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Full text of "A genealogical history of the descendants of Peter White, of New Jersey, from 1670, and of William White and Deborah Tilton his wife, loyalists"

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" WJiatsoever a tnan soweth tliat shall he also reap. 
Reader, what Seed are vou sowins'? 

ST. JOHN, N. B.: 

Barnes & Co., Publishers and Bookbinders, 



This little book makes no pretention to literary merit. Indeed 
I fear it will not require a critic of much acuteness or experience 
to detect within its pages many defects of style and diction. I 
trust, however, that no reader will feel disposed to censure me 
for any literary blemishes he may discover, when he remembers 
that in my youth children lacked the advantages available to-day 

■V^' through our common school system, and that, as a rule, the schools 
. of my boyhood's time were in charge of teachers who, in country 
districts at least, were paid the most meagre pittance for salary, 
and were compelled to " board round," living, a week or so in 
turn, with each family sending pupils to the school. I have to 
confe'ss, regretfully, that the small scholastic knowledge I possess, 

J . is limited to the scanty store I was able to acquire during some 
three winters' attendance at one of these old-time schools, supple- 
mented by such stray gleanings as I found opportunity to make 
during a life of almost constant business activity. I would there- 
fore have been glad had some hand, better qualified than mine, 
assumed the task I have aimed to accomplish in writing this book. 
I have undertaken the work myself only after having failed to 
induce others to perform it. 

I believe that most people, especially in later life, are interested 
in their family history, and anxious to learn as much as possible 
in regard to their ancestral tree. At the same time I have i"o 
regret, that it was not till within the last few years, that I began 


fullv to realize the value of this class of information. Had I 
been earlier impressed with its importance I could. I feel sure, 
have gathered, from lips now sealed in death, much matter in 
reg-ard to our family history, which is now unattainable because 
no one took timely thoug'ht to gather and preserve it. Taught 
by this experience, I would urge every young man, whose eyes 
may light on these pages, to let slip no opportunity to search out 
and preserve in writing all ayailable information as to his 
ancestry and family history, which, existing- only in the memories 
of persons hving-, is liable at any time to be forgotten, or forev„T 
buried in the grave. 

1 am greatly indebted for much yaluable assistance in this 
work to the Reverend William \\ hite Hance, an Episcopal clergy- 
man residing iu Eatontown, New Jersey, who is a descendant of 
Thomas White, of Deal, Kent County, England ( 1670), and who 
has expended much time and skill in researches into the Wdiite 
family history. I became ac(juainted with the Rev. Air. 'White 
through mv daughter, :\Irs. Morris, then residing in Philadelphia, 
an^l to her also I am indebted for nuich valuable assistance, which 
she rendered me in searching old records and monuments in New 
Jersey and Xe\y York States. 

It is my iritention to distribute copies of this book among the 
descendants of William Wdiite, the Loyalist, and I will gladly, 
upon application made to me, give a copy to any such descendant 
to whom, or to whose immediate family, a copy shall not, at the 
time of a[)plication, have Ijeen already sent. 

Wdiile, as 1 have already intimated, the work of collecting and 
verif\ing the information contained in this little volume proved 
much greater than I anticiiiate.l in undertaking the work, it has 
afforded pleasant occu])ation for many leisure hours during the 
closing years of a life which ( iod has been mercifully pleasL>d ^o 
extend long beyond the Scrijitural sjjan of three score years and 


]\Jay I acid that much of the pleasure I have had in preparing 
this work has arisen from the hope I entertain, that die perusal 
of these images may now and again help to recall or aiwaken in 
the minds of tihose who read them, kindly thoughts of the writer, 
when the hand 'that now pens this is at rest forever. 

St. John, N. P.., 

January i, 1906. 


In (.-xplanation of the arran.Q-cmciit a(io])tc(l. in die following 
pages, it may l)e we'll to ])oin't out that the hrst rive generations, 
from and including that of Thomas W'hite. who came from Deal 
in 17S3. are dealt with in one section of 'the book, covering its 
tirst nine ])ages. The tigures in brackets, following a name in 
this section, indicate the number of the generadon of the i)erson 
named, counting downward from said Tho-mas W'hite, who. for 
the purposes (jf this arrangement, is classed as of the first 

From the sixth generation dr)wnward, the num1)er of descend- 
ants seemed l< > recjuire that each generation should be classed by 

The marginal fig'ures in hhiglish numerals, when found op- 
IHisite, and to the left of, the name of any ])erson, indicate that 
die names of die descendants of such person will be found, under 
d;e li]<e numl)er which appears as a heading in heavier tyi)e at a 
later i)age of the book. 

For exam))le on ])age 13 the marginal numlier 28 apjx^ars 
opposite the name of William Henry W liite. ( )n ])age 20. under 
the lieading of the same number, jS, will be found a continuatir)n 
of the family liistory of >aid William Wdiite. I'.y this system it 
is easih' ])ossible to trace the lineage of an\- person upwards or 





It is the aim of this bo(3k to fitrnish a record of 'the genealogy 
of that branch of the White faniil>- which 'traces its descent 
throng-h AVilHam White and Deborah Tilton Wliite, who oanie 
to (the Province of New Brnns'wick with other LoyaHsts in 1783. 

The family lineage is herein traced back to 1670. In itthat 
}-ear Thomas White, carpenter, came to .\merica from Deal, 
Kent Count}-, I{nglan'd. In 1675 he l:)0iig4it land in ^lonmouth 
Count}', Xew Jersey ( no\\- United -States of America) from 
Thomas Potter and Judah AUen.'i- , He died in 1683 or 1684, 
leaving two sons, Samuel ar^ Peter. He also, possibi}-, ha'd a 
third son, A\'illiam, for the Coitrrty records show that one A\'ilham 
W'hite was a grand juror in 1678. and a marriage license was 
issued, August 23rd, 1669. fr)r the marriage of \\'illiam W^hite 
and ]\lary Katherine Dower. 

Peter White (2) is the ancestor of AA'illiam White, the 
Loyahst. His Ijrcither, Sainuel. patented land in Shrewsbury by 
the sea, where the Tucl<er family, who also came from Deal, 
England, had land. Thj site of this land is no'w called Deal, 
New Jersey. Peter White (2) owned land in what is still ]<nown 
as Shrewsbury, situated some fifteen miles from Deal. N. J. 
This land, (~)r ])art of it, was conveyed to him by dee.l from Sarah 
Parker, a widow, and her s^nis, (George and AVilHam, ]\lav loth, 

Although Samuel ( 2) is not in the line of descent which this 
book is designed to record, it ma}- be of interest to mention that 
he died in 1697, leaving three sons. Thomas, hi's eldest .son, was 
twice married, hnt the writer has not been able to ascertain either 

'See Salter's History of Momnovith County. 

2 Till-: WHITE I^AMILV. 

the name nr date of death <>f 'his iirst wife: the name of his 
second 'wife was EHzabeth I'ule : he died in 1712. The second 
son, Samuel, married EHzabeth W'ardell : he died, leaving a will 
A\ hioh is recorded in Xew Jcrse>- Archives, page 288. The third 
si.ii, Amos, married December 2nd. 1708. Hanna'h Mills, and died 
in I 729 or 1730. 

Eeter White (2) died in 1697. His will bears date, j\Iarch 
2orh, 1697, and was probated Junie lOth. i697.='- His wdfe's name 
was Alary, and by her he had ten children, ithree sons and se\'en 
daughters. Peter (3). pr<ibal)l_\- his eldest son, was born 
Sejtu'mbcr 17th, 1685: he married Abigail Lippincott, wIid was 
tlic- daughter of Remembrance and Margaret (Barbour) Eippin- 
cot:. She was bnrn September 17th, i('>2~,, and was alive C)cti_iber 
19th. 1734. Peter AAdiite (3) died in 1733: his will bears date 
Eebruary 14th, 1733. and was jirDved May 2nd. 1733. and is 
rec« irdeci at l^renton in P)Ook I'., folio 478. Robert, another son, 
married Marg-aret Hartsh()rne. and died May lOth. 1747. 
Th. imas. 'Hhe only 'Other son, tlied in 1747: his wife's name was 
(."hristian. Mary, one of I'eter's (2) several daughters, was b-rvrn 
janu-u'\- ii>th. ^(^/^^. married Richard Eip])incott, < k^dxT I2lh. 
T103. and died .\la\- 12th, 1723. Ann, another daughter, was 
twice married, first to Air. Suttoi 
C"]K>hire, I'ebruary 14th. i(»)2. I 
marriage it a])pears 'that the folio' 
the ceremony: Peter AAhite an( 
mother of the bride, John A\"ortk'y, S^amuel AA'hite, Th:>mas 
AAhite, Peter Tilton. Alargaret Eii)pincott. Elizabeth AAhite. 
junior, Sarah Reape. Jane AA'hite. Mary AA'hite, junior, and 
Elizabeth AA'hiite. A thirvl 'dati^ghtcr. Ehzabetii. was born Jamrar\" 
28th, 1680. and married Joseph Lippincott, August 17th, 17(^1. 
Sarath was the name of a fourth 'daughter, btit the writer lias l)een 
unable to glean any information concerning her beyond her name. 
Another 'daatghter. named Jane, married Thomas Garwood. Ttd_\- 
28th, 1673. There were two Other daughters referred to, but not 
n;imed in their fatHier's widl ; thev probably died young. 


The children of Peter White (3) and Abigail (Lippincott) 
W'hite are as follows: Briibton, born November 17, 1712. and mar- 
ried October 19, 1754, to Dinah Corliss ; Benjamin, who married 
Mary Morris; Peter (4), who married Huldy Tabor, January 22, 
1747'; Ruth, who married Joshua Btmd. or Bond: Sarah, born 

n, an'(" 

1 sec 


}• to 




!' f ini 



ird 'o 

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s 1 


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May 21, 1715, and married October 22, 1737, to Jacob Corliss; 
Hannah ,who married Job Cook, a son of Ebenezer and Mary 
(Patterson) Cook; Dorothy, who married Amos Chandler, April 
30, 1739; and Elizabeth and Abigail. 


The children of Peter White (4) and Huldah (Tabor) White 
were Benjamin, Philip, William, \ incent, Aaron, John, and 

Benjamin White (5), eldest son of Peter White (4), was 
born December 20, 1749, married Amah Ball, March 16, 1775. 
Died December 23, 1842, His wife, Amah, died April 21, 1816. 

The Rev. William White Hance, who is a descendant of 
Samuel (2), and has expended much time and care in searching 
out and tracing the pedigree of the White family, recently for- 
warded to Walter W. White, of St. John, copies of several papers 
found, to quote Mr. Hance's words, " among a lot of rubbish 
that came pretty near finding its place in the dust heap or furnace." 
Among the documents so rescued is an indenture of apprentice- 
ship signed by John Craddock, Benjamin White and Peter White, 
and bearing date the 18th March. 1766, in which it is witnessed 
that Benjamin White, son of Peter and Huldah White, of the 
township of Shrewsbury, with the consent of his father and 
mother, doth put himself an apprentice to John Craddoch, " I0 
" learn ye artt and mistery of ye trade he now followeth, that is, 
that of cordw^ainer or shoemaker and tanner, and with him to 
" serve from ye date hereof of the full term of three years and 
" ten months." 

There was also found and copied by Rev. Mr. Hance a letter 
to Benjamin White, dated St. Johns, Parr Town, September i.S, 
1784, and signed "your loving brother, William White." In 
this letter he speaks of liking " the place amazingly well." and of 
having a son, Philip, named after his own brother. 

Mr. Hance also found a fragment of a letter which apparently 
was written to Benjamin by his sister Susan, as it contains the 
following : " Mv kind love to Amy and all the children," and is 
signed " your loving sister till death, Sukey White." 

Also, there is a letter which would seem to have been written 
to Benjamin by his mother, Huldah, although the letter is in a 
fragmentary condition, and without address or date. It reads : 
" July ye 14, 1791- Dear son, — I rite, having this opportunity to 
let you know that I am in as good health as can be expected for 
so old a woman as I am. I had a hard spell of sickness last 
spring, but I lived thru it, and thank God for His merciful good- 


There was also found a letter addressed to Benjamin White, 
Dartmouth, near Long Plain, and dated July ye 15, 1791, signed 
" your loving brother till death, John White," in which John 
speaks of having recently returned from travelling eleven hundred 
miles among the " nine nations Indians," where, he states, " they 
kill people and eat them,"' and in which letter he expresses his 
intention to visit his brother Benjamin " in a year or two if 
nothing happens." 

There is one other letter found bv Mr. Hance, and which he 
is inclined to believe was written to Benjamin White, son of Peter 
(4), by his brother John, although it bears date twenty-nine years 
after that of John's letter of July 15, 1791. It is addressed to 
" Benjamin White, at New Bedford, near the Long Plains, in the 
State of Massachusetts." It reads: " Long Branch, Shrewsbury, 
" November 17, 1820. Dear Brother,- — I have the pleasure to 
" inform you that through boundless mercies I do wish my family 
" and friends in general enjoy good health, and most cheerfully 
" hope these lines may find you in possession of the same. Sister 
" Susan and family is in health, except her son John, and he is on 
" the recovery. My son Benjamin is married and lives with 
" me," etc. John follows something about getting in the spring 
rails, for which, he says, he would have to charter a vessel, and 
desires to know positively if Benjamin will lie ready for its com- 
ing. It is signed " from vour brother and friend, lohn White." 
" Philip White (5), son of Peter White (4) and Huldah White, 

was born 1756; married ( i ) , by whom he had a son John, 

who was born December 8, 1772, and married Susan, daughter 
of Gilbert Lane; married (2) October 29, 1773, Jane ^Miers. by 
whom he had a daughter Susan, born !\Iarch 6th, 1775. 

(Selected from E','ertoii Ryerson's. D D . History of the Loyalists of .'America.) 

Captain Richard Lippincott, born in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, 
January 2nd, 1745. He married Esther Bx^'den, daughter of 
Jeremiah Borden, of Bordentown, New Jersey. He warmly 
espoused the side of the Crown, and was early in the war captured 
and confined in Burlington jail, from which he escaped in 1776, 
and made his wav to the British army at Staten Island. His 
connection with the execution of Captain Joshua Huddy, of the 
Rebel service, attracted a great deal of attention both in Europe 
and America. Captain Huddv was a partisan officer of some 
repute in New Jersey, and had been concerned in the nnirder of 
a Loyalist named Philip \\'hite, who was a relative of Lippincott 
and a resident of Shrewsbury. Shortly after Capt. Huddy was 
captured and taken as prisoner to New York. The board of 


Associated Loyalists of New York sent Capt. Lippincott to 
Middleton Point or Sandy Hook with Capt. Huddy and two other 
prisoners to exchange for prisoners held by the Rebels. He was 
authorized to execute Huddy in retaliation for White, who had 
already been put to death. Therefore, on the 12th of April, 
1782, having exchanged the two other prisoners, Capt. Lippincott 
hung Huddy on a tree by the beach under the Middleton Heights. 
In 1867 the tree was still to be seen, and tradition keeps alive in 
the neighborhood the story connected with it. Capt. Lippincott 
who was evidently only obeying orders, pinned a paper on 
Huddy's breast, with the following inscription : " We, the Re- 
fugees, having long with grief beheld the cruel murders of our 
brethren, and finding nothing but such measures carrying into 
execution, we therefore determine not to suffer without taking 
vengeance for the numerous cruelties, and thus begin, having 
made use of Capt. Huddy as the first object to present to your 
view, and further determine to hang man for man while there is 
a Refugee existing. Lp goes Huddy for Philip White.'' 

Washington, hearing of Huddy's death, demanded the sur- 
render of Capt. Lippincott from the Royalists' authorities in order 
that he might be put to death. This demand was refused, and 
Washington then ordered the execution of one officer of equal 
rank, to be chosen by lot from among the prisoners in his hands. 
The lot fell upon Capt. Asgil, of the guards, who was only nine- 
teen years of age. The British authorities secured a respite, 
under promise of trying Capt. Lippincott by court marital. After 
a full inquiry, Lippincott was honourably acquitted. Through 
the appeals of Lady Asgil, Capt. Asgil's mother, to the French 
minister, obtained from Washington, after long delay, Capt. 
Asgil's release, but Asgil and Lippincott were not set at liberty 
till the close of the war, when Lippincott moved to Xew Bruns- 
wick, to a place called Pennfield, where he lived till 1787, when 
he went to England and remained to the end of 1788, and in 1793 
left New Brunswick and settled in the township of Vaughn, near 
Toronto. He died at his daughter's, ]\lrs. Geo. Taylor Denison, 
in 1826, aged eighty-one years. 

When the Rebellion broke out in 1775. Philip (5) and his 
brother William joined the King's army. Philip was captured 
by the Rebels, under the command of Henry Huddy, on the 30th 
of March, 1782, and was by his captors thrown into a pig-pen, 
bound hand and foot. On his attempting to crawl away from 
the pigs, he was beaten and hacked rnvil. through loss of blood, 
he died. Shortly after Huddy was himself captured by the 
Loyalists and hanged on a tree, the crowd of onlookers shouting 


'■ Up goes Huddy for White."* Durincr the war, PhiHp was in 
command of the schooner " Hero's Revenge," of which he, and 
Daniel Sickels, were the principal owners." In the event of the 
death of Philip, the command of the vessel was to be taken over 
successively by William, then Aaron, and then Vincent, according 
to the instructions of Philip's commission, which was dated March 
27. 1777. This vessel carried three swivel guns and some 
musketry, and was bound on a vovage to the island of Xew Pro- 
vidence. Philip White also held a'^commission as prize master 
of the schooner " Wasp," then stationed in the vicinity of New 

Aaron (5), brother of Peter and William, joined the Whigs 
when the Revolution broke out, and the writer could find no 
further record of him. 

Vincent, another brother, fought in the war of the Rebellion, 
and receivedhis discharge in 1783. Copies, or the originals, of 
the commissions and discharge above mentioned are now held 
by Wilham V. White, of Carleton County, New Brunswick, and 
afford conclusive proof of the identity 'of the persons nam^d 
therein, as grantees, with the William White Lovalist familv, 
At the close of the war in 1783, A'incent, with other Loyalists, 
came to St. John, then called Parr Town, and which was then a 
wilderness of rocks and trees, where the government granted to 
him Town Lot No. 954, which was forty by one hundred feet ^n 
size. He married Susan Carle, of Grand Lake. Queens County, 
and settled on a farm two miles west of While's Cove, and 
adjoining White's Point, now called Robertson's Point. Their 
issue was as follows: William, unmarried; Huldv, married 
Leonard Bent; Sarah, married William .McDonald; Thomas, who 
married Ann Mcintosh; Michael, married a Miss Cole; "fohn, 
married Eleanor ^lanzer ; and Mary Ann, married Richard'Car- 

John, another son of Peter White (4), married some time 
prior to 1784, Margaret Cook. He died in 1822. His wife died 
in 1829 or 18,^0, leaving the following children : lohn, Benjamin, 
Deborah and William Vincent. 

Susan, one of the daughters of Peter White (4), married 
Slocum Vandyke, a son of Isaac and Maribe ( Slocum) \'andyke. 
and the marriage is recorded in New Jersey Archives, Vo].' 22. 
The name Vandyke was called Van Dyck up' to the death of Rev. 
Henry Van Dyck in 1744. John and Sarah Vandyke had two 
sons, Henry and Peter. Henry had the following issue: Henry, 
Samuel, Vincent, Isaac, Michael and Hannah. '^Peter Vandvke 
lived in Portopeck, near Eatontown, New Jersey, and his sons 

*See Appendix. 


were Elisha and Peter. Elisha married Jennie Hill, and their 
son, Elisha, resides (1903) in Long Branch, N. J. Peter, un- 
married, resides (1903) between Eatontown and Long Branch. 


William and \'incent White, the Loyalists, had a cousin, Jesse 
Tabor, born in 1754 in Monmouth County, New Jerse}-, of Eng- 
lish parents. His father was Noah Tabor, a brother to the Huldy 
Tabor who married Peter White, the father of William, and his 
mother was jMeribah Wolcott. When twenty years of age he 
joined the British army as one of the Jersey volunteers, and two 
and a half years later married Elizabeth Wood, who was bo'-n 
in England, July 4th. 1763. He got his discharge, and, with 
other Loyalists, came to St. John, N. B., in the ship " Sally," 
Capt. Bell, October 27th, 1783. On the 3rd of April, 1784, he, 
with his wife, rrioved to Hammond River, in the Parish of Hamp- 
ton, in Kings County, and in 1798 they moved again thirteen miles 
further up river, where they lived until his death, in 1844. Mrs. 
Tabor died in 1857. The sons of Jesse Tabor and Elizaoeth 
(Wood) Tabor were Jesse, George, James Xoah and Charles. 


William White (5) was born October 28. 1759, in Monmouth 
County, New Jersey. He served in the Royal army all through 
the Revolution, during which he received a lieutenant's commis- 
sion. As already stated, he married June 7, 1779, Deborah Tilton, 
of Middleton, New Jersey, who was bom in Shrewsbury in 1752. 
Her parents were opposed to the match, and the young couple 
were married in New York, and settled in Garden City, on Long 
Island. At the close of the war their property was confiscated, 
and they, with one child, Philip, nine months old (Edward, their 
first child, having died in New York when two years and six 
months old), and Vincent White (William's brother) came ^o 
St. John, then Parr Town. The government granted to William, 
Town Lots numbers 570 and 655, each forty by one hundred 
feet, and situate respectively on the north and south sides of 
Princess Street. William and Deborah lived in Parr Town three 
years, where their third child, Peter (6) was born March 22, 
1785. They then moved to Kennebeccasis, on a farm at the west 
end of what is known as Grooms' Bridge, about two miles west 
from Hampton, now railroad station. While living there another 
child, Samuel (6), was born March 14. 1787. After a residence 
there of about three years they moved to what has been since 
called White's Cove. Grand Lake. Oueens County, where thev 


encountered great hardships, making a new home under maay 
difficulties. They purchased from James Drummond the west 
half of a lot or farm in "Waterborough, which had been granted 
to Drummond by the Crown, and paid therefor ten pounds. The 
deed bears date January 8, 1789, and was recorded in Book B, 
pages 174 and 175 of Records, the 24th day of July, 1789, at 
Gagetown, Queens County. In 1792 they purchased from Daniel 
Morrell the eastern half of the same lot, the deed bearing date 
November 7, 1792, and being recorded in Book D, pages 205 and 
206. January 28, 1800. 

The first house they built was made of logs notched together 
at the corners and chinked with wood and moss, the fire-place 
being after the Dutch fashion, with little or no jambs, and '^o 
constructed that a sled-length stick could be laid on the fire. 
Probably the fire-place plan was an imitation of those in the 
homes of the many Dutch settlers in New Jersey. They went 
to work with a will and determination to make the best of their 
new home, and soon had a more modern house, where many a 
traveller found a welcome resting-place. 

Mrs. White often laid her babe away in some quiet spot and 
worked in the field side by side with her husband, doing her 
housework in the evenings. In the winter, she sometimes travel- 
led across Grand Lake, five miles, on snowshoes, drawing grain 
loaded on a toboggan, which, after grinding in a hand-mill, she 
would take back to her home, quite satisfied, although the flour 
was doubtless not equal to Ogilvie's best. The grist mills of that 
time were crude affairs, consisting of an upper and a lower stone, 
each similar to an ordinary grindstone of about thirty inches *n 
diameter. By turning a crank the upper stone was made to 
revolve, and crush between the " upper and the nether millstone " 
the grain which was introduced through a hole in the centre of 
the upper stone. Notwithstanding the fact that Mrs. White 
came of more prosperous people than her husband, she cheerfully 
shared the hardships of his life, and proved to be a most devoted 
wife and mother. She had a large family, and was esteemed and 
respected by all her neighbours for her unceasing kindness and 
labours of love. Two bachelor neighbours, named Holdrum, 
who lived on an adjacent farm, 100 acres, willed her all their 
property in return for her many acts of kindness in making and 
mending their clothing, and helping to make their home com- 


Children of William and Deborah (Tilton) White: 

I. — Edward, born March 7, 1780, in New York; died 
December 23, 1782. 

1. II. — Philip, born September 19, 1782, in New York; mar- 

ried ( I ) Phoebe Lawson. issue, eight children ; 
married (2) Catherine Lawson, issue, five children. 

2. III. — Peter, born March 22, 1785, in St. John, N. B. ; mar- 

ried Charlotte Buckhout, March 21, 1807; died 
December 15, 1853. 

3. IV. — Samuel, born March 14, 1787, in Kings County, N. 

B. ; married Elizabeth McFarlane ; no issue ; she 
died January 24, 1875, he having predeceased her, 
April 8, 1870. 

4. V. — Vincent, born August 18. 1789, at Grand Lake, 

Queens County, N. B. ; married Mary Dykeman, 
March 13, 1815; issue, ten children; he died May 
21, 1884; she died February 4, 1890. 

5. VI. — Huldah, born January 26, 1791 ; died in infancy. 

6. VII. — Mary, born October i, 1793; married William Wig- 

gins, December 8, 1807 ; he died June 25, 1861, and 
she died November 7, 1876. 

6. VIII. — Susan, born March 18, 1796; married Hiram Briggs ; 

issue, eight. 

7. IX. — Sarah, twin sister, married Henry Manzer; issue, 


8. X. — Deborah Tilton, born October 9, 1798; married 

Samuel Wilson; issue, twelve. 

9. IX. — Eleanor, born August 28, 1801 ; married Jedediah 

Fairweather ; issue, seven. 



Philip White, the second son of William and Deborah ( Til- 
ton) White, was born September 19, 1782, in New York, and came 
to St. John with his parents in 1783, with other Loyalists. He 
married ( i ) Phciebe Lawson, in September, 1805, and they had 
eight children; (2) Catherine Lawson, a sister of his first wife, 
in 1821 ; issue, five children. Their liomc was at the Narrows, 
Washademoak Lake, then called Wickham, Queens Countv, and 
now Cambridge. 

By his first wife : 

10. L — William Edward, born April 10, 1807; issue, three. 

11. H. — Alary, born 1808; issue, five. 

12. HI. — Charlotte, born February 11, 1809; issue, nine. 

13. 1\'. — Samuel, born January 10, 181 1; issue, nine. 

14. \'. — Peter, born December 17, 181 3; issue, six. 

15. \ I. — John Lawson, born 1814; issue, nine. 

i(). \'II. — Elizabeth, born September 2^, 1816; issue, nine. 

17. \'in. — Lanah, born 1819; issue, seven. 

By second wife : 
IX. — Andrew, born 1823; married Maggie IJcvard. 

18. X. — Benjamin, born 1825; issue, six. 

19. XL — Phtebe, born 1828; issue, two. 

20. XII. — Sarah G., born h>bruary 13, 1833; issue, three. 
XIII. — Edward; married Louise Starkey. 

Peter White, third son of AA'illiam and Deborah (Tilton) 
White, was born March 22, 1785, in St. John, N. B. He learned 
the trade of tanner and currier with M. Alelick, in St. John, and 
started in that business at White's Cove, Grand Lake, Queens 
County, but unfortunately his tannery and all his property were 
burned. March 21, 1807, he married Charlotte Buckhout, of St. 
John, and they lived on a 'farm adjoining that of his father. He 
carried on a tannerv business in a small way. Early in life he 
lost his health, and was a martyr to asthma, and unable to sleep 
in a bed. He died December 15, 185^, and his wife. Tune 23, 



21. I. — John Tilton, born April 5, 1808; issue, eight, 
n.- — EUzabeth, born June 7, 1809; died in infancy. 

22. HI. — Deborah, born October 7, 1810; issue, twelve. 

23. IV. — Phoebe C, born June 8, 1813 ; issue, nine. 

24. \'.^Samuel X'incent, born July 14, 1815; issue, nine. 
VL — Asa L.. born June 4, 1817; died February i, 1841. 

Vn. — Hiram B., born May 20, 1821 ; died in infancy. 
VIII. — Edward H., born February 6, 1825; married (i) 
Matilda J. Davis, October 2, 1846; (2) Harriett 
Larabee, April 12, 1887. 

25. IX. — George W., born May 12, 1826; issue, ten. 


Samuel, fourth son of William and Deborah ( Tilton ) White, 
was born March 14, 1787, at Groom's Bridge, Kings County, and 
married Elizabeth McFarlane, of Canning, Grand Lake, Queens 
County, March 27, 1809. About the year 181 1 they moved with 
Vincent White (then unmarried) to the Point farm at White's 
Point, now called Robertson's Point, Grand Lake, Queen's 
County. Everything they owned was easily carried to their new 
home in a row-boat, but in a few years they moved from a small 
log cabin into one of the grandest houses then in the County, con- 
nected with which were many outbuildings, including a tenement 
house for joiner apd blacksmith. In 1822 or thereabouts Samuel 
and his wife Elizabeth moved to Belleisle, Kings County, on the 
farm afterwards occupied by his brother Vincent, taking with 
them the two eldest children of Vincent, viz. ; Gilbert and \'ince;it 
Samuel. Their residence at Belleisle was comparatively short, 
probably six years, when they returned to White's Point, and 
occupied the same house from which they had removed, living as 
tenants in common with \^incent and Mary his wife, until Sep- 
tember, 1829, when the brothers dissolved partnership, and 
Vincent and his familv moved to Belleisle. During this time 
Mrs. Samuel White, or Aunt Betsy, as she was better known, 
had almost full charge of the children of Vincent, and when 
Vincent's family moved to Belleisle, the second child, Vincent S.. 
was left with his Uncle Samuel and Aunt Betsy as their adopted 
son and heir. It would hardly be possible to find a more bene- 
volent woman than Aunt Betsy ; all comers received a welcome 
and her kindest attention ; and, although she and her husband 
had no issue, they adopted and brought up thirteen or more 
dependent children. Her disposition was to keep alive all the 
increase of animals and poultry on the farm. She would not 


unfrequently have about the premises at the same time as many 
as twenty or more cats, four to six dog's, and one hvmdred or 
more hens ; and to prevent the place from being overrun with these 
pets, her husband hired men to destrov them on the sly, or to 
secretly dispose of them in some other way. Although she and 
her husband lived a few years in Chipman, they both spent their 
last days, and died, on the Point farm, and are buried there in 
the old church lot, which is now quite neglected, as no provision 
seems to have been made for its care. Samuel died April 8, 
1870, and she died January 24, 1875. 

X'incent White, fifth and youngest son of William and Deborah 
( Tilton ) Wdiite, was born August 18, 1798, at White's Cove, 
Grand Lake, Queens County, N. B. In 181 1 he visited his 
relatives in New Jersey, the birthplace of his parents. Among 
these relatives were the Vandykes, related by the marriage of 
Slocum Vandyke to Susan White, a sister of Vincent's father. 
Some of his relatives were Quakers, and among them w^ere 
families of Tiltons, relatives of his mother, Deborah Tilton. 

Before returning to Xew Brunswick he visited New London, 
Connecticut, and while there purchased from the owners, who 
were then resident in New London, a farm situate on Grand 
Lake, in this Province, at what is now called Robertson's Point. 
This farm comprised 400 acres, and consisted of lots 22 and 23 
granted by the Crown to Isaac \ . N. Crannell and Robert Cran- 
nell. The deed bears date October 19, 181 1, and is signed by 
Isaac V. N. Crannell and wife, James I'axter and wife, and Sar.ih 

One acre of this land was conveyed by A'incent by deed, dated 
January 15, 182 1. to the rector and churchwardens, for church and 
school purposes. Upon this acre a church was built, the rector 
being the Rev. Abraham Wood, a missionary from Yorkshire, 
England, who was ordained in 1818 at London, England, and 
came to New Brunswick in 1819. He continued rector of the 
church at the Point until 1862, when he retired from active work 
and removed to St. John, where he lost all his property in the 
great fire of 1877, ^"^1 where he died, January 23, 1879. He was 
a man of large stature, of genial and kindlv disposition, and be- 
loved by all who knew him. 

Upon Vincent's return to the Province, he and his brother 
Samuel, with the latter's wife, Elizabeth, took up their residence 
together upon this farm. They lived at first in a log cabin which 



they built at the back of the pond, then quite a large bodv of 
water, but afterwards artificially drained, so that to-day it is of 
inconsiderable size. 

When Vincent went there to live, the Point, as it was then 
and still is called, was covered by a magnificent growth of lof*;y 
pine trees, towering to a height which rendered them a conspicu- 
ous landmark for miles around. It was not long, however, be- 
fore the brothers cleared this Point and erected upon it one of 
the largest and finest houses then to be found in the County. 

Both brothers were active, enterprising and industrious, and 
their undertakings prospered and rapidly extended into many 
different lines of business. They kept public house, a store, 
blacksmith shop, carpenter shop, and hay scales, and carried on 
an extensive business in fishing and lumbering, so that, during 
their joint occupancy, the Point was a thriving and stirring place. 
At that time there was abundance of gaspereaux in the lake, and 
catching these fish and shipping them to the West Indies formed 
a considerable part of the business carried on by the two brothers. 

They also carried on a large business at Chipman (then Salmon 
River) in manufacturing square pine timber. Many pieces of 
this timber, when ready for shipment, were over forty inches 
square. This pine timber was a'l shipped to England, and often 
in times of depression sold there for less than half its cost in St. 

There were no tug boats in those days, and the timber was 
taken to St. John in rafts, propelled by sails when the wind was 
favourable, and anchored in the lee of some sheltering point '"n 
time of storm. In calm weather, and also when the wind was not 
too strongly adverse, the rafts were propelled down the Grand 
Lake by " kedging." This was done by sinking some distance 
ahead of the raft an anchor connected by a long, stout rope, with 
a windlass placed securely upon the timber. As this rope was 
wound upon the windlass the raft was slowly drawn towards the 
anchor, which, when reached, was again carried farther in advance 
and the same operation was repeated. It often required half a 
dozen men to man the windlass, and as many more to lift and 
carry forward the anchor, and the work of kedging was a slow 
and toilsome one. 

The brothers Vincent and Samuel took to St. John the first 
saw logs manufactured there into deals. They sold these logs 
to R. Hamilton, Son & Co., merchants in St. John, who had them 
sawn by hand, and shipped to Cork, in 1822, in the schooner 
" Amelia," Captain Spencer (z'ide Lawrence's " Footprints." 
page go). These deals were sent as samples, with the assurance 


tha"., if suitable, large demamls for more would soon follow. 
The}- did suit, and have continued in yearly increasing demand 
up to this present year. 1905. 

Un March 13, 1815, \incent married Alary Dykeman, eldest 
daughter of Gilbert Dykeman. who was a resident of Jemseg, 
Queens County, and a Loyalist. Gilbert Dykeman's wife was 
Dorcas Manzer, daughter of Barnet Manzer and Mary Lester 
Manzer, also Loyalists, who for some time owned and occupied 
four acres in St. John, bounded by what are now Waterloo and 
Golding Streets. 

In or about the year 1822 Samuel and X'incent White bought 
a farm at Springiield, Belleisle, and Samuel and his wife Elizabeth 
moved to it, taking with them Gilbert and Samuel, the eldest two 
children of \"incent and Mary, as they had no children of th^ir 

The writer has no record of exactly how long Samuel and wife 
C()ntinued to reside at Belleisle. but it was not many years till they 
returned to Grand Lake, and again took up their residence witli 
X'incent and Mary. 

In September. 1829, \incent and wife, in their turn, removed 
to Belleisle, and upon the same farm previously occupied by 
Samuel. \'incent built a hue house, with numerous outbuildings, 
and soon had one of the best cultivated and most productive 
farms in Kings County, and withal one of the neatest and best 
kept, for while they believcil in the gospel of hard work, both 
X'incent and his wife had a strong innate love of order and 
beauty in their surroundings. They were among the most suc- 
cessful farmers of their day, and would allow no drones in the 
hive. All the famil\- clothing, including boots and shoes, was 
made on the farm. Thev maintained their own blacksmith shop, 
wherein all their horses and oxen were shod, and other iron work 
required on the farm was made. They had on the farm a tannery, 
wherein they manufactured all the leather they used, and they 
made their own harness and saddlery. They always had a large 
number of employees living and working on the farm, and many 
i)f these were from Ireland, whence there came to this Province 
in those days a considerable number of immigrants. Vincent 
an(l Mar\- had ten children, a'l of whom were living when their 
parents had been sixty years married. In that year { 1875) there 
was a gatliering of the famil\- in Sussex to celebrate the sixtieth 
anniyersar\- of X'incent and Mary's nriniage. All of their ten 
children were at that time resident within the Province, and 
attended this anniversary celebration. Nearly all of the numer- 
ous grandchildren and a number of g'-eat-grandchildren were 
present. l"p to that time there had never been a death of any 



person in the old homestead in Belleisle. \'incent died there, 
May 2 1 St, 1884, and is buried in the churchyard at White's 
Corner. His wife Mary died February 4th, 1890, at the residence 
of her daughter, Mrs. Marven, Belleisle, and lies buried beside 
her husband. 


I. — Gilbert, born March 3, 1816; issue, five, 
n. — \'incent Samuel, born February 22, 1818; issue, one. 
HL — William Henry, born August 12, 1820; issue, five. 
lY. — James Edward, born December 11, 1822; issue, 

A. — Simeon Hatfiekl, born !May 20, 1825 ; issue, five. 
VI. — Jacob Dykeman, born September i, 1827; issue, 
VTI. — Dorcas Elizabeth, born May 22. 1830; issue, three. 
ATII. — Hiram Briggs, born March 4, 1833 '■> issue, five. 
IX. — Deborah Jane, born September 18, 1835; issue, three. 
X. — Charles Titus, born January 12, 1839; issue, six. 

Mary, eldest daughter of William and Deborah (Tilton) 
White, was born at Grand Lake, Queens County, October i, 
1793; married William Wiggins, December 8, 1807; issue, twelve 
children. He died June 25, 1861, and she died November 7, 


36. I. — William W.. born February 11, 1809; issue, eleven. 
II. — Jacob F., born April 2'/, 1812; died December 22, 

III. — Benjamin G., died September 19, 1837. 

37. IV. — \'incent White, born November 24, 1813; issue, six. 

38. V. — Daniel S., born June 3, 1816; issue, seven. 

39. \1. — Martha Ann, born June 23, 1822; issue, seven. 

40. VII. — Stephen S., born December 25, 1824; issue, eleven. 

41. VIII. — Sophia M., born June 18, 1827; issue, six. 

42. IX. — Elizabeth S., born September i, 1830; issue, two. 

43. X. — Esther Corey, born April 11, 1832; issue five. 

44. XL — Deborah Schofield, born April 30, 1835; issue, eight. 

45. XII. — Mary Victoria, bom November 4, 1837; issue, seven. 


Susan White was born March 18, 1796, and married Hiram 
Briggs. They first resided at White's Cove, Grand Lake, Queens 
County, but several years later they moved to Salmon Creek ( now 
Chipman, Queens County), where they '^pent their remaining 
days in comfortable circumstances. 


46. I. — Lucretia, born 1816; issue, thirteen. 

47. n. — Mahala, born March 3. 1819; issue, five. 

48. HI. — Sarah H., born 1821 ; issue, six. 

49. IV. — Stephen, born 1823; issue, nine. 

50. V. — Alfred, born 1825 ; issue, three. 

51. VI. — Charlotte, born October 11, 1826; issue, seven. 
VII. — Samuel \\\, born 1828; married Emma Rourke; 

issue, one son, Harrv, an attorney-at-law. 

52. MIL- — Diademia, born February 9, 1837; issue, seven. 

Sarah White was twin sister of Susan ; married Henry Manzer. 


I. — Eleanor, born August 2, 1819; married John White; 
no issue ; died in Ontario. 

53. II. — Rose Ann, born 1823; issue, three. 

III. — Amos C, born March 17, 1825; married Mary 
Courtenay ; no issue. 

54. IV.^Mary Lester, born April 12, 1827; issue, eight. 

55. V.^ — Amelia J., born March 12, 183 1 ; issue, seven. 

56. VI. — Deborah Tilton, born March 2, 1833; issue, three. 
VII. — Sarah, born April 12, i83(); married John Robert- 
son ; issue, nine. 

VIII. — Elizabeth W.. born March 12, 1838; married James 
Crosley in 1862; issue, one son, Charles. 

57. IX. — Samuel White, born 1840 ; issue, five. 


Deborah Tilton White was born October 9. 1798; married 
Samuel Wilson and settled on a farm in Wickham (now Cam- 
bridge). Washademoak Lake, Narrows, Queens County, N. B. 
She "had twelve children, and died July 14, 1874. 


58. I. — Frances E., born March 23, 1817; issue, eight. 

59. II. — Eliza J., born September 22, 1819; issue, ten. 

60. III. — Eleanor A., born February 18, 1822; issue, nine. 
IV. — ^^William, born June, 1824; married Jane Little; : o 


61. V. — Vincent, born December 8, 1826; issue, eleven. 
VI. — Martha, born January 15, 1828; never married. 

62. MI. — Samuel, born December 8, 1830; issue, five. 

VIII. — Alfred, born ; married (i) Martha Jones, 

by wdiom he had issue, one daughter, Laura, 
who married George W. Mullin ; (2) Olivia 

63. IX. — Jacob, married Lauretta Little; issue, nine. 

64. X. — James H., born February 6. 1837; issue, six. 
XL — George S.. born January 24, 1839; never married. 

XII. — Deborah Tilton, born June 4, 1844; married Samuel 
Hart ; no issue. 

Eleanor White was born August 28, 1801, and married 
Jedediah Fairweather. 


I. — Phoebe E., born September 10, 1824; issue, nine. 
II. — Nelson ; issue, five. 
III. — Mary; issue, three. 
IV. — Emma J. ; issue, three. 

A'. — Adelaide ; issue, four. 
VI. — Margaret ; issue, five. 
VII. — Eliza; issue, four. 




William Edward White, oldest son of Philip White and 
Phoebe ( Lawson ) White, was born April lo, 1807; marri.^l 
Catherine Marshall at Grand Lake, Queens Countv, January i, 
1839, and died April 29, 1884, at Telbury, East Kent County, 
Ontario, where he was then residing. His wife died August 12, 
i86s, at Douglas Harbour, Grand Lake, New Brunswick. 


L — De Lesdermir Harwood, born October 15, 1840: 
issue, seven, 
n.— Janet Ann M. ; died in infancy. 
HL— Marshall Wellsley J.; died in infancy. 


Mary, eldest daughter of Philip White and Phrebe (Lawson) 
White, was born 1808; marrietl Andrew Lipset in 1828. 


L — John, born December 29, 1829; died February, 
Philip, born April, 1831 ; married Eliza I\L Seeds; issue, 
III. — Phoebe, born Fel)ruarv 28, 1833; married John 
Leiper, hAdjruarv 21, 1853; issue, two; died Sep- 
ber 17, 1889. 
I\^ — Jane, born April 14, 1835; married Nathaniel Morris. 
V. — Margaret, born March 17, 1837; married Edward 
Glendenning, September 28, 1863; died Octo- 
ber 9, 1904. 



Charlotte White, second daughter of Philip White, was born 
February 1 1, 1809; married John Robertson, March 9, 1830, and 
died October 9, 1891. Her husband died November 16, 1879. 


73. I. — Samuel White, born December 13, 1830; issue, 


74. II. — John ]\Iarshall, born September 28, 1832; issue, six. 
III.— William Henry, born May 13. 1834; married Ellen 

Jordan, February 16, 1876; issue, one daughter; 
died 1903. 
I\\ — Phcebe Lawson, born January 7, 1836; married 
Samuel Wilson, August 20, 1859; no issue; 
she died October 29, 1859. 

75. V. — Annie Louise, born February 4, 1838; issue, six. 

76. Yl. — George Gordon Byron, born January 2^, 1840; 

issue, four. 
VII. — Alexander Selkirk, born September i, 1842; un- 
VIII. — jMargaret Elizabeth, born January 30, 1845; married 
Clowse White ; no issue. 
IX. — Charles, died in infancv. 


Samuel ^^^^ite, second son of Philip and Phoebe (Lawson) 
White, was born January 16, 181 1; married Margaret Davi?, 
]\Iarch I, 1838; died February 26, 1901 ; she died May 16, 1898. 


77. I. — Philip, born Januarv 24. 1839; issue, seven. 

7S. II.— John Davis, born August 7, 1840; issue, four. 

III. — S. William ; died in infancy. 

IV.— Sarah E., born May 30. 1844: married William 

Worden, June 25, 1859; no issue. 

V. — Charity Olive, born March 22, 1846; unmarried. 

79. VI. — William S., born February 22, 1848; issue, four. 

80. VII. — Charles G., born November 7, 1849; issue, three. _ 
VIII. — Henry D., born May 27, 1853; married Cornelia 

'Norton, September 7, 1884; issue, one son, 
Louis, who died May 15, 1889. 



Peter White, third son of PhiHp and Phcebe (Lawson) White, 
was born December 17, 1813; married Esther S. Wiggins, Janu- 
ary 27, 1844; died May 22, i860; his widow died May 10, 1894. 


I. — Eben Harry, born January 21, 1846; died March 
20, 1861. 
II. — Ehzabeth Ann, bom January 13, 1848; died in 
III. — Henry Kirk, born November 7, 1849; married (i) 
Catherine Grant, August 17, 1875; married (2) 
Jane Christy, September, 1888; issue, one son, 
Henry Havelock, born February 14. 1890, 
IV. — Helen, born June 2;^^, 1851 ; married Thomas Christy, 
September 3, 1868; issue, two sons, John Kirk 
and Wesley, 
v.- — Esther R., born November 5, 1853; died in infancv. 
VI. — Amelia Mount, born August 25, 1855; married 
Edward O. Goldthwaite, November 17, 188 1 ; 
issue, one son, Clarence. 
VII. — Neville \ ., born March 23, 1858; died in infancy. 
VIII. — Rebecca Anne, born January 5, i860; married Wil- 
liam T. Stewart, April 2, 1884; issue, one son, 
Stanley Earl, born November 5, 1895. 
IX. — Carrie Elsie, born September 18, 1862; married Wil- 
liam Cowan, May 7, 1884; issue, one daughter, 
Helen M., born in February, 1887, and died 
May 24, 1 89 1. 
X. — Eva Eveline, born May 22, 1864; married Charles 
D. Philips, June 15, 1892; issue, four, whose 
names are Elsie Esther Arvilda, born August 
21, 1893; Hazel Lydia, born October 6, 1897; 
Carrie Eveline, born August 11, 1901 ; and 
Clarence C. D., born May 8, 1903. 



John Lawson White, fourth son of Philip and Phoebe (Law- 
son) White, was born in 1814. and married Lucy Corning. 


I.— Charlotte, born July 31, 1838; married Jamss 
Stevens, December 16, 1857. 
II. — Norman B. ; died young. 

81. III. — George A., born August 10, 1845; issue, nine. 
IV. — Mary R., bom August, 1846; married (i) Samuel 

Ogden, and (2) Sylvester Brown. 

82. V. — Benjamin Lorenzo Dow, born July 4. 1849; issue, 

VI. — John Nelson; died, aged 18. 
VII. — Matilda; died, aged 24. 
VIII.— David A. ; dead. 

IX. — William J.; died, aged 12. 


Elizabeth White, third daughter of Philip and Phoebe (Law- 
son) White, was born September 23, 18 16; married George H. 
Chase, October 22, 1834, and died February 9, 1900. 


I. — William Henry, born November i, 1835; married 

Mary Flowers; was drowned April 19, 1878. 

II. — Mary Elizabeth, born October 3, 1837; married 

James Estabrooks, May 6, 1868; died June 3. 


III. — Earl Douglas, born February 3, 1839; married Jane 

IV. — Lavinia Jane, born December 10, 1841 ; married 
James Bailey, July 11, 1866. 
V. — Drucilla, born May 15, 1844; married William 
Floyd, October 3, 1864. 
VI.— Reuben F., born July 19, 1846; married Nellie 

VII. — Charlotte A., born November 23, 1848; married 
Samuel Dunn, July 21, 1868. 
VIII. — Lucy A., born November 6, 1851 ; married Donald 
' W. Dunbar, July 20, 1871. 
IX. — George S., born February 23, 1854; married Cather- 
ine Fowler, April 11, 1878. 



Lanah White, fourth daug-hter of I'hihp and Phoehe ( Lav/- 
son) White, was bom 1819; married Samuel Nichols, April 7. 


L — Charles E.. borp. August i. 1837; married Grace 
Kins; ; issue, three. 
n. — Samuel V., born December 28, 1839; married Emily 
Carpenter ; issue, three. 
111. — John J., born January 12, 1841 ; married Amy 

Pomeroy ; issue, three. 
ly. — Matilda C, born June n). 1843; married Isaac AIc- 
Greg-or ; issue, four. 
V. — Delilah A., born April 7, 1845 ; married Thomas 
Austin ; issue, one. 
\T. — Georoe W., born August 24, 1851. 
yil. — Abraham W. W., liorn June 10, 1853. 


Benjamin White, second son of Philij) and Catherine ( Law 
son) White, was born 1825, and married Frances Knight. 


I. — Louise ; married Lovett. 

II. — Sophia Amelia, born January zy, 1855. 
III. — Charlotte Ann. born March 31, 1857; niarricd 


IV. — Charles, 
v.— Berfield. 
VI.— Fred. 


Phoebe White, eldest daughter of Philiji and Catherine (Law- 
son) White, was born 1828, and married James Blizard. 


I. — Alfred A. ; married Gertrude Kerr. 
II.— Charles. 



Sarah G. White, second daughter of PhiHp and Catherine 
(Lawson) White, was born February 13, 1833, and married 
Charles E. Nichols, September 6, 1855. 


83. I. — Charles W., born September 29, i860; issue, three, 
n.- — Amanda C. P., born December 6, 1861 ; married 

Thomas R. Seeley, November 4,, 1884. 

84. III. — Kirk C. ; issue, two. 

John Tilton White, eldest son of Peter White and Charlo^e 
(Buckhout) White, was born April 5, 1808; married Bridget 
Rodgers, February 24, 1831 ; died March 18, 1892. 


I. — William H., born December 4, 1832; married (i) 
Eleanor AIcAlarey, November 7, 1857; no 
issue; married (2) Jane ]\IcLean. June 20, 1896; 
no issue. 
85. n. — Peter, born December 12, 1834; issue, one. 

85. HI. — Jacob Wiggins, born April 14, 1836; issue, two. 

87. IV. — Charlotte Ann, born July 19, 1838; issue, five. 

\'. — Deborah Tilton, born July 30, 1840; married George 
Wilson, October 20, 1887; issue, one son. 
Fred., born September 20, 1871. 

88. \'l. — Asa Leander, born ^lay i, 1842; issue, two. 

\'II. — Charles Robertson, born May 31, 1844; died in 1877. 

89. \TII. — Lemuel Wilmot. born [March 26, 1846; issue, four. 

Deborah White, second daughter of Peter White and Char- 
lotte (Buckhout) White, was born October 7, 1810; married 
James W. Cody, June 7, 1827; died in i8f8. 



I. — James William, bom November 28, 1828; married 
(I) Deborah Wiggins in 1854; (2) Mary A. 
Robinson in 1891 ; died in 1882. 
II. — Hiram, born March 3, 1830: died in 1890. 
III. — George Redmond, born January i, 1832; married 

Loretta Doney in 1864. 
IV.— Charles Frederick,' born Alarch 5, 1834; married 
(i) Barbara Armstrong in 1876; (2) Mary 
A. Robinson in 1891. 
V. — Charlotte Ann, born in 1836; died in infancy. 
VL — A-sa Leander, born in 1838; died in 1900. 
VII. — William Stanley, born July 9, 1841 ; married Phcebe 
Jane Lemon in 1866. 
VIII. — Charlotte Barnes, born August 8, 1843; married 
Thomas G. Starkey in 1862; died in 1903. 
IX. — Samuel Edward, born March 17, 1845; married 
Jane Moore in 1877. 
X. — Lucy Helen, born y\pril 25, 1848; married Thomas 
' W. Perry in 1877. 
XI. — Adelaide Amelia, born April 16, 1851 ; married (O 
David Moore in 1873; (2) Samuel ^loore hi 
XII. — Peter White, born December 25, 1856; married 
Diademia White in 1884. 

Phabe C. White, third daughter of Peter White and Char- 
lotte (Buckhout) White, was born June 8, 181 3; married William 
McClintock, March 25, 1830; died in 1890. 


I. — Jane, married Henry Tapley. 
II. — Rosan, married George Johnston. 
III. — James, married Ann Shaw. 
IV. — Betsy, married Weyman Shaw. 

V. — Matilda, married Oliver Cogswell. 
VI. — Florence, married Henry l')radley. 
VII. — George, married Annie Johnston. 

VIII. — Louise, married Wetmore. 

IX. — Maggie, married John Wiggins. 



Samuel Vincent White, second son of Peter White and Char- 
lotte (Buckhout) White, was born July 14, 1815; married Mary 
B. Scribner, February 17, 1840. 


I. — James S., born February 9, 1841 ; married (i) Susan 
Colwell, October 17, 1866; married (2) Mary 
II. — Charlotte E., born September 24, 1843 J married 

Dr. J. C. Mott, February 5, ; issue, one 

dauo^hter, Georgie E. B. 

III. — Charles W., born April 9. 1848; married (i) Caro- 
line A. Branscom, September 18, 1872; mar- 
ried (2) Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson; issue, one 
son, Frank D., born November 26, 1874. 

IV. — William W., born August 20, 1850; unmarried; 
physician practising, at Bridge water, Maine. 
V. — Fred. S., born April 10, 185 1 ; married Emma Berry- 
man ; resides at St. Stephen. 

VI. — Harvey E., born March 27, 1852; married Emma 
Orchard in 1885 ; issue, one daughter, Barbara. 

90. VII. — Caroline R., born August 12, 1853; issue, two. 

91. VIII. — Harry F., born September 22, 1864; issue, four. 

IX. — Dora M., born February 5, 1867; married Dr. West- 
ford M. Taylor, June 20, 1886; died June 21, 


Edward H. White, fifth son of Peter White (6) and Charlotte 
(Buckhout) White, was born February 6, 1825; married (i) 
Matilda Jane Davis, daughter of John and Charlotte Davis, 
October 2, 1846; (2) Harriett Larrabee, April 12, 1887; died 
1905 ; issue, nine. 


I. — Beverly, now (1905) resident in Moose Jaw, N. 
W. T. ^ 

II. — J. Wesley, married Ada H. Secord, December, 
1875; died about 1880; issue, one child, who 
died in infancy, and one son, Wesley, who died 
in Boston a few years after coming of age. 


HL — Hattic Amelia, married William Fairweather. Both 
she and her husband are dead. Thc)^ left no 
IV. — Adeline. 

V. — Annetta, married Conch, who was the first 

to develop the copper mines at Dorchester, N. 
B. Known at one time as the Conch mine. 
Both she and her husband are dead, leaving 
no issue. 

VI. — jMollie, married Gross. 

\'II. — Diadama, married Horn. 

VIII. — Lilla, married • — Flemming. 

IX. — Kate, married Ramsay. 


George W. White, youngest son of Peter White and Char- 
lotte (Buckhout) White, was born Mav 12, 1826; married (i) 
Mary Wiggins, November 17, 1849; issue, ten; married (2) 
Fannie JMason. September, 1902; no issue. He represented Car- 
leton County in the local parliament of New Brunswick for 
several years, and was appointed to the Legislative Council a feu- 
years before its abolition. 

All by first wife : 
I. — Howard B., boi'n September 16, 1850; marriod 
Mary White, December 12. 1S72; died January 
10, 1900. 
II. — Leander A., born December 4, 1851 ; married Molly 
\A'right, ( )ctober 10. 1877. 
III. — Gilliert X., Ixirn August 13, 1853; married Alanila 

Gallupe, December 2(), 1884. 
IV. — Melinda M., born January 10, 185C); married Alex- 
ander C. Gibson. Septemlier 22. 1877. 
\\ — George Lovitt, born March 11, 1858; married Alice 
Balloch, Fcbruar\ 7, 1888. 
\1. — Agnes L.. born January 4. 1860; married Rev. H. 
F. Parlee ( b4)iscopal ) , November 14, 1883. 
VII. — Damy E.. born ( )ctober i, 1S62; married Peter 
Cody, Se]itemljcr 21, 1882; died Julv 15, 1892. 
VIII. — l\Iary, bnru AIa\ 11, i8()5: married Sidney Niles, 
June 3, 1903. 
IX. — Carrie 1-.. born August 2=^, 18^)7; married John A. 
l[unil)le, ( )ctober 18, 1903. 
X.- — IMinnie A., born August 26, 1870; unmarried; died 
August i). ifpo. 




Gilbert White, eldest child of Vincent and Mary (Dykeman) 
White, was born at Grand Lake, Queens County, March 3, 18 16; 
married (i) Julia Elvira Flewwelling, eldest daughter of Guil- 
ford Flewwelling, of Belleisle, Kings County, September 20, 
1837; she died April 21, 1854, aged thirty-six; married (2) 
Eleanor Ann (widow) Gillis, and daughter of Dr. Colter; she 
died October 22, 1899; he died June 18, 1887. 

Gilbert White began business in partnership with his brother 
Samuel, as storekeepers, farmers and general traders. Their first 
store was on the farm on Grand Lake, upon which Hon. Lock 
P. Ferris now (1905) resides. After a few years he and Samuel 
joined the partnership under which their brothers William H. 
and James E. were then conducting a general store and trading 
business at White's Corner, Springfield, and 15elleisle Point. 
Later both Gilbert and Samuel retired from this firm, and con- 
tinued in business as partners on their own account. For a 
short time they kept store in Sussex, N. B., having taken Jeremiah 
Calkin into partnership, but Mr. Calkin shortly left the firm, auvl 
the brothers began business in St. John as general merchants, 
under the firm name of G. & V. S. White. Their business 
prospered, and the firm of G. & V. S. White became one of the 
leading business houses in the Province. Gilbert retired shortly 
before his death, and thereafter Vincent carried on the business 
under the name \'. S. White until his death. 

Children by the first wife : 

92. I. — George Harding, born December 2, 1839; issue, 

II. — Gilford Vincent, born i8^o; died in infancy, Decem- 
ber 19, 1846. 

III. — Mary Leah, born ; died in infancy, January 

20, 1843. 
92^4 IV. — Henry Asa, born January 2, 1845. 

Children by second wife : 

93. \'. — Gilbert James Coulter, born February 18, 1859; 

issue, four. 


\'inccnt Samuel White, second son of X'incent and Mary 
(Dykeman) White, was born at Grand Lake. Queens County. 
February 22, 1818; married Charlotte Dimmock, April 2, 1862; 
died October 18, 1892. 


He began business as a young man in association with his 
brother Gilbert {z'ide Gilbert White, No. supra). When a young 
man he was for some time engaged in woodboating on the St. 
John River. He was a shrewd, careful and energetic business 
man, and whatever he undertook, prospered. He greatly assisted 
his brother Charles T. in establishing successfully the large lum- 
ber manufacturing business conducted by Charles T. White at 
Apple River, Nova Scotia. He also in like manner materially 
assisted his nephew, Simeon H. White, in establishing the founda- 
tions of the large business now carried on by S. H. White. The 
business left by him at his death was continued by his son, W'alter 
W. and John E. Moore, under the old name of W S. WHiite 
altered to V. S. White & Co., and under the management of ^tr. 
J. E. Moore (who received his business training under \'ince!it 
S.) still continues its prosperous existence. 


94. I. — Walter Woodworth. born December 14, 1862; 

issue, four. 


William Henry White, third son of \'incent and Mary (Dyke- 
man ) White, was born at Grand Lake, Queens County, August 
12, 1820; he married (i) Sarah Miers, February 29, 1844; she 
died June 21, 1848, aged twenty-three years; no issue; married 
(2) Eliza Jane Hatfield, March 10, 1852. who died in August, 
1886, leaving five children; married (3) Emily M. Mott, Septem- 
ber 24, 1889; no issue; he died February 19, 1901. 

William H. WHiite began his business career in partnership 
with his brother James E. They first opened a general store at 
White's Corner. Springfield, Kings County, and about three years 
later established a branch store at Belleisle Point. Their brothers 
Gilbert and Samuel, who had for a few years carried on store- 
keeping at Grand Lake, closed up their Queens County business, 
and shortly after William H. and James E. had opened the store 
at Belleisle Point, came into the business as partners, the firm 
name being thereupon changed from W. H. & J. E. White to 
White & Brothers. This partnership, after some four or fiv^e 
years, was dissolved, and thereafter William H. and James E. 
continued the business together, save for a short time, during 
which Gilbert and Samuel returned to the firm. About 1851 
the brothers William H. and James E. opened a brancfi store at 
Sussex, and James E. moved to Sussex to take charge of this 

W. H. WHITi 



business. Later their brother Hiram was taken into the business, 
and later still their brother Charles T. became a partner. The 
firm name was changed to White Bros., and a wholesale general 
store was opened by this firm in St. John, in connection with 
which the old stores at White's Corner and Sussex were continued 
as branches, and additional branches were established at Apohaqui 
and Smith's Creek, Kings County. The firm of White Bros, for 
years did a large and thriving business. William H. and James 
E. retired from the firm in the early seventies, William H. going 
to Sussex to live, while James E. continued to reside in St. John. 

Children by second wife : 

9^5. I. — Julia Elvira, born January 28, 1852; issue, five. 

96. II. — Marianna, born July 10, 1855; issue, three. 

97. III. — Daniel Wesley Hatfield, born February 16, i860; 

issue, four. 

98. IV. — Laura Eliza, born March 8, 1867; issue, three. 

V. — Lillian Alice, born August 16, 1874; unmarried. 


James Edward White (the writer of this bock), fourth son 
of Vincent and Mary (Dykeman) White, was born December 
II, 1822, at Grand Lake, Queens County, and moved to Belleisle 
with his parents in 1829, and worked on the farm until, 1841. 
when he, with his brother William H., opened a store on a small 
farm one mile from his father's, to what is now known as White's 
Corner, under the name of W. H. & J. E. White. In 1847 they 
opened a branch store &+ Be'deisle Point, when two other brothers. 
Gilbert and \\ S., jouied them, and the Point store was con- 
ducted by James E. White, under the name of White & Brothers. 
G. and V. S. White soon sold their farm and store at Grand Lake, 
and V. S. White sailed and managed the several woodboats built 
by the firm until sold a season or more later. In February 11. 
1^49, James E. White married Margaret Scott, second daughter 
of Daniel and Ann (Spragg) Scott. She was born in St. John, 
N. B., October 8th, 1830, and died September 2Dth, 189^, at 
Toronto, while on a travelling excursion to Niagara Falls, a-d is 
buried in Fern Hill cemetery, near the Ruel fountain. They had 
eight children, four sons and four daughters. In 18^2 they 
moved to Sussex, and James E. managed Wliite & Brothers store 
there for about eight years, when failing health obliged him to 
move to St. John, where the firm had a small store, which he 
managed, and G. and V. S. White retired from the firm of White 


& Jirothers, and the business continued on a much larger scale 
under the name of White Brothers, as general impoiters and 
wholesale dealers in all goods usually kept in country stores. 
Soon after Charles T. White was taken into the business. James 
E. White made two trips to England : first, to consult a specialist 
doctor, and while there made purchase of goods for the firm, and 
also arranged for the needed material for making matciies, a 
business he niitiated tne^ manufacture of in this Province at 
Hampton ; and the business, after it had become an assured 
success, was taken over by Messrs. Flewwellings, and in their 
hands has grown to large proportions. 

In religion, he is a member of the Methodist church, and re- 
tired from business about thirty years ago. 

He has travelled quite extensively. In 1876 he went west as 
far as Los Angeles, stopping oil' at the different towns of note, 
including San Francisco, where he visited his cousins, of the firm 
of White Brothers, successful lumber merchan'.s there, and on 
his return called at Washington, and spent one week in Philaj 
delphia, at the Centennial Exhibition. He has often travelled 
in the United States, going northwest beyond St. Paul's and 
Minneapolis, and has done all the principal towns of Canada as 
far northwest as Brandon, which was as far as the C. P. R. was 
then ( 1882 ) finished. 


9y. I. — Augusta Amanda, born February 2},, 1850; issue, 

one daughter. 
II. — Ella Annie, born julv 8. 1852; unmarried. 
100. III. — Albert Scott, born April 12, 1855; issue, one son. 

l\ . — Lila Mary, born August 15, i860; married Edwin 
A. Morris. April 29, 1897; no issue; reside 'n 
Philadelphia. Pa. 
lOoVi. \. — C)scar Brunswick, born October 9, 1864; resides in 
Souris, Atanitoba. 
\'I. — \incent William, died in infancy. 
\1I. — Emma Gordon, died in infancy. 
\' 111.— Ada H., died in infancy. 

Simeon Flatfield \\hite, fifth son of X'incait and Mary (Dyke- 
man) White, was l)orn at Grand Lake, Queens County, May 20 
1825; married February 14, 1864, Mary S:enrdng_ Scott, fourth 
daughter of Daniel and Ann Scott ; she was born in St. John in 
1838. He for many years managed the old homestead farm, and 
later moved to While's Corner and there kept sto-e. Has 
recently retired from business. Issue, five. 





I. — Herbert \'incent, born December 25, 1864; died 
Eebruary 7, 1903; physician. 
Herbert \'incent White, eldest son of Simeon H. White and 
Mary S. White, was born at Belleisle, K. C, 1865. and at the a.'^t 
of seventeen became a clerk in a g^eneral store in Sussex. After 
a few years studied medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. 
His work as a physician was very successful in Belleisle where he 
practiced until he was Called to his rest at the early age of thirtv- 

n. — Margaret Mabel, born in 1867, married Humphrey 
Mellish in 18Q9, who is a barrister ])ractising 
in Hahfax, N. S. 
HI. — Lillian M., born in 1870; died in infancy. 
IV. — William Ernest, twin of Lillian M. ; is an Episcopal 
clergyman in Hamilton, Ont. 
William Ernest White, second son of Simeon H. and Mary S. 
White, was born 1870 at Belleisle; received" his first education at 
the public school there. He graduated at the University of New 
Brunswick and then took a course of theologyi at Toronto, and is 
now ( 1906) an Episcopal clergyman under the Bishop of Ontari..). 
V. — James Arthur, born in 1871 ; is an Episcopal cle'gy- 
man in Truro, N. S. 
James Arthur White, third son of Simeon H. and Mary S. 
White, was born 1871. and after receiving his preliminarv educa- 
tion studied mechanics at Bellevue College, New York, bat 
through Bishop Burk's preaching was influenced to enter the 
ministry. He studied at Toronto and Trinity University ^or 
several years and has since worked under Bishop Courtnay at 
Halifax and Pictou. 


Jacob Dykeman While, sixth son of \'inccnt and Mary (Dyke- 
man) White, was born at Grand Lake, Queens County, September 
6, 1827; married Maria Pevey. daughter of General Pevey, of 
Eastport, Maine, November i, 1853; she died January 24, 1894. 

He studied medicine at first in St. John with Dr. Fitch, and 
afterwards at Jefferson College, Philadelphia, where he graduated. 
He began practice in Eastport, Maine, and was married there. 
Later he removed to Carleton (now West Side), St. John, and 
for many years continued to practice his profession there. After 
the death of his wife, his health failed him, and he was for several 


years prior to his death unable to do any business. It is the 
fortune of few men to be more esteemed by all acquaintar.ces and 
beloved by all their friends than was he. He had four children, 
two of whom survived him. His son, Fred. J., resides in Sioux 
City, U. S. A. 

Children. . 

I. — William \'incent ; died in infancy. 
II. — William I'evey ; died in infancy, 
loi. HI. — Fred. Johnson, born September i, 1862; issue, 


102. Eleanor Pevey, born April i, 1^64; issue, one. 


Dorcas Elizabeth While, eldest daughter of Vincent and Mary 
(Dykeman) White, was born at Grand Lake, Queens County, 
January 22, 1830; married ( i ) Elisha Gillis, July 9, 1854; he died 
November 7, 1873; married (2) James Sturgis Marvin, February 
14, 1881 ; she died September i, 1892. 

Children by first husband : 

103. I. — Ada Isabella, born March 4, 1858; issue, one. 

II. — Deborah A., born January 21, 18(0; married Free- 
man Trefry ; issue, three, living in Boston : 
Guive, Samuel, Charles. 

104. III. — Fred. Lincoln, born bA'bruary 22, 1862; issue, one. 

Hiram Briggs White, seventh son of \incent and Mary 
(Dykeman) White, was born at Belleisle, Kings County, March 
4, 1833; married (i) Mary Jane Hayward, October 1, 1857; 
issue, two; married (2) Mary Adeline Hunter, November 10, 
1863 ; issue, three. 

Hiram White was for some time a member of the firm of 
White Bros. After the dissolution of this firm he and Fred. E. 
Titus formed a partnership as wholesale grocers. Later this 
firm of White & Titus went out of business. For some years 
Hiram has been conducting an agency for the sale of dairy 
machinery, and assisting in the business of his son, Hunter, who 
is a successful commission merchant at St. John. 




Children by first wife : 
105. I. — Mary Frances, born November 24, 1859; issne, 

II. — Alberta Gertrude, born April 2, 1861 ; unmarried; 
resides in Boston. 
Children by second wife : 
III. — Milton G., died in infancy. 

IV. — John Hunter, born July 6, 1867; married Lizzie 
S. Whittekir, June 10, 1896. 
V. — George Vincent, born November 28, 1875 ; resides 
in Montana, U. S. 


Deborah Jane White, second daughter of Vincent and Mary 
(Dykeman) White, was born at Belleisle, Kings County, Septem- 
ber 18, 1835; married John L. Gunter, March 2, 1864. He died 
April 4, 1905. 


I. — Arthur V., died in infancy. 
II. — May W., died February 21, 1867, aged thirteen 
106. III. — Sarah Alberta, born December 24, 1868; issue, 


Charles Titus 'White, eighth son of Vincent and Mary (Dyke- 
man) Wihite, was born at Belleisle, Kings County, January 12, 
1839; married (i) Mary Ann Hatfield, September 29, 1859; 
issue, five; she died March 21, 1876; married (2) Susan Davis; 
issue, two. 

He began business as a farmer upon a farm on the south side 
of the Belleisle Creek, and which was formerly part of the old 
homestead. Something over forty years ago he went to live in 
St. John, and became a member of the firm of White Bros. 
After remaining in St. John between two and three years he went 
to Sussex and took charge of the firm's store there. While keep- 
ing store in Sussex he dabbled in lumbering, and for a few years 
operated a saw mill at the Portage, Kings County, in company 
with James Mills. About twenty-five years ago he bought from 
Benjamin Young the Apple River lumber property, in Nova 
Scotia. His brother, Samuel Vincent, assisted him as financial 
backer in the purchase and earlier development of this property. 


which under Charles' management and ownership is now one of 
the largest and best paying lumber industries on the Bay of 
Fundy. About ten years ago Charles T. White bought from 
George J. A'aughan the Point Wolfe lumber property, on the New 
Brunswick shore of the bay, nearly opposite Apple River. This 
property he still owns and operates with success. He has a 
residence in Sussex, where he makes his home. 

Children by tirst wdfe : 

107. I. — Simeon Hatfield, born December 4, 1860; issue, 


108. II. — Diadama P., born October 9, 1862; issue, two. 

109. III. — Gilbert Harley, born September 4, 1869; issue, one. 
TV. — Mary Ann, born June 18, 1874; married Sylvester 

W. Leonard, November 26. 1897; issue, four, 

all of whom died in infancy. 
Children by second wife: 
, V. — Fred. H., died when nine years old. 
\T.— M. Garfield, born September 28, 1881 ; married 

Elizabeth Allison Trites. April 4, 1905. 

William W. Wiggins, eldest son of William Wiggins and 
Mary (White) Wiggins, was born February 11, 1809; married 
Esther Burpee, March 5, 1829; died SeptemJDer 5, 1901. 


I. — William W., married Annie McLean, April 4, 
no. II. — Ernest V.; issue, five. 

111. HI. — Nathaniel, born April 10, 1830; issue, two. 
IV.— Mary E., born March 22, 1832. 

V. — Annette, born April 10, 1834. 

VI. — Matilda, born January 9, 1837. 

VII. — Benjamin, born h^ebruary 7. 1839. 

VIII. — Sophia, born January 9, 1841. 

IX. — Solonica, born January 10, 1843. 

X. — Victoria, born January 5, 1845. 

112. XL — William, born Fel)ruary 7. 1847; issue, two. 


Vincent White Wiggins, fourth son of William Wiggins and 
Mary (White) Wiggins, was born November 24, 1813; married 
Charlotte E. Wiggins, September 5, 1839; died July 26, 1892. 





I.— Elizabeth W., born May 28, 1841 ; married Arthur 
Branscom, November 3, 1859; issue, five. 

113. II. — Mary E., born May 17, 1843; issue, two. 

III. — Susan A., born April 6, 1846; married E. Stone 
Wiggins, August 2, 1864. 

114. IV. — Thomas M., born November 7, 1848; issue, five. 

115. V. — Caroline, born September 23, 1851 ; issue, seven. 

116. VI. — Alma, born April 4, i8s4; issue, tw^o. 


Daniel S. Wiggins, fifth son of William Wiggins and Mary 
(White) Wiggins, was born June 3, 1816; married Elizabeth 
Titus Stone; died September 17, 1873. 


I. — Ezekiel Stone, born December 4, 1839; married 
Susie A. G. Wiggins, August 2, 1862. 
II. — Ebenezer Gilbert, born January 20, 1841 ; married 
Hulda M. McLatchey. March 25, 1866; she 
died January 13, 1891 ; he died January 30, 
III. — Andrew Gunter, born August i. 1846; married 
Martha Wheeler. March 11, 1871 ; clergyman. 
IV. — Phoebe Amelia, born November 2-], 1848; married 
Gilbert Hooper, May 21, 1871. 
V. — Dandelia E. ; married Samuel Fuller in 1868. 

117. VI. — Mary Lavinia ; issue, three. 

VII. — Charles M., born January 20, i860. 


Martha Ann Wiggins, eldest daughter of William Wiggins 
and Mary (White) Wiggins, was born June 23, 1822; married 
Abraham' R. Wiggins, September 19, 1840; died in 1902. 


118. I. — Pervelia A., born March 15, 1844; issue, three. 

119. II. — Susan W., born April 17, 1846; issue, four. 

120. III. — Hannah, born June 6, 1850; issue, ten. 

121. IV. — Sarah, born December 24, 1847; issue, three. 

122. V. — Deborah T.. born April 23, 1858; issue, ten. 

123. VI. — Abraham W.. born IMarch 26, 1862; issue, eleven. 

124. VII. — Alice M., born March ^o, 1865; issue, three. 



Stephen S. Wiggins, sixth son of WilHam Wiggins and Mary 
(White) Wiggins, was born December 25, 1824; married (i) 
Esther Camp, January i, 1845; married (2) Hannah Cross, 
October 29, 1871 ; died December 5, 1891. 

Children by first wife : 

I. — WilHam Arthur, born November g, 1845. 

125. II.^Margaret Sophia, born February 26, 1848; issue, 

III. — Isaac C, born September 2^ , 1850. 

126. IV. — Wallace Ernest, born October zy ^ 1852; issue, six. 
1265/2. V. — Mary Elizabeth, born April 16, 1856; died young. 

127. YL — Annie Pintard, born September 9, 1859; married 

R. E. Achom. Januarv 4, 1887. 
1271^. MI. — George Stephen, born August 4, 1861 ; issue, seven. 

Children by second wife : 

\TII. — Solomon Camp, born November 10, 1872. 
IX. — Esther Eloise, born September 7, 1874; married 
H. B. Scott, September 20, 1899. 
X. — Lila Eldora, born April 19, 1876. 

128. XI. — Hannah J\I., born February 26, 1878; married John 

Marston ; issue, two. 


Sophia M. Wiggins, second daughter of William Wiggins 
and Alary (White) Wiggins, was born June 18, 1827; married 
(i) Alexander Mcintosh, February i, 1844; married (2) James 
Hughes, June 12, 1877; died January 16. 190^. 


I. — Daniel O., born April 2'^, 185 1. 
II. — William \'., born Fcbruarv 8, 1853. 

129. III. — Grace B., born Januarv 2"^, 1855; issue, five. 

I\'. — Stephen A., born May 30, 1857; married Agnes R. 
McKinley, November 3, 1882. 

130. Y. — Helen Y., born September 3. 1859; issue, eight. 

131. W. — Mary L., born January 26, 1863; issue, seven. 


Elizabeth S. Wiggins, third daughter of William Wiggins 
and Mary (White) Wiggins, was born September i, 1830; mar- 
ried 'William N. Little, August 12, 1852; died July 13, 1895. 



132. I. — Amelia E., born June 28, 1853; issue, nine. 

133. II. — Elvira A., born October 18, 1854; issue, eleven. 


Esther C. Wiggins, fourth daughter of William Wiggins and 
Mary (White) Wiggins, was born April 11, 1832; married 
Charles A. Wiggins, October i, 1852; died August 31, 1880. 


I. — Celia M., born June 10, 1858; married Thomas 
Wiggins, February 20, 1889. 

134. ,11. — Wilford Hempson, born December 19, 1861 ; issue, 

III. — Lillas A., born January 27, 1863. 
IV.— Margery S.. born March 8, 1866. 
v.— Charlotte E., born May 24, 1868. 


Deborah Schofield Wiggins, fifth daughter of W'illiam Wig- 
gins and Mary (White) Wiggins, was born April 30, 1835; mar- 
ried James Cody; died September 25, 1893. 


I. — Louise M., born January 12, 1854; married Sher- 
man Williams, April 10, 1874; issue, two. 

135. II. — Stanley W., born November 8, 1856; issue, five. 
III. — James W., born October 4, 1859; married Jemima 

Roice, October 10, 1890; no issue. 
IV. — Minnie M., born May 29, 1865; married Milton 
Spragg, September 20, 1885; issue, one. 
V. — Wilford W., born May 27, 1868; married Kather- 
ine Powers, October 4, 1894; issue, one. 
VI. — Hiram N., born October 6, 1870; married XcUie 
Smith, September 9, 1895. 
VII. — Charles E., born July 6, 1874; married Xora Sulli- 
van, June 6, 1897; issue, two. 
VIII. — Jennie M., born February 26, 1877; married Joseph 
Rice, January 4, 1899; issue, one. 


Mary Victoria Wiggins, youngest child of William Wiggins 
and Mary (White) Wiggins, was born November 4, 1 837 ^mar- 
ried Daniel Mott, September 14, 186 1. 



I. — Elgin E., born September 28, 1862; unmarried. 

136. H. — Esther M., born Alay i, 1864; issue, six. 

137. HI. — Marshal E., born March 9, 1866; issue, two. 

138. 1\'. — Clarence H., born June i, 1868; issue, five. 

139. v.- — Minnie E., born Mav 12, 1872; married Robert 

Wasson, h\dDruary 16, 1899; issue, two. 
VI. — Mary E., born May 8, 1876; unmarried. 
Vn. — William N., born October 20, 1881 ; unmarried. 

Lucretia Briggs, eldest daughter of Susan White and Hiram 
Briggs, was born 1816; married Robert Orchard, July 20, 1833; 
died March 25, 1903. 


140. I. — Hiram, born May 4, 1833; issue, six. 

141. II. — William, born May 2y, 1836; died February 4, 

1904; issue, six. 

142. HI. — Thomas, born May 9, 1838; issue, three. 

IV. — George, born May 16, 1840; married (i) Sarah 
Smith; married (2) Sarah Boil in 1887; no 

143. V. — John, born April 14, 1842; issue, fifteen. 

144. AT. — Samuel, born March 4, 1844; issue, five. 

145. VII. — Rebecca A., born May 20, 1848; issue, seven. 

146. VIII. — Emma Jane, born August 15, 1850; issue, seven. 

147. IX.— Mary A., born March 12, 1852; issue, eight. 

X. — Louise, died in infancy. 
XI. — Robert, died in infancy. 
XII. — James, died in infancy. 
XIII. — Oswald, died in infancy. 


Mahala Briggs, second daughter of Susan White and Hiram 
Briggs, was born March 3, 1819; married (i) ?\Iordccai Starkev, 
February 3, 1835; issue, five ; married (2) Charles H. Jacobs in 
1853; married (3) S. M. Boon in 1894. 



I. — Hiram, honf December 8, 1836; married Sally 
n. — Thomas G., born December 31^ 1838; married 
Charlotte Cody. 
HI. — Melissa Jane, born March 12, 1841. 
IV. — Louise, born May 8, 1844; married Edward White, 
a son of Philip White, 1852. 
v.- — Matilda Ann, born August 3, 1846; married James 
Patterson ; issue, one daughter, Mahala Esther. 


Sarah H. Briggs, third daughter of Susan White and Hiram 
Briggs, was born 1821 ; married Ceorge Ramsey. 


I. — Hannah S., born December 17, 1839; married John 
II. — George W., born August 22, 1840. 
III.— Amos S. 
IV.— John. 

V. — Sarah. 
VL — Isaiah. 


Stephen Briggs. eldest son of Susan White and Hiram Briggs, 
was born 1823; married Amanda Bennison ; died November 6, 


I. — Mary A. ; married Samuel Girvan. 
II. — Adeliza M.; married Hugh McLean. 
III. — Charles L. ; married INIary A. Girvan. 
I\". — George H. ; married Sarah Burpee. 

V. — Susan ; married Andrew Stewart. 
VI. — Henry; died, aged twenty-three. 
VII. — Alfred W. ; married Jennie Ramsey. 
VHI. — Samuel W., married Esther Smith. 
IX.— Lucretia ; married Is:iac Baird. 
X. — Carrie ; married Price Mallorv. 



Alfred Briggs, second son of Susan White and Hiram Briggs, 
was born 1825 ; married Johanna Elsworth. 

L— Matilda. 
n. — Leander. 
HI.— Henry. 


Charlotte Briggs, fourth daughter of Susan White and Hiram 
Briggs, was born October 11, 1826; married Robert Orchard in 
1846; died October 5, 1862. 


I.— Elizabeth, born October 8, 1848. 
n. — Clarissa, born November 18, 1850. 
HI. — James, born January 15^ 1853. 
IV. — Susanna A., born Alay 9, 1855. 

v.— Frederick W., born May 7, V858. 
VI. — Harry S.. medical doctor. 
148. MI. — Samuel B., born January 19, i85i ; issu?, five. 

Diademia Briggs, youngest daughter of Susan \\'hite and 
Hiram Briggs, was born February 9, 1837; married James Mac- 
Dougald, April 22, 1856. 


I. — Ida Evelyn, born September 18. 1857. 

149. II.- — Annie, born June 22, 1859; issue, three. 

150. III. — Grace Elizabeth Newton, born December 23, 1862; 

issue, three. 
IV.— Alma, born October 18, 1865. 

V. — Susanna, born August 12, 1868. 
VI. — Frederick B., born January 11, 1875. 
VII. — Geraldine E., born April 16, 1877. 


Rose Ann Manzer. second daughter of Sarah White and 
Henry Manzer, was born 1823 ; married Ebenezer Burpee in 
1845 ; issue, one. 


151. I. — Elizabeth A., born September 2, 1849; issue, 




Mary Lester Manzer, third daughter of Sarah White and 
Henry Manzer, was born April 12, 1827; married John Hutchin- 
son, November 30, 1847. 


I. — George, born October ii, 1848; never married. 

152. II. — Rose Ann, born November 2, 1851 ; issue, four. 

153. III. — Clara P., born October 10, 1852; issue, nine. 

154. IV. — Lena W., born November 19, 1854; issue, three. 

155. V. — James P., born February 28, 1857; issue, seven. 
\T. — John, born March 7, 1861 ; married Annie Hender- 
son ; issue, one daughter, Agnes. 

156. VII. — Margaret, born Septemloer 10, 1863; issue, six. 

157. VHP — Bertha P., born October 11, 186.S ; issue, four. 


Amelia Jane Manzer, fourth daughter of Sarah White and 
Henry Manzer, was born March 12, 1831 ; married Joseph B. 
Withrow, December 7, 1848. 


I.— Sarah Ann, born October 26, 1850; married 
Sidney B. Lawton, December 25, 1889; issue, 
II. — Eliza Jane, born November 20, 1852; married 
Arthur Clarkson, February 21, 1877; issue, 
one son, Freeman L., born July 30, 1880. 

158. IIP — Amos Manzer, born September 2y, 1854; issue, 

IV. — Samuel McGregor, born November 10, 1856; 
married (i) Grace Crocker, December, 1880; 
issue, one child, Orphax, born January 14, 
1882; married (2) Alma Holder, April 28, 
1892 ; issue, one son, Leslie H., born in June, 

159. V. — Ada E.. born February 20, i860; issue, five. 

160. VI. — Amelia M., born April 28. 1862; issue, two. 

VII. — Mary A., born October 19, 1875. 
VHP — Oswald C, "born January 12, 1878; married Maud 
Martin, December 31, 1903 ; no issue. 
IX. — Mabel, born October i, 1880; married to Percy 



Deborah Tiltoii Manzer. fifth daughter of Sarah White and 
Henry Manzer, was born March 2, 1833; married (i) Daniel 
Withrow, December 7, 1848; issue, one son; married (2) Nelson 
Hallock in 1876; issue, one daughter; married (3) Britt; issue, 
one son. 

Children by first marriage : 
L — Isaac, born March 31, 1851. 
Children by second marriage : 
II. — Adelaide ; married Stephen Burpee ; issue four. 
Children by third marriage : 
III.- — One son. 

Samuel White IManzer, youngest child of Sarah White and 
Henry Manzer, was born 1840; married Harriett Chemberlain 
in 1861 ; died in 1873. 

I. — Lucinda. 

161. II. — Lena, born June 10, 1866; issue, four. 

III. — William Manzer, born June, 1868; issue, one 

daughter, Nellie. 

\\ . — Deborah T. Manzer ; married Britt. 

\'.— Lizzie Manzer, born 1872; married Alexander 

Traverse ; issue, four. 


Frances E. Wilson, eldest child of Deborah Tilton (White) 
and Samuel Wilson, born March 2^, 1817; married Elizabeth A. 
Black; died April 10, 1903; issue, six. 


I. — George Henry, born April 23, 1840; was drown- 
ed, August 13, 1856. 

162. II. — William Edward, born August 17, 1842; issue, 


163. III. — Albert DesBrisay. born March 17, 1845; issue, 


164. IV. — Amos Perley, born August 23, 1847; issue, four. 

165. V. — Amon A., born Januarv 21, 1850; issue, six. 

166. \'I.— Priscilla L., born May 18, 1852. 

167. \II. — Zepheniah, born September 18, 1854. 
Vni. — George Alfred, born February 13, 1857. 



Eliza J. (Wilson) Black was born September 22, 1819, and 
married William Black; issue, ten. 


I. — Matilda, married Albert D. Wilson, who died at 
St. John. 
II. — William H. ; married Charlotte Akerley. 
III. — James A.; married Mary Straight. 
IV. — Sarah, married Rev. F. S. Todd; died about 1902. 

v.— Mary. 

VL— Edith. 

VII. — Samantha ; married W. Anderson. 

VIIL— Alfred S. 

IX.— Alma. 

X. — Asa L. 


Eleanor A. Wilson was born February 18, 1822; married 
Samuel Black, and died October 5, 1904; issue, nine. 


I. — Julia S., born May 6, 1842. 
II. — Mary E., born January 11, 1844. 
III. — Emily L., born March 12, 1846. 
IV. — Noah D., born March 12, 1849. 
V. — George S., born September 29, 185 1. 
VI. — Delbert B., born June 27, 1854. 
VII. — Adelaide, born March 14, 1856. 
VIII.— Alwilda E., born May 7, 1859. 
IX.— Thomas A. W., born August 24, 1863. 


Vincent Wilson, fifth child, and third son of Deborah Tilton 
(White) and Samuel Wilson, was born December 8, 1826; mar- 
ried Margaret D. Black, January 2, 1856; issue, eleven. 


I.— Eleanor H., born October 20, 1856; married A. C. 
Chase, December 22, 1886. 
II.— Herbert S., bom April 9, 1859; married Delila 
Trecartin, December 21, 1887. 


III. — Rebecca J. T., born August 13, 1861 j married 

Solomon Hamm, November 19, 1881. 
IV. — Jacob A., born November 9, 1863 ; married Jennie 

Parneby, July 7, 1891. 
Eva O, born July 6, 1866; married Fred Black. 
VI. — Deborah T. I., born October 13, 1868; married 
Ernest D. Starky, March 11, 1886. 
VII. — Amasa M., born November 5, 1871 ; married Ola 
J. Strong, November 9, 1898. 
VIII. — Rachel B.. born August 21, 1873; married Charles 
Gilchrist, May 24, 1894. 
IX. — Hilda F. C, born November 4, 1875. 
X. — Hiersey S. born December 14. 1877. 
XL — Hessie L., born January 2^,, 1883. 


Samuel Wilson, fourth son of Deborah Tilton (White) and 
Samuel Wilson, was born December 8, 1830. He married 
Annabelle Cameron, April 7, 1863; issue, five. 


I. — Adena, born June 26, 1865; married Harding 
Fowler, who died 1904. 

II. — Frederick P., born September 9, 1866. 
III. — Victoria J., born June 29, 1868. 
I\^— Wilmot W., born April 7, 1872. 
V. — Florence S., born 1870. 


Jacob Wilson, sixth son of Deborah Tilton (White) and 

Samuel Wilson, married Lauretta Little, daughter of Little, 

M. D. ; issue, nine. 


I. — lohn Overton. 
II.— Eliza. 
III.— Daniel. 
IV.— Alice, 
v.— Charles B. 
VI.— Edson M. 
VII.— Willard L. 
VIII. — Jennie. 
IX. — Jessie. 



James H. Wilson, eighth son of Deborah Tilton (White) and 
Samuel Wilson, was born February 6, 1837, and married Deborah 
Ann Belyea; issue, six. 


Annie ; married to Patch. 

II. — Penery. 
III. — Douglas. 
IV. — Frances. 

V. — Alma ; married Henry Porter. 
VI. — Herman. 


Phoebe E. Fairweather, eldest daughter of Eleanor White 
and Jedediah Fairweather, was born September 10, 1824; mar- 
ried "Patrick Lemon, January 10, 1842. 


168. I. — Sophia A., married to Andrew Long; issue six. 
II. — Phoebe I., married William S. Cody; issue, one 

daughter. Ella. 

169. III. — Emma L. ; issue, seven. 

IV. — Alice D., married Duncan Beaton. 

170. V. — Ainslev; issue, four. 

VI.— Mary S., married Odbur Colwell. 

171. VII. — John T. ; issue, five. 

172. VIII. — Hiram C. ; issue, two. 

IX.— Alberta L., married Ernest Boothman. 


Nelson Fairweather, eldest son of Eleanor White and Jede- 
diah Fairweather, married Bridget McCamley. 

I. — Sarah. 
II. — Jedediah, married Isabel Hoar. 

III. — Rosette, married Hopkins. 

IV. — William, married Kinnear. 

V. — Nelson, unmarried. 


Mary Fairweather. second daughter of Eleanor White and 
Jedediah Fairweather, married Joel Crawford. 



I. — Samuel, married Alargaret Fisher. 
II. — Mary, married James Jones. 
III. — Charles, married • • Keirstead. 


Emma J. Fairweather, third daughter of Eleanor White and 
Jedediah Fairweather, married John Secord. 


I. — Margaret, married Charles Stevens. 
II. — Ella, married James Strong. 
HI. — James W., unmarried. 


Adelaide Fairweather, fourth daughter of Eleanor White and 
Jedediah Fairweather, married Mariner Kinnear. 


I. — Emma, married Joseph McGrath. 
II. — Margaret, married Joseph McGrath. 
HI. — Ida, married Robert Thompson. 
IV. — William, married Kate Horsman. 


Margaret Fairweather, fifth daughter of Eleanor White and 
Jedediah Fairweather, married Gilbert Wiggins. 

I.— Eben. 
II.— Hedley. 
HI. — Diademia, married Benjamin Barrett. 

IV.— Elsie, married Higgens. 

V. — Mary, unmarried. 

Eliza Fairweather, youngest daughter of Eleanor White and 
Jedediah Fairweather, married Robert Thorne. 

I. — Douglas. 
II. — Cecelia. 
HI. — Beatrice, married George Payne. 
IV. — Valencia, marrietl Morgan. 



De Lesdermir Hardwood White, eldest child of William Ed- 
ward and Catherine (Marshall) White, was born October 15, 
1840; married Autley Bulyea, October 24, 1866, and resides at 
Tilbury, Kent County, Ontario. 


I. — Catherine Augusta M., born October 27, 1867; 
married Joseph Beno, January 22, 1896. 
II. — Albert Edward, born December 20, 1868. 
HI. — Miriam Amelia, born March 2, 1871. 
IV. — Charles Frederic, born October 6, 1876; died in 
V. — Louisa A., born July 19. 1878; died in infancy. 
VI. — George Douglas, born March 10, 1882. 
VII. — Edgar H., born December 16, 1884; died in infancy. 


Samuel White Robertson, eldest son of John Robertson ani 
Charlotte (White) Robertson, was born December 13, 1830; 
married Ellen Gibson, February 11, 1858; died July 31, 1895. 


173. I. — Lillie S., born March 30, 1859; issue, three. 

174. II. — Charles M., born April 23, 1862; issue, four. 
HI. — Annie M., died in infancy. 

IV. — Wni. A., died in infancy. 

V. — Caroline J., died in infancy. 
VI. — Fred. J., died in infancy. 
VII. — Douglas H., died in infancy. 


John Marshall Robertson, second son of John Robertson and 
Charlotte (White) Robertson, was born September 28, 1832, and 
married Sarah Manzer. 



I. — Ida D., married Henry Boon. 

II. — Florence, married James Boon. 
III. — Masigie G., married Edward Armstrong. 
IV.— V/iUiam. 

V. — Harry, married Lawson. 

VI. — Odbur, married Elizabeth Layton. 


Annie Louise Robertson, second daughter of John Robertson 
and Charlotte (White) Robertson, was born February 4, 1838, 
and married George Sharpe. 

I.— Edward M. 
II.— William A. 
III. — Louis. 
IV.— Herbert M. 

v.— Fred. 
VI.— Flora L. 


George Gordon Byron Robertson, fourth son of John 
Robertson and Charlotte (White) Robertson, was born January 
22i, 1840; married Almira Wade, August 16, 1863; died Septem- 
ber 21, 1899. 


175. I. — Harry S., born April 24, 1865; issue, three. 

176. II. — Ernest L., born October 6, 1867; issue, three. 

177. III. — John R., iDorn September 21, 1871 ; issue, two. 
IV. — Stanley E., born February 11, 1884. 


PhiHp White, eldest son of Samuel and Margaret (Davis) 
White, was born January 24, 1839; married Alary Simonds, 
February 6, 1867. 


I. — Lilla, born February 15, 1870; died June 6, 1884. 
II. — George, born Alarch 19, 1872; married Clara M. 
Titus, August 20, 1902. 
III. — Amelia Olive, born December 8, 1873. 
I\'. — Mary E. Maud, born October 20, 1875. 

V. — Florence Ethelene, born September n, 1887. 
VT. — Emnm Blanche, born May 13, 1880. 
VII.— Walter Phillip, born October 24, 1885. 



John Davis White, second son of Samuel and Margaret 
(Davis) White, was born August 7, 1840; married Euphemia 
D. Akerley, December 30, 1863. 


I.— Fred. 

II. — Charles. 

III.— Herbert. 

IV.— Ethelbert. 


William S. White, fourth son of Samuel and Margaret 
(Davis) White, was born February 22, 1848; married Jean Jack- 
son, September 19, 1871. 

I.— Walter. 
II. — Gertrude. 
III. — Lottie. 

IV.— May. 


Charles G. White, fifth son of Samuel and Margaret (Davis) 
White, was born November 7, 1849; married Florence Goin, 
November 3, 1878. 

I.— Vera. 
II.— Olie. 
III.— Irma. 

IV. — Henry D., born May 2'], 1853 ; married to Cornelia 
Norton, September 7, 1884; issue one, Louis. 


George A. White, eldest son of John L. and Lucy (Corning) 
White, was born August 10, 1845 ; married Eleanor J. Pike, 
August 15, 1876. 

I. — James B. 
II. — George M. 
III.— John S. 
IV.— David A. 

v.— William H. N. 
VI.— Lucv E. 
VII.— Julia A. 
VIII.— Ethel M. 
IX.— Edith C. 



Benjamin Lorenzo Dow White, second son of John L. and 
Lucy (Corning) White, was born July 4, 1849; married Catherine 
A. Livingston. 


I. — William Henry, born April 30, 1866; married 
Loretta B. 'Walker. 
II. — Norman Malcolm, married Maggie Laskey. 
III. — Matilda Jane, married Charles Okely. 

IV. — Lucy Henrietta, married Dross. 

V. — James Theodore, married Dora Fullerton, June, 
VI.— Lilly E., married Merritt Straight. 
VII. — Louise. 
VIII.— Clarence. 
IX.— Myrtle. 

Charles W. Nichols, eldest son of Charles E. Nichols and 
Sarah G. (White) Nichols, was born September 29, i860; mar- 
ried Melinda A. Williams, July 22, 1896. 


I. — Clement F., born July 2^ , 1807. 
II. — Lillian G., born May 13, 1898. 
III. Hazel M., twin sister of Lillian G, 


Kirk C. Nichols, second son of Charles E. Nichols and Sarah 
G. (White) Nichols, married Rebecca Williams, September 28, 


I. — Rov/ena P., born November, 1900. 
II. — Alfred G., born September 16, 1903, 


Peter White, second son of John Tilton White and Bridget 
(Rog-ers) White, was born December 12, 1834; married 
Elizabeth 'W. Amos, January 3, 1869; resides in San Francisco, 
U. S. 


I. — Mabel Tilton, born February 13, 1870; married 
Charles G. Sebury, June 30, 1893. 



Jacob Wiggins Wihite, third son of John Tilton White and 
Bridget (Rogers) W'hite, was born April 14, 1836; married 
Sarah E. Babbit, July, 1868; resides in San Francisco, U. S. 


178. I.— Arthur Edwin, born June 30, 1873; issue, two. 

II. — Charles Harry, born June 23, 1875. 


Charlotte Ann White, ekles't daughiter of John Tikon White 
and Bridget (Rogers) White, was born July 19, 1838; married 
Joseph McDonald ; issue, five. 


I. — Alice. 

II.— Egbert. 
IV. — Annie. 

v.— William. 


Asa Leander White, foiurth son of Jo^hn Tilton White and 
Bridget (Rogers) White, was born May i, 1842; married Linda 
W. Amos, November 29, 1876; resides in San Francisco, U. S 


I. — Florence PauHne, born April 16, 1879. 
II.— Will-am Thornton, born May 26, 1881. 


Lemuel Wilmot Wihilte, youngest son of Joihn Tikon Whke 
and Bridget (Rogers) White, was born March 26. 1846; mar- 
ried Mary Ferris, January 18, 1881 ; died April 7, 1894. 


I.— Clifford C. born November 30, 1883. 
II.— Weslev W., born March 20, 1885. 
III.— Linda 'M., born Mairch 27, 1886. 
IV. — Peter W., born November 29, 1888. 

Caroline R. White, second daughter of Samuel Vincent 
White and Mary B. (Scribner) White, was born August 12, 
1853 ; married ^Vellington Cox, Octol)er 3, 1877. 

52 THE WHITE FA^HLY. ' , ' 


I.— Mary E., born September 8. 1881. 
II._Fred'. W., born Alay 26. 1885. 

Harry F. W'bite. six^th sou of Sannid Mncent Wliitc an:l 
Mary B. (Scribner) W'hke, was born September 22, 1864; niar- 
riecrSarab ^lowaibt. July 18, 1881. 


I.— Ida E., born October 13, 1883. 

II.— Maud C, born AFarch 20, 1885. 
III. — Samuel \A\. born September 20, 1886. 
IV. — Ford W.. born January 21, 1890. 

V. — Bessie ^f. born Sejitember ij . 1891. 

Gcorg^e Harding \V'h!te, eldest son of Gilbert and Julia 
Elvira (Flewwelling) Wlbi>te, was born December 2. 1839; mar- 
ried Frances A. Cougle ; issue, seven. 

George H. White, during six or seven years before 'his com- 
ing of age, lived with his uncle, James E. White, in Sussex, and 
was a clerk in the store of W. H. & J. E. White at that place. 
Shoirtly after atitaining his majority he wemt into business on his 
ciwn account, opening a general store at Sussex. For upwards 
of forty years he continued to carry on at Sussex the business 
of a merchant, and during a great part of that tiane was largely 
interested in lumbering. He was in pantnership for shont terms 
successively with George H. Barnes, John Humphreys, James 
Titus, and' Simeon H.'White. He is largely interested in the 
Flewwelling Manufacturing Company at Hampton. He is one 
of the most jorosperous and successful business men of Sussex, 
and to his energy and enteqDrise that thriving town owes largely 
its rapid growth and developmemt. He is now retired from 
active work, other than the considerable labor involved in look- 
ing after his investments. He is one of the principal contribu- 
tors to the supi^ort of the Baptist church in Sussex. 


I. — Harry Gilbert, born October 15, 1861 ; died 
December 24, 1862. 
II.— Julia A., born October, 186:5; died August 2S, 
III. — Laura May, born Novendjer 22, 1865 ; married 
John H. Morrison ; issue, one son, George. 




IV. — Gilford Harding, born August 22, 1868; married 
1905, Mrs. Alice Ferguson. 
179, V. — Abbie M., born January 3, 1871 ; issue, four. 

VI. — George Hammond, born June 30, 1872; married 
Effie Kelly. 
VII. — James, born in 1876; died in infancy. 

Henry Asa White, second son of Gilbert White and Elvira 
(Flewwelling) White, was born January 2, 1845, ^^ Grand Lake. 
He began business at St. John as a grocer. After a few years 
he removed to Sussex and kept a general store there. Some 
years ago he sold out his store business to S. H. White & Co., 
and since then has been engaged in the insurance business. He 
is a Presbyterian, and an active worker in that church. He 
married Eliza A. Fairweather, January 4, 1866, who died Septem- 
ber 12, 1904. He had no issue. 


Gilbert James Coulter White, son of Gilbert and Eleanor 
Ann (Gillis) White, was born February 18, 1859; married Mary 
Elizabeth Blanchard, of Windsor, N. S., March 25, 1886; is now 
pastor of a Baptist church at Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada ; issue, 


I. — Gilbert Vincent, born April 11, 1887. 
II. — Eleanor Randall ,born June 7, 1888. 
III. — Margaret Timilin, born September 17, 1891. 
IV. — Miriam Coulter, born January 5, 1896; died in 


Walter Woodworth White, M. D., son of Vincent S. and 
Charlotte White, was born in the city of St. John, N. B., Dec- 
ember 14, 1862, was educated at the public schools in that city, 
and at the Urriversity of New Brunswick, at which latter in- 
stitution he graduated B.A., in 1882, taking honours in classics 
and natural science. Graduated M. D. C M. at McGill in 
1884, and the same year was admitted by the last mentioned 
university, B. A., ad cunditm. Began the practice of 
medicine and surgery in St. John in 1887 and has since that 
date continued to reside and practise his profession in that city 
where he is recognized as one of its leading physicians. Was 


for eleven years physician and surgeon on the staff of the 
General Public Hospital and is now on the commission of that 
Institution. He has been a member of the School Board 
about twelve years and is a Director of the Bank of New 
Brunswick and a partner with John E. Moore in the enter- 
prising and successful business firm of V. S. White & Co. 
Was Alderman for Wellington Ward for several years and was 
elected Mayor of the City in 1892 and held that office for four 
consecutive years. Was twice elected by acclamation, he has 
been active in the militia and is now Lieutenant Commanding. 
In politics he is a Conservative ; in religion he is Episcopalian. 
June 14. 1863, he married Helen G., daughter of H. D. Troop. 


I. — Douglas Vincent, born April 18, 1895. 
II. — Mary 'Woodworth, born February 25, 1897. 
III. — Edith deSoyres, born January 30, 1898. 
IV. — Constance St. John, born April i^ 1904. 


Julia Elvira White, eldest child of William Henry White and 
his second wife, Eliza Jane Hatfield, was born January 28, 1852; 
married John E. Irvine, October 16, 1874. 


180. I. — Mary Edna, born December 25, 1875 ^ i^^-'^ue, three. 

II. — WilUam Henry, born February 25, 1878. 
III.— Arthur M., born July 12, 1886. 
IV. — Kenneth J., died in infancy. 

v.— Helen S., born April i, 1885. 

Marianna White, second daughter of William Henry White 
and Eliza Jane (Hatfield) White, was born July 10, 1855; ni^'"' 
ried William B. McKay, September 3, 1879. 


I. — Violet E., born April 5, 1882. 
II. — Grace W., born February 20, 1884. 
III. — Gordon B., born November 25, 1887. 





Daniel Wesley Hatfield White, born February 16, i860, only 
son of WiliiamHenry and Eiiza Jane Hatfield. Early education 
recived at the Sussex Grammar school. Afterwards a two years' 
course at the Mount Allison Colleges. Learned telegraphy and 
railroading at Sussex I. C. R. Station. Opened the first book, 
stationery and printing establishment at Sussex, and after dis- 
posing of the same began the study of medicine and dentistry at 
Philadelphia, Pa., taking a six years' course and graduating from 
both colleges in April, 1886. Returning in the same year took a 
post praduate course and entered the college hospital as resident 

Began the practice of medicine and dentistry at Dartmouth, 
Nova Scotia, after having passed the Dalhousie medical matricula- 
tion examination and registering ; remained two years. Move dto 
St. Stephen, N. B., and after practising his profession returned to 
Sussex, N. B. Was appointed one of the Dental Council of New 
Brunswick; resigned from office after two years. Appointed 
coroner for the county of Kings, N. B., June 3, 1892. Took post 
graduate course at the Chicago Dental College, receiving a diploma 
therefrom ; also took special lectures at the Rush Medical College 
of Physicians and Surgeone and Cook County Hospital of Chicago. 
Married to Margaret Louise Gillespie of St. George, Charlotte 
County, N. B., April '23, 1883, having four children. 


I. — Harold Gillespie, born February 3, 1884. 
H. — Jean Eileen, born June 30, 1886. 
III. — Katherine Louise, June 14, 1888. 
IV. — Frank Havelock, October 4, 1890. 


Laura Eliza White, third daughter of Willian Henry White 
and Eliza Jane (Hatfield) White, was born March 8, 1867; mar- 
ried Clarence Spooner, January 22, 1890. 


I. — Alice K., born November 29, 1890. 
II. — Dorothy C, born November 12, 1892. 
III. — Doris L., born August 28, 1894. 



Augusta Amanda White, eldest child of James Edward White 
and Margaret (Scott) White, was born February 23, 1850; 
married G. Ernest Fairweather, September 27, 1876. 

I. — Margaret Winnifred. born July 31, 1884. 


Albert Scott White, son of James E. White and Margaret 
(Scott) White, was born in Sussex, 12th April, 1855. His 
father removed with his family to St. John in 1857. After 
attending the Varley school in that city from his tenth until his 
fourteenth year, he went to Sackville Academy in 1869, and 
graduated in arts at Mount Allison College, May, 1873. Shortly 
after graduating, he managed for a year the business of the St. 
John Rope-walk, but, during this year, employed his spare time 
in the study of law. In 1876 he entered Harvard law school as 
a senior, and there took LL. B. degree in 1877. He at once 
began to practice law in Sussex, and has ever since continued to 
reside and practice his profession at that place. 

In 1886 he was elected to the legislature as one of the repre- 
sentatives of Kings County, and was returned as representative 
for that county in six successive elections — twice by acclamation. 

In 1889 he was unanimously elected speaker of the legisla- 
ture, and three years later became solicitor-general in the Blair 
administration. This office he continued to hold throughout the 
remainder of the Blair administration, and all of the Alitchell 
administration, becoming attorney-general upon !Mr. Emmerson's 
assuming the premiership. He resigned his seat to contest, in 
the Liberal interest, the united Counties of Queens and Sunbury 
in the Dominion election of 1900, but was defeated. In 1900 
he was appointed chairman of the commission to revise and con- 
solidate the New Brunswick public statutes. He also drafted 
for the Dominion Government tha Railway Act, 1903. which 
provides for the establishment of the present Board of Railway 
Commissioners, and revises and consolidates the existing railway 
law of Canada. He holds the honorary degree of Doctor of 
Laws from Mount Allison College. In 1892 he married Ida IM.. 
daughter of David Vaughan, of St. Martins ; has one son, Donald 
Vaughan White ; is a Methodist, and a Liberal in politics. 

I. — Donald Vaughan, born May 8, 1895. 




I • .7 % 



Oscar Brunswick White, second surviving son of James E. 
White and Margaret (Scott) White, was born October 9, 186^ 
at St. John, N, B., where after receiving an edudation in the pubHc 
schools there he was a student at Mount Allison Sackville 
Academy for two years, and at the School of Technology In 
Boston, U. S., one year, he was then engaged with the Brush 
Electric Company, Cleveland, about four years, and as an expert 
superintended the introduction of electric light plant in sever il 
towns and factories. He returned to St. John and entered into 
partnership with Geo. H. Waring as machinists and foundrymen 
under the name of Waring, White and Company. They elected 
those buildings at Lower Xove, and purchased from the Kings- 
ley Boiler Company their building and plant all of which is now 
occupied by the St. John Iron Works Co. He soon bought out 
Geo. H. Waring's interest, and continued the management under 
the same name for nine years when the business was taken over 
by the St. John Iron Works Co., and he was engaged by the 
Burrell Johnson Co. of Yarmouth, N. S., then for two years 
as their manager. Soon after leaving that firm he went west 
and is now farming in Souris, ^Manitoba. 


Fred. Johnson White, third son of Jacob Dykeman White 
and Maria (Pevey) White, was born September i, 1862; married 
Jean M. Gilmour, and resides in Sioux City, U. S. A. 


I. — Margaret M., born April 22, 1887. 
II. — Charles K., born August 28, 1889. 
III. — Frederick G., born June 25, 1891. 
IV. — Pevey D., born September 16, 1902. 


Eleanor Pevey White, only daughter of Jacob Dykeman 
White and Maria (Pevey) White, was born April i, 1864; mar- 
ried James E. Cowan, July 4, 1893. 


I. — Maria Pevey, born August 3, 1894. 



Ada Isabella Gillis, eldest daughter of Elisha Gillis and Dorcas 
Elizabeth (White) Gillis, was born March 4, 1858; married 
Benjamin F. Merritt, September 14, 188 1. 


I. — Bessie M., born October 29, 1889; died February 
4, 1896. 


Fred. Lincoln Gillis, only son of Elisha Gillis and Dorcas 
Elizabeth (White) Gillis, was born February 22, 1862; married 
Susan M. Slipp, January 21, 1891. 


I. — Gertrude M., born July i, 1894. 


^lary Frances White, eldest daughter of Hiram Briggs W^hite 
and Mary Jane (Hayward) White, was born November 24, 1859; 
married Rev. Charles W. Hamilton; she died July 19, 1893. 


I. — Henry Hayward, born July 21, 1881. 
II. — Frances Gertrude, born August 17, 1888. 


Sarah Alberta Gunter, second daughter of Deborah Jane 
(White) Gunter and John L. Gunter, was born December 24, 
1868; married Dr. James A. Mclntyre, March i, 1893. 


I. — Annie Enid, born November 13, 1894. 
II. — Bessie Jane, born September 16, 1896. 
III. — Miriam Gunter, born October 16, 1898. 
IV. — Haldane McGregor, born July 8, 1904. 


Simeon Hatfield White, eldest son of Charles Titus White 
and Mary Ann (Hatfield) White, was born at Belleisle, Decem- 
ber 4, i860; married (i) Edna Hallett, November 21, 1883; she 
died May 29, 1891 ; issue, one daughter; married (2) Grace Hal- 
lett. sister to his first wife, May 8, 1895; she died May 10, 1897; 
issue, two; married (3) Ida M. Fairweather, December 8, 1897; 
issue, three. 



Simeon H. White's father, Charles T., moved, with his 
family, to St. John, remaining there two years. He then moved 
to Sussex, where Simeon H. has continued to reside up to the 
present time. Received his education at the common school, 
Sussex. Went to work in the store of G. H. White at the age 
of sixteen, remaining with him as employe about one and one-half 
years. Was then with his father, as clerk, for about three years. 
He then went into business with G. H_. 'White as partner, the 
firm's name being G. H. White & Co., which partnership existed 
for about two and one-half years. Started business on his own 
account one year after dissolving partnership with G. H. W^iite, 
continuing business for himself for about five years. Then took 
into partnership with him A. L. Price and W. J. Mills. After 
three years, bought out A. L. Price's interest, the firm's name 
always being S. H. White & Co. This firm continued until some 
five years ago, wdien an amalgamation took place of the firms of 
G. H. White & Co., Huestis & Mills, and S. H. White & Co., 
under the corporate name of The Sussex Alercantile Co., Ltd., 
with Simeon H. White as president. 

In the past ten years he has established the following busi- 
nesses, which are all at the present time (1905) in a flourishing 
condition, viz. : 

The Alma Lumber & S. li. Co., whose property is located in 
Albert County, Parish of Alma, with the mill, store and shipping 
port at Alma, on the Upper Salmon River. 

The Little Salmon River Lumber Co.. whose property is 
situated on Little Salmon River, St. John County. 

The Havelock Lumber Co., whose property is situated on 
Thome's Brook and the Canaan River, Kings and Queens 

The Pollet River Lumber Co., whose property is situated on 
the Pollet River, in Albert and Westmorland Counties. 

The Sussex Manufacturing' Co., doing a general iron and 
woodworking business in Sussex. 

The Sussex Packing Co., packers of pork and canners of meats 
and vegetables. 

The Sussex and Chelmsford Spring Co.. bottlers of non- 
alcoholic beverages. 

The ^laritime Dairy Co., having about twenty different butter 
and cheese factories. 

Of all of these companies Simeon H. White is president, and 
in most cases general manager. He is financially interested in 
numerous other business enterprises, and. in a word, is one of the 
most active and successful business men in the Province. 


Children by first wife: 
I.— Delia, born October 27, 1886. 
Children bv second wife : 
n. — Claude P.. born November 25, 1895; died ni 
HI.— Ralph Waldo, born April 28, 1897. 

Children by third wife : 
IV. — Helen Gertrude, born December 23, 1898. 

V. — Charles Percy, born February 16, 1900. 
VI. — Frances Hallett, born July 25, 1902. 
ATI.^Edna, born May 17, 1904. 


Diadama P. \\'hite, eldest daughter of Charles Titus W^iite 
and Mary Ann (Hatfield) White, was born October 9, 1862; 
married Andrew L. Price, December 4, 1884. 


T. — Pearl, born September 22, 1886. 
II. — Charles B., born January 13, 1889. 


Gilbert Harley White, second son of Charles Titus White and 
Mary Ann (Hatfield) White, was born September 4, 1869; mar- 
ried Laura McFadzen, October 19, 1899. 


I. — Hazel Doris, bom August 20, 1900. 


Ernest \'. \\'icgins, second son of William W. \\'iggins and 
Esther (Burpee) \Viggins, married Amelia IMcLean. 


I. — Horlen W., born May 21, 1893. 

II.- — Guv B., born Mav 20, 189s. 
III.— Ph<ibe G., born (ktobcr V, 1897. 
IV. — Helen M., born Ai)ril 5, 1900. 

V. — A'lctoria M., born June 15. 1903. 


Nathaniel Wiggins, third son of William W. 'Wiggins and 
Esther (Burpee) Wiggins, was born April 10, 1830; married 
Phoebe Scribner, December 7, 1839. 



i8i. I. — Francena, born April 20, 1862; issue, four. 

II. — George W., born June 28, 1865. 


William Wiggins, j-oungest child of William W. Wiggins 
Esther (Burpee) Wiggins, was born February 7, 1847, mar- 
ried Martha Taylor. 


I. — Charles A., born August 7, 1872. 
II. — Gertrude N., born January 17, 1876. 


Mary E. Wiggins, second daughter of Vincent White Wig- 
gins and Charlofte E. (Wiggins), was born May 17, 1843; mar- 
ried Robert Duncan. April, 1865. 


I. — Susan Maude, born August 17, 1867. 
II. — John Frederick, born March 15, 1870. 


Thomas M. Wiggins, eldest son of A'incent White Wiggins 
and Charlotte E. (Wiggins), was born November 7, 1848; mar- 
ried Celia M. Wiggins, February 20, 1889. He furnished th- 
writer of this book much valuable information. 


I. — Thompson Earle,' born December 11, 1890. 

II. — Susie N. O.. twin of Thompson Earle. 
III. — Bernice Louise, born November 5, 1893. 
IV.— Stella Muriel, born November 15. 1894. 

V. — Victoria Vincent, born April i, 1898. 


Caroline Wiggins, fourth daughter of Vincent White Wiggins 
and Charlotte a". (Wiggins), was born September 23. 185 1 ; 
married George Bennison, June 6, 1871. 


I. — Ernest V.. born June i. 1872; married Catherine 
Long, February 8. 1898. 
II. — Florence A., born October 16, 1873; married 
Frank W. Cross, July 2. 1894. 


III.- — Hattie P., born October ij, 1875; married James 

G. Lawson, December 14, 1892. 
IV. — Plevna M., born August 26. 1877; died in infancy. 
N. — Lily W., born February 26, 1879; married Mace 
Mildren, May 22, 1901. 
\'I. — James A., born Alarcb 14, 1881 ; married Mary E. 
Cowden, Marcb 11, 1903. 
VII. — George F., born July 26, 1883. 


Alma F. Wiggins, youngest child of Vincent White Wiggins 
and Charlotte E. (Wiggins), was born April 4, 1854; married 
Fred. Campl^ell July 12, 1885. 


I. — Morris, born November 29, 1886. 
II. — Pauline, born July 28, 1889. 


Mary Pervelia Wiggins, youngest daughter of Daniel S. Wig- 
gins and Elizabeth Titus (Stone) Wiggins, married Lafavette 


I. — liernice, born Se])tember 18, 1880. 
II. — Charles R.. born February 21, 1882. 
III.— Sarah L., born March 24, 1889. 


Pervelia A. Wiggins, eldest daughter of Martha Ann and 
Abraham R. Wiggins, was born March 15, 1844; married Isaac 
Smith, January 24, 1 861. 


182. I. — Malinda A., born January T), t86i ; issue, four. 

II. — Isaac H., born January 25, 1863. 
III. — Minnie \'., l)nrn b\>bruarv 2i\ i8(>5; married Oliver 
Scott, July 2-^, 1897'. 


Susan W. Wiggins, second daughlcr of Mardia Ann an 1 
Abraham R. Wiggins, was born A])ril 17, 1846; married John 
Y. Cox, March iV), 18^)7; died 8, 1880. 



I. — James F., born April 23, 1868. 

183. II. — Ella v.. born December 23, 1871 ; issue, two. 
III.— E. A. Warneford. born March 31, 1874. 

IV. — Annie L., born June 23, 1877. 


Hannah Wiggins, third daughter of Martha Ann and Abra- 
ham R. Wiggins, was born June 6, 1850; married John Gale, 
January 9, 1868. 


184. I. — Eben F. ; i^ssue, two. 

II. — William Alexander, born August 23, 1874. 
III. — Martha Jane, born September 16, 1876. 
IV. — Charles Henry, born August i, 1882. 

V. — Eunice Rebecca, born September 13, 1884. 
VI. — Nellie Isabella, born February 10, 1887. 

VII. I. ; died in iufancy. 

VIII. — Loretta E., died in infancy. 
IX. — Ida L., died in infancy. 
X. — Annie S., died in infancy. ' 


Sarah Wiggins, fourth daughter of ^^lartha Ann and Abraham 
R. Wiggins, was born December 24, 1847; married John i\IcCaw, 
November 27, 1865. 


I. — Lillia May, born December 16, 1863; married 
Charles Lefton, August 11, 1896. 
II. — Leah Dorcas, born February 7, 1872; married 
Eben Slocum, March 11, 1891. 
III. — Harold A., born July 11, 1881 ; married Nellie 
Hughes, April 29, 1903. 

1 22 

Deborah T. Wiggins, tifth daughter of IMartha Ann and 
Abraham R. Wiggins, was born April 23, 1858; married Arthur 
Wiggins, November 25, 1877; died October 2, 1898. 



I. — Eliza M.. bom AFarch 20. -876. 
II. — Effie ^l. \'., born julv 25, 1879; niarried Edw.ird 
Snodgrass, June i, 1904. 
III. — Clara K., born January 5, 1881 ; married Adam 

Duthwright, March 19, 1901. 
IV. — Alice G., born April 10, 1882. 
V. — Mildred N., born February 24, 1884. 
VI.— Bessie J., born October 27. 1886. 
VII.— Nora S., born March 4. 1889. 
VIII.— George F., born March 8, 1891. 
IX. — James A., born October 30, 1893. 
X. — Deborah S., born September 29. 1898. 


Abraham W. Wiggins, only son of Martha Ann and Abraham 
1<». Wiggins, was born March 26, 1862; married Helen Tower, 

July 2I, 1884. 


I.— Mabel J., born April 24, 1885. 
II. — Alice M., born September 24, 1886: married Isaac 
Jeffrey. June. 1904. 
III. — Harvey N., born February 10, 1888. 
IV. — George A., born September 21, 1889. 

V. — Eliza M., born April 29, 1891. 

\'l. — Charles O.. born May 25, 1893. 

VII. — Charlotte A., born November 2y, 1894. 

VIII.— Walter M., born February 5, 1897. 

IX. — Kate E., born December 9, 1899. 

X. — Lawrence N., born July 22, 1902. 


Alice M. Wiggins, youngest child of Martha Ann and Abra- 
ham R. Wiggins, was born March 30, 1865 ; married William 
Flemming, December 22, 1886. 


L — Frank N., born January 7, 1888. 

II. — Walter J., born December 25, i88g 

HI. — (George W.. born January C), 1891, 



Margaret Sophia Wiggins, eldest daughter of Stephen S. 
Wiggins and Esther (Camp) Wiggins, was born February 26, 
1848; married Edwin Slocum, October 31, 1877. 


I. — Wilhe Herbert, born February i, i8()9; married 
AHce Henry, September 4, 1894. 
n. — Rose T., born January 18, 1872; married Walter 
H. Purdy, August i, 1893. 
HI. — Ella jNIay, born October 4, 1875. 
IV. — Esther Ann, born June 24, 1878; married W. M. 
V. — Harry Lee, born Alarch 20, 1886. 


'Wallace Ernest Wiggins, third son of Stephen S, Wiggins 
and Esther (Camp) Wiggins, was born October 27, 1852; mar- 
ried Alice Jewett, May 19, 1880. 

, Children. 

I. — Stephen E., born April 5, 1881. 

II. — Warren F.. born December 2, 1882. 
III.— Minnie A., born July 31, 1884. 
IV. — Gillis M., born September 29, 1886. 

V. — Annie J., born April 30, 1889. 
VI. — Fay E., born December 25, 1890. 


Mary Elizabeth Wiggins, second daughter of Stephen S. 
Wiggins and Esther (Camp) Wiggins, was born April 16, 1856, 
married William McBride ; issue, three. 


I. — Mary Catherine, born June 3, 1878; married 
Thomas Gantley, October 16, 1891. 
II. — William Ernest, born Alay 21, 1880; died in 
HI. — Thomas Xeales, born January 27, 1882. 



Annie Pintard Wiggins, second daughter of Stephen S. Wig- 
gins and Esther (Camp) Wiggins, was born September 9, 185Q: 
married R. E. Achom, January 4, 1887. 


I. — Robert Edgar, l)orn March 14, 1893. 
H. — Esther Madehne, l^orn December 18, 1900. 


George Stephen J. Wiggins, fourth son of Stephen S. Wig- 
gins and Esther (Camp) Wiggins, was born August 4, 1861 ; 
married Lilhc T. Campbell, July 28, 1886; issue, seven. 


I.- — ^Marv Elizabeth, born April 20, 1888. 

H. — Lillie Esther, l)orn A])ril 4, 1890. 
ni. — Amber Eldora, born February 22, 1893. 
IV. — Annie Martha Pintard, born September 18, 1894. 

V. — Katie Maud Victoria, born October 31, 1896. 
VI. — Bessie, born August 4. 1899. 


Hannah M. Wiggins, youngest daughter of Stephen S. Wig- 
gins and Hannah (Cross) Wiggins, was born February 26, 
1878; married John Marston. 


I. — Hedley Charles, born September 26, 1899. 
II. — ^Edith Eldoria, born October 19,1903. 


Grace B. Mcintosh, eldest daughter of Sophia ^I. Wiggins 
and Alexander Mcintosh, was born January 2S, 1855; married 
Robert Reid in 1873. 


1." — Martha J., born Marcli t, 1874; married Herbert 
H. Marr, October 13, 1891 ; issue, three. 
Tl. — Marv V. R., born September 2, 1876; married 
Joyce l-'owler. August 2/, 1896; issue, one. 
III. — James A., l)()rn August 2t^. ^Hyq. 
IV.— William ?.., born September i, 1881. 
V. — Alexander Mcintosh, born [anuarv 21, 188^. 



Helen V. Mcintosh, second daughter of Sophia M. Wiggins 
and Alexander Mcintosh, was born September 3, 1859; married 
Andrew B. Smith, July 27, 1876. 


I. — Maggie J., born February 27, 1879; married 
Leonard B. Nevers, July 23, 1902. 
II. — Joseph A., born March .19, 1881 ; married Delia 
E. Berton, July 23, 1903. 
III.— Violet M.. born July 16. 1884. 
IV. — Thomas M., born lune 10, 1886. 
v.— Annie L.. born March 7, 1888. 
VI.— William B., born March 19, 1889. 
VII. — Robert M., born February 19, 1891. 
\TII. — Franklin E., born June 26, 1897. 


Mary L. Mcintosh, third daughter of Sophia M. Wiggins 
and Alexander Mcintosh, was born January 26, 1863; married 
Benjamin H. Smith, September 5, 1884. 


I. — Harrv G., born March 25, 1885. 
II.— Mary E., born July 17, 1886. 
III. — Thomas G., born January 22, 1888. 
IV. — Minnie B.. born September 13, 1889. 

v.— Glen A., born May 6, 1891. 
VI.^ — George P., born February 15, 1893. 
VII. — Otty G.. born December '31. 1894. 


Amelia E. Little, eldest daughter of Elizabeth S. Wiggins 
and William N. Little, was born June 28, 1853; married William 
F. Gallupe, October 8, 1873. 


I. — Beatrice M., born November 26, 1874. 

II.— William E.. born Tanuarv 18. 1876. 
III.— Ethel M., born October 9, 1877. 
IV. — Minnie A., born March 3, 1879. 

V. — Lizzie A., born October 19. 1880. 


VL — IMuriel C, born (~)ctober lo, 1885. 
Vn.— Mabel E., born March 12, 1887. 
Vni. — Clyde B.. born January 15, 1893. 
IX. — Juanita P., born July 14, 1896. 

Elvira A. Little, youngest daughter of Elizabeth S. Wiggins 
and William N. Little, was born October 18, 1854; married 
Anion Tapley, October i, 1878. 


I. — Bessie Lee, born August 30, 1879. 
II. — Cora Annie, born January 19. 1881. 
III. — Frederick Victoria, born April i, 1882. 
IV. — William Anion, born February 2^, 1884. 

v.— Mary White, born July 5, 1886. 
VI. — Harry Lewis, born July 20, 1888. 
VII. — Norman Eldon, born September 3, 1891. 
VIII. — Ella May, twin of Norman Eldon. 
IX. — Fay Alma, born April 8, 1894. 
X. — Edgar Little, born June 17, 1896. 
XI. — Geneva Lena, born September 12, 1898. 


Wilford Hempson Wiggins, eldest son of Esther C, Wiggins 
and Charles A. Wiggins, was born December 19, 1862; married 
Carrie Mabel Severance, November 5, 1865. 


I. — Charles Walter, born April 11, 1891. 

II. — Harold Benjamin, born November 18, 1892. 
III. — Ralph Stanley, born January 5, 1894. 
IV. — Ray Leon, born July 24. 1895. 

V. — Mabel Severance, born August 28, 1900. 

1 .*?r> 

Stanley W. Cody, eldest son of Deborah Schofield Wiggins 
and James Cody, was born November 8, 1856; married Hannah 
B. Patterson, September 12, 1878. 



I. — Warren D., born January 30, 1880. 

II.— Harry T., born March 28, 1882. 
III.— John M., born April 17, 1883. 
IV. — Georgie V., born March 21, 1885. 

V. — Louise M., born December 20, 1893. 


Edith M. Mott, eldest daughter of Mary Victoria Wiggins 
and Daniel Mott, was born May i, 1864; married David N. Was- 
son, December 30, 1888. 


I.— Ethel M., born December 28, 1889. 

II. — Everett L., born August 10, 1891. 
III. — Fred., born August 5. 1893. 
IV.— Greta, born June 23, 1895. 

V. — Clarence M., born July 11, 1897. 
VI. — Bella T., born May 21, 1901. 


Marshal E. Mott, second son of Mary Victoria Wiggins and 
Daniel Mott, was born March 9, 1866; married Mary Flemming, 
December 12, 1892. 


I. — John Winthrop, born Junt 27, 1897. 
II. — Alice, born November 31, 1898. 


Clarence H. Mott, third son of Mary Victoria Wiggins and 
Daniel Mott, was born June i, 1868; married Mary Ella Orchard, 
December, 1895. 


I. — Cora Mabel, born October 7, 1891. 

II. — Gladys Muriel, born August 23, 1893. 
III. — Eva Marnel, born October 8, 1895. 
IV. — Daniel Otty, born September 2, 1898. 

V. — Arthur Burtis. born October 6. 1900. 


Minnie E. Mott, second daughter of ]\Iary Victoria Wig-gins 
and Daniel Mott. was born May 12, 1872; married Robert Was- 
son, February 16, 1899. 


I. — Freedom L. E., born April 6, 1900. 
n. — William, born September 26, igoi 


Hiram Orchard, eldest son of Robert Orchard and Lucretia 
(Briggs) Orchard, was born May 4, 1833; married Mary A. 


L — r>essie, born 1857; married F. H. Foster; issue. 

two daughters. Mildred, born in 1897, and 

Helen, born in 1899. 
n. — Annie, born in 1859; married Captain Charles 

Starkey ; issue, one daughter. Bessie, born Mav, 

1878. ' 
ni. — Susan, born in 1861 ; married James Seeley in 1887; 

issue: Ralph, born in 1887, Ethel, born in 

1889, and Susan, born in 1891. 
IV. — Emma, born in 1863 ; married Harvey E. White 

in 1885; issue, one daughter, Barbara, born in 

V. — Eva, born in 1865 ; married R. Cropley, 1894; issue, 

one son, Frank, born 1896. 
VI. — Robert, born in 1867; married Annie Gillis in 1902. 


William ( )rchard. second son of Robert ( )rchard and Lucretia 
(Briggs) Orchard, was born May ij , 1836; married Alice Fitz- 
Roy in 1857; died February 4, 1904. 


I. — Hiram FitzRoy, born in 1858. 

II.- — Alice, born in i860. 

III. — Richard, born in 1862. 

IV.— Alfred, born in 1864. 

V. — Emma, born in 1866. 

Vr. — Ethel, born in 1869. 



Thomas Orchard, third son of Robert Orchard and Lucretia 
(Briggs) Orchard, was born May 9, 1838; married (i) Clarissa 
Scribner in 1857; marnod (2) ^laria Duffield. 

Children by first marriage : 
I.— William, born 1868. 
II. — Robert, born 1870. 
III. — Maggie, born 1872; died July 4. 1904. 
IV. — George, born May 16, 1840; married Susau Boil^ 
1878; no issue. 


John Orchard, fifth son of Robert ( )rchard and Lucretia 
(Briggs) Orchard, was born April 14, 1842; married ]\Iary C 
Bennison, September 15, 1864; issue fifteen. 


I. — Ella, born August 31. 1867; married C. H. Mott, 
December 29, 1890. 
II. — James, born September 11, 1869; married Myrtle 
Evans, June 6, 1892. 
III. — Ernest H., born January 9, 1872; married Maggie 

Marston, August 15, 1903. 
IV. — Emma B., born December i, 1873; married Medvill 
V. — George M., born May 30, 1875; married Florence 
Lawson, August 25, 1902. 
VI. — Lue, born Alay 10, 1877. 
\TI. — Dora A., bom' October 4, 1878; married Herbert 

Briggs, December 26, 1899, 
\ III.— Oswald, born March 4, 1880. 
IX. — Oliver L., born March 5, 1882. 

X. — Otty D., born September 14, 1887. 
XI. — John L., born December 25, 1888. 
XII.— Arthur, born October 25, 1889. 
XIII. — Hattie P., born August 31, 1891. 
XIV.— Fred A., dead. 


Samuel Orchard, sixth son of Robert Orchard and Lucretia 
(Briggs) Orchard, was born March 4, 1844; married (i) Alice 
Springer; married (2) Hattie McDonald, October 4. 1878; issue,. 


Children by second marriage : 

L — Martha, born November ii, 1879. 

n. — Malcolm, born January 6, 1881. 
HL — Elsie, born August 23. 1883. 
lY. — Francis, born June 9, 1885. 

V. — John, born September 3, 1888. 


Rebecca A. Orchard, eldest daughter of Robert Orchard and 
Lucretia (]'>riggs) Orchard, was born May 20, 1848; married 
Bernard Kelly, December 1, 1876. 


I. — George, born November 10, 1868. 
H. — Robert, born February 24. 1870. 
HI. — Barnet. born May 3, 1872. 
IV.- — Louise, born August i. 1874. 

V. — Elizabeth, born January 6, 1876. 
VF — Leo. born January 7, 1878. 
\'n. — Josephine, born July 16, 1880. 


Emma Jane Orchard, second daughter of Robert Orchard 
and Lucretia (Briggs) Orchard, was born August 15. 1850; 
married Charles Denton, March 10, 1868. 


L — Beverly, born June i, 1870. 
n. — Mary, born November 10. 1872. 
HL — Rosalia, born June 12, 1874. 
1\'. — Ludto. born August 9. 1876. 

V. — Lanah, twin of Ludto. 
VF— Robert, born May 6, 1878. 
AIL — Grace, born September 2. 1892. 

Mary A. Orchard, third daughter of Robert Orchard and 
Lucretia (I'riggs) Orchard, was born March 12. 1852; married 
Thomas Kelly. November 2. 1876. 


F — Roderick, born April 2. 1878. 
H. — Fucretia, born May 7, 1880. 


ni.-^John, born September 21, 1881. 
IV. — Thomas, born January 5, 1883. 

V. — Susan, born April 26, 1885; dead. 
VI.— Clara. 
VII.— Alfred, born June 2, 1888. 
VIIL— Kate. 


Samuel B. Orchard, youngest child of Robert ( )rchard and 
Charlotte (Briggs) Orchard, was born January 19, 1861 ; married 
Mary E. Knight. 


I.— Alfred S. 

II. — James O. 

III.— Avard L. 

IV.— Robert P. 

V. — Ray Knight. 


Annie MacDougald, second daughter of James MacDougaltl 
and Diademia (Briggs) MacDougald, was born June 22, 1859; 
married Theodore Langley. 

I. — Bessie. 
II.— Miles. 
III. — Grace. 


Grace Elizabeth Newton MacDougald. third daughter of 
James MacDougald and Diademia (Briggs) MacDougald, was 
born December 23, 1862 ; married Dr. Adam Armstrong, August 
31, 1896. 


I.^-Geraldine, born September 2, 1897. 
II. — Diademia, born October 4, 1901. 
III. — Helen, born September 20, 1903. 


Elizabeth Ann Burpee, daughter of Rose Ann Alanzer and 
Ebenezer Burpee, was born September 2, 1849; niarried Donald 
McLean, September 9, 1868. 

I. — William L., born June 27, 1871 ; married Letitia 
McBride, July 28, 1897. 
185. II. — Wilford M., born August 27, 1873; issue, three. 


Rose Ann Hutchison, eldest daughter of Mary Lester Manzer 
and John Hutchison, was born November 2, 1851 ; married 
Stephen S. Dingee. 

186. I. — Arthur; issue, three, 

n.— Frank. 
HI.— Lee. 
IV.— Margaret. 


Clara P. Hutchison, second daughter of Mary Lester Manzer 
and John Hutchison, was born October 10, 1852; married John 

I. — Herbert. 
II.— Lena. 
III.— Mabel. 
IV.— John. 
v. — Fawn. 
VI.— Fred. 
VII. — Annie, 
VIII. — Bessie. 
IX.— Cap. 

Lena W. Hutchison, third daughter of Mary Lester Manzer 
and John Hutchison, was born iNovember 19, 1854 ; married 
James R. Andrews, November 30, 1880. 
I.— Sadie M. 
II. — George. 
III.— Mabel. 

James F. Hutchison, second son of Mary Lester Manzer and 
John Hutchison, was born February 28, 1857 ; married K 

I. — George. 
II. — Bessie. 
III.— Lilly. 
IV.— Hazel, 
v.— Edith. 
VI. — James. 
VIL— John. 



Margaret Hutchison, fourth daughter of Mary Lester and 
John Hutchinson, was born September 10, 1863; married David 
Hipwell, February 9, 1881. 

I. — Annie. 
H.— Mary. 
HI.— Harry. 
IV.— John. 


Bertha F. Hutchison, youngest child of Mary Lester Manzer 
and John Hutchinson, was born October 11. 1865; married 
Charles Fowler. 

I.— Etta. 
II. — Charles. 
III.— Fern. 
IV.— Cecil. 


Amos Manzer Withrow, eldest son of Amelia Jane Manzer 
and Joseph B. Withrow, was born September 2^, 1854; married 
Fannie Wry in 1878, 


I. — ^label, born October i, 1880; married Percy 
II. — Mary A., born October 19. 1875. 


Ada E. Withrow, third daughter of Amelia Jane Manzer and 
Joseph I>. Wiihrow, was born February 20, i860; married Free- 
man \^. Carr, October 14, 1879. 


I. — Maud, married Bert Chapman, May 28, 1902; 
issue, one daughter, Eveline. 
II. — Harold, born March 31, 1882. 
III. — Cornelius, born (3ctober 14, 1884. 
IV. — Gladys, born June, 1896. 
V. — Josephine, born Ivlarch i, 1898. 



Amelia AI. Withrow, youngest daughter of Ameiic. Jane 
Manzer and Joseph B. Withrow, was born April 28, 1862; mar- 
ried Albert E. Swanton. 


I. — Glenie M., born May 2=,. 1891. 
II. — Majorie, born June 9, 1893. 


Lena Manzer, eldest daughter of Samuel White ^lanzer and 
Harriett (Chamberlain) Alanzer, was born June 10, 1866; mar- 
ried Peter Hughes in 1885. 


I. — Raymond E., born (Jctober 29, 1890. 
II. — James S., born in 1892. 
III. — William A., born in June. 1894. 
I\'. — Joseph 15.. born in 1891. 


William Edward Wilson, second son of Francis E. Wilson 
and Elizabeth A. (Black), was born August 17, 1842; married 
1-harlotte Smith; issue, four. 


I.— Mary, married Albert Littlefield. 
II. — Stella, married William McDonald. 
III.— Bessie. 
ly. — Irene. 

Albert DesBrisay, third son of iM'ancis E. Wilson and Eliza- 
beth A. (Black), was born March 17, 1845; married Mary 
Lemon ; issue, two. 

I.— Harold. 
II.— ^luriel Gladys. 


Amos Perlev Wilson, son of Francis E. Wilson and Elizabeth 
A. (lUack), was born August 2},, 1847; married Susan Mc- 
Cutcheon ; issue, four. 



I. — Inas, died January, 1872. 
II. — Allan M., born January, 1872; Counsellor-al-Law. 
III.— Retta. 
J W— Shirley. 

Amon A. Wilson, fifth son of Francis E. Wilson and Eliza- 
beth A. (Black), was born at the Narrows, Queens Count}-, 
January 21, 1850; studied law in the office of Charles A. Stock- 
ton, St. John ; was admitted an attorney of the Supreme Court, 
and a barrister; appointed a King's counsel atbout 1898. ^tar- 
ried Maria Isabel Potts, September 28, 1881. Is a successful 
lawyer, with a large practice. Is a prominent member of the 
Leinster Street Baptist church, St. John. Issue, six. 


I. — Garnet W., born August 26. 1882. 
II.— Rheta, born October 9, 1885. 
III.— Clifford St. John, born January ij, 1888. 
IV. — Eunice J. H., born June 4. 1890; died June 2~. 
v.— Kenneth A., born December 11, 1891. 
\\. — Rae \'anHorne, born July 7, 1893. 


Priscilla L. (Wilson) Perry, only daughter and sixth child 
of James E. Wilson and Elizabeth A. (Black), was born May 
18, 1852; married John C. Perry, and resides at Havelock, Kings 
County ; issue, two. 


I. — lennie, married Alward. 

II.— Rush. 


Zephaniah Wilson, sixth -on of Francis E. Wilson and Eliza- 
beth A. (Black), was born September 18, 1854; married Lenor- 
Brown ; issue, four. 
I.— Betsy. 
II.— Bennett. 
III. — Grace. 
IV.— Percy. 


3 08 

Sophia A. Lemon, eldest daughter of Phoebe E. Fairweathrr 
and Patrick Lemon, married Andrew Long. 


I. — Annie. 

II.— Alice. 
III.— John. 
IV.— Frank. 

\'. — Frances. 
\I.— Ida. 


Emma L. Lemon, third daughter of Phoebe E. Fairweather 
and Patrick Lemon, married William Scott. 


I.— Maggie. 

II.— Alice. 

III.— Olive. 

IV.— Isabel. 

\'. — Annie. 

\ I. —Walter. 

\I1.— ^label. 


Ainsk'v Lemon, eldest 

son of P 

Patrick Lemon, married 

( I ) Amy 

Sarah Wilcox. 


I.— Etta. 

I L— Ethel. 


IW — Clarence. 

1 of Phcebe E. Fairweather and 
romwell ; married {2) 

John d\ Lemon, second son of J'hadie E. h'airwe.ither 
Patrick Lemon, married Xettie \ incent. 

1.— (lartield. 
11.— William. 
III.— Arthur. 
I\'. — Alphonse. 
\'.— Ernest. 



Hirjim C. Lemon, youngest son of Phcebe E. Fairweather 
and Patrick Lemon, married Margaret Seeley. 

L — George. 



Lillie S. Robertson, eldest child of Samuel White Robertson 
and Ellen (Gibson) Robertson, was born March 30, 1859; mar- 
ried Joseph A. Ferris, February lO, 1886. 


L- — Arnold D., born January 31, 1887. 
n. — Carrie E., born January 31, 1889. 
111. — Ada, born October, 1892. 


Charles M. Robertson, second child of Samuel White Robert- 
son and Ellen (Gibson) Robertson, was born April 23, 1862; 
married Maud L. Ferris, August 12, 1886. 


I. — Medora C, born March 27, 1887. 
H. — Walter AF, born October 19, 1889. 
III. — Hazen A., born August 28, 1900. 
IV. — Hazel M., twin of Hazen A. 


Harry S. Robertson, eldest son of George Gordon B}Ton 
Robertson and Almira (Wade) Robertson, was born April' 24, 
1865 ; married Mary E. White. 


I. — Etta L., born May i, 189O. 
II. — Ruby R.. born September 2, 1892. 
III. — Dori's K., born July 15. 1804. 


Ernest L. Robertson, sec<ind son of George Gordon Byron 
Robertson and Almira (Wade) Robertson, was born October 6, 
1867; married Josie B. Waring, June 17, 1896. 



Myrtle, born September 19, 1896. 
II. — Barrel B., born May 17, 1901, 
III. — Emma E., iDorn February 5, 1904. 


John R. Robertson, third son of George Gordon Byron Rob- 
ertson and Almira (Wade) Robertson, was born September 21, 
1871 ; married Hattie J. Gallop, January 3, 1894. 


I. — Frank E., born November 25, 1894. 
II. — Kenneth S., born January 3, 1896. 


Arthur Edwin White, eldest son of Jacob Wiggins White 
and Sarah E. (Babbit) White, was born June 30, 1873. 


I. — Mabel Elizabeth, born February 2, 1903. 
II.- — Harry William, born June 15, 1904. 

Abbie M. White, fifth child of George Harding White and 
Frances A. Cougle, was born January 3, 1871 ; married Arth'^r 
Keith, October 9, 1895. 


I. — Marion, born April 21, 1898. 
II. — Helen, born January 2, 1900. 
III. — Julia, born January 20, 1902. 
IV. — Adrienne, born May 18, 1904. . 


Mary Edna Irvine, eldest daughter of Julia Elvira White and 
John E. Irvine, was born December 25, 1875; married James E. 
Angevine, September 13, 1900. 

I.— John B. 
II.— Daniel M. 
HI. — Edwin Douglas. 



Francena Wiggins, only daughter of Nathaniel Wiggins and 
Phcebe (Scribner) Wiggins, was born April 20, 1862; married 
Silas Burt in 1882. 


I.— Lillie May, born October 31, 1883. 
II. — Celia Edna, born June 27, 1891. 
III. — Cody Coleman, born November 13, 1892. 
IV. — Molly Alma, born November 2'j, 1895. 

1 82 

Malinda A. Smith, eldest daughter of Pervelia A. Wiggins 
and Isaac Smith, was born January 6. 1861 ; married Lorenzo 
Ferris, June 11, 1883. 


I. — Dora E., born November 6, 1881. 
II.— Amelia A., born February 15, 1884. 
III.— Perley B., born December 8, 'i88s. 
IV.— Stella M., born October 24, 1891. 

Ella V. Cox. eldest daughter of Susan \\\ Wiggins and John 
Y. Cox, was born December 23, 1871 ; married David M. Wort. 
August 8, 1893. 


I. — Susan Lillian, born June 25, 1895. 
II. — George Stanton, born August 21, 1901. 


Ebcn F. Gale, eldest son of Hannah Wiggins and John Gale, 
married Mabel Fowler, July 6, 1898. 


I. — Nora Elvira, born August 7, 1893. 
II. — Cecil Arnold, born May 12, 1895. 

Wilford M. McLean, youngest son of Elizabeth Ann Burpee 
?nd Donald McLean, was born August 2'j, 1873; married March 
27. 1895. 



I. — Wilford G., born February i, 1896. 
II. — Marion, born June 15, 1898. 
III. — Russell, born March 27, 1901. 


Arthur Dingee. eldest son of Rose Ann Hutchinson and 
Stephen S. Dingee, married Wilson. 

I.— Rov. 
1 1.— Gladys. 
III.— Fred. 


The following Commission is taken from a copy held by Wil- 
liam \. White, of Woodstock, New Brunswick, who is a grand- 
son of \'incent White, Loyalist, and Susan Carle, late of Grand 
Lake, Queens County, N. B. : 

George the Third, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, 
France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c. 

To all to i^'hoiii thcfe prcfents fhall come, Greeting : 

Whereas by a Statute made and paffed in the Sixteenth year 
of Our Reign, intituled, " An Act to prohibit all trade and inter- 
" courfe with the Colonies of New Hampfhire, jMatl'achufetts 
" Bay, Rhode Ifland, Connecticut, New York, New Jerfey, 
" Pennfylvania, the three lower Counties on Delaware, Mary- 
" land, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, 
" during the Continuance of the prefent Rebellion within the faid 
" colonies refpectively ; for repealing an act made in the Four- 
" teenth Year of the Reign of His prefent Majefty, to difcontinue 
"the landing and difcharging, lading or shipping of Goods, Wares 
" and Merchandise at the Town and within the Harbour of 
" Bofton in the Province of Maft'achufetts Bay; and alfo two 
" Acts made in the laft Seffion of Parliament for reftraining 
" the Trade and Commerce of the Colonies in the faid Acts 
" refpectively mentioned and to enable any perfon or perfons 
" appointed and authorized by His Majefty, to grant pardons, 
" to iftue Proclamations in the Cafes and for the purpofes therein 
'"mentioned," (it is amongft other things enacted). That all 
ships and Veffels of or belonging to the Inhabitants of the 
Colonies herein above mentioned, together with their Cargoes, 
Apparel and Furniture and all other Ships and Vetiels, whatfo- 
ever, together with their Cargoes, Apparel and Furniture, which 
fhall be found trading in any Part or Place of the faid Colonies 
or going to trade or coming from trading in any fuch Port or 
Place fhall become forfeited to L^s, as if the fame were the Ships 
and effects of open Enemies, and fhall be fo adjudged, deemed 
and taken in all Courts of Admidalty. and in all other Courts 

And Whereas bv a certain other Statute made and paffed in 
the Seventeenth year of Our Reign, intituled, " An Act for 
" enabling the Comniiffioners for executing the Office of Lord 

THE WlllTE l-AMILV. 85 

" Hij^h Admiral of Great llrilain, to Lrant Cominiffioners to the 
" Coinmaiulers of private Ships and \>ftels em];loyed in 'J'lade 
" or retained in His Majefey's Service, to take and Make Prize 
"of all fuch Ships and \'efife!s and their Cars.o;s as are t erein 
" mentioned for a limited Time/' reciting as therein it is recited, 
this among other things enacted. That the Lord High Admiral 
of Great Britain, or the Commiffioners for executing the Office 
of Lord Admiral of Great Britain for the time being, or any three 
or more of them, or any Perfon or Perfons by him or them em- 
powered and appointed, fhall and may from and alter the 
Twentieth day of February, One Thoufand Seven Hundred and 
Seventy-Seven, at the Requeft of any ^lerchant or Merchants, 
being Owner or Owners of any Ship or Veffel employed in I'rade 
or retained in His Majefty's Service, giving fuch Bail or Security 
as is therein after mentioned and expreffed, caufe to be iffued 
forth one or more Commiffion or Commififions to any Perfon or 
Perfons whom fuch [Merchant of ^lerchants fhall nominate to be 
Commander, or in Cafe of Death fucceffivelv Commanders of 
fuch Ship or \'effel, for the attacking, furprizing. seizing and 
taking by and with fuch Ship or V'efifel, or with the Crew thereof, 
all Ships and \"effels. Goods, Wares and ^lerchandizes. Chattels 
and Effects whatfoever, belonging to the Inhabitants of the faid 
Colonies now in Rebellion, and all Ships and \'eft"els, with their 
Cargoes, Apparel and furniture, belonging to our Subjects in 
Great Britain and Ireland, which fhall be found trading to, or 
from the faid Colonies, contrary to the Provisions of the faid 
Act of Parliament herein before firft above in Part recited. 

And Whereas three of our Commiffioners, for executing the 
Office of Lord High Admiral of Great Britain, by their Warrant, 
under their Hands and Seal of the Office of Admiralty, bearing 
date the fourth day of June, in the year of our Lord One thou- 
fand Seven Hundred and Seventy-Eight, reciting as therein it 
is recited, have duly empowered and a])pointed Our Trufty and 
well-beloved Janijes Robertson, Efquire, ( )ur Cai)tain-General, 
and Governor in Chief, in and over. Our i'mvince of Xew York 
and the Territories depending thereon, in America. Chancellor 
and Vive- Admiral of the fame to caufe to be iffued forth 
pursuant to the faid Act of the said Seventeenth ^'ear of 
our Reign, by \\'arrant, under his Hand and the Seal of the 
faid Province of New York, directed to the Judge of the 
Admiralty of the faid Province (fuch Warrant to be made 
feverally from Time to Time) at the requeft of any Merchant 
or Merchants, being Owner of Owners of :'ny Ship or 
A'effel, employed in Trade or retained in < 'ur .Service one or 
more Commiffion or Commiffions. to the I"".ffect aforefaid, to any 


Perfon or Perfons whom fnch Merchant or Merchants frail 
nominate to be Commander, or in Cafe of Death fucccft'iveh,' 
Commanders of fuch Ship or Vefifel, and to caufe fuch Bail and 
Security to be taken, as is directed by the faid Act, and moreover 
to caufe that in g-ranting fuch Commiffions all other things l;c 
had and done conformable to and as the faid Act requires. 

And whereas Daniel Sickles and Philip White of the City ji 
New York principal owners of a certain Schooner P>oat or X'elTel 
called the Heroes Revenge have made application in Writing to 
our faid Captain General and Governor in Chief and therein fot 
forth a particular Defcription of the faid Vessel fpecifying the 
Cargo and Burthen thereof the Number and Nature of the Guns 
on Board, the fame to what place the faid YetTel belongs, and 
on what \'oyage fhe is bound, that they are the principal Owners 
thereof, and the Number of Men intended to be put on board 
the fame, to the Effect hereinafter at large expreffed ; and thereby 
requefted our faid Captain General and Governor in Chief to 
caufe a Commiffion to be iffued for the purpofe aforefaid, unto 
Philip White, whom they have nominated Commander of the 
faid Veffel, and in cafe of his Death unto William White, and vi 
cafe also of his Death unto Aaron White and A^incent White 
whom in the Order they are herein before mentioned, the fa'd 
( )wners have nominated fucceffively Commanders thereof, mi 
cafe of Death as aforefaid. 

And whereas Our faid Captain General and Governor "n 
Chief hath thereupon iffued his Warrant under his hand and the 
Seal of Our faid Province of New York bearing date the third 
day of March inftant to Robert Bayard, Efquire, Judge of Our 
Court of Vice-Admiralty for the faid Province of New York, 
directed, willing and requirying the faid Judge to caufe a Com- 
miffion to be accordingly ift"ued out of the faid Court unto the 
said Philip White, and in cafe of his death unto the faid 
William White, and in cafe of his death to the faid Aaron 
White, and \incent White for the fettino- forth the faid I'.oat '^r 
A'effel in a warlike manner, with the Powers and Authorities, 
and to the Intents and Purpofes in the Statute laft above men- 
tioned, directed and expreffed. 

And whereas the faid Daniel Sickles hath given fuiffcient 
Bail with Securities to Us in Our faid Court of Vice Admiralty 
for the Province of New York, purfuant to the faid Statute, and 
according to the Effect and Form fet down in Our Inftruction<^ 
for the Guidance and Goverance of the Commanders of fuch 
Ships and Veffels, ift'ued imder our Royal Signet and Sign 
Manuel bearing date at Saint jame's the twenty-feventh Day of 
March, One Thoufand feven hundred and feventy-feven, a Copy 


of which Inftructions is delivered with thefe Prefents to the faid 
PhiHp White at prefent Commander of the faid Boat or X'elTel 
the JrLeroes Revenge. 

Know Ye therefore that we do by thefe Prefents grant Coni- 
mifition to and do Hcenfe, authorize and empower the faid Aaron 
White and Vincent White nominated in the order aforefaid, to 
be, in Cafe of Death, fuccetTively Commanders thereof, to fet 
forth in a warhke Aianner the faid Boat or \'effel, called the 
Heroes Revenue, the fame being a Schooner Rigged Boat em- 
ployed in trade laden with BalLaft of the Burthen of having on 
iDoard three Swivel Guns, carrying Shot of Pounds Weight and 
twelve Mufkets belonging to the Port of about two tons (and) 
on a Voiage to the Island of New Providence and intended to 
be Planned with fifteen men and by or widi fucli boat or \ ettel or 
the Crew thereof, to attack, furprize, seize and take all Ships and 
\'effels. Goods, Wares and Merchandizes, Chattels and Effects 
whatfoever, belonging to the Inhabitants of the faid Colonies 
now in Rebellion, and all Ships and \'eft'els with their Cargoes, 
Apparel and Furniture belonging to our Subjects in Great 
Britain or Ireland, which shall be found trading to or from the 
faid Colonies, contrary to the Provifions of the herein before 
mentioned Statute, made in the Sixteenth Y'ear of Our Reign as 
aforefaid, the fame being made liable to Seizure by Merchant 
Ships employed in Trade, or retained in our Service, being there- 
unto commiffioned according to the faid Statute made in the 
Seventeenth Y^ear of Our Reign as aforefaid, and to bring the 
fame to fuch Port as fhall be moft convenient, and to which the 
fame may be lawfully brought in order to have the fame legally 
adjudged in Our High Court of Admiralty of England or before 
the Judge of fuch other Admiralty Court wiihin our Dominions 
as fhall be lawfully authorized to hear and determine concerning 
the fame, which being condemned, it fhall and may be lawful to 
and for the faid Philip White and the faid other Perfons herein 
before nominated to be fucceffively Commanders as aforefaid 
when they fhall refpectively according to the true Intent and 
Cleaning of thefe Prefents, fo command the faid Boat or Vefifel, 
to fell and difpose of fuch Ships, X'effels and Goods, fo adjudged 
and condemned, in fuch fort and manner as by the Course of 
Admiralty hath been accuftomed, except in fuch Cafes where 't 
is otherwise directed by our faid Inftructions. 

Provided That Nothing be done by the faid Philip White or 
any of the o'dier officers, ^Mariners and Company, contrary to the 
true meaning of our Inftructions delivered unto him herewith 
as aforefaid," but that the faid Instructions, and each and every 
of them, as far as thev or anv of them are therein concerned fhall 


in all Particulars be well and truly performcil and observed. 
And we pray and defire all Kings, Princes, Potentates. States 
and Republicks, being Our Eriends and Allies, and all others to 
whom it fhall appertain to give the faid Philip White all Aid, 
affiftanceand Succour in their Ports, with the faid Boat or Veffel, 
company and prizes, without doing or fuffering to be done to him 
or them, any Wrong, Trouble or Hindrance. We offering to do 
the like when we fhall be by them thereunto defired. 

And we will and require all Our Officers what foe ver to give 
him and them Succour antl Aff'iftance as Occafion fhall require. 

In Testimony W^hereof, We have caufed the Seal of Our Court 
of Vice-Admiralty for Our faid Province of New York to be 
hereunto affixed. , 

Witness our Trufty and well-beloved Robert Bayard, Efquir.-^, 
Judge of Our Court of Vice-Admiralty for Our faid Province 
of New York, at the City of New York, in our faid Province the 
3rd day of March, in the twenty-first Year of Our Reign. 

The said William White and Vincent White to act and follow 
such orders as he shall receive from tiiue to time from his or 
their Captain. 

Philii> White. 



Geneological Record of Family of Whites, by John Bartlett White, 
of East Killingly, Connecticut. 

WilUam White, who came over in the "Mayflower," must be the an- 
cestor of nearly all the Whites of America? He had three sons, not 
counting Peregrine. The name William 6th in order subscribed to the 
Compact; Gideon White, descendant of Daniel White, son of Peregrine, 
removed to Shelburne, Nova Scotia, during Revolution of 1776, leaving 
numerous descendants. 

Ancestrial Chronological Record of William White Family from 1607-8 
to 1895, pages 299, 300. Hannah, daughter of William, married December 
27th, 1730, William son of Philip Tabor. 

Town records of Mendommass, Asa, son of Thomas and Deborah 
White; bom August nth, 1735. Aaron, son of Joseph and Prudence 
White, born May 22nd, 1717. William, son of William and Hulda White, 
born August 22nd, 1729. Boston Historical Library. 

Just as this book was ready for binding, I received from Rev. Wm. 
Hance a letter, in which he states that he feels confident, as the result of 
some late discoveries he has made, that Peter White (2) was not the son of 
Thomas White, as stated in the text of this book, on page one, but was 
Thomas White's brother. According to Mr. Hance the line runs as 
follows : 

Thomas of the first generation : Administration granted to his son 
Samuel, February 4, 1684-5 ! had 3 sons ; — Samuel, who married Elizabeth 
Warden, and left a son Joel, as appears from his Will proved July 5, 1698 ; 
Thomas, who administered on his brother Samuel's estate, and whose own 
Will, dated Nov. 9, 1712, was proved December 4, 1712; and 

Amos, who married, in 1708, Hannah Mills, and died 1729-30. 

Peter White, brother to the above Thomas of the first generation, died 
1697-8. He married Mary Worthley, and was father of Peter White (3). 

As Mr. Hance has devoted much pains-taking and enthusiastic work to 
search out the pedigree of the White family, his conclusions are entitled to 
very great weight, and, had his letter reached me earlier, I would have 
tried to verify them by further search of such records as are available. 



After a large portion of the first edition of this Book had been dis- 
tributed, I received from various sources information caUing for certain 
corrections in and additions to the text. These will be found in the 
following list of corrections and additions, which list also includes those 
corrections shown in the earlier issues of the Book, under the title 


Page iv; line i/, for Rev. Air. White, read Rev. Air. Hance. 

Page vi ; line 19, for page 29, read page 28. 
Page 2; line 9, for Alary read, Alary Wortly. 
Page 2; lines 10 and 11, omit, was born Sept. 17, 1685; he. 
Page 2; line i.i, for 1635, read, 168.5. 
Page 4; line 21, for John, read, then. 
Page 6; foot note, for see appendix, read, see above extract from Dr. 

Ryerson's History. 
Page 7; line 18, from the bottom, read, born in Shrewsbury, Alay 7, 1752. 
Page 8; add at foot of page, She died June i, 1850, aged 98 years. Her 

husband died Dec. 6, 1857. aged 98 years. 
Page 9; in marginal figures, strike out 5, and substitute 5 for the first 6. 
Page 12; line 2, No. 4, for 1798, read, 1789. 
Page 22; line i. No. 18, after Francis Knight, add: He died July 28, 1872. 

Page 22; line 6, No. 18, for Galbraith, read, Samuel Galbraith. 

Page 24; line 2, strike out, (2) Alary A. Robinson in 1891. 

Page 31 ; line 25, for mechanics, read medicine. 

Page 34; lines 14 and 15, strike out, issue foun all of whom died in 

Page 34; line 17, for nine years read, nine months. 
Page 35; line 3, after issue, five, add: These children of Arthur Branscom 

and Elizabeth W., his wife, are as follows : 
I. — Anna Elizabeth, born Aug. 3, i860; married July 14, 1881, to James 
L. Coleman; issue, eight. 
IT. — John Al, born Jan. 28, 1864; married Feb., 1S90, Alinnie Alasonville; 

issue, four. 
III. — Forester W., born Nov. 16, 1866; married Nov. 7, 1900, Alaie 
Aloran ; issue, one. 


IV.— Arthur Vincent, born Jan. 24, 1870; married July 14, 1897, Edyth 

A. Todd; issue, three, 
v.— Minnie Florence, born September 13, 1873; married Dec. 24, 1901, 
Rev. James Stackhouse; issue, one. 
VI.— Otty Goldwin, born June 27, 1875; married June 5, 1901, Sadie M. 

Golding; issue, two. 
Pages 35 and 62; No. 118, for Pervelia, read Provelia. 
Pages 36 and 66, No. 129; eighth line from bottom, for Grace B., read 

Grace A. 
Page 38; line 2, for Esther M., read Edith M. 
Page 39; line 8, for 1852, read 1857. 

Page 41 ; line 10, for Annie Henderson, read Annie S. Blagden. 
Page 43; line 2, for issue, ten, read issue, eleven. 

Page 43; No. 50, strike out all after children, and substitute the fol- 
lowing : 
I. — Matilda, married Albert D. Wilson, who died at St. John; issue. 

II. — William H., married Charlotte Akerley; issue, three. 
III. — ^James A., married Mary Straight; issue, three. 
IV. — Sarah, married Rev. F. S. Todd; died about 1902; issue, two. 
v.— Mary E. 
VI.— Edith G. 
Vll.^Samantha B., married Robert P. Anderson; issue, five. 
VIII.— Charlotte A., married James S. Robinson ; issue, one. 
IX. — Alfred S., married Carrie Chamberlain; issue, one. 
X.— Alma A. 
XI. — Asa L., married Maud Hardwick; issue, one. 
Page 47; No. 74, bottom line, add: She was born April 12, 1830. 
Page 48; No. 75, strike out all after children, and substitute the following: 
I. — Ida M., born Oct. 15, 1855 ; married Wm. H. Boon, Dec. 24, 1876. 
II.— Duncan M., born March 4, 1858; married Annie Anderson, June, 
III. — Harry J. M., born May 6, i860; married Esther Demerchant, Oct. 

2, 1884. 
IV. — Florence A., born March 17, 1862; married James Boon, Dec. 8, 
1881, by whom she had two children, viz. : Mary H., born Sept. 
17, 1882; Lillia H., born June 27, 1890. 
V. — Liola R., born Dec. 20, 1864; married Reuel R. Reynolds, Sept. 8, 
VI. — Maggie E., born Nov. 28. 1866; married Edward Armstrong, March 

13, 1894- 
VII. — Grace D., born March 26, 1868; married Fred. Peoples, March 26, 

VIII. — William B., born March 13, 1872; not married. 


IX. — Osburn G., born Oct. 15, 1874; married Lizzie Layton Slipp, July 
6, 1898. 
Page 48; No. TJ, seventh line from bottom of page, for George, read 

George E. 
Page 48; No. "/T, third line from bottom of page, for 1887, read 1879. 
Page 52; line 11, for Samuel W., read Samuel V. 
Page 53 ; line 8, for Elvira, read Julia Elvira. 

Page 54: line 25, for 1886, read 1881 ; and on line 27, for 1S85. read 1883. 
Page 56; last line, for May 8, read May 3. 

Page 57; lines n and 12, for elected those, read erected extensive. 
Page 61 ; No. 113, strike out all after children, and substitute: 

I. — Susan Maude, born Aug. i, 1867; married Alex. Eraser, Aug. 15, 
IT. — John Erederick, born March 15, 1870. 
III. — Cecil Tilley, born Dec. 17, 1875; married Mary Perkins, June 12, 

Page 61; No. 114, line 6, for Thompson, read Hempson; and on line 10, 

for Victoria Vincent, read Victor Vincent. 
Page <S2\ No. 116, line 5, for Morris, read Morna. 
Page 62; No. 118, line r, for Pervelia A., read Provelia A. 
Page 62; No. 118, line 7, for Minnie V., read INIaurice V.; married Olive 

Scott; not Oliver. 
Page 63 ; No. 121, line 3, for November 2"], read November 22. 
Page 70; line 6, for Freedom, read Freda. 
Page 71; lines 9 and 10, strike out IV. — George, born May 16, 1840; 

married Susan Boil, 1878; no issue. 
Page ^T,; No. 151, line 3, for McLean, read MdLennan. issue, three. 
Page "72, ; No. 151, line 6, add, after 1897, by whom he had one child, 

Eleanor Moore. 
Page 72t\ add, at bottom of page, after issue, three, viz.: Wilfred, INIarion 
Page 74; No. 152, strike out all after children, and substitute: 
I. — Sarah Smith; married William Edvi^ards. 
D. and Russel Malcolm. 
II. — Arthur; issue, three. 

III.— Russel Malcolm, born May 20, 1877, unmarried. 
III.— Frank. 
IV.— Lee. 
V. — Margaret. 
Page Tj; lines 9 and 10, for Charles A. Stockton, read Silas Alward. 
Page 82; No. 184, line 4, for Nora, read Mona. 


Akerley, Eiiphemia D 49 

Akerley. Charlotte . .1 43 

Amos, Elizabeth W 50 

Amos, Linda W 51 

Anderson, William 43 

Andrews. James R 74 

Andrews. Sadie M 74 

Andrews. George 74 

Andrews. ]\Iabe'l 74 

Angevine. James E 81 

Angevine, John B 81 

Angevine, Daniel M 81 

Angevint", Edwin D 81 

Aohom. R. E 36, 66 

Achom, Robert E 66 

Achom. Esther M 66 

Appendix 89 

Armstrong, l-iarbara 24 

Armstrong, Edward 48 

Armstrong, Dr. Adam 7,^ 

Armstrong, Geroldine 73 

Armstrong, Diademia 73 

Armstrong, Helen 73 

Asgel. Captain 5 

Au>tin, 'rhi^mas 22 

Alward 77 

Baird. Isaac 39 

Bajloch. Alice 26 

Bailey, James 21 

Babbit. Sarah E 51 

Ball. Amah 3 

Barbour. Remembrance 2 

Barrett. Benjamine 46 

Beaton, Duncan ^5 

Berton. Delila E 67 

Bell. Lafayette 62 

Bell. Bernice 62 

Bell. Chaiiles R 62 

Bell. Sarah L f-' 

Bennison. George 61 

Bennison. Ernest V 61 

Bennison. Florence A 61 

Bennison, Hattie P 62 

Bennison. Lily W 62 

Bennison, Amanda 39 

Benni.son. James A 62 

Bennison, George F 62 

Bent, Leonard 6 

Bent. Joseph 47 

Berryman, Emma 25 

Bevard. Maggie 10 

Bitler. Wm 65 

Blanchard. ]Mar\^ E 53 

Blizard. James 22 

Blizard. Alfred A 22 

Blizaid. Charles 22 

Blask. William 43 

Black. ^Latilda 4? 

B,lack, William H 43 

Black, James A 43 

Black, Saralh 43 

Black. Mary 43 

Black. Edeth 43 

Black. Samantha 43 

Black. Alfred S . 4.3 

Black, Alma 43 

Black. Asa L 43 

Black. Samuel 43 

Black, Julia S 4J 

Black. Mary E 43 

Black. Emily L 43 

Black. Noah D 43 

Black, George S 43 

Bilack,* Delbert B. 43 

Black, Adelaid 43 

Blr,ck, Alwilda E Ai 

Black, Thomas A. W 43 

Black, Margaret D 43 

Black. Fred 44 

Boil, Susan 7^ 

Boil,, SaraJh 3^ 

Boothman, Ernest 45 

Boon, S. M 38 

Boon. Henry 4^ 

Boon. Jame^ 4^ 

Bradley, Heniy 24 

Branscom. Caroline A 2? 

Branscom. Arthur 3^ 

Branscom, Elizabeth W 3^ 

Branscom^v Many E 3-^ 

Branscom, Susan A 33 

Branscom, Thomas M 33 

Branscom, CaroHne ..3 

Branscom. Alma i3 

Briggs. Hiram 9, i^> 

Briggs, Lucietia 16, 3^ 

Briggs, Mahala i6, 

Briggs, Sarah H i6, 

Briggs, Stephen i6, 

Briggs, Alfred i6, 

Briggs, Chanlotte i6, 

Briggs, Samuel W i6 

Briggs, Diadama l6. 

Bnggs, Henn% Attorney 

Briggs, Mary A 

Briggs, Adeliza M 

Briggs, Charles L 

Brip-gs, George H 

Briggs, Susan 

Briggs, Henrv 

Brirgs. Alfred W 

Briggs, Car: ie 

Brings, ?*Iatilda 

Briggs, Leander 

Briiigs, Henry (No. 50) 

Bri-qs. Lucretia (No. 49) . . . . 

Briggs, Herbert 


Buckhout, Charlotte 9. 

Brown. Lconore 

Brown. Sylvester 

Bund Joshua 

Burpee, Sarah 

Burpee, Stephen 

Bupee. Esther ■ ■ 

Burpee, Ehenezer 

Burpee, Elizabeth A 

Burt, Silfs 

Burt, Lil'ie May 

Burt, Celia Edna 

Buit, Codv C 

Burt. ^loliy A 

Calkin, J 

Campbell. Fred 

Campbell, Morris 

Campbell] Pauline 

Campbell, Lillie T 

Cameron. Annabella 

Carr, Freeman L. 

Carr, Maud 

Carr, Hrrold 

Carr, Cornelius 

Carr, Gladys 

Carr, Jc sephine 

Camp, Esther 

Carman, Richard 

Carpenter, Emily 

Carle, Susan 

Chamberlain, Harriet 

ChrdbouTi. Medvill 

Chapman, Bert 

Chapman, Eveline 

Chase, A. C 

Chase, George H 

Chase, William H 

Chase, Mary E 

Chase, Earl D 

Chase, Levinia. J 

Chase, Drucilla 

Ch: se, Ruben F 

Chase, Charlotte A 

Qrase, Lucy A 

Chase. George S 

Chris y. Jane 

Christy, Tihomas 

Clarksnn. Arthur, 

Clarksrn, Freeman L . . . 

Cody. James W. fNo. 2'' > . .. 

Cody. James W 24, 

Cody. Hiram 

Cody, George R 

Codv. Charles F 

Cody. Charlotte A 24, 

Codv. Asa L 

Codv. Willism S 24. 

Cody. Charlotte B 

Cody, Samuel E 

Codv. Lucv H 

Cody. Adelaid A 

Cody, Peter W 

Codv, Louise M 

Ccdy, Stanley W 27, 

Codv, Minnie M 

Cody Wilford W 

Cody, Hiram N 

Cody, Charles E 

Cody, Jennie M 

Cody, Warren L^ 

Cody. Harry T .... 

Cody. John M 

Cody. George V .... 

Crdy, Louise M. (No. t -^ . . . . 

C dv. Pete- ... 

Codv. James W. (No. ■ ^ . . . . 

Cody. Ella 


Cook, Job 

Cook, Margaret .... .... 

Cole, Elizabeth .... 

Cole, Miss 

Colwdl. Odber 

Colwell Susian 

Cogswell. Oliver 

Corli?s, Dinah 

Corliss. Jrcob 

Corning, Lucy 

Cougal, Frances A. 52 

Courtney, Mary 16 

Cowan, James E 57 

Cowan, Maria P 57 

Cowan, William . . 20 

Cowan, Helen M 20 

Cowden, Mary E 62 

Cox, Wellington 5t 

Cox, Mary E 52 

Cox, Fred W $2 

Cox, John Y 6? 

Cox, James F 6s 

Cox. Elk V 63, 82 

Cox, E. A. Warnford 63 

Cox, Annie L 6^ 

Ciaw^ford, Joel 4c; 

Crawford, Samuel 46 

Crawford, Mary 25, 46 

Crawford, Charles 46 

Craddock, John .... .... 3 

Crannell, Isaac V. N 12 

Crannell, Robert 12 

Crannell. SaraHi 12 

Crocker,: Grace 41 

Crocker, Orphax ^t 

Cross, Hannah 36 

Cross, Frank W 6^ 

Crosley, Charles 16 

Crosley, Jamies 16 

Crcmwell, Amy 1 7R 

Cropley, R 70 

Cropley Frank 70 

Chcslhire, J 2 

Chandler^ Amos 

Christy, John K 20 

Christy Wesley 20 

Davis, Matilda J it, 25 

Davis, Margaret 10 

Davis, Susan A 3- 

Denton, Charles 7? 

Denton, Beverly 7^ 

Denton, Miary 72 

Denton, Rosalia 72 

Den on. I.udto 7"" 

Denton, Lanah 7'' 

Denton, Robert y 

Denton. Grace 72 

DeniS'On Mrs. Geo. 'V " 

Dingee, Stephen S 74 

Dino^ee. Arthur 74. '^• 

Dingee, Roy 8' 

Dingee. Gladys 8 ' 

Dingee, Fred 8" 

Dingee. Frank 7\ 

Dingee Lee 71 

Dingee, Margaret 

Dimmock, Charlotte 

Dower, Mary K 

Doney, Soretta 


Drunimond, James 

Duncan, Robert 

Duncan, Susan M 

Duncan, John F 

Dunn, Samuel 

Dunbar. Donald W 

Duthwnight, Adam 

Dykenaan, Alary 9, 

Dykeman. Gilbert . . . 

Estabrooks. James 

Elsworth, Johanna 

Evens, Myi tie . . . 

Fairweather, Mai-y 17, 

Fairwea her, Emma J 17, 

Frirweather, Adelaid 17., 

} Fairweathen, Margaret 17, 

Fnirweather, Eliza 17, 

Fairweather, Phoebe E 17. 

Fairweather, Nelson 17, 

Fairweather, Sarah 

Fairweather, Jedediah . • . . . . 9- 

Fairw"eather, Rosetta 

Fairweather, William 26, 

F-ii-rweather, F^liza A 

Fa i- weather, G. Ernest 

Fairwerther, Margaret W 

Fairwea her, Ida M 

Ferris, Ada 

Fe-ris. J'^seph A 

Fer is, ArnoJd D 

Ferris. Carrie E 

Ferris, Lorenzo 

Ferris. Dora E 

Ferris. Amelia A 

Ferris, Perley B 

Ferris, Stella M 

Ferris, Marv 

Ferris, Maud L 

Fitzrov, Alice 

F'^her, Margaret 

Flewwell'ng. Julia E 


FIcmming, Mary 

F'emminn- Wilili?m . . . 

F( mming, Frank N 

Flemmiu'-, Walter J 

T'lemming George W 

Flowers, Ma-y 

Flovd. V/i]!iam 

Foster, F. H 

LT, Charles 

... 75 

. . . . 75 

er. riiarlc-, 
t-r. l'"c! n . . 

Junr. . . . 

. . . 75 
... 75 

1-ustcr, Mildred /O 

]-'ostcr, J Iclen 7o 

I'owler, Catherine 21 

I'owler. liardin.L: 44 


I. ale. I 
(.ale. !• 



William ^ 
Martha I. 
diaries "l 1 
luiiii^ce R. 
Xelhe 1. . 
Nnra I'. . 
Cecil A. . 

Alaiula . 

(.a I 




iMhel M. 
\ I mine A. 
I.iz/ie A. 

Muriel C. 

Mahel E. 
Clv.le I'.. 


ihsun. I'.llen 
il,M)n, Alexan 
ilchns:. Char 
ill.-. Khsha . 
illis. DelH.rah 
nil'. Ad:, I. 
lllls. iM-.'d 1.. 
ilhs. (i.rirn.U 
illis. Aiime . 

( iirvan, ^ 
< lirsan, '. 
Coin, I'"l( 

Gregdrv, Percv 


Gnnter. John L 

Gunter. Arthur A' 

Gnnter. Mary W 

Gunter. Sarah A 3;- 

Hallett. Edna 

Hallet, Grace 


■ . 53 
. . <K^ 

.: 63 
. ..63 
.. 63 

. . "3 

. . (\^ 


mil. ill. Rev. Chas. \' 
niltnn, Henry H. 
niltun, h^-ances G. . . 
mltnii. R. Sons .V- C 

11m. Siiliimon 

ice. William White . . 
ilnck, XeKnn .... 
lock. Adelaid .... 






llartshcrne. Mar-; 

Id art, Sanniel . . . 

Hatfield. FJiza C 

Hatfield. .Marv A. 

Hayward, Mary J 

Hendersmi, .-Xnnif 

ileiirv. Alice . . . 


Hill, lannet . . . . 

1),-1V1(1 . 

Harry . 
.Vimie . 
.Marv . . 




llipuel 1 












11, mil- 





I luteins,,, 





lohii A. 
M. Adel 


Jotin . . . . 
George .... 
Rose Am, . . 

Clara 1' 

Lena W. . . 
James I'". 
C.corpe (No. 

Hutchison, John (No. 155) .... 74 

Hutchison, .Margaret 41, 75 

llutcliison. Bertha F 41, 75 

1 lutcliison. Bessie .... ■ ■ 74 

llutcliison, Lillie 74 

Hutchison, Hazel 74 

Hutchison, Edith 74 

Hutchison. James 74 

Innian, K 74 

Irvine, E 54 

Irvine, Alary Edna 54 

In-ine, W. Henry 54 

Irvine, Arthur ^NI 54 

Irvine, Helen S b-l 

Jackson. Jean 49 

Jacohs, Charles H 18 

JelTrey, Isaac 64 

Jewett, Alice 65 

Johnston, George -4 

Johnston, Annie ^4 

Jones, James 46 

Jones, Martha '7 

Jordan, Ellen ^9 

Keith, Arthur 81 

Keith, Clarion 81 

Keith. Helen Si 

Keith, Julia Si 

Keith. Adrienne Si 

Keirstead 46 

Kelley, Effie 53 

Kelley, Bernard 7- 

Kelley, George 7- 

Kelley, Robert 7^ 

Kelley, Barnet 7-2 

Kelley, Louise .... 7^' 

Kelley, Elizabeth 7-2 

Kelley, Leo 7- 

Kelley, Josephine 7- 

Kelley, Thomas (No. 147) .... 7.^ 

Kelley. Roderick 7-2 

Kellev, Lncretia 7- 

Kelley, John 7.^ 

Kelley, Thomas 72 

Kelley, Susan 73 

Kellev, Clara 73 

Kelley, Alfred 7.3 

Kelley, Kate 73 

Kerr, Gertrude 22 

Kinnear 45 

Kinnear. Mariner \6 

Kinnear, Emma 46 

Kinnear,. Margaret 46 

Kinnear. Ida 4^ 

Kinnear, William . . 46 

King, Grace 22 

Kniglit, Francis 22 

Knight, Mary E. 73 

Knox, Nellie _'i 

Langlej-, Theodore- 7,^ 

Langley, Bessie 73 

Langley, Miles 73 

Langley, Grace 7.^ 

Laskey, .Mr.ggie 50 

Lawson, Phoebe 9, 10 

Lawson. Catherine 9. 10 

Lawson, Florence 71 

Larabee, Harriet 1 1 

Lane, Susan i. 

Lane, Gilbert 4 

Lawton. Sidney B 41 

Lawson, James. G 62 

Layton, Elizabeth 18 

Leary, Jo'hu 74 

Lcary, Herbert 74 

Leary. Lena 74 

Learv, [Mabel 74 

Leary, Fawn 74 

Leary, Fred 74 

Learv-, Annie 74 

Leary, Bessie 74 

Leary, Cap 74 

Lef;on. Charles '^.^ 

Lemon. Patrick 45 

Lemon, Sophia A . . . 45, 7S 

Lemon; Phoebe 1 24, |- 

Lemon, Emma L 45. 7S 

Lemon, Alice D 45 

Lemon. An-ley 45, 7S 

Lemon, Alary S 45. 7'' 

Lemon. John T. 45, 7^ 

Lemon, Hiram C 45, 7^/ 

Lemon. .\l]>ert L 4' 

Lemon. ITliel 78 

Lemon, Etta 7S 

Lemon, Lulu 78 

Lemon, Garfield 7^ 

Lemon, William 7S 

Lemon. Arthur 78 

Lemon, Alphonse 7S 

Lemon, Ernest 7S 

Lemon, Clarenice 78 

Lemon, George 79 

Lemon, Bert 79 

Leonard, Sylvester W ,14 

Lcpier, John t8 

Lippincott, Abiga! 2 

Lippincott, Capt. Richard . . . . 2. 4 

Lippincott, Margaret 2 

Linniucott. Joseph 2 

Lipset, .\nclirew 18 

Lipsct, Philip 

Lipset, John 

Lipset, Phoebe 

Lipset, Jane 

Lipset, Alaiigaret 

Little, Amelia E 

Little, Laui-etta i/. 

Little. Elvira A 

Little, Jane 

Little. William N 

Little. Amelia E 

Littlefield, Albert 

Li\ingston. Catherine 

Long, Andrew • • 45. 

Long, Catherine 

T^ong, Amie 

Long, Alice 

Long. John 

Long. Erank 

Long. Erances 

L(.ng. Ida 


-Mallory, Price 

Manzer, Lienor 

Manzer. Rose Ann ........ i6, 

Alanzer. Amos C 

Manzer, Amelia J t'>, 

Manzer. Deborah, "J" lO. 

Manzer. Elizabeth \V 

Manzer. Samuel ^^' lO, 

Manzer, Ltvcinda 

Manzer, Lena 4->, 

ALanzer, William 

Manzer. Lizzie 

Manzer, Nellie 

.NLinzer, Sarah lO. 

M; nzer. 1 lenr\' 0. 

Manzer. Dnrca's .' 

!Manzer. li.'irnel 

Manzer. Mary 1 lO, 

Manzer. Jnhn 

Marr. Herbert 11 

Marston, John 36. 

Alarston. lledlev C . . 

Marston. lulitlh 1^. 

Mar.ston. Maqgif 

Marshall. Cnlherine 

M;.rv«n. James S 

Martin, I\Iaud 

Mason. Eannie 

Mellis^h. Hnmphnev 

.Melick. M 

Alerritt, Heniamin I'" 

Meritt, Bessie M 

Miers, Jane 

Miers, Susan '. 

.Aliers. Sarah 

Mildren, Mace .... 
Mills. Hannah .... 

-Mnatt. Sarah 

Morrel, Daniel .... 

IMorris, Mary 

Morris, Nathaniel . . 
]\Iorris, Edwin A. . . 
Morrison, John H. . . 
Morrison. George . . 
.Morrow, ]Mary A. . . 


.Moor, Jane 

Moor, David 

Moor, Samuel . . . . 

Moor, John E 

.Mott^ Dr. J. C 

M,ott, Emley M 

Mott, Daniel 

Mott, Elgin E 

Mott. Esther IM 

Mott. Marv E 

Mott. William N. . . 

Molt. Edeth M 

.Mott, .Marshal E. . . 

.Mott. Cora M 

.Mott. John W 

.Mot I. Alice 

.Mott, Clarence H. . . 
.Mott. Qadys M. . . 

Mott. Eva AI 

.Mott. Daniel O 

.Molt. Arthur P.. . . 
.Molt, Miniue E. .. 

.Molt. C. 11 

.Moll, (ieorgie E. B. 
.Mullni, George W. 
.\lc.\larcv. Lienor . . 
McPridf, Letitia .. 
.McP.ride. William . . 
.McBride, William E. 
McBride. Alaiy C. .. 
McBi ide. Thomas N. 
M'cCamlev. Bridget , 
.McCaw. John .... 
.McCaw. Lilla M. . . 
.McCaw. T.eah D. . . 
McCaw, Harold A. . 
.McClintock. William 
McClintock, Jane . . 
.McClintock. Rosan . 
McClintock, James . . 
McClintock, Betsy . . 
McClintock, Matilda 





McCl'initock, Florence . . 
McClintock, George . . . 
McClintock, Louise .... 
McClintock, Maggie . . . 
AlcCuicheon, Susan . . . 

McDonald, Alice 

McDonald, Egbert . . . . 
McDonald, Wilniot . . . . 

McDonald, Annie 

McDonald, William . . . 
McDonald, William, . . 

McDonald, Joseph 

McDonald. Hattie 

McDougald, James 

McDougald, Ida E 

McDougald, Grace E. . . . 

McDougald, Alma 

McDougald, Susanna . . 
McDougald, Frederick B 
McDougald, Geraldine E. 
McDougald, Aniiiie .... 
McDougald, Grace E. N. . 

McFadzen. Laura 

McFarlane, Elizebetii 9^ 

r\IcGregor. Isaac 

McGrath. Joseph 

Mcintosh Ann 

Mcintosh, Daniel O 

Mcintosh, William V 

Mcintosh, Grace ]'. 36. 

Mcintosh. Stephen .V • 

Mcintosh, Helen V 36. 

Mcintosh, Mary L 36, 

Mcintosh.. Alexander 

Mclnityre James A. M.D 

Mclntyre, Anna E 

:McIntyre. Bessie J. 

jMcIntyre, Miriam G 

Mclntyre. Haldane IMcGrcgor .. 

McKay, Gordon 1'- • • • • 

McKay, W. B. . 

McKav, Violoet K 

McKay. Grace W 

McKinley. Agncs R 

McLatchey, Huldy M 

McLean, Hugh! 

McLean, Annie 

McLean, Jane 

McLean, Donald 

McLean. William L 

McLean, Wiilford, I\I 73. 

McLean, Russel 

McLean, Marion 

McLean. Wilford G 

Neveis, Leonard B 

6, 76 

Nichols, Charles E . . 22- 

Xichols, Samuel V 22 

Nichols, John J 22 

Nichols, Matilda C 22 

Nichols, Delilah A 22 

Nichols. George W 22 

Nichols, Abraham W. W 22 

Nichols, Charles E. (No. 20 » . . 23 

Nichols, Charles W 23, 50 

Nichols, Amanda C. P 23 

Nichols, Kirk C -^3, SO 

Nichols, Clement F 50' 

Nichols, Lillian G 50 

Nichols. Hazel M 50 

Nichols, Rowena P 50 

Nichols. Alfred G 5a 

Niles, Sidney 26 

Norton, Cornelia 19 

Oakley, Charles 50- 

Ogden, Samuel 21 

Orchard, Emma Jane . . 2^, 3S, yj 

Oiiohard, Mary A '.'. 38, 72 

Orchard. Rol>ert 38- 

Orchard, William 38, 70 

Orchard J 'i'lhomas . . . . . . . . 38, 71 

Orchard. George 18. 71 

Orchard. John '38, 71 

Orchard. Samuel 38, 7 1 

Orchard. Rebecca A 38, 72 

Orchard, Elizabeth 4a 

Orchard, Clarissa 40 

Orchard, James ( No. 51 ) . . . . 40 

Orchard. Susan A 40 

Orchaid. Fenwick W 40 

Orchard, Harry S 4a 

Orchard, Samuel B 40, 73 

Orchard, Hiram 3^. 70 

Orchard. Bessie 70' 

Orchard. Amiie 70 

Ordhaifl. Su^an 70 

Orclliiard, Enuna 70 

Orchard, Eva 70 

Orchard, Hiram I-~itzr(jy 70 

Orchard, Alice 70 

Orchard. Richard 70 

Orchard, Alfred 70 

(Orchard, Emma ( No. 141) ... . 70 

Orchard, Ethel 70 

Orchard. William ( Nn. 142) .. 71 
Orchard, Robert (No. 3O .. 40. 71 

Orchard, Robert Junr 71 

Orchard, Maggie 7' 

Orchard, Gc^irge 'No. 142) .... 71 

Orchard, Ella 7r 

Orchard, James 71 

Orchar.l. lu-iu-t II. 

Orchaid. luiiina 1'-. . 

C'rc.hard. (icurtjc .M. 

( (rohard. Luc . . 

Orc-liard. Dora A. . 

71 I Kaiii'-ey, Isaiah 
71 I R;-inscy. Jennie 
71 ! Keape, Sarah . 
71 i Reid. Robert . .• 
71 I Rc-id. Martha J. 

v^Tcriarci, uswaicl . . 
Orchard. Oliver L. . 

Keui, .\la:.v \ . K 

Reid. James A 

Reid. William 1; 

.... 6r. 

( )rcha:<l. ( )ttv I). . . 



« )rehar(l ]uhn L. . . 

Reid. Alexander .Mclm.ish 

Rice. Joseph .. 

R.ilier;-^..]-! l.ihii 

Orchar.l. .\rthur . . 
Orchard, ilattic P. . 

.. 71 

.... .^7 

Ti 1 

( )rch:.rd. .M;inlia . . 
( )rchard. .Malcolm . 

■ • 7- 

R..hens..n. "John M 

R.iher-.son. .\le.\ander S. . . 
Robertson, .\nnie L. . . 
R.ibert-on. (ieorgc (i. B. 
Robenson. Samuel W. . . 

R..benM„i. Ph.Kbe 1. 

Roberi-dii, .Maruaret I-',. . . 

R(.beris..u, Marv A 

R-.l.(-:tM,u. .\nuie M 

R..beri-Mu. Ma D 

R. ben-.m, l--;..v,.nce .... 
R.ib.-rlson. .Ma-UK- . . 
R.ib.-n-MU. William 

• IQ. 47 

( )rcliav.l. I'.Nic . . . 
< 'rchard. l-'ranci-^ . . 
■:)rchar(l. R-.I.en ( X 
( )rchanl. [nlm 1 Xd 
Orchard, Alfred S. 
)iv;iard. lame-- ( 1. 

'. 140) . . 
1441 .. 


• 7.^ 

. . I'). 4'^ 
■ • 19. 4'^ 
19 47 
.... 10 
.... \'i 

■: h-chard. .\\ard 1.. 
Orchar.l. R.-hert 1'. 
' )rchard. Rav K. . . 
I'arnehv. leimie . . . 
i'atch .'. " 

• • 7.^ 

• • 7.^ 
■ • 44 

.... 47 
. . I'>, 4'^ 
. . . 4'^ 

... 4;- 
■ v; 

Patti-r-Mii. 1 1; nnali ] 

. . 6S 

I'aiu-r-nn. lame- . . 
I'altrrMm. Alahala I' 
Parlee. R.v. 11. J-. 

■ • -4 

Rnben-MU. William 11... 

RMlu-r!-,,n. Harry S 

R'nben-.>n. l-'.rne-t 1 

R.beri-'ii. Inbu R 

. . 10. 4^ 

4S S.-) 
. . 4S. s.. 

Perrv. Thcm.-i- W". . 
Per- V. Idm C. . . . 

i\.ibei"ts( 111, ."^l.-mley V. 

Roberis;.ii ( )dbur 


Perr\ . letinu- . . . . 
\'vvv\. Riivh 

R-bcr-sMu'. Oh; •H-s' .\l' .'.' 

R-b.-riM.n. .Me.|,.r;i 

R..b,ris,,n, W;i:ier .\1. . . 

R. b. ri-Mi. 1 l;i/eu .\ 

l-b lu-r'-dll, 1 |;.,',-1 \\ . . 

. . 47. So 

Wvvv. .\lana .... 
I'hilil.-. I'.'h.- I-:. ,\. . 
Phili].- ( 'harli- 1 ) 
Phil;).-. Il,i/rl 1.. . . 

iV .',■ w 



.... "-^o 

Philil'-. (.'arru' ]■.. . . 

pMb.-ri^..!!, l-ai-i 1 

R.ib.ri^i.u Riib\ R 


Pik.-. l-.h'ii.M- i. . . . 

RMbrri-dii I). Ill's K 


P'.mr-.v. \mv . . 

R..bei!-Mii. .\l\rile 

R.l.,vis..n. l);i-.-I P. 
kMbrrls..ii, l-:mm;i I-'.. .... 

K-b.-n-.u. l-r.iiik I-;. .... 

R.ib.-ri Mil l\.iiiu-;li ^ 


P'.ricr. 1 Iriirv . . . . 

1 :; 


I'..ii-. Man;, J, . . , 
P' 'W n-., K.iihe; iiir 
Pn,.-, \n.lrrv, 1. 

'' ,<7 



... Si 


i'nc. Prarl 

I'rirr (h.-nli- P. 


P-\.ii (■..inmivM..ii 1.. Phi 
and ..Ih.i-.v, 

u> Whr.- 

Pi!rd'.. Walirr II 


S( 1,, ,Ss 

Ram -1 \ , 

R.-mi.'-.. (,.-,, re.- . 
Ram-.-v. 1 l.-mnah S. 
k.-iiUM-'v. (,.-..rr.-W 
Kani-.-\. .\m... S. . 
Ran,-.y. j..',!!. . . . 
i\am-i-> , 1 1,-mn di S. 

R";.-.-. jemiiii:i 

R\er-i.ii. l-.i^criiiii 1 1 i-i.'rv 

S.'-..n. .M;irv;';in-i 

.Sell. I);imel . 
Sell. .M;irv S. 

Scoit. II. P. 

Sell. William 


Scott, Alice ' • ■ 7^^ 

Scott, Maggie 78 

Scott, Olive . 62 

Scott, IsabeWa 7^ 

Scott, Annie 7^ 

Scott. Walter 7'^ 

Scott, Mabel 7^ 

Scribner, Mary B 25 

Scribner, Phoebe 60 

Seburv, Charles G 5° 

Secord, Ada H 2^ 

Secord, John 4° 

Secord, Margaret 46 

Secord, Ella 40 

Secord, James 4^ 

Seeds, Eliza M 18 

Seely, Tlhomas R -3 

Smith. Robert M. . . 
Smith, Eranklin E. . . 
Smith, Benj amine H. 

Smith, Harry G 

Smith, Mary E. . . 
Smith, Thomas G. . . 
Smith, Minnie B. . . . 

Smith, Glen A 

Smith, George P. . • 

Smith, Otty G 

Snodgrass, Edward 
Sonjodgrass, .... . . 

Spencer, Cafrtam . . 
Spooner. Clarence . . 
Spooner, Alice K. . . 
Spooner, Dorothy C. 
Spooner, Doris I. . . 

Seely, James /O 1 Spragg, Ann 

Seelv, Ralph /O Spragg, MiUon 

Seely, Ethel 70 | Sprmger, Alice 

Seely, Susan 7° 

Sicverance, Carie M 68 

Sharpe, George 48 

Sharpe, Edward IM 1-8 

Sharpe, William A 48 

Sharpe, Louis 48 

Sharpe, Herbert M 48 

Sharpe, Fred 48 

Sharpe, Flora L 48 

Shaw, Weyman -4 

Shaw, Ann 24 

Ship, SaMey ■ • 7 

Slipp, Susan M 58 

Slocum, Edwin 65 

Slocum, Willie H 65 

Slo'cum, Rose T 63 

Slocum, Ella ^l 65 

Slocum, Esther A 65 

Slocum, Harry L 65 

Slocum, Elien 63 

Simonds, ^larv 48 

Smith, Sarah 38 

Smith, Nellie ^7 

Smith, Esther 39 

Smith, Isaac 62 

Smith, Malinda A 62,, 82 

Smith, Isaac H 62 

Smith, Minnie V / . . . . 62 

Smith. .Andrew B ':>7 

Smith, Maggie J. 67 

Smith, Joseph A. 67 

Smith, Violet M 67 

Snnth. Thomas M 67 

Snnth, .\nnie L 67 

Smith, William B 67 

Starkey, :Mordicai . . . . ■ • 

Starkey, Hiram 

Star,key, Thomas G 

Starvkey, Melissa J 

Starkey, Louise) 

Starkey, Ernest D 

Starkev, Matilda 

Starkey, Capt. Charles M. 

Starkey, Bessie 

Stevens, Charles 

Stevens, James 

Stevenson, Sally 

Stewart, William T. . . • • 

Stewart, Stanley E 

Stewart. Andrew ^ 

Stone. Elizabeth T 

Straight. :\Iary 

Straight, ^Merritt . . . . . . 

Strong, Ola J • 

Strong, James 

Sullivan, Nora 

Swanton, Ailliert E 

Swanton, Glenie ^^ 

Swanton, Marjorie . . . . 

'labor. Huldy 

Tabor, Jesse 

Tabor, Noah 

Tabor, George 

Tabor. James 

'Tal)or, Charles 

'Tapley, Amon 

'Tapley, Bessie L 

Tapley, Cora A. ....■■ ■ 
'Taplev, Frederick V. . . 

■Taple'v. William A. . . . 








Tapley. Mary W 

.. .. 68 

Tapley, Harry L 

.. .. 68 

Taplcv. Norman E 

.. .. 68 

Taplev, Ella ^lay 

.. .. 68 

'J'aplt'v, Eav Alma 

.. ., 68 

Tapilev, ]£dgar L 

.... 68 

Tapley. Gt-neya L 

.. .. 68 

Taylor, Dr. Westford M. . . 

. . . • 25 

Taylor. .Martha 


Thomii-nn, Elizabeth .... 

.... 25 

'J"hfinip-^i>n Robert 


Thorn, Cecelia 

.. .. 46 

Thorn, Beatrice 


Thorn, Valencia 

.. .. 46 

Thorn. Robert 


. 46 

1 ilton Peter . . 

Tilton. Deborah 

.■■..'■ 7,- 9 

Titus, Clara M 

.. .. 48 

Todd, Rev. F. S 

.. .. 43 

'J'o\ver, Helen 


Traverse. Alexander . . . . 

.... 42 

• ■ • ■ 43 

.... 32 

Trefrv, Guive 

.... ^2 

Trefrv Samuel .... 


Trefy. Charles 

.... 2>2 

Trites. Elizabeth A 

.... 34 

Troop. Helen Ci 

. . . . 54 

.... 6 

Vandyke, Isaac 

. . . . 6 

Vandyke, Maribc 

. . 6 

Vandyke, John 


Vandyke, Sarah 

.. .. 6 

Vandyke. Henry 

. . . 6., 7 

Vandyke, Peter 

.. .. 6 

Vandyke, Samuel 

.... 6 

Vandyke, Vincent 


Vandyke Michael 


Vandyke, H^annah 

.... 6 

Vandyke, Elisha 

.. . . 7 

Vaughn, Ida M 

.... 56 

Vincent, Nettie 

.. .. 78 

Walker, Loretla P 

.... so 

Warden, Elizabeth 

Warring, Josie P 

.... 80 

Wasson, David N 

.. .. 69 

Wasson. Ethel M 

.... (V) 

W'asson. Everitt L 

.. .. 69 

Wass„n. Fred 

.. .. 69 

Wasson, Greta 

.... 69 

Wasson. Clarence M 

.... 69 

Wasson. I'.ella '1" 

.... 69 

Wasson, Robert 

. . 38, 70 

Wasson. Eredoni L. E. . . 

.... 70 

Wasson, William JO 

Wetmore 24 

Wheeler, Martha 35 

Wheton, Jane 21 

White, Gliomas (l) i 

White, Peter (2) i, 2 

White, Samuel (2) i 

White, Thomas Junr i 

White, Peter (3) 2 

White, Elizabeth 2 

White. Jane 2 

White, Mary 2 

White, Britton 2 

White, Penj amine 2. ^. 6 

White, Peter (4') 2, 3 

White, Ruth 2 

White, Sarah 2 

White, Hamiah 3 

White, Dorothy 3 

White, Abigal 3 

White. Phillip (5^ 3,(^,7 

White, William (5) . . . . 3, 6, 7, 9 

White, A^incent (5) 3, 6 

White, Aaron 3, 6 

White, John (5) 3. 4, 6 

White, Susan 3, 6 

White, William V 6 

White, William (61 6 

White, Huldy (6) 6 

White. Sarah (6) 6 

White, Thomas (6) 6 

White, ^lichael (6) 6 

White, Mary Ann 6 

White. John (6) 6, 16 

White, Debonah 6 

White, IMward (6) 6 

White. Philip (6) 9, 10 

White. Peter ('6) 7. 9 

White, Samuel (6) 7. 9> n 

White, Vincent (6) . . . . 9, 12, 14 

White. Huldah (6) 9 

White, .Mary (6) 9. I5 

White. Sii-,'in (6) 9. 16 

Wlnu'. Sarah (6) 9. 16 

White, Deborah 'I'. (6) .. 9. 17. 23 

White, I':ieiior (6) 9, I7 

White, William E 10, 18 

White. Mary lO, 18 

Wihite. Charlotte 10, 19 

Wihite, Sannrel ( No. 1 ) . . . . 10, 19 

White, Peter (No. i) 10. 20 

White, John (No. i) 10, 21 

White, l^lizabeth . 10, 21 

White. Lanah 10, 22 

White, Andrew 10 ■ 


White, Benj amine (No. i) . . lo, 22 

White, Phoebe 10 

White, Sarah G 10, 23 

White, Edward (No. i) . . . . 10, 29 

White, John T n, 23 

White, Elizabeth (No. 2) .. 11. 21 
White, Deborah (No. 2) .. 11, 23, 

White, Phoebe C 11, 24 

White, Samuel V n, 24 

White, Asa L n 

White, Edward H. . 11, 25 

White, George W 11, 26 

White, Clows 19 

White, Henry H 2c 

White. Diadamy 26 

White, Beverly 25 

White. Wesky 25 

White, Hattie A 26 

White, Adeline 26 

White. Annetta 26 

White. Mollie 26 

White, Lilla 26 

White, Kate 26 

W.hite, Gilbert 15, 27 

White, Vincent S 15, 27 

White. William H 15, 28 

White, James E 15, 29 

White. Simeon H I5. .''o 

White. Jacob D I5, 31 

White. Dorcas E 15, 32 

White, Hiram B 15, 32 

White, Deborah Jane 15-33 

White. Charles T 15. 33 

White James S 25 

White. Charlotte E 25 

White. Charles W 25 

White, William W 25 

Wliite, Fred S 25 

White. Harviey E 25, 70 

White. Caroline R 25, 51 

White. Harry F 25, 52 

White. Dora ^I 25 

White, Frank D 25 

White, Barbara 25, 70 

White. Howard B 25 

White. Leonard A 26 

White, Gilbert N 26 

White, Alalinda M 26 

White, George L . . 26 

White, Agnes L 26 

White, Damy E 26 

White. Mary (No. 25) 26 

White. Carrie L . . 26 

White, Minnie A 26 

White, Philip (No. 13) 19 

White, Jolin D I9> 49 

White, S. William 19 

White, Louis I9 

White. Sarah E 19 

White. Charity 19 

White, William S 19, 49 

White, Charles G 19, 49 

White, Henry D ■ • I9 

White, Eben H 20 

White, Elizabeth A 20 

White, Henry K 20 

White, Helen 20 

White, Esther R 20 

White. Amelia 'M 20 

White. Neville V 20 

White, Rebecca A 20 

White. Carrie E 20 

White, Eva E 20 

White, Charlotte (No. 15) ■• •• 21 

White. Norman 21 

White, George A 21 

White, Mary R 21 

White, John N 21 

White, Matilda 21 

White, David A 21 

White, William J 21 

White, Louise 22- 

White, Somalia A 22- 

White, Charlotte A 22 

White, Charles -. 22- 

White, Berfield 22 

White, Fred 22 

White, Phoebe 22- 

White. William H. (No. 2n .. 22, 

White. DeLesdermir iH, 47 

White. Catherine A. M. . . • • • • 47 

White, .\lbert E 47 

White. Miriam A 47 

White, George D 47 

White, Philip (No. 77) 4« 

White, Lilla 4^ 

White, George 4^ 

White, Amelia 4^^ 

White, Mary E 48, 80 

White, Florence E 4^ 

W'hite. Ennna B 4^ 

White, Walter P 4^ 

White, Ethelbert 49 

White, Fred (No. 78) 49 

White, Charles ( No. 78^ • • • • 49 

White, Herbeit 49 

White. Walter (No. 79) • • • ■• • 49 

White, Gertrude 49 

White, Lottie 49 

White. May 49' 



W h: 


If, Charhiltf A. (No. 
Ic. Ddxn-ah T. (No. 

tc. Charles R 

tc. George H 

te, (iilfnrd V. . . 

tc. Marv 1 

tc. Hcnrv A 

tc. Agusta A 

te, Jirlia E 

te. Ma ri anna 

te, Daniel W. H. . . . 

te. Han)kl (", 

te. Jean K 

te, K:.llicrinc L. . . . 

te, iM-ank M 

tc, Alice K 

tc. l)..r(,thv C 

tc. l)..ri. [.. 

tc. kanra 1-. 

tc, l.illian A 

tc, ( i. I. (Amllcr . . . 

ic. Klla A 

tc. Alhcrt S 

tc. Lil.i M 


< )^car r. 

\-iiicciit W. .. .' 

l-'.innia (i 

Ada 11 

llcrhcn V 

.\larL;:irct Al. . . 
ijllian . . . . . . 

Willi,-nu lu-ncst 
lanic. A. .... 

Willi.ain V. .. . 

W I'cvcv .. . . 

Rlcndi- r 
Man- V. . 
All.crta ( 
.\l:lt-ii (i 
j. lliinlci 
(";. \'ini-ci 

1. (X. 

Di.Kl.ania 1' 
C. Ilarlcy 
Marv Ann 
iM-cl" M, .. 
,\l. (iartichl 
I, lllCs 11. . 
I. Mills . . . 

\ cr;i . . . . 


llcniv I). ( X.i. No) 

White. (Jcnro-c \\ 49 

White, kilin S 4g 

White, David A 40 

White. William 1 1 X. . . . 40 

White, Lncv F. 4(1 

While. Inlia A 40 

White, hjhcl .\I 49 

White, lulcth C 49 

White, r.cnianiinc L. D 2\, 50 

While, Wilhani 11. (No. S2 ) . . 50 

White, Xnniiaii M 50 

W-hitc, .Matilda J ^o 

White. Uiey II 50 

W hite, James 'J' so 

White, Lillie E =;o 

White. Louis ( No. S,2] 30 

W hite. Clarence SO 

Wdiile, Myrtle 50 

White. Peter ( Xo. 21 ) . . . . 23. \o 

White. .MahelT SO 

White, lacol, W 2,3. m 

Wdiitc. Arthur E ^i. '^1 

White. Charles H 51 

White, .\sa L. ( No. 21) . . . . 2^,, ^i 

Wdiitc, Flnrcncc P 51 

While, William I'. .si 

White. Lemuel W 2,^,, 51 

While, Clitti.rd C. . . St 

While. M 51 

White, Ida l". 5^ 

While. .Maud C 52 

Wdiite, S.amnel \' 52 

Wdiitc, I'crd W 5-^ 

White, licssic .M S2 

White, Wcslev W SI 

Wdiilc. Peter \\ ST 

While, llarrv <i 52 

Wdnte. lull,! ,\. (No. 92) .... =2 

White. Lanr.i .M 5^ 

Wdiile. (iillAid il S^ 

White. AM,ie .\1. S,^. St 

Wdnte. Cenrgc II. (No. 02) .. 5.^ 

W hue. (hlherl \' 53 

WdlMe. hdellnr U S.3 

Wdnte, .M.arL^arei I' S,i 

W hite C .S.^> 

While. Walte:- W.. M. D. . . 27. .S.^ 

Wdnte. D.iiiL^ \" 54 

While. .\l:,rv W 54 

W dnw. I'drh DeSMvers 54 

W hnc. CMnM:inec .^l. hdm .... 34 

While. Dnn.dd \' .=^6 

Wdnic, .Maru.arei M 57 

Wdnle, (di.arlcv K 57 

Wdiitc. hd-cdcriek (i 57 

White, Pevey D 

White, Elenoi- P 2,2, 

White, Marv F 

White. Delia 

White. Claud P 

White, Ralph W 

WHiite, Helen G 

White, Charles P 

White. Frances H 

White, Edna 

Waiite. Hazel D 

White, ^label E 

White, Harry W 

Wiggins, William 9, 

Wiggins. William W 15. 

Wiggins, Jacob F 

Wiggins, Benj amine G. . . . . . . 

Wiggins, Daniel S I5- 

Wiggins, Martha A. 15, 

Wiggins, Stephen S 15. 

Wiggins, Sophia ^1 15, 

Wiggins, Elizabeth S. ..... 15, 

Wiggins, Esther R ■ • 15. 

Wiggins, Deborah S 15. 

Wiggins,! Alary V 15, 

Wiggins, Esther S 

Wiearins, John 

Wiggins, Nathaniel 34, 

Wiggins, Alary E. ( No. 36 ) . . 

Wiggins. Anette 

Wiggins, Matilda 

Wiggin.'^, Benj amine 

Wiggins, Sophia 

Wiggins,! Solonica 

Wiggins, Victoria 

Wiggins, William (No. 36) .. 34. 

Wiogins, Vincent W 15, 

Wiggins, Elizabeth W 

Wiggins. Su>an A 

Wiggins. Thomas AI 35, 2>7' 

\Vigein-, Caroline 35, 

Wiggins. .\lma 35. 

Wiggins, E. Stone 

Wiggins, Daniel S 

Wiggins, Ebenezer' G 

Wio-'^ins, Andrew G 

Wiggins, Phoebe A 

Wiggins, Dandalia E 

Wiggins, Alarv L 

Wiggins. Charks AI 

Wiggins, .\braham R 

Wiggins, Perve-lia A 35, 

Wiggins,. Susan W 35, 

Wigginsv Hannah 35, 

Wiggins. Alary E 33, 


Sarah .... 

Deborah 1" 

Abralham W. . . 

AHce Al 

Susie A. G 

William A 

Margaret S 

Isaac C 

Wallace E 

Alary E. ( No. 40) 
Annie Pintard . . 

George S. I 

Solomon C 

Esther E 

Lila E 

Hannah AI 

Charles A 

Celia M 

Wilford H 

Lillas A 

Alargerv, S 

Charlotte E. , . 









ErneM V. .... . 

Horleu W 

Guv P. 

Phoebe G 

Helen AI 

Victoria AI 


George W 

Charles A. (No. 11: 

Gertrude N 

Thompson E. , . . 

Susie N. O 

Rernice L 

Stella M. . . . . . 

X'i'ctoria A' 

Alary P 


Eliza AI 

Et¥ie Al. V 

Clara K 

George F 

Alildred N 

Nora S 

Deborali S 

Alice G 

Bessie J 

James A 



WiRgins. Mabel J 6-1 

WiRgins. Alice M 64 

Wig-gins, Harry N 64 

Wio-oins, George A 64 

Wiggins Eliza M 64 

Wie-gins. Charles 64 

Wiggins, Walter M 64 

Wiggins, Kate E 64 

Wiggins, Laurence N 64 

Wiggins, Stephen E 65 

Wiggins, Charlotte A. . . . . . . 64 

Wiggins, Warren F 65 

Wiggins, Minnie A 65 

Wieeins, Gillis M 65 

Wiggins^ Annie J 65 

Wiggins, Fay E 65 

Wig"ins, Mary E 66 

Wiggins. LiJlie E 66 

Wiggins, Amber E 66 

Wiggins, Annie M. P 66 

Wi'^-gins, Katie M 66 

Wiggins, Bessie 66 

Wirgins, Charles W 68 

Wiggins, Harold B 68 

Wiggins, Ralph S 68 

Wip-"ins, Ray L 68 

Wiggins, Mabel S 68 

Wilson, Samuel (6) i? 

Wilson, Frances E I7, +^ 

Wilson, Eliza J 17. 43 

Wilson, Elenor A 17, 43 

Wilson, Wi'lliam I7 

Wilson, Vincent I7. 43 

Wilson, Mrrtha I7 

Wilson, Sanniel Junr 17, 19. 44 

Wilson, Alfred I7 

Wilson, Jacob 17. 44 

Wilson, James H 17, 45 

Wilson, George S I7, 23 

Wihon, Deborah T 17 

Wilson, Lauia I7 

Wilson, Fred 2.3 

Wilson, George 11 4- 

Wil=on. William E 42, 76 

Wilson, Albert DesBrisa . • 42. 43- 76 

Wilson, Amos P 42, 7^^ 

Wilson. Ammon A 42. 77 

Wilson. Priscilla L 42. 77 

Wilson, Zepheniah 42, 77 

Wi'sou, George A 42 

Wi'-on, Elenor H 43 

Wi son. Herbert S 43 

Wi'son. Rebecca J. T 4t 

Wi' = "n. Jacob A 44 

Wihon, Eva 44 

Wilson, Deborah T. 1 44 

Wilson, Amasa M 44 

Wilson, Rachel B 44 

; Wilson, Hilda, F. C 44 

! Wilson, Hersey S 44 

Wilson, Hessie L 44 

Wilson, Adena 44 

Wilson, Frederick P 44 

Wilson. Victonia J 44 

Wilson, Wilmot W 44 

Wiison, Florence S 44 

Wilson, John 44 

Wilson, Eliza 44 

Wilson, Daniel 44 

Wilson, Alice 44 

Wilson. Charles B 44 

I Wilson, EdsMH ^I 44 

' Wilson. Willard L 44 

■ Wilson, Jennie 44 

j Wilson, Jessie 44 

i Wilson, Annie 45 

I Wilson, Penery 45 

Wilson, Douglas 45 

j Wilson, I^^-ances, 45 

j Wilson, Alma 45 

Wil'son, Hennan 45 

Wilson, Mary 76 

Wilson, Stelila 76 

Wilson, Bessie 76 

Wilson, Irene 76 

WiUon, Harold 76 

Wilson, ^luriel G 76 

I Wilson.' Inas 77 

Wils(M:. Allen M 77 

Wilson, I^etta 77- 

Wilson, Shirley 77 

Wilson, Garnet W 77 

Wilson. Rhcta (No. 165) .. .. 77 

I Wilson, Clifford St. John 77 

j Wiilson, Eunice J. H, 77 

Wilson, Kenneth A 77 

■ Wilson, Rae VanHorn 77 

Wilson, Betsey 77 

Wils/m, Bennett 77 

Wilson, Grace 77 

Wilson, Percy 77 

Williams. S. Sherman ■ • . . ■ • 37 

Williams, Melinda A. 50 

Williams Rebecca 50 

Withrow, Joseph B 41, 75 

■'.V- brow, Sarah Ann 41 

■^'■'itihrow, Eliza Jane 4i 

"^Vithrow. Amos M 41. 75 

"■/llbnnv, Samuel McGregor .... 41 

■ ithrow, Ada E 41, 75 

Withrow, Amelia M . 41, 76 

Withrow, Oswald C 41 

Withrow,, Orphax 41 

Withrow, Leslie H 41 

Withrow, Isaac 42 

Withrow, Daniel 42 

Withrow, Mabel 41. 75 

Withrow, Mary A 75 

Wilcox,, Sarah 78 

Wood, Rev. Abraham 12 

Wort, David M 82 

Wort, Susan L 82 

Wort, George S 82 

Wortley, John 2 

Worden, WilJiam 19 

Wright, Molly 26 

Wr}', Fannie 75 



FEB 89