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illfl'liimil'im'Tl^U.f.MBLIC LIBRARY 

3 1833 01368 1074 





3n Sbrcs Doiutaci- 

Vol. J. —The Eni.iLIsh Fajiilies. 
Vol.. II. — The Amkktc.vx Families. 

Vol,. Hi.— -CTIAKr rFDIC'irRS. 


— BV 


Civil Escinsi":. 

cni/v.'.M};u!^. oiito. 


'-' /-"IT'"''' 


Six hundred copies of this book have 
been primed and tlie type dislribnled, of 
whicl) this volume is T<!a,..,/x5^0 -. 

Signed ^:lypj7^i£dA<d,^u^.<kr!.\<:^... 







"And my God put into mine heart to 
together the nol^les, and the rulers, and tlio people, 
that they might be reckoned by genealogy. And I 
found a I'egister of the -genealogy of theni \^-l.ich 
can'ie up at the first, and found written tliei ein, 

"These are the children of the Pi-ovince." 

— Nkhemiaii \'II, 5. 


rHERK aic cliaiacteristic epochs in the social life of 
a people, which, though usually unnoticed by the 
historiau, yet mark different i:ihascs in the devel- 
opmeiit of the nation. Perliajis it is that the various 
changes in national evolution bring with t'leni tlie foices 
which determine, nr>t only tlie material environment of 
poverty or wealth, but also tlie very lines along v/hich 
are exerted the activities of the mind What once v.-as 
considered uuworthy or useless, may nov. be seen to be 
both valuable and worth one's v.hile. 

In the early life of a nation, the people are over- 
occupied in those things that minister directly to their 
immediate v/auts; while as national organization ad- 
vances, there comes both the meaus to acquire, and the 
leisure to enjoy the luxuries of life. The hardships 
met and overcome in the early days develop heroes, 
great men and women, whose children we are; and it 
is with legitimate pride that we trace back our descent 
to some who were " giants in those days," if not in 
public life, yet in the greatness of their moral excellence. 
No higher nobility, and no more royal ancestry, can 
ever be found than that wherein it can be said of each 
generation's head, " He was a good man.'' 

And so it is, that as the years go by, and generation 
succeeds generation in an ever-increasing enjoyment of 
life, there grows out of the desire to knov.' whence we 
are, an eager study of Genealogy. 

The present volume is the result of no litlle eiTort 
through many years, to place in ijermanent fen; the 
records of the immediate line of the fauiily of the Com- 
piler, together with what be ha.s collected coucerning 

other American branches of the sauie family' name. 
And it seems fitting here to teil the story of the origin 
and gro-,vth of this history of tiie Jennings family in 

In tlie early part of this centiiry, great interest was 
awakened among those of the Jcuuings name, by reason 
of the report that the heir to ihe vast estates oi William 
Jennens of Acton, England, was to be found in some 
Jennings family in America. Not to discuss the merits 
of the case, it will be sufficient to say that no litile en- 
thusiasm was aroused, conventions held, and a s)-slem" 
atic effort made to airive at a corr^rcl lineage for every 
one of tlie name v.dio joined in the work. Anicu,^ tliose 
who look some part in this effort, v/erc the immediate 
ancestors of the Compiler, to whor.e jiossession finally 
came a number of records and papers, and these became 
the basis of the work cariied on thiough a seoie of 
years, and resulting in the book now issued. Ah ex- 
tensive correspondence was begun with every Jennings 
whose name could be learned, and tlnough these, oih( r 
branches of the family were discovered until this cor- 
respondence spread throughout America, and even 
England. Througli the kindness of each corresjordent, 
(whicl; is hereby ackno\vled-:^ed), original recoids were 
suiDplied, or those in hand verified, until the Compiler 
is warranted in saying that wherever positive lacts are 
stated, that they may be relied on as correct. Every 
efi'ort has been made to arrive at the truth, and nothing 
is conjecture except where given as such. 

Among the materials received, there is found such 
a wealth of facts concerning collateral and related fam- 
ilies, that it has been deemed necessary to add certain 

It is also the ):iurpose of th.e Compiler to issue a 
volume of the Jennings faniily in England, w'tli chap- 
ters on " The Origin of the Name," " Armori;'.) Eviden- 
ces," "Early History of the Family," " individuals of 
Note," " Williaui Jennens of Acton- the Intestate — his 
estate, attempts to secure it," etc., etc , thus giving 
completeness as near as may be to th*:- work nudcrteiken. 

Also a book of places, or gener.logical charts will form 
a tl:ird volunie in the series. 

Hopino-that njy earnest labor has resulted in a 
contribution of \-aUie, not only to the family, but to 
student.? of family historj' in general, and with, grateful 
thani:s to all who liave in anj- way contributed to the 
accomplishoient of mj' ]nirpose, this volume is now 
sent forth. I remain, siT'.ccrely, 

W. H. Jennings. 

Coliimhas, Ohio, J)':cemhc.r Q, 1899. 



'I'hc ii''.ii.o of .Tciir.ivv^s h u.aud in the early A.r.)iuls of (nic 
couutiy, bi-'n^- inoijt'r;Ui-i'! in ilje rt'oo.cis of nmuy of the >\(j\v 
-Krifrtaud colonies. 

Ilowevov, iu no iiuji.-inc? huve v/e liotn able to (U-teviiiine 
pr^Uivrly file time or p'-ice u! tb'.'ii- Ijiiulin^,' or their rei:itioi!sjIii]> 
to Jiny of the known Kn^clisii f:iuiilie.sof tbe nan)e. Many of tlioiM 
iiif.y have !>fcn closely relateil to each other, but owing to tlie. 
'• iendouey of the tinics,'' they sepai-aled anrl sciUtevud over a 
li:rgi. t:.,■;-;^rlJ•v•J e;)ch seekiog U, cswe for bimstlf a :k w home out 
of tbi xindeiucss, :uid were tbui? lost to each other. 

r:i tb:-: book we have tiikcu llie name of the "Stock Father," 
as tbe ■i.'si.L'natioii of his Uue throughout the t\ ork. 

1;) the ApjiHudiec's; several -dlied fa.nii'.ies a-e traced. The 
niiro' are coLitiiiiious. 

Cp.'ptivK I. The " Sas'i' Jfiksfy Jjonnix^;.?. 





1, S, P aud 11 

2, 11. to 1132 
3 11 o3 to 1 160 


4, H'ii to isee 




Jonathan, Joji.n and b)A\ rn 
The "West Ji-i;sv:v'' Jenni: 

Samuel .'. '. 


5, c;iid T 


l.s;;7 to i<.)7i' 

1073 U, 2-'3.3 






Joshua of Connecticut 

WiLLiA?ir or Vir.GiNiA 

Stei-hen of Hatfielp 

Stephen of Fkamingham. 

:ii;il ((. 2Tjo 

2716 to i:7.SV 
27SS to 2S! -J. 
2813 to 2St52 
2S63 to 2942 


2943 to 2971 




2972 to 2979 
29S0 to 2997 
299.S to 3012 


3013 to 3031 


3032 to 3047 
.3048 to 3or)0 

30.51 to 30."3 


30,54 to 3056 

XVII. Notes and Rkkkrences 

■ Appendix Introduction 

Llstof Pa.ssengers in Mavklovkj'. — . 

List of Pa.sse.n(;ehs is P'ohtun'e 

List of Passlncjicrs in Anv anp Litti. 


May Fi,m,v'ER (.'o.-^rpAOT. 

AJ'I'KNDIX Al,!>KX r.Oo" to 3075 

" AW.KN 3U7G to SldJ 

]V)Ri>r.,iN- ;!146 to 8201 

" Dor.rnr, 32u2 tn 321.S 

" Ea P,T,ii 3-219 to 3259 

" Lkon.-.i;d 3260 to 32P4 

" McCabe 3295 to S325 

Mytikceu 3326 to 31W 

" NTXoy 3455 to 3G00 

;; r.Ul'KAKD) 3ol0to3.SS:, 

" Vv KAVEK 3SS.5 to 4J Sj 

Wi-srHATE 4is-i to ■ll.:.4 


1 W. H. .Temxikgs Froutippio-e 

2 TajMILv OF Jox.vniAN Jkx>'i.\c:s F:;ciiig page IS- 

3 J. L. Rec'KARD anp Fami-ly 33 

4 Josepj: L. Rkckard a>;d Fa-iiii. v ?3 

5 eobert mcc'abe jennings 7"! 

6 Sakah \j. ( Jennixgs) Wiley, hi;k I\rc'THEiv, J/AUOJin:i; 


7 Photograpiiic Family Tree "/ 1> 

8 William B. Gaitree 130 

9 Malcolm Jennings 144 

10 Rev. Samuel Kennedy Jennincjs ISO 

11 Rev. Obadi ah Jennings iy-> 

12 Gov. Jonathan Jennings 1 Orf 

13 Rev. Samuel Carnahan Jennings 214 

14 iMits. Emma iT. V/. (Passavant) Jennings 217 

1 5 JIACON MuKPiiY Jennings 233 

16 Rev. Ebknezkr Philips Sidney Jennings 240 

17 Ross J. Alexander 250 

18 Jonathan Gilmore Jennings, his Daughter, her 

Husband and Son 254 

19 John F. Jennings 2S4 

20 The Old Homestead, Fairfield, Conn 397 

21 Dr. ED^VARD Orton 446 

22 Francis A. White 450 

23 EuwAKD H. Nixon (il 5 

24 Family of Calvin Reckard 631 

25 Fajiily of James Weaver ^ — Cbo 

26 Family of George Westg4te O'.s 

Kiiiii' n 


Page 32, t'.\ '-Iftli line f:oiLi Ijoltoiu for " iiX'Ufml " 

I'age Sll, (/t'utcr of paRO, for "a \\a.^ '" rua<i was a. 

I>a:4e 94, for No. "710 " read 610. 

P,tg.i 141 and 142, duplieate niuiibei-.s ii22. 

I'age 155, for "000" read loOO. 

I'age l.ifi, for " 1013" read JOI.H. 

Page 100, No. 1073 omitted. 

Page 267, uiuth line fioiii bottom, for Mrs. 
Mrs. Matliias. 

Page 0-52, fifth liue from top, for " JMary '" 

Page 8-52, teutli liue from bottom read Jacoli 

Page 3-55, for " 1759" read 19-59. 

Pago .3.5-5, for " 1760 " read 1960. 

Page 3.j5, for " 1703 " read 1903. 

Page .H97, for Cha])ter " VllI" read Cliupter X. 

Page 39S,for No. " 2740" read 2240. 

Page 401, for No. "20(i2" read 2262. 

Page 41 S, for No. " 27S(i 

Page 470, for No. "2S98 

Page 480, for No. " 2932 

Page 49<S, for No. " 2874 

Page .500, for No. "2893 

Page 504, for No. "4042 

Page ,570, ninth liui 
Kicliard lUuler. 

I'agc' O'.U, innk-r .•■;i)ii' 

rend geniiil. 

■1!" n-. 


uV Amy Doiigii! 

read 2486. 

read 2798. 

read 2832. 

read 2974. 

' read 2993. 

' read 3042. 

from bottom, for " 

, for " Benjamin W 

lii( kard" P 
'aver " read 

ntler n 


' Bat uov sire tliej- ma)iy incEibt-v<-, yet but one body." — 1 Cor- 
inthians XIl":20. 


With onr first knowledge of that bra'jch of the 
Jennings faniih- to which this name has been given we 
have the tradition, that it consisted of seven brothers, 
namelv : 















Their immediate ancestry we cannot ascertain ; and 
even their place of birth is unknown. From a descend- 
ant of Jacob (3) we have learned of a tradition in his 
family to the effect that in consequence of a ship wreck 
the landing of this family was not made a matter of 
record ; and the following letter would seem to confirm 

this tradition : 

Winchester, Oct. 10, 18-18. 
To ]Mk. David L. Jexnings, 

St. Clairsville, Belmout Co., Ohio. 

Dear Sir — Yours of a previous date to hand and the contents 
noted. In reply 1 will say t)\at I wj'ote to Lycun,'UH after my 
rernru from tbc eust, .stating to hhu the points by mc jXsaOc iu 
regard to our Kiigland maUcr. But lor fear the leit'.T dii'. v.v 
reacli liim, I will, though in haste, note some oi tJieui to you, 
which you will please show to liim and Mr. Alexi!,L':i<'r. 

1st. I found on my last tour tbr" x/ilN of ray > ; lamt v\<\ f-ir.-ai. 
Grandfathers, and also your Grea.; Oraudfftthcr, tc-uctbcr wiih 
about ten or twelve more, made by othor persons iie.xring the 
uanic of Jeuuiug-i, on record, ni(^;:t of thcrn :it Perth A'aibviy, N. J. 


These records would carry us back to tiie Siitisfaetiou of iiii\ 
court. To that period there is do reeord in any -of thj (.lilct-; in 
Kew York that will render us assistasjce, I fouDd a very i.lU 
aiau (Wia. .lenuiiigs) livjij?: .".t Eliza bothtowu, X. J. Ht' told im; 
th?.t his Grandfather C'Uixie fron) luigland, ijiil he did not recollect 
his name, but said that youi- Ureat Oraudfather, Jacob, and my 
Great Gratidi'ather, Zebulon, -.vere related to biin ; that his auee-.- 
loi came over ou board the "Old Calledonia," wh'ch landed a( 
Perth Andioy, and that the vessel v.-cut to wreck. Then I went 
brck to X. Y. City, but found no entry made there of her landinir. 
I then v,-8i\t to P'rrth Andjoy and found tliere yet re)iiaiidng' the 
wreck of the '■ Old CalI<'doniu." 

She landed there about tlie year ]G8o loaded with einigraiits 
from Old Kngland. But th^ue M'ere only (svelve najne'-i of il,o 
emigi.'iDts recorded there; they were ]iroprietoivs to whom large 
grants of land were made in Ea^^t .Ter::ey. 

T VTent to Xew England, viz: Conneclic'it, to ;;ee tht- 
wbc have been to Old England. Tiiey have traced oiri. all I he 
br.inches of their fnn'iily and found that ihey ran quite loo f:ir 
back to be the heirs 

It has cost tlie;ii about $1,0(10 and they have about given i( up. 
They are satisfied that we do not belong to their une and tlu-y 
say tliat it our ancestors came over as late as lfiS5-or UiflO, they 
have but little doubt that wc are h.eirs to the estate, and they say 
they think we can succeed in tracing to our landing in tliis 
country. They say the points made by my research are highly 
important and encourage me to go on in the matter. There .are 
ten years yet in which we can make further research. 

But I fear the want of records iu this country back of ilie 
Revolution, and the mutilated records in Eugland, will prevent 
our success. I have a copy of the plot of the Jennings family iu 
England which shows that William Jennings died iutestate iu 
179S, a bachelor— that the estate left by him will now amount t<i 
from thirty to fifty millions of dollars — that there were si.v 
brothers to his father; two of them, *Henry and tAVilliam probably 
came to this country, as there is no trace of ihem there. There is 
no doubt that the leaves iu their record were cut out ou purpose to 
prevent our tracing to the estate. I have spent all the money 
raised for me iu making search, etc. 

There are two families, one iu Virginia and one in Jrassachu- 
setts, now tracing their families. How they may succeed I sh.ii! 
be informed in due time and Ihoii it will be time for me 'v joove 

*g^i"- Yours truly, 

JD. 1>. FOKjJVCK. 

»The Isaac Jennings heirs claim tlirori;h. Hcniy, 
t The JeiiDings ol Amelia Counly, Va., clriiri Hrnain. 

X Mr. ForJycc, as his letler indicaics, waf drigagrcj ,u ir. lIcj an.-est.ry .i.iJ ^■rjTh.r.- 
out the heirship I'j the great Jeiinii-.'.'s cs-:ati-. 


We also copy the following letter which siiows siill 
further the interest taken fifty years aijo in tracing the 

ancestry : 

SouTHi'OK'j, Faikfieli) Co.; ("un.v., Miiy 22, 1S4S. 
To Ml!. LicuHOi's Jennings, 

St. Clairsville, Deliiiont Co., Ohio. 

Dear .Sir — Yours flud.s me at my ex.'iiDiniitiou of JeiJiiir..e:a' 
records. I h:i\ u therefore turned to your br.'tiu'h of t.he family i\nd 
find your t^-iandfiither and (iJreat Grandfather wore both Jacob, 
the former hnvn 1744, the Litter 171!. I have this record of your 
lather's brother.s, to-wit : Samuel K,, Ktioiiezer, Jouatbaii, and 
your father David. If there are any more, or any sistere, jilease 
give them (o r.ic, a.s well a.s your brothers and si>iters. 

I have s]ent much time iu this iuvestigation, jiarticularly of 
CUV brancii of the family, liaving very full records of all the 
branches back to Joshua, uearly two hundred years. One agent 
found we went too far back, but, uotwithstaudiug, I have spout 
mueli ti'ne and money. 1 do not regret it, and I do fee! satisfied 
that seme of the descendants of Humphrey's children are in ihc 
Uniled fttalci;, altliough there is uo certainty with any fajnily 
that they will reach it; but it can be ascojlnit.ed for five or lea 
dollars fiouj each that aie willing to invcsligate the eubjeci, (as 
there are always a few willing to l;nov,- their anceslry, at a small 
tax, whether anything is realized or noi), wliether they desrciiiJtd 
from these brothers or who their ancestry is. 1 consider it worth 
the attention of the diflerent branches to give it a thorough investi- 
gation. As we have gone so far now, it will not be much expense. 
I have been engaged in this matter over two years and it wp.s not 
Uiitil last fall that we got ready to send our agent to England. "\Ye 
could not get much encouragement out of our branch, as they 
lived at a distance and were not aware what we were doing. Our 
agent found a large property left by William in 1798, (the list we 
have is correct generally, of which I presume you have a copy, as 
I have sent many copies to ditlereut sections) and no one of 
Humphrey's sons have been able to prove their relationship, 
although many in England have tried. Mr. Fordyce was here 
last week. I told him farther examination must be made in New 
Jersey, and I thought there was no doubt your aucestrj' came to 
Massaolmsctts and from there to Long Island and New Jersey, 
and I hoped you v.'ould conclude to ascertain as far as possible,who 
was the first of your family thai came over. If there waf^ no '.ue 
to go througli with it, I would r.tther investigate it th'in rste it 
dropped. It is well to use economy in the business until thvie is 
a degree of certainty, if it can be shown. I have counsoi in Jj:t;j- 
laud who informs me any trace to Humphriy'H sons or hrothnr 
he will undertake and get emi.aant counsel there to iusiitute a 
suit and risk expense, taking pay out of the pi'i-.pc' ly if suvCf .--ful. 
Yours iu haste, A'tJCUJ.-.-.iT'.S JEi\ 'NiK'. ;,-^.. 


A):'ci-.g the ancestors who came ovli' m the " Old 
Calledonia " in 1685, as has been suggestfcl, were prob- 
ably the grandparents of the " seven brothers," of whom 
Zebnlon (2) was born in 1700, Jacob (3) in 17J1, 
and Penjimiin (4) in 171G; from wlilch dates it 
wovihd appear that the "seven brothers" belong to the 
second generation after the arrival of the " Calledonia." 

We are sensible of the fact that the hj'pothesis 
here presented, that the so-called "Seven Brothers" are 
probably the ^;'«?^rt'^///7a'r£7z of the ancestor wlio came 
to America in the '■'■ Old Calledoma ,^'' conflicts sojne- 
v.'hat vv'ith the traditions of tlie fiiniily. There Is much 
reason for believing that these seven \\n<t closely re- 
lated and of a recent coDinion ancestor, bnt it is possi- 
ble thai this relationship as between son;e of them was 
not nearer than that of consins ; that is to say, the 
"Seven IJrothers" -were the sons of the son or sons oi 
the ancestor who is said to have been one of the CaUc- 
donia's passengers. 

Certain it is that in the earliest times to which 
research can accurately lead ns, the family of Joniiings 
was numerously represented in America. From the 
interest created and the enthusiasm aroused by the 
"Jennings Conventions" of fifty years ago, there re- 
sulted an extensive investigation along the various 
lines of ancestry ; these investigations were carried 
back by those who lived a half century nearer the 
beginning than we do, and there then seemed to be no 
doubting the tradition of the "Seven Brothers." It 
was known then and held to be true ; and we are work- 
ing now in harmony with it. But while this is the 
case, we are open to conviction as to the truth, however 
it may conflict with preconceived theories. That 
the father of one of the "Seven Brothers," Benjamin ( !), 
was also named Benjamin, would appear from the 
following : 



\ugu.-it 7, ITo'J, a true Aeeouut of wliat ], ])eiij:tiui!i Jsnniiigs, 
have piud out of my Sou's Esdite (Benj. JeDiiiugi a sjlriur, 

:G, s. d. 

For Letter of Adiuiuistration 01— b^5- 

For iDy Expences and hiring a Ivfau 1 — 9—0 

Avig. 10 paid lo Ebeuezer Tiur^lcy, Just 0— S— 

12 paid to Margaret Harris, widow 2— 5—0 

16 paid to Jacol) Clark 1— 31 -G 

17 paid to James Tucker 0— G-0 

20 paid to Jeremiah Clarl; — S — .) 

21 paid to Isaac \'ail 0— l.j- 

23 paid to AVilliam Jonfs Oi— 13— 6 

Sept. 21 paid to Job.n Davis 1— 0-0 

paid to Joiiatban C'raTie 0~ 1 — 1 

Oct. For a Day aud a )i:ilf of myself and ]">au^;hter. . 0— 3—0 

paid to Diiviu Littell — 7 — 7 

For a Day of myself aud horse to Amijoy 0— 8- 9, 

Benjamin P.. JKXNiNo'f: Mnrke. 

I have received of Messrs. John Stevens aud Joseph Yiird, 
Comtuissioners of the New Jersey regiiueut, tlic sum of sixte n 
pounds, eleven shilliugs aud ten pence, proclamation money for 
■wages due to my son, Benjamin Jenuiiigs, Juur., late a soldier in 
the New .Jersey regiment, deceased, which is all the personal 
estate helougiug to him at the time of his death, that I cau find 
out or hear of. Witness my hand this seventh daj' of August, 

Benjajun B. Jenxixg's Marke. 

An Account of my Trouble and Cost upon the before men- 
tioned Account. 

£ s. d. 

For 3 Days of me and my Horse 1 - G — 

For 1 Day to Kliz-town 0- 8—8 

For 8. Days to Andioy 1— 6—0 

For 1 Day to Bromswick 0— 8— S 

For 1 Day to liromswick — 8—8 

For going 5 Times to Capt. liusco's 0— 17 — G 

For going to Amboy to tile this account 8— B 

For setting down this Account 0— -C 

August 26, 17G0. Benjamin P.. J i;.nnin<a'3 ilfirk(;. 

Box of E.s-icx Inventories, 17oS-n05. 


Time, place, and the names mentioned in this 
account are the strongest circnmistaniial evidence of the 
fact that the Benjamin whose e£l:^te is hete adraiais- 
tered is the Bcnjamui (4) of l:;e "Seven E roth erf.." 
Whence it falls out that Benifiuiin B. Jcnnirigs who 
administers the estate is the father of one, if not of all 
of these "brothers," and, this being true, v.o feel war- 
ranted in saying that the Hue of Benjamin is authenti- 
cated back to the son of the ancestor v/ho xvas landed 
from the wreck of the ^^Old Calledoniay 

We thus raise the question with the hope that this 
hypothesis may be fully investigated and the truth 
positively learned. 

From another source* we have the follcAiiig: 

" In the Court uf Hustings, of the City of Lourtou, will t^o 
fouiul a testation of gift of IjilkI aud :t co]>y of t'tlie li<^ly Eviuige- 
liits hound iu red leather with a clasp,' to my ' right v,-e!i-boU)v;:td 
Zebulou" who is described as passing beyoud the sea. There are 
others mentioned but they fill ;ippcar to ix-iuaiLied iu 

Query. — Could this Zebulon who is described as 
''passing beyond the sea," be the ancestor who came 
over in the "C/«' Calledonia."! 

The following list of early marriage licenses of 
Jennings's is here given as a matter of record, in the 
hope it may be useful : 

]SIakriages ok Jennings's Among jST. .J. Licenses. 

Ann, Gloucesfer, and John Chew, CToi/ces/cr, 173'J Apr. 3 

Auue, Somerset, aud David Liiforge, Middlesex, IToGJuneli 

Hauuah, no residence, and Thomas Barber, Salem, 1770 Feb. 10 

Sarah, Gloucester, and G.Flaiiiiigluiin,6-7o«'cv, 17.SGDec. 

Peter, Burlington, ;~.ud Aune Nott, iJ'rfJ'^/'«,lGN'i-IMai. :0 

John, I'hikl., and Mnry Hilleyar, nn rrf., ITOiPept. 3 

Levy, Gloucester, and Sarah Robeson, /in rc^., IVM.' J-'eb. 119 

Richard, iS(ate7?i,. and Ann Atkinson, 7io /<«., !7;j-iApr. iis 

•The Rev. Jame.i Beck, Rector of Uildr-sion. Ccui.ty SulIolK. 
tThe exccmors of th.- wills of Zebulon, Zebt;lon Jr., .:-■> J.ii 
"copy o( the Ut.;y F.viiuEelihtf-'' 


To the same inleut we present ihc following 

record of 





















J( iinii'iiT-, 















































Jonatlmn Jennings, 



J;i\ ed at Gloucester, Gloucester 
Co. Oied 175S. Had married 

^ { Widow of above Isasc. Died 
■ \ 1785. Says, " J am very aged.'' 

I^Iistake, cannot (ind this one 

The foreooing are copied from the original recoidn 
still to be fonnd in Trenton, N. J. 

In llii? connection, chiefly from the interest tliat 
attaches, because of the names mentioned, but incidcut- 
ally to give a glimpse of the early home-life of our 
people, we present the will of Priscilla Jennings: 

Priscilla Jknnixc^s' Will and Inventdhy. £53 — 2s. — 3d. 

In the name of God, Amen, I, Priscilla Jennings, of Hard- 
wick, in the County of Sussex and State of New Jersey, being sick 
in body, but of perfect mind and memorj', thanks to God, do make 
this ray Last Will and Testament. First — I bequeath my soul to 
God and ray body to be buried at the discretion of my executors, 
hereinaflcn' nan-ied. And as to what worldly goods I have it is 
JUy will that tliey tie disjiosed of in manner following, viz : 

First— J II eousideratioM of the dutiful behavior of ray 
daughter, Elizabeth, I give to her my chest and all my beds and 
bedding, also the loan) and all the tackling and my largest Iron 
pot. As to the residue of my goods I will that they be all >!oId 
a8 soon as conveniently may be aftej- my decea-ie, and e<jii: liy 
divided among my children, viz : John, Elizriliet'.i, A;ine, 
-Margaret, and l-irnjiiniin, after paying ;;iy jii-t debts ••■.id liiurral 


cxpejises. As to my daughier Ht le:j;i . I ihiiik she hay had already 
at hor iiiairingo full as Kioch ri« auy of ilie rc-.l Vvlll have. Lastly 
I appoint nij'- daughter, Kiizabeth, and my frioud, Witliaiu 
Hankiijson, Esecutoro of fh;s i.')\' L.'-si. Ti-ciainent. Ju •wiliKoS 
whereof, T liave hereunto set aiy hand and ;<■ al, th:8 seventh, day 
ofApril, iuthe year of Our Lord, one tlioiisaud seven linndred 
and eighty-soveu. her 

PiuscrLT.A Jexnings. X mark [L. S ] 

Signed, sealed and publifhcd in (he preseuce of ii?, 


Charles Rhodes, one of the witnesses to the within Will being 
duly sworn on the holy evangelists of A!mij;hty God, did depose 
and say that he saw PriseiHa Jennings, the Testatrix, heivia 
named, sign and seal the same, and heard h"!' pnlihsh nronouuec 
and declare the within writing ro bo her la-r Will and Teslan-,out, 
and that at the doing thereof, the sai'i Test.'.lvix v\-as of tound and 
disposing mind and memory, ay far as this deponent knows and 
as he verily believes, and that WilDiam Hankinson, the other 
snhscribiug witness, ijreoent at the same time and sisued his 
name as a witness to the said Ys'ill,. together with this dejioner.t 
in tiie presence of the saic! 'Vesta tor. 

Cha,?. jiiroDEs... 

Sworn at Newtown, the Mth of October, ,■ "88, before me, 

Tjiomas AyjiERSOX, Surrogate. 

The foregoing Will being proved probate was graiutd by Hif 
Excellency, William Livingston, Es(|r., unto William Haukin- 
sou, one of the Executors in said AVill named, ho being first duly 
sworn, well and truly to perform the same, exhibit a true and 
perfect Inventorj-, and render a just and true account when there- 
unto lawfully required. Given under the Prerogative seal, the 
day and year above said. 

Bowes Reed, Register. 

East Jersey Wills, Liber 31, folio 149. 
See. of State's OAlce, Trenton, K. J. 
Copied by Anna M. NoitTir, 

227 East State Street, 

Trenton, X. J. 


"And died, aud all bis brothrr-u, and all tbat geuera- 

ti'"!..'"— JyXOdllS ];6. 



h Isaac. 

'.' Joiialhaii. 

The pareulage, place and dates of birtli and deatli 
aie to us at present unknowu. Tlie will of Jouatiuai, 
(■'; mentions liis father Joseph and brother Isaac. 

Suc'U's Hah'crdcn <i: Somemcl, ]i. o(;2 : " Lot ]fil .Tosepb ,T<.-a- 
iiingrf, Dec. i;9, I'.'i;:, ou First Jilountam Fall? of Sloay lirook, 4 

East Jkrsey Deeds, Lihek K., Fiilio 50. 

Sept. ], 1727, John Parker, of Perth Amboy, INn<Ulle?ex 
County, Merchant, conveys to Joseph Jennings, of Eliz.abcth- 
towu, bounds Essex County, yeoman for 31., 1 acre of laud n^it 
heretofore patented and to which John Parker is entitled by a 
lea-e and release from Daniel J-lollingblii-sd. 

East J;iKSEY Deeds, Liheu (_'-, 155. 

April 3rd, 1721, Daniel Hollingsbead, of Ilocky Hill, Somer- 
»'ct County, JMeivhaut, conveys to John Parker, of Woodbridge, 
Middlesex County, Merchant, for 5 shillings, 400 acres of land to 
lie surveyed and taken out of uiulivided J part of one equal and 
undivided 1-48 pait of the Eastern Division of New Jersey. 



^\ary . 

hi Dennis. 

The only record we have is in Jf.'iiathan Jennings' 
Will, recorded June 13, 1765, in -"vlncli luention is mane 
of "Aly son Dennis." 


JoxATUAN .TE^■^■I^G.s' V.'ii.l. IvECokjjej) Jvne 13, lH'>b. 
In tlio Name of Goc), .-Simi-ii, this W-euiy-fonrth day of July 
and iu tlie year of our Lord oue thousand, seven htiiiclii-d and 
P!xty-f<iu)\ T, Jouathau Jeiiuiugs, of the Borough of Elizabeth, 
County of Soniorset, iu tlic Province of East jNTew J&r-> y, yeoniau, 
being week in body but of jjerffct mind and memory, tlianks be 
given unto God tliereforc, calling unto juind the moxtah'ty of my 
bodj», and knowiug tliai it is appointed for a'l men once to die, 
do make and ordain thi.s my last will abil testament, viz : j.iriuci- 
pally and first of s<!l, I Give and Reconniiend my soul in'o the 
bands of God who gave it, and for my Body 1 l^eeomcud it to Lbo 
Earth, to be buried iu a duceut and ('hristian like manner, at the 
discretion of my Executors hereafter mentioned, nothing doubt- 
ing but at the Geueral liesurrection I shall Receive tin-, same 
again by (he mighty power of God, And as touching s'vb v. oildiy 
Estate wherewith ii; has pleased God to bless iue iu this life v. ith, 
1 Give, devise and disjposeof iu the following manner ai\d form. 

Imprimis, It is my will and I do order that ^^lary, my well 
beloved wife shall have the use of my house and land {hrj ] pur- 
chased of Elisba Smallcy and John Davis, during Ihj tini.' Ili;it 
she Kemains my widow. I also Give and Bequeath ujUo my \vel'. 
beloved wife my Rown mair and saddle and bridle and a Red 
Cow and one of my best swiue, together with the whole of my 
household goods. I do likewise order that my well beloved wife 
shall bring up my son iJeunis Jennings till he is of the age of 
fourteen years and theu for him to be put out to a Trs'ie I > my 
Executors hereafter mentioned. Itenj it is my will aud 1 do irder 
that the Remainiug part of my movabli- Kstute be sold I'V ray 
Executors in order to pay my just 1)> btsand funeral charges, And 
I do likewise hereby order and Irnpower my E.xecutors hereafter 
named, to sell and dispose of my old homestead plantation which 
I purchased of my honoured father Jose|>h Jennings, And also 
that plantation which I lately purchased of Jonathan Shephard, 
lying near Cranbury Town, and the monies arising therefrom to 
pay all my debts, but iu Case them two plantations doth not 
amount to enough to pay my debts, then and in such Case 1 order 
my Executors to sell sucli part of my lirst mentioned lands as 
will be sullicient to discharge them. And in Case the two planta- 
tions should amount to more than ijaying my debts, I do <u-der 
that my Kon Dennis Jeri!iiug.s shall have tlieoverphis i>aid to hiuj 
when he Comes to the age of twenty-one yeai-s. 1 ilo likewise 
order Miat my sou Dennis Jeimings shall le )iut to school and 
learnt to keep a tradsmans bo<ik. 

Item, I Giveand P.equeath un!o my s'ln Dunids J-jp.nii^j,'-:. the 
house and lot of land that 1 iiurebascd of^lia Sioalley, and idl 
that piece of land that I purcb:o-c<l of John l)a\l.-,, hii.i, lii^ loirs 
and assigns forever. 

Item, I do la'.tly Constitute, make mid, oniaJM my loveiug 


(•rotlic >• I«iac .Teniiiiigs aud Kenry Davis of the County of Bomer- 
fft, aforesaid, to be my ouly aud solo Executors of this my Last 
Will and Testamc-'iit, aud I do liereby Revoke and disaunull all 
ftiiJ fverj' otber foriuer testaments, wills, legacies, Execitors by 
uie in suy uianuer of ways before this time, named, willed and 
IWijueatbed, liatil'^) iug and Confirming tbls aud no otlier to be 
ujy Irt^t 'vill and teytameut. In witness wbereof I I'ave horeuuto 
Hit my Jinnd and seal tbe day and year abo"e written. 

Jonathan Jen'mngs. [1j. .'-".] 

Siyued, Sealed, published, prouonuced and declared by the 
Kjiid .lonathan Jennings, as hi.s last Will aud Tettarnent, in pras- 
enie of us, tbe subscribers. 

.Tacob Clakx, 


■Agnks X .Tfxnings, 

Menioranduni — that on the thirtieth Day of Oetuljer, in tbe 
Vi-nr of oin- Lo:d <me tiiousand seveu hundred and sixty-foin-, 
.lacob Clark and Lovel Morris, two of the Subscriliiug Evidences 
to the within will, appeared before me, John Rmylh, dulyauthor- 
ized, etc., And they being duly sworn, on the Holy Evangelists of 
Ahnighty God, on their oaths do declare that they were present 
and did see Jonathan Jennings, the Testator iu said will named, 
sign and seal the same, and heard him publish, pronounce 
and declare it to be his last will ami testament, that at the doing 
thereof the said .louathau Jennings was of sound nnnd and meni- 
ory, to tlie best of their knowledge aud as they Verily believe, 
aud that at the same time Agnes Jennings, the other evidence, was 
also present and sigued her name as an Evidence thereto, as they 
each did. In the Presence of tbe said Jonathan Jennings. Also 
that at the same time Isaac Jeuuings and Henry Davis, the Ex- 
ecutors in the within will named, came before me and were duly 
fiualified by taking the oath of Executor as by law appointed. 

John Smyth. 

Probate Granted by Governor Franklin, etc. (in the usual 
form, etc.) dated the .same thirtieth day of October, 17G1. 

. C.TAS. racAi), Regr. 
Examined aud agrees with the original. 

Smyth. Rcgr. 

East Jersey Wills, Liber IT. folio 404, t-tc. 
Sec. of State's Oilice, TreiiUm, X. ,1. 

Cf'jiiid by Anna JI. Xohth, Genealogist, 

227 East State, 'lYenron. X. J. 


"Of the cliildve'j of Zobiilun, !\v tlw'ir generation r-, tiftoi tboir 
frtiiiilb.^s, by ilie huay>:' of their faibcis, iiccordujg to tl'.e muuber 
of llje linmcs." KiMiiliciv 1:S0. 



Bom about 3"0fi. 

Died 1777. ! -,.»„,'' 

Bur. AVe.stfield, y'ew Jeiwcy. . . , V-'^'' -•'"■ " 

JNIar. (1) " ,^1 %]■'"' ■ ,^. ^ 

Bom about 172J; .-'''., A 

Died Mob. 31, 1770. Agei'i -16 years. ,N '' 

Bur. Westfield, New .Jersey. 

Tl'ey !i:id one child : 


II Zebulon, ijoru ><"ov. 2G, 17.'^5. iu.. .Toy'ina Little. 

l>l."xr. (2) 

Rabetca Squire. 

Kg childroD by secoud marriage. 

Dr. Hatfield's Wni. of Elizabeth, jY. /. lY^e £S0. 

"ZebuloD Jeuuiugs was anioug tliote who first came to West- 
field, wbicli ■\vas set ofT from the to^s•usbip of Eiizaberli, Jau. 27, 

"Zebuloii .leuiiiiigs an elder of Westfield Preslij'teriauebu.-eb, 
Peb., 17G1." Same, p. 5S3. 

Will of Zeijulon JE^■^•l^•os. 

In tlie Name of God, Aiuen, the Tweuety foutb Day of July, 
one thousand, Seven Hundred Seventy and Seven, I, Zebulou 
Jennings, in the Borough of Eliuth. County of Essex, in the East 
Division of Kew Jersey, Being in a weel: State of Heltli but of 
Perfect Memory, thanks be to God Therefore ; Calling to Mind the 
Mortality of my Body and knowing that it is appointed for all 
Men to Die, do JNlalce and ordaine this IMy Last Will and Testa- 
ment, And lirst of all I Becommeud My Soul iu the liands of God 
who Give it and My Body I Recommend to the Earth to be 
Buried iu a Christian Like iNIanuer, jSTothing Douting b\it I Bnj.ll 
Beeeive it again l>y the migbly Power of God at thcBcsurrer-tioi) 
And Touc-iiing Sucli Woi-ldly I'Jstale \Vberewitl> it hail: Pleased 
God to Bless Me iu this Life, I Do Dispose of ;lie Saine it) the 
following forme and Manner : It is My will that all ''r^y Jasl Debts 
and Funeral Cliarges Be Paid first of all. Ttoiri, I Give and Be- 
queatbUnto Rebacca, my well Beli'Ved wife, the wiiole L '■<: (-1 mv 
Plantation Where I Now Live as Lorn" as S;>e RiTriain'; Mv 


\Vifi.j\v i 1 tlic Law, -i^itii tlie Use of Fie" woo'l and Tiuibcroft'tlic 
]'li-,"-'.- t<i k("..ii it ill Rijjjure ; Lilcewise I Give Uuto My wife 
Kcliacva al! of tlie ReiDaincler of My M(,vab1e Estate Wliieb T 
have Not Give away iierclofore to bor heirs and AssigiiN, for 
Kver: Item, I Give and Bequeatb Uuto my three Grand cbildrou 
to wit: ]Iennery .Teuuings, Jonathan Jennings and Jacob Jen- 
ninL-o the Wliole of ^My Planfatiou Where 1 Now Live, I'Xiiially 
I>ividicl in quantity aud qualiity Between ^[y three Gr.-urt f'ous. 
Abo\e Xai-ned to them tlioi'e lieirs and Assigns for jEver. Fut- 
ilier More I Constitute 'Will And appoint My Trusty friends. My 
well Beloved Wife, Rebacca Jeuuiugs, aud D.ictor Jedidiah .Svvau 
to lie Fxcci'tors of this my Last Will And Testament aud do 
hereliy Disannul and Revoke all other former wills aiid I'esta- 
lueuts. Legacies aud Executions by Me Any way Before this 
Time Xaimed, Willed aud Bequeathed hut CoufairiiiinL; of it to 
be My Last Will and Testament. 


Signed, 8e;ded Published And I'roncuueed in tlie Presence of us, 


■ Jolin Squier and Susanna INraxel! two ol' Ithe Subsci'iiiing 
Witnesses to the within Will beiup duly Sworn on the Hoiy 
Evangelist of Almighty God did depouse and say that tliey Saw 
Zebulou Jennings the Testator within Named, Sign aud Seal the 
same and heard him publish, ijronouuce aud declare the within 
lustrnment in Writing to be his Last 'Will aud Testament and 
that, at the dowing tbei'eof, he, the said Testator, was of Sound 
and depousing mind and memory as far as these depouants know 
and asthey Verily Believe aud that the other Subscribing Evidence, 
Abraham Squier, was present at the Same time aud Signed his 
Name with these deponants as a Witness aucl all in the presents 
of the said Testator. 

John Squier, 
Bernards Town. November 27, 1777. Susanna Maxell. 

S\\orn before me Jas. Kirkpatrick, 


Rebacca Jennings, Executrise, aud Doctor Judatha Swan, 
Executor in the vitliin Will named, being duly sworn on the 
Holy Evangelist of Almighty God,' did depouse aud say tiiat the 
within Instvumeut iu Writing Coutains the True Last ^ViU and 
Testament of Zebulou Jennings as far as they know aud iis tiiey 
Verily Believe aud that they will Well and Truly perforni the 
same by jiaying first the Debts of the Said Deceased and then the 
Legacies iu the within Will Specified So far as the Goods .Hud 
C'liattels, Rights aud Credits of the said deceased Can tueruuto lix- . 
'•■lid aud tbey -vvili make pud Exhibit into *Iio Prorogiti \'c oUice fit 


Builington in tha State of New Jersey a Irae aud p'^rfcct I:\vo)i" 
toiy ofallaud siugulor the Goods aud Cliattels) and C'iOiiits of 
i;l;e said deceased that bave or shall Couie iiito tlieh haiids, 
knolega or possessiou or Iiuo the Hauds or yjossesaioij of any 
other pevsoii or jjersoiis lor liis U.-e aud that they will j-Ct'iider a 
Just iiiid True account of their Adiuiiii.^lration v.-heu lli'-ir i.iuto 
Lawfrilly Required. 

Bernaid Town, Ko member ye 27, 1777. 
Bworu before ine Jas. Kirl;patrick, 



ZEBULON JENNMNOS, (Zebulon 2), son of Zebalon .t 
Sr.i'ah ( ) .Jennings. 

Born Noi'. 2ii, ]7o5, in New .Ter^ey. 
Died Oct. 16, 1770, in New Jersey. 
Bur. Westfield. in New Jersey. 
Mar. June 17, 17(!2.. 
Joanna Little 
Born Sep. 13, 174G. 

They had six children : 

IS S«rah b. July 22, 1763. m. Jonatlian lUdge. 

13 Henry b. Feb. 20, 1705. m. Rlioda Leslie. 

14 Hezekiah b. Apl. 6, 1767. d. Aug. 30, 1773. 

15 Jonathan b. May 14, 1769. m. Elizabeth Stephenson. 

16 Susannahb. Apl. 6,1772. m. Isaac Fordyce. 

17 Jacob b. IMch.22, 1775. ra. Mary Morgan. 

After the death of Zebulon, the family removed to 
Fayette County, Pa., probably between 1785 and ITiiO. 

Joanna {^Little) Jenniug.s married (2) Ephraim 
Woodrufie ; had one child, a daughter. 

Wii^L OF Zkkulon Jenning.s, Jh. 

In the name of God, Amen. Tlie sixth day of ^fay, in the 
year of our Lord, One thousand, seven Innulrtd and seveuty-six. 
I, J^obulon Jennings, Jur., of (he Boro'';;h of Eii;'., County of 
Essex, and Province of East New Jer.sey, VH.jn.un ; beiug of sound 
raind and disposing menjory, (thauJLs be ,r;vc'; uuto <i:»\ for t'le 


■;-.iij(-j, calling to inind and duly coufiidering Ihe lUDitalil y of my 
i.rjdy, aiid kiiowinfr that it is appointed for ni;in oik-u to die, do 
i,i;tUf iiLid ordain this my last will :iud teslaiiieut. Princiivjlly 
liud first of al! I give nnd recoiuiiicDd my soul into tlie hands of 
(Joi: \vho gave it, trusting in Tlis mercy and in tlie merit of ray 
dear Kedeeroer for the remission of all my sius. My bod.v I cem- lo the earth, to lie buried in a christian like and decent mau- 
I er, at tuo discretion of my executors, nothing doubting but at 
the- t;e!ieral resurrection I shall receive the same again by the 
niiiildy power of Ctou. And, as touching such worldly estate 
V. hevewith it, hath jdeased God to bless me in this life, I give, 
deviiie and dispose of in the following manner, viz: I order all my 
just ilebtsaud funeral cxpensos paid out of lay inovea'^le estate. 
J give iO my beloved wife Jormria Jennings, one covr r.nd the use 
and profits of all rr^y lands, till my oldest so!i conies to Die age of 
twenty-one years, which is in lieu of her right of dov. er and power 
of ll'.irds ; al:?o I give to my sd. wife all my moveable estate, after 
the debts and funeral expenses are paid, excepting five pounds 
vv-liieh I give to my daughter Sarah Jennings, to be paid unto her 
v> lien slie arrives to the age of eighteen years. 1 give aud bequeath 
to my tlir"e song, Henry Jennings, Jonathan Jennings and Jacob 
.Xenning.s, to them, their heirs and assigns forever, all aud singu- 
lar, ol my Lands aud premises, to be equally divided among 
Ihein, both in quantity and quality, to be divided among them 
when my oldest son, Henry, comes of age, and then Henry is to 
lake his part, aud my above sd. wife is to have the use of the 
other sons' parts till the next son comes of age, (which with my 
moveables as is given her above is to enable her to bring up our 
children), aud when my sd. second son comes of age he is to take 
his part, audi givemysd. wife the use of my youngest son's part as 
long as she remains my widow, that is, till she marries again. 
And I order each of ray above sd. sons, as they come of age, to 
pay to my daughter Susanna Jennings, each one the sum of three 
pounds, six shillings and eight pence, which nrakes ten pounds. 
It is my will and I order my executors to take particular care that 
no more of the wood and timber be cut that is on my land than to 
support the place with fencing stuff, and fire wood for what tire- 
places as is now in tlje house. I order my executors to put my 
sons out to trades. If either of my sons die under the age of 
inenfy-one years, leaving no issue la^ fully begotten of his own 
b<'dy, then his part to be equally divided among the survivors of 
my sons, and to be to them, their heirs aud assigus forever; aiid 
If :<-itber of my daughters die under the age of eighteen years 
lenviug no issue knvfully begotten of her own bodj', her part to go 
to the other daughter. Aud I do make, ordain, constitute and 
npli'snt My beloved wife Joanna Jennings, and my trusty friend 
AVilliam Darby, executors of this my will aud testai.'ient; 
«nd I do utterly revoke, di.sannul aud riisslbns- all aud every 


oiber former wills and lestivineuts by me inrule; nitifyinf,', iillov- 
ing and confirming thi? ami no other to be my last ■'.vill and 

1 witness wlieroof I linvf litrciinto pet. niy h'.a\d and st-al, tliC; 
drtj'und year Uereiu lirst above written. 

Zki;ulon Jenx/ngs, Juk. [J,. S.] 

Kigucd, sealed, p.-ououneKl and detlari'd by tlie sd. testator, 
Zebuloii Jennings, .lur., to be his last will and testament, in 
presenet of 

Zkivclon .Ji:i-;.mnc:s, 
BE:>;jA>r I-Jton, 
JoNA'jiiAK JLirxr.LL, Jvn. 

Ze.bulon Jeuuiui;s and Jonalhau Littli-, .fur. two of tlK'^sit- 
nessea to tiie within named AVili, being duly sworu ou the Holy 
Jivangelists of Almiglity God, did severally depose and .^ay that; 
they saw Zebulon Jenuingi-:, Jiir., the testator thea-ein named, 
sign and sea! the same and litard hina pnblisli, prounnn.-e and 
declare the within writing to he his last will and testament ; and 
at the -doing thereof the said Testator wia of sound and disposing 
mind and memory, as far as these Deponents iinow, and as tuey 
verily believe, and that iieujamin TUgh, the other snbscribing 
Kvidenee was present at the same ti!>!e, and signed bis name as a 
witness to the said "SVill, together with those Deponents, in the 
Presence of the said Testator. 

Zebi-los Jf.xni>;<..s, 
Sworn at Eliza. Town, Jonaiiian Litthli,, Otjk. 

Kovr. 7th, 1776, before me, 

ROBT. Oqden, Jr., Surt. 

.loanna Jennings and William Darby, l-^xeeutors in the with- 
in Testament named, being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists 
of Almighty God, did depose and say that the within Instrument 
contains the true, last will and testament of Zehulou Jennings, 
Jur., the Testator therein named, so far as they know and as they 
verily believe, that they will well and truly perform the same by 
paying first the debts of tlie said deceased, and then the Legacies 
in the same Testament specified so far as the Goods, Chattels and 
Credits of the said deceased can thereunto extend, and that they 
will malie and exhibit into the Prerogative OfHce at Elizabeth- 
town a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the tJoods, 
Chattels and Credits of the said deceased, that have or shall come 
to their knowledge or I'osse.ssion, or to the possession of any otlier 
person or persons for his use, and render a just and true aecoant 
when thereunto lawfully required. 

.Joanna X Jknninc^c;, 
Sworn at Eliza. Town, mark 

Novr. 7th, 1776, before me, AVm. Dakky. 

RoBT. OCiIH^.^^ Jr.., 8ut. 




SARAH JENNINGS (Zebi'5on I!, Zebuion 2), dau. 
Zeliuloa & Joanna (^Little) Jennings. 

Born July 22, i; 



:ex Co., Kew Jersey. 


Jonathan Rid 


Tbeir child: 



18 Joseph 

19 John 

m. Rutherford. 

i;ij 5arah 

in. James Kearcey. 

21 Elizabeth 

m, B. OrecD. 

■22 Susannah 

ni. Gid&ori John. 

•j:^ Jacob 

u?.. W. Ibles. 

2-1 Zebuion 

ra. Sarah B.'^ynolds. 

2-5 Edith 

m. J. MaukelL 

OfSaraliaad her family nolhiiig more is 
by the comi-iiler. 


HENRY JENNINGS (Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), 60u of 

Zebulon & Joanna (^Little) Jennings. 

Born Feb. 'S', 1765 iu or near Morristowu, K. J. 

I^ied May 25, \S21 Fayette Co., Pa. 

Bur. George's Creek Presbyterian Grave Yard, Faj'ette Co., Pa. 

Mar. Mch. 25, 1790. 

Rhoda Leslie 

Ikirn Oct. 21, 1769 

Died Nov. 13, 1852 iu Fayette Co., Pa. 

Their children : 

26 David b. Mch. 23, 1791 
'.'7 Sarah b. Mch. 12, 1793 

-8 Jacob h. July 8, 1796 

L-y n«ry h. Aug. 2, 1798 

30 Elizabeth b. Apr. 8, 1803 

31 Henry b. Apr. 19, 1S06 

32 Jonathan b. June 2, 1808 
^3 Rhod.T b. Si-pt. 13, iSlO 

d.JunelS, 1855, Bachelor, 
jji. / ('^ Thos. Patterson. 
' I (2) JoliU Brookover. 
m. Nancy Crosier. 
m. Thos. ^lorrisou. 
m. Win. Laughead. 
m. Catherine BrownfieJd. 
■ (J) Nancy Gettyt. 

({)] i'vaucy Gfctt;) 

. ] (2) Anne Fleak, 

( (3) ri.a.rriel. E. .1: 


m. tavi.i Aui'i. 


JONATHAN JENNINGS (Zebalnn li, Zelnilon 1'), son of 
ZtbuJon & Joaima (Link) Jennings. 

Boia May 14, 1769 in New .'Jer-ity. 
Died Nov. 2, 1S08 in Wasbiogtoii Co , O. 
Bu!'. Hills Gravej-ard, AVashington Co.. C. 
Mav. JNIeli. 1791 in Peuusylvauia. 
Eiizatsth Stephenfon 
Boi'u Juus 27, 1775 

Died Aug. 22, 1852 in aiarictta, Oljio. 
Bur. Hill.^ CTiavcj-ard, AVa-shington Co., O. 
Nino cliildren were boru to them : 
34 Zel3u!on b. Feb. IS, 1792 m. B-lsy Maxoa. 

So ;^Tar-aretb.^ov. 0.1-94 i>^- 1 lij Prestey Petty. 

36 NaTtcy b. A'd^. 30, 1706 m. 0\k Reekard. 

37 Delsh^h b. Sept. 17, 17C8 ju. Jo.scph Leonard Rsckaid. 
.,„ - , . ci 1- lA ■, fr,,, „ f (1) Hanua SIcCabe. 

39 Jonathan b. Mch. 38, 1802 m. Susan Beckard. 

40 EHzabethb. Sept. 29, 1803 m. Leinen >"oats. 

41 Henry b. Mar. 15, 1805 m. Sarah Ann Chainbcts. 

42 Rhoda b. Nov. 20, 1806 m. Joseph McKibben. 

After the death of Jonathan Jennings hi? v;idov,'- 
Elizabeth (Shp/ienson) Jenning,s, married (ii) Dec. 23, 
1810, in Washington Co., O., by Stephen Lindsley. 
Wiliiam Nixon (Widower) 

Four children by second marriage: 

Sarah b. Oct. 9, 1811 ra. .lohn Chambers. 
Rosanna b. J.ray 14, 1S13 m. Peter Suider. 
„. JUT io Id- f (]) :\iarv A. Phelps. 

Edward b. June U, ISlo lu. | J^) Hep«ie Phelps. 

Harriet b. July 24, 1817 m. Samuel Kightmire. 

(The history of the Nixon family will be found in 
appendix, entitled Nixon.) 

Jonathan Jennings was probably boia at or near 
Westfield, Essex Co., New Jersey. 

Hig mother removed with her family to Pennsyl- 
vania, probably between the years J 785 and 1700. 

The descendants of Zebulon, Jacob and Berjjamin, 
seem to have come to PcnTisylvania about the j-anie 


\ -N 


■"^. . ' 


r-'-i^^wgy^^^^ ^tl^ F ^yy re -; , 



time, and settled in the sa;xi,e vicinity Jn the counties of 
Fayette, Green and Washington; these counties all 
bordering on the Monongahela River. 

The "Jennings Ferrj'," kept by Henry, brother cf 
Jonathan, was located nea: Masoutown, Fayette Co. 
The home of Jonathan seems to have been at or Yiear 
Brownsville, Washingtou Co. His daughter, Delilah, 
was born in Brownsville, while Junia, the next child, 
was born in Fayette Co. where bis parents were vi';!!:- 
iug ; presumably at Masoutown. The last y^ar iu 
Pennsylvania they were unsettled. 

Jonathan Jennings emigrated from Washington Cc. 
Fa., to Washington Co. O., in 1801. With his family 
and household goods he traveled to Wheeling, W^ Vs , 
in wagons, and from that point floated down the river 
on a flat-boat. He intended to settle on the £ig 
Muskingum River, but on arriving at the mouth of the 
Little Muskingum, about dusk, the water was so high 
that it misled them and they entered that river by 

This was on the evening of March 6, 1801. The 
point at which they lauded is where Lafaver's mill now 

After exploring a little while, Mr. Jennings de- 
cided that he had no need to go further ; the climate 
seemed all that could be desired ; the peach trees were 
in bloom, the grass green and the prospect most invit- 
ing to the weary family. The trip down the river had 
been a hazardous one, and to the parents burdened with 
the care of five children, the eldest of whom was but 
eight years of age, and the youngest, Junia, but an 
infant, it had seemed long and wearisome, and the 
itdjacent country being filled with hostile Indians, thoir 
voyage was extremely perilous. 

So it was that on the morning of March 7th, 1801, 
the family looked with most pleasurable anticipations 
over the beautiful country which was to become tlitir 

Mr. TcMnings built liis cabin on what is now knov/n 


as the Henry Jennings farm ; there they lived and pros- 
pered and four children vere born to them at this p]?.ce. 

Ml. Jeiiiiings tiuited theo-jcupations of sl'Ocnia] 
and blacksmithing. He was a man of considerable 
strength of cliaracter and was mnch respected h\ a]l 
his acquaintances. By his death at the early a[;e of 
thirty-nine years, his family suffered an irreparable loss. 

Elizabeth Stephenson, wife of Jonathan Jennings, 
was of Scotch-Irish parentage. Her father emigrated 
from Ireland and settled in Delaware, later moving to 

After the death of Mr. Jennings his widow manied 
Mr. William Nixon, a neighbor and widower. They 
both liad large families, (she having nine children and 
he having eight) by their former marriages ; and to thera 
were born four children, making twenty-one in all. 

Mrs. {^Jennings) Nixon was a good woman and was 
endowed with more than ordinary powers ol mind She 
possessed the love of all her children and step-children, 
to whom she strove to do her duty impartially and 
faithfully. At the time of her removal to Ohio .she 
was a Presbyterian, but there being no church of that 
denomination in her locality, ."^he united with the I\Teth- 
odists and retained her connection with that church 
until her death. She was buried by the side of Jona- 
than Jennings in sight of their old cabin home, in the old 
family burying ground, at Hills, Newport Township, 
Washington County, Ohio. 

The following are copies of deeds from Thomas 
Lord to Jonathan Jennings and from Jonathan Jen- 
nings' heirs to Zebulon Jennings : 

Thomas Lord To Joxatiian Jenni.ngs. 

Know all men by these presents, that I, Thoiiias Lord of 
Wood County and State of Virginia, Esq., for and iu coiisidera- 
tiou of the .sum of one hundred and twenty dollftrt; to iwi iu hand 
paid by Jonathan Jinniugs, of Waterford, \,'asL!ngt'j)i County 
and northwestern Territory, have- given, granted Imrgiiiucd snd 
Bold and by tbf se presents do frv-ely and ab.soluloiy give ;>raut. 
bargain aud se'.i io him, the su)d JinuidgLi, his heir.'^ and uShI^ n.n, a 


cerfain tract of land cor.tainiugoiie hundred and sixty acrer. pitua*e 
in tlie sixth spctiou, iu the second Township aud fe!?;ht Range, be- 
ing cue hundred cixty acre lot No. lliirty seven, drawn in the Ohio 
Company to the name of Ebenezer Hinkloy, for a particular dis- 
eription and boundaries reference may be had to the plan, records 
et-c. of the Oliio Cornjwny. 

To have aud to hold the afore granted and harguiced pronnses 
with the appurtenances to him, t!ie said John Jinnings, bis heirn 
and assigns, forever; and I, the said Lord for myself, my heirs, 
executors and administrators, do covenant to and with the said 
.Tinuiugs, his heirs and assigns, that ijefore the ensealing of these 
presents, I am the true, sole aud lawful owner of the above 
demised premises aud have full power and authority to sell and 
convey the same, as aforesaid, and furthermore that I will 
.varrant, secure and defend the same to him, (he said Jou. 
Jinnings, his heirs aod assigns, against the claims of all 2ieop!e. 

Iu witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand aud seal 
this flfteentb day of July, in the year of our Loi-d one thousand 
eight hundred and one; and I, Eleuor Lord, vih of the said 
Thomas Lord, do berebj' relinquish and quit my claim to all right 
of dower iu the abovit described premises Thomas Lofid 


Signed, sealed aud delivered in presence of 

Wm. Skinner, 
Betsey Lokd. 

Territory of the Llnited States North West the River Ohio, 
Washington County, ss : Before me, Grifhn Greene, Esq., one of 
the Juotices of tlie Court o( common pleas for the County afore- 
said, came Williaiu Skinner, one of the witnesses to the above 
deed and made oath that he was piesent and see the subscriber, 
Tliomas Lord aud Eleuor Lord, sigu the above deed aud seal the 

Marietta, July eighteen, one thousand eigljt hundred aud one. 

Gkiifin Greene. 

State of Ohio, Washington County, ss : I, J. W. Athey, 
Recorder iu and for said County do hereby certify that the fore- 
going is a true and correct copy of a Deed, as recorded July 22ud, 
ISiJl, in Vol. G, Page G]f3-H17, of the Deed Records of ssiid County. 
In Testimony Wiiereof, I have liereunto subscribed my name 
and alhxed my ofiicial seal, this 2nd day of Sept. A. D. 16i)S. 
Attest : J. W. Athey, Recorder. 

Washington County, Ol'io. 

Jo.N'ATHAX Jennings' Heirs To Zebulon .)enmxc;s. 
Kuow all Men by these presents, that We, I'lesley J'etty aud 
Margaret re((y, wife of said Presley, Otis l;ec!:.n:u 'and N^ncy 
Reckard, v, ife of said Otis, Leniial Fouls and Elizabetii Fours, 


wife of said Lf-niue!, Joseph L. Keckurd and Dt-lila Keckard, wife 
of said Joseph L., Jonathan JenniDga !;nd Susau Jeu!iings,wife of 
said Jonathan, Junia Jennings and £li?a Ann Jenniut;-3, v/ife of 
said Junia, and Henry Jennings and Sr.rah Ana Jennings, vifeof 
said Henry, in and for the con;?iiltM-a!,lon of the uurn of one 
thousand dollars to us in hand paid by said Zehulou Janningt:, the 
receipt whrreof is iierehy aclcnowledged, do hereby remise, 
release and forever quit claim unto said Zebulon Jennings, his 
heirs and assigne forever, all our right, title and interest, both 
legal and equitable in the following lands and tenamentf to wit: 
one hundred end sixty acre lots, Numbers thirty-four and thirty- 
seven, in Seetion 8ix, Town two and Range eight in WaHhinj/lcm 
County, Ohio. 

Jn testimony whereof we have hereto set our hands and so^l? 
this the thirtieth day of June in th.e year of our Lord eighteen 
hu mired and forty nine. 


Preslkv X Petty, (Seal) Maki.^.'.rkt Petty, (Seal) 


Otis Rkckakd, (Seal) Nancy Rf,ckaki>, (Sea,!) 

Joseph L, Kkckard, (Seal) D:;ijII.a Rkckaku, (Seal) 

Jonathan Jennings, (Seal) Si-SAN Jennings, (Seal) 

Jdnia Jknnings, (Seal) Kiiza Ann Jennings, (Stall 

Henry Jennings, (Seal) Sarah x\nn Jennings, (Seal) 

Lemon Fouts, (Seal) Elizabeth Fout.s. (Seal) 

Signed, Sealed and delivered in presence of us, 

Davis Gbekn, 
John W. Touts, Dudley S. Nye, 

S. E. Fouts, to all except, 

witness for Lemuel Fouts, 

Lemon Fouts, Elizabeth Fouts. 

Elizabeth Fouts. 

The State of Ohio, AVashinglon County, ss: Personally 
appeared before me, Dudley S. Nye, a Notary Public iu and for said 
County, the fore mentioned Presley Petty and ^Margaret, his wife, 
Otis lieekard and Nancy, his wife, Joseph L. Reckard and TXOiir;, 
his wife, Joni'.tuau Jennings aud Susan, his wife, Junia Jennij^:;- 
and Eliza Ann, his wiieand JJenry Jennings and Sarah An;;, ^lis 
M'ife, and severally acknowledged the signing and sealing of Ihe 
foregoing conveyance to be their voluntary act and deed. And 
the said Margaret Petty, the said Nancy Reckard, tlie s:iid lK-!iia 
Reckard, the said Susan Jennings, the said Eliza AiJTi Jennings 
and the said Sarah Ann Jennings, being at tlu-. sa>ne tinje sever- 
ally exaniin:.d by me, separaie and ajiuit fi\im tho!.'.'ifo;-e.s.dd Iir.s- 
bands and the con, ents of said insti-i!'ii"jU. beiiig riiade ki"iv.-u io 


rrn-b o'tiicra hy me, they theu, each and severally doohvreti 
they did voluntarily siga, seal and ackiiowledj^e the Harae, and 
that they are sfil? sutiafied therewith, this; SO day of Juiu- J849, 

la testimony ^'hereof, I have hereunto set aiy baud and seal, 
the day aod year aforesaid. Dudley S. Kye, 

(Kotary Tublic Seal.) Notaiy Public. 

The Sinte of Ohio, Jlorgari County as: Before me, S. E. Fouts, 
a Jufctice of the Peace in and for Baid County perscually appeared 
Lemuel Fouts aud Ulizaheth, wife of said Lejuuel, and aclinowl- 
cdn<-"l >'*- foregoing instrument to be their voluntary act p.c-I 
deed. A7]d the said Elizabeth, hiding at the tame time examined 
by me, separaie aud apart from her said husband, and the con- 
tents of said ins' rnment being made known to hor hj' mc, she then 
declared f,he did voluntarily sign seal and ackuowlcdj^e the 
Eame, and tiiat she is etiJl satisfied tirerewith. 

Cfiveii under my ha'id thi=; day of July, A. V: ISif). 

S^ E. Vi.VTc., J. P. 

Slate of Ohio, Y»'ashingto;i County, sa: I, J. W. Athey, Re- 
corder in and for caid County, do hereby certify that the forego- 
ing is a true and correct copy of a Deed, as recorded Sept. 20th 
1S49, in Vol. 34, Page 6G4-665, cf the Deed Records of said County. 

In Testimony Yv'hereof, I have hereunto subscribed my najne 
and affixed my otiicial seal, this 2iid day of fc'epL A. D. 1S98. 
Attest: J. W. Atijey, Recorder. 

Wasluugton County, Oidn, 


SUSANNAH JENNINGS (Zebulon H, Zebulon 2), daii. of 
Zebulori & Joanna (^Little) Jennings. 

Born Apr. 6, 1772 
Died July 17, 1831 
Mar. Aiig. 28, 1792 
Isaac Fordyce 
Born .Tan. 19, 17(36 
Died Aug. 25, 1840 

Their children : 

43 Joanna b. July 13,1793 m. Thomas Crago. 

44 Elii;abcth b. O^^^t. 8,1794 ni. S. Craig. 

46 Samuel b. Apr. 9, i7!J5 )n. Gilpah Coney." 
^'> Sasah b. Mch. 19, 1799 m. Jarno;; Crago, 

47 Catharine b. Sep. 3, 1802 m. P. Myer. 

« John b. Mav23, 1804 m. 1^^- Vi""''"' 

' I (2) JSI. Brown. 

49 David Davidson b. July 23, 1800 in. Tuargurei FJeslor. 

' ■\{ '' ■ " ^' tA.,;;./-. A, L-C-'V-i ., ->- , ru 
: ' "t- " r:- A, ; '. S-^ 


60 Sarnet Wiiiiam b. Deo. 15, 180S m. JNlargarct Sbipruaii. 

61 /Asiry b. Aug. 8,1811 in. Rev. Maekoy. 

52 Rhotis b. Aug. 18, ISl-i m. T. F. Co!-ey. 

JACOB . JENNINGS (Zebu Ion If, Zebuion 2), son of 
Zebalon A' Jo-.iniia (Liitle) frciiuings. 

Eovii M(..h. 22, 1 775 

Diod Dec. 23, 1S54 


Hary Morgan 

Bora 1779 

Tlieir '.^iiildixu : 
63 Rebetr.c; b. 1799 



b. !■; ov. 



m. Javie Bradley. 





d. youug. 





d. J OUDg. 









(L yoimg. 





d. xoang. 





d. hopU J> ^^■''■ 





m. Sarab Marsh. 











SARAH JENNINGS (Henry 13, Zebuion U, Zebuion 2), 

dau. of Henry & Rhode (Leslie) Jennings. 

Bora Mar. 12, 1793 ia Fayette Co., Pa. 

Died July 14, 1869 Washington Co., O. 

Mar. (1) 

Thomas Patterson 

Died Oct. 9, 18Sr. ju West Va. 

Mar. (2) 

Dr. John Brookover. 

64 Sarah Jennings had childreu by botli maniafie.'; 

but the compiler has been uiiabie lo gcL any record of 



JACOB JENNINGS (Henry 13, Zebulon U, Zebulon 7.), son 
of Henry & Rboda (Leslie) Jemiiiigs. 

Bom July 8, 179G iu Fayette Co., Pa. 

Died May 7, 1S6S in Oliio. 

Bur. West. Side Cemetery, Fredericksburg, Ohio. 


Nancy Crosier 

Bur. West Side Ce)iietery, Fredcriclisburg, O. 

Tlieir cliik'.ren ; 

05 Joiin d. youijg. 

G8 Henry* 
C7 .lane in. Andrew .T. Kuox 


MARY JENNINGS (Henry 13, Zebulon 51, Zebulon 2), dsu. 
of Henry & Rlioda (Leslie) Jennings. 

Born Aug. 2, 179S in Fayette Co., Pa. 

Died .Tan. 21, 18S3 in Jlorrow Co., O. 

Bur. in Briu Zion Cemetery, Morrow Co., O. 

Mar. Dec. 7, 1820 iu German Tp., Fayettr Co., Pa., by 

Rev. Aslibel Green Fairchild (Presbyterian IMinister) 
Thomas Morrison, son of Robert A- Elizabeth (Culhcrtson) 

Born Juno 4, 1792 in Green County, Pa. 
Died Fell. 6, 1893 
Bur. in Brin Zion Cemetery, Morrow Co., O. 

Their children : 

68 Robert b, Mch. 1^, 1822 m. Flora Bomberger. 

ffi u I • 1 /-< i nn it.,-11 f (llSallv Ann Fox 

69 Henry Jennings b. Oct. 29, 1824 m. -^ ^(ojj,i^,.yElleu Vedder. 

70 Infant Daughter b>aud d. ou the old Plardeu brook farm. 

71 Rhoda b. June 30, 1R2S d. Aug. 20, 1847, bur. in 

Biiu Zion Ceiii., Morrow Co., O. 

<2 Wm. nontgomery b. May 2, 18.^1 m. { L, ^^^^\,.^^^, B.Taylor. 

(■ (1 )Mary James S'hvw. 

73 James Leslie b. June 26, 1834 ni.-^ (2)Marv.\nnaUiirhHm 

( (3) Eliz. (Hart) Koel. 

74 Thomas Porter b. Apr. 30, 18."." m. Caroline A.. Pomberger. 

75 Mary Elizabeth b. June 11, 1840 m. Dan'l Hari.iai; Au.srin. 

'•■nciiry hi.5 a l:irgc- family but Ihf compiler no rcfiurd ofit. 


Robert Morrisou (No. 6S) iu his a-,ito-biography., 
published xn^-The ScroLi^'' iox April, 1897, page 411, 
says : 

"Eobert ISIorrison, my gvaiidfutber, was of Bcoxch-Irigh 
parentage. He was horn in CVjunt;/ Detr.\', Ir>jlanil. The family 
was of the middle class, ueitLier y-uii nor rich, and was connected 
in marriage willi the Hamilfoub in ScotLaud. In 1TC5, when 
Robert was sixteen years old, with his brothers older Ibaa him- 
self, he came to America and sett!ed in Delaware. Sorae of them 
emigrated to the Valley of Virginia ; one kept on south; another 
■wing went west to Vineennes, Kaskasia and St. Louis. 

"After the Kevolutiouary V/ar, iu which Robart bad a share 
as one of the 'blue hen's chickens,' as f^oldicrs fro;<i Delaware 
■were called, he concluded to take his youns? wife, Eilzabetb 
Culberison, an English woman, and two little children, as I 
helieve, and go west. General Washington iiiked bira to take 
his tract of 600 acres in the northwestern part of Fayette County, 
Pa., lying on the Yoiighiogheuy river. He v.ent and looked at 
the land, but tiiought it too mach exposed to incursions from the 
Indians, and continued his journey about fifty miles .southwest 
into Green county, and bouglit out the IMoClurigs, who to-ok their 
slaves and went to Kentucky, as Pennsylvania had iu 1780 passed 
an ordinance of gradual emancipation. There my grandfather 
lived and reared a family of ten children and died at the age of 
eighty-two. There my father, Thomas Morrison, wps born an;l 


ELIZABETH JENNINGS (Henry 13,Zebulon II, Zebulori 2), 

dau. of Henry and Rhoda {Leslie) Jennings. 

Born Apr. 8, 1803 in Fayette C'o., Pa. 

Died in Iowa. 


William Laiighead 

Their children : 

76 Henry m. Delilalv Thomiisun. 

77 John V^. m. Cynthia Ann Cauu^. 

78 James M. 

79 Alfred 

80 Jonah 




HENRY JENNUMGS, (Henry 13, Zebukni U, Zebulon 2), foi> 
Jlc-iiry & Rhfidp {Lts'k) .Tennin£;s. 

Born Apr. 19, 18UG Jenniugs Landing, Genwan Twp., Fayette 

Co., Pennsylvania. 
Pied June 24, 1890 Dallas Center, Iowa. 
Ktir. in Dallas Center, Iowa. 
Mar. Mch. 4, 1840 Smitlifield, Penna. 
Catherine Brov/nfiefd 
Jiorn Apr. 18, 1816 Smitbiidd, Penua. 
Died .Sug. 6, 1GP4 D;dlas O-utei, Iowa. 
Bur. Dallas Center, lown. 

Their children : 

81 David b. Feb. 10, 1842 d. Nov. 27, 13o9, bachelor 

82 Elizabeth b. Sep. 7, 1843 ni. .Tehi! T. Mooro. 

83 Natlia?) Brownfield b. Moh. 17, 1845 m. Eliz.ibetb .1. Friudlej' 

84 Sarah Crawford b. .Tan. 30, 1847 m. Thomas J. K.Hudell. 
65 William Henry b. June 28, 1849 lu. 

86 Jacob b. Feb. 9, 18ol m. 

87 Mary b. Feb. 23, 18S3 m. Dr. A. A. Corbin. 

88 Rachel Ann b. Apr. 15, 1855 not married. 

89 Thomas b. Mch. 2, 1857 m. 

90 Isaac Brownfseld b. July 29, 1859 

91 N.incy Jane b. Dec. 24, 1800 w Baker. 

92 John Rohinson b. June 6, 1862 d. Feb. 1, 1881, bachelor. 

All were born at Jennings Landing near Mason- 
town, Pa. 

JONATHAN JENNINGS (Henry 13, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), 

.^on of Henry & Rhocla {Leslie) Jennings. 

Koru June 2, 1808 German Tp., Fayette Co., Pa. 
Died Feb. 29, 1392 Waverly, Pike Co., Ohio. 
Bur. Wavorly, Pike Co., Ohio. 
>hir. (]] July r.i, 18.37 

Nancy Gettys, dau. ef Samuel .fr Anne ( )GeiXys. 

l!orii May 16, 1815 

Wt'd Oct. 18, 1852 near Tuppers Ph.iiis, Mci^s C:o., O. 

Bur. Tupj.crf! Plains, Meigs Co., O. 

Seven children by fiiot murriiige : 

■descendants ok z>r>ui.ox 


93 Henry 

Riioda Ann 


b. Apr. 2-i, 1S3S in. Emily Kiocitde. 

b. Jan. IJ, Iti-lO m. TJjomas Morgan Watsou 

b. .Tuiy IS, 1841 Enlisted iu tho39ihO.V.I., 

seived three years; was 

killed iu the battle oi'At- 

laur,a, July 22, 1S64. 

90 John b. Oct. 20, 1S43 lu. Marg't Amelia Robinsou 

97 Sylvester b. Mch. 7, 184(> in. Catherine Qoodib. 

98 Eliz.-ijane b. Apr. 22, 1849 Xot married. 

99 Mary Elizabeth b. Sept. 5, 1852 ra. ThoniHS H. ISIartin. 
Mar. (2) May 13,1858 

Anne Fleak 
Bom Sep.'. 4, 1820 
Died Mch. 29, 1SG5 
Bur. Tappers Plains, O. 

Two children by second ruarriage : 

lOU Lucy h. June 18, 1S59 d. Mar. 22, 1S65. 

101 David b. Feb. 21, 1862 d. Mar. 24, 1835. 

Mar. (3) Sep. 12, IStiT 
Harriet Elizabeth Holland 
Born Feb. 3, 1817 Baltimore Co., Md. 
Died July 2, 1887 Waverly, Pike Co., O. 

No children by third marriage. 


RHOD.*. JENNINGS (Henry 13, Zebulon II, Zebulon 2) , 

dau. of Henry & Rhoda {Le-^lie) Jennings. 

Born Sep. 13, 1810 iu Fayette Co., Pa. 


David Auld 

Their children : 
102 Porter 
and otlicrs. 

They live near McKeespoit, Pa. Compiler has no 
further information concerning them. 



Zt-BULON JENNINaS (Jonathan 15, Zebulon h, Zebsj- 

Ion 2), son of .fonatliaii it Elizabeth (SKjihem^nn) Oen- 

Horn Feb. 18, 1792 iu Washiugton Co., Pa. 
Died Mar. 12, 1873 iu Washington Co., O. 
Bur. Hills Graveyard, Washington Co., O. 
Mar. Nov. 21, 1816 in Wa'Shingtou Co., O. 

Betsey Maxon, dau. of Richard it ( ) Maxon. 

lioru June 9, ITf-O in Marietta, Ohio. 
Died Mar. 7, 1SG7 in Y/asbingtou Co., O. 
Bur. Hills Graveyard, Washiiigtop Co., O. 

They had no children but tai.sed a large family, a 
number of tlicir adopted children still residing in 
Washirijnon Co. 

"Zebulon Jennings (called by old and young 
'Uncle Zeb' ) like most of the early settlers, -was some- 
thing of a 'Jack of all trades,' working as occasion re- 
quired, at blacksmithing, shoemakiug, tanning and 
farming. At the time of the removal of his father's 
family to Ohio, he was in his ninth hear. After he 
was of age, Zebulon bought the first eighty acres of 
what is known as Jennings Hill, the consideration 
being a box of glass. He had raised a colt and rode 
it to Wheeling on the 'old trail' — the \Voodsfield road — 
where he exchanged it for glass, one box of which was 
already bargained away. He afterwards added many 
more acres. He was a member of Captain Buell's 
company in the war of 1812. His commission as 
Lieutenant in the State Militia is dated Oct. 11, 1817. 
Later he received a commission as Captain. 

In early life he united with the Baptist church and 
retained his connection with that body up to the time 
of his death. He was an ardent abolitionist, and his 
house was used as a station on the 'Underground Rail- 
way. ' He was a man of strict integrity and goodness 
of heart, which virtues won for him the esteem of his 
neighbors and acquaintances. 


Betsey Maxon was one of the first children bora in 
the fort at Marietta. Her father, Richard Maxon, set- 
tled on Duct Creek at the same time Stanley and Chap- 
man did. At the age of fifteen, she taus^ht the first 
school ever opened in Dnck Creek and continued teach- 
ing in the various settlements near there until she was 
twenty-six. Her contracts read, 'that she shall be paid 
in good merchantable corn and other products, to be 
delivered at Marietta.' One read that the chairman 
of the school committee shall have D. Protsman make 
her a set of silver teaspoons. At her first terra there 
were but two books, the spelling book and English 
reader. She taught other things by 'word of mouth' she 
said. But it was not long until they had books, as well 
as bears, who came for the remains of the dinners. 
The school Iiouse stood at the mouth of Sugar llun, 
above Cay wood.'' 


MARGARET JENNINGS (Jonathan 15, Zebulon M, Zeb- 
ulon 2), dau. of Jonat'ian & Elizabeth (Stephenson) 

Born Nov. 6, 1794 in AVashington Co., Pa. 
Died Jan. 27, ISSl iu Washington Co., O. 
Bur. Cemetery of U. B. Church, Mt. Ziou,Wash. Co,, O. 
Mar. (1) Dec. 25, JSll iu Wash. Co., O., by Stephen Lindsley. 

George Nixon, son of William & ( ) Nixon. 

Born July 2S, 1791 
Died Jan. 10, 1816 
Bur. Hills Graveyard, Washington Co., O. 

Tlu'ee children by first marriage : 

103 Jonathan Jennings b. Xov. 9, 1.S12 m. Mary Cisler. 

104 Willir.m b. May 28, 1814 m. C. Sheldon. 

105 GeofKe b. May 20, 1816 m. Julia Riehldorf.r. 
Mar. (2) July 23, 1817 in Marietta Tp., Wash. Co., O., by Sr^.muel 

M. Bobbins, M. C. C. 

Presley Petty, son of & ( ) Potty. 

Born 1792 

Died Nov. 23, 1862 
Bur. Cemetery of U. B. Church, Mt. Ziou, Co., O. 

The history of Zebulon and IVtscy Jfnril;.t;s is from ih.; pen o( Mrs, lj^t5. y I. W,l- 
EOii, w'lose, VVm. Niion, >vas an aJol.lcd child of "Uncle Zeb" and ■• 


TClewn children by second marriage : 
PETfi — 

100 narla b. Sep. 12, 1819 m. Andrew Jackson Dye. 

107 Stephen b. Feb. 7, 1.S21 iii. Catharine Frazicr. 

JMS JlarRaret ricNea! b. Mch. 11 , 1S22 m. Josialr Lee. 

10;i Hary Amoiisy b. Dec. 2'., ]S24 )u. Soloj'iou Davis. 

110 LydiaDeliJah b. Jan. 13,1825 ni. Edward Mathews. 

111 Rosanfia b. Sep. 22,1829 m. .Tatue:i K. Smith. 
I!2 Betsey Jennings b. Mch. 18, 1831 m. James Harris. 
113 Naticy b. Aug. 19, IS.''^ ra. Thomas Hoff. 

IM Henry W. b. Feb. 7,1838 m. Nancy 'IcAllisi;er. 

ilo Infant Date of iiirt.h and death not known. 

JIG Infant Date of l>irth and deatli not known. 

Margaret Jennings, or as she was more commonly 
knov/n, "Aunt Peggy,'' still holds a warm place in the 
lienrts of those who knew her well in life. She was a 
woman of more than ordinary powers of mind although 
they were not fully developed. She was a very flueut 
speaker aud an earnest exhortev, and was very active in 
the work of the United Brethren Church, of which she 
was a member, although in her earlit- r years .she had 
been a Methodist. 

Her first husband, George Nixon, was the son of 
William Nixon, her step father. He was not a mem- 
ber of any church but was a good man of considerable 
education and had much influence. His death at the 
early age of twenty-five years cut short a life which 
promised to be one of great usefulness and prominence. 

Presley Petty, the second husband of Margaret, 
was a farmer by occupation and much respected by his 
neighbors. He, like his wife, was a member of the 
United P>rethreu Church. He was a soldier in the war 
ot 1812 in Captain John Thorniley's company. 


NA.NCY JE.\'MNaS (Jonathan 15, Zebulon li, Ze!.>a!on2). 
dau. of .Jonathan ct IClizabeth (Stephenson) .lennings. 

l'>"rii Aug. 30, 179G in Wasliingtou Co., Va. 
Died Dec. 9, 1879 in Washington Co., O. 
'5iir. llill.s Graveyard; V^'ashington Co., O. 
Mai. i\:t. 27. Lsl.S in WashinL'ton Co.. O. 


Infant dnu. 












Infant son 


Rosanna N. 


Mary Deliiah 


Henry Otis 




\>'esley Jjinia 


Otis Reckard, son of Calvin <k Hnldah (Leonard) Riclrard.^^ 

Born Jan. 31, 1792 in Ashlk'ki, IMass. 

Dic(j Nov. 1, 18fio in "Wasliinglon Co., O. 

Buf. IlilU Graveyard, Washington Co., O. 

Twelve children were boru to tlrem : 


b. Jan. 1,1815 d. Jan. 1, ^S^". 

b. Feb. 24, 1810 m. Hiram C'))-riubers. 

b, Mep. 26, 1817 d. Apr. S, 1S22 

b. Sep. 3,1819 d. Apr. 22, 1820 

b. Sep. 11, 1821 m. Dr. Edwin W^eat 

b. Sep. 28, 1823 in. Sarah Ranger 

b. June21, 1.S25 d. June 21, 1825 

b. Aii!i.24, 1826 m. William P. Morse 

b. Jan. 25, 1S28 m. Caleb S. ThoruUey 

b. Dee. 4, 1830 m. Sarah M. Sheldon 

b. June26, 183.3 m. Jonathan A.mliu Hill 

b. Oct. 24, 183G m. jNIarinda E. Grimes 

Nancy (Jennings) Reckard pcssessed strong pow- 
ers of mind and was noted for her retentive meoioiy. 
Tbougli frank and plain-spoken she pos.sed the genei- 
ous and hospitable traits which were characteristic of 
her family and was very much esteemed by her frieud.s 
and neighbors. 

Otis Reckard was a farmer and a man of stiict. 
integrity and unquestionable morals, of a general social 
lemperameut. He was 4th Sergeant in Captain John 
Sharp's company, war of 1812. 

Both he and his wife were members of the Method- 
ist church. 


DELll-AH JENNINGS (Jonathan 15, Zebulon H, Zebit- 
lon 3), dau. of Jonathan & Elizabeth (Stcjiherh^on) 

Born Sep. 17, 1798 in Brownsville, Wash. Co., Pa. 
Died Nov. 25, ISSl in Marietta, Wash. Co., O. 
Bur. Mound Cemetery, Marietta, O. 
Mar. May 2, 1816 Marietta, O., by Btephuu Lind^ley. 

^^'V'or Rcck;^rd, Rick>tid, Uccnrd anctstry, see appcjidix. 


Joseph Leonard Reckard, son of Calvin & Iliildnh (Leon- 
ard) Jlickarcl. 
Boru Meh. 17, 1794 in Ashfield, Mass. 
Died June 9, 1&70 iu Mariel-ta, O. 
Hiir. Moiiud CVruetery, Marietta, O. 

Elevcu children were bom to them : 
iL'ii Aivin b. Feb. 18,1817 m. Esther Urown 

130 nary Ar/it b. Feb. IS, 1S19 m. William Perry 

131 EHza Ann b. Feb. IS, 1S19 m, Samuel Weston 

lo2 Lucy Wood b. Dec. 11, 1S21 m. George H. Richards 

133 Julia Maria b. July 29, 1824 d. Apr. 24, 182.5 

134 Abner Westgate b. July 29,1826 m. Jernsha 11. Daniels 

135 Margaret b. Feb. 11, 1S29 m. Nathan Fawcett. 

,.,(. M,.-^,, 1 > c iroi ,„ f (1) Frank T.Williams 

l„f, Nancy b. ^ug. 8, l&ol m. | ^^l J. F. Gaif.ree 

137 Sarah Elizabetb b. Oct. 20,1833 d. Auj^ 1,1834 
13S Harriet Eilen b. June 11, 1835 m. TIeury M. Amlin 
139 Joses)h Leonard b. Feb. 3, 1839 m. Msry 10. Morse 

Deliiah (Jennings) Reckard was a womau of stronfj 
character and a devout christian. At the time of the 
removal in 1801, of her father's famil)' from Pennsylva- 
nia to Washington County, Ohio, she was but three 
years old. For eighty years she remained a resident 
of Washington County, and at the time of her death, 
possessed the uuqualilied esteem and love of her many 
acquaintances. She joined the j\lethodist Churcli in 
18'J0 and remained a faithful and consistent member of 
that denomination till within a few years of her death, 
■when, with the most of her family, she left the Method- and joined the Congregational Church. 

^Joseph Leonard Reckard, or, as he was very gener- 
ally known, Leonard Reckard, was a man of the purest 
life, of gentle disposition and kindly heart ; he merited 
that warm affection -which was bestowed on him by all 
who knew him. 

In connecticn with his trade as a blacksmith, he 
opened the first livery stable in Marietta, in v/hich 
business he continued until his death. 

For more than fifty years he v/as a member of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church. 

•llr spdlcd his name Record. His falher, Calvin Rickard, was a desccodant o( 
Cilci kickard. Calvir.'s childicn spell it Reckard. (Sec appindi-.) 



JUNIA JENNINGS (Jonalhan IS, Zebulon 1!, Zebulon 2), 

son of Jonathan c'c Eli?,abeth (Stcjihciiwn) Jennings. 

Bom Sep. 10, 1800 iu Favftle Co., ]'a. 

Died Feb. 39, 1.S71 iu Mariella, Ohio. 

Bur. Oalc Grove Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio. 

Mar. (1) lS-20 iu jNtariett:., Otiio, by Dauiol H. BucU, J. P. 

Hannah A'5cCabe, dau. of Rol)ert A: I'Dily {McCradcn) 

Boru about j8'i4 

Died Dee. Hi, 1S31 (age 2'i years} Jlarietta, Ohio. 
Bur. I\[ouiAd Cenxetery, Marietta, Ohio. 
Five children by fust ixtariiage : 

140 Charles Ludlow 

141 Julia Ann McCabe 

142 Robert FerUinand 
14.3 Mary R'izabelli 

144 Robert HcCabe 
Mar. (2) Apr. 2, ]S,S3, Marietta, O., liy William Youug, deacon iu 

the M. E. Church. 
Eliza Ann Reckard, dau. of C^alvin tt Rlioda (Borden) — 

widow of George Westgate — Rickard. 
Born Sep. 18, ISIO' in Marietta, O. 
Died May 7, ISSS iu Columbus, O. 
Bur. Oak Grove Cemetery, Marietta, O. 

Two children by second marriage : 

145 Sarah Lelitia b. Oct. 16, 1834 m. Arthur Wiley 

14G William Henry b. Apr.1.5, 1S42 m. | \},\ ^":'°!Z^ f-^J'*^" 

•' ' ' I (2) l" ranees A. Weaver 

Junia Jenning.s was converted in 1820 under the 
preaching of Rev. Samuel Hamilton and joined the 
Methodist Church, remaining a faithful member of that 
denomination itntil he died. When upon his death-bed 
one of the Marietta papers spoke of him in the follow- 
ing manner : 

"Father Juuia Jcuniugs, having passed his allotted tjiree 
score and ten years, is now lying very ill at hi.s residence ou 
Fourth Street, with scarcely a prosjiect of his recovery. Father 
Jennings was an active pioneer in tlie auli-slavery in Wash- 
ington County, and an ardent sujiporter of every good \\'ork all 





m. Eli/.,Hbeth Watts 





d. Dee. 28, 1822 



■ 0, 


d. Mch. .5, 1S25 





d. Dee. 2, 1834 





m. JIary E. Hay^^•ard 


FOURTjI genekatxon. 35 

his life. His many friends will be glad to hear Ihat his last days 
Mil free from paiuaud that he views tlie close calmly and v>eace- 

His pastor, Rev. T. W. Stanley in au obituar)' 
notice, says : 

"Jlis life is one of those well worth record and study. It was 
an example of faithfulness iu all respects. He was always in his 
place at public services and other means of giace. Though his 
^u(lerings were constant and frequently so great that he was in 
phvsical agony, he never absented himself from the sanctuary. 
Kiiin, heat, pain and weariness kept him not at hoaic. Many of 
the leading men iu the churches will remember him as the first 
who approaclied them npon the subject of religion, the tiist who 
prayed with them at thealtar. He has been a I'aithful class-leader 
luid steward and trustee. He was a-gw)d counselor for the pastor 
— llie preacher's friend." 

Junia Jennings was not a man of brilliant attain- 
ments or of exalted station, but he had the attributes 
of the truly great. He was a man of simple, kindly 
nature, and of a genial, cheerj' disposition; a man of 
the most intrinsic honesty and purity of character; he 
had charity for the erring ; a devout christian, he 
pitied but did not condemn the disbeliever. Though 
not possessed of large means, he gave freely, and was 
always the friend of the unfortunate ; upheld by the 
affection of his children and the love of so many whom 
he had endeavored to make happy, and firm iu the faith 
of God, he passed peacefully away. He left a memory 
which will ever remain green in the hearts of those 
who knew him. 

IMr. Jennings was a shoemaker by occupation but 
held various offices in the city and county governments. 
He served two terms (from Oct. 1842 to Oct. 1846) as 
deputy sheriff (residing at the jail) uuder George W. 
Barker and v.'as himself sheriff two terms, Oct. 1846 to 
Oct. 1850. He was infirmary director from 1861 to 
1870. He was a Mason, the lodge following his 
remains to their last resting place Feb. 'PO, 1871, the 
•'oth anniversary of the organization of the American 
I'nion Lod^c No. 1, of v/hich he was a faithful member. 


Haunah McCabe,''~ the first v.'ife of Junia Jenuings, 
was a daughter of Robert and Polly i^McCrackeii) 
McCabe, of Athens, Ohio. Polly McCraeken was a 
daughter of Rev. Alexander IMcCrackenf — a most elo- 
quent preacher. Robert McCabe and Folly McCvacLceD 
were married in Brownsville, Pa., and emigrated to 
Marietta, Ohio, where they were very prominent Isletli- 
odists. Tradition says the first Methodist sermon 
preached in Ohio was preached at their h.ome by Robert 

Eliza Ann Reck.ird,j: the second wife of Junia Jen- 
nings, was a daughter of Calvin Rickard and his second 
wife, Rhoda (Borden), widow of George Westgate. 

Her death was the result of infirmities incident to 
her advanced age, and her passing av.'ay was as peace- 
ful as had been her life. She died at the home of her 
son in Columbus, Ohio, and was buried by the side of 
her liusband in Oak Grove Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio. 


JONATHAN JENNINGS (Jonath&n 15, Zebulon 11, Zcb- 
ulon 2), son of Jonathan & Elizabeth {Stejthenson) <lt:n- 

Born Mch. 18, 1802 in Washington Co., Ohio. 

Died 3, 1858 in Harniar, Washington Co., O. 

Bur. Mound Cemetery, INtarietta, Ohio. 

Mar. Mch. 20, 1S23 Marietta, O., by Rev. Alirahain Daniels, 

Jletliodist Minister. 
Susan Reckard, dau. of Calvin & Iluldah {Leonard) Rick- 
ard. | 
Born May 30, 1800 in Ashfteld, Mass. 
Died Nov. 11, 1882 iu Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Bur. Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio. 

They h'ld six cliililren : 

1 47 Augustus Otis b. Feb. 12, 182.5 in. Xaney Be!>!l 

148 Elizabeth Stephenson b. Dee. So, 1826 m. William Hebron 

fFor McCahc r.iicestry sec appendix. 

(Mrs. Callsl.. (McCul-c) Manlv, dau. o( Re^. L. I) .McCahe, D. T).. says: "Alex- 
ander McCraeken was the d'jscendant of Lord H.unillou, of Ircland-kei.'.g a son of 
Lord Hoinillon-s daughter— a branch of the Scotch i!amil:oi.'s, whl. h in turn was a 
Branch ot the English family of Haiuiltons. 

JThe eenealofy o( the Rickaid, Wesigale and Borden families will 1,- foiiod in .^.ji- 


1-40 Wesley Fox b. Dec. 20, 1S29 d. Apr. 15, 1S57 Shoe- 

uiaker; never married 

15(1 Leonard Howard b. Dec. 2S, 1632 iii. JNIrs. Luey J. Guial 

lo) Susan Caroline b Aug. 30, ]S"G ni. Thomas C. Maris 

,., ^ r-,- v Ai 1 fM -iciA J (1) J. E. Hamsay 

l.,2 naryEWeti b. Mcb.24, l&JO '"• | [2)Dcm.S.Eiaiop 

Little can be said of Jouatban Jennings whicb bas 
not already been said of his brothers. He was a black- 
smith bj' occupation and led a quiet, uneventful life. 
Will) a warm heart and of the strictest integrity, he 
made manj' friends and but few, if any, enemies. He 
was noted for his great ph5'sical strength and unusual 
courage. He v/as for many years a consistent member 
of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Sufau 3"iocl:ard, after tlie cleatlxof .Tonatban Jeimiuj;8 
Mar. (2) 

Rev. J. C. ricCoyt 
Born >ray 19, 1792 in Virniuia. 
Died Feb. 2{i, 1875 in Atbeus Co., O. 
Bur. iu iiio Graveyard, Harmar, O. 

Ko eliildren by tliis marriage. 
Susan Reckard, wife of Jonathan Jennings, was 
well and favorably known in the community in Vv'hicli 
she resided. Not only was she a capable housewife 
and a good mother, but she was also a factor in the 
moral and religious development of the community. 
Her domestic cares did not hinder her activitj' in the 
work of the church ; indeed she was foremost in seeking 
to bring those with whom she came iu contact, into a 
better way of life ; exemplifying in her daily life those 
principles she enthusiastically advocated, she .sought to 
live the truth so that she should indeed be "a living 
epistle known and read of all men." 

EL[ZABErH JENNiNGS (Jonathan 15. Zebiilon U, Zeb~ 

ulon 2), dau. of .Jonathan & Elizabelli (StcpJicnson) 

Born Sep. 29, 1803 in Wasliingtou Co., Oliio. 
Died May 3, ISSO iu MeConuellsville, Ohio. 

*Kor Reckard family, sec appendix. 

tkcv. John C. McCov by hi.s first r.iarri;.pe -.vitli M.-iry Cf.mlcy (b. •.'. IT.'", d. ir. 
• ■Slf'.') had six children, W.'W. McCoy, of H.~,rmar, Ohio, ai.d llev. Asa. &. McCoy,?. 
.Mcthudi-,! minister, only ones now living. 


Biir. in the Graveyard, TircCoiinellsville, Oliio. 
War. Feb. 2G, 1824 Id iSrarictta, Ohio, bj- Eev. Abraham DaLiieis, 
Methodist Church. 

Lemen Fonts, son of Lemon & Barberry ( ) Fouts. 

Borui')ee. 11, l&OO 

Died Juue 25, 1876 iu McCounellsviUe, Ohio. 

Bur. in the Graveyard, McCouuellsville, Ohio. 

They had one sou : 

153 John Wesley b. Meh. 6, 1826 m. {f,] ^^^^^^^^^t"' 

Elizabeth {Jennings) Fotit.s v/as a woman v,'hom 
everyone delighted to honor. Of sweet and gentle dis- 
position, fortified by christian principles, she made 
friends of all with whom she came in contact, and, as 
the above is true of her, so it is equally true of her 
husband. Hand in hand they took up the. burden of 
life and walked straight in the eyes of men and in the 
fear of God, keeping before them always the example 
of Him, on whose promise of a glorious hereafter, they 
so ardently relied. 

Though not wealthy, they gave bounteously; and 
in the community in which they so long lived, there 
are many hearts that will long hold in grateful remem- 
brance the loving counsels, the cheerful sympathy, tlie 
kirdly encouragement and willing aid tendered to all 
by Lemen Fouts and Elizabeth, his wife. 

HENRY JENNINGS (Jonathan 15, Zebulon II, Zebulon 2), 

son of Jonathan & Elizabeth {Slcjihcnson) .lenniiigs. 
Bnru JNIoh. 15, 1805 iu Washington Co., Ohio. 
Died Dec. 30, 18S1 in Perrysburg-, Ohio. 
Bur. in Perrysburg, Ohio. 

War. Dec. 23,1830 in Vv'ashington Co., O., by T. Ferguson, J.P. 
Sarah Ann Chambers, dau. of John & Ann ( ) 

Born Aug. 28, 1808 in Wa.shington Co., Ohio. 
Died Aug. 18, J8S9 in Perrysburg, Oliio. 
Bur. iu Perrysburg, Ohio. 

Kiglit cliildren were born lo tlieui : 
]5t Kii/.abeth b. May IG, l.';;;3 ni. Jaeob liaker. 


loo Louisa She^dct! b. Doc. 17,1835 ni. Martin Lnther Ceiitera. 

ioO W'illinin lienry b. Jan. 4, IS.':!8 m. Elixa C. Siuidford. 

16V Deiilah Rcckard b. Jan. 22, 1840 m. Humphrey W.J. Porter 

l.^K Air.ry Ann b. Jan. 21, 1842 d. Oct. 19, 1875. 

ir.;i Zebiilon b. Apr. 22, 1814 d. Jau. 21, 1S60. 

)()0 Jonathan b. Oct. 7,1846 m. Jennie Boswortli. 

liil Wesley Otis b. Feb. 18, 1849 d. Jan. C, 1851. 

What has been said of his brothers is ecjusUy true 
of Henry Jennings. His life was quiet and peaceful, 
unmarked by anj' stirring events. United to a lady of 
amiable temperament and of a beautiful character, his 
domestic relations were all that could be desired. 
Realizing that "as the twig is bent, the tree is inclined," 
they reared their children in the fear of God and in the 
love of theirfellow beings. 

In his varied pursuits as a farmer, merchant and 
hotel keeper, Mr. Jennings held the respect and esteem 
of his associates, and by industry, he accumulated a 
modest competence. 

Both Mr. and Mrs. Jenniugs were earnest members 
of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. Jennings 
was for years a licensed exhorter of that body. 

His life abounded in good and noble works and 
when the time came for him to descend into the dark 
valley and shadow of death, he feared no evil, but ac- 
cepted the summons as a call to his reward from the 
Master to whom he had been a good and faithful ser- 

RHODA JiZNNINGS,(Jonathan 15, Zebulon II, Zebulon 2), 

tUiu. of .Joruitlian it Eliz:ibelli {Slqihcn.ion) .Jennings, 
iv.rn Xdv. 20, bSnGin \Vashint;t()n Co., O. 
i'iert Moll. 29, ism; in Amboy, Bine Karlli Co., .Minn. 
Hui-. lit Vernon Center Cem.,i;iueEartLi Co., Minn. 
Mar. Aug. 1, 1821, in Washington Co., O., by >S;in)u..l Pvo, J. P. 
Joseph HcKibljcn, son of David ct Elizabelb (-^ ) 

1-irn .-;,;,. -JT, ]8(jo iu ('e)iter Co., Pa. 
!»:.-d N,;v. 14, lt.7f; Licav Ai„b..y, Itlee Earth Co., Minn. 



. at ^'el■uoll Ccuter f 


, VAue El 

\rtli Co., aiiuu. 

Tiiey had fourt(M 

.-n cliildi 

ren : 



Maria L. 

b. Kov 

. 2, 1S22 


Aug. 21, 1823. 


Zebulon Jennings 

b. jSTov 

. h, 1824 


. Mary Stanley. 



b. Jau. 

19, 1S27 


, ]SI. J. Emmersou, 


Elizabeth Jennings 

b. Oct. 

29, 1828 


Oct. 30, 1842. 


Henry Jennings 

b. Oct. 

4, 1830 


Luciuda Stanley . 


Lemen Pouts 

b. Dee. 

19, 1S32 


Theresa West. 


RhotJa A. 

b. Jan. 

3, 1885 


Oct. 24, 1842. 

1 G9 

Joiiatl'.an F. 

h. IMeh. 

. 4, 1837 


Velina A. Sperey. 


Peter 5. 

b. Kov. 

10, IS.SS 


Elleu A. Greeu. 


Joseph NV. 

h. Oct. 

27, 1S40 


Or-L ]7, 1842. 



b. Dec. 

13, 1S42 


Sarah Baasett. 



b. Juue 4, 1S45 


Eliza J. Patten. 



b. Apr. 

8, 1847 


John Dilley. 


Sarah L. 

b. :Mch 

.20, 1850 


Bro'.vu Boeder. 

Rlioda ^\ McKibben, the youngest child 
and the last survivor of the Tatuily of Jonathan and 
Elisabeth {Stephensoji) Jennings died in Aniboy, Blue 
Earth County, Minn. For fifty-five years she was the 
loved and loving wife of Joseph McKibben. Their 
married life was beautiful in its harmony. Their chil- 
dren, as they grew up, had before them always an ex- 
ample of domestic bliss that was the embodiment of 
peace and happiness on earth. 

When the echo of the guns fired at Fort Sumpter 
told that their country was in danger, eight stalwart 
sons received the blessings of these noble parents, and 
.rushed bravely to her defence. Mr. McKibben whose 
age caused him to be refused admission into the army, 
said : "Well, if I am too old to fight, I am not too old 
to pray,'' and every night and morn from his family 
altar arose a humble petition to the God of battles, 
I)raying that he would preserve the Union and ])ro!.ect 
the absent ones. 

When peace dawned again upon our stricken land, 
and the family once more gathered around tlie hearth- 
stone, there was one vacant chair. While their litaris 
were filled with grief for the loss of their first born, 
they th.anked the Heavenly Father that he had fallen 


in 'Jie cause of right and justice, and with meekness and 
huiuility they took up the burden laid upon them. 

In the foregoing pages we have taken the members 
of Jonathan Jennings' family individually and endeav- 
ored to show their leading characteristics. The little 
that remains to be said can be said of them collectively. 

When this family came to Ohio, but twelve years 
had elapsed since the first settlemicut had been made at 
Marietta, on the Ohio Company's Purchase. Twelve 
years of hard labor by the colonists had made but little 
impression upon the compact and almost boundless 
forest, and Jonathan Jennings and liis family found 
their borne an almost unbroken wilderness. Nearly all 
of the members of that family lived to see the forest 
disappear under the ax, and in the progress of improve- 
menl, they sav/ the rude cabins of the pioneers give 
way to more pretentious dwellings ; saw the broad river 
flowing before their doors become a highway of com- 
merce and bear upon its bosom hundreds of steam 
vessels; saw their homes and the homes of their fathers 
connected by bands of electricity ; heard the whistles 
of the locomotives echoing through the valley, and saw 
civilization spreading over all the mighty territory. 

In effecting this revolution, a revolution accom- 
plished by courage, industry and intelligence, they 
nobly bore their parts. They did not aspire to public 
positions but were willing to work hard, and content 
to earn independence and moderate fortunes by econ- 
omy, thrift, and laborious effort. Though their names 
are not exalted in history, their descendants can rejoice 
ui the fact that they fairly won a right to the proudest 
title an American ran bear : They were good citizens. 

Altliough their educational advantages were lim- 
ued, they were all possessed of good intellect which 
made them respected by their neighbors. 

Through the lives of all ran a deeply reli<;,ioiis 
vtin which was a marked characteristic. At time of 
tUc- advei't of the family into Ohio, they wore Presby- 


terians, but there being no church of that cieucmina- 
tion near, they subsequently becaine Methodists. 

And now that all have passed away, it is with a 
melancholy pleasure that we recall their stones of hon- 
orable achievements and labors of a time when the. eyes 
DOW closed in death, were bright with intelligence, and 
the strong hearts forever stilled, were beaLmg with life 
and courage. Their posterity will do well to keep 
always in sight the examples of their well spent and 
useful lives. 


JOANNA FORDYCE (Susannah i6, ZebuJon H, ZeS/i!- 

Ion 2), utLU. of Isaac it Susannah {.Jevninqs) Fordyce. 
Boru July 13, 1793. 

Thomas Crago 

176 Thomas and Joanna {Fordyce) Crago were the 
parents of nine children ; but the compiler has no fur- 
ther knowledge of this family. 

ELIZABETH FORDYCE (Susannah i6, Zebulon II, Zeb- 
ulon 2), dau. of Isaac & Susannah (^Jciiningg) Fordyce. 
Born Oct. 8, 1794. 

S. Craig 

177 To them were born eight children, of whom, the 
compiler has no knowledge. 

SA/IUEL FORDYCE (Susannah 16, ZeLution li, Zebu- 
Ion 2), .son of Isaac and Susannah (.hiwiutiy) Foidycu, 
Bora Apr. 9, 1 796. 

"X^ilpah Coney, dau. of ( ). 

17S The compiler has no further knowledge- of tbi: 

.bA^/(V^^i" i^-- '^^■■ 



SARAH FORDYCE (Susannah i6, Zebulcn il; Zefa- 
ulon 2), dan. of Isaac & Susannah (Jennings) Fordyce. 
Kmh Mch. 19, 1799 


James Crago 

Boru Dec. 25, 179S 

Their c-hildrcij : 


179 Elizabeth 

b. Kov. 



IftO Joseph 

b. Feb. 



18i PrisciSia ^ n,^,.i,,„ 
182 Thoinas /^^-i"* 

b. Mch. 



1S3 Susannah 

b. Tilay 



184 Sarah Hargaret 

b. May 



185 Rhoda Ann 

b. May 



186 Nancy Jane 

b. Sep. 



CATHARINE FORDYCE (Sii.saifnah i6, ZebuSon il, Zeb- 
ulon 2), dau. of Isaac & Susannah (Jeamnfjs) Fordyce. 

Born Sep. 3, 1802 
P. flyer 

187 vSeven children were born to them but the com- 
piler has no furtlier knowledge of this family. 

JOHN FORDYCE (Susannah 16, Zebulon II, Zebulon 2), 

son of Isaac and Susannah (Jennings) Fordyce. 
Bom May 23, 1S04 

Mar. (1) ' . 

L. Pains 

Childi'en by 1st marriage: 

Mar. (2) 
n. Brown 

Children by .second marriage : 

The compiler has no knowledge of this family fur- 
ther than that of each marriage there issued four chil- 
dren. , 



DAViD DA^'fDSON FORDYCE (Susannah 16, ZebuJon U 

Zebitioii 2), son of Isaac A- Susramah {Jenningi:) For 

Born July 23, IS06 
Died Mch.22, 1SS7 

Bur. WiucUcster, Guernsey Co., Ohio. 
flargaret Fiester 

Tlieir i.'l)iidreu : 
ISO Lorette b. .Tune 16, ]S3^ 

190 Susannah riargaret b. An 

191 Sarah 

m. BrowM. 

12,1834 d. agecl -1 years, 
b. Nov. 19, 1836 m. A. A. Johuson. 

b. Aug. G, 1S38 m. Howard. 

b. Nov. '2d, 1S41 Soldier'? Home, Day- 
ton, Oliio. 
b. .luly 1,1847 d. aged 14 months. 
b. Aug. 21, 3 849 d. aged 20 years. 
b. Sep. 23, 1856 Chf. Train Dispatcher 
Omnka, Neb. 

David Davidson Fordyce was a local minister in 
the M. E. Church. 

192 nary H. 

J 93 Henry l>av!dson 

194 Lcanora Adallne 

195 Hilton J.jnr.;ngs 

196 William Borton 

BARNET WILLIAH FORDYCE (Susannah f6, Zebulon 11, 
Zebulon 2) , son of Isaac it Susannah (Je/('/i»i(7s) Fordj'ce. 
Born Dec. 16, 1808 near P.rownsville, Perm. 
Died Meh. 30, 1866 in Guernsey Co., Ohio. 
Bur. in Wiuterset, Guernsey Co., Ohio. 

Mar. May 12, 1S36 uearWinehoster (Winterset), Guernsey Co., O. 
riargaret Shipman 
Born Meh. 3, 1813 in Pennsylvania. 
Died lSov.13, 1893 Miluer.sville, Guernsey Co., Ohio. 
Bur. in Wiuterset, Guernsey Co., Ohio. 

Their children: 

197 John Shipman b. Feb. 15, 1837 m. { j?,;^^"'^=''^ ^^"^'^ 

198 Jennie b. July 5,1838 m. W. M. Uiohards 

199 Susannah Elizabeth b. Feb. 21,1840 m. Dr. J. B. Stewart. 

200 Jacobs. b. June 23, 1843 Addves-., 505 E. 3ul 

Souih St., Sail T.'ike 
Ciiy, C'.:\h. 


20] Margaret Anne b. Dec. 7, IS^o 

'M2 Isaac Louis b. Apr. '2C<, ISSO Atidrcss, PeierKbuig, 

Pike Co., Iiici. 
20;; nary d. Jan. 2, 1SG5 not married, b. "Win- 


204 Josephine d. Jau. 29, ]S70 not Uiruried. b. AViii- 


205 Zilpah b. m. Di-.W. i\I. George. 
200 Sarah Ogdeii b. m. Pr. Isaac P>arsou. 

Bariiet William Fordyce was a farmer. 

HARY FORDYCB (Susannah i6, Zebufo.T !!, ZebuJor. 2), 

dau. of Isaac & SuBaanali {Jciinir,qs) P'ordycy. 
Bora Aug. 8, ISll 
Rev. Hackey 

207 There were eight children but of them the com- 
piler has uo knowledge. 


RHODA FORDYCE (Susannah 16, ZebuJon U,ZebuIon2), 

dau. of Isaac tt Susannah (Jennings) Fordyce. 
Born Aug. 18, ISU 
T. F. Cory 

208 To them were were born eight children of whom 
nothing is known by the compiler. 


MORGAN JENNINGS (Jacob 17, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), 

son of Jacob ct Mary (Morgan) Jennings. 
Born Nov. 19, 1800 
Died Oct. IS, 1878 
Mar. Feb. 17, 1825 
Jane Bradley 
Born June 19, 1807 
Died Aug. 15, 1859 

Thc'iv children : 

209 Efizabeth b. Apr. 19, ]82fi 

210 James B. b. Jan. 7, 1828 

211 tVir,!! Aucnb h. CVi. 20, 18o0 




WiSEi.'m M. 

b. Xov.l'i, IfS;: d. Fob. 19, 1S69 

'2! 3 

John G. 

b. Jan. 7, l.So4 



b. Au<;. 8, 1S3.1 


Meiiry H. 

b. Aug. 20, 35;39 


IVi&ry Jaiie 

b. Aug. IS, 184.S 


Martha Ann 

b. Jan. 20, 1845 


Amanda H. 

b. Meh. 3(», 1S4S 


JACOB JENNSNQS (Jacob 17, Zebulon fl, Zelndon 2), 

son of Jacob ct Mary {Morrjon) .Jennings. 
Born 1S14 

m. T. R. Ci'oucli 

Died Mch. 2S, 1G09 


]^,Iar. 1S.5S 

Sarah Marrh 

Their cbildrei 



219 Mary Eiizfibetb 





220 Sai-sii June 





221 Kancy Oeliiah 





222 Jacob Jiinia 





223 John Henry 





224 riarthn 




225 Reb;.-cca 



31 i 


22o Julia AOeiia 





.227 Charles Byron 






ROBERT MORRJSON (Alary 29, Hc-iry 13, :i?:ebuIon 11, 
Zebulon 2), son of Tliomas A- Mary (Jenjui^^^s) Morrison. 
Born INlcli. 15, 1822 near Carmichaeltown, Green Co., Pa. 
IMar. Nov. IS, 1872 near Cyutbiana, Ky. 
Flora Jane Bomberger 

Their Children : 

228 nargery b. Apr. 4,1874 in NValoiford, Knox Co., 

O., now, (1898), tef.fhing 
Choctav.'.s in liiuinn Ter. 

229 Mary b. Sep. 1, 1875 iu Wi-forford, ICnox Co., 

O., lion', (l898'i, attending 
at"aininj.' pe''.()ol,Piulr>, Pa. 

230 Anonytna !j. Apr. 30,1877 d. &r.iue ua.)', i^Ji^->^-i, "i^fo. 


CJl Ethei b. Sep. 2, 18S4 Sinora Spriugs, Mo. 

•:.::' Robert Hall b. Jan. 31,1800 Siuora Spriugs, Mo. 
.'. ; Anna Gordon b. Aug. 18,1802 Fulto)i jMo. 

Rev. Robert Morrison was raised ou a farm in 
Knox count}-, O. He received liis education at the 
<'):iio Uuiversity, Athens, O., and Miami University, 
O.vford, Ohio. lu 18-18, while at Miami Uuiversity, he 
]iroposed and, with five others, organized the Phi Delta 
'i'hcta Society. (For history of the organixation see 
"The Scroll," April, 1897.)' In April, 1S51, he was 
licensed to preach by the Presbytery of l/ouisville, in 
l!ic 1st Presbyterian Church of that city. 

He was one of the editors and proprietors of the 
"True Presbyterian,'' (formerly the Presbyterian 
Il.jialdj. He has been prominent in Church, Educa- 
tional, and Missionary work. Plis present address is 
I-'nUcn, Mo. 


l1i:.N'RY JENNINGS MORRISON (Mary 29, Henry 13, 
Zcbulon 11, Zebulon 2), son of Thomas tt Mary 
(J'linin:^.■<) Morrison. 

Jl'Tii Oct. 29, 1824 iu Knox Co., O. 

>i.'ir. (1) June 6, 1S4S by Rev. F. A. Shearer. 

Sally Ann Fox, dau. of Julius & Mar-- Webster ( ) 


Itoni Aug. 1.'), 182.3 

fJi-xlJan. 3, ISSS Richland Center, Wis. 

l>ur. in Button Cemetery, near Richland City, Wis. 
Tliere were seven children by 1st marriage: 


'.''■i Wnlter Lowrie b. July 2, 1S19 m. Carrie Sexton. 

i'iS Thomas Gilbert b. May 24, 1851 m. Mary Ja7ie Noble. 

-iO rinry Candace b. Feb. 4, 1854 m. David W. Troup. 

^■' Robert T. b. Oct. 26, 1S-,G m. j <?,>^f "'?^l•^°!-V'°°g 

' t (2) iNlis. Jessie Gregg 

-W Hmuia Etta b. Dec. 9, 18.VS m. Benj. F. Foster. 

•-■>•' Wililuin Henry b. Meh. 6, isrd m. Laura A. Jenlcius. 

-K Ella J.nne b. Sep 28, 1S(12 lu. Fred'k A. Durnford. 

M!>r. i2j Fib. G, 18S9 iu Viroqua, Wis., by Rev. J. C. Loughlin. 

•lary Ellen Vedder, dau. of James R. &. Margaret ( ) 


r>ora June 27, 1847 

Nocliilcirou by second marrifge. 


Mr. Morrison is a farmer and an elder in the 
Presbyterian Church, and lives in Richland Center, Wis. 


13, Zebulon II, Zebulon 2), son of Thomay & I\[a.ry 
(Jennings) Morrison. 

Boru May 2, 1831 near Mt. Gilead, O. 

jVIiir. 1,1) 1857 

Sa!Ue Benthad 

Died Dec. 2, 1858 

Olio eb.ild by marriage : 


241 Mary Jennings b. m. Rev. A. E. Ewers 
Iilar. (2) Aug. 12, ISGO 

Asenath Emily Taylor 

Born Sep. 8, 1S30 JSew Hampshire 

Their children : 

242 WilSiam Taylor b. July 10,18(11 

2-13 Saliie Emma b. Nov. 14, lSti2 d. July 18, ISM 

244 Robert Ernest b. Dec. l!i, ]8f;4 

245 Thomas Dustin b. Oct. 21, 18f!9 
240 Abbie Asenath b. Oct. 11,1871 

247 Edgar Hamilton b. M.ay 10, 1874 d. Sep. 28, 1875 

William M. Morrison, A. B., at Miami University 
in 1S53, is a teacher. His address is Zern Creek, Jeffer- 
son Co., Ky. 


JAMES LESLIE MORRISON (Mary 29, Henry 13, Zebu- 
Ion II, Zebulon 2), son of Thomas & IMary (Jennings) 

Born June 26, 1834 

Died jNlch. 11, 1899 

Msr. (J) July 7, 1857 

Alary James Shaw, of near Louisville, Xy. 

Died Aug. 19, 1858 

Bur. Briu Ziou Cemetery, Morrow Co., O. 
No children. 

]Mar. (2) Oct. 16G9 

riary Anna Durham, of Dearborn Co., Lid. 

Died 188G 


Bur. Aurora Springs CemelGry, Miller Co., Mo. 

They h.-.d two child reu : 

2-lS James Stuart b. Aug. 1870 m. l.eua Baker. 
2-!y Durham b. May 12, 18S5 d. May 27, 1SS5. 

Mar. (.=!) JNIay 12, 1S95 iu Jamestowu, Mo. 
rirs. Elizabeth (Hart) Noel, of North Carolina. 

Tlieir cliild : 
2.v)0 Paul Querrant b. May 12, 1896 

Dr. James L. Morrison served in General Wheel- 
er's Cavalry, C. S. A,, for two and one-half years. He 
is a graduate of a IMedical College of Louisville, Ky., 
and now (1809) lives in Pisgah, Cooper Co., Mo. 

THOMAS PORTER MORRISON (Alary 29, Henry 13, 

Zebulon II, Zebufon 2), son of Thomas & Mary 

(JenniiHis) Morrison. 
Jlorii Apr. HO, lft.37 iu Morrow Co., O. 
iMar. July 3, 1809 
Caroline Amelia Bomberger, dan. of Ilev. Christopher 

Columbus & ]Margery (Rose) Bomberger. 
Boru Sep. SO, 1845 

Their children : 
nORIiiSON — 

251 Rlicda Bel! b. Aug. 31, 1S73 

252 Iniant b. IMch. 7, 1H7S bur. Brin Ziou Cemetery, Mor- 

row Co., O. 

253 Infant b. Oct. 2, ISSO bur. liriu Zion Cemetery, Mor- 

row Co., O. 

Thomas Porter Morri.son's address isi\It. Gilead, O. 


Zebiilon n, Zebulon 2), dau. of Thomas & Mary 

(Jcitirings) Morrison. 
I'.tirn June 11, lS-10 near Mt. Gilead, Morrow Co., O. 
-Mar. Jime 3, ISSO iu Feru Creek, Ivy., by Rev. R. Morrisou. 
Daniel Harman Austin, son of Asa Austin. 
Boru Au.'j. 18, 1622 near W'aierbury, Vei-Liu;rit. 



Died Mar. 20, 1890 uear Eldou, jMillpp Co., Mo. 
Bur. Ploasaut Mount Cemetery, Miller Co., Mo. 
Kg childreu. 
Mrs. Austin, at this date (March, 1899), is living in 
Fredericksburg, Wayne Co., O. 

HENRY LAUGHEAD (Elizabeth 30, Henry 13, Zebulon 11, 
Zebulon 2), son of William & Elizabeth (Jenningi) 
Died at I/ittle Rock, Ark., durini,' the war. 
Delilah Thompson 

Their children : 

254 There were six children by this marriage — three 
boys and three girls — and some of them have families. 
Most of them live in Northern Missouri. 

JOHN \V. LAUGHEAD (Elizabeth 30, Henry 13, Zebu- 
Ion 11, Zebulon 2), .son of William A- Elizabeth {Jen- 
nings) Laughead. 

Cynthia Ann Cannj' 
Their children : 

255 Five children dead and four living — three of them 
married and one has two children, and lives at New 
Antioch, Clinton Co., Ohio. 


JAMES M. LAUQHEAD (Elizabeth 30, Henry 13, Zebu- 
lon 11, Zebulon 2), son of William A- Elizabeth {Jcn- 
ning-i) Laughead. 
Has been twice married and lias a large family. 

At last account he was living in Southern Iowa. 

25G The compiler has no record of the children. 

ALFRED LAUQHEAD (Elizabeth 30, Henry 13, Zebu- 
lon 11, Zebulon 2), son of William 6z Elizabeth (Jen- 
nivq^) Ivaufrhead. 


He was twice married and at. last accovmt was 
livinK' in Nebraska. 
i";7 The compiler has no record of the childrcu. 


JONAH LAUQHEAD (Elizabeth 30, Henry 13, ZebuSonn, 
/ebulon 2), son of V»'illiu,m & Elizaheth (Jcvninys) 
Married and lives in Central Iowa. 

2.VS Tlie compiler has no record of the children. 


l-JJZABETK JENNiNaS (Henry 31, Henry 13, Zebu- 
Ion II, Zebulon 2), dau. of Henry it Cntharir.e {Brown- 
fi'ld) Jennings. 

r.irn Si'ii. 7, 1S43 near Masontoww, Pfi. 

.M:u-. .Iiiue 12,1873 near Dallas Center, Iowa, by Rev. George 
I'iersoii, Presbyterian ISIinister. 

Jcbu J. Moore 

Tbeir cliildron : 


•S>'i B'Jrtis Jay b. Aug. 10, 1874 d. Bee. 0, 1S74. 

r-n Hddfe}'^'^^''"s b. Sep. 19,1875 d. Sep. 21, 1S75. 

■J''i Arthur Jennings b. July 12, 1S77 d. Oct. 9, 1S97. 

Mr. aud Mrs. Moore are in the Insurance Business 
in East Des Moines, Iowa. 


Zebulon II, Zebulon 2), son of Henry & Cath.irine 
( Brcwnj'lcld) Jennings. 

l«irii Mcb. 17, 1S45 near Masoutown, I'a. 


Elizabeth J. Frindley 

-'*■* Tlie compiler has no record of the children. Mr. 
^'- li. Jennings lives near McPhcrsou, Kan. 


5ARAH CRAWFORD JENNINGS (Henry 31, Henry 13, 

Zebttlon 11, Zcbulon 2), dan. of Henry & Catharine 

(Bivumfiekl) Jennings. 
Born Jau. 30, 1847 ucar ISIasoutowu, Pa. 
Thomas J. Raridell 

264 The compiler has no record of the children. This 
family lives near Dallas Center, Iowa. 

WILLI An HENRY JENNINGS (Henry 31, Henry 13, 

Zebulon II, Zebulon 2), son of Henry & Catharine 

{Brownjield) Jennings. 
Born June 2S, 1849 near IMasontown, Pa. 

265 The compiler has no further record. Rev. \Vm. 
Henry Jennings lives at Viewfield, S. Dakota. 

JACOB JENNINGS (Henry 31, Henry 13, Zebulon ILZtb- 
uion 2), son of Henrj' & Catharine {Bromifitld) Jen- 
Boru Feb. 9, 1851 near ^Nlasoutowu, Pa. 

2G6 The compiler has no further record. Jacob Jen- 
nings lives near Dallas Center, Iowa. 

HARY JENNINGS, (Henry 31, Henry 13, Zebulon 11, 

Zebulon 2), dau. of Henry & Catharine {Broivnficld) 

Born Feb. 23, 1S53 near Masontowu, Pa. 

Dr. A. A. CORBSN— 
207 The compiler has no record of the children. 

Dr. Corbiu's address is Pueblo, Colorado. 

THOMAS JENNINGS (Henry 31, Henry 13, Zebulon 11, 
Zebulon 2), son of Henry tt Catharine {Browitficld} 


Ti'in Mar. 2, 1857 uecs ISrasoutoM-u, Pa. 

■:■'.•■ Thomas Jeuniugs went west and was married, 
then went to Alaska or South America. The compiler 
lias no record of his children. 

NANCY JANE JENNfNQS(Henry 3!, Henry 13, Zebulcnil, 

Zebiilon 2), dau. of Henry & Catharine {Brounfidd) 

B<ini Uoc 24, 1860 iiear Jlcisoutown, Pa. 


Children : 
■J'.'1 Tiicy have four boys and live near North Platte, 
Nebiaska. Ncthiuj;- further known by compiler. 


HENRY JENNINGS (Jonathan 32, Henry 13, ZebuSon II, 
Zebulon 2), son of Jonathan & Nancy (GcUi/s) Jen- 

Horn Apr. 24, 1838 in Meigs Co., O. 

Mar. Dec. 24, 1867 iu INfeigs Co., O., by Rev. Luther Hccox. 

Emily Kinkade, dau. of Allen Morrison A Harriet (Patten) 

15<jrii .Sep. 1, 1845 iu Guyesville, O. 
Xo children. 

Henry Jennings enlisted and served in Company 
H, UG Regt. O. V. I., for three years — until the close of 
the war. He was present at the surrender of Gen. L,ee. 

He is a wheel- wright. Address, Tuppers Plains, O. 

RHODA ANN JENNINGS (Jonathan 32, lienry 13, Zebu- 
Ion II, Zebulon 2), dau. of Jonathan & Nancy (Gdiys) 

I'x'rJi Jun. 19, 1840 iu Meigs Co., O. 
iRr. Oct. 7, 18G(i in Meig.s Co., O., hy JU-v. I.uiher Hecox. 

!hor>ias Horgan Watson, son of I'.enjarnin & Delikah 

< ■) Watson. 


Born l\ray 11, 1843 
Died Oct. 16, 1893 
Bur, at Tiippers Plains, O. 

Their cliildren : 

270 Hdson b. Mar. 2">, 1867 m. Carrie Rtoner. 

271 Efi^.-i b. Oct. 3, 1S6S m. :Mary Blower. 

272 Eva h. Dec. 4,1871 m. Elias Henry Wilson. 

273 Ethel b. Aug. 8, 18&3 

All born in Meigs Co., O. 


JOHN JENNINGS (Jonathan 32, Henry 13, Zebulom 11, 
Zebufon 2), son of Jonallian ct Nancy {Gctlj/s) Jen- 

Born Oct. 20, 1843 in Meigs Co., O. 

Mar. Sep. 4, 1873' in Wellsburg, W.Va., by Rev. S. H. Cravens. 

riarjfaret Amelia Robin.son, dan. of Henry Baker & Rosanna 
(FcniKf) Robinson. 

Born Jan. 24, 1864 in Brook Co., W. Va. 
Their children : 


274 Haggle Charlotte b. Oct. 17, 1874 in Waverly, Pike Co., O. 

275 William Harley b. Apr. 1, 1889 d. May 12, 1890. 

John Jennings enlisted and served in the 7th Ohio 
Light Artillery from February 28, 1864 to the close of 
the war. He is a teacher and farmer. Address, Tap- 
pers Plains, O. 

SYLVESTER JENNINGS (Jonathan 32, Henry 13, Zebu- 
Ion 11, Zebulon 2), son of Jonathan it Nancy (Geittjs) 
Born Mch. 7, 1816 in Meigs Co., O. 

Mar. Aug. 31, 1873 in Waverly, Pike Co., O., by Alexander 
Vincent, J. P. 

Catharine Qoodin, dau. of John & Catharine ( ) 

Born :May 21, 1848 in Pike Co., O. 

Their children : 

^ ^!ti!^]'^-^-^ h.Jan. 14,1885 near!,e.Kas. 


Mr. Jeuuings is a farraer and scLool teacher. 
Address, Wellsville, Franklin Co., Kan. 

HARY bLIZABETH JENNINGS (Jonathan 32, Henry (3, 
Zebufon 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of Jonathan it Nniicy 
(GctOjs) Jennings. 

Ixirii Sep. 5, 18-52 in Meigs Co., O. 

.Mur. Foil. 21, 1P70 by Rev. Domer of Earkeyville, . 

Thomas H. Tlartin, Bon of Thomas ct Elizabeth [Blcakky) 

I'.orii Sep. 10, 16-14 in Irwin Townsiiip, Co., Pa. 

Die.-i Dee. 2-3, 18S7 

Tbcir children : 

AlAF'TiN — 

27S Sylvester Joseph b. Nov. 7, JSTO Venaugn Co., Pa. 

..'7;i William Cl.irftnce b. May 2, 1873 Venango Co., Pii. 

■J^il SsniucI Ja:nes b. Oct. 1 i, 1876 Venango Co., Pa. 

2il Henry Austin b. Dee. M, )879 Venango Co., Pa. 

2''2 Emma Pearl b. Apr. 20, 3. '■53-3 Venango Co., Pa. 

Mrs. Martin's address is Wesley, Venango Co., Pa. 

JONATHAN JENNINGS NIXON (Margaret 35, Jonathan 

15, Zebuion 11, Zebulon 2), Son of Oeorge & Margaret 

{Jtnnings) Nixon. 
Born Nov. 9, 1812 in Washington Co., O. 

Died l\-h. 2, l.S7i) eight miles S.W. ofGirard,:Macoupin Co., 111. 
I'm-. Union Chapol, six miles west of Girard, Macoupin Co., 111. 
Mar. Aiir. 7, 18JG in M;irietta, Ohio. 

Hary Cisler, dau. of Nicholas & Sarah ( ) Cisler. 

lioru Apr. 14, 181S iu Pennsylvania 
Died Apr. 10,18!)$ in Macoupin Co., 111. 
Jhir. Uniou Chapel, ^Macoupin, Co., 111. 

Twelve children were born to Ihem : 

2<j George b. Apr. 7, 1,S37 )u. Mary M. "SVomack. 

2M Jolin Cisler b. Dec. 24, 1839 killed Apr. 7, 18B2 at 

battle o! Bhilob. ; was 
six feet, four inches in 
height and in said to 
have been the tallest 
man in hi.s regiment, 
Co. A, 7tli 111 Inf. 

-V. Sarah b. Feb. 7, ls41 in. V\'.i.''orsyU,ie. 





, Mch,20, 


m. BenJ. V. Carey. 




, Dee. 21. 


m. Joliu Samii'e. 






„, / iDK'od.aWoiDack 
" • U2)Claraisa Tiiack. 


Jonathan Jennings 


Apr. 14, 




nary Joanna 


IN [ay 14, 


m. Xicbolas Andor(')n 




June 6, 


I?aebelor; lives at Kil- 
wood, 111. 




Mch. 2, 


TTijiiKTrrkd; d. Any. 9, 
1877; bur. Uinoii Cli.'i]- 
el, six luilea west of 
Girard, IMacoupin Co., 



Addie nay 


IMay 1, 


d. Aug. 1, ISfi! 

294 nation Flags b. Afay 8,1801 d. Aug. 30, lSo2 

Jonathan Jenuing.s Nixon \va,s a farmer and ]i\'ed 
on the homestead farm in Washington r^ounty, Ohio. 
In 1853 he removed his family in vragons to Gale.sburg, 
Illinois, and from there he removed to Missouri. At. 
the beginning of the war he was ordered to leave Mis- 
souri on account of his Union sentiments. He settled 
at Carlinville, 111., and enlisted in Union Army at 
Springfield, 111., on April 25, 1861, in Co. K, 7th 111. 
Vol. Inf., for three months service; was mustered out 
July 25, 1861. He re-enlisteu in Co. C, 10th 111. 
Cavalry, and served until discharged in Dec, 18G2, for 
disability. He was a brave man and "feared no noise" 
as he said, but was disal:)led from further service. He 
had one son and three sons-in-law in the service. He 
was well known and liked, and honored for his benevo- 
lence and charitable work. He was not a member of 
any cliurch but practiced what he "preached," lived 
and died a good citizen, honoring his cotmtry and its 

Mary {Cislei) Nixon died April 10, 1898, on Er-.ster 
Sunday. vShe had been an invalid for about ^even 
years, bedfast most of the time. S)ie was a kind and 
good mother, reared five girls to womanhood "whose 
titles were as clear as crystal." 



WILLIAH NIXON (Hargaret 35, Jonathan 15, Zebulon H, 
Zcbulon 2), 8on of George & Margaret. (Jennings) 
5U>ni May 2S, 1814 in Wasliiugton Co., O. 
l)it<1 Bic. 20, 18% in Washiugtou Co., O. 
)'.iir. J'.i-ech Grove Cemetery, Hills, O. 
Mur. l--\>. 22, 1S37 
Louisa C. Sheldon, dav. of Edward A' Parley (Biddy) 

horn .'^ep. 2S, 18J5 iu Covciitry, X. Y. 
I)i".-<1 Dec. 14, 1SS6 iu WasliinRtou Co., O. 
Hur. Beeeh Grove Cemetery, Hills, O. 

Eleven children were born to them : 

b. IJec. 21, 1S37 cl. Dec. 21, 1S37. 

b. Feb. 11, 1839 m. Milo ^Vilson. 

b. llch. 24, 1841 m. Ivamue .1. "Wilson. 

b. Jan. 16,1843 m. JohaHeiilonCarter. 

Infant son 
Betsey Jennings 
Zebiiloii Jennings 
Harriet Caj'-^^'ooil 

b. Feb. 

SviO George Franklin 

S'Jl Ruth Eliza 

'V<-2 William Thomas 

•'!".•; Seth Hart 

•i'M John Carter 

.'i'Jj Marv Louise 

ISIG ni. Mrs. Ella Lucinda. 
(Cross) Camfibell. 
b. May 19, 1S4S d. Feb. 20, 1853, bur. 
Beech Grove Cemetery. 
Hills, O. 
b. Sep. 9,1850 d. Oct. 2, 1851, bur. 
lieech Grove Cemeler3\ 
Hills, O. 
b. Oct. 31,1852 m. Mary Lena Delger. 
b. Dec. 28, 1854 ni. Annie Obi. 
b. ]Mch.20, 1859 m. Eunice Knowltou. 
b. May 7, 1861 m. Rev. H- J. Taylor. 
William Nixon, (upon the death of his father, 
George Nixon, a soldier of the war of 1812),was adopted 
when three years old by his uncle, Zebulon Jennings, 
liis mother stipulating that he should retain his owu 
name. When a ^-oung man, he built flat-boats and 
took produce down the Ohio River. After his marriage 
lie cngpged iu farming in Washington County, Ohio. 
Bolli he and his wife were members of the Baptist 
Church and reared their children in that religious 
belief. Mr. Nixon frequently referied to his de.'^'re to 
h.\ve entered the ministry had not conversion 
'-•cc'.u red after his marriage, when the care of a large 


family in a pioneer country rendered it impracticable. 
Mrs. Nixon had two uncles and two brothers in the 
Presbyterian ministry. She was a grand daughter of 
James Blakely, who was one of the first Pilgrims to 
come from Holland to America. 

GEORGE NJXON (flargaret 35, Jonathan 15, Zebulon II, 
Zebulon 2), son of George ct Margaret (Jenniyigs) 
Boru May 20, 1S16 in Washiugtou Co., 0. 
Died Apr. £3, 1S47 
Mar. Nov. S, 1837 
Julia A. Riehldorfer 
Tlieir children : 

306 John W. b. .July 29, 1S3S m. ]Srrs. E Higgms. 

307 Sarah Jane boru and died in infancy. 

308 Frederick B. b. Dec. 26, IS-tl m. Jane Risen. 

309 Zebulon Jennings b. Mch. 23, 1S44 in. 

310 Wesley B. b. Jan. 30, 1846 in. BaraU T. Rush. 

George Ni.xon learned the trade of sh.ip carpenter 
under his uncle William Durban. When he was about 
twenty-one years of age he removed to Be\'crly, Wash- 
ington Co., O., when that p'.ace was just being laid out 
as a town. He bought the first lot and built the first 
house there. 

He was killed by tlie explosion of the boiler on the 
steamboat " Newark," being scalded to death. 

HARIA PETTY (Hargaret 35, Jonathan 15, Zebulon H, 

Zebulon 2), dau. of Presley i*^' Margaret {Jcnnhvi--^) Petty. 
Born Sep. 12, 1S19 in Washington Co., O. 
DiedP'eb. 4, 1.89.J in WashingUm Co., O. 
Bur. in family cemetery on the farm. 
JIar. Sep. 27, 18,38 in Washlngtuu Co., O., by Rev. LadweinV'tiy, 

Methodist uiiui.ster. 
Andrew Jackson Dye, son of .John Jr. ct nr.riii.ih(/Jo/j)nye. 
Born Nov. 23, 181G, in Lawrence Township, Washington Co., O. 

Eleven children were boru lo thein : 
:-;il l>ar.!el h. h. July 3, I.S39 in. Mary .1. t-'iniih. 


.'12 A'largaret Julia b. Apr. 3,1841 m. KiDgsburyHoff. 

Si.') Ludwell Pe«y b. Oct. 21,1842 ni. Leah V. Riij'der. 

•Mi Thomas C. b. July 29,18-14 m. .Terusha M. Forrest. 

315 Oc-orge P. b. July 22,1840 m. Kate L. Wakefield. 

.^!0 William A. b. July 2G, 1849 m. Sarah Bro(VU. 

ol7 HaiiMsh n. b. Sep. 12, 1S5I m. Gideou Oaiiipbell. 

Sl.S Simeon Hart b. Sen. 13, l«o3 d. Aug. ,'?, 18S0, buried 

ill old fiuuijy grrtveyard 
ou farm. 

319 Stephen Addison b. Aug. 20, 1855 

;?2«'i Lottie C. b. Oct. 13, 1857 

.■;21 Stisan Emma b. May 25, ISCo 

A. Jackson Dye is a farmer living will; the three 
younger and unmarried children on the old homestead 
in Lawrence Township, Washington Co., Ohio. Post- 

cfTice, Sitka, Ohio. 

STEPHEN PETTY (Margaret 35, Jonathan lS,Zebiilon JJ, 
Zebulon 2), son of Presley cfe Margaret (Jeniungs) Petty. 
Horu Feb. 7, 1821, iu Wasliiugtori Co., O. 

Catharine Frazier 

Tlieir children : 


322 Cieorge 

.■i2.'-; Mary Emily 


Sep. 22, 



, Dr. William Osboru. 

.■;24 i^taggie 

^•2r, Charles Edward 


witliout issue. 

320 Lida 


Feb. 18, 



Frauds JI. Simpson. 

327 Nixon Albert 


32S Clara Alice 


Nov. 27, 



Oreu Eben Valeutiuo. 

32'J Lavone Emma 


Nov. 7, 



Milan A. Ciiesley. 

3-;o Lulu Belle 


William Whituey. 

5-a Infant 

'•i^i- Jessie Agnes 


. William Stebbins. 

MARGARET McNEAL PET! Y(Marjfaret 35, Jonathan 15, 

Zebulon !I, Zebulon 2), dau. of Presley Oc Margaret 

(Jcnnhnj.-i) Petty. 

ti^Tn Mch. 11, 1822 iu Washiugtou Co., O. 

Mar. Oct. 22, 1840 iu Wash. Co., O., by Oliver Wot..lward, J. P. 

Jonah Lee 

, ,,„ Ten cliildren were born U> them : 
Uhh — 

'^ Sarah Jane m. Peters. 



Lydia Ann 


Anna Maria 


Josiah Edwin 


Henry Wesley 


Abrsham LiiicoEa 


LiUian Finnett 


Aiigeline Susan 



ret tits. 

d. iu infancy. 

34(.iB Jonatlian Jennings Killed iu battle at Praiiie 


The compiler has no further information of this 
fa mi I}'. 

MARY AAIONEY PETTY (flargaret 5.5, Joncxihar, !5, 

Zebuion U, Zebulon 2), dan. of Presley- & Jlargaret 

(Jennings) Pettj'. 
Boru Dec. 23, 1824 in Washington Co., O, 

Mar. Aug. 12, ISll in Washington Co., O., by Rev. S. D. Jones. 
Solomon Davis 

Five children were born to them : 

341 Louisa 

342 Ros.-'tina 

343 nary 

344 Solomon 

345 George 

LYDIA DELILAH PETTY (Margaret 35, Joiiathan 15, 

Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of Pre.'^ley & Margaret 

(Jcnm'.nrjs) Pettj-. 
Born Jan. 13,1825 in Washington Co., O. 
Died Apr. 1S4G 


Edward flatthews 

Died Apr. 23,1801 in Hospital, Cincinnati, O. 
Bur. iu -Spring Hill Cemetery, Cincinnati, O. 

Tv.'o children v,-ere born to them : 

S!6 Henry b. Apr. 25, 1844 m. Florence A. Arnold. 
347 BctHe b, Feb. 5, 184G m. Theodore Fuller. 

ROSANNA PETTY (Hargaret 35, Jonathan 15,'ZebuIon 11, 

Zebulon 2), dau. of Presl'^y it- Margarcl (.Lnnih.rj^') 

Born Kep. 22, 1S29 in WaHhijif-'ou Co., O. 



Mar. Apr. 7, JS50 in Wasbingtoii Co., O., 1a- liev. S. D. Jones 

.lames K. Smith, son of Noah & Chritftiai'a( )Smith. 

Born Sep. 15, 1^22 iu Steubeiiville, JeflVrsou Co., O. 
Died Jan. 27, 1SS9 iu Vfaterto'.vn, Washington Co., O. 
Bur. in A\'atei'lowu, Wasliiugton Co. O. 

Twelve children were lorn to them: 

sniTH - 

34S Jeanetfa Alice h. Jan. 10, IS.jJ m. William H. McCowau. 

349 na>.-y Lticetta b. June 23, 1852 m. B. F. TUgss. 

350 naria Viola b. May 18, 1S54 m. E. J. G)ee,i. 

351 Presley Harris b. Sep. 14, 1S56 m. Emnin L:iu)b. 

352 Edward ATahan b. Oct. 12, 185S 

3.53 John Wesley b. Kov.ll, 1860 m. JMaggie Bingham. 

354 Olive Ro.;:anna b. Jan. 20, lt>G3 d Jan. 12, 1S95. 

355 Edith AlcN'eal b. Dec. (i, 1864 m. James K. Woodford. 
35(5 Joseph Ltic!v.'eII b. May 26, 1S67 m. IMattie. Morris. 

357 James \S'a!ter b. Aug. 20, 1869 m. Annie Hoover. 
3oS Vviliiam Noah b. Sep. 18, 1S71 
359 Ada Corneiia b. Mch. 4, 1874 

Mr. Smith was a fimner. Mr.s. Suiith lives in 
Watertowu, Washington County, Ohio, at the old home. 


BETSEY JENNINGS PETFY (Margaret 35, Jonathan 15, 
Zebulon fl,Zebuion 2), dan. of Presley & Margaret 
{Jenninr/s) Petty. 

Born Mch. 18, 1S31 in Newport Twp., Wasliinglon Co., O. 


m. John M. Stackhouse. 
m. Sarah Jane Martin. 
m. Jane Folic. 
d. in infancy. 
m. George Nott. 
m. Lydia lieyuolds. 

m. Reck Russ. 

d. in infancy. 

James Harris 

Their children. 



MarRaret McNeil 


John W. 


Presley P. 






Qeorge Asbury 


David B. 


Mary Ceiinda 


Lillie Cilherine 










Charles Henry 


NANCY PETTY (Margaret 35, Jonathan 15, Zebulon U, 

Zebiifon 2), dau. of Presle}' & Margaret (Jenvingi) 

Born Aug. 19, 1S34 in Newport Twp., Washiugton Co., O. 
Died jVIcli. 5, 1861 iu Lawrence Twp., Washington Co., 0. 
Bur. Mt. Ziou Cemetery, ^Yashington Co., O. 
Mar. July 24, 1853 iu Y/ash. Co., O., by Rev. .Samuel D. Jones. 

Thomas Hoff, soa of Jonathan &: ( ) Ho2. 

Born Mcb. 29, 1830 in AVashiugton Co., O. 

Their children : 

S74 Henry Wesley b. May 12, 18.55 ra. Lizzie Allen. 
375 Margaret b. May 29, 1S59 m. Lincoln Wise. 

HENRY W. PETTY (Tlargaret 35, Jonathan 15, Zebulon 
II, Zebulon 2), son of Preslc-)- it Margaret (Jinninr/i) 
Bom Feb. 7, 1S3S iu Newport, Washington Co., O. 
Mar. July 20, 1856 in Washington Co.. O., by Rev. Thomas 

Nancy McAllister, dau. of Daniel & Hannali (~ ) 

Born Oct. 31, 1885 iu Morgan Co., O. 
Died May 23, 1885 in Washiugton Co., O. 
Bur. Mt. Ziou Cemetery, Washington Co., O. 

Their children : 

b. Oct. 19, 1857 m. Sarah Auu McTntyre. 

b. Juue 29, 1859 )ji. May E. Freeman, 

b. Apr. 9, 1861 d. Jan. 23, 1S9.5, bachelor. 

b. Nov. 1.5, 1862 d. Sep. 1, J86S. 

b. Dec. 12, 18(;-1 

b. Jan. IS, 1868 d. Get. 14, 1SS2. 

b. Jan. 2U, 1870 m. Elizabetli llolF. 

b. Maj- 1, 1872 m. Andrew Britton. 

b. Juue 19, 1875 m. lienrj' Marion Ciilpiu. 

b. Oct. 28, 1877 

Henry W. Petty served as a soldier cue hundred 
days, in Coniy^any B., 148 Regt., O. V. 1. He is a 
farmer and lives at Newells Run, Washinglon Co., O. 




George Nixon 


James William 


Nancy Alaria 


Henr>' Wesley 


Ida Elizabeth 


Charles Thomas 


Hannah Ellen 


Mary i/.etta 


Frank fi. 



ELIZABETH RECKARD(Nancy36,JonathanI5J.ebuIon II, 

Zebulosj 2), dan. of Otis t^- Nancj'(./erm/?)f/.?)Reckard. 
Born Feb. 24, ].'-;] 6 in Wasbiiuiton Co., O. 
Died Aug. 19, 1843 in Hannar, O. 
Bur. Jloiind Cemetery, jManetta, O. 
UnT. May <i, 1837 iu Washington Co., O. 
Hiram Chamber.s 
Born Aug. S, 1S15. 
Died Sep. 13, 1852 iu Haimar, O. 

Tliey bad two children : 

356 Otis Jobn b. Apr. 29, 1838 m. Eva S. Kinkcad. 

357 Saiition Marion b. Jan. 30, 1840 m. iu ISO?. 

Hiraui Chambers was a saddler and carried on a 
saddle and harness business in Harniar, Ohio. He 
married second, Amanda Reid, by whom he had two 
children, Mury and Cornelia. After his deafh Amanda 
{Rcid) Chambers married Silas Jewell, (a widower witli 
children, Albert, Maria, Charles and Ilattie), and by 
this second marriage there were childro;. 

121 « 

SUSAN RECKARl) (Nancy 36, Jonathan 15, Zebu!on 1! , 
Zebulon 2), dau. of Otis cl- Nancy (Jennings) Reckard. 
Boru Sep. 11, 1821 iu Washington County, O. 
Mar. Sep. 4, 1S44 in Wash. Co., O., by Alexander Diuking. 

Dr. Edwin West, son of John ct Wealthan ( — ) West. 

Born Jan. 21, 1895, iu Franklin County, Vermont. 
Died Jan. 17, 1886, iu I»Iodale, Harrison Co., Io\va. 
Bur. in Modale, Harrison Co., O. 

Kine children were born to them : 
oSb Nancy Aii;>e!iii.l b. ,lnuc iO, 184.') m. .Tol) Ross. 

389 Wiiiiam Hdwiii b. Feb. 5, 1847 m. Carrie E. Heald. 

390 John Wesley b. Dec. 12,1848 m. Sarali E. Stausbury, 
sm Mary Ro.sanna li. Dee. 29,18.50 n>. John I'ritcbard. 

392 Lucinda E(iza b. Jan. 20„1852 d. Feb. 10, 18.")!!. 

393 Susan Emily b. Dec. 24, 18-56 m. Wui. Jf. Sliarpnaek . 
304 Charles Otis b. Apr. 1,1860 d. Sep 29, 1.861. 

395 George Frank b. Jan. 8, 1863 in Hairi:; t.'rove, Iowa. 

396 Henry Reckard 1). Oct. 13, 1,865 d. 1866, in .MoCjdv. 


Dr. Edwin West, by a previous marriage, was the 
father of five •children, (Captain Gordon B. West 'oeing 
one of the number.) He, early iu life, began the prac- 
tice of medicine, and, v.-itli the exception of about two 
years, when he was preaching, he continued the prac- 
tice of his chosen profession. Mrs. Susan West is ikav 
living at Alodale, Iowa. 

WlLLfAAi; RECKARD (Nancy 36, Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, 

Zebulon 2), son of Otis & Nancy (Jennings) llec]:ar<l. 
Boru Sep. 28, 182.3 iu ^Vilsbillgto^ Co., O. 
Jlar. Jan. 18, 1849 iu IMarietta, O., I\v Rev. E. M. Boriug, 

i^Ietliodist Cburcli. 
Sarah Ranger, dau. of Ephrainu*c .Mary (LmciTiur) Ranger. 
Born Apr. 22,1830 iu Wasbingtoii Co., (J. 
Died Sep. 18, 1897 
Bur. Home Cemetery, Lawrence Co., O. 

Their children : 
o'j7 John Wesley b. Au'^. 20, 1850 m. ^Maggie E. Suiter. 

398 Otis Ephraim b. Sep. 7, 1856 m. Effie Trumbo. 

399 Nannie Rosanna b. Feb. 18, 1S5S m. William O. Eatou. 

Mr. and Mrs. Reckard were both members of the 
Methodist Church, having joined in 1840. Mr. Reck- 
ard is a tanner and saddler by trade and carries on tlie 
business at Proctorville, Ohio. 


ROSANNAH N. RECKARD (Nancy 36, Jonathan 15, Zeb- 
ulon II, Zebulon 2), d.a'.. of Otis & Nancy {Jennings) 

Boru Aug. 24, 1826 iu Washington Co., O. 

Died Apr. 30, 18SS in Chester, Meigs Co., O. 

Bur. iu cemetery at Chester, Meigs Co., O. 

Mar. Dec. I'J, 1847 iu Wa.sliington Co., O., by Rev. Wm.Youug. 

William P. florse, son of Justus & Margaret {MiichcU) 

Boru May 14, 1817 Marietta, O. 

Four children were born to fhem : 


400 nary C!arissa b. Oct 31,1848 ni. Wiuslov/ AV. M..r.'^e. 

401 ida Luclia b. Mcb. 8, 18.52 ni. Murius O. Binuap. 


402 Mr.ttic Rasannah b. A))!-. 2-'), 1861 not mnnied; liviug with 

her sister in I'airbury, 

4<.)3 Wiiliam Reckaril b. July 17, 18H3 m. Harriet A. I'ease. 

Willi. im P. Morse was a tanner and currier bj' 
trade and carried on bu.siuess at Chester, Ohio. He is 
now living with his daughter, Mrs. W. W. Morse, Fair- 
bury, Nebraska. 

HARY DELILAH RECKARD (Nancy Pi6, Jonathan 15, 
Zebulon 1!, ZebuJon 2), dau. of Otisit Nanc.y (Jcnjitnf/s) 

Born Jan. 2o, 1S2S in Wasliingtou Co., O. 

Died Apr. 27,18(1:5 ia Washington Co., O. 

liiir. \'alley Cemetery, "SVashinglou Co., O. 

.Mar. Apr. 12, 1853 in Washington Co., tiy Rev. J. W. Ross. 

Caleb S. Thorniley, son of Col. John it ilarj- {Ccmptou) 

Born July 18, 1S2-1 

Died Jan. 29,1899 at his home inSaud Hill,\VasliiuirtonCo., O. 
Bur, Valley Cemetery, Wasliingtou Co., O. 
Tlnxe cliildren were born to tliem: 

404 diaries b. Jan. 7,1864 m. Catherine Cut hbert. 

40,') Lizzie Wells b. Apr. 26, 1855 not married. 
4oii William Pitt b. Jan. 2G, 1859 m. Elizabeth Kean. 

Caleb S. Thorniley was a farmer. The famil}' 
address is Marietta, Ohio. 

HENRY OTIS RECKARD, (Niincy 36, Jonattian \5, Zebu- 
lon li, Zebuion 2), son of Otis & Nancy (Jennings) 

Born Dec. 4, 1830 in Washington Co., O. 
I'icd June 2i, 1878 in Washington Co., O. 
Bur. Hills Graveyard, Washington Co., O. 
Mar. Aug. 25, 1857 in Washington Co., O. 
Sarah H. SheUon 

Tlieir children : 
•"^7 Frank Sheldon b. Aug. 4, 1858 


40S Sal!:ion Otis b. Kov. 7, ISGO 

409 Edward William b. Aug. 14, 1802 

410 Cahi.i Henry b. Ai-r. 21, 1864 

411 6r.c!ie FSorence b. Oct. 22, 1S7U 

Mr. Reckard was a farmer. Mrs. Reckarcl novv 
resides iu Newport, Vv'ashiugton Co., O. 

LUCINl'-A reckard, (Nancy 36, Jonathan IS, Zeb;:)ori JI, 
Zebuion2), dr.u. of Otis & Nancy {Jenuings) Keckard. 
Bom June 2G, 1833 iu "Washingtou Co., O. 
Mar. Apr. 20, 1858 in AVashiugloii ("o., O., by Rev. Andrew 

Carroll, iSIethodi.'it Minister. 
Jonathan Amlin Hi!!, son of William & Martha (Amlin) 

■ Hill. 
Born Oct. 5, 1824 iu Washington Co., O. 

Two children were born to them : 

412 Otis Wesley b. Oct. 22, ISGO ni. Emily I. ?.rendeuhall. 

413 Octa Annie West b. Oct. 14, 1SG4 d. i\Iay 23, 1888; buried in 

HiilsGraveyard; shcjoincd 
M. E. Oiurch wiien at 
High Pcbool. 

Jonathan Amlin Hill is a farmer. Postoffice address 
Hills P. O., Washington Co., Ohio. 

Jonathan Hill's grandmother Rlioda Stephenson, 
and his wife Lucinda Reckard's grandmother, Eliza- 
beth vStepheuson, were sisters. 

128 < 

WESLEY JUNIA RECKARD (Nancy 36, Jonathan 15, 

Zebulon II, Zebulon2), son of Otis i.'i: Nancy {Jeroiimji) 

Born Oct. 24, 1S3G in Washiuglon Co., O. 
Died Jan. 12, 1893 in Allegheny, Pa. 
Bur. llighwood Cemetery, Allegheny, Pa. 

INIar. Kep. 9, 1860 in Washington Co., O., by riev. Alex. Boll. 
Marinda E. Grimes, twin dau. of I^cuiuel it Hannah 

( ) Grimes 

Bom Oct. 3, 1840 

Eight children M-ere born to th<.-rri : 

414 Ro.saLue'.la b. July 28. ], SGI ni. fU) George Caywood. 

\(2) Harry V, ilbur. 


■i\o John Lemuel b. July IG, 1S63 m. Canie Snyder. 

41-; Lucy Hannah b. Apr. IS, ]S6G m. Maxwell Bradsliaw. 

■}17 iMary Lticiiuia b. Feb. '2G. 1871 

AlH riagpie Matilda b. Apr. S, lfiT(3 

419 Lizzie Olinda b. JIcli. 30, 1880 lu. Frank Herr. 

•ICO Leiia Anna h. Jan. S, 1SS2 

-i-'l Harlow Orr b. Dec. 7, 1SS5 d. Meb. 27, 1886. 

Wesle}' Rcckard was a soldier in the civil war, 
serving; as corporal in Co. 1, 1st Ohio Cavalr3\ He was 
a farmer. 

Mrs. Reckard now resides at 404 Wasliiugtou, St., 
Allegheny, Pa. 


ALViN RECKARD (Delilah 37, Jonathan 15, Zebulon K, 

Zclnilon-2), s(iux)f Jopeph Leonard et Delilah {Jciinings) 

I'.oru Feb. IS, 1817 in Marietta, Ohio. 
Liieii Feb. IG, 1882 iu Marietta, Ohio. 
iJiir. Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Oliio. 

Mar. Oft. 18, 18:W iuWashiugtou Co., O., by Rev. Ludwell Petty. 
f;sther Brown, dau. of James and Zipporah (/](//,-er)Bro\vn. 
ijorn Autr- 2, 1821 in Washington County, Ohio. 

Fight child) en were born to them: 

422 riary Elizabeth b. Aug. 21, 1839 m. George Davenport. 

.2. Francis Brown b. June 10, 1841 m. { g)^^?^^;;|-^. 

•121 James Leonard b. Aug. 7, 1843 m. Columbia Little. 

•12o William Lewis b. i^ch. 15, 1846 m. Martha Jlalhows. 

■S2'i George Woodbridge b. Mch. 28, ISoO m. Margaret Cather- 
ine Armstrong. 

is: Margaret Elia b. Sep. 28, 1S5-5 ra. Samuel Sharpless. 

-).;S Joseph Alvin b. July 15, 18G0 m. Julia Elanehard. 

■i--i .Nathan Pawcett b. Aug. 31, 1805 m. Kose M. Schmidt. 

Alvin Reckard was a blacksmith by occupation and 
a very superior workman. He resided in the vicinity 
of his birth place nearly all his life, and by his integrity 
•lud honesty won an enviable reputation. In early 
nianhood he united with the Methodist Episcopal 
v-hurch, of which his wife also became a member, and 
iheir lives have ever been consistent and ptire, and they 


did all in their yjower to advance the cause of Christi- 

IMrs. Reckard is noted for her fondness for paiiitiug-, 
embroidery and fine needle work. She is no->v livinjj iri 
Norfolk, Nebraska. 


riARY ANN RECKARD (Deiilah 37, Jonathan 15, Zebu- 
Ion 11, Zebulon 2), twin dau. of Joseph Leonard tt 
Delilah (Jennings) Reckard. 

Bom Feb. IS, 1.S19, in Jlariettu, Ohio. 

Died June 24, 3875, in JNIariettu, Ohio. 

Bur. jMound Cenretery, Marietta, Ohio. 

]\rar. Ivtch. 24, 1.SS9, iu Marietta, Ohio. 

WilHam Perry 

Died June iS, 1.S4I, iu MefJouuellsville, Ohio. 
One child was boru to theiu : 


■130 Fiiza Jane h. Oet. 20, 1840 d. Jan 29, 1841. 

The life of ]\Irs. Mary Ann Perry was that of a 
quiet, earnest Christian woman. Widowed after little 
more than two years of married happiness, she returned 
to the old homestead, where she passed the remainder 
of her life. Her husband had been a carpenter, but 
entered tlie ministery of the M. E. Church, in which he 
continued until his death. 

ELIZA ANN RECKARD (Delilah 37, Jonathan 15, Zebu- 

Ion II, Zebulon 2), twin dau. of Joseph Leonard it 

Delilah {Jenfiings) ReckLird. 
Bom Feb. 18, 1819, iu Marietta, Ohio. 
Died Jau. 6, 1894, iu Marietta, Ohio. 
Bur. Mouud Cemetery, Marietta, Oliio. 

Mar. Oft. 10, 1839, Marietta, Ohio, by nev.William P. Strickland. 
Samuel Weston 

Born Sep. 15, 1814, in Warrens Mart, Pa. 
Died Apr. 22, 1840, in Marietta, Ohio. 
Bur. Mouud Cemetery, J^rariefta, O. 
They had no children. 

The lives of Mary Ann and Eliza Ann Reckard 
were almost counterparts. They came into the world 
together, and were married in the same year a,*id both 


Avere widowed in a short time. Like her sister, Mrs. 
Weston returned to the old homestead after the death 
of her husband, where she resided till her death. She 
■^'as tor many 3'ears a member of the Methodist Episco- 
pal Church, but severed her connection with that body 
and united with the Congregational Church. 

LUCY WOOD RECKARD (Deiilah .37, Jonathan IS, Zeb- 

ulon 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of -Jotepli Leonard it Delilah 
(Jenning.i) Reckard. 
Bom Dec. 11, iS21, in Marietta, Oliio. 

Liar. Feb, 27, 1845, in Marietta, Ohio, by Edward Wiiiauoji, Rec- 
tor St. Luke's (Protestant Episcoijal). 
George Henry Richards, son of Henry & Sarah (Br-.'/ye) 

Born.Tuly 10, 1817, iu Bristol, Eugland. 
Died Feb. 6, 18SS, in Buebauau, Micliigan. 
Bur. Feb. 9, 1888, in Buchanan, Michigan. 
Eight children were born to them: 

431 Sarah Delilah b. Feb. 23, 1S4G ni. Royal Morris. 
4.32 Joseph Leonard b. Meh. 2, 1848 m. Myra Clark Smith. 


Martha Ellen 

b. June 17, 

, 1850 

ni. Sahna S. Barmore. 


Lucy Burge 

b, jSTov. 29, 


in. William G. ICichols. 


Hattie Louisa 

b. Dec. 22, 


m. Wellington S. Wells. 


KUtie Franks 

b. Men. 0, 


iu Ruclianan, Mich, d, 
Apr. 28, 1881, in Buchanan. 


Mary Eliza 

b. ISlax 10, 


in. George G. Rogers. 


Qeorge Henry 

b. Nov. 9, 


m. llattie Green. 

Capt. George H. Richards was the son of Henry 
Richards, a native of Bath, England, and Sarah Burge, 
of Bristol. Both were of Quaker parentage. The family 
moved to America when George was an infant, settling 
in Delaware, near Wilmington. When George was 
eight or nine years old, the family returned to England 
on account of the father's health, remaining there 
about a year and a half, (during which time George at- 
tended a Quaker school), then returning to New \ork 
City. Most of the time while the family remained in 
the city, he attended an academy betv/een Harlem 
and Manhattauville, receiving a fair English educatiou. 


When he was about thirteen or fcmrteen j-ears of age, 
his iather moved to Pennsylvania, whence he was sent 
to Wilmingtoii, Delaware, to attend school. While in 
Wilmington he served a regular apprenticeship at 
blaclismithing in Brnndyv/ine Village, Del. Shortly 
after becoming of age he went to New York City and 
worked a short time at machine work. In the spring of 
1839 he went to Marietta, Ohio, and followed black- 
smithing until 1842. He ironed two vessels at INIarietta 
and two at Point P!ea>ant, Va. One of the latter was a 
double decked bark, loaded at the mouth of tlie Big 
Kanawha, Va., with corn for Cork, Ireland, during the 
Irish famine. 

As a steamboat captain and engineer, he became 
well known along the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. He 
was captain in the militia at Marietta for several years. 

In the spring of 1855 he removed to Buchanan, 
Michigan, where he became prominently connected 
with all matters of public interest, both officially and in 
a private way. 

Mrs. P.ichards still resides on the homestead in 
Buchanan, Michigan. 

ABNERWESTQATE RECKARD (Delilah 37, Jonathan ]5, 

Zebulon 11, Zebtslon 2), son of Joseph Leonard tt 

Delilah (Jennings) Ileckard. 
Boru July 29, 1826 in Miuietta, Ohio. 
Died Dee. 2.5, 1863 iu Cincinnati, Oliio. 
Bur. JNIouud Cemetery, Marietta, Oliio. 

iSIar. iNfay 17, 1S50 in Hartford, Conn., by Rev. Mr. II;irriiigton. 
Jeruslia H. Daniels, dan. of Horace & Sarah Daniels. 
Bom Jan. IG, ]s28in Eubt Hartford, Couii. 
Three ehil(h-ei; were horn to tlieni : 
430 Charles b. Dec. 19, 18.51 d. Jan. 4, IS.5.S. 

440 Nellie b. Nov. 15, 185o in Parker.sburg;, W. Va. 

441 Harry b. Aug. 25, 1857 Mariefia, Ohio. 

Mr. Reckard engaged with bis father in the livery 
business in Marietta, O., and afterwards followed the 
.same business in Parkersburg and Cincinnati. He and 


his brother in-law, Frank Williams, built and managed 
the National House, in IMarietta, for a number of years. 
Hi.s widow, a most estimable lady, together with her 
two unmarried children, reside at 84 Webster Street, 
Hartford, Conn. 


HARGARET RECKARD (Delilah 37, Jonathan 15, Zebu- 
Ion II, Zebnion 2), dau. of .Jo-eph Leonard i.t Delilah 
(Jcmiings) I'eckard. 

TVii-ii Feb. 11, 1829 in Marieftn, Obio. 

Mar. Apr. 12, 1819 in Jiluriett.a, O., by llev. E. M. Boring, Jlelho- 
(list ^ri^i^^te••. 

Nathan Fawcett, sou of Tho.nas & Rachel ( ) Fawcett. 

J?i!ni .luue 11, 1S26 in Belmont County, Ohio. 

1)kt\ Nov. 15, ISOn in ,St. Jillmo, Colonulo. 

l'..ii-. Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio. 
Two cliildreu were born to tbem : 


-11-J fisther Salome v. June IS, 1850 m. Charles R. Hovey. 

■II.; Fanny Louisa b. Feb. 22, ISoS ui. David 8. Devin. 

Nathan Fawcett was of Oualer parentage. Reuiov- 
ini; from St. Clairsville, Belmont, Co., O., to Marietta, O., 
he engaged in the clothing and dry goods business for 
a number of years. 

In the sixties he was identified with the oil inter- 
ests and accumulated considerable wealth, which was 
lost in business ventures. 

For a number of years previous to, and at the tim_e 
of his death, he was concerned with his mining interests 
in Colorado. 

Mrs. Fawcett is noted for her fondness for ].)ainting 
and ornamental work. She is now living at Marietta, 

NANCY RECKARD (Delilah 37, Jonathan 15, Zebulon I!, 
Zebulon 2), dau. of Joseph Leonard & Delilah 
yJciiniiiris) lleckard. 

^l"Mi Au-. S, 18.'!1 in Marietta, Ohio. 
''•■-■1 Apr. ™i, ihTd lu Marietta. Ohio. 


Bur. JMouud Cemetery in Marietta, Ohio. 

Mar. (1) May H, :S52 iu Marietta, Ohio, by Rov. J.H. Creji^hldii, 

jMcihodist Minii^ler. 
Frank T. Williams 
Born Oct. 6, 1828 
Died J.<tv.. 30, 1859 in INtrtrietta, Ohio. 
Biii-. Mound Cemetery, in Marietta, Ohio. 

Children by first marriage : 

444 Don CaHos 

445 Charles F. b. Aug. 20, ISoo m. Kva Belle Hinraan. 

Mar. (2) Feb. 3, 1SG3 io Marietta, Ohio, by Bev. B. N. Spahr. 

Methodist Minister. 
John Francis Qaitree, son of Pierre & Mary A. Gaitree. 
Born Jan. 5, 1829 in St. Fraueesville, La. 

Children by second marriage ; 

446 William B. b. .Ian. 16, 1864 m. Lueie N. Bmall. 

447 Frank F. b. June 10, ISGo m. Emma Clark. 

448 Lucy NV. b. Meh. 12, 1S67 d. July 22, 1868. 

Mr. Williams wa.s, s,t the time of liis marriage, 
wliarf boat clerk at Marietta, but soon after that event 
he embarked in the general merchandise business with 
his brother, Moses Williams. The partnership was 
finally dissolved and Mr. Williams, in conjunction with 
his brother-in-law, Abner W. Reckard, built and con- 
ducted tl)e National House, where he ended his life. 

Mr. Gaitree was at the time of his marriage to 
Mrs. Williams, a widower. He had been previous!)' 
married to ]\Iartha Wilson. He had two children : 
James D., born June 9, ISoG, died Jan. 19, 1888 ; Mary 
\M., born Oct. 3, 1859. I^Jarried (third time) Lizzie 
Graham. They have one son : Louis F. They are now 
living at Marietta, O. 


HARRIET ELLEN RECKARD (Deiilah 37, .Jonathan «3, 
Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of Joseph. Leonard A" 
Delilah (Jennings) Reckard. 

Born June 11, 1SS5 iu ilarietta, Ohio. 


3\rar. Oct. 15, 1873 at i"Marietta, Oliio, by Ecv. J. D. Vanlaw. 
Henry Hartyn Almin, son of Jauios McCoslin & Eliza 
(S/iarp) Amlin. 

Born July 13, iSM in Fe:.ving Twp., Washiugton Co., Obin. 
They have uo children. 

Mr. Amliu was a widower at tlie time of their 
marriage and had one child: Charles Henry Amlin, 
born Oct. 6, 1864. 

Both he and his wife are members ofthe I\ 

. H. M. Amlin'.s business for several years past has 
been Job Printing. Address, Kansas City, Kansas. 


JOSEPH LEONARD RBCKARD (Delilah 37, Jonathan 15, 

Zebufon 11, Zebijlon 2), third son and youngest child 

of -Joseph Leonard cV: Delilah (Jennings) Rechnrd. 

Born Feb. 3, 1839 iu Jlarictta, Oliio. 

Mar. Jan. £7, 1803 in IMarieita, 0., by Kev. E. W, ICirkliam, 

Methodist Minister. 
Mary Elizabeth Morse, dan. of Justus (.<: Sarah (jlorrkon) 

Born Apr. 14, 1839 in :^[arietta, Ohio. 

Two children -^^ere born to them : 

449 naggienarra b. Dec. 5,1864 m. Artluir Grant :^niilh. 

450 Hai-ry Leonard b. Jan. 26, 1S72 ni. Kancy Ellen King. 

]\Ir. Reckard engaged in the livery business with 
his father, under the firm name of J. L,. Reckard & Son. 
After the death of his father he conducted the business 
alone till his sou became old enough to assist, and thus 
tlie old firm name is still perpetuated. Mr. Reckard is 
now serving his twelfth year as a member of the School 
Board. He aud his wife are members of the Congrega- 
tional Church and reside in the old homestead, north- 
east corner of Green and Third Streets, Marietta, Ohio. 

The paternal line of ancestry of Mrs. RecV.ard is 
as follows : 

I. John Moss 
II. John Moss m. jMartha Laliop. 
III. Isaac Moss ni. Hannah Bovse. 


V -""^ f > 

Joseph L. Reckard and Family. 


IV. Elihu Alops m. Clark. 

V. Manly Morse m. Mary Belong. 

VI. Justus Alorse m. Sarah Morrisoc. 

VII. Mary Elizabeth Morse m. Joseph L. Reckard. 

CHARLES LUDLOW JENNJNGS (Junia 38, Jonathan !5, 

Zebiiion !I, Zebulou 2), son of Junia el' Hannah 

(lilcCuhc) Jennings. 
Born Oct. 9, 1820 in Marietta, AVashiugtou Cmnity, Ohio. 
Died Oct. en, 1SS4 in ISIanetia, V.'ashiugton County, Oliio. 
Bur. ]Mouud Cemetery in Marietta, Washington County., Ohio. ■ 
Mar. Sep. S, 1S4G in Athens, 0., by Rev. L. 1). :\IcCahe." 

Elizabeth Watts Cunningham, dau. of Cliarles A Elizaljeth 

{llorjicr) Cunningham. 
Born Sep. lli, 1827 in Athens, Athens Co.', O. 

They had eight children : 
451 Elizabeth Cunningham b. June 2,1847 m. J. !McArthur. 

b. Feb. 20, 1849 d. July M, 1849. 

b. M.ay 13, 1850 ni. David Grove. 

b. l''eb. 18, 1853 

b. Jan. 7, 1856 d. Jan. 7, 1S56. 

b. Teh. 0, 185S m. John Rcchi-sti r. 

b. Dec. 22, 1861 m. LoreuzoVickers. 

b. Oct. 25, 1864 m. Catherineililroy 

Charles L. Jennings was a man of superior mental 
euclowmeats and natural ability. 


"Charles L. Jennings enlisted April 25, 1861, Private Co. P, 
17th Regt. ()hio Volunteer Infantry, for three months, age 41. Ap- 
pointed Sergeant April 27, ISGl. Mustered in April 27, 1861, at 
Camp Anderson, Lancaster, O. Mustered out with Company at 
Camp Goddard, Zauesville, Ohio. Aug. 15, 1861. Re-enlisted as 
veteran in Co. D, 17th O. V. I., as private, for three years. Jfustered 
in Sep. 10, 1861. Promoted to Conunissary Sergeant and trans- 
ferred to Field and Staff July 8,1864. Mustered out with ReL-;i- 
ment July, 1865." 

ROBERT AcCABE JENNINGS (Junia 38, Jonathan 15, 

Zebulon II, Zebuion 2), son of Junia. it Hannah 

(MrCobc) Jennings. 
Born Feb. 27, 182S in M.'U-ielta, Washington Co., Ohio. 


Charles William 


Mary Alice 


Ch.-jrles Robert 


Richard Harper 







Robert McCabe Jennings. 

1 .^ . 


■ p. 

AH L lj[N~,NOS> W.LIV. 

ES.. ELIIA An,, I RtCK»F.Dl . 


Pied Feb. 15, 1864 iu Cairo, 111. 

Bur. ii) Mound Cemetery, JIarietta, Washingtou Co., Ohio. Jan. 17, ISGl. 

nary E. Hayward, dau. of Frederick Hayward. 

Horn Jau. 22, 1839. 

iJii-d lS9o iu California. 

Their eliildrou : .. 

ib'.i naicolni* b. Oct. 17, 1801 m. Ethel Dunn. 

4'W Ralph Hayward b. Aug. 1803 d. Apr. 2.3, 1805. 

Robert M. Jenning.s v\'as for years a steamboat 
clerk, and from Pittsburg to New Orleans "Bob"' Jen- 
nings was known and loved. A splendid vocalist, a 
capital conversationalist, well read iu the best literature 
of the day, good of heart and ready of hand and purse^ 
he was the life of every gathering and his company was 
eagerly sought for and enjoj'cd by all. 

He was Deputy Postmaster at Cairo for a number 
of years and held that position at the time of his death. 

His wife, Maiy E. Hayward, was a daughter of 
Frederick Hayward, Esq., of McCcnnellsville, Ohio, 
and a grand daughter of Hon. Elijah Hayward, a prom- 
inent attorney and politician. 

SARAH LETITIA JENNINGS (Junia 38, Jonathan 15, 

Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), dan. of .Junia & Eliza Ann 

( Rcchanl) .Jennings. 

31"™ Oct. 16, 183-1 in Marietta, Wa.shingtou Co., Ohio. 

I'ie<l Apr. 17, 1SS7 iu Cincinnati, Ohio. 

''•ur. Oak Grove Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio. 

Mar. Pep. 29, 1853 in Harmar, Ohio, by Rev. D. D. jMatlier. 

Arthur Wiley, son of Thomas >*.- Thankful {Blukc) Wiley. 

liorii Aug. 11, 1829 iu Sh.aron, Noble Co., Ohio. 

Their children : 

4-1 Liliie Hartiii b. June 24, 1S.54 m. David Felix Pavies. 
4''- Lizzie May b. J.m. 8, 1857 m. Tlionias Henry Kelley. 
4'^ Mamie b. Feb. 14, 1802 d. Aug. IS, 1803. 

Arthur Wiley learned the trade of Marble Cutter, 
at^Iarietta, Ohio, and worked at that trade from 1848 

r's bible names him Malcolm lUywaid, but he was baptized and named 
. but he has d-,.pi,ed the Robert. 


to 1856. After that date his y.'oik was geuerall)' clerical : 
working as Canal Collector, vSteauiboat Clerk, Chief 
Clerk for Capt. Noble, A. Q. T\I. Gen. Gilmore's staff 
during the war, Steward of Cincinnati Wesleyan Col- 
lege, Etc. He was admitted to the bar but never 

At present he resides with liis daugliter, I\Irs. 
Davies, at Gambler, Ohio. Both he and his wife were 
members of the M. E. Church. 


WILLIAA'i HENRY JE.NNINGS (Junia 38, Jonatbar IS, 
Zebulon IJ, Zebuloii 2), jon of Junia & Eii/.a Ana 
(Rcckard) Jenning.s. 

Born Apr. 1.5, 1S42 in SlaricUa, Ohio. 

INIar. (1) May 16, 1£(.7 in IMiddk-port, Oliio, by Kev. T. S. Stivers, 
jMelhodi?t IMinister. 

Caroline Frances Allen, dan. of John Newell 6: Cyrenc 
(Stivers) Allen. 

Born May 10, 1S47 iu Middleport, Ohio. 

Died Dec. 16, 1S79 in Columhus, Ohio. 

Bur. iu Grceulawn Cemetery, Columbus, Oliio. 
Tliey had two cbildreu : 


464 Frank Washburn b. :\Iar. 11, 186S iu Logan, Ohio. He is a 

Civil lOugiueer; addres.s, Columbus, 0. 

465 William Arthur b. July 2, 1ST3 in Columbus, Ohio. He is 

a Photogiapher. 
Mar. (2) Dec. 19, ISS.'i iu Lancaster by Rev. William P. ilcLaugli- 

liu, assisled by Kev. S. A. Keene, Tiletbodist Ministers. 
Frances Ann Weaver, dau. of James i.\: Eac.hel Ann 

(Mi/linycr) Weaver. 
Born Muy 24, 184yiu Lancaster, O. 

Cue child by second marriage .■ 
436 Alary Frances b. .Sep. 2-5, 188-5 in Colombu.s, Ohio. 

William Henry Jennings, tl;e compiler of these 
records, wa.s educated in the public schools of Marictt.'^, 
Ohio; but the strongest formative influr-nce.^; ente';in;^ 
into his training v.'ere vh.e xnecepts and example of Ins 



?"*'"■ ' "'"^■t*^!?!?!^ 

<•' --^'-'.ai-i^iyA^ 

Photograpkic Family Tree. 


j'sreuts, Tvliose loving memory he is pleased llius pub- 
licly to honor. As a young man lie chose the profes- 
sion of Civil Kngineer, which profession lias determined 
liis life's work. 

He was engaged as Engineer duriug the location 
and construction of the Columbus & Booking Valley 
R. R. , and afterwards was Chief Engineer, serving with 
this company for twenty-two years. During his term 
of service with this road, he necessarily familiarized 
himself with mines and mining, and became conversant 
with the geology of Ohio, especially as to the coal 
measures, and has published a map of the Hocking and 
adjacent coal fields. 

Since 1888 he has done general engineering work, 
principally in the line of organization and location of 
railroads; at present, (January, 1899,) he is Chief Engi- 
neer of the Hocking Valley cS: Lake Erie R. R. 

He is a m_ember of the American Society of Civil 
Engineers, Past President of the Ohio Society of Civil 
Engineers, and also Past President of the Ohio Institute 
of Mining Engineers. His present address is Columbus, 

Caroline Francis Allen, the first wife of W. H. 
Jennings, was the fourth daughter of John Newell & 
Cyrene {Stivers) Allen, and was a lineal descendant of 
Samuel Allen and Ann , his wife, who emi- 
grated from Bridgewater, Somerset County, England, 
and located at Braintree, Mass., in 1630.* Is also a de- 
scendant of John and Priscilla Alden. 

Francis Ann Weaver, second wife of W. H. Jen- 
nings, was the third daughter of James and Rachel 
Ami {Mytinger) Weaver, f 

AL'QUSTUSOTIS JENNiNGS (Jonathan 39, Jonathan 15, 

^(-■bulon 11, Zebtilon 2), son of Jonathan & Susan 

{lUd.ard) Jennings. 
^'■nj^^ 12, 1825 in rortsmouth, Ohio. 

■'Sec Ai.pcndix Allen Family, 
tb^c ,<.,.pc„di>; \Vc-..ver raniily. 


Died Sep. 2, 1S53 
Bur. 8t. Joseph, Mo. 
Mar. Sep. 1, 1S50 

Nancy Bca!!, dau. of Dr. V/rn. it Anna ( ) Beall. 

Born Dec. 27, 1830 

Died Mch. G, ]SG2 in Big Run, Oliio. 

Bur. Sand Hill Cemetery, Athens Co., Ohio. 

Tlieir children: 

467 Emma b. July 1, 1'?'>1 <!• hi infancy. 

■4GS AuRU.sta Octavia b. Apr. 12, ISS". d. in infancy. 

Mr. Jenning.s was a carpenter. 


Jonathan 15, Zebulon II, Zebuion 2), dau.olJonathan 

& Susan (Rcclard) Jennings. 
Born Dee. 30, 1826 in Portsmouth, Ohio. 
Died Oct. 26, 1858 
Mar. Sep. 12, 1844 
Wi'.Ham Hebron 
Born Aug. 16, 1S21 
Died July 14, 1SG.5 

Their ehildro)! : 
4G;) Joseph Benton b. May 5, 1845 m. — Cat hey. 

470 riary Carolhie b. Dec 2, 184G m. Isaac Paschal Miller. 

471 riartha Jane b. Nov. 11, 1848 m. James H. Hutchiu.'j. 

472 Wiliiam Augustus b. July 1,1850 d. Aug. G, 1851. 

473 Charles Wesley b. Mch. 1, 1852 d. Aug. 14, 18.52. 

474 Huron norland" b. Aug.ll, ]S5;5 d. Nov. 11, 1854. 

475 Ida Adeil h. Feb. 11, 1S.>5 m. Jasper Smith :Miner. 
47G Thomas FrankJin b. Julyll, 1858 d. Aug. 10, 1858. 

William Hebron was a blacksmith and wheel- 
wright for many years in St. Joseph, Missouri. 

than l5, Zebulon II, Zebulon 2), smi of .Tonathan & 
Susan (Bcckiird) .Jennings. / 

Bom Dec. 28, 1832 in Gallipolis, Ohio. ,. ,^ 

Died June 13, 1873 in Marietta, Ohio. 

Bur. iu Mouud Cemetery, Marietta, Oliio. 


M:ir. J'.iDe Ki, ]t'?5 in New Or!\iiiK, I,n., by Rev. C. ISTears. 

Mrs. L'JC3' J. ( ) GuHd 

They liad uo cliildrfi!. 

Leonaid Howard Jennings was for mauy years a 
Steward on the river ; was well known, especially iu the 
lower trade on llie Mississipi River. 

Mrs. lyVicy J. Guild was a widow Vv-ith one son 
named John T. Guild. 

Mr. and Jlrs. Jenning.s had no children, but adopted 
a little girl, naming her Sarali Jennings. Last known 
residence, New Orleans, Lousiana. 

5USAN CAROLINE JENNt.NGS (.Jonathan 39, Jona- 
than 15, Zebulon 11, Zebi'lon 2), dau. of Jonathan tt 
Susan (Beckard) Jennings. 

Born Aug. 30, ]S:lu iu Guyandoite, W. Va. 

Mar. Nov. 20, ]S,5-J in Brown't: J^Iills, \Va.^h. Co., O., by Thonjas 
Breakeuridjre, .T. P. 

Thomas ChaEkley Maris, son of Lewis oc Sidney {Hogjicv) 

Born Apr. 26, 1832 near Bamesville, Behuoul Co., O. 
Tlieir children : 


477 Alyrtie Josephine b. Sep. 14, 18-50 Guyandotte, \V. Va. 

478 Laura Alplionsine b. June 23, ISoS m. Fred C. Thomas. 

479 Luella HoMard b. July 13, 1862 m. William F. Bell. 
4S0 Lizzie Gertrude b. July 8, 1SG9 d. Oct.lO, ]8S8,Malta,0. 

Mr. T. C. Maris is a Dentist. He is the possessor of 
superior meclianical genius and- has perfected a num- 
ber of useful inventions. He resides at Malta, Morgan 

MARY Ei.LFM JFNNSNQS (Jonathan 39, Jonathan 15, 

Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2). dau, of J'iii;itlian & Suian 

{Rcchin'l) Jcnning>'. 
Born ]\lch. 2i, 1810 in Jlarietta, O. 

Mar. (1) Of(. 10,1858 in llarmar, O. by Rev. F.. P. flail, Meth- 
odist Mini-ter. 
John E. Rarnsay, son of David Licliard & A-una (Iloojicr) 

Ilamsu}', of England. 
Born Veh. 29. 1832 iu New York City. 


Died .\[:i.v 9, 1S89 in Parkersburg, W. \'a. 

Bur. ill 1. O. O. F. C.V'iaetery. Piirkersburg, W. Va. 

Ke-v'jii ehiUii'i-a by first marriage ; 

451 Artliiir hSoward b. July 27. 1859 Hariuar, O. d. IJec. 3, 

JSGO, Hockiiigport, O. 

452 Carrie Adel b. Oct. 12, 1862 ni. Thomas Tavenuer. 

483 William R. Jennings b. JNIay 31, 1865 m. Jeouie Hughes. 

484 S;;saii Lavinia b. Sep. 15, 1867 ju Parkersbiirg;, W. 

Va. d. Oct. 3, !S(;9 in 
Parkersburg, "\V. \'a. 

485 John i^lcCoy b. July 20, 1SC9 in. jryrtleSouthworth 
480 Richard Maris b. IMav 25, 1872 ii\ Parkersburg, AV, 

Va. Advertisiu.!;A,i;t., 

Parkersburg, W. Va. 

487 Cliailes Pliister b. Dcf . 17, ls79 in Parkersburg, "\V. 

Va. Grocery Cleric, 
Frankfort, Tnd. 
jSIar. (2) :dd).2-;, ISiiG in Parkersburg, W. Va., by Pev. F. P. 

Demming- S. Bishop, son of naniel R. Bishop. 
Xo children by second marriage. 

Johu E. Ramsay a wa.s jNIachinist and Eugiuecr. 
He served three years in the war of the Rebellion and 
was three mouths a prisoner on Belle Island. He was 
a member of Battery H., 1st O. h. A. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay were both members of 
Trinity Episcopal Church at Parkersburg, W. Va. 

Mrs. Bishop's address is Mulberry House, Frank- 
fort, Ind., '251 East Clinton St. 

JOHN WESLEY FOUTS (Elizabeth 40, Jonathan 15, 
Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), son of Lcmen & EJizr.boih 
(Jenningf,) Fouts. 

Boru Mch. G, 182G in McC^onnelsville, O. 

Died Apr. 2, 1885 in Belmont, Pelmont Co., O. 

Bur. at Beverly, O. 

]\rar. (1) Feb. 2G, 1846 Aurelieus Township, Washiugton C'U";y, 
Oliio, by Rev. Cooper. 

Elizabeth Grttbb, dau. of Albert it Klizabdk { ) Grubb. 

Born Apr. 26, 1827 Louden Co., Va. 


Pied Jan. 1", 1SS4 iu Defr.sville, Ohio. 
Bur. at Beverly, Ohio. 

Six ehikirt'u 'ov first miirriage : 
4K'i infant b. Feb. 16, 1847 fl. Feb. 16, 1847. McCoD- 

iieldville, O. 
4.S9 Mary Elizabeth b. Aug. 29, 1S4S m. .Tobn F. WorslaU. 
4'.)U Ha.Tiet El!en b. Aug. 27, 1851 d. Mcli. 11, 18.'i4; buried 

lleverly, O. 
4r!l Liiia Lucelia b. July 28, 1S54 d. July 30, 1S55; buried 

Beverly, O. 
4!>2 Einina Amelia b. i>f.vb.2u. ]S-d6 m. TIioiuks I!. I4azlett. 
4fi;i A'bert Lemen b. Av.g. 9, 185S m. Ahvilda Jones. 
Mur. [2) Nov. 6, ].~^S4 in Deersville, Harriiiou Co., C). 
Emma Welsh. 

Iu early life Mr. Fouls v.'as a Carpenter and "nuilder. 
During^ the. war of the rebellion, he served as Capt. of 
Co. D., 63d Regt., O. V. I., and later as Major. 

During his later years he was a Minister of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church. 

ELIZABETH JENNINGS (Henry 41, Jonathan 15.. Zebii- 

lon II, Zebulon 2), dan. of Henry & Sarah Ann 

( Charnhers) J en ning.s. 
Boru May 16, 1833 in "WasbiDgton Co., O. 
Died N'ov. 7, 1S9S near Palmer, Christian Co., 111. 
Bur. at Palmer, Christiau Co., 111. 
Mar. July 25, 1856 
Jacob Baker 
Born Jan. IS, 1833 
Died 1891 

Bur. at Double Braueb Graveyard, Bates Co., ISIo. 

Their children ; 

494 Henry Jennings b. Sep. 5, 1857 m. Elizabeth Carlisle. 

495 Alary Ann b. Aug. 26, 1859 m. .Tames Allen Pugh. 
49G Wilfiani E'lward b. Jan. 15, 18G2 d. .Tan. .31, ISGG. 

Jacob Baker v.'as a hotel keeper. 

LOUISA 5HELD0N JENNINGS (Henry 41, Jon.^: h,.ia !5, 

Zebulon U, Zebulon 2), dan. of Henry ct S.arj'i Ann 

{Chu'inbcTii) Jennings. 
Born Dee. 17, lsS-!i in Y/nshingtcu County, Oliio. 


Died Apr. S, 1801 in rortsmouvli, Ohio. 

Bui. in Zaleslci, Ohio. 

Mar. June 16, 18.52 in Washington Co.,0., hj^ Geo. S(anley, J. P. 

Martin Luther Centers 

Died in Kentuclv^-. 

Buj'. in Zaksl^i, O. 

Tlieir children : 
4Vu HenrJetta Alice b. Jan. 30, 1S54 d. Apr. 21, iSii5; bur. in 

Zaleslii, Oliio. 
4fi8 Edward McKiiKirie b. July ]:j, 18.58 d. Oct. 15, ]S72; bur. in 

Zaleslci, Olv.o. 
499 Sarah Louisa b. Feb. 2o, 1S61 d. Jan. 13, 1876; bur. in 

Perrysburg, Obin. 

Rev. M. L. Centers was a IMethodist Minister; lie 
married second, Mrs. Debra IMcAlister. 


Zebulon !f. Zebulon 2), eon of Henry & Sanili Ann 

{Chainhcr-s) .Jennings. 
Born Jan. 4, 18.'!8 in Washington County, Oliio. 
IVIar. Kov. iC, ISliO in Washington Co.,01no, by Kev. J. D. Rili-y. 
Eliza C. Sandford, dau.ofCapt. -lohn P. cvCelinda {Coruu-} 

Born May TO, 1816 in Wasliiugton Co., O. 
Tiu-y }jave no children. 

Mr. Jennings was in the A\ar of the rebellion, serv- 
ing in the 87th, 43rd and l-l^tli Regiments, O. V. I. Iri 
the latter he served as Second Lieutenant. He was 
taken prisoner at Harpers Ferry, and wounded while 
■with Sherman's march to the sea. He has three hon- 
orable discharges. 

He is now residing on his farm. Postoffice addre-s, 
Netop, Washington Co., O. 

DELILAH RECKARD JENNINGS (henry 41, Jonathan I.*;, 

Zebulon II, Zebulon 2), dan, of Hcnrj- & Sarab •*.'•• 

(C/io.mbcrs) Jennings. 
Born Jan. 22, 1S40 in "Washiiiglon Co., O. 
Died Dee. 13, iS6.5 in Zaleski, O. 
Bur. in Zaleski, (). 


Mar. in Zaleski, O. 

Humphrey William Jells Porter 

]5orn !u Eugiaiid. 
i'licd ia Ft. Wayne, Iinliaiia. 
]5ur. in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. 
Tliey liad no eliildren. 

Mr. Porter married second iu Ft. Wavnc, Indiana. 

JONATHAN JENNINGS (Henry 4i, Jonathan !5, Zebu- 
Ion 11, Zebulon 2), .son of Henry & Sarah Ann 
( Chawibcrs) .Jenningfs. 
Born Oct. 7, 3S-16 iu Wasliiugton County, Ohio. 
JMar. Oct. 2.5, 1871 in Kewport, O., by Rev. .r. H. Doan. 
Jennie Bosworth, dau. of Sumner Bosworth. 
J'.orn Oct. 13, iS-19 in Newport, Ohio. 

Their children : 

oUii Luelia b. Oct. 13, 1.S7.? iu Perrysburp:, O. Tcacliei' in 

pub. sciiool.- iu C^olumbas, 'J. 

501 Alma Alivilda b. June 2, 1875 in Toledo, Oliio. 

502 Bertha Edith b. Aug. 29, 1S77 d. Jan. 23, IHU?. iu Columbus, 

Ohio; bur. in Newport, O. 

Jonathan Jennings is a Carpenter .arid Cabinei 
Maker by trade; an excellent workntau. Of late years 
engaged as foreman and general car foreman in passen- 
ger car work. 

His address is No. C2 E. 4th Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 


ZEBULON JENNINGS A1cKiBBEN( Rhoda 42, Jonathan 15, 
Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), son of Jo,<e]i)h A- Rhoda (Jc/i- 
'iiiiiiii) ifcKibben. 

blorn Nov. 5, 182-1 ill Wasliiugton Co., O. 

Dii-d Auj,'. 21, ibij3 at .lelleiyou r.arraeks, near St. Loui.:, I\Io. 

I'lir. at Jeflerson Banaths, near St. Louis, ISlo. 

Mar. M.h. 2S, 1S49 in Albion, 111., by Rev. John Thatcher. 

Mary Stanley, dau. of Francis R. tt Mary {Gaybir) Stanley. 

Born July 1,1830 near Marietta, O. 

- Seven children were born to them : 


^)<.'3 Ueorj^e b. jMeb. 20, 18o0 d. Sep. 10, 1860. 


504 Hsr.ry/ b. July 10, ISol m. Juliu Seversnn. 


Jaiie^ ^ . 
Ann f^^'""^'' 






Job)! C. Nichols. 
Edwin Kuapp. 


Joseph A. 






. Louisa Butler. 








, John 0. Emmei'sou 








F(rb. 24, ISiil. 

All born near Albion, Edward.s Co., 111. 

Zebulon Jennings McKibben was converted when 
about .seventeen years of age. He was soon made an 
exhorter and licensed to preach. When about twenty- 
seven years old he was ordained a Minister of the M. E. 
Church in 1S61. In August, 1862, he enlisted in Co. li., 
87th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He was 
taken sick before Vicksburg and after the surrender 
■was sent to the hospital at Jefferson }3arracks, near St. 
Louis, Mo., where he died. 

He had been appointed Chaplain but died before 
his commission was made out. 

His widow resides at Webster, Day County, .South 

DAVID ricKIBBEN (Rhoda42, Jonathan 15, Zebuion I!, 

Zebulon 2), son of Joseph Ji: Rhoda (Jcniiiinj^) 

Born Jau. 19, 1S27 in Wasliiugton Co., Ohio. 
Mar. Nov. 14, 1848 
Mrs. Alary Jane l3mmerson 
Bom Jilch. 4, 1824 

Their children : 

510 Elizabeth Jane '^ b. Aug. 21,1849 m. James Symes. 

511 Joseph b. Feb. 15, 1852 m. Eliza Ellen Kiug. 

512 Clemanie b. Aug. 15, 1856 

513 Alien Alexander b. Jtui. .SI, 1859 
614 Da\ i<i Eciwprds b. Dec. 12, 1662 
515 nary Aiice b. Sep. 80, 18G4 
510 Hattie b. Apr. 25, 1869 

David McKibben served as a volunteer duiiu';; tne 
civil war. 

He and his wife are uiemljers of the Chiisturn 
Church. He is a stock dealer and lives in Albion, Ed- 
wards Co., Illinois. 



HFINRY JENN5NG5 ricKKBBEN (Rboda 42, Jonv.than IS, 
Zcbtilon II, Zeiston 2), son of Jopcjili it Rlioda (Jennings) 

IViin Oct. 4, 18.30 ill Athens County, Ohio. 
Mar. Feb. 10, 1S53 
Liicinda Stanley 
Born Xov. 23, 1S31 

Their children : 

517 narth.n b. July 2H, 18.54 ra. Amasa J. Pierce. 
,'.|.S Rhoda b. .Tune 22, 18.56 m. Philip S. Partridge. 
.510 Sami.e! b. Mch. 29, 18.59 m. Ida Bell Allen. 
.520 Flora L. b. Aug. 31, 1861 m. Andrew Johnson. 
.521 EUen V. b. July 9, 1865 m. P. B. Thompson. 
522 nary A. b. June 22, 1808 m. Andrew McCalium. 
.52:i George H. !>. Oei. 7, 1871 

Mr. McKibbeu is a Blacksmith and lives al Perbain, 
Otter Tail Co., Minu. 

Like his brothers, he was a soldier, and served 
throughout the rebellion. 

He and his wife are members of the M. E. Church. 


LlH/ViEN FOUTS McKfBBEN (Rhoda 42, Jonathan IS, 
Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), sou of Joseph & Rhoda 
(Jf.nniiigs) McKibben. 

Born Dec. 19, l.'>;;2 in Athens Co., Ohio. 

Mar. Mch. 6, l.S.jC, 

Theresa West 

Born AuR. 11, 1832 

Their children : 


.52-1 William Edwf.r^ b. Dec. 6, l.S5() d. July 25, 1S5S 

62.5 nary hiizabofh b. Nov. 1, 18.58 d. Apr. IG, 18(19 

52ii Joseph Wesley b. Deo. 3, 1860 

527 John Lcmeri b. Jan. 7, 1807 

02S Harriet Letctia b. June 28, 1S09 

LemeaF. JMcKibben enlisted, Oct. Ist. ISGI, in the 
tJlIi Kansas Rcr^t., v.'hich was afterwards cousolio-nted 


■with and knov.'n as tlie 2nd Kansas Cavalry. He served 
under Capt. Henrj' Hopkins in Co. B, and was 
mustered out Jan. 19, 18G5. 

He and his wife are members of the M. E. Church. 
He is a farmer and his address is Wilber Creek, Blue 
Earth Co., Minn. , 

than 15, Zebulon 11, Zebuion2), son of -Josejjh i' 
Ehoda (Jennings) McKibben. 
Born Mch. 4, 1S37 in AVasbington C'o., O. 
Mar. Aug. 12, ISGO in Edwanls Co., 111., bj- Allen Emerson, 

Christian I\[inister. 
Velina Antinette Spcrry, cLaii. of Alinon & Eniinaline 

(Ruggles) SperrJ^ 
Bom Feb. 12, 1840 in Roeksbury, Lilehfield, Co., Conn. 
Died Feb. 13, ISOl in Junction City, Cieary Co., Kan. 
Bur. in Highland Cemetery, Geary Co., Kan. 

Their children : 
529 Elmer Eiisworth b. Aug. IS, 1S61 d. June 15, 1 88-5 

m. Sarah E. Rose. 
in. Ainiie J. Rose, 
d. Jan. 20, 1887 
Fairhaiilt Co., Minn. 
Blue Earth Co., Uiun. 
Carroll Co., Iowa. 
Russell Co., Kan. 
Russell t'o., Kan. 

Jonathan F. McKibben enlisted Oct. 1, ISiJO, in 
Co. B, 2nd Kan. Cavalry, and served one year as Ser- 
geant; then served in 3rd Kan. Battery for twenty six 
months as an Artilleryman. He is a Blacksmith by 
trade. His present address is North Topeka, Kan. 

PETER S. McKlBBEN (Rhoda 42, Jonathan (5, Zebulon !i. 

Zebulon 2), son of .Tojejih ct Rliooa {Jcnn'rig:) 

JBorn Nov. 10, 18.38 
Died Mch. 18, l.S!!4 in Albion, Ed\>^ards C..., HI 


Frank A. 






riorris Alinon 




, 1867 


Cber nay 




, 1SG9 


Jonathan Edgar 






Velina Ida 



, 30, 



Jesse Jcrold 






Herbert Harry 






Henry Sperry 






]5iir. in AHiion, Ed wards Co., II!. 

Miir, .\]>r. 5, 1800 iu Albion, III., hy M. IMoutgomery. 

nilen A. Green, drui. of George & Caroline ( Uilton') Green. 

ISoru 8i.'p. l-'l, )S3S ia Albiou, Kdwarus Co., 111. 

Their children: 
5.';s William Francis b. May 18, ISGl ra. Ivlary Pearce. 


A'linnesota Mfiv 




, 1.S05 

in. Clias. E. A 


5-'. II 

John Green 





in Albion, III. 


Charles Hiitosi 





lu. Jlary Jaut 



Albert Henry 


. Ftjb. 



iu Albion, 111. 


S.^rah C.'iroiine 





in Albion, 111. 


limnia Katbarine 





iu Albion, 111. 


David George 


. Nov. 

1 ,' 


iu Albion, 111. 


Lur.y l.ulu 


. Dt.'C. 



iu Albion, 111. 


•\ Nellie Alice 

Peter McKibben served during the war in Co. I, 
JSth ill. Vol. Inf. 

JOHN HcKIBBEN (Rhoda 42, Jonathan 15, Zebiilon H, 

Zebulon 2), son of .Joseph tt Rhoda {Jennings) 

Born Dec. 13, lS4i iu Wayue Co., 111. 
I-Jied June fi, l.SS'l in Wiiujebago City, Minn. 
-Mar. All-;. 11,1867 
Sarah Bassett 

Tlieir children : 

517 Alice b. May 2o, 18(58 
648 Belle b. Get". 27, 1871 
54y Nellie b. Aug. 1.5, 1874 

John McKibben served in 2nd Minnesota Cavalrj'. 
Mrs. McKibben lives in Winnebago City, Fairbault Co., 


NVALLACE ricFClBBEN (Rhoda 42, Jonathan 15. Zebu- 
ion 11, Zebuloii 2), son of .lo^eph A. Rhoda {J<.:iniv(i.i) 

ll-iii .lunn 4, bSl.:- iu Albion, Edwards, Co., 111. 


Mar. Jan. 13, 1870 in Grand River Townsliip, DelCalli Co., ISJo., 

by Dauiel AlliriylAt, J. P. 
EHr.a Jane Patten, dan. of James tt Ann Elizabelli (Irwin) 

Boru Oct. 17, 1S50 in Terrc Haute, Vi-o Co., lud. 

Their clnldreu : 

550 Effie Idella 1-. Bfay 16, 187] lu. James Lobou. 

551 Cora Edna b. Oct. 15,1872 m. James Ch;<.s. Teeters. 

552 Rlioda Jennings b. June 2,1875 m. Geo. William Teeters. 

553 ArviiieQeanettelj. Aug. IS, 1877 m. George >f. Miller. 

551 CiTartes Henry b. Apr. 16, 18S0 iu Shelijy Tp., Blue Earth 

Co., Minu. 

555 Minnie Belle b. May 3, 1SS2 in Big Creek Tp., Russell 

Co., Ksn. 

550 Joseph Earnest b. Sep. 25, 1SS6 in Kussell C'o., Kau. 

557 Louis W. b. Apr. 19, 1889 iu Cottage CTrove, Lane 

Co., Oregon. 

558 John nelvino b. Oct. 15, 1894 iu Cottage Grove, Lane 

Co., Oregon. 

Wallace McKibben served iu Co. C, lltli Mimic- 
sota Volunteers. 

He is a farmer. Address, Cottaoe, Oregon. 


HARRIET McKlBBEN (Rhoda 42, Jonathan 15, Zebu- 
Ion ii, Zebufon 2), dau. of Joseph & Rlioda (Jennings) 

Boru A].r. S, 1847 iu Albiou, Edwards Co., 111. 

Died Sep. 22, 1S83 in Albion, Edwards Co., III. 

Eur. iu Albion, Ii^dwards Co., 111. 

Mar. Jan. 8, 1S65 in Shelby. 111., by Krv. Sawyer. 

John Dilley 

Born May IG, ISOS iu Wyoming Valk'y, Pa. 

Died Feb. 10, 18S0 iu Maukato, Minn. 

Bur. at Garden City, Minn. 
Tiieir children : 


550 Earnest Everett b. Kov. 4, 18G5 m. Mable E. Friend. 

500 Delmar Matfiias b. Sept. 22, 1SU7 m. Jennie M. Hall. 

561 Sarali Zaida b. Jan. 1, 1874 d. Apr. 26, isr.i. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dilley were uiembers of the Baptist 
Church u\- G.''rden City, Minn. 


SARAH L. ricKIBBEN (Rl.oda 42, Jonathan 15. Zebu = 

fon II, Zebi'ion 2), dan. of Joroph it Khoda (Jcnnincis) 

Born Mch. 20, ISW near Albion, Ildwards Co., 111. 
Mar. 3Mch. 31, JS74 in Garden City, Miuu., by Rev. J. Rockwood. 
Firown Reeder, son of James 'S:- Sarah (^Mora/rti/) Reeder. 
r.orii Oct. 24, 1S3S in Blarion, Marion Co., C>. 
Their children : 

S'jL' Rhoda Josephine b. Jan. 20, 1S75 m. Noble G. Root. 

.yy James Vance b. !Uec. 20, 1S76 

.V.;4 Sarah Efiie b. May 19, 1S79 

,Vi5 Hattie L«tiiia b. July IR, ISSO 

r/iii John Lemen b. Nov. 12. 18S4 

bi.u nary HHzabeth b. Apr. 27, J 888 

All born near Amboy, Blue Earth Couatj . Aiiuu. 

Mr. Reeder is a farmer and lives near Amboy, Blue 
r.arlh County, Minn Mr. aud Mrs. Reeder are mem- 
bers of the Pre.sbyterian Church. 

LORETTO FORDYCE (David D. 49, Siis-innah 16, Zebu- 
Ion 11, i;ebujun 2), dau. of David Davidson ct Mar- 
garet (Fwskr) Fordyce. 

lUini .lune 15, 1832 



■'''"> Nothing further is known by the compiler con- 
cerning this family. 


SARAH FORDYCE (David D. 49, Susannah 16, Zebulon II, 
ilcbuion 2), d;)u. of David Davidson * Margaret 
\l'i-'\^(er) Fordycr. 

l'-ii-ii Xov. 35, jsao 


A. A. Johnson. 

Their cbiUlren: 


'>"^ David I{. b. Aug. 7,1852 in. Rarbara Jobii..iua. 

''"!' l-iJv.-!Ia J. b. Api. 37, i-i^G ni. T. J'^. Haiitia. 


571 Wiliiam B. b. July 9, 1S57 dj. Amy Callahan. 

571! Samue! fl. b. Oct. 2G, 1858 m. Helcu FanfeLh. 

673 Ida L. b. Oct. 26, 1860 m. Andrew P. Ailon. 

57-1 Thomas R. b. Meb, 11, 1864 m. Catharine Eudly. 

MARY M.FORDYCE (David D. 49, Susannah 16, Zdm- 

Ion II, Zebuion 2), daw. of David Davidson & ]Mar- 

garet (Ficstcr) Davidson. 
Born Aug. 6, 1838 

575 The compiler lias no fnitlier knowledge of this 

JOHN SHIPHAN FORDYCE (Barnet W. 50, Susannah 16, 
Zebuion H, Zebu5on 2), sfm of Earnet William A: ]Mar- 
gavet {Shipnuiii) Fordyce. 
Born Feb. 15, 1837 
Mar. (1) 
Hannah Allen. 

Their children : 

576 Five children, all married, and all live in Guernsey 
County, Oliio. 

Mar. (2) 

577 Eight children, all at home except oldest son,Y,'ho 
is in Idaho. 

John Shipman Fordyce had a large family. One sou, 
G.W. Fordyce, is a Tclegrai>h Operator at Canal Fulton, 

John S. Fordyce lives on the old home faim in 
Jefferson Twp., Guernsey Co., O. 

JENNIE FORDYCE (Barnet SO. Susannah Ifi.Zebufon il, 

Zebuion 2), dau. of llarnet William tt Margaret 

(Shijnnan ) Fordyce. 
Burn July 5,18:;S iu Harrison (,'o,, O. 


.M.'ir. rel>. 7, 1S56 in Jefferson Twp., Gueri..<t'y Co., O., by I!fv. 

F. W. Verdicim. 
William .^ti. Richards, son of Aiuos it Baiali Richarils. 

TiiA-ir children : 
o7S Maggies, b. Dec. 21,1857 m. BciMaaiiu Wells Speck. 

579 Leol.T R. b. Nov. 17, ISliO d. Nov.lG, ISSl; bur. "Wiutei'set. 
,Wi Mary F. b. July 18, 1SG.5 m. Daniel Fletcher Stanley. 

Mr. and Mrs. Rich,ards reside in Milnersville, O. 


SIJSANN.4H ELIZ.'\BBTH FORDYCE (Barnet W. 50, Sii.=;- 

annali 10, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of Bnrnet 

William it Margaret (Siiipman) Fordyce. 
iiurn Feb. 21, 1S40 iu Tuscarawas Co., O. 
Mar. Oct. 11, 1S6G in Winchester, Guernsey Co., O., by llev. 

Josf'ph Gledhill. 
Dr. John B. Stewart, son of William & Jane (Bunhn) 

Born Fell. 16, lS;tS in Winchester, Guernsey Co., O. 

Their children : 

."-.SI narg.iret b. July 23, 1867 d. Aug. 20, 1808. 

6^L' Rutii Lloyd b. July 9, 18G9 ra. J. S. Robertson. 

5S3 William Barton 1). Aug. 27, 1S70 d. :\ray lo, 1871. 
■''■^-l Mary Jane b. July 15, 187o m. Owen P. Furriugton. 

'j^o Elizaberii Ernssliiie b. Aug. 12, 1S7S Teacher in Clarks- 
burg College, Clarks- 
burg, Ivlo. 

580 David Fordyce • b. Sep. 2, 18S1 d. July 12, 18S9. 

Dr. John B. Stewart served three years during the 
Civil War iu the 1st Ohio Cavalry, and was a prisoner 
ol war for seven montlis. He moved from Ohio to 
Clarksburg, Mo., in 1SG7, where he has practiced medi- 
cine ever since. His son-in-law, O. P. Farrington, is 
his partner. 

Dr. Stewart was elected Representative to the Slate 
Legislature in 1S9S. 

2ILPAI1 FORDYCE (Barnet W. 50, Susannah t.6, Zi'o'.i- 

lon n, Zebulon 2), dau. of Barnet William tt Mar-arel 

(Shipmnn) Fordyce. 
r>icdRt Ciiieinnati, O. 


lUir. at Clmduuati, O. 

]\!:(r. Oct. 23, ].S71 

Dr. W. n. George, of Fairview. 

Their child : 

557 Corwin Teleyniph Operator iu Clevrlaud, O. 

Mrs. George resides in Petersburg, Indiana. 

S.^RAH OODEN FORDYCE (Barnet W. 50, Susannah t6, 

Zebulon It, Zebu Son 2), dau. of ]5arnel William tt 

Margaret (Shipman) ]'^^rdyce. 
Died iu Sidiaevjlte, O. 
Bur. in fcalincville, O. 
Mar. Feb. 27, 1S72 
Dr. Isaac A. Burson, yon of Wasldngton. it Elizabeth 

( ) liurson, of Winchester, Ohio. 

Their children : 

558 1 

[ d. in iufpney. 

589 ) 

500 Corie m. Robert Jloutgojaery. 

Mrs. Montgomery's address is 218 Massachusetts 

Ave, N. Vv^, Washington, D. C. 

MARY ELIZABETH JENNINGS (Jacob 61, Jacob 17, Zeb- 

ulon n, Zebulon 2), dau. of Jacob & Sarah (_tUai-sh) 

Born Aug. 10, 1839 
Mar. July 10, 1858 
T. R. Crouch 
Born Oct. .31, 1837 

Their children : 

59i Louis Diiwortii b. July 8,1859 d. . Sep. 21, 1800. 
532 Emily Jane b. Jau. 19, ISGl m. Clinton Padeu. 

503 Harriet Eiixobeth b. Mch. 19, 1SG3 
59-1 S.irah Catharine b. IMch. 11, IHoo d. Mch. l.'l, 1871 
595 Infant Gon b. Men. 21, IS'U) d. Mch. 22, lSti9 

59G Celia Rebecca b. May Ifi, 1870 

597 nary Adaliue b. June 11, 1872 

698 nason b. .lun;.- 1, "JS7G 



WALTER LOV/RIE MORRFSON (Henry J. 69, Hnry 29, 
Henry \3, Zebulon H, Zcbulon 2), son of Henry Jen. 
ningstt Sally A.nn (Fox) iilorrison. 

]^r)i July 2, IStg iu Morrow Co., O. 

Died May 8, 1S07 in Chetck, Wis. 

i!ur. near C'hetek, AVis. 

^fa^. Meb 29, 1870 near Lone Rock, Wis., by Rpv. S. B. Loomis. 

Carrie Sexton, dau. of Ebenozer Morris it Caroline Eliza- 
beth ( ) Sexton. 

liorn Kov. ■", 1852 at Sextonville, ]\iehland Co., AVis. 
Tbeir children : 


o'J9 Albert Sexton b. May IS", 1872 

600 Katie Irene b. Oct. 19, 1877 m. Amos Alva Clemmous. 

GOl riattie Ann b. Feb. 6, 1880 ni. Amaadiis G. Barliudol. 

(j(i2 Minnie Rebecca b. Sep. 9,1887 

Walter L,. Morrison's family resides at Chetek. 

Barron Co., Wis. 


THOHAS GILBERT nORRJSON (Henry J. 69, Hary 29, 
Henry 13, Zebiiicn li, Zebulon 2), .^on of Henry Jen- 
nings & Sally Ann (Fox) Morrison. 

liom May 24, 1S51 in Illinois. 

Died June 30, 1884 

liiir. iu Fancy Creek Cemetery, Gilliugbam, Richland Co., Wis. 

Mar. Sep. 21, 1871 in Richland Co., Wis., by Rev. James Reid. 

Hary Jane Noble, dau. of Daniel it Margaret Noble. 

RoinFeb. 14, 1846 

l>icd Oct. 81, 1SS3 

liur. iu Fancy Creek Cemetery, (iilliugham, rdehlaiKl Co., "Wis. 
Their cliiUren : 


Cua Oilberi: b. All!;. 14,1872 Fanner, lives in Kansas. 
16, 1674 lu. John R. McMillen. 
10, 1876 m. Willard E. Darrow. 

Wi na'-'iaret Ann 


Mary Lillian 

b. Jau. 
b. Oct. 

Liz/.ifc Candace b. iNlay 31, ISSO 

Emma Ella 

b. Sep. 
b. Oct. 

4, I.«81, 
SI, 188S 

d. Oct. ;il, 1883. 
Tliomas Gilbert Morrison was a farmer. 



HARY CANDACE HORRLSON (Henry J. 69, Mary 29. 
Henry 13, Zebuion 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of Heiiry 
Jennings & Sally Ann (Fox) Morrison. 

Boru Feb. 4, 1854 iu Morrow Co., O. 

Mar. Junel, ISSl iu jMiuii'polis, Kau., by Roy. Horace Buslinell. 
David VV. Troup, son of Alexander it Margaret Troup. 
Born Feb. 14, 1855 in Lowollville, Ohio. 

Their children : 

609 Ronoid norrison b. Oel. 4,1886 
710 Keanetli Ford b. Aug. 22, 1889 

Mr. D.W.Troup is a Real Estate Agent aud resides 
at Kansas City, Kansas. 


ROBERT T. JWORRISON (Henry J. 69, Mary 29, Henry 1,S, 
Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), son of Henry Jenniug.-^ -X 
Sally Ann (Fox) ]\Iuiri.son. 

Boru Oct. 26, 1856 in Riebland Co., Wis. 
Mar. (1) Dec. 26, 1882 ii] Greely, Colorado. 

Laura Alice Armstrong-, dau. of -James & Elizabeth 
( Cumviings) Arinstrouj^. 

Born Apr. 25, 18.57 in Warreusburg, Mo. 

Died Mch. 31, 1890 iu Chapman, Kan. 

Bur. in Indian Ilill Cemetery, Chapman, Kan. 

Two c)iildren bj^ first marriage : 

611 Robert Paul b. Aiu. 20, 1884 in Solotnou, Kan. 

012 Alice CunMTiings b. Mcli. 10, 1888 iu Lineoln, Kan. 
Mar. (2) Aug. 20, 1896 in Helton, Mo., by G. L. Moad, D. D. 
Mrs. Jessie L. (Smith) Gregg, dau. of Boon ct Mar;.'arc'. 

Meleenia ( ) Sniitli. 

Born Oct. 22, 1861 iu Boon (o., Mo. 

Mr. Robert T. Morrison is a Grain Dealer and re- 
sides in Kansas City, Missouri. 



EA1A1A ETTA MORRISON (Henry J. 69, Mary 29, 
Henry 13, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of Henry Jen- 
nings oc Sally Ann (Fox) IMorrison. 

Born Dec. 9, 1S5S in Kicliland Co., Wis. 

]\rar. Aug. 3, 188! iu Abilene, Kan., by Rev. W. H. Snyder. 

Benjamin Franklin Foster, son of Uriah A: Ann (Walker) 

Bora I\Ieb.l5, ISoS in Si)ringfield, 111. 
Their child ; 

CIS Benjamin Oscar b. May .", 1883 d.' Deo. 9, 1886; bur. in Sol- 
omon, Kan. 

B. l'\ Foster is a Farmer and Stock Buyer, and re- 
sides in Solomon, Kan. 


WILLIAH HENRY MORRISON (Henry J. 69, Alary 29, 
Henry 13, Zebulon II, Zebulon 2), son of Henry Jen- 
nings it Sail}' Ann (For) Morrison. 

Born Meh. 6,1861 in Eichland Co., Wis. 

Mar. Mcli. 23, 1884 iu Lone Jlock, Wis., by Rev. L. Leonard. 

Laura Adelte Jenkins, dau. of John Brewster & Harriet 
(Leiyhton) Jenkins. 

Born Dee. 22, 1862 in Evansville, Wis. 
Their ehikireu : 

CM IdaCandace b. May 18,1885 

Clo Laura Eleanor b. Apr. 2G, 1888 

6i6 Roland Brewster b. Apr. 9, 1S90 

017 Helen Oeorgiania b. IVlcli. 15,1892 

618 Florence Henrietta Melba b. Aug, 3,1805 

619 Robert William b. Api-. 5,1898 

William H. Morrison is at j^resent a Mail Agent; 
formerly ent^aged in teaching. He resides in Hawarden, 


HLLA JANE MORRISON (Henry J. 69, Mary 29,Henryl3, 
Zebuion II, Zebulon 2), dau. of Henry Jennings & 
Sally Ann (Fox) Morrison. 

Horn Sop. 28, 1S62 in Kichlaud Co., Wis. 


Mar. Dec. 22, ISSG iu Richlaud Ceiitfr, Wis., by Rev. L. j.L'ouan'.. 
Frederick Henrs' Durnford, son of Alfred & Annie (Smii!:) 

Boru June 8, lS'i2 iu Wiscousiu. 

Their chiUlreu : 

620 Dorothy Annie Ij. Dec. 2, 16S7 

621 Harrow Spr.igue b. Sep. 9, 18S9 

622 Frederick Alfred b. ^lay 24, 1891 

62;^ Klla Jessie b. .Tuly 13, 1893 d. Dec. 2, 1893. 

C24 Menry Robert b. Aug.19, 1S91 

62.3 William b. Feb. 28, 1S96 

626 Dewey Foster b. Dec. 27, 1897 

Frederick H. Durnford is a Commercial Travelei 
and resides in Richlaud Ceuter, Wis. 


MARY JEN.NlNCiS MORRISON (William M. 72, Mary 29, 
Henry 13, Zebulon II, Zebuluu 2), dau. ol ^\'illi.'^ll 
Montgoiner}- & Sallie (Bcnthall) Morrison. 

Boru 1858 

Died Feb. 4, ISS-d 

Mar.MnySO, 1SS2 

Rev. A. E. Ewers 
Child : 


627 Krnest Morrison b. Jan. 20, 1885. 

JAMES STUART MORRISON (James L. 73, Hary 29, 
Henry 13, Zebulon U, Zebiifon 2), son of Jaiui. 
Leslie & Mary Anna {Durham) Alorrison. 
Born Aug., 18(0 
Lena Baker, of Fulton, Mo. 

Their children: 

628 Mildred 

629 riartlia 

James Stuart Morrison is a graduate of Wcsi- 
minster College, Fulton, I\lo., anJl i.'at present Princi}^"'- 
of High School, at Fulton, Mo. 



EDSON WATSON (Rhoda A. 94, Jonathan 32, Henry 13, 
Zebulon H, Zebulon 2), son of Thomas Morgan it 
Elioda Ann (Jennings) Watson. 

Born Mcli. 25, ISfiT in Meigs Co., O. 

yUir. Dec. 23, ISOi in Wellsville, Kan., liy Kev. Gt-o. R. Houts. 

Carrie Hill Stoner, dan. of -TohnAVeslej- & 'Mariha. (Oglchee) 

linru Sep. 1-5, 1SG8 in Easl Liberty, Pa. 
Their eliild : 


(vSO Inez iV.ay b. Oct. 9, 1S92 in Hillsdale, Kansas. 

Mr. Watson is a School Teucher,at present teaching 
a government school. P. O. Address, Cheyeirne River 
Agenc}', ,S. Dakota. 


ELZA WATSON (Rhoda Ann 94, Jonathan 32, Henry 13. 

Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), .?on of Thomas Morgan & 

Rhoda Ann {Jennincjs) Watson. 
l'.i>rii Oct. 3, isijs in Meigs Co., O. July 2.5, 1893 in Glouster, Athens Co., O., by Rev. Joseph 

Mary Blower, dan. of John & Emma (Bently) Blower. 
Huru Feb. 20, 1871 in Hodensford, Staffordshire, England. 

Their children : 

^-'■i Floyd Bentley b. Aug. 9, 1S94 in Meigs Co., O. 
W2 Harley Jennings b. Dec. 28,1897 in Glouster, Athens Co., O. 

Mr. Watson is a Teacher and Farmer. Address, 
Glouster, Athens Co., O. 


CVA WATSON (Rhoda Ann 94. Jonathan 32, Henry 13, 
Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), dan. of Tliomas Morgan & 
Ulioda Ann (Jennrngs) Watson. 

i-"m Dec. 4, ISTl in ISleigs Co., O. 


Mar. Jan. 31, ]8i)7 in Meh^a Co., O., liy Rev. Cornettet. 

Ettas Henry Wilson,-sou of EUas l^: Mary {LarUris) ^Yil,?( 
Born J:;ii. Ki, 1SV4 iu l\I(riss Co., O. 

Their child : 
633 Arthur Raymond b. Mny 7, 1S9S iu J.leigs Co., O. 

GEORGE NiXON (.lor.athan J. !03, Alargaret 35, .fon;i- 
than is, Zebulon 1!, Zebuloti 2), son of Jonathan Jc!i- 
nings & jMarj- (CM'r) Nixon. 

Boru Apr. 7, 1S37 io Wasliingtoii Co., O. 

Mar. Sep. 26, ISGI iu Carlinville, 111., ):>y Kev. S. M. Cuep. 

Mary Fl. Womack, dau. of John Watson & Nancy (Yoxie!!) 

Born IMch. 31, 1S44 iu Carliiivillo, IH. 
Their chiUlren : 


63-i John Clinton b. Oct. 22, 1SG3 m. Emma Jana Bovvu. 

635 Amanda Helvina b. Apr. IS, 1866 d. .Tan. 8, 1S6S. 

636 Chr^rics ATellville b. .lau. 7, 18G9 m. Ijillie May Tovvse. 

637 William Albert b. i^ep. S, 1871 in. Florence May Carr. 
63S Lorctta May b. ]\fay 31 , 1S74 ni. Craven O. Deuby. 

639 George Jennings b. Oct. 4, 1876 

640 Hattie naude b. May U, 1879 d. June 2, 1879. 

641 Walter .Sibley b. Oct. 20, ISSO 

642 James Robert b. Sep. 2, 1883 
G43 Perlie Ross b. Dec.Sl, 1SS6 
G44 Harlie Harrison b. Jan. 15, 1890 

George Nixon is a Farmer. Address : Enos, Hi. 


SARAH .NiXON (JoiKitlian J. 103, Margaret 35, Jona- 
than i5, Zebulon 1!, Zebulon 2), dau. of Jonathan .Iro- 
nings & IMary (Cislcr) Nixon. 

Bom Feb. 7, 1841 "in AV;t^hi].gloii Co., O. 

Died M.iy 8, 18^2 near Worthuni, Tcxa'^. 

Mar. Feb. 4, 18ii] 

Hugh Washington Forsytlie 
Their children : 


645 Nettie b. 18G2 

646 Alice 

647 Willinni 











HARRIET NIXON (Jonathan J. 103, Margaret 35, Jona- 
than 15, Zebu.Ion II, Zebulon 2), dau. of Jonathan 
Jennings it Mary (Cisler) Xixon. 

Horn I\I(:h. 20, 1844 in Washington Co., O. 

Mar. Ol-I. 2, 1862 in Cnrlinville, lU., by Kev. W. W. Freeman. 

Lieut. Benjamin V. Carey, son of John & Elizabeth 
( T H?i rell) Gary. 

lioru July 15, 1838 in Highland Co., O. 
They have one child : 


<.62 CJeti. U. S. b. Feb. 2, 1864 m. Addie B. Walker. 

Benjamin V. Carey enlisted from Jacksou Twp., 
Highland Co., O., Jnne 13, 1861, at Camp Chase, Ohio, 
iu the 24th O. V. I. After his discharge he was com- 
missioned 1st Lieut, of Co. E, 122ud 111. lulantry. 
He was in fourteen regular battles and twice captured, 
the last time by Gen'l N. B. Forest at Trenton, Tenn. 
He served till July 17, 1865. He was married on 
Thur.tjday, Oct. 2, 1862, and joined Ir's Company on the 
following Wednesday. In December he was captured 
by Gen'l Forest and paroled at Trenton, Tenn. On his 
way home he stopped at Benton Barracks, I\Io., and 
had as his bunk mate for the night an old man who 
bad just been exchanged and was going home badly 
wounded. He was much surprised on reaching home 
to fmd his father-in-law (whom he had never seen) to 
'iave been his quandom bunk mate. 

His father, John Carey, was born iu Baltimore, 
Md. He was a United Brethern Preacher, and was 
drowned in Brush Creek, Ohio, May, 1838, two inouths 
before the birth of Benjamin. His mother, Eli/.abeth 
{Van Pelt) Carey, was the daughter of Benjamin Van 
I'cli, a .soldier of the War of 1812. He was licensed tc 
preach as a Minister in the M. E. Church by the Rocky 
^'"nr!: Conference, Highland County, Ohio, in 1821. 


Benjamin V. Carey followed various pursuits.having 
been Carpenter, School Teacher, Hard Lumber Dealer 
Planing Mill Operator and Expert Lumber Trader, 
Adams Express Agent, Inventor, Perfecting and 
Handling Patents, and is now Pension Attorney and 
Notary Public, and doing business at all of the big 
Pension offices of the West. He is Superintendent of 
Robinson Cemetery and is Ex-Commander of G. A. R. 
Post. His residence is in Robinson, 111. 


riARGARET NiXON( Jonathan J. !03, Margaret 35, Jona- 
than IS, Zebuloii n, Zebuion 2), dan. of .Jonathan 
Jennings it Mary (C/s/er) Nixon. 

Born Dec. 24, lS4fi iu Washington Co., O. 

Died Jan. 28, 1S73 in Christian Co., 111. 

Bur. in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, "^rueoupiu Co., 111. 

Mar. 1868 iu Macoupin, 111., hy George Harrall, J. P. 

John SampJe, son of Aaron t<: ( ) Sample. 

Their ehikireu : 

Go-! Elfen b. iu Macoupin Co., 111. 
6.54 George 


WILL!AM NLXON (Jonathan J. 103, Margaret 35, Jona- 
than 15, Zebnion 11, Zebuion 2), son of Jonath;;n 
Jennings & Mary (Cisler) Nixon. 

Bom >Ich. l*^, 1848 in Washington Co., O. 

Mar. (1) Dee. 24, 187.^, by Itev. Zackariah Waters. 

Rhoda Ellen Womack, dau. of John Wesley & Nancy 
( Yoicdl) Womack. 

Born Mch. 20, 1849 near Carliuvillo, Macoupin Co., III. 

Died June 3, 1880 

Bui', at Chaiity Church, near CarlinviUe, 111. 
No children by 1st marriage. 

I\rar. (2) Aug. Ki, 1S85 by Rev. Zackariah Waters. 

Claraissa Biack, dau. of Peier & Black. 

Born Mch. 12, ISjO near Palmyra, 111. 
Their chiUhvii : 


655 Taylor Jennings h. May 25, 1880 iu jNlacoupin Co., Dk 

656 William Walter 1 , . „, n,.-., • ht ,. tii 

657 Bcujaniin |b. Aug. 24, 18-.7 in Macoupni Co., HI. 


■ -A' Mary Rebelcah b. July 10, IfiOO in >racoujiin Co., III. 

..'.:* .ionathnn Peter b. Mcii. 22, 1S93 in IMissouri. 

t^cli Bertha Hay b. Jau. 26,1890 in Iowa. 

on nari.ha Myrtle b. ]\rch. 7, ]S9S in Iowa. 

Mr. Nixon is a Farmtr. Address, vSiduey, Iowa. 

JON.A,THAN JENNSNCiS NIXON (Jonathan J. 103, Har- 
garet 35, Jonathan 15, Zebulon II, Zebulon 2), son of 

.lonathan Jennings & Mary {Cider) Nixon. 
I'.irn Apr. 14, 1S50 iu Washington Co., O. 

Their ehildreu: 

*>;■- Reported to have children bnt the compiler has no 
record of them. 

Mr. Nixon lives at Nilwood, 111. 

MARY JOANNA NJXON (Jonathan J. 103, Hargaret 35, 

Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of Jonathan 

Jennings & Mary (CMer) Nixon. 
l'."in May 1-1, 1S.52 iu Washington Co., O. 
I'i.slOct. 11,1878 iu Nilwood, III. 
I'-ur. in I'leasant Grove Cemetery, Macoupin Co., 111. 

Nicholas BenJ. Anderton 

Tlieir child : 

'•'"^ Jonatlian Jennings, an infant, b. in Nilwood, 111. d. and 

was bur. with motlier. 

Nicholas Beuj. Anderton enlisted in Co. H., o2nd 
I'-l. Infantry, Nov. 1, 1861; re-enlisted a veteran; Vv-as 
i^i.^ charged Sept. 16, 1865. 

lU-r.SEY JENNINGS NIXON (William 104, Hargaret 35, 

Jonathan 15, ZebuSon II, Zebulon 2) dau. of William 

i\: Louisa C' (.S/icWrm) Nixon. 
'•-'rii Fib. 11, 1839 ■ in Washington Co., O. 
' '• '1 ^''b'h. Lb, 1895 in lJc4 Korte, Colorado. 


Mar. Mch. 31, KS57 in Washington Co., O., by Rev. J. D. Riley, 

Baptist JNIiuistcr. 
riHo Wilsoii, son of Samuel & JMary A. (Dawson) Wilson. 
Born May 26, 1S35 iu Morcor Co., Pa. 

Tlieir children : 

664 WilUam Wiley b. Mch. 13, 1858 m. S.ilome French. 

665 Qeoige (twin b. Oct. 10, 1S50 ni. Cora Mason. 

666 Zebiiton Jerinings b. 13,1863 m. Doiiua Evitts. 

667 Nannie Grace b. Oct. 6,1867 m. .1. B. Woodbury. 
66S Neliie Clustavia b, Oct. 11, 1878 d. Aug. 7, 1879. 

All were born in Washington Co., O. 

Mr. Wilson was a Stone Mason in liis youth ; in his 
later years was a Repairer of Oil Machinery. He served 
in the 148th Regt., O. V. I., during the Civil War. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson were both members of the 
Baptist Church ; were noted for their musical talent and 
zeal in the Sunday School cause. 

Mr. Wilson married (2) Katie Van Osdall. He re- 
sides in Del Norte, Colorado, and is an Undertaker and 
Dealer in Furniture. 

ZEBULON JENNINGS NIXON (William 104, Margaret 35, 
Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), son of William 
& Louisa C. {Sheldon) Nixon. 

Born Mch. 24, 1841 iu Washington Co., O. 

Mar. IMcli. 24, 1864 iu Washington Co., O., by Rev. J. D. Riley, 
Baptist Minister. 

Nannie J. Wilson, dau. of Samuel & Mary A. (Dinoson) 

Born Nov. 4, 1837 in Mercer Co., Pa. 
Their children : 


669 EflaMay b. Apr. Ill, ISGiJ m. William G. Mayfi-ld. 

670 riary Kate b. May 28, 1808 m. Joseph W. Buchanan. 

671 Hatlif- Li.i.ise b. Jan. 21, 18/3 in Wasliiugton Co., O. Not 

married; is a Stenographer 
and Ty]iev,'riter and lives 
with her parents in Marion, 
Onuit County, In<l. 
671a Arthur Percy b. JMch. 24, 1875 iu Washington Co. Ohio. 

d. July 30,1878;bur. at Belli- 
alto, Madison Co., II i. 


When the Rebellion broke out, Mr, Nixon v/as 
employed in a store in New Orleans, I,a. , and stayed 
there v.ntil ordered by the conscription oflF^cer to enlist 
in the State troops, which were being hurried to the 
front as fast as organized. He shipped as slush cook ou 
a I.,onisville l)oat and got back to Marietta, Ohio. He 
enlisted in Co. A. 3Gth Regt., O. V. I., May 28, 1861. 
He was slightly wounded several times during the war, 
but never so severely as to leave the line of battle, 
until atKemotov.'n, near Winche.=.Ler, Va. , July 24, 18(i4, 
he was severely wounded, and, while getting from the 
field, was wounded the second time. He was taken to 
the liospital at Clarj'stown, Md., and discharged from 
there May 28, 1865, by reason of wounds received in 
action. Is at present a Captain in charge of a Barrack 
and Company of men in the Home for Disabled Volun- 
teer Soldiers near Marion, Indiana, his family living in 

HARRIET CAYVVOOD NIXON (William 104, iVkar- 
garet 35, Jonftlian \5, Zebiilon I!, Zebulon 2), dau. 
of Willifirnct Louisa C. {Sheldon) Nixon. 
Born Jan. 16, 1S43 in WashiiiKtou Co., O. 
Died Sep. 27, 1898 in St. Louis, ^Mo. 
Bur. in Oak Grove Cemetery, ^larietta, O. 
Mar. May 4, ISGl in "Wasliiugtou Co., O., by P.ev. J. D. Riley, 

Baptist ^lini.sler. 
John Henton Carter, son of John .lanics & ]\rargaret 

{Henton) Carter. 
Bom May 3, 1S34 in :\IarieUa, O. 

Tlieir cliildren : 

f 72 nar]iraret Henton Ij. Ajt. 7, lR'i2 m. .Tiulge F. 3. Cutler. 
073 Wilibit; Nixon b. Feb. 2S, ISHo iu Cohunbus, Ky. "Was 

educated at ,yt. Louis, 
Mo.; has ability as a vo- 
calist; went to California 
in ISSO and spent a year. 
He nov,' travels for the 
Hannah Paint Conijstiiy, 
St. Louis, Ma. 


C'i Edwnrd Bertrand b. Sep. 25, 1860 in Cairo, ] 11. Erluc:iiod 

in St. Louis, JIo., aud 
New York. Hois Claim 
Agent for tlie Jlissouii 
Glass Co., St. Louis, INlo. 

John Heutoii Carter, sou of Dr. John James and 
Margaret {N/vUon) Carter, (formerlj' of Liverpool Eng- 
land), was boru at Marietta, Ohio, May 8, 1831 Dr. 
Carter dying while his son was yet an infant, his 
widow, with her two daughters and infant son, returned 
to her father's \John Henloii) home, ffS Oldliall Street, 
(Henton Block) Liverpool, Eug., where they remained 
until their return to America, (J\larietta, Ohio,) in 1388. 
Here Mr. Carter received his education. 

Upon his mother's death, April 17, 1847, Mr. 
Carter went South, steamboating upon the Ohio, 
Mississippi and Red River of the North. 

He was married in 1861 and the following 3'ear 
Mr. and Mrs. Carter, with their infant daughter, went 
to Columbus, K3^, and afterwards to Cairo, 111. At the 
close of the Rebellion they settled, wnth their tlnee 
children, in vSt. Louis, where they have resided ever 
since, v>'ith the exception of five years in New York 

Mr. Carter is an Author and Journalist. He has 
published numerous prose and poetical works, notably, 
" The Log of Commodore Rollingpin," " Thomas 
Rutherton," " Duck Creek Ballads." 

Mr. Carter did journalistic work for many years on 
the St. Louis Tinjes; since then he has edited his own 
publications — " Rollingpin's Annual," the "Veiled 
Prophets" (October Pageant Number), being especially 

Mr. Carter is a member of Pilgrim Congregational 
Church, St. Louis, Mo., and is a cultured and genial 

Mrs. Carter, like her husband, was a member of 
Pilgrim Church, St. Louis, and was constituted ?. life 
member of the Womans' Home Missionary Union of 
Missouri by the ladies of that Church. She pos.stssed 


,1 social talent which v/on her friends among old and 
yonng, also a cultured taste which was especially 
evidenced in art, but as wife, mother, grandmother and 
home-keeper, she was pre-eminent. 

Address, ^o'iS I^ucas Street, St. Louis, Mo. 

EDWARD N!XON (WiHiam 104, nargaret 35, Jona= 
than 15, Zefauion Jl, Zebulon 2), son of William & 
Louisa C. (Sheldon) Nixon. 
Bora Feb, 2,1846 in AVasbiugton Co., O. 
>r;ir. 5teh. 16, 1870 in Washiugtoii Co., O., by Eev. J. D. Kiley, 

l!a))tist iiliuister. 
Mrs. EHa Lucinda (Cross) Campbell 
Jkini Sep. 3, 18— in Frostbury, Md. 

Their children: 
67.^ Infant son b. Mch. 1872 d. IMch. 1872. 

676 Ida nay b. Oct. 4, 187-1 m. Rupert Fonts. 

677 Hstelia Kate b. June 0, 1876 ia "Washington Co., O. 

Mr. Nixon conducts a Livery Business in Marietta 

WILLIAM THOHAS NiXON (William 104, Margaret 35, 
Jonathan 15, Zebulon It, Zebuloii 2 ), sou of William 
& Louisa C. {S/iekhn} Nixon. 

Born Oct. 31, 1852 in Washington Co., O. 

Miir. June 22, 1876 in St. Louis, Mo. ''' 

Mary Lena Dclgar 

Born 1856 in St. Charles, Mo. 

iJied :Meh. 26, 1897 in St. Louis Mo. 

Bur. Ziou Cemetery, Bt. Louis, Mo. 
'Ibeir child : 


67« riinnie Loisisa b. Oct. 10, ISSO in St. Louis, Uo. 

SETH HART NIXON (William 104, Margaret 35, Jona- 

than 15, Zebulon II, Zebulon 2), son of William & 

Louita 0. {Sheldon) Nixon. 
Born Dec. 2.:., 18.51 in Washington Co., O. 


Died Dec. 22, 1S79 in St. Louis, Mo. 
Bur. Bcecli Grove Cemetery, Hills, O. 
I\I:ir. Sep. 16, 1S79 in Mecca, O. 
Annie Oh{ 

No childreu. 

Seth Hart Nixon had a fair education and taught 
school in Washington County, Ohio. Removing to St. 
Louis, Mo., he took a thorough course in Mechanical 
Engineering. Had he lived he would have made his 
mark. He was not a member of any church, but 
professed his trust in Christ. 

Plis widow morried Charles Alexander. 


JOHN CARTER NJXON (William 104, Mr.rgaret SF; Jona- 
than is, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), son of William & 
Louisa C. (Sheldon) Nixon. 

Bom itch 20, 1S59 iu Washington Co., O. 


Eunice Knowlton 

Their child : 
679 Seth Mart 

MARY LOUISA NIXON (William 104, Hargaret 35, Jona- 
than 15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), dan. of William Sz 
Louisa C. (Sheldon) Nixon. 
Boru May 7, ISCl in Washington Co., O. 
Died Jan. 25, 1SS9 iu Auacorte8, Fidalgo Island, Washington 

Mar. Mch. 5, 1SS4 iu Lawrence Twp., Vrashington C'o., O., by 

Kev. Henry J. Haskell. 
Rev. Horace J. Taylor, son of Horace S. & Margaret S. 

( -) Taylor. 

Born June 0, 1?4S near Madura, India. 

'I'lieir child : 

6S0 Paul b. Apr. 3, 1885 in Washington Co., O. d. .Tuly 17, 
1885, in Anacortes, Fidalgo Island, 
Washington Territory. 

Rev. Horace J. Taylor was born near Madura, 
India, of missionary parents. At the close of the Civil 


War, he (then being twelve years of age) v/as sent back 
to America, after the manner of missionary children, to 
be educated. He finished his training at Hudson 
College, now Adelbert University. 

He v.'ent to Micronesia to assist Rev. Hiram Bin^- 
liam, and remained three years in charge of the Gilbert 
I.<;lands work. When Mr. Bingham's health demanded 
a return to his native country, Mr. Taylor himself 
returned to America in 1880. After a period of work 
in Athens, Alabama, under the American Missionary 
Association, he returned to Micronesia in the Spring of 
1SS0 and remained two years. Upon his return to this 
country he preached in Washington County, Ohio, from 
whence he located in Anacortes, Fidalgo Island, Wash- 
ington Territoi}'. 

He returned to Ohio two years ago, and his present 
pastorate is at Kellogsville, Ashtabula County, Ohio. 

JOHN W. NIXON (George 105, Margaret 35, Jonathan 15. 

Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), son of George & Julia A. 

( JUchldorjer) Nixon. 

Borii .luly 29,183,8 

l>it--d .ruiio 1SG8 

lliir. at Windsor, Morgan Co., O. 

■'^'ar. ]S5G in Morgan Co., O. 

.''Irs. E ( ) Higglns 

Tlieir children : 

(i-O fliartha 

f'M' Anna 

tJ'vi ,M.iry 

•M Ella" 


F-REDERICK B.NiXCN (Oeorse 105, riargaret 35, Jona- 
than 15, Zebulon II, Zebulon 2), son of George A 
■' u li a A . {R ichldorjcr) N i x o n . 

ll<irii Dfc. 26, 1841 in Washington Co., O. 

Mar. ],s(;2 

•'«ne Risen, of John k ( ) Risen. 


Their childieu ; 



b. Nov. 

1, lRf!2 

m. Clara W;\l)Ter. 



b. Nov. 

23, 1SG4 

m. • Roust. 




b. Dec. 

12, ISnS 

ci. Jau. 1SV2. 



b. Julv 

12, 1S7] 

m. — Elhnore. 



b. Aug. 

l.S, 1873 

(1. 1S7G. 



b. Aug. 

4, 1S77 

m. Oarcuce Heilner. 



b. Feb. 

12, 1879 

Frederick B. Nixou i.s a Farmer. Address, IMalta, 


WESLEY B. NiXON (GeorKe lOS, H-argaret 35, Jona- 
than IS, Zefauloii ii, Zebulon 2), ,son of George & 
Julia A. (lUehldorfer) Nixon. 

Born .lau. 30, 1S16 

Mar. 18G5 iu Morgan Co., O., by Esq. Steward. 

Sarah T. Bu.<5h, dau. of Allen A- Morgaret ( ) Bush. 

Boru Feb. IS, 1S4S 


children : 

692 Agnes 

b. Nov. 4, ISCG 


, Frank . 

693 Alice 

b. Mch. 2, 1868 


, John Young 

694 Arthiir 

b. July 21, 1871 


Tillie Steward. 

695 Han-y 

b. Jau. 4, 1873 

690 Frederick b. Dec. 4, 1879 

697 Bernard 

b. Aug.26, 1SS4 

698 Grace 

b. May 30, 18H8 

Wesley B. Nixon is a local Preacher in the M. P. 
Church, Stockport Circuit, IMuskingum Conference. 

DANIEL H. DYE (Maria 106, HarR-aret 35, Jonathan 15, 
Zebulon U, Zebulon 2), son of Andrew Jackson >t 
Maria (Fctty) Dye. 

Born July 3,1839 iu Washiu^'tou Co., O. 

Mar. Dec". 29, ]s60 in 'NVashiugtou Co., O. 

Mary J. Smith 

Their children : 

699 Aliy H. b. Nov. 23, 186i 

700 Ida M. b. Apr. 27, ISOG 


701 Maggie J. b. Nov. 7, 1S67 

70;> Lon M. b. Bop. 7, 1SG9 

Tfi" CharioUc Rr^ther b. Feb. 7,1872 

70) Anna BeU b. 8ep. 30, 1874 

705 Fannie Hayes b. Mch. 9, 1877 

7ii0 HyrtieK. b. Apr. 26, 1S79 

7117 Hattie F. b. Jan. 12, 18S2 

i\Ir. Dye is a Farmer and member of l.lie INTetliodist 
Church. His address is Moss Run. Washin<;toa 
County. Ohio. 

riARuARET JUIJA DYE (Haria 106, Margaret 35, Jona- 
than 15, Zcbulon 1!, Zebuion 2),dau. of Andrew Jack- 
son <t ILiria (Pctf.;/) Dye. 

Lon; Apr. 3, 1841 in Wasbinglou Co., O. 

Died Apr. 9, 1S07 

Mar. Sep. 27, 18.59 

Kingsbury Hoff 

Tbeir ehildreu : 


70S Addison L. b. June 



709 Hannah AI. b. Aug. 



710 Kingsbury b. Sep. 



711 Sherman b. Sep. 



712 riaggie J. b. Mch. 


1867 d. June 30, ISO' 

Mrs. Hoff was a lady much beloved by all who 
knew her. She was a member of the United Brethren 

Mr. Hoff's address is Stanleyville, Washington 
County, Ohio. 

LUDWELL PET7'Y DYE (Maria 106, Margaret 35, Jona- 
than 15; Zebuion 11, Zebuion 2), son of jVndre^- Jacl:- 
sou & Jtlaria {PcUy) Dye, 

Born Oct. 21, 1S42 iu Wasblugton Co., O. 

>!ar. Apr. 27, 1870 in Wsishiugton Co., O., by l^t-v. G. %V. Mhcy. 

Leah Virginia Snyder, dau. of .)acob & Mary Catharine 
{Qi(iplccci') Snyder. 

J-.<ru.\pr, 7,1818 in HarriHou 0'j..O. 


Theii- c-hilc[)'en : 
VIS Rosefla M. b. Jau. 2-1, 1871 SchoolTeaeber.Manettu^O, 
714 Seliisda Mare!la b. Juue 25, 1S74 m. George W. Robiusoii. 
V15 Beatrice Blanche b. Juue 7,1876 

716 Oi-a V. b. Feb. 12, 1881 d. Sep. 13, 1S81. 
All v.'ere born in Washington County, Ohio. 

Mr. Dye is a Farmer. Address, Netop, Washing- 
ton County, Ohio. 


THOMAS C. DYE (flaria 10(5, Margaret 35, Jonathan 13, 
Zebulon II, ZebuJon 2), sou of Andrew Jackson i' 
Maria {Pcitu) Dye. 

Boru July 29, 1841 in Washington Co., O. 

Mar. Jan. 2, 18(i4 in Washington Co., O., by IW\. L. S. Fay. 

Jerusha M. Forrest, dau. of INIartin & Eleanor [Cunuay) 

Boru Jau. 2, 1845 

Their eliildreu : 


717 Elmer C. b. Nov. 27, 1SG4 d. Feb. 22, ISSG in Frankord, 


718 Rosa E. b. July 22, 1SG6 d. Apr. 14, 1SS7 in Ord, Neb. 

719 Emma Al. b. Xov. 4,1867 d. Feb. 1, 1877 in Cow Bun, O. 

720 Netty V. b. Mch.22, 1872 

721 Charles A. b. Aug.lO, 1S7.S 

722 Clarence J. h. Oct. 11, 1875 

723 Stella n. b. June2!i, !.sSl 

Tliomas C. Dye's address is Hyaunis, Nebraska. 

GEORGE P. DYE (Maria 106. Harjcaret 35, Jonathan !5, 
Zebulon II, Zebulon 2), son of Andrew .Jackt^on A" 
Maria (Pt'lh/) Dye. 

Born July 22, 1846 in Lawreuee Twp., A\'ashiiiglon Co., O. 

Died July 29, ISSy in Marietta, (>. 

Bur. in Gale Grove Cemetery, ^larieUa, O. 

Mar. Sep. .SO, 1S75 in Mariella, O., by Hcv. T. H. Hawks, Co)i- 
gregation;il Minister. 

Kate L. Wakefield, dau- of Rev. A. (\: Partliena {Jud':) 
Wakefield, and widow of Cajitain Au-;ns:tns Ward. 

Born 1^)5 iu L/uwrrMrc ( 'o., O. 


Their cbUdrea : 

V.M Alice V.'. b. July 26, 1S77 d. July 3! , 1878. 
7;i.5 Florence B. b. Juue 6, 1879 
•;-J, Grace L. b. Jau. 23, 1S82 

Mr. Dye was a gnicluatc of Marietta College, and a 
inau of line mind. Ke was a member of the Congrega- 
tional Church. 

M'lLLIAAl A. DYE (Maria 106, Haraaret 35, Jonathan 15, 
ZebuioH II, Zebulon 2), son of Andrew Jackson & 
Maria (rdty) Dye. 

I'.oru July ^'i, 1819 in Washington Co., O. 
M:ir. Oot. f:0, 1872 
Sarah Brown 

Their cbiMren : 

7-7 Cora U. b. Nov. 1, 1873 
728 Harry b. Oct. S, 1S76 

72;1 Arthur S. b. Juue 22, 1880 


HANNAH M. DYE (flaria 106. Margaret 35, Jonathan 15, 
Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of And^-ew Jackson A: 
flaria (PeUij) Dje. 

Horn Slp. 12, 1851 

M:ir. Xov. 27, 1872 

QiJeon Cainpbell 

Tlii-ii- ehildieu : 


7.';il Flora B. b. ATcli. 20, 1874 

7.'.1 .Maurice J. b. Apr. 6, 1877 

7:.2 Frank H. b. Feb. 24, 1881 


MARY EniLY PETTY (Stephen 107, riar.cfarel 35, Jona- 
than 15, Zebiiion 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of Stepli;n & 
C'aliKu-ine (Frndcr) Putty. f^ep. 22, 1813 iu New]iort Tv,-p., Washington Co., (). 


Mar. Moh. 3, ISlJo in Gonesse, 111., by Kev. Samuel Gooiiale. 

Dr. William S. Osborn, son of David & Jaue {Ach'nnatij 

Bom Juue 9, 1{?42 io Deer Creek, lil. 

Their chiklreu : 
7o.S Kate Lorena L>. ]\Ich. 2S, 1SG4 m. Williaiu Is. Hunt. 

734 Jennie Blanelie b. Aug. Jl, ISiij in Cautoii, 111. 

73-5 Fred Leroy b. June 5, ISiiT ni, Hourietta Evc-r- 

730 Frank Kent b. July 17, ]S(i9 iii. Lillie M. Louther. 

737 Perley Ray b. July 4,1876 iu :\IadiRon, Neb. 

735 Ralph W.Emnierson b. Dec. 2S, 1S78 iu Deer Creek, 111. 

739 V.De Ganno b. Jan. 13, JSS2 .iu Deer Creek, 111. 

740 Qracie Fern b. JunclS, 1SS5 d. Apr. 3, 1SS6. 

741 TeUord Arrelle b. Feb. S, issy in Deer Creek, III. 

Dr. William S. Osborn resides iu JMilfoid, Mo. 

nAQQIE PETTY (Stephen !07, flargaret 35, Jonathan 15, 

Zebulouil, Zebuion 2), daii. of Stejilien & CatLarine 

{Fruuer) Petiy. 

( ) niiler 

Their children : 

742 Mrs. Miller (widow) lives in St. Paul, Miun. Has 
three cliildren living and one dead. 

LIDA PETTY (Stephen i07, Margaret 35, Jonathan f5, 

Zehiiion 11, Zebuloii 2), dau. of Stei)hen & Catharine 

(Fro-Jer) Petty. 
Born Feb. 18, 18-53 iu Newport, "Washington Co., O. 
ISIar. Feb. 17, 1S74 iu Deer Creek, Tazewell Co., 111. 
Francis Marion Simpson 
Born Feb. 4, 1850 in Xeuia, Green Co., O. 

Their children : 

743 Corabel b. Aug. 11, 1875 in Madison. Neb. 

744 James Clyde b. Apr. 5, 1879 in Kewanee, IJl. 

745 Edward [.^ b. July 13, 1881 in Kewanee, 111. 
7.4oa Florence flarion b. May 4, 1895 in Kevanoe, 111. 

Mr. aud Mrs. Simpson re.-ide in Kewanee, ill. 



CLARA ALICE PETTY (Stephen 107, Margaret ."6, Jona- 
than 15, Zebulon !I, ZebiiSon 2),dau. of Stephen & 
Catharine (Frazicr) Pettj-. 

IJorn Nov. 27, 1856 near Galesburg, Kuok Co., 111. 

M;iv. Oct. 14, 1876 in Cambridge, 111. 

Oreii Eben Valentine, son of Robert & Caroline Valentine. 

Jlorn Feb. 27, 1846 in ^S^^sbiugtou Co., Pa. 

l)ied Apr. 8, 1S97 in Kewanee, 111. 
Tbeir children : 


Tl'j riabel b. Sep. 26, 1S77 in Cambridge IH. m. H. O. JIartin. 

747 Adam b. Jan. 15, 18S0 in Cr.mbridge, 111. 

74s Sue b. June7,]SS2 in Cambridge, 111. 

Clara Alice Valentine (widow) lives in St. Pt>ul, 

L.W'ONE EMMA PETTY (Stephen 107, Harg-aret 35= 

Jonathan iS, Zebulon I!, ZebuJon 2), dau. of Stephen 

A Catharine {Fmzler) Petl_y. 
Born Nov. 7, 18.58 in Giile.sburg, 111. 
Mur. Nov. 7, 1882 
Hiian Arelle ChesSey 
Tbeir children : 

749 TMiian Uaiia b. Nov. 3, 1885 in Kewrtnee, 1)1. 
74ihi Jennie b. Mcb. 9, 1888 in Woodhull, 111. 

Air. Chesley is Editor and Publisher of The Democrat 
at Chetopa, Kan. 

LULU BELLE PETTY (Stephen HO?, Margaret 35, Jona- 

tlian 15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of Stephen & 

Cat'iarine {Frazicr) Petty, 
l^i-d in St. PhuI, Minn. 


Wiliiam Whitney 

Tbeir children : 

'^ The compiler has no record of thi.s family. 



JESSEE AQNES PHTTV (Stephen !07, Hargaret 35, Jon- 
athan 15, Zebuloa 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of Stephen t\: 

Catharine (Fnnicr) Petty. 
William Stebbins 

Tlioir childieu : 

751 The compiler has no further record of this famih'. 
Lives in Orrville, Wajue Co., O. 


SARAH JANE LEE (Margaret McMeal lOS, Margarft 55, 
.lonathan 15, Zebulon U, ZeLn:ion 2), dau. of Jo?ia!i 

C. & Margaret JlcNeal {Petty) Lee. 

— ■ Peters 

Their children : 

752 There are children but the compiler has no record 
of them. 

LYDfA ANN LEE (Hargarct HcNeal lOS, flarffaret 35. 
Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, Zebuiors 2), dau. of .jo.-iali 

G. d- Margaret JiIcNeal (Petty) Lee. 


Tijcir cliildreu : 

753 There are cliildreu but the compiler has no record 
of them. 

ANNA MARIA LEE (Margaret McNeal 108, Margaret ^r<, 
Jonathan 15, .Zebulon II, Zcbiilon 2), dau. of ,l')riah 

C. t^- Margaret McNeal (Pdttj) Lee. 


Their children : 
niLLER - 

754 There are children but the compiler has no recort. 
of them. 


hENF=;V HATHEV/S (Lydia D. IiO, Margaret 35, Joiui- 

Ihan is, Zebiilon !!, Zebulon 2). son of Edward & 

Lydia Delilah (Prffi/) Mathews. 
]!o-L! Apr. 25, 1S44 
Mar. Kov. 24, 1S7.5 
l-lorence A. Arnold 
Jioiu .Tan. 17, 1851 

Tlieir chikhen: 

7J6 Sidney b. Dec. 81,1876 
T.5U Joanna Myrtle b. Mc!i. 20, 1K70 


BE'ITIE HATtlEWS (Lydia D. UO, .''Aarg.a/'jf 105, .Jon- 
athan 15, Zebulon il, ZebuSon 2). dr.,u. of Edward a'. 
Lydia Delilah {PcUy) Mathews. 

IJom Feb. 5, 1846 Dec. 9, 1SG6 by Rev. J. :M. rouUoii. 

Theodore Fuller 

]>.(irii Dee. 29, 1S45 

Their ebiUlreii : 


7:,7 Clemie b. Sep. 8, 1S67 d. Feb. 1, 1891 

vr.b Ora Oberlin b. .Tunc 9, 187(1 

7.i!) Enio b. May 11, 1879 

"o'.'u b. Apr, 4, lSo2 

Mrs. Fuller resides in Huntington, W. Va. 

JOANEITA ALICE SMlTfS (Rosanna 111, Hargaret .35, 
Jonathan 15, Zebiilon II, Zebulon 2), daa. of .James K. 
& Ilosanna (Petty) Smith, 
li'ini .Tan. 10, 1851 in \Vabbin„4ou Co., O. 

.Mar. .'•'e;.. 23, 1 -(;« in >Tewpor! Tj;., Wa3hii;p;tou Co., O., by Rev. 
I). C. linov.-ies. 

NViiiiani H. McCowan, son of Dr. Wm. tt McCowaU' 

I'-orii June 2, 18IS in Hannar, Wasbiugtou Co., O. 
I'l'd .luue 6, 1895 in Watertowr., AVaKliinston (.'(i., C. 
Jiuried in Watertown, Yvas!iiuj;luQ Co., O. 

Tlieir ehildreii: 
"*;" iiattie n;.,;n(3a b. July 4,1870 7n. F, !). Cod'man. 


761 Rosaniia b. Dec. 21, 1871 

702 LiUic Bslie b. Apr. 27, 1875 m. :\I. E, Coffmun. ■ 

Mr. IvIcCowan vas a Blacksmith. Kis wife' 
dress is Marietta, O- 

MARY LUCETTA SniTH (Rosanna HI, r.largaret 35, 

Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of Jane.-: K. 

<fc Rosanna {Petty) Smith. 
Boru Juue 2S, 1S52 iu Washington Co., O. 
Mar. Mch. 2, 1883 in Waieitown, O., by Ucv. AVilJis. 

B. F. Riggs, son of S. L'. it Kiggs. 

Boru Nov. 15, 1855 

Their children : 

763 Keith D. b. Feb. 25, 1S83 d. Aug. 27, 18S9 
704 Nettie R. b. Juue 27, 1SS6 in Independence, Was-hiujitdii 
County, O. 

Mr. Riggs ib a Farmer and Produce Dealer. Ad- 
dress : Raven Rock, W-Va. 


MARI.4 VIOLA SAIITH (Rosanna iii, flargaret 35, Jona- 
than IS, Zebulon 11, Zebuvon 2), dau. of James K. .'v 
Rosanna {Petty) Smith. 

Born May 18, 1854 in Wasliington Co., O. 

Mar. Oct. 26, 1882 in Washington Co., O., by Kev. G. Barns. 

E. J. Qreen, son of Wm. & Mary {Lily) Green. 

Boru Mch. 3, 1852 

Their children : 


765 Floyd Emmet b. June 28, 1885 in Watertown, O. 

766 Clifford Loraine b. Ap'-. 14, 1888 iu Watertown, O. 

Mr. Greea is a Carpenter. Address : WaterloTvn, 0. 

PRESLEY KARRIS SA^)f!1 (Rosanna Hi, nargaret 3£, 

Jonathan 15, Zebv;{ori 11, Zebulon 2), son of Janic- K. 

& Rosanna {Petty) Srrith. 
Boru Sep. 14, 1856 'iu V/asa:ngtou Co., O. 


yy.iT. Oi'l. 23, ]SS4 in Viiieont, O., by I-cov. IJr.y. 

Cinmu L. Lamb, diiu. of Roht. & Martha {Orrnisfcn) LaiDo. 

] torn Kov. 20, 1863 in BjuJow Tp., O. 

Their children : 

7ii7 iViyrtieC. b. Sep. 17, 18S7 in Barloiv, O. 
7';S Chester L. b. Nov. 17, 1890 in Barlow, O. 
7r,y Frank B. b. Jan. 10, ISOr. in B:.:-iow, O. 

Mr. Smith is a Farmer. Address : Barlow, O. 


JOHN WESLEV SPklTH (Rosanna HI, Margaret 35, Jo,n- 
atlian 15, Xebuion 11, Zebuion 2), son of James K, k 
Rorfanna (Pcttij) Smith. 

Born Nov. 11, 1S60 in Wasbiugtou Co., O. 

Mar. Jan. 15, 1S90 in Carroll Co., Iowa, 

flaggie Bin.svham 

Tlieir cbiiilreu : 


770 Alary D. b. I.Iay IfJ, 1S;J5 in f arroll Co., To'.va. 

771 Gertrude b. Mcb. 10, 189S in Mills Co., loY.'a. 

Mr. Smith is z Farmer. His address is Kender;?oii, 
Mills Co., Iowa. 

LDSTii HcNEAL SAIETK (Rosanna HI, Margartt 3S, 

Jonathan 15, Zebuion II, Zebuloo 2), dau. of .James 

K. & Rosauna (.Petty) Smith. 
Bioru Bee. 6, 1SC4 in ^VashingtorJ Co., O. 
Jifar. Apr. 28, 1895 in Watertown, O., by Rev. J. Teter. 
James K. Woodford, son of William & Sopha {Shields) 

B.orii in Watertown, O. 

The ccmpilcr has no ftuther record of t^iis r.iirJly. 
Mr. Woodford is a Farmer. Addres.s : Waterlowy , Ohio. 

JOSni'H LUDWELL SfilTH (Ro^:.nn^ l\\, rLugar-:t 35, 

Jonathan IS, Zebuion H, Zebuloa 2), sun cf James 

K. & Rosanna {Petty) Snnth. 
liorr. M:ay 26, Wil in Wi;,shington Co., C.>. 


Mar. Nov. 9, 1893 iu Watei'town, O., by Rev. J. r^fdmoii. 
MATTiE MORRtS, dan. of John <t Rebecca (Milner) 

Born iu Watertown, O. 

Their child : 
772 Vernon b. Apr. 12, 1895 

Mr. Smith is a P'armer. Address, Watcrtown, O. 


JAMES WALTER SHITH (Rosanna ill, Alargaret 35, 
JotiafhaniS, Zebuiois 11, Zebuion 2), son of James, K. 
& llostinna (Peinj) Sniilh. 

Boru Aug. r:0, 1869 iu ^Y;^shiugtoa Co., O. 
Mar. Dec. 23, 1897 in Washburp, Iowa. 
Annie Hoover 

Their child : 


77,T Edith May b. Dec. 30, 1S9S iu W;ishburn, Iowa. 

Mr. Smith is a Farmer. Address: Waslibnrn, Black 
Hawk Co., Iowa. 


riARQARET HcNEAL HARRIS (Betsey .\. tl2, Margaret 
35, Jonathan 15, Zebulon II, Zebulon 2), dau. of James 
.&■ Betse}' Jennings (PcUy) Harris. 


John Monroe Stackhouse 

Thcii' ehiklren : 

774 Nr.ncj' Efissbeth d. iu ibfancy. 

775 Samuel 

776 Ida May 

7'. 7 John Monroe 

778 Thomas Waiters d. iu infancy, 

779 Sarah Emeliae d. iu infancy. 

780 Hattie Alvard 

781 James Fraiilcia-.ld 


JOHN W. HARRIS (Betsey. I. 112, Margaret 35, Jonathan 
15, Zebulon 11, ZebuFon 2), son of James & Betsej'' 
,Ieivuiu-s (Pct(ij) Harris. 
Sarah Jane Martin 

Tlieir children : 

7?!^ There are children, but the compiler has no record 
of them. 

PRESLEY PETTY HARRIS (Betsey J. ill, Hargaret 35, 
Jonathan 15, Zebuion U, Zebulon 2), soji of Janies ci. 

Betsey Jennings {Peity) Harris. 
Jane Poke 

Their eliildroa : 

'^^ There are childien, but the compiler has no record 
of them. 

AUQUSTINA HARRIS (Betsey J. 112, Margaret .?5, Jon- 
athan 15, Zebuloii 1!, Zebufon 2), dau. of James & 

Betse}' Jennings {PiAiy) Harris. 
George Nott 

Their children : 

'■^^ There are children, but the compiler has no record 
of them. 


QEORail ASBURY HARRIS (Betsey J. ! 12. Hargaret 35, 

Jonathan IS, ZebuJon 11, Zebu!oii 2), sen of Jameicfe 

lietsey Jennings (Petti/) Hairis. 

Lydia Reynolds 

Their eliildren : 

'"^^ There are children, but tlie compiler has no record 
of them. 


fllARY CELSNDA HARRIS (Betsey J. 1 !2, Manjafei. 35, 

Jonathan 15, ZebuEon fl, Zebufon 2), dau. of Jiuiies & 

Betsey Jennings {Petty) Harris. 
Reck Russ 

Thoir chiUlreij : 

786 There are childreu, biil the compiler has no record 
of them. 

HENRY WESLEY HOFF (Naitey 113, Hargarei 35, Jon- 
athan IS, j'ebulon I!, ZebuSon 2), son of Thomas & 
Nancy {Pdi'j) Hoff. 

Born May 12, 1855 in Washington Co., O. 

Mar. Kov. 6,1870 i'o Newport T^)., Wasbiugton Co., O., by Rev. 
M. S. Biddle. 

Lizzie AHen 

Tbeir children : 

787 Hannah Ruth b. Aug. 13, ISSO in Washington Co., O. 
78S Charles D. b. Sep. 1, 18S2 in Washington Co., O. 

MARQARET HOFF (Nancy 113, Margaret 35, Jonathan 
15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of Thomas ik Nancy 
{Petty) Hoff. 
Born May 29, 1859 in Washington Co., O. 
Died Dec. 28, 1894 in Washington Co., O. 
Bur. in Lower Newport, Washington Co., O. 

Mar. Dec. 12, 1SS8 in Newport Tp., Washington Co., O., by .T. E. 

Lincoln Wise, .son of William & Wise. 

Born Apr. 15, bSQ in Wasbiugton Co., O. 

Their childreu : 

789 Alary Ruth b. June 8,1891 in Wnsbingtoa Co., O. 

790 Lucy Marp.^rct b. June 11, 189.S in AN'nshingtoji Co., Ohio. 

d. May 1.^, 1894; bur. at 
Lovr'er Newport, Wasliing- 
(on Co., 0. 



STEPHEN PFTTV (Henry 114, n-rgaret^S, Jonathan !5, 
Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), so;i of Henr}' ^y. it Nancy 
(^McAlliMcr) Petty. 
Boru Oct. 19, 1S57 iu ^'/ashiIlgtoI! Co., O. 

Mar. Jail. 10, 1SS3 iu Wasbiugtou Co., O. by Rev. INI. :M. Phil- 
lips, U. B. Church. 
Sarah Ann Alclntyre, dau. of Fideliis & Isabel Mclntire. 
Born Sep. 8, ISoti iu "Washington Co., O. 

Their chikh'-u: 

b. Feb. IS, lS8i in Washington Co., O. 
b. Mcb.lo, 18S6 in Vvashingtod Co., O. 
b. Dec. 27, 1887 in AVasbington Co.., O. 
b. Dec. 19, 18S9 iu AVashington Co., O. 
b. July 15, 1892 in Washington Co., O. 
b. Apr. 5, 189-i iu Washington Co.. O. 

Mr. Stephen Petty is a Carpenter, and lives; at 
Newell's Rnn, \VashingtoD County, Ohio. 






EsteHa May 







OEORQE NIXON PETTY (Henry 114, Hargar-^t 35, JosJ- 
atharE 15, Zebuion II, Zebulon 2), son of Henry & 

?>^aney {McAllislcr) Petty. 
Bom .luue 29, 1859 iu Washington Co., O. 
Mar. May 15, 1SS7 in Seney, Iowa, by Rev. D. D. Eenodict. 
TXziy E. Freeman, dau. of W. L. it B. J. Freeman. 
Born Aug. 5, 1870 in Plymouth Co., Iowa. 

Their children : 

797 Floyd Freeman b. May 18, 1892 

798 Harold We.sley b. Juue 17, 1894 

799 Holljs Ray b. Oct. 4, 1S9S d. Feb. 8, 1899. 

Mr. Petty is Mining in New Mexico, 


HANNAH ELLEN PETTY (Henry 114, rtar-riret 35, 
Jonathan 15, Zebulon Jl, Zebulon 2), dau. of IL nry 
W. & Nancy {McAUi^tr) Petty. 

Born M!.y 1,1872 in Was!iin,-tou Cc, 0. 


Mar. Apr. 17, 1895 iu jNIarietta, by Rev. George Atbey. 

Andrew Britton, .son of Joshua & Nancy ( ,) liiitton. 

Their child : 

800 Hnrolil Qaie b. iMeh. 20, 1896 

Mr. Britton i.s a Farmer. Lives at Nev.'eil Run, 
Washington Co., O. 


MARY IZSTTA PE'ITV (Henry 114, Marg.-ret 3S, Jona- 
than IS, Zebulon H, Zebulon 2), dau. of lienry \V. 
& Nancy {McAUkter) Petty. 

Born June 19, 1S75 in V'. ashinglou Co., O. 

Mar. June 17, 3896 in Marietta, O., by Rev. George Gf:ar. 

Henry Marion Qiipin 

Born Oet. 16, 1867 iu :Marict.t.-,, V/ashii.gtoc Co., O. 
Their eliild : 


801 Hai-ry Curtis b. Aug. 10, 1898 in Marietta, O. 


OTIS JOHN CHAMBERS (Elizabeth MS. Nancy ^d, Jon- 
athan !5, Zebulon U, Zebulon 2), 5on of iiiram it 
Elizabeth (Rechard) Chambers. 

Born Apr. 29. 1S3S in Harniar, O. 

Mar. Sep. 17, 1808 iu Asliland, Ky., by Rev. W. C. Coadit. 

Susan E. Kinkead, dau. of & HarrieUe Augusta Ful- 
ler, (dau. of Gen. Alphonso Fuller, of War of ISL2). 

Born May 21, 1842 iu Lawrence Co., O. 
Their child : 


802 James Haskell b. Mch. 12, 1872 m. Lilly May Shugh. 

Mr. Chambers is a Merchant and resides in Ashland, 


NANCY ANQEHNA WEST (Susan !2!, Nancy 36; Jona- 
than 15, Zebulon II, Zebulon 2), dau. of Dr. Edwin it 
Susrin {J'cckard) \\'est. 

Born June 10, 184.5 in I,awrence Co., O. 

Died Oct. 11, 1866 in Modale, Harrison Co., Iowa. 

Bur. in Modale Cemetery. 


M:ir. Oct. 7, 18G3 hi Magnolia, by —, Methodist jSIiuister. 

Job Ross, son of George & Hannah (Ilighes) Ross. 

]}orn ill p£'orift Co., 111. 

Died Jan. 10, ISPO 

Bur. ;b jvrodale Cemeteiy. 

Their ehildi\-n : 

B"3 LuluHay b. Jan. 22, ISO i d. Sep. 20, 1866 

804 Qordon Edwin b. Sep. 2, 18i')6 d. Sep. 3, 18G6 

Both bur. ia IModale Cenieterj-. 
Mr, Ross was a Hardware Merchaut. 


WlLUAAl EDWJN WEST (Ssisan (2!, Nancy 36, Jona- 
than i5, Zebtilon fl, Zebuion 2), son of Dr. Edwin & 
Susan (Ecrkard) West. 

Born Feb. 5, 1847 in Gallipolis, Gallia Co., O. 

Mar. Nov. 28, 187;; in Calliope, Sioux Co., Iowa. 

Caroline Lydia Heald, dau. of Samuel & Jane (_IIolison) 

Piorn May 9, 1858 in Piymouth, (). 
' Their children : 


800 Clark Heald b. Sep. 7, 1S7('; d.Dec.21,]'^ST,iii C-iiIiope,To\va. 

806 Lottie Jane b. Apr.2o, 1870 in Calliope, Iowa, and Js now 

Teaching School. 

807 Lillian Hay b. JIaySl, 1881 in C'.llione, Iowa. 
Sij8 Letha Susan b. Nov.2j, 1882 in Calliope, Iowa. 
800 Frank Car! b. May 9, 1889 in Calliope, Iowa. 
8lu riax Etiwin b. Aug. 21, 1889 in Calliope, Iowa, 
bll Irl Samuel b. Sep. 18, 1894 in Calliope, Iowa. 

William E. West enlisted Aug. 7, 1862, in Co. A., 
29tb Iowa Vol. Inf., serving till August, 1S65. He is 
rai Elder and Trustee in the Presbyterian Church, of 
which Church his childreu are also members. 

Mr. West is now a Laud Agent, doing bmnness at 
Havvarden (formerly Calliope), Iowa. 

JOHN WESLEY WEST (Susan 121, Nancy .^6, Jonat'uiti 

15, Zcbuloii 11, Zebu(or5 ::•), .'-on of 'Oi-. 'v.lwin & Susan 

(Rechnrd) West. 
Born Dec. 12, 1818 in Manetta, O. 


Mar. Jan. 21, ISSO in ISrodale, Iowa, bj Charlos liywu, J. P. 

5arah EHzabeth Stansbury, dau. of Henry & Lucy ( ) 

Boru Feb. 6, 1SJ9 in Wetzell Co., ^.Y. Ya. 

Tliv'ir cbildren : 

812 Wiiliair. Gordon b. Kov. .30, IS81 in Jlcdalc, Iowa. 

813 C!arni> b. June 29, 18S3 in iModr.le, Iowa. 

814 Lucy Rlien b. ]\rch.]0, iSS5 in ]\rodalc, Iowa. 

815 Nettie Irene b. May 6, 1SS7 in jModale, Iowa. 

816 Augustus b Jan. 10, 18S9 in Modale, Iowa. 

817 Evvie b. Apr. 17,1891 iu Alodnle, lov/a. 

818 Edv.'in b. Oct. 18,189-5 in Modale, Iov,-a. 

819 Orare Blaisch b. Jan. 7,1898 in Modalo, Iowa. 

John V/esley West is a Farmer and I'esides near 
Modale, Iowa. 


MARY ROSANNA WEST (Susan 17.1, Nancy .^6. Jona- 
than 15, Zebuioii 15, Zebulon 2), dau. of Dr. Edwin it 
Susai) (Bcckard) V/est. 

Born Dee. 29, 1850 in Palmer, Washington Co., O. 

Mar. .Tan. 17, 1898 in Modale, Iowa, by Wm. Morion, J. P. 

John Pritchard, son of .John & Elizabeth ( — — ) Pritchard. 

Boru Aug. 25, 1837 in Lawrence Co., O. 
Tbfir cliildreu : 


820 John William b. Dec. 27, 1869 in Modalo, Iowa. 

821 Charles Edwin b. Oct. 16,3871 in Modale, Iowa. 

822 nirtie Emily b. Jan. 6, 1874 in Proctorville, O. 

823 Otis Harvey b. Feb. 20, 1S76 in iSlodale, Iowa; d. Aug. 

20, 1878. 

824 Nann?c Philora b. Mcb.13, 1878 in Modalo, Iowa. 

825 Carrie b. Sep. 20, 1881 in Motlale, Iowa. 

826 Jessee Qordon b. Aug. 7, 1.8S2 in Modale, Iowa. 

Mr. Pritchard is a Farmer, and resides in Modale, 
Harrison Co., Iowa. 


SU.SAN EAHLY WEST (Susan 12!, Nancy 36, Jonat'iari 
15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of i;r. Edwin it Susan 
{Rerlard} West. 

Born Dec. 24, 1850 in 0?.ark, Towa. 


Mfti'. .Taii. 1, 1S74 in Missouri VallL-y, Iowa, by Kev.IjAV.Archc'y, 
Methodist Minister. 

Wiiliani Minor Sharpnack, sf)n of .Tobn vt- Saiah ( ) 

]',or)i .TaiJ. 13, 1S50 in Wetzell Co., W. Va. 

Thieir childreu : 

SilT nffle Frene Vi. .Tune 6,1876 in Modale, Io\v;i. 

,S2S .)chn Edwin b. June S, ISTS iu Modali', Iowa; d. Sep. 24, 

b29 CharJes Frank b. Feb. )0, 1880 in Modale, Iowa. 
8.30 William Irvin b. .lau. 12, 18S1 iu JEodide, Iowa. 
KH Lora Biantlena b. Mch. 29, 1889 in :Modale, Iowa. 

832 Fred Herold b. J\lny 6, 1892 in !\IodaIe, Iowa. 
William M. !3harpnack is an Kugineer, and lives iu 

Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

JOHN WESLEY RECKARD (\ViHiam 122, Nancy 36, 

Jonathan 15, Zebiiion 11, Zt-bulon 2), son of William 

& Sarali (Rnngcr) Keckard. 
r.orn Aug. 20, 1850 in Prootorville, O. 
Mar. (1) Jan. 9,1876 in Bradrick, O., by Rev. E. Howe. 
ilaggie E. Suiter, dau.of Eliz'b'h(6' /•<■/((')/() Suiter. 
Burn Feb. 23, 18-53 in Lawrence Co., O. 
Died ilay 28, 1883 
Bur, in liome Cemetery, Lawreiice Co., O. 

Their children : 

833 Wilbur Wesley b. Oct. 15, 1876 iu Proctorvllle, O. 
8.34 Rufus William b. Apr. 19, 187S in Proctorville, O. 
835 Sallie Eli-^abeth b. Sep. 3,1879 in Proctorville, O. 

8.30 Bur! b. Feb. 2-5, 1881 iu Proctorville, O. d.Xov. 

10, 1891 ; bur. in Eon:e 

837 Fred r b. Mch.31, 18S3 iu Proctorville, O. d. July 

1 9, 1883. 

838 Frank } b. Meh.31, 1883 in Proctorville, O. d.Aug. 

I 4,1883. 

Mar. f2) Mcli. G, 1S86 iu Proctorville, by Rev. Diiniel '\VaddcIl. 
Catharine Theobali, dau. of William & Elizabeth {Huravu'v) 


Their cliildren : 
8.3sa Ivie Bell b. Aug. 19, 1889 In Proctorville, O. 

838b Roy Thcohalt b. Sep. 23, 1393 in Proctorville, O. 

Mr. J. W. Reckard is a Saddler and Rainess Maker 
^^y trade; at present is County Commissioner. His od- 
dress is Proctorville, O. 



OTIS EPiiRAEfVl RECKARD (William J22, Nancy 36, 
Jonathan 15, Zebulon II, Zeliulon 2), son of Yv'illiaui 
(fc Sarah (Ranger) lleckard, 

Born.Seji. 7, 1856 in ProctorviHe, Lawrence Co., O. 

Mar. Jan. 9, 1884 in Millers, Lawreuce Co., O., by Rev. Vv. U. 

Effie Alexenia Tr^nibo, dau. of George W. & Fannie 
(Bartram ) Trumho. 

Boru Sep. 11, 1866 iu Millers, Lawrence Co., O. 
Their chiWreu : 


839 George Homer b. Oet. 7, 1SS4 iu Millers, Ohio. 

840 William Otis b. Meb. :2:3, 1886 in IroiUon, O. 

841 Irma Winifretle b. Dec. 12, 1888 iu Irontou, O. 

842 Nnniiie. E'izabeth b. Meh. 3, JS91 d. .Inly 9, lSy2. 

843 Edgar Carpenter b. Aug. 1,1893 in Cattletsburg, Ky. 

844 Francis Truiiibo b. Oet. 1,1897 :u Hun(iugtou,"\V. Va. 

IMr. Reckard is enf;aged in Coin)nercial Brokeraj^e 
Busine^i in Huntini^lou, W. Va. 


NANNIB ROSAN.NA RECKARD (Wiliiam 122, Nancy 36, 
Jonathan 15, Zebulon li, Zebulon 2), dau. of AVilliarn 
(k Sarah iRunijcr) lieckard. 

Boru Feb. 18, 1858 iu rroctorville, O. 

Died :Mch. 17, 1891 

Bur. iu Home Cemetery, Lawreuce Co., <"). 

Mar. Seji. 9, 1877 in rrncterville, (>., by I?ev. J. S. I'osCe. 

William O. Eaton, son of Williani Oliver &. Mary {Xr'Ji) 

Born I'VV). 18, 1803 in ('niou T;i., Lawrence Co., O. 

Their child : 

845 Dora Gertrude b. Jan. SO, 1882 in TJuion Tp., Lavire>^ce Co.. 


Wni. O. Eaton i.s s Fanner anu Te;-.chiir. 



MARY CLARISSA MORSE (Ro.sannali 124, Nancy 36, 
Jonathsn 15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), dan. of William 
P. & RosaniirJi (Rechurd) Morse, 

Born Oct. 31, ISi.'i ill Chester, Meigs Co., O. 

^r.■^r. Nov. 8, ISVI in Cliester, O., by Rev. B. F. IMcEIfresb. 

WinsSow \V. Alorse, son of Jiliidison R. & Mary (Poricr) 

lioru 8eji. 29, 18 1.^ in Lower Siilem, Washiiigtoii Co., O. 

They have uo children. 

Mr. aud Mrs. Morse reside in Fairbury, Neb. Ker 
father and sister, Mattie, are living with them. 


IDA LUELLA MORSE (Ro.^annah 124, Nancy 36, Jona= 
than 15, Zebulon 11, Zehiilon 2), dau. of William P. & 
Rosannah (Re.ckard) Morse. 

Boru Mch. 8, 1852 in Cliestor, i\[eigK Co., O. 

Died P'eb. 17, 1876 Burnap Farm, in Orange Tp. 

Bur. iu Mound Cemeteiy, Chester Tp. 

Mar. Nov. 8, 1871 at Chester, O., by Bcv B. F. :MeElfresh. 

Marius O. Burnap, son of Silas Allen & Sally Miller 
(Neu-el) Burnaj). 

Boru Mcli. 14, 1S14 

Their children : 


Mfi Sallie Ros.'i b. Aug. 14, 1872 Burnrip Farm. 

f>47 Herbert Morse b. July 24, 1S74 Bmiiap Farm d. Oct. 24, 

1S75; bur. in .Mound Ceme- 

I\Ir. Bnm.ip, with his dar.ghter, resides iu Sniriner, 
Meigs Co., O. 


NVIUJAH ROCKARD HORSE (Rosannah 124, Nancy 36, 
Jonathan 15, Zeinilon 11, Zcbulcn 2), son of V\'illi:'ni 
P. A: Rosannah {Jud^n,!} Mor.-^e. 

5!<irii .(uly IV, isc'i in i ■hr^lei-, ^a'ig.s Co., O. 


May. Dec:. 25, 1895 in Chicago, 111., by Rev. H. V/. Thcmas. 

Hattie Almira Pease, daii. of Cleorge E. & Belle L- {Bond) 

Boru May 14, ISG7 iu Taylorville, 111. 

William Reckaid Mor.'^e, Real Estate, No. 710 
Chauiber of Cooimerce building; home, 3953 Michigan 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 


CHARLES THORNiLEY (Alary D. 125, Nancy 36, Jona- 
than 15, Zebuion 11, Zebuion 2), son of Caleb S. & 
Mai-y Delilah (L'eckard) Thorn iley. 

Born Jau. 7, 1851 in Wiishiugton Co., O. 

Mar. Mch. 3, 1876 in Washingtou Co., O. by Kev. Levi L. Fsiy. 
Catherine Cuthbert, dau.of Ralph &.Taue {Janet) Cuthberl. 
Boru Mch. 3, 1853 

Tlieir children : 

848 Wiliiam Ralph b. Nov. 25, 1S77 in Washington Co., Ohio. 

Accidentally l^illed Jan. 
17, 1S99, in Seio, O. 

849 George Edward b. May 11, 18S0 iu Washington Co., O. 

850 Adaiine Var2inia b. Aug. S, 1S95 in Wasliiogton (*o., O. 

Chas. Tl;orniley is a Carpenter. Address: F.eno. 
Washington Co., C>. 


WILLIAH PITT THORNILEY (Hary D. 125, Nancy 36, 
Jonathan IS, Zehulon U, Zebuion 2), son of Caleb S. 
& I\Iary Delilah {licchard) Thorniley, 

Born .Tan. ?'i, 1859 in Waslriugtou Co., O. 

Mar. Dec. 21, 1892 in ^Vashiugtoll Co.,0., by Bev. Robt.F. Bishop. 

Elizabeth Kean, dau. of John & IluJda ( ) Kean, 

Born Aug. 21, 1862 in Monroe Co., 0. 

Wm. P. Thorniley is a ■Watchman in T. Mellon & 
Son's Bank, Pittsburg, Pa. Address: 36 Bidwell 3t., 
Allegheny City, Pa. 


OTiS WESLFY MILL (Lucindn 127, Nancy 36, Jonathan 
15, Zebulcn 11, Zebu.'on 2), son of Jonathan A. & L\i- 
cinda (h'crhvrd) T-lill, 

Boiii Oct. 22, 18'i0 in Hills, Washington Co., O. 

Mar. Oct. 22, 18SS in W.'\sbinfrton Co., O., by Rev. David Curl, 
United Brethren Minister. 

Emity Ida AlendenhalJ, dan. of William & K.''.chel ( Wilson) 

Born Meh. 29, lsfi2 in Washington Co., O. 

Their children : 

hoi Edith Recka-d b. Aug.l7, 1S83 in Hills, Washington Co., O. 

652 Earl Mencienhal! b. J» fay 22, 1891 in Hills, Washington Co., O. 

853 Esther ICatora b. Dec. 17, 1893 inHillSjAVashington Co.,0. 

854 ErvH! Otis b. Oct. 4,1897 in Hills,Wa?hiugtou Co.,0. 

Otis W. Hill is a Farmer. Post office address: 
Hills, Washington Co., O. 


ROSA LUELLA RECKARD (Wesley J. 128, Nancy 36, 
Jonathan IS, Zebulon II, Zebulon 2), dau. of Wesley 
Junia & .Marinda (Grimes) Reckard. 

Born July 28, 1S61 in Wnshint,'ton Co., O. 

Mar. (1) Aug. 10, 18S4 in Washington Co.,0., by Rev. Alexander 

George Caywood, jon of William <fc Ann ( ) Cayv,-ood, 

Their children : 

8-55 riaggie rfr.rinda b. June 10, 1885 in Allegheny, Pa. 
f>5r, William \Ve£ley b. Feb. 2^:, ISSG 

Mar. (2) Sop. 10, 1892 in Allegheny, Pa. 

Marry Wilbur, son of Horace & Martha ( ) Willuir. 

No children by second marriage. 

?*Ir. Wilbur is a Printer. They resioe at No. IV 
Snowdeu ,St., ,A.llegheny, Pa. 


JOHN LEriUEL RECKARD (Wesley J. 128, Nancy 36. 

Jonathan 15, Zebis'.on 11, Zebiiion 2), son of \^'e.:iey 

Junia tt jNIarinda {n'rime-'i) Reckard. 
Born July 16, 1S63 in WashiugtoD CIo., O. 
Mar. Jmie 27, 1SS8 iu Allegbcuy, Pa., by Rov. Holmes. 

Carrie Snyder, dan. of Peter I'vr Charlotte ( ) S'.ndei. 

Their child : 
857 Raynionii Wesley b. Aug. 13, lSf)4 iu Allegbeuy, Pa. 

John L. Reckard is a Carpenter. Re.sides at -10 
Sedgwick Street, Allegheny, Pa. 

LUCY HANNAH RECKARD (Wesley J. 128, Nancy 36, 
Jonathan 15, Zebuion II, Zebulon 2), daii. of \\'es-ley 
Junia ct Marinda (Gritnes) Keckard, 

Bora Apr. 18, 1066 

Mar. Apr. 25, 1S90 iu Allej^lieny, Pa., l>y Itev. Holmes. 

Maxwell Dradshaw, son of John & Ann ( ) Bradsliaw. 

Their child : 


858 Roland White b. iNleb. 31, 1897 iu Allfgbeny, Pa. 

Mr. Bradshaw is a Pattern Maker. Resides at -h)! 
Washington Ave., Allegheny, Pa. 


LIZZIE OLINDA RECKARD (Wesley J. 128, Nancy 36, 
Jonathan IS, Zebuion li, Zebuion 2), dau, of \^'e=^ley 
Jnnia & Marinda (Grimes) Reckard. 

Boru Meh. 8U, 1880 

Mar. Juue 1, 1&'.;8 in SttHiboaville, Ohio. 

Frcnk Herr, son of Wm. John it Emma Louisa [Gchhart) 
11 err. 

Mr, Herr's address is No. HO East Diauiond Street, 
Allegheny, Pa. He is engaged in the Laundry Business. 

SIXTH CIti:ERAT10N. 131 

riARY ELIZABETH RECKLARD (Alvin 129, Ddilrh 37, 
Jonathan 15, ZebuJon If, Zebulon 2), dau, cf Aiviii <fe 
Esther (^Ewcn) Keckard. 

Born Aug. 21, 1S39 ia Marietta, O. 

Mar. Sep. 1, 1S58 in JIarictta, O., bj- W. T. Haiul. 

George Davenport, son of George tt Louisa {DlrkLisoa) 

Boru June 20, 1S35 in 8omei-tc.n, Belmont Co., O. 
Tiieir eMldren : 


859 Charles Augustus b. .1 line 21, lSn9 id I'larietta, O. d. Aug. 

11, 1&G2, in L'jv."criaieni, 
O. bur. in Jloumi Ceme- 
tery, Marietta, O. 

860 William Coulsen b. Jan. 9, ISG! m. Anna M&rh ira.gir.1. 

861 Frank Rtiward b. Feb. 23, ISW ui. JNEartha Jarie ilartm. 

862 EV.a Louisa 1). Apr. 3, 1866 wi. George A. LattJnier. 

803 Olevia Roe b. Apr. 11, 1869 ra. Thoiuas I'^insrsow 


804 John Alvin b. Jan. 24, 1S71 Dt-puty .Sberifl', Bious 


805 George Arthur b. Mch.24, 1ST3 In Bout and Sli oe P.l->.!- 

ucss at Kandolpli. l^eb. 
860 Pflr.ry EUzrhMi 1>. June 13, 1875 
807 Alartija Lucretia b. Aug. 3, 1877 
80S ^ Tv. in b. Aug. 3, 1877 d. Aug. 3, ];>77 

S09 Carl Beiknap b. Kov. IS, ISSO 

870 Frances Esther b. Apr. 13, 18S3 

George Davenport .served a.s Lieutenani; in Co. 
H., l,st Ohio Light Artillery Vol., from October, ISGJ. 
to January, 1803, and honorably discliarged on account 
of di.sability. Elected Sheriff of Washington Co., C, 
in 1873, and .'■erved two term.s, until 1877. 

Now engfigeu in L,ivery and Salt- Stable, Acd/es?.; 
No. lOo North Ninth Street, Norfolk, Neb. 


FRANCrS BROWN RECKARD (A'.vin !:;9, Deiiiah 37, 
Jonathan 15, Zebuioi: li, Zebi'.ion .'i). soi it' Alvin <'; 
Esther (Bnnon) Reckard. 

Boru Ju'U' 10, l^:tj ?r. Mari.'tta, O. 


War. (1) Dec. IS, .1865 in Marietta, O., by Rev. I. N. Carraau. 
Alice J. Nugent, dau. of George A- Maria {MiUer) Nugei)t. 
Bom Mcb.30, ]S43 in Peunsylvniiia. 
Died May 22, 1897 in Chicago, III. 
Bur. iu Mt. Hope Cemetery-, Chicago, 111. 

Their child : 

871 Florence Blanch b. Sep. 28, 18(36 m. Frank H. Roovaart. 
Mar. (2) Dec. 29, 18!»S in Chicago, 111., by Rev. R, A. White. 
Annie n. Nugent, (sister-in-law), dau. of George & Maria 

{Miller) Nugent. 
Born Dee. 11, 1850 in Pittsburg, Pa. 

Francis E. Reckard enlisted in Capt. Huntingion's 
Battery H, 1st Ohio Light Artillery ; served three years 
in that Company, and then entered Company .E, same 
Regiment, and served throughout the war as Com- 
mander of the Company. Is nov/ Superintendent of 
Bridges and Buildings on the Chicago, Lake Shore &. 
Eastern Ry. Resides at 5762 Dearborn St., Chicago, 


JAflES LEONARD RECKARD (Alvin 129, Delilah 37, 
Jonathan 15, Zebuson IS, Zehulon 2), son of Alvin & 
Esther (Broicn) Reckard. 

Boru Aug. 7, 1813 in Marietta, O. 

Mar. Dec. 9, 18e7 

Columbia Little 

Boru Oct. 25, lfi42 in Newport, O. 
Their children : 


872 Mary Esther b. Aug. 15, ISfi!) 
87.S Juli.i Greenwood b. Oct. 6, 1.S7-1 
874 Parineiia Jane b. June 24, 187(i 


WlLLIAil LEWIS RECKARD (Aiviii 12y, Deiilah .^7, 
Jonathan ?5, Zebulon II, Zebulon 2). .'^on of Alvin i*. 
Esther (Brown) Reckard. 

Boru Mch. 15, 1S4G in Marietta, O. 

Mar. Jan. 1, 1874 in H'.ntiHr, by Rev. J. M. V/e:r, r.Iclhndi.-'. 


Martha SeUna ristthews, dai;. of George k Maiy {Fcrnky) 

ISIai thews. 
Born Feb. 27, 1854 in Harmar, O. 

Their chiUirea : 

875 nargaret Ella b. July 30, 187G in Jlfuniftr, O. 

876 Clarence William b. Aug.17, 1SS2 iu Ilarmar, O. 

William Lewis Rectard is a Farmer and resides in. 
Haniiar (now West. Marietta), O. 


37, Jonathan 15, Zebiilon 11, Zebaion 2), son of Alvin 
& Esther (Brown) Reckard. 
Born i\Iph. 28, 1850 in Marietta, O. 
Mar. IMay 21, 1872 iu Marietta, O., by Rev. A. C. Hirst, IVlotlio- 

dist AEinister. 
nargaret Catherine Armstrong, dau. of Henry A Catherine 

{Cool:) Armstrong. 
Born Apr. 15, 1850 iu Marietta, O. 

Their child : 

877 George Miitoa b. Aug. IG, 1871 in Crawfordsvilie, Jiidiaua. 

d.Aug.6,lSS7. Accideutaliy 
.shot by a playmate at Nor- 
' folk. Neb., Aug. 6, 1S87 bur. 

in Prosiject Hill Ceineterj, 
Norfolk, Neb. 

George W. Reckard is a Cabinet Maker, and lives 
iu Norfolk, Neb. 


.HARGARET ELLA RECK/i.RD (Alvin 129, DeH!i:h 37. 

Jonathan 15, Zenuicn 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of Alvin <fc 

Esther (Brown) Reckard. 
Boru Sep. 28, 1855 iu ISIarietta, O. 

Mar. Oet. 13, 1875 in Marietta, O., by "Rev. J. Van I^aw. 
Rev. Samuel Froonje Sijarpless, '^on of Nicho'a.-; F. <fe 

Frances M. (Sirmnon'^) Sharple.s8. 
Born C, 1851 iu Ciucinuati, O. 


Their cbildreu : 

878 Kstlier May b. Aug. 2, 1876 m. Jack Koeuigstein. 

879 Frances Lillian b. July 29, 1878 in Cincimiafi, O. 

880 Mai J Elizabeth b. J:ai. 4, 1S83 iu Moaioe, 0. 

881 S. Froome b. Apr. 18, 1888 in Bainbridge. 

882 Margaret Alice b. Dec. lu, 1895 iu Koriolk, Seh. 

I\Ir. Sharpless is a Presbyterian Minister. 


JOSEPH ALVfN RECKARD (Alvin 120, DeJiiah 37, Jon- 
athan IS, Zebulon Tl, Zebulon 2), son of Aivin & Esther 
(Brown) Reckard. 

Born July 15, 1860- iu Mari(!tta, O. 

Mar. j\Ich. ]!■), 1G84 at Xcwton, Iowa, by Rev. E. A. Carniue. 

Julia Blanchard, dau. of .fames Madison <fc Laura Cordelij 
(LincUcy) Blanchard. 

Born Stp. IS, 1861 at Newton, Iowa. 

No children. 


NATHAN FAWCETT RECKARD (Alvin 129. Ddiiaii 37, 
Jounthan 15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), son of Alvin o.- 
Esther {Brown) Reckard. 

Boru Aug. ol, 1865 iu Marietta, O. 

Mar. Oct. 2i, 1891 in Omaha, Neb., by Rev. A. 1. Turkle. 

Rose n. Schmidt, dan. of Claus J. <fe ^Magdelena (E/iUr/i 

Born Nov. 20, 1872 in Omaha, Nel). 
Their child: 


883 Alargaret Irene b. Nov. 7, 189G in Oiiiahu, Neb. 

Nathan F, Reckard is Pa\-in<j; Teller iu the TTniTj 
Stock Yards National Rank, South Omaha, Neb. 


Jonathan !5, Zebulon !i, Zeliuloij 2), dau, of (ni 
H. & Lucy Wood (1,'erhrrd) Richards, 

I'oru Feb. 2^, 1810 in Marietfa. O. 


Mar. Jau. 2, 1868 in Biichauau, >Iich., by Rev. George. 
Royal Morris, son of Garrcit & Ann (Cnppr.r) Moms. 
Boru Aug. 5, lS4o iu Bucbanaii, jMich. 
Died Nov. 1(1, 1 SOS i?i Chicago, 111. 
Eur. iu Buebanan, l\Tieb. 

Tbeir ebildreu : 

SSI Lucy n.iy b. Tiiay 25, ISOii d. Aug. 27, 1869, in Buebanan, 


885 ATatTie Ann b. Dec. SO, 1S71 d. .June 15, 187S, in Bucbau.'^.u, 


886 Oeoi-geO. b. >biy 28, ]S74 d. Oct. 10, 187-1, in Bucbana)), 


887 Lull! Le'tore b. Apr. 12, 1877 

888 Eva R. b. Xov. 14, 18S8 

Mrs. ATorris resides in Buchanan, Mich. 


37, 15, ZeSjuion il, ZebuSon 2), son of George 

H. ct Lucy \\o<k\ {Ecchuxl) llioliards. 
Boru Mcli. 2,1848 in MarieUn, O. 

Mar. Juue 25, 187o iu Buchanan, Mich., by Rev. W. W. Wellp. 
Myra Clark Smith, dau. of Geo. W. et Myra (Clarke) Smith. 
Born Dec. 15, 1853 iu New York City. 

Tbeir children: 

889 Lucy Ac\e'ihU\e b. .lane 28, 1874 m. Edwin P. Benedi( I. 

890 George Henry h. July 10, 1877 

891 Joseph Leonard b. Aug. 29, 1879 m. Ethel E, Curtiss. 

Mr. Richards is engaged in Manufacturing, and re- 
sides in Buchanan, Mich. 

HARTHA ELLEN RICHARDS (Lucy Wood 132, Delilah 

37, .ionatkan 15, Zernilon li, Zebuion 2), dau. of George 

H. <fe Lvcy W^ood (I'echurd) Kichards. 

Boru June 17^ 1850 in Marietta, O. 

Mar. June 22, 1870 in Buebanan, Mich., by Rev. \V. \V. A'\'ells. 

Salrna Barmore, son of Nathaniel & Mary L. Bann.o?o. 

Born May la, 1849 iu Uryau, I.aporte Co., Ind. 


89;i They have no children living. Twins were boru, 

but died in a few hours alter birth. 


LUCY BIJRQE RICHARDS (Luc3' Wood 132, Delifah 37, 

Jonathan 15, Zebu f on 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of George U. 

tt Lucy 'Wood (Bechard) Richards. 
Born Nov. 29, 1852 hi iMarietta, O. 
■Died Aug. 28, ISSS iu Cliicaso, lU. 
Bur. Aug. 29, ]SS8 iu lUoiiieuce, ID. 
Mar. Feb. 4, iSS.j in Buchauau, ilicli., by Rev. Fiaaeis H. Ber- 

William Q. Nichols, sou of 

Boru Aug. 25, 1838 at Red ^Vood, Vei luiliou Co., Ill 

Their child : 
894 William Richards b. Aug. £G, ISSS 


HATTfE LOUISA RICHARDS (Lucy Wood 132, Delilah 
37, Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, Zebislon 2), duu.of George 
H. & Lucy Wood (lieckard) Richards. 

Boru Bee. 22, 1854 in Bucbacan, Mich. 

Mar. May 28, 1S79 iu Buchauau, Mich., by Kev. W. ^X; Wells. 

Wellington Skinner Wells, son of W. W. & Julia ( ) 


Born Mch. 30, 1855 at Godfrey, 111. 
Their childreu : 

SOS Kittle Richard b. Aug. 29, ISSl in Bucliauau, Mich. 

896 George Wehington b. .Tau. 25,1883 iu Bucliauau, Mich. 

897 Mary Et!;el b. Deo. 2,188^ iu Buclianan, Miel.. 

898 Lucy Blanche b. Aug. 2.S, 1SS6 in Buchauau, Mich. 


HARY ELIZA RICI-:ARi:iS (Lucy \\ood 132, Delilah 37. 

Jonathan 15, Zebu'on 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of George. 

n. & Lucy Wood (Rechard) Richards. 
Boru ISIay 10, 1S59 iu Buchauau, Mich. 

Mar. Sep. 24, 18^4 iu Buchauau, Mich., by Rev. W. W. yVoW^- 
Qeorg-e O. Rogers, son of John it ?.iari';arct Ann (C)Vf-O 

Born May 17, 185G iu Brunswick, Maine. 


Their childi-on : 


> Twins b. dying a few mouths* offer iih'tb. 


GEORGE HENRY RICHARDS (Lucy V/oocl 132, De!i!-ih 
37, Jonathan 15, Zebulon il.Zcbuion 2), son of George 
H. (k Lucy Wooil (Kcckard) Jlicliards. 

Horn Nov. 'J, 1861 iu Bucbauau, Mich. 

Mar .Sep. 14, l^Sl in^Buchauan, Mich., Iiy Rev. W. I. Cogshs.ll. 

Hattie Deidamia Qrecn, dau. of .Jame.s Turner & Helen 
Pauline (Smeed) Green. 

Born Feii. 7, 1862 iu Dayton, Mich. 
'I'lieir children : 


nOl CIcon Berge b. June 26, 18S2 in Buchanan, Mich. 

W2 Harieigh h. Dee. 25, ISS-I in Buchanan, Micliigan. 

d. Sep. 12, 1885; bur. in 
Bucbauau, Mich. 

90.'; Grace Evnieen b. Dec. 17, 1886 iu Kiles, Mich. 

91:14 Harry Laurence b. Feb. 19, 1890 in ^Minneapolis, Miuu. 

Mr. Richards is a Banker, \^-ilh the Farmers and 
Mechanics Savings Bank, and liis address is 26.33 Har- 
riet Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

ESTHER SALOHE EAWCETT (Hargaret 135, DeliL'.h 37, 
Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of Nathan 
& Margaret (Rcchard) Fawcett. 

Born June 18, JSoO iu Marietta, O. 

Mar. Apr. 10, 1872 in Marietta, O., by Kev. J. H. Acton, IStetho- 
diat Minister. 

Charles Roland liovey, son of James B. & Virginia (l^oland) 

Born Aug. 21, 1850 in Marietta, O. 

Died Sep. 2, 1886 iu M.-irietta, O. 

Bur, iu Oak Grove Cemetery, Marietta, O. 

Their children : 

'Mo James Fawcett b. Dec. 9, 187S in Marietta, O. ni. Katb- 

eriue Schmidt. 


90G Willard Carlton o. Dec. 2S, 1875 in Mnrictta, O. Xov in 

JSluneie, lud. Ts a riui';- 

SOT Barton Valiiiore b. Nov. 27, 1877 in JIarietta, O. Is llouk- 

keeper >f ariet ta Cljair Fa>j- 

30S AHyiic Clark b. Oct. 4, ISS! in MarittUi, O. 

Charles R, Hove}' gi'aduated in 1871, at Marietta 
College, He became a traveling salesman for the ^vllole• 
sale house of Hovey, lams & Co. He started in busi- 
ness himself as Grocer, but failing health incapacitated 
him for any kind of business. He was noted for his 
kind and companionable disposition. 

Mrs. Hovey is noted for her artistic needle work. 
She is living in Marietta, O. 


FANNfE LOUISE FAWCETT (T.argaret 135, Delilah 37, 
Jonathan J5, Zebulon 11, Zebuion 2_), dau. of Nathan 
& Margaret (Rcckcnxl) Fawcett. 

Born Feb. 22, 1859 in Marietta, O. 

Mar. Feb. 12, ISSO in ^Marietta, O., by Rev. T. H. Ilawj;.^ Con- 
gregational Minister. 

David S. Devin, !^on of George i.^ Maria (Sl'inncr) Deviu. 

Boru Apr. 22, 1S.58 

Their cliildr''u : 


909 Esther Louisa b. Dec. 16, ISSO in Des Moines, Iowa. 

910 Frank Skinner b. Deo. 24, ISSl in Des ]Moine.s, Iowa. 

911 nargaret b. Oct. 17, 1SS7 in Des Moines, Iowa. 

Mr. Devin is a Lawyer by profession. He is a 
graduate of Marietta College, and has been for the past 
three years in Calcutta, India, with a Bible House, en- 
gaged in the translation of the Bible. 


CHARLES F. WFLLIAMS (Nancy !So, Dtlilah 37, Jor-.i- 
than 15, Zebuloii 11, Zebu'oii 2), sou of Fraiik 1'. i.'>' 
Nancy (Bcrkord) William.'-'. 

Bora Aug, 2ii, 18").', jj, M:ninar. O. 

William B. Gaitree. 


Mi.r. Aug. "1, 1880 iu Lake Station, lucL, by Res'.D.W.Aiidnws. 
Eva Belle Hinrrtan, dau. of Jaiues L. <fc !Mart ha A. (C% /•(>(/>) 

Ilininan, of Wilmington, 0. 
Born Juue 14, 1856 in Wilmiugtou, O. 

Their ehildien : 

nii; Ralph C. b. Dec. (i, 1SS2 iu (;rif;iunn, Ind. 

<il3 Editii Hinman b. Aug. 28, 1884 iu CrisuiaQ^ lud. 
9!4 Grace Richards b. Juue 23, ISSG in Lake Station, Indiana. 

d. Sep. 24, 1S8G. 

Mr. Vv^illiams started a.s a Messenger Boj* in Har- 
inar, O.; learned telegraph)', and devoting his time to 
railroad interests, became Ao;eut at Joliet, 111. Is uow 
Telegrapiier at Forest Hill, Chicago, 111. 


WILLIAFri B. QAITREE (Nancy 136, Deliiah 37, Jcr^s- 
than 15, ZebuJon !1, Zebuloii 2), son of John Franoip 
& Xanoy {Rcckard) Gaitree. 

Born Jan. Ki, 1864 in Marietta, O. 

Mar. June 12, ]S90 iu j\Iarietta, O., by Rev. John Boyd, Epiaoo- 
jial iNIirjistcr. 

Lucie N. Small, dau. of Frank Ft. & Mary 0. {IHk) Small. 

Born June G, 187U iu B.iltiraore, Md. 
No children. 

W. B. Gaitree was born at Marietta, O., Jan. 16, 
18(54. He attended the public schools at that place, bur 
gave up his studies at au early date to go to work in a 
drug store. He remained iu the Drug business until 
January, 1891, wheu he was appointed Commission 
Clerk in the Executive Department by Governor Mc- 
Kinley. He served in that capacity until March, 1895, 
when he v/as appointed by Governor McKinley Chiet" 
Clerk in the Department of Railroads and Telegraphs 
of Ohio. On March 11, 1897, he was appointed Confi- 
dential Secretary to Hon. John Sherman, Secretary of 
State. On June 18, 1897, he was appointed Special 
Agent of the Post Office Department, in v;hich cap:;ciry 
lie is now serving. He has at divers limes .■'Ctccl as 
Ptivale Secretary to Sejiator l\l. A. Hanna thus lioldinp- 


confidential political relations v.'itli three of 01;;. ' 
■greatest men: McKinley, Sherman and H,in:ia. ii; 
has been active in Ohio and National Republican po".;- 
tics, and was an alternate to the National Republica:: 
Convention from the ISth Ohio Congressional District, 
at St. Louis in 1896. 


FRANK F. OAITREE (Nancy 136, Deiilah 37, Jonathan 
15, Zebtilon 1!, Zebufon 2), son of John Fraiici- ,^ 
Nancy (Rcchird) Craiti-ee. 

Born Jiiue 10, ISCo iu JIarieKa, O. 

Mar. ,Si'p. 2o, ISST iu Beverly, O., by R. J. Bc-ard. 

Emma Ciark, dan. of Robert S: Sarah {Reynolds) C'!ark. 

Born June ]o, 1S66 in Bevfrly, O. 
Tlieir cliild : 


-f»15 Frances Rcynoids b. ISu'h. 11, 1896 at Marietta, O. 

Frank Gaitree is engaged iu the Clothing busiiu-^s 
in Marietta, Ohio. 


MAQOEE AlARfA RECKARD (Joseph L. 139, Defitah 37, 
Jonathan 15, Zebufon 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of JorCpL 
L. & Mary E. {Morse) Reckard. 

Born Dec. 5, 1SG4 in Marietta, O. 

Mar. Oct. 29, 1890 in Marietta, O., by Rev. C. E. Dickinson, Con- 
greKational ivrinister. 

Arthur Qrcnt Smith 

Born Sep. SO, 1S62 in New London, Oneida Co., X. Y. 
Their cbildreu : 


916 Florence Marie b. Nov. 21, 1S92 iu FAistis, Lake Co., Fl.i. 

■«17 Harold ReckartJ b. Dec. 11, 1895 in Eustis, Lake Co., Fla- 

Mr. Smith is a Merchant, and resides in Eusti?, 
Lake Co., Florida. 

HARRY LEONARD RECKARD (Joseph L. 1.39, De!ii.ah 37. 

Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, Zebufon 2), :.on of ,!o;ep!i 

L. <t Mary E. {Morse) Reckard. 
Born Jan. 20. 1S72 in J.ravieii.-i, O. 


M:ir. May 2, 1S95 in Marietta, O., by Rev. C. E. DickiuBon, Con- 

grejriitional Ivtiiiister. 
Nancy El/en King, dau. of \Villiaui it M'ary {Parr) JCing. 
J',;>ni Oct. 11, 18f.iS in Gnuidvicw, Wasbiugton Co., O. 

Harry L,. Reckard is engaged in tbe Livery busi- 
ness, and resides at the old homestead, Marietta, O. 

140, Junia ?.T,; Jonathan 15, Zebulon li, ZebuJoii 2), 

dan. of Ciiarlys TakIIov,' & Elizabeth Watts {Cunnivfj- 
harn) Jennings. 
Hwru June 2, IS47 in Atlieup, Athens Co., O.. 
.M:ir. Oct. 21, 1S66 in Logan, Hoclving Co., O., by iWv. Sara'i B. 

Kriglit, a ^ JNIiuister. 
Jtilin A. McArthur, third son of Charles tt Rachel Mary 

{McConyieU) Mc Arthur. 
iJorn Sep. 11, lS-11 in Tioga Co., Peun. 
i»ird Mch.27, 1S83 in Colorado Springs, Col. 
liar, in Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, Col. 

Their children : 

t>l« Helen May b. ,Tan. 23, 1SG7 m. Wm. Clapp Mosher. 

!')y Frank Wilmer b. Apr. 2S, 1SC9 m. Justina Liudberg. 
0:'n Frederic Coiinor b. May 17, 1870 Clerlt at Lcadville, Co!. 
I'-'l Louise h. Jan. 1,1872 m, (,1) Wm. Oliver Donald 

Howard ; ni. (2) Charles 
August Sehulz. 
t'-'i Nina Pearle b. Mch.l7, 1S77 m. Dr. John Greer, V. S. 

John A. McAithur eulisted as a private in Company 
H, 63d Regt., O. V. I., Jan. 2, 1862, at Logan, Ohio, and 
was appointed Corporal. He v.'as discharged for disa- 
bility March <S, 1863, and died from the effects of the 
disease then contracted, March 27, 1883, at Colorado 
Springs, Colorado. 

Mrs. McArthur is new living at Colorado Springs, 


MARY AIJCE JENNINGS (Charles L. 14G, Junta 38, 
Jonathan 15, Zcbiilon \\., Zebulon 2), dau. of Charles 
Ludlow (t Elizabeth Watis (Cunningham) Jennings. ■ 

ik>rii Muy IS, 1850 iu iMari 'ita, WaKbington Co., O. 


Died Apr. 23, ISSO in Logau, Hnokiug Co., O. 

Bur. iu Logiiu, Hocking Co., O. 

Mar. Jau. 3, 1872 iji Logau, Ilockiug Co., O., by Kev. l[(;;i'ri 

David Qrove, son of John & Grove. 

Born Mch. K, iSt>i iu Brf-incu, Fairlield Co., O. 

Their cVjiliUv^ii : 

a-i2 Malcolm b. Sep. 9, 1ST2 in Logau, O. 

923 Lee b. June 19, 1875 iu Lngan, O. 

02) AnijS Atrielia b. i\[ch 11, 1877 iu Logau, O. 
925 Ft-ett Winficid h. .Tau. G, 187'l iu Logan, O. 

David Grove married (2d) Mrs. Lillian Conn.;!!, a 
Toledo, 0., Feb. 15, l-SSJ-l. He is uow "Elder Brother 
,at tlie Boy.s' S''hool, near L?.ncEste-, 0. 

EMMA JENNINGS (Charle.s L. !40, Junta .HS, Jos-sathr.n 
IS, Zebulon 11, Zebuion 2), dau. of Charles Liidi ,' 
.& Elizabeth Watts {Cunnivgham) .Jennings. 

Born Feb. C, ISoS in Ilarmar, Wasbingtou Co., C-. 

Jlar. Bep. 5, 1876 iu Logan, Ilockiug Co., ()., by Uev. C. C. 11";'' ■ 
Presbyterian Jliuister. 

John Philemon Rochester, son of -loteph \V. t'c H:c.r! ■ 
(E'lnbkh ) Rochester. 

Boiu Oet. 21, 1551 iu Logan, ITo.-king Co., O. 
Their childre.n : 


920 Josephids b. July ."il, 1877 in Logau, O. 

927 Harry Watts b. Feb. 7,1879 in Logau, O. 

John Philemon Rochester* was educated In thcco:i;- 
uion schools, and after completion of his school daf.c ■ 
he entered the law office of the famous jurist, Jam e.^ K 
Groghan,and under his tutorship was admitted to pi.-' 
tice law in 1872. He afterwards adopted the busji;'-- 
of his father, that of General Alerchandise Ani WhoU ■ 
sale Produce, which business he continued in u:-'.-- 
1890, when he was elected Pdayor of Logan, Ohio, a'-'- 

■fGRANli-PARENT.— John Kochcstcr 1). Jan. 9, ITOC, in London, EnRland ■''■ ■ ' 
2», 1871!, in Logan, O. m. In ISli:, .Mary Ann Cl.idlc, a dcscendup! of the Rc>. . 

ParBNT.— Joseph W. Hociiestcr b. Oct. 11. Is;.'), in oondoi., L"ng!.ind. d. A; 
1800, in Logan, O. in. Sept., IRJ;', Hanicu l-.mbick, in Lanr^.itct, O. b. ."■i-.i- • 
)S18, ir T.ancistcr, !'-i.,-.. d. Mch. IG, liMO, in T.OKau, O. 


served two terms. He resigned the office of Mayor to 
ta^ke his seat ii] the 71st and 72d General Assemblies of 
I'p.e .State of Ohio, he being the first Republican to 
represent his County in the Legislatuie. 

Mr. and Mrs. Rochester reside in Logan, Ohio. 


EI.LA .lENNfNQS (Charles L. 140, Junia 38, Jonathan 
15, ZebiiiOii II, ZebuEon 2), dau. of Charles Ludlow & 
Elizabeth Watts (Cunnhu/Iunn) Jennings. 

r.orn Dec. 22, ISGl iu Logan, Hocking Co., O. 

Mar. Jiiue 17, 1890 in Logan, O., by Rev. T. A Turaer, Metlio- 
di.'^t Miui.ster. 

Lorenzo Dow' Vickers, son of John & Mary (Mhigus) 

iVini Apr. IS, 18-Jf) iu Koseville, Jluskinguni Co., O. 
Their cliild: 


i'JS riarien Elizabeth b. Kov. 9, 18fi2 in Logan, O. 

Mr. Vickers is a self-made man, his father having 
died in the seige of Vicksburg, leaving him a lad of 
fourteen, the main support of his mother and her 
younger children, of whom there were six. He ob- 
tained as good an educaticii as possible in the district 
school and taught a number of terms. At the age of 
twenty-one he decided to seek his fortune in the West, 
locating at Luzerne, Minn., and taught the first school 
ever opened in Rock County, that State. He continued 
his studies and graduated at the Normal School at Man- 
kato, l\Iinn. As it had always been his ambition to 
study law, he entered the University of Iowa, at Iowa 
City, and after graduating he returned to Ohio and was 
admitted to the bar in 1876, and at once entered into 
the practice of his profession in Vinton County. He 
was elected and served four years as Mayor of McArthur. 
He removed to Logan in 1S80, where he has since re- 
sided, his reputation and ability as a lawyer giving him 
•"1 foremost place at the bar. Mr. Vickers has always 
taktn an active part in the politics of the County and 


Stale. In 1896 he was tlie McKinlcy Elector for llu- 
■ Eleventh Coiioressibnal District. He" was appoiutc.' 
Postmaster of Logan June 1, 1897. 

Mr. Vickcrs was married (1st) in "VVellsville, Ohio. 
Dec. 1, 1877, to Miss Selinda Peyden, v%'ho died Juiv,, 
28, 1888, 


ARTHUR JENNtNOS (Charies L. 140, Junia 38, .ionc- 
than IS, Zebulon 11, Zebtiicn 2), son of Charles Lini- 
low & Elizab(;th Watts {Cuniiivgham) Jenning.^'. 

Eoru Oct. 2,5, 1S64 in Logaii, O. 

Mar. Apr. .SO, LS98 iu St. Louis, Mo., by Wm. -T. Ilaaloy, .T. P. 

Catlierine Matilda Milroy, dan. of Thomas Henry & CaUi- 
erjne {Grlffiih) jSIilroy, 

Born J.1U. 6, 1871 in Columbus, Kansas. 
Tlieir child : 


929 Pliiiemon Milroy b. Jan. 30, 1899 in St. Louis, Mo. 

Mr. Jennings is a Paper Hanger and Decorator, aut' 
resides at 20U5 Eugenia vSt. , St. Louis, Mo. 


MALCOLM JENNFNGS (Robert M. 144, Junia 38, Jona- 
than 15, Zebulon II, Zebalon 2), son of Robert McCa!'.' 
k, ilary E.' (Ilayii-nrd) Jennings. 

Born Oct. 17, 1861 ia Cairo, 111. 

Mar. Nov. 10, 189] ic Columbus, O., by Rev. D. F. Davits. 

Ethel Dunn, dau. of James C. ct Harriet (liobinmn) Du));;. 

Born Aug. 20, 1870 in Columbus, O. 

Malcohn Jennings, upon the death of his father. 
was taken to the home of his grand-parents in Mariett.'-, 
Ohio. He attended tlie public schools in Mariett:^, 
Columbus, and Portsmouth, Ohio, until he was thirteen 
years of age. As a boy, he worked at various occup.'-- 
tions, finally learning the printer's trade in the ofiice ol 
the Messenger, Athens, Ohio. As Editor, Special Cc:- 
tespondent and Political Writer, he has been idcniific'^ 
with leading newspapers since 1885, and has hela •■ 
number of minor position.^ undei the Ohio State Q>0'< 


Malcolm Jennings. 


enitnent by appointments of Governors Foraker, Mc- 
Kinley and Bushnell. 

Ou November 10, 1891, at Columbus, Ohio, he m?.r- 
ried Ethel Dnnn, daughter of James C. and Harriet 
(Kohinson) Dunn, and grand-daughter of William Gard- 
ner Dunn, the Dunn family being of English derivation, 
the family seat being at Chalteres. Mr. and Mrs. Jen- 
nings have no children. After the death of his father, 
Mr. Jennings was re-christened " Robert Malcolm,'' but 
the name prefixed v^p.s never used, and, leading to con- 
fusion, the "Robert" was dropped. 

Their address is Columbus, Ohio. 


LILLIE riARTlN WSLEY (Sarah L. 145, Jitnia 38, Jon- 
athan 15, Zebulnt? li, Zebulon 2), dau. of Arthur & 
Sarah L. (Jainings) Wiley. 

Born June 24, 1854 in Harmar, Washington Co., O. 

Mar. Sep. 1, 187.5 in Portsmouth, O., by Eev. C. M. Befhaii.^er. 

David Felix Davies, Ron of David M. & Ann (Felix) J Javies. 

Born .Tan. 8, 1.149 in Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Their children : 


ii.Ju Arthur Wiley b. July 27, 1ST9 in Loveland, O. 

.ti31 Edgar Feii.x b. Doc. 31, IbSl in Fiadlay, O. 

V,2 Mary b. Sep. 1,1884 in Fiudlay, O. d. Sep. 1,1884. 

933 Kelley b. Doc. 20, 1886 in Sliaridou, O. 

Rev. David Felix Davies, M.A. , D. D. ,is a graduate 
of Marietta College, and at present is Professor of 
Theology in the Kenyon Divinity School, Gambier, O. 

LiZZIE IViAV WJLKY (Scrah L. 145. imAa 38, Jor.athan 

15, Zebiiion 11, Zebiilon 2), dau. of Arthur & Farah L. 

(Jtnniruj^) Wiloy. 
P.orn Jan. 8, 1857 in Harmar, Wa.shiugton Co., O. 
"ied Junol2, 1882 in Cincinnati, O. 
Bur. in Oak Grove Cenieteiy, Marietta, O. 
Mar. Sep. 14, 1881 in CoUimbus, O., by Rev. D. F. DpviOK. 
Thomas Henry KeiJcy, son of Patrick H. & Lucv (Ford) 



Bora Jime 12, 1S54 in Watprford, Wiisliiugtou Co., O. 
Their cliild :_ . 


934 Karry Jennings b. May 2G, 1SS2 in Oineiuuati, O. d. Jan. 

IS, 1490 ; bur. m Waterforl 
WfoShuigfon Co., O. 

Mr. Kelley married (2) Jan. 15, 1893, in Cincinnati, 
Ohio, Elizabeth Hetlich, dau. of Christian F. and Marv 
A. Hetlich. She died April 2, 189G, in Cincinnati. 

He liraduated from the Cincinnati Law School i;; 
Ma)', 1877. In May, 1883, he became a.ssociated in ihv 
practice of law with ?Ion. Jolm F. Follett and David 
M. Hyman, under the iirm name of Follett, liyman c>: 
Kelley. In March, 18S9, Mr. Hyman retired from the 
iirm and it has since coutinned under the style cf 
Follett & Kelley, 

On April 1, 1898, he was appointed by the Mayor 
of Cincinnati as a member of the Board of Supervisor.'; 
of Cincinnati, for the term of three years. In June, 
1898, he was elected into the Board of Trustees oi 
Marietta College. 

JOSEPH BENTOF>J HEBRON (Eiiiabeth S. US,J:nfnihw 
39, Jonathan J5, Zebuloii 11, Zebuion 2), son (if V/i- 
Ham ct Elizabeth Stephenson (Jennings) Hebron. 
Bom ]May 5, 1845 
Mar. May 81, 1S7G 

Cat hey 

Their cliildreu ; 

935 There are children, but the compiler lias no reco; "• 
of them. 

Joseph B. Hebron is a Blacksmith and reside.s ."'. 
St. Joseph, Mo. 


MARY CAROLINE HEBRON (HHzabeth S. 148, Joiiathr.ri 
39, Jonathan 15, Zebuion II, Zebsiion2), dau. of Vi •■• 
Ham ct Elizal:ieth Stephenson {Jennvnyii) Hebron. 

P.orn Dec. i. IWi 


>rai-. Nov. -1, 1862 

Isaac Paschai Miller 

Born Oct. l(i, 1840 

Their ehildren : 


im Wiifiara Mich:iel b. 




937 Ira Paschal b. 




9d8 Percy Smith b. 




Mf) Alyriie Josephine b. 




910 Joseph Hebron b. 




941 Mary HHzabaii b. 




942 Francis Hititon b. 




943 Jennie b. 




Isaac P. Miller is a Farmer. Address : St. Joseph, 


HARTMA JANE HEBRON (Elizabeth S. 14^, Jonathan 
39, Jonathan IS, Zebufon 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of Wil- 
liam tt Elizabeth Stephenson (Jennings) Hebron. 

Roru Kov. 11, 1848 

Mar. Nov. 2, 1864 

James Henry Hutchins 

Their chil't : 
944 Harry Thornbil! b. Jlch. 10, 1866 

Mr. and Mrs. Hutchins separated. Mrs. Hutcliins 
is now living in Chicago, 111. 


IDA A DELL MRBRON (ESizabeth S. 148, Jonathan 39, 
Jonatiian 15, Zebulon i!, Zebulon 2}, dau. of William 
& Elizabeth btephcnson (Jenning--^) Hebron. 

T.orn Fob. 1 3, 185.5 

i>ied May 2.8, lb73 


Jasper Sn.3ith riiUer 

Their fthild : 
■'^r, f.utie Aael! b. Dec. 3, 187! 



LAURA ALPi-FONSINE MARIS (Susan C. 151, Jonathan 
39, Jonathan 15, Zebufon II, Zebulon 2), dau. of 
Thomas Chalkley & Susan Caroline (Jennings) Marir:. 

Born June 2''., 1858 in Harmar, O. 

Mar. Nov. 2S, 1S89 in IFalta, O., by Rev. A. E. Johnson. 

Fred. ComeJy Thoniias, son of John Wesley it Sally {MuJ' r) 

Born IMch. 4, 1 858 in Malta, O. 

Mr. Thomas is a Merchant in Malta, O. 

LUELLA HOWARD MARIS (Susan C. 151, Jonathan 39, 
Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of Thoin;!-- 
Chalkley & Susan Caroline (Jennings) JTaris. 

Born July 53, 1803 in Harmar, O. 

Unr. Fob. 27, 1889 in Malia, O., by Rev. Frank MtjElfresh. 

WiiHam Francis Bell, son of Calvin & Margaret (Kincaid) 

Born Dec. 2, 1S57 

Their child : 
946 Lizzie Aleris b. Dec. ol, 1889 in Zanesvillc, O. 

Mr. Bell is a Traveling Salesman. He resides at 
No. 50 Ridge Ave., Zanesville, O. 


CARRIE ADEL RAMSAY (Mary E. U.2, Jonathan 39, 
Jonathan 15, Zebulon II, Zebulon 2), dau. of John l.'- 
&■ Marj' Ellen (Jennings) Ramsay. 

Born Oct. 12, 1862 in Big Run, O. 

Died Oct. 31, 1890 in Parkershurg, W. Va. 

Bur. in I. O. O. F. Cemetery, Parlct'isburg, W. Va. 

Mar. Dec. 1, 1881 in Parker."burp, W. Va., by Rev. R. A. rfiii.-oii, 
Episcoiial Minister. 

Thomas O. Tavenner, son of Franklin & Eunice ( ) 


Born Apr. 17, 1858 

Died July 7,1838 in Parkersburg, W. Va. 

Bur. in Taveu^uTrhViUfCIraveyuvd, South side, Parke I.^bl;i^;,^'■.^^^'• 


Tlu'ii childien : 

<i!7 0!in Ramsay b. Oct. 11, 18S3 in Parkersburg, W. Va. 

1148 \\'il!iarrs Jennings b. Feb. 1-1, 1&S7 iu Parkersburg, Vv'. Va. 

Mr. Tavenner was a Grocer in Parkcrsbuio- W.Va. 


152, .Jonathan 39, Jonathan IS, Zebuion 11, Zcbulon 2), 

son of .Tolin E. & Mary Eileu {Jennings) Rauisa^'. 
Born ]May 31, 1SG5 iu ParkersV)urg, ^^'. Va. 
Mar. Sep. 1, 18S9 in l^arkersburg, by Key. George K. Ilite. 

Methodist jMiuister. 
Jennie Hughes, dau. of William & Jane yJiohcrls) Hughes. 
Korn Sep. 13, 1871 in Pittsburg, I'a. 

Tlieir child : 

'MU John Earie b. Aug. 21, 1832 iu Parkersburg, W. Va. d.Jau. 
30, 1893, ill Parker&burg, "SV.Va. 
bur. in I. O. O. F. Cemetery, 
Parker.sburg, AV.\'a. 

I\Tr. Rainsaj' is a Druggist at Mulberry, Clintou 
Co., Ind. 

JOHN McCOY RAHSAY (Mary E. 152, Jonathan 39, 
Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), son of John E. & 
Mary Ellen (Jr aninfis) Ramsay. 

B<u-n July 20, 18159 iu ParkersViurg, "\V. Va. 

Mar. Juue 1.5, 1892 by Kev. S. E. Jones, Methodist Minister. 

Alyrtte Southworth, dau. of L. U. & F. L. ( ) South- 

1-Vjru Sep. 28, 1S73 iu l^arkersburg, W. Va. 
Their children : 


Sioo Mable Soiithworth b. Aug. 18, 1893 iu Parkersburg, W.Va. 

9'.1 Wiiliam Loyd b. Api. 15, 1S96 in JSTorth Balti.-iiorc, O. 

Mr. Ramsay is a Jeweler. His address is No. 800 
Jciiv-iette St., Parkfisbur^;, V/. Va. 


MARY ELIZABETH FOL'TS (John V/es!ey 153, EFiiabeih 
40, Jonathan 15, Zebulon il, Zebulon 2), dau. of Join; 
Wesley & Elizabeth {Grvhb) Fonts. 

Bori^ Aug. 29, 1848 iu ]MeCounelsville, O. 

IMar. Dec. 5, 1867 in Byvevly, O., by Rev. Hollister. 

John P. WorstaFI, sou of Isaac & Mireuda ( ) Worstall. 

Bora Apr. 24, 1S4S iu Harrisville, O. 

Died Dec. 13, 1884 in Beverly, O. 

Bui. iu Beverly, O. 

Their cliildren : 


952 Lulu Estelfa b. ]\tay 5, 1.S7T m. James O. Culku. 

953 John Ciiiford b. July 11, 1.S74 cl. .July 12, 1898, at Crimp Al- 

ger; bur. at Beverly, O. 
95-i Frank Albert b. Oct. 10, 187G Yiooi aud Shoe IMerebrmt ai 

Beverly, O. 

Mr. Worstall was a Merchant aud resided in Bev- 
erly, Ohio. 


EMMA AHEIJA FOUTS (John Wesley 153, EHzab.tth ^0, 
Jonathan 15, Zebulon II, ZebaJon 2), dau. of John 
Wesley & Elizabetli {Grahh] Fouls. 

Born Meb. 2-5, iSoG in Beverly, O. 

Mar. Juue 14, 1883 iu Deersville, O., by Rev. J. W. Fouls. 

Thoma5 B. Haziett, son of Tlioiuas M. & Hazlett, 

Deersville, 0. 
Their ebildrcu : 


955 liarry Pouts b. Apr. 17, 1884 iu Deersville, O. 

956 Walter Augustus b. May 26, 1887 in Deersville, O. 

Mr. Hazlett's address is No. 122 K. College Street, 
Alliance, O. 


ALBERT LEMON FOUTS (John M'esley 153, Hlizshetli 
40, Jonathan 15, Zebulon 1), Zebuion 2), son of John 
Wesley .t Elizabeth {Grahh) Fouts. 

Boru Aug. 9, 1858 in Beverly, O. 

Mar. Juue 15, 1882 iu Vv'e.-st Laf^iyetfe, i>., by R( v. J. SV. Fout--.. 


Alwitda 5. Jones, dnu. of Levi & Hnrriel (Mi'lcr) Jones. 
Boru AuR. ]i!, IRvS ■ ill Fvincotou, 111. 

Their chiid: 
fi.=i7 .icJiTTi Cecil b. JuiK' li', isst ir: Uljrjfbsvil.'e, O. 

I\Ir. Fonts is a Dru;i:<^ist in West Lafayette, O. 


HENRY JENNINGS BAKER (Elizabeth 154, Henry 41, 
Jonathan IS, Zebiiioii 11, Zebuion 2), son of Jacob 
ct Elizabeth (Jcnning.-^) Baker. 
Born Sep. -5, lS-57 

Mar. May 3, 1S8S in Raymoiul, TvIontgoDiery Co., III., by Paibert 
Tluse, J. P. 

Elizabeth Carlisle, dau. of Samuel & Harriett Ann ( ) 

Boru ."Vtay 7, 1SG4 iu Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Tlicir claiUl : 

'j.jS riary Elizabeth li. M;.y 25, 1890 in Piayiuond, Monlgoinery 

Co., 111. 

Mr. Baker's address is Litchfield, 111. 

HARY ANN BAKER (Elizabeth 154, Henry 4L Jonathan 
15, Zebuion 11, ZebuJon 2), dau. of Jacob & Elizabetii. 
(Jennings) Baker, 

Born Aug. 26, lSo9 

Died June 20, 18S9 iu Pioh Hill, Bates Co., IMo. 

Bur. at Double Braneli Graveyard, ]5ates Co., yio. 

Mar. Feb. 18, 1S79 iu Palmer, Christian Co., 111. 

James Allen Pugh 

Boru Feb. 10, 1S5S 
Their ehikl : 


05!) riyrlie Sue b. June 2^', 1881 in Chri.^tian Co., 111. 

Mr. Pr.oh lives in Jasper City, Jasper Co., Mo. 


HENRY HcFaBBEN (Zehs.i!r::i J. 1.63, Rhoda 42, Jon.^Uhan 
IS, Zebiilon 11, Zeh-iion 2), son of Zebnlon Jennings & 
Mary (S/antci/) i\lcKiI)ben. 

l'"ni .lulv 10. 18.51 uc-)ir Albion, Edwards Cu., 11}. 


Jlar. Nov. 1, lS7o iu MillcrTill.,-, by \. D. Xiehols, J. P. 
Julia 5eversan 

Born iu 


Their e' 

hildreu : 


960 Emr,\:i. L. 

1.. Sep. 



iu Otter Co., 

, iMinu. 

961 George F. 

b. Feb. 



iu Otter Co. 

, Minn. 

W2 Wiliiain A 

, b. Oct. 



in Otter Co. 

, jMiuu. 

9G3 Clara H. 

b. Feb. 



iu Otter Co. 

, Miuu. 

iJG4 Albert 

h. June 

' 5, 


in Otter Co. 

, Jliuu. 

965 Fern 

b. Jan. 



iu Otter Co. 

, Miuu. 

966 nary 

b. .July 



near Webster, S. Bali. 

Heurj' McKibbeu is a Farmer. Address: Fordland, 
Webster Co., Mo. 

JANE McKIBBuN (Zebulon J. 163, Rhoda -^^^ Jonathan 
15, ZebuSon 11, Zebulon 2), dan. of Zebulon .Tenuiiigs A 
Mary (Stanley') McKibben. 
Born Apr. 6, ISo.S near Albion, Edward.s Co., JI!. 
Mar. Oct. 11, 1S68 in Millerville, Douplus Co., Jliuu., by Frark 

C. Darling, J. P. 
John C. Nichols, son of George W. & Eunice (Jlbra) Nichol:-. 
Born Aug. 9, 3S3o iu Hiukley, jNtediua Co., O. 

Tlieir children : 

967 Mary E. b. Aug. 2, 38Q£ ra. David Parks. 

968 Alice Amelia b. July 16, 1871 m. Ole Sw.-iUion. 

969 Juliet M. b. July 16, 1873 in Brandon, :Minu. 

970 Sarali L. b. May 25, 1876 in Brandon, Mmu. 

971 MertieV, b. Feb. 15, 1878 iu Brandon, Minn. 

972 Elsie J. b. .Tuly 31, 1880 iu Brandon, Miuu. 

973 Grace I. b. Felj. S, 1881 iu Bristol, Day Co., S. J). 

974 Jo.'^!e C. b. Aug. 9, 1886 iu Bristol, Day Co., S. 5). 

975 Frankie b. Mch.24, 1888 iu liristol, Day Co., S. D. 

976 Jotin Eiiimet b. July 19, 1898 iu Bristol, Day Co., S. D. 

Jobu C. NicboLs was a soldier in the Civil Wav 
■from Oct. 8, 1363, to June 11, 18G5, in Co. C, l-''t;! 
Indiana Vol. Inf. 

ANN HcKiBBEN (Zebulon J. 163, Rhoda 42, JoiiatJinn k'. 

Zebuion 11, Zebuloti 2), dau. of Zebulon .Tenniu^'s ■■'■ 

Mary (Sfanky) TilcJCilib-en. 
Born Apr. 6, 18-53 near Albion, Edwa/d.j Co., ill. 



.Nfnr. Apr. lo, ]>^71 iu Jlilk-rviile, Douglas Co., Minn, by Rev. C. 

F. Kiiig-laud. 
Edwin Knapp, son of Nicholas & Mary {P>h'ffci) Kuapp. 
ISoni May ] 4, 1 840 in New York State. 

Tlieir childreu : 

'.177 M.ibeJ /lary b. Feb. 2.=i, 1878 m. John Patev-son Pliihips. 
ii7s Arthur Edwin b. May 5, 1S74 in Ott<-n:u! Co., Minn. 
^7;t Warren Otis b. Aug. 12, 3875 d. Apr. 12, IS7G; bur. iii 

Trazee Cemetery. Otlertail 
Co., Jlicu. 
b. Oct. 20, 1S76 in Ottertail Co., Miuu. 
b. KoY. 5, 1S77 in Ottertail Co., jNIinn. 
b. Feb. IS, 1S7!) iu Ottertsil Co., Jlinn. 
b. June 22, ISSO d. Sep. 2-5, 18S0; bur. iu 
Frazee Cenieteiy. 
<js4 Amos \^'eI/ote^• b. Aug. 6, 1881 iu VN'cbster, Day Co., S. D. 
tiso Abraham Scott b. .Sep. 29, 1SS3 iu VV^eb-iter, Day Co., S. D. 
fivj Lucy Bel; b. Oct. 5, 1SS4 in Webster, Day Co., vS. D. 

t'^7 Addie Ann b. July 21, ISSC iu Webster, Day Co.,, S. D. 

;i8S Abner Stanley b. Feb. 2S, ISSS in Webster, Day Co., S. D. 
ftS9 Austin Oscar b. July 2.5, 1889 

t)90 Nettie Biattch b. Dec. 2, 1890 d. Apr. fi, 1891 ; bur. Web- 
ster Cemetery. 

Mr. Knapp is a Farmer. Address: Webster, Da^' 
Co., South Dakota. 

!iMi Alvah H. 

!'^i Helen N'iriia 

'..v2 Albert R. 

OSS Frank E. 


JOSEI'H A. ncKIBBEN (Zebulon 163, Rhoda 42, Jona- 
than J5, Zebuion II, Zebulon 2), son of Zebulon Jen- 
nings tt Marj-^ {Stanley) McKibben, 

l'.oru Mcb. 27, 185.5 near Albion, Edwards Co., 111. 

.^lar. Dec. 25, 1S79 iu Leaf Valley, Douglas Co., INIinn., by Rev. 
J. T. Osborn. 

Louisa ButJer, dau. of Harrison & Cynthia (Lloi/d) Butler. 

I'-oru Feb. 20, I860 in Newton Co., lud. 
Tlieir children : 


'.'I'l Marty Einert b. Oct. 24, 1S8U iu Milk-rvillt, Douglas Co., 


yii Guy b. July 1, 1SS3 iu Webster, Day C".; S. D. 

^•3 Addie OI(\'e b. I\rch.29, 1887 in Webster, Dav Co., ;-•. D. 

'■''•i Ray Joseph b. .Apr.lS, 1S94 iu Webster, Day Co.; 8. J'. 

J. A. IMcKibbc.T is an extensive Fanner and Stock 
P-ai.'.cr. Address: Web.'sler, Day Co., South Dabota. 



ADALiNE McKFBBON (Zebuiori J. 163, Rhoda 42, Jona- 
than 15, ZebuSon 11, Zebiilon 2), dau. of Zt-lralon Jen- 
nings & Mary {S(aiiky) J.Ic-Kibben. 

Born Moll. 15, 1S57 near Albion, Edwards Co., 111. 

Mar. Sep. 17, ISVri iu JEilleiville, by V, D. Kichols, J. P. 

John O. Emmerson, son of Alvali <fc Nancj- {Barns) Eir- 
merson . 

Born Mch. G, 1844 in ludiaua. 

No childreti. 

Johu O. Emerson is a Farmer.. Address: Frazec 
City, Beeker Co.j Minn. 


ELJZABETH JANE McKIBBEN (David 164, Rhoda 42, 
Jonathan 15, Zebulon 15, Zebuion 2), dau. of David 
& Marj' -Jane ( ) McKibben. 

Born Aug. 21, 1S49 

Mar. Sep. 11, 1S73 

James Symes 

Born Nov. 13, 1S4S 

Their ebildreu: 


995 Claire b. June 22, 1874 

906 Anna b. xVpr. 9, 1877 

997 Allen b June 18, 1880 

James vSj'uies is a Farmer. Address: Albion, Iv.l- 
wards Co., 111. 


JOSEPH McKIBBEN (David 16 r, Rhoda 42, Jonathn'i b'^, 
Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), -on of Davbl & Mary Ja'-e 
( ) McKibben. 

Born Feb. 15, 1852 

Mar. Mcb. 28, 187G 

Eliza Ellen King 

Born Meb. 24, 18.J9 


Tlieif cbiUlren : 

!^.s Herby b. Aug. 21, 1S7S 

;.<-9 Harriet b. Jan. 2, ISSU 

I '/I Braise Edward h. Feb. 2-5, 1882 

Joseph McKibben is a Farmer. Address: Lamar, 
Barton Co., 111. 


n.ARTMA ncKIBBEN (Henry J. 166, Rhcda 42, Jona- 
than 15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of Hc-nry 
Jennings & Lucindo (Stanlei/) McKibben. July 29, 1854 in Edwards County, 111. 

Mi.r. July 3,1877 in Douglas Co., Miuu. 

Amasa J. Pierce, son of Judson & Pariiiela ( ) Pierce. 

1?;,TU July 3, 1848 iu lurii.iua. 
Their cbildreu : 


Vm Evangeline J. b. June 6, 1878 iu Dougln.s County, I\Uua. 

m. P. B. Thompson, iu 
Gardner, N. D. 

lii>e Leonian. b. Jan. 7,1880 d. Sep. G, 1SS7 iu Butler, 


M.m EfnaH. b. Oct. 11,1881 in Butler, Minn. 

lii-'-l Parnilie L. b. >'ov. 29, 1884 iu Bu ler, Minn. 

b-i.-j Archie J. b. Oct. 11, 1886 in Butler, Minn. 

KKHj Efsie n. b, Oct. 20, 18.88 in Gardner, N. D. 

1007 nhinie V. b. Sep 21, 1800 in Gardner, N. D. 

I'tOS 5tella L. b. Nov. .5,1802 in Glyndeu, Minn. 

li'OO Frank Henley h. Dee. 19, 1897 in Butler, Minn. 

A. J. Pierce is a Farmer, Justice of the Peace and 
Laud Agent. Resides in Butler, Ottertail Co., Minn. 

KHUDA McKIBBEN (Henry J. 166, Rhoda 42, .tona- 
than 15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of ileury 
•lennings & Lucinda (Sianki/) McKibben. 

J- TM July 22, 1856 in Edwards Co., 111. 

Mi.r. July 7,1874 in E^'.-msville, ]Mi:in., by Burrows, J. P. 

Pbilip S. Partridge, .sou of John Pintridgc. 

P'-Tu JuuelT, 1842 in Cnnada. 


Tlieir cliildrea: 

3010 Ffedcrick \V. b. Nov. !f!, 1S75 iu Douglas County, I^iii:h. 

cl. Apr. 1, 187C. 

1011 Charles A. b. Dec. 8,1876 lu Dougliis Co., Miun. 

1012 LaviniaAl. b. May 9,1879 in Douglas Co., Minu. 
1913 Frank L. b. Oct". 25, 1881 iu Douglas Co., Minu. 

1014 \\'allace b. Apr. 13, 1S85 

1015 Ruth b. Apr. 9, 1SS7 

lOlG George H. b. Sep. 1S89 in lugo Co., Col. 

1017 Harold b. 8ep. 1891 in Ingo Co., Col. 

1018 Aiba L. b. Mch. 1, 1S95 iu lugo Co., Col. 

Philip S. Partridge is a Farmer and lives at; Bishop, 
lugo Couuty, Cal. 


SAMUEL McK!BBEN (Henry J. 166, Rhoda 42, Jona- 
than 15, Zebulon H, ZebuSon 2), sou of Henry 
Jennings & Lucinda (Stanley) McKiljbrni. 
Bom Mch. 29, 1859 iu Edwards Co., 111. 
Tilar. June 15, 1SS5 iu Gtnm.'futown, Otlertail Co., Minn., h\ 

Philip Marten. 
Ida Be!l Alien, dau. of Gilbert & Maiy {Mlkhcll) xVllcn. 

Their children : 

1019 Ira C. b. Mch. 25, 1SS7 in Woodl'd, Becker Co., Miu^,. 

1020 Welter E. b. Sep. 25,1889 iu V/oodl'd, Bi-cker Co., Minn, 

1021 Hyron L. b. Sep. 1891 

1022 Hattie L. b. Mch. 1,1894 

1023 Robert R. b. Nov. 25, 1S97 iu Butlei, Ottertail Co., Mihi:. 

.Samuel McKibben lives at Fairmount, Richlai''- 
Covinty. N. D. 


FLORA L. McKiBBGN (Henry J. 166, Rhoda 42, Jonf.- 
thasi J5, Zebulon 11, Zebu!on 2), dau. of lKr.:y 
Jennings & Lucinda {Sfunlcy) McKihbeu, 

Boru Aug. 31, 1861 iu Kdwards Co., 111. 

Mar. Nov. 3, 18S1 iu Perhaiu, Minn., by Hunt, J. V. 

Andrew Johnson, sou of Jolui G. & Annie I^L (A'" > 

Born Aug. 25, 1851 ;u Germany. 


Their cliiJdrcii : 

1024 Annie L. b. Oct. 0, 1SS2 in Butler, Ottertail Co., Miun. 

1025 AHie K. b. Mch. 2, lS-s4 In Butler, Ottertail Co., Minn. 

1026 Edward M. b. Dec. 30, 188.5 in Butler, Ottertail Co., Miun. 

1027 Alberto, b. Feb, 19, 1888 in Butler, Ottertail Co., IMinu. 

1028 flary L. b. June 4, ISiiO iu Butler, Oiteitail Co., Minn. 
1020 Arthur D. b. Apr. 27, 1802 in Butler, Ottertail Co., ISfinn. 
1030 William S. b. Meh. 1, 1894 iu Butler, Ottertail Co., Minn. 
103i Sarah E. b. June 12, IS'tO iu Butler, Ottertail Co., Minn. 
1032 EUa C. b. Dec. 4, 1808 in Butler, Ottertail Co., Minn. 

Andrew Johnson is a F'armer, Thresher, and Town 
Clerk. Resides at Butler, Ottertail County, Miun. 

ELLEN V. McKJBBEN (Henry J. 166, Rhoda 42, Jona- 
than SS, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of Honry 
Jennings &■■ Lucinda (Slmilcy) McKiblien. 
Born July 9, 1865 in Edwards Co., 111. 
Died Oct. 17, 1897 in Butler, Ottertail Co., Minn. 
Mar. June 18, 1884 in Perbam, Ottertail Co., Minn., by Justice 

P. B. Thompson, son of P. B. & Cora ( ) Thorcpson^ 

of JJatfield, Minn. 
Born 1859 at Pipestone. 

Their children : 
Ju33 Olive V. b. Nov 30, 1885 in Butler, Minn. 

1034 Mabel E. b. Pep. 21, 1887 In Butler, Minn. 

1035 Persia B. b. July 15, ISOO in Butler, Minn. 
1030 Cora E. b. Mch. 1,1892 in Butler, Minn. 
1037 Richard F. b. Apr. IC, 1S94 in Butler, Miun. 

P. B. Thompson is a Farmer and Thre.sher-mau in 
Butler, Ottertail County, Miun. 

AURY A. McKIBBEN (Henry J. 166, Rhoda 42, Jonathan 

15, Zebiiion il, Zebulosi 2), dau. of Henry Jennings 

<t Lucinda (Stanley) McKibben. 
Born June 22, 1868 in Millerville, Dougla.s Co., Minn. 

Mar. Nov. — , 1889 in Wadena, Minn , by , J. P. 

Andrew McCallum, son of Laughlin <.t Janette ( > 

Born in Canada. 


Tlieir cbildre;i : 

103S nary E, b. Nov, 9, ISOO iu Butler, Minn. 

lOaf) riyrtleL. b. Sep. 12, 1 803 in Butler, Miuu. 

1040 Lucinda J. b. June S, 189G iu Paddock, Minu. 

1041 Fiora D. b. Aug. 19, 1S9.S in Paddock, Mimi. 

Andrew ?JcCalhiai is a Farmer. Address : Psddoc'^ 
Otter Tail Co., Miun. 

FRANK A. HcKiBBEN (Jonathan F. 169, Rboda 42, Jonr 
than IS. Zebulon 11, Zebuioo 2), son of .JonatLaii ] 
& Veliiia A. (Spcrry) McK?bben. 

Boru Nov. 27, 1S65 in Blue Eiaxh Co., Jliuu. 

Mar. May 26, 1890 

Sarah E. Rosa, daii. of George .% Rl.oda ( ) Rose. 

No children. 

Address : Cottage Grove, Lane Co., Oregon. 

nORRIS ALMON HcKiBBEN (Jonathan F. 169, RhoJ; 
42, Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), son of Jona 
than F. & Velina A. (Sjvrri/) ^IcKibLen. 

Boru .^ug. IS, 1867 iu Blue E:atb Co., Miun. 

Mar. Mcb. S, 1892 

Anna J. Rose, dau. of George & Rhoda ( ) Rose. 

Died Oct. 14, 1808 iu Topeka, Kausas. 

No children. 

Address: Cottage Grove, Lane Co., Oregon, 


WILLlAn FRANCIS McKIBBEN (Peter S. 170, Rhoc£ 
42, Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, Zebuion 2), sou of P'V.' i 
S. & Ellen A. (Green) ^McKibben. 

Boru May 10, 1S61 iu Albiou, 111. 

Mar. Dec. IG, 1884 in Albion, 111., by Wiii. Flowers. 

Mary Pearce 

Their child ; 


1042 Otrs b. A.or. 10, 1-.S7 


niNNESOTA riAY McKIBBEN (Peter S. 170, Rl.oda 42, 
Jonathan I5> Zebulon il, Zebulon 2), ilau. of Peter S. 
A Ellen A. (Green) McKibben. 
Borii July 16, 1865 in Albiou, 111. 
M:ir. Kov.2-J, 1SS6 !■■. Albion, lib, liy James T. Hall. 
Charles Ec'ward A kins 

Their cliildreu ; 

1043 Ida riay b. Sep. 10, 1S87 iu .llbiou, 111. 

1044 Nellie Abagail b. Sep. IS, 1S92 d. Feb. 17, ISaS. 

1045 Ch.-irles Benjamin b. Apr. 14, 189.5 In Albion, IU. 

CHARLES HILTON HcKlBBEN (Pete. S. 170, Rhcda 42, 

Jonathan 15, Zebulon il, Zebuion 2), so:i of Peter S. 

A Ellen A. (Green) McKibben. 
Born Sep. 5, 1869 iu Albion, 111. 
Died Dec. 5, lfc94 

Mar. Apr. — , 1S02 in Albion, 111., by Jiimes T. Hall. 
Mary Jane fiedJIer 

No children. 

EFFIE IDELLA HcKIBBEN (VVaHace 173, Rhoda 42, 
Jonathan J5, Zebulon U, Zebulon 2), dau. of Wullace 
& Eliza .Tane (Paticn) IsIcKibben. 
Bom INIay 16, 1S71 in Sbelby Tp., Blue Earth Co., Minn. 
Mar. Oct. 4, 1S9.3 in Cottage Grove Tp., Lane Co., Oregon, by 

Rev. H. Wallace. 
James Lebow 

Their children : 
1*116 Dorothea Jane b. Dec. 11, 1894 

1047 nartha Lucinda b. May 11, 1896 

1048 Archer Qlenn h. 15, 1899 


CORA EDNA HcKlBBEN (Wallace 173, Rhcda 42, Jona- 
than IE, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of \Vallace & 
Eliza Jane (Paiten) McKibben. 

Born Oct. 1.5, 1872 in Blue Earth Co., Minn. 


JIar. Jan. 25, 1S93 in Cottairo Grove Tp., Lane Co., Oregon. Ipj 

Rov. U. Wakien. 
James Charles Teeters 

Tlieir clu.vlren : 

1049 no'.lie Gladys b. Apr. .?.5, 1.S96 
10.50 Benettc FK,y b. Mi-h.24, 1809 


RHODA JENNINGS McK[BBEN (Wallace 17.5, Rhoda 42, 
Jonatliafi !5, Zebufon H, Zebuloi!2), dau. of Wall ac-:- 
ci- Eliza Jane {Patten) JIcKibben, 

Born June 2, 1ST5 in Utoe Co., Kob. 

Mar. Aug. 24, ]Sf4 in Cottnge Grove Tp., Lane Co., Oregon, by 
Justice Jobn MeadJy. 

George William Teeters 
Their children : 


1051 Rayniont: Henry b. Oct. ?., 180.5 d. Aug. 3, 189G 

10.52 Joyce Ei'.en b. Sep. 21, 3896 

lO.j.'J Ralph Wayne b. Jan. S, 1S9S 


ARVILLE QEANETTE HcKfCSEN (Wallace 173, Rhoda 
42, Jonathan IS, Zebuloii 11, Zebuloi« 2), dau. of 
Wallace <t Eliza Jane (Patten) x^Iclvibbcn. 

Born Aug. 18, 1877 in ivemeba Co.. Neb. 

IMar. Oct. 12, 18SS in Cottage Grove, Ore., by Rev. M. O. Brink. 

George M. MiHer. 


ERNEST EVERETT DILLEY (Harriet 174, Rhoda 42, 
Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), son of John A 
Harriet (McKibben) Dilley. 

Born Nov. 4, IS'55 

Mar. Mcli. 27, IS.S!) in Garden City, iNlinu., by Rev. Stevcn.-or., 
Pastor of Christian Church. 

riabel Elizabeth Friend 

Born >kh. 2, 1.S71 in Etna, Maine. 

Died Jan. 2S, 1801 in Garden City, iNfiun. 
Their cliild : 


10.54 Delmar narion li. Nov. 12, ISffO in J)nluth, >!ii.ii. 

At present time, Feb. 1899, Mr. Dilley is TvIuiinS 
in Alaska. 


DELHAR riATHFAS DILLEY (Harriet. 174, Rhoda 42, 
Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), son of John & 
Harriet (McKibben) Diiley. 
r.i'vn Sep. 22, 1S37 
M;;r. Apr. 6, 1S92 iu Lake Crystal, JliDu., by Kev. X. JJ. Foote, 

Pastor M. E. Church. 
Jennie Maj' Hall 
ViOTU Kov. 2], 1874 in "Windoue, Midu. 

Tbeh' ehilch-eu : 

1(1.35 Hattie Eliz-ibeth b. Jan. 2S, Lsa'i in Waverly, Miwu. 
10.56 Delmar Bysle b. Oct. 16, l.S'io iu Garden City, Miuu. 
1057 Zada BeUe b. Sep. 12, ISOS iu Garden City, Minn. 

Mr. Dillej' is a F'armer aud resides in Garden City, 

RHODA JOSEPriiNO REEDER (Sarah L. 175, Rhodu 42, 

Jonathan IS, Zebulon il, Zebulon 2), .lav., of Brown 

& Sarah L. (McKibben) Reeder. 
Boru Jan. 20, 1S75 in Shelby, Bhie Earth Co., Jfian. 
Mar. Nov. IG, 1893 in Aniboy, ]31ue Earth Co., r^Iiun., by Rev. 


Noble Q. Root, son of Nob]e & Eiiza ( Wing) Root. 
Born Aug. 2S, 1854 in Vernon Cenlre, MiuLi. 

Their children : 

105S Eva Adrian b. Sep. 9, 1894 in Shelby, Jlinu. 
1059 Bessie Avis b. Jan. 23, 1S9G in Shelby, INIian. 
K-iGO Edith Orfa b. Dec. IG, 1S97 iu Shelby, Minn. 

Mr. Root is a Farmer; hi.s address is Amboy, Blue 
Earth County, Minn. 


DAVID B. J0HN50N (Sarah 191, David D. 40, Susan- 
nah 16, Zebulon 11, Zebuion 2), son of A. A. & Sarah 
(Fordycc) .lohnson. 

Born Aug. 7, 1852 


Barbara Johnson 

David B. Johuson is a Lawyer. Hi.^ address is 30i 
Bank of Couymerce, Minutapolis, Minr.. 



LUELLA S. JOHNSON (Sarah I9i, David D. 49, Siifnn- 
nah 16, Zebuion' I!, Zebulon 2), dau. of A. A. tv Siuah 
(Fordyce) Jolnison. 

Boni Apr. 17, 1S56 


T. E. Eianna. 

Their childreu : 


10(j1 They have children, but the compiler has no 
record of them. 


WILLIAM B. JOHNSON (Sar.ili i9i, David D. 49, Susan- 
nah 16, Zebu!on 11, Zebulon 2), son of A. A. & Sand; 
( Fordyce ) Johnson. 

Born July 9, 1S5T 


Amy Callaliau 

Tlieir children : 


1062 There are children, but the compiler has no recorn. 

William B. Johnson is Shipping Clerk in the Stock 
Yards at Kansas City, Mo. 


SAflUELn. JOHNSON (Sarah 191, David 49, Susannaii 16, 
Zebulon II, Zebulon 2), son of A. A. & Barah <Jordy^) 

Bom Oct. 20, 1.S5S 


Helen Fanfeth 

Their children : 


lOfi."? There are children, but the compiler ha.s no record. 

vSamuel M. Johnson is a Telegraph Operator at 
Scott, Washington. Hattou P. O. 



^' 573 

IDA L. JOHNSON (Sarah 191, David D. 49, Susannah i(», 
Zebuton If, Zebuton 2), dan. of A. A. & Sarah {Fordyrc) 

EoruOct. 2G, 18G0 


Andrew P. Allen 

Their childrou : 


1064 There are children, but tlie compiler has no record 
of them. 

THOMAS E. JOHNSON (Sarah 191, David D. 49, Si!san= 
nah 16, Zebulon II, Zebulon 2), .^^on of A. A. it Sarah 
(ForJi/ce) Johnson. 
Born Mch. 11, lbG4 
Catherine Endly 

Their cliiklren : 

lu'15 There are children, but the compiler has no record 
of them. 

Thomas E. Johnson lives at Spokane, Wash. 


AtAQOIE S. RICHARDS (Jennie 198, Barnet W. 50, 
Susannah 16, Zebulon !I, Zebulon 2), dau. of Wil- 
liam }.L & Jennie (Fordycc) Richards. 

Born Dec. 21, 1857 

Mar. Dec. 17, 187S iu IMilnersville, 0., by Kev. Timberlake. 

Benjamin Wells Speck 
Their children : 


looij There are children, but the compiler has no :ecord 
of thciu. 

Benj. W. Speck, Funeral Director. Address : 
Ulnichsville, Ohio. 


MARY F. RICHARDS (Jennie 19S, Barnet W. SO, Sum:!- 

nah 16, ZebuSon 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of William M <•. 

Jeiuiie {Fordycc) Ricliards. 
Born July 18, 1S65 
Died Nov. C, ISSi 
Mar. Aug. ni, 1884 
Daniel FicicJier Stanley 

RUTH LLOYD STEWART (Susannah F£. !9^, Barnet \V. 

50, Susannah 16, Zebulon 1!, ZeliuSon 2), dan. c; 

John B. it Susannah Elizabeth {Fonhice.) Stewart. 
Bom July 9, IS'39 ia C:p.rk.=biirg, Mo. 

Mar. May 22, iS90 lu Clarksburg, Mc, by Rev. George Foster. 
Joseph S. Robertson, ^-on of Jasjjer it Kate {Ji" '■■I'i 

Born Sep. 7, 186G in High Point, Mouilean Co., Mo. 

Tlicir children : 

1067 Alma b. Oct. 17, 1S'J2 in Clarksburg, Mo. 

1068 Ada b. Jan. 27, 1S93 in ClarksbLUg, :Nto. 

1069 Blanche b. Dec. 27, lS9i near Latham, :^Io. 

1070 nary b. Sep. 17, 1R96 near Latham, :Mo. 

1071 Joel b. Aug. S, li^OS near Latham, "^ro. 

Joseph S. Robertson is a Stock Dealer near 
Latham, Mo. 

HARY JANE STEWART (Susannah E. 199, Barnet W. 50. 

Susannah 16, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2 ), dan. e: 

John B. it Elizabeth {Fordyce) Stewart. 
Born July 15, IS73 in Clarksbu.ig, Mo. 

Mar. Dec. 21, 1894 in Clarksburg, Mo., by liev. J. V,'. P'inley. 
Dr. Owen P. Farrington, son of Daniel i' Mildied {Burcl) 

Born Oct. 23, ]8(iS in P'ayette, Howard Co., Mo. 

Their child : 
1072 Daniel Stewart b. Oct. 1, 1896 in Clarksburg, Mo. 

Dr. Farrington is Practicing Medicine with hs- 
father-in-law, Dr. vStewart, in Clarksburg, Mo. 



!0\TiE IRENE MORRISON (Walter L. 234, Henry J. 60, 
Mary 29, Henry 13, Zebulon )!, ZebuJon 2), dau. of 
Walter Lowrie it Carrie (Sej:ton) Morrison. 

l!orii Oct. 19, 1ST7 

Mar. Aug. 3, 1S9S in Downing, AYis., hy C. Proper. 

Amos Alva Clemmons, son of Alva Nelson & Rarali 0. 
( ) Clemmons. 

Born June 10, 1S76 in Menominee, Wis. 


MATTIE ANN MORRISON (W't.licx L. 234, Henry J, 6?, 
Mary 29, Henry 13, Zebulon If, Zebulon 2), dau. of 
Walter Lowrie A- Carrie (Sc.rtOf:) ^Morrison. 

r.orn Feb. fi, 1880 

Mar. Feb. 6, 189S in (,'hotee, Wis., by >r, X. Flinu, J. P. 

Amandus Gunderson BarHndoi, son of Giinderuleron & 
Annie Serine ( ) Barlindol. 

P.orn Mch. 27, 1873 in Barlindol, Norway, 

Mr. Barlindol i.s a Farmer. 


MARGARET ANN MORRISON (Tfiomas G. 235, Henry 
J. 69, Mary 29, Henry 13, Zcbalon 11, Zebalon 2), dau. 
of Thomas Gilbert it Mary .lane {NoLk) JMorrison. 

Hi-.m Jan. lO, 187-1 

-Mar. Sep. It, 1S9S in Solomou, Kansas, by Kev. Wbeelor. 

John P. ncHilleti, 'son of Robert & Mari:aret ( ) 


Born Feb. 10, 18G9 in /Vtbeus Co., Ohio. 

Mr. Mcrvlilicii Clerks in a Ilardwait Store. 


HARY LILLIAN HORRiSON (Thomas Q. 235, Henry .!. 69, 
Hary i9, Henrj' i3, Zebuloii II, ZebuFon 2), dan. c.\ 
Thomas Gilbert it Mra-y Jane (Noble) Morriioii. 

Bcru Oei. 10, 1S76 

TMiU-. Feb. 24, 1897 in Howaidou, Iowa. 

Wiilard Erastus Darrow, son of Erastu? Hill & Cloc P. 
(Miller) Darrow. 

Boru Juue 3, 1871 in Spriugvale, Wis. 

Mr. Darrow is a Farmer and lives at Sioux rail:;. 
South Dakota. 


JOHN CLINTON NIXON (George 283, J.^nsthan J. 103, 
Margaret 35, Jonathan 15, Zc'^ai!on {!', .yebalon 2), 
son of George & Mary M. (WomacL) Nixuii. 

Born Oct. 22, 1863 in Cirliuville, III. 

Mar. Sep. 4, 1889 in Carliuville, Macoupin Co., 111., by Kov. 
"Waldo B. Harris, Couj;Tegatiniia! Chuixli. 

Emma Jane Bown, dau. of .iohn i^- Charlotte (Sfivld!) 
Bown. < 

Born Nov. 6, 1S06 in C')ie=-toriielJ, AT:ieoiipii\ Co., 111. 

John C. Kixon is a Farmer. Address, Cailiiiville, 


CHARLRS HELVILLB NIXON (George 283, Jonathan 
J. 103, Margaret 35, Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, Zebu- 
Ion 2), son of George ct Mary jM. ( Womack) Nixon. 

Bom Jan. 7,1809 in Carljnville, lU. 

Mar. Feb. 17, 1892 in Carlinville, 111., Ijy llev. J. M. Young. 

Lillie May Towse, don. of Charles ct Loni^a (Dcvs) Tow^e. 

Boru Apr. 23, 1870 in Carliuville, 111. 
Tbeir child : 


1074 Lyie Hclvinc b. 3u]y 11, IS'J) near CaHinvilL-, IH. 

Charles M. Nixon is a Fanner and Blacksniitl;- 
His address is Carliuville, I!l. 


WILLIAW ALBERT NIXON (George 283, Jonathan J. 103, 
Margaret .^5, Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), 

son of Cfeorgc <k Mary M. ( Womacl:} Nixon. 
Born Sep. 8, 1871 In Carlinville, Macoupin Co., 111. 
M:ir. Feb. 16, 1S9S in Carlinville, III., by Eev. A. H. Flagge. 
Florence Hary Carr, dau. of Geo. & Margarelte Zillah 

(Kdlar) Carr. 
Born Nov. ]9, ISVl in Macoupin Co., 111. 

Their child: 
1(17.5 Glenrce Earnest b. Dec. .'1, lS:iS near Carlin^'ille, III. 

William A. Nixon is a Farmer. Address : Carlin- 
ville, Illinois. 

LORETTA riAV NIXON (George 283, Jonathan J. 103. 

flar^aret 35, Jonathan 15, Zebalon II, Zebulon 2), 

dau. of George & Mary M. ( Wohiach) Nixon, 
Born May ?1, 1874 in Carlinville, 111. 

M:ir. Jan. Hi, 1808 iu Carlinville, 111., by liev. A. H. Flf.gge. 
Craven O. Denby, son of George c*^- Ann (Presciorcs) Denby. 
Born May 2% 1870 iu Carlinville, 111. 

Mr. Denby is a Farmer. Address: Carlinville, Til. 


GEN. U. S. CAREY (Harriet 285, Jonsthan J. 103, Har- 
garet 35, Jonathan 15, Zebiilon 11, Zebuion 2), son of 
Lieut. Benjamin V. & Harriet (Nixon) Carey. 

B)ru Feb. 2, 1S(J4 in Macoupin Co., III. 

.''lur. Aug. 15, 1883 in Bobinyon, 111., by Rev. E. A. Longeuecker. 

Adciie B. Walker, dau. of George C. & Josephine ( Wakefield) 

B.oni Nov. G, ISO,'!, in Cxawfonl Co., 111. 
Their cliilihcu : 


l"7<j Hattie Alice b. Aug. 17, 1881 iu Robinson, 111. 

1"77 Harry Ashton b. May 2S, 18*^') in Bobinson, III. 

b»78 Menri Cleo . b. Jan. 7, 1S8S in Bobinson, 111. 

bi7i> Vannie Wailver b. Aug. 5,1801 in Bobinson, 111. 

iM.-xt Hazel b. Nov. 12, 180,^ d. Nov. i'K 1803. 

Gen. U. S. Carey is a Carpenter aud Joiner, and re- 
sides in Robinson. 111. 


WILLIAM WILEY WILSON (Betsey J. 296, WJiliam ICh, 
Margaret 35, Jonathan 15, ZefauJon H, Zebitloii 2j, 

Kon of Milo & Betsej' Jennings (Xixon) Wilson. 
Born Mch. 13, 1858 in Washiiigton Co., O. 

Salome French, dau. of J. Gary & Emily ( ) Frsnci,. 

Their eh ild: 
1081 h. July 17, 18D2 

Mr. Wilson is a Blacksmith, and rer^ides at Ceuter- 

view, Colorado. 


GEORGE IRWIN WILSON (Betsey J. 296, Vviiliain !0<. 
Margaret 35, Jonathan IS, Zebuion II, Zcbuion 2), 
son of Milo & Betsey Jennings (A^'ixvn) Wilson^ 

Born Oct. 10, lSo9 in W.isbhi^ton Co., O. 

Mar. Oct. 10, 1SS6 in Mariett;), O. 

Cors Mason 

Died July 12, J.e,SS 

Bur. in Beach Grove Cemetery, Washington Co., O. 
Their cliild: 


1082 Bessie L-io-tta b. iu Del Nnrte, Col. 

Mr. Wilson is a Travelirg Agent [or liie Singer Co. 


WiUi.-m 104, Margaret 35, Jonathan 15, i-ebuloi. i;. 
Zebuion 2), son oC Milo A: Betsey Jennings {XIax'') 

Born Jan. l.S, 180;; in 'WaishiDgtoD Co., Ohio. 


Donna Evitts, dan. of it .Angeline ( ) Eviits. 

Their children : 


1053 riary Louise b. Dec. 17, ISOO in Del Norte, Col. 

1054 Jes.sie Beli b. Gel. -1, 1892 
lOSo nito Dewey b. Nov. ]8;)3 
1086 Jamie b. Nov. 1895 

Mr, Wilson is a Miner at Creede, Ccd. 



NANN!E GRACE WILSON (Betsey J. 296, V/ifli.nm iG4, 
Margaret 35, Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, Zebulcn 2) , 
dau. of I\Iilo it Betsey Jennings- (Nixon) Wilson. 

Born Oct. 6, 18G7 iu Wa,shiDgtou Co., Ohio. 

Mar. Mv.h. 31, 18SS 

J. C. Woodburj' 

Died Feb. 16, 1891 

IJiir. in Dol Norte, Colorado. 
Their children : 


10S7 Elmore b. July 10, 18S9 d. Kov. 1891 in Del Korte. 

loss narguerite b. Aug.ol, 1890 d. Feb. 1891 in Del Norte. 

Mar. (2) 15, 1895 

Frank Kettler 

Mr. Kettler is an Electrician, Pueblo, Colorado. 

ELLA HAY NSXON (Zebulon J. 297, William 104, Ni&r- 
garet 35, Jonathan 15, Zebulon II, ZebuFon 2), dau. 
of Zebulon Jennings & Nannie J. ( WiL^on) Nixon. 

Born Apr. 10, 1866 in Cairo, Illinois. 

M:ir. May 13, 1880 in Little Rock, Ark., by Key. A. E. Keuuedy, 
Presbyterian jNIinister, of Little Rock. 

William Qoodwin MayVield, son of William D. &. Levina 
(Hunter) IMaj'field, of Waco, Texas. 

Born Jan. 7, 1866 in Laurens District, S. C. 
Their children : 


1089 Arthur Goodwin b. Oct. 4, 18S7 in Waco, Texas. 

1090 William Roy b. Aug. 3, 1889 iu Ft. Worth, Texas. 
Kiid Eila Edna b. Feb. 27, 1892 iu St. Louis, Mo. 
1092 Mildred May b. Sep. 16, 189-1 iu St. Louis, Mo. 

Mr. Mayfield is a Telegraph Operator and Ste- 
nographer. His address is Galveston, Texas. 

MAFtY KATE NiXON (Zebuiosi J. 297. WilHam \04, Har- 

garet 35, Jonathan 15, Zebuion 11, Zebulon 2), dau. 

of Zebulon .fcunings tt Nannie J. ( M'iUnn) Nixon. 
.Born Muy 28, ISOS in ("airo. 111. 


Mar. Oct. M, 1891 in St. Loui.s, JIo., by Rev. W. R. K^iude.'tj, 

Piesbytei'iaii Miuister 
Joseph WalJace Buchanan, son of Tliomas Nev.tou it Ru-'. 

Ann (SuUivon) Buchanan. 
Born Oct. 4, 1867 in Muudou, Tonu. 

Their children : 

JO!!a Malcoirr. Jennings li. Pec. 10, 1S94. 
10',Jl V.'aHace Earl b. Dec. 28, Isr-G 

Mr. Buchanan is engaged in the F~eed business. 
His address is Fort Wortli, Texas. 

104, Margaret 3.=5,Jonathrvn 15, ZebisSon II, Zebulon2i, 
dau. of John Henlon & Harriet Ca.ywood {Kh::u) 
Bom Apr. 7, 1SG2 in Marietta, O. 

J^lar. Mcb.23, 1887 in Xew York Cily. by Rev. Win. Taylor, V I).. 
LL.D., Pastor of Broadway Tabernacle CoL'gregaUiu;,;) 
Judge Frederick J. Cutter, son of Lewis -J. & Eve Eleanur 

(Wagner) Cutter. 
]iorn Oct. 0, 1839 in Watertown, Washington Co., O. 

Their child: 
1095 Frederick Carter b. Sep. 10, ISSS in Marietta, O. 

Frederick J. Cutter's parents were both natives o! 
Durkheim, Bavaria, Germany, and emigrated to Amenca 
in 1838. They settled in Watertown, Ohio, in the Sprii^S^ 
of 1839. He attended Herrou's Seminary and Pral. 
Clive's private school, and in vSeptember, 18G5, enterc:! 
Marietta College and was graduated with tlvj c.'as.- '■■ 
1868. In 1873 he commenced the study of law undci 
Thomas W. 'Ewart, and v.'as admitted to the bar i- 
April, 1875. He remained in the liw office of Kwa't v^ 
Sibley until December, 187G, when he engaged in t.u 
practice of law by himself. From 1876 to 1878 he w.t- 
Deputy U. S. Marshal for Washington County. '■■ 
1881 he was el.ccted Probate Judge of Wa.slin'igi^-'' 
County, and re-elected in J 88-1, serving six year.= 


lu February, 1888, at the close of his second term, 
be resumed tlie practice of law, and in 1S91, he was 
admitted at Columbus to practice in the United States 
Corirts. In 1889 he was elected to the sixty-ninth 
General Assembly of Ohio. 

Mrs. Cutter was a graduate of the St. Louis High 
School class of 1882, aud also of Cooper Institute, Nev.- 
York, (short liand of 1886), graduating with first 
lienors. She has also studied music at the Bethoven 
Conservator}', St. Louis, and the New York Couserva- 
tory of Music, New Y^ork City. 

Both Mr. and Mrs. Cutter are active members of 
the Congresjational Church. 


IDA HAY NIXO.N (Edward W. 299, WiiHam 104, Mar- 
garet 35, Jonathan 15, Zebu[on li, Zebulon2), dr-.u. 
of Edw.Tvd William d- Elk Lncinda (Cross) Nixon. 

Horn Oct. 4, 1874 iu EUeuborough, W. Ya. 

M:ir. .Tune lo, j.S'JS in First Congregational C'liurch, Marietta, O., 
by Rev. J. R. Kichols. 

Rupert Fouts, son of Caleb c^- Ella ( ) Fouts. 

lioru Feb. ;;, ISTO iu Triadelphia, Morgan Co., O. 

Mr. Fouts travels for the Standard Oil Co. Head- 
quarters at Columbus, O. He resides at 332 Mus- 
kingum Avenue, Marietta, Ohio. 


CJEORQE NIXON (Frederick B. 308, George 105, Hra- 
garet 35, Jonathan 15, Zebulon li, Zebiilon 2), son of 

Frederick and ,Tane (Risen) Nixon. 
Horn Kov. 1, 1S62 
Mar. 1SS7 

— Walker, dau. of Archie & ( ) ^Yalker. 

TlH'ir children: 

I'J^'G Archie b. 1S92 

Jii''7 Robert b. 189G 

George Ni.xou is i<. Tailor. 


CHARLES NfXOiN (Frederick B. 308, Oeor^e 105, Mr.>- 
garet 35, Jonathan 15, Zebulon fl, Zeb:jIon 2), soi> . 
Frederick tt Jane {Ei-scn) Nixon. 

Born Kov. 23, 1C64 


Roust, dau. of Levi & Roust, 

Their chil.heu : 

1098 Freddie 

1099 Jay 

1100 Oswald 

Charles Nixon is a School Teacher. 

LL'CY NIXON (Frederick B. 3GS, CJeorge !CS, riargartt 
35, Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), dau. of Fn i- 
erick B. & Jane (Risen) Nixon. 

Bom July 12, 1871 

Mar. 1.S.S9 


Their children: 


1101 Jane h. 1892 

NOLLfE NIXON (Frederick B. SOS, George 103, Mnr- 
garet 35, Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), d.iu. ■ • 
Frederick B. it Jane (Risen) Nixon. 
Boru Aug. 4, 1877 
Mar. Aug. IWi.j by Kev. Ziun. 
Clarence Hirlner 

Their child : 

1102 Lenia b. 1S97 

Mr. Hilner is a. Grocer in Zancsville, Ohio. 

SRIJNDA HARILLA DYE (LuchvelE P. 313, Hnria K'' 

riargaret 35, Jonathan IS, Zebt'lon 11, Zebtlon 2'.. 

dau. of Ludweli Potty tf I.eali Viiginia (Sn:/<li<-) l':-i' 
Born Juue 25, 1874 in W.i^hiiigio;-, Co., O. 


Mftr. Sep. 27, 1802 in Wasbiuglnii Co., O,, by lifv. A. V. Ts^.Q- 

George Wallace Robinson, .son of lildward S' J ane (Donnun) 

Their eUildieu : 

110.3 He!eii Harie b. July 27, 18r4 
1104 Wilber Arden b. Apr. 19, 1866 
lllo Blancha , b. Aug. 10, ISyS 

KATE LORENA OSBORN (.Hilary E. 32.3, Stephen 107, 
Margaret 35, Jonathan 15, Zebulon 1!, Zebulon 2), 

dau. of Dr. William S. & Mary Emily (Petty) Osborn. 
Bom Mch. 28, 1834 in Maclduau, III. 

Mar. Sep. 26, 1SS2 by Rev. Lougly, Pastor Presbyterian Cburob. 
William Nuby Hunt 
Their childrcu : 

Hiir, There are five children, but the compiler has no 
record of them. 

FRED LEROY OSBORN (Mary E. 323, Stephen 107, Har- 
garet 3S, Jonathan IS, Zebulon H, Zebiiion 2), son 

of Dr. William S. & Alary Emily (Petty) Osborn. 
Korn June 5, 1867 in Canton, 1)1. 

Mar. Dec. 23, 1891 by Rev. Jones, Pastor M. E. Church. 
Henrietta Eversole 

Their children : 

n07 There are two children, but the compiler has no 
further record of them. 

Mr. Osborn is a Fanner. 

FRANK KENT OSBORN (Mary E. 323, Stephen 107, ft'Lar- 
garet 35, Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, ZebiUon 2). son of 

Dr. William S. & Alary Emily (Petiy) Osborn. 
Born July 17, 1869 in Deer Creek, 111. 
Mar. July 30, 1890 liy Rev. McLeup.. 
Lillie nay Louther 


Their cljildifU : 

1108 There are two cliildreu, but the coiapiler has 

Islr. Osboni is a PlumV)er, 


HAREL VALENTINR (C!r.ra A. 328, Stephen 107, Alar- 
garct 35, Jonathan 15, Zebulon II, Zcbulon 2), d.iu. f 
Ortn Eben & Clara Alice {Petty) Valentine. 

Bom Sej). 26, 1877 in Carabiidge, 111. 

Mar. Ji-iij('23, 1806 iu Kewauee, 111. 

Herbert Q. riartir. 

Th.eir children : 

nARTiA — 

1109 Frtcl 

1110 Clsra Eda 


HATTIE MARINDA flcCOVVAN (Jeanctta A. 348, Ro..- 
anna ill, Margaret 35, Jonathan iS, ZcbuSois U, Zt-1>- 
ulon 2), dau, of William H. & .Toanetta Alice (5;/('-''J 

Born .TLily -1, 1870 in Mobs lUm, AVasLinglon Co., O. 

Mar. July 4, 1&0.'5 

F. D. Coffnian 

Tlifir child: 


nil Civile D'Ette b. Pec, 1894 

JAMES liA5F':L:LLCHAM0f;-kS (Oti? J.38(5, Elizaoefb i 
Nancy 36, Jonatl;an !5, Ze^it'oi; IJ, Zabiilon /,;, son 
Otis John & Susan iO. { Chanjbers. 

Born Mch. 12, 1872 in Ashland, Ky. 

Mar. Ocl. 0,1897 

Lillie riay Shugh, dau. of Jnoob it Hcni'iv;! laCailiii •JliH- 

Born May 7, ]S7'J in (V.^dt'.'n, Koyde Co., Ky. 



WILLIAM COULSEN DAVENPORT (riary Elizabeth 422, 
A!vin 129, Delilah 37, Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, Zeha- 

lon 2), son of George & IMary Elizabeth (Rerhard) 

J'.oin .Tiiii. 9, ISBl in IJU^ver Siileiu, Ohio. 
Mur. Nov. 11, 1801 
Anna Marie M.igirl 

Tlieir chiklreu : 
111:3 Florence Marie b. Oct. 17,1893 iu Sioux City, L.nva. 

1113 Chaster Coulsen b. Nov. 5, 1895 iu Sioux Cit^', Iowa. 

Elected Sheriff of Woodbury County, Iowa, in 1853, 
and re-elected second and third terms. Address, vSioux 
City, Iowa. 


FRANK EDWARD DAVENPORT (Hary Elizabet'; 422, 
Alvin )29, Delilah 37, Jonathan 15, Zcbviloii !1, Zcbu= 

Ion 2), son ol' George & Mary Elizabeth (flccJcard) 

Born Fob. 23, 1864 iu Lower Salem, O. 
.'Mar. Jan. 5, 1898 in Shannon, Kans., by Rev. Coole. 
Martha Jane Martin, dan. of T. Ji. & Sarah (Pierce) jMartin, July 30, 18"/'! in Highland, Kans. 

Their child: 

1114 Riith b. Nov. 9, 1898 

Mr. Davenport is engaged in the Boot and vShoe 
business at Norfolk, Neb. 


ELLA L€>UESA DAVENPORT (Hary Elizabeth -122, Alvin 
12<>, Delilah 37, Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), 

dan. of George iV. Mary Elizabeth (Recl-aru) D;ivenpO!-i. 
Hum Aiir. 3, 1866 iu Newport, O. 
-Mar. Auk. 14,1889 iu Norfolk, Neb., by rtev. J. J. I'u.ker, of 

Cougregatioual Cliurcli. 
George A. Latimer, son of Juliut Augustus & Mary Eiiz- 

r.lietb (Leonard) Latiioer. 


Tlieir children : 

1115 Thomas Benton b. Slay 30, 1800 iu Norfolk, Keb. d.Xov. 

] 5, ] 890 ; bur. in Pvost^ert 
Hiil Cemetery, Xorfiilk, 

1116 Dean Augustus b. Sep. 29, 1891 in jSTorfolk, Xeb. 

1117 EiJzabeth Louise b. May S, 1S93 iu Norfolk, Neb. 

Mr. Latimer is a Lawyer. Address : Norfolk, Keb, 


OLIVIA ROE DAVENPORT (Hary EHzabeth 422, Alvin 
129, DeliJah 37, Jonathan I.'^, Zebulon 11, .tiebuloa 2), 

dau. of George & I\Iary Elizabeth (Rechird) Do,venport. 
Born Apr. 11, 1S69 in Ne-;\-port, O. 

Mar. l.Ich.27, 18S9 iu Norfolk, Neb., by Kev. B. P. SliaTj:.less. 
Thomas Emerson OdioriEe, sen of Francis &■ Augusta 11. 

(Emerson) Odiorne. 
Born May 7, 1851 

Their children : 
Ills Mary A. b. Feb. 2i, 1890 

1119 Esther b. Oct. 19, 1891 d. July 31, 1893 

1120 Thomas Emerson b. Jan. 19, 1S93 

1121 Mabel b. Aug. 2, 1S94 

1122 George D. b. Nov. 16, 1896 

Mr. Odiorue is engaged in the Real E.^tate anc 
Loan Business. 


129, Delilah 37, Jonathan 15, Zebuian 11, Zebuion 2-. 

dau. of Francis Brown & Alice -7. (Nugenl) Recl-.ur'l, 
Born Sep. 28, 1S>6 in Marietta, O. 
Mar. Jan. 1, lSb7 in Chicago, lib, by Eev. Brovrn. 
Frank H. Roovaart, son of Frank 11. ifc Johanna (J^icop^" ''■'! 

Born July 26, 1864 in Chicago, III. 

Their children : 

112.3 Helen Alice b. .Tan. 3, 1888 la Chicago, IU. 

1124 rioreiice Marg.iret b. J.ui. 1, 3889 iu Bpriugfi-ld, H'- 



!.UCY ADELAJD RICHARDS (Joseph Le«jnard 432, Lucy 
Wood 132, Deiiiah 37, Jonathan 15, Zebufon II, 
Zebulon 2), dim. of Joseph Leon;ird & Mj'ra Clark 
(Snti(h) Ilicliards. 

Horn .Tunc 2S, 1874 iu Buchauan, Midi. 

>rar. Dec. •:.o, 1894 iu Buebanan, Mirli., by Rev. W. W. V'.'eUa. 

Edwin P. Benedict, son of G. G. & Mary {Pa!nlcr) Benedict. 

Born Aug. 31, 1S6S iu Chicago, 111. 
Tboir children : 


1125 QeonTe Richards b. Dec. IS, 1895 

\r2Q nina B. b. Kov.l9, JS97 

132, DeHiah 37, Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), 

son of Joseph Leonard & Myra Clark (Sini.lh) Iiichards, 
liorij Aug. 29, 1S79 In Bucluiuan, Midi. 
Mnr. July 4, 1898 

Ethel E. Curtiss, dan. of Orin & Ida {.Inirv) Curtiss. 
Born Oct. :■«, 1S9S 

JAMES FAWCETT HOVEV (Esther 442, A^argacet iS5, 
Delilr.h 37, Jonathan 15, Zebulon il, Zebulon 2), 

Son of Charles R. & Esther (Fawall) Ilovey. 
liorn Dec. 0, 1S73 iu ISTarietta, Ohio. 

Mar. Jan. 11, 1898 iu Marietta, Ohio, by Father Wolsmau, Cath- 
olic Church. 
ICatherine Schmidt, dau. of Martin & Elizalieth (^Fisher') 

liorn Jan. 23, 1S74 in Marietta, Ohio. 

James F. Hovey is engaged as Reporter for daily 

HELEN HAY HcARTHUR (Elizabeth C. 451, Charles 
L. 140, JuniaSS, Jonathan 15, Zebiiion li, Zebulon 2)^ 

ilau. of John A. & IClizabeth C. (Jenninns) McArtbur. 
"orii Juuf 2o, 18G7 iu Nodaway Co., Mo. 


Mar. Juue 17, 1S90 in Colorado Springs Col., by Rev. J, B. Grci^^. 

WiUiam Clapp lAosher, pon of Eliliu Mott & Adelia Anr. 

(PcA-) Moslier. 
Born Oct. 31, 1S5S iu New Bedford, Brislol County, Jla^B. 

l\Ir. Mosher is a Broker. Address: No. J ]•_'-.: 
vSeventeeuth Street, Denver, Colo. 


FRANK V/ILflER McARTHUR (Eliz.ibeth C. 45!. 
Charfes L. UQ, Junia 38, Jonathan \S, Zebulon H. 
Zebulon 2), son of John A. *, Elizuhetli C. {Jrivirir.,-} 

Born Apr. 2S, l.'J69 in Nodawaj' Co., Mo. 
Mar. Nov. 2, 1896 in Poeatello, Idaho. 
Justina Lindberg 
Born Apr. 5, lS7o in Osterund, Sweden. 

Their child : 

1127 Helen b. Sep. 9, 1S97 in Kimball, Nub. d. Mch. 15, If S 

in jNIanitoii, Co'. 

Frank W. McArthur is in business at Manito;!, 


LOUISE McARTHUR (Elizabeth C. 451, Charles L, IK', 
Juiiia 38, Jonathan 15, Zebuion 11, Zehiilon 2), dai:. 
of John A. & Elizabeth C. (Jennings) McArthur. 

Born Jan. 1, 1S72 in Nodaway Co., Mo. 
j^Iar. (1) Oct. 2.S, 1S93 in Coloranfi Springs, Col. 
William Oliver Donald Howard 
Boi'ji Sep. 7, 1.S02 iu Sayler.sviilt, Ky. 
Died Nov. 10, l.SOo in St. Bonis, Mo. 

One child by marriage : 

1128 Ernest Leoris b. Dec. 1, 1694 in St. Louis, Mo. 
Mar. (2) Aug. 18, l&9(i in SI Louis, Mo. 

Charles August Schulz 

Burn Aug. 2-, 1871 in St. ijOiiis, T.lo. 


NINA PEARL flcARTHUR (Elizabeth C, 451, Chades 
L. no, Junia 38, Jonathan IS, Zebuioii il, Zebulon 2), 

daxi. of John A. & Elizabeth 0. (Jcnningt:) IMcA.rthur. 
Bom Meh. 17, 1877 
Mar. Jan. 27, LShs in C'olonido Springs, by liev. Jas. K. Gn^gg, 

I). D., Pastor First Congregational Cluirch. 
John Greer, son of William & Ann Jane (iUcC7mtor/:) Greer. 
Horn Apr. 9, ]S74 in Ormstowu, Province of Quebec, Canavia. 
ll'-9 The Compiler has uo further record. 

John Greer, V. S., graduated iu Comparative 
Mediciue and Veteriuarj- Science from RIcGill Univer- 
sity, Montreal, March 27, 1896. He is now located at 
Colorado Springs, Colorado. 


LULU ESTELLA WORSTALL (Mary E. 489, John Wes- 
ley 153, Elizabeth 40, Jonathan IS, Zcbuion H, Zebu- 
ion 2), dau. of John P. & Mary E. {Font.?) Worstali. 

r>orn May 5, 1871 

Died Apr. 7, 1897 in Beverly, O. 

r.ur. in Beverly, O. 

Mar. 1-^eb. 6, 1894 in Beverly, O. 

James 0. Cullen 
Their child : 


lIoO Rodney W. b. Bep, 3, 1895 

AURY E. NICHOLS (Jane 505, Zcbnlofi J. 163, Rhoda 42, 

Jonathan 15, Zebulon 11, Zebulon 2), dan. of John C. 

it Jane (Mclubbcn) Xichols. 
LWirn Aug. 2, 1869 in Bi-andcn, Douglas Co., Minn. 
Died Dec. 2:5, 1S9S 

i;ur. in V,'ebs(er, Day Co., South Dakota. 
>hir. 1SS6 by J. E. Lee, J. P. 

David Parks 

Their children : 

D'.i They had nine children. He has given them all 
away but the three oldest. They are scattered and 
t-:eir names changed. 


ALICE AMELIA NICHOLS (Jane 503, Zebulon J. 163, 

Rhoda ^2, Jonathan 15, ZebnSon 1{, Zebiilou 2), duu. 

of John C. & Jane {McKihhcn) Nichols. 
Boru July 16, 1S71 in Brandeu, Douglas Co., Minn. 
Mar.Mch. 26, lyS9 iu Webster, Day Co., Miun.,by Rev. MoLtc-!s- 

Ole J, Svvanson 
Born iu Sweden. 

11S2 They have children, but the compiler has no 
record of them. 

MABEL riARY KNAPP(Anr. 506, Zelvjfcn J. \6Z, Rhoda42, 

Jonathan 15, Zebulon !I, ZebtiSon 2), dau. of Edwin 

& Ann (McKihben) Knapp. 
]".oru Feb. 2.3, 1873 iu Ottertail Co., ISTiuu. 

I^rar. Nov. 23, 1893 in Webster Day Co., S. D., by Rev. ^Villiauis. 
John Patterson Phillips 
Born Sep. 23, 1864 in Cauada. 

Mr. Phillips is a Farmer and Mechanic. His ad- 
dress is Webster, Day County, South Dakota. 


'Ao<i ihey eontiuued steadfastly hi tlie apostles' doctrine rtnd 
ffllowsbip, and in breaking of bread, .'ind iu prayers."— Actd 




Bom 17)1 

Died 1VS7 

lUir. Ja Bound J3rook, Xew Jersey. 


Their cbildran : 

1133 Jncob b. 1744 m. Mary Kennedy. 

1134 Aiiiie b. rn. Ebeuezer Tiugley. 

The parentage and birthplace of Jacob Jennings is 
to ns at present imknov/n. It i& a tradition in the 
family that on account of a shipAvreck hi.'; entry into 
America is not of record. f Dr. T. H. Stockton, of the 
Methodist Protestant Church, in his biographical di."-;- 
course on the life and character of Rev. Samuel Ken- 
nedy Jennings, M. D. sa^'s : "His paternal grandfather 
(Jacob Jennings, buried at Bound Brook, N. J.) was 
born in New England, the North Brittain or Scotland of 
our owu greater country, and was descended from one of 
the pilgrims who settled at Plymouth, Mass. He early 
reiiioved to New Jersey, where he became a member of 
the Presbyterian Church and T/herc for thirty years he 
filled the ofiice of Ruling Elder, being particularly di.";- 
tniguished in all his sphere as a peace-maker.'' l''rom 

The dat-: ol his marrisge, iiaine, dales oi' hirlli ami dcalli i.f his witc .'.re 10 l!ic C(,r,ir.:icr 

t.-^f So. 1. Utlcr 10 Mr David I.. Jenuings (rom D. D. Fo.Jycc 


sources not altogether authentic, but from letters and 
proceedings of tlie conventions of the Jennings family 
in 1S48 and 1850, he is called one of the "seven 
brothers "—Joseph (1), Zebulou (2), Jacob (3), Benja- 
min (4), Jonathan (5), John (fi), and David (7). 

la the Revolutionary War he served as "Minute 
Man " of the Morris Co. Militia, as sho\vn by the follow- 
ing copy of certificate; 

State of Kew Jersey, 
Ora-'iCii 01'' Adjutant GbxekaIj. 

Tkentox, April 12, 1807. 

It is certified that the reeorcl.s of this ofnce sho'.v tliat Jiicob 
Jeuuings served as a Private "Minute INtan " iu the Jtorris 
County, New Jersey, Militia, during' the Revolutionary War. 

WrLLiAM S. Strvker, 

Adjiitan! General. 

The " Minute Men '' were called cut at varicu.^ 
times during an alarm "for tours of dut)'," and Vvcre 
assigned to any company needing men. 

"Jacob Jennings a member of Provincial Congress 
at Trenton, May 23, 1775.'' (Query: Was it this Jacob 
or his son Jacob?) [Snells' Hunterdon cf Somersel, 
page 30.] 

Rev. Samuel C. Jennings in bis " Recollections of 
Seventy Years," (page 142) says : 

"Then we spent the Rabbath with our excolleDt brother, Itev. 
John Ewing, D. D., at Clinton, Xew Jersey. Afterwards he took 
UH to Rediugton, where my Grandfather, Dr. Jacob Jenniug-^, 
had practiced medicine, and where the dust ol his wife Mary, tl;e 
daughter of Rev. Dr. Kennedy, reposes, haviug died in 1791. SN'' 
al.JC went to .see tiie resting place of my great-grandfather, Jacol^ 
Jennings, at Bound Brook. He died at tiie age of 701. 

"I\Iy great-gruudfather, Dr. Kennedy's, tomb has inscribed 
upon it ; 

'Died August 21, A. D., 17S7, in the 67th year of his age.' 

"It is recited by Dr. -Miller, iu the Histoiy of Dr. Rodger-, 
that he could speak the Latin language as readily as the Eugli'^h-. 
His wife yarah died January 1, 17S7, iu the G-!lh of her in;f. 


)lLr (lust reposps beside his at Basljiug Ridge, where they botli 
lojltd and experienced trouble during the Revolutioiiary War 
villi Great Britain ; where he preached with great prnvcr, aiad to 
which einployineut, when necessary, he arlded his skill in the 
hc;iling art. Thus the inscriptions on the iombstoncs testify that 
my three grand-jiarentu all died the sa 'le year— 1787— leaving a 
bright record of piety (o be ren;epabcred by their posterity." 

Will of Jacot. Ji::.'xiNfis. 

In The Name of God Amen I .iacob .Teiinings of (be County 
of .Summerset and State of Kew Jersey, Being in a tolerable state 
of health But something weali in Body, But of a sound, ADispos- 
)!!g Mind & memory, Thanks be to God for the same, & calling to 
rnind the mortality of my Body, knowing that it isappoinied for 
all men once to Die, Do this twenty .Second Day of December iu 
the year of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred & Eighty 
four, make <fe rnblish this my last Will & Testament iu form <fe 
manner following. Imprimis I most humbly Bequeath my Soul 
to God Aliuity who gave it me, and my Body to the Earth from 
wlK-nce it came, to be Decently Buried by my Executor here iu 
after mentioned in hope of a joyful Kesurrection through the 
Merits of my Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, & as Inching such 
worlly Estate where with it hath Pleased God to Bless mo with 
in this life, I do Dispose of as iollows, first I do order all my 
funeral expences & Just Debts to be paid. Item I do oider that if I 
.sbmild die before my Vieloved wife that She has the vrhole of my 
]'-ta(e or any Part thereof as she may chuse during her life, & 
alter her Death, I do give & Bequeatli unto my beloved Son Jacob 
Jeuuiugs Junr. tluee cjuarters of my Real & personal Estate to 
him <fc his Heirs or assigns forever, &. in ease of my before men- 
lii'Ued Son's Death, to be equally Divided among his before men- 
tion'd heirs. The other forth part of my estate I leave in the care 
of my before mention'd Son Jacob Jennings to dispose of at his 
option among the Children of JNty Beloved Daughter Aune 
1 'iigley Deceased iu Pertioular to the two youngest Sons Ebe- 
nezer & John and Such others as may have the least of their 
Father Ebeuezer Tingley Esqr. Deceas'd Estate. Item Whereas 
I'lniel 'fingley the oldest Sou of Tdy Daughter Anue Tingley by 
misi-onduct occaHiou'd Iris P'ather to pay a large sum of money for 
hi rn,t I lerefore depriving his brothers & Sisters of equal Sums or lega- 
cies, it is tliereforo my will that him the sd Daniel Tingley .shall 
have no more than Ten Shilling.") of my Estat, and it is not mj' in- 
tfiition that each of the other Children of My Daughter Anne 
DciH'as'd shold have an equal Propevtion of the one forth of my 
estate But to be Divided as njy Son tball think Proper. I do con- 
^'ilule <k appoint my Beloved Son .Tacoli Jennings Junr. to he my 
'■'lie I'.xecutor .,f this mv Lf:i Wili .v Tootamcut Baiifving ,1 con- 


firming this & no other, to be my last Will & Testnnient and Dv. 
make mill <fe void all other wills hikI TestatemeDts. 
in witneBs wlicreof I the Sd Jacob Jennings to this my last will & 
Testament Set my hand & Seal the Day & year above written. 

Signed Sealed Pronounced <fc Deliver'd by sd Testator to be 
his last will & Testament, In the Presents of us whoes names are 
hereunto Subscribed. j^^^,j Jexnings L. 8. 

Jekemiah Dp.ak'e, 
JosEFH Steward, 
A KM. Satin DERS. 

Somerset to wit. Jeremiah Drake cue of theWituesses to the 
vrithiu Will, being duly Sworn ou the Holy Evangilist of 
Almighty God, did depose and say, that he saw Jacob Jennings 
the Testator therein named, sign & seal the same, and heard bim 
publish, pronounce and declare the vrithin writing to be his last 
Will & Testament and that at the doing thereof the said Testator 
was of sound and disposing mind .'ind raemorj' as far as this 
Deponent knows and as he verily believes ; and that Josep 
Steward and Abndiara Sanders the other subseribiug Evidences, 
were present at the same time and signed their names as Wit- 
nesses to the said Will in the presence of the said Testator. 

Sworn Sepr. Sth, 1791, before me 

Fked. Fkelikghuysen', Surrogate. 

Somerset to wit. Jacob Jennings sole Executor in the within 
Testament named, being duly sworn, did depose andsay, that the 
within Instrument, contains the true last will and Testament of 
Jacob JcHJiiugs tlie Testator therein named, so far as he knows, 
and as he verily believes; that he will well and truly perform (he 
same, by paying first the debts of the said deceased, and then the 
Legacies in 8;iid Testament specified, so far as the Goods, Chattels 
and Credits of tlio said decea.sed can thereunto extend; and that 
he will make and exhibit into the prerogative olHce Burlington, a 
true and perfect Inventory of all and siug\ilar the Goods, Chattels 
and Credits of the said deceased, that have or shall come to his 
knowledge or possession, or to the possession of any other person 
or i)ersons for his use, and render a just and true account when 
thereunto lawfully required. .Tacob Jennings Junk. 

Sworn jMay 7th, 17S7, at Millstone before me. 

Fked FiiELiNUHUYSKX, Surrogule. 

Somerset Files 1791. Recorded in Liber 32 of Wills, pages 
553, (fee. Office of the Secretary of State, Trenton, New Jersey. 


JACOB JENNINGS (Jacob 3), son of Jacob & 

Kern 3 744 in Xew Jersey. 

I>i.-.l Fell. 17, 1813 ill FayetK^ Co., Pennsylvania. 
Kur. in Dunl.ap'.s Creek Churoh Cemetery, Fiiyette Co., Penua. 
Mnr. (1) 
M.iry Kennedy, dau. of Eev. Dr. Samuel A- Sai'a}i (Allen) 

Pied !791 

Bur. in Pieadinytou, New .Tersey. 

Eight eliildrea by first marriage: 
n;5 Sarah bap. JHn.2S,]770 m. Dr. Simoij« 


Samue! Kennedy b. June C, 1771 m. ' '-' fI)':,V>Owin. 

r(]) MarvCox. 
[ (3) Lucy Fore. 

(Hood) Owing-s. 





i 1 ■;'.< 






) ) 1-2 


b. 177.3 d. 17W>. 

b. 1775 in. jNIerey Chidester. 

b. Dec. 13, 1 , ,.S ra. | |o| j^,^,^ ^yi!sc,n. 

b. m. Dr. Mitcbe!). 

i_o, ( (1) Aian Giiniau, 

^- 1'^^ "^- I (i!) Ciarissr, Barbce. 

b. 1787 m. Susan Daily. 

•Mar. (2) 

Hrs. Hannah {MoJion) Cartiahan 
Bur. iu Diuilap's Creek Cliuroh Cemetery. 
No children by second marriage.* 

Littell's Passaic Valley says : 
"Doctor Jacob Jennings built the 'red hou??' that stood by 
'he Well west of Nathan Elmer's house and lived there. 
He had children: 

1. S.nrah, b.iptized 2Sth Jiurjary, 1770. 

2. Samue! Kennedy, bajnized 2i*tli September, 1771. 

He sold his house and farm to Tiioma.s Suuders, of New Yoik. 
i <io not know lliat Sandens cvt.r Jived there. N:uhan!el Liuiell 
lived tliere from April, 17S4, until April, 1786." 

K.ev. Dr. Jacob Jennings studied medicine and 
practiced at Readingion, N. J. He was a Captain of 

■ l-c hnd -A soh by !,cf ficsl matiij'.^e, J;,mci Carr.a'i^ii, \v!io became J'n idci.t ol tbc 


the " Jersey Blues " at oue time : Surgeon at anollic-, 
aud bore the scars of that couflict for liberty (the Rev- 
olutionary War) until his death, having beeu wounded 
in the leg in the battle of Trenton, N. J. 
Copy of certificate : 

State of New Jersey, 
Offick of Adjutant Gekkkat.. 

Trenton, April 12, 1897. 

]t is certified (hat Jucob JcDiiings was commissiouod Surgeim 
in Colonel Mark Thomson's Battalion of Piftucbert JMilitia :>i 
Sussex County, New Jersey, Aug. 16, 1776, in the EevohUionary 

^^'^^- \Vij,iAA:\r S. Strykek, 

Adjutant G'eucval. 

When the war was ended and when he was over 
forty years of age, he was licensed to preach by the 
Dutch Reformed Church. He did not, however, upon 
entering the new calling, abandon the old one, but 
went about among his people as indeed the beloved 
physician, diligent in his labors for their spiritual and 
bodily health. After his ordination, he removed to 
Virginia, remaining there with his motherless children 
two years, and in 1791 removed into the bounds of Red- 
stone Presbytery. He became Pastor of Dunlap Creek. 
Fayette County, but gave a portion of his time lo 
Muddy Creek and lyittle Redstone Congregations. h\ 
1802 he was chosen the first Moderator of the Synod o! 
Pittsburg, immediately afterwards commencing the 
" Glorious Revival " during which Dr. Jennings (.-iO- 
called from his continued practice of medicine) labore.'! 
■with great acceptance in many of the churches. f-Ji'' 
venerable appearance, long white hair and solemn man- 
ner, gave weight to his utterances. " He educated four 
.sons at Cannonsburg, practiced medicine extensively, 
and ministered to two congregations, traveling to dis- 
tant congregations when he had to be helped on h;.- 
horse. His noble wife was a helpmate indeed. Afic-t 
a life of toil. Dr. Jennings died Feb. 17, 1813, worn ovt 
in the service of the church, battle-scarred in 'Ji- 
defence of his courtrv. " 


Tlie follo'yviug is copied from the grave of Jacob 
Jennings at Duulap's Creek, Fayette Count}-, Pa. : 

Tlie Revd. Dr. Jacob Jeuuhis-,3, 

who for 20 years was 

Pastor of tliis Congregation. 

Tliat he ^^:l,s a true follower as well 

as a faiihful niinister of the 

Lord Jesus Christ was testified 

By his long coutinued work and labor 

of love in two arduous professions 

combined. He died in the faith of the 

Gospel of Christ aad in the hope of that 

life and immortality wliicli are 

thereby brouglit to light, 

Feb. 'iTth, A. D., 1813. 

aged 69 years. 

And I heard a voice from 
Heaven saying unto ;ne 

write ; 

Blessed are tiic dead 

Which die hi the Lord, &c. 

Mat}' Kennedy, the noble wife of Dr. Jacob Jen- 
nings, and mother of his children, was probably born 
at "Basking Ridge," New Jersey. 

From the "Story of an Old Farm," by Andrev/ D. 
Millick, Jr., page 159, we copy the following: 

"Basking Rtdge, in Bernards Township, already possessed a 
li'iurishing community with a well established Presbyterian 
Church under the charge of a Seotcli worthy, the Beverend 
Siuuuel Kennedy.* His education had been gained at Edinburgh 
I niversity, and coming to America he was, in 1751, ordained 
pastor of this congregation, which he faithfully served for thirty- 
i^ix years at a salary of one hundred and teu pounds. 

"lu addition to his ministerial duties he practiced medicine, 
and established and took charge of a classical school, wliich at- 
tiiined to great celebrity." 

•Samukl Kkmnkdy— KdiMicdy, Samuel, clcr;;ynian, b. ill Scotland ii. )V2U; d- lu 
ti^"l;in(: Ridsc N. J., 31 Aug., 17S7. He w.ns graduated at the University orEdn.burBll, 
c^lac to Ihii country and, ;ifler studying thcolagy, was called in 1751 10 be pastor oi a 
I'resbyttriaii Church at llasking Uidge. where he remained until his death. Durl'i^; the 
"■•^'-inRof the ;y,a.d of New York and Pliiladclphia in May, ITIiO, aUcn'ion was r;,lkd 
<^ liic caie D( Rev. William McClcnachan, a clergyman of the Church of En;!.-iud in 
I'hiladelphia, who had aroused enmity in his denomination by some display of leliyi-jui 
"al. Several members of ihe synod, includinj; Mr. Kennedy, addrcs!...d a lct:.;r |..> the 
Archbishop ol Canterbury, abkin;; him tu leiait. u'cCleiiachan in his ;>a;ioi;:-, whl.b he 


We believe theiniluence of this woman, the daugh- 
ter of the Scotch Divine, and the help-mate of her Im.s- 
baud, is shown in the lives of all her desceisdants. The 
sons beicg prominent in their several callin;;s — 
Ministers, Doctors and Lawyers, and tiie daughters 
marrying men of like characters, and with scarcely an 
exception all have been of influence and ability. 


ANNE JEKNINQS (Ji-cob 3), d:-n. of Jficob & 

Ebeiiezer Tingley 

Their children : 

1143 Danie! 

1144 Levi 

1145 Sa-.-Jirei 

1146 John 

1147 Jaco!j 

1148 Ebenezer m. Fanuy Jenuiugs 

1149 Mary 

_ The compiler has no further information concern- 
ing this family, 

seemed in danger of losing. 'I'o this letter the Archbishop paid no allent'on. and the »!• 
fair soon becoming public. the missive found its way into print and was severely criticised 
During the next meeting of the synod it was sold in the streets of Philadelphia with t.c 
proclamation, "Eighteen Presbyterian ministers for a groat." Mr. Kennedy acld^ti I:: 
his labors as pastors those of teacher and medical practitioner."— (Appleton's Cy'ope- 
dia of American IJiogr.iphy, vol. 3, p. 518.) 

Extract from Dr. T. H. Stocton's address on Rev. Samnel Kennedy Jen;;inj.=, N! 1'.^ 
"His maternal grandfather (named above) was a native of ScoiI.,nd, but on acr,-..u;-. cf 
religions persecution was brought to Ireland and educated at Dublin, whence he i;!!^.'- 
grated to America and settled in N'ew Jersey. He is said to have been a rematl:a'.ly ■•'" 
classical scholar. As a I^atinirt in particular, it is reported of hir.- that hi- totild al ■•■"■' 
time ascend the pulpit and deliver aa cxtempori:niou.> di^cottise in that Ir.ngu.t^i;. H-^ 
washro'.hcr and h,;ir of lhcEaTlofC:.b-,;lisand so descended fro.ii a family cl-.sJj ..:• 
nected with the ve,y ctl!;in of the Jicformation in Scotland, prior to the dajS ol M" = 
and the Melvilles. He did not return to Scotland, however, to claim his feudal ri.-'.-s.. 
honorable a^ tl-ey were, preferring, it is preEUmcd, the prorpeclivc g.eatness of tl;c new, 
ampler and freer world. He manicd a Miss Allen, of Philadelphia, End was bk-;-t >«:lh ■> 
number of cl^ddrcn." 

Rev. Samuel Kennedy Jennings. 



5ARAH JENNINGS (Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), dau. of Dr. 

Jacob and Mary [Kennedy) Jennings. 
llr.rD in New Jersey. 
Ur. Simonson, of 'W'asliingtou, Pa. 

iJoO One report say.s Sarah Jennings had one child 
which died young ; a more reliable report says she had 
four children. The compiler has been unable to 
ascertain any other facts of her life history. 

" Sarah {Jennings) Simonson died many years 
hefore her son, who lived until he was 15 or 10 and, 
leaving home, was never heard from again and is sup- 
])o.sed to have lost his life somewhere. " 

SAHUEL KENNEDY JENNINGS (Jacob 1133, Jicob 3}, 

son of Dr. Jacob & 5Iar}' (Kennedi/) Jennings. 
J^>ru June 6, 1771 in Essex Co., New Jersey. 
Died Oct. 19, 1S54 in Raltimore, Md. 

Rur. iu Family Giavej'r.rd of O wings family, Hc>ward Co., Tild. 
Mar. (1) Jan. 18, 1793 
Mary Co.x, dau. of John and j\Iary (Fcrgi'son) Cox, L3'nch- 

burg, Va. 
Roru Jan. 23, 1771 
Died Oct. 25, 1S20 

Their children : 
llol JylHiCox b. Oct. 22, 1791 d. Sei^. 22, 179G. 

f (l)Elixabetli 
115:i Samuel Kcrnevlj' b. Aue;. 13, 1790 ra. -j {JJood) Owings. 

i (2)Saruli I/urpby. 
1163 Ann V>'illiani£ori b. May 14, ISOii in. John Marrast. 
Hoi Hary b. Apr. 22, 1802 m. Thomas Owii/r^.s. 

r 1 1 iC':\ro.A.Hynfvn. 
Ho5 Jacob Head b. June ';, ISOl m. J (2)Mary A. Cim- 

(. ningiiam. 
Hoi'i CatberJne Sidnsy b. Sen. 17, ]:w. ni. E. K. J. Hand. 

190 descendant:-; ok jacob 

Mar. (2) Feb. 4, 1S21 

Mrs. Hannah [Hood) Owings, dan. of John & Eliz.i!H-ih 

(^Gaither') Hood and widow of Jc.-fe Owing?, by wL^ji.;; 

she had tln-ee children. 
Born Jlch. 6, ITSfi 
Died Jan. 2S, 1838 

No children hy second niarriiige. 
Mar. (3) Mch. 22, 1S40. 

Lucy Fore, d.iu. of Rev. .loiin ct Fore. 

Born Sep, 1, 1799 
Died .liine 23, 1850 

Ko cliiidreu by third marriage. 

"Dr. vSamuel Kenned) Jennings was born in 
County, New Jersey, June (J, 1771, and died iu Lialti- 
more, Md. , Oct 19, 1854. His parentage was highly 
respectable, influential and educated. His grand-fatuev 
on his mother's side — Rev. Dr. Kennedy, of Scotti.s)i 
birth — was a man of distinguished piety and learning. 

"Under the tuition of such a preceptor (for the edu- 
cation of Dr. Jennings was under hi.s direction), it n5.'.y 
be supposed that the pupil was admirably taught. Tl.c 
old gentleman used to tell his grandson, in order to in- 
cite him to diligent stud}-, that his mother, v.-l;e;; 
young, would spin a pound of cotton a da}', and yd 
keep up with her brothers in her Latin lessons. V. >■ 
mention these things to show how favorable were h:.- 
antecedents to the securement of a thorough and 
elegant education." 

In 1790 he was graduated from Rutgers, aiv: 
studied and practiced medicine for a few years n'- 

At this period of his life, young Jennings was ?■ 
skeptic. But from a conver.satiou had by him wiih •'- 
Methodist preacher in his father's house, he was led :<■• 
give over his erroneous notions, and became an enthu- 
siastic Christian. In 1794 he became an itinerant Mi-'- 
ister in the Methodist Episcopal Church, and in !■"*' 
was ordained an Elder. 

"And such a Preacher as he was I Diifernig i- 
style and manner from all others, — purely e.rten:] '-'i"''" 


ueoufi, yet systematic, analytical, wonderfully conipre- 
heusive iu his grasp of thought, and with a diction that 
fiowed like a river, full, abundant, clear aud sparkling, 
pre-eminently practical and thoroughly evangelical, 
Dr. Jennings rose at once to the highest eminence as a 
pulpit orator. And he was great ! — great in the essen- 
tial element of true greatness; a heart instinctively 
noble in all the generosities of humanity, and intellect 
of the highest order, and heart and intellect both under 
the constant influence of tlie Spirit of holiness." 

The follov/ing anecdote V\'e give as an illustration 
of Dr. Jenning's power in his prime: 

Tn the spring of 1S18, \\hile on n, vir-it to Baltimore, T was 
iuviU'd liy a friend, Eev. James Armstrong, to accompany him to 
ilie AVilk Street jMcthodist Episcopal Churcli, to hear the great 
iJr. Jennings preach. At the time referred to there was a gracious 
revival of religion iu progress iu that station, then under the p:;s- 
loral care of Rev. John Davis. The appointment was at 11 
o'clock, Sunday morning. Although I arrived a full hour before 
the time, I found the place crowded to over-flowing, so that it 
wa* with some dillicult y tliat I could obtain a seat. The te:;t was 
taken from I Gor. 1 :21. "For after that in wisdom of God the 
world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness 
ofprcacliing to save them that believe." I was then too young 
and too imperfectly acquainted with theology to under.siaud fully 
I'lid ofcourse to appreciate the masterly manner in which he treated 
tlie subject, yet, one thing I distinctly remember, he simplified 
bis views very mucli towards the end of the sermon, reuiarkiug: 
"God, toliide pride fromnian, often uiakesuseof the most unlikely 
means to bring about his salvatiou." He then related a ciicum- 
stance which took place under his own observatiou in or near 
Lynchburg, Ya., referring to Colonel Lassals, a notorious infidel, 
wlio was converted to the truth of Christianity by means of a few 
Words si)okcu by a pious slave. ' 

After the sermon was over, Jlr. Davis, assisted by Rev. 
I'-obert Burcli, then stationed at Dighl Street, invited persons to 
ciwiio forward and join the church, when one hundred aud four 
individuals gave in their names as proiiationcrs. Such a sceiie of 
T'ligious interest I Ijave never wiiiiessed since, nor is it ai nil 
pmbable I shall ever look upon the lilce again. In the evening I 
beard preacli at Light Street. The text was I Cor. 1C:2. 
'I'lie sermon was short, not more than forty rniuulcs, but the eiiect 
>U"'n the congregation was exciting in the highesi degree. Tliat 
precious wortl '' Charity " seemed to be biiriU iiUo every heart. 


while every bosom glowed as a, furnace seven iimes heated. In 
the course of the summer Caroline Street Church was c-oniiiienc.d. 
The lot selected for the buildiug was thou a large sand hill, rtmr, 
which the Doctor addressed the largest asseiiibly ever brouglii 
together iu Baltimore for such an occasion. 

1 met Dr. Jeuuiugs a day or two before his dectrase, at (bf 
corner of Baltimore and Calvert Streets, and thought I had no' 
seen him look better for some years past. I was much surpiitoO 
iu reading Friday morning's paper to see his death announced, an.i 
that the funeral would take place at 1 o'clock. I hastened up t.> 
Dr. Owings', his devoted son-in-law, at whose liouse he died, .nud 
arrived just iu time to hear the closing remarks of that eloquent 
mini.ster, Mr. Stockton. 

As I stood by tlie coffin and gazed for the last time on ll.v- 
placid countenance of the venerable man, who, more than tiiiriy 
years ago filled my eyes and warmed my heart, the v.ords of 2iir. 
Wesley came forcibly to my mind. They were spoken wiih 
reference to the life and death of V/illiam Eduaonsou, a pio'J^ 
Quaker, from whom he differed ui:)onsome ])oiuts of doctrine an^i 
discipline: ''"WJjen I die let my sjiirit be with the spirit i^' 
William Edmonson." So I say of Dr. Jennings, thougli wi 
honestly differed xipon some points of church policy : " Whea 1 
die let my spirit be with the spirit of Samuel K. Jennings." 

Baltimore, Oct. 23, 1854. W. Hamilton. 

"For several montlis before his death, he was c.\- 
pecting his dissolution. Almost every night, when ].<: 
would retire, as his daughter, Mrs. Owings, wouic 
accompau}' him to his chamber and give him the accus- 
tomed kiss of affection as she bade him 'good nigh;,' 
he would say to her : 'Mary, my child, if you shoiilo. 
find the old man dead in the morning, remember ihi'<'- 
he was not afraid of death.' 

" 'Preciou,s in the sight of the I^ord is the death c: 
His saints.' 'Precious in the memory of the Church is 
the name of Samuel K. Jennings.'" 

The following is contributed by one who kne'-^' 
Dr. Jennings : 

Tliirty j-ears ago no of worship iu this citj' would C'lH- 
tain the congregations that assembled to hear tliis eloqui-i^' 
preacher of the gospel. His manner was all geuerou?, his ni.i:i'-'' 
solid and strictly evangelical and his extcmj>orancou'i ability ; 
remarkable, perliaps, as thai of any other man w))o ever slooil i: 
the pulpit. We lieard a brotlier once state th..t on a crrl;ii': 


oooasion, having called T>r. Jennings to the pulpit, he requested 
liini to officiate in his stead as he was unwell. After having con- 
sc-ntecl, the Doctor said, "Wliile i read a hymn, brother, select 
tlie text you intended to preach from." The brother was some- 
what surprised at such a request, but knowing T)r. Jennings, he 
did so, and after the pveliniinarios the preacher arose and with 
fvery indication of systeiii, and with his wonted .nbility and dis- 
crimination, proceeded to tlie explanation and enforcement of the 
passage, too, bj- no jneaus leading to the ordinary and rroudeu 
paths of pulpit declamation. 

But Dr. Jennings is not now what lie was thirty years ago. 
After an absence of eight years from Baltimore, he has returned a 
feeble old man. T)ie passer-by pauses on the street to notice tlae 
beading form and the feeble step of a venerable personage, whom 
he is at first at a loss to recognize, but a prolonged examination 
reveals what was ones the noble person so famiiiar to the Metho- 
dist (^opjmuiiity of this city. What changes time makes! It is 
sad to look upon such a transformation; but the sadness is 
mingled with a resjiect approaching reverence when we remember 
what he once was, while his godly life assures us what he will 
soon become. 

A few moments conversation will serve to show those who 
enjoy this privilege, that in meeting Dr. Jennings we meet a 
mind majestic, though its tenement is in ruins. We have been 
favored with repeated interviews since his return, and in each 
have discovered frequent glimpses of the great heart and intellect 
of this father in Israel. 

Dr. Jennings is eiglily-three years of age. Until two or three 
years since, he was able to practice in his profession, and occa- 
sionally to preach. But a stroke of paralysis has rendered the 
prospect of physical exertion for the future almost hopeless. 

Of his valuable labors in the cause of reform, his self sac- 
rifice and his uncompromising adherence to principle throughout 
tlie whole of that memoralile conflict, the Chui'ch is well informed. 

As we look upon him we are reminded of the exquisite lines 
of Holmes: 

They s:iy that in his prime. 
Ere the pruuijig knife of Time 

Cut him down, 
Kot a nobler man was foivuX 
By the Crier, oi; his r<>und 
Tin-oui;h the town. 

But, now, he waliis the streets. 
And he looks at all he meets, 

Sad and wan ; 
And he shakes !iis feeble head, 
That it seems r.s if lie said, 
Tiiov are gone ! 


The mo.<sy marbles rest 

On the lii)3 that he lius jjve?sed 

In their bloom ; 
Aud the waraps he loved to hear, 
Have beeu carved lor luaDy a year 

On the tomb '. 

■^Dr. Jennings was one of the prime nioveis iu 'Jie 
introducticu of ]?.}' representation iu the conferences ci 
the ]\Iethodist Church aud finally was expelled fio\n 
this connection and organized a new body known ::• 
"The j\Iethodist Protestant Church.'' He was di.stiu- 
gni&hcd as a pulpit orator and evangelist. 

Dr. Jennings was one of the founders of the Was!:- 
iuglon I\Iedical College {now extinct) aud became emi- 
nent in his profession. He removed to Alabama ir. 
1845, returned to Baltimore in 1853 and died in ll!.'.; 
city Oct. 19, 1854. 

Dr. Jennings was a remarkably handsome uiai:. 
of commanding personal appearance, and had a pecu- 
liarly rich and sonorous voice. 


EBENEZER JENNENQS (Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), ^oi\ : 

Jacob & Jlary {Kermedy) Jennings. 
Born 1775 in Xew Jersey. 

Died Nov. 21, ISOS in AVashingtou Co., Pa. 
Bur. in Cross Creek Church Cemetery, Washington Co., i'ii. 

Alercy Chidester, dan. of & Isabella {M'rii--) 

Born 17>sO iu Morris Co., New Jersey. 

Died July 31, loOG iu Wa;-hiijgton Co., Pa. 
Bur. in Cro.^3 Creek Church Cemetery. 

Their children : 

1157 Maria b. ISO] )u. Boyd ^rerccr. 

115S Samtsel Carnaisai! h. Feb. 19, 1S03 m. Emma INf. Pa.'isrtv.f!-' 
1159 Jacob b. Jan. 25, 1805 d. Feb. 22, 1832. bacSu'l-'- 

»Sfe Al.plcion'sCvdopu-ti.s ofyiincrican Biography, Vo! 3, ¥. 4^?. 


Rev. Obadiah iIenninge 


Rev. Samuel C. Jennings, in his "Recolkctious of 
ScvenLy Years," says: 

" >!y fnther was Dr. Ebeuezer Jenuings, who praclioed mcdi- 
ciiir exteii.'iiveiy and was cl\o.seii a inomber of the Legislature to 
rv i'i\^i>ut. Wa.^hiugtou Countj- at Laucaster in 1S06. SVliile there, 
In; procured at Philadelpliia the vacoiue matter that Dr. Jeiiuer, 
of London, had disoovtred to be a preventive of small-pox. On 
liis return home lie tried it on his ehildron p.nd otliers. Having 
been elected a secoiul time to the Legislature, and beiug- beuevo- 
leul. and persevering, he started, .siifTerin;.; with the iulluenza, hav- 
itiLT especially in view tlie passage of an act of the Assembly to have 
all !he poor of the state vaccinated, gratuitously. In this he suc- 
ceeded ; but Ills clforts and exjiiisure fixefi upon him pulmonary 
consumption, in which state be returned. 

He was nomiuated as a candidate to represent his district in 
t'on;;ress; but he became more and more emaciated, so that by 
the following November, 180S, his life on earth ended, in the 326 
year of his age, leaving' his children orphans." 

riis nionnmeut iu the Cross Creek Cemetery bears the follow- 
ing inscription: "He was much esteemed as a physician, as a 
legislator, and as a Christian." 

OBADIAH JENNlN'CiS, D. D. (Jacob VuU, JacoSi :<)-, ;-;on of 

Dr. Jacob & Mary (Keuveth/) -Jennings. 
Horn Dec. 13, 177S near Easkiiigridge, Kew .Jersey. 
i>ied Jan. 12, 1S32 iu Nashville, Teun. 
liiir. in Nashville, Teun. 
M'.ir. (1) 
.Mary Becket 
Died at Steubenville, O.- 

One child by lirst marriage: 

11 'ill Lucinda m. Dr. David Porter. 

^UiY. (2) at house of Rev. Thos. Read, D. D., Wilmington, Del., 

Dr. Read odiciating. 
Ann Wilson, dan. of Rev. .James et Ann Nancy {Sfuart) 

Jiorn 1787 at ;Mid(lletowu, Delaware. 

iJieii 1841 or 1S42 iu Nashville, Tenu., or Phila., Pa. 

Seven children by second marriage : 
il'Jl Thomas Read b. 1805 in Stenbeuville, Ohio ; 

m. Mary Courtney, 
lit'ii Ann Elizabeth m. Gov. HenryA.Wiso 

'!'■■; Mary Stuart m. Franklin Morgan. 


1161 James D. Jiimes D. c'.icd about 

1S3S, iu ]M!b>is.-;i;)pi , 
served in Texas Krvt;- 
lution iiuder Gen. fmni 
Houston; ^\;ls a iiL,v>i- 

1165 Rebecca Stuart Read b. about 1S20 m. Col. Geo. C. Chili- 


11 60 S.-;rah in. Har'fion B. JU-K.iy. 

1167 Hlien d. youug. 

It is much to be regretted that numy of tlie facts ]i: 
the life of Obadiah Jennings, D. D., v.'ho was distin- 
guished for great natural ability, sound and jjoiishcd 
learning, genuine piety, sturdy molality and eminent 
usefulness to his da}' and race, a man upon Y>']Kim v.';-^ 
conferred the highest honors of church and college, aiul 
who attained eminence in two honored professions, aie 
now inaccessible. Such, however, is the fact; and 
while we viev/ it with regret, it but gives us a greater 
incentive to persevere in our work and rescue from 
oblivion and put on permanent record such notes of th-^ 
lives of this family as may still be obtained. Obadisl". 
Jennings was born near Baskingridge, New Jersey, Dec 
13, 1778, and died iu Nashville, Tenn., Jan. ]2, l.S;!-J 
He came v.'ith his father from New Jersey to Virgin;:! 
about th-C '3-ear 1789, the family removing to Fayette 
County, Pennsylvania, in 171-tl. 

As v,'e have said, Br. Jennings was a man of snp^'i- 
ior natural abilities, and being possessed of those po;);:- 
lar qualities which insure success, and liberally educat-c; 
in the arts and sciences, he looked to the profes.sioii o. 
the law as a proper field for the exercise of his powei!' 
After completing his course of stud> at the Canno;;.- 
burg Academy, he entered the law office of Jo'"' 
Simonlou, of Washington, Pa. , as a student, and af'-'.-: 
successfully pursuing the prescribed course of study, ;••' 
was admitted to the bar and began the practice of l^''^ 
in Washington, Pa., about ISOO, and perhaps tlie snni'- 
year moved to Steubcnville, Ohio, v/here he was a ••^■■i'' 
cessful lawyer until 1811, Vidien he removed to '\\---'" 


iugtou, Pa., intending to continue the practice of law 
in the courts both of Pennsylvania and Ohio. 

About the time of his return to Washington, Pa., 
he joined the Presbyterian Church, and soon after was 
chosen a ruling elder of the church in that place. Kis 
success as a lawyer had been immediate, and although 
young and but a recent Kieniber of the bar which 
boasted many noted names, he soon was known as "a 
distinguished lawyer." 

But he felt another call upon him and while doubt- 
less he took broad views of lite, and would not deny 
that those who aimed at distinction might have no 
ignoble motive, yet, for him, he felt that fame and gain 
must not be the object of his life's work. He would 
make duty well performed and usefulness to mankind 
tlie guides of his life. Governed by these motives, we 
Sud him abandoning a profession in which he had not 
only the promise, but in a large measure the possession 
of success and distinction, to go into a calling which 
then, in a new country, could hold out the prospect of 
little of comfort and no luxury. He was a man right 
loyal to his convictions ; a man who lived for duty, and 
v.-as willing to follow an3'where at the command of that 
" stern, but beautiful daughter of the voice of God.'' 

In the year 1816 he was licensed to preach b}' the 
I'resbytery. He studied divinity probably at the Col- 
lege of New Jersey, now Princeton, from which he 
received his degree of Doctor of Divinity. Having 
been ordained a minister, in 1817 he accepted a call 
to the Presbyterian Church of Steubenville, Ohio, 
and continued their pastor six 5'ears. He then accepted 
a call to the Presbyterian Church in Wa.shingtou, Pa., 
and removed there in 182-3. After a pastorate of five 
years there, he accepted acnll to the Presbyterian Church 
of Nashville, Tenn., where he died Jan. 12, 18S2, and was 
there buried. He v/as at o;ie time President cf the 
Washington and Jefferson College, at Wasliington, Pa. 

Of his ministerial life we can justly say that liis 
uaiura! gilts, his bro.ul cullun^ iiis sturdy loyalty to 


duty aud his ccrdial support of all the aggiesive v,-or;-: 
of the church., brought him iuto an unsought pvou!;- 
nence. He was a progressive man, v/illing to wel- 
come new measures if they commended themselves tu 
his judgment, obeying the apostolic precept: Try o'.. 
things ; hold fast to that which is good." His learnt.i 
attainments were recognized by the bestowal of ti-.c 
degree of Doctor of Divinity upon him. His pulpit 
abilities brought him to the charge of the Presbyteriri!! 
Church of Steubenville, Ohio, then one of the racsi 
important churches of the west. 

He was a member of the Ohio Presbytery and whe:: 
the Steubenville Presbytery was formed in 1819. he wa'^ 
one of the leaders. He was at once elected a membi r 
of the standing committee on "Missions" and also of 
an educational society, auxiliary to the 
society of the Presbyterian Church, this proving thatht- 
was a man of spirit and energy and in sympathy ^'-il); 
the progressive movements upon which the churches ci 
the land were then entering. While some held aioc! 
and others busied themselves with finding objection."-, 
theoretical and practical, he and his associates enterec 
heart and soul into the work of " Missions and Educ.-.- 
tion.'' It was the day when foundations were laid a;::: 
it was the privilege and joy of Dr. Obadiah Jennings to 
help lay deep and strong, the foundations of that grea'. 
aggressive work which is the glory of the churcli »'■: 

By consulting the records of the Steubenvil'e 
Presbytery, we find that at a meeting of that body .'■'. 
Black vSprings, April 18, 1820, Dr. Jennings was cliose:. 
a Commissioner to the General Assembly. At a uicc-;- 
iug at Two Ridges, April 16, 1S22, hewas again .seJec't.'' 
to fill office. But a still greater honor v,-as in fl'^" 
for him. At the meeting of the General Assembly, t!:i 
highest ofluice in the gift of the Church, the Modeif.i' :■ 
ship of that body, was Vjy a vote of the Commissiono:-- 
bestowed upon him. Although at present writiuc; "•'■'' 
cannot consuk the records, yet it is safe to aifin:: ti.-- 

Jonathan Jennings 

St Governor of tlic Stale of lin 

niliip iQ lie Cur.lUil 


he was present at the uext meeting of the Assembl}' 
and as the retiring Moderator he preached the opening 
sermon. Afterwards he, together v;ith Gen. Andrew 
Jackson, was appointed by the General Assembly to 
select a site for the Western Theological Sennnary, 
which site they fixed at Alleghenj', Pa. 

Annn {IVz/^'On) Jennings, the second wife of Rev. 
Obadiah Jennings, D. D., was a daughter of Dr. James 
Wilson, of Wye Mills, on the Eastern shore of Alary- 
land, who received his medical education at Edinburgh, 
vScotland ; and after his matriculation tliere, he practiced 
his profession in Maryland and Peiinsylvania. During 
this time he gave bis attention to Theology, and at 
length became a Minister in the Presbyterian Church. 
As such he was ver)' highly regarded by many churches 
of that denomination in Maryland and southeastern 
Pennyslvania. He was eminent as a scholar and skill- 
ful physician. His wife was Miss Sally Stuart, a 

daughter of Col. Stuart, one of the foremost 

military leaders in the State of Maryland in the War 
of the Revolution. He performed distinguished services 
in support of Washington in his later campaigns. 

Rev. Dr. Obadiah Jennings and Anna Wilson v/ere 
married at the house of her uncle. Rev. Thomas Read, 
D. D., in Wilmington, Delaware, who officiated as 
clergyman upon the occasion in the presence of his 
wife, Mary {Stuart) Read, an ov/u aunt of the bride. 


ANN JENNJNaS (Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), dau. of Dr. Jacob 
it Marj' QKcrnnedij') Jennings. 

The dates of- her birth and death are unknown 
to the compiler. She married Dr. Mitchell, of Wash- 
ington, Pa., and pos.sil)ly Lad children. 

CiOV. JONATHAN JENNI.NCS (Jacob !133, Jacoh 3), son 

of Dr. Jacob ife Mary {Kcnve.dy) Jtinnings. 
]'')ru 1784 

200 DliSCENL'ANTS OF J.'iCOl? 

Died 1.''34 in Chark'sfon, Infliana. 

Bur. in old buryiDg ground at Cliarleston, Indiana. 

Mar, (1) ' 

Ann Oilman 

Mar. (2) Oct. 19, 18-27 in the Tree Tavern in Chariest. <:; 

Tud., l")y Tlev. Rea-son R. Hauiraond. 
Clarissa Barbee. (of Kentnckj-). 

No children by either njarriage, 

Jonathan Jennings was the seventh child of Dr. 
Jacob and Mary [Kennedy) Jennings. It was granti.J 
to this son to tak;e a prominent part iu the affairs of the 
nation, and to mould v^ith a master's hand the charac- 
ter and destiny of a great common-wealth. He, as all 
the children of Dr. Jacob Jennintrs, -was born in Nev.- 
Jersey. While still a child he v/as taken by his father 
to Fayette County, Pennsylvania, and it -was there, 
probably, that he received his education. After a life 
of eminent usefulness and distinct-ion, he died at 
Charleston, Indiana, in 1834. He left no childre-a. 

It is -with a feelino; of gratilication and honest price 
and also of devout gratitude that we trace the caieer cf 
this man, who, always loyal to his convictions, v;hich 
were true to Truth, played so important a part in the 
early history of tlie Northwest. He bsttlcd riuiufully 
for the cause of right and freedom, and his views on th': 
dignity of humanity were so exalted and so juist, tl::^.'. 
his conception of Freedom was as broad as humanity 
He knew that freedom is the God-given heril-Tgc ol 
every man, the birthriglu of e\'ery child of God ; aiu'1 
when greed and ambition would rob men of thi.-; lie:;- 
tage, and vvould make a commonwealth their partnc: 
in crime, Jonathan Jenning?, In;;- to his sense of justice 
and right and true to the teachings of his youth, man- 
fully opposed then, and gaining a victory for Frcedoui, 
saved a commonwealth to tiie "Truth of Man.'' 

Like all the children of Dr. Jacob Jenniug'^, Joi'-'' 

. than Jennings was fairly well educated and crlevcd .: 

profession. It is a significarit and noteworthy .'act th-'-' 

all the sons of this family -nho reached ujanhoof:. 


eutered professions. Jonathan was a lawyer. It 
appears that very ."^oon after his admission to ti>c bar he 
went to Indiana, for in 1806 we find him taking a 
prominent, indeed the leading part in the affairs of the 
Territory. He was a very young man, doubtless the 
junior of most of the attorneys and politicians with 
whom he was associated ; but his wealth of intellect 
and force of character brought him to the front and 
made him, despite his youth, the leader and represen- 
tative of the better element in the Territory. 

That the character and value of his services may be 
appreciated, it -may be well to consider the circum- 
stances in which he v/as placed. By the ordinance of 
1787, as is well known., slavery was forever prohibited 
in the great Northwest Territory, from which several 
commonwealths have been formed ; commonwealths 
which by the intelligence, morality and thrift of their 
inhabitants demonstrate the truth of the principles of 
the ordinance and reflect credit upon both the judgment 
and motives of the author of that celebrated document. 
But the principles of freedom embodied in the ordinance 
were not permitted to have undisputed supremacy. The 
"outhern portion of Indiana was largely settled by 
people from the southern states, where slavery was not 
onl)' a recognized but an approved institution. These 
people naturally v.'ished to bring their customs with 
them in their new homes. But the ordinance stood in 
the way of slavery and so they made an organized 
effort to have the ordinance repealed. It was iipon this 
issue that the campaign for Delegate to Congress was 
made in 1806. The pro-slavery party was aggressive 
and the friends of freedom became justly alarmed. 
Tliey realized tliat the destiny of tl\e future state 
depended upon that election, and diey determined to 
make a strong fight for the protection of human liberty. 
Tliey found their leader in Jonathan Jciinings, whom 
they nominated for the ofrice, and who conducted his 
campaign with so much energy and wisdom that he led 
his parly triumphantly Ic victory. 


The state was saved and the gloi}' of the victory 
was in a large degree due to this ''man of convictions,'' 
Jonathan Jennings. He served as Delegate to Congress 
until the admission of Indiana as a state, in 1S16, (beinc^- 
three times elected to Congress). Then the people, in 
recognition of his past services, his worth of charac'ccv 
and ability, elected him their first Governor. 

To him, thus, was largely intrusted the framing of 
the constitution of the new state, and of giving form 
and direction to those tendencies which determine the 
character of a common wealtli. But the people were 
not yet satisfied with the honors which they had 
bestowed upon him, and that his name and the memoiy 
of services might live in the hearts of their descendants, 
they named in his honor one of the counties in the 
state for which he had done so much and in the pros- 
perity of which he took so much manly pride. 

At length, freed from the cares and demands of 
public life, laying aside the pressing burden of civic 
duties, he retired to his home in Charleston. It ni&y 
be that he anticipated years of quiet comlort and erse 
in the rest which he had so well earned. But it was 
not to be; in the full possession of his powers and in 
the enjoyment of tlie earthly honors shov.-ered upon 
him, in the year 1834, at the age of fifty years, he was 
called to the everlasting reward of righteousness. 

" Divinely Gil'ted Man, 
Whose life in low estate 
And on a simple village greet' 

Who makes by force liis merit known 
And lives to cliiioii the golden keys, 

To mould a migljly state's decrees 
And .sbape Uie whisper of a Tin'oiie ; 

And moving Uji froia higli to highest, 
Becomes on ]''ovtuuc's erowning ;-lope 

Tiie pillar of a peo}ile's hope. 


Froui the Cincinnati Commercial Gazette, Decem- 
ber 1, 1S9-I, I copj- part : 

BROOKVILI.E, iNn., Nov. 30, 1894. 

The State of Indiana has tardily done honor to the 
memory of one of her earliest and most illustrious sous. 
After sixty j'ears of forgetfuluess she has raised a mon- 
ument of granite over the ashes of her first Governor, 
Jonathan Jennings. 

Governor Jennings has lain in a forgotten and un- 
marked grave for half a century, when men again began 
to remember his wonderful achievements in the early 
politics of the state, his heroic services as the first dele- 
gate to the National Congress, and his strong hand iu 
shaping and controlling the destiny of the infant 
Hoosier State. 

In 1862 an unsuccessful atvempt was made to se- 
cure an appropriation, by the Legislature of Indiana, 
for the purpose of erecting a monument to the memory 
of the first Governor ; but it was not until ten years 
later, at the last session, that the appropriation was 

The stoiiC is seven feet tall and five feet wide at the 
bate. The following inscription is inscribed upon its 

face ; 

In Memory of 


First Governor of tb& 

State of Indhin."*. 

Born 1784. Dif (11834. 

Erected iiudei' tlie Act of 
'Ilie General A.sseuibly. 

Mr. Jennings came into prominence in Indiana as 
tlie Clerk of the territorial Legislature. He gained 
quite an acquaintance with the leading men of that 
da)', and ■.vhcn, in 1809, Indiana became entitled to a 
delegate in Congress, he was made the anti-.slavery 
candidate, and, after a hard fougiit contest, was elected. 

During this campaign the pro-slavery men tried 
every way to involve Jenuinf-s in a duel, but he a^••oided 


it. lu 1811 he was re-elected, and ap;am in 1S13 -was 
elected. On the 28th of December, 1815, Mr. Jennings 
presented a bill to Congress to enable the people to 
take the necessary steps toward statehood. Delegates 
were elected to a convention to form a State Constitn- 
tion, and Mr. Jennings was appointed as one of the 
delegates from Clark County. The Convention met iu 
Corydon ou the 10th of June, 1816, and Jonathan 
Jennings was made President. After a nineteen days' 
session, it gave to the people a Con.stitution, under 
which the State was governed for thirty-four years. 
G6v. Jennings had much to do in shaping the policy of 
the new State.' His ripe experience in matters politi- 
cal, made him the logical leader in the Couveutiou. 

On the first Monday in August, 181G, the citizens 
of Indiana voted for the State Officers under the Con- 
stitution. Jonathan Jennings was elected Governor. 
He received 5,211 votes. His competitor was Thomas 
Posey, then Territorial Governor of Indiana. The 
.slavery question was made the issue of this exciting 
caojpaign. Jennings was an anti-slavery man, and he 
won by a majority of 1,277 votes over his opponent. 
Here is an incident of this campaign: — The farm hands 
of Wm.- Blotcher were busily engaged iu chopping 
wood iu the .spar.sely settled district of Scotl County, 
when a comparatively young man walked into the 
clearing, clad in linsey, and asked I\Ir, Blotcher if he 
could speak to the wood choppers. Mr. Blotcher being 
a thrifty German, objected to having his men inter- 
rupted, but told the young man if he would wait until 
dinner time he could talk all lie wished. The young 
mau consented, took an ax and went into the wood 
with a \-im. At dinner time he .shared the lunch the 
men had with them, and passed the meal pleasant])'. 

After dinner he made known unto them that lie 
was Jonathan Jennings, a candidate for Governor. He 
made, them an eloquent speech on the issues of the 
campaign, and at election day recei\'cd the \ole of 
every man in the company. Wm. BlotcJier wa;.; ever 


afterward his devoted adlierent. It vras the Governor's 
habit to meet the people ou equal footing. He vonld 
come upon them at their barn-raisings and log-rollings, 
and was the merriest one of them all. He got hold of 
the hearts of the people. 

His neighbors and friends were ftill of joy when 
the news of his election was received, and proposed to 
give him a grand inaugural ball at his introduction into 
office. The most commodious building at their com- 
mand was the Lone Tree Tavern, a building still stand- 
ing in Charleston. Jtwas a stylish building in those 
days. There were th.ree rooms ou the first floor, and 
the portion above stairs was one large room, -which 
contained cots for the lodgers. The committee secured 
this large room in which to hold the inaugural ball. 
Fonr fiddlers furnished the music, and Governor Jen- 
nings, clad in homespun and a swallow-tail coat, his 
beautifiil wife on his arm, led the grand march Vvith the 
grace of a knight. 

The dance continued far into the night. All went 
merry as a marriage l^ell, and tlie first inaugural ball 
was a grand success. The old tavern still remains 
standing, a relic of the past. 

Gov. Jenuing."; alv/ays retained his residence on his 
farm, three miles west of Charleston. His house was 
built of hewn logs, and a long porch stood at its front. 
It was a story and a half high, and contained five 
rooms. Kere the Governor lived in comfort. He was 
foud of raising fine stock, and was the first man to 
introduce clover seed into Indiana. He had it imported 
from England in 18-32, and paid nearly forty dollars 
a bii.sliel for it, 

His first wife died during his Governorship, and on 
the lyth of October, 1827, he v/as married to Miss 
Clarissa Barbe.', of Kentucky, in th'e Lone Tree 
Tavern, where the inaugural ball had been held. His 
marriage license i.s nov. in the possession of ]\I. P. 
Alpha, cf Charleston. It was issued by John Carr, 
Clerk. The Rev. P.cason R. Hammond performed the 


ceremony. Tlicy went, iuuiiediately to the Gcvernor'.s 
farm to reside. 

The Governor was the owner of a very large ai;d 
intelligent Newfoundland dog that lie called "," 
for he had given the price of a farm for him. One da,- 
while he was playing v.'ith his pet in front of his hou?e, 
two well-dressed Koitucky gentlemen tcde up on their 
horses and asked if Governor Jennings ^v^s at liouie. 
"He is," said the Governor, who was dressed in ihe 
careless manner of a farm l;arid. "Well," sidd thenieu, 
"you take these horses to the stable and rub tberadown, 
and we'll go and see ihe Governor." And so sa}'ing, 
they went into the house. Mrs. Jennings received her 
guests with diguit}'. Thej'were prominent politiciarjs 
who had come to consult the Governor. 

Jennings had given the horses over to a servant as 
soon as the men were indoors, and hastened to the 
house. As he entered and was introduced, he said, 
with a merr)' tvfinkle in his eye, "Gentlemen, I have 
attended to your horses, now what can I do for you ?" 

His guests were dumfounded and embarrassed. 
They realized their blunder, and their eSorts to correct 
their error only increased the merriment of their 
amused host. 

Although Gov. Jennings was slovenly in his dress, 
yet he was a handsome man of commandiiig presence. 
His hair v/as light and his eyes were blue. He was a 
pleasing conversationalist, always polite and courteous. 
On the platform and stump he was a forceful and logical 
speaker, he was ready with his yjen, and carried a per- 
sonality in public that few men possessed. He ever 
refused to bow to the dictations of the politicians, and 
whatever his faults may h^.ve been, his rectitude of 
character was unquestioned. 


DAVID JENNINGS (Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), son of Jarob <?■: 

Maiy (Kenrcrhj) Jenninfcs. 
Born 17S7 

Died 1834 in Baltimore, Md. 

Bur. in En.ltimort>, jNId. 

5iisan Dailv 
Born Feb. 22, I'lSO 
Ijjed Ai7g. 21,. I8(;0 
Bur. ia Huioo Cc-njetory, 8t. (."iair.sville, O. 

I'Liolv ehildrea : 
nCS AUify Aim li. ;N'ov. 2^, ISl! m. Jiobl. T. AU-xunder. 

1169 Racht! Rebecca b. July 27, isi:^ m.\ (D^'VJ-^.H Tallmau 

I (2)]i. J. Alexander. 

1170 Jacob Daily b. 1817 m.Margaret Ai:iLAS''ork. 

1171 David Lycur^-us b. 1819 ra. BaraU J. MnDo-\vel!. 

1172 Jonatt'.a!.: (Itin-^ore b. Apr. 23, 1822 yj. .'^avali JauoT<i,ui'art. 
5173 Mr.'-jiSis;. Lcuisa b. 1S2G m. Job. Wall-ier, i\i. n. 

David Ji-uiiings emigrated to Oiiic in JS12, localcd 
at St. Ckihsviile, and •T.'as adniitied to tlic bar in 1S13, 
and becpane -.i prominenl Law^'er. In 1815, b.e v.'ns 
Prosecuting Attoruej' of Eelmout Couiuy, and so re- 
niaint;dco!.ii,iuuonbly until 1S25. He was elected to tb.e 
OhioSenate in 1819, re-elected in 1 .^21, and again elected 
in i8!?,3, remaining a Senator for six years. In 1824 he 
was elected to Cono-ress, wliicli position be resigned in 
182r>, and reiurtied bome to resume the practice of bis 

He w ?.i a very oonrteous gentleman, of pleasing 
mauner, a i1ne scbolar, a good lawyer, and very popu- 
lar aniong liis acquaintances. 

He died at the age of 47 years. 





SAfvlUEL KENNEDY JENNING5 (Sanuje! K. i!36, Jacob 

1133, Jacob 3), s^on of Samuel Kennedy A. Mary (Cox) 

Boru Aug. 13, 1796 iii Virginia. 
Died July 13, ]877 in Jiickson, Terni. 
Bur. in Jackson, Tenu. 
]\rar. (]) iSr«y 1,1S21 
Elizabeth Hood Osvini;-.s, dau. of Jesse & Hannah {Hood) 

Boru Dec. SI, 1804 
Died Feb. 5,1822 

Tlieir child : 

1171 Eiizabeth Hood Owings b. Full. 1, 1S22 d. Aug. 8, 1S22 
Mar. (2) Dec. 28,1824 
Sarah flurphy, dan. of Judge "William & Mary (h-jc) 

Boru A]n: G, 1S09 

Died Nov. IG, 1S79 iu J;icksou, Teiiu. 
Bur. iu Juckson, Tenn. 

m. W. K. Browu. 
)n. P. B. Calhoun. 
Killed in battle with Gen. 
Walker at JNlcarauga. 
d. iu infancy. 
m. E. S. Berry, 
ni. Octavia Gibson. 
Served with distinction as 
confederate witii Gen. 
d. at age of 10. 
ni. Heleu Gordon. 
8ei ved as coui'ederato un- 
der Geu. ]Mo)'gan ; was 
taken prisoner during 
J.lorgau's Eaid ar.d eou- 
firu'd iu Camp Dmii'las, at 
Chicago, 22 montiis. 

f (1) .los. 1\:. Drown. 
'"■ 1(2) G. 11. 
ni. iMa,c?gie Bevc-iiiii^e. 
in. Jl. iS. Combs. 

Tlicir children : 



A'ruy Catharine I 

1. Oct. 7, 1820 


EH.'.abcth Hood 


Jacob JMorton 






Samuel Kennedy I 


11 SI 

Wiiiiiiin Murphy 

11 82 

John BSocker 


'J liOiDas OvNins'S b 

. Apr. 14, ISJI 

11.d4 James Murpliy 

180 (iertrude 

h. Apr. 8, 1817 

18C Macon Murphy 

187 Virginia 

b. Jan. PO, 18.51 


"Samuel Kennedy Jenniugs, son of Samuel Kennedy 
Jennings, A.M., RI.D., D.D., was born in Virginia in 
1796. He moved to Baltimore, Md., at the age of twenty, 
where he commenced the studj' of medicine under 
his father. There he married Miss Elizalieth Hood 
Owings. She lived scarcely a year; had one child, 
which lived but a few montlis. He then moved to 
Alabama, where he commenced t];e practice of medi- 
cine. There he married Miss Sarah Murphy, daughter 
of Judge Wm. I\Iurphy. He resided iu yUabama quite 
a uumber of years, v;here he amassed a considerable 
fortune. From thence he moved to Austin, Texas. 
He was known but to be loved. He was one of God's 
noblest creation The poor and the rich honored and 
revered him : his ears v/ere never closed to the cry of 
the poor. It is of these golden qualities I v,'ould 
speak. To know him as a brother of the great family 
of man, was indeed to love him. His heart was a deep 
fountain of affection, generosity and honor, gushing up 
with the most spontaneous sympathies, and the warm- 
est emotions of a manly nature. This magnificence of 
heart was the index to the character of his earthl}' man- 
hood. Wisdom dictated his life, and virtue sanctions 
its liistory. His mind was a store house of wisdom, and 
yet his heart was full of love and charity to his fellov/mau. 

He joined the M. E. Church when quite a young 
man, and v/as ever an humble follower of Jesus Christ- 
After residing in Texas some years, he moved to 
Tennessee. He was a very successful and eminent 
physician. No wor,5hip was ever more devoted than 
that which he brought to the .shrine of his profession. 
He was never so exhausted as to close his ears and 
heart to the cry of the poor; and when death came to 
claim its own, he surrendered as a great and noble war- 
rior should. He died in Jackson, Tenn., July lo, 1877, 
His devoted wife met him on the banks of the surgeless 
river, Nov. 10, 1879. After the lapse of years, his 
memory is fresh and greeu in the hearts of his children 
and many friends." 




1133, Jacob 3), 


Boni ]\ta.v 14, ]Sno 

Died 3U, ] 857 

Mar. I\Iay 14, 1817 
John rUirrast, fl. D. 
Born Sep. 2, 1793 

Their cliildreu : 
IISS Jeffnings Fenner 

1189 y\lary Jennings 

1190 Eiizabetii liood 

1191 John Calhoint 

1192 Ann Catherine 

1193 Marie Antoinette 

1194 ileleii Virginia 

1195 Maria Louisa 

1196 Her.ry Wise 

1197 Ljii;ra Bagby 

1198 Itfa Virginia 

JENNINGS (Samuel K. 1136, Jacob 
dan. of Samuel K. & Mary (C'"j) 

Dr. John Maria 
the war, rresideiit 
Tuscaloosa, Alabaiii 

b. Pep. 18, ISlS U). Margaret lierben. 

1). ICov. 1,1820 (1. Sep. 23, 1824. 

b. Sep. 10, 1822 m. Isaac P. Bortleu. 

b. Jau. 23, 1S25 ui. HarrietteE.L.Vratcr^ 

b. Feb. 26, 1827 m. John T. Fontaine. 

b. Apr. 2G, 1829 m. Arnidi A. Jleslier. 

b. Mcli. 3, 1832 fi. Aug. 19, 1840. 

b. .Tuue2S, 1834 d. July 31, 1837. 

b. .i line 17, 1837 

b. Sep. 5,1839 m. Obadiah Berry. 

b. Apr. 4, 1.S43 )a. JoLm E. Slurdiv.niii. 

st was, for a iniml^er of year.s before 
of the Alabama State Bank at 

riAR^' JENNINGS (Samuel K. 1136, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), 

dfiu. of Dr. Samuel K. & i>Iary (C'o.rj Jennings. 
Born Apr. 22, 1802 in Lynchburg, v"a. 
Died Sep. 1876 in Baltiinore, Md. 

Bur. in Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore, Md. 
Mar. Mc1j.11, 1823 
Dr, Thomas Owings, .'^on of Jcose i.t Hannr-.h (Hood> 

Born Dee. 11, 1802 in BaKirnore Co., Md. 
Died Dec. 1666 in li- Hi more, 'SUl. 
Bur. in Loudon Park Cemeteiy, Baltim>n-e, ]\Td. 

Their children : 
llSfi S.iiiT.iel Kennedy b. Dec. 12, 1823 m, Josephine Parj-otl. 

1200 Hannah ilood b. Oct. 17, 1826 m. Charlea K. Clark. 

1201 AUry Jennings b. Sep. 17, 1820 d. Mch. 24, IH32. 


12u2 Alary Catherine b. Jan. 11, 1832 m. Wra. Hand Bvowue. 

li;03 Thomas Jesse b. Oct. IS, 1833 d. Xmy 8, 1S3-1. 

1::04 Henry Wise b. Sep. 15, 1S39 m. Annie Kicbardson. 

All were baptized by Rev. Samuel Kennedy 


JACOB MEAD JENNINGS (Samuel K. 1136, Jacob !!.«, 
Jacob 3), son of Dr. Samuel K. it Mary (Cox) Jen- 

Born June G, 1S04 in Kew London, Caaipbel! Co., Va. 

Died Oct. 1, 1S72 in Greenville, Ala. 

Bur. in Greenville, Ala. 

Mar. (l)Mcb.](), 18-2.5 in Baltimore, Md., by bis fatbur, Kev. S. 
K. .Jennint;s. 

Caroline Amanda Hyn5on, dau. of NaUiauiei it 


Born in Baltiiuore, Md. 

Died Aug. 23, laVi in Baltimore, Md. 

Bur. in Graeninoimt Cemetery, i', Md. 
Their cbiidreu : 


12u5 Infant 

120G 5aniue! Kennedy b. Jan. 21, 1827 in. l\Iyrgaret West. 

1207 Natfianie! Mynson b. Feb. 11, 1829 m. Mary L. Sauerweiu. 

1208 John Sidney li. Aug. 8, 1831 d. I\Iay b, 1852. 

1209 Jacob rieod b. Apr. 3, 1834 ni. Janet Moore. 
'<! Henry Wise b. Jan. 22, 1836 d. Sep. 0, ].S'i2. 

]2ii Louis b. Kov.23, 1837 d. Xov.9, ISJO. 

1212 Benjamin Rush b. .July 2-5, 1840 

Mar. (2) Apr. 2, 1814, in lialtimore, :Md., by !iis fatlier, Eov. S. K. 

Mary Ann Cunnin^'han:, dau. of Daniel it Ann ( ) 

Bdi'u Aug. 12, 1812 in Baltimore, Md. 
I>ied Jan. 11, ISbo in Gieeuville, Ala. 
Bur. in Greenville, Ala. 
Their c'lildr^in ; 

1213 Infant son b. and d. same day. 

1214 Annie b. Sop. 18, 1849 in Tusealoosa, Ala. Is a 

Teacher; li\'e.^in Davenport, 
Ala. She is called Mittie. 

1215 Williani Amos b. Jan. 9,1852 in Tusealoo.-ia. d. May 15, 

IsOO, in Gr;_";nville, Ala. 


"Re.v. Jacob Mead Jennings, A.M., M.D. , wa.s bom 
in New London, CamXibell County, Va., June 4, ]!<0i, 
and died iu Greenville, Ala., Oct. 1, 1872. His cailv 
boyhood was spent in L5'ucliburg and Norfolk, \'a. 
His father removed to Baltimore, Md., where Jacob 
received everj' educational advantage. He graduated 
witli high honors at the University of Maryland, and 
then began the study of medicine at the Medical 
College of Baltimore, from which institution he received 
his diploma. Like his father and grand-father, he v,as 
a line classical scholar; was also master of the F'rench 
language. Soon after his graduation from the Medical 
College and his marriage, he went to Virginia, living 
for a while near the Peaks of Otter, and afterward in 
Suiithfield, having in both places a large practice. Hav- 
ing been licensed to preach by the ilethodist Episcopal 
Church, in 1827, he also ministered to the people in 
spiritual things. 

Ill health compelled him to relinquish his work, 
and he returned to Baltimore, where, after the restora- 
tion of health, he began the practice of his profession. 
He was at one time resident physician of the I\Iarine 
Hospital, and was also connected with the medical de- 
partment of Washington University as lecturer on 
Medical Jurisprudence. 

Like his father, his work among the poor was a 
great work. Storm nor heat nor ill health never kej^t 
him from responding to the call of the needy. 

He left the M. E" Church and united with the 
iJetbodist Piotestant Church, his father having been 
one of tlie organizers of that church. In 184SI he re- 
moved to Tuscaloosa, Ala., where he established the 
school wliich afterward became the Tuscaloosa 
Female College. He then united v^ith the M. E. 
Church South, and in 18-53 joined the Alabama Confer- 
ence, serving different stations until the beginning of 
the Civil War, when he became Chaplain of the od 
Alabama Regt., and held that position until the sum- 


mer of 180)2, wliea failing- liealtli compelled him to re- 
tiiru home. He was iu Richmond at the time when 
mauy battles v/ere fought near that cit)', and he worked 
faithfully among the sick and wounded in the crowded 
hospitals, both as physician and minister. 

His intellect was of a high order and was cultivated 
by home and collegiate training and extensive reading. 
Pie was a brilliant writer, and contributed to many 
magazines and papers. The last few weeks of his life 
were given to editing a paper published in Greenville, 
Ala. He was an eloquent speaker, rising often to the 
regions of the sublime ; he was gifted with rare conver- 
sational powers, and to the day of his death was an eager 
student, thirsting alv/ays for more knov/ledge. His talent 
and love of music v>^ere great, his voice was fme and well 
cultivated, and he played upon difiereut instruments. 
N o matter how busy or how tired he was, some time of the 
twenty-four hours was given to music. It raised him 
above the every-day duties and trials of life, rested him, 
refreshed him. Ke almost literalh' died upon his 
knees, for he was praying with his family when 
stricken with paralj'sis. He lived for three days, then 
gently breathed his last and "went home," leaving to 
wife and children the rich legacy of a noble and well 
spent life. 


Jacob iI33, Jacob 3), dau. of Samuel Keunedj- c: iMary 
(C'cix) JfMiiiugs. 

Bora Sen. 17, ISOU iu Lynchburg. Va. 

Died May 2.^,1831 

Mar. Get. 21, 182y 

Dr. Emanuei K, J. Hand 

Their cliiUlrt'ii : 

l^ic. Tisos. SJarbour Jennings li. Oct. 27, !S24 lu. Ellen King. 
1217 Mary Jftinings h. Apr. 10, !S27 m. J. C. Pljelps. 



HARIA JENNINGS (Ebenezer 1138, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), 

dau. of Ebenezer it Mercy (Chidcsfcr) Jennings. 

Born 1801 near Burgettstown, W'lshingtou Co., Pa. 

Died Feb. 10, 18S1 iu INIoon Townsliip, Ailogbeuy Co., Pa. 

Bur. iu Cross Creek Church Cemetery, Washington Co., Pa. 
'Mar, 1818 

Bo5'd ilei-cer 

Died iu JIansfiekl, Ohio. 

Bur. iu Mansfield, Ohio. 
No descendants. 
Maria Jennings, left an orphan at the age of seven 
■ years, was taken under the care of her aunt, Mrs. Ann 
•Jennings Mitchell, wife of Dr. Mitchell, of Washington. 

Pa. In 1818 she was married to Mr. Boyd Mercer, the 
; founder of the Boyd Mercer Scholarship in the Wooster 

XJuiversit}', Wooster, O. For some years they resided 
■in Cleveland, O., but spent the greater part of their 
•lives in Mansfield, O., where her husband died. After 
.the death of her husband she removed to Moon Twp., 
.Allegheny Co., Pa., wh.cre she died in the eightieth year 

of her age. Though riOt tall she was exceedingly erect 

in stature. She was energetic, industrious, frugal, 
: looking well to the ways of her household. She was 
,a life-long member of the Presbyterian Church and died 

in the hopes of the gospel. Her remains repose beside 

those of her father, mother, and brother Jacob, in Cross 

Creek, Pa., Cemetery, and her tombstone bears this 

inscription : " Her end was peace." 


1133, Jacob 3), son of Ebenezer & Meicy {Chidcilcr) 

Born Feb. 19, 1803 in Burgett^^towu, Washington Co., Pa. 

Died Oct. 10, ISS5 

Bur. iu Sharon Church Ceniotei'V, Crauot, Pa. 

Mar. June 7, 1831 

Emma Marie Wilhelmina Passavanl, dau. ol Phili;i L. Si 
Zelie ( Barm) Passavanl. 

Bom Mch. 2, ISll 

Rev. Samuel Carnahan Jennings. 


Died :Ma.v ]2, IS8S 

Bur. iu bluiiou Cliunli Cemetery, Caniot, Pa. 

Tlieir chiklreii : 

121S Zelie b. Oct. 11, 1S:;4 resides iu Sewickley, 


1219 Emma b. July 29, 1836 resides iu Sewlddey, 


1220 Ebenezer P. Sidney b. Aug.2o, 1S.S9 resides iu Craftou, Pa. 

1221 Virginia L. b. 1842 uj. LK-ttinar L. E!jr- 


1222 Samue! Dettmar b June 11, 1814 in. Juliette jMeAljo.y. 

1223 riary b. Jau. 1, 18-17 resides iu Sevickley, 


Sauiuel Cainahau .Jennings was the son of 
Ebenezer and Mercy Chidester Jennings, and u-as born 
near Burgettstown, Washington Co., Pa., Feb. 10, 1803. 
Left an orphan at the age of fuc 5'ears, he was taken 
under the care of Rev. Jacob Jennings, ]\I. D., of Dun- 
lap's Creek, Pa., where he spent his boyhood. In 1818 he 
went to Washington, Pa., to enter the preparatory 
department of the college there. Iu 1S19 he entered the 
academy at Steubenville, O., where his uncle, Rev. 
Obadiah Jennings, D. D., was pastor, and with whose 
church he united April 20, 1820. In May, 1820, he 
became a student of Jefferson College, Canonsburgh, 
Pa., graduating in the spring of 1823. Then he visited 
his sister, Mrs. Mercer, at Cleveland, O., at that time a 
village of 800 inhabitants. While there he received an 
offer to becom.e princijial of the academy, and taught all 
the youth of the tov.'u with tlie exception of the 
smaller 5:cliolars. 

In 1821 he entered Princeton Seminary, N. J., and 
was licensed to preach the gospel by the Presbytery of 
New Brunswick, February, 1827, graduating also at the 
seminary the same year. On leaving Princeton he 
became an agent for the American liible Society, and 
formed in Ohio some thirty-nine societies for the circu- 
lation of the Word of God. In 1828 he became the 
stated supply of the First Church of Washington, Pl.., 


where his ministry v.'as greatl; ssed by a continuous 
revival through eifjht or nine ths resulting in the 

accession of some eighty persons to the mcmbershii-i of 
the Church. 

In 1S29 he became editor of the Christiati Herald^ 
the predecessor of the Presbyterian Banner. On June 24 
1829, he became pastor of the Sharon Church, and in 
1830 pastor of the Mt. Pisgah Church. On June 7th, 
1831, he was married to Miss Emma Marie Wilhelmina, 
the daughter of Philip L-. and Zelie Passavant, of 
Zelienople, Pa. In 1832 he relinquished the Christian 
Herald.^ though still continuing the publication of the 
Presbyterian Preacher for five years and two other 
small volumes. In 1837 he opened a female seminary, 
near the City of Pittsburgh. In 1842 he organized the 
Temperanceville, now the 8th Presbyterian Church, of 
Pittsburgh, Pa., and also as the result of his labors, a 
revival on Neville Island led to the organization of a 
church and the erection of a house of worship there. 
Having in 1846 four organized congregations under his 
care, it became evident that his pastoral charge was too 
large, accordingly he accepted calls from Sharon and 
Neville Island congregations for all his time and re- 
moved from Temperanceville to J.'Ioon Township, near 
Sharon Church, April, 1848. 

In 185? he resigned the church on Neville Island to 
take charge of the Valley Church in connection with 
Sharon, and in 1867 became pastor of Sharon for ail 
his time. During this j'ear an extensive revival began, 
that resulted in the ingathering of one hundred and 
eleven persons into the communion of the church. In 
June, 1879, he resigned the pastorate of Sharon church, 
after fifty years of continuous labor in that field, in 
connection with the other fields named. After his 
resignation he became, for two years, stated supplj" of 
the Riverdale Church, Shousetowu, Pa., preaching also 
for his brethern and writing for the religious papers, as 
opportunity afforded. 

Dr. Jennings as a pieaclicr was pbin, practical, 

Mrs. Emma M. W, i Passavant> Jenpjinc.s. 


scriptural and forcible. In labors he was more aburd- 
ant, havino; an extensive field, earnest to do hi.s Master's 
Will, speaking with ease and having his knowledge at 
ready command. He generally preached on the »Sabbath 
during Summer thrice and sometimes even four times 
and at all times as occasion afforded, in the of 
the sick and the aged. Possessed of a sympathetic 
nature, of some inherited laste and acquired knowledge 
of medicine, he fjcquently ministered to the diseases of 
the body as well as those of the mind and in this respect, 
also, his services were often sought and much, appi'eci- 

During his ministry of fifty-seven j^ears he performed 
an immense amount of pastoral work, and he was 
highly esteemed by his people, and his name was held 
in grateful rem.emberance. He was deeply interested 
in the progress of missions. He v.'as an ardent advocate 
of the temperance cause and was strongl}' opposed to 
human slavery. He several times represented his 
presbytery on the floor of the General Assembly, was 
choscii Moderator of the Synod of Pittsburgh and 
received the decree of Doctor of Divinity from his Alma 
j\Iater, Jefferson College, at Canuonsburg, Pa. 

After an attack of cerebro hemorrhages, lasting four 
days, he died Oct. 10, 1885, aud now his remains repose 
in vSharon Cemetery, in the midst of many of the people 
to whom he preached and for whom he labored. His 
monument bears the fitting inscription : 

"They that be v/ise shall sliiue as the brightness of tlie lirma- 
meut ; aud they that turn ruauy to righteciisncss as the stars for- 
ever and ever."— Dan. 12:3. 

Mrs. Emma Marie Wilhelmina Passavant Jennings 
was born at Zelienoxjle, Pa., March 2, 1811, aud was the 
daughter of Philip Louis aud Zelie Basse Passavant. 

The Passavant family were of Huguenot extraction, 
who left France in 1594, and settled first in Switzerland, 
and afterwards a branch of the same family went to 
Germany. From this latter branch the parents of Mrs. 


Jeiiniugs were descended, aud they came from Fraiil:- 
fort-OQ-the-]\Iain to Zelienople, in 1807. 

Airs. Jennings was carefully trained in her early 
years by an intelligent and accomplished mother, and 
received further education at the school of the Misses 
Turnbull, Baltimore, Md. She was confirmed in the 
German Lutheran Church at Zelienople, Pa., and after 
her marriage to Dr. Jennings, June 7, ISol, her mem- 
bership was transferred to the Presbyterian Church. 

She was possessed of good health and a vigorous 
constitution, of good judgment also, having a well bal- 
anced and symmetrical mind. 

She was an ideal minister's wife— active,industrious, 
prudent, careful and economical. She was a most 
worthy companion aud fitting helper to her husband. 
Earnest in doing good, interested in the welfare of 
others, kind and sympathetic toward the needy and the 
sufifering, she w-as greatly beloved by the congregations 
where she lived. 

Cheerful, amiable and unselfish, .she was the light 
and joy of her home circle, and her children will ever 
hold her in blessed remembrance. Her views of 
religion were clear, her faith was strong, her piety was 
simple, her patience was marked, her charity was 
abundant, her sincerity Vvas unquestioned, and her 
whole Christian character through grace was beautiful. 
With regard to furthering the advancement of her Re- 
deemer's kingdom, it may be said of her, "She hath 
done what she could," and her work v.'ill ever follow 
her and brigiiten her eternal reward. 

She died from the effects of a fall, in which her left 
limb was fractured, and after much suffering entered 
"the rest that remaineth for the people of God," May H, 
18SS. Her earthly tabernacle reposes beside that of 
her husband in the Sharon Church Cemetery. She 
was the beloved mother of six children, all of v.hom 
survived her. 


JACOB JENNINGS (Ebenezer 11.58, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), 

son of Ebenezer >t Mercy (Chldc-<>er) Jenning.^. 
Born Jau. 25, 1S05 

Died Feb. 22, lSo2 uear Pittsburg, Pa. 
Bur. in Cros.s Creek Cemetery, Cross Creek, Pa. 

Jacob Jennings was the youngest child and son of 
Dr. Ebenezer and Mercy {Chidcsicr) Jennings, and v>'as 
born January 25, 1805, near Hurr;crtstown, Washington 
County, Pa. 

Left an orphan at a very early age (between three 
and four year.s), he was taken under the care of kindred 
friends whom his father designated, becoming, probably, 
a member of the family of his maternal grandmother 

At the age of ten he was placed under the care of 
his uncle, Hon. Jonathan Jennings, of Indiana. He 
graduated with honor at Washington College in 1S26, 
studied lav^' with his uncle, already mentioned, and 
w-as admitted to the practice of law in the state of 
Indiana, He had flattering prospects of success in his 
profession, but "Death who loves to blast life'5J fairest 
vi-sion," marked him foi its victim. Sitting up many 
nights attendin,^ on the sick when an epidemic pre- 
vailed, broughl oa a pulmonary affection. Though not 
at that time borne up with Christian b,.ope, yet the 
prayers of a father and mother, offered when he was a 
cliilu, were answered. After weeks of specinl convic- 
tion, God. in His great mercy, gave him a most remark- 
able deliverance, and enabled j>lm to rejoice in the Lord 
Jesus as bis Saviour. He peacefully fell asleep at the 
home of his brother, Rev. S. C. Jennings, rear Pitts- 
burg, Pa., Feb. 22, 1832, being twenty-seven years of 
age, and was btuicd beside his parents' sleeping dust at 
Cross Creek, Pa. 


LUCINDA JENNINGS (Obadiah 1139, Jacob II33,Jr.cofa 3,) 

dfivi. of Rev. Obadiah & Maiy (Bcchri) Jeunings. 

Dr. David Porter 
Their child : 
1224 riargaretta m. Johusou. 

The compile? has no further knowledge of this 

TH0A!.4S READ JENNINGS (Obadiah 1139, Jacob 1133, 

Jacob 3), son of Rev. Obadiah & Ann (Wilson) .Jen- 

Born 1805 Trobably iu Steubeuvilie, O. 

Died July 7, 1S74 at Isavrsgansel t Pier, It. 1. 

Bur. in Kashville, Teuu. 


Mary Courtney, dau. of Col. Courtiiey, a plantei, liviug 

neirBaton Rouge, La. 
Born 182S 

Died Kov, 30, 1871 iu Nashville, Tenn. 
Bur. in Kashville, Teuu. 

They had no children. 

Thomas Read Jennings vva.=^ educated at Cannons- 
burg Academy (now Washington and Jelierson College, 
Washington, Pa.). He studied medicine and gradufaed 
as an T^.I-D. in Baltimore, Md., iu 1827 or 1S28. He 
went to Nashville, Teuu., and practiced medicine there 
until December, 1S71. Was Professor of Anatomy of 
Nashville Riedica! College for many yeais, during which 
time he enjo3'ed a large and lucrative practice. Pie v/as 
a strong Unionist and oppo.sed to the W^ar of the Re- 

'•Jennings, Thi.):ti.'>s Bead, uhy.sioian, b. in.St.eubeuville, 0.,iu 
180-5; d. iu Narragaiisett, It. 1., .Fuly 7, 1.S71. Ho graduated 
af\Va.shin<^fon College, Pa.,iulS23 ; received his niedicaieilucatiou 
iu B.nltiuioix', removed toTeu;!! -seein 1.S2S, audduriuy;lhc.\siaiic 


cholera epidemic of ]S33, cstublished a large practice. lu ISr.S ho 
ojitDed disi?ecting rooms iu Kashvillc, i\iu\ was the first teacljor of 
anatomy in (he state. He served io tiie State Seuate ; deeliiied a 
iioniinatiou to Cougress. Iu 1854 became professor of the insti- 
tutes of medicine and of clinical medicine iu tlic University of 
;Xas]iville, and iu 1S56 filled the cliair of anatomy." — Ajipletou'i-: 
Cyclopaedia of American Biographj-, vol. 3, p. 429. 

ANN ELIZABETH JENf-JINQS (Obadiah 1139, Jacob 1133, 

Jacob 3), dan. of Rev. Obadiah & Ann [Wilson) 

Died 1S-.7 

Mar. Oct. 8, lSi^8 iu Nashville, Teun. 
Gov. Henry A, Wise 

linrn Dee. 3, 1806 in Drummondto-,vn, Va. 
Died Sep. li', ISTli in llichnioud, Va. 

Their children : 
]il25 ATary Elizabeth b. >Sep. ]8?>1 m. Dr. A. Y. P. Garuett. 

1226 Obadiah Jennings Ilighlj- educated and vias 

Secretary of U. S. Lega- 
tion at Paris, under 
Piuchanan's Adminis- 
tration. Killed at Bat- 
tle of Roanoke Island, 
N. C, 1K61. 

1227 Ann Jeiiiiiiigs b. Apr. 28, 1837 m. Fred'k PI umer Hob- 

122S Henry AlexT-ncter b. Feb. 1814 m. Harriet Haxall. 

" Wise, Henry Alexander, Governor of Virginia, 
born in Drunuuondtown, Accomack Conn i;y,Va., 3 Dec, 
1S06; d. in Riclirnond, Va., 12 Sept., 1S7G. He was 
graduated at Washington college, Pa., in 1825 studied 
law, was admitted to the bar in Winchester, Va. , in 
1828, and settled iu that year in Nashville, Tenn., but 
in 1830 returned to Accomack. In 1833 lie was elected 
to congress by the the Jackson party, and after the 
election fouglit a duel with his competitor for the of- 
iice. He was twice re-elected. In congress he went 
over to the opposition on the development of Jackson's 
bank policy, and took strong ground iu favor of slavcr-y. 


In 1857 he was second to William J. Graves, of Ken- 
tucky, in his duel with Jouathau Cilley, of Maine, in 
v;hich the latter was killed. He was a man of un- 
doubted ability, and had great influence in John Tyler's 
administration, and, says John W. Forney, 'Standing 
between the two great parties in the house, he delighted 
in his isolation and rioted in the eccentricities of his 
genius.' In 18-12 the senate rejected the nomination 
of Mr. Wise as Minister to France, but he was subse- 
quently appointed Mini.ster lo Brazil, and resided at 
Rio Janeiro from May, 1S4-J, till October, 1817. In 
1848 and 1852 he supported the democratic candidates 
for president. He was elected Governor of Virginia in 
1855, after a very vigorous canvass, directed especially 
against the ' Know-Nothings,' whose progress he did 
much to check by his vigorous oratory. His success, 
which overturned the calculations of many political 
prophets, was due in part to his accusation that the 
' Know -Nothings' were Abolitionists in disguise. 
Toward the close of his term occurred the seizure of 
Harper's Ferry by John Brown, whose execution on 2 
Dec, 1850, was one of the last acts of his administra- 
tion. (See Brown, John). In February, 1861, he was 
a member of the State convention, in which, from the 
committee on federal relations, he made a report that 
aimed at compromise, and a peaceful adjustment 
with the seceded states. After the secession of \'irginia 
lie was appointed Brigadier General in the Confederate 
Army. His force was driven out of Kanawha Valley 
by the National Troops under Gen. Jacob D. Cox, and 
at Gauley Bridge lost a large quantity of arms and 
stores. Subsequently he commanded at Roanoke 
Island, N. C, where his forces were defeated by Gen. 
Ambrose E. Burnside's expedition, his son, Obadiah J. 
Wise, being among the killed. After the war he 
resumed the practice of his profession. He published 
' vSeven Decades of the Union; Memoir of John Tyler' 
(Philadelphia, 1 872)."-[Appletou's Cyclopedia of Ameri- 
can Biography^ vol. G, pp- 57*1-80.] 


MARY STUART JENNINGS (Obadiali 1139, Jacob 1133, 

Jacob 3), dau. of Rev. Obadiah & Ann {WHson) .len- 
Died at llie tifxe of 36 at St. Louis. 

Franklin JMorgnii, of Kentuck_y. 
1220 Only sou died in infanc}'. 


Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), dan. of Rev. Obadiah & Ann 

( If'i^on) Jennings. 
Boru 1820 (?) in Steubeuville, O. 

Died Dec. 16, 1847 iu Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Bur. iu the family tomb of Samuel K. Jennings, iu Tuscaloosa. 
Mar. 1842 

Col. George Campbell Childress, son of Hon. John & 

Charlotte Reeves (BuberUon) Childres.s, of Nashville, 

Died Oct., 1845 iu Galvcstou, Texas. 
Bur. iu Galveston, Texas. 

Their cliildren : 

1230 Annie Jennings b. Apr. 10, 184.3 m. William D. Dowe. 
12.31 Ellen Jennings b. Feb. -4,1844 m. Dr.HeudersouP.Crute 

Col. George Campbell Childress, at the time of his 
marriage with Rebecca Stuart Read Jennings, was a 
widower. He was a son of Hon. John Childress, one 
of the judges of Tennessee, whose family consisted of 
five sons and five daughters. Four of the daughters 
were wives of judges, one being the wife of Judge John 
Catron, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the 
United States. Mrs. James K. Polk was a cousin of 
Col. Childress. 

Col. Childress was a meuiber of the Bar of 
Tennes.see, and especially noted in criminal cases. He 
was on terms of intimate friendship with Andrew Jack- 
son when President of the United ,States, who at one 


time offered to name bim for Attorney General of tlie 
United Stales. 

The mother of Col. Childress was a danghler of 
General James Robertson, tlie founder of Nashville, 

Some of the nncles and brothers of Col. Childress 
settled in Texas v.'lien it v/as a province of IMexico. 

It was their influence, together with a large num- 
ber of other friends, who went fiom Nashville to Texas 
at that time, that led Col. Childress to cast in his lot 
among them in that state. 

He interested himself there at once in all the plans 
and efforts intended to promote the unity of the people 
for engaging in an earnest struggle for independence, 
and was a member of the convention which, in 1S3G, 
met to make a declaration of the independence of 
Texas. His name appears not onl}' as one of the sign- 
ers to the declaration which was adopted by that con- 
vention, but also as one of the committee v>'hich drafted 
the declaration for presentation to the convention for 
its adoption. 

After Texas had achieved its independence Ccl. 
Childress returned to Nashville, Tenn., where he mar- 
ried his second wife (Rebecca vStuart Read Jennings) in 
1842. About 1344 he went again to Texas, his inten- 
tion then was to remove his family there to reside per- 
manentl)', but soon after he was stricken, with fever and 
died very suddenly at Galveston. His death was a 
severe .shock to his wife ; her decline was quite rapid. 
Hoping that the milder climate of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 
would benefit her, .she decided to go there. The change 
brought no relief and she died there in the care of her 
uncle, Dr. vSamuel K. J'ennin'^s, at the hous-s of her 
daughter, Mrs. Marrast, December 16, 1847. Befoie 
she left Nashville for the south .she gave to each of her 
two young daughters a Bible as a last parting gift to 
them and a memento of her love; iu each her nam.e as 
the ailectionate donor vv-is written by herself. 




SARAH JENNINGS (Obadiah 1139, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), 

dau. of llev. Ubadiah it Ann (Wilson) Jennings. 
Died July 2, 1844 
Mar. Feb. 10, 1842 ju Pbiladelphia, Pa., at the resideucc of her 

lirother-in-)aw, Frank ^Mor^ran, ^Vest Washington fv^uare. 
Harrison Bemmi.s flcKay, son of Kichord & {Murphy) 

Borii 1816 in Nelson Co., Ky. 
Died 1.S49 iu Loui.sville, Ky. 

Their children: 

1232 Read Jennings b. Feb. 6, 1S43 m. Jlary Stuart Elliot. 

1233 Harrison Briggs b. June 10, 1844 lo. .foscphiiicilontevard! 

MARY ANN JENNhNQS (David 1142, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), 

dau. of David o: Susan {DaiUj) Jennings. 
Born Nov. 20, ISU 

Died Oct. 26,1844 at St. Clairsville, O. 
Dur. iu Uuiou C'emeiery, St. Ciairsville, O. 
Uar. Kov.- 1, 1831 
Robeii Jefferson Alexander, .son of James A* Isabella 

(liois) Alexander, 
Born Oci.. 6, ISCifi 

Died 30, 1803 in St. Cl.iirsviile, O. 
Bur. in Cnion Cejuetery, St, Ciairsville, O. 

Their ehildica : 

12.34 Haria Tli&resa b- Sep. 5, 1832 m. Kenner S. J^,;reman. 
1235 Ross James b. Dec. 25, 1834 ^m. Jlarj^aretta .\skeu. 

123fi Robert Jennings b. Sep. 17, 1S37 ni. Ada It. Ivliller. 
1.237 William V/iisoa b. July 19, 1842 m. Lena Woodmansee. 

Judge Robert Jefferson Alexander wr..s the fonrth 
so'j and ninth child of Judge James Alexander (a 
.soldier of the American Revolution, Pennsylvania 
Islilitia, born 1757, died May 11, 1S52 ; and Isabella 
Ross, boru 1767, died Mch. oO, 1845; both natives of 
Scotland, and buried in the '' Alexander Cemetery, " iu 
Pease Twp., Belraont Co.,0.). Ht was a graduate of 

•ifc, Robert J. Ale 


Jefferson College, Canuonsburg, Pa. ; a lawyer by pro- 
fession; was twice elected prosecuting attorney of Bel- 
mont Count}', and was the first common pleas judge of 
Belmont, Guernsej' and INIonroe Counties under the 
new constitution of Ohio (1851). He took a great 
interest in fruit growing, agricultural and educational 
matters, being president of the County Agricultural 
Societ}', and for man}' years county examiner, and 
piesideut of the school board of St. Clairs', ilie. 

His father and grandfather both named James 
Alexander, served in the Revolutionary War with the 
Pennsylvania Militia, as with the Maryland troops did 
his uncle Andrew Alexander, who .subsequently was 
sheriff of Baltimore. 


RACHEL REBECCA JFiNNSNGS (David 1142, Jacob li.S.^, 
Jacob 3), dnu. of Oavid nnd Susan {T'.'ih/) Jennin;,';;. 

ISom July L'7, 1S13 

J3ied Dec. 5, 1S06 iu St. Clair.'jviile, O. 
Bur. in Union Cemetery, St. C'lairsvillc, O. 
Mar. (1) Xov. 2J, 1S31 

VViiliarn M. Taiinif.ti 

Tijeii cljiiriiei) : 

12;!S Jchti C, b. AjM-. ] 1, 1.'<.35 m. Martha Muoluiiorc 

123y j.j'uraAtm b. .July 2, 18c;ri m. Jas.F.Chark-svorth 

li'JUa Wiiliani Jennings b. Mcli..'M, IS-lf.' d. Sep. ~i, 1S40. 
IMar. (2) .Tan. 20, IS-lo by Hev. JaiU'.'s Ak'xauder. 
Robert Jefferson Alexander, nlict of hev deceased sister. 

Mary Ann. 
Boiu Oct. (i, IMiG 

rieJ .Ta-a. SO, ISG.S at St. Clair.sviPo, O. 
.Bur. ill Union Oeniotery, St. Ciair.sville, O. 

Tljt'ir (.-iiild : 
1240 Mary Aim b. Aug. 3, 1850 ni. .lanios Dixon Arick. 

*liy :i previous inarrof.; wllh usislci of his irxntid -.ntc he had fo.u children. 


JACOB DAILY JENNINGS (David ll-!2, Jacob il33, 

Jacob 3), son of J")avid <.V' Su?an (DaH;/) .Ii^nnings. 
Boru 1S17 

Died 1892 

Mar. Oct. 1, 1844 by Kev. James Alesauder. 
Margaret Ann Work 
Tlieir chikUvu : 

1241 James Alexander b, July 4,1845 d. June 4, ISoO. 

1242 Robert Jefferson b. Jau. 19, 1S47 d. Apr. 12, 1850. 

Jacob Daily Jeuuiiigs lived all of his life-time in 
Belmont County, Oliio. A man of the integrity 
and purest life; cheerful, sociable, a good conversation- 
alist ; he was loved by all who knev/ him. He died 
without an enemy, and free from au> fault, ir is 


Jacob 3), fon of David >fc Susan (A/ '7//) Jennings. 
Boru ISiy 

Died 1S62 


Sarah Jane McDowell 
Boni lS3fi 

Ko obildri'U. 

David L. Jennings was a Lawyer by professiou,but 
never a strong nor healthy man'. He was elected tv/ice 
to the responsible position of County Treasurer, from 
1841 to 1S15. 

JONATHAN GlLnORE JENNINGS (David 1142, Jacob 1133, 

Jacob 3), son of David it Susarx {LvUy) Jennings. 
Boru Apr. 2S, JS22 ju ,St. Clairsxillc, O. 
Mar. Ju)ie 2, 1S40 by Kc-v. Jas. Aloxaudrr, a( .St. ClairsvilU-, O. 

Sarah Jane Tagsart, dau. of Jo.'^cph & 'J^a^^'gart, 

BorutMp. 3, ]82'i 


Died June 16, 1SS7 

Bur. iu Rose Hill Cemetery, Beliains O. 

Their children : 

1243 Susan Jane b. Dec. 21, 184t; m. John C. Mitchcl. 

1244 AnnaM. 1.. Feb. ISIO d. Feb. 22, ISoI. 

1245 Dorothy Taggarc b. Juue 7, 1852 m. Fred. Marcus 

124t> Mary Rebecca b. Jan. 9, 18.^^ sn, ^ylveeter P..\Vc(h- 


1247 Emma Florence b. June 26, 18.56 m. Fred. S. Clint'jii. 

1248 Uia Lizzie b. Nov. 1, 18-59 m. Virgil T. Moi'^i-an. 

1249 John Gifmore b. June 4, ISGI in. Delia Mack. 

1250 liieresa Alexander b. Aug. 1, 1S'j7 m. C'has. Albert l\Un- 


1251 Grace Elms b. Mch.29, 1870 m. F.dward Br.nibi!!. 

Jonathan Giluiore Jennings, youngest son of I)a\id 
Jennings, was born April 28, 1822, at St. Clairsville, 
Ohio. His education was received at tlie " Old 
Institiite,'' and he wr.s a class-mate of Senator Rush 
Cowen. Pie stndled law fer a tiirie, and later learned 
the saddler's trade with his brother, Jacob Daily 

In 1844 Jonathan Gilmore Jennings removed to 
Bridgeport, Ohio, where he formed a partnership iu the 
leatlier business with David Streiline. All the products 
of the firm were hauled across the mountains to Phila- 
delphia, where they met with a ready market. Streiline 
eventually proved himself a rascal by decamping with 
the liorses, wagons and greater part of the stock of 

On June 2, 1846, Mr. Jennings married Sarah Jane 
Taggart, eldest daughter of Joseph Taggarl, of vSt. 
Clairsville. This ceremony was a double one. Chailes 
H. Arrick and Margaret Eliza Collins being married 
at the same time. The Rev. Mr. J. Alexander 

After the flight of hi.sdi.shouest partner in business, 
Mr. Jennings returned to St. Clairsville ana opened a 
dry goods store. A few years later, hearing of the 
wonderful gold discove;ies in the wc.^t, he disponed of 


his stock of goocis and determined to start for Pike's 
Peak. The Central Ohio R. R. (now B. & O). had just 
been completed as far as Columbus, and he went to 
Bellaire to make arrangements for the first stage of his 
long journey to the El Dorado. While at Bellaire, 
the railroad officials offered him a position with the 
road and he accepted, remaining with them for many 

In 1895 Mr. Jennings removed to Gas City, Ind., 
where he now resides with his daughter, Theresa 

The following is clipped from a Gas City paper of 

"Last Sundny was the seventy-third birlhcay nuuiversary of 
JoDathan ,Tenuiu;rs,\v!no lives with bi^ daughter, IsIj's. C. A. jSIiu- 
ray, on South C Street. Mr. JeuDings has recently moved to 
Gas City from Bellaire, Ohio. His grandfather vas Cajitaiu Jacob 
Jennings, who did valiant sei"\'iec in the War of the lievolulioii. 
His father settled near Bellaire about 1812 and v/aa one of the 
most proniiueut citizens in that part of the state. His uncle, 
Jonathan Jennings, after whom Mr. Jennings was named, v,as 
the first territorial go\'ernor of Indiana. 

"Mr. Jennings has always lived near BeDair.' untii hia 
removal a few weeks ago, witii his daugliter, to Gfis C-'ity. For 
forty years he was a well-known citizen of Bellaire. He is a man 
of bright mind, ready wit, and amiable disposition. His mental 
faculties are well preserved, and excepting that he is nomewhat 
deaf, he still enjoys to a good degree the u^e of hia physical 


HARGARET LO'JiSA JONNiNQS "(David 1142, Jacob 
1133, Jacob 3), dau. of David & Susan {Do.llu) Jen- 

Born 1826 

Died 1892 


Josephus Waiker, Al. L>. 

Born 1820 

Died JSGl 

Their children ; 


1252 Alphonso b. Feb. 2:^, ISIS 

1253 Wiriiam Jennings b. Men. 3, 1S.J2 a. ISSS. 


1254 Albert b. Jan. 7, ISo'i rt. Oct. 12, 1S77. 

1265 Lizzie lEirnn b. Apr. 1.5, l.'<64 

l^-Sn Daily S. b. Sep. 19, IsiiO 

1257 Joseplius Val! b. Feb. 10, ISCJo 

Dr. Walker was one of the most successful pliy.'^i- 
ciaus who practiced medicine in Belmout County, 
doing an extensive and very lucrative business. 


uel K. 1136, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), dan. of Samuel Ken- 
nedy & Sarah {Murphy) Jennings. 
Born Oct. 7, 1826 in Green Co., Ala. 
Mar. Sep. 24, 1846 iu Green Co., Ala., by Dr. Saiuuel K. Jeu- 

niugs, 8r. 
Dr. W. FI. Brovn, son of Wm. P. Brown. 
Born Mob. 24, 1>;21 in Jasper Co., Ga. 
Their ctiildreu : 

d. iSep., 1882. 


12.58 Wiiiiam Murphy 





12-d9 Sainiie! Kennedy 





12t)0 Elizabeth 





12G1 Fr.o.nk 



, 1, 


1262 .Iaco!> 





1263 Mattie 





1264 Joseph 





1265 Charles 





Address: 714 vS. :.Iill vStreet, Paris, Texas. 


ue! K. U?,C, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), dan. of Samuel Ken- 
nedy (t Sarah {Murphy) Jennings. 

Born near Greeubboio, Ala. 

Died July, 1858 in Seluia, Ala. 

Bur. iu Selma, -Ma. 


Mar. in Austin, Tox. 

P. B. Calhoun, a relative of Ji)hn C. Calhoun. 
Bom in Tennessee. 
lliir. near Lebanon, Temi. 

Tlieir eliiUiren : 

li;(!fi Mary b. 18.56 m. Lamb. 

]267 Jennings b. 185.y m. Mary .Tobut^ou. 

Mr. Calhoun was a Lawyer. After tlie death ofhi.? 
first wife, he married again, btit the compiler has no 
further record of either him or his family. 


SARAH JENNINGS (Samuel K. 1152,! K. 1136, 
Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), dau. of Samuel Eenmdy & 
Sarah {MmjJiy) Jennings. 


E S. Berry, of Austin, Texas. 
Tlieir cliiblrea : 


126S Emma 

1269 Jainss 

1270 Nina 

1271 Gertrude 

The compiler has no further information of this 


5AnUEL KENNEDY JENNINGS (S.amuel K. 052, Sam- 
uel K. 1136, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), fon of Samuel Ken- 
nedy ct Sarah (Murph;/) Jennings. 

Born 1834 near Oieen-boro, Aif . 

Mar. Oct. (i, ls('i<^» ue;u- Marion, Ala., by P^ev. 1!. D. t-ioyle. 

Octav;a Gibson, dau. it Hannah ( ) Gib.-ion. 

Born in Grteii.sboio, Ala. 

Died 1879 in Greeuslioro. Ala. 

Bur. in Gieensboro, Alu. 
Tj'.eir ebildreu : 


1272 William McFadrien b. 1870 i;i liovanii, Ala. u. in 



1273 Irene Virginia b. Apr. 15, 1S71 in Hovaua, Ala. 

1273a Alary Brown b. 1873 iu Hovaiia, Ala. u.iu 


Mr. Jennings volunteered his services during Ihe 
war, iu ISGl, at Lebanon, Teuu., and joined the svmy 
of Northern Virginia, serving under Gen. Robt. E. Lee 
until the surrender at Appomattox ; not once coming 
home, as his father was in Teunes.see in the ''Yankee" 
lines. His address is Paris, Texas. 


uel K. 1136, Jacob )i33, Jacob 3), son of Samuel Ken- 
nedy it Sarah {Murphy) Jennings. 

Born Apr. 14, 1S41 

Died July 9, 1883 Killed on (he railroad. 

Bur. in iSTewberne, Hale Co., Ala. 

Mar. Apr. 17, ISGS iu Greensboro, Ala., by Dr. Wills. 

Helen Gordon, dau. of J. H. J. & Ann IvI. ( ) Gordon. 

Born Jan. 17, 1849 in Green Co., Ala. 

Died Jan. 28, 1SS3 in Jackson, Miss. 

Bur. iu Kewberne, Hale Co., Ala. 
Their children : 


1274 AnnJe EUzabeth h. .Jan. 17, J 870 jn. Wesley B. Ilolcroft. 

1275 OHvia Gertrude b. Get. 29, 1S71 la. Alfred E. Walker. 

1276 Samue! Gordon b. Oct. SO, IS7S in. Sallie E. Tiusley. 

1277 Lida Lou b. Jan. 31, 1875 m. W. C. Cioss. 

1278 FaanJe Owin<js b. May 2S, iS77 ru. Kurreil J. Tinsley. 
127Sa Thomas Owings h. Jan. 1, 1SS3 d. 8ep. 15, 1393. 

Mr. Jennings served as a confederate during the 
war with Generals Stonewall Jackson and Forrest. 

Mrs. Jennings was a devoted Christian and a mem- 
ber of the M. E. Church. 

GERTRUDE JENiMINGS (Samuel Iv. 1152, Samuel K'.iSJO, 

J^\cob n.>3, Jacob 3), dau. of Samuel Kennedy & 

Sarah {Murphy) .lennings. 
Born Apr. 8, 1S47 ne;ir (.Jrciensboro, Ala, 

Macon Murfhy Jlknings. 


Mar. (1) Dte. 20, 1809 near Hovana, Ala., by Kov. Dr. William 

Joseph n. Brown, gon of .Jolm & Agnes ( ) Brown. 

Died Aug. 16, IKTO 

Bur. uear Greensboro, Ala. 

Their child : 

1279 Virginia Wadsworth b. Jau. 23, 1S71 iu Sumpter Co., Ala. 
Mar. (2) Feb. 3, ISSO ii; Meridian, Ala., liy Rev. Rausome .Tone.'!. 
Green Henderson Ball 
Rorn Dec. 6, 1S23 iu North Carolina. 
Died Jau. 21, 1SS5 in Meridian, Mis.s. 
Bur, in Meridian, Jtlss. 
Their children : 

12S0 Jennings Mirrphy b. Feb. 24, 18S1 in Meridian, Jliss. 
1281 Pidiip Henderson b. June 21, 1SS2 iu ISIeridiau, J.Iiss. 

Mr. Brown served with distinction under Gen. 
Stonewall Jackson 

Mr. Ball served during the Mexican and Civil 

Mrs. Ball resides in Meridian, Miss. 


MACON MURPHY JENNf.NGS (Samuel K. 1152, Sam- 
uel K. 1136, Jacob 1135, Jacob 3), son of Samuel Ken- 
ned}- & Sarah (^furphy) Jennings, 

Born June 19, 1849 in Alabama. 

l\Iar. Mch. 2'\ 1879 in Jacksou, Teun., by O. K. Bioolis. 

Maggie Beveridge, dan. of T. J. Beveridgc. 

Born Mch. 11, 1S5C. in Jackson, Teiiu. 
Their children : 


12.S2 Oertriice 





in Texas. 

1283 Laura 





in Texas. 

12R4 Nina 





iu Texa.s. 

12.% Jfvtrcs 





in Texas. 

128G Lee 





in Texas. 

I2m Maggie 


, Feb. 


. 1888 

d. .Tune 16, 1889. 

1287a Ear! 


June .15, 

, 1891 

in Texas. 

12:;7b BSanche 



. 10, 


iu Tesa.s. 

Mr. M. M. JenniiuTs' address is Mauchaca, Texas. 


VIRGiNfA JENNINGS (Samue! K. 1152, Samuel K, 1136, 
Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), dau. of Samuel Kennedy 6z Sarah 
{Murphy) Jennings. 
Born Jau. 30, 1851 in Greensboro, Hale Co., Ala. 
War. Dee. 2, 1&76 in Adamsviile, IMcXyiry Co., Tenu., by Mr. 

Henry 5tratton Combs, of Tennessee. 
Born Sep. 10, 1S51 in Purdy, MeNairy Co., Tenu. 
Died Feb. 21, 1S96 in Ueihe! Sprin-^s. Tenn. 
Bur. in Purdy, Tenn. 

Their children: 

1258 Jennings Hurphy b. Oct. 12, 1S77 in Jackson, Toun. 

1259 Harry Shull b. Dec. 13, 1S79 d. ,Scp. 11, ISSl. 

1290 Zula Gertrude b. JNlch. 7, 3 832 in Purdy, Tenn. 

1291 Robert Adams b. July 14, 1SS4 in Purdy, Tenu. 

I\Irs. Virginia Comb's present is 1818 Fifth 
St., Meridian, Miss. 


K. 1136, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), son of John & Ann 

Williamson {Jainingx) Jlarrast. 
Born Sep. IS, ISIS 
Died Jau. 6, 1SG3 
Margaret Herbert 

The compiler has no further record of this family. 

ELIZABETH liOCD flARRAST (Ann W. 1153, Samuel 

K. 1136, Jacob IJ33, Jacob 3), dau. of .lohn it Ann 

WilliriDrson (Jo/Ji;,!^'') I\[arra;;t. 
Born Sep. 10,1822 
Mar. Feb. 22, 1S43 
Isaac P. ijorden 

Tlie couipiler has no further record of this family. 


JOHN CALHOUN HARRAST (Ann W. 1153, Samue! 

K. 1136, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), son of John * Ann 

Williamson (Jeivnbuis) Marrast. 
Born Jan. 23, 1825 
Died Dec. 15, ISGo 
Mar. Dec. 14, lS4ii 
Harriette E. L. Waters 

The compiler has no further record of this family. 

ANN CATHERINE HARRAST (Ann VV. I!53, fanii-al 

K. 1136, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), dan. of John & Ann 

Williamson (Jemmigs) Warrast. 
Born Feb. 2a, 1827 
Died 8ep. 21, 18.50 
Tilar. Def. 27, 1816 
John T. Fontaine 

The compiler has no further record of this family. 

MARIE AlyTOINETrE MARRAST (Ann W. 1153, Sanuiel 

K. 1136, Jacob U33, Jacob 3), dau. of John d" Ann 

Williinison (Jenimigs) Marrast. 
Born Apr. 2f!, 1829 
:\Iar. May 3, 1847 
Amidi A. Aleslicr 

1292 There vere several children. One son living. 
Mrs. Mtslier (a widov;) has long been living in Paris, 


LAURA IJAGBV HARRASr (Ann W. J153. Samuel K. 
1 136, Jacob ! 1 33, Jacob 3), dau. of John & Ann Wil- 
liamson (Jcnninys) I\Iarrast. 

Born Sep. 5, i8.'^9 


Obacliaii Ijerry 

The compiler has no further record of this family. 



IDA VIRGENEA flARRAST (Ann W. liS5, Sa.uuftl K. 
1136, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), dau. of John & Aim Wil- 
liamson (Jennings) Marrast. 

Born Apr. 4, 1S43 
Died Nov. 10, 1S77 
>rar. Dec. 14, ISGl 

John Elliot Sturdivant, son of .Joseph & Mar.y (Eiliol) 

Their childreu : 
129::! narrast b. Feb. IS'^.S d. Oct. 2, 1S74. 

1294 Jennings Inge b. Jan. £0, 1S65 

1295 Laura Josephine b. May 27, 1S67 lu. John Oliver. 
129G Ida Virginia d. iu infancy. 


K. 1136, Jacob H33, Jacob 3), son of Thomas & ilary 
{Jennings) wings. 

Born Dec. 12, 1S23 

Died July 2, 1SG2 

Mar. June 13, 1S4S 

Josephine Parrott 

Their children : 

12'J7 Tlioiwas m, Emily Bond. 
1298 riary m. H Watts. 


HANNAM HOOD OWINQS (Hary 1154, Samuel K. 1156, 
Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), dau. of Thomas A' l\a.Ty (Jennings) 

Born Oct. 17, 162G 

Mar. Oct. 28, 1845 

Charles Kello? Clark 
No clxildren. 


HARY CATHERINE OWINQS (Hary 1154, Samuel K. 

1136, Jacob 1133, Jacobs), dan. of Thomas & ilary 

(Jennings) Owings. 
Boiu Jan. 11, 1832 

Mar. June 4, 18(;.S, at Biiltimore, by Rev. A. Webster. 
William Hand Browne, son of William & Patience (Hrmd) 


Their ebildven : 

1299 Violet b. IMay 25, 1SG4 m. Charles W. llnlf. 

1300 Kalherine ,b. Meii. 1, lSi>J m. Bemamiu C. Howard. 

1301 *Artiiur Lee b. May 10, 18C.7 

1302 tWiliium Hand b. .Tuly 21, 1808 rn. Leiiun Wbitaker. 

1303 iSidney Hand b. ilch.2-1, 1870 

1304 Lucy Hand b. Auk.13, 1871 

Williaui Hand Brov/ne is a professor in the John 
Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md. 

HENRY WISE OWINOS (fvlary \\H4, Samuel K. 1136, 

Jacob 113.'^, Jiicob 3), sod ox" Thomas & I\]a)-y(J(;/i/u'u(/s) 

Born Sep. 15, 1839 
Died Oct. 15, 1800 

Annie Richardson, dau. of Edward & Richardson. 

Their children : 

1305 Alary .fcmtiiiss 

1306 Ed ware? R. 

1307 Harry 

1308 diaries 

1309 Thomas 

j\Irs. Owinp.s lives at 1319 Madison Ave. 

«Arlliiir Lee I'rownc, Aisu, i^rof. cl Chcmi51ry, liattiinorc Medical Collect, ILilllmorc, 

(William Hand I'.rowiic, Jr., Asso. Prof, ol I.l..clrieiiy, Slulc University of Ohio, Cham- 
paign, O. 

JSWl.fy H.uid IVowiif, El«t:ical fiid Conr.illing Knpincci, lialtiiiiorr, Md. 



SAHUEL KENNEDY JENNINGS (Jacob ricad 1155, Sam- 
uel K. 1136, Jacob 1133, Jacob 5), son of Jacob ?ue;.i.l 
& Caroline Amanda (Hi/iison') Jennings. 

Born Jan. 21, 1S27 in Henry (>>., Va. 

Died July 15, lS(i2 in Lynciiliuig, ^'a. 

Bur. in Lynchburg, Va, 

Mar. 1857 in Marion, .A hi., by. Dr. Keely. 

Margaret West 

Tlieir child : 


1310 Louis Head b. 1H5S 

Samuel Kennedy Jennings was a soldier in the 8tli 
Alabama C. S. A.; v.'ounded in the battle of Williams- 
burg, May 5, 1862, and died from his v.'ound in the 
hospital at Lynchburg, Va. , July 15, li^C)?.. 

Samuel K. lUvl, Jacob ti33, Jacob 3), son of Jacob 
Mead tt Caroline /imanda (7J;',7'>o«.) J'innings. 

Born Feb. 14, 1829 in lienry Co., Ya. 

Died July 5, 1806 in Talbot Co., jMd. 

Bur. in London Park CemcLery, Baltimore, STd. 

]\Iar. Oct. 1S.j6 in J'.idlimort', INtd., by Kev. Sciss. 

riary Louisa Sauerwein, dan. of Peter Sauerwoin. 

Born .luue 29, 13— in Jialfiinore, Md. 

Died June 28, 1892 in Catou«\nlii', Baltimoie Co., Md. 

B.ur. iu Jjondou Parii Cemetery, Baltimore, Md. 
Their children: 


l.'lll riary Hynson b. July 4, 1S5S m. Edwrnd f^pedder Bec>e. 

1312 R.-'teiie Louisa b. ,Se)i. 2S, isfii 

1313 Allan Mvnson b. Nov. 9, 18<iG ni. Helen AuKusia B;;1I. 

JACOB HoAO JENN!NG5 (Jacob Alead l!.=i.'5, Saniuol 

K. H36, Jacob i\?.?y, Jacob 3), son of Jacob Jlcad a- 

Carolino Amanda (IIijni<'ii) .leanings. 
]-"-MAi)r. 3, 1S3' in BalUmove, Aid. 


Mar. Kov. 21, ISoS iu Bullcr Co., Ala., by Jiistico Lee. 
Janet Hoore, dan. of Allen & i\Iary (Ti-%lalc) Ivluore, of 
Butler Co., Ala., and niece of Gov. Muove, of Louisiana. 
Born Aug. 28, ].S:^S in Butler Co., Ala. 
Died July 2S, 1SS2 iu "Wmuilk-M, Ijouisiaua. 
Bur. in Winuifieid, Louisiana: 

Tbeir children ; 

1314 Caroline Amanu.i b. Sep. 15, ISoO lu. Wru. D. Beville, 

1315 LuUe b. July 5, 18li2 d. Feb. 10, 1 SGI. 

1316 Alary Catherine b. Apr. 3,1^6.5 ur. Cyru.s McGiuty. 

Mr. Jacob INIead Jenniugs resides in iNlontgoniery, 
Grant Parish, I.otiisiana. 

HENRY WiSu JENNJ.NQS (Jacob Mead H55, SanuseS K. 

1136, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), son of Rev. Jacob I^Iead 

& Caroline Amanda {Hj/nyjn) Jennings. 
Born Jau. 22, 1S38 
Died Sep. 7, 1862 

Kenry Wise Jennings v/as a Confederate soldier. 
He was first a member of the 3d Alabama Regt., and 
then of the 8th, so as to be v.'ith his brother, Dr. Samuel 
K. Jennings. He served faithfnll}' up to the time he 
was stricken with the illness thai terminated his life. 
After being in a hospital ill Petersburg, Va., for some 
time, he was granted a furlough, returned hom.i, and, 
after suffering intensely for two mouths longer, "went 


BENJAHIN RUSH JENNINGS (Jacob Alead 115S, Samuel 
K. 1136, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3}, son of llev, Jacob Mead 
& Caroline Aroanda (Ilyn-^rm) Jennings. 

Born July 25, )-'^40 

Benjamin Rush jeuuiugs wore the gray of the 
Confederate Army. He wiis iu Baltimore when the 
Civil War began. He left, making his way through the 
lines, and joined the 1st JNIarylaud Vol. of Confederate 
Army. When that regimen 1 was disbanded, late iu 


lS'o2, he came home to his father's, in Lov.mdisboro, 
Ala.; remained at home for a while, then re-entered ihc 
army in Virginia. He was wounded and taken pri.souer. 
He was in prison at Newport News at the close of the 
war, and was held in prison for several months after the 
close of the war. He is now at the Confederate Sol- 
diers' Home at Pikesville, Md. 

Samuel K. 1136, .lacob n.'.3, Jacob 3), son of Emanuel 
K. J. it Catharine Sidney {Jcnvhuji) Hand. 
Bom Oct. 27, 1S24 
Ellen King ■ 

Their ehiUhen : 

1317 Oliver King 

1318 James King 

MARY JENNINGS HAND (Catharine S. 1136, Sainiic! K. 
1136, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), dau. Eniannel K. .1. k 
Catharine Sidney (Jcnviwjs) Hand. 
Boru Apr. lu, 1827 
J. B. Phelps 

Their child : 

1319 Josephine 

1158, Ebenezci- 1138, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), son of 

Rev. Samuel C.& linwn M. W, (Pa.^.vnmflO .Tenning^. 
Horn Aug:. -■'), ^■'^'9 in Teinpiraucevilk-, noar riiUburirlj, J'a. 

Kbenezer Philip Sidney Jennings, the elde.str-ou of 
Rev. Samuel Carnahan and Emroa i\Iarie Wilhelmina 
Jennings, was born at Temperancevilie, near Pitts- 
burgh, Pa., Auj;. 25, 18a!i. In 18 )S he removed v.'ith 
his parents to Moon Township, Allegheny, Co., Pa. 

Rev. Ebene/fr Philip Sidney Jennings. 


He united with the Sharon Presbj'teriau Church, June, 
1857. He prepared lor college, partly at home and 
partly at the preparatory department ol Jefferson 
College, and entered Jefferson Collcpe, Caunousburg, 
Pa., September, 1858, graduating third in rank in his 
class, in August, 18ri2. He was a student of divinity at 
Princeton Theological Seminary from 18G2 to 1805. He 
was licen.sed by the Presbytery of New Brunswick, 
April, 18G4, and preached three months for the Congre- 
gational Missionary Association at Orange and West 
Tompsain, Vermont. He was ordained by the Presby- 
tery of Ohio, (now Pittsburgh) December, 1865, and 
was pastor of the Temperanceville (now Sth)Presbyterian 
Church from December, 18G5, to June, lSfi9 ; and 
also of the Mt. Wa.shington Presbyterian Church 
from May, 1S6G, to April, 1SS.3. He was pastor of the 
Cral'tou Presbyterian Church from May, 1885, to 
December, 1892, and has been pastor of Mt. I'isgah 
Presbyterian Church from May, 1878 ; first in connec- 
tion with Mt. Washington, afterwards in connection 
with the Crafton Presbyterian Church, and since 
December, 1892, being pastor of Mt. Pisgah alone. Of 
this church, organized by his father, Dr. S. C. Jennings, 
in 1830, and where his son was baptized, he still 
remains the pastor. 

Dr. Jennings, having had charge of two churches 
through much of his ministry, has acconipli.shed a 
large amount of pastoral work. He has been a diiii^^cnt 
student, has enjoyed the work of the ministry, and has 
been blessed in ihai work. He usually has written out 
his sermons, and has preached both from memory and 
notes. He has been an ea) nest advocate of the tem- 
perance cause, and for several years v/as Secretary of 
the Christian Temperance Alliance, of Pittsburgh, Pa. 
He has ever felt a deep interest in the work of P'orcign 
Missions and the evangelization of the world. 

He received tl.'e degree of A.M. from liis "Alma 
Mater" in 18C5, and Doctor of Divinity from Franklin 
College, New Athens, C, in 189G. He represented his 


Presbyter)' in General Asseiiibly at Baltimore, Md., in 
1873, and at Detroit, Mich., in 1891. He visited Europe 
duririg the summer ot 1882. His present address is 
CraUon, Alleglieu\' Co., Pa. 


ezer 1138, Jacob 1!33, Jacob 3), dau. of Samuel C. & 

Emma I\I. \V. {Pagsrumnf) Jenningi^. 
Born 1842 near Pittsburg, Pa. 

Mar. 1873 iu Zclieuople, Pa., by Kev. E. P. S. Joniiiugs. 
Dettmar Louis Ehrmann, sou of Cicment & Soj)hia ('e) 

Born 1810 in Badeu, Pa. 

Tlieir children : 

1320 Virginia Sophia b. Sep. 14, 1876 d. Oct. 3, 1870. 
lr,•2^ Emma Tiieodora b. INi.iy 3, 1S7S 
13J2 Sidney Def.tmar b. .Time 20, bsS') 

Mr. and Mrs. lihrmaun reside in Baden, Pa. 

ezer 1138, Jacob I!33, Jacob 3), son of Samuel C. & 
Emma M. "W. (PassnvaiU) .Tennings. 
Born June 11, ISll Pittsburg, Pa. 
]\Iar, ]\la,y 27, 1870 in Lynn, Poll; Co., N. C, by Bev. L. B. 

Juliette HcAhoy, dan. ot J.olauu A:, Mary Ann 

[Clivisty) iMcAboy. 
Born Apr. 2, 18-19 near Gibson Sla., P. & W. K. K., Pine Tp., 
Alleglu'uy Co., Pa. 
Their cliiKlreu : 


1023 Saniae» Dettmar 







6, 1S93. 

1324 Nellie 







21, 187!i. 

1325 Juliette 





]32(i Emn.a Marie 







1, 1806. 

1327 Leland 







, if,, 1,885. 

132B Virginia Passavant 





132",i Eugene .Sidney 





l.'!:',(i Lois 




, 1891 



. 3, 1801. 


Dr. SamiK-1 Dettuiar Jennings graduated from 
Jefierson College, Cannonsbnrgh, Pa. ,in 1<SG4. Read 
medicine with Dr. David Porter, of Rostraver, 'West- 
moreland Co., Pa. Dr. Jennings graduated at Jefferson 
College, Philadelphia, in 1868. He practiced first at 
Perrysville, Alleghen}' Co., Pa. Then for nineteen years 
afterward, near the home of his father in Moon Twp., 
and in 18 SO moved to Sewickley, Pa., where he now 
(181*9) resides. He is a member of the Allegheny 
County Medical Society and of the American Academy of 
Medicine, Pie and his wife are members of the Pres- 
byterian Church in Sewickley, Pa. 


MARQARETT.\ PORTER (Lucinda 1160, Obadiah 1139, 
Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), dau. of Dr. David A' Lucinda 
(Jcnii inij::) Porter. 



Their children : 


1331 Nelson 

1332 Qeorge 

No further information concerning this family. 

riARY OLIZAEETH W!SE (Ann Elizabeth 1162, Oba- 
dian 5139, Jacob !133, Jacob 3), dau. of Gov. Henry 
A. <t Ann Elizabeth {Jennin'j-'^) Wise. 

Boru Sep. 21, 1S31 In Nashville, Teuu. 

Died Feb. 15, 1S08 in Wanhington, J). C. 

Bur. in Rock Creek Cemetery, Washingtou, D. C., J\ily 13, IStS at "Oulay," Accnniack Co., Vu., by liev. ^^r. 

Dr. A. Y. P. Garnett, son of Afubcoc &. Jlaria Garnett, of 
Essex Co., Va. 

Boru Sep. 19, 1.S19 

Died July 11, ISS.S at Rebohell) Bench, N. J. 

Bur. in Bock Creek Cemetery, "^Viishiugtou, D. C. 


Their childreu : 

1333 Henry Wise b. Jlch. 35, 1849 m. ]\Ia.riau Mort^on. 
1333a riaria d. 1S73. 
1333b A. V. P. Jr. b. Sep. 18, 1855 d. Meb. 12, 1886. 
1333c Jennings Wise b. ]srch. 1, 1859 d. Aug., ISSOorlSSl. 

1334 Annie b. Xov. IS, 1863 m. IM-rcoinb G. Foster. 

ANN JENNINGS WISE (Ann Elizab.ah 1162, Obadfah 
1139, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), daxi. of Gov. Henry A. & 
Arm Elizabeth {Jennings) VVise. 
Boru Apr. 28, 183" in Dniraraondtown, Aceoiuac Co., Ya. 
Mar. July 9, 1856 in Giiberiialorial Maiisiou, Eiebmoud, Ya., 
by the Rev. Joshua Peterkeu, Hector ot'St. Jaiues Episcopal 
Frederick Piumer Hob.son, sciii of .Jolm Cannon & Mary 

(Morrmm) Hobson. 
Born FeV'. 21, 1833 in Potersbiirg, Va. 
Died Apr. 4, 1868 ju Uiclimuud, Ya. 
Bur. iu H'jlywood Cemetery, Riclimond, Yu. 

Their children : 
1335 Joiifi Cannon 

133G W(.,e 

1337 Annie Wise 

1338 Frccleiick Piumer 

1339 Frederick Piumer 

1340 Mar'anine Douglas 

b. Apr 
b. July 

25, 185'i 

liur. iu Hollywood 

9, ]8.=iS ni. Kathcririe Thayer 

b. ?.Ie)i. 15, 18G0 d. Aug. 16, 1868. bur. 

iu Hollywood Ceui. 
b. July S, 1862 d. Apr. 27, 1863. bur. 

iu Hollywood Ceiii. 
b. July ifr, IS'iU d. Oct. 24, 1865.- bur. 

in Hollywood Com. 
b. Ajn-. 24, 186(1 d. Kep. 2, 1866. bur. 

iu Hollywood Cem. 

FredericV Plunier Hobson was a nian of excf;p- 
tional character ; he combined the gcutlenes.s of a wo- 
man with great firmness and courage. He had a strong, 
clear mind with a remarkable insight into human 
nature, lie had chosen the law as a profession, but early 
indications of cou.sum])tion made it necessary to live: 
an active life in the couniry. He became au excellent 
farmer and managed a large Virginia estate witli judg- 


ment and success. No kinder, wiser master could be 
found. His patience and self-denial during ten years of 
struggle with a fatal disease, and perfect resignation to 
the will of God, was an inspiration to others. He was 
named after Rev. Dr. Phnner, the distinguished Pres- 
bj'terian divine. 

Mrs. Annie J. W. Hobsou (she was baptized Ann, 
but always called Annie) is the last surviving child of 
Gov. Henry A. and Elizabeth {Jennings) Wise. When 
she was but four years old, her father married his sec- 
ond wife, Mrs. Sergeant, who was a self-sacrificing and 
true mother to them all, dying when Annie was thirteen 
years of age. Her father married in 1854 his third wife, 
a Miss Lyous, of Richmond, Va., a good, lovely woman 
of suitable age, and who has always been loved and 
cherished as a mother, and who at the piesent time 
(1899) is living with Mrs. Hobsou. 

Thelife of Annie Jennings Hobsou is a theme we can- 
not reacli. In its manifestation to the world, it has been 
marked by no extraordinary deeds ; but in cheerfully 
accepting the gravest reponsibilities of imperious duties 
and in the sublime Christian fortitude and submission 
under many and severe trials hardly to be borne, she 
lived a life too sacred for our pen to discuss. As daugh- 
ter, wife and mother, she has exemplified the nobility 
of woman, and after a life of unceasing vicissitudes, she 
is still charitably meeting the obligations which the 
misfortunes of others have im.posed upon her. As a com- 
mentary on her life and praise of her motives, we can- 
not do better than to quote her own words: "God has 
led me through the fiery path of trial and the dark 
waters of bereavement, but He has never forsaken me ; 
but has given me grace always to say: 'Thy will be 
done.' 'God is too wise to err, too loving to be unkind.' " 

Mr.<^. Hobson now resides at Ashland, Hanover 
Co.. Va. 


HENRY ALEXANDER V/ISE, Jr. (Ann EHxabeth 11 62, 
Ofaadiah 1139, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), son of Gov. 
Hemy A. & Ann Elizabeth (Jcnttlngf) Wise. 

Boru Feb. 1841 in Accomack Co., Va. 

Died Feb. H, ISG9 in Richmoud, Va. 

Bur. in Hollywood Cemetery, Richuioiid, Va. 


Harriet Haxall, dau. of IJichard Barton Haxall. 

Died Aug., 1893 

Tbwr child : 


1;^-11 Barton H. b. Oct. 14, 1865 rn. Caroline Cohen. 

Henr)- A. Wise, Jr., was a classmate of R.ev. Philip 
Brooks at the Theolgical Seminary, near Alexandria, 
Va. He was a born orator, and iindoubtedl}' one of the 
most gifted preachers the Clnirch iu Virginia ever 
knew; and he was not excelled as an orator even by 
Pliilip Brooks. Many considered him his superior. He 
died of consumption. 



1165, Obadiah 1 139, Jacob 1 133, Jacob 3), dau. of Col. 

GeortTfc Campbell i.^ Rebecca Stuart Read [Jcnnivjjs) 


Bom Apr. Id, IS-ia iu isasbvillc, IVnn. 

Jlrir. .Tan. 11, 1SU6 iu Wilmiuglon, IX'l., by Eov. Charles D. 

ivflioa;, jiastor First Presbyterian Ciiurrlj of WilmiriKtoji. 
V/iUiam Oe.vter Dowe, bon of Sleplien il' Melietuble [Hall) 

Born Sep. .5, 182C iu Landgrovc, Vt. 

Their children : 

1312 Rebecca Stuari Read b. May 2!i, ISHV d. Aug. io, l«fJ^. 
1343 Harriet Hall b. June 4, ISriS is a teacher in fho 

Bcbools of jMch'ose, 
1314 EMen Cru<e b. July 0, 18G9 d. Jan. 12, 1S70. 

Mr. and Mrs. Do\\e reside at '!34 Franklin Street, 
Melrose Highlands, j\lelrose, Mass. 


Willipm Dexter Dowe was a sou of Stephen Dowe, 
of Laudgrove Vt., a son of Stephen Dowe, (by Abigail 
Jewett) of Hollis, New Hampshiie, son of Capt. Reuben 
Dowe, (by Ivydia Joues), who purchased in Hollis, 
about the year 1730, the tract of original forest, which 
they im]iroved as a homestead, where they afterwards 
lived and died. Their children and grand-children 
were born there, and it is still owned by a representa- 
tive of the fain.ily. 

Capt- Reuben Dowe held a lieutenant's commission 
in a company of New Hampshire troops, who took part 
in the expedition against Ticonderoga in the French 
and Indian War. He was captain of a company in Col. 
Prescott's regiment, which occupied Breed's Hill on the 
niglit of June 16, 1775, and took part in the battlf of 
the next da}'. He was the last of his company in leav- 
ing the fortifications, and received a ball in his ankle, a 
lasting memento from George HI, which made h.ini a 
cripple for life. This bullet was taken from his aukle 
that day, at the hospital in Cambridge, and was carefully 
kept by liim the remainder of his life, and at its close 
he passed it over to his sous. It has been preser\-ed as 
a souvenir by the family. 

The first ancestor of this family, who settled in 
Massachusetts, came over from Eugland prior to 1G.'^7. 
His name appears in the records of Essex County anjong 
the charter corporators of the town of Newburyport. 

The Jewetts were all of Scotch and the Joneses of 
Welsh ancestry. 

Mehctabel Hall, mother Mr. Dowe, was de- 
scended, through her father, from the earliest settlers of 
New England, who came over to these shores soon 
after the Pilgrims .settled at Plymouth. Simon Wil- 
lard and his sister Margery, who washer ancester, came 
in the same ship. Rev. Willard Hall, the first minis- 
ter of the Congregational Church, at Wcstford, Mass., 
and for fifty-two years, from 1727, was her grand-father. 
She was born in Westford, being the daugliter of Willis 
Hall and I\Iehetabel {Poole) Hall. 


Mr. Dowe wradna'ced at Dartmovilli College in TSr)5. 
He afierv/ards read law in Delaware, and was admitted 
to the bar in that state in 1 859. For a time he practiced 
his profession in vSt. Lonis, Mo.; also in Macoupin 
County, 111. 

In 18G2 he received an invitation from the Hon. 
Daniel M. Bates, in whose office he had read lav,' in 
Wilmington, Delaware, to return to Delaware and enter 
into a partnership with him in the practice of law. 
This arrangement was made, and the firm of Bates 
& Dowe, attorneys at-law, wa^^ pleasantly continued 
until the appointment of Mr. Bates as Chancellor of the 
State of Delaware. The acceptance of the office of 
Chancellor, dissolved the hrm of Bates &. Dowe in 1864. 



1165, Obadiah 1139, Jacob 1133, J.icob 3), dan. of Col. 

George Campbell & Reljecca Stnart Read (Jtnnings) 

Born Feb. 4, ISH in Nashville, Teuu. 
Died July '2H, 1875 in Chicot City, Ark. 
Bur. iu C.'hicot ('ity, Arlv. 
Mar. Feb. 27, 1SC2 in jMobtictllo, Ark. 
Dr. Henderson Pcarce Crute, son of Col. S. S. Crulo & 

Manila Pearce Crute, of Buckingham Co., Va.. 
Born Sep. 6, IKSl 

Died .Tuue 6, )87G in Cliieot City, Ark. 
Bur. in Cliifot C'ity, Ark. 

Tlieir cliildreu : 


Katie Belle 





It). Alleu Dale Kiaith. 


Francis Jaituhigs 


, jNIch. 


, 1804 

d. Dec. 3, 1889, bach- 


liciidcrson Pearce 




1 865 

d. Aug. 12, ISGfi. 


Annie Dowe 





d. Au{,'. 27, ISeS. 







d. July 19, 1870. 


\V>;!iam D. 






Ellen J. 





d. Sop. 8, 1871. 


nary Meta 





d. Apr. 14, 1870. 


Annie i J^»''J 






d. Aug. 10, 1875. 


READ JENNINGS McKAY (Sarah 1166, Obadiah li39, 
Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), son of Harrison Bemmis & Sarah 
(Jennings) McKay. 

Born Feb. 6, 1843 at St. Louis, JNIo. 

JNIar. Apr. 30, 1873 ut Tuseuluru.Wihuiuglon, Delaware. 

nary Stuart Elliot, dan. of Hugh Elliot, ofPhiladelphia,Pa. 

Born July IS, ISlo 

Died June 5, IS'Hi 

Bur. at Wilruiustou, Del. 
Their children : 


1355 Rebecca Read b. Oct. 23, 1875 

1356 nary Eieanor b. Jan. 20, ] 876 

1357 riargaret Elliot b. Oct. 6, 1S77 

1358 Read Jennings b. Jan. 28, 1880 d. Sep. 3, ISSl. 

1359 Elliot b. Nov. 25, 1SS3 d. July 18, 1SS4. 

1360 Cameron b. Mc.h. 11, 1886 d. Dec. 3, ISSG. 

Dr. Read Jeuuings McKay served four years in the 
Confederate army. He graduated from Bellevue Hos- 
pital Medical College, New York City, in 1867. After 
practiciug there ten years, removed to Wilmington, 
and now (1899) practices there. 

HARRISON BRIGQS IlcKAY (Sarah 1166, ObadSah 1139, 
Jacob 1133, Jacob .3), son of Harrison Bemuiis &■ Sarah 
( Jcnninfi? ) ^f cKay . 

Born June ]0, IStt 

Died Apr. 9, lsS9 ai Tennerifle, Canary Islands. 

Bur. at Tenueriffc, Canary Islands. 

Mar. Tilay 13, 1873 at Tenneviffe, Canary Islands. 

Josephine Tionti Verdi, a Spanish l;uly of the Canary 

Their eliildien: 

1361 Joscpii 

1362 Henri 

1363 Carnienia 

1364 Eleanor 

1365 Marie 

1366 Riciiard 

1367 Nichola.'i 
1308 fCathr.i-ins 


1369 Peter 

1370 Thomas 

He was a merchant ; went to TenerifFe, Canary 
Islands, in 1870, and resided there till his death in 1SS9. 
Above is not the order of tlie children's birth. 


riARFA THERESA ALEXANDER (Mary Ann 1168, David 
1142, Jacob 1153, Jacob 3), dan. of Robert Jefferson & 
!Mar3' Ann (Jennings) Alexander. 

Boru Sep. 5, 1832 

ISlar. Jan. 31, 1S50 in St. Clairsvillo, O., by Rev. Jolni MolhU. 

Kenner Seton Borcnian, son of Kenner Seton & Sarah 
(Ingraham) Boieuian. 

Boru Apr. 18, 181 9 
Their chiltl : 


1371 Robert Jefferson Alexander b. Nov. 2, 1850 

Kenner S. Borcman is one of th.e most successful 
business men of Parkersburg, 'W. Va. Though now 
retired from business, his counsel is sought by many. 
He is a member of the celebrated family which has fur- 
nished legi.slators for Virginia and West Virginia; was a 
member of the constitutional convention of West Vir- 
ginia, its Governor, U. S. Senator, and State and 
' U. S. Judges. 

This family resides in Parkersburg, W. Va. 

ROSS JAriES ALEXANDER (Mary Ann 1168, David 1 1*2, 
Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), son of Kobcrt .1. tt ISIary Ann 
{Jeimings) Alexander. 

Born Dee. 2o, 1834 

Jiiar. July 14, 1858 in St. ClairsviUe, O., by Rev. John IMoflat. 

riargarelta A-sken,* dau. of Isaac & Elizabeth {McElnnj) 

Born Oct. 11,1839 

*.M;irE3rttt.i j'lEken it..- ihiid child and ol.I-l daiiRlm-r of r-:i.ic A'l;'-:i,(h. Nov. 
17, IROO. d. Aug IS, IS'JU) and Kliz.-.hcth McElri.y, (!'• J»ly r", )"01. d Dec. U:, isiU.) 
•rhctt parlic-s were uiairied Ocl. 2-1, 11-33, .-ind l.nth 3:0 l.uricd at Kansas City.Mt.. 

The parents of ls.->:.c Aslrcn wtrc Willlajn Askcn and Manh:. Wilson. The j.arcnls 
01 Klizalcth McElroy were John McElioy, a < apiain hi ihe War of 1S12. (h. July U, 
178(1. d. Oct. £., 1868,1 and M.u-arel Zu!l, (b. May U. STSfi. d. May 13, !833l. 

Ross J. Alexander, 


Their chilciieu : 

1372 Marianna b. Aug. 1,1S59 m. Robert Wl A Inxander. 

1373 Lilian b. Feb. 14, 1862 m. Frauk Siegel. 

1371 Minnie Rachei b. Oct. 6, ISG-t lu. Joseph C. Heiuleiu. 

1375 St. Clair b. May 19, I860 is .1 member of tlie Kansas 

City Cliapter Sous of the 

1376 Ross Aslcen b. Aug. 17, 1875 d. Nov. 20, 1876. 

Ross J. Alexauder, Attorney at T^aw, Bridgeport, O., 
was admitted by the Supreme Court of Ohio to practice 
law, on December 14, 1856. He was Master Commis- 
sioner of the Belmont County Common Pleas Court for 
twelve years, from March 11, 1857. to March 2,1869. 
He was twice elected Mayor of St. Clair-sville. He 
served as Councilman of Bridgeport, Ohio, and was 
elected a member of the Bridgeport School Board, of 
which he was the President for many j'ears. He was a 
member of the Ohio Legislature. He v/as Trustee of 
the Ohio Imbecile Asylum for more than seven j'cars, 
and also Trustee for the Ohio State University for 
three years, botli of vvhicl) positions he resigned. He 
was appointed a member of the Priyallup Indian Com- 
mission by President Cleveland, serving from Novem- 
ber, 1893, to April, 189G. 


David 1142, Jacob 1135, Jacob 3), son of Robert Jeffer- 
son &. ]\Iary Ann (^Jennings) Alexander. 

Born Pep. 17, 1S37 

Mar. (1) Jim. 15, ISoii by Rev. John Mofl.a. 

Ada H. riiller, dau. ol Robert K. & Mary {Barton) Miller. 

Horn Jan. 17, 1840 

Died Get. 24, 1869 

Tlieir childn.-u : 


1377 I 

jgJ.o VTv/ins d. in infancy. 

1379 Tl-.eresa b. Ajir. 10, IStit in. James Lindsay. 

1380 Kennsr Boremaii b. An-/. IC, 1809 d. IX-c. 20, 1869. 


Mm-. (2) Apr. 21, 1874 at Bridgeport, O., by Rev. O. \V. C'halfaul. 
ilary F-^'ainips, dau, of Jacob & Eliza (McKain) Pliillips. 
Boru JMch. 12, ISoo 

Their childrcu : 

1381 Lorena b. June 2, 1ST5 

1382 Robert Ross b. Nov. 26, lS7y 

Dr. Robert J. Alexander is one of the Board of 
Pcn.sion Examiuers for Belmont Co., and resides in 
St. Clairsville, O. 


WilJJAri WILSON ALEXANDER (Hary Ann 1168, 
David 1142, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), sou of Robei't Jef- 
ferson & JIary Ann (Jeimivgs) Alexander. 

Born July 19, 1812 

Mar. Oct. 21, 1808 

Lena Woodmansee, dau. of Joseph & Hannali {Collie) 

Boru Nov. 26, 1842 

Tlieir ohilclreu : 


13S3 Joseph Jefferson b. Aug. 29, 1873 

1384 Hannah Theresa li. Sep. 26, 1875 

1385 Lucy Steenrod b. July 12, 1877 

1386 WiUiam Wilson b. Aug. 17, ISSl 

Wra. W. Alexander was admitted to the bar iu 
1866, but never practiced law. For years he was en- 
gaged in the drug business at Uhrichsville.but is now a 
resident of Akron, and engaged iu dispensing medicines. 


JOHN C. TALLMAN (Rachel R, 1169, David iU2, Jacob 
1133, Jacob 3), son of IL & Rachel Eebecca 
{Jennings) Tallman. 

Bora Apr. 14, 1835 

Dieil Oct. 14, 1883 

Mar. Dec. 3, 1868 

Martha Muchinore, dau, of Samuel & Margaiet {Johnson) 

Born July 29, 1850 


Tbeir cliilfh'tiu : 

1387 Ina nnchmare b. Apr. 10, 1S70 resides xu St. Clnirsville, O. 
1387a Infant sou 

LAURA ANN TALLHAN (Rachel R, 1169, David U42, 
Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), da\i. of William H. & Rachel 
Rebecca (Jennincis) Talbnan. 
Boru July 2, 1X30 
Mar. July 4, l.SoS 
Col. James F. Charlesworth, gon of Richard tV Jane F. 

{I'oiicr) Cliarh'sworth. 
Boru Nov. 25, 1,<<2(! 

No c-li ill iron : 

James F. Charlesworth served in the Mexican War 
and was wounded. Pie was Colonel of the 2'jlh O.V.I, 
in the Civil War, and was very severely wounded. He 
was Auditor and Clerk of Courts of Belmont County, 
Ohio, and is nov/ (LSOS) Postmaster at St. Clairsville, O. 

MARY ANN ALEXANDER (Rachel R. 1169, David 1142, 

Jacob 1133, Jacobs), dau. of Robert Jetferion A- Rachel 

Rebecca {Jenninys) Alexander. 
Born Aug. 3, 1S60 
Mar. (1) Doc. 27, 1S70 
James Dixon Arick, son of Charles H. ct Eliza {Collin-i) 


Their cliildrcu : 

13SS Charles Alexander b. Hep. IG, 1871 m. Louisa Bach. 
13S9 Ross Jarncs b. Aug. £3, 1873 

ISIar. (2) 8ep. o, 18S7 

James Hurray, pon of James & France? (Hani) T^Iurray. 
Born June 2G, 1502 id Letrina, Ireland. 

Their child: 
1390 James W'iiliani b. Mcb. 3, 1889 

Mr. Murray is a contractor for erecting slone build- 
ings; builder of the Belmont county new court 
and other line buildings. ITe resides in Wheeling, 
W. Va. 



SUSAN JANE JENNINQS (Jonathan Gilmore 1172, David 

1142, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), dau. of Jouathau Gilmore 

i-t Sarah Jane (^Taggart) Jenning.^. 
Boru Dec. 2], 18-16 

Mar. 2v"<.v.22, l.sfiS by Esq. Mayes, West Alexander, Pa. 
John C. Mitchell, son of Joseph M. & Elizabeth {Fldcring) 

Bom July 21, 1848 

Then- cbildreu : 

]3ril Eunice Dora b. Jan. 3], ]S(i9 m. Harry B. Hull. 

]392 Clyde Tei-,i>yson b. Dec. 5,1870 m. Kitty Baker. 
1S93 Emma n. b. May 15, 1872 m. Hov/ard Matthias. 

1394 Henry Leroy b. >Iay 30, 1874 d. July 1874. 

1395 Charles v.orth b. Meh.2S, D877 

1396 nary Jennings b. Oet. 17, 1SS7 d. July 22, 18S8. 

This family resides in Fiudla}'. Ohio. 


1172, David 1142, Jacob 1 1 33, Jacob 3), dau. ofJoua- 
than Gilmore it Sarah Jane {Taggart) Jennings. 

Boru June 7, 1852 

Mar. Sep. 22, 1870 by ilex. Vv illian Gastou, at BelJaire, 0. 

Frederick A'larcus Stiong-, son of Gfeorge Washington A.- 
Eliza (Nic/iols) Strong. 

Boru Oct. 14, 1848 

Their cbild: 


1397 Howard Marcus b. June 30, 1873. 

Mr. Fred M. Strong is inaiiager of tlie Elv.'ood 
Plant of American Tin Plate Company, at Khvood, 
lud. Mr. Howard 1\I. Strong is a writer of short sloiies 
for periodicals and magazines. Address, Elwood, Ind. 


HARY RGB)^CCA JENNINGS (Jonathan Gihnorc U72, 
David 1142, Jacob 113.>, Jacob 3), dau. of Jonathan 
Gilmore it Sarah Jane {Taggart) Jennings. 

Boru ,lau. 9, 1851 

Jonathan Gii 

Dorothy Taggart * Jennings* Sthonq 

Ho"An^ M»in,iJS Stiicnh 

Jonntlian Gilii^orc iJprr.iniTc. ;,;« ri-,,:pi,i. 

l-,:c'--.r,.( ,-,,1 


War. ]\[ch.l4, 1S72 in PMlaire, O., by Eov. Williuia Gaslcm. 
Sylvester R. Wetherald, son of Albert it Eo^a {Hllburn) 

Born July 2, 18d0 
Died >tay i:l, ).S!.)2 

'i'lieir I'hiidi'en : 

1398 Ross Jennings b. Mcli. IS, 38V3 
ISyg Lilian EInia b. Feb. ii, LST5 d. Tvlch. ]], 1801. 
1400 Dora Strong b. Dec. 12,1870 m. .Joseph l^aruhill. 

Mrs. Wetherald and fr.nuly reside in Findla}^ Ohio. 


EMMA FLORENCE JENNINaS (Joiiathnti Gilniore 1172, 
David H42, Jacob II33, Jacob 3), dan. of -Jonathan 
Gilmore & Sarah Jane (Tuggort) Jennings. 

Boru June 2G, 18.5(> 

Mar. Kov. G, 1873 in Bellaire, O., by Eev. AViUiam Gaslon. 

Fredericlc S. CSinton 

Their children 



Leon Albert 

b. Feb. 

4, 1874 







b. Oct. 

14, 1876 







b. Oct, 

3, 1877 


Carl 0. 

b. June 

7, 1879 






.lohii Qliniore 

b. Jan. 

25, 1881 







b. Aug. 

4, 1882 



b. June 

19, 1884 


Emma Florence 

b. Sep. 

20, 1S8(J 







b. Mch. 

9, 1888 






Leslie Brair.erd 

b. Dec. 

10, 1891 


Seth K. 

b. Sep. 

21, 1893 



b. Oct. 

27, 189G 

This family resides in Washington, D. C. 

IDA LlZZiE JENNINGS (Jonathan Gilmote, 1172, David 

1142, Jacob n3i, Jr.cob 3), dau. of Jonathan Gilmoro 

& Sarah Jane [Ta'jfiori) Jeunl;ip;s. 
Boru Kov. 1, 1859 

Mar. Juue 12, 1877 in lieiUuro. O., by llev. 'NViliiani Ga?ton. 
Virgil Morgan, son of Benjamin ct Agnes (Tomr) 

Boru 1S4S 


Thciv chlldroii : 

1413 Anna Eslel!e b. jrch. 18, 1S7S 

14H Bessie b. Iklay 10, 1S79 lu. Hiram W. .Stou!. 

1415 .Sidney Virgil b. Jkii. 19, 1J81 ti. Fvh. IG, ISOG. 
141G Ida Jennings b. I^ei-. 10, |&S2 
3417 Samuei Robert b. Xov. U, 1.SS5 
lilS An Infaiu d. May 5, 18S7. 

1410 An Infant d. Kov.lo, 1S91. 

1420 An tnfRPt d. Apr. G, 1896. 

This hijiiily resides iv. Anderson, Inri. 


JOHN GILMORE JENNINGS (Jonathan Gitr-nore 1172, 
David 1142, Jacob lt33, Jacot> 3). son ci -Jonathcui 
GiLnurc- & Sarah Jane (Toagart) -leiining?. 

Born June 4, ISQl 

Mar. Jan. IC, ISSi in Beaver, Pa. 

Delia Mack, dan. of -Joseph 4 Alary ( ) MmcI; 

Their elii'dren : 


]4i:i Mary !i. Mcb. 19, 38^2 

1422 Joseph J. b. iJec. 4, 18y-; 

Address: Cincinnati, O., ii. care Fcnnsylvimi:! 


THERESA ALKXANDER JENNiNCiS (.losradian Gilmoie 
1172, Dav!'.l 1142, Jiicob 1133, Jacob 3), dan. of Jona- 
than Gilniore ct Saraii Jane (TccKjurl) Jennings. 

Boro Aug, 1 , ] SCi7 

Mar. Aii^;. 17, 1SS7 in BolUure, O., by Bov. Newton Hoey. 

Charles Albert Murray 
'I'htir c)iikl : 


142;! Sarah Tajs;art b. Nov. 1.", 1891 

Thi.s fa'uiily reside-: in Ga.s City, Tnd. 

GRACE rjMA JENNINGS (.Jonathan Gilmore 1172, 
David 1142, Jr-xob 1133, Jacob 3), davi. of Jonathan 
Gilniore it Sarah -Ijiio {T'KjiJiu-t) .Jonniiigs. 


Born Mcb. 2J, 1S70 
Mar. Aug. G, 1S91 by Kev. Uarr, of Kelbiire, O. 

Edward Barnhill, son of James &: — B.irnhiH. 

Their (/hikhvn : 

1424 Kadienne b. Feb. 22, 1.SH3 d. Alay 2i, 1S&2. 

1425 Walter b. Oct. 10, IS!):: 

This famil)' resides in Marion, Indiana. 



Samue! K. 1152, Samuel K. IK-to, .Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), 
dan. of Thomas Owings & flelen (Oordirii) .Tenning.s. 

Born Juu. 17, 1870 near Greeiisboi-o, .\la. 

Mar. Dee. 21, 1892 near IXew Berne, Ala., by Dr. W. O. ICeady. 

Wesley Braxton Holcroft. 


OLIVIA QERTF^UDE JENNINGS (Thom.-is Ovviiigs 118.1, 
Samuel K. 1152, Saituiel K. 1136, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3j, 
dau. of Thomas Owings it Helen (Gordon) Jonning::'. 

Born Oct. 2'J, 1S71 near New Berne, Ala. 

Died Jan. 28, 1S116 

Bur. in Xew Beiiie, Ala. 

Mar. Jan. 28, 18iil in Xew Berne, Ala., by Di-. W. G. Keady 

Alfred Eaton Walker 
Their children : 


1425a Helen b. Dec. 16, ISi'l d. Mcb. 15, 1S98. 

1425b Louise b. Sep. 28, ]8'.(.; d. Oct. 6,1893. 

1425c Oertrude 

1425d Infanf. b. A d. Jan. 28, 1S9G. 

SAHUEL GORDON JENNINGS (Thomas Owinas 1183, 
Samuel K. 1152, Samuel K. 1136, Jacob 1133, J.ucobS), 

son of Tlionias Owings it Helen (Ounkni) Jennings. 
Born Oct. 30, 1873 iu New Berne, Hale Co., Ala. 


Mar. Kt'b. 12, IWiG in Meiifiiaii, IMiss,, liy Uuv. J.-.-iue Peebles 
Sallie Elizabeth Tinsley 

Their child : 
142oe Thomas Jemison 


L!DA LOU JENNfNGS (Thomas Owinijs 1183, Samuel K. 
1152, 5an'iuei K. ij36, Jacob 1153, .Facob 3), d;HU. of 
Thomas Oivings it Helen (Gorchm) Jennings. 

Born Jan. 31, 1875 in Diniapolis, Muringo Co., Ala. 

Mar. Sep. 2(5, 1S94 in New Berue,, by Dr. V\'. G. Keady. 

William Cipiantheus Cross 
Tlieir children : 


1425f Jennings b. Sep. 20, IKy.j in Behnont, Ala. 

142og Minnie b. Sep. 2G, 1S97 in C'oaUipa, Aia. 

FANNY OVVfNQS JENNiNQS (Thomas Owings I!S3, 
Samuel fC. 1152, Samuel K. 1136, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), 

dau. of Thomas Owings (.t Helen (Gordon) .Jennings, 
Born May 2S, 1877 In New ]Serne, Hale Co , Ala. 
]Mar. Mch. 4, 1S96 in Meridian, Miss., by l?ey. Isaac Peebles. 
Burrell John Tinslej' 

Their child : 
1425h Claude Owings b. Meb. 27, ]897 in Meridian, 

THOMAS OWINGS (Samuel K. 1199, Hary 1154, Samuel 

K. 1136, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), son of Samuel Kennedy & 

Josephine {Parraii) Owings. 
Emily Bond 

MARY OWINGS (Snnmci K. 119;>, Mary 1154, Samuel K. 

1136, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), dau. of Sanuiol Kennedy & 

Joseiihine {Parroti) Owings. 
H. Watts 


VIOLET BROV/NE (Mary C. 1202, flary 1154, Samuel K. 

1136, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), d.iu. of Wi lia)n Hand it 

Mary Cailjorine {Onivgs) Brovrne. 
Boru May 2o, ]8';4 hi ]5ali>iaoro, Mrl. 
Mar. .TiiiK'3, ]89'3 in Tomsou, Md., by Htv. Powell. 
Charles ^^'orthing,lo^ hoff 

Their child ix'u : 

142G N'ioSet Ij. Mch. 25, lS:t7 

1427 Chprie* \\'orth!nstO!) b. Apr. 0, ISfiS 


KATHERINH BROWNE (Mary C. 1202, Mary 1154, Sam- 
uel K. 1136, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), daa. of M'illiaiu 
Hand & Mray Catlierine (Otrings) BroAvne. 

Born Mch. 1,1860 iu Baltimore, Md. 

Mar. Apr. i'O, 1S9S in BaltiTiiore, Md., by Powc'll. 

Benjamin Cljew Howard, son of W'illiani & IIoM-ard. 


WILLIAM HAND BROWNE (Mary C. 1202, A\aiy liS-i, 
Samuel K. 1 136, Jacob M33, Jacob 3), siui of V> iiliam 
Hand & JIary Catliorinc (Oiringi) Browne. 

Born July 21, ISiis 


Linda Wliitaker 


HARY HYNSON JENNINGS (Nat h.aniel H. I 207, Jacob H. 
1155, Samuel K. 1136, Jacob iI33, Jacob 3), dan. of 
Nathaniel PlyuFon & Mary Loiiisa (Savcrwcln) Jen- 

Born Jnly 4, 1858 iu Baltimore, Md. 

Mar. Bee. 7,1880 in ];:dtiiuore, Md. 

EdsvarJ Spe(-der Reese 
Tlieir chihhvu; 


1428 Louise b. 1S82 

1429 Kennedy b. 188G 

1430 b. 1S9S 


ALLAN HYNSON JENNINGS (Nathaniel U. 1207, Jacob 
Head JlSS, Samuel K. 1136, Jacob !!33, Jacob S), 

son of Nathaniel Ilynson tt JMary Lonisa (Sm-xrivcin) 

Bom Nov. 9, 1S66 
>L^r. Nov. 3, 1S92 iu W. Xew Brigbtoii, S. I., N. Y., liy Ucv. 

Pascal Havrower. 
Helen Augusta Ball, dau. of Francis -.t Ball. 

CAROLINE JENNINGS (Jacob Alead 12(19, Jacob Head 

n 55, Samuel K. 1136, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), dau. of 

Jacob Mead & Janet (Mo",-,:) Jennings. 
Born Sep. 15, 1S59 in Butler Co., Ala. 
Bied June 12, 1S94 iu WiuiifieW, Ba. 
Bur. iu \\'ii'.rilield, La. 
Mar. 1877 in Sparta, La., by Parish .Tudge of Briuville 

WiUiain D. BeviJie 

Their eliildreii: 

1431 Robert Bruce b. Sep., 1878 

1432 Mittie b. July, 188(1 

1433 Katherine b. ISSO 

1434 Roy b. 1SS8 


Mead 1(55, Samuel K. 1136, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3, dau. 

of Jacob Mead & Janet (Mvore) Jennings. . 
I'.oru Apr. 3, 18()5 in Grorgiana, Ala. 
Mar. Apr. 1, ISS", in Wimifield, B:i., by J. ^L Abel. 
Cyrus McQinty, son of Eliplja King & Mary Catherine 

(Sliinmt) McGinty, of Gansville, La. 
Born Oct. Ki, l&H) iu Ciansville, La. 

Their children : 

1435 Nettie Josephine b. Xov. 0, 18X0 
1430 Clara b. .ha\. 5, IKS!) 

1437 Jessie b. Nov. 24, bv.l2 

1438 Mabel Katherine b. .M;ty 2, I8US 


HENRY W!5E QARNETT (Alary Elizabeth 1225, Ann 
Elizabeth 1162, Obadiah 1139, Jacob J 1 33, Jacob 3), 

son of Dr. A. Y. P. ct Mory Elizabeth (Wi.e) Garnett. 
Born i\Iar. 31, lt'4r) 

Died July 30, 1897 in Clifton Springs, N. Y. 
Bur. ill Kofk Creek Cemetery, ^Va.sbingto^, D. C. 
Mar. Nov. 4, 1874 in "Sablot liill," Goocblaud Co., Va. 

Marian Morson, dau. of ^t Ellen (Bntv) Morton. 

Bom Apr. 13, ISid 
Pied Dec. 2, 18SS 
Bur. ill Rock Creek Cemetery, AVashingtou, D. C;. 

Tbeir children : 

1430 Maria ■ b. Sep. 2, 1875 in Wasliinglon, 

D. C. 

1440 Eilen b. Feb. 12, jS77 in Washington, 

D. c;. 

1441 Alex Yeiverton Peyton b. June 9, ISSO in AVasliiugton, 

D. C. 

1442 Henry Wise b. Sep. 24, IRSl in Washington, 

D. C. 

ANNE QARNETT (Mary Elizabeth 1225, Ann Elizabeth 
II62, Obacliah 1139, Jacob 1 133, Jacob 3), dau. of In-. 
A. Y. P. ct Jlp.ry ElizabeUi ( Wise) GavneLt. 
Born Nov. 18, 1Sii3 in Richmond, \'a. 
INIar. Fob. 8, 18'J3 in Washington, D. (;., by Rev. Randolph H. 

Macomb George Foster, son of William A- Caroline M. 

(Berime) I'u. '-'■r. 
Born July 12, IS.yi m New York City, N. Y. 
No children. 

Mr. and Mrs. P'oster reside at SKi St. Nicltolas 
Ave., New York City, N. Y. 

JOHN CANNON MOBSON (Ann Jenain.os 1227, Ann 
Elizabeth 1162, Obadiah 1139, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), 

son of Frederick Plumer it Ann J.-,nnint^f( I) w£:)IIob.son. 
Born Apr. 2"), 18.57 in CJovernnient Mannioii, Richmond. Vn. 


Died I'c'b. 15, ISOO ia Bifbmoiid, Va. 
liuv. ill Hollywood C'emeteiy, Kicliaunid, Ya. 
Mar. ]Sr;!y 12, 1379 in Clooebhiud (;o.,Va., by Rev. IVIer iioydeii. 
Alice Virginia Pettit 
Their (jliildron : 
144-3 John Cannon b. July ?.0, IShO in Goochland Co., Va. 

1444 *f!enry Wise \<.:S(,\\ 25, 18S1 iuGooelilaud Co.,Va. 

1445 George Richardson b. Apr. 11, ISSo iu Goochlaiul Co,,Va. 

1446 Mary riorrisoiT b. Pec. 2, 1S.S4 in Ashland, Va. 

1447 Jennings Wise b. Aug. 15, 1SS7 in Amherst C. IT., Va. 

1448 Aiice Virginia b. Ooi. IG, ISSS la Amherst C. H.,Va. 

Jolin Cannon Ilob.son wa.s a man of talent, char- 
acter and earnest piety. Pie inherited tlie gift of oratory, 
the heritage from the Jennlngses and He was au 
Episcopal Minister, and 1iis short life promised much. 
He died at the early age of thirty-three, leaving a young 
wife and six children. Tlie children are living with 
their grandmother, Mrs. Annie J. vV. Hobson, in 
Ashland, Va. Ti;e widow married a second time, and 
now lives in Richmond, Va. 

HENRY V^ISE liOBSON (Ann Jennings Wise 1227, Aim 
Elizabetli 1162, Obadiah 1!39, J.-jcob 1133, Jacob 3), 

sou of Fiedcrick Plumer ct Ann J'-nnings ( Wise.) Hob- 

Born July 9, 1S5S in (Jodi-bhiiid Co., \'a., on his f.ifher'.s estate 
of l-".ast\\oud. 

Died Au,-. 13, 1S9S iu Koo.sovelt Hospital, Xew York Cily, >'.V. 

Bur. in Oakwood Cemei cry, Troy, X. V. 

Mar. D.C., 1887 in Fity-burg, Mass., by his brother, l!ev. .f. O. 
M.L.Kon, Episcopal ninister, assisted l)y Rev. Addison. 

rirs. Ivallierine ( Thuijrr) Germain 
Tiieir eliildrcn : 


1449 K.TthcrineTiiayer b. Apr-. 1J,18.S'! in licu\er, C'"!. 

1450 IK;i!ryV/ise l>. I\Iaj lO, 18-'l! in Denver, Col. 
14.->1 Elwanor b. Jan. 7, 1893 in Denver, Col. 
1452 Thayer li. Nov., 1897 in Denver, Col. 

'Henry Wive Hobson hv.ii :i p.->>f ion for the sc.-i ; made his triul uip 0:1 the sl.i:. Krniiil- 
worth, of lie Scwclllinc. On Julv 8, 1S!IS, ihe ship took fire a; sen, anil ll-.e ;;^;.'.iin, 
first mate an'l Henry Wise Hobsoh were :.ll -liMeit to dentil in the ciiptaiiis cabii. I,y tl.e 
fumes cl c.uliomc acid gas, and wei.. Olir;eJ at sea. 


Henry Wise Ilobson was born in Goochland 
County, Va., on liis father's estate of Eastwood, July 9, 
1858. He displayed early in liie iinu:-nal ability and 
character. He rose rapidly in his profession as a 
Lawyer. He commenced the practice of law in Rich- 
mond in his uncle's office, Hon. John S. Wise, now of 
New York. In a short time was talzeji as a partner- 
In 1881 he went to Colorado and settled in BuenaVista, 
and succeeded so well in 1 884 he settled in Denver. 
He liad .'icarcely been there a year when President 
Cleveland appointed him U. S. District Attorney. Later 
on Cleveland appointed him, also, District- Attorney for 
two other states and a territory. lie \^'^s the youns^est 
District Attorney in the United States at the time of 
his first appointment. He was General Counsel and 
Receiver for the Union Pacific & Denver & Gulf Rail- 
road ; also for the Denver, Leadville & Gannison R. R. 
His greatest work was the International Trpst Co., 
of Denver, which he organized in 189L It is univer- 
sally conceded that his energy, ability and judicious 
management carried it through the money crises, which 
have scei; the failure of so many undertakings in Col- 

"Though young at the time of his death, he had at- 
tained a high position at the bar, and in the business 
world and in all walks of life, men looked to him for 
advice and guidance. His place cannot easilj' be filled 
in business and profession circles.'' — Quoted from a 
Denver paper. 

He married at Fitzburg, New York, Mrs. Katlier- 
ine {Thayer) Germain, Rev. J. C Hobsou, of the Epis- 
copal Church, ofliciating, assisted by the Rev. Mr. 
Addison. He died August 13, 1898, at the Roosevelt 
Hospital, New York City, from appendicitis. He is 
buried in the Oakwood Cemetery, of Troy, in the 
Thayer burial section. 



BARTON HAXALL WISE (Henry A. 1228, Ann Eiiza- 
beth 1162, Obadiah 1139, Jacob 1123, Jacob 3), poii of 
Rev. Henry Alexander & Ilarriel {Haxall) Wise. 

Boru Oct. H, ISrio iu liichiuoud, Va. 
Died Feb. 6, l&y9 iu ixirhmond, V.l. 
Mar. June 7, 1894 iu Auguslu, C^a., by Jlev. I>r. C. C. Wil!i;'.ms. 

Caroline Cohen, a grand dau. of General Wright, of Ga., 
■\vho served ■with distinction in the Confederate army 
and who, prior- to the civil war, represented the Angusta 
district in Congress. 

Born .Tuly 2S, 1S72 iu Aujj;usta, Ga. 

Their child : 
1453 Ellen Wright b. Sep. 2, ISOri 

Barton H. Wise enjoyed exceptional educational 
advantages. He studied at the Preparatory Schools of 
Richmond, Va., and matriculated at Norwood Academy 
in Nelson County. From there he went to the Univer- 
sity of Virginia and studied law. He spent some time 
abroad and in California and Colorado with his mother 
in her search for health ; after her death he returned to 
Richmond, Va., and engaged iu practice of law, forming 
a co-partnership with his uncle, Hon. George D. Y/ise, 
which continued up to the time of Barton Wise's death. 

I^Ir. Wise took a deep interest in historical, litcrarj- 
and patriotic matters He was a member of the execu- 
tive committee of the 'x'irgiuia Historical vSociety and 
but recently finished his " Life of Henry A. Wise," on 
which he had been engaged ior some years. 

He was also a member of the Advisory Board of 
the Association for the ))reservation of Virginia Antiqui- 
ties and of the Young Men's Business Association. He 
was a member of Holy Trinity Church and of the 
Brotherhood of St. Andrew. 



KAT5E BELLE CRUIE CEUen Jenninos 1231, Rebecca 
Stuart Read 1 165, Obadi.ih 1J3'), Jacob 1 1 23, Jacob 3), 
dan. of Dr. nemler?on Pearce & Ellen Jennings (Child- 
ress) Crute. 

Born Oct. 22, 1SG2 uear Chicot, Ark. 

Mar. JuuelS, 1SS5 at AVilmiugton, Del., bj- Ileury 1). J.ind.-ay. 

Allen Dale Smith, .son of Hayes & Amelia ( ) f.'mith. 

Horn Apr. 2-'i, 1S.37 at Columbia, Pa. 
Their ehiklrcu : 

SniTH — 

14.54 Efefiiior Jcnr;!ng,s b. May 15, ISSG d. same day at Cape 

Cl^arles, Va. 

Mo5 Allen Dale b. INIay 17, 1S87 at Cape Charles, Va. 

Mr. Allen D. Smith is president of the Cornv^aU 
& Lebanon R. R. Co., No. 380 Eighth St., Leb.anon, 


HARIANNA ALEXANDER ( James 12.^5, Alary Ann 
1168, David 1142, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), dau. of Ross 
James & Margaretta (Aslen) Alexander. 

Bom Aug. 1, 18.-,9 

]Mar. Jan. 2S, 187S 

Robert William Alexander, son of Robert ct Narissa Jane 
( Gray) Alexa n der. 

Born Aug. 2, 1S.>1 

Their cliildreu : 


IJr.G Isaac Asken b. Dee. 4, 1S7S 

1457 Ross b. .luly 10, 1SS4 

LILIAN ALEXANDER (Ross James 1235, Hary Ann 

1168, David I U2, J.icob 113.3, Jacob 3), dan. of Ross 

James tt Margarelta (Adrv) Alexander. 
Born T'ob. 14, 1.S62 
Mar. Kov. 14, 1SS7 

Frank Siegel, son of Franz & Katharina ( ) Siegel. 

Born Sep. 5, ISGl 

Their chikireii: 

]4oS Margaret b. Dee. 24, 18SS 
]4.V,l Virginia b. Dee. 7, ISiJl 



MINNIE RACHEL ALEXANDER (Ross.innies 1235, Mary 
Ana 1168, David 1142, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), dau. of 
of lioss James it Margarctta (Aslcn) Alexander. 

Born Oct. 6, ]S(!4 

Mar. July 2, lS9i 

Joseph Charles Heiiilein, sen of Jacob & Dorothea Pleinleiu. 

Born :Mfb.i;2,lS64 
Tlieir child : 


1460' Margaret Ate.xander b. Xov. 29, 1895 


THERESA ALEXANDER (Robert J. 1236, Alary Ann 
1168, David 1M2, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), dau. of Robert 
Jeniiii)gs A- Ada H. {Miller) Alexander. 

Bom Apr. 10, 1.SG4 

Mar. Aug. 22, 1SS2 

James Lindsay, son of R. W. S: Julia {BhijuiKui) Lindsay. 

Born Xov. G, ISoS 

Tbeir cbililreu : 


]4(i0a Charles Boremon b. May 1, 1SS4 

J4r,0b Loia Clare b. Feb. 0, 1S93 


R. 1169, David 1M2, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), sonof Jan:es 
Dixon & Mary Ann {AlejOiuhr) Arick. 

Born Sep. 16, ISTl 

Mar. Oct. 3, IW).;. 

Louisa Bach, dau. of Ludwig A' Margaret (Been) IJaeli. 

Boru July 12, 1871 

Their children : 


14(jltc Charles Rus.sel b. .Tan. 25, l!-<)5 

14G0d Lucy Harie b. Apr. 2.'). iSW 


EUNICE DORA MITCtiELL (Susan Jane 1243, Jonathan 

Gilmore 1172, David 1142, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), dau. 

of John C. & Susan Jaae (Jennings) Mitchell. 
Koru Jan. 31, ISiJft 
Mat. June G, 1801 
Harry B. HiiH 

Mrs. Hull now resides at Findla}-, O. 

CLYDE TENNYSON niTCHBLL (Susan Jane 1243, Jona= 
thanGiimore 1172, David 1142, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), 

son of John C. it Susan Jane (Jennings) Mitchell. 
Born Dee. 5, 1870 
Kitty Baker 

Their cliiM: 
1460e Roy Baki-i- b. Ajir. 25, 1897 

Resides at Davton, Ohio. 


EMMA E. niTCHELL (Susan Jane 1243, Jonatiian Qil- 
niore 1172, David 1142, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3), dau. of 
John C. it Sa«an Jane (Jennings) Mitchell. 

Born May 15, 1872 

Mar. June 20, 1897 

Howard Alatthias 

Died Apr. 13, ISDs' 

Mrs. Mitchell resides in Findlay, Ohio. 


DORA STRONG WETHBRALD (Hary Rebecca 1246, 
Jonathan Giimorc II72, David 1142, Jacob 1133, 
Jacob 3), dau. of Sylvester R, it Mary liebccca (Jvmiings) 

Born Deo. 12, 1S7G 

Mar. Jan. 20, 1S9G by Rev. JlitchclJ. 

Joseph Barnhill, son of it r.nrnhill, Findlay, 


BESSIE AlOROAN (ida Lizzie 1248, Jonathan Qihnore 1172, 

Dr.vid 1142, Jacob 1133, Jacob 3). dau. of Virgil T. & 

Ida Lizzie (Jennings) Morgan. 
Boru Jiay 15, 1ST9 

Jlar. July 0, IS')S at Audcr.son, lud. 
Hiram W. Stout 


'The .sous of ]ieuj;i!ain after their families.''— Xiiiubeis X.WJ : 35 

'And of Benjaruiu be s?,;d, The beloved of tlie I/ord .sbnil dwell ii: 
•safety by him."— Dtulerouoiny XXXIIl : 12. 



Born ]7U! 

Died 17.VJ (?) 

Mftr. (1) 

Hary Spi inger 

Their cbildvea : 
1481 Jacob m. -Mrs. Phoebe {EaU) Bouuell. 

14(12 Ruth ra. JToore. 

]4(i3 Dennis 

14fi4 AbiRri! lu. .Tranes Smalley. 

Mar. (2) 

fiary Hosnier 

Tlieir cbildrea: 

140.') Benj.'ifnin b. Oct. 1.5, 17.5S m. llacbe! :Martin. 
MOe iianisah in. Barnet Slryker. 

14G7 Jereiniaii drowue.d iu the Hackcuisac 

Rivt-r, aged tweuty. 
iMar. (.'^) 
rirs. Mary Tucker 

X<i cbildreii. 

Beujaiuiu Jcnning.s Ih-^-.d at Scotch T:'\n\i\9.,V.ctnv/j,h 
of Elizabeth, E.'^sex Co., InI. J. Like the otlier heads 
of the families hero given, vvc have treated him as one 
of the ".seveu brother.s.'' For the discussion of this 
subject and his parentage, see Chapter I, pp. J -6. 




JAGOB JENNfNGS (Benjamin 4), son of Benjamin & Mhvy 

(Springer) Jenning?. 
Died about 1820 
Mrs. Phoebe Bonneii {ncc Ball), d:ui, of Nathanit' Ball. 

Tlieir childivn : 
14G8 Nathaniel b. Jan. 2, 1770 m. ] ^V «"'-ali Scudder. 

MfiO Renianii'i b Feb "■•; 1770 m J U) Dorca.s Fieiiuikeii. 

]}70 SE!c!ine in. Jdliu Crawford. 

1471 Jeremiah b. Feb. 22, 1783 m. Jane Ewart. 

14V2 Hezekiah 

147P, Esther m. iJavid Burnett. 

147-i Phoebe 

147.5 Rebecca m. Henry Slater. 

1476 Keziah m. Caleb Lindley. 

Tlie following is froui LitteH'.? Passaic Vallej- ; 

" .laeob Jennings, who married Pbfibe Ball, dau. ci Naibaniel 
Ball, lived '^shere William Parrot lately lived and died, and had 
cbiliireu : 

1 Keziali, who married, 6th November, 17.sS, Jonathan 
Stevens, Jun., son of Jonathan. 

2 Esther, married 6th Noveralier, 1788, David ISiiniett. 

3 Nathaniel, married 30th Sepleniber, 1793, Su.'ly Scuddcr, 
dau;;bter of Thomas. 

4 Sally. 

6 Salon^e. 

(5 Jeiomial), bajitix.cO 7tb Decoiober, 1786. 

7 Kebtcea. 

Note — David Jfarris married one of the daiighi lis. J.-vCob 
Jennings, Nathaniel Rofl and Jonntb-nn Steveii.=i weiit to Western 
Pennsylvania, the Rud.stoue country, a litfle after 180';. '■' 



RUTH JENNENGS (Fienjamin 4), d:ai. of Benji'miu it 

Mary (Spriiigcr) Jennings. 


Their fiiililren : 

1477 Nothing fiiillier is kuown by the coDipiler con- 
cerning this family. 

DENNIS JENNINGS (Benianiin 4), .son of Benjamin & 
Mary (Springer) Jennings. 

1478 The compiler has no farther information coucern- 
iug this family. 

ABfC-ML JENNINGS (Benjamin 4), dau. of Benjamin & 

Mary (Springer) Jenning.s. 
Janies Smalley 

1479 The conrpiler has no further information conceru- 
iug this family. 

BENJAMIN JENNINGS (Benjamin 4), son of Benjamin & 

Mary (Ilosiacr) Jennings. 
Born Gel. Ic, 17.5S 
Died Nov. 10, 1.S30 
Mar. 1779 

Rachel fsartisi 

Tiieii- ehilili''!! : 

1480 John L). 17S0 m. 

14S1 Fanny b. ui. Ebeuezer Tiugley. 

1482 Jacob b. 1903 

1483 WiKiam b. 179o 














u). "Xoah Alleu. 

11). E/.rn Wilcox. 

Benjamin Jennings (about the year 3 849), living in 
Somerset Co., Warren Townsiiifj, near Plainfield, N.J., 
in information sent to David D. Fordyce, says : 

"My father, Benjamin Jennings, was born October 
15, 1758, and died November 10, 1830. He married 
Rachel Martin in 1779, by whom he had John (born 
1780, died 1840), two of his grand-children living; 
Fanny married Ebeuezer Tingley, a grand-son of Dr. 
Jacob Jennings' siste;:, Anna. They are nov/ living in 
Crawford Co., Pa. They have three children living in 
Knox Co., Ohio., near Mt. Vernon — one a son, named 
Jacob Tingley and several living near home; Jacob, 
(born 1798, lives in Somerset Co., N. J. He has sc\en 
daughters); William, (borii 179"j, has six children, 
same connly) ; Phebe (married Noah Alien. They 
have nine childien) ; Benjamin — the writer of tiiis — 
(born 1799, has five children living near Plainfield, N. 
J.) ; Rachel, (married P<zra Wilcox, ha\'e six children, 
live in Essex Co., N. J.) ; and I\Iary. My father had a 
cousin, William Jennings, who lived in vSussex Co., N. 
J., about twenty years ago. He also had a relative 
living in Hunterdon Co., N. J,, named Peter Jennings, 
who went west May 20, 1848. My children are I.saac 
D. Jennings, August T., Jacob I\I., Maria F. (aged 11 
years.) and Benjamin ]\1., (aged 15 month.s)." 


HANNAh' JENNINGS (Benjamin 4), dau. of ijenjaiuin 

& IMary {Rip^mer) .Junnings, 
Barnct 5trjker 

J4KS Nothing furtlicr known by the compiler; they 
moved to Western New Yoih. 

Til II;D G ENEll a tiox 

NATHANIEL JENNINGS (Jacob 146L Be.i.iarnin 4), son 

of Jacob & Phoebe (Bali) Jennings. 
Born Jan. 2, 1770 

Died 1814 at Wayuesburg, Pa. 

Mar. (1) Sep. 30, 1793 

Sarah Scudder, clan, of Thomas & Scuddei . 

Died July 26, IS] 9 

Their childrcii : 
14S9 Salome b. IMay 13, 1707 i,i. 

1490 Jothani Scudder h. Apr. 0, l.SOO m. 

1491 Anna 

1492 Ruth b. Feb. 12, 18U'< 
Mar. {2} 
Mary J. FIen!.!;ian 

Thoir child : 

1493 Sarah b. Jan. 19, 1S21 m. David Woods 

Joseph Bsrmore. 

J(l) Elizabeth Hill. 

1.(2) IMaryiSfymour, 
XQ. Carl Moore, 
m, Iia Axtel Lhidlev. 


BENJAiUHs' JENNiNGS (Jacob I'^ol, Benjarnin 4), son of 

Jacob & Phoebe (Ball) Jennings. 
Born Fob. 26, 3779 iu New Jersey. 
Died July 8, 1 -^61 in Wnynesburg, Greeue Co., Pa. 
Mar. (1) Dec. 1-D, 1mj2 
Dorcas Flennikcn 
Born Mch. 27, 177 7 jij North Carolina. 

>VayDesburi;-, Green Co., Pa. 

b. Apr. 9,1804 in. .Tames Crce. 

b. July 30, 1806 d. Aug. 24, 1806. 

b. Oct. 28, 1S07 m.Elizabeth 1!. Fitzgerald 

b. July 15, 1809 d. Sep. 4. 1810. 

I>. Apr, 18, is] 2 ni. Sruali Garrison. 

b. Jan. 16, 1814 in. l^ydi;; Cazy. 

b. May 1, 1.816 «. Julj 31, 1810. 

(27 J ; 

DiediMay 17,1819 

Tlieir child: 







John Fienniki 


Alary Harvey 




Jacob Perry 


H.innah ■ 


Mar. (•?.) Jau. l:i, ]Sio. 
EJizabcth Stockdalc 
Died Meh. 11, ]S52 

Their eliildreu: 

1501 riary ij. Juue 17, ISCT m. W. J. H. I'aulcy. 

1502 .lames Stockdala b. Aug. 22, 1S29 ni. Lr.iira "\\'itliee. 
ioOo Benjamin Franidin b. July 22, ],s;U in. Eliza Hawley. 


SALOriE JENNINGS (Jacob I46i, Benjamin 4), dau. of 

Jacob & Phoelje (Ball) Jennings. 
Mar. Apr. 2, 1801 



Died 1831 

Their children : 




John Lynn 

b. M'»y 31, 


d. 18(i."., a baeheiin-. 



b. Dec. IS, 


m. Elizabetli Rea. 



b. Sep. 11, 


v,i i (1) Sarah Evans. 
"^' I (2) Sarsh l^rice. 



b. .luue lo, 


m. David Kerr. 


Jefferson Jennings 

b. July 1, 


ni. KatherineA.Har- 





lu.Josuah Tjnughram 


Rebecca Slater 



m. John Adaiu Gor- 




d. in ydutii. 

As a historj- of John Crawford and liis times, we 
present the follo\Ying story as it was publislied in the 
Wayiiesbiirg Republican^ Jan. G, 1898. Tlie story is 
from the pen of Jennings Crawford (1506), and besides 
the story of adventure, and the side light thrown on 
pioneer days, it discloses the friendship of two rough, 
rugged scouts, and shows the reason why the given 
name, John Lynn, is continued through the families 
descended from John Crawford : 

Br.MiN/scEKCKs OF Olden Times — SrHi'Ki.sE of tiii: Scorxs. 

)3V jENNliNGS 'C:tAWro!;ii. 

In the (.-ill of tile year 1701 a report v.'as by pome ineans )>ut 
into circulatiou iu the frontier sottlenients of \Ve.siern ]'eiiu.<yl- 
vauia aad Virginia, (hat i.lie hostile Indians who liad been very 
truublesoiue to those settleuiejits for tome yearS: M'cre about to 


leave the Sauduslcy towDs aud retire to the AY«bas!i oountry for 
wiuter quiirlers, 

It was a matter of i;i'eat impcntauee to tlie fettleniculs to 
aseertaio whether or not this report ^^-as true. If true, they would 
be relieved, at least for a time, from The necessity of a slcc])kss 
vigilance in order to guard against tlu'ii- i.loody inroads. If false, 
they would understand and be prenarcd for tlie necessities of the 

'J'lie olUcers in eouimand at Foil AVlicelinf,' detailed (:i|jlit 
men from the class of soldiers tlien in tlic U. S. service, called 
spies or scouts, to perform this service. It was a mi.ssiou of great 
danger, bui these young nieu were presumed to he fitted for just 
such work. 

The names of these meu, so far as I am able to call tlieiii to 
mind, were Jacoli Wet/el (brother to Lewis,) George Bro\vn, of 
Whitely, Greene Co., Pa., John Lynn, Redstone, Fayette Co., 
Pa., John Crawford (my father), Muddy Creek, Greene Co., Pa., 
Thomas Biggs and Wm. McCullocb. Tlu^ names of the oiher tv.X/ 
I can not recall. The party started from Fort ^Vheeling in the 
moutli of December, in ihedirection of the Sandusky towns. The 
trail through the unbroken forest crossed the r^Iuskicgum River 
at or below where Coshocton now stands, then through the Tomica 
region on the M'aters of Owl Creek, passing near the spot where 
now stands the city of Alt. Veinon. 

After proceeding cautiously on this route to a point some- 
where in the Owl Creek Valley, tliey ln-eamo .-alistied that the 
Indians were in the country ; that the rejiort that tliey had gone 
ofiE to the Wabash was false. 

JNIoreover some of Ihe party (my father of llie nunilx-r ) be- 
lieved they (the scouts) had beeii discovered by the Indians, 
and that the greatest caution would be necessary to ])re\-ent a 

The oljject of the mi.ssion having been attained, tlie party uo\4- 
turned their faces homeward, and, as it afterward turned out, 
were stealthily followed by a party of Indians. 

When niglil came on they had reached a point in the liilly 
region of Tomica, about ten miles west of the Muskingum Kiver. 
The weather was very cold but no snow on the ground. 

They .selected a secluded spot in a dee), ravine lor tlieir camp- 
ing ground. There was a division among the men as to whether 
they should have fire. Those who believed that the Indians had 
di.scovered tliem opiiosed it, but was overruled by the majority. 
A fire was made. 

The regulations for watching and being relies ed in order were 
duly atten.ded to. 

]\Iy father's watch came in the iir.-i part of Ihe night. 


He (Ifscribed the niRlit as boiug very still, the moou shining 
bright, the weutlier so cold that (he trees were erackijig with the 
frost, and the ground frozen hard. 

He thought it would be impossible for an Indian to get with- 
in a hundred yards of the camp without being discovered. 

The men, excepting the one on guard for the time being, sur- 
rounded the camp fire with tlicir guns in their arms, lying with 
their feet to the fire and their heads most remote from it. 

About three o'doclv in the morning the man on guard (as he 
afterward stated), after watching for some lime, turned around to 
the light of the lire to take somellung from his liuapsaek, when 
the Indians, having with astonishing adroitness ereptupouevery 
side, within some fifteen or twenty yards, lired into the camp of 
sleep>iug men. 

Two men were killed on the spot and a third one wounded. 

Those who escaped this deadly A'olle^-, sprang up and ran for 
their lives. My father, after rurning along tlic ravine some 
distance and then up a side hill, ventured to look back, and saw, 
bj' the light of the moon, at the foot of the hill, a few yards below, 
a squad of men. In a few moments there was a sliglit report of a 
gun, and lie ran on. It seems that the wounded man, after run- 
ning as far as this spot, M'as overtaken by some of the Indians and 
turned to defend himself with liis tomahav.-k. The Indians, not 
caring to engage in a hand to linnd fight, and their guns having all 
been discharged at the tirst tire, had stopped long enough to load 
a gun to shoot the poor man down. 

Five of the men were unhurt and escaped from the Indians, 
but some had lost their moccasins and all tlieirblanketsand knap- 
sacks. Ninety miles through a howling wilderness were to be 
traveled before they could reach Wheeling Fort. There seemed 
reason to fear that the Indians nii;:ht still be follov.'ing up their 
trail, so that to shoot game was unsafe and tliey had no other 
means of procuring food. 

Their hunger was added to the other diflieullies and perils 
still surrounding them. After tliree days of toil and sufleriug the 
five men reached the Fort, in two parties, one of two and the 
other of three, neither of them having any knowledge of the 
other until they came in. Those of them who had lost their 
moccasins at the sui-prise, got their feet badly frozen. 

After a few days rest, and doctoring up their frozen leei, the 
boys determined to niak-e a trip out to the Wakiioiuica coni'.try, 
as it was then called, in sea'ch of their three lost comrades, of 
whose fate they ^verc yet not CLrtain, though they believed they 
were killed. 

Procuring some horses to ride, they made their way to the 
spot where the party had Oi-en surjirised, and found the bodies of 


the three men, two at th'> camp wl\oie they liad slept, aud the 
other at the place wlieiv? ray father looking down the hill aaw the 
squad of uien at its foot. His wouiui.s indicaied that, )ir had been 
shot a second time. 

They hurried their coiupanious in the hi'St manner they 
could near the spot wliere they fell. 

I am not able, at this late day, to stnte the na)«e.s of two of 
the men who were killed. But as to the third one, there is a little 
bit of romance couuectcd with it, (roiuance in life, by the 
way,) M'hich I trust will cause it to be remembered by all the 
Crawford eonuection for at least a generation or two yet to come. 

John Ijyun, (one of the men killed) and .Toliu Crawford (my 
father], were bosom friends. They entered the U. S. service, as 
scouts at the same time, each being about eighteen years old. 
They made an agreement at the outj^et, that ia case either one 
should fall during the war, and the oilier survive, and have a son, 
that son should bear the ijame of tlie fallen comrade. 

JolinLynn was shot tlirough the heart v.-hile lying under tlie 
same blanket with .John Crawford in that awful night surprise 
which 1 have been trying to describe. 

The defeat of the Indians by General "Wayne on the Maumee, 
in August, 1794:, put an end to the war. Tliere was no further 
need for the .scouts, and they returned to tlie puisuits of peaceful 

.John C'rawford and Salome Jennings were married April 2, 
ISni. A son was born to them May olst, 1802. 

That sou was named John Lynn Crawford, in accordance 
with the sacred pledge made twelve years before. 

This scrap of history as to the orighi of the name, witli its 
hallowed iissocialions, will, I think, be accepted by all relatives 
as a precious memorial. To some of the younger portion of thoui 
ii will jjcrhaps be new. 

I have met in past years several stories or narratives evidently 
founded upon the real historic events which I have narrated above, 
hut connected with so much of mere fiction as to render them in- 
credible and worthless. 

All the statements I have made above may be relied upon as 
substantially true. They come from tlie lips of one of tlie princi- 
jile actors, whose veracity was never called in (luestiou. 

JEREnJAH JENNINGS (Jacob {461, Be-ij-Hinin 4), sou of 

Jacob & Plioel^e {B>iH) Jennings. 
Born Feb. 22, 1783 baptized Dec. 7, 1786. 
M'lr. Aug. 3, 1809 
Jane Ewart 

Born Oct. 15, 17S(i 


Their cbildreu : 

1512 Phoebe h. Jau. 3, !S]u in. Jesse Swao. 

1513 Ewart b. Apr. LS, 1,S12 d. in .youth. 
1534 Jacob b. J uly 17, 1S!-1 d. in youth. 

]olo Jane Ann b. July 6,1816 d. iu AiUliPuy, Kansas. 

lolO Hafinda b. Apr. -1, 18:M m. Stout Pry or. 

1517 Lewis b. May 211, n-iM in. jMary Hiddle. 

lolS Henry J. b. Nov. 20, J 827 ui. CiiroliDe Hart. 


HEZEFCIAH .lENNINQS (Jacob 1461, Beiijamin 4), son of 

Jacob (t Phoebe (IhiU) .Jennings. 

1519 The compiler has no ktiov.'ledge. 

ESTHER JENNINGS (Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), dau. of 

Jacob & Phoebe {Bull) Jenning-?. 
Mar. Xov. C, 17SS 
David Burnett 

lo2U The compiler has no further knowledge. 

PHOEBE JENNINGS (Jacob 1416, Benjamin 4), dan. of 
Jacob & Phoebe (ISall) .iennings. 

1521 The compiler ha.s no knowledge. 

REBECCA JENNINGS (Jacob 146!, Benjamin 4), dan. of 

Jacob & Phoebe (BuU) Jennings, 
Henry Slater 

1522 The compiler has no knowledge. 

KEZIAH JENNINGS (Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), dau. of 

Jacob & Phoebe (7>ni/) Jennings. 
Calcb Lind'ey 

Their child : 
152:; WiUiani 

" ; Vallcvgi.cs Kc2i:,h ni., Ncv. C, I'fB, Jc...,lhan Slevejis. .1.,, •^on 


JOHN JENNfNQS (Benjamin 1405, Benjamin 4), ton of 

Benjamin it R;.cliel (Marihi) Jennings. 
Boru 1780 
Died 1810 

1524 No information concerning this family, except 
that about 1849 two of his grand-children were living. 

FANNY JENNINGS(3enjaniin U65, Benjamin 4), dau. of 

Benjamin it Ivacli'?! (^Mar(in) Jennings. 

Ebenezer Tingley, a gnind-son (or son ?) of Dr. Jenning's 
sister Anna. 
Their children : 

152.5 In 1849 they v;ere reported a.s living in Crawford 
County, Pa., and three children living in Knox County, 
O-, near Mt. Vernon, one, a son, named Jacob Tingley, 
and several living near home. 

JACOB JENNiNQS (Benjamin 1465, Benjamin 4), son of 

Benjamin & Raeliel (Mariin) Jennings. 
Boru 1793 

152G In 1819 he was said to be living in Somerset 
County, N. J., and had seven daughters. 

V/ILLIAM JL-:.NN(NGS (benjamin 146S, Benjamin 4), son 

of Benjamin & llaehel (IiLirtin) Jennings. 
Born 1795 

1527 In 1849 is saif! to have six chiluren living in 
Somerset County. N. J. 



PHOEBE .lENNINCiS (Benjamin 1465, Benjamin 4), dau. 
of Benjamin & Rachel {Martin) Jennings. 

Noah Ailen 

152S lu 1840 it is said they had uine children. 


BENJAMIN JENNINGS (Benjamin I -j65, Benjamin 4), 

son of Benjamin ct Rachel {Martin) Jennings. 
Born 1799 

Their children : 

1529 Isaac D. 

1530 August r. 

1531 Jacob M. 

1532 Maiia F. b. aljouf 1S3S 
1633 Benjamin jll. li. aliout IStr 

This famil3% in 1849, lived near Plainiield, in War- 
ren Township, Somerset Co., N. J. 


RACHEL JENNINGS (Bcnjnmin 1465, Benjamin 4), diiii. 

of Benjamin it Racliel {Murtin) Jennings. 
Ezra Wilcox 

1534 In 1849 this family lived in Essex County, N. J., 
and liad .six cliildren. 


riARV JENNINGS (Beniamii. 1465, Benjamin 4), dau. of 
Benjamin & Rachel {Martin) Jennings. 

1535 No knowledge of this family. 

FOURTH G j:nerat]o>; . 



jamiii 4), dan. of Xatha.uiel & !-^aiah (^Scudocr) Jen- 

Born ]\Iay 13, 170T in Wnj-uesburg, Greou Co., Vn. ■ 

Died Feb. 22, 1802 in Jeflersoii, Green Co., AVis. 

Mar. June 26, 1817 in Wayuesburg, Green Co., Pa. 

Joseph Barmore 

Born Apr. 7.1792 in New Jersey. 

Died May 21, 187-J in Monroe, Wis. 
Their children : 


f (1) AunieRidge- 

) way- 

"'• ) (■>) iMrs. Naiiey 

t Chadwie. 




June an, 



Kezia R. 


Sep. 2S, 

IS] 9 



Ruth Jennings 


Sep. 20, 


)),. AVm. B. Pate.hiu. 


Anna M, 


June 3, 


;u. Geo. S. Jlorris. 


Nathanie! Jennings 


Feb. 11, 


m. Susanna Stair. 


5a rah 


Oct. 3, 


d. Sep. S, 1S34. 


William J. 


Apr. 13, 


d. Xov.5, 18.35, lulled 
by a falling- tree in 
Jefl'erson, Green Co., 

Jose])h Baruiore was a Clothier. 


1-161, Bc-njamin 4), son of A'alhanicl & Sarah (Scudder) 

Born A)ir. 9, ISOO in Green Co., Pa. 
Died Jan. 3, 1S70 in i\ioj;;au Twp. , Mnox Co., O. 
Bur. in Owl Creek Cliureb (V.'in-tery, Morgan T\\ p.,lCi;o.x Co., 0. 
Tifar. (1) Dec. S, 18:;:> in Green Co., Fa. 
Elizabeth Hili, .lau. of Samuel A- Elizabeth {Cothcn) HiU. 

Their ehildn n : 

1543 John Hill b. Apr. 3, Is::.-, -,:. iMizii.'fb IswiU-f. 

1544 Sarah b. Junel7, lS2-i r.i. Joloi 1 lenry l-'eul-y. 

Their (.-hildreu : 



infant son 






Susan Ross "■ 






James BaSl 






Rutii Anna 






W'iUiaiii Thomas 






Jesse Hanson 






Lydia Seymour 




, 184S 


Jothn.m Sciiddor 


. May 


, 1850 


nar\- AmL'li.i 






Clarence Septimus 






1545 rtary Jane b, Xov. 10, 1S27 d. Oct. 1,18-50. 

1540 Nr.thaniel b. Apr. 6, 1820 d. Aug.25, 1862, at Menipbis, 

1547 Elizabeth b. Sep. 26, 1830 m. Hurrisou V. Conway. 
154S Samuel Hill b. Nov. 4, 1832 m. :Mary Elleu Veatch. 
Mar. (2) r\Ieh. 10, 1830 in Grti-u Co., Pa., by Eev. Jas. Seymour. 
riary Seymour, dau. of Ilev. James ct Susan (Jx&.y.s) ^ey- 

d. Jiiu. 30, 1S3 

m. Jaines B. Bi-bout. 
killed Sv-p. 19, )b33, 
in tiie battle of Cliic- 

not married, 
d. Jan. 4, 1851. 
d. Dec. 20, 1871. 

ANNA JENNINGS (Nathaniel M6S, Jacob !-^!6f, Btn|a- 
miti 4), dan. of NathanieKt Sarah (Scuddo) Jennings. 
Carle floore 

Tlu-ir cliildiun : 

1559 Natl'.aniel Jennini;s b. May 30, 1814 lu. Sarr.b GriniL^s. 

1560 Sarah ru. Thomas l\nn. 

1561 John m. Jlary HiiL 

1562 Washington Jephtlia m. IMary Taylor. 

1563 Jacob Jenniufjs Stiers 

1504 Hannah m. Jolin\V.Clou.?e. 

RUTH JENNINGS (Nathaniel U6S, Jacob U6l, Benj.iniin 

4), dau. of Natlnniiel ct Sarali (^Scuddcr) Jenning?. 
Born Feb. 12, b807 in (been Co.. Pa. 
Died Nov. 13, 1869 in Alliens, O. 
Mar. Apr. 21, 1836 
Ira Axtel Lindiey 
Born Sep. 18,1803 in WaslTnu^ton Co., Ps;. 


Dieci Aug. 14, IhiS iu AtheiiH, O. 

Tlieir cliildrcu : 

loOo Sarah rtlarilia b. May i'l. ]s"7 d. July 20, 1S:;7. 
156G Amarillis b. D.-c. i;0, JsJI a. .laii. 9, IMii, iu Atlicus, 

Ohio. ^:3 

lf.C7 Ira Jennings b. Ajir. 8, 1814 m. ^rarg.Trel Cuse, 

1568 Electa b. Apr. 25, TS4G d. Jau. 21, 1897, iu Logau, 

. Oiiio. 

1569 JothamScudderb Oct. 17, ISlS" m. j gj ^:^l;^,^^,, 

1570 Lutellus b. Feb. 3, 1852 ni. Elmyra Thurstou. 

SARAH JEN.N'INQS (Nathaniel I46S, Jacob 1461, Ben- 
jamin 4), dau, of Natliaiiiel ct Mary .7. (Flsnigim) 
Bora J.1U. 19, 1821 
David Woods 

TJK'ii- fliildreu : 

1571 Josephine C. m. Gentry. 

1572 Mary S. m. Cook. 

1573 Lamertine d. iu youtli. 

David Woods was a lawj-er and was killed in C.tH- 
fornia. Sarah and all her children ;iic dead (]S8"2). 

Josepli'ne C. married Gentry and had chil- 
dren who lived at one lime iu Centerville, Wayne Co., 

The compiler has no fnrther information. 


ESTHER JEN.N5NGS (Benjamin 1469, Jacob 1461, Benja- 
min 4), dau. of Benjamin it Doca.s {Flcunitcn) Jen- 

Born Apr. if, J 804 

Mar. Apr. II, 182G 

JaiTies Cree 

Their cbildreu : 


1574 The compiler has no further information. 



JOHN FLENlNlKEN JENMNGS (Benjamin 1469, Jacob 
1461, Benjamin 4), son ol' Benjarain &: Dorcas {Fienni- 
/lT?!) Jeniiiags. 

Poru Oct. 28, ISO- 
Died ]Src-h. 8, 1SS8 

Mar. Mch. 29, lS3(i 

Elizabeth Burwell Fitzg:erald 

l:»iei.l Feb. 5, ISSH, iu her sixly-eiglith year. 
Tljcir c'l)ililieii : 


1575 Benjamin Fitzgerald b. Sep. 9, ISSS ni. ]MariuuV., Sawyer. 

1576 Mary Louise b. .Tune2S, i84j in. M'illiam Henry 


1577 William Kennon b. July 25, 1S4 i ju. Alice Rebecca 

157S Tiiomas Date b. July 25,1814 lu. Ainanih' Ivuox. 

^The Magastne of IVcstern Hts/cry\ published at 
Cleveland, Ohio, commenced giving biographical 
sketches of some of the leading men of Pittsbnvgh — 
manufacturers and other prominent business- men v.itli- 
in the last half century. In this list we find our old 
friend and relative, John F. Jennings, now living on 
Lincoln Avenue, Allegheny city, in the eigliiieth jear 
of his age. As Mr. Jennings is a native of tiiis place, 
and having been very extensively known throughout 
the county, fifty odd years ago, we have taken the 
liberty of borrowing from the March number, 18SG, of 
the Magasme., the following sketch of his business life, 
especially after he became an active workei in the 
great industrial hive of the State; we fully and cheer- 
fully endorse all that the Magazine says of our old 
friend, and we hope it will be read with appreciation 
and pleasure by hundreds of our older citizens v.-ho still 
remember Mr. Jennings when a young man in their 
midst. The enterprise, self reliance and strict business 
integrity of Mr. Jennings were crowned with tiieir 
natural and legitimate results, in the acquisition of en- 

L WayiiCiburt; (Pii.) paper of April, It^il, by W. 7. K. P-lulcy, ?l1 

Jer/i^v P', (ff/n^-^-^^e^ 


larged wealtli. His '.vliole life has been a worLliy 
example to the young ineu of the country who liave 
their own way to make in the v.'orld. But read vs'hat 
the Magazine of Weslern History truthfully says of the 
subject of this sketch. 

After considerable solicitation on our part, i^lr. 
Jennings consented to our printing the following notice, 
when some other members of his family sent us the 
above electrotype likeness of that gentleman, v/hich is 
a most excellent one. 


The men who laid the foundations c{ manufactur- 
ing and commercial strength on which Pittsburgh has 
been built, are rapidly passing away, and those who re- 
main should be made to feel that the new generation 
has an appreciation of the past, and is willing to give a 
full meed of praise where it is due. John P. Jennings 
was one of this hard-working body of pioneers, aud he 
has well earned the comfort and ease in which his de- 
clining years are being spent. Kis life has been a 
useful and busy one. He was born in Waynesburg, 
Greene County, Pennsylvania, on October 28, 1807. 
His ancestors came originally from New Jersey. His 
maternal grandfather, John Flenniken, while a native 
of Pennsylvania, was for many years a citizen of North 
Carolina, where he remained all through the Revolution- 
ary War, serving gallantly as a mem.ber of that band 
that has passed into history as " General Marion's 
minute men." He was a delegate to the Mechlenburgh 
convention, v>-hich adopted the famous " Mechlenburgh 
Declaration of Independence '' of 1775, and was one of 
the signers of that immortal paper. He was a man of 
high standing, and of great inlluc-nce in the south. 
When the war was over, his wife haviug in ttie mean- 
time died, he returned to Pennsylvania, bringing with 
him two children, a son and daughter, the latter being 
afterwards the wife of Benjamiu Jennings, and. niolher 
to the subject of this sketch, (^n Mr. Flenniken's 
return to the North he was appointed one of the first 


associate iiidges of Greene County, and served v.-ith 
honor and faithfulness in th:U position. 

Mr. Jennings' paternal grandfather, Jacob Jennings, 
settled on the -west side of the Monongahela river on a 
farm. The son, Benjamin Jennings, while yet a minor, 
learned tlie trade of a carpenter, and went to Waynes- 
bnrg, the serf of Greene County, which had previonsly 
been divided from Washington Count}'. The tovvn did 
nctat ihat time contain a dozen houses. He assisted 
in building the first court house in the county. It v.-as 
constructed of hewed logs, and within it the courts 
were held until a new brick house, a very elegant one 
for the tiine, was erected. It included all the olliccs 
needed to carry on the public business, and also a verj' 
necessarj' appendage in the back woods of those days, 
a jail. The county v.-as named after General Greene, 
the bosom friend and military companion of Generals 
Washington and LaFayette — and thus Pennsylvania 
honors these three Revolutionary heroes by uamiug 
after theur three counties that touch on each other — 
Washington, Fayerte and Greene. 

When Benjamin Jennings was married he brought 
his wife to Waynesburg, but could find no house to li\'e 
in save a small one oflogs tha stood on the farm on 
which the town was laid out. He had bought two lots 
on Main street, and ^^as soon engaged in building two 
frame houses, a portion of the timber therein being cut 
from the main street of the town, and the remainder on 
what is now called the park, but was then known as the 
commons. The subject of this sketch was born during 
the progress of this work, in the little log house that 
stood on what is now Greene street. The building has 
only been demoli.?hed during the last three years, to 
make room for the progress of improvements in that 
outerprisiug town. 

Mr. Jennings' childliood and )'outh did not difier 
from that of the great majority of children. When he 
was about fifteen years of age he served for a time in a 
village store, but in a few months entered a ])rinting 


office to learu the printer's trade. As his opportunities 
for an education had been very meagre, he earnestly 
applied himself to study, attending a grammar class at 
night, and becoming an expert in that difficult science. 
After conipleting his trade he was oflered a tiosition in 
the largest general store of the town, and accepted. He 
remained tliere nearly three years, receiving the rudi- 
ments of a business education, which served him a good 
purpose in after life. By reason of close confinement 
his health began to fail, and he concluded to leave the 
store and go back to his trade. In 1830 he went to 
Ohio, and in St. Clairsville found an old office mate, 
who had learned his trade by his side, and v>'lio v/as 
none other than Colonel George W- Manypvnny, who 
afterwards became a distinguished citizen of Ohio, and 
held many important positions, state and national. Rlr. 
Manypenny had just bought a newspa])er, and he 
wished Mr. Jennings to remain with him until he should 
get his establishment in. fair running shape. He did so, 
and was there one 3'ear, wlicu he Vi'ent to Colnmbusand 
entered an ofiice wliere he gave part of his time to his 
trade arrd a part to reporting the proceedings of the 
general assembly. Mr. Jennings had one advantage 
over the majority of his craft. Plaving learned his trade 
in a country office, he was taught all branches of the 
business, while the rest, as a general thing, understood 
but one branch. He could turn his hand to all forms 
of ofiice work. There were no steam presses in those 
days, and there were but two men in the oflice who 
could run a hand press at all, and Mr. Jennings was one 
of them, and as he was an expert therein he was soon 
materially advanced in the matter of wages. He had 
made himself useful in so many ways, and had worked 
with such industry and intelligent understanding of 
what was required of him, that when he decided to leave 
he was offered the foremanship if he would remain. But 
he had other purposes in view and declined. He 
returned to St. Clairsville, where he worked until the 
next spring, and in 1833 removed lo Pittsburgh, with 


forty-five dollars in his pocket, the sum of his worldly 
wealth, where he followed his trade, and in 1S35 became 
foreman of one of the offices. 

In p-ebruary or March, 1837, Mr. Jennings v/as 
offered the position of book-keeper and general manager 
of the Eagle Cotton 'Work?, one of the largest factories 
in Allegheny, where all the factories of that section 
were located, and doing an immense business. Today 
there is not one in operation. The machinery and bus- 
iness of the Eagle Mill hsve been removed to Madison, 
Indiana. The grounds and buildings in Allegheny 
have recently been sold to be diverted to other p\ir- 
poses. Mr. Jennings remained with the Eagle six 
years. In the spring of 1843 he went into the Vvhole- 
sale grocery and produce business in connection with 
James W. Hailman and John R. Blaine, under the firm 
name of Hailman, Jennings & Company. They laid 
good foundations and were commencing to build up a 
large business, when they were overtaken by the great 
fire of 1845, and utterly ruined, losing not only what 
they had, but being left several thousand dollars in 
debt. The fire swept awaj' two-thirds of the business 
portion of the city, and would have crushed a pVice 
where the spirit of enterprise and progress was not as 
great as it has ever been in Pittsburgh. During the 
winter of that year, Mr. Hailman and Mr. Jennings 
entered into partnership with William Coleman and 
Samuel H. Hartman for the purpose of manufacturing 
steel. Blister steel was the only kind then attempted 
in Pittsburgh, and the spring steel was made from the 
blister. Mr. Jennings remained only one year with 
that firm ; matters connected with the business did not 
run smoothly, but caused the development of consider- 
able friction. He offered to sell his interest, and as 
some money had been made he was able to dispose of 
it at a good figure to a banking house. This not only 
enabled him to pay his proportion of the debt and stand 
financially square with the world once more, but left 
him a small capital in addition. 


The time was one of development and advance in 
the steel business; the product Avas about to be applied 
to a nev,' use, and there was not a mill in Pittsburgh 
prepared to make it. On his retirement from the above 
named firm, Mr. Jennings .set about raising a company 
for the manufacture of steel, and several other articles 
that Vv'ere the product of steel — spring steel, carriage 
and bugg}' springs, plow steel, etc. There had sprung 
up a great demand for steel plows, but no one had been 
able to furnish the steel. He succeeded in raising a 
good company that, before getting into operation, 
underwent some modification, and that was eventuallj' 
composed of the following gentlemen: A. M. Walling- 
ford, John F. Singer, W- K. Nimick, Ale?;ander Nimick, 
John F. Jennings, Samuel H. Harlman and Felix R. 
Brunot. The firm name taken was that of Singer, 
Hartmau & Company. Messrs. Wallingford, Nimicks 
and Brunot were the capitalists and silent partners, 
while Messrs. Singer, Hartman and Jennings operated 
the concern. Mr. Hartu!an was a practical mill man, 
and became the manager of the entire works, which 
soon became famous as the Sheffield Steel Works. The 
m^'U was constructed with a special view of adding the 
manufacture of plow steel slabs to the other lines of 
work. The slabs were run in lengths of ten to tv.'elve 
feet, and ten to fourteen inches wide, and could be made 
to any required thickness. A very large demand for 
steel immediately sprung up, and as a result of the new 
manufacture, a large number of plow shops came into 
being in the west. The steel they made was of good 
quality, and ready sale was found for it at remunerative 
rates. For over two years they had a monopoly in that 
branch of their business. Then other mills began to 
follow in their footsteps, but theSheflield had the trade, 
and it was a long time before a breach of any size had 
been made in that part of their trade. They had 
fitted up a mill expressly for rolling plow slabs, and 
when the business was slack this was used for the mak- 


ing of boiler plate and slieet-iron. The other part of 
the mill was ruriuing on various kinds of v>'ork, such as 
steel carriage and bugg}' tires, cro\vbars, sledges, picks, 
and a host of other articles. Tlie shops were running 
on springs and axles, solid box vises, and many other 
things of that character. They did at one time com- 
mence the manufacture of anvils, but the trouble of 
procuring workmen was so great, as the}' had all to be 
imported from England, that that line of business 
was soon dropped. 

The work of making steel at that day was entirely 
different from that employed at present. No account 
of present methods v/ill be attempted here, as they are 
so numerous and have been so fully described in special 
publications. But it will be of the greatest interest to 
look at the course followed in those days when America 
first commenced her growth in this great line of indus- 
try. In the course of preparation for this sketch I 
asked Mr. Jennings for a detailed description of the 
methods first pursued, and he kindly gave it to nie,and 
it is here reproduced : The plan was the old English 
process of conversion. The iron was rolled from a 
bloom of charcoal iron down to the size required, and a 
half inch thick. It was then cut to proper lengths, and 
placed in a furnace constructed for the purpose. In 
each furnace are two sarcophagi, or "pots," as the work- 
men call them. Each pot will hold fifteen to twenty 
tons. On the bottom of the pots is a laj'cr of ground 
charcoal a half inch thick, laid very evenly and 
smoothly ; then a layer of iron, bars laid perfectly 
straight and smooth, then a layer of charcoal a fourth of 
an inch thick — and so on, alternate layers of iron and 
charcoal till the pot is full ; then a thick layer of char- 
coal, and the entire top covered with a layer of moist 
cliiy two or thiee inches in thickness, to render it as 
perfectly air-proof as possible. The other pot is treated 
in precisely the same manner. The fire is beneath, and 
the pot containing the iron and charcoal is surrounded 


witli fire, the heat moderate at first, but increased by 
degrees till brought up to the standard (2000) degrees 
and is kept steadily at that point nioht and day, and 
not for a monieiit allowed to be reduced till the iron is 
converted into steel, which takes seven to ei^ht days. 
There are inserted in cacli ])ot trial bars, which are 
withdrawn one at a time wlien near the finish to ascer- 
tain when the iron is sufficiently -carbo-nized, as it is a 
matter of importance that the temperature be not too 
high or too low. When sufficiently converted the fire 
is let out, and-after a fev/ days of cooling, the top cover- 
ing is removed, which facilitates the cooliiig process. 
When sufiicieutly cool to be drawn, you will find the 
steel covered with blisters, and is then called '• blister 
steel," the fiDuudatiou of oilier steel. If it is intended 
for spring or plow steel, it is then heated and rolled 
down to the required thickness. The English 
then call it German steel, to distinguish it from cast 
steel. If for cast steel it is broken into pieces small 
enougli to be put into crucibles, sud melted in furnaces 
prepared for the purpose, and poured into a mould and 
it becomes an "ingot," and worked under hammers or 
rolls to any purpose desired. Now this was the only 
process by which steel was made when first introduced 
into Pitt.sburgh, but it is now almost entirely aban- 
doned, and other modes adopted by which steel can be 
made in a few hours by chemical process. 

Among other improvements introduced by Mr. 
Jennings was one which caused a complete revolution 
in the mode of supplying the plow-makers with steel, 
which proved to be profitable as well as satisfactory to 
both parties. Previously to this, the steel was furnished 
to plow-makers in the slabs, and they had to cut out 
the mould boards, shares, etc., by hand with cold 
chisels and sledges, avery tedious and laborious as well 
as expensive process. Mr. Jennings called upon two of 
the largest shops in Cincinnati and obtained their pat- 
terns, and proposed to cut their mould boards to .shape, 


having- coustructed shears for the purpose. By this 
meaus the plow-maker saved the price of the scraps, 
v/hich were of no vahie to ihem, as they would not bear 
transportation back to the works. He saved in freight 
on the weight of the scraps in the slab, and also in twc 
blacksmith fires,which would be no inconsiderable item, 
as the average price of coal at that lime thi-oughout the 
west was twenty to tv/euty-five cents per bushel. The 
wages of four stout men were saved also. While the new 
plan increased the profit to the works, it was also a sav- 
ing of twenty percent, to the plow-maker. Of course 
the plan was followed bj' other shops, and it soon be- 
came the general mode of furnishing steel to the piov/ 
manufacturers throughout the country. The Sheffield 
works are still in operation, and are among the largest 
concerns of the kind in the country. They have made 
many improvements, and added many new articles to 
their catalogue. 

In 1SG2 Mr. Jennings sold out his interest in these 
works, and since then has been engaged in no active 
business enterprise. But lie has by no means been an 
idler, nor allowed the fine powers with which nature 
has endowed him to run to waste. No record of his 
life, however much in outline it might be made, could 
be complete were no m.ention made of his patriotic 
course during the War of the Rebellion. His heart and 
soul were iu the Union catrse, and he was not the man 
to stand idly by and see all the work done and all the 
burden borne by others. He turned in with all the 
power and energy within him to aid in the sending of 
soldiers into the field, and his services in that direction 
were of the most marked character. His oldest son, 
Beniamin F. Jennings, was then iu the Sheffield office, 
and although only twenty-two or twenty-three years of 
age, was determined to raise a company of volunteers 
and lead them to the war. The father did not discour- 
age him, but aided him in all ways in his power, fur- 
nishing no small sums of money fronj his own pocket 


for the pa3'nient of bounties to enlist men. When a 
certain number of volunteers had been raised, the rocn 
were added to those of other companies raised in that 
way, and became company B, of the one hundred and 
fifty-fith regiment of Pennsylvania volunteer infanvry. 
Mr. B. F. Jennings went out as second lieutenant 
thereof, but earned a captaincy before coming home. 

When Lee invaded Maryland, the governor of 
Pennsylvania called for fifty tliousand emergency men. 
With other patriotic citizen.'^ all through the state, Mr. 
Jennings went to work and raised a company in Alle- 
gheny. Many of the people had allov.'cd their sons to 
enlist under the expectation that Mr. Jennings was to 
be in charge of the company, and in order to make that 
misunderstanding good, he decided lo unofficially 
accompanj' the boj's to the seat of war. He went with 
them and they reached Plagerstown just after the battle 
of Antietam. Thej' remained there two weeks, until 
after the danger of Lee's invasion of the north was at 
an end. Mr. Jennings aided the Union cause in many 
ways, and was one of General Howe's most efficient 
allies and supporters in keeping western Pennsylvania 
alive to her full duties in those trying hours. He was 
often in Washington on business connected with mili- 
tary affairs and the carrying on of the war. On one oc- 
casion there was a new call for men, and sixt^'-five were 
assigned for raising in Mr. Jennings' ward in Allegheny 
to prevent a draft. A meeting- of citizens was held and 
a committee, of which he was one, was appointed to 
procure the men. He went energetically to work, and 
the quota was soon filled at an average cost in bounties 
of one hundred and fifty dollars to each man, v/hile 
from two hundred and fifty to four hundred dollars 
were being- given elsewhere. He was of great assistance 
in raising of One Hundred days' men, and was the 
main instrument by whicli Allegheny sent five com- 
pauiesof them into the field, including liis two younger 
sous, instead of the one tliat \vasp.;;kcd for. His labors 


in this direction brought on a serious spell of sickuess. 
In all his labors he made no charge to the government, 
but in addition to his time, influence and energy, he 
gave also a great deal of money to the cause that lay so 
near his heart. He was a member of the Cit)', State and 
National Union League, and was one of its most fore- 
most workers. 

Mr. Jennings has been an honored and consistent 
member of tlie Second Presbyterian Church of Pitts- 
burgh for forty years, and served a number of years on 
the board of trustees. On several occasions when elec- 
tions for elders have been held, he has been requested 
to serve in that position, but has as steadily declined. 
He has been vice-president of the Cash Insurance Com- 
pany since its creation, and still holds that position, 
although doing little active business of any sort. He 
was married on March 29, 1836, to Elizabeth B. Fitz- 
gerald, daughter of Michael Fitzgerald, at that time a 
prominent silversmith of Pittsburgh. There were born 
to this union three sons and two daughters, all of whom, 
with the exception of one daughter who died in infancy, 
are still living. He lost his wile three years ago. 

Mr. Jennings has lived a useful and honorable life. 
In politics he is a Republican, but has never held an 
office, and has left his mark on the industries of his 
home city. The channels through which he has made 
himself felt have not brought his v.-orks conspicuously 
before the world, but none the less has he done full 
duty and been of more use than many who have made 
a stir in the world. With a clean personal record, hon- 
ored by all who know him and loved by those who 
know him best, content to have done the best the cir- 
cumstances about him would allow, he is spending the 
afternoon of life in peace, and has no fear of the 
future tov,-ard whicli his face is turned. 



SAHUEL JENNINGS (BenjaiTiin 1469, Jacob 1461, Benja- 
min 4), son of Benjamin & Dorcas (Flennikcn) Jen- 

Born Apr. IS, 1812 

Died June 7, 1852 


Sarah Garrison 

Their children : 


lo79 The compiler has no further information. 

JACOB F^ERRY JENNINGS (Benjamin 1469, Jacob 1461, 

Benjamin 4), son of Benjajuin & Dorcas (Flennikcn) 

Born Jan. 15, 1 SI 4 
IMed Apr. 27, ISSO 
Lydia Cazy 

Tlieii fliil<l"en : 

1550 The compiler has no further information. 

MARY JENNINQS (Benjamin 1469, Jacob 146!, Benjamin 

4), dan. of Benjamin & Elizabeth (Siockdale) Jen- 

Born Jane 17, 1827 

Mar. Feb. 20, l.slo 

W. T. H. Pauley 

TJieir ciiildreu : 


1551 Tb.e compiler has no infornjation of this family. 

JAHES STOCIvDALE JENNINGS (Benjamin i-:69, Jacob 

1461, Benjamin 4), son of Ik-njanrin it Elizal^eth 

{Slockda'e) Jen'iings. 
Eoru Aug. 22, 1829 i-j Wayuv^hurfr, Pa. 


Mar. May ai, 1S59 iu Atliens Co., O. 

Laura E. Vv'eethee, dau. of Daniel & ( ) Weethee, 

of Trimble Twp., Atliens Co., 0. Her father came from 
Now Hampshire, and was an earl}' settler of Athens 
Co., Ohio. 

Born Apr. 4, 1S34 iu Chauneey, Athens Co., O. 
Their children : 


15S2 Wiliiaisi C. J. b. Apr. 10, 18G0 m. IMasgip Groham. 

1583 Charies B. b. Nov. 12, 1S«4 

1584 Mary L. b. Jan. 31, 1871 


Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of Benjamin & Elizabeth 
(Slocldnle) Jennings. 

Born July 22, 1S31 


Eliza Hawley 

Their children : 


1585 Tlic compiler has no kuowledge of tliis famil)'. 

WILLIAri CRAWFORD (Salome 1470, Jacob !46?, Benja- 
min 4), son of John A Salome {Jennings) Crawford. 
Born Dec. IS, 1803 
Died May 19, 1S60 
Mar. June 20, 1827 
Elizabeth Rea 
Born Jan. IB, 1810 
Died Aug. 2S, 1858 

Tli.'ir children : 


John Lynn 





in. AunTC.Towiisead. 







d. Apr. 12, 1853. not 






, ]S-:l 

in. J. B. Laidloy. 






1 S.M 

d. Melj. 21. Ift).^. 







111. Clias. K. Lueas. 


James Paul 





IU. T>Jary S. Itfi'diu- 






, ISll 

d. Jan. n, I'^Gl. 

1593 William Jefferson b. Nov. 17, KsjR 


Saiome .Fane b. May 

nargaiet Elizabeth b. FpI). 

1596 Jesse 

10, ]8-i(l 
21, !S49 

b. Mav 23 


d. Fel>. 22, IS73. not 
married. Served iu 
Signal Corps, U.S.A., 

m.Wiliiani P. K<]dy. 
uuiuanied. Teacber 
iu Holdredge, Neb. 
d. June 25, 1851. 


JENNiNQS CRAWFORD (Salome 1470, Jacob 146!, Ben- 
jamin 4), sou of John & Salome (Jennings) Crawford. 
Born Sep. 11, 1805 in Pennsylvania. 
Died Sep., ISSI 
Mar. (1 ) 
Sarah F3vans 
Born Oet. 1, 1805 
Died ISJl in Obio. 

Tlieir eliildreu : 

1597 Ann b. Aug. 25, 1828 

John Lynn b. Jilay 29, 1830 




Mar. (2) 1846 
5arali Price 
Born Jan. 27, 1814 

Their eliildreu : 

1602 Margaret b 

1603 qcorge E. 1j, 

1604 A. Judson | 
1C05 Jennings Price f '' 

b. Feb. 22, 1833 
b. Jan. 6, 1835 
b. Oct. 30, 1837 

d. wilboul issue, 1855. 
tu. Aim Graham, 
m. Charles Kabler. 
m. "William I<ilzeuberg. 
m. Charles W. Coo 

July ll 



d. in infancy. 

ui. Julia C. 

f m. Amelia Benest. 
^^'-''"X m. Ann AVillinms. 


AUCE CRAWFORD (Salome 1470, Jacob 146!, Benjamin 

4), dau. of .Tohu it Salome (Jmnaigs) Crawford. 
Born June 13, 1807 iu Greene Co., Pa. 
Died July 20, 1894 in Albany, Athens Co., O. 
Bur. iu I-febbard.sville, Athens Co., (). 

Mar. .Tan. 19, 1S30 in Green Co., Pa., by Jlev. Leroy Wcni. 
David Kerr, pon of Archibald &: Mnry {J:histoii) Kerr. 



Boru Tiec. 17, Ibui iu ^^'aHluugtoIl Co., Pa. 

Died Dof. t), ISSO in Alliauy, Athens Co., O. 

Bur. in Hi^.Uirdsvillt, Aiijpijs Co., O. 

Thoir obildren : 

1606 Sakmic Jennings 

1607 Hamelton Huston 

1608 Marj' Lucinda 
1C09 M.-irg;ii-et 

1610 RfOfccca Gordon 

icn PiU'ije Alice 

I). iSTov. ?, 18o6 m. Andrew II. Holmes, 

b. Jau. 15, 183S m. Rhoda Gray. 

1.. Oct. 31,1839 m. Heury Fi.shor. 

b. Meb.16, 1811 m. James M. Holmes. 

h. Duo. 8, 1842 lu. Arcbelus Staidey. 

h. Dec. 16. lSi4 m. ^Y. W. J'-lake. 

David Kerr was a Farmer. 


Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of John & Salome 
( Jemi I'lUjs ) C ra w f o rd . 

Born July 1, 1809 

Died Aug. 16, 1868 

Mar. Oct. ivi, 1811 

Katherine Allen Harper 

Died Feb. 18, 1886 

d, Feb. 21, 1817. 

m. AVilliamKeimon Jeu- 

niugs (No. 1577). 
d. Aug. 13, 1850. 
m. Flizabetb Crowlo. 
m. Josepbiiie Turner. 

Their children ; 


1612 Saloiiie 


Oct. 21, 


1613 nilt:rcd Lindsay 


July 1, 


161 i Alice Rebecca 


May 9, 


1615 Katherine 


Apr. 4, 


1016 Jefferson 


Oct. 14, 


1617 Jolin Jennings 


Jan. 25, 


LUCINDA CRAWFORD (Salome 1470, Jacob 1461, Benji 

min 4), dau. of John & Salome (Jennings) Crawford. 
Boru 181 i 

Died about 1857 
Joshua Lau5;hram 

Their children : 

1618 John Cornelius soldier, uii'riarricd, d. at Hazel Greesi. 

1619 Salome Jane uuniariied, d. at H:izel (irecn. 



1461, Benjamin 4), daii of .lohn & S.-iJonie {Jriuiingi::) 

Boru 1S13 

Died JS52 


John Adam Gordon 
Died ]sy8 

Tlieir cliildren : 

1G20 n. Lafayette lu. Agnes Donald. 
1621 Joht! Crawford iii. JIargaret llnrper. 
1022 Ba.<^il 
102.^ Wiiiiam Lynn 
102): Rfhecca ni. West. 

Rebecca Gordon West resides in Waynesburg, Pa. 

PHOEBE JENNINGS (Jeremiah 1471, Jacob 1461, Benja- 
min 4), dau. of Jereiuiah it Jane {Evnrt) Jennings. 
Boru Jan 3, 1810 
Jesse Swan 

1G2.5 After marriage Phoelje Jennings Swan w^nt to 
Illinois and is the mother oi' ten or eleven children, of 
whom the compiler has no information. 

HALINDA JENNINGS (Jeremiah 1471, Jacob 1461, Benja- 
min 4), dan. of Jeremiah A Jane {Eicaji) Jennings. 
Ikiru Apr. 4, 1820 

Bur. at Clarksville, Greene Co., ]'a. 


Stout Pryor 
Bur. at ('larki<liui'j;, (-ireene Co., I'a. 

Tlieir cliildn.n : 

1620 They have four living children, of whom the com- 
piler has no further information. 


LEWIS JENNINGS (Jeremiah 1471, Jacob 1461, Beiijannn 

4), son of Jeremiah & Jane (Ewarl) Jennings. 
Bom May 20, 1824 

Mar. iu Caiiuiebaels, Greene Co., Pa. 

Alary Biddie 

Their children : 
1627 Isaac Newton. 
1G26 Finley 













The children of Lewis Jeuuiogs reside at Streator, 
111. Lewis Jenniutjs is dead, but the compiler lias not 
the date. 

HENRY J. JENNINGS (Jeremiah 1471, Jacob 1461, Ben- 
jamin 4), son of Jeremiali & .lane (Ewart) Jennings. 
Born Nov. 23, 1827 

Mar. Sep. 25, 1851 iu Carmiehael, Greene Co., Pa. 
Caroline Hart, dan. of Levi t^- Jane (Jackson) Hart. 
Boru Sej). 30, 1830 

Tlieir cliildrou : 

1634 Salome J. b. Sep. 10, 1852 in. .Tames G. Feather. 

1635 Mary L. \, j^ j^, j^;,;! .' 'u. AV. H. ILimmersly. 

1636 Margaret I '^i ' '• ' ' I d. Oct. 11, ISiil. 

Henry J. Jennings is the sole survi\-or of his father's 



ALFRED BARMORE (Salome M8!>, NathanieSl^^S, Jacob 
1461, Beniarrin 4), son of Joseph & Saloiue (Jcnniinji) 
Barm ore. 

Born June 30, 1818 in WaynesAurg, Green Co., l*a. 

Mar. (1) Mob. 1841 in Green Co., Pa. 

Annie Ridgc\i ay 

Died May 1^1, 1S49 

Tlieir Ciiildren ; 


10.37 Sarah A. b. Feb. 2,1843 d. Feb. 5, 1862. 

1638 Da\ic« Ridgeway b. Apr. f>, 184.5 m. M. F. Alexander. 

1639 Joseph South b. Apr. 13, 1849 m. Auna jNl. Harvey. 
Mar. (2) Feb. 28, 18.50 

rirs. Nancj' E. Chadwick, nee Davis. 

Their oliildren : 
1040 Harvey D.-jvis b. Oct. 28,1851 ru. Samautha Requartle 

1641 Thomas Joshua b. Mcli. 14, 1855 m. Augeline BaiidaiJ. 

1642 KeziaS. b. July 2,18-59 o. Jan. 15, 1S62. 

Alfred Barraore was a Farmer. 

RUTH JENNINGS BARMO!?E (Salome 1489, Nathaniel 
1468, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), dau. uf Joseph & 
Salome (^Jennings) Barm ore. 

Born Sep. 29, 1822 in Waynesbiirfr, Green C'o., Pa. 

Died Nov. 21, 1S79 in IVfonroe, Green ('o., Wis. 

Mur. May 26,1800 in Green Co., Wis. 

Willaid BoN\en Patchia 

Died Dee. 9, 189U 

Willard B. Patchin was a Farmer. His family re- 
sides at Monroe, Green Co., Wis. 



ANNA M. BARHORE (Salome 1489, Nathaniel 1468, 
Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), dan. of Joseph & Salome 
{Jennings) Barinore. 
Born June 23, 18:?5 in Wuyucsburg, Grei-u Co., Pa. 
Mar. ¥eh. H, 1SG8 in Twin Giovo, Green Co., V/is., by Rev. 

William Wood, Presbyterian j\f init;ier. 
Qeorge S. Alorris 

Born June 11, 1S27 in IScaver Co., Pa. 
Ko oliildri-n. 

Georc^e S. jMorris is a Tailci. His address is 
Fredericksburg, Chickasaw Co., Iowa. 


thaniel 1468, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), sou of Jo.seph 
& Salome (Jcnirings) Barraoro. 

Born Feb. 11, 1S28 in Center, Greei;e Co., Pa. 

Mar. Dec. 9, 1851 in Jefferson, Green Co., Wis. 

Susanna Stair, dau. of Jacob tt Elizabeth (Fhd-c) Stair. 

Born Nov. 18, 1831 in Tippeeanoc Co., Ind. 
Their children : 


16 Jo Salome Elizabttli 

1611 Frank Gapen 

164.5 Mary Kezia 

1G46 William 

1647 Jacob Stair 

1648 Wiliard P. 

1649 Jennie Jennings 

1650 Benj. Bradshaw 

1651 Rutii Anna 

b. Hep. .5, 1852 
b. Nov. 25, 1851 
b. Jan. 16, 1857 
b. Meh. 29, 185'J 
b. Dee. 9, 1861 

ni. Tliomns Calioon. 

m. Ella Yarger. 

m. Benj. F. (.'iiaraber.s 

d. Feb. 21, IKCl. 

m. Jennie 15. r!eit.'.ei). 

b. May 8, 18G4 d, Apr. 27, 1871. 
b. Nov. 21, 1867 m. Harrison T,. P 

h. June 10, 1S70 m. Addie L. Gorr. 
b. Feb. 25,1873 m. Jolm F. Gift. 


JOHN HILL JENNINGS (Jotham S. 1490, Nathaniel I46S, 
Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), '?ou of .fotham fecudder & 
Elizabeth (Hill) Jennings. 

Born Apr. S, 1825 in (rreene Co., Pa. 


iNtar. Aug. 26, 1852 iu IMorgi'u Twp..l':noxCo., 0-, by Rev. 

Elizabeth E«-art, dau. of John tt Abigail (Jumh'in) Ewart. 

Their clnldren : 

1G.52 Abigail Moselle Ij. July 17,1853 d. May 12, ISoJ. 
16.58 John Evart b. Apr. 12, 18.57 ni. Cliua K. Dyer. 

165-1 riaryJane b. .Tul.y 22, 1S5S m. Le-\vis C. Morri.s. 

16.55 Natlianie! Banks b. June IJ, 1862 d. Aug. 1, ISOo. 

SAR,A.H JONNJNQS (Jotham S. 1490, Naliianie! H6S, 
Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), dau. of Jotliam Scudder & 
]Cli7.aheth (Hill) .Tenning.s. 

Bom .Tuuo 17, 1826 in Gireeue Co., Va. 

Mar. Sep. 26,184-1 iu Kuox Co., Oliio. by Eev. Ja:nes Seymour. 

John Henry Kegley, son of .John it Rachel (Anderson) 

Tiioir ehildieu: 


1656 John Jennings b. Aug. ."l , 1845 m. Julia Hinchey. 

1657 Elizabetli Caroline b. Apr. 16, Iti-lS d. May, 18.50. 

1658 Thomas Jefferson b. Feb. IS, 1851 m. I). H. Wood. 

1659 Franklin Thoaspson b. June 25, 18.58 

1660 Eugene Alonzo b. Kov. 2, 1855 

1661 Carej' Beil b. Mch. 26, 1858 

1662 Charles Hi!! b. Juue 10, 1859 m. Jo.sepliiiie Smitb. 

1663 May Blanche b. Apr. 2,1861 d. July 28, 180.3. 

1664 Samuel riaiion 

1665 Lizzie Haria 

1666 Lily Ann b. Mcli. 19, bSOG 

b. July 19, 1863 


ELIZABETH JfiNNLNGS (Jotham S. 1490, Nathaniel 
1468, Jacob 1461, Beniainin 4), dau. of Jothaiii Scud- 
der tt Klizabetii (IIUl) Jennings. 

Boru Sep. 26, 1.830 iu Greene Co., Pa. •; 

Mar. ISIay 30, 1849 in Knox Co., O., by Rev. James Seymour.' 

Harrison Vaughn Conv.ay, son of SannuJ & Lucind.a 
(Hearer) Conway. 


Tlieir cliildren : 

ICGV Jotliam Jennings b. July i, ISoO 

]6<)8 Sarah Liziie b. Apr, 11, 1857 m. John W. Keigley. 

1C69 nsmic Sasan b. Oct. 20, 1860 ra. 1. N. Throckmoito'i. 

1G70 riarthfl Luella b. Sep. 18, iSG4 

SAHUEL HILL JENrs'lNQS (Jotham S. 1400, Nathaniel 
1468, Jacob 1461, tJenjamiu 4), son of Jotbam Scud- 
der it Elizabeth (Hill) Jennings. 

Boru Nov. 4, 1S82 in Gieeue Co., Pa. 

Died Jlay 30, ISSo 

Bur. in Owl Creek Cbureii Cemetery, Knox Co., O. 

Mar. Sep. £0, 186(5 in Knox Co., O. 

nary E!ien Veatch, dau. of Elli.? & Elizabeth (A'cv-.^Veatcb. 

Born Sep. 17, 1 Si- 
Died Aug. 8, 1882 

Their children : 


1071 Liz.'iie Ruth b. Dec. 20, 1809 d. Aug. 10, 1881. 

1672 nary Florence b. Aug, 7,1873 ra. Wm. L. Troyer. 

1G73 WilJiam Ellis ) 

1674 Sarah V/inifred \ l>- S^P' ^"^ ^''''« 


RUTH ANNA JENNINGS (Jotham Scudder J4<>0, Na- 
thaniel 1468, Jccob 1461, Benjamin 4), dau. of 
Jotham Scudder it Mary (S'-'i/mour) Jennings. 

Born June 4, 1841 

Died Oct. 10, 1883 near Gambier, O. 

Bur. in Owl Creek Cemetery. 

Mar. Oct. 30, 1802 at the home of her parents near JLarlinsburg, 
Knox Co., O., by Ilev. J, G. Tunison. 

James B. Bebout 

Died 1890 

The u' cliiUhen 


1675 Jotham Jeriniiigs h. Kov. 27, 1803. 

1676 Enoch .Sr.!ni!cl b. Dec. 19, 1800 d. Aug. 10, 1800. 
1077 Delia Maretta b. Dec. 2:i, 1860 ni. Chauncey K. W'nr- 



167fl John WiiMams b. Jau. 14, 1870 d. Xov. 8,1895. 

1G79 Jesse Hanson b. .Tau. 11, 1870 

"Ruth Anna JT;nnings Bebotit was a very earnest 
Christian, taking Christ into all the little as well as 
great things of life. Her greatest desire was to see all 
her children devoted Christians.'' 


NATHANIEL JENN5N0S HOORE (Anna 1491, Nathaniel 
1468, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of Carle & Anna 
{Jenni'iig-<) Moore. 

Bom May 30, 1S14 Waynrsbuvy, Pa. 

Died Nov. 17, lSfi2 in Orclaaid, Keb. 

Bur. in Fredrie-a, Ta. 

Mar. Jan. 30, 1S3S at Hopewell ( hLncb, Green Co., Pa. 

Sarah Gray ham 

Born jSov. 12, 1S14 in Wayuesburg, Pa. 

Died Feb. 14, iSSS in Fredricr., la. 
Their children : 


1680 Mary .".nna b. Jan. 13, 1S44 in. V\'!lliaio Maxwell. 

1G81 Hannah Nancy b. Dee. :2il, 1S4C1 m. Speucer Clutter. 

1682 Caleb John b. Mcli. li, 1849 m. Julia Foster. 

1683 Nathaniel Qreene b. Aug. S, 1 850 ra. Auua E, Granger. 
1C84 Saniue! lines b. Aug. '21, ISoo m. Phebe J. Hunsaker. 

These children were born in Hopewell, Greeu 
County, Pennsylvania. 


SARAH AIOORE (Anna 14P1, Nathanie! i468, Jacob 140i, 
Benjamin 4), d:ui. of Carle & Anna (Jennings) Moore, 
Mar. (1) Iffil 

Thomas Penn 
Died 1S38 

Their cljildreu : 

1685 Carte b. Mch. 16, 1835 m. Mary Jane Allison. 

16SG Wni. Crawford b. Feb. 14, 1837 m. Loui.^a Ksbecvii Chad- 

Mar. (2) 
James (jettys 

Their children ; 

1687 Anna HIiza 

1688 Joseph 



16S9 John 

1090 Sfiinacl b. Kov. ly, 1S50 

1091 Hannah Jane 

The compiler has no further record. 

JOHN A'lOORE (Anna 1491, Nsithaniel 1468, Jacob 1461, 
Benjamin 4), bon ol' Carle it Aima (Jcninngs) Moore. 
Died j\I:iy 10, ISSl at Cambria, low:;. 
Mary Hill, dau. of S;imuel & Elizabeth {Cn'herj) Hill. 

Their ehildveu : 
1692 Carie 
1003 Samuel 

1694 ^Villiam 

1695 Elizabeth 

Mar}' Hill, the n'ife of John Moore, was a sister of 
Elizabeth Kill, the wife of Jotliam Scuddev Jennings, 
(1490 ) 

The children of John Moore live in Iluiuestown, 
Wayne County, Iowa. 

HANNAH AiOORE (Anna 1491, Nathanie! 1468, Jacob 146!, 
Benjamin 4), drai. of Carle iV- Anna (Jcniuufi^) Mooj-e. 
Died Dec. 29, 1SS4 at Chariton, Iowa. 
Wesley Clouse 

Their children : 
1 698 Leroy 

1697 Emma 

1698 William 

1699 Carle 

IRA JENNINOS LINDLEY (Riilii 1492, Nathaniel 1468, 

Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), .^on of Ira Axtel t'v. lluth 

{Jeri'ni'>}<)><) Lindley. 
Born Api'. 8, 18-14 iu Atheu.s County, Ohio. 
Mar. Aug. 20, 1874 in Athens, Ohio, l>y Itcv. W. T. liarvey. 
riargaret August." Case, dau. of I'lavius & Elk-n (Slomi) 

Born Apr. 30, 1857 in Ijogcsn, Chiu. 


Their chiklreu : 

1700 Lou Ella b. Dee. ].S, 1ST5 in Atlieiis, Ohio. 

1701 EarlJerinings b. Jan. oO, 1877 ia AUicus, Ohio. 
1072 Homer Fiavius b. Oct. IC, 1S78 iu Athens, Ohio. 
1703 Howard AlcLeod b. Dec. 80, 1SS2 in Athens, Ohio. 
1704- Charles Case b. Dec. 5, 1S84 iu Athens, Oliio. 

Mr. L/indlej' served iu the Civil War in Co. B, 
141st Regt. O.V.I., and in Co.C, ITStli Regt. O.V I. A.t 
the close of the war he relurued to Athens, Ohio, and 
entered Ohio University. In June, 1866, he went to 
El Paso, 111., where he worked one year. From there 
he went to Roanoke, Ind., for eighteen months, return- 
ing to Athens, where he ran an engine in a furniture 
factory, until 1881, since then he has bten in Logan. 
He is a Pharmacist and Insurance Agent and resides in 
Logan, Ohio. 


J0THAA1 .SCLIDDER LINDLEV (Ruth 1492, Nathaniel 
1468, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of Ira Axtel & 
Ruth {.Teiinings) Lindley. 

Born Oct. 17, isis iu Athens, Ohio. 

Mar. (1) May24, 1S76 in Steplieoson Oounty, 111. 

Rachel Jane Askey, dau. of Thomas tt Isabella (Neil) 

Born Dee. 28, 1S50 iu Stepljenson County, 111. 

Died Meh. 9, ISSO iu Central City, Neb. 
Their children: 


1705 Arthur J. b. Mch. 22, 1877 

1706 Ruth Mnbe! b. Uay 31, 1882 

1707 Ira Wiliard b. ,Iuue 3, 1SS5 

Mar. (2) June 24, 1800 iu Centi'al City, Neb. 
Anna Swan Lucas, dau. of Thomas & Lettie Jane (Kerr) 

Their children : 

1708 EniJ-.ia Liicile b. Jar,. 5, IS!i2 

1709 Mcicii b. May 25, 18;i3 

1710 Tlionias Ross b. Feb. 22, 1805 

1711 Lulu Electa b. Feb. 2(i, 1807 

Jotham Scudder Lindley is engaged ia the Drug 
business in Central Cit)', Neb, 



LUTELLUS LINDLEY (Ruth 1492, Nathaniel 1468, Jacob 
l-ff)!, Benjamin 4), son of Ira Axlel A Ruth {Jcnniitg-s) 

Boru Feb. 8, 1852 

Mar. M;iy 29, 1873 

Eimyra Thurston 
Xo chiKUv!!. 

Lntelhis Lindley is a .steward, and lives iu Colum- 
bus, Ohio. 


Benjamin 1409, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of .John 
Flennikan tt Elizaljeth B. (FiLticrald) Jennings. 

Born Sep. 9, JSyS 

Mar. Oct. 81, ISfJ.j iu Washington, Pa., by Rev. James I. Bvown- 
sqn, D. D. 

riarian Virginia Sawyer, dau. of John M. & Sawyer. 

Born Oct. 17, !.S41 

Their children : 


1712 ATaria Sawyer b. Apr. 30, 1872 iu Allegheuy City, Pa. 

1713 Marian b. Dee. 3, 1S7 7 in Allegheny City, Pa. 

Benjamin F. Jennings .served as 2nd Lieutenant 
of the loStli Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infan- 
try, earning a captaincy before coming home. He, 
with his brother, has been engaged until lately in the 
manufacture of steel. His present address is Alle- 
gheny, Pa. 


MARY LOUISE JENNINGS (John F. i 496, Benjamin 1469, 
Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), dan. of Jolm Fleni;il;en & 
Elizabeth B. {F(hijnxild) Jennings. 

Born June 2;1, ISII in Alleglieny, Pa. 

Mar. Oct. 10, 180.5 in Allegheuy, by Kev.W. D. Howard, (>. 1). 

William Henry Burt, son of Williau! tt Thnidd'ul (S'ron.q) 

Born July S, 1832 in X<>rlh;:i!ipto!), "*,Iiss. 


Tlieit chilcircu : 

1714 Klizabeth Jennings b. .Tuiy 11, 18^6 m. Edwin G. Ferguson 

1715 William Dale b. July 5, 1S72 

William Henry Burt was Commissary in let Div, 
17th Army Corps, and served three years. Present 
address is Alleglieuy City, Pa. 


WILLIAM KENNON JENN1NQ5 (John F. 1496, Benjamin 
1469, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), twin son of John 
Flenniken & Elizabeth B. (Fifujerald) .Jennings. 

Born July 2.3, 1S4-1 in Allegheny City, Pa. 

Mai: 8ep. 17, 1874 

Alice Rebecca Crawford (IGM). dan. of JeflVrson and 
Katherine Allen (Harper) Crawford. 

Bom May 9, 1847 

Their children : 


171G Ciai a Crawford b. Dec. 5,1875 

1717 Florene Crawford I). Dee. 25, 1877 

1718 Dale Crawford b. Sep. 28, 1879 

William Kennon Jennings is an attorney-at-law, 
and resides in Pittsburgh, Pa. 

THOMAS DALE JENNINGS (John F. 1496, Benjamin 1469, 

Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), twin son of John Flenniken 

& Elizabeth B. (Fitzgerald) Jennings. 
Born July 25, 1844 in Allegheny ('ity, Pa. 
Mar. Oct. 8,1874 in Allegheny City, Pa. 
Amanda Knox, dau. of Jamo.~ A. &. Sarah (Lony) Knox. 
Born June 1, IS.jO in Allegheny Cily, Pu. 
Died Apr. 4, 1895 in Sewickley, Pa. 
Bur. in Sewiekley Cemetery. 

Thtir child: 

1719 Elizabeth Fitzgerald b. Sep. 11, 1875 in Allegliony City.Pfi. 

Thomas FJale Jennings was a member of Co. B., 
19od Regt. Penn. Volunteers. At present he is 
engaged in Insurance, in Pitt.sburgli, Pa. 


WILLJAM G. J. JENNINGS (James S. 1502, Benjamin 

1469, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of James Slotk- 

dale & Laura ( Vrccthc) Jennings. 
Bovu Apr. 10, ISGO in Wuyuesburg, Greene Co., Pii. 
Mar. Xov. 2, ISSo in Topeka, Kansas. 
Ma.?gie Graham 

The compiler has no furtlier information. 

JOHN J.VNN CRAWFOF^D (William 1505, Salome 1470, 
Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of William & Elizabeth 
(/iVa) Cra-\\-ford. 
Bom ]\Ic4i. 24, 1S2S 
Mar. Apr. 4, ISoo 
Ann Eliza Townsend 
No children. 

The address of i\Ir. John L. Crawford is No. 117 
South Center Street, Chicago. 

PHOEBE CRAWFORD (William 150,^, .Salome 1470. 

Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), dnu. of William c'c JCli/idicth 

(Rea) Craivford. 
Born Dec. 29, 1831 
Died Get. 1S54 
Mar. July 12, 18.5.S 
John B. Laidley 

Their child : 
1720 One child ; died witliout i.~sue. 

LUCINDA CRAWFOI^D (William 1505, .Salome 1470, 

Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), dau. of Williavu it Jsiizi-lxth 

(Rca) Crawford. 
Born Oct. 'Si, 1830 in C'uiab.Tlaud T>\ |.., Gn^e'i- (V.., Pa. 


Mar. Feb. 2.5, ISi;2 iu CnriDichaeis, Greei'e Co., P.i., by Hew Juo. 

Charles Swan Lucas, son of Swan i5:. Parmelia (Eiiieri/) 


Tlieir childieii : 

1721 Ella Crawford b. Jan. 13, ]R6(i m. Charles Tiild. 

1722 Win. Jefferson b. Xch. 12, 1869 ra. Helen Eaton. 

C. S. Luca.s was 2d Lieutenant iu Co. I, 8t!i Regt. , 
Pennsylvania Reserves. Present add/ess is Central 
City, Neb. 


JAAIES PAUL CRAWFORD (William 1505, Salome 1470, 
Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of William & Elizabeth 
(Kca) Crawford. 

Boru Jan. 25, 1S39 

Mar. May 22, 1861 iu CaviEicliaels, Pa. 

riary Su^an HcCiintock 
Their cliiUUeu : 


1723 Wni. iMcClintock b. Apr. 20, 1SC.2 d. Aug. 10, 18G.3. 

1724 John Lynn b. Apr. 1(5, 1S64 d. 3tch. C, 1S78. 

1725 Charles Lindsay b. Xov. 26, 1SG7 m. 2^ora F. Weil's. 

1726 r^obert b. Oel. 25, 1870 in Allegheny City, Pa. 

Now resides at Car- 

michaels. Pa. 


James Rea 




, 1S7-1 

in !Moutmoreuei, 8. C. 
Medical Student In 
University of I^a. 


Arthur Gordon 





d. Jan. 10, 1883. 







d. .Tan. 7, 1879. 


Donald Wallace 





d. Deo. 20, 1881. 


Russell Orr 


J uly 



jSTow going to sciiool in 

James Panl Crawford enlisted in the United States 
Volunteer Army, April 13, 1861, serving in Co. F, Ist 
Pennsylvania Reserve Cavalry until Sept. 18, 1862, 
when he was discharged on account of disability 
incurred iu the service. 

At present, 1899, he is engaged with tlie Garrett- 
Buchanan Co., Paper Manufacturers, Philadelphia, Pa., 
and resides at No. 6 South. 38i:h St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


SALOME JANE CRAWFORD (William 1505, Salome 1470. 

Jane 1461, Benjamin 4), dau. of William & Elizabeth 

(Rca) Crawford. 
Born May 10, 1846 in Cai'iuichaejs, j'a. 

Mar. Apr. li, 1SG6 in Terryville, Conn., by Rev. Mr. Miiglet. 
M'iinam Pcnn Eddy, son of John & Nancy {Merrilt) Eddy. 
I5oru June l(i, 1S3-5 in Dudley, IMa.^s. 

Tlic'ir children : 

1732 John Lyuii b. .Tune 16, 1807 in Dudley, Mass. 

1733 Elsis Rea b. Dec. 12, 1S71 in Brooldyn, N. Y. 

Mi.W. P. Eddy is a {Manufacturer of Tape Measures. 
. John lyynn Eddy is Cashier for the Outlook Co. 
Elsie Rea Eddy is a Professional Musician. 
The family resides at ■272 Clifton Pl.,Brooklyu,N.Y. 

JOHN LYNN CRAWFORD (Jennings !50<r«, Salome 1470, 

Jacob !64I, Benjamin 4), son of Jennings tt Saiah 

{Evani) Crawford. 
Born May 29, 1830 
Ann Graham 

'Dieir claildren : 
1731 Henry Howard 
17.S.5 Jefferson 

1736 Salome 

1737 Alice 

1738 Jennings 


SALO.^^E CRAWFORD (Jennings 1506, Salome 1470, 
Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), dau. of Jennings it Parah 
(^Evans) Crawford. 

Bom Feb. 22, 1833 

Died IS06 

Mar. 1854 

Charles Kabler 

Tlieir child : 


1739 Jennings Crawtord di-d in i:if;iticv. 




LYD5A CRAM'FORD (Jennings 1506, Salome 1470, Jacob 
1461, Benjamin 4), dau. of Jennings & Sarah (Evana) 

Born Jau. Ci, ]8.'>5 

Mar. 1854 

WiUiani Litzenberg 

Their cliildreu : , . 


1740 Anna m. Alvah Marsliall. 

1741 Jeiinie 

1742 Jennings Crawford 

PHOHBE CRAWFORD (Jennings 1506, Salome i470, 

Jacob 146!, Benjamin 4), dau. of Jennings A Sarah 

( Eca ns ) C rawf ord . 
Boru Oct. 30, 1S37 

Mar. 1856 , 

Charles W. Coe 

Tlieir chiidreu : 

174.3 Frank Lynn 
1744 Louisa m. C. N. Hunt. 

GEORGE E. CRAVv'FORD (Jennings 1506, Salome 1470, 

Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of Jennings & Sarah 

{Price) Crawford. 
Born Aug. 22, 3 849 
Mar. Get. 27, 1870 
Julia C. Benest 

Tlieir chiidreu: 
174.5 John Lynn 
'174(; Jennings 
1747 Louise 

A. JUDSON CRAWFORD (Jennings 1506, Salome 1470, 

Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), .'^on of .U-nniugs A'. S;a;ih 

{Prirr) Crawford. 
Born Aug. 27, 18-5.5 


Died Aug-. 18S9 
■Mar. 1SS3 

Amelia Denest 

Tlieir child : 
174S Jeriiiings W. 


JENNINGS PRICE CRAWFORD (Jennings 1506, Salome 
1470, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), sou of Jennings & 
Sarah (Price') Crawford, 

Born Aug. 27, 1855 

Mar. 1SS5 

Anna Williams 

I'liejr ciiildren : 


1749 Frsnces Louise 

1750 Qeneveve 

1751 Dorothy 

1752 Margaret 


SALOriE JENNINGS KERR (Alice 1507, Salome 1470, 
Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), dau. of David & Alice 
{Cruuford) Kerr. 

Born Nov. 5, 133B in Green County, Pa. 

Mar. Dee. iS, 185-1 in Albany, Ohio, by Bev. G. Coler. 

Andrew H. Holmes, son of James & Fannie(/'(f/(r)Iiolmes. 

Born ]\ray 20, ISol in Jefferson Covnty, Ohio. 

Died Sep. 3, 1S&9 

Bur. in Bluff City Cemetery, llhiff City. Kansas. 
Tlieir children : 


1753 Costello Crawford b. Jleh. 11, 1.S5G m. Amanda A. "SYilsoij. 

1754 James Huston b. May 27, ISoS m. ISIary JI. Dewin-. 

1755 Andrew Fredrick b. July 20, IKGO m. Elizabeth J. Wilson. 

1756 Fannie Alice b. July 12,1^04 d. J)ec. 13,1870. 

1757 William DaN'id d. in infancy. 
175S John Kerrlinn b. Xov. 15, 1807 d. Aug. 22, 1S72. 

1759 Lorna Lulii b. Feb. 28, 1870 

1760 Phebe Wallace b. Dec. 28,1875 m. James K. Moler. 
17G1 Kverctt I'ierce b. Jan. 15, 18'^0 


HAMELTON HU5T0N KERR (Alice 15i07, Salome 1470, 
Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son ol David t^ Alice {Crnir- 
j'lird) Kerr. 

Born Jan. 15, ISMS in Hiirrisc/'i County, W. \'n. 


Mar. i\:ch. H, 1SB5 iu Hebbardsvillc, Athens County, Ohio, by 

Rev. 1. Z. Hauin<>. 
Rhoda Qray, dau. of Jesse & Sarah (VorJirft) Gray. 
Boru July 19, 1S46 iu Hebbardsvillc, Athens County, Ohio. 

Their children : 

1762 Harry Qray h. Sep. 16, 1S67 m. Beruice L. Burch. 
ITOa Qlenn Elmont b. Sep. 20, 1S72 m. Edna J.I. Dexter. 

1764 Jesse David b. Apr, 4, 1874 

1765 EFsie May b. Aug, ],1S76 

H. H. Kerr, Farmer, Fair Grange, Cole,s CcunLy, 
Illinois. Served in the 36th O.V. I. four year.s during 
our war. 


MARY LUCINDA KERR (Alice 1507, Salome I4"0, Jacob 
1461, Benjamin 4), dan. of David vt Alice. (CoAcford) 

Born Oct. 81, 1S39 iu Harrison County, W. Va. 
Mar. Sep. 24, 18S4 in Albany, Athens County, Ohio, by Rev. J. 
W. ]\tartin. 

Henry Fisher, son of Henry & Fisher. 

Born Aug. 4, I,S47 iu Tittsburg, Pa. 
They have no children. 

Henry Fisher, Capitalist, Roseland, L,a. 

riARQARET KERR (Alice 1507, Salome 1470, Jacob 146!, 
Benjamin 4), dau. of David & Alice {Cfnirford) Kerr. 

Boru Meh. 16, 1841 in Harrison County, "\V. Va. 

IMar. ^"ov. 27, 1S66 ih Albany, Athens County, Ohio, by Bev. I. 
Z. Haniug. 

James fladison Holmes, son of .fames I'i. Fannie(P(V;Tc) 

Boru June 1ft, 18.^7 near .-vlexauder, Jefl'trsun County, Ohio. 
Tlicir chiMren : 


1766 Anson Kossuth b. Meh. 22, ISOS ra. Eva Lamb. 

1767 Blanch Irene b. iMch. 2,1874 ui. Joseph H. Tjaiker. 

J. Madison Hohnes, Farmer, Chapmnn., jMerrick 
County, Nebraska. 


REBECCA GOF^DON KERR (Alice 1507, Salome WO. 

Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), d.'iu. of David & Alice 

(Craurford) Kerr. 
Boru D(.'C. H, 1R42 in Albany, Athens Co., (>. 
Mar. Oct. 4, 1ST5 in Albany, O., by Kev. David Powell. 
Archeleu.s Stanley, son of Archeleus & Amj' (Mansfield) 

Born Nov. 1.^, 1844 in Alexander Twp,, Athena Co., O. 

Their child : 
17(i8 Alice Any b. Oct. 14, T576 in Albaiiy, Athens Co., O. 

Archeleus Staulej-, farmer, Albanyj Athens Co., O. 

PHEBB ALICE KERR (Alice 1507, Salome H70, Jacob 
1461, Benjaniin 4), dau. of David & Alice (Crawford) 
Bom Dec. 10, 1844 in Albany, Athens Co., O. 
Mar. Mul], ti, 1807 in Albany, Athens Co., O., by Kev. I. Z. 

W. W. Blake, son of Ed waul & Lucy ( Wines) Blake. 
Born Sept. 19, 1841 in Alexander Twp., Athens Co., O. 
No children. 
W. W. Blake, farmer, Albany, Athens Co., O. 

JEFFERSON CRAWFORD (Jefferson J. J50S, Salome 
1470, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of .Jefferson -Jcn- 
ning.s it Ivathcrine Allen (Hurj>cr) Crawford. 
Bom Oct. 14, 1851 
Mar. Sep. 5, 1856 
Elizabeth Crowie 

The compiler has no further information concern- 
ing this family. 

163 7 

JOHN JENNINGS CRA^^'F-ORD (Jefferson J. 150S, Salome 
1470, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son ol -Jefi'erson Jen- 
nings it Kathcrine Allen (Harper) Crawford. 

Born .lull. 'S:>, 185ij at Hiiy,.'; (4reen, Wis. 

Mar. Oct. 16,. 1844 at Ka;-,eo!).li. Jlass., by Kev. J. C. Lsbareo. 


Eflen Josephine Turner, dau. of Seth it EJlen Montgom- 
ery (Manahaii) Turner. 
Born Apr. ].3, 1860 at Randolph, Mass. 

Their children : 

1769 Seth Turner b. June 30, ISSG at Baudolph, 


1770 John Douglas Montgomery b. Feb. 25, 188S at Randolph, 


I\Ir. Crawford resides in Randolph, Mass. 


n. LAFAYETTE OORDON (Rebecca 1510, Salome 1470, 
Jacob l461, Benjamin 4), son of John Adam & Rebecca 
Slater {Crauford) Gordon. 


Agnes Donald 

Their children : 


1771 Fanny Slater m. Samuel C. Bartlett. 

1772 Donald 

1773 A^ary Duke 

M. Lafaj'ette Gordon is a Missionary (American 
Board) in Kioto, Japan. 


JOHN CRAWFORD GORDON (Rebecca 1510, Salome 1470, 
Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4),i^on of John Adam itKehecca 
Slater {Cnnrfnrd) Gordon. 


Margaret h'arj^er 
Their child: 


1774 riarcus ricWillen b. about 1S74 

IMarcus Gordon is a Printer, and resides in Pitts- 
bnrgh, 1'.'. 


WILLlAn LYNN GORDON (Rebecca 1510, Salome 1470, 
Jacob M6I, Benjamin 4J, .son of John Adam tt Rebecca 
Slater {Cravf.r,}) Goidcm. 


Tlieir child : 


1775 Francis Fales b. 1884 



SALOME J. JENNINGS (Henry J. 15!8, Jeremiah 147!, 
Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), dan. of lieiu-y J. & Caroline 
(Hurt) Jennings. 

Boru Sep. 10, 1S52 

Mar. Aug.Si, 1S81 

James I. F-eatfier 
Their child: 


1776 Caroline J. b. Sep. 25, 1884 

HARY L. JENNINGS (Henry J. 1518, Jeremiah 1471, 
Jacob 1461, Benjaniisi 4), dau. of IJenrj- .J. & Caroline 
(Hart) Jennings. 
Born Apr. 10, ISiU 
Mar. Oct. 22, 1889 
Dr. W. !i. Hammersly 

Their child : 

1777 R. C!ay b. July 3, 1891 

Mrs. Mary L. Jennings is residingat 33 W. Fayette 
Street, UniontowB, Pa. 


DAVID RIDQEWAY BARflORE (Afred 1536, Salome 
1489, Natlianiel 14d8, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of 

Alfred & Annie (Uiilgeivay) Karniore. 

Boru Apr. 9, 181.5, in Athens County, O. 

Miir. {]) Sep. 17,1807 in Broadhead, Wis. 

Mary Frances Alexander 
Their child : 


1778 Xirgil Alfred b. I'd). 9, 1870 iu O'Brien CouiUy, Jowi-.Now 
resides, a bachelor, at Lake 
Park, 3<>wa, and is Ijy iMOl'.'s- 
sioi) a dru''t;isl. 


Mai. (2j Sep. 4, IW'ii iu Evanstowi,, 111. 
Ida Jessie Wood 

Xo childreii by second luarriage. 

David R. Barraore is at present Sergeant of letter 
carriers iu the Chicago postoffice. He now resides in 
Clj'de, 111., a suburb of Chicago. 

He enlisted in the First Heavy Artillery ,Wisconsin 
Volunteers, Ser^ternber 17, 1SG3, and was mustered out 
September 17, 1865. 


JOSEPH SOUTH BARHORE (Aifred 1536, Saiomc 1489, 
Nathaniel I4^S, Jacob 546!, Ben,iamin4), son of Alfred 
tt Annie (Ridgeway) Barmore. 

Born Apr. 12, 1849 

Died Aug. 26, ISSO iu Green County, Pa. 

Mar. June 19, 1S75 iu Green County, Pa. 

Anna H, Harvey, dau. of Samuel it Sarah ( ) Harvey. 

Boru Dec. 1, 1«49 

Their child : 

1779 Claudia b. Dec. 27, 1S76 in Green County, Pa. 

Joseph S. Barmore was a Physician. 
Mrs. Barmore resides in Waynesburg, Green 
County, Pa. 


HARVEY DAVIS BARMORE (Alfred 1536, Salome 14S9, 
Nathaniel 1468, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of 

Alfred & Nancy (Davis) Barmore. 
Born Oct. 28, ISol iu Jefferson Township, Green Co., Wis. 
Mar. Nov.14, 1S72 iu Greeu C!c).,AVis., by Rev. Robert Smith. 
Samantha Cordelia Requartte, dau, of William & Martlia 

( ) jteijuartte. 

Boru Nov. 10, ]S.j4 iu Botetourt Co., Va. 

Their children : 

1780 K!ttie Dutte b. Feb. 2,1875 m. K. S. Cotherman. 

1781 William Rociuartte b. May 9, 1870 

1782 Park Alfred b. Nov. r-. 18S1 

320 "hescendants ok eenjamin 

THOriAS JOSHUA BARHORE (Alfred 1536, Salome 1489, 
Nathaniel 1468, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of 

Alfred ct Nancy E. (Pavis) Bainiore. 
Born Jlch. 14, 1S55 iu Giveu Co., Wis. 
.Mav. (1) July 29, 1S77 iu Oxfordville, Koek C^o., Wis., by Rev. 

Ji. O. iSanboru. 
Angeline Randall, dan. of William (V Elizaueth {Earkialne) 

Bom Dec. 27, 1S5S iu Greeii Co., Wi^^. 
Died Aug. 19, 18SS 
Bur. iu Mt. Veruou Cemclery, Juda, Wis. 

Tbeir children : 

17S;; Ivar Ralph b. ^'ov. G, JSTf' 
1TS4 Pearl b. Aug. 20, isSl d. .Taa. 31, 18S9. 

nS5 Trevor Jay b. July 21, 1SS5 
Iklar. (2) Nov. 20, 1889 in Broadbead, Green Co., Wis., by Bev. 

B. L. Prescott. 
Amanda Laura Amerpotit, dau. of Christoijher & Elizabeth 

(HiUannuj) Amerpohl. 
Born June 18, 1S0.5 iu Madison, Wis. 

Their child: 
1786 Hattie Pear! b. Apr. 8, 1S93 

SALOriE ELIZABETH BARHORE (Nathanie! J. 1540, 
Salome 1489, Nathaniel 1468, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), 

dau. of Nathaniel .lenningsit Susanna {Stair) Barmore. 
r>oru Sep. 5, 1852 iu Jefferson, Green Co., Iowa. 
Mar. 1874 

Thomas Henry Cahoon 
Born .)u1y H, Ibto iu Xorthanipton Co., Pa. 
Died Get. 1, 18'J7 iu Bock Grove Twp., Htcphcuson Co., Tl'.s. 
Bur. iu Bock Grove Ceiuetery. 

Tlieir eliildren : 

1787 Wiliiam H. b. Aug. 12, 3875 

1788 Mary A. b. Nov. 1877 
178fl Susan Maria b. July 11, 18S0 
17!i0 Geneva Jeanette ), ^ ^^ .^,^,„ 
1701 Jennings Gilbert j '• ' '' '^ ' ' 


17f>2 Elsie Mas b. Dec. l.'i, ISS- 

ITOS ' Rtith Irer.e ' \\Kox. fi, 1S!14 

Thomas Cahoon is a Farmer. His address is 
Orangeville, Stephenson County, Illinois, 

FRANK QAPEN BARMORE (Nathaniel J. 1.540, Safome 
1489, Nathaniel !468, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of 

Nathaniel .Jennings & Susanna (Stair) Barmoro. 
Born Ivov. 2.5, 1854 in Rock Grove, Ste]ilienson Co., Ills. 
Mar. Feb. 5, 1879 near Freepoit, III., l)y Rev. .Tobn CUfl'en. 
Elia S. Yarger, dau. of Christian & Sarah Jane (McManigal) 

Born Dec. 11. 1852 

Their children : 

1794 Beulah Ailisoti b. Jan. 15, 1881 

1795 Myrtle lillen b. Dec. 24, 1882 
1790 ZeHa Ruth b. Aug. l,"!, 1SS4 

1797 Ethel Roy b. :May 21, 1880 

1798 Floyd 0!en b. Apr. 9, 1888 

1799 Clarence Verl b. .Tune 2, 1892 

Frank G. Barmore is a Fanner. His address is 
Orangeville, ,Stephenson Count}', Illinois. 

MARY KEZIA BARMORE (Nathaniel J. 1540, Salome 

1489, Nathaniei 1468, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), dau. 

of Nathaniel Jennings & Sus;inna (Sluir) Barmore. 
Born Jan. 10, 18.57 hi Kock Grovo Twp., Stepliensou Co., Ills, 
ilar. Feb. 14, 1878 at home in Rock Grove Twp., Stephenson 

Co., Ills., by Rev. G. H. ^Vells. 
Benjamin Franklin Chambers, son of Samuel & Elizabeth 

( ilfy-s^'r) Chambers. 
Born Feb. 14, 185.5 in Siephensou Co., Ilia. 

Tiieir children : 

180(la Robert LJoyt! b. Jinie 5, 1879 
1800b Edwin Barmore b. Sep. 15, LSSl 
1801 Je-.inings Qlenn b. P\'b. 1,1893 

Benjamin F. Chambers is a Farmer. His address 
is Rock Grove, Rteplienson Coiinty, llliuois. 



JACOB STAIR BARHORE (Nathaniel J. 1540. Sa!o!rrel489, 
Nathaniel I46S, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), s.on of Na- 
thaniel Jennings & Bnsaima (Stair) Earmore. 

Born Dee. 9, ISO] 

War. Jan. 2ii, 1893 in rieepnrt, Il!s., by l^ev. I. D. MoC'autry. 

Jennie Belle Reitzell, dau. of William & Susan (Ilcrshct/) 

Born .Tan. 2P, 1870 near Frefport, Ills. 

Then- cbildren : 

18')2 Paul ReitzeU b. July 2, 1594 

1S03 Margaret isabeUa b. Jan. 29, 1897 


JENNIE JENNINGS BARHORE (Nathaniel J. I540,Salome 
1489, Nathaniel 1468, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), dan. of 
Nathaniel Jennings & Susanna (S( Barmore. 

BoriiKoY. 21, 1SG7 

Mar. Dec. 29, 1892 at home iu Rock firove Twp., Siephensou 
Co., Ills., by l\ev. Levi Stoffecker. 

Harrison L. Raj'iner, son of John &: (JRosu-ciUr) Ray- 


Born Dec. 13, 1SH5 

The compiler has no further information. 


Salome 1489, Nathaniel 1468, Jacob 1461, Benjafnin 4), 

Kon of Nathaniel .lenningsA' Susanna (Siair) Rarmore. 
Boru.Uiue 10, 1870 

Unv. Jh'?. 21, 1893 in Freeporl, 111., by Kev. Joseph Ke.igle. 
Adtlie LiicHa Gorr, dau. of John ct Lena (Chrisl) G:<n: 
Born Apr. 12, 1873 

Tlieir cbild': 
1804 John Jennings b. Pec. 2, 1895 



RUTH ANNA BARflORE (Nathaniel J. 1540, Salome 1489, 
Nathaniel U6S, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), dar.. of Na- 
thaniel Jennings <t Susanna (Stdir) Barmorc. 

Boru Feb. 25, 1873 

]Star. Jau. 31 , ]fS95 at her home tiy Rev. S. M. Hiliiard. 

John Franklin Gift, son of William 11. & Catherine (.Vi/'cr) 

Boru Oct. .^1, 1S70 

Their childreu ; 


1805 Lois Marguerite 1). Jan. 10, 1S9G 

180G Hazel b. Sep. 2S, 1897 

JOHN EWART JENNINGS (John H. 1543, Jotham S. 
1490, Nathaniel 1468, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of 

John Hill tt ElizabeLh (Eivari) Jennings. 
Boru Apr. 12, 15157 in MiUer Township, Kuox Co., O. 
Mar. Jau. 10, 1SS3 iu Worth Tuwusliip, Bouue Co., Iowa, by 

Kev. C. W. I'oslen. 
Clara Elizabeth Dyer, dan. of William ct Elizahelh (Curt- 

uright) Dyer. 
Boru Mch. 24, ISW 

Their children : 

1807 John Ralph b. Sep. 17, 1SS4 

180S William Clarence b. Apr. 10, ISSS 

HARY JANE JENNINGS (John H. 1543, Jotham 5. 1490, 

Nathaniel 1468, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), dan. of John 

Hill i-t Elizabeth (Ewart) Jennings. 
Bom July 22, 1858 u: lylillta- Towjisliii', Knox Co., O. 
Died Sep. 2,1890 

Bur. ii; Booue Cemetery, "Wortli Towosiiip, Jioouc Co., Iowa. 
Mar. JSIch. 29, 18S3 iu Worth Township, P.ooiie C'o., Iowa, by 

Bev. N. H. Millard. 
Lewis Carman Florris, son of Josejih & Saiah Elizalicth 

(DiU) Morris. 
Boru Mcli. 14, bS57 


Their childreu : 

1809 Clara ESizabeth Ij. ^\pr. U, 1SS4 

1810 A'.abei Di!! b. Oct. 1,1890 

1811 Lottie Ewart b. Apr. 30, 1S92 d. July 8, 1892. 


JOHN JGNNiNGS KEQLEY (Sarah 1S44, Jotham S. M90, 
Nathaniel 1468, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of .lolin 
Homy & Sarah (Jnvnings) Kegley. 

Boru Aug. 31, 184-5 in Ml. Vevuon, Kucx Co., Ohio. 

Mar. Meli. 31, 1809 iD Ames, Story Oouuty, Iowa, by Eev. S. 
H. Mitchell. 

Julia Hinchey, dau. of B. & Lucy ( ) Hindiey. 

'I'heir eliihlren : 

1812 Jennie Amy b. Dec. IS, 1S72 iu Story Co., Iowa. 

1813 Clarn B.'anche h. June 17, 1875 d. Oct., 1893, 

1814 John Frankiln b. Oct. 1,1878 in Story Co., Iowa. 

1815 Genevieve b. Oct. 4, ISSl in Story Co., Iowa. 
ISIG Howard b. Mch. 6, 1885 iu Slory Co., Iowa. 

TH0A1AS JEFFERSON KEQLEY (S.-trah 1544, Jolha.n S. 
1490, Nathaniel 1468, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4): son 
of John Henry & Sarah (Jennings) Kegley. 

Boru Feb. 18, 1851 iu Mt. Vernon, Knox Co., Ohio. 

Mar. Feb. 18, 1877 

Dorie Hortense Woods, dau. of Silver C. & Zilpliy Ann 
( ) Woods. 

Born July 31, ISoO 

'I'beir children : 


1817 LJirdle Clera b. Feb. 24, 1878 

1818 John Wood b. .\ieh. 2, 1879 

1819 5amu;! Harion b. May 28, ISSl 
1S20 Sarah Lillian b. Aug. 18, 1883 

1821 Albert Lee b. July 22, 1886 

1822 F-'oiest Deroiida b. Sep. 0, ISSS 

1823 Lizzie Hay b. .-Vug.oO, 1891 
1S24 Ronald Jefferson b. Feb. 1,1890 


CHARLL-S HILL KEOLEY (Sarah 1544, Jotham S. 1490, 
Nathaniel HdS, Jacob 14ol, Benjamin 4), son of John 
Henry i Sarah (Jennings) Kegley. 

Boru June 10, 18.59 

Mar. Juiit; 10, 1891 in Dos wloiups, la., by Kev. A. I. Hobbs. 

Josephine Sniitli, dau. of rhiUmder it Catherine (Bel') 

Their diildren : 


1825 Hush Pau! b. Aug. 22, 1892 in De.s Monies, Li. 

1826 Helen b. Sep. 29, 1S9.5 in Ciirlisle, la. 

1827 Paul b. Jan. 19,1897 iu Los ADgcles, Cal. 

SAR.A.H LSZZJE CONWAY (Elizabeth !547, Jotham S. 
1490, Nathaniel 1468, Jacob, 1461, Benjamin 4), dau. 
of Hariison Vaughn & Jillizabeth (Jennivgs) Conway. 
Bom Apr. 11, 1857 in Martinsburgh, Kuox Co., O. 
Mar. May 3,1879 in Des Jiloiues Township, Boone Co., Iowa, 

byKev. H. N. Millard. 
John Warren Keiglej-, t:on of Jacob i Eli/,:ibcth {Throck- 
morton) Keigley. 
Their children : 

1828 Ina L. b. Sep. 29, IRSO m. Horace W. JNIoflatt. 

1829 Ray Ciififortt b. Xov. 9, 1883 

1830 Mamie Vaughn b. Feb. 10, 1SS6 

MAHIE SU.SAN CONWAY (Elizabeth 1547, Jotham S. 
1490, Natiianie! 1468, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), dau. 
of Harrison Vaughn it Eli/.abeth {Jcnuhifis) Conway. 
Born Get. 20, 1800 in Kuox County, Ohio. 
Died Feb. 29, 1897 in Boone Co., la. 
Bur. in LinwoodCenietery, Boone, la. 
Mar. Feb. 25, 1885 in Des Moines Tov.'u.ship, liooue Co., la., by 

Rev. James W. Edsou. 
Isaac Newton Throckmorton 

Their cliild : 

1831 Harry Ncsvtoii b. Sep. 30, 18S(3 



MARY FLORENCE JENNENGS (Samuel H. 1548, Jotham 
S. 1490, Nathaniel 1468, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), 
dau. of Samuel Hill & Mary Elieu {Vcatch) Jennings. 

Born Aug. 7, 1S73 in Pauola, 111. 

Died Feb. 28, 1886 iu Booue, ia. 

Bur. lu Dorchester, Neb. 

Mar. Sep. 12, 1894 in North Tp., Boone Co., la., by Rev. W. E. 

William Lincoln TVoyer 
Their child: 


1832 Gettriide May b. Aug. 15, 1S96 d. Apr, C, 189«. 


DELLA HAROTTA BEBOUT (Rath Anna 1552, Jotham. 
S. 1490, Nathaniel 1468, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), 

ihm. of James B. tt Paitli Anna (Jr.nnings) Eebont. 
Born Dec. 28, 18GG in Pleasant Tji., Kuox Co., O. 
Mar. June 6, 18S6 at her father's home. Green Camp, :\Farion 

Co., O., by Rev. A. W. Yale. 
Chauncey E. Woriine 
Died June 11, 1S91 

Their children : 

1833 James Chauncey b. Mch. 8, ISSS d. Apr. 7, 1892. 

1834 Eunice Ruth b. 8ep. 21, 1890 


MARY ANNA MOORE (Nathaniel J. 1559, Anna 1491, 
Nathaniel 1468, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), dau. of 
Nathaniel Jennings cfe Sarah (Gr linos) Moore. 

Born Jan. 13, 1S44 in Hopewell, Greene Co., Pa. 

Died July 8, ISiVi iu Wuveriy, la. 

Jlar. Feb. 25, 1867 in Fi'eurica, la. 
Their child: 


1835 Harry Jennings b. Dec. 8, 18G7 iu Fairplay, Wis. 



HANNAH NAfsCY AlOORE (Nathaniel 1559, Anna 1491, 
Nathaniel U6S, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), dan. of 
Nathaniel Jennings & Sarah (Grimes) Moore. 

Borii Deo. 20, ]S4ti iu Hopewell, Greene Co., Pa. 

Died Aug. 9, lyry in Hunters Cave, Greene Co., Pa. 

Bur. in H(ipe\«!l Ceuietery. 

Mar. Aug. 10, 1S07 in Wayuesburgh, Greene Co., Pa., by Rev. 
W. Wallace. 

Spencer Blakeiy Clutter, son of Cephas & Lany (Day) 

Their children : 

1836 !r\'ing Jennings b. ,Sep. 20, If^GO m. Alice Cary Webster. 

1837 Iva May b. Fel). G, ISTo ui. James W. "Webster. 

CALEB JOHN HOORE, (Nathaniel 1559, Anna 1491, Na- 
thaniel 1468, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of Nathan- 
iel Jenninys it Sarah (Grimes) Jloore. 
Born Mch. 11, 1840 lu Hopewell, Green Co., Pa. 
Mar. Oct. 8, 18S3 iu Van Couver, Wash. 
Julia Foster 

Their children : 

1838 Mollie b. Oct. 2.5, 1884 iu Mt. Pleasant, Wash. 

1839 Lozetta b. June 14, 1880 iu Mt. Pleasant, Wash. 

1840 Josie b. Feb. 8, 1801 iu Jit. Pleasant, Wash. 

NATHANIEL GREENE nOORE (Nathaniel 1559, Anna 
1491, Nathaniel 1468, Jacob 1461, Benjaniin 4), son 

• of Nathaniel Jennings & Sarah (GrayJiam) Jloore. 
Born Aug 8, IS.'iO iu Hopewell, Green Co., Pa. 
Mar. July 2G, 1.S74 in Waverly, la. 
Anna Eliza Granp;er 
'J'iieir children : 

1841 Sara Irene b. July 4, 1875 in Fredeiiea, la. 

1842 Cleland Granger b. Nov. 2'), 1882 in Frederiea, la. 


SAflUEL mnS MOORE (Nathaniel 1559, Anna 1491, Na- 
thanid 146-6, Jacob 1461, Be.-ijamJn 4), son of Nathan- 
iel Jennings & Sarah (Graa/uim) Moore 
Boru All-. 21, IScJr, iu Hopewell, Gi'een Co Pa 
ivrar. Jan. 17, 1878 in Fairplay, Wis. 
Phebe Jennie Hunsaker 

Their children : 

1843 Floyd Hunsaker b. .Tuly 23, 1S84 iu Frederiea, la. 
1S44 Jennie Louise b. Jan. 19, 1892 i^ Kretlerira, la. 

CARLE PE.NN (Sarah 1560, Anna S49I, Nathaniel 1408 

Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of Thomas cv S?rih 

(Moore) Penn. 
Boru Mch. li'j, 1S35 
Died Apr. 6, 1SG3 in war 
Mar. Nov. 19, 1859 
Mary AHison 

Their child : 
IES William Ellsworth b. Sept. 10, ISOO 


WILLIAH CRAWFORD PENN (Sarah 1560, Anna 140l 
Nathaniel 1468, Jacob 146), Benjamin 4\, son of 

Thomas <.i' Sarah {Moore) Penn. 

Born Feb. 14, 1837 

Mar. Oct. 19, 180.:^ by Rev. B. F. Rolfe. 

Louisa Rebecca Chadvvick 

Their children : 

1840 Eldora b. Sep. 28, 1S69 

1847 James C.'jrie b. .Ian. 4, 1S71 

1848 William Ciay b. Feb. 8,' 1885 



1496, Benjamin 1469, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4) d ,u of 

Willnnn Henry ct Mary Louise {Jemdng.) Jlurt. 
Burn July 14, ISGG 


Mar. Jau. 6, 1892 

Edwin Graham Ferguson, ?oii of John Scott & 


Their cliildreu : 

lS4y Alary Louise b. June IS, 1S93 
1S50 Scott Dinsmore b. Apr. 11, IS'JV 

Edwin G. FergiLson is junior member of the law 
firm of Ferguson .t Ferguson, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

ELLA CRAWFORD LUCAS (Lucinda 1590, William (505, 

Salome 1470, Jacob I46i, Bcnjainin4), dan. of Charles 

Swan ct Lucinda (Crawford) Lucas. 
Born Jan. 13, ISiiG 

Mar. JMay L'.'), ISO! at Centra! Cily, Neb., byliev. John Reynard. 
Charles Ciookin Titid, son of Charles L. & Helen (Gookin) 


Tl\eir children : 

1851 Charies William b. ]\rcb. 12, 1S92 a1 Palmer, Neb. 
1S52 Helen Margaret b. June 2(1, 1S03 at CeiUral Cify, Neb. 
1853 John Paul b. May 15, ISOG at Paliaer, Neb. 

WlLLlAfl JEFFERSON LUCAS (Lucinda 15P0, William 
1505, Salome 1470, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of 

Charles Swan tl- Lucinda (Cr<miford) Lucas. 
Bom Mch. 12, 18G!t 
Mar. Nov. 2S, 1895 at Central City, Neb., by Rev. H. A. Car- 

Helen Eaton, dau. of Davidson Forrester & Emma (Sherod- 

den) Eaton. 

Ham 1505, Salome 1470, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son 

of James Paul & Mary Susan (McCUnlock) Crawford, 
Born Nov. 2G, isr,7 at Hazel Greva, Wis. 
]\tar. Sep. 8, 1894 
Nora Frederick Weills 


Tlieir child : 

1854 Marian Shirley b, Sejit, 4, ISiJ" 

Cliarles h- Crawford now resi:1es in Washington, 


1507, Salome 1470, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of 

Andrew H. Jk Salome Jennings (Ka r) Holmes. 
Born ~\lcli. 11, ISoG in Album", Atbens Co., O. 
Died Xov. 3, 1889 in Albany, Athens Co., O. 
Bur. at Hebbardsville, O. 

Mar. May 19, 1877 in Albany, O., by Eov. J, W. M.irtiu. 
Amanda A. Wilson, dan. of Bazzel S: Tabitiia (Chitncr) 

EorLi jMay 25, 185'! in Lee Twp., Athens Co. 

Their child : 
1850 BazzeJ Earl b. Mch. 10, 1S8.:! in Albany, O. 

Costello C. Holmes was a merchant and traveling 


JAMES HUSTON HOLMES (Salome 1606, Alice 1S07, 
Salome 1470, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of Andrew 
H. & Salome .Jennings {Kerr} Holmes. 

Born May 27, 1858 in Albany, Athens Co., O. 

Mar. Get. lo, 1879 in Albany, Athens Co., O., by Rt-v. David 

Mary Mindwell Dewing, dan. of John & Mindwell 
( Claivdand) Dewing. 

Born .Ian. 11, ISiiO in Albany, O. 
Their children : 


1856 An-ie Green b. Aug. 4, ISSl 

1857 John Dewing b. Jan. 2ii, 1885 

James H. Holmes is manager of Hotel Green, 
in Pasadena, Cal. 


ANDREW FREDERICK HOLflHS (Salome 1606, Alice 
1507, Saionie 1470, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of 

Andrew II. & Salome Jennings (Kerr) Hohnes, 
Born July 20, 1860 near Albany, Athens Co., O. 
Mar. Apr. 20, 1S81 in Albany, O., by Pvov. J. W. Martin. 
Elizabeth Jane Wilson, dau. of Alpheus & Martha {Means) 

Born June 2S, 1860 near Albany, O. 

Their cliilil : 
185S Aipiieus Wilson b. Jan. 12, 1S8d in Albany, O. 

Andrew F. Holmes is a Physician and Surgeon. 


PHOEBE WALLACE HOLMES (Salome 1606, Alice 1507, 
Siilome 1470, Jacob I46I, Benjamin 4), dau. of An- 
drew II. it Salome Jennings {Kerr) Holmes. 

Born Dec. 28, 1875 in Albany, Athens Co., O. 

INIar. Xov.2?., 1S!I2 in Albany, O., by Rev. CharU.-s Warner. 

James K. Moler, son of Elza & Celesiia (Means) Moler. 

Born iSIch. lo, 1874 near Hebbardsville, O. 

Their child : 

1859 Alice May b. Aug. .W, 1S9-3 in .-Albany, O. 


HARRY GRAY KERR (Hamelton H. 1607, Alice 1507, Sa- 
lome 1470, Jacob )46), Benjamin 4), son of Hamelton 
Huston & Rhoda {Gray) Kerr. 

Born Sep. 16, 1867 in East Monroe, Hi^;hland Co., O. 

Mar. Feb. 27, 189.5 in Central City, Neb. 

Bernice L. Burch, dau. of George N. & Elizabeth (Dc.rtcr) 

Born Nov. 2S, 1869 in Stewartsville, Bi'lvalb Co , Mo. 

Their child : 
16G0 Rhoda Elizabeth b. July 4, 1897 in Chapninu, Ncl). 

Harry G. Kerr i:5 a farmer at Chapman, jutrrick 
Co., Neb. 



OLEN ELMONT KERR (Hamelton 1607, Alice 1507, 
Salome 1470, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of Ilamel- 
ton Huston & Ivlioda {Gray) Korr. 

Bom Sep. ilO, 1S72 in Merrick County, Xeb. 
INIar. Aug-. 10, 1897 in Clark.s, Neb., by Ucv. Charles Weed. 
Edna M. Dexter, dau. of S. H. &. Edna {Morgan) D.-xter. 
Boru June 6, 1875 in Salisburg, Litchfield Co., Conn. 

Glen E. Kerr is a Farmer and School Teacher. 


ANSON KOSSUTH HOLAIES (Hargaret 1609, Alice 1S07, 
Salome 1470, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), son of James 
Madison d' Margaret {Kerr) Holmes. 

Boru Meh. 22, 1868 iu Ceuterlield, Highl.aud Co., O. 

Mar. .Sep. 2S, 1898, near Cluipmau, ilerrick Co., Neb., by Rev. 

Samuel Jliller. 
Eva Lamb, dau. of Jacoh & Loa {Fishhurn) Lamb. 
Bom Jan. 3, 1878 near Chapman, Neb. 

Anson K. Holmes is a School Teacher, and at 
present is County Superintendent at Central Cit)', Neb. 


BLANCHE IRENE HOLMES (Margaret 1609, Alice 1507, 
Salome 1470, Jacob !461, Benjamin 4), dau. of James 
Madison & Margaret {Kerr) Holmes. 

Boru Mch. 2, 1874 near Chapman, Neli. 

Mar. Feb. 5, 1893 uear Cliaputau, Nob., by Rev. Samuel stiller. 

Joseph Hooker Barker, son of Maurice B. it Alvira (Hall) 

Boru Feb. 18, 18ii3 near AVesterville, O. 

Joseph H. Barker is a Farmer, near Chapniarj,Neb. 


KITTIE DVTIE BARMORE (Harvey B. \6iO, Alfred IS36, 
Salome 1489, Nathaniel 1468, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), 

dau. of Harvey Davis & Nancy (Davii) Barniore. 
Boru Feb. 2, 1ST5 in Sylvester Township, Green Co., Wis. 
Mar. Sep. 6, 1893 in Sylvester Township, Green Co., Wis. 
Edgar Samuel Cotherman, son of Samuel & Lib ( ) 

Boru Jan. 31, 1870 

Their cliiklren: 

1861 Oneita Winnifed b. ISIay 23, 1896 

1862 Samuel Edgar b. Jau. 10, 1898 

I^M L. KEEGLEY (5arah L. 1668, Elizabeth 1.547, Jctham 

1490, Natlianiel 1468, Jacob I46I, Benjamin 4), dau. of 'V_ 

John Warren & Sarah Li:izie (Cunway) Keigley. 

Born Sep. 29, ISSO in Douglas Township, Boone Co., la. 

Mar. Oct. 10, 1S9S by Rev. F. IM. Archer. 

Horace W. Moffatt, son of Cliarles tt Cliarlotte {Hascom) 


IRVING JENNINGS CLUTTER (Hannah N. 168!, Nathan- 
iel 1559, Anna 1491, Nathaniel 1468, Jacob 1461, Ben- 
jamin 4), son of Spencer Blakely & Hannali Nancy 
(Moore) Clutter. 

Born Sup. 29, 18(i9 

Mar. JiineU, ls9^; 

Alice Gary Webster, dau. of Isnac it Margaret A)ina 
iSlcntz) Webster. 
Their. hild: 


1803 Anna i\'ay b. Oct. 24, 1897 in Hunter's Cave, Pa. 


IVA riAY CLUTTER (Hannah N. 1681. Nathaniel 1559, 
Anna 1491, Nathaniel 1168, Jacob 1461, Benjamin 4), 

dau. of Silencer Blnkely & Hannah Nancy (^Moore) 

C) utter. 
Bori) Feb. (1, 1S73 
Mar. Sep. 23, 1893 in Center Towuship, Greene Co , Pa., by 

Rev. W. E. .^loore. 
James William Webster, son of Andrew Stewart & I»Iar- 

garet (Scolt) AA'ebster. 
Their chil<h'cu : 

1S6-1 aracie May b. July 7, lS'J-1 in Hunters CVtve, Pa. 

18G5 Hallie Irving b. Xov. 26, iSdb in Hunters Ci've, Pa. 
18GG Spencer Stewart b. Nov. 26, 1897 in Hunters Cave, Pa. 






In conformity with the family tradition, we have 
inclnded these three names in the list of the "Seven 
Brothers." Concerning this tradition and its discus- 
sion, the reader is referred to Chapter I. 

All details of family history and names of descend- 
ants of these three are unknown to the compiler. 

(end of east TERSKY JENNINGS.) 


"Choosing rather to siit!er alllictiou with the people of God, 
thau to CDJoy the pleasures of sin for a season." — Heb. 11 -.^o. 


The original purpose of the compiler of these 
records, was to trace, as accurately as may be, the lin- 
eage of the family to which he himself belonged. But 
in tlie course of his labors towards that end, such an 
amount of information concerning the collateral and 
allied families of the Jennings name has been accumu- 
lated, that it has seemed good to preserve it in a per- 
manent form, even though incomplete and imperfect, in 
the hope that it may be found useful, though ouly by 
the way of suggestion, to anyone who may hereafter be 
able to supply the facts at present unknown to the 

Thus it is that he is enabled to present sometliing 
of the West Jersey Family; and it is not an unpleasant 
task, inasmuch as to. this family belong some who have 
been factors in forming both civic and ecclesiastic pol- 
itics in America, and whose names have found an hon- 
ored and permanent place in the history they them- 
selves largely made. 

The compiler is pleased 'to acknowledge here his 
indebtedness to Dr. John R; Stevenson, of Haddon- 
field, N. J., for the very kind and efficient help so will- 
ingly rendered, and to him is to be very largely cred- 
ited the labor of compiling and furnishing the facts 
here presented concerning the family of Samuel Jen- 
nings; and to Dr. William S. Long, of I-Iaddonfield, 
N. J., for his kind assistance in compiling the records 
of the family of Henry Jennings. 


That no complications may arise in the use of the 
index to this volume, the members of this famil)' are 
designated by consecutive numbers continued from the 
numbering of the East Jerse)' families. 

The historj' of these families and the parts they 
have taken in life v/ill fall out from the sketches of the 
various individuals mentioned in this lineage. 

There are two families whose relationship is un- 
known. If Samuel and Henry were related it was not 
nearer than cousins. The compiler has no information 
concerning any relation between them other than the 
common family name ; but because they lived at the 
same tirue and in the same countries, they are grouped 
together. Whence the heads of tiie 


1867 Samuel, 
1973 Henry. 



■ "Ana Samuel judged Israel all the 'lays of his life."--I Sam- 
uel, VIJ :15. 



1863 WUiisRi 

1569 Sarah 

1570 Joyce 


Born in Eaglaud. 

Difd nos 

JlMf. Nov. 7, K'72 

Arm Oliive, dau. of Richard Ollive. 

Tlicir children : 

b. Sep. 8, 1675 bur. Sep. 22, I'JOl, Ha 

f(l) Edw. Peuniiigiou. 
1(2) Thos. Stevenson, 
b. Oct. 1, 1681 bur. Sep. K, lOt*!, Kace S 

b. .Tune 2-5, 1683 ni. William .^teveus.^n. 
b. Aug. 12, 1686 d. young. 
b. June 27, 16S7 ni. .Tohn Stevenson. 

b. Feb. 10, 1679 m. 

1R71 Ann 

1872 Elaabeth 

1873 riercy 

Samuel Jeiiiugs was born iu England and emi- 
grated from that part of Coleshill, which lies in Buck- 
inghamshire, the other part of the town lying in Hert- 
fordshire, the adjoining county. Although considerable 
research has been made, nothing is known of his pareu'.- 
age. Tlic name, variously spelled, v.'as quite common 
iuEnglaud, several families residing in Buckin>;liam- 
shire, a number of whom joined the Quakers and emi- 
grated to America.* 

•Jolm Jci,n-ng« was a r< 
Southampton, L. I. Joseph Ji- 
Jennings came to P.iirl'ns'ton, N. 

.-.r Ilr.rlfArJ, Con 
Mi.:. In \W;lci'csl< 


Samuel Jenings''" "was a man of education, stand- 
ing^, influence and prominence, and v/as a member of 
the Societ)' of Friends. In I*)?? he v.'as a minister in 
the London J.Ionthly Meeting. His cominj^ to America 
was occasioned by Edward Byllinge claiming the right 
to govern New Jersey, after having sold a large portion 
to others. The Friends, who M-ere the actual owners, 
not caring to cause a contest at that time, submitted 
quietly, and Samuel Jenings came out as his deput}' 
from his home in March, IGSO, arriving at Burlington 
in October of that year. He continued to act in that 
capacity for three years, when, in 1GS3, he was elected 
Governor for one \'ear." Having been elected by the 
Provincial Assembly, Byllinge denied his riglit to serve, 
and attempted to remove him from ofiice,T but he 
seems to have served out his term. 

"At tl:e expiration of his teim lie was sent with 
Thomas Budd to England to arrange with the propne- 
lors to have the ofuce of governor made elective. Not 
succeeding, he returned home, and in 1GS5 was elected 
a member of the West Jersey Assembly. lu 1C87 the 
'Council of Proprietors' of West Jersey was organized 
with eleven members, Sainuel Jenings' name heading 
the list. This association is still in existence. 

In 1G8P he removed to Philadelphia, and the next 
year, 1G90, v,-as appointed Receiver General of Penn- 

In 1690-3 he was justice of the quorum and judge 
of the county court. He became involved on the 
Quaker side in the controversy provoked by George 
Keith, Thomas Budd and others. Out of this contro- 
versy grew the historic pamphlet, "The Plea of the 
Innocent,'' issued by Keith and Budd, in 16^2, in which 
Jenings was charged with "being too high and imper- 
ious in worldly courts," and was called "an impudent, 
presuniptous and insolent nu;u."i 

♦Ur. John R. Slev.;a!;on in The Jerscyman, V. 1. No. 2. 
tAppleton's Cyclopaedia of Americ.iii lilograpay, V. 3, p. 4211. 
tAppIelou's Kiiclyclopcdia as above. 


"A schism having ariseu amon" the Friends, Sam- 
uel Jenings and Thomas Duckett v/ere appointed by 
the yearly meeting in 1694 to visit Loudon and lay the 
matter before the monthly meeting in that city. The 
mission being successful, Samuel Jenings returned to 
America and took up his residence once more in 
Burlington (1697-8). 

"The provinces of East and West Jersey vvcre 
united into one — New Jersey — in 1702, and Lord Corn- 
bury v,^as appointed Governor. He selected a council 
of thirteen, one of whom was Samuel Jenings. In 
1707 he was elected a member of the Nev,- Jeisey 
Assembly and was chosen its Speaker. Here he dis- 
tinguisned himself by his firm and successful resistance 
to the arbitrary measures of Cornbury. The next year 
he was unable to attend the Assembly on account of 
illness, which terminated fatally.'' 

The inhabitants of the colony of New York- as 
well as those of Nev.' Jersey, became wearied of the mis- 
government of Cornbury and accordingly they deter- 
mined to send an appeal to Queen Anne for her to re- 
move the Governor. Samuel Jennings had the credit 
writing the address, which was forwarded to the home 
government, and by so doing he incurred the great dis- 
pleasure of Cornbury, who is reported to have .said 
"Jennings was the most impudent man he ever knew. '"^ 
However it had the desired effect, and Lord Cornbury 
was recalled in 1708, the year of Samuel Jenning's 
death. Proud, the liistorian, wrote that "Samuel Jen- 
nings was worth}' of memory, and endowed with both 
spiritual and temporal wisdom ; was suppressor of vice 
and eucourager of virtue. " He was one of those rare 
individuals in whom was concentrated a variety of 
qualifications and mental endowments, by which, under 
the sanctifying power of truth, he was made eminentlj' 
useful to his fellow-men, both in his ministerial and 
civil capacity. He did more than any of his cotcmpor- 
aries in organizing the civil government of Vvest 


Jersey-. At hi.-> death he left no sous to ])erpc-tuate his 
name, but three daughters. — S/wi/rd^s Htstory of Feii- 
wick^s Colony^ pp. iig-i2i. 

"His ccuutr}' residence was at Green Hill, a short 
distance from Burlington. '"^ Samuel Jenings ^\'as a 
friend of William Penn, with ■^■hom he advised con- 
cerning weighty matter.s. He Vvas a man who vigor- 
ously advocated the cause of right as he saw it, and 
strongly defended his position ■ upon the prominent 
questions of the day; thus bringing upon himself the 
seyerest denunciations of his opponents as well as the 
encomiums of his friends. To is largely to be 
attributed the dominant politics of the times, and his 
influence was on the side of risht. 



SARAH JENINQS (SamueS 1867), dau. of Gov. Samuel 

& Ann {OUirc) .Jenings. 
Bom Fob. 10, 1679 
Died Feb. 1733 
Bur. in Friends' Graveyar 1, JNIiddletown, Bucks 

County, Pa. 
]\ (1) Kov. ]f>, IG'i;; in Frieuds' ]Nreetiug, ia Bui'Iinyion, N.J. 
Edward Penninp.ton, son of Isaac & Mary (Proudc) Spring- 

ett Pennington. 
Died 1701 

Their cliild: 
]874 Isaac 
Mar. (2) 1F<_-b. 1704 
Thomas Stevenson, son of Thomas ct Elizal)cth (Lawrence) 

Bom about 11)71 
Died Get. 1719 

• "Our F.ninilj- Ai.renori," by Jl. t.iaxwell Pons P- 311. 

t On Ihe lOlh d:.y - ■""■ 1'04, Thomas StcvonsoD made his second .Tpplication lo the 
r.urlington, N. J., Friend's Meeting (or its approval to marry Sarah r''.MUjington, widow 
ol Kdwardand eldest daughter of Gov. Samuel Jennings, of Weft j!-rsry. The dale of 
marri;ige is not on rec'jrd, but according 10 the riilee ^'ovcining tha* r*.iigious socit'ty it 
took place within two weeks ol what Isstylcd" th.- l'assi:.g o( the Meeting" the 
time. (Dr. lohii U. Stevenson in ■'Jcceym u.,' Vl^l, 4, \'o. .1, p. 17.) 


Their eliildveu : 

1875 Ann b, Dec. '•, 1704 m. Win. .P.iU's. 

1876 Sarah b. Jau. 0, iVOB in. Boiijnmiu Field. 
3877 Samiie! b. June 25, 1708 m. Eiizabeth Senile. 
1878 Edward b. about 17i5 m. Grace Stackhou.";:e. 
3S79 Eirzabeth m. Mathow Hughes, Jr. 

1550 Abigail d. Aug. 7, 3714. 

1551 Alice . d. young. 

Sarah Jenings, eldest daughter of vSainm;! Jeu- 
ing."^, married Edvv^ard Penningluii, in 1G90; he was 
the joinigest son of Isaac Peiiiiingtou, an cniiiient 
citizeu of Lcndon, a man of lileraiiire, who M'vote 
extensively in defence of Oiiakerisni. Edward's, 
when Isaac married her, v/as a widow of vSir William 
Springett, a military officer. William left one daughter 
— Gnielma Maria Springett, who afterwards was the 
first wife of William Penn. There were two children — 
William and Letiti Penn. The second wife of William 
Penn was Hannah Callowhill ; they had two sons. 
John, the only American child of William Penn, was 
born in Philadelphia, in the house that Samuel Carpen- 
ter built on Second street, corner of Norris alley. The 
second child by his second wife was Richard Penn. 
Edward Pennington was a half-brother of Guielma 
Penn ; he was a Surveyor-General of the Province of 
Pennsylvania up to the time of his death, which event 
took place in 1701, two years after his marriage, leaving 
one son — Isaac Pennington. — S/ioiird's History of Fen- 
wick^s Colony, pp. ii(;-i2i. 

Edward Pennington was the son of Isaac Penning- 
ton, Alderman of London. The latter was, atone time, 
Lieutenant of the Tower, and subsequently Lord T\Iayor 
of I/ondon. He was one of the judges who condemned 
Charles I. to death. He married in 1G54 Mary ypyont/r) 
Springett, daughter of Sir John Proude, and widow of 
Sir William Springett. Guielma Maria Springett, 
Lady Springett's daughter by her firot hasband, was a 
half sister of Edward Pennington, and the first wife of 
Williaiu Penn. Edv/ard Pennington emigrated to 

SECOND gknkkation. 343 

Pennsylvfinia, where he was made vSurveyor-Geiieral. 
He married »Sarah Jennings Nov. 16, 1699, iu Friend's 
meeting in Burlinfrtcn. William Penn was present at 
the wedding. He left one son, Isaac Pennington. 
{Dr. J. R. Stevenson ill the Jci'seyman. V.:/%No.j,p. i"].) 

Thomas Stevenson, the second husband oi Sarah 
Jennings was born probably about 1674. A '^dced re- 
corded in Buck's County, Pennsylvania, and dated 
January 20, 1701, recites that Thomas Revell sold to 
" Thomas Stevenson, junior, of Long Island" for £500, 
1000 acres on the south side of Nesliamiuy Creel:. 
This was in Bensalem town.shiji, a short distance from 
the present lin.e of the city of Philadelphia, and near to 
the Delaware River. The succeeding year (March IC) 
he added to his possession 2, -500 acres en the sotith west 
bank of the same stream. Tliat he had not moved on 
.to this land is shown by the records of the Flushing 
Friends' JNleeting* which in 1702, states that Tb.oi-nas 
Stevenson, senior, and Thomas Stevenson, junior, had 
each a horse returned to tliem as the residtof a petition 
to Gov. Lord Cornbury, after they had been destraiued 
for the building of a church. " At a Monthly Meeting 
held at ye meeting house in Flushi ig, the 2d. 6 mo. 99, 
Thomas .Stevenson, Junior, desires a certificate from 
this meeting to friends of West New Jersey, concerning 
his orderly walking amongst us which thi.s meeting 
has granted.'' From this it would appear that he at 
first intended to locate in New Jersey, but having 
bought laud in Pennsylvania he had changed his mind, 
for at the Flushing Monthly meeting held 2d., 2 mo. 
1702, Thomas Stevenson, senior, of Newtov;n, requests 
a certificate of clearance for his son Thomas. 

Thomas Stevenson was elected a member of tlie 
Pennsylvania Assembly iu 1710, and served contin- 
uously until his death in 1719, He was likewise one of 
the eight Justices of the Peace for Bucks County. In 
the year 1712 he v/as elected a member of the Council 

'■ From a copy of Tlustinp Friend's rr.ord^, bv John Cux, Jr.. ofXrw V oik 


of Proprietors of "West Jersey. He \vp,s one of llse t; rear 
land owners of his time ; buying large tracts in rer.n- 
sylvania, New Jeif.ey and iiaryland. 

Thomas Stevenson's will is dated Nov. 8, 1717. It 
was probated Oct. 9,171 'J. [ The Jersey man, V. 4, No.j, 

pp. T^'is:] 


ANN JEr\'5NGS (Samuei !S67), dau. of Gov, Baninel ct Ann 

(Oi'lice) Jenings. 
Bom .Tiuie 2.5, 1053 

Mar. (1) Nov. IC, 1699 in Burlington, N. J. 
William Stevenson, son ofThomas & Elizabeth (Lnurence) 

Born 1673 in Nc\\'to\vD, L. I. 

Died ISIay 1724 

1701 d. without is^Uf between 1724 
and 1721'). 
ni. Sarah Kemble. 
m. Experieuee Cheshire. 

j (2) Pro.?3er. 

d. Feb., 1777; uot married. 

Mar. (2) Feb, 173]« 

Thomas Lambert, of Cliesterfield. 
William Stevenson, husband of Ann Jenings, was 

born in 1G7G, at Newtown, L, I. The first record of 
him in New Jersey is on an old map of Burlington, iu 
1696, upon which is marked in his name a lot on the 
river front on the fourth block below High Street, con- 
taining one acre and five perches. The next we learn 
about him is from the records of the Flushing, L. I., 
Friends' Meeting, under date of 2 day, 9 tno., 1699. 
The minutes state that, "fWm. Stevenson Sent to 

Their c 














Elizabeth b. 





*The minutes of the Chesterfield Friends' Meeting record oi 

, S day 

2 mo. 



Thomas Lambert, of Cheslerfrcld, u secoi.-,; time declared his i 


m to 1; 

,' Ann 

SlcvcilbOli. a widow with cliildceli. Slic was his !oilrl!i wife. 

tCopied !io>.; the minutes, by John Cox, Jr., New V(ik. 


Desiie of tliis meetin;^ a Sarlificate of liis conveisatiou 
and clearance from all women in relation to niarrr^ge, 
and this meeting hath appoynted John Roadman lo 
draw it, and if need require it to sign it in bt-lutlf of ye 

On "1 day, 11 mo., 1699," William vStevensou and 
Ann Jenings a second time declared their intention to 
marriage, "he producing certificates from Long Island 
and Chesterfield.'' The ceremony was performed at 
Burlington, November 16, 1690, at the same time that 
Sarah Jenings, sister to Ann, married Edward Penning- 
ton. William Penn was present and signed tlie *cer- 
tificate as one of the witnesses. A deed dated April 
15, 170-2, recites that William Stevenson of Northamp- 
ton Township, Burlington County, buys of Samuel 
Jenings of Burlington, for ;^900, "all that plantation 
called Green Plill in Northampton Township, 525 acres 
as it is laid." This appears to have been Gov. Jenings' 
country home ; his small brick house with a brass 
knocker on the door, bearing the initials S. J. is still 
standing and is now attached to a newer building and 
is used as a tenant house. 

William .Stevenson v.'as elected a member of the 
Council of Proprietors of West Jersey in 1711. He also 
represented Burlington County in the first Nev.' Jersey 
Assembly, which met at Perth Amboy in 1703, after the 
union of the Provinces of East and West Jersey in the 
year previous. His Nvill is dated in Northampton 
Township, April 24, 1724, and was probated June 2d 
of that year. Eike his brother Thomas, William 
Stevenson bought large tracts of land which he sub- 
divided and sold to actual settlers for small homesteads. 
— Dr. J. R. Stevenson hi the ^\lcrscymaj:" V. ./, No. /, pp. 



HERCY JEMNGS (Samuel 1S67), dan. of Gov. Samuel .t 

Ann {01U:'() Jening.?. 
Boi'u June 27, 1057 
Died between 17l'0 ami 1721 
Mar. Mcli. 1706 
John Stevenson, son ol Thomas & Elizabeth {Txiccrcnci:) 

Born about 1G7S in ^ewtowD, L. I. 
Died 1744 

Their 1 



re 11 : 



IbSii Thomas 


1707 m. 

Sarah Whitebead. 

1890 Job 11 


Martha WaUou. 

1891 Sainuel 

1S92 Ann 


Dauiel Doughty. 

1603 Abigail 


Peter Sclmiuke. 

1S94 Mercy 


Benjaiuiu ^Villiaras, 

John Sleven.son, hustand of ]\Iercy JeuingSj the 
youngest sou of Thomas ",i;d Elizabetli Stevenson, was 
born in Ncwlowu, L- L, hut probably removed from 
Newtown to his father's land on Doctor's Creek, 
Nottingham Township, Burlington County, N. J., some 
time after his brother William's marriage (KiS'O), for 
we find iu the minute book ol the Chesterfield meeting, 
the nearest Friends' house of worship to these lauds, 
and entry day 7 day, 1 mo., 17fl5-G, that "John vStevcn- 
son desired a clearauce on account of marriage." This 
was followed by his declaration a second time, in t)ie 
Burlington monthly meeting, C day, 3 nio., 1706, of his 
intention to marry Mercy Jenings, daughter of Samuel. 

John Stevenson took no part in public affairs, but 
remained on his plantation until the death of his wife, 
Mercy, which took place between 1720 and 1724.* His 
second marriage occurred in the latter year. The niiu- 
utes ol the meeting held at Chesterfield 1 day, S mo., 
1724, record that "Jolm Stevenson and Margaret Wood, 
both belonging to this meeting, declared tlieir intention 

*0u Novem!ier20, 1720, Mcisy Slcvouson sicns, wilh her Imslianrf Johi.. r, dcc.l lo 
John Yons to; U;j ;,cre? of hi.-, piaiil^.lion on the Province Lino.-l.ib.-r k, (..ige '.11. 


of taking- each other in marriage, v/liereupon this meet- 
ing appoints otir friends John Tatum and John Abbott 
to make inquir)' of his cicaraiice Irom all others on 
account of marriage, and make report to our next 
monthly meeting." 

On 5 day, 9 mo., 1724, John Stevenson a second 
time declared his intention to marry Margaret Wood. 

After his second marriage John Stevenson did not 
remain long orr Doctor's Creek. He had previouslj'^ 
sold part of his plantation, but on October 10, 1727, his 
wife Margaret joiirs him in a conveyance " to Thomas 
Betts, late of Newtown, Long Island," for "all that 
plantation whereon he now liveth on the north side of 
Doctor's Creek" bounded by land of Benjamin Rob- 
bins, Joseph Brittain, and Natlianiel Stevenson. '■'■ 

It was probably the influence of his wife's family 
that induced him to purchase one week afterward, Oc- 
tober 17, of Daniel Smith, 200 acres in Hunterdon 
County, on the west side of the road from Ouakertown 
to Ringoes, two miles south of the former village. f For 
neighbors he liad his nephew, vSamuel Stevenson, son 
of his brother Thomas, and Jacob Doughty, whose wife 
was his second cousin. While this removal from Bur- 
lington to Hunterdon County seems a trivial circuiri- 
stance, it had much to do historically with the founding 
of the first Friend's Meeting in New Jersey, north, of 
the Falls of the Delaware (Trenton). 

John Stevenson died intestate in 1744. — Dr. J. R. 
Stevenson Jii " The Jerscyiiian^^ V. j, No. /, pp. jj, j^. 



ANN STEVENSON (Sarah I860, Samuel 1867), dau. of 

Thomas &, 8arah {Jcnlng-i) Stevenson. 
15oru Dec. 0, 1704. 
Died about 173.5. 

* F, p.-u-- ;il. 

t Kroni (li-cd in i.O: ■c-ioii of Ur. Henry, Pitislown. 


ilar. j\rcl). 5, ]725. 

William FAles, son of William 6: Vnlc. 

Their childreu : 
1)S9', Thomas 

1 896 Ann ]U . A sli er J^, I ot t . 

1897 Susannah m. 'J'honiaG Thorn about 17o9. 

William Biles, husband of Ann Stevenson, was the 
grandson of William Biles, a Quaker, v.'ho came from 
Dorsetshire, Enj^land, in IGSO, and settled in Bucks 
Count}', Pa. The grandfather v.'as for six years, be- 
tween 1694 and 1711, a member of the Pennsylvania 
Assembly. His father, William the Second, a 
member 1721 to 1724. In the latter year he was its 
Speaker. — Dr. J. R. Sicveusoii in " The Jcrscyman^''^ 
Vol. 4, No. 3, p. ig, note. 

SARAH STEVENSON (Sarah 1869, Saniuc! i867), dau. of 

Thomas k, Sarah (Jcnings) Stevenson. 
Bom Jau. 6, 170G 
Mar. Aug.29, 1724 

Beniamin Field, son of Benjrmin & Experience {^AJlen) 

Tiieii; oliiidreu : 

1898 Sarah b. Feb. 29, 1725 m. Wm. Stockdale. 

1899 Susannah b. Oct. 2.5, 1726 lu. John Lloyd. 

1900 Benjamin b. Nov. 1, 1728 

1901 Ann b. Aug. 21, 1730 m. Johu Brown. 

1902 Elizabeth b. Sep. 1, 1732 

1903 Thomas b. Oct. 13,1734 d. same day. 

1904 Tiionias 2d b. IMay 3, 1737 

1905 Alary b. May 26, ] 739 

1906 EUv.ard b. .luuell, 17!! 

1907 Robert 

Benjamin Field, husband of Sarah Stevenson, was 
the son of Benjamin and Experience {Allen) Fieul. 
The fatlier was born in Newtown, L. I., but removed 
to Hunterdon County, N. j., where he ^icd in ]70f. 
He was a large laud owner. His sou Benjamin, who 


manied Sarali Stevetison, lived in Aliddletown Town- 
ship, ]>ucks Count}-, Pa. ; he was Register and Recorder 
of that county from 1721 to 1724; Trustee of the Loan 
Office in 174S, and a member of the Pennsylvania 
Assemblj' continuously from 1738 to 1745. — Dr. J. R. 
Stevetison in ^'The Jerseyman^'' V. 4, No. Z-iP- -9- 


SAMUEL STEVENSON (Sarah 1869, Samuei 1867), son 

of Tliomas & Sarah QJenings) StevenEon. 

Born Jane 2o, 1708 
Mar. Aug. o, 1730 
Elizabeth Searles, dau. of Arthur Soaries. 

T]jeir chiWivu : 

190S Ret-ecca h. .] uue 22, 1731 

1909 Thomas b. ?>Uiy 25, 17o3 m. ]\rargaret 

1910 Sarah b. Aug. 30, 1735 

1911 Jane b. Jan. 29, 1738 

1912 Elizabeth b. June 20. 1739 m. Richard MUchell. 

Samuel Stevenson removed from Bucks County, 
Pa., to Hunterdon County, N. J., about 1737. 


EDWARD STEVENSON (Sarah 1869, Samuel 1867), son 

of Thomas & Sarah {Jcniny!) Stevenson. 

Born about 1715 

Mar. ]\Icli. 8, 1715 in IMkUUetowu, I3ucks County, I'.'i., F'riends' 

Grace Stackhouse, dau. of John it Elizahetli Stackhouse. 
Born July 27, 1720 

Their cbildren; 

1913 Elizabeth bur. iu Philadelphia Fritiids' Grave- 


1914 Ann b. 1752 d. 1834, unmarried. 

1915 R.ichel ni. Josenli Cro.'isiiaie, Sei-.l. 11, 1781. 


ELIZABETH STEVENSON (Sarah 1869, Sr.tniiel 1867) 

Died Jan, 17,1707. 
Mar. l^lch. 17, 1731. 

Matthew Hughes, Jr., son of Jlatthew & Plugbes. 

Their eliildren : 





I). Jan. 

3, 1733-1 



b. Aug. 

17, 173.5 



b. Jau. 

21, 1737-S m. John El.,-, Nov. 22, 175S, 



b. Apr. 

15, 1740 



b. Mch. 

7, 1712 m. Lt. Col. Johu Will^inson, 
Feb., 1770. 



b. Ort. 

3, 1744 



b. :Nb:li. 

9, 1747 



b. Sep. 

20, 1749 



b. Jau. 

10, 1752 


Coiistantina b. Sep. 

S, 1754 

Matthew Hiighes, husbaiul of Elizabeth Stevenson, 
lived in riuckino;ham Township, Bucks Count)', Pa. 
He was the son of iNlatthev,- Hughes, who was said by 
a contemporary to have been a man of strong mind, 
good natural abilities, great integrity, and of an amiable 
disposition. He represented his county in the Assem- 
bly for fifteen consecutive years, from 1723 to 1738. — 
Dr. J. R. Stevenson in '■^ The Jersey man" Vol. 4, No. 3, 
p. 19. 


WILLIAn STEVENSON (Ann 1871, Samuel 1867), son of 
William it Ann (Jcnings) Stevenson. 

Died 1740 

Mar. Apr. 23, 1740 
Sarah Kemble, dau. of Benjamin Keuible. 

Tlieir childreu : 

1926 Jennings m. Anu Alexander, 

1927 Joseph m. Dovcy Webb, marriage liceus'j dated IMeh. 29, 




THOHAS STEVENSON (Ann 1878, Samuel 1867), son of 

Wiliiani ct Ann (Jcnings) Stevenson. 
Mar. Sep. 1733 

Experience Chesliire, dan. of Benjamin Clicsliire. 

Their child: 

192S Elizabeth i.'; nientioned iu Benjamin Cheshire's 
will iu 1740. 


ELIZABETH STEVEiNSON (Ann 1871, Samuel Kso?), rlnu. 

of AVilliam A Ann (Jenings) Stevenson. 
Boru ] 70 1 
Mar. (!) 17i:7 ' 

It is believed that he died, and that his widov/ 
Mar. (-yy. 

Pros.'^er, and had a son 


1929 William b. Mcli. 14, 1734 m. Anguist 10, 17G2, Mary Dea- 
con, dau. of Joiui. 


MARY 5TEVE1NS0N (Ann J871, Samuel 1867), dau. of 
William A Ann (Jcnings) Stevenson. 

Died unmarried, iu Northampton Township. Her 
will is dated February 8, 1775, and probated February 
13, 1777. It names her cousins (nieces aud nephews) 
Mary, wife of William Prosser, Joseph Stevenson, and 
Jenings Stevenson, three children, William, Samuel 
and Caleb. v 


TKOi'IAS STEVENSO.^J (Mercy 1873, Samue! 1867), son of 

,lohn & Mercy {Jenings} Stevenson. 
Boru 1707 

•The minutes of ll.c LiirHugloti M. M. note 7 d,, fi i.;o., 1V2-, Kli.:.,bcth Os 
dauchlcr of Ann Stcvrnso.i, was dealt with for m.-'ii viiif ont of meeting. 


i^lar. Apr. 2SI, ]7oO 
Sarah Whitehead 
Their cliild: 
1930 John b. Nov. 22, 1732 m. JMary Kiuj 


JOHN STEVENSON (Mercy 1873, Samuel 1867), son of 

John it jMercy (Jimmgs) Stevenson. 
Mar. (lieensf dated April 2, 1739) 
riartha Walton 

Their children : 
1031 John 

1932 Hartha 

SAIIUEL STEVENSON (Meicy 1873, Samuef 1867), pon 

of .John et Jlerc}' (Jcnings) Stevenson. 
Died 1793 



Their child : 

1933 Ann iri. Joseph Clayton, Jan. 4, 17G9. 


ANN 5TEVENS0N (Mercy 1873, Samuel 1867), tlan. of 

John & Mercj' (Jenings) Stevenson. 
Died July 24, 1742 
Mar. 1729 
Daniel Doughtj', son of Jacob &. Doughty. 

Their children : 

1934 Mary b. Jan. 27, 1731 ai. Win. Lovett Smith, d. May 13, 


1935 Anne b. Feb. 1,1734 

1936 Jacob b. Xov. 2, 17;-;(i-7 d. July 9, 1742. 

1937 Mercy b. Apr. IG, 1741 d. July 14, 1742. 

Daniel Doughty, son of Jacob Doughty, a 
great-grandson of Rev. Francis Doughty, one of the 


most eccentric aud picturesque figures in earl)' colonial 
times. Francis Doughtj' was the .sen of a brewer in 
Bristol, England, and the brother-in-law of Governor 
Stone of Maryland. He was educated for the church, 
but cast in his lot with the Puritans, and emigrated to 
America. We find him located at Cohasset, now 
Taunton, Mass. Here he got into a dispute with the 
elders on the subject of infant baptism, and pressed his 
views so vehemently that he and his wife and children 
were banished. He fled to Rhode Island, and from 
thence joined one of the first Knglish Colonies that 
settled among the Dutch on Long Island. He became 
the Pastor of the little community that settled at Mezpah- 
Kill, afterwards Newtown. This settlement v/as bro- 
ken up by the Indians in 1643; the remnaut of the 
colony, with Mr. Doughty, fied to New Amsterdam, 
where he preached in the church in the Fort. He 
made a claim for the colonists' land at Mezpah-Kill as 
his own, which was di.sputed aud decided against him 
in 1G47, but he was allowed the land he had in poses- 
sion. Appealing from this decision, the Dutch 
Director, General Kieft, fined him ten guelders and 
locked him up in prison for twenty-four hours. Upon 
his release, Mr. Doughty applied for permission to go to 
Holland or the West Indies, but this was refused. He 
had accepted a call from the Congregational Churcli at 
Flushing, h- 1., where he preached during 1616 and 
1647. Here he again got into trouble by denouncing 
the authorities, so that Capt. John Underhill, who was 
then living in that town, locked the doors of the church 
against him. Mr. Douglity, leaving his three children 
behind him, in 1G48 emigrated to Maryland. There he 
appears to have changed his religion and returned to 
the English Cliurch, and became Rector of Sitting- 
bourne Parish in Virginia. While officiating here, he 
baptized, in 1G50, the\eldest sou of John Washington, 
grandfatjier of Geoige Washington. Here also he got 
into difliculties for denying the supremacy of llic King, 
contrary to the canons of the church. 

Rev. Francis Doughty had three children : Mary, 
Francis, Jr., and Elias. Elias was the grand father of 
Daniel Doughty. 



AB5QAIL STEVENSON (flercy 1873, 5amue! 1867), d.ui. 

of John & Mercy (Jenivgs) Stevei.'son. 
Mar. A pi'. 1742 

Peter Schmucke 

Tlifii- childreu : 

IfWS Margaret li. ilcli. 21, 1743 d. young. 
19o9 Elizabeth b. Sep. 2y, 1744 m. Jos. Wilson, Dec. "o, 176S. 

1940 Anne b. Xov. 13, 1T4G ni. Moses Wilsou, Xov.l4,177G. 

1941 Abigaii b. Mob. 27, lT4s iii. Joiirabao ^^'il.•soll, Meh. 12, 

1941a Christ-ipn b. Juue 23, 17.52 m. Miir.v Luudy, Oct. 12, 1775. 
1941b John b. Juue 22, 1754 d. young. 

1941c Christiana b. Sep, 9, 17-50 d. young. 


AERCY STEVENSON (Hercy 1873, Samuel IS67), dau. of 

John ct I\lei'c\y {Jci,iri>js) Stevenson. 
Mar. July 10, 1744 
Benjamin Williams 
Tlieir childixu : 

m. John IHff. 

m. David Bursou. 

died unmarried. 

m. Jacob Kilter. 

m. Sarah "Watson. 























THOMAS STEVENSON (Samue! 1877, Sarah 1869. 

Samuel 1867), son of S.imuel A Elizabeth (Scarlcs) 

Born IMay 25, 17H3 

Mar. (first intention declared Sep. 7, 1701.) 


Tl)eir children : 

1952 Arthur ni. flirst intentio!) deolarod July 12, 1781.) 

jAIaiilia Hii5.ted. 

1953 Thomas m. Raclud d. 1S14. 

1954 Samuel lu. .Midi. 12, IT.sS d. ISll. 

ELIZABETH STEVENSON (Samuel 1877, Sarah 1869, 

Samuel 1867), clau. of Samuel it Elizabeth {Sro'-Ies) 

Born .Time 20, 1739 
iSlar. (License dated Oct. 30, 17Go.) 
Richard Mitcheil 

Their childreu : 
19.55 Eiizabeth b. Sep. 22, 1766 

1956 Mary b. ,lune 17, 1768 d. l^ov., 17S4. 

1957 Margaret b. July 24, 1770 m. Samuel Miller, Jr., in 1792. 

1958 Richard b. July 27, 1774 

]lf^ f^=" |b.Dcc. 9,17 
1760 Ann ) ' 

JENINGS STEVENSON (William 1883, Ann 187!, .Sam- 
uel 1867), son of William it Sarah (Kcmhk) Stevensor.. 
Died 1784 

Mar. Dec. 18, 1766 in Old Swedes Church, rhiUidelphia. 
Ann Alexander 

Their cliildrcn : 

1961 William d. j'OUUg. 

1962 Caleb d. in 1809 
1763 Samuel d. In 1S19 

JOHN STEVENSON (Thomas IS8C, Tlercy !S73, Samuel 
1867), son of 'J'homas 'f Sarah (Whikluad) Stevenson. 
Born Nov. 22, 17.32 died Apr. 12, 1S12. 
Mar. Dec. 7, 1760 

Mercy King 

Born Oct. 26, 1739 


Their cbiWreu : 


b. Jan. 7, 17G2 d. Apr. 26, 17S5. 

b. May 23, 1764 

, 1.," ,a ,-,.^ ((1) Ann Wilson, 1798. 

b. Meb.l9, 17G7 m.-^.,,, -r- ♦ i-n- 

' I (2) Siisaunii Is ester, liii-.). 

b. Feb. 24, 1769 m. Kebecoa "Webster, Nov. 20 

1794 ; d. 179S. 

b. Jleh. 31,1772 

b. Mch. II, 1775 m. James Wilson, Nov. 9, 1790. 

b, Dec. 2S, 1777 d. July 5, 1779. 

b. July 6, 1780 m. ^Mary Lundy. No issue. 

b. Juiie 22, 1783 d. Nov. 10. l.soi. 




















"Of whom it -was snid, That iu IsaiiC shall thy wod be 
■called."— Heb. XI: 18. 

The liistory of the family- of Henry Jennings is 
especially to be noticed, because it -was through this 
branch of the Jennings name, the great effort of the 
" Isaac Jennings Association " way directed toward the 
establishing of the rights of its members as claimants 
to tiie estate of "William of Actoii." 

It is with the belief that it is the best commentary 
upon the work of the "Association'' and its expecta- 
tions, that the compiler is glad to present the state- 
ment made iu a letter from Dr. W. S. Long : 

Haddonfielk, X. J., 1 Apr., 1S99. 
W. H. Jennings, E.sq.: 

My Dear Sir— Your favor of Iftth ISfar. in regard to History of 
the Jc')iL!inf,'.s family w;i.^ received aud I take jjlea.sure in forward- 
ing the following notes on the Isaac Jennings branch— pririciiially 
located iu New Jersey. 

At various times iu the past ten years, papers, letters, (lani- 
phlets and pedigrees, etc., relating to the Jennings family, 
have been submitted to me for examination. Without entering 
into a dLscussiou of the justice of the claim of persons who are 
■descended from Isaac Jennings of Gloucester Co., !N. J., to a for- 
tune reputed to exist iu England, I will only .s.ay that in the 
pedigrees, the connecting links between Isaac Jennings and the 
famous "William the Intestate" of Aclon, Eug., so fai^ as my 
knowledge goes, are exceediugly unniliable, being constructed on a 
basis of .'^, totally devoid of support of otncial or bible 
family records or documentary evidence and have n.i; even tra- 
dition -^vith its oftime flimsy evidence to tall back upon. 

One pamphlrt purjiorting to be a History of the "Jennens" 
Estate, i)re.^:enling the jiedii'Tces of th.e V/e.^t .iersey el.umnnts and 
bearing the name of one of their atlovneys as compiler, is so full of 

358 D£sci;xcA,'';i\s oi-* samuel. 

palpable errors that, the veri(.-.-t fyrn in Geueiilotry would be able 
to distinguish them. It 's uot cieditable to the discretion, wis- 
dom or business uptitude of the ruling eleujent among these 
claimants, that they should have entrusted tlio conduct of a claim 
so important in Hie hands of agccts who had shown in their 
work and writings their gross ignorance of the c.oustrnctiv)U of 
the family pedigree. It would seem verj' esseuf ial that the pedi- 
gree should prove by good and reasonal)le evidence, the connec- 
tion of each generation witli ihe preceding, and, finally, the 
relationship of the first in America with "William of Acton.'' 

Nothing of this nature was done. "Without attempting appar- 
ently to prove the links of connection in this country, and, so fiir 
as I. can learn, without attempting a tliorough seareir in the ofiice 
of the Secretary of State at Trenton, ZST. J., for wills, deeds, etc., 
they rnshed off to England to present a claim to untold millioiis, 
for which they could show not a shadow of title other than the 
possession of a surname. They conld not show conclusively ths 
relationship of Isaac Jennings of Old Gloucester County, and 
Ileury of Salem and Philadelphia, through whom they claimed 
heirship, and until this is done aud reasonable evidence is given 
that Henry of Salem is heir-at-law or next of kin to "William of 
Acton," it is folly for the W'est .Jersey claimants to j)ursue the 
iyiu/s fattens further iu an English Court of Law. The agents 
of these claimants succeeded iu amusing aud deceiving a. large 
number of respectable but too credulous peojjle, who paid their 
assessments with becomiug regularity, and in turn were regaled 
with glowing descriptions ol great iron bound aud triple-locked 
chests iu the vaults of the Bank of England, filled with coin 
and plate, all of which were to speedily pass into their possession. 

Whether Isaac of Gloucester aud Kenry of Phila- 
delphia were related, as son to father, or indeed in auy 
way, is a problem difficult of solution. The compiler 
has treated them as father and son, but is pleased to 
present adverse testimony in the form of a recent letter 
from W. vS. Long : 

Haddoxfield, N. J., 7 Aug., 1S99. 
W. H. jE.XNixcis, Esq. : 

Mj' Dear Sir — The subject of the relationship of PTenry Jcn- 
ijings, of Piiiladelphia, aud Isaac, of Gloucester, has been the 
object of a thorough search in Philadelphia, Trenton and Wood- 
bury, where the ancient deeds aud wills bearing on tlu! subjecl; 
are to be found. The result of my labor is as follows : 

The family descended from Isaac Jennings of Gloucester 
Couuty, did not trace their origin farther back until after the voy- 
age of the jVrgoiiauts lor the golden, piize in 1-JngIau'i.- Their 


agents soou found it necossrry in cliseovcr au ancestor, aud it 
required but slight rfseaix'li to find tlie wills of Heury mid Jlar- 
garet Jeimiiigs at Trenlou. Tbeie -was uo discoverable li-aditiou 
of Henry bearing any relationship to Lsaac. He does not jiiention 
children in his will. He leaves a farm which lie bought of 
*Tliomas Graves to Isaac Jcnuing.-, and the house in which he 
Jived to "my cousiu Margaret Jennings," daughter of Isa:ic, of 
Liondon. Ko mention is made of Sarah Jennings and surely a 
daughter v.-ould take precedence over a niece. 

About ]71.5, our Isaac .lennings appeared and bought laud in 
New Jersey, about eight iiiiles from Philadelphia Avhere Henry 
died ten years before and where several families of the surname 
lived whose relationship, if any, does not appear. No record 
either in Pennsylvania or Now Jersey shows that lie had ever 
inherited laud fi'mn T-lenry or Margaret Jennings of Philadelphia. 
Outside of a common baptismal name in connection wiih a sur- 
name of frequent occurs ence, there was uo reason for associating 
Henry and Isaac as father and son until the stern necessity arose 
of finding Ihe missing link to a great treasure-trove. The inge- 
nuity of tJie Genealogists was taxed to bring Isaac of Gloucester 
one generation nearer the goal (or gold) of their hopes — and behold 
a pedigree! 

It was calculated to keep the purses of the agents and attor- 
neys well (illed — tlieir coustiluents wei'e buoyed up with hopes 
which were bound to be dashed to ground eventually, by a tk-,tiou 
which woiild have uo weight even in the lowest courts of law in 
any civilized country. 

There is uo evidence which would be accepted in ovir courts 
that Henry of Salem and Philadelphia was the father of Isaac 
whose descendants are here given. 

*Thom:is Graves was a resident of PliU:;delphia in laSi, when he bought 200 acres in 
Philadelphia County and in 171:!, when he sold 200 acres. In 1700 he sold 3 acres to the 
corporation or agents of Trinity P. E. Church at Oxford, near Frankford, Pa. His 
name is not found in Trei:ton iiiJexes, 




Bjrij 7 rao, 21, 1042 in the Pavisli of Clemonddoaue iu County 

Surrey, KDivlancl. 
liiir. ''c mo. 3, 17i'5 
iliir. 1 mo. 13, ]Hii!j iu I,oud<ni. 

nargaret Bussie, dau. of Paul Bussie of York, England. 
Die'-l iu Philadelpbia. AVill dated 170S. Buried 10 mo. 20, 1709-10. 

Their children :'» 

1974 Isaac m. Judith 

1975 Sarah 

The compiler has no information corrcerriing Sarah. 

Henry Jennings was a prominent meml^er of Salem 
I\Ionth]y Meeting of Friends, soon after its organiza- 
tion. He was the son of William and Mary Jennings, 
born the '21st of 7th month, 1642, in the County of 
Surrey, England. Henry and his wife, Margaret Jen- 
nings, embarked for America in the ship Kent, Captain 
Gregory, and lauded at New Salem 2;M of Oth month, 
1G77. In 1GS2, John Adams, son-in-law of John Fen- 
wick, sold Henry Jennings 200 acres of land. He 
likewise purchased a considerable tract of land in 
Cohansey precinct, it being near the town of Cohansey, 
(now Greenwich). Henry and his wife removed from 
Salem and located in the city of Philadelphia, about llie 
year 1700, and at that place ended their days. He was 
a tailor by trade and followed it in that city. He died 
in 1706 and made his will the year previous; and, not 

*In Sliourd's HLtory of I'e 
"not >,a%i;ij any chiljrcn, etc." 
i:ig the r.n,;llEti ii5e of the wo. 
"icputcd" in t'lc will of Marga 
American fashion that He 

hit son Isnac, n.imed doubtless after Henry's brother Isaac, who was the father . f ■'my 
cozen Margaret;" while Malgarct giving to " Isaac ami .Sarah reputed son and daugh- 
ter, etc." only says afirrthc old way the "linowu-l>y-i-\erybody-io-bc the son ami daugh- 
ter, etc." lint see v. il!:, of Henry a,,tl Margaret. 

:nwick's Coion> 

•, it is 

mentioned that Heniy Jen 


This we think i 

s a mi; 

stake arising from misunder" 


rd "consin," ir 

1 Hen 

ry Jenning.'-' will, and the 


;aret Jennings. 

We • 

kvould sav after tiie presen 

t day 

cans by "cousin 

" nice 

e, and his betjucsts arc, firs 

l: to 


liaving any childreu, lie cievi,-;ed most of his estate to 
his uncle, Isaac Jennings, of London, and to the 
'daughter of Isaac, Margaret Jennings, his cousin. — 
Shourd''s Hisinry of Fcmvick's Colony^ p. 119. 

There are many persons in West New Jersey who 
are said tobe descended from Henry Jennings. This 
seems to me to be probable, and I shall therefore pre- 
sent such references to him as have appeared in official 
and historical records. The following I am told by a 
former Secretary of the " Jenneus Association," was 
•certified to by Richard M. Acton, Custodian of Records 
of Salem Monthly Meeting, 8lh mo. U, J 878 : 

" Hf niy Jenuiugs, sod of ^Villial;l and Maiy, was horn 7 mo. 
21, 1042, in tlie Parish of Cleiuouddeaiie, iu County Surroy, 
Euj;lau'l, 7>Iarried 1 mo. 18, 1006, iu LolkIou, Margaret, daughter 
of Paul Bussie, of York City, Old Euglaiid. They left Englaiid for 
West ]SIew Jersey on sljip 'Kent' 2 uio. .:-, 1077, with their servant, 
Martha, da lighter of .John Ba.^set, arriving at Salem, 6 mo. 2o, 1077." 

Judge Clement, in " First Settlers in Newton 
Tov.'n.ship " p. 287, further states that Margaret Basse 
■was of the Parish of St. Bartholomew, London. 

Henry Jennings was a Friend and so far as we can 
learn a strict member of the Society. I have collected 
a few memoranda of the man while living at Salem, 
N. J., prior to his removal to the city- of Philadirlphia. 
He and his wife Margaret, frequently appear as \i\\.- 
•nesses to marriages in Salem meeting. 

1C79— 12th mo. 2. Friends' Records— Henry Jenuiugs v.ith 
three others "weie appointed to take a view of Edward Brad- 
way's house for a meeting house." 

IfiSl— Mar. 12th. Lib. 2, Vol. 1, Basse's Book. John and 
Elizabeth Adams sold 2iJii acres to Heury and Margaret Jennings 
(his wife). 

10S2— Two ludif.iis sold 200 acres to II. J. iu Salem. 

1005-0, ,(an. 10 -Heury Jenuiiigs of .Man Mouth River of the 
Co., of Salem, Taylor sold 00 acres of t)ie above tract for S.?A silver 
money to Johu Bacon of Cesaria River. (Deed in pos^esiicm of 
Miss Jlary W. Bac^n, INOy.) 

16S7— Liber B. fol Salem Rvc(U'ds at TreDlon--Iloury 

Jennings b.night acres of Rcig.T .^!il^oll. 


1703— Basse's Book, Treutoii, iip. Ill jud 470 of lib. O. a— 
Heuiy Jenuings, tailor of Saleui bought laud in Gloucester ^lowu) 
Gloucester Co. jS". J. 6th July and (Uh Aug. of JoliU Hugg & wife. 

John Hugg, Scur. died 1706. He bad lived at the junction of 
Great and Little Timber Creeks, very near the Delaware lliver. 
It i.s believed that the site of Old Fort Kassau — the first point of 
settlement by Europeans (in IGi'-T) on the shore of the I)ela'.var(^ 
rtiver, was on Ills land. .lohu Hugg, Jr., married Pjiseilla Col- 
lins and it was to her that Henry Jennings' widow ^Margaret left 
pirojierty and appointed John Hugg her executor. 

Liber A. fol. 33— Trenton. 

Henry Jennings sold GO acres to John Denis. He also sold 
land to Y\'in.\Vaitlui)au, 170-i. John Bacon who had bought of 
W. W. sold ail acres to Jeremiali Bacon. 

Will of HiirNKY .Tennjnx;.-. 

J[n the name of God Amen I Henry Jenni;i{.;s of the City of 
Philadelphia in the Province Taylor being of a sound & Disposing 
memory & juugment doe mal<e & ordaiue this ]jiy Last Will A 
Testament Priueiply I Comitt my Soule to God who gave it and 
my body to the Eartli to be decently buried at the Discretion of 
my Executrix hereafter named <fe ujy world!}' estate I Dispose of 
as followeth Imprs, I will that all my Just Deists be paid by my 
Executrix Next I Will Devise & bequeath to Isaac Jennings to his 
heirs >fc Assigns forever the hundred & fifty Aeies of Laud that I 
bought of Thomas Graves Item I Give Devise ct bequeath the & Lott I now Live in to my Cozen ISIargarett Jennings 
Daughter of Isaac Jennings of London to her heir heirs & assigns 
lore\cr after tlie death or Decease of my wife ALSO I give 
Devise & bequeatli to my Loving Wife JNlargarett Jennings to her 
her heirs it assigns forever all the Rest & Residue of my estaie 
both Reall & Prsouall both here & elsewhere not hereinliefoic 
bequeathed &, whouie I doe hereby Nominate Constitute & 
ordaine to be my Sole Executrix of this my Last AVill it Testa- 
■ment Revoking and Expressly adnuUiug all former Last \Vill& 
& Testaments bj' me heretofore made Declareing this alone to 
be my Last Will ct Testament IN WITNESS whereto & whereof 
I have put my baud i?: scale this 2~th day of June 1705 

Hesjiy JF.XNTxcis (his scale). 

Signed Sealed publi -bed & Declared in presence of us 

\ViM i.VM Hi:i>si)x 
Tjio. E J;kai>iohd 
Tjio:ir.\s i' 


Burliugton ye 23(1 Aprill 170fi Personally appo:irecl before me 
Thomas Revell Esq Surrogate Margarett Jenuirgs Kxecutrix of 
the within will ik look her attestation to briug in a t rin' Inventory 
& prforme the will according to law Jurat CJorarn luc 

Thos. Revei.l Surr. 

Burlington ye 23d Aprill ITOG Persoiially appeared before me 
Thomas Revell Escp- Surrogate Thomas Paschall & Tho. Beadford 
two of the witnesses to the within Will who lieing solemnly 
attested did Declare that they were present & savr the within 
Testator Sigue, <fc Seale and heard him puhlish & Declare the 
within "Written as his Last Will & Testament and that he was at 
the same time of Sound & disposiug mind & memory to the best 
of these Deponents knowledge & that at the same time thej' saw 
Wni. Hudson signe the same as evidence thereunto Jurat Coram 

Tito jr AS Rkvi;i,i, Surr. 

Edward Viscount Cornbury Captain Generall A Governor in 
Chief in & over tlie Province of New Jersey Xew Yorli vt all the 
Territories & tracts of Land Depending thereon in America & Vieo 
Admirall of tlie same (i-c To all to whome these presents shall 
come or may Concern Greeting Know yee that at T5urlingto7j ye 
twenty third day of April Anno Dom ITC'i the J^ast AViU & 
Testament of Henry Jennings was proved approved & allowed of 
by me haveing whilest he Lived and at the time of his Death 
Goods Chattels & Creditts in Divers places within this Province 
by means whereof the full Disposition of all & Singular the said 
Goods Chattels <fc Creditts of the said Deceased & His Last Will & 
Testament in any manner of ways Concerning was granted unto 
]\rargarett Jennings Widdow & executrix of the said Last will <& 
Testament named Chiefly of well & truly administering the same 
& of makeing a true & perfect Inventory of all & singular the said 
Goods Chattels it Creditts & exhibiting ye same into the Secre- 
tarys otHce of the said Province at or before the 2od day of Jilay 
next ensueiug ifc of rendering a just & true Acct. Calculation and 
Reckoning when thereunto shee shall be Lawfully Required 

IN TESTIMONY whereof I Thomas Revell Esqr Surrogate 
have hereunto sf-tt my hand & scale this 2Sd day of Aprill Anno 
RR" Anna Quinto. Annofj Dom. ITOti. 

Tiio. RicvKLL Surr. 
" Recorded in Liber 1 of Wills page 147 <fcc." 


170S. Will ok Makdaekt Jknkikgs, Widow of Hknry — 

Gloucester Files- Trenton. L;'..k;- Ko. 1, fol. 301. 

Dated 14 .\ug. 1/iiS. 

Of Philadelvbia— To my Meud Prise-ilia Hugg wife of Joluj of 
the Ci>. of Gloiicesier in West N. J. yeoman all ujy land iu iovii 
and County of Glouee.ster providing she pay.? my friend Tliomos 
Griffitli of Philadelphia £10 current moneyfor theuseof tbel'eople 
called Quaker.s— also my lot of 10 acres iu Cohansey (Salem Co.) 
AVest ISI. J. — also lot of S acres in Salem shall be sold for my 
debts — all thp rest xmto If-aac and Sarah rcputeil son and daughter 
of my deceased husband Henry Jennings to be equally divided 
between them— She appoints John Hugg Executor— makes her 

I have never made any search at Trenton for 
record.s of Henry, Alargaret or Isaac Jennings. The 
abo\c memoranda were largely copied from uote.s made 
by the late Hon. John Clement of Haddonfield. He 
told me that neither the Surve} or General's ofince at 
Burlington, or the Secretary of State's office at Trenton 
had been systematically searched for data relating to 
the family, and that doubtless much cov.ld be learned 
from those sources. 

Nothing further is known of Sarah Jeuuingi:, si.^ter 
to Isaac, and not much is known of him. — [Letter of 
Dr. William S. Long, of Haddonfield, N. J. 



ISAAC JENNINGS (Menry 1973), son of Henry it Mar- 
garet (7.'i'..s>7'c) Jennings. 
Bur. 175S iu Haddonfield, N. J. 


m. iU'orge T-'lwminghariJ. 
ni. l^aac Piurroughs. 
m. Aaron Lipiuucott. 

; (1) Mary Smith, 
m. (li) Ann* i Al'irrUon), widow of I^iio- 

I n.'/.er Hopkins, 
m. ivichai'd Price. 

Their cli 


siNOS — 












In ]7l."', Isaac Jcmiiugs bought land of John KnjTS 
(Executor of J.\Iargaret J.) at head of Timber Creek. 
Where this land is situate we know not. L;aac ov/ued 
land south of Haddonfield and it is believed he lived a 
short distance beyond the Phila. & Atlantic City R. R. 
on the road from Haddonfield to Clement's Ridge. His 
son Jacob, in 1784, bought the farm at Barringtou 
recentl).- sold by Burr Haines, and his father's we 
believe was not far to the soutli of this tract. 

Isaac and his wile Juditli were members of Friends' 
Meeting in Haddonfield and both we believe are buried 
in the graveyard beionging to it. 

1724 to 1727. From Gushing and Sheppard's Hist. 
of Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland Counties, page 
124, we learn that Isaac Jenniugs was Justice of tlie 
County of Gloucester during those years. 

1740, r;th mo. 14th. Under this date appears a 
minute in Haddonfield Meetings Records, which shows 
the time of his becoming a member: 

"At ye Request of Isaac Jennings, Fr'ds eoiisent that he may 
set iu our ineetiugs of Business & that Ephruiai. Tonilinsou is to 
acquaint him therewith." 

Will qv Isaac Jennixos. 

I Isaac Jeniugs of the Townsliip of Gloucester in the County 
of Gloucester in tlie province of Kew Jersey Yeoman, Being in 
Perfect mind and memory Do this Twenty Eight day of the Tenth 
Month iu tlie yearof ouj- Loid one thousand Seven Hundred and 
Fifty Eight made aud Puljlish this My Last will and Testament 
Hereby Revoking and making Void all otlier wills by me hereto- 
fore made, Rattifying and Confirming This to be my Last Im- 
primis I Do in the place Reconnuend my Soul To God my 
Creator and my Body to be Decently Burytd at the Disereation of 
my E.KecuU'ix herein after named ' Kcni I give aud Devise unto 
iny Son Jacob Jeniugs all niy Tjunds Tenements & Heriditauients 
whotsoever & wliaresoever with their appurtenances to hold lo 
him bis heirs & assigns for Ever To wlioine I also give And Be- 
queath one Good J>^eather Bead aud Furniture my negro boy 
Julius and Two hundred pounds Proclamation money, to be paid 
him by my ExeciUri.x in om Year after my Decease Item I Cjive 
and Bequeath unto my Dangiiler Sarah Flanuingham Fifty 
pounds money afores;:id It'^m I rive and JJequeath Unln luy 


I>aiigbter Deborali Buiroiigh fifty pouDcls luouey aforesaid, & ray 
Nfgro Girl Voilett Botli \s'l,ifli Lcgacys Lo be paid by my Execu- 
trix ill oiu' yt-nr after iij\- Dt'C-eas Item ali (lie Itcinuiudcr of my 
Esliilc ] Ciivf and J'.eiiueath iiuto Jiuielli .Teniiigs my Boluved 
wifo wbouie I appoint ct Constitute the .Solo Executrix of this my 
Last will ct Testament in witness wbare of I Have berennto set 
my hand And S'.-al tlie day and year first a bove Mrittin 

IS.AAC Jl.XKIMiri [L. R.] 

Signed Sealed published pronouur-ed and Declared by the Said 
Isaac Jeuiugs as his Last wiii & testament in The presence of us 
who have hereunto Subscribed our names In his presence 


.Toii>; O'iIjI, 
John HiNcinrAN 
Gloucester set. 

Josiah Albertsou & John Hiucbman Two of tlie witnesses the 
within written will who iieing both of the people Called quakers 
on their solemn alTirmation which they took according to Lau 
<lid declare and aftirm that thej- saw Isaac Jeniugs the Testator 
therein named sign and seal tiie same and heard him publish ])rfi- 
iiouuce and dfclare the within written lustrument to be his Last 
will A: Teslament and that at the doing thei'eof the said Testato'" 
was of sound and disjiosing mind memory and understanding to 
the best of their knowledge & belief and at the same time John 
Gill the other slibscribing Evidence was present and eubscriiied 
his name as a witness to the said will together with them tiiesaid 
afiirmants in presence of the said Testator. 


Afhirmed the twenty ninth day of January auo Don 17-5t' 
Before me 

John Ladd Surrogate. 

Judeth Jeniugs the Executrix in the within written will 
named who being one of the people Called Quakers on the Solemn 
afflrmation which she Took according to Law did declare and af- 
firm that the within written Instrument Contains the True Last 
will and Testament of Isaac Jennings the Testator therein uam- 
_«d so far as slie knows and as she verily Believes and that slie 
will well aod Truly perform the .same by p.ayiiig first the debts 
of the said decea.sed and then the Legaceys in the .said will spe<'i- 
fied so tar forth as the Goods Chattels and Credits of the aaid 
deceased will Thereunto Extend 

Allirnied the Twenty ninth day of January ano Dom 17r>9 lU'foie 

Joir.N' Ladp Surrogate. 

Box of Gloucester Wills 1759. Recorded in Liber of Will.-, 
•page 157 &c.; oflioe of th(.' Secretary of Suite, Trenton, jS'. J. 



"Wii.i. or JL'^)r,-ir .Texnings— Widow cf Isaae of Towushii. 
' aud Co. iif Gloucester— Dated 25tli of 7th mo., 1782. 

To uiy gvaiid-dui;gliler Judith .leiiiiiDgs luy bed, bolsters and 
pillows with fchec'ls, pilto-^- esses, bed quilts, etc. 

To ijiy grandson Isaac Jeiiuing.s my clock reserving the use of 
it to luy son Jacob. 

To my grandson John my great Bible &e (Judge Clement has 
told me that the Old Jenning:? Bible, he believed the one men- 
tioned in this vt'ill is in the possession of the Flanagans livirg in 
CumbeiUtnd or Salem Co. AV. S. L.) 

To Rebecea Price all the remainder of my wearing apparel and 
household furniture and also £20 current money. 

To my son Jacob all the residue aud remainder of my estate. 
He is to be Executor. 

■\Yitnesses— Ki:ziAH Alheet.son 
•ItjiiiTH Scull 
Tj 1031 AS Eedmax 
[From letter of Dr. W. S. Long, Haddonfield, N. J.l 



5ARAH JENN'INQS (Isaac 1974, Henry 1973), diui. of 

Isaac A' Judith ( ) Jennings. 

Mar. 1736 

George Flanningham 
Their children : 

ra. Susan Chew, member of Blackwood 

Presbyterian Church, in 17G0. 
ra. Sarah Chew, member of Blackwood 

Presbyterian Church, in 1769. 
m. Hannah 

1981 Isaac 

1982 Patrick 

1983 Samuel 


193.5 XS'illiani 

1986 Deborah 

1987 Priscilla 

1988 Elizabeth 

1989 Sarah 

( (1) James Jagrard. 

m. ■; (2) Samuel Pierce. 

( (iJ) Charles Fisher. 

( is said to have married 
\ Arthur Hamilton. 





Sarah Jennings married Georc^^e Flauuiughaai in 
1736, as we learn from the list of marriage licenses 
granted that 3'ear. He was probably a Presbyterian, 
and became the owner of land in Greenwich Township. 
Kis surname was generally spelled phoneticall}', and, 
after a generation or two, his descendants bearing the 
name very generally wrote it Flanagan. 

In Gushing and Sheppard's Hist, of Gloucester Co. 
page 112, we learn that in 1764 George Flannigam, 
Francis Battin and Thomas Denny, Esqs., were 
appointed to meet a like committee from Salem Co. to 
mark the boundaries between the two counties. 

In 1765, the arms belonging to the County were 
divided into four equal lots and given 

John Hinchman and John ilickle ; 
.Samuel Harrison and John Ryder; (? Hyder) 
Alexander Randall and George Flannigan ; and 
Michael Fisher and Joseph Sparks, 
to be sold and the money paid to County Collector. 

Will of George Flanningham— Trenton, of Grcen'.vich 

Township, Gloucester Co., yeoman, in perfeot healtli, 

etc., Dated 21 Juue, 17G5. 

To sou Isaac and daughter Auue Jaggard 5 shihings eaoh 
having heretofore given them as much as I thought proper for 

To son Patrick tlie plantation where I now dwell and all my 
Real Estate on condition that he permit his mother, my dear wife 
Sar.ah to have the 3 rooms at the west end of my dwelling house, 
above and below while she remains my widow * * * * and pay her 
£0 proclamiitiou money yearly. 

To wife Sarah, bed, furniture, horse, cow, &c., &c., son Pat- 
rick to pay all my debts <fc be Executor. All tlie rest of my per- 
sonal estate I bequeath to my other children— to-wit: Samuel, 
William, Deborah, Priscilla, Elizabeth and Sarah — all minors. 

(Signed) Geokge Flanninoiiam 



DEBORAH JENNINGS (Isaac 1974, Henry S973), dim. of 

Isaac ct Judith ( ) Jennings. 

Mar. They passed meeting 1st time 2 mo., 12, 1742. "Parent.^ 

Isaac Burroujfhs 

Tlieh' children : 

They had issue, but the compiler has not traced 

ELlZABETIi JENNINGS (Isaac 1974, Henry 1972), dau. of 

Isaac & Judith ( ) Jennings. 


Aaron Lippincott, son of Samuel. 

Tbc'ir children : 

1990 Samuel m. Theodosia Heuliugs. 

1991 Juditli m. Joseph Kay. 


JACOB JENNINGS (Isaac 1974, Henry 1973), son of Isaac 

(t Judith ( ) Jennings. 

Mar. (1) Dec. 3, 1761 
Mary Smith 

•jTheir children : 

1992 Issac 

1993 John 

1994 Judith 

1995 Samuel 
199G James 

Mar. (2) July 24, 1783 

Ann Albertson, widow of Ebenezer Hopkins (son of the 
adopted son and nephew of Elizabeth Iladdon). 

Their children : 
] 997 JMark 
199s Joseph 
1999 Job 

f Records of Haddoiificld Mo. Mtg.,'J rao., H, 17-16, we learn that Josi^ih Albrn^on .lud report that they wer»; present at the marriage and that it wpS orderly 
accomi.lislicd. He v,as .■ion of Samuel, grandson ol Kreedom and grejt-gfiiidso.T of 
Uichard l.ippincoll, who was settled in Uoston. 104!'. 

tFor the descendants of Jacob Jennings I am in.!cbc-.i 10 Mrs. Laur.i Harris Moslier. 



REBECCA JENNINGS (Isaac 1974, Henry 1973), diui. of 

Isaac & Judith ( ) Jennings. 

Richard Price 

Their cliiklreu : 

They had issue, but the contj^iler has no inforraa- 
tiou concerning; them. 



SAHUEL FLANNINQHAH (Sarah 1970. Isaac 1974, Henry 

1973), son of (ieorge it Sarah (Javungg) Flannii'gliam. 



Their child : 


2000 Martha m. I H} TT rT'^^'^JH' 

I (2) John Crocket. 

Concerning Samuel Flanningham, Sanine] P. Chev/ 
in liis Jennings Pedigree, says lie was a wheel-wright 
and lived in Woodbury; had a wife Hannah, and a 

daughter Martha who married Crocket. He 

adds "father of Davy." But according to biographies 
this could not have been the celebrated "Davy." 

In Records of "Old Swedes" Church, Philadelphia, 
Martha, daughter of Samuel and Hannah Flauuinghara, 
of Swedesborough, Gloucester County, N. J., v/idovv' of 

White, married June 9, 1805, when 33 years of 

age, John Crocket. 

Samuel Flauningham was Sheriff of Gloucester 
County, N. J., in 1793. He had been a Captain in the 
Continental Army, and June 10, 1779, was ]\Iajor of 1st 
Batt. Gloucester County Militia. 



ANNE FLANNINGHAn (Sarah !P76, Isaac J974, tWi^ry 
1973,') daxi. of George & Sarah (Jc/ivn'nr/s) Flanningham. 

Died Meh. 2-5, ITW (3G years of age). 

Mar. (1) 

James Jaggard, of Deptford Towmsl.ip, Gloucester Co., N. J. 
son of William Jaggard, who was very j^robably of 
the Soirthamptoi), Long Island, family. He became a 
wealthy landowner, acquiring thousands of acres in 
old Gloucester County in farms and Cedar tracts or 
swamps — at that time ver_v valuable. His will v.'as 
probated l\Iay 11, 1767. (Liber 14, fol. 92). 
Their ehilcUvu: 


2001 Jasnes in. Susan ISIorgau 

2002 Samuel lu. Ho|)e Inslcecp 

2003 Thomas ni. Sarah Dillcs 

2004 Atine m. Heury Hoe 
]\Iar. (2) 

Samuei Pierce 

Tlicir fliildren : 

200.5 Samuel Record uucei-taiu 

2000 Isaac Record uncertain 

ISTar. (0) 

Charles Fisher 
Born Feb, 20, 1736 
Died Apr. 2, 1780 

Tlieir children : 

r (1 ) Rebecca Blackwood 
2007 nichael Cliew b. Sep. 30, 1772, m. ^ (2) Ann Clement 

(,") Mar.y Reeves 
200S William b. June 17, 1770, d. Sep. l.'S, ]7t..5, 

Ann Flanniugham according to tradition was a 
beautiful woman, of supeiior intellectual attainment?., 
vivacious mauuer and a charming personality v;hich 
created for her a wide circle of devoted friends. She 
was married three times and her last husband, to whom 
.she was promised by her parents while still a irabe, 



waited through two of her iuarriao;e ventures, and at 
last met the rev/ard of a true lover's patience. 

Anne married (2d) Samuel Pierce, and had two 
children whose record has not been secured. 

Anne married (3d) Charles Fisher. According to 
Charles Fisher's Bible, ?.Oth of 5th mo., 1770. The 
Records of the 1st Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, 
show date 3 J\Iay, 1771, while Pennsylvania License 
lists give the license 16 May, 1771. 

She died 25th March, 1777, and tradition tells us 
she was 36 years of age. Cliarlcs was born 20 Feb., 
1736, O. S. Died 2 April, 1780. 


SAflUEL LIPPiNCOTT (Elizabeth 1978, Isaac i974, Henry 

1973), .«on of Aaron iV Elizabeth (Jcnuingc) Lippincott. 
Theodosia Heulings 

Their children: 

m. William If.'unes. 
m. Anna Haiues 
m. Isaac Cooper. 
d. unmarried, 
m. Jacob Wilkius. 
:Lh. ^3, 1778 m. Elizabeth Sloektou. 
d. unmarried. 

f (1 ) Rebecca Zaue. 
■ I (2) Mary Carr. 
m. Abraham Haiues. 




















JUDITH LIPPIN'COTT (Elizabeth 1978, Isaac 1974, Henry 

1973), ,;au-. of Aaron it Eliznlx-th {Jcnnhgs) Lippincott. 

Joseph Kay 

Died before Dec. IS, 1800; hi- will dated Feb.21, l.SO.i; as no rueu- 
riou i'. made of bis wife iu hi.s will, she 
was doubtless deoeased Uefore him. 



Tbeiv cliildveii ; 


201 fi 


'JC32ph L. 


2022 EUzabeth 

2023 R?.chef 

lu. Esther Kuowles [nee Tudor). 
Di. Mary C. Foster. No i.ssue. 
m. Eliza Foster. No issue. 
m. Natlian Eyre. 

r (1) Xathau Evre, (her brother-in-law). 

I (2) Samuel Potter, (her brother-in-law). 

(1) Captaiu Golden of Alabama. 

No i.ssue. 

(2) Samuel Potter of Wilmiii-lon, N. C. 
No issue. 

Joseph and Judith {Lippincolt) Kay lived in Water- 
ford Township, Gloucester County. 

A packet of old letters which v.'ere written between 
1815 and 1840, part of the family correspoudeuce of the 
children and grandchildren of Joseph and Judith Kaj', 
has been preserved, and conveys a charming picture 
of their manner of life, and social pleasures. 

The Caldwells, Allibones, Fotteralls and Eyres, 
■who resided in Philadelphia, v/ere possessed of wealth 

*.Ios. L. Kay, (201?) was a ship captain. During the letter part of liis life he re 
sided In Philadelphia. Possessed ol a cuUiircd taste and sufllcient competence, he sur. 
rounded himself with works of art, making his home a delightful one, .md his memory 
highly trerisured among his kindred. A beautiful miniature of Captain Kay is in exist- 
ence and exhibits the handsome, delicate and refined features of genllemar. of the old 

Autographs of Joseph L. Kay and his wife Mary C. Ray. 

y^^^.-/ =/ /^_^ 

t/Vutograph of Charles Kay. 

^/^ ^ ^ 


and had received liber al educations. They owned a 
large tract of laud near Haddoufield, N. J., between the 
north and south branches of Cooper's Creek — part of the 
original plantation of John Kay — founder of the family 
in New Jersey. Here during part of the summer 
months they gathered at "Kay ville" for rest from the 
heat of the city, and prepared for their joiirney to some 
of the fashionable watering places of that period. 
Saratoj^a seemed to liave been the favorite, but the 
difficulties of travel by coach were so great that the. 
visits thei'e were infrequent. An old gentleman, a 
Friend, who well remembers this circle of Philadel- 
phians, tells me it was a charming one, distinguished 
for the reGnement and courtesy of its members. 


JOHN JENNSNGS (Jacob 1979, isaac 1974, Henry 3973,) 

son of Jacob & Mary (Smith) -Jennings. 

Sarah Hopkins, (his step-sister). 

Their childreu : 

b. Feb. 10, 1789 ra. Heiglnvay, 

b. Apr. 17, 1790 d. in infancy. 

b. Aug. 30, 1791 m. Harlau. 

b. Jan. 10, 1793 

b. Jan. 26, 179.5 m. Bispham. 

b. Oct. 27, 179G 

b. Apr. 30, 179S m. — Austin. 

b. Aug. 17, ISOO 

b. July 12, 1802 m. Craig. 

b. Oct. 3, 180-1 ra. James Harris. 

b. Feb. e, 1808 

♦This list of names was taken from an old pajicr yellow with age, in which ll'orgh- 
out the name is spelled " Jenings", My grandmother the " Ucbecci C" <» liic list 
married James Harris. Oct. 1S22. (Mrs. Laurah H. Mosher.) 

IThe Record of John Jennings and his d-scendan;s is from Mrs. Laurp. H. 
Mosher, of W.iyncsvillc. Ohio. 








Jacob S. 












Rebecca C. 





JAMES JAGGARD (Anne 1984, Sarah 1976, Isaac 1974, 
Henry 1973), son of Jarnes & Anne [FlanniiniJiam) 

Died 18l!3 

Bur. at Blackwood, K". J. 


Susan Morgan 

Bur. lit Blackwood, Iv. J. 

Their ehildreu : 
2035 Amy died uuruarried ; v.-as one of 21 

members of Blackwood T'n-sby- 

teriau Chure)i, Sejj. 12, 18l'4. — 

(Hist. Camden Co., p. 6S5). 

m. 8arah Peterson. 

m. ISiatilda Cli'iueut. 

m. Eleauor Wilkius. 

m. Bathslieba IStorgau. 

m. IMary Cheesman. 

m. Cynthia Ann Easflaek. 

James Jaggard is frequently mentioned in Gushing 
& Sheppard's Histor}' of Gloucester County. He was 
Justice of the Peace in 1806 and 1812. In 1815 he was 
agent of the Bible Society of Gloucester County for 
Deptford ; in 1797 and 1798, Overseer of Roads; in 
179.S, Collector of Taxes; 1816, Commissioner of 

In 1819, a janies Jaggard was one of the Trustees 
of Woodbury Presbyterian Church. Letters of admin- 
istration on his estate were granted Sep. 29, 1823, to 
his brother Robert. He and his wife were probably 
buried at Blackwood, N. J. 





Thomas K. 


Robert b. Ajir. 7, 









SAflUEL JAGGARD (Anne I0S4, Sarah 1976, Isaax 1974, 
Henry 1973,) son of James & Anne {Fkmningham) 
Born Aug. 19, 17G3 

Hope iiiskeep 
Born Jau. 27, 1707 

Their children : 
2042 Ann 




b. Jan. 17, 178o 
b. Oct. 23, 1787 
b. Dee. 4, 178!) 

m. Daniel Pacliev. 

m. Hannah Tui'uer [ncc Gardner) 

no issue. 

2045 nary b. Jau. 4, 17i)2 

2046 Sarah b. Nov. 19, 1793 iiuraarried. 

2047 Lucy b. Bop. 19, 1795 ni. David Scott. 

2048 Joseph 5 b. J une 26, 179S ni. Deborah lilorgan. 

2049 Hester b. June 11, ISOO nn Joseph Cloud. 

2050 Samuel b. Nov. 25, 1802 died young. 

2051 Sybilia b. Nov. 25, 1804 m. Joseph Ewen. 

2052 John b. Aug. 12, 1800 in. Desire Zane. 


THOMAS JAQGARD (Anne 1984, Sarah 1976, Isaac 1974, 
Henrj' 1973), son of Jame". cfe Anne (Flaniiiraifuun) 

Died IsOG 


Sarah Dilks 

Their children : 











Isaac Hurff. 




John Loudenslager. 




Lydia Ann Izard. 




. Millicent Baker. 

Thonias laggard's will, (Will Book A, p. 107), is 
dated June 28, 180G, and says he was of Gloucester 
Township Witnesses: Henry Roe, Thomas Hendry 
and John Connor. Recorded Aug. 20, 180G. 

d at 

• *Joseph has kept 
Jaggard's LaiuliiiF;, on 

el Jaggard's descendants. Tliey I 



Died Nov. '26, 163-1 

Their cliildreu : 


2060 Christian 

b. Sep. 

17, 17S0 

2061 Ann 

b. Mcb 

. 18,1782 

2062 Robert 

b. Feb. 

4, 17S1 

20C.S Christian 

b. Sep. 

23, 1785 

2064 Wiiliam 

b. Dec. 

U, 1787 

2065 Henry 

b. Oct. 

2i, 1789 

ANNE .lAOGARD (Anne 1984, Sarah 1976, Isaac 1974, 

Henry 1973,) dau. of James & Anne {Flonvingho/m) 

Born Oct. 4, 1760 
Died Jan. 1, 1828 

Henry Roe, son of Abraham & Christian {Fhlier) Roe. 
Bom:Ma.v 20, 1754 (N. S.) 

d. Dec. 21, 1780. 
ui. Amos C'ninplifcll. 
,u. f((l) Ann Hurley, 
\(2) Eliza Hurley. 
d. Jan. S, 1.S51. 
m. Nancy ^Yestcotl. 
d. of Cholera Aug. 31, 182f), a 
flue classical scholar — was Pro- 
fessor of Latin in College in 
Annapolis, ifd. He was Ensign 
in war of 181 2. 

2066 James h. Feb. 26, 1792 lu. May 22, 1.S48, Susan INIitchell. 

He was a Merchant in Wood- 
bury in 1815. d. in Jan. 22, ISSO 
No issue. 

2067 Charles b. Feb. 22, 1794 ni. J\[ary Ann ]3udd. d. Apr. 

18, 1867.— no issue. 

2068 Abraham b. Sep. 13, 1796 d. Dec. 1796. 

2069 Rebecca b. Apr. 6, 1798 d. unmarried Aug. 10, 1856. " 

2070 David b. Feb. 4, 1800 m. Kebecca Say Bispbam. 

2071 Susan b. Aug. 1, 1803 d. Feb. 1, 1883, unmarried. She 

acquired by Will of her brother 
Charles the Old Homestead, 
"Elm Grove " near Woodbury, 
which had been willed to Anne 
.laggard, in 1767. 

Henry Roe, born May 20, 175-1 (N. S.), was the 
sou of Abraham & Christian {Fisher) Roe, and grand- 
son of Henry Roe (b. 1705, d. 1750), who was probably 
a sou of John Roe, who we believe came from Flushing, 
L. I., where a David Roe settled about 16G0. (Will re- 
corded July 12, 1707.) David i.s said to have been sou 


(or brother) of John E.oe, born 1(j'2S in Ireland and 
settled at Brookhaven, L. I., in 1655. About 1G97, 
families of the name ofTatem, Chew, Thorn, and others 
came from Flushing, and the Roes bought land at the 
same time adjoining or in the vicinit}' of these. 

Henry Roe was 2d Lieutenant in Capt. Pierce's 
Co., 1st Batt. Gloucester County, in the Revolutionary 
war, and subsequently had the title of Major. He filled 
several public offices in Deptford Township, and v.'as 
an Elder in the Woodbury Presbyterian Church. The 
record of the issue of Henry Roe and Anne [Jaggard] 
Roe is taken from David Roe's Bible. 


M^CEiAFHL CHEW FISHER (Anne 1984, 5arah 1976, 
Isaac 1074, Henry 1973,) son of Charles & Anne 
(Flnnninijltoin) Fisher. 

Born Sep. ;J0, 1772 

Died Aug. 15, 1SG2 

Mar. (1) Oct. 1, 17'J-5, by Rev. Andrew Hunter. 

Rebecca Blackwood, dan. of Samuel tt Abigail Blackwood. 
Their chikl : 


2072 Samuel B. b. Sep. 21, 1796 d. Nov. 3, 1853; m. Feb. 2S, 

1826, Eliza Miuehman. ■ 
Mar. (2) ^Meh. 17, ISOS 

Ann Clement, dau. of Joseph & Ann Clement. 
Died Nov. 8, 1814 

Their children: 

2073 Rebecca C. 

2074 Hannah Ann 

2075 Charles 

Mar. (3) Feb. 19, ISIS 

Alary Reeves, dau. of Joseph (t Eliz.abe'h Reeves. 

Died Dee. 2, 1S67 

Their children : 
207G Joseph R. 

2077 WiUiain C. 

2078 Lydia C. m. PmuI anil lives iu AVc.oJbury, N. J. 

2070 Mary R. 



Michael Chew Fisher was at one time Judge cf 
the Court of Common Pleas, and for many years served 
in the County Clerk's Office at Woodbury. He was a 
fiue penman and many of the old ofScial papers of the 
County were recorded b)' him. 

1974, Henry 1973,) son 

{Heuli'iigb) Lippincott. 
Born Mch, £3, 1778 
Died 1S2S 


Elizabeth Stockton 
Bom Mch. 23, 1778 
Died J 81] 

Their children : 
2080 Theodosia 
20S1 Wiliiam S. 

2082 Richard 

2083 nary 

2084 Elizabeth 

1990, Elizabeth 1978, 

of Samuel & Theodosia 

b. 1801 

b. June 11, 1807 
b. I'eb. 26, 1811 

2085 Chaslcs 

2086 Hope 

2087 Jacob 

2088 Samuel 
20S9 John 

2090 Hugh 

2091 Ann Wilkins b. Aug. 19, 1817 

b. Feb. 6, 1816 

m. Heury Lishraan. 

m. Rebecca Cowpevtbwalte. 

f (1) Jleriam CoUings. 
^^- 1 (2) Kslhtr Woford. 
m. William Clurlis. 

f (1) E/.ekiel Lukeus. 
""• I (2, David Borton. 
lu. Sarah Allen, 
ni. Josepli G- Shinn. 
d. in infancy. 
d. unmarried. 
d. in infancy, 
m. Sarah S. Lippincott. 
m. Samuel C. Smith. 

AARON KAY (Judith 1991, Elizabeth 1978, Isaac 1974, 

Henry 1973,) son of .Jopeph & .Uulitli {LijipmcoU) Kay. 
Esther "liettj'" Tudor, dan. of Henry .t Eleanor (Dv^-Inne) 

Tndor. Widow of Knowles. 

Born Sep. 11, 1777 

2002 RachelJ.:ine b. Dec. 20, 181 ni. Thomas Caldwell. 


Aaron Kaj' was one of the first subscribers to tlie 
Haddoufield Library Company in 1803, or soon after. 
He was engaged in business iu Philadelphia. 

Esther "Hetty" Tudor was a daughter of Henry 
Tudor and his wife Eleanor Dusheue. The latter was 
descended from a prominent French family {Du Chcsite) 
vjho came to Delaware before 1712. 

7^-c^// -^4:2?/^/ 


SARAH KAY (Judith 1991, Elizabeth 1978, Isaac !?74, 
Menry 1973), dau. of Joseph it .Judith {LippincoU) Kay. 
J.Iar. 1791 
Nathan Eyre, of Philadelphia. 

Tiieir child ; 

2092J Ann ui. George Thompsou 
Their children : 

(a) Sarah d. unmarried. 

(b) flary Ann d. uiiniarried. 

(c) Eiistabeth Kay d. unmarried. 

(d) Kmma d. unmarried. 

ELIZABETH KAY (Judith 1991, Elizabeth 1978, Isaac 1974, 
Henry 1973,) dau. of .Joseph & Judith (Lippinroif) 
liar. (1) Relict of her sister Sarah 
Nathan Eyre 

Tlieir cOiildren : 

2093 Maria m. ILnijavjiin A.siilnirijcr. 

2094 Sarah Kay nj. William F. t'oltorall. 

2095 Elizabeth Kay m. Samuel Jkibcoclc. 

2096 Emma Louisa m. Thomas Allibone. 
2U97 Josepli Kay m. Anna Hopkins. 
Mar. (2) Relict of lier sister Rachel 
Samuel Potter 


REBECCA C. JENNINGS (John 1993, Jacob 1979, Isaac 

1974, Henry 1973,) dau. of John & Sarah {EojMns) 

r.otu Oct. S, 1804 
Died Sep. 9, 1S79 
Islar. Oct. 1S22 
Jatnes Harris 

Their children : 
209S Israt-I Hopkins b. K"ov. 23, 1823 

2099 Joseph b. j\pr. 17, 1827 

2100 James b. Oct. 28, 1S29 

2101 Augustine James b. Jan. 4, 1S32 

2102 Alfred Jennings b. Jlay 3,1834 

2103 Emiiy Craig b. Jan. 2G, 1839 

2104 Franlclin Larew b. May 2,1842 

Of these all are deceased but Franklin h- liauis. 
Three of them, Israel Hopkins, Joseph and Franklin 
L. have children and grand children living. 


JOHN JAQGARD (Jatnes 2001, Anne 1984, Sarah 1976, 
Isaac 1974, Henry 1973,) son of James & Susan 
(Morgan) Jaggard. 
Sarah Peterson 

Their children : 
210.5 Amy 

210G Ch.iries ni. of X. Y., iind was killed at Halls Elufl. 

His chilfii'cn : 

(a) Sarah 

(b) nary 

(c) Euphcmia rn. Dr. J. G. Edwards of AVilliaius- 

towii, X. .T. 
2107 Grace d. uuuianii .1. 

210S John went to Australia. 


THOHAS K. JAGOARD (James 2001, Anne- 19S4, Sarah 
1976, Isaac 1974, Henry 1973,) sou oi .lames tt Susan 
(Morgan) Jaggnrd. 

Matilda Clement, (probably tlic Matilda Ashton J. men- 
tioned in list of mcmlicrs of Blackwood 
Church in 1824.) 
Th.'ir child : 

2109 Clement uj. livedat Altooua, 3'n. d. aliout 1891. 

Cbikhvn : 


(a) WiUiani Graduated with highest lioiiors at Uui- 

ver.sity of Pfnnsylvaiiia in 1880, and 

achieved distiuetioii as a rhysiciau in 


^b) Daughter m. Cliurles Pugh of tlie Peniia. R. R. 

.2110 Torbert 

2111 Robert 

2112 Caroline 

2113 Harriet 

2114 James 
211.5 Elizabeth 
2116 Rachel 

Tiiey lived near Milton, Delaware. 

ROBERT JAGOARD (James 2001, Anne 1984, Sarah 1976, 
Isaac 1974, Henry 1973), son of James ct Susan (Mur- 
gan) .laggard. 
P.orn Apr. 7, 1798 
Died Aug. 31, 1844 
Bur. at Blaclvwood 
Eleanor Wiikins 

Their ohiliiren : 

21)7 Elisha ni. H. E. Pattou aud lives near Williauisporl, Pa. 


(a) Robert | ,,„^,, „„r,ied. 


2118 Samuel m. Martha Atmoj-e Helms. 



(a) Thompson 

(b) Robert 

(c) Frsnk 

(d) Samuel 

2119 Henrietta in. Robert McOoDald. 

Childreii : 


(a) Ciara 

(b) tSarriet 

2120 Robert m. Sarah Garwood. 

They have eight children. 

2121 John m. jSIartha Htudersou. 

Child : 

(a) Robert II. 

Robert Jagu;ard's widow married (2) HcClure 

and lives at Clementou, N. J. 

JAMES JAQGARD (James 2001, Anne 1084, Sarah 1976, 
Isaac 1974, Henrj' 1973), son of James & Susan (Mor- 
gan) Jagyard. 


Bathsheba florgan 

Tlieir ehildreu : 


2.V22 Ann d. imniarried. 

2123 Elizabeth lu. Evau Brown. 



(a) Rosella m. Washburn. 

(b) William d. unmarried. 

2124 Amy in. Thoma.sDavi.s. 

Children : 

(a) Joseph 

(b) Thomas 
(e) Emma 

2125 Susan m. Warren Westcott. 

Children : 


(a) Anna 

(b) Randall 


(c) James 

(d) Warren 

2126 Mary m. Cbalkley Heritnge Ko issue. 

2127 Emma uumarried 

2128 Jamss d. unmarried 

2129 Williain m. Sii-auna Clieesmau 

Childreu : 


(a) Ida 

(b) Frank 

(c) William 

(d) Charles 

2130 Kezrah m. William Cheesiiiau 

Child : 

(a) Clarence 

James Jaggaid lived on one of the old Jaggard 
farms, near Wenonah, N. J. 


RANDALL JAGOARD (James 20O1, Anr.e J984, Sarah 
1976, Isaac 1974, Henry 1973), son of James & Susan 
(Morgan) Jaggard. 
Born .Tan. 9, 17S4 
Died Sep. 6, 1823 
Bur. at Blackwood 
Mary Cheesman 

Hhe married (2) Charles Wilkins 
(3) John Hider 
Their children : 
2131 ila.'iii.ih ni. Th.oiuas AV. Hurfl, of PTurflville, N. J. ; they 

have a larne family. 
2)32 Rebecca m. Dr. Martin Sinnott, of Blackwood. 
Children : 


(a) Lena m. Gaskill ; three childron. 

(h) Ella m. V/m. Htevensou. 


ELiSHA JAOnARD (James 200!, Anne 19S4, Sarah 1976, 
Isaac 1974, lietiry 1973), son of James A: Susan 
(Morgan) Jaggard. 
Cynthia Ann Eastlack 

Tlieir cliildrini : 

2133 Randali in. (1) Elizabetli CUark 

Clnki : 


fa) Laviiiin 

ni. (2) j\Iary Flowers 
Children : 

(Ij) Harry 
(e) Frank 

(d) Alice d. aged 11 years. 

2131 Euphemia ni. D;ivis. Ko issue. 


HANNAH JAGCiARD (Samuel 2002, Anne I9S-4, Sarah 
1976, Isaac 1974, Henrj' 1973,) dan. of Saniuel.t Hope 
(Inskcep) Jaggard. 

Born Oct. 28, 1787 


Drnie! Packer, of Woodbury (pee History Gloucester 
County, p. IS?.) 
Tlieir children : 


2135 Ellen was married. 

213G Susan was married. 

2187 Isaac 


LUCY JAGGARD (Samuel 2002, Anne 1984, Sarah 1976, 
Isaac 1974, Henry 1973), dau. of Samuel & Hope 

{Imkccj.) Jaggard. 
Born Sep. 19, 17!<5 
David Scott 

Their children : 
213.S Ann iiumarried. 

2139 Sarah ni. Jacob Shoulders. No i.vsuo. 

2140 Martha d. unmarried. 



JOSEPH JAQQARD (Samuel 2002; Anne 1984, Sarah 1976, 
Isaac 1974, Henry 1973,) son of Samuel tt Hope 
(Iii-il:cep) Jaggard. 


Juuc 26, ; 



Deborah Tlorgan 

Their cbilui-cu : ' 



d. young. 


{saar. Fianning!>ani 

m. (l) JNlary Stewart and had fiv 


in. (2) Margaret Ann I'otfs and bai 

seven children. 



d. young. 
d. young. 



m. Edward Steward; io children. 



m. .los. G. Davis. 3 eliildren. 



d. yo'jog. 



d. young. 



d. young. 



m. Ann Moore; 7 children. 


HESTER JAOQARD (Samuel 2002, Anne 1984, Sarah 
1976, Isaac 1974, Henry 1973), dau. of Sawrel & Hope 
(Inskeeji) .Jaggard. 

Born June n, ISOO 


Joseph Cloud 

Their children : 


2151 Hope ni. 

2152 Charles m. 

2153 Hannah lu. Oraud. ■ children. 

2154 nary lu. Ezekiel Lock. 

2155 Lucy ni. Vandeveer 

SYBILLA JAGGARD (Samuel 2002, Anne 1984, Sarah 
1976, Isaac 1974, Henry 1973), dau. of Samuel & Hope 
(Inskeejj) Jaggard. 

Born Nov. 25, 1804 


Joseph Ewen 


Theii cliiKlren : 

21 oG 


difd youug 




21 5S 



21 on 



21 GO 












JOHN JAGGARD (SaraiTel 2002, Anne 1984, Sarah 1976, 
Isaac 1974, Henry 1973), son of Samuel vt Hope {Ins- 
hep) Jaggai'd. 
Born Aug. 12, ISOG 
Desire Z.ane 

Their C'liildren : 

2164 James m. Marll'.a Cattell , 

Children : 


(a) Joiin 

(b) James 

(c) Dau. 

(d) Dau. 

216-5 Elizabeth m. Robert Howey 

2166 Robert m. 

2167 John d. youDg 

2168 Samue! 

2160 Sybilla m. John Syunott 
2170 Hannah m. Lewis Eastlack 

ACHSAH JAGGARD (Thomas 2003, Anne 1984, Sarah 
1976, Isaac 1974, Henry 1973), dau. of Thomas & 
Sarah (Dills) Jaggard. 
John Loiidenslager of Paulsboro. 

Tlifir cljildren : 

2171 John 

2173- Mary 

2174 Achsah 

2175 James 



TMOriAS JAOOARD (Thomas 2003, Anne 1984, Sarah 
1976, Isaac 1974, Henry 1973,) son of Thomas & Sarah 
(DHLs) Jaggaid. 


Lyciia Ann Izard, dau. of Gabriel Izard. 
Their children : 


2176 Charles b. Nov. 22, ]S2S m. Sarah J. Morris. 

Their riliildi I'U : 

(a) Wilj; 

(b) nary J. 

2177 Thomas b, Sep. 4, 1S:;0 d. 

2178 David b. Meh. 7,18:52 d. 

2179 Samuel b. .Ian. 30, 183.J 

21S0 Sarah b. Aug. 1834 ui. Wm. H. M'ood'.vard. 

Their cliildreu : 


(a) Flora 

(b) William H. 

(c) EniRia Luiu 

2181 Isaac D. b. June 5,1837 ni. Sarah J. Burket; No 


2182 Abraham H. b. Jau. 22,1841 lu. Sarah Treuchard. 

Their child: 

(a) Ida Myrtle 

2183 Josiah B. b. Jau. 22, 1841 d. 

2184 Franklin B. b. July 22, ISlo m. Rachel H. Browu. 

2185 Anna b. Aug. 6, 1S40 d. Feb. 24, 18G4. 
21S6 Stephen F. h. Dec. 21,1850 m. Maggie 15arion. 

Theii' cliildrcii : 

(a) Harry 

(b) Edward 

(c) Lydia Ann 

(d) Franklin B. 


JAMES JAGGARD (Thomas 2003, Annet9S4, Sarah 1976, 
Isaac 1974, Henry 1973), son of Thomas & Sarah 
(Dills) .laggp.rd. 
niliicent Baker 

Tlieir chiklrea : 


John L. 


nary C. 




Jamei B. (die 


Acl'soh L. 




Henry C. 


Charles (died; 

Removed to Illiuois, 

ANN ROE '\nne2004, Anne 1984, Sarah 1976, Isaac 1974, 

Henry 1973), dau. of Henry tt Ann {Jo'jgord) Roe. 
Boru Mch. 18, 1782 
Died Aug 2.i, 18.32 
jNIar. Jlay 4, 1804 
Amos Campbell, of Newtown, Bucks Co., Penn. 

Their childjcii : 

2195 George b. .lao. 24, 180G d. Feb. 1, 1826 

2196 Henry Roe b. Sep. 9,1807 d. Feb. 6, 1879 m. Sep. 17, 

1833. Sidney Boyd, of Lancaster, Penn. 

Their children : 

(a) Joseph Maj. in U. S. A. ISlilitary Goveru- 

lueut of Alaska ; m. ; two children. 
(Ii) Sidney unntarricd. 

(c) Henry Roe, Jr. rn. 

2197 Sarsli b. Sep. 20, ]8')9 d. Jan. 14, 1S8S unmnrried. 

2198 Ann Roe b. ISIay 9,1812 d. Oct. 18, 1878 unnuirrieri. 

2199 Caroline b. Doe. 6, 1813 d. Jan. 31, 1814 

2200 Henrietta b. .T;ui. 7,1815 d. M.<iy 2, 1880 m. Apr. 29, 

1841, Dr. Jo.'^'eph C. Weatherby, of Clurksboro, 

390 ni<;scKNnANT3 of henry 

TheJi' childrt'n : 


(a) Anna C. 

(b) Joseph C. m. Kiiisel. 

(c) Kenry C. 

(d) Wm. Graham yjj. Louisa Weal lierby 

(1) Nettie 
(c) Mary Jessup d. 

2203 Rebecca Roe b. Jan. 7, lsl5 d. Mcli. 2C, IsSii 

2202 Christiana b. July 2-1, 181S m. Jau. S, 1845, Lieut. 

Charles C. Barton, U. S. ^J.; uowdeart. Two 
children died in infancy. JNIrs. Barton live.-3 
in Woodbury, !N. J. 

2203 John D. h. Apr. 8, 1 Sill d. Aug. 1, I8ii3 m. (TjJau.O, 

1S.51, Lydia W. Dickinson, of Lebanon, X. 
H. She died Mch. 13, 1855. Two children. 
He m. (2) Aug. 12, ISoG, Sarah B. Latliroi), of 
Adrian, INliehigan. 
2201 Susan Roe b. July 8, 1823 d. Mch. 28, 1887 ni. Kov. 12, 
1850, Augustus S. Barber, editor of the )\'or,d- 
Imri/ ConhtUution. 
Their cliildrcn : 


(a) Susan d. 

(b) Helen d. 

Amos Campbell was an energetic man who was 
connected with many public improvements in Glouces- 
ter Comity. He resided in Woodbury. See History of 
Gloucester County. 

ROBERT ROE (Anne 2004, Anne 1984, Sarah 1976, Isaac 
1974, Henry 1973), son of Henry tt Anne (Jagyard) Roe. 
Born P>b. 4, 1784 
Died Aug. IS, 1862 
Mar. (1) 
Ann Hurley 

Their children : 

2205 Elizabeth d. unmarried in her 44tli ye;M-. 
2200 William m. lUichel Seckler (dau. of Matthias Siekler). 
Their child: 
ROE - 

(a) Emma Elizabeth m. Jos. C. Weatherby. (2133.) 
No issue. 


2207 Sarah Ann ti. ISL'o, n.ued 7 years. 

220S Janiss JNIadison iii. Lydia Aeiou Miller. Thoy live at 
I'iuilsboro, X. J. 
Their ohildreu : 

(a) Ann." iii. Isaac Cox. 

(b) Elizabeth m. Dr. Ceo. AV. Laws. 

(c) Sue ID. Albert Reiulmrt. 

(d) Enily vmmarried. 
£209 Ann Miriam unmarried. 

INIar. (-J) 

Eliza Hurley, sister 1o Ann. 
No issue by seeoiid \\'jl'e. 


WILLIAM ROE (Anne 2004, Anne 1984, Saiai! i9"6, 
Isaac 1974, h'enrj' 1973), .son of Henry & Anne (Jfi/- 
gard) Koe. 

Born Dec, 14, 17S7 

Died Oct. 1, 1829 


Nanc}' N\'esicott 

Their thildreu : 


2210 Mary Westcott m. Edward I. Grant, M. D.; lived in Tren- 

Their children : 
(a) Mary 
(h) Maitha 

2211 Nancy \Y. b. .fan. S, ls2i d. Dec. 30, 1S70. 

William Roe was a Soldier in War of 1812. 


DAVID ROE (Anne 2004, Anne 1984, Sarah 1976, Isaac 
1974, Henry 1973), son of Henry A Anne {Jaayord) 

Born Feb. 4, 1800 

Died May 24, 1S.55 

Mar. Feb. 3, 1825 

Rebecca Say Bisphani* 

Born Nov. 8, 1797 

Died Aug. 17, 1877 

♦For all account of her f.imily, see •■MemoraiiJ., Coiuinms' llic F.imily of liisp'iam," 
by William liispham. New Vorl:, 1S?0. 


Tlicir cliiidreu : 

2212 Henry b. Kov. 25, lS2o m. Kmma L. Clark orHaddonliekl, 

N. J. 
Theiv children : 

(a) Henry m. 1889. 

(b) William^ 

(c) Joseph [ Sedalia, JIo. 

(d) Liiiian ) 

2213 Susaii Bispham b. Nov. 22, 1827 m. Au,a;. 25, ISJS, JaDies 

iSIurpby of Philadelphia, 
Their cbildreu : 

(a) Howard m. Anita :\I:il!et-Prevost. 

Their cb.iWro'.i : 

(1) Orayson Maliet-Prevosf 

(2) Howord 

(3) Marianita Cosio 

(4) Edward Cloud 

(b) Charles Roe m. Elleu Power. 

Their cdiildren : 

(1) Edith 

(2) Walter 

(3) Douglas 

(4) Charles 

(c) Walter 111. Emma Bensou Purves. 

Their cbildreu : 
(1) Walter aud several others. 

2214 David b. Nov. 21, 1830 d. Aug. 10, 1832 

2215 Rebecca b. Nov. 21, 1830 m. Apr. 27, 1S5S, Charles O. Mor- 

ris, banker, of New York. 
Tlieir cliildreu : 

(a) Helen m. George Griffin, Elizabeth, N. J. 

Children : 
(!) Helen 

(b) Charles O. ni. Grace Aiken. T!)ey have throe 


(c) Rebecca Roe in. Beverly Value, Tan;, to\>. a, N. Y. 

Their cldi'i : 
(1) Caroline 


(d) Caroline m. Dec. '-'7, 1S8S, WiHiam I', Bnmdegoc, of 

Elizabfctb, jN\ .J. 

(e) DeWitt Clinton deceased. 

(f j DcWiit CliiKon deceased 1S99. 

2216 Anna b. Oct. 13, 1S.S2 m. (1) Frederick E. Knorr. 

Tlicir chi!di\ij : 

(a) Rebecca Bispham in. Dec. S, ISSS, Ed-n-ard Bigelow. 

Two chlldreu. 

(b) .A.riaa Roe d. 
(e) Edward in. 

m. (2) DeWitt Cliulon ^vlorris, brollier to 
C'liarles O. Morris. Ko issue. 

2217 David b, July 4, ISoJ m. Nov. 12, lS(i2, Ella (2229) dtiu. of 

Tlioiua.s & Kncliel Jane C/ldTvell 
(2092) b. June G, 1S4!, of 1516 Locust 
St., Philadelphia. They reside is 
AVoodbury, X. J. 
Their cbildieu : 

(a) Florence 1.. Sep. 2, ISyi m. Oct. 2, 1890, AVilliam 

Sumner Long, M. D., (University of Penn.) 
formerly of Chester Co., Pa., reside in Had- 
doufield, Kew Jersey. 
Their cliildren : 

(1) William Roe AlcClure b. Oct. 6, 1S91. 

(2) Ella Caldwell b. Feb. 20, 1SP4. 

(b) Alary Caldwell b. Feb. 27, 1807 m. Feb. 20, 1S91 

"William Brewer, !M. D., wlio is de- 
sceiided from Isaac Jennings 
through Pierce-Flanninghaiu (19S-1) 
marriage, l^eside in Woodbury, 
N. J. 
Their children: 

(1) Robert Franklin d. 

(2) David Roe 

(3) William 

(c) EI!a Caldwell b. Dec. IS, 1868 m. Feb. 1890 

Roliert James Dyer Field, of Lou- 
don, lingland, reside in AVuoclbuiy, 
X. J. 
Their children : 


{]) Florence Deatrice 

(2> Albert Hdwaid 


(3) DoroThy 
(.1) Howavi 
{<]) Daviil ).. T,ov. IS, 1S69. 
{.•) Aiice b. Aliiy 20, 1S73. 

{['i Marion b. Apr. 5, ISSl. 
221S Joseph Bispliam b. J'eb. 2G, lS?,fi. m. K"ov. 22, 1864. 

IMnry Kay C^iildwell (2230) dau. of 
Thoiuiis "iiud Rachel Jaue Cald- 
well, (2032). 
Their children : 
'a) Joseph BiL^pham b. Dee. 24, ISfiT m. Charity 
SieveDson, who died, leaving 
2 children. 

(b) Augu.sta CaUIwell b. Sep. 2S, 1S70 ra. — Eastlack. 
(e) Susan b. Aug. o, 1S72. 

(d) Jarnes nitciieU b. .Tau. 20, 1S75. 

(c) Mary Kay b. Aug. IG, IRSl d — 
(T) iioward rU'rphy b. — d. — 
(g) riarianita b. 

Dav'id Roe was a successful j\Ierchai3t, Agricultur- 
ist and Nurseryman; an Elder in the Presbyterian 
Church ; arid a pro'.ninent man in his community. 

ANN WfLKSNS LJPPINCOTT (Jacob 2014, SamueS i090, 
Elizabeth 1978, Isaac 1974, Henry 1973), dau. of .Jacob 
& Elizabeth (Stockton) Lippincott. 
Born Aug. 10, 1S17 
>tar. JDec. 0, ].s:;s in V.f'rliu, N. J. 
Samuel C. Smith 

Their children : 

f (1) Mch. 18, 1805, Sallic 

2219 Charles M. b. Nov. 24, 1839 m. ' ,„ }'■ ''^'ify- ,, ^ 

' (2) Sep. 21, ISSl, Fannie 

I h. Whittington. 

2220 Mary Anna b. May 1(5, 1S43 in. Nov. 21, 1861, Samuel L. 


2221 Isaac b. May 21 , 1845 d. Sep.^30, islo. 

2222 Marth;:Aiinb. Oct. 10, 1S48 in. Dec. 21, 1K71 , Jacob H. I,ip- 


2223 Cinnj.-l L. b. Aug. 15, 1854 in. ,Meh.7, lb72, Jolm Ij. 

Their children ; 

(a) Martie A. b. Oct. "o, 1873; d. ^fay 21, 189S; m. 
.lujie '., l'^;ll".,■ Willinni ti. Moore. 


Their cliiliiieu : 

(1) Helen b. .Imie 3, IS97. 

(2) John Doughty b. May 14, ISOS. 
222-i Clara F)cboraIi b. .Apr. G, 1S.57 d. xUig. Ki, IStv!. 

2225 Samuei C. b. Oct. 9, 18o9 m. Meh. 3, 18S7, Sophin 


222fi Agnes H. b. .Tan. 2o, 1862 m. Apr. 11, ISSl, Jost-ph K. 

LippiiK'ott, .Ir. 

RACHEL JANF KAY (Aaron 2018, Juditli 1991, Elizabeth 

1978, Isaac 1974, Henry 1973), dau. of Aaron ct Esther 

(Tudor) Kay. 
Born Dee. 20, 1S18 
Bied Mch. ISSS 
Mar. Dee. 15, 1635 
Thomas Caldwell (of llie old Chester f.iniily); He was ?cn- 

ior partner in the firm of Caldwell, Tingley &, 

Boru Jan. 5, 1815 

Died Oct. 1S90 at the residence of his son-in-law, David Roe, 

in Haddou field, X. J. 
Their children : 

2227 Eugenia Cheseborough h. Sep. 6, 1637, m. Sep. 23, 185& 

Xorinau Tevis of Philadelphia. 
Eesidenee "Woodluuy, X. J. 
Tlieir cliildreu : 

(a) Fanny Keiley b. Aug. 26, 1S59. 

(b) Thomas Caldwel! b. Oct. 2, 1801 d. Apr. 1, 1S02. 

(c) Norman Eugene b. Jan. 26, 1863 m. Lizzie Dobbs 

of Woodbury. 
Their child: 
(1) Dean Dobbs. 

(d) Ella Caldv.cll b. Nov. 24, 1864 d. Apr. 

29, 1865. 

(e) John CaUiwell b. >ray 15, 1807. 
(fj Eugenia Cheseborough b. Apr. 22, 1809. 

(g) lielen b. Ndv. 11, 1870 d. .fulv 

2S, 1871. 
(li) Wenry Clarence b. Apr. 4, 1S72 d. July 

10, 1872. 

2228 Joseph Kay b. Aug. 15, 1839 m. Meb. 31, 1803, M;iryA\ lib- 

era of Haddontiekh X. J. He 
residcsiii ( .'ernjaul'wn, I'bila. 


Tiu'ir cliiUlren : 

(a) iilise Wilbeis b. Apr. 19, ISW. m. Francis War- 

uer of West Philadelphia. 
Their child ; 
(1) Francis 

(b) Mary Withers b. Sep. 2, l,8i>5. m. .Tohu Ivlurray 

Jordan, M. I). 

2229 F.i!a b. June 6, ISiJ m. Nov. 12, 1862. D.avid Koe 

(2217) of Haddonlleld, X. J. 
b. July 4, 1834. 
Their children : 
ROE— (see 2217) 

2230 Mary Kay b. Dec. 25, 1S12 m. Nov. 22, 1864, Joseph Bis- 

phaui K(ie, JNI. D., Surgooii 
U. S. A. li. Feb. 26, 1S36. 
Their children : 
ROE— (see 221S) 

22.31 Augusta E. b. Oct. 1, 1814 d. Au.s. 1847. 
2232 Tl.onsas b. Mch. 10, 1S4S m. Apr. ?, 1873, Mary Potter. 
Their children : 

(a) Jleltis BaicL-r b. Feb. 8, 1S74. 

(b) Thos. Polt-M- I), yu-h. 3, 1.S75. d. Aw^,. 13, 1S75. 

(c) Cliiford Potter b. ^lay Id, ]S7i;. 

(d) William C. b. Nov. 6, ls79. d. July 13, iSSO. 

(e) Emily Kay b. Oct. 6, ISSl. 

(f) Mary 

ISRAEL HOPKENS HARRIS (Rebecca C. 2033, John 1993, 

Jacob 1979, Isaac 1974, Henry 1973), son of James & 

Rebecca C. (Jennings) Harris. 
Bom Nov. 23, 1823 

Mr. Harris was married three times aud had seven 
children ; two only now living — Mrs. Laura H. Mosher 
and a half sister. 

22;J3 Laura Harris ni. .lolm Jacob ^ifo-shcr. 
Tlieir children : 

(;i) Caroline .IcAuings ii. .Sep. 11,1884. 
(b) Edith O. b. May 22, 1886. 

(c; Israel Haaris b. Feb. 5, 1802. 

Mr. Mosher is dead; widow aud children live in 
Waynesvilie, Ohio. 





^^> /^" 

•■'1 ^^M,-' ; 






" not I coinnr-iudeil thoe? Be iifrong and of ;, good 
couragt'; lie wol nfraid, ueillier lip tliou di^inaycd : for IIk' Lord 
thy b'od is wiili Dkh- wliilbersoevcr lliou {;o"st."--Jof;lii!fi 1 : 9. 

In pre.senthig the records of the family of Joshua, 
the couipiler feels that the work he has attemptcci Nvill 
ue the more nearly complete e.vd the more nsefi'l. Ard. 
iirasmtich as it is the first time an effort has been 
Diade to bring into one collection, the lecortls of the 
various families of the Jenniug name, he thinks him- 
self fortunate in having received the benefls of the 
labors of others, whose kindness has permitted hii'i 
thus to attain the more comprehensive restilts. For 
what is here presenied concerning; the family of Joshua, 
much credit must be given to Abraham Gould Jen- 
nings, of Brooklyn, whose contributions to the Atiieri- 
can Family Antiquity, by Albert Welles, has been drawn 
on to the ftillest extent. Tlie compiler is largely in- 
debted also to Mr. Francis A. White, of Everett, Wash- 
ington, for the results of his labor, and the corrections 
and other matter supplemental to the history as given 
in Avierican Family Aatiqinty. From the pen of Mr. 
White we have the following: 

" For many years I have had a desire to trace the 
lineage of my mother, Mariett Jennings White, and to 
perpetuate the remembrance of her in my own family 
and the descendants of her children, I have at this 
late date prepared the following pages, with valuable 
assistance from others; audit is most agreeable to me 


to mtike Special acl:no-vvkdi.-inent to Mrs. Eliz:'.l)eth 
Hnbbel! Sclienck, auUior of the '" History of Fairfield, 
Conn," Mrs. Esther Huutiugiou and IVlii^.s Haunah 
Hobar;, of FairfieUl. Couh., for important aid and assis- 

" I Lave b)' examiuatioji of records, verified the 
descent of m3' mother from Joshua Jennings, an En- 
glishman wlio is first recorded in Hartford, Cor.u.. as 
having married Mary Williams in that town. * * *'' 

It is from tlie record Mr. Vvliite thus introdiices, 
that vvc have largeh' drawn. 


Bnr;_. in20 (?) iu Etiglaud. „ ') / 

Diua J«7o iij Fairfl?Ul, Couii, ,:■, "V";^ 

JiL';'-. T'le'c. "2, \'r:x~ 'ill Hrtrtlord, Coun. • ;\ '*•■ ^ 
M:ary Wi'Hams* 

Tbclr ebika-ea: 





. Mary Lyon. 




j(l) Abigail Tumev. 
1.(2) Sarali Bullvley. 











Sarah Gnimmau.t 




ItaDnab \Yheeler. 


Isaac b. 1673 


— Eeer.s. V -v. f.^M| 









*' The record of the birth of Joshua Jennings has 
never been found, and it is not known when he came 
to this country. From the date of his marriage it is 
reasonable to suppose that he was born previous to 
1G20, and that he came to America in one of the many 
ships loaded with imigranis, betv.een 1G30 and IGIO. 
He died in Fairfield, in IGT-'i, andhis will was filed and 
proven in that year. The first record ofhitn is in 
Hartford, Conn., as having married Mary "Williams in 

■ .Mury (Williams) Jennings after tlis death oljoshua, m;ir. (V!) Doc. Hi, IGSO.Ctrorgc 
son. of Stamford. 

TlF.r,('^'Kr,.\:■:Ts c-? J'Isiiua S99 

that towp-, J)cc. -2, 1 G47, elcvivj vetrs after tne town 
was first settled by Rev. Thoiiias Ilooker aud his cou- 
gregation, who separated from tl'.e colou}' at Cambridge, 
Mass., on accouut of his disagreement with Rev. John 
Cotton, in the Aiitinomian Coutroversy in 1G36. He 
left Hartford iu 1650 with hi.s \vife, by ship, and settled 
in Fairfield. TIjC tradition of liis family is that he 
landed first at v.-hat is now called Bridgeport and went 
to Barlow';; i'iain. He was an intelligent and industri- 
ous man, a worthy citizen, and maintained an excellent 
reputation. He died in 1675, leaving a good estate to 
his wife and children."* 

" From Joshtia Jennings, who settled i<i Fairfield, 
Conn., in 1650 or earlier, and who died in Fairfield in 
1674, have descended many families who have done 
much toward the populating of Fairfield and the adja- 
cent towns; extending the industrial arts ot peace and 
commerce, agriculture and manufactures. 

Tlie numerous descendants are traced down 
through all the Probate and Church Records of Fair- 
field, and the neighboring villages and towns. Green 
Farms, which was formerly Fairfield, West Parish, is 
composed largely of people of the name of Jennings. 
Many of the descendants of Joshua are now (1881) oc- 
cupying land set out to him when what is known in 
Green Farms as the ' long lots ' were laid out. Much 
of the property in the northern part of the town of 
Fairfield, in a section called 'Jennings Woods,' or 
properly 'Jennings Farm,' was owned by Joshua Jen- 
nings. There is not a burying-ground but has its old 
free-stone of one hundred years ago, and the white 
marble of today, to the memory of a Jennings. 

" Their name is associated witl^ thrift and prosper- 
ity; honest, iudustiiou;; and orderly lives; domt.stic in 
their habits, or fond of iiome life; retiring, not seeking 
publicity. They were also patriotic as the Records 
show, ready to risk property and life in the defence of 
their country. "t 

"- TroDi Jrnnings Ot-'iicolopy, Manuscript, by Kiriji!': A. Wiiite. 
t Quott;d in Am'.-tScan Family Antiquity, W'liles, l>. ISU. 



JOS"jIjA JBN'NINGS (Joshua 2234), son of Jo.-?hua & Mary 

( WiL'i(nnfi) Jennin.L'.^. 
r.M))i ill Hartford, Conn. 

Pied 171G ill HarUod, Conn. 

Alarj' Lyon, dan. ol Samuel Lyon. 
Tiitir fliildron : 

?24=1 ..ics!i(!a'" b. in Fairfield Cdun. m. Rebecca 

2:^4:. b;ip. Deo. CO, 1714 b. iu Fiiirlield, Oouit. d. 1727. 

•2?.-'Ji Mfiry b in Fairfield, Conn. m. iJaniel Burr. 

2247 HsnnaSi b. in Fairfield, Coun. m. Peter Sturges. 

22iS Abipai! b. iu F.-iirtielrl, C'ouu. in. .Simon Conch, 

Joshua Jenuintr.s v/a.s probably born in 3 6-18 or 
16 J9, but was not baptized until June 1, 1712. The 
family of Joshua Jennings settled at Green's Farms, 


JOSEPH JENNINGS (Joshua 2234), son of .Joshua -t Mary 

( Williams) Jennings, 
r.nrn in Faiilield, Conu. 

])it-d 1727 
Mar, (1) 
Abigail Turney, dau. of Robert Turney. 

Their chUdren : 

224!) Ebenezer bap. Oct. 28, 1694 b. in Fairtield, Conu. 
2250 Abigail bap. Oct. 28, 1G94 b. iu Fairfield, Coun. 
Mar. (2) 
Sarah Bulkle}', dan. of Thomas Bulkley. 

Their childroi : 

22-^1 Saraii liap. .-Vug. 22, 1097 b. in Kairlield, Conn. 
22.^2 Josei.Ii Ijap. >ray 14,1098 I., in Falrneld, Conn. 
2253 Alartha bap. Aug. U, 170U b. in Fairtield, Conn. 
22-54 Anne bap. ilcb. 12, 1704 b. iu Fairtield, Conu. tu. >fr. 

22-55 Gershom bap. Mch. 12, 1709 b. iu FaiifieUl, Coun. 

i loshua Is omiltcdin the list of children as Kivcn Iv Mr. While. 

DESci::aiANTs of ■juSHUi 401 


MSCflAGL JENN5i\'&.S (Joshua U'&i), son of Joshua & 

Mary ( ]]'i.lUa-ins) Jeraiiiigs. 
Bom in Fairfielcl, Coun. 

Their c)iildreu : 

225G Bulieu m. IMr. Treiit. b. in Fairfield, Conn. 

2257 ObetiJence ju. Ebeu Hiamau. b. iu Fairfield, Conu. 

2268 Abiah in. ?.lr. Clark. b, iu Fairlield, Conn. 

22[>9 Kannah ni. Mr. Feck. b. in Fairfield, Conn. 

Michael Jennin.qs weut to Euglaiid with his 
brother Johu in 1080.* 


JOHN JENNINGS (Joshua 223'J), .sou of Joshua ct Mery 

( Williams) Jennings. 
Sarah 1 

Their children : 

2260 John bap. May 12, 1717 

2261 Nehemiahi hap. July 20, 1718 

2062 Zachaiiah bap. Jan. 22, 1720 m. ^«< >-* » 

bap. Juuel6, 1723 m. Samuel Baker. 

bap. Aug. 3,1725 ra. Nehemiah Barlow. 

bap. July 16, 1727 

bap. Aug- 3, 1729 m. 

bn)). 8ep. 20, 1731 

bap. Oct. 7, 1733 

bap. Dfc. 14,1735 m, Sarah JfoIlingsAvorth. 

lie v/ent to Eisglaud with his brother Michael and 
cousiu Charles, of Virginia circa, 1680. 















"Aincicin Family Ar.ticiuily, page 160. 

tHis wife's name was "Sar:,h." Amer. f.-im. Anuti. p. l.V.f. 

^Probably died young as another brother (22aj) 15 |;iven lh« 



SAfiUEL JENNINGS (Joshua 223<), son of Joshua & 

Marv ( Willmms) Jennings, 
r-ifr'd 17S4 

Sarah Qrurnman*. dnu. of Michae] Grumman. 

Their child rea : 

2l'70 nichae! bap. Sep. 0, IG'U 
;^2V1 hlizpbet/'! bap. Mc'i. V, 16'iu 
2'272 Patience blip, i-^ep'. ::-5, 1698 
227;; Sarah ba!>. Feb. 11, i0s)9 m. Dnuiel Lyou. 

2274 Samuel hap. Meb. 22, 17(12 
227-") Eunice bap. Jan. 21, 1705 
22". « Dorothy bap. ZSTov. 13, 1709 
2277 Nathan bap. May 18, 1711 

2275 Benjanirn bap. Seji. 2ii, 1713 

Saraiiel Jenuiug'.': -nill is dated 1728. 

MATtlEW JENNfNQ^ ^Jgi.,ua 2234), .-on of Jo«hua A 

Mary ( Williains) Jennings. 
Died 173S 

Tlieir children -.t 

2270 Hatthcw bap. I^ep. 5, ]o97 
22S0 tEIizabeth b;.]). Oct. 31, 1697 

2281 Daniel bap. Apr. 7, 1700 

2282 Jereniiali bap. Apr. 11, 1703 m. Coley. 

2283 Mary bap. Aug. 19, 170.5 m. Mr. Ogden. 

2284 tRuth bap. Apr. 11, 170S m. Mr. ISulkley. 

2285 IHannah bap. July 10, 1720 m. Johu Knopp. 

Their children : 
James m. had 7 children. 
Jolin m. had7 childrcu. 
Fihoda in. Mr. Pa.nott. 

*.Mr. V,';.i;-. givf.. t- ,. . ' ■-' , j.-l'.! v>lf- ^s ^.1. ,1! r..ur.ini;i.: In Aaier. fam. 

Antiq., p. lliO: "Heu. i IiyiU, lo ^i;■.ry Een:..-lt (or S=l ..h C'rccuwau)." 

lAn.cricai. F.iinily .\i .: .11 . n - .1 daughler Rebecca y-ho inilricd Joh.i MicWic- 
brook, by whom she had i^^ir six t lulilrcn ; no correct dates gi^■cn. 

iS.ime aulliority l<ulh married Mr. liulkley of Kalrfidd, by whom she had ons tou 
F.benc'er, who had seven children ; no correct dates given. 

llSame authority, Hannah rnarriid John Knopp. by whom she had issue 3 chi!drer. ; 
no correct dates given. One cianJchild niarricd Abbot Jeuuings. N:;; and dales o! 
baptism Irom record of.F. A. WKiie. 


ISAAC JENN'INQ5 (Joshaa 2234). son of Joshua & Mary 
{ M'H'iams) Jennings. 

Bom 1G73 

Died July 10, 17J6 ^^ 

Mar. Il; Fairfield, Coun. ''^l-ff.'ltf) •''l/'c C'.. f i 

' d 

Beers,- dau. of-Josepb-Beers. ' (i 

Their children : 

JENNINOS— ^^^V; /% ( . 

2286 Isaac b. 1702 ru, Phebe _i— l-V'-f"'- ' 

22S7 ilary bap. Aug. 19, 1705 m. Smith 

22SS Join, IJ' p^ 5J^h. 24, 170G | ^_ ^^^^ ^^.^^^^^^_ 

2289 Abigail bap. 1710 

22'JO Josjah bap. May 27, 1711 

2201 David bap. Oct. 31, 1714 

2292 Sarah Ijap. 1716 

"His will was made June 10, 1746. Was proved in 
Probate Court Aug. 21, 17 Id. His tombstone says he 
died July 10, 174G, aged 73 years, giving his birth iu 
1673." Jennings Genealogy Alanuscripl, by F. A. 


JOSHUA JENNINGS (Joshua 2235, Joshua 2234), son oi' 

Joshua ct Mary (Lyoii) Jennings. 
Born in Fair-field, Conn. 
Died 1746 


Their child ; 
229j! Joshcj m. Esther Burr. 

Joshua (2244) is omitted by Mr. White iu hi.s 
manuscript of Jennings' Genealogy, but there seems to 
be no reason to question the line of descent given iu 
American Faviily Antiquily. 



HANNAH JBNNJNaS (Joshua 22:?5, Joshua 2234), daiu 
of Joshua A' ]\rary (jyvon) Jennings. 

Died 177-i 


Pete? Starges, fon of Jolm Siarges. 

Their cliiicireu : 
2:i94 Sanii-es d. i:(!3 m. Aiiii 

2295 Danie! d. 17S3 m. (9 cliildrcu). 

2296 •He.iniali m. Steplieu Jcuuiugs. 
2:20/ Abifjai! lu. J. Sherwood. 
229S tOrace m. Mv. Perry. 

229!' Sarah ni. E. Andrews. 

2300 Ann m. J. Thorp. 

'Jiijl FMen m. E. Gray (2 cbildreu). 


JOSEPH JENNINGS (Joseph 2236, Joshr.a 2X^4), eon of 
Joseph & Sarah (Bulkley) Jeniiing.s. 

Born in Fairfield, Conn. 

Bap. May 14, 1698 

Died 176S in Fairiield, Conn. 

Mar. > 

Abigail — 

Their children : 

2302 Andrew b. in Fairfield, Conn. m. Abigail 

2303 Qersfiom b. iu Fairfield, Conn, m. R. Sauford. 

2304 Stephen b. iu Fairfield, Conn. m. Hannah Sturges.t 
2306 Joseph b. iu Fairfield, Conn. 

2306 Benjamin b. in Fairfield, Conn. 

2307 Abigail b. in Fairfield, Conn. 
2S08 Sr.rah b. in Fairfield, Conn. 

»H.->nnali Slurpcs mar.ned Stfjilicn (iS04). Couccrnli.2 hlin, An,t.'. Fum. 
Aiitlfi. p. US) s.-.y5; "Captain Stephen Jennings, of Fairfield, Connsctlcut, w:i5 bcni 
there, circa 1710, and died there anno 1786." 

IGraceStiirges, by her husband Mr. Perry, had three childrci ; one daughter, G.-acc, 
married Joel Jennings (2390). 

{Hannah Sturges was the dau^l.n. cf Hannah Jennings (2i'17); daughter of Jo.hur. 



^OBEDIENCE JENNINGS (Hichriel 22:.7, Joshua 223';), 

dau. of Micliael Jennings. 
JJoiii in Fairfield, Conn. 
Srar. iu Fairfield, Conn. 
Eben Hinniaii 
Died June 4, 1739 

Their childi'cn : 








James Muunaii. 

Six children. 






Two children. 




Eli Parsons. 

Four cbiklren. 





Six childr.-u. 




Mr. Ferry. 




James Bassett. 

23 IS 


*ABIAH JENNINGS (Hichael 2237, Joshua 2.';34), dau. of 

Michael Jennings. 
Born iu Fairfield, (Jonn. 

Mr. Clark 

Their children : 

2319 Robert 

2320 John m. Ten childi'eu. 

2321 George 

2.322 Jane m. A. Black. 

2323 Abigail m. E. Blackmau. 

ZACHAR5 AH JENNINGS (John 2238, Joshua 2234), son of 

John it Saiah ( ) Jennings, 

Born iu Fairlield, Conn. 

Bap. Jan. 22, 1720 


ricaii Family Antiquity gives later ge 

o( this tainily, but uo 


Thpir children : 

2324 Enoch 

2325 Osias , 
2325 Natlianiel ^ ,,■.,, "■ • ,,. . ^^ J^< >■ y^- - '"'^ ^ 

Katliauiel Avas born iu Fairfield, Coud., but renioved io Balls- 
ton, K . Y., and had issue seven children : 

m. J. P. Buckley. 


(a) Symantha 

(b) Samue! 

(c) Alicfa ! 

(d) James H. 

(e) William 

(f) Susan 

(;;) Moses 





















SARAH JENNINGS (John 22S8, Joshua 2231), dau. of 

John & Sarali ( ) Jennings. 

Bap. June 16, 1723 


Samuel Baker, of We.ston, Conn. 

Their children : 








Alary m. Mr. AVhitel 

chiidron : 













in. Isaac Gould. 

in. JereinirJi Husby. 

ni. .rosp))li (inulij. 


NEHEniAH JENNINGS (John 2238, Joshua 2234), son of 

John it Sav;i]j ( ) Jennings. 

Born iu Fairiield, Coiiu. 

Bap. July .'^11, 1718 


Their children : 

2341 Rcbe.-:ca* h. iu Fr.iriield, Conn. m. ]''eter Jennings (2351) 

2342 Patfcnce b. in Frurfield, Conn. 
2348 E(uiic3 b. in Fairfield, Conn. 

2344 Ste;)hen b. in Fiiirfleld, Conn. 

2345 Anne b. iu Fairfield, t'onn. ni. Mr. Lake. 

2346 .Nehemiah b. iu Fairfield, Conu. 


KEZEKEAH JENNINGS (John 223S, Joshua 2234), son of 

John & 'fiai-iih ( ) Jennings. 

Born in Fairfield, Conn. 

Bap. Oel. 7, 1733 


Their children : 

2347 Samuel b. in Fairfield, Conn. 
234S Mezekiab b. in Fairfield, Conu. 
2340 Ezfckiei b. iu Fairfield, Conu. 

2350 Ebenezer b. iu Fairfield, Conn. 

2351 Petert b. iu Fairfield, Conn. ni. Rebecca Jeuuiugs(2341) 

ABEL JENNINGS (John 2238, Joshua 2234), son of John 

& Sarah ( ) Jennings. 

Boru in Fairfield, Conn. 

Bap. Dec. 14, 1735 

Sarah Holiin^sworth 
Their children : 

2352 Robert b. in Fairfield, Conn. 

♦Rebecca Jennings married Peter Jennii,gs (iSol ) s.e under 23il. 

tPeter Jenninrs removed to New Milford, Conn., and aflcrv.ards married Rebecca 
(ZSn) see under 2,101. 


2353 No::l'. b. in Fainic-ld, Coun. 
23ol AI>;,iah b. in Fiiirfield, Ooun. 

Abijah hp'I issue i\\ o dnughlt-rs: 


(a) Loiiiso )iK Jjovi Turuey. 

(b) Laura m, Vi'. XV. Johusou. 
2355 Eiso.!; b. in Fairfield, Conn. 

2350 Joseph b. iu Fairfield, Coiju, 

2357 Abel b. in Faiilioid, Coun. 

235S Ruth b. in I'aivaeld, Coun. 

2359 Oris-vold b. in FairiieJd, Conn. 

2360 Anns b. in Fairfield, Conn. 
23C1 Euiiiee b. In Fairlield, Conn. 


SAMUEL JDNNINGS (Si'.r.inel 2239, Jorhua 22^1), son of 

Samuel & Sarah (Gnimman) Jeninn^ri. 
Bap. I^ich. 22, 1702 

Their cliildren: 

23G2 SarnueE d. 1741 

2363 Sara'fi 

2364 Charity 


NATH.AN JENl^lNGS (Samuel 2239, Joshua 2234), son of 

Samuel & Sarah (Grumman) Jennings. 
Bap. May 18, 1711 
Died " 1757 



children : 




b. in Fairnelil, 




b. in Fairlield, 




b. in Fairlioid, 




b. in Fairlield, 





b. iu Fairfield, 




b. iu Fairfield, 




b. in Fairlield, 




b. iu Fairlield, 




b. iu Faiilield, 

ni. Alexrinder Hauiillon. 




55AAC JENNIMQS (Isaac 224!, Joshua 223-;), sou of Isaac 
it (Jlcer.s) Jennings. 

Biip. 1 702 

Died Mch. 6, 1760 

Phfc ' ' "' ' ' ■"'' 




Abjgat! b.ijj. iSep. 




SetJj ))aji. Jan. 




Moses bap. Aug. 




Levi bap. Nov. 



t.ucretia liap. Oct. 




Jacob blip, Dec- 




Isaac bnp. Julj' 



Hannah bap. June 


1 74.-J 


EUcr. b.-,],. Kov. 


J 717 

UA. Heury >.Iar'p:und. 

Isaac Jennings died March 6, 17G0, Mo.^es Jennings 
executor. He left his property to his v.'ifc Phebe and 
children. His granddaugliler Esther, was a dangblef 
of his son Seth Jennings, and, he being de?.u, she 
received his legacy. She was the grandmother of LIiS- 
Ssther L. Huntington, of Fairfield, a much esteemed 
lady, foremost iu the Centennial Commemoratiou of 
1879, and much interested in the history of her native 
town. She is a sister of JMorris Lynn, the founder of 
Fairfield Library. 

Lucretia Jennings, the daughter of Isaac Jennings, 
was the grandmother of the late Frederick Marquand of 
Southport, and of his brother Henry G. Marquand of 
New York City. Frederick Marquand erected th.e 
Marquand Chauvl ci Yale Coikge. He also gave a fine 
library loid building for its use at Southport. licniy 
B. Marquand is widely known for his munificent dona- 
tions to the Aletropolitan Museum of Art iu tlie city of 
New York. — From Record of .l'\ A. White. 

»Arr.eilcan I'.iniily A:it;.:u;ty u'W. ;' •'■•- A^. Justus,.