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Copied from an entry made hy Sir Isaac 2fen'ton, 2 D 14 in the College of Arms, with additions 
by the Rev. John Mirehouse, Sector qf Colsterworth. 

John Newton, of Westby in the County of Lincoln in Baaingthorp Parish, 
first mentioned'in the Visit, of Lincoln in the year 163-i. 


Thomas Newton of 
. . . 2°'' son of John 
Newton aforesaid. 
What became of hira, 
or his descendants, 
is not yet known. 
[Probably buried at 
Colsterworth as a 
Thomas Newton was 
buried there Feb. 20. 

John Newton of 
Westby aforesaid 
by deed dated 19"" 
December 1562 
buried in Westby 
Church 22°'' Dec. 
15G3. as appears by 
the register of that 
church, son and 
heir of John afore- 
said, and who pur- 
chased an estate at 
Wolstrope in Colster- 
worth parish in the 
said county. 

Richard Newton 
3"" son of John 
Newton, what 
became of him, 
or his descen- 
dants, is not yet 

WiUiam Newton of-i-Anne daugh- 

Gunnerby in the 
County of Lincoln 
4''' son of John 
baptized at Westby 
30"' August 1541. 
as appears by the 
Keg. and was Grand- 
father of John 
Newton, mentioned 
in the said Visitation 
of Lincoln to hare 
been 8 years old in 
the year 1634 and 
who was afterwards 

ter of . 
Kellum in 
the county of 
[. . . Kelliam 
of Ropsley]. 

[Thomas Newton of Gonerby bur. at=p[Elizabeth dan. of Thomas Parker of Kibworth co. 
Gonerby April 23, 1640.] j Leicester, buried at Haydor 30 July 1649.] 

[Richard Newton [John Newton son & heir. Bom 9 June 1626, succeeded: 
Bapt. at Haydor as 2"* Bart, of Barr's Court in 1661 by a sjiecial hmita- 
March 8, 1620. tion in the patent ; died 31" May 1699 Buried at 

buried at Gonerby Bitton in co. Gloucester In 1650 John Newton 
in 1630.] Gent, lord of the JXauor of Barkston co. Lincoln is 

in the list of persons intended by Charles ii. as 
knights of the Royal Oak. returned five times M.P. 
for Grantham 25 years, left issue 4 sons & 13 daugh'.J 

=Mary dau. of Sir 
Gervase Eyre of 
Rampton, co. 
Nottingham Kt. 
Died 23 Nov. 1712 
aged 84. Buried at 
Bitton 00. Glou- 

[Elizabeth Bap. at Haydor 16 June 
1646. Harried Francis Stringer 
of Sutton upon Lound, co. Notts. 
Esq. ob. 31 July 1694.] 

[Mary Bap. at Haydor 13 May 
1648 : married there 25 .luly 1671 
to W" Marwood of Laughton co. 
Lincoln, Esq., where she was 
buried 31 July 1678.] 

I I 
[Jane Bap. at Haydor 
4 June 16 i9 ; mar- 
ried there 18 Dec. 
1676 to W" Sache- 
Tcrell of Morley co. 
Derby, Esq.] 

[Lucy married St. 
Leger Scroope of 
Louth CO. Lincoln 

Ill 11 

[Hester mamed Col. [Six other 
Seymour.] dau's.] 

[Frances married John ■ 

Wigfall of Eckington j 

CO. Derby, Esq.] 

[Dorothy Bap. at i 

Haydor 26 Sep. 1671. 
married Francis Woodward 
Esq., Died 16 Oct. 1712.] 

[ 2 ] 

[Gervase died [Susannah (2"'' wife) dau. of = 
s. p. in 17-8.] Michael Warton of 

— Beverley, co. York, esq. 
[Richard ad- M.P. for Beverley (by Susan- 
mitted to nah, dau. of John 1" Lord 
Gray's Inn Paulett, &. eo-heiress 

8 Nov. 166G (with her two sisters Mary, 
as son & heir wife of Sir James Pennyman, 
apparent.] bart. father of Sir Warton 

— Pennyman Warton bart. & 
[. . . another Elizabeth, wife of Charles 
Son.] Pelham of Broeklesby co. 

Lincoln M.P. for Beverley 
ancestor of the present 
Charles A. Pelham of Bro- 

■ '. ,., clesby, Earl of Yarboroun;h) of 

her brother Sir Midiael War- 
ton, M.P. for Beverley in 
j , , 1703 who died 25 March 1725, 

. , aged 73, & relict of Sir John 

Bright bart. of Badsworth co. 

■ ■ York. She died April 19 

1737 in her 86'" year.] 

=[Sir John Newton = 
of Barrs Court, 
CO. Gloucester, 
& of Thorpe 
CO. Lincoln, S"* 
bart., eldest 
surviving son of 
Sir Jolin Newton, 
M.P. by Mary 
dau. of Sir Gervase 
Eyre of Rampton, 
CO. Nottingham, 
d. 12 Feb. 1734 
aged 83 and was 
buried at Hajdor.] 


^[Abigail (1" wife) dau. of 
Wm. lleveningham of 
Uevcningham, co. Suffolk, 
esq. by Lady Mary Carey 
solo dau. & heiress of John 
2°'' Earl of Dover (by his 
second Countess, Abigail 
dau. of Sir W" Cockayne ; 
his lirst wife Lady Dorothy 
St. Jolin dau. of Oliver, 
Karl of Bohni;broke having 
died 3. p.). Lady Newton 
was sister of Sir W" 
lleveningham of Heven- 
ingham died 11 May 
1686, aged 25 buried at 
Haydor May 29, 1686.] 

[Gary Newton, born June 9''' 1680 in PaIl^[Edward Coke of Holcomb (sic on monument) 
Mall, Westminster, only cliild made heir by ■ co. Norfk. esq. only sou of Rob' Coke of 
her grandmother Lady Mary Heveningham I Holkham esq. by Lady Anne Osborne, dau. of 
to the estates of her father the last Earl of j Thos. Duke of Leeds d. 13 April 1707.] 
Dover, m. 4 June 1606. d. 4 Aug. 1707.] 

I ' \ 

[Thomas Coke of Holkham Earl of Leices-=p[Lady Mary Tufton dau. & coheiress Other issue, 

ter, Installed Kniglit of the Bath in 1725, of Thos. 6"" Earl of Thanet, by Lady from whom 

created Baron Lovel in 1728, & Earl of | Catherine Cavendish, dau. & coheiress the present 

Leicester in 1744. He died 20 April | of Henry Duke of Newcastle. The Earl of 

1759, when his titles became extinct.] Countess of Leicester was Baroness Leicester 

de Clifford in her own right.] descends. 

[Edward Coke Viscount Coke died=Lady Mary Campell dau. & coheiress witli her sisters the 
8. p. in the lifetime of his father Countesses of Dalkeith & Stratford of Jolin Duke of 
and mother in 1753.] Argyll, and Greenwich, married in 1747.] 

[Sir Michael Newton, of Thorpe &= 
Barrscourt K.B. l'"" bart. M.P. for 
Beverley from 1722 to 1727 & for 
Grantham from 1727 until his death 
in 1743. Installed Ent. of the Bath 
in 1725. Succeeded during the life- 
time of his father (25 ilarch 1725) to 
" a great estate " by the death of his 
uncle Sir Michael Warton. His por- 
trait together with those of Lord i 
Lady Paulett above mentioned hang 
in the staircase-hall Banner Cross. i 
3u: Michael Newton d. 6 April 1743 
buried at Haydor April 21".] 

=Lady Margaret Coningsby, eldest dau. of Thomas, 
Earl of Coningsby (by Lady Frances dau. & coheiress, 
with her sister Elizabetli Countess of Kildare, of 
Richard, Earl of Ranelagh) created in the lifetime of 
her father (26 Jan? 1716) Baroness & Viscountess 
Conmgsby of Hampton Court, co. Hereford, & suc- 
ceeded at his decease (1 May 1729) according to the 
limitation of the patent as Countess of Coningsby ; she 
was married 11 April 1730, &, died June 12, 1701, when 
all her titles became extinct, & her estates devolved 
upon her only sister Lady Frances Coninijsby (or her 
issue) wife of Sir Charles ilaiibury-Wdliains, K.B. 
buried at Haydor June 24, 1761.] 

[John Newton, Viscount Coningsby of Hampton Court, only son, b. 16 Oct. 1732, died 
January 4"" in London & was bm-ied at Haydor January 8" 1733 aged two months.] 

[ 3 ] 

[Eleanor d;iu. of Sir =[William Eyre of His;hlow Hall & Holme Hall, co. Derby esq. 
Walter Wrottcsley il.P. for Berkshire (eldest son of William Eyre of Higiilow & 
of WrottesU'v bart. Holme by Catharine dau. of Sir Jolin Gell of Ilupton, co. 
ancestor of the Derby, bart.) assumed the name of Archer by Royal Sign 

present Lord Manual in complianee with the will of John Archer of 

VVrottesley d. s. p. Coopersale House & Wolford Park, Bcrksliire esq. eldest son 
(1" wife) d. 2 May of Sir John Archer, Mr. Eyre's relation through tlie family 
1717.3 of Ferrers of Tamwortli Castle : M' Eyre-Archer was elected 

M.F. for Berkshire & d. 30 June 1739, aged 5y.] 

only dau. 
sister & 
heir of Sir 
IC.B. d. 28 
Jan. ITlil 
aged 68 
(::<• wife).] 

[Samuel Bagshawe of Ford Hall, co. Derby ,-r[Catharine dau. of Sir John Caldwell of Castle 

Col; of the 93"' rcg' M.P. for TaUagh co. 
Waterford, buried at Cliapel-en-le-Frith, 
CO. Derby, 22 Sept. 1762.] 

Caldwell, CO. Fermanagh, bart. She was buried 
at S' James's Chapel, London 25 July 1801.J 

[Samuel Bagshawe of Ford [WiUiara Bagshawe, clerk,: 

Hall & of G-rosvenor 
Square, London, esq. b. 
28 Dec. 1753, i: bajit. a 
Cork, died s. p. 16 May 

M.A. Ticar of Buck- 
minstep cum Sewstern &, 
Grartliorpe, all co. 
Leicester, b. 6 Jan. 1763. 
Died 11 JfoT. 1817.] 

[John Bagshawe Esq. of 
the Oaks, D.L. d. s. p. 
21 Aug. 1801.] 

=[Anne sister & heiress of Lieut. Gen. 
W" Murray of Banner Cross, and 
Pitnacree, Pertlishire, who suc- 
ceeded Lord Jolin Murray in those 
seats & dying without issue by his 
wife, the Hon. M" Murray, left 
Banner Cross to his sister, lialf of 
his wife's estates having reverted to 
John Murray, i'^ Duke of Atholl. 
she d. in 18+4., aged 76.] 

[Mary Catharine Anne^[Henry Marwood Greaves of Hesley Hall (a younger son of Col. 

Bagshawe only daugh 
ter & heiress born 
April 1819.] 

Greaves of Page Hall k ElrasaU Lodge, co. York) of Banner Cross 
&. Ford Hall, jure uioris. J. P. & D.L. died 10 March 1859.] 

[William Henry Greaves Bagshawe, of Ford Hall.] 

[Michael Newton of Culverthorpe & Barrscourt aforesaid, &=[Anne Bagshawe, onlv dau. was 
Upper Harley S' London, esq. nephew & heir of Sir Michael married 3 Dec. 1799 & buried 
Newton above mentioned, assumed hy Act of Parliament at S' James's Churcli, 

the name i arms of Newton only &, in 1761 was elected Hampstead Road, Loudon 

M.P. for Beverley. He d. s. p. at Culvertliorpe 4 Nov. 19 June 1811.] I 

1803, & was buried in S' James's Church, Hampstead Eoad.] 

[John Archer of Welford Park- 
& Coopersale House & of 
Hanover Siiuare, London, 
High Sheriff of Berks in 17il5 
died at Chiton 30 Sept. 1800. 
After his death Highlow 
Hall was sold to the Duke 
of Devonshire.] 

="Ladv ifary [Catherine wife 
FitzSViiliam of Phihp Blu 

dau. of 

John 2°'' 

Earl Fitz 
I William, 
: m. 21 

March 1752.] 

dell of Tiverton 
Devon, d. s. p. 
at Bath, 3 
March 1810.] 

[Susannah Newton Countess of 
Oiford, succeeded to the estates 
of lier brotlier Micliael in 1803, 
m. 11 July 1751 i d. s. p 11 
Nov. 1804.] 

[Edward, Earl of Oxford & Earl 
Mortimer b. 2 Sept. 1726 suc- 
ceeded his father as 4"" Earl 
April U"" 1753 & d. 3. p. 8 Oct. 

[Susanna, eldest dau. m. 13= 
Sept' 1770. Took the name 
of Newton (after her hus- 
band's death,) after succeed- 
ing to the Newton Estates.] 

=rjacob Houblon, of 
Hallmgbury Place, co. 
Essex, and in right of 
his wife of Coopersale 
and Welford Park.] 

[Charlotte.]=rGillery Pigott first cousin 
onc« removed to the pre- 
sent Hon'''' Sir Gillery 
. Pigott.] 

[ 4 ] 

[John Archer Houblon of Welford Park,=FrArary Anne dau. of Tliomas FMaria 1 FLetitia V 

and Ilallinijburv, only son, elected M.P. 
for the county of Plssex in 1810. Died at 
Wellord Park 31 May 1831, aged 57.] 

Eerney Bramston of Skreena, 
CO. Essex, M.P. for that county, 
died 4 April 1865, aged 88.] 

[Anne eldest; 
dau. of 
Admiral Sir 
G.C.B. of 
Court Berks. 
Married in 
May 1829. 
Died 8 Aug' 

=[^John Archer Houblon of Halling- 
bury and Culverthorpe, born 
2y Sept. 1803, succeeded to 
the Essex Estates on the death 
of hL< father and to the Lincoln- 
shire Estates of tlie Newtons on 
the death of his grandmother M" 
Houblon Newton. J.P. & D.L. 
for CO. Essex, & J.P. for Herts. 
Hijli Sheriff of the former County 
1810-1. late Colonel of the Essex 

Georijina Anne dau. of General 

Sir John Oswald G.C.B. of Dunnikier. 

CO. Fife, second wife.] 

[Mary AnneT=[Charle3 Evre of Welford 
dau. of I Park, Berks, bom 13 Oct' 

General 1806. B.A. Ch. Ch. Ox- 

Leyborne I ford 1828. J.P. and D.L. 
Pophara for Berks. Assumed the 

of Littlecote I name of Eyre on succeed- 
Wilts, m. in I ing his Fatlier in the 
Stay 1835. Berkshire estates.] 
Died at — 

Brighton 12 I [Louisa Cliarlotte dau. of 
March 1855 the Rev" Iliomas Ran- 
aged 4fl.] dolph Rector of Much 

Hadham Herts. Married 

in 1858.] 

[GJeorge Bramston Eyre of 
Ch. Ch. Oxford, bom in 

[Isabella-Mary married 15 July 1865, Arcliibald 
Hamilton eldest son of Sir Archibald Dunbar 
of Northfield co. Elgin Bart.] 


[Thomas Archer Houblon 
in holy orders Rector of 
Catmore and Peasemore 

Eleanor dau. of the Bev'' 
John Deedcs Rector of 
Willingale Co. E^sex 
married 19 July 1839. 

[Richard Archer Houblon 
of Bartlow, Linton, co. 
Cambridge, b. in 1814. 
J.P. & D.L. for CO. Essex, 
and J.P. for co. Cam- 

[Anne Maria youngest 
dau. of the Eer" Alexander 
A. Cotton Rector of 
Girton Co. Camb«'. 
Married at Girton 26 
July 1853.] 

[Jacob- William 
Houblon died 
19 Dec' 1819, 
aged 14 years.] 

Archer Houblon 

eldest dau. died 
at Ventnor 26 
March 1846, 
aged 36.] 

[Mary Anne, married 
at Great HaUinibnrr, 
21 Dec' 1842, Wil- ' 
liam Forbes eldest 
son of the Hon'''= 
John Hay Forbes of 
] Medwyn one of the 
Judses of the Court 
of Justiciary in 


Eobert Newton, 
3"" son men- 
tioned in the 
deed dated 

George Newton Richard Newton 1« son of "Woolstrope Simon Newton 4" son 

2° son men- aforesaid, by the deed above cited and mentioned in the deed 

a terrier dated 1569, and another deed dated 1562. 
dated 30 December and 15"' of King — 

Charles the First, inlierited the said" William Newton S"" 

purchase, and was buried at Cokter- son mentioned in the 

worth the 20"' of April 1588 as appears deed dated 1562. 
by the register of that church. 

tioned in the 
deed dated 

Eobert Newton 1" son of Woolstrope 
aforesaid, inherited the same purchase 
after the death of his Father Richard 
Newton, as is mentioned in the afore- 
said deed dated 15 Charles 1" by 
which deed he settled also the manor 
of Woolstrope purchased by him upon 
his eldest son Isaac Newton. He was 
buried at Colsterworth the 20"' of 
September 1641. 

Richard Newton 2°'' son, of Woolstrope, baptized 
at Colsterworth 1582. 

I I I 

William-r-Elinor. Thomas Newton bap. John Newton 
Newton. at Cobterworth 3"' bapt. at Cols- 

Aug. 1617 & bur. 

there 30 Jan. 162f 

sterworth 2°** 



Dionyeia Newton bapt. 11 Sep. 1642 bur. 1" Oct. 1642. 


[ 5 ] 

Isabel Newton I"dau.b:ipt. Auj. 
21 15U6 married John Cook of 
Skillington Anno Jacobi VJ. & 
by him had Jolin Cook of 
Eaaton in Lincolnshire. 

Elizabeth Jv'ewton 2'' dau. bapt. 
20 Nov. lay's mar. Waiiara 
Woodrougli of Skillinstou 
Anno 16 Jacobi and by him 
had Edw. Woodrough of 

Mary Newton 
3'' dan. baptized 
Sep. 6 1612. 
[bapt. Sep. T. 161.3. 
mar. Mich. Eigby 
Not. 20. 1611.] 

Richard Newton=f=Aliee dau. of^2°'' wife 

3'" son of Cola- 
terworth bapt. 
there April 'J. 
1609 [Buried 
June 23. 1665.] 

Anne Newton 4"' dau. 
bapt. May 6 1615 
buried Jiily 13. 

bur. at 
20 Sept. 

[Richard Fauikner=Anne daughter of Richard 
of Londonthorp and Alice baptized Sept. 

Jan. 16 1672.] 11"' 1642. 

dau. of 

Richard Newton of Colster- Robert Newton 
worth dead. [Buried dead. [Buried 

May2-'16S4.] July 17. 1677.] 

Robert Newton of Colsterworth. 
[buried at Colsterworth June 25, 1734.] 

Richard Newton of Colsterworth. 

of R^laand'oenf t^T^'' ^''S''° 'V^" eo"°ty=r[lIargaret dau. of . . . Blvthe of Stroxton 
A.«I ^ P ! f B i V" ?"; ^^ ■"• 1 '" ^°^"'y °f Lincohi of an antient 

Ayseough Rector of Burton Goggles.] family.] """cui 

Robert Newton 2°'' son 
of Robert bapt. at 
Colsterw"" Sept. 27. 
1607. hved after at 
Couuthorp in the 
same county. 

Isaa^ Newton 1- 3on=f Hannah daughter of Jame8=F[:2"'"7 Rev. Bamaba, 

of Woolstrope, ?on 
& heir of the said 
Robert bapt. at 
Colsterworth 21" of 
Sept. 1606 buried 
there 6'" of Oct. 
1642. and mentioned 
in the deed last 
cited [Married April 

[John] Newton [a carpenter, afterwards 
gamekeeper to Sir Isaac, buried at 
Colsterworth Oct. IS"" 1725 aged 60]. 

Ascoiit;h, of M.irket 
Overton in Rutland Gent, 
remarried to Barnabas 
Smith [1645] Rector of 
North Witham by whom 
she had Mary Benjamin 
and Hannah and died at 
Stanford in Lincolnshire 
16S9 [or according to the 
parish Registers June 4"* 

I Smith in 1645. 
I Rector of North 

Witham in the 

county of Lincoln. 

who died about 


John Newton of Lincolnshire [became 
heir at law to Sir Isaac. Brewster says 
of him John became a worthless & 
dissolute person who very soon wasted 
this antient patrimony & falling down 
with a tobacco pipe in his mouth when 
drunk, it broke in his throat i put an 
end to his life at the age of thirty 
years & was buried at Colsterworth 
June 22°'' 1737], 

Isaac Newton, only child of Isaac & Hannah, bom 
25 Dec. 1642 and baptized at Colsterworth Jan. 
1" 164j Lord of the Jlanor of Woolstrope afore- 
said, Master of Arts, late Fellow of Trinity Col- 
lege in Cambridge Warden of the Mint, by 
patent dated IS"- April 1696 now Master and 
Worker of the said Mint, by patent, dated 3''' 
Febr. 1699. and President of the Royal Society ; 
knighted at Trinity College in Cambridge 16 April 
Anno 1705 by her present Majestv Queen Anne 
and living in St. James Parish in Middlesex this 
20"' day of November 1705. [Died 20'" buried in 
Westminster Abbey 28 March 1727.] 


Signature of Sir Isaac Nexoton, copied from the 
Newton Pedigree in the Heralds' College. 

[ 6 ] 

fM.' Thomas Pilkington, of Belton co.T=[Marie Smith baptized at 
Rutland at Colsten>-orth Church I >'orth W'itham May 6"' 

Not. 22. 1666.] 1647.] 

[Benjamin, Born 1651, 
married & had issue.] 

Bap. Oct. 
22. 1667 at 
Belton in 


[Rev. Thomas Pilkington 
B. Dec. 3. 16f;8. Vicar of 
Packington nr. Ashby.] 

[a dau. of Thomas Bate* Esq. 
of Ashbv de la Zouch Gent., 
b. Dec. "21, lC48at West 
Broughton co. Derby died at 
Ashby Jan. 7, 1707. by Dorothy 
dau. of \Vm. Oldensliaw of 
KegTvorth co. Leicester.] 

I I 
[Mary Pilkington 
B. Dec. 20. 1670 
at Belton ] 

[George Pilkington 
Bap. Jan. 4. 1672. 
at Belton.] 

Seal of Thomas 
Bate of Ashbt/. 

[Robert Barton of Brizstock, co. Northampton who had married=p[Hannah, 2""' wife dau'r of the 
firstly Ehzabeth dau'r of Georje Pilkington of Stanton le Dale, Kev. B. S. bapt. at North 
Co. Derby & sister of Thomas Pilkington of Belton Co. Rutland j Witham 7 Sept. 1652 & was 

Husband of Marie Smith. His male Representative Cliarle 
Cutts. Barton Esq. is now liring at Rownhams co. Soutliampton. 
Rob' Barton was buried at Brigstock 22 Sept. 1693 aged 63.] 

in 1695.] 

vidow at Brigstock 

[Robert Barton only son by this 
second maiTiage Lieut. -Colonel in 
Colonel Cave's Reg' Hill's Brigade. 
Bapt. at Brigstock 21 Aug. 1684. 
Lost in the S' Lawrence Canada. 
in 17-i^.] 

[Catharine Greenwood, who mar- 
ried secondlv Col. Robert Gardner 
of the City of Westminster & of 
Carrickfergus in Ireland i by this 
second marriage had au only daughter 
Joanna, who married 29 Dec' 1741 the 
EeV Cutts Barton (Rector of S' Andrew's 
Holborn afterwards Dean of Bristol D.D.) 
the eldest surviving Grandson of Rob' 
Barton Husband of Hannali Smith by his 
first marriage with Elizabeth Pilkington.] 

[Hannah. [Katharine 2°'' dau'r by this [Margaret S"" & 
Baptized second marriage wlio was youngest dau'r 
at Colster- baptized at Brigstock 25 by second mar- 
worth Nov. Nov 1679 married 26 Aug. riage, baptized at 
16, 1678 1717 in Russell Court Brigstock 7 June 
& was Chapel & was bm-ied in 1687 married 
buried at Westminster Abbey on 29 there 10 Mav 
Brigstock Jan? 1739/40, aged 60.] 1709 to John 
19 Feb. = Warner of Ged- 
168^.] [John Conduitt of Cranbury dington, co. 

Lodge in the parish of Otter- Nortli'ton, and 

bourne Co. South'ton. M.P. left numerous 

for Whitchurch Master of Issue.] 
tlie Mint 1727 was buried 29 
May 1737 in Westminster 
Abbey, aged 49.] 

[Major Newton Barton of Langley, Co. 
Bucks & of Irthlingborough Co. 
North'ton. Aide-de-Camp to Gen' 
Honywood Married 9 June 1758, at 
Barton Seagravc, Co. North'ton, & died 
at Bath Oct. 1768.] 

[Elizabeth, Dau'r of the Rev. Jeffery 
Ekins, M.A. Rector of Barton Seagrave 
afd., she was bom 20 Oct. 1735, i mar- 
ried secondly at Worting Co. South'ton 
on Jan. 13,"l778 John Hatsell Ksq. of 
Marden Park, near Godstone Co. Surrey. 
Clerk of the House of Commons & 
Bencher of the Middle Temple, who 
died 15 Oct. 1820. She died 2 Dec' 
1804, & was buried near her Brother 
Henry Ekins late Dean of Carhsle in 
the Chancel of Eulham Church, 
Co. Middx.] 

[Robert Barton 2"'' son bom 
23 Oct. 1709 & baptized at 
Brigstock 21 Nov' following 
was alive in 17M. He 
married & lelt Issue Robert, 
a Captain in tlie 76''' Reg' 
of Infantry who died in 
India 17 July, 1794 & 
Newton who was Living 
in 1764.] 

[Catharine only Dau'r aged 
23 in 1733 & then married 
to Frederic Burr She waa 
living in 1764, & had two 
sons alive at that time, 
Daniel Burr, & Newton 
Barton Burr, & one dau'r 

[Catharine only child & 
heir. Marriage License at 
the Faculty OIHcc dated 
7"" & married 12 July 
1740, He aged about 21 
& she 19. She died 
April 15, 1750 k was 
buried in Westminster 
Abbey 4 May following.] 

[John Wallop commonly 
called Viscount Lyming- 
ton, M.P. for Andover 
eldest son of Jolin 1" 
Earl of Portsmouth, born 
3 Aug. 1718, & died in his 
father's lifetime 19 Nov' 
1749, i was buried at 
Farley Co. Southampton.] 

• Descended from the Bates of Little Chester, co. Derby. Arms : Sable a fess argent between 
three dexter-hands, the palms upwards bendways or. Crest : A dexter hand apauniee . . . 

[ 7 ] 


[Rev. John Burton, M.A.=[iIary eldest dau'r 

Vicar of Sonning Co. 

Berks, & Rector of Cliid- 

dingfold CO. Surrey, 

Chaplain to tlie House of 

Commons &. Prehondnry 

of Canterbury- Cathedral, 

formerly Fellow of Xew 

College, 0.tforJ died s. p. 

at Sidmouth Co. Devon 

17 Feb. 1803, eet. 44, i 

was buried in Exeter Cathedral.] 

of Allen Young of 
Orlinfjbury, Co. 
North'ton, bapt. 
there 19 Xot' 
1755, married 
there 17 Feb. 
1V89, &, was buried 
there 17 May, 

[Charles TVilliam Newton Barton 
Private Secretary to Henry 
Addington 1" Viscount Sidmouth, 
eometime Fellow of New College, 
Oxford 2"'' i younn;est son bapt. 
at Windsor, Co. Berks 6 Mch. 
1762, was drowned at Worthing 
Co. Sussex 4 June 1808 in liis 
47" year unmarried &, was buried 
at Broadwater Church.] 

[John Wallop who sue. his 
Grandfather as 2°^ Earl of 
Portsmouth mar. in 17t)3.] 

[Urania dau. of Coulson 
Fellowes Esq. of Hanip- 
stead CO. Middlesex, 
died 29 Jan. 1812.1 . 

[Henry Wallop [Barton Wallop b. 1744 

Groom of the 
bedchamber to 
George III. 
died in 1794.] 

Master of Majdalen 
CoU. Cambridge died 
in 1781 leaving issue. 

in 1774 Miss Camilla 
Powlett Smith of Orme 
Eastou Hants.] 

I I 
[Bennett b. in 1745 
d. in 1815.] 

[Catherine m. in 1770.] 

[Hon. Lockhnrt 

[John Charles WaUop=[l" 19"' Nov. 1799 Grace [Newton Fellowes b. 177 
b. 18 Dec. 1767 sue, ' ----- 
as 3"" Earl 16 May 

dau. of Fletcher 1" Lord 
Grantley d. s. p. 
2°'' Anne eld. dau. of 
John Hanson Esq. of 
Bloomsbury Place 
London, which mnrriane 
was declared illegal in 

took the name of Fellowes 
on succeeding to the 
estates of his Maternal 
Uncle in 1795. M.P. 
for Nortli Devon after- 
wards for Andover. 
sue. as 4"" Earl. Died 

='l" 4"" dau. of 
Rev. Castell 
Slierrard, she died 
in 1819. 
2'""!' Lady 
Katherine 2'"' dau. 
Hugh 1" Earl of 
Fortescue K.G.] 

[Isaac Newton Wallop b. 1823.=p^Lady Eveline Alicia eld. dau. of Henry 
Succeeded as S''" Earl in 18o4.i S"* Earl of Carnarvon mar. in 1855.1 

[Newton Wallop Viscount Lymington b. 1586.] 


Sir Isaac Newton, of St. James's parish in the county of Middlesex Knisht, and Master and 
Worker of Her Majesty's Mint, voluntarily maketh Oath that this Deponent hath a deed of feoti'- 
ment of John Newton, who was (as he hath reason to believe) his great grandfather's father dated 
the 19''' day of December, in the fourth yeare of Queene Elizabeth in the jeare lot52, wherein bv the 
name of John Newton of Westby in the County of Lincoln he settled his Estate in Wilstrope, in 
the parish of Colsterworth in the said County, on his five sons, Richard, Geor^'e, Robert, Symon 
and William Newton, and their heirs successively ; Which said John Newton, by asreeraent oftime. 
and being called of Westby, he verily believes to have been the same person with one John Newton, 
whom he finds by an attested extract of the register of Basinjthoi-p cum Westby aforesaid, to have 
been buried in that Church on the 22"'^ day of December, Anno Dora, lofi'i, b'ein<j the veare after 
the said feoffment, and likewise to have been the same person mentioned in a Visitation of Lincolnshire 
made in or about the year 1G34, now remaining in the Herald's CoUedae in London, there called John 
Newton first son of John Newton of Westby aforesaid, and Brother of Thomas Newton, Richard 
Newton, and William Newton, of Gunnerby, great grandfather of Sir John Newton, of Hather in the 
said County.Barouet ; lie having by tradition from his kindred ever since he can remember, reckoned 
himselfe next of kin (among the Nentons) to Sir Jolin Newton's family, and havinj also, about fifty- 
four or fifty-five years ago, heard his grandmother Ascough (with whom he lived at' Wylstrope afore- 

• The original certificates are now in the possession of W. H. G. Bagsliawe, of Ford Hall. 

, Vii 

[ 8 1 

said alias VToolstrope, till he was about eleven years old, and who at that time frequently conversed 
with the Deponent's great Uncle Richard Newton) say, that he, this Deponent, was or had been next 
heir att law to JI' Newton, of llather, until the birth of M' Newton's children, who were then two 
or three infants, and tliat he and they were cousins two or three times removed, or words to that 
purpose, and he, this Deponent, believin£r tliat his said Grandmotlier, upon the marriage of her 
daughter witli his father, misht learn the kindred, and tliat his grandfather Newton, to promote 
the marriage, miclit be iorward to speak of itt, representmg himself cousin once removed, and 
next heir to said il' Newton, att that time six or seven years under age, afterwards Cither to Sir 
John Newton. And further this Deponent saith, that Richard Newton lirst above mentioned is 
great grandfather and first son of the second John Newton, enjoyed the said estate at Woolstrope, 
according to the said Settlement, as appears by a deed in this Deponent's possession, of settlement of 
the said estate on this Deponent's father and" motlier, dated the 30''' day of Decemljer, in the lo'"" 
yeare of King Charles the First, 1639, made by Robert Newton, the eldest son of the said Richard, 
and this, De|)onent's grandfjrlier, wherein are these words (and which formerly descended and came 
unto the said Robert Newton after the death of Richard Nen-ton, father to the said Robert Newton), 
and this Deponent saith, that he finds by an attested copy of the register of Colsterworth cum 
Woolstrope aforesaid, that one Richard Newton was buried there the 30"' day of April 1588 whom 
he believes to be tiie same Richard, his trrandfather's father. And the said Robert Newton he finds 
to have been buried at Colsterworth aforesaid by the said extract, on the 20"> day of September 
1641 leaving issue three sons, first, Isaac Newton, mentioned in the said deed of settlement of the 
IS"" of King Charles the First, and wliom he finds by Colsterworth register to have been baptized 
the 21" of December 1606; secondly, Robert Newton, baptized likewise the 27"> of Septemb-r, 
1607, who lived afterwards at Countliorp in the same county, and whose issue are still livmg : and 
thirdly, Richard Newton baptized likewise there the t)'" of" April 1609, who lived at Colsterworth, 
and left issue still remaining there. And further this Deponent saith, that the said Isaac, this De- 
ponent's father married Hannah daughter of James Ascough of Market Overton in the County of 
Rutland, Gentleman, and that he was buried at Colsterworth aforesaid, on the 6"" day of October, 
16-4-2, seized of the said estate of Woolstrope, which is descended to, and now is enjoyed by, this 
Deponent his only child, who was bom the ^o"" of December, and baptized the 1" day of January 
in the said yeare 1612. This deponent's mother, Hannah Aseough remarried to Barnabas Smith, 
Rector of North Withain in Lincolnshire, by whom she had issue Mary, Benjamin, and Hannah, 
each of which have issue remaining. 

In witness whereof this Deponent hath hereunto put bis hand and scale, this two and twentieth 
day of November, Anno Dom. 1705. 



Jurat 22° die Novembris, 1705. 

Coram me Mag'ro Cancell. S. Keck. 


Sir John Newton, of Thorpe in the parish of Hather, in the county of Lincoln, Baronet, aged 
about fifty-three veers, certifieth that his deponent hath heard his father Sir John Newton Baronet 
aged about seventy and three years at the time of his death, speak of Isaac Newton iilaster of Arts 
and Fellow of Trinitv CoUedge in Cambridge now Sir Isaac Newton Knight, Master and Worker of 
her Ma''" Mint in the Tower of London and of St. James's Parish in the County of Middlesex, 
as of his Relation and Kinsman. And this deponent saith, that upon his view of a coppy of an entry 
of the famUy of Newton, said to be entered in a visitation of the said county of Lincoln, made 
in or about the year 1634, and said to be now remaining in the Herald's CoUedge in London, he 
finds one John Newton of Westby in the said County, mentioned to have had four sons, viz. John 
Newton, Thomas Newton, Richard Newton, and one William Newton of Gunnerby in the said 
County, which said William Newton was his great Grandfather, and believes the said Sir Isaac 
Newto'n to be descended from the said John Newton, son to John Newton of Westby. the Common 
Ancestor, and first mentioned in that entry, but knoweth not in what particular manner, but that 
the said Sir Isaac hath alwaies been reckoned by him of the same name and blood with his family. 

Inwitness whereof the said Sir John Newton hath hereunto set his hand and seal this 21" day 
of November, in the year 1705. 


.J^ .{ .■■ .L .. 


[ 9 ] 

Haydoe Registers. 

A Certificat of all the \veddint:;s Clirystnin<js and burialk . . . tbe p'^*" of ITaidor in 
the county of Lincoln since the tyme that they was first received in the 
beginning of her iMajestie rayne which was in the yeare of o"' Lord God one 
thousand five hundred fifty nine. ^ , • .. 


The second entry is as follows — , ' 

Hugh Newton was buryed y<= first of September 1559. 
John Newton was baptized the vi day of September 1583. 
Edward Newton was buryed the vi"' day of September 158S. 
1620. Eicharde Sonne of Thomas Newton ]Mar. 8 Baptized. 
1646. Elizabeth daughter of John Newton Esq'' June 16. Baptized. 
16-18. Mary daughter of John Newton Esq. 31ay 13. Baptized. 
1619. Jane daughter of John Newton Eq. .Tune 4"' Baptized. 
1619. Elizabeth Newton Widow Bur. July 30. 

Registers not forthcoming from 1G50 to 1603. 
Dorothy daughter of S"' John Newton of Thorpe Bart. Baptis'' Septemb. 23. (71). 

Another blank occurs from 1671 to 1675. 
M" Gary daughter of John Newton of Thorpe Esq'' was born June 9"' (SO) in 

Pall Mall AVestminster Baptised June 10"' (80). 
May y' 29 1686 Madam Abicraile wife of Jokn Newton of Thorpe Esq' Buryed. 
M' Will"' Marwood & 'M" Mary daughter of S' Jolin Newton of Thorpe Bart. 

marryed July 25"' (71). 
Will'" Sacheverell Esq'^ & 'SI" Jane daughter of S'^ John Newton Baronett of 

Thorpe December 18. 1676. 
Eichard Parks farmer of this Parish ■) 

& > were marryed January 27. 1701. 

Elizabeth Newton of Parish of Eopsley ) 
John Lord Coningsby Son of S'' ^Michael Newton and the Countesse of Coningsby 

died att Lond. and buried Here on Janry. 8"" 1732. 
S'' John Newton Bar' died at London and was buried Here E. Lamb Yic. [No 

date, but after Feb. 16"'' & before tlie annunciation of B. Y. M. 1731. 
The Lady Newton widdow of S' John Newton Bart, buried April 29. 1737. 
1734. S'^ Jlichael Newton Barr' it Knight of the Bath died at London Apr. 6"" 

and was buried here April 2P'. 
1761. Buriall The Eight honourable ilarearet Conningesby Countess of Con- 

ningesbv, Relict of ye late S' IMichaol Newton Bar' of Thorpe June 24"'. 
1775. X"'i''8 Ruth D. of Isaac & Ruth Newton of Thorpe Sept. 20. 
1775. Michael Newton was witness with John Thorold to a marriage between 

Samuel Thorold Esq. of Cranwell and Susanna Goodacre of the parish of 

1774. Rebecca Newton a Maiden March 14"' Burriall. .i . . ; 

1773. Rebecca Newton Widow :Mav 17"' Buriall. 
1778. Baptism Elisabeth D' of Isaac & Ruth Newton of Thorpe June 20'". 

There are several more entries of Newtous, but they appear to have been in a 
very inferior station of life. 


The xxx"' daye of August was baptized Wilyani Newton 1541. 

The xiv"' daye of June was baptized John Newton 1542. 

The seconde daye of September was baptized Margarett Newton 1543. 

cri> -rj-rp 

K ■ ' 

[ 10 ] 

The T'"" (Lwe of November was baptized Elizabeth Newton 1543. 

The si"* dave of Au<;ust was baptized George Newton 1515. 

The xxviii''' daye of September 1562 was married Thomas ilusson and Elizabeth 

The xsii daye of December was buried in the Church John Newton 1563. 
The xvii"' day of December 1565 was buried in the Church Marie Newton. 
1568. The xxs'"" daye of October was baptized llobert Newton the sone of John 


1570. The first daye of November was baptized Alee Newton. 

„ The xxn"' daye of December was buried in the Churchyard Alyce Newton. 

1571. The xx"" daye of December was baptized Anne Newton. 
1574. The XV daye of Auijust was baptized Marie Newton. 
1576. The siii daye of Julie was baptized Thomas Newton. 
1579. The xxxi'' daye of March was baptized John Newton. 

1579. The first daye of June was buried in the churchyarde John Newton. 

1580. The xxvii''" daye of December was baptized Isabell Newton. 

1582. The xsvii'*' daye of Februarie was buried in the churchyard under the stone 

next to the church John Newton. 

1583. The xxvi'*" daye of March was buried Thomas Newton. 
1583. The xxii""^ daye of Maye was baptized Elizabeth Newton. 

1583. The first day of September was buried Elizabeth Newton. 

1584. The xiii''' of September was married John Withers and Ajine Newton 

Widowe of John Newton. 
1598. The xxx"' of September was baptized Jane Newton daughter of Robert 
Newton Senior. 

There are numerous other entrif s belonging to different Newtons, but they do 
not seem to belong to the branch that settled at Woolsthorpe. There is no monu- 
ment in Westby Church belonging to the Newtons, but a stone over the door 
in the south aisle records the fact that — 

John alien 
And John 
" ■ Chvrch 

Ano. D. 1675. 


1641. William Newton and Ellen Parkinson were married Novem. 25. 

1645. . . . Smith wife of Mr. Barnabas Smith . . . orth Witham . . . and was buried 

June . . . 
1645. . . . Barnabas Smith Eector & M'' Hannah . . . ewton were married Jan. 

27 (1646). 
1647. Marie ye daughter of Barnabas Smith ) tit /. 

& Hannah his wife was baptized j •' 

1651. ... in the sone of Barnabas Smith . . . was baptized Aug. 1651. 

1652. Hannah i*i autb (sic) the daughter of Barnabas Smith 7 o f 7th 

& Hannah his -wife was baptized ,,,,. ; j P ' ' 

SouTn WiTHAii Eegistees. 

Benjamin Smith June 24. 1723. [On the fly-leaf of the first Eegister-book.] 
1693. Catherine the daughter of Wm. Wimberlie and Katherine his wife w:;-" 
Baptiz'd December 5"". 

1716. Catherine y« daughter of Newton Smith & M" Catherine his wife was bnp- 

tized July 20"". 

1717. M" Wymberley y<= wife of M^ Wymberley Postmaster was buryed Jan. i:}"*. 

'. rrl :,.,;-. 

[ 11 ] 

1718. Isaac Newton Smith y= son of M^ Newton Smith & M" Catherine his wife 

was baptized A prill 17"". 
1720. Sarah j' daughter of M"' Newton Smith & M" Cath. liis wife was baptized 

ffeb. 25"^. 
172S. M"- Newton Smith of Barrowby was buryed May 23"". 
W™ Wimberlej G-ent. was buried July 25''' 1751. 

COLSTEEWOEXn Eegistees. 

1571. The first year of the Colsterworth Eegisters. 

Thomas Newton was buryed tTebruarye the sx" [properly 1572]. ' 
1573. Jsaac Newtonne was baptized April! the sxs. 
1575. Eisabeth Newton was baptized September the iiii°. 
1577. Marye Newton was baptized Januarye the xii. 
1579. Eisabeth Newton was buryed August the vi°. 
1582. Richard Newton was baptized June the xvii. 

1584. Eisabeth Newton was baptized November the first. ' ' .; ■ 
1588. Eichard Newton was buryed Aprill the xxi. 
1588. Ellen Barton was baptized May the vi">. 

1592. John Newton and Isabell Newton were marryed Februarye the xiii. 
1596. Isabell Newton -was baptized Ausrust the xxi". 
1598. Eisabeth Newton was baptized November the sxvi. 
1600. Marye Newton was baptized December the xxiiii. 

Marye Newton was buryed January the xvii. 

1602. Margaret Xewton was baptized August the xiii. . . 

Margaret Newton was buryed August the xiii. . : ■ - ■ 

1603. Ales Newton was baptized January the last. 

Alse Newton was buryed February the vii. ' - 

Ales Barton was baptized March the xiv. ' , : 

1605. John Newton was baptized July U. 1605. ■, • ' ■; 

Godfrey Barton was baptized July 22. 1605. 
John Ne^'ton was buryed July the xxix 1605. 
Isaacke Newton the sonne of Eobert Newton was baptized the xxi'* day of 

September 1606. 
Eobert Newton the sonne of Eobert Newton was baptized the sxvii*'' day of 
September 1607. 
1609. Buriall Godfrey Barton the xxvui of November. 

From the feaste of the Anuneiation of the blessed Tirgin Marie A" Dmi 1609 

Untill the same feaste A° Dmi 1610. 

Eichard Newton the sonne of Eobert Newton was baptized ix dale of Aprill. 

Baptism 1613, Marie Nei^-ton the daughter of Eobert Newton the v"" of September. 

Anne Newton the daughter of Eobert Newton was baptized the sixth dav of Maie 

Buriall Anne Newton the xui daye of Julie 1616. 
Baptism 1617. Thomas Newton the sonne of Eichard Newton the thirde daye of 

1621. John Newton the son of Eichard Newi:on the second day of December. 
Buriall 1627. Thomas Newton the xxx of Januarie. 

Eegisters not taken from 1630 to 1641. 
Buried 1641. Eobert Newton Septemb. 20. 

Michael Bigby and Mary Newton Novemb. 20. 1641 were married. 
1642. Baptized Dionysia the daughter of William & Elenor Newton Sept. 11. 
Anne the daughter of Eichard and Alice Newton Sept. 11. 
Isaac Sonne of Isaac & Hanna Newton Jan. 1. 
Buried Alice Newton Septemb. 20. 
Dionysia Newton October 1. 
Isaac Newton Octob. 6. 

Eegisters not forthcoming from 1642 to 1661. * 

li;^ M<> . — ,ui-". r 


■ = ■ ' • CHEISTENIXOS. ' '• '' ;"•■ ^ ■ 

1666. Marie Xewton daughter of Isaack Xewton & Olariehis Tvife was baptised 
July the 29. 16G6. •;■.-;., 

1676. Elizabeth y<= daughter of Eichard Newton & Elizabeth his wife was baptized 

May 21 1676. ...... i •• - 

1677. Eobert y^ son of Eichard Xewton & Elizabeth his wife.was. baptized Feb. 

28. 1677. 

1678. Hannah Barton ye dau£;hter of M"' Eob erf Barton & Hannah his wife of 

Brisffstoek in Xorthamptonshirc was baptized November 16. 1678. 

1679. Anne y? daughter of Eichard Xewton & Elizabeth his wife was bapt. .Dec' 

26 1679. 
Eichard y« Posthumus son of Eichard Xewton & Elizabeth his wife was baptized 

X'ovember 3'' 1681^. In the following year M" Xewton was one of the 

1719. October 12 Anne the Daughter of Eichard X'ewton of Colsterwortli Farmer 

was Baptized. 


1C66. M'' Thomas Pilkington of Belton in the Countie of Eutland and T-I" Marie 

Smith of Woolsthrop in the parish of Colsterworth were married Xo- 

vembcr the 22"'' 1666. 
1672. Eichard Faulkner of Londonthorp & Anne Xewton of Wolsthorp in this 

Parish of Colsterworth were married Jany 16. 7-j. 
1699. Thomas CoUingw-ood of Heeson [Easton] in j" Parish- of Stoak, and Mary 

Newton of Colsterworth were married Xov' 19. 

1663. Eichard Xewton was buried June the 23"^ 1665. 

1672. "Widow Xewton of Wolsthorp was buried Feb. G'^. 

In 1676 Eich. Xewton was one of the Churchwardens. . ,',... 

1677. Eobert Xewton was buried July y*- 17"' 1677. 

1678. Ann e X'ewton y= daughter of Isaac Xewton A ... his wife was buried 

June 10. 

1679. M" Hannah Smith Wid. was buried in woollen June y« 4"". (This being 

the mother of Sir Isaac Xewton & Wid. of the Eev. Barn. Smith.) 
1684. Isaac Xewton and Jane Xewton were buried April y^^ 16. 

Eichard Xewton was buried May y*^ 2''- 
1692. Mary X'ewton was buried in wolleu the 30"' day of July 1692. 
1701. Eliz. Xewton AVidd. to Eobr' Xewton Deceased Farmer Buried 3Iar. 27. 
1703. Isaac X'ewton pauper reputed 95 years of age was buried Jan. 22. 703 (And 

Eobert Xewton was a Churchwarden). 
1714. Anne X'ewton was buried thee daught" of Eichard Xewton and Elizabeth 

his wife ]March y'= 10. 
1721. Janu. 29 Eichard Xewton was buried. 
1725. October 13. John Xewton of Wolsthorpe. 
1734. June 25"" ]M' Eobert Xewton was buried. 
1737. June 22"'' John X'ewton was buried. 
1741. July 28"' Widow X'ewton y" elder was buried. .... 

Belton Eeuistees, Co. Eutlasd. 

1667. Hasillwood the son of M'' Thomas Pilkington & Mary his iVife Baptized 

October 22">i. 
1663. Thomas the son of M^ Thomas PDkington & ISIary his wife baptized Dee. 3"^. 
1670. Mary the daughter of M'' Thomas Pilkington i "^N^^ Mary his wile baptized 

Dec. 20"'. 
16f|. George the son of Thamas Pilkington Esquire and Mary his wife baptized 

Jan'ry 4"". 



■ ';fi'>\:'*ifrv' 




■ :■ iiii3 

: ■■ ; „ ■, -. ■ : ',!";;,;' ;':\i^':i'';; l.l \f