

V. Susanna", b. in Ledyard, March 15, 1831; d. 20 June, 1831. 

vi. Susanna Temper', b. Dec. 22, 1832; unm.; res. Preston, Conn. 

Children of Albert M.\ (] SOI) [212] (Joseph", Elihu', Capt. 
Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thoma.s', Henry') and Almira N. (Pen- 
dleton) Adams ; res. Cantcrbur}-, Conn. 

411. i. Hannah Maria", b. in Conterbury, Conn., April 11, 1833; 

m. (1) March 13, 1854, James L. Mason of New London, Conn.; 
d. 9 Jon., 1803. 

m. (2)Stpt. 11, 1873, Copt. Gilbert Pendleton of Cleveland. 0.; 
d. at Rochester, Pa., 23 Nov., 1885-7. (0 
ii. Albert M.% b. in Canterbury, April 8, 1830; d. 9 March, 1807. 

Children of Albert M.', (18t»l) and Sarah Ann (Thompson) 

412. iii. Lncretis Douglass", b. in Canterbury, Feb. 22, 1843; m. Aug. 25, 

1808, Wm. H. Saxton of New London, Conn. ; res. New London, 

iv. Edwin Hubbard", b. in Canterbury, Jan. 31. 1845; d. 10 Oct., 1802. 
V. Mary Ckrk" b. in Canterbury, May 1, 1847; d. 20 June, 1843. 

Children of Thomas\ (1788) [213] (Maj. Reuben", Capt. 
Thomas', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Mary (Warner) Adams ; res. Brookfield, Vt. 

17f. LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Eighth Generation. 

4ia. i. Thomfta HubbanV, h. in Canton. P. Q., Nov. 8, 181G; m. May 13, 

1847, Mehitable Clarindn Lynfield; b. April G, 1825. He settled in 

Knndolpb, Vt. ; d. 8 Ang., 1857. 
414. ii. Griswold SylveBter\ b. in Brookfield. Vt., Jon. 18, 1818; m. Sept. 25, 

1854, Mary F. Holt. He d. in Boston, Mass.. 4 Dec, 18C8. 
iii. Abigail Lovetf. b. in Randolph, Vt., Feb. 0, 1820; m. April -5, 184a, 

Asabel B. Stiles; d. in Brookfield, Vt.. 4 April, 1894. He d. in 

Tunbridge, Vt., 18 Nov., 1881. 
iv. Emily, b. in Warren. Vt., Aug. 31, 1824; living; num., 180G. 
V. Snsnu Sopbia", b. in Warren, Nov. 14, 1827; res. Brookfield, Vt. 
\± Sarah Olivia Clara", b. April 30, 1833; d. in Brookfield, Vt., 5 April. 


Children of Samuel Lovett',* (ITOO) [2U] (Maj. Reiiben\ 
Capt. Thomas', Capt. Joseph*, Samuel", Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Harriet (Cobleigh) Adams; res. Northfield, Vt. 

41.5. i. John Qnincy-, b. in Northfield. Vt., July 20, 1829; m. Jan. 18, 1850. 
Mary Varney. dan. of Valentine and Content (Brig-gs) Varney of 
Lincoln. Vt. He settled at Montpelier, Vt., 1859; proprietor of 
Pavilion stables. 

410. ii. Harriet Marilla-, b. in Northfield, April 0, 1833; m. Oct. 29, 1855, 
Oliver M. Wallace of Manchester, N. H. ; res. Bevere, Mass. 
iii. Abbie A.\b. in Northfield, June 0. 1838; unm.; res. 114 W. Spring- 
field St., Boston, 
iv. Louise W.', b. in Northfield, Jan. 21, 1842; m.-Nov. 25, 18.57, Samuel 
B. Zeigler of Fayette, Iowa; res. W. Union, la. ; no issue. 

Children of Hubbard\ (1703) [-ilJ] (Erastus', Capt. Thoma.s", 
Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', .Henr)-') and Mary 
(Stores) Adams ; res. Canterbury, Conn. 

i. Mary Elizabeth', b. in Canterbury, Conn., Sept. 15, 1822; d. 24 Sept.,. 

ii. Edwin Hubbard\ b. in Canterbnry, May 4, 1825; d. 10 Jon., 1820. ( 
417. iii. Prof. ThomaB Dwighf, b. in Conterhury, Feb. 10. 1827; m. Nov. 25,' 
1850, Melviua M. Gore of Newton, Mass., dan. of Rev. Jacob 
Gove, b, in Amesbnry. Mom,, 1830. He graduated at Amherst 
College, 185S; waa Principal of Framingbom High School, 1854-8. 
and of Newton High.School. 1800^07; practiced law io New York, 
1808-77, etc. ; res. Oakland,: Col. , 1807^ 

Children- of Hubbard', (1703) and Sabrina (Adams) Adams. 

41!*. iv. Mary EHznl>etb% b. in Canterbury, June 5, 18S1; m. Dec. 19, 1854, 
C<>I. Ethan Allen of Hanover, Conn. He-«1. 15 Jan.. 1884. He was 
a woolen mannfacturet; sncceetletl his' father in tli» boniuess, ami 
is SDCceetled by two of bis sous; living 1897. Hanover, Cooii. 

Eighth Generation.] lieutenant tii(iMa>. 177 

V. Harriet Beaver, b. in Canterbury, May 2S. 1834; ni. April 7,1808. 
Dr. Moses D. Vnn Pelt of New York; d. 12 April, IS'JV Dr. Van 
Pelt was one of the founders of the Acntleui}- of Medicino in New 
York, and practiced medicine for some fiftj- years; she is living iu 
New London, Conn. ; no issne. 

Children of Sabrina'. (177.3) [•2\>'>] (D.avcnport", Charles". 

'i humas', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Scth Rugg ; res. 

Great Uarriugton, Mas.s. 

i. Horace llnjg. b. iu New Jlavlboro, Mass . Dec. 21. 1T!iO; m. Oct. 2:!. 
1827, Anncr Judd; res. New Marlboro, Ma.«is. ; d. •'i D«*c., ISSO. ii. 
Harry P. llu??, b. in New Marlboro, July 10. l.^^OI ; d. 3 Nov., 1804. 
iii. William H. Kujrii, b. in New Miirll)oro. March 25, 1803; m. 
Nov. 18, 1837, Sarah Maria Bradford; d. in New Marlboro, 21 Nov., 
1880. iv. Harriet Kugg", b, in New Marlboro, Dec. 11, 1804; ui. 
Sept. 10, 1820, Mason Caldwell; d. in Sandislield, Mas-s., 20 April, 
1887. V. Edward Kugg, b. iu New JIarlboro, Sept. 21, 1800; m. 
at Wincbestor, Conn., April 18, 1833, Mary White; d. in Winches- 
ter, Couu., 17 April, 1802. vi. Laura Rngpr. b. in New Marlboro, 
May 10, 1808; m. at Goshen, Conn., Oct. 13, 18G0, Abucr C. Botf- 
ford; res. Fentouville, Mich.; d. 4 Dec, 1877. vii. Elizabeth 
Rusg, b. iu New Marlboro, Oct. 31, 18U0; m. Sept. 28, 1843, Amasa 
D. Culeman; res. Colemau's Sta., N. Y. ; d. 12 May, 1800. viii. 
Edna Dean r.u;.'^. b. in New Marlboro. Nov. 20, 1811; m. April 21, 
18 — , Orriu T. Merwin; res. Goshen, C'omi. ; d. 2 Feb.. 1872. ix. 
Daphne Pvugg. b. iu New Marlboro, .Tune 21, 1814; d. in Monterey, 
Mass., 24 June, ISCO. x. Clarissa R. Ru??. b. in New Marlboro, 
Feb. 14. 1810; num.; res. New Marlboro. Ma.«R. ; correspondent. 

Children of Charlcs\ (177(;) [-217] (Davenport', Charles', 

Thomas', Samuel , Lieut. Thoma.s', Henry'; and Elizabeth 

(Dodge) Adams; res. New Marlboro, 

410. i. John Charles", b. in New Marlboro, Mass., Aug. 28, 1812; m. Aug. 13, 

1837, at Tonawanda, Pa., Lucy Maria Pynchon of Gr. Barrington, 
Mass.; b. May 28, 1810. He studied law, and was mlmitted to the 
bar Dec, 1830; became prominent as a jury lawyer; d. in Tona- 
wanda, 13 June, 18CC. 
ii. Eliza Ann', b. in New Marlboro, Oct. 21, 1814; il. unm., 1808, in New 

iii. Warren Dodge", b. in Mew Marlboro, May 21, 1817; m. twice; dan., 
Eliza, by 1st wife. 

Warren Dodge kept hotel in Winchester, O. , and was on a farm 
near Eotou, Preble Co., O., about 1SC3, where he d. some years 
later. His son Warren was in Richmond, Ind., 180.';. He had two 

420. iv. James Henry', b. in New Marlboro, May 10. 1820; m. Oct. 0, 1848, 
Catherine Means Weaver; farmer in Gr. Barrington, Mass. ; d. 27 
Jan., 1802. 

ITS LiECTnXAXT THOMAS. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Dr. David\ (177^) [lilsj (Dnveni)ort', Charles'. 
Thoma.s', Samiicr, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Sally (Fineh) 
Adams; res. Xe\v Marlbor-i. Mas'^. 

i. AVillavi'l Trncj-', b. in Ninv Xrnrllioro. Mass.. Mrtrcli '21, ISIO; il. num. 
ou lionrd u cnunl bont at Fuit rinin, N. Y.. 18 .Tul3-. 184C. age 33. 

421. ii. Deft. Ethviu, li. in Xew Mrtillioro. Aii:t. 4. 1811; 

m. (1) Seiit. 4, 1838. Mniy Smitli; d. 4 Anpr., IsiTO. 
m. {'2) Alls. 1], is8(i, Eli;^iilietL i^Dfiw.soni Ailams, ■widow of 
Hnrvej- Denu Adams. She .1. ;'. .Tunc, 18!»4. He was a mauufac- 
tnrer in New Marlboro. Mill Kivc-r P. ().. Muss. 
iii. Charlotte", b. in New Marlboro, July \'>, 1814; m. Isnac Lawton of 

Hiberuia. Dutchess Co., N. Y ; d. 10 Jan., 18i>2. 
iv. Aninuda". b. in New Marlboro, April O'J. 1817; d. soon. 
V. Elizabeth-, b. in New Marlboro. Jan. 18, ISl'J; m. P. Hall; d. 

1 Miiy. 18SI2; rcp. Hinsdnio, Chautuuiiua Co.. N. Y. 
vi. Amelia", b. in New Marlboro, June Ifi, iy20; m. Asohel M. Garvey: 
d. without issue in New Marlboro, 5 Nov., 184G. 

Children of Dan\ (,17.^^) [-'1'-'] (Davenport', Charles', 
Thomas'. Samuel, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Anna A. 
(Covert) Adams; res. Xew Marlboro, ^Lass. 

i. Camilla Ann", b. in New Marlboro. Jan. 20, 1831; 
ui. 1,1 ) Orson Carr. 
m. (2i Dr. Thos. H. Laniarie; res. Viueiand. N. J. 

422. ii. Hnrvcy Dean", b. in New Marlboro, June 4. 1832; m. Mocch 28, 18.j1, 

Elizabeth Dawson; widow m. Dea. Edwin Adams. He d. lH Feb., 
iii. Edward Everetf, b. in New Marlboro, Sept. 10, 1838; d. in infancy. 

Child of Dan', (^l7s>) and Lucy Ann (Granger) Adams, 
iv. Adelaide Snlema , b. in New Marlboro, April 5, 1801; d. 2 Oct., 1831. 

Children of Dea. Eliphalet% (I7.s-J> [±20] (Lieut. Thomas",;' 
Eliphrdef, Thomas'. Samuel', Lieut. Thomas". Henry") atid 
Lucinda (Walbridge) Adams-; res. Cabot, Vt. 

i. LnciudaVb. in Cnlnit. Xt.. Feb. IS. 180'.>; m. Os2;o<>d ; no issue. 

423. ii. Knfns . b. jn.CulK.t. March 13, 1811; m. Sept. 4, 1834, Charlotte Rua-; 

sell. Hed. Si-pt.. l.'^'fi-. 
iiL Mary-, b. in CaXmA, Au-r. 1.% 1813: m.; Oct. 20. ItrJTU Israel CuBeell. 
Shed. II DfC. 1843. 

Eighth Generation] lieutenant thomas. 179 

iv. Plifhe-, b. ju Caliot, Dec. 27, 1817; m. March 10, 1S4I, Alpheus Da\-i- 

soii. SIk' il. 17 Sept.. 18"i2. 
V. Betsey L.". b. in Calwt, Jan. 21, 1820; d. IfiMaj-. 1837. 
vi. Eliplwlef, b. iu Cabot, April 7, 1822; m. May 31, 1849, Caroline 

xii. Loreu W.-, b. in Cabot, Ang. 27, 1824; m. Wiil. Battles, Eamlolpb, Vt. 

Children of Ch.irles\ (ITS.y) [2-21] (Lient. Thomas^ Eliphalet\ 
Thomas', Samuel, Lieut. Thomas', Henry") .ind Milln (Edg-erton) 

i. ^rnry, b. in Rnmlolph. Tt., 1815; d. nnra., 1.'<:'.S. 
ii. Clmrles, b. in Bamlolpb, ISin; (1. nnm.. 184:1. 
iii. Lncj-", b. in Kamlolph, 1820; il. in Xew York. uuui. 
iv. Oliver", b. iu Randolph; d. unm. 

Children of Rufu.';\ (ITss) [-i^^] (Lieut. Thomas', Eliphalet\ 
Thomas', Samuel", Lieut. Thoma.s', Henry') and Naney (Morgan) 
Adams; res. Brookficld, Vt. 

424. i. Ezra Ed^erton". b. in Randolph, Yt., June 1.% 18IG; m. Jan. 2."i, 

KH44. Cornelia E. Biselow; b. Feb. 21, 1821; d. 18 .Tun., 188!); res. 
St. Johiisbiiry. Vt. He d. 11 June, 1872. 

4JV ii. Ann Edirerton", b. in Randolph. An^. 1:!. 1817; ni. May 1. 184'.), 
William M. .\lvord. She d. 28 March, 18S2; roa. Brooktield, Vt. 
iii. Mnitlia Maria\ b. in Randolph. July 14. 18I!>; d. 1 May, 1840. 

42ii. iv. .Tnstin Morgan, b. in Brookfiold, Jnne 21. lS2:!-4; m. Dec. 8. ISj:;, 
Laura .Vnu Lj-man; b. Dec. 22, 18:;2; d. 12 Auc:., 1884. He was 
killed on R. n. crossinjr in Bethel, Vt., 2 Anfj-. 1S>'7. 
V. Emily\ b. in Erookfield. March 10, 1S2.T; d. 20 April, 182n. 

Children of Capt. John Andrew^ (ITftn) ['jogj (Lieut. 
Thomas', Eliphalet'. Thomas', Samuer, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Lois (Laird) Adams; res. Cabot, Vt. 

427. i. Laura", b. in Cabot, Vt., An?. 4, 1815; m. Feb., 1349. Oren Heath of 

Cabot. Vt. She d. 20 April, 1830. 

428. ii. John L.', b. in Cabot, Feb. 8, 1817; m. July 8, 1847. Lanra Kira- 

Imll. Hed. 12 Oct.. 1890. 
42'.». iii. Levi Par80D8\ b. in Cabot, April 3, 1819; m. Jan. 17, 184:», Temiier- 

ance Chandler; res. Cabot, Vt. He d. 25 Au?. , 18ii(i. 
4a0. iv. William", b. in Cabot, Nov. 19, 1821; m. May 17, 1849. Elvira 

Blauchard. Hed. 18 May. 188-5. 

180 i.iEUTEXAXT TniiMA>. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Savinia", (1.^"'|) [■_'i'4j (En-ii, Scrgt. Levi', Jr., 
Levi", David', Jonathan", Lieut. Thoma.s% Henry') and John 
Aylsworth ; res. Oneonta, N. Y. 

i. Enuice Aylswoith. h. Jiilj- !'.•. l^'^C; m. Freemnu Miirraj*. She d. 
Nov. , ].><t<7. ii. Miuiette .\yls\vurtlj. b. Sept. 3, 1828; m. Edwiu 
Green. She d. April, \SitS. iii. Ezra H.-imilton Aj-lsworth, b. 
Nov. la, ]8:;0; d. r,^S^,y.. lSO:j. iv. Hnrru't Louisft Aylsworth, b. 
Aug. 12, 18:il ; ni. Dudley Sej;f r; livinc iu Milford, N. Y. v. Egbert 
Eugene Aylsworth. b. April '."J. 1S:;S; ni. MaroellaWinsor. ftttorney; 
res. Council Bluffs. In. vi. Luzerne Aylsworth, b. June 30, 

1841; ni. Mnriette Kaue. He d. 11 Aug., 18!)4. vii. Frelin D. 
Aylsworth. b. May 3, 1^44; ni. Feb. 13. 1807. Mnry L. Marble, dan. 
of Henry nnd Olive (Spesicer) Murble of Maryland, N. Y. He ia a 
merchant; res. Oneoutn, N. Y. 

Children of Harry Arvilla', (l^nC) [liiTi] (Oren', Sergt. Levi', 
Jr., Levi'', David*. Jonathan . Lieut. Thoma.s', Henry') and Caroline 
(McDonald) Adams ; res. Wind.sor, Ohio. 

431. i. Alexander , b. in Oneonta. N. T.. Nov. 2. 1830; m. Ellen Alexander; 

res. Windsor. O. 
ii. Julia Ann', b. in Windsor. O.. Mny 30. 1930; m. E. W. Grover; res. 

Kansas Cit}:, Mo. 
iii. Caroline', b. iu Wind.sor. Jan. 4. 1X40; d. 10 Sept., 1M4.'5^ 

432. iv. Adella Melissa', b. in Windsor. Aug. 2**, 18")0; m. W. E. Root of New 

Hurtford, Conn. ; res. New Hartford. Conn. 

Children of Alexander Hamilton', (isnS) [22<;] (Oren', Sergt. 
Levi', Jr., Levi'. David', Jonathan'. Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Adelia (Crocker) Adam.s; re.s. Windsor, O., and Abbe- 
ville, La.. 

i. George', b. in Oneontn, N. Y. , l83('i; ui. abont 18C0. Nancy Slater' of 
Abbeville, La.; d. 18C4. He removeil to .AbbeTille. La., autld. there 
about 18GI ; one child, deceaae<t.' 
IL Henry '.b. in SpringtieKl. Po.. March 2a, 1839; 

na. CI) ISi'iO. SoriiL WiUda. who d. iu 18G3. leaving: one. child, Le- 
Rov; b. l.%2; a. 1882. 
m. (2) 18<!4, Catherine Godfrey; d. laCI. 
m. (3) 1870. Hattie L.)ck.'; d. 187;>. 

m. (4) 1883, Cina Hoaghtidiug: he woa a nboemaker; re«. Albion. '' 
Erie Co., Pn. 
iiL Angnata'. b. in Springfield, O.. June- t.'V. 1844; ui: 1H7C. E. J. Smith 
of Adrian, Mich.. e«litor «►! Adihui PreMt»: res. SaltLnke, Utah. She 
iaauartiRt: uu iasne. 

Ninth Generation.] LIEUTENANT THOMAS. ISl 

Children of Vienna P.", (l»ln) [227] (Orcn\ Sergt. Levi", Jr., 
Levi'. David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Hunting- 
ton Parish ; res. Oneonta. N. Y. 

i. Koiinna Parish, b. in Oneontn, N. Y.. May 31, 1S31; m. George Butte; 
rea. Maryland. Otsefjo Co., N. Y. ii. Harriet rarish. b. ia 
Oneonta, April 13, 1834; m. Alexander Hand. She d. 28 Feb., 1850. 
iii. Eunice Paiish, b. in Oneonta, Oct. 7, 1838; m. laiiac Quacken- 
bubli. She d. 4 May. 1804. iv. George Parish, b. in Oneonta, 
July 12, 1840; m. r.osauua Chamljerlain. v. Fitch Parish, b. in 
Oneonta, July 24, 1853; d. unm.. IG July, 1S'J3. 

Children of Oren Lee', ('.t) [22s] (Oren\ Ser'^t. Levi", Jr.. 
Levi', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas". Henry') and Clarissa 
(Smith) Adams; res. So. Norwalk, Conn. 

433. i. LeRoy. b. in Reddiu-, Conn., July 26, 1847; m. Dec. 4, 1872, Nellie 

Jennings; res. So. Norwalk, Conn. 

434. ii. Imogene', b. iu Redding, Oct. 0, 184U; m. June 0. 1870, Alphens 

BratUey Coley of So. Norwalk, Conn. 

435. iii. Julia Carrie', b. in Redding, Jan. 31, 18-50; m. June 24, 1885. Morti- 

mer Montgomery Lee; res. So. Norwalk, Conn, 
iv. Mary Lee', b. in Redding, Jan. 29, 18G4; m. Nov. 2, 1887. Homer 
Francis Bucknam; rea. So. Norwalk, Conn.; no isaue. 

Children of Mar>- M.', (Ks:33) [22lt] (John'. Sergt. Levi', Jr., 

Levi', David', Jonathan, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and George 

Conley ; res. , Kansas. 

i. Levant L. Conley, b. Sept. 15, 1800. ii. .\ngelia Conley, b. March 
22, 1802. iii. Antoinette Conley. b. April 14, 1805. 

Children of S. Delevan\ (1831) [23n] (Henry\ Sergt. Levi', 
Jr., Levi'. David'. Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry") and 
Laura D. (Strong) Adams; res. Sherman, Chautauqua Co., N. Y. 

1. Mabel', b. in Sherman, N. Y., Oct 0. 1859; unm. 
ii. Dudley', b. in Sherman, May 7, 1301 ; d. July, 1862. 
iii. Henry\ b. in Sherman, June 28, 1805; m. May 17. 1893, Cora Van 
Cam pen of Rocheater, N. Y. ; bookkeeper; rea. Rochester, Minn. 

Child of Sophia-, (IsSi) [231] (Henry', Sergt. Levi', Jr.. 
Levi', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Frederick 
S. Nichols; res. Wellsville, N. Y. 

i. .Jennie LouiBa Nichols, b. Jan. 28, 1800. 

1S2 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Nuith Generation. 

Child of Julia A.". (1S;3S) [iiOi] (Henry', Sergt. Levi". Jr., 
Levi', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thoraa.s', Henry') and John A. 
Tennant; res. Ripley, N. Y. 

i. Fretlerick Ailunis Tennaut, b. iu Ripley, May 13, 18T1. 

Children of Duane W.', (1n4:2) [-i.^:?] (Henry', Ser-l. Levi', 
Jr.. Levi', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Mary 
(Wells) Adams; res. Sherman, Chautauqua Co., N. Y. 

i. Hurry', Ii. iu Sherman. N. Y. . Aug. 4, 1377. 

ii. JiuufS Delroy ', b. iu Sherman, Sc'i«t. 4, 18(9; d. 2.j .\i>ii], 13^0. 

iii. lioy Duauc', b. in Sherman. June 23. 1831. 

iv. Ethel MamV, b. iu Sherman, Oct. 23. 1837; il. 10 Sept., 1337. 

Children of Delbcrt D.', (1n4.s) [2-^-i] (Henr>-', Sergt. Levi", 
Jr., Levi', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas, Henry') and Fanny 
O. (Pierce) Adams; res. Livonia, Livingston Co., X. Y. 

i. Guy" b. in Honeoye Falls, N. Y.. Feb. 20, 1878; d. Oct., 1SS4. 
ii. Florence Pierce', b. in Honeoye FulLs, Jau. 0, ISS'J. 

Children of Sylvester', (ISOT) [iSo] (Dyer', Capl. David", 
Levi', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Su.san 
(Phelp.s) Adams; res. Du Quoin, Perry Co., 111. 

43U. i. John Quincy", b. in Wentforil, N. Y., .\pri] 9, 18=aj; m. Jau. 14, IS-JT, 
Surah C. Sullivan. He d. 23 Feb., isOG. 

437. ii. Ibujic Barber's b. in Frankfort, 111, Jan. 17, 1833; m. Oct. 11, ISG."^. 

Abbie Maria Skinner; b. Dec. IH, 1840; rrs. Du Qiioiu, III. 
iii. K-bert rhelpa\ b. in Du Quoin, III., Dec. 0, 1340; <1. 21 Nov.. 1843. 

438. iv. .-Vuu Muria', b. in Du Quoin, Dec. 31, 1810; 

lu. (U Oct. 20, 1801), Charles A. Page; il. 8 March. 1873. 
m. (2) Dec. 24, 1874, Henry Siefert; b. March 22. 1851; res. 
Muclileytown, Franklin Co., 111. 

Children of Ezra M/, (ISVl) [-JOO] (Dyer, Capt. David", 
Levi', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Electa 
P. (Ismond) Adams;, res. Jacksonville, 111. 

i. RexavilleMx in Otae(;o Co., N. Y., 1832; m. 185.5. John Henry 

Brand; settled in JaneBrille, Wis. 
ii.. Ljinan L.% b. in Otsego Co., N. Y., Not., ISSi," m. 1859 at Cpnt*r- 

ville. Ind..Mary J. Ga|)en; insurance agent; reu. Chica;;o, IlL 
iik Thomo«'. b. in Jacksonville, III., 183C; d. nmn. 
iv. Elizabeth', b. in Jacksonxille. 1838; m. about 18C0; C. J. F. Smith of 

Bed Wins^ Minn. 
T. John Q. ' b. in Jacksonville^ 1842; m. about 18<5C, Harriet Johnson; 
He d. about 18W. 

Ninth Generation.] l.lLL- ienant tiioma>. 1S3 

Children of Salima", (l-^li;) ['I'M] (Dyer', Cnpt. David". Levi', 

David', Jonathan"'. Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Samuel Turner 

Jone.'^; re.s. Rockwood, 111. 

i. Eiuily C. Joues, 1). iu Piucknej-snlle, 111., Mnrcb 30. lSu9; m. Nov. 23, 
ls"i>J. W. II. CK'Utliuen. ii. Stxmuel F. •Tones. !>. in Pinchneyville. 
Oct. 2.1, \Si\S; d at Vicksbiirg, Miss.. 21 Seiit., ISW. iii. Ann 
Miuiii Jouos. 1.. ill Piuckneyville. April yO, 1S4(>; il. 1 Oct., 1S47. 
iv. Alia S. Jones, li. in MurpUysboro, 111.. Jan. ."i. 1S-1!>. v. Mary 
Luctta Jones. 1;. iu Chester, 111., Xwg. 10, 1M4. ^^. Mittie C. 
Jones, 1). in Rockwood. 111., June lo, l.^^OT; m June S. 1883, Ittunc 
Farmer. vii. KateE. Jones, b. iu Kockwood, June 20, 1802; m. 
.Jnui- 10, 1801, ■William Stuart. 

Children of Eliza ,S., (1^11) [:i:r>] (Dr. Frederick Whitinij', 

John'. Levi , David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 

xYmos C. Roljinson: re.s. Barton, Vt. 

i. Willi.Hm F. Koliius.m. I.. July 0, 18^3; m. ; d. 24 March, ISUo. 

np;e (Jl year.s, 8 mouths, 15 days. ii. Mniciji A. Robinson, b. 
April :jO, ^.S.^r,■, m. Feb. 24, 1804, R. B. Skinner. M. D. ; rea. Barton, 
Vt. ; d. 27 Nov., 1882, a^c 40 years, G months, 27 days. iii. Eliza 
A. Robiuson. b. Au;,'. (2):). 1837; d. 14 Sept., IS-IO, ajre 13 years and 
2 I days. iv. Amos C. Roliinaon. b. Nov., 18^0: d. 7Sei)t. . 1841, 
,ir-(. 1 yt-ar, i) mouths aud 13 ilays. v. Amos C. Rol>inson, b. Aag. 
24. l-'42; d. 11 May, 1800, ape 2:j years. 8 mouths aud 17 days. vi. 

Chailes A. Robiuson. b. ; m. Jau. 1. 18t;>; res. St. JoLn.s- 

bury. Vt. vii. i\Iarv A. Robiusou. b. May 22. 1S48; m. June 2S, 
IS'j."^. .J. E. Skinuer; il. 20 Au?., 189-'>. u?e 47 j-ears, 3 months and 
7days. viii. Wallace O. Robinson, b. Jan. 12, 1850; m. July 20, 
1870; res. Bartou. Vt. ix. Edward Baruard Robinson, b. Jan., 
21, 1850; m. II) Dec. 2i, 1881; m. (2) Oct. 27, 1892; res. Barton, Vt. 

Children of Mary P.", ( ) [^'i'J] (Dr. Frederick Whiting', 

John", Levi\ David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 

Timothy C. Cobb; res. Barton, Vt. 

i. Laura A. Cobb, an infant; d. 15 Sept., 1833. ii. EUis A. Cobb, b. 
April 1, 1830; m. Sept. 9, 1804; d. Sept., 1885. iii. Geo. Harmon 
Cobb. b. Jan. 2, 1842; d. 2) Jan.. 1801. iv. Mary EUen Cobb, 
b. Sept. 10, 1B4.3; deceased. v. F. W. Cobb. 

Children of Julia Ann", (I'SIT) [-i"] (Benjamin Chapman', 

A.sahel', Levi'. Daniel', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry") and 

Louis C. Hyde; res. Beloit. Wis. 

i. Laura Maria Hyde, b. in Darieu. N. Y.. May 15, 133S; m. Jnne 4, 
1801, iu Beloit, Wis., Rev. John II. Egar. ii. Clara Louisa Hyde, 
b. in Kcuobha, Wis., Oct. 0, 1840; m. Sept. 14. 1870, Walter M. 

184 LIEUTENANT THO.MA.s. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of William Perkins-, (!>•_'(») [•>4]] (Benjamin Chap- 
man', Asahel', Levi, David', Jonathan , Lieut. Thomas"', Henry') 
and Susan E. (Dooliitle; Adams; res. Beluit, Wis. 

430. i. Etlmuiiil Huuiiltou', b. in Beloit, Wia., Supt. IS, IS-JO; lu. Dec. 20, 
1S81, CarriL' Hicks of CuitLiijre, Mu. He settled iu Liuiiar, Burtou 
Co., Mo., 1S77; liurilware ami furiiiture. 
ii. Johu Chupniiin', b. iu lieloit, Fe)). 11, 185J; m. Feb. 8, 1883. at 
Kiiciue, M'is., Surah Nolthrup. He il. iu Laiuiir, ?Jo. , March, 
1883; uo i.ssue. 

iii. Charles Marsh', b. iu Beluit, Feb. 23, ISUO; d. iu Lamar, Mo, 14 
March, 1887. 

Children of John IIenry\ (l^i7) [-'li'] (Benjamin Chapman", 
Asahel", Levi , David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas-, Henry') and 
Elutheria H. (Biodi^^etl) Adams; res. Milwaukee, Wis. 

i. Laura Elutheria'. b. iu JelTersou. Wis., Au^. 28, IS-jI; d. iu Beloit, 
Wis., 14 Feb., 1S54. 

ii. George Washingtou', b. in Beloit, Wis., Oct. 2i', 1802; d. 22 Oct . 

iii. Frauk Edward', b. in Beloit, May 2G, lbo4. 

iv. Beujauiiu Clmpni-iu', b. iu Beloit, Feb. 23. !5<.j(J. 

V. Williaui Ueurv', b. iu JeflVrsou, Wis.. Murt^ 2, 18(;i; d. :.'2 Jau. , ISliG. 

vi. Laura Elutheria', b. iu Jellersou. Feb. 21, lsij3. 

vii. Mary A;;ues , b. iu JetTersoU, Feb. 1, I'SG.j. 

viii. Louis Hyde', b iu Beloit, Wis., Oct 18, 1SU7. 

ix William Blod-ett', b. iu Beloit, April 12, 1870. (Fuller record uot 

Child of E.sther Eliza", (IS-is) [24.".] f James Harvey\ xYsahel'. 
Levi', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thoma.s", Henry') and Ezra S. 
Carr; res. Lake Mills, Wis. 

i. Kosauuu Idumea Dell Carr, b. Jan. 31, 1S.>1; m. Jau. 23. 1880, Orville 
T. Hurtman; res. Dun'viile, K Y^ 

Child of . Clari-ssa', (1S3«.>) [244] (James Har\'cy', Asahel", 
Levi', David',. Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas% Henr>-') andCyrus A. 
Teal ;■ res. Buffalo, N. Y.: . 

i. Emma Jdne Teal, b. Nov. 23, 1863~ 
Children of Benjamin Chapman', (l>.>>i) [245] CJamcs Harvey', 
Asahel", Levi'. David*, Jonathan', Lieut. Thoma.s% Henr>'') and 
Jane (Green) Adams: res. Silver Cliff, Custer Co.. Col. 

Ninth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 1>o 

i. Kate Eliza', b. in W. Barre, Orleans Co., N. Y., Oct. 13, ISCO; m 

Mayti, ISSa, John McDonald; res Denver, Col. 
ii. .Tobu Hibbard', b. in BufloJo, N. Y., May 24, I!S04; in. 1893, Ada 

iii. Clara FluviJle\ b. in Pennsylvania, July, 1807; U. at Greeley. Col., 31 

March, 1S70. 
iv. Nelson Warner', b. in Greeley, Col., Sept. 8, 1873; d. in infancy. 
V. Charles Harding', b. Jan., 187U; d. in June, l^TU. 

Children of Catherine Palmer", (l^-Hi) [-i-Kil (John', Asahel', 
Levi', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thonia.v, Hctiry') and George 
\V. I5tini.s; res. Canandaigua, N. Y. 

i. Emily AdauiB Bemis, b. Jan. 0,1851; m. Lieut. Hiriiin H. Ketch uni 
of U. S. Army. Shed. 24 Aug., 1878. ii. Juuiea Draver EeuiiK. 

b. Jan. 30, 18-53; d. 22 Feb., 18(50. iii. John Adams Bemis, b 
May 20, 1800; res. Oneida, N. Y. 

Children of Emily Ward", (182'2) [247] (John\ Asaher, Levi', 
David', Jonathan", Lieut. Thomas", Henry') and Hon. James C. 
Smith ; res. Canandaigua, N. Y. 

i. Kute Adams Smith, b. June 20, 1847. ii. Edmunil IlainiltunSniitl), 
b. Aug. 27. 1843; res. Albany. N. Y iii. Arthur C^rlctt Smith, 

1). Jan. 1!), 1»01; res. Rochester, N. Y. iv. Alice Laura Smith, b. 
Nov. 9, 18.53. V. James Corlett Smith, b March 23, 1.807; res. 
Detroit. Mich. vi. Emilj' James Smith, b. April 10, 1!<G0. 

Children of John Hamilton-, (1S24-) [24s] (John\ Asahel'. 
Levi', David', Jonathan", Lieut. Thomas", Henry') and Sophia 
Adeline (Wood) Adams; res. Rochester, N. Y. 

440. i. Walter Wood', b. in Lyons, N. Y., Aug. 22, 1848; m. May 17, 18S2, in 
New York City, Harriette Augiista Hillhouse, dau. of Hon. Thomas He is an attorney. Settled in New York City, 1880. 
ii. Charles Hamilton', b. in Lyons, Feb. 2, 1301; d. 3 Aug., 1802. 

Children of Rebecca Mehitable" (lb32) [24!iJ (John\ Asahel'. 
Levi', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Alexander 
McElroy; res. Canandaigua, N. Y. 

i. Margaret Hamilton McElroy, b. Juno 13, 1808; m. Allen H. Gnnge- 
war ; res. Burlington, N. J. ii. Georgia Lewis McElroy, b. 
March 18, 1802; d 2 Sept., 1805. iii. James Adams McElroy, b. 
Sept. 15, 18C4; d. 10 A-ug-, 1877. iv. Grace Alexander McElroy. 
b. July 22, 1870. 

lSt> i.uu iXNAM- IHOMAS. [Ninth Generation. 

Children r,f Hon. William Henry", (ls41) [2.jO] (John', 
Asahcl'', Levi, David'. Jonathan. Lieut. Thomas-', Henry') and 
Charlotte L. (Lapham^ Adams; res. Canandaigua, N. Y. 

441. i. Elljiii1i;e Lnplnuii. b. in CannniluiLrnu, N Y..8cpt 17. ISOG; ni. Oct., 

IS'ju. Juliii Loui.'i;! IIulilicll. lUu. of Dr. Charles L. Hublji'll, late of 
AViJliujustowu, Mjiss. 

442. ii. Lewis Hamilton', U. in Cannudaisriia, Oct. 14, 18G0; m. Oct. 5, 1893, 

Helou Kin;: Lrveity of Eli/.iilictli, N. J. 
iii. Catheriue Frances', b. in CuniiuJui|;iiu. Nov. 0, 1S92; d. 9 July, 18S0. 

Child of Gcorc^c Perrine-, (iM'i:) |--_>.--J] (Hon. David P.', 
A.sahel', Levi', David', Jonathan , Lieut. Thoma.s', Henry') and 
Caroline E. (Hulctti Adams; res. Jackson, Mich. 

443. i. William Xcl.s..u', b. iu Lyons, N. Y., .Vu-. r,, \sryj; m. Mis !'■>. 1874; 

Chloe E. Ilurriugtou; ten morchuut. Jacksou, Mich. 

Children of William Henry', (1^:3l') ['2rr2] (Hon. David P.', 
Asahel", Levi", David'. Jonathan . Lieut. Thoma.s-', Henry') and 
Harriet M. (Draper) Adam.- ; res. Tomp!;ifis, Mich. 

444. i. Lilly", b. iu T..nn'!;iii.s, Mich., .Tuly 4. 18.";4; nj. Fvb. 22, 1870, Wm. H' 
Ilaveu; res. E. Siirin^i'oit. Mich. 

44-'J. ii. 'Williiuu Draper', b. in Tompkins, Juu. 4, 18G2; m. Nov. 15, 1882, 

Lytliu Alice Diivi.s. 
440. iii. O.scur Onint', b. in Tompkins. .\nj:. 1, 18G4; m. March 15, 1885, Aiblie 

M. Jones. 
447. iv Fred Carl', b. iu Tompkins, July 17. 1863; m. Oct. 9, 1889, Mary 


Children of. Ellen", (is.Si) [2.3:';] (Hon. David P.', AsaheF, 
Levi', David', Jonathan". Lieut. Thoma.s*, Henry") and. George J. 
Towuley ; res.. Tompkins., Jack.snii Co.. Mich. 

i. Lewis- Ackley Towuley. b. Jun. 13, ISOC;'!!!. Feb. 26. 1878^, Bessie 
Tyler of Pontine, 111. ; merchant in Biruiiughoia, Ala. ii. Minnie 
Gertru<le Townley. b. Sept. 1. 1S58; m. Nov. 14, 1&T3, FmnkSanford; 
res. E.. Sprin;;i>ort. MicL.' iii. Funny Helen Townley, b. FeK 
8, ]80:i; ni. Feb. 22, IHSl, Mitchel Sanford; res. Birmingham, AJa. 
iv. Nettie Huniiiih Townley. b. Ang. 17. 1860; m. Sept. 28, 1888. 
Mi>nt;;i>mery Townley; res. Jonesboro. Ark. v. Frank Adorns 
Towuley, b. Nuv. 4, \f*W; m. Oct. 9,, 1890. Ida Snow; rea. Jones- 
Iwro, Ark.  

Ninth Generation.] lieutenant tho.mas. isT 

Chiklrtn of William Henry', (ls;^-.) [•2,-,4] (David Peck\ 
Asahcl", Levi, David', Jonathan", Lieut. Thonia.s-, Henry') and 
Annie A. (Wheeler) Adain.s; res. Buffalo, N. Y. 

i. Chftrles Wheeler', b. in Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 8, 1801; m. Juue 4. ivjl, 
Lilliiiu Llelle Wclwlcr; d. 10 July, 1892; cleuler inLiiiUliugiuiitLTiiil^, 
buffalo, N. Y. 

ii. Williiiiu Ilenvy', Jr..b. in Buffalo. Nov. 12. 1875; res. at home. 

Bnllalo, N. Y. 
iii. Kicharil Whet-'ler', b. iu Buffalo, June 28, 1ST7; res. Buffalo. N. Y. 

L'liiklreii of Auj^ustu.'^ Everett", (is-i:"",) [-ir.r,] (David Peek". 
A.sahel . Levi', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Caroline A. (Lester) Adams; res. Batavia, N. Y. 

i. Nellie B. ', b. iu Butavia, N. Y., March G, 1804; m. Feb. 11, 188i., 
Simou I'. Stephens; res. Batavia, N. Y. 

ii. Julia M. ', b. in Bata\-iu, Feb. 20, 1807; m. Oct. '.38, 1S>0. Frank J. 

Gust; res. New York City, 
iii. Fauuie M.', b. in Batavia, June 3, 1872; anm. ; res. Batavia, N. Y. 

Children of William H.\ (182(5) [•_>.•.<!] (Laommi\ Abel , Jr.. 

Dr. Abel , David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thoma.-^", Henry') and Mary 

Jane ( Alley i Adams; res. Moravia, Cayuga Co., X. Y. 

i. Ileury L.". b. in Semprouins, N. Y., 185'J; m. Sept. 28, ISH'6, Luellii 
Biibcock; drus^ist, Auburn, N. Y. 

ii. Frnuk', b. in Sempronius, ISGli; m. 1880, Lovella Lawrence; farmer; 

Monivia, N. Y. ; no issue, 
iii. Charles L. ', b. in Senipronius. 1807; d. 12 Feb , 188-5, age 18. 
iv. John L. ', li. in Moravio, N. Y., 1882; farmer; Moravia. N. Y. 

Children of Mary', (1^25) [257] (Nathaniel', Samuel", Dr. 
Abel , D:ivid'. Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and James U. 
Lc-onard ; res. Newburg, N. Y. 

i. Fuuiiy Adams Leonard, b. Sept. 15, ISjO; d. iu Newburg, X. Y., yn 
Au:;.. I8U5. ii. Henry Carver Leonard, b. July 10, 1833; d. 17 
Jan., iSV.t. iii. Nathaniel Adams Leonard, b. A\ig. 0, 1350; d. 'i) 
Jan., 18")V. iv. Cornelia M. Leonard, b. Nov. 8, 18VJ; livin;; in 
Neubur?. N. Y. v. William Franklin Leonard, b. Dee. lo. 1801 ; 
d. iu Pheui.x, Arizona, 8 Jlarch, 1807. vi. James Ausiistus Leon- 
ard, b. April 2J, 1804; m. Oct. 10, 1801, Nellie McCord. 

18S I^IEUTENANT THOMAS. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Frances Anna", (l.s.3<!) [2.")>] (Rev. Samuel C, 
Samuel'', Dr. AbeP, David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thoma.s% Henry') 
and T. Ell wood Town.scnd. 

i. Georse Lacey Townaend. ii. William R. Townsend. iii. Samuel 
Adams Townsend. 

Children of Hon. Justin Cooley', (1>«41) ['2')0] (Rev. Samuel 
C, Samuel", Dr. Abel', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Samantha S. (Bles.s) Adams; res. Indianapolis, Ind. 

i. Frederick Bless', b. iu Indianapolis, Ind., Feb, 18GS; in. July 11, 

18U5, Eleanor Wilson, 
ii. Groce', b. in Indianapolis, Nov. 12, ISU'J; m. June 15, 1892, Frank 

Wooley Wood; res. ludiannpolis, lud. 
iii. Hiittie', b. in Imliauupolis, Feb. D, 1S72. 
iy. Howard Webster', b. iu Indianapolis, Nov. 22, 1833. 

Children of Samuel", (1^44) [2(W>] (Rev. Samuel C.\ Samuel', 
Dr. Abel', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thoma.s', Henry") and 
Isabella (Nichols) Adam.s ; res. Indianapofe, Ind. 

i. William Nichols", deceased. 

ii. Justus Nichols', b. Nov. 18, 1872; m. Sept. 23, "1800. Esther Renick. 
iii. Samuel', b. Feb. 20, 1877. 

Children of Franklin', (l.■^jl•) [2(',]] (Rev. Samuel C, Samuel', 
Dr. Abel', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Molly 
(Bray) Adams. 

i. William'. ii. Nellie'. iii. Waldo'. 

Children of Robert Howard' (1SJ4) [2t';2] (Rev. Samuel C, 
Samuel", Dr. Abel', David', Jonathan'. Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Marietta (Pyle):Adams. 

i. Charles Pyle\ b. June 13, 1880. 
ii. Frances rVvt^ncb. June 15,- 1880. 

Childrea of Emma P.", (l!i4,>) [2*'<:)] (David M.\. Samuel', Dr. 

Aber, David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas'. Henry') and John D. 

Shearman ; res.. Indianapolis. Ind. 

i. Charles Deluuu SheamuuL. iL Mabel Atlonu* Sbearmaa: iii 
John RoBBell Sheormao. - 

Ninth Generation.] LIEUTENANT THOMAS. ISO 

Children of Anna W.', (Lsjl) [-JIU] (David M.\ Samuel, Dr. 
AbeT, David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas", Henry') and William 
T. Cannon ; res. Indianapolis, Ind. 

i. Fermor S. Cuunon. ii. Margaret Cannon. iii. Isabella Ctinnon. 

Children of James C", (1854) [205] (David M.\ Samuel', Dr. 
Aber, David', Jonathan", Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Harriet 
A. (Cooley) Adams; res. Newark, N. J. 

i. Henry G. ', b. in Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 2J, IsSl ; d. -M Mii.r, 1884. 
ii. Walter Jumes', b. in Iudiiiuaix>lis. Feb. 27, lS8;i. 
iii. Anna Cornelia', b. in Brooklyn, X. Y. , Jan. 3. ISDl. 
iv. Unvid P. ', b. in Newark, N. J., May 23, 1803. 

Children of Alice How.ard", (ls50) [-'(U;] (David M.\ Samuel', 

Dr. Abel', David', Jonathan^ Lieut. Thomas", Henry') and Enos 

E. Pray; res. Baltimore, Md. 

i. Enos Uehvyn Pray, b. May 10, 1884. ii. Hannah Adams Pra}', b. 
May, 18M7. iii. Dorothy Eleanor Pray, b. March, 1892. 

Children of George B.", (lS4.s) [2G7] (Samuel H.^ David", 
Dr. Abel', David'. Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Alice 
(Gardner) Adams; res. E. Park, Dutchess Co.. N. Y. 

i. Lena G.", b. in E. Park, N. Y., Nov. C, IST'J; unm. 

ii. Raymond H.", b. in E. Park, May 2C, 1881. 

iii. Blanche, b. in E. Park, Nov. 10, 1883. 

iv. Sumnel H.% b. in E. Park, Jnne 8, 188C. 

V. Mary H.", b. iu E. Park. Nov. 2fi, 1888. 

Children of Lottie C.', (ISoO) [2r,S] (Samuel U.\ David', Dr. 

Abel', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Edward 

Youn<j ; res. Salt Point, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 

i. Emma Young, b. Oct. 30, 1875; m. Nov. 0, 1895, Alfred E. Haight; 
res. Salt Point, N. Y. ii. David Young, b. May 20, 1880. iii. 
Charles B. Young, b. Jan. 23, 1883. iv. Mabel Young, b. Dec. 
21, 1S84. 

Children of Ellen M.", (Isj-t) [2(.;0] (James G.\ David', Dr. 
Abel', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Frank M. 
Lawson ; res. De Ruyter, N. Y. 

i. Lena M. Larson, b. April 11, 1874; m. Oct. 3, 1804. Elmer Bugbee. 
ii. Sylvia A. Lawsou, b. Aug. 23. 1883. iii. Mabel A. Lawson, 
b. March 21, 1880. 

1H<| I.IEL'TENANT TH(.>.MA>. [Xinth Generation. 

Children of Mary A. •, ( I n<".:]) [-JTn] (^James G.', David', |Dr. 
Abel', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas'-', Henry') and DuWayne 
Benjamin; res. De Ruyter, N. Y. 

i. Cftrlyle H. Benjnmiii, b. Jan. 2", 1><84. ii. Ello Belle BeDJnmin. b. 
April C, ISSC. 

Children of Elizabeth-. (1.^14) [-JTI] (Davir, Elisha'. Eli--ha\ 
David',", Lieut. Thomas, Henry') and Luman Walling-; 
res. Parker.sburj^, W. Va. 

i. Dnvid A. Wnllin?, b. Anpr. l^i, 1SS3; m. ]S.",2, ^Vlniy Onkley. ii. 
Dnniel P. -^'allin?, b. Au?. 27. ^S?.r>; ni. Eoxaun.a Walters; b. Nov. 
13, 1S4!S; J. 18 Feb.. ISill; res. Missouri. iii. Deborah M. Woll- 
iufr, b. .Tnly 31. 1S37; il. March, 1S:30. iv. Delos .\. '^■nllin?. b. 
Feb. 10, 1S40; <1. -I- Jan.. 1S43. v. Malaun .\. '^"aDiiis. b. May 8. 
18412; m. May 10. 1ST2, S. Alouzo IlarriR; res. Akron, O. vi. 
Mary A. "Walling, li. .A.ns. 20. 1S44; m. Wm. E. Cole of Farkers- 
bnrir, 'W. Vn. ^^i Hiram L. Walliua-, b. .Tan. 3, 1S47; m. .7an., 
1872, Caroline Lieey. viii. Heury E. -S\'nlling, b Sept. 1. 1849; 
m. Nov., 1872, Elizabeth Brown. ix.-^-Frauk P. Walliufr. b. Anpr. 
11, 1.8'i2; m. .Jennie Licey. x. Ulysses P. Walling, b. ,Tnly 8, 
18."i; m. Delia Brown; res. Campbellsville. 'J'aylor Co., Ky. xi. 
Charles T. Walling, b. March 8, 1858; nnui. 

Children of S.amucl Thornc\ (islT) [27-2] (David\ Elisha', 
Elisha', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas'. Henry') and Sarah 
H. (Gardiner) Adams; res. Medina, Ohio. 

448. i. Eninift Viola', b. in Aurora, O., Feb. 20, 1840; ni. March 28, 1871. 

Monroe W. Fitch; res. Medina, O. 

440. ii. Mary Ella', b. in Aurora. Oct. 11. 18r)0; m. Sept. 3. 1808. John T. 
Newton; res., Richfielil, Hnuaniit Co.. O. j 

iii. Elleu Louisa', b. in .\uroro, Jnlj- 10, lSri2; il. at Warren, O. . 24 Feb.,- 
450. iv., Jennie M.Mk in. Anrom. Nov. 10,^ 1853; m. Oct. If.. 187fi, Wm. A. 
Fitch. . 
V. JohnLi.*, b. inMeilinn, O.. An?. 13. 185«; d. SOct;, 1S<K. 

vi. ChorleB Henry", b. iu Meilina, Jan. 20. 1808; tl. 1 Oct., 18aT.  
vii. Can-ieEvB^ 1). in Mei1ina,/Jftn. 31, 18Ci«>; a. 17Sei>t.. 184Ki. ,. 
viii. SftmL«Mfty% Ik ii» M«Mina. May 2:. 18B2;.a. IG Sopt, 18«2.. 
43t. is. Prof. William E.\ b. in Me.1inii. Oct. l.'i. 1.S66; ro. Jnly ai. 1WS. 
Gmoe Cftrlt-tou of Hiram, O.. ilan. of Rev. Hampton T): audMarthii 
( Ruilulph) Carleton : b- in Bf luir, C. Feb. 14. ItWT. 

Ninth Generation.] lieutenant tiiomas. 1!^*1 

Children of Alonzo H.', (is^'l) [■J7;-;j iDavid'. Eli^ha', Elisha", 
David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thoi-nas\ Henry) and Sarah E (Brock- 
way) Adam.s; re.s. Warren, t). 

i. Louisa May', b. iu Wurreii. O., .Yrril '-'^, l^''*; '"■ ^'°^- -^' '^^^• 

Ma.sou J. Fitch of Jlediua. O. 
ii. Clara Liliinn', 1). iu Wuneu, Au^. W. l^'^S: ui. Oof* I-. l*'*". Charlps 

H. Looiiiis. 
ill. Marvin E. ', b. in Wnrron, Jan. ^O. I'-'fio; in. Dec. •!!. K'<01, Lillian 

Isabel Damon, 
iv. Aloiizo H. •, Jr., b. in Warren. Dec. 31. 1S04; ni. Ooi'. 15, 18S0, Grace 

Evaiiireliiie Hazen. 
V. Sarab Electa", b. in Warren, Xov. Sn, ISUG; in. Nov. 10, IS'Jl, Fred 

A. Faunce. 
vi. Charle.s Elislia'. b. in Warren, \ov. 1, IST!; m. Sept. r., IS'jr,. Anna 

Bell Saunders of Culumlius, O. 

Children of Eliza Ann", (J>i'4j [-JT.jJ] (David\ Elisha', 

Elisha', David', Jonathan'. Lieut. Thomas-', Henry') and Johnson 

Eaton; res. Fairview, Erie Co., Pa., and Milwaukee, "Wis. 

i. Adelaide O. Eaton, b. in Vienna, 0.. July :;■', K^4:i; ui. Aujr. 22, 1800. 
Hohert P. H<^llidn3- of Spriiiirfield, Erie Co.. Til; re.s. 14S Park 
Are., CLicacro, 111. ii. Viola H. Eaton. 1>. iu Wiirren, O., Oct 5, 
\i<-ir,; m. Sept. 2. 1^">. J. Eogers Wil.son df Erie. Piu ; ros. FairfielJ, 
Iowa, and Portland, Ore. iii. Frauoi.s Cuiiizliey Eaton, b. in 
Fiiirview, Pa.. Jan. 4. IfJS; m. Oct. 20. li^-'ii, Mary E. Doake of 
Pittsburjr, Pa.; res. De Funiak S|>rin-.'?, Fla. iv. Clara Howe 
Eaton, b. in Fairview, May 9, IS.-i.T; ui. June 1!', ^STi, Wm. D. 
Elliot of Franklin. Pn.; res Franklin. P.v v. Cbarles Henry 
Eaton, b. in Fairview, .Tan. 22. is.j.",; d. 22 Oct.. l^*'>-'>- vi. Flor- 
enee D. Eaton, b. in Fairview. Jan. 20, l.>v>7; m. Jan. 1. IS-Sfl, Geo. 
Edwin Herrick of Cadillac. Mich.; res. fi2"i Fretlerick St., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. vii. Jesse May Eaton, b. Xov. 2J. I!^01; d. 15 May, 
ISCa. viii. Lillian Eliza Eaton, b. Dec. I."!, IJ^iW. 

Children of Joseph". (ls::3-2) [274] (David\ Eli.'^ha', EIisha% 
David'. Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Mary Georgianna 
(Mitehen) Adams; res. Washington, D. C. 

452. i. Horry Weston ', b. in Salenj, 0.. Anij. 14. l!?>^: ">. Aufr. II, 18S7, 

Arvilla E. Parmenter; b. Sept. 12, l>'jt>; marble dealer; re.s. 
Medina, O. 
ii. .Josephine M.\ b. in Salem. Nov.. ISCl; d. iu Newark. O., An-. 1872. 

453. iii. Nannie Maber, b. iu Peoria, 111., March 10. 1^'|••2: ni. Jan. 0, lS.S;i, at 

Alexandria. Va., Williaio C. McMichael of Lancaster Co., Pa.; b. 
Sept. 10. 18">'.»; a printer; res. Washiustou. D. C. 
iv. AValter "SI.; b. iu Juuesville, Wis., March 2".'. If04; res. Canton, 
Fulton Co.. 111. 

192 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Joseph", (is.ji) and Erastine (Hardstock) Adams. 

V. Loneua Enuitine Mauil', h- and <i. in infancj". 
vi. Josi'pLiiie Geitrutle ', b. Juue, 1^81.  
vii. Vera', 1). .■\.pril 30. 1^8(5. 

Children of Electa", (1842) [375] (Rev. Elisha\ Elisha', 

Elisha', David', Jonathan", Lieut. Thomas", Henry') and Addison 

Dewey: res. Maynard, Fayette Co.. la. 

i. Nevii Dowey. h. Mnrcb 5, 1870. ii. Bnmett JI. Dewey, h. Doc 
in, 1871. iii. Amo3 .\. Dewey, li. June in, 1874; d. 30 April, ISOfi. 
iv. Jny M. Dewey, b. Jan. 10, 1870. v. Amine Dewey, b. June 
8, 1877. vi. Frank Dewey, b. Sept. 14, 1873; d. 9 Oct., 

1878. vii. Edward Dewoj^. b. April 17, 1880. viii. Lnjennie 

Dewey, b. June 13. 1882. is. Noble C. Dewey, b. Sept. 8, 1880. 
s. Gracie Dewey, b. Nov. 4, 1887. 

Children ot Alvina", (ls:JO) [270] (Joseph M.\ Elisha\ 

Elisha% David', Jonathan', Lient. Thomas', Heury') and Jackson 

Hillyard; res. Junior, W. Va. 

i. Joseph Hillyard. ii. Mary Hillyard. iii. MartLa Hillyanl. 

iv. Oliver Hillyard. v. Floyd Hillyard. vi. William Hill3-ard. 
vii. James Hillyard. viii. Elizabeth Hillyard. ix. 

Hillyard. x. Anna Hillyard. xi. Charles Hillyard. xii. 

Stella Hillyard. 

Children of Mary Jane", (l^il) [•_>77] (Joseph U.\ Elisha'', 
Elisha', David', Jonathan'', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and S. M. 
Heirommus; res. Davis, W. Va. 

i. Ci>ra M. Heirommus. ii. Harrison W. Heirommns. iii. Robert 

D. Heirommus. iv. Ada Heirommus. v. Eva Heirommus. 

Children of Elizabeth Tate', (is^O) [278] (Joseph M.\ 

Elisha", EHsha', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 

William M. D.tvis ; res. W. Grafton, Taylor Co., W. Va. 

i. Emma Davis, b. ia Webster, W. Va., Jan. 10, 1802; m. Jon. 23, laS-l, 
Otto AV. Sinsel. iL Ira Davis, b. iu Webster, Fel). 10. 1803; m. 
18!)."., Laura Marker. iiL Ella Davis, b. in WeUter, May 14,180.^; 
m. June 27, 18113, Huffh Gattens ot Keyset, W. Va. iy. Nen» 
Davis, b. in Webster. Oct. 1, 1860. v. Wilbur Davis, b. in Web- 
ster, Feb. 4, 1868. vi. IrTinDovia,bL in Webster, Jan. 28,1870; m. 
Nov. 20, 1803, Dottie D. Hannisan of Oakland, M«l. vii. Lncins 

E. Davis, b. in Webster, Sept. 21,1871. viii. Alvin Davis, b. ia 
Webster, Nov. 1, 1872. ix. Gnssie Davis, b. in Webster, July 16, 
1874. s. Homer Dovis, b. in Webster, July 15. 187«, xi. 
Bessie- Davis. . b. in Webster, Feb. 13, 1878; deceased., xii.. 
Lorenn Davis, b. iuiWeliater. March 25, 1379. xiii. Clyde Davis, 
b. in Webster, Sept. 7, 18SU xiv. Earl Davis, b. in Webster, 
July U. 1895; deceased. 

N^nth Generation.] LIEUTENANT THOMAS. 193 

Children of Caroline", {l^-ir>) [27\*] Joseph U.', Elisha\ 
Elisha', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas", Henry') and John 
\V. Willhide; res. Webster, W. Va. 

i. Wolter L. Willhiile. ii. Stark A. Willhide. iii Laurie WillhiJe. 

Children of Hester Ann", (l.s52) [2su] (Joseph U.\ Elisha^ 
Elisha*. David'. Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and J. O. 
Hunter; res. Wheeling, W. Va. 

i. llnj- Hunter. ii. Frank Hunter. 

Children of Charles Lee'. (1N.")7) [-iMJ (Joseph U.\ Elisha', 
Elisha \ David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas", Henry') and Maurie 
(Burson) Adams; res. New Mexico. 

i. Grace", b. in Wichita, Kan. 
ii. Charles", b. in Wichita. 

Children of Jennie', (1S5;») [2S2] Joseph M.\ Elisha", Elisha', 
David', Jonathan'. Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and J. P. Scott: res. 
Parsons, W. Va. 

i. Lalnh Scott. ii. Ethel Scott. 

Children of Charles H.", (185!t) [^s-j.J] (Rd\vard\ Elisha", 
Elisha'. David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas'. Henry') and Emma 
(Chesboro) Adams: res. Binghamton, N. Y. 

i. Lntio O", b. in Oneontn, N. Y., Nov. 2fi, 1888. 
ii. Jennie M.", b. in Oueonta, Dec. 12. ISS9. 
iii. Charles B.", b. in Biughamton, N. T., Aug. l!l, 181)1; d. Sept, 18%. 

Children of Alonzo D." (1835) [283] (IsraeF, Joscph\ Elisha', 
David*, Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henr)-') and Amelia (Brown) 
Adams ; res. Biughamton, N. Y. 

i. Jennie', b. in Binshamton, N. Y., July 13, ISfil; m. J. E. Chamber- 
lain; res. Scranton. Pa. 

ii. Olive Minnie", b. in Yonkers, N. Y., Jnne C. 1304; m. E. D. Carpen- 
ter of nin,ihamton. 

iii. Cora C.\ h. in Honesdale, Pa., March 13, 18G7; m. A. M. Signer of 

iv. Lizzie C", b. in HoneBdale, Dec. 22, 1808; d. yonn<?. 

V. Emma', b. in Binjrhamton, July 10, 1870; m. George Potter. 

vi. Charles Alonzo", b. in Biughamton, Sept. 23, 1878. 

111+ LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Ninth Ciencration. 

Children of Hc-nry Prescott', (Isn.s) [-^si] (Henry', Henry". 
Ephraim', Thomas', Timothy", Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Koxanna (Turrell) Adams; res. Nashua, N. H. 

i. Lanra Ann", l>. in Noabna, N. H., April 27. 1838; m. Grenville Cook. 
She d. in Nnshnn about 188U. 

ii. Frances Annette", b. in Nashua, July, 1841; m. Andrew Kobbins. 

iii. Prescott Angnstus". b. in Nashua, July, 1843; m. Addie Hill; res. 
Alston, Ma8.s. 

iv. Freemon E.', b. in Noshno, May 10, 1845; m. Dec. 28. 1870, at Cham- 
paign, 111., Thirza E. Barber; res. Nashun, N. II. 

V. Mary Alferetta", b. in Nashua, April 7, 1848; m. Charles Bradlej-. 

Child of Mark Abel". (1 Sir.) [-2.^:.] (JoeU, Henry', Ephraim', 
Thomas*, Timothy", Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Amelia (Col- 
bum) Adams; res. Nashua, N. H. 

i. Albert F.", b. in Nashua, N. H., July HI. 1840; ui. Nov. 12, 18C7, 
Nellie M. Moore of Amherst, N. H. She d. 15 Jan., 1888; res. 
Nashua, N. H. ^ 

Children of Alzina', (iJ^l"; [i^sd] (Phjnehas \ Levi', Stephen', 
Thomas', Timothy'. Lieut. Thomas', Henry'j and Harvey Dick- 
inson ; res. Westminster, Vt. 

i. Orison A. Dickinson, b. Feb. 21, 18;15; m. March 24, ISHS, Louisa 
Barnes. ii. Addison R. Dickinson, b. June 10, 1837; m. July 17. 
1870, Morgaret I. Newell. 

Children of Betsey", (1S12) [-JsT] (Phineha.s\ Levi'. Stephen', 
Thomas', Timothy", Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Apollos 
AVilliams; res. Wcstport, N. Y. 

i. John P. Williams, b. in Westport.- N. 'Y., June lO, 1834; m. Irene 
Duttonof High Forest, Minn.; res. Villa Park, Orange Co., Cal. 
ii. Alzina L. Williams, b. in Westiwrt, Jan. 17, 1837; m. Dec. 31. 
1801, Wm. F. Toogood of Stewardi«ville, Miun. ; res. Bochester, 
BUnn. iii. Louisa M. Williams, b. in We8t|>0rt, Jan. 5, 1838; m. 
19.')S, Thomas Wollnee of Moriah. N. Y.;d. ot I'leosant Valley. 
Minn.. L873. iv. Lucy M. Williams. \>. in Westport. Feb. 11, 
1840; m. Nov. J5, 1803. Dwight Toog(Mxl of Stewardsville, Minn.; 
res. Pleasant Grove, Miun. v. Lorinda L. Williams, b. in West- 
port, Jmie 2ai, lti42; m. 1861. A. F. Johusou of Spring Valley. 
Minn.;: res. Los Angeles, Cal. vi. Ann Eliza WUJiamn, b. in 
We<iti>ort. A|>ril I. 1844; m. 18<tt. Juhu Dunham of Frankfort. 
Minn. ; res. Spring' Valley, Minn. riL Luther WiUiams. b. in 

Nintli Generation.] i,ii:UTK.\AN"T Thomas. lltj 

Westport. Jan. 21, 184.T; res. Spring Tallej. Xlinii. ; tinm. viii. 
An^eliue S. Williams, b. in Westport. Jlny :i. 184T; m. Jan. 2.1, 
18fifi, J<ihn Bentlcy; res. Pienaant Grove, Minn. i.\. Aii^stiue 
P. Williixms. b. in Moriah, N. Y.. An^. 17, 1>>4!I; res. Pleasant 
Yiilley, Minn.; nnui. \. Cynthiti J. Williams, h. in Moriah. 

Nov. 30, 18.".I ; m. JIarch 20, 1872. JulinRWachles of Rochester. Minn. ; 
<1. Feb.. l.'^DO. xi. Marion G. E. William-i. h. in Moriah, June 
5, 1851; m. Hept. 20, 1872, Perry E. Enbcnck; res. St. Paul, Minn. 

Children of Ackli.son K.", (1S1;"») [-i^s] (Phinehas', Levi\ 
Stephen', Thomas', Timothy", Lieut. Thomas'. Henrj-'j and 
Lucia Ann (Burr) Ad.ams; res. Walpole, N. H.. P. O.. Bellows 
Falls. Vt. 

i. Dorr H. '. b. in Kockingham, Vt.. March 20, 1841; res. No. Walpole, 

N. H. ; unm. 
ji. Silas Warren', b. in Rockin^rhnm. Feb. :i, 1843; il. 4 Oct., 1840. 
iii. Helen C', b. in Rockin<rham, Sept. 21, 184.'!; res No. Walpole, N. H ; 


Children of Lucy W.", (1S1!») [2su] (Phinehas', Levi' 

Stephen, Thomas'. Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry") and 

GaiTct Fuller; res. Toledo, Tama Co., Li. 

i. Celesta IT. Fuller, b. at Glens Fall.s, N. Y.. May 7. Is44: ra. Feb. 11, 
18r.4, Robert Lyon, and d. 5Ii>roh. ISs.^. jj. Ammipreeno, b. in 
Glens Falls, Jan. 27, 184fi; m. Nov. 12, l«7i). Allen A. Shoppell; no 
issue. iii. Hon. Howard G. Fuller, b in Glens Falls, Jan. 

•'■>, 18.1I; ni. April, l^t7(i, Maria E. Leonard of Eldora, Iowa. 
He was tirst a teacher and auperintendcut of Thools in Harden 
Co.. Iowa; removed to Dakota, 1X80, and liejnn the practice 
of law; was elected Jndpe of the Otli Jndicial Circuit of So. 
Dakota in lH.s'.i, and re-elected in l.son, but re.iijiit-<l to accept the 
l>ositioiiof Judse of the Supreme Court of tlieSt.ite for the term end- 
ing in 1000; res Pierre, So. Dakota. He has 4 .«oiiS. Thaddeus L. 
b. April 21, 1877; Arthur L., b. Jan. 7, 1870; Harry L., b. Dec. 2, 
1881. and Howard G., b Feb. 14, 1877. iv. StoTers A. Fuller, b. 
in Glens Foils, April 17, 1852; m. at Mwpioketa, la.. 1875, Eunice 
Battles; res. Toledo, la. v. Hicks W. Fuller, b. at Maqnoketa, 
la., April 23, ISr.S; m. at Moquoketa, la., l*ii, Louisa Atherton; 
res. Rock Valley, la. 

Children of Elmira-, (iso.",) [2<M)] (Levi\ Jr.. Levi'. Stephen', 
Thomas', Timothy , Lieut. Thomas', Hcnry'j and James Petti- 
grew ; res. Ludk)w. Vt. 

i. Lewis Ross Petti^rew, b. Jan. 0, 182^*; m. M.-iv y>. 18-V2, Malina 
Morse. He d. 24 Dec, 1807. ii. Mary Ann Petti^ew. b. March 8, 

ll".*i LIEUTENANT tiioma^. [Ninth Generation. 

ISJO; lu. Tilixy 18, lSr.2. L3-iunu Hcisit-y; ii widow in Uuiou, Wis. 
iii. Loriuilu Atlfims Ivtti^'rew, 1.. Muy '.t, 1S3'J; ni. July 14. 1857. 
Moses I'oliiir.l Biililuiii; b. Fel.. ii, l^ij; killed at Gettysburg: 2 
Jul)' 18ii3; a widow in Liiill(>w. Vt. iv Levi Adnms Pettijrrew, 

b. Oct. '31, li<ir,- m. Muy 13. ISOl. Surah Bixl.y; res. Lndl..w. Vt. 
V. RLoda Uickinsou Pettif:rew . li. Jum- 15. 18:i»; in. April :2(l. 1800, 
Alfred T. Moore; res. Plymontb. Vt. vi. Clara Lenorii Petti- 
grew, b. Dec. 17. 1845; d. 31 Jiiu., 1848. vii. James Andrew 
Pettjgrew, b. Sept. 11. 184H; d. 1 July. 1807. 

Children of Lucinda", (1n(i7) [-2^1] (Levi", Jr.. Levi", Stephen', 
Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry'j and Samuel Hcm- 
mcnway; res. Ludlow, Vt. 

i. Charles B. Hemmenway, b. Feb. 2G, 1.S20; m. Chandler; res. 

Meudon, Vt. ii. Nancy Ilommenway. b. Feb. 2fi, I8;i0; d. unm. ; 
age about 30. iii. George Heiumcnwuj-, b. Feb. 21, 1833; d., 
age 21. iv. Laura Hemmenway, b. Oct. 14. im.'!4; d. young. v. 
Rollin Hemmeuway, b. Nov. 21, I83fi; m. Almira 15rowii; li^^ng at 
New Richmond, Wis. vi. Oscar Homracnwny, b. May 17. 183!'; 
m. Amanda Carr; res. New Richmond, Wis. vii. Josephine 
Hemmeuway. b. in Westr>n, Vt. , Juno 10. 1841; ni. (1) Jan. 5. 1800, 
Geo. Pratt; m. (2) 1873, C. H<Miry Pratt, (brother of George); 
engineer; res. Rutland. Vt. viii. Vi-lon.i C. Hemmenway, b. 
July 21, 1844; m. Rosanna Holden of Mt. Ilnlly. Vt. ; res. Spirit 
Lake, Iowa. ix. Angeline Hemmenway. b. Sept. IG, 1840; d., 
oge 3 j-ears. 

Children of Austin", (IslOj [2!>2J (Levi\ Jr., Levi", Stephen', 
Tliomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry' > and Betsey (Adams) 
Adams; res. Weston, Vt. 

i. Lucinda", b. in Weston, Vt. ; 
m. CD David Sylvester. 

m. (2) George Coleman. She is living in Weston, but all attempts 
to procure record i>t birth and marriage ilates are of no avail 
iL WaylamV, b. in Weatou, Jul}". 2, 18:18; m. July 2. 1884. Mary Mc- 
Cluuey; res. Ruthuitl, Vt. ; no issue; d.. 28 Jane. 1897. 

Child of Austin', (IMti^and Polly (Walker) Ad^ms. 
iiL Lenorn', b. in, Weston; m. AJfreil RichariLson; res. Weston, Vt. 

Children ot Naney\ (iMl,> [•_>;>:{] (Lcvi\ Jr.. Levi^ Stephen', 
Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas'. Hcnr}-') and William Clark ; 
res. Stoug'htoa, Wis. 

Xinth Gencrati'in. J i.1i:i,'thn \\T thomas. I'.iT 

i. Williiim Dt-sttell Clark, b. iu Amlover, Vt.. Oct. 31, \Sii; m. Dec. 24. 
• I*<."ii;, Eiizii A. Cliirk; res. Mitriou, Miiriou Co., Kuo. ii. Dr. 

Loniiz.. 1). Vhnl. 1>. iu Aiidciver, Oft. V>. 1.S4I ; ni. M»y 2'J, ISOO. 
iSyUiii yi. AbliN-y. He pructiceil 18<i7.70 iu Xew Lisbon. Wis. ; re- 
muveil to Sloiightou, Dane Co. . AVis. iii. Loriudu Clark, itwiu) 
b. Oct. Ii;. I841;m. May IU. 18G4. Clins. 31. Tattle; icb. Uuiou. 
Kau. She d. ?.l Dec. ISSU. 

Chikhx-n of Albtrf. {1>\4) [i'l.t4] (Levi\ Jr., Levi\ Stcp!ien\ 
Thoma.--', Timothy, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Dolly (Parker') 
Adams; res. Evansvillc. Wi.s. 

4.J-J. i. Euieliuo Julia'. 1>. in Ludlow, Vt., Jan. 23, 1812: m. Nov. 18. 180G, 

Caleb l-juubhuU; res. Eviinsville, Wia. 
4oJ. ii. Mary Auu', b. iu Ludlow, Nov. 14, 184:j; ni. June 10, 18'-3, Albert H. 

Lockwood, Hou of William and Soruli Lockwood; res. Ludlow, Vt. 
40(1. iii. Eilvn Adella'. h iu Luulow, June 1, 1851; m. Juue 3.1874, Loynl 

Eiufrliiim ; res. Ames, Iowa, 
iv. Cora May', b. in Unioli, Wis.. Nov. 23, 1859; m. Jan. 7, 1880. Frank 

M. Itowley; res. Chicafjo, III., 6826 Honore 8t. 

Children of Geort^e Bemis", (IMt;) [-i'Ja] (Levi\ Jr., Levi', 
Stephen, Tliomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Hannah (Taylor) Adams ; res. Marengo, IH. 

457. i. .Vurora', Ij. iu Ludlow. Vt., 1845; m 1SG8. Dr. Theodore W. Stnli; 

a-ssistaut snr;ieou of the 8th III. Cav. ; d. May, 1^70; res. Mureuj^o. 

HI . till 1SS7; iireseut res. Oakland, Cal , lo53 Civ.stro St. 
4-"(8. n Nellie', b. iu Ludlow, 1H52; m. 1870, Rev. Thomas F. Bon-heis, a 

soldier who waa confined a prisoner iu Libl)y and AndersHinville 

prisons; d. in Los. Au^'t'les, Cul, '.Vpril, ISHi; res. Oakland. Cal. 

Children of Mariette-, (l.sls) [-fW] (Levi'. Jr.. Levi\ 
Stephen, Tliomas', Timothy'. Lieut. Thomas"", Henr}-') and 
Alonzo Clark; res. Weston, Vt. 

i. liolaud Clark; d. young. ii. Abby Cliirk, b. in Weston, Vt.. May 
7. 1.S42; m. in Union, Wis.. April 27. 1873, Edwin Notherwooil ol 
Brooklyn, Wis. ; res. Holyoke, Maes. 

Child of Lnrinda-. (1s-2l>) [2!>7] (Levi\ Jr.. Levi", Stephen', 
Thomas'. Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Emerson 
Fanisworlh ; res. Minneapolis. Minn. 

i. DoraBtu.s D. Farusworth; res. Minneapolis. Miun. 

l!>> i.iEU TiiNANT THOMAS. [Ninth Generation. 

Child of Durastus C, (l^iic.) [j;i,>] (Levi', Jr., Levi', 
Stephen', Thoma.s', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Susan R. (Rus.scll) Adams; res. Owatunna, Minn. 

45rt. i. Lillie C. '. b. iu WestoD, Vt.. April 1, lt*04: m. Juue 17, 1874, Clina. 'W. 
HuiUey. utUiriiey; res. Owutouuu. Miuu. 

Child of Dea. Levi J. F.\ (Ks?.;!) [2l.>i>] (James', Levi', 
Stephen', Thomas', Timothy\ Lieut. Thomas", Hi;nry') and Amy 
J. (Karr) Adams; res. Andover. Alleghany Co.. N. Y. 

i. Edith Victoriu', b. in Audover, X. Y., Juue 12, ISSG; d. 12 Jim., 1886. 

Children of Loana", (Ibltt) [oUO] (Jerry'. Jona.s"", Stephen', 
Thomas', TiuKjthy , Lieut. Thomas", Ilonry') and Daniel Cobb; 
res. Hingham, Sheboygan Co., Wis. 

i. Eliza Cobb. h. iu Vermont, Nov. 27, 1830; ui. July 4, 1850, John 
Pierce. ii. Miruuda Uobb, b. July 25i, 13^8; m. Sept. 20, 
1807, N'elsou Ellbworth. iii. RoUiu Cobb, b. May 24, 1842; m. 
Feb. 21, 1808, EUeu Jacksou. iv. lufuut dun , b. Oct. 28, 1845; 
d. IG Nov., 1815. V. Luellii Com., b. March 20, 184;t; m. Jan. 1, 
180'J. JunieB Ciilligan. vi. Williuui Lo\\ ell Cobb. Ij. IScpt. lO", 1852; 
m. May U. 1878, Aunu Houser. 

Children of Lucy", (Is-J-J) [odlj (Jerry, Jonas', Stephen', 
Thomas', Timothy, Lieut. Thomas", Henry') and JoelTubbs; 
res. Weston, Vt. 

i. Edward A. Tubbs, b. in Westou, Vt., July 12, ISOI; d. 11 April, 1855. 
ii. liellc A. Tubbs. 1). iu Wetiton, April I'.i, 1803. iii. Stelln G. 
Tubbs, b. iu Wfstou, Dec. 21. 1808; ui. July 28, 188H, Frank B. 

Children of Hon. Austin", (l^'iiJ) [^^>i] (Jerry'.. Jonas', 
Stephen', Thomas', Timothy". Lieut. Thomas'^ Henry') and Mary 
Keller (Newberry) Adams; res. Dubuque, Iowa. 

4<50. L Annabel', b. iu Dubuque, Iowa, Juue 0, 1SJ8; m. Dec. 17, 1884, Orrin 
Sylvester GoaD;'res. La Grange, 111. 
iL; Eugene', b. in Dubuque. Dee. 14, 1800; m. May 28,.18»u. Anna Grace 
Plaister; res. Dubuque, la. 
451. iii. Herbert', b. in Dubwiue, Mny'28, 1803; m. Aug. 3U ISO-X Elsie Payne; 
res. Dubu(|ue. la. ;. 

iv. Cecelia', b. in Dubuque. July 21. 1865; num. 

Ninth Geueration.] lieutenant thomas. ll>i» 

Children of Alvin A/, (1S32) [3o3] (Jerrys Jonas', Stephcn\ 
Thomas'. Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Cynthia Vienna 
(Richardbon) Adams : res. Boston. Mass. 

i. JobepUine', b. in Boston, Oct. 20. 1850; m. Sept. 8, 188C. Frank H. 

ii. Alice Atherton", b. in Boston. Feb. 11, 1875. 

Children of Horace Harrison", (l^^lt?) [.^o^] (Phinehas'. 
Corp. Jona.s", Stephen", Thomas', Timothy", Lieut. Thomas". 
Henry') and Alindn (Orvis) Adams; res. Ludlow. Vt. 

402. i. Isu'lore S. ', b. in Liullow, Vt., June I. 1813; m. -June 11, 1857, Oscar 

Giissett; ree. Ludlow, Vt. 
4G3. ii. Cbarles H. ', b. inLudlow, Jnue 15, 184'J; m. Nov. 20, 187- 111!.' ;■• 

W'liekleu of SpringtielJ, Vt. Settled in So. Best.". , \i.iH- 
4(54. iii. E(l-ar E.', b. in Ludlow. Vt., Aug. 22, 1853: m. .T.\u. •,'! ^TT Aiiuftt- 

W. Pettigrew; res. Worcester, Moss. 

Children of L.", (181S) [305] iPhineha?', Corp. 
Jonas", Stephen', Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thoma.=V Henry') 
and Emily (Spalding) Adams; res. E. Boston, Mass. 

i. A Ron. b. in Lndlow. Vt., Jan., 1849; d. Jun., 1849. 
405. ii. Eiumn Marin', b. in Ludlow, Nov. 26, 1851; m. Oct. 7, 1875, Byron 
L. Brown; res. Waltbani, Maes. 

Children of Ambrose L." (ISl'^) and Melvina A. (Forister) 


iii. Editb May', b. in E. Boston, Mass.. April 13. 1808; d. 9 Aug., 18G8. 
iv. Jesbie Louisir, b. in E. Boston. Sept. 10, 1869; unm. 
V. 'Walter Forister', b. in E. Boston, May 13, 1873; unm. 

Child of Edwin", (1823) [3(»0] (Phinehas'. Corp. Jonas', 
Stephen, Thomas'. Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Caroline A. (Aldrich) Adams; res. Melrose, N. Y. 

400. i. Mary Frances", b. in Ludlow, Vt., April 27, 1848; m. Sept. 12. 1807. 
Lee Cliumberlain; res. Troy, N. Y. 

Children of Laura Ann", (1833) [307] (Phinehas', Corp. Jonas", 
Stephen , Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas", Henry') and 
Harvey W. Parker; res. Ludlow, Vt. 

i. Edward E. Parker, b. Oct. 8, 1854; m. Oct. 26. 1870, Louisa Colburn. 
ii. BiTtie Parker, b. April, 1805; d. 24 Aug., 1805. 

i-'uo LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Nrntti Generation. 

Children of Edward Livingston", (lS.3!i) [3<i^] (Alvin', Corp. 
Jonas', Stephen', Thomas', Timothy, Lieut. Thomas'. Henry') 
and Emily (Maey) Adams; res. Boston, Mass. 

i. Alvin', b. in Boston, Nov. 30, l^<70. 
ii. Edward L. ', b. in Boston, Nov. 17, 1873. 
iii. Howard Mucy', b. in Boston, March 4, 187G. 

Children of Helen Frances', (1845) [3n'.i] (Alvin, Corp. 
Jonas", Stephen', Thomas', Timothy", Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and William B. Dinsmore ; res. New York City. 

i. Helen Groy Dinsmore, b. iu Watertowu, Mobs., Jiiu. 30, 1808; 
m. June 1, 1892, Robt. Palmer Huntington, Jr. ii. Ausimtji 
Muuuei's Diubmore, b. iu New Yorl;, Jan. 10, 1800; d. in Wuter- 
town, Miusb., 21) June, 1809. iii. Willium BrowuDiusiuoie. od.. 
b. in New York, Nov. 1, 1870. iv. Madeline Inj:rnbiim Diiit>more, 
b. at Stuutsburg, N. Y., Sept. 20, 1874. v. Hubert Mulculm Dins- 
more, b. Nov. 25, 1377; d. Aug., 1878. 

Child of Clara Belle', (KS53) [3H.i] (Alvin'. Corp. Jonas", 
Stephen', Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thoma.s-, Henry') and 
Edward P. Kennard ; res. Boston, ^Lass. 

i. Waldo Parry Kennard, b. in Watertown, Mass., June 0. 1870. 

Children of Warren P.', (1.S40) [31 1] (Orison'. Corp. 'Jona.s'. 

Stephen', Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thoma.s', Henry') and Mary 

E. (Pawlis) Adams; res. Melrose, Mass. 

i. Minnie Ethel', b. in S. Boston. Dec. 30. 1878; d. 31 March. 18-'^.">. 

ii. Grace Pawlia , b. iuS-Jjobtou. Sept. 18, 1881. f 

iii. AVarreu Prescutt', b. in S. Bobton. Feb. 8, 1883. / 

iv. Alice I. ', b. iu S. Boston, Juu. 14, 1880. 

Children of. Melvin'. (l$4rl) [312] (Orison\ Corp. Joiias% 
Stephen',. Thomas'. Timothy', Lieut. Thomas-, Henry") and 
Anna (Davis) Adams; res. So. Boston,. Mass.. 

i. Florence M.', b. in a.' Boston,, July 21, 1803; rmm. 
iL Molvin', b. in S-. Bost? n, Nov. 13, 1868; d. Jan., 187». 

Children of Melvin*. (1S41) and Mary E. (Frye) Adams, 
iii. Mary E-Vb. March 31, 1874; nnnt 
iv. Loui»%.b. Aug. 23, 1870; onm. 

Ninth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 201 

Children of Luther Parker", (ls-2r;) [.",10] (Luther", Luther'. 
Stephen Thomas', Timothy , Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Sarah 
W. (Chandler) Adams; res. Haverhill, N. H. 

i. Nuucy Ellen', b. iu Luuenburj:. Vt., Nov. 'Z2, 1854; m. Oct. 8, 1»73, 
Oscur F. Lee, sou of Amos Lee of Providence, K. I. ; res. Provi- 
dence, E. I. 

;i. Addie E.', b. in Lunenburg, Feb. 21, 1801 ; d. 8 April, 18CC. 

iii. Celiu M ', b. in Lunenburg, May ao, ISOO; d. 30 MiircL, 1800. 
4(;7. IV. Hurry C. ', b. in Lnueuburg. July 22, 1S07; m. June 8, l«'.i2, Ina S. 
Booth, dau. of Roger and Miiry Booth of Norwood, B. I.; uiasuu, 
res. Providence, K. L 

V. Adii Isabelle', b. in Lunenburg, Oct. Hi, 1809; unm. 

vi. John Luther', b. iu Lunenburg, July 19, 1871. 

Child of Ada Warren", (ls24) [314] (Capt. Luther, Luther. 
Stephen, Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and John 
W. Chandler: res. Fitchburg, Jiiass. 

i. Maria Chandler, b. ; m. Thos. C Lovell of W. Boylstou, Mass ; 

res. Fitchburg, Mass. 

Child of James", (ls2ii) [^l.-.] (Capt. Luther, Luther'. 

Stephen', Thomas'. Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 

Charlotte (Reynolds) Adams; res. Lowell, jMass. 

i. Walter .Arthur', b. in Lowell, Mass.. June 29, 1309; uuui. : reb. 
Lowell, Mass. 

Children of Horace", (182^) [:ilf.] (Capt. Luther. Luther", 
Stephen, Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Emily (Carpenter) Adams: res. Maidstone, Vt. 

i. Frank G.', b. in Muiilstone, Vt., Nov. 27, 18.'»4; nnm. ; res Maid- 
stone, Vt. 
ii. Charles G. ". b. in Maidstone, Feb. 28, 1807; d. 5 March, 180a. 
iii. Carrie M.', b. in Maidstone, Aug. 21, 1809; m. Feb. 10, 1880, Rufus 
K. Pool; res. Guildhall, Vt. 

Children of Philander B.", (1830) [317] (Capt. Luther". 
Luther", Stephen', Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Mary P. (Huse) Adams; res. St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

408. i. Charles H \ b. in St. Johnsbury, Vt, July 7, 1857; m. Sept. 20. 1881, 

Alice M. Hatch of Eden. Wis. Settled iu Muskegon, :\rich . 1892. 

409. ii. Annie F.\ b. in St. Johnsbury. Nov. 9. 1801; m. Nov., 1831, Guy P. 

Metcalf of St. Johnsbury, Vt. ; d. 22 Jan., 1890. 

2U2 LiEUTENAM' TMO.MAs. [Ninth Generatidn. 

Children of Frances Brown'. (Is-U) [:!1>] (Capt. Luther'. 
Luther', Stephen', Thomas'. Timothy'. Lieut. Thomas'. Henry') 
and Charles D. Cobb : res. Coventry. Vt. 

i. Eveliue Eliza Cobb. b. Jiily 2.'5, ly03; d. iu Coventry, Vt . 2:1 Au<;., 
18C'J. ii. Ida May Gobi). U. Juue 27, 1SG7; d. 23 Aug.. 1809. 

Children of Alfred', (1s:?n) [;]1!i] (Capt. Luther, Luther", 
Stephen'. Thomas', Timothy,' Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Fraucelia J. (Dexter) Adams; res. St. Johnsbury. Vt. 

i. Corn Bcllt- ', b. in St. JoLuabiiiy, Vt., March 8. \SGS; d. 14 May. 1809. 

ii. Alberta', b. iu St. Joliusbiiry, March 0. 1870; num. 
iii. Doru Fraucelia', b. iu St. Johusbtiry, Nov. 2, 1872. 
iv. Floreuce May', b. iu St. .Tohusbury, May 9, 1870; ni. Oct , 1895, 
Benjumiu Pngre. 

Children of "William T.". (1M4> [0:iH] (Thomas, Timothy'. 
Thomas', Timothy', Timothy', Lieut. Thoma.s', Henry') and 
Samantha (Briggs) Adams; res. Westville. Franklin Co.. N. Y. 

i. Dauiel U. ', b. in Westvillo, N. Y. April 27, 1810; d. 15 Nov.. 1870. 

ii. Elizabeth', b. iu WeHtvillc, July 14. 1842. 

iii. Jemima", b. iu Westville. Sept. 4, 1840. 

iv. Martha Alzina', b. In Westville. April JO. 1849; d. 23 Jan., 1871.' 

V. William H ', b. in Westville. Sept. 13. 1851. 

vi. Jjimes Leslie', b. iu Westrille, Dec. 12. 18-j3; d. 1885. 

vii. Abigail', b. in Westville, May 4, 18.'".7. 

viii. Fred', b. iu Westville, Sept. 3it, 185'.i; d. 6 Jan.. 1803. ( 

Children of William Root', (1n-J')) [■•;21] (Dr. Ira', Timothy', 
Thomas', Timothy', Timothy", Lieut. Thomas'. Henry') and (Mills) Adams; res. Lnwville. N. Y. 

i. A son. b. in Lowville, N. Y.. 18.-»;i; d. »87t. 
ii. ABOu,b.'iu Lowville, 18.57; d. 1801. 
iii. A 811U. b. iu Lowville. 1WW; d. 18»».. 
iv. Elizjilteth'. b m Lowville;, m; July. 1»'J2. Rev_ C. B» Anprir; re», 

Fnlda. Minn. 
V. E»lilh'. 1>. in Lowvill«;ni. Jiiue. 1893. Rer. iL F.. Beverly. Secretary 

Y^. M. t". A., Portsmoutb' Vti. 

Niuth Generation.] lieutenant tho,mas. 2t»:i 

Child of Dr. Ira Robbins", (1S31) [:V2-2] (Dr. Ira\ Timothy'. 
Thomas', Timothy', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Heury') and 
Sophia M. (Latimer) Adam.s; res. Lowville, N. Y. 

i. Guilford Robbins', b. in Lowville, N. Y., Muy 2», 1802; in. Sept. 23. 
1»85, Clura Jane Lobb; b. in Peterboro, Ont., July 10, laC2; liurd- 
■ware merchant, Rochester, N. Y. 

Children of John Parker", (l.s04) [8-23] (Dr. Ira\ Timothy", 
Thomas, Timothy', Timothy", Lieut. Thomas-, Henry') and 
Azubah A. (Martin) Adams; res. Lowville, N. Y. 

i. Flora \.\ b. in Lowville, N. Y., Jan 20, 1859; in. Dec. 2, 1879, C. 
Etijjeue Arlhur; res. Lowville, N. Y. 

470. ii. Elmer J.', b. in Lowville, Oct. 5, 1802; m. April 27, 18'Jl. at Boonrille, 

N. Y.. Alice Ash; contractor and builder; res. Lyons Falls, N. Y. 
iii. Celia Belle', b. in Lowville, May 17, 1871; m. Oct. 2C, 1892, Fred U. 
Loacks; res. Lowville, N. Y. 

Children of Martha", (ISK,) [:J24] (John'. Timothy', Thomas'. 
Timothy'. Timothy", Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Gregory Rus- 
sell ; res. Cavendish, Vt. 

i. Mortba Ann Russell, b. iu Cavendish, Vt. Oct. 3, 1839; d. Oct., 18G(!. 
ii. Gregory Adams Russell, b. iu Cavendish, Oct. 27, 1812; d. unui., 
Oct., 18C9. 

Children of Dr. John O.'. (1S27) [325] (John'. Timothy', 
Thomas', Timothy', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Helen V. (Smith) Adams; res. Carmel, N. Y., and Pasadena, Cal. 

i. John Q \ Jr., b. in Oarmel. N. Y.. March 20, 1878. 

ii. Florence', b. in Carmel, Nov. 23, 1880; d. 7 July, 1881. 

Children of Charles Henry", (l.s27) [326] (Charles', Isaac", 
Thomas, Samuel', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Ann 
Relief (Byam) Adams ; res. Boston, Mass. 

i. Charles Edgar"", b. in Lowell, Moss, Dec. 17, 18-j1; m. Eliza Bullock 
of Everett, Mass. ; res. Kansas City, Mo, ; no issue. 

471. ii. (lora Louisa'', b. in Boston, Nov. 20, 1853; m. 1871, William Clonston 

of Cambridge. Mass. She d. in Chelmsford, Mass., 19 July, 1887. 

472. iii. George Herbert', b. in Boston. Oct. 10, 1802; m. Feb. 7, 1882, .Mar- 

garet G. Mackennaof Charlestown, Moss. Settled in Boston, Mass. 

204 LIEUTENAN T THOMAS. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Hon. George Z.\ {\<:\::) [:;i'7] (Charles'. Isaac'. 
Thomas', Samuel', Timothy, Lieut. Thomas-. Henry') and 
Joanna F. (Davenporf) Adams: res. Boston. Mass. 

i. Florence Daveuport', b. iu Kosbury. Muss.. June i, ISOO; J. G June, 

ii. Georf^ianna Frances'', b. in Roxbury, Muy 81, 1872. 
ili Walter Davenport', b. in lio.vbiiry, JMay 18, lST-1; eutureil Uarvoril 

College from Boston Lutiu ScUool, 18'J3. 
iv. Charles Zaccheus', b. iu Uoxljury. June 27. 1882. 

Child of Rufus Osgood". (ls:V>) |:!-js] (Charles'. Isaac'. 

Thomas'. Samuel', Timothy', Lieiit. Thomas'. Henry") and Susan 

(Walker) Adams; res. Lowell. Mass. 

i. Emma', b. in Chelmsford. Muss., Jan.. 18. 1301; m. June 22, 1877, 
Herbert N. Howe. She d. 20 March. t8'JG. 

Child of Dr. Richard Fletcher'. (1^12) [:^,2!i] (Richards 

Robert". John', Timothy'. Timothy. Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 

and Deborah (Ingall.'^) Adams; res. Lee Centre. Lee Co.. 111. 

i. Richard Otis', b. in Lee Centre. 111.. Tune 4; 18-l"i; m. Muy -I'. 1'^". 
Eliza Neal of Philadelphia, Pa. Khe d. 28 Jan. . 18'I4; settled iu 
Detroit, Mich., Oct., IH'Jl; uo issue. 

Child of Benjamin Franklin", (1>1 .-.) [.'i:'.ii] (Richard'. Kol)ert', 

John', Timothy', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Franees 

C. (Leighton) Adams; res. Brookline, Mass. 

i. Sarah F. ', b. in Westford, Mass.. March •'■.. 184-1; m. Nov. 15. 1804. 
Henry H. Robinson of Somerville. Mass res. Brookliue. Mass. 
Two other daughters d. in iufaucv. \ 

Children of Rufus Alfred". (Is-Jl) ["wl] (Rufus\ Robert", 
John\ Timothy', Timothy', Lieut. Thora;i.s\ Henry') and Lucinda 
(Acker) Adams; res. Rushford, N- Y. 

i. Sueau Viola", b. in Rushford. X. Y., JnJy a. ISVt; m. March 2<;. 1872, 
Albert, H. Farewoll; one son.Dorriince FiirewHl, b. Dec. 14,. 1874; 
res. Rushford, N. Y. 
ii. An-illii'. b. in Rnshford. July 4. 18."*4';,m. Sept. 20.. 1874, George 
Farewell; one dau.. Grace Farewell, b. Oct. 3,. 1877; res. Rushford, 
N. Y. 
iiL Mary Idella', 1>. ia Rnshford, Se|>t. 2. ISW; m. Se|)t. 1, 187r., Robert" 
McFarlon;. one dun., Mury- A. McFurlan, b^ March 4. 1887; res., 
Roahford. N. Y- 

Ninth Generation.] LiruTENAXT THOMAS. 205 

Chilclixn of Soiihronia Gilbert', (l"*-*') [:>-"J-'J (Rvifus', Robert'. 

John', Timothy'. Timothy , Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and John 

Fictehcr Gordon ; res. Rushford, N. Y. 

i. Frnuk Gordon, b. Auc. 2:i. lS4y. ii. Lucy Gordou, b. Oct. 11, 
IS.'iS. iii. Bentte Gor.lou, b. Juue IM, 18.00. iv. Milton E. 
Gonlou, h. MiiicL 17. 1S".T. v. Mury Elln Gordon, b. Sept. 28. 

Children of Salome Searr, (1^-J^) [:i:3:3] (Rufus\ Robert', 
John", Timt)thy', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Jacob 
Weslnr; res. Pine Grove, Mich. 

i. .Tohn Fletcher Weslar. b. in <uba. N. Y., July 4, 1840. ii. Mary 
W. Wesinr, b. iu Cuba, May 1. 1851; d. 17 Aupr., 1851. iii. 8o- 
lihrouia O. Weslnr, b. in Rushford. N. Y.. Dec. II, 1852. iv. 
Williiim Alfred Weelar, b. iu Ruahford, Dec. 20, 18-5.1. v. Julia 
Emma Wt-slar. b. iu Pine Grove, Mich.. Dec. 8, 1858. vi. Rufus 
Keudnll Weslar, b. iu Pine Grove, Dec. U, 1802. vii. Frederick 
C. Weslar, h. in Piue Grove, Jan. 1, 18GC. viii. Winchester W. 
Weslar. b. in Piue Grove, Jan. 13, l8Ci9. is. Calvin F. Weslar, 
b. iu Pine Grove, Jan. 7. 1871; d. 28 May. 1883. 

Children of Maria Juliette", (l>l(i) [.334] (Hon. JoeF, Capt. 

Timothy', John', Timothy', Timothy", Lieut. Thomas", Henry') 

and Dr. John C. Bartlctt ; res. Chelm!*ford. Mass. 

i. Charles Edwin Adams Bartlett, b. in Chelmsford, Sept. 5, 1830; m. 
Sept. Ifi, 1873, Harriet Cooper. He is treasurer of Boston A: Lowell 
11. R. ; res. Chelmsford, Mass. ii. George Henry Bartlett. b. in 

Chelmpford. Jan. .30, 1830; m. April 2S, ]8C4, Frances B. Monroe; d. 
Jan., 1870. iii. Joel Adiuns Bartlett, b. in Chelmsford. Aug. 22, 
184-'; m. Nov. 0, 1871. Emma L. L. Greeuleaf of Brooklj-n, N. Y. ; 
res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

Children of William Simpkins', {l.s25) [33")] (John', Capt. 
Timothy', John', Timothy', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Sarah E. (CraflFord) Adams; res. Lee Hall. Va. 
i. John C", b. at Lee Hall, Va.. An?. 15, 18G2. 
ii. Sally", h. Dec. 5. 1803. 
iii. Miittii-', b. Oct. 10, isfi.5. 
iv. Virsiuia', b. Oct. 18, 1807. 
V. Mary. b. March 3, 1870. 
vi. Samuel', li. May 3. 1872. 
vii. Catherine', b. April 8, 1875. 
viii. Annie', b. Sept. 2, 1877. 
ix. Emma', b. April 27, 1880; d. 25 Nov., 1880. 

:i<»« LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Miriam Abi", (isiH) [:3:J(;] (Benjamin^ Capt. 
Timothy", John', Timothy*. Timothy', Lient. Thomas', Henry') 
and George Cumber : res. Boston, Mass. 

i. ftnd ii. Infants who ilied. iii. Eva Mnria Cumlier. h. Jnly C, ISOi; 
m. AniasaN. Kidder of Putney. Vt. 

Child of Mercy Virginia". (]M>r>) [;J:^7J (Benjamin^ Capt. 
Timothy", John , Timothy', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Zcbina D. Bartlett ; res. Carlisle, Mass. 

i. Corn V. Btirtlett. b. in Carli.ole. Mass., Sept., 18G0; m. Fred L. Em- 
erson of Chelmsford, Mass. 

Child of Catherine Mary", (1S27) [83.s] (Benjamin', Capt. 
Timothy', John', Timothy', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry") 
and George Smith ; res. Hadle}-, Mass. 

i. Julia M. Smith, b. July 10, 1854. 

Children of Timothy', (]>31) [3?,I.>] (Benjamin^ Capt. Timo- 
thy', John'% Timothy', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas'. Henrj-') and 
Sarah E. (Champney) Adams; res^ Chelmsford, Mass. 

i. Sarnh Lupira*, b. in Chelmsford, Mass., June 10, IS-ir); d. at ;0 

473. ii. Ebenezer Timothy '. b. in Chelmsford, Jan. 2. IS.'jT; m. Letta Per- 

hiim; res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

474. iii. Benjamin Stephen', b. in Chelmsford, Dec. 12, 1858; m. Mattie 

Parker; res. Nantucket, Mass. 

iv. Catherine Maria', b. in Chelmsford, Aufj. 21, ISfil; m. Isaac Knight. 

V. Flora Elizabeth', b. in Chelmsford, Dec. 21, 1864; m. Dr. Edw. A 

Chamberlain of Westford, Mass. N 

Children- of. Sarah Amelia". (I.>a2) [34<>] (Benjamin', Capt. 
Timothy'. John', Timothy'^ Timothy'.. Lieut. Thomas', Henr>''> 
and Benjamin. H. Webster ; res. Carlisle, Mass. 

i. Josephine Amelia. Webster, b. Sept.- 2, 1853; m. April 13, 1876, 
Ebenezer Prescott; res. Westford. Mass. ii. Clarence Adams 
Webster, b. A]>ril 27, 1855; m. (IJ 1870, Elizabeth Cobom; m. i2» 
1871). Elizalteth Farrie. iii. Sabra Anna Webster, b. Not. 28, 
18.'>7; d. in Carlisle. Mamt., 1875. ir. Cbos. Albert Webster, b. 
Jiiue «, 18tW>; m. Muj^srie Brice. y. Beujamin Hamblet Wel>«ter., 
b. Auy. 'J. 18<a; m. Nettie M. WUittemore; res. W. Gardner. Mass. 

Ninth Generation.] LIEUT kkant thomas. ioT 

Children of Ch;irlcs Edwin", ^1><;;4) ['■'•■i\\ (.Benjamin', Capt. 
Timothy', John', Timothy'. Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Ucnry-') 
and Vivian (Brown) Adams; ri;.'^. Carlisle, Mass. 

i. Eumn Josejibine', b. Nov. ii), 18C1. 

ii. Catberiue M. •, 1>. Juue 2'.t, \SV,i. 

iii. Charles Bardwell'. b. Ntiv. !t. ItjIiO. 

iv. Charlt»s SiiiiinHr', b. Oct. 12. li-C*. 

V. Henry Otis', b. July i'J. IHTa. 

vi. Tbonifts Page", b. March 4, 18T5. 

Child of Rev. Benjamin Stephen". (.ls:'.t;j [.•Ui>J (Benjamin', 
Capt. Timothy''. John\ Timothy', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Eliza A. (Cole) Adams: res. St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

i. ARueB Eliza", b. in Cabot. Vt., Dec, 1878; no^v a stndent in school in 
the iitatp of Washington. 

Child of Mar}- Julia', {is.y.i) [343J (Simon', Capt. Timothy*. 
John*, Timothy', Timothy", Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Albert 
G. Heywood; res. Concord, Mass. 

i. Annie Maria Heywood, b. in Concord. Oct. :{, 18C1; m. Dec. 28. 18S2, 
Cbns. Howard Webber. 

Children of Elizabeth Bartletf, (l.s.'5r.) [344] (Simon', Capt. 
Timothy", John", Timothy', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henrj'j 
and Georj'e Tolman ; res. Concord, Mass. 

i. Adams Tolman. b. in Boston, April l."!. 18C2; m. in Roxbnry Jnne 6, 
1888, Harriet L. Giles. ii. Marj- Mayo Tolman, b. in Concord. 
Oct. 8. 180.1; d. in Northlield, Vt., 31 July. 18G0. iii. William 
Nichols Tolman, b. in Dorchester. Nov. 2. 18(17. iv. Charles 
Edward Tolman, b. in Concord. Sept. 12. 1871. v. James Henry 
Tolman. b in Concord, An^. 29, 1870. 


Children of Mchitable', (1 s<t(t) [345] (Hon. Rufus', Nathan', 
Capt. Samuel', Capt. Joseph', Samuel'. Lieut. Thomas'. Henry') 
and Henry Smith: res. Springfield, ^L'lss. 

i. Mary Byers Smith, b. Nov. 14. 18o2; d. 23 An?.. 1833. ii. William 
Heury Smith, b. Jidy 7, 1834; d. 7 July, 1834. 

20N LIELTEXANT THOMAS. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Dr. Nathan', (l.>l:J) [;^,4<;J (^Hon. Rufiis', Nathan", 
Capt. Samuel', Capt. Joseph', Samuel-, Lieut. Thomas', Henry") 
and Elizabeth (Walkinson) Adams; res. Springfield, Mass. 

47". i. Elleu Wntkinsou ', b. in Spriusfieltl. Mass., Feb. 0. 15)44; m. April IS, 

1S77. Kev. Jobu LigbtiiPr Esbevt; res. St. MicliaelB Rectory, Mar- 
blebenil, Mn.'^s. ; reuioved Ut Spriui;fielil, Muss, 
ii. Ntttbnu', b. in Spriii^rtieltl, Jul}- 12, ISI-'i; res. Spriup;tielil, Mass. 
iii. Williniu Rnfns'. b. iii Spriusrfield, Jan. 3, lS."i3: d. 7 March, 18'J4. 

Child of Johannah Byers", (lM7j[.347] (Hon. Rufus\ Nathan", 
Capt. Samuel', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Francis Burt; res. Springfield, Mass. 

i. Mn.leliue Burt, b. in Springfield. April I,'*, liVirt; ra. Sept. 7, 1881, 
Walter H. Wesson ol SiiriugrfTeld, Mass. ; rer.. Springfield, Mass. 

Child of James Byers', (18-2-_>) [-3+8] (Hon. Rufus', Nathan", 
Capt. Samuel", Capt. Joseph", Samuel", Lieut. Thomas', Henr>-') 
and Catherine M. (Johnston) Adams ;/res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

470. i. Rnfns', b. in Brooklj-n. N Y.. Maj 10. isr.4; m. Oct. 2, 1870, Adelaide 
Hawle}- Ennis; b. Sept. lo, IMfi; d. 20 Au?., 1804; res. New York 
City, and Alt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Children of Mary Ann", (l.s:;i>) [:'.4!t] (Hon. SamueU. Joseph', 
Capt. Samuel', Capt. Joseph', Samuel , Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Cornelius Lyndc, Jr. ; res. Rock Island, 111. 

i. Henry Adams Lynde. b. in Rock Island, 111., Jan.. 18.'i4; d. in in- 
fancy, ii. Snninel Adams Lynde, b. in Rock Islaml, Dec., 1850; 
ni. 1S7!>, Mnmie Pbasants, <Un. of Hon. George PLosantsof Illinoi»: 
res. CLicaqo. 111. iii. Grace Cornelia Lj-nde, b. in Rock Island,, 
Nov., IS.III; m. 187'.), Montgomery Meijjs, son of Gen. M. C. Mei^s 
of Wftsbincrton, D. C. iv. Corneliiin Fay Lynde, b. im Rock, 
Island. Dec., 18«i>; res. Rock Island,. IlL 

Children of Sarah BV, (1834) [350] (Hon. SamueV, Joseph*, 
Capt. Samuel',, Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut.' Thomas',. Henry') 
and E. Mar\'iu Smalley.; res. St.. Albans, Vt.  

L William W". Smalley, b. ^Sr,r.■, res. Yankee Jims, CaL ii. Charteft 
M. Smalley, b. :W; re». Chipnicro, IlL 

Ninth Generation.] LIEUTENANT THOMAS. '20'J 

Children of Julia Hannah", (1n43) [>5.>1] (Nathan', Joseph'. 
Capt. Samucr, Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas", Henry') 
and Edward J. Parker; res. St. Albans, Vt. 

i. Carolinp E. Parker, b. in Grtind Isle. Vt., July 17. 1S72; m. Fc-b. IT. 
18*J, Frederick C. Be\-ins. ii. Mary Louisa Parker, b. iu 
Georfria. Vt., July 7. 1874. iii. Hnrrj- Adam.'; Parker, b. in 
Georgrift, April G, 1S7C. iv. Bessie Edun Parker, h. iu Georgia, 
March 24, 1834. 

Children of William Bradford", (Isuc) [."..-•_'] (William^ John", 
Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', SamueF, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Priscilla (Adams) Adams; res. Maiden. Bureau Co., 111. 

477. i. Lyman B.". b. at Edmeston, N. Y., .Tnu. 27, 1833; m. Sept. 20. 1853, 

Rebecca Biirnham; res. Maiden, 111. 
ii. Angelia A.", b. at Edmeeton, June 22, 1835; 

m. (1) June 22, 1831, Rodolplms F. Pierce. 

m. (2) Sept. 25, 1807, Ferdinand Sutton; res. Maiden, IJl.; no 

Children of Eli Bartlett', (1S12) [3.-.0] O^^'lli-'^m, John', Lieut. 
Joseph, Capt. Joseph', Samuel", Lieut. Thoma.s, Hcnr\-') and 
Clarinda (Wheeler) Adams; res. Sprinji^fiekl, N. Y. 

i. Maryette^ (adopted), b. July 14, 1843; m. April 18. 18(MI. Abraham C. 

Van Horn; res. Cooperstown, N. Y. 
ii. Al>i?ail Celestia', b. in Springfield, June 2r., 184.'"); ui, Oct. 1, 1884, 

Harry Codwell; b. Dec. 21), I83r>. 
iii. Eraerjane", b. in Springfield, May 22, 1848; m. Jan. 12. 1881, Menzo 
SitU; b. Feb. 15, 1841; res. SprinRtield, OtaeRo Co., N. Y. 

Children of Eli Bartlett', (1?!12) and Betsey Spencer (Long) 

iv. Elmer Eli", b. in Springfield, Aug. 8, 1853; nnm. ; res. Fly Creek, 

XDtsesn Co., N. Y. 
V. (3mer Sidney", b. in Springfield, March 2, l»r,r,; d. 10 Nov., 18C0. 
vi. Alonzo Wiiflon", b. in Springfield, May 8. 18r>7; m July 4. 1877, Helen 

Fravor, d. 1884. 
vii. Cora", b. in Springfield. Aug. 10, 18.".!l; d. 4 Nov., 18.^0. 
riii. Amy Elmira', b. in Springfield, Oct. 2. isCl ; m. Sept. 15. 1880, 
Eivia D. Marsh, b. June G, 1502. 

210 LIEUTENANT Tii<.).M.\s. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Adin", {\s<M>) [:i'.4] (John\ John", Lieut. Joseph'. 
Capt. Joseph', SamueF, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Sally 
(Williams) Adams; res. Cooperstown, (Otsego township), N. Y. 

i. A 80U, b. in Cooperstown, N. Y. , .Inne 1. ISOit; J. same da}'. 
ii. Susan Jlaria', b. in Cooperstown, Jan. 10. 18'2^>; m. Vine Cbeney; b. 

Feb. 12, 1814; d. 3 May, ISSIJ; Tea. Cooperstown. N. Y. 
iii. A dan., b. Oct. 11, 1824; d. some day. 

478. iv. Nancy Eliza', b. in Cooperstown, Aiir. li), 1825; 

m. (1 ) Oct. 10, 1847, Ogden Converse, 
m. (2) Thomas Kenney. 
V. Lydia .\lmarettft'', b. in Cooperstown. June 14. 18'38; ra. Edwin R. 
Cripp of Middletleld, N. Y. ; she <l. 18<»4. 

479. yi. George William", b. in Cooperstown, May 28, 18.'?1 ; 

m. (1) April 10. IS.TO. Lorina Baird of Fly Creek. N. Y. 
m. i2)Juue9, 1882, Mary R. E. Goodspeed; jeweler; settled in 
Oneonta, N. Y., 1873. 

480. rii. Frances Helen', b. in Warren, N. Y'., Mny 27, 1S34; m. March 1, 

]8'>7, Zebadiah Salisbnry of Hartwick, N. Y. 

481. viii. John Orville'. b. in Warren, Oct. 27, 1837; m. 18C4. Ann Amelia 

Morehonse; b. in Oneonta, N. Y., Aug. 10, 184C; furniture 

merchant in Cooperstown, N. Y^ 
ix. Melissa Jane', b. in Otsego, N. Y. . Nov. 12, 1840; ui. Bnrdett Masters 

of Cooperstown, N. Y. 
X. Harriet Adelia', b. in Otaego, June 23, 1844; d. 18 June, 1845. 
xi. Emma JoBephiDe^ b. in Otaego, May 3. 1847; d. Sept., 1849. 

482. xii. James Edwin", b. in Otsego, Jlay 19, ISilO; ra. Feb. 3, 1877, Mary 

Foy; b. July 28, 1852; stone dealer in Cooperstown. N. Y. 

Child of John J.', (ls(\s) [3.">.".] (John', John", Lieut. Joseph', 
Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Harriet 
(Bacon) Adams; res. Cherry Valley. N. Y. 

483. i. AmosB.", b. in Cherry Valley. N. Y., Dec. 18, i9?.S; m. July 23, 

1870, Susan H. Bellows of Battle Creek,. Mich. ; res. Chicago, III. 

Children of:El>enczer Cheney V (IM 4 V [.-Jr.r.] (John^ John', 
Lieut- Joseph', Gapt. Joseph\ Samuer, Lieut. Thomas', Henry") 
and Nancy (Owens) Adams; res. Painted Posi..N. Y. 

i. Williom •;. res. CannoDRrille. Delaware Co., N..Y. 
ii. Charles E.""; res. Painted Post, ateulien Co., N. Y".: •- ... 
iii. Kittie*; m. William Howell of Poiuteil Poat. N. T.v 
ix. EliznlM*th'; m. Fre<l D. Brown of HornellaviU«». N, Y; 

( Repeated efforts have failetl to- elicit auy fiu'ther. infunnatioik ol 

Ninth Generation.] LIEUTENANT thomas. 211 

Children of Walter', (Isir.) [Sin] (John\ John", Lieut. 
Joseph , Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henr)-') and 
Sophnmia ( Robinson) Adams ; res. Cornin,^^. N. Y. 

1. E.lwin F.\ h. in Fly Creek, Otaeso Co., N. Y.. Sept. IC. 1840; J. 4 

Sept., 1845. 
ii. Williftm ■V\:ilsou\ b. in Fly Creek, An::. 14. 1S4:!; m. Trtii. 6, 1870, 

Frniices DoWolf of Corninf:; res. Corniu^', N. Y. ; no issue, 
iii. Eilgnr F.', b. in Fly Creek, May G, ISIO; d. 31 Oct.. IStT. 

Children of Samuel Wilson', (l>:-_>i») [:^..-,.s| (John\ John*, 
Lieut. Jo.seph", Capt. Joseph', SamueF, Lieut. Thomas% Henry') 
and Maria (Covenhoven) Adams; res. Painted Post. N. Y. 

i. John Cheney", b. in Herkimer Co., N. Y.. Feb. 10, 1841; d. April, 

ii. Henrietta M.', b. in Fly Creek. OtsefroCo.. N. Y.. Oct. 3, 1843; m. 
Dec. 2r,, 1ST2. David Burronsbs. 

484. iii. WilliRin A. B.', b. in Stone Arsbift, Montffomery Co., N. Y., Dec. 27, 

1844; m. Not. 23, 18C!), Susan Hoovner of Boonville. N. Y.; res. 
Coton, Steuben Co.. N. Y. 

485. iv. Sarah E.^ b. in Breckftbeen. Schoharie Co.. N. Y.. An?. 4, 1849; m. 

Dec. 17, 1807, S. E. Gilbert of Painted Post. N Y. 
V. Mnrj- Cheney", b. in Hunter, Green Co., N. Y., Sept. 27. 1851; m. 

July 10. 1872, O. R. Beeman; res. Clevelond, O. 
vi. Ceiia M.\ b. in Saufjerties. N. Y., May 1, 185^'; m. Oct. 6, 1875, Wm. 

A. Ferguson; res. Corning, N. Y. 

Children of Joseph Norman', (lx'27) [:'.".!>] (^Capt. Sylvester', 
Joseph', Jr., Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph'. Samuel',- Lieut. 
Thomas', Henrj'') and Rachel M. (Lee) Adams: res. Colchester, 

i. Julia M.'', 1». in Colchester. Conn.. Jan. 27, 1855; nnni. 
ii. Ella Josephine", b. in Colchester, March .5, 1.857: m. Oct. 13,1886, 
LnciuR C. Brown; merchant; res. Colchester, Conn. 

Children of James Madison', (1S44) [3f.<i] (Perrin'. Joseph*, 
Lieut. Joseph", Capt. Joseph*, Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henr>-') 
and Sarah (Young) Adams; res. Huntley, Minn. 

i. George Palmer', b. May 24, 1808; m. Oct. 15. 1891, Minerva Brown of 

Dclavan, Minn, 
ii. Edward Eugene', b. Aug. 5, 18G0. 
iii. David Young', b. March 8, 1873; d. 10 March, 1881. 

212 LIEUTENAXT THOMAS. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of James Madison", (1^44; and Nettie (Doeg) 

iv. Eaj- Does", b. in Huntley. Minn., Sept. IT. iSfii. 

V. Perrin', b. in Huntley, June 20, 1887 ; d. 27 Sept., 1880. 

\i. Earl D. ', b. in Huntley, Sept. 20, 1889. 

vii. Myrn Bftldn-in', b. in Hantley, Dec. 0, 1801. 

Children of Adeline L.', (1j<3i>) [3(i]] ^Chauncc}-, Joseph', 
Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph'. Samuel , Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Linus Foot ; res. Norwich, Conn. 

i. Chorlee M. Foot. b. in Colchester, Coiiu., l.'Sfi2. ii. Ernest Foot, 
b. about 18G4. iii. Lillie S. Foot, b. ; m. Geo. Youngs. 

Children of John Chauncey", (1>41) [oii2] (Chauncey', Joseph", 
Lieut. Joseph", Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Fanny L. (Pcnhollowj Adams; res. New London, Conn. 

i. Lillie'', b. in New London, Coun., about 1870. 
ii. Ella", b. in New London, Conn., abotit 1880. 

Children of Emma Verona",^(lsl4) [:>i'.:5] (^Joshua Knight', 
James", Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry'; and Benjamin Barton ; res. Cherry Valley. N. Y. 

i. Louisa Emmn Barton, b. Alny 5, 18^8; m. Dec. 20, 1804, Addison V. 
Rice; b. July 27, 1841: reB. Oneoutn, N. Y. ii. Sftrai Barton, 
b. Dec. 23.1830; m. (1; Jauies Mouesrliaii; m. (2iI8G8. LowryBogart; 

res. AVaverly, N. Y. iii. James Barton, b. , a soldier; d. 

unm. . in 1804, in .A.nder8ouville prison. 

Children of Polly Knighf, ^1^17) [-.'.CA] (Joshua Knights 
James', Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and David Larrabee Hine; res. Harford, Pa. 

i. Edward Stephen Porter Hine, b. July 29,1837; m. June 23, 1886, 
Emma Mnria BeerftBreen, b. Nov. 20, 1844. ii. Joshno Franklin 
Hine, b. March 10, 1841 ;, m. March 23, 1804. Martha Melinda Wells, 
b. March H, 184ff;; ree. Harford, Pa. iii. Charles Woodward 
Hine, b. Jtily 11, 1845; m. July 4, 180.'!. Cynthia May Packer; res. 
Carboudule. Pa. iv. Snrai Esther Hine, b. Dec. 28. 18.>1; m. May 
10, 1877, Edgar W. Fnrrar, 1>. Dec. 12. 1848. She d. LI April, 1887. 
V. LorenzA May Hiue. b. May 1, 1854; m. April 12. 1877. Fred R. 
Topj.inp. U. Nov, 20. 1840. She d. 30 .\pril. 1890: vi. Jame» 
Biiehnnon Hiue, b. Nov. 24, IS-TO ; d. 19 Jnne, ISr,!. vii. Lilia* 
Josephine Hiue, b. June 12. lt«9; m. Oct. 7, 1884. Wm. E. Rey- 
nolds, b. Sept. 27, 1857; res. Depotiit. N.\Y. 

Ninth Gcneialion.] lieutenant THO.Mas. 213 

Children of Zelia Jerusha\ (1n2-2) [•■W:,] CJoshua Knight', 
James', Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph'. Samuel, Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Daniel Brundage : res. Ariel. Wayne Co., Pa. 

i. Jnliu Freelini; Bruuilajie. b. Oct. 4, ISU; ui. April 20, 180C 

OBlioni. ji. Annett*' Petldy Brundupe, b. March 12, 1847; m. 

Scbnffer. iii. Miiry Brundujie. b. ;m. Osgood. 

iv. Muurice Wiliuer Bruudage. 

Children of Alvah Marion", (1S.3:3) [3(Ui] (Joshua Knight', 
Janie.'^ , Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuel , Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Susan E. (Wagner) Adams. 

i. Adii Minerva', h. Feb. 3, 18C2. 
ii. 'Lvfiiza Ardellii', b. Feb. 14, 1803. 
ui. SuniL Knight . b. Feb. 4, 1870. 

Children of Edna Alice", (ISOm) [W7] (James', Jr., James', 
Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuel'. Lieut. Thomas'. Henry') 
and Sidney Olcott : res. So. ^Lanchester, Conn. 

i. .illfu Olcott, b. iu Munchester.Conn. . Nov. 14. 1821 : d. 1823. ii. 
Cyiithia Hooker Olcott, 1'. .Tune 18. 182C. ; m. .June 17. 18.W, Dr. 
E;;bert -TanHcu Vail of Blooming Grove, Orange Co, N. Y.; res. 
Ho. MaucLebter. Conn. iii. James Bradford Olcott. b. May 30. 
].'<:j(i: ni. .\nir.. 1«'M. Cornelia Field of Duluth. Minn.; teacher and 
real estate dealer; went to Cal., 1849; res. 1897, Cusaelton, North 

Children of Mo.^es Bradford", (lS01)[.3t).<] (James', Jr.. James'. 
Lieut. Joseph'. Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas'. Henry') 
and (Cutler) Adams: res. Westminster Parish. Canter- 
bury. Conn. 

i. Mary Jnlictte", b. in Canterbury, Coun.. May 21-5, 1828-0; m. Not. 
27, ia51, Joseph Henry Fuller of Hampton. Conn. She d. 20 Dec., 
1891 ; no issue. 
430. ii. Susau Maria', b. in Canterbury, Aug. 23, 1835; m. June 17, 1853, Alex- 
ander Lee Fuller; res. 144 Spring St., 'Willimontic, Conn. 

Children of Salome", (is<i4) [3<>1»] (Jame.s'. Jr.. James', Lieut. 
Joseph', Capt. Joseph', SamueF, Lieut. Thomas', Henr}'') and 
William W. Hopkins; res. New Milford. Pa. 

i. \ son, b. ut Jackson, Pu., Dec. 12, 1825; d. in infancy. ii. .V son. 
1). at Jttcksou, Pa. ; d. young. iii. William Bradford Hopkinii, b. 

214 LiliUTENANT THOMAS. [Ninth Generation. 

in New Milford, Po., March 11, 1828; d. 15 Jan.. 1820. iv. Lewis 
EviiUB Hupkiua, b. in New Milforil. Dec. M, 1S20; in. (l)Juul. 
1M4, Lyilia A. Murgau, il. 12 March, IS'.iO. in Col.; lu. (2) 1«0',>, 
Marpiret F. Yocnm. v Lydia Alice Hopkins, b. in New Mil- 
foid. Soi>t. 21, 1S:J2; w. July 4, 185'i, Aiibtin A. Bierce; res. lolu, 
Wis. vi. Wiiity June Hopkiub, b. in New Milford. Aii^'. 24, 18;J4; 
d. 20 Jan. , 1835. vii. Mary Ehzabeth Hopkins, b. in New Mil- 
ford, Dec. lU. 1830; m. July 2, 1854, John Springer; d. 1883; res. 
Amboy, 111. viii. Sarah Miner\-a Hopkins, b. in New Milford. 
Dec. 7, l!<4;i; m. Oct. G. ISCO, "William E. S. Joues; res. lola. Wis. 
ix. Cynthia Oleat Hopkins, b. in China, Lee Co., 111. , March 8, 
1847; d. 11 March follow injj. 

Children of Mary", (Isdf.) L:^»T(»J (James', Jr., James", Lieut. 
Joseph, Capl. Joseph'. Samt'eF, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Reuben Safford. 

i. Laura SuHuid, b. ; d. at 14. ii. Mary Lucinda SaiTord, b. 

Oct. 10, 1834; m. Mr. Olds; res. Alien, Lyon Co., Kan. iii. 

Lydia Hiirtord. b. ; d. at 4. iv. Reuben Piischull Safford, 

b. Dec. 2S, 1838. v. Harriet Elizaljeth Safford, b. Aug. 20, 1842; 
m. E. M. Loveland; res. New Haven. Conn. 

Children of William Bradford-, (ISo.n) [;i7ij (Jamcs\ Jr.. 
James', Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuel", Lieut. Thomas'. 
Henry') and Mary Ann (Kni;^ht) Adams; res. Hopkins, Mo. 

487. i. William Kuiu-ht ', b. in Lebanon, Conn., June 3, 1844; 

ni. (1; Sept. 2, 180U, at Ilousatouic, Mtibs., Miiry A. Bradley, dau. 
of Murk B. Bradk-y, d. 8 Sept., \>i7j, at Hopkini<, Mo. 

ui. (2,> March 13, 1377, at Keithsburtr, 111., Annie M. Jackson, diiu. 
of Burton L. Jackson of Hopkins, Mo. 

He enlisted when 18 years of ai;e, 1802, in the 4'Jth Ke-c. . Mass. 
Vols.; afterward entered R. II. service in Muss., Sept., 1807; re- 
moved West. 1871; settled in St. Joseph, Mo., 1883. 

488. ii. Edward I'uyson', b. in Lebanon, Dec. 20, 1840; m. July 1"., 1hh4. 

Jennie Spraker of St. Joseph, Mo. . He settled in St. Josephs Mo. , 

Children of James Bradfordv(lt5H»][;J72].(Jamesv Jr., Jame.s*. 
Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph'. SamuelV Lieut. Thomas", Henry') 
and Maria H. (Tyler) i Adams ; res. Gamett, Anderson Co., Kan. 

i. Harriet Annetta'', b. ia Ansterlitz, N. Y., Jon. 21, 1850;' d. in Gar. 
nett, Kan.. 28 July, 1801. 
48». ii. Merrit Bradford", b. in Blooming Grove, N. Y., Feb. 2.5. 1«.53. 

m. ( Ann Eliza. Wright of Anderson Co. , Kao. . d. 22 Xu,;.,. 1877. 
m. (2) Frances- M. Tyler; reo. Gamett,' Kuu. 

Ninth Generation.] lieutenant tiiomas. 215 

Children of James Bradford', (IMiij and Matilda B. (Bartlett) 

iii. Jttiiies Rockwell ', 1). iu Blooming Grove, Jau. 11, 1804; d. in Ander- 
son Co., Knn., 14 An™., 1800. 

iv. MoBCB Bradford', b. iu Austerlitz, June 29, 1857 ; d. 2 April, 1859. 

V. Alice EliicaLeth', b. in Austerlitz, Sept. 1, 1859; m. Jou. 6, 1881, at 
Giiruett, Kuu., Herbert H. Hiner. 

Children of Fred Warren", (isOT) [:'.7:;] (Elisha A.', James", 
Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Sally Ann (White) Adams; res. Sun Prairie, Wis. 

490. i. Adel.iide Sophia', b in West Haveu. Vt., July 8, 1841; m. Feb. 5, 

1801, Ilolliu C. Brock wiiy. She settled iu Suii Prairie, Wis., 1867; 
removed to Mudi:iou, Wis. , 1833. 
ii. John Quiucy', b. in Weat Haven, Oct. 5, 184'2; farmer; settled inSun 
Prairie, Wis., 1800; unm. 
491 iii. Elwiu P.', b. in West Haven. March 15, 1840; m. Sept. 30, 1868, 
Drtucie Mayhew; res. Token, Dane Co., Wis. 
iv. Emuia E.", h. in West Haven, Oct. 1, 18-JO; res. Sun Prairie. Wis.; 

Children uf Nelson", (ISuy) [374] (Elisha A.\ James", Lieut. 
Joseph'. Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thoma.s', Henry') and 
Hannah ^L (Warren) Adams; res. Benson, Vt., and Hopewell, 

402. i. Rollin J. ', 1.. in Benson, Vt., Aug. 25. 183.3; 

m. (l)Oct. 11, 1800, Margaret Dodson, 1> in White Hall, Green Co., 
111., Jan. 15. 1830; d. 18 Jan., 1875. 
m. (2) 27, 1870, Susan McBride, b. Feb. 17, 1843. 
He removed from Benson, Vt., to White Hall. Ill.,iu March, 1856; 
thence in March. 1879, to Hoiiewell, Kan. , and to Pleasanton, Linn 
Co., in Oct., 1895, where he is a farmer and Btockr;iiBer. He^vasin 
the army from White Hall, and served 9 months from Sept., 1862. 
ii. Wm. Harlow", b. in Benson, 1835; m. Aug. 22. 1800. at Benson, Vt., 

MolvinaFiah; d. 13 March, 1801. 
iii. Mury M. ', b. in Benson, March 3. 1838; d. 21 July, 1800. 
iv. Harrison W.', b. iu Benson, Sept. 4. 1840; m. July 3, 1801, in West 

Haven, Vt., ; res. Curtis, Curtis Co., Neb. 

v. James U. ', 1>. in Benson, May 20. 1844; m. July 4, 1304; d. 4 March, 

21G LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Ninth Generation. 

vi. George N.", b. in BeDsou, June 1, 1852 ; 

ru. (1) ut West Huveu, Vt., EsthtT Hortou. 

111. (2; ut Cliftou. Kail., April 2'J. 1880, Emma . She d. at 

(;lirtou, 27 .ipril, 18'J2. 

m. fit) iu Okliiliomu, Leuna ; uow liviuj; iu Loiiibinua. He 

is 8Uiii)oat?J to liuve beeu murtlercd iu Colorado, IS'JO. 

Children of Edward', (ISll) [375] (Elisha A.', James", Lieut. 
Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut Thoma.s", Henry') and 
Calista (Church) Adams: res. West Haven, Vt. 

i. Fruuces E. ', b. iu Fair Haven. Vt., April 27, 1S41 ; m. Nov. 0, 1^79, 

CLarles K. Uuckley (2nd wife); res. Lrooklyu, N. Y. 
ii. Evt?liue D.', b. iu Fair Huveu. Dec. 10, 1842 ; m. March 7, 1809, Well- 

iu^'tou Kiu;,' ; res. Spriuj: Luke, 111. 
iii. Elliot O. ', b. iu Fair Haven, Jau. I'J, 1845; m. Nov. 18, 1S08, Eveline 

Thomimou. of Lewis, N. Y ; res. Webtport, N. Y. ; uoibsue. 
iv. Emma A. ', b. iu Webt Haven. Vt., Sept. 5, 1847; m. Oct. 30, 180U, 

Charles K. Buckley; d. without ismie, iJuue, 1877. 
V. ClarisBii E.', b. iu West Haven. June 8, 18jO; d. 28 Aug., followius. 
vi. Frank E. '. b. iu West Haveu, Any. 15. 1852; m. May 10, 1870, Ger- 
trude Emeus of Spriu;; Lake, 111. 
vii. Herbert C. ', b. iu West Haven, Oct. 0, 1855; m. Oct. 13. 1S8I, Minuie 
E. Dorscv. dau. of James Dorsev of Bensou, Vt. ; res. West Haveu, 
Vt. " 

Children of Edwin R.", (Ksil) [370] (Elisha A.\ James". 
Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', SamueF, Lieut Thomas', Henry') 
and Pcrsis Ellen (Parsons) Adams; res. White Hall, 111. 

i. Fuuuy Viola", b. in Erie, Pa., March 25, 1847; living uum. in White 

Hall. 111. 
ii. Nellie E. , b. iu White Hall, III., Aug. 7. 1802; d. 10 July, 1885. 
iii. Nettie Caroline', b. iu White Hull, Aug. 10, 180'J; m. June 20, 188l>, ^ 
Geo. W. Smith, maitic teacher of South lUiuoia State Normal Uni- 
versity; res. Curboudale, IU. 

Children of James', (ISi;)) [377] (Elisha A.', James', Lieut. 
Joseph', Capt. Joseph*, Samner, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Phebe.(Cushman) Adams: res. White Hall, 111. 

i. Emma F. ', b. near White Half, HI., Dec. 2a, 1840; m. Oct. IS, 1808, 

A. E. Whitney; res. Mnst.n City. IlL 
ii. Josephine^, b. iu "WTiite Hull, Nov. 17, 1848; la. March,". 1878. W. H.- 
Carter. Slie d. 2S) Dec., IS'W. 
iii. EUaT, b. iuj White Hull, Aug., 1850; <L Oct., 1852. 

Ninth Generation.] lieutenant tho.mas. . 217 

Children of John D/, (1815) [37^] (Elisha A/, James", Lieut. 
Joseph', Capt. Jo.seph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Catherine F. (McGaflfee) Adams; res. White Hall, 111. 

493. i. Frank Gordou*, b. in White Hall, 111., Nov. 13, 1841; m. Oct 3, 1867, 

Loura Brown of White Hull. 111.; d. 23 Dec, 1870, or Jon., 1871. 
Hfe was a cari>euter; d. at Middle Kiowa, Col., 11 July, 1874. 

494. ii. George Riley', b. in White Hall, June 10. 1844; 

m. (1) Nov. 38, 1807, Martha M. Hull; d. 20 Feb., 1871. 

m. (2) Nov. 19, 1878, Mary F. Hutchinson; res. White Hall, lU. 
iii. Edwin W.', b. in White HaU, Sept. 27, 1840; d. 27 Aug., 1847. 
iv. Elizabeth J. ', b. in White Hall, Jan. 13, 1848; m. Dec. 23, 1870, Wm. A. 
Wi^giuston; res. White Hall, 111. 

Child of John D.', (1815) and Caroline (Cunningham) Adams. 

495. v. John E. '. b. in White Hall. 111., April i:!, 180?; m. Dec. 4, 1884, Delia 

Talley. He. d. 28 Sept., 1887. 

Child of Dea. Gordon Cook', (18ia)[;J79] (Elisha A.', James", 
Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph*, Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Hattie N. (Watson) Adams; res. Austin, Minn. 

i. Infant, b. in Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 3, 180;<; d. next day. 

Children of Dea. Gordon Cook", (ISIO) and Ella M. (Squier) 

ii. G. Alfred', b. in Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 24, 1874; d. 25 Sept., 1877. 
iii. Hattie M.% b. in Brooklyn, Feb. 23, 1877; uniu. ; res. Austin, Miun. 

Children of Hattie Maria", (182(>) [Ssv] (Elisha A.', James', 
Lieut. Joseph*, Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Abraham Woods; res. Spring Lake, Tazewell Co., 111. 

i. James Lincoln Woods, b. in Spring Lake, 111., April, 14, 1865; unm ; 
res. with his mother, Monito, Mason Co., IlL ii. Clarisau Eveline 
Woods, b. in Spring Lake. Jan. 11, 1807; m. Jan. 13, 1884, Rev. 
Geo. W. Breedlove; res. Greenwood, Mo. 

Child of Charles Lewis', (1820) [381] (Paul Davenport', John 

Bradford", Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', SamueP, Lieut. Thomas', 

Henry') and Ann (Shailor) xVdams ; res. Canterbury, Conn. 

i. Julin Frances', b. in Canterbury, Conn., Nov. 17, 1802; m. Palmer 
Winthrop Squires; res. Colchester, Conn. 

21S LIEUTENANT THO^fAS. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Mary Frances', (IS33) [382] (Paul Davenport', 

John Bradford', Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Jo.seph', Samuel', Lieut. 

Thomas', Henry') and Charles Hyde ; res. Canterbury, Conn. 

i. Charles Prescott Hyde, b. Oct. 8, 1802; d. 13 Sept., 1853. ii. Mary 
Jane Hyde, b. May 13, 1858; m. Herbert Eugene Perry. 

Children of Louisa Jane', (1837) [383] (Paul Davenport', John 
Bradford", Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Elisha H. Lathrop ; res. Vernon, Conn. 

i. Julia Huntington Lathrop, b. Jan. 8. 180G. ii. Clayton Hyde 
Lathrop, b. July 20, 1837; m. Estella J. Smith, dun. of Lacien and 
Jane (Lathrop) Smith; res. No. Frankliu, Couu. iii. Everett 
Burnside Lathrop, b. Oct. 31, 1801. iv. Allen Russell Lathrop, 
b. Feb. 2, 1805; m. Clara M. Avery, duu. of William ond Elizabeth 
(Peckham) Avery; res. Lebanon, Conn. 

Children of Charles', (1814) [384] (Prosper', Jesse", Lieut. 
Joseph*, Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Alice (Patterson) Adams; res. Oakland, Liviuj^ston Co., N. Y. 

i. Franc V.^ b. in Oakland, N. Y., June 21, 1838; m. Mr. Agrault, de- 
ceased ; res. Oakland, N. Y. ; no isstie. 
406. ii. Athalia A.^ b. in Oakland, Sept. 35, lS-12; m. Nov. 7, 1807, Horatio P. 
Clupp; a pensioned soldier; res. Nuuda, N. Y. 
iii. A dau., b. in Oakland, Jan. 15, 18*5; d. 25 Sept., 1815. 

497. iv. George W.\ b. in Oakland, Jan. 12, 1848; m. Mattie E. Simouds; car- 

penter; Caatile, N. Y.; d. 5 Oct., 18U0. 
V. Sarah R.', b. in Oakland, July 9, 1850. 

498. vi. Olney I.', b. in Oakhind, Nov. 0, 1852; m. in Battle Creek, Susie I. 

Calkins; machinist; res. Buttle Creek, Mich, 
vii. Alice C, b. in Oakland, Oct. 30, 1854; d. 22 Oct., 1807. 
viii. Kittie C.\ b. in Oakland, Oct. 3, 1857; d. 7 Feb., 1808. 

Children of Mary", (1812) [38r.] (Prosper', Jesse", Lieut. 

Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 

Josiah St. John; res. Marengo, McHenry Co., III. 

i. Charles St. John, b. Jan. 3, 1831; d. in FrienilBhip, N. T., abont 1893. 
ii. George Henry St. John, b. March 8, 1834; m. Jon. 1, 1856. 
Josephine Stockvrell; res. Coral, McHearyCo., III.; P. O. Marengo, 
iii. Joseph St. John, b. Jan. 23, 1830; m. Jan. 1, 1858, AdeliaSearls; 
res. Geneva. Kane Co. , 111. iv. Aseoath St. John, b. March 6, 
1838; m. Oct. 18, 1857, P. S. Griffith; res. RUey, McHenry Co., 111. 
T. Thomas St John. b. Dec. 1!>, 1841; m. Dec. 26, 1864; Hattie 
Oaks. He d. 10 Feb., 1890; res. Marengo, IlL vi. Marcia St. John, 
b. Dec. 13, 1840; m. Dec. 3, 1860, Thomas Grey; res. Riley, 111. 
vii. Polly St. John, b. March 1, 1854; m. Dec. 8, 1873, Frank Sia- 
Bon; res. Big Rock, De Kalb Co., IlL She died. 

Ninth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 211) 

Children of Fanny', (ISIS) [.3SG] (Prosper, Jesse", Lieut. 
Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuer, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
John F. Olney ; res. Nunda, N. Y. 

i. Lottie Olney, b. in La Harp, Hancock Co., lU., April 22,. 1844; m. 
Nov. 2, 1881 , in Nunda, Robert M.' Wright. iL Charles E. Oluey, 
b. in Friendship, N. Y.. Ang. 6, 1847; d. 25 Feb., 1870. 

Children of John Curtis', (1S21) [3S7] (Prosper', Jesse', Lieut. 
Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Eunice Fitch (Robinson) Adams; res. N. Cuba, Alleghany Co., 
N. Y. 

i. Eunice Anna", b. in Cuba, N. Y., Feb. 9, 1847; m. Nov. 28, 1807. 

Albert Wilson, deceased; res. Ischua, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y. 
ii. John Filch', b. in Cuba, Oct. 23. 1853; m. Oct. 14, 188«, Sarah Buck- 
man of Dolliugton, Bucks Co., Peuii.; farmer; res. New Hudson, 
Alleghany Co., N. Y. 
iii. Mary Zerviah', b. in Cuba, Jan. 15, 1855; d. 24 March, 1855. 
iv. Quincy Vive', b. in CnU, Sept 1, 1856; d. 7 July, 1857. 
V. Merritt Thazen\ b. in Cuba, July 30, 1860; d. 30 Dec, 18G3. 
vi. George W.', b. in Cuba, Jan. 29, 18G3; d. in Marshall, Mich., 13 Oct.. 

vii. Lucy Chaniplain", b. in Cuba, April 7, 1809; d. 30 Nov., 1890. 

Children of Capt. S. Bradford', (18-2.S) [.3SS] (Prosper', Jesse', 
Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Lucy (Hyde) Adams ; res. Colwich, Kan. 

i. Lanra Zerviab', b. in Cnba, N. Y., June 18, 1837; m. Nov., 18»<i, 

Perry O. Towne; settled in Mellitta, So. Dakota, 
ii. Gates Hyde\ b. in Bolivar, N. Y., Feb. 15, 1808; m. Oct 23, 1881, 

Hattie Korabnck; settled in Marengo, 111. 
iii. Ethan Bradford^ b. in Alma. N Y.. Dec. 6, 1801; d. 22 March, 1888. 

Child of Capt. S. Bradford*, (182S) and Sophia (Knapp» 

iv. Billa', b. in Eaton, Mich., June 14, 1875; res. with parents, Colwicli, 

Children of Zerviah Smith". (1S32) [.3.S0] (Prosper', Je.sse'. 
Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry' » 
and Henry Edmund Seelye; res. Hamlin, Eaton Co., Eaton 
Rapids P. O., Mich. 

220 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Ninth Generation. 

i. Edmnud Smith Seelye, b. in Sharon. Pa., Oct. 4, 1855; d. 10 0<?t., 
1805, age 10 years. ii. Fanny Zerviuh Seelye, b. in Shuron, May 
13, 1857; m. Oct. 17, 1877, Almond D. Whitney of Aurelius, Ingham 
Co., Mich.; res. Eaton Kapids. Mich. iii. Jay Bradford Seelye, 
b. at Eaton Kapida, March 30, 1807; m. March 4, 18'J1, Mary Lenora 
Neff; res. Jackson, Mich. 

Children of George Edward", (is.Sf.) [.3!»0] (Prosper", Jesse", 
Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuer, Lieut. Thomas', Henry") 
and Phebe Ellen (Bradford) Adams; res. Alma. Alleghany Co., 
N. Y. 

i. Hattie A.", b. in Almu, N. Y., May 28, 1804; m. April 8, 1884, James 

B. Harris; res. E. Shuron, Potter Co., Pa. 
ii. Lewis B. ', b. in Almu, Jan. 31, 1805; d. 11 Feb., following, 
iii. Fanny J.", b. in Almo. April 19, 1807; d. 30 Sept., 180"J. 
409. iv. Fanny E.% b. in Alma, Aug. 6, 1870; m. Oct. 8, 1889, George Storms; 
res. Allentowu, Alleghony Co., N. Y. 
V. Frank C, b. in Alma. Aug. 28, 1872; d. 11 Sept., 1872. 
vi. Rev. Albert Clinton', b. in .^bua, Sept. 8, 1874; minister of Advent 

Christian Conference of Northern Penn., and So. N. Y. ; oiim. 
vii. Emmu M.^ b. in Alma, Auff. 18, 1878; d. 9 Dec. 18S2. 

Children of Adeline", (1812) [301] (Anson", Rosweir, Elihu'. 
Capt. Joseph', Samuer, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Joseph 
Denison ; res. So. Northfield, Vt. 

i. Elvira Denison, b. Oct. 31, 1830; d. March, 1850. ii. Jerome J. 
Denison, b. Sept. 11, 1838; m. Nov. 25, 1802, Catherine Denney; 
farmer; res. Northfield, Vt. iii. Emeline Denison, b. Dec. 17, 
1840; m. George Kingsbury; res. Montpelier, Vt. iv. Margaret 

Denison, b. May 4, 1813; m. Winslow; res. Pittsfield, N. H. 

v. Adoruo Denison, b. Jan. 27. 1845; m. Addie Dutton; res. Mid- 
dlese.\, Vi. ; no issue. vi. Erskiue Denison, b. March 30, 1847; 
res. Pittafleld, N. H.- 
Children of Elvira', (1S14> [:>J>2] (Anson.', Roswell*, Elihu% 

Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. • Thomas', Henry") and. Thomas 

Slade; res. So. Northfield,. Vt. , 

i. Coraline Slade, b. Oct. 17. 1843; m. Dec. 31, 16«3, Joseph Baker; 
rcfl. Northfield. Vt. ii. Adeline Slade, 1). May 28, IS*.^; m. Jau.. 
25, 1809, Nathan B. Stark; res. Nu. Leominster, Masa. iiL Elvm 
Moy Shule, b. Jon. 10, 1852; res. Northfield, Vt.; mim. •: It. 
William Thomua Slade. b. Sept.; 30, 1855; d. 21 Sept., 1874. t. 
Ora Allen Slatle, b. May, 32, 1858; res. Atliul, Mau. ; tmiu. 

Ninth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 221 

Children of Emily", (IMO) [3}»3] (Anson\ Roswell", Elihu', 
Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Francis 
Davie Henry ; res. Northfield, Vt. 

i. Frnncis Tbomns Henry, b. Jnne 14, 1839; m Emma Smith. He d G 
Oct., 1890. ii. Emily An^nBtft Henry, b. June 9, 1842; d. 30 
Oct., 1892. iii. Helen M. Henry.b. March 27, 1844; m. AmiBeed, 
mail carrier; res. Berlin, Vt. 

Children of Eveline Minerva', (l5i21) [394] (Anson', RosweH', 
Elihu', Capt. Joseph', Samuel", Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Thomas J. Nutter; res. Marysville, Cal. 

Of three children, ttro died in California, and Perkins Nutter re- 
aides in Colorado. 

Child of Charlotte", (1S24) [395] (Anson\ Roswell', Elihu', 
Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Philander 

i. Caroline E. Scott, b. 1844; d. 10 March, 1845. 

Child of Caroline", (1S24) and John C. McMannis. 

i. Elizabeth M. McMannis. b. 1848; m. 1891, Albert J. Darrah; res. 
White Biver Junction, Vt. 

Children of Roswell", (1.S27) [39G] (Anson', Roswell', Elihu*, 
Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Lucy 
(Emer)') Adams; res. Northfield, Vt. 

i. Caleb*, b. in Washington, Vt., April 26, 18,50; nnm. 
ii. Frank", b. in Northfield, Vt., Jan. 1, 1805; nnm. 
iii. Fred% (twin), b. in Northfield, Jan. 1, 1865; d. soon. 

Children of Sophronia', (1829) [397] (Anson', Roswell", 
Elihu', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henrj'') and 
Warren Marsh; res. Waltham, Mass. 

i. Jennie Orr Marsh, b. in Northfield, Vt., An?. 14, 1857; m. Jan. 13, 
1881, Frank Gordon: res. Waltham, Mass. ii. Florence Gertrude 
Marsh, b. in Waltham, April 3, 1868; unm. 

22*2 • LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of An.son', Jr., (1831) [Z'Ji<] (Anson', Roswell', 
Elihii', Capt. Joseph', Samuer, Lieut. Thomas*, Henry') and 
Rosina (House) Adams; res. Northlield, Vt. 

i. Arthur', b. Peoria, 111.. 1855; d. age 14 months, 
ii. Arthnr Stebbius'', b. in Peoria, 1856; d. age 2J years, 
iii. Nellie", b. in Peoria, 18C0; m. in Indiana. 

A child by Jennie Hnme d. Jan., 1870, age 4 months. 

Children of Eunice', (l!Sl 5) [:^0<>] (Lynda', Roswell', Elihu', 
Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henr>'') and Sherman 
Gold ; res. Stowe, Vt. 

i. Caroline Qold, b. 1839; m. John D. Blen of Boston; res. Boston, 
Mafl». ii. Charles S. Gold, b. 1844; m. Sept. 1, 18CS, Libbie I. 
Brackett of Minneapolis, Minn. ; settled in MinneapoliH, 1868. 
iii. Abby L. Gold, b. 1851; m. Chaa. E. Winch of Northfield, Vt. ; 
res. Boston, Mass. 

Children of Lucy Maria', (IS 17) [400] (Lynda', Roswell', 
Elihu', Capt. Joseph', Samuer, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Presson R. Gale ; res. Stowe, Vt. 

i. Betsey Gale, b. in Brookfield, Vt., Nov. 27, ISS.*;; m. March 30, 1857, 
Reuben D. Slay ton; d. in Stowe. Vt., 3 March, 1895. ii. Ellen 
Gale, b. in Brookfield, Feb. 23. 1837. iii. Angeline Gale, b. in 
Brookfield, Dec. 17, 1840; m. Oct. 12, 1800, Edw. Butts of Stowe, 
Vt. ; res. Minnf a]x)lia, Minn. iv. Sawin Gale, b. in Brookfield, 
Deo. 25. 1842. v. Albert Gale, b. in Brooktield, Aug. 31, 1844; 
d. in Stowe, Vt., 8 May, 1884. vi. Presson Gale, b. in Brook- 
field, June 13, 184U. vii. Daniel Gale, b. in Brookfield, May 23, 
1848; settled in Gr. Haven, Mich. viii. John Gale, b. in Brook- 
field, April 23, 1850; settled in Gr. Haven, Mich. ix. Frank 
, Gale, b. in Brookfield, April 17, 1852; res. Stowe, Vt. x. Emma 

Gale, b. in Stowe, Vt, Sept. 28, 1854; m. ; res. Or. Haven, Mich, 
xi. Clara Gale, b. in Stowe, Od 9, 1856; m. ; res. Qr. Haven, Mich, 
xii. Kate Gale, b. in Stowe, Oct. 15, IWS; m.; rea. Stowe, Vt. 
xiii. Freddie Gale, b. in Stowe, Jane 13, 1863. xiv. Gertie Gale, 
b. in Stowe, Feb. 28, 18G4. 

Children of Ezra Nason',(lS24) [401] (Lynda', Roswell', Elihu', 
Capt. Joseph*, SamueP, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Charlotte 
(Russell) Adams; res. Stowe, Vt. 

500. i. Lynila'. b. in Stowe, Vt.. Nor. 15, 1845; m. Sept. 5, 1809, Anrora L. 
Ayera; b. in Waterbnry, Vt., Jane 15, 1851 ; farmer; rea. Stowe, Vt 

Ninth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. ■2-23 

501. ii. Lncy M.*, b. in Stowe, Nov. 14, 1840; m. Nov. 10, 1807, Jacob Alpine 

Lace of Stowe, Vt ; b. Sept. 8, 1843. 
iii. Betaey A.', b. in Stowe, March 21, 1848; m. Aug. 30, 18T0, Melvin A. 

Walker of Morrifltown, Vt. 
iv. Orlantha J.', b. in Stowe, Jan. 17, 1850; m. at Elgin, HI.. Chaa. C. 

Kellogg of Stowe, Vt. ; res. Clinton, la. 

502. V. Clark N.% b. in Stowe, Feb. 2, 1852; m. Jan. 5, 1873, Dora C. West 

503. vi. Willie W.', b. in Stowe, June 17, 1853; m. April 8, 1870, EllaS. Ayers; 

former; res. Stowe, Vt. 
vii. Ida C.\ b. in Stowe, Feb. 4, 1855; m. at Ft. Dodge, la.. Wm. Gedian 
of CUnton, 111. 

viii. Inez I.', b. in Stowe, April C, 1858; m. Harvey Aldrich, (fr. En».); 
res. New York City. 

ix. Lee R.', b. in Stowe. June 20, 1860; d. 15 Ang., 1876. 

X. Dolly R.% b. in Stowe. Dec. 12, 1802; m. Sept. 11, 1883, Arthur S. 
Sever; res. Stowe, Vt. 

Children of John Q.', (1S2G) [402] (Lynda', Roswell', Elihu*, 
Capt. Joseph*, Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry") and Harriet 
(Luce) Adams; res. Stowe, Vt. 

504. i. Lizzie H.^ b. in Stowe. Vt., Dec. 27, 1852; m. March 12, 1877, Fred 

A. Peterson. She d. of consumption 15 June, 1884. 

505. ii. Erwin I.', b. in Stowe, July 29, 1855; m. Jan. 7, 1880, Mary J. 

Ireland of Oldham, Nova Scotia. 

500. iii. Mary O.", b. in Stowe, March 13, 1857; m. Nov. 23, 1881, Frank E. 
Cooley of Stowe, Vt. 

507. iv. Edgar J.', b. in Stowe, Jan. 2, 1802; m. Jan. 0, 1884, Josepha E. 


V. Elsie E.', b. in Stowe, March 19, 1806; m. Oct. 2, 1895, Cornelius M. 

Palmer; no issne. 
vi. Osean H.', b. in Stowe, Oct 10, 1870; m. March 21, 1893, Arlie A. 

Barrows; no issne. 

Children of Daniel Kingsbury", (1S28) [403] (Lynda', Ros- 
well', Elihu', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Olive Ann (Hale) Adams : res. Waterburj-, Vt. 

i. John Carroll" b. in Stowe, Vt, Dec. 15. 1855; d. 11 Sept, 1862. 
ii. George Dayton', b. in Stowe, June 28, 1857; settled in Minneapolis, 

Minn., 1877; nnm. 
iii. Olive Adelle', b. iu Waterbury. Vt, April 16. 1859; d. 25 June. 1862. 

508. iv. Elmer Ellsworth', b. in Waterbnry, Dec. 31, 1861; m. Aug. 28, 

1890, Fannie E. Cowles; settled in Fergus Falls, Minn., 1884. 
Editor of Fergus Falls Journal. 

224 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Ninth Generation. 

V. Henry Hale", b. in Waterbnry, May 7, 1803; d. 20 Nov., 1879. 
vi. Wilbnr Wfbster'. b. in Waterbury, Oct. 8, 18G4; m. Ang. 9, 1888, 

Engenift Noson; Bettleil in Fergus Falls, Minn., 1884. 
Tii. Alice Anna', b. in Waterbnry. Ang. 17, 1866; m. Sept. 1, 1889, Walter 

A. Eggleston. 
viii. Charles Carroll', b. in Waterbnry. June 30, 1871; d. 29 Jan., 1880. 

Children of Martha Ann', (ISaO) [404] (Lynda\ Ros-well", 
Elihu", Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Ozro A. Edgerton ; res. Morrisville, Vt. 

i. Eva A. Edgerton", b. in Morrisville, Vt., May 29, 185.S; m. George D. 
Mower; res. Morrisville, Vt. ii. Wilson F. Edgerton, b. in 

Morri.sville, May 2, 18S.'i; m. Electa Blodgett; res. Minneapolis, 

Child of Sarah J.", (Iii3.s) [-ior,] (Lynda\ Roswell", Elihu', 
Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Riverious 
Raymond ; res. Stowe, Vt. 

i. Vera C. Raymond, b. in Stowe, Vt.. Sept. 21, 1859; m. July 10, 1882, 
Chas. E. Burt; no issue. 

Children of Jedediah Ens-«'orth\ (18(»7) [400] (Capt. Elihu', 
Danier, Elihu", Capt. Joseph*, Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Angeline (Maples) Adams ; res. New York City. 

509. i. Caroline D.', b. in New York, May 24, 1832; m. April 9, 1851, Samnel 

P. White ; res. New York Cit3'. 
ii. Charles M. B.', b. in New York, Ang. 13, 1834; d. 22 April, 184G. 

510. iii. William M.", b. in New York, Ang. 20, 1838; m. June 0, 1800, Ellen 

n. Franklin of Hoboken, N. J. ; res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
iv. Elihu', b. in New York, Ang. 6, 1840; d. 2 Aug., 1871. 

511. V. Jedediah E.", b. in New York, March 28, 1852; m. Sept. 10, 1873, 

Cornelio Maria Franklin, b. Jaa. 9, 1855; res. New York City. 

Children of Abner Chapman', (lSfl9) [407] (Capt. Elihu', 
Daniel", Elihu', Capt. Joseph', Samnel", Lieut. Thomas',. Henry") 
and Mary (Storer) Adams; res. GreenvillewConn., 

i. Infant. ' 

512. ii. George Storer', b. in ' Greenville, CoDn.v Aag. 20, 184t; m. May 16,: 

180C, Lncy A. Edwards of WilUnk, N. Y.; res. 128 Lincolik Place., 

Brooklyn. N. Y. ; d. 28 Feb. . 1 897. ^ 
iiL LupindH'. b: Ang. 17, 1843; d. T Oct.; 1845. 
iv. Mary Jane", b. Jan. 5, 1845; d. 18 July, 1845. 

Ninth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 22"i 

Children of Abuer Chapman', (ISO'J) and Anna M. (Corns) 
Adams; res. Buffalo, N. Y. 

r)13. V. Abiier C. '. Jr., b. in Buffalo. N. Y., May Ifl, 1857; m. April 3, 1879, 
Mary Elizabeth Shearer; res. Buffalo, N. Y. 

514. vi. Joseph C.^ b. in Buffalo. May 20, 1833; m. June 5, 1890, Elizabeth 
Jane Gilroy. 

Children of William P.', (1S12) [408] (Capt. Elihu\ Daniel', 
Elihu', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Mary B. (Kingsbury) Adams; res. Canton, Mich. 

i. William Henry', b. in Canton, Mich., April 12, 1841; d. 34 April, 1858. 
ii. Lydia Celestia', b. in Canton, Nov. 9, 1843; m. Ang. 21, 18C2, Isaac 
B. Merritt; res. Pontiac, Mich. 

iii. Lucy Era", b. in Canton, June 21, 1853; nntn. ; res. Pontiac. Mich. 

Children of Fitch Davenport', (1822) [4M9] (Guy Fitch\ 
Daniel', Elihu', Capt. Joseph*, Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry") 
and Nancy (Wheeler) Adams; res. Newton, Mass. 

i. Almira Estelle'', b. in Poquetannck, Conn., April 12, 1847; d. 11 
Sept., 1847. 
515. ii. Susan Emaretta', b. in Poquetannck, May 17, 1849; m. June 3, 18C7, 

iu Buffalo, N. Y., John D. Lieb; res. Buffalo, N. Y. 
515i. iii. Thomas Wheeler'', b. in NorTrich, Conn. , Sept. 5, 18>r, m. March 22. 
1875, Anna I. Nye; civil en°:ineer of B. k A. R. B. ; master car 
builder of the New England Railroad ; res. NeTrton, Mass. 
iv. GuyAlvin', b. Ang. 25, 1801; m. Jan. 10, 1803. Jennie M. Bouley; 
res. Concord. N. H. ; no isane. 

Children of Charles Bingley', (1827) [41 n] (Guy Fitch', 
Danier, Elihu', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Olive M. (Ford) Adams; res. Willink, N. Y. 

510. i. Charles Fitch\ b. in Norwich Conn., March 12, 1853; m. May 10, 

1873, Kate Fiedler of Buffalo, N. Y.; rfs. Buffalo, N. Y. 

517. ii. Alice Isabel', b. in Norwich, Sept. 11, 1855; m. Nov. 0, 1873, John E. 

Wellington Lynn of Buffalo, N. Y. She d. in Buffalo, N. Y., 
OJuly, 1877. 

518. iii. John Franklin', b. in Buffalo, N. Y.. March 10. 1857; m. June 20, 1882, 

at Omaha, Neb.. Alice Cornweil; res. Buffalo. N. Y. 
iv.- Mary Nellie', b. in Buffalo, Oct. 31, 1801; nnm.;re8. Willink. N. Y. 

226 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Ninth Generation. 

Child of Hannah M.\ (1S33) [411] (Albert M.', Joseph*, 
Elihu*, Capt. Joseph', Samuer, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
James L. Mason ; res. New London, Conn. 

i. Minnie G. Maaon, b. July 29, 1857; d. 14 Nov., 1879. 

Children of Lucretia Douglass", (1S43) [412] (Albert M.', 
Joseph*, Elihu', Capt. Joseph*, Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and William H. Saxton; res. New London, Conn. 

i. William Henry Saxton, Jr., b. May 10. 1870; m. March 14, 1894, 
Helena M Spargo. ii. Albert Ernest Saxton, b. Feb. 5, 1872; m. 
Feb. 1, J 893, Albertina Hayea. . iii. Lonisa Elmer Saxton, b. 
March 8, 1874; m. March 11, 1895, Geo. S. Avery. iv. Jennie 
Eragel Saxton, b. April 4, 1877. v. Donald McGregor Saxton, b. 
July 15, 1878. vi. Mabel Warner Saxton, b. March 9, 1880; d. 16 
Sept., 1880. viL Edith May Saxton, b. March 2, 1882. viii. 
Helen Warner Saxton, b. March 7, 1884. ix. John Stanton Sax- 
ton, b. May 21, 1885. 

Children of Thomas Hubbard*, (I'^IO) [413] (Thomas', Maj. 
Reuben', Capt. Thomas*, Henry*, Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Mehitable Clarinda (Lynnfield) Adams; res. Ran- 
dolph, Vt. 

1. Irving Hubbard', b. in Brookfield, Vt., April 8, 1848; d. 9 Jnly, 18C8. 
519. ii. Adana Milton", b. in Brookfield, Oct. 30, 1849 ; m. July 4, 1873, Mary 
A. CoggBwell, dan. of John K. and Clarissa CDoten) Coggawell, b. 
in Randolph, Vt, Jan. 8, 1853; res. Randolph, Vt. 
620. iii. Warren Engene', b. in Brookfield,. Tan, 10, 1851; m. Oct 9, 1871, Mnry 
Ella Flint, dan. of Benjamin M. and Olive S. (Dndley) Flint; b. in 
Randolph, Vt, April 2, 1854; res. Randolph, Vt 
iv. Sarah OUvia', b. in Brookfield, Ma7;2»,:1855^ d. 27. Kor. , 1870. 

Children of Griswold Sylvester%;(1818) [414] (Thomas^ Maj.f 
Reuben', Capt. Thomas*, Henry*, Samuel*,. Lieut. Thomas% 
Henr>'') and Mary F. (Holt). Adams ;: res. Boston, Mass. 

L Arthur Lesley*, Tonbridge. Vt^ July 12, 1855; rea. 3ui Fran^ 

ciBco, CaL ^ 
iL Fr&nk. Dean*, h. in Bo«to% Mm*.,: July, 19,. 1863;' d. in 30*1011,^14: 

Nov., 1883. 

Ninth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 227 

Children of John Quincy', (1,S29) [415] (Samuel Lovett', Maj. 
Reuben', Capt. Thomas', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Mary (Vamey) Adams ; res. Montpelier, Vt. 

i. Fred Luther', b. in Lincoln, Vt., June 20, 18G0; nnm. ; employee of 
N. Y. Central R. R. 

U. EtlitU Efltelle', b. in Hnrdwick, Vt., Dec. 20, ISC'!; m. July 10, 1890, 
Snmnel Arthur Moss of New Berlin, N. Y. 

Child of Harriet Marilla', (1833) [41 f,] (Samuel Lovett\ Maj. 
Reuben", Capt. Thomas', Capt. Joseph*, Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Oliver M. Wallace; res. Revere, Mass. 
i. Eugene Wallace, b. in Revere, Mass. 

Children of Prof. Thomas Dwight', (1827) [417] (Hubbard', 
Erastus*. Capt. Thomas', Capt. Joseph*, Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Melvina M. (Gove) Adams; res. Oakland, Cal. 

i. Gertrude Florence', b. in Leipsic, Germany. Jan. 5, 1800; m. Ang. 
20, 18!)4, James Fisher, M. P. ; res. Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

She was educated at Wellesley College, graduated in 1883, and 
was a successful teacher and writer for ten years. 

ii. Marian S.', b July 11, 1864; d. 2 July, 1881. 

iii. Cassie E.', b. March 10, 1809; d. 15 Aug., 1809. 

iv. Thomas G.'. b. in Newark, N. J., Jane 13, 1870. 

He graduate<l at Yale College in 1891; tnught for two years in 
Williams College, and for three years in Belmont, Cal., and is now 
a member of Yale Law School. 

Children of Mary Elizabeth*, (1831) [418] (Hubbard', Erastus', 
Capt. Thomas', Capt. Joseph*, Samuel', Lieut Thomas', Henry') 
and Col. Ethan Allen ; res. Hanover, Conn. 

i. Elienezer Allen, b. July 15, 1850; m. May 8, 1878, Martha Emily 
Gordon. He is a manufacturer in Hanover, Conn. ii. Mary 
Morgan Allen, b. Fob. 4, 1858; nnm. iii. Sarah Adams Allen, b. 
June 0, 1800; d. April, 1874. iv. Thomas Hubbard Allen, b. 
Sept. 4. 1802. V. Morgan Allen, b. Feb. 15, 18C7; d. 9 July, 1870. 
vi. Hattie Brewer Allen, b. April 4, 1869. vii. Olive Coit Allen, 
b. Aug. 17, 1871. viii. Maud Elizabeth Allen, b. April 20, 1875. 

'■i'-i^ LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of John Charles', (1M2) [4i;iJ (Charles\ Davenport', 
Charles', Thomas', SamueF, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Lucy 
Maria (Pynchon) Adams; res. Towanda, Pa. 

521. i. John', b. in Townnrta, Pa., June 12, 183S; m. Nov. 23, 18(30, at Green- 

ville, O., Sarah Stndebaker; b. June 17, 1342; res. Elmira, N. Y. 

ii. Lieut. Henry Mnhlan". b. in Towantla, Feb. 21, 1843; enlisted Sept. 
2.1, 13C1, iu Co. I, 57th Pa. Regr. ; killed at retersburg. Va., June 17, 
ISM; bnried in Towanda. 

522. iii. Samuel Chorles', b. in Towando, March 10. 18-jO; m. Sept. 5, 1880, 

Annie M. Dili. She m. 2nd. 1893, Lawrence Fisher. He d. in 
Towanda, Pa., 23 Jan., 1892. 

iv. Lncy", b. in Towanda, Feb. 1, 1853; d. 19 Nov., I8fi7. 

523. V. Mary', 1). in Towanda, July 7, 13.'")9; m. Feb. 11, 18.82, Benjamin 

Maurice of Athens, Pa.; res. Muniaruneck. Westchester Co., N. Y. 

Child of James Henry', (182n^ [4-iO] (Charles', Davenport', 
Charles', Thoma.s*, Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Hcnr}-') and Cath- 
erine Means (Weaver) Adams ; res. Great B.arrington, Mass. 

524. i. Charles Weaver', b. in Great Barriujjton, Mass.. June 24,1849; m. 

June 20, 1873, Nancy M. Baldwin; res. Great Barriugton, Mass. 

Children of Dea. Edwin", (ISII) [421] (Dr. Davids Daven- 
port", Charles", Thomas', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henr)-') and 
Mary (Smith) Adams; res. New Marlboro, Mass. 

i. Phebe Finch", b. in New Marlboro. Mass.. April 19. 1340; d. 19 July, 

ii. Edwin Smith', b. in New Marlboro, Nov. 21. 1841; entered Williams 
College; enlisted in the army. An-;. 13, 18G2, Co. C, 37th Mass. 
Reg.: discharged March 21, 18C3; d. 2.1 Aug., 1879. 

iii. Clarence Finch", b. in New Marlboro, June 3, 1845; d. 24 Feb., 1848. 

525. iv. Frances E.', b. in New Marlboro, Sept. 12. 1847; m. Aug. 30, 1806, 
Clarence H. Waagh; res. Pittsfield, Moss. 

026. T. James 'Wm.', b. in New Marlboro, April 2, 1851; 

m. (1) May 28, 1874, Elizabeth Pease, d. 25 Jan., 1878. 

m. (2) Jane 19, 1879, Annie Alexander; res. Pittsfield. Mass. 

vi. Pbel>e S.», h. in New Bilarlboro. July 27, 1853; m. Augnstns Weithoper; 
she is deceased. 

627. viL George Stanley', b. in New Marlboro, Nov. 25. 1861; m. Oct. 20, 1886, 
Hattie W. Stanwood; re*. Pittsfield. Mass. 

Niuth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 229 

Children of Harvey Dean', (1832) [422J (Dan', Davenport'. 
Charles', Thomas', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Eliza- 
beth (Dawson) Adams; res. New Marlboro, Mass. 

i. John D. ', b. in New Marlboro, Maaa., Dec. 2a, 1852; m. Oct 16, 1873, 
JoHet>liine Pettis; no issne. 

ii. Sarah Gt;rtrade\ b. in New MarH>oro, Jnne 20, 18S3; J. Oct., 18C5. 
538. iii. Lizzie B.', b. in New Marlboro, Feb. 5, 1858; m April 13, 1881, Henry 
B. Stevens. 

iv. Cora H.', b. in New Marlboro, Nov. 19. 18C1; res. Mill River, Mass.; 


Children of Rufus', (ISll) [423] (Dea. Eliphalet', Thoma.s", 
Eliphalet', Thomas', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Charlotte (Russell) Adams ; res. Cabot, Vt. 

i. William W.', b. in Cabot, Vt, June 12, 1836; d. nnm. 
ii. Charles T.^ b. in Cabot Oct 19, 1838; m. Enieline Glidden. 

iii. BeUiey A.', b. in Cabot Feb. 10, 1841; nj. Uttou of Morris. 

viUe, Vt 

iv. Loren', b. in Cabot. 

v. Mury'. b. in Cabot; m. Mark Hall of So. Cabot, Vt. 
vi. Emma", b. in Cabot; m. Cutting of Morrisville, Vt 

Children of Ezra Edgerton", (ISIG) [424] (Rufus', Lieut. 
Thomas', Elipllalet^ Thomas', SamucP, Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Cornelia E. (Bigelow) Adams ; res. St. Johnsbury,*Vt. 

i. Albert M. ', b. in Randolph, Vt, Oct 4, 1845; d. 20 June. 1802. 
ii. C. Dwight\ b. in Randolph. Dec. 22, 1847; d. June, 1802. 

529. iii. Nancy M.'. b. in Randolph, Jan. 25. 1849; m. Oct. 17, 1870, Samuel 

W. HaU; res. St Johnsbnry, Vt 
iv. Elliott S.', b. in Randolph, May 13, 1850; d. 21 June, 1802. 

530. V. Ella M.', b. in Brookfleld, Dec. 6, 1853; m. March 1, 18T3, Alvah Belah 


031. vi. Charles 8.', b. in Barre. Vt. Feb. 9, 1802: m. April 29. 1880, Mary A. 
Brown; res. St. Johnsbury, Vt 
vii. EduiiF.'. b. in Springfield, Oct 4, 1805; d. Dec, 1805. 

Children of Ann Edgerton*. (1817) [42.-)] (Rufus', Lieut. 
Thomas", Eliphalet', Thomas', Samuel", Lieut. Tiioma.s', Henry') 
and William M. Alvard; res. Brookfield, Vt. 

230 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Ninth Generation. 

L Edgar Dnane Aivard, b. March 11, 1850; m. Nov. 4, 1883. Carrie A. 
White; res. Randolph, Vt ii. Emma Maria Aivard, b. May 21, 
1853 ; m. Jan. 1, 1883, Geo. W. Panton; res. Brookfield, Vt. iii. 
Ann May AJvard, b. Nov. 5, 185C; d. 13 March, 1884. iv. John 
Willia Aivard, b. June 37, 1859; res. Brookfield, Vt.; unm. 

Children of Justin Morgan", (1S23) [420] (Rufus', Thomas", 
Eliphalet', Thomas', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Laura 
Ann (Lyman) Adams; res. Randolph, Vt. 

. i. Herbert Morgan', b. in Randolph. Vt., Oct. 17, 1804; m. May 21, 1879, 
Chu-a Atwood, dau. of Luke and Martha (Wells) Atwood of Barnard, 
Vt. ; bookkeei>er ; res. W. Hartford, Vt. ; no issue. 
533. ii. Tully Ju8tin^ b. in Randolph. Oct. 31, 1857; 

m. (1) Dec. 20, 1883; Cora E. Gove, dau. of Robert and Samantha 
Gove of Baruard, Vt. ; d. in Oregon of consumption, 11 Jan., 1891. 
m. (2) May 32, 1894, Mabel Jeuetto Smith; res. W. Randolph, Vt. 
iii. Anna Maria^ b. in Randolph, July 4, ISGl ; 

m. (1) March 18, 1885, Cornelius Newcomb; d. Aug.. 1888. 
'm. (3) Sept. 17, 1889, Austin V. Adams, son of Obed and Arabella 
£. Adi/ms; res. Royalton, Vt. ; no issue, 
iv. Laura May', b. in Randolph, May 5, 1872; d. 20 Sept., 1873. 

Children of Laura", (ISlo) [427] (Capt. John Andrews', Lieut. 
Thomas", Eliphalet\ Thomas', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Orrin Heath ; res. Cabot, Vt. 

i. Edward Heath, b. in Cabot. Vt., April 18, 1850; m. (1) EUen Davis, 
(divorced); m. (2) AnnaGunn; no issue. ii. Harriet Heath, b. in 
Cabot; d. young. iii. Lois Heath, b. in Cabot. July 20, 1854; m. 
Dec. 31, 1870, Harlan Tupper. 

Children of John L.". (181T) [42S] (Capt..< John Andrews', 
Lieut. Thomas', Eliphalet', Thomas*, Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henrjr") and Laura (KimbaliyAdams;. 'res. Cabot, Vt.' 

533. i. Azro K ', b. in Cabot, Vt, July 23. 1848; m. March 20, 1878,^ Joee- 
phine Ml Walbridge; res. Cabot, Vt. He d. 22 Feb. ,,1896. 
iL ; Charlea A.', b. in Cabot, Jane 3, 1851; d. 7r April, 1869. 
iii. Will', b. in Cabot. Sept. 22, 1854;, m. Jan. 29, 1879, EUaL. Raymond; 
dan. of Geo. D. Rayinontl of Pomfret, Vt, b. Oct. 25, 1856; rea. 
Cabot. Vt. ;: nu issne. 

Ninth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 231 

Child of Levi Parsons', (1S19) [429] (Capt. John Andrews', 
Lieut. Thomas', Eliphalet', Thomas*, Samuer, Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry") and Temperance (Chandler) Adams ; res. Cabot, Vt. 

534. i. George P.'. b. in Cabot, Vt, July 0, 1809; m. July 4. 1889, Annie 

Busaell; res. Cabot, Vt. 

Child of William', (1821) [430] (Capt. John Andrews', Lieut. 
Thomas", Eliphalet', Thomas*, Samuel'. Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Elvira (Blanchard) Adams; res. Cabot, Vt. 

i. Emma', b. in Cabot, Vt, April 18, 1851; m. Feb. 13, 1878, Albert 
Noyes; res. Cabot, Vt ; no iaeae. 

LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Tenth Generation. 

Child of Alexander', (IsSo) [431] (Harry Arvilla", Oren\ 
Sergt. Levi', Jr., Levi\ David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas", 
Henry") and Ellen (Alexander) Adams ; res. Windsor, O. 

i. Elva E. '", b. in WindBor, O. ; m. Charles Rowdon; was irastmistress. 

Children of Adella Melissa', (1850) [43-i] (Harry Arvilla", 
Oren', Sergt. Levi", Jr., Levi", David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and W. E. Root; res. New Hartford, Conn. 

i. Cora Root. ii. Dwight Root. iii. Harry Lee Root. iv. Lewis 

Child of LeRoy', (IS47) [433J (Oren Lee'. Oren', Levi*, Jr., 
Levi', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas", Henry') and Nellie 
(Jennings) Adams ; res. So. Norwalk, Conn. 

i. Meda Isn'", b. in Bo. Norwalk, Conn., March G, 1874. 

Child of Imogene', (lS4!t) [434] (Oren Lcc\ Oren\ Levi". Jr., 
Levi', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Alpheus 
Bradley Colcy ; res. So. Norwalk, Conn. 

i. William Alphonso Coley, b. April 23, 1871. 

Children of Julia Carrie', (1656) [435] (Oren Lee'. Oren', 

Levi", Jr., Levi'. David'. Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas'. Henry') and 

Mortimer Montgomery Lee; res. So. Norwalk, Conn. 

L Ethel Marion Le«, b. Aag. 24, 1897. ii. Robert Lee, b. Dec. 14, 

Child of John Quincy', (183r.) [43G] (Sylvester', Dyer', Capt. 
David', Levi', David*, Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas^ Henry') and 
Sarah C. (Sullivan) Adams; res. DuOuoin, 111. 

535. i. George Melvin'", b. Oct. 16. 1859; m. May 23, 1888, B. A. M. Nagle; 

res. Kansas City. Mo. 

Tenth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 233 

Children of Isaac Barber', (183S) '[437] (Sylvester", Dyer', 
Capt. David", Levi', David*, Jonathan", Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Abbie M. (Skinner) Adams ; res. DuOuoin, Perry Co., 111. 

536. i. Edwin Smith'", b. in DuQnoin, 111., July 10, 1866; m. Nov. 26, 1800, 
Nellie Flavell; ree. Centralia, 111. 

ii. Nettie C", b. in DuQnoin, Sept 10, 1868. 

iii. John Quincy'", b. in DaQoion, March 19, 1871. 

iv. Lucy Skinner'", b. in DuQuoin, Aug. 15, 1873. 

V. Suaan Phelpa'", b. in DuQuoin, Apnl 15, 1877. 

vi. Flora A. '°, b. in DuQuoin, Dec. 9, 1879. 

vii. Libbie A.'", b. in DuQuoin, Jan. 7, 1884. 

yiii. Niua Kate'", b. in DuQuoin, May 27, 1887. 

is. Julia Maria'", b. in DuQuoin, May 1, 1891. 

Child of Ann Maria', (1S49) [438] (Sylvester, Dyer, Capt. 
David", Levi', David*, Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Charles H. Page ; res. Muckleytown, 111. 

i. Augustus C. Page, b. June 3, 1870; m. May 17, 1892. A^nes Ball, b. 
Jan., 1867. 

Children of Ann Maria', (1849) and Henry Siefert. 

i. Frederic Siefert, b. March 13, 1876. ii. Elizabeth Siefert, b. March 
6, 1879. iii. Harvey C. Siefert, b. Sept. 1, 1881. iv. NeUie M. 
Siefert, b. Jan. 4, 1884. v. Cora B. Siefert, b. Oct. 7, 1888. 

Children of Edmund Hamilton', (1850) [439] (WOliam Per- 
kins', Benjamin Chapman', Asahel*, Levi', Daniel*, Jonathan', 
Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Carrie (Hicks) Adams; res. Lamar, 
Benton Co., Mo. 

i. Sarah May'", b. in Lamar, Mo., Sept 14, 1883. 

ii. Frank Hicks'", b. in Lamar, March 28, 1886. 

iii. Dorothy Susan ", b. in Lamar, Sept 18, 1890. 

iv. Donald Doolittle, (twin) b. Lu Lomor, Sept 18, 1890. 

Child of Walter Wood', (184S) [440] (Joel Hamilton', John\ 
Asahel", Levi*, Daniel*, Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Harriette Augusta (Hillhouse) Adams ; res. New York City, 
i. Phineos Hillhouse'", b. in New York City. May 1, 1833. 

234 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Tenth Generation. 

Children of Elbridge Lapham', (ISGO) [441] (Hon. William 
Henry', John', Asahel*, Levi', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Julia Louisa (Hubbell) Adams ; res. Canandaigua, 
N. Y. 

i. Emily'", b. in Canandaigiia, N. T., July 13, 1801. 
ii. William Hamiltou'", b. in Canandaigtm, April 3, 1895. 

Children of Lewis Hamilton% (1809) [442] (Hon. William 
Henry', John', AsaheF, LeviS David*, Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Helen King (Laverty) Adams ; res. Canandaigua, 
N. Y. 

. i. Helen Hamilton'", b. Aug. 24, 1894. 
ii. Lewis Hamilton'", b. Nov. 10, 1895. 

Children of William Nelson', (1853) [443] (George Perrine', 

Hon. David P.', Asahel', Levi', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', 

Henry') and Chloe E. (Harrington) Adams; res. Jackson, Mich. 

i. Edgar W.'", b. in Jackson, Mich., .ing. 2, 1870; unm., 1897. 
ii. Eva May'", b. in Jackson, May 2, 1877. 

Children of Lilly', (1834) [444] (William Henry', Hon. 
David P.', Asahel", Levi', Daniel', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and William H. Haven; res. E. Springport, Mich. 

i. G. Adams Haven, b. Jan. 28, 1877, d. 23 Aug., 1880.- ii. W. How- 
ard Haven, b. Sept. 21, 1884. iii. Claire J. Haven, b. April 12, 

Children of William Draper', (1802) [445] (William Henry', 
Hon. David P.', Asahel", Levi', Daniel', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Lydia Alice (Davis) Adams; res. Tompkins, Mich, 
i. Floyd Henry'", b. in Tompkins, Sept. 5, 1885. 
ii. Edith Matilda'", b. in Tompkins, May 12, 1887.- 
iii. Homer William'", b. in^Tompkins, Marcb 31. 1890: : 
iv. Ethel Alice'", b. in Tompkisa, March 28, 1892.1. 
V. Mabel'", b. in Tompkins, Aag..4. 18M; d. 5 Feb., 1995. 

Children of Oscar Grant', (isr»4) [446] (William Henry% 
Hon. David P.', Asahel', Levi', Daniel*, Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas*, 
Henry') and Adtlie M. (Jones) Adams; res. Springport, Mich. 

Tenth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 235 

i. Blanche Hftrriet'", b. in TompkinB, Mich. , Jan. 8, 1886. 

ii. Glen W.'", b. in Tompkina. July 1, 1887; A 36 July. 1887. 

iii. Don O.'", b. in Tompkins, June 34, 1883. 

iv. Cecil A. '", b. in Springjwrt, June 4 1800. 

V. Wayue John'", b. in Springport, Feb. 30, 1802. 

vi. Ward David'", (twin) b. in Springport, Feb. 20, 1893; d. 8 Sept., 1893. 

vii. Hazel M.'", b. in Springport, May 2, 1893. 

Child of Fred Carl*, (1S68) [447] (William Henry', Hon. 
David P.', Asahel', Levi', Daniel*, Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Mary (Buck) Adams ; res. Tompkins, Mich. 

i. Lloyd James'", b. in Tompkins, Sept. 33, 1890. 
ii. Dau. , unnamed, b. in Tompkins, Feb. 5, 1897. 

Children of Emma Viola', (184y) [448] (Samuel Thome', 
David', Elisha*, Elisha', David*, Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry") and Monroe W. Fitch ; res. Medina, O. 

i. Eugene M. Fitch, b. Jan. 36, 1873. ii. Delmer C. Fitch, b. Moy 
11, 1873. iii. Sarah May Fitch, b. Jan. 17, 1875; d. 10 Oct., 1875. 

Children of Mary Ella', (1850) [449] (Samuel Thome", David', 

Elisha", Elisha", David*, Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry") and 

John T. Newton; res. Richfield, Summit Co., O. 

i. Edward Clark Newton, b. Oct. 5, 1869; m. Oct., 1800, Beaae Kilbnrn 
of Parma, O. iL Jay Thorne Newton, b. July 33, 1871. iii- 
Earl B. Newton, b. May 11, 1874. iv. Gertrude Eva Newton, b. 
March 11, 1878. 

Children of Jennie M.', (1853) [450] (Samuel Thome', David', 

Elisha,' Elisha', David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry") and 

William Anson Fitch; res. Medina, O. 

i. Carrie Eva Fitch, b. July 37, 1877. ii. Winifred Viola Fitch, b. 
Sept. 28, 1883. iiL Julia Marie Fitch, b. July 34, 1885. iv. 
Henrietta Lou Fitch, b. May 33, 1887. v. Luella May Fitch, b. 
Feb. 14, 1889. 

Children of Prof. William E.', (18G6) [451] (Samuel Thome', 
David', Elisha', Elisha', David*, Jonathan', Lieut. Thoma.s', 
Henry') and Grace (Carleton) Adams; res. Hiram, O. 
i. RuBsell Mouroe'", b. in Hirnm, O., Nov. 23, 1894. 
ii. Harold Jay'", b. in Hiram, At)ril 20, 1806. 

236 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Tenth Generation. 

Children of Harry Weston°, (IS.iS) [452] (Joseph', David\ 
Elisha", Elisha', David*, Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Arvilla E. (Parmenter) Adams ; res. Medina, O. 

i. Joseph Henry'", b. in Medina, O., May 9, 1888. 

ii. Charles Walter'", b. in Medino, Aug. 11, 1800. 

iii. Ernest H.'\ b. in Medina, Feb. 2, 1892. 

iv. Arvilla Dorothea'", b. in Medina, Jan. 11, 1895. 

V. Alfred Thome'", b. in Medina, Nov. 24, 189C. 

Children of Nannie Mabel', (1SG2) [45:i] (Joseph', David', 
Elisha", Elisha", David', Jonathan', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
William C. McMichael ; res. Washington, D. C. 

1. Desire O race McMichael, b. in Wuahiugton, D. C, Aug. 8, 1880; an 
organist. ii. Chester Abner McMichael, b. in Wuahiugton, Oct. 
8, 1882; d. 1 July, 1883. iii. Lotta Pearl McMichael, b. in Nor- 
folk, Va., Nov. 7, 1884; d. 14 Oct.. 1895. iv. Prudence May Mc- 
Michael, b. in Washington, Jan. 8, 1887. y. Edwin Bailey Mc- 
Michael, b. in Washington, Nov. 28, 1889. 

Children of Emeline Julia', (1S42) [454] (Albert', Levi', Jr., 
Levi', Stephen", Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas'. Henry') 
and Caleb Snashall ; res. Evansville, Wis. 

i. Arthur Adams Snashall, b. May 10, 18G9. Li. Bert Loyal Snaahall. 
b. Aug. 10, 1872. iii. Claude Harry Snaahall, b. Sept. 20, 1873. 

Children of Mary Ann", (1S43) [455] (Albert', Levi', Jr.. 
Levi', Stephen", Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Albert H. Lockwood; res. Ludlow. Vt. 

i. Alice May Lockwood, b May 21, 1874. ii. Edward ' Albert Lock- 
wood, b. March 9, 1880. 

Children of Ellen Adella', (1S51) [450] (Albert*,, Levi', Jr., 
Levi', Stephen', Thomas', Timothy',* Lieul- Thomas', Henry') 
and Loyal. Bingham; res. Ames ; Iowa?.. 

i. Beolah M. Bingham, b. in Ames, I«.3, Febu 22. 187!); h. Both. A:: 
Bingham, b. in Ames,. Oct. Z7„ 1892. 

Children of Aurora', (1845) [457] (George. Bemis', Levi', Jr... 
Levi', Stephen*, Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry") 
and Dr. Theodore W., Stull; res. Oakland, Cal. 

i. FlorenceStnll, b. inMaireiigo, HL, 1869. ii Grace StTill,'b. in 
Marengo,: 1875. 

Tenth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 237 

Children of Nellie'. {Iii52) [458] (George Bemis", Levi', Jr.. 

Levi*, Stephen*, Thomas*, Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 

and Rev. Thomas F. Borchers; res. Marengo, 111. 

i. Berthft Borchers, b. in Marengo, HI., 1872. ii. Lenora Borchers, b. 
in Marengo, 1875. 

Children of Lillie C, (1S54) [459] (Dorastus C.', Levi'. Jr.. 

Levi', Stephen', Thomas*, Timothy', Lieut. Thomas", Henry') 

and Charles W. Hadlej- ; res. Owatonna, Minn. 

i. Charles Lnmont Hadley, b. May 28, 1875; d. 10 March, 1876. iL 
Albert Whipple Hadley, b, July 28, 1877. 

Children of Annabel*. (1S5S) [460] (Hon. Austin'. Jerry', 

Jonas", Stephen*, Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 

and Orrin Sylvester Goan ; res. LaGrange, 111. 

i. Adelaide Goan, b. Feb. 28, 1887. ii. Emily Goon, b. Sept. 16, 
1838. iii. Percival Goan. b. Deo. 25, 1890. iv. Elizabeth 

Goan, b. Dec. 25, 1893. 

Children of Herbert*, (1SG3) [461] (Hon. Austin", Jerry', 

Jonas', Stephen", Thomas*, Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry") 

and Elsie (Payne) Adams ; res. Dubuque, la. 

i. Olive'", b. in Dnbnqne, la., Dec. 11, 1893. 
ii. Harlow'", b. in Dabaque, Dec. 12, 1895. 

Child of Isadore S.', (1S43) [462] (Horace Harrison", Phine- 

has', Jonas', Stephen', Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', 

Henry') and Oscar Gassctt ; res. Ludlow, Vt. 

i. Lena Gassett, b. in Lndlow, Vt., Oct 12, 1809; m. Joseph Dnnbar; 
res. Athol, Mass. 

Child of Charles H.*, (1S49) [463] (Horace Harrison^ Phine- 
has', Jonas', Stephen*, Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Elizabeth (Wheldon) Adams; res. So. Boston, Mass. 
i. Mabel Edna'", b. in So. Boston. Oct. 1, 1874; nnm. 

Children of Edgar E.*, (1S53) [464] (Horace Harrison', Phin- 
ehas', Jonas', Stephen', Thomas', Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry'Jand Annette W. (Pettigrew) Adams; res. Worcester, Mass. 

i. Lina Burton"', b. in Ludlow. Vt., April 2, 1877; m. Oliver; 

res. Worcester, Moss, 
ii. Horace Harrison'", b. March 8, 1879. 
iii. Roy Edgar'", b. Nov. 28, 1881. 

23s LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Tenth Generation. 

Children of Emma Maria', (1S51) [465] (Ambrose L.', Phine- 
has', Jonas', Stephen', Thomas*, Timothy", Lieut. Thomas', 
Henrj-') and Byron L. Brown ; res. Waltham, Mass. 

i. Ernest Raymond Brown, b. Sept. 9, 1870. ii. Harold Lincoln 
Brown, b. April 30, 1870. iii. Leslie Adams Brown, b. Feb. 2, 
1881. iv. Bachel Emily Brown, b. Nov. 8, 1882. v. Ethel 
Irene Brown, b. Ang. 31, 1885. 

Children of Mar>' Frances', (1S4.S) [4GG] (Edwin', Phinehas', 
Jonas', Stephen', Thomas*, Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Lee Chamberlain ; res. Troy, N. Y. 

i. Bessie Chamberlain, b. June 10, 1809. ii. Daisy Chamberlain, b. 
May 20, 1871. iii. Edwin C. Chamberlain, b. Oct. 17, 1874. 

Children of Harry C, (1S07) [407] (Luther Parker', Luther', 
Luther', Stephen', Thomas*, Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Ina S. (Booth) Adams; res. Providence, R. L - 

i. Roy Irving'", b. in Providence, R. I., May 24, 1893. 
ii. Mildred'", b. in Haverhill, Mass., May 2. 1895. 

Child of Charles H.'. (1S57) [46S] (Philander B.", Capt. 
Luther', Luther", Stephen', Thomas*, Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Alice M. (Hatch) Adams ; res. Muskegon, Mich. 
i. Harry M.'", b. in St. Johnsbury, Vt., Ang. 7, 1886. 

Child of Annie F.', (1861) [469] (Philander B.', Capt. Luther', 
Luther', Stephen', Thomas*, Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Guy P. Metcalf ; res. St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

i. Eva Metcalf, b. in St. Johnsbury; res. St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

Child of Elmer J.', (1862) [470] (John Parker', Dr. Ira', 
Timothy", Thomas', Timothy*, Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Alice (Ash) Adams; res. Lyons Falls, N. Y. 

i. Onilford B.'», b. in Lyons Fails, N. T., Sept 2T, 1893. 

Children of Clara Louisa', (1853) [471] (Charles Henry', 

Charles', Isaac', Thomas', Samuel*, Timothy'. Lieut Thomas', 

Henrj-') and William Clouston ; res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

L Annie L. Cloorton, b. Feb. 23, 1872; d. 6 Jane, 1888. ii William 
H. Clooston, b. Feb. 2, 1874; m.Sept 11, 1895. Annie Sears. 

Tenth Generation.] LIEUTENANT THOMAS. 239 

Child of George Herbert', (1SG2) [472] (Charles Henry". 
Charles', Isaac", Thomas', Samuel*, Timothy', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Margaret G. (Mackenna) Adams ; res. Boston, Mass. 
i. Infant, b. July 15, 1893; d. next day. 

Children, of Ebenezer Timothy', (1857) [473] (Timothy", 
Benjamin', Capt. Timothy", John', Timothy*, Timothy', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Letta (Perham) Adams; res. Chelmsford, 

i. Ralph Perham'", b. in ChelniBford, Masa., Jan. 14, 1884. 
ii. Arthur Clinton'", b. in Chelmsford. 

Children of Benjamin Stephen', (1S5S) [474] (Timothy', 
Benjamin', Capt. Timothy', John', Timothy*, Timothy', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Mattie (Parker) Adams; res. Nantucket, 

i. Maud'", b. Dec. 25, 1888. 
ii. Edgar'", b. Feb., 1892. 

Children of Ellen Watkinson', (1844) [47o] (Dr. Nathan', 
Hon. Rufus', Nathan", Capt. Samuel', Capt. Joseph*, Samuel', 
Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Rev. J. L. Egbert ; res. Spring- 
field, Mass. 

i. Nathan Adams Egbert, b. in Bainbridge, N. Y., Feb. 15, 1878; class 
of 1000 at Haryard. ii. Ellen Watkinson Egbert, b. in Bain- 
bridge. Aug. 12, 18T9. iii. William Wallace Egbert, b. in Vine- 
land, N. J , Aug. 10, 1882. iv. John Leighton Egbert, b. in 
Viueland. Oct 20, 1884. 

Children of Rufus', (1S54) [470] (James Byers', Hon. Rufus', 
Nathan", Capt. Samuel*, Capt. Joseph', Samuel*, Lieut. Thomas', 
Henrj-') and Adelaide Hawley (Ennis) Adams ; res. New York 
City, and Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

i. Waldron DeLameter'", b. in Brooklyn, N. Y., July 14, 1881; d. 4 

Sept., 1882. 
ii. Rnfns Stuart'", b. in New York, April 8, 1883. 
iii. Kathleen Maria"', b. in New York, Oct 17, 1884. 

•240 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Tenth Generation. 

Child of Lyman B.', (1S33)[477] (William Bradford*, William', 
John", Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph*, Samuel", Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Rebecca (Bumhara) Adams; res. Chicago, 111. 

i. Charles B.'". b. in Shelby, IlL, Nov. 27, 1855; d. in Maiden, 111., 1<5 
Dec, 1882. 

Children of Nancy Eliza*, (1S25) [47S] (Adin', John^ John", 
Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph*, Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Ogden Converse ; res. Cooperstown, N. Y. 

i. Harriet Amelia CouTerse, b. Feb. 25, 1849; m. (1) Jan. 13, 1867, 
Joeeph M. Kicbardaon; m. (2) April 25, 187G, Chaa. W. Patterson, 
ii. Charles Adelbert Converse, b. July 29, 1850; m. Feb. 11, 1882- 

Children of George William', (1831) [470] (Adin', John', 
John", Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Lerina (Baird) Adams; res. Oneonta, N. Y. 

i. George H.'°, b. in Hartwick, N. T., Oct. 5, 1850; d. 25 July, 1801. 
ii. Maggie'", b. in Hortwick, June 3, 1858; d. 13 Aug., 1801. 
iii. Clara B.'", b. in Hartwick, June 20, 1802; d. in Milford, N. Y., 17 

June, 1890. 
iv. Edna J.'", b. in Hartirick, Aug. 30, 1804; d. 22 Jan., 1883. 

Child of George Wm.', (1831) and Mary R. E. (Goodspeed) 

V. Mabel C."", b. in Ont-onta, N. Y., Oct. 5, 1883. 

Children of Frances Helen', (1834) [480] (Adin*, John', John', 
Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph*. Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Zebadiah Salisbury; res. Hartwick, N. Y. 

i. Jennie Adelia Salisbury; b.  Ang. 21, 1850. ii. Ella Alvira Salis- 
bury, b. Aug. 28. 1860. iii Duane Salisbury, b. April 16, 1863; m. 
Dec. 28, 1887, Cora H. VanBuren. iv.. Ada.K.. Salisbury, b. Nov. , 
2S, 1805; m. Feb. 25. 1890, Albert Hud. v. Heleni Angelia 
Salisbury, b. in Otsego, April 29,' 1871. - 

Children of Orv-ille*, (1837) [4S1] (Adin*. John', John', Lieut.- 
Joseph", Capt. Joseph*, SamueF, , Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Amelia (Morehouse) Adams ; res'.. Cooperstown, N.Y.' 

i. Albert Leslie", b. in Middle&eld, N. Y., Feb. 27. 18«7; d. 1868. 
iL Everett BnmliuB'\ b. in Milford, K. Y... Sar. 27, 1870; m. Sept. 3,, 

1893, Qntce Saxton. 
iii. Florence Benlab'\ b. in Milford, April 27, 1887. 

Tenth Generatioii.] lieutenant thomas. 241 

Children of James Edwin', (1S50) [4S-i] (Adin", John\ John', 
Lieut. Joseph", Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry") 
and Marj- (Foy) Adams; res. Cooperstown, N. Y. 

i. Sarah M.'", b. in Fly Creek, N. Y., Dec. 31, 1877. 

ii. Grace'", b. in Fly Creek, Feb. 15, 1879. 

iii. A. Leona'", b. in Fly Creek, Aug. 31, 1881 ; d. 7 April, 1883. 

iv. Edna L.'", b. in Fly Creek, April 4. 1883. 

T. M. Jennie'", b. July 28, 1884. 

vi. Anna V,'", b. Nov. 18, 188G; d. 27 July. 1888. 

vii. Charles'", b. June 10, 1887; d. same day. 

viii. J. Orel'", b. July 20, 1888; d. 18 Feb., 1891. 

is. Ed\vin A.'", b. Oct. 8, 1890. 

X. Carrie E.'", b. July 17. 1892. 

Children of Amos B.", (1S3S) [-1-S3J (John J.', John'. John', 
Lieut. Joseph*, Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Susan H. (Bellows) Adams; res. Chicago, 111. 

i. Blanche'", b. in Charlotte, Mich., April 27, 1871. 

ii. Edith'", b. in Chicago. 111.. Sept. 2, 1873. 

iii. Agnes'", b. in Evanston. 111., Oct. 19, 1875. 

iv. Alice Gilbert'", b. in Battle Creek, Mich., Dec. 9, 1880. 

V. Maurice Neale'", b. in Bottle Creek, Ang. 1, 1885; d. 23 Aug., 1886. 

Children of William A. B.*, (1844) [4S4] (Samuel Wilson'. 
John', John', Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Susan (Hoovner) Adams; res. Coton, 
Steuben Co., N Y. 

i. William'". ii. Frank'". 

Children of Sarah E.', (1840) [485] (Samuel Wilson', John'. 
John', Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuel", Lieut. Thomas', 
Henr>'') and S. E. Gilbert ; res. Painted Post, N. Y. 

i. Alice O. Gilbert, b. Aug. 29, 1868; m. Oct. 15. 1895, E. B. Hodg- 

man. ii. Celia E. Gilbert, b. April IG, 1872. iii. Lulu M. 

GUbert. b. Oct. 28, 1873. iv. Edna I. Gilbert, b. May 4, 1879. 
V Adzel G. Gilbert, b. April 23, 1800. 

242 LlEUTENAxVT THOMAS. [Tenth Generation. 

Child of Susan Maria*, (1S35) [4Sr.] (Moses Bradford', James', 
Jr., James*, Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph*, Samuel', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Alexander Lee Fuller; res. Hampton, 

i. Harriet Lucretia Fnller, b. April 2, 1854; m. April 27, 1880, Maro 
Virgil Palmer of Windham, Conn.; b. in Canterbury, Aug., 

Children of William Knight', (1.S44) [4S7] (William Bradford', 
James,' Jr., James", Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henr>-') and Mary A. (Bradley) Adams ; res. St. Joseph, 

i. Jennie Clariasa'", b. in Houaatonic, Mass., July 2G, 18C7; m. June 16, 
1890, Harvey J. Mann of St. Joseph, Mo.; d. ".oJan., 1893; no anr- 
viving issue. 

ii. Hattie Elizabeth'", b. in VanDensenrille, MnsR , July 20, 1870; m. 

June 17, 1890, Erastus B. Biirria; settled in Havelock, Neb. 
iii. Harlan Everett'", b. in Hopkins, Mo., April 6, 1874; num.; res. St. 

Joseph, Mo. 

Child of Edward Payson', (184r.) [4.SS] (Wm. Bradford', 
James', Jr., James', Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Jennie (Speaker) Adams; res. St. Joseph, 

i. Alice E.'", b. in St. Joseph, Mo., April 14, 1893. 

Child of Merritt Bradford', (1x52) [4.sit] (James Bradford', 
James', Jr., James'', Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph*, Samuel', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henr>-') and Ann Eliza (Wright) Adams ; res. Gamett, 

i. Clarissa '", b. in Qarnett, Kan, March 2G, 1875. 

Child of Merritt Bradford', (lii5-2)and Frances M. (Tyler) 

ii. Edna'", b. in Oarnett, Nov. 23, 1884. 

Child of Adelaide Sophia', (1S41) [40(>] (Fred Warren", 
Elisha A.', James", Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph*, Samuel', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Rollin C. Brockway ; res. Madison, Wis. 
i. May E.", b. in Son Prairie, Wi»., June 17, 1870. 

Tenth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 24:1 

Children of Elwin P.', (1840) [401] (Fred Warren'. Elisha 
A.', James", Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph*, Samuel', Lieut. 
Thoma.s', Henry') and Dencie (Mayhew) Adams; res. Token, 
Dane Co., Wis. 

i. Herbert D.'", b. in Token, Wis., Mftj- 10, 1870: m. June 0, 1894, 

Edith Laird; rea. Carletnn, Wis. 
ii. Delbert F-'", b. in Slinneaot*. Fel). r,, 1872. 
iii. Stella A.'", b. in Minnesota, June 20, 1878. 

Children of Rollin J.', (183:5) [492] (Nelson', Elisha A.', 
James', Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thoma.s', 
Henr\-') and Margaret (Dodson) Adams; res. Pleasanton, Linn 
Co., Kan. 

i. Lenora T.'", b. in White Hall, El., Jan. 7, 18«3; d. 28 Feb., 1884. 
ii. William C.'», b. in White Hall, Jnly 6, 1800; m. at Steele Citj, Neb., 

Feb. 27, 1895, Minnie T. Arnold; res. Pleaaantou,.Kan. 
iii. Eugene'", b. in White Hall, Feb. 0, 18C9; unm.; rea. Worland, Bates 

Co. , Mo. 
iv. Mary E.'", b. in White Hall, March 4, 1872; ni. at Hopewell, Kan., 

March 18, 1890, Geo. Rawson; res. Lamar, Kau. 
V. Frank'", b. in White Hall, April 30, 187.'i; nnm. ; res. Winchester, 111. 

Children of Rollin J.", (1833) and Susan (McEride) Adams. 

vi. Olive H.'", b. in White Hall. April 22, 1877. 

vii. Grace V.'", b. in White Hall, Feb. 14, 187U. 

viii. Lucy C", b. in Hopewell, Kan., Oct 23, 1880. 

ix. Susie J.'", b. in Hopewell. Sept 12. 1882. 

X. Bertha V."-, b. in Hopewell, May 24, 1884. 

Child of Frank Gordon*, (1841) [493] (John D.', Elisha A.', 
James', Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Laura (Brown) Adams; res. White Hall, 111. 

i. Minnie", b. in White Hall, 111., May 31, 1809; m. Dec. 17, 1893, John 
• Boggan. 

Child of George Riley', (1844) [494] (John D.', Elisha A'., 
James", Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thoma.«°, 
Henry') and Martha M. (Hull) Adams ; res. White Hall, 111. 
i. Amelia O. '^ b.' in White Hall, 111. , Feb. 4, 1871 ; d. 20 June, 1871 . 

244 LIEUTENANT TiiONfAS. [Tenth Generation. 

Children of George Riley", (1S44) and Mary F. (Hutchinson) 

ii. Mabel'", h. in Whit* Hall, Oct. 28. 1SS4. 
iii. Max'", b. in White Hull, Jnn. 9. 1880. 

Children of John E.', (1S03) [40:.] (John D.". Elisha A.', 
James', Lieut. Joseph", Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Delia (Tulley) Adams; res. While Hall, 111. 

i. Edith'", b. in White Hall. 111.. Oct. 23, 1883. 
ii. Hattie L.'", b. in White Hall, Jan. 10, 1888. 

Child of Athalia A.', (1S42) [4f>f;] (Chail.-s-, Prosper', Jesse', 
Lieut. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Horatio P. Clapp; res. Nunda, N. Y. 

L Bertha E. Clapp, b. Feb. 14, 1873; iiuui. 

Children of George W.', (l.'^4s) [-ifiT] (Charles', Prosper, 

Jesse*, Lieut. Joseph*, Capt. Joseph', Samuer, Lieut. Thomas', 

Henry") and Mattie E. (Simonds) Adams; res. Castile, N. Y. 

i. Grace'", b. in Oakland, N. Y., May 28, 1874; m Merrick Flint, 
ii. Blanche' ', b. in Oakland, Jnly 20, 1879. 

Children of Olney J.', (1852) [40>i] (Charles', Prosper', Jesse*, 

Lieut. Joseph*, Capt. Joseph*, Samuel', Lieut. Thomas", Henry') 

and Susie L (Calkins) Adams; res. Battle Creek, Mich. 

i. Roy D.'", b. in Battle Creek, Mich., Sept. 30, 1880. 
ii. Earl C", b. in Battle Creek. Sept. 17, 1882. 
iii.- Alice M.'», b. in Battle Creek. Aug. 27,^1880. 
iy.: EmogenerB.'", b. in.Baitle Creek,. Sept 2, 1886; 

Children- of Fanny E.% (T.s7f>) [40f>] (George Edward'^,.; 
Prosper', Jesse*, Lient. Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry*) and George Storms ; res. Allentown, Alleghany: 
Co., N. Y. ' 

L Oeorgi»nft Storms, b. Oct. 17, 1891. iL Jease- Edith Stomn,. b. 

Sept. 7, 18»4j 

Tenth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 245 

Children of Lynda', (ISio) [jOO] (Ezra Nason', Lynda', 
Rosweir, Elihu', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry") 
and Aurora L. (Hyde) Adams; res. Stowe, Vt, 

i. Bethia Lillie'", b. iu Stowe, Vt., Sept. 13, 1873. 

ii. Dow JuBi>er"', b. in Stowe, Dec. 10. 1874. 

iii. Churlotte MelisBu'", b. in Stowe, Feb. 10, 1881. 

iv. Selden CLeever'", b. in Stowe, Feb. 24, 1883. 

V. Ciirrie PLLliuda'', b. in Stowe, Sept. 211, 1885. 

vi. Perlt^y George'", b. in Stowe, Feb; 19, 1883. 

Children of Lucy M.', (1840) [501] (Ezra Nason', Lynda', 
Rcsweir, Elihu', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Jacob Alpine Luce; res. Stowe, Vt. 

i. Ora E. Luce, b. July 30, 1870; d. 22 Nov., 1874. ii. Cora A. Luce, 
b. Nov. 20. 1875; m. Nov. 27, 1895, Aea C. Ookes. iiL MyrsB. 
Luce. b. Aug. 27, 1879. 

Children of Clark N.', (1852) [502] (Ezra Nason', Lynda', 
Rosweir, Elihu', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Dora C. (West) Adams ; res. Stowe, Vt. 
i. Nellie M.'", b. iu Stowe, Vt, Dec. 22. 1873. 
ii. Mory E'", b. in Stowe, Oct. 2, 1883. 
iii. Ula G. '", b. in Stowe, June 9, 1890; d. 16 Jan., 1892. 

Children of Willie W.', (1853) [503] (Ezra Nason-, Lynda', 
Roswfcll", Elisha', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Ella S. (Ayers) Adams ; res. Stowe, Vt. 

i. Effie I.'", b. iu Stowe, Vt., Oct. 1, 1877. 

ii. Henry Stauley'", b. iu Stowe, Sept 20, 1879. 

iii. Claude S.'", b. in Sfowe, April 2, 1882. 

iv. George F.'". b. iu Stowe, Oct 12, 1889. 

Children of Lizzie H.*. (1852) [504] (John Q.', Lynda', Ros- 
weir, Elihu% Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Fred A. Peterson ; res. Stowe, Vt. 

i. Mary Ethel Peterson, b. in Stowe, Vt, Jan. 30. 1878; d. 7 Feb.. 1885. 
ii. Robert Erwiu Peterson, b. in Stowe, April, 1879. 
iii. Gussie Pearl Peterson, b. in Stowe, Sept 1, 1882. 

24G LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Tenth Generation. 

Children of Erwin l.\ (1855) [505] (John Q.'. Lynda', Ros- 
weir, Elihu', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Mary J. (Ireland) Adams; res. Stowe, Vt. 

i. Philip Ernest'", b. in Stowe, Vt.. Oct. 13, 188C. 

ii. Isabella NiJa'", b. iu Stowe, April 15, 1888. 

iii. Harriet Lila'", b. in Stowe, Oct 14, 1891. 

iv. Jessie '", b. iu Stowe, Feb. 15, 1890. 

Child of Mary 0.°, (1857) [500] (John Q.', Lynda', Roswell". 
Elihu', Capt. Joseph*, Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Frank E. Cooley ; res. Stowe, Vt. 

i. Clio Glenn Cooley. b. Aug. 22, 1882. 

Child of Edgar J.', (ls()2) [507] (John Q.', Lynda', Roswell', 
Elihu', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and 
Josepha E. (Sallis) Adams; res. Stowe, Vt. 

i. Conrad Arnold'", b. in Stowe, Vt., May 6, 1880. 

Children of Elmer Ellsworth' (ISGl) [508] (Daniel Kings- 
bury', Lynda', Roswell", Elihu', Capt. Joseph', Samuel') Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Fannie K. (Cowles) Adams ; res. Fergus 
Falls, Minn. 

i. Helen Marjorie'". b. iu Fergus Falls, Minn., Jnne 3, 1891. 
ii. Samuel Philip'", b. in Fergus Falls, Sept. 5, 1892. 
iii. Dorothy Quincy'", b. in Fergus Falls. Aug. 26, 1894. 

Child of Caroline D.", (1832) [oO'J] (Jedediah En.sworth", Capt. 
Elihu', Daniel", Elihu', Capt. Joseph*, Samuel'. Lieu,t. Thomas',. 
Henry') and Samuel P. White; res. New York City. . 

i. Samuel P. White, Jr., b. ia New York, Not- 23, 1862; res. New Yorfc, 

Children of William M.'. (183S) [510J.(Jedediah Ensworth", 
Capt. Elihu', Daniel*. Elihu', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Ellen H. (Franklin) Adams; res.: Brook- 
l>Ti, N. Y. 

i.. Carrie F.'*. dece«BedJ' 
ii. Willie M. ", deceased. ' 
iiij Cburli's S.'", b. in Brooklyn, N. T., Oct. 30, 1873^ unm^ 

Tenth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 247 

Children of Jedediah Ensworth", Jr., (18J2) [oil] (Jedediah 
Ensworth', Capt. Elihu', Daniel", Elihu', Capt. Joseph*, Samuel*, 
Lieut. Thomas', Henry') and Cornelia Maria (Franklin) Adams; 
res. New York City. 

L Elihu'", b. ill New York City, June 18, 1874; umn. 

ii. Chauncey Hale", b. in N. Y. City, Oct. 22, 1870; unm. 

iii. Edith'", b. in N. Y. City, Aug. 30, 1878; d. 3 Sept., 1895. 

iv. Frank Harold, N. Y. City, May 21, 1881. 

V. Arthur Fraukliu'", b. in N. Y. City, Feb. 10, 1887. 

vi. Kenneth Harrison'", b. in New York City, May 10, 1880. 

Children of George Storer', (1S41) [012] (Abner Chapman', 
Capt. Elihu', Daniel", Elihu" Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. 
Thomas-, Henry') and Lucy A. (Edwards) Adams ; res. Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

i. Lindbny ■£.'", b. in Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 20, 1808; res. Brooklyn, 

N. Y.; unm. 
ii. EloiHc'". b. in Brooklyn, Fob. 1, 1873; nnm. 

Children of Abner Chapman', Jr., (IS.jT) [513] (Abner Chap- 
man', Capt. Elihu', Daniel", Elihu", Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Mary Elizabeth (Shearer) Adams; res. 
Buffalo. N. Y. 

i. Mary Eloiae'", b. in Buffalo, N. Y., Jan. 2, 1880. 
ii. Abner Chapman'", b. in Baffalo, March 7, 1887. 

Child of Joseph C, (ISoS) [514] (Abner Chapman', Capt. 
Elihu', Daniel', Elihu', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Elizabeth Jane (Gilroy) Adams ; res. Buffalo, N. Y. 

i. Jean'", b. in Buffalo, N. Y., July 4, 1891. 

Children of Susan Amaretta', (184 9) [515] (Fitch Davenport*, 
Guy Fitch', Daniel", Elihu', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and John D. Lieb ; res. Buffalo, N. Y. 

i. Williiun Adams Lieb, b. June 23, 1809. iL Edwin Boy Lieb, b. Nov. 
30, 1875. iii. Harry Fitch Lieb, b. Aug. 2, 1881. 

248 1-lEUTENANT THOMAS. [Tenth Generation. 

Child of Thomas Wheeler% (ISol) [515^] (Fitch Davenport'. 
Guy Fitch', Daniel', Elihu", Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Anna I. (Nye) Adams; res. Newton, Mass. 
i. Leola B.'", b. iu Springfield, Moua., Oct. 31, 1880. 

Child of Charles Fitch', (1853) [510] (Charles Bingley'. Guy 
Fitch', Daniel', Elihu', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Kate (Fiedler) Adams; res. Willink, N. Y. 

i. Edward Max'", b. in Buflklo, N. Y., Nov. 4. 1874; res. WilUuk, N. Y. 

Children of Alice Isabel', (1855) [517] (Charles Bingley', Guy 
Fitch', Daniel', Elihu', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and John E. W. Lynn; res. Buffalo, N. Y. 

L John Franklin Adams Lynn, b. in Port Hope, Ont., Dec 6, 1874. 
IL Everett Harvey Lynn, b. in Buffalo, N. Y., June 2, 1870. 

Child of John Franklin', (1857) [518] (Chas. Bingley', Guy 
Fitch', Danitl", Elihu', Capt. Joseph', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Alice (Cornwell) Adams; res. Buffalo. N. Y. 
i. Ruth CoruweU'", b. in Buffalo, N. Y., Sept. 15, 1881. 

Children of Adana Milton", (1840) [510] (Thomas Hubbard', 
Thomas', Maj. Reuben', Capt. Thomas', Henry', SamueF, Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Mary A. (Coggswell) Adams ; res. Ran- 
dolph, Vt. 

i. Horry Irving'", b. in Randolph, Vt., June 3, 1875; d. 10 June, 1877. 
ii. John Thomas'", b. in Randolph April 30. 1877. 
iii. Ray Milton'", b. iu Randolph, May 'J, 1884. 

Children of Warren Eugene', (1851) [520] (Thomas Hubbard', 
Thomas', Maj. Reuben', Capt. Thomas', Henry', Samuel', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Mary Ella (Flint) Adams; res. Randolph, 


i. G. Lena'", b. in Braintree, Vt , Oct. 5, 1873. 

ii. Sarah O.'", b. in Randolph. Vt., Dec. 2, 1874. 

iii George H. '", b. in Randolph. July 13, 1877. 

iv. Arthur F.'", b. in Randolph, Dec. 10, 1878. 

V. Mary Alice'", b. in Randolph, July 23, 1881. 

vi. Walt«r E.'", b. in Randolph, April 0, 1834. 

TiL Charles Reuben'", b. in Randolph, Dec. 28, 1889. 

Tenth Geueration.] lieutenant thomas. 24!» 

Children ol John', (1S3S) [521] (John Charles', Charles'. 
Davenport", Charles', Thomas', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Sarah (Studebaker) Adams; res. Elmira, N. Y. 

i. Etta'", b. iu Greenville, O., Jau. 15, 1863; m. July 22, 1885, Leverett 

D. Bartlett. 
ii. Charles H.'", b. in Greenville, Sept. 10, 1804; 

m. (1) Dec. 16, 1885, Jesse Squires; d. 31 Dec, J887. 
m. (2) 1888, Edith Reynolds; res. New York City, 
iii. JohnS.'", b. in Towanda. Pa, Oct. 12, 1808; m. Lucille Miller of 

Denver, Col. ; res. Sau Antonio, Tei. 
iv. Bessie'", b. in Towauda, Feb. U, 1870: m. Dec. 25.1888, William 

Thayer Carr of Elmira. N. Y. ; res. New York City. 
V. Kittie'", b. in Towandii, Oct. 12. 1880; res. at home, Elmira, N. Y. 

Children of Samuel Charles", (1850) [522] (John Charles", 
Charles', Davenport', Charles', Thomas', Samuel', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry") and Annie M. (Dill) Adams; res. Towanda, Pa. 
L Lucy Maria'", b. in Syracuse, N. Y., June 17, 1881. 
iL . Edna Bell'", b. in Syrocnse, Dec. 3, 1883. 

Children of Mary', (1857) [523] (John Charles", Charles', 
Davenport", Charles', Thomas', Samuel'. Lieut. Thomas', Henry") 
and Benjamin Maurice ; res. New York. 

i. Nathalie A. Maurice, b. Oct. 17, 1885. ii. Stewart Maurice, b. 
June 29. 1892. iii. A sou. b. 1894. 

Child of Chas. Wheeler", (184U) [524] (James Henry" 
Charles', Davenport', Charles', Thomas', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas'. 
Henry") and Nancy M. (Baldwin) Adams; res. Great Barrington, 

i George W.'", b. Ln Great Barrington, Mass., Aug. 18, 1877. 

Children of Frances E.', (1847) [525] (Dea. Edwin", Dr. 
David', Davenport', Charles*, Thomas', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry") and Clarence H. Waugh ; res. Pittsfield, Mass. 

i. Clarence Adams Waugh, b. March 1, 1872. ii. Clarence Clifford 
Waugh, b. June 18, 1876. 

Child of James Wm.', (1851) [526] (Dea. Edwin', Dr.- David', 
Davenport', Charles', Thomas', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Elizabeth ( Adams; res. Pittsfield, Mass. 

i. Albert £.'", b. Sept. 10, 1870. 

350 LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Tenth Generation. 

Child of James W.' (1S51) and Annie (Alexander) Adams, 
ii Sfcellft'", b. in PittefielJ, Maaa., Feb. 18, ims. 

Children of George Stanley', (ISGl.) [527] (Dea. Edwin', Dr. 
David', Davenport', Charles', Thomas', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Hattie W. (Stannard) Adams ; res. Pittsfield, Mass. 

i. Harold Stttunard'", b. in Pittsfield, Maas. , May 20, 1888. 
ii. Ruth Sarah'", b. in Pittefield, Nov. 12, 1891. 

Children of Lizzie B', (1S5S) [o2S] (Harvey Dean', Dan', 
Davenport*, Charles, Thomas', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', Henry') 
and Henry R. Stevens; res. New Marlboro, Mass. 

i. Richard Stevens. ii. Grace Adorns Stevens. iii. Howard Daw- 
son Stevens. 

Children of Nancy M.'. (lS4'.n [o-20] (Ezra Edgerton*, Rufus', 
Lieut. Thomas", Eliphalet', Thomas', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Samuel W. Hall ; res. St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

i. Thomas Albert Hall, b. Nov. 1, 1877. ii. Sarah Helen Hall, b. 
July 15, 1881. iiL Raymond Elliot Hall, b. March 17. 1885. 

Children of Ella M.', (1S53) [530] (Ezra Edgerton", Rufus', 
Lieut. Thomas', Eliphalet*, Thomas', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas', 
Henry') and Alvah Beulah Colby; res. E. Burke, Vt. 

i. Elliot Roy Colby, b. March 13, 1874; d. 2 Nov., 1884. ii. Maud 
Caroline Colby, b. Aug. 4, 1885. iii. Carl Dwight Colby, b. June 
1, 1888. 

Children of Charles S', (1SG2) [531] (Ezra Edgerton'. Rufus', 
Lieut. Thomas*, Eliphalet'.: .Thomas', Samuel', Lieut. Thomas'. 
Henry) and Mary A. (Brown) Adams-w res. St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

L Ruth Brown'", b. in St Johnsbury, "Vt, Feb. 11, 1893. 
ii. RaaaeU. Steele'*, b. in St. Johnsbury, JiuU 22^ 1804. . . 

Child of Tully Justin', (1857) [532] (Justin Morgan', Rnfus', 
Thomas*. Eliphalet*, Thomas', Samuel*, Lieut. .Thomas', Henry*) 
and Cora E. (Gove) Adams; res. Randolph, Vt. 
i. Robert Roy'", b. in. Randolph. Vt., Jane 17. 1865. 

Tenth Generation.] lieutenant thomas. 251 

Children of Azro K', (1S48) [o3y] (John L.', Capt. John 
Andrews', Lieut. Thomas', Eliphalef, Thomas', Samuel', Lieut. 
Thomas', Henry') and Josephine M. (Walbridgc) Adams; res. 
Cabot. Vt. 

i. May Geneva'", b. in Cabot. Vt.. May 1, 1879. 
ii. Nellie Louisa'", in Cabot, July lH, 1883. 

Child of George P.% (ISj'j) [j34] (Levi Parsons", Capt. John 
Andrews'. Lieut. Thomas", Eliphalet', Thomas', Samuel', Lieut. 
Thomas'. Henry') and Annie (Russell) Adams; res. Cabot, Vt. 

i. Glenn Emma"', b. in Calwt, Vt., June 8, 1891. 

.^^ LIEUTENANT THOMAS. [Eleventh Generation. 


Children of Gcor-c Mclvin'% (is.V..) [.-.30] (John Ouincy', Syl- 
vester". Dyer', Capt. David'. Levi',. David'. Jonathan'. Lieut. 
Thomas'. Henry") and B. A. M. (Na^jle) Adam.s-. res. Kansas 
City, Mo. 

i. Karl F.", b. iu Kuiibus City. Mu., Jau. 13. 1887. 

ii. Clara B.", b. iu Kausiui City. Auji. 1. l!iJ88. 

iii. Niua Lela", b. iu Kuubue City. Dec. I'J, 1803 

iv. lufaut, b. in Kausaa City, June 5, 18U0. 

Children of Edwin Smith'", (ISC.O) [.Viii] (Isaac Barber'. Syl- 
vester'. Dyer, Capt. David', Levi , David', Jonathan', Lieut. 
Thomas'. Henry') and Ndlie (Flavell) Adams; res. Centralia. 111. 


Eugene Buckiu-bmu". b. iu CeutraliB, 111.. Jan. 8. 18112. 
Flora Alberta", b. iu Ceutrulia, Jan. 18, 1894. 
Cecil Flav. 11". b. iu CcutruJia, Sept. 30, 181>0. 


Children of Capt. SamucF, (1G17) (Henry") and Rebecca 
(Graves) Adams ; res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

i. Samner, b. in Charlestown. Mass., Jnly 3, 1C47; d. yonns. 

ii. RebeccB'-, b. in Concord, Mass. ; m. John Waldo, son of Deo. Cor- 
nelius Waldo. 

iii. Capt Thomas', b. in Concord, 1051-2; m. April 28, ICS"-!, Mary 
Blackmorc, dan. of Henry Blackmore of Charlestown. He left a 
bouse in Charlestown and other property, and by an agreement 
made Jan. 22, 1G80-1, Mary's portion from her father's estate was to 
be mode up to £300 to Capt. Thomas, by John Tmmble. Sr. 

He was a sea captain, and d. without insne at Barbadoes, W. I., 
28 Feb., 1083-4, age 32. In his will he mentioDs his brothers 
Nathaniel, Joseph and Benjamin, and gives a negro slave girl to 
his wife. 

iv. John\ b. in Chelmsford, Oct. 29. 1057; d. in Charlestown, 13 Dec, 

T. Catherine", (twin), b. in Chelmsford. Oct. 29, lO."!"; d. yonng. 

vi. Catherine", b. in Chelmsford, Jan. 4, 1C5S-9; m. John Rayner of 

Charlestown. Mass. 
vii. Susanna', b in Chelmsford; m. Daniel Waldo. 
1, viii. Mary-, b. in Chelmsford, 1C04; m. Dec. 10, lOSfl. Samuel Webb, sou 
of Christopher and Hannah (Scott) Webb, b. in Braintree, Mass., 
June 0, ICCO; d. in Windhom, Coun., 20 Feb., 1739, age 79 years. 
• His widow, Mary, d. 21 Dec, 1744, age 80 years. He purchased 
land in Windham in 1707, and removed thither with his family. 
He was admitted an inhabitant of Windham March 14, 1709; was 
chosen assessor and school committwe, and was colled "Mr.," in- 
dicating a man of important standing and influence. His will, made 
Jan. 17, 1731, proved March 6, 1739, gives his wife. Mary, " all my 
moveable Estate, both Within dears, to be Wholly at hur dispose, 
and that end of my dwelling hows next to ye Town Street, to be 
hurs deuring hur Natural life." 

ix. Nothaniel', b. in Chelmsford. Feb. 28. 1002; d. yonng. 

X. Martha', b. in Chelmsford, Sept. 8, 1004. 

xi. Nathaniel', (twin) b. in Chelmsford, Sept. 8, 1004. 

254 CAi'TAix SAMUiCL. [Third Generation. 

Children of Capt. Samuer, (1G17) and Esther (Sparhawk) 

xii. Samnel', b. in Chelmsford, Nov. 7, 1071; d. before 1693. 

1^. xiii. Capt. Joeeph'. b. in CbelmRford, Nov. 27, 1C72; m. Mnrj -i . 

Capt. .ToBcph made his will .Inn. 20, 1717. and d. Jan 22d. . He 
makes mention of his wife " Mary," and bis sous Saninel, Joseph. 
Benjamin and Jonas, and his danghters, Esther, Mary, Rebect-a, 
Sy)>il and Hannah, widow Mary to be execntrix. 

April 20, 1733, a committee divided the lands of Capt. Joseph 
Adams, late of Chelmsford, one-fourth iiart to the heirs of Samnel, 
deceased; one- fourth part to Joseph, one-fonrth i>art to Jonathan 
Snow, and one-fonrth part to Jonas; one lot of 20 acres, lying in 
BUlerica, the ancient home of Benjamin Adams, the land ou Biller- 
ica line havjng a corn and saw-mill. 
2. siv. Benjamin', b. in Chelmsford, May 22, 1C79; 

m (1) Dec. 18, 1707, Mary Porker; d. 12 Jan., 17I5-G. 
m. (2) April 0, 1721, Abigail Parker, dan. of Moses and Abigail 
(Hildreth) Parker, b. May 8. 108.5; d. 22 Jnly, 1771. 

He made will Nov. 13, 1754; mentions his wife, "Abigail," son, 
John, deceased, dan. Maria Spalding, Lncy Adams and Esther 
Famnm, and son-in-law, Henry Spalding. He d. Ang., 1762. 
XV. Esther", b. in Chelmsford ; d. yonng. 

W'yman (Genealogies of Chorlestown. Mass.), gives all of these, 
except Martha and Nathaniel and Samuel. 

Capt. Samnel , ( 1017) made his will Feb. 28, 1683.4. The admin- 
istration of his estate was committed, Sept. 19, 1092, to John 
Waldo, who m. Rebecca Adams; Daniel Waldo, whom. Susanna 
Adorns, and Samnel Webb, who m. Mary (1664). 

Fourth Generation.] caI'Taix samuel. . -2^5 

; Children of Mary'. (100+) [1] (Capt. Samuel', Henry") aud 
Samuel Webb; res. Windham. Conn. 

i. Rebecca Webb, b. in Braintree. Mafls.. Sept. S."), 16S7; d. March, IGiiS. 
ii. Samuel Webb. Jr., b. in Brointree, May 14, ICJO: m. (I) Oct. H, 
1711, Hannah Ripley, dan. of Josbna and Hanaab (Bradford) 
Riplej', and great grrand-danghter ol Gov. Bradford of Plymoulh, 
Mofls. She d. 19 March, 1751. He m. (2iMayl4. 1752, Elizabeth 
Fisk He d. inBockingbam, Vt, March, 1779, age 89. iii. Mary 
Webb, b. in Braintree, Nor. 25, 1694; m. Amos Dodge. iv. 
Nathaniel Webb, b. in Braintree, Feb. 10, 1C9C; m. Elizabeth 
Fitch. V. Zebulon Webb; m. Judith Howard. 

Children of Capt. Joseph', (1072) [li](Capt. Samuel', Henry') 
and Mary ( •^'•'•^ ) Adams ; res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

i. Samuel*, b. in Chehnsford, Mohs., Jnly 30. 1090. He d. 17 Sept.. 
1721; was married, and left children who, npon the division of 
Capt. Joseph's land in April. 1733; received one-fonrth part of the 

3. ii. Joseph*, b. in Chelmsford, July 8, 1G98; m. Mary •-. 

4. iii. Benjamin*, b. in Chelmsford, Dec. 1, 1701; m. Olive . 

He d. 20 Oct., 1738-9; waa a mill-'BTight, and is erroneously called 
"Benjamin, Jr.," in the records. Dec. 4. 1738, he quit-claimed to 
Joseph all his right and interest in the estate of his brother 
Samuel, late of Chelmsford, deceased. 

iv. Esther*, b. in Chelmsford, March 10, 1704. 
T. Mary-*, b. in Chelmsford, Jnly 1, 1707. 

vi. Rebecca*, b. in Chelmsford, Not. 28, 1709; m. Nov. 0, 1735, Joseph 
Dntton; res. Westford, Maaa. 

5. vii. Dea. JonoB*, b. in Chelmsford, Dec 0, 1712; m. Aug. 4. 1740. Rebecca 

Spalding, dan. of Benoni and Rebecca Spalding; b. Aug. 20, 1722; 
d. 3 March, 1781. 

He chose Benjamin his gnardian, April 12, 1731. He mad(- his 
will Dec. 29, 1788; proved March 13, 1792; mentions his daughter, 
Rebecca Fletcher; g^rand-danghter, Betsey Adams; sister-in-law, 
Joanna Si>alding; his son, Abel, to be hia executor. He d. 18 Jan., 

viii. Sybil*, b in Chelmsford, Aug. 14, 1714. 
ix. Hannah*, b. in Chelmsford, Sept. 17, 1710-7. 

250 CAPTAIN SAMUEL. [Fourth Generation. 

Children of Benjamin', (1070) [2] (Capt. Samuel', Henry') and 
Mary (Parker) Adams; res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

i. Catherine', b. in Chelmsford. Mft.s8.. April 20. 1710; not mentioned in 
her father's will, 1754; probably d. before thftt date. 

6. ii. John', b. in Chelmsford, April 10, 1711; m. Nov. 34, 1743. Esther 


Samael Perham, a brother of Esther, and Joseph Adams, Jr., 
were apjKjinted pnardians of the minor children of John Adams, 
March 8, 1754; John d. ODec. , H.^S; his children were Benjamin, 
John, Jr. , Esther, Ephraim and Sarah. 

7. iii. Maria', b. in Chelmsford, Dec. 1.5, 1715; m. April 27, 174:1, Col. Henry 

Spalding. Jr. She wns called " Marah," and was his 2nd wife. 
He was the exeontor of Benjamin Adams' will; was b. in Chelms- 
ford, Nov. 22, 1704; d. 2y April, 1792. 

Children of Benjamin', (107ft) and Abigail (Parker) Adams. 

iv. Esther', b. in Chelmsford, March 24, 1721; m. Farnnm. 

V. Lncy*, b. in Chelmsford. June 8, 1734. 

vi. Elizabeth', b. in Chelmsford, Sept. 18, 1720; d. 20 Sept., 17—; before 

Fifth Gencr.ntion.] CATTAIN SAMUEL. 

Children of Joseph'. (10,08) [3] (Capt. Joscph\ Capt. Samuel', 

Henry') and Mar>- ( ) Adams; res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

i. Sarah, b. in CLelmRforfl, Ma8.i., Oct. n, 172S; ra. March 22, 1743, 
.Toliii Adams, son of Timothy and Dorothy (Cliamherlain) Adams; 
1). Aug. 13, 171'.); d. l.T March, 1701; res. Chelmsford, Ma«i. 

8. ii. "Mr." Joseph', b. in Chelmsford. Jnly 8, 172fi; m. March 2, 174», 

Lydia Fletcher, who d. 18 Jnly, 1799, in her year. 

He d. 17 Sept., 1790. He mode his will Dec. 30, 1789, proved 
Oct. 11, 179C; mentions -nrife Lydia (Fletcher), son Joseph, dan. 
Thankfnl, son Wilham, John, a son of Lydia. deceased, and a 
grandson, Levi, who is to share in the estate at the death of the 

9. iii. Thankfnl', b. in Chelmsford, Nov. 13, 1729; m. Dea. Aaron Cham- 

berlain; b. Sept. 1, 1725-0; d. 20 Sept., 1815. She d. 2 April, 1790. 
iv. Samuel', b. in Chelmsford, Sept. 5, 173-5. 

He is not named in any of the charts, bnt may have been the 
Samuel who was a private from Chelmsford on the roll of Col. 
Laomi Baldwin's Reg., May 1, 1775, and in Capt. John Ford's Co., 
Col. Jonathan Reed's Reg., Oct., 1777. 

Children of Benjamin', (1701) [4] (Capt. Joseph", Capt. 
SamueF, Henry') and Olive ( ) Adams ; res. Chelmsford, 

10. i. Olive'', b. in Chelmsford, Mass., Dec. 24, 1724; m. alK)ut 1752, Timo- 

thy Colbnrn, son of .Tohn and Joanna Colburn of Dracnt, Mass. ; b. 
Oct. 20, 1710; d. 15 Jnne, 1781. He was thrice married. Olive 
Adams was his 2nd wife. She d. 5 Jnne, 17G0. 

ii. Benjamins Jr., b. in Chelmsford, Feb. 2.5, 1727-8. He chose his 
nncle Jonas, his gnanlian, March 14, 1742; d. 1702, nnm. He 
made a will Sept. 9, nKt; names bin brother William, sister Olive, 
wife of Timothy Colbnrn of Dracnt, and brothers OUver and 
Abijah. An order for the appraisal of his estate was given Sept. 
27, 1702. 

11. iii. Oliver Sb. in Chelmsford, Oct. 27, 1729; m. Dec. 2, 1750, Rachel 


Oliver Adams from Chelmsford, was a private in CoL Laomi 
Baldwin's Reg., May 1, 1775; also in Capt. John Ford's Co.. Col. 
Jonathan Reed's Reg., Sept. 27, 1777, till Oct. 20, serving 23 days. 
He is said to have joined the Shakers at Shirley, Mass. 

12. iv. WiHiamS b. in Chelmsford, Jnne 8, 1732; m. abont 17.T7, Elizabeth 

Richardson, dan. of John and Esther Richardson, b. March 2, 
1738. William chose Thos. Reed his gnardian, March, 1753; d. 35 
Oct., 1700, and his widow married again in 1707. 
V. Abijah', b. in Chelmsford abont 1734; d. 14 Sept., 1757. 

258 CAPTAIN SAMUEL. [Fifth Generation. 

Children of Dea. Jonas*, (1712) [5] (Capt. Joseph", Capt. 
Samuel', Henry') and Rebecca (Sp.ildiug) Adams; res Chelms- 
ford, Mass. 

i. Jonas', b. in Chelmsford, Mass., Jan. 24. 1741; d. 4 Feb., 1741. 

13. ii. Capt. Jesse , b. in Chelmsford, Jan. 11, 1743-4; m. May 4, 1773. 

Betsey Frost. 

Jesse was a private from Dracnt, in Capt. Stephen Rnssell's Co. , 
Col. Green's Rejj., April 19, 1775; served 4 days. He d. 1788. April 
9, 1788, Abel Adams was appointed administrator of Jesse Adams, 
"late ofDracut." His widow m. 2nd, John Farmer of Billerica, 

14. iii. Capt. Abel, b. in Chelmsford, Moy 10, 1740; m. July 2, 1771, Olive 

Richardson, dau. of Henry and Griscilla (Spalding) Richardson, b. 
in Westford, Mass., April 24, 1742; d. 5 Oct, 1819, age 77. 

An Abel Adams was picket-gnard in Maj. Laomi Baldwin's (after- 
wards Colonel) Middlesex Reg., May 23, 1775. He was commis. 
sioned 2nd Li untenant in Capt. Benjamin Fletcher's Co. of the 7th 
Middlesex Beg., July 0, 1780. He served also in R. I. in Capt. Asa 
Drury'B Co., Col. Francis' Reg., Ang 1, to Dec. 1, 1781. Capt Abel 
held a commission as captain of a company in the 7th Reg., 8d Div. 
of the militia of Middlesex Co., dated June 8, 1787. He d. in 
Chelmsford, 21 Sept, 1792, age 40. 

15. iv. Rebecca, b. in Chelmsford, April 0, 1751; m. William Fletcher (his 

2ud wife); he m. Ist, Lj-dia Bates, and had one child; settled in 
Temple, N. H. ; removed thence to Canaan, Me., and d. 8 Feb.. 
1812; widow Rebecca d. in Bloomfield, Me., 14 Jan., 1841. 
V. Selathiel', b. in Chelmsford, 1753. He d. 5 Oct, 1778. in his 25th 
year. A SeJathiel was a private from Chelmsford, on the roll of 
Col. Laomi Baldwin's Middlesex Reg., May 1, 1775. There are 
said to have been three other children of Dea. Jonas; they prob. 
d. young. 

Children of John', (1711) [G] (Benjamin', Capt. Samuel', 
Henry") and Esther (Perham) Adams; res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

i. Benjamin , b. in Chelmsford, Mass., Nov. 5, 1744; m. Nov. 21, 1769, 
Mary Foster (?). 

He was a soldier and officer in the Revolntion, gave hissword and 
a book to his nephew, now in the pos8«s8ion of Nancy-, Mrs. Atwell 
C. Ellis of Keene N. H.; he settled in Stoddard, N. H.; d. ia 
Chelmsford, Mass., about 183S; no issue. 

1ft. ii John\ Jr., b. in Chelmsford, June 28, 1740; 

m. (1) Feb. 1, 1781, Lydia Adams, dan. of Joseph and Lydift 
(Fletcher) Adams; d. 30 Nov., 178'2. 

m. (2) Jan. 13. 1784, Lydia Colbnm. She d. in S. about 1821. 
He was a farmer; d, abont 1820-1 ; no issae. 

Fifth Generation.] captain SAMUEL. 259 

iii. Esther', b. in Chelmsford, Sept. 20, 1748; m. Dec. 31, ITOC, Benjamin 

17. iv. Dea. Ephraim', b. in Chelmsford, Jan. 13, 17r.0-l; 

m. fl) March 0, 1777, Betsey Pierce, b. Jan. 17, 1751; d. 11 Oct., 

m. (2) Dec. 2fl. 1805, Mrs. Anna (Adams) Kinoey; d. 13 March. 
1844. He -wna a soldier in the Reroliition; was toTm clerk in 
Stoddard, N. H., 1773-1784; selectiuttu iu SUxUlard 8 years; 
deacon in CongregatioDal Chnrch ^0 years, and d. in Stoddard, 
28 April, 1823. 
v. Sarah-, b. in Chelmsford, Dec. 29, 1752. 

Children of \laria*, (Marah ?) (1715) [7] (Benjamin", Capt. 

Samuel', Henr>-') and Col. Henry Spalding; res. Chelmsford, 


i. Zebnlon Spalding, b. March 2, 1744. ii. Daniel Sledding, b. June 
21, 1746. iii. Mary Spalding, b. Feb 10, 1749; m. March 14, 
1771, Philip Parkhnrst iv. Thomas Spalding, b. Nov. 24, 1760. 
V. Thankful Spalding. 

260 CAPTAix sAMir.i,. [Sixth Generation. 

Children of Mr. Joseph, (172C.) [s] (Joseph', Capt. Joseph', 
Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Lj-dia (Fletcher) Adams; res. 
Chelmsford, Mass. 

i. Lydia", b, in Clielmsfonl, Miwb., Dec. 12, 174S; ni. Feb. 1, 1781, John 
A(lam.s, son of .Tobn auil Estber (Perbam) Ailams. She d. 30 Nov.. 

ii. Levi", b. in Chelmsford, Jnne HO. 17."il; d. 15 May, 1753. 

iii. Thankful', b. in Chelmsford, 175.T; d. nnm.,14 June, 1790. in her 
30th year. 

18. iv. Joseph'-, b. in Chelmaford. Nov. .'!, n.lS; ra. Oct. 7, 1782, Lncy 

Blod^ett; d. 12 Oct., 1803, age 42. He d. in Chelmsford, 17 Jan., 

A .Toseph was a private in Capt. John Ford's Co.. Col. Jon- 
athan Reed's Reg., to reinforce the Northern Army, Sept. 27, 1777, 
to Nov. 8, one month and 13 days. 

19. V. Levi", b. in Chelmsford, Jnne 14, 1704; m. Lydia Farrar of Temple, 

N. H., b. April 0, 1700. She m. 2nd, Jacob Danforth; d. 3 Jan., 
184.';. Levi settled iu Temple, N. H. ; j-enioved to Amherst. N. H., 
where he d. 14 Sept.. 180">, age 41; d. from kick of a horse. 

vi. Rebecca", b. in Chelmsford. Jnue 20, 17C7; d. 22 Ang., 1789. 

vii. William'', b. iu Chelm.<;ford, May 30, 1770; m. 'Lucy ; res. 

Lyndesboro, N. H. He made will Aug. 7, 1800; probated Oct. 21, 
1800; no heirs. 

Children of Thankfu?, (1720) [0] (Joseph*, Capt. Joseph*, 
Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Dca. Aaron Chamberlain ; res. 
Chelmsford, Mass. 

i. Thankful Chamberlain, b. Nov. 12, 17.';i; m. Anp. 30,1770, Samuel 
Adams, 3d, "the trader," son of Samnel and fisther (Perham) 
Adams. ii. Aaron ,Cbaml)erlain, Jr., b. Sept. 2J, 1753; m. .Sarah 
Adams, dan. of .Tohn.and Sarah (Adams) AdnraK, b. Sept.'18, 1700. 
He d. 10 Oct., 18.^5. iii. Mary Chmnlxrlnrn, b. AnR.'27, 1755; 
m, Micah Simlding.K- Nov. 5, 17.'i2; «l. 23 April, 1830. She d. 4 
June,. 1847. iv. Civol Chaml>erlain, b.f Jnly 17, 1757; d 5 May, 
1783. T. ' Sarah Charalierlaiu. b. Jnne 1, 17.'>!>; m. Benjamin Bnt- ' 
terfield. vi. Abigixil Chaml>erlain, b. June 18,. 1701; m. JohnI 
Thomdike. vii. Joanna Cham}>erlaiD, b. Aug. 22,1704; m. Peter; 
Taylor, and d. 10 April, 18:U1. viii. Nathaniel Chamberlain, b.,: 
March 30, 1768; d. 1 June, 170O. ix. Samnel Chamberlain, b. 
March 20, 1771; m.- Ennice Farrar;. she d. OAng., 1S6». He d. 28 
Nov., 1804. X. John Chamberlain, b. Jan. 10, 1774, d. 22 Sept, 

SLxth Generation.] captain'el. 261 

Children of 01ive^ (1724) [lOJ (Benjamin*, Capt. Joseph', 
SamueP, Henry') and Timothy Colburn ; res. Dracut, Mass. 

i. Olive Colburu, b. iu Dracut, Mtuis. , April 1, 1703; teacher; d. tinm., 3 
Juue, 182'J. ii. Sybil Colburu. b. in Dracut. Sept. 21, 1754; m. 
1775, Micuh HilJretli. She d. 8 Feb., 1787. iii. Rachel Colburn, 
b. in Dracut, April 21 , 175U; m. 17S0, Jouathan Forkhurst of WUton, 
N. H. She d. 31 July, ISM. iv. Abiah Colbam, b. in Dracut, 
Feb. 5, 1750; m. 1784, Aba Buttcrfield of Tynssboro, Maas. He d. 8 
Aug., 1335. V. Mary Colburn, b. in Dracut, May 19, 1760, d. 15 
Juue, 1773. vi. Alice Colburn, b. in Dracut, April H, 1761. yii. 
Hannah Colburu. (?) 

Children Of OliverS (1720) [11] (Benjamin', Capt. Joseph", 
Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Rachel (Proctor) Adams; res. 
Chelmsford, Mass. 

30. i. Rachel, b. in CheluiBforJ, Mass., Aug. 19, 1757; m. Dec. 5, 1774-5, 

Benjamin Prescott, d. 7 March, 1830, age 85. She d. 9 March, 1826, 
age 03. 
ii. Olive', b. in Chelmsford, Sept. 27, 1709. 

21. iii. Sybil', b. in Chelmsford, Sej>t. 12, 1761; m. March 21, 1782, Mo««« 

Hale, son of Moses Uule; he was a soldier with Gen Stark in 1777, 
when 17 years of age. He m. 2ud Jau. 2'J, 1820, Sybil (Howe) Saw- 
telle, dau. of laaiic Howe and widow of Josiah Sawtelle. He d. 21 
Oct., 1820. She d. iu lUudge. N. U., IS June, 1828. 
iv. Uauuoh", b. in Chekusford, April 12, 1704. 

22. V. Oliver'', b. in Chelmsford, Jan. 7. 1707; m. Betsey Marshall of Chelms- 

ford; removed to Eindge, N. H., 1738; widow m. Jonathan Blake 
of Chelmsford. He d. 20 Dec, 1813. 
vi. Nabby', b. in Chelmsford, July 4, 1709. 

23. vii. Col. Benjamin\ b. in Chelmsford, April 28, 1771; m, Zerniah Boyn- 

tou, dau. of Daniel and Zeruiah (Houghton) Boynton, d. 7 Nov.. 
1852, age 32 years, 2 months and 24 days. He was a soldier at the 
time of Shay's rebellion; settled in Wincheudon, Mass., after 1787; 
(blacksmith and tool maker) ; d. in Winchendon, 16 May, 1843, 
age 72. 

Children of William", (1732) [12] (Benjamin', Capt. Joseph", 
Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Elizabeth (Richardson) Adams; res. 
Chelmsford, Mass. 

24. i. Solomon% b. in Chelmsford, Mass., Dec. 7. 1758; m. March 0, 1786, 

Hannah Buttertield, who d. 20 March. 1854, oge 94 years. 

He was a solilier of the Revolution, a private in Capt. James 
Varunm'B Co., Col. MicLiiel Jackson's Reg., May 15, 1777, to Dec. 
31, 1770, and from Jan. 1, 1730, to May 15, 1780. He removed to 
Farmington, Franklin Co., Me., in 1731, and d. there 4 Nov., 1883. 

262 CAPTAIN SAMUEL. [Sixth Generation. 

ii. Benjamin', b. in Chelmsford, Dec. 5, 1760 ; m. Jan. 14, 1787, Hannah 
Spalding, dau. of John and Hannah Spalding, b. Ang. 15, 1760. 
25. iii William', Esq., b. in Chelmsford, April 13, 1762; m. Nov. 4, 1785, 
Mary, or Polly Eoby of Dunstable. She was b. Oct. 30, 1764. 

He enlisted as a soldier when 18 years of age, serving iu Capt. 
Phiuehos Parker's Co., from July 2, 1780, to Dec. 6, 5 months and 17 
days. He was present at West Point at the execution of Maj. John 
Andre, Oct. 2, 1780. He settled on the homestead in North Chelms- 
ford, and erected a house in which he resided for 53 years. He 
represented the town in the Legislatore nine years, and d. 25 Dec, 
1843, age 81 years and 8 months. 

iv. Jonathim'', b. in Chelmsford, Ang. 24, 1766. 

Child of Capt. Jesse', (1743) [13] (Dea. Jona.s*, Capt. Joseph', 

Capt. Samuer, Henry') and Betty (Frost) Adams; res. Dracut, 


i. Betsey", b. in Dracut, Mass., about 1774; she was 14 years old Dec. 11, 
1788, when she chose Parker Varnum her gnardian. 

Children of Capt. Abel', (1740) [14] (Dea. Jonas', Capt. 
Joseph", Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Olive (Richardson) Adams ; 
res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

L Jonas', b. in Chelmsford, Mass., Aug. 30, 1773; d. 6 Sept., 1778. 

26. ii. Capt, Abel', Jr., b. in Chelmsford, Aug. 17, 1776; m. Nov. 29, 1708, 

Rebecca Parker, b. May 10, 1776; d. 4 April, 1854. 

He was a captain in the war of 1812-4. He settled in Ludlow, 
Vt. , and porchased a sawmill there; d. in Detroit, Mich., 17 Nov., 

37. iii. Olive*, b. in Chelmsford, Jan. 26, 1780; m. Nov. 12, 1801. Lieut. 
Abraham Frescott,(3nd wife); res. Weatford, Mass.; shed. 28 Nov., 

28. iv. Capt. Selathiel'.b. in Chelmsford, May 28, 1782; 

m. (I) June 1, 1804, Susanna Proctor, d. 21 Dec, 1800, age 2«. 

m. (2) Feb. 10, inm, Sarah Parker, d. 11 March, 1864, age 77. 

He held a commission as captain of a company of the militia in 
Middlesex Co.. dated March 13, 1813. He was a cooper by trade; 
settletl in Cavendish, Vt, about 1820, and d. there 10 July, 1804-5. 

29. V. Henry', b. in Chelmsford, March 24, 1784; m. 1800, Rebecca Byam, b. 

in Chelmsford; d. in Ludluw, Vt., 24 Jane, 1870, age 83 years, 11 
months and 1 day. 

He wos married on Sunday and started for Vermont with a team of 
oxen on Monday; d. in Ludlow, 1 April, 1861. 
vi. Jonas', b. in Chelmsford, June 5, 1789; d. 28 Joly, 1808. 

Sixth Generation.] captain samuel. 263 

Children of Rebecca', (1751) [15] (Dea. Jonas', Capt. Jonas'. 

Capt. Samuel', Henry') and William Fletcher; res. Temple, 

N. H. 

i. Jemimn Fletcher, b. in Chelmsford, Mass., Nov. 2.5, 1774. iL 
Rel>ecca Fletcher, b. in Temple. N. II., Jan. 30, 1783; m. Nov. 8, 
180o. Isaac Weston. She d. in Bloomfield, Me., 1 July, 1879, 
ace 9C. iii. Lydia Fletcher, b. in Temple, Dec. 31, 1786; m. 
Jan. 28, 1800, Joseph Weston. iv. Sybil Fletcher, b. in Tfflnple, 
May 25, 1J88; m. 1810, Raymond Copeland; res. Dexter, Mo. She 
d. 14 Dec, 18C0. v. William Fletcher, Jr., b in Bloomfield, Me.. 
Dec. 20, 171K); m. Abigail Taylor of Alfred, Me. vi. Bhod« 
Fletcher, b. in Bloomfield, Sept, 179C; d. 2 Nov., 1837. 

Child of Johu^ Jr., (174r.) [IG] (John*, Benjamin', Capt. 

Samuel', Henry") and Lydia (Adams) Adams ; res. Chelmsford, 


i. John'', Jr., b. in Chelmsford, Mass., Nov. 30, 1782. He is mentioaed 
in the will of his {grandfather, Mr. Joseph (1726). 

Children of Dea. Ephraim', (1751) [17] (John', Benjamin', 
Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Betsey (Pierce) Adams ; res. Stod- 
dard, N. H. 

i. Ephraim*. Jr.,b. in Stoddard, N. H., April 22, 1778; m. 1801, Try- 
phena Fibher. She d. 6 May, 1803. He d. 20 May, 1802; no israe. 
80. ii. Benjamin', b. iu Stoddard. Feb. 6, 1780; m. March 22. 1818, Lncy 

Tuttlc; she was b. in Stoddard, May 12, 1703; d. 21 Dec, 1873. He 
settled iu Marlow, N. H., and d. 20 Jnne, 1836. 
iii. Stephen', b. in Stoddard. Feb. 7, 1782; m. July 16, 1807, Bebecca 
Whitcomb of Stotldard; b. Sept 3, 1782, d. 28 Feb., 1855. He d. in 
Stoddard. 3 Jnly, 1844; no issne. 
31. iv. Betsey', b. in Stoddard, Feb. 13, 1784; m. Feb. 17, 1805, William 
Pitcher. He d. in Belfast, Me. She d. in Sebec, Me., 18 Dec, 
V. Lydia", b. in Stoddard, March 10, 1786; d. nnm., 10 Nov., 1803. 
82. vi. Esther*, b. in Stoddard, July, 1788; m. Jan. 1, 1810, Rev. Isaac Bob. 
iusou, D. D., b. in Hudson, N. H., 31, 1779; d. 9 July, 1854. 
He was pastor of the Congregational church in Stoddard for fifty- 
one years. She d. 1 Sept., 1854. 
vii. Abel', b. in Stoddard, Feb. 10, 1791; m. (Oct. 10?) Dec. 10, 1813, 
SiiUy Farnhom, dau. of Joshua and Polly (Borden) Farnham, b. 
Sept 4, 1783; d. 17 Deo.. 1809. He settled in Dublin, N. H., in 
Sept. 1857, and d, 27 May, 18C5; no issue. 

33. viii. Joel', b. in Stoddard, Jan. 1, 1703; m. 1819, Amy Burgess; she d. in 

Belmont, Me., age 90 years; res. Belfast, Me. He d. in Waldo, 
Me., 2 April, 1858. 

34. ix. Jonas', b. in Stoddard, Dec. 6, 1794; m. Oct. 19, 1819, Betsey M. 

Davis, ilau. of Isaac and Rachel Adams Davis, b. in Hancock, N. H., 
Nov. 10, 1792, and d. 22 April, 1872. He settled iu Sullivan, N. H.. 
Nov., 1851, and d. 14 Jnne, 1861. 

2G4 CAPTAIN SAMUEL. [Seventh Generation. 

Children of Joseph", (175f<) [is] (Mr. Joseph', Joseph', Capt. 
Joseph', Capt. Samuer, Henry") and Lucy (Blodgett) Adams ; res. 
Chelmsford, Mass. 

35. i. Lucy', b. iu Chelmsford. Maas., Sept. 20, 1784; m. Giipt. ^\jiios Byaia, 

b. April 24, 1781; d. 31 Oct., 1354; she d. 13 March, 1331. 

36. ii. Joseph-, b. iu Chehasford, May 10, 1730; 

m. (1) March, 1310, MehiUible Mauuiug of Cheluisford, Mobs. 
m. (2) about 1812, Mury Crnue, b. Oct. 20, 170G; d. o May, 1877; 
removed to Keutucky. He d. IS Juue. 1371. 

37. iii. Ephraim', b. in Chelmsford, Sept. 11, 1730; m. Dec. ;'.0, 1313, Tabitha 

iv. Simeou\ b. in Chelmsford. May 22, 1700; d. 24 May, 1707. 

38. V. Dea. Otis', b. iu Chelmsford, Juue 5, 1708; m. April 4, 1822. Abigail 

Osgood Reed, b. May 20, 1801; d. 1 June, 1872, age 71. He d. in 
Chelmsford, Mass., 20 Jan., 1831, age 82 years, 7 mouths and 21 

Children of Levi", (1704) [10] (Mr. Joseph', Josci)li', Capt. 
Joseph', Capt. Samuel", Henry") and Lydia (Farrar) Adams; res. 
Temple and Amherst, N. H. 

30. i. Lydia\ b. iu Temple, N. H.. Aug. 24, 1788-9; m. Dec. 1», 1823, Daniel 

Secomb of Milford, N. H.; d. 22 Dec, 1844; res. Amherst, N. H. 
She d. 3 April, \sr,0. 
iL Abel', b.,in Temple; d. 1701. 

iii. Aber, b. iu Temple, Dec. 22, 1702; m. Abby Larkin. He d. in West 
Eoibury,,Mii8s., 7 July. 1807; will ma<le Jau. 27, 1803, proved July 
17. 1307; mentions vtiie Abliy, and adoiited dau. Abby Larkin, the 
dau. uf Levi Adams, .Jr. 

40. iv. Levi'. Jr., b. iu Temple, April 21, 1735; m. Lucy Farrar, (his couBiu> 

dau. of OUver Farrar ot Weston, Vt . b. Sept. 30, 1700; d. Sept.,'- 
13U5. He d. July, 1834. 

41. V. Kebecca', b. in Tempi*,. Feb. 21, 173»; m.' Nov. 15, 1821, Bev. Abel; 

Conant of Amherst, N. H.; d. tf^Dec., 1836; rea. Leontinster, MasK.. 
She d. in Amherst, N. H., 1 Aus-, 1884. 
vi. . Mary CoW, b. inAmherst,N. H.,'D€a. 5, ITJO; d. in Amherst^.tuun., 
25 March. 1868. 
42j vii. Charlotte', b. in Amherst, Aug. 24, 1802; m. Nov.' 18. 1834, David 
Stewart; d. 30- Ang., 1880; refc- Amherst, N: H. She d. 23 Jan.,:' 
1853. > 
viii. Catht-rine', b. in Amhemt, Oct.. 18W; d. Nov.,. 180*. . 

Seventh Generation.] captain samuel. 265 

Children of Rachel", (1757) [20] (OliverS Benjamin*. Capt. 

Joseph', Capt. Samuer, Henry') and Benjamin Prescott; res. 

Jaffrey, N. H. 

i. BcDJamin Prescott, b. (Sept. 2, 1775,) Dec. 2, 1776; d. 16 Sept, 1777. 
ii. Benjamin Prescott, b. Sept. 1, 1778; m. May 17, 1830, widow 
Sally (Searle) Hodge; b. in Temple, N. H., Nov. 2(j, 1780; d. 7 
Sept, 186D; farmer and machiniat; res. Eaat Jaffrey, N. H.; d. U 
Sept, 1853. iii. Col. OUver Prescott b. Feb. U, 1781; m. (1) 1817, 
Mary Clay; m. {2) Brown; m. (3) Stratton. He d. 30 Nov., 1800. 
iv. Kuchel Prescott, b. Aug. 30, 1783; m. Nov. 14, 1815, James Clay. 
V. Eldud Prescott b. Nov. 15, 1786; m. twice; d. 33 May, 1872. 
vi. Nabby Prescott b. Sept. 18, 1780; d. 34 Aug., 1800. viL 
Jolm Adams Prescott b. Nov. 7, 1793; m. 1828; d. 7 Oct, 18C0. 
viii. Susaniia Prescott, b. Sept. 8, 1797; d. 30 Auj/., 1800. ix- 
Bethiu Prescott, b. April 20, 1800; d. 6 Jan., 1807. 

Children of Sybil', (1761) [21] (Oliver', Benjamin', Capt. 
Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry") and Moses Hale ; res. Rindge, 

N. H. 

i. Emerson Hale, b. March 31, 1783; m. Sept 17. 1807, Jemima Foster; 
merchant in Rindge, N. H. ; d 18 June, 1851. ii. Natbon Hale, 
b. April 23, 1788; m. May 25, 1809, Sarah Whitcomb; blacksmith 
and fanner in Kindgc, N. H. He d. 12 Feb., 1844. iii. Benjamin 
Hale, b. Sept 19, 1790; m. Nov. 29, 1812, Miriam Peirce; shed, in 
HarrisviUe, N. H., 38 Sept, 1803, age 74; farmer; d. in Rindge. 12 
Fe)>.,1833. iv. Moses Hale, b. Oct 29,1792; m. RuthyTowu, 
d. 9 Aug., 1853, age 50; farmer; d. 24 Sept, 1850. 

Children of Oliver', (1767) [22] (01iver\ Benjamin', Capt. 
Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Betsey (Marshall) Adams; 
res. Rindjje, N. H. 

i. Infant, died. 

43. ii. Marahuir, b. in Rindge, N. H., March 14, 1801 ; m. May 9, 1820, Sarah 

Grafton Richards. He settled in New Boston, N. U., in 1823; a 
iii. Fanny', b. in Rindge, Jan. , 1803; m. Thomas Baker of Johssoo, Vt 

Children of Col. Benjamin", (1771) [23] (Oliver', Benjamin*, 
Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Zeruiah (Boynton) 
Adams; res. Winchendon, Mass. 

44. i. Benjamin', b. in Winchendon, Mass., Nov. 3, 1794; m. (pub. Jan. 24, 

1817) Chloo Alger, dau of David and Sally Alger, b. in Bridge- 
water, Mass.; d. in Winchendon, 13 Sept, 1871; age 78 years. 9 
months and 8 days; blacksmith and toolmaker. He d. in Winchen- 
don, 3 Aug , 1853. 

266 CAPTAIN SAMUEL. [Seventh Generation. 

45. ii. Zeruiah', b. in Winchendon, Sept. 4, 179C; m. Feb. 29. 1816, Lyman 

Baynionii. She d. in Winchendon, 3 Dec, 1879. 

46. iii. Eunice', b. in Winchendon, Aug 11, 1798; m. June 13, 1823, Arba 

Reed. She d. in Worcester, Mufis. 

47. iv. Olive', b. in Winchendon, Dec. 20, 1800; 

m. (1) {pub. Feb. 4, 1820) John Longley ol Athol, Mass. 
m. (2) Wm. Cbase of Boyalston, Mass. 

48. V. Capt. Oliver', b. in Winchendon. July 4, 1804; m. (pub. July 2S, 

1826) Chestina Stone; d. 21 May, 1886; blacksmith; d. suddenly in 
Winchendon, 24 Dec, 1884, age 80 years and 4 months. 

49. vi. Joseph Boynton', b. in Winchendon, Oct. 20, 1806; m. Oct. 1, 1829. 

Hannah Whitney, dau. of Joseph Whitney of Winchendon, Mass. ; 
fanner and lomberman; killed by a log, 2 Sept., 1836. 

vii. Albert', b. in Winchendon, Jan. 30, 1812; d. 8 Feb., 1813. 

Children of Solomon', (175S) [24] (William', Benjamin', Capt. 
Joseph", Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Hannah (Butterfield) Adams; 
res. Farmington, Me. 

i. Elizabeth', b. in Farmington, Me., March 5, 1787; m. 160C, John F. 
Woods, Jr. She d. 10 Aug., 1875. 

50. ii. William', b. in Farmington, Nov. 4. 1788; m. Oct. 15. 1811, Nancy 

Hiscock; d. 10 Dec, 1865. He. d. in Farmington, 12 June, 1862. 
iii. Hannah', b. in Farmington, Oct. 6, 1791; m. Oct. 15, 1811, Nuthaniel 

Woods. Shed. 15 March, 1S41. 
iv. Sarah', b. in Farmington, Oct. 15, 1793; m. Nov. 30, 1815. Joseph 

Blake. She d. 4 July, 1818. 

51. V. Solomon', Jr., b. in Farmington, June 15, 1790; m. March 21, 1816, 

Sarah Butterfield, d. 8 May, 1883; res. Easton, Aroostook Co.. Me. 
Hed. 12 Feb., 1856. 
vi. John Richardson', b. in Farmington, April 6, 1799; d. onm., 17 Jan., 

52. vii. Benjamin', b. in Farmington, Sept. 23, 1801 ; m. May 29, 1834, Mar- 

garet Riant; d. 18 Feb., 1871. He d. 3 April,^ 1871. 
viii. Lucy', b. in Farmington. Jan« 30. 1805; m. Not. 27, 1851, Jacob 
Lufkin. She d. without issue, 21 Jan.v 1889„ 

Children^of William*, Esq., (1T62) [25] (William*, Benjamin',, 
Capt. Joseph", Capt. Samuel*, Henry') and Mary (Roby) Adams;, 
res. N. Chelmsford, Mass. 

53. i. Mary', (Polly) b. in Chelmsford, Maaa.,. Jan. 4, 1788-,. m. April 2, 1»1«, 

Daniel Richardson, Esq. ; lawyer;: res.. Tyngsboro, Mass. 
54.; ii William', Jr.,. b. in Chelmsford, Oct- 11. 1790; m. Sarah Stevens^ 
merchant, in. Tyngsboro, Mass.' HedirSMarcli, 1851.' 

Seventh Generation.] captain samuel. 267 

iii. Rebecca', b. in Chelmsford, Jan. 29, 1792; m. Fraucia PerkiiiB, Esq., 

d. 18€0; res. Fitcbbnrg, Maes. Shed. 4 March, 1868; no issne. 
iv. Elizabeth', b. in Chelmsford, Dec. 8, 1794; m. Otis Spauldins of 

Chelmsford, Mass. She d. 8 Jan., 18G8; 3 children, all deceae<N]. 
V. Solomon', b. in Chelmsford, Sept. 19, 179C; d. uma., 20 Nov., 1850; 

leader of Unitarian Choir, 
vi. John Richardson', b. in Chelmsford, Dec. 7, 1798; Harvard, 1818; 

attorney at law, Lowell, Mass.; d. num., 16 Jiine, 1845. 

55. vii. Gen. Benjamin', b. in Chelmsford, May 10, 1801; 

m. (1) Dec. 8, l«:il, Eliza A. Bond, b. Jan. 2, 1805; d. 18 May, 

m. (2) Dec. 28, 1837, Adeline Bond, b. April 7, 1819; d. 10 Sept., 

m. (3> Dec. 1, 1853, Lacilla E. Clark of Portsmouth, N. H.; d. 15 
April, 1882. 

He d. 14 Sept., 1876; merchant of Chelmsford, Mass. ; State Sena- 
tor; Director of Presoott Bank. Lowell, Mass, 
viii. Hannah', b. in Chelmsford, July 14, 1803; m. Nov. 23, 1826. Daniel 
Richardson of Tyngsboro, Mass. ; a son, CoL Qeo. F. Rictiardson, 
was Mayor of Lowell. Mass. She d. 11 June, 181G. 

56. ix. Lieut Col. Thomas Jefferson', b. in Chelmsford, May4, 1805; m. Oct. 

10, 1848, Clara A. Holt, b. Deo. 29. 183(>; dao. of Joseph U. and 
Clara F. (Maosnr) Holt of Merrimack, N. H. ; surveyor and farmer. 
He d. 11 Dec, 1881. 

57. X. Sarah', b. in Chelmsford, March 9, 18 8; m. Aug. 10, 1830, Dr. Chas. 

Hustings Allen of Cambridge. 

Dr. Allen graduated at Harvard College iu 1831, took his medical 
degree at the Harvard Medical School, lfii2; settled and practiced 
his profession in Cambridge; removed to Chicago in 1874 and d. 
there 27 July. 1886. 

Children of Capt. Abel*, Jr, (1776) [26] (Capt. Abel', Dea. 
Jonas', Capt. Joseph", Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Rebecca 
(^Parker) Adams; res. Ludlow, Vt. 

i. Curtis', b. in Chelmsford, Mass., May 12, 1799; d. in Ludlow, Vt, 

num., 18 Oct. 1823. 
.08. ii. Amaaa', b. in Chelmsford, Jane 2, 1801; m. Sept 20, 182.'5, Lucy 

White, b. April 30, 1805; d. 2 May, 1890. He d. in Ludlow, Vt, 20 

Nov., 1887. 
60. iii. Betsey P.', b. in Ludlow, Vt, Sept 1, 1803; m. Nov. 25, 1823, Zenaa 

Clark, b. Feb. 9, 1797; res. Cavendish, Vt. She d. in Ludlow. Vt . 

8 Oct, 1804. 
iv. Sergt. Henry', b. in Ludlow, May a, 1805; m. in Conneautville, Pa , 

and bad 2 sons. Franklin Q. and Seth D. , who were in Brockton, 

Winnebago Co.. 111., in 1863, since which time nothing has been 

learned of them. Sergt Henry was a soldier in the civil war, and 

he d. at Sedalia, Mo., in the summer of 1863. 

268 CAPTAIN SAMUEL. [Seventh Generation. 

T. Olive', b. in Lndlow, March 27, 1807; m. July 11, 1830. Chas. Davis of 
Chelmsford, Masa., b. 1798; d. 8 April, 18eO. She d. iu Chelmsford, 
Mass., 21 Aug., 188S; no issue. 

60. vi. Ichabod Gibson', b. iu Ludlow, March 4, 1800; 

m. (1) Eliza Thayer. 

m. (2; Sylvia Leak Cornell, dau. of John Cornell of Lomsous, M. 
Y. He d. in Weathcrsfield, Vt., 9 Oct., 1849. 

vii. Mary', b. in Ludlow, July 35, 1811; d. 28 May, 1812. 

61. viii. Susan P.', b. iu Ludlow, Sept G, 1813; m. June 11, 1812, Arad Sheldon, 

(Ist wife). She d. April, 1818. 
is. Lucy', b. in Ludlow, Feb. 7, 1815; d. 14 April, 1315. 
X. Abel Andrew Jackson', b. in LuiUow, April C, 1817; d. 15 Nov., 1819. 

Children of Olive*, (1780) ['J7] (Capt. AbcP, Dca. Jonas'. 
Capt. Joseph", Capt. Samuer, Henry') and Abraham Prescott ; 
res. Westford, Mass. 

i. Olive Prescott, b: Nov. 10, 1802; m. (1) 1830, Samuel Richardson; m. 
(2) 1851, Calvin Howard. She d. 28 Aug., 1870; res. Westford, - 
Mass. ii. Bethia Prescott, b. Nov. 4, 1804; ni. 1834, EUel Hey- 
wood. She d. 29 Jan., 1878. iii. Oliver Prescott. b. Nov. 2r>. 
1800; u). Helen A. Howlaud; studied law and settlud in New Bed- 
ford, Mass.; became a Judge of the Probate Court; d. 11 June. 
1890. iv. Abraham Prescott, b. Jan. 0, 1809; d. num., 17 Dec, 
1845. V. Henry Adams Prescott, b. Jan. 13, 1811; living 1897 iu 
Lawrence, Mass.; m. (1) Mary Fletcher; m. (2) Olive E. Reed, 
vi. Sarah PrescoH, b. Aug. 23, 1813; m. 1353, Capt. David I"". Law- 
renco; living 1897 in Westford, Mass. vii. Abel Prescott, h. 
Aug. 3, 1810; m. 1855, Caroline A. Hildreth; res. Ayer, Mass.; (I. 
June, 1887. viii. Jackson Prescott. b. Feb. 37,, 1819; d. nnm., 5 
March, 1841. is. Edward Prescott, b. Sept. 4, 1821; m. Augusta 
Babbitt; living 1897 iu Westford, Moaa. 

Children of Capt. Selathiel', (17S2) [28] (Capt. Abel', Dca. 
Jonas', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Susanna (Proctor) 
Adams; res. Cavendish, Vt. 

62. L S«kthier, Jr., b. inChelmbford,MasH., Dec. 2,1804; m. Dec. 18, 1831. 

Betsey Chamberlain of Westford, Mass., dan. of Ephraim and Sally 
(Harwood) Chamberlain, b. 1810; d. 29 March, 1890. She m. 2ud 
Oct. 21, 1880, Wm. A. Spanlding of Ludlow, Vt. He d. Aug., 1884. 
Selathiel removed and settled in Cavendish, Vt., 1820-30, and d. 13 
Nov., 1804, age 60. 

63. ii. Proctor', b. in Chelmsford, Dec. 15, 180«; m. Feb. 19, 1835, Mory 

Baldwin of Cavendish, Vt. ; d. 22 Oct. 1891. oge 80, in Westminster, 
Vt. ; res. Cavendish, Vt He d. 31 March, 1858, age 52. 

Seventh Generation.] captain samuel. 261» 

Children of Capt. Selathiel" (17S2) and Sarah Parker, 
iii. Abel', b. in Cbftlmaford, Maas., Jan. 4, 1800; d. 10 March, 1809. 
iv. Sarab', b. in Chelmsford, Oct, 1812; d. 14 Nov., following. 
V. Rufn.s', b. in Cheliusford, March 7, 1814; d. 20 Jnne, 1828, age 14. 
vi. Norris", b. in Chelmsford, Dec. 18, 1817; d. 1 Feb., 1818. 

Children of Henry", (17S4) [20] (Capt. Abel', Dea. Jonas', 

Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Rebecca (Byam) 

Adams; res. Ludlow, Vt. 

i. Henry', b. in Lndlow, Vt., Sept. 24, 1812; m. Sept. 27, 1830, Anna 
Spaukling; farmer. He d. in Lndlow, 12 Nov., 1891; no isane. 

04. ii. Rebecca Aurelio% b. in Lndlow, Oct. 5, 1817; m. April 24. 1844. 

Willnrd L. Lawrence; d. in Lndlow, 19 May, 1805. She d. in 
Lndlow 27 Jon., 1872. 

05. iii. Presoott", b. in Lndlow, Dec. 27, 1832; m. Nov. 11, 1857, Clara Rey- 

nolds, dau. of Martin and Sarah Reynolds; Inmber dealer in Lnd- 
low, Vt 

Children of Benjamin', (17S0) [30] (Dea. Ephraim', John', 
Benjamin", Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Lucy (Tuttle) Adams; 
res. Marlow, N. H. 

i. Ephraim', b. in Marlow, N. H., March 17, 1819; d. nnm., in Alateod. 

N. H. 

CO. ii. Nathanier, b. in Marlow, March 10, 1821; m. Sept 18, 1849, LncyA. 

Harrington; d. in Marlow, 15 Oct, 1850. 

07. iii. Naucy', b. in Marlow, June 19, 1823; m. Jnly 31, 1849, Horace R. 

Knight of Bennington, N. H., b. Jnly 2.% 1827; res. Keene, N. H. 
C8. iv. Stephen T.', b. in Marlow, Nov. 21, 182C; m. Sept. 10, 1850, Mary 

Jane Harrington, b. Ang. 25, 1827; d. in Waterford, N. Y., 18 April, 


V. Alpha', b. in Marlow, March 30, 1829; nnm. ; drowned in the MiaaiB- 

Bippi river, 1851. 
vi. Abel', b. in Marlow, April 12, 1832; d. nnm., in Marlow, 20 Oofe, 1856. 

Children of Betsey", (1784). [31] (Dea. Ephraim*, John', 
Benjamin', Capt. Samuel', Henry') and William Pitcher; res. 
Belfast, Me. 

i. Ephraim A. Pitcher, b. March 22, 1800; m. Jon. 10, 1831, Snnnnah 
Houston; teacher and farmer. ii. Williom Pitcher, b. Jan., 

1808; m. Sarah Winalow; rea. Belfaat, Me.; mayor; d. 1875. iii. 
Lnther M. Pitcher, b. 1810. iv. Calvin Pitcher, b. 1812, 

V. Betsey Pitcher, b. 1814. vi. Harriet Pitcher, b. Jnne 21, 1816; 
m. James Neol. vii. Elvira Pitcher, b. April 1, 1818; m. James 
Bicknell. viii. Charles Pitcher, b. 1820; d. in infancy. ix. 
Charlotte Pitcher, b. Dec. 10, 1821; m. Wm. H. Vose. « x. Daniel 
L. Pitcher, b. 1823; m. Prudence Dunbar. 

27u CAl'TAlN SAMUEL. [Seventh Generation. 

Children of Esther", (17S.s) [32] (Dea. Ephraim', John*, 
Benjamin', Capt. Samuel', Henrj'') and Rev. Isaac Robinson, 
D. D.,; res. Stoddard, N. H. 

i. Epbraim Robinson, b. Dec. 31, 1814; d. Ang., 1818. ii. Lydia 
KobiuBou, b. Dec. 1, 1810; d. in Keene, N. H., nnm., 20 Dec., 
1801. iii. Harriet Robinson, b. April 21. 1820; m. Murcb 11, 1840, 
Dr.Edwnrd Hall; b. Feb. 28, 1821 ; she d. in Dresden, Ger., 20 Sept., 
1872. He reBided in Anbnrn, N. Y. ; d. in ^tely, 28 April, 1870. 
iv. Emily Robinson, b. Jane 28, 1823; unm. ; res. Concord, N. H. ; d. 
20 Feb., 1894. 

Children of Joel', (171K3) [33] (Dea. Ephraim*, John', Benja- 
min', Capt. Samuel', Henr^'') and Amy (Burgess) Adams; res. 
Belfast. Me. 

i. Betsey' b. in Belfast, Me., 1820; d. nnm., 1844, age 24. 
ii. Lydiii', b. in Belfast, 1822; d. nnm., 1840, age 18. 
61). iii. William', b. in Dover. Me., Oct. 2.'), 1831; m. Margaret H. Baasick of 
Waldo, Me. ; d. in Waldo, 27 May, 1892; res. Bridgeport, Conn. 

70. iv. Hannah', b. io Dover, 1830; m. Wm. Bassick of Waldo, Me.; d. 1672, 

at 40. 

Child of Jonas", (1794) [34] (Dea.- Ephraim', John*, Benja- 
min', Capt. Samuel', Henr>'') and Betsey M. (Davis) Adams ; res. 
Stoddard and Sullivan, N. H. 

71. i. Nancy', b. in Stoddard, N. H.. Nov. 0, 1820; m. Feb. 3, 1840, Atwell 

C. Ellis; b. in Sullivan, Oct. 12, 1821; d. 11 Aug., 1894; settled in 
Keene. N. H., in Oct., 1890. 

Eighth Generation.] captain samuEL. 271 

Children of Lucy', (178i) [35] (Joseph", Mr. Joseph'. Joseph', 
Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henr>'') and Capt. Amos Byam : 
res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

i. Amos Adams Byam. ii. Heniy ISjaxn. 

Child of Joseph', (17S6) [3G] (Joseph*, Mr. Joseph', Joseph', 
Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Mehitable (Manning) 
Adams; res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

72. i. LncindaM.S b. in Chelmsford, Mass., Jan. 20, 1811; m. Nov. 15, 

1832, Solomon Parkhnrst, b. Jnly 12, 1804; d. 18 Aug., 1890; she 
d. 27 Sept.. 1890. 

Children of Joseph', (17SG) and Mary (Crane) Adams. 

ii. Mary Fifsber*, b. in Chelmsford, 1819; m. Robert Rankin; no issne. 

73. iii. George Joseph*, b. in Chelmsford, Nov. 10. 1820; m. Dec. 10, 1842, 

Mary Jane Cnrrie of Falmouth. Ky. ; b. Feb. 20, 1820; d. 20 Oct., 
1888; res. Falmouth, Pendleton Co., Ky. ; removed winter of 1855 
to Atwood, Douglass Co., El.; d. 30 Jan., 1850. 
iv. Elizabeth R.% b. in Chelmsford. May 20. 1823; m. about 1851, Robert 
S. Holmes (2nd wife); res. near Butler, Ey. 

74. V. Swedenborg', b in Chelmsford. July 22, 1825; m. Julia Blackbom; 

res. Milford, Bracken Co. , Ey. 
vi. Joshua', b. July 28. 1827; d. nnm. 

75. vii. Lucy", b. Oct 14, 1830; m. Roberts. Holmes, (Ist wife); d. 13 July, 


76. viii. Ann-, b. Dec. 23, 1834; m. Andrew Anderson. 

Children of Ephraim', (1789) [37] (Joseph*, Mr. Joseph', 
Joseph*, Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Tabitha 
(Parker) Adams; res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

77. i. Joseph", b. in Chelmsford. Mass., April 37, (Oct. 2), 1814; m. Feb. 

22, 1838. Dolly Perham, dau. of Oliver Perham of Lyndeboro, N. 
H. ; living 1896. He d. 16 Feb., 1862; res. Milford. N. H. 

78. ii. Lucy Ann', b. in Chelmsford, Sept 80, 1817; m. March 1, 1888, 

Dudley B. Emerson, 
iii. Tabitha*, b. in Chelmsford, Sept 17, 1819; d. 20 Oct., 1826. 

79. iv. Mary", b. in Chelmsford, April 20, 1824; m. July 9, 1843, Charles 

Sweetzer of Chelmsford, Mass.. son of Ellas and Mary (Adams) 
Sweetzer; b. in Chelmsford. 1820. 

272 CAPTAIN SAMUEL [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Dea. Otis', (17i)S) [3S] (Joseph", Mr. Joseph', 
Joseph', Capt. Joseph*, Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Abijjail 
Osgood (Reed) Adams; res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

8J. i. Abistiil", b. in ChelmsfoTd, Mass.. May 2.5, 182.1; m. Dec. 22, 1842, 

HiUlreth P. Button ; d. Oct., la-J!). She d. 4 Jnne, 1807. 

81. ii. Otis', Jr., b. in Cbelmsrord, Jan. 0, 1820; m. Nov. 15, 1849, Coroline 

3. Glover; ree. Cbelmaford, Maria. 

82. iii. Calvin Waldo", b. in Chelmsford, April 12. 1828; m. Sarah L. Byam; 

d. 20 June, 1880. He d. 1 Dec., 1879. 

Children of Lydia', (17S9) [39] (Levi", Mr. Joseph\ Joseph*, 
Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henr>'') and David Secombe ; res. 
Milford, N. H. 

i. Frances Charlotte Secombe, b. Jan. 0, 1823; d. in Amherst, N. H.. 
nnm., 30 April, 1848. ii. David Adams Secombe. b. May 25, 
1827; m. Feb. 27, 1855, Mrs. Charlotte (Eastman) Eaton; an at- 
torney; res. Minneapolis, Minn. He d. 18 March, 1892. iii. 
Charles Carroll Secombe, b. Jan. 25, 1830; m. (1) Sept. 14, 1871, 
Annabel L. Crosby; m. (2) Mrs. Emma Tomlinson; res. Minneap- 
olis, Minn. iv. William Wirt Secombe, b. Oct. 14, 1832; res. New 
York City; d. nnm., 8 Sept., 1877. 

Children of Levi', Jr., {\79r,) [4(»] (Levi', Mr.'Joseph', Joseph*, 
Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Lucy (Farrar) Adams ; 
res. Amherst, N. H. ' * 

i. Dr. Charles Frederick", b. in Amherst, N. H., Jnne 25, 1820; nnm.; 
res. Rutland, Vt.; d. 10 Feb., 1882. 

ii. Abby Larkin', b. in Amherst, Jan. 14, 182.S; m. 1872, Dr. George 
Falkner; res. Jamaica Plain, Roxbury, Mass. ; no issue. 

83. iii. Abel Anjrustine', b. in Amherst, Jon. 21, 1825; 

m. (I) ia52, Elmira Wing; d. 14 March, 1854. 

m. (2) 1803, Annie Elizabeth Fisher; d. 9 Nov., 189C, age 73. 

He d. 29 Nov., 188-5. 

ir. Mary Caroline", b. in Amherst, Nov. 10, 1827; m. 18.53, Ijorenzo Dow 
Merchant; d. 14 Dec., 1887; res. Washin'.'ton, D. G. ; uo issue. 

84. T. Franklin Farrar', b. in Amherst, Aug. 6, 1830; m. 1854, Martha 

liowell, dan. of William Lowell of Jamestown, N. T. ; b. May 7, 
1830; settled in Waterford, Pa., in 1839; removed to Erie, 1860. 

vi. Lydia Maria', b. in Amherst, Aug. 29, 1832; d. 1834. 

Eighth Generation.] captaix Samuel. 273 

Children of Rebecca', (170S) [41] (Levi', Mr. Josephs Joseph', 
Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry") and Rev. Abel Conant; 
res. Leominster, Mass. 

i. Belieccft Maria Conant, b. Jan. ao, 182.'i; il. in Amherst, N. H.. nnm., 
12 July, 18a5. ii. Antoinette Conant. h. May 11, 1828; d. in 
Leominster, .*> April, 1830. 

Children of Charlotte', (ISO-J) [U] (Lc^-i^ Mr. Joseph' 
Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') and David Stew- 
art ; res. Amherst, N. H. 

i. Edmund Parker Stewart, b. Not. 12. 18.30; m. (1) An?. 1. 18C8, Anns 
E. Houston; d. 20 April, 1870; m. (2) April 0, \esn, Mrs. Lizzie 
Fairbrother; res. Brooklyn, N. Y. He d. 5 May, I89C. ii. Mary 
Adams Stewart, b. Aug. 29, 18:J0; res. Amherst. N. H. ; nnm. iii. 
Sarah Maria Stewart, b. March 13, 184.'5; res. Amherst, N. H.; nnm. 

Children of Marshall', (ISOl) [4?.] (Oliver*, Oliver', Benjamin*. 
Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henr>-') and Sarah Grafton (Rich- 
ards) Adams; res. New Boston, N. H. 

85. i. Marshall Coolidge", b. in Rindge, N. H., May 2.3, 1827; m. April 19, 

18-13, Snsan B. Patterson of Danvers, Mass.; settled in JafFrey, 
N. H. 
ii. Sarah Eliza', b. in New Boston. N. H.. 1820; m. Oct. 27, 1850, Horace 
Pettee; res Manchester, N. H. ; no issue. 

80. iii. Rev. William Richards", b. in New Boston, Ang. 1, 1830; m. Sept. 9, 

1801, Ellen Donglasa Richmond, dan. of Horace L. and Phebe 
(Eaton) Richmond; b. in Rochester, Vt.. Oct. 20, 1830. 

He graduated at Dsirtmoutb Collep:e 18.59; ordained in the Pre* 
byterian Church May 11, 1804; was chaplain of 133d Reg., 111. Vols. ; 
enlisted May 12, 1804; res. 1800, Osceola. Neb. 

87. iv. Dea. John R.». b. in New Boston. March 3, 1832; m. May 18, 1858, 

Jane R. Carbart. dan. of Thomas and Rebecca (Taylor) Carhort of 
Natick, Maas. ; b. Jan. 20, 1839. 

He settled in Natick, Mass., in Oct., 1851; was foreman of a shoe 
factory at Cochitnate, Mass., 27 years; is president of Natick Co- 
operative Bank, and deacon of the 1st Congregational Chnrch. 

88. V. Frances Baker', b. in New Boston, S«pt. 8, 1833; m. Oct. 31, 1857. 

Holmes R. Pettee; d. 10 Feb., 1892; res. Manchester, N H., 1890. 
vi. Mary Ann", b. in New Boston, July 4, 1835; d. num., 16 Dec., 1885. 

89. vii. Joseph Q.\ b. in New Boston, Dec. 12, 1830; m. May 10, 1858, 

Martha J. Perry. He was a merchant in Natick, Mass.; removed 
to Manchester, N. H.. and d. 10 Feb., 1803. 

2TJ- CAPTAIN SAMUEL. [Eighth Generation. 

90. viii. Henry Parker\ b. in New Boston, Ang. 8. 1838; m. July 3, 18C1, 

Frances B. Patterson; grain dealer; res. Manchester, N. H. 
ix. Charlotte R.", b. in New Boston, Feb. 2, 1840; teacher; unm.; rea. 
Manchester, N. H. 

X. James Christy, b. in New Boston, Dec. 27, 1841. He enlisted Sept. 
2, 18C3, in Co. I, 3!»tli Mass. Vols.; d. of typhoid fever at City 
Point, Va., 10 Jnly, 1HC4. 
xi. Ellen Maria, b. in New Boston, Nov. 2, 1843; m. Jnne 3, 1871, Wm. 
C. Price of MUford, N. U. ; res. San Bernardino, Cal. ; no issue. 

91. xii. Charles Augustine', b. in New Boston, May 25, 1847; m. Oct. 17, 

1877, Lizzie (Bartlett) French; manager of J. B. Varrick Co.; res. 
Manchester, N. H. 

92. xiii. Dr. Geo. Albert", b. in New Boston, April 5, 1849; m. Emily M. Col- 

burn; graduated at Homeopathic Medical College, 1874; settled in 
Webster, Moaa. ; d. 15 Jan., 1880. 

Children of Benjamin', (17'.t4) [44] (Col. Benjamin", Oliver', 
Benjamin', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henr)-') and Chloe 
(Alger) Adams ; res. Winchendon, Mass. 

i. Eunice', b. in Winchendon, Mass. ; 
m. (1) Sullivan Bowker. 

m. (2) Geo. W. Bumwell. She d. Oct. . 1895. 
ii. Zeruiah', b. in Winchendou; d. at 10 years of age. 

Children of Zeruiah', (1700) [4;".] (Col. Benjamin", Oliver*, 

Benjamin', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henrj-') and Lyman 

Raymond ; res. Winchendon, 

i. Abigail Raymond, b. in Winchendon, Jnly 5, 1817; m. Sept. 18, 1838. 
Lincoln Balcomb; d. 2<» May, 1885. She d. in Winchendon, 36 
May, 1881. ii. Almira Raymond, b. Sept 11, 1819; m. Jan. 19, 
1841, Calvin Richardson Wlutman; d. 9 May, 18C8; she living 1895. 
ill. Eliza Ann Raymond, b. Dec. 24, 1821; lifing; nmn. iv. 
Oliver A. Raymond, b. June 27, 1824; m. Feb. 10, 1848, Jnlia Ann 
Lovcjoy; d. 1892. He d. 2.'> Aug., 1849. v. Geo. Albert Ray- 
mond, b. Dec. 20, 1820; living 1895; unm. vi. Ellen Ann G. 
Raymond, b. Sept. 17. 1829; m. Sept. 12, 1848, Alonzo Jewell , 
Cleveland;, d. in Soldiers' Hoapital at the West: She d. 3 Jan., '. 
187C. vii. Sarah LoraineRaymomV.b. Oct. 21, 1832; d. onm., 10 
July, 1894. 

Children of Eunice',' (17f)S). [4G] (Col. Benjamin*, Oliver*,; 

Benjamin', Capt. Joseph", Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Arba;' 

Reed-; res. Fitchburg, Mass. 

L Mary Ann Reed; m. Aaron Whiting, of Fitcfabnrg.: iL Emeline- 
Beed; living, nnm . in>Fitckbarg.; 

Eiehth Generation.! captain Samuel. 275 

Children of Olive', (ISOO) [47] (Col. Benjamin", Oliver', 

Renjamin*, Capt. Joseph', Capt. SamueP, Henry') and John 

Longley; res. Athol, Mass. 

i. John Longley. ii. Joseph Longley. iii. Snsan Longley, who 
m. Thomas of Windsor, Vt. 

Children of Capt. Oliver', (1S04) [48] (Col. Benjamin', 
Oliver, Benjamin', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel", Henry') and 
Christina (Stone) Adams; res. Winchendon, Mass. 

i. Lnnra A.% b. in Winchendon, Mass., Feb. 1, 1S31; m. 1849, Snllivan 

B. Ball; d. May, 1890; res. New York, 
ii. Helen A.%b. in Winchendon, Nov. 10, 18+5; m. Nov., 18C9, Dr. 

Marshall L. Brown; res; 19 Beacon St., Allston, Mass.; cue 

dan., Frances, b. Nov. 2, 1871. 

Children of Joseph Boynton', (1800) [49] (Col. Benjamin', 
Oliver", Benjamin', Capt. Joseph', Capt. SamucP, Henry') and 
Hannah (Whitney) Adams; res. Winchendon, Mass. 

i. Dndley Whitney', b. in Winchendon, Mhss., Nov. 30, 1831; m. June 
30, 1855, Hannah Henstifl; removed to lown, 18.~>3; was secretary of 
the Iowa St. Horticultural Society, 18fi8-1873; Master of Iowa State 
Gran<;e, 1870-1873; removed to Tangerine, Oraucre Co., Fla., 1876; 
is president of N. E. Society in Florida, and of Florida State Horti- 
cnltnral Society. 

ii. Maxweir, b. in Winchendon, Nov. 10, 1834; A. nnm.. Sept, 1859. 

Children of William', (17S8) [50] (Solomon', William', Benja- 
min', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Nancy (Hiscock) 
Adams; res. Farmington, Me. 

i. Thomas Hiscock'', b. in Fannington, Me., March 14, 1813; d. nnm., 

17 Aug., 1830. 
ii. Hannah', b. in Farmington, Oct 19, 1815; d. nnm., Feb., 1839. 
iii. William", b. in Farmington, Aug. 21, 1817; d. nnm., 22 Aug., 1839. 
iv. Nancy", b. in Farmington, Aug. 4, 1819; m. March 12, 1840, Petar 

Corbett She d. June, 1889. 

U;;. V. John Jlichardson', b. in Farmington, Aug. 17, 1331; m. Deo. 6, 1349, 

1849, Sarah Enowlton. He is deceased. 
!)4. VI. Benjamin", b. in Farmington, April 7, 1823; m. Jnne 28, 1849, Eliza 
B. Sawyer, dan. of Ephroim and Elizabeth Sawyer of New Port- 
laud, Me.; b. Jan. 29, lt!24; d. 20 April, 1893; res. N. Anaon, Som- 
erset Co. , Me. 
vii. Samnel", b. in Farmington, April 11, 1825; d. March, 1820. 
viii. Lncy Jane', b. in Farmington, Oct 0, 1829; d. March, 1833. 
ix. Dolly', b. in Farmington, Sept 3, 1835; d. 4 Nov., 1835. 

270 CAPTAIN sAMUF.i.. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Solomon\ Jr.,(17!ir.) [r,\] (Solomon'. William', 
Benjamin', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henrj'') and Sarah 
(Butterfield) Adams; res. Easton. Lie. 

95. i. Solomon', b. in Fiirminston, Mf., Fel>. 14, 1819; 

m. (1) Sept.. 1844. Martlm S. SaTvyer; d. at Easton, Me., 1853. 
m. (2) Feb. 20. 18.10. Harriot N. Wbit^omb. He d. 30 Oct., 1859. 
ii. Jonas Bntterfield", b. in Farminijton, Jan. 31, 1821; d. at Easton, 

num., 19 Oct., \8r,0. 
iii. Sarah B.% b. in Farminston. Feli. 4, 1823; uom. ; res. Easton, 
(Sprajnie Mills) Arooatock Co., Me. 

90. iv. Elias Hntchins', b. in Farminston, Jan. 21. ISSr.; ra. March 5, 1852, 

Celia A. Grant, dan. of Giistnvna Grant, b. in Anson, Me., Dec. 11, 
1833; res. Joliet, 111. He d. at Liverinore, Cal.. 21 June. 1884. 
V. James Eaton*, b. in Farmin<:;ton, Sept. 2.'5, 1838; d. 7 Aug., 1839. 

Children of Benjamin", .(T.noi) [:,-2] (Solomon', William', 
Benjamin', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henr}-') and Margaret 
(Riant) Adams; res. Farmington, Mc. 

i. Lucy*, b. in Farmington, Me., April 15, i835; d. 3 Oct., 1856. 
97. ii. Thomas H.", b. in Farniiusrton, Jiilj- 27, 1830; m. Sept. 6, 18.17, 

Hannah E. Corbett; res. Farminjrtnn, Me. 
iii. Mar^ret Ann", b. in Farminst^n, Sept. 21, 1838; m. Oct 6, 1863, 
Silas W. Cook; res. Lcwiston, Me.; no issue. 

Children of Mar>-', (17Ss) [r..^] (William", Esq., William'. 

Benjamin', Capt. Joseph'. Capt. S.amuer, Henr}'') and Daniel 

Richardson ; res. Tj-ng.'^boro, 

i. Daniel S. Richardson, b. Dec. 1, 181G. ii. Annie Richardson, 
iii. Hon. William A. Richanlaon, b. Nov. 2, 1821 ; gradnated from 
Harvard Collepe. 1843; law school, 184C; was president of the 
Common Conncil of Lowell, \9!i3 and '54; assistant secretary of 
the U. 8. Treasnry, 186«, tmA secretary nnder Pres. Grant, 1873; 
Chief Jnstioe, 18S5, etc 

Children of ^Villiam. J.\ (17'.H)) [54] (William', Esq.,: 

William', Benjamin', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel'. Henry') and 

Sarah (Stevens) Adams; res. Tyngsboro. 

i. William H.Mj. in Tynj^slwnv Ma«i«., Nov.  28, 18^; Harrnrd, ; July, 

1843; d. 4 An?., 184.'->. 
ii. John Qnincy", b. in Tyn^nlx'ro. Sept. 14. ISKT; A. 1 Apri], 185©. 
98.- iii. George A.', b. in Tyiis8lM)ri», Feb. 23. 1«»; m. May 4, 1857, Marth*. 
S. Cooley. He d. ft Feb., IH.jO. 
iv. Josiah F.\ b. in Tyngsboro. Oct. 27, 1832; drowne<l 12 Feb.. 1843.. 
99. r. Fitz E.". b. in Tyn£n*oro, Jniie^ 12» IJCJS; m. Jnne 26, 1859, Abbie' 

Elizalietb Diiraut, dan.- of Thomas and Elizabeth (Marshall) 
DuraDt,.^b. Jnly 23, 1837; re^ Paw Paw. Mich.. 
▼i. Sarah E.\ h. ia Tyngsboro-. April 16, 1838; d. 19r Aug., foUawing:... : 

Eighth Generation.] cattaix samuel. 277 

Children of Gen. Benjamin', (l.sol) [55] (William*, Esq., 

William', Benjamin', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuer, Henry') and 

Eliza A. (Bond) Adams; res. N. CbulmsforJ, Mass. 

i. Jaue B.', b. in ChelniHfurd, Miias., April G, IbUo; d 20 Ang., 1837. 
ii. Eliza A.", b. iu CbeluiuforJ, Feli. 10, 1833; il. of cholera at Niagara 
Falls, 20 July, 1802. 

100. iii. Benjamin F.S b. in Chelmsford, Dec. %, 1838; m. abont 1866-7, 

Emma HartsUoru; ren. Bi'Iiuuut, Mass. 

101. iv. Mary Aim% b. in Chf Imsfurd, Dec. 27, 1840; m. Daiiiel Dewey, son 

of Hon. Daniel N. Dewey of Williumstuwu, Ma<ui., b. March 3, 
1834; res. Newton, Miuis. 

102. V. Francis P.% b. in Chelmsford, March 5, 1843; m. Sept. 17, 1879, Mary 

Ellen Puine, (Liu. of Geor;;e and Celia Paine of Eastport, Me., b 
April 30, 1807; res. Broukliue, Masu. ; manufacturer of flavoriug 
extracts, 280 Dover St., Boston. 

103. vi. laabeUa J.", b. in Chelmsford, March 2, 1845; m. 1870, Edw. F. Gale, 

son of Stephen Gale, Esq. , of Chicago, III.; res. Bebnont, Mass., 
and Chicago, 111. 

Child'nof Gen. Benjamin', (1801) and Adelaide (Bond) Adams. 

vii. Ella E.\ b. in Chelmsford, July 31, 1847; d. 24 Aug., 1849. 
viii. Wilham", b. in Chelmsford, Sept. 4, 184'J; il. OSept., following. 

Child of Lieut. Col. Tho.s. Jefferson', (IS05) [5(5] (William', 

E.sq., William", Benjamin', Capt. Joseph', Capt. vSamueF, Henry'j 

and Clara A. (Holt) Adams: res. N. Chelmsford. Mass. 

i. Charles W. S.% b. in N. Chebusford, Mass., Dec. 3, 1850; m. Alice J. 
Coburn, b. April 20, 1850. 

Children of Sarah', (ISOs) [57] (William", Esq., William', 

Benjamin', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Dr. Charles 

Hastings Allen ; res. Cambridge, Mass. 

i. Rev. Charles Adams Allen, b. in N. Aadover, Mass., Aug. 17, 1837; 
m. July 22, 1884, Lydia G. Locke. He grB<luated at Harvard Col- 
lege 1808; taught in Concord, Mass., 2 years; graduated at Mead- 
viile Theological School, 1804; ordained and settled in the Unitnrian 
ministry at Mont|)elier, Vt., March 1, ISiiO, where he established a 
new society; retired 18G9, and spent some time in Europe; preached 

3 years in Westboro, Miiss. ; also at Dover, N. H., and Brunswick, 
Me.; waa several years pastor in New Orleans, La., afterward in 
Needham, Mass., and settled in Bridgewater, Mass., 1893. ii. 
WilUam Adorns Allen, b. in HavcrhiU, Mass., Oct. 4, 1830; m. 1869, 
Anna C. Little, who d. in 1338, without iasne. He enlisted Sept. 
II, 1802, in Co. E, 44th lleg., Massachusetts Vols, for 9 months. 
In 18C5 he engaged in btisiueBs iu Chicago; d. in Needham, Mass., 

4 June, 1803. iii. Mary Uebecca Perkins .lllcu, b. .in Cambridge. 
Mass., July 17, 1842; m. Dec. 20, 18C5, Capt. Richard Robins of 
the U. S. .'Vrmy. He is now iu business in Chicago, 111. 

278 CAPTAIN SAMUEL. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Amasa', (ISOl) [58] (Abel", Capt, Abel*, Dea. 
Jonas', Capt. Joseph=, Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Lucy (Whitei 
Adams; res. Ludlow, Vt. 

i. Bethia L.', b. iu Ludlow, Vt., Aug. 11. 1828; m. Feb. 4, 1847, Nehe- 

miah Pettigrew, son of Parker aud Rebecca Pettigrew, b. Jan. U, 

1825; res. Ludlow, Vt. 
ii. Gracie H', b. in Ludlow, Oct. 22, 1832; m. Jan. 3, 1851, Rodney L. 

Pilfer. She d. Jan., 1852; uo iBsue. 
iii. Marion L.", b. in Ludlow, Aug. 13, 1837; m. April 3, 18(il, John W. 

KimbalL She d. in lioaton, 27 July, 18U0. 

Children of Betsey P.', (1803) [59] (Capt. Abel", Capt. Abc-r. 
Dea. Jonas', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuer, Hcury') and Zeua:; 
Clark; res. Cavendish, Vt. 

i. Mary Clark', b. March 28,: 1825-;' d. 14 April, 1825. ii. Harriet E. 
Chirk, b. July 19, 1820; m. (1) Jan. 17, 1853, Arud Sheldon, (2ud 
wife); d. iu Si.ring of 1804; m. (2) Sept. 20, 180'J, Horace Clark: 
shed. 8 April, 1888. iii. Capt. Aeaph Clark, b. Oct. 17, 1628; tn. 
Martha Gilbert; Capt Co. D, 0th Eeg. of Vermont VolunteerB. 
He d. in Soldier's Home in Maine, 18 Sept., 1886. iv. Olive M. 
Clark, b. April 6, 1831; d. 14 March, 1855. v. Abel Chirk, b. 
Sept. 5, 1834; living in Boston. vi. Khoda C. Chirk, b. June 24. 
1830; d. in Sept., 1330. vii. Lyman Clark, b. Aug. 12. 1838; 
member of Co. K, Ul. Vol.; d. 14 April, 1803. viii. Wulter I. 
Clark, b. Nov. 20, 1840; m. March 20, 1803, Jennie C. lUce; reu. 
Madison, Mich. ix. Jaai)er C. Clark, b. May 1, 1844; m. EUzii 
Fisher; res. Victory; P. O. Palsou, Mich.; no issue. x. Saruh 
P. Clark, b. Oct. 5, 1847; m. J. Q. A. Wiley; res. Bucklaud, Mass. 

Child of Ichabod Gibson', (1S«>0) [00] (Capt. Abel", Jr., Capt. 
Abel', Dea. Jonas', Capt.- Joseph', Capt. Saniuel', Henry') and 
Eliza (Thayer) Adams. • » 

i. Gracia", b. . 

Child of Ichabod Gibson\ (1800) and. Sylvia.. Leak (Cornell) 
Adams; P. O.Lamsons, Onondaga County; res. Lysauder 
township, N. Y. ' 

104. u. Betsey M;",.b. in Lysonder, N. Y., Jnlr W, 184S; m. Nov. 10, 1863,. 

Henry B. Thompsou; d.^ 26 Aprils 1890; res. Lamsoa's, Onondaga^ 

Co, N.Y, , , 

iiL Jane', b. inLysMdw. July 2,"1847: d. 22 March, 1849. 
It. John' Qnincy", b. ia Lyaander, Jane 0, 1840; d_ 22. July, 1841>. 

Eighth Generation.] captain samuel. 279 

Child of Susan P.'. (1S13) [Gl] (Capt. Abel*, Jr., Capt. Abel', 
Dea. Jonas', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry") and Arad 

i. Susan Jenette Sheldon, b. May, 1842; m. (1) 1867, Adolphoa Bond, 
d. 1872; m. (2) 1874, Lucian FUher; d. March. 1878; Thorman 
Fisher, a son, born 1875; living in Victory, Mason Co., Mich. 

Children of Selathiel', Jr., (1S04) [02] (Capt. Selathiel*, Capt. 
Aber, Dea. Jonas', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') and 
Betsey (Chamberlain) Adams; res. Cavendish, Vt. 

i. Betsey Ann\ b. in Cavendish, Vt., Aug. 34, 1833; d. unm., 31 Aug., 
1868, age 30. 
105. ii. Julia-, b. in Cavendish, Jan. 3, 1837; m. 185(5, Epbraim A. Stevens of 
Chelmsford, Mass., b. 183o; living in Chelmsford, 1897. Shed, at 
Westford, Mass., 1803, age 30. 

100. iii. Susan", b. in Cavendish, Au^'. 37, 1839; m, 1807, Isaac F. Fullertou.b. 
1834; res. South Woodstock, Vt. 

iv. Mary Ellen", b. in Cavendiah, Aug 11, 1841 ; d. 1801, age 19. 

Child of Proctor', (ISOC) [(!3j (Capt. Selathiel", Capt. AbeP. 
Dea. Jonas', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Mary 
(Baldwin) Adams; res. Cavendish, Vt. 

107. i. Mary", b. in Cavendish. Vt., April 9, 183G; m. Nov. 38, 18 j8, Wallact^ 

S. Fiillam, b. 1837; P. O. Bellows FaUs, Vt. ; res. WeBtminster, 

Children of Rebecca Aurelia', (1S17) [G4] (Henry', Capt. 
Abel', Dea. Jonas', Capt. Jonas', Capt. Samuel', Henry') and 
Willard L. Lawrence. 

i. Chira E. Lawrence, b. Oct. 12, 1817; m. June 13, 1877, Fred. E. 
Lamberton of Pomfret, Vt. ; no issue. ii. PhLla A. Lawrence, b. 
Oct 28, 1852; m. June 27, 1883, Mel. T. Hoyt of Yankton, Dak. ; 
res. Tankton, Dak. ; 3 chihlren. 

Children of Prescott', (183"2) [rto] (Henry'. Capt. Abel', Dea. 
Jonas', Capt. Jonas", Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Clara (Reynold.s) 
Adams; res. Ludlow, Vt. 

i. Ellen M.', b. in Cavendish, Vt., Nov. 13, 1809; living unm. at home. 
ii. Henry M.% b. in Cavemliah, July 30, 1873; d. 9 Sept., 1874. 
iii. Charles", b. in Cavendish, Dec. 9, 187U; d. . 

280 CAPTAIN SAMUEL. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Nathaniel', (1S21) [66] (Benjamin", Dea. Eph- 
raim', John', Benjamin', Capt. SamueP, Henry') and Lucy A. 
(Harrington) Adams; res. Marlow, N. H. 

i. Heiiry Qiiiiicy-, b. Moy 31, 1803; d. C Sept., 1852. 
108. u. Lyman H.\ b. in Marlow, N. H., July 27, 1853; m. May 36, 1885, Cora 
BlanchurJ; res. Bennington, N. H. 
iii. Nellie Jane", b. in Marlow, May 10, 1856; d. 12 April, 1803. 

Children of Nancy', (1823) [67] (Benjamin*, Dea. Ephraim\ 
John', Benjamin, Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Horace R. Knight ; 
res. Bennington and Kcene, N. H. . 

i. Ann Juue Kiiipht, b. March 10, 1860; m. June 1, 1874, Oscion C. 
MauBfieKl of Keeue, N. H. ; J. 1 July, 1888. ii. Elbridge H. 

Kuight, b. March 5, 1852; mim. ; res. Keeue, N. H. iii. Oscar A. 
Kuight, b. April 0, 1854; unm. ; res. Keene, N. H. iv. Bertram 
A. liuight, b. May 13, 185G; utun. ; res. Keene, N. H. v. Fred 
W. Knight, b. Nov. 3, 185U;uum. ; rea. Keene, N. H. vi. Charles 
O. Kuight, b. Jan. 24, 18G5; unm.; res. Keeue, N. H. vii. 
Estelle b. Knight, b. Aug. 22, 1807; unm.; res. Keene, N. H. 

Children of Stephen T.', (1826) [6S] (Benjamin", Dea. Eph- 
raim', John', Bcnjamiu', Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Mary Jane 
(Harrington) Adams; res. Marlow, N. H. 

109. i. Abbie Jane , b. Dec. 4, 1852; mj N6t. 28, 1872, Torter A. Hokes; b. 
Juu. 17. 18i">0; res. Poterabnrg; N. Y. 

Children of WilliamV (1S.31) [6»}(Joel%.Dea. Ephraim\ John'; 
Benjamin', Capt. Samuel'^ Henry') andi Margaret H. (Bassick) 
Adams ; res. Bridgeport, Conn. 

i. LydiaM.Nb. Muy 0,1800; d; 17 Feb., 186L • 

iL Charles C", b. 1802; d. 18«8, ogee year». ; 

iii. WillieH.-, b. 18G4i d*owned'.UDec-vl87»/ 

iv. Irring J.v b. 1808;; drowned 14. Dec., 1871»_' 

Eighth Generatiou.] cattain SAMUiiL. 2S1 

Children of Hannah', ( ) [70](Jucr, Dea. Ephraiin', John', 
Benjamin', Capt. Samuel', Henry') and William Bassick ; res-. 
Waldo, Mc. 

i. Emma M. Bnssick. ii. Norris E. Butibick; killed by a suow slide 
in Colorado. iii. Fred A. Baesick. iv. Frnuk J. Buesick; 
ilrowned. v. Albert B. Bussick; d. from a full. 

Child of Nancy', (IS'20) [71] (Jonas', Dua. Ephrainr, John*. 
Benjamin', Capt. Samucr, Henry') and AtwL'll C. Ellis; res. 
Keene, N. H. 

i. Austin A. Ellis, b. in SiUlivan, N. H., June U, \HiS; ni. Feb. 7, 187'.?, 
Julia E. Tyler, b. July 11, 1849; settled in Keeue, N. U., 1S91; 
manufacturer of brush handles. 

2S2 CATTAIN SAMUEL. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Lucinda M.', (1>111) [72] (Joseph', Joseph', Mr. 
Joseph', Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel-', Henry') and Solo- 
mon Parkhurst ; res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

i. Georfie A. Parkhurst, b. in Chelmsford, Anp; 11, 1833; m Nov. 39, 
187ti, Cloriudu Hodf^mon; towu clerk of Chelmsford; editor of 
Lowell Courier, etc. ii. Solomon Wiildo Parkhurst. b. May 10, 
1U35; m. June S, 1862, Martha J. Dulton. iii. Ellen Lucina 
Parkhurst, b. May 9. 1839; m. Nov. 7, 1800. George T. Comins. 
iv. Caroline Augusta Parkhurst, b. Sept. 7, 1S42; m. Nov. 10, 1870, 
Dr. Chan. Duttou. Bhe d. 8 Feb., 1889. 

Children of George Joseph", (1.S20) [73] (Joseph', Joseph", 
Mr. Joseph', Joseph', Capt. Jo.seph', Capt. Samuel", Henry') and 
Mary Jane (Curric) Adams; res. At wood, Douglass Co., 111. 

no. i. 0ti8\ b. in Falmouth, Pendleton Co., Ky., Oct. 25, ISHS; m. Dec. 0, 

1870, Martha A. .Monroe; settled iu Coviugt^iu, Ky.,iii 1888. 

111. li. Robert', b. in Falmouth. July 1, 1840; m. 1809, Mary Wiuehip; res. 

Butte, Mont, 
iii. Jost'iih', b. in Falmouth, July 8, 1841); d. at 18 months. 

112. :v. Avildu', b. in Falmouth, April 19, 18ol; m. Aug., 1873. Ejihraim 

Kaiser; res. Arkansas City, Kuu. 

113. V. Sally B', b. in Falmouth, Juue 3. ia'-.3; m. Oct. 17, 1872. Abealom 

Hoyworth Spray; res. Moliue, Elk Co.. Kan. 

Children of Swedcnborg', (1S25) [74] (Joseph', Joseph", Mr. 
Joseph", Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Joseph", Henry') and Julia 
(Blackbuin) Adams; res. Mulford, Bracken Co., Ky. 

i. Fuuuy'. ii. .ilice'. iii. Itla'. iv. George''. ▼ Otis'. 

lU'pealed ellorts have failed to eecnre further recvrd. 

Child of Lucy', (ISoit) [To] (Joseph', Joseph', Mr. Joseph', 
Joseph', Capt. Joseph", Joseph", Heni"y') and Robert S. Holmes, 
i. Lucy O. Holmes, b. July 5, 1849. 

Child of Ann', (1m:J4) [TO.] (Joseph', Joseph", Mr. Jascph*. 
Joseph", Capt. Joseph',. Joscph*„ Henry') and Andrew Anderson, 
i. Addle AndersuD,. W Seiit. 1, 1802.. 

Ninth Generation.] captain Samuel. 283 

Children of Joseph", (1S14) [77] (Ephraim', Joseph", Mr. 
Joseph', Joseph*. Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Dolly 
(Perham) Adams; res. Milford, N. H. 

114. i. Johu Joseph*, b. in Chelmsford. Mass., July 5, 18-lt»; m. 18G8. Chris- 

tine Nichiihiou; res. Jaiuaicu Plaiu. Miuia. 

1 15. ii. Julia Muriu', b. iu ChelniRford. Aug., 1843; m. Dec. 2C, 18(hJ. Newton 

Perhaiu; res. Milford, N. H. 
iii. Mary Ellu, b. iu Chehimford, Sept. 15, 1845; d. 1847. 

Children of Lucy Ann", (1S17) [7^] (Ephraim', Joseph". Mr. 
Jo.seph', Joseph', Capt. Joseph\ Capt. Samuel', liciiry') and 
i^udlcy E. Emerson ; res. Chelmsford. Mass. 

i. Aduuis Emersuu. b. iu Waruer. N. H.. April 22, WJi); uum. ; iL iu 
Chc'luisford. Mass., 5 Feb.. 18'JO. ii. Levauder EmerBou. b. in 
Niushiiii, N. H., Jan 3, 1840; m. a widow PluiuuiL-r; d. at Port of 
Si)aiu, Trinidad, 8 April, 1880. 

Children of Mary', (1824) [70] (Ephraim', Joseph', Mr. 
Joseph', Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel'. Hcury') and 
Charles Sweetzer; res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

i. Mury Adauis Sweetzer. b. iu Chelmsford, Mass , Soj)t., 1843; ni. Aivil 
28. 1S'J2, Edward B. Hatch; res. Chelmbford, Muas. ii. Charles 
Dupee Sweetzer, b. in Chelmsford, Dec. 10. 1844; d. 1870, a^e 30. 
iii. Samuel Alviu Sweetzer. b. in Chelmbford, Marc'h 4, 1848; d. ag^ 
8 mouths. iv. Edwin Eliou Sweetzer, b. iu Chelmsford, Feb. 1. 
1800; m. 187C, IsubeUe May Whitney; res. Chelmsford. Mass. v. 
Ephraim Adams Sweetzer, b. in Chelmsford. March IG, 1852; d. 
aged 18. vi. Samuel Frederick Sweetzer. b, in Chelmsfuni. 

March 22, 1854; d. num., Dec, 1885. vii. Herbert Clifton Sweet- 
zer, b. in Chelmsford, April 21, 18SG; living, uimi , 1896. viiL 
AlviuA Eugenia Sweetzer, b. in Chelmsford, March 4, 1859; m. Nov. 
24, 1884, Geo. 13. Smith. ix. Ella Parker Sweetzer. b. May 15. 
18U1; m. May 15, 1881, Edwin C. Perham. Shed. Feb., 1890. x. 
Ervin Warren Sweetzer, b. in Chelmsford, A^ig. 24, 1803; m. June 
19, 1889, Bessie M. Hosmer; grocer; rea. Chelmsford, Moss. xL 
Edna Jane Sweetzer, b. in Chelmsford, May 10, 18G7; m. Nov., 
1884, Geo. E. Hose. 

Children of Abigail', (1823) [SO] (Dea. Otis',", Mr. 

Joseph', Joseph*, Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Hil- 

dreth P. Button; res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

i. Mary E. Diitt^m, 1>. Oct. 15, 1849; m. Oct. 15, 1872, Iliram Laws; re«. 
Bedford, Mass. ii. Almiru Dutton, b. Oct., 1801; d. .Vug., 1804. 

284 CAi'iAiN SAMULL. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Otis", Jr., (1 >•-'<•) ['^IJ (Dca. Otis', Joseph", Dr. 
Joseph', Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Heniy') and 
Caroline S. (Glover) Adams; res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

i. Emily E.', b. iu CLeliuBfoul, Miisb., MiircL 22, 1851; m. June 11, 1872, 
Albert S. Keatl; res. ULoJmaforJ, Mims. ; uo issue. 

116. ii. Amos B.', b. in Cbelmsfonl, July 18, 1803; m. Feb. 22, 1880, Hattie 

E. Melleu. 
iii. Edward Everett\ b. iu Chehiisford, Nov. 8, 1850; unm. ; music 

teacher; res. Lowell, Miisa. 
iv. William", b. iu Chebiisfonl, Nov. 1, IbOti; d. 17 July, 1381. 
V. Alice Gertrude", b. iu Clicluisford, Maich 2li, 1»«2; m. Dec. 35, 1884. 

Henry C. Greeue. 
vi. iCarrieL.', b. iu Chelmsford, Oct. 17, 1808; num. 

117. viL ■' H»?rbert C. ', b. iu Chehusford, Nov. 20, 1871; m. April 3, 1894, Alice 

Russell of Providence, R. I. ; res. Norwich, Conn. 

Children of Calvin Waldo-, (ls-2?^) [^'2] (Dea. Otis', Joseph', 
Joseph', Joseph*, Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuer, Henry') and Sarah 
L. (Byam) Adams; res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

i. Frances Edna", b. iu Chelmsford, Muss., Juue 10, 1803; m. Madison 

Stone, ahed. lOFel).. 1S83. 
ii. Abby Jane", b. iu Chclmsfoid, July 29, 1800; m. Arthur Blaisdell. 

She d. 3 Sept. . 18rf2. 
iii. Waldo\ b. in Chelmsford, Aug. 22, 1807; d. 14 Dec, 1857. 
iv. Raymond", b. in Chehusford, Oct. 1, 18.J8; d. 17 Jon., 1862. 
V. Jesse Gove\ b. in Chelmsford. Jan. 19, 1803; m. May 5, 1888, Mary 

£. Barnhom; no issue, 
vi. Lacy Finette'*, b. in Chelmsford, March 1, 1809. 

Child of Abel Augustine', (1S2.>) [,s:3] (Levi', Jr.,' Levi", Mr. 
Joseph',. Jo.«eph*,: Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') and Anna 
(Fisher). Adams; res. Erie, Pa. : 

118. i. Abel Augustine", Jr., b. in Erie, Pa., Sept. 22, 1804; m. Jan. 8, 1890, 

Ann EUen Fuller; resi Erie,. Pa. 

Children of Franklin Farrar-,.(1S3U> [S4] (Levi', Jr., Levi'.: 
Joseph', Joseph', Capt. Joscph% Capt. Samuel', Henry') and' 
Martha (Lowell) Adams;; res. WaLcrford and Eric, Pa. 

119. i. Charle* Frederick", b. in Wii tor ford. Pa., April 25, 1856; m. May-: 20. 

1877, Anna- llelHfccu-Thotupsou; wholcsnle merchant; Pre*. O. F." 
Adoma Cu.yhoiuicfaold fnrnishin;;.iu many cities; settled iaErie, '59. 

iL Jennie Forrester", b. in Erie, Pa.. Jan. 14; 1806; m. Oct. 22, 1891. 
James Neule of I'itltibur;.'. Pa. She d. S.Xov., 1893;^ no issue. 

iiL Frankie*, b. iu Erie; d. iu « muutlis. 

Ninth- Generation.] c\i'T.\i\ samuki.. 2S5 

Children of Marshall Coolidoc". 0^-') ['^•'>] (Marshall', Oliver'. 
Oliver*, Benjamin', Capt. Joseph"', Capt. Samuel', Henry') and 
Sarah B. (Patterson) Adams; res. Jaffrey, N. H. 

i. Freilerick Mnrsliall', b. in New Doston, N. H., March 13, 1856; d. 11 

Oct., 1S5~. 
ii. Sarah'', b. iu New Boston, ,\ii5r. 17. IS.W; teacher; anm. ; res. Jaffrey, 
N. H. 
120. iii. Snaan Emmn". b. in Now Boston. Oct. 20, 18C0; m. Sept 21. 1887. 
Wiililo Lewis Stone; res. Sonlh Snilbury. Moab. 
iv. Henry MarshnU'. b. in New Boston, Jan. 10. 18C3; d. 17 May, 1875. 
V. Alice Potter\ b. in JaflTrey. N. H.. Anjr. 3, 18Cfl; teacher and mi»- 

sionary to Japan; priucipal of East .Taffrey High School, 
vi. George A.", b. in Jaffrey, Feb. 0, 1.970; nnm. ; fanner in Jaffrey, N. H. 

Children of Rev. William Richards", (1S30) [SO] (Marshall', 
Oliver", Oliver'', Benjamin', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry*) 
and Ella D. (Richmond) Ad.nms; res. Osceola, Neb. 

i. Arthur", b. in Uprxr Alton, 111.. Sept. 9. 1802; d. in infancy, 
ii. Anna Trible', b. in Upi^r Alton. Ans. 31. 1804; teacher in High 
School, Omaha, Neb. ; smilnat^d atCoeCollese, Cedar Bapids, la., 


iii. James Henry", b. in Brighton, III., April 3. 1808; attorney in Omaha, 
Neb.; num. ; frradimteil at Coe College, la., 1888, and Law Depart- 
ment Michigan Univerftitj-, 18!i2. 

iv. Fannie Pettee', b. in.Shipman, 111., Oct. 1."?, 1872; res. Osceola, Neb.; 
nnm. ; educated at Iowa State College. Ames, la. 

Children of Dea. John Richards', (lSr.2) [87] (Marshall', 
Oliver', Oliver'', Benjamin', Capt. Joseph', Capt, Samuel', Henry') 
and Jane R. (Carhart) Adams; res, Natick, Mass, 

i. Clara May% b. in Danrera, Mn.<w., April 30, 1801; m. May 14, 1883, 
Geo. A. Swallow of Naticl;. : gradnate of Newton High 
School; d. 2 Oct. 1889; no issne. 

ii. James Henry'', b. in Natick, Mass., Jan. 24, ISO,"!; d. 23 Oct. 1805. 

iii. Frederick Carliart\ b. in Natick, Feb. 11. 1809; Williams College, 
ISii.l; Buli-mn-ster Bnrr .t Burton Seminary, Manchester, Vt., and 
teacher in public schools of New Haven, Conn. 

iv. Jessie Richards", b. in Natick, Sept 3. 1872; Newton High School, 
1890; Boston Normal School of Gymnaatics. 1894; teacher of physi- 
cal culture at Northtield Seminary, Mass., Moody's schooL 

280 CAPTAIN SAMUEL. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Frances Baker', (18.S3) [88] (Marshall', Oliver*, 
Oliver', Benjamin', Capt. Joseph'. Capt. Samuel', Henry") and 
Holmes R. Pcttec; res. Manchester, N. H. 

i. Fannie Bell Tettee, b. July 9, 18G1; m. Sept. 12, 1802, Engene C. 
Brir;liHiu of Manchester. N. H. ii. Mary Holmes Pettee, b. May 
19, 130G. iii. Sarah Adams Pettee, b. Feb. 27, 18G7. 

Chiklren of Joseph G.', (18.30) [Ai)] (Marshair. Oliver'. 
Oliver', Benj.-imin*, Capt. Joseph', Capt, Samuel', Henry') and 
Martha J. (Perry) Adams; res. Manchester, N. H. 

121. i. Engene FranciB% b. inNatick, Mass., Oct 14, 1850; m. Sept. 15, 1892, 

Annie P. Felcb; rea. Manchester, N. H. 

122. ii. 'William S. ', b. in Natick, Oct. 28. 190.1; m. Sept. 30, 1895, Mary O. 

■Worthen; res. Manchester. N. H. 

123. iii. Charles J.", b. iu Natick, June 8. 1870; m. March 31, 1892, Ethel Ger- 

tmde Lomprey. 

IV. James G.-, b. in Natick, Oct. 21, 1373; nnm. 
y. Grace P.% b. in Natick, Aug. 23, 1875; nnm. 

Children of Henry Parker', (1838) [On] (Marshall', Oliver*, 
Oliver', Benjamin*, Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henrj'") and 
Frances B. (Patterson) Adams; res. Manchester, N. H. 

i. Arthur Henry', b. in Monchester, N. H., Nov. 1, 1804; d. 5 Aug., 

ii. Henry Parker", b. iaMaochetiter, Aug. 30, 1800; d. at Dayton, O., 25 
Dec, 1870. 

124. iii. Frank Patterson', b. July 17, 1870; m. Dec. 24, 1890, Mattie A. George 
of Manchester; res. .Lebanon, N. H. 

Child of Charles Anornstine', (1S47) [1>1] (Marshall, Oliver*. 
Oliver'. Benjamin', .Capt. jcseph', Capt- Samuel', Henr>-.') and 
Lizzie Bartlctt (French) Adams; res. Manchester, N. H. '• 
i. Ether, b. in Manchester, N.H., May ,16, 1882. 

Child of Dr. CTCorge Albert", (,184!») [♦>2] (Marshall', Oliver*,. 
Oliver', Bcnj.nmin', Capt. Joseph*, Capt. Samuel*, Henrj-') and. 
Emily M-(ColbHm) Adams; res. Webster, Mass. • 

L Gertrmle^, b. iu W«4»ter,. Ma««.. Oct. 5. 1877. 

Ninth Generation.] captain samuEL. 2S7 

Children of John Richardson', (1S21) [03] (William\ Solo- 
mon", William', Benjamin', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') 
and Sarah (Knowlton) Adams; res. Farmington, Me. 

i. Emma Viola', b. in Farmington, Me., March 28, Mir,\ ; d. 22 Jan., 18C2. 

ii. William Henrj-', b. in Farmington, Jan. 21, 18r»4; d. IS Jan.. 18C2." 

iii. John Frank", b. in Farmington, March 13, 1803. 

iv. Mattie York", b. in Farmington, Sept. 2G, 18C0. 

Children of Benjamin', (1823) [94] (William', Solomon', 
William', Benjamin', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') and 
Eliza B. (Sawyer) Adams; res. North Anson, Me. 

i. Sarah F.', b. in North Anson, Me., April 11, 1851 ; m. JohnP. Clarke, 
Esq., of Skowhegan, Me. ; a teacher of mnsic before marriage; res. 
Skowhegan, Me. 

ii. Ellen Maria', b. in North Anson, 18580; d. 186. 

125. iii. Dr. Chauncey', b. in North Anson. March 15, 1861 ; m. Jan. 0, 1893. 
Laurinda Clara Coombs, dan. of Wm. B. Coombs, Esq., of Glou- 
cester, Mass. 

He graduated from Colby University, Waterrille, Me., 1885; 
from Bowdoin Medical College, 1891; was physician of insane hos- 
pital. TanutOQ, three years; settled in practice in Concord, N. H. 

Child of Solomon*, (1819) [95] (Solomon\ Jr., Solomon', 
William*, Benjamin', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') and 
Martha S. (Sawyer) Adams; res. Easton, Aroostock Co., Me. 

130. i. Hiram H.', b. in ManhatUn, Will Co., 111., Jnne 23. 1851; m. at 

Presque Isle, Me., 1879, Cora A. Allen; res. Easton, Me.; (P. O. 
Spragnes Mills). 

Children of Solomon' (1S19) and Harriet N. (Whitcomb) 

127. ii. Charles F.', b. in ManhatUn, III., Feb. 22, 1857; m. Dec. 19,1880, 

Frances A. Davis; res. Easton, Me. 

128. iii. EUaF.", b. in Easton, Me., July 34, 1859; m. April 29, 1882, Martin 

L. Towle. 

2Ss  CAPTAIN SAMUEL. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Elia.s Hutchins', (1S25) [9G] (Solomon', Jr., Solo- 
mon', William', Benjamin', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') 
and Celia (Grant) Adams; res. Manhattan, Will Co., 111. 

123. i. Elvira", b. iu New Lenox, IIJ., Sept. 10, 1854; m. Sept. 28, 1871, 
Ketiben B. Smith of North Anson, Me. ; d. at Wesley, 111., 4 Feb., 
ii. Elmer', b. in Anofcn, Minn., May 11, 18G4; d. 11 April, 18C7. 
iii. Emnm', b. in Manhattan. III., Oct. 28. 18CG; m. Oct. 10, 1893, James. 
Beaver of Rockville, 111. 
130. iv. Jennie% b. in Manhattan. Feb. 27, 18C0; m. Dec. 18, 1890, Jacob M. 
Stouffer of Marion, Pa.; res. Symerton, Will Co., 111. 

Children of Thomas H.V (183a).[07] (Benjamin', Solomon', 
William', Benjamin*, Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry") and 
Hannah E. (Corbelt) Adams; res. Farmington, Me. 

131. i. Edith A.', b. in Farmington, Me., April 5, 18C0; m. March 22, 1884, 

FreKlerick E. Whitney; res. Oakland, CaL 

132. ii. Frederick V.\ b. in Fanninjjton, Nov. 10, 1803; m. Jan. 1, 1887, Clara 

M. Tncker; res. Farmington, Me. 
iii. Edwin T. ', b. iu Farmington, Oct. 21, 1891. 
iv. Daniel Beal'. b. in Farmiugton, Oct. 2, 1875; d. 10 Sept., 1870. 

Child of George A.", (18-20) [OS] (William', Jr., William', 
Esq., William', Benjamin', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') 
and Martha S. (Cooley) Adams -res. Paw Paw, Mich. 

i. George E.'';b. in Paw Paw, Mich., Aug.: 3, 1859; m. Dec. 12, 1880. 
Kate Ii. Ford; res..Bangor, Mich. ; no isane. 

Children of Fitz^' E.% (rSSS) [90] (Wniiam', Jr., WilliamV 
Esq.', William'% Benjamin', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') 
and Abbie Elizabeth, (Durant) Adams; res. Bangor, Mick..  

L William Uenry*. b. in Paw Paw. Mich.. Jnly 3, 1860; d. 28 July, 18«0. 
ii.. William', b. in Paw Paw, Moy 23, 1870; d. 2 Nor., 1870. , 

iii.. Frank Stevens', b. in Paw Paw, April 28. 1872; d. 1 Septj, 1872. 
iv. Sarah Isabel*, b. in Bloomiagdale, Mich.. Sept. A 1874; Te«. North. 
Che)msford:'Ma«».'; nnm... 

Ninth Generation.] captain samuel. 289 

Children of Benjamin F.', (1838) [100] (Gen. Benjamin', 
William', Esq., William*, Benjamin', Capt. Joseph', Capt. 
Samuel', Henry') and Emma (Hartshorn) Adams ; res. Belmont, 

i. Benjamin', b. in Belmont, Maas., Oct. 9, 1868; tinm. 
ii. Elizabeth*, b. in Belmont, Sept. 20, 18T7; tinm. 

Children of Mary Ann', (1840) [101] (Gen. Benjamin', 
William*, Esq., William', Benjamin', Capt. Joseph', Capt. 
Samuel', Henry') and Daniel Dewey ; res. Newton, Mass. 

i. Sarah B. Dewey, b. in Williamsto-wTi, Mass., 1866; m. June, 1888, 
John C. Dewey of 'Worcester, "Masa.. son of Hon. Francis Dewey 
and 2nd cooain of Sarah B. ; res. Worcester, Mass. ii Daniel 
Dewey, b. in Forest Hills, Masa., 1869. iii. Percy Dewey, b. in 
Newton, Maea. , 1880. iv. Marjorie Dewey, (twin) b. in Newton, 

Children of Francis Perkins', (1843) [102] (Gen. Benjamin', 
William', Esq., William', Benjamin*, Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', 
Henry') and Mary Ellen (Paine) Adams ; res. Brookline, Mass. 

i. Arthnr E.', b. in Eastport, Me.. Sept. 10. 1880. 
ii. Celia Paine», b. in Eastport, Sept. 26, 1883. 
iii. Winthrop', b. in Brookline, Maes., Jan. 18, 1888. 

Children of Isabella J.', (1845) [103] (Gen. Benjamin', 
William', Esq., William', Benjamin*, Capt. Joseph', Capt. 
Samuel', Henry') and Edward F. Gale ; res. Chicago, 111. 

L Walter Gale, b. July 25, 18n. iL Harold Adams Gale, b. 1876, • 

student in Harrard College. 

Children of Betsey M.', (1845) [104] (Ichabod Gibson', Capt. 
Abel', Jr., Capt. Abel', Dea. Jonas', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', 
Henry') and Henry R. Thompson ; res. (Lamsons) Lysander, N. Y. 

i. Jensie L. Thompson, b. Jan. 12. 1870. ii. Henry Allen Thompson, 
b. March 16, 1875. iii. Mildred M Thompson, b. Aug. 18, 1879. 
iT. Carrie M. Thompson, b. May 9, 1886. 

290 CAPTAIN SAMUEL. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Julia', (1837) [105] (Selathiel', Jr., Capt. Sela- 
thiel', Capt. Abel', Dea. Jonas*, Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', 
Henry') and Ephraim A. Stevens ; res. Westford, Mass. 

i. Cbftrles Stevena, b. and d. 1857. ii. Willie Stevena, b. and d. 1859. 
iii. Nettie Stevens, b. 1861. iv. Emma Stevens, b. 1863. 

Children of Susan', (1839) [106] (Selathiel', Jr., Capt. Sela- 
thiel", Capt. Abel', Dea. Jonas', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', 
Henry') and Isaac F. Fullerton; res. So. Woodstock, Vt. 

L Lucy Follerton. b. 1868. ii. Erwin FnUerton, b. 1870; m. Jan. 1, 
1896, Ada L. Adams, dau. of Carlos C. and Luna (Caswell) Adams, 
iij. Mary Fullerton, b. 1873. iv. George Fullerton, b. 1875. v. 
Susan Fullerton, b. 1879. vi.' BesaieLFollerton, b. 1882. 

Children of Mar>-', (1836) [107] (Proctor', Capt. Selathiel", 
Capt. Abel', Dea. Jonas', Capt. Jonas', Capt. Samuel', Henry') 
and Wallace S. Fullam ; res. Ludlow, Vt. 

L Oscar Proctor Fullam, b. Jan. 29, 1863; m. Nov. 17, 1884, Hattie 
Maria Buss of No. Walpole, N. H. ; res. Westminster, Vt , P. O. 
Bellows Falls. Tt. ii. Arvin Wallace Fullam, b. Feb. 11, 1868; 
m. Jan. 1,1890. Eolia Victoria Pettengill of Andover, Vt.; res. 
Westminster, Vt. 

Child of Lyman H.', (1853) [108] (Nathaniel', Benjamin', 
Dea. Ephraim', John*, Benjamin', . Capt. Samuel', Henr>'') and 
Cora (Blanchard) Adams ; res. Bennington, N. H. 
i. NeUie Maria", b. May 14, 1886. 

Children of Abbie Jane", (1S52) [109] (Stephen T.', Benja- 
min', Dea. Ephraim', John', Benjamin*, Capt. Samuel', Henry') 
and Porter A. Hakes; res. Petersburg, N_ Y. 

L Jennie H. Hakes, b. Oct. 14. 1873. ii. Fannie- Hake*, b. Dec. 18/ 
1873. iii. Herbert P.. Hake«,b. Dec 4, 1891. 

Tenth Generation.] captain Samuel. 291 

Children of Otis', (1843) [110] (George Joseph', Joseph', 
Joseph', Mr. Joseph*, Joseph*, Capt. Joseph", Capt. Samuel', 
Henr^'") and Martha A. (Monroe) Adams ; res. Covington, Ky. 

i. Arthnr'\ b. in Falmouth, Ky., Nov., 1873; m. Dec. 18, 1895, Emma 

Taylor of Covington; rea. Covington, Ky. 
iL Charles William'", b. in Falmouth, Sept., 1875; m. Dec. 19, 18i>5, 
Cora Stratton of Covington; res. Covington, Ky. 

Children of Robert', (1845] [111] (George Joseph', Joseph', 
Joseph', Mr. Joseph', Joseph', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') 
and Mar)' (Winship) Adams ; res. Butte, Mont. 

L Anna'". iL Fannie'". iii. Avilda'". iv. John'". 

Children of AWlda', (1851) [112] (George Joseph', Joseph', 
Joseph', Mr Joseph', Joseph*, Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', 
Henr>'') and Ephraim Kaiser ; res. Arkansas City, Kan. 

L Mary Kaiser. iL Anna Kaiser. iii. George Kaiser. iv. Bessie 
Kaiser. v. Chauncey Kaiser. vL Mabel Kaiser. 

Children of Sally B.', (1853) [113] (George Joseph', Joseph', 
Joseph', Mr. Joseph', Joseph*, Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', 
Henrj-') and Absalom H. Spray; res. Moline, Elk Co., Kan. 

i. Martha Jane Spray. ii. George Albert Spray. iiL Emma 

Avilda Spray. iv. Jessie Otis Spray. 


Children of John Joseph', (1840) [114] (Joseph', Ephraim', 
Joseph', Mr. Joseph', Joseph*, Capt. Joseph', Capt Samuel', 
Henry') and Christine (Nicholson) Adams ; res. Roxbury, Mass. 

i. Ella Jane", b. in Roxbury, Mass., Aug. 27, 1870; unm. ; at home 
ii. Mary Ann">, b. in Roxbury, Oct. 11, 1871 ; unm. 

Children of Julia Maria', (1843) [115] (Joseph', Ephraim', 
Joseph', Mr. Joseph*, Joseph*, Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', 
Henry") and Newton Perham; res. Milford, N. H. 

i. Lilly M. Perham, b. in Milford. If. H., Sept. 4. 1867; d 6 Feb., 1874. 
ii. Kazo Christine Perham, b. Feb. 7, 1870; num. iii. J. Scott Per- 
ham, b. June 24, 18 75 ; d. 5 March, 1 892. iv . M. O. Lillian Perham, 
b. Nov. 1. 1878; unm. v. Perley W. Perham. b. March 21, 1882. 

292 CAPTAIN SAMUEL. [Tenth Generation. 

Children of Amos B.*, (1853) [116] (Otis', Jr., Dea. Otis', 
Joseph', Dr. Joseph', Joseph*, Capt. Joseph", Capt. Samuel', 
Henry") and Hattie E. (Mellen) Adams; res. Chelmsford, Mass. 

i. Emily Belle'", b. in Chelmsford, Maae., May 8, 1881. 

ii. Annie Louise'", b. in Cbebneford, Feb. 1, 1885. 

iii. William Everett'", b. in Chelmsford, Dec. 30,' 1886. 

iv. Mabel Marion'", b. in Chelmsford, April 15, 1889. 

V. Ruth Elizabeth'", b. in Chelmsford, Oct. 30, 1890. 

vi. Adelbert Barber'", b. in Chelmsford, Aug. 9, 1894. 

Children of Herbert C, (1871) [117] (Otis', Jr., Dea. Otis', 
Joseph', Dr. Joseph', Joseph*, Capt. Joseph", Capt. Samuel", 
Henry') and Alice (Russell) Adams ; res. Norwich, Conn. 

i. Helen Rnaaeir", b. in Willimantic, Conn., Jan. 31, 1895. 
ii. Harriet Glover'", b. in Providence, B. I., Oct. 2, 1896. 

Children of Abel Augustine', Jr., (1864) [118] (Abel Augus- 
tine', Levi', Jr.. Levi', Mr. Joseph', Joseph', Capt. Joseph", Capt. 
Samuel', Henry") and Ann Ellen (Fuller) Adams ; res. Erie, Pa. 

i. Mary Caroline'", b. in Erie, Pa., Feb. 6, 1891; d. 29 May, 1891. 
ii. Franklin Fuller'", b. in Erie, Aug. 16, 1894. 

Child of Charles Frederick", (1856) [119] (Franklin Farrar', 
Levi', Jr., Levi', Mr. Joseph', Joseph*, Capt. Joseph", Capt. 
Samuel', Henry") and Anna Rebecca (Thompson) Adams; res. 
Erie, Pa, 

L Florence BArton'*, b.- in Cincinnati, O., Jan. 18, 1879. i 

Children of Susan Emma', (1860) [120] (Marshall Coolidge',; 
Marshall', Oliver', Oliver*,, Benjamin',, Capt. Joseph",. Capt.; 
Samuel',. Henry") and Waldo Lewis Stone ; res. So. Sudbury, Mass.; 

i. Bernard. Oriatt Stone, b. Oct. 3, 1888- ii. Frederick BAjmond' 
Stone, b. April 27, 1890. iiL B*lph Waldo Stone, b. Jalyao, 
1892. TV. Alice Adam* Stone, b. Oct' 7, 18«8. 

Child of Eugene Francis', (18»9) [121] QosephG.*, Marshair, 
Oliver*, Oliver*, Benjamin*, Capt. Joseph*, Capt- Samuel*,. Henry') 
and. Annie P. (Felch) Adams ; res.. Manchester, N. H. 
L Benlak'?, b. is Maacheater,. N. H. , March. ». I8M. 

Tenth Generation.] captain samuel. 293 

Child of William S.*, (1865) [122] Qoseph G.', Marshall', 
Oliver', Oliver', Benjamin*, Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') 
and Mary G. (Worthen) Adams; res. Manchester, N. H. 
i. Florence'", b. in Manchester, N. H., Aug. 30, 1896. 

Child of Charles J.'. (1870) [123] (Joseph G.', Marshall', 
Oliver', Oliver*, Benjamin*, Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') 
and Ethel Gertrude (Lamprey) Adams; res. Manchester, N. H. 
L Hazel Perry'", b. in Manchester, N. H., Dec. 81, 1893. 

Child of Frank Patterson', (18T0) [124] (Henr>' Parker', Mar- 
shall', Oliver', Oliver*, Benjamin*, Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', 
Henry') and Mattie A. (George) Adams ; res. Manchester, N. H. 
L Donald G.'", b. May 26, 1893; d. 23 Feb., 1694. 

Children of Dr. Chauncey', (1861) [125] (Benjamin", William', 

Solomon', William*, Benjamin', Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', 

Henr>'') and Laurinda Clara (Coombs) Adams : res. Concord, N. H. 

i. Benjamin William", b. March 2, 1894; d. 1 Oct., 1894. 
ii. Edmund Chauncey'", b. July 25, 1895. 

Children of Hiram H.', (1851) [126] (Solomon', Solomon', Jr.. 

Solomon', William', Benjamin*, Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', 

Henr>-') and Cora A. (Allen) Adams; res. Easton,(Spragues Mills), 


i. Arthur D.'", b. in Eaaton, Me., Sept. 25, 1882; d. 17 May, 1884. 

ii. John F. '", b. in Eaeton, Dec. 25, 1884. 

iii. Martha Ella'^ b. in Eaaton, May 17, 1880. 

iv. Lillian May'", b. inEaston, May 13, 1891. 

Children of Charles F.', (1857) [127] (Solomon', Solomon', 
Jr., Solomon', William', Benjamin*, Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', 
Henr}-') and Frances A. (Davis) Adams; res. Easton, Me. 

L Clarence L.'», b. in Easton, Me., Aug. 21, 1832. 

iL Harry L.'", b. in Easton, Dec. 8, 1883. 

iii. Lura N.'", b. in Easton. May 11, 1886. 

ix. Nina F.'", b. in Eaaton. Jan. 19, 1889. 

■7. Granville A.'", b. in Easton, Feb. 15, 1890. 

vi. Lorin G.'", b. in Eaaton, Not. 27, 1891. 

vii. Charles H.'", b. in Easton, Oct. 17, 1893. 

294' CAPTAIN' SAMUEL. [Tenth Generation. 

Children of Ella F.*, (1859) [12S] (Solomon', Solomon', Jr., Solo- 
mon', William*, Benjamin*, Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', Henry') 
and Martin L. Towle. 

i. Elzina H. Towle, b. Sept. 22. 1884. ii. Abna Towle, b. Oct 12, 
1888; d. 22 Sept., 1891. iii. Earl M. Towle, b Jan. 17, 1892. 

Children of Elvira', (1854-) [129] (Elias Hutchins'. Solomon', 
Jr., Solomon', William*, Benjamin*, Capt. Joseph", Capt. Samuel', 
Henr)'") and Reuben B. Smith. 

i. Aimer P. Smith, b. June 13, 1874. ii. Ltda Smith, b. Sept. 8, 1877. 

Children of Jennie*, (1869) [130] (Elias Hutchins', Solomon', 
Jr., Solomon', William*. Benjamin*, Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', 
Henry') and Jacob M. Stouffer; res. Symerton, 111. 

i. Emmert T. Stouffer, b. Dec. 30. 1891. ii. Harlow A. Stouffer, b. 
July 14, 1893. iii. Beulah May Stouffer, b, June 28, 1894. 

Children of Edith A.', (1S60) [131] (Thomas H.', Benjamin', 
Solomon', William*, Benjamin*, Capt. Joseph', Capt. Samuel', 
Henry') and Frederick E. Whitney; res. Oakland, Cal. 
i. Frederick A. Whitney. ii. Edna Whitney. 

Child of Frederick P.', (1863) [132] (Thomas H.', Benjamin', 
Solomon', William', Benjamin', Capt. Joseph*, Capt. Samuel', 
Henry') and Clara M. (Tucker) Adams ; res. Farmington, Me. 
i. Inez T.'», b. in Farmineton, Me.. Dec. 3, 1888. 


Children of Dea. Jonathan', (1619) (Henry') and "Elizabeth 
(Fussell) Adams; res. E. Medway, (now Millis) Mass. 

1. i. Elizabeth', b. in E. Medway, Mass., March 18, 1666; m. 1688, John 

Partridge, Jr. She d. U Aug., 1719. 

He settled in Medway soon after the Indian war. He m. Ist, 
1678, Elizabeth Rockwood, who d. in 1688. His 2nd wife was Eliza- 
beth Adams, and on her death he m. 3d, Hannah Sheffield. He d. 

ii. Sarah', b. in E. Medway, Dec. 6, 1667; m. 1710, John Bockwood, son 
of Nicholas and Margaret (Holbrook) Rockwood, b. Feb. 12, 1662. 
She was his 2nd wife; his Ist wife d. Jan. 1, 1706-7. Sarah d. a 
widow in Medfield, 11 May, 1758. 

iii. Infant', b. Dec. 6, 1669; d. soon. 

iv. Jonathan', b. in E. Medway, Sept. 18, 1670; d. yonng. 

V. Jonathan^ b. in E. Medway, 1671; d. young. 

vi. Jasper', b. in E. Medway, March 12, 1673; a farmer; d. nnm., 1742. 

2. Tii. Jonathan', b. in East Medway, 1679; m. 1697, Thamezin Sheffield, 

dan. of William and Hannah (Bollard) Sheffield, b. in Holhston, 
Mass., May 25, 1673; d. 1748. 

He inherited his father's estate in E. Medway, occnpying the 
same till his son, Capt. Jonathan, came of age; he then removed to 
Medfield to the farm afterward owned by Gershom Adams; was 
said to be the Ist Baptist in Medfield; d. 1744. 

3. viii. Lydia', b. in E. Medway, 1680, m. Jan. ,27, 1696-7, Joseph Daniel, 

son of Samnel Daniel (Robert'), b. Feb. 3, 1676-7; d. 8 Jane, 1720. 
He removed from Dedham to Needham, (Grantville) now Wellesley 
Hills, Mass. 

ix. Mary', b. in £. Medway. 

296 DEACON JONATHAN. [Fourth Generation. 

Children of Elizabeth', (1666) [1] (Dea. Jonathan', Henry') 
and John Partridge; res. E. Medway, Mass. 

i. Jonathan Partridge, b. 1693; m. 1717, Elizabeth Learned of Framing- 
ham, Maes. ii. Honnah Partridge, b. 1696; m. 1713, Jeremiah 
Daniel; d. 1751. iii. Deborah Partridge, b. 1698; m. Israel 

Keith of Uxbridge, Mass. iv. Jamea Partridge, b. 1700; m. 1729, 
KeziahBuUard of Med-way; d. 1769. t. Sarah Partridge, b. 1702. 
ri. Stephen Partridge, b. 1706; d. 1742. 

Children of Jonathan', (1679) [2] (Dea. Jonathan', Henr>-') 

and Thamezin (Sheffield) Adams;, res.: East Med way, (Millis), 


4. i. Thamezin*, b. in E. Medway, Mass., Ang. 21, 1G99; m. Jnne 16, 1719. 

Joseph Ellis. 

6. ii. Hannah', b. in E. Medway, Feb. 12, 1701-2; m. Jan. 25, 1727, Jona- 

than Jones of Holliston. Mass., son of Thomas, b. Dec. 18, 1701; 
res. Holliston, Mass. 

6. iii. Ezekiel\ b. in E. Medway, July 1, 1705; 

m. (1) May 8, 1728, Bethia Parker; d. 1739. 

m. (2) July 23, 1740, Lydia Lovell, dan of Nathan and Abigail 
(Davis) LoreU, b. 1703; d. 14 Jan., 1774. He settled in Medfleld, 
Mass., 1736; waa found dead in the field 7 Aug., 1777, in his 75th 

7. iv. Capt. Jonathan^ b. in E. Medway. Ang. 15, 1709; m. April 30, 1732, 

Patience Clark of Medway, Maaa., b. May 3, 1710; d. 15 July, 1801. 
He settled on his father's farm in E. Med-way, and d. 28 Oct., 
1804, in his 9«th year. He waa Selectman 14 years, and Bepresen- 
tative in the General Court 11 years. His wiD waa made July 2, 
1791 ; proved Dec. 4, 1W4, His son Oliver, was to maintain hia 
mother and the negro man, "London." 

Children of Lydia', (16Si»)' [3] (Dea. Jonathan', Henry') and 

Joseph Daniel ; res. Needhani, Mass. 

i. Elizabeth Daniel, b. March 23, 1698; d. T Sept., 1719. iL S«nnel; 
Daniel, b. in 1700; d. 5 Sept., 1703. iiL Mary Daniel, b. June- 
30, 1704; m. Feb. 18, 1734-5. Jonaa Breck of Shelbom. Maaa. She^ 
d. 1788. iv. Lydia Daniel, b. July 24, 1706; m. Nov. 21,1726, 
Michael Bullen of Medway. v. Joseph Daniel, b. Feb. 12, 17084>; 
d. 5 Dec, 1783. vi. Sarah Daniel, b. March «, 1711.8; m. Dec, 
20. 1733, Thoa. 'WlsweH. viL Jasper Daniel, b. March 7, 1715; d. 

viiL Samuel Daniel, b. May 4, 1719; m. Marth*. , d. 2 March,. 

1789; settled in Milford, Maas:. He d. 25 May, 1798. ix. Jndah 
Daniel, b. Aug.: 2, 1720; d. 14Sept., following. 

Fifth Generation.] deacon Jonathan. 297 

Children of Thamezin*, (1699) [4] (Dea. Jonathan', Jr., Dea. 
Jonathan', Henr>-') and Joseph Ellis ; res. E. Medway, Mass. 

L •Benoni Ellis, b. July 29, 1720; d. same day. ii. William Ellid, b. 
Jane 14, 1722. iii. Thamezin Ellis, b. April 18, 1725. iv. 
Eliflha Ellis, b. April 27, 1729. v. Jonathan Ellis, b. Feb. 27, 
1731. Ti. Elizabeth Ellis, b. Deo. 1, 1732. viL Lydia Ellis, b. 
Feb. 19, 1734. viii. Henry Ellis, b. Nov. 10, 1737. ii. Hannah 
ElUs, b. June 13, 1741. 

Children of Hannah*, (1702) [5] Jonathan', Dea. Jona- 
than', Henry') and Jonathan Jones ; res. Holliston, Mass. 

i. Hannah Jones, b. Sept. , 1729. ii. Ezekiel Jonee, b. May 17, 1730. 
iii. Jonathan Jones, Jr. , b. Jnly 12, 1731. iv. Elizabeth Jones, 
b. Oct. 1, 1740. 

Children of Ezekiel*, (1705) [6] (Jonathan', Dea. Jonathan', 
Henry') and Bethia (Parker) Adams ; res. Medfield, Mass. 

i. Benoni', b. in E. Medway, Mass., Feb. 8, 1730; d. 17 Feb., 1731. 
ii. ThamezinS b. in E. Medway, Jane 20, 1731; d. yonng. 
iii. ThamezinS b. in E. Medway, 1733; m. 1758, Nathan Smith of Katick, 

iv. Sarahs (twin), b. in E. Medway, 1733; m. 1778, Nathan Ellis. 

He is ceJled Nathan Daniel, f>on of David Daniel, and is said to 
have m. lat, Hannah Bacon, who d. in 1777, aged 44 years, and 2nd, 
1778, Sarah Adams. He was b. 1730, and d. 1801. She d. in 1806. 
9. V. Ezekier, b. in E. Medway, Jane 29, 1735; m. 1770, Bath Fames ol 

Hopkinton; perhaps m. 2nd, Jane 17, 1779, Mary Perry. He re- 
moved to Medfield in 1786. 
vi. BethiaS b. in Medfield, Mass., 1738; d. yoang. 
vii. SUence', b. in Medfield, 1741; d. yonsg. 
S. viii. Nathan', b. in Medfield, 1742; 

m. (1) Margaret Coolidge; d. 1774. 

m. (2) Jane 28, 1781, Abigail Bollen, dan. of Ichabod and Pru- 
dence (Boyden) Bollen, b. 1757; d. 1825. 

Nathan was a private in Capt. Adam Peter's Co., Maj. Seth 
Bollard's 4th Soffolk Reg. , from Ang. 3, 1780, to Aog. 10, serving 
in R. I. 7 days. He d. 24 Nov. , 1794. His widow inherited the 
homestead, and m 2nd, Amos Smith, 
ix. Qershom', b. in Medfield, 1744; d. young. 

• This lilt i« jiTcn from the History of Medway. omittimf Joseph b. 1718. The History of 
Medway tires Joseph Ellis as son of John and Uary (Hill) Ellis, while the Hiitory of Medfield 
aays be was son of Joseph Ellis, b. 1691; d. ITS*. 

298 DEACON JONATHAN. [Fifth Generation.. 

10. X. Gershom', b. in Medfleld. 1745; m. 1778. Pmdence BuUen, riater of 

Abigail, b. 1752; d 1 Jan., 1815,'age 62. 

He inherited a share of hia father's farm; was a carpenter hj 
trade, and an honest, indnstrioas man, who often walked to Boston 
to work. He d. 10 Nov., 1834. 

He was ondonbtedly a soldier of the BeTolution, a prirate in- 
Capt. Ephraim Cheney's Co., Col. J. Smith's Reg.; turned ont 
April 19, 1775, and serredll days; was drafted July 19, 1776, and 
paid a bounty; enlisted again Dec. 8, 1776, and was discharged Dec. 
30th, also serred 30 days in R. I., Oct. 1, 1777. He enlisted also- 
Aug. 3, 1780, in the 4th Suffolk Reg., and was dischaged Aug. 7. 

Children of Capt. Jonathan', (1709) [7] (Jonathan', Dea. 
Jonathan', Henry") and Patience (Clark) Adams ; res. E. Medway» 
(Millis), Mass. , ' 

i. Rachel', b. in E. Medway, Mass., Jau. 24, 1733; m. Daniel Bollard. 

11. ii. Lieut. OliTer', b. in E Medway, June 30, 1738; m. Sept. 11, 1760, 

Elizabeth Adams, dau. of Henry and Jemima (Morse) Adams, b. 
Aug. 1, 1736; d. 11 Dec, 1822. She made will Dec, 1805, naming 
all the children; same filed Feb. 19, 1823. 

Lieut Oliver d. 22 Sept., 1816. His will filed Oct 15, 1816; men- 
tioned wife Elizabeth, four sons, two daus, and grandson, Jonathan, 
son of Jonathan, and grand-daughter, Patience Bridges, 
iii. Sarah', b. in E. Medway, April 22, 1740; m. Not. 1, 1759, Abel 

Sixth Generation.] deacox Jonathan. 299 

Child of Ezekiel', (1735) [8] (EzekieV, Jonathan', Dea. Jona- 
than', Henry') and Ruth (Eames) Adams ; res. Medfield, Mass. 
i. Jaaper', b. in Medfield, Mass., ITTl; probablj d. 1 July, 1842. 

Child of Nathan', (1742) [9] (Ezekiel*, Jonathan', Dea. Jona- 
than', Henry') and Margaret (Coolidge) Adams; res.- Medfield, 

i. Margaret C, b. in Medfield, Mass., 1774; m. 1794, Obed Ellis, son of 
Jesse and Mary (Harding) Ellis, b. 1768; d. 1819. She d. 1844; no 

Children of Nathan', (1742) and Abigail (Bullen) Adams. 

12. ii. Abigail', b. in Medfield, Mass., 1782; m. 1802, Gerahom Wheelock, 

son of Ephraim Wheelock; b. 1779; d. 1855; res. Shre-wsbnry, Mass. 
She d. 1805. Gershom Wheelock m. 2nd, 1806, Priscilla Mason, 
iii. Nathan', b. in ftedfield, 1786; d. yoong. 

13. iv. Lydia', b. in Medfield, 1787; m. Lemuel K. Braatow, b. 1783. She 

d. 1816. He m. 2nd, Adelaide Comette of Wrentham; removed to 
Nashna, N. H. , and d. there. 

Children of Gershom', (1745) [10] (Ezekiel', Jonathan', Dea. 
Jonathan', Henry') and Prudence (Bullen^ Adams ; res. Medfield, 

i. Prudence', b. in Medfield, Mass., Deo., 1778; " suddenly quitted this 

mortal state 9 April, 1781, age 2 years, 5 months." 
ii. Gershom', b. in Medfield, 1782; d. 1785. 
iii. Edtrard', b. in Medfield, 1784; d. same year. 

14. iv. Prudence', b. in Medfield, 1786; m, 1808, Charles Wright, son of 

Moses and Sarah (Tolman) Wright, h. 1784. She d. 21 Sept., 1810, 
age 24. 

15. T. Gershom', Jr., b. in Medfield, 1798; m. Nov. 11, 1811, Abigail Allen, 

dau. of Phineaa and Ruth (Smith) Allen, b. 1799; d. 12 Oct., 
1889; farmer on homestead; "genial character." He d. Feb., 1870; 
will proved June 1, 1870. 

300 DEACON JONATHAN. [Sixth Generation. 

Children of Lieut. Oliver', (1738) [11] (Capt. Jonathan*. 
Jonathan', Dea. Jonathan', Henry') and Elizabeth (Adams) 
Adams; res. East Medway, (Millis) Mass. 

Id. L Jonathan*, b. in East Medway, Mass., 1761 ; thia Jonathan is reportad 

to haTe married and left two children. 

17 IL Oliver*, b. in East Medway, 1762; m. April 19, 1787, Ame Plimpton 

Ellis, dan. of Oliver and Mary (Plimpton) Ellis, b. 1764; d. 1853 ; 
will of Ame P. Ellis Adams made March 15. 1841, filed May 3, 1832, 
names son Orion and makes Zilpha, widow of CoL Oliver, her 
executrix; res. Westminster, Mass. Oliver, Jr., age 18, a private 
from Medway for 3 years, CoJ. Joseph Webb's Suffolk Beg., 
Aug. 20, 1781. He d. in Medway, Mass., 6 March, 1820. 

18 iii. Maj. Jasper', b. in East Medway, Feb. 23, 1767; m. Nov. 22, 1792, in 

Franklin. Mass., Emma Bounds, dan. of Bev. Nathaniel and Eliza- 
beth (Bo wen) Bounds, b. in Behoboth, Mass.. July 27, 1764. d. S 
Feb., 1827. 

19 iv. Capt. Sylvanus', b. in East Medway, 1769; 

m. (1) probably Aug. 31, 1793, Buth Plimpton, dan. of Lieut. 
Silas Plimpton of Medfield, Mass., b. Jan. 21, 1772; d. 30 June, 1822. 

m. (2) April 24. 1823, Eliza Bichardson, d. 16 Nov. 1838, age 47. 
He d. 3 May, 1838; will filed May 12th. 

20. V. Elizabeth*, b. in East Medway, June 29, 1772-3; m. April 5-14,1799, 

Edward Cleveland of Charlton, Mass. ; he b. in Medfield, Sept. 4, 
1764; d. in Charlton, 10 June, 1859. 

21. vi. Ame% b. in East Medway. 1775; m. May 25, 1793, Joseph Bichardson, 

son of Dr. Abijah and Mercy (Daniels) Bichardson, b. in Ea-^t 
Medway, April 24, 1775. 

Seventh Generation.] deacon Jonathan. 301 

Children of Abigail', (17S2) [12] (Nathan', Ezekiel*, Jonathan*, 
Dea. Jonathan', Henry') and Gershom Wheelock ; res. Shrews- 
bury, Mass. 

i. Nathan A. Wheelock, b. in Shrewsbury, IlIaiiB., 1804; d. 1858. iL 
Margaret "VTheelock, b. in Shrewabary; d. in infancy. 

Child of Lydia', (1787) [13] (Nathan', Ezekiel', Jonathan', 
Dea. Jonathan', Henry') and Lemuel K. Brastow ; res. Nashua, 
N. H. 

i. Maria Braatow, b. ISld; d. 1841. 

Children of Prudence', (1786) [14] (Gershom', Ezekiel', Jona- 
than', Dea. Jonathan', Henry') and Charles Wright; res. Med- 
field, Mass. 

i. Adams Wright, b. 1808; d. 14 April, 1814. ii. Charles Wright, Jr., 

b. 1810. iii Henry Wright, b. . iv. Ann Maria Wright, 

b. ; m. Wm. Warren. v. Moses Wright, an artist. 

Children of Gershom', Jr., (1793) [15] (Gershom', Ezekiel', 
Jonathan', Dea. Jonathan', Henry') and Abigail (Allen) Adams; 
res. Medfield, Mass. 

33. L Dr. George F.\ b. in Medfield. Mass., July 27, 1820; m. 1841, Mary 

A. Barker of Cambridge, Maaa. Surgeon in the d7tb N. T. Reg.; 
established Turkish Baths in Boston and St. Louis; returned to 
Medlieldin 1886; d. in Medfield, 10 May, 1889. 
23. ii. Charles Edward', b. in Medfield, Jan. 25, 182^; m. 1848, Jane Forman 

of Syracuse, N. Y. ; res. 135 W. 41 at St, N. T. 
iii. John Q.% b. in Medfield, July 7, 1824 ; d. unm., 1873. 
iv. James M.\ b. in Medfield, June 6, 1827; d. 1846. 
T. Robert B.\ b. in Medfield, 1834; d. 2 July; 1842. 

Children of Jonathan', (1761) [16] (Lieut. Oliver', Capt. 

Jonathan', Jonathan', Dea. Jonathan', Henry') and Adams ; 

res. E. Medway, Mass. 

i. Jonathan\ b. . 

ii. Patience', b. ; m. Sepi 22, 1799, Elijah Bridges, son of Hacka. 

liah and Elizabeth (Underwood) Bridges; b. in HoUiBton, April 15, 
1773; no record of children. 

302 DEACON JONATHAN. [Seventh Generation. 

Children of Oliver', (1762) [17] (Lieut. Oliver*, Capt. Jona- 
than', Jonathan*, Dea. Jonathan', Henr}-') and Ame Plimpton 
(Ellis) Adams. 

L Orion', b. in Boston, Mass. , 1788; m. Nov. 5, 1809 (pub. Sept. 23, 1809), 
Lois Bigelow, dan. of Alpheos and Eunice (Mixer) Bigelow of 
Weston; res. Bolton, Mass. 
24. ii. CoL Oliver, b. in Boston, Oct. 1, 1790; m. March 2, 1818, Zilpha 

Sawyer, dan. of Joseph Sawyer of Bolton, Mau. ; d. 2 Sept., 1853, 
age 57. 

He was a tanner and currier and hotel keeper at Westminster and 
Leominster, Mass., and later grain dealer; d. in Boston, 1 Jane, 
1838, age 48 years and 8 months. 

Children of Maj.. Jasper*, (1767) [18] (Lieut. Oliver', Capt. 
Jonathan', Jonathan', Dea. Jonathan', Henry') and Emma 
(Rounds) Adams ; res. East ^redway, Mass. 

23. L Bev. Jasper', D. D., b. in East Medway, Mass., Aug. 27, 1793; 

m. (1) May 16, 1820, Mercy D. Wheeler, b. May, 1799; d. 11 Nov., 
1821; sister of Dr. Lewis Wheeler, who m. in 1828, Catherine 
Adams, dan. of Moses and Persis Cutler Adams. 

m. (2) 1826, Miss Myrant of Charleston, S. C. 

He was graduated at Brown University, 1815; ordained in the 
Episcopal Church, 1820; settled in Charleston, S. C, 1824; became 
president of the college (Hobart) at Geneva, N. T., 1828; returned 
to Charleston in 1828; became president of Columbia College, Pen- 
dleton, S. C, in 1836; d. at Pendleton, 25 Oct.. 1841. 

26. ii. Elizabeth', b. in East Medway. Sept. 26, 1795; m. Nov. 11, 1819, Dea. 

Calvin Bigelow of Dover, Mass. She d. in Dover, Mass., 6 Nov., 

27. iiL Bowen', b. i& East Medway, April 6, 1798; 

m. CI) Dec. IS. 1823, Fanny Adams Cleveland, dan. of Edward 
andEIizabetbAdamaCleveland of Charlton, Mass., b. Feb. 3, 1800; 
d. 15 July, 1857. 

m. (2) Nov. 10, 1859, Clarissa Whiting Clark of Sherborn, Mass., 
b. April 28. 1806; d. 11 Jan., 1878. 

m. (3) Feb. 5, 1874, Betsey Eimball Stratton; b. Jnnet 9.- 1798; d. 
1882. ' 

He was a carpenter.- a dmmmer. eto. ; settled is Sherborn, Mass.. 
1823, and d. in Sherborn, 14 Nov., 1882. 

28. ir. Jnlia', b. in East Medway, Dec.' 30, 1800; m. Dee. «, 1821,, Horatio 

Mason^ son of Simon Harding and Betsey (Leland) Mason, b. in . 
Eaat Medway, Feb. 28, 1798; Julia d. 22 Joly, 194S, and he m. 2&d. 
Dec. 6, 1850, Almira F. Coolidge, and d. U May, 186». 
29.. T. Ama Bounds', b. in East Medway, Nor. 22, 1806; m. Sept 9, 1835, 
. Lewis Hunting-,, res. Soathborongh,. Mas*. She d. 25 Oct , 1854. 

Seventh Generation.] deacon Jonathan. 303 

Children of Capt. Sylvanus', (1769) [19] (Lieut. Oliver*, Capt. 
Jonathan', Jonathan', Dea. Jonathan', Henry") and Ruth (Plimp- 
ton) Adams ; res. East Medway, (Millis) Mass. 

i. Fanny', (Mary?) b. in East Medway, Mass.. Sept., 1794; d. by falling 
on a pair of scissors, 20 Sept., 1798. 

50. ii. Walter', b. in Eaat Medway, 1799; m. (pnb. Feb. 15, 1819.) MaryDad- 

mnn of Littleton, Mass., b. in Hopkinton, 1800; d. in North Graf- 
ton, Mass., 14 Aug., 1871; res. Union, Me. He d. 28 Jan., 1873. 
iii. Sylvanus', b. in East Medway, Jane 27, 1807; d. Jane 30. 

-31. iv. Joseph', b. in East Medway, Oct. 15, 1808; m. Nov. 8, 1824, Mary 
Ann Mason; d. in Millis, C July, 1888; res. MilUa. Hed. 7 Dec., 

52. V. John', b. in East Medway, May 5, 1818; m. Abby Barrage Smith of 

Dover, Mass.. b. Jane 10, 1817; d. 10 Dec., 1888, age 69 years and 7 
months; res. Allston, Mass. 

Children of Elizabeth', (1773) [20] (Lieut. Oliver", Capt. 
Jonathan', Jonathan', Dea. Jonathan', Henry') and Edward Cleve- 
land; res. Charlton, Mass. 

i. Fanny Adams Cleveland, b. in Charlton, Feb. 3, 1800; m. Dec. 13, 
1823, Bowen Adams, (his first wife) son of Maj. Jasper and Emma 
(Rounds) Adams of Sherbom, Mass.; d. 15 July, 1857. ii. Betsey 
Cleveland, b. in Charlton, Sept. 23. 1801 ; d. 24 June, 1827. iii. 
Welcome Cleveland, b. in Charlton, Sept. 20, 1800; d. 13 Oct, fol- 
lowing, iv. Abigail Lovell Cleveland, b. in Charlton, Dec. 5, 
1804; m. Asa Conant; d. 21 Feb.. 1880. v. Edward Chaancey 
Cleveland, b. in Charlton, Feb. 20, 1810; m. (1) Mary Ann Marble; 
d. 8 Dec, 1857. age 45; m. (2) Feb. 20, 1859, Maria Pierce; he d in 
Charlton, 7 Sept., 1870. vi. EUmira Cleveland, b. in Charlton, 
June 3, 1813; d. 22 April, 1817. 

Children of Ame", (1775) [21] (Lieut. Oliver*, Capt. Jona- 
than*, Jonathan', Dea. Jonathan', Henr^'') and Joseph Richard 
son ; res. East Medway, (Millis) Mass. 

i. Horace Bichardson, b. Sept. 23, 1795; m. Catherine Draper. ii. 
Charlotte Bichardson, b. Feb. 1797; m. Capt Ebenezer Daniels. 
She d. 17 Nov., 1840. iii. Ame Bichardson, b. 1799; m. June 2.1, 

1840, Elisha Adams Jones. iv. Maria Richardson, b. ; m. 

Seneca Hills; res. Franklin. v. Bicbard Bichardson, b. Sept. 
1802; m. (1) Eliza Bnllard; m. (2) Elizabeth Baker. vi Mercy 
Bichardson; m. Horace Underwood. viL Joseph Bichardson; d. 
nnm. viii. Oliver Adams Richardson; m. Mary Bingham; res. 

304 DEACON JONATHAN. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Dr. George F.', (1820) [22] (Gershom*, Jr., Ger- 
shom*, Ezekiel*, Jonathan', Dea. Jonathan', Henry') and Mary A. 
(Barber) Adams; res, Medfield, Mass. 

i. George Frederick', b. in Walthftm, Mass., Jao., 1842; d. same month, 
ii. Charles F.*, b. in Acton, Mass., Feb., 1843; d. same month, 
iii. James Robert*, b. in Medfield, Mass., Oct. 10, 1846; d. unm., at Long^ 

Branch, N. J., 6 Aug., 1882. 
iv. George Frederick', b. in Medfield, Jan. 27, 1849; res. Brooklyn, N. 

T. ; d. in Boston, 6 Dec., 1868. 
V. Charles Fremont''; b. in Brooklyn, NIT., Feb. 17, 1856; res. Chicago, 

Children of Charles Edward', (1822) [23] (Gershom', Jr., Ger- 
shom', Ezekiel*, Jonathan', Dea. Jonathan', Henry") and Jane 
(Furman) Adams ; res. New York City. 

i. Robert Thurman', b. in Syracnse, N. T., Dec. 23, 1848; phyaiciAn in 

Chicago; onm. 
ii. Charles Stanley", b. in Brooklyn, N. Y., 1853; d 1854. 
iii. Annabel', b. in New York, April 13. 1862; m. July 28, 1887, J. H. 

McMichael; merchant at Shanghai, China, 
iv. Preston Mann% b. in Rutherford, N. J., April, 1868; d. in Ang.,. 

Children of Col. Oliver', (1790) [24-] (Oliver*, Lieut. Oliver', 

Capt. Jonathan', Jonathan', Dea. Jonathan', Henry') and Zilpha 

(Sawyer) Adams; res. Westminster, Mass. 

i. Oliver Ellis", b. in Leominster, Mass.. Feb. 11, 1820; d. 16 July. 1823, 
ii. Oliver', b. in Leominster. Feb. 8, 1822; d. 10 Feb., 1823. 
iii. Frances Ame', b. in Westminster, May 24, 1824; d. 22 Sept., 1838. 
83.. iv. Laura Ann', b. in Westminster. March. 10, 1826; m. Dec. 31, 184«, 
John £. Chaffin of Holden, Msaa. * 

V. Joseph Sawyer*, b. in Westminster, March 15, 1828; d. 18 Jan., 188I-. 
vi. John Quincy*. b. in Medford, Mass., Oct 9,1880; d. 25 April, 1837. 
vii. Mary Pratt', b. in CohasMtt. Masa.. Jan.i 18. 18S3; m. Aug., 1868,.; 

Charles Pefury; res. Battle Creek, Mich, 
viii.: Joseph Oliver', b. in Cohassett. April 11, 1886; m. Oct. ?5, 1859, Ann.' 
Maria Catting of Weatminster, Mass. ; saleamanr '**• 25 Ore«d Pl.r 
Worcester, Maaa>; noissne. ' 
34. ix. Dr. John Franeia*,, b. in Boston, Sept. 29, 1838; m. July M, I860,. 
Ellen J. Wilson oCStoaghton,.Maaa.; dentirt; Elm St., Worcester,. 

Eighth Generation.] deacon Jonathan. 305 

Children of Rev. Jasper', D. D., (1793) [25] (Maj. Jasper", 
Lieut. Oliver', Capt. Jonathan*, Jonathan", Dea. Jonathan', 
Henry") and Mercy D. (Wheeler) Adams; res. Charleston, S. C. 

i. Francis Mayrant-, b. in Providence, B. L, Oct. 9, 1821; 4 1863-4. 

ii. Elizabeth'; m. Campbell; d. ; a son, Jasper Adams 

Campbell ; clerk in New York, 

iii. Joseph'. 

iv. Caroline*; res. New York. 

V. Frances'; m. Barkley; res. New York City. 

tI. Ann' ; m. John C. Calhonn, Jr. 

Children of Elizabeth', (1795) [26] (Maj. Jasper", Lieut. 
Oliver", Capt. Jonathan', Jonathan", Dea. Jonathan", Henry') and 
Dea. Calvin Bigelow; res. Dover, Mass. 

i. Francis Adams Bigelow, b. July 22, 1S20; d. 5 Aug., 1820. ii. 
William Adams Bigelow. b. Aug. 31, 1821 ; m. Oct 25, 1848, Mary 
E. Derby of Randolph, Mass. ; res. Riverside, CaL He d. 21 April, 
1893. iii. Elizabeth Mercy Bigelow, b. March 19, 1823; d. 18 Jan., 
1829. iv. Francis Convers Bigelow, b. Nov. 26, 1824; m. June 4, 
1851, Robio H. White; no issue. v. Calvin Bigelow, Jr., b. Jun*' 
17, 1826; m. Dec. 28, 1874, Lucy C. Daniels of Medway, Mass.; re 
Boston, Mass. vl Anna Maria Bigelow, b. Sept 24, 1828; 
May 15. 1854, Joseph Emerson Baldwin; d. in Saratoga, N. Y. 
Sept, 1885. vii. Charles Adams Bigelow, b. July 11, 1880; 
Oct 4, 1860, Hannah Thwing of Medway; res. Millis, Mass. He d. 
Nov., 1892. viii. Warren Bigelow, b. March 31, 1884; d. 20 Feb 
1835. ix. Ellen Elizabeth Bigelow, b. Aug. 15, 1888; d. 18 Jan., 

Children of Bowen', (1798) [27] (Maj. Jasper", Lieut. Oliver", 
Capt. Jonathan*, Jonathan", Dea. Jonathan", Henry') and Fanny 
A. (Cleveland) Adams; res. Sherbom, Mass. 

i. Bowen EdwardsS b. in Sherbom, Mass. , Jane 18, 1824; d. 16 April, 

ii. Frances Elizabeth', b. in Sherbom, Nov. 8, 1826; d. 23 Aug., 1827. 
iii. Elizabeth', b. in Sherbom, July 8, 1828; d. 8 June, 1832. 
iv. Jasper', b. in Sherbom, Jan. 15, 1881; d. unm., 9 June, 1872. 

306 DEACON JONATHAN. [Eighth Generation. 

86. T. Bowen', Jr., b. in Sherborn, Dec. 4. 1832; m. Feb. 5, 1860, Emily 

Ang-DSta Dowse, dan. of J.oaeph and Martha (Chamberlain) Dowse 
of Sherborn, Mass., b. May 26, 1836; settled in Worcester, Mass., in 
1864; wood- worker ; d. in Dorchester, Mass., 15 Jane, 1897. 

86. Ti. Henry", b. in Sherborn, Jan. 14, 1834; m. Jan. 15, 1800, Mary Frances 

Whiting of Sherborn, Mass. ; res. South Framingham, Mass. 
TiL Fanny*, b. in Sherborn, Nov. 29, 1836; d. 6 June, 1842. 

87. viiL EmilyS b. in Sherborn, Oct. 20, 1837; m. Feb., 1857, Charles Dart 

Dowse of Sherborn, Mass. ; res. San Jose, CaL 
ix. Charles Edwarda', b. in Sherborn. Dec. 15, 1840; d. 15 May, 1842. 
38 X. Charles', b. in Sherborn. Oct. 13, 1842; m. Sept. 28, 1885, Ellen 

Sophia Sawyer of Watertown, MaBB.,b. Jan. 10, 1842; asst. supt. of 
public buildings, Worcester, Ma£B. 

Children of Julia', (ISOO) [2S] (Maj. Jasper', Lieut. Oliver', 

Capt. Jonathan*, Jonathan'. Dea. Jonathan', Henr)'') and Horatio 

Mason ; res. East Medwa)-, Mass. 

L Mercy Adams Mason, b. Feb. 18, 1823; m. Jan. 21, 1844, Hev. Horace 
Dean Walker, son of Dean and Rebecca (Wright) Walker; b. Sept. 
15, 1818; d. 4 Xov., 1883; res. Abington and Bridgewater, Mass., 
and Palatine Bridge, N. Y. ii. Lakin Leland Mason, b. Dec. 0, 
1825; d. 8 Jan., 1829. iii. Simon Leprelette Mason, b. Not. 25, 
1829; m. 1853, Lizzie M. Shute, (separated); res. Boston, Mass. 
iT. George E. Mason, b. Oct. 23, 1837; m. Nov. 1, 1837, Elizabeth 
M. Foster, dan. of Appleton E. and Louisa A. (Banister) Foster, b. 
March 24, 1835; res. East Medway, Mass. v. Anna MatUda 
Mason, b. Oct. 11, 1857; res. Framingham, Mass. 

Children of Ama Rounds', <1S06) [29] (Maj. Jasper", Lieut. 

Oliver*, . Capt. Jonathan', Jonathan',, Dea.; Jonathan', Henr}'') and 

Lewis Hunting ; : res. Southboro, Mass. 

i. Helen Maria Hunting, b. May 16, 1837; res. Fayrille, (Sonthboro) 
Mass. iL Julia Elizabetfa- Hunting, b. Aug. 6, 1841 ; m. Nov.. 20, 
1862, David Henry Brewer of Sonthboro, Maaa.; res. Southboro,' 
Mass. ; no issue. 

Children of Walter', (1.799) [30] (Capt. Sylvanus', Lieut.^ 

Oliver*, Capt.' Jonathan*,. Jonathan*, Dea. Jonathan*, Henry") and 

Mary (Dadmun) Adams;.. res. Union, Me. 

L- Fanny', East Medw«y, Maaa., Aug. II, 1821;. m. Lewis Howard 
of Mi His, Mass. ; res. MiHer, Hand Co. , So. Dak. 
89. iL JoBepb\ b. in Union, Me.,S«pt. 18, 1823; m. S«pi,I868,AIIie Pepper; 

a dairyman; res. Stockton. CaL, since 1850. 

Eighth Generation.] ueacon Jonathan. 307 

iii. Silas Plimpton', b. in Union, Sept. 22, 1825; drowned 12 Dec, 1836, 
at 11 years of a^e. 

40. iv. Sylranua", b. in Union, March 25, 1828; m. Harriet Gay of Walpole, 

Mass. ; d. 7 Nov., 1872, age 38. He was a blacksmith; d. in North- 
boro, Mass., 2 Aug., 1893, age 65. 

41. v. Erastus', b. in Union, Jan. 8, 1882; m. Dec. 25, 1858, Mary Helen 

Trombly, b. in Lancaster, N. H., 1835; d. in North Grafton, Mass., 
21 Feb., 1886. 

He enlisted in Co. B. 42nd Mass. Vols. ; was in Banks' expedition 
and taken prisoner at Brashear City, June 23, 1863; farmer; North 
Grafton, Mass. 

vi. Arthur', b. in Union, March 2, 1835; m. Mrs. Harper; he was 

a miner; res. White Biver, Kern Co., Cal. 
vii. Silas Plimpton', b. in Lexington, Mass., July 24, 1843; is nam.; res. 
Stockton, Cal. 

He enlisted July, 1863, in U. S. Navy; and served in the blockad- 
ing fleet daring the war. 

Children of Joseph', (1808) [31] (Capt. Sylvanus', Lieut. 
Oliver', Capt. Jonathan', Jonathan', Dea. Jonathan', Henrj-") and 
Mar)' Ann (Mason) Adams ; res. Millis, Mass. 

42. i. Enth P.', b. in East Medway, Mass., Oct. 29, 1826; m. Sept. 28, 1847, 

Horace F. Howard. She d. 23 Aug., 1881. 
ii. Josephine Matilda', b. in East Medway, May 29, 1834; d. 21 April, 

43. iii. Joseph Sylvanus', b. in East Medway, Oct. 12, 1838; m. Dec. 25, 

1859; Abigail Maria Richardson, dau. of Addison and Abigail Maria 
Bichardson, b. in East Medway, July 30, 1841; an expressman; res. 
Millis. Mass. 
iv. Elizabeth BichardsonS b. in East Medway, Oct. 7, 1840; d. 10 July. 

Children of John', (1813) [32] (Capt. Sylvanus*, Lieut. Oliver*, 
Capt. Jonathan', Jonathan', Dea. Jonathan', Henry') and Abby 
Burrage (Smith) Adams ; res. Millis, Mass. 

L John Henry', b. in East Medway, Mass., Oct. 3, 1840; with N. E. L. 

Ins. Co., Boston; no issue, 
ii. Ellen Louisa', b. in East Medway, May 3, 1843; d. 23 Sept., 1866. 

308 DEACON JONATHAN. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Laura Ann', (1S26) [33] (Col. Oliver', Oliver*, 
Lieut. Oliver*, Capt. Jonathan*, Jonathan*, Dea. Jonathan', 
Henr>-') and John E. Chaffin ; res. Holden, Mass. 

L Frances Adekide ChaflSn, d. at 3 years of age. ii. Fanny Louisa 
Chaffin, m. F. G. Sheppard. iii. Mary Anna Chaffin; unai. 

Children of Dr. John Francis', (1S38) [34] (Col. Oliver', 
Oliver*, Lieut. Oliver*, Capt. Jonathan', Jonathan*, Dea. Jona- 
than', Henry'] and Ellen J. (Wilson) Adams; res. Worcester, 

L Amy Frances', b. in Worcester, Mass., Sept. 4, 1864; d. 28 March, 

ii. Philip Wilson', b. in Worcester, Sept. 24, 1866; a dentist; unm. ; res. 

Worcester, Mass. 
iii. Mary Laura', b. in Worcester, July 28, 1868; unm. ; at home, 
iv. Walter Sawyer', b. in Worcester, April 15, 1871; Harrard, '93; studied 

medicine in New York City. 
V. John Wolcott', b. in Worcester, Nov. 7, 1874. 

Children of Bowen', Jr., (1S32) [35] (Bowen', Maj. Jasper*, 
Lieut. Oliver*, Capt. Jonathan*, Jonathan', Dea. Jonathan', 
Henry') and. Emily Augusta (Dowse) Adams ; res. Worcester, 

i. Arthur Maynard', bi ini Worcester, Mass., Feb. 20, 1861; d. 19 Sept. 

followiog. « 

ii.. Martha Dowse', b. in; Worcester, March St, 1863; stenographer; res. 

Dorchester, Maaa.^ 
iii Alfred Grout', b. in. Worcester, March. 19. 1871. 

Children of Henry*, (1834) [36] (Bowen', Maj. Jasper*, Lieut. 
Oliver*, Capt.. Jonathan*, Jonathan*, Dea. Jonathan', Henry') and ' 
Mary Frances (Whiting) Adams; res. South Framingham, Mass. 

4A. L Frank Eugene', b. in Sherbom, Mass., M»rch20, 1862; m. Sept 1».. 

1891? Jane Bnmham Thomas of Somerrillev Mass., b. Feb. 20, 1865; 

res. South: Framingham, Mass. ' 

45.' iL Fanny Endora', b. in Sherbom, Sept t, 1864 ; m. Sept 7, 1885, Frank 

Draper Dolliyer. b. March 23, 1863? res. Helena, Mont. 

Ninth Generation.] deacon Jonathan. 309 

Children of Emily', (1837) [37] (Bowen', Maj. Jasper*, Lieut. 
Oliver', Capt. Jonathan', Jonathan', Dea. Jonathan', Henry*) and 
Charles Dart Dowse ; res. San Jose, Cal. 

L Fanny Cleveland Dowse, b. Jane 12, 1860. ii. Robert Henry 
Dowse, b. Aug. 24, 1868. iii. Charlea Dowse, b. March 15, 1871 ; 
d. 16 March, 1871. iv. Mabel Bowen Dowse, b. in Riveraide, 
Cal. , April 28, 1878. v. Martha Ch&mberlain Dowse, b. in Biver- 
side, Jan. 19, 1880; d. in Sherborn, Mass., 4 Oct., 1884. 

Children of Charles', (1842) [38] (Bo wen', Maj. Jasper*, Lieut. 
Oliver*, Capt. Jonathan*, Jonathan', Dea. Jonathan'. Henr^*') and 
Ellen Sophia (Sawyer) Adams ; res. Worcester, Mass. 

i. Alice', b. in Worcester, Mass , June 15, 1866; d. 16 . 

ii. Emily Mabel (twin) b. in Worcester, Jane 15, 1866; d. 10 June, 1807. 

iii. Everett Bowen', b. in Worcester, July 28, 1873. 

rv. Florence Ward', b. in Worcester, Feb. 27, 1876; living unm. 

Children of Joseph', (1823) [39] (Walter', Capt. Sylvanus', 
Lieut. Oliver', Capt. Jonathan', Jonathan', Dea. Jonathan', 
Henr>'') and Allie (Pepper) Adams ; res. Stockton, Cal. 

i. Charles Walter', b. in Stockton, CaL, 1865; d. 1 Sept., 1868. 
iL Bennett Hart', b. in Stockton, 1867; d. April, 1868. 
40. iiL Joseph Emery', b. inStockton, Dec, 1868; m. Sept., 1891, Cynthia O. 
Hammond; farmer; res. Stockton, CaL 
iv. Mary A.', b. in Stockton, Sept., 1872; m. Aug., 1892, Charles E. 
Howard; teacher; res. San Francisco. 

y. A dan., (twin) b. and d. Sept, 1872. 
vi. Ezra Fisk', b. in Stockton, Nov., 1874. 
vii. Nellie Mabel', b. in Stockton, Nov., 1879; res. at home. 

Children of Sylvanus', (1828) [40] (Walter', Capt. Sylvanus', 
Lieut. Oliver', Capt. Jonathan', Jonathan', Dea. Jonathan', 
Henry') and Harriet (Gay) Adams ; res. Northboro, Mass. 

i. Etta Caroline', b. in Northboro, Mass., Jan. 13,1830; m. Od 15, 

1879, Josiah L. Moore, Northboro, Mass. 
ii. Herbert Walter', b. in Northboro, Dec. 8, 1857; unm. ; jeweler in 

San Francisco, Cal. 
iii. Addie Harriet', b. in Northboro, Oct. 22, 1861; m. July 0, 1832, 

Elbridge Gay; res. Bingham ton. N. Y. 

310 DEACON JONATHAN. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Erastus', (1S42) [41] (Walter', Capt. Sylvanus*. 
Lieut. Oliver', Capt. Jonathan*, Jonathan', Dea. Jonathan', 
Henry') and Mary Helen (Trombly) Adams ; res. North Grafton, 


i. Alice A.', b. in North Grafton, Mass., Oct. 3, 1859; res. North Graf- 
ton, Mass. ; nnm. 

ii. Josephine N.», b. in North Grafton, March 3, 1862; d. 22 Feb., 1884. 

iii. Mary E.', b. in North Grafton, Dec. 3, 1865; d. 15 Dec, 1885. 

iv. Bertram D.'. b. in North Grafton, Jan. 7, 1869; res. North Grafton, 
Mass. ; tinm. 

Children of Ruth P.', (1S26) [42] (Joseph', Capt. Sylvanus', 
Lieut. Oliver', Capt. Joseph', Jonathan", Dea. Jonathan', Henry") 
and Horace F. Howard ; res. Millis, Mass. 

i. Emma EHza Howard, b. Jan. 14, 1848; m. Dec. 8, 1867, Henry S. 
Bichardson; res. Dedham, Mass. ii. EUa Josephine Howard, 
(twin), b. Jan. 14, 1848; d. 18 June, 1854. iii. Frank Adams 
Howard, b. Feb., 1851; d. 20 Jan., 1852. iv. Annie Mason How- 
ard, b. Feb. 14, 1853. v. Joseph Adams Howard, b. Sept, 1854; 
d. 15 Aug., 1883. Ti. Ellen Josephine Howard, b. Sept 24, 18.56; 
d. 24 Oct., 1881, age 25 years, one month. viii. Betsey Leland 
Howard, b. Jan. 24, 1859. 

Children of Joseph Sylvanus', (1S3S) [43] (Joseph', Capt. 
Sylvanus', Lieut. Oliver', Capt. Jonathan', Jonathan', Dea. Jona- 
than', Henry') and Abigail Maria. (Richardson) Adams; res. 
Millis, Mass. 

i. Arthnr C, b. in Millia, MaH8.,-May 29, 1863; m. April 17, 1893, Wil- 
bemena M. Gaoldropp of Cambridge, Mass.; res. Millia, Mass., no 

ii. Jessie May*, b. in Millis, May 29, 1807; m. Feb. 20, 1895, EdianjB. 
Bicknell; re*. South Sherbom, Maaa.. 

Tenth Generation.] deacon Jonathan. 311 

Child of Frank Eugene', (1S63) [44] (Henry', Bo wen', Maj. 
Jasper", Lieut. Oliver', Capt. Jonathan', Jonathan", Dea. Jonathan', 
Henr}-') and Jane Bumham (Thomas) Adams; res. So. Framing- 
ham, Mass. 

i. Carleton Thomas'", b. in So. Framingham, Mass., Oct. 17, 1893. 

Children of Fanny Eudora', (1864) [45] (Henry', Bowen', 
Maj. Jasper", Lieut. Oliver', Capt, Jonathan*, Jonathan', Dea. 
Jonathan', Henrj'') and Frank Draper Dolliver ; res. Helena, Mont. 

i. Henry Dolliver, b. June 15, 1886. ii. William Whitney Dolliver, b. 
April 2, 1889. iii. John Adams Dolliver, b. March 4, 1894. 


Children of Peter*, (1622) (Heiir>-') and Rachel ( ) Adams; 

res. Medfield, Mass. 

1. L John', b. in Braintre*,'. Masa.; m. April 2, 1685, Michal Bloice of 

Watertown, Mass: recorded at Watertown as "Mychall," dan of 
Richard and Mychall (Jennieon) Bloice, also "Bloyce;" b. April 3, 
1664; d. U April. 1752. 

John, BOD of Peter, is said to have married 1677, Dorcas (Watson) 
Dwight, dan. of John Watson of Eoxbury, and -widow of Timothy 
Dwight, and removed to Canterbury, Conn., " not to Ipswich." He 
was a farmer; d. 26 Feb., 1724. 

2. ii. BacheP, b. in Braintree; m. 1671, Geo. Fairbanks, son of Geo. and 

Mary (Adams) Fairbanks, b. 1650. She d. 1678. 
8. iii. Dr. Peter', b. in Medfield, Mass., July ("April?) 20,1653; m. 1680, 

Experience Cook, a teacher. 

He called the first preaching service in Medfield, at his house, 
making use of an old drum used in the Indian wars ; Savage says he 
was a physician at Med way. He d. 8 Dec, 1723. 
t . . Lt. Hannah', b. in Medfield,. June 6, 1655; 

m. (1) 1674, John FLBhar,.son of Joshua, blacksmith, b. in Ded- 
harn, Mass., 1652; cametoMedfield, 1672; his house was burned by 
the Indians; d. 1627. l 

m. (2> 1730, Joseph. Metcalf, son of John. He was sexton of the 
cemetery and resided nigh it. His Ist tvife was Sarah Bowers, 
who d. 1727, and by whom he had 2 daughters; no sons. He. d. 
1741, and gave hi* homeotead to hia grandson, Joseph Clark...: 
Hannah d. 1740. 
V. Mary*, b. in Medfield, March 1, 16A1; d. unm.. 1704. 
vi. Jonathan', b. in Medfield. Jnly.ll, 1663; i 16«4. 
vii. Jonathan*, b. in Medfield, May-. 15, 1664. 
viii.. Buth', b. in Medfield, June 20„1665; living 1600. 
S. ix> Joseph', b. in Medfield, Aug. 25. 1668; m. (1600?), Mary Davenport 

dao. of Charles Davenport of: Dorchester, Mass., and sister of 
Abigail Davenport, who married Thomas Adams of Canterbury, 
Conn. ; probably d.) 23JFeb.. 1737. He sold his place in Medfield in 
1721, and settled. in Canterbniy, Conn.; d. d Dec:, 1748.' 

Third Generation.] peter. 313 

March 10. 17^, Joseph, then of Medfield, Mass., purchased 'of 
John Cady and his wife Elizabeth, 88 acres in Canterbury, Cons., 
a mansion or dwelling honse, orchard and improvements, near 
Blackwell's brook; Ber. Edward Spalding on the north and east, 
Thomas DaTen|>ort on the sonth, and Jonathan Waldo on the 

He made his will April 7, 1744; proved Dec- 27, 1748. In it he 
gives one equal half of his estate to his wife, " Mary," the other 
half to his only natural and well-beloved son Joseph, and divides 
his honse, barn and tools. To the three daughters who, he says, 
live at home with him, Mary, Rachel and Ruth, be gives the part 
left to his wife after her decease. He gives his time to Ephraim 
Paine, who was indentured to him; and to his six daughters, 
Mary Adams, Hannah Pike, Abigail Pike, Experience Hyde, 
Rachel Adams and Ruth Adams, he gives hia lands on the east of 
the country road. 

His wife Mary and son Joseph were his executors. 

■6. X. Dr. Samuel*, b. in Medfield, April 2, 1671; m. Nov. 11, 1703, Sarah 

Sabin; d. 1704. He was called " Cordwainer," his tombstone calls 
him "Mr. Samuel," and records say he practiced medicine. Hed. 
ri. Henry', b. in Medfield, Jan. 6, 1673; d. young. 

314 PETER. [Fourth Generation- 

Children of John', (1651) [1] (Peter', Henry") and Michal 
(Bloice) Adams; res. Medfield, Mass., and Canterbury, Conn. 

7. i. Samnel\ b. in Medfleld, Mass., Feb. 25, 1684-5; 

m. (1) 1709. Mary Plimpton, dan. of Joseph and Mary (Mor8e> 

m. (2) Margaret Adams, dan. of Samnel and Mary Ad&ma of 
Canterbury, Conn, d. 19 March, 1752-3. He d. 24 April, 1742. 

He made his will at Canterbury, April 14, 1742; the same was- 
probated at Plainfield, Conn., May lltb, and in it he calls his wife 
"Margaret," and his two aons-in-lawy Thos. Nowling and John 
Smith, are named as executors, 
ii. Mary^, b. in Medfield, March. 11,. 1687. 
iii. Patience\ b. in Medfield, March 21, 1690; d. 28 May, 1698. 

8. iv. Ruths b. in Medfield, Dec. 10, 1691; m. Dec. 19, 1717-8, Abraham 

Paine, son of Elisha and Rebecca (Doane) Paine; baptizsd at 
Barnstable, Mass., 1691; removed to Canterbury, Conn., with his 
parents; with his wife joined the church at Canterbury, 1739; re- 
moved 1748 to Amenia, (the Oblong> Dutchess Co., N. Y., and was- 
active there in the Separatist Churcb. 
V. JosiahS b. in Medfield. Oct. 4, 169K; d. young. 

9. vi. Capt. Johns b. in Medfield, Dec. 14, 1695; m. 1733, Mrs. Abigail 

(Cleveland) Brown, dan. of Josiah and Abigail (Paine) Cleveland, 
b. in Canterbury, Conn-i June 3, 1715; d. 19 Dec, 1782, in her 68th 
year. He settled in the No. Society of Canterbury, west of Back 
Hill, and d. 16 Jan., 1762, in his 66th year. 

Administration was granted on the estate of Abigail to Lieut. 
John Adams of Canterbury, Jan. 7, 1783; a distribution was made- 
Feb. 19. OS follows : To Benjsimin Brown, eldest son, one-eleventh 
pu^t; to John Cleveland. 2nd son, 'one-eleventh part; to John. 
Adams, 8d son, one-eleventh; to CozneUus Adams, 4th son, one- 
eleventh; to Ebenezer Adams,. 5th son, one-eleventh; to Samuel^ 
youngest son, one-eleventh; then to. Lois Adams, eldest dan., to 
Mary Parker, wife of Joshua Parker, 2nd dau., to Lydia Wheeler, 
wife of John Whoeler, 3d dan., to Abigail Cleveland, wife of John 
Cleveland, 4th dan.., and to Ruth Adams, yonngest dan., each one. 
eleventh part. 

10. vii. Isaac', b. in Medfield, .'Jan. ."», 1697-8; m. Feb. 17, 1728, Zerviah' 

Brown of Canterbaiy„Conn. ; d. in Salisbory. Cona., 20 Jnly, 1787,,: 
age 75 years. ' i 

He was " of Canaan, Conn." June 28, 1751, when he booght landf 
in Salisbury, Conn., on which^ he settled, and which he deeded. 
May 9, 1763, to hia son, Jeremiah. In Jan., 1752, he deeded to hiav 
brother, John,- all hia ti^ht and interest in hia fathet'a eatate. He-- 
d in. Saliabnry, Conn., 242Tov., 1763, in^ hia 65th year. 

Fourth Generation.] peter. 315 

11. viii. Bichard', b. in Medfield, Sept. 28, 1690; m. March 30. 1730, Mary 

Cleveland; wido-wilary m. Jan. 8, 1735-8, Samael Batta of Canter- 
bury. Richard d. 17 April, 1733. 

April 18, 1736, Mrs. Mary Butts, relict of Richard Adams, de- 
ceased, received ;e30 and 18 shillings from the estate of Richard 
Adams, and her dau. , Lucy Adams, received £61 and 16 shillings. 
ix. Joshua*, b. in Medfield, July 22, 1701; d. 1 April, 1706. 
X. Abigail*, b. in Medfield, April 23, 1703; d. 14 May, 1706. 
xi. Bethia*, b. in Medfield, Feb. 8. 1705; d. 15 April, 1706. . 

12. xii. Capt. Michael*, b. in Medfield. March 1, 1706-7; 

m. in Medfield, Mass., Sarah Shuttleworth, d. 27 Jan., 1747. 

n (2) . 

Oct. 19, 1749, he was appointed guardian of his children, Mehita- 
ble. Samuel and Sarah. March 19, 1759, he purchased of Daniel 
Xewton 105 acres and buildings, and settled in Killingly; d. in 
Thompson, Conn., 26 Aug., 1776. 

Children of Rachel', (1651) [2] (Peter', Henry') and George 

Fairbanks ; res. Medfield, Mass. 

i. Rachel Fairbanks, b. 1672; m. Jonathan Fisher. ii. Mary Fair- 
banks, b. 1675; m. 1696, Benjamin Allen. 

Children of Dr. Peter', . (1653) [3] (Peter', Henry") and 
E.xperience (Cook) Adams ; res. Medway, Mass. 

13. i. Rachel*, b. in Medway, Masa., Feb. 1, 1680; m. 1706, Samuel HilL 

She d. 1758. 
ii. £xp>erience*, b. in Medway, Jan. 28, 1682; d. young. 

14. iii. Peter*, b. in Medway, May 9, 1684; m. July 7, 1710, Sarah HiU of 

Medfield, dau. of Samuel and Hannah (Twitchell) Hill, b. 1684. 

She d. in Wrentham, Mass., 20 April, 1747. He settled in Wren- 

tham, now Franklin, Mass. 

iv. Joseph*, b. in Medway, Sept. 1, 1687; perhaps m. Mary — . 

He inherited the homestead in Medway, Moss. . and gave it to his 

sister's son, Nathan Daniels, " whom he had brought up from a 

child." He d., according to Tilden, in 1759. 
V. Catherine*, b. in Medway, Deo. IS, 1689; m. Joseph Ellis.* 
vi. Ebenezer', b. in Medway, Aug. 2, 1693. 

15. vii. Experience*, b. in Medway, March 3, 169S-6; m. Deo. 6, f)18, Samuel 

Daniel, son of Joseph and Bethia (Partridge) Daniel, b. Dec. 25, 
1693; d. 1789. Hem. 2nd, Oct. 20, 1733, SaiahPhipps. Experience 
d. 28 March, 1781. 

16. viii. George*, b. in Medfield, Mass., Jan. 16, 1699; m. March 13, 1723, 

Sarah Partridge, dau. of John and Elizab. (.Vdams) Partridge, b. 
1702. He ia said to have been "of Wrentham," and also "of 

•There is a difflcultT to lUtermine who this Joseph Ellis was. The History of Med-way says 

Joseph Ellis, son of John and Mary (HiU) Ellis, m. 1st. Elizabeth who d. 14 Jan., 1718, and 

m iaii. June 16. 1719. Tbamezin-' Adams, daa of Dea. Jonathan Adaraa. Jr., 9 '• „ 

The history of MedfleM says Joseph- Ellis, son of Joseph, b. 1691; d. 17S7; m. Thamezin*. 

316 PETER. [Fourth Generation. 

Children of Hannah', (1655) [4] (Peter*, Henry') and John 
Fisher; res. Medfield, Mass. 

L Hannah Fisher, b. 1674; m. WiUiam Partridge. She d. 1726. ii. 
John Fisher, b. 1677; m. 1705, Abigail Smith; d. 1725. He waa a 
blacksmith, and d. 1727. iii. Rachel Fisher, b. 1680, m. 1698, 
Jonathan Boyden. Shed. 1712. It. Mehi table Fisher, b. 1682; 
m. 1715, John BnJlen. She d. 1751. v. Joshua Fisher, b. 1685; 
settled in Walpole, Mass. \i. Josiah Fisher, b. 1692; m. 1718, 
Hannah Ballen, d. 1765. He settled in Dover, Mass.; d. 1781. 
Tii. Abigail Fisher, b. 1098; d. 1701. 

Children of Joseph', (166S) [5] (Peter', Henry') and Mar>- 
(Davenport) Adams; res. Canterbury', .Conn. 

i. Mary', b. in Medfield, Mass.. Aug. 8, 1705. 
17. ii. Joseph*. Jr., b. in Medfield, May 23, 1707; 

m. (1) Feb. 23. 1728, Mary Cady? 

m. (2) April 2, 1742, Dorothy Hyde, dan. of Jonathan and Doro- 
thy (Kidderj Hyde. 

March 30. 1752. Joseph Adams of Canterbury, executed a deed of 
5 acres to John Pike, and Benjamin Pike and Abraham Hyde Trere 

May 3, 1700, Joseph of Canterbury, purchased of Mary H., Oba- 
diah and Nehemiah Merrill, heirs of Nathaniel Merrill. 330 acres of 
land with buildings, etc., in the parish of Thompson in Killingly, 
Conn. , near the lands of Capt. Green, and removed from Canter- 
bury to £illingly. 

Again, Nov. 29, 1760, Samuel and Zillah Fuller give a deed to 
'• Joseph Adams of Killingly," of the land of their honored father, 
Nathaniel Fuller, " late of Killingly." , 

UL Rachel', b. in Medfield, Nov.' 30, 1708-9. -, 

iv; Hannah*, b. in Medfield, March 27, 1711; m. — Pike. 

v. Ruth', b. in Medfield, Oct. 2, 1712. , 

tL Abig«US b.. in Medfield, Oct; 18, 1716; m. Pike. 

TiL Experience*,. I twin'. b-in.Medfield, Oct IS, ITIU; m. Abraham Hyde. 

Child of Dr.. Samuel*, (16n)i[6], (Peter', HenryO and Sarah; 
(Sabin) Adams ; res. Medfield, Mass. 

18. L Sarah*, b- in Medfield, Mass.. 1704- m. 1724, Samnel Ellia. b. 16M; dj 

1778. She d. 1733. Mr. Ellis m. 2nd, Jan. 20, 1735, Miriam Par- 
tridge. Samnel EUi» and. wife, Sarah* were administrator*, ol hec 
father's estate.. 

Fifth Generation.] peter. 317 

Children of Samuel*, (16S5) [7] (John', Peter', Henry') and 
Mary (Plimpton) Adams ; res. Medfield, Mass., and Canterbury, 

i. Joshua*, b. in Medfield, Mass., 1710; probably d. young, 
ii. Abigail', b. in Canterbury, Conn., Nov. 12, 1712; probably d. young. 

iii. Amy', b. in Canterbury, July 24, 1717; m. May 81, 1733, Thomas 
Nowling; res. Canterbury, Conn. 

iv. Samuel', b. in Canterbury, Oct. 5, 1719; d. 23 Feb., 1724-5. 

19. v. MehiUble', b. in Canterbury; m. Feb. 26, 1737-9. John Smith, son 

of Bichard and Mary (Cleveland) Smith, b. in Canterbury, May 20, 
1719; d. 3 Nov., 1760. She d. in Canterbury, Conn., 16 March, 

Only Amy and Mehitable were named in the father's will, April 
14, 1742. 

Children of Ruth*, (1691) [8] (John', Peter', Henry') and 
Abraham Paine ; res. Canterbury, Conn. 

i. Bethia Paine, b. in Canterbury, Conn., Aug. 5, 1719; d. 21 May, 1720. 
iL Abigail Paine, b. in Canterbury, Deo. 27, 1720. iii. Abraham 
Paine, b. in Canterbury, 1723; m. March 8, 1743, Bebecca Freeman, 
iv. Thomas Paine, b. in Canterbury, 1724; m. Oct. 25, 175<), widov 
Abigail Hull. v. Benjamin Paine, b. in Canterbury, March 29, 
1726. vi. Buth Paine, b. in Canterbury, April, 1728. viL 
Samuel Paine, b. in Cant«rbary, Oct 4, 1729. viiL James Paine, 
b. in Canterbury, Nov. 11, 1737. 

Children of Capt. John', (1695) [9] (John*, Peter*, Henry^ 
and Abigail Cleveland (Brown) Adams ; res. Canterbury, Conn. 

i. Lois', b. in Canterbury, Conn., Nov. 7, 1741. 

ii. Mary*, b. in Canterbury, June 23, 1748; m. Joshua Parker; probablj 
removed to Putney, Vt 
20. iii. Capt. John', b. in Canterbury, Feb. 12, 1744-5; 

m. (1) at Putney, Vt, Oct. 5, 1769, Mary Parker, dau. of Joshua 
and Jemima (Davenport) Parker of Needham, Mass., b. Sepi 23 
1747; d. 11 Oct., 1798, age 51. 

m. (2) Nov. 2, 1802, widow Hannah Faucet (or Fassett) of Brook, 
lyn. Conn., d. 9 Feb., 1821, age 05. 

318 PETER. [Fifth Generation. 

Capt. John waa a Lieutenant in Capt. Cleveland's Co. at Lexing- 
ton, April 19, 1775, and was in the battle of Bunker Hill in June. 
He served in Capt. Cady's Co. of militia in Aug. , 1778, and probably 
became Captain in 1789. He d. in Canterbury, 10 Dec, 1818, age 
73 years and 10 months. 
iv. Lydia\ b. in Canterbury, June 12, 1740; m. John or Jonathan 

21. V. Dea. CorneliusS b. in Canterbury, March 21, 1748; 

m. (1) April 14, 1774, Esther Stedman, who was b. Sept. 25, 1748; 
d. 21 Aug., 1805. 

m. (2) Mrs. Olive Chaffee Sanger, who d. 81 Oct., 1809, age 53. 

m. (3) 1812, Mrs. Abigail Call of Sterling, Conn. She d. 21 May, 
1838, age 76. 

He was a farmer on the homestead. Canterbury, and d. there 30 
Aug., 1823. Sept. 11, 1823, Mrs. Abigail, the widow and Samuel L. 
Hough were appointed administrators or executors. The will of 
Dea. Cornelius was proved Sept. 0, 1823; it gave the property left 
to him by his deceased wife Olive to Ebenezer and Ira Adams and 
Sarah Sanger. To Stedman Adams he gave a heifer and to Cecelia 
Ann Adams he gave his best bed, etc. 

22. vL Dea. Ebenezer*, b. in Canterbury, Oct. 0, 1749; 

m. (1) April 8, 1779, Mary Morse, b. March 9, 1752; d. 17, Sept., 

m. (2) March 13, 1794, Molly Merritt; she d. 29 Dec, 1843; age 83 

He d. in Canterbury, 31 Jan., 1835, "in the triumph of faith;" 
tombstone in the west part of the town, 
vii. Abigail', b. in Canterbury, June 13, 1751; m. John Cleveland and d. 
18 Sept., 17—. 
! 23. viiL SamueP, b. in Canterbury, May 10, 1753; m. May 11, 1777, Betsey 
Litchfield; b. in Canterbury, 1750; d. in Williamstown, Tt, 4 Aug., 
1820, age 64 years.- 

He served in the army of the Revolution seven years; was one of 
the body guard of Gen. Washington. He removed to Putney, Vt., 
in 1786, and to 'Williamstown, Vt., in 1803, where he was a farmer, 
and d. 23 Nov., 1827, age 78 years, 
ix. Buth.S,b. in Canterbory, March 12, 1757; m. Samuel Parke^. ; , 

Children, of Isaac', (1097) [10] (John', Peter", Henr}-',) ,and 
Zerviah (Brown) Adams; res. Panaan and Salisbury, Conn, ; 

24, i. Phineas*. b. in Caatexbnry, Conn , April 3, 1729; m. June 12, 1758;: 

Elizabeth Selleok of Stamford, Conn. 

He was a lister in Salisbiiry, 1754.^; was the executor of hia 
father'fr will in 1763, and d.. in Salisbury, T Jan., 1779. 
23.^ iL Joehna?, b. in Canterbury, June 2, 1731. 

No record of' bis marriAg^' hacbeen.' found. He most. h*ve re- 

Fifth Generation.] tETER. 319 

moved TThen young, with his father's family, to Salisbury, Conn., 
and the Trriter is convinc«d that he either settled in Egremont, 
Mass., or removed to the vicinity of the Hudson river, where his 
descendants have ever since resided. 

July 0, 1TG8, in the eighth year of his majesty's reign, iToshna 
Adams, yeoman, is said to be "of Tanconnuck mountain, so called, 
in the county of Berkshire, province of Massachusetts Bay, " at 
which time be made a deed to Holomon KeUogg of Colchester, Conn. 
Oct. 23, 1771, "Joshua Adams of Egremont" executed a deed to 
Barnabas Moss of Wallingford, Conn. Feb. 2, 1772, Joshua Adams 
was " of Egremont" and made deed of 26 acres to one Tan Gilder of 
Nobletown, Albany Co., N. Y. 
20. iii. Jeremiah\ b. in Canterbury, March 1, 1732-3; 

m. (1) in Salisbury, Rhoda . 

m. (2) nsuue unknown. 

He removed from Salisbury to Poultney. Tt., probablyas early as 
1773. In March. 1780, he served 4 days in Capt. Zebediah Dewey's 
Co., and in Oct., 1780, he served 8 days in the same company, and 
was allowed for 10 miles of traveL On the alarm of Oct, 1781, he 
served 9 days at Castleton, Vt., in the Company of Capt. Abraham 
Moseley, by order of Lieut. Col. Clark. He d. in Hampton, Wash- 
ington Co., N. Y., 23 May, 1810, age 84 years. 
iv. Alice', b. in Canterbury, July 12, 1745; d. in Salisbury, 19 March, 

Child of Richard*, (1699) [11] (John*, Peter', Henrj-') and 
:Mary (Cleveland) Adams ; res. Canterbury', Conn. 

L LucyS b. in Canterbury, Conn , July 12, 1731; she gave a receipt 
June 3, 1750, for X177, 12 s., 4 d., which was her portion of her 
father's estate. 

Children of Capt. Michael*, (1707) [12] (John', Peter, 
Henry') and Sarah (Shuttleworth Adams; res. Killingly, Conn. 

i. Mary', b. in Killingly, Conn., April 3, 1782. 
ii. John', b. in Killingly, July 24, 1734. 

He may have been the John b. 1738, who removed from New Bed- 
ford, Mass., to Chester Co., Pa., and d. there 23 Dec, 1809; de- 
scendants now in western New York. 

Or possibly the John who settled in Dutchess Co., N. Y., and re. 
moved to Easton, Washington Co., N. Y., in 1803, dying at Onon. 
dflga, N. Y., 12 Jan., 1822. 
iii. Jesse', b. in Killingly, March 4, 1736-7. 
iv. Mehitable\ b. in Killingly, Oct. 20, 1739. 

320 TETEie. [Fifth Generation. 

37. ▼. Dr. Samner, b. in Killingly, Jan. 28, 1744-5 ; m. June 29, 1789, Abi- 

gail Dodge, dau. of 'William Dodge of Ipswich, Mass., b. Not. 3, 
1772; d. in Milton, Mass., 10 March, 1837, age 84. He settled in. 
Ipswich, Mass., in 1789; removed thence to Bath, Me., in 1798, and 
d. in Bath, 6 March, 1819, age 74. 
vi. Sarah\ b. in Killingly, April 4. 

Tii. Hannah', b. in Killingly, Jan. 9, 1747-8; d. 4 March following, 
viii. Hannah', b. in Killingly, Jan. 29, 1749-50; d. 8 Oct., following, 
ix. Joseph', b. in Killingly, Nov. 18, 1751. 

A Joseph of Killingly, enlisted May 11, 1773, in Capt. Joseph. 
ElUotfs 8th Co. and serred till Sept 28. A Joseph of Killingly 
bonght 04 acres of land in Lanesboro, Mass. , April 23, 1777, and be 
was a soldier in the Revolution, enlisting from Lanesboro. 
X. Parker', b. in Killingly, June 30, 1759. 

Children of Rachel', (1680) [13] (Dr. Peter', Peter", Henry") 

and Samuel Hill ; res. Medway, Mass. 

i. Samuel Hill, Jr.. b. Jan. 12, 1706-7; m. Mary . ii. Joshua 

Hill, b. Feb. 37, 1708-9; m. Mary ; res. Holliston, Mass. iii. 

Rachel Hill. b. March 26, 1711; m. 1731, Malachi Bnllard. It. 
Experience Hill, b. Oct. 7, 1713. v. Ebenezer Hill, b. Nov. 3, 
171G; m. Bethia . 

Children of Peter', (H5S4) [14] (Dr. Peter", Peter', Henry") 

and Sarah (Hill) Adams ; res. Wrentham (Franklin), Mass. 

28. i. Seths (?) b. in Wrentham, Mass., about 1711-12; m. Sept. 18, 1735, 

Mary Hastings; d. 22 Oct, 1788. He d. in Wrentham (Franklin), 
Mass., 28 Nov., 1790. 

20. ii. Ebenezer', b. in Wrentham, Sept. 1, 1719; 

m. (1) Judith. ; d. 14 Dec, 1749. 

m. (2) May 2, 1731, Esther Pond. dan. of Ephraim and Mary Pond, 
b. Dec. 1, 1727. 

m. (3) Dec. 17, 1731, Sarah Mann. 

Ebenezer ol Wrentham made his will May 2, 1783; probated Aug. 
5, 1783; makes provioioir for hia wife " Sarah,'.' aa per agreement 
made before marriage. 

80. iii. Peter*. Jr.. b. in Wrentham. Feb.. 27, 1722-3; nu Jan. 19, 1747.8, Abi^ 

gail Pond, dan. of Ezra and Abigail (Farrington) Pond, b. Sept. 29, 
1723; she m. 2nd, Oct.. 1», 1735, De*. Daniel Kingsbory of Wren- 

Letters of administration on the estate of Peter, Jr'. , late of i 
Wrentham,. were granted Feb. 32, 1751, to widow Abigail and Ezraf 
Pond. April 30,. 1751, she wacappointed guardian of her son Joseph: 

81. ir. Rachel', b. in Wrentham, Jnly 20, 1725;- probably m. Jan. 14, 174.', 

Robert Pond, sonof Ezra Pond, b. in Wrentham, Feb. 2, 1720; (mi 
son d. 1795). She. d. 24 Aug., 1758w 

Fifth Generation.] peter. 321 

Children of Experience*, (1695) [1.5J (Dr. Peter', Peter", 

Henry') and Samuel Daniell : res. Medway, Mass. 

i. Abijah Daniell, d. young. ii. Samuel Daniell, b. Jane 8, 1720; m. 
Jan. 7, 1743, Hannah Hill of Donglasa, ITass. ; res. Keene, N. H. ; d. 
iiL Tinjothy Daniell, b. Sept. 6, 1722; m. Feb. 6, 1754, Rnth Leland. 
He d. 1802; res. Sherboru, Maas. iv. Nathan Daniell, b. Aug. 
20, 1727; m. March 17. 1746. Mary Adams, dan. of Jonathan and 
Dorcas (Mason) Adams; res. Franklin, Mass. He d. 1789. t. 
John Daniell. b Aug. 15, 1728; m. June 0, 1753, Elizabeth Keith ; 
settled in Keene, N. H. vi. Simeon Daniell, b. March 8, 1780-1; 
m. April 9, 1754, Lydia Adams, dau. of Jonathan and Dorcas (Mason) 
.\dams; res. Franklin, Mass. vii. Reuben Daniell, b. 1833. riiL 
Sarah Daniell, b. 18.^5. ix. Mary Daniell, b. 1836. x. Japhet 
Daniell, b. 1838; settled in HoUiston, Mass. xi. Abijah Daniell, 
b. 1840; m. Hannah Dix ; settled in Milford, Mass. 

Children of George', (1699) [16] (Dr. Peter', Peter", Henry') 
and Sarah (Partridge) Adams; res. Wrentham, Mass. 

i. Silence', b. in Wrentham, Mass., April 17, 1724. 

ii. Elizabeth', b. in Wrentham, July 15, 1726. 

iii. Bachel', b. in Wrentham, Jan. 22, 1728. 

iv. Sarah", b. in Wrentham, Oct. 4, 1730. 

V. Experience', b. in Wrentham, July 11, 1732. 

32. Yi. Deborah', b. in Wrentham, Aug. 22, 1741 ; m. May 14, 1759-60, Edward 

CleTeland. son of George and Sarah (Hall) Cleveland of Walpole, 
Mass., b Dec. 30, 1738; d. in Walpole, 18 Dec, 1830. Shed. 1797. 

33. vii. George', b. in Wrentham, March 18, 1747; 

m. (1) (pub. April 29, 1769), Sarah Cleveland, dan. of George and 
Sarah < Hall) Cleveland of Walpole, b. in Walpole, Jan. 17, 1746. 

m. (2) (pub. Feb. 22, 1787), Mrs. Rebecca Pettee of Dedham; 
Rebecca, widow of George, d. 1 Jan., 1827. He d. 28 Jan., 1792. 

Children of Joseph', Jr., (1707) [17] (Joseph*, Peter", Henry') 
and Dorothy (Hyde) Adams ; res. Canterbury^ Conn. 

i. Mary', b. in Canterbury, Conn., May 5, 1743. 

34. a.. Samuel', b. in Canterbury, Sept 28, 1744; m. Nov. 5, 1772, Rachel 

Burrill, b. Oct. 1, 1758; d. 25 Dec., 1828. 

The four brothers, Samuel, Joseph, Benjamin and Abner, were 
soldiers in the Revolution. They enliat«d from the to-nn of Gage- 
boro, now Windaor, Berkshire Co., Mass., in Capt. Wm. Clarke's 
Co., Col. Benjamin Simonds' Reg., Oct. 13, 1780, and marched 
from Windaor to ShaftabxirT, serving 6 days. In 1781 they all 
settled in Poultney, Vt., where Samuel and Abner remained. 
Joseph and Benjamin were on the assefsment rolls of Poultney 

322 PETER. [Fifth Generation. 

from 1781 to 1737, ■when they disajipeared, and diligent inquiry has 
failed to discover their whereabouts. Samuel d. in Ponltney, 27 
July, 1821, (21 Aug.. 1822-;. 
iii. Dorothy\ b. in Canterbury. Oct. 18, 1740. 
iv. Joseph', b. in Canterbury, March 8. 1749; d. 4 Septl, 1749. 
V. Abigail', b. in Canterbury. July 31, 1750. 
vi. Phebe", b. in Canterbury, July 21, 17.^2. 
rii. Josei>h\ br in Canterbury, Nov. 7, 1755; d. 10 Juue, 1759. 
yiii. Sarah", b. in Canterbury, April 30, 1758. 

Children bom in Killingly to "Joseph, Jr., and Dorothea:" 

ix. Joseph', b. in Killingly, Sept.. 17G0. 
X. Benjamin'-, (twin), b. in Killingly. Sept.. 1700. 

Benjamin marched from Gageboro, July 9, 1777, by order of 
Gen. Schuyler, and served 22 days. 

Joseph and Benjamin served in Capt. Zebediah Dewey's Co., by 
order of Lieut. Col. Clark, 10 days, on alarm at Castleton, Oct. 21. 
35. . xi. Abner, b. in Killingly, June 27, 1762; m. Mary Hyde, wido^ of 
Timothy Hyde of Ponltney, Tt., b. 17.W; d. 15 Dec.., 1830. He d. in 
Ponltney, 20 June, 1831. age 69. 

Children of Sarah', (ITiH) [IS] (Dr. SamueF, Peter', Henry') 

and Samuel Ellis; res. Medfield, Mass. 

i. Sarah Ellis, b. in Medfield. Mass.. 172"); m. 1752, Jonathan Allen. 
She d. 1771. ii. Samuel Elhs.. b. in Meilfield, 1727; m. 1754, 
Sarah Morse. He d. 1779. iii. Rachel Ellis, b. in Medfield, 1729; 
m. K.IO. Seth Marsh; settled in Sturbridge, Mass. Tw^o other 
children; no record. 

Sixth Generation.] peter. 323 

Children of Mehitable'. ( ) [I'j] (Samuel*. John'. Peter*, 
Henry') and John Smith; res. Canterbury, Conn. 

i. Zerriah Smith, b. Nov. 7, 1741. iL Jobo Smith. Jr., b. Jan. 14, 

1743; m. Mary . iii. Samuel Smith, b. Jao. 28, 174.'i. iv. 

Jeremiah Smith, b. Jan. 10, 174S. 

Children of Capt. John', (1745) [2h] (Capt. John*, John'. 
Peter', Henry') and Mary (Parker) Adams; res. Canterbury-. 

36. i. John", LL. D., b. in Canterbury, Conn.. Sept. 18, 1772; 

m. il) May 8, 1798. Elizabeth Ripley, dan. of GamaUel and Jndith 
(Perkins) Ripley, a lineal descendant of Gov. Bradford of Plymouth 
Colony, b. March 12, 1770; d. at Andover, Mass., 23 Feb., 1829. 

m. (2) Aug. 30, 1831, Mrs. Mabel Bnrrett of Troy, N. T., b. July 
15. 1779; d. 17 July, 1850. 

He graduated from Tale College in 1795; established a private 
school at Canterbury Green, which became very popular. He was 
principal of Plainfield Academy, 1800 to 1803. and of Bacon Acad- 
emy. Colchester, Conn., 1803 to 1810. Then he took charge of 
Phillips .\cademy, AnJover, Mass.. for 23 years, or till 1833. He 
removed to Jacksonville, 111., and did much Sunday School work. 
He d. in Jacksonville, 24 April, 1863, age 90 years. 

37. ii. Capt. Jo8hua% b. iu Canterbury, Dec. 4, 1774-5; m. July 12, 1801, 

Abigail Sabin. dau. of Jonathan and Mary Sabin of Pomfret, Conn., 
b. April 27, 1780. She m. 2nd, July, 1814, John Parkhurst, and d. 
at Woodstock. Conn., 23 Nov., 1843. 

He was preceptor of an academy in Troy, X. T. ; was spending a 
vacation at his home in Pomfn t. Conn., when he accidentally fell 
from a hay-mow, and was killed, 3 Aug., 1818, age 38 years and 8 
39. iii. Mary\ (Polly), b. in Canterbury, May 27, 1777; m. Isaac Morgan; 

res. Canterbury, Conn. She d. 31 March. 1832. 

39. iv. Rev. Parker', b. in Canterbury, May 0, 1779; m. Oct. 31, 1811, 

Frances Mar3- Coit, dau. of Thomas and Frances Mary (Baker) Coit, 
b. Jan. 28, 1785; d^in New York, 20 May, 1846. 

He graduated from Yale College, 1804; settled in Pensacola, Fla.; 
d. June 1835, age 56. 

40. r. Abigair, b. in Canterbury, Oct. 81, 1781: m. Dea. Reuben Bishop. 

son of Joshua Bishop of Lisbon, Conn., b. 1783; d. 10 Dec., 1855. 
She d. 3 Oct., 1847. 

324 ' PETER. [Sixth Generation. 

vi. Anna", b. in Canterbury, Jan. 7. 1784; na. George Monteith of Penn- 
sylvania. They settled at Ellsworth, O., where she d. 6 Noy.. 1865; 
no issne. 

41. vii. Moses', b. in Canterbury, Sept 28, 1786; m. obont 1814, Sarah Paa- 

chal, dau. of Dr. Henry and Ann (Morton) Paschal, b. in Wil- 
mington, Del, July 14, 1787; d. in Ellsworth, O., 24 May, 1873. 

She waa a sister of John Morton of Ridley, Pa., one of the signers 
of the Declaration of Independence. 

Moses was educated at Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass., and 
went to Eiugsessing CW. Philadelphia', as a teacher. He served in 
the war of 1812-4, for which service his widow drew a pension. He 
d. at Greenaburg, Pa., of inflammation of the brain, 10 April, 1838. 

42. viii. Lnceba*, b. in Canterbury, March 20, 1789; m. Sept. 21, 1813, Harvey 

Allen, b. Sept. 28. 1789; d. 8 Sept., 1868. 
They settled in Ellsworth, O., in 1816, and celebrated their golden 
y wedding in 1863. She d. with her daughter, Mrs. Anthony, at 

Princeton, lU., 1878. 

43. ix. Aurelia*, b. in Canterbury, March 10, 1793; m. Dec. 5, 1814, Elijah 

Woodward, son of Moses and Lydia Woodward; b. in Griawold, 
Conn., March 4, 1785; d. 23 Jan., 1858. They removed to Ohio in 
1832, and to Oregon in 1851. She d. 29 Sept., 1851. 
X. Charles', b. in Canterbury, June 11, 1795. He was a teacher and d. 
nnm., at Statesburg, S. C, 30 Jan., 1821. 

 Children of Dea. Cornelius", (174S) [21] (Capt. Jokn', John', 
Peter', Henry') and Esther (Stedman) Adams; res. Canterbury, 

i. Bev. Thomas', b. in Canterbury, Conn., March 21, 1775. He grad- 
uated at Yale ( ollege, 1300; d. nnm., at Kingston, N. T., 28 Oct., 
1806, age 31 years, 
ii- Rev. Comelina*. b. in Canterbury, Nov. 9, 1776; waa graduated at 
Yale College, 1803; ordained at Windham. Conn., Dec. 5, 1805; d. 
asm., 28' Nov., 1806, age 30 years. 
44^ iiiJ St«dmui\ Esq., b. in Canterbury, 'Sept. 25, 1778; m. Frances Paine. 
He graduated at YaJe, 1801; stndied Jaw; d. in London, Eng., 33 
May, 1811, age 34. ,; • 

IT. Jonah",, b. in Canterbury, Dec 10,. 1780; d- 28 Nov.,: 1795, tgfrlS 

V. Daniel% Esq., b. in Cajiterbaiy, March 6, 1783. ; 

He. graduated from Yalo, 1809; begmu practica of Uw; d.' in.: Keir'' 
York City, 28 May, 1812, age 2i>. 
vi. Ann**, b. in Canterbury, Oct. 7, 1785; d.. 17 Feb.,. 1809, in her..."23di 

viL Esther*, b. in Canterbury, June 24,. 1788; d. 1812.' age 24. 
45. viiL Betsey*, b. in Canterbuxy, June 1«, 1790; m. Dec. 1, 1810, Capt. 
Samuel Lookvood Hough, 3d son of Dr.. Walter and Martha (Lock-' 
wood) Hough of Canterbury, Conn;, b- June 25,. 1785. She d. at: 
Centerrille, Hi. L . 30 July,' 1867_ 

Sixth Generation.] peter. * 323 

Children of Dea. Ebenezer', (1749) [22] (Capt. John', John'. 
Peter', Henry') and Mary (Morse) Adams ; res. Canterburj', Conn. 

46. i. CoL Zadoc', b. in Canterbury, Cono., Feb. 15, 1730; 

m. (1) Sept. 27, 1801, Content Train, b. May 15, 1781; d. 6 Sept., 
m. (2) Mrs. Suaan Goodrich of Norwich, N. T. 

He was a soldier in the war of 1812; settled in Plymouth. Chenango 

Co., N. T. ; d. in Xorwicb, Chenango Co., N. Y., 22 Sept., 1856. 

ii. John CleTeland\ b. in Canterbury, Jan. 12, 1782; m., but had no 

issue. He settled in Pennsylvania. 
iiL Ebenezer', b. in Canterbury, Sept. 8. 1784; d. num., in Plymouth,. 
N. Y. 

Children of Dea. Ebenezer', (1749) and Molly (Merritt) 

iv. Polly', b. in Canterbury, Sept. 29, 1796; d. unm., 19 Sept., 1802, 

age 65. 
V. Betsey*, b. in Canterbury, Feb. 21, 1798; d. unm., 9 March, 1848, 

age 50. 
vi. Mary Morse', b. in Canterbury, June 29, 1800; m. 1820, Johnson 

Cady, son of Richard Cady of Canterbury. Conn. ; res. Homer, X. Y. 
■rii. Joseph M.', (twin), b. in Canterbury, -June 29, 1800; d. nnm. , in 

Canterbury, 20 Sept., 18C4, age 84. 

Children of Samuel', (1753) [23] (Capt. John*, John', Peter', 
Henr\-') and Betsey (Litchfield) Adams ; res. "Williamstown, Vt. 

47. L Samuels Jr., b. in Canterbury. Conn.. Feb. 8, 1778; m. Feb. 8, 1807, 

Fidelia Esterbrook, dau. of Nehemiafa and Elizabeth S. Eaterbrook 
of Hanover, N. H., b. Dec. 29, 1783; d. 19 Oct., 1843, in Darien, N. 
Y. He d. 8 July. 1830. 
ii. Elisha', b. in Canterbury, Nov. 11, 1780. He d. in Rochester, X. Y. 

48. iii. Elijah', b. in Canterbtiry, Dec. 17. 1783; m. Eunice Kendall of 

Williamstown, Vt. ; d. in Malone, X. Y., June, 1857 He removed 

to Malone, N. Y. ; d. in Malone, 17 Jan.. 1857. 
iv. Luther\ b. in Canterbury, Feb. 22, (March 18), 1785; d. 17 May, 

V. Betsey*, b. in Putney. Vt, March 27, 1786; d. nnm. 
vi. Polly, b. in Putney, July 10, 1787; d. in Putney, 4 March, 1790-1. 

49. vii. John', b. in Putney, Dec. 2, 1768; m. Dec. 6. 1810, Sally Jeffords, b. 

March 4, 1792; d. 24 Oct., 1801; res. Williamstown, Vt He d. in 
Williamstown, 2 March, 1851. 
viii. Abigail', b. in Putney, April 17, 1790; m. Samuel Franklin. They 
removed west, where he became a Mormon preacher. 

326 ' PETER. [Sixth Generatiou. 

50. ix. Lnther', b. in Putney, Oct. 29, 1791; m. in Brookfield, Vt.. Dec. 1, 

1814, Lrdio Keed, dan. of Jonathan and Polly (Humphrey) Keed of 
Brookfield, Tt., b. in Brookfield, Sept. 20, 1795; d. 20 Dec, 1831, 
age 86. He d. in Bondolph, Vt., 20 Feb., 1872, age 80. 

61. X. Parker', b. in Putney, Sept. 5, 1793; m. March 1, 1815, Salome Perry, 

b. in Putney, 1797; d. 3 May, 1852; res. Williamsto-wn, Vt. He d. 
6 Nov., 1851. 

52. xi. Polly', b. in Putney, Dec. 11. 1796; m. 1813. Andrus Reed of Williams- 

toim, Vt, b. in Brookfield, Vt., July 13, 1790, son of Jonathan and 
Polly (Humphrey) Beed; d. 28 Nov., 1880. She d. in Williams- 
totm, 14 Dec, 1851. 
xii. Lorisa', b. in Putney, July 10, 1800; m. Warren Oilson; removed to 

Children of Phineas', (1729) [2i] (Isaac*, John', Peter', HenrA-') 

and Elizabeth (Selleck) Adams; res. Salisbury, Conn. 

i. Joshua', b. in Salisburj-, Conn., March 28, 17(50. 

, A Joshua Adams enlisted for the war Jan. 1, 1777, in Col. Seth 
Warner's Beg. ; was taken prisoner July 7, 1777. and afterward ex- 

A Joshua marched to Bennington in Capt. Enoch Noble's Co., 
Col. John Ashley's Berkshire Reg. ; enlisted Aug. 1, 1777; dis- 
charged Aug. 20; service 20 days; also served Sept. 19 to Oct. 19. 
1777, in Capt. Boswell Downing's Co , Col. Ashley's Beg. 

Joshua Adams enlisted from Sheffield, Mass., for 3 years in Capt. 
Bnrtlett's Co. , Col. Weston's Beg.; served March 18, 1778, to Deo. 
31. 1779. _ 

(See also Joshua, son of Joshua^ . 
ii. John', b. in Salisbury, 1762; d. young. 

iii. JohnS b. in Salisbury, Feb. 27, 1763; (a John d. in Salisbury, 20 
Aug., 1782, age about 22. 

53. iv. SelleckS b. in Salisbury, Feb. 11, 1765; m. Anno . 

V. Anthony*, b. in Saliabury,, Aug: 1-5, 1768. 

Children of Joshua", (1T.31> [25] (Isaac*, John', Peter*, Henr>-') 

and. ( ) Adams ; res. Egremont, Mass. 

i. JoshTia% b. in Egremont, Mass., 1757. 

Joshna Adams, record e<1 aa b. in Egzemont, age 22 years; a 
fanner; 5 feet, 9 inches high, dark hair and complexion; waa en- 
listed Nov., 1779, in Capt. Carr's Co., at West Point, 8th Masu. 
chosetts Reg. 

A Joshua Adams, probably same as above, was •< private from 
Eg;remont. in Capt. IngersoU'a Co., CoL David Breirster'a Berk 
shire Reg.; was enliate<1 May 23, 1775, and served 2 months and 2 
weeks. " Joshua of Alford,!* Mass.. was awardetl a bounty of 200 
acres of land, or •?20.00, under resolve of March. 1, 1801, for services 
in the 8th Massachnsetts Reg. 

Sixth Generation.] peter. 327 

ii. BeDJamin''. b. in Egremont. 

54. iii. Dr. Peter Charles", b. in Egremont. Jane 12, 1763; m. Sept, 1786, 

ChristinR Tan Bergen, b. Feb. 26. 1787; d. 11 Aug., 1833. 

Dr. Peter Charles settled in Coxsackie, and was sheriff of the 
County; also State Senator, 1806-9. He d. 3 Sept., 1823. 

55. IT. Pelatiah", b. in Egremont, 1765; m. Hannah Best; settled in Albany, 

X. T., and d. 1827, age 62. 
T. Thomas", b. probably in Egremont; m. Eunice Wheeler, dau. of 
Noah Wheeler, a miller and inn-keeper of North East, Dutchess Co., 
N. T. Her mother was Eunice Newcomb from Lebanon, Conn., to 
Nine Partners, Pleasant Valley Precinct, in Dutchess Co. Thomas 
and Eunice d. in Fabius, N. T., after 1837. 

vi. Charlotte". vii. Lydia". viii. Abigail''. 

is. Olive", said to have resided at Great Barrington, Mass., and to have 
d. in New York. 

Children of Jeremiah', (1732) [20] (Isaac', Joljn', Peter*, 
Henry') and Rhoda ( ) Adams; res. Poultney, Vt. 

56. i. Isaac', b. in Salisbury, Conn., Not. 28, 1763; m. Sept.. 1784, TTan ntth 

Fletcher of Ponltney; b. March 9, 1764; d. in Malone, N. y.,at res. 
of her sou Abial since 1845. 

He was in Poultney, Vt., 1782 and 1787; first Constable in South 
Hero, Vt., 17S9; d. in South Hero, Vt, 13 Jan., 1806; was aprivate 
and musician in Capt. Parmalee Allen's Co. of Bangers, Maj. 
Ebenezer Allen's detachment of the Vermont line, Feb. 1 to Dec. 
1, 1780. He served 2 days on alarm at CasUeton, June 10, 1781. 
ii. Phineas', b. in Salisbury, June 18. 17GC; probably d. young. 

57. iii. Col. Pliny*, b. in Salisbury, 1767; m. Feb., 1791, Lncretia Vail of 

Middletown, Vt. ; d. 14 April, W-:S. in her 68th year; res. Hampton, 
Washington Co., N. Y. He d in Hampton 2 April, 1816, in his 50th 

Isaac and PUny each served ■'> days on an expedition to the north- 
ward, 1782. Boll of Capt. Ismel Hurlburt, Col. Thomas Lee. 

58. iv. Jeremiah''; b. in Salisbury, June 10, 1768; m. Patience Earl, dan. of 

Daniel Earl of Whitehall, N. Y.; settled in Whitehall, N. Y., 1789. 
He d. in Whitehall, 1847. 
T. Lieut. Daniel", b. in Salisbury, July 20, 1770; soldier; d. at Montreal, 
P. Q., 181.5. 

59. vi. AUce'', b. in Salisbury, Sept. 6, 1772; m. Abraham Beman of Hamp. 

ton, N. Y. ; d. 3 July, 1829, in his 61st sear. Shed, in Hampton, 
N. Y., 16 Feb., 1850, age 79. 

60. vii. Sophia", b. in Ponltney, Vt, Oct. 12. 1774; va. Geo. Douglass of 

East Whitehall, N. Y. ; d. 12 April, 1857. in his 85th year. She d. 
in East Whitehall, N. Y., 11 Nov., 1859, in her 84th year. 
01. viii. Bhoda", b. in Poultney. Jan. 1, 1778; m. 1704, in Danhy, Vt., Hosea 
Williams of Manchester, Vt. She d. nt Newark, O., 31 March, 1847. 

32S PETER. [Sixth Generation. 

Children by a 2nd wife. 

62. ii. Nancy*, b. in Poultney, April 22, 1791; m. Dec. 2, 1813, Benjamin 

Warren Horr of Lanaingbor^, N. T. 

63. X. Dea. John F.', b. in PouJtney, Dec. 2, 1787; 

m. (1) Betsey McN an ghtj. 
m. (2) Chloe Cook. 

m. (3) Mrs. Caroline Brannon. He settled in Lyme, 0., 1820, and 
d. at Milan, O., 24 Xot., 1873. 

Children of Dr. Samuel', (1746) [27] (Capt. Michael', John', 
Peter', Henrj-') and Abigail (Dodge) Adams ; res. Ipswich, Mass. 

i. John', bapt. Oct. 5, 1783. 

ii. Dea. Samnel", b. inlpewich, Mass.. March 11, 1791; m. May 10, 1815, 
Mary Ann Bent of Milton; d. 6 Not., 1885; he d. in Milton, Mass., 
3 Jan.. 1879; no i3sae. 

ReT. A. K. Teale, in history of Milton, says Dea. Samnel was a 
Jong honored and respected citizen of Milton, a Sunday school sup- 
erintendent for 20 years, a Webster Whig, etc. 

There were other members of this family, bnt the anthor has been 
nnable to procure records. 

Children of Seth', (1712) [2S] (Peter*, Dea. Peter', Peter, 
Henr>-'j and Mary (Hastings) Adams ; res. Wrentham, Mass. 

i. Mary', b. in Wrentham, Mass , July 7, 1737. 

ii. 8ilence\ b. in Wrentham, June 22, 1739; d. name day. 

iii. Seth\ b. in Wrentham, Sept. 2, 1740. 

iv. Joseph', b. in Wrentham, July 30, 1742; d. 30 Sept., 1748. 

T. Tabitha", b. in Wrentham, Aug. 25, 1745; d. 9 June, 1754. 

Children of Ebenezer',(Ln&) [29] (Peter', Dr. Peter', Peter', 
Henr>'')and Judith ( ) Adams; res. Wrentham, Mass. 

i. Nathan', b. in Wrentham, Mass., Feb. 10. 1744-5; d. 9 Sept , 1745. 
ii. Asa', b. in Wrentham, Sept. 6, 1746? d- 27 Dec, 1750. ; 

64. iii Jndith*, b. in Wrentham, Nor. 24, 1749; m. Jan. 5, 17C9, Timothy^ 

Kingsbury; d. 21 Dec, 1824. 

Children of- Peter', Jr., (1723) [30] (Peter*, Dr. Peter*,: 
Peter*, Henry') and Abigail (Pond) Adams; resj Franklinv Mass.. 

65. L Moses', b. in Wrentham, Mass., May 10, 1749; • 

m. (1) in Franklin, Mas*., Abigail ; d. 2 Aug., 1783. 

m. (2) July 2, 1784» Chloe (Wright) Clark; d'. 4 Aug.,: 1811. Hedi.' 
in B«llingfaam, Mass., 4 Not., 1808. 
iL Joseph', b. in Wrentham. May 23, 1751 ;: m:. anA cL £a- Wrentham, 

Mobs., but lelt no iasne. 
iii.^ Abigail'.b. in Wrentham. Feb. 20, 1733; d* 21 Oct, 173T. 

Sixth Generation.] peter. 329 

Children of Rachel'. (1725) [31] (Peter*, Dr. Peter', Peter*, 
Henry') and Robert Pond ; res. Wrentham, Mass. 

i. Sarah Pond. b. March 31, 1747; m. Sept. M, 1765, John Ellia. ii. 
Rachel Pond, b. Feb. 22, 1752; d. 25 Ang., 1754. iii. Robert 
Pond, Jr., b. Dec. 29, 1755. W. Mary Pond, b. May 30, 1758; d. 
19 Nov., 1759. 

Children of Deborah', (1741) [32] (George*, Dr. Peter*, 
Peter', Henry') and Edward Cleveland ; res. Walpole, Mass. 

i. Zimri Cleveland, b. Ang. 22, 1700; m. Ennice Clark. ii. Zilpha 
Cleveland, b. Feb. 22, 1702; m. Francis Nelaon. iii. Ed^rard 
Cleveland, b. Sept. 11, 1764; m Aprils. 1799, Elizabeth Adams, dau. 
of Lient. Oliver and Elizabeth (Adams) Adams; b. Jane 29, 1773; 
d. 9 Feb.. 1850. He d. in Charlton, Mass., 10 June, 1859. iv. 
Mildred, or Mille, Cleveland, b. May 11, 1768; m. Ziba Baker. v. 
Lydia Cleveland, b. Sept. 80, 1767; m. (1) David Hill; m. (2j 

Nathan Turner; m. (8) Boyden. vi. Deborah Cleveland, 

b. May 10, 1709; m. Isaac Morse. vii. Patience Cleveland, b. 
March 6, 1771; d. unm. viii. Dorcas Cleveland, b. Dec. 28, 1773; 

m. ( 1 ) Timothy Fisher. m. ( 2) Ziba Baker. m. ( 3) Nelson. 

ix. Susan Cleveland, b. Dec. 12, 1775; m. Daniel Boyden. x. 
Aquilla Cleveland, b Dec. 20. 1777; m. Sally Dana. xi. Bella 
Cleveland, b. March 10, 1781; m. May 23, 1804. Hannah Adams dau. 
of Capt. Nathaniel and Hannah (Fisher) Adams of South Franklin. 
Mass., b. April 8, 1781; d. 21 July, 1846 xii. Adam Cleveland, b. 
April 27, 1784; m. Miranda Smith. xiii. Heman Cleveland, b. 
Nov., 1789; d. young. 

Children of George', (1747) [33] (George*, Dr. Peter*, Peter*, 
Henry') and Sarah (Cleveland) Adams; res. Franklin, Mass. 

«C. i. Darius', b. in Franklin. Mass. . 1770; m. April 14, 1796, Julia Ellis, 

dan. of Oliver and Mary (Plimpton) Ellis, b. 1768; d. 1862. He 
settled in Medfield, Mass., 1796; removed to Bichmond, N. H., 
1810; d. in Richmond, 1 Mirch, 1812; left estate to widow Julia, who 
d. inMUford, N. H., In 1882. 
iL Sarah", b. in Franklin, 1779; d. in Medway, 13 Nov., 1791, in her ISth 

«7. iii. George', b. 1792; m. Experience Cook. He d. intestate from being 
killed by a horse, 9 May, 1824, age 32. 

Children of Samuel', (1744) [34] (Joseph*, Jr., Joseph', Peter', 
Henr}'') and Rachel (Burrill) Adams ; res. Poultney, Vt. 

i. Phebe', b. in Canterbury, Conn., March 10, 1774; d. 21 April, 1775. 
ii. Lydia', b. in Canterbury. March 12, 1775; m. Newton Sanford. He 
m. 2nd. Sally Adams, a cousin of Lydia. 

330 • PETEK. [Sixth Generation. 

68. iii. John*, b. in Canterbury. Nor. 23, 1778; m. Elizabeth Benson; d. in 

Alleghany, N. Y., 1824; settled in Alleghany Co., 1812; settled in 
Shelby, Macomb Co., Mich. He d. in Disco, Mich., Dec., 1848. 

IT. Phebe\ b. in Canterbury, Dec. 31, 1780; d. 18 Dec, 1798. 

69. v. Simon', b. in Poultney, Vt., Ang. 31, 1782; m. Oct. 9, 1814, Eunice 

Baker, dan. of Thaddens Baker, b. in Ponltney, Oct. 20, 1800; d. 15 
Nov., 1S88. Her parents removed from Ponltney, Vt., to Andover, 
Alleghany Co., N. T. 

He removed 1802 and settled near Belmont, Alleghany, Co. N. T. 
He received 50 acres of land from Esq. Hyde for a year's work ; d. 11 
Dec, 1860. 

70. vi. Wil]ard% b. in Ponltney, Dec. 2, 1786; m. Esther Baker of Andover, 

. N. Y. ; d. Dec, 1877. He d. in Andover, N. Y., Feb., 1837. 
vii. Noadiah*, b. in Ponltney, Oct 17, 1788; m. Dec. 5, 1816, Polly Love- 
less of Castleton, Vt. 

71. viii. Lnther% b. in Poultney, Felj. II, 1790; m. April 15, 1824, Harriet 

Howe of Angelica, N. Y., b. Oct. 15. 1804; d. 22 Feb., 1879; res. 

Friendship, Alleghany Co., N. Y. He d. 9 Nov., 1866. 
ix. Bradley," b. in Poultney, Jan. 21, 1792; d. 8 March, 1794. 
X. Fannie*, b. in Poultney, March 0, 1794. 
xi. Lncinda* b. in Ponltney, Feb. 29, 1795; d. unm. 

72. xii. Anson A.*, b. in Poultney, April 25, 1798; m. -Amanda Brown, b. 1795; 

d. 3 Oct., 1861, age 66. He settled in Scio, Alleghany Co., N. Y.; 
d. 28 May, 1864, age 66. 

73. xiii. Bradley', b. in Poultney, July 27, 1802; m. June 1, 1826, Ellathea 

Smith of Westport. N. Y. ; d. 30 May, 1887. He settled in Law- 
rence, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., in 1829; P. O., Ft. Jackson, N. Y.; 
d. 4 April, 1835. Other children have been named as James, 
Abner, Zilpha and Cynthia, who d. young. 

Children of Abner', (1702) [35] (Joseph*, Jr., Joseph', Peter", 

Henry') and Mary (Hyde) Adams ; res. Poultney, Vt. 

74; i. Parker', b. in Poaltaey, Vt, July 11, 1.787; m. March 8, 1810, Mrs. 

Hannah Holden Loomis; b. March 14, 1784; d. 22 Nov., 1876; set- 
tled in Middletown,: Vt., 1832; d. 21 March, 1863, age 75 years, S 
months and 10 days^ 

ii. Phebe", b. iir Poultney, about 179*; d. in. Panton,. Vt, umn., 1835, 
age 45. 
75.' iii. Abner*, Jr., b. in Ponltney,^ about 1793^; m. Nov. 9, 1823, Matild* 
Ward, dan. of Dexter and. Hannah (Stevens) Ward of UnderMll, 
Vt, b. Nov. 80, 1795; settled in Fairfax, Vt; removed to Little- 
Biver^.Wanpaso Co., Wis.; d.;1875. 
iv. Talcott*, \k in.- Ponltney; di:-when a young: nian. from drinking cold 

V. Sally', b- in Ponltney; m. Crofoot; res. Hampton, N. Y. ; re- 
moved West; no issne^ 

REV. WILLIAUr AOAMS. 0.0.-' : 

Seventh Generation.] peter. 331 

Children of John', LL. D., (1772) [36] (Capt. John', Capt. 
John*, John', Peter', Henry') and Elizabeth (Ripley) Adams ; res. 
Canterbury and Colchester, Conn., and Andover, Mass. 

70. i. Mary', b. in Canterbury, Conn., April 7, 1799; m. Sept. 18, 1821, Bey. 

Daniel Hemenway; both d., and were bnried in Snffield, Conn. 
She d. 4 Feb., 1873. 
ii. Gamaliel Kipley', b. in Plainfield, Conn. July 2, 1800; d. 29 April, 


77. iii. Rev. John Ripley', b. in Plainfield. March 20, 1802; m. Feb. 19. 1833, 

Mary Ann McGregor, dan. of Col. Robert McGregor of Deny, X. 
H., b. Sept. 18J0; d. 27 March. 1888, age 82 years, 8 months. 

He was graduated from Yale College, 1821 ; from Andover Tbeo- 
logical Seminary, 1826; ordained at Londonderry, N. H., Oct 5. 
1S31; was in the army as chaplain of the 5th Maine Reg.; also of 
the 12l8t N. Y. Reg!; d. at Northampton, Mass., 23 April, 1866, 
age 64. 

iv. Ripley Perkins', b. in Colchester, Conn., Jan. 11, 1804; m. 1831, 
Hannah B. Tobey; d. 1847. Ho was a teacher; d. at ReidsvilJe, N. 
C, 30 April, 1870; no issue 

V. Elizabeth Ripley', b. in Colchester, July 7, 1803; m. Feb. 13, 1828, 
Ber. George Cowles, son of Theodore and Margaret (Deming) 
CoTvles of New Hartford, Conn , b. in New Hartford. Conn., March 
11, 1798; Yale, 1821; Auburn, 1824; ordained at Danrers, Mass.. 
Sept. 12, 1827; both perished in the wreck of the steamship Home, 
off Cape Hatteras, 9 Oct., 1837. She is bnried in Andover, Mass.; 
no issue living. 

78. vi. Rev. William', D. D.. b. in Colchester, Jan. 25, 18?7; 

m (1) July, 13, 1881. Susan P. Magoun, dan. of Thatcher and 
Mary (Bradshaw) Magoun of Medford, Mass., d. 23 May, 1834; no 
issue; living. 

m. (2) Aug. 12. 1835, Martho B. Magoun; d. 13 June. 1885. 

He was gradoAted from Yale, 1830; ordained at Brighton, Mass., 
Aug., 1884; became pastor of Central Presbyterian Church, Broome 
St., New York; founded Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, 
1853; resigned pastorate, 1873; delegate to Russia, 1871; to Scot- 
land, 1871 and 1877; preached last sermon at West Point, June 6, 
1880. "broadly Catholic;" d. at Orange. N. J., 31 Aug., 1880. 

79. vii. Harriet Hannah', b. in Colchester. Jan. 14, 1809; m.' Nov. 7, 1832, 

Rev. John Q. A. Ed(jell, b. Aug. 15, 1802; d. 15 Sept., 1867. in Bur- 
lington. Yt; res. Andover, Mass. She d. 10 May, 1806. 

3S2 PETER. [Seventh Generation. 

80. viii. Abby Ann', b. in Andover. Masn.. March 10. 1811; 

m. (1) Sept. 13, 1833, Rev. Albert M. Egerton of Methnen, Mass. 
m. (2) June 9, 184'.', Richard McAllister Orme, d. 8 March, 1869. 
She d. in Milledgeville, Ga.. 1 Nov., 1890. 

81. ii. Emily Jane', b. in Andover, Mass.. Jan. 2, 1814; m. May 8, 1845, 

Joseph H. Bancroft, merchant. They removed to TilinoiB, 1845; 

res. Jacksonville, 111. 
X. Henry Parker', b. in Andover, April 30, 1815; d. 5 April, 1816. 
xi. Phebe Phillips', b. in Andover, July 24, 1817; m. Sept. 8, 1841, Wm. 

A. Campbell, d. 1843; res. Jacksonville. IlL She d. 25 April, 1843; 

no issae. 

Children of Capt. Joshua', (1775) [37] (Capt. John', Capt. 
John', John', Peter', Henr}*') and Abigail (Sabin) Adams; res. 
FitzAWlliam, N. H. 

82. i. Jonathan Sabin', b. in Plainfield, Conn , Sept. 22. 1802; m. Feb. G, 

1833, Abigail Tower, dan. of Levi and Anstis (Stratton) Tower, b. 

Aug. 11. 1807; d. 1 Jan., 1890. He settled in Fitzwilliam, 1814, with 

hia uncle. Rev. John Sabin; d. 5 Jane, 18 J5. 
83 ii. Mary May', b. in Plainfield, April 4, 1804; m. Sept. 27, 1830, John K. 

Holbrook of Arlington, Conn., b. in Pomfret, Conn., March 21, 

1804; d. in Pomfret, 27 Jan., 1885; res. Pomfret, Conn. She d. 5 

Aug., 18.58. 
84. iii. Catherine P.', b in Plainfield, July 9, 1806; m. 1825, Maj. Curtis 

Coolidge, son of Samuel and Hannah CooUdge of Marlboro, K. H. ; 

d. in La Grange, Tenn., 187-.; removed to La Grange. Tenn. , 1840. 

She d. in Memphis, 11 Sept., 189:.'. 

Children of Mar}-', (1777) [38] (Capt. John', Capt. John', 
John', Peter", Henr}-') and Isaac Morgan; res. Canterbury-, Conn. 

L ^Dr. John Adams Morgan; m. Amelia Waters, and settled and d. in 
Evansville, Ind. iL Charles Frederick Morgan, d. in infancy, 
iii. William Morgan, d. in Canterbury, aged about 18. iv. Henry 

Augustus Morgan; m. Tyler of Griswold, Conn., who d. in 

St. Charles, HI., about 1870. v. Isaac Morgan, d. young. vi.. 
Dr. Daitiei Adams Morgan, settled and din EvansTille, Ind. vii. 
Maiy Morgan, m. a Mr. Scranton Ln.£yansTiUe, ftnd d., there. 
viiL James Morgan, d. young. 

Children, of Rev. Parker', (1779) [39 J (Capt. John', Capt. 

John*, John', Peter", Henr)-') and. Frances Mary (Coit) Adams; 

res. Pensacola, Fla. 

i.. John', b. and'd. in Honda.' 

iL Thomas P.', b. in Florida; d.- yoong. •, 

iiL John K.", decease*!.  . ' 

iv. Frances M.'. dece«se<t . 

Seventh Generation.] peter. 333 

Children of Abigail", (17S1) [iO] (Capt. John*, Capt. John*, 
John', Peter', Henr>-') and Dea. Reuben Bishop; res. Lisbon, 

i. George A Bishop, b. Ang. 25. 1809; d. 1855. ii Wealthy Bishop, 
b. Oct 9, 1811; d. 1827. iii. Joshna Bishop, b. April 19, 1814; d. 
1840. iv. Charlen Bishop, b Feb. 13, 1817; living in Brooklyn, 
N. Y.. 1896. T. Heury F. Bishop, b. April 3, 1820; living in New 
York. vi. Lydia S. Bishop, b. Sept. 26, 1822; d. 1862. vii. 
John X. Bishop, b. Jan. 9, 1825; d. 1851. viii. Abigail A. Bishop, 
b. June 6, 1827; d. 1827. 

Children of Moses", (17S6) [41] (Capt. John', Capt. John*, 
John', Peter', Henr>-') and Sarah (Paschall) Adams; res. Ells- 
•ft-orth, Ohio. 

85. i. John', b. in (Kingsessing, Bidley,) Phila., Pa., Jnne 4, 1815; m Feb. 

3, 1853, Nancy Fisher. He d. in Jefferson. Ashtabula Co , O., 27 

Aug., 1883. 
8S. ii. Henry PaachaM', b in Kingsessing, Phila., Nov 8, 1816; m. Sept. 27. 

1838, at Ellsworth, ATahonizig Co., O., Bachel Bose, dan. of David 

and Sarah (Pa«chall) Bose, b. Jan. 27, 1816. He is living, 1896, in 

Kipton, Lorain Co. . O. 
iii. Le-ris Jones', b. in Philadelphia, Dec. 12, 1817; d. 14 Jan., 1819. 
87. iv. Anne Jane', b. in Philadelphia, Feb. 4. 1819; m. Jan. 13, 1839. Dr. 

Mordecai Boon Hughes, b. Dec. 10, 1810; d. 26 Jan., 1852; rea. 

Ellsworth, O.; living. 1897. 
V. Charles', b. in Darby, Pa., Aug. or Dec. 8. 1820; d. 13 Aug., 1821. 
vi. Parker', b. in Darby, Deo. 15, 1821; drowned at Black Biver, Wis., 

8 April, 1853, age 33 years, 7 months, 9 days, 
vii. Mary Parker', b. in Ellaworth, O., April 19, 1823; d. 24 Jan., 1829. 
8^. viii. Thomas Paschall', b. in Ellsworth, Jan. 9, 1825; m. Nov. 6, 1859, 

Frances HoweU of MonndsviUe, W. Ta., dan. of Ellsworth and Mary 

Hswell; res. Keyser, Mineral Co., W. Va.; stirveyor and convey 

89. ix. Oeorge Monteith', b. in Ellswoith, Ang. 15, 1826; m. Jnne 6, 1854, 

Henrietta Chapman, dan. of Bev. C. C. Chapman of Yonngstown, 

O., b. at SoutMngton, O., in 1836; settled in Wisconsis, 1858; rea. 

Sechlersville, Jackson Co., Wis. 

Children of Luceba", (1789) [42] (Capt. John', Capt. John*, 
John", Peter', Henry') and Harvey Allen; res. Ellsworth, O., and 
Princeton, 111. 

i. Caroline AUen, b. in Connecticut, Nov. 3, 1814; m. Edwin Bipley; 
res. Princeton, 111. ; living, 1896. ii. Bev. John Adams Allen, b. in 

334 PETER. [Seventh Generation. 

Connecticut, Dec. 1. 1810; m. Elmira Pierce. Hed. in Cincinnati, 
O . 10 March, 18S7. iii. Rev. NatLan W. Allen, b. in Ohio, Dec. 
23, 1819; m Ann Maria Woodward, (hia conain); res. Philomath, Ore. 
iv Bhoda M. Allen, b. in Ohio, Sept. 9. 1823; m. Jeremiah Gee. 
She d. in Nebraaka, 26 Mav, 1800. v. Dr. Chaa. Pratt Allen, b. 
in Ohio, Oct. 2, 1827; m. Adelia Harris; living in Princeton, 111., 
1896. vi. Emily J. Allen, b. in Ohio, Dec. 21, 1830; m. H. C. 
Cook; living in Princeton, 111., 1890. vii. Lydia Allen, b. in 
Ohio, Sept. 21, 1833; m. Dr W. C Anthony. 

Children of Aurelia', (17y3) [43] (Capt. John*, Capt. John', 

John", Peter, Henr>''} and Elijah Woodward; res. Ellsworth, 


i. Mary P. TV'oodTrartl,' b in Canterbury, Conn , Dec. 13, 1818; d. iu 
Ellsworth, O., 7 Oct^, 1836. ii. Ann Maria Woodward, b. in Canter- 
bury, Aug. 27, 1820; m. about 1840, Rev. Xathan W. Allen of Ells- 
worth, O. ; living in Philomath, Benton Co., Ore., 1896. iii. 
Amelia A. Woodward, b. in Canterbury, June 20, 1820; d. in Oregon 
City, 10 Dec. 1877. iv. Abigail L. Woodward, b. in Canterbury, 
Oct. 14, 1828; m. Sept. 2, 1850, Aaa Sanders; living in Molalla, 
Clackamas Co., Ore.. 1896 v. Mores Woodward, b. in Ohio, 

July 23, 1832; m. about 1808. Laura Fletcher; res. Adams, Uma- 
tiUa Co., Ore.; living, 1896. vi. George M. Woodward, b. in 
Ohio, March 23. 1834; m. March 18, 1858, Martha E. Hendrick; 
settled in Oregon; d. 17 April, 1868. 

Children of Stedman', Esq., (177S) [44] (Dea. Cornelius', 
Capt. John', John", Peter', Heniy'j and Frances (Paine) Adams ; 
res. Canterbury, Conn. r ; , 

L Cecelia', b. iu Canterbury. Conn. . 1804; m. William P. Xoyes of Scot- 
land, Conn. Mr. Xoyes d., and the widow and her sons removed to . 
Norwich. Cono.  
ii. Stedman'. Jr.. b. in Canterbniy. 1806. He m. and had children, but ; 
they cannot be fonoti. He was a. hat manufacturer; built a factory; ; 
removed to Providence. R- I.' 
iii. Frances Paine', b. in tlanterbnry,: 1807; m: &. Tracey,. She d. in 
Norwich. Conn. 
90. iv. Thomaa L,', b. in Cantetburr, 18'v8; m. Mari* Warner. They settled 
in Scotland. Conn. , where he d. 27 March. 1872, age 64. . 

Children.of CoL Zadoc%.(17.^»>> [40] (Dea. Ebenezer*, .Capt. 
John',. John', Peter'. Henry')' and Content (TrainV Adams; res. 
Pl}-moTithv ChenangO' Ca.,. X. Y.. 

Seventh Generation.] peter. 335 

i. Mary', b. in Norwich, N T., Sept. 11. 1802; m. Ezekiel Erana; rea. 
PljTnoath, N. Y. She d. in Plynjonth. 

fll. ii. A]aon\ b. in Norwich, Dec. 31, 1804; 

m. fl) Feb. 2-5, 1836, Betsey EvauB, ( Bister of Ezekiel), b. March 
6. 1805; d. 29 May, 1843. 

m. (2; March 20. 1850, Philena G. (Clark) Isham, widow of Champ. 
Isham of Hamilton. N Y. ; res. Sherbnrne, Chenango Co., N. Y. 
He d. 15 May, 1890. 

92. iii. Jefferson', b. in N'orwich, April 6, 1807; 

m. (I) Jan.. 1828, Orra Bowers, b. Feb 23, 1809; A 25 April, 1835. 

m. (2) 1848, Sally L. Aldrich. She m. 2nd, Spicer; res. 

Sherburne. N. Y He d. 22 Nov., 1861; will proved Jan. 21, 1862. 

93. iv. John Cleveland', b. in Norwich, Feb. 22-4, 1810; m. March 4. 1832. 

Lydia Green of Winfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y., b. Dec 13, 1806; 
d. 4 Jan., 1839. He d. in Sidney, N. Y., 15 Dec, 1888. 

V. Ehoaunn', b. in Plymonth, N. Y., June 23, 1812; m. Edmund Dim- 
niick; res. Amherst, Lorain Co., O. She d. in Amherst, 1878. 

94. vi. Ebenezer-, b. in Plymouth, March 10, 1815; m. Amelia Crandall; re«. 

Plymouth, N. Y. He d. 30 June, 1884. 

vii. Lois', b. in Plymouth. May 22. 1818; m. Nelson Holmes; d. abont 
18C7. She d. in Norwich, N. Y., 19 March, 1854; one dan., deceased. 

viii. Infant, b. in Plymouth, Feb. 25, 1821; d. 11 March, 1821. 

95. is. Charleo', b. in Plymonth. June 28. 1822; m. Oct. 6, 1844, Electa 

Daniels, dau. of Alfred Daniels; b. Aug. 0, 1827; res. Smithville, 
Chenango Co., N. Y. He d. 13 Jan., 1890. 

96. s. • Phebe Cordelia', b. in Plymouth, July 1, 1825; m. Oct. 15, 1845, 

Richard M. Aldrich. b. Feb. 16, 1823; d. 11 July, 1889. She d. in 
Plymouth, N. Y.. 18S;>. 

Children of Betsey', (1790) [45] (Dea. Cornelius', Capt. John*. 
John', Peter", Henrj-') and Samuel (Lockwood) Hough; res. 
Canterbury, Conn. 

L John Hough, b. Dec. H, 1811 ; d. in infancy. ii. Thomaa Hough, b. 
Sept. 5, 1813; d. young. iii. Esther Ann Hough, b. Oct. 25. 
1815; m. Dec. 2, 1838, Ebenezer Porter Dyer. She d. Dec, 1871. 
iv. Eliza C. Hough, b. June 7. 1819; m. Sept. 27, 1843, Alden B. 
Bobbins. She d. 1850. v. Sarah J. Hough, b. April 11, 1821; m. 
Oct. 7, 1849, Dwight R. Adams, son of Marvin and Almira (Bald- 
win) Adams of Centreville, R. I.; res. Centreville, R I. vi. 
■falter S. Hough, b. April 21, 1825; m. Nov. 3, 1850, Sarah E. 
Burroughs; res. Providence, R. I. 

336 PETER. [Seventh Generation. 

Children of Samuel', Jr., (1T7S) [47] (Samuel*, Capt. John*, 
John', Peter', Henr>-'j and Fidelia (Esterbrooks) Adams; res. 
Williamstown, Vt. 

97. i. Rev. James', b. in WiUiamstown, Tt., Jan. 3, 1808; m. Aug. 4, 1840, 

Boxana Hazeltine, daa. of John and Betsey (BatchelderiHazeltine, 
b. at Amherst. N. H., April 22. 1817. He was a M. E. minister; d. 
suddenly at Manchester, X. H.. 10 Dec, 1881. 

98. ii. Nancy Emily', b. in WJUiamstowu, Jan. 2, 1810; m. Julyl, 1834, Rev. 

Joseph Palmer; d. in Brooklyn. N. Y., IS March, 1868; res. Brook- 
lyn. N. Y. She d. 20 Nov., 1873. 

99. iii. Cynthia', b. in Lebanon, N. H., April 9, 1812; m Sept. 18, 1839, Dea. 

Daniel Bailey of Darien, N. Y. She d. 12 Oct. 1852. 
iv. John Quincy', b. in Lebanon, July 11, 1814; d. Sept, following. 

100. V. Jane', b. in Williamstown, Vt, Joly 22, 1815; m. Jan., 1838, Jamea 

Jason Hatch of Williamstown, Vt.; d. in Wisconsin, II Feb., 1884. 
Shed. 9 Feb., 1892. 

101. vi. Sarah AmeUa', b. in Williamstown, Aug. Vi, 1817; m. May 7, 1846, 

Geo. Wells of Sandown, N. H. ; res. Chester, N. H. 

102. vii. Cornelius', b. in Williamstown, Sept. 2, 1819; 

m. Nov. 10, 1850, Salome Adams, dan. of Parker and Salome 
(Perry) Adams, b. March 17, 1820; d. 1 April, 1862. 

m. (3) April 5, 1856, Esther Jenette Blanchard of Sharon. Vt He 
d. at White Plains, N. Y., 5 April, 1890. 

Children of Elijah', (17S3) [48] (Samuel', John*, John', Peter', 
Henry') and Eunice (Kendall) Adams ; res. Williamstown, Vt. 

103. i. Nelson', b. in Williamstown, Vt, Feb. 27, 1813; m. Aug., 1837, Caro- 

line Bennett, b. June 1, 1818; settled in Malone, N. Y. ; farmer; 
living 1896. 

104. ii. Rev. Arnold', b. in Williamstown, July 18, 1810; 

m. (1) April 30, 1834, CharlotteA. Colby of Boston; d. at Qnild- 
hall, Vt, 11 Nov., I86t». 

m. (2> April, 1875,> Mra. Msiry: Kenn«y of Mooltonboro, N. H. ; d. 
Belmont, N. H., 24 Ang., 1885.' 

Ordained to preach in the M. E. chorcliin 1838; N.. E. and Prov. 
Conf. till 1857; settled in aoildhall, Vt ; preaching in Northern Vt 
till Oct., 1886, when he removed to Biddeford, Me.; d. in Bidde- 
ford, 8 June. 1880; buried imOmldhall, Vt 

Children of John', (1768) [49] (Samuel*, John', John', Peter*, 
Henry*) and Sally (Jeffords) Adams^ res. Williamstown, Vt.:- •; .-. 
L Endly'. b. in. WilliamatoTm, Vt.vOct.l<», 1811; d. 23 Feb.. 1814: 



Seventh Generation.] peter. 337 

ii. Hannah', b. in Williamstown, Sept. 11 1813; m. April 16, 1833, Crom- 
well Benedict; d in MaJone, N. Y. ; settled in JIalone, N. Y. ; re- 
moTed West. 

iii. Emily', b. in Williamsto'sni, Sept. 28. 1815; m. Dec., 1835. Shed. 7 
April, 1844. 

105. iv. John', b. in WiUiamstoivn, Feb. 13, 1818; 

m. (I) Dec., 1846, Anna Ho^re. 

m. (2) Jane 17, 18C0, Mary S. "Wilber of Glorer, Vt He d. in 
WilliamstoTvn, 6 Oct. , ISSO. 

V. Sarah', b. in Williamstown, March 1, 1820; d. 4 Aug., 1888. 
vi. Fidelia E. ', b. in WilliamBtown, June 6, 1822; d. 5 Oct., 1843. 
vii. Aureliii', b. in Williamstown. Feb. 18, 1825; m. May 20, 1848, Bing- 
ham Searer of Burlington, Vt., deceased; 2 children. 

106. viii. Luther Jeff- ■<', b. in Williamstown, May 18, 1827; m. April 7, 1851, 

Josephi Jmith of Burlington, Yt. He is a mechanic, wood- 

turner; res. Chelsea, Mass. i. Om\ '*• ""^ a* 5lo.}W»-i, t^a^ 

107. ix. Charies W.', b. in Williamstown, May 6, 1829; m. March 14, 1852, 

Harriet Snow of WiUiametown, Vt., b. May 13, 1832. He d. 6 
Aug., 1888. 

X. James H.% b. in Williamstown, April 14, 1832; d. 14 Sept., 1834. 

xi. Arrilla E.', b. in Williamstown, July 13, 1834; d. 17 Sept. following. 

108. xii. James H.', b. in Williamstown. July 14, 1830; m. Mary F. Boots of 

Washington, T]al. ; res. Cottonwood, Col. 

Children of Luther', (1791) [50] (Samuel*, Capt. John*, John', 
Peter', Henr>-') and Lydia (Reed) Adams; res. Williamstown, 


109. i. Rev. Elisha', D. D., b. in Williamstown, Vt, July 29, 1815; 

m. (1) in Manchester. N. H., June 19, 1838, Mary Ann Merrill, 
dan. of Capt. Israel and Nancy (Farmers Merrill; d. in Concord, N. 
H., 8 Dec. 1868. 

m. (2) Jan. 13, 1870, Sarah Jane Sanborn, dan. of James and Lydia 
(Prescott) Sanborn, b. in Concord, June 20, 1828. 

Bev. Elisha Adams, D. D., was educated at Norwich University; 
was admitted a member of the N . H. and Vt. M. £. Conference in 
1830. and held numerous stationa; was presiding elder of the Dover 
district, 1840-1858; of the Chiremont district, 1860-1862; and of the 
Concord district, 1868-1866. For a long time he made his home in 
Concord, N. H., where he wa« elected a member of the board of 
education in 1808 and president of the board in 1871 

He was the building agent of the Methodist Seminary at Tilton, 
N. H. ; was extensively known and highly respected and esteemed. 
He was a high degree member of the Masonic fraternity at Con- 
cord, and commanded a large influence wherever known. He died 
suddenly of apoplexy at Concord, 15 Ang., 1880. 

33S  PETEK. [Seventh Generation. 

110. ii. Eev. Henrr Wright', b. in BrooLfield, Tt.. March 12. 1S18; m. Aug. 

9. 1S41, Adelaide E. Hubbard of Middletown, Conn.; b. March 26, 
1810, d. at Newark. N. J . 22 April, 1883. 

Eer. Henry Wright Adams, graduated from Wesleyan Umversity 
in 1841 ; became a preacher in the X. H. Conference of the M. E. 
church; withdrew from the Conference in 1847; became rector of 
the Episcopal Church at Springfield, Meso. ; later he withdrew from 
the ministrr and became known as an inventor; was a resident of 
Philadelphia, Pa., for many j-ears; d. suddenl}" of apoplesy at 
Charlotte. X. C, 21 Sept., 1881. 

111. iii Luther, Jr., b. inBrookfield, Oct. 5, 1820; 

m. (1) March 13, 1853, Sarah Bosanna Walcott, b. Feb. 10, 1831; 
d. 18 Aug., 186y. 
m. (2) March 22, 1870. Samantha H. Sterens of Waterbury, Tt. 

Richard Eeed', b. in Brookfield, Dec. 22, 1822; d. 81 July, 1827. 

112. Hon. Bailey Frye", b. in Brookfield, April 11, 1825; m. May 1. 1855, 

Lncinda S. Bullard, dan. of Eev. A. 'I'. andLydia (Lincoln) Bnllard. 
b. in Eandolph. Tt., Feb. 17, 1833. 

Hon. Bailey Frye Adams was mainly self-educated; a student at 
Newbury Seminarj- a short time; settled in Eandolph, Tt , in 1854. 
and was a saccessfol farmer and man of business; held many 
important oflSces among his townsmen : was a member of the Leg- 
islature from Eandolph in 1874; was elected Assistant Judge of the 
County Court in 1883 and re elected ill 1890, serring 4 years; was 
long a trustee of the State Normal School, and had charge of its 
funds; was a Republican and a Methodist, highly respected and be- 
loved. He died at his home in Eandolph. Tt., 27 July, 1894. 

113. vi. Maria Lydia', b. in Brookfield, Dec. 1, 1827; m. March 30, 1853, 

Henry Whitcomb of Eandolph. Tt. ; farmer; b. in Stockbridge, Tt. , 
May 22, 1824. She d. 13 May, 1892. 

114. TO. Laura Lncinda', b. in Brookfield, June 2, 1830; m. Oct. 4, 1855, 

Sylranus Carpenter of Eaiidolph. Tt. She d. in Eandolph, Tt., 25 
May, 1859. 
Tiii. Albert (.omelina', b. iu Brookfield, Aug. 20, 1832; d. in Williams, 
town, Tt..2Feb., 1844. 

115. ix. Adelaide Cornelia', (twin) b. in Brookfield. Aug. 20, 18o2; m. .\pril 

23, 1858, John Ballard; cvpenter; b. July 15, 1827; settled in 
Cheuoa. McLean Co , IlL, 187S; 5 children. 

116. X. Mary Frances, b. in- Williamstown, Tt, May 27, 1830; m. May 25. 

1805, Jairus T. Ballard ; lumber dealer; Chatswortli. 111.; son of 
Elder A. T. Bullard; b. io Boyalton, Tt, July 34, 1828. 

Children of Parker', (1793) [al] (Sania2l', John', Joha% 
Peter*, Henry' /^ and Salome (Perrvj Adams; res. Williamstovm, 


117. I Sophtonia P.', b. in. WOliiimstoinui Tt , De«: 16. 1815; m. April 23,. 

1837, Joel Crane; re«. Northfield. Tt. 


Seventh. Generation.] peter. 33!) 

ii. Pamelia', b. in Williamstown, April 9, 1818; d. in Xorthfield, Vt., 


iii. Salome', b. in Williamstown, March 17, 1820; m. Not. 10, 1850, Corne- 
lias Adams, son of Samuel and Fidelia (Esterbrooks) Adams. She 
d. 1 April, 1852. 

It. Parker, Jr , b in WilliamBtOTrn, March 10, 1822; m. Nov. 29, 18C0, 
Larinia P. Bryant, b. Aug. 19, 1826; d. 9 Sept., 1890. He d. 24 
Sept, 1872; no isane. 

V. Charles P.', b. in Williamstotni, April 24, 1824; 
m. (1) May 1, 1837, Elmine Graves, 
m (2) Caroline Graves Belden. He d. 9 June, 1808; no issue. 

118. vi. Rhoda F.', b. in WiUiamstown, April 30, 1820; m. May 14, 185", 

Chester Crane. She d. 9 July, 1864. 
vii. Perry S.', b. in WiUiamstown, June 27, 1823; d. 25 Feb.. 1829. 
viii. Martha Pauline', b. in WiUiamstown, Jan. 2, 1830; 
m. (1) Sept. 16. 1849, Silas Coffin. 

m. (2) Dec. 2"., 1853. J. B. Gray. She d. 5 April, 1857; no issue, 
ix. James Perry', b. in Williamstown, .Tune 15, 1832; m. July 4, 1857, 
Jane Flint ; rea. Biver Falls. Wis 

119. X. Ann E. ", b. in WiUiamstown, Dec 19, 1834; m. May 8, 1856, AUen H. 

Flint. She d. 18 Nov., 1853. 
xi. Henry S.', b. in WilUamstown, May 25, 1837; d 6 Feb.. 1842. 

120. xii. Rose Belle', b. in WUliamstown, March 21, 1844; m. Feb 27, 1870, 

Andrew J. Loveland; 5 chUdren. 

Children of Polly", (1700) [52] (Samue?, Capt. John*, John', 

Peter, Henry') and Andrus Reed; res. Brookfield, Vt. 

L David W. Reed, b. in WiUiamstown, Yt., May 31, 1816; m. Dec. 25. 
1852, EUzabeth D. Buck; res. Omro, Wis. ii. Rev. Andrus 
Adams Reed, b. in WiUiamstown, Jan. 13, 1818; m. May 20. 1843, 
AsenethD. Buck of Brookfield, Vt. ; M. E. clergyman; rea. Oshkosh, 
Wis. iii. Mary P. Reed, b in WUliamstown, June 13, 1820; d. 20 
June, 1857. iv. John Andrus Reed, b. in WiUiamstown. Sept. 18, 
1823; m. Sept. 10, 1850, Sophia Crane, b. Jan. 15, 1827; d. 1887; 
res. Brookfield, Vt. He d. 14 July, 1891. v. Maria Beed, b. in 
WiUiamstown. Oct. 28, 1825; d. 4 Oct.. 1827. vi. Maria E. Reed, 
b. iu WiUiamstown. July 30, 1827; d. 8. Aug., 1870. vii. WiUiam 
F. Reed, b. in WUliamstown, May 30, 1829; m. Aug. 24, 1854, Emma 
B. Gale, b. Aug. 30, 1834; res. East Brookfield. Vt. viii. Chester 
L. Reed, WiUiamstown, Aug 1. 1831; d. in the army, 18 June. 
1804. ix. George Reed, b. in WiUiamstown, May 17, 1834; 

Children of Selleck', (1765) [53] (Phineas', Isaac', John', 

Peter", Henr}-') and Anna ( ) Adams: res. Salisbury-, Conn. 

i. Sumner', b. iu SaUsbury, Conn., May 12, 1790. 

340 PETER. [Seventh Generation. 

ii. Jason-, b. in Salisbury, Feb. 12, 1793. 
iii. Jeremiah', b. in Salisbury, June 5, 1794. 
iv. Hiram', b. in Salisbury, June 22, 1700. - 

V. John T.', b. in Salisbury, Nov. 0, 1768. 

vi. Jotten', b. in Salisbury, April 5, 1801 . (No trace of this family is 

Children of Dr. Peter Charles', (1763) [54] (Joshua*, Isaac*, 
John', Peter', Henry") and Christian (Van Bergen) Adams ; res. 
Coxsackie, N. Y. 

121. i. Dr. Henry', b. in Coxsackie, N. T., Jan. 0. 1837; m. 1823, Ajpies 

Egberts; she d. 13 Jan., 1861. Dr. Adams was the Brigade Surgeon 
at Sacketts Harbor in the war of 1312-14. He removed to Cohoea, 
N. Y., and d. there, very greatly esteemed, 6 July, 1757. 

ii. Rhoda', b. in Coxaackie, Jan. 7, 17S0; m. Feb. 14, 1810, Isaac A. Hol- 
lenbeck of Coxsackie, X. Y. - She died in Coxsackie, without issue, 
22 Oct., 1842. 

iii. Peter", b. in Coxsackie, Aug 29, 1792; d. unm., 12 May, 1814. 

iv. William Van Bergen', b. in Coxsackie, Dec. 6, 1795; d. unm., 21 
March, 1831. 

122. V. Herman Cuyler", b. in Coxsackie, Sept. 23, 1798; m. Sept. 30. 1821, 

Adeline Reed. dan. of Roswell Reed of Coxsackie, b. 1800; d. 1858. 
He settled in New York, and d. 8 March, 1870. 
vi. Eleanor Eliza', b. in Coxsackie, Aug. 12, 1801; d. num., 11 March, 

vii. Anna Maria', b. in Coxsackie, April 6, 1804; m. July 21, 1831, Walter 

R. Jones. She d. 31 July, 184.5. 
viii. Charlotte Christina', b. in Coxsackie, Nov. 11, 1800; 
m. (1) June 3, 1841, Henry Tomlinson. 

m. (2) March 18, 1850, William Farmer of Coxsackie. She d. 20 
May, 1872; no issue..-. 

Children of Pelatiah.',  (1765) [55]' (Joshua', Isaac*, John', 
Peter', Henry') and Hannah (Best) Adams; res. Skaneateles, 
Onondaga Co., N. Y. ^ 

i. Benjamin'. Te«. Capwndaigua, N;^Y-. 
ii. Catherine'., 
iii. Jenette'. 

iv. William;-,.m. Joanna LoTeland, datu of: Samuel and (Bamet) 

Loveliiad. He d. in Brooklyn, N. Y..; left one dan. 
V. John% d. nnm in Philadelphia,. Pa. 
vi. Louisa'.  
vii. Lavinia*, 
123. : viii. Henry', b. in 8kaneatale«» N. T., March 2* 1815; m. 1849, Mary Ann 
Bell of New York City. He began as a clerk of a grocery store in 
Albany; removed in 1835 to New York; since 1844he haa beena cum- 
misMoa broker; ren. Brooklya,.N.Y;< 

Seventh Generation.] peter. 341 

Children of Isaac", (1763) [56] (Jeremiah', Isaac', John*, 
Peter', Henry') and Hannah (Fletcher) Adams ; res. So. Hero, Vt. 

124. L Milo', b. in Potiltnej, Tt., March 11, 1785; m. Thankful BockwelL 

She m. 2nd, about 1822, Ell Barnum. He d. in So. Hero, Vt., 12 
Dec, 1816, age 31. 

125. ii. Abial', b. in Poultney, May 4, 1787; m. Nov. 25, 1817. Susan Sey- 

mour, b. atE. Hartford, I onn., Oct. 2i», 1799; d. at BauKor, N. Y., 
23 Sept., 1805. He d. at Bangor, N. Y., 17 May. 1859. 
iii. Dorothy', b. in So. Hero, Vt., Nov. 11, 1769; d. yonng. 

126. iv. Eunice', b. in So. Hero, Dec. 9, 1791; m. Miner Le\ri8 of Burke, N. Y. 
v. Danier, b. in So. Hero, Nov. 12, 1793. 

vi. Alice', b. in So. Hero, April 17, 1795; d. young, 
vii. Hiram', b. in So. Hero, Aug. 7, 1600. 
viii. Lura', b. in So. Hero, Dec. 29, 1802; d. unm., Nov., 1834. 

Children of Col. Pliny', (IT67) [57] (Jeremiah', Isaac', John', 
Peter', Henrj-') and Lucretia (Vail) Adams ; res. Hampton, 
Washington Co., N. Y. 

i. Harry Vail', b. in Poultney, Vt. Oct. 10, 1791; d. 21 Oct.. 1816. 

127. ii. John P.', b. in Poultney, May 4, 1793; m. 1820-5, Aurelia 'Woodman. 

He d. about 1843. 

128. iii. Nathaniel Smith', b. in Hampton, N. Y., Sept. 4, 1799; m. Lucretia 

. He d. in Hampton, 18 March, 1823, in his 25th year. 

129. iv. Fanny C.% b. in Hampton, May 1, 1800; m. 1824, Daniel Mallory, Jr., 

of Poultney, Vt. 

He was b. in Cheshire, Conn., Feb. 23, 1791, and came to Poult- 
ney with his father in 1794. He m. 1st, Sarah, dau. of John Stanley, 
who d. Boou. Fanny C. was his 2nd wife. He was a merchant; re- 
moved about 1870 to Delavan, Wis., where he d. 20 Feb., 1870. 
Fanny C. d. in Delavan. Wia., 29 Oct., 1884. 

130. V. Mary', b. in Hampton, Nov. 9, 1807; m. July, 1830, Hon. Francis H. 

Buggies, the youngest son of Seth Buggies of Poultney, b. June 
35, 1807. 

He waa a lawyer in Fredonia, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., where he 
became Judge of the County, State Senator and Canal Commis- 
siouer. He was appointed consul to Jamaica, W. I., in 1802, and 
d. in New York City in May, 1805, while occupj-ing his position. 
Mary d. in Corning, N. Y , 21 Jan., 1884. 

131. vi. Channcey Langdon', b. in Hampton, Dec. 5, 1809; m. March 5, 1835, 

Lodice Willson of Glens Falls. N. Y. He d. in San Francisco, CaL, 
vii. Ann Eliza', b. in Hampton. July. 1811; d. 5 Oct., 1831, in her 2lBt 

342  PETER. [Seventh Generation. 

Children of Jeremiah*, (ITt'.S) [58] (Jeremiah', Isaac', John', 
Peter*, Henry') and Patience (Earl) Adams ; res. Whitehall, N. Y. 

i. Patrick Hale-, b. in TVTiitehall, N. T., Feb. 22, 1791; d. unm., at 
Whitehall, 1869. 
1.32. ii. Orange", b. in Whitehall, Oct. 29, ISOO; m. Sept 13, 1827, Sarah 
Lawrence Kingman, dan. of N . W. Kingman, Esq. , of St. Albans, 
Vt. She d. 1 July, 1891. He was a merchant and banker; res. St. 
Albans, "Vt. ; d. 10 March, 1889. 
iii. Mary\ b. in Whitehall, Oct. 20, 1802; d. 11 March, 1823. 
iv. Emily', b. in Whitehall, Sept. 17, 1804; d. 16 Nov., 1810. 'X 

V. Jeremiah', b. in Whitehall, Sept. 4. I8OQ 1 d.lSS^ ::::::^''''''^^ ' 
•ri. Lucretift', b. in "Whitehall, Aug. 10. 1806; m. about 1830, John H. 
Boyd, Esq., of Whitehall. She d. 4 Sept., 1831; a child d. in 
i vii. Daniel Earl', b. in "Whitehall, May 30,^ 1811 ; d. 6 Aug., follotdng. 
viii. Daniel Earl', b. in Whitehall, 1812; d. young, 
ix. Hiram', b. in Whitehall, Dec. 7, 1314; d. unm , 1863. 
133. X. John Pliny', b. in Whitehall, Feb. 24, 1819; m. Dec. 18, 1849, Lu^ 
F. Kirtland, dan. of Wm. Henry Kirtland of Whitehall. N. Y. ; d. 
28 May, 1891. He is living. 18H6; res. Whitehall, N. Y. 

Children of Alice', (177-2) [59] (Jeremiah', Isaac', John', 
Peter', Henry') and Abraham Beman ; res. Hampton, N. Y. 

i. Harry Beman, b. in Hampton, N. Y. ; m. his cousin, a ■widow, and 
dan. of Rev. Dr. Beman. H j d. in New Orleans, La. ii. Samuel 
Beman, b. in Hampton; m. Mrs. Cane of Georgia; res. Hampton, 
^' N. Y. ; d. 1854. iii. Fanny Adams Beman, b. in Hampton, 1811; 

m. 1832, Hon. Ahiman Lewis Miner, son of Dea, Gideon Miner, 
who was admitted to the bar, 1832; began practice in Wallingford; 
removed to Manchester, Vt , 1835, where he was Probate Judge, 
District Attorney, Representative and Senator in the "Vermont Leg- 
islature, and member of Congress for 2 years; d. July, 1886. She 
d. 18-52. IT. Eliza Bemait;; m. Sram French. 

Children of Sophia*, (1774) [60] (Jeremiah', Isaac*, John', . 
Peter", Henry') and George Douglass; res. E. Whitehall, N. Y. 

i. Charlotte Douglass, b. in Manchester, Yt:„ 1796; m. James Martling, 
b. 1794; d. IT.March, 1874. She d. in E. Whitehall, N. Y., 1 April, 
1866, age 70. ii. Charles Douglass; m. Clarissa Robbina; she m. 
2nd, Zebnlon Rogers. He 4L inE. Whitehall, N. Y. iii. Erastua 
Backus Donglassr b. Sept. 24. 1800; m. \ng. 8, 1821, Margaret^ 
Marray,b. June 15.1801; d. 20 Not., 1874.. He d. in E. "Whitehall, 
X. Y. . 1 Feb., 1891, age 90 years. 4 months, 8 days- rv. Hiram. 

Seventh Generation.] peter. 343 

Dongl«88, b. 18M; m. (1) Margaret ("Wood) Falkenberry. She d. 8 
Jnlv, 1835, age 54 years, 9 months; m. c2) Clarinda (Parks) Beck- 
TTith, b. May 29, 1807; d. 17 Ang., 1883. He d. in E. Whitehall, 21 
Dec, 1881, age 78. v. Mary Donglaas, b. 1808. vi. Sarah M. 
Douglass, b. in E. Whitehall, March 30, 1816; living, 1897, nnm. 

Children of Rhoda', (177S) [61] (Jeremiah', Isaac*, John', 
Peter', Henr>'') and Hosea Williams ; res. Danby, Vt. 

i. John Q. A. Williams, b. in Danby, Vt., 1797; m. March, 1823, 
Minerva Anderson of Manchester, Vt. ii. Harriet Williams, b. in 
Rutland, Vt, Dec. 25, 1799; m. at Danby, Vt., Dec. 2, 1315, Daniel 
Griffith. Shed. inJackson Co., Mich., April, 1847. iiL Hnan Wil- 
liams, b. July, 1802; d. in Danby, Vt., 21 Oct., 1805, age 3 years. 2 
mouths, 27 days. iv. Horatio Nelson Williams, b. in Danby, Vt, 
Aug. 14, 1805; m. Sept, 1845. Susan M. Purdy of Manchester, Vt. 
He <1. at Mt Vernon, O., 25 Aug., 1839; a son, Henry Jay Williams 
in Des Moines, la. v. Plin Adams Williams, b. in Danby, Oct 
23, 180S; m. at Newark, O., Dec. 1, 1840, Rachel R. Qnnn. He d. 
at So. Chiirleston. Madison Co., O., 26 May, 1849; adao., Harriet 
Buel, in Barlington, la. vi. Lncretia Adams WiUianu, b. in 
Danby, July 11, 1815; m. Jan. 21, 1841, Clark Dunham of Newark, 
O. She d. in Barlington, la. vii. Charlotte Blackmer Williams, 
b. in Danby, March 2, 1818; m. July 28, 1840, Dr. Albert Barrows, 
b. in Dorset, Vt, Jan. 30, 1815; res. Newark, O. She is living, 1897. 
viii. Sarah Folger Williams, b.- in Danby, Feb. 28, 1824; m. May 

22, 1845, John Lewis Brown; res. Newark, O. She is living, 1897. 

Children of Xancy') (1791) [62] (Jeremiah', Isaac*, John', 
Peter', Henry") and Benjamin Warren Horr; res. Lansingburg, 

N. Y. 

i. Lnma Strong Horr, b. in Poultney, Vt, July 31, 1815; m. May 9, 
1837, at Circleville, O., Ebenezer Buckingham. She d. in Canton, 
O., 7 March, 1866. ii. John Pliny Horr, b. in Poultney, Ang. 

23, 1820. iii. Benjamin Daua Horr, b. in Lansingburg, N. T., 
July 28. 1822. 

Children of Dea. John F.", (178 7) [63] (Jeremiah', Isaac*, 
John', Peter', Henry") and Betsey (McNaughty) Adams; res. 
Lyme, O. 

i. John McNatighty', b. in Poultney, Vt, .Ipril 15, 1814. 

He graduated at Yale College, 1338, and became a teacher in 
Natchez, Jliss., where he d. num., in 1840. 
ii. Harriet Annette', b. in Ohio; (date withheld); living unm., 1895, 
Milan. O. 

344 PETER. [Seventh Generation. 

Children of Judith*, (1749) [84] (Ebenezer*, Peter*, Dr. 
Peter*, Peter", Henr)-') and Timothy Kingsbury ; res. Wrentham, 

L Asa Elingsbnry. ii. Adams Kingsbury. iii. Sasantm Kingsbttry. 

Children of piloses", (1T40) [65] (Peter', Jr., Peter*, Dr. 

Peter', Peter", Henr}-') and Abigail ( ) Adams ; res. Franklin, 


i. Abigail', b. in Franklin, Mass., d. 5 Sept., 1730. 
134. ii. Caleb', b. in Franklin; m. Aug. 4, 1799, Melatiah (Rockwood) Hol- 
brook, dau of Joseph Rockwood, b. April 14, 1762; wido^v of Asa 
Holbrook, and mother of Col. Cephas Holbrook and Mrs. Ichabod 

Caleb was a hotel keeper in Bellingham , Mass. , and Woonsocket, 
B. I. ; d. in Bellingham, Mass. 

Children of Moses*, (1749) and Chloe Wrijrht (Clark) Adams. 

185. iii. Peter, b. in Franklin, July 21, 1784; m. April 3. 1814, in Holliston, 
Anne Underwood Cloflln. He d. in Medway, Mass., 18 March, 1805, 
age 80 years, 7 months, 27 days. 

136. iv. Capt. Joseph', b. in Bellingham, Sept. 23, 1790; 

m. CI) Jemima Alden, dau. of Dea. Noah Alden of BeUingham, 
b. 1789; d. Dec, 1833, age 09. 

m. (2) XoT. 2. 1809, Mrs. Maria Bangs Cook, widow of Emory Cook, 
who d. 6 XoT., 1853. She was b. May 20, 1807, and d. 1 Aug., 1884. 
He was a wheelwright; d. in Bellingham Centre, 22 Feb., 1871, age 
80 years, 5 months, 25 days. , • 

137. V. Jonathan', b. in Bellingham, June, 1765; 

m. CI; June 15, 1820, Olive Miller Fales, dan. of Nathan F. Fales 
of Wrentham, Mass., b. Aug. 15, 1800, d.. 18 Feb., 1827. 

m. (2) May 27, .1831, Esther Ware of No. Wrentham; she d. 1 
Feb. ^ 1833, ag^e 37 years, 4 months. 

m. (3) Aug. 28, 183&. Olire Smith of Watpole. Mass. She m. 2nd,t 
Wm. £. Fales, and d. 4 April, 1883. . He d. in No. Wrentham, Mass., 
3 Sept., 1837, age 42 years,. 3 months, 
vi. Chloe', b. in Bellingham. April 28, 1803; d. nnm., at the Old Ladies' 
Home in Boston, 9 July, 1869;. bailed in Mt. Hope Cemetery. 

Children of Darius', (177t>) [6C>] (George*, George*, Dr;- 

Peter", Peter*, Henry') and Julia (Ellis) Adams ; res. Franklin,- 

^lass., and Richmond, X. H. 

L DariuS'E.', b. in Franklin. Masa^, 1797V d. 26 July, same year, 
ii. Julia', b. in Franklin. I7V0. 

Seventh Generation.] peter. 345 

iii. Obed E.', b. in Franklin, Feb. 5, 1801; m. Jnne 5, 182.'5, in DoTer, N. 
H., Salina Burley of Exeter, N. H.; merchant in Boston; removed 
to Richmond, N. H., 1850; retorned to Boston, 1865; d. 1880. 

iv. Simeon P.', b. in Franklin (or Medfield?), April 8, 1803; merchant in 
Boston; member of Legislature, 1861; d. onm., 1880. 

T. Sarah', b. in Medfield, Dec. 8, 1805, d. 1849. 

vi. Oliver E. ', b. in Medfield, June 29, 1339, d. 1816. 

Children of George', (1792) [67] (George*, George', Dr. 
Peter*, Peter', Henr)-') and Experience (Cook) Adams; res. 
Franklin, Mass. 

i. Silence', b. AprU 17, 1824. 

ii. Elizabeth-, b. July 1.^, 1S26. 

iii. Bachel', b. Jan. 22, 1828. 

iv. Sarah", b. Oct. 4, 1830 

V. Experience', b. July 17, 1832. 

Children of John', (177S) [fiS] (Samuel', Joseph', Jr., Joseph', 
Peter', Henry') and Elizabeth (Benson) Adams; res. Shelby, 
MacombXo., Mich. 

138. i. Ardon', b. in Hampton, N. T., Dec. 2-5, 1793; m. Dec. 22, 1820, Julia 

Morris, b. in Hampton, K. Y., Aug. 1, 1804, d. 22 Nov., 1843. He 
d. in Shelby, Mich., 12 July, 1846. 
ii. Broughton', b. in Hampton, 1804; m. Phebe Cole, who d. without 
issue, 6 May, 1883. They adopted the children of his sister, Bachel 
Tabbs. Settled in Decatur, Van Buren Co., Mich., where he d. 25 
Dec, 1878. 

139. iii. John', Jr., b. in Hampton, April 29, 1808; 

m. (1> March 20, 1835, Alma Demmon of Friendship, N. T., b. 
May 2, 1810, d. 23 Jan.. 1849. 

m. (2) Aug. 3, 1849, Mrs. Catherine Payne Smith, b. Aug. 0, 1817; 
living in 1897. He settled in Shelby, Mich., and d. 20 Dec.. 1875. 

140. iv. George', b. in Hampton about 1812; 

m. (1) about 1836, Maria Walker; she d. 1844. 
m. (2) 1845, Bosanna Slack; settled in Lapeer, Mich.; P. O., 
Attica, Mich. 

141. V. Salmon', b. in Alleghany Co., N. Y., 1814; m. about 1837, Jemsha 

Leach; she d. 1880; settled in Lai^eer Co.. near Attica, Mich., d. 

142. vi. Rnchel', b. in Alleghany Co., X. Y. ; m. Alonzo Tubbs. 

143. vii. Fanny', b. in Alleghany Co., X. Y. ; m. Collins Vaughn; settled iu 

New York State. 

346 PETER. [Seventh Generation. 

Children of Simon', (17S1) [69] (Samuel*, Joseph*, Jr.,. 
Joseph', Peter', Henr>-') and Eunice (Baker) Adams ; res. Wells- 
ville, N. Y. 

i. Polly', b. in Andover, N. T., July 27, 1815; m. July 1, 1832, Benjamin 
Shoemaker. She d. 28 Ang., ItiGS. 
144. ii. Anson Abyram', b. in Belmont, N. T., Feb. 23. 1817; 

m. (1) Sept. 20, 1835, Alma Button, b. 1815, d. 17 Sept., 1878. 
m. (21 1879, AuguBta Applebee; res. TVinlock, Waah. 
iii. Edna Eliza', b. in WellsTille, . N. Y., July 2, 1819; m'. May 3, 1835,. 
AJanson Holt; res. Decatur, Mich. 
145 iv. Bachel', b. in 'WellBTille. Oct. 19, 1822: m. Oct. 17, 1840, Simeon 
Hazen, b. Dec. 1, 1811, d. 14 Dec, 1876. She d. 20 March, 1887. 

146. V. Simon Burrill', b. in Wellsville, Oct. 18. 1823; m. Jan 20, 1849, Sally 

M. GoTvdy, dau. of Elam and Lucy (Stroud) Gowdy of Oneida Co., 
N. Y. ; her grandfather John, a soldier of the Revolution. She 
was b. Nov. 13, 1827; res. Wellsville, N. Y. 
vi. Eunice Lydia', b. in Wellsville, Oct. 27, 1827; m. Nov. 9, 1854, 
Noadiah Adams, son of Luther and Harriet (Howe) Adams; res. 
Decatur, Mich. ; no issue. 

147. vii. Harriet Ann', b. in Wellsville, April 16, 1831 ; m. Feb. 12, 1846, John 

M. Dayton; res. Wellsville, N. Y. 

Children of Willard", (17S6) [70] (Samuel', Joseph', Jr.. 
Joseph', Peter", Henr>'') and Esther (Baker) Adams ; res. And- 
over, N. Y. 

i. Lucinda', b, in Elm Valley, N. Y. ; m. Washington Henderson. 

148. u. W. Bradley', b. in Elnu VaUey, Jan. 1, 1823; m. May 4, 1848, Harriet 

Houghtaling, b. Nov. 29, 1823, d. 25 April, 1891. Hed. 24 Dec, 1894. 
iii. Parker', b. in Elm. "Valley, 183t; d. unm., 18-50; killed by a runaway 
team. . 

Children of Luther*, (1790) [71] (Samuel*. Joseph*, Jr., 
Joseph', Peter", Henry-') and Harriet (Howe) Adams; res. Friend- 
ship, Alleghany Co., N. Y., 

140. i. Zilpha% b. in. Friendship,. N. Y:, Nov;.24i 1829; m. Jan. 25, 185t, 

Cl^as. Palmer; res. Staunartls Comers, N. Y.. 
iL Noadiah-, b. in Friendship, Dec. 18, 1820;, m. Nov. 9, 1854, Ennice- 
Lydia Adams, dan. of Simon and Ennice' (Baker) Adams of Wella.^ 
ville, N. Y. He 8ettle<l in Decatur, Mich.; d. spring of '95; no issue, 
iii Somner, b. in Friendship, May 17, 1833; m. Jan. 1, 1861, Lucy- 
Sorter; d. 2 Sept., l8«»4rno issue. 
150. iv. Cynthia', b. in Friendship,. Feb; 13, 1837; m. March; 11, IS-M, Boswell 
McQueen; rea. Sdo. N..Y. 

15T. V. Harriet S.'. b. in Friendship, Dec. 1?. lS44;m. Benjamin P. Perkin»r 
1 chikl, Nettie; res. Wellsville. Shed. 8 May, 1871. 

Seventh Generation.] peter. 347 

Child of Anson A.', (1T9S) [72] (Samuel*, Joseph*, Jr., 
Joseph', Peter', Henry') and Amanda (Brown) Adams ; res. Scio, 
N. Y. 

i. Phebe'. b. in 3cio, N. Y., ISS.'S; m. Wtn. Farnum of Wellflrille, K. Y. 
She d. 24 Dec, 1897, age 52; no issue. 

Children of Bradley', (1S02) [73] (Samuel', Joseph', Jr., 
Joseph', Peter', Henry') and Ellathea (Smith) Adams ; res. Law- 
rence, N. Y. 

i. Polly', b. in PonJtney, Vt., April 24, 1827; m. Oct. 26, 1857, Joel 
ButJer; res. Gonrerneor. N. Y. ; no issne. 

152. ji. Bnrrill", b. in Lawrence, N. Y., April 2-5, 1831; m. May 1, 1856, Ade- 

line M. Beiggs; res. Andover, Day Co., So. Dak. 

153. iii. Willard', b. in Lawrence, April 11, 1833, m. Dec. 8, 1859, Charlotte 

M. Brownell; res. Lawrence, N. Y. He d. 15 April, 1880. 
iv. Cynthia', b. in Lawrence, Sept. 10, 1840; d. 14 Jan., 1843. 
V. Anson', b. in Lawrence, Jan. 18, 1843; d, 7 March, 1845. 

154. vi. Halsey', b. in Lawrence, Sept 1, 1844; ni. Dec. 25, 1846, Hepsey 

Brownell; rea. Ft. Jackson, N. Y. 

Children of Parker', (1 787) [74] (Abner', Joseph', Jr., Joseph', 
Peter', Henry') and Hannah Holden (Loomis) Adams ; res. Mid- 
dletown, Vt. 

i. Serinda', b. iu Ponltney, Vt, Jan. 17, 1811 ; d. 10 March, 1813. 

155. ii. Alan8on\ b. in Poultney, Nov. 30, 1812; 

m. (1) Jan. 19, 1836, Lovisa Keyes, d. 30 May, 1866. 
m. (2) April 30, 1867, Betsey Jane Ange^ine. He d. in Ponltney, 
Vt, 10 Feb., 1888. 
iii. Chloe', b. in Ponltney, Feb. 14, 1816, d. 11 Oct, 1819. 

156. iv. Lucas M.", b. in Ponltney, Aug. 22, 1813; m. March 27, 184), 

Eliza Spafford, dan. of Daniel and Hannah (Smith) Speifford, b. iu 
Tinmouth, Vt, Oct 20, 1816. He removed in 1845 to Wanbec, la. ; 
d. 23 May, 1897, at Xew Hartford, la. 

157. v. Lucius B.', (twin) b. in Ponltney, Aug. 22, 1818; m. April! 8, 1845, 

Sally Maria Keyes; d. inMiddletown, Vt, 30 Jan., 188.5. He was a 
farmer, retired; res. Rutland, Vt 
vi. John Q.', b. in Ponltney, March 30, 1824; studied medicine; d. in 
Boston, 8 Sept. 1846. 

Children of Abner', Jr., (1793) [75] (Abner', Joseph*, Jr., 
Joseph', Peter', Henry') and Matilda (Ward) Adams; res. Fair- 
fax. Vt. 

The children were two daughters, Perley and Louisa, one of 
whom m. a Dunlap and the other m. a Sweet; they probably re- 
moved to Wisconsin. 

348  PETER. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Mary\ (1799j [70] (John*, LL. D., Capt. John', 

Capt. John*, John'. Peter', Henr}-') and Rev. Daniel Hemenway; 

res. Suffield, Conn. ' 

i. Mary Adams Hemenway, b. July 16, 1822; d. 13 Dec. 1885. ii. 
Sarah Elizabeth HemenTray, b. March 12, 1824; m. June 10, 1845, 
Edwin Holmnn. iii. Miriam WuUey Hemenway, b. Jan. 13, 

182C, d. 27 March. 1883. ir. John Adams Hemenway, b. Feb. 
20, 1828; m. Feb. 18, 1338, Eliza Maria Rising. v. Elizabeth 
Bipley Hemenway, b. May 13, 1830, d. 13 Sept., 1837. vi. George 
Cowles Hemenway, b. Dec. .8, 1832, d. 11 Dec, 1834. 

Children of Rev. Jolln•Ripley^ (lSO-2) [77] (John", LL. D., 
Capt. John', Capt. John', John',. Peter', Henr^-') and Mar>' Ann 
(McGregor) Adams ; res. Londonderrj-, N. H. 

i. J. McGregor', b. in Londonderry, X. H., March 11, 1834; m. July 12, 
1864, Mrs. Jane Rockwell King of Martinsburg. Lewis Co., N. Y. 
He settled in Chicago. Oct., 1858; firm of Adams A: Westlake; no 

158. ii. Elizabeth McGregor', b. in Londonderry, Oct. 1, 1836; m. July 27, 

1864, Edward Strong Dwight, D. D., b. in New Haven, Conn., 
April 30, 1820; d. at Hadley, Mass., 12 Nov., 18!>0. She d. in Had- 
ley, Mass., 4 July, 1870. 
iii. Capt. Albert Egerton', b. in Great Falls, N. H., Aug. 22, 1840; m. 
Sept. 5, 1873, Elizabeth Livingstone Steele. He was a manufac 
tnrer; res. Chicago, 111.; d. 4 Jan., 1896; no issue. 

Child of Rev. Willianf, D. D., (1S07) [7S] (John', LL. D., 
Capt. John', Capt. John', John', Peter', Henr)-') and Susan P. 
(Magoun) Adams^; res. Ne^v York City. 

i. William', b. Xov. 24, 1832;. d. same day. ; 

Children of , Rev. William', D. D., (lSo7); and Martha B, 
(Magoun) Adams; 

ii. Thatcher Magonn'.b. Nov. 2.5, 1837; m. Jan. 5, 1871, Frances- Bob- 
bins. He is an attorney is. Nev York City; no iaaoe. . 

159. iii. William', b. Jan. 31. 1840, m. May 14, 1867, Helen Coolid^.  He. d. 

at Searsdale,. N. J., 14 Jxily, 1888. ; 

160. iv.; Mary Elizabeth', b. May 80; 184?; m-.^ov. 9, 1864, Johnj Crosby • 

Brown; a banker; res-. New York City.' 

161. V. Susan Magoun', b. Feb. 23, 1847; m. Feb. 8, 1872, Engene- Delano, a' 

banker in Philadelphia, Pa. ' 
vL Henry Stuarf , b. April 8„ 1849, d. It^^ Oct., 1832., 

Eighth Generation.] peter. 349 

Children of Harriet Hannah', (,1809) [79] (John*, LL. D., 
Capt. John', Capt. John', John', Peter', Henry') and John Q. A. 
Edgell; res. Andover, Mass. 

i. Snsan Elizabeth Edgell, b. April 11, 1834, d. 11 Sept., 1839. ii. 
John Adams Edgell, b. Nov. 13. 1835. d. 23 July, 1839. iii. 
George Cowles Edgell, b. Ang 8, 1840, d. 17 March, 1851. iv. 
Harriet Elizabeth Edgell, b. Oct 19, 1847, m. Oct. 19, 1889, Edw. 
C ChamberlaiD. 

Child of Abby Ann', (ISll) [80] (John', LL. D., Capt. John', 
Capt. John', John', Peter', Henry') and Rev. Albert M. Egerton; 
res. Methuen, Mass. 

i Daniel Egerton, b. Dec. 29, 1841; d. 21 Nov., 1802. 

Children of Abby Ann' (1S12) and Richard M. Orme; res. 
Milledgeville, Ga. 

i. Alary Elizabeth Orme, b. Feb. 0, 1844; m. Nov. 2, 1869, Rev. Wm. 
Kinn, D. D. She d. 8 Aug., 1871. ii. John Adams Orme, b. 
Dec. 27, 184.5; m. April 15, 1874. Olivia J. Bates. iii. William 
Archibald Orme, b. Jan. 10, 1849; m. Nov. 12, 1872, Susan Heath, 
iv. Anna Ripley Orme, b. Sept. 27, 1*51; m. May 4, 1880, Charles 
Crawford. v. Edward Dunning Orme, b. Feb. 27, 1853. 

Children of Emily Jane', (1S14) [SI] (John*, LL. D., Capt. 
John', Capt. John*, John', Peter", Henry') and Joseph H. Ban- 
croft; res. Jacksonville, 111. 

i. John Adams Bancroft, b. Ang. 15, 1846; m. Dec. 18, 1872, Ollie 
Downing. He d. 19 Feb., 1876. ii. Emily Adams Bancroft, b. 
Sept. 25, 1849, d. 15 Oct.. 1853. iii. William Adams Bancroft, b. 
July 20, 1800; m. Jan. 19, 1888, Emily B. Topping. 

Children of Jonathan Sabin', (1S02) [82] (Capt. Joshua', Capt. 
John', Capt. John*, John', Peter', Henry') and Abigail (Tower) 
Adams; res. Fitzwilliam, N. H. 

102. i. Mary Abby, b. in Fitzwilliam. N. H., Nov. 22, 1833; m. May 25, 
1853, Norman Underwood Cahill, son of John B. ajid Margaretta 
(Allen) Cahill, b. inMachiaa, Me., Jan. 20, 1830. He m. 2nd, Oct. 
17, 1878, Georgiana (Borden) Hall, widow of Chaa. K. HalL Mary 
Abby d. in Fitzwilliam, March, 1875. 
ii. Lysander T.^ b. in Fitzwilliam, April 16, 1830, d. 25 May, 1836. 
iii. Hannah Anrelia', b. in Fitzwilliam, June 2, 1837; m. June, 1865, 
Morris Collins, a merchant of St. Louis, Mo. (his 2nd wife). He 
d. in Jacksonville, 111. 
She was a teacher in St. Lonis in 1850-1861 ; lost her i>OBition as 

350 PETER. [Eighth Generation. 

teacher on the breakingout of the war, 1861, because of her anion 
views, and became Secretary of the Ladies Union Aid Society, 
served as a prominent and snccessfnl narse and leader in the Sani- 
tarj- Commission; res. Eansas City, Ma 
1C3. iv. Catherine Ambra-, b. in Fitzwilliam, Jane 23, 1840; m. Oct. 17, 1765, 
John McClary Parker, a soldier who enlisted in Jnly, 1861, in the 
Sd Is. JI. Reg. and served 3 years and 3 months. He was b. Sept. 
17, 183C. Catherine Ambra d. 19 March, 1809. 
V. John Sabin-, b. inFitzwilliam, April 29, 1842. 

He enlisted for 9 months in Co. F, 16th Beg N. H. Vols. ; was 
left sick at Cairo, 111., Aug. 9, 1863, and d. on his way home in the 
hospital at Mound City, 10 Aug., 1803. 
■ri. Bichard Anstis, b. in Fitzwilliam. Sept. 23, 1844, d. 27 April, 1850. 
viL Martha Amelia', b. in Fitrwillinm, March 17, 1847, d. 7 Jan., 1856 

Child of Mar)- M.'. (1S04) [S3} (Capt. Joshua", Capt. John'. 
Capt. John', John', Peter', Henr}-') and John K. Holbrook; res. 
Pomfret, Conn. 

i Catherine Adams Holbrook, b. in Pomfret. Conn., Sept. 7, 1834; m. 
about 1860, Jasou Elliot Green, b. in Thompson, Conn., Au{j. 28. 

Children of Catherine F.\ (1S06) [S4] (Capt. Joshua', Capt. 
John', Capt. John', John', Peter', Henrj-'; and Maj. Curtis 
Coolidge; res. Fitzwilliam, N. H. 

i Edward Russell Coolidge, b. April 15, 1827, d. young. ii Ellen 
Augusta Coolidge, b. Oct. 8, 1829, d. 24 June, 1832. iii. Ellen 
Augusta Coolidge, b. May 12, 1832, d. 6 May, 1839. iv. Henry 
Cnrtia Coolidge, b. De&' 29, 1834, d. 8 June, 1838. v. John 
Adams-Coolid^, b. April 19, 1837; m. Ella Bell of Memphis, Tenn. ; 
d. Felfc, 1887; res. La Orange^ Temu 

Children of, John', (IJ-lo) [S5] (Moses*, Capt. John', Capt. 

John', John',-. Peter*, Henrj-') and Nancj- (Fisher) Adams; res. 

Ellsworth, O. 

164. L John Paschalls Jackson Co., TTis., S«pt. 15, 1854; m. Dec. 27, 
1881, at Oeneva, O., Ellen Antoinette Chapman. He is second 
Tice President and Statistician of the Horseahoera' National Proteo- : 
tive Association; rea. Glenville, Coyahoga Co., O. 

ii. Sarah Eliza", b. in Jackson Co., "VTis., Jane 6, 185ff; m. Jane 12, 1870,. 
at Salem, O., Jamea Beatty. . 

iiL Jamea Fisher', b. in Jackson Co.. Jnne 13, 1639^ m. March 14, 1831, at 
Elkport, la... Julia Warren; res. Elkport,^ Clajrton Co. , lowu. 

iv. Aladdin T.'. b. in Ellsworth. O., March 30. 1801; rea. Erie, Pa. , 

▼. Mary E.-, b. in Soiem, 0-, Nov. 2, 1863. 

Eighth Generation.] peter. 351 

Children of Henry Paschair, (ISIG) [S6] (Moses', Capt. John', 
Capt. John', John', Peter, Henry") and Rachel (Rose) Adams ; 
res. Kipton, O. 

103. i. Moses Paschall-, b. iu Ellaworth, O., Dec. 9, 1841; m. Dec. 20, 18T0. 

Eliza W. Stereiu, dan. of Elijah and Jndith iLeland) Sterens and 

great granddaaghter of Henry Lee of Virginia, b. March 23, ISl'i. 

He was a private in Co. D, 143d Beg. Ohio Tola. ; res. Zanes- 

Tille. O. 
IOC. . ii. ThomafrRose', b. in Henrietta, 0., June 8, 1844; m. May 31, 1877, at 

Pittsburg, Pa , Anna C. Goolburg. 

He enlisted July 29, 1802, in Co. B, 104th Keg. Ohio Tols. ; 

served at Gen. Campbell's headquarters; -was mustered out with his 

Co , June 17, 180-5; d. at Pittsburg, Pa.. 5 Oct., 1890. 

Children of Anna Jane', (IS19) [S7] (Moses", Capt. John', 
Capt. John*, John', Peter', Henry') and Dr. Mordecai B. Hughes; 
res. Ellsworth, O. 

i. Sarah Elizabeth Hughes, b. Jan. 25, 1840; m. 1862, Thomas Conrin 
Bipley; res. Alliance, O. She d. 5 Jan.. 1884. ii. Martha Ann 
Hughes, b. Jan. 13, 1842; m. 1860, James A Brown; res. Rock 
Creek, Ashtabula Co., O. She d. 1 March, 1887. iii. Dr. Edward 
Hughes, b. April 18, 1843; m. 1800, Rebecca Bates; res. Collins, 
ville. Graypon Co., Tex. He enlisted in 1802 and served in the 
Union army. iv. James A. Hughes, b. March 20, 1845; m. 1867. 
Mary Ann Kinselwood. He served 4 years in the Union army; was 
in forty battles; had three horses shot under him; is now a farmer; 
res. Oberlin, Decatur Co., Kan. v. Paschall Boone Hughes, b. 
Dec. 7, 1840; m. 1870, Elma Frances Sharpnock; res. Mesa City, 
Arizona. vi. Dr. Henry Adams Hughes, b. Nov. 12, 1848; m. 
1871, Mary Virginia Inge; res. Phoenix, Arizona. viL Mary 
. Hughes, b. Sept. 5, 1850; m. 1868, Dillon P. Dure; res. Andover, 
Ashtabula Co., O. • viii Mordecai B. Hughes, b. June 5, 1852; 
res. Ellsworth, O. 

Children of Thomas Paschall', (1S25) [SS] (piloses', Capt. 
John', Capt. John', John', Peter, Henry') and Frances (Howell) 
Adams ; res. Keyser, W. Va. 

i. Mary Virginia", b. in Tnnnelton. W. Va., Feb. 11, 1861; m Nor. 23, 
1884, A. C. Dunbrack; res. Keyser. W. Va. She d. 31 March, 1887, 
leaving 2 sons, Paschall and George. 

ii. George', b. in Grafton. W. Va., Dec. 4, 1802; 

m. (1) Sept. 8, 1887, at Engle, Las Animas Co., Cot, Ida E. Long; 
d. 14 April, 1839. 

352 PETER. [Eighth Generation. 

m. (3) Jan. 19. 1892, at Cumberland, Md., lona Simons. She ha» 
2 chililren; res. Pole Grove, Wis. 
iii. Charles-, b. in Keyser, W. Va., April 21, 1883; m. June 5, 1897. Sally 
Bizer of Keyser; d. 21 April, 1890; res. Keyser, W. Va.; one son, 
IT. William Parker', b. in Keyser, Ang. 10, 1967; d. 2i Jiot., 1872. 
v. Sarah Frances", b. in Keyser, Dec. 23, 1871. 
Ti. Henry Paschair, b. in Keyser, Sept. 13, 1875; m. Oct. 11, 1895, Boss 

Ellen Sharp of Oakland, Md. 
Tii. Maud May, b. in Keyser, Nov. 9, 1877; nnm. 
viii. Anna Benlah", b in Kej-eer, March 9. 188D. 

Children of George M.% (lS-26) [S9] (Moses", Capt. John', 
Capt. John', John', Peter', Henry') and Henrietta (Chapman) 
Adams; res. Sechlersville, Wis. 

167. i: Parker Chapman', b. in Ellsworth, O., March 27, 1855; m. Nov. 7, 

1877. Julia Carter; res. Sechlersville, Wis. 
ii. Varnnm Paul", b. in Wisconsin, July 27, 1800; d. 7 Sept., 1879. 
iii. Clara Dane", b. in Sechlersville, Wis., Dec. 2, 1808; niun.; Assistant 

Principal of High School at St. Charles, Minn. 

Children of Thomas L.', (ISOS) [90] (Stedman*, Dea. Cor- 
nelius', Capt. John', John', Peter^ Henry") and Maria (Warner) 
'Adams, res. Scotland, Conn. 

i. John', who d. at 4 years of age. 
ii. Nancy M', who m. Cnllen B. Foote of Hamden, Conn. ; settled in 

New Haven, 
iii. Jane-; unm. ; res. New Haven, Conn, 
iv. Emily'; m. Cha«i G. Howard of New London, Conn.; settled in 

Brooklyn. NY., 
V. Annie Elizabeth' rm. Frank. G. Bichards, and iKliving in; New Lon- 
don, Conn., but can. give no fnrtherrreoord.. 

ChHdren of Alson'/ (1S04) [91]; (Col. Zadoc', Dea. Ebenezer*,.. 
Capt. John', John', Peter*, Henrjr*) and Betsey (Evans) Adams: 
res,, Sherburne, Chenango Co-\ N. Y. 

168. i. Theodore Gideon', b. in, Plymouth.- N. T., July. Iff. 1887; m. Oct. 8, 

1862, Lucy Maria Dow;' res. AmBterdam, Nj T. , 

169. ii. Rhobft P.-. b. in Plymouth, Sept. 8. 1888; m-TillinghaatC. Bicer of 

Hamilton, N. Y. ; res. Hamilton, N. Y. 

Eighth Generation.] peter. 353 

ITO. iii. Betsey Ann% b. in Plymonth, May 30, 1840; m. Nov. 3, 1858, D wight 
Joseph Royce; res Sherburne, N. T. 

171. iv. Mary Frances", b. in Plymouth, July 28, 1842; m. Dec. 26, 1865, 

George SuUJTan Loomis; res. Sherburne, N. T. 

172. V. E-rans Zadoc', b. in Plymouth, Oct. 19, 1844; m. Not. 17, 1879, Millie 

Soteria Brown; res. Syracuse, N. Y. 

173. Ti. Spencer Burton', b. in Plymouth, May 10, 1848; m. Jan. 2, 1871, 

Mary A. Phelps; res. Sherburne, N. T. 

Children of Jefferson', (1S07) [92] (Col. Zadoc', Dea. Ebene- 
zer', Capt. John', John', Peter", Henry') and Orra (Bowers) Adams ; 
res. Sherburne, N. Y. 

174. i. Clarissa^ b. in Plymouth, N. T., Jan. 8, 1829; m. Aug. 10, 1345, 

Homer P. Aldrich. She d. 14 Aug., 1880. 

175. ii. Charles J.", b. in Plymouth, July 23, 1832; m. July 15, 1857, Minerra 

P. Cady. She d. 13 Dec , 1891. He d. 2 Nov., 1895. 

176. iii. Orra", b. March 22, 1836; m. Dec. 15, 1855, Luman W. Aldrich. She 

d. 22 March, 1864. 

Children of John Cleveland', (ISIO) [93] (Col. Zadoc", Dea. 
Ebenezer*, Capt. John', John', Peter', Henry') and Lydia (Green) 
Adams; res. Plymouth, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

i. Lydia Dorliska', b, in Plymouth, N. T., Sept. 11, 1834; m. Feb. 9, 
1851, Newell C. Isham of Madison Co., N. T.; res. Unadilla, N. 
Y ; no issue, 
ii. Al-rira', b. in Plymouth, Oct 4, 1840, d. 26 Jan., 1843. 
iii. John Henry', b. in Plymouth, March 26, 1844, d. 26 June, 1861. 

Children of Ebenezer', (1S15) [94] (Col. Zadoc", Dea. Ebene- 
zer', Capt. John", John*, Peter*, Henry') and Amelia (Crandall) 
Adams; res. Plymouth, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

177. i. Eliza J.', b. in No. Norwich. N. Y., 1838; m. June 4, 1862, John P. 

Fairbanks; res. Pharsalia, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

178. ii. Hiram C. ', b. in No. Norwich, 1840; m. July 2, 1872, Josephine Chris- 

tian; res. No. Norwich, N. Y. 

179. iii. Ernest C.', b. in No. Norwich. 1850; m. June 12, 1888, Satie C. Judd, 

b. in CazenoTia, N. Y., 1862; res. No. Norwich, N. Y. 

55^ PETER. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Charles', (1S22) [95] (Col. Zadoc', Dea. Ebenezer', 
Capt. John', John', Peter", Henr>-') and Electa (Daniels) Adams ; 
res. Smithville, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

180. i. William Henry, b. in Pharaalia, N. T., July 16. 1848; m. Sept. 9, 

18C9, Hattie E. Aldrich of Greenfield. Mas8.; res. Oxford, Che- 
nango Co., K. Y. 

181. ii. Zadoo W.^ b. in Plymouth, N. T., Oct. 25, 1850; m. Aug., 1881, Sarah 

Cummings of Smithville; res. Nornrich, N. Y. 
iiL Lois", b. in Plymouth, June 20, 1852, d. 8 May, 1854. 
iv. Charles W.\ b. in Plymouth, Sept. 5, 1SI4, d. 17 Feb., 1850. 
T. Emma Jane-, b. in Plymouth, July 23, 1856, d- 27 May, 1858. 

182. Ti. Frederick Adelberf, b. in Plymouth, Jan. 5, 1862; m. July, 1881, 

Flora Doniels of Plymouth, N. Y.; res. Oxford. N. Y. 

Children of'Phebe Cordelia', (1S25) [96] (Col. Zadoc', Dea. 
Ebenezer', Capt. John', John', Peter', Henrj-') and Richard M. 
Aldrich; res. So. Plymouth, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

i. Marion M. Aldrich, b. Oct. 17, 1846. ii. Rhoda E. Aldrich, b. June 
15, 1858. 

Children of Rev. James', (ISOS) [97] (Samuel', Jr., Samuel'', 

Capt. John', John', Peter', Henry') and Roxana (Hazeltine) 

Adams; res. Manchester, N. H. 

L Fidelia Frances', b. in Peterboro, N. H., June 8, 1843; res. Candia. 
N. H. ; unm. 

183. iL Harriet Josephine, b. in Derry, X. H., May 2, 1845; m. Dec. 23, 
;- 1886, at Candia, N. H., Capt. Benjamin B. Redman, son of Robert 

and Sarah (Matthe^c) Redman, b. in Brooksville, Me., March 14, 
1S3G; (his 2nd wiie^; rea. Atlantic Sta., Qnincy, Mass. 

Child of-. Nanc>-Emily^ (ISIO) [9S] (Samuel", Jr., Samuel\ 

Capt. John', John', Peter*. Henr^-') and Rev. Joseph Palmer: 

res. Brooklj-n, N. Y. 

i. Ellen Jane Palmer, b. in ^etr Hampshire, April 29, 1835; m^ John 
Reed of Stamford. Conn. ; res. White Plains, N. Y. 

Children: of C>Tithia', (l!il2),[99] (Samael*, Jr., Samuel', Capt.- 
John', John*, ;Peter',Henr^-') and Dea. Daniel Bailey.; res. Darien,. 
N. Y.. 

L Cynthia Mehitable Bailey, b. in Darien. N. Y., Feb. 25, 1841; rea. 
White' Plains, N. Y. iL James Adams Bailey, b. in Darieu, 
March 1, 1848. iiL Daniel Bailey, b. in Darieu, June 6, 1846, d. 
in the army. ir. William. Herbert Bailey, b- in Darien. March 
1, 1850i 

■Eighth Generation.] peter. So5 

Children of Jane', (1S15) [100] (Samuel', Jr.. Samuel*, Capt. 
John*, John', Peter", Henrj-') and James Jason Hatch ; res. Wil- 
liamstown, Vt. 

i. -Emma Fidelia Hatch, b. in Brookfield, Vt. , Jan. 27, 1840- ii. 
Ellen Amelia Hatch, b. in Williamstown, Vt., Sept. 25, 1841. iii 
Harlan Page Hatch, b. in Williamstown, Jaly 31, 1844. iv. Cor- 
delia Hatch, b. in Waukegan, III., Oct. 11, 1843. v. Jason Adel- 
bert Hatch, b. in Waakegan, Feb. 26, 1832. 

Children of Sarah Amelia', (1817) [101] (Samuel', Jr., Samuel% 
Capt. John', John', Peter', Henr)-') and George Wells ; res. Ches- 
ter, N. H. 

i. Fidelia Nancy Wells, b. in Sandown, N. H., May 2, 1850; m. Dee. 10. 
1890, Dwight M. Mitchell ii. Carrie Louisa Wells, b. in San- 
down, Oct. 24, 1857. 

Child of Cornelius', (1819) [102] (Samuel', Jr., Samuel', Capt. 
John*, John', Peter', Henry') and Salome (Adams) Adams; res. 
Brookfield, Vt. 

i. Lillie', b. in Brookfield, Vt., April 23, 1851. 

Child of Nelson', (1813) [103] (Elijah", Samuel', Capt. John', 
John', Peter', Henr>-') and Caroline (Bennett) Adams ; res. Malone, 
N. Y. 

134. i. Eunice E.«, b. in Williamstown, Vt., June 12, 1833; m. at FL Coring- 

ton, N. Y., Dec. 30, 1857, Thompson Graves, b. in Ellenborg, Clin- 
ton Co., N. T., Jan. 5, 1838; res. Malone, N Y. 

Children of Rev. Arnold', (1810) [104] (Elijah", Samuel', 
Capt. John*, John', Peter*, Henr>'') and Charlotte A. (Colby) 
Adams ; res. Guildhall, Vt. 

185. i. George W.', b in Fitzwilliam. N H., Feb. 24, 1835; m. Jan. 4, 1862, 

Lucy Ballou of Auburn, N. H , d. 2 July, 1887. He d at Auburn, 
N. H., 27 Dec, 1868. 
ii. Chas. C.% (twin) b. in Fitzwilliam, Feb. 24, 1835; d. 7 March, fol- 
ISO. iii. Alfred B.\ b. in Chichester, N. H.. Kor. 0, 1837; 

m. (1) Sept. 10. 185C, Emily M. Wilbur of Rehobotb, Mass., d. in 
Raynham, Mass., 11 March, 1363. 

356 PETER. [Eighth Generation. 

m. (2) Jan., 1874, Mra. Annie Campbell of Troy, N. Y. ; teacher 
in Xew York City, 304 E. 119th St. ; no issne. 
It. Mary C, b. in Williamstown, Tt, Aug. 19, 1839; d. in Williamstown, 

20 July, 1842. 
T. Frances M.", b. in Williainstown, Sept. 14, 1S42; librarian; unm ; 
res. Biddeford, Me. 

Children of John', (ISIS) [105] (John', Samuel', Capt. John', 
John*. Peter', Henry") and Anna (Howe) Adams ; res. Williams- 
town, Vt. 

187. i. John H.% b. in Williamsto-wTi, Tt, May 29, 1851; m. Nov. 28, 1883, 

Angie Green; merchant at Etna, Cal. 
ii. Geo. Enoch", b. in Williamatown, Ang 13,1852; dmggist; num.; 

res. Fair Haven, Vt. 
iii. Wilber Fisk'', b. in WiIliani«town, July 3, 1854; farmer; imm. ; res. 

Williamato-wTi, Tt. 

188. iv. Eev. Carloa Lemuel", b. in Williamatown, July 14, 1858; m. Oct 5, 

1887, Emma Cooper, dau. of Eev. A. L. Cooper. 

He graduated at Dartmouth, 1834; Theological School, Boston 
University, 1887; settled in Holiy, Mich., 1888; member of Detroit 
Conference; res. Flushing, Mich , 1894. 

Children of John', (181S) and Mary S. (Wilber) Adams. 

V. Alpha*, b. in Williamstowu, Vt., Oct., 1861, d. March, 1862. 
vj. Frank', b. in Williamstown, Dec, 1862, d. April, 1863. 
vii. Mary Anna', b. in Williamatown, May 10, 1864; m. June 17, 1889, 
Albert D. Reed of E. Brookfield, , Vt. , sou of Wm. F. Re«d, b. Dec. 
16, 1862; rea. £. Brookfield, Vt. 
viii. Emma Eliza'., b. in Williamatown, Feb. 9, 1867. 

Children of Luther Jeffords', (1827) [106] (John', Samuel', 
Capt. John*, John*, Peter", Henry') and Josephine M. (Smith) 
Adams ;. res. Melrose and Chelsea, Mass. 

189. L Julia Frances', b. in Burlington, Vt, June 29, 1852; m« Jmm 10, 1879, 

Henry J. Wright of E. Templeton, Maw. She d. 17 July,. 1888. 
ii. Flora ElisoaN b. in Fletcher, Vt, Sept 19, 1858; m. Sept. ,19, 1878, 

Edw. G. Bruce of Bennington, V^. 
iii. Evalina Violetta*, b. in Morrisville, Vt, March 20,. 1856, d. June, 

190. iv. Rev. Luther Wm.*, b. in- MorriaviUe, Feb. 1, 1858; m. June 29, 1886, 

Emily Josephine Stetson, dau. of Wm. F. and Susan E. (Gibbs) 
Stetson, b. in Boston, Sept. 18, 1857. - Boston University, 1887; 
ordained April 12, 1891 , at Lynn, Mass. «L 

Eighth Generation.] peter. 357 

191. V. Carl Joseph", b. in Cleveland. O., Xov. 20, 1S59; m. Not. 35, 18>»4, 

Anna Lucj Hnnt of Melrose, Mass., dau. of Harry Hunt. He d. 
25 Sept., 18S8. 

vi. Effie Lena-, b. in Alexander, X. Y., June 20, 18G4. d. 31 March, 18G0-8. 
Tii. Edward Lincoln', b. in Hoosick Falls, N. Y., June 14, 1867, d. 13 
Oct., following. 

viii. Ed^in DeWitf, b. in Hoosick Falls, Aug. 13, 18C8; m. Aug. 31, 1802, 
Enlalie E. Chapman, dau. of Geo. F. and Mary E. (Jewetti Chap- 
man of Shirley, Mass., b. Feb. 8, lt71. 

192. ix. Clarence Berf, b. in Hampton, N. Y., Dec. 16. 1870; m. Dec. 24. 

1893, Fannie P. liice. dau. of Jos. H. and Sarah Shedd (Dodge; 

Eice of Danvers, Mass., b. Nor. 30, 1870; res. W. Medford, Mass. 
X. Flossie May-, b. in Ashburnham, Mass., May 25, 1879; d. 1 May, 1880. 
xi. Ralph Leslie Jay, b. in Leominster, Mass., Feb. 26. 1881. */ vMk/i ><, ■'^''^ 

Children of Charles W.', (l^•21♦) [107] (John", Samuel', Capt. 
John*, John', Peter', Henry') and Harriet (Snow; Adams; res. 
Williamstown, Vt. 

193. i. Henry W.% b. in Williamstown, Vt., June 8, 1853; m. July 4. 1880, 

Clara J. Miner. He is a painter; res. Kankakee, 111. 

104. ii. Albert C.', b. in Williamstown, July 28, 1855; m. May 8, 1883, Susie 
Woodward. He is a granite poLsher at Barre, Vt. 
iii. Chas. Edward', b. in Williamstown, July 2. 1857; m. May 24, 1883, 
Ada Warner. He is a farmer on homestead at Williamstown, Vt. 

liJo. iv. James Newton', b. in Williamstown, May 24, 18G0; m. April 24. 18;>0, 
Lizzie Whitehead. He is a keeper at the Insane Asylum at Kanka- 
kee. 111. 

T. Alma Fidelia", b. in Williamstown, Feb. 3, 1864; m. Jane 2, 1887, 
Frank B. Boyce; res. WilUamstown, Vt. 

vi. Frank E", b. in Williamstown, Oct. 12, 1867; granite polisher at 
Barre, Vt. 

Children of James H.', (1S3C) [lOS] (John", SamueP, Capt. 
John', John', Peter", Henr}-') and Marj- F. (Boots) Adams; res. 
Cottonwood, Cal. 

i. Mary Edna", b. March 27. 1865. 

ii. Sarah Ehna\ b. March 26, 1870; m. July 14, 1890. Edward Martin, 

iii. Eliza Mabel", b. Nov. 3, 1&75. 

iv. Mattie Florence", b. Jan. 10. \Hn. 

V. John Wesley", b. Nov. 4. 1884. 

35S PETER. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Rev. Elisha', D. D., (ISlo) [lo9] (Luther", 
Samuer, Capt. John', John', Peter', Henry') and Mary Ann 
(Merrill) Adams; res. Concord, N. H. 

19G. i. Henrietta Maria', b. in Bradford, Vt., Aug. 28, 1839; m. Jan. 4, 1871, 
at Concord, N. H., Charles A. Bradeen of Waterford, Me., b. March 
27, 1838; res. Toledo, O. She d. U Aug., 1870. 
ii. Henry Clinton', b. in Danville, Tt., May 21, 1842; d. atTilton. N. H., 
1 May. 1850. 

197. iii. Sarah Jane", b. in Cornish, N. H., Feb. 1, 1844; m. Oct. 2, 1871, in Con- 

cord, N. H., John Chamberlain Ord way of Cleveland, O., son of 
John C. and Loiiisa (Waldo) Ordway of Concord, N. H., b. in Con- 
cord, Jan. 30. 1839; res. Concord, N. H.; (correspondent), 
iv. Clara Belle", b. in Manchester, N. H., Nov. 13, 1854, d. 1 Dec, same 

Children of Rev. Henry Wright', (ISIS) [llu] (Luther", 
Samuer, Capt. John', John', Peter', Henry') and Adelaide E. 
(Hubbard) Adams; res. Newark, N. J. 

198. i. Adelaide H.', b. in Xewbury, Vt., July 31, 1342; m. Oct. 4, 1871, in 

Philadelphia, Pa., Geo. W. Durgin of Ft. Wayne, Ind.,b. March 2, 
1838, d. 29 Nov., 188S; res. Newark. N. J. 
ii. Sarah Hubbard", b. in Middletown, Conn., Aug. 17, 1844; living, 

199. iii. Josephine B..\ b. in Concord, N. H., Oct. 25, 1840; m. Sept. 28, 1870, 

at Philadelphia, Pa., Charles Belcher, Jr., b. Sept. 20, 1844 ; glass 
manufacturer; res. Newark, N. J. 

iv. Henry W.", b. in New York City, April 13, 1859; d. at Camden, N. J., 
5 July, 1884. 

Children of Luther', Jr., (ls2(») [111] (Luther", Samuel', 
Capt. John', John\ Peter', Henry') and Sarah . Roxana (Walcott) 
Adams; res. Morrisville, Vt. 

i. Albert Cornelius", b. in' Williamstawn, Vfc, Novw 17, 1853, d. 22 Nov., 


200. . ii; .Adelaide Flora", <twin) b. in Williamatowu, Nov. 17, 1853; m. May 21, 

1872, at Morrisville. Vt., Elmer V. Hadley, b. in Morrisville, Aug. 
25, 1849; res. Morrisville, Vt. 

iiL EUa Lee", b. in WilliamiatOTm, ATarch ai, 1855; living, anm.,.in Mor- 
risville, Vt. 

201. iv. Lizzie Maria', b. in Williamstowo, July 22. 1857; m. May 24, 1S73, atr 

Morrisville, Vt , Rev. Riley L. D. Preston, b. Dec- 9, 184S; res. 
Rockford, Mich., 

Eighth Generation.] peter. 3o9 

T. Harry Luther", b. in Williamstown, April 13, 186T; farmer, on home- 
stead, MorriBville, Vt. ; d. 17Ju]y, 1896. 
yi. Henry Elisha", (t-win) b. in WiJHamstown, April 13, 1807, d. ISilarch 

Children of Hon. Bailey F.\ (1S25) [112] (Luther', Samuel', 
Capt. John', John', Peter', Henry') and Lucinda S. (Bullard) 
Adams; res. Randolph, Vt. 

i. Albert Cornelius", b. in Randolph, Vt., June 24, 1857, d. 24 Oct., 

202. ii. Clinton A.", b. in Randolph, May 23, 1860; m. Feb. 23. 1886, Phebe 

Chubb, dau. of Thomas and Isabel (Mason; Chnbb, b. in Texas, 
July 28, 1865. He ia a merchant and postmaster at Post Mills, 

203. iii. Jairus Bullard", b. in Randolph, Oct. 6, 1864; m. Jan. 13, 1887, EfiBe 

Irene Thurston of West Randolph, Vt. ; res. Randolph, Vt. 
iv. Julius Lincoln", i,t-ffin) b. Oct. 8, 1864, d 13 Dec, follo'wing. 

Children of Maria Lydia', (1S2T) [113] (Luther', Samuel', 
Capt. John', John", Peter", Henry') and Henry Whitcomb ; res. 
Randolph. Vt. 

i. Charles Henry Whitcomb, b. in Stockbridge, Vt., April 17, 18-54; m. 
KoT. 20, 18T8, Fannie Jones; res. Roxbnry, Mass. ii. Laura May 
Whitcomb, b in Stockbridse, Dec. 11, 1864; m. March 4, 188.i, 
Wilby Xorman W. McCullnm; res. Randolph, Vt. 

Child of Laura Lucinda', (lS3n) [lU] (Luther', Samuel', 
Capt. John', John', Peter", Henry') and Sylvanus Carpenter; res. 
Randolph, Vt. 

i. Mary Frances Carpenter, b. May :', 1857, d. 10 May, 1859. 

Children of Adelaide Cornelia', (1.S32) [115] (Luther*, 

Samuer, Capt. John', John', Peter', Henr>-') and John Bullard; 

re>. Chenoa, McLean Co., 111. 

i. Josei)hine Elizabeth Bullard, b in Stockbridge, Vt, Feb. 1, 1859; m. 
.Tune 10. 1884. at Chenoa, 111., John H. Hanna; hardware merchant, 
Mankato. Kan. ; res. Manitoba, Kan. ii. Mary Frances Bullard, 
b. in Randolph, Jan. 12, 1862; m. Zachariah B. Brown. iii. Ade- 
laide Gertrude Bullard, b. in Randolph, Vt., May 14, 1800; m. Aug. 
21, 1837, Henry C. Coonley of San Diego, Cal. iv. John Albert 
Bullnrd, b. in Randolph, May 28, 1809; m. Dec. 3, 1895, Edith May 
Farley; res. San Diego. Cal. v. Charles Adams Bullard, b.' in 
Randolph, March 20. 1872; res. Snn Diego, Cal.; unm. 

360 TETER. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Mary Frances^ (1S36) [IIG] (Luther*, Samuel', ' 
Capt. John*, John', Peter', Henry') and Jairus T. Bullard; res. 
Chatsworth, 111. 

i. Nellie Adams Ballard, b. in Fairbury, III., April 8. 1866; d. Jane. 
1867. ii. Josephine Maria Bullard. b. in Chatsworth, 111., April 
11, 1868; m. Jane 20, 1893, E. M. Jones of Omaha, Neb. iii. 
John Thayer Ballard, b.'in Chatsworth. Ang. 14, 1871; m. Nov. 29, 
1895, ElJen B. McMnllen; res. Palisade, ^eb. iv. Nellie Ballard. 
b. in Chatsworth. Nor. 29, 1875. d. 20 Aug.. 1876. v. Nora 
Bullard, (twin) b. in Chatsworth, Not. 29, 1875, d. 10 Sept., 1876. 

Children of Sophronia P.\ (1S15) [117] (Parker*, Samuel', 
Capt. John', John', Peter', Henry') and Joel Cram ; res. North- 
field, Vt. 

i. Mary R. Cram, b. Dec. 27, 18l8; m. Feb. 20,1863, Jason Green. 
She d. April, 1864. ii. Lydia L. Cram, b. April 13, 1841. iii. 
Albert M. Cram, b. Feb. 9, 1849. iv. Herman J. Cram. b. Sept. 
28, 1850. V. Julius J. Cram, b. Not. 20, 1851. vi. Elizzie A. 
Cram, b. Sept. 21, 1853, d. 1 April, 1S73. vii. Nelson R. Cram, 
b. Oct. 20, 1854. viii. Harrison P. Cram. b. Oct. 30, 1857. ii. 
Charles "^. Cram, b. June 18, 1859. 

Children of Rhoda F.', (1S26) [US] (Parker", Samue?, Capt. 
John', John*, Peter', Henry') and Chester Cram ; res. Williams- 
town, Vt. 

i. Frank Merrill Cram. b. Oct. 20, 1852. ii. Helen May Cram. b. Feb. 
24, 1855. iii. Izoia Estelle Cram, b. June 25, 1850. It. Rose 
Cram, b. June 25, 1858. t. Lulu Rhoda Cram. b. June 16, 1864; 
adopted by Parker Adams, Jr. , and living as Lulu Rhoda Adams at 
South Royalton, Vt. 

Children of Ann. E.', (1S34) [110] (Parker*. Samuel', Capt. 
John*, John", Peter', Henr}-') and . Allen , H. Flint ; res. North, 
Randolph, Vt. r . • .• 

i. Charles- Flint,' b. June 15, 1857. ii. AUea Flint, b. Oct. 17, 1858. 

Children: of Rose; BeUe% (ISii) [12(»] (Parker*, Samuel*,. Capt... 
John', John', Peter", • Henry') and Andrevr. J.^ LoveLind'; res.v. 
WilliamstowTiv Vti.. . 

Eighth Generatiou.] peter. 361 

i. Myrtle May Lovelaud. b. April 2D, 1871; m. March 39, 1891. Arthur 
G. Cook; res. Northfield, Vt. ii. Mina P. Loveland, b. Aug. 25, 
1872; m. Feb. 7, 1893, Arery E. Flint; res. West Eandolph, Tt. 
iii. George P. Lovelaud. b. June 18, 1873. iv. Ann P. Lore- 
land, b. Jan. 27, 1875; m. Dec. 24, 1895, Fred C. Royce; res. North- 
field, Vt. T. Carrie A. Loveland, b. May 31, 1882. 

Children of Dr. Henry\ (17S7) [1-21] (Dr. Peter Charles", 
Joshua', Isaac', John', Peter, Henry') and Agnes (Egberts) 
Adams; res. Cohoes, X. Y. 

2J4. i. Hon. Charles Henry, b. in Coxsackie. X. Y., April 10, 182-1; 

m. (1) Sept. 15, 1853, Elizabeth Piatt, dau. of Wm. Piatt, Esq., of 
Rhinebeck, X. Y. She d. 1800. 

m. (2) April, 1877, Judith Crittenden Coleman, granddaughter of 
Hon. John J. Crittenden of Kentucky. 

He studied and practiced law in Albany till 1850; become a manu- 
facturer of knit woolen goods at Cohoes, proprietor of Egberts 
mills, and continued in that capacity till 1870. He was elected the 
first Maj-or of Cohoes; was aide-de-camp on the staff of Gov. Hunt 
in 1851; Member of Assembly, 1857; State Senator, 1872 and 1S73; 
Member of Congress, 1870; President of the Bank of Cohoes, etc. 
He has a beautiful summer home at East Hampton, L. I., and is a 
broker in New York, 
ii. Evelina M.', b. in Cossackie, Jan. 23, 1830; m. 1853. Rev. Dr. Chas. 
Newman Waldron of Cohoes. N. Y. He d. in Detroit, Mich. 
She d. Jan. 1854. 
iii. Egbert E.-, b. in Coxaackie, 1832; d. unm., 1848. age 10. 

Children of Herman Cuyler', (179S) [122] (Dr. Peter Charles", 
Joshua', Isaac*, John', Peter, Henry') and Adeline (Reed) Adams ; 
res. New York City. 

i. Peter C", b. in New York, 1822; m. Mary Merferd. 
ii. William Reed% b. in New York. 1824; m. Christina Van Bergen, 
iii. Francis Granger", b. in New York, 1823; m. Eudora Thompson, 
iv. Herman C", b. in New York, 1827; m. Frances Burr. He d. 1855. 
V. Sarah Christina', b. in New York. 1830; m. Robert Halsted. She d. 

\-i. AdeUne Reed', b. in New York, 1333; m. Jane 9, 1853, William Hax- 
tum, son of Andrew B. and Mary Ann(Brittou) Hastum. b. July 15, 
1828, d. 21 March, 1890; no issue, 
vii. John Quincy, b. in New York, 1830, d. 1805. 
■viii. Henry Van Bergen", b. in New York, 1840, d. 1840. 
is. Ezra', b. in New York. 1842, d. 1844. 

362 • PETER. [Eighth Generatior 

Children of Henr^-', (isio) [123] (Pelatiah', Joshua', Isaac', 
John', Peter', Henry') and ilary Ann (Bell) Adams; res. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

i. Henry', Jr. ii. Benjamin". iii. James Pelatiah'. iv. George B". 
V. Henrietta". vi. Lonisa", and vii. Lavina". 

Children of Milo', (ITSo) [124] (I.saac', Jeremiah', Isaac', 
John', Peter', Henry') and Thankful (Rockwell) Adams; res. 
South Hero, Vt. 

205. i. William R.", b. in South Hero, Vt., Oct. 3, 1810; m. Sept. 9, 18-SI, 
Xancy Boardmau. He d. in South Hero, Tt.. 11 Sept., 1841. 
ii. Pliny JeTvett", b. in South Hero; d. num., at Key West, Fla. 
iii. Milo", b. in South Hero, 1817; m. Ann Hodgkins; d. at Elkader, 
Clayton Co., la., 31 Jan., 1863, age 4Q; no issue. 

Children of Abial', (1 ~s7) [125] (Isaac°, Jeremiah', Isaac', John', 
Peter', Henry') and Susan (Seymour) Adams ; res. South Hero, 

20G. i. Eliza Ann", b. in South Hero, Vt, May U, 1819; m. March 20, 1839, 
James H. Holland; res. Brandon, N. Y. She d. 17 June, 189G. 

207. ii. Isaac S.", b. in South Hero, Feb. 4, 1821; 

m. (1) Nov. 8, 1847, Jane E. Berry; d. 5 Aus?., 1849, and child d. 
same day. 

m. (2) July 22, 13.>5, Clarinda E. Ross; settled in Winterset, la., 
in 1872. 

208. iii. Abial", Jr., b. in South Hero, June 11, 1822 or 1823; m. Aug. 26, 1849 

or 18.50, Elizabeth Frank, b. Nov. 20, 1826. He d. at Bangor, N. 
Y., 15 May, 1884. 

209. iv. Albert B.". b. in Burke, N. Y., Sept. 24, 18-25. 

m. (1) Feb. 12, 1855, Sophia Champlin, d. in New Haven, Vt., 15 
July, 1881. 

m. (2, Oct. 16, 1884, Analine E. Richards; settled in Brushton, X. 
Y. 1885. 

210. V. Charles", b. in Burke, N. Y., Nov. 28, 1828; 

m. (1) Aug. 31, 18.54, Amanda Thomas; d. Nov., 1864. 

m. (2) Dec. 27, 1365, Helen Hutchins, dao. of Alden and Amanda 
(Hinman) Hutchins, b. in Constable, N. Y., Aug. 25, 1838; living in 
1897 in MaJone, N. Y.; res. Brandon, N. Y. He d. 22 April, 1801, 
age 62. 

vi. Ell B". b. in Burke, Sept 1, 1831; m. Aug. 7, 1873, Betsey A. Hill; 

no issue; res. Bmshton, N. Y. 
vii. Juliette F.', b. in Barke, Sept. 16, 1934; m. Nov. -ii, 1834. Loring G. 

Thomas; res. EUenslMirg, Wash, 
viii. John Q.", b. in Malone. Sept. 2'.>, 1840, d. 12 Feb., 18-56. 

Ei','hth Generation.] peter. 363 

Children of Eunice', (1791) [120] (Isaac*, Jeremiah', Isaac'. 

John', Peter', Henry") and Miner Le^^•is; res. Burke, Franklin 

Co., N. Y. 

i. Nancy Lewis, m. Jehiel Barnum. ii. Julia Lewis, m. Benjamin 

Haley. iii. Lura Lewis. iv. Betsey Lewis, m. Smith. 

V. Caroline Lewis, m. Haven; res. Ellenburg, Clinton Co., 

N. Y. vi. Olive Lewis, m. John Lee. vii. Sarah Lewis, m. 
Theodosia Fenton; res. Burke, X Y. 

Children of John P.', (1793) [1-27] (Col. Pliny", Jeremiah', 
Isaac', John', Peter, Henry') and Amelia (Woodman) Adams; 
res. Hampton, Washington Co., N. Y. 

i. Pliny J.-, b. in Hampton, N. Y., 1620, <1. 3 Dec, 1829. 
ii. Lucretia", b. in Hampton, 1320, d. 10 Aug., 1831. 
iii. John P.", b. in Hampton, 1831, d. 17 July, 1831. 
iv. Annie E.", b. in Hampton; clerk in U. S. Internal Revenue Depart- 
ment, Washington, D. C. 

Child of Nathaniel Smith', (1799) [1'2.«;] (Col. Pliny*, Jere- 
miah', Isaac', John', Peter, Henry') and Lucretia ( ) Adams; 

res. Hampton, N. Y. 

i. Maria H. L.", b. in Hampton, N. Y., 1821, d. 5 Oct., 1824. 

Children of Fanny C, (ISOO) [129] (Col. Pliny", Jeremiah', 

Isaac', John', Peter', Henry') and Daniel Mallory, Jr. ; res. 

Hampton, N. Y., and Norwalk, O. 

i. Mary Eliza Mallory, b. in Ponltney, Vt.. March 0, 1836, d. in 
Poultney, 27 Feb., 1829. ii. Fanny Caroline Mallory, b. in 
Hampton. N. Y., March 29, 1829, d. iu Norwalk. O., 5 Aug., 1844, 
age 15 years. iii. Martha .\nu Mallor}*, b. in Hampton, Ang. 21, 
1831, d. 25 May, 134j, age 13 years, 10 months. iv. .\nn Eliza 
Mallory, b. in Hampton, July 4, 1833. d. 22 Feb., Id45. age 11 years. 
V. Daniel Pliny Mallory, b. in Norwalk, 0., Aug. 6, 1838, d. at San- 
dusky City, O., 21 Sept., 1838. vi. Lucretia Adams Mallory, b. 
in Sandusky City, O., Feb. 12, 1839; m. Sept. 29, 1870, in Ponltney, 
Vt., Walter M. Wells of Delavan, Wis.; res. Delavan, Walworth 
Co., Wis. 

Children of Mary', (lSn7) [isr.] (Col. Pliny", Jeremiah', 

Isaac', John', Peter', Henry') and Hon. Francis H. Ruggles; res. 

Fredonia, Chatauqua Co.. N. Y. 

i. Samuel Frederick Ruggles, b. April 21, 1841, d. 13 Oct., 1347. ii. 
Julia Lucretia Ruggles, b. .ipril IS, 1843; m. March 28, 1872. 
Ephrnim Preston Rogers. He d. 20 May, 18S9; no issue; res. 
Corning, N. Y. 

3ti4 PETER. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Chauncey Langdon', (ISOO) [131] (Col. Pliny', 
Jeiemiah', Isaac', John', Peter', Henry') and Lodice (Wilson) 
A-ams; res. Glens Falls. N. Y. 

L Mary Lucretia", b. in Hampton, N. Y., April 17, 1836; m. Dec. 2, 
1860, Frank Porter. She d. in Idaho in 1871, leaving one child. 

ii. John Willson-; b. in Haaipton, Dec. 29, 1839; m. March 8, 1880, 
Annie Taylor of New York City; res. New York City; no isaae. 

211. iii. Charles Langdon', b. in Hampton, Dec. 20, 1845; m. Not. 1, 1870, 

Helen Mary Tyler of Cleveland, 0., b. June 20, 1842; res. New 
York City. 

212. It. Allen Willson", b. in Hampton, Jane 25, 1848; m. April 13, 1875, 

Sarah Koberta of Glene Falls, N. Y. ; lumber merchant, of Willaou, 
Adams Sc Co., in Pearl St., New York City. 

Children of Orange', (ISOO) [132] (Jeremiah", Jeremiah', 
Isaac', John*, Peter*, Henrj-') and Sarah Lawrence (Kingman) 
Adams; res. St. Albans, Vt. 

218. L Henry Kingman", b. in St Albans, Tt., July 17, 1328; m. April 17, 
1850, Laura W. Smith; res. St. Albans, Vt. 
ii. Nehemiah Washburn, b. in St. Albans, 1833, d. 14 Sept., 1850, age 18. 

Children of John Pliny\ (lSli*j [133] (Jeremiah', Jeremiah', 
Isaac', John', Peter, Henry') and Lucy F. (Kirtland) Adams; 
res. Whitehall, N. Y. 

i. Jeremiah-, b. in Whitehall, N. Y., Sept. 14, 1850; living, unm., 1896. 
ii. Mary K *, b. in Whitehall, May 19, 1853; living, anm., at home, 
iii. Sarah L.\ b. in Whitehall, 1855; m. Sept. 12, 1877, Chaa. H. McKee, 

civil engineer. She d. in Whitehall. 1 May, 1893. 
iv. Catherine C.\ b. in Whitehall, Sept. 7, 1857, d. 24 Oct., 1874-. 

Children of CaleV, ( ) [134] (Moses', Peter*, Jr., Peter', 
Dea. Peter', Peter', Henry') and Melatiah: (Holbrook) Adams ; 
res- Bellingham, Mass.  

214; L Abigail', <Nabby), b. in-Bellingham; Maaa., Nov. 17,, 1799; m. May 
27, 1817, Samuel Billings, son of Wm. J. and:£sther. Billings, d. 17 
Sept, 1854. She d. in £. Blackstone. Masa.,'15 Joiy, 1672. ' 

215. iL Caleb". Jr., b. in Bellingham, Nov. 9, 1801; m. Lydia "Bates of Men- 
don, Mass. ; hotel keeper in So. Mendon; d. in Pawtncket, K I., S 
Aug., 18*4. 

210. ilL Melatiab", ("Milly"). b. in Bellingham, Feb. 9, 1804; m. Jonathan 
Farkborst of Mendon. Mass. She d. in Blackstone, Mass. 

217. It. Alice May", b. in BeUingham,.. May 14, 1806; m. Aug. 15, 1324. Pela- 
tiahTharer. She d. in Mendon, Mas^.,. XL May, 1871. 

Eighth Generation.] PETER. 365 

Children of Peter', (17S4) [135] (Moses", Peter', Jr., Peter', 
Dr. Peter', Peter', Henry') and Anna Underwood (Claflin) Adams; 
res. Mendon and Medway, Mass. 

i. Julia Ann', b. in Franklin, Mass., Dec. 12, 1814; m. (published Dee. 

31, 1897), Thos. "W. Wood of Bellingham, Alaas. ; MiJford, Mass.; 

no issue. She d. 1^82^. 
ii. Alfred", b. in Franklin, June 9, 181C; m. April 7, 1840, Anna Miranda 

Smith of HoUiston; res. (Unionville; Franklin, Maes. ; removed to 

Ashtabula, O 
iii. Benjamin Spear", b. in Franklin, Dec 15, 181?, d. in Bellingham, 

Dec. 1821. 
iv. Calvin", b. in HoUiston, Mass., July 29, 1821; m. Sarah Twist, dau. 

of Nathan Tivist of Medway; enlisted Aug. 13, 18G4, in Co. C, 4th 

Reg. Massachusetts Heavy Art. ; served in defense of Washington. 

D. C. ; mustered out June 17, 1865. 
v. Ethan", b. in Franklin, Oct. 14, 1828. 

Children of Capt. Joseph', (1790) [13'3] (Moses', Peter', Peter*, 
Dea. Peter', Peter', Henry') and Jemima (Alden) Adams; res. 
Bellingham, Mass. 

i, and ii. Infants, who d. young. 
218. iii. Maria", b. in Bellingham, Mass., Dec. 4, 1819; m. Dec. 14, 1840, 
Joseph W. Holbrook; member of Co. B, 25th Mass. Vols.; b. 1817, 
d. 5 March. 1863, age 46. She was living in Brockton, Mass., 1896. 
iv. Noah", b. in Bellingham, 1823, d. 1824. 
V. Joseph", (twin) b. 1823, d. 1824. 

vi. Gilbert", b. in Bellingham, Dec. 16, 1828; killed on railroad, 15 Dec. 

Children of Jonathan', (1795) [137] (Moses", Peter', Peter', 
Dea. Peter', Peter", Henry") and Olive Miller (Fales) Adams; 
res. No. Wrentham, Mass. 

2i9. i. Maiia Fales', b. in N. Wrentham, Mass., May 29, 1821; m. Aug. 24, 

1830, Asa White; b. in Easton, Mass., Feb. 15, 1815. She d. 28 
Sept., 1896; res. Norfolk, Mass. 
ii. Olive Miller', b. in N. Wrentham, Jan. 21, 1824, d. 7 Oct., 1828. 
iii. Lewis Miller', b. in N. Wrentham, Aug. 20, 1826; waa a soldier in 
the Mexican war; removed West, 1847, and lost track of. 

Child of Jonathan', (1795) and Esther (Ware) Adams. 

220. iv. Asa Ware", b. in N. Wrentham, Jan. 14, 1833; m. Dec, 1807, Josie 
Douglass of New London, Conn, h. Oct. 13, 1837; res. Franklin, 

"66 PETER. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Ardon\ (170S) [138] (John", Samuel', Joseph', Jr., 
Joseph', Peter', Henry') and Julia (Morris) Adams ; res. Shelby, 

i. Ardon", Jr., b. iu Angelica, N. Y., March 10, 1832, d. next day. 
ii. Hepsey B.", b. inCaneadea, N. Y., Jan. 3, 1823, d. in Shelby, Mich., 

1 July, 1844. 
iii. George C, b. in Andover, N. Y., Feb. 5, 1824, d. 1 April, 1824. 
 iv. Charlotte', b. in Andover, June 12, 1826; m. at Shelby, Mich., Dec. 
7, 1843, Ira Jersey. She d. at Shelby, Mich., 5 April, 1846, leaving 
one Bon, Merritt. 
y. Eliza Anna", b. in Gainesville, X. Y., May 1, 1823, d. at Shelby, 4 
Dec, 1849. 

221. vi. Roawell-, b. In Washington, Mich., Oct. 10, 1830; m. at Utica, Mich., 

March 5, 1834, Harriet Lewis. He d. in Stanton, Kan., 12 Dec, 

vii. Sarah", b. in Shelby, Mich., Feb. 3, 1833, d. same day. 
viii. Lafayette-, b. in Shelby, Aug. 10, 1334, d. in Shelby, 23 Dec, 1852. 
ix. Henrietta", b. in Shelby, Aug. 23, 1836; m. at Mt. Clemens, Mich., 

Oct. 25, 1832, Frank Moon; she d. in Shelby, 5 Sept., 1854; noisBue. 
X. John C.% b. in Shelby, Oct. 29, 1838; m. 18G7, Amanda (Harris; TwiUi- 

ger; settled iu Disco, Mich.; no insue. 
xi. Julia-, b. in Shelby, Aug. 3, 1841, d. 25 Dec, 1843. 

222. xii. Angeliue', b. in Shelby, Sept. 15, 1843; m. at Lapeer, Mich., Sept. 

15, 186C (Oct. 29, 1865), Chas. F. Smith; res. Midland, Mich. 

Children of John', Jr., (180S) [130] (John', Samuel', Joseph*. 
Jr., Joseph', Peter', Henry') and Alma (Demmon) Adams; res. 
Shelby, Macomb Co., Mich. 

i. Catherine Matilda', b. iu Shelby, Mich., March 13, 1837, d., age 11 

ii. Tillman-, b. in Shelby. July 15. 1838; member of Co. B, 5th Mich. 
Inf.; d. in the Army of the Potomac, Feb., 1862. 

223. iii. Edgar-, b. in Shelby. Sept. \S. 1830; m. Feb., 1862, Sarah Rowley; 

res. Osceola. Osceola Co., Mich. 

iv. Twins, still born, April 27, 1 84-2. 
V. Peter-, b. in Shelby, Oct. .l, 1843, d., age 5 months. 

224. rL Simou", b. in Shelby. June 10, 1845; m. Eva. Wilder; res. Ewen, On- 

tonagon Co. . Mich. 

22."i. vii. Albert", b. in Shelby, Oct. 19, 1846; m. April 15, 1860, Amina Gifford; 
res. Evart. Osceolu Co., Mich. 








•Eighth Generation.] peter.  367 

Children of John', Jr., (ISOS) and Catherine Payne (Smith) 


Violet", b. iu Disco, Mich., Dec. 23, 1830; m. Dec. 25, 1877, Adelbert 

Haines; res. Dover, Clare Co., Mich. 
Alpha-, b. in Disco. Oct. 10, 1852, d. Nov., 1834. 
Lotis B.', b. in Disco, Aag. 3, 1857; m Dec, 1378, May Stevens; res. 

Tuscola, Tuscola Co. , Mich. 
Lester D.', b. in Disco, Sept. G, 1801; m. Sept. C, 1893, Emma White- 

side; res. Evart, Osceola Co., Mich. 

Children of George', (1S12) [140] (John', Samuel', Joseph', 
Jr., Joseph', Peter', Henry') and Maria (Walker) Adams ; res. 
Attica, Lapeer Co., Mich. 

i. John Se5Tnonr\ m. and d. , leaving children, 
ii. Jane', deceased. iii. Mariette", deceased, 
iv. KUey". d. with measles in the arm}-. 

Children of George', (1S12) and Rosanna (Slack) Adams. 
V. M'illiam' ; 

m. (1) at Disco, Mich., Sarah Edwards. 

m. (2) Susanna Bennett; res. Hardwick, P. O., Evart, Osceola 
Co., Mich. 
vi. Lucinda", m., and had a child. 

Children of Salmon', (ISU) [141] (John*, SamueF, Joseph', 
Jr., Joseph', Peter, Henr>'') and Jerusha (Leach) Adams: res. 
Lapeer Co., Mich. 

i. Oscar", was shot by bushwhacker in Kentucky, 1862. 

ii. Isaac", m. Leach. iii. Robert". 

iv. Martha", m. Geo. Nolen. v. MeUssa". 
vi. Alonzo". vii. Luke'. viii. Broughton". 

Children of Rachel', ( ) [142] (John', Samuel', Joseph', 

Jr., Joseph', Peter', Henr>-') and Alonzo Tubbs. 

i. Sidney Tubbs, adopted by his uncle Broughton Adams, and d. nt 
Sheiby, Mich.. 1834. ii. Alonzo Tubbs, adopted by his uncle 
Broughton Adams; living in Barry Co., Mich. 

Children of Fanny', ( ) [143] (John', Samuel', Joseph", 

Jr., Joseph", Peter, Henry') and Collins Vaughn. 

i. Betsey Vaughn, m. an Armstroug. ii. Carlisle Vaughn, d. at Mt. 
demons. Mich. iii. A son who removed to the West. 

36§  PETER. [Eighth Generatidn. 

Children of Anson Abyram', (ISIT) [144] (Simon', Samuel', 
Joseph', Jr., Joseph', Peter', Henry') and Alma (Button) Adams ; 
res. Wellsville, N. Y., and Winlock! Wash. 

i. Sarah E.', b. in WellsTille. X. Y.,Aprill9. 1830; m. Aug., 1857, Jame& 
P. Hall; res. Bangor. Van Buren Co., Mich. 

ii. John Q.", b. in Wellsville, Sept. 8, 1837; m. Dec. 25, 1862, Jane 
Jacobs; res. Long Lake, Grand Traverse Co. , Mich. 

iii. Luther", b. in Wellsville, March. 1839; d. unm., July, 1881. 

iv. Fanny V.-, b. in Wellsville, Feb. 3, 1843; m Oct. 10, 1800, Levi John- 
son; res. Decatur, Van Buren Co , .Mich. 

V. Eunice Lydia", b. in Wellsville. March 2, 1845; m. Oct. 24, 18C2, Geo. 
Thomas; res. Keelersville, Van Buren Co., Mich. 

vi. Chester C", b. in Wellsville, March 20, 1847; m. Jennie Parker; late 

res. Seattle, Wash., removed to Alaska, 
vii Amanda Matilda", b. in Wellsville, Aug. 9, 1849; m. Sept. 21, 1870, 
James Copeland; res. Decatur, Mich. 

viii. Walter B.", b. in Wellsville, June 9, 1351; m. 1873, Martha Myers; 
res. LaTrrence, Van Buren Co., Mich. 

is. Almeda Malinda", b. in Wellsville, 1853; m. 1876, Jacob Mayer; res. 

X. B. Alanson", b. in Wellsville, May 4, 1855; m. Amanda Biown; res. 

Hamilton, Allegan Co., Mich, 
xi. S. Irving", b. in Decatur, Mich., May 27, 18-58; m. 1881, ElviraAppIe- 
bee; res. Decatur, Mich. 

xii. Clinton P.", b. in Decatur, March 28, 1860; m. 1887, Estelle Osborn; 
late res. Seattle, Wash., removed to Alaska 

Child of Anson Abyram', (1S17) and Augusta (Applebee) 

xiii. Ole", b. in Winlock, Wash., 1887.: 

Children of Rachel', (1S21) {145] (Simon', Samuel', Joseph', 
Jr., Joseph', Peter",. Henry') and. Simeon Hann; res. Wellsville, 

n:y. . 

1. Jacob Hann, b. Oct. 12, 1840; m. May 6, 1866, Electa Howland; res. 
Elm Valley. N. T. ii. Lerf Hann, b. March 27, 1843; m. Feb., 
'64, Mary Cole. He d. 28 Sept; 1873. iii. Harriet Hann., b. April 
80, 1845; m. Deo., 1866, Lester Bnrdick; res. Elm Valley, N. Y..", 
iv. Simeon Hann, b. Jan. 11,1848; m. March 15,' 1871, Electa Hin- 
cher; res. Elm Valley, N. T. v. EmlenHann. b. March 24, 1851; 
m. July 4, 1866, Clarence Birch;i res. Cros* ViUage. Mich. vi. 
Sophroniav Hann, b. Dec^ 25, 1853; m. Jan. 2, 1873, Cbas. Downs; 

Eighth Generation.] peter. 369 

res. Port Alleghany, Pa. vii. Charles Hann, b. Jan. 9, 1857; m. 
Feb. 27, 1878, Viola Youngs; res. Andover, N. Y. Tiii. Alice 
Hann, b. Ang. 28, 1839; m. Oct. 30, 1878, Chaa. Lever; res. And- 
over, N. Y. ii. Fred Hann, b. July 13, 1862; m. March 4, 1883, 
Anna May Austin; res. McFall, Mo. x. Adalbert Hann. b 
March 24, 1864; m. Nov. 11, 1884, Eliza Updyke; res. Elm "Valley, 
N. Y. 

Children of Simon Burrill', (1S23) [146] (Simon*, Samuel', 
Joseph', Jr., Joseph', Peter', Henry") and Sally M. (Gowdy) 
Adams; res. Wellsville, N. Y. 

229. William E.\ b. in Andover, N. Y., Jan. 28, 1850; m. Aug. 21, 1872, 

Mianda Stout of Wellsville, N. Y. ; res. Wellsville, N. Y. 

230. ii. Anson Abjrram", b. in Andover, Aug., 1857; m. June, 1884, Nettie 

Hadley of Troupsburg; ree. Wellsville, N. Y. 

231. iii. AddieG.'. b. in Andover, Sept. 8, 1801; m. Sept., 1884. William H. 

Church of Alfred, N. Y. ; res. Wellsville, N. Y. 
iv. Herbert Burrill", b. in Andov»-r, Oct. 21, 1873; unm. ; res. Wellsville, 
N. Y. 

Children of Harriet Ann', (1S31( [147] (Simon', Samuel', 

Joseph*, Jr., Joseph', Peter', Henry') and John M. Dayton; res. 

Wellsville, N. Y. 

i. Emma Dayton, b. March, 1847; m. Sept. 19, 1873, M. H. Crofoot; res. 
Sinclairrille, N. Y. ii. George Dayton, b. Oct. 18, 1849; m. May 
30, 18G8, Alice Boyd; res. Elm Valley, N. Y. iii. James Dayton, 
b. Aug., 1850; d. 1867. iv. Arthur Davton, b. 1863; m. Oct. 7, 
18S4, Mary Champlin; res. Elm Valley, N. Y. v. Florence Day. 
ton, b. Aug., 1869; m. March 25, 1896, Louis Slough; res. Wells- 
viUe, N. Y. 

Children of W. Bradley', (1823) [14S] (Willard', Samuel', 
Joseph', Jr., Joseph', Peter', Henry') and Harriet (Houghtaling) 
Adams; res. Elm Valley, Alleghany Co., N. Y. 

i. Henry M.», b. Elm Valley, N. Y., Oct. 24, 1848; unm. 

232. ii. Sallie J.», b. in Elm Valley, March 10, 1850; m. Aug. 29, 1868, Frank 

Ryder; res. Agnew, Mich, 
iii. Sylvester', b. in Eha Valley, May 13, 1852; living in 1897 in Ehn 

Valley; unm. 
iv. Lucinda', b. in Elm Valley, Oct. 23, 1854, m. Jerome Lamphier; res. 

WellsviUe, N. Y. ; d. July, 1878. 
V. James P.% b. in Elm Valley, Oct. 29. 1857; living, unm. 
vi. Homer B.", b. in Elm Valley, Feb. 3. 1860; m. Sarah Denning; res. 

Elm Valley, Alleghany, Co., N. Y. 
vii. George J.', b. in Elm Valley, Aug. 7, 186-3; m. Amelia De Broche; res. 

Elm Valley, N. Y. 

370 PETER. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Zilpha', (1S26) [149] (Luther*. Samuel', Joseph', 
Jr., Joseph', Peter', Henr}-') and Charles Palmer; res. Stannards 
Corners, Alleghany Co., N. Y. 

i. Olire Palmer, b. July 18, 1853; m. Oct. lO, 1871, George Clialker. 
Shed. 27 Dec. 1891. ii. Frederick Palmer, b. May 22, 1862; m. 
April 23, '8G, Lizzie Bierman. iii. Verne Palmer, b. Feb. 21, 1869; 
m. Dec. 24, 1892, Laura Lerner; res. Harrison, N. J. 

Children of Cynthia\ (1S37) [150] (Luther*, Samuel', Joseph*, 
Jr., Joseph', Peter', Henry') and Roswell McQueen; res. Scio, 
N. Y. 

L Omer S. McQueen, b, Oct. 2, 1839; m. Feb. 22, 1832, Hattie Mills, 
ii. Mauley S. McQueen, b. March U, 1867. 

Child of Harriet S.', (1S44) [151] (Luther". Samuel', Joseph', 
Jr., Joseph', Peter', Henry') and Benjamin F. Perkins; res. 
Hornellsville, N. Y. 

i. Harriet Perkins, b. April 13, 1872. 

Child of Burriir, (1831) [152] (Bradley*, SamueP, Joseph*, 
Jr., Joseph', Peter. Henry') and Adeline M. (Reiggs) Adams ; 
res. Andover. So. Dak. 

i. Demis A-, b. June 2.5. 1858; m. Johnson Pool; res. South Dakota. 

Children of Burrill'. (ls;31) Adams and a second wife. 
u. George B.'. b. May 8, 1864. 
iii. Ameretta C.-. b. May 30, 1866, m. Thos. Pool, 
iv. Bertram", b. June 25, 1869, d. 1871. 
V. Luther M.\ b. Feb. 20, 1871. 

Children of Wiliard", (1833> [153] (Bradley', SamueP, Joseph', 
Jr., Joseph', Peter*. Henrj-') and Charlotte M. (Brownell) Adams- 
res. Lawrence, St. Lawrence Co., X. Y., (P. O., Ft. Jackson). 

233. 1. Fred A.'.b. in Lawrence. X. T.. June 20, 1861; m. Dec. 16. 1898. 
Lois A. Gibson o£ Stockholm, N. Y.;. P. O.,. Ft. Jackson,. St Law. 
renc« Co., N. T. . 

ii. Florenct^Celestitt. b. iaLa\^^Ten<^^. Anj. lU. 18&4; nam. 
234- iiL Carrie Amanda", -b. in Lawrence. Jon. 23, 1869; m. Oct. 22, 1889, 
Chas. J. Gibson; res. Santa. Clara, Franklin Co., If. Y. ' 
iv. Wiliard floward-. h. in Lawrence, Dec.. I*, 1873, tL 30 July, 1882. 

Eighth Generation.] peter. 371 

Children of Halsey', (1844) [154] (Bradley', Samuel', Joseph', 
Jr., Joseph', Peter', Henry') and Hepsey (Brownell) Adams; res. 
Ft. Jackson, N. Y. 

i. Bert", said to be in Chicago. 
ii. King', at home with hia parents. 

Children of Alanson', (1S12) [155] (Parker', Aimer', Joseph*. 
Jr., Joseph', Peter', Henr>'') and Lovisa (Keyes) Adams; res. 
Poultney, Vt. 

i. Alphonzo B.% b. in Poultney, Vt., Jvme 1. 1833, d. 13 Dec , 1855. 
ii. Addie J.', b. in Poultney, May 22, 1841; m. Edwin Andrus of Ponlt- 
ney, Vt.. d. July, 1894; res. Poultnej-, Vt. ; she d. 27 July, 1872. 
235. iii. Frank W.% b. in Poultney, JJec. 30, 1846; 

m. (1) about 1872, Demis Wood; divorced, 
m. (2) Lydia Reed ; res. Poultney, Vt. 
iT. Emma L.*, b. June 0, 1845; d. 22 Sept., 1871. 

Children of Lucas M.', (1818) [156] (Parker', Abner', Joseph', 
Jr., Joseph', Peter', Henry') and Eliza (Spafford) Adams; res. 
Middletown, Vt. 

230. i. Thomas Holden", b. in Middletown, Vt., Oct. 19, 1842; m. Feb. 4, 

18CS, Maggie McCalvin, b. Oct. 23, 1843; -svaa superintendent of 
creamery in Des Moines, la., 1893 or 1895. 

237. ii. Helen Augusta-, b. in Middletown, June 2, 1845; m. Nov. 26. 1866, 
Geo. W. Payne of Helena, Mont, 
iii. Mary Phebe', b. in Middletown, May 12, 1848; m. Sept 8, 186'', 

William H. Gee; res. in Iowa, 
iv. Emma U.\ b. in Wisconsin, May 6, 1851, d. 6 Nov., 1803. 

233. v. Bev. Willis E ', b. in Waupnn, Wis , June 14, 1858; m. Oct. 11, 1832, 
Mabel L. Howard of Humbolt Co. , la. ; ordained a Baptist clergy- 
man, Sept. 9, 1888. 

Children of Lucius B.', (181S) [157] (Parker", Abner', Joseph'. 
Jr.. Joseph'. Peter', Henry') and Sally Maria (Keyes) Adams; 
res. Middletown. Vt. 

i. John Q.-, b. in Middletown. Vt., Feb. 5, 1847, d. 4 May, 1870. 
ii. Charles S.N b. in Middletown, Dec. 8, 184«. d. 24 Nov.. 13T1. 
iii. Mary A.', b. in Middletown, Nov. 11, 18J4; m. Dec. 23, 1874. Geo. 

Wheaton of Middletown. Vt. 
iv. Jennie B.\ b. in Middletown, Jan. 26, 1857 ; m. Sept. 20, 1»73, A. J. 

Gardner; res. Rutland, Vt. 

372 PETER. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Elizabeth McG^egor^ (1S36) [15S] (Rev. John 

Ripley', John', LL. D., Capt. John', Capt. John*, John', Peter', 

Henry") and Edward (Strong) Dwight, D. D. ; res. Hadley, Mass. 

i. Marion McGregor DTvight, b. in Hadley, Mass., Dec. 15, I860; 
uom. ; teacher, Cambridge, Mass. ii. Jnlia Strong Lyman 

Dwight, b. in Hadley, Dec. 2, 18T0; unm. ; student of Art, North- 
ampton, Mass. 

Children of William', (1S40) [159] (Rev. William', D. D., 
John', LL. D., Capt. John', John', John', Peter', Henr>-') and 
Helen (Coolidge) Adams ; res. New York City. 

i. Henry Coolidge', b. Feb. 9, 1869; m. Feb. 7, 1891, Clara W. Corliss. 

ii. William', b. March 26, 18T0; m. Jan. 25, 189+, Alice C. Greenleaf. 

iii. Thatcher Magonn', b. March 23. 1874. 

iv. Margaret', b. March 31, 187G. 

V. John Bro-wn', b. June 19, 1877. 

vi. Thomas Safford', b. Sept. 11, 1879. 

Children of Mary Elizabeth", (1S42) [160] (Rev. William', 
D. D., John', LL. D., Capt. John', Capt. John', John', Peter', 
Henry') and John Crosby Brown ; rep. New York City. 

i. William A. Brown, b. Dec. 20, 1865; m. March 30, 1892, Helen Gil- 
man Noyes. 
ii. Elizabeth Coe Brown, b. Sept. 8, 1868; m. Nov. 9, 1887, Edw. Cald- 
well Moore, 
iii. Mary Magonn Brown, b. Dec. 22, 1869. 
iv. James Crosby Brown, b. Sept. 28, 1872. 
V. Thatcher Magonn Brown, b. March 8, 1876;. 
vi. Amy Brighthnrst Brown, b. April 28, 1878. 

Children of Susan  Magoun^ (1847) [161] (Rev. William', D. 
D., John', LL. D., Capt. John', Capt. John*, John', Peter" 
Henry') and Eugene Delano ; res. Philadelphia, Pa. 

i. WiUiam A. Delano, b. Jtm. 21, 1874. ii. Martha Magonn Delano, 
b. Jan. 24, 1873. iii. Morean Delano, b. Jane 14, 1877. iv. 
Caroline Delano, b. May 6, 1879. v. Snean Magonn Delano, b. 
March 13, 19$3. vi. Eugene Delano, b. Feb. 26, 1887. 

Ninth Generation.] peter. 373 

Children of Mary Abby', (1S33) [162] (Jonathan Sabin', Capt. 
Joshua', Capt. John', Capt. John', John". Peter", Henry") and 
Norman Underwood Cahill ; res. Fitzwilliam, N. H. 

i. Cliaa. Adams Cahill, b. Dec. 6, 1861 ; m. Dec. 25, 1886, Dolly Hughes 
from Wales; res. Sioax City (Leeds) Iowa. ii. Fanny Aorilla 
Cahill. b. Jan. 25, 1863; m. Dec. 25, 1882. Dr. Edgar I. HaU, son of 
Geo. K. and Georgiana (Barden) Hall. She d. at Minneapolis, 
Minn., 16 Dec, 1884. iii. Mary Agnes Cahill, b. Jan. 1, 1865; m. 
Firman. She is a teacher of the blind at Jacksonville, 111. 

Child of Catherine Ambra", (1840) [163] (Jonathan Sabin'. 
Capt. Joshua', Capt. John', Capt. John', John', Peter', Henry') 
and John McClay Parker; res. Fitzwilliam, N. H. 

i. Helen Adams Parker, b. in Fitzwilliam, Aug. 6, 1866; num.; res. 
Fitzwilliam, N. H. 

Children of John Paschall', (1S54) [164] (John', Moses", Capt. 
John', Capt. John', John'. Peter', Henr}'') and Ellen Antoinette 
(Chapman) Adams; res. GlenWlle, O. 

i. Gracie Genevieve', b. in Jefferson, Ohio, Dec. 14, 1883. 

ii. Freddie Chapman', b. in Jefferson, Nov. 2, 1885. 

iii. Raymond Paschall'. b. in Glenville, O., April 7, 188i». 

iv. Mildred', b. in Glenville, July 13, 1891. 

V. Flossie Eliza', b. in Glenville, Sept. 27, 1893. 

Children of Moses Paschall', (1841) [165] (Henry Paschall', 
Moses', Capt. John', Capt. John', John', Peter', Henr>-') and Eliza 
W. (Stevens) Adams ; res. Zanes\'ille, O. 

i. Henry Stevens', b. in Kokomo, Ind., Sept. 21, 1871. 
ii. Leland Rose", b. in Cleveland, O., July 29, 1876. 
iii. Virginia', b. in Delaware, O., Dec. 29, 1880. 

Child of Thomas Rose', (1844) [166] (Henry Paschall', Moses', 
Capt. John', Capt. John', John', Peter', Henry") and Anna C. 
(Colburg) Adams ; res. Pittsburg, Pa. 

i. George Colburg', b. in Pittsburg, Pa., Aug. 13, 1884. 

374 . . PETER. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Parker Chapman', (1855) [167] (George U.\ 
Moses', Capt. John', Capt. John', John', Peter', Henry") and Julia 
(Carter) Adams ; res. Sechlersville, Wis. 

i. Rnth Gertrude', b. in SechJersville, Wis.. Oct. 6, 1878. 
ii. LouiBa', b. in Sechlersville, Oct. 17, 1880. 
iii. Hawley C, b in Sechlersville, May 18, 1882. 

Child of Theodore Gideon', (1S37) [16S] (Alson', Col. Zadoc", 
Dea. Ebenezer', Capt. John', John', Peter\ Henry') and Lucy 
Maria (Dow) Adams; res. Sherburne, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

239. i. Bev. George Durward', M. A., B. D., b. in Sherborne, N. Y.. Ang. 
15, 1865; m. June 23, 1891, Ina Martha Chapman of Greene, N. T. 
He graduated from Colgate Academy, Hamilton, N. T., in 1887; 
from Colgate UniverBity in 1891, and from Hamilton Theological 
Seminary in 1894; was ordained Oct. 7, 1892; has supplied churches 
at Sidney. N. T., and De Euyter, and is now pastor of the First 
Baptist Church in Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Children of Rhoba P.', (1S3S) [169] (Alson', Col. Zadoc', Dea. 
Ebenezer', Capt. John', John', Peter', Henry') and Tillinghast C. 
Rice ; res. Hamilton, N. Y. 

i. Charles W. Bice, m. (1) Hannah Steer; m. (2) name not known. ii. 

Alson Adams Bice; m. Beese. iii. Lewis Bice. iv. 

Clarence Bice. v. Flora Bice. vi. Lora Bice. 

Child of Betsey Ann', (1840) [170] (Alson', Col. Zadoc', Dea. 
Ebenezer', Capt. John*, John', Peter', Henry') and Dwight 
Joseph Royce; res. Sherburne, N. Y. ; 

i. Inez Janette Boyce, b. in Sherburne, K. Y., June 23, 1861; m.*(l) at 
Sherburne, March 19, 1879, Duane James Palmer, who d. l&Feb., 
1894; m. (2) Dec. 18, 1895, Fuller PalviaKin^. 

Child •of Mary FrancesV(1^42> [171] (Alson', Col. /Zadoc', 
Dea. Ebenezer*, Capt, John', John',- Peter*, Henry') and George 
Sullivan Loomis; res. Sherbtime, N". Y. 

L Henry Loomiaj - 

Ninth Generation.] PETF.R. 375 

Child of Evans Zadoc", (1S4-1-) [172] (Alson^ Col. Zadoc', Dea. 
Ebener', Capt. John', John", Peter', Henr>-') and Millie Soteria 
(Brown) Adams; res. Syracuse, N. Y, 

i. Ephraim Crawford B.', b. in Syracnse, N. V., Dec. 26, 1883. 

Children of Spencer B.', (184S) [173] (Alson', Col. Zadoc*, 
Dea. Ebenezer', Capt. John', John', Peter', Henry') and Mary A. 
(Phelps) Adams; res. Sherburne, N. Y. 

i. Flora B.', b. in Sherbnrne, N. Y., Jan. 17, 1872; m. May 6, 189C, 

Allison Briggs of Lebanon, Madison Co., N. T. 
ii. Lester B.^ b. in Sherburne, Jan. 7, 1874; m. Feb. 7, 1897, Emily 
Williams; res. Sherborne, Chenango Co., N. T. 

Children of Clarissa', (1S29) [174] (Jefferson', Col. Zadoc', 
Dea. Ebenezer', Capt. John*, John', Peter', Henry') and Homer 
P. Aldrich; res. Plymouth, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

i. Cnrtis Aldrich, b. in Plymouth, N. Y., May 5, 1846; m. Nov. 8. 1869. 
ii. Jefferson Aldrich, b. in Plymouth, Jan. 10, 1848; m. Sept. 5, 

Child of Charles J.', (1832) [175] (Jefferson', Col. Zadoc', 
Dea. EbenezerS Capt. John', John', Peter", Henry') and Minerva 
P. (Cady) Adams; Sherburne, N. Y. 

240. i. Caroline B.\ b. in Sherburne, N. Y., Not. 18,1860; m. March 27, 
1873, Geo. W. Shaw. 

Child of Orra', (1836) [176] (Jefferson', Col. Zadoc', Dea. 
Ebenezer', Capt. John*, John', Peter', Henry') and Luman W. 

i. Henry C. Aldrich, b. Oct. 12, 1856; m Aug. 4, 1876. 

Children of Eliza J.', (1S3>>) [177] (Ebenezer', Col. Zadoc", 
Dea. Ebenezer', Capt. John', John', Peter', Henrj-') and John P. 
Fairbanks; res. Pharsalia, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

i. Andrew J. Fairbanks, b. in Plymouth, N. Y., May, 1863; m. Oct., 
1887, at Sidney. N. Y , Jennie Skinner. ii. Ella B. Fairbanks, b. 
in De Bnyter, N. Y., April, 1864; m April 7, 1891, at Pharsalia, N. 
Y., Chas. E. Webb; res. McDonough, Chenango Co., N. Y. iii. 
Cora B. Fairbanks, b. in De Ruyter, Aug. 20, 1867; m. Sept. 12, 

376 PETER. [Ninth Generation. 

1888, at Pharealia. N. Y., Timothy Palmer; rea. Norwich, N. Y. 
iv. Geo. Adams Fairbanks, b. in Norwich, N. Y., April 12, 1371; 
member of College, Rochester, N. Y. v. LeBoy Fairbanks, b. in 
Norwich, June 21, 1875; res. Pharsalia, N. Y. vi. Cora M. Fair- 
banks, b. in Norwich, Oct. 14, 1873, d. 5 Jane, 1881. 

Children of Hiram C ', (1S40) [ITS] (Ebenezer', Col. Zadoc', 
Dea. Ebenezer', Capt. John*, John', Peter', Henr>'') and Jose- 
phine (Christian) Adams; res. North Norwich, N. Y. 

i. Ross C, b. in Plymouth, N. Y., 1873; m. Sarah Domfie; res. Utica, 

N. Y. 
ii. Gage F.», b. in Plymouth. 1876; m. Dec, 1894, Hattie Brazer; res. 

Utica, N. Y. 
iii. Truman E.», b. in Norwich. N. Y., 1878. 
iv. Leon G.', b. in Otselic, N. Y.. Sept.. 1833, d. Oct., 1883. 
V. Herbert C.\ b. in Plymouth. 1885. 
vi. "William Lovis", b. Ln Plymouth, 1887, d. in Utica, N. Y.. 1890. 

Children of Ernest C, (1S50) [179] (Ebenezer', Col. Zadoc', 
Dea. Ebenezer*, Capt. John', John', Peter', Henry') and Satie C. 
(Judd) Adams; res. North Norwich, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

i. DeFrancea', b. in North Norwich. N. Y., March 28, 1894. 
ii. Norman', b. in North Norwich, Nov. 23, 1896. 

Children of William Henry', (ISiS) [180] (Charles', Col. 
Zadoc', Dea. Ebenezer', Capt. John', John', Peter, Henry') and 
Hattie E. (Aldrich) Adams; res. Oxford, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

i. Cora E.', b. in Plymouth, N. Y., June 9, 1870, d. 4 April, 1871. 
ii. Nellie M.', b. in Plymouth. Oct. 9, 1871. 
iii. Frank B.', b. in Smithville, N. Y., Aug. 21, 1889. 
Children of Zadoc W.', (1S50) [181) (Charles', Col. Zadoc', 
Dea. Ebenezer', Capt. John', John', Peter', Henry') and Sarah 
(Cummings) Adams; res. Norwich, N. Y- 

L Lena'. n. Daisy'. iiL Charley'. iv. Pearl'. : v. Zadoc'. 
vi. Adan'. 

Childrenof Frederick Adelbert', (1862) [1S2] (Charies', Col. 
Zadoc', Dea. Ebenezer*, Capt. John', John', Petsr', Henr>'') and 
Flora (Daniels) Adams; res. Oxford, N. Y. 

i. Fred', b. in SmithviUe, N. Y.. July 8, 1883. 
iL. Grace', b. in Smithville. ATay, 1886. 
iiL Inez*, b. in Oxford, N. Y., Aug., 1894. 

Ninth Generation.] peter. ' 377 

Children of Harriet Josephine', (1S45) [183] (Rev. James'. 
Samuel', Jr., Samuel', Capt. John', John', Peter', Henrj-') and 
Capt. Benjamin B. Redman ; res. Quincy, Mass. 

i. James Adams Redman, b. in Qnincy, Mass., Jan. 18, 1888. ii. 
"William Waason Redman, b. in Candia, If. H., March 22, 1890. 

Children of Eunice E.', (1838) [1S4] (Nelson', Elijah', Samuel', 
John', John", Peter', Henry') and Thompson Graves ; res. Malone, 
N. Y. 

i. HuldaGrayes, b. Oct. 2, 1858. ii. Nellie Graves, b. Oct. 1, 1861, 
d. 6 April, 1876. iii. Cloyton Graves, b. March 15, 1867. iv. 
Clarence Graves, b. Dec. 19. 1871. 

Child of George W.', (1S35) [185] (Rev. Arnold', Elijah', 
Samuel', Capt. John', John", Peter', Henr>-') and Lucy (Ballou) 
Adams; res. Auburn, N. H. 

i. George C.\ b. in Auburn, N. H., June 9, 1868; m. Molildia Overton 
of Houston, Tex. ; res. Houston, Tex. 

Children of Alfred B.', (1837) [186] (Rev. Arnold', Elijah*, 
Samuel', Capt. John', John', Peter', Henr>-') and Emily M. 
(Wilbur) Adams ; res. New York City. 

i. Luella M.% b. in South Dennis, Mass., June 18, 1857; m. June 9, 
1889, Newton Barnes of New York. 
241. ii. Frank C, b. in Rehoboth, Mass., April 1, 1860; m. April 17, 1883, 
Emily Thomas of New York, b. in Washington, D. C, Jan. 22, 1865; 
res. New York (Jitj-. 
iii. Minnie E.', b. in Yarmouth Port, Mass., Dec. 11, 1862; d. in New 
York, 3 Sept., 1«87. 

Child of John H.', (1S51) [187] (John', John', Samuel', Capt. 
John', John', Peter', Henry') and Angie (Green) Adams; res. 
Etna, Siskiyou Co., Cal. 

i. AttA May', b. in Etna, Cal., 1885. 

Children of Rev. Carlos Lemuel', (1856) [188] (John', John", 
Samuel', Capt. John', John', Peter', Henry') and Emma (Cooper) 

i. Merritt Cooper", b. in West Branch. Ogemaw Co., Mich. , Aug. 9, 1888. 
ii. Glendolen Howe', b. in Holly, Oakland Co., Mich., May 15, 1891. 

378 PETER. [Ninth Generation. 

Child of Julia Frances', (1S52) [189] (Luther Jeffords', JohnV 
Samuel*, Capt. John*, John', Peter', Henry") and Henry J. 
Wright; res. East Templeton, Mass. _„ 

i. Flossie May Wright, b. in East Templeton, May 9, 1883. 

Children of Rev. Luther Wm.', (1858) [190}(Luther Jeffords', 
John*, Samuel*, Capt. John', John', Peter', Henry") and Josie 
(Stetson) Adams. 

i. Ellsworth Stetson', b. Dec. 8, 1891. 
ii. William Raymond', b. Jan. 24, 1894. 

Child of Carl Joseph', (1859) [191] (Luther Jeffords', John',. 
Samuel*, Capt. John*, John', Peter', Henry') and Anna Lucy 
(Hunt) Adams ; res. Chelsea, Mass. 

i. AithoT J.', b. in Melrose, Mass., Sept., 1885. 

Child of Clarence Bert', (1870) [192] (Luther Jeffords', John*,. 
Samuel*, Capt. John*, John', Peter*, Henry") and Fannie P. (Rice) 
Adams; res. West Medford, Mass. 

L Flossie S.», b. in Medford. Mass., Jan. 17, 1894. 

Children of Henry W.', (1853) [193] (Charles W.', John', 
Samuel*, Capt. John*, John', Peter*, Henry") and Clara J. (Miner) 
Adams; res. Kankakee, 111. 

L Alitia Clara', b. in Kankakee, HI., April 7, 1881. 
ii. Irving Wesley', b. in Kankakee, Ang. 17, 1883. 
iii. Alta Levina', b. in Kankakee, March 19, 1886. 

Child of Albert C, (1855) [194] (Charles W.', John*, Samuel*, 
Capt. John*, John', Peter', Henry") and Susie (Woodward) Adams ; 
res. Barre, Vt. 

i. Archie Batchelder', b. in Barre, Vt, Oct 4, 1885; !  


Children of James Newtonf, (1860) [195] (Charles W.\ John', 
Samuel*, Capt. John*, John',, Peter*, /Henry') and: Lizzie (Whiter 
head) Adams ; res. Kankakee, ,ni. ' 

L dutrlM William*, b. in Kankakee, IlL, Jhne 9, 1888. 
ii^ IrenfrBnth*.b.m Kankakee, March: 15, 18981' 

Ninth Generation.] peter. 379 

Children of Henrietta Maria", (1839) [196] (Rev. Elisha', D. 
D., Luther', Samuel', Capt. John', John', Peter', Henry') and 
Charles A. Bradeen ; res. Toledo, O. 

i. Charles Adams Bradeen, b. in Jackson, Mich, May 4, 1873, d. 8 May, 
1873. ii. Henry Adams Bradeen, b. in Toledo. O., Aug. 4, 1874. 

Children of Sarah Jane', (1844) [197] (Rev. Elisha', D. D., 
Luther', Samuel', Capt. John', John', Peter', Henry') and John 
Chamberlain Ordway; res. Concord, N. H. 

i. Mary Adams Ordway, b. in Concord, N. H., Jan. 25, 1876. iL 
Louisa Adams Ordway, b, in Cleveland, O. , Aug. 10, 1878. 

Children of Adelaide H.*, (1842) [198] (Rev. Henry Wright', 
Luther', Samuel', Capt. John*. John', Peter', Henry') and George 
W. Durgin ; res. Camden, N. J. 

i. Henry Adams Durgin, b. in Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 15. 1876. ii. 
Charles Hubbard Dnrgin, b. in Philadelphia, May 5, 1877. iii. 
Eatherine Langdon Durgin, b. in Camden, N. J., April 12, 1879. 
iv. Lizzie Mead Durgin, b. in Camden, June 28, 1882. v. Mar- 
jorie Durgin, b. in Camden, Sept. 2, 1884. 

Children of Josephine H.', (1846) [199] (Rev. Henry Wright', 

Luther', Samuel', Capt. John', John', Peter', Henry') and Charles 

Belcher, Jr. ; res. Newark, N. J. 

i. Charles Belcher, Jr., b. in Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 2,1871. ii. 
Josephine Adams Belcher, b. in Philadelphia, Feb. 22, 1874. iii. 
Nellie Belcher, b. in Newark, N. J.. Feb. 28, 1878. iv. Elizabeth 
Hubbard Belcher, b. in Newark, March 12, 1881. 

Children of Adelaide Flora", (1853) [200] (Luther', Jr., 

Luther', Samuel*, Capt. John*, John', Peter', Henry') and Elmer 

V. Hadley; res. Morrisville, Vt. 

L Ernest Elmer Hadley, b. June 19, 1875. iL Fred Clinton Hadley, 
b. May 3, 1877. iii. Kate Flora Hadley, b. Sept. 20, 1881. iv. 
Sadie Adams Hadley, b. Nov. 27, 1890. 

Children of Lizzie Maria*. (1857) [201] (Luther', Jr., Luther*, 

Samuel', Capt. John*, John', Peter*, Henry') and Rev. Riley L. 

D. Preston. 

i. Helen Howard Preston, b. in Williamstown, Vt., Jan. 25, 1877. iL 

Glen Adams Preston, b. in Williamstown, March 15, 1881. iii. 

Gladys May Preston, b. in Tunbridge, Vt., May 13, 188.'!. iv. 
Harry Adams Preston, b. in Michigan, Feb. 3, 1893. 

380 • PETER. [Ninth Generation. 

 Children of Clinton Andes', (1S60) [202] (Hon. Bailey F.', 
Luther', Samuel*, Capt. John*, John", Peter', Henry') and Phebe 
(Chubb) Adams ; res. Post Mills, Vt. 

i. Isabel Mason', b. in Post Mills, Vt., Aug. U, 1888. 
ii. Albert Clinton', b. in Post Mills, April 13, 1690. 

Children of Jairus Bullard', (1S64) [203] (Hon. Bailey F.', 
Luther', Samuel', Capt. John', John', Peter', Henry') and Effie 
Irene (Thurston) Adams ; res. Randolph, Vt. 

i. Charles Bailey', b. in Randolph, Yt., Sept. 2. 1897. 
ii. Mary Lucinda', b. in Randolph, Sept. 21, 1889. 

Children of Hon. Charles Henry", (1S24) [204] (Dr. Henr>'', 
Dr. Peter Charles', Joshua', Isaac', John'. Peter', Henr)'') and 
Elizabeth (Piatt) Adams; res. New York City. 

i. Mary Egbert', b. in Rhinebeck. N. Y., Not., 1854; m. Robert John- 
son of Cohoes. N. Y. , who d. two years later leaving a son, Robert 
ii. Sarah*, b. in Rhinebeck, 1856, d. in infancy. 

iii. William Piatt', b. in Rhinebeck. 1857; m. Katherine Elsefifer of Red 
Hook, N. Y., and they have two children, Elizabeth and Eatherine. 

Children of Hon. Charles Henr>-', (1824) and Judith Critten- 
den (Coleman) Adams. 

It. Agnes Ethel'. v. Judith BerUna". 

Children of William R.', (ISIO) [205] (Milo', Isaac", Jere- 
miah', Isaac', John', Peter', Henry') and Nancy (Boardman) 
Adams; res. South Hero, Vt. 

i. Jennie I.», b. in South Hero. Vt., Jan. 20,. 1883; d. at Bear Valley, 
Mariposa Co., CaL, 28 Sept. , 1863 

ii> Hon. Jewett W.', b. in South : Hero, . Aug. 6, 1834; m. Jan^ 6, 1878, 
Emma E. Lee; res. Caxson, Neb.; no issue. 

RemoTed from Burlingtonv Vt., to CaL, 1852; merchant at Bear 
Valley. Maripoaa< Co., Cal., 1857 to I860,: when he became paymas- 
ter of the Fremont Grant Co.; settled in Virgini* City, Ner., 1864 ^ 
since 1874 has served eight years as Lieut. GoTemor and four years.- 
aa Governor of' Nevada: was appointed superintendent of th^U. S.'- 
Mint at Carsoa City by President Cleveland in 1894. 

iiL Josephine', b. in South Hero. June,. 1836. d. Aug. 183&: 

Ninth Generation.] peter. 3S1 

iT. Sophronia E.'. b. in South Hero, May 34. 1839; m. May 19, 1862, 
David K. Meacham, b. in Newton, N. J., Oct. 19, 1825; retired lum- 
ber and coal merchant; res. San Francisco, Cal. Sophronia £. has 
one dau., Jennie A. Meacham, b. in Moraga VaUey, Cal., Aug. 12, 
1863; m. J. J. Hillman; res. Philadelphia. 

V. Thankful L.', b. in South Hero, June, 1841, d. Feb., 1842. 

Children of Eliza Ann", (1S19) [206] (Abial', Isaac", Jere- 
miah', Isaac', John', Peter', Henry') and James H. Holland; res. 
Brandon, N. Y. 

i. Seymour Holland; m. Roiana Chandler; res. Brandon, N. Y. iL 
Eveline, m. Binaldo Royce; res. Bangor, N. Y. iii. Elwin Hoi- 
land, m. ; res. Clinton, Madison Co., la iv. Edwin Holland 

(twin); m. Rose Carpenter; d. 1883; rea. Clinton, la. 

Children of Isaac S.\ (1821) [207] (Abial', Isaac', Jeremiah*, 
Isaac', John', Peter', Henry') and Clarinda (Ross) Adams ; res. 
Winterset, Madison Co., la. 

242. i. Buel Clinton', b. in Franklin Co., N. Y., April 26, 1836; 

m. (1) June 10, 1880, Frankie McLaughUn, d. 24 Dec, 1882. 
m. (2) Sept. 21, 1884, Anna Smith; res. "Winterset, la. 
ii. Clayton Ell', b. in Franklin Co., N. Y., April 6, 1858; removed West, 

1882; res. unknown, 
iii. Martha Jane', b. in Franklin Co., N. Y., April 26, 1860; m. March 29, 

1883, Matthew Walters; res. Winterset, la. 
iv. Jessie Fremont', b. in Franklin Co., N. Y., July 6, 1863; m. Sept. 5, 

1885, Ellis Barker; res. Omaha, Neb. 
V. Willie Isaac', b. in Kane Co., 111., Sept. 5, 1866; res. White Rabbit, 

vi. Callie Bell', b. in Adams Co., la., March 7, 1869; res. Winterset., la. 
vii. Lutheria Marilda', b. in Martin Co., Minn., Nov. 1, 1871, d. 4 Jan., 

viii. Guy B.', b. in Winterset, la., Oct 27, 1874; res. Winterset, la. 

Children of Abial', Jr., (1823) [208] (Abial', Isaac', Jeremiah', 
Isaac', John', Peter', Henry') and Eliza (Frank) Adams ; res. \V. 
Bangor, N. Y. 

243. i. Frank H.'.b. in Bangor, N. Y..June 18, 1851; m. Aug. 24,1875, 

Mary Ann Joyner; d. Oct., 1890; res. Dnnedin, Hillsboro Co., Fla. 

244. ii. Ida', b. in Bangor, Sept. 5, 1854; m. Jan. 1, 1875, Albert Turner; d. 

14 April, 1879. 

245. iii. Truman', b. in Bangor, .\ug. 17, 1855; m. Aug. 22, 1881, Olive E. 

Spencer; res. West Bangor, N. Y. 

382 PETER. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Albert B.", (1825) [209] (Abial', Isaac', Jeremiah*, 
Isaac', John", Peter', Henr>'') and Sophia (Champlin) Adams; 
res. New Haven, Vt. 

246. i. Snsan Seymour', b. in New Haven, Vt., Jan. 9, 1855; m. Feb. 23, 

1881, H. Clinton Conant of New Haven, Vt. 
24". ii. Julia C, b. in New Haven, Teh. 23, 1857; m. Jan. 19, 1876, Elbridge 
S. Kempton; res. North Bangor, N. Y. 
iii. Ell C, b. in New Haven, Sept. 25, 1859; m. Feb. 9, 1882, Phebe L. 
(Thorp) Everest of Addison, Vt. ; res. New Haven, Vt ; d. 23 April, 
1894; no issue, 
iv. Albert F.',b. in New Haven, Sept. 27, 1863; unm.; res. Victoria, 
B. C. 

Child of Albert B.', (1S25) and Analine E. (Richards) Adams ; 
res. Brushton, N. Y. 

V. Harvey J.', b. in Brushton, N. Y., Sept. 27, 1885. 

Child of Charles', (1828) [210] (Abial', Isaac', Jeremiah', 

Isaac*, John", Peter", Henry') and Amanda (Thomas) Adams ; res. 

Brandon, N. Y. 

i. Boxton R.', b. in Malone, N. Y., June 1, 1857; m. (name not known); 
parted; no issue; rea. Eastis, Menomonee, Co., Mich. 

Children of Charles', (1828) and Helen (Avery) Adams. 

ii. Susan A. ♦, b. in Brandon, N. Y., April 21. 1867, d. 25 May, 1876. 
iii. Leslie Charles', b. in Brandon, Oct. 30, 1872; m. March 25, 1891, 
Millie Briggs; one child, Geo. C, b. in Brandon, Jan. 6, 1892; res. 
Dickinson, Franklin Co. , N. Y. 

Children of Charles Langdon', (1845) [211] (Chauncey L.', 
Col. Pliny', Jeremiah', Isaac', Dea. Peter', Peter', Henrj-') and 
Helen (Tyler) Adams ; res. New York City. 

i. Emily Lodice', b. in New York, March 5, 1872; uniu. 

ii. Mary Helen', b. in Glens Falls, N. Y., July 23, 1873; unm. 

iii. Buth AUce', b. in New York, Aug. 7, 1875, d. 25 May, 1883. 

iv. Charles William', b. in New York, March 16, 1878. d. 10 July, 1878. 

V. Edward Larabee'l b. in New York, March 16, 1878. 

vi. Maria Willson', b. in New York. March 5, 1880. 

vii. Charles Langdon', b. in Mt Vernon, N. Y., Dec. SO, 1886. 

Ninth Generation.] peter. 383 

Child of Allen Wilson', (1S4S) [212] (Chauncey L.', Col. 
Pliny*, Jeremiah', Isaac', Dea. Peter', Peter', Henry') and Sarah 
(Roberts) Adams ; res. New York City. 

i. Susie WilJaon', b. in New York, Dec. 31, 1873; unm. 

Children of Henry Kingman', (1828) [213] (Orange', Jere- 
miah', Jeremiah', Isaac*, John'. Peter', Henry') and Laura W. 
(Smith) Adams; res. St. Albans, Vt. 

i. Nehemiah Washburn', b. in St. Albans, Tt., Feb. 10, 1852; m. April 

20, 1875, Mary Buttress, 
ii. Henry Orange', b. in Sti Albans, Aug. 15, 1854; m. Jennie C. Stevens 

of Concord, N. H. ; res. Concord, N. H. 
iii. William N. Smith', b. in St. Albans, May 1, 1857; res. Concord, N. H. 
iv. Sarah Lillian', b. in St. Albans, July 3. 1859. 
y. Reginald Irving', b. in St. Albans, Jan. 29, 1862, d. 11 Dec, 1888. 

Children of Abigail", (1799) [214] (Caleb', Moses", Peter', Jr., 

Peter', Dea. Peter', Peter', Henr>-') and Samuel Billings; res. 

E. Blackstone, Mass. 

i. Samuel Kelson Billings, b. in Charlton, Mass., April 22, 1818. iL 
Abigail Adams Billings, b. in Charlton, Feb. 3, 1820, d. 14 Sept. 
1821. iii. Abigail Adams Billings, b. in Charlton, Jan. 2, 1822. 
iv. William Willard Billings, b. in Charlton, June 28, 1824; res. 
Milford, Mass. v. Julia Amelia Billings, b. in Charlton, May 22, 
1826. vi. Sarah Fuller Billings, b. iu Charlton, Aug. 4, 1828. 
vii. Milton Richardaon Billings, b. in Dudley, Mass., Jan. 12, 1831. 
viii. James Henry Billings, b. in Woodstock, Conn., Sept. 11, 1833, 
d. 8 Oct. , 1833. ix. Eliaa Mason Billings, b. in Woodstock, Dec. 
1, 1834. I. Mary Elizab. Billings, b. in Thompson, Conn , May 
36, 1837. xi. John Willard Billings, b. in Thompson, Sept. 15, 

Children of Caleb', Jr., (1801) [215] (Caleb', Moses', Peter', 
Jr., Peter*, Dea. Peter', Peter', Henry") and Lydia (Bates) Adams; 
res. So. Mendon, Mass. 

248. i. Maria*, b. in So. Mendon, Mass., June 9, 1827; m. May 7, 1851, 

Francis Metcalf; she d. 1 Jan., 1876. 

249. ii. George', b. in So. Mendon, 1829; m. Emeline Lawrence; res. Whit- 

iusville, Mass. 
iii. Laban*, b. in So. Mendon, 1832; m. Nov. 7, 1865, Eunice Ray, (di- 
vorced) ; res. Woonsocket, B. L 

250. iv. Anna', b. in So. Mendon, June 3, 1834; m. March f, 1837, Edwin 

Darling. She d. in Pawtucket. B. I., 13 Jan., 1860. 

^^i PETER. [Ninth Generation. 

V. Eli W.', b. in So. Mendon, Oct. 1, 1838: 
m. (1) Elizabeth Welch. 

m. (2) Sept. 27, 1877, Adelaide M. Hainea; no issue; res. Pa-w- 
tncket, R. I. 
vi. Olive', b. in So. Mendon, Sept. 29, 1843; nnm. ; d. in Belhngham, 
Maas., 30May, 1881. 

Children of IMelatiah', (1S04) [216] (Caleb', Moses", Peter', 
Jr., Peter', Dea. Peter', Peter', Henry') and Jotham Parkhurst; 
res. So. Mendon, Mass. 

i. William Parkhurst, b. in Bellingham, Mass. , Oct. 3, 1824 ; res. E. Black- 
stone, Mass. ii. Abby Parkhurst, b. in Mendon, Mass., d. in 
Blackstone, Mass., 10 Jan., 18o2. iii. Emeline Parkhurst, b. in 
Blackstone, Mass; res. Lincoln, R. I. iv. Warren Parkhurst, 
b. in Blackstone. v. Clara Parkhurst, b. in Blackstone. -n. 
Arnold Parkhurst, b. in Mendon, Mass. vii. Caleb Parkhurst, 
b. in Blackstone. viii. Charles Parkhurst, b. in Blackstone. 

Children of Alice May', (ISOti) [217] (Caleb', Moses', Peter', 
Jr., Peter', Dea. Peter*, Peter', Henry') and Pelatiah Thayer; res. 
So. Mendon, Mass. 

i. Clarissa Thayer, b. in Mendon, Mass. , Sept. 23, 1824, d. 4 June, 1832. 
ii. Hannah Thayer, b. in Mendon, June 16, 1826, d. 9 June, 1837. 
iii. Albert Thayer, b. in Mendon, Oct. 4, 1830. iv. Pelatiah 
Thayer, b. in Mendon, Feb. 18, 1830, d. in Mendon, 7 Oct., 1849. 

Children of Maria', (1819) [21 S] (Capt. Joseph', Moses', Peter', 
Jr., Peter*, Dea. Peter', Peter', Henry') and Joseph W. Holbrook ; 
res. Milford, Mass. 

L Handel H. Holbrook, b. Oct. 27, 1842; a member of Co. B, 25th Mass. 
Reg.; d. 14 Dec., 1868. ii. Geor^ana Holbrook, b. April 26, 
1850; m. March 13, 1875, Horatio Turner; d. 27 Dec, 1886. She d. 
29 Jan., 1889. iii. Evelyn H. Holbrook, b. Aug. 2, 1851; m. Nov. 
25, 1868, Henry U. Horton. iv. Edna Holbrook. b. March 17, 
1854, d. 6 Oct., 1856.  v. Eddie Holbrook, b. July 16, 1857, d. 2, 
Nov.. 1857. . vi. Alston HoIbrook,^ b. July 15, 1861; m. June 20,; 
1888, Ida May Wilder. , 

Children of Maria Fales', (1S21) [219] (Jonathan',, Moses',. 
Peter', Jr., Peter*, Dea.;^ Peter*, Peter*,.. Henry') and Asa White;; 
res^ Norfolk, Mass. " 

Ninth Generation.] peter. Z85 

i. Olire MariaWhite, b. Nov., 1837; m. (1) April 10. 1856, Wm. H. Sen. 
nett; m. (2) Sept. 23, 1870, Oren CuUer Ware; m. (3> Aug. 21, 1871, 
S. Phillip Blake; m. (4) Not. 17, 1887, James H. Blake; ree. Nor 
folk, :Nra88. ii. Clara White, b. Not. 10, 1839; m. Dec. 2, 1858, 
Jamea H. Daggett; no issue; res. WrenthBm, Mass. iii. Willis 
H. White, b. Aug. 13, 1854; m. June 13, 1879, Lucy Qoddard; rea. 
Norfolk, Mass. 

Children of Asa Ware', (1833) [220] (Jonathan', Moses*, 
Peter', Jr., Peter', Dea. Peter', Peter', Henr}'') and Josie (Doug- 
lass") Adams; res. Franklin, Mass. 

i. Harry D.', b. in Wrentham. Maas., May 6, 1860; m. June 20,1892, 

Cad. B. Mooiiy of Belfast, Me. ; rea. FrankUn, Maas. 
ii. George L.*, b. in Wrentham, June 2, 1864; engineer; num. 
iii. James Stanley*, b. in Wrentham, May 27, 1867. 
iy. Joaie Ware', b. in Wrentham, July 5, 1870, d. 1871. 
V. Grace Isabel", b. in FraniUn, Maas., July 25, 1877. 

Child of Rosweir, (1830) [221] (Ardon', John', Samuel', 
■Joseph', Jr., Joseph', Peter', Henr>-') and Harriet (Lewis) Adams ; 
res. Stanton, Miami Co., Kan. 

i. Lewis', b. in Franklin, Eas., 1858, d. in Cahfornia, leaving a family. 

Children of Angeline', (1S43) [222] (Ardon', John', Samuel', 
Joseph', Jr.. Joseph', Peter', Henry") and Charles F. Smith; res. 
Midland, Mich. 

i. Frank Smith, b. Aug. 14, 1866, d. 8 Feb., 1889. ii. William Smith, 
b. about 1868-70; res. Needles, San Bernardino Co., Cal. iii. 
Cora Smith, b. Jan. 1, 1874; m. May 6, 1896, Wm. See; rea. Mid- 
land, Mich. 

Children of Edgar', (1839) [223] (John'. Jr., John', Samuel', 
Joseph*, Jr., Joseph', Peter', Henry')and Sarah (Rowley) Adams; 
res. Osceola, Mich. 

25;. i. Ti'Imaii', b. in Osceola, Mich.. April 31, 1863; m. Dec. 25, 1889, 

Libbie Bemna, P. O., Evart, Mich, 
ii. Jennie Jenette', b. in Osceola, Feb. 15, 1866; m. Dec. 28, 1892, Jacob 

Mergarth, Erart, Mich. 
iii. Ehner-. b. inOaceola. Oct. 7, 1869, d. 10 Aug., 1893. 

386 PETER. [Ninth Generation. 

Child of Simon', (l>4c.) [2iH] (John\ Jr., John", Samuel', 
Joseph', Jr., Joseph-, Peter'. Henry') and Eva (Wilder) Adams ; 
res. Ewen, Ontonagon Co., Mich. 

i. Eddie', h. in Eweu, Mich., Feb. 8. IfTT. 

Children of Albert", aJ>4'»i [2i>c.] (John', Jr., John', Samuel', 
Joseph*, Jr., Joseph'. Peter. Henry") and Amina (Giff ord) Adams; 
res. Evart, Osceola Co.. Mich. 

i. John F.'. h. in Muccmb, Mich.. Jan. 04. ItfGT; m. March 2, 1895, at 

Clare, Mich., .\dJie A. Pierson; res. Evart, Mich, 
ii. Fred 'W.', b. in Macomb, Ang. 30. ISSS. d. 29 Sept., 1885. 
iii. Henrr H.', b. in Macomb, March 2), 1870. d. 6 April, 1873. 
iv. Adre Delbert', b. in Osceola. Mich., Aug. 25. 1876. 
V. . Cora Ella', b. in Osceola. July 31, lS7e. 
vi. Mary Carrie', b. iu Oaceoln, July 15, 18S1. 
Tii. Wulter Stanley*, 1>. in Osceola, June 29, 1885. 

Children of Violef, (ISoO) [220] (John', Jr.. John', Samuel', 
Joseph*, Jr., Joseph', Peter', Henr^-') and Adelbert Haines; res. 
Dover, Clare Co., Mich. 

i. Laura V. Uoinea. b. Aug. 20, 187;<. ii. Clara A. HaineB, b. Dec. 
11, 1880. iii. Terne V. Haineh. b. Dec. 1, 1884. iv. Merle E. 
Haines, b June 29. !8J'7. 

Children of Lotis B.'. (ISoTi [227] (John'. Jr., John*. Samuel', 
Joseph', Jr., Joseph', Peter', Henry") and May (Stevens) Adams; 
res. Tuscola, Tu.scola Co.. Mich. 

L Eva May", b. in Tuscola, Mich. . May 27, 18?1. 

ii Percy J.', b. in Tuscola, May if*, 1884. 

iii. Jennie Kate', b. in Tuscola, Jau. 2j, 1S'*7. 

iv. Frank Merwyn', b. lu Tuscola, M.nrch :i, Id-^O. 

V. Grace Fern', b. ir Tupcola, ,lnne 1,1891- 

vi. Vera Adel", b. iu Tuscola, Fe>i. 11, 199-5. 

Children of Lester D,', (18«U) [22S] t John", Jr., John". Samuel', 
Joseph', Jr., Joseph*. Pcttr". Henry"/ and Emma (Whiteside; 
Adams: res. I-A-art. Mi':h. 

L Elvu Emu:n-. I., in Oboei.k, Mich.. .TiUy 4, 1894. il. 9 .Inp.. 18:14. 
ii. Ellint L.«»<ifer% b. in Ohceolu. Feu, 2:1 l!*,>iV 

Ninth Generation.] peter. 387 

Children of William E.", (1850; [229] (Simon Burrill', Simon'. 
Samuel', Joseph', Jr., Joseph*, Peter', Henry') and Miranda 
(Stout) Adams ; res. Wellsville, N. Y. 

i. Gertrnde L.', b. in Frederioksbojg, Md., Doc. 27, 1876. 
ii. Ruth', b. in New Buffalo, Mich.. June 9. 1839. 

Children of Anson Abyram". (1857) [230] (Simon Burrill". 
Simon', Samuel', Joseph', Jr., Joseph*. Peter', Henry') and Nettie 
(Hadley) Adams; "res. Wellsville, N. Y. 

i. Earl', b. in Andover, N. Y., April 20, 1885. 
ii. BuffiU , b. iu WpUaville, N. T.. Feb. 1, 1891. 

Children of Addie G.'. (1S61) [231] (Simon Burrill', Simon". 
Samuel', Joseph'. Jr., Jo.'^eph', Peter', Henry') and William H. 
Church ; res. Wellsville, N. Y. 

i. Grace Church, b. in Andover, N. Y., July 27, 1885. ii. Ray 
Church, b. in Andover. March 24, 1887. 

Children of Sallie J.*, (1850) [232] (W. Bradley', Willard", 
Samuel', Joseph', Jr., Joseph*, Peter', Henry') and Frank Ryder; 
res. Agnew. Mich. 

i. Frank Ryder. ii. Maud Ryder. iii. Clarissa Ryder. iv. Wil- 
liam Ryder. V. James Ryder. vi. Charles Ryder. 

Children of Fred A.', (1^61) [233] (Willard\ Bradley', Samuel'. 
Joseph', Jr., Joseph', Peter'. Henry') and Lois A. (Gibson) 
Adams; res. Ft. Jackson. St. La^^Tenc•e Co., N. Y. 

i. Willard S.\ b. March 26. 1887, d. 7 Dec, 1889. 
ii. Elmer E.', b. April 1, laSO. 
iii. Elizabeth E. ', b. Nov. 8. 1891. 

ChiMre-i c' Cr.r-ic Ainnnda , (1*09; [234] (Willard', Bradley', 
Samuel*, Joseph', Jr., Joseph', Peter, Henry') and Charles J. 
Gibson ; res. Ft. Jackson, N. Y. 

i. Archie B. Gibson, b. in Lawrence, N. Y.. May 29, 189-1. ii. Howard 
C Gilison, b. in Stockholm. N. Y., Nov. 12. 1895. 

38S PETER. [Ninth Generation. 

Children of Frank ^V.^ (l!?4t;) [235] (Alanson', Parker', 
Abner'. Joseph', Jr., Joseph', Peter', Henry') and Demis (Wood) 
Adams; res. Poultney, Vt. 

i. Addie J', b. in Poultney, Vt, Sept. 15, 1874; m. Farrett; res. 

Nicholvillfe, N. Y. 
ii. Burton W.', b. in Pouitney, May 7, 187(5. 

Children of Frank W.', (lS4»i) and Lydia (Reed) Adams. 

ii). Emma L.», b. in Poultney. Dec. 10, 1S80. 

ix. Luna M.', b. in Poultney, Sept. 10, 1SS2. 

V. Walter F.', b. in Poultney, ilB/ .% liSC. 

vi. Eddie A.", b. in Poultney, Sept. 14, 1899, J. 31 Dec, 1890. 

Children of Thomas Holden', (1842) [230j (Lucas M.', 
J'arker', Abner', Joseph'. Jr., Joseph', Peter', Henry') and Maggie 
(McCalvin) Adams. 

i. Lucaa Burtis', b. in Fond du Lac, Wis., Dec. 7, 1868. 

ii. Lucius 0.', b. in Melrose. la., June 18, 1870. 

iii. James Hurlbnrt', b. in Melrose, Jan. 3, 1872. 

iv. Mary Emma', b. in Melrose, March 1, 1873. 

V. Orace Hplen% b. in Melrose, Aug. 2o, 1877. 

Children of Helen Augusta^ (1845) [237] (Lucas M.', Parker", 
Abner', Joseph', Jr., Joseph', Peter', Henry'; and George W. 
Payne; res. Helena, Mont. 

i. Edtrin B. Payne, b. March 19, 1869. ii. Caaaius Payne, b. March 
19, 1871. iii. Frank A. Payne, b. June 6, 1873. iv. Emma C. 
Payne, b. Sept. 4, 1875. v. Mary Payne, b. Not. 10, 1877. vi. 
Ina Payne, b. Sept. 25, 1880. rii. Guy Carlos Paine, b. Feb. 19, 


Children of Rev. Willis E.", (1S5S) [238] (Lucas Mw', Parker', 
Abner', Joseph', Jr.. Joseph", Peter', ' Henry') and Mabel L. 
(Howard) Adams; res. Wr^jhco'. la. ' ■' 

L George WilliB'.r; ii. Wayne i» . iiL Nora.MAy^ 

Tenth Generation.] peter. 389 

Child of Rev. George Durward', (1865) [239] (Theodore 
Gideon", Alson', Col. Zadoc', Dea. Ebenezer*, Capt. John', John', 
Peter', Henr)-') and Ina Martha (Chapman) Adams; res. Am- 
sterdam, N. Y. 

i. Durward Chapman'", b. April 30, 1896. 

Children of Caroline R.*. (1S6(>) [240] (Charles', Jr., Jeffer- 
son\ Col. Zadoc', Dea. Ebenezer', Capt. John', John\ Peter', 
Henr>-') and George \V. Shaw ; res. Sherburne, N. Y. 

i. Will C. Shaw. b. Jnlr 5, 1890; telegraph operator of D., L. k W. B. 
R. ii. Evangeline P. Shaw, b. Oct. 30, 1881. 

Children of Frank C.% (ISCOj [241] (Alfred B.', Rev. Amold\ 
Elijah'. Samuel', Capt. John', John", Peter', Henry') and Emily 
(Thomas^ Adams: res. New York City. 

i. Robert'", b. June 3, 1884. 

u. Edwin'", b. Aug. 23, 188fi. 

iii. Eveline'", b. Aug. 29, 1S89 

Children of Buel Clinton", (lS5fi) [242] (Isaac S.', AbiaU. 
Isaac", Jeremiah', Isaac*, John', Peter', Heury'j and Anna (Smith) 
Adams; res. "Winterset. la. 

i. Harry Earl'", b. in WinterBet, la. , May 18, 183.x 

ii. Gertrude lone'', b. in Wintereet, Oct. 12, 1887. 
iii. Clarence Sidney'^ b. in Winterset, June 30, 1891). 

iv. Buel Clyde'", b. in Winterset, Nov. 24, 1802. 

r. GlaJyB Madge'", b. in "Winterset, Aug. 20, 1895, d. IT Nov., 1895, 

Children of Frank H.', (1651) [243] (Abial', Jr., Abiar, 
Isaac'. Jeremiah', Isaac', John', Peter', Henry') and Mary Ann 
tjoyner) Adams: res. Dunedin. HilLsboro Co., Fla. 

i. Agatha A.'', b. in West Bangor, N. Y., July 1". 1878. 
ii Eunice E.-% b. in West Bangor, Dec. 15, 1830. 
iii. Elloyd A. '', I., in West Baiigor, Aug. 27. 18S3. 

. 390 PETER. [Tenth Generation. 

Children of Ida', (ISrA) [244] (Abiar, Jr., Abiar. Isaac*. Jere- 
miah', Isaac', John', Peter', Henry') and Albert Turner; res. 
Bnishton, Franklin Co., N. Y. 

1. Susan E. Turner, b. in Ernshton, N. Y., Pec. 13. 1S74, d., age 1 J years. 
ii. Onil C- Turner, b. in Brushton, June (j. 1977; res. BrufLton, 
N. T. iii. Ida L. Turner, b. in Brushton, March 22, 1879; res. 
West Bangor, N. T. 

Children of Truman'. (1855) [245] (AbiaF, Jr., Abial', Isaac', 
Jeremiah'. Isaac', John', Peter', Henry') and Olive E. (Spencer) 
Adams; res. West Bangor, X. Y. 

i. Guy O.'", b. in West Bangor. N. Y., June U. 1882. 
ii. Myrtle A.'", b. in West Bangor, June 1, 1880. 

Child of Susan Seymour", (ISo.'i) [:i4tyi (Albert B.", Abiai', 
If.aac', Jeremiah', Isaac', John'. Peter-', Henry') and H. Clinton 
Conant; res. Ne%v Kaven, Vt. 

i. Alice Mildred Conant, b. Sept 23, 1894. 

Child of Julia C.*, (1S57) [247] (Albert B.-, Abial', Isaac", 
Jeremiah', Isaac', John', Peter, Henry') and Elbridge A. Kemp- 
ton ; res. North Bangor, N. Y. 

i. Ros-well F. Kempton, b. .A.pril 3, 1877. 

Children of Maria', (ls27^ [24S] (Caleb", Jr., Caleb\ Moses', 
Peter', Jr., Peter', Dea. Peter', Peter', Henr}-') and Francis Met- 
calf : res. (Careyville) North Bellingham, Mass. 

i. Hiram Frack Metcalf, b. June 22. 1802; m. Nov., 1877, Katie K. 
Hozeltine; res. West Medway, Mass. ii. Alice Maria Metcalf. b. 
.Oct. 27, lSo3, d. at Faribault, Minn., 29 Dec. 1877. iii. Lydia 
A. Metcalf, h. Nov. 13, 1855; m. Sept., 1879, Addison E. Bullard, 
superintendent of mills. iv. Edward B. Metcalf. b. March, 1857; 
d. 10 July, 1839. v. Sarah A. Metcalf, b. March 4, 1339, d. Sept., 
1802. Ti. Edward B. Metcalf, b. July 1, 18»1; m. (IjHattie 
Bullard. m. ■?' May. 13, iCSrl, Etta Fuller; res. Coreyrillfr. North 
Bellingham. Mass. ; • 

Children of George', (,1.>?21M [24i>J tCaleV. Jr.,. Caleb', Moses',. 
Peter*. Peter*. Dea. Peter'. Peter', Henr}-.'/ and' Emeline (Law- 
rence) Adams; res. '\Vhitinii\ille^ Mass. 

i. Herbert'?. >>. in Mendon. Mass., about 1660: anm. 

Tenth Generation.] PETER. 391 

ii. Labftu ', b. in Mendou, m. Emma . 

iii. Arnold' ', unm. 

iv. Gardner'". 

y. William '. b. in Providence, R. I. 

vi. Charles'", b. in Providence. 

Children of Anna', (1S34) [25(i] (Caleb', Jr., CaleV, Moses*, 
Peter', Jr., Peter', Dea. Peter', Peter', Henry') and Edwin Dar- 
ling, res. Pawtucket, R. I. 

i. Samuel S. Barling, b. Jane 3.5, 1858; m. Clara C. Manchester; reo. 
Pawtucket. B. I. ii. Ada Darling, b. 1860; d., age 8 days. 

Children of Tillman', (1863) [251] (Edgar', John'. Jr., John', 
Samuel', Joseph', Joseph', Peter', Henry' and Libbie (Bemis) 
Adams; P. O., Evart, Mich. 

i. Bnth Celestine'", b. in Osceola, Mich., July 26, 1891. 
ii. Helen Jenette'". b. in Osceola, Nov. 24, 1893. 
iii. Lee 'W.'», b. in Osceola, Oct. 29, 1895. 


Children of Joseph', (1iV2(m (Henry'} and Abigail (Baxter; 
Adams; res. Braintree, now Quincy. Mass. 

1. i. Hannah . h. in Braintrep. Mnss., Nov. 13, 1032; ci. April 10, 1672-3. 

Dea. Samuel Sa^il, son of William Savil, d. 14 Dec, I'l'O. His will 
made Dec. 13, 1700, proved Jan. IC, 17ul; Le mentions wife Hannah 
• and five of his children. She d. lo Sept., 172t>. 

2. ii. Joseph, b. in Brnimree, Oct. (Dec. V I 24, 10-54: 

m. (i; Feb. 20. 1082. Mary Chnpin. 1>. Aug. 27, 1602; d. 14 Jud-, 

m. (2 lOS^'. Haiiudh Bass, dan. of John and Buth (Allen  Bassi, h. 
June 22, 1607. d. 24 Oct . llOr,. 

m. (3) Elizabeth Hobart. dnu. of Caleb Hobart of Braiutree, Mac's. 
She d. 13 Feb. 173'.), age 7i 

Joseph wd'; Belectin-ii; in Braintrt-e in lU7y. and in IGOS-!'. He d. 
in Broiutroe. 12 Feb.. 1730-7. Joseph Adiiiiis and John Bass were 
creditrd to Braintiee for services iu the war wit.'i the Indians. Aug. , 
lii. John , b. iu Braintree. Feb. lo, lOSO, d. 27 Jnu., 1037. 

3. iv. .A.bignil . b. in Bniintree. Feb. 27, lO.l's; m. John Bass. Jr.. son of 

John and Ruth .ildeni Bass of Biaintree, b. Nov. 'ii, 10 j><. He m. 
2nd. Rebecca Saril, and d. 30 Sep:., 1724; one record save d. 10 Oct., 
1724. Shed. 20 C)<:t., IG'jO 
4.' V. Capt. John . b. in Braintri-e, Dec. 20. '.'u;;; 

m. (1) Haunnh AVebb, dau. of Christoi'Ler and Hannah (Scott) 
Webb of Brr.intree. Muss. 

m. .2; Oct. '&, 10;i4. Hanuah Checklfv, anu. of Anthony Chetk- 
ley. Esq.. of Boston. Mass. 

He wo? a sea capthju and merchant: res. Boston after 1087; d. 2. 

Nov.. 17li2; widow m. Winkli'V and wns deceased .Sept.. 1712. . 

Willow Hannah was ppp.iintid nd:ai'iistrntri.T Feb. 10 17i2-Sftud 
Johu Webb -was api>ointed adniinifctrator df l/uiiin »on, Jtilj- 10, 

5. ^-i. Bethja-, twiu; \>. in Braiutree. Dec. 20. 1001; m. Mav, lO^'v^, Johu 

Webb, son of Christopher and Hannah (Scott; Welti  of Braintree. 

«ii. Mury , b. in I'niiatree, Sept. y, IflC-j, d r<.nu°. 
■piii. SaL;iiel'. b in Brftintre-.-. Sept. 3. IOC", d. iu infancy. 

Third Generation.] JOSEIH. 393 

•6. is. Mary', b. in Uraintree, Feb. 23, 16GT-S; m. Pea. Samuel Bus, son of 

John and Rnth (AKien; Baas; b. March 2.5, 1660. Vinton thinks 
Marv married Dea. Samuel Baea, was called " the cooper." She d. 
9 March, 1706. 

7. r. Cart. Peter", b. in Braintree, Feb. 7, 1669-70; m. Feb. 12, 1695, Marj- 

Webb, dau. of ChriBtopher "Webb. She d. 11 Oct, 1725. Capt. 
Peter was chosen deacon Aug. 21, 1727, in the place of Pea. 
si. Jonathan\ b. in Braintree. Jan. 31, 1671. 

■8. sii Mehitable'. b. iu Braintree. Not. 23, 1673; m. July 21, 1697. Thomas 

White. Jr., of Braintree, Mass., son of Thomas and Mary (Pratt) 
White. He m. 2nd. April 27, 1714, Mary Bo-wditch. Mehitable d. 
in Braintree, 2 Oct., 1713, age 40. 

Joseph Adams (162C) made his -wiU July 18, 1694; it -was proved 
Jan. 10, 100.5; names sons John, Joseph and Peter, and daughters 
Hanufih Sables (Savil), Abij^nil Bass, Bethyah Webb. Mary Base 
and Mehitable .\dams, Tvho later married Thomas White, Jr. 

39i Id'-EPM. [Fourth Generation. 

Children of Hannah', (ltJ.T2'i [1] (Joseph'. Henry") and Dea. 
Samuel Savil ; res. Braintree Mass. 

i. Samnel. ii. Hanmib Savil. b. July 13. 1074; m. June 34, 1C95, John 
Cleverly. iii. Abigail Savil. b. Feb. 14, 1078; m. (pab. Ang. 14. 
1701), Joseph Allen. iv. William Savil, b. Feb. 19, 1680, d. 

yonng. v. Deborah Savil, (tvrin) h. Feb. 10, 1680; d. vi. 
Bethia Savil, b. Oct. 17, 1C8I; m. Feb. 11. 1713, John Metcalf of 
Dedham. Maae , (his 2nd ■nrife;. She probably m. 2nd, Peter Adama, 
eon of Capt. Peter, and d. 23 Oct.. 1753. vii. Samuel Savil, b. 
about 16S3; m. April 23, 1707. Mary French. viii. John Savil, b. 
Oct. 18, IGOO. ix. Sarah Savil, b. about 1002; m. Dec. 23, 1719. 
John Hobart, 8on of Caleb Hobart. s. Mary Savil, b. Ang. 22, 
1694; d. 1 Dec, 1714. 

Children of Joseph', (l(i54i [:.'] fjoseph', Henrj-') and Mary 
(Chapin) Adams; res. Braintree mow Quincy), Mass. 

9. i. Mary-, b. in Braintree. Mase., Feb. 6, 1093; m. April 1-5, 1714, Eph- 

raim Jones, Jr., of Braintree, Mass. She d. 30 Jan., 1733-4. 
ii. Abigail', b. in Braintree, Feb. 17, 1684; m. Ft'b. 5. 1713, Seth Chapin. 
Jr.. son of Seth and Bethia (Thurston) Chapin of Mendon, Mass., b. 

in Mendon. July 2, 1G92. He m. 2nd. 1722-8, Elizabeth . She- 

d. in MenduD, Mass., 28 .ipril, 1722. Her father left a small bequest 
to her children. 

Children of Joseph', (1054) and Hannah (Bass) Adams. 

10. iii. Rev. Joseph', b. in Brointree, Mass., Jan 4, 16S9; 

m. (i; Oct. 13. 172), Mrs. Elizabeth Janvrin, dan. of John and 
Elizabeth (Knight) Janvrin of Newington, N. H.; d. 10 Feb., 1757. 

m. (2) Jiin. 3, 1760, Elizabeth Braekett of Greenland, N. H. 

He graduated at Harvard College, 1710; -waa ordained and settled 
at Xewington, N. H.. Nov. 16. 1715. and remained aa pa«tor f or 6ft 
years; was very intluential and widely known. Hed. in Xewington, 
20 May, 1783, in his 95th year. He vras called by Hon^ Jeremy 
Eelknap, '• his old friend the biahop of Xewington," 

11. iv. D«a. John', b. in Braintre«», Feb. 8, 1601-2; m. Oct. 31, 1734, Suaonna 

Boylston, dan. of Peter and Ann (White) Boylston of BrookUne,.' 
Ma^a., b. March. 5v 1690, d. 17 April, 1797.' He was acordwainer 
and farmer;, re«.- Braintree, now Qnincy., Masff. ; iL 2-'iMay, 1761, 
age 09: 

Fourth Generation.] Joseph. 395 

12. V. Samuel-, b. in Braiutree. Jan. 28, 16yi; m. Oct. 6, 1720, Sarah Paioe, 

dau. of Dea. Moies Paine; d. in Med way, Mass., 23 June, 1777, age 
79. Hed. 17 Jn]y, 1751. 

13 vi. Joaiah', b. in Braintree, Feb. 18, 1C9G; m. Nov. 2.',, 1718, Bethia 

Thomi)8on, dau. of Samuel and Hannah Thompson, b. March 20, 

He purchased land in Mendon. Mass., Jan. 1, 1734; waa dismissed 
June 6. 1735. from the church in Bruintree to the church in Mendon; 
d. in Mendon, 30 July, 1802. 

U. vii. Hannah', b. in Braintree. Feb. 21, 1698; m. Feb. 4, 1735, Benjamin 
Owen of Braintree, Mass. 
viii. Ruth', b. in Braintree, March 21, 1700; m. Nov. 21, 1731, Rev. Nathan 
Webb of Uxbridgre, Mass , (his 2nd \rife\ res. Uxbridge, Mass. 

Bev. Nathan Webb was ordained and settled in Uxbridge, the 
first settled minioter. Feb. 7, 1731. He was b. in 1707, and d. in 
Uxbridge. 17 March, 1772. in hia 6Cth year. He made his will Jan. 
23. 1764. and gave to the church X16 to be appropriated in the i>ur- 
chase of 3 silver cups, inscribed each with the names Nathan, Ruth 
and Elizabeth Webb. 

15. is. Bethia^ b. in Braintree, June 13, 1702; m. April 28, 1737, Ebenezer 

Hunt, son of Ephraim Hunt of Weymouth, Mass. He had m. pre- 
viously, Oct. 30. 1718, Mary Lovell; res. Weymouth. Mass. 

Ki. \. Capt. Ebenezer', b. in Braintree, Dec. 30, 1704; m. (pub. March 7, 

1728-9), Anne Boylston, a sister of Susanna Boylston. She d. 18 
Feb., 1770, in her 63d year. He d. in Braintree, Mass., 6 Aug., 
1769, age 65. 

Child of Joseph' (1654) and Elizabeth (Hobart) Adams. 
xi. C^eb', b. in Braintree, May 26, 1710 ; d. 4 June, 1710. 

Children of Abigail', (105^) [3] (Joseph", Henry') and John 
Ba??, Jr. ; res. Braintree, Mass. 

i. John Baas, b. in Braintree, Mass., June 3, 168S; m. (1) Feb. 18, 1713, 
Lydia .Sovil; she d. in childbed 4 Feb., ni.';; m. (2; June 21, 1716, 
Hannah Neale; d. 15 May, 1761. 

Children of Capt. John', (1661) [4] (Joseph', Henry') and 
Hannah ;,Webbi Adams: res. Bo.ston, Mass. 

i. Hannah', h. in Braintree, Mass., June 24, 1685, d. yonng. 
ii. John*, b. in Braintree, Sept. 28. 1687, d. 19 Feb., 1736-9. 
17. iii. Samuel*. Est]. . b. in Boston. Mass., May 8, 1C89; m. April 21, 1713, 

Mary Fitield. only dau. of Richard Fitield, Esq., of Boston, b. May 
H. lO'.U. 

396 JOSEPH. [Fourth Geaeration. 

Samnel Adams, *° the elder. " aa he was Bometimes called to dis- 
tingruiah him from the aoii, waa a man of wecJth and inflnence in 
Beaton, owning a fine mansion on Poichase street at the foot of 
Snmmer street, orerlooking the harbor. He waa a joatice of the 
I>eace, deacon of the old South church, selectman, member of the 
legislature and prominent aa a leader in politics and bnsiness. He 
founded what was called the ' ' caulkers' club." a political institution 
for " introducing certain persona into places of trust and po^er," 
perhaps the beginning of caucuses. Because of his wealth aud 
political actiritj, the family ranked high in colonial society. 

To meet the needs of the times banks were organized for the 
issuing of notes. Mr. Adams was connected with one of these 
which was patronized especially by farmers and mechanics. But 
the hostility of the British government compelled them to wind up, 
and in doing bo, Mr. Adams lost his property. He died 8 March, 

ir. Abijah', b. in Boston and d. young. 

Children of Capt. John', (IC.fil) and Hannah (Checkley) 

V. Joseph*, b. in Boston, Dec. 20, liJH5. 
vi. Mary', (twin) h. in Boston, Dec. 20. 16H5; m. May 12, 1715, Samuel 

Jones of Boston, 
vii. Bethia', b. in Boston, Aug. 20, 1097; d. & Dec. 1702. 
Tiii. Thomas', b in Boston, March 29, 1701; d. young. 
18. ix. Abijah', b. in Boston. May 11, 1702: 

m. (1) Dec. 23, 172.5. Deborah Cutler, dau. of Philip Cutler, bapt. 
May 2. 1708. d. 18 April. 1727-9. 
m. <2) (pub. Sept. 26. 172S-9), Hannah Cleverly, 
m. (3) Sept. 28, 1732, Jlargaret Gallup. He wa.<> clerk of Fanenil 
Hall Market in 175:i; d. in Boston, 9 Feb., 1768. 

Children of Belhi.r. (IfiO.l) [:>] (Joseph', Henry') and John 
Wcibb; res. Braintree, Mass. 

* i. John Webb. Jr., b. March y, 1681-2, d. »June, 1682. ii. John 
Webb, Jr.. b. Ausr. 21. 16S7; d. 10 Feb., 1728.0. iii. Samuel 
Webb. b. Oct. Ui. Hisii. iv. Bethia Webb. h. Oct. 29,1691. v. 
.\bigoil Webb, b. Oct. '.'. 1(193. vi. Hannah Webb.b. Sept., 16s»7. 

Child of Mar}-'. (1»'>';7) [*'.] (Joseph'. Henry') and Dea. S.imuel res. Braintree, Mass. 

L Jonuthau Bass, bapt. Sd, 8, 1607. iu Abigail BaBs, bapt. 3d. h, 
16i>7. iii. Marj- Bnss. bapt. Uth. fl, IBOi*. iv. Samuel Baae, 
Jr , li. July 20. 17(0. v. Bethia Bas*. b. Feb. 2, 1704. 

Fourth Generation. J JOSETH. 397 

Children of Capt. Peter', (lt^ri9) [7] (Joseph', Henry') and 
Mary (Webb) Adams; res. Braintree, Mass. 

i. Mary', b. in Braintree, Mass.. Jan. 27, 1G93, d. yonng. 

19. ii. Abigail*, b. iu Braintree, Aug. 13, 1698; va. Oct. 31, 1723, Moses 

Paine, son of Dea. Moses Paine', rSteptien-, rilosjs'), b. in Brain- 
tree, June 13, 1700. 

20. iii. Peter", b. in Braintree, Aug. 11!, 1700; 

m. (1) Bethifl Savil. dan. of Dea. Samuel Savil. The record says 
"Mrs. Bethia, wife of Peter," and dan. of Dea. Sayil, d. 23 Oct., 

1 :5H. 

m. (2) {pub. Oct. 31, 1750). Elizabeth Rawson, dau. of David and 
l^Iary Bawton, b. Nov. 30, 1723. 

iv. Hannah', b. in Bri.fntree, Oct. 13, 1702; remoTed to Stonghton, Maas. , 

and d. unni. 
V. Esther", h. in Braintree, Au;^ 11, 1706; removp-1 lo Stonghton, and 

d. unm. 
vi. Mehitable', b. in Braintree, Nov. 25, 3708. 

21. vii. Rev. Jedediah*, b. in Braintree, Jan. 2], 1710; m. May 19, 1740, Mary 

Marsh, dan. of Rev. Joseph and Anna Marsh of Braintree. She d. 
27 Dec, 1766. 

He graduated from Harvard College in 1733; was ordaLied, and 
settled in Stonghton, Mass., Feb. 19, 1746. He resigned in 1735, 
and d. a.") Feb., 1799. 

" His manners were soft, modest, unassuming; genoin'? polit'iness 
and learning without pedantry, politenesss without affectation ; moral 
without austerity; pious without superstition; and devout withoit 
enthusiasm ; liberal, " were designations of his character, 
viii. Bethia', b. in Braintree, Joly 3, 1713, d. April, 1715. 

Children of Mehitable', (1673) [s] (Joseph', Henry') and 
Thomas White, Jr. ; res. Braintree, Mass. 

i. Thomas White, b. Oct. 2, 1698; m. June 17, 1725, Abigail Penniman; 
yeoman, "Weymouth, Mass. ii. Mehitable Whit«, b. Feb. 15, 
1701; m. Nov. 1, 1725, Ezekiel Thayer. iii. Mary White, b. Aug. 
21, 1703; m. June 6, 1723, Alexander French. iv. Abigail White, 
b. Feb 23, 1707; m. March 7, 1734. Seth Copeland; (his 2nd wife). 

398 JOSEPH. [Fifth Generation. 

Children of Mary', (,1080; [i*] (Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and 

Ephraim Jones, Jr. ; res. Braintree, Mass. 

i. AbrahELUi Jones, b. Sept. 4, 1732. ii. Moses Jones, b. Sept. 27, 
1734. iii. Alirahom Jones, b. March 13. 1737-8. iv. Hannah 
Jones, b. March 8, 1739. v. Ephraim Jones, b. Sept. 12, 1742. 
vi. John Joues. b. Jan. 27, 1744. vii. Joseph Jones, b. Feb. 24, 
1746. viii. Mary Jones, (twin) b. Feb 24, 1740. ix. Ephraim 
Jones, b. Sept. 1, 1751. x. Bettee Jones, b. Jane 13, 1758. 

(This record is donbtful. There must have been two persons in 
Braintree called Ephraim Jones, Jr). 

Children of Rev. Joseph', (106S) [10] (Joseph', Joseph', 
Henry') and Elizabeth Knight (Janvrin) Adams ; res. Ne\%'ing- 
ton, N. H. 

i. ElizabettiN b. in Newington, N. H., Oct. 18, 1721; d. 13 Feb.. 1722-3. 

22. ii. Dr. Joseph^ b. in Newington, Jan. 17, 1723; m. Joanna Gilman. dau. 

of Maj. Ezekiel Gilman of Exeter, K. H., commander of the N. 
H, forces at the taking of Louisborg. 1745. 

He graduated from Harvard College, 1745; became a physician 
contrary to his father's wishes; settled in Newington, bnt removed 
to Barnstead, N. H.. in 1792; d. in Barnstead, 22 March, 1801. 

23. iii. Ebenezer', b. in Newington, Sept. 4, 1726; m. Jan. 18, 1757, Louisa 

Downing, d. 10 Sept., 1820, age 89. He d. in Barnstead, N. H., 
Nov., 1764, age 33. 

24. iv. .Dea. Benjamin', b. in Newington, Jan. IS, 172S-9; 

m. (1) June 6, 1751. Abigail Pickering, dau. of Lient. James Pick- 
ering of Newington; b. June 6, 1733, d. 30 Sept., 1781. 

m. (2) April 22, 17fe4. Susanna Brown of Rochester, N. H.. b. 
May 20, 17.j5, d. 19 Jan.. 1824; res. on homestead in Newington, N. H. 

Dea. Benjamin was a volunteer in the Revolution, Capt. Abijah 
Smith's Co., Col. Enoch Hale's Reg.; wa«ia Justice of th'^ Peace 
and Selectman in Newington, und delegate to the convention which' 
adopted the Federal Conatitution. He d. 24 March, .1803. His will' 
w.ifl made Oct. 7. 1800; probated April 8. 1903. 
V. A dau., who u. Rev. Mr> Gray of Boi-ton. . ' 

Children. of Dea. John*: i_ir.fH; [11] (Joseph'. Joseph', Henry-') 

.?nd Susanna (Boylston) Adams; res. Braintree, Mass. 

25.: i. President John*. LL. D., 1). in Braintrcf. Mass., Od. 19, 1735; m. 

Feb. 24, (Oct. i^r; 1764. Abigail Smith, dau. of Rev. William and. 
Elizal>*th (Qnincy) Smith ot Wevmouth, Maso.^b. Nov. 23, 1744, d.- 
2SOct., 1818. age- 74. 

Second Pr«s dert of the Umted States. 

Fifth Generation.] JOSEPH. 3i)9 

She IB described as a woman of superior abilities and great good 
sense. Her letters, written to her husband during the ReTolutioii. 
are interesting and Taluable for the light they throw upon the life 
of that p«?riod. 

President John Adams -was graduated at Harvard College in ITo.l; 
taught school and studied law at Worcester for two years; was ad- 
mitted to the Suffolk bar in 1758. and began practicp in Boston, re- 
siding at Braintree (Quincy) till 1768, when he removed to Boston. 
He was employed as counsel, together with Jeremiah Gridley, the 
head C'f the Boston bar, and James Otis, the orator, to present a 
petition to the governor and council that the courts might proceed 
with business, though no stumps were to be had, and he was chosen 
one of a committee to draft instructions to the representatives of 
the town. In 1770 he was himself chosen a representative in the 
General Court, a position which he continued to occupy for a num- 
ber of years, although his practice as a lawyer was larger than that 
of any other in the province. He was conspicuous as an adviser 
and leader of the patriot party. 

He was one of the five delegates chosen by Massachusetts to the 
Congress of 1774, at Philadelphia: was a member of the Provincial 
CongresB on hia return, and in 1771 was again chosen a delegate to 
the Second Continental Congress. The war had already begun at 
Leiington. New England had an army of 15,000 men besieging the 
British in Boston; Congress was prevailed upon to assume the com- 
mand and eipen.'e of the army, and Gen. Washington waa chosen 
commander-in-chief. Adams wrj the leading spint, aggressive and 
untiring; "the column," as Jefferson deaomiuated him, upon whom 
Congress depeii'ied. 

Upon him devolved the presidency and the burden of the board 
of war, a leadership vhich won for him the encomiu'n of '"the 
clearest head and firmest heart of any man in Congress," "the 
Martin Luther of the Am^rricau revolution." 

He went abroad as commissioner to France in Feb., 1778, and for 
tlie next ten yeare very much of his time was spent in th:; serrict of 
his country, as commissioner to France, minister to England and 
to Holland. Through his efforts a loan of two millions of ddllars 
was negotiated in Holland. wLich I'roired of great value. He was 
Vice-President with Washington from 178'J to 1797, and President 
one term, 1797 to 1801. 

Bv reason of the intense party division and feeling consequent, '; 
upon the French Revolution, ue was defeated for re-election in 
1800, and retoroed to hia large farm a2.d home in Qtiincy, where he • 
pnMed the remaiiii'i<-r oi his liie. devoted muinly to writing, and died 
on tL*^ 4tii duy of July, 1S2G. a few hours afte.. the dsath of his 
former a.'-sociate and friend. Thoman Jefferson. Hia bci wrutj of 
hiui: "In tJiTurc John Adams wo-, not tail, scarcely excc'-tliug 
midiUe height, but ol a stout, well-knit frame, denoting vigor au.' 
long life, yet a? he grew old. incliniug more and more to corpulence. 
His Lead waa lurge and round, with a wide forehead and espacdtrd 

400 JOSEPH. [Fifth Generation. 

browB. His eye was mild and benignaut, but when excited, ex- 
pressed the vehemence of his spirit." 

He has been described as a man of greater learning and fore* 
than any of his contemporaries, but of nngovernable temper and 
nndue self-esteem. His services to hia country were of inestimable 
2C. ii. Capt. Peter Boylaton\ b. in Braintree, Oct. 16, 1738; m. Aug. 2i', 

17CS, Mary Crosby. 

He was a Representative in the General Court from Braintree. 
1793 and 17fl4, and d. 2 Jnue, 1823, nge ^\ 

27. iii. Capt. Elihu", b. in Braintree. M^y 29. 1741; m. (pub. Sept. 20. 1760), 

Thankful White, dan. of Joseph White, Est]., of Randolph. Mass.. 
and Ruth Nash. She was b. May 2.j. 1747. She m. 2nJ, ICov. 25. 
1777, Col. Aaron Hobart of Abington, Mass., and had six children. 
Capt. Elihu settled in Randolph, Mass., the part now Holbrook. 
He was captain of the Braintree company at the siege of Boston, 
when he contracted a fever, and d. March 18, 1776; his widow wa« 
appointed guardian of the minor children, John and Eliaha. 

Children of Samuel*, (1694) [12] (Joseph', Joseph', Hear)-') 
and Sarah (Paine) Adams ; res. Braintree (Quincy), Mass. 

i. Samner, b. in Braintree, Mass., June 15, 1T23; m. Jan. 10, 1767, 

Submit Crane; no isane. 
ii. Sarah', b. in Braintree, March 4, 1726. . 
iii. Mary\ b. in Braintree, April 4, 1728, d. 5 July, 1730. 
iv. Joseph'', b. in Braintree, Dec. 17. 1780. 

A Joseph waa private from Braintree, in Capt. Joseph Baxtar's 

Co., Col. Wm. Mcintosh's Suflblk Reg., Aug. 5, 1778-Sept. 14, one 

month, 13 days, in Rhode Island. 

28. V. Moses", b. in Braintree, Jan. 31. 1733; m. Sept. 29, 1770, Mary Reed. 

He d. in Braintree, 9 Oct., 1778. 
Ti. Aaron\ b. in Braintree, July 29, 173«, d. 6 March, 1740. 

29. vii. Eliiah\ b. in Braintree, March IC, 1738; 

m. (1) Mrs. Deborah Miner, d. 14 Feb.. 1778, age 40. 
m. (2) Judith Townaend, widow of Nathan Townaend, d. 22 Aug., 
1808, in her 53th year. He d. in Boston, Mass., 22 Aug., 1798, 
age 61. 
viii. Nathaniel', b. in Braintree, Jan. 19, 1745. 

Children of Josiah', a696) [13] (Jo.seph", Joseph", Henry > 
and Bethia (Thompson) Adams: res. Mendon, Mass. 

i. Jo8iuh\ b, in Braintree, Mass., Sept. 20, 1722, d. 20 Jan.. 1742.3. 

30. ii. Josiah , b. in Braintree, Sept. 6, 1727; m. Dec. 27, 1750, Sarah Reed. 

dan. of Lieut. John and Lncy Reed of Uibridge; Mass., b. Oct. 24, 

Fifth Generation.] JOSEPH. 401 

iii. Joseph •. b. in Braintree, July 4, 1729, d. 30 July. 

IT. Eilwaril'-, b. in Braintree, May 4, 1731, d. in Quincy, Mass., 10 Aug., 

v. Joer, baptized in Mendon. May 14, 1745, "'iinder their inspection." 
vi. John', baptized in Mendon, Dec. 15, 1745, " under their inspection." 

Children uf Hannah', (IGOs; [14] (Joseph', Joseph', Henry') 
and Benjamin Owen ; res. Braintree, Mass. 

i. Hanunh Owen, b. Nov. 23, 172j. ii. Ruth Owen, b. Oct. 9, 1727. 
iii. B«rthia Owen. b. Nov. 23, 1729. iv. Lydia Owen, b. Jan. 19, 
1731 2. T. Beujamiu Owen, Jr., b. Feb. 4, 1733-4. vL Time- 
thy Owen. b. Jan. 12, 1735-C. 

Children of Bethia', (1702) [15] Qoseph', Joseph', Henry') 
and Ebenezer Hunt: res. Weymouth, Mass. 

i Ebenezer Hunt, Jr., b. Oct. I?. 1738. ii. Ruth Hunt, b. Jan. 16, 

1741; m. Bates. iii. Bethia Hunt, b. Nov. 30, 1744; m. 


Children of Capt. Ebenezer*, (1704) [10] (Joseph', Joseph', 
Henry' I and Anne (Boylston) Adams; res. Braintree, Mass. 

i. Peter', b. iu Braintree. Mass. , June II, 1730, d. 2 July following, 
ii. Anne', b. in Braintree, July 24, 1731; m. (pub. Oct. 17, 1766), John 
Hall of Braintree. 
31. iii. Boy!ston\ b. in Braintree, Feb. 23, 1734-5; m. Molly Allen, dau. of 
^ Thomas and Mary Allen of Braintree, ^fass., b. Sept. 12, 1737. He 
d. in Braintree, Mass , 1 Dec, 1701, age 20. 
82. iv. Dea. Ebenezer^, b in Braintree, March 15, 1737; m. Dec. 14, 1758. 

Mehitable Spear, dan. of Nathan and Mehitable (Brackett) Spear, 
b. 1737, d. 1814, age 76. He was chosen deacoD, 1773; d. 1791, 
age 54. 

33. V. Rev. Zabdiel', b. in Braintree, Nov. 5, 1739; m. June 6, 1765, Eliza- 

beth Stearns, dau. of Rev. Daniel Stearns; d. 15 Aug., 1800. He 
graduated from Harvard College, 1759; was ordained, and settled 
in Lunenburg, Mass., in 1764; d. in Lnnenburg, 1 March, 1801. 

34. vi. Micajah', h. in Braintree, March 6, 1741-2; m. Oct. 15, 1761, Elizabeth 

Newhall. He d in Quincy, Mass., 18 July, 1789, age 27. 

Children of Samuel', Esq.. (16s9) [17] (Capt. John', Joseph', 
Henry') and Mary (Fifield) Adams; res. Boston, Mass. 

i. Richard', b. in Boston, Mass., Jan. 21. 171C, d. 20 June, 1718. 
ii. Mary , b. in Boston, July "i>, 1717; perhaps m. Jnme!? Allen? 

402 jt.»->LrH. [Fifth Generation. 

iii. Hannah', b. iu Boston. Kov. (i, 1T:2U, d. 13 Juu., 17-21. 
35. iT. Hon. Samner, the Patriot. 1.. in Boston, S>?pt. 10. (27:-) 1722: 

m. '1; Oct. 17. 174'.\ Elizabeth Cheekier, Jan. of Kev. Samuel E. 
aaci Elizub*>ih (Rolfe' CheckU-y of Boston, b. May 15, 1725. d. i't 
Jnly, 1757. age 3» years. 

Elizabeth Eolfe .xas ilan. of Rev. Benjamin Rolfe. who wa3 killed 
by the IndiHQS. together- with lOji.thers, at Haverhill. Mass., in 1708. 

m. (2; Dec. 0. 17C4. Elizabeth Wells, dan. of Francis Wells, Esq., 
b. Jan. 20. 1785-0. d. May. IPOS, age 74 years. 

Samuel Adams, the Boston patriot, was in some respects, without 
doubt, the most illustrious scion of the Henry Adams family. He 
■was educated in the Boston Latin School and Harvard College, 
and although he left College to engage in business, when his parents 
desired him tu enter the ministr}'. and the law was not so respecta- 
ble as it has since become, the college honored his scholarship, and 
when a candidate for the master's degree in 174.''., he showed of 
what material he was made, and what would come of him, in his 
his discussion of the thesis, "Whether it be lawful 'to resist the 
supreme magistrate, if the commonwealth cannot otherwise be pre- 

Upon his father's death, 1748, he assumed the business of brew- 
ing, and was called " Sammy the malster " When elected tax-col- 
lector he was called " Sammj- the i)ublican." He soon became 
prominent as an opponent of British rule in the colonies. la May, 
1764. he drp.fted the instructions to Boston's representatives, which 
were the first public protest against the right oi parliament to tax 
the colonies. He was elected representative to the legislature, 1765 
to 1774. and was the writer of most of the remarkable state papers 
of that remarkable time. The circular letter of Massachusetts to 
the other colonies, written by him, particularly enraged the king, 
and the Legislature was ordered to rescind it. '■ it refused. 92 to 17, 
tt) do so. Mr. Adams had the confidence hl  'I'-operation of the 
people in demanding the removal ol the king's 1-b o regiments from 
Boston after the " massacre ' in March, 1770. When in 1772, the king 
had ordered the judges of the courts to receive their salaries from 
the crown, and not from the colony, and tlie people of Boston asked 
the Governor to conve>ie the Legislature, and he refused. Mr. 
Adrt'.L!' proposed that the town* of Maseachnsetts appoint " commit- 
tees ot corraspon deuce." and in a short time eighty towne had 
chosen their committe«s. Tlii» led. to the intercolonial committees, 
the iDun-liuj; of the Colunia? Confess, and the declaration of inde- 
pendeuce-. The subsequent politictd history of Mr. Adams is well- 
knovn. ',*Ab au adroit political manager he was not surpasaed liv". 
Jefi'er.tou-., He had ^.genuine sympathy for men with leather aprons- 
and hand- bniwnv'd by toil; he knew how to win their confidence.,- 
and L.ever ai>uc!<>d it, for Le was in no sense a dem&gogne." 

Sajnv.-?! Adams a-d .his cc-usin, JoIul, were delegates to the first 
cobtinenifil cr.n;irre9B. 1774. He was a aisruer of the Declaration of 
Indepecdenre ia 1776: liecome Lient.-Govemor of hia.St«tein.i7f"J, 

Fifth Generation.] JOSEPH. 403 

and Governor in 1794-97. His decision to support the new Federal 
constitution in the Massachasetts convention of 1788 is said to have 
carried the ratification by the narrow majority of 187 yeaa to 168 
nays, and this was really the most important of all his ^eat services 
to his country and the republic. 

His cousin, President John Adams, declared him to have been of 
"incorruptible integrity," •' the very soul of the Revolution," and 
that the appointment of Washington to the command of the army 
waa due to him. Kafus Choate pronounced him " the matchless 
orator," aud though none of his orations have come down to ua, we 
know what they were. 

He d. in Boston. 2 Oct., 1803. An excellent statue of him in 
bronze by Miss Whitney, stands in Dock Square, Boston, and his 
portrait by Copley is iu Fanenil HalL 

V. John', b. in Boston, Sept. 4, 1724-5, d. 9 Aug., 1725. 
vi. John\ b. in Boston, Oct. 28, 1726, d. 15 June, 1727. 
vii. Joseph', b. in Boston, Oct. 29, 1728. 

It is claimed that he removed to Groton, Conn., was married and 
had children. No records are found, no evidence can be given in 
support of the claim. Another family, descendants of John Adams 
of Plymouth, was numerous iu Qroton, although the records are 
meagre and unsatisfactory 
viii. Abigail', b. in Boston, July 20, 1730, d. 29 Aug. , 1730. 
ix. Thomas', b. in Boston, Dec. 22, 1731, d. 10 Aug., 1733. 
X. Sarah', b. in Boston, Nov. 18, 1733, d. 28 Feb., 1735. 
xi. Abigail', b. in Boston, Oct 22, 1735, d. 8 March, 1836. 
lii. Mehitable', b. in Boston, April 12, 1740, d. 11 June, 1740. 

Child of Abijah', (1702) [18] (Capt. John", Joseph', Henry") 
and Deborah (Cutler) Adams; res. Boston, Mass. 

i. Abijah', b. in Boston, Mass. , April 6, 1727, d. 5 June, 1737. 

Child of Abijah*. (1702) and Hannah (Cleverly) Adams, 
ii. Hannah', b. in Boston, July 1, 1729. 

Child of Abijah', (1702) and Margaret (Gallup) Adams, 
iii. Margaret', b. in Boston, d. and was buried 30 April, 179>\ 

Children of Abigail', (169.S) [19] (Capt. Peter'. Joseph', 
Henry') and Moses Paine ; res. Braintree, Mass. 

i. Abigail Paine, b. Dec. 11, 1728. ii. Mary Paine, b. Jan. 30, 1730. 

iii. Moses Paine, b. March 30. 1832. iv. Hannah Paine, b. Oct 
17, 1734. 

404 JOSEPH. [Fifth Generation. 

Children of Peter*. (170^) [2ii] (Capt. Peter', Joseph', Henry') 

and Elizabeth (Rawson) Adams; res. Braintree, Mass. 

i. Mary', b. in Braintree, Mass., Jan. 5. 1757. 
ii. Peter', b. in Braintree, July 20, 1760. 
86. iii. Dea. Jedediah\ b. in Braintree, April 13, 17C6; 

m. (li July 15, 1787, Esther Field; d. in Quincy. .Mass., 27 
March, 1825. 

m. (2) March 25, 1820, Mrs. Dorothy Battles of North Bridge- 
water, Mass.; d. 5 Xov., 1838, age 74. He d. at North Bridge- 
water, 16 June. 1850, age 84. 

Children of Rev. Jedediah', (1711) [21] (Capt. Peter% Joseph', 
Henry") and Mary (Marsh) Adams; res. Stoughton, Mass. 

i. Peter', b. in Stoughton, Mass , April 9, 1747, d. young. 
37 ii. Mary , b. in Stoughton, Feb. 21, 175 1 ; m. July 8, 1709, John Atherton 

of Stoughton, Mass., b. July 21, 1747, d. 3 July, 1825. She d. 26 
June, 1843. 
iii. Hannah', b. in Stoughton, April 4, 1753, d. in Stoughton, tinm., 1 

Aug.. 1849. 
iv. Jedediah', b. in Stoughton, Dec. 29, 1755, d. early. 
38. V. Dr. Peter , b. in Stoughton, June 3, 1756; m. 1805, Sarah Johnson, 

dau. of Lewis and Mary (May) Johnson of Stoughton, Mass. , b. 
1777, d. 2S Aug., 1833. 

He graduated from Harvard College, 1778; studied medicine 
with Dr. Ephraim Wales of Randolph, Mass.; was the first regu- 
larly BCttled physician in Stoughton ; was known also as " Peter, 
Esq. ;" removed to Quincy, and d. in Quincy, 26 Sept., 1832. 

Sixth Generation.] JOSEPH. 4(»5 

Children of Dr. Joseph', (ITi'S) [-ii] (Rev. Joseph*. Joseph', 
Joseph', Henry') and Joanna (Oilman") Adams; res. Barnstead, 
N. H. 

39. i. Ezekiel Gilman'. b. in Barnstead, X. H., Nov. 17, 1749; 

ni. (1) Dec. 24, 1771, Mary Hoyt, si.-ter of Samuel of Newington; 
d. May, 1798. 

m. (2; Nov. 17, 1801, Drnailla Ewer, dan. of Capt. Ewer of Barn- 
stead, b. 1780, d. .\pril, 1877, age 97. He was a house-builder; set- 
tled in Gilmanton, X. H. ; d. 24 Aug., 1831. 
4J. ii. Capt. Joseph", b. in Barnstead, bapt Jane K>, 1751 ; m. Dec. 8, 1779, 

Elizabeth Adams, dau. of Ebenezer and Lois (Downing) Adams. 

He was a soldier at Crown Point and Ticonderoga in Capt. Abra- 
ham Perham's Co., Col. Pierce Long, Dec. 7, 1776, to Jan. 7, 1777; 
settled as a farmer in Xewington, N. H., d. 20 Dec, 1820. 

41. iii. Ebenezer', b. in Barnstead, June 20, (bapt. 24th), 1753; m. April 20, 

1778-9. Lydia Hoyt, dau. of John and Sarah Hoyt, b. Feb. 12, 1738. 
He was a soldier at Crown Point and Ticonderoga, Aug., 1776, in 
Capt. Caleb Hodgdon's Co., and in Capt. Abraham Perham's Co., 
Col. Pierce Long, Dec. 7, 1776, to Jan. 7, 1777; settled as a farmer 
in Barnstead, X. H. ; d. in Barnstead, 1832, age 79. 

42. iv. Dudley Gilmun^ b. in Barnstead. bapt. Jan. 18, 1756; m. Aprils, 

1790. Sally Walker, dau. of Daniel Walker of Portsmouth, X. H. 
She m. 2nd, April 22, 1841, John Osgood, and d. 15 May, 1852. 

He enliet«d in the army at 20 years of age, was in Capt. Caleb 
Hodgdon's Co., Aug. 7, to Sept. 19, 1770, and in Capt. Abraham 
Perham's Co., Dec. 7, 1776, Col. Pierce Long; served in Rhode 
Island and at Ft. Aim and Saratoga ; settled in Gilmanton, X. H., 
and d. 11 Aug.. 1820. He received a pension from April 6, 1818. 
V. Williaon'', b. in Barnstead, bapt. March 5, 1758; not mentioned by Dr. 
Jewett in history of Barnstead, and may have d. young. 

43. vi. John', b. in Barnstead, bapt. Feb. 25, 1759; m. 17S7, Abigail Coleman, 

dan. of Phineas Coleman, Esq., b. July 18, 1T43, d. 28 Oct., 1826. 
He d. in Xewingrton, X. H., 27 Aug., 1831. age 72. 
vii. Elizabeth", b. in Barnstead, bapt. Sept. 6, 1761; m. 1784, John Jan- 

vrin of Seabrook, X. H. 
viii. Abigail , b. in Barnstead, bapt. Aug. 19, 1763-4; m. William Jan- 
vrin, brother of John of Seabrook, X. H. 
ix. Benjamin", b. in Barnstead, bapt. May 31, 17C7; m. Elizabeth Band, 
dau. of David Band. He waa '■ a witty man," farmer; feet. 2 
inches tall; res Durham and Farmington, X. H. ; d. in Rochester, 
X. H. ; no issue. 

41 Mi JOSEPH. [Sixth Generation. 

44. 1. Nathaniel', b. in Barnstead. bapt. March 31, 1770; m. OliTe Hodgdoa, 

a sister of Hon. Chaa. Hodgdon, Jr. He was called •' Uncle Nat." 
He d. in Barustead, N. H., 1853, age S2. 
si. Polly', b. in Barnstead, bapt. March 19, 1786. 

Children of Ebenezer\ (1726) [-23] (Rev. Joseph*, Joseph', 
Joseph', Henry') and Lois (Downing) Adams; res. Xewington, 
N. H. 

45. i. Samuel', b. in Ne^rington, N. H., March 7, 1759; bapt. March 12; m. 

May 19, 1782, Lydia Coleman, b. March 15, 1701, d, 1847, age 86. 

He -was said to have graduated at Harrard College; was town 
clerk of Newington, N. H.. for many years; d. 24 April, 1821, 
age 63. 
ii. Elizabeth% (Betsey?) b. in Newington, 1760; m. Dec. 8, 1779, Capt. 
Joseph Adams, son of Dr. Joseph and Joanna- (Oilman) Adams of 
Barnstead, N. H. She d. 6 Jan., 1844, age 84 years. 

Children of Dea. Benjamin', (1720) [24] (Rev. Joseph', 
Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Abigail (Pickering) Adams; res. 
Newington, N. H. 

40. i. Capt. James', h. in Newington, N. H., Jan. 22, 1752; m. June. 1778, 

Mary Cole, dau. of Capt. .\mo8 and Elizabeth (Wallingford) Cole 
of Berwick, Me., b. Aug. 22, 1756. 

He was selectman of Rochester, N. H., 1780, 1786 and 1789; dele- 
gate to convention in favor of paper money Sept., 1786, and d. in 
Rochester, N. H., 10 June, 1779 or 1793. 
ii. Elizabeth", b. in Newington, Oct. 5 or 15, 1754. 

There is a conflict of traditions. According to some testimonies, 
this Elizabeth m. Dec. 8, 1776, her cousin, Capt. Joseph Adams; 
according to others, it was Elizabeth, dau. of Ebenezer and Lois 
(Downing) .A.dams who married Capt. Joseph Adams. 

47. iii. Nathan Webb\ b. in Newington. May 16, 1756; m. Feb. 12, 1783-4, 
Elizabeth Cole of Rochester; d. 29 Oct , 1848, age 86; res. Newing- 
ton, N. H. He d. 23 April, 1831. 

48." iv. Ruth Webb', b. in Newington, May 23, 1758; m. April 20, 1777; J^hn 
Shflckford of Newington. She d. 21 Dec. , 1825. 

49. V Mary, b. io Newington, Ang, 12,, 1 760; m. Hon.' Jamea Smith, ol 

Portsmouth. . 

51). vL Abigail , b. in ^ Newington, Oct 24,' 1770; m. Capt. George- Nntt«tr of 
Portsmouth. He d. 19 Sept., 1814. age 47.. She d, 7 Aug , 1823. 

51. vij. Benjamin', b. in Newington, Not. 1, 1773; m. Elizabeth Talpey of 

Portsmouth.N. H..d. 1 May, 1&38. He <L 15 Sept.. 1817. , 

52. viii.  Thomas-, b. in Newington, June 4. 1779; m. Mary Pickering, dan. ol 

William Pepperell and Mary i Nelson) Pickering of Portsmouth,. N> 
H. He Bettle<l< in. Portsmouth and remove*! to Boston where he d. 


A r«.^i}Mggg?Sttm»'gS7« 

Proidant of the Unll>d Stitat. I82S-I87?. 

Sixth Generation.] JOSEPH. 407 

Children of President John', LL. D., (1735) [-25] (Dea. John'. 
Joseph', Joseph', Henr}'') and Abigail (Smith) Adams ; res. Brain- 
tree (Quincy), Mass. 

53. i. Abigail', b in Braintree. Mass., July 14, l"6o; m. Hon. Henry 'William 

Smith, ■who was private secretary of President Adams, and ap- 
pointed by him to the office of surveyor of the port of New York, 
which office he retained till 1807; res. Cherry Valley, N. Y. She d. 
15 Aug., 1813, age 43 years. 

54. ii. Hon. John Quincy", LL. D., b. in Braintree, in the sonth house on 

Franklin street, Quincy, July 11. 1767; m. July 2G, 1797, Louisa 
Catherine Johnson, dan. of Joshua Johnson, Esq., of Maryland. 
She d. 1H02. 

John Quincy .\damB began his public career in early boyhood. 
Going abroad with his father when 10 years old, he derived much 
of his education in European courts and capitals, and served as private 
secetary of the minister to Russia when in his 15th year. He en- 
tered Harvard College in 1786, when 19 years of age. and graduated 
in 17SS; studied law for 3 years in the office of Chief Justice Theo- 
philus Parsons at Newburyport, Mass., and was admitted to the 
bar in 1791. He opened an office and began practice, but in 1794 
was appointed mi^isle^ to the Hague by Washington, and in 1796 
minister to Portugal. By the written advice of Washington, his 
father, on becoming President, made him minister to Berlin, 
whither tie went soon after being married in London, in the Fall of 

He resided several years at Berlin, perfecting his knowledge of 
the German language, negotiating treaties of commerce with 
Sweden and Prussia, and travelling in the meantime. A volume of 
his letters on Silesia, the New England of Europe, written at this 
time to his friends at home, was pnblished and extensively circn- 

Eeturning to Boston he was elected a member of the Massachu- 
setts Senate in 1802, and to the U. S. Senate in 1803. His support 
of the measures of President .Jefferson as against the Federalist 
party of Massachusetts, by which he had been elected, led to a 
spirited controversy, in consequence of which he was defeated for 
re-election in 1800. 

President Madison appointed him ambassador to Russia, and 
while s-^rving in that capacity he was joined by Clay and Gallatin on 
the commission which negotiat-ed the treaty of peace at Ghent. Dec. 
24, \S\4. He remained in London as minister of the United States, 
but returned to become Secretary of State to President Monroe in 

He was elected to the Presidency in 1824 by the House of Repre- 
sentatives, and served one term. 

Upon his retirement he was chosen to represent his district in 
Congress, which he entered in December, 1S31, and where he con. 
> tinned till his death seventeen years later, Feb. 23, 1848. 

■iOS JOSEPH. [Sixth Geaeration. 

This was perhaps the most notable and uaefiil period of his life. 
Cut loose from all party ties, he stood as the ch&mpion of bis own 
independent thonght and the rights of the people. With a strong 
natural constitution, a wide experience, superior mental powers 
and knowledge, he was heard whenever he spoke in Congress with 
great respect and attention, and exerted a powerful influence. He 
was especially distinguished for his fearless and eloquent advocacy 
of the right of petition for the abolition of slavery in the District 
of Columbia and the public domain, which had been denied by the 
dominating politicians, and which no other had the courage to de- 
fend, and continuing at his post to an advanced age, even till 
stricken down by death, he became known and denominated "the 
Old Man Eloquent." 

His writings are numerous. As compared with his father, it has 
been said, "John Quincy Adams had more learning, perhaps, but 
John Adams had more genius. In energy, spirit, firmness and in- 
domitable courage. John Quincy Adams was his father's equal, in 
self command, in political prudence, and even in capacity for hard 
work, his superior. Both will live forever as representatives and 
embodiments of the spirit and ideas of New England during the 
periods in which they figured." 
iii. Susanna', b. in Boston, Dqc. 28. 176S, d. 4 Feb., 1770 
53. iv. Charles", b. in Boston, May 29, 1770; m. Aug. 29. 1795, Sarah Smith, 
sister of Hon. Henry Wm. Smith, b. Nov. G. 1769; d. 3 Aug., 1828. 

He was graduated at flr.rvard College. 1789; iiafl a lawyer in New 
York; d. 30 Nov., 1800. 
56. V. Hon. Thomas Boylston', b. in Qiuucy, Mass., Sept. 15, 1772; m. May 

16, 1805, Ann Harod, dau. of Joseph and .\nn Harod of Haverhill, 
Mass. She d. 3 Sept., 1846, age 70 years 

He graduated at Harvard, 1790; was Representative from Quincy, 
1805-6; was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Massachusetts, 
1809-11; "a man of accomplishments and talents," and d. 12 March, 
1832, age 59 years and C months. 

Children of Capt. Peter Boylston=, (173Sj [20] (Dea. John', 
Joseph', Josepi', Henry'; and Mary (^Crosby) Adams ; res. Quincy, 
Mass. ; • . 

57. " L Marj-'-, b. in Braintree. Mass. .-March 4;. 1769; m. Jan. 17, 17P0, Elisha 

Turner; d. 6 Jan., 1807. age44. i She d. 31 May, 1830, age 62. 
58.- iL Capt. Boylstou', b. in Braintree. April 24, 1771: m. Jan. 21, 1802, 
Elizabeth Ann Crosby. He tL 4 July, 1829, age 58. 
iii.^ Ann', b. in. Braintree, A~priL19, 1773; m. Jan. 12. 1797, Josiah Bas». 

She d. 9 .\np., 1818, age 46; no livins issue. 
ir. Snsann**, h. in Braintret-. April II, 1777; m. Jnne. 5, 1803; Dariua 
Boardman. Sbe-d. in Cambridge, Mass^;' no issue. 

Sixth Generation.] Joseph. 400 

Children of Capt. Elihu\ (1741; [27] (Dea. John*, Joseph', 
Joseph', Henry') and Thankful White Adams; res. East Ran- 
dolph, now Holbrook, Mass. 

59. i. Susanoa", b. in East Baudolph, Dec. 7, 1760; m. Aaron Hobart, Bonof 

Col. Aaron Hobart, b. Aug. 9, 1764, d. ' tf Jan. ,1818. She d. 31 Dec. . 

ei. ii. John', b. in East Randolph. May 20, 1703; m. Anna Dj-er, b. July 2, 

1772, d. 17 June, 1844-0. He d. IG July, 1835. 

<>i. iii. Elisha, b. in East Randolph about 177 J; m. Sarah Norton. Hed. 1319. 

Child of Moses', (1733) [2S] (Samuel*, Joseph', Joseph', 
Henry') and Mary (Reed) Adams; res. Braintree, Mass. 

i. Mary , b. in Braintree, Mass., Aug. 6. 1773; (perhaps others). 

Children of Elijah', (173S; [29] (Samuel*, Joseph', Joseph', 
Henry') and Deborah (Miner) Adams; res. Boston, Mass. 

•C2 i. Capt. Elijah", b. in Boston, Mass., April 5, 1702; m. March C. 1790, 

Phebe (Dolbean Miner, b. 1769, d. 25 July, ISoO, age 81. He was a 

sea captain; d. 25 Feb , 1845, age 83. 
03. ii. Moses , b. in Boston, 1767; m. M-.irch 30, 1796, Nancy Paine; she d. 

30 Oct., 1838. age 64. He settled in Portland, Me., and d. there 7 

March, 1820, age 53. 

Children of Josiah', (1727) [3(i] (Josiah*. Joseph', Joseph', 
Henry') and Sarah (Reed) Adams; res. Mendon, Mass. 

i. Bethia'', b. in Mendon. Mass., Oct. 14, 1751; probably d. young. 
64. ii. Dr. Joseph', b. in Mendon, Aug. 17, 1754; m. March 22, 1778, (pub. 

Dec. 5, 1777) Sarah Smith, dau. of Calvin and Abigail Smith; d. in 
Usbridge, Mass., 13 May, 1830, age 74 years, 4+ months. 

He was surgeon's mate, 1780; selectman of Mendon, 1809, '12, '13; 
Democratic Representative in the Legislature 1809, '13, '15; re- 
moved to Usbridge, 1828. He mode his -n-ill Nov. 4, 1835, which was 
proved Dec. 20. 1835. 
iii. Dea. Josiah*, b. in Mendon, Oct. 20, 1750; 

m. (1) (pnb. Dec. 29, 1783), Dolly Kinnicnt of Providence, 
m. (2) Dec. 29, 1791, (Feb. 14, 1792?) (pnb. Nor. 24,) Mrs. Anna 
Taft Rockwood of Hopkint-ou. widow of John Rockwood, Jr. 

Dea Josiah' was chosen Feb., 1781, one of a committee of 16. 
in Mendon, in addition to a committee of 32, to raise soldiers for the 
iv. Sally-, b. in Mendon, April 1, 1759, d. young. 
V. Bethia', b. in Mendon, April 9, 1702; m. AVaters; no issue. 

410 JOSEPH. [Sixth Generation. 

65. Ti. Hon. BeDJamin', b. in MenJon, Dec. 18, 1764; 

m. (1) (pub. Dec. 19, 1793), Betsey Cragin, d. 17 Oct., 1807, age 38. 

m. (2) (pub. Jan , 1809), Susanna Richmont Grout of Providence; 
she d. -without issue 13 Oct., 1840, age 73. 

He was a graduate of Brown University, 1788; Member of Con- 
gress, 1316; attorney in Uxbridge, Mass., and d. 28 March, 1837, 
age 72. 
vii. Seth', b. in Mendon, Jan. 2, 1768. 

Children of Boylston', (1734) [31] (Capt. Ebenezer*, Joseph', 
Joseph', Henry') and Molly (Allen) Adams; res. Braintree, Mass. 

66. i. MaryS b. in Braintree, Mass., Feb. 9, 1755; m. Feb. 10, 1772, (pub. 

Nov. 30, 1771), Elkanah Thayer. 

67. Anne', b. in Braintree, Feb. 3, 1757; m. Oct. 24, 1778, Josiah Vinton of 

Braintree, youngest son of Thomas and Mehitable Vinton, b. Apnl 
25, 1755. She d. 18 Dec, 1851, age 94 yt-ars and 10 months, 
iii. Elizabeth', b. in Braintree, Feb. 8, 1759; m. Aug. 19, 1775, (pub. 
July 1), Oliver N'ewcomb, Jr. She d. 1778, age 19; had a son 
Loring who d. in infancy. 

Children of Dea. Ebenezer', (1737) [32] (Capt. Ebenezer*, 
Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Mehitable (Spear) Adams; res. 
Braintree, now Quincy, M.-iss. 

i. Joseph'', b. in Braintree, Mass., Xug. 21, 17-09; J. young. 
67^. ii. Mehitable*, b. in Braintree, Dec. 21, 1760; m. June 16, 1785. Cpub. 
May 1), Joseph Neale Arnold, the sheriflF, son of Daniel and Jerusha 
(Glover; Arnold, b. Oct. 10, 1764; d. 24 Oct., 1316. She d. about 
iii. Ebenezer', b. in Braintree, May 9. 17C2; 

m. (1) July 2.5, 1792, Margaret Spear, (Mary?) d. 9 Oct., 1813. 
m. (2) May IS, 1314, Elizabeth Whitney. She d. 25 Sept., 1856, 
age 31. He. d. 14 June, 1841. age 79; no issue. 

68. iv. Dea. Josiah", b. in Braintree, Oct. 17, 1763; 

m. (1) Sept. 19, 1785, Esther Weston of Lincoln, Mass. She d. 19< 
Sept.. 1802, age 39 

m. (2) (pub. Aug. 19, 1804). Margaret Whitney of Northborongh,' 
Mass. . sister of Elizabeth Whitney; d. iFeb., 1849. He d. 24 Sept, 
1844, age 80. 
60. V. Zab<lier, b. in Braintree. Dec. 9, 1767; 

m. (I) Rachel Lyon, only child of Daniel and Elizabeth ( Bird) 
Lyon, b. March 23, 1772. 

m. (3) May 23, 1813, Mrs. Xabby Pond Richardson of Wrentham, 
Mass. He d. 24 March. 1852, age -52.- / 
70. vi. Alice', b. in Braintree. June 10, 1770; m. (pub. May 7. 1795} Samuel 

Sixth Generation.] JOSEPH. ill 

71. vii. Thomas', b. in Braintree, bapt. Ang. 2. 1772: 

m. (1) Ann Capen, b. 1776, d. 24 May, 1808. age 30. 

m. (2) Jan. 11, 1807 (pnb. Nov. 22, 1800), Hannah Billings, b. 1787, 

dau. of Lemuel ami Mary (Rawaon) Billings, d. 6 Feb., 1808, age 21. 

m. (3) Jan. 1, 1810, "Hannah Glorer, dau. of Ebenezer and Mary 

(Davenport) Glover, b. in Dorchester, Sept. 4, 1789; d. in Qnincy, 

31 Jan., 18C1. 

He was called "Victualler. " May, 1843, Thomas of Quincy, late 
deceased, left son Thomas, widow Hannah and 3 children, Ann 
Taylor, Frances Adams and Thos. Adams, and an estate of $6000; 
res. Quincy, Mass ; d. 4 June, 1S42, age 71. 
■I'iii Ann Boylston'*, b. in Braintree. Nov. 23. 1774. 
ix. Elihu\ b. in Braintree, Sept. 24, 1777, d. 27 Dec, 1798. 

Children of Rev. Zabdier, (173lt) [33J (Capt. Ebenezer', 
Joseph', Joseph', Henry'; and Elizabeth (Steams) Adams; res. 
Lunenburg, }klass. 

72. i. Elizabeth\ b. in Lunenburg, Mass., March 22, 1706; m. Nov. 26, 

1789, Dr. Peter Snow of Fitchburg. Mass., d. in Fitchburg, Mass., 
22 Nov., 1824. She d. in Tuscaloosa, Ala., 15 Jan., 1852. 
ii. Anne', b. in Lunenburg, June 1, 1707; m. Nov. 2, 1791, Nathaniel 
Fellows Cunningham. She d. 24 Aug., 1793, age 26years, 2 months 
and 24 days, 
iii. Hannah , b. in Lunenburg, May 28, 1769; m. Dec. 7, 1794, Nathaniel 
Fellows Cunningham. She d 8 July 1840, age 71 years, 1 month 
and 15 days. 

7:^. iv. Zabdiel Boylston", b. in Lunenburg, Aug. 25, 1770; m. Dec. 2, 1804, 

Martha Fox; d. 1839, age 57. Harvard, 1791; practiced law and 
d. in Lnnenbnrg, 17 Dec, 1814. 
V. Lucy", b. in Lunenburg, Aug. 23, 1772; d. 22 Nov., 1775. 

74. vi. Mary. , b. in Lunenburg. July 17. 1774; m. Jan. 2, 1803, Maj. Joseph 

Bellows, son of Col. Joseph and Lois (Whitney) Bellows, b. in Lun- 
enburg, Mass., Nov. 3, 1770; merchant in Walpole, N. H.,d. 22 
March, 1821. She removed to Concord, N. H., to reside with her 
son and d. there 26 May. 1859, age 84 years, 10 months and 9 days. 
Mr. Bellows was let married Jan. 7, 1794, to Deborah Wright, by 
whom he had 5 children. She d. 9 Sept., 1802. 

vii. Sarah . b. in Lunenburg, April 2, 1776; m. Nov. 23, 1801, Dr. John 
Hosmer. She d. 1804. 

viii. Katherine', b. in Lunenburg, Nov. 24, 1777, d. 2t) May, 1822. 

75. is. Henry", b. in Lunenburg, May 6, 1779; 

m. (1) Jan. 1, 1807, Sarah Forster, dau. of Jacob Forster, b. in 
Charlestown, Mass., March 31. 1737; d. in Lexington, Mass., 12 
Jan.. '.?34. 

412 josEi'H. [Sixth Generation. 

m. (i) 18:^5, Sarah K. Hawkins, dau. of Col. Nathaniel Hawkins 
of SomerTille, Mass. ; d. IT Dec, 1851. 

m. (3) Xov. 4, 1852, Mrs. Aphia Besunt of Cambridgeport, Mass., 
b. in Charlestown. Mass., April 11, 178-"). He was graduated from 
Harvard College, 1802; practiced law in Kichmond, Va. ; d. in 
Somerville. Mass.. 13 Xov., 1862. 

X. Frances", b. in Lunenburg. Jan. 28, 1781; m. May 30, 1802, Samuel 
Houghton. She d. 2? June. 1869, age 88 years, 5 months and 3 

76. xi. Abigail', b. in Lunenburg. Dec. 7, 1783; m. June 17, 1804, Hon. 

David Devens of Charlestown. She d. in Charlestown, 8 Sept., 
1821, age 37 years, 9 months and 1 day. 

Children of Micajah\ (1742) [34] (Capt. Ebenezer', Joseph", 
Joseph', Henry') and Elizabeth (Xewhall) Adams : res. Braintree, 
now Quincy, Mass. 

77. L Huldah , b. iu Braintree. Mass., 17C2-3; 

m. (1) (pub. June 27, 1782), Moses Babco:k. 
m. (2, Mr. Ward. 

78. ii. Sarah', b. in Braintree, about 1764-5; m .pub. Sept. 1, 1781;, Samuel 

Hayward of Rosbury, Mass. 

79. iii. Jerusha', b. in Quincy, June l>\ 17C7; m. Jan, 15, 178G. Chartes New- 

comb, a pensioner of the Revolution. She d. 14 Nov., 1848, age 81. 

80. iv. Micajah', b. in Quincy, 1769; m. May 15, 1792, Alice Howard.' He 

d. 9 Nov., 1843. age- 74. 

Children of Hon. Samuel\ (1722) [35] (Samuel', Capt. John. 
Joseph', Henry') and Elizabeth \Checkley) Adams : res. Boston, 

i. Samuel', b. in Boston. Maaa., Sept, 14, 1750. d. 2 Oct., foliowiug. . 

ii. Dr. Samuel", b. in Boston Oct. '16, 1751, d. nmn.. Jan ,■ KSo". 

He graduated nt Harvard College in, 1771; studied' medicine iritii 
the famous Dr. Joseph Warren of Boston, and setred'as a surgeon in 
the army through the -war. mining his health. He d. 17S8, and 
left claims on the government for his serrices to his father. . 

iiL Joseph', b. in Boston, Jnne 3, 1753, d. next day. 

ir. Mary*, b. in.Bo8ton, June^aS, 1754,tL3 0ct., followinig.. 

v. Hannah', h.. in Bostoo. June 2.1,. 1T56;. m. Capt. Thomas Wells 

Sixth Generation.] Joseph. 413 

Children of Dea. Jedediah', (1700) [30] (Peter', Capt. Peter', 
Joseph', Henry'j and Esther (Field) Adams; res. North Bridge- 
■vvater, Mass. 

i. Peter', b. in Quincy. Maaa., Jan. 5. 1789; m. Elizabeth S. Fiehl. She 
d. before him. He was a clerk and widower, and d. in Qiiincy, 15 
Aug., 1872. 

ii. Mary , b. in Quincy, Dec. 30, 171)0, d. May, 1791. 

81. iii. Jedediah', Jr., b. Quincy, March 10, 1792; m. May 4, 1817, Mary P. 

Brackett. She m. 2nd. Nov. I, 1832, Capt. Josiah Glover, son of 
Josiah and Abigail (Copeland; Glover, (his 2nd wife), b. April 13, 
17S4. She d. 17 Dec, 1862. He d. 21 Oct., 1825, age 38 years, 
iv. Samuel B.\ b. in Quincy, Aug. 2, 1794, d. 31 Aug., 17y5. 

82. V. Jerusha Eaton', b. June 14, 179C; m. Dec. 19, 181G, David P. Battles, 

son of Samuel and Dorothy (Dyeri Battles of Bridgewater, b. July 
31, 1792, d. 14 Dec , 1857; res. Stoughton, Mass. Shed. 4 April, 1864. 
vi. Ebenezer\ b. July 22, 1800, d. 12 Aug., 1818, age 18. 

83. vii. Elizabeth', b. Sept. 12, 1802; m. June 25, 182.:;, Joshua Vezie. She d. 

12 June, 1832. 
viii. Thomas", b. Aug. 13, 1813, d. 3 Oct., following. 

Children of Mary', (17.51) [37] (Rev. Jedediah*, Capt. Peter', 
Joseph", Henry') and John Atherton ; res. Stoughton, Mass. 

i. John Atherton, b. Dec. 2, 17G9; m. Feb. 9, 1797, Sally Bird; d. in 
Taunton. Mass., 6 April, 1318. He d. in Savannah, Ga., 21 Sept., 
1624. ii. Jedediah .\therton, b. March 3, 1772; m. (i; Hannah 
Drake of Sharon, Mass.; m. i2) April 14. 1805, Sarah Bradley. He 
d. 17 Jan., 1824. iii. Humphrey Atherton, b. March 21, 1778, d. 
31 Aug., 1778. iv. Mory Atherton, b. March 21, 1776. d. 20 April, 
1778. V. Rachel Atherton, b. May 3, 1778; m. Abiah Capen. 
She d. 20 Feb., 1798. vi. Elijah Atherton, b. July 2.i, 1780; m. 
(1) April 19, 1803, Ruth Tisdale; d. 18 June, 1824, age 39; m. (2) 
Harriet Crane, dan. of Gen. Elijah Crane and widow of Col 
Bethuah Drake of Canton, Mass.; d. 1 May, 1830; m. (3) July 10, 
1831, Louisa Gilmore, d. 20 April, 1856. He d. in Stoughton, Mass., 
13 Dec, 1852. vii. Samuel Atherton, b. Sept. 19, 1784; m. Abi- 
gail Pope of Stoughton, Mass., b. Dec. 5, 1785. d. 17 March, 1868. 
viii. Mary Atherton, b. Dec. 1, 1786; m. May 29, 1810, Abiezer 
Packnrd. She d. 17 June, 1840. is. Nathan Atherton, b. Oct. 
25, 1788; m. July 6, 1823, Amity Morton, d. 17 Oct., 1853. 

Children of Dr. PeterS (1750) [3S] {Rew Jedediah', Capt. 
Peter', Joseph', Henry') and Sarah (Johnson) Adams; res. 
Stoughton, Mass. 

414 JOSEPH. [Sixth Generation. 

84. i. Jedediah'. b. in Stoughton, Mass., Oct. 5, 1806; m. Nov. 38, 1831, 

Martha W. HixsoD, dan. of Capt. Bicbard and Hannah W. Hixsou 
of Sharon, Mass., b. Jul}- 23, 1800; living, 1897. He settled on 
homestead in Stoughton, Mass., and d. 7 Feb., IS"^. 

83. ii. Edward Richmond, b. in Stoughton, Feb. 5, 1809; 

m. (1) about 1842, Mahala Choate of Lowell, Mass.; d. 9 July, 
1843; one child d. in infancy. 

m. (2| Aug. 12. 1846, Nancy G. Thomas of New Haven, Conn. 

He was a resident in Boston till 1836, then removed to Illinois; 
settled in Galesburg, III., 1835, d. 1883. 

86. iii. Quincy', b. in Stoughton, Jan. 14, 1813; m. Oct. 23, 1838, Hannah W. 
dau. of Capt. Eichard and Hannah W. Hixson of Sharon. Mass. 
He d. in Oquawka, III., 4 March, 1849. 

Seventh Generation.] Joseph. 415 

Children of Ezekiel Oilman', (ITiyj [39] (Dr. Joseph', Rev. 
Joseph', Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Mary (Hoyt) Adams; res. 
Gilmanton, N. H. 

87. i. William', b. ia Newington, N. H., bapt. July 17, 1774; m. Hannali 

Jacobs; res. Barnstesd, K. H. He d. 1842. 

88. ii. Mary', b. in Xewington, bapt. May 26, 1776; m. Jonathaa Boss.' 

89. iii. Nancy', b. in Barnstead, N. H., ICot. 27, 1777; m. May 24, 1801, 

Samuel Hoyt, son of Dennis and Betsey (Fabyan) Hoyt of Xewing- 
ton. X. H.. b. .'Vug. 15, 1772, d. 23 Feb., 1843. She d. in Newing- 
ton. N. H., 23 Dec, 1866. 
iv. Ezekiel', b. in Xewingtou, d. young. 

60. T. Elizabeth', i Betsey) b. in Newington, Sept. 25, 1783; m. Hon. 

Charles Hodgman, Jr., of Barnstead, N. H., an influential man in 
Barnstead; d. 1835, age 61 years. She d. 31 Dec, 1825. 

91. vi. John', b. in Newington, July 31, 1787; m. April 29, 1809, Sally Ayres 

Hodgdon. dau. of Benjamin Hodgdon, Esq. She m. 2nd, N. D. 
Stoodley. John ■waa lost at sea from the privateer "Portsmouth." 
Nor., 1814. 

Children of Ezekiel Oilman', (1T49) and Drusilla (Ewer) 

Tii. Rufu8% b. in Barnstead, N. H.. Oct. 1. 1802. d. 1823. 

viii. Rhoda', b. in Barnstead. July 6, 1804; m. 1823, Nathan Morrill. 

is. Jeremiah WUson', b. in Barnftead, Oct. 13, 1806, d. in New York, 
April. 18278. 

X. Abigail', b. in Gilmanton, Oct. 1, 1808; m Moses TTingate of Mad- 
bnry, N. H. She d. 15 May, 1846. 

xi. Ezekiel Oilman', Jr., b. in Gilmanton, Oct. 21, 1810; m. Jane Adams; 
res. Amesbnry, Mass. He d. in Franklin, Delaware Co., N. T., 
Dec, 1877. 

xii. Drusilla', b. in Gilmanton, Oct. 2, 1813; 

m, (1) June 4, 1832, Geo. P. Robinson. 

m. (2) March, 1865, J. L. Lincoln; rea. Minneapolis, Minn. 

xiii. Sarah B.', b. in Gilmanton, Nor. 24, 1815; m. Franklin "VThittier, 
nephew of the poet, John G. Whittier. She d. 3 Dec, 1844. 

416 JOSEPH. [Seventh Generation. 

Children of Capt. Joseph", (1751) [4it] (Dr. Joseph', Rev. 
Joseph', Joseph', Joseph', Henry") and Elizabeth (Adams) Adams; 
res. Newington, N. H. 

92. i. Ebenezer, b. in Newington, N. H., bapt. Jnne4, USO; m. Nov., 1809, 

.\bigail .A.dam8, dau. of Dndlej- Oilman and Sally (Walker) .\dam8; 

blacksmith,; was a soldier in 1812-4. and in bottle at Plattaburgh, N. 

T. He d. in Barnstead. N. H., 1827. 
ii. Joseph "Banger'," b. in Newington, bapt. Oct, 2, 1732, d. unm., 

about 1850 
iii. Nathaniel', b. iii Newington; res. Dover, or Durham, N. H. 
iv. Polly', b. in Newington. bapt. March 19, 1786; m. Downing; 

d. in Newington, N. H. 
V. John', b. in Newington; lost from a privateer, 1812-4. 
vi. Lois', b. in Newington; m. July 2.1, 1816, George Peverly of 

vii. Betsey', b. in Newington; m. Joseph Lyford of Barnstead. 

Children of Ebenezer", (1753) [-11] (Dr. Joseph', Rev. Joseph', 
Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Lydia (Hoytj Adams; res. Barn- 
stead, N. H. 

93. i. John Hoyt', b. in Barnstead, N. H., Nov. 20, 1779; (bapt. Jnne 7, 

1731); m. Nov. 2fi, 1801. Rebecca W. Atkinson, b. in Newburyport, 
Mass., June 2. 1784. d. in Methuen, Mass.. 29 June, 1846; soldier, 
1812-4; bat manufacturer in Newburyport; removed to Dover, N. H., 
and thence to Methueu, Mass., where he d. 14 Sept., 1846. 
ii. Joanna', b. in Barnstead, Dec. 3, 1781 ; m. Dudley Pease. She d. in 
Loudon, N. H.. 1860. 

94. iii. Capt. Ebenezer', b. in Barnstead, June 5, 1784; m. 18o8, Sarah Cole- 

beth;d. 26Feb.,1864,age7.i. He d. in Barnstead, June, 1820, age 36. 
iv. Nancy', b. in Barnstead, May 11, 178G; m. Eiisha Merrill. She d. in 

Barnstead, April, 18G6. 
V. Betsey', b. in Barnstead, March 9, 1790; m. Solomon Emerson. She 

d. in Barnstead; no issue. 
vi. Sally% b. in Barnstead, Jnne 18, 1792; m. May 12, 1816. Capt. Azariah 

Caverly of Barrington, N. H. ; res. Stafford, N. H. She d. 28 

May, 1830. 

95. vii. ; Hanson Hoyt'. b. in Barnstead, Nov 7, 1794; m. Aug. 4, 1817, Nancy 

AV. Norton, d. 6 Dec., 1886, age 83 years, 6 months, 6 days; res. 
Kittery, Me. He d. 22 July, 1851. 
9tt. viii. James', b. in Barnstead, July 19, 1798; 

m. (1) Nov 19, 1820, Elizabeth Bellamy of Kittery, Me. 

m. (2) Nov. 12, 1840, Hannah H. Vamey of Farmington, N. H., 
d. 17 Jan., 1891. He d. from the kick ol a horse at Barnstead, 25 
May, 1868. 

Seventh Generation.] JOSEPH. 417 

Children of Dudley Oilman", (1756) [42] (Dr. Joseph', Rev. 
Joseph', Joseph", Joseph', Henry') and Sally (Walker) Adams; 
res. Gilmanton, N. H. 

i. Abigail', b. in Gilmanton, N. H., about 1789; 

m. (1) Nov., 1809, Ebenezer Adams, Esq., son of Capt. Joseph 
and Elizabeth (Adams) Adams, d. 1827. 
m. (2) Thomas Durgin. 

97. ii. Daniel W.'. b. in Gilmanton, about 1790-1 ; m. Feb. 11, 1811, Sarah 

Paul. He d. in Portamonth. N. H. 

98. iii. Dudley Oilman', b. in Gilmanton, March 3, 1798; m. Sept 6, 1819, 

Sally Green, dan. of Ebenezer Green, Esq., of Rawdon, Hastings 
Co., Ont. ; soldier in war of 1812-4; settled in Wilson, Niagara Co., 
N. Y., in ISaO; he d. 30 Jan., 1870. 

99. iv. George W.', b. in Gilmanton, Dec. 10, 1799; m. Nov., 1827, Lydia A. 

Willard of Loudon, N. H. He d. in Gilmanton, N. H., 1 July, 1881. 

V. Sarah W.', b. in Gilmanton, July, 1803; m. David B. Emerson; res. 

Boston, Mass, ; no issue. She d. in Rochester, N. H., 23 Aug., 1874. 

100. vi. William R.', b. in Gilmanton, April 6, 1804; 

m. (1) Mrs. Perley Smith. 

m. (2) Oct. 9, 1845, Kancy Hodgdon; res. Pittsfield, N. H.; he 
d. 8 Feb., 1886. 

Children of John", (1759) [43] (Dr. Joseph', Rev. Joseph', 
Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Abigail (Coleman) Adams; res. 
Newington, N. H. 

101 i. Elizabeth Janvrin', b. in Newington, N. H., Nov. 15, 1788; 

m. (1) Sept., 180(5, Stanton Smilie; was a soldier in the war of 
1812; d. .'JDec., 1812. 

m. (2) May, 1822, Capt. Joseph Wheeler of Cape Elizabeth, Me., 
d. 18tJ3. She d. 22 May, 1842. 

102. ii. Rev. John', b. in Newington, Feb. 14, 1791; m. 1820, Sarah Sander- 

son, dan. of Stephen Sanderson, Esq., of Waterford, Oxford Co., 
Me. , and wife Mary Dudley. 

"Reformation John," a noted Methodist preacher. He d. at 
New Market, N. H., 30 Sept., 1850; boried in a $3000 tomb at 
Durham, N. H. 

103. iii. Nathanier waab. May 25, 1793, and m. May 20, 1815, Lydia Toby of 

Elliot. Me., b. April 27, 1793, d. 20 Aug., 1881; shoe dealer at South 
Berwick, Me. He d. 3 Oct., 1861. 

Children of Nathaniel", (1773) [44] (Dr. Joseph', Rev. Joseph', 
Joseph', Joseph', Henrj-') and Olive (Hodgdon) Adams; res. 
Barnstead, N. H. 

41S JOSEPH. [Seventh Generation. 

104. i. Abigail', b. in Barnatead, N. H., Aug., 1798; 

m. (1) Darid Chase. 

m. Vi) Samuel Chase. 8he d. 4 Sept. , 18T4, age 76 years, 4 months. 

105. ii. Charles Hodgdon', b. in Barnstead, 1803; m. Dec. 13, 1826, Elizabeth 

French of Salem, Mass. He d. 4 March, 1869, age 66. 
100. iii. Joanna', b. in Barnstead about 1305-0; 

m. (1) Coffin Colcord, who removed to Philadelphia, and d. there, 
m. (2) in Salem, Mass., Eibridge Earl. She d. in Salem, Mass., 
iv. Frances D.', b. in Barnstead, Jan. 16, 1808; m. Feb. 22, 1827, Joaiah 
Adams, son of Nathan 'V^'ebb and Elizabeth (Cole) Ad&ms. She 
d. in Portsmouth, N. H., 8 Jane, 1890, age 83-5. 
307. ▼. Mary Ann', b. in Barnstead, April 2C, 1812; m. Dec. 22, 1830, Isaac 
Harlow of Beverly, Mass., d. 10, 1858; res. Beverly, Mass. 
She d. in Charlestovn, Mass.. 7 Jan., 1887. 

Children of Samuel', (175S) [45] (Ebenezer', Rev. Joseph', 
Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Lydia (Coleman) Adams; res. 
Ne-vnngton, N. H. 

i. Samuel', Jr., b. in Newington, N. H., Aug. 3, 1783; a sailor, mate of 
Capt. Cox of Portsmouth; d. of small pox. 27 April, 1808. ' 
109. ii. Ephraim C', b. in Newington, Feb. 10, 1785; m. July 26, 1805, Tem- 
perance Thnrber. 
He was a mason; fell from a staging, and d. 15 Dec, 1827. 
iii. William C.', b. in Newington, April 3, 1787; m. widow Chesley 

He was a blacksmith; enlisted in the navy; was taken prisoner, 
and confined in Dartmoor prison; d. 1868; 3dauB. and a son; Shakers. 

109. iv. Olive C.', b, in Newington, March 1, 1789; m. 1816, Joseph Coleman. 

She d. in Portsmouth. 3 June, 1850. 
v. Elisha H.', b. in Newington, July 11, 1791-2; was in Talladega, Ala., 
onm., 1852; no more is known of him. 

110. vi. Ebenezer', b. in Newington, Feb. 15, 1795; 

m. (1) April 17, 1819, Martha Harris of Eastport, Me.; d. 15 
Nov., 1834.- 

m. t2) 1835, Rebecca (Harris) Fernald (siBterof Martha', d. 1852. 
He settled in Bangor, Me., in 1828, d. 1884. » 

111. Tii.1 George', b. in Newington, March 1; 1797; m.. March- 21, 1824, Mary 

Higgins of Eden, Me.; settled, in. Eaatport; Me., 182U. and, d. \S 
Dec, 1880. .; 

viiL- Lydia', b. in Newington, Ante. 15„ 1790; m. Jan.. 1827,. Theodore 
Fernald. She d. 18 Nov., 1S3«. . 
112.. ix. Bufufl\ b. in Newington,, Dec. 3, 1801-2; m.. Mehitable WTiite, b. in 
Newcaatie. Me. , in 1809, d. in PortamontU,. N. H., 184«. He was- a 
mason; d. in Portsmonthv N. H., 185&. 

Seventh Generation.] JOSEPH. 419 

X. Eliza Ann', b. in Xe^ngton, Sept. 10, 1804, d. 29 Sept., 1820. 
xi. Oliver', b. in Newinpton, April 10, 1807; m. Harriet Fernald. He 
waa a carpenter, and d. in Bangur, Me., 7 May, 1842; 2 children. 
Laura and Buius 

Children of Capt. James', (1752) [46] (Dea. Benjamin', Rev. 
Joseph*, Joseph', Joseph', Henrj-') and Mary (^Cole) Adams; res. 
Rochester, N. H. 

113. i. Benjamin', b. in Rochester, K. H., -about 1779; m. March 10, 1799, 

Betsey Horn of Rochester, dau. of Isaac Horn of Dover. He 
purchased the homestead of his brother; d. early of consumption. 

114. ii. Amos', b. in Rochester, 1785; m. 1825, Hannah Hodgdon of Lebanon, 

'Me.; farmer at "Adams Comer," Rochester, N. H. He d. 29 
Sept., 1868. 

115. iii. Dea. Augustus', b. in Rochester, Dec. 3, 1786; 

m. (1) Kov. 35, 1813, Amelia Wallace, b. at Cape Elizabeth, Me., 
May 10, 1794, d. 10 Feb., 1«27. 

m. (2; Oct. 14, 1827, Eunice Woodsum Cleaves, dau. of Dea. 
Samuel Woodsum, a Revolutionary soldier, and widow of Capt. 
Cleaves. She d. 24 Nov., 1877; b. in Saco, Me., Jan. 1, 1799. 

Dea. Augustus was a sergeant in the war of 1812; stationed at 
Portland, Me.; a boot and shoe merchant in Saco; removed to 
Portland, Me.; d, 14 March. 1856, age 69. 
iv. James', b. in Rochester; m. a Spanish lady in South America, where 
he settled, dying about 1845. He was governor of the province of 
Rio Negro, in the Argentine Republic. 
V. Jesse', b. in Rochester; d. unm , at Havana, Cuba, 29 May, 1819. 

vi. Elizabeth', b. in Rochester, 1790; m. Goodwin. She d. in 

Barnstead, 17 May, 1856, age 66; a dau. m. John Garland. 

These all were baptized at the house of Capt. James Adams, in 
Rochester, N. H., Feb. 28. 1793, as his children by Rev. Mr. 
Honey, and named in the order given above. 

Children of Nathan Webb', (1756) [47] (Dea. Benjamin', Rev. 
Joseph*, Joseph', Joseph', Henrj'') and Elizabeth (Cole) Adams ; 
res. Newing^on, N. H. 

i. James', b. in Newington, N. H. , Nov. 2, 1784, d. in San Domingo, W. 

L, unm., 12 Jan., 1821, age 36 years, 
ii. Polly' (Mary),- b. in Newington, Dec. 2, 1785; m. Feb. 28, 1833, James 
Coleman, (his 2nd wife), son of Phinehas and Sarah Coleman, d. 1 
April. 1853, age 78; res. Newington. N. I£. She d. 24 April, 1858; 
no issue. 

420 JOSEPH. [Seventh Generation. 

116. iii. Winthrop', b in Dover, N. H., Jane 8, 1797; m. May 2), 1809, Doro- 

thy Dame of Rochester, N. H., b. March 30, 1791, d. a widow, 27 
Feb., 1853; ailTersmith; res. Dover, Jf. H. He d. 11 Dec, 1841, 
age 54-6 

iv. Capt. John', b. in Newington, Oct. 7, 1788. d. at Newington, nmn., 14 
Jan., 1881, age 93. 

117. V. Josiah', b. in Newington, June 7, 1790-1; m. Feb. 22, 1827, Frances 

D. Adams, dau. of Nathaniel and Olive (Hodgdon) Adams. He d. 
in Portsmonth, N. H., 15 Feb., 1871. 
vi. Nabby', b. in Newington. April 14, 1792; m. Ebenezer Simpson of 
York, Me.; res. Newington, N. H. She d. in Newington. 23 Jan., 
1866; no issue. 

118. vii. Betsey', b. in Newington, Feb. 6, 1798; m. James Roberts, d. 24 Nov., 

1853. Shed. 27 Jan., 1 804. 
viii. Nathan', b. in Newington, Jan. 6, 1801, d. at sea, 1 March, 1821, en 
route to Charleston, S. C 

is. George', b. in Newington, May 1, 1803; m. Deborah Pickering. He 
d. in New Orleans, La. 

X. Ruth', b. in Newington, April 23, 1805; m. Jonathan Perkins of New- 
ington, N. H.; living in Kentucky, 1896; one dau., Mrs. Brew- 

119. li. William', b. in Newington, July 24, 1807; m. April, 1824, Sally Spin 

ney, d. in Kittery, Me., 13 June, 1892, age 89; res. Kittery, Me. 
He d. in Boston, 1850. 

Children of Ruth Webb', (175S) [48] (Dea. Benjamin', Rev. 
Joseph', Joseph', Joseph', Henry") and John Shackford ; res. 
Portsmouth, N. H. 

i. John Shackford; m. Lydia Chapman; farmer; res. New Market, N. 
H. : no issue, ii. Seth Ring Shackford, an attorney in New 

Market, N. H. iii. Samuel Shackford, b. in Newington, 1787; m. 
Olive Deering. He was a builder in Portsmouth, N. H. 

Children of Mary", (176u) [49] (Dea. Benjamin', Rev. Joseph', 
Joseph", Joseph', Henry') and Hon. James Smith ; res. Ports- 
mouth, N. H. i 

L James Smith, ii. William Smith. iiL Daniel Smith. iv. 

Elizabeth Smith. v. Irene Smith.  

Children: of Abigail', (1770) [50] (Dea. Benjamin', Rev. 
Joseph*, Joseph', Joseph', Henr>-') and Capt. George Nutter; res. 
Portsmouth, N. H. 

Seventh Generation.] Joseph. 421 

i. Abigail Nntter. b. in Portamoath. N. H. ; m. Frances DeLace. IL 
Martha Nutter, b. in Portsmonth, 1789; m. Thos. Darling Bailey, 
d. in PortamoQth, N. H. She d. in Portamoath. N. H., 25 March, 
1881 ; were grand-parents of ThoB. Bailey Aldrich, poet and author, 
iii. George Nutter, b. in Portsmouth, d. at sea. iv. Franklin 
Nutter, b. in Portsmouth, 1797, d. 27 Feb., 1823. t. Mary Adams 
Nutter, b. in Portsmouth. Sept., 1798; m 1814. Joseph Bailey of 
Portland, Me., b. 1776, d. 1824. She d. 7 March, 1853. 

Children of Benjamin', (1773) [51] (Dea. Benjamin*, Rev. 
Joseph*, Joseph", Joseph', Henry') and Elizabeth (Talpey) Adams; 
res. Newington, X. H. 

120. i. Emeline Augusta-, b. in Newington, N. H.. Sept. 23. 1797; m. Feb. 1, 

1319, Leonard Ackennan. son of Joseph and Esther (Jackson) 
Ackerman of Portsmouth. N. H., b. in Portsmouth, March 30, 1798; 
m. 2nd wife, Sarah Hall He d. 20 Nov. , 1876. She d. 17 March, 

ii. Sarah Catherine', b. in Newington, Aug. 26, 1799; m. William Carr of 
Portsmouth, son of James Carr and Hannah Merrill, d. in East 
Boston, 6 Aug., 1878; res Lexington street. Shed, in East Boston, 
5 Oct., 1894; no issue. 

121. iii. Henrietta', b. in Portsmouth, July 23, 1801; 

m. (1) Dec. 25, 1823, Wm. W. Potter of Philadelphia, d. in PhiU- 
delphia, 7 Aug., 1832. 

m. (2) Oct. 3, 1839, John W. Baker of Philadelphia, d. in Coving, 
ton, Ky., 24 Jan., 1894. She d. in Covington, Ky., 3 Aug., 1890. 

122. iv. Elizabeth L.\ b. Oct. 19. 1803; m. July 12, 1834, John H. Drayton of 

Dedham, b. July II, 1803. She d. July, 1864. 

123. V. Abigail Pickering", b. Dec. 15, 1808; m. March 17, 1825, Isaac Camp 

of Baltimore, Md. She d. in Baltimore, 1838. 

vi. Martha Odiome'. b. in Newington, April 20, 18 D8; m. Wm. H. Dray- 
ton of Dedham (brother of John H.). She d. 7 April, 1689; no issue. 

124. vii. Mary Parker', b. in Newinjrton, April 15, 1810; m. Oct 31, 1831, 

James Merrill Carr of Portsmouth (.brother of Wm.), b. in Dan- 
versport, Mass., Aug. 31, 1809, d. in Portsmouth, N. H., 18 Oct, 
1885. Shed. 14 Jan., 1887. 

125. viiL Benjamin Henry', b. in Newington, April 14, 1812; m. June 18, 1838 

(pub. May 23), Elizabeth Smith of Dedham. He d. 29 April, 1874. 

ix. John Quincy', b. in Newington, April 15, 1814; m. Nov. 24, 1847, 
Sarah C Barnaby of Portsmouth; res. Boston. He d. 15 Aug., 
1880; no issue 

X. Annie Maria', b. in Newington, Dec. 15. 1817, d. 23 Oct., 1820. 

422 JOSEPH. [Seventh Generation. 

Children of Thomas', (1779) [5-2] (Dea. Benjamin', Rev. 
Joseph', Joseph', Joseph', Henrj'') and Mary (Pickering) Adams ; 
res. Portsmouth, N. H., and Boston, Mass. 

123. i. Caroline Anguflta',.b. in'Portsmonth, N. H., March 18, 1820; m. Jan.. 
1844, Samuel Rand. He remoTed to Lob Angeles, CaJ. ; published 
a paper; d. in Los Angeles. She resides in Boston, Maas. 
ii. Mary Elizabeth', b. in Portsmouth; m. 1842. George C Band, firm 

of Band k Arery, Boston; d. in Newton, Mass. 
iii. Adelia', b. in Portsmouth, 1834; m. April, 1867, Washington Picker- 
ing; widow; res. Boston, 
iv. Frances Nelson' (twini, b. in Portsmouth, 1824; m. Albert Phillips. 
Shed. 16 Jan., 1889. 

127. V. John Quincy', b. in Portsmouth, Dec. 24, 182.5; m. June, 1850, Betsey 

Hunter Libby, b. Oct. 4, 1824. He was a printer; d. in Melrose, 
Mass., 2 April, 1867, age 41 years, 3 months, 8 days, 
vi. Thomas', b. in Portsmouth; 

m. d) Clara Plnkham of Lawiston, Me., d. 1842. 
m. (2) ; an artist; res. New York City. 

128. di. Abby E.'. b. in Portsmouth, Oct 1*?. 1828; m. May 2. 1853, Eraatns 

F. Bradford. She d. in Denver, Col., 10 May, 1894. 
■riii. Isaac', b. in Portsmouth; m. Myra Barnard; parted; res. Denver, Col. 

Children of Abigail", (1765) [53J (Pres. John*, LL. D., Dea. 
John', Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Hon. Henry Wm. Smith; 
res. Cherry Valley, N. Y. 

i. William Steuben Smith. ii. John Adams Smith. iii. Caroline 
Amelia Smith. 

Children of Hon. John Quincy', LL. D., (1767) [54] (Pres. 
John', LL. D., Dea. John', Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Louisa 
Catherine (Johnson) Adams ; res. Quincy, Mass. 

i. George Washington', b. in Berlin,- Pmasia. April 13, 1801; graduated, 
from Harvard College, 1821; waa admitted to the bar and praoticed- 
law in Boston;. represented Quincy in the Legislature, 1820; joined- 
theAncient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston, in 1826;' 
was Orderly Serg-t in 1827; became Captain of the City Guards of 
Boston; waa Brigade Major of 3d Brigade, Ist Div.,, in 1828, aid 
was lost. oOs a steamer on Liong Island Sound, April,; 30,. 1829; not' 

12a.' iL John'.b. in Boston,. Mass.. July 4^,1803; m. 1826, in White House, 
Washington, D. C. to his conain, Mary Helen. He d. at Wasb. 
ington, D. C, 23 Oct., 18.54. 

Seventh Generation.] Joseph. 423 

130. iii. Hod Chftrlea Francis', LL. D., b. in Boston, Aug. 18, 1807; m. Sejit. 
3. 18211, Abigail B. Brooks, youngest dan. of Peter C. Brooks. Esq., 
of Boston, b. in Medford, Mass.. April 2.5, ISOS; d. 6 June, 1889. 

Mr. AilaiDS resided for much of his earlier life with his parents in 
Europe, and early became masttr of sereral of the modern lan- 
guages of Europe. He returned and graduated at Hivrvard College 
in 1625, soon after his father Tvaa inau^rat«d president. He studied 
in the office of Daniel "Webster in Boston, and was admitt«-d to the 
Suffolk County Bar in 182S. 

He was a member of the Whig party and of the Massacbusetts 
Legislature, 1831 to 183i?. He was nominated for the vice-preiddency 
by the Free Soil Repabiicans on the ticket with Martiii Tan Buren 
in 1848; elected to Congress from the 3d District of Massachusetts 
in 1?j3 nud re-elected in 1860. President Lincoln appointed him 
minister to England in 18C1, where he continu id till 1868, « position 
which both his father and grandfather had tilled before him but 
which now required the highest order of diplomatic ability. Mr. 
Adams aciiuitted himself with great firmness and success through 
the most trying and critical conditions, and won lasting laurels as 
an American of great patriotism and diplomatic ability. He ditd 
in Boston, 21 Nov., 18S6. 
iv Louiba Catherine", b. at St. Petersburg, 1811, d. in infancy. 

Children of Charles', (1770) [55] (Pres. John^ LL. D.. Dea. 
John*, Joseph'. Joseph^ Henry') and Sarah (Smith) Adams: 
re?. New York City. 

131. i. Su.sauiia B.', b. in New York, Aug. 8. 1T96; 

m. 0) Aug. 3, 1817, Lieut. Charles Thomas Clark ; he b. 1703. d. 

m. (2) April 38, 1833, Wm. R. H. Treadway of Richmond, Ta., b. 
17!i5. d. 183G; no issue; res. Utioa, N. T. She d. 21 Jan., 1840. 
134 »■ Abigai'. Louisa Smith', b. Sent. 8, 179C-?; m. Oct. 14, 1814, 
Ales. Brj-au Johnson. He was l». in Gosjiort, Eng., May 29, 1780, 
d. Sept., 1867; res. Utica, X. Y. She d. 4 July, 183S. 

Children of Hon. Thomas Boylston", (1772) [.".0] (Pres. 
John. LL. D., Dea. John', Josephs Joseph', Henn,-') and Ann 
iH.-irod) Adam^; res. Quincy, Mass. 

i. Abigail Smith', b. in Quincy, Mass.. July 27, 180ij; n:. M:»y 30. 1W31. 

Johii Augi'T, d. near Austin. Te\., June, lSi!3. She d. 4 Feb., 1840. 

ii. Elizabeth Combs", b. in Quincy, Feb. 9, 1808; living, unm., 21 Elm 

3tre<ft. Q-.uncy, Mass., 1893. 
iii. Lieut. Thomas Boylston', b. in Quiucy, April 4, 1809; Lieut, in 2jd 
I'.e;,'. U. S. Artillery; d. unm. at Ft. Dade, Fla., 14 Dec, 1837. 
a-e 2S: made his will Oct. 1. 1£31, proved 23 Juno, 18i:8. 

424 josEl'H. [Seventh Generation. 

iv. Frances Foster, b. in Quincy, June 22, 1811, d. 4 Jlarch. 1812. 
T. Isaac Hull', b. in Quincj", May 2G, 1813; living, unm., 189:J, 21 Eloi 

street, Quincy. 
vi. John QuincT-, b. in Quincy, Dec. 10, 1813; lost at sea from U. S. 

frigat*- " Albany, '• in Oct., 18.54, age 3S. 
rii. Joseph Haroct .b. in Quincy. 1817, d. on the Perry Expedition, Zi. 3. 

ship, " Powhattan. " 4 Oct.. 1833: buried at Macao, China. 

Children of Mary'-, (17t;y. [57] (Capt. Peter Boylston', Dea. 

John', Joseph", Joseph-', Henry'; and Elisha Turner; res. Quincy, 


i. Eliaha Turner, b. in Quincy, Kov. 11. 1792; m. March 5, 1722, Jane 
Newcomb, d. 7 June. 1865; res. Quincy. Mass. He d. 22 May, 
1865. ii. Peter Turner, b. Jan. 14. 1796; m. Adeline Torrey; res. 
Troy. N. Y. He d. 3 May. 1872. iii. Mary Ann Turner, b. Aug. 
11. 1797; m. Elihu Arnold; res. Quincy, Mass. She d. 12 March, 
1872, age 74. ir. Ruth Turner, b. Nov. 16. 1799; d. unm.. 18 
Dec, 1881, age 82. v. Susanna Adams Turner, b. July 11, 1801; 
m. John Armstrong. She d. 8 June, 1872. vi. John Turner, b. 
March 12. 1^02, d. uiun.. 9 May, 1873, age 70. vii. EUakim 

Turner, b. Sept. 1.1803; m. d) Maria Simpson. m. (2) Mary 
Jane (Littlefield) Bent. He d. Sept.. 18C7. age 62. 

Children of Capt. Boylston', (iTTi;, [.^S] (Peter Boylston', 
Dea. John*. Joseph'. Joseph'. Henry") and Elizabeth Ann (Crosby) 
Adams; res. Quincy, Mas?. 

i. Elizabeth Ann, b. in Quincy. Mass., Dec. 22, 1802, d. unm., 20 Nov., 
1829. age 27. 
182. Mary Crosby'. 1. in Quincy, Oct. 1, ISO";; m. April 25, 1829, Perez Chub- 
bock. Shed. 16 Jan., 1875 

iii. Susanna Boylston'. b. in Quincyj.April 15, 1808; m. March 23, 1842, 
Theo. H. Lunt. a veteran soldier and prisoner at Andersonville, who 
d. at Annapolis, Md. She d. July, 1877. 

iv.: Abigail Smith', b. in Quincy. Aug. 16. 1813; m. Nov. 16, 1837. Joseph 
W. Robertson. She d. 4 June. 1883, age «9 yeare. 9 moothc- and 19 

Children of - Susanna'., (ITRP^ [ot*] (Capt. Elihu'. DeaV JohnV 
Joseph', Joseph'-. Henry') and Aaron Hobart.' Jr. ; res. East Ran- 
dolph, Mass. 

L Elihu Hobart. b. Dec.,' 178-3; m. Sally Dye-r. d«a. of Chriatopher 
Dyer ; he d. Sept.. 1842.. ii. Hon. Aaron Hol>art. b. June, 178T; ni. 

Seventh Generation.] Joseph. 425 

Mary LeacL; Judge of Probate and Member of Congress; d. Sept.. 
lb.>8. iii. Suaaiina Hobart, b. March, 1781; m. (1; Zebah Hay- 
deo: ra. (2; Tared Whitman. iv. Sarah Hobart. b. Jane, 1791; 
m. John S. Champney. She d. May, 1?26. t. Abigail Adams 
H.jbart. b. June, 17y3; m. John S. Champney. Shed. 18-53. vi. 
Eliza Hobart, b. Jan., 1800; d. Dec, 1800. 

Children of John", (17ll^j [«u] (Capt. Elihu', Dea. John*, 
Joseph', Joseph'. Henry") and Anne (Dyer) Adams; res. East 
Randolph iHolbrook), Mass. 

i. John'. >■. in East Randolph, Mass., 1790; d. 180a. 
ii. Elihu'. b. in East Randolph, 1793; d. 4 Sept., 1818. 
13J. iii. Nacoy'. 1. in East RanJoIiih. July 13, 17117: m 1817, Joseph LyniifieJd. 

b. Sept. 25, 178f ; d. 30 Nov., 1833. Sh.' d. 7 July, 1854, age 57. 
134. iv. Susanna Dyer. b. in East Randolph. 1800; m Oct. 2-2. !820, Samuel 
L. Holbrook; b. April 22. 179& : d. 28 Sept., 1885. Shed, in Hol- 
brook, Mass., 23 Feb., 1865. 
13-1 V. John'. Jr.. b. in East Randolph. June 8, 1800: 

m. (\; June 1, 1829. Mehitable Faxon, dan. of Joseph Faxou. b. 
.\u-. 2;-, ISO*; d 4 Jan., 1852, age 44. 

El. f2; Nov. 14, 18.53. Mrs. Sally H (White) French, sister of 
.TonuJhin White, Esq., of Brockton, Mass. John', Jr., d. in Hol- 
brook, 23 Sept., 1690, age 84. 
KiO. vi. Mary H.'. b. in East Randolph, Jan. 22, 1809; m. Oct. 2, 1837. Daniel 
Fakou, Jr., b. March 22. 1802; d. 20 May, 1870; res. Holbrook, 
Muss. She d. 27 March, 1871. 

Children of Elisha", (177<.») [81] (Capt. Elihu', Dea. John', 
Joseph'. Joseph", Henry") and- Sarah (Norton) Adams; res. 
Abington. now Whitman, Mass. 

i. William Henry', b. in Abington. Maes., July 2tt. 1803; 

m. ',1) 1833. Maria Baker of Daxbary, Mass.; shed, of consump- 
tion about 18?9. 

m. (2] Oct. 0. 1842, Hannah Adams Alden. dan. of Ebenezer and 
Abigail (Pierce) Aldenof Bridgewater. Mass.: b. Sept. 2, 1824. She 
m. 2ud. Dec. 10, 18';4, Calvin Wade; res. Bridgewater. Mass. Wm. 
Henry d. 27 Feb., 1879; no issue. 
lo'. ii. John Quincy', b. in Abington. 1807: 

m. (11 Davis 

m. (2) Esther . H- was a printer; settled in Xetr Orleans, 

La., and d. there about 1^49. 
iii. Sanih'. li. in Abington. 1800. d. 1811. 
138. iv. Snrau Xorton', b. in Abington, Oct. 6. 1813; m. May IC, 18:11, Aaron 
Beaman, son of Aaron Beaman, b. June 20. 1305; d. 10 Oct., 189.'",. 
V. Elihu Harvey", b. in , d. at 21. 

426 JOSEPH. [Seventh Generation. 

Children of Capt. Elijah", (1762^ [fi-2] (Elijah'. Samuel', 
Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Phebe i^Miner) Adams ; res. Boston, 

133. i. Capt. John-, b. in Boston, Mass.. Nov. 29, 1796; m. Sept. 27, 1627, 

Sally GeJney Howe of Hanover street, Boston, d. 29 Aug., 18S1. 

He wa^a sea captain; enlisted in the navy in 1812-4; was captured 
and held a prisoner of war in Dartmoor prison; waa the last survivor 
of those who witnessed the victory of Commodore Hull in the 
" Constitution" over Dacres in the •' Gnerriere" Aug. 19, 1812; was 
called "Jack Adams" of North End, Boston; d. in Allaton, Mass., 
17 March, 1936. 
ii George', b. in Boston, April 29, 1798; was a sailor and d. nam., 29 

June, 1827. 
iii. William', b. in Boston, June 2, 1800: was a sailor; d. num., 7 March, 

iv. Caroline Arnold, b. in Boston, Aug. 3, 1892, m. Feb. 7, 1833, Capt. 
John Crawford Cook; d. July, 1875; she d. 1 July, 18S3; no issue. 
V. Elijah', b. in Boston. May 22, 1804; 

m. (I) Sept. 12, 183-5, at Portland, Me., Louisa Adams, (said to 
have been a cousin;. 

m. (2) Aug. 28, 1842, Mary Adams of Portland. Me., and a sister of 
Louisa. He d. in Portland, Me., 13 Dec, l«8l. His children all 
died young— one at 16 years. 

Children of Moses", (1707) [63] (Elijah", Samuel', Joseph', 
Joseph'. Henry') and Nancy (Paine) Adams; res. Portland, Me. 

i. Sophia", b. in Portland, Me., 1797; d. 20 April, 1845. 
ii. Mary A.', b. in Portland. l^'OO; m. Aug. 23, 1842. Elijah Adams (2d 

wife) ; d. without issue 
iii. Adeline', h. in Portland. 1302, d. 10 June. 1840. 
iv. Willian.", h. in Portland, 1804; d. .30 Aug.. 1:^20, age 16. 
V Louisa', b. in Portland, 1806; m. Sept. 12, 1835, Elijah Adams, son of 
Capt. Elijah, and Phebe (Dolbearj Adams of Boston; a son Craw- 
ford d. at 16. She d. 1840. 
vi. Charles P.'. b. in Portland. 1808; d. 11 Sept., 1827, age 19. 
vii. Maria G.% b. in Portland.. 1810, d. 14 Nov., 1840, age 30. 
viii. Elijah', b. in Portland. 1812. d. 21 Aug., 1S13, age 10 months. 
140. is. Elijah', 2nd, b. in Portland, 1814; 

m. (1) March 2. 1&45, Cordelia Knight, dan. of Capt. Benjamin 
Knight of Portlond. d. 19 July, 1853. 

m. (2: March 26. 195^, Mrs. Olive P. (Hanscom) Talcott. He d. 
suddenly of heart disease, 1 Sept. . 1875. 






Seventh Generation.] Joseph. 427 

Children of Dr. Joseph", (1754) [64] (Josiah'. Josiah', Joseph', 
Joseph', Henry') and Sarah (Smith) Adams; res. Mendon, Mass. 

i. John', h. in Mendon, Mass., Jan. 30, 1770; d. 21 April, 1791. 
ii. Sally', b. in Mendon, Sept. 11, 1780. 

14" iii. Mary', b. in Mendon, March 26, 1783; m. June 25, 1803, Col. Warren 

Col. Bawson was a son of Hon. Levi Eawson who was a minute 
man at Concord and Lesinston, April, 1775, and was a prominent 
man in Mendon, member of Legislature, etc. He m. 2nd, Martha 

H2. iv. John', b. in Meudon, Jan. 29, 1785; m. Sylria . 

T. Betsey', b. in Mendon, Sept. 2, 1737; d. 18 Jan., ISl.'i. 
vi. Samuel Smith', b. in Mendon. Dec. 20, 1789, d. 6 Feb., 1812. 
rii. Abisair, b. in Mendon, April 10, 1792, d. 1.5 Dec. 1813. 
Hi. \Tii. Cai)t. SethEeed', b. in Mendi>n, March 6. 179i>;m. Charlotte Beming- 

ton. He removed to Portland, Me., to huilJ a canal; returned to 

Uxbridge, Mfisa where he was executor of his father's wiU, 1830. 

He d. in Uxbridge about Jan. 1, 1839, Sullivan Thaj'er being his 

ii. Joseph", b. in Mendon, April 13, 1799; killed by lightning about 


Children of Hon. Benjamin", (1764) [65] (Josiah', Josiah', 
Jo.-^eph', Joseph", Henr}'') and Betsey (Craginj Adams; res. U.\- 
bridge, Mass. 

i. Fanny", b. in Uibridge, Mass., Nov. 12, 1704-5; d. 9 March, 17'j7, 
age 2 years and 4 months. 
144. ii. Josiah', b. in Uxbridge. Jan. 15, 1790; m. May 14, 1823, Harriet Dud- 
ley, b. Dec. 15, 1804; d. 10 Nov., 1886. He d. in Uibridge, 14 
March, 1329. 
14".. iii. John", b. iu Uxbridge. March 31, 1793; m. Fanny A. Cragin, dan. of 
Benjamin aiid Aznbah Cragin. b. in Doaglass, Mass. , March 9, 
1?01 ; d 13*Dec., 1878. age 77 years, 9 months and 4 days. He d. in 
Uxbridge, 20 Sept., 1373, age 80 years, 5 months and 20 days, 
iv. Samuel Cragin', b. in Uxbridge, June 3, 1800; d. 21 March. 1828. 
V. George', b. in Uxbridge, Feb. 25, 1301-2, d. unm.. 2 Sept., 1832, age 

30; made a will March 16. 1332; proved Oct. 3, 1332. 
vi. Betsey', b. in Uxbridge, May 20, 1804, d. 28 Oct.. 1824. 
vii. Sally", b in Uxbrid-e,- Jan. 12, 1800, d. 8 June, 1324 

Children of Mary", (1755) [66] (Boylston', Capt. Ebenezer', 
Ju.-^eph'', Joseph", Henry') and Elkanah Thayer; res. Williara.s- 
Varir. Mass. 

-i-'^ JOSEPH. [Seventh Generation. 

i. Mary Thayer, b. Dec. 16. 1773 ii. Thomas Boj-Ieton Thayer, b. 
Feb. 28, 1776, d young. iii. Thomaa BoyUton Thayer, b. March 
18, 1777. iv. Elkanah Thayer, b. Sept. 6, 1781. t. Zabdiel 
Thayer, b. Dec. 31. 1783. ri. Sneanua Thayer, b. March 7, 1786. 
Tii. Eanice Thayer, b. July 12, 178i. 

Children of Anne*, (1757) [67] (Boylston', Capt. Ebenezer*, 
Joseph'. Joseph'. Henry') and Josiah Vinton; res. Braintree, 

i. Josiah Vinton, Jr., b. July '27, 1777; m. (1) Betaey Snow Gile; m. (2) 
Lucy fHowe> Dennett. ii. Boylston Vinton, b. Dec. 10. 1779; m. 
1815, Lydia Thayer. iii. Thomas Vinton, b. Sept. 5, 1781; m. 
1809, Elizabeth K. Oliver. iv. Abel Vinton, b. Jan. 1, 1784; m. 
1806. Susan Cox. t. Nancy Adams Vinton, b. March 26, 1786; d. 
26 Feb., 1806, age 19 years and 11 months. She was betrothed to 
Calvin Washburn of Bridjjewater. vi. Mehitable Vinton, b. 

July 12, 1783, d. 26 Jan., 179G. vii. Henry Vinton, b. June 26, 
1790, d. 12 Aug.. 1890. viii Betsey Vinton, b. Sept. 4, 1791; m. 
Oct. 14, 1827. Edward Pray. ii. Elisha Vinton, b. March 8, 1794; 
m. (1) 1818, Caroline Cox; m. (2> 183-5, Mary Gardner. x. Me- 
hitable Vinton, b. May 27, 1796; m. 1824, Rev. John C. Welsh, 
xi. Henry Vinton, b. July 2, 1798. d. 13 May, 1799. xii. Mary 
Vinton, b. AnK. 6. 1800; d. nnm. 

Children of Mehitable', (1760) [67>^] (Dea. Ebenezer', Capt. 
Ebenezer', Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Joseph Neale Arnold; 
res. Braintree, now Ouincy, Mass. 

i. Joseph Arnold, b. Feb. 5, 1786; m. Elizabeth Brialer of Quincy, 
Mass. ii. Mehitable Arnold, b. Feb. 16, 1787; m. Dr. Thomas 
Phipps, Jr. iii. Ebenezer Arnold, b. Nov. 5, 1789; m. Patience 
Mann of Quincy. iv. Louisa Arnold, b. Feb. 24, 1793; m. 
James Arnold of Quincy. v. EUhu Adams Arnold, b. Oct. 1, 
1795; m Mary Ann Turner of Quincy. vi. Jernaha Glover 
Arnold, b. Nov. 16, 1797; m George A. Thayer. vii. Charles 
Arnold, b. March 27, 1800; m. Elizabeth Wayland of Boston viii. 
Lemuel Arnold, b. March 13. Ib02; m. (1) Susan Smith; m.. \,2) 
Caroline Gilbert; rea. New York City. * 

"Children of Dea. . Josiah', (1763) [6s] (Dea. Ebenezer', Capt. 
Ebenezer'. Joseph', Joseph', Henry*) and Esther (Wesson) 
Adams; res. Quincy, Mass. 

14«. i. Sarah", b. in Quincy, Mass., Aprils, 1786; 
m. rii Oct. 20. 1603. William. Field, 
m. (2^ Oct. 9. 1»0(>. Henry Wood of Quincy. She d. 13 July, 


Seventh Generation.] Joseph. 4:2l> 

:i. XancyS b. iu Quincj-. Sept. 13, IT^r: m. April 6, 182.>, Thomas Mills 

of Qaiucy. Shed. 1S4.0-G; no issz?. 
UT. iii Josiah', Jr.. b. in Qaincy. Oct. :^ 1792; m. Jan. 8, 1813, Samh P. 

Hardwick, dan, of Cliarlea and SinhHardwicft, b. Jan. 16, 1795, d. 

18 June, 1882. He d. 27 .Tan., :e>ri 
148. iT. Mary-, b. in Qnincy. Jan. 13, 17>j; =. Not. 2, 1812. Henry Putnam of 

Quincy, son of Elisha and Ljdi* Darant (Parker; Putnam; b. in 

Charlestown, Mass., 1792. 

Children of Dea. Josiah', (lT'j;%i and Margaret (Whitney) 

us*. V. Maria Foster", b. in Quiucy. Juac ^ 1807; m. Oct. 15, 1820, Charles 
Hall, son of Ed-ward and Eliza.b«i Hall. She d. 23 July, 1877. 

l.jO. Ti. Ebenezer", b. in Quincy, Feb. 2*, ;310; m. May 20, 18:i2, Emeline 
trpear, dau. of John Spear; d. 31 Dec, 1894, age 81. He dropped 
dfnd, 4 Jan , 1392, age 81 years i^i 10 months. 

Children of Zabdiel", (17G7) [6^] (Dea. Ebenezer', Capt. 
Ebenezer', Joseph', Joseph', Henr}-") arid Rachel (Lyon) Adams; 
res. Ro.xbury, Mass. 

151. i. Dr. Zabdiel Boylston". h. in Roitrry, Feb. 19. 1793; m. 1820, Sarah 
May Holland, dau. of John and Sirah (May) Holland, b. May 30. 
1800, d. 27 March, 1S77. He rrtiaated from Harvard Col'ege in 
1813; Medical School, 1816; settlai in Boston; d. 33 Jan., 1855. 

ii. Eliza', b. in Roxbury, July 16, 17.V5; m. 1820, Simeon Willard of 

Boston: d. in Milton, Mass.. 1*74. She d. 29 Jsji., 1831. 
iii. George Wa8hing:ton", b. in Roibcrr. June 2, 1-300, d. 23 April, 1802. 
It. Ann Matilda', b. in Rosbnry, Dec :?. 1804; d. 22 May, 1809. 
T. John Brown', b. in Buxbnry, 0«t. 1807; unm., 1394; res. Milton. 

Children of Zabdiel', (1767) and Xibby (Richardson) Adams. 

1.'2. vi. Henry', b. in Roxbury, Jane IS :?t4; m. 1842, Lucy Dudley Hay. 
He. d. iu Boston, Aug., 1879 
vii. George', b in Roxbury, July 17. !»:$; m. 1845, Abby AndrosEddy; 
res. Cobassett. Mass. He d. HAz^. 1878; do issue. 
153. Tiii Abby Heath', b. in Roxbury, June 4. 1818; m. Nathan A. Eddy. 

Children of Alice\ (1770) [7<>] (Dea. Ebenezer', Capt. Ebene- 
zer', Joseph". Joseph', Henry') and S.amuel Capen ; res. Brain- 
tree. Mass. 

i. Clarissa Capen. b. July 6, 1790; m. Hay ward. - ii. Nathaniel 

Capen, b. Feb. 7, 1798. iiL Miria Capen. 1.. July 7, 1800; m. 

White. iT. Samuel F. il. Capen. h. Oct. 3, 1811; m, and 

left 2 Suns. 

430 JOSEPH. [Seventh Generation. 

Children of Thomas'. (1772) [71] (Dea. Ebenezer*. Capt. 
Ebenezer', Joseph'. Joseph', Henry') and Ann (Capen) Adams; 
res. Quincy, Mass. 

154. i. Add', b. in Quincy. Mass., Feb. U, ISOO: m. April 29, 1817, Thomaa 

Taylor; h. Nov. 26,-1790; d. 1 Jan., 1838; res. Quincy, Mass. She 
d 29 March, 1883 
ii. Thomaa'. b. in Quincy. April 10. 1S04; m. April 5, 1926, Mehitable 
Field, dau. of Joseph and Relief (Baxter> Field; b. June 13, 1804. 
He was sheriff of Norfolk Co., Mass. ; removfd to Koxbury, 1842, 
d. 2 Jan., 1809. He made his will, proved Jan. 2.i. 1869. in which 
he names his wife, Mehitable. and his nephews, Edmund B. and 
George Vi". Taylor, and wife's niece, Caroline Wood, 
iii. Infant, d. 2 May. 1600. 

Child of Thomas' (1772) and Hannah (Glover) Adams. 

155. It. Francis', b. May 1. 1810; m. Nov. 17. 1843, Sarah Loring Beal of 

Boston. He d. 24 Nov., 186-7. 

Children of Elizabeth', (17CC) [72] (Rev. Zabdiel', Capt. 
Ebenezer', Joseph', Joseph", Henry') and Dr. Peter Snow; res. 
Fitchburg, Mass. 

i. Peter Stearns Suow. b. Dec. 25, 1792; m. Aprill9. 1819, Abby Chafle. 
He d. in Fitchburg. Masn. , 2-5 Nov., 18S4. ii. Henrj- Adams 
Snow. b. Jan. 17, 170>;; m. Not. 7. 1828, Abby Hazard. He d. in 
. Tuscaloosa, Ala., 23 Feb., 1864. iii. Zabdiel Boylston Suow, h. 
June 22. 1800; iii. Sept. 25. 1834. Caroline Hazard. He d. in Tnsca- 
loosa. Ala.. 23 Oct.. 13.39. iv. Charles Snow, b. June 24. 1803; m. 
(1) Oct. 7, 1828. Sarah Myra Perkins; m. (i) May 24, 1831, Virginia 
Penn. He d. in Northport. .Via., 16 Jan.. 1884. 

Children of Zabdiel Boj-lston*. (1771) [73] (Rev. ZabdieP, 
Capt. Ebenezer*. Joseph', Joseph', Henry'), and Martha (Fox) 
Adams ; res. Lunenburg, Mass. ^. 

L Zabdiel Boylston'. b. in CharleGtown,'Ma8s., Oct. 2, ie<^, d. in Lun- 
enburg. 22 April. i807. ; 

15«.;  : iL Abel Fox', b. ir. Lnnenborg. Mase., Feb< i, W07;, m. March 18, 1831, 
Harriet O'^jootl Putnam, dan. of Isaiah and Hannah C. Putnam, b. ' 
'.-■1 Fitchburg. Mofts., Sept. 22, 1812. d. in Fitchburg, 10 March, 
1891. He settled, on a Fitchbnrg, Mas«.„1830; d. 6 Aug., 

iii. George BeUows'. b. in Lunenburg; July. 14,  1810-,^ d. 1> Ang.v 
following. 1 

iv. Lucy Ann', K in Lonexibnrg, April- 19. 1814.;^^ dl in: Rome,. Italy, » 
Dec., 1889; 

Seventh Generation.] Joseph. 431 

Children of Mary', (1774) [74-] (Rev. Zabdiel*, Capt. Eben- 

■ezer*. Joseph'. Joseph', Henry") and Maj. Joseph Bellows; res. 

AValpole, X. H. 

i. Heurr Adams Bellowe. b. in Walpole, N. H., Oct. 85, 1803; was chief 
joBtice of New Hampshire, and d. in Concord, X. H., 11 Alarch, 
1873. ii. Mary Stearna BeUowa. b. in Walpole, Oct. 26, 1803, d. 
15 Sept., 1S09. iii. Fruuces Ann Bellows, b. in Walpole, April 18, 
1813, d. in Littleton. N. H., 22 Dec., 1836. iv. William Joseph 
Bellows, b. in Rockinghani, Vt., July 3, 1817; res. Littleton. N. H. 

Children of Henry*, (1779) [75] (Rev. Zabdiel', Capt. Eben- 
€zer', Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Susan (Forster) Adams; 
re.<:. Charlestown, Mass. 

i. Henry Angnsta', b. in Charlestown, Mass., July 13, 1807, d. at sea, 31 
Jan.. 1B23. 
157. ii. Edwin Forster", b in Charlestown. Oct. 7, 1809; m. Aug. 18, 1835. 
Caroline Matilda Webb, dau. of Nathan and Sarah (Leachj Webb 
of Boston. She d. in Charlestown, 17 July, 1886. 

He was a merchant; resided at Pernambuca, Brazil; d. in Charles- 
town, Mass., 16 Aug.. T871. 
iii. George Bellows', b. in Charlestown, July 24, 1812, d. in Ashbornham, 
Muss., 17 May, 1838, age 15 yeEira. 10 months, 17 days. 

Children of Abigail', (17S3) [76] (Rev. Zabdiel*, Capt. Eben- 

«zer', Joseph*, Joseph', Henrj-') and Hon. David Devens; res. 

Charlestown, Mass. 

i. David Stearns Devens, b. April 26, 1805, d. 5 Oct. , 1806. ii Eliza- 
beth Miller Devens, b. Jan. 25, 1807. iii. Samnel Devens, b. 
Oct. 27. 18uS. iv. Rev. Samuel Adams Devens; Harvard, 1829. 
V. Rev. David Shauy Devens. vi. Richard Goodwin Devens. 
vii. George Adams Devens. viii. Charlotte Steams Devens, d. 
13 Oct., 1817. age 17 months. ix. Infant, b. and d. Feb. 20, 181H. 
X. William Houghton Devens, bapt. April 9, 1820. 

Children of Huldah', (176*2) [77] (Micajah', Capt. Ebenezer', 
Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Moses Babcock ; res. East Milton, 

i. Capt. Nathan Babcock. b. in Milton: m. Abby Gay of Dedham, Mass. 
He d, in Portland, Me. ii. Nancy Babcock: m. (1) Daven- 
port: m. (2; Joshua Sampson, who afterward m. Nancy Newman. 
She d. in Roxbury, Mass. iii. Jerusha Babcock; m. John Beath; 
res. New York. iv. Sally Babcock, b. Nov. 3, 1789; m. March 20, 
1810. Wm. J. Newman, b. Sept. 1.5. 1785, d. 15 April, 1838. She d. 
29 May. 1850. 

432 • JOSEPH. [Seventh Generation. 

Children of Sarah". (ITrU) [IS] (Micajah*, Capt. Ebenezer*, 
Joseph", Joseph', Henr>-') and Samuel Hayward ; res. Scituate, 
or Roxbury, Mass. 

i. Eliza H>ij-T»arJ; m. Geo Dove. ii. A son who vaa a cabinet-maker. 
iii. Sarth Haynard. who m. Dea. Joseph Stratton of Roxbury. 
iT. Susan Hoywanl; m. (1) .Andrew Xewn^an; m. (2; Wm. Dotc. 
V. Lois Havward, d nnm. 

Children of Jerusha', (ITDT) [79] (Micajah', Capt. Ebenezer', 

Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Charles Newcomb; res. Quincy. 


I i. Elizabeth Newcomb. b. .Kn^. 12, 17^7; m. (pub. Nov. 9, 18}8>, WDliam 
DitsoD. Shed, m Pelham, Mass.. 2 Feb., 1832. ii. Mehitable 
Xewcomb. b March l**, Hi^f ; m. Nov. 9. 1806. Capt. Benjamin Page 
of Bedford, Mass. iii. Prudence Newcomb, b. Jan. 9, 1791; m. 
Nov. 27, 1308, Josiah Sttville. She d. 18 An-.'., 16G0. iv. Jedediah 
Newcomb, h. Maj- 18, 1794; drowned, 1^2G. v. Charles New. 

comb, b. June 21, 1790, d. unra., 18 Feb., 1800. vi. John Adams 
Newcomb. b. Oct. 20, 1798; m. Jnnc 3, 1821. Lucy Pope. ni. 
George Washington Newcomb, b. Aug. 22, 1804, d. nnm. 

Children of Micajah", (17^5!»,l [.su] (Micajah', Capt. Ebenezer', 
Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Alice (Ho%vardj Adams; res. 
Quincy, Mass. 

158. i. Charles', b. in Quincy, Mflis.. about 1793; m. Lydia Hayford, dau. of 

Samuel Hoyford. He was o carpenter; res. Boston. 

159. ii. Micni-xh Newhall', b. in Quincy, July, 1794: m. Aug. 20, 1815. Mary 

Pray, youngest dau. of John Pray of Quincy. and sister of Lewis 
G. Pray of Boston. She d. 11 Dec. 1880, age 91 years, 2 months. 
He was a blarksmitb; d. in Quincy, 27 Oct., 1873, age 79 years, 3 

160. iii. Ann', b. in Quincy, M.-ircb 4. 1797; m. March 21, 1819, .\iphen8 Spear. 

b. Dec. 8, 1790, d. 4 May, 1*47. She d. 10 Dec, 1894. 
iv. Louisa', b. in Quincy, May 26, 1800; m. June t, 1817, William Wilson. 

She d. 20 Match, 1870. . 
V. William Howard', d. at 2year8 of age. 

Children of Jedediah", Jr.-. (1T'J2> [SI] CDea.. Jedediah", Peter'.- 
Capt. Peter'» Joseph', Henry'; and. Mary P. (Bracket) Adamsr 
res. Quincy. ^^a5s. 

ICU i. Henry Alexander- Cotton", b. in Qniucy. Mass., Aug. 31; 181T; m.' 

puK. March 30. 184.^. Elizabeth T. Denton ofChelneo, Mass., b. 

Jnly4, 181». He was en engineer^ and waa killed' in a railroad acci-, 

deut. 15 Feb.: 1885. 

ii. Elizft B. C.'. b^ in Qroncy, abont" 18^>; nx. rpnb. Jan. 4. 1*4»V, Sylva- 

nv.a Rowf. 

Seventh Generation.] Joseph. 433 

Children of Jerusha Eaton', (1796) [82] (Dea. Jedediah', 
Peter*, Capt. Peter', Joseph', Henry") and David P. Battles; res. 
Stoughton, Mass. 

i. Samuel Battles, b. Sept. 22, 1817, d. 13 Sept., 1838. ii. Calvin 
Whitney BattleH, b. July 15, 1822, d. 2 Jan., 1834. iii. Benjamin 
F. Battles, b. Sept. 8, 1825; m. Mary Elizabeth Richmond; res. 
Brockton, Mass. iv. Quincy Adams Battles, b. July 3, 1829. d. 
22 May, 1851. v. David Harry Battles, b. Dec. 28, 1840, d. 22 
Aug., 1843. 

Child of Elizabeth', (1802) [S3] (Dea. Jedediah', Peter', Capt. 
Peter', Joseph', Henry") and Joshua Vezie ; res. Braintree, Mass. 

i. Abiaail F. Vezie. 

Children of Jedediah", (1S06) [84] (Dr. Peter\ Rev. Jedediah', 
Capt. Peter', Joseph', Henry") and Martha W. (Hixson) Adams ; 
res. Stoughton, Mass. 

162. i. Sarah', b. in Stoughton, Mass., April 3, 1833; m. Jane 29, 1859, W. 

Bradford White of Warren, K. I. , now of Canton, Mass. 
ii. Martha Maria', b. in Stoughton, Sept. 29, 1837; m Jan. 28, 1863, 
Alva M. South-worth of Dorchester, Mass. ; res Etiwanda, San Ber- 
nardino Co. , Cal. ; no issue. 

163. iii. Frances H.', b. in Stoughton, June 19, 1845rm. Dec. 16, 1868, Jede- 

diah M. Bird of Stoughton; res. Stoughton, Mass. 

Children of Edward Richmond", (1809) [So] (Dr. Peter', Rev. 
Jedediah', Capt. Pet;;r'. Joseph', Henry') and Nancy G. (Thomas) 
Adams; res. Galesburg, 111. 

i. Mary Thomas', b. in Oquawka, lU., Jan 1, 1849, d. 14 Sept., 1849. 

164. ii. Edward Quincy', b. in Oqnawka, July 15, 1850; m. Jan. 18, 1885, 

Helen L. Gay of Easton, Mass. ; res. Galesburg, HI. 
iii. Sarah Johnson', b. in Oqnawka, Oct. 19, 1852, d. in Oalesbnrg, HI., 

25 March, 1864. 
iv. Alice Coleman', b. in Galesburg, HI., July 30, 1855, d. 29 March, 1857. 
v. Harriet Marsh', b. in Galesburg, March 9, 1858, living, num., (Jales- 

burg, HI. 

165. ■ri. Katherine Amelia', b. in Galesburg, Oct. 1, 1860; m. Oct. 18, 1884, 

Wallace L. Johnson, 
vii. Ralph Richmond', b. in Galesburg, July 12, 1864, d. in infancy. 

434 JOSEPH. [Seventh Generation. 

Children of Quincy", (1813) [S6J (Dr. Peter', Rev. Jedediah*, 
Capt. Peter', Joseph', Henr>'') and Hannah M. (Hixon) Adams ; 
res. Stoughton, Mass. 

i. Maria Quincy', b. in Stonghton, Mass.. July 18, 1840; m. Dec. 23, 
1869, Eraatua Smith of Stoughton, Mass. She d. 7 Aug., 1876; no 

ii. Quincy M. ', b. in Stoughton, Aug. 11, 1844, d. 10 Nov., 1845. 

Eighth Generation.] Joseph. 433 

Children of William', (17T4) [87] (Ezekiel Gihnan', Dr. 
Joseph*, Rev. Joseph', Joseph', Joseph', Henr>'') and Hannah 
(Jacobs) Adams ; res. Bamstead, N. H. 

166. i. John', b. in Barnfltead, N. H., 1800; m. Sally Seward, b. 1803, d. 5 

Dec., 1877; farmer and carpenter in Barnatead, N. H., d. 28 Not., 

167. ii. Samuel H.", b. in Bamfltead, Ang. 10, 1804; m. Peraia Jane Smith 

Booth of Providence, B. I., d. 17 Nov., 1870, age 76; a mason; 
settled in Providence, B. I., where he d. 16 Oct,, 1844. 

168. iii. Alfred Ezekiel", b. in Barnatead, April 2, 1809; m. May 24, 1849, 

Amanda F. Marden of Tilton, N. H., b. Sept. 16, 1830; farmer and 
carpenter; res Bamstead, N. H., d. 22 Feb., 1886. 

169. iv. Dea. WiUiam Clark', b. in Bamstead, Aug. 26, 1813; m. Joly 25, 1844, 

Elizabeth Taylor, b. Jan. 20, 1817, d. 27 Jan., 1888; carpenter and 
machinist; res. Lowell and Boston, Mass., and Pittafield, N. H., 
since 1852; d. 16 Oct., 1893. 

Children of Mary', (1776) [88] (Ezekiel Oilman", Dr. Joseph', 
Rev. Joseph', Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Jonathan Ross ; res. 
Gilmanton, N. H. 

L Sally Ross. ii. Mary Boss. iii. Dolly Boas. iv. John Rosa. 

Children of Nancy', (1777) [89] (Ezekiel Gilman', Dr. Joseph', 
Rev. Joseph', Joseph', Joseph', Henry") and Samuel Hoyt; res. 
Newington. N. H. 

i. John Hoyt, b. in Newington, N. H., March 30, 1802; m. (1) Nov. 3, 
1826, Elizabeth Dame, dan. of Mr. Richard Dame, d. 29 Sept, 1842, 
age 33; m. (2) Jan. 28, 1848, Martha Ann Nntter, dan. of James 
Nutter, d. 13 Feb., 1844, age 23; m. (3) Dec. 19, 1844, AbigaU Piper 
Coleman, dan. of James Coleman; res. Newington, N. H. He d. 1 
June, 1868; no children surviving. ii. Mary Hoyt, b. in Newing- 
ton, Dec. 25, 1803. d. unm., 19 May, 1879, age 75. iiL Elizabeth 
F. Hoyt, b. in Newington, Feb. 20, 1806, d. unm., 3 Oct., 1888, age 
82 years. iv. Samuel Hoyt, b. in Newington, and d. in infancy. 
V. Rev Samuel Hoyt, b. in Newington, Nov 21, 1809; m. (1) May 
23, 1833, Elizabeth Colby, dan. of Dr. Benjamin Colby, d. 12 May, 
1854; m. (2) May 5, 1355, Harriet S. Murray, dau. of Benjamin 

436 JOSEPH. [Eighth Generation. 

Murray. He waa a MetfaodiBt clergyman, located in variooa places 
in New Hampshire; later he was paator of a Baptist Church in New 
Castle; res. Newington, N. H.; d. 22 Jan., 1893. vi. Alfred M. 
Hoyt, b. in Newington, April 18, 1812; m. Dec 23, 1888, Harriet 
Fabyan. He was a teacher at Portamoath, N. H., and Soath Ber- 
wick Academy, Me. , and an engineer on the forts in Portsmonth 
harbor during the war. vii. Charles Hoyt, b. and d. young, 
viii. Sarah R. Hoyt, b. Aug. 21, 1816. ix. Charles A. Hoyt, b. 
Sept. 10, 1820. X. Martha Hoyt, d. young. 

Children of Elizabeth', (17S3) [90] (Ezekiel Oilman", Dr. 
Joseph', Rev. Joseph*, Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Hon. Charles 
Hodgman, Jr. ; res. Bamstead, N. H. 

i. Hannah Hodgman, b. March 30, 1804; m. Plaisted, and had 2 

children; res. Portsmonth, N. H. ii. Charles J. Hodgman, b. 
May 1, 1806, d. 9 July, 1832. iii. Mary H. Hodgman, b. July 2, 
18(J8; m. (1) Dr. Jonathan C. Prescott; m. (2) a Smart iv. 

Elizabeth Hodgman, b. March 13, 1811; m. Plnmmer. She d. 

11 Sept., 1851. V. Nancy Hodgman, b. July 23, 1816; m. Oct. 9. 
184S, William B. Adams, son of Dudley Oilman and Sally (Walker) 
Adams. She d. 11 Oct., 1887. yi. John M. Hodgman, b. April 
23, 1819, d. num., 13 March, 1842. vii. Albert Elisha Hodgman, 
b. April 22, 1822; graduated at Dartmouth College, 1842, and d. 
unm., 27 May, 1847. viii. Prof. William A. Hodgman, b. March 
27, 1825. He is supervisor of music in the public schools of St. 
Louis, Mo. 

Children of John', (1787) [91] (Ezekiel Oilman', Dr. Joseph', 
Rev. Joseph', Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Sally Ayres (Hodg- 
don) Adams; res. Portsmouth, N. H. 

170. i. Rev. John Greenleaf, D. D., b. in Portamouth, N. H., July 30, 1810; 

m. (1) Nov. 3, 1839, Mary Hall Barrett, dan. of William and Mary 
Barrett of Maiden. Mass., d. 1860. 

m. (2) Jan.. 1865, Martha A. Willard of Worcester, Mass. ; 

He was. a distingaiahed Uuiversalist minister and author; was 
long settled in Worcester, Mass; d. iniMelrose, 4 May, 1887. ; 
ii. : Eliza Jane i Foster*, b. in Portsmonth, Aug . 10,. 1812, d. num., at 
Andover, Mass., 1857. 
ITt " iii. : Ebenezer Iiord\ b. in Portamoath,' Jan. 29. 1814; . , 

m. (1) July 9, 1846, Olive Little of ManMeld, MaM.,.d. IS'AprUj 

m. (2) Nov. 2, 1856, Mn.. Harriet J. P. Cole of Maiden. 'Mass.,. d. 
27 Jan., 1894. : , 

m. (3>MrB.' Corbett ofMinneapoIiv^nn-; ra*- St.' Paul,? 

Minn. He d.; in 1870.. 

Eighth Generation.] Joseph. 437 

Children of Ebenezer', (1780) [92] (Capt. Joseph', Dr. Joseph', 
Rev. Joseph*, Joseph', Joseph', Henr>'') and Abigail (Adams) 
Adams; res. Bamstead, N. H. 

L Pamelia', b. in Oilmanton, N. H. ; 
m. (1) Nathaniel Norton. 

m. (2) Kennedy. 

m. (3) Capt. Thomas CooL She d. in BoBton, Mass., 1862. 

iL Sarah\ b. in Gilmanton; m. Hinman of U. S. Navy; res. 

Portsmouth, N. H. She d. abont 1843. 

iii. Elizabeth', b. in Gilmanton; m. John L. Pinkham of Farmington, Me. 

172. iv. Dudley Oilman', b. in Gilmanton. Feb. 14, 1821; m. Dec 11, 1844, 
Mary Ann Saunders, dan. of Samuel and Lydia (Thurston) Saun- 
ders of Rockport, Mass., b. Aug. 13, 1821. 

He enlisted Dec. 25, 1861, in Co. E, 30th Massachusetts Beg., and 
teas with Gen. Butler on Ship Island; rea. for 26 years, Bockport 
Moss. ; settled in Chelsea. Mass., 1871. 

178. V. Isaac', b. in Gilmanton, July 2, 1823; m. Mary Ann Lord, b. March 1, 
1822. He was a cabinet-maker and undertaker; rea. DoTer. N. H. ; 
d. 25 Nov., 1807. 

vi. George W.', b. in Gilmanton; m. Caroline Matilda Camp; res. 
Biloxi, Miss. ; was wounded in a fight with Mexicans; d. about 1873, 
leavin^r 3 sons. 

Children of John Hoyt', (1779) [93] (Ebenezer*, Dr. Joseph', 
Rev. Joseph*, Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Rebecca W. (Atkin- 
son) Adams ; res. Methuen, Mass. 

i. John Ebenezer", b. in Pittsfield, N. H., Jan. 4, 1805; m. Oct. 16, 
1825, at Hamilton, N. T., EUzabeth Daly. He d. in New York, 1 
Sept., 1834. 

ii. Harriet M.», b. in Pittsfield, May 14, 1807; m. Ebenezer Bussell of 
Boston. She d. 1 May, 1882; no descendants. 

iiL Sarah', b. in Pittsfield, May 10. 1809; m. Isaac L. Robinson of Tilton, 
N. H. She d. abont 1880; no issue. 

iv. Charles H.', b. in Pittsfield, June 11. 1811. He was a hatter in Ports- 
mouth. N H. ; a sailor in the war of 1812; d. 28 Oct., 1851. 

V. Joseph P.", b. in New York. April 16, 1818; m. April 20, 1838. at 
Dover, N. H., Dorothy Young, d. 1872; a dau. in Dover, N. H. ; 
. res. Mt. Sterling, Brown Co., HL He was killed by a falling tree, 
29 Sept.. 1859. 

vi. Susan G.*, b. in New York, Nov. 17, 1819; m. July 9, 1846, Moses 
Hook, d. in Haverhill, Mass., 24 May, 1894; she is living, 1895. at 
Haverhill. Mass. ; no issue. 

438 JOSEPH. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Capt. Ebenezer', (1784) [94] (Ebenezer*, Dr. 
Joseph*, Rev. Joseph*, Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Sarah (Cole- 
back) Adams; res. Bamstead, N. H. 

174. i. Capt. Ebenezer G.», b. in Barnatead, N. H., May 1, 1809; m. Ang. 1, 

1840, Abigail Mary Ann Batchelder, d. 19 Jan., 1892. He settled in 
Portamonth about 1823; seaman; res. Portamonth, N. H. 

175. ii. George W.', b. in Barnatead, March 8, 1811; m. Sarah Knappof New- 

bniyport, Maaa. He d. in Oakland, Cal. 
178. iii. Mary Jane", b. in Bamstead, Feb. 19, 1813; 

m. (1) April 29, 1838, William E. Dearborn, d. 11 March, 1862. 
m. (2) Charles H. Brown; res. South Elliot, Me. 

177. iv. Joseph C.», b. in Barnatead, Feb. 25, 1815; m. Oct. 29, 1839, Sarah B. 

Kntter, dan. of James and Hannah (Langley) Nntter, b. Sept. 5, 
lbl9, d. 11 Jan., 1892. He was a blacksmith in Newbnryport many 
V. John Q.% b. in Barnatead, Nov. 30, 1817, d. June, 1818. 

178. vi. John Q.-, b. in Barnatead, March 30, 1819; m. Elizabeth Broughton. 

He was a blackamith in South Boston many years; d. in Qnincy, 
Maaa., 16 April, 1885. 
vii. Sally Ann% b. in Barnatead, July 13, 1820, drowned 26 Aug., 1887. 

Children of Hanson Hoyt', (1794) [95] (Ebenezer', Dr. 
Joseph', Rev. Joseph*, Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Nancy W. 
(Norton) Adams ; res. Kittery, Me. 

i. John A.', b. in Kittery, Me., March 5, 1818, d. 23 Sept., 1829. 
ii. Caroline-, b. in Kittery, May 21, 1820; m. July 18, 1839, Wm. O. 

Chapman; d. 1 Nov., 1878; rea. Kittery, Me. 
iii. Ebenezer', b. in Kittery, Oct. 2fl, 1821, d. 19 Oct., 1824. 
iv. Lydia Ann', b. in Kittery, Aug. 2, 1824; m. Jan. 9, 1848, Wm. F. 
Lord of South Berwick, Me. ; P. O., Great FaUa, N. H. She d. 29 
June, 1895. 
. V. Frances Mary, b. in Kittery, Feb. 24,- 1826; m. Dec. 14, 1849, James 
Williams of Boston. She d. in Boston, 2» April, 189r. 
vi. Charles E.\ b. in Kittery,. Sept 16, 1837, d. nnm., in California,. 12; 

Sept.. 1850. 
viL. FH'^* Jane', b. in Kittery,, April 0, 1880; m. Oct 11,.1865, Jamea.C. 
Laughton of Boston ; rea. Boston.^ , 
17». viiL' OUvia', b. in Kittery, July 5, 1831;. m. May 8, 1853, Alfred , WJ 

Walker of Boston, d. ISfMay, 1884; res. Chelsea, Maaa. 
180. ix. Hanson Hoyt", Jr., b. in Kittery, March 20, 1838; m. Oct. -12,.1855, 
Martha Jane Paol, dan., of Howard and Dorothy Paul, b. in Dur- 
ham, N% H.. Sept, 6, 1835. He i» a. wood carver; res. Everett, 
Maas. \ 

Eighth Generation.] JOSEPH. 439 

X. Sarah A.', b. in Kittery, Sept 12, 1885, d. 24 May, 1836. 
xi. George WUliam', b. in Kittery, May 19, 1839, d. 1 April, 1841. 
xii. Emily', b. in Kittery, March 8, 1840; num. ; rea. Kittery, Me. 
xiii. Martha W.', b. in Kittery. Oct 4, 1842, d..81 Dec., 1847. 
xiv. Harriet Lawrence', b. in Kitterf , May 10,1845; tinm.; cashier of 
Mnsenm of Fine Arts, Boston, Maes. 

Children of James', (179S) [96] (Ebenezer*, Dr. Joseph', Rev. 
Joseph', Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Elizabeth (Bellamy) 
Adams ; res. Bamstead, N. H. 

i. Mary Elizabeths b. in Barnstead, N. H., Jnly 1, 1821, d. 27 June, 

181. ii. Benjamin Oilman*, b. in Barnstead, May 27, 1823; m. April 4, 1846, 

Sophia Nntter, dan. of Rev. John and Hannah (Hall) Nutter of 
Farmington, N. H. 

He was a woolen manofactorer, retired; res. Amesbnry, Mass., 
1895; was injored in the fall of the Pemberton mills at Lawrence, 
iii. Charles William*, b. in Bamstead, May 13, 1825; m. Sept 25, 1847, 
Nancy Barrett of Manchester, N. H., d. 5 May, 1892. He was a 
farmer and shoemaker at Bamstead, N. H.; d. 1895; 2 children 

182. iv. Mahala Lydia', b. in Barnstead, April 20, 1827; m. Dec. 17, 1848, 

Simeon Emerson; res. North Bamstead, N. H. 

Children of James', (179S) and Hannah Hurd (Varney) 

V. Eben Woodbnry*, b. in Berwick, Me., Sept 5, 1841; m. Sept 5, 1865, 
Roxana Ellen Abbott, t. 1844. He is an overseer of woolen weav- 
ing; res. North Berwick, Me. ; no issne. 
vi. Eliza Varaey*. b. in Berwick, Feb. 11, 1»43; m. Nov., 1868, Daniel 

Johnson. She d. in Milton, N. H., 2 Jane, 1878; no issne. 
vii. Sarah Ellen", b. in Berwick, An^. 18, 1844; nnm. ; res. North Ber- 
wick, Me. 

183. viii. Mary Jane', b. in Berwick, Feb. 21, 1846; m. Oct 11, 1866. Alfred 

R. Hill; res. Pittsfield, N. H. 

184. ix. James Franklin', b. in Berwick, Oct 3, 1847; m. Dec. 28, 1873, 

Eliza J. Varney of Rochester, N. H! He is an engineer; res. 
North Berwick, Me. 

Children of Daniel W.', (1790-1) [97] (Dudley Oilman', Dr. 
Joseph', Rev. Joseph*, Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Sarah (Paul) 
Adams; res. Portsmouth, N. H. 

440 JOSEPH. [Eighth Generation. 

i. Frances', b. in Fortsmonth, N. H. ; m. Mills. 

iL Emily', b. in Fortsmonth; m. Rand&U. 

iiL John Q.', b. in Fortsmonth; m. Dec. 2, 1849, Martha A. Hayes of 

Fortsmonth, N. H. 
iv. Joseph B.', b. in Fortsmonth, Feb. 25, 1818; m. Oct 8, 1840, Margaret 

Ann Brown of Fortsmonth, N. H. 
V. Emerson V.', b. in Fortamouth; m. Nov. 6, 1846, Charlotte Jackman 
of Newington, N. H. 

Children of Dudley Oilman', Jr., (1798) [98] (Dudley Oilman', 
Dr. Joseph*, Rev. Joseph', Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Sally 
(Oreen) Adams; res. Wilson, Niagara Co., N. Y. 

i. SamneP, b. in Ratrdon, Ont., April 21, 1821, d. 29 Jnne, 1821. 

185. ii William G.\ b. in Bawdon, April 20, 1822; m. Sept. 19, 1852, Harriet 

Nickerson; she m. 2nd, Qeorge Meeker. He d. at Rawdon, Ont., 
5 April, 1881. 

186. iiL James Gilbert*, b. in Rawdon, Aug. 9, 1824; m. Feb. 13, 1848, Emma 

Johnson, dan. of Henry Johnson; res. Wilson, N. Y. 
jv. Sophronia*, b. in Rawdon, Oct. 8, 1827; m. Jan, 1, 1849, Ed\rin Voa- 

burgh of Wilson, N. T. 
V. Matilda', b. in Rawdon, Feb. 20, 1832; m. Nov. 25, 1850, Thomas Mc- 

Qninlin; res. Wilson, N. Y. 
vi. Dudley Q.\ b. in Rawdon, Sept. 14, 1834, d. 20 Feb., 1835. 
vii. Sally Ann', b. in Rawdon, March 18. 1836; 
m. (1) Feb. 15, 1836, Elijah Booram. 
m. (2) Belden Baldwin; res. Wilson, N. Y. 
viii. Georges b. in Rawdon, Sept 14, 1837, d. 19 Jnly, 1844. 
It. Martha*, b. in Wilson, N. Y., Jnly 19, 1840; 
m. (1) Jnly 4. 1856. Gilbert Henry. 

m. (2) Thomas Madden; res. Wilson, N. Y. She d. 37 Oct, 1872. 
X. Elizabeth*, b. in Wilson, July 28, 184«; m. 1860, Jndson Washburn. 

She d. 25 July, 1803. 
xi. Charles', b. in Wilson. May 1. 184«Jy d. Id Aprils 1852. : 

Children- of George \V.'.;(lT99y .[99] (Dudley Oilman', Dr..- 
Joseph*, Rev. Joseph', Joseph;', Joseph.*, Henrir"); and. Lydia A..' 
(Willard) Adams ; res. Oilmanton..N- H. • 

187. i. George W.', Jr., b. in Gilmanton, N. H*.» June 20, 1828; m. Not. 27,.. 

1862, Mary J. Farsons; d. April, 1883;- rea. Gilmanton, N. H. 
ii- Ann L.», b.;in Gilmanton; Dec. »,1829; m. Oct 18,: 1851, WilliMi- 
Ames; re», Peterboro, N. H- She d. March, 1888. 

Eighth Generatiou.] JOSEPH. *41 

188. iii. John', b. in Gilmanton. Jane 10, 1832; 

m. (1) SoBan Watson. 

m. (2) Jolj, 1859, Anna S. Sargent, d. in Boston, 15 April, 188>^; 
res. Gilmanton. N. H. He d. 28 March, 1879. 
iv. William H.', b. in Gilmanton, Jnly 28, 1834; unm. ; res. Gilmanton, 

N. H. 
V. Hannah T.', b. in Gilmanton, Aug. 2, 1837; m. May 81, 1866, George 

W. Pinkham; res. Farmin^n, N. H. 
vi. Sarah F.S b. in Gilmanton. Jan. 29, 1839; m. Dec. 15, 1869. JohnC. 
Eastman; res. Pittsfleld. N. H. She d. 16 Dec, 1870. 

189. vii. Dndlej- B. S.S b. in Gilmanton, July 16, 1842; m. March 3, 1862, 

Hannah Folsom. dau. of Rev. Moses and Polly (Green) Folaom; b. 
in Worcester, Vt., April 23, 1811; rea. Pittsfleld, N. H. He d. 6 

Child of William R.', (1S04) [100] (Dudley Oilman', Dr. 
Joseph*, Rev. Joseph*, Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Nancy 
(Hodgdon) Adams; res. Pittsfield, N. H. 

L Mary Frances', b. in Gilmanton, N. H., July 1, 1847; m. June 14, 
1890, George W. Bichardiion, a veteran soldier; res. Pittsfleld, 

N. H. 

Children of Elizabeth Janvrin\ (1788) [101] Qohn', Dea. 

Joseph', Rev. Joseph*, Joseph', Joseph', Henrj-') and Stanton 

Smilie ; res. Newington, N. H. 

i. Fidelia Harriet Smilie, b. in Newington, N. H., 1807; m. Bafos 
Janrrin of Seabrook, N. H. ; res. Great Falls, N. H ii. John 
Adams Smilie, b. in Newington, May 17, 1809; m. 1831, Martha 
White of New Castle, N. H. ; res. Great Falls, N. H. iii EHza- 
beth A. Smilie, b. in Newington. Jan. 12, 1811: m. Aug. 19, 1884, 
Bev. Loren H. Gordon; d. in Quincy, HI., 21 Aug., 1886. Shed, 
in Qnincy, 111., 19 May, 1891. 

Children of Elizabeth Janvrin', (1788) and Capt. Joseph 

i. Abigail Coleman Wheeler, b. Aug. 19, 1823; m. Edwin De Mortimer; 
a son, Ethelied Db Mortimer; living in 1897; res. Tacoma, Wash, 
ii. Lydia Adams Wheeler, b. Sept. 14, 1824; m. Walter Sargent; 
ree. Clayton, HI. iii. Mary Waterhouse Wheeler, b. Dec. 15, 
1825; m. Edward Jordon; res. Borden, Cal. iv. Ephraim Cole- 
man Wheeler, b. Feb. 14, 1827; m. Electa Wells. He d. 26 Feb., 
1878. V. James Lewis Wheeler, b. Sept. 15, 1828; d. 16 July. 
1849. Ti. Hester Ann Wheeler, b. Aug. 18, 1830; m. Thomas 

442 JOSEPH. [Eighth Generation. 

Children of Rev. John', (1791) [102] (John*, Dr. Joseph*, 
Rev. Joseph*, Joseph", Joseph', Henry') and Sarah (Sanderson) 
Adams; res. New Market, N. H. 

190. i. John Iftaaclra', b. ifl Edgartown, MasB., Ju]y 22, 1826; m. Mary Helen 

Branscomb, dau. of Arthur Braascomb, Esq., of Newbtiryport, 

He (jraduflted from Tale College in IS-W; -waa class poet; taught 
in Dniham, Madbury and New Market, N. H. ; was teacher, editor 
and newspaper correspondent at Holyoke, Mass. ; removed to Law- 
rence, Kan., where he d. of consumption in 1857, age 31. 

191. ii. Maj. Enoch George', b. in Bow, N. H., Oct 20, 1829; 

m. (1) June 18, 1853. Sarah Cobb Plummer, dau. of Ebenezer and 
Hannah (Adams) Plummer of NewbnryiJort, Mass.; d. 11 Feb., 

m. (2) May 23, 1863, Mary Elizabeth Libby, dan. of James and 
Elizabeth (Hayes) Libby of Berwick, Me. , b. Feb. 7, 1837. 

He graduated from Yale College in 1849; was a noted and popular 
lecturer; enlisted April, 1861, in Co. D, 2nd N. H. Beg.; was 
wounded at battle of Williamsburg, fought in the Peach Orchard at 
Gettysburg; was brevetted Major in March, 1865; had command at 
Ft. Rice. Dak.; fought Sitting Bull in 1865; was mustered out in 
Nov., 1865; edited the "Register" at Vancouver 3 years; established 
the "Columbian" at St. Helen, Oregon, in 1880; res. 1897, South 
Berwick, Me. 
iii. Charles W.S b. in Newington, N. H., May 28, 1831; d. 8 July, 1881. 
iv. Sarah Elizabeth", b. in Wakefield, N. H., Dec. 3, 1832; d. in Somers- 
worth, N. H., 24 Sept., 1834. 

192. V. Mary AbigaU-, b. in Great Falls, N. H.. Hept 1, 1835; m. Oct. 13, 

1868, Erastna Lee Senter of Stanstead, P. Q. She is a poetess and 
magazine writer ; res. Windham, N. H. 

193. vi. Joseph Martin Rnter', b. in Durham, N. H., May 10, 1838; m. Jan. 1, 

1860, Olive Esther Libby (sister of Mary Elizabeth) ; farmer and 
painter; res. Durham, N. H. 

Children of Nathaniel', {Ud3) [lOS} {Joia.', Dr. Joseph*, 
Rev. Joseph', Joseph', Joseph*, Henry'> and Lydia (.Tobey): 
Adams; res. South Berwick, Me. ' . . 

i. Rev. James T.\ b. in South Berwick, Me. , Mardi 22, 1817; ni. Mary'. 
J. Furber; M. E. clergyman; d. 19 Aug., 1850; no iaane. 'i ,- , 
194. iL Matilda. 3.», b. in South Berwick, Octv 14, 1818; ?,, 

m. (1) Freestan Chamberlain of Brookfield,,N. H. 
m- (2) Isaiah Hm; res. Wolfboro. N..H.- She d. 1» June, 1897. .- 
iii. Lydia% b. in. South Berwick,. Oct. 2, 1820; d. 30 Oct.', 1820. 


Eighth Generation.] Joseph. 443 

193. IT. Rev. Nathaniel Dennett*, b. in South Berwick, Nov. 5, 1824; 

m. (1) June 35, 1846, Abigail Elizabeth Adams, dan. of Winthrop 
and Dorothy (Dame) Adams of DoTer, N. H., d. 22 Sept., 1855. 

m. (3) 1S57, Marianna Hill, dau. of Isaac HiU of Lynn, Mass; she 
d. 18 April, 1876. He d. at Milton Hills, N. h", 1 May, 1872, 
buried in Dover. 

196. V. ilary Jane\ b. in South Berwick, Oct. 13, 1828; m. March 19, 1848, 

George K. Nealy of South Berwick, Me. ; she d. 12 Dec, 1896; rea. 
Haverhill, Mass. 
vi. John Wesley', b. in South Berwick, Feb. 24, 1834; m. Sept. 28, 1856, 
Hattie N. Gould; res. South Berwick, Me. 

Children of Abigail', (179S) [104] (Nathaniel', Dr. Joseph', 
Rev. Joseph', Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and David Chase ; res. 
Salem, Mass. 

i. Charles Hodgdon Chase, b. in Gilmanton, N. H., July. 1819; m. 
April 38, 1S40, Beulah Ann Lee Kinney, widow of John Kinney, d. 
in Salem, Mass., 1890. He removed to Salem, Mass., and d. there 
10 April, 1856. ii. John Hodgdon Chase, b. in Gilmanton, Oct. 23, 
1821; m. Jan. 30, 1851, Charlotte Carr; she resides with a dau. in 
Franklin, Mass. He went off West. iii. Levi H. Chase, b in 
Gilmanton, Nov. 18, 1823; m. twice; was killed in the woods, Dec, 

Children of Abigail' (179S) and Samuel Chase. 

i. Lyman Hodgdon Chase, b. in Gilmanton, Sept. 11, 1837; m. Jan. 3, 
1859, Mary Abby Goodrich of Salem; rea. Norwalk, Va. ii. 
David Chase, b. in Gilmanton, April 20, 1839, d. 28 Aug., 1861. 
iii. Hiram Alvin Chase, b. Dec. 8, 1843; m. in Salem, Mass., Dec. 
13, 1872, Anne £. Leavitt, dan. of Solomon and Judith Ann (Burn- 
ham) Leavitt of Gloucester, Mass., b. June 16, 1847; res. Salem, 

Children of Charles Hodgdon', (1S03) [105] (Nathaniel", Dr. 
Joseph', Rev. Joseph*, Joseph', Joseph', Henry") and Elizabeth 
(French) Adams; res. Salem, Mass. 

i. Joseph P.", b. in Barnatead, N. H., April 3, 1827, d. 10 May following, 
ii. Elizabeth H.', b. in Barnatead, July 23, 1828, d. 10 Sept, 1828. 

197. iii. Elizabeth Ann", b. in Barnatead, Nov. 8, 1839; m. Wm. B. Wyman of 

Marblehead; she is living, 1896; res. Marblehead, Mass. 
iv. Mary Jane", b. in Barnatead, Dec. 6, 1831, d. nnm., 11 Dec, 1853. 
V. Charles Henry', b. in Barnatead, March 11, 1833, d. 19 March, 1833. 

198. vi. Caroline F.", b. Nov. 2, 1834; m. B. Frank Bartlett; d. about 1875; 

res. Marblehead, Mass. 

444 JOSEPH. [Eighth Generation. 

199. TiL Joanna Frances', b in Salem, May 23, 1836; m. Nov. 1, ISM, Henry 

F. Dowbridge; res. Salem, Mass. 
TiiL Clara Louisa', b. in Salem, July 25, 1837, d. num., 11 Nov., 1850. 
301. ix. Charles H.N b. in Salem, July 27, 1840; m. March 5, 1865, Isabella 

Kelley, b. Nov. 1, 1842. 

Child of Joanna': (ISoo-O) [106] (Nathaniel", Dr. Joseph', 
Rev. Joseph*, Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and CoflBn Colcord; res. 
Salem, Mass. 

L Mary Ann Colcord, b. Sept. 22, 1827; m. May 4, 1846, Capt. Wm. H. 
Arnold, b. in Salem, Jan. 27, 1824, d. 21 Nov., 1857, age 33; a son. 
Wm. O. Arnold. She d. in Salem, Mass., April, 1886. 

Children of Mary Ann', (1812) [107] (Nathaniel", Dr. Joseph', 
Rev. Joseph'. Joseph', Joseph', Henr>'') and Isaac Harlow ; res. 
Beverly, Mass. 

i. Joseph Henry Harlow, b. Oct. 2, 1833; m. Nov. 25, 1857, Caroline 
Allen of Beverly, Mass. He d. 16 April, 1877. ii. Mary Ellen 
Harlow, b. March 7, 1837; m. (1) Dec, 1855, Samuel Goodridge of 
Manchester. Mass.; m. (2) James Brown of Beverly. She d. IS 
Nov., 1895. 

Children of Ephraim C.\ (17S5) [lOS] (Samuel', Ebenezer', 
Rev. Joseph', Joseph', Joseph', Henr>-') and Temperance (Thur- 
ber) Adams; res. Portsmouth, N. H. 

L Mary', b. in Portsmouth, N. H., June 3. 1807, d 25 Aug., 1817. 
ii. Ann Maria", b. in Portsmouth, Nov. 2, 1810, d. in Boston, unm. 
iii. OUve-, b. in Portsmouth, July 25, 1818; m. Jacob Baker, a seaman, 
who d. in California, leaving a son Alpheus, who is a printer in 
Boston; she is living, 1894; res. Belden street, Dorchester, Mass. 
201. iv. Samuel*, b. in Portsmouth, March 25, 1816; m. F.Ijt^ a_ Saunders; 
living, 1894, in Chelsea, Mass.; printer. He d. in Newtonville. 
 Mass., 7 July, 1865. ; 

V. Mary', b. in Portsmouth, Not. 2, 1820; m. OeorgeGarron.'Hed. at 
Hyde Park, Mass. ; res^- Metliord, Mass. ^ , '; 

vi; Emily, b. in Port8mouth^tMay25, 1823: V 
m. (1) Charles BoM. •, . , 
m. (2) Thomas Stanford. She. d. in Eaat'Bbaton^.1808^ »' dan.,. 

't'^Tnnia B0B8. m. Crane; re*. Eaat Boston. 

208.: TiL EphraimN b. in Portamoath, Jan. IT, 1828; m. Nov. 2», 1857, Francea 
Ann Crocker, b. in Dnxbnry, Maaa.,^ March 3. 1887; a boofc-binder; 
settled in Eaafe Boston, 1837; removed to Arlington, Mas*., where 
he remainft' ^ 


Eighth Generation.] Joseph.. 445 

Children of Olive C, (1789) [109] (Samuel*, Ebenezer', Rev. 
Joseph*, Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Joseph Coleman ; res. 
Portsmouth, N. H. 

i. James M. Coleman; m. Holmes. ii. Lydia Coleman; m. 

Balcom, d. in California. iii. Joseph Wiley Coleman ; m. 

Band. iv. Olivia Coleman; m. Monson; res. Chel- 
sea, Mass. T. Eben Coleman; m. Johnson of Greenland, 

N. H., and d. in San Francisco, Cal. 

Children of Ebenezer', (1795) [110] (Samuel', Ebenezer', 
Rev. Joseph*, Joseph', Joseph', Henry") and Martha (Harris) 
Adams; res. Portsmouth, N. H. 

i. Pamelia Ann% b. in Portsmouth, N. H., April 22, 1820; m. Phineaa 
Batchelder; res. Bangor. Me. 

203. ii. Elisha Hill', b. in Portamonth, May 24, 1821 ; m. Jan. 6, 1848, Ara- 

minta B. Greeley of Foxcroft, Me. 

He ivas a mason ; enlisted as a soldier, Dec., 1863, in Co. £, 1st 
Maine Heavy Art.; was wounded at Petersburg, Oct. 17, 18M; 
discharged Feb. 17, 186-5; settled in Providence, 1870; d. in Provi- 
dence, 13 June, 1890, age 69. 
iii. Ann Maria", b. in Portsmouth, Aug. 19, 1823; m. 1843, Joseph Ben- 
son, a soldier, deceased. 

204. iv. Emeline", b. in Portsmouth, Aug. 9, 1820; 

m. (1) Sumner J. Pond; d. in California. 

m. (2) 1885, 3. L. W. Connor of Sacramento, Cal. He d. 1889. 
v. Martha Jane-, b. in Bangor, Me, Dec. 17, 1828; living, unm., 1895. 
vi. Ebenezer', b. in Bangor, Nov. 24, 1830. 

Children of Ebenezer', (1795) and Rebecca Harris (Femald) 


vii. Nathaniel G.", b. in Bangor, Me., June 3, 1837; living in Bangor. 

1895; unm. 
viii. Samuel M.', b. in Bangor, Dec. 10, 1888; m. Clara Pope; a mason; 
res. Bangor, Me.; no issue, 
is. William H. H.\ b. in Bangor, Feb. 14, 1841, d. unm., 12 Dec, 1887. 

Children of George', (1797) [111] (Samuel', Ebenezer', Rev. 
Joseph', Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Mary (Higgins) Adams; 
res. Eastport, Me. 

i. Eliza A.-, b. in Eastport. Me., Jan. 18, 1825; m. Dec. 3, 1847, Simeon 

H. Bell of Eastport, d 26 Dec, 1879; res. Eastport, Me. 
ii. George C. •, b. in Eastport, Dec. 15, 1820. d. 17 Feb., 1835: 

446 JOSEPH. [Eighth Generation. 

205. iii. William M.', b. in Eastport. Feb. 4, 1829; m. Nov 20, 1832, Mary E. 

Barnard of St. Johns, N. B. ; res. Oconto, Oconto Co. , Wis. 
iv. Sarah E.', b. in Ea«tport, Oct. 5, 1835; m. Feb. 13, 1861, Charles B. 

Pike; res. Eastport, Me. 
T. Mary L.', b. in. Eastport, April 7. 1839; m. Oct. 16, 1850, Edward B. 
Bowman of Eastport, Me. She d. at Belmont, N. H., 2 June, 1891. 

Children of Rufus', (1801) [112] (Samuel*, Ebenezer', Rev. 

Joseph', Joseph', Joseph', Henry') and Mehitable (White) Adams ; 

res. Portsmouth, N. H. 

L Sarah Frances', b. in Portsmonth, N. H. ; 1834, d. in Portsmouth, 

206. ii. Oliver*, b. in Portsmouth Dec. 22, 1829; m. Mary J. Fobs, b. March 

20, 1834, d. 2 Feb., 1896. He was a calker; res. Portamoath, N. H. ; 

d. 24 March, 1894. 
iii. Mary Olivia", b. in Portsmouth, 1834, d. nnm., 20 Oct.. 1862, age 28. 
iv. Bnins M.', b. Ln Portsmouth, Feb. 11, 1840; m. Aug. 18, 1861, Annie 

L. Trefethen, dan. of Archelans Trefethen, b. May 26, 1840. He is 

a carpenter; was an alderman of Portsmouth, N. H. ; a son b. Oct. 

22, 1862. d. 16 Sept., 1863. 

Children of Benjamin', (1780) [113] (Capt. James', Dea. 
Benjamin*, Rev. Joseph', Joseph', Joseph', Henr}'') and Elizabeth 
(Home) Adams; res. Rochester, N. H. 

^7. L James% b. in Rochester, N. H., Nov. 21, 1800; m. May 1, 1839, Ann 
M. Agry of HalloweU, Me. ; d. 10 Aug., 1881. He was an attorney 
in Norridgewock, Me. ; clerk of court, etc. ; d. 80 Aug., 1848. 

208. ii. Hon. Isaac*, b. in Rochester (Adams Corner), Aug. 16, 1802-3; 

m. (1) (pub. Dec. 23, 1831), Ann M. Ranier, dau. of John Ranier 
of Waltham, Mass. 

m. (2) Mrs. Anna RusseU Coolidge (Smith). 

He settled in Boston, 1824; waa< a machinist and inventor of 
" Adams Printing Press," 1828-34; member of Massachusetts senate, 
18411; d. in Sandwich, N. H-. 1» July. 1883... 

209. iiL SilencaB% b. in Rochester, Jan., 1804^ m.' Nov. 1, 1829,. Olive T. 

Goodrich, dan. of Simon. O. Ooodrick of Biddeford, Me^' He was 
, a merchant in Saco, Me. ; d. in Biddeford, Me. i 

iv; Seth% b. in Rochester, April 13, 180S.7; m. Caroline Pollard Choate; 
no issue. 

He was associated with his brother Isaac in the manufacture of 
printing presses; eatabUshed Adama Nervine Asylum>in West Box- 
bury. Mass.; d. in Newton, Mas&, 7 Dec., 1873, age 67; buried at 
Rochester, Ni- H.; large granite monument;, inscription r "-Energy, 
industry andintegrity g^ve him, wealth." 

Eighth Generation.] Joseph. 44-7 

V. Mary Ann*, b. in Rochester, May 26, 1809, d. xmm., at Bamstead, N. 
H., 14 April, 1877. 

210. vi. Col. Charles Wm.', b. in Rochester, Feb. 3, 1813; 

m. (1) 1852, Frances French, dan. of Ebenezer French of Bangor, 
Me. ; had one dao. Fanny. 

m. (2) 1855, Annie Thornton McGaw, dau. of Thornton and Annie 
Frances (Carr) McOaw, b. in Bangor, Me., Jan. 26, 1828; living, 
1894, at Northampton, Mass. 

He serred in Texas, onder Gen. Honston, and was in the Mex- 
ican war; res. at Jamaica Plain, Mass., 1856-1861; England, 1861- 
1806; shipping line. New York, Galveston and Liverpool; d. at 
Harvard, Mass., 10 April, 1887. 

Children of Amos', (1785) [114] (Capt. James", Dea. Benja- 
min', Rev. Joseph', Joseph', Joseph', Henr>'') and Hannah 
(Hodgdon) Adams ; res. Rochester, N. H. 

211. L James', b. in Rochester, N. H., July 29, 1823; m. aboat 1854, in 

Havana, Cuba, Conchita Banita. He d. in Cnba aboat 1892. 

212. ii. Franklin', b. in Rochester, Dec.. 1825; m. 1854, Rebecca Josephine 

Underwood of Somerville, Mbm., b. 1835, d. 12 May, 1866. He d. at 
Havana, Cnba, 1858-9; an engineer, 
ill. John', b. in Rochester, March, 1827; m. 1854, Rebecca Hartz of 
Brimfield, 111. He was a farmer; d. in Brimfield, HI., 1872. 

213. iv. Samuel-, b. in Rochester, Sept. 30, 1829; m. May, 1856, Hannah W. 

Lord, dan. of Joseph and Nancy Lord of Tilton, N. H. ; res. Tilton, 
N. H. He d. 28 May, 1881. 
V. George Albert', b. in Rochester, 1831; engineer; d. onm., at Havana, 
Cuba. 4 Oct., 1856. 

214. vi. Abra', b. in Rochester, 1833; m. 1859, at Great Falls, N. H., Horatio 

E. Bates of Portland, Me. ; res. Ft. ScoU, Kan. 

Children of Dea. Augustus', (1786) [115] (Capt. James', Dea. 
Benjamin*, Rev. Joseph', Joseph', Joseph', Henrj'') and Almira 
(Wallace) Adams; res. Saco, Me. 

213. i. John Wallace', b. in Saco, Me., Feb. 15, 1815; 

m. (li March 28, 1837, Mary O. Scarlett, d. at Melrose, Mass., 4 
Dec, 1855. 

m. (2) Nov. 6, 1856, Nancy J. Raymond of Amherst, N. H., b. in 
Merrimac, N. H., June 20, 1824. He is a mechanic; res. Melrose, 

216. ii. Capt. James', b. in Saco, April 1, 1817; m. April 10, 1844, Sarah Ann 
Reals, dau. of Harvey H. Seals of Freeport, Me. 

Capt. James followed the sea for 42 years; made 58 voyages as 
mate and master to the West Indies; was also in the Sonth American 
trade, and visited Europe over 20 times; was once washed over- 
board, but returned safely, and never lost a vessel. 

448 JOSEPH. [Eighth Generation. 

He was a member of the 30th Maine Beg., in the war of the 
Rebellion, and serred on sea and land; res. Portland, Me. 
iii. Angnstus", b. in Saco, Sept. 18, 1819; 

m. (1) Dec. 23, 1843, Lucy J. Garrey. b. in St. Albans, Vt., Jnly 
28, 1820, d. 3 Aug., 1871. 

m. (2) Aug. 10, 1872, Mary J. Owens, b. in Saco, Me., Jnly, 1819. 
He is a tinsmith: res. Saco, Me. ; no issue. 

Children of Dea. Augustus', (17S6) and Eunice Woodsum 
(Cleaves) Adams. 

217. iv. Capt. Robert-, b. in Saco, Aug. 12, 1820-28; m. Oct. 15. 1849, Mary 

Elizabeth Osgood, dau. of Andrew Osgood of Portland, Me., d. 1 
Dec, 1882; res. Portland, Me. ; he d. 2 Feb., 1892. 

218. T. Almira Wallace', b. in Saco, March 29, 1830; m. 1850, Wm. E. Smith 

of Portland, Me., son of William Smith, d. 16 July, 1887; res. Port- 
land, Me. She d. 16 July, 1887. 

219. vi. Ann Marion', b. in Saco, May 17, 1833; m. Oct. 9, 1848, Abraham 

Taylor, b. in England, Oct. 12, 1824, d. 17 Jan., 1872; res. Chelsea, 

•rii. Sarah Adelia", b. in Saco, April 21, 1838; m. Nov. 26, 1885, Prof. Wm. 
Edwards of South Natick and Wellesley College. 

Prof. Edwards was a well known naturalist, connected for many 
years with Wellesley College; d. suddenly 12 Nov., 1839: res. Port- 
land, Me. ; no issue. 

viii. Eunice Caroline*, b. in Saco, Aug. 21, 1888, d. 18 Dec., 1859. 

220. ix. Ellen', b. in Portland, Me., July, 1867; m. Hon. Henry C. Peabody, 

son of Joh