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Full text of "Genealogical memoranda relating to the family of Grazebrook"

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The Will of John Gresbroke, of Middleton, Co. Warwick, 1540. 

In the ,name of God, Amen. In the yere of our Lorde God a thousand fyvc 
hundred & forty, & y e xxvj day of the moneth of May, I John Gresbroke, of the 
towne of Mydlet'n, of hole mynd and good reme'brance, make my last Wyll yn man' 
& forme folowyng: ffyrst I bequethe my sole unto Almighty God, to our lady sent 

Marye, and to the holye cu'pany of hevyn my body to be buried yn the churche 

yerdof Midlet'n. I bequethe to the .... and I bequeathe to the churche Worfce 
ijs., and to S r Will'm .... my gostlye fathere .... And I bequethe to He'rye 
Gresbrook, my sone, vj lb xiij" iiij a . Item to Alverey, my sone, a bedstede, a 
matter's, a blankyt, a pclowe, a covlytt, & a p r of shows? Also I gyve unto the 
howse for heierlomes a folden table, a great pott, a s'cepan, and a cawdryn with a 
brokn .... And I bequethe to Hew, my son, xl 3 , to Robert Hylley a ewe, to 
Will'm Hylley, hys sone, a yerelynge calfe, to Robert Jones a heff* of ij yeres old, 
and to Prauncs Bell, my s r vant, a wenynge calfe, & to the makynge of pool Brygge* 
xij J . I wyll also that my feofcs? shall suffer Ysabell, my Wyffe, to occupy & ynjoy 
theholle of my lands & buyldyngs, the new eh'br? and the cha'br ov r . . . . and the 
. . . .' to be yndylferent for the both. Also I wyll that she shall have .... and the 
lytell heyes, and all the heye yn smale medowe, and vj acres of .... and that syde 
of the cjoft next the frthynge lanef and the yeate .... the one halfe to ... . her 
kye, and to by(?) her hey, and the other halfe to my sone Alvery, and the th'rde 
part of the ... . growyng in the Arehurde, and the gryndylstone yerd to mylk yn. 
Also I wyll that she shall have sufficient t'ber to make her a chemney in h r cha'ber, 
and a dore owte of her cha'ber ynto the wode yerde where she shall have wode att 
the coste & cherge of my sone Alverey. And yf my wyffe & my sone Alverye s' 1 

not .... agre & co'tynue together, the" I wyll that she shall have & the 

ley in sraawl medowe and my sone Alvery to be cherged w"' all rents whatso r & all 
other d'wtyes both to the Kinge & the lorde. I bequeth also unto my sone Alverey 
my waynes, yeoke tewls, & tu'brells, & all other ymplenients of husbandrye, and I 
gyve unto hym also the use and occupation of my ox'n to alyenat, sell, & change 

them at hys pleasure, whe r he thinks best duringe my wyfl's lyffe. I nesses- 

sarys and the stock to the use of her. I will also that yff my wyff do not 

(jeeupye so muche grounde as I have gyvyn unto her that the" my sone Alverye 

* Poole Bridge is in the parish of Sbenstone, co. Stafford. In a deed of 1071, certain property 
in Sbenstone, then belonging to Hubert Greisbrooke, is described as " uearc unto a meduwi railed 
Poolebridge medowe." 

-f "Farthing Lane" adjoins the orchard attached to the old house called Stoke end in the 
parish of Middleton. 

shall have hyt & no other man. Also I wyll that my wyff, my sone Alverey, & all 
thyr famulye be founde of the corne on the grounde & yn the barne for the space of 
this one yere ; the overplus th'r'of & the resydw' of all my goods movable & 

onmovable I gyve unto my wyff whome I make my executrcx, and to gyve 

th™ at her departynge ainonge my children wh"' she thinks best at the syght of 
Syr Will'm .... curate of Mydlet'n, & Will'm Stele, whome I make my overseers 
of this my last Wyll thy 3 beyng wyttnesses, Robert Wytynge, Willia' Gresbrook, 
Thomas Cuke, Willia' Gortn, & Willia' Hawl, <£ others. 

[This will has suffered much from damp and other causes. It is endorsed " 1542 " 
and was no doubt proved in that year at Lichfield.] 

Will of Isabell Gresebroke of Middleton, Widow, 1550. 

In the name of God, Amen ; the yere of our Lorde God a thousand, fyve 
hundred, and fyfteye, the xvth day of Marche in y c fyft yere of y 6 Kaigne of our 
most soveraigne lorde Kinge Edwarde the Sixtt, by y c grace of God King of 
England, France, & Ireland, Defender of y e fayth, and of the church of England, 
and also of Ireland, immediately under Almighty God, in earth, the supreme head' 
1 Isabell Gresebruke, of Mydleton, in y e countye of Warwyckej wedowe, beyng 
perfect of mind and memory, make & declare my last Wyll and testam'entt in 
maner & form as followeth : First I, (wyth harty repentance for my synnes), 
wyllyngly gyve and bequeathe my soul to Almyghty God, my creator and maker' 
and I bequeath my body to y* earth to be buryed in my parish chnrche yarde of 
Mydleton abovesayd. And I wyll y' y e funeral! charges of my buryall shalbe 
dyscharged of my owne goodes att the dyscretyoii & syght of my executors. And I 
gyve & bequeath to Jhon Gresebroke, my sonne, foure of my best kye, and my grey 
horse, and one of my best cofierrs and all suehe stull'e as ys wythyn the sayd coiferr. 
And I gyve to y e sayd Jhon Gresebroke my bedde I use to lye on, y l ys to say, one 
niattiys, one bolsf, one payre of flaxen sheetes, one blankett, one bedhyllyn of y e 
best wythyn my housse, one wyndow shete of twyllye, and my bedstydd, wyth all y e 
hordes thereto, & one forme to ytt, & one lytle bnisse pott of two galons. And I 
gyve to Jhon Gresebroke all my corne & hey y' I shalhave at my dep'tynge forthe 
of this worlde. Also I gyve & bequeath to Alverey Gresebroke, my sonne, all my 
oxen, and two yardes and halfe of flaxen cloth, desyryng hym to be goode to b 5 
brethern & syst re . And I gyve to Robert Gresebroke, my sonne, one grett hangyng 
ealdren, and my carved wyche, one meat borde, one kneydyng trouhe. And I gyve 
to Hefirye Gresebroke, my sonne, two kye and my grett maslin pan, & one grett 
brasse pott, & my whyte pan. Also I gyve to Hugh* Gresebroke, my sonne, one 
yarde and a quarter of whyte carsey clothe, and one fatt hogge. And I gyve Agnes 
Jones one. bedde that Ihon, my sonne, lyeth on, & my best petycote, & one kyrtle 
cote. And I gyve to Margarett Shurrocke, my donghter, one double wyndow shete, 
and my best kyrtle ; and y e money y' Joerge Shurrocke oweth to me I frely gyve 
ytt hym. And I gyve to M'gery West one cowe & two peuter platters a lesse & 
more, & my best cap, & my best hatte. Also I gyve to WyH'um V r non two yardes 
& halfe off flaxen clothe ; & I gyve to Chrystyau Vernon one cowe & my best 
gowne, & two halfe quarter seeks & one ale lome. Also I gyve to Robert Hylley 
one yarde & a quarter of white carssey cloth. And I gyve to Elsabeth Hylley, my 
daughter, thre yards of . . . . clothe. The resydue of my goodes not bequeathed], 
I do gyve & bequeath to Jhon Gresebroke & Henry Gresebroke, my sonnes, to be 
devyded betwyxt them by equall portyous. And I coustytute, ordayu, & make Jhon 
Gresebroke & Henry Gresebroke my lawfull executors of this my last Wyll and 
testainentt, to fulfyll the bequests of y e same, and to dyspose for my souls health, as 

* Hugh Gresbrooke was of Hints, co. Stafford. Elizabeth, his ouly surviving child, espoused 
Edward Fox of Birmingham, by whom she was ancestress of the family of Lane-Fox. 

I trust they wyll doe. And I desyre Matheye Hindu & WylPam Hall to be ov'Bears 
of thys my last Wyll, to se all thyngs bereyn done accordyngly. These beyng 
wytnesses, Wyll'am Gorton, Wyll'am Hall, Nycolas llyltun, Wyll'am Grene, preste, 
wyth others. 

[Proved at Lichfield by John Gresbroke and Heury Gresbroke, the executors, 
•26 January, 1554-5.] 

Inventory taken the xi. day of January ami. Ph'i et Marie Reg. et Regine, prirno 
et scd° of the Goods and cattells of Isabell Grcisbroke, & praysed by thes p'sons, 
Will'" Vernon & Will'" Slade. 

Imprint's a horde, a forme, and a cheer ..... xii d 

Item ii basynes of maslyn xx d 

Item one panne iii 8 iiii' 1 

Item iii pannes smale ......... iii* 

Item iii brasse pottes ......... vi s viii 1 

Item v pewter platters ......... ii s 

Item ii saucers iiii J 

Item a candilsticke ......... iiii d 

Item a frienge panne vi' 1 

Item ii couberts & a spytt xvi d 

Item potte hangils & potte hooks ...... vj d 

Item a brandret* . vi d 

Item ii mattres .......... iiii 5 

Item ii bolsters and on pellowe ....... ii" vi 1 ' 

Item a blanket x d 

Item a paire of flaxen shete ........ iii d 

Item vi paire of hurdyn shete vi" 

Item iii towels iii d 

Item iii cov r lets vi' 

Item sacke cloth, new xii' 1 

Item iii smocks ii 9 vi' 1 

Item ii carecheffes and a kaylej ....... ii s 

Item a petieote .......... ii s 

Item a kyrtill ii s ii d 

Item a gowne .......... iiii 3 

Item a hatt & a cap xviii' 1 

Item the corne x s 

Item the haye xx s 

Item T oxen v 1 

Item viii kyne .......... v 1 vi s 

Item a horse xiii 8 iiii' 1 

Item x sheepe xiii 3 iiii' 1 

Item ii cowfers iiii 9 iiii J 

Item v couuffait dyshes ........ xv d 

Item a spynninge whel & a churne ...... xii u 

Item a parle, a lome, & ii half q r baggs ..... viii' 1 

Item a hanging eawtherne iii 9 

Item a carved wyehej viii d 

Item iii store swyne . . . . . . . . . iii 9 

Summ total xvi 1 x 9 x d . 
Detts owing unto her by Alvery Graisbroke, borrowed in money at 
s r tayne tymes. Itm first v 9 , the o r tyme iiii 9 , the third tyme 

ix 9 , the fourthe tyme vi s viii d 

Itm also to Margaret Graisbroke, wife of the said Alvery . . v" viii' 1 

* " An iron tripod fixed over the fire, on which a pot 01 kettle is placed." (Halliwell.) 
f Calle = a cloak. (Cole's Dictionary, 1701.) J A chest (Saxon). 

Henry Greisbroke, 1557. 

Henry Greisbroke, of Birmingham, died intestate, and administration of his 
effects was granted to Elizabeth Greisbroke, widow, his relict, March 12, 1557-8 
(Act Book, Lichfield Probate Court). The only document filed is "The Inventory, 
taken the xx"> day of May A 1557, of the goods and cattells of Henry Greisbroke, 
and i> r sed by Thorn's Rastell, Raff Mountfort, Thorn's Mackworthe," etc. 

Ped. fin. Easter ) Between John Foxton, Pit. and John Greysbroke and 
3 & 4 Phil. & Mary. S- Henry Greysbroke, Deforciants. One messuage, 2 cot- 
Warwickshire. ) tages, 3 gardens, 3 orchards, 100 acres of land, 10 of 
meadow, 100 of pasture, 10 of wood, and 200 of furze and heath, with the appur- 
tenances in Myddelton. To have and to hold to the use of the said Henry and 
Elizabeth his wife and the heirs male of the said Henry. 

Will of Alverey Greisbrooke, of Middleton, 1575. 

In the name of God, Amen. The xxiiij daie of September 1575, I Alverey 
Greisbrooke, of Middleton, in the countie of Warwicke, gent., whole in boddie, and 
of good remembrance, do ordeyne this my last Will and Testament in manner and 
forme followinge : ffirste I bequeathe my Sonle unto Allmyghtie God and his sonn 
J'hn Christe my Savior, my boddie to be buried in the churche of Middleton, afore- 
said. Also I will that my detts shall be paide, And after that I gyve and bequeathe 
unto my thre daughters, vyz 1 Anne, Prudens, and Marie, and to everye of them 
one hundred poundes of currant money of England, to be paid at the daie of there 
marriage ; and yf anie of them dep'te this naturall lytic before the daie of there 
mariage then my will and meaninge is that the portyon of her or them so dyinge 
shalbe geven unto the rest of my daughters that be lyvinge. Also I gyve and 
bequeathe unto Margrett* my wytl'e all my lands lying in Wisshawe w th all & 
singular thappurtenances duriuge her widdowhood, And yll' she do marrie, or dep'te 
this naturall lyfFe, then my will is that Robart Greisbrooke, my here, shall have it 
unto him, and his heires for ever uppon this condicion, that Robart Greisbrooke, 
my heire, his heires, executors, administrators, or assignes, shall paye, or cause to 
be paide unto my ffoure daughters, vyz', Margrett, Anne,| Prudens, and Marie, and 
to everie of them the som' of Tenne poundes of currant money of England, And my 
said daughters joyntlie to enjoye the same landes, or there assignes, untill the said 
som'e of money be paid. And yff anie of them depart this naturall lyft'e before the 
daye of their mariage, Then I will that the porcion of her or them so dyinge shalbe 
geven unto her or them that be lyvinge. P r vided alwaies, that if my said heyre, 
Robart Greisbrooke, his heires, or assignes, shall at anie tyme hereafter vexxe, 
trouble, or molest S r Frances Willoughbie, Knight, his heres or assignes, for anie 
p'te or p'cell of grounde, as my will is, shalbe exehaunged w th the saide S r Frances 

* Margaret was the daughter of Thomas Kene, of Sutton Coldfield, co. Warwick, gent., as is 
proved by a law suit brought by Alverey " Greysbroke," as executor of his father-in-law, against 
one Hubert Foxe, of Middleton, in 3 and 4 Elizabeth. A full report of this cause will be found 
in Flowden's Reports, pub. in 1578, to. 275. Alverey is described iu the pleadings as " Alueredus 
Greysbroke, generosus, executor testament! Thomse Kene, geuerosi, alias dicti Thomas Kene, of 
Sutton in Culfyldi' in the C'otmte of Warr. gent, alias dictus Alverey Greysbroke, my sonne in 
/nice, which Aliicnjc I constitute and make my true <y laivfull executor of this my last wil <$' 
testament." etc. 

On a tablet in Sutton C'oldfield church is this inscription : — " Hie jacet Agnes filia junior 
Willielmi Herman, domini de Morehall, nupta Willielmo Gibbons per quern habuit duos filios. 
•Inhannem clericum, et Thomam ; . et tres filias, seniorem nuptam Thome Keene, ct tertiam 
nuptam Edwardo East, que Agnes, mater, obijt 5 die Februar : Au : MDXX." 

This Agnes was the sister of John Herman, alias Vesey, Bishop of Exeter. 

+ It appears from Vincent's MBS. Coll. of Arms (Roper pedigree) that Thomas lioper (or tin 
Ileanor, eo. Derby, family) married -Anne, dau. of Avery Greisbrooke, of Stoke I/ill. CO. War- 
wick." They were the parents of Samuel Koper, barrister-at-law, the early patron of Dugdalc, 
and the friend of Dudsworth. Stoke-end is the name of an ancient house in Middleton. 

Willoughbie, that then all the said ryght, tytle, and Interest that I have given 
unto the Baide RobartGreisbrooke & his heires by this my lastc AYill and Testament, 
in my landes lyingc in Wisshawe, shall cease and be voyde, and the said landes to 
remaine unto the use of my foure daughters, vyz', Margret, Anne, Prudcns, & 
Marie, and theire heires for ever. I give unto Margret, my daughter, the som' of 
Twentie poundes of currant money of England. I give unto Robart Oreisbrooke, 
my heir, the ij tables in the hall, the great bras pot .... and all the glas in the 
windowes, the joyned benches in the p'lor, w 11 ' the waynscot about the same, one 
portall in the same p'lor, payinge therefore vj s viij' 1 , one cobbord in my p'lor payinge 
therefor x d , with j portall in the kechen frelie. I give unto Richard Hopkins my 
best moccadora stocke. I give unto my brother Hewghe Greisbrooke xx s . I give 
unto my sister Margret x s . I give unto my brethren Robart and Hewghe all my 
other apparell. I give unto Averey (Cleve?) v 3 . I give Averey Jones vf viij 1 '. 
I give unto Joane Greisbrooke one wenelinge calfe. I give unto Joane Bratt j ewe 
shippe. I give unto Isabell Tryamor j ewe shippe. I give unto Margret Kene (or 
Fene) j ewe shippe. I give unto William Phippes and Henrie Shcwell, & eyther of 
them xx s , whom I make supervisors of this my laste Will and testament. The 
reste of my goodes unbequeatlied, my dctts paide, my funerall expenses discharged 
(except my household stuffs, w h I will shalbe devyded amonge my foure daughters, 
after the decease of my wyffe) I give unto Margret my wyffe, whome I make my 
executrix of this my laste Will and Testament (so longe as she kepeth her widdowe) 
and yf she do marie, then my will is that she shall have xl 1 paide unto her by the 
hand'es of Will'm Phippes and Henrie Shewell whome then I make my executors, 
and my said wiffe to lose the benefitt of all that bequeste before mentioned (except 
the said xl 1 ). And the saide Will'm Phippes and Henrie Shewell to use the same 
accordinge to my will. P'vided allwaies that my wiffe shall make p'bate of this my 
will w"'in thre monethes next after my dissease. And yf she shal refuse to do it, 
then I will that Will 111 Phippes & Henrie Shewell shall do it whom then I make my 
ex'ors to se it p'formed and kept. And finallie my will is that yf anie of my 
daughters shall refuse to be ordered by the advyse & counsell of there frends, vyz 1 
theire mother, Will'm Phippes, & Henrie Shewell, that then she or them so refusing 
to be ordered be there said frendes shall have but xx 1 in full satisfaction of there 
legacie. And the resydue of her or there portion so contemptuouslie refusynge to 
lie ordered by there frends shalbe geven unto the reste of my daughters that be 
lyvinge. In witness whereof I have sealed and subscribed hereunto the daie & 
yeare above named. — Alverey Gresbrook. 

Witnes this to be testma' Richarde Hopkyns — James Garner — Ph's Welshe. 

[Probate granted at Lichfield March 7, 1575-G, to Margaret Greisbrooke, the 
relict and executrix.] 

An Inve'turie of the goods and cattells of Alverey Greisbrooke. Taken the 4 

daie of January 1575 ; Will m Phippes, Henrie Shcwell, John Roberts, and 
Thomas Osborne. 

Imprimis x oxen and steares prec' ...... xxvj 1 

It. x kyne xv 1 

It. xj Heyfors and steares xiiij 1 xiij s iiij d 

It. xiiij calves vij' 

It. iij mares and nagge iij 1 

It. iiij colts iiij 1 

It. xl shipu xl* 

It. i sowe & i pigge x" 

The Hall, w Ul all the furniture therin x 1 iij s iiij' 1 

The p'lor, w" 1 all the furniture therin vii 1 

The chamber, w* all the furniture therin, over the p'lor . . xx\* 
The p'lor next the ketchen, w"' the napprie, and all the furniture 

therin xx 1 vlii' 



The buttrie, w th vij silver spones, j salt gilt,w ,h pewter, and all the 

furniture therm vjji x jjjjs 

The Kechen, w lh all the furniture therin rij 1 vij 1 viii d 

The maids chamber, w th all the furniture therin .... xiij* iiij'i 

The Gallerie, \v th all the furniture therin x ij> v iij.' 

The daie* howse, w"' all the furniture therein .... xvj" viij' 1 

The bowltingef howse, w th all the furniture therin ... v a 

The newe chamber, w Ul all the furniture therin . . . . jiji 

The chest chamber, w"' all the furniture therin .... \' vj s viij' 1 

The Kilne chamber, w ,h all the furniture therin .... xxvj s viij' tl 
The malt howse, w lh all the furniture therin, and over the daie 

howse ........... xi« 

The corne uppon the grownde xii' 

The corne & hey in the Barne viij 1 

The husbandry, w th the furniture 1» 

It. in detts xl 3 

Pedes finium Michaelmas ~\ Between Alvered Grey sbroke, gent. Plaintiff, and 
3 & 4 Ph. & Mary. y Robert Harecourte, Esq r Deforciant. One toft, 30 

Warwickshire. ) acres of land, 10 of meadow, 20 of pasture, and 4 of 

wood, with the appurtenances, in Wyshshawe, Moxshyll, and Myddleton. 

Ped. fin. Trinity ) Between ltichard Hopkins and Hugh Holtcforte, Plaintiffs, 
1 7 Eliz. > and Alvered Greysbroke, gent. Deforciant. Three messuages, 

Warwickshire. J 2 tofts, 4 gardens, 4 orchards, 200 acres of land, 40 of 
meadow, 100 of pasture, 20 of wood, and 10 of furze and heath, with the appur- 
tenances, in Myddeltou and Wysshawe. 

Robert Greisbrooke, of Middleton, 1595. 

The will of Robert Greisbrooke, of Middleton, co. Warwick, was proved at Lich- 
field Oct. 22, 1595, by John Greisbrooke, the son and sole executor (vide Act Book, 
fo. 145), but the will itself cannot be found among the testamentary documents of 
that year. 

Will of Richard Greisbrooke, of Meriden, co. Warwick, 1621. 
(P. C. C. 120 Swan.) 
In the name of God, Amen. I Richard Greisbrooke, of Meriden, in the countie 
of Warwick, yoman, being of good health and p'fcct memorye, considering my old 
uge (God bee therefore praised). As allso the due Mcditac'on of my death, the 
oertaintye thereof, and the uncertaintye of the tyme, doe move [and] advise me to 
make, ordaine, publishe, and declare this my laste Will and Testament (to avoyde 
the danger of dyeing intestate) this p'sente daye, beinge the fiveth daye of June in 
the nyneteenth year of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord James, by the grace of 
God, Kinge of England, Fraunce, and Irelande, and of Scotland the five and 
fiftyethe, of my selfe and of my reall and p'sernall estate, in manner and forme 
following. Imprimis, as concerning my selfe, I com'ende it to the merciful pro- 
tee'on, love, and favor of my God dureing this my pilgrimage, and at thende 
therof I com'ende my soule onlye by Jesus Christ, my savior, into Heaven, the 
mansion and place of thelect in Christ, and my bndye to the earthe to be buried in 
the p'ish church of Meriden aforesaide ; the solemnizac'on & charge of my said 
buryall I referr and com'itt unto the good discrec'on of my Executors and the 
ov r .seers of this my Will, trusteing at the general! resurrec'on of nil flesh that these 
my eyes shall see Jesus to my comfort: my sinnes, thorough his merrittes, being all 

* Daily. •(• Bolting-huute — the place where meal is sifted. 

p'donned. And as concerning my reall estate, I will and devise unto William 
Blythe, of the p'ishe of Oolleshill, in the said countie of Warwick, youum, uppon 
speciall Truste and Confidence, the Messuage or Tenement in Meriden aforesaid, 
wherein I nowe dwell and inhabitt, and all Edifices, Stables, Barnes, howses, 
buildeings, yardes, backsides, orchardes, gardens, closes, pastures, meadowes, landes, 
Tenements, hereditaments, and all other before devised premisses, w"' all and 
singler there appten'ees unto the said Will'm Blythe, untill my cozen John 
Haddon, grandchilde unto my brother Nicholas Greisbrooke,* deceased, shall 
accomplish thage of one and twentye yeares, if hee shall live to attaine to the said 
age, uppou speciall trust and confidence, and my will is that all rentes, profittes, 
eomodityes, and revenewes that shall arise, grow, come, or bee made of the said 
devysed p'misses, or of anie p'te or p'cell thereof, dureing the said terme (the chiefe 
rents, repa'c'ons, and other necessary paymentes concerning the said devised 
premisses beeinge yearely, dureing the said terme, paid, p'formed, and donne) shall 
be disbursed and bestowed uppon the said John Haddon in, for, nppon, and con- 
cerning his dyett, apparell, edueac'on, learneing, bringing upp, and other thinges 
necessary and needfull of him the said John, which truste the said Wm. Blythe 
hathe p'mised unto me most faithfullye, carefully, and loveinglie to p'forme. And 
if it shall please God that hee the said Wm. shall dye (which God for bidd) before 
hee the said John shall accomplish the said age of one and twenty yeares, then I 
will, devise, and com'itt the like truste in as ample man'er for and concerning the 
said hereditaments, and the said John Haddon, unto John Greisbrooke, of Wiggons 
hill, in the com' of Warwick, for the residue of the said tyme ; who, I hope, will in 
the fear of God p'rforme the same truste faithfully, honestlye, and godlye, ac- 
cording to my confidence in him reposed; yet notwithstanding my will, and my 
will is that the said William Blythe and John Greisbrooke shall allowe unto them- 
selves respectively, concerninge these said severall trustes, there necessarie charges 
and expences concerning the same. I allso will, ordaine, give, and bequeathe unto 
the said John Haddon, my cosen, the s a messuage or tenement, edifices, stables, 
barnes, howses, buildingcs, yardes, orchardes, gardens, closes, pastures, meadowes, 
feedinge lands, tenem'ts, and hereditaments, and all my hereditaments situate, 
lyinge, and beinge in Meriden aforesaid, or in the p'ish of Meriden aforesaid, w l " 
all and singler there and everie of there appurtenances, together w tL all evidences, 
deeds, writtinges, and muniments of mine concerninge the said devised p'misses, 
or any p'te therof, To have and to houlde the said messuage or tenement, edifices, 
stables, barnes, howses, buildinges, yardes, orchardes, gardens, closes, pastures, 
meadowes, feedinge landes, tenements, hereditaments, and all other befour devised 
p'misses, unto the said John Haddon, and the heires of his body lawfully begotten, 
or to be begotten ; and for want of such heires, I will; devise, and bequeathe all 
thaforesaid devised hereditaments, w lh all and singler their and everye of their 
appurtenances, and all other before devised premisses unto Michael Greisbrooke, 
sonne of my cozen John Greisbrooke, of Middleton, in the said com' of Warwicke, 
gent, To have and to houlde the s a hereditaments, and all other before devised 
p'misses unto the said Michael Greisbrooke, and the heires of his bodyc lawfully 
begotten or to bee begotten. And for want of such heires I will, devise and 
bequeathe all thaforesaid hereditam'ts w" 1 all and singler there, and every of there 
appurtenances, and all other before devised hereditaments, unto my Godsonne 
Humt'rye Crowe, son of my cosin John Crow, of Meriden aforesaid, gent., to have 
and to houlde the said hered'm'ts, and all other before devised p'emisses unto the 
said Humfrye Crowe and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten, or to bee be- 
gotten, and for wante of such heires Then to remaine and bee unto my right heires 
for ever. And as concerning my p'sonall estate, I will, devise, and give power, 
authoritye, abilitye, and capacitye uuto and for the said William Blythe to enter 
uppon, take, receave, and possesse, ymediately after my decease, all thegoodes, 
debtcs, chatellcs, and other p'sonall estate whatsoever, which I have, or ought to 

* Nicholas the son of Henry "Greysbroke" was baptized at St. Martin's, Birmingham, January 
13, 1555-6. 


have, or owe at my decease, as in myne owne righte, or as liceing executor to anye 
other, upon special! truste for the behalfe, use, and behoofe of mine executor 
dureing his minoritie, and unto his full age, if hee shall live to attaiuc to the same. 
And in the interim thereof, or w'hin such tyme, the said Will'm Blythe to sell anye 
p'te of my goodes, cattell, or other p'sonall estate (other than the howseholde goodes 
and ymplements of howseholde) to the disehargeing, satisfyeing, and payeing the 
charges of my Puncrall and probate of this my laste Will and Testament, and such 
debtes and legacies as the lawe requireth that my executor should paye and dis- 
charge, or w'eh in conscience or equitye ought to be paid by him. And for such 
p'te of my p'sonall estate as at my decease shall bee in the manageing, disposall, 
traffique, or merchaundise of the said Will'" Blythe, for or in the behalfe of him 
and my selfe, my will and mynde is that hee shall continue the same in such man- 
ner and sort for my exec tr and himselfe, dureing the minority of my executor, as 
hath ben betwixte him and mee in buying and selling of cattell, or other comody ties 
or merchandizes, taking thone halfe of the cleare benefitt and gaine therof unto 
himselfe, and thother halfe therof for my execut or . The same half therof for my 
execut or from tyme to tyme dureing the minoritye of my execuf to bee ymployede 
by the sayde Will'" for the best use and behoofe of my exec tr . And concerninge the 
residue of my p'sonall estate, my will and desire is, and 1 doe give power, authorytie, 
abilitye, and capacitye unto the saide W m Blythe, dureing the minority of my 
exec r , to imploy, trade, traffique, and merchandize the same, and thencrease 
therof, for the best use and behoofe of my exec tr . And my will and desire is that 
when my execut or shall accomplish^ thage of one and twentie yeares, that then the 
said W m Blythe, his executors and assigns, shall make a true and juste accompte 
unto my executor of all thaforesaide premisses and thinges, and every p'te and 

p'cell thereof as shall said Will'm shall meddle w'thall, or undertake in 

respect or regard of this my last will and testament, or by reason of any devise or 
bcqueste heren. And then to delv r and paye unto my exec r such money, righes, or 
estate, or thinges as shall be due, or ought to be due, unto him by the said W" 
Blythe his executors or assignes, according to the true entent and meaning of this 
my last will and testament, and the trust and confidence, power, authoritye, abilitye, 
and capacitye concerning the said personall estate respectively unto the said John 
Greisbrooke, of Wiggons Hill aforesaid as hee the said W"' Blythe had by this my 
last will and testament, whom I doe most hcartilye desire, in the feare of God, to 
p'lburme the same after the decease of the said W" 1 Blythe, according to the true 
entent and meaninge of this my last will and testament. Allso I will and request 
that all such legacyes as bee yet unpaid which were given eyther by my brother in 
lawe Richard Flavell,* or by my sister Dorothy Flavell, by their severall laste wills 
and testaments, that the same bee paid w"' all eonvenyent speedines, accordinge to 
there said Wills and Testaments. And I will, devise, and give unto the poore 
inh'itantes of Meriden the some of three poundes of lawfull money of England, to bee 
distributed amongst them by the overseers of this my last will and testament with- 
in one yeare nexte after my decease. Item I will, devise, and bequeathe unto my 
godsonne Humfrye Crowe, aforesaid, fowcrtye shillinges of like money, to be paid 
unto him when hee shall attaine unto the age of one and twenty yeares ; and yf it 
shall please God that the said Humfry Crowe shall dye before he shall attaine to the 

* The will of Richard Flavell, of Meryden, co. Warwick, is dated July 1, 1619, and was 
proved in London by Dorothy Flavell, the relict and executrix, Oct. 7, 1619. He desires to be 
buried at Meriden, and mentions Alice Flavell, his brother's daughter, William Flavell, his 
brother's son, his sister Katherine Flavell, William Flavell of Coventry, (relationship not 
mentioned), his sister llary, the wife of Thomas Bradbury, " Richard Greysbrooke, my brother- 
in-law," Anne Parker his (testator's) god-daughter, Edward Parker, his brother-in-law, and 
Dorothy Flavell, his wife. Witnesses, Thomas Holbeeehe and John Holmes. The parish 
registers of -Meriden do not commence earlier than 164-1. In 1669, Sept. 8, William Flavell aud 
Elizabeth Flavell were married; in the same year, on Feb. H, William We-t and Dorothy 
Haddon were married; in 1 670, May 25, Elizabeth, dau. of William Flavell, was baptized ; iu 
167'-', May 27, Mary dan. of William Flavell, was baptized ; and in 1673 " Mrs. Rebecca Blotter- 
shed, widd.. was buried Aug. y" la ;" Mary, dau. of Edward Mottershcdd, was alsu baptized there 
May 23, 1670. 


said age, then I will devise, and bequeathe the said fowertye shillinges unto John 
Crowe, brother of the said Hum fry. I give and bequeathe unto Corbett Bintopp, 
thelder, two sheepe, and unto ray man Barbie Whorwood, and Richard Jeffryes, my 
servant boye, two sheepe a peeee, at the discree'on of my exeeutor. Item I will, 
devise, and bequeathe unto sueh p'sons hereafter named sueh somes of lawfiill 
Englishe money as unto them is severally menc'oned in this my last will and testa- 
ment, hereafter followinge, viz'., unto the said W ra Blythe for his great paines and 
love toward inee, tenn poundes of lawfull English money ; unto my eozen John 
Crowe, thelder, of Meriden aforesaid, tenn poundes of like money ; unto Alice 
Miller the wife of John Miller, servant unto Mr. Peter Burgoyne, of Meriden afore- 
said, five poundes of like money ; unto Joane Flavell, sister of the said Aliee Miller, 
twenty shillinges of like money ; and unto Aliee Bradbury, my servant, fower 
poundes of like money; unto Thomas Bradberrye, William Bradberrye, and 
Bridgett Bradberrye, the children of Thomas Bradberrye, of Meriden aforesaid, 
thelder, two sheepe and twentie shillinges apeece of the lawfull englishe money ; 
and unto the said Thomas Bradberry thelder, fower poundes of like lawfull English 
money. Allso 1 give unto Elizabeth Devett and Elizabeth Miller five shillinges 
apeece, and Thomas Mottershed, the younger, halfe a crowne ; and unto all other 
my god children two shillinges a peace. After my debtes and legacies paid, I 
will, devise, give, and bequeathe the surplus, residue, and remainder of all my 
goodes, dettes, householde goodes, implements of household, cattell, chattelles, and 
p'sonall estate, unto the said John Haddon, my cousin, whom I doe ordaine, consti- 
tute, create, and make my onelye and sole executor of this my last Will and Testa- 
ment. And yf it shall please God that hee shall dye before bee shall attaine unto 
the said age of one and twentye yeares (which God forbidd) then I doe ordaine, 
constitute, create, and make John Greisbrooke, of Wiggons Hill, in the p'ishe of 
Sutton Colefield, in the said conntye of Warw., Yoman, my executor, unto whome I 
doe devise and bequeathe by this my will one silver bole, and sixe silverspoones. 
And for the rest of my p'sonall estate, which I before devised unto John Haddon, 
if hee attaine unto the said age of one and twentye yeares, before which if hee chance 
to dye (as God forbidd) then I will and devise the one halfe of the same unto the 
brethren and sisters of the said John Haddon, and the children of his mother's 
sister, equillie to be devided, and thother halfe of the same unto the said John 
Greisbrooke, of Wiggons Hill, and his sonne. And I doe intreate, appoynte, and 
name the said Will'" Blythe, John Greisbrooke, of Middleton, in the said conntye of 
War., yeoman, and Symon Blythe, of Hawkeswell, in the said county, yoman, to 
be the overseers of this my last Will and Testament ; and I doe give unto them 
severally for their paines twentie shillinges apeece of lawfull English money. And 
I doe^ hereby revoke, adnihilate, and make voide all former wills and testaments that 
any time heretofore were made by me. And for the better testimonye of this my 
last Will and Testament, I have hereunto subscribed my name, and hereunto fixed 
my Seale, the daye and yeare first above written. — Richard Greisbrooke. 

Published, sealed, and subscribed in the presence of John Blythe — The m' r ke of 
Tho s X Warde— Symon. Blythe. 

[Proved in London Nov. 6, 1623.] 

John Greasbrooke, of Middleton, 1636, 

died intestate, and administration of his effects was granted on the 2nd of 
December, 1636, to Michael Greasbrooke* (who signs the bond " Grayesbroke ") of 
Middleton, co. Warwick, gentleman, "the natural and lawful sonne" of the 
deceased. The other bondsman was Thomas Whorwood, of Middleton aforesaid, 
husbandman. The bond is dated Dec. 2, 1636, and with the papers is filed the 

* '' Miehacll Grasebrooke" was buried at Oldswinford, co. Worcester, April 17, 1689. 



following renunciation: — "2 Dec. 1636. Mem. thatt I, Mary* Graisbrooke, the 
wiffe of John Graisbrooke, late of Middleton, in the countie of Warr. deceased, doe 
reffuse to take anie administration, beinge lefte by my husbande neither goodes nor 
chattels, ffor hee died possest off none off these, butt left undisposed off att his 
death the some [of] Eightene poundes which is yett remaininge." 

Siguature to Bond of 1636. 

Arms of Gresbrooke of Co. Warwick. 

From Hail. MS. 1663. 


The above is a f ac-sirnile of a trick occurring among the " Arrnes of many Warwickshire 
families hastily tricked in printed escocheona" by Richard Mundy, iu the Hail. MS. 1563. It 
no doubt refers to the above John " Greasbrooke," of Middleton," whose administration is dated 
1636. This MS, contains, in addition to the aforesaid " Amies," a copy of Ihe " Visitation of 
Warwickshire taken A" 1563, continued and enlarged with another Visitation of the same county 
made iu 1619." ( Vide Harleian Catalogue.) 

Will of John Gresbrooke of Wigginshill, 1636. 

In the name of God Amen. I John Gresbrooke, Sen r , of Wigginshill, in the 
parish of Sutton Coldfield, in the county of Warr. yeoman, being weake and sicke 
in body, but of perfect memory, thanks be given unto God, doe ordain and make 
this my last Will and Testament the 17th day of February in the year of our Lord 
God 1636, in form and manner following. Itm I willingly surrender my soule into 

* Extract from the pedigree of Colmore, of Birmingham (from the Visitation of Warwick- 
shire, 1619) :— 

Will'ms Colemore, de Bremingham.^Anua filia Will'mi Finey de Canke 
[Died Feb. 13, 1607. M. I. in St. 
Martin's Church, Birmingham.] 

[Cannock] iu com. Staff. 
[Died Sept. 6, 1597. M. I.] 

Willm's Colemore de Bremingham.-p Maria uxor Joli'ii Geis 

[His eldest child. William, was set. 
18 in 1619.] 


brooke (sic) de Alidale- 
ton, in eom. War. 

Anna nupta Hen. Por- 
ter de Edgbaston iu 
com. War. 

The will of the above Henry Porter, of Edgbaston, is dated Feb. 12, 1618. and was proved in 
London Dec. 21, 1620. He mentions (among others) his wife Anne, his brother-in-law William 
Colmore, and his " brother-in-law John Greasbrooke." There are numerous Colmore entries iu 
the registers of St. Martin's, Birmingham ; among others the baptisms of "Ann Colmore, filia. 
William," on Oct. 5, 1572, " William Colmer, filius William," on Feb. 26, 1573-1, and of " Mary 
Colmer, filia William," on July 27, 1580. 

Baruaby Eusor, of Wilnecote, co. Warwick (son of John and Anne Ensor, of the -amc place), 
in his will, dated 1598, refers to a John " Gresbrooke " as his cousin, thus : " liditcs owinge me. 
My brother Walter about Vis. 4(/.,my cosen John Gresbrooke, which I lent hym, M." He appoints 
his "loving and faithful friend, William Colmore, of Birmingham," an executor; and Thomas 
Colmore was a witness of the will. 


the hands of my mercifull God and father, trusting through the merritts of Christ 
alone to be saved. And for my body I commit it to be buried decently at the dis- 
cretion of my Executrix hereafter named and appointed. Itm I give unto Francis 
Gresbrooke, my grandson, sixe shillings and eight pence. Itm I give unto Henry 
Coleman my best Beve. Itm I give unto my grandchilde John Gresbrooke a joyned 
beadstead standing in the neather room with the best coder in the high chamber. 
Itm unto Robert Barnett my grandchilde 6s. 8d. Itm I give unto Isabel Gresbrooke, 
daughter of my son John Gresbrooke, a Press standing in Bridgett's chamber. Itm I 
give unto John Nichols, his two children, to each a noble. Itm I give unto my servant 
maid, Brigett Proctor, an ewe with a lambe, or else a noble of money at the discretion 
of my Executors. Itm I give unto James Buttery, of Hints, my leathern breeches, 
and to his son my best yearling calfe, to be reared or sold for his best and sole 
advantage. Itm I give unto the poore of Curdworth and Minworth 6s. 8d. Itm I 
give unto Joane Gresbrooke, my grandchilde, 6s. Sd. All the rest of my goodB, 
cattells, and chattells, I give unto my dear and loving wife Joice Gresbrooke whom 
I nominate, and appoint, and constitute to be my full, whole, and sole Executrix of 
this my last Will and Testament, to be proved according to Lawe, and fully executed 
according to full intent and meaning. In Witness whereof I have hereunto put my 
hand and seal the day and year first above written. — John X Gresbrooke seu r Tesf. 
Read and sealed in the presence of Joseph Clifford — John Greasbrooke. 

[Probatum est apud Lich. 3 Martij 1636. H v . Archbold, Reg r . 

Inventory taken 24 Feb. 1636, by Abraham Pemberton and Win. Bennett. 
Value £59 : 4 : 0.] 

Will of John Greysbrooke, of Middleton, 1640.* 

In the name of God, Amen. I John Greysbrooke, of Middleton, in the county 
of Warwick, husbandman, being sicke in bodye, but of goode and perfect* memorie, 
praysed be God, doe make this, my last will and testament, in manner and forme 
followinge. First I bequeathe my soule unto Almighty God who made it, trustinge, 
and relying, and hopinge to be saved throughe the meritts, death, and passion of 
my Saviour Jesus Christ ; and my bodye to the earth from whence it came. For 
my worldly goods wherewith it hathe pleased God to blesse mee, I doe bequeathe 
and dispose in manner and forme followinge. Imprimis I give and bequeathe unto 
my loving^Brother Robert Greysbrooke's three daughters, Debora, Elisebeth, and 
Phebe, one pound. Item I give and bequeath unto my brother George Greysbrooke 
tenn shillings a fether beed (sic), Elisebeth James (?) tenne shillings, Ann Greys- 
brooke five shillings, Mansell Browne live shillings. Item I give and bequeath all 
the rest of my goodes and money, movabile and unmovabill to my mother Marie 
Greysbrooke whome I com'ande and apoynte full executor of this my last Will and 

Signed and published as my laste will and testament the 5 day of June in the 
yeare of our Lord God 1640. 

Before the sealing and delivering John X Greysbrooke 

of this it was enterlyned. marke 


Robert Greysbrooke — Thomas Hynde. 

[Proved at Lichfield July 14, 1640, by Mary Greysbrooke, sole executrix.] No 
inventory filed. 

* This will appears to be in the handwriting of Kobert Greysbrooke, gent., the testator's 


Will of John Greasbrooke, Jun., of Wiqginsiiill, 1658. 

In the name of God Amen, the six and twentyeth daye of Maye, in the yeare of 
our Lorde God one thousand six hundred fiftye and eight, I John Greasbrooke the 
yonger, of Wigginshill, in the p'ish of Sutton Colefield and countie of Warwicke 
being sicke of bodye butt of good and p'feet memorie (thanks be to God) doe make 
and ordaine this my last Will and Testament in man'er and forme followinge, that 
is to say : ffirst I cum'end my sole into the hands of Allmightie God, my maker 
hoping assuredly through the only merrittes of Jesus Christe, my Saviour and 
Redeemer, to be .made p'taker of life everlasting, and I com'end my bodye to the 
earth whereof it is made. Item I give and bequeath to my daughter, Mary Greas- 
brooke, one fether bed and bolster, and a pair of bedstidcs, and all other furniture 
for a bed. Also I give and bequeath to my said daughter Mary Greasbrooke the 
sum of Fortye pounds of lawfull money of England to bee payd her by my son and 
heire, John Greasbrooke, at the day of her marriage or when she shall eome to the 
full age of one and twenty yeares whether shall happen firste ; and for wante of 
paymente of the said fortie pounds, my will is that my daughter Mary Greasbrooke 
shall enter upon and nijoye all that my cloase or croft called Broome Croft and also 
all that croft or cloase called ffoxales, formerly purchased of Abraham Jorden and 
John Jorden, both which said cloases or croftes are situate and being in Minworth 
in the-p'sh of Curdworth and countie of Warwicke, and the same to hold and injoye 
till the said sum of ffortie pounds be fully satisfied and payed. Item I give and 
bequeath to Mary, my welbeloved wife, all my goods, cattle, and chatties whatsoever 
unbequeathed, and also I make, constitute, ordaine, and appoint her my full and 
lawfull Executrix in truste to p'forme this my last Will and Testamente, and also I 
desire John Greasbrooke, my loving father, and Humfrey Lingard,* of Curdworth, 
my loving Unkle to be my Overseeres to see this my last Will and Testament 
p'formed. In witness whereof I, the said John Greasbrooke, have hereunto sett my 
hand and seale the daye and yeare firste above written.— John Greasbrooke by 
his X mark. J 

Sealed, and delivered, and subscribed in the presence of us, Phillip Beste 

Margaret Woolly. 

[Proved at Lichfield Sept. 10, 1660. Total of inventory £175 : 15 : 4, including 
certain goods which testator was to have after his mother's death.] 

Will of Bobert Greysbrooke, of Middleton, Gent., 1668.f 

In the name of God, Amen. Made the first day of September in the year of 
our Lord God 1668, I Robert Greysbrooke, of Middleton, in the County of Warwick, 
Gent., the unprofitable servant of God, strong of mind (praised be God) Doe 
ordaine this my last Will and Testament in manner and form followinge. Imprimis 

i>- u ^L^gardsof Curdworth entered their descent at the Visitation of Warwickshire in 1619. 
Richard Lingard, second son of Edmond Lingard of Curdworth, then had three sons— Edmoud 
aged 16, Kichard aged 13, and Humphry "aetat. 6 menses"— and two daughters, Agnes aged 16, 
and Dorothy aged 11. The will of Richard Lingard, of Curdworth, yeoman, is dated 7 May 
1647, and was proved at Lichfield 21st January following. He mentions his son Homfrey 
Lingard. and his daughters Anne L. and Dorothy L., and makes his said son sole executor. 
Administration of the effects of Humphrey Lingard, of Curdworth, was granted at Lichtiel.l Or. 
Sept. 1605 to Joseph, his son. An administration of the effects of Richard Lingard. of Odd- 
Worth, was also granted 6 Nov. 1647 to Elizabeth, his relict, and the inventory was taken by John 
Greasbrooke, Thomas Woolley, Humphrey Lingard, Leonard Best, and John Thornton, 
t Apparently in the testator's own handwriting. 


I doe willingly, and with free heart, render and give againe into the hand of ray 
Lord God, creator of spirits, which hee, of his {fatherly goodnesse, gave unto me 
when hee first fashioned [me] in my mother's womb, making a living and reason- 
able creature ; nothing doubting but that for his infinite mercy set forth in the 
precious bloud of his Dear son, Jesus Christ, our only Saviour and Redeemer, he 
will receive my soule into his glory, and place it in the company of his Heavenly 
Angells and blessed Saints. As for my body, with free heart to the earth from 
whence it came, not doubting but at the great day I shall receive a glorious body, 
but incorruptible, strong, and perfect body, in all particulars like to the glorious 
body of my Lord Christ. 

As for the outward things of this life, my Will is that they be bestowed in 
manner and form following. — Now the eldest of my three daughters, which my son 
Chauntcry* did mary, It is my will, if I dye before my wife, that she should have 
out of my lands, payd her by my executors, 13 pounds by the 3'eare. It' That my 
daughter Phoebe Greysbrooke have given her ten pounds by the yeare. It' It is 
my will that Hosca,| if hee stay with me, that he should have given him forty 
shillings. It' It is my Will that my wife, and my daughter Elizabeth, should 
have all the rest of my land for her naturall life, and all my goods rcall and 
personall, so that they see my debts payd. And after the decease of my wife my 
lands to goe to my Three daughters equally divided, so that I make my wife and 
daughter Elizabeth Greysbrooke my sole executors of this my last Will and Testa- 
ment. And all former Wills to be voyd. 

Sealed and delivered in the presence of us Thomas Spencer.} 

jIa&aA- Gtiyftoookv^ 

In case there should be any difference I would desire my cozen Hill and my 
cozen ffoxe, if alive, to get this Will performed, each one a paier of gloves of 5/- a 

[Probate granted at Lichfield 15 th Sept r 1G71 to Debora Greysbrooke, the 
widow, and Elizabeth Greysbrooke, the daughter of the testator, the executrixes. 
The following is endorsed on the will : — 

" for M r Chan trey .... will. 

M r James Silvester, 6 Octob. 1C71-"] 

A true and perfect Inventory of the goods, chattells, profits, credits, etc., of Robert Greis- 
brooke, Gent., late of Middleton, in the County of Warwick, deceased ; prized, made, and taken 
upon the fourteenth day of September in the twenty-third year of our Soverigu Charles the 
Second, King of England, Scotland, flrance, and Ireland, Defend r of the faith, etc., by us whose 
names are hereunto subscribed. 

£ s. </. 

Imp*. His wearing apparell and money in his purse 4 

It. Goods in the Great l'arlor ; one table, one cupboard, with carpets thereunto be- 

longinge 16 

Chairs and stooles, etc 16 

In the chamber over the parlor : one chest, one bedsted, one feather bed, etc 2 10 

In the Hall : one table, two forms, one cupboard, one chair, a still j » ' j g g 

* The will of Richard Chantrey, of Hartshorne. co. Derby, clerk, is dated June 30, 1691, 
and was proved at Lichfield on the lath of February following. He gives all he has, "both 
goods, chattells, and cattell," into his " deare and lovinge wife Deborah Chantrey," and appoints 
her sole executrix. His inventory, which contains (inter alia) three pounds' worth of books, was 
taken Sept. 4, 1694, by James Beighton and Gilbert Hadford. 

+ " Hosea Gfasebrooke " was buried at Oldswinford, co. Worcester, July 12, 1671. 

% Sic, only one witness. 



In the little parlour : one presse, oue cupboard 10 

One trunke. a little chest, one boxe 8 

Two bedsteds, one set of curtains, one rugge, one flocke bed, etc 110 

Four cushions, a piece of liuncn cloth 1 13 4 

Two pieces of white woollen cloth, and a remnant of red 3 C 8 

Sheets, pillowbeers, napkins, towells, and other liunens 5 

Brasse and pewter 5 13 4 

Andirons, pothooks, fireshovels, tonges, spits, cobbards, Bumtirons, Backstone, etc. ... 2 19 

Kneeding Trough, harrells, tubs, looraes, etc 1 13 4 

Cheese and bacon 3 10 

I.innen, yarn, feathers, and other things in the chamber over the little parlour 1 10 

In the little chamber : one ilockbcd, one Bedsted, two blankets, a set of curtains, and 

other things, thereunto belonginge 3 

A twiggen chair, and one table, etc 10 

Four silver spoons, and a jugge covered with silver 1 10 

In the new chamber ; one featherbed, four pillows, three bolsters, one Rugge, a pair 

of blankets 6 

Wool 1 13 4 

Two Coffers, with other lumber 1 

Three mares, one foal, and one gelding, one cart, and implements belonging to 

husbandry 20 

Sixe yearlinge and sixe weaninge calves 10 

Fifty sheepe 10 

Sixe cows and a Bull 16 

Corn and Hay 20 10 

Swine 2 

Four stalls of Bees 10 

Things forgotten 5 

The whole sum £137 3 8 

Thomas Spencer, 
Samuel White. 

Will of John Greasbrooke, SEN r , of Wigginshill, 1671.* 

In the name of God, Amen ; the twentyeth day of Maye in the three and 
twentyeth yeai'e of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles the second, by the 
Grace of God, of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, Kinge, Defender of the 
Faitlie, etc., and in the 3 r eare of our Lord God One thousand, six hundred, and 
seventie, and one, I John Greasbrooke, the Elder, of Wigginshill, in the p'sh of 
Sutton Colcfleld, and countie of Warwicke, Yeoman, being tit present in bodyly 
health and of perfect mind and memorie (praised be God for the same) yett knowing 
that I ;yn mortall and borne to dye, doe therefore make and ordayne this my last 
Will and Testament in manner and forme following : And Hirst I doe com'end and 
committ my soule into the hands of Almighty God, my Creator, assuredly believing 
that all my sins shall be pardoned by and through the onely meritts and passion of 
Jesus Christe, my blessed Saviour and Redeemer, and that thereby I shall be made 
partaker, of everlastinge joye and happiness in Heaven amongst the glorious Saintes 
and Angels. And for my fraile bodye, with a free and willing hearte I doe resigne 
the same to the earth whereof it is made, in God's appointed time to be decently 
buried by my Executor hereafter named. And for that worldly estate which it 
hath pleased God in his mercy to bestow upon mee, I doe dispose thereof as folio weth : 
And flirst I doe give and bequeath unto the poore of the p'ish of Sutton Colefield 

* Edward Foxe, John Greasbrooke, and another, attest a Bond, dated 5 Dec. 1012, from 
Richard Mewe, of Minworth, to Edward Smythe, of Wigginshill. John Greasbrooke also attests 
(with Thomas Barlowe and William Bennett) a Bond of Edward Smythe and Isabel his wife, 
late wife of William Mousley, to Ralph Higginbottom and Hugh, his brother, of Erdingtou, 
dated Sep. 29, 1010. John Greasbrooke, Sen'. Ab™ Jordan, Jo. Hurst. Edw. Benmn. find Kd. 
Smith made the inventory of Edward Smith of Wigginshill, dated Dec. 2, 1G09. (Title deeds 
of H. W.) 


aforesaid, Temi shillings, and unto the poore of the p'ish of Curdworth, in the 
said countie of Warwicke, Tenn shillings, to be distributed amongst the said poore 
by my exeeutor, or by his direction. Item I give, devise, and bequeath all those 
my two eloasses or inelosures of land, as the same is now mounded out and devided, 
and adjoyning together, and adjoyning to the hind of George Pudsey Esq. on the 
north side, and to the hind late Edward Dareye's Esq. estward. And also so much, 
or such part of, a meaddow lyeing at the lower end of the said eloasses as doth 
adjoine to the said lower cloase oi the said two cloases, according as the same is 
fenced and sett out, being the just breadth of the said lower cloase with a little lane 
or tforedrowe at the gate of the said cloases, all which said eloases and part of the 
said meadow are lying and being in the said p'ish of Sutton Colefield and countie 
of Warwicke, and are parte of a certaine grounde called the Peddimores which I 
formerly bought of Henry Cookes, gen. And also three acres or dayes workes of 
arrable lande, be the same more or lesse, with the hades, meares, balkes, thereunto 
belonging, lying and being in a com'on field in the p'ish of Sutton Colefield & 
countie of Warwicke called Wigginshill ffield, lying between the lande of Richard 
Wrighte and the Highe way going to Wishawe, and which said arrable land I 
bought of Abraham Jordan and John Jordan. And alsoe two lands or ridges of 
arrable land with the hades, meares, balkes, and app'tenances thereto belonging 
lying and being in a com'on field called Greavesfield in the said p'ish of Sutton 
Colefield and countie of Warwicke, & lying betweene the land of Thomas Kyte Gen. 
and the land of John Rostell, and which I also bought of the said Abraham Jordan 
& John Jordan. And alsoe all those two lands or ridges of arrable land, with the 
hades, meares, balkes, and app'tenances thereto belonging and lying & being in a 
com'on field called Heinne ffield al's Church (field, in the said p'ish of Sutton 
Colefield and Conntie of Warwicke, one of the said lands lying betweene the land 
late Edward Dareye's Esq. and the lande of Abraham Jordan, and the other of the 
said lands lying betweene the lande late Edward Dareye's Esq. and the lande of 
John Rostell, and which I allsoe bought of the said Abraham Jordan and John 
Jordan. And allsoe one cloase or croft called the Hare Croft lying and being in 
Wigginshill aforesaid in the said p'ish of Sutton Colefield, and Countie of Warwicke, 
and adjoyning to the said Wigginshill ffield on the one side and unto the land of 
Edmond Bennett on the other side, and which I lately bought of Thomas Jordan 
and the said Abraham Jordan. And all that my three quarters of an acre of meddow 
or mowing ground lying and being in a com'on meadow in the said p'ish of Sutton 
Colefield and countie of Warwicke called the Broad Meaddow, being the one halfe, 
and the lower side of a peece of meadowing formerly belonging to a certain tene- 
ment called Barnes Tenement, unto John Cooke, my Grandchild, for and dureing 
the tearme of his natural] life, and after his decease then unto Thomas Cooke, eldest 
sonne of ±he said John Cooke, and unto the heires of his bodye lawfully to be be- 
gotten; and in default of such issue, then unto Francis Cooke, the second Sonne of 
the said John Cooke, and unto the heires of his bodye lawfully to be begotten ; 
and in default* of such issue, then unto John Greasbrooke, the Younger, my Grand- 
child, and unto his heires for ever. Item I give, devise, and bequeath all other, 
and all the reste and residue, of my pasture grounde and meddow grounde, and 
p'eells of grounde whatsoever, with the app'tenances called Peddymores, and which 
I allsoe bought of the said Henry Cookes Gen., and lying and being in the said p'ish 
of Sutton Colefield and Countie of Warwicke, And alsoe one little lane or fforedrowe 
adjoining to the said land, and lately made for a waye to the meddow, at the lower 
end of the said grounde, and alsoe a waye or eonveniente passage to tome a teame 
to goe into the said grounde or out of it over the end of the before mentioned 
arrable land given by this my Will unto my said Grandchild John Cooke, And allsoe 
all those my two cloases or inelosures of land Lying and being in Wigginshill afore- 
said, in the said p'ish of Sutton Colefield and Countie of Warwicke called the Home 
Cloase and the Upper Broome Close, the Home Cloase abutting upon my OWH free 
lande at the lower eud, and upon the land of the said Abraham Jordan at the upper 
end, and the Broome Cloase abutting upon a peece of land called Bushy Leasow of 


Edmond Bennett's at the upper end, and upon the lande of Abraham Jordan at the 
lower end. And allsoe one land's breadth in a grass pitt in the said Wigginshill 
(field called Middle Pit. And allsoe ffouer lands or ridges of arrable lande Lying 
and being in the said Greaves ffield, in the said p'ish of Sutton Colefield and Countie 
of Warwicke, and lying betweene the lands late Edward Darcye's Esq. and the laud 
of Henry Hurst and abuttinge upon a grassc pitt called the perry pitt. And allsoe 
three lands or ridges and a halfe of arrable land, as the same is now staked out, 
lying and being in the said Heinne (field al's Church ffield in the said p'ish of 
Sutton Colefield and Countie of Warwicke, and lying betweene the land of John 
Haswell and the land of Abraham Jordan, and abutting neere unto a gate called 
Newe Gate. And allsoe three other lands or ridges of arrable land lying and being 
in the same field betweene the land of Abraham Jordan on the one side, and 
the one side, and the Highe way on the other side, and abutting upon the land 
late Edward Darcye's Esq., All which said last mentioned two eloases and lands 
bredth in the pitt in Wigginshill ffield, and (loner lands or ridges of arrable land in 
the said Greaves (field, and the said six lands or ridges, and a halfe of arrable land 
in the said Heinne ffield or Church ffield, all which I lately bought of the said 
Thomas Jordan and Abraham Jordan, unto my said Grandchild John Greasbrooke, 
the younger, and unto his heirs for ever. Item I give, devise, and bequeath all 
that my halfe acre of meddow or mowing ground lying and being in a com'on 
meddow in the said p'ish of Sutton Colefield and Countie of Warwicke, called 
Orton Meddow, and lying betweene y e land of Thomas Kyte, Gen., and the land of 
Abraham Jordan, and abutting upon the river. And allsoe all that my parte and 
proportion of those two running halfe acres of meadow or mowing ground lying and 
being in the said Orton Meadow in the said p'ish of Sutton Colefield and Countie of 
Warwicke. And allsoe all those seaven lands or ridges and two badlands of arrable 
lande and a broade balke lying and being in the said p'ish of Sutton Colefield and 
Countie of Warwicke, two lands of them and the broade balke being the length of 
two shutes of the said fields, and lying betweene my owne lands and the land of 
Henry Hurste at the lower end on the one side, and the said broade balke on the 
other side next the hedge, and the other five lands adjoyning to those at the upper 
end one on the one side, and my one {ate) free lands on the other side, all which 
said meadowing and arrable land last mentioned I lately bought of the said Thomas 
Jordan and Abraham Jordan, unto John Greasbrooke, the younger, my Grandchild, 
for and dureing the tearme of his naturall life, and after his decease, then to the 
heires of his bodye lawfully begotten or to be begotten; and in defalte o v f such 
issue then to Timothy Greasbrooke, my Grandchild, and unto his heires for ever. 
Item I give, devise, and bequeath all that my Cottage, house, messuage, or tene- 
ment, with the app'teuances situate in Wigginshill aforesaid, in the said p'ish of 
Sutton Colefield, with the barne there unto adjoyning ; And allsoe the garden and 
orchard thereunto belonging ; And allsoe one land or ridge of arrable (and lyeing 
and being in the said Wigginshill ffields, in the said p'ish of Sutton Colefield and 
Countie of Warwicke, and lying a longe by the side of the said Crafte called Harr 
Crofte, excepting the balke betweene the said land and the said Harr Crofte, all 
which said p r mises I lately bought of the said Thomas Jordan and Abraham Jordan, 
unto my said Grandchild* Timothy Greasbroke and unto the heires of his bodye 
lawfully to be begotten, and in defalte of such issue, then unto my said Grandchild 
John Greasbrooke, the yonger, and unto his heires for ever. Item I give, devise, 
and bequeath all that afore excepted balke, lying between the said Harr Crofte and 
the land given to my Grandchild Timothy Greasbrooke, in the said Wigginshill 
ffields, And allsoe all my parte of the fold yard behinde the said house given unto 
the said Timothy Greasbrooke, my Grandchild, by tins my will, unto my said 
Grandchild John Greasbrooke, the yonger, and unto his heires for ever, excepting, 
and allways reserving, unto the said Timothy Greasbrooke, my grandchild, his heires 
and assignes, free libertie of ingresse, egresse, and regresse, into and thorow the 
said fold yard to briuge in anythinge to or from his house with teames or horses, or 
sett ladders, bring timber, com and go with his workmen, and any other materials, 


to thatch, tile, or othcrways to repare his house, or any other necessary use or 
occasion, without any disturbance or hindrance whatsoever of him the said John 
Greasbrooke, his heires, or assignee, or any other p'son or p'sons whatsoever claiming 
by, from, or under him, them, or any of them. I give and bequeath unto the said 
John Greasbrooke the yonger, my grandchild, my table and frame, and the formes 
to the same belonging, and standing in my Hall House in Wigginshill afuresaid. 
Item I give and bequeath unto my Granchild Thomas Cooke, the brother of my 
Granchild John Cooke, the some of Term pounds of good and lawful money of 
England, to be payed unto him by my Executor within twelve monthes nexte after 
my decease. Item I give and bequeath the remainder of my Lease of eertaine 
grounds in Greaves, in the said p'ish of Sutton Colefield, called Burnecrofts, which 
I hold by lease from Henry Pudsey Esq. to my said grandchildren John Greasbrooke, 
the yonger, and John Cooke, eaqually to be held betweene them, paying the rente 
eaqually betweene them. Item all the rest of my goods, cattle, and ehattells 
whatsoever, my debtes, legacies, and ffunerall expenses satisfied and discharged, I 
doe wholly give, devise, and bequeath unto my said Grandchild John Cooke fur ever, 
whome I constitute, make, and ordaine my whole and sole Executor of this my last 
Will and Testament, not doubting but that he will carefully and conscionahly per- 
forme the same. And I doe hereby revoake and make voyd all former and other 
will or wills by me at any time heretofore made, and I doe declare this to be my 
last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I, the said John Greasbrooke, the 
Elder, have hereunto putt my hand and seale the day and yeare first above written. 

John Greasbrooke. 

Signed, sealed, and declared to be the last Will and Testament of the said 
John Greasbrooke, the Elder, as it is in foure places interlyned, in the p'sence of 
Philip Best, Maud Bennett, Elizabeth Brookes by her X marke. 

[Proved at Lichfield June 16, 1671. Total of Inventory £143 : 8 : 6.] 

The Will of John Grazebrooke,* 

of Coleborne-Brook,t co. Stafford (1702), is dated " this 26 th day of December, in 
the first year of the reign of our most gracious sovereign lady Queen Anne, A.D. 
1702," and was proved at Worcester 19 June, 1703, by Keturah Grazebrooke, the 
relict and sole executrix. Gives " the sum of £20 a pcuce " to his three daughters, 
Ann, Dorothy, and Sarah, " when they shall severally attain the age of 21 years, or 
at the .days of their respective marriages with their mother's consent, which shall 
first happen." Itcsidue to his "dear & loving wife Keturah." Witnessed by Thos. 
Milward, Wm. Thomas, and Walter Blount. Inventory made by Gray Jevon and 
Thomas Dancer, June 9, 2nd Anne. 

The Will of Elizabeth Grazbrook,| 

of the parish of Oldswinford, widow, is dated June 28, 1727, and was proved at 
Worcester by Benjamin Hallen, her son and sole executor, on the 31st of July same 

* The testator was bora in 167C, the son of John, who died in 1706, and grandcou of Michael. 
See Register extracts hereafter. 

t Near Stourbridge, iu the hamlet of Amblecote, and parish of Oldswinford. 

t The testatrix was the widow of John Grazebrook, senior (eldest son of Michael), who died 
in 170G. and daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Hunt, of C'Uaddesley Corbett, 00. Worcester, 
where she was baptized Aug. 31, ltitiO. The will of her father, Thomas Hunt (who, it incidentally 
appears, was the son of a John Hunt), is dated Dec. 8, 1C03, and was proved at Wuiv<--i, 
executors, William Penn,of Bradford, in Belbroughton, gent., and Francis Jordan, of (Jhaddesley. 


year. She mentions her Bons, Samuel Hallen, Benjamin Hallen, and John Graz- 
brook, her daughters, Anne Batchelor and Sarah Hallen, and her servant Elizabeth 
Dimmock. Witnessed by Ann Hallen and Joseph Russell Inventory made July 

27, \T21, by Jeremiah Lowe and Joseph Hart. 

Marriage Allegation of John Grasebrook and Elizabeth Holland, 1704- 
(From the Bishop's Registry, Worcester.) 
1704, May 20. John Grasebrook, of Stourbridge, glass-maker, aged about 56, 
a widower, and William Hunt of Chaddesley Corbett, aged about 41,* schoolmaster, 
alleged on oath that a marriage was intended between the abovenamed John 
Grasebrook and Elizabeth Holland of Oldswinford, aged about 45, a widow. His 
parents were both deceased; her father was deceased and her mother was consenting. 
Whereupon a license issued for the marriage " soleinnizand' in eeclesia de Swinford 
p'dict aut Ohadsley." [The marriage took place at Chaddesley Corbett in 1704.] 

AVill of Michael Grazebrookj of Stourbridge, 1756. 
In the name of God, Amen. I Michael Grazebrook, of the Heath, in the parisli 
of Oldswinford, in the county of Worcester, glass-maker, this 17th day of November, 
in the 30th year of the reign of King George the Second, and in the year of our 
Lord 1756, being sick & weak in body, but of sound & disposing mind, memory, & 
understanding, do make & ordain this my last will & testament in manner and form 
following (that is to say). First, I commit my soul into the hands of Almighty 
God, and my body to be buryed at the discretion of my executrix herein after named. 
And as for my worldly estate 1 give and dispose thereof in manner & form following. 
First I give and bequeath to my son Michaell Grazebrook, one shilling. Item I 
give and bequeath to my dearly beloved wife Elizabeth} Grazebrook all my real and 
personal estate whatsoever, to her sole use, benefit, and disposal. And lastly I do 
nominate & appoint my said wife Elizabeth Crazcbrook to be my sole executrix of 

Besides his dau. Elizabeth, he had issue John, Henry, Dorothy, Mary, Giles, Thomas, Katherine, 
and William. Samuel Hallen, or Holland, the first husband of the testatrix, was buried at Old- 
swinford Feb. 2, 1702-3. This name occurs pretty frequently in the Oldswinford register.-. 
Thomas Holland and Margery Harrison were married there July 11, 1003 ; Joan, the wife of 
John 'Holland, was buried Aug. 1 9, 1617 ; Constance, the wife of Cornelius Holland, was buried 
Dec. 8, 1051 ; Samuel, the son of Cornelius Holland, was bant. March 31, 1050 ; Cornelius Hallen 
was buried Oct. 29, 1082 ; Danett, son of Edward Hallen, was bapt. June l'J, 1080 ; Samuel, the 
son of Samuel Hallen, was bapt. Nov. 24, 1091 ; lienjamin, son of the same, Feb. 5, 1093-4 ; 
Elizabeth, dau. of the same. May 10, 1696 ; Cornelius, son of Mr. Edward Hallen, Sept. 27, 1097 ; 
Anne, dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth Hallen, in Oct. 1702, etc. etc. 

* William Hunt was the brother of Elizabeth Hallen (afterwards Grazebrook), and father 
of Elizabeth, the wife of Michael Grazebrook, whose will follows. The following extracts air- 
from the parish registers of Chaddesley Corbett : — 

1 002-3. Jan. 29. William, son of Thomas Hu't, bapf. 

1087. May 22. William Hunt & Ann Haneox marry'd. 

1092. Elizabeth, daughter of William &. Au Hunt was baptized April the 20"\ 
Anne (1088), Susannah (109O), William (1095), and Thomas (1700), other children of William 
and Anne Hunt, were also baptized at Chaddesley. 

t The testator was baptized at Uldwinsford Feb. 1], 1087-8, the son of Joseph and grandson 
of Michael. 

% 1718, May 13. Michael Grazebrook, of the parish of Oldswinford, glass-maker, aged about 
29, a bachelor, and William Hunt, of Chaddesley Corbett, schoolmaster, alleged upon oath that a 
marriage was intended between the aforesaid Michael and Elizabeth Hunt, of Oldswinford, aged 
about 20. a maiden. Their parents on both sides were living and consenting. Whereupon a 
licence issued for the marriage to be solemnized in the pariah church of Oldswinford. (Bishop's 
Registry, Worcester.) 


this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I Lave hereunto set my hand 
& seal the day & year above written.— Michael Grazebrook. 

Signed sealed, and declared by the said Michael Grazebrook in the presence o 
us who subscribed our names in the testator's presenee and at his request- Edward 
Turner— Ann Constable— Stephen Skynner. 

25 Oct 1757 The executrix above named was sworn in common form before 
me— Thomas Miles, Surrogate (Worcester). [No inventory found.] 

Michael Grazebrook, 1766. 
Michael Grazebrook, of Audnam, in the parish of Kingswinford, co. Stafford, 
master glassmaker, by will dated March 7, 1706, and proved in London in May 
same year, bequeaths sundry legacies amounting in the whole to i850. Gives to 
his eldest daughter, Mary, a house in Ambleeote ; mentions his wile, Sarah, and 
her estates at Wolverley and Belbroughton, Worcestershire ; his daughters Susannah, 
senior, and Sarah, junior; his two sons, Thomas Worrall Grazebrook and Michael 
Grazebrook, aild his servant William Grafton. Children all young. His wife, and 
his friends Mr. John llurtle,t of Wolverley, and Mr. William Hunt, of Stourbridge, 
to be executrix and executors. (P.C.C.) 

Extract from ' The History and Antiquities of Shenstone, in the County of Stafford 

illustrated. Together with the Pedigrees of all the Families and Gentry ooth 

Antient and Modern, in that Parish. By the late Rev. Henry Sanders, B.A., 

of Oriel College, Oxford, and thirteen years Curate of Shenstone. (London : 

Nichols, 1794.)$ 

Page 97 : — " At the mansion-house now belonging to Mr. Houghton of Hintz, 

and which formerly was much more considerable, resided a family of some character, 

named Grekbroolc. They are spoken of in the register-book in 158U, and might 

have been found before this date if any earlier records of this place could be found 

They were possessed of much land here, particularly that named The Maijuhls and 

Littlefteld, which were purchased by John Rawlins, esq., of Lichfield. Alter his 

deaththis mansion, with these and other lands, passed to the late John Houghton, esq., 

in right of his wife, grand-daughter of the said Mr. Rawlins, who now possesses them. 

"Greisbrook owned part of the Bull-Moor fields, which became afterwards the 

property of Edward Smith, gent. Also land sold to — Alsop, and from him 

conveyed to Thomas Bedle. A meadow, formerly part of the common field, called 

Broad" Meadow, which came into the hands of the Latimers and Creswells of this 

parish ; from them to the late Mr. Dolphyn, and to the present Mr. Dolphyn ; 

likewise a piece of the Bull-Moors, afterwards the estate of — Higgins, alter of 

Benjamin Colicr, and from him by purchase to Gilbert Walmsley, of Liehheld, esq., 

and now in his heirs. 

* She was the only d. and h. of Thomas Worrall of Austcliffe Wolverley, co. Worcester, 
afterwards of Stourton, co. Stafford, and was baptized at Wolverley Feb. 2C, 1722. She also 
succeeded to the Stourton estate of her uucles, Richard Worrall and the Key. John Worrall. fahe 
died June 7, 17U'J, aged 78, and was buried at Oldswiufurd. 

t Of Sion Hill, Wolverley, Esq. He was High Sheriff of Worcestershire in 1774. and died 
s. p. in 17U2. ., 

t This work is very scarce, a large number of copies having been destroyed by ure at Messrs. 
Nichols's soon after it was published. 


" Greisbrook, whence the family had their name, is a manor in Yorkshire,* 
which, in the reign of King Henry III., was in the great house of Mowbray, of 
whom the Greisbrooks held their lands. Roger de Greisbrook (/. Henry II.) is 
mentioned! as holding of the fee of Alice, Countess of Augie, or Ewe, daughter of 
William dc Al biney, Earl of Arundel, by Queen Alice, relict of King Henry I. 

" Thomas Greisbrook and Elizabeth his wile had, besides other children, a 
daughter Margery,} born in November, 1580; the same month died Elizabeth his 
wife; and in July, 1582, their daughter. Richard Greisbrook, son of Robert, was 
baptized September 20, 1585. 

" Rowland Greisbrook and Isabel Yardley were married in April, 1598 ; they 
had Thomas, who died young, Robert, and four daughters : Grace, Penelope, Anne, and 
Elizabeth. Robert had a daughter Susanna burn in 1C56. Robert Greisbrook, § 
gent., and Jemima, daughter of Mr. William Grace, were married on July 8, [sic 
year omitted] and had issue, 1. William, baptized May 6, 1073; 2. Robert, born 
1C74, and died in 1081 ; || 3. John, born in February, 1081 ; 5. [«c] Robert, and 
five daughters — 1. Elizabeth, born in 1070, and died in 1729; 2. Joan, born in 
1079; 3. Jemima, born in 1085-0; 4. Sarah, born in 1093 and diedlf in 1099; 
5. Anne, who died in February, 1098-9. 

"John Walton, of Bagingtou, and Margery Greisbrook were married August 
28, 1082. Thomas Cramp and Sarah Greisbrook were married January 19, 1721-2. 
Robert married Elizabeth, daughter of — Grosvenor, of Wolverhampton, c of 
Codsall, near it, but died without issue in 1727.** Jemima, daughter of Mr. Grace, 
and wife of Robert Greisbrook^ the elder, died in 1724, aged 77. 

"In 1055 Robert Greisbrook was witness to a covenant of marriage between 
Ralph Thickbroom and Margaret Cook, of Little Hay. In 1007 he paid Is. 4d. to 
the quarterly royal aid, and 3s. Od. for laud of Mr. Floyer. 

" Thomas Cramp and Sarah Greisbrook had four children — Greisbrook, and three 
daughters, Sarah, Jemima, and Ruema, the latter living in 1708 unmarried; the 
two eldest daughters married and had issue, but both are dead. Greisbrook Cramp 
was heir to his uncle Robert, is a farmer at Cowerne in Herefordshire, and by — his 
wife, daughter of — Uarlaston of Ilford in Stallbrdshire, hath two sons. Sarah 
Greisbrook secondly married John Lea, and had Dorothy, Jane, and Elizabeth." 

Will of John Gresbroke of Footuerley, in the Parish of Shenstone, 

co. Stafford, 1541. 

In Dei no'i'e Amen, the ye'r of o r Lord God miiiij c xlj, I Jhon Gresbroke, of 

fTullcrley, whole in mynd and sycke in body make my last .... this man* folowyng : 

fyrst I bequeyth my sowle to Almyghty God, my body to be buryed in the church 

* Near Rotherham, now usually written Greasbrough ; but as lately as 1829 Mr. Wainwright 
iu his • History of Stratford and Tickhill,' writes it Greasbrooke. The plaee is referred to in^ihe 
postmortem inquest of Gilbert, Earl of Shrewsbury, taken at Nottingham in 1628, and is there 
written in four different ways, viz. Gresbroke, Greasbrook, Gresebrooke, and (ireysbrook. At the 
Inquisition taken in 15 Edward II. on the death of William de Tynneslowe. the jury found that 
the deceased held (inter alia) a messuage and two bovates of land in Gresbroke of Roger de 
Clifford as of the manor of Kymberworth. This William de Tyuneslowe, or Tin-ley, was the son 
of Sir Henry de Tinsley, who, according to Gascoigne's ' Account of the Wentworth Family,' was 
the son of one Adam or Eddc, who is found with the additions of de Gresbroke and dc Rotherham. 
"There was at an early period an Adam de Gresebrok whose possessions came to the 
Tinsleys, and from them to the Wcntworths." (' An Account of Greasbrough,' compiled by the 
Rev. Edward Goodwin, of Sheffield.) 

Adam de Gresebroc and Robert his brother attest (with others) a Shenstone charter of temp. 
Henry III., quoted in Shaw's 'Stallbrdshire ' under Shenstone. 

t The writer has never been able to discover Mr. Sanders's authority for this, 
t According to the parish register Margery was the daughter of '■ Hubert Gresbroke." 
§ '■ lie paid four shillings to the poll-tax for himself, wife, and two children." 
|| Query, was it not Robert Greisbrooke, ike father, who died in 1(181 1 
«J Query ? She mar. Thomas Cramp. It must have been another Sarah who.died 1C9U 
*» Should be 1728. 
ft " Robert Greisbrook the elder died in 1718." 


of S'nt Jho' de Shenst .... And aft r my detts be .... & payd, I will that Elyza- 
beth .... wyfe, and all my chyld r have Imongst them the resydeu of my go'd'. 

[Apud Lich' 23 liar. 1 54G. Test' Joh'is Gresbroke de p'och' de Shenston p' — 
relict' et ex'or jurat'. Itef ab jure Rolandi Rugley, gcnerosi .... (Act Book at 
Lichfidd, fo. 58.)] 

Will of Thomas Gresbroke, of Shuttington, co. Warwick, 1551-2. 

In the name of God Ame' y e yere of our Lord God mccccelj, & xiiij day febrnary 
in y e vi yere of ye Reynyng of oure moyst drad sufferane lord Edward y° vi by y e 
grace of God of Yngland flrannce & Ireland kyng, defender of y e feyth, in herth 
under God of y c churche of Yngland & also of Ireland y c sup'me bed, I Thomas 
Gresbroke, of Shutyngton, in y e counte of Warwycke, of hole & p'fect memory, but 
yet feyryng y e tyrable & uncerte' owre of deth, do orde' & make 'my testement & 
last wyll in maner & forme foloyng; furst I bcqueth my solle to Almyghte God, & 
my body to be buryed in y e churche yerde of sent Cuthbert of Shutyngto'. It. I 
bequeth to y e poremans box ij s . I bequeth to y e Reperaeon of y e long byrg vi s & 
viij d to be payd whan ther ys ane foundacon to be mayd & alsoe I bequeath to Hugh 
Mylner, my God sonne v s & every one of my God chelder ij d . And I bequeth to 
Raft'e Rede v a in condyco' that he be have hym selfe as he sholde do to hys dame. 
Also y e residu of my goods not bequetbed I bequeth to Margere, my Wyffe, and to 
Hoinffre Smyth, my sonne in lawe, home I make my lawfull executors, and the to 
occupy my goods to gether so long as the chane agree; and yf it so fortu' thai 
Margery my Wyffe marye, or that the canot agree, then I will that my goods be 
partyd in thre parts and Horn lire my sonne in law to have to of the parts and 
Margere my Wyffe, to have the thyrde partt ; theys beyng wyttnes, Roger War- 
wycke, Homffrey Geffrey, Honiffrey Darlaston, w* other men. 

[Probate granted at Lichfield, March 23, 1551-2, to Margerie Gresbroke, the 
relict, and Humfrey Smyth " filium in legibus," the executors. Inventory taken 11) 
March, 6 Edw. VI., by Humfrey Getfrey, Roger Warwycke, and Hum. Darlaston.] 

Will of Robert Gresbroke, of Shenstone, 1569. 

In the name of God, Amen, the second day of December in the yere of our Lord 
God a thousand, five hundreth, threscore and nine, I Rob'te Gresbroke, of Shenston, 
in the countye of Stafford, Yoman, whole in bodye & of p'fytt mynde and remem- 
brance, thanks be geven unto God, make & declare thys my last Will & Testament 
in mau r & forme hereafter foloynge ; ffyrst I bequeth my sole unto Almyghtye God, 
my maker, Saviour, & Redeemer, & my bodye to be buryed in the p'ishe churche of 
Shenston, nere unto father & mother when it shall please God to take me to hys 
m r cye. It'm I geve & bequetbe unto John Gresbroke, my oldest sonne, yf he be 
nowe lyvynge, foure pounds of lawfull money of Ingland, and upon condicion that 
the sayd John shall release unto Rob'te Gresbroke, my yonger sonne, all hys right. 
int r est, tytle, clayme, & demande that he hath, or shall have, in or to all sucho 
messuags, lands, ten'ts, medowes, lesowes, pastures, rents, rev r cons, e r mces, & hery- 
dytaments whatsoev r whiche be or were of thenherytaunce of me the said Rob'te, or 
of John Gresbroke, my father, sett', lyeing, & beynge in Shenston, furesayd, or ells 
where within the realme of Ingland. And yf the sayd John refuse so to do, then I 
wyll that the sayd foure poundes shalbe bestowed & imployed in defendynge of the 
right of the said Rob'te, my yonger sonne, and to the use of the poure people in 
Shenston aforesayd. And the resydewe of my goods not before bequethed, (1 
honestly brought home, & my debts & legac's payd,) I wyll that they shalbe dcvyded 
in three p'ts, savyng onely all my leac's, toe bedstyds, toe bonis, toe differs, one 
cuppborde, & one saltyuge tubb ; and after suche devysyon thereof had & mayd as 



aforesayd, that one p'te thereof shalbe unto Anne, nowe my Wyfl'e, & the other toe 
p'ts thereof equally to be devyded betwene Rolunde Gresbroke, Will' 1 ' Gresbroke, my 
toe yongeat sonnes, and Elizabeth Gresbroke, Elene Gresbroke, & Margarett (ires- 
broke, my daughters. And if any of my said children fortune to decease before 
they shall have receaved ther portions, then I will that the p'te of hym or her or 
such of the said eh . . . . deceased . . . .* they shall accomplyshe the age of xxi yeres 
& not married shalbe equally devyded amongt suche of them as shalbe then lyvyng. 
And I will and bcqueth unto Rob'te Gresbroke, my said sonnc, all my leac's, toe 
bedstyds, toe bords, toe coffers, one cupborde, & one saltynge tubb. It'in I ordeyne, 
constitute, & make my welbelovyd Wytl'e and my said sonne Rob'te, my true & 
lawful] executors to see thys my last will and testament truly p'formed, and John 
M'ton, of Licherield, bokebynder, over seer of this my last will & testament that yt 
may be truly p'formed, and for hys paynes takyn therin I geve unto the said John 
vj a viij J . In witness whereof to thys my p r sente last will & testamente I have putt 
my seall, the daye & 3'ere above written ; these beynge witnesses, Humfrey llsley, 
Will" 1 ffowler, James ffynche, John Smythe, teylor, Thomas Ilsley, & others 
[Proved at Lichfield July 31st, 1570.] 

Pedes finium ) Final concord made at Westminster the Octave of 

4 & 5 Ehzab. Mich 8 . '-Michaelmas, between Humfrey Bourne A Richard Deykin, 
_ Staffordshire. ) Plaintiffs, and Robert Greysbrooke and Anue his wife,' 
Deforciants, of 3 messuages, 4 cottages, 2 tofts, 6 gardens, 100 acres of land, 40 
acres of meadow, 200 acres of pasture, 40 acres of wood, 20 acres of moor, 20 acres 
of marsh, 40 acres of furze and heath, and 6s. rent, with the appurtenances, in 
Shenston, Fowderley, Overstonehall, Eynde, and Chesterfield. 

William Gresbrooke, 1580. 

William Gresbrooke, of Birmingham, co. Warwick, died intestate, and adminis- 
tration of his goods was granted on the 14th of September, 1580, to Richard 
Gresbrooke his son. 

[Act Uuu/c, Lichfield. The administration papers are missing.] 

Will of Robert Greasbrooke, of Shenstone, 101 1. 
In the name of God Amen, the xv lh day of Maie in the ninth yeare of the raigne 
of our sotTaigne Lord James by the grace of God Kinge of England, ffraunce, and 
■Ireland, and of Scotland the xliiij 11 ', Defender of the Faith, &c, and in the yeare of 
oure Lord 1011,1 Rob'te Greasbrooke, of Shenston, in the County of Staff., Yeoman, 
sicke in body, but in p'fect remembrance, (thanks be to God) doe ordaine and make 
my last Will and Testament in man r and forme followinge : flirst I bequeath my 
soule to Almighty God, my maker and redeemer, and my body to be buried in the 
church of Shenston. Item I will that all my owne p'p r debts shalbe payed by my 
Executors hereafter named to such persons as the same are dew & owinge by me 
out of all such goods aud cattells as yt shall please God that I shall leave at the 
time of my decease. Item I will, devise, geve, and bcqueth unto my daughter, Alee 
Hodgkins, all my lands, rents, rev r cons, aud hereditaments w 11 ' thapp r tenances w iu in 
the Lordship of Shenston aforesaid w tlJ I had and p r chased of Thomas Greendon, 
John and Rob't Hardinge, and Will" 1 Sylvester of the Ashcrofts and of aney or auey 
of them, to have and to hold to the said Alice my daughter for and towards the 
bringing up, mayntenance, & p'ferment of her children during her natural life, and 
after her decease I will, devise, give, and bequeath all aud singular the p'mises so 
jryven and bequeathed unto the said Alice as aforesaid unto John Hodgkins. Sonne 

* Interlined and illegible. 


of the said Alice and his heirs for ever. Also I will, give, and bequeath unto the 
said Alice, my said daughter, all the estate, intrest, & terme of yeans w cU I have, or 
may have, of and in that p'cell of medow or ground in Shenstou aforesaid w ch I 
lately had of Homfrey Cooke, dureinge all such terme as I have in the same, for the 
payment of such debts as I lately paid for the said Homfrey. Also my will and 
mind ys that the said Alice, my daughter, and John Hodgkins, her soime, shall 
p'mitt and suffer the water of my mill to have hit (full passage as yt now doth 
during all such time as S r Gilbert Wakeringe, Knight, hath in the same. Item I 
ordaine and make my welbeloved wyfc my executor. In witness whereof I have 
hereunto putt my scale the day and yeare aforesaid. 

Sig. X Rob'ti Greisbrooke. 

Sealed and delivered in the p'snts of Roland HYyth, W m ffryth. 

[Proved at Lichfield Sep. 18th, 1613, by Margery Greisbrooke, the widow and 
executrix. Inventory taken 29 June, 1611, by Rowland Rugeley, John Cooke, 
James Fletcher, William Priest, and Nich'as Thornetoti.] 

Pedes fiuium i Pine made at Westminster from Easter in fifteen days. 

21 Eliz. Easter. > Between Robert Greysbrookc, Plaintiff, and John Hardyn 

Staffordshire. ) and Joan his wife, and Robert Hardyn aud Eleanor his 
wife, Deforciants, of 10 acres of meadow, 10 acres of pasture, and 10 acres of wood, 
with the appurtenances, in Shenston. 

Administration of Margery Greisbrooke, of Shenstone, 1613. 

Margery Greisbrooke, of Shenstone, co. Stafford, widow, died intestate, and 
administration was granted at Lichfield Jan. l'J, 1613-14, to Alice Greisbrooke 
alias Hodgkins, the natural and lawful daughter of the deceased. Inventory taken 
the last day of December, 1613, by John Cooke, W ni Smyth, W m Priest, and James 

Administration of Robert Graisbrook, of Shenstone, 1718. 
Robert Graisbrook, senior, of Shenstone, died intestate, aud administration of 
his effects was granted at Lichfield Dec. 31st, 1718, to Jemima Graisbrook, widow, 
the relict. Sureties Christopher Coleire and William Smith. Inventory made by 
Thomas Grace and William Smith. 

Inscription on a Tombstone at Shenstone. 
He lyeth the body of Jemima wife of Robert Graisbrook, gent., daughter of 
William Grace,* Vicar of Shenstone, died Sept. y e 19, 1723, set. 77. Also Eliza- 
beth, her daughter, died May 15, 1729, aged 51. 

* For an account of the family of Grace, see Sander's ■ History of Sheiistone,' p. \)2 et seq. 
The Hev. Wm. Grace, M.A., married Joanna, daughter of — Woolley, Esq., of Newtim Hull, in 
the Thistles, Leicestershire, who, says Sanders, was related to Archbishop Sheldon, and to Henry 
(irey, Earl of Kent. 


Will of Robert Graisbrook of Shenstone, 1728. 

In the name of God Amen. I Robert Graisbrook of Shenston, in the County of 
Stafford, being of perfect mind and memory, but weak in body, do make this my 
last Will and Testament in manner and forme following-. First 1 give and bequeath 
my soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it mee, and my debts to be paid 
and my body to be decently brought home at the charge of my Executors hereafter 
mentioned. Impr'is I give and bequeath to Sarah, my now wife, the sum of seven 
pounds ten shillings yearly during her naturall life. Itm I give and [bequeath] to 
Graisbrooke, the son of Thomas and Sarah Cramp, my house and p'misses thereunto 
belonging lying and being in Shenston, paying thirty shillings yearly out of it to 
the schoolmaster of Shenston for the schooling of four poore children within Shenstmi 
to be payd y.early for ever.* And my wife to be payd yearly out of the estate at 
Shenston. Itm I give to William, the son of William Smith and Elizab. his wife 
the sum of one hundred pounds. Itm I give to John, the son of William Smith' 
and Elizab. his wife the sum of one hundred pounds. Item 1 give to Josiah the 
son of William Smith and Eliz. his wife the sum of one hundred pounds. Item I give 
to my sister Jemima Winterton's two sons and one daughter the sum of Three 
hundred pounds, each one hundred pounds. Itm I give" to the three daughters 
Three hundred pounds equally divided betwixt, them (the daughters of Thomas 
Crampt aforesayd). These lcgacys to be payd when each child comes to a^e and 
then to be payd by my Executors hereafter mentioned and they to be payd fonre 
pounds p 1 ' aim. till they come to age by my Executor. Itm I give to Joseph Smart 
and Mary his wife, and to Francis and John the sum of Ten shillings a piece, and 
to Joseph the sum of Five pounds, Francis, Joseph, and John being the sons of Jos. 
Smart. Itm I give to Joseph Collins, of Sutton, Twenty shillings. Itm I nominate 
and appoynt Thomas Cramp to be my sole Executor for the 'true performance of 
this my last Will and Testament, renounccing and revokeing all others In witness 
I put my hand and seale the 20 July, 1728. 

Robert Graisbrooke. (L. S.) 
Witness John Percivall, George X Smart, his mark, Charles Savage. 

Memorandum, if any loss should happen in payment of my limney to my executor, 
then each of my sister's children to bear an equal share of that loss. Joseph Smart,' 
his wife, and Francis and John to be paid in one yeare after my decease. 

Proved at Lichfield. With the will are filed two affidavits, as follows :— Affidavit 
of Charles Savage, of Shenstone, schoolmaster. Was sent for by Robert Greis- 
brooke, gent., to make his will, and did so, and the said will was properly executed 
in his presence. 

Affidavit of George Smart, of Shenstone, weaver and tow dresser, that he 
knew Robert Greisbrooke, the testator, and being at the house of Joseph Smart, 
where the said Robert Greisbrooke, the deceased in this cause, lived, or had' 
a room to lodge in, was called up to the said Mr. Robert Greisbrooke's room by 
Charles Savage, this deponent's fellow witness, to be a witness to the said will ; 
found the said Robert "on the bed with his cloaths on," but when this deponent 
entered the room he immediately arose and duly signed, sealed, and executed his 

* " The following gift is fairly preserved on a mural table in Shenstone Church : 'M r Robert 

Greisbrooke, of Shenstone, left 30" to a schoolmaster at Shenstone for the schooling of four poor 
children of Shenstone, to be issuing out in the same village ; given by will to his nephew Greis- 
brooke Cramp, to be paid yearly for ever. This was S-t up by Thomas Baifuot and J. Jackson 
(Shaw's ' Staffordshire.') 

t The will of Thomas Cramp, of I.ongdon, co. Stafford, gent., is dated Sep. 20, 1728, nnd wns 
proved in Loudon March 10th following, lie mentions his wife Sarah, his son Givvsbrook Cranio 
and his three daughters, Sarah, Jemima, and Quima. Witnesses Rich* Wotton, Tho. Hatelv 
lidw d Llerry. 


Abstracts of Deeds penes II. S. G. 

23 Charles II. ) Indenture of this date between Robert Greisbrooke, the 
1671, June 23 rd . /younger, of Shenstone, co. Stafford, gentleman, Robert Greis- 
brooke, the elder, of the same place, gentleman, "father of the said Hubert Greis- 
brooke, the younger," of the one part ; and Samuell Stevenson, of Sutton Colefield, 
eo. Warwick, gentleman, of the other part. Whereby the said Greisbrookes mortgage 
to the said S. Stevenson "All that Capitall Messuage, Mantion House, or Tenement, 
situate, lying, and being in Shenston aforesaid in the said county of Stafford, with 
the barnes, buildings, yards, gardens, orchards, backsides, and appurtenances there- 
unto belonging. And also one croft, close, or backside, to the same Capitall 
Messuage, Mantion House, or Tenement belonging and adjoyneing, containing by 
estimae'on ffive acres, be the same more or less. And alsoe those two water come 
Mills, in the parish of Shenston aforesaid, now, late, or heretofore called Greisbrooke 
Mills, or the Upp r Mills, adjoyneing or neare unto a Medowe called Poole-bridge 
Medowe, and to another p'cell of ground called Littlefield. And alsoe the scyte, 
current, soyle, buildings, tlishings, soake, griste, comodityes, and advantages, to the 
said two water corne Mills belonging or app'teyneing; which said Capitall Messuage, 
Mantion House, or Tenement, Croft, or backsides, Mills, or other the menc'oned 
p'misses late or heretofore were in the occupac'on of the said Robert Greisbrooke the 
Eld r , or his assignes, and are now in the holding or occupac'on of the said Robert 
Greisbrooke the young 1, or his Assignes." 

Signed by " Kobert Gr/esbrooke iunior " and " Robert Gm'sbrooke senior " in 
the presence of " Richard Auerey "* and two others. 

32 Charles II. \ Indenture of this date between John Cotterell of Footherley 
1G80, March 26. j"in the parish of Shenston, yeoman, of the one part, and Robert 
Greisbrooke, the younger, of Shenston aforesaid, gentleman, of the other part. 
Whereby the said John sells to the said Robert 20 acres of land, etc., called Barne- 
woods, adjoining to Lyne Lane and to land of the said Robert called Dunstall, etc., 
iu the parish of Shenstone. 

1727. \ Mortgage by Benjamin Linton, of Bilston, co. Stafford, and 

Jan. 15 th . J Judith his wife, for £100, of their share in the Russell's Hall 
estate, in the parish of Dudley, to Robert Greisbrooke, of Shenston, gentleman. 
Signed by " Robert Graisbrooke." 

1730. ( Release, etc., between Linton and wife, etc., of the one part, 
Feb y 12 th . J and John Lea, of Shenston, yeoman, and Sarah his wife, who was 
relict and executrix of the last will of Thomas Cramp, late of Longdon in the 
county of Stafford, gentleman, deceased ; which Thomas Cramp was executor of the 
last will of Robert Greisbrooke, late of Shenstone, gentleman, deceased, of the other 
part. Recites that the said Robert Greisbrooke made his will on 20th July, 1728, 
etc., and appointed the said Thomas Cramp his executor, who duly proved the will 
in the Consistory Court of the Bishop of Lichfield. That the said Thomas Cramp 
made his will on Sept. 20, 1728, and appointed his wife Sarah executrix, who proved 
the same in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. That the said John Lea "after- 
wards, viz. on the 19 th of Feb. 1729, married and took to wife the said Sarah Cramp, 
whereby he became entitled," etc., etc. Signed by " John Lea " and " Sarah Lea." 

* The will of Richard Averey, of Arley, co. Warwick, gent., dated June 18, 1703, contains 
this bequest : — "Item I give and bequeath unto the children of my cosiu Robert Greisbrooke, 
sen', fhTty pounds sterling to be equally divided amongst them.' 1 



Extracts from Parish Registers, 
slienstone, co. stafford (commence in 1579). 

1580. Margery Gresbroke, the dau'r of Robert* Gresbroke was christened the v 

„ Elizabeth Gresbroke, the wyf of Tho m Gresbroke was buried the xxv of 


1582 f Gresbroke, the dau'r of Tho ra Gresbroke was buried tlie last of July. 

1 585. Richard Gresbroke sonne of Rob'te Gresbroke was baptyzed the xx day of 


1598. Rowland Gresbroke was marr. to Sibell Yardley the . . . .$ 

1599. Grace Gresbroke, the dau'r of Roland Gresbroke and Sibell his wyf was 

Baptyzed the seventh day of Nov r . 

1603. Thomas Gresbrooke, the Son of Rowland Gresbrooke & Sible his wife was 

Baptyzed y c 16 of March. 

1604. Thomas Gresbrooke, the Son of Rowland Gresbrooke & Sibilla his wife, 

was buried the 24 of May. 

1605. Amy, the dau'r of Rowland Gresbrooke & Sibill his wife was baptized the 

8 of September. 
1608. Penelope and Elizabeth, the dau'rs of Rowland Gresbrooke and Sible his 

wife, were baptized 2 Oct. 
(From 1610 to 1654 there is a gap in the register book, the leaves having been 

either lost or cut out.) 
1656. Susanna, y e daughter of Rob 1 Greysbrook, was baptized March y e first. 

1672. Robert § Gresbrooke, gent., and M rs Gemima Grace weare married with a 

license they 8 day of July. 

1673. William, they sonne of Robeart Gresbrooke Gent., and Gemima his wife 

was baptized they six day of May. 
„ William, they sonne of Robeart Gresbrooke, Gent., and Gemima his wife 
was buried they 30 May. 

1674. Robeart the sonne of Robeart Gresbrook, Gent., and Gemima his wife was 

baptized the first of September. 
1676. Elizabeth, they daughter of Robeart Gresbrooke, Gent., and Jemima his 

wife was baptized they xxii of November. 
1679. Joane, they daughter of Robeart Greisbrooke, Gent., & Gemima was 

baptized they 23 of November. 

1681. Roberty Greisbrooke, gent., was buried May 26. 

„ John, y° sonne of Robert Greisbrooke, Gent., and Jemima his wife was 
baptized Feb. 22. 

1682. John Walton, of the parish of Bagginton & Margery Greisbrook, late of 

this parish (the Banns being thrice published) were married August 28th. 
[1685. Jemima,^ daughter of Robert Greisbrooke and Jemima, bapt. Feb. 10.] 
1C89. Josiah, y e sonne of Robert Greisbrooke & Jemima his AVife was baptized 

December 16. 
1693. Sarah, the daughter of Robert Greisbrooke, Gent., & Jemima his wife was 

baptized December 27. 

* Sanders, ' History of Shenstone,' says 'Thomas. 
t Margery, according to Sanders. 
April. — Sanders. 


|| In the transcripts of these registers at Lichfield he is called ''John Greselirwvke.'' 

f This entry is extracted from the transcripts at Lichfield. It is very singular that it does 

not occur in the original registers. She is mentioned in her brother Robert's will (1728) as 

•■ my sister Jemima Winterton." 


1608. Anne Greisbrooke was buried Feb. 24. 

1703. Sarah Grazbrook, wid., was buried Aug. 14. 

1718. Robert Uraisbrook, sen r , gent., was buried 21th December. 

1720. Thomas Cramp and Sarah Graisbrook, both of this parish, y e banns bem" 

published, were married y e nineteenth day of January. 
1724. Bur 1 * Jemima Graisbrook, wid. Sep. 10. 

St. Michael's, Lichfield. 
1602. Joane Greasbrooke, widdow, was buried 12th July A Dom. 1602. 

St. Martin's, Birmingham:. 

{Commence in 1555.) 

1555-6. Jan. 13. (Bapt.) Nicholas Greysbroke et Winifred Greysbroke, filii 

1557. Aprd 28. (Bur.) Henry Grayesbroke. 
1573-4. Feb. 26. (Bapt.) William Colmer fil' William. 
1580. July 27. (Bapt.) Mary Colmer,f filia William. 


{Commence in 1675 ; no earlier transcripts at Lichfield.) 

1686. Nov. y e 5. M rs Deborah Graisebrooke was buried. 

1699. Dec. y e 10. Benjamin, son of Greasbrooke West & of Ann his wife was 

1705. Feb. 8. Mary wife of Graissbrook West was buried. 

1705. Feb. 8. Shein and Joseph, the sons of Greisbmok West and of Mary 

his wife was baptized. 
1709. Octo. 28. Ann Greassbrook was buried. 

1715. Oct. 30. Thomas, son of Greasbrook West, christened. 

1749. Sept. 6. Greasbrook West was buried. 

Hints, co. Stafford. 

1576. ♦ Hugh Gresbrooke and Margrett Sayars were Wedded the 7 day of October 

the yere Beforesaid. 

1577. Joan Gresbrooke daughter of Hugh Gresbrooke was Baptized y e xiv.(?) day 

of December and burryed the 28 day of the said month the yere be- 

1580. Jane Gresbrooke the Daughter of Hugh Gresbroke was Baptized the 7 day 

of July the yere beforesaid. 

1581. Joan Gresbrooke was burryed the 6 Day of May in the yere beforesaid. 

1582. Nicholaus Dolma' & Margrett Gresbrooke were wedded xxvij Day of April 

the year beforesaid. 

1583. Henry the son of Nicholaus Dolma' was Baptized xxv day of march in the 

yere Beforesaid. 
1586. Elizabeth the Daughter of Hugh Gresbroke was Baptized the 19 day of 

May in the yere Beforesaid. 
1588. Robert Gresbrooke on the 6 day of January in the yere beforesaid was 


* According to her tombstone she died in 1 723, " Sep. ye 19.'' 
t There are numerous Colmore entries in these Registers. 


1592. John the son of ITugh Gresbroke was baptized and buried' on the 19 of 
January in the yere beforesaid. 

1604. Ann the daughter of Edward ffoxe was baptized on the 20 day of 

September in the yere beforesaid. 

1605. Emmies' (or Emmet'l) Gressbrooke, Wyddoe was buried y e 7 day of 

Decemb'r y° yere beforesayd. 

1606. The Register signed by H[ugh?] Greysbrooke and Edward Shewill church- 


1608. Walter Greasbrook was buried the . . Day of September the yere before- 
sayd. (Searched to 1670. No further entry.) 
Mem. — Parts of the years 1607 and 1608 are illegible, only a portion of a word 

here and there'can be distinguished. The entries in the years 1635, 1636, and 

1637, are also illegible. J. R. T., parish clerk. 


(Commence in 1653.) 
1655. Timothy Graisbrooke, son of John Graisbrooke and of Mary his wife was 

borne on Monday 28 of January and baptized the fifth day of February. 
1664. Joane Greasbrook, the wife of John Greasbrook, the elder, was buried the 

13th of May. 
1668. Henry Hurst and Isabel Cooke were married Feb. 16. 
1668. John Greasbrook and Mary Pattisson were married the same day (i.e. 

Feb. 16). 
1671. John Greasbrook was buried May 24. 
1671. Sarah Greasbrook the daughter of John Greasbrook & Mary his wife was 

baptized Jan* 22. 
1673. Thomas son of Robert Barnet, bapt. Feb. 16. 
1673. Mary, daughter of John & Mary Greasbrook was baptized Dec r 10. 
167G. Abraham Allen, of the p'ish of Kingsbury & Mary Greasbrook of this 

p'ish were marr a May 16. 
1676. John the sonne of John Greasbrook and Mary was baptized Aug. 4. (Same 

entry under July 27.) 
1679. Thomas son of John & Mary Greasbrook, bapt. Jan* 26. 
1700. John Greasbrook, of* y e parish of Sutton Coldlield, and Anne Moulde of 

y e parish of Middleton, inarr d September 12. 
1700. Mary, wife of John Greasbrook, of Wigginshill. Bur d Sept. 22. 
1700. John Greasbrook, of Wigginshill. Bur" Oct. 2. 
1700. Mary, daughter of John Greasbrook, of Wigginshill. Bur d Oct. 14. 
170*1. John, son of John Greasbrook. Bapt. Jan y 1st. 
(No entry of this name after 1701.) 

Oldswinford, co.f Worcester (commence 1602). 
1643. ' May 21. Jone the Daughter of Michaell Ulasebruoke,} bapt. 

* " Of Wigginshill," in the transcripts of these Registers at Lichfield. 

■J- The parish of Oldswinford comprises the town of Stourbridge, and the hamlets of Lye, 
Wollescote, Wollaston, aud Amblecote. A portion of the parish is in the county of Stafford. 
" Am.," attached to several of the entries, signifies that the person to whom the entry refers was 
of the Amblecote or Staffordshire part of the palish. 

J Mr. Lower in his Patronymica Britannica states that the surname Qluzehrook is "a recent 
corruption of Grazebrook." The latter he correctly derives from Greibrooke, co. York. That the 
corruption is not very recent these Register extracts prove; but the substitution here of an / tor 
au r is quite gratuitous on the part of the several persons who made the entries ; and indeed is 
a very common error in t/io neighbourhood at the present day. Mr. Lower, however, is not strii tly 
correct, for the surname Glazebrook, Glascbrook, etc., originated from the place so called near 
Warrington in Lancashire, where there was a family bearing the local name at least as early as 
the fourteenth century. 


John, sonne of Michaell Glasbrooke, bapt. 
Robert, sonne of Michaell Glasbrook, bapt. 
Joseph, sonne of Michaell Glasbrooke, bapt. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Michael Glasbrooke, borne 7 June. 
Meriall, dau. of Michaell Glasbrooke, borne June 19, & 

bapt. July 5. 
Michaell, s. of Michaell Glasbrooke, borne 8 May, & 

baptized 31st. 
Michaell, s. of Michaell Glasbrooke, buried. 
Elizabeth, d. of Michaell Grasebrooke, buried. 
Dorothy, Daughter of Michaell Glasbrook, born Aug. 16, 

& bapt. Aug. 27. 
Dorothy, wife of Michaell Glasbrooke, buried. 
Infant of John Grasebrooke, buried. 
Ann, wife of Michaell Glasbrooke, buried. 
Michaell, sonn of John Glasebrooke, bapt. 
Hosea Glasebrooke buried. 
.... son of John Glasebrooke, buried. 
Elizabeth, d. of John Glasebrooke, bapt. 
John, sonn of John Glasebrooke, bapt. 
Samuel, sonn of Joseph Grassbrooke, bapt. 
Benjamin, f s. of Joseph Grassbrooke, bapt. 
Edward, s. of Joseph Grasebrook, bapt. 
Ann, d. of Josepli Grasebrook, bapt. 
Dorothy, d. of Joseph G raysbrooke, bapt. 
William Glasbrook buried. 
William, 6. of William Glasbrook, bapt. 
Michaell, s. of Joseph Glasbrook, bapt. 
Micheall Grasebrooke buried. 
Sarah, d. of Joseph Grasebrooke, bapt. 
Paule, s. of Joseph Grasebrooke, bapt. 
Anne, daug r of John Glasebrook, born Feb. 21, bapt. 

Feb. 27. 
Sarah, d. of John Grazebrook, & Key [Keturah] his wife, 

born Nov. 30, bap. Dec. 8. 
Bridgett, the wife of John Grazebrook [sen r ] buried. 
John Glazebrook [jun r ] buried. 
John, s. of John & Elizabeth Glasebrook, born May 2, & 

bapt. May 12. 
William Glasebrook & Catharine Cartwright married. 
John Glasebrook buried. 
Mary Ilallen, d. of widow Glasebrook, bur d . 
Elizabeth, d. of William Gracebrook, and Catherine his 

wife, born Oct. 8, bapt. Oct. (? 9). 
William Glazebrook buried. 
John, s. of widow Glazebrook buried. 
William Heathcock & Catharine Glasebrook married. 
Paul Glasebrook & Elizabeth Edwards married. 

* Sic — blank. 

t Benjamin Grazebrook settled at Bisley, co. Gloucester, and was ancestor of the Graze- 
brooks of that place, and of Stroud. He was buried at Bisley, July 10th, 1758, aged, according 
to the pariah liegister, 7'J, but according to his tombstone in Bisley churchyard, SI. He was 
really in his 78th year. The following is inscribed on his gravestone : — " Benjamin Grazebrook, 
of this town, died July 7, 1768, aged 81. Ann, his wife, died April 4, 17<>5, aged 70." 

J April 25, 1718, Edward Haughton of Oldswinford, and George York of Stourbridge, made 
an affidavit alleging that a marriage was intended betweeu Paul Grasebrook of Ambtecote, swl 
about '21. a bachelor, and Elizabeth Edwards of the same place, aged about -'G, a Widow. His 
parents were living aud consenting ; she was at her own disposal. License was accordingly 
granted fur the marriage to be solemnized in Oldswinford church. (Bishop's Registry, Worcester.) 



Feb. 22. 


July 1. 


March 29, 





March 14. 


Dec. 11. 



Jan. 24. 


Nov. 19. 


July 29. 


May 13. 


July 12. 


Dec. 23.* 


Feb. 24. 


Dec. 10. 


May 11. 


Jan. 14. 


April 4. 


May 24. 


Feb. 1. 


Sep. 6. 


Jan 29. 


Feb. 11. 


Ap. 17. 


July 5. 


Feb. 17. 




March 14. 


Jan. 2. 



March 24. 


May 3. 


Feb. 25. 



Jan. 30. 


Feb. 22. 


Sep. 27. 


April 26. 







May 12. 
Aug. 22. 

March 15. 
Dec. 15. 


March 23. 



July 13. 


Sep. 13. 


Jan. 24. 


Dec. 16. 


March 31. 


May 11. 


Sept. 29. 


Aug. 20. 


Dec. 7. 


Dec. 13. 


Ap. 25. 


Ap. 14. 


July 8. 


May 17. 


Sept. 10. 


May 15. 


Dec. 17. 


Dec. 20. 


Feb. 15. 



March 18"? 




Aug. 13. 


June 17. 

Michael Glasebrook and Elizabeth Hunt married. 

John Tilly & Dorothy Glasebrook married. 

Joseph, b. of Paul & Elizabeth Glasebrook, born Jan. 21, 

bapt. 22. 
Joseph Glasebrook [infant] buried. 
Anne, d. of Michael Grazbrook and Elizabeth his his (sic) 

born March 31st, Baptized Aprill the 4th. 
Elizabeth Glasbrook buried. Am. 
Elizabeth, d. of Paul & Elizabeth Grasbrooke, born March 

21, bapt. March 27, 1720. 
Paul, s. of Michael & Elizabeth Glasbrook, born Oct. 12, 

bapt. Oct. 16. 
Michael, s. of Michael & Elizabeth Grasbrook, born June 

21, bapt. 80th. 
Paul Grazbrook [infant ?] buried. 
Elizabeth, d. of Michael & Elizabeth Grazbrook, born 

Oct. 19, bapt. 23. 
Elizabeth Grazbrook buried. 
Joseph Grazbrook buried. 

Susannah, d. of Michael & Elizabeth Grasbrook, bapt. 
George Scott & Elizabeth Grasbrook married. 
Sarah, d. of Michael & Elizabeth Grasbrook bapt. 
Anne Grasbrook buried. 
Paul Grasbrook buried. 
Samuel Grasebrooke buried, aged 67. 
Elizabeth Grazebrook buried. Am. 
Michael Grazebrook buried. 
John, s. of Samuel & Elizabeth Grazebrook, bapt. 
Thomas Grazebrook buried. Am. 
Paul Grazebrook buried. Am. 
Michael Grazebrook buried. Amblecote. 
Benjamin Littlewood & Sarah Grazebrook married by 

licence. Witnesses Eliz. llaynes, Joshua Hemus. 
Catherine Heatheock buried. 
Susannah Senior Grazebrook buried. Am. 
Sarah Junior Grazebrook buried. Am. 
Elizabeth Grazebrook buried. Am. 
John Addenbrooke Homfray & Elizabeth Grazebrook 

Richard Brettell and Mary Grazebrook married. Witnesses 

Tho 8 Worrall Grazebrook, John Hurtle. 
Sarah Grazebrook (widow) buried. 
Thomas Worrall Grazebrook buried, aged 60. 
Michael Grazebrook buried, aged 68. 

* The affidavit on application for their marriage license describes the bridegroom as a 
widower, and the bride as a spinster. (Bishop's Registry, Worcester.) Benjamin, son of Jere- 
miah and Anue Littlewood, was born May 24, and bapt. May 26, 1710; Benjamin Littlewood 
and Mary Skid more were married Dec. 2, 1744. (Oldswinford Registers.) He died Oct. 16, 
1807, aged 91, and Sarah his second wife March 13, 1797, aged 04. (M. 1. at Oldswinford.) 

■f "1759, May 13, John Addinbrook (Ho) son of Mr. John and Mary Homfray, bapt. (Old- 
swinford Registers.) He was the only child of the said John Homfray, of Wollaston Hall, by 
May, his wife, dan. and coheir of Jeremiah Addenbrooke. In 1792 he assumed the surname and 
arms of Addenbrooke in compliance with the will of his kinsman Edward Addenbrooke, of the 
Lea, co. Hereford, Esq., and in 1798 he was High Sheriff of Worcestershire. He died in 18;i7, 
aged 78, leaving issue. 

J He was bapt. at Oldswinford Jan. 25, 1754, the son of Thomas and Sarah Brettell, which 
Sarah was the dau. and heir of John Henzey of Stourbridge, descended from an ancient Lorraine 
family of " gentilshommes Verriers." 


Feb. 2. 


Jan. 15. 


Sept. 2. 


Ap. 11. 


June 5. 


Ap. 14. 


March 11. 


June 8. 


Oct. 25. 


Ap. 9. 


May 4. 


June 7. 


July 23. 


July 15. 


April 5. 


Dec. 5. 


May 20. 


May 1. 



Ann, d. of Paull Grasbrooke and Eliza his wife. 
Mary, d. of Michael & Sarah Grazebrook. 
Thomas Worrall, s. of the same. 
Michael, s. of the same. 
Elizabeth, d. of the same. 
Susannah & Sarah, daughters of the same. 
Sarah, d. of Michael & Mary Ann Grazebrook. 
• Michael, s. of the same. 
Charlotte, d. of the same. 
Henry, s. of the same. 
Thomas Needs, s. of the same [ob. inf.]. 
Frederick, s. of the same [ob. inf.]. 
George, s. of the same. 
Mary Ann, d. of the same. 
Elizabeth, d. of the same. 
Charles, s. of the same. 
John Worrall, s. of the same. 
Matilda, d. of the same. 

Kinver alias Kinfare, co. Stafford. 

1808. Elizabeth, d. of Thomas Worrall Grazebrook (of Stourton Castle) and Eliza- 
beth his wife, born Jan. 29, and baptized June 9th. 

1810. Thomas Worrall Smith, s. of Thomas Worrall Grazebrook and Elizabeth 
his wife, born Nov. 5, 1809, and baptized Oct. 9, 1810. 

Claverley, co. Salop. 
1846. *Thomas Worrall Smith Grazebrook buried 8 Aug. 1846, aged 36 years. 

Monumental Inscriptions at Oldswinford. 
In memory of Michael Grazebrook, of Audnam 15ank, who died May y e 14, a.d. 
1766 aged 42 years. Susannah Sen r daughter of Michael and Sarah Grazebrook 
died December 16, 1768, aged 6 years and nine months. Sarah Jun r their daughter 
died December 19, 1768, aged 6 years and nine months. Also Sarah, widow of the 
aforesaid Michael Grazebrook, departed this life June 7, 1799, aged 78 years. Also 
two children of Michael Jun r and Mary Ann Grazebrook, who died in their infancy. 
Also of Thomas Worrall Grazebrook, who died Aug. 9, 1816, aged 60 years, and 
whose remains were removed hence by faculty to a vault iu Claverley churchyard 
in the county of Salop, a.d. 1837. 

In this Vault lie the bodies of Michael Grazebrook, son of Michael and Sarah 
Grazebrook, who died June 11th, 1826 (at Audnam in the parish of Kingswinford) 

* "Aug. 1, at Crosby, Liverpool, Thomas Worrall Smith Gra/ebrook, Esq,, of Dallicott, 
House, Shropshire." ('Gent. Mag.' tor Kept. 1846, p. 332.) lb; was of Brazenose College, Oxford, 
B.A. 1831, M.A. 183G, and of the Inner Temple. He inherited the Dallicott estate from hi; 
mother, Elizabeth, d. and h. of Robert Wilkes, by Mary his wife. d. and h. of William Smith ; 
which William Smith was the son of Edward Smith by Sarah his wife, d. and b. of William 
Grosvenor of Dallicott, in whose family the Dallicott estate had been for maDy generations. 
On the death s.p. and intestate of Mr. T. W. S. Grazebrook, the estate devolved upon his only sister 
Elizabeth, the wife of George M'Keuzie Kettle, Esq. 


aged 68 years. Also Mary Ann, his widow, daughter of Thomas Needs of Loudon, 
who died at Summerhill in the same parish September 14th, 1840, aged 84 years. 
The best of Pareuts. 

Also Michael Grazebrook, son of Michael and Mary Ann Grazebrook, who died 
at Audnam April 24th, 1854, aged 60 years. Also Elizabeth Wallis, his wife, 
daughter of John Phillips of Birmingham, who died at Belle Viie, in the parish of 
Halesowen, May 12th, 1833 ; aged 46 years. 

In memory of William Henry Grazebrook, died December 4th, 1856, aged 2 
years and mouths; Emily Blanche Grazebrook, died April 13th, 1858, aged t! 
months ; children of Michael [Phillips] and Mary [Anne] Grazebrook. Also 
Wallace Grazebrook, child of the above, who died February 4th, 18G1, aged 8 

To the loving memory of 

George Grazebrook, 

of the parish of Pedinore 

(4th son of Michael and Mary Ann Grazebrook, 

of Audnam, Staffordshire) 

Born July 21st, 17i)6. 

Died Jan? 2nd, 1877. 

He was the best of husbands and the 

best of fathers. 

Lord, in thee have I trusted ; let me never 

be confounded. 

On a marble tablet in the Church. 

To the memory of 

Michael Grazebrook Esq" 

of Audnam, in the parish of Kingswinford, 

who died April 24 th, 1854, 

aged 66. 


Elizabeth Wallis, his wife, 

who died May 12th, 1833 

aged 46 

Their remains are interred in the Family 

Vault in this Churchyard. 

Worrall Wills. 

Richard Worrall, of Stourton, in the parish of Kinver, co. Stafford, gent. 
Dated 29 Jan y 1753. Proved by the Rev. John Worrall, sole executor, at Lich- 
field 10 May 1762. Gives the lands in Stourton, which he lately purchased from 
his brother-in-law Francis Spilsbury, to his brother John Worrall, clerk. Four 
hundred pounds to his sister Mary Worrall, and ten guineas each to his brother 
Thomas Worrall,* and to Sarah Grazebrook daughter of his said brother Thomas. 
Attested, inter alias, by Tho 8 Hodgetts and sealed with — on a chevron 3 crescents — 
the arms of Hodgetts. 

" Mr. Richard Worrall jun r ." was buried at Kinver Jan. 30, 1762. 

John Worrall, of Stourton, in the parish of Kiufare, co. Stafford, clerk. 
Dated 16 Nov. 1762. Proved at Lichfield ;;o April 17110. Leaves legacies to his 
brother Thomas Worrall and to " M re Sarah Grazebrook, wife of M r Michael 
Grazebrook," real estate and residue of personal estate to his sister Mary Worrall. 
Appoints his said sister Mary, and the Rev. Paul White, of Kinfare, executrix and 
executor. Sealed with per chevron, 3 elephants' heads erased. Crest: An ele- 
phant's head. (Arms of Sanders?) 


The Testator was of Pembroke Coll. Oxford (B.A. 1724). " Richard sou of the 
Rev. M r John Worrall and Susanna his wife " was buried at Kinver 10 Dec. 1764. 
" M 15 Susannah Worrall" was buried there Oct. 22, 1765 ; and " the Rev. M r John 
Worrall " was buried Jan. 20, 1766. 

Mary Worrall, of Stourton in the parish of Kinfare, co. Stafford, spinster. 
Dated 25 April 1767. Proved at Lichfield 9 June 1767. Gives the interest of 
£400 " now on mortgage of M r John Worrall's estate in Kinfare" to her niece 
Sarah Grazebrook for life; at her death the principal to be divided among her 
grand-nieces Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Susanna, daughters of the said Sarah 
Grazebrook. Five pounds to her "cousins" Margery and Elizabeth Hart. To 
her grand-nephew Thomas Worrall Grazebrook a silver tankard, to his brother 
Michael Grazebrook a silver cup, and to her grand-niece Mary Gra/.ebrook two 
silver salts. Sundry legacies to servants, and £30 to the Rev. Paul White to be 
distributed in bread to the poor of Kinfare in manner therein mentioned. Her 
niece Sarah Grazebrook to be sole executrix. Attested by Thomas Worrall and 
John Worrall, and proved by Sarah Grazebrook, widow. 

" M™ Mary Worrall " was buried at Kinver May 5, 1767. 

Richard Worrall of Stourton, gent. Dated 23 Dec r 1771 and proved at 
Lichfield 30 May 1772. Gives all his real and personal estate to his eldest son 
and heir Thomas Worrall, and appoints him sole executor. 

" M r Richard Worrall of Stourton" was buried at Kinver Jan. 3, 1772. He 
was a cousin of Richard, John, Mary, etc. 

Thomas Worrall, of Stourton, gent. Dated 17 Nov. 1797, proved at Lich- 
field 1 July 1805. Mentions his wife Mary Worrall and his kinsman Joseph Han- 
cox of Kinfare. Subject to an annuity to his said wife, he leaves all his real 
property to his brother John Worrall for life ; and after his death to testator's 
kinsman Thomas Worrall Grazebrook, of Audnam, in the parish of Kingswinford, 
absolutely for ever. Appoints the said Joseph Hancox sole executor. Witnessed 
inter alios by Joseph Robins [of Stourbridge, Solicitor] with whose armsj the Will 
is sealed. In a Codicil dated 1 June 1801 he mentions that his brother John is 
" since deceased," and gives his personalty to his kinsman Joseph Hancox and to 
Sarah wife of Henry Matthews, rector of Wishaw, co. Warwick, sister of the said 
Joseph Hancox. 

N.B. — The Worrall wills at Lichfield are very numerous. The earliest (that of 
Humfrey Worrall) is dated 1551. The name also occurs very frequently in the 
Kinver Registers, the first entry being the marriage on June 1, 1562, of Hum- 
frey Bate to Joan Warroll. 

From the Huntbach MSS. — Vide Shaw's ' Staffordshire,' under " Shenstone." 
Robert de Grendon by his deed, s.d., grants to Bartholomew de Gresebroc all 
his house with messuages, etc., which domina Alicia de Bray formerly held of him 
in Senestan, as of her dower, etc., with housbote and haybote in the woods of 
Senestan ultra Burnam. Testes, Sir Robert Bagod, Richard de Grendon, John de 
Grendon, John de Eston, Richard de Thickebrom, Nic. de Alrewas, Jo. del Wal, 
Jo. Bagod, etc. 

* " M r Thoma9 Worrall " was buried at Kinver Feb. 28, 1766, and " Mary wife of M r Thomas 
Worrall" on Ap. 24, 1741. The marriage settlement of Thomas Worrall " eldest son of Richard 
Worrall gent.," with Mary d. of James and Theodosia Hart of Wolverley, co. Worcester, is dated 
Sept. 1720. He had with her an estate in Wolverley. " Anne dau. of Thomas and Mary Wor- 
rall," was bapt. at Wolverley, Aug. 29, 1721, and buried at Kinver May 8, 1729; and Sarah d. of 
the same (afterwards wife of Michael Grazebrook) was bapt. (also at Wolverley) Dec. 15, 1722. 

f Per pale sa. and arg., 2 flaunches and 3 fleurs-de-lis in fesse all counterchauged. Crest : 
A fleur-de-lis between 2 dolphins. 



By a neat old deed, s. d., the writing of Henry the third's time, Robert lord of 
Grendon grants to John de Baggenhall for his homage and service three rods of 
land in his manor of Sceneston. Testes, Hugh lord of Aston, Nicholas his brother, 
Richard Bagod, Adam de Oresebroc, Robert his brother, etc. 

Also by another deed he (the said Robert de Gerndon) grants to the aforesaid 
John de Baggenhall all the land which Robert de la Leye formerly held of him in 
Fulverdeley [Footherley] to be held of him and his heirs freely, etc., by the service 
of 40s. per annum. Testes, Ralph de Grendon, Knt., John de Grendon, Joh. 
Bagot, John de Aston, Bartholom' de Gresbrok,* etc. 

Sir Ralph de Grendon, knt., lord of Shenstone, grants to William, son of 
Geoffrey, son of Richard de Chesterfield, a moiety of six acres, rendering 2s. 3d. 
annually. Testes, Hugh lord of Aston, Robert de Gresebrok, Richard Bagod. 
Dated at Shenstone the next after the feast of S l Gregory, the 2nd of Edward the 
son of King Edward. (March 13, 1309.) 

Translations fhom Fines, temp. Ed. I. 
From the Salt Library, Stafford, MS. 3-27. 
3 E. I. (a.d. 1274-5.) 
Memb. 14. jAdam do Gresebrok and Edith his mother give half a mark to have 
a writ of pone, and the Sheriff of Staffordshire is commanded to take security. 

lb. Edith, who was the wife of Bartholomew de Gresebrok, gives half a mark 
to have a writ of pone, and the Sheriff of Staffordshire, etc. 

lb. Robert de Gresebrok gives one mark to have a writ of pone, and the Sheriff, 

Memb. 15. Adam, son of Bartholomew de Gresebrok, gives half a mark to 
have an assize taken before H. de Montfort, etc., and the Sheriff, etc. 

lb. Robert, son of Bartholomew de Gresebrok, gives one mark to have a writ of 
pone, and the Sheriff, etc. 

From Erdeswick's 'Staffordshire,' by Harwood. 2nd edit., p. 421. 
" By deed dated 15 Edward II. (1321-2) Gilbert de Honce de Chesterfield grants 
to Henry de Teddeslye a messuage and virgate of laud with appurtenances, which 
were formerly held by Galfrid de Gorsthull in Chesterfield [in Shenstone]. Hiis 
testibus, Mich'l de Austc, Hugone de Aston, Rieardo Bagod, Rob'to de Pype, 
Will'mo fabro del Thorues, Joh'e Bertclot, Rob'to de Gresebrok, et aliis." 

From the " Inquisitiones Nonarum," 15 Edw. II. (a.d. 1341). 
"Com' Stafford. Eccl'ia de Hennesftorth " [Handsworth] and " Eccl'ia de 
Shenston." The " p'och' jur' " were " Joh'es de Wyrley, Rob'tus le Wright, Hugo 
de Aston, Henr' de Teddeslcy, Rob'tus de Gresebroc, Joh'es de Sotteford, Ric'us de 
Hasclwode, Adam atte Ford." 

* "This family, who took their name from a manor bo called in Yorkshire, seem to have had 
property and residence in Shenstone from this early period to the beginning of the (eighteenth) 
century, many of whom are recorded in the registers from 15'JO to 1722." (Shaw's footnote.) 

t The following is extracted from Hail. MS. 1047 (fo. 6), being Gascoigue's "Collections on 
the Wentworth Family," referred to by Mr. Hunter in his ' South Yorkshire' : — 
Ade de Grcsbrooke, vel=j=Diomsia, til' et coh' 
Edde de Roderham. I Tho' dc London. 

Henricus de Tynneslowe^Lucia Hi. et her. D ui 
mil. 1 E. 1 et 13 E. I. Itob'ti de Hotou Robert. 

The Arms ascribed in this MS. to "Ade de Gresbrooke" are, — ArgeDt, a chevron between three 
wolf's heads erased gules, which are quartered for Tynneslon-n or Tinsleij by the Wcntworths. 

^ y: ice' •.?.:= I £ f 

wi mm 

1, "a - C - e& J <L 


' £ g 

§ § <? fS- . J . 

I 1^ I I \ 
i-l -i 4 S ■, 2 

£ ,5 J T~ i T 

tjT— ' ;« I / ' « 

• */"••' ■ }v ' J • if 

o o 

I" BE 

J «° 

-I u 

3 ") 

h U 

io b: 

a: o 


O u 

Q 00 

a fe? 

(A U 

ui m o 

Z 5 z 

t3 K _ 

° z 

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w S 

z < 

1 - 


Abstracts of Charters relating to a piece of Land called 

s\veetwellmoor in slienstone. 

From the originals in the possession of Miss Hunt, of Brookfield House, 
Belbroughton, co. Wore.* 

Sciant p'sentes 't fut'i q'd ego Joh'es filius Agnet' de Gorstull de p'va Stonhall 
dedi, eo'cessi, &c, Will'o fil' Kob'ti de Gresebrok una' plaeea' more jacent' in 
Schwvtewalkmor q' qu 6 dam fuit Joh'is Bertelot 't que post morte' ip's Joli'is accidit 
jure hereditario Margar' fil' p'd'ti Joh'is q' quidam plaeea' d'ta Margar' in pura 
virgiuitate sua dedit m' p'd'to Joh'i, &e., p' carta' sua' feofamenti, 't jacet juxta 
t'ram Rie' Jordon & Alio' uxor' sue, &c. Hiis testibz, Hug' de Aston, Rob'to de 
Gresebrok, Joh'e fil' suo, Gilb'to de Teddesley, Will'o de le lleth, et aliis. Dat' apud 
Stonhall die d'm'ca p'xi'a ante fm Ascent'o'is D'ni, Anno reg' reg' Edwardi t'eii 
post co'questu' vicesimo s'e'do. (a.d. 1348.) 

Om'ibz ad quos p'sens scriptu' p'venerit, Will's fil' Cristiaue de Lynde del 
Thornes sal't'm in D'no. Noverit' me remisisse, relaxasse, & omnino p' m'i & hered' 
meis quitclamasse Will'o fil' Itob'ti de Gresbrok hered' & assig'tis suis totu' meu' 
elamen' q' h'ui, &c., in quada' plaeea' more q' voeat' Swelewallemore cu' p'tin' suis, 
&C, qua' d'n's Henr' Bertelot h'uit de dono & i'eofl'amento meo, &c. lliis testibz 
Hug' de Astu', Rob'to de Gresbrok, Joh'e fil' suo, Gilb'to de Teddesleya, .loh'e Bagoib 
& aliis. Dat' ap'd Schenston die d'm'ca an' I'm s'ti Augusti e'pi anno regni regis 
Edwardi t'eii p't co'questu' vicessimo s'e'do. (a.d. 1348.) 

Sciant &c., q' ego D'ns Henr' Bertelot, cap'll's dedi, &c. Will'o fil' Rob'ti de 
Gresbrok, & hered', &c., una' plaeea' mor' q' vocat Swetewalkmor, &c, qua' h'ui 
ex dono & feoffeoment' Willi fil' Cristiane de Lynde del Thornes, &c. Hiis testibz, 
Rob'to de Gresbrok, Hug' de Aston, Joh'e de Gresbrok, Henr' de Teddesley, Gilb'to 
fil' suo, & aliis. Dat' ap'd Schenston die d'm'ca p'x an' f'm s'ti Augusti ep'i anno 
regni regis Edwardi t'eii post conquest' vicessimo s'e'do. (a.d. 1348.) 

Sciant, &c, q' ego Joh'es Jordan de Erdington, dedi, &c., Bob' to att Wythi de 
Stonehall, &c., una' plaeea' p'ti voc' Swetewallemore in feod' de Shenston, &c. Hiid 
testibz Thorn' Barnevyle, Joh'e del Heth, Will'o Smale, & aliis. Dat' ap'd Stonehale 
i' festo nat' s'ti Joh'is baptiste anno regni reg' Edwardi t'eii p" concjuestu' quadra - 
gessimo s'e'do. (a.d. 13G8.) |JL3£* #9 £? 

Sciant, &c, q' 1 ego Joh'es fil' Ric'i Jurdon de Erdinfon, dedi, (£c.,irenr' Bertylot, 
&c., om'ia tr' & ten' mea cu' p'tin' suis in feodo de Schenston, excepto nno p'to 
vocato Swetewallemore, q' m'i attingebit post morto' Alieie, matris mec, fil' Joh'is 
Berteylot, &c. Hiis testibz Joh'e de Gresbrok, Thorn' le Lady, Thorn' Barnevyek, 
Will'o le Smale, Joh'e del Heth, Henr' Gilbard, & aliis. Dat' apud Shenston die lone 
in if'o nativitatis s'ti Joh'is bapt'e anno regni regis Edwardi t'eii post co'questu' 
quadf gessimo q'rto. (a.d. 1370.) 

Sciant, &c. q a ego John's de Gresebrok dedi, &c. Rob'to att Wythye de Stonhalc, 
&c. unain pec' prati, &c., vocat' Swetewalkmor, &c. Hiis testibz, I'll' de Barnvyll, 
Th' Lady, Joh' o' the Hath, Bob' Bagot, Joh' Bach ... & aliis. Dat' ap'd Schene- 
aton die d'm'ca p'x post fm s'ti Hillarii anno regni regis Edwardi t'eii post con- 
questu' quadragesimo nono. (a.d. 1375.) 

l'ateat universis p' p'sentes me Joh'em Verney cl'r'cu' ae prebendarem p'bendi 
de Hondesacre in eccl'ia cath' Lich' attornasse & loco meo posuisse dilcetu' michi in 
Xpo Joh'em Ruggeley de Shenston men' veru' & legitimu' attornatu' ad deliberandn' 
p' me & no'i'e meo plena' & pacifica' seisina' Joh'i Palmer in una p'cella p'ti 
vocata Swetewalmore cu' p'tin' in Shenston, &c. Dat' die lune p'x post festu' omni' 
s'tor' anno regni regis Henr' sexti deci'o. (a.d. 1131.) 

Nov't univ'si p' p'sentes me Sibilla' filia' Ric'i att Withye de Stonehale attor- 
nasse, construisse, &e. Joh'em att Ryddynge mcu' veru' attornatu', &c, ad delibe- 
rand', See., seisinam Will'o Samytt & Agath' ux' sue, &c., in om'ibz terr' & ten' 

* Those charters were found amougst certain title deeds relating to lands in Aldridge, Co. 
Stafford, formerly belonging to the family of Cox, from which Miss Hunt is maternally 


meis, &c, in Stonehale & alibi in feod' tie Schenston, &c. Dat' ap'd Stouehale die 
mart" \>'\' p 1 l''m S'ti Ilyllarij anno r'g' Henr' sexti post conquestu' decimo. (a.d. 

Sciant, &c, q'd ego Joh'es Palmer de Nether Stonal, dedi, &c. d'no Henrico 
Mori, vicario Shenston, & Joh'i Smyth de Thornes, &e. una' p'cellam p'ti vocat' 
Swetewalmore qua' &c. nuper h'ui ex dono & feoffamento Juh'is Verney, clerica' en' 
suis p'tin' in Shenston, &c. Dat' apud Shenstou die pr'mo in ebdommada phasce 
anno regni regis Hcnriei sexti post conquestu' vicesimo vi 10 . (a.d. 1448.) 

Pateat univ'sis, me Joh'em Palmer attornasse, &c. Petru' Morant de Nether- 
stonhal, &c. seisina d'no Henrico Mori, vicario de Shenston, & Joh'i Smyth de 
Thornys, in una &c. vocata Sivetewalmor, &c. Dat' apud Shenston die p'mo in 
ebdomada phasce anno regni regis Henrici sexti post conquestu' vicesimo vi°. (a.d. 

Abstracts of Two Charters in the possession of J. N. Bagnall, Esq., 
of Shenstone Moss. 

Sciant p'sentes & futuri q'd nos Thorn's de Lyiiton & Joh'n's fil' Rog'i le Smyth, 
capell', dedimus, &c. Will'mo filio Thome Brid de Chesterfield, &c, om'ia terr' & 
tenementa n'ra que habemus ex dono & concessione p'd'ti Thome Brid in feod' de 
Shenston, &c. Hiis testibz Joh'e de Gresebrok, Rog r o Perisone, Thoma de Tedesley, 
Will'mo Bryd, Gilb'to Bernevyle, & aliis. Dat' ap'd Chesturfeld die lune p'x' post 
f'm S'ti Cedde ep'i anno regni regis Ric'i s'c'di post conquestu' Anglie nono. (a.d. 

Sciant p'sentes & futuri q'd nos Rog'us de Beturton, de Beley in com' Wygorn, 
earpentar', Agnes ux' mea, & Will'm's Edwards in p'ochia de Whitacr' in com' Warr' 
yoman, unanim' assensu' & consensu dedimus, &c: Jacobo Kayley, &c. una' placiam 
p'ti & more cu' suis p't'nin' in Schenton jacent' inter aqua' que vocat le Bourne 
ex'pte una & Whitsicheheth ex alt'a p'te, et extendit se hit' Hethmylneholme usq' 
morain que quond'm fuit llob'ti le Grome, &c. Hiis testibz, Rob'to Ruggeley de 
Schenton, Joh'ne Gresbroke de ead'm, Ric'oThikbrome de Thikbrome, Tho'a Smyth 
de ead'm, Joh'ne Redhull de Wefford, & multis aliis. Dat' apud Schenston in festo 
s'ti Thome ap'li anno regni regis Edwardi quarti post conquestu' terciodecimo. 
(a.d. 1473.) 

Extract from a Schedule of Lands belonging to our Lady's Guild, Lich- 
field. — (Vide Harwood's 'Lichfield,' p. 331; and Shaw's ' Staffordshire.') 

" The Wall. John Archard M r of Our Ladye's Gilde an regis Henrici viii. 
16° (a.d. 1525). It'm won pasture callyd the Rowgh Hey, leying in brede betwene 
the grownde of William Ruggley, gentylman, and the grownde of John Greysbroke." 



The Arms borne by the Stourbridge Grazebrooks arc, — Argent, an 
eagle displayed gules, armed or, on a chief sable three bezants, each 
charged with a fleur-de-lis azure. Crest. — A bear's head or, muzzled 
sable, charged with three fleurs-de-lis in fess azure. Mottoes (used at 
various periods) — " Forbear I " " Bear and forbear ;" and " Nee sinit 
esse feros." 

These armorial insignia are represented on the seal of Michael 
Grazebrook, of Audnam, who died in 17G6, aged 42 ; and they are 
ascribed to the name "Grazebrooke" in Edmondson's 'Complete Body 
of Heraldry ' (published 1780), and in every subsequent Heraldic 

" It is curious (says Dallaway*) to observe that many who are 
entirely ignorant of heraldry can produce their coal of limit), prCBCrvi d 
either upon furniture or seals, without being able to give any account by whom, or til what lime 
they were tirst invented." This is a case in point. There is no grant on record of these 
bearings, nor is there any note of their existence in the Heralds' College ; and they are not the 
arms of any other family. " By whom, or at what time they were first invented " has not been 
(and probably cannot be) ascertained. But inasmuch as they were borne by this family before 
the publication of Edmondson, it is perfectly clear that they have not been '• found " in that 
work for the family by some herald painter or seal engraver. 

In modern times it has been customary to bear them quarterly (in the 1st and 4th quarters) 
with the three coneys as represented on the seal of Robert " G reysbrooke " of Middletou and as 
tricked in the Harl. M.S. 1563. 

It may be added that the late Mr. Thomas Kirkland Grazebrook of Warrington, Lancashire 
assumed these bearings under the impression that he was descended from this family ;+ and they 
are attributed to him in Bobson's ' British Herald,' and in Burke's ' General Armory ' But it 
appears from Foster's ' Lancashire Pedigrees' that the Glazebrooks now use :i different coat and 
claim descent from the Glazebrooks of Glazebrook, co. Lancaster. 

* Inquiries into the Origin and Progress of the .Science of Heraldry in England,' li 
t For similar reasons, Mr. Glazebrook bestowed the baptismal name uf Michael 'up. 
his sons. -* 

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