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Full text of "Genealogical and historical account of the family of Palmer of Kenmare Co., Kerry, Ireland"

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3 1833 01419 1362 

dPtncalotjieal anti Historical Account 



©f Ucnmare, GTo. IScitjj, gtr lanft. 

Compiled from Old Family Documents, etc., in possession of Edward 
Orpen Palmer, Killowen, Ifenmare, Co. Kerry, Esquire, /he 
present Head of the Family, by his Son, 


<EH ittonhfltoton, (JTo. Dublin. 



79 8 607 i j 



Concerning the Kov l1 Thomas Palmer, founder of tlio Parmer family of Kcnmare, 
Co. Kerry, the following are the chief particulars recorded or known* Ho wan 
(it is stated) for some time in early youth in some way connected with or attached 
to Anne Hyde, wife of James II. At a subsequent period, the date of which is not 
exactly ascertained, he was admitted to Holy Orders, and for some reasons, only 
matter of conjecture, came over to Ireland ami east in his lot with the English 
settlers in that couutry. His name appears in the Visitation Bookf of Diocese of 
Oloyne Oct. 27"> 1GG9, as Vicar of Cloufort and Tullilease and Hector of Kuock- 
touiple. In 1670, as appears from a document in Hoi Is Office Court of Chancery, 
Dublin, ho was appointed through royal favour to the Crown livings of Kilmaro 
(now Kenmare), Kilgarvan, Templenoe, Kilcroghan, and Cahirciveen (Diocese of 
Ardfert and Aghadoe). He was appointed to the commission of the peace for the 
County Kerry on 15 lh May 1G79. Ho was also Judge of the Admiralty Court of 
Minister, and of the Consistorial Court of Ardfert and Aghadoe. The most pro- 
minent event of his life was the defence of the Fort of Killowen, commonly called 
the " White House.J" by the Protestant colony of Kenmare under his command, 
united with Eichard Orpen, Esq., agent to Sir William Petty, against some 
thousands of the Irish forces of James II. Harassed by repeated raids of the 
native Irish on their cattle, farms, and homesteads, the whole Protestant population 
of the district, in fear of their lives and unable to procure any help, resolved to 
bring their families to a common place of safety, and associated§ themselves as a 
garrison of the fort with its outworks under the leadership of their Hector and 
his son-in-law Mr. Orpen. They expected an English army to land immediately 
in Munster for the rescue of the various colonies of Protestants scattered through- 
out the province, but the desired relief never came ; and abandoned to their fate 
in a remote corner of the island, after a brief but stout resistance, during a siege 

* There is some doubt as to his parentage, which is strange in the case of a man, as he was, of 
some note, and only to be explained by the almost total severance from kindred which emigration 
to Ireland in those times involved. It has been asserted that lie is identical with the person named 
in the following extract from the Admission Book of Christ's Church College, Cambridge. "A.D. 
1658, Julii 10 lh Thomas Palmer Johannis Leiccstriensis tilius, natua apud Harborough, ibidemquo 
educatus sub ferula Mag ri Berry, annos natus 14. Admissus est sizator sub Mag™ Burnet, 
spondento Mag'° Pepper." And who took his B.A. degree in 1662, and his M.A. in 1668. If so 
he comes of a very old family mentioned in a.d. 1447. Vid. Burton's History of Leicestershire, 
published 1623, pp. 54, 94, 95, 127. 

But the beUef has always obtained that he was the eldest son of a distinguished family in 
Northamptonshire, said to have died young, but did not. Ho came to Ireland owing, it is supposed, 
to some domestic difference, and chose to live and die forgotten in another land. 

Any information or useful suggestion toucliing this matter will bo gladly received. II. Herbert 
Palmer, Clk. Monkstown, Co. Dub. 

•t Vid. Dr. Brady's "Records of Cork," vol. ii. page 129. The entry in V. B. is as follows: 
" 1669, Oct. 27 lh Thomas Palmer, V. Clonfert & Tullilease, & R. Kiioektemple, per mortem 
Roborti Booth." His successor in these livings was Richard Davies, July 21 st , 1671. 

X Its ivy-clad ruins overhanging the banks of the beautiful river Koughty are still standing 
on the lands of Killowen in possession of E. Orpen Palmer Esq., the present head of the family. 

§ The following is a verbatim copy of the oath. "Association. We the undersigned do hereby 
in defence of our lives and religion associate ourselves in a body within the Fort of Killowen 
against the enemies of the Protestant Church and will from time to timo to the utmost of our 
power behave ourselves according to all such directions as shall be given us by Thomas Palmer 
and Richard Orpen for our management and safety until we are received into command of Ilis 
Highness the Prince of Orange. In testimony whereof we have taken our oaths upon the Holy 
Evangelists and put our hands and seals this last day of January 168§." 

[ -1 ] 

which has attracted much notice,* they capitulated ou honourable terms. These 
terms were however shamefully brokeuf by the enemy, and the brave but unhappy 
garrison, plundered, deceived, and crowded (only eight families of skilled iron- 
workers being held back by the Irish) into two small vessels, only succeeded at last 
in making their way to Bristol on March 25th, after much hardship and in sorry 
plight. Mr. Palmer, it would seem, after a short stay in England, came back to his 
old home and work at Kilmare with his little band of settlers, and spent the 
remaining tenj years of his life and ministry among them.§ It was during this 
period, if not before, (Sir B. Burke and Dr. Brady erroneously, it is thought, say 
1(352) that he obtained several grants of laud in estate, also some on lease renew- 
able for ever, embracing the present town of Kenmare and surrounding district, 
which in 1770, through legal ignorance on the part of the then possessor, becamo 
the property of the Earl of Shelburne.|| 

Eev. Thomas Palmer was married twice. First, in 1GG9 to Jane Mary, d. of 
Sir "William (or Sir Eichard) Aldworth of Duhallow or Newmarket, Co. Cork. 

• Macaulay's History, vol. iii. pp. 136-139, 161. Smith's History of Kerry, 1766 pp. 317-321. 
— M. F. Cusack's History of the Kingdom of Kerry, pp. 288-292. London: 1871. ' 

f Vid. a very rare pamphlet in Library of King's Inns, Dublin, written by the above mentioned 
Richard Orpen, and entitled "An exact Relation of the Persecutions, Robberies, and Losses sus- 
tained by the Protestants of Killmare, in Ireland. With an account of their erectin- a fortress 
to defend themselves against the bloody insolences of the Papists. Also. The Way &°Manner of 
their happy escape into England, together with the reasons why the Protestants there did not 
requit themselves and take the field, or make their flight souner. As likewise. Some natural 
_ conclusions that plague and famine will arise forth with in that Kingdom. By a principal manager 
in that action. By authority. London : printed for Thomas Rennet, at the Half Muon, in°S l 
Paul's Churchyard, and are to be Bold by Randal Taylor, near Stationers' Hall, 16S9." 

X Rev. T. Palmer must have been dead in 1702, for his eon in that j-ear leased ground at 
Kenmare to Government for site of barracks. All tho early parish Records of Kemnaro were 
unhappily destroyed in a fire at tho Rectory in early part of present century. 

J Much interesting information is contained in another rare pamphlet, also by Richard Orpen 
in Library of Trinity College, Dublin, (marked, "Pamphlets" P. pp. 8.) entitled "The London 
Master or tho Jew detected." It gives an account of tho fraudulent and wilful shipwreck of a ship 
called the "Laurel" in the River Kenmare, — and contains a solemn statement by Rev J Thomas 
Palmer " in verbo saeerdotis "—giving his opinion on the matter— relating also a grievous calamity 
which the shelter and lodging he gave to the shipwrecked sailors with their goods brought on 
himself, viz. the burning and robbing of his own house at the " Sound," Kenmare, at midnight 
January 29"> 1693 by the "Tories." ' 

His life was saved on that occasion by the influence which his wife Julia, a native Chieftain's 
daughter, possessed with the Irish Robbers, but documents of the greatest value and interest were 
burned and lost. 

|| For further information about Mr. Palmer, vid. Burke's Landed Gentry, Article " Palmer of 
Killmare," Edition 1852. — Also Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland 18-16, sub voce " Killowen " 
Referenco is also made to him and M r . Orpen, and a great number of Nobility, Dignitaries and Gentry ' 
by Archbishop King, who gives at length an Act of Attainder passed against them in the Irish 
Parliament, from which the following is an extract:— "An Act for the Attainder of divers Rebels 
and for preserving the Interest of Loyal Subjects. Humbly beseech your Majesty, the Commons 
in this present Parliament assembled, That whereas a most horrible Invasion was mado by- your 
unnatural Enemy the Prince of Orange, invited thereunto and assisted by many of your Majesty's 
rebellious and traitorous subjects .... having likewise to obtain their wicked ends raised and 
levied open Rebellion and War in several places in this Kingdom, and entered into Associations 
and met in Conventions in order to call in and set up the said Prince of Orange. . . . That it 
may he enacted . . . that the persons hereafter named, being Persons who have notoriously 
joyned in the said Rebellion and Invasion, and some' of which are upon Indictments condemned 
some executed for High Treason, and the rest ran away, or abscond, or are now in the actual service 

of the Prince of Orange against your Majesty (viz.) Richard Orpin of 

Gorthinlinny Gent Tho. Palmer of Gortaglass Clerk, &e. all late of the county kehhy 

'■ every of them shall be deemed, taken & reputed, and are hereby declared and 

-• adjudged Traytors, and shall suffer such pains of Dcath.Penalties, k Forfeitures, respectively as 
in cases of High Treason are accustomed." 

Provided however, the Act proceeds, that if the attainted Persons surrendered themselves to 
stand their trial by the tenth day of August, 1689, and shall be acquitted, that then and in such 
ease they should be freed from the above pains and penalties. Vid. Archbishop King's " State of 
tie Protestants of Ireland under the late K. James's Gournmint." — 1730. Append. 1-17. 

[ 5 ] 

Secondly to Julia (Shelah), d. of The Mac Carthy More. By bis second wife he had 
no issue. By his iirst wife he had issue two sons, A. Thomas, B. Eev. George, 
and lour daughters, C. Isabella, D. Mary, E. Cecilia, F. Margaret. 

a. eriy&iuas. 

Thomas Palmer, eldest son of Rev. Thomas Palmer, married Ellen Colclough, d. 
of Dudley Colclough, of Duffrey Hall, Esq., Co. Wexford (cousin of Sir T. 
Colclough of Tinteru Abbey) and had issue, I. Abraham, II. Thomas (who m. Miss 
Sullivan, and had issue, a. Abraham, b. John, who m. Martha Palmer), III. George 
(who m. Hannah Duckett, and had issue, a. Thomas, who m. Petra Maj berry, b. 
George, c. "William) — IV. Margaret (who m. Samuel Duckett, son of William 
Duckett, Esq. by Mary Allwell and had issue, a. Abraham, who in. Isabella Topham, 

b. Thomas, m. Sarah Palmer, c. Peter, who m. Sarah Trinwith, d. "William, m. 
Arabella Giles, e. Petra, who m. first — Mayberry Esq., and secondly Thomas 
Palmer, vid supra). V. Sarah, who m. — Aldworth, Esq. VI. Ellen, who m. — 
Morgan, Esq. VII. Martha, who m. — Sullivan, Esq. 

I. ABRAHAM (eldest son of Thomas) m. Isabella Duckett, d. of "William 
Duckett, Esq., and had issue a. Caleb, b. Abraham, who m. Sarah Wren, relict of . 
Eichard Smith,' Esq., and had issue, Thomas and Abraham, M.R.C.S. and M.R.I.A., 

c. Mary, who m. — King Esq. d. Martha, who m. John Palmer, Esq., vid. supra. 
e. Sarah, who m. Allwell, Esq. f. Hannah, who m. Topham, Esq. 

a. CALEB (eldest son of Abraham), ob. 1793, m. Dorcas Twiss, d. of "William 
Twiss, Esq., of Ballybeg by his wife Avice, d. of John Godfrey, Esq., and had issue, 
i. Abraham; ii. Kev d . William, B.A. Dub. 1SU8, m. Catherine Twiss; Hi. George, 
m. Margaret Giles ; iv. Caleb, eoel. ; v. Avice (who m. William Peacock, Esq., and 
had issue, a. William, j9. John) — vi. Isabella (who m. James Eagar, Esq., and had 
issue, a. Thomas, who m. Lydia Langley ; /3. Alexander, who m. Ella Deverell, 
etc.) — vii. Catherine, who m. Rev. John Carey, and had issue, a. Malcolm, /3. 
Dorcas, y. Anne Jane, 8. Isabella. 

i. ABRAHAM (eldest son of Caleb), of Lower Dominick Street, Dublin, and 
Ashgrove, Co. Kerry, in. 1805 Margaret, eldest daughter of Major Edward Orpen, 
of Killoweu, Kenmare, and had issue, a. Edward Orpen, ji. Caleb Richard, y. Henry 
Orpen, B.L., ob. ccel. (a learned genealogist) ; 8. Abraham, ob. inf. ; e. Charles, ob. 
inf. ; £. William ; r). Abraham Orpen, ob. coal. ; 0. Luciuda, ob. inf. ; i. Dorcas 
Maria; k. Margaret Lucy, ob. ccel. 

o. ©DtoavD=©rj>CH (eldest son of Abraham), of Ashgrove and of Killowen, 
Kenmare, born May 1, 1807 m. Oct. 5, 1841, at Killintierna Church, Co. Kerry, 
Elizabeth-Agnes Herbert, 3 rJ daughter of Robert Hutchinson Herbert, R.N.* 

- ■ * Elizabeth Agnes Herbert (wife of Edward Orpen Palmer.) Her genealogy taken from family 
tree of Earls of Powis and other sources, is as follows. Pepin, of Landen, Mayor of the Palace in 
Austrasia, ob. 639, had issue (generation A.) 1. Grimoald, 2. Begga — A. 2. Bujga had issue (gene- 
ration B.) Pepin of Heristal, duke of the Franks, ob. 714— B. Pepin had issue (gen. ration (J.) 1. 
Drogo, duke of Champagne. 2. Grimoald, Mayor in Neustria. 3. Charles Martcl, duko of the 
Franks, ob. 741 — C. 3. Charles Martel had issue (gen. D.) Carloman, who became a monk 747. 
2. Pepin Le Bref., King of the Franks, 752. 3. Grypho ob. 753— D. 2. Pepin had issue (E.) 
Chaiilemagne 7G8-814. King of the Franks and Lombards and Emperor of the Romans, had 
issue (F.) 1. Charles. 2. Pepin, King of Italy, ob. 810. 3. Louis Le Dobonnaire, King uf France. 
— F. 2. Pepin, had issue (gen. G.), Bernhard, King of Italy, 818.— JUrnhant had issue (H.) Pepin, first 
Count of Vermandois— who had issue (I.) Herbert Count of Vermandoid, who had issue (J.) 
Herbert Count of Vermandois and Troyes ; he m. Hildebrante, d. of Robert, Duke of Franco aud 
Count of Anjou, and had issue (K.) 1. Albert. 2. Herbert (Count de Meaux ; he m. Ogina d. of 
Edward the Elder, King of England, and widow of Charles the Simple, King of France). 3. Robert 
Count of Troyes. 4 Eudes or Otho. 6. Hugh, Archbishop of Rheims. 6. Alix, who m. first 
Count of Flanders. 7. Luitgard, who m. Duko of Normandy.— K. 1. Albert Count of Vermandois 

m. Gerbergo, d. of Gilbert duke of Lorraine, and had issue (L ) 1. Albert 2. Eudes or Otho 

Ii. 2. Otho Count of Vermandois had issue (M.) 1. Herbert Count of Vermandois. 2. Eudes or 
Otho. 3. Peter— M. 3. Peter had issue (X.) Herbert, chamberlain to King William Rufus, (he in. 
Emma, d. of Otho, Count of Blois and sister of Stcphon Count of Champagne, father of Stephen, 

[ 6 ] 

of Lakcview, Killarney, and has issuo 1. Rev. Abraham Henry Herbert born 
January 29th, 1813, at Tralee, baptized April 14, 1813, B.A., Dub , 1805, ordained 
Dec 23, 1806 by Archbishop of Dublin.— 2. Robert, ob. inf. 3. Elizabeth A.mes 
4. Margaret Dorcas (Maud). 5. Agnes Laura. 

/3. CTaIdj=lltcl)<U-&, of Ashbrook Raheny, Co. Dublin, and Fusthane, Co Kerry 
m. first Anne Smythe, d. of Capt. Ralph Smythe, 7th Dragoon Guards and by her 
has issue, 1. Rev. Abraham Smythe, nat. 1814, Univ. Schol. 1865, B A Dub 18G8 
of Enniskerry, Co. AVicklow. 2. Henrietta Adelaide. 3. Sarah Maria, m R* 
Ireeman Esq 4. Margaret Anna, m. Rev. L. King, LL.D. 5. Anna Victoria! 
Emily lheodora. He m. secondly Harriet Archer, and has issue, 7. Herbert 
ob. inf. 8. Kathleen. 9. Edith, 

y. 2LEtilliam, J.P. of Roxboro, Co. Armagh, m. Emma Margaret Armstrong, sister 
of R. Armstrong, Q.C., Sergeant at Law, and has issue, 1. Abraham. 2. Benjamin. 
3. Richard. 4. Elizabeth, ob. inf. 5. Margaret, m. A. Turretin, Esq. 6. Isabella 
7. Emma Dorcas. 8. Elizabeth. 9. Ida Mary. 10. Florence Christiana 

King of England)-He had issue (0. 1. Herbert. 2. William, Archbishop of York, 1163. 
3. Stephen 4. Robert 5 Gilbert-O, 1. Herbert, chamberlain to King Henry t; he m. Julian or 

Sibyl J.ui Sir Kobcrt Corbet of Alcestcr, Co. Warwick, and had issuo (P.) Herbert Filzherbert 
chamberlain to King Stephen 1140, ob 1205. He m. Lucy, d. of Milo Earl of Hereford and had 
f w- r° }■ \\ e ° mal i 2 - Peter-Q. 2. Peter, Sheriff o/ Yorkshire 1215, ob. 1235, m. Isabel, d 
ot Y\ ilhatn do Braose, Baron of Brecknock and widow of David, son of Llewellyn Prince of Wales 
-Ho I issue (It.) Herbert Fitzpeter, ob. 1247, had issue (S.) 1. Reginald, 2. Peter— S 1 
Reginald Fitzherbert m. Joan, d. of William de Fortibus, Lord of Client,,,, Co. Somerset, and had 
issue (T.) 1. John 2. Peter. 3. Lucy-T 2. Peter FUzregmatd had issue (U.) 1. Roger. 2. Peter. 
— U. 2. Peter m. Alice, d. of Blethin Broadspeare, Lard of Llan Howel , he had issue ( V ) Seamaid 
who m. Margaret d. Sir John Walsh, and had issuo (W.) Adam ap Reginald, who m. Christian d' 
oi ( , waring Des, Lord of Llandillo and had issue (X.) 1. Sir Thomas. 2. Jonken-X 2 Ja.kenm 
Uwenhan d. of Sir Aaron ap Reico ap Bledry, Knight of Rhodes and Lord of Kelsant, and had issue 
(\.) Ouillu,, ,„. Gw t ,,l,an d. of Howel Vaehan and had issue (Z.) 1. Thomas. 2. John (ancestor 
ol lanuly of Rogers) 3. David (ancestor of Morgans of Tredegar and Llanchangel. 4. Howel 
(ancestor of tho Gwvns)-Z. 1. Sir noma, ap Guillein, m. Maud (or Mary), d. of Sir John Morley 
Ixu-d ot Kagland and Chepstow, and had issue (generation A».) 1. Sir William. 2. Philip 3 Evan 
(ancestor of the Gwyns and Raglans of Glamorganshire. 4. Howell (ancestor of Powells and 
Vaughans ot Perthy and Cannddel.) 6 . David (ancestor of Hughs of Gillough and G withers of 
Gwent)-A» 1. Sir WILLIAM HERBERT, called William ap Thomas, made Knight Banneret 1415 
m. Gladys, d. of Sir David Gam (and widow of Sir Rout. Vaughan, who saved Kin- 11, my V 'a life! 
at Battle ot Aymcourt) and had issuo (gen. KK) 1. Sir William, who m. Anne, d. of Sir Walter 
Dovereux. He was created Baron Herbert of Chepstow, Ragland, and Gower, 1461, and Earl of 
Pembroke 14GS, ob. 1469. 2. Sir Richard.-B* 2. Sir Richard of Colebrooke, a man of great 
1 tatl !w,',e Q Wlth hl8 brother tha ^r' of Pembrooko by the Lancastrians in 1469 ; horn. Mai-a,et, 
d. ol lhomas ap«rtffith ap Nicholas, and had issuo (gen. G.) 1. Sir William. 2. Sir Kiel,-, id 
(whoso great grandson Sir Edward Herbert was created Baron Herbert of Cherbury 1629 and Sir 
Edward's great great grandson was created Earl of Powis 1748.) 3. Thomas (ancestor of Herb, its 
ot 1. intern)— C-'. 1. Sir William of Colebrooke, Co. Monmouth, m. Jano d. of Sir William Griffith 
of 1 enryn, and had issuo (D J .) Sir Richard, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Weston Brown, of 
Essex, and had issue (E«.) Sir William, Sheriff of Monmouth, 1561 ; he m. Dionysia, d. of Edmund 
Agmoudisham Esq., and had issue (F'.) Matthew, Sheriff of Monmouth, 1681 ; ho m. Anno, d. of 
Matthew Herbert of Swansea, and had issue (G«) William, m. Catherine, d. of Sir Wm. Morgan of 
Iredegar, and had issue (H\) 1. William. 2. John. 3. Richard. 4. Matthew. 5. James— IP 2. 
John, m. Amy, d. oi John Amy, of Abergavenny, Esq., and had issue (P.) Matthew m. Joanna d of 
John 1 rice, of Cnckhowell, Co. Brecknock, Esq., ami had issuo (JJ.) THOMAS HERBERT, seated 
first at Montgomery, afterwards at Kilcow, noar Castleisland, Co. Kerry Ireland ; ho in. Mary, d of 
Edward Kenny, of Gallon, Co. Cork, Esq., and had issue (K k .) 1. Edward (who m. Agnes, d. of 
1 atnek Crosby of Tubbnd, Co.^Kerry, Esq. From this Edward come in direct lino the Herberts of 
Muckross Abbey, Co. Kerry. His son was Edward— His son Thomas -His son Henry Arthur— 
His son Charles John— His son Henry Arthur— His son Henry Arthur, the present possessor, m. 
lion. Miss Keano.) 2. John ob. sine prole. 3. Arthur.— K&. 3. Arthur settled at Currens, Co. 
Kerry, also owner of Cahirnane ; he m. Mary, d. of George Bastable, Esq., and had issue (I, 1 .) 1. 
Goorgo, who m. Jane, d. of Maurice Fitzgerald, Knight of Kerry. 2. John, m. Mary Gibbins. 3. 
Thomas in. the widow oi The M'Gillycuddy. 4. Edward. 6. Arthur, m. Lucy Brewster. 
6. Bastable. 7. Francis. 8. CharleB. 9. Marg'. m. Will. Saunders, Esq. 10. Agnes, m. Rev. 
lhomas Orpon, oldest son of Richard Orpen of Killowen and his wife Isabella, d. of Rov. Thomas 
Palmer, vid. supra, Rector of Komnare. 11. Charity (Cherry) m. Richard Chute of Chutohall, Co. 

[ 7 j 

B. <ffii£<DKffiIS, 

Eev. George Palmer, B.A. Dublin 1713 (Eector of Kiltallagh* etc. near Castle- 
mainc, Co. Kerry), second son of Rev. Thomas Palmer, — lie is mentioned in 
Primate Boulter's Lettorsf — be m. Margaret White, d. of William White, Esq. of 
Bantry, and had issue I. Thomas s.p. II. John s.p. III. GEORGE (one of the 
original Directors of Bank of Ireland on its foundation, in 17S3, elected governor, 
1803, ob. is] 3, set. 74.) He m. June 17CG Anne Bickerton (only d. and heiress of 
Daniel Bickerton, Esq. of Milestown, Castle Bellingham, who was son of Robert 
Bickerton of Cantiluff (Chantilly P), Co. Armagh, and his wife Anne Bellingham) — 
and had issue, a. Eev. Daniel of Milestown, nat. 1770, ob. 1834 (m. Elizabeth Alleyne 
and bad issue, i. George Fortescue of Milestown, ii. John Alleyne.) b. George (nat. 
1771, m. Mary Franks, d. of Matthew Franks, Esq. of Dublin, and had issue, i. 
Catherine, ob. inf., ii. Mary Anne, ob. inf.) — c. Eichard, nat. 1778, (m. Frances 
Woolsey, d. of Eev. W. Woolsey of Castle Bellingham, and had issue, i. George 
William, of Milestown, ob. 18G7, s.p. ii. Bickerton, ob. cool. Hi. Mary Anne, m. 
Eev. Mr. Smith, iv. Frances Lucy.) d. Henry, killed in India, e. Margaret, nat. 
17G9. She m. Sir Eob. Barnewell, Bart., ob. 183(5, and had issue Mary Anne, who m. 
Clarges Buxton, Esq. of Ardee, Co. Louth, f. Lucy [nat. 1772, m. Eev. John Mee, 
of Chantilly Glebe, Tynan, Co, Armagh, and had issue, i. John Burges (who m. Miss 
Godfrey, and had issue, Elizabeth and Lucy.) ii. Anne (who m. Rev. W. Loftie, of 
Tandragree, Co. Armagh, and had issue Lucy, who in. John Stoncy, M.D., Dublin.) 
Hi. Lucy.] — g. Jane, nat. 1773, ob. 1851, [m. Thomas Ball, Esq. of High Park, 
Drumcondra, Co. Dublin, Master in Chancery, and had issue i. William Shirley, Capt. 

Kerry, Esq. 12. Lucy — L'. 6. Bastable of Brewstorfield, Co. Kerry, m. Barbara, d. of Maurice 
Eitzgorald, Knight of Kerry, and had issue (M"\) 1. Arthur. 2. Barbara, m. Richard Bowdcn, Esq. 

3. Lucy, m. Sam. Leahy, Esq. 4 Sophia, m. George Chute, Esq. 6. Mary, m. Eev. Edwd. Herbert 
— M m . 1. Arthur, who married 1777, Barbara, d. of Emanuel Hutchinson Esq., by Hannah, d. of 
Humphrey Massy, Esq.. and had issue (N".) 1. Rev. Bastable Herbert (of Kilgarvan, Co. Kerry; 
ho m. Mary Standish, and had issue Mary, who m. Kev. James lining and Frances, m. K. Hungerford 
Orpen.) 2. Emanuel, ob. sine prolo. 3. Massy (m. Eliza Orpen, d. of Major Orpen of Killowen, 
and had issue, vid. infra, text C. I. e. xii.) 4. Arthur, ob. sino prole. 6. Robert Hutchinson. 6. 
Rev. Edward, ob. coil. 7. Hannah, ccel. 8. Barbara, [m. David Morphy, Esq., and had issue, 
Edward, ob. cool., John, ob. cool., David, ob. ciel., Richard (who m. Margaret Bland and had issue, 
vid. C. I. j. iii. (.) — Massy, Barbara, Ellen, Lucinda, Frances.] — 9. Lucinda [m. Francis Christopher 
Bland of Derryquin Castlo and had issue James (who m. Emma Taylor, and had issue, vid. D. II. a. 
viii.), Arthur, Edward, Nathaniel, ob. coel., John, ob. ccel., also Elizabeth (who m. F, Hydo of 
Snoem, and has issue), Lucinda (m. Cap. T. Stuart, R.N. of Glanmire, Co. Cork, and has issue), 
Frances (m. T. Fullor of Sneem, and has issue), Mary ob. ccel., Letitia (m. Henry Stokes of Sneem, 
and has issue), Christiana (m. R. Thompson of Castleisland, and has issuo), Clara, m. Wm. Allen, 
and has issue.]— 10. Margaret [who m. W. Hilliard of Tralee, and had issue William, George, 
Bastable,, Mary, Gertrude, Margarot.] — 11. Frances [who m. lion. Col. Philip Cocks, brother of 
Lord Somers, and had issue, Charles, Philip, Henry, John, Frances (who m. Philip Allen) ] — N". 
6. Captain Robert Hutchinson, R.N, of Lakeview, Killarney, who m. Elizabeth, d. of Nathaniel 
and Letitia Bland (vid. text 0. I. j. iii. S.) and had issue (0°.) 1. Arthur, 2. Nathaniel, 3. Robert, 

4. Francis, 6. Letitia, 6. Barbara, 7. Elizabeth Agnes, who m. Edward Orpen Palmer of Killowen, 
and has issue— (vid. 0. I. iii. 8. 7.)— Rev. A. Henry Herbert, Robort, ob. inf., Elizabeth Agnes, 
Margaret Dorcas (Maud.), Agnes Laura. 

* Rev. George Palmer was Rector of sevoral parishes — viz. Killorglin, Knockane, Kiltallough, 
Kilgarrinlandor, also of Currens worth about £200 por ann. (all in the Diocose of Ardfcrt and 
• Aghadoe.) They were crown livings grouped together — and ho was presented to them by tho 
Duke of Dorset in 1735, at request of Primate Boulter. 

t The following is the passage alluded to. " Thore is a favour I have to ask your Grace which 
is that ..... your ©race would be ploased to order M r . George Palmer to bo presented 
to the said Rectories. M r . Palmer is a clergyman of a very fair character in my diocese, and was 
born in that neighbourhood, or ho would hardly have the courago to think of removing into 
Kerry. Tho granting of this request will be esteemed an obligation by him who is, My Lord, 
&c." — Vid. Boultor'B Letters, vol. ii. p. 106-109. a.d. 1770. Before his promotion to Kiltallagh, 
etc., Georgo Palmer had held the office of Priest Vicar Choral in Armagh Cathedral, his appoint- 
ment dating February, 1723, on a vacancy causod by the resignation of Rev. William Martin 
(Rcgist. Lindsay, fol. 83). He was succeeded by Rov. Richard May, whose appointment is dated 
Novomber 28, 1736. (Vid. Cotton's Fasti, vol. iii. p. 67). 

[ 3 J 

8 lh Hussars, (m. Jane Wilton and bad issue, a. Thomas Shirley, m. Miss Norton — /3. 
Arthur Wm, ra. Miss Humphreys of Ballyhaisc, Co. Cavan — y. Jauo. 8. Georgina 
m. Hon. l\Ir. Melville.) — ii. George Palmer. Hi. Anne. ft). Jaue, m. Win. Armitago 
Moore, v. Mary Anne. vi. Lucy.] — h. Anne, nat. 1777, ob. 1858. She m. Richard 
Williams* Esq. of Drumcondra Castle, Co. Dubliu, and had issue »'. Thomas (nat. 
1810, m. l 5 ^ Marian, eldest d. of Sir Mathew Barrington, Bart, of Glenstal Castle, 
Co. Limerick ; m. 2 tU ' f Georgina Lees — s.p.) — ii. George Gibbons (nat. 1811, m. 
Emma, d. of John Highfield, Esq., of Liverpool. He settled at New York and had 
issue, Richard, George, Charles, Abraham, Frederick, Catherine, Anne.)—///'. Richard 
Palmer, nat. 1814, of Glaslinn, Cloutarf, Co. Dublin.— iv. Charles Watkin (nat. 
1820, m. Anne, d. of John Highfield, Esq., of Aigburth, Liverpool and has issue 
Watkin, and Eliza) — v. Anne (nat. 1808, m. Daniel Barrington, second son of Sir 
Joseph Barrington, Bart, of Limerick, and had issue, a. Thos. William, ob. inf. j3. 
Capt. Joseph Thomas, R.A. — y. Richard Williams. 8. Anne, m. Walter Ker 
Mackinnon, Capt. 3rd Buffs, e. Mary Anne Charlotte, m. John Baylcy, Esq., of 
Debsborough, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary,) vi. Mary Anne, m. John Yanderkisto of 
Limerick, Esq., s.p. — dm. Lucy, m. Hugh Harris of Ashford, Tynan, Co. Armagh 
J. P. and has issue, a. Margaret Anne. /8. Mary Anne Madeline (who m. Chas. 
Mayne, M.D., Dublin.) y. Lucy Henrietta, 8. Eugenia Porter, e. Eliza Louisa Edith. 
IV. Henry, (fourth son of Rev. George Palmer) m. Miss Bolinghroke and had 
issue, a. John (who m. Lucy Conway of Carlo w and had issue, John, Mary, Amelia ) 
b. St. Leger (m. Miss Poyl and had issue), c. Henry (in. Miss Norman), d. Thomas. 
e. O'Brien, f. Charles g. Anne (m. Thomas Stewart, Esq., and had issue William, 
St. Leger, Percy, Emily, Olivia, Anna Maria.) 

• V. Anne (eldest d. of Rev. George Palmer), m. — Cross Esq. VI. Lucy, m. 
John Wolsey, Esq. VII. Elizabeth [(third d. of Rev. George Palmer) — m. 
Hughes, Esq., and had issue, a. Jane (who m. Campbell, Esq.) b. Lucy (m. — Bower, 
Esq.) c. Margaret, d. Elizabeth]— VIII. Margaret. IX. Mabel. 

Isabella Palmer, eldest daughter of the Rev. Thomas Palmer ; she in. lGSf, 
Richard Orpen,(joint defender of Ki'lowen with Rev. T. P.) son of Robert Orpen 
of Killorglin, and his wife Lucy Chichester (vid. Burke's L. G. art. Orpen), and 
had issue — I. Rev. Thomas, II. Richard, III. Robert (who m. Elizabeth Smith and 
had issue— a. Richard, b. Lovell, c. Sarah, who m. Major King; d. Mary, ob. ccel.) 
IV. George, V. Abraham, VI. Raymond, ob. ccel. (genealogist of Orpen family) ; 
VII. Dorcas, m. Francis Crumpe, Esq. ; VIII. Margaret. 

I. REV. THOMAS, Rector of Kenmare, etc., nat. 1G94, entered Trin. Coll., 
Dub. 170i>, ob. 17G8. He m. Agnes Herbert, d. of Arthur Herbert of Currens (vid. 
page 6, note, L 1 . 10), and had issue— a. Rev. Richard, b. Arthur (m. a French lady 
and with her was shipwrecked in Ballinskelligs Bay) ; c. Thomas, ob. coel. ; d. Capt. 
George, e. Major Edward, / John Herbert, g. Rev. Francis, h. Isabella, i. Mary, 
j. Charity (Cherry), k. Margaret Lucy, ob. ccel. ; Z. Lucy (in. Conway Blennerhas- 
set), ob. s.p. ; m. Agnes. 

a REV. RICHARD (eldest son of Rev. Thomas Orpen of Killowen) ; he was 
Rector of Valentia, ob. 1770. He m. Mary Hutchinson (relict of James French, 
of Muskerry. Esq.) and had issue— i. Richard Thomas, High Sheriff of Cork, ob. 
s.p. ; ii. Mary [who m. firstly Capt. John Travers, secondly Jlon. Mr. Maitland. 
By her second husband she had Issue— a Capt. Sir Thomas Maitland, R.N., K.C.B., 
who succeeded to the earldom of Lauderdale, 18G3. By her first husband she had 

• Ho was son of Thomas, who was son of William, third son of Richard (of Leighton Buzzard, 
Bedfordshire), who it is belioved was son of William, third son of Roger Williams of Fleet Street, 
London, mentioned in " Le Neve's Buronets," Heralds' Oll'icc, London. Any information on this 
point will ho gladly received by Richard Palmer Williams, Esq., of' 28, Dame sheet, Dublin. 

[ 9 1 

issue — 0. Mary Anno Trovers, who in. John Massy, oi* Glcnville, Co. Limerick, 
(and had issuo— 1 John, 2 Hugh, 3 Eieharcl, 4 Eyre, 5 John AV., G George, 7 Thomas, 
8 Eliza, 9 Anne)]. Hi. Charlotte, [who in. Thomas Quiu, KG. and had issue -«. 
Thomas, (who m. 181(5, Meliau, d. of Sampson Stawell, of Kilbrittan) ; 0. Richard, 
y. Elizabeth, (who m. 1814, Capt. John Meade, E.N. and had issue — 1 Richard, 
2 Thomas, 3 Charlotte, 4 Mary, 5 Elizabeth, G Sarah, 7 Frederica)]. iv. Sophia, 
[who m. Philip Oliver Ellard, and had issue — a. Eichard, of Lirias, Co. Cork, who 
m. Eebecca Lindesay ; £. Sophia, ob. coal. 1830; y. Mary, m. 1823, John llawkes, 
(and had issue — John, Sophia, Mary); 8. Elizabeth, in. Dr. Barter]. 

d. CAPT. GEOEGE, (fourth son of the Eev. Thomas Orpen), m. Lucinda 
Eland, d. of Nathaniel Bland, of Ballybog, Co. Kerry. This George was des- 
perately wounded at battle of Minden. lie had issue — i. Capt. Thomas, ii. Major 
Harry Francis, GOth Hegt. (killed at Talavcra) ; Hi. Lucinda, [who m. Alexander 
Strange, Knight of Windsor, and had issue — a. Alexander, p. Capt. Thomas, E.N. 
(who m. 1817, Eliza Taylor [vid. D., II., a., vii.] and had issue — 1 Alexander, 
2 Col. Harry, B.A.j 3 Thomas, 4 Lucinda, who m. William Duckett; 5 Mary). 
y. Col. Harry, (who m. Maria Bland [vid. C, I., j., i?.], and had issue— 1 Major 
Alexander, 2 Capt. Thomas, E.A.) 8. Charles, e. Dorothea, [who m. Crosbie 
Christian, Esq. and had issue — Lucinda, who m. Edward Godfrey, and had issue — 
Eev. William, Alexander, Dorothea, Lucinda, ob. inf.) f. Barbara]. 

e. MAJOR EDWAED, of Killowen, nat. 1741, ob. 1817, fifth son of the Eov. 
Thomas Orpen; he m. Eleanor O'Conor, and had issuo — i. Harry, of Killowcu, ob. 
1838 (who m. 1809, firstly, Ellen Svvanton, of Skibbercon ; secondly, Elizabeth 
Eerclough, and by his first wife had issue — Lucy, who m. John Shaw Dunscombc) ; 
ii. Abraham, M.D., Cork, ob. 183G. (He m. 1807, firstly, Elizabeth Wall, widow 
Smithwiek, d. of Archdeacon Wall and sister of Dr. Wall, Vice Provost, T.C.D. ; 
secondly, 1828, Martha Chattcrton, d. of Sir James and sister of Sir William 
Chatterton, Bart., and by his second wife had issue— a. l&eb. tEBtoavO (SljattCTton, 
of Wiltshire (who m. Marcella Palmer, and has issue). /3. Eebecca Dulcibella, 
who m. 18G7, Marmion Ferrars of Warwickshire). Hi. Edward of Killowen and 
Lohercannon, B.L. nat. 1798. He m. 1810, Harriet Eeynolds, d. of Win. Reynolds, 
of Malpas House, Monmouthshire, ob. s.p. 18G3. iv. Agnes, ob. coal, v. Lucy, ob. 
ccel. vi. Charity (Cherry), who in. Stephen Hutchinson and had issue, Arthur, ob. 
coal. vii. Margaret, who married her cousin, Abraham Palmer, and had issue (vid. 
A. I. a. i.) viii. Isabella, ob. ccel. 1840. ix. Sarah [m. 1808, Eichard Morphy and 
had issue — a. Edward (who m. Arabella Macgillicuddy, and has issue) — /?. 
Abraham, who m. Isabella Burton, y. Maria, ob. coal. 8. Jane, e Lucinda [who 
m. Daniel Macgillicuddy and has issue — 1 Daniel Dceourcy, 2 Eichard, 3 Harry, 
4 Sarah, who m. Eev. Raymond Orpen, of Tralee ; 5 Sophia, and others). (. Agnes], 
x. Dorcas, who m. Lieut. Eedmond Moriarty, R.N. and had issue — a. Edward, ob. 
cocl. /3. Lucinda. xi. Anne [who m. Lieut. Merrion Moriarty, R.N. subsequently 
M.P. of Sydney, N.S.W. and has issue — a. Sylverius, ob. s.p. /3. Edward, y. 
Abraham. 8. Merrion. e. Lucinda. (. Lydia. ij. Cherry (who m. Kempster 
Knapp, R.N. and had issue Anno). 6. Agnes, m. her cousin Arthur Herbert, of 
Brisbane (vid. next line)], xii. Eliza, m. 1827, Capt. Massy Herbert E.N. (vid. 
(page 6, note N n 3) and had issue — 1 Arthur (who m. Agnes Moriarty, and has 
issue). 2 Fanny, ob. inf. 3 Dorcas, ob. coel. cciii. Charlotte, who m. Thomas 
Hutchins (vid. F., VI., ii., a.), and has issue — a. Arthur. /3. Elizabeth. 

/ JOHN B.ERBERT, M.D. of Cork (sixth son of Rev. Thomas Orpen) m. 
Hannah Hutchinson, d. of Emanuel Hutchinson, and had issue — i. Thomas [who in. 
Penelope Thompson, d.' of David Thompson of Oaklands Co. Meath,and had issue 
—a. Jfoljlt jycftrrt, LL.D. of S. Stephen's Green, Dublin, [who m. Ellen Richards, 
d. of Rev. John Eichards of the Grange, Co. Wexford, and has issue — 1 John 
Richards (who m. Constance Leader, d. of Henry Leader, Co. Cork, and has issue). 
2 Thomas. 3 Eichard. 4 Goddard. 5 Charles, ob. inf. G Penelope. 7 Ellen]. 
0. Henry, ob. ccel. y. Anne, who m. John Young, of Philpotstown, Co. Mcath. 

[ io ] 

ii. Emanuel Hutchinson ;* lie m. Letitia Bateman, d. of Rowland Batenian of Oak- 
park, Co. Kerry, ob. s.p. iii. Rev. John Emanuel, of Kauturk ; [he m. Frances 
Aslie, d. of Richard Ashe, of Maeroom, aud had issue — a. John Herbert, in. 
Margaret Leader, ob. s.p. /3. Bichard Ashe. y. Emanuel Henry, ob. coel. 8. 
Robert Hutchinson, ob. ccel. «. Frances Sophia, m. William Smith, f. Eliza Hannah. 
i). Margaret Lucy, m. Thomas Palmer. 6. Alice Agnes, m. Richard Ashe, of 
Coolchauc and had issue — 1 Richard Lovell, ob. s.p. 2 Emanuel, ob. inf. 3 Frances, 
m. James Adams], iv. Richard, ob. inf. v. Hannah Agnes, ob. coel. vi. Frances, 
ob. cad. v ii. Sophia, ob. ccel. viii. Margaret Lucy, in. Capt. Henry Oldham, s.p. 

(j. REV. FRANCIS (Rector of Douglas, Co. Cork), (seventh son of the Rev. 
Thomas Orpen), m. 1783, Susan Mallard, d. of Hugh Millard, Cork, and had issue 
— i. Arthur George, B.L., ob. coel. ii. SIR RICHARD JOHN THEODORE, 
of North Great Georgo's Street, Dublin, and of Ardtully, Kenmare, nat. 17S8. [He 
in. 1819, Elizabeth Stack, d. of Rev. Richard Stack, D.D., F.T.C.D., and has issue— 
a. Francis, B.L., ob. coel. /9. Richard Hugh Millard (m. Amy Honvood). y. Arthur 
Herbert (in. Anne Caulfeild, d. of Bishop of Nassau, and has issue). S. Charles 
William de Erpingham, a Judge in Jamaica, ob. 1SU7. e. Major William Newen- 
hain, 77th Rcgt. ob. 1870. f. Rev. Raymond de Adimer, Rector of Tralee (in. 
Sarah Macgillieuddy (vid. O, I., e., ix., *., -1.) and has issue), ij. Mary (who m. 
George Stack of Co. Tyrone, and has issue — 1 Rev. T. Liudsey. 2 Theodore. 3 
George, and others). 6. Theodora Elizabeth (m. Rev. James Going of Kilgarvan, 
his second wife), i. Emily Georgina (m. William Stack, and had issue — Anne). 
k. Cornelia. X. Ida, who m. Capt. J. Blacker, and has issue], iii. Charles Edward 
Herbert,! M.D. [founder of Claremont Institution for Deaf and Dumb, in later 
life a Missionary to South Africa. He m. 1823, Alicia Frances Sirr, d. of Major 
Sirr, and had issue — a. Charles Sirr. £. Arthur Richard, y. Joseph Millard. S. 
Richard Johu Newenham. e. Henry Martin, f. Theodore. .7. Alicia.] iv. 
Susanna, ob. ceol. v. Emily Grace Caroline, m. 181(5, John Gordon, M.D., od. s.p. 
vi. Rebecca Newenham Millard, [m. Admiral Henry Gage Morris, and has issue — 
a. Rev. Francis Orpen, Yorkshire. 0. Capt. Henry Gage, R.N. y. Frederick 
Philip, B.L. 8. Beverley, e. Rev. Adolphus. (. Charles Durban, Fellow of Oriei 
College, j). Maria. 8. Emily, i, Eliza, k. Cornelia (who m. Abraham Bower, of 
Ripon). \. Anna Robinson (who m. Rev. James Henderson). ^. Johannah 
llincks]. vii. Cornelia. 

j. CHARITY (Cherry), third daughter of Rev. Thomas Orpen; she m. James 
Bland, son of Nathaniel Bland, of Ballybog, Co. Kerry, and had issue — i. Francis, 
ii. Major Thomas (who m. Judith Brown, widow Martin, aud had issue — Francis), 
iii. Col. Nathaniel [who m. Letitia Bland, d. of J. N. Bland, and had issue — a. 
Rev. Thomas, ob. coel. (9. Francis, of Woodlawn, Killaruey, who in. Theresa 
Gahvey, ob. s.p. y. Yen. Nathaniel, Archdeacon of Aghadoe, m. Anne Fuller. 8. 
Elizabeth Agnes, who m. Capt. Robert Hutchison Herbert, R.N. of Lakeview, Kil- 
laruey (vid. page 6, note N n . 5,) aud had issue — (1 Arthur, ob. ccel. 2 Nathaniel, 
R.N. wrecked in Polyphemus Gunboat on the coast of Jutland, 1855, ob. coeL 3 
Robert, settled in Canada, (he m. Sarah Sparrow, aud 1ms issue). 4 Capt. Francis 
Bland, R.N. who m. Gertrude L. M. Robinson, of Farnogue, Co. Wexford, and 
has issue.) 5 Letitia. G Barbara, who m. Edward Chads Hancock, (and has issue 
— Robert, Herbert, Francis, Elizabeth, Laura.) 7 iEItjauctl) 3gnCS, who m. 
Edward Orpen Palmer, of Killoweu [vid. supra A., I., a., i., a.] and has issue — Rev. 
Abraham Henry Herbert, Robert, ob. inf., Elizabeth Agues, Margaret Dorcas 
(Maud), Agnes Laura), e. Margaret (who m. Richard Morphy, J. P. (vid. page G, 
note N n . 8.) Killaruey, and had issue — 1 Rev. Richard, who m. Miss Tomson, and 
has issue. 2 Nathaniel, R.N. killed 1854, ob. coel. 3 Capt. Martin, 10th Rcgt. 

* A ilistinguislied genealogist, to whom, with Denis O'Calllaghan Fisher, (E., II., a., v., y.) 
and Henry Orpen Palmer (A., I., a., i., 7.) most of tho earlier information hero collected is due. — 
A. II. II. P. 

t Vid. His Life by Mrs. Lo Fanu. (Westerton, 1860, London.) 

[ 11 ] 

m. Miss Toinson. 4 Harriet, in. Charles Clieyne, and has issue), f. Lucinda, Hi. 
Capt. Michael Galwey. 7: Maria, who m. Col. Harry Strange, (vid. C, I., d., iii., 
y.) and has issue — 1 Major Alexander, ob. eoel. 2 Capt. Thomas, R.A., who m. 
Elleii Taylor, and has issue] iv. Agnes, who in. Thomas Herbert, of Muckross, 
(his second wife) and had issue — a. Thomas Bland, ob. ccel. 1798. Ii. Francis, ob. 
ccel. y. Cherry. 8. Eliza. 

m. AGNES MARIA (sixth daughter of Rev. Thomas Orpen) m. Rev. Walter 
Stewart, Rector of Kenmare, son of Rev. Walter Stewart, of Inniskeel, Co. 
Donegal, and had issue — i. Rev. Thomas (who m. Mary Scott, d. of Sir Hopton 
Scott, and had issue — a. Col. Walter George. 0. Hopton Thomas, y. Anna Maria. 
8. Agnes, e. Louisa, and others), ii. Margaret Lucy, (who m. Rev. Francis 
Langford, and had issue — a. Rev. Fraucis. /3. George Walter, y. Rev. John 
Thomas. 8. Anna Maria, e. Charlotte, and others), iii. Frances, m. Mr. King. 

II- RICHARD, of Ardtully, (second son of Isabella Orpen, eldest daughter 
of Rev. 1 homas Palmer). He in. Grace Riggs, d. of John Riggs, Co. Cork; and 
had issue — a. Richard, b. Grace [who m. Daniel Crumpe, and had issue — 2. Samuel, 
M.R.I. A., (who m. Miss Ingram, and had issue — Mary Grace), ii. Richard; iii. 
Lucinda (who 111. Francis Russell, of the Abbey, Tralce, and had issue— o. Anthony, 
0. Grace, in. — Sandes, Esq. ; 7. Ellen, 8. Lucinda.) iv. Grace, who m. W. Allen, Esq. 
v. Maria, who m. Edward Orpen, of Clontough (C, II., a., iii.) vi. Anne, who m. 
— Hampstead. Esq. vii. Eliza (who m. Capt. John Crumpe, and had issue).] c. 
Agnes [who m. liichavd Wright, of Glengarrilfe, and had issue — i. Richard, who 
m. Catherine Parsons, ii. Catherine, (who m. Rev. Mr. Doherty, and had issue). 
iii. Sarah, who in. Robert Trinwith, and had issue.] d. Mary, ob. ccel. 

a. RICHARD, of Ardtully (only son of Richard Orpen, of Ardtully). He m. • 
in 17GG, firstly, Anna To wnsend, of Bridgemount; (secondly, Miss Laplant; thirdly, 
Alice Nettles, of Nettleville, Co. Cork,) and had issue by first wife only, viz: — 
i. Richard Orpen-To wnsend, [who m. 1811, Hon. Anna Mullins, d. of William, 
second Lord Ventry, aud had issue — one daughter, Anne Sarah, who in. Adrian 
Taylor, M.D. (vid. D., II., a., iv., a.), and had issue — 1 Richard Orpen, who m. 
Gertrude Chaworth Musters, and has issue); 2 Adrian, 3 Anne, 4 Emma, (who 
in. John Devonshire Hawkes, and has issue) ; 5 Jane, who in. Hastings Pect, and 
has issue) ; G Maria, (who in. Richard Orpen, and has issuo.)] ii. Horace, (who m. 
Eliza Kite, and had issue — Anne, ob. cool.) iii. Edward, of Clontough, [he m. 
Maria Crumpe, vid. supra, and had issue — a. Richard, who m. Miss Browne. 0. 
Samuel, who in. Miss Foster, y. Daniel. 8. Graco, who m. John Woods, e. Mary. 
(. Anne. ij. Lucinda.] iv. Samuel, of Woodville, [who m. in 181)5, Sophia Hunger- 
ford, of the Island, and had issue— a. Richard llungerford, J. P., of Killaha (who 
m. 1832, Frances, d. of Rev. Bastablo Herbert, vicar of Kilgarvan, (vid. page (5, note 
N". 1.) and has issue — 1 Arthur, M.D. (who married aud has issue) ; 2 Richard, 
m. Maria Taylor, and has issue; 3 Mary, who m. G. Wheatley). (3. Thomas llun- 
gerford, M.D. (married 183G, Margaret Owen, aud had issue — 1 Mary, 2 Geraldine, 
3 Sophia, 4 Thomasine). y. Sophia, m. George Beamish, Esq.] v. Capt. Henry 
Richard, of Gortegas, [who in. Letitia Beecher, and had issue — a. Richard Beecher, 
0. Thomas Allen Beecher, y. Edward, 8. Henry, of Bridgcview Park, Co. Kerry ; 
€. Mary Anne, f. Letitia Amelia], vi. Anne, m. Richard Rye, of Rye Court, 
ob. s.p. vii. Alice, who m. William Meredith, of Dixgrovc, and had issue — a. 
Richard, (who in. firstly Miss Juxon, secondly Rose Buckle, and had issue — 
William) ; /3. Rev. Robert; y. Mary Anne. 

VIII. MARGARET, (daughter of Isabella Orpen, eldest daughter of Rev. 
Thomas Palmer. She m. Robert Bowcn, and had issue— a. Richard, (who m. 
Mary King, aud had issue— Robert) ; b. Robert, who in. Miss Duckett, and had 
issue — Robert, who m. Mary Anne Bastable, and had issue) ; c. Margaret, who m. 
Augustus Jandrum, a French Huguenot, aud had issue, viz :— i. Augustus, who m. 
Miss Radley ; ii. Margaret, (m. Mr. Husband, and had issue) ; iii. Dorcas, (111. John 
Jormyn, and had issue) ; iv. Mary, who in William Mansfield, and had issue— o. 

[ 12 ] 

Charles, 0. "Joanna, who in. Abel Orpin, and had issue— 1 Benjamin, (in. Mary 
Shine, and had issue); 2 Eev. Basil, who m. Ilcdeua Newell, and had issue— l 1 
John, [who m. Miss Mandcrs, and had issue— William, B.L.; John, solicitor, (who 
m. Miss Jackson and has issue) ; Basil, and others]. 2' Benjamin, 8 1 Richard, 
4 1 Basil, m. Mary Carthrew ; 5 1 Mary, m. — Payne, Esq. of Bautry ; G 1 Isabella, 
7 1 Joanna, 8 1 Charlotte, in. — Porte, Esq. 

D. P13Fv¥. 

Mary Palmer, second d. of Rev. Thomas Palmer, m. Joseph Taylor, of Dun- 
kerron Castle, Co. Kerry, and had issue— I. John, s.p. ; II. Joseph, III. Mary, 
[who m. William Duekett, and had issue— a. Thomas (who m. Mary, d. of Augustus 
Mayberry, and had issue) ; b. Isabella, (who m. Rev. Basil Allwell, and had issue) ; 
c. Mary,'(who m. John Allwell) ; d. Catlierine, who m. — Lane, Esq.] IV. Martha, 
m. William Sullivan; V. Eliza, m. James Sullivan; VI. Isabella, m. Daniel 

II. JOSEPH, of Dunkerron, (second son of Mary Taylor, d. of Eey. Thomas 
Palmer) married and had issue— a. Joseph, [who m. and had issue— i. Tliomas, 
M.D. of Dunkerron, (who in. Emma Taylor, his iirst' cousin, and had issue—Joseph, 
of Dunkerron, who m. Anno Duekett, and had issue — 1 Thomas. 2 William, 3 
Henry, 4 Joseph, 5 Adrian, G Anne, 7 Emma.) ii. Allred, s.p. ; Hi. David, s.p. ; 
■iv. Adrian, ((who m. and had issue— a. Adrian, of Clontough, (who in. Anno Town- 
send, vid. supra, C, II., a., i. and has issue— 1 Richard Open, 2 Adrian, 3 Anne, 
4 Emma, 5 Jane, 6 Maria.) 0. William, s.p.)) v. Alice, m. Surgeon Stretton. 
vi. a daughter who m. Robert Donovan, of Courtdun', Co. Dublin, vii. Eliza, (who 
m. Capt. Thomas Strango, R.N. (vid. C., I.,d.,u'j.,0.) and had issue), viii. Emma, 
who m. James Eranklin Bland, of Derryquin Castle, Co. Kerry, and had issue— a. 
Erancis Christopher, of Derryquin, (who m. Jane Hamilton, d. of Rev. Archibald 
Hamilton, Co. Cork, and has issue, for which vid. Burke's L.G.) 0. Capt. James 
Eranklin, 57th Reg. killed at lukermann. y. Alice Phillis, who m. Usxhcr 
Williamson, Esq. of Mallow, and has issue.] b. Thomas, (who married and had 
issue — i. Alfred, s.p. ; ii. Emma, who m. her cousin, Thomas Taylor, of Dunkerron, 
vid. sup.) c. Phillis, ob. cool. ; d. a daughter, who m. Ogilvie, Esq. ; o. Emma, (who 
m. Capt. David Barry, and had issue, two sons and a daughter, Emma, who m. Mr. 
Davy, cousin to Sir Humphrey Davy, and has issue). 

e. eriseriiLM. 

Cecilia Palmer (third d. of Rev. Thomas Palmer, of Kenmarc) ; she m. 1G93, 
Richard Allen, son of Abraham Allen, of Curraghroo, by Rebecca, only child of 
of Capt. Philip Clements and Mary Gough, and had issue, six sons, viz:— I. 
ABRAHAM, of Ballyduane and Eermoyle, Duhallow, [m. Mary Webb, and had 
issue— a. Abraham, s.p.; b. Mary, (who in. Henry Alleyue, and had issue—/. 
Abraham, ii. Edward, who m. Miss O'Kecfe ; in. Henry who married and had 
issue; iv, Eliza, who m. Philip Allen), e. Cecilia, who m. Garnet Graham, and 
had issue — i. Allen, ii. Richard.] 

II. PHILIP, (second son of Cecilia Allen), of Greenfield, near Kauturk, m. 1734, 
Mary Purcoll, and had issue— a. WILLIAM, [whom. 17G7, Catherine Bhilpot, d. of 
William Philpot, of Dromagh, Co. Cork, and had issue— i. Philip (who in'. 1815, 
Eliza Barry, and had issue); ii. William, of Liscongill, Kanturk ((he m. 1S0G, Mary 
Lowe, d. of James Lowe, of Sallypark, and had issue— a. William (who m. Clara 
Bland, vid. sup. page G, note N u 9, and lias issue) ; 0. Rev. James, (who m. Miss 
Leslie) ; y. George, s.p. ; 8. Philip, (who m. Frances Cocks, d. of Hon. Col. Philip 
Cocks vid. page G, note N n . 11); e. Sarah, f. Mary, m. Rev. John Beamish; r,. Chris- 
tabella, 6. Louisa)). Hi. Richard, s.p. ; iv. Mary, ((who m. John Collins, and had 
issue— a. William, (who in. Anne l.owo, of Sallypark, and settled in Canada; he 
lias issue), 0. Eliza, (who m. William Harman Lowe, of Clogher, and had issue.)) 
■v. Margaret, who in. Joseph Devonshire Fisher, of Wood mount, Co. Waterford, 

[ 13 ] 

and had issue— a. Gabriel, of Youghal ; 0. Rev. William Allen, (Rector of Kilmoe, 
Co. Cork; ho m. Anne Carson, sister of present Bishop of Kilinore, and had 
issue.) y. Denis O'Callaghan (a learned genealogist); 8. Christabella, who m. 
Edward Delany, s.p. ; e. Eliza, who in. John O'Neill, and had issue.] b. Mary, 
in. Richard O'Calaghan, s.p. 

III. RICHARD, of Coolacooaane, (third son of Cecilia Allen, third daughter 
of Rev. Thomas Palmer); he m. Ellen Purdon, and had issue — a. Cecilia, [who m. 
Bartholomew Webb, and had issue— i. Henry (who m. Eliza Atkinson, and had 
issue) ; ii. Catherine, who in. Capt. Philip Purdon ; Hi. Jane, m. Nathaniel Warner; 
iv. Cecilia, m. James Webb; v. Eliza, m. Stephen Purdon; vi. Mary, m. James 
Claucey; vii. Ellen, m. Edward O'Conor; viii. Harriet, m. Wm. O'Conor]. b. 
Jane, who m. Carberry Egan, and had issue— i. Daniel, (who m. Mary Baldwin, 
and had issue) ; ii. Ellen (who in. George Tivy, and had issue) ; Hi. Eliza, (who m. 
Eugene Calaghan, M.D. and had issue), c. Mary, (m. Denis Daly, and had issue 
—Richard, who in. Miss Braddish, and had issue), d. Eliza, (m. Wm. Foley, and 
had issue— Richard Allen, who married and had issue). 

IV. WILLIAM, (fourth son of Celicia Allen, third d. of Rev. Thomas Palmer); 
lie m. Eliza A ldworth, d. of Boyle Aldworth, grandson of Sir Richard Aldwortli, 
and had issue— a. Philip, Mayor of Cork, [m. Mary Hayes, sister of Sir Henry 
Browne Hayes, and had issue — i. William, (who m. Anne Bass, and had issue) ; 
ii. Eliza, m. John Webb.] b. William, (who married and had issue — i. William, 
ii. Eliza.) c ELIZABETH, [who in. Aylmer Allen, and had issue— i. Edward, (who 
m. Eliza Wrixou, and had issue — Aylmer, Nicholas, Eliza, Mary, Margaret, Jane) ; 
ii. Jane, (who m. J. Keller, B.L., and had issue— Boyle, Q.C., Eliza, Isabella, 
Mary) ; Hi. Mary, ((who m. 1791, John Martin, of Cork, and had issue— a. Rev. 
Henry, Rector of Lame, m. Jane, daughter and heiress of Thomas Higginbotham ; 
/S. Veu. John, Archdeacon of Kilmore, (who in. a daughter of Dr. Mant, Bishop of 
Down and Connor) ; y. Aylmer Richard, who m. Henrietta O'Donoghue ; 8. Charles 
Rudiuge, who in. Susan liuml'ord, of Rahenstown, Co. Meath, and has issue, vid. 
Burke's L. G. ; e. Richard, who m. Catherine O'Donoghue; £. Eliza, (who m. David 
Bcatty, of Borrodnile, Co. Wexford, and had issue) ; 7. Mary, who m. Robert 
Longfield, and had issue — Mary, who m. her first cousin, David Beatty, now of 
Borrodaile)) ; iv. Anne, (111. Charles Carroll, of Cork, and had issue) : v. Eliza, who 
111. James Crofts and had issue], d. Anna, (who in. Thomas White, and had issue), 
c. Eliza, (who m. John Bass, and had issue — i. John, ii. Philip, Hi. Eliza, m. Townsend 
James; iv. Anne, in. William Allen; v. Mary.) f. ISABELLA [who 111. John Shaw, 
of Cork, and had issue— i. John Shaw, s.p. ; ii. Mary, (who m. Thomas Dunscombe, 
and had issue— Rev. Nicholas, John Shaw, Thomas, Isabella) ; in. Isabella, m. 
George Seymour, M.D.; iv. Eliza, m. John Willis, M.D.; v. Mary, m. Attiwell 
Hayes, son of Sir II. B. Hayes], g. HARRl BT, [who m. Charles Evansou, of Cork, 
and had issue — s, Rev. William, (who 111. Miss MacDonnell, sister of Richard 
MacDounell, Provost Trin. Coll. Dub. and had issue); ii. Charles, 111. Mary Morris; 
Hi. Nathaniel, R.N. ; iv. Alleyne, m. Miss Cormack ; v. Col. Richard ; vi. Eliza, 
(who in. Henry Hardy, of Cork, and had issue) ; vii. Susan, (who m. William 
Logan, and had issue); viii. Martha, who m. Edward Ashe, of Codrum, Macroom, 
and had issue); ix. Harriet], h. Charlotte, who m. John Good, and had issue. 

V. GEORGE, (fifth son of Cecilia Allen, third d. of Rev. Thomas Palmer) ; 
he m. Mary Tierce, and had issue — a. Mary, [who m. Goodwin Purcell, and had 
i ssue — j, Richard, ii. George (who m. Miss Delany, and had issue) ; Hi. Goodwin, 
iv. James, m. Mary Kenna ; v. William, vi. Charles, vii. Mary, m. Dr. Cornelius 
O'Leary; viii. a daughter who married — Butter, Esq. ; ix. Jane, x. Catherine]. 
b. Calherine,* who m. Duckctt Mayberry, (great great grandson of William, by 
Rachel Orpen, sister of Richard Orpen, of the " Whito House," vid. Burke, L. G., 

* By atiother'account this Catherine was not daughter to (E. V.) George Allen, but his siater, 
and only daughter of Cecilia Allen, third d. of Rev. Thomas Palmer. 

[ 14 ] 

Art. " Orpen " ) ; and had iasue— i. John, of Grccnlane, Kenmarc, [m, 1S02, 
Honora Mahony, and had iasue — a. Duckett, a.p. ; /3. John (in. Miss McCarthy, 
and has issue) ; y. Richard j fi. George Mahony, M.D., of Eiversdale, Kenmare 

(he m. Ursula Maegillicuddy, and lias issue— 1 Francis, M.D. j 2 Elizabeth, m. 
Win. Martin, Esq. 3 Honora, m. Eusebius Maegillicuddy Eagar, of Killorglin, 
and has issue.) f . Helen, (. Agnes, r,. Catherine.] ii. Duckett, ob. eosl. ; Hi. Rev. 
George, m. Judith Coppinger, ob. s.p. ; iv. Rachel. 

VI. KYLE, (sixth son of Cecilia Allen), m. Jane Carmichael, and had iasue— 

a. Charles, b. Philip, in. Eliza Allen ; c. Jane, m. Jenkinson, Esq. 

e. itt&itffiaitw. 

Margaret Palmer (fourth daughter of the Rev. Thomas Palmer, of Kenmarc); 
she m. Beversham Harmaii, son of John Haruian, of Laherne, by Susanna Bever- 
shain, and had issue — I. Thomas, [who m. Miss Travers, d. of — Travers, Esq. of 
Kilbrittau, and had issue — a. Margaret, (who m. Swete Donnellau, and had issue); 

b. Catharine, (who m. Godkin Aleock, and liad issue.) ] II. Daniel, ob. coal. III. 
George [who m. Lucy Honnor, d. of Colonel John Honnor, and had issue Robert, 
who m. Jane Clarke, and had issue — i. George, ii. Robert, Hi. Thomas, iv. Emanuel 
(who m. Mary Duckett) ; v. Arthur, vi. Isabella, vii. Catherine Elizabeth]. IV. 
John, [who in. Miss Evanson, of Dunmanway, and had issue, Beveraham.] V. 

. Mary, ob. ccel. VI. CATHERINE ELIZABETH, who in. Thomas Theophilus 
Hutchins* (son of Richard Hutchins, of Ballyliekey, near Bantry, and his wife 
Barbara Burrage) ; and had issue— Thomas, of Ballyliekey, wlio m. his third cousin, 
Ellen Hutchins, and had twenty-one children, of whom five survived, viz :— i. 
Emanuel, B.L., ob. ccel. ii. Arthur, of Ardnagasliill, near Bantry, [who in. Matilda 
O'Donnell, d. of Hugh O'Donnell, and niece of Sir Neill O'Donnell, and had issue 
—a. OTjOlttflJS, of Roughty, Kenmare, (who m. Charlotte Orpen, d. of Major Edward 
Orpen, of Killowcn, (vid. C, I., e., xiii.) and has issue— 1 Arthur, 2 Elizabeth). 
0. Arthur, y. Richard, 8. Margaret Anne, t. Matilda, ob. cool, ; C- Ellen, ij. Catherine, 
ob. ccel. ; 8. Mary, ob. ccel.] Hi. Thomas Massy, ob. ccel. iv. Samuel, [who married 
(firstly, Miss Browne ; secondly, Frances Newburgh ; thirdly, Miss Burroughes) ; 
and had issue — a. Emanuel, of Ardnagasliill, Co. Cork, (vid. Burke's L. G.) ; (i. 
Samuel Newburgh; y. Robert Arthur, ob. inf.; 8. Peter Burroughes, e. Elliott, f. 
Prances Mary, v . Louisa Ellen, 8. Alicia Maria ] v. Ellen, s.p. 

* By another account his namo was Emanuel Iltitcliins.