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ur^uRCH or- Jtiius Ci (RIST 



Changes and Additions throusii 
October, 1978 

The writer has moved from Dowagiac, Mich., to 

Rt. 2, 55345 Fir Rd, 
Mishawaka, IN 46544 

This address should remain useable for some time, because 
mv son R^beJt oSns a store there. We welcome corresponaence 
and ?ia??s JroS She family, especially to correct and update 
the Family History. 
From the Dowagiac newspaper,. July 1975 J 



• ; 

' '^' '.V T»i -;;r— -n*""™"" 

* /•■.'■ ■ - M'R. AND MRS. OREN E, EUBANKS 

Couple married 65 years!. 

. Mr. and Mrs. Oren E. 

Eubanks of Twin Lakes were 

.recently the guests of honor at 

■ an open house held for them by 
' neighbors in celebration of the 

couples' 65th wedding an- 
: niversary. • 
: Oren Emmett Eubanks and 

his wife, the former Ethel N. 
• Sickafoouse were married, July 

■ 12, 1910 by her brother in Mrs. 
'■ Eubank's father's home . in 

■ South Whitley, Indiana. \, 

After marrymj;*' the couple 
» lived in Marion, Indiana^, for 
many years before .moving to 
VSouth Bend in 1924. / . 

The Eubanks moved to this 
area in 1944 to a farm on Atwood 
Road where they ' lived for 
twelve years. , • 

Before the couple moved to 
their present home at Twin 
Lakes, they resided in Florida 
for five years. 

Eubanks just recently 
celebrated his 89th birthday, 
January 20, and his wife turned 
92, last month, June 24. • 

For eight years Eubanlt has 
been working on his family 
genealogical history and only 
recently has he complete^ the 
book and had it published. 

^,.U:< J 




Copies of the Family History have "been placed in the 
following collections: 

Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.^'''' 
Burton Collection, Detroit, llich. -^'Z/ 
Nev/berry Library, Chicago, 111. '"■'' >^' 
Genealogical Society, Salt Lake City, Ut. ^^'^^ 
Branch Library, Los Angeles, Cal. ^77' 
Branch Library, Oakland, Cal . //7r 
Historical Collection, University of Michigan, 

Lansing, Mich, a'?/ 
Dov;agiac Public Library, Dowagiac , Kich. // /oo 

APOLOGY: Due to his age and human limitations, the 
writer has permitted minor errors, too numerous to 
list, to enter into the printed manuscript, but wishes 
to assure any reader that the work is for the most part 
authentic, especially in the more imiportant particulars. 
It is a compilation of the progeny of Joseph and Rosana 
Eubank (1820) of Virginia. Pvelated lines are listed on 
page 6, and a listing of other families married into, 
follows (pp. 7-1^). 


p. 10: Mary Elizabeth Ring, not King 

add Martha Damaris Fish, p. 123- 
p. 9: Mildred Marie (Fowler) Burk, p. 82 

Carol Lynn Hartstein, not Hartstien, p. 102. 
p. 11: add Donald Monroe Carter, p. 1?!. 

add Miss Leyland, p. l?^. 
p. 1^: "And Others" 
p. 17: "And Others" 
p. 19: "And Others" 

p. 37: Letter to v/riter: Gladis Mann came here (Bryce 
Foster home in Leesburg, Ind.) from Chris Peterson's, at 
Plionouth, Mich, on her v;ay to Mildred's at Memphis. 
Her husband Morris Ford Mann died in year 19^5 > a^<i v/as 
buried at Omiaha, Neb. Chris Peterson was her grandson, 
by Dorothy; they had just purchased or built a lovely 
home in Plymouth. 

p. 48: Harry Edward Lord has 7 lots covered with fruit 
and shrubbery, grapefruit and oranges. Ralph-Cecil and 
Bessie Geoffrey visited Harry in Jan. 1978. 
p. 51: Esther B. Fauchier died in I966. 

p. 62; Bruce Jones (1897) was killed in an auto accident 
Oct. 23, i960. 

Nellie May died of a heart attack 20 Apr. 1977, 
according to Dolly Burk. 

p. 63: Glen D. Jones acquired and began to operate a 
store in Merritt Island, Fla. 

p. (>S' Leona L. Murphy died in Nov., 1977i of a heart 
3ttnr:lc. n i"; r. o rd" to Dollv Tiijrk . 

p. G(i: Esther B. Westbrook died of cancer, 23 Oct. 1976. 

p. G^i Dora Ethel (Palmer) Geoffrey died shortly after 

she . and Clarence celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. 

Clarence moved to Eoynton Beach, Fla., (8307 M. Military 

Trail) 2? Dec. 197? . Clarence still has the home in Va . 

p. 7^5 As of Jan., 1977. -Kenneth and Betty Lou Beeney 

no longer live on Malv/ood Ct, Arkansas City, Kan. 

p. 79= Cecil Carl visited Ralph Geoffrey in Boynton 

Beach, Fla., in Jan. and Feb., I978. 

p. 81: Thompson, not Thomason. 

Jerry Frank Thom.pson and Mary Helen Smith had 
a daughter, Karan Kay Thompson, born \ Sept. I966. 
p. 82: I'lildred (Dolly) P-larie Fowler has remarried, to 
George Burk, and lives at 23OO E. Valley Pkv/y, Escondido, 
Cal. 92021. 

Alva David Eubank died .1^ Apr. 1977- 
p. 8-^: Charles Leroy Eubank has moved to 7208 Hullwood, 
Kansas City, I.'IO 6^1-133. This was the home of his 2nd 

wife, Betty , "a very lovely widov.'." Betty had 

five children by her first husband, and raised three 

foster children in addition. 

p. 86: Kary Lois Bailey's address as of 1968 was RFD# 1, 

not 2. 

p. 87: Jessie Lola Eubank, born 7 Oct. 1912, died an 

infant . 

Charlsie Iris Holland died 30 Apr. 197^- 
p. 89: Hazel Stigall v/rote 17 Dec. 1976 to say that 
Linda Jane Stigall had been killed in a car accident: 
no date given. 

p. 91s Linda Jane (Stigall) Rice: see p. 89 (above), 
p. 9^5 Henry and Nina (Eubank) Conant celebrated their 
fiftieth anniversary, two days early, 12 Nov. 1977- 
(See clipping of Dec. k, 1977 Blade-Tribune below). 
■p. 100: Thom^as Gerald Ma thias family currently living at 
16 N. 3d St, Mishav/aka, Ind . kGS^^ - 

p. 103: Rev. Carl Collver died 30 June 1975. Services 
from Bethel Park Fee Methodist Church. He was buried 
in the Bendle Cemetery, Flushing, Mich., after funeral 
at the Brown Funeral Home . 
p. 105: Solomon, not Soloman. 

p. 107: James and Janice Augsbury living at IIO89 Corunna 
Rd., Lennon, Mich. ^8^^^9• 

p. 119: Reuben Alonzo Eubank died 18 Jan. 1975 • 
p. 122: Grace Ault's middle name was Lucille, 
p. 123: Donna Louise La'Chapelle md. 

Mary Ring married Morton Loomis Ring, not Norton. 

They v/ere divorced in 1972; Morton rem.arried, 

Annette (maiden name unk) Feazel, v/ho has a son 

by an earlier marriage. Morton was killed in Miami, Fla., 
5 Oct. 1978. 

GlemRing lives in Daytona Beach, Fla. He is 
a graduate of Florida Atlantic University, in Boca Raton. 

Jame*s Andrew Ring II (Andy) married Katherine 
(Kate) Randall, in June, 1970- They have four sons: 
Thaddeus Randall Ring, Isaac Randall Ring, Tobias Randall 
Ring, and Benjamin Randall Ring. The family is to leave 
for Ghana soon, where they will work to translate the Bible 



p. 123 (continued): for VJycliffe Bible Translators. 

Kartha Damaris Ring III has married 2d\7in Nelson 
Fish (Ted), July 2^- , 1976. Ke is the son 01 Llurland 
Walter Fish and Ardis Eddy Nelson, grandson of Edwin Kalter 
Fish and Daniel Leland Eddy. Ke is a graduate of Erigham 
Young University, Provo, Ut. For tv;o years he edited the 
Genealo.gry Dig:est for the Genealogy Club of America, after 
v/hich he was stationed in Germany in the Army, three years. 
They have one daughter, Elizabeth Ann Fish, born 13 Apr.' 
1977 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, West Germany. Dam.aris 
has an associate degree from Hillsboro Community College, 
Tampa, Fla., and plans to continue at Brighan Young next 
year. They can be reached fo Virginia* Lewis Ring, 3908 
Rosemary St., Chevy Chase, FA. 2OOI5. 

Mary E. Ring's address is ^^02 N. 4th Rd . , ^''k. 
Arlington, Va. 222 03- 
p. 12^: Barbara (Jackson) Ault was born 13 June 1939. 

After divorcing, Leonard (Len) rem.arried 
22 July 1973, r^'aureen Cecelia McCarthy, daughter of 
Mary Ann McCarthy. She was born 17 July 19^3 in Washington, 
D.C. Her father died soon after, and her mother married 
her father's brother. She is a nurse at Washington Adventist 
Hospital. Len works for the National Aeronautic and Space 
Administration . 

p. 151 5 Edith S. Foster died at South Bend Memorial Hosp. 
3 July 1975 • aged 7^ years, 2 months, 12 days. She v/as 
buried in Grant Memorial Park, Marion, Ind. 

Roy H. Foster died at his home at Barbee's, 
Saw Mill Lake, 4 Dec. 1976, aged 71 years, 2 months, 28 
days. He was buried next to his wife Edith, 
p. 156: Robert and Carolina (Pope) Jones have a daughter, 
Judi-Ann, born 5 Mar. 1975 •' 

p. 17^]-: Robert Merrltt (Rob) Eubank married 16 Sept. 19 78 
in Dowagiac First United Methodist Church, Sheryl Laylin, 
daughter of Wayne and Pat Laylin (208 Spruce, Dowagiac) 
and granddaughter of Erv/in Laylin, an old friend of the 
writer. Erwin Laylin had a v/elding shop in Dov/agiac , Mich, 
which grew to become an important welding and manufacturing 
plant. Erwin has retired, and the plant is run by his sons. 
p. 170 : Donald M. Carter II married Marion Dean, 12 July 
1970. To this union have been born: 

Donna Marie Carter, 19 Dec. 1971^ 

Jason Monroe Carter, 1 Sept. 197°. 

Donald enlisted in the Navy in Jan. 1973 i and 
was stationed in Adak, Alaska, in Mar. 1977- His family 
is with him: Jason was born there. Donna and Jason are 
our first Great-Great-Granddaughter and -Son, and while 
we may never be able to see them in person, we are very 
proud of them. 

Joan Elizabeth and Mitchell Serven divorced 
late in 1970. Later, they tried to work things out, 
moving the family first to Reno, Nev. , and then to 
Sedonia, Ariz. Failing at it, Joan took the children 
and moved to Seattle, where she opened an art gallery 
and r.xft i::hop, in 1974. (Continued) 

! r-:^>:y^. :■■■ ■-- ■ — ■-^-^- 'i-Pl^^''^-^:r ^^■-\ 






:-"Tmr:AND MRS. HENRY C0NANri-^:j^jvai5;^ 

•ding anniversary here Nov. 12.:k ir,Ar|'i>.'-V-"^^^^^^ 

^•^ w^ple married on Nov. 14, .1927. J" K^e":^f '^?;^i^^^3^>| 

->e Golden Anniversary was celebrated with an f "enioo^ .J^^ 
cDtioa and buffet at the Tv^in Inns In Carlsbad, to -,„- 
^.ambrance. the. Conants were T>^^f^y^±^^; 

■"£elet and a gold pocket knL'e, engrayedwlLh their weddkijr.^.t 
> They also received Hawaiian lels and.a tray of tropMj-.jji, 

■■■(- vith tickets for a Haw'_ailanhol:day^tuck«3 Inside tho^-^. 

.V nifred Sullivan of Salen^ Ore., who was a bnd^ald J,^^ 
-ir wedding; Mr.' and ivirs. Pete McRej™!^ of Pinedale v- :^ 
••i. (best man at the wedding); Mrs. M. H, "Blo^am .,f;.: 
Cc-orado; Mr. and Kr3. Paul.Gosney of CamerlIIo;.Mr. and:--' 
Mri. Ray Blust of Nlpomo; Dr and ^Irs..Don Mc^^yndJ ^J ...;-- 
^ Jolla; plus 100 frlends^and neIgbbore.froni^tl^^e,Tri:Clt5;,.,-..^ 

. "SSSSo oSau§Sth^^^ 
r-indsons Darrell and Curt Alexander and Lany and Duan;..^ 
r-inlels; Sheri Alexander, a granddaughter; J.Lre. BlanJJvv- 
•Avood, Mr. Conant's sister, of Wyoming; Mr mid. Mre..---; 
"^fc Burke T-Irs. Conant's cousin and husband. &Z-.^v 

!'V/' ■ ./-^. -» - i..^'''"V; ■ti?>'' 



■;^j;.t'J' (Editor's rote:! this is part of the story wWch ran In the ■.> 

, ■ ■■-■v^'v' Riverton, wyo.,. newspaper following the rxist unusuel ^.j 

Vj '*5^i •? wedding of Nina and Henry Conant Nov, 14, 1927.> ^::f !• v.*,'.-.:^,-?;'^ 

■ '.;vr..:V-}':; X wedding, not unexpected, but of much interest locally was ■ - 
.''V^^r-r.''I'soIemnizedlhis week at the Methodist Church when Miss Nina . ., 
■rl'^U'Eubanlc became the bride of Henry Conant at the midnight .. ,;. 
•:^.''rriiour on Sunday last. ../,:i>i^;;jiv^'';;^.:i^c;:;U^;:::v:i2"iv ;.-/X~v; 
'i^ii^^.' -'Now It was notthe Intention of the young folks to set a newer .-^ . 
}iv''v'.-=^nd more fashionable; hour , for weddings than the... 
■K's-%' acknowledged hour of high noon but It was their Intention to . - 
l--'-^.'.v;' elude their many friends who were planning to separate them ._^. ; 
'•^^•f i'enroute to the church and take them to different tos'.'ns before_ _ : 
'•''"'''■ /■.'•the ceremoney could be performed. The wedding had been'Sj;)^. 
^V>-"''''' scheduled for Monday morning at 6:30, a wedding breakfast • ■-" 
^A-.' ?• and an earlv start on a honey moon trip but the plans of friends^ 
'iC^^ri '.to Interfere caused the-, contracting parties to carry out , 
r/u-'vi--'- arrangements several __ hours earlier and In Lhe ^romantic. 
v^-^Vv- manner described. . ■vC---'/V-'"-' :-;''■■•// v lr;.;..^i-','>' •.'.:' 
r';,';5:»i:'f ;. .- :.,The ceremony uniting this'young couple thus (culminated) . 
i;'-^?^''a'rnost interesting romance begun In schcol^days! The bride , 
•i'pt;4- was attired Ln a gown of tan georgette, embroidered In gold 
'l'\^''--'-'vAQ\ trimmings of brov^ chiffon velvet, a most .becoming ' 

, .. ;■ sumptuous breakfast at one-thirty Monday_ momlng._ Then ;: ,,-j 

■ ^M-v---^- followed hurried preparations for departure, best -wishes for .;-.j 
*v?'>i"'-the trip and goodbyes were said and the happy newIy^veds _;•:■^j 
^:'>vV i "were off for the western coast, via Denver and Salt Lalie City. ;'i>-:: 
•-•■'■■^■••---- Mrs'. Conant Is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. R.^."-;;;! 
■.■■^-•W. ''Eubank and may truly be considered a Riverton giri. She was,/,.:; 
■ '-'■'■•■•/•. born in this city and vdth the exception or a few years v/hen - -^r 

i'r"; small has lived here all her life, graduating from the local high 

The groom, who Is the sori.q? Slr,:ah(rj^:^ B.-ConanJ^^-,^ 
^.: 'came to this city five 'years ago with . hl3_ twrents froni_..:.. .. 
/'■•■ Torri/igtort V/yo., finished high' school Fierfe tod grsdaatof fa -.t,; 
■•> '• the same class with his bride in 1926. He fs a young mm of i<mi:0 
^" •morah "thoroughly trtjstworthy, and i& assoclatea.w-ith ha-.;|. 
r '->f^er here in the A. B.C. Creamery. ■:L:-'''-i7y^^'^'i^^r'^''j:-^^ 

p. 170 (continued): 

TJeanv.'hile, I'ltchell started a seedling farm 
near Lincoln, N.M. V/hen little Tracy developed acute 
"bronchitis, a doctor recomnended she be taken to a 
drier climate. After years of working to raise the 
money, Joan moved back to the Southv/est, v/here they now 
live: 18 09 E. California, Las Cruces, N.M. 88001. 
p. 176: Robert Eubank' s champion Angus brought 750 per 
■Dound, not ^5't^> and the total for the two steers was 

$2, 072. 75. 

•0. 179: Sister Kate's letter is on p. 286, not 288. 

p. 186: Evella (Hinton) Ruble died 26 I"ay 1975- 

Robert Earl Ruble's address, Kay, 1973: 
Petaluma, Cal . 9^952. 
p. 187: Karry Fenland died 28 Sept. 197^. 

Larry Leon Penland: Cson of Jeanne Elizabeth 
(Ruble) Penland and Kary Penland), and Donna KcWatters, 
born 29 r:ar. 19^9 , were married 29 Nov. 1968 . To this 
union were born three boys. Curtis Penland, born 
15 Oct. 197O ; David Penland, born k Oct. 1971 ; and 
Jeffrey Penland , born 13 Feb. 1973 . 

Beverly Jeanne Blaylock was born 19 Kay 19^6. 
Beverly and Gene Blaylock have had tv/o sons: Chad 
Blaylock, born 26 Oct. 197^; and Lance Blaylock, born 
27 Nov. 1975. 

p. 188: Harold W. Ruble's address as of Kar. , 1977= 
52^0 Bronson Blvd., Kalamazoo, Kich., '^9001. 

Gordon's address: 481 Gary Rd . , Benton Harbor, 
Mich, il.9022. 

p. 19-^: Kenneth R. Ruble died in Dec, 1978 (Funeral 
and burial service at Gladwin, Mich., Dec. l4) after 
suffering a heart attack from shoveling snow. Sympathy 
v.-as expressed to his brothers, the Revs. Alfred, Carl 
and Elisv/orth Ruble. Rev. Ellsworth Ruble of Kuskegon 
v;as recovering from open heart surgery at Eutterv/orth 
Hospital. (Free Kethodist Conference paper, Kich. ) 
p. 205: Arthur P. Ruble died 19 Nov., 1975- 
p. 215: Sandra V/ineland died 28 Jan. 1976, a Friday, 
and was buried the follov/ing Sunday, 
p. 22 0: B. Earl Swaim died ij- May 1976. 
p. 222: Russel Whitehurst died in Oct. 1976. 
p. 230 : Judith Karie (Lucky) Lane married 16 Oct. 1976, 
Bud Lane, born' 2 June 193^' 

p. 2-^3: Claud and Margaret Pearson divorced just prior 
to VJorld 'A'ar II. Right after the war he remarried, to 
Darlin Marie Maughan. She died of stroke, 6 Sept. 1970. 
p. 2^7: Alva Eubank (I882) died Ik Mar. 197^. 
p. 2^9: From local paper: Belva Eubank, 93, died at 
7:hS p.m. Thursday (29 June, 1978) in Marion General 
Hospital (Ind. ) . . . .Mrs. Eubank v.'as born in Miami County 
but^had spent most of her life in the LaFontaine area. 
She also was a former resident of 23I E.S. "C" St., 
Gas City, and v;as a member of the LaFontaine Christian 
Church.... Survivors include two sons. Glen Eubank, 
Marion, ^^<^ i^i^nr^e Eubank, Fort Pierce, Fla.; (contin'ied) 


p. 2h,9 (continued): 

Belva Eubanl': obituary notice^ continued 

two sisters J Xrs. Hat^cie Sutx,on, LaFontaine, and Mrs. Lav^rence (Zlsie) 
Eoys, Vista _, Cai; five grandcliildren; 1$ great-grandchildren and 10 
great -great -grandchildren.... The funeral vri.ll be at 2 p.n. Sunday in 
the ftaven ?uneral Kc..i.e;, Kern Soad at VJabash Ave., I-iarion. The i-Iev. 
Jerry Sills will officiate and burial v;ill be in the LaFontaine lOCF 
Cenetery . . , . Friends r.-.ay call frcT. 2 to ij.,i. Saturday at the 
funeral horae. 

Belva was laid to rest nejtc to her husband, 
p. 12]i: Full najnes of the nine Bross children: Charles Joseph;, 
Richard Donald, I-Iarilyn Jean, Robert Thor,:as, Shirley Kae, Patricia 
Alice, Kenneth Leroy, Joyce Carol, and Eva Karen. 
p. 12^: Change to: Charles Bross, (son of Xina i-Iarie '.'wchofield) 
Bross and Joseph Bross) and Helen Jahns (born 29 Jan, 1926) were 
ir^arried 2 Aug. 19 1;? at St. Agnes Church in Chicago Heights. Current 
address: ll;139 Western Ave,, Blue Island, IL 60i;06. i\o children. 

Richard Bross died in Veterans Hospital, Chicago, about 19o6, 
p, 126: Marilyn, not Xarylin. 

Susan Daulcsas carried Tim Kretch:.:ar (born in C;-JLcago Heights 
abCTut 19l;7) S Sept. IJ?!, ir^ Chicago Heights. 

Jay Dauhsas .T.arried Linda Abraraovjica, 1; Aug, 197>j iri Cliicago 
Heights. Linda is the daughter of Chester Alexander Abraraovrf.C2, born 
18 Feb. 1921, in Chicago Heights, to Al5::ander and Rose Abraviov.'ica 
(both born in Poland), and of Lisa (3artolar,.ei) Abr3:-,iov,-lca, born 
16 Aug. 1920 in Chicago Heights, to Peter and Santina Eartolaneij she 
was born 2 Dec. 1953^ i-i Chicago Heights. Chester Abrar;owiC2 owns a 
service station on VJes"cem Ave. 
p. 127: Pa-Tiela Capri otti has r.;arried . 

Patric ia and Harvey Sass have had a i;th child, a daughter, 
born 5 June 197^1^. Chicago Heights: AiV.y Joy Sass. 
p. 128: To Joyce and ii/a;/ne Schuldt: daughter Kel l y Jo , not Kelly Jce. 

Their current address: 360 i^OiTii, Park Forest, IL 6CL66e 

VJayne Schuldt v;as born in Steger, IL. 

linda (Bruns) Bross was born in Chicago Heights. She and 
Kenneth nov; live at ii20 Christina, Bourborxnais, IL 6091U- 
p. 129: Donald Parker v;as born in Chicago Heights: to hi:.-, and 
Eva Karen have been born a son, Kyle Ross Parker; a daughter, Dana 
Lynne Parker; and a son, Tho; Richard, born 26 July 197^;. 

Ruth iiorris v;as born in Roseland^ IL, She and Harold 
Goulding Schofield irere iT.arried in Cro;-m Point, IN; Harold died, 
in Chicago Heights, in I966. 

p. 130: John Foushi ~.arried Betty Schofield where he v.'as borx., i;* 
Chicago Heights. 

p. 13I: Darlis Darline V.zoa vra.s born in southern Illinois. She and 
Donald Schofield were .-uarried in Chicago Heights. 

Diar.3 Lorraine Schofield, not Dian. 



OF y^ .<J\*^-^^ 

THE EUBANK FAMILY / ^.vV^ -1^*^ 'c^'^ 

This typewritten book is an exact duplicate of 
the original manuscript that was produced by me, over 
a period of several years of research. 

My first letter, requesting information on the pro- 
ject, was written to the Osage County Clerk of Osage 
City, Kansas, on February 7, 1966, regarding the David 
Eubank family. 

It has been revised and corrected many times dur- 
ing more than 8 years lapse of time, and I have made 
every available effort to get the missing links in the 
chain of genealogy, however, there remains considerable 
needed data, and no doubt much of it can still be ob- 
tained, and corrected hereafter, and I hope and trust 
that it will be. 

My age will not permit me to continue on indefi- 
nitely, so I have decided to complete the materials 
that I have on hand at the present time. 

I shall then dedicate this book and it's contents 
to my son, Robert Oren Eubank, and any duplicates there- 
from, to the direct descendants of the original progen- 
itors as recorded herein, to be preserved by them for 
future posterity. 

August 1, 1974 

Oren E. Eubank 



The purpose of these forewords are to acquaint the 
reader with the principles involved in the recording of 
the genealogical history of the Eubank and associated 
families, beginning with Hezekiah Eubank, the great- 
grandfather of this writer. 

In the early sixties, while we were still holding 
the annual Eubank family reunion, sponsored by my family 
and held at my son, Robert's farm home near Dowagiac, 
Mich,, and while the Eubank and Ruble reunion, sponsored 
by the Eubank and Ruble families, near Lake City, Mich,, 
was still being held at Lake City (both of which my wife, 
Ethel and I attended religiously,) I conceived the idea 
of producing a genealogy history of the Eubank relatives, 

I think this was brought about by the fact that the 
only records available were those of my immediate family, 
which actually were very meager due to negligence in 
keeping them up, and many were the times that we ask our- 
selves the question, "I wonder how old uncle, or aunt, or 
cousin so and so, is and where they are living now, and 
if dead, where they passed away?" 

These same questions as to dates of births, marriages 
and dates of deaths, came up in our immediate families, 
many times, 

I usually mail out more than 100 Christmas cards each 
year at Christmas time, many of which contain also a letter, 
and on two different occasions I have written to relatives 
that had passed away and I did not know about it; but, now 
with my records and a supplimental record that I keep up 
continually, I can look up the records of any one of the 
relatives herein that come to mind and avoid such occur- 

At the time I began this project (which was in Jan- 
uary of 1966, I did not know where any of Uncle Aaron 
Eubank's or Uncle David Eubank's family relatives lived, 
and seemingly none of the associated relatives knew either. 

Referring to the records I had already compiled re- 
garding David Eubank, as now recorded on Page 41, I found 
that David and Amanda Eubank had moved to Kansas near 
Quenimo, in the year of 1868, where they had raised their 
family, so my first inquiry was a letter to the Clerk of 
Osage County, Kansas, asking if they could tell me of the 
whereabouts of any of Uncle David's family. 

The Clerk gave me the name and address of a lady 
that worked with the courthouse staff, that knew David's 

I then wrote her and she informed me that David and 
his family had moved to Oklahoma, and gave me the address 
of one of the granddaughters there, to whom I wrote and 
finally got the ball rolling. 


At this time all of the children of David Eubank 
had passed away, except, "Charles Leroy Eubank," who, 
with his wife, Hattie, lived at 1522 Valencia, Ocean 
Side, California, 

Charles had since passed away on July 5, 1970, 

Hattie is still living in a rest home as of this 
date, April 11, 1973, She will be 85 years of age this 
April 21st,, and is the only direct spouse now living. 

Up until 1970, I had not been able to contact any 
of Uncle Aaron Eubank 's family, although I had inquired 
of many of the relatives. Then, in early 1970 I wrote 
Floyd Ketner at Corcoran, California and he informed 
me that at one time, Clara (Eubank,) Crom t Aaron's 
daughter, lived at Nehawka, Nebraska, so I wrote a 
letter to the postmaster at Nehawka, inquiring if he 
knew any of the Crom family; and he informed me that 
Clara's daughter, Mildred, had married Elden C, Stimbert: 
that Mr, Stimbert had been principal of the Nehawka Schools 
for several years, but now lived in Memphis, Tennessee, and 
had been principal of the Memphis City Schools for ten years, 

Said he couldn't give me his address, but if I would 
write a letter addressed to the principal of the Memphis 
City Schools, at Memphis, Tennessee, that he was sure he 
would receive it, which I did, and to my surprise, after 
four years of unsuccessful effort, and immediately after 
receipt of my letter, Mildred, (who we did not know existed 
until a few days before,) called us on the telephone and 
contact was made. 

They gave me much information and a wonderful bio- 
graphy, which made me very proud to be able to record. 

During the several years since I began gathering 
the required information necessary to build a chain of 
genealogy, I have written many letters to many parts of 
the United States and some to Alaska, 

The larger portion of relatives seem to live in 
Indiana, Michigan, Oklahoma, Kansas, and California, but 
many of them are scattered through the entire United 
States . 

Whenever possible I have included the present add- 
resses of the heads of the families, however, some people 
do move from time to time, and not all addresses recorded 
can be relied upon to stay correct. 

Sometime during the past seven years I have written 
most of the heads of the families, and I want to thank 
everyone for their efforts in helping me to acquire the 
data that I have been able to record, 

I have found several different relatives that at 
some time or other, have undertaken to produce a genea- 
logy record, but not being able to procure enough of 
the necessary information; seemingly never completed 
the task. Each and every one of these have my sympathy, 
and I hope that each of them will acquire one of the 
books, and help to perpetuate the extention of the 


history in the future. 

Uncle David and his wife, Amanda, lived on their 
farm one mile south of Sickles, Oklahoma, until Amanda 
died in 1917, then David went to live with his daughter, 
Jennie Geoffrey, at 2350 West Park Place, Oklahoma City, 

In 1918 or 1919, David visited with us in our home 
at Marion, Indiana, and at that time he was traveling 
among the relatives and was gathering information for his 
genealogy book, and my brother, Everett and I drove him 
around to see some distant relatives of his (none of whom 
we really knew,) and he took notes on their families to be 
used in his book. 

This book was a loose-leaf standard typewriter size 
paper, that contained 71 pages of typewritten materials, 
31 pages of which was recorded names of relatives; be- 
longing in the generation's; enumerated in this history; 
and, the other 46 pages mentioned names of relatives be- 
longing to the brothers and sisters of Joseph Eubank. 

It was not the intention of this writer to pursue 
the family records of the children of Hezekiah and Chris- 
tena Eubank, except that of Joseph Eubank (who was the 
sixth) child and who, with his wife, Rosana, were the 
progenitors of the following recorded generations. 

I used the information mentioned in those 31 pages 
with much correction and addition, as a starting point. 

The last recordings in Uncle David's historical 
sketches in those 31 pages were made in about the year 
of 1920. 

It became necessary for me to go back to the year 
of 1867 to procure the names of the first born children 
of the sons and daughters of Joseph and Rosana Eubank, 
and record them and the dates of their births, and con- 
tinue on down with the marriages and births of the fol- 
lowing generations, which necessitated the searching 
through 105 years of family records in order to obtain. 

Some exact dates are missing and it is possible 
that they can still be secured, and there are blank 
spaces left where they can be inserted, but I feel that 
my advanced age will not permit me to wait longer, for 
fear that I will be unable to get it finished as I would 
like it to be, and have it printed in book form and dis- 

This book will contain 288 Indexed pages. 

It contains more than 1,200 names, all of which are 
either direct or indirect relatives of the more than six 
generations - of whom Joseph and Rosana Eubank, were the 


In all instances where possible, it gives the 
full name; date of birth; date of marriage; to whom 
married; and the names and birth dates of their chil- 
dren, beginning with the co-pro jenitors , who were the 
children of the original projenitors. 

Also, many of the records of relatives contain a 
partial biography or schoolastic, or other achievement. 

Where possible to obtain, I have recorded the dates 
of the deaths of each of the relatives that have passed 
away, and the addresses of the heads of the families 
(which were correct on the dates shown,) at the bottom 
of the recorded spaces. 

With one of these books in one's possession they 
are in a position to use it in writing letters to rela- 
tives, or to answer many questions that arise in the 
family conversation - almost daily. 

I had my first manuscript indexed: ready to use 
about four years ago, and while it was not nearly 
finished, I found it to be a source of information 
that I would feel lost without. 

Dren Emmett Eubank, the writer, and his ujife Ethel IMaami; 
picture taken at the site of the big Cypress tree, on U.S. 
Highuay 92, near De Land, Florida, where ue stopped on our 
way from Orlando to Daytona Beach, where we visited with 
Alva and Belva Eubank, on our first trip to Fla. in 1955. 


Joseph and Rosana Eubank had eleven children, one 

of whom, Ellen, passed away at the age of 2 years, 2 

months and 29 days. 

The ten remaining children all lived to maturity 
and marriage. 

Following are the names of these children and 
their spouses, who constitute the progenitors of the 
following six generations, as enumerated in this Genea- 
logy History, 

Aaron and Lusadia (Swaim) Eubank, 
David and Amanda (Becker) Eubank. 
William and Hester (Ruble) Eubank. 
Henry James and Charlotte (Swaim) Eubank. 
Sarah Catherin (Eubank) and Thomas Allen Ruble. 
Eliza Jane (Eubank) and Joseph B. Ketner. 
John Franklin and Lydia (Ketner) Eubank, 
Mary Etta (Eubank) and Alexander Keith. 
Elizabeth Ann (Eubank) and Elam Perviance Mitchell. 
Ida Rosana (Eubank) and John Nelson Ketner. 

All of the children born to the six generations 
(except a very few, if any,) that the genealogist was un- 
able to procure, have been recorded herein, by giving their 
parentage, names, and dates of birth, beginning with Joseph 
and Rosana Eubank and continuing down to the present time, 
December 1, 1974, as recorded in pages 1 to 285, inclusive. 


As Shown In General Index 

Joseph & Rosana Eubank, Pages 

Aaron Eubank " 

David Eubank, " 

William Eubank, " 

Henry James Eubank, " 

Sarah Catherin Ruble, " 

Eliza Jane Ketner, " 

John Franklin Eubank, " 

Mary Etta Keith, " 

Elizabeth Mitchell, " 

Ida Rosana Ketner, " 




























All of the above numbers are inclusive. 




Progenitors , 
Divisional Index, 
General Index, 
Male Eubank's living. 
Female Eubank's living, 







Male, other than Eubank's, 15. 

Female, other than Eubank's, 15, 

Total persons living, 15. 

Eubank's that have died, 15. 

Total of all others dead, 15. 

Total of all names recorded, 15. 

Wives of the deceased children 

of the projenitors, living, 16, 

Wives of the living children 

of the projenitors, living, 16. 

Children of the original pro- 
jenitors, now living, 16, 

Males Born with the name of 

Eubank, now living, 16-17, 

Females born with the name 

of Eubank, now living, 18-19, 

Book Owners "New" family; 

Births, 20. 

New Marriages, 21. 

New Deaths, 22. 

Hezekiah and Christena 

Eubank and family, 23-24, 
Joseph and Rosana 

Eubank and family, 25-26, 

Aaron Eubank, 27-28, 
Arthur Eubank, 29-30-31-32, 

Clara Levanda Crom, 33-34, 

Gladis Mann, 35, 

Morris Ford Mann, 35, 

Dorothy Mae Peterson, 36. 

Margaret Lickert, 36-37, 
Mildred Stimbert, 37-38-39, 

Phyllis Ann Patterson, 40, 
Dr, Vaughn Elden Stimbert, 40, 

Jay Leroy Crom, 41, 

Elda Bell Miller, 41, 

Elmer A, Eubank, 42, 

David Eubank, 42-43, 

Lora Luella Lord, 44, 

Earl David Lord, 44, 

Truman Clarence Lord, 44, 

Eva May Lord, 45-46, 

Phyllis Celesta Ebert, 47, 

Harold Lloyd Morris, 47, 

Anna Elaine Folkin, 48, 

Edward Calvin Lord, 48, 

Harry Edward Lord, 48, 


Charles Wesley Lord, 
Raymond Eubank Lord, 
Joseph Edward Lord, 
Walter H, Eubank, 
Grace A. Smell, 
Keith G. Smell, 
Phoebe Rosana Fauchier, 
Ethel J. FiOgg, 
Stella Fay Schilberg, 
Linda M. Allen, 
Glen Ray Schilberg, 
Dona Karen Brandrup, 
Gary Walter Schilberg, 
Delia Hollis, 
Robert L. Hollis, 
Gerald Reese Hollis, 
Lloyd Mogg, 
Kenneth Lloyd Mogg, 
Letha Pearl Clay, 
Gertrude M, Monger, 
Clarence Martin Fauchier, 
Mary Helen Steinkamp, 
Dorothy Gene Martenson, 
Betty Lou Fauchier, 
Gladys G. Gray, 
Helen Bernice Gastineau, 
Charles Kozak, 



59. I 


Charles Fredric Gastineau, 

Bettie Sue Gorforth, 

Grace Eleanor Moyer, 

Mildred May Kelly, 

Dorothy Arlene Millirons, 

Nellie M, "Jones" Fadely, 

Marion L. Jones, 

Francis May Staggs, 

Arthur J. Staggs, 

Glen D. Jones, 

Dorothy Marie Fincher, 

Leona Lillian Murphy, 

Sandra Rae "Chauf ty"Spradling, 65. 

Lena Eva "Van Horn" Geyer, 66. 

Esther B. Westbrook, 66. 

Martha Jane Geoffrey, 67-68. 

Clarence Ralph Geoffrey, 

Floyd Ernest Geoffrey, 

Lizzie Amanda Geoffrey, 

Evelyn E. O'Malley, 

Edward Eugene Geoffrey, 

Shirley Ann Bacon, 

Arthur Leroy Geoffrey, 

La'Veda Ruth Ingram, 

Guy Leland Geoffrey, 

Betty Lou Beeney, 

Rex Lee Beeney, 




Debra Lynn Kindred, 76. 

Alta May Poole, 77. 

Floyd Kenneth Poole, 78. 

Cecil Carl Geoffrey, 79. 

Carol Ann Alcock, 79. 

Franklin Abram Eubank, 80. 

Flo Lee Gilmore, 80. 

Marieta lone Thomason, 81. 

Jerry Frank Thomason, 81. 

Mildred Marie Fowler, 82. 

Alva David Eubank, 82. 

Peggy Lou Sides, 83. 

Jack Dale Eubank, 83. 

Marimeth Hays Eubank, 84. 

Charles L. Eubank, 2nd., 84-85. 

Levi Lesley Eubank, 85. 

Mary Lois Bailey, 86. 

Marilyn C. Cooper, 86. 

Clyde Ansel Eubank, 87. 

Charlsie Iris "Ming" Holland, 37. 

Theta Joan "Matthes" Rowe, 88. 

Tharrel Dean Ming, 89. 

Hazel Lavon Stigall, 89, 

Evelyn Louise "Seeley" Wheeler, 90. 

Richard Leroy Stigall, 90. 

Gary Lewis Stigall, 91. 

Sharon Winell Bill, 91. 

Linda Jane Rice, 
Letha Blanch Trent, 
Ted Wesley Trent, 
Judith Lynne Forestelle, 
Charles Leroy Eubank 1st., 
Nina Bernice Conant, 
Anna Beverlee Alexander, 
Audree Bernice Daniels, 
William Eubank, 
James Henry Eubank, 
Ruth Rosella Mathias, 
Alonzo Floyd Mathias, 
Gerald L. Mathias, 
Thomas Gerald Mathias, 
Richard Eugene Mathias, 
Edward Dean Mathias, 
Garnet Elaine Goodrich, 
Barbara Elaine Weldman, 
Virginia May Brigham, 
Stephen Arthur Brigham, 
Carol Lynn Hartstien, 
Hester Marie Collner, 
Rose Marie Field, 
Sheryl Dawn Delmater, 
Phyllis Jean Goodwin, 
Marilyn Fleuretta Soloman, 
Richard Earl Soloman, 






























Wendell Dennis Collver, 

Terrance Dennis Collver, 
Jeffrey Paul Collver, 
Burton Wayne Collver, 
David Daniel Collver, 
Janis Ruth Augsbury, 
Alonzo Mellville Eubank, 
Edna Cleo Robinson, 
Grace Ellen Simons, 
Barry Dale Simons, 
Caroline Effie Sellers, 
Milford E. Sellers, 
Ruth E. Sackett, 
Hubert M. Sellers, 
Jeanne M, Lott, 
Oscar Allen Eubank, 
William Oscar Eubank, 
John Alonzo Eubank, 
Paul Haver Eubank, 
Dorothy Matilda Dickerson, 
Helen Levaughn Green, 
Lucile Ann Lewis, 
Mary Josephine Eubank, 
Reuben Alonzo Eubank, 
Jeffrey Lee Eubank, 
Sarah Delphina Schofield, 
Pauline Chandler, 




























Gene Carlton Chandler, ll?* 

Dorr is Arlene Grouse, 122. 

Grace Lucile Ault, 122. 

Joan Carol La'Chapella, 123. 

Mary Elizabeth King, 123. 

Leonard Arthur Ault, 124. 

Nina Marie Bross, 124. 

Charles Bross, 125. 

Richard Bross, 125. 

Marylin Dauksas, 126. 

Robert Bross, 126. 

Shirley Capriotti, 127. 

Patricia Sass, 127, 

Joyce Schult, 128. 

Kenneth Bross, 128. 

Eva Karen Parker, 129. 

Harold Goulding Schofield, 129. 

Harold Morris Schofield, 130. 

Betty Fouschi, 130. 

Donald Schofield, 131. 

John Carlton Schofield, 131. 
Henry James Eubank, 132-133. 

Charles F. Eubank, and 
Historical Sketch, 134-138, 


Clarence E. Eubank, 139-140. 
Charles Curtiss Eubank, 139, 
Roy Franklin Eubank, 141, 



Edward Leroy Eubank, 142. 

Charles Leroy Eubank, 3rd,, 142. 

Doris M. Teeter, 142. 

Larry Edward Teeter, 143. 

Twylah E. Hazelton, 143-144. 

Ida Viola Bell Pulley, 145t146. 

Urshell E. Pulley, 146-147. 

Berneta Marcia Underwood, 148. 

Cheryl Lee Bauer, 148. 

Roy Richard Reichenback, 148. 

Wanetta Purvis, 149. 

Anita Ann Snyder, 150. 

Edith Echoe Foster, 150-151. 

Bryce H. Foster, 152-153. 

Grace Gladys Pope, 154. 

Patricia Chamberlin, 154-155. 

Roger Pope 2nd., 155. 

Marilyn Sue Lahr, 156. 

Carolyn Ann Jones, 156. 

Ernest Everett Eubank, 157. 

Marie G. Funkhouser, 157. 

Harry Melvin Funkhouser, 158. 

Russel Henry Funkhouser, 153. 

Rebecca Zion, 159. 

Patricia Funkhouser, 159. 

Marjorie Eubank, 159. 

Oren Emmett Eubank, 160-168, Incl . 

Austin Virgil Eubank, 
Joan Elizabeth Serven, 
Richard Leon Eubank, 
Ronald Curtis Eubank, 
Robert Oren Eubank, 174- 
Lessel Addison Eubank, 
Bettie Arlene Metzger, 
Thomas Lee Metzger, 
Sarah Catherine Ruble, 
Ellis A. Ruble, 
Alva Alfred Ruble, 
Clinton Berlin Ruble, 
Manley Eugene Ruble, 
Elenor Genevieve Whitney, 
Arnold Clinton Ruble, 
Ernest Berlin Ruble, 
Maurice Lloyd Ruble, 
Mary Lois Williamson, 
Ethel May Ruble, 
Kathryn Pearl Birkhofer, 
Cecil Fleet Ruble, 
Robert Earl Ruble, 
Jeanne Elizabeth Penland, 
Lary Leon Penland, 
Beverly Jeanne Blaylock, 
Harold Wayne Ruble, 
Gordon Cecil Ruble, 
































Jesse Paul Ruble, 
Jesse Max Ruble, 
Elma Joan Latta, 
Virginia June Van'Husyen, 
Carol Ann Mitchell, 
Mable Mildred Ruble, 
Lawrence Allen Ruble, 
Lawrence Harmon Ruble, 
Sue Ann Tatro, 
Kenneth Raymond Ruble, 
Dorris Gardner, 
Rosetta Wilford, 
Betty Sanders, 
Alfred Alva Eubank, 
Theadore Alfred Ruble, 
James Leroy Ruble, 
Burton Vincent Ruble, 
Carl Earl Ruble, 
Victoria Geanne Mackey, 
Ruth Ann Louise Morgan, 
Ronald Lawrence Ruble, 
Orville Ellsworth Ruble, 
David Ellsworth Ruble, 
Julia Ellen Mc'Donald, 
Marcia Jane Brandli, 
Carolyn Sue Nicholas, 
Joseph v;illiam Ruble, 

























Arthur Paul Ruble, 205. 

Martha May Morrison, 206, 

Richard Lee Morrison, 206. 

Ronald Dean Morrison, 207. 

Marcus W. Rubla, 207. 

Clifford Edward Ruble, 208. 

Robert Edmond Ruble, 208. 

Phil lis Joan Pond, 209. 

Allen Joseph Ruble, 210. 

Dr. James Frederick Ruble, 210. 

Donna Lou Schilling, 211. 

John L. Ruble, 211. 

David Arlen Ruble, 212. 

Sarah Lee Zook , 212. 

Lillie E. "Stephens" Green, 213. 

Florence Swaim, 213. 

Howard E. Stephens, 214, 

Richard E, Stephens, 214. 

Sandra Lee Wineland, 215. 

Bertha Roberts, 215. 

William Arthur Roberts, 216. 

Marjory Ann Beach, 216. 

Phillis J, Cascone, 217. 

Judith Elaine Wilson, 217, 

Ruth Beatrice Schemehorn, 218, 

Richard Edward Schemehorn, 218, 

Bruce Richard Schemehorn, 218, 



Neil R. Schemehorn, 219. 

Bonnie Lou Disidore, 219, 

May Josephine "Harrold" 

Swaim, 220. 

Lois Jane Brauchla, 220, 

James Leon Harrold, 221. 

Clara Bell Whitehurst, 221. 

Russel Whitehurst, 222. 

Chester Dain Whitehurst, 222. 

Joseph Harmon Whitehurst, 223. 

Woodrow Whitehurst, 223. 

Harriet E. Goodell, 223. 

Mary E. Whitehurst, 223. 

Nellie L. Hegler, 224. 

Effie M. Keith, 224. 

Dorothy Ellen Palmer, 225. 

James D. Palmer, 225. 

Dale Henry Keith, 226. 

William Troy Keith, 226. 

Bonieta Sue Conrad, 226. 

Rosa R. "Lucky" Stroup, 227. 

Earl E. Lucky, 228. 

Richard Eugene Lucky, 228, 

Shirley Marie Miller, 229, 

Lary Edward Lucky, 229, 

Jackie Lee, 229. 

Glen E. Lucky, 230. 

Raymond Edgar Lucky, 230. 

Judith Marie Lucky, 
Eliza Jane Ketner, 

William Henry Ketner, 
Jane Beatrice Brown, 

Kenneth Wayne Brown, 

Margaret Evelyn Sanders, 

William Orton Sanders, Jr., 

Bonnie Evelyn Odle, 

Montie Julia Goolsby, 

Charles Elmer Ketner, 

John Floyd Ketner, 

Hilda Turner, 

Linda Greenway, 

James Turner, 

Nina Dooley, 

Edith Vawter, 

Mary Gribbs, 

Frank Ketner, 

Daisy Pearl (Pearson) Macy, 

Claud E. Pearson, 

Karren R. Cubbons, 

Robert Floyd Macy, 

Hazel M. Bogard, 

Richard Bogard, 

Stephen Bogard, 

Roger Bogard, 

Susan Laughlin, 






























Jack Macy, 

John Franklin Eubank, 
Alva Eubank, 
Glen Eubank, 
Catherin Dalton, 
Paula Jones, 
Glen Dalton, 
Barbara Dinius, 
Joan Ray, 
Stephen Ray, 
Carol Watson, 
Marjorie Calescott, 

Nancy Heaton, 

Claud Eubank, 

Dorothea Goodwin, 

Lena May Travis, 

Arthur J. Miller, 

Paul Medford Miller, 

Edith Marie "Moon" Franklin, 

Robert Lee F-ioon, 

Leon Thomas Moon, 

Earl E. Miller, 

Ralph Clinton Eubank, 

Daisy "Arnold" Daugherty, 

Harold E, Arnold, 

Marilyn Ray Faught, 

Allen Wayne Arnold, 




















, 257. 









Dorothy Pearl Reeder, 
Wilbert Arnold Reeder, 
Rollin Kenneth Reeder, 
Larry Lee Reeder, 
Russel Clifford Arnold, 
Janice Kay Dykema, 
Susan Jane Anderson, 
Margaret Miller, 
Roger Eugene Miller, 
Bruce Arnold Miller, 
Carol Ann Reber, 
Marcel la Jones, 

James Jones, 
Mary Etta Keith, 
Elizabeth Ann Mitchell, 
Harry Verlin Mitchell, 
Elizabeth M. Ramsey, 
Margaret M, Cunningham, 
Ida Rosana Ketner, 
Catherins last letter. 






















All male relatives born with the name of Eubank, 
during this period and listed herein, who are living 
at this time. May 1, 1974, Number • 32. 

All female relatives of like caliber and living 
at the above stated time. Number 40. 

All male relatives born with the name other than 
Eubank, during this period, listed herein and living 
at this time, March 1, 1973, 504. 

All female relatives of like caliber and living 
at the above stated time, 510. 

Total names of all living persons recorded in 
this book at the above stated time 1086. 

Those who have passed away, who were born by 
the name of Eubank, male and female, number about, 42. 

Those who have passed away, who were born 
with names other than Eubank, number about, 84. 

Total of all names of relatives recorded in 
this record, number about, — 1212. 


Wives Of The Deceased Children Of The 
Projenitors, That Are Still Living As Of 
May 1, 1974. 
Hattie L, Hartman, the wife of Charles Leroy Eubank, the 
son of David Eubank, 

Marie A. Mitchell, the wife of Harry V. Mitchell, the 
son of Elizabeth Ann (Eubank) Mitchell. 
Belva Eubank, the wife of Alva Eubank, the son of John 
Franklin Eubank. 

Wives Of The Living Children Of The Projenitors 
Still Living Are: 
Ethel Naomi Eubank, the wife of Oren Emmett Eubank, the 
son of Henry James Eubank, 

There are but four of the children of the original 
projenitors living at this time, as follows: 

Oren E, Eubank, Floyd Ketner, Daisy (Eubank) (Arnold), 
Daugherty, and Marcella (Eubank) Jones, both daughters of 
John Franklin Eubank, 

Following are the recorded names of the relatives, 
and the father of each, that were born with the name 
of Eubank; that are still living at this date. 

Oren E, Eubank 
Walter H. Eubank 
Clarence E, Eubank 
Oscar Allen Eubank 


Henry J. Eubank 
Joseph E. Eubank 
Charles F, Eubank 
Alonzo M. Eubank 



Alva David Eubank, 
Roy Franklin Eubank, 
Glen Eubank, 
Rheuben A. Eubank, 
Claud Eubank, 
Robert Oren Eubank, 
Charles Leroy Eubank, II, 
William Oscar Eubank, 
John Alonzo Eubank, 
Edward Leroy Eubank, 
Paul Haver Eubank, 
Jack Dale Eubank, 
Richard Leon Eubank, 
Charles Curtis Eubank, 
Jeffrey Lee Eubank, 
Ronald Curtis Eubank, 
Stephen Austin Eubank, 
Steph Allen Eubank, 
Clinton Paul Eubank, 
Charles Leroy Eubank, III, 
Jefferson Mark Eubank, 
Lawrence W. Eubank, 
John Oren Eubank, 
Robert Merritt Eubank, 
James Brian Eubank, 
Troy Dale Eubank, 
David John Eubank, 

Frank A, Eubank, 
Charles F, Eubank. 
Alva Eubank. 
Alonzo M, Eubank, 
Alva Eubank, 
Oren E. Eubank. 
Merimeth H. Eubank, 
Oscar A. Eubank. 
Oscar A. Eubank. 
Roy F, Eubank, 
Oscar A, Eubank. 
Alva David Eubank. 
Austin V. Eubank. 
Clarence E. Eubank. 
Reuben A, Eubank. 
Austin V. Eubank. 
Charles L. Eubank, II, 
William 0, Eubank. 
Paul H, Eubank, 
Edward L, Eubank. 
Charles L. Eubank, II, 
Richard L. Eubank. 
Robert 0. Eubank. 
Robert 0. Eubank. 
Edward L. Eubank. 
Jack Dale Eubank. 
Richard L. Eubank, 





Pearl Daisy (Eubank) Arnold, 
Flo Lee (Eubank) Gilmore, 
Edna Cleo (Eubank) Robinson, 
Mildred Marie (Eubank) Fowler, 
Caroline E. (Eubank) Sellers, 
Mary Josephine Eubank, 
Marcella (Eubank) Jones, 
Grace A, (Eubank) Smell, 
Twylah E, (Eubank) Hazelton, 
Nina Bernice (Eubank) Conant, 
Charlcie Iris (Eubank) Ming, 
Marie G, (Eubank) Funkhouser, 
Cleo R. Eubank, 
Hazel Lavon (Eubank) Stigall, 
Marjorie Eubank, 
Bettie Arlene (Eubank) Metzger, 
Mary Lois (Eubank) Bailey, 
Catherine (Eubank) Dalton, 
Peggy Lou (Eubank) Sides, 
Barbara (Eubank) Dinius, 
Doris M, (Eubank) Teeter, 
Dorotha M, (Eubank) Dickerson, 
Joan (Eubank) Ray, 
Joan Elizabeth (Eubank) Serven, 
Marjorie (Eubank) Calescott, 
Helen Lavaughn (Eubank) Green, 

John F, Eubank, 
Frank A. Eubank. 
Alonzo M, Eubank, 
Frank A, Eubank. 
Alonzo M, Eubank. 
Alonzo M, Eubank. 
John F, Eubank. 
Joseph E. Eubank. 
Charles F. Eubank. 
Charles L. Eubank, Sr, 
Clyde A. Eubank. 
E, Everett Eubank. 
Walter H. Eubank. 
Clyde A, Eubank. 
E, Everett Eubank. 
Lessel A. Eubank. 
Marimeth Eubank. 
Glen Eubank. 
Alva D. Eubank. 
Glen Eubank. 
Roy F. Eubank, 
Oscar A. Eubank. 
Glen Eubank. 
Austin V, Eubank, 
Glen Eubank, 
Oscar A. Eubank. 



Lucile Ann (Eubank) Lewis, 
Dorothy C, (Eubank) Goodwin, 
Teresa Lynn Eubank, 
Karen Elizabeth Eubank, 
Vicki Carol Eubank, 
Sheila Kay Eubank, 
Vickey Ann Eubank, 
Susan Marie Eubank, 
Amanda Jean Eubank, 
Kathryn Jean Eubank, 
Celeste Marie Eubank, 
Heather Jean Eubank, 
Myra May Eubank, 
Lisa Renie Eubank, 

Oscar A. Eubank, 
Claud Eubank, 
John A, Eubank, 
William 0. Eubank. 
Charles L, Eubank, II, 
John A, Eubank, 
John A, Eubank, 
Richard L, Eubank, 
Richard L, Eubank, 
Richard L, Eubank, 
C, Curtis Eubank, 
Richard L. Eubank, 
C, Curtis Eubank. 
Ronald C, Eubank, 



This space to be used to record the names and dates of births 
of children born to the family in possession of this book, 
that are not already recorded herein. 




This space to be used to record the names and dates of 
marriages of children born to the family in possession 
of this book, that are not already recorded herein. 



This space to be used to record the names and dates of 
deaths of family relatives of the family, in possession 
of this book, that are not already recorded herein. 




Hezekiah Eubank was born in Rockingham County, State of 
Virginia on September 27, 1786, 

Christena Deardoff was born in the State of Maryland 
in about the year of 1788, and with her father and mother 
moved to Bedford County, Virginia, in about the year of 1795, 

Hezekiah and Christena were married in Rockingham County, 
Virginia, in about the year of 1805, 

They emigrated to Montgomery County, Ohio in the year of 
1806, on Toms Run in an ox cart, drawn by two oxen; one oxen 
in the shalves and the other in the lead: they upset several 
'Limes during the trip. 

They settled on 52 acres of land, 15 miles from Dayton, 

To this union were born 12 children (7 boys and 5 girls). 

John Eubank, born May 11, 1810; 

Sarah Eubank, born October 18, 1811; 

Henry Eubank, born August 8, 1813; 

Thomas Eubank, born April 22, 1815; 

Mary Eubank, born April 4, 1817; 

Joseph Eubank, born — October 8, 1820 ; 

Jacob Eubank, born August 20, 1822; 

Elizabeth Eubank, born January 27, 1823; 

Rebekah Eubank, born January 27, 1826; 

Stephen Eubank, born May 20, 1829; 

Hezekiah Eubank, Jr., born- July 14, 1832; 

Esther Eubank, born October 20, 1835. 


Hezekiah Eubank, Sr,, passed away in the year of 1876, 
at Warren, Indiana, and was buried in the Plumb Tree Ceme- 
tery; he was about 90 years of age. 

There is no further record of Christena (Deardoff) Eubank, 
Hezekiah Senior's wife, available at this time. 

Joseph and Rosana Eubank and their granddaughter, Sarah 
Delphina, VJilliam Eubank's daughter, who was ten months 
old when her father and mother died. 

Her grandfather and grahdmother had already raised eleven 
children to maturity, three of whom were not as yet married, 
when they took her to raise. She was about nine years old 
when this picture was taken in about 1890. Her grandfather, 
Joseph died October 22, 18.91. 




Joseph Eubank was born to Hezekiah and Christena Eubank 
in Preble County, State of Ohio, on October 8, 1820. 

Rosana Rohrer was born to Aaron and Rachel (Deanor) 
Rohrer, in Washington County, State of Maryland, on November 22, 
1822, and moved with her parents to Pickway County, State of 
Ohio, in the year of 1834, when Rosana was about 12 years old. 

They moved from Pickway County to Preble County, where 
Joseph Eubank and Rosana Rohrer were married. May 16, 1841. 

They lived in Preble County, Ohio for about ten years, 
during which time, 5 of their children were born, the fourth 
child, a daughter, passed away before they left Ohio, and in 
the year of 1851, they moved to Indiana, purchasing 80 acres 
of land, two miles north of Warren, in Section 16, Salimony 
Township, Huntington County, Indiana. 

To this union 11 children were born (5 boys and 6 girls). 
Aaron Eubank, born June 21, 1842, deceased April 20, 1910; 
David Eubank, born September 25, 1843, deceased May 25, 1937; 
William Eubank, born October 10, 1845, deceased February 13, 1881; 
Rachel Ellen Eubank, born January 6, 1848, deceased April 5, 1850; 
Henry James Eubank, born November 24, 1849, deceased February 10, 1923; 
Sarah Catherin Eubank, born May 23, 1852, deceased February 9, 1916; 
Eliza Jane Eubank, born August 24, 1854, deceased April 13, 1950; 
John Franklin Eubank, born November 1, 1858, deceased December 2, 1944; 
Mary Etta Eubank, born October 8, 1860, deceased January 10, 1918; 
Elizabeth Ann Eubank, born August 12, 1862, deceased March 19, 1942; 
Ida Rosana Eubank, born December 14, 1865, deceased September 21, 1957, 



Joseph Eubank passed away on October 22, 1891 at 
the farm home in Warren, Indiana, at the age of 71 years 
and 14 days. 

Rosana passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs, 
Mary Etta Keith (known as Aunt Molly) on East Sherman Street, 
in Marion, Indiana, on October 4, 1911, at the age of 88 years, 
10 months and 12 days, 

Joseph was buried in Good Cemetery, Warren, Indiana; 

has stone monument with the following inscription: 

"Asleep in Jesus, Blessed Sleep 
In which none ever wake to weep", 

Rosana was laid to rest along side of Joseph, but no 

inscription of her appears. 

Sometime during the latter part of his life, Joseph was 
crowded by a high spirited horse in a stall of their barn in 
the farm and was injured, and the affects of that injury was 
thought to have shortened his life span. 

This was related to the writer by his brother, Charles 
Franklin Eubank, who was 16 years old when Joseph passed away 
and who was very closely affiliated with his grandfather during 
his late years. 



Aaron Eubank (the first son of Joseph and Rosana Eubank), 
and Martha (Dudley) Eubank, born September 30, 1347, were 
married in about the year of 1864. 

David Eubank 's record contains the following stanza . 

To the above union was born one child only, a male baby 
named Ellis Eubank. 

Martha passed away May 23, 1867, at the age of 19 years, 
8 months and 23 days. 

Aaron's second wife was Lusadia Swaim, who was born 
September 2, 1852 in Randolph County, North Carolina. 

They were married in about the year of 1868. 

To this union four children were born. 
Arthur L. Eubank, born Augus t 23, 1869; 
Clara Levanda Eubank, born October 16, 1871; 
Elmer Addison Eubank, born June 8, 1873; 
Walter Eubank, born August 17, 1875. 

Walter passed away on September 7, 1875, age 23 days. 

Lusadia was a sister to the writer's mother, Charlotte 
Swaim, and Aaron being my father's brother, made the children 
of the two families double cousins. 

Lusadia passed away March 23, 1877, at the age of 24 
years, 6 months and 21 days. 

Aaron's third wife was Catherin (Gebhart) (Good) of 
Fort Jefferson, Ohio, born February 12, 1838, and they were 
married in the year of 1879. 

She had a daughter by the name of Nora Conn at the time 

of their marriage. 


Gather in passed away in November of 1906 and Aaron 
on April 20, 1910, at the age of 67 years and 10 months. 

Aaron Eubank served four years and four months in the 
Thirty-Fourth Indiana Veteran Volunteer Infantry, 

My father, Henry James Eubank, was about 7 years younger 
than Aaron and had not yet been called for service when the 
war ended, and I remember him telling of this incident. 

Shortly before the war ended in the year of 1965, Aaron 
came home on a furlough, and the war was declared over while 
he was there, and when the news came, Aaron thought they 
should celebrate. 

He loaded up the old musket with a heavy charge of powder, 
using hornet '-s nest for wadding, elevated the muzzle of the gun 
into the air and squeezed the trigger. 

The explosion was terrific and Aaron was left standing 
with nothing but the stock of the gun in his hand, exclaiming 
in frenzy, "where is my gun?" 

This story was told by my father when I was small and has 

remained vivid in my mind, and I remember my father's humor 

as he used to relate the incident, „„. ,, .. ,. 

"The Writer" 

Aaron and his three wives are buried in the Good Cemetery 
in the southeast edge of Warren, Indiana, 

Stone bears his name and Twenty-Fourth Indiana Infantry 

David Eubank, on one of his visitations here from Oklahoma, 
after Aaron passed away, purchased and installed a grave marker 
for each of Aaron's wives, 



Arthur L, Eubank, the son of Aaron and Lusadia 
(Swaim) Eubank, left his father's home at the southeast 
corner of the intersection of Sherman Avenue and Ohio 
Street in Marion, Grant County, Indiana, in the year of 
about 1899, when he was about 30 years of age, going by 
horseback to the State of Colorado. 

He worked for a gold mining company near Telluride, 
in San Miguel County, Colorado, for several years as a 
tram man, after which he was employed by the Western Power 
Company at Illium, Colorado, and his job was to walk the 
Illium Flume. 

He slipped on the wet flume and fell, injuring his 
spine, causing paralysis, which caused his death. 

There is no available record at this time, December 
12, 1967, of the date of his death. 

Little more is known about him other than a type- 
written paper that was written by someone at the time of 
his death; that was sent to Floyd Ketner, a cousin of 
his and mine, and mailed by Floyd to this writer in 
December of 1967, 36 years after the accident. 

The supposition is that he, Arthur, never married. 

A facsimile of the above-mentioned paper appears 


Through inquiry by the writer to the Montrose 
Funeral Home, at Montrose, Colorado, as of December 
29, 1967, I received the following information. 


"Funeral Services for Arthur L. Eubank, were held 
at the Montrose Funeral Home Chapel at 2:30 P. M,, 
Oct, 12th., 1931, with burial in Ceder Cemetery, at 
Montrose, Colorado, 

He passed away Oct., 8th,, 1931, at St, Lukes 
Hospital, Montrose, Colorado, 

In the Funeral Home Records, there is nothing 
to show that he was ever married, or had any children," 


By Montrose Funeral Home, 




A.L, Eubank, 56, who passed away Thursday noon 
after injuries received last Friday, amazed all who 
came in contact with him, by his heroic spirit. 

Everything was alright with him and he spent 
his last days without complaining or murmuring. 

When told he had little chance, without an opera- 
tion and little more with one, and asked his opinion, 

he said, "he would leave it to the doctors decision 
as to what to do," 

Even in his last hours when asked how he was, he 
would reply, "fine" with a smile, although his friends 
knew he was not feeling fine, however, due to the 
paralysis that seized him immediately after the fall 
he did not really suffer any pain. 

He had been walking the Illium flume for the Colo- 
rado Power Company for eleven years; previous to that 
he was engaged in mining at Telluride, being a tram man. 

Little is known about him. He is survived by a 
sister, Mrs, W, L, Crom of Nehawka, Nebraska, who arrived 
Friday to make arrangements for the burial. 

He spoke of a brother, but did not know the address. 

The power company did everything possible for him, 
even bringing in a noted Denver specialist, to operate 
on him, but without success. 

He slipped on the wet flume last Friday and fell; 
his companion was unable to carry him to aid, and had 
to leave him for an hour and a half, while he went 
for aid. 

During that time it rained very hard, and Mr, Eubank 
said he never had anything annoy him so much as the 
heavy rain beating down in his face during that time 
and being utterly unable to ward it off, otherwise, 
he uttered no other word of complaint, everything was 
alright. He said if he could not get well it was 
alright and whatever happened was for the best. 

He took everything stoically, just as the old miner 
pioneers do. 

The body is at the Montrose Funeral Home awaiting 
funeral arrangements, 


This is an exact facsimile of an original typewritten 
paper, that was written presumably by someone at the 
scene, in about the year of 1931, 

Copied by Oren E, Eubank 
Dowagiac, Michigan December 29, 1967, 


Here is a newspaper clipping that was mailed to me 
by Mildred (Crom) Stimbert of 4730 Lorence Avenue, Memphis, 
Tenn,, who was the daughter of Clara (Eubank) Crom, Arthur's 
sister, as of March 4, 1970, in answer to my letter of 
inquiry to her of recent date. 


A.L, Eubank, dies as result of broken back. A. L, 
Eubank, who for the past 15 years has been in the 
employment of the Western Colorado Power Company in 
this Section, in the capacity of flume patrolman, passed 
away at St, Lukes Hospital, Montrose, Colorado at the 
noon hour, Thursday, Oct., 8th. 

While walking the flume, three miles above Ames last 
Friday, Mr. Eubank slipped and fell, breaking his back. 

Every effort was made to save his life, but his spine 
was so badly injured, that nothing could save him, 

0, G. Cowan of Illium was with him at the time of 
the accident. 

Dr. C. S. Mollohan was immediately summoned and Mr. 
Eubank was rushed to the hospital at Montrose, the doc- 
tor and Alva Otto making the trip with him. 

He had been paralyzed in the lower part of his body 
since the accident and had not been relieved of this 
condition, although everything possible had been done 
to help him. 

An intricate operation was performed by Dr. Robert 
G. Packard, one of the best surgeons in Denver, who was 
brought to Montrose by the power company. 

Three vertebras were broken in the lower part of Mr. 
Eubank 's neck. 

He was 56 years of age at the time of his death. 

Funeral arrangements will be made as soon as his 
sister and brother-in-law arrive from Nebraska. 

Other survivors are a brother who address is unknown 
and two uncles, one residing in Michigan, and one in 

Added By Writer 

The brother mentioned was Elmer Addison Eubank, of 
Dayton, Ohio. 

The uncle living in Michigan was John Franklin Eubank 
of Lake City, and the uncle residing in Oklahoma was David 
Eubank, of Oklahoma City. 

Also, at that time, three of his aunts on his father's 
side, Jane Ketner, Elizabeth Mitchel and Ida Ketner, were 
still living in Michigan. 

Arthur was about 32 years of age when he left the farm 
where Uncle John Eubank lived about three miles west of 
Banquo, Indiana, by horseback, bound for Colorado. He 
worked for the mining company at Telluride and the power 
company at Illium for about thirty years. 

He was 55 years, 11 months, and 15 days of age when he 

passed away. 



Clara Levanda (Eubank) "Charles" Crom (the daughter 
of Aaron and Lusadia (Swaim) Eubank, and James Charles, 
born May 3, 1865, were married September 22, 1898. 

To this union was born one daughter. 
Gladis Charles, born September 5, 1899. 

James Charles passed away December 30, 1901 at 
Marion, Indiana, at the age of 35 years, 7 months and 27 days, 

Clara Levanda Charles married a second husband, William 
L. Crom, (born August 9, 1869), on December 31, 1902 at 
Red Cloud, Nebraska. 

To this union was born one daughter, 
Mildred Crom, born January 19, 1907, at Logansport, Indiana. 

William Crom had two children by a previous marriage. 
Jay Leroy Crom, born May 19, 1894; 
Elda Bell Crom, born April 1, 1900. 

All four children were raised together as full brothers 
and sisters, and have the same respect for each other, as 
if they were. 

Following are the duplicates of the obituaries clipped 

from the newspapers at the time of the passing of William 

Lincoln Crom, and Clara Levanda Crom. 


William Lincoln Crom, son of Elijah and Jane Crom, 
was born August 9, 1869, He died near Moscow, Idaho, 
November 21, 1949, at the age of 80 years, 3 months, and 

11 days. 

Very early in his childhood he moved with his parents 
from his birthplace in Iowa to a homestead near Swanton, 


An interesting event in his life occured when the 
family started west in a covered wagon, driving a team 
of oxen, which followed the Oregon Trail, 

After many months enroute it was decided to turn 
back, and the family returned to Nebraska, 

A decision to dedicate his life to the Gospel minis- 
try was made at the age of 18, In 1895 he received his 
license to preach in the United Brethren Church and was 
ordained in that church in 1903, 

There followed additional years of study at the 
Indiana Central College, During 30 years of ministry he 
served charges in Indiana, Nebraska, and Kansas, 

His untiring efforts resulted in the building of 
larger memberships and general progress in each church. 

This was especially true in the church at Du Bois, 
which was a very successful work. 

He united with the First Presbyterian Church, Pawnee 
City, together with his wife, on December 29, 1946, 

Among his outstanding characteristics was his 
enthusiasm for anything he thought worthwhile. He had 
an unusual and vital concern for all the lost, and a 
deep interest in the Sunday school and in all Bible study. 

His last public talk was at the fellowship supper at 
the First Presbyterian Church, when he spoke of his future 
home in heaven and sang an old hymn, "I am Bound for the 
Promised Land," One song he loved to sing at the men's 
prayer meeting was "My Soul be on thy Guard," 

Surviving are his widow, Clara L, Crom; a son Jay 
L, Crom, of Pawnee City; three daughters, Mrs, Glen 
Miller, of Wellington, Kansas, Mrs, Morris Mann, of Omaha, 
and Mrs, E, C, Stimbert, of Memphis, Tenn,; 13 grandchildren, 
8 great-grandchildren, one brother C, J, Crom, of Sulphur 
Springs, Arkansas, two sisters, Mrs, John Gratehouse, of 
Lincoln; and Mrs, Marry Collicott, of Moscow, Idaho, 

Many nieces and nephews also survive him. 

Funeral services were held at the First Presbyterian 
Church, Saturday, November 26, at 2:30 P, M, 


Clara L. Crom, the daughter of Aaron and Leusada 
Eubank, was born on October 16, 1871, Queenamo, Kansas, 
and passed away on April 28, 1953, at Memphis, Tenn,, 
at the age of 81 years, 6 months and 12 days. 

In her early childhood she moved with her parents to 
Indiana, where she lived for many years. 

As the wife of a minister. Rev, W, L, Crom, she served 
untiringly with him in his pastorates in Indiana, Kansas, 
and Nebraska, 

Aside from her church work her main interest was her 
home and family. 

During their residence in Pawnee City, they were 
members of the Presbyterian Church, 

Following the death of her husband, she resided with 
her daughter in Tennessee, 

She is survived by her son. Jay L, Crom of Pawnee 
City, three daughters; Mrs, Morris F. Mann of Omaha; 



Mrs, Eldon Stimbert of Memphis, Tennessee; Mrs. Glen B. 
Miller of Wellington, Kansas; also, 13 grandchildren, 
15 great-grandchildren, one step sister, Mrs, Nora Conn, 
of Marion, Indiana, and many relatives and friends. 

The funeral service was held on Friday afternoon at 
Wherry's Mortuary, Rev. W. N. Wallis officiating, burial 
was in the Pawnee City Cemetery, 



Gladis (Charles) Mann, the daughter of Clara Levanda 

(Eubank) (Charles), and (James Charles), and Morris Ford 

Mann, Sr., born March 23, 1897, were married June 24, 

1922, at Omaha, Nebraska, 

To this union were born one son and two daughters, 
Morris Ford Mann, Jr., born November 30, 1923; 
Dorothy Mae Mann, born April 5, 1925; 
Margaret Charles Mann, born August 10, 1926; 
Gladys* address, 3320 Hamilton, Omaha, Nebraska 68131 . 


Morris F, Mann, Jr., the son of Gladys and Ford Mann, 
Sr., and Anna Federkiel, a German girl, born November 30, 

1923, were married in Germany on November 11, 1963, They 
have no children. 

They live at 5559 Dierschied Hy, , 13, Kries Bernkastle 

Wittlick, on the western border, by Luxenburg, Germany, 

Morris joined the Marines in 1942 and then the Navy, and 

finally the Air Force, He made a career of it and retired 

with 21 years service. His mother, Gladis (Charles) Mann, 

visited them there August of 1972 by plane, leaving here 

one day and arriving there 10 A, M, the next day. 

She said she even took them steaks, 



Dorothy Mae (Mann) the daughter of Gladys and Morris 
Ford Mann, Sr., and Kenneth Frederick Peterson, born June 
2, 1923, at Wayne, Nebraska, were married January 13, 
1945, in Omaha, Nebraska, 

To this union were born two sons, 
Chris Eric Peterson, born September 7, 1943; 
Kirk Dennis Peterson, born April 15, 1950, 

Both boys are now in Ohio; Chris having obtained 
his college degree there, and Kirk is working toward his, 

Kenneth has a degree in Electrical Engineering. He 
and Dorothy (as of this date), April 1, 1970, live at 
8258 Sugarman Drive, La Jolla, California, 92038, 

Margaret Charles (Mann) Lickert, the daughter of 
Gladys and Morris Ford Mann, Sr,, and Richard Walter 
Lickert, born April 18, 1920, in Omaha, Nebraska, were 
married May 10, 1946, in Omaha, Nebraska, 

To this union were born two sons and two daughters. 
Richard Walter Lickert, Jr,, born November 24, 1949; 
Susan Yvonne Lickert, born November 5, 1951; 
Holly Lynn Lickert, born November 1, 1953; 
Gordon Raymond Lickert, born July 14, 1956, 

The Lickert family live at 2345 South 35th,, Omaha, 
Nebraska, Richard and Margaret have lived their entire 
lives in Omaha, 


He is with the Civil Service Postal Department, and 
Margaret works at an Omaha Bank. Richard Jr., at present 
is in the Military Service, and the three younger children 
are in the public schools in Omaha. 



Mildred (Crom) Stimbert, (the daughter of Clara 
Levanda (Eubank) (Charles) Crom, and William F. Crom,) 
and Elden C. Stimbert, born September 25, 1908, were 
married June 24, 1930, at Lincoln, Nebraska. 

To this union were born two children. 
Phyllis Ann Stimbert, born January 25, 1932; 
Vaughn Elden Stimbert, born October 31, 1934. 

Present address (3/27/1970) - 4730 Lorece Avenue, 

Memphis, Tennessee, 38117. 

Partial Biography of Mildred (Crom) Stimbert, 

and family. 

I was born in Logansport, Indiana, January 19, 1907; 
my parents, William Lincoln Crom and Clara Levanda (Eubank) 
(Charles) Crom, have told me it was a night to remember. 
My father attempted to cross the flooding Wabash River on 
horseback to call a doctor. He had to turn back and they 
resorted to kindly neighbors for aid in the birth. When 
I was one year of age the family moved to Nebraska. Our 
first home was at Julian, where my father served as Min- 
ister at the United Brethern Church. Numerous moves were 
made during my childhood. During my high school days we 
lived near Plattsmouth, Nebraska and I completed all four 
years there, graduating in 1925. That fall we moved to 


Lincoln, Nebraska so that I could register and enter 
Nebraska Wesleyan University, I met my husband there; 
Elden Carl Stimbert of Inland, Nebraska. After graduating 
in 1929 we each taught one year and were married in June 
of 1930, Our first home was at Johnson, Nebraska where 
Elden was superintendent of schools. He remained in this 
position in Nehawka, Nebraska for ten years and Lyons, 
Nebraska for one year. At that time (during the war) 
he accepted a position with the Firestone Company in the 
labor and training division. We lived in Lincoln for two 
years and then moved to Memphis, Tennessee. After two 
years he was asked to become Director of Instruction for 
the Memphis Public School System, which he accepted and 
later became Assistant Superintendent, and for the last 
twelve years has been superintendent of the city schools. 
Our son and daughter were both born in Omaha, Nebraska 
while we were living in Nehawka, Nebraska. My sister, 
Gladys, who was an ostetrical nurse, was in attendance at 
both births. Our daughter, Phyllis, and son, Vaughn, both 
received their A. B. degrees from Memphis State University, 
Phyllis taught speech and english in Memphis and Culver City, 
California for seven years. She and her husband, Ronald 
Patterson, now live in Hollywood, California with their 
two sons, Kevin and Brian. Ronald is a graduate of the 
U.C.L.A, Art School. Our son, Vaughn, spent five years as 
a navigator with the Stragetic Air Command. He then came 
back to Memphis and got his M. A. degree in physiology. 
In 1962 he married Betty Mothershed, who was at that time 


the television science instructor for the Memphis City 

Schools. She has received her Ki. A, in Biology. They 

moved to Tallahassee, Florida for three years, where 

Betty continues to teach and Vaughn received his P.H.D. 

in physiology from Florida State University, They have 

now moved back to Memphis where Vaughn is with the Child 

Development Center of the University of Tennessee Medical 

School. They have two daughters, Cynthia and Susan. Over 

the years we have continued our education; I went back to 

Memphis State University and took the Library Science Course 

they offered; Elden got his M, A. from the University of 

Nebraska before we moved to Memphis. Since he has received 

honorary degrees and has been awarded many educational 

honors, both locally and nationally. 

This is a clipping from the Commercial Appeal 
of the Nashville Bureau, by William Bennett, 

Nashville, Tennessee, January 11, 1971. 

Governor Elect, Winfield Dunn, Monday appointed Elden 
C. Stimbert Superintendent of Memphis City School System, 
as State Commissioner of Education. 

Dunn lauded his fellow townsmen at the Monday afternoon 
press conference, saying, "his achievements as Superintendent 
of the Memphis School System are widely known." 

His ability to operate effectively in the field of 
education has been put to the test, and he came through 
with the highest mark, 



Phyllis Ann (Stimbert) Patterson. (The daughter of 
Mildred (Crom) Stimbert and Elden C. Stimbert), and 
Ronald J, Patterson, born November 2, 1930, were married 
May 3, 1956 at Memphis, Tennessee, 

To this union were born two children. 
Kevin Mac'Laren Patterson, born May 19, 1960; 
Brian Mac'Laren Patterson, born May 26, 1965, 

Present address as of March 4, 1970, 8747 Lookout 
Mountain Avenue, Hollywood, California, 90046. 

Vaughn Elden Stimbert, (the son of Mildred (Crom) 

Stimbert and Elden C, Stimbert), and Betty Sue Mothershed, 

born April 9, 1934, were married August 30, 1962 at Memphis, 


To this union were born; 

Susan Leigh Stimbert, born May 22, 1967; 

Cynthia Diane Stimbert, born July 4, 1969, 

The Vaughn Stimbert 's address as of March 4, 1970, 

is 4646 Chancellor Cone, Memphis, Tennessee, 38118, 



Jay Leroy Crom, the son of William Lincoln Crom and 
Julia (Mathews) Crom,) and Mary (Beamer) Crom, born 
September 29, 1891, at Du'Bois, Nebraska, were united in 
marriage September 15, 1915, at her home in Seneca, Kansas. 

To this union were born five sons and two daughters; 

Robert Beamer Crom, born July 14, ■ 1916 

V^ayne Leroy Crom, born September 8, -— 1918 

Richard Laverne Crom, born June 3, 1920 

Howard Ralph Crom, born October 18, 1921 

Julia Alice Crom, born July 5, 1925 

Rex Eugene Crom, born March 17, 1927 

Virginia Lee Crom, born October 24, 1929 

Wayne Leroy deceased September 9, 1956, at River Side, 
Cal if ornia; 

Jay Leroy, the father, passed away November 23, 1967, 
at his home in Pawnee City, Nebraska, 

Friary's address as of May 6, 1971 is: Mrs, J, L, Crom, 
Pawnee City, Nebraska, R.F.D,#1, 

Elda Bell (Crom) Miller, (the daughter of William 
Lincoln Crom, and Julia (Mathews) Crom,) and Glenn Miller, 
born December 3, 1895, were united in marriage December 
16, 1919, at York, Nebraska, 
To this union was born; 

Phillip Lee Miller, born May 1, 1922. 

Present address as of March 9, 1971, 617 South Wash- 
ington Street, Wellington, Kansas, 67152, 



Elmer A. Eubank, (the son of Aaron and Lusadia (Swaim) 
Eubank, and Elsie ( ) Eubank, born , 

No children were born to this union, however, they did 
adopt a daughter by the name of Margaret ( ), 

Eubank, born 

David Eubank, who at one 
time did considerable re- 
search tov/ard a genealogy 
history, as recorded on Page 
3 of this book, is certainly 
worthy of mention for his 
contribution to posterity. 
This picture of him was his 
only likeness that I was able 
to procure. 

The Writer 



David Eubank, who was the second child of Joseph and 
Rosana (Rohrer) Eubank, and Amanda (Becker) Eubank, born 

January 8, 1847, were united in marriage Jan ary 15, 1867, at 

Warren, Indiana. 

To this union were born six sons 
Laura Luella Eubank, born November 8, 
Joseph Edward Eubank, born 
Phoebe Rosana Eubank, born 

December 18, 1868; 
August 17, 1870; 

and four daughters; 

Martha Jane Eubank, born March 2, 1872; 
Franklin Abram Eubank, born May 12, 1874; 
Marimeth Hays Eubank, born August 23, 1876; 
William Eubank, born in 1879, died in infancy; 
Clyde Ansel Eubank, born February 28, 1882; 
Charles Leroy Eubank, born October 12, 1884; 
Edith Eubank, born in 1886, died in infancy. 



In the year of 1851 his parents sold the farm near 
New Madison in Ohio, and moved to Warren, Indiana and 
purchased eighty acres of land two miles north of town 
in Section 16, Salimony Township, Huntington County, Indiana. 

David helped clear up sixty acres of this land, ready 
for cultivation; then on August 1, 1862, he enlisted in 
the service of the Civil War; was mustered into service on 
August 17th and went to Louisville, Kentucky; then he was 
sent to Lebanon, Kentucky; then back to Louisville, Kentucky 
and marched to Frankfort, Kentucky and Boling Green, Kentucky, 
Then to Nashville and Murf reesboro, Tennessee. 

They stayed there until early in the spring of 1963 and 
then went to Chattanooga, Tennessee, 

In the spring of 1864 they moved out for Ringold, and 
started on the campaign for Atlanta. 

He was in the battle's of Chimago, Missionary Ridge, 
Rasaka, Buzzard Roost, Dalton, Kennesaw Mountain, and Peach 
Tree Creek, 

He was wounded in the battle at Peach Tree Creek on 
August 10, 1854, and was sent back to the field hospital; 
then the next day to Vining Station; then to Louisville, 
Kentucky and then to Evansville, Indiana. 

At this time they discovered gangrene in one of the 
wounds of the right leg, and it ate off one of the cords 
and came close to the artery, but they got it stopped in 

They got an order to discharge all at the hospital, 
and David was sent to Indianapolis, Indiana where his 
regiment was waiting for their discharge, and they all 
went home together. 

They were discharged May 26, 1865. 

As previously stated, David married Amanda Becker on 
January 15, 1867 and they rented and lived on the Irwin 
farm that year; then they lived on his Uncle Henry Eubank 's 
farm the following year, then late in the year of 1868 he 
went to Kansas and took a claim near Quenimo, and preempted 
it, where he lived until 1901, when he sold the farm at 

While living on the Irwin farm near Warren, Indiana, 
the first child, Laura Luella, was born, and the other nine 
children were born on the farm at Quenimo. 

They then bought a claim in Oklahoma, one mile south 
of Sickles and homesteaded it, and lived there until Amanda 
passed away on July 14, 1917, when David went to live with 
their daughter, Jennie Geofrey, at 2350 West Park Place , 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma . 

During this period of time David was working on his 
geneology book, which he turned over to Harry Mitchell for 
his keeping, on April 9, 1930. 

David passed away May 25, 1937 at Oklahoma City, and 
the funeral services were held at the Methodist Church with 
burial at Sickles, Oklahoma, where Amanda was buried. 

He was 93 years and 8 months old when he passed away. 


Laura Luella (Eubank) Lord, (the daughter of David and 
Amanda (Becker) Eubank,) and Edward Thomas Lord, born 
April 19, 1856, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, were united 
in marriage February 5, 1887, 

To this union were born one daughter and five sons. 

Earl David Lord, born January 6, 1888; 

Truman Clarence Lord, born April 3,- 1892; 

Eva May Lord, born August 8, 1893; 

Harry Edward Lord, born January 23, — 1895; 

Charles Wesley Lord, born November 21,- 1903; 

Raymond Eubank Lord, born July 2, -1906, 

Earl David Lord, (the son of Laura Luella (Eubank) Lord, 
and Edward Thomas Lord) and Olive Josephine (Ausman) Lord, 
born January 5, 1889, were united in marriage, at Lyndon, 

To this union no children were born, 
Olive Josephine passed away April 10, 1935; 
Earl David passed away February 8, 1960, 

Truman Clarence Lord, (the son of Laura Luella (Eubank) 
Lord and Edward Thomas Lord,) 

Truman never married; he was living in Miani 
when he passed away on April 10, 1969, 


Eva May (Loed) Morris, (the daughter of Laura Luella 
(Eubank) Lord, and Edward Thomas Lord,) and Benjamin 
Harrison Morris, born August 31, 1887, in Lyndon, Kansas, 
were married at Kansas City, Kansas, July 1, 1912, 

To this union were born two children, 
Phyllis Celesta Morris, born February 21, 1913; 
Harold Lloyd Morris, born August 7, 1921. 
Phyllis was born in Quenemo, Kansas. 
Harold was born in Miami, Florida. 

Benjamin Harrison passed away January 13, 1945, in 
Miami, Florida. 

Eva May's address as of April 7, 1971 was: 315 
N. W. 108th, Terrace, Miami 50, Florida, 33168. 

Benjamin Harrison Morris was managing a store for W.T. 
Farley, who owned and operated a chain of 66 stores, 

Mr, Farley arranged a contest to see which manager 
could make the largest volume of sales in a given time. 

The contest was started on October 1st, and ran 
until March 31st, a period of six months, 

Mr, Morris won the contest and Mr, Farley honored him 
and his wife with a trip to Europe. 

All arrangements were made through the New York 
Office, to make the trip. 

Leaving Miami, Florida, June 5, 1926 on Steam Ship 
Seneca, and arriving in New York June 8th. 


They set sail June 11th, (taking eleven days to cross.) 

The following travel log was related by them. 

We landed at Southhamton, England the 26th day of 
June; we -took the train to London, England; after spending 
several days in England, we went across the English Channel 
to the Hook of Holland, 

From there we went to Masterdam, Holland and spent 
five or six days there; the third day in Holland we visited 
the Isles of Marken, where the people dressed in their old 
native Dutch costumes; they also wore wooden shoes. 

After spending a pleasant visit in Holland we went 
to Antwerp and Brussels, Belgium, After visiting Belgium, 
and her cities, we went by train to Paris, France, 

While there we went to one of the battle fields and 
also the cemetery where the American and French soldiers 
were buried. 

Spending a week in Paris we went to Cherburg, France, 
and from there we took the boat ORBITA for home, 

The foregoing article was copied by this writer, 
from David Eubank 's genealogy manuscript that was 
produced by him in the 1920' s. 



Phyllis Celesta (Morris) Ebert, (the daughter of 
Eva May (Lord) Morris, and Benjamin Harrison Morris) and 
Robert Vance Ebert, of Winston Salem, North Carolina, 
born October 3, 1912, were married at Winston Salem, North 

To this union were born two children. 
Gregory Scott Ebert, born June 22, 1946; 
Marsha Val Ebert, born December 14, 1952. 

Gregory was born at Fort Bragg and Marsha at 
Winston Salem, North Carolina. 


Harold Lloyd Morris, (the son of Eva May (Lord) 
Morris, and Benjamin Harrison Morris,) and Leonora 

Galbreath, born_ at London, England, 

were united in marriage on December 23, 1944, at Sao Paulo, 
Brazil . 

To this union were born three children. 
Anna Elaine Morris, born February 5, 1946; 
Douglas Lord Morris, born May 18, 1949; 
Lynne Gail Morris, born November 6, 1953. 

Douglas was born in Miami and the girls in Sao Paulo. 



Anna Elaine Morris, (the daughter of Harold Lloyd 
and Lenora Morris,) and Allan Folkins, born October 3, 
1947, at Olathe, Kansas, were married December 27, 1969, 
at Orange Park, Florida. 

To this union was born one child, 
Kemberly Ann Folkins, born April 1, 1971, 

Present address as of April 1, 1971: 6533 Lee 
Valley Drive, Apt, 201, Springfield, Virginia, 22150. 

Harry Edward Lord, (the son of Laura Luella (Eubank) 
Lord, and Emily Jane (Corson) Lord, born November 1, 1920, 
at West Athens, Maine, 

To this union was born one child, 
Edwin Calvin Lord, born July 30, 1926. 

Emily Jane passed away February 7, 1964 in Miami. 
Harry is living at this time, April 7, 1971, at 400 N. W, 
57th, Court, Miami, Florida, 33168. 

Edward Calvin Lord, (the son of Harry Edward and 
Emily Jane (Corson) Lord,) and Ruth (Harvey) Lord, born 
October 12, 1929, were united in marriage April 12, 1945 in 
Miami, Florida. 

No children have been born to this union, 


Charles Wesley Lord, (the son of Laura Luella 
(Eubank) Lord and Edward Thomas Lord,) and Edme Desjarnes, 
born December 22, 1903, were married August 23, 1925, 

There is no record of any children having been 
born to this union, 

Charles Wesley passed away June IS, 1945, 


Raymond Eubank Lord, (the son of Laura Luella (Eubank) 
Lord, and Edward Thomas Lord,) and Hattie (Kokowski) Lord, 
born November 14, 1973 at VJarsaw, Poland, were united in 
marriage November 3, 1936, 

To this union was born one daughter, 
Karcia Lord, born June 19, 1933, 

Raymond passed away January 24, 1957, Karcia is not 
married yet, as of March 24, 1970, 


Joseph Edward Eubank, (the son of David and Amanda 
(Becker) Eubank,) and Ida F. (Neil) Eubank, born August 

28, 1870, near Quenemo, Kansas, were united in marriage 
February 10, 1892, at Quenemo, Kansas, 

To this union were born two children, 
Walter H, Eubank, born January 23, 1884; 
Grace A, Eubank, born March 27, 1905, 

Joseph Edward passed away in about the year of 1955; 
Ida F, passed away April 28, 1957, at Topeka, Kansas, 



Walter H, Eubank, (the son of Joseph Edward and Ida 
(Neill) Eubank,) and Nina B, (Stump) Eubank, born 

, were married October 20, 1912 

at Linden, Kansas. 

To this union were born two children. 
Cleo R, Eubank, born June 24, 1913; 
Edward F. Eubank, born January 1, 1918. 
Edv/ard passed away August 15, 1918, 

The writer was unable to acquire the record of Cleo 
R. Eubank. 


Grace A. (Eubank) Smell, (the daughter of Joseph Edward 
and Ida F. (Neill) Eubank,) and Keith G. Smell, Sr., born 
September 19, 1900, at German Town, West Virginia, v;ere 
united in marriage at Lyndon, Kansas June 8, 1921. 

To this union was born one child. 
Keith G. Smell, Jr., born August 25, 1923. 

Address of Mrs. Keith G. Smell, Sr., as of January, 
1971: 927 Munson, Topeka, Kansas, 66604. 


The writer was unable to acquire the record or address 
of Keith G. Smell, Jr. 

NOTE: Gary Schildberg interviewed Leo Richardson of Linden, 
Kansas. He said Keith G, Smell lives in Lawrence, Kansas; 
that he is a pharmacist, who has a drug store in Ottawa, 
Kansas. His wife and children's names are not known. 

There is a Vi/illiam Smell, listed in Ottawa, Kansas - 
phone, area code 913-242-7550, who might be a son of Keith 
G. Smell. This is mere conjecture by someone trying to 
help. No further information available. 

50. ! 


Phoebe Rosana (Eubank) Fauchier, (the daughter of 

David and Amanda (Becker) Eubank,) and John H, Fauchier, 

born July 14, 1367, were united in marriage June 1, 1839, 

To this union were born nine children, 

Ethel J, Fauchier, born April 8, 1890 

Letha Pearl Fauchier, born August 22, 1891 

Gertrude M, Fauchier, born May 29, 1394 

Clarerice M, Fauchier, born February 24, 1896 

Gladis G, Fauchier, born August 26, 1899 

Nellie M, Fauchier, born March 16, 1902 

Leona L, Fauchier, born April 11, 1907 

Lenora E, Fauchier, born July 7, 1910 

Esther B, Fauchier, born November 16, 1915 


Ethel J, (Fauchier) Mogg, (the daughter of Phoebe 
Rosana (Eubank) Fauchier and John H, Fauchier,) and Hiram 
Mogg, born October 17, 1885, were married December 14, 

To this union were born three children. 

Stella Fay Mogg, ) 

and ) 

Delia Mogg ) 

TWINS, born August 14, 1911; 

Lloyd Mogg, born January 16, 1916, 

Hiram passed away August 5, 1967, 

Ethel Jane (Fauchier) Mogg, passed away September 
13, 1973; was buried in Sickles Cemetery near Hinton, 
Oklahoma where she had been living. 



OF LATrta-D/OfjaAlNlii 

Stella Fay (Mogg) Schilberg, (the daughter of Ethel 

J. (Fauchier) Mogg, and Hiram Mogg), and Harry Walter 

Schilberg, born December 21, 1907, were married February 

22, 1937. 

To this union were born four children, 

Linda May Schilberg, born September 3, 1939; 

Glenn Ray Schilberg, born April 21, 1941; 

Donna Karen Schilberg, born July 23, 1945; 

Gary Walter Schilberg, born November 18, 1950. 

Harry and Stella Schilberg, address as of January 1, 

1972: 1013 E Sunset, Anadarko, Oklahoma 73005, 


Linda M, (Schilberg,) Allen, (the daughter of Stella 
Fay and Harry Walter Schilberg,) and Gerald Dean Allen, 

born , were married September 19, 


To this union were born three children, 
Michele Marie Allen, born September 19, 1959; 
Laurel Le Ann Allen, born November 26, 1960; 
Brian Dean Allen, born March 26, 1962, 

Address as of June, 1973: 2105 Brookhurst, Winston- 
Salem, North Carolina 27100. 



Glenn Ray Schilberg, (the son of Stella Fay (Mogq) 
Schilberg, and Harry Walter Schilberg,) and Lydia Beatrice 

(Cress) Schilberg, born December 23, , were married 

May 30, 1965. 

To this union were born three children, 

Debora Wynn Schilberg, born October 14, 1967; 

Dietrich Alan Schilberg, born November , 1969; 

Darren Reid Schilberg, born February 25, 1973, 

Address as of June 1, 1973: 53 North Gate, New 
Martinsville, West Virginia 26155, 


Donna Karen (Schilberg) Brandrup, (the daughter of 
Stella Fay and Harry Walter Schilberg,) and v;illiam Brandrup, 
born June 20, 1945, were married July 20, 1968, 

To this union was born one child. 

Jay Brooks Brandrup, born March 5, 1972, 

Address as of June 1, 1973: 303 West 5th Street, 
Miller, South Dakota 57362. 


Gary is unmarried, as of this date, June 12, 1973, 

He has been attending college in Rapid City, South 

Dakota, where he graduated in May, 

He is now staying at home with his father and mother, 

but plans to go to graduate college this fall, working 

toward his masters degree. 



Delia (Mogg) Mollis, (the daughter of Ethel J. 
(Fauchier) Hogg, and Hiram Mogg,) and Alvis Reese Mollis, 
born January 19, 1910, were married June 20, 1937. 

To this union were born two children, 

Robert L. Mollis, born February 7, 1940; 

Gerald R. Mollis, born Februarh 23, 1942, 

Address as of April 16, 1973: 4231 N, W, 54th, 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73100, 



Gerald Reese Mollis, (the son of Delia and Alvis 
Reese Mollis,) and Joanna (Brown) Mollis, born December 
23, 1946, were married November 16, 1968, 

To this union were born two children, 
Bradley Reese Mollis, born December 14, 1970; 
Dirk Allen Mollis, born April 2, 1973. 


Lloyd Mogg, (the son of Ethel J, (Fauchier) and Hiram 
Mogg,) and Helen Louise (Zamasy) Mogg, born November 6, 
1919, were married December 11, 1945. 

To this union were born three children. 

Kenneth Lloyd Mogg, born March 22, 1948; 

Lynn Mogg, born May 22, 1950; 

Cathy Ann Mogg, born June 2, 1958. 

Address as of April, 1973: 4845 North Bartell Road, 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73100. 



Kenneth Lloyd Mogg , (the son of Lloyd Mogg and Helen 
(Zamasy) Mogg,) and Edith Emily (Cochran) Mogg, born July 
12, 1947, were married November 3, 1973, 

To this union was born one child, 
Stephanie Louise Mogg, born November 3, 1973, 

Address as of January 1, 1974: 5716 Outer Drive, 
Knoxville, Tennessee, 37921, 

Letha Pearl (Fauchier) Clay, (the daughter of Phoebe 
Rosana (Eubank) Fauchier and John Fauchier,) and Louis Clay, 
born August 28, 1883, were married July 18, 1911, No chil- 
dren were born to this union, Letha Pearl passed away 
January 12, 1962 at Tuttle, Oklahoma. Louis passed away 
in the year of 1968, 

Gertrude M, (Fauchier) Monger, (the daughter of 
Phoebe Rosana (Eubank) Fauchier and John H, Fauchier,) 

and Melvin Monger, born , were married 

February 18, 1914, Gertrude passed away April 27, 1914, 


Clarence M. Fauchier, (the son of Phoebe Rosana 
(Eubank) Fauchier, and John H. Fauchier,) and Ted Snel- 
ling, born July 26, 1900, were married April 5, 1921. 

To this union were born three children, 
Mary Helen Fauchier, born March 2, 1922; 
Dorothy Gene Fauchier, born November 24, 1923; 
Betty Lou Fauchier, born July 5, 1925. 

Clarence passed away September 13, 1972 and was 
buried in Memorial Park at Enid, Oklahoma. He was born 
in Carbondale, Kansas and had resided in Medford, Oklahoma 
since the year of 1913. He was a farmer, rancher and 


Mary Helen (Fauchier) Steincamp, (the daughter of 

Clarence M. and Todd (Snelling) Fauchier,) and Wally 

Steincamp, born April 2, 1922, were married August 17, 1945, 

To this union were born two children. 
Sandra Kay Steincamp, born April 29, 1947; 

Stephen Douglas Steincamp, born November 20, 1950. 

Address as of June, 1973: 1401 N. W. 49th Street, 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73100. 



Dorothy Gene (Fauchier) Mortenson, (the daughter of 
Clarence M. and Todd (Snelling) Fauchier,) and Eldon 
Mortenson, born November 24, 1924, were married August 22, 

To this union were born two children, 
Janett Mortenson, born January 30, 1957; 
Dian Mortenson, born January 5, 1959. 

Betty Lou (Fauchier) Fauchier, (the daughter of 
Clarence M. and Todd (Snelling) Fauchier,) and Wally 
Fauchier, a distant relative, born July 5, 1925, were 
married August 20, 1944. 

To this union were born four children, 

Danny Fauchier, born September 16, 1945 

Randy Fauchier, born November 12, 19 

Charlotte Fauchier, born April 23, 


Tammy Fauchier, born February 4, 19_ 

Address :_ Oxford , 




Gladys G. (Fauchier) Gray, (the daughter of Phoebe 
Rosana (Eubank) Fauchier, and John A, Fauchier,) and 
Walton Dewey Gray, born July 11, 1898, were married March 
14, 1920. 

To this union were born four children, 

Helen Bernice Gray, born August 25, 1921 

Grace Eleanor Gray, born April 19, 1923 

Mildred May Gray, born November 23, 1930 

Dorothy Arlenne Gray, born November 25, 1934, 

Present address as of January 1, 1972, RFD# 1, 
Hinton, Oklahoma 73047, 

Helen Bernice (Gray) Gastineau, (the daughter of 

Gladys G. and Walton Dewey Gray) and Charles F, Gastineau, 

Sr,, born January 16,1920, were married November 10, 1941, 
To this union were born five children, 

Charlene Gastineau, born July 6, 1942; 

Charles Fredrick Gastineau, born March 26, 1944; 

Betty Sue Gastineau, born May 5, 1946; 

Lorretta Gastineau, born August 28, 1955; 

Stephen Gastineau, born April 13, 1957, 

Address as of April 16, 1973: 1153 Elm Street, 
Moore, Oklahoma 73060, 



Charlene (Gastineau) Kozak, (the daughter of 
Helen Bernice and Charles F, Gastineau, Sr,,) and 
Frank Kozak, born , were married 

To this union were born two children. 
Shelia Kozak, born February 25, 1965; 
Kay Kozak, born September , 1971. 


Charles F. Gastineau, Jr., (the son of Helen 
Bernice and Charles F. Gastineau, Sr.,) and Teresa 
Ann Kohler, born , were married 

To this union were born two children. 
Daniella Ray Gastineau, born July 3, 1967; 
Jennifer Lynne Gastineau, born March 7, 1969. 



Bettie Sue (Gastineau) Gorforth, (the daughter of 
Helen Bernice and Charles F, Gastineau, Sr.,) and James 
D, Gorforth, born December 12, 1942, were married January 
, 1967. 

To this union was born one child. 
Dawn Renee Gorforth, born November 29, 1959; Dawn passed 
away in infancy. 

Address as of May 1, 1974: 


Grace Eleanor (Gray) Moyer, (the daughter of Gladys 
G. (Fauchier) and Walton Dewey Gray,) and John Herman 
Moyer, born July 31, 1924, were married April 9, 1950. 

To this union were born three children. 
Larry Moyer, born December 11, 1955; 
James Michael Moyer, born October 2, 1956; 
Sharon Moyer, born October 29, 1958. 

Address as of April 16, 1973: 1101 North Lakeview, 
Derby, Kansas 67037. 



Mildred May (Gray) Kelly, (the daughter of Gladys G, 
(Fauchier) and Walton Dewey Gray,) and Lamar B, Kelly, 
born January 17, 1923, were married August 17, 1952, 

To this union were born two children, 
Kathy Erine Kelly, born May 8, 1960; 
Kevin Mark Kelly, born March 18, 1962, 

Address as of April 16, 1973: P.O. Box 85, 
Amherst, Texas 79312. 


Dorothy A. (Gray) Millirons, (the daughter of Gladys 
G. (Fauchier) and Walton Dewey Gray,) and Donald D. Milli- 
rons, born March 10, 1933, were married July 11, 1954. 

To this union were born three children. 
Randall Reed Millirons, born October 11, 1955; 
Brenda Loy Millirons, born February 13, 1959; 
Jeffrey Don Millirons, born November 7, 1962. 

Address as of April 16, 1973: 4740 S. E. 22nd Street, 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73115. 


Nellie M, (Fauchier) Jones, (the daughter of Phoebe 

Rosana (Eubank) Fauchier, and John H, Fauchier,) and 

Bruce Jones, born October 21, 1897 in Norwich, Kansas, 

were married July 2, 1921 in Sickles, Kansas. 
To this union were born four children, 

Marion L, Jones, born February 10, — 1924; 

Francis May Jones, born April 29, 1925; 

Glen D. Jones, born March 30, 1931; 

Dorothy Marie Jones, born April 20, — 1936. 

Bruce Jones passed away October 23, 1960 at Hennessey, 

Oklahoma. Nellie May later remarried to Eli C. Fadely and 

her present address is Newkirk, Oklahoma 74647. 


Marion L, Jones, (the son of Nellie May (Fauchier) 

Jones, and Bruce Jones,) and Doris Petoski, born 

, were married December 18, 1944. 

To this union were born five children. 

Donald L. Jones, born April 7, 1947; 

Gary Jones, born January 24, — — 1950; 

Ricky Jones, born September 3, 1954; 

Johnny Jones, born January 20, — 195 7; 

Dietra Sue Jones, born July 21, 1960. 

Marion's address as of January 1, 1974: 2712 Abbey 
Road, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120. 

Marion is the manager of Gold Spot in Oklahoma City. 



Francis May (Jones) Staggs, (the daughter of Nellie 
May (Fauchier) Jones, and Bruce Jones) and Everett Staggs, 
born September 13, 1947, were married January , 1946, 

To this union was born one child. 

Arthur J, Staggs, born September 13, 1947, 

Address as of January 1, 1974: 2304 West Rupe, Enid, 
Oklahoma 73701. 

Arthur J, Staggs, (the son of Francis May and Everett 

Staggs,) and Sherry Newkirk, born , were 

married December 23, 196S. 


Glen D, Jones, (the son of Nellie May (Fauchier) 

Jones and Bruce Jones,) and Mary Cook, born , 

were married _. 

To this union were born three children. 

Tommy Jones, born . 

Linda Jones, born March 31, 195 7; 
Pamelia Jones, born August 21, 1966. 

Glen is an electronic on the Sky Lab, and the Apollo 
that has been sent up at Cape Kennedy. 

Address as of January 1, 1974: 855 Montego Bay, 
Merritt Island, Florida 32952. 


Dorothy Marie (Jones) Fincher, (the daughter of 

Nellie May (Fauchier) Jones and Bruce Jones,) and Lloyd 

Fincher, born , were married August 28, 


To this union were born three children, 

Connie Marie Fincher, born March 6, 1957; 

Raymond D, Fincher, born February 19, 1953; 

Linda Darline Fincher, born March 14, 1961, 

Address as of January 1, 1974: Box 395, Garber, 
Oklahoma 73738, 


Most of the information concerning the Fauchier 
Family and their descendants, as recorded herein, was 
furnished by Alta Poole and Nellie May Jones and others, 
and was collected during Dewey and Gladys Gray's fiftieth 
anniversary party, on March 14, 1970. 



Leona Lillian (Fauchier) Murphy, (the daughter of 

Phoebe Rosana (Eubank) Fauchier and John H, Fauchier,) 

and Robert Ray, "Pat" Murphy, born September 10, 1904, 

at Hennessey, Oklahoma, were married on June 29, 1930, 

To this union was born one child. 

Sandra Rae Murphy, born September 13, 1942, 

At this date. May 13, 1973, Pat is director of Parks 

and Recreation for Oklahoma City, He has been with this 

division for nearly forty years and will be retiring before 


Address as of May 27, 1974: 2217 N. W, 119 Terrace, 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120, 


Sandra Rae (Murphy) Chaufty, (the daughter of Leona 
L, and Robert Ray Murphy,) and Leon James Chaufty, born 
, were married August 14, 1964, 

To this union were born two children, 
Meredity Leigh Chaufty, born December 3, 1965; 
Marni Allyson Chaufty, born October 19, 1969, 

L, J, is a Vice President of Fidelity Bank in 
Oklahoma City and Sandra is a school teacher. Both 
Sandra and L, J. are graduates of Oklahoma State University, 

Sandra remarried Roy Spradling in October of 1973, 
Address as of May 27, 1974: Sandra Ray (Schafty) Spradling, 
11400 Ashford Drive, (Surrey Hills), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 


Lenora E, (Fauchier) Van Horn (the daughter of 

Phoebe Rosana (Eubank) Fauchier and John H, Fauchier,) 

and Maurice Van Horn, born , were 

married , 

To this union was born one child. 

Ronald Van Horn, born , 

Lenora had four marriages, the last being Edwin 
Geyer, who was born March 2, 1901, and who passed away 
April 15, 1973. 

No record of any children being born to the last 
three unions, 

Ronald Van Horn, (the son of Lenora E. (Fauchier) 

and Maurice Van Horn,) and Jean , born 

, were married 

To this union were born four children, 

Theresa Van Horn, born 

Rhonda Van Horn, born 

VJilliam Van Horn, born_ 

John Van Horn, born_ 

Lenora's address as of January 12, 1973: Holliday, 
Texas 76366, 


Esther B. (Fauchier) Westbrook, (the daughter of Phoebe 

Rosana (Eubank) Fauchier, and John H, Fauchier,) and Carl F, 
Westbrook, born February 24, 1894, were married August 12, 
1941, To this union no children were born. They live in 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 1115 North Douglas Blvd., 73130. 



Martha Jane (Becker) Geoffrey, (the daughter of 
David and Amanda (Becker) Eubank,) and Gustave Carl 
Geoffrey, born November 22, 1867, were united in marriage 
on February 11, 1892, at Quenemo, Kansas, 

To this union were born eight children, 

Clarence Ralph Geoffrey, born April 18, 1893 

Floyd Ernest Geoffrey, born December 12, 1894 

Lizzie Amanda Geoffrey, born July 2, 1895 

Arthur Leroy Geoffrey, born December 14, 1898 

Guy Leland Geoffrey, born July 7, 1900 

Alta May Geoffrey, born December 16, 1902 

Letha Leona Geoffrey, born October 6, 1905 

Cecil Carl Geoffrey, born December 1, 1909. 

Gustave Carl Geoffrey, the father, came from France 
in 1979 when he was twelve years old, 


When Martha Jane and Gustave Carl Geoffrey were 
married in 1892 and they lived at Quenemo, Kansas, they 
moved to Oklahoma, (Canadian country,) and purchased a 
farm about twelve miles northwest of Elreno, Oklahoma, 
Because of Martha's health, they moved to Quenemo, Kansas 
in 1899. 

In 1901 Gustave and Martha's brother. Mirth Eubank, 
took a trip to Colorado and soon afterwards, in the same 
year, they moved to La Junta, Colorado, where Gustave 
operated a broom factory, 


They lived in Colorado about four years; then, in 
1904 they made a trip by covered wagon to Sickles, Oklahoma, 
where Martha's father, David Eubank, lived, 

Gustave did real well farming, but his health wasn't 
good. In a few short years, on December 8, 1916, he passed 
away at the early age of about forty-nine years, on the farm 
southwest of Hinton, Oklahoma, 

Martha moved to Hinton in order to educate the younger 
children; then, later, on to Oklahoma City, where she lived 
the remainder of her life. She passed away on February 20, 
1954 at the age of 81 years, 11 months and 18 days, 

Clarence Ralph Geoffrey, (the son of Martha Jane 
(Eubank) Geoffrey and Gustave Carl Geoffrey,) and Dora 
Ethel (Palmer) Geoffrey, born at Elreno, Oklahoma on 
March 17, 1894, were married at Brides Home, April 28, 

To this union were born three children. 
Evelyn E, Geoffrey, born May 25, 1916; 
Edward Eugene Geoffrey, born January 22, 1918; 
Shirley Ann Geoffrey, born September 4, 1933. 

Evelyn and Edward were born in Hinton, Oklahoma. 
Shirley was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 


Clarence Ralph writes his name as Ralph C, Geoffrey, 
Their address as of January 1, 1972 was: 2833 Winchester 
Way, Falls Church, Virginia 22042, 



Ralph C, and Dora E, Geoffrey moved from the farm at 
Hinton, Oklahoma in 1924 to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where 
he worked for an oil company; then in 1938 and during the 
depression years they moved to Washington D, C. where he 
worked at the defense department, Munitions Building, at 
19th Street, and Constitution Avenue, for nearly twenty 

He still works during the spring and fall months, 
but likes to take it easy during the cold weather, and 
they spend some time in the Florida sunshine. 

They celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary 
in 1965. 

They are proud of their family, as they justly should 


Floyd Ernest Geoffrey, (the son of Martha Jane and 
Gustave Geoffrey, born December 12, 1894, passed away 
September 3, 1895. 

Lizzie Amanda Jeoffrey, (the daughter of Martha Jane 
and Gustave Geoffrey,) born July 2, 1896, passed away 


Evelyn E. (Geoffrey) O'Malley, (the daughter of 
Clarence Ralph and Dora (Palmer) Geoffrey,) and Raphiel 
Michael O'Malley, born August 23, 1907, at Hempstead Long 
Island, were married December 2, 1939 in the Trinity Catholic 
Chapel, at Washington, District of Columbia. 

To this union were born two children, 
Michael Ray O'Malley, born September 29, 1946; 
Martha Jane O'Malley, born April 25, 1953, 


Evelyn attended the University of Oklahoma - then 
went to Washington, D, C. where she worked as a secretary 
and graduated at National University Law School, 

Her husband, Ray O'Malley, graduated from George Town 
University, passed the bar and has worked at the Treasury 
Department for thirty-two years. 

He has been regional director for Savings Bonds Division 
of the Treasury, living in the Washington, D, C. area. 

He is now being transferred to California, with head- 
quarters in San Francisco, with a large territory to super- 
vise, consisting of Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, 
Utah, Arizona and California. 

Address there: 2071 Fefferson Street, Marina, 
San Francisco, California, 


Ray retired from this job in January of 1971 and 

they were moving back to Virginia, 


Edward Eugene Geoffrey, (the son of Clarence Ralph 
and Dora (Palmer) Geoffrey) and Jeanne Marie O'Hara, born 
October 15, 1926, at Washington D, C., were united in 
marriage January 9, 1969, at Morehead City, North Carolina. 
To this union were born 


Edward served three years in the Air Force in Africa 
and Italy. 

Hecame back and finished his law course at National 

University and Cordell Hulls Law School, in or near 

Nashville, Tennessee. He has been with the National 

Guard, 113th, White House Squadron, stationed at Andrews 

Air Force Base, Maryland, since then. He is now at a Navy 

rework depot at Cherry Point, North Carolina, and just 

recently was married. 

Present address as of January 1, 1972: 
Chesapeake Beach, Maryland 20732. 


Shirley Ann (Geoffrey) Bacon, (the daughter of 
Clarence Ralph and Dora (Palmer) Geoffrey,) and Ernest 
Clifford Bacon, born December 27, 1928, in Amhurst, 
Massachusetts, were married May 12, 1956 at Washington, 
D. C. 

To this union were born two children. 
Robert Edward Bacon, born October 6, 1958; 
Barbara Ann Bacon, born October 15, 1959. 

Present address as of January 1, 1972: 7528 
Fairwood Lane, Falls Church, Virginia 22000. 


Arthur Leroy Geoffrey, (the son of Martha Jane 

(Eugank) Geoffrey, and Gustave Carl Geoffrey,) and 

Hazel Florence (Tustison) Geoffrey, born May 22, 1901, 

in Canadian country, Oklahoma, were united in marriage 

September 5, 1922, at Anadarko, Oklahoma. 

To this union was born one daughter. 

Laveda Ruth Geoffrey, born September 14, 1922. 

Arthur's present address as of January 1, 1972: 

2541 N. W, 14th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107. 



La' Veda Ruth (Geoffrey) Ingram, (the daughter of 
Arthur Leroy and Hazel (Tustin) Geoffrey,) and Sergeant 
John A, Ingram, born February 12,1932 at Oklahoma City, 

To this union was born one child, 
Stephen Douglas Ingram, born March 21, 1961, 


Guy Leland Geoffrey, (the son of Martha Jane (Eubank) 
Geoffrey, and Gustave Carl Geoffrey,) and Verga Mae (Jones) 
Geoffrey, born March 21, 1903 at Bethany, Missouri, were 
married December 2, 1921, 

To this union was born one child, a daughter. 
Betty Lou Geoffrey, born August 25, 1931 at Independence, 

Guy's present address as of June 1, 1973 
Box 200, Arkansas City, Kansas, 67005. 


RFD# 3, 


Betty Lou (Geoffrey) Beeney, (the daughter of Guy 
Leland and Verga (Jones) Geoffrey,) and Kenneth Lee 
Beeney, born Deceuber 15, 1931, at Erie, Kansas, were 
married January 28, 1951. 

To this union were born two children. 
Rex Lee Beeney, born November 1, 1951; 
Debra Lee Beeney, born August 8, 1953. 

Both children were born at Erie, Kansas. 

Kenneth's address as of January 1, 1972: 103 
Malwood Court, Arkansas City, Kansas 67005. 


Betty Lou Beeney, at this date, February 29, 1968, 
is a high school drum major; attended Phillips University 
at Enid, Oklahoma; now working in the office of Parmae, 
Tanner & Soule, C. P. A's, completing income tax returns. 
She is a housewife and a wonderful mother. 

Kenneth Lee Beener is District Representative for 
Allis Chalmers, Tractor Farm Equipment Division, He is 
active in Midian Shrine in Wichita, Kansas, and a member 
of all thirty- two degrees of the Masonic Order, and a past 
Elder in the Christian Church, 



Rex Lee Beeney, (the son of Betty Lou (Geoffrey) 
Beeney and Kenneth Lee Beeney,) and Sue Lynn (Williams) 
Beeney, born January 14, 1952 at Arkansas City, Kansas, 
were united in marriage June 9, 1971 at Arkansas City, 

To this union were born 

Address as of June 1, 1973: Lot No. 70, Emporia, 
Kansas 66801. 

930 Graphic Arts Senior at Kansas State Teacher's College. 



Debra Lynn (Beeney) Kindred, (the daughter of 
Betty Lou (Geoffrey) Beeney and Kenneth Lee Beeney,) and 
Jeff V, Kindred, born July 13, 1952, at Arkansas City, 
Kansas, were married June 9, 1972 at Arkansas City, 

To this union were born 

Address as of June 1, 1973: 1218 South A. - 
Arkansas City, Kansas 67005, 



Alta May (Geoffrey) Poole, (the daughter of Martha 
Jane (Eubank) Geoffrey and Gustave Carl Geoffrey,) and 
Floyd Kneene Poole, born September 30, 1893 in Rising 
City, Nebraska, were united in marriage October 22, 1924, 

To this union was born one son, 
Floyd Kenneth Poole, born November 14, 1928, 

• 0- 

Floyd and Alta Poole moved to Lubbock, Texas when 

their son, Kenneth, was small; they then transferred back 

to Oklahoma City in 1934 and on to Chicago, Illinois in 

1939; then moved to California in 1958 and retired in the 

lovely smog free valley of Hemet, California. 

Present address as of January 1, 1972: 43381 
Acacia Avenue, Hemet, California 92343, 

Poole's were from England via Canada. 

Floyd Kneen's family were from the Isle of Man 
near England, 

The Geoffrey's came from France, via New Orleans, 
Gustave Carl Geoffrey came from France when he was twelve 
years old. 


Floyd Kenneth Poole, (the son of Alta May (Geoffrey) 
Poole and Floyd Kneen Poole, ) is not as yet married. 

Floyd Kenneth Poole received his B, S, degree from 
V/ashington University, St, Louis, Missouri in 1951; com- 
missioned in the Navy, graduated from New Port, Rhode 
Island, as Ensign, 

Attended school in Bayone, New Jersey, and served 
in Korea and Japan as a Lieutenant in the Navy from 1953 
to 1956, He was in Geneva, Switzerland for a business 
concern for three years. He was doing postgraduate work 
at W, U, toward his masters when he was called into the ser- 

He is now living in Chicago, Illinois and his address 
as of January 1, 1972: Apartment Hotel, 14 West Elm Street, 

Chicago, Illinois 60600, 

Letha Leona Geoffrey, (the daughter of Martha Jane 
(Eubank) Geoffrey and Gustave Carl Geoffrey,) was born 
October 6, 1905, and died July 19, 1914. 


Cecil Carl Geoffrey, (the son of Martha Jane (Eubank) 
Geoffrey and Gustave Carl Geoffrey,) and Bessie Viola 
(Gilbreath) Geoffrey, born November 24, 1912 at Chocktain, 
Oklahoma, were united in marriage April 16, 1931 at Guthrie, 
Oklahoma, were married . 

To this union was born one daughter, 

Carol Ann Geoffrey, born September 24, 1939, at Oklahoma 

City, Oklahoma. 

Cecil Carl's present address as of March 1, 1973: 
2031 N. V\f. 33rd Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 7311S, 

Carol Ann (Geoffrey) Alcock, (the daughter of Cecil 
Carl and Bessie Viola (Gilbreath) Geoffrey,) and 
Gerald William Alcock, born May 7, 1939, at Oklahoma 

City, Oklahoma, were married . 

To this union were born three children, 
Stephen William Alcock, born June 17, 1960; 
Charles Geoffrey Alcock, born June 29, 1962; 
Valeria Ann Alcock, born October 13, 1965, 

These three children were born at Stillwater, 
Oklahoma, Great Falls, Montana, and White Fish, 
Montana, respectively, 

Carol and Gerald William's present address as of 
January 1, 1972: Hungry Horse, Montana 59919, 

He is a forest ranger, 



Franklin Abram Eubank, (the son of David and Amanda 
(Becker) Eubank,) and Delia Lee (Sowers) Eubank, born 
April 22, 1878, were united in marriage November 28, 1895, 
at Quenemo, Kansas. 

To this union were born three children, 
Flo Lee Eubank, born November 4, 1895; 
Mildred Marie Eubank, born October 12, 1898; 
Alva David Eubank, born August 23, 1901, 

These children were born at Mount Ida, Kansas, 

Frank Abram passed away December 26, 1953 and Delia 
Lee passed away November 5, 1956, 


Flo Lee (Eubank) Gilmore, (the daughter of Frank 
Abram and Delia Lee (Sowers) Eubank,) and Frank 
Gilmore, born October 11, 1895, were married October 
21, 1915. 

To this union v/as born one child. 
Marietta lone Gilmore, born September 25, 1916, 

Flo Lee and Frank Gilmore 's address as of January 
1, 1959: P.O. Box 183, Hinton, Oklahoma 73047. 



Marieta lone (Gilmore) Thomason, (the daughter of 

Flo Lee (Eubank) Gilmore and Frank Gilmore,) and Elmer 

Thomason, born February 12, 1912, at Bridgeport, Oklahoma, 

"a farmer," were united in marriage March , 1932, 

To this union was born one son. 

Jerry Frank Thomason, born December 28, 1932, at Hydro, 


Present address as of January 1, 1969: Hydro, 
Oklahoma 73048. 

Jerry Frank Thomason, (the son of Marieta lone 

(Gilmore) Thomason and Elmer Thomason,) and Mary Helen 

Smith, born September 18, 1939, were united in marriage 

June 1, 1958. 

To this union was born one child. 

Jaynee Lou Thomason, born December 26, 1962 at Hinton, 


Present Address: Hydro, Oklahoma 73048, 



Mildred Marie (Eubank) Fowler, (the daughter of Frank 
Abram and Delia Lee (Sowers) Eubank,) and William Harold 
Fowler, born October 15, 1891, were united in marriage at 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on November 20, 1921, 

To this union no children were born. 
They are known by their family relatives as Dick and Dolly, 
Their address as of January 1, 1972 was: 2300 East Valley 
Parkway, Space 68, Escondido, California 92025, 

W, H, Fowler, known as Dick, passed away July 9, 


Alva David Eubank, (the son of Frank Abram and Delia 
Lee (Sowers) Eubank,) and Ruby (Nolin) Eubank, born December 
17, 1905, were married August 24, 1922, 

To this union were born two children, 
Peggy Lou Eubank, born August 10, 1925; 
Jack Dale Eubank, born August 9, 1931, 

Both children were born at Hinton, Oklahoma. 

Alva David's present address as of May 1, 1973: 

6700 East Thomas Road, 63 B, Scottsdale, Arizona 85251. 


Peggy Lou (Eubank) Sides, (the daughter of Alva David 
and Ruby (Nolin) Eubank,) and Kenneth D, Sides, born 
, 1927, were married 


To this union were born three children, 
Allen Dale Sides, born May 31, 1945; 
Janice Sides, born September 26, 1947; 
Dennis Linn Sides, born May 3, 1951, 

Present address as of January 1, 1969: 7701 N, W, 
38th Street, St, Bethany, Oklahoma, 


Jack Dale Eubank, (the son of Alva David and Ruby 

(Nolin) Eubank,) and Jocelyne (Rose) Eubank, born August 

24, 1971, in France, were married October 16, 1954. 

To this union was born one child. 

Troy Dale Eubank, born March 9, 1959. 

Jack's present address as of May, 1973: 14532 
Westfall Road, Tustin, California 92680. 

Jocelyne was a French girl that Jack met while in the 
U, S. Service in France, 

Jack D. Eubank is an Industrial Technologist by 
profession, and is at this time, program manager for the 
Aeronatronic's Division of Ford Motor Company, Newport Beach, 
Cal if ornia. 


Merimeth Hays Eubank, (the son of David and Amanda 
(Becker) Eubank, a mechanic and farmer,) and Helen M, 
(Gray) Eubank, born December 30, 1893, were married 

and lived at Dover, Oklahoma. 

To this union were born three children, 
Charles L, Eubank, born January 6, 1921; 
Levi Lesley Eubank, born December 16, 1922; 
Mary Lois Eubank, born October 25, 1924. 

All three children were born at Dover, Oklahoma, 

Charles L. Eubank, II, (the son of Merimeth Hays 

and Helen M, (Gray) Eubank,) and Ruth Ellen (Huffman) 

Eubank, born May 2, 1924, were married April 7, 1947. 
To this union were born three children. 

Stephen Austin Eubank, born May 25, 1948; 

Vicki Carol Eubank, born July 7, 1950; 

Jeffrey Mark Eubank, born May 10, 1953. 

Charles Leroy Eubank 's present address as of January 

1, 1974: 8337 President Court, Kansas City, Missouri 64100, 


We have an unusual situation here in that the 

greater Kansas City area has over a million people. 



at this date, January 24, 1958, and that to my knowledge, 
I haven't a single relative living here on my side of the tree, 
while a majority of my wife's relatives live here, or near by. 

My work is as an inspector for the railroads. 

Since we are so centrally located, we have twelve lines 
in and out of here, so there is considerable railroad traffic. 

Of course, most of it is freight, but that is what my 
work involves. 

My wife, Ruth, works for the Bendix Corporation, who at 
this plant make items for the Atomic Energy Commission. 

Our three children are still in school. 


Ruth (Huffman) Eubank, the wife of Charles Leroy Eubank, 
passed away November 14, 1971, at the age of forty-seven years, 
six months and twelve days. 

Levi Lesley Eubank, (the second son of Merimeth and 
Helen Eubank,) passed away on July 22, 1923, at the age of 

seven months, and nine days. 



Mary Lois (Eubank) Bailey, (the daughter of Merimeth and 
Helen M, (Gray) Eubank,) and Carl Howard Bailey, born May 22, 
1924, were married May 4, 1942 at Kingfisher, Oklahoma. 

To this union were born four children, 

Marilyn Carol Bailey, born March 20, 1943; 

Margaret Sue Bailey, born November 8, 1945; 

Larlton Hayes Bailey, born October 15, 1950; 

Sybil Marie Bailey, born December 11, 1953. 

Mary Lois's address as of March 1, 1968: RFD# 2, 
Dover, Oklahoma, 73734. 


Marilyn C. (Bailey) Cooper, (the daughter of Mary Lois 
(Eubank) and Carl H. Bailey) and Harold Vincent Cooper, born 
June 27, 1943, were married June 15, 2963 at Dover , Oklahoma. 

To this union were born two children. 
Bessie Ann Cooper, born December 11, 1963; 
Christy Lou Cooper, born November 19, 1956. 

The above children were born at their present address: 
Enid, Oklahoma. 

William Eubank, (the son of David and Amanda (Becker,) 
Eubank,) born in 1879, died in infancy. 



Clyde Ansel Eubank, (the son of David and Amanda 
(Becker) Eubank,) and Charlsie Etta (Giles) Eubank, born 
April 15, 1886, were united in marriage February 12, 1908. 

To this union were born four children, 
Charlsie Iris Eubank, born December 21, 1908; 
Jessie Lola Eubank, born October 7, 1912; 
Hazel Lavon Eubank, born July 21, 1915; 
Letha Blanch Eubank, born August 15, 1918. 

Charlsie Etta passed away January 8, 1930. 

Clyde Ansel passed away March 8, 1956. 


Charlsie Iris (Eubank) Ming, (the daughter of Clyde 

Ansel and Charlsie Etta (Giles) Eubank,) and Sam Houston 

Ming, born January 18, 1907, were married July 23, 1927, 

To this union were born five children. 

Ronald Gene Ming, born June 28, 1931; 

Theta Joan Ming, born August 2, 1932; 

Isabell and Lavella Ming, born March 21, 1934; 

Tharrel Dean Ming, born August 24, 1936. 

Charlsie and Sam Ming were divorced October 27, 1948. 

Charlsie Iris and Charles Melton Holland, born October 25, 

^were married September 8, 1953. 

Charles Melton Holland passed away August 24, 1967, 
Mrs, Charlsie Iris Holland's address as of April 16, 

1973: 11728 Dorothy Street, West Los Angeles, California, 

Apt, 206, 90049, 


Passed away the day he was born, June 28, 1931, 



Theta Joan (Ming) Matthes, (the daughter of Charlsie 
Iris (Eubank) Ming and Sam Houstin Ming,) and Edwin A, 
Matthes, Jr., born January 15, 1930, were married January 
13, 1950. 

to this union one child was born. 
Pamela Dianne Matthes, born November 8, 1950, 

Theta Joan (Ming) Matthes, and Edwin A. Matthes, Jr., 
were divorced December 8, 195 2. 

Theta Joan (Ming) (Matthes) and Thomas Herbert Rowe, born 
April 30, 1927, were married August 18, 1954. 

To this union were born two children, 
Thomas Michael Rowe, born May 9, 195 5; 
Terry Arthur Rowe, born February 9, 1958. 

Theta Joan (Ming) Matthes) Rowe, and Thomas Herbert 
Rowe were divorced June 14, 1962, 

Joan Rowe's present address as of May 10, 1973: 

1300 Harrington Avenue, Apt. 14, Los Angeles, California 

25, Zip, 90025. 

Joan's present occupation is Service Representative for 

Southern Counties Gas Company, 

Both passed away the day they were born, March 21, 



Tharrel Dean Ming, (the son of Charlsie Iris (Eubank) 
Ming and Sam Houston Ming,) and Dinah Lee Seitz, born February 
5, 1937, were married June 15, 1917. 

To this union were born three children. 

Michael George Ming, born January 9, 1961; 

Garret Russel Ming, born June 17, 1962; 

Francis Ann Ming, born September 8, 1964. 

Tharrel Dean's address as of May 10, 1973: 
3422 VJood Lane, Bakersf ield , California, 93300. 

Passed away the day she was born, Octuber 7, 1912. 


Hazel Lavon (Eubank) Stigall, (the daughter of Clyde Ansel 
and Charlsie Etta (Giles) Eubank,) and William David Stigall, 
born July 2, 1911, were married March 17, 1931. 

To this union five children were born. 
Evelyn Louise Stigall, born February 1, 1932; 
Richard Leroy Stigall, born October 21, 1933; 
Gary Lewis Stigall, born July 5, 1937; 

Shayron Winell Stigall, born December 16, 1945; 

Linda Jane Stigall, born September 20, 1948. 

William David Stigall passed away January 3, 1961. 

Hazel L. Stigall 's address as of August 14, 1966: 
1026 W. 7th Street, Carona, California, 91720. 



Evelyn Louise (Stigall) Seeley, (the daughter of Hazel 
Lavon (Eubank) Stigall, and William David Stigall,) and 
Richard Robert Seeley, born August 8, 1931^ were married 
April 8, 1929. 

To this union was born one child. 
Kenneth David Seeley, born February 11, 1950. 

Evelyn Louise Seeley and Richard Robert Seeley were 
divorced January 1, 1953. 

Evelyn Louise (Stigall) (Seeley) and Lloyd Ray VJheeler, 
born July 21, 1929, were married April 3, 1955. 

To this union was born one child. 

Chris Rodney Wheeler, born May 5, 1957. 

Address of the Wheeler family, as of August 6, 1966: 
187 Adair Street, Long Beach, California, 90800. 


Richard Leroy Stigall, (the son of Hazel Lavon (Eubank) 
Stigall, and William David Stigall,) and Billie Joyce Mc'Intosh, 
born November 25, 1932, were married March 15, 1953. 

To this union were born three children. 

Stephen Leroy Stigall, born December 20, 1953; 

Connie Joyce Stigall, born January 17, 1955; 

Rita Dianna Stigall, born January 19, 1957. 

Address as of April 10, 1973: 13071 Magnolia Avenue, 
Chino, California, 91710. 


Gary Lewis Stigall, (the son of Hazel Lavon (Eubank) 

Stigall and William David Stigall,)} not yet married, as 

of April 1, 1971. 

Address: 1026 W. 7th, Street, Corona, California, 91720. 


Sharon Winell (Stigall) Bill, (the daughter of Hazel 

Lavon (Eubank) Stigall, and William David Stigall,) and 

John Robert Bill, Jr., born January 24, 1943, were married 

August 29, 1964. 

Address as of April 10, 1973: 232 E. Mariposa, Altadena, 
California, 91001. 

Sharon's address as of April 14, 1973: 232 E. 
Mariposa, Altadena, California, 91001, 


Linda Jane (Stigall) Rice, (the daughter of Hazel Lavon 

(Eubank) Stigall, and David William Stigall,) and William 

Allen Rice, born December 6, 1947, were married June 10, 


Address as of April 10, 1973: 5620 - 200th, S, W, No, 204, 
Linwood, Wa. 98036, 



Letha Blanch (Eubank) Trendt, (the daughter of Clyde 
Ansel and Charlsie Etta (Giles) Eubank,) and Joseph 
Franklin Trendt, born June 16, 1916, were united in 
marriage August 8, 1934. 

To this union were born two children, 
Ted Wesley Trendt, born September 4, 1935; 
Beverly June Trendt, born March 28, 1939. 

Letha Blanch passed away August 18, 1968, 

Joseph Franklin Trendt's address as of March 1, 1968: 
P, 0, Box 475, Holtville, California, 93940, 


Ted Wesley Trendt, (the son of Letha Blanch (Eubank) 
Trendt and Joseph Feanklin Trendt) and Anna Jean (Hilderbrand ) 
(Hunziker) Trendt, born October 13, 1930, were married August 
4, 1956, 

To this union one child was born, 
Kim Roxanne Trendt, born June 7, 1957, 

And one stepchild, 
Jidith Lynne Hunsiger, born September 3, 1947, 

Ted lists Judith Lynne Hunziger in his letter as 
Judith Lynne Trendt, so must be she was legally adopted, 

Ted Wesley Trendt's Schoolastic Achievements, 



California State Polytechnic College - 1959. 

California State Polytechnic College - 1951, 

Ted Wesley Trendt's address as of August 14, 1966: 
772 Tayon Dr., P. 0. Box 1231, [-Monterey, California. 

Judith Lynne (Hunsiger) (Trendt) Forestelle, (the 
daughter of Letha Blanch (Hunsiger) Trendt and Ted Wesley 
Trendt,) and William H, Forestelle, Illrd., born 

v;ere married November 4, 1967, at Monterey, California. 

They are now living in Pensacola, Florida, as of 
March 3, 1968. 



Charles Leroy Eubank, (the son of David and Amanda 
(Becker) Eubank,) and Hattie L, (Hartman) Eubank, born 
April 21, 1887, were united in marriage February 15, 1905, 

To this union was born one daughter. 
Nina Bernice Eubank, born May 11, 1907, 

Charles carried mail, freight and passengers a distance 
of eighty-five miles. Northwest from Riverton, Wyoming; went 
out one day and came back the next. 

His address at that time, in the year of 1930, was 
Lock Box, 833, Riverton, Wyoming. 

He and his wife, Hattie, are still living at 1522 Valencia, 
Ocean Side, California, as of August 14, 1966, and he is the 
only living child of David and Amanda Eubank, 

Charles Leroy passed away July 5, 1970, 

Nina Bernice (Eubank) Conant, (the daughter of Charles 
Leroy and Hattie L, (Hartman) Eubank,) and Henry Phillippi 
Conant, born May 12, 1907, were married November 14, 1927, 

To this union were born two children, 

Ann Beverlee Conant, born February 26, 1932; 

Audree Bernice Conant, born October 3, 1934, 

Henry and Nina are living at 2021 South Ditmar, 
Oceanside, California, Zip 92054, as of June 1, 1973, 



Ann Beverlee (Conant) Alexander, (the daughter of Nina 
Bernice (Eubank) Conant and Henry Phillippi Conant,) and 
Clifford Alexander, born August 1, 1929, were married 
September 29, 1950. 

To this union were born three children, 

Darrell Leroy Alexander, born December 27, 1951; 

Custer Ray Alexander, born October 3, 1955; 

Sheri Ann Alexander, born July 25, 1959, 

Address as of June 1, 1973: 6308 Factor Avenue, 
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89107, 


Audree Bernice (Conant) Daniels, (the daughter of Nina 
Bernice (Eubank) Conant and Henry Phillipi Conant,) and John 
Duane Daniels, born September 8, 1933, were married March 20, 

To this union were born two children, 

Duane Dee Daniels, born April 6, 1956; 

Larry Lee Daniels, born December 5, 1958, 

Address as of June 1, 1973: 1522 Valencia, Oceanside, 
California, 92054, 



William Eubank, (the son of Joseph and Rosana (Rohrer) 
Eubank,) and Hester Ann (Ruble) Eubank, born November 23, 
1841, were married October 20, 1868. 

To this union were born five children. 
James Henry Eubank, born November 20, 1869; . j 

Ruth Rosella Eubank, born December 14, 1871; 



Alonzo Mellville Eubank, born March 1, 1874; 

Lillie May Eubank, born December 2, 1877; 

Sarah Delphina Eubank, born April 12, 1880. ( 

William Eubank died February 6, 1881, at the age of 

thirty-five years, three months and twenty-six days, j 

Hester Ann (Ruble) Eubank, died February 13, 1881, at the age 
of thirty-nine years, two months and twenty days. ' 

William passed away one week before Hester's death - and 
his body was held until Hester passed away and the funeral of 
both husband and wife was preached at Zion Church, near Warren, ^j 
Indiana, on the following Monday, by the Rev., W, C, Ketner. 


James Henry Eubank, (the son of William and Hester Ann 
(Ruble) Eubank,) - who was never married - 

passed away on October 25, 1891, at Banner Springs, Tennessee, 
at the age of twenty-one years eleven months and five days. 


James was nearly eleven years old when his father and mother 
passed away - within a week of each other - and his grandfather 
and grandmother, Joseph and Rosana Eubank, took him to live with 
them; we lived near his grandfather, who was also my grandfather; 
and he used to come to our home to see us occasionally. 

I remember on one of these visits when he was about twenty 
years old, and at a time when my brother, Everett, was about 
five years old and I was between two and three years old, and on 
this occasion, both of us were ailing with someone of the chil- 
dren's ailments, so prevalent in those times, and both were occupy- 
ing a double crib, which also was common item to see in those days. 

Jimmie, as the folks called him, approached the crib and 
regarded us closely and said, "I am going to go hunting and 
get you boys a rabbit to eat," 

He then disappeared and after awhile came in with a 
cottontail. The above happening has painted a picture in 
my mind that is as vivid today as it was at that time, more 
than eighty years ago. At that time we lived in a little house 
near the Clover Leaf Railroad, not far from Warren, Indiana, 
and shortly after this, Jimmie went with Uncle Joseph and Aunt 
Jane Ketner to Banner Springs, Tennessee. He was living with 
them when he took sick and was confined to his bed for five 
weeks when he passed away. 

He was buried in a cemetery near Spring Chappel. He 
had purchased property and was preparing to make his home 
there at the time of his illness. 



Ruth Rosella (Eubank) Mathias, (the daughter of 
William and Hester Ann (Ruble,) Eubank,) and Lafayette 
Mathias, a farmer, born July 24, 1855, were married November 
20, 1891. 

They lived for several years on their farm, about three 
miles west of Van Buren, Indiana. 

To this union were born two children, 
Alonzo Floyd Mathias, born July 24, 1894; 
Hester Marie Mathias, born June 28, 1908, 

Rosie passed away at South Bend, Indiana November 11, 

Lafe passed away at Hester's home near Hamburg, Michigan, 
on May 15, 1943. 


Alonzo Floyd Mathias, (the son of Ruth Rosella (Eubank) 
Mathias, and Lafayette Mathias,) and Isa (Connet Mathias, 
born July 23, 1896, were united in marriage March 3, 1914. 

To this union were born four children, 
Gerald L, Mathias, born February 13, 1917; 
Edward Dean Mathias, born September 20, 1919; 
Garnett Elaine Mathias, born August 20, 1925; 
Virginia May Mathias, born June 30, 1931, 

Gerald and Edward were born near Copmish, Michigan, 

Garnett and Virginia were born in South Bend, Indiana, 

Isa M, Mathias passed away at their farm home, near 
Decatur, Michigan, on February 10, 1964, 



Alonzo Floyd Mathias, and Hannah "Kutz" (Thomas) Mathias, 

born June 6, 1900 in Prussia, Germany, were married December 6, 


Address as of May 10, 1973: RFD# 2, Decatur, Michigan, 

Floyd Mathias passed away November 13, 1974, at Pawatinq 
Hospital in Niles, Michigan, where he had previously 
undergone surgery. 

The writer visited him there following the surgery. 
His funeral was held on Friday, November 15 th at the 
Newel Funeral Home in Decatur, Michigan. The Rev. J. 
V. Blassengame of Dowagiac, Michigan assisted by the 
Rev. Arthur Mahler of Paw Paw, Michigan officiating. 
Internment in Hamilton Township Cemetery. 
He was employed by the Studebaker Corporation in South 
Bend, Indiana for forty years, previous to retiring to 
his farm home about two miles southwest of Decatur, 


Gerald L. Mathias, (the son of Floyd and Isa Mathias,) 
and Esther I. Beardsley, born July 13, 1916, were married 
June 25, 1938. 

To this union were born three children. 
Donald Dale Mathias, who passed away in infancy; 
Thomas Gerald Mathias, born February 23, 1939; 
Richard Eugene Mathias, born October 2, 1941. 

Esther passed away December 14, 1969. 

Gerald remarried Georgia Bays, born March 3, 1914. 

To this union was born one child. 
Jerry Mathias, born January 18, 1947. 


Jerry Mathias married Kathy Small, born July 2, 1950. 
To this union were born one daughter and one son; Michelle 
Renee Mathias, born November 6, 1970; and Daniel Scott Mathias, 
born January 31, 1972. 


Thomas Gerald Mathias, (the son of Gerald L, and 

Esther I. (Beardsley) Mathias,) and Gloria Baris, born 

December 18, 1937, were married June 5, 1959, 
To this union was born two children, 

Lori Ann Mathias, born July 8, 1968; 

Lisa Arlene Mathias, born June 13, 1973, 

Richard Eugene Mathias, (the son of Gerald L, and 

Esther I, (Beardsley) Mathias,) and Audrie Lorraine 

Morrison, born June 13, 1941, were married April 16, 1950, 
To this union were born four children, 

Pamela Dawn Mathias, born April 3, 1961; 

Richard Eugene Mathias, Jr, , born April 16, 1963; 

Harold Eugene Mathias, born May 28, 1964; 

Victoria Lorraine Mathias, born December 16, 1968, 

Present address as of May 15, 1973: St, Johns, 



Edward Dean Mathias, (the son of Floyd and Isa Mathias,) 
and Katherin (Owens) Mathias, born March 19, 1919, were 
married August 15, 1943. 

To this union was born one child. 

Terra Ann Mathias, born September 9, 1957. 

Address as of July 13, 1974: 460 Douglas Drive, 
Decatur, Michigan. 


Terra Ann (Mathias) married Stephen Homola, who was 
born November 27, 1957, and have one daughter, Abby Ann 
Homola, born September 6, 1973. 


Garnett Elaine (Mathias) Goodrich, (the daughter of 

Floyd and Isa Mathias,) and John W, Goodrich, born May 6, 

1925, were married August 13, 1946. 

To this union no children were born, however, they have 

three children by adoption. 

Barbara Elaine Goodrich, born November 23, 1952; 

Betty Ann Goodrich, born May 9, 1954; 

Thomas Ray Goodrich, born June 23, 1955. 


Barbara Elaine (Goodrich) Weldman, (the daughter of Garnett 
Elaine and John W. Goodrich,) and Gerald Weldman, born July 31, 
1951, were married November 29, 1971. 

To this union was born one child. 
Scott James Weldman, born April 14, 1972. 



Virginia May (Mathias) Brigham, (the daughter of Floyd 
and Isa Mathias,) and Thomas A, Brigham, born January 19, 1927, 
were married July 24, 1948, 

To this union were born three children, 
Stephen Arthur Brigham, born May 2, 1949; 
Carol Lynn Brigham, born September 10, 1950; 
Julia Ann Brigham, born December 12, 1962. 


Stephen Arthur Brigham, (the son of Virginia May (Mathias) 
Brigham, and Thomas Brigham) and Shelley Cotterman, born March 
31, 1954, were married June 30, 1973. 

To this union was born one child. 
April Lynn Brigham, born April 23, 1974, 

Carol Lynn (Brigham) Hartstein, (the daughter of 

Virginia May and Thomas Brigham,) and William Frederick 

Hartstein, III, born January 10, 1950, were married February 

1, 1969. 

To this union were born two children, 

William Frederick Hartstein, IIII, born June 19, 1970; 

Brandy Hartstein, born July 5, 1973. 



Hester Marie (Mathias) Collver, (the daughter of Ruth 
Rosella (Eubank) Mathias, and Lafayette Mathias) and the Rev, 
Carl Burton Collver, born May 29, 1905, were united in marriage 
January 16, 1925. 

To this union were born six children. 

Rose Marie Collver, born February 13, -1928; 

Marilyn Fleuretta Collver, born August 11, 1930; 

Wendell Dennis Collver, born August 11, 1932; 

Burton Wayne Collver, born September 13, .-- 1935; 

David Daniel Collver, born 

Janice Ruth Collver, born SCtJcember 9, 1946, 

On December 9, 1974, as I was trying to close the book, 
preparitory to having it published, I received the following 
which I am recording here, almost verbatim, without the permis- 
sion of the writers, 

Christmas, 1974, The Collvers, 1495 East Drive, Flint, 
Michigan, 48504, Remembering Friends, "What a Joy" , , . , 

The Gospel of Luke tells why Christ was born in a cattle 
stall, saying of Mary," And she brought forth her first born 
Son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a 
manger; because there was no room for them in the Inn," 

We know little about the Bethelem Innkeeper, and what we 
do know is sad. On that holy night his rooms were all taken. 
There was no more space. Royalty was coming. The infant King 
would be born at any hour. But the innkeeper could not receive 

As we make room for him in our hearts and lives, we are 
reminded of the past blessings, his love for us and giving us 
strength throughout the year. We have much to be thankful for! 
Burt and I will be celebrating our bOth, wedding anniversary on 
January 16, 1975! We have had much happiness together, many 
friends, many blessings, and God has given a wonderful family 
to us. We will have a Golden Anniversary Open House in April, 
Date due to Michigan weather conditions,, 

Burt's health is reasonably good. He has been able to 
get out more this past year. We recently attended the Tnanks- 
giving Banquet at our Church, which he very much enjoyed. 

We enjoy our home very much, 


We would like to share with you a few highlights from our 
family! Rose Marie is still working as a nurse at St. Joseph 
Hospital in Ann Arbor! Her third and youngest daughter, Joy, 
was married to Bill Evans in August. She will graduate with a 
nursing degree and he in Theology from Olivet in Illinois. 

Marilyn is kept busy helping to deliver babies at the 
Martin Place Hospital, Her daughter, Lori, villi be our only 
high school graduate in June. Marilyn and Cleo's grandson 
also keeps them busy and YOUNG. Wendell and Gail are still 
in the school system, and they top the list, as Terry and Jan 
presented them with a grandson, Scott LaMar, born November 1st., 
1974. Scott is our fourth great-grandchild. Wendell and Gail's 
second son, Jeff, was married to Melissa Miller in September. 

Bud's boys Dave and John, are growing up all to fast. It 
is a delight to have them visit us. John enjoys hockey and Dave 
fishing! Dave is with the American Cancer Society, now working 
in Oakland County. Mary Beth is full of sunshine and has her own 
vocabulary. Janice is again among the ranks of the working girls. 
Hollis is interested in music, and she enjoys piano and voice. 

My greatest loss was the passing of my brother, Floyd Mathias 
in November, 1974. 

God gives us Peace and contentment , "most of all," his Love. 
The very best to each of you in 1975. We would love to have a 
visit from you anytime. 


Sincerely ,_ 

Burt and Hester, 


Rose Marie (Collver) Field, (the daughter of Hester Marie W 
(Mathias) Collver, and Rev. Carl Burton Collver,) and Irving 
Field, born August 1, 1925, were united in marriage June 29, 1946 

To this union were born four children. 

Sheryl Dawn Field, born June 14, 1947; 

Phyllis Jean Field, born July 27, 1949; 

Joy Marie Field, born June 24, 195 2; 

Mark Wesley Field, born July 16, 1955. 

Address as of May 1, 1973: 9225, 36, Whitmore Lake, 
Michigan, 48189. 


Sheryl Dawn (Field) Delmater, (the daughter of Rose Marie 
(Collver) Field, and Irving Field,) and the Rev. Arnold Delmater, 
born April 27, 1947, were married June 29, 1968. 

To this union was born one child, 
Stephen Michael Delmater, born May 8, 1972. Address as of May 
1, 1973: 501 Ionia St., Belding, Michigan, 48809. 




Phillis Jean (Field) Goodwin, (the daughter of Rose 

Marie (Collver) Field, and Irving Field,) and Truman Goodwin, 

born January 19, 1949, were married December 11, 1971, 

To this union was born one child, 

Heide Karie Goodwin, born March 22, 1973, 

Address: , West Mansfield, Ohio. 


Joy Marie (Field) Evans, (the daughter of Rose Marie 
(Collver) Field, and Irving Field,) and Bill Evans, born 
, were married August , 1974, 

To this union 

Marilyn Fleuretta (Collver) Soloman, (the daughter of 
Hester Marie (Mathias) Collver, and Rev, Carl Burton Collver,) 
and Cleo J, Soloman, born August 7, 1920, were married June 9, 

To this union were born four children, 

Gary Wayne Soloman, born May 1, 1952; 
Richard Earl Soloman, born July 2, 1953; 
Lori Marie Soloman, born February 9, 1955; 
Charles Kevin Soloman, born August 4, 1958, 

Richard Earl Soloman, (the son of Marilyn Fleuretta and 

Cleo J, Soloman,) and Sue Ann (Tucker) Soloman, born 

, were married April 21, 1973, To this union 



Wendell Dennis Collver, (the son of Hester Marie (Mathias) 
Collver and Rev, Carl Burton Collver,) and Gail (Woodhurst) 
Collver, born December 1, 1932, were married • 

To this union were born three children, 
Terrance Dennis Collver, born April 19, 1951; 
Jeffrey Paul Collver, born January 30, 1953;. 
Kemberley Dee Collver, born October 15, 1958, 


Terrance Dennis Collver, (the son of Wendell Dennis and 
Gail (V/oodhurst Collver,) and Janis (Jordan) Collver, born 
April 19, 1951, were married at Adrian, Michigan, on October 
17, 1970. 

To this union was born one child, 

Scott La Mar Collver, born November 1, 1974, 


Jeffrey Paul Collver, (the son of Wendell Dennis and Gail 
(Woodhurst) Collver,) and Melissa (Miller) Collver, born 
, were married September 20, 1974, 

To this union 


Burton Wayne Collver, (the son of Hester Marie (Mathias) 
Collver, and Rev. Carl Burton Collver,) and Lois (Wilkes) 
Collver, born January 29, 1937, were married November 24, 1954, 

To this union were born two children, 
David Wayne Collver, born July 25, 1959; 
John Charles Collver, born June 11, 1965. 

Burton Wayne and Lois Collver were divorced, 



David Daniel Collver, (the son of Hester Marie (Mathias) 
Collver, and Rev, Carl Burton Collver,) and Elizabeth Jean 
(Peitryga) Collver, born December 6, 1942, were married 
August, 1967. 

To this union was born one child, 
Mary Elizabeth Collver, born February 24, 1973, 

David attended Spring Arbor College; taught school for 
five years. Now working for American Cancer Society, 

He has a degree in vocal music and has sung in many 
musicals and operas. 

He had polio at fourteen months of age; had to learn to 
walk over again. 

Address as of January 1, 1971: 28195 Essix, Roseville, 
Michigan, 48066, 


Janice Ruth (Collver) Augsbury, (the daughter of Hester 
Marie (Mathias) Collver, and Rev, Carl Burton Collver,) and 
James Augsbury, born May 2, 1929, were married April 12, 1959, 

To this union was born one child, 
Hallie Nocile Augsbury, born December 26, 1965, 



Alonzo Mellville Eubank, (the son of William and 
Hester Ann (Ruble) Eubank,) and Rilley May (Pulley) Eubank, 
born September 23, 1S72, were married June 1, 1S95. 

To this union were born six children, 

Norman Cecil Eubank, born March 28, 1896; 

Edna Cleo Eubank, born July 2, • 1397; 

Caroline Effie Eubank, born November 30, — — 1898; 

Oscar Allen Eubank, born May 22, 1901; 

Mary Josephine Eubank, born January 20, 1904; 

Reuben Alonzo Eubank, born October 2, 1910, 

Rilley May (Pulley) Alonzo's wife, was the daughter of 
Reuben and Carol in (Shanehulser ) Pulley, who was an Uncle 
and Aunt to Jesse A, Pulley, who was the writer's brother- 
in-law, having married my sister, Ola Eubank, as recorded on 
Page 138, 

Norman Cecil passed away August 30, 1896, 

Rilley May passed away October 1, 1941, 

Alonzo M, passed away November 5, 1958, 



Edna Cleo (Eubank) Robinson, (the daughter of Alonzo M, 
and Rilley May (Pulley) Eubank,) and George Robinson, born 
October IS, 1893, were united in marriage Kay 18, 1915, 

To this union were born two children, 
Grace Ellen Robinson, born May 14, 1921; 
George Edwin Robinson, born August 4, 1925, 

George Edwin passed away in infancy, 

George Robinson, the father, passed away October 23, 
1964, at the age of seventy-one years and five days. 

Edna lives with her daughter, Grace Simons. 


Grace Ellen (Robinson) Simons, (the daughter of Edna 
Cleo (Eubank) Robinson and George Robinson,) and Ted Elton 
Simons, born September 15, 1920, were united in marriage 
August 19, 1939, 

To this union were born three children. 
Richard Lee Simons, born J^larch 10, 1941; 
Barry Dale Simons, born July 26, 1943; 
William Elton Simons, born May 2, 1950, 

Richard Lee passed away in infancy, 

Grace's address, as of April, 1973: RFD# 1, Lake 
City, Michigan, 49651, 




I could not do without him, Jesus - he is more to me than 
all the richest, fairest gifts of earth could ever be. But, 
the more I find him precious, and the more I find him true, 
the more I long for you to find what he can do for you. What 
will you do without him? Is he not kind indeed? Did he not 
die to save you? Is he not all you need? Do you not want a 
saviour? Do you not want a friend? One who. will love you 
faithfully and love you to the end? What will you do without 
him, when death is drawing near, without his love - the only 
love that casts out every fear? When the Shadow-Valley opens, 
unlight and unknown, and the terrors of its darkness must all 
be passed alone! What will you do without him when he has shut 
the door and you are left outside because you could not come 
before? When it is no use knocking - no use to stand and wait; 
for the word of doom tolls through your heart, that terrible too 
late. You cannot do without him - there is no other name by 
which you ever can be saved - no way - no hope - no claim, 
without him, everlasting loss of love and life and light! 
Without him - everlasting woe, and everlasting night. Why 
should you do without him? It is not yet to late; he has not 
closed the day of grace and he has not shut the gate. He calls 
you! Hush! He calls you! He would not have you go another 
step without him because he loves you so. What will you do 
without him when the great white throne is set and the Judge 
who never can mistake, and never can forget - the Judge whom 
you have never here, as friend and saviour sought, shall 
summon you to give account of deed, word and thought? You 
need not do without him, for he is passing by. He is waiting 
to be gracious, only waiting for your cry. He is waiting to 
receive you - to make you all his own! Why will you do without 
him and wonder on alone. 

The above Tract, was mailed to the writer by Edna Cleo 
Robinson, a second cousin, 

Edna has been ailing for sometime with what is thought to 
be an incurable malady. May God bless her and keep her faithful 
to the end of her suffering, is my Prayer. 



Barry Dale Simons, (the son of Grace Ellen (Robinson) 
Simons and Ted Elton Simons,) and Donna Jean (Caswell) Simons, 
born December 12, 1944, were united in marriage December 14, 1963, 

To this union was born one child, 
Donnette Jean Simons, born July 17, 1964, in Clare, Michigan, 


Caroline Effie (Eubank) Sellers, (the daughter of Alonzo 
M, and Rilley May (Pulley) Eubank,) and Arthur E, Sellers, 
born August 5, 1893, were united in marriage November 4, 1920, 

To this union were born four children, 
Milford E, Sellers, born February 27, 1922; 
Ruth E, Sellers, born June 14, 1924; 
Hubert M, Sellers, born October 19, 1929; 
Jeanne M, Sellers, born June 5, 1936, 



Milford E. Sellers, (the son of Caroline E, (Eubank) 

Sellers and Arthur E, Sellers,) and Dorothy (Bailey) Sellers, 

born January 15, 1929, were united in marriage October 22, 


To this union two children were adopted and tv;o children 
were born. 

Wendy S. Sellers, adopted, born May 9, 195 0; 

Robbie L. Sellers, adopted, born September 24, 1952; 

Allen A. Sellers, born September 25, 1955; 

Carol J. Sellers, born October 7, 1958. 


Ruth E. (Sellers) Sackett, (the daughter of Caroline 
E. (Eubank) Sellers and Arthur E. Sellers,) and Harold F. 
Sackett, born December 4, 1919, were united in marriage 
January 25, 1944, 

To this union were born nine children. 

Michael E. Sackett, born September 11, 1948 

Marjean K. Sackett, born May 31, 1949 

Mark D. Sackett, born November 3, 1951 

Merril L. Sackett, born June 13, 1954 

Martin L. Sackett, born May 20, 1955 

Marianne S, Sackett, born July 7, 1957 

Max J. Sackett, born September 29, 1959 

Montie D. Sackett, born September 7, 1961 

Michelle R. Sackett, born October 27, 1965 


Hubert ^i. Sellers, (the adopted son of Caroline E, 

(Eubank) Sellers, and Arthur E, Sellers,) and Novella M. 

(Lott) Sellers, born July 26, 1935, were united in marriage 

June 5, 1954. 

To this union were born three children, 

Randall C, Sellers, born May 1, 1956; 

Ronnie L, Sellers, born October 16, 1957; 

Laurel A. Sellers, born April 15, 1963. 


Jeanne K. (Sellers) Lott, (the adopted daughter of 
Caroline E. (Eubank) Sellers, and Arthur E. Sellers) and 
Marvin E, Lott, born July 25, 1932, were united in marriage 
January 22, 1955. 

To this union was born one child. 
Douglas M. Lott, born March 22, 1958. 



Oscar Allen Eubank, (the son of Alonzo M. and Rilley 
May (Pulley) Eubank) and Gladys (Haver) Eubank, born August 
19, 1902, were married April 20, 1922. 

To this union were born six children, 
William Oscar Eubank, born March 31, 1923; 
John Alonzo Eubank, born March 31, 1925; 
Paul Haver Eubank, born March 5, 1927; 
Dorothy Matilda Eubank, born June 28, 1928; 
Helen Lavaughn Eubank, born August 10, 1934; 
Lucile Ann Eubank, born September 4, 1935; 

All children were born near Lake City, Michigan. 

Address as of April 14, 1973: RFD# 2, Box 4 B, 
Lake City, Michigan, 49551. 


William Oscar Eubank, (the son of Oscar Allen and 

Gladys (Haver) Eubank,) and Betty Jean (Hutella) Eubank, 

born September 14, 1927, were married June 28, 1947, 
To this union were born two children. 

Karon Elizabeth Eubank, born June 4, 1950; 

Steve Allen Eubank, born May 20, 1951. 

Address as of April 14, 1973: Lake City, Michigan, 



John Alonzo Eubank, (the son of Oscar Allen and Gladys 
(Haver) Eubank,) and Eileen May (Chalker) Eubank, born 
February 20, 1929, were married June 1, 1947, 

To this union were born three daughters, 
Teresa Lynn Eubank, born April 2, 1949; 
Sheila Kay Eubank, born July 11, 1950; 
Vickey Ann Eubank, born July 9, 1951, 

These children were born at Cadillac, Michigan, 49601, 

Address as of April 14, 1973: Lake City, Michigan, 49651, 
The following editorial was clipped from a Benton Harbor, 
Michigan paper in the year of 1969 and was copied by this 
writer verbatim, 


Misfortune started Lake City Flea Market, 

Three years ago Mrs. Eileen Eubank of Lake City, Michigan, 
was a busy housewife with two teenage daughters at home. Then, 
at age 34 she was completely paralyzed from the waist down! 
Observation at University Hospital in Ann Arbor, and at Mayo 
Clinic in Rochester, Minn,, indicated her case was hopeless - 
she would be paralyzed for life. Returning hime, she was 
determined to do her housework unaided. 

She started cleaning house and decided to have a yard 
sale. She and her husband owned an abandoned farm house a 
few miles south of Lake City, and they held the sale there. 


That sale was so successful that Mrs. Eubank has gone on to 
build a big business. 

It's called The Lake City Flea F.arket - now in its third 
year and if you're ever in the vicinity of Lake City, between 
Cadillac and Houghton, you'll have a chance to take it in. 
Eileen's husband, John, refurbished the old farm house - trans- I . 
formed it into a kitchen and dining room. They now serve meals 
to hundreds of tourists who stop each Saturday during the summer 
months to browse through goods offered for sale in the one acre 
plot. Space is rented by rummage sellers. 

With the aid of her eighteen year old daughter. Sheila, 
her mother, Mrs. Oren Chalker, and her husband, John, Mrs. 
Eubank has made the Lake City Flea Market a flourishing business 
that soon is going to be open two days a week instead of just one. 

Mrs. Eubank works all week preparing for Saturday at the 
restaurant. At three A.M. Saturday morning she arrives in the 
kitchen and starts baking pies, bread and pastry. She bakes 
forth pies before noon each Saturday and also bakes buns for 
supper and sandwiches and makes the sauce for sloppy joes. 
Daughter Sheila serves at the cafeteria style counter and dad 
works between kitchen and dining room, clearing tables and keeping 
the line moving, 

Mrs. Chalker tallies the stall rentals out in the yard. 
It's quite a deal for a gal, confined to a wheelchair. 






Paul Haver Eubank, (the son of Oscar Allen and Gladys 

, (Haver) Eubank,) and Vera (DeGrau) (Greswold) Eubank, born 
June 28, 1926, were married April 21, 1951. 

To this union was born one child, 
Clinton Paul Eubank, born February 20, 1952. 

Vera had one son and one daughter by a former marriage; 
Mike Greswold, born April 20, 1947; 
Margean Sue Greswold, born September 16, 1949. 

Address as of April 14, 1973: Lake City, Michigan, 

Dorothy Matilda (Eubank) Dickerson, (the daughter of 

Oscar Allen and Gladys (Haver) Eubank,) and Divere C. Dickerson, 

born May 28, 1925, were married June 21, 1952. 
To this union were born five children, 

Linda Diane Dickerson, born August 10, 1953; 

Ronald Divere Dickerson, born March 13, 1955; 

Sandra Die Dickerson, born April 6, 1957; 

Patty Sue Dickerson, born October 21, 1960; 

Larry Dewin Dickerson, born September 1, 1953. 

All of the above children were born in Illinois. 

Address as of April 14, 1973: 610 Blairmoore Court, 
Grosse Point Woods, Michigan, 48236. 



Helen Lavaughn (Eubank) Green, (the daughter of Oscar 
Allen and Gladys (Haver) Eubank,) and Paul Green, Jr., born 
October 15, 1932, were married December 6, 1952, 

To this union were born four sons. 
Allen Paul Green, born November 19, 1953; 
Arthur Paul Green, born September 20, 1954; 
Andrew Paul Green, born August 19, 1956; 
Toddons Paul Green, born February 6, 1960. 

All four boys were born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 

Address as of April 14, 1973: 4924 N, Division, 
Comstock Park, Michigan, 49321. 


Lucile Ann (Eubank) Lewis, (the daughter of Oscar Allen 
and Gladys (Haver) Eubank,) and Delwin Roy Lewis, born July 26, 

1932, were married September 28, 1953. 

To this union were born three children. 
Tammy Lee Lewis, born September 13, 1951; 
Denice K, Lewis, born January 20, 1964; 
Danny E, Lewis, born September 19, 1965, 

These children were born in Kalkaska, Michigan, 49646, 

Delwin Roy Lewis, was previously married to Heidi Lynn 
( ) Lewis, who passed away December 5, 1955, 

Address as of April 14, 1973: 2439 Dam Road, 
West Branch, Michigan, 48651, 


The daughter of Alonzo M. and Rilley May (Pulley) 
Eubank, born January 20, 1904, never married. 


Reuben Alonzo Eubank, (the son of Alonzo M, and Rilley 
May (Pulley) Eubank,) and Helen Ephrasine (Ogren) Eubank, 
born August 9, 1913, were married July 4, 1936. 

To this union one son was born, 

Jeffrey Lee Eubank, born July 5, 1943, 

Address as of April 16, 1973: 823 1st, Ave,, 
Cadillac, Mich, 49601, 


Jeffrey Lee Eubank, (the son of Reuben Alonzo and Helen 
E, (Ogren) Eubank,) and Beverly Ann (Allred) Eubank, born July 
10, 1943, were united in marriage June 19, 1965. 

To this union was born one child, 
Thad Stephen Eubank, born January 5, 1968, 

Address as of April 16, 1973: 4565 Grove Street, 
Hatt, Michigan, 48842, 


Sarah Delphina (Eubank) Schofield, (the daughter of 
William and Hester A, (Ruble) Eubank,) and Joseph Schofield, 
born December 15, 1879, were married October 22, 1399, 
To this union were born six children, 

Pauline Schofield, born March 15, 1901; 

Grace Lucile Schofield, born January 15, '■ 1903: 

Nine Marie Schofield, born December 26, 1905 

Harold Gouding Schofiekd, born January 28, 1908; 

John Carlton Schofield, born September 22, 1910; 

Alice Louice Schofield, born March 28, 1925. 

Pauline, Grace, Nina and John were born in Marion, 
Indiana, Harold was born in Gas City, Indiana, Alice 
Louice was born in Chicago Heights, Illinois, Joseph passed 
away February 6, 1927, in Chicago Heights, Illinois, 

Delphina known as "Delia" passed away August 10, 1964, 
Internment in Oaklawn Cemetery, Chicago Heights, 
II 1 inois. 



Pauline (Schofield) Chandler, (the daughter of Sarah 
Delphina (Eubank) Schofield, and Joseph W, Schofield) and 
Oliver N, Chandler, born June 25, 1893, at Chicago Heights, 
Illinois, were married March 12, 1922. 

To this union were born two children. 
Gene Carlton Chandler, born February 8, 1923; 
Doris Arlene Chandler, born November 17, 1936, 

Both children were born at Chicago Heights, Illinois. 

Pauline passed away February 6, 1965 at Hammond, Indiana, 
46320, Oliver passed away April 7, 1972, 


Gene Carl Chandler, (the son of Pauline (Schofield) 
Chandler and Oliver N, Chandler) and Mildred Eleanore (Brothers) 
Chandler, born December 23, 1922, were married April 17, 1947. 

To this union were born two children. 
Bradley Chandler, born July 19, 1949; 
Leslie Ann Chandler, born January 20, 1953, 

Address: 1646 - 170th St., Hammond, Indiana 46320. 


Leslie Ann (Chandler) Cannon, (the daughter of Gene C, 
and Mildred Eleanor (Brothers) Chandler,) and Michael Patrick 
Cannon, born July 24, 1950, were married March 13, 1971, 

To this union was born one child, 
Michael Ryan Cannon, born September 13, 1972, 



Dorris A, (Chandler) Grouse, (the daughter of Pauline 

(Schofield) Ghandler and Oliver N, Chandler) and David E, 

Grouse, of Columbiana, Ohio, born March 13, 1933, were 

married September 26, 1959, at Hammond, Indiana. 

To this union were born three children, 

Cheryl Lynn Grouse, born May 8, 1955; 

Kevin David Grouse, born August 2, 1967; 

Michelle Elaine Grouse, born December 6, 1971, 

Address: 49 School Street, Westwood, New Jersey, 


Grace Lucile (Schofield) Ault, (the daughter of Sarah 
Delphina (Eubank) Schofield, and Joseph W, Schofield,) and 
Chester Austin Ault, born October 29, 1387 at Paonia, 
Colorado, were married May 28, 1928 at Pasadena, California, 

To this union were born three children, 

Joan Carol Ault, born December 27 1929; 

Mary Elizabeth Ault, born October 11, 1931; 

Leonard Arthur Ault, born October 28, 1933; 

Chester Austin Ault passed away March 17, 1935, at Chicago 

Heights, Illinois, 

Address: 7401 New Hampshire Avenue, Apt, 416, 
Hyattsville, f.aryland, 20743, 



Joan Carol (Ault) La'Chapelle, (the daughter of Grace 

Luckle (Schofield) Ault and Chester Austin Ault,) and Fred 

W. La'Chapelle, born August 24, 1929, at Buzzard Bay, Mass., 

were united in marriage June 6, 1953 at Washington, D, ,C, 

To this union were born two children, 

Russel Dahlgren La'Chapelle, born June 24, 1955, at 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Donna Louise La'Chapelle, born October 9, 1957, at 
Syracuse, N, Y. 

Address as of April 3, 1974: 6 Woodlawn Road, Latham, 
New York, 12110. 


Mary Elizabeth (Ault) Ring, (the daughter of Grace 
Lucile (Schofield) Ault and Chester Austin Ault,) and 
Norton L. Ring, born October 15, 1927, were married July 
30, 1949. 

To this union were born three children. 
Glen Carlton Ring, born May 4, 1950; 
James Andrew Ring, born November 20, 1951; 
Martha Damaris Ring, born October 5, 1953. 

All three children were born in Washington, D. C. 

Address as of April 3, 1974: 507 N. W. 39th. Road, 
214, Gainesville, Florida, 32601. 


Leonard Arthur Ault, (the son of Grace Lucile 

(Schofield) Ault and Chester Austin Ault,) and Barbara 

(Jackson) Ault, born June 13, , were married May 5, 

1961, at Wheaton, Maryland, 

To this union were born two children, 

Karen Ann Ault, born February 5, 1962; 

Mary Kathleen Ault, born August 17, 1963, 

Both children were born at Takoma Park, Maryland, 

Address as of April 3, 1974: 11510 Lockwood Drive, 
Apt. B-2, Silver Spring, Maryland, 20900, 


Nina Marie (Schofield) Bross, (the daughter of Sarah 
Delphina (Eubank) Schofield and Joseph W, Schofield) and 
Joseph Bross, born December 25, 1905, Chicago Heights, Illinois, 
were married November 27, 1924 at Chicago Heights, Illinois, 

To this union were born nine children, 

Charles Bross, born July 11, 1925 

Richard Bross, born April 11, — .— «— -■1927; 

Marilyn Bross, born August 30, — 1928; 

Robert Bross, born November 23, — --1932; 

Shirley Bross, born July 13, ■ — 1934; 

Patricia Bross, born July 30, 1941; 

Kenneth Bross, born January 11, — —1943; 

Joyce Bross, born March 8, — — 1944; 

Karen Bross, born January 16, —194 7, 

All of the above children were born in Chicago Heights, 
Illinois, Address: 190 E, 10th, St,, Chicago Heights, Illinois, 



Charles Bross, (the son of Nina Marie (Schofield) Bross 
and Joseph Bross) and Helen (Jahn's Bross, born January 29, 
1926, were married November 27, 1924. 

To this union no children were born. 


Richard Bross, (the son of Nina Marie (Schofield) 
Bross and Joseph Bross,) and Irene Clare (Mitchell), born 
August 24, 1930 in England, were married May 4, 1957, White 
Haven, Cumberland, England. 

To this union were born two children. 
Linda Ann Bross, born March 17, 1959; 
Stephen Allen Bross, born August 5, 1951. 

Address as of July, 1973: 319 Durham, Steger, 
Illinois 60475. 


Marylin (Bross) Dauksas, (the daughter of Nina Marie 

(Schofield) Bross, and Joseph Bross,) and Casimar Dauksas, 

born June 8, 1922, were married February 28, 1949, in Chicago 

Heights, Illinois, 

To this union were born four children, 

Susan Dauksas, born January 14, 1950; 

Jay Dauksas, born June 27, 1954; 

Tommy Dauksas, born December 15, 1956; 

Andy Dauksas, born February 28, 1959, 

Address as of July, 1973: Route 83, Glenwood, Illinois, 


Robert Bross, (the son of Nina Marie (Schofield) Bross 
and Joseph Bross,) and Carol (Parker) Bross, born August 11, 1936, 

at , were married August 22, 1959, at 

Chicago Heights, Illinois, 

To this union were born two children. 
Shelly Lynn Bross, born July 24, 1960; 
Lisa Ann Bross, born January 3, 1966. 

The above children were born in Chicago Heights, Illinois, 

Address as of July, 1973: 535 W, 16th, Place, Chicago 
Heights, Illinois, 60411, 



Shirley (Bross) Capriotti, (the daughter of Nina Marie 
(Schofield) Bross and Joseph Bross,) and Ernie Capriotti, 

born December 3, 1928, at , were 

married September 5, 1954, in Chicago Heights, Illinois. 

To this union were born four children, 
Pamela Capriotti, born June 7, 1955; 
John Capriotti, born June 22, 1956; 
Gina Marie Capriotti, born July 23, 1958; 
Michael Anthony Capriotti, born July 24, 1961. 

The above children were born in Chicago Heights, Illinois, 

Address as of July, 1973: RFD# 2, Box 15 A., 19460, 
Chicago Heights, Illinois, 60411. 


Patrica (Bross) Sass, (the daughter of Nina Marie 
(Schofield) Bross and Joseph Bross,) and Harvey Sass, born 

August 31, 1939 at , were united 

in marriage July 29, 1961 at San Diego, California. 

To this union were born three children. 
Kevin Alan Sass, born October 30, 1953; 
Julie Lynette Sass, born March 11, 1965; 
Dwayne Edward Sass, born February 4, 1968, 

Address as of July, 1973: 438 Hamilton Road, 
Homewood, Illinois, 6043 0. 



Joyce (Bross) Schuldt, (the daughter of Nina Marie 
(Schofield) Bross and Joseph Bross) and Wayne Schuldt, born 

February 2, 1940, at ,were married 

May 23, 1964 at Chicago Heights, Illinois, 

To this union were born two children, 
Kelly Joe Schuldt, born January 19, 1967; 
William Erick Schuldt, born November 2, 1971, 

Address as of July, 1973: 432 W, 16th., Chicago 
Heights, Illinois, 60411, 


Kenneth Bross, (the son of Nina Marie (Schofield) Bross, 
and Joseph Bross,) and Linda (Bruns) Bross, born April 11, 

1947, at , were married October 1, 1965, 

at Steger, Illinois, 

To this union were born two children, 
Scott Kenneth Bross, born August 17, 1957; 
Joseph Albert Bross, born November 4, 1969. 

Address as of July, 1973: 40B W, 15th. Street, 
Chicago Heights, Illinois, 60411, 





Eva Karen (Bross) Parker, (the daughter of Nina Marie 
(Schofield) Bross, and Joseph Bross,) and Donald Parker, born 

May 12, 1939 at , were married June 5, 

1966, at Chicago Heights, Illinois. 

To this union were born two children, 
Kyle Parker, born April 27, 1957; 
Dana Lynne Parker, born February 24, 1969. 

Address as of July, 1973: 3001 Florence Avenue, 
Steger, Illinois, 60475. 

Harold Goulding Schofield, (the son of Sarah Delphina 
(Eubank) Schofield and Joseph Schofield,) and Ruth Morris, 

born November 29, 1907 at , were 

married May 7, 1927 at . 

To this union were born three children. 
Harold Morris Schofield, born March 13, 1930; 
Betty Schofield, born February 7, 1928; 
Donald Schofield, born September 1, 1936. 

Address as of July, 1973: 350 Juniper, Park Forest, 
Illinois, Apt. 810, Zip 60466. 


Harold Korris Schofield, (the son of Harold Goulding 

and Ruth (Morris) Schofield,) and Fern (Haseman), born 

March 2, 1939, were married October 14, 1961. 
To this union were born two children, 

Sandy Schofield, born September 26, 1963; 

Norman Schofield, born July 23, 1958, 

Address as of July, 1973: 3742, 113th, Street, 
Inglewood, California, 90300, 

Betty (Schofield Foushi, (the daughter of Harold 
Goulding and Ruth (Morris) Schofield,) and John Foushi, 

born June 13, 1928 at , were 

married October 21, 1950 at 

To this union were born three children, 
John Harold Foushi, born June 15, 1952; 
Debora Ann Foushi, born January 18, 1956; 
David Anthony Foushi, born January 2, 1952, 

Address: 839 Campbell, Chicago Heights, Illinois, 60411, 



Donald Schofield, (the son of Harold Gouding and Ruth 
(Morris) Schofield,) and Darlis Darline (Webb), born March 

19, 1940, at , were married June 

27, 1959 at . 

To this union were born three children, 

Donald Thomas Schofield, born July 10, 1960; 

Dian Lorraine Schofield, born July 15, 1952; 

Douglas Alan Schofield, born December 3, 1959. 

Address as of July, 1973: 125 Glengate, Chicago Heights, 
Illinois, 60411. 

John Carlton Schofield, (the son of Sarah Delphina (Eubank) 
Schofield and Joseph Schofield) and Mildred (Willie) Schofield, 
born September 22, 1910, were married April 1, 1934 at 

To this union were born two children. 
Barbara Ann Schofield, born January 9, 1935; 
Ellen Marcia Schofield, born March 7, 1952, 

John Carlton Schofield was formerly National Store 
planning manager for Montgomery Ward and is a past president 
of New Mexico Art League, now retired, 

Alice Louise Schofield (daughter of Sarah Delphina 
(Eubank) Schofield and Joseph Schofield), born March 28, 
1925 at Chicago Heights, Illinois, passed away on May 18, 
1941 at the age of 15 years, 1 month and 20 days. 



Henry James Eubank, (the son of Joseph and Rosana 
(Rohrer) Eubank,) and Charlotte (Swaim) Eubank, born in 
Randolph County, North Carolina, on August 5, 1857, were 
married on May 19, 1874. 

To this union were born five children, 

Charles Franklin Eubank, born February 28, 1875 

Ida Viola Bell Eubank, born July 1, 1877; 

Ernest Everett Eubank, born September 21, 1884; 

Oren Emmett Eubank, born June 24, 1886; 

Clarence Lessel Addison Eubank, born February 28, 1893. 

Henry J, Eubank was born on his father's farm near 
Warren, Huntington County, Indiana, and passed away at Lessel 's 
home on Coit Avenue, Grand Rapids, Michigan, on February 10, 

Charlotte (Swaim) Eubank was born in North Carolina near 
the City of Charlotte, and came to Indiana with her parents, 
"overland" when she was about two years old. She passed away at 
Oren Emmett's home in South Bend, Indiana, on March 11, 1933, 

They were laid to rest, side by side in Fairplane Cemetery, 

Napp Street, N, E,, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 

Henry James, like many of his ancestors , while growing up, 
learned the building trades. 

After marriage he lived much of his life on farms. He 
didn't own a farm for many years and after his son, Charles, 
got old enough to help with the farming, they farmed and worked 
at the trade also. 


Of course, the renting of farms isn't entirely a matter of 
permanence and occasionally they were unable to procure a 
satisfactory agreement and they would move perhaps into some 
close town and work at their trade until some satisfactory 
arrangement could be had. 

Consequently, they did considerable moving. In 1B95, when 
Grover Cleveland was President of the U, S. A., and times were 
very hard, father quit farming and moved to Van Buren, Indiana, 
and lived on a rented property for a while - then purchased a 
small tract of land at the west end of town that laid on the 
south side of the main road, running east through Van Buren, 
which was a part of the Chopson farm, containing (I think,) 
one and three-tenths acres that was covered with Virgin Oak 

Father took enough timber from that parcel of land to 
supply enough rough lumber to build a six room house, a 24 
foot by 36 foot barn and other outbuildings. He hued all 
of the sills for the house and barn out by hand with a broad 
ax, and split enough 1" X 6" X 24" Oak wood shingles for the 
barn roof and enough 1" X 2^?" - four foot Oak wood pickets to 
weave 900 linear feet of picket fence, and wove the fence into 
place with a fence machine and three double strands of wire, all 
pickets and shingles were hand split, using a fro, and what we 
called a mule clamp. 

Brother Charles kept a team of horses and the farming 
impliments when they left the farm and he rented and farmed 
the Chopson land. 

We continued to live in Van Buren until about 1902 or 1903, 
when father purchased a fifty acre farm with fair buildings, 
about six miles west of Columbia City, Indiana, in Whitley 
County and we moved there. By this time Charles and Sister 
Vi'Ola were married and gone to themselves, and Everett and 
I were both old enough to take care of the farm work, which 
we did for a while, but father's health wasn't very good and 
Everett and I were away from home much of the time, doing con- 
struction work, and father decided to sell the farm and move 
into Columbia City, Indiana, Later, in 1912, they and Lessel, 
who was now about 19 years old, went to Hoxeyville, Michigan to 
live, but didn't like it there and returned to Marion, Indiana, 

until in 1920 when they went to Rockford, Michigan, where Lessel 
and Bessie were married on March 11, 1922, and later to Grand 

By this time father's health was very poor, so Lessel 
purchased a home on Coit Avenue, in Grand Rapids and converted 
it into two apartments, where they and father and mother lived 
until his death on February 10, 1923, 

Lessel later moved to South Bend and worked with me, and 
mother lived with us first at 1825 Brookfield Street, then at 
2013 Freemont Street, until she passed away on March 11, 1933, 
Father and mother were members of the United Brethren Church 
for many years, probably had their faults, as all human beings 
do, but they were good people that tried hard to live a Christian 
life, and after fifty and forty years respectively, since they 
passed away, their image stands out very vividly in my mind, and 
I shall honor and love their memory, as long as I am permitted 
to live. 




Charles Franklin Eubank, (the son of Henry James and 
Charlotte (Swaim) Eubank,) and Myrtle L, (Berringer) Eubank, 
born April 16, 1877, were united in marriage January 11, 1896 
at Van Buren, Indiana. 

To this union were born four children. 
Viva Eubank, born December 22, 1896; 
Clarence Ellsworth Eubank, born November 15, 1897; 
Roy Franklin Eubank, born March 11, 1901; 
Twylah E. Eubank, born December 16, 1906. 

Viva passed away in infancy. 

Myrtle passed away at their country home near Rockford, 
Michigan, on February 16, 1962, 

Charles passed away one month and three days later on 
March 9, 1962, at the same home. They were laid to rest side 
by side in Idlewise Cemetery, near Kent City, Michigan. 

The life of Charles Franklin Eubank as related by his son, 
Clarence, and recorded by the writer. 

Charles Franklin Eubank, the first child born to Henry James 
and Charlotte (Swaim) Eubank, like his father, was a farmer and a 
construction mechanic and he usually managed to carry on both 
facets of his trades at the same time, and after he was married 
to his wife. Myrtle, on January 11, 1896 at Van Buren, Indiana, he 
rented a farm a few miles distant, from Van Buren, and moved tnere, 
and on December 22 nd, their first child, a daughter, named Viva, 
was born, who died in infancy. They next rented a farm in St. 
Joseph County, Indiana, near Walkerton and moved there and on 
November 15, 1887, their first son, Clarence, was born, then in 
early 1899 they moved to a farm a short distance west of Banquo, 
Indiana, where they lived until the fall of 1900, when Charles 
built a house just west of where his father lived, which was 
across the street from the United Brethren Church on West Main 
Street in Van Buren, Indiana. They moved there and on March 11, 
1901 their second son, Roy, was born. They continued to live 
there and Charles worked for the Van Buren Lumber Company, 
stocking the material bins, and delivering materials to customers, 
with a lumber wagon, and a large team of gray horses, 


During this time he built another house alongside of where 
they lived. In 1902 he sold these houses and purchased a forty 
acre farm about two miles south and east of Taylor Station, 
southwest of Columbia City, Indiana. This farm had a nice tract 
of timber, and he logged off most of the saw timber, hauling it 
to the mill in Columbia City, also hauled land tax gravel on the 
roads for many of the local farmers and did considerable carpen- 
tering, and returned to Van Buren and plastered a big new house 
on what was known as the McGee farm, on the Grant and Huntington 
County lines north of Van Buren, Indiana. 

The next year, in 1903, there was a building boom in Van 
Buren, and he sold this farm and returned there, built a new 
house for his family, and did a big building business there 
that year. 

In 1904 he sold out again in Van Buren and purchased an 
eighty acre farm in Whitley County, Indiana, about five miles 
west and south of Columbia City, This was in what was known as 
the Oak Grove Community, and it had a goodly piece of timber 
on it, and in the winter months Father cleared off part of it, 
selling the saw timber and buzzing the remainder of the trees 
and the small timber into firewood and again hauling the surplus 
wood to Columbia City families for fire wood. He farmed his fields, 
and some additional land, for a neighbor, and did considerable 
building work in the vicinity. There was a road that ran north 
and south through the center of the eighty acres; the house stood 
on the east forty, and the barn on the west forty. This he didn't 
like, so he eventually moved the barn, which was quite large, across 
the road next to the house. 

In 1906, after living here for about three years, he sold the 
farm, and on November 6th he had an auction sale, selling every- 
thing except what they wanted to take with them, which was a team 
of horses, wagon, plow, drag, and a few other things. This they 
loaded into a boxcar with their furniture and moved to Cadillac, 
Michigan, where he had purchased a farm, about three miles west 
of the west end of Lake Cadillac, They just nicely got settled 
when on December 15, 1905, their daughter, Twylah was born. That 
was fine and okay, but the land was just no good, "sand" that dad 
didn't like, so one month later, in January of 1907, they traded 
that place for a nice little place of fifteen acres with a good 
house and barn, a horse, cow, sow, and chickens. This was near 
Warsaw, Indiana, about a mile across the field from Winona Lake, 
so there we had made another landing but, just for a few days, 
because father had traded this place for two hundred acres of 
timber land three miles from Harrisburg, Arkansas, So out we go 
again on the same snow we came in on, and when we arrived there 
we couldn't get the house for a month, so we rented a house in 
Harrisburg for a month, and when that time was up, we moved to 
the farm. 

Part of the land had been cleared and there was ten acres 
of Peach trees that bloomed and had peaches on them, but the sun 
was so hot that it just cooked the top sides of the peaches and 
they all fell to the ground, and there was about ten acres that 
we planted to corn, and that was good, but when the ears started 
to develope with corn the coons came in from the timber and cleaned 
off every ear, 


We didn't get even one ear! In the meantime, father had sold 
a lot of the timber to a company and they had moved a sawmill 
into the woods and dad got busy and traded the land for a 
hundred acres near V/ashington Court Court House, Ohio, so 
heads up again, here we go to Ohio. This land was rough hills, 
covered with good railroad tie timber. He hired some help and !• 
cut this off and delivered it to the railroad. He sold the land 
to the man that owned the land next to us; now it is time for us 
to go again, and we did just that, and we landed in South Whitley, 
Indiana on March 8, 1908. 

We moved the things out to John Smith's house near his store 
at Luther, six miles south of South Whitley, across the road from 
the Tile Kills. Dad and I worked there for a Kr. Zent that owned 
the tile factory, until fall, when we moved to the Nickey farm, 
about one and a half miles north of Columbia City, Indiana. While! 
living there, dad purchased a city lot on the north edge of the 
city, and during the winter months of 1908 and 1909 we built a 
house there, (that father afterwards sold,) while new - and in 
the fall of 1910 we moved over to the Clugiston farm, that joined 
up to the city limits on the north edge of Columbia City, and 
west of North Chauncey Street Road. 

We farmed this place until the fall of 1912, presidential 
election year, when we sold out to father's brother, Everett 
Eubank, and they loaded their household goods and other things 
that they wanted to take along in a box railroad car and billed 
it out for Cadillac, Michigan on September 19, 1912; we started 
out with a covered wagon and horses, for Hoxeyville, Wexford 
County, Michigan, where father's brother, Emmett and he had 
purchased three-fourths of a section of land a year before, 
some of which was original timber and we went there for the 
purpose of cutting the timber and disposing of it. 

It took nine days to make the overland trip by wagon, and 
we arrived there at midnight on September 8th, This land was 
about four miles northwest of Hoxeyville, Michigan, and about 
twenty-five miles West of Cadillac. We drove off the road on 
the west side, going north into the timber, which was the south- 
west quarter of the section, as the north and south road going 
north from Hoxeyville ran through the center of the section, and 
there we camped until morning. 

It was on a Saturday night and as I said, midnight, so mother 
dad and Twylah slept in the wagon and Roy and I slept under the 
wagon on the ground. In the morning we looked at our shoes and 
socks that we had left out and they were white with frost. Not 
so happy about this we pulled them on, hoping they would soon 
warm up and dry off, then, after mother fixed our breakfast we 
figured out and drove four stakes where we would build a little 
house, size 18' by 24', for a place to get into as soon as 
possible. Clarence says, "now, Uncle Emmett this is when and 
where you come in," meaning that I worked in the timber with 
them that winter, all of which I hope to be able to explain 
in a separate item, I being the writer. 


The next spring we moved over onto the Peterson farm and 
worked it in 1913. A part of that spring and summer dad drove a 
big ox team, equipped with ox yoke, chains and logging tongs, 
pulling logs out of the wet low lands along the south branch 
of the Manistee River. 

Later on, in 1913 father contracted a big house and a big 
stock barn to build, over by Luther, Michigan. He hired some 
men to help him and it took them all of that summer up until 
late fall to finish them. 

On October 15, 1913 we moved over to a big house one-half 
mile west of Hoxeyville, just for the winter, and on March 20, 
1914 father started out with the team and wagon, and the rest of 
us went down on the train to Kalamazoo, Michigan, where father 
met us, and we went out to the farm that he had rented, near 
Galesburg, and our goods came, and we were all in the business 
again. Among the crops we had about twenty acres of potatoes 
for a cash crop. The crop was all good, but the price wasn't 
any good. No. 1. Potatoes delivered in Kalamazoo only .IVc per 
bushel. That, we would not do, so two days before Thanksgiving 
in 1914, we loaded two refrigerator cars with potatoes and on 
Thanksgiving day we loaded a boxcar with our horses, tools and 
furniture, billed them out that evening for Rison, Arkansas, where 
we got a $1.00 per bushel for them. 

Father did carpenter work and when he had spare time, we 
worked in the woods cutting timber for the Cotton Belt Railroad, 
bridge timbers and spiles, with which bridges were constructed. 

Then, in April of 1915 we moved back north to Marion, 
Indiana, This summer father and I worked for Pasco Peal building 
houses and carpentering on a big building for the Box Board Com- 
pany, on which Mr. Peal was the construction foreman. Then, that 
fall, on October 5, 1915, father and his brother, Lessel Eubank, 
went up to Kent City, Michigan on Lessel 's motorcycle, each looking 
for a place to buy, and Lessel purchased a nice twenty acre tract, 
with good buildings, and father bought a forty acre farm five miles 
north and three miles east of Kent City, Michigan. Then, they 
returned to Marion on Uncle Lessel 's motorcycle; then father and 
his family. Uncle Lessel, grandma and grandpa Eubank, all packed 
their goods and furniture and loaded them into a boxcar, and 
shipped them to Kent City, in the fall of 1915. 

In 1917 father purchased another sixty acres, which made 
enough land to keep the family busy as we grew. 

Alot of crops for the Kent City Canning Factory, 

Father was busy all the time, building several new farm 
homes, all around Kent City, 

By this time we had found out that our land was too low and 
frosty for us, so father sold it, and took in city property in 
Grand Rapids, but that he didn't want either, so within a week, 
he traded the city property for an eighty acre farm about four 
miles east of Rockford, Michigan, where we moved to on March 25, 
1920, farming it that season, and the following season. Then, 
in the early winter of 1921, father traded this farm for a large 
duplex property in Grand Rapids, on Plainfield Avenue, where they 
lived in a part of the house and rented the balance. 





to the 

Father contracted carpenter work here until in March, 
1923, when he traded this duplex for a one hundred sixty acre 
farm near Nashville, Michigan, where he moved to on April 
1, 1923. One year on that farm was enough. It was so stony 
with large ones coming to the surface, that father sold the 
farm in the fall of 1923, and had an auction sale. We then 
moved back to Grand Rapids, purchasing a lot on South Division 
Street in the Home Acre Division and built a home, where we 
lived until in the fall of 1924, when he got a chance to 
it for a good price, and take in a house on Coit Avenue, 
he did, then we moved to the Coit Avenue house. 

I, Clarence, bought the vacant lot just north of it 
built my house, where Vinnie and I lived until we moved 
farm, where I still live. 

In the spring of 1926, father traded his Coit Avenue 
property for an eighty acre farm on the north edge of Sparta, 
Michigan, and they moved out there. Then, in February of 1927 
he traded the Sparta farm for that one hundred sixty acre farm 
on Shaner Avenue, northeast of Rockford, Michigan, which turned 
out to be his last farm. It had a good barn but the house was 
old so they tore it down, and in 1922 they built a new one and 
moved into it. 

This farm had a large woods, with a lot of saw timber and 
father had a man to move his sawmill back in the woods, where he 
cut the trees, sawed the timber and delivered it to Grand Rapids 
for a set price. He kept enough lumber for his own building 
work, and built two five room houses down on the southwest 
corner of the farm, on the paved highway. State Road No. 57, 
v;here it crosses Shaner Avenue Road, running east from U.S. 
Highway No. 131, north of Rockford, Michigan to Greenville, 
Michigan. They sold this farm in the spring of 1950 and had 
an auction. Then, they moved into the corner house next to 
Shaner Avenue Road, where they lived until both of them passed 

He was 75 and 76 years old when he built the two houses, 
and he did most of the work himself. He didn't do much work 
other than to take care of the two properties, after that. 

Charles was 87 years and 13 days old when he died. 

Myrtle was 88 years, 10 months old when she died. 

Signed, Clarence E, Eubank. 

I requested Clarence E. Eubank, Charles' son, to give me 
a historical panorama of his father's married life, which he 
did, and I have recorded it almost verbatim, as told by him 
in his own words. 

I think that I can honestly say without question, that 
Charles F. Eubank was the hardest working man throughout his 
entire life, that I ever knew. 

When he died he v/as quite comfortably well-fixed, finan- 
cially, most of which he obtained after he moved to the Shaner 
Avenue farm, from 1926 until he retired, after selling the farm 
in 1950. 

Eulogy Of The Writer. 


Clarence E, Eubank, (the son of Charles F, Eubank, and 
Myrtle (Berringer) Eubank) and La Vinnie May (Curtiss) Eubank, 
born July 11, 1889, were united in marriage July 11, 1925, 

To this union was born one child, a son. 
Charles Curtis Eubank, born April 1, 1936, at their farm on 
four mile road, northwest of Grand Rapids, Michigan, 

La Vinnie May passed away July 1, 1954 at the above farm 

home and was laid to rest in Rosedale Memorial Park, Grand 

Rapids, Michigan, 

Their Address as of January 11, 1973 is: RFD# 2, 4725 Four 
Mile Road, Northwest, Grand Rapids, Michiaan, 49504, 

Charles Curtiss Eubank, (the son of Clarence E, and 
La Vinnie May (Curtiss) Eubank,) and Ellen J. (Clayton) Eubank, 
born November 24, 1941, were united in marriage November 24, 1963, 

To this union were born two children. 
Celeste Marie Eubank, born June 20, 1967; 
Myra May Eubank, born October 7, 1971, 

Their address as of January 11, 1973 is: RFD# 2, 

4781 Four Mile Road, Northwest, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 




A partial biography of a nice family that really made 
good, by successful planning, hard work and honesty. Stick- 
to-itivity is the key word, which really eliminates the process 
of the so-called rolling stone, 

I requested Clarence to write up something about his life 
activity, and here it is in his own words, "The Writer." 


Starting back in the fall of the year 1918, after the 
end of the World War, I was 21 years old. on November 15th, and 
I had met La Vinnie Curtis, who eventually became my wife, and 
we started planning our lives together. 

At this time I was doing carpenter work with my father, 
Charles F. Eubank, contracting and building houses. 

In 1921 and 1922, when Vinnie was going to college in 
Kalamazoo, Michigan, I took a job there also, as receiving 
clerk for the Cornwell Wholesale Grocery Company. 

It was a good job and I liked the work, but later on I 
decided to go back to Grand Rapids and build some houses 
for myself. 

I bought a lot and built a very nice house on it and sold 
it, taking in three lots as part payment and the balance in cash; 
then I was in business for myself. 

I built on all three of the lots, sold one and traded one 
for this farm on Four Mile Road Northwest and on July 11, 1925 
Vinnie and I were married. We lived in the fourth house at 
745 Coit Avenue. 

At this time Vinnie was teaching at Coit Avenue School, 
Then, in May of 1927 I started to work as a salesman for the 
Mathews Sales Company, General Motors Sales And Service, 

This I liked and I did well until in the fall of 1929 
when they went out of business. 

However, they recommended me to A. L, Donaldson, the 
Packard distributors for Western Michigan, who wanted me to 
take over their used car division, which had about ninety cars 
in stock, 

I took the job, selling and preparing ads for both of the 
Grand Rapids papers, everyday. 

In the spring of 1932 they decided to quit the business, 
which they did. 

At this time Vinnie and I decided to move out on the farm. 
We were very happy out there, so I traded the Coit Avenue house 
for the farm adjoining this one on the west. 

La Vinnie then quit teaching and helped me out there; then 
on April 1, 1936, Curtis came to live with us - he was a nice big 
8h pounder. We had a boy growing up to help us! On November 24, 
1962, after 26 years plus of hard work, planning and improving, 
and much happiness, Curtis and Ellen Clayton were married. They 
built a new home a short distance west of the farm home and live 
there with their two darling girls, ages six and two years 
respectively, which grandpa loves so much. 

Signed, Clarence E, Eubank, 


Roy Franklin Eubank, (the son of Charles F, and Myrtle L, 
(Berringer) Eubank, and Edna M, (Dingman) Eubank, born January 
3, 1904, were united in marriage February 28, 1923, at Rockford, 

To this union were born two children. 
Edward Leroy Eubank, born October 17, 1925; 
Doris M, Eubank, born December 21, 1927. 

Both were born in Rockford, Michigan. 

Roy and Edna owned several farms in Michigan during their 
early life span, most of which were in the White Tail deer 
habitat, and in the year of 1942 my wife, Ethel and I spent 
the deer hunting season with them on their farm, near Paris, 
Michigan, The second week Roger and Gladys Pope and daughter, 
Patricia, came and Roy and his son, Edward, Roger and I made the 
second trip to near Irons, Michigan with our tent and equipment. 

We spent Thanksgiving in the woods and we had a very enjoy- 
able time. We spent the hunting season of 1944 there also, and 
no one could avoid having an enjoyable time when associated with 
Roy and Edna Eubank 's superb hospitality, 

Roy, like his father, was a farmer and builder. When I 
retired from my work with the Belleville Lumber And Supply 
Company at South Bend, Indiana, in 1955 and sold the farm, I 
moved to Kissimmee, Florida, and worked for some time with the 
Kissimmee Lumber Company of that city, in the capacity of sales 
and service, and did contracting for the company. Construction 
men were scarce there at that time, and I wrote Roy and Edna to 
come down there and work for me, which they did, and he and my 
brother, Lessel, who had moved to Kissimmee in 1954, built a new 
home for one of my customers, and also remodelled a house for 
me that I had purchased for a home; then in 1956 they returned 
home to Michigan, 

In the year 1962, his father, Charles and mother, Myrtle, 
both passed away, and he obtained his father's home place and 
lived there until 1974, when they purchased a mobile home and 
placed it on their son-in-law and daughter, Lawrence and Dorris 
Teeter's farm, near Paris, Michigan, where they plan to spend 
the remainder of their declining years. 

Their present address as of November 30, 1974: 
Paris, Michigan, RFD# 1, Box 143 A, zip 49338. 




Edward Leroy Eubank, (the son of Roy F, and Edna M, 
(Dingman) Eubank,) and Betty L, Goodman, born February 19, 
1933, were married June 1, 1951, 

To this union were born two children. 
Charles Leroy Eubank, born May 27, 1952; 
James Brian Eubank, born July 27, 1955. 


Charles L. Eubank, (the son of Edward Leroy Eubank, III,) 
and Betty L. (Goodman) Eubank,) and Denise (Dahnke) Eubank, 
born , were married August 19, 1972. 

To this union 

Charles is in the marines. 


Doris M. (Eubank) Teeter, (the daughter of Roy F. and 
Edna M. (Dingman) Eubank,) and Laurence Teeter, born March 21, 
1923, were married July 27, 1946 at the farm northwest of Big 
Rapids, Michigan, 

To this union were born three children, all boys, 
Larry Edward Teeter, born September 18, 1948; 
Ralph Allen Teeter, born April 7, 1952; 
Daniel Leroy Teeter, born June 28, 1959, 

All three children were born at their farm home near 

Paris, Michigan, 

Their present address as of January 11, 1973: 
Box 143, Paris, Michigan, 49338. 



Larry Edward Teeter, (the son of Doris M. Eubank,) Teeter, 
and Laurence Teeter,) and Sandra (Richardson,) Teeter, born 
February 11, 1951, were married at Big Rapids, Michigan, on 
November 5, 1970, 

To this union 


Tv;ylah E. (Eubank) Hazelton, (the daughter of Charles F. 
and Myrtle L. ( Berringer ) Eubank,) and Andrew Hazelton, born 
February 3, 1913, near Kent City, Michigan, were united in 
marriage July 20, 1936, 

To this union no children were born. 

Present address as of February 1, 1974: 

11640 Shaner Avenue, Northeast, RFD# 3, Cedar Springs, 

Michigan, 49319. 

A biographical sketch of their married life as told 
by Twylah Hazelton in her own v/ords. 

We were married July 20, 1936, The next year we started 
farming for ourselves, April 3, 1956. A devasting tornado des- 
troyed our buildings, except house and tool shed. We had a lot 
of debris to clean"off our fields, rebuild our buildings, along 
with the farming. We were in the milk house when it was des- 
troyed; a miracle we were not hurt. None of our cattle were 
hurt, as large timbers came through the upper floor between them 
as they were in their stanchions. After so much work and v;orry 
from his mother's stroke and death, Andrew had a heart attack 
and wasn't able to work for some time- then not hard work. We 
changed from dairy cattle to beef and hired help for the heavy 
v;ork. In 1960 we decided to take a short vacation and took 
Clarence and Vinnie with us - toured all of the U, P. of 
Michigan, also the northern part of Lower Michigan, visiting all 
places of interest and had a wonderful time. 

By 1962 we decided to sell the farm, to the son and family 
of friends of ours, except a tract of ten acres along Highway 
57 where we moved into a house there and retired. 

We purchased a travel trailer and Clarence and Vinnie, with 

us, travelled to Sarnia, Canada, on to Niagra Falls - through 

beautiful farming country - on around through the Province of 

Ontario, took a boat ride through the thousand islands and many 

other interesting sights, over to Sault Sainte Marie, took the 

ferry back to Michigan, and on home, 
^ 143, 


The fall of 1962, Clarence and Vinnie left with us for 
Florida, stopping along the way at Mammoth Cave, Rock City, 
Licons birthplace, all other interesting places, travelling 
all over Florida, visiting the tourist attractions, out to 
Key West, through the Naval Station there, across the Ever- 
glades to Flamingo, on the southwest tip of Florida, came 
back through Mississippi, Louisana, Arkansas, on north to 

The summer of 1964 we bought a nice cottage on Thunder 
Lake near r-lanistique, U, P., Michigan, After Labor Day we 
took Clarence with us from the cottage, went to Sault Sainte 
Marie, crossed over the new international bridge into Canada, 
travelled all the way around Lake Superior, with a few side 
trips, one to Kenora, Canada, a great summer vacation place, 
back into Minnesota, over to Charles City, Iowa, and Lansing, 
Minnesota, to visit our cousins, across through Illinois into 
Michigan, and home. That winter we went to Florida again, 
having Clarence with us for more sightseeing, going through 
Ohio on a different highway, came back last of March, through 
the Smokey Moutains, (this was beautiful.) 

The fall of 1965, we asked Clarence to go with us to travel 
the southwest all over Texas, saw President Johnson's home ranch, 
through the oil well territory, into New Mexico, through the 
Carlsbad Caverns, Salt Flats and other interesting places, into 
Arizona to Tombstone, Tuscon, Phoenix, GrandCanyon, beautiful 
Painted Desert, petrified forest, etc. Then to California past 
Art Linkletter's large motel to San Diego, to see the world's 
largest zoo, was very interesting - then back north past Lawrence 
VJelk's beautiful mobile home village, where he lives in a gorgeous 
large mobile home, back to Tuscon, Arizona, down into Old Mexico v 
at Nogales, had a lot of fun and bought some souvenir's at bar- | 
gain prices. 

It was too cold in Arizona to suit us, so we left for 
Zephyrhills, Florida, and bought a new mobile home. We had it 
set up on a lot in Tropical Park, all ready to come back to the 
next fall; since then we have spent the winters there. 

In the spring of 1971, we went home through the eastern state 
going through the New Chesapeake Bay Tunnel and bridges, from 
Norfolk to Cape Charles, past the island where the small wild 
horses propagate; from which our Vice-President, Jerry Ford, 
got one for the zoo in his home city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, 
and from there over to Washington, D. C., and then on home. 

In 1972 we decided to sell our cottage at Thunder Lake in 
the U. P., Michigan, and the extra lot we had there. 

In 1973 we sold off some for building sights; then we had 
a nev/ house built on our land facing on Shaner Avenue around the 
corner from where we did live. 

Nov/, in 1974 vie just sold our mobile home in Florida and 
will return to our new home in Michigan, and see how the energy 
crisis develops before planning any more trips. 



Ida Viola Bell (Eubank) Pulley, (the daughter of Henry 
J. and Charlotte (Swaim) Eubank,) and Jessie Arnie Pulley, born 
September 28, 1857, on his father's farm near Landess, Indiana, 
were united in marriage August 27, 1895. 

To this union were born three children, 
Urshell Ellsworth Pulley, born August 9, 1897; 
Edith Echoe Pulley, born April 21, 1901; 
Grace Gladys Pulley, born December 17, 1908, 

Jesse Arnie, known as Jess Arn, passed away October 5, 
1962, at the age of 95 years, and S days, and was laid to rest 
in Garden Of Memories Cemetery, about 9lf miles northeast of 
Marion, Indiana, on State Road No. 9, 

Viola Bell Pulley, known as Ola, continued to live at 
their farm home 1H miles north of Landess, Indiana, in Grant 
County, until in the fall of 1969, v;hen she went to spend the 
winter with her daughter, Gladys Pope, at their farm home near 
Warren, Indiana. 

On November 21 st she fell and fractured a hip bone and was 
taken to the Marion General Hospital for surgery, and it turned 
out to be a very bad break. 

Her condition improved slowly, and after about tv;o weeks 
they moved her to River View Manor, a convalescent center, where 
they had the facilities to give her proper therapy. 

However, in less than three weeks, she grew worse and 
developed a massive congestion, and passed away on Christmas 
day, December 25, 1969. 



Her body was moved to A Van Buren Funeral Home where 
it laid in state until on Monday, December 29, 1969, when 
it was moved to the Landess Christian Church at Landess, 
Indiana, preparatory to holding the funeral services at 
two o'clock P. H. 

Ola and Arnie had been members of this church for many 
years, and it was only about 1-? miles from their home place, 
where they had resided since the year of 1895, more than 74 years, 
except for a short period of time when they lived in Whitley 
County, Indiana. She was laid to rest along side of Arnie in 
the Garden Of ['Memory Cemetery, at the age of 91 years, 6 months 
and 20 days. 


Urshell Ellsworth Pulley, (the son of Ida Viola Bell 
(Eubank) Pulley, and Jesse Arnie Pulley,) and Bertha (Smith) 
Pulley, born August 12, 1898, near Van Buren, Indiana, were 
married February 23, 1918. 

To this union were born two daughters, 
Berneta Harcia Pulley, born April 18, 1920; 
Wanetta Marie Pulley, born October 19, 1924. 

Bertha became afflicted with an incurable malady when 
Wanetta was as yet a small child, and was taken to a sanitarium 
for treatment; her condition grew worse and she was never 
removed from the institution. Urshell did not remarry until 
long after the time limit required for separation in such 
circumstances had passed. 


Urshell E, Pulley, and Margaret (Shepard,) (David), who was 
born August 13, 1901, were united in marriage October 13, 1953. 
To this union no children were born 


Urshell 's mother, Viola Bell (Eubank) Pulley was this 
writer's only sister, and Urshell was born when I was eleven 
years old, and I spent much of my teenage years in their home. 
I loved to hunt rabbit, fox, squirrel and quail, and they were 
plentiful in those days, and we had a lot of territory to hunt 
over, consequently, with "Ursh," as we called him, at my side, 
we learned to love and respect each other - a respect that was 
to continue throughout our entire span of life. Urshell was a 
"good" hunting dog enthusiast, and at one time had some of the 
best fox and coon dogs in that part of the country, and competed 
in many fox runs and roved the wooded lands of Grand County, 
Indiana many nights in search of racoon, however, later on after 
he had remarried, he obtained a couple different strains of 
rabbit hounds and settled down to farming and as a pass time, 
trained his dogs for hunting. 

He also was a gun fancier, and owned a case of fine 
hunting guns. 

He worked for the Aniconda Insultaed Wire Works in Marion, 
Indiana for many years, and when he retired from their service 
(in 1962) the employeer's of the company gave him a 30 - 30 
Calibre Deer Rifle for a going away present. That year I hunted 
deer near Harrison, Michigan and Ethel and I stayed with some 
friends, Clare and Harriot Heater, who owned a nice home about 
six miles out of Harrison, and I invited him to come there and 
hunt with me, which he did. 

I think the second day out he got a running shot at a buck- 
about an eight point, and broke of its hind legs, but it went 
on a short distance where it was finished off by another hunter, 
who claimed the deer. He said, "Unk, I would rather hunt 
rabbits when I can hear my dogs bark." That was his only 

deer hunting trip. 

In the year of 1959, while preparing ground for crops on 
his mother's farm, his father having passed away, he had a severe 
heart attack. His mother had him taken to Memorial Hospital in 
Marion, Indiana, where he was revived. He lived about a year but 
never regained his health, and passed away on June 18, 1970. 

He was laid to rest in Garden Of Memories Cemetery where 
his father and mother were buried. 

His wife, Margaret, is still living in the farm home about 
seven miles north of Marion and Ih miles west of State Road 
No. 9, known as the Huntington Pike. 

Address as of January 1, 1974: RFD# 2, Box 312, Marion, 
Indiana, 46952. 



Berneta Marcia (Pulley) Reichenbach, (the daughter of 
Urshell E, and Bertha (Smith) Pulley,) and Glen Reichenbach, 
born January 8, 1919, were married November 19, 1939, 

To this union were born two children, 
Cheryl Lee Reichenbach, born May 17, 1941; 
Roy Richard Reichenbach, born August 3, 1944, 

Glen and Berneta were divorced, 

Berneta Marcia and James Underwood, born June 24, 1924, 
were united in marriage January 15, 1960, Their home is at 
5334 ^lain Street, Gas City, Indiana, 46933, Jim and his 
father own and operate the Chevrolet Sales And Service Agency, 
of Gas City. 


Cheryl Lee (Reichenbach) Bauer, (the daughter of 
Berneta M. (Pulley) Reichenbach, and Glen Reichenbach) 
and George Francis Bauer, born December 23, 1941, were married 
October 19, 1961. 

To this union was borri one child, 
Brian Allen Bauer, born May 5, 1962, 


Roy Richard Reichenbach, (the son of Berneta M, (Pulley) 
Reichenbach and Glen Reichenbach), and Mary Joan Mc Harry, born 
October 21, 1945, were married November 26, 1966, 

To this union 



Wanetta (Pulley) Purvis, (the daughter of Urshell E, and 
Bertha (Smith) Pulley,) and William Purvis, born September 1, 
1910, were united in marriage April 7, 1946, 

To this union was born one daughter. 

Anita Purvis, born January 4, 1947, 

Address as of January 1, 1974: 2920 South Merdian, Marion, 
Indiana, 46952, 

Wanetta began working at the V, A. Home, originally the 
N, H, D, V, S,, known as the Soldier's Home, at Marion, 
Indiana, on April 9, 1951, and was employed in nursing. 

During her more than 23 years of service there, she has 
won several commendations, one for preventing a suicidal attempt; 
several awards for various suggestions, and received a superior 
performance award each of the years, 1962 and 1967, 

She recently asked for and received a transfer from Ward 
1384 to 15-B., her legs were tiring, and Ward 15-B eliminated 
much of her being on her feet, 

William Purvis started in the used furniture business on 
West Fourth Street, in Marion, Indiana in the year of 1952, 
and at the present time, July, 1974, is located at 3112 Washing- 
ton Street in the same city. 

During these years, he has also been interested in the 
restaurant business, having at one time owned and operated 
the Bill's Cafe in Jonesboro, Indiana, 

He is also a licensed auctioneer. 



Anita Ann (Purvis) Snyder, (the daughter of Wanetta 
(Pulley) Purvis, and William Purvis,) and Darrel Lee Snyder, 
born October 2, 1947, were married October 4, 1969, at Hillside 
Wesleyan Church, 2510 Home Avenue, Marion, Indiana. 

To this union 

Anita is a graduate of Ball State University with a degree 
in Bachelor Of Science, and Master Of Arts, in Music Education, 
She is teaching with the Madison and Grant County School 
Corporation and this is her fifty year, after which she will 
get tenure and she teaches vocal music. 

Darrel is a professional organist, and is presently 
playing with a group known as "Mandrake." 

He is a graduate of the Commercial Trades Institute with 

a degree in heating and air conditioning. 

Their present address, as of July 18, 1974: 1724 
South Meredian Street, Marion, Indiana, 46952. 


Edith E. (Pulley) Foster, (the daughter of Viola Bell 
and Jesse A. Pulley,) and Roy H. Foster, born September 5, 
1905, were united in marriage, October 14, 1924. 

To this union was born one son, 

Bryce H. Foster, born August 19, 1927. 

Address as of July 24, 1974: RFD# 1, Box 587 - A,, Lees- 
burgh, Indiana, 46538. 


Roy H, Foster was born to Jesse King Foster and Bertha 

loma (Osvalt) Foster at Marion, Indiana and he, with his 


parents, moved to Landess, Indiana in the year of 1922, 

He attended the New Light Church there, where he met 
Edith E, Pulley, who, with her parents, Jesse Arney and 
Viola Bell Pulley, attended the same church. 

He was converted there - joined the church and became 
the acting Sunday School Superintendant , and served in that 
capacity for ten years. 

During this time, in 1923, Roy started working for the 
Clover Leaf Railroad, "that ran through Landess," as a section 
hand, and in 1924 he and Edith were married. 

They continued to live there and Roy still worked for 
the railroad, and in 1941 he was promoted to track foreman 
and continued to serve in that capacity for 22 years. 

He had been afflicted with a respiratory ailment for 
many years and in 1964 he was forced to retire from his work 
by disability on railroad retirement benefits. 

They had a summer cottage on the banks of Saw Mill Lake, 
one of the Barbee Lakes, East of Leesburg, Indiana, and in 1969 
they moved there to be near their son and daughter-in-law, Bryce 
and Orpha. They later added more room to their cottage, making 
it a year around home, and sold their previous home at Landess, 
Roy and Edith are members of the New Barbee Community Church, 
which overlooks Little Barbee Lake, near their home, where Roy 
is the yead Usher and Deacon, and Edith is a Deaconess, 

They are indeed very fine people and much loved by all 
who knew them, 



Bryce H, Foster, (the son of Edith E, (Pulley) Foster 
and Roy H, Foster) and Orpha (Gossom) (Anderson) Foster, 
born August 4, 1905, were united in marriage Hay 13, 1949, 

To this union no children were born. 

Their present address as of July 24, 1974: RFD# 1, 
Leesburgh, Indiana, 46530, 

The following article was written by request for publi- 
cation in the Eubank Genealogy History, by Orpha Foster, the 
wife and very able assistant of The Rev, Bryce H, Foster: 


Bryce and I rededicated our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ 
in the spring of 1954 in Florida at theFirst Baptist Church at 
Wabasso, where we were spending the winter. 

We were both baptised on Easter Sunday, 

We came home and started looking for a place to work, and 
after a few disappointments we ended up at the Barbee Illistrated 
Sunday School, helping an old gentleman, F, B, Miller, who had 
started this some ten or twelve years before. 

In December of 1955, we organized the present church, 
incorporating it with the State, under the name of the Barbee 
Community Church, which is non-denominational, 

Bryce started studying as soon as we rededicated and 
got some material from correspondence schools and was soon 
filling in, teaching at our very informal meetings. 


After a while we got a retired minister in for a year 
and then a seminary student for another year, and then Bryce 
took over the Sunday services. 

On May 17, 1970, the church had him ordained. When he was 
ordained he laid aside his contracting tools and took up the 
Bible entirely. Only when we decided to build this church 
building did he ever use those tools. 

He used his knowledge of building, with a very able 
architect, Oren E. Eubank, to finish a very nice $68,000.00 
church building. 

We are thrilled with our church building, but even more 
important is the church that God is building through Christ and 
his people. 

This church is composed of living stones, with Christ 
the chief cornerstone. Peter 2; 5. 

We can all be a part of this church as living stones. 

The Bible tells us, for all have sinned and come short of 
the glory of God. Romans 3; 23, and that the wages of sin 
is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus 
Christ our Lord; Romand 6* 23. 

God wants all to be a member of the church, and he provided 
the way. If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, 
and shall believe in thine heart, that God hath raised him 
from the dead, thou shalt be saved, Romans, 10; 9, 



Grace Gladys (Pulley) Pope, (the daughter of Ida Vi-Ola 
Bell (Eubank) Pulley, and Jesse A, Pulley,) and Roger Pope 
the first, born February 11, 1911, were united in marriage 
July 5, 1930. 

To this union were born one son and three daughters, 

Patricia Pope, born December 27, 1936; 

Roger the 2nd; ) 

Marilyn Sue; ) Pope, born September 6, 1944; 

Carolyn Ann; ) 

Address as of July 25, 1974: RFD# 3, Warren, Indiana, 


Patricia (Pope) Chamberlin, (the daughter of Gladys (Pulley) 
Pope and Roger Pope 1st,,) and Robert Bruce Chamberlin, born 
June 14, 1939, were united in marriage September 5, 1957. 

To this union were born three children, 
r-lichael Kent Chamberlin, born October 5, 1958; 
Robert Bruce Chamberlin, born December 17, 1959; 
David Keith Chamberlin, born May 1, 1952. 

Address as of July 25, 1974: 4205 West 132 Street, 
Hawthorne, California, 90250. 

From the years 1957 to the present time we have lived 
in North Carolina, Massachusetts, Missouri, Texas, Ohio, 
New York, and now. May 7, 2973, in California. 

Bruce enlisted in the air force in 1917, soon after our 
marriage and in 1963 he was selected for the officers training 
program which included a college degree program. 


He received his B, S. degree in electrical engineering 
at the University of Missouri in 1966. He was selected for 
two engineering honoraries; Tau Beta Pi and IEEE, as well as 
a mathematics honorary Phi Mu Epsilon, He was commissioned an 
officer and sent to theAirForce Air University for his masters 
degree in reliability engineering. He served in Viet Nam during 
1971 - 1972, He is presently involved in the Nato 3 Space Com- 
munications Satellite Program, 

I received my B, S, degree in secondary education from 
Ball State Teachers College in 1958, I taught in North Carolina, 
and Massachusetts, while Bruce was stationed in those places, 
I returned to school when Bruce was sent to U, of Missouri and 
received my masters degree in elementary education with a 
specialization in remedial reading, I taught in Ohio and New 
York, It was in Nev/ York that I was selected for recognition 
as an outstanding educator in elementary education for 1972, 

Signed, Patricia Chamberlin 


Roger Pope II, (the son of Grace Gladys (Pulley) Pope 
and Roger Pope, 1st,,) and Judith Louise Morgan, born 
_, were married May 26, 1972, 

Roger graduated at Jefferson Township, Huntington County 
High School, 1963 through 1956, De Vry Technical Institute, 
Chicago, Illinois, Graduated with applied degree in electronics. 
He worked at Brookhaven National Laboratories on Long Island, 
New York, until entering the U, S, Navy for enlistment for six 
years. He entered Butler University at Indianapolis, Indiana 
in 1972, where he is still enrolled, majoring in business 
administration. He is employed as an electronics technician 
with Shepley Sound of Indianapolis, 

Judity Louise is teaching for her fifth year in Carmel 
School System, 



Marilyn Sue (Pope) Lahr, (the daughter of Gladys (Pulley) 
Pope, and Roger the 1st., Pope and Nolan Dale Lahr, born March 
18, 1943, united in marriage October 3, 1964 at Jefferson Center 
Methodist Church, on State Road 221, West of Warren, Indiana. 

To this union were born three children, 
Brenda Kay Lahr, born February 6, 1966; 
Curtis Dale Lahr, born December 25, 1968; 
Kendrich Guy Lahr, born August 8, 1971, 

Nolan and Marilyn purchased his grandfather's farm home 
at RFD# 1, box 59, Roanoke, Indiana, 46783 and are making it 
their home, 

Marilyn graduated in 1963 from Jefferson Township, 
Huntington County, Indiana High School, 


Carolyn Ann (Pope) Jones, (the daughter of Gladys (Pulley) 
Pope and Roger the 1st., Pope) and Robert Charles Jones, born 
October 8, 1945, were united in marriage November 18, 1967, at 
Jefferson Center Methodist Church, on State Road 221, west of 
Warren, Indiana, 

To this union was born one child, 
Nicholas Roger Jones, born June 21, 1972, 

Carolyn graduated in 1963 from Jefferson Township, 
Huntington County High School and graduated in 1966 from 
Huntington College, with a B, S, degree in elementary, Ed Cum 
Laude, She graduated in 1967 from r>^issouri University with 
a masters degree - taught two years each for Wabash City School 
System, and Carmel Clay School corp. 

Robert Charles Jones graduated in 1964 from Northfield High 
School, Wabash Co., Metro School, attended Huntington College, 
1964 - 1965 - spent two years, 1965 - 1967, in U, S, Navy, 
stationed at Key West, Florida and in 1970 - 1971, National 
Barber College, barber by profession. 

Address as of August 17, 1974: 613 East Highland Avenue, 

Marion, Indiana, 46952, 



Ernest Everett Eubank, (the son of Henry J. and Charlotte 
(Sv;aim) Eubank,) and Clara Bell (Sickafoose) Eubank, born 
April 8, 1SB3, in Whitley County, Indiana, v/ere united in 
marriage August 14, 1912. 

To this union were born two dauohters. 
Marie G. Eubank, born May 25, 1913; 
f-iarjorie Eubank, born January 19, 1920, 

Clara Bell passed away Fiarch 11, 195S, at their home on 
Briclc Road, Northwest of South Bend, Indiana, and was laid to 
rest in Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens, on East Jefferson Road, 
South Bend, Indiana. 

Everett passed av;ay January 13, 1967, also at the same 
home, at the age of 32 years, 3 months, and 22 days. He was 
laid to rest by the side of his v;ofe, Clara. 


Marie G. (Eubank) Funkhouser, (the daughter of Ernest 
Everett and Clara Bell (Sickafoose) Eubank,) and Andrew 
Funkhouser, born May 18, 1902, were united in marriage June 
12, 193B. 

To this union were born tv/o boys and two girls. 

Harry Funkhouser, born June 1, 1939; 

Rebecca Funkhouser, born September 16, 1944; 

Patricia Funkhouser, born July 1, 1947, 

Their address as of January 13, 1973 is: RFD# 4, 
23639 Brick Road, South Bend, Indiana, 46600. 


Harry Funkhouser, (the son of Marie G. (Eubank) 
Funkhouser and Andrew Funkhouser,) unmarried, 

Harry graduated from Hishawaka High School in 1957, He 
joined the Navy and Graduated from Naval Academy boot camp 
in 1953, He spent a year and a half in the Mediterranean 
area, stationed at Villa, France and served on the flag ship 
Des i'Oines, He re-enlisted from reserve duty and served four 
more years and then served in the Florida area and took a trip 
to Europe, 

He does sculpturing for a hobby; among his figures he made 
a bust of his grandfather, E, Everett Eubank, 

He graduated from Coyne Electric in Chicago, in general 
electrical course and is trained in telephone, telegraph and 
computer work. 

His oresent address as of August 24, 1974: P,0, Box 

891," Alachua, Florida, 32615, 


Russel Henry Funkhouser, (the son of Marie G, (Eubank) 
Funkhouser and Andrew Funkhouser) and Earline Ferris (Balentine) 
Funkhouser, born October 3, 1937, were united in marriage Auaust 
29, 1966, 

Earline had three children by a former marriaae, 
Cynthia Balentine, born December 13, 1956; 
Randy Balentine, born July 15, 1950; 
Cheryl Balentine, born September 18, 1962, 

To this union v/ere born two children, 
Lisa Marie Funkhouser, born April 24, 1968; 
Russel Henry Funkhouser, Jr., born August 3, 1972, 

Russel spent four years in the Navy, based in the 
Mediterranean Sea at France, His hobby is oil paintings, 
landscaoes and portraits. 

His address as of August 24, 1974, 2331 Tenth Drive, 

Northeast, Gainsville, Florida, 32501, 



Rebecca (Eubank) Zion, (the daughter of Marie G, (Eubank) 
Funkhouser, and Andrew Funkhouser) and Meryl Ray Zion, born 
August 22, 1941, were married July 26, 1963. 

To this union were born two children. 
Sheila Rae Zion, born November 14, 1963; 
Kurt Allen Zion, born January 18, 1968. 

Rebecca Ruth (Funkhouser) Zion graduated from Mishawaka 
High School in 1962. 

During her high school years she played in the orchestra 
as a violinist. 

Her last teacher was Dr. Charles Bioands, Professor at 
Notre Dame University. 

She taught violin to beginners until she was married. She 
worked for Investors at general office work. 


Patricia Anne (Funkhouser), (the daughter of Marie G. 

Eubank) Funkhouser, and Andrew Funkhouser ) - unmarried. 

Patricia graduated from Mishawaka High School in 1965, 
after which she enrolled in the South Bend College of Commerce. 
She later worked five years for Associates Investment Company 
as a bookkeeper. She is presently enrolled in the United 
Wesleyan College, Allentown, Pennsylvania, to study for the 
missionary service of the Wesleyan Church. 

Her address as of now, August 24, 1974: 1414 East 
Cedar Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania, 18100. 

The information of the four children above recorded was 
furnished verbatim by their mother, Marie G. Funkhouser. 


Marjorie (Eubank), (the daughter of Ernest Everett and 

Clara Bell Eubank) - unmarried. 



Oren Emmett Eubank, (the son of Henry James and 
Charlotte (Swaim) Eubank,) and Hattie Elizabeth (Heinley) 

Eubank, born May 5 , , 1886, were united in 

marriage at Columbia City, Indiana, on April 5, 1906, 

To this union was born one son, 
Austin Virgil Eubank, born January 12, 1907. 

Hattie Elizabeth Eubank passed away September 24, 1907, 
and was buried at Oak Grove Cemetery about six miles west of 
Columbia City, Indiana, at the age of 21 years, 4 months, 
and 19 days, 

Oren Emmett Eubank, and Ethel Naomi (Sickafoose) Eubank, 
who was born near South V/hitley, Indiana, on January 20, 1383, 
were united in marriage by her brother, the Reverend Curtis A, 
Sickafoose, at her father's home, five miles south of South 
Whitley, Indiana, on July 12, 1910. 

To this union was born one child, a son, 

Robert Oren Eubank, born October 9, 1920, 

Address as of August 8, 1974: Box 138, Dowagiac, 
Michigan, 49047. 

On December 15, 1973 Ethel and I embarked on a new 
experience. We both gave our hearts to the Lord. We are 
attending South Wayne Church near our home, regularily for 
which we thank Brother Robert Dennis and Rev. Christian Bender, 
and our many Christian friends (through Christ Jesus), who so 
diligently prayed for our redemption. 

Signed, Oren E. and Ethel N. Eubank 



My father, Henry James Eubank, like many of his ancestors, 
was a plaster mason and builder by trade. He was raised on a 
farm and during his life time his love for the country drew 
him back to the farm many times. Therefore, I also grew up to 
be a farmer and builder. 

In those days very few school children had the opportunity 
to complete their education, and none of our family advanced 
their public schooling beyond the 8th grade, 

I worked an apprenticeship in the carpentry field with a 
very able builder, while still single, 

I married my first wife, Hattie Elizabeth Heinley, on 
April 5, 1906, and our son Austin was born January 7, 1907, and 
on September 24, 1907 Hattie passed away. 

When Austin was two years old he developed a very serious 
condition in his neck, and his doctor advised me to take him to 
the University Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for examination, 
which I did. 

He was confined there for 13 weeks and they were successful 
in diagnosing and curing the ailment. 

While there, I worked on the university engineering building 
that was being built at that time, and became closely acquainted 
with Edward E, Sharrer from Detroit, who was the construction 
superintendent on the job for the Koch Construction Company, 
who were the builders. Over some of the weekends that followed 
Ed took me home with him. He had a lovely family and I appre- 
ciated visiting with them, and I think this was responsible for 
my trip to Detroit later on, 

IVhen Austin was released from the hospital I returned with 
him to my father's home on the farm near South Whitley, Indiana, 
where I had met Ethel Naomi Sickafoose, who later became my wife. 

In the spring of 1910, I purchased a building lot in the 
newly laid out Lee Addition, in South VJhitley, and digging a 
basement by hand, I started building a residence, with which to 
house us when we were married, and on July 12th Ethel and I were 

At this time, I was doing mostly plastering and cement work 
for a livelihood, and was desirous of expanding my knowledge in 
the construction field, so, in the summer of 1911 I packed my 
tools and leaving Ethel to look after the home I went to Detroit. 
Upon arriving I made my way to my friend's home, the Sharrer's, 

Ed informed me that Jackson and Maurice, General Building 
Contractors, had started a manufacturing building for the Metal 
Products Corporation, who manufactured rear axles for the Hudson 
automobiles, I immediately contacted then on the ground's where 
they were staking out the building, and was told that they already 
had their organization formed, but that I could go to work with 
my tools until something better turned up, I did just that, and 
it turned out just that way. The construction foreman went on a 
binge and I was asked to take over his duties while he was away. 
I stayed in that position until the job was completed. 


I also had charge of the shipping dock buildings, 
and just as we were finishing, I had the misfortune of 
falling from a slipping ladder and landed with my shin bones 
under me on the top of a 6" concrete driveway curb, which kept 
me from working for several weeks. 

I wrote my wife and had her come up and stay a while with 
me at Sharrer's, and we took a sightseeing trip by boat to Put 
In Bay, in Lake Erie. Then, as I was unable to work as yet, I 
returned home with her. 

In the late fall of 1911 my brother, Charles and I went to 
Kianistee, Michiaan, by train to look for some timber land, and 
Hammel Kahn And Company of Manistee took us to see several 
places. We first made a trip to Bear Lake,' in a Packard seven 
passenger car. That day it snowed and drifted and turned very 
cold, and we had to abandon the Packard when it stalled with a 
bursted wheel housing, and they picked us up in a two horse sleigh 
and returned us to Bear Lake. 

The next day we used the sleighs, but we didn't find anything 
we wanted those two days. 

The same company had a three-quarter section of land near 
Hoxeyville that was partially covered with saw timber, but the 
weather was rough and many roads blocked. However, we could get 
within one mile of this land by the R. G. Peters narrow gage 
logging railroad that ran from East Lake at Manistee, to Hoxey- 
ville; then on to their farthest logging camp. Old Camp S., 
about nine miles north and east of Hoxeyville. 

On the third morning we went across East Lake to Peters 
Saw Mill and boarded the Caboose of the early train to Camp S. 
They stopped the train at Ferguson Crossing about one mile south 
of the south line of the land and we walked the remainder of the 
trip and looked the timber over. 

This land laid in Wexford County, about three or four miles 
north and a little west of Hoxeyville, and the narrow gage ran 
across the northeast corner of the northeast quarter of the 
section, where the bulk of the saw timber lay on its way from 
Hoxeyville to Camp S., and afforded a place to deck timber, 
accessible to the railroad where the R, G. Peters Company could 
load it on cars and cart it to their mill at East Lake. 

There was a good gravel road running North from Hoxeyville, 
and just north of town a good gravel road running east and west, 
intersected, and about a mile west of this intersection near 
Ferguson Crossing, the road went north - then ended at the south 
line of the section in which the land in question was located. 

The road department had just let a contract to grade and 
gravel a new section of road from the end of this road north to 
the center of the section; thence west 'H mile to the west line 
of the section; thence north on the west section line to the northj 
section line where it connected with a road running east and west, 
which later became State Road No, 55. This new road gave us access 
to the southwest and southeast quarters, on the center line of the | 
section and cornered with the southwest corner of the northeast 
quarter, which was okay. 


We decided to buy this land, so we returned that evening on 
the same train loaded with logs for the mill. 

After making arrangements to purchase we went by train to 
Mesick - then to Cadillac - then caught the night train on the 
G, R, & I, Spur to Lake City, where we called our Uncle John 
Franklin Eubank by phone, who operated a general store at 
Morey about eight or nine miles north of Lake City, and he sent 
his son, Ralph, in with a sleigh to pick us up. The road was 
very rough and icy and we had to travel in the fields a big part 
of the way, Ralph had just arrived home with his buck deer that 
evening and Aunt Lydia prepared us a venison meal; that was quite 
a rare experience for us from Indiana at that time, as I had not 
as yet started to hunt deer. After a much appreciated visit we 
returned to our homes. 

The next summer I went up to Hoxeyville and stayed at the 
Carlson's, who lived just south of our land, and made arrange- 
ments to sell the timber, to the R. G, Peters Lumber Company - 
to be delivered at the aforesaid rail tracks, and made partial 
arrangements with Alf Scarbrough, to swamp out and skid, haul and 
deck the logs and bolts, which he later did. 

On September 19, 1912, Charles and his family shipped their 
goods by railroad boxcar to Cadillac, Michigan, and the family 
travelled over land by covered wagon, (see the life of Charles 
Franklin Eubank for details of this trip. Page 134,) 

Father and Mother, and Brother Lessel also had gone there, 
presumably at the same time, and in late October Ethel and I loaded 
our household goods into a railroad boxcar and billed them to 
Cadillac, and we and Austin went by passenger train to Cadillac, 
where Lessel and Clarence met us with two wagons and teams, and 
hauled our belongings to the land where we were assembling for 
the purpose of cutting the timber. 

When we arrived there we found Charles had built a small 
house on the southwest quarter of the section and Father, Mother 
and Lessel were starting a house on the southeast quarter, so I 
built a two room shack on the same quarter, about forty rods 
north of their place, 

I just got it finished and our goods moved in at night, 
and when I opened the door the next morning the snow fell in 
across the floor. The snow as I remember now, was about thirty 
inches deep on the level; there were many logs near, but we 
had to hunt and uncover them so as to get fire wood, as we had not 
as yet had time to prepare for the winter that was upon us, 

I hired a swamper and a skidder and father, Charles, Lessel 
and I cut logs all winter; as I remember, Clarence and Roy, 
Charles' boys, and my son, Austin, went to school, to a little 
country school that stood on the east side of the road just 
before the old road entered the newly made road at the south edge 
of our land, and just west of the Carlson farm buildings. Of 
course, they took their place in helping with the timber cutting 
(when they weren't in school), I remember that I was elected on 
the school board, just about as soon as we arrived there, and had 
to hire the teacher and manage the school business, for which at 
that time our work was donated, 


We cut about 300,000 board feet of saw logs, and 300 cords 
of bolts, with crosscut saws and had then hauled and decked or 
corded, near the railroad as previously mentioned, where they 
were loaded on bunk cars, and hauled to the R. G, Peters Saw 
Hill at East Lake, Manistee. 

We ceased cutting timber when the snow left in the spring, 
and Charles moved over on the Peterson farm, where there were 
good buildings, and ample open land to farm. Father, mother and 
Lessel decided to return to Marion, Indiana and I cleared up some 
rather open land on the quarter near the buildings that father 
and Lessel had erected and moved into their place, as they had 
a barn, 

I purchased a cow, so as to have our own milk and butter, 
bought back their horse, which I had previously owned, and a spare 
horse that Charles had, and started farming, with the idea to 
continue with the timber cutting come winter, and snow to work 

I raised Navy beans and potatoes and had a fair crop; then 
late in the summer a timber fire started somewhere not far from 
Manistee, and travelled all the way to near Hoxeyville, and in 
spite of our fighting, along with help from the land owners, it 
completely destroyed our timber. 

We managed to keep it from burning our buildings, but it 
did destroy our cabin that we had built over in the timber terri- 
tory, in which was stored most of our timber cutting tools, 

I felt that there was nothing left here to look forward to 
at the time, so in the fall of 1913 I disposed of the livestock, 
buggy and what farming tools I had, and Ethel took me to Harrietts 
to catch the train for Detroit, with the understanding that as soot 
as I got settled, she would follow, 

I got a job as carpenter boss on the 1200 foot manufacturing 
building that was just starting for theDodge Brothers Manufacturing 
Company at their plant sight, A strike soon developed among the 
construction workers, which tied up the job, I talked to the 
employment agent for the Dodge Company, and he gave me a bench i 
job in the factory, I could not stand breathing the metal dust 
in that department, so soon went looking for another job. 

My friend, Edward Sharrer, heard about the tieup on the Dodge 
job. and knowing that I had gone to work there, called me, saying 
that he had talked to the general superintendant for the Larou j 
Construction Company, who had the contract for the Mack Printing 
Company to be built on the corner of John R, and Elizabeth Streets, 
which had already begun construction and they were in need of a 
man in my capacity, I went to the job, and talked to the super- 
intendant and he gave me a job as assistant foreman, which developel 
into construction superintendant, which lasted until the nine storyj 
steel reinforced concrete building was finished. When I landed i 
this job I v;rote for my wife, Ethel, and she had Charles load and J 
ship the household goods, to Detroit, and she came on the train j 
and we started housekeeping again, in an apartment above Alva 
Eubank 's and John Bowman's Grocery Store and Meat Market, on 
Hamilton Boulevard, Detroit, 


From the mack job I went to the bakery job on Grand River, 
for the same contractors, until the job was ready to pour the 
first floor above the subbasement. At that time I decided to qo 
to Marion, Indiana, where my father, mother and brother, Lessel 
had gone, when they left Wexford County, Michigan, I had succe- 
eded this far in acquiring much knowledge and experience in 
structural steel and steel reinforced concrete construction, and 
was very much interested in architectural designing and drawing, 
so when we arrived in Marion, I set about to prepare myself for 
the occasion, I signed up with the international correspondence 
school for a course in architectural drawinq and engineering, 
and while I was studying this I did contracting of residences 
and farm buildings, and general construction, in and ' around 

Eventually I had prepared myself to design and draw plans 
for buildings, and had drawn a fevi house jobs for a contractor 
that I knew in Detroit. 

While the war with Germany was in progress and construction 
work was slow, I operated a real estate and insurance business, 
but as soon as business picked up again I went back into the 
building business. 

In 1924 I, with my wife and mother, visited an aunt in 
South Bend, and while there a cousin of mine who worked for the 
Indiana and Michigan Electric, mentioned that the company was 
getting ready to build a substation east of Notre Dame and was 
looking for a man to supervise the construction; said if I was 
interested he would take me out to see them, I was, and we called 
on the engineer at the sight, which resulted in me accepting the 

During the time this was under construction we moved to South 
Bend. We completed the job late in the fall of 1924; then I did 
some drafting. My first job here was to draw the plans for a 
church at Bertrand, Michigan, just north of the Indiana and 
Michigan State line. 

The following year, 1925, I built a new residence at 1S25 
Brookfield Street in Marquette Park Addition, where we lived for 
a few years. At the time, I had taken a job doing the drawing 
for residences in Marquette Park, Woodlawn and South Studebaker 
Additions to South Bend, and the supervision of construction 
for same, for the Home Grafters of South Bend, 

By about 1928 we had sold the Brookfield residence and 
built another at 2013 Freemont Street, in the same addition and 
I had gone to work for the Belleville Lumber & Supply Company, 
who owned and operated 11 lumber yards within a radius of 25 
miles of South Bend, and at that time were qettinq ready to 
build the 12th yard in South Bend, 

These yards belonged to William H, Mass and they already had 
a yard at Mishawaka, Indiana, and his first owned home yard was 
at North Liberty, Indiana. 

This yard was to have a modern up to date mill, electrically 
operated, and a dry kill, in which to dry lumber. 

My job was to draw plans and specifications for prospective 
home builders or owners, sell materials, and supervise construct- 
ion. I also wrote the contracts for all construction, where I 
drew the plans, between the owner and the Belleville Lumber & 
Supply Company, 


I started in by helping to construct the buildings for 
the new yard and mill, I worked in the aforesaid capacity for 
many years. In about 1936, due to the war, and when the depres- 
sion was at its lowest ebb, only two or three houses were built 
in both South Bend and Mishawaka, and Belleville's management 
and sales group had diminished from a healthy number of more 
than twenty employees to a meager eight or nine, including the 
truck drivers, and every employee was forced to take a two weeks 
vacation without pay, and my salary had diminished to $15.00 a 
week, for 5-9 hour days. I decided to try something else, so 
I joined partnership with an old grocery man and we rented a two 
room store building, on Portage near downtown; cut out a part 
of the partition and stocked a meat and vegetable room on one 
side and a grocery on the other side, and started in business. 
This was during the time when the W, P. A, was in force, and 
the U. S. Government gave the workers a meager check of a few 
dollars, payable every two weeks, and distributed surplus foods 
to the needy. 

We did a reasonably large business, but at a very small 
profit. I have a picture taken of the front of the store building, 
from the sidewalk, showing some advertisements, which, in those 
days were painted on the glass of the display windows. One of 
these adds said hamburger (3 lbs., 250:), and many other meat and 
grocery items at comparable prices. 

This business was out of my scope of experience, so as soon 
as the worst part of this terrible depression had ceased, and the 
Belleville Lumber Company's business had begun to climb, I went 
back to my old job. 

While operating the store we lived in an apartment near the 
store, and rented our 2013 Fremont Street home furnished; then, 
after selling the store business we vacated the renters and 
returned there for a while; then, purchased a four apartment 
house at 2507 Linden Avenue and moved there. 

We lived in the ground floor apartment, and rented the 
three others, and sold the Fremont Street property. < 

During this time, in about 1942, I purchased a farm of 
eighty acres, three miles North, and one mile east of Dowagiac, 
Michigan, on the Attwood Road, and in the year of 1943 we did 
considerable remodelling of the house and farm buildings, and 
rented the farm to a rather old couple that thought they could 
still farm, but really they were too old to even try farming, so I , 
discontinued my services with the Belleville Lumber Company in 1944 
and moved to the farm, I purchased some farming machinery, brood 
dows, milch cows, chickens, and a span of three and four year old 
horses, and started farming. 

This was at a time when, unless you had priorities, you could 
not purchase a tractor, so I was compelled to farm with horses; ' 
then, eventually, I got an opportunity to purchase a John Deere | 
tractor from a neighbor and sold the horses. At that time we did • 
general farming, milked cows, separated the milk, and sold the ' 
cream to the creamery. j 

We raised some wheat to sell, but mostly raised corn and 
oats, alfalfa and brohm hay and fed most of the crops to chickens, 
hogs and beef cattle. We specialized on white rock chickens, 
thoroughbred duroc hogs and beef cattle, 


raising our own chickens and hogs, and buying young western beef 
cattle to feed for market. We rented extra ground for corn and 
purchased only minerals and supplements to balance our feeds. 
This experience we found to be profitable, and we all loved the 
farm very much. However, there came a time in 1953, when my 
wife was seventy years old, and I was following close behind, so 
we decided to quit farming. 

I had the opportunity of returning to the Belleville Lumber & 
Supply Company and take up where I had left off in 1944. 

By this time our son, Robert, had completed his time with the 
U. S. Service, and education at Michigan State College, and had 
married, so they took over the farm work and Ethel and I returned 
to South Bend; rented a furnished apartment, and in February of 
1953 I began once more to work for the Belleville Lumber Company, 
who by this time had turned the yard over to the W. H. Mass 
Wholesale Department of the company, and moved the retail lumber 
and building materials department to East Jefferson Street, down- 
town South Bend, Indiana. 

I did real well financially the last hitch; was there from 
February, 1953 until January, 1955, when I retired from Belleville. 
During this last period I drew the plans for several new homes 
and commercial buildings, and much remodelling, and when I let the 
jobs to contractors I usually supervised the construction for the 
owners and Belleville Lumber Company. 

My last two jobs that I did before retiring I contracted 
through Belleville Lumber Company. One, a country residence near 
the Indiana State Road No, 55, west of Mishawaka, and the other, 
the Gold Star Bakery on Western Avenue, South Bend, Indiana, which 
detained me somewhat in getting started on our vacation in Florida. 

We went to Florida in January or February of 1955, going first 
to Kissimmee to see my brother, Lessel and family, who had gone 
there in the fall of 1954 to make Kissimmee their home. 

We visited them there; then went over to Daytona to see 
my cousin, Alva Eubank and family; then on to Wabasso and the 
Atlantic Coast where we visited two of my cousins and their 
families, the Swaims and Clocks, on my mother's side of the house. 
Here we stayed a month and did some Indian River and Atlantic surf 
fishing. We then toured other portions of Florida sightseeing and 
returned home in March. 

We had the farm up for sale, and after selling it, we had a 
public auction, selling the livestock, farming equipment, household 
furniture and all but a medium sized U haul load of personal belong- 
ings, attached to the trailer hitch, we boarded our auto for Florida, 

We arrived at Kissimmee, Florida about the first of May, 1955, 
and rented a furnished apartment for three months, and during this 
time we purchased a one story house with a 100 foot square corner 
lot on Ingram Street, which we remodelled and added to, making an 
extra three room apartment with bath and front porch, to rent. 
Afterwards, I used the apartment as an office and drawing room. 
We then purchased a mobile home and set it in the Brockway Court, 
one mile south of VJabasso. This was about 2^5 miles from Wabasso 
Beach and about nine miles from the Sebastian Inlet, from the 
ocean to the Indian River, which took in most of our river and surf 


fishing territory, and was 85 miles from our home in Kissimmee, 

The Metzqers from South Bend, who were general contractors, 
and whom I had serviced, from theBel levil le Lumber Company, for 
several years, had purchased the Kissimmee Lumber Company, and 
requested my assistance, and as soon as we were settled I went 
to work part time for them, drawing plans and assisting them 
in sales. 

I was 69 years old at this time, and it was my intention to 
retire when I decided to go to Florida. However, between the 
lumber company's work, which included much F, H, A, drawing, 
and demands by the general public, it seemed to have changed 
my mind somewhat, and I was forced to lock up at times and 
retreat to our hide-out at VVabasso, in order to get some 
recreation and rest. 

I loved my work very much, and in 1957 I drew the plans for 
the Elks Temple Building, Kissimmee Elks Lodge No, 1873, and 
supervised the construction for the Elks. 

I continued with my work here until May 1, 1960, when I 
decided that it was time for me to retire in reality. 

During this time my wife, Ethel's eyesight had failed - 
having had an operation on the right eye for glaucoma, the left 
eye being completely blind. We decided to return to our residence 
in Indiana. 

We sold our place in Kissimmee, lock, stock and barrel, rented 
a U haul, and loaded it with our personal items, and returned to 
our son, Bobs, v;ho lived near to our old farm neighborhood, until 
we could locate a place to live in that vicinity. 

We purchased our present location at Twin Lakes, about a mile 
across the fields east from our old farm home, and installed a 
mobile home there, and for the next five years we spent from nay 
1st, to November 1st here, and from November 1st to May 1st, in 
our mobile home in Florida, and this to me was the ideal arrange- 
ment for us. 

In 1966 my wife had to have a serious operation, and because 
of this, and not being able to see we have never returned to 
Florida since. I have discontinued doing any more work for the 
public. I am now 8S years old, and my last job of any importance 
was desianing and drawina the plans for a non denominational 
church, known as the Barbee Communitv overlooking little Barbee 
Lake, in Kosciusko County, Indiana. The minister, a former buildin 
contractor, and now an ordained minister, who is my sister's 
daughter's son, the Rev. Bryce H. Foster, (see paaes 150 and 152). 

All of my life, since 1900, I have been an ardent lover of 
hunting and fishing, and have spent much of my spare time doing 
just that. Since 1940 I have participated in many deer hunting 
trips, both the Michigan U. P., and the L. P. in search of the 
wily v/hite tail. For the past few years I have confined my deer 
hunting to Cass County territory, where I have killed three deer, 
the last of which I killed in 1972, when I was 86 years old, and 
I am planning on hunting again in November, 1974, I had a shot 
at a big rack last November, but he was a little to far away for 
the shot gun, and I can't use my 300 savaae in this territory. 
So long for now, 

Oren E, Eubank. 


Austin V, Eubank, (the son of Oren E, and Hattie E, 

(Heinley) Eubank,) and Violet (Groshans) Eubank, born November 

19, 1909, were united in marriage March 21, 1928, 
To this union two children were born, 

Joan Elizabeth Eubank, born March 4, 1930; 

Richard Leon Eubank, born June 14, 1932; 

Austin and Violet were divorced May 17, 1935, Violet passed away 

February , 1940, age 30 years, 3 months, 

Austin V, Eubank and Clea (Pederson) Eubank, born November 9, 
1911, were married June 27, 1936, Valpariso, Indiana, 
To this union no children were born, 
Austin and Clea were divorced September 20, 1940, 

Austin V, Eubank, and Cesta (Davis) Eubank, born , 

were married , 

To this union was born one child, 
Ronald Curtis Eubank, born September 2, 1943, 

Austin and Cesta were divorced , 

Austin passed away on February 25, 1970, in Memorial Hospital, 
South Bend, Indiana, at the age of 63 years, 1 month and 13 days. 

He was laid to rest in South Wayne Cemetery, five miles north- 
east of Dowagiac, Michigan, on Gage Street, A granite stone with 
his name engraved marks his grave. 



Joan E, (Eubank) (English) (Carter) Serven, (the daughter 
of Austin V, Eubank, and Violet (Grosshans) Eubank,) and Donald 
Dozier English, born January 17, 1925, were married F-'larch 20, 

To this union a daughter was born. 
Dona Irene English, born December , '1948. 

Donald English was killed in an explosion occuring at the 
factory v/here he was employed, on July 21, 1948, at Santa Monica, 
Cal ifornia. 

Donna Irene died with Lukemia, on April 21, 1952, 

Joan's second husband, Donald Carter, born January 4, 1929, 
and Joan, were married September 27, 1951, 

To this union was born one son, 
Donald Monroe Carter, II, born April 10, 1952, 

Joan and Donald Carter were divorced, September 3, 1957, 
Joan and her third husband, Mitchell Jay Serven, born January 
24, 1929, were married October 27, 1959, 

To this union were born five children. 
Jon Elezander Serven, born June 27, 1950; 

Jeffrey Robin Serven, born September 1, 1962; 

Augustus Jay Serven, born August 1, 1953; 

Tracy Elizabeth Serven, born September 3, 1955; 

Cameron Mitchell Serven, born September 19, 1955. 

Joan's address as of June 9, 1958 was: No, 1750 Elmcrest 
Drive, Reno, Nevada, Zip 89503, and as of January 1, 1970 
was: 3933 South 293rd, Auburn, VJa,, Zip 98002, 



Mitchell J, Serven grew up on Lake Geneva, New York, and 
attended Rochester Institute of Technology as an art major. 

After being discharged as a Captain from the U, S, Marine 
Corp, he received a degree in landscape architecture, from the 
University of Florida. At present he has offices in Reno, 
Nevada and Seattle, Washington. 

In November, 1955, he was presented an award for excellence 
by Mrs, Lyndon B, Johnson, at a luncheon in Washington, D, C, for 
the design of the public library in Reno, Nevada. 

Joan moved to Santa Barbara, California, in 1955; attended 
the university, majoring in psychiatrics and humanities. 

She worked several years as a floral designer, and in the 
personal office of an electronics company and for Pacific Tele- 
phone company. 

She then began training in a landscape architect's office 
and after her marriage to Mitchell, moved to Reno to help in 
his office and raise a family. 

Her hobbies are oil painting, reading and designing. 




Richard Leon Eubank, (the son of Austin V, and Violet 
(Grosshans) Eubank,) and Jean (Mealey) (Oliver) Eubank, born 
January 10, 1930, were married October 22, 1953 in the State of 

Jean having had a daughter by a previous marriage by the 
name of Caroline Oliver, born October 6, 1949, who after five 
years, was known by the name of Eubank, 

To this union v/ere born six children, 

Lawrence William Eubank, born February 16, 1955 

Susan Marie Eubank, born June 22,-- — 1956 

Amanda Jean Eubank, born October 18, 1961 

Kathryn Jean Eubank, born January 5, 1964 

David John Eubank, born November 20 1966 

Heather Jean Eubank, born August 19, 1968, 

Richard, better known as Dick, joined the U, S, Navy on July 
14, 1939 and was at first stationed at Great Lakes, Illinois. 

At the present time, January 15, 1973, he is stationed at 
the Navy Air Base at Grand 'Prairie, Texas, and their home address ' 
is 1614 Emerald Street, Zip Code, 75050. j 

On September 1, 1973 Hean, Dick's wife, and he opened a book 
business in Grand Prairie, knov/n as the Accent Christian Book Store| 
and six weeks later when He was retiring from the Navy, on October 
13th, he added a lock smith business, in the same building, known 
as the Accent Lock & Key Store, 

Caroline, the oldest daughter, who is 24, is in Houston, 
going to medical college to become a doctor, 

Larry, the oldest son, now 18, joined the Navy this last 
summer and is now going to school in Memphis, Tennessee, learning 
hydraulics and air craft metal smithing, for landing gear flaps and 
hydraulic systems, Susan will graduate from high school May 31, 
1974 at the Gopher Bowl, Grand Prairie, Texas, 



Ronald Curtis Eubank, (the son of Austin V. andCesta (Davis) 
Eubank,) and Marcia E. Campbell, born August 10, 1947, were united 
in marriage at the Trinity Lutheran Church, 420 Southwest Boule- 
vard, Elkhart, Indiana, on August 11, 1970. 

To this union was born one child, 
Lisa Renie Eubank, born April 30, 1972, 

They started housekeeping at 606 Moody Avenue, Apartment 
G - ;?, Elkhart, Indiana, which was their mailing address, as of 
April 30, 1972, 

At the time Ronald and Marcia were married, Ronald was 
account representative for the computer systems division of Graphic 
Controls Corporation, of Buffalo, New York, but soon after, in 
October of 1970, he started working for the St. Joseph Valley Bank, 
datta center. 

He is going to start school again, on February 4, 1971, so 
he can receive his masters degree. They both were teaching 
Sunday school classes in their church. 




Robert Oren Eubank, (the son of Oren E, and Ethel N. 
(Sickafoose) Eubank,) and Marion Jane (Densmore) Eubank, 
born December 28, 1929, were united in marriage September 19, 
1952 in the First Christian Church at South Bend, Indiana. 

To this union v;ere born two sons. 
John Oren Eubank, born April 16, 1955; 
Robert Merritt Eubank, born July 13, 1956. 

John is in his senior year of high school, and Robert is 
in his junior year of high school, at this date of January 16, 

Last year, 1973, the boys each fed a Charlais steer for 
4H competition, to be shown, judged and sold at the Cass County 
Fair at Cassopolis, Michigan, John's steer weighed in at 1050 * 
pounds and sold for .55<t per pound, or $577,50. 

Robert's steer v/eighed in at 1225 pounds and sold for ,50<t 
per pound, or $612.50, 

John's steer didn't place, but sold for more per pound than 
any of the reserve champions of the several classes shown, 

Robert's steer placed second in rate of gain over all steers 
shown below the grand champion steer. 

There were 39 steers fed for beef shown and sold. The grand 
champion's rate of gain was 2,89 pounds per day. Robert's Charla:; 
rate of gain was 2.80 pounds per day. 



Robert Oren Eubank graduated from South Bend Central High 
School in January, 1938, at the age of 17 years. 

He decided that he would work a while, before continuing 
his education. 

He wired houses for electric service for the builders store 
during the 1938 season. 

The next year, 1939, he worked for a painting contractor, and 
in 1940 he drove truck for the Belleville Lumber & Supply Company 
of South Bend, 

In 1941 the owner of the Belleville Lumber & Supply Company, 
r^'lr, William Hass, called him into the office and gave him charge 
of the pricing and costing department, for their 12 yards, located 
in northern Indiana, and southern Michigan, 

He knew for some time that sooner or later he would be called 
to serve in the U, S. Army, so in 1942 he volunteered for service 
in the U, S, Air Corp, 

He was first stationed in Biloxi, Mississippi and was sent 
out from there, to Chanute Field at Urbana, Illinois, Amarillo, 
Texas, and etc, for instructor training, then back to Biloxi, 
Mississippi to teach. 

After two years, 1943 and 1944, in Biloxi, he was sent to 
Denver, Colorado to teach the same there as in Biloxi, 

In December of 1945, he was discharged from the U, S, Service, 

He came home and helped with the farm work in 1946, and 1947, 
and started to school in the fall of 1947 at Benton Harbor, Michigan, 
Junior College, Then, in the fall of 1948, he started to school 
at Michigan State College, at East Lansing, Michigan, 

He completed his college work in 1950 and after receiving his 
diploma he was recommended by the college to the F, B, I, and was 
accepted as a student. He completed his training with the F, B, 
I,, at Washington, D, C, and was accepted. 

He worked as an F, B, I, agent in New York and New Jersey, 
but didn't like the work or territory, so he quit with an honorable 
discharge and came home in the fall of 1952, 

He then farmed the home place until the fall of 1955, when he 
took a position with the Farmers Home Administration, U, S, Depart- 
ment of Agriculture, as supervisor, with offices in the Cass County 
Courthouse, at Cassopolis, Michigan, 

He left there in 1960 and joined the Bendix Missle Corporation, 
located in Mishawaka, Indiana, as buyer and subcontractor adminis- 
trator, where he still is in 1974, 

His wife, Marion, is a graduate of Stevens College at Columbia, 
Missouri, having majored in clothing design and horsemanship. She 
is a horse fancier, trainer and judge, and 4H and F,F,A, worker. 

They live on their 100 acre farm, near Dowagiac, Michigan, 
known as theBusy Bee Ranch, Have a nice home and a horse training 
track, and the boys raise and feed calves for F,F,A, competition 
each year, to be shown and judged at the Cass County Fair, where 
their father, Robert, is the Cass County Fair Association secretary 
and treasurer, 




August 17, 1974, Robert Oren sold the Busy Bee Ranch farm 
in March of 1974 and purchased the Al Bar Ranch at (Address: 
No, 553455 Fir Road, RFD# 2, Mishawaka, Indiana,) situated about 
H mile north of U.S. Highway 20 on the west side of Fir Road, 
and about five miles east of South Bend, Indiana. 

They are nov; living there and operating a retail store, selling 
a complete selection of western clothing and riding equipment, 
everything for the horse and rider, Robert will continue with 
Bendix Missle Corporation and his wife, Marion and sons, John 
Oren and Robert Merritt will operate the business. 

John Oren went to Southern Michigan College last term and 
will now attend an extention college in South Bend, Indiana. 

Robert Merritt just finished high school, this last sprinq, 
and hasn't decided what he will do schoolwise as yet. 

They competed in the F.F.A. beef cattle showing again this 
year at the Cassopolis, Michigan County Fair, and did very well. 
They each fed and showed two steers; John had the reserve champion 
steers in both the short horn and Charlaise breeds, and Robert Merrit 
had the champion Angus steer, and a Charlaise runner-up, that didn't 

John's reserve champion short horn weighed in at 355 pounds, 
and sold for .95c: per pound, or $312.25, and his reserve champion 
Charlaise weighed in at 1160 pounds, and sold for .70(t per pound, 
or $312.00, a total for the two steers of $1,624.25. 

Robert's champion Angus weighed in at 910 pounds and sold 
for $1.40 per pound, or $1,274.00, and his Charlaise runner up 
steer weighed in at 1065 pounds, and sold at .850: per pound, or 
$798.75, a total for the two steers of $1,071,75, 

A grand total for the four steers, $3,597,00, There v/ere 
85 steers in the showing, grand champion over all breed's a 
Charlaise cross breed, sold for $2,50 per pound. 



Lessel Addison Eubank, (the son of Henry J, and Charlotte 
(Swaim) Eubank,) and Bessie Irene (Searles) Eubank, born November 
14, 1903, were married March 11, 1922, at Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

To this union was born one child, 
Bettie Earlene Eubank, born February 10, 1923. 

Lessel passed away March 9, 1959, at the age of 55 years 
11 days. 

Bessie passed away February 3, 1965 at the age of 61 years 

two months and 29 days. Both passed av;ay at Kissimmee, Florida, 

and were buried side by side in Osceola Memory Gardens, Kissimmee, 

Florida. The following article was clipped from the Kissimmee 

Gazette, by the writer, 



Lessel A, Eubank, a resident of Kissimmee, Florida, for 
the past four years, died Monday evening March 9th at an Orlando 
Hospital, from injuries sustained in a fall that occurred at 
about two o'clock P.M. the same day. 

Mr. Eubank was a carpenter builder, who, with his family, 
came here from South Bend, Indiana in the fall of 1954, to make 
Kissimmee his home. 

He was married to Bessie I. Searles in Grand Rapids, 
Michigan, in the year of 1922, and to this union was born one 
child, Bettie E. Metzger, the wife of Robert Metzger, v/ho, with 
his father, Sherman Metzger, own and operate the Kissimmee Lumber 
Company of this city. 

Mr. Eubank spent most of his life in the building trades, and 
has constructed many fine homes and buildings, which will stand 
as a monument to his memory for many years to come. 

Surviving relatives are his wife, Bessie, daughter, Bettie 
and three brothers, Oren E. Eubank, of Kissimmee, Charles F, 
Eubank, Cedar Springs, Michigan, Everett E. Eubank, of South Bend, 
Indiana, and one sister, Viola Bell Pulley, of Van Buren , Indiana. 

Services were held Thursday, at 2 P.M., with the Rev. H.P. 
Amos, pastor of The First Baptist Church, of Kissimmee, officiating, 

Burial was in Oceola Memory Gardens, 



Bettie Earlene (Metzger) Eubank, the daughter of Lessel 
A. and Bessie I, (Searles) Eubank,) and Robert Metzger, born 
September 10, 1920, were united in marriage March 11, 1942, at 
South Bend, Indiana. 

To this union was born one child, a son. 
Thomas Lee Metzger, born July 12, 1946. 

They moved to Kissimmee, Florida, in 1954, where Robert and 
his father purchased and operated the Kissimmee Lumber Company, 
They had been building contractors in South Bend for many years. 

Robert and Bettie were divorced June 15, 1965. Bettie is 
now living alone in her cottage on Shingle Creek in the suburbs 
of Kissimmee, and does office work for various employers. Her 
address as of August, 1974 is: RFD# 2, Box 234 D,, Kissimmee, 
Florida, 32741. 

Thomas Lee Metzger, (the son of Bettie Earlene (Eubank) Metz- 
ger and Robert Metzger,) and Linda Sharon (Tef f eteller , ) Metzger, 
born April 24, 1947, were united in marriage at Kissimmee, Florida. 

September 2, 1965. 
To this union 

Address as of January 15, 1973: 3841 O. Berry Road, 
Kissimmee, Florida, 32471. 



Sarah Catherin (Eubank) Ruble, (the daughter of Joseph and 
Rosana (Rohrer) Eubank,) and Thomas Allen Ruble, born January 
10, 1847, were united in marriage October 17, 1869, 

To this union were born eleven children, 

Franklin M, Ruble, born October 25, 1870; 

Ellis A, Ruble, born January 1, 1872; 

Alva Alfred Ruble, born October 14, 1873: 

Rosetta E. Ruble, born July 18, 1875 

Joseph William Ruble, born January 18, 1877; 

Lillie E, Ruble, born November 5, 1878; 

Bertha Ruble, born December 26, 1880; 

Clara Bell Ruble, born November IB, 1882: 

Nellie L, Ruble, born October 2, 1884; 

Effie M. Ruble, born May 12, 1887; 

Rosa R. Ruble, born March 24, 1889, 

Franklin M, Ruble, the first child, passed away October 10, 
1872, at the age of 1 year, 11 months, 23 days, 

Rosetta E, Ruble, the fourth child, passed away August 26, 
1876, at the age of 1 year, 1 month and 7 days, 

Thomas Allen Ruble, the father, passed away February 13, 
1890, at the age of 43 years, 1 month and 3 days. 

Sarah Catherin Ruble, the mother, passed away February 9, 
1916, at the age of 63 years, 8 months and 16 days. 

See Sister Kate's letter, page 288 . 



Ellis A, Ruble, (the son of Sarah Catherin (Eubank) Ruble, 
and Thomas Allen Ruble,) and Phoebe Ellen (Ulrich) Ruble, born 
April 30, 1879, were united in marriage December 30, 1897, at 
Huntington, Indiana. 

To this union was born one son, 
Merrill A. Ruble, born March 14, 1905. 

Merrill is unmarried and makes his home with his mother at 
their home at 517 Lincoln Avenue, Huntington, Indiana, as of this 
date, January 16, 1973. 

Ellis passed away at Huntington, Indiana, on March 13, 1956, 
at the age of 84 years, 2 months and 12 days. 

Services were held at the Robbins Funeral Home in Huntington, 
Indiana, March 15th at 2 P.M., with burial in Lancaster Cemetery, 
Lot No. 622, town of Lancaster, Huntington County, Indiana, 

Phoebe E. Ruble passed away at 9:25 A. M,, Wednesday, 
January 31, 1973, at Huntington Memorial Hospita, where she had 
been hospitalized for two weeks after taking a fall in her home 
at 517 Lincoln Avenue, Huntington, Indiana, 46750. Services were 
held at the Robbins Funeral Home at 2 P.M., Friday, February 2nd, 
with the Rev. Charles Lunkey officiating and burial was by the sid 
of her husband, Ellis, in Lancaster Cemetery. She lived in Hunt- 
ington most of her life and was a member of the Brethren Church ' 
for 72 years. 

She lived to be 93 years, 9 months and 1 day of age. 



Alva Alfred Ruble, (the son of Thomas A. and Sarah 
Catherin (Eubank) Ruble,) and Ida Pearl (Ford) Ruble, born 
June 3, 1876, were married October 29, 1895, at Huntington, 

To this union were born 8 sons and 1 daughter, 

Clinton Berlin Ruble, born August 10, 1896 

Cecil Fleet Ruble, born November 1, 1898 

Jesse Paul Ruble, born September 8, 1901 

Mable Mildred Ruble, born September 2, 1903 

Lawrence Allen Ruble, born August 29, 1905 

Kenneth Raymond Ruble, born September 28, 1907 

Alfred Alva Ruble, born March 17, 1912 

Carl Earl Ruble, born July 24, 1913 

Orville Elsworth Ruble, born November 8, 1914, 

Alva Alfred passed away November 13, 1947 at the age of 73 
years, 29 days. Ida Pearl passed away September 2, 1961 at the 
age of 35 years, 2 momths, 29 days. 


As I look back on the life of my father, Alva Alfred Ruble, 
it seems that it was rather legendary. His move to Michigan by 
covered wagon - leaving loved ones and acquaintances and the 
"good land," to dwell among strangers, and on rather poor land. 
Then there were many subsequent moves - all the way to southern 
Tennessee and back. To us now as we look back, he was something 
of the type of Abraham, as he to was a friend of God, and had 
daily communion with God; family wise, his was somewhat on the 
order of the Patriarch Jacob's, except eight sons and one daughter, 
instead of twelve sons and one daughter, 

God moves in mysterious ways - his wonders to perform, v;hy 
did Alva Ruble leave loved ones to go into a strange land - then 
to other strange lands in subsequent moves? This has often been 
the topic of conversation among his sons: Exposed to all kinds 
of communities and living conditions as the family grew up and 
gave each child a wide range of experience. The family became 
tradesmen, businessmen, church workers and ministers. Like 
Abraham, Alva Ruble was zealous for God's cause; a Prophet in 
his own right; a farmer - preacher. It is worthy to note that 
although he was never a full time pastor except for two years, 
his three youngest sons have served 33 years each for a total of 
99 years in the active ministry, at the end of the present year; 
and yes, our mother, Ida Peal, was indeed a "Mother in Israel," 
and stood by our father all the way. 

Alfred Alva Ruble. 


Clinton Berlin Ruble, (the son of Alva Alfred and Ida 
Pearl (Ford) Ruble,) and Mary Ethel (Barton) Ruble, born 
December 1, 1894, were united in marriage, September 29, 


To this union were born eight children, 

Manley Eubene Ruble, born July 15,- -1916 

Eleanor Genevieve Ruble, born October 26, 1917 

Arnold Clinton Ruble, born October 2, 1919 

Ernest Burl in Ruble, born July 2, 1921 

Maurice Lloyd Ruble, born February 16, 1924 

Mary Lois Ruble, born October 2, 1926 

Ethel May Ruble, born August 11, 1928 

Katherine P. Ruble, born January 28, 1931 

Clinton, the father, passed away November 25, 1951. 

Mrs. Clinton B. Ruble's address as of April 14, 1973 
202 Pawnee, BattleCreek, Michigan 49014. 


Manley Eugene Ruble, (the son of Clinton B. and Mary E, 

(Barton) Ruble,) and Evelyn (Neal) Ruble, born 

were married October 2, 1954. 

To this union were born two children. 
Delbert Eugene Ruble, born Autust 10, 1955; 
Sylvia Ruble, born October 25, 1965. 

1329 Ruble Drive, Battle Creek, Michigan, 49015, 


Eleanor G, (Ruble) Whitney, (the daughter of Clinton B, 
and Mary E, (Barton) Ruble,) and Ross W, Whitney, born 

_, were married December 12, 1952 in Florida. 

Address as of May 1, 1973: 29 South 27th, Battle 
Creek, Michigan, 49015. 

Arnold Clinton Ruble, (the son of Clinton B. and Mary 
E. (Barton,) Ruble,) not yet married. 



Ernest B. Ruble, (the son of Clinton B, and Mary E, 

(Barton) Ruble, and Betty (F^'lc 'Crory ) Ruble, born 

were married July , 1950, 

To this union was born one child, 
Marion K, Ruble, born June 5, 1951, 

Address as of May 1, 1973: RFD# 5, Box 305, South Haven, 
Michigan, 49090.' 


Maurice L, Ruble, (the son ofClinton B, and Mary E, 
(Barton) Ruble,) and Peggy Jean (Hunt) Ruble, born November 
17, 1928, were married December 28, 1949. 

To this union were born four children, 
Michael Harold Ruble, born February 2, 1950; 
Kathleen Viola Ruble, born February 4, 1951; 
Phillip Lloyd Ruble, born January 3, 1954; 
Karen Lee Ruble, born February 3, 1958, 

Address as of May 1, 1973: 70 Boyer Drive, Battle Creek, 
Michigan, 49015, 



Mary Lois (Ruble) Williamson (the daughter of Clinton 
B, and Mary E. (Barton) Ruble,) and Douglas 0, Williamson, 
born October 2, 1926, were married . 

To this union were born three children, 

Randall D, Williamson, born January 20, 1950; 

Bonnie E. VJil 1 iamson, born October 11, 1952; 

Bruce C, Williamson, born April 23, 1956, 

Address as of May 1, 1973: 915 Capitol Drive, 
Southwest, Battle Creek, Michigan, 49015. 


Ethel May (Ruble,) (the daughter of 

Clinton B, and Mary E, (Barton) Ruble,) not married. 

Address as of May 1, 1973: 251 South 22nd Street, 
Battle Creek, Michigan, 49015, 


Kathryn P, (Ruble) Birkhofer, (the daughter of Clinton 
B, and Mary E, Barton) Ruble,) and Glen Harold Birkhofer, 
born __, were married August 3, 1955, 

To this union were born three children, 
Linda Sue Birkhofer, born September 23, 1956; 
Brice Glenn Birkhofer, born August 16, 195S; 
Stanley Harold Birkhofer, born January 26, 1962, 

Address as of May 1, 1973: 815 Valley View, 
Lansing, Michigan, 48900, 



Cecil Fleet Ruble, (the son of Alva Alfred and Ida Pearl 
(Ford) Ruble,) and Evella (Hinton) Ruble, born March 20, 1900, 
were united in marriage April 21, 1918, in Marion, Indiana. 

To this union were born four children, 
Robert Earl Ruble, born April 25, 1919; 
Jeanne Elizabeth Ruble, born September 10, 1923; 
Harold Wayne Ruble, born May 16, 1928; 
Gordon Cecil Ruble, born February 11, 1942. 

Cecil Fleet Ruble passed away November 30, 1971, and was 

buried in Memorial Gardens, Traverse City, Michigan. 

Address as of April 15, 1973: 503 West 7th Street, 
Traverse City, Michigan, 49584. 


Robert Earl Ruble, (the son of Cecil Fleet and Evella 
(Hinton) Ruble,) and Joan (Satrom) Ruble, born April 14, 1930, 
were married . 

To this union were born two sons. 
Ronnie Ruble, born October 9, 1950; 
Barton Ruble, born November 15, 1952. 

Robert Earl passed away August 24, 1955 in Alameda, 


Address as of May 15, 1973: 

Petulam, California, 



Jeanne Elizabeth (Ruble) Penland, (the daughter of Cecil 
Fleet and Evella (Hinton) Ruble,) and Harry Penland, born 
March 10, 1921, were united in marriage December 25, 1940. 

To this union were born two children. 

Larry Leon Penland, born February 16, 1942; 

Beverly Jeanne Penland, born December IS, 1948. 

Address as of May 15, 1973: 511 Bloomfield Road, 
Traverse City, Michigan, 49684. 


Larry Leon Penland, (the son of Jeanne Elizabeth (Ruble) 
Penland and Mary Penland,) and Donna Mc'Watters, born 
, were married . 

To this union were born three boys. 
Curtis Penland, born , ; 

David Penland, born_ 

_, born_ 

Address as of May 15, 1973: , 

Connersvil le, Indiana, 47331. 


Beverly Jeanne (Ruble) Blaylock, (the daughter of Jeanne 
Elizabeth (Ruble) Penland, and Harry Penland), and Gene Blay- 
lock, born , were married June 17, 1967. 

To this union. 



Harold Wayne Ruble, (the son of Cecil Fleet and Evella 
(Hinton) Ruble,) and Patricia (Umpfrey) Ruble, born September 
14, 19 , were married March 2, 1951. 

To this union were born two children, 
Teddy Allen Ruble, born September 16, 1951; 
Mark Ruble, born March 10, 1953. 

Address as of May 1, 1973 :_ 

Kalamazoo, Michigan, 49001, 


Gordon Cecil Ruble, (the son of Cecil Fleet and Evella 
(Hinton) Ruble,) and Connie Marie (Sleder) Ruble, born January 
22, 1945, were married August 15, 196 , 

To this union were born two children. 
Brian Scott Ruble, born October 22, 1965; 
Terri Sue Ruble, born August 15, 1969. 

Address as of May 1, 1973: , 

Benton Harbor, Michigan, 49022, 



Jesse Paul Ruble, (the son of Alva Alford and Ida Pearl 
(Ford) Ruble,) and Beulah Virginia (Sample) Ruble, born January 
29, 1908, were united in marriage April 25, 1927, 

To this union were born four children. 
Jesse Max Ruble, born February 22, 1928; 
Elma Jones Ruble, born February 10, 1930; 
Virginia June Ruble, born July 1, 1933; 
Carol Ann Ruble, born November 8, 1938, 

Address as of April 14, 1973: 74 Arthur Street, 
Battle Creek, Michigan, 49015. 


Jesse Max Ruble, (the son of Jesse Paul and Beulah Virginia 

(Sample) Ruble,) and Margaret (Ehle) Ruble, born , 

were married July 14, 1946. 

To this union were born two children, 
Linda Margaret Ruble, born March 15, 1949; 
Roger Max Ruble, born October 7, 19 , 



Elma Joan (Ruble) Latta, (the daughter of Jesse Paul 
and Beulah Virginia (Sample) Ruble,) and Judson Latta, 
born , were married July 12, 1949, 

To this union were born two children. 
Dawn Elaine Latta, born December 9, 1950; 
Ronald James Latta, born November 22, 1960, 


Virginia June (Ruble) Van'Huysen, (the daughter of Jesse 
Paul and Beulah Virginia (Sample Ruble), and William Van'Huysen, 
born __, were married September 9, 1951, 

To this union were born three children, 
Terry William Van'Huysen, born April 20, 1953; 
Gary Allen Van'Huysen, born September 21, 1954; 
Connie Sue Van'Huysen, born November 22, 1960, 



Carol Ann (Ruble) Mitchell, (the daughter of Jesse Paul 
and Beulah Virginia (Sample) Ruble,) and David D, Mitchell, 
born , were married May 24, 1959, 

To this union were born two children, 
Tammi Lyn Mitchell, born November 8, 1960; 
Timothy Delos Mitchell, born June 26, 1954, 

Mable Mildred Ruble, (the daughter of Alva Alford and Ida 
Pearl (Ford,) passed away May 14, 1918, at the age of 14 years, 
8 months and 12 days. 



Lawrence Allen Ruble, (the son of Alva Alford and Ida 
Pearl (Ford) Ruble,) and Bernice A, (Fowler) Ruble, born 
April 21, 1888, were married . 

To this union was born one son, 
Lawrence Harmon Ruble, born December 8, 1927, 

Address as of April 14, 1973: 131 Iriquois, Battle 
Creek, Michigan, 49015, 


Lawrence Harmon Ruble, (the son of Lawrence Allen and 
Bernice Aileen (Fowler) Ruble,) and Patricia (Johnson) Ruble, 
born , were married • 

To this union was born one daughter. 
Sue Ann Joy Ruble, born June 26, 1947, 

Lawrence's second wife was Lena Marie (Landreth) Ruble, 
born March , 1931, They were married 

To this union were born four children, 
David Lawrence Ruble, born June 15, 1950; 
Dedra Anetta Ruble, born October 15, 1951; 
Johnney Douglas Ruble, born April 28, 1954; 
Lisa t^larie Ruble, born June 26, 1956, 

Lena Marie, the mother, passed away March 20, 1957, 



Lawrence Harmon Ruble's third wife was Patricia Ramana 

(May) Ruble, born_ . They were married 

February 2, 1959 and divorced January , 1966. 

To this union no children were born, 

Lawrence Harmon Ruble's fourth wife, was Maginon 

( ) Ruble, born , and they 

were married 

Address as of April 14, 1973: Beckwith Drive, 
Battle Creek, Michigan, 49015. 


Sue Ann (Ruble) Tatro, (the daughter of Lawrence Harmon 

and Pat (Johnson) Ruble,) and Kenneth L. Tatro, born 

, were married . 

To this union. 


Kenneth Raymond Ruble, (the son of Alva Alfred and Ida 

Pearl (Ford) Ruble,) and Irene Ruble, 

born October 12, 1909, were united in marriage 

To this union were born three children, 
Dorris Ruble, born , 

Rossetta Ruble, born_ 

Betty Ruble, born August 4, 1940. 

Irene passed away March 10, 1956, 

Address as of April 14, 1973: 3588 Lawton, Detroit, 
Michigan, 48200. 

Doris (Ruble) Gardner, (the daughter of Kenneth R. and 

Irene Ruble,) and Gardner, born 

were married • 

To this union 



Rosetta (Ruble) Wilford, (the daughter of Kenneth R, and 

Irene Ruble,) and Allen Wilford, born 

were united in marriage . 

To this union were born three children, 

Stephen Wilford, born , ; 

Linda Wilford, born , ; 

Julie Wilford, born , • 


Betty (Ruble) Sanders, (the daughter of Kenneth R. and 

Irene Ruble,) and Sanders, born 

were married . 

To this union was born one child, 
Tina Marie Sanders, born September 10, 1954, 



Alfred Alva Ruble, (the son of Alva Alfred and Ida Pearl 
(Ford) Ruble,) and Alice Mildred (Hennessey) Ruble, born 
September 5, 1916, at South Bend, Indiana, were united in 
marriage October 1, 1938 at Coloma, Michigan, 

To this union were born three children. 
Theodore Alfred Ruble, born December 1, 1941; 
James Leroy Ruble, born July 10, 1943; 
Burton Vincent Ruble, born October 28, 1949. 

Present address as of January 1, 1974: 

Rev. and Mrs. Alfred A. Ruble, 
1112 West Montcalm Street 
Greenville, Michigan, 48838. 

Rev. Alfred A. Ruble, has served theGreenvil le Free Methodis 
Church community at Greenville, Michigan for the past six years 
and has been returned there for the ensuing year. He is as of 
today, January 17, 1973, sixty years and ten months of age, and 
he and his family have served many like church communities 
throughout the State of Michigan during his life in the ministry. 
During the existence of the' Eubank and Swaim reunion, which was 
orgainzed in the year of 1959, and continued until after the 
ninth annual reunion, held the 19th day of August, 1967, and 
during the existence of the Eubank and Ruble reunion, which was 
organized in June of 1961, and continued until after the tenth 
annual reunion, held the 27th day of June, 1970, Alfred and famil 
attended almost, if not all, of the annual meetings of both 
reunions, and their endeavors and presence contributed much 


toward their continued existence. However, they both 
were finally discontinued, because of evolution necessities, that 
were unaboidable at the time. It is possible that one of these 
reunions will be reestablished during the coming season, as sort 
of a resuscitation of both, 



Theadore Alfred Ruble, (the son of Alfred Alva and Mildred 
(Hinnesey) Ruble,) born at Newberry, Michigan, and Montie 

(Emerson) Ruble, born , were united in 

marriage June 1, 1963, at Spring Arbor, Michigan. 

To this union. 

Address as of December, 1972: RFD., Copmish, Michigan, 

Ted is covering about three counties as trouble shooter 

for Office Machines, and Montie is teaching school at Benzonia, 




James Leroy Ruble, (the son of Alfred Alva and Mildred 
(Hinnesey) Ruble,) born at Marquette, Michigan, and Barbara 
(Kill) Ruble, born July 20, 1943, were united in marriage 
April 6, 1963, at Barryton, Michigan, 

To this union were born two children, 

Sherri Lynn Ruble, born November 17, 1954, at Des Plaines, 
II 1 inois ; 

Tod Allen Ruble, born November 13, 1965, at Fort Wayne, Indiana; 

Address as of January 9, 1974: 112 East State Street, 
Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46800, 


Burton Vincent Ruble, (the son of Alfred Alva and Mildred 
(Hinnesey) Ruble,) and Lucindy (Updike) Ruble, born September 
19, 1953, were united in marriage June 19, 1971, 

To this union was born one child, 
Jenifer Alison Ruble, born September 12, 1971, 

Burton is employed by Gibson's, 

Address as of December 8, 1973: 13735 West Point Drive, 
RFD# 1, Gowen, Michigan, 49326, 



Carl Earl Ruble, (the son of Alva Alfred and Ida Pearl 
(Ford) Ruble,) and Lucile A, (Green) Ruble, born December 31, 
1915, were united in marriage September 28, 1933. 

To this union were born four children, 

Victoria Jeanne Ruble, born September 26, 1941; 

Ruth Ann Louise Ruble, born r-^iay 29, 1943; 

Ronald Lawrence Ruble, born August 8, 1946; 

William Earl Ruble, born March 2, 1955. 

Present Address as of April 14, 1973: Manton, Michigan, 

Rev. Carl A. Ruble was born on his father's farm East of 
Lake City, Michigan. He attended Lake City and Cadillac, Michigan 
high schools and Spring Arbor Academy and graduated from Spring 
Arbor College - completed seminary work when there was a seminary 
in connection with Spring Arbor College, and married Lucile Adora 
Green on September 28, 1933. He entered the ministry of the Free 
Methodist Church in August of 1941. He has had eleven pastorates 
and has held several District and Conference offices, also was 
District Secretary for seven years. 

The second Ruble farm near Lake City, where Carl's father, 
Alva A. Ruble lived at the time of his passing, is still in the 
family, being owned by Eugene and Julia (Ruble) Mc'Donald, 
Orville Ellsworth's Rubles daughter and son-in-law. Carl v;as a 
certified candidate for Congress in 1958 and 1962. His present 
ministry is the Free Methodist Church at the Conference Head 
Quarters, April 26, 1973. 


Victoria Geanne (Ruble) F'^ackey, (the daughter of Carl 
Earl, and Lucile A, (Green) Ruble,) and Charles Arthur 
Mackey, born November 20, 192S, in Yakima, Washington, were 
married May 9, 1970, in the Free Methodist Church in Anchorage, 


Graduated from Kingsley Area High School in Kingsley, 
Michigan in 1950. 

Attended Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City, 
Michigan, 1961 - 1963, taking a general business secretarial 
course, and has had secretarial type jobs in various offices, 
plus bank teller and bookkeeping experience, 

Graduated from Yakima Senior High School in Yakima, 
Washington, in 1947, 

Attended Columbia Basin Junior College in Pasco, Washington 
in 1953, and Central V/ashington State College at Ellenberg, 
Washington, 1953 - 1960, taking a biological science teaching 

He served in the U,S, Army in Germany and France in 1954 - 
1956, and has worked at various jobs since, such as forest 
ranger, ski patrol, carpentry and presently is employed as an 


operator in a power house. 

He went to Alaska in the year of 1960 for summer employ- 
ment, and until the present time, Harch 1, 1972, has remained 
there. Present address is: 

Post Office Box 1305, Kodiak, Alaska, zip 99615, 

Charles and Victoria live in a mobile home about 43 miles 
from the town of Kodiak, in an area called Cape Chiniak, Most 
of the people in that community work at the air force tracking 
station, which employs mostly civilians, 

Victoria went to Kodiak Island with her cousin, Julia 
Ruble, the Reverend Orville Ellsworth Ruble's daughter, in 
August of 1969 to stay ten months. 

She attended the wedding of Julia to Eugene He 'Donald, on 
November 10, 1969, in Anchorage, Alaska, and v;hile there met 
Charles tlackey, to whom she was later married and has been 
anchored there since. 

She relates that there is so. nothing about Alaska that seems 
to draw people back, once they have been there, 

Vicky and Chuck Mackey, at this date, January 1, 1974, live 
in their new home on a cliff above the ocean at the tip of Cape 
Chiniak on Kodiak Island, Alaska, about eight miles from the 
satelite tracking site v/here Chuck works. They attend Kodiak 
Bible Chapel in the City of Kodiak, 45 miles away, 

Vicky v/as busy in Christian youth camps last summer. She 
v/rites an interesting letter home every v;eek, 



Ruth Ann Louise (Ruble) Morgan, (the daughter of Carl 
Earl, and Lucile A, (Green), Ruble,) and James Morgan, born 
, were married June 3, 1951, 

To this union were born three children. 
Rebecca Ruth Morgan, born I'iarch 25, 1962; 
Wensy Lea Moraan, born May 31, 1963; 
Tracy J, Morgan, born July 2, 1964, 

Tracy was killed in an automobile accident June 2, 1965, 

They live on their farm near Kingsley, Michigan, 

Ronald L, Ruble, (the son of Carl L, and Lucile A, (Green) 

Ruble,) and Linda (Oberlin) Ruble, born , 

v/ere married , at the Lakeview Free 

liethodist Church, 

Address as of January 1, 1974: 1510 D, Portabella 
Road, Mount Pleasant Road, 48858, 


Orville Ellsv;orth Ruble, (the son of Alva Alford and Ida 
Pearl (Ford) Ruble,) and Lillie Ethel (Holley) Ruble, born May 
23, 1915, at Carter, Oklahoma, were married July 19, 1935, 
at Battle Creek, Michioan, 

To this union were born four children, 

David Ellsworth Ruble, born June 8, 1936; 

Julia Ellen Ruble, born November 22, 1938; 

Marcia Jane Ruble, born October 5, 1949; 

Carolyn Sue Ruble, born May 25, 1951, 

Address as of January 1, 1974: 1500 Ryan, Sault Sainte 
liarie, i-.ichigan, 49733, 


Orville Ellsworth Ruble was born on a 40 acre tract of land 
4 miles east of Lake City, Michigan, He attended grade school, 
finishing 8th grade at Turnersville School - graduated from 
high school, "Lakeview" Battle Creek, Michigan and attended 
Spring Arbor College. 

He entered the ministry of the Free Methodist Church on 
October 1, 1941, in 1959 and was elected superintendent of the 
Sault Sainte Marie Free Methodist Church, as well as being a 
stationed superintendent. 

On July 19, 1935 he and his wife, Lillie Ethel (Holley) 
Ruble were united in marriage, in a double wedding ceremony, 
the other parties being Albert and Gladys Welsh. 


David Ellsworth Ruble, (the son of Orville Ellsworth and 
Lillie Ethel (Holly) Ruble,) and Rosemary Jeannett (Hama, 

ker) Ruble, born November 5, 19 , were married June 10, 


To this union were born four children. 

Michael David Ruble, born March 7, 1962; 

Sharon Jeanett Ruble ) 

Karen Sue Ruble ) Twins, born May 21, 1963; 

Diane Marie Ruble, born June 3, 1965. 

Address as of January 1, 1974: 

Ravena, Michigan. 

David has his own business in Fruitport, Michigan. 



Julia Ellen (Ruble) Mc 'Donald ,( the daughter of Orville 
Ellsworth and Lillie Ethel (Holly) Ruble,) and Eugene Mc'Donald, 
born , were married November 15, 1969, in An- 
chorage, Alaska. 

Address as of January 1, 1974: 7207, 220 - S.VJ. 
Edmonds, Washington, 98020, 

Eugene is finishing his college and Julia is teaching, 


Marcia Jane (Ruble) Brandli, (the daughter of Orville 

Ellsworth and Lillie Ethel (Holly) Ruble,) and Leon Brandli, 

born , were married . 

Marcia finished her college, and Leon is with the 
Associated Truck Lines in the accounting department. 

Address as of January 1, 1974: , 

Grand Rapids, Michigan, 


Carolyn Sue (Ruble) Nicholas, (the daughter of Orville 
Ellsworth and Lillian Ethel (Holly) Ruble,) and Clifford 
Nicholas, born , were married May 26, 1973, 

Address as of January 1, 1974: 


Carolyn graduated from Spring Arbor College May 19, 1973, 

She plans to teach school in that area for two years while CI iff on 

finishes his college, which was interrupted by service in the U,S, 


Joseph William Ruble, (the son of Sarah Catherin (Eubank) 

Ruble, and Thomas Allen Ruble,) and Florence C. (Penland) Ruble, 

born October 31, 1882, were united in marriage April 8, 1899, 

at Warren, Indiana, 

To this union were born five children, all boys. 

Arthur P. Ruble, born October 31, 1800; 

Clifford Edward Ruble, born November 20, 1901; 

Allen J. Ruble, born February 13, 1909; 

John L. Ruble, born November '23, 1914; 

George Hiram Ruble, born April 17, 1917, died April 17, 1917; 
Joseph, the father, passed away October 2, 1954, 
Florence C, the mother, passed away December 24, 1960, 
Joseph William was a farmer and raised his family on the 

farm near V/arren, Grant County, Indiana, 


Arthur Paul Ruble, (the son of Joseph William and Florence 

Cordelia (Penland) Ruble,-) and Ada (Jones) Ruble, born November 
26, 1899, were united in marriage October 30, 1920, 

To this union were born two children, 

Martha May Ruble, born October 9, 1921; 

Marcus W, Ruble, born January 26, 1926, 

Arthur Paul's address as of February 16, 1967: 
RFD# 3, Warren, Indiana, Zip 46792, 



Martha May (Ruble) Morrison, (the daughter of Arthur 
Paul and Ada (Jones) Ruble,) and Lloyd Morrison, born April 
14, 1917, were married January 31, 1942. 

To this union were born eight children, 

Richard Lee Morrison, born December 30, 1942 

Ronald Dean Morrison, born February 19, 1944 

Marilyn Jean Morrison, born November 7, 1947 

Lewis Merril Morrison, born January 23, 1949 

Robert William Morrison, born May 24, 1951 

John Lloyd Morrison, born October 5, 1953 

Don Charles Morrison, born January 12, 1955 

Penny Sue Morrison, born April 5, 1956, 

Martha and Lloyd's address as of April 13, 1973: 
RFD# 2, Box 23, Roanoke, Indiana, 46783. 


Richard Lee Morrison, (the son of Martha (Ruble) Morrison, 
and Lloyd Morrison,) and Dian (Daugherty, ) Morrison, born 
November 25, 1944, at Huntington, Indiana, were united in 
marriage August 9, 1964, 

To this union no children were born. 

Address as of February 21, 1968: 1209 Oak Street, 
Huntington, Indiana 46750, 


Ronald Dean Morrison, (the son of Martha (Ruble) Morrison, 
and Lloyd Morrison,) and Susie (Roberts) Morrison, born 
, were united in marriage 

To this union were born two children, 
Ronda Sue riorrison, born June 14, 1963; 
Tamara Kay Morrison, born December 25, 1S64, 

Address as of February 21, 1958: 2050 South Sloan 
Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana, zip 3592802. 


Marcus W, Ruble, (the son ofArthur Paul and Ada (Jones,) 
Ruble,) and Jacqulin (Bischoff) Ruble, born February 14, 1924, 
at Huntington, Indiana, were united in marriage August 27, 1949, 

To this union were born tv/o boys and one girl. 
Jeffery V/illiam Ruble, born October 21, 1953; 
Gregory Mark Ruble, born November 19, 1955; 
Jenifer Sue i^uble, born March 26, 1965. 

Present address as of February 21, 1963: RFD# 3, 
Warren, Indiana, zip 45792. 



Clifford Edward Ruble, (the son of Joseph v;illiam, and 
Florence Cordelia (Penland) Ruble,) and Rosa Edith (Honeycutt) 
Ruble, born October 30, 1900, in V/ells County, Indiana, were 
united in marriage October 14, 1922, at V/arren, Indiana, 

To this union were born four children. 

Robert Edmond Ruble, born December 3, 1923; 

Jane, and Gean Ruble, born March 12, 1929, 
who died in infancy; 

Phyllis Joan Ruble, born October 25, 1930, 

Clifford and Florence's address as of February 29, 
1958, RFD# 3, Warren, Indiana, zip 46792, 



Robert Edmond Ruble, (the son of Clifford E, and Rosa 
Edith (Honeycutt) Ruble,) and Margaret Lucile (Wheatley) Ruble, 
born September 25, 1930, in r-larion, Indiana, were married July 
28, 1957 in Marion, Indiana, 

To this union were born three children, 
Susan Marie Ruble, born January 3, 1959; 
Ned Eugene Ruble, born April 11, 1961; 
Barbara Rose Ruble, born April 26, 1963, 

Address as of April 14, 1973: RFD# 2, Warren, 
Indiana, 46792, 


Phillis Joan (Ruble)Pond, (the daughter ofClifford E, 
and Rosa Edith (Honeycutt) Ruble,) and George Walter Pond, 
born November 4, 1927, in Warren, Indiana, were married at 
Warren, Indiana on June 10, 1951, 

To this union were born three children, 
William Walter Pond, born October 9, 1953; 
Douglas Edward Pond, born December 8, 1955; 
Joan Ann Pond, born August 5, 1957, 

Address as of April 14, 1973: RFD# 2, Seller Road, 
New Haven, Indiana, 46774, 



Allen Joseph Ruble, (the son of Joseph William and 
Florence C, (Penland) Ruble,) and Pauline Carolin (Kline) 
Ruble, born November 8, 1907, were married August 29, 1929 
at Winona Lake, Warsaw, Indiana, 

To this union v/ere born two children, 
James Frederick Ruble, born June 11, 1934; 
Donna Lou Ruble, born July 27, 1940. 

Allen Joseph is employed by the General Electric Company, 

at Fort Wayne, Indiana, as a waqe and salary administrator with 

39 years of service. 

Their address as of February 29, 1968 is: 7520 
Kingsway Place, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 45802. 


James Frederick Ruble, (the son of Allen Joseph and 
Pauline Carolin (Kline) Ruble,) and Deanna Kay (Stretch) 
Ruble, born October 25, 1939, at Marion, Indiana, were married 
May 29, 1960, 

To this union were born three children, 
Brenna Lynn Ruble, born October 5, 1961; 
Lorinda Sue Ruble, born January 1, 1963; 
Brian James Ruble, born September 17, 1964, 

All of the above children were born at Fort Wayne, Dr, 
James Frederick Ruble is a practicing dentist in Fort Wayne, 
Indiana, Present address as of February 8, 1967: 7615 Bracken- 
wood Drive, Fort Wayne, Indiana, zip 46809, 



Donna Lou (Ruble) Schilling, (the daughter ofAllen Joseph 
and Pauline Carolin (Kline) Ruble,) and Richard Francis 
Schilling, born November 25, 1937, at Indianapolis, Indiana, 
were married November 17, 1962 at Fort VJayne, Indiana. 

To this union were born two children, 
Richard Francis Schilling, Jr., born November 24, 1963; 
Christofer Allen Schilling, born November 9, 1962, 

Both children were born at Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

Richard Francis Schilling is a mathematics teacher in 

New Haven, Indiana High School, 

Address as of February 8, 1967: 192B Florida Drive, 
Fort Wayne, Indiana, zip 46805, 


John L, Ruble, (the son of Joseph William and Florence C, 
(Penland) Ruble,) and Avis Jeanette (Williams) Ruble, born 
September 26, 1915, were married December 24, 1934, 

To this union were born three children, 
David Arlene Ruble, born September 21, 1935; 
Sarah Lee Ruble, born September 26, 1937; 
Thomas Joseph Ruble, born March 5, 1944, 

John L, Ruble's address as of March 19, 1968: 
RFD# 3, Warren, Indiana, zip 46792, 


David Arlen Ruble, (the son of John L, and Avis 

Jeanette (Williams) Ruble,) and Jane Anne (Hoover) Ruble, 

born , were married April 18, 1954, 

To this union were born four children, 

Debora Ann Ruble, born January 13, 1955; 

Doane Sue Ruble, born February 12, 1955; 

Susan Jane Ruble, born May 25, 1957; 

Nancy Kay Ruble, born April 6, 1951, 

Sarah Lee (Ruble) Zook , (the daughter of John L. and 
Avis Jeanette (Williams) Ruble,) and Neil Jay Zook, born 

, were united in marriage, May 20, 1955, 

To this union were born three children, 
Michael Jay Zook, born December 20, 1955; 
Catherin Ann Zook, born August 28, 1959; 
Pamela Elaine Zook, born December 27, 1952, 


Lillie E, (Ruble) Stephens, (the daughter of Sarah 
Catherine (Eubank) Ruble and Thomas Allen Ruble,) and 
William E. Stephens, born February 6, 1970, were married 

To this union were born two children, 

Florence Stephens, born July 24, 1899; 

Howard E, Stephens, born September 23, 1901. 

William E, Stephens passed away September 13, 1929, 
Lillie E, (Stephens) Green, and Calvin Bert Green, 

born January 20, 1873, were married 

To this union no children were born, 
Lillie E. passed away August 31, 1950. 

Florence (Stephens) Swaim, (the daughter of Lillie E. 
(Ruble) Stephens, and William E. Stephens,) and B. Earl 
Swaim, born March 22, 1893, were married 

To this union no children were born. 
Florence Swaim passed away 

B. Earl Swaim, married May Josephine (Roberts) (Harrold,) 
on March 8, 1951, who was Bertha (Ruble) Robert's daughter. 
(see page 220). 

No children were born to this union. 



Howard E, Stephens, (the son of Lillie E, (Ruble) 
Stephens, and William E, Stephens,) and Edna Pauline 
(Winebrenner ) Stephens, born October 10, 1901, at Marion, 
Indiana, were married April 29, 1926, 

To this union were born two children, 
Richard E, Stephens, born July 12, 1927; 
Sandra Lee Stephens, born July 12, 1938, 

Both children were born at Fort Wayne, Indiana, 

Howard's address as of March 1, 1968: 1339 Melrose 
Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana, zip 46808, 


Richard E. Stephens, (the son of Howard E, and Edna 
Pauline (Winebrenner) Stephens,) and Marine (Mettler) 
Stephens, born February 11, 1927, at Fort Wayne, Indiana, 
were married February 15, 1954 at Fort Wayne, Indiana, 

To this union were born two children, 

Ricky Stephens, born May 11, 1956; 

Terry Stephens, born August 22, 1959, 

Richard's address as of February 29, 1968: 1014 
Baxter Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana, zip 46808,^ 



Sandra Lee (Stephens) Wineland, (the daughter of Howard E. 
and Edna Pauline (Winebrenner ) Stephens,) and Donald E. Wine- 
land, born , at ColumbiaCity, Indiana, were 

married February 15, 1959, 

To this union was born one child. 
Jeffrey Wineland, born March 12, 1966. 

Sandra's address as of February 29, 1968: RFD# 6, 
Westgate Road, Columbia City, Indiana, 46725. 


Bertha (Ruble) Roberts, (the daughter of Sarah Catherine 
(Eubank) Ruble and Thomas Allen Ruble,) and William Elisha 
Roberts, born February 24, 1873, were united in marriage 
December 17, 1899. 

To this union were born three children. 
William Arthur Roberts, born April 20, 1900; 
Ruth Beatrice Roberts, born June 20, 1904; 
May Josephine Roberts, born May 5, 1907. 

Elisha passed away . 

Bertha Roberts passed away December 6, 1969, at Fort Wayne, 
Indiana, and was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery at Warren, Indiana, 


William Arthur Roberts, (the son of Bertha (Ruble) 

Roberts and William E. Roberts, and Helen (Shultz ) Roberts, 

born February 19, 1905, were married June 10, 1922, at Hillsdale, 


To this union were born three children, 

Marjory Ann Roberts, born April 6, 1923; 

Phil lis J, Roberts, born May 25, 1927; 

Judith Elaine Roberts, born October 18, 1937. 

Address as of May 10, 1973: 4359 Roberts Way, Lake 
Worth Village, Florida, 33460. 


Marjory Ann (Roberts) Beach, (the daughter of '/./illiam 
Arthur, and Helen (Shulz) Roberts,) and Robert C. Beach, born 
November 9, 1921, were married June 6, 1942 at Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

To this union were born six children. 

David Robert Beach, born Hay 24, 1943 

Dennis Michael Beach, born June 5, 1944 

Timothy William Beach, born January 17, 1946 

Susan Kay Beach, born May 15, 1947 

John Frederick Beach, born November 10, 1957 

Robert Clarence Beach, born November 3,— 1959, 

Address - 1973: 12868 Ellison, Wilson Road, Juno Isles, 
N. Polin Beach, Florida, 33408. 



Phillis J. (Roberts) Cascone, (the daughter of V«/illiam 
Arthur and Helen (Shulz) Roberts,) and Albert M. Cascone, 
born April 18, 1924, at Brooklyn, N, Y,, were married June 
27, 1946 at Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

To this union were born four children, 

Michaele Marie Cascone, born April 3, 1947; 

Darlene Cascone, born April 11, 1951; 

Debra Ann Cascone, born January 29, 1955; 

Cheryl Elena Cascone, born February 28, 1958, 

Address as of February 10, 1973: 6 Hemingway Drive, 
Dixie Hills, Long Island, N. Y,, 11746. 


Judith Elaine (Roberts) Wilson, (the daughter of William 
Arthur and Helen (Shulz) Roberts,) and James F, Wilson, born 
April 11, 1935, at Fort V/ayne, Indiana, were married August 25, 

To this union were born three children, 
Kathryn Lynn Williams, born August 4, 1958; 

Thomas James VJilliams, born November 9, 1959; 
Richard William Williams, born November 18, 1962, 

Address as of February 10, 1973: 243 Ramsey Road, 
Deerfield, Illinois, 60015, 



Ruth Beatrice (Roberts) Schemehorn, (the daughter of 
Bertha L, (Ruble) Roberts, and William E, Roberts) and Park 
Edward Schemehorn, born August 20, 1903, at Warren, Indiana, 
were married August 18, 1923, at Centreville, Michigan, 

To this union were born three children, 
Richard E. Schemehorn, born July 16,1925; 
Neil R. Schemehorn, born June 9, 1929; 
Bonnie Lou Schemehorn, born July 15, 1931, 

Park passed away April 26, 1962 and was buried April 30th 

in Greenlawn Cemetery, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 

Address as of ■^pril 18, 1973: 1914 Kenmore Avenue, 
Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46809, 


Richard Edward Schemehorn, (the son of Park E, and Ruth 
Beatrice (Roberts) Schemehorn,) and Margaret Mankowski, born 
February 27,1929, at Hudson, Indiana, were married August 22, 
1948 at Garret, Indiana, 

To this union were born three children, 

Bruce Richard Schemehorn, born July 8, 1950; 

Lisa Ellen Schemehorn, born May 4, 1953; 

Cheryl Lynn Schemehorn, born August 2, 1956, 

Address as of April 18, 1973: RFD# 1, Plymouth, 
Indiana, 46563, 


Bruce Schemehorn, married Cindy Collins, October 28, 1972, 



Neil R. Schemehorn, (the son of Park E, and Ruth Beatrice 
(Roberts,) Schemehorn,) and Sheron Verdonna (Fogle) Schemehorn, 
born December 30, 1931, at Fort Wayne, Indiana, were married 
June 2, 1951. 

To this union were born four children. 

Jennifer Lynn Schemehorn, born January 31, 1952; 

James Arthur Schemehorn ) 

) born March 15, 1959; 
Brian Neil Schemehorn ) 

Andrew Cl^k Schemehorn, born April 16,1964. 

Address as of February 17, 1968: 1804 Franklin, 
Valparaiso, Indiana, 46383. 


Bonnie Lou (Schemehorn) Disidore, (the daughter of Park 
E. and Ruth Beatrice (Roberts) Schemehorn,) and Eugene Disidore, 
born June 11, 1926, at Fort Wayne, Indiana, were married May 21, 
1955 at Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

To this union were born ten children, 
John Anthony Disidore, born February 26, 1955; 
Jeffery Park Disidore, born May 5, 1957; 
Karen Due Disidore, born October 5, 1958; 
Christiana Marie Disidore, born February 4, 1960; 
Nicholas Eugene Disidore, born May 1,1961; 
Marie Teresa Disidore, born October 9, 1962; 
Jonella Ann Disidore, born December 18, 1964; 
Thomas Joseph Disidore, born January 29, 1967; 
Gina Disidore, born August 21, 1969; 
Tony Disidore, born August 9, 1972. 

Address as of April 18, 1973: RFD# 9, 6728 Lancaster 
Road, Topeka, Kansas, 66611. 


Hay Josephine (Roberts) Harrold, (the daughter of Bertha 
L. (Ruble) Roberts and William E, Roberts,) and Leo Harrold, 
born June 10, 1906, at Warren, Indiana, were married on 

To this union were born two children, 
Lois Jane Harrold, born February 26, 1926; 
James Leon Harrold, born August 18, 1928. 

May Josephine married B,, Earl Swaim March 8, 1951. (See 
Page 220. ) 

Address as of >^pril 14, 1973: 2737 Washington Center 
Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46807, 


Lois Jane (Harrold) Brauchla, (the daughter of May 
Josephine (Roberts) Harrold, and Lee Harrold,) and George 
Brauchla, born January 13, 1924, at Warren, Indiana, were 
married February 14, 1946, at Marion Indiana. 

To this union was born one child. 
Ted Allen Brauchla, born November 20, 1950. 

Address as of February 17, 1973: 40 Valley View 
Place, Tiffin, Ohio, 44883. 



James Leon Harrold, (the son of May Josephine (Roberts) 
Harrold, and Lee Harrold,) and Phillis L, (Bressler) Harrold, 
born March 9, 1931, at Angola, Indiana, were married August 20, 

To this union were born four children. 

James Leon, Jr., Harrold, born October 4, 1953; 

Stephen Lawrence Harrold, ) 

) born July 13, 1956; 
Dawn Laureen Harrold, ) 

Karen Lou Harrold, born July 1, 1961, 

Present address as of April 18, 1973: 970 Cherokee 
Road, Apt. 20, Smyrna, Georgia, 30080. 

Clara Bell (Ruble) Whitehurst, (the daughter of Sarah 
Catherin (Eubank) Ruble, and Thomas Allen Ruble,) and William 
M, Whitehurst, born April 2, 1880, were united in marriage on 

To this union were born six children, 
Russel Whitehurst, born February 19, 1905; 

Chester Dain Whitehurst, born March 25, 1909; 
Joseph Harmon Whitehurst, born March 14, 1912; 
Woodrow Whitehurst, born April 16, 1914; 
Harriott E. Whitehurst, born October 11, 1920; 
Mary E. Whitehurst, born July 14, 1922. 

Clara Bell passed away June 2, 1935. 



Russel Whitehurst, (the son of Clara Bell (Ruble) 
V/hitehurst, and William M, Whitehurst,) and Pauline 
( ) Whitehurst, born April 5, 1906, were 
married . 

To this union were born two children, 
Wanabelle Whitehurst, born September 16, 1927; 
Rex Allen Whitehurst, born December 23, 1930, 

Address as of '^pril 18, 1973: 908 Rockhill, 
Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46802. 


Chester Dain Whitehurst, (the son of Clara Bell (Ruble) 
Whitehurst, and V7illiam M, Whitehurst,) and Bertha 
( ) Whitehurst, born March 30, 1910, were 
married • 

To this union, 

Chester Dain»s address as of April 18, 1973: 1141 
Earlwood Drive, Oregon, Ohio, 43616, 



Joseph Harmon Whitehurst, (the son of Clara Bell (Ruble) 
Whitehurst, and William M, Whitehurst,) and Genelda 
( ) IVhitehurst, born December 4,1913, were 

marr ied . 

To this union were born two children, 
Ronald E, Whitehurst, born September 1, 1933; 
Joyce Joan Whitehurst, born July 24, 1937, 

Woodrow VJhitehurst, (the son of Clara Bell (Ruble) 
Whitehurst, and William H. Whitehurst,) and 

Harriet E, (Whitehurst) Goodell, (the daughter of Clara 
Bell (Ruble) Whitehurst, and William M, Whitehurst,) and 
Owen Goodell, born , were married on 

To this union, 


Mary E, (Whitehurst) , (the daughter of 

Clara Bell (Ruble) Whitehurst, and William M, Whitehurst,) and 



Nellie L, (Ruble) Hegler, (the daughter of Sarah Catherin 
(Eubank) Ruble and Thomas Allen Ruble,) and George Hegler, born 
February 8, 1870, were united in marriage August 14, 1913. 

To this union no children were born, 

George passed away at Warren, Indiana, on February 14, 
1943. Nellie passed away . 


Effie M, (Ruble) Keith, (the daughter of Sarah Catherin 
(Eubank) Ruble and Thomas Allen Ruble,) and William E. Keith, 
born May 13, 1884, were united in marriage March 18, 1905, by the 
Reverend Lilly, at Marion, Indiana, 

To this union were born two children, 
Dorothy Ellen Keith, born October 29, 1906; 
Dale Henry Keith, born November 4, 1914. 

William E. Keith passed away March 23, 1969. He was struck 
by a Penn Central freight train at the Eleventh Street crossing 
on South Vi/ashington Street in Marion, Indiana, v;hile driving his 
car at 8:48 o'clock A.M., and died at 12:05 P.M. at Marion 
General Hospital. 

Effie passed away June 15, 1971, 



Dorothy Ellen (Keith) Palmer, (the daughter of Effie E, 
(Ruble) Keith and William Keith,) and Howard VJ, Palmer, born 
June 20, 1905, v/ere married September 10, 1929. 

To this union v/as born one child, 
James D, Palmer, born October 27, 1933. 

jai;es d. palmer 

James D. Palmer, (the son of Doroth^/ Ellen (Keith) Palmer 
and Howard W. Palmer, ) and Carole Betty ( ) 
Palmer, born August 2, 1939, v/ere married 

To this union v;ere born tv/o children. 
Julie Ann Palmer, born December 5, 1965; 
Jenny Lee Palmer, born February 13, 196B. 



Dale Henry Keith, (the son of Effie E. (Ruble) Keith, and 
William Keith,) and Maxine (Hite) Keith, born April 8, 191.5, 
were married May 6, 1934, 

To this union were born two children, 

William Troy Keith, born August 30, 1935; 

Bonnie Sue Keith, born February 21, 1939. 

Address as of May 19, 1973: 1430 Sylvan Drive, 
Marion, Indiana, 45952, 


William Troy Keith, (the son of Dale Henry and Maxine (Hite) 
Keith,) and Janice Louise (Watrous) Keith, born October 24, 1937, 
v/ere married July 5, 1958, 

To this union v/ere born four children, 

Kimberley Kay Keith, born November 25, 1959; 

William Todd Keith, born March 13, 1952; 

Brian David Keith, ) 

) born October 20, 1955. ^ 

Brenda Diana Keith, ) 


Bonieta Sue (Keith) Conrad, (the daughter of Dale Henry 
and Maxine (Hite) Keith,) and Jack Conrad, born October 14, 1940, 
were marrled_ , 

To this union were born tv;o children, 
Cynthia Sue (Christnan,) Conrad, born August 2, 1957; 

Cynthia v;as adopted by Conrad, 
Robin Conrad, born January 28, 1951; 

Gayle Marie Conrad, born April 5, 1962, 



Rosa R. (Ruble) Lucky, (the daughter of Sarah Catherin 
(Eubank) Ruble and Thomas Allen Ruble,) and Melvin Lucky, 
born March 23, 1882, were united in marriage October 22, 1910, 

To this union were born two children. 
Earl E. Lucky, born February 26, 1912; 
Glen E, Lucky, born August 15, 1915. 

Melvin passed away June 25, 1948, 

Rosa's second marriage was to Lloyd Stroup, who passed 
away August 13, 1965, at their farm home west of Warren, 

Rosa passed away at the Blackford County Hospital on 
December IS, 1970. 

Funeral services were conducted by the H, Brown & Son 
Funeral Home at Warren, Indiana, with the Reverend Leland Paul 
officiating; burial was in the Masonic Cemetery at Warren, 

Rosa lived to be 81 years, 8 months and 24 days of age. 



Earl E, Lucky (the son of Rosa R. (Ruble) Lucky and Melvin 
E, Lucky,) and Ruth (Haupthof) Lucky, born June 26, 1914, were 
married June 24, 1933. 

To this union were born four children, 
Richard E, Lucky, born May 5, 1934; 
Shirley Marie Lucky, born July 20, 1936; 
Larry Edward Lucky, born November 16, 1940; 
Jackie Lee Lucky, born August 28, 1945, 


Richard Eugene Lucky, (the son of Earl E. and Ruth I, 
(Haupthof) Lucky,) and Sue (Grandstoff) Lucky, born 
, were married September 14, 1957. 

To this union were born three children, 
Randall Eugene Lucky, born July 26, 1959; 
Ryan Deen Lucky, born March 20, 1962; 
Milisse Joan Lucky, born July 31, 195 , 

Present Address: Post Office Box 214, VJarren, 
Indiana, 46792, 



Shirley Marie (Lucky) Miller, (the daughter of Earl E. 
and Ruth I. (Haupthof) Lucky,) and Clifford Allen Miller, 
born , were married November 13, 1954, 

To this union, 

Larry Edward Lucky, (the son of Earl E, and Ruth I, 
(Haupthof) Lucky,) and Joyce (Herring) Lucky, born 

, were married May 20, 1961, 

To this union were born two children, 
Celinda Kay Lucky, born July 29, 1962; 
Bryan Eugene Lucky, born August 28, 1965, 

Jackie Lee ( ) Lucky, (the daughter of Earl 

E, and Ruth I, (Haupthof) Lucky,) and 



Glen E, Lucky, (the son of Rosa E. (Ruble) Lucky, and 
Melvin E. Lucky,) and Eva Marie (Losure) Lucky, born June 2, 
1919, v/ere married September 5, 1941. 

To this union were born two children, 
Raymond Edgar Lucky, born April 30, 1943; 
Judith Marie Lucky, born September 5, 1945. 

Address as of April 25, 1973: Van Buren, Indiana, 46991. 


Raymond Edgar Lucky, (the son of Glen E. and Eva Marie 
(Losure) Lucky and Anneta Kay (Bisher) Lucky, born September 
22, 1941 were united in marriage November 24, 1963, 

To this union were born two children. 

Bethany Raychel Lucky, born November 26, 1964; 

Robert Gail Lucky, born July 11, 1970. 

Address as of April 25, 1973: 173 Wilson Drive, 
Marion, Indiana, 46952. 


Judith Marie (Lucky) , (the daughter 

of Glen E. and Eva Marie (Losure) Lucky,) and 

Scot Lee Lucky, born September 15, 1968, 

Address as of ^pril 25, 1973: 3902 South Meredian Street, 
Marion, Indiana, 46952, 



Eliza Jane (Eubank) Ketner, (the daughter of Joseph and 
Rosana (Rohrer) Eubank,) and Joseph B, Ketner, born December 
13, 1852, were united in marriage July 13, 1873. 

To this union were born four children. 
William Henry Ketner, born February 1, 1876; 
Charles Elmer Ketner, born September 1, 1883; 
John Floyd Ketner, born July 1, 1893; 
Daisy Pearl Ketner, born July 19, 1895. 


Joseph B, Ketner was a blacksmith by trade, and at one time 
prior to moving to Michigan, they lived in Van Buren, Grant County, 
Indiana, and he owned and operated a shop, about a block or two 
north of the main street crossing there, and at the same time we 
lived on the main east and v/est street, a few city blocks west 
of the main street crossing. Our families were very closely 
associated. William Henry Ketner, "Bill we called him," was 
away from home, out west much of the time. Charles v;as a little 
older than I, but he and I spent much of our idle time together. 
Floyd was seven years younger than I, and Pearl five years younger, 
and of course, the difference in our ages kept us apart generally. 
My family missed them very much when they moved to Michigan, which 
was July 1, 1905, and I never saw Uncle Joseph again after that. 

They eventually moved to Battle Creek, Michigan, and lived 
there until Uncle Joe's death. 

He was buried in Rees Cemetery at Battle Creek. 

Eliza Jane (Eubank) Ketner, and Ida Rosana (Eubank) (Miller) 
(Shaffer, were sisters and both married brothers, Joseph B, and 
John Nelson Ketner, respectively, who by this time, had been dead 
many years. 

Aunt Jane lived with her sister, Ida for sometime previous 
to her death, and I remember on one occasion not long before she 
passed away, my wife, Ethel, and I, were visiting with Marcella 
and Jay Jones, and other relatives around Lake City, Michigan, 
and we called at Aunt Ida's home to see she and Aunt Jane, and 
when we entered the house. Aunt Jane was sitting on a chair near 
the door. I v/alked past her and when I turned to look at her, 
she exclaimed, "well, if it isn't Emmett." 



I was amazed at her aptness of mind and memory at her 
advanced age. She passed away April 13, 1950, in Lake 
City, Michigan, at the ripe old age of 95 years, 7 months, 
and 19 days^ the longest span of life of any one person 
recorded in this book, at the present time, January 1, 1974, 

She was laid to rest in the Lake City, Michigan cemetery, 


William Henry Ketner, (the son of Eliza Jane (Eubank) 
Ketner, and Joseph B. Ketner,) and Anna (Ritchie) Ketner, 
born April 18, 1897, were united in marriage June 21, 1914. 

To this union were born five children, 

Jane Beatrice Ketner, born April 15, 1916; 

Montie Lena Ketner ) 

) Twins, born November 10, 1918; 

Julia Ketner ) 

Margaret Ketner, born January 13, 1922; 

Montie Julia Ketner, born March 16, 1925, 

Montie Lena died April 21, 1919; 

Julia died May 1, 1919. 


Jane Beatrice (Ketner) Brown, (the daughter of William 
Henry and Anna (Ritchey) Ketner,) and Kenneth Brown, born 
July 20, 1910, were married January 13, 1935, 

To this union was born one child. 
Kenneth Wayne Brown, born January 28, 1944, at New Port, 

Arkansas . 

Address as of April 16, 1973: 3510 Scott Hamilton 
Drive, Little Rock, Arkansas, 72200. 



Kenneth Wayne Brown, (the son of Jane (Ketner) Brown, 
and Kenneth Brown,) and Betty Joe (Hapgood) Brown, born 
August 15, 1965, were married March 7, 1954, 

To this union v/as born one child. 
Kenneth Scott Brown, born April 5, 1965, 

Address as of January 1, 1974: 


Margaret Evelyn (Ketner) Sanders, (the daughter of William 
Henry and Anna (Ritchey) Ketner,) and William Orton Sanders, 
born February 26, 1911, at V/. Grove, Arkansas, were united in 
marriage February 12, 1951, 

To this union were born two children, 

William Orton Sanders, Jr,, born October 14, 1941; 

Bonnie Evelyn Sanders, born March 12, 1954, 

Address as of February 17, 1968: RFD# 1, Box 70, Adair, 
Oklahoma, 74330, 

Orton v/as a welder and v/orked in Tulsa, Oklahoma until 
about 1953, when they moved to their present home, a farm of 
fifty acres, on RFD# 1, Adair, Oklahoma, He continued to work 
at his trade in Tulsa until February of 1973, when he retired. 
They have the farm fenced, and raise horses and cattle, and 
Margaret says it sure is different than it was when he worked 

They are very happy with their home and family. 



William Orton Sanders, Jr., (the son of Margaret Evelyn 
(Ketner) Sanders and William Orton Sander, Sr.,) and Addie 
Mae (Merydith) Sanders, born April 24, 1955, in Illinois, 
were married July 22, 1972 in the First Baptist Church in 
Chelsea, Oklahoma. 

To this union a son was born at Craig General Hospital 
at Vinita, Oklahoma by the name of: 
William Cody Sanders, born December 19, 1973, 

Address as of January 1, 1974: 

Orton, Jr., graduated from the 12th grade in May of 1969. 
In February of 1970, he entered Oklahoma State Tech. School at 
Okmulgee, Oklahoma. In July of 1971 he arranged to leave Tech. 
School and enlisted in the Oklahoma National Guard, and was flown 
to Fort Ord, California for his training. He returned home from 
California on November 12, 1971 and began iron working with his 
father. He saved some money and reentered Oklahoma State Tech. 
and finished his schooling there. He was studyina to be a diesel 
and heavy equipment mechanic. 

He Graduated in May of 1972 and received his diploma. 

He v;ill finish his term in the National Guard July 11, 1977. 






J ! 




Bonnie Evelyn (Sanders) Odle, (the daughter of Margaret 
Evelyn (Ketner) Sanders, and V/illiam Orton Sanders,) and Charles 
Everett Odle, born February 21, 1952, were married June 17, 1972 
in Pleasant Hope Baptist Church, RFD# 1, Adair, Oklahoma, where 
she attended services by the Reverend J, R, Pendley, 

To this union a daughter was born, at the Grand Valley 
Hospital, at Pryor, Oklahoma, by the name of: 
Margaret Luann Odle, born April 26, 1973. 

Address as of January 1, 1974: 

Bonnie graduated from the 12th grade in May of 1972 - didn't 
want to go to college, so took a job with the Fabercut, Bed 
Spread and Drapery manufacturers. 

She got married in June of 1972 and continued working 
until November, 1972, when she retired to her duties as a 
housewife and mother. 



Montie Julia (Ketner) Goolsby, (the daughter of V/illiam 
Henry, and Anna (Ritchie) Ketner,) and Lester H, Goolsby, 
born August 10, 1902, at Gainsville, Missouri, v/ere married 
February 23, 1944. 

To this union were born eight children, 
Milton Edward Goolsby, born October 14, 1946; 
William Harrison Goolsby, born May 11, 1948; 
Hershell Lloyd Goolsby, born June 23, 1951; 
John Lester Goolsby, born May 15, 1953; 
Monte Joe Goolsby, born March 18, 195 6; 
Harver Goolsby, born June 10, 1953; 
Connie Ann Goolsby, born October 1, 1959; 
James Allen Goolsby, born June 13, 1963, 

James Allen passed away September 5, 1963, 

Montie and Lester's address as of pril 17, 1973: 
4524 North Iriguois, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74100, 



Charles Elmer Ketner, (the son of Eliza Jane (Eubank) 
Ketner, and Joseph B. Ketner,) and Clara (Deam) Ketner, born 
June 10, 1886, were married September 8, 1910, 

To this union was born one child, 
Thelma Ketner, born March 18, 1912. 

Thelma passed away November 26, 1912, 

Charles Elmer passed away November 26, 1917, at Chandler, 

Clara (Deam) Ketner married VJilliam Dakar, April 17, 


Their present address as of February 17, 1968 is: 
RFD# 1, Box 113, Interlochen, Michigan, 49643. 



John Floyd Ketner, (the son of Eliza Jane (Eubank) 
Ketner, and Joseph B, Ketner,) and Pauline (Shales) Ketner, 
born July 26, 1900, were united in marriage December 24, 1921. 

To this union were born four children, 
Hilda Ketner, born October 4, 1922; 
Edith Ketner, born August 14, 1924; 
Mary Ketner, born March 6, 1927; 
Frank Ketner, born June 14, 1935, 

Pauline passed away December 6, 1951 at their present 

Floyd's address as of February 1, 1973: RFD# 1, 2610 Omaha 
Street, Kings County, Corcoran, California, 93212, 


Floyd was in the Army in the first ^orld War, He trained 
in v/hat was then Camp Pike near Little Rock, Arkansas, where 
many of the Oklahoma boys were sent. He didn't get across to 

France, but, however, slept one night on November 10, 

on a big transport ship, tied up at a pier in Hoboken, N, J, 

The Armstice was signed the next day and they were taken off i 

the ship, I 

The Spanish flue epidemic held them up some in the camp, 
where for a time, around 25 boys died each day, Floyd just had 
a light touch of it right at the start, and didn't even report 
on sick call. He was selected for nurse duty day and night, , 
for 10 days, I 

Floyd spent much of his life on farms, two of which he 

owned. He was from July of 1925 until February of 1932, some 
over six years, with an automobile valve factory in Battle Creek, 

He says during his life time he lived in six different states 
and in three of them twice - has seen all four sides of the U,S, 
A., and travelled about considerably; served some time in the 
U, S, Infantry in World War One, and now drawn a pension, which 
he says is a big help in his declining years. 



Hilda (Ketner) Turner, (the daughter of John Floyd and 
Pauline (Shales) Ketner,) and Wayne Turner, born May 25, 1917, 
were married December 17, 1939 at Rector, Arkansas. 

To this union were born three children, 
Linda Turner, born December 29, 1940; 
James Turner, born March 12, 1943; 
Nina Turner, born July 14, 1945. 

Present address as of February 17, 1968: RFD# 1, 
Rector, Arkansas, 72461. 

Linda (Turner) Greenway, (the daughter of Hilda (Ketner) 

Turner and Wayne Turner,) and Webb Greenway, born 

, were united in marriage July 11, 1958. 

To this union were born four children. 
Sharon Greenway, born June 21, 1959; 
Sylvia Greenway, born F'^lay 27, 1961; 
Karen Greenway, born July 2, 1962; 
Janet Greenway, born September 16, 1963. 



James Turner, (the son of Hilda (Ketner) Turner and 
Wayne Turner,) and Jolene (Kennedy) Turner, born 
, were married September 1, 1963, 

To this union 


Nina (Turner) Dooley, the daughter of Hilda (Ketner) 

Turner and Wayne Turner,) and Garry Dooley, born 

, were married May 22, 1971. 

To this union 

Address as of May 1, 1974: RFD# 1, Rector, 
Arkansas 72461. 


Edith (Ketner) Vawter, (the daughter of John Floyd and 
Pauline (Shales) Ketner,) and Leon Vawter, born July 30, 1920, 
were united in marriage September 11, 1943 at Macon, Georgia. 

To this union were born four children. 

Katherine Vawter, born February 6, 1945; 

Richard Vawter, born April 9, 1946; 

Robert Vawter, born October 10, 1947; 

Jared Vawter, born January 7, 1959. 

Present address as of February 17, 196S: 425 West 
Williams, Santa Maria, California, 93454. 



Mary (Ketner) Cribbs, (the daughter of John Floyd and 
Pauline (Shales) Ketner,) and Daniel E, Cribbs, born November 
8, 1919, at Paragould, Arkansas, were married January 11, 1947, 

To this union were born three children, 
Stanley Cribbs, born September 29, 1947; 
David Cribbs, born October 4, 1948; 
Dana Elizabeth Cribbs, born September 26, 1951, 

Stanley and David were born at Hanford, California, 

Dana Elizabeth was born at Corcoran, California, 

Present address as of April 23, 1973: 1909 Dairy 
Avenue, P,0, Box 954, Corcoran, California, 93212, 


Frank Ketner, (the son of John Floyd and Pauline (Shales) 
Ketner,) and Louise (Hurlbut) Ketner, born July 2, 1934, at 
Mazie, Oklahoma, were married January 6, 1956 at Corcoran, 
Cal if ornia. 

To this union were born three children, 
Stephen Ketner, born April 25, 1957; 
Wanda Ketner, born November 21, 1959; 
Brender Ketner, born October 11, 1961, 

Frank's address as of February 17, 1968: 1902 
South Estes Avenue, Corcoran, California, 93212, 



Daisy Pearl (Ketner) Pearson, (the daughter of Eliza 
Jane (Eubank) Ketner and Joseph B. Ketner,) and James I 

Clarence Pearson, born July 16, 1889, were married October 
6, 1910 at Chandler, Oklahoma. ± 

To this union was born one child, 
Claud Eugene Pearson, born September 6, 1912. 

Pearl and James were divorced. 


Daisy Pearl (Ketner), (Pearson,) Macy, and John E, Macy, 
born November 13, 1881, were married July 14, 1915 at Chandler, 

To this union were born four children. 
Robert Floyd Macy, born October 14, 1918; 
Hazel Marie Macy, born October 23, 1920; 
Francis Elizabeth Macy, born December 16, 1921; 
Jack Wesley Macy, born May 3, 1924. 

John Macy died February 24, 1953 at Cherryvale, Kansas. 

On June 7, 1957, Pearl married John's brother, Joseph W. 
Macy, born June 18, 1386, whose wife had passed away June 30, 1956j| 

They continued to live in Joe's home at Cushing, Oklahoma. 

Joseph W, Macy passed away May 7, 1969. 

Daisy Pearl passed away February 4, 1972 and was buried at 
Cherryvale, Kansas, where she and John E. Macy lived for many 



Claud E, Pearson, (the son of Daisy Pearl (Ketner) 
Pearson, and James Clarence Pearson,) and Margaret T, 
(Bramble) Pearson, born May 13, 1918, were married December 
24, 1936. 

To this union was born one child, 
Karen R. Pearson, born February 25, 1938. 

Claud's present address as of January 1, 1974: 
1134 East Lomita, Orange, California, 92667. 


Karen R. (Pearson) Cubbons, (the daughter of Claud E, 
and Margaret T, (Bramble) Pearson,) and Jack L. Cubbons, 
born July 25, 1928, were married August 9, 1957. 

To this union were born two children, 
Sharon Ruth Cubbons, born February 28, 1960; 
Brenda Lee Cubbons, born June 14, 1962, 



Robert Floyd Macy, (the son of Daisy Pearl (Ketner) 
Macy, and John E, Macy,) and Marjorie (Greg) Macy, born 
June 9, 1927, were married September 19, 1953 at Independence, 

To this union were born two children, 
Gary Macy, born July 11, 1957; 
Teresa Macy, born February 10, 1960. 

Robert Floyd's address as of January 1, 1974: 418 
Butler, Cherryvale, Kansas, 57335. 


Hazel M, (Macy) Bogard, (the daughter of Daisy Pearl 
(Ketner) Macy, and John E. Macy,) and Vinson Bogard, born 
December 30, 1913, were married March 5, 1939. 

To this union were born four children, 
Richard Bogard, born September 16, 1940; 
Stephen Bogard, born October 18, 1942; 
Roger Bogard, born March 3, 1944; 
Suzan Bogard, born August 10, 1945. 

Hazel's address as of January 1, 1974: 220 Memory 
Lane, Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, 73075. 



Richard Bogard, (the son of Hazel M. (Macy) Bogard 
and Vinson Bogard,) and Avon (Herring,) Bogard, born 
, were married March 21, 1964, 

To this union 

Stephen Bogard, (the son of Hazel M. (Macy) Bogard, and 
Vinson Bogard,) and 


Roger Bogard, (the son of Hazel M. (Macy) Bogard, 
and Vinson Bogard,) and Carolyn (Sikes) Bogard, born 
, were married December 21, 1963, 

To this union was born one child, 
Aaron Lee Bogard, born December 1, 1966, 



Susan (Bogard) Laughlin, (the daughter of Hazel M, 
(Macy) Bogard, and Vinson Bogard,) and Burl Laughlin, 
born February 27, 1944, were married April 10, 1963. 

To this union was born one child. 
Bud Scott Laughlin, born January 15, 1966, 


Jack Macy, (the son of Daisy Pearl (Ketner) Macy, and 
John E. Macy,) and Elane (Bowan,) Macy, born January 17, 1927, 
were married March 17, 1946. 

To this union were born two children, 
Gail Marie Macy, born August 20, 1947; 
Karen Ann Macy, born November 24, 1955. 




John Franklin Eubank, (the son of Joseph and Rosana 
(Rohrer) Eubank,) and Lydia Jane (Ketner) Eubank, born 
December 19, 1862, were united in marriage June 8, 1879 at 
Marion, Indiana, 

To this union were born five children, 
Alva Eubank, born April 15, 1882; 
Lena M, Eubank, born April 16, 1886; 
Ralph Eubank, born January 29,1891; 
Pearl Daisy Eubank, born April 4, 1893; 
Marcel la Eubank, born November 8, 1904, 

Lydia Jane passed away November 26, 1936, at the age of 
73 years, 11 months and 7 days, 

John Franklin passed away December 2, 1944, at the age 
of 86 years, 1 month and 1 day. 

As I don't have a biology sketch of John Franklin Eubank's 
life, I will just write of him and his family from memory, which 
goes back to when Uncle John lived on a farm west, perhaps a 
couple of miles from Banquo, Indiana, 

This was in about 1900, and I shall hereafter refer to him 
as "Uncle," He was about 42 years young and I was a lad of about 
14 years. Along about that time he and my father did some car- 
pentry and masonry construction work together; sort of a 
partnership affair. It v/as about this time that Arthur Eubank, 
Uncle Aaron Eubank's son, left his father's home in Marion, 
Indiana on horseback bound for Colorado, He had stopped at 
Uncle Johns to say goodby to them, and when he left there he 
rode his horse along the side of the road to keep him off of 
the gravel. 

To us boys he was a cowboy, and the next day when we stopped 
there to call on them, we followed the horse's hoof prints for 
some distance westward along the road, and when I think of it 
now, I sometimes wonder just what was going through our minds at 
that time. 

Sometime later on Uncle moved to the Green farm, northeast 
of Lafountain, Indiana, and I remember that my brother, Everett 
and I, visited them there over a weekend. They were having 
Uncle John and Aunt Ida Ketner, and a cousin of ours, Delia 
(Eubank) Schofield and her husband, Joseph, and others there, 
and on Saturday we took a tent and camping equipment to the 
Missinewa River, and pitched the tent near a flowing well not 


far from the Conner's mill, and Uncle John Eubank, Uncle John 
Ketner, and Joe Schofield, and us boys, camped and fished that 
niqht and the next morning. 

Then, on Sunday, they served a big dinner and frozen ice 
cream and we had a real outing. 

Uncle eventually quit farming and purchased a general 
store at what was known as Troy City, just a few buildings, 
located in the oil field on State Road 218 about four miles east 
from State Road 9 and 37, in Huntington .County, Indiana, He 
operated this store, I think, until Marcella was born, which 
was in 1904, I was 17 years plus then, and I visited them 
there and went with Uncle in a tv/o horse wagon to Warren, Indiana, 
to pick up a shipment of groceries for the store. Not long after 
that, because of Aunt Lydia's health condition, they sold out and 
moved to Morey, Michigan, a little place north of Lake City, on 
State Road No, 66, where Uncle owned and operated a general store 
and cream testing station. 

In 1911 my brother, Charles and I purchased a three quarter 
section of timber land near Hoxeyville, about forty miles west of 
Uncle's store, and while there we went over to Cadillac and boarded 
a train on the G,R,&I, Branch Road to Lake City. We arrived about 
dark and called Uncle that we were there, and he sent Ralph in with 
horse and sleigh and picked us up. The snow was very deep and we 
drove most of the six or seven miles through the fields. Upon 
arrival we found that Ralph had just returned that evening with 
a buck deer, so we had venison to eat and a very nice visit with 
them and Ralph and Marcella, who were at home yet, Marcella being 
only seven years old. 

Uncle eventually sold the store and retired to a cottage at 
Missaukee Lake at the edge of Lake City, and in about 1934, when 
Ethel and I were operating the Porgage Grocery and Market at 
South Bend, Indiana, Ethel, Bob and I took a fishing trip to Bear 
Lake, Michigan - camped in the tent at Bear Lake there for a couple, 
of days; then drove east across country to Lake City, and camped 
in the Lake Missaukee Park near Uncle John's cottage for several 
days, and Uncle John and us had a lot of fun fishina and a v^onder- 
fui visit with them. At this time several of the Eubank relatives 
were living there, namely Aunt Jane Ketner and her son, VJilliam; 
Aunt Lib Mitchell; Aunt Ida (Ketner) (Miller) Shaffer, and Edith 
Moon, Lena, (Eubank) (Miller), Travis's dauqhter, Lena and Frank 
Travis had purchased property there and did move there later j ^^^ 
were there visiting at the time. In 1919 Uncle David Eubank came 
east on a visit, and he and Uncle John came to Marion, Indiana 
and visited us for a few days, and from that time on, as long as 
Aunt Lydia lived, we made periodical trips to Lake City to visit i 
them. Uncle's last visit with us was in about 1942 at our apart- 
ment house at 2507 Linden Avenue, South Bend, Indiana; early in 
the morning, I took him to Elkhart to catch the Big Four Train 
to go to his son, Alva's, at Lafountain, Indiana, He had remarked 
at the breakfast table that this would probably be his last trip 
to visit us, and as he spoke, the big tear drops rolled down over , 
his cheeks. He loved to live, and I think he got more pleasure 
out of life than anyone else I ever knew, 



Alva Eubank, (the son of John F, and Lydia (Ketner) 
Eubank,) and Belva (Bowman) Eubank, born November 11, 1884, 
were united in marriage November 25, 1903. 

To this anion were born two sons and one daughter. 
Glen Eubank, born November 4, 1904; 
Claud Eubank, born March 17, 1913; 
Opal Eubank, born October 15, 1919. 

Opal passed away August 3, 1922 on the Bois farm. 

After Alva and Belva were married, on November 25, 1903 he 
worked for Spauldings Grocery in Banquo, Indiana. His job was 
to equip and drive a Huxter wagon over several different routes 
that extended from the store in separate directions throughout 
the farming territory, a different route each day and on the same 
day each week. 

He carried a complete line of groceries, cured meats and 
other supplies, used by the farmers, and he would drive in close 
to the farmhouse and the housewife could select the things she 
needed. Pretty much like trading at the grocery store in those 
days. He purchased a home in Banquo and lived there until in 
the fall of 1914, when he and his brother-in-law, John Bowman, 
started a partnership grocery and meat market on Hamilton Boule- 
vard in Detroit, Michigan. After two years they sold out and 
Alva, with his family, Belva, Glen and Claud, moved to Morey, 
Michigan, where his father, John F. Eubank operated a grocery 
and cream testing station, and worked with him. After two years, 
in 1918, he moved his family back to Indiana to the Bois farm near 
Lafountain, and began a farming career. They stayed on this farm 
for about 22 or 23 years. In 1942 he quit farming and moved to 
Marion, Indiana, v/here they operated a food market on North Wash- 
ington Street, until about 1953, when he retired and went to Day- 
tona Beach, Florida, to live near where his youngest son, Claud 
lived at that time, 

Belva's health had begun to fail and in 1957 they returned 
to Gas City, Indiana, where their son. Glen, and family lived, 
and purchased a home at 231 South C. Street, 46933, in order to 
be near them. They still reside there as of this date, January 
12, 1974. 

Alva is now 91 years, 8 months and 27 days of age and; 

Belva is now 89 years, 2 months and 1 day of age. 

Alva is the oldest Eubank born with the name "Eubank," 
living as of the above date. He has been in the River View Manor, 
a convalescent home on North Washington Street, Marion, Indiana, 
for the past two years, 

Alva passed away March 14, 1974 and was laid to rest in their 
family plot in the LaFontaine, Indiana cemetery near his daughter. 
Opal, and his father and mother. 



Glen Eubank, (the son of Alva and Belva, (Bowman) Eubank) 
and Pauline (Sparks) Eubank, born February 15, 1906, were 
united in marriage September 2, 1923. 

To this union were born four children, all girls, 
Catherine Eubank, born February 10, 1925; 
Barbara Eubank, born January 18, 1927; 
Joan Eubank, born November 13, 1928; 
Marjorie Eubank, born October 29, 1930, 

Glen and Pauline spent 13 years of their early married life 
farming in Wabash County, Indiana, and during that time their 
four children were born. 

In 1937 Glen became employed by the Owens Illinois Glass 
Company, at their plant in Gas City, Indiana, and they moved 
their family there to be close to his work. He spent 32 years 
in their service and in 1969 he retired and was given a farev;ell 
party. There were many fine gifts by the company and his fellow 
workers, who joined in wishing him the best of luck throughout 
his retirement years. 

All of his employment time for the plant was spent in the 
corrugated department, in the capacity of printer operator. 

They have a nice home in Gas City where they have lived 

for several years. 

Present address as of January 1, 1974: 
944 Jones Road, Gas City, Indiana, 46933. 




Catherin (Eubank) Dalton, (the daughter of Glen and Pauline 
(Sparks) Eubank,) and Everett Dalton, born May 25, 1922, were 
married February 14, 1942, 

To this union were born two children, 
Paula Dalton, born November 18, 1943; 
Glen Dalton, born February 18, 1945. 

Address as of April 14, 1973: 2205 Jefferson, 
Logansport, Indiana, 46947, 


Paula (Dalton) Jones, (the daughter of Catherin (Eubank) 
Dalton and Everett Dalton,) and Melvin Jones, born May 28, 1943, 
were married August 31, 1952, 

To this union was born three children, 
Bradley Jones, born May 29, 1963; 

Barbara Jones, born , ; 

Billie K, Jones, born , , 

Address as of January 1, 1974: 1213 North Third, 
Logansport, Indiana, 46947, 


Glen Dalton, (the son of Catherin (Eubank) Dalton, and 
Everett Dalton,) and Selinda (Hawarth) Dalton, born November 
8, 1947, were married January 19, 1965, 

To this union 

Address as of January 1, 1974: 819 Sunset Drive, 
Logansport, Indiana, 46947, 



Barbara (Eubank) Dinius, (the daughter of Glen and 
Pauline (Sparks) Eubank,) and Virgil E. Dinius, born August 
28, 1926, v/ere married May 5, 1945. 

To this union was born one child. 

Brian Dinius, born May 30, 1958. 

Address as of January 1, 1974: 5825 East 45th Street, 
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46226. 

Vlill move May 15, 1974 to Carmel , Indiana, to their new 

home they are building there. 


Joan (Eubank) Ray, (the daughter of Glen and Pauline 

(Sparks) Eubank,) and Robert E. Ray, born October 27, 

were married October 7, 1927. 

To this union were born four children. 
Stephen Ray, born February 3, 1951; 
Carol Ray, born September 30, 1952; 
Michael Ray, born June 18, 1957; 
Chris Teena Ray, born December 3, 1965. 

Address as of April 14, 1973: 2547 Lancaster Drive, 
East Point, Georgia, 30944. 



Stephen Ray, (the son of Joan (Eubank) Ray and Robert E, 

Ray,) and ^';ary Lou (Sims) Ray, born , were 

married June 12, 1971. 

To this union was born one child, 
Stephen Robert Ray, born April 2, 1972. 

Address : 


Carol (Ray) Watson, (the dauahter of Joan (Eubank) Ray 

and Robert E. Ray,) and Robert Watson, born 

were married September 2, 1972, 

To this union 


Harjorie (Eubank) Calescott, (the daughter of Glen and 
Pauline (Sparks) Eubank,) and Jack Calescott, born October 28, 
1930, were married November 19, 1949. 

To this union were born four children. 

Linda Calescott, born June 13, 1950; 

Nancy Calescott, born August 22, 1952; 

Susan Calescott, born January 6, 1955; 

David Calescott, born August 16, 1957. 

Address as of January 1, 1974: 1724 Timberview Drive, 
Marion, Indiana, 46952. 


Nancy (Calescott) Heaton, (the daughter of Marjorie 

(Eubank) and Jack Calescott,) and Glen Heaton, born 

, were married August 25, 1973. 

To this union 



Claud Eubank, (the son of Alva and Belva (Bowman) 
Eubank,) and Mary G, (Fisher) Eubank, born April 13, 1917, 
were married June 10, 1936, 

To this union was born one child, 
Dorothea C, Eubank, born August 30, 1938, 

Claud and Mary (Fisher) Eubank were divorced. 

Last known address: (1974) - P,0, Box 682, DeLand, 
Florida, 32720, 


Dorothea C, (Fisher) Goodwin, (the daughter of Claude 
and Mary G, (Fisher) Eubank,) and Thomas Goodwin, born 
November 17, 1928, were married June 9, 1956. 

To this union were born four children, 
Brian Scott Goodwin, born January 18, 1957; 
Dixie Lynn Goodwin, born July 2, 1960; 
Tony Elaine Goodwin, born August 27, 1961; 
Holly Yvonne Goodwin, born December 7, 1963, 

Address : 



Lena May (Eubank) Miller, (the daughter of John F. 
and Lydia J, (Ketner) Eubank,) and Joseph W, Miller, born 
May 21, 1884, were married , 1903, 

To this union were born four children, 
Paul E, Miller, born Febeuary 5, 1905; 
Arthur J, Miller, born March 10, 1906; 
Edith M. Miller, born July 29, 1909; 
Earl E. Miller, born February 12, 1912, 

Joseph VJ, Miller passed away May 3, 1922, he and Lena 
having been separated for some time prior to his death, 

Lena M. Miller was remarried to Frank H, Travis on 
June 17, 1922, 

Frank H, Travis passed away May 11, 1953, 

Lena M, Travis passed away Tuesday P,M,, October 3, 1967, 
and was buried Saturday, October 7th at ten o'clock A,M,, 
in Reese Cemetery at Battle Creek, Michigan, 

Dinner was served at Roqer's Cafeteria and about thirty 
relatives returned there from the burial and were served very 

Paul E, Miller passed away June 18, 1923, at the age of 
18 years, 4 months and 12 days. 



Arthur J. Miller, (the son of Lena May (Eubank) 
Miller, and Joseph W, Miller,) and Marie (Medford) Miller, 
born September 30, 1910, were narried September 15, 1930. 

To this union was born one child, 
Paul Medford Miller, born June 24, 193 2. 

Arthur's present address as of February 20, 196B: 
1019 Hook Avenue, Pleasant Hill, California, 94523. 


Paul Medford liiller, (the son of Arthur J, and Marie 
(Medford) liiller,) and Aletha Fairy (Dumos,) Miller, born 
October 7, 1936, in San Francisco, California, were married 
June 29, 1957. 

To this union v/ere born two children. 

Timmie Dumas l-iller, born , ; 

Lisa Marie Miller, born , . 



Edith Marie (Miller) (Moon) Franklin, (the daughter of 
Lena M, (Eubank) Miller and Joseph W, Miller,) and Leon Emory 
Moon, born January 8, 1902, were married October 27, 1928, 

To this union were born two children. 
Robert Lee Moon, born July 15, 1931; 
Leon Thomas I^oon , born October 10, 1938. 

Leon Emory Moon, the father, passed away May 9, 1938. 

Edith Marie (Miller) Moon, and Robert M. Franklin, 

born October 6, 1908, were married February 21, 1959. 

Address as of May 10, 1973: Williamsburg, New r-lexico. 
Post Office Box 332, 87942. 


Robert Lee Moon, (the son of Edith M. (Miller) Moon, 
and Leon Emory Moon,) and Joan Elaine (Carey) Moon, born 
November 16, 1932, were married August 30, 1952. 

To this union v^/ere born five children. 

David Sands Moon, born October 23, 1954 

Martin Scott Moon, born July 10, 1956 

Mathew Moon, born March 6, 1959 

Daniel Moon, born October 1, 1963 

Sue Lee Moon, born November , 1960. 

Sue Lee was born in Hong Kong and was adopted by Robert 
Lee and Joan Elaine in June of 1962. 


Leon Thomas Moon, (the son of Edith M. (Miller) Moon 
and Leon Emory Moon,) and Ida Vera (Otto) Moon, born August 


_, were married August 

., 1959. 

To this union were born three children, 
Elizabeth Ann Moon, born May 27, 1960; 
Michael Thomas Moon, born November 8, 1961; 
Stephanie Kay ["loon, born April 12, 1965, 


Earl E, Miller, (the son of Lena M. (Eubank) Miller 
and Joseph W, Miller,) and Gertrude (Jones) Miller, born 
April 3, 1916, were married September 22, 1934, 

To this union no children were born. 

Earl's address as of February 17, 1968: RFD# 2, 
Box 462, Battle Creek, Michigan, 49017, 



Ralph Clinton Eubank, (the son of John F. and Lydia 
(Ketner) Eubank,) and Susie (Daily) Eubank, born February 
24, 1889, were married June 9, 1923. 

No children were born to this union, 

Ralph and Sue lived in Lansing, Michigan for many years 
and Ralph worked for the Olds Automobile Manufacturing Company, 
from which he had been retired, in about the year of 1953. At 
that time they lived at 315 Barns Avenue. They purchased a 
home at Daytona Beach, Florida shortly afterv/ards and moved 
there to live. 

My wife, Ethel and I visited them there in 1955, at their 
home across the river, and the last time we visited them at 
Daytona, they had purchased an apartment uptown, near U.S. Road 
No. 1, and built a new garage with an apartment on the second 
floor where they lived, separate from the apartment. Ralph had 
just had a cerebral stroke and was convalescing from the affects. 
I believe this was in May of 1964. Ralph's brother, Alva and 
his son, Claud, and their families, were still living there, in 
Daytona, and we visited them also, Ralph and Sue, because of 
his physical condition, shortly afterwards, moved back to their 
place on Barns Avenue, Lansing, Michigan, where they remained until 
Ralph passed away on September 10, 1964. 

Sue is at present (February 3, 1973,) approaching 84 years 
of age, and recently gave up caring for their home at 815 Barns 
Avenue, and moved to an apartment at 3031 South Washington Avenue, 
Apartment N. I., Lansing, Michigan, 48910. 



Daisy (Eubank), (Arnold,) Daugherty, (the daughter of 
John F, and Lydia J, (Ketner) Eubank,) and Homer D. Arnold, 
born December 15, 1888, vjere united in marriage April 10, 1910. 

To this union v/ere born four children, 
Harold Edwin Arnold, born July 22, 1911; 
Dorothy Pearl Arnold, born June 17, 1914; 
Russel Clifford Arnold, born December 28, 1915; 
Margaret Alberta Arnold, born May 12, 1917. passed av;ay June 8, 1954 with internment in the 
Lake City Cemetery, Lake City, Michigan, 

Daisy married V/illiam Daugherty on August 28, 1955, 
who was born , . 

William passed away » • 





Harold E. Arnold, (the son of Daisy (Eubank) Arnold and 
Homer D. Arnold,) and Myrtle Bell (Ingersoll) Arnold, born 
October 15, 1912, both born in Missaukee County, Michigan, were 
married at Cadillac, Michigan, November 25, 1931. 

To this union were born three children, 
Marilyn Rae Arnold, born March 14, 1933; 
Lee Duane Arnold, born May 31, 1934; 
Alen Wayne Arnold, born May 30, 1935. 

Address as of May 21, 1973: 2483 East Clark Road, 
Lansing, Michigan, 48906. 

Duane's address: P.O. Box 5, Bath, Michigan, 48808, 
(not married), 


Marilyn Rae (Arnold) Faught, (the daughter of Harold E, 
and Myrtle B. (Ingersoll) Arnold,) and Earl W. Faught, born 
May 12, 1930, were married April 14, 1951, at Cadillac, Michigan. 

To this union were born four children, 

Mark Allen Faught, born April 10, 1955; 

Debra Lea Faught, born April 25, 1958; 

William Earl Faught, born August 4, 1961; 

David Bruce Faught, born June 8, 1953, 

Address as of May 21, 1973: 703 Park Lane Drive, 
Champaign, Illinois, 61820, 



Allen Wayne Arnold, (the son of Harold E, and Myrtle B, 
(Ingersoll) Arnold,) and Janet Kay (Hall) Arnold, born 
November 11, 1937, were married November 10, 1957, 

To this union v/ere born three children, 

Cathy Jo Arnold, born July 11, 195R; 

David Allen Arnold, born June 2, 1960; 

Donald Lee Arnold, born December 2, 1962, 

Address as of May 21, 1973: 5233 Columbia Drive, 
Haslett, Michigan, 48804. 


Dorothy -Pearl (Arnold) Reeder, (the daughter of Daisy 
(Eubank) Arnold and Homer D, Arnold,) and Rollin William 
Reeder, born March 15, 1912, were married June 17, 1933, 

To this union were born three children, 
Wilbert Arnold Reeder, born September 8, 1935; 
Rollin Kenneth Reeder, born April 11, 1937; 
Larry Lee Reeder, born November 27, 1938, 

Address as of April 14, 1973: 3381 Halett Road, 
Mason, Michigan, 48854, 


Wilbert Arnold Reeder, (the son of Dorothy Pearl 
(Arnold) Reeder, and Rollin V/illiam Reeder,) and Jacqualine 
(Paty) Reeder, born April 12, 1939, were married 

To this union v;ere born two children. 

Susan Reeder, born February 7, 1960; 

Wilbert Don Reeder, born July 15, 1963. 

Address as of April 14, 1973: 

2346 East Jolly Road, Okemos, Michigan, 48864. 

Rollin Kenneth Reeder, (the son of Dorothy Pearl 

(Arnold) Reeder and Rollin W, Reeder,) and Patricia 

(Blauqh) Reeder, born August 25, 1940, were married July 

2, 1960. 

To this union were born three children. 

Sherri Ann Reeder, born December 20, 1960; 

Joanna Lynn Reeder, born Hay 7, 1963; 

Kenda Diane Reeder, born March 6, 1966. 

Address as of April 13, 1973: 3832 South Okemos 
Road, Okemos, Michigan, 4SS64, 



Larry Lee Reeder, (the son of Dorothy Pearl (Arnold) 
Reeder, and Rollin W, Reeder,) and Joan (Pierman) Reeder, 
born April 13, 1948, were married November 23, 1968, 

To this union 

Address as of April 14, 1973: Box 564, Galesburg, 
Michigan, 49053. 


Russel Clifford Arnold, (the son of Daisy (Eubank) 
Arnold and Homer Arnold,) and Blanch Erma (He Kinley) 
Arnold, born January 9, 1921, v/ere married June 14, 1941, 
at Cadillac, Michigan. 

To this union were born two children, 

Janice Kay Arnold, born April 25, 1945; 

Susan Jane Arnold, born November 26, 1952, 

Address as of April 14, 1973: 1250 Adams Street, 
Owosso, Michigan, 48867, 



Janice Kay (Arnold) Dykema, (the daughter of Russel 
Clifford and Blanch Erma (Mc Kinley, ) Arnold,) and Gary 
F^arvin Dykema, born July 13, 1945, were married January 30, 

To this union v;ere born tv/o children, 
Pamela Sue Dykema, born January 6, 19G7; 
David Brian Dykema, born July 11, 1968. 

Address : 


Susan Jane (Arnold) Anderson, (the dauqhter of Russel 
Clifford and Blanch Erma (r-1c Kinley) Arnold,) and David 

Carl Anderson, born , v/ere united in 

marriage July 21, 1973. 

To this union 



Margaret (Arnold) Miller, (the daughter of Daisy (Eubank) 
Arnold, and Homer Dallas Arnold,) and Wilford Getter Miller, 
born March 30, 1914, were married January 16, 1937, at Lagrange, 

To this union were born three children, 

Roger Eugene Miller, born September 21, 193 7; 

Bruce Arnold Miller, born December 7, 1938; 

Carol Ann Miller, born July 14, 1941, 

Present Address as of February 10, 1969: RFD# 2, 
Box 5, Fremont, Michigan, 49412, 




Roger Eugene Miller, (the son of Margaret (Arnold) 
Miller, and VJilfred Getter Miller,) and Wanda Joyce (Harper) 
Miller, born June 18, 1940, at St, Petersburg, Florida, were 
married at Sonoma, California November 29, 1951, 

To this union were born two children, 
Gregory Miller, born August 18, 1960; 
Jeffory Miller, born June 8, 1964, 

Address as of May 1, 1974: 498 West Paisley, Hemet, 
California, 92343, 


Bruce Arnold Miller, (the son of Margaret (Arnold) 

Miller and Wilfred Getter Miller,) and Patricia (Goode) Miller, 

born January 17, 1941, at White Cloud, Michigan, v;ere married at 

White Cloud, January 10, 1951, 

To this union were born two children. 

Michelle Ray Miller, born February 18, 1962; 

Mark Louis Miller, born May 19, 1965. 

Address as of May 1, 1974: 4985 Biddeford Drive, 
N. W., Comstock Park, Michigan, 49321. 


Carol Ann (Miller) Reber, (the daughter of Margaret 
(Arnold) Miller and Wilfred Getter Miller,) and John Lantzer 
Reber, born April 10, 1943, at Fremont, Michigan, were married 
at Charlotte, Michigan, January 23, 1961. 

To this union were born three children. 
Kari Lee Reber, born August 1, 1961; 
Kelli Dee Reber, born April 7, 1962; 
Kimberle Ann Reber, born August 21, 1954. 

Kimberli Ann was born in Visinga, Italy, while John 

Lantzer Reber was in the U.S. Army service. 

Address as of May 1, 1974: 901 Westview, Derby, 
Kansas, 57037. 



Marcella (Eubank) Jones, (the daughter of John F, and 
Lydia J. (Ketner) Eubank,) and Jay Jones, born August 9, "1894, 
were married February 12, 1923. 

To this union was born one child. 
James Jones, born August 17, 1926, 

Jay passed away Wednesday, June 19, 1968 at their country 
home north of Lake City, Michigan, 

Services were held at Youngs Parlors, and internment was 

in the Lake City Cemetery, 

Present address as of December 25, 1974: RFD# 2, 
Lake City, Michigan, 49651, 

This recording reproduced by the writer from an editorial ■" 

published by the Lake City, Michigan newspaper. The Waterfront, 
on October 23, 1974, 


Marcella Jones was two years old when her family came from 
Wabash County, Indiana in 1906, John and Lydia Eubank chartered 
a railroad boxcar where they lived in LaFountain, Indiana, and 
loaded one end with their household goods, and the other with 
their team of horses and impliments. The car was then shipped 
to Manton, Michigan, where John moved the contents to the Morey 
Store about six miles north of Lake City, on what is now State 
Road 66. 

This was a general store which also housed the local post 
office, cream and pickle stations, Marcella's brother, Alva 
and her brother-in-law. Homer Arnold, ran the creamery and 
pickle departments. When Marcella was 14 years old she also 
helped in the business and did the paper work. for the company. 
Life was hard for the Eubank *s at the store and Marcella learned 
young how to work. She recalled, in 1971: I would take the 
team and stone boat, and pick up camp # 4's laundry from the 
train and take it to Mrs. Stewarts. She would wash it and I 
would take it back to the train, to go to camp. 

I got $2.00 for this and thought it was a gold mine. The 
logging train ran past the Morey Store on its way to Jennings. 
My daddy and I would get on the caboose and deliver cases of 
eggs to town. I was what they termed a tomboy, herding cows 
to pasture and chopping wood to burn. We made it the hard way. 




She also chauffeured for her father, who never drove a car, 
delivering supplies to the lumber camps. John also hauled freiqht 
with horse conveyances, the six miles to Lake City. fiarcella 
"stressed" things were hard, but we v/ere a loving family. Dad 
lost money in the store. Good natured, he couldn't say "no," 
when people needed credit, but he still had to pay for his 
supplies, however, we had a lot of fun, f^iother was quiet, and 
I guess I take after dad who had the gift to gab, 

Marcella still flushes with the happiness she knew when she 
met Jay Jones at 16, She said he caught up v/ith me. Jay walked 
eight miles to see me; didn't have a car or a buggy. He was from 
Luther; spent four years in the U, S, Service, VJhen the couple 
decided to get married, Marcel la's parents told her she would have 
to work and earn her own clothes, so she went to Grand Rapids, 
where she worked in a cigar factory, and a dime store. She 
remembered, "I made $12, a week and paid $4. for board, room and 
washing to r-lrs. Minnie Smith. 

Jay had been working at Boyne City in a foundry. On February 
12, 1923 he and Marcella were married. 

They stayed in Grand Rapids until April when they came back 
to Lake City, due to the illness of Jay's father, who was farming. 
Marcella asked, "can you imagine a bride moving into a two room 
bachelor's quarters. He was a dear old man though and we got 
along so good. 

Jay and Marcella were happy and had a good life, even though 
times were hard. 

She said we milked cows and raised beans. Cream was .12(£ a 
pound and eggs .10(t a dozen. I used to walk a couple of miles 
after the cows. Nights we went horseback riding. I used to start 
after the cows about four o'clock and had to hunt them and get them 
back in time to fix supper. 

Marcella and Jay had one child, a son, James, in 1926, who 
married the former Wanda Everett, also of Lake City. 

James had three children, a son who is a school teacher, a 
daughter who works at Dow Chemical in Midland, and a son still 
in high school. 

Marcella lost Jay five years ago. She said he was a wonderful 
husband, and she missed his companionship very much as we got along 
so well together. 

Today life is still rough for Marcella, who has a hard time 
making ends meet on $200. a month, even though she has built up 
her social security by doing housework. She hauls slab wood from 
the sawmill with her 1940 Ford tractor and small trailer. After 
unloading it, she bucks it up with a sweede saw to use in her 
combination wood and gas stove, to save fuel. 

She also uses the tractor to disk her garden, where she 
raises and cans much of her food; runs a roto tiller and lawn 
and raises rabbits and chickens. 

Selling avon cosmetics and keeping deer hunters in season 
are also ways Marcella adds to her income. 

She has a 1967 Ford car she drives to Midland once a month 
to see her family, and expects to drive it another ten years. 

Marcella's sister, Daisy, past "1, is still living and she 
has her son and family and many nieces, nephews and cousins. 


She enjoys visiting. 

Even though Marcella's life hasn't been on easy street, 
she still bubbles over with her love of life and oeople. She 
remarked "life" is doing for others, going places and mingling 
with people. The kids are good to me, and I've always said it 
pays to be nice to everybody - you get it in return. 

Probably the oldest settler in the Morey area, Marcella will 
be 70 years old on November 8, 1974, which makes her even more of 
an amazing woman. 

The Water Front is also proud that Marcella Jones has been 
a correspondent for ten years, faithfully reporting her neighbor- 
hood news. She also belongs to the Senior Citizens Club, two 
ladies aids, and the Auxiliary of the American Legion. 



I am also proud to have the opportunity to record the fore- 
going editorial, and having enjoyed many visits with Marcella and 
Jay over the past several years, I am including the following 
hunting experience. 

As previously arranged, during the open season of 1949, I 
drove from the farm here near where we now live, to Jay and 
Marcella Jone's farm home, eight miles north of Lake City on 
State Road 66, and where Marcella still lives at this time, and 
hunted the illusive white tail, in company with Jay, Ralph Eubankj 
Marcella's brother and her son, James, 

I stayed a week - had a private double bed to sleep in and 
had good food prepared by Marcella herself. 

The four of us rode with Ralph in his Olds Sedan and we 
hunted pretty much together, 

James got a spike the first day - over in the hills, east 
of where they lived, and one day James ran into a black bear 
as he topped one of the hills east of the big swamp, I was over 
on the next ridge north and could see the bear, but wasn't close 
enough to get a shot. There was about four inches of snow on 
the ground, and looking from one knob over to another snow covered 
knob, even if it was quite a distance, it wasn't hard to see what 
was going on. 

As James approached the top of the ridgej which slanted down- 
ward very quickly to the east and away from him, a black bear 
that was quite large, came up the slope toward him. As soon as 
the bear topped the ridge, James stopped, but the bear not seeing 
James, kept on moving toward him at a very fast pace, James 
brought the 30/30 carbine to bear on the animal's chest at a 
range of less than a hundred feet and fired. The bullet struck 
the bear in the left shoulder, but failed to penetrate a vital 
spot, and he increased his speed and ran almost into a second 
hunter, and both were surprised by the other's sudden appearance, 
I don't know if the second hunter shot at the bear, but he told 
me he was so scared that he couldn't think what to do, and appar- 
ently the bear was scared even worse, and in avoiding the hunter, 
he ran into a large rather decayed stump that was as large as he 
and knocked about half of it out of the ground, 


I picked up the tracks at this point, and followed them down to 
a small swamp, I had a rule with me and I measured the length 
of his jumps, and until he entered the swamp they would have 
averaged about 19 feet each, 

I picked up three of the boys at the little swamp, and we 
followed the tracks across the small swamp to the big swamp. 
Night was nearing - I had a whistle with me, so I stayed at 
the edge of the swamp and blew the whistle occasionally to guide 
them out in the event they became lost, 

Ralph Eubank, who had considerable experience hunting bear, 
and James Jones, the one that shot the bear in the shoulder and 
his father. Jay, followed the tracks into the swamp. They tracked 
him to a small stream where he had bathed his wound and the snow 
and ice there was red with blood. His track then led into the 
more dense part of the swamp, and they came to a spot where they 
could no longer walk upright, so they stooped down and looked 
under the brush, but saw nithing but what they thought was a big 
black stump. 

By this time it was getting quite dark, so they decided to 
give up the hunt until morning, when they could see and would 
return and proceed with the tracking. 

About that time they heard a noise in the brush, and they 
took another look, and the black stump was gone. They came 
out of the swamp and we went home, and that night it came a 
big v;et snow that hung on the bushes, so we had to give up the 
chase, Ralph said that he might have known that there weren't 
any black stumps of that dimension in that swamp and things 
could have been different. The hunter that was behind James, 
and had the experience with the bear, and another hunter, a friend 
of his, were staying where I did and were hunting with us that day, 
and they were from Lansing, Michigan, 

Marcella is my first cousin, and while I didn't get my buck, 
I did have a nice visit with them and "enjoy every minute of ray" 
time, just having the opportunity of being there with them, 


James Jones (the son of Jay and Marcella Jones,) and Wanda 

Jean (Everett) Jones, born , were married 

To this union were born three children, 

Terry Everett Jones, born September 24, 1950; 

Nancy Ellen Jones, born April 28, 1953; 

Randy Jay Jones, born April 23, 1958, 

Present address as of December 27, 1974: 4591 
Flajola Road, Midland, Michigan, 



Mary Etta (Eubank) Keith, (the daughter of Joseph and 
Rosana (Rohrer) Eubank,) and Simon Alexander Keith, born 
March 30, 1862, were married December 31, 1883. 

No children were born to this union, 

Mary Etta, known as Aunt Mollie, passed away January 10, 
1918, at Marion, Indiana, during a week of 20 to 25 degrees of 
below zero weather, and more than a foot of ice and snow covered 
the ground. 

Her body was placed in a cript in the Odd Fellows Cemetery, 
at Marion, until a grave could be excavated to place it in. 

On November 7, 1918, Simon Alexander Keith, known as Uncle 
Alex, adopted Albert V. Keith, born May 22, 1911, whom they had 
cared for, for a few years. 

On May 26, 1919, Simon Alexander Keith married Margaret L, 
Cunningham, who was born March 27, 1379, 

They were married by the Rev, A. Stanley at Marion, Indiana, 

Mary Etta passed away at the age of 57 years, 3 months, 
and 2 days. 



Elizabeth Ann (Eubank) Mitchell, (the daughter of Joseph 
and Rosana (Rohrer) Eubank,) and Elem Perviance Mitchell, born 
April 12, 1859, were married November IS, 1882. 

To this union v/ere born two children, 
Nellie Maud Mitchell, born August 12, 1883; 
Harry Verlin Mitchell, born January 11, 1885, 

Nellie Maud passed away November 27, 1885 and was buried 
in Good Cemetery at Warren, Indiana, 

Her tombstone shows that she was born August 15th in place 
of the 12th, as recorded above, 

Elem Perviance Mitchell passed av/ay July 15, 1934, at the 
age of 75 years, 2 months and 3 days, 

Elizabeth Ann Mitchell, known as Aunt Lib, passed av/ay 
March 19, 1942, age 79 years, 5 months and 7 days. 

She and Elem are buried in Reese Cemetery, at Battle 
Creek, Michigan, 

Elem P, Mitchell was a school teacher, a carpenter and a 
farmer. He taught school near Warren, Indiana, and in Jasper 
County, Indiana, They moved to Tennessee in about the year of 
1889, and he taught school there also, about 9 years altogether. 
In Banner Springs he had a newspaper, The Banner Star, They 
lived in Morgan and Fentress Counties, in Tennessee; they moved 
to Indiana in 18S3, (VJorld Fair time in Chicago,) and moved to a 
farm near Marion, Indiana, in about 1906; later moved to North 
Dakota and purchased a farm there when the ground was covered 
with snow. Later found the land to be gravelly, and let it go 



They moved farther south, and took a claim, and proved 
it, after which they moved from the farm to Tappen, North 
Dakota - worked some in Bismark, North Dakota; then in 1925, 
they left there and went to Danville, Illinois, where their 
son, Harry and family lived, and spent the winter; then in 
the spring, they went to Battle Creek, Michigan and purchased 
a small farm west of Battle Creek, near the Frank Travis farm, 
where they raised rabbits and did gardening, Mrs, Mitchell 
worked in Battle Creek, in a dressmaking shop for a while; 
Elem became unable to work, and they gave up the farm and 
went to Battle Creek to live. He was placed in the county 
hospital for care and treatment, where he passed away on July 
15, 1934, 

Later on Elizabeth went to Lake City, Michigan, where she 
made her home with her sister, Eliza Jame Ketner and her son, 
William Ketner, at beautiful Missaukee Lake, A few years 
later Elizabeth became ill, and her son, Harry Verlin, went up 
to see her and took her to the hospital at Cadillac, Michigan, 
where the doctor found her to be afflicted with cancer of the 

Harry took her back to Lake City and placed her in a 
nursing home and she had to be fed intravenously with glucose, 

Harry was obliged to return home, so he kissed his mother 
goodby and left for Danville, Illinois, after which Harry's wife, 
I^^arie left Danville to go to Lake City, to be with his mother, 
but soon after she left, a long distance call came from someone 
saying that his mother was sinking fast. 


Reuben Eubank met Marie at Cadillac and took her to 
Lake City, to the convalescent home, but Elizabeth was in 
a coma, and passed away in about an hour after Marie arrived 

Harry then returned for the funeral, and after the 
service was over at Lake City, the cortege started for Battle 
Creek, where the burial was to take place in the Reese Cemetery, 
alongside of her husband, Elem Perviance Mitchell. 

The cortege stopped a short ways south of Cadillac for 
lunch. It was a bitter cold day and a blizzard was in full 
force, and the funeral director questioned if or not they 
should turn back, however, they did decide to take another road 
away from the main storm, and finally found a direct road south 
to Battle Creek that was passable, and finally arrived at the 
cemetery some hours late and found a number of relatives bundled 
up in their cars and in the tent, awaiting their arrival. Among 
whom were Oren Emmett Eubank and his wife, Ethel, and Lessel 
Addison Eubank, and his wife, Bessie, who had driven up from 
South Bend, Indiana, 



Harry Verlin Mitchell, (the son of Elizabeth Ann (Eubank) 
Mitchell and Elem P. Mitchell,) born January 11, 1385, at 
Warren, Huntington County, Indiana, and Marie Angela (Lohr) 
Mitchell, born April 16, 1889, were married in Edgley, Lamour 
County, North Dakota, on February 15, 1916. 

To this union were born two daughters. 

Elizabeth Maloa Mitchell, born March 29, 1918; 

Margaret Marie Mitchell, born May 28, 1923. 

Harry and Marie's address as of January 1, 1969: 
814 Comfort Avenue, Lansing, Michigan, 48910. 

Harry passed away December 24, 1969, at the above address, 
at the age of 84 years, 11 months and 13 days. 


I went a short time to high school and dropped out. 
Went to Indiana Business College at Marion, Indiana, two 
winters, and took shorthand and typewriting. 

Worked a short while on books in a lumber yard and in my 
Uncle John Ketner*s planning mill. 

In 1906 I went to Chicago and worked in Western Electric 
Plant on assembling telephone equipment. Took review course in 
shorthand at the Gregg School in Chicago, at night. . 

Got job as stenographer n an office at Woodstock, Illinois. 

Then came the business slump of 1907, and my boss closed 
his office and left for Oregon, where he had a fruit farm. 


I returned to Chicago and got a job with a boxboard sales 
office and worked till the summer of 1908, when I quit and went 
I home to North Dakota to spend a summer there. 

Since I was at home with my parents and they were invited 
to the wedding of a daughter of our good neighbor, the John J. 
Lohrs , I was invited too, to the wedding of r-lrs, Beulah Lohr, 
to Mr. Claud R, Rowley. There I met the sister of Beulah, f-iiss 
M, Marie Lohr, 

Later I returned to Chicago - got my old job back and 
worked until the next spring, I then quit and went to Indiana 
to work with my cousin Ellis Ruble at Warren, Indiana, This 
was in March of 1908, 

We did concrete and carpenter work through the next 

winter, which at times was below zero; also did some ice 


Ellis used to take large log and frame barns, with siding 

and roof pretty well gone, to repair, by putting in a concrete 

foundation, and if barn frame was to be moved to another location, 

would put rollers under the frame and move it over onto the new 

The second winter we talked about going to Oklahoma or to 
Florida, to work in concrete where it wasn't freezing cold, but 
time came and Ellis decided not to go, but I had a little extra 
money and started out for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 

On the way I got acquainted with a young fellow 


who was going to the same place and we roomed together a while 
after we got there. 

I didn't find a job there so I went to Chandler, Oklahoma 
to see Uncle Joe Ketner's family. While there, I got a letter 
from the brother of a friend in Muscogee, who thought he had a 
job in the bank for me, but didn't get the job (when they found 
I was from out of town.) I went to work bookkeeping for a 
piano store. Another fellow got the job as he could play the 



I went into a lumber yard and saw they were rebuilding | 
their sheds - man in office said their yard man was busy 
supervising the work and they needed someone for the office, 

so I worked there for about two weeks until they got the . 


sheds done. j 


They had 29 line lumber yards. 

I then went to the typewriter repair office and asked 
them if they knew of any jobs open. They said they had just 
fixed a typewriter for a party of engineers, so I went to see 
them. I started working for them, typing up rough copy and J 
making tracings for their building and electrical inspector. 

One engineer got scarlet fever and they took him to the 
pest house. The chief engineer in the N, Y. office said I i 
could go with a party assigned to Shreveport, La., and Little 
Rock, Arkansas, and after that project was finished, they went 
back east for vacation and new assignments. These engineers were 








from the National Board of Fire Underwriters of New York 
City. I wanted to look into something up at Coffeville, 
Kansas, so I went up there and then later back to Indiana and 
worked for Ellis again, about two weeks. Then, I got a letter 
from the chief of the party of engineers saying if I wanted to 
come with them again to meet them in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 
which I did on July 11, 1911, 

Altogether I was with them on the inspection of 57 cities, 
and typed up all the rough copy and final copy, to be sent in 
to the New York office for printing, 

I went in to the New York office to make the maps for the 
reports and was there about a year. 

It was about this time that Marie Lohr and I were married, 
which took place on February 15, 1916, at the home of Mrs, C. R, 
Rowley, Marie's sister at Edgely, North Dakota, Then went to 
Newark, New Jersey, and worked for State Rating Bureau about a 
year and a half; then back to New York to work for an insurance 
broker a few months, 

I then went to work for the National Automobile Insurance 
Underwriters Conference and was with them about five years, when 
we moved west to Danville, Illinois to work for an insurance 
printing firm, 

I was there 19 years, about a year of which I was acting 

During World War Two, Betty (that is Elizabeth) came to 
Michigan to visit a cousin at Lake City, and stopped at Lansing 
on her way home and got a job with the Home Defense outfit and 
stayed on there, 


Margaret was just graduating from high school in 
Danville and took a Civil Service exam and passed it. 
They wanted her to take a job there, but she decided to go 
to Lansing to be with Betty. 

About that time we said to ourselves, "we might as 
well go to Lansing too," and so we did, 

Marie went on ahead of me, and I arrived in Lansing in 
May of 1943, I helped to unload some freight and aot back 
trouble, and didn't get to go to work until about August 3rd, 
when I took a job with the Abrams Instrument Corporation - was 
with them twenty months until they got their war contracts done 
and then I was laid off, I then went to night school that the 
Government was sponsoring, and took a course on drafting, I ^ 
met a man from lands department and he took me down to personnel, 
and they got me a job with engineering and architect section, 
conservation department, doing drafting work of bridges over 
small streams, I worked with them about 12 years and retired 
on January 19, 1957. 

A Mr. Albert Sargent was with us as architect and retired 
before I did. I worked for him about two years drawing house 
plans. He was our very best friend. He went to the hospital 
January 12th - had two operations and passed away February 9, 

It was a rather long road that brought us to the wonderful 
State of iiichigan. 




Elizabeth I'-^aloa (Mitchell) Ramsey, (the daughter of 
Harry Verlin and Marie Maloa (Lohr) Mitchell, born March 29, 
191S, in Brooklin, King County, New York and Edwin Everett 
Ramsey, born October 15, 1910, were married May 18, 1945, at 
Lansing, Michigan, 

To this union were born three daughters. 
Sharon Elizabeth Ramsey, born April 29, 1948; 
Joyce Lynn Ramsey, born August 13, 1951; 
Phyllis Eileen Ramsey, February 7, 1956, 

Elizabeth and Edwin's address as of January 1, 1969, 911 
Pendelton Drive, Lansing, Michigan, 43917, 


After graduating from high school in Danville, Illinois 
in 1935, I clerked in Ward's and Sear's stores, I went to 
Olivet College, Olivet, Illinois for a year and a half - decided 
to spend my vacation in Lake City, Michigan, visiting a relative 
and on the way home stopped at Lansing, F'lichigan, to see another 
cousin, and while there I got a position with Civil Defense 

(World War II,) and stayed on there. 

My sister, Margaret later joined me in Lansing, Then, in 
April and May of 1943 my parents came to live in Lansing, 
Margaret first worked for a coal company office and then later 
got a position as secretary to Mr, William Roberts, Superintendent 


of inspection of Oldsmobile Forge Plant on the west side in 
Lansing, A Mr. Edwin Ramsey was also working in the same 
office, so Margaret invited him home to dinner one evening 
and that is where we first met. 

I later worked in the same office with Margaret and Ed, 
and then Ed and I were transferred to the main Oldsmobile 
plant on the south side. Next year Ed will have been with 
Olds 25 years. He has a position in the material control 

Ed and I were married at my parent's home at 802 V/, 
Shiawasse Street, Lansing. 

We lived at several locations - then purchased a home at 
911 Pendelton Drive, (Edgemont) Lansing, Michigan, where we 
have lived 12 years. 

Our oldest daughter, Sharon Elizabeth, has just graduated 
from Waverly High School, and will attend the University of 
Michigan, Ann Arbor, this fall to begin a two year course in 
dental hygienics. 

She has two scholarships from the college. 

Joyce Lynn will be in senior high school in the fall, 

Phyllis Eileen will be in the 5th grade at V/averly 
Grade School, in Edgemont in the fall. 


Elizabeth Maloa (Mitchell) Ramsey, July 4, 1966. 



Margaret Marie (Mitchell) Cunningham, (the daughter of 
Harry V. and Marie M. (Lohr) Mitchell,) born May 28, 1923, 
in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, and Glen Monroe 

Cunningham, born , were married 

January 12, 1945 at Lansing, Michigan, 

To this union were born one son and one daughter, 

Ronald Phillip Cunningham, born November 9, 1947; 

Marcia Dee Cunningham, born October 26, 1953, 

Elizabeth and Glen's address as of January 1, 1969: 
847 Andrus Avenue (Edgemont) Lansing, Michigan, 48917, 



After graduating from high school in Danville, Illinois 

in 1941, I clerked in a small store for a short time, I then 

took a U, S, Government exam and passed it. They were after 

me to take a position with them, but I decided instead to go to 

Lansing, Michigan to be with my sister, Betty, as she had a 

position with Civil Defense, (World War II), The first job I 

had in Lansing was with a small coal office. Then, I got a 

position as secretary to a Mr, William Roberts, Superintendent 

of Inspection, Oldsmobile Forge Plant in West Lansing, where I 
worked until I was married, Mr, and Mrs, Roberts requested we 
be married at their home, I had met Mr. Glen M, Cunningham at 
the Nazarene Church, and we started going together. Then Glen 


decided to enlist in the Navy (as the draft was getting 
close) - (World War II), and he spent over three years in 
the Navy, working on P. T, boat engines. He got as far away 
as Darwin, Australia. 

After Glen's discharge and our marriage, he worked a 
short time for Motor Wheel Corporation of Lansing and then 
got a job with Michigan State University, East Lansing, in 
refrigeration. He liked the electrical work better, so trans- 
ferred to it and has now been with his present employment 
right at twenty years, 

I worked after marriage for the State of Michigan, 
Correction Department for a couple of years or so, 

Ronald Phillip (Ron) graduated from Sexton High School 
in Lansing last year, and has worked for a book distributing 
company - attended Community College here in Lansing since 
graduation and expects to go to Olivet College, (Nazarene 
Church School) at or near Kankakee, Illinois this fall. 
Marcia Dee is now in Junior High School, (Waverly), We first 
lived in a rented apartment and then bought a house on Lenore 
Street on the south side. Then, from there we bought a home 
and moved to 847 Andrus Avenue, (Edgemont) Lansing, Zip Code 
48917, where we have lived since 1952, 


Margaret Marie (Mitchell) Cunningham, July 4, 1966, 




Ida Rosana (Eubank) Ketner, (the daughter of Joseph and 
Rosana (Rohrer) Eubank,) and John Nelson Ketner, born July 
12, 1865, were married October 26, 1884. 

To this union no children were born, 

Ida and John lived on Sherman Avenue, Marion, Indiana, 
where John had a wood working shop and where they lived for 
many years, until John passed away. 

Ida Rosana (Eubank) Ketner, and John S, Miller, who 
was born November 25, 1955, were married February 12, 1912. 

They lived a few miles north and west of Lake City wnere 
Mr, Miller had a farm, also, at Missaukee Lake at the north 
edge of Lake City where Ida had a cottage. 

John S, Miller passed away March 17, 1946. Internment 
was in Lake City Cemetery, 

Ida Rosana (Eubank) (Miller) and George Shaffer, born 
, were married . 

George Shaffer passed away_ 

To these unions no children were born. 

Ida Rosana (Ketner) (Miller) Shaffer passed away 
September 21, 1957, at the age of 91 years, 9 months and 
7 days. Internment was in Lake City Cemetery, Lake City, 



A letter found in Ida Rosana (Eubank) "Ketner" Miller's 
personal effects by Alfred A, Ruble, when he was helping take 
care of her things at the time of her illness and death, (on 
September 21, 1957), addressed to Mrs. Johny Miller, RFD# 5, 
Manton, Michigan, with return to Sarah C, Ruble, RFD# 4, VJarren, 
Indiana - postmarked Warren, Indiana, January 7th at 6 P.M., 

Written across the envelope at bottom were the v/ords 
presumably by Ida. Sister Kate's last letter . She passed 
away 33 days later on February 9, 1916. 


January 7, 1916. 

I will try & answer your letter this morning 
have been feeling so bad for a bout too weeks, 
am geting so poor & cant eat mutch, I think ever day 
that next morning I cant get up but I feel some bet- 
ter this morning. 

I dont suffer so mutch, well I have had my dinner, 
Effie had fried chicken I tell you it was fine, 
Jake fingle gave them twenty four little chicks last 
fall & a hen, they raised all but one & they are lar- 
ge enough to fry, I come to Effies nearly three weeks 
ago & Havent been able to go home yet, was to Elises 
the night before Christmas & when I got back to Effies 
I was just give out. I got for Christmas too nice su- 
its of under wear, the girls got them for me, Phoebe 
got me a nice testament, tena miller got me one & 
mollie gave me one, Cecil got me a pound of candy & 
a jewelry box, it is nive but I havent anny thing to 
put in it, he said he did not know what to get, he 
put a dime in it, that is more value to me than jewe- 
lry. Rosy got me a fancy box of candy & they sent me 
my treat from sunday school I always loved candy so 
well but I cant hardly eat sweet stuff any more, I 
like tartish stuff the best now, the children bring 
me somany apples Nellie was hear to day & she brought 
me the largest apples I ever saw they had so many 
apples this fall they made three barrels of cider & 
took good apples then they gave Alvy three barrel of 
apples to take home with him I expect the children 
had a treat when he got home the girls gave him some 
caned fruit. Bell gave him a gallon of Sorgam molass- 
es & I gave him some things, I surely enjoyed his 
visit.! I did not get to go around very mutch with 
him for I could not stand to ride in the buggy, but 
I got to hear him preach, that was worth so mutch 
to me and them lovely prayers they was food to my 
sole Cecil is hear he worked three weeks for george 
hegler and he is staying at Rosys they are going to 
cut wood when the weather gets better then he will 
pay him melvin told him he could stay there & help 


him feed then when he had v/ork he would pay him, 
Cecil is a nice boy, Elis & Phoebe is so reconciled 
about her mother she told me all about her mothers 
death & she did not want them to worry about her for 
she was ready to go & she talked so much about dvinn 
& they all tried to keep from weepina enyy more than 
they could help I did not get to see her after she 
was dead the girls went & they said she looked so 
nice the children are going to still keep house for 
she v/anted them to vie have had so much company to 
day nellie come and stayed a good bit then our prea 
cher come and vidited a qood bit he is such a aood 
preacher he preaches the truth it dont make enny 
difference ho it hits he preaches v/hat is in the bi- 
ble his name is steman he has folks living at hunt- 
ington our protracted meeting commenced monday night 
they are having good meetings last night mrs steman 
shouted all over the house i cant hardly stay away 
but could not walk there I am going to try a new 
medicine but dont have much faith in it but they wa- 
nt me to try it so I will will give it a trial 
did Alice Eubank move in v/ith Johns we heard they 
was going to it seems like we dont hear from them 
enny more only through some one else if you see John 
tell him to write to me for I can harly write enny 
more when a person suffers nearly all the time his 
mind & nerves are nearly racked & the children make 
noise then I cant qet my mind on what I want to write 
& it takes me so long that I hate to commence a let- 
ter enny more well I will try and finish my letter 
this time brother Wolford come to see me this morn- 
ing & sister thorp to & now I will hurry before some 
one else comes in Rosy come last night & stayed 
with me till after meeting my children are so good 
to me well dear sister I would like to see you but 
dont expect I will ever meet you on earth but there 
is a home prepared for the faithful 1 one let us be 
faithfull to the end & we will meet over there & be 
with our loved ones that will be a happy meeting 
I am waiting for that sweet rest oh be faithful 

dear brother & sister your loving sister sarah. 

VJhen you write to Jane tell her to write to me 
dont wate long I want to hear from her once more 

I wrote to her & you the same time, 


Sarah Catherin, known by me as Aunt Kate, didn't 
spell very well, but her writing was very good and legible 
and this letter v;as very well preserved, after more than 57 
years lapse of time, since it was written, 

Alfred had mailed it to me about a week ago, on April 5, 
1973, asking me to return it. After reading it I thought its 
recordina would be appreciated by all that knew her, I did 
not knov; of its existence, until it came to me in the mail. 

By the writer . 


As I draw this genealogy research work to a close, 
I regret that I haven't been able to record something 
pertaining to the many more of the accomplishments of 
each and every one of the relatives recorded herein, but 
without the necessary information I could not do so. 

My first request for subscriptions was made to Floyd 
Mathias in person, on Narch 22, 1973, and he was my first 
subscriber, with a $20,00 bill. 

On June 3, 1974, I received my last subscription, col- 
lected for, or paid for in advance, making 54 H books sold. 

I had originally planned to start publishing when 80 books 
were sold, as my contract with the publishers was for 100 books, 
at a cost not to exceed S20,00 each, delivered to the purchaser. 

At that time I had the promise of at least 70 subscriptions, 
however, as time went on and neared the publishing date things 
began to tighten up and I fell short of my required goal by 
more than 25%, 

I talked to my son, Robert about it, and he said to go 
ahead with the publishing and he would make up the deficit, 
until there can be enough more books sold to pay the cost. 

This is the fourth manuscript that I have typed during 
the almost eight years of research, and because of numerous 
corrections and additions during the last year it has became 
more or less soiled. 

It is now finished, except that I am retyping it and 
should have it done soon, 

I have designated the relatives that have purchased 
books, up until it goes to press, by using a prefix thus, 
*, in front of their name on their recorded page, and I 
personally thank each and every one that in any way assisted 

I have several subscribers that have said they wanted 
a book v/hen they have been made available. 

They v/ill be notified when books are ready to deliver, 
after which the remaining unsold books will be available to 
any relative by writing to: 

Oren Emmett Eubank, RFD# 3, Box 157, Dowagiac, Michigan, 49047, 


Robert Oren Eubank, Al Bar Ranch, RFD# 2, Fir Road, Mishawaka,