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Full text of "Genealogical memoranda relating to the family of Lynch"

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3 1833 01328 4622 

^enealocttcal fltlcmcriTaiba 










(fcncalogital ^rmoran'Da 





([pcntalostcal iHcmorautia • 



William Lynch of Grove iu y=pjiideth. i\:\ of . . . Aylmcr,* 
p'ish of Staple in com. Keut. I IJ? of Loiuluu. 

Johu Lynch of Grove.T=Grace, ila. of Tho. llrumfield of Vdiuiore 
com. tiusicx, Ar. 


John Lyuchc, of Groves, g', 1C6.•^. 


To all and siu;;uler as well nobles as gentilles as otheirs to whom these p'sentes shall come to 
he sene herJe ov reade Robert Cooke e.-.quier al's Clarentieulx King of Armcs of the souths ea^t 
and west p'ties of England send greatings And being required of Symon Lynche of Staple in 
the county of Kent gent to make searche in the registre.s and recordes of myn offyce for the 
auncyent armcs belonging to him from his auucesters wheirvpon at his request I accordingly 
made searche and ffouude the said Syraon Lynche to be the soune & heLre of William Lynche 
w"'' William was sonue Ic heire to Symon Lynche of Cranbroke in the county aforesaid gentelman 
so that I could not w"'out his great Iniury assygne vnto him any otheir armes then those w''' arc 
Lyneally dessendyd vnto him from his auncesters, That is to saye Sables 3 Lynxccs rampant in 
their proper couler And forasmouche as I fCouud no crest belonging to the said armes as comonly 
to all auncieut armes their belongid none I haue given vnto him by way of eucrese for his crc!^t 
and congnysans vpon a wrethe argent i: sables a Lynx passant in his proper couller mantelyd 
gules dou'lyd argent as more playnly aperithe depicted in this margent w'^'' armes &; crest I the 
said Clarencieul-x King of Armes by powre ,.t aucthoryte to myn offyce annexed i: graunted vndcr 
the greate Scale of England haue ratyfyed ,i: confyrraed given S: graunted i by these p'scntes d.i 
ratifye & confyrme give & graunt vnto the said Symon Lynche gent. & to his postcryte to vse 
beare & shewe in shild cote armour or otherwise at his Sc their Lyberty and pleasure w^'out 
Impedyment Lett or Interuption of any p'son or p'sons. In witnes wheirof I the said Clarcncieulx 
King of Armes haue sygned the--e p'scntes with ray hand & put theirvnto the Scale of myn oEfyce 
geoven at London the x"" dayo of December In the yere of o' Lord god 1572 And in the fyften 
yere of the rcigui; of o' most drede sovereigne Lady Elizabcthe by the grace of God queue of 
England fraimcc k Irland Defleuder of the ffaithe Sec. 

* John Aylmer, Bishop of London, died at Fulham on the 5 June, and was buried in S' Paul's 
Cathedral on the 2C June l.'j'JL In his funeral certificate it is stated that he left behind him 
seven sons and two daughters, one of tho latter being •' Judith, the wyfe of William Lynche. son 
and hcire to . . . Lynche of Staple, iu the County of Kent, gentil." His son-in-law, William 
Lynch(?, was one of his executors. 

Grant of Sopporters to Sir William Lynch, 1771. 
To all nud singular to whom these Presents shall come Stephen Martin I.cnke Esq' Garter 
Principal King of Arms sendcth Greeting Whereas the King's Most Excellent Jlajesty in con- 
Bidoration of the great Jlerit Virtue Prudence Generosity Valour and Loyalty of Sir William 
Lynch Knvoy Extraordinary and ricnii)Otentiary at the Court of His Majesty the King of 
Sardinia hath been graciously pleased to create him a Knight Companion of the Jlost Honorable 
Military Order of the liath And Whereas by a Slatule of tlic said Order it is decreed that the 
Knights Companions for their creator Distinction and Honour shall upon all Occasions whatever 
bear and use Supporters to their Anns, and that Gaiter Principal King of Arms for the Time 
being shall grant Supporters to all such Companions as shall not be entitled thereto by Virtue of 
their Peerage Now know ye that 1 the said Garter pursuant to the said Decree do by these 
presents grant unto the said sir William Lynch Knight Companion of the Most Honorable 
Military Order of the Path the Supporters following That is to say on each side, a Lynx proper 
as the same are in the Margin hereof more plainly dejiicted to be borne and used by Him the 
said Sir William Lynch according to the Tenor of the aforesaid statute And I do hereby certify 
that in Pursuance of the Direction of the P.ight Honorable Itichard Earl of Scarbrough" Deputy 
(with the Royal approlmtion) to the Most Noble Ldward Duke of Norfolk Ear! Marslial and 
Plereditary Marshal of England I have caused the Grant to be registered in the College of Arms 
In witness whereof I the said Garter have to these Presents subscribed my Name and aflixed the 
Seal of my office this twelfth Day of July in the Kleventh year of the Reign of our Sovereign 
Lord George the Third by the Grace of God King of Great Britain France and Ireland Defender 
of the Faith ic. and in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy-One. 

Arms. — Quarterly— \ and 4, sahle, three hjnxes rampant anjcn 
or, two hirs gvlfs. in chief three tortcavx ; 2 and A, sable, a crest 
Crest.— On a ducal cron-n or a b/nj- passant pyr. 
MOTTO.--.Ury'c';-a ttiitopra:sentibus orqnus. 

S. Martin Leake, Garter Principal King of Arms. 
/ 3, quarterly 1 ai 


December 2S. 


October 13. 


February 27. 


September 2. 


May 20. 


June 6. 


July 9. 


June IS. 


August 5. 


Novembe- 23. 


July 10. 


May 26. 


ILarch 13. 


December 22. 


December 29. 


April 19. 


October 19. 


November 13. 


November 20. 


November 24. 


July 20. 

Marie Linch. 
firancis Linch. 

Robert, sou of William Lynch. 
Thomas, sou of William Linch. 
William, son of William Lynch the younger. 
Julius, son of William Lynch the younger. 
Theophilus, son of William Lynch the younger. 
Anna, da. of M' William Lynch the youi;-er. 
William Lynch, son of William Lynch, gent. 
Elmar, son of William Lynch, gent. 
Theophilus, sou of William Lynch, gent. 
Judith, da. of Willitun Lynch, gent. 
Margaret, da. of John Linch. clerk. 
Thomas, son of M' John Lynch. 

Margaret, da. of M' Thomas and M" Margaret Prnmefield. 
Thomas, sou of -M' Thomas and M" ,Marg.^ret Bromefoild. 
Henry, son of M' Thomas and M" .Margaret Brometield. 
Elizabeth, da. of M' Thomas and M" Margaret Bromefield. 
Dorothy, da. of JP Thomas and M'» ilargaret I'.romefield. 
Grace, da. of M' John Squire and M" Grace his wife. 
Squire, son of M' Gratian Lynch and Rebecca his wife. 


February 19. 


.\ugiist 2C. 


NoTcmbcT 18. 


Xovcinber 5. 


December 14. 


December 12. 


December 25. 


Febru:iry 19. 


February 15. 


Fcbniiiry 21. 


September 7. 


Sept. 5 (or 9). 


March 7. 


May 22. 


November 12. 


July 31. 


December 27. 


March 25. 


October 19. 


Kovember 4. 


December 28. 


March 19. 


April 24. 


October 23. 


February 5. 


.\utniit 17. 


March 5. 


August 16. 


November 4. 


June 9. 


June 25. 


October 9. 


August 31. 


Deceml«r 4. 


August 20. 


October 12. 


May 9. 


February 12. 


October 2. 


Novem'jer 12. 


January 22. 


August 26. 


January 12. 


December 20. 


March 8. 


M.ay 3. 


November 24. 


February 28. 


June 3. 


February 5. 


April 13. 

Decemb-r fift. 

Grace, da. of M' Cratiaii Lynch an.l Itcbecca his wife. 
Sarah, da. of John Lynch, Es.|., and Sarah his wife. 
Rcbekah, da. of John Lynch. ICsq., and Sariih his wife. 
Francis, son of John Lynch, Ks-.]., and Sarah his wife. 
Gratian, son of John Lynch, Ks.)., and Sarah his wife. 
John, son of John Lyncli, Ksq., and Sarah his wife, bor: 
Anne, da. of John Lynch, Ksq., and Sarah his wife. 
George, son of John Lynch, Ksi]., and Sarah his wife. 
Catheren, da. of John Lynch, Ksq., and Sarah his wife. 
Gratian, son of John Lynch, Ksq., and Sarah his wife. 
Francis, son of John Lynch, Esri., ami Sarah his wife. 
Frances, da. of Johu Lynch, Ks>i., and Sarah his wife. 
Richard, son of John Lynch, Esij.. and Sarah his wife. 
Francis, sou of John Lynch, Esq., and Sarah his wife. 
Head, son of John Lynch, Esq., and Sarah his wife. 

Edward Short aud Eliz.abeth Linche. 
Thomas Katon and ?;iizabeth I'.romefeild. 
M' Bruno Disbro and M''^ Anne Itromefield. 
M' Thomas Uroomelield and M""'' Margaret O-xendeu. 
}!' Johu Squire and M" Grace Lineh. 
M' Thomas Blechynden, of Wooduesborough, and M'* Margaret Lj 

this parish. 
M' Huse and M" Sara Linch. 

The KeV JI' Talbot and Anno y' da. of Colonel Lynch. Lie. 
The Kev. iK Ilus.-ey and Judith, da. of John Lynch, Esq. Lie. 
William Tatton, D.D., Trcbcnd of Canterbury, and Sarah Lynch, 


Jonc, da. of M' Simon Linch. 
Simon Linch. gent. 
The wife of Thomas Linch. 
Thomas, son of William Linch. 
Julius Linch, a child. 
William, son of William Linch. 
Theophilus Liuch. a child. 
Judith, da. of William Lynch. 
M" Mary Lynch, widow. 
Anna, da. of JI' Bruno Disbro, Rector of St. James. Duke's I 

and Anna his vrife. 
M-- Robert Linch. Octogcnarius. 
M" Grace, the wife of the Rev. M' John Lynch. 
Rebecca, the wife of M' Gratian Lynch. 
M' John Linch, Ministar. 

E!;7JST. son of M' John Linch aud M" Sarah his wife. 
C-ratian Linch, Esquire. 
Katheriue, da. of John Linch, Esquire, 
ffrancis, son of Jn" Linch. Esq., and Sarah 
Gratian, son of John 
M" Grace Squier, widow, 
i'rancis. son of John Lynch. Esq., and 5 
Sarah, wife of John Lynch, Esq. 
John Lynch. E--q. 

The Rev'' John Lynch. D.D., Dean of C: 
Mary, the wife of the ReV Dean Lynch. 
The R' Hon''' Sir William Lvnch.K.U. 

Lynch. E-^q., and Sarah his wife. 

733. November M. Jane, da. of George Lynch, IV uf Pliysitk, ami Jbuy h\< wifr. 
73.-.. December 2a. Kliznbetli, tl.-». of Gcor<.'c Lyncb. D' of Phy-i<'k. rii,.l Maiy l-i.s wife 
7:;7. July 2S. Fiances, da. of George Lym-h, D' of I'liy.^iek, .in.l M.-iry Ins « ife. 

7:;s. iJer.i.ibcr 2C. Ann, da. of George I.yncb. M.l).. .■uul Mary bi-< wife. 
710. .I.uiiii.ry 1?.-.. Catherine, da. of the KeV ll' .John I.yueli, Dean of ihi.- Chiiioh. and Mary 

his wife. 
711.'. Xc.vcuilxr 17. }Ie^ter Kli/:ii)etb. da. of ItrV D' John bynrh, Dean of thi.^ Chur>h. aud 

M.niY bi< wife. 


.January Jo. 
January IG. 
February 19." 
March 2.-.. 
May 25. 
October 12. 
April 7. 
M.ay 10. 
August 16. 
September 23. 
March 30. 
July 19. 
January 10. 
March 10. 
October 18. 
April 17. 
December 21. 
November 6. 

NoiiTH ■\VE.\Ln, KsSK.x. 

Eliz., da. of Simon Lynch. 

Hhicll Lynch. 

Theophilus, son of Simon Lynch. 

Simon Lyncli. 

Nathaniel Lynch. 

William, son of Simon Lynch. 

Ann, da. of Simon Lynch. 

Thenphilus, son of Simon Lyncli, born 27 Sept'. 

Sar.ah, da. of Sin. on Lynch. 

Simon, son of Ithiel .and lllanch Lynch. 

Sarah, da. of Symon and Sarah Lynch. 

Simon, sou of Ithiel and Blanch Lynch, born 10 f 

7-jlizabeth, da. of Theophilus and Eliz"" Lynch. 

Kathcrin. da. of Theophilus and Eliz. Lynch. 

Susann, da. of Theophilus and E'iz. Lynch. 

Ithiel. sou of Simon Lynch. 

Abigaal, da. of '[Tieophiius and Eliz"' Lyuch. 

Simon, son of Theophilus and Eliz. Linch. 

Pulsibella. da. of Theophilus and Eliz. Lyuch, i«i 

George, son of Theophilus and Eliz. Lynch, born 


i Dec 

iaOG. September 15 


Simon Lynch and Eliz. Scarl. 

Joan Lynch. 
Theophilus Lynch. 
Ann Lynch. 

Simon, son of Ithiel and 1' 
Sarah, \vife of Simon Lym 
Sarah, da. of Simon and S 
Nathaniel Lynch. 

August 22. 

1637. August 12. 

1637. September 26. Simon, son of Ithiel and Blanch Lynch. 

1643. January 15. Susanna Lynch. 

1647. M,ay4. Agnes, wife of Simon Lynch. 

1652. August 4. Elizabeth, wife of Simon Lynch. 

165G. Jlay 24. Syraoii I,ynch, clarke.* 

1665. November 6. George, son of Theophilus Linch. 

1697. November 8. Simon, son of M' Simon Lynch of Londt 

1710. April 27. M" Ann Lynch of London in w<»jllen. 

1714. July 4. M' Simon Lynch of London in \v,.ollen. 

• Simou Lyuch became Vicu in the year 1592, and died li;5G. 

MON'tniEMAL iNscrariioxs. 

In the Lynch Ch,n,rr!. Irncath a Shhld of Arm:, ohliifrahd h,j ft 


Tlio?c bcre mentioned, tlicre 

Have been buried of this Family 

In this Chancel 

Joan y" Daughter of Simon Lynch gent. 

buried Aug 17 1570 

Simon Lynch geut. (Twice Menihcr of 

Parliament for y Town & Tort of 

Sandwich) ^March 5 1:"73 

The Wife of Tho' Lynch Aug IG 1588 

Tho- Son of W" Lynch gent. Nov. \ lo8'.) 

Julius -i Sons A: Daughter / June '.I l.'i'.ir. 

Theophihis V of W" Lynch -| Oct '.M:i'.'7 

Judith ) Jun' ( Aug ;n I Dm; 

M" JIary Lynch Widow Dec 4 1C35 

l!ob' Lynch gent. Oct' 12 1C.)3 

Aylmer, Catharine, Francis, Gratian & Francis 

Sons & Daughter of John Lynch E^q' by Sarah 

his Wife, who all died Young. 

.\orth Wall. 

M. S. 

Joannis Lynch 

de Groves in Staple S.T.P. Decani 

I'antuaricnsis Hospitii S. Crucis prope 'Wintouiam Magi~t 

Ecclesiie Sarisbnriensis Thesaurarii, 

et Rectoris Parochianim de Ickh.ira et P.ishopsbourne 

et de Eyne.sford sine cura animarum. 

Quas dignitates et beneficia Favor et Amicitia 

Gul, Wake Archiepiscopi Cautuariensis viri de 

omnibus Reformatorum Ecclesiis optime meriti contulit 

publicum amoris argumentum jirivatum autem 

quodque illi longe carius, JIariam i'iliam natu 

miniraam foeminam animi vere Christiani nuptum dedil 

ex qua duos filios et se.t filias suscepit quorum ?pptem 

superstites reliquit Curas Parochiales Paterno Kuri 

Ticinas elegit, ne rei familiaris necessitudine ab officiis 

ecclesiasticis distraheretur : 

In quibus diligentem in regimine 

Ecclesia; CathcdraUs vigilautem in amicos lidelem in 

pauperes rauniticum. in suos pium. in omnes 

liberalcm si quis laudat, in quantum possit imitetur ; 

Deumquc imperfecta opera Cbristi mcritis 

coudonaturum supplicitcr preoctur. 

Here lies S-^r ih y UiUKhtor rf 
Francis Head of Rochester K-q. 
«. Wife of John I.jnch cf GtoulS 
Ebq hy «hom ^hc bid 19 Childrp' 
n of «'•■ sunived her Vi7 barah, 
Rebecca, Judeth, Jolin. Ann, George, 
Katharine, Gratian, Frances, Rich'' : 
Head, She died XoV f IS"" ITIO. 

.V lira I. 

Here lyes 

Grace daughter of y' Reverend 

John Sijuicr late Rector of Barns 

near London by Grace his wife the 

clde|t daughter of JI' John Lynch of 

Groves in this Parish where She was born 

November 24"" 1C.'2 and died at Hari- 

etsham iu this County February the 

12"' 1(J64 at the age of 12 years. 

Mural, iMst WaUofLiinck Chancel, 
itpnlinij, Qunrtrrhj^l anil 4, Or, tiro bars gulea and i 

Near this Place are deposited the Remains of 

The ReV John Lynch LL.D. 

Archdeacon of this Diocese 

Prebendary of Canterbury 

and Rector of S' Dionis llackchurch in London 

who died May 1" 1803 Aged 6.S years 

He was the Yiiuns:er Son of 

The ReV John Lynch Dean of Canterbury 



Ercitbcr to the late 

Eight Honourable Sir William Lyiicli K.P.. 

aud Grandson o£ Arch-Bishop Wake 

His niece Catherine Elizabeth 

Daughter of the Rot" William Tattun D.D. 

and Wife of James Drake lirockman 

of Beachboroiigh in this County p;squire 

Inscribes this Tablet as a ilemorial of 

Affection K-tcera & Gratitude. 


M. S. 

Johannis Clark Clii Unici 

Johannis Clark JI.D. et 

Sara; Gratiani Lynch Arraig' fili; 

natu maximal 

obiit duodecimo die Februarij 

A.D. ICOl ffitatis su;e tertio. 

North Mall, Nave. 
Arms: Lynch; imjMling, Gijronnij i>f four aznrc and ermine, e'er alia leopard'.t head i 
chief three hrzanta. Ckkst ; Lynch. 


In Proximo hie siti sunt 

Gratianus Lynch Armiger et Rebecca 

Uxor ejus qua illi septem tilios et quinq' 

Filias peperit : Quorum supcstites sunt 

Sara Johannes Gratiana Juditha 


Conjux Amantissimus Pater Optimus 

Subditus fidelis 

Obiit die Januarii decimo nono A.D. 1C91. 

.SItatis sua; sexagesimo quinto 

lUa vero Feb. die nono fatis concessit 

A.D. 1674 

iEtatis su£e quadragesimo 

Hot sepulchrale marnior memoria; parentum 

Charissimorum Johannes Lynch mairens 


On the plinth of the same tablet. 

N'car this pl.ace lyeth buried Aylmer and 

Katharine Lynch who died both Infants 

They were the Son and daughter of 

John Lynch of Groues Esq. by Sarah his wife. 


'ii,l,:il ; 

iid to a t 

irr j,j,r 

u- r,rn.:lil. 


IN U.U. 


inly c.f Su 



■rdy ny.jnit and ,ji,!rx,/.n,r rmrni, 

cijhouiid sijant ariji lit. ivlitirrd, an 

Xcarfiiis I'hi.-o :irc fl.'llo^itc.l 

The IXuV' Wn.LlA.M Ta 

IVcbciHlary of Ycrk nnd 

Hector of Itotlicrfield in tl.o ( 

aud of S' Dioiiis I'.ack Clnirch in Loudon 

Son of Lieut. Gen' Tatton 
of Witliinsliaw in tlio County of Chester 
He died Fcliruary 11"' 1782 Aged 62 Years 

Also of t^AUAH his Wife 

Second Daughter of the llev'' J. Lynch D.I). 

Dean of Canterbury 

who died May 1" 1777 Aged 4.5 Years 

And of William Tattox their Soa 

who died April 22 177r,, Aged 12 Years. 


of Beachboroii','h in the County of Kent K.squire 

has C.'uised tliis Tablet to be Erected to tlic Memory 

of hei- revered I'arcuts and Affectionate Brother. 

Aorffi mill. 

-Arms: Lynch; impaling. Argent, a cluvrnn crniinrs hctivcca thrcr unit 
ihic {triad). ('BEST: A Ign.r. 

In hoc saoello 


Johannes Lynch de Groves Ar : 

Ac Sara, uxor ejus, 

(Francisci Head 6 Civ: Roffen: Ar: Filia) 

Tarn Aninin, quam Moribus conjuncti.ssimi 

Vivet equidcra, ^t vi<;et ndhuc eorum Laus 

In pluriuiu Jlemoria: 

Et ne I'osteros lati-:it, quales in cmni Vita; lUu>ere fueriii 

Hinc disce, Lector : 

Hang singulis Virtutibus, qua; Filiam. Uxorem, 

Matrem, Familiarom, vel deeorcnt : 

Illum ijs Rebus, quEe Magistratum. Civetn, Maritum. 

Patrem, Aniicuiu, Viciniira, vel Virura ornent 

Summo cum Houore, necnon Dignitate prKcelluisse 

Passibus autcm anibo semper proccsserunt acquis, 

Dum has iEdes intrabant assidui divini Numinis Cultorcs 

Dum Filij.s, Famulis, omnibus Domi, forisq: praiibant, 

Illustria Integritatis, Prudcntias. ac Pietatis. Exempla. 

Huic SegcuIo desiderata, quam vellera imitanda 

Felici inter sc Conjugio per xxil An: frucbautur, 

Libcrorum ctiam Xuniero feliciores; 

Usque donee ILLA, dum eorum XIX" Vitara dedit. 

Suam perdidit, I'ucrperio defuncta, 

XIII" C:d: Decern: An: Dnm: MDCC.x" su:e<i .Ktnti^ XLl" 

Hie autcm bcuiguiori Nuniine din con-^crvatus, 

Ut ex ea, Natos, carissiina Anioris Pignora, 


(Quorum JIatri xr, Pntri I.\ Fupcrctitos fupnint) 
Jl.-iterno crga I'rolcm Afl.'ctii fovcret; 
Patenui tameu Sapientia, ac AuctoriLato. 

I'ii iiigenucq: cilucarct. 

Tandem Dierum pleuus, Virtutum satur, 

Et ad Cuelum maturus, 

mam Pco Opt: Max: Ilomimimq; Scivatori rcddidi 

XI Cal: JTart: Anno Dom: MDCCXXXir 

^/tatisq ; sua: LXXXI". 

Knst )]-„!!— /jjnc/, Chancrl. 

AUMS : Li/iich ; impaling, SaUc. on ii clinrun orrjcnt three hroom 


Hie dormit Johaxnis Lynch S. T. B. 

Ecclesia Anglicana; rrcsbyter. 

Idem et Confesor Sanctus ; 

Huinilitate ac Uteris insi^'uior 

Quam inani Dignitatu' serie ; 

Primaevje Pietatis in Deu', 

Fidei in Regem probata; exemplar ingcns 

Vir sui temporis Optimus sine invidia dicendus. 

. Omni monumento, omnibusq' titulis m:ijor, 

Qui totius Virtutis Zodiacu' emcnsus. 

Coelu' appulit Enip_vra;um 

Festo Michelisf^°°° ^liri^ti jidclxxx 

(. jEtat suaj LXXXIX 

Tres liberos relinqvens. quos e Gratia suscepit Filia 

Nata maxima JoHAXNis Bkomfikld de 

Euhir-^t in C'omitat: Sussex Armigeri: nenipe 

Geatiaxu' Ltxch Armigeru' MilitiiE Cautianae 

Majurem, Gratia' (Eeverendi Johaxxis Squiek 

Relictara) cujus unica sobolos materni nomini.s, et 

tanta matre digna bic etiam requicscit JlAItGARE 

-TAM THOM.t: Blecuyxdex de Aldington 

Generoso coujugalam, e quibus Gratia affectu 

magno sed sumptu modico hoc marmor 

poni curavit 

Memorise justi est P.encdicta 

Prov. 10. V. 7. 

VaiH WaH—L>j,ic?i Chapel, beneath a marble profile portrait. 

Sacred to the Memory of 

S' William Lynch 

who died on the twenty fifth ciay of Avgvst 




Simon DuihriLi. in Ins will ilatod 115"., wills etc., bciwocu the mCiisiiaL-e 1 iinw inh:iljit in 
Craiibrook, and the lu whirl, Willi.-,iii l.vnchc- now dwulls. 

Will"- Lyuche o£ of Craiicbrokc. D^tcd 2.S April, provod 24 Oct. 1480. V.'ills 
to be bur'' in east part of the churchyard of Church of St. Dunstan of Cranbrokc. Petronilla his 
wife — Simon his son — to wife an annuity of 20s. per annum durf her life payable out of his 
messuage and lands thereto belong, called Ilalfnothe-;, lyinj; at Crauebroke and Glasfyubery — 
rem' to Kafie Lynche his son and his heirs for ever — his messuage called Morvys to liis wife till 
his dau'rs Doratye and GodlyH or cither of them be married, and then to be sold for the marriage 
of the same. 

Thomas Lynche of Wodcchuicli. Proved 11 .Ian. 14.^2. Mcution.s wife I.-.ihel— son Angus- 

John Lynche of Sandwich. Dated 17 Jan. 1487 ; proved Ul March following. To be bur'' 
in Ch. of St. Clement. Parnell his mother— ParncU his sister— Marg' his wife— Will"' his son — 
a legacy for a masse for his soule in Church of Cranbroke. 

Dionisia Norland of Wodchureh, in her will proved 17 Dec. 14?0, mentions Augustine 

Thomas Shcffe of Cranbrokc, in will pioved 10 July 1520. mentions 'Winiam Lynche. 

Anne Culpcper, in her v.iU dated 4 Sept., 24 Henry 8, mentions William Lynche. 

Alexander Courthop. Will dated 7 Jlay 1542 ; proved la July 1542. To Elizabeth Lynch 
my beloved mother, a ring with a Turks which she gave mc before. And wheras I, the said 
Alexander, John Courthop and James Courthop my brethren did levy a fine to Symon Lynche 
of certain Lands in Cranbroke, co. Kent, upon trust and in consideration of a joynter to be made 
to my said wife for term of her life, I most heartily desire the said Symon Lyuche to make an 
estate of the said lands to my said wife for terra of her life. 

William Courtop of Sandwich, jurate. in his will proved 17 Feb. 1504, mentions his loving 
friend Symon Lynche of Sandwich. 

Symon Lynche of Staple, gent. Proved 20 March 157.3. Lauds in Staple and — 
Jerome Curthopp — M' W"' Partriche — JI' Francis Wilforde — his brother Jervyso Lynche, parson 
of Elmestone^his son Edward Shorte — JP Edward Roberts, late of Hawkhurst — Simon his 
youngest son, settled in London — Christopher tjuiltcr — to Joan his wife her dwelling in his house 
called Groves in Staple during her widowhood, with certain apartments there— his cousin 
Christopher H.arllete— his brother Southaikes— to William Lynche his eld' son the manor of 
Downe Court durs his life, and the remainder of it to Lynche. son of s'' Wm — to said 
sou William messuage called Groves in Staple, and certain lands in Wingham, Woodnesboro. 
Goodnestou, except 22 acres of marsh in Woodnesborough given to Simon his son. and certain 
rents there given to John his son — rem' to William, son of s'' William — rem' to Symon, 2nd son 
of s"* William — rem' to John his 2'' son — to Thomas his next son— to Simon his youngest son — to 
'John bis son lands in Hoathe, and in ChLslet, Preston, Elmstone — to Thomas his 3'' son his 
messuage called Eidgeware with lands in Jlerne, rem' to son John and his heirs — to Simon his 
son lands, etc., in Sandwich, and 22 acres of marsh called Salts in Woodnesborough which he 
lately purchased of Xtopher Engcham. To Mary, wife of sou William. 

Simon Lynch. Will dated 28 Feb. 1587, 30 Elizabeth ; proved 8 April 1588, by John 
Lynche, one of the ex'ors. Geo. Hues, the other e.\'or, having renounced. (2H Rutland.) I Simon 
Lynche, Citizen and Grocer of London, and now inhabiting within parish of Christ Church 
within Newgate Street. London. To my mother Joane Spackliuge my salt silver and gilt which 
my father gave me by his last will— to my brother William Lyuche £5 — to my brother Thomas 
Lynche £10— to my uncle Tho' Courtoppe — to my aunt Kath. Southwicke, widow — to my 
coz. Elizab. Ilcwes of London, widow — to my coz. ... Grcye of Loudon, widow— to ray cozen 
William Lynche, son of s'' brother William, 10s. — to my coz. Simon Lynche and brother of ray said 
coz. WUliam 20s.— to my friend Christopher IJaylpy of Lincoln's Inn. gent.- to John B.ayley his 
brother — to my cousin Simon Iluck— to my uncle George Hues of London, grocer, so nmch of 
my lands, etc., as shall amount to 20 ra.irks per annum to be allotted to him by ray l)rnth.'r .lolin 
Lynche, after decease of <.iid uncle to ray ainit his now wife — my fatlicr-in-kiw Kob' S;iacklingc. 

pent.— Innils in co. Kent to my hrcitljct John l.Tnclir .ind his heirs— tn my uncle V.' Nichol.-i? 
Ppcucer of Loudon — residue to my brother John I.yncho, lie and rny uncle said Ocorye Huso ti. 
be ex'ors — to my sister Shorte, coz. Judcth Philpott, wife of Thomas rhilpott. 

Kichard Courthopc of Coeias Bloane. co. Kent, fjeut., in his will, dated 21 Oct.. 30 Elizabeth ; 
proved 12 Feb. 15SS, mentious my cousin Thomas Lyncho, the elder, of Staple, co. Kent. 

Thom,is Austen of Bonendcn, in bis will proved I Oct. I,"i9y, mentions Martha and Agues 
Lynch, sisters of Kaynold liopcr (his si.stcr's son). 

John Lynche of, co. Wilts, gent. Will datrd 2:! Feb. icn? ; iirove.l .'^l Oct. 
IGOS, by James Lynche and Samuel Lynche, ex'ors. (89 Windebanckc.) To my eldest son James 
Lynche— to my wife Alice — messuage iu New Sarum,co. Wilts — to Samuel Lynch, one other of my 
sons — to Edward Lynche of London, merch", one other of my sons — to my friend M' I'dewctt, 
parfoiiof ycwnton, co. WUts afoix^'^- Ij Ji^au Lyncho. one other of my sons-to my brother Wil- 
liam Lynche, late of Staple, co. Kent, gent.— my coz. \V'° Lynche, gent.— his eldest son, my brother- 
in-law Short, and sister Elizabeth his wife a ring each— to my ccjz» John, Sannicl, and Kobert 
Baylie, gent.— to my sisters-in-law M" Bower and JI" Hill, widow— coz. and friend Edward 
Reynolds of the City of Westm', gent.— to M' Lawrance Bramsh.awc my phy.-ieke books entitled 
the Country Farmc and Mattbiolus— to >F Parkes, vicar of Whitcparish— to my coz. Geo. S' 
Harbe the elder, gent. — to my brother-in-law M' John Coryatt— sons James and Samuel, ex'ors— 
friends Sir Edward Penruddock and Giles Token Esq.. overseers. 

William Linche of town and county of Southampton, mcrchnnt, a^cd threescore and 
eighteen years or thereabouts. Will dated 10 Oct. lOU ; proved .SI May 1C17, by Dame Mary 
J.acob, ex'trix. (40 Weklou.) Messuage wherein I dwell and household goods to my grandchild 
William Linche, the son of my son Nicholas Linche, eld' son and heir ra.ale- rem' to my da. 
Dame Mary Jacob, wife of Sir Robert Jacob, Knt., his Majesty's Sol'-Genoral of the Realm of 
Ireland, and heir m.ale— said gr.-indson William Linche when 21— to grandchild William Targett, 
the son of my said da. Dame Mary Jacoij, by her fust husb.amt — to Kobert Jacob, son of my s.aid 
da. Dame Mary Jacob, by her husband Sir Robert Jacob— to Arthur Jacob, another son of s" da. 
—to Frances Jacob, 3rd son of said da.— to Mary Jacob, eldest da. of said da. Dame Mary 
Jacob— to Ann Jacob, another da. of said da.— said da. Dame JIary Jacob sole ex'trix— friends 
M' William Nevey of the town of Southampton, Alderman, and Jas. Courtney of Southampton, 
Esq., overseers. 

William Lynch, l.ate of Staple, co. Kent, gent. Proved 9 Feb. 1018-19. by John Lynch, son 
of s-i def. and ex'or. (9 Parker.) Upon Xmas Eve A. D. ICIS, lying sick in his bed. IJis whole 
estate to bis eld' son John Lynch, he ex'or- to p.ay his da. Anne Lynch .-CGUd- and to his three 
younger sons, viz., William Lynch, Elmer Lynch, and Theophilus Lynch. .£100 each— said sou 
Elmer sh=' have the £100 p'^to him when he sh'' be aiListerof Arts, and said W"> and Theophilus 
sh'' be paid when out of their apprenticeships. 

Nathaniel linche of Newbury. Berks, haberdasher. Will dated 12 .M.ay ir,2I : proved 3 July 
1621, by Mary Liuche. relict. (Dale tiO). Jly father William Linche— my son Nathaniel Linche 
—Mary my wife, sole ex'trix— my father-in-law Griffin Foster and Hugh Hawkins, overseers. 

Nathaniel Linch, citizen of London. Will dated 20 July 1637; proved 1 Sept. 1637, by 
Simon Liuch the brother. (123 Goare.) To Robert Glover of Foster Lane, weaver, 40s.— to my 
father and mother for rings— to my uncle Robert Linch— to my aunt P.ardage— to M' Lanco. 
rector of this parish of S' Michael in the Querue— to my brother Ithiell Linch— to all the 
children of my uncle July Searle, living at time of my decease — to poor of Northweald, Essex— 
to my brother Simon Linch, he to be e.x'or— to said brother Simon Linch— my brothers William 
Linch, Theophilus Linch — and my sister Sara Masters. 

James Lynch of Whitcparish, co. Wilts, gent. Will dated 17 Feb. IG.HO ; Proved 2S April 
1640, by Samuell Lynche, the brother of said dec''. (49 Coventry.) To be bur"" in Ch. of White- 
parish — to Edward S' Barbe the younger, of Whitcparish, gent. — to Edward S' Barbe, his father 
— to my coz. JP John Lynche, p.irson of in Kent, and to my cousin .Vilcnicr Lynche 
his brother, dwelling with S'' Franci.s Seymour. K' — to my cousin W" Lynche their brother— to 
my cousin M' Robert Lynche of Wingham. co. Kent— to my cousin il" Hester Zoucho, widow, 
now being in house with me— to Edw.ard Lynche and Samuel Lynche, two of the sons of my 
brother Samuel Lynche. .and to Elizabeth, da. of my said brother, when 21— to the M.ayor ami 
burgesses of New Sarum — to the M.ayor and burgesses of town and county of Southampton. 
Whereas upon contract of a marriage heretofore had between Thomas Lynche my uncle w'"" was 


lint jiniil.lmt .CIO tlu'iciif came to tlie IkmiuIs of my said f;ither John Lynclic, gent— the snid 
Thnin.'is l.vnrlirdip.l much iiuleblcil— my said fathu^inado mvstU and my brother Samuel ex'orsof 
his will. To my kinswoiiiau M" Kath. Kawcoiier, wife ot William Kawconcr, gent.— to HcUeu 
Gadiitlett, the eldest of my prandehildren— to Sufaii (launtlelt and Eljzab. Camitlctt, my two 
other praiidehildren— to Kmamul Gauntlctt their fatlier— to my nephew John I.ynchc— to friend 
Geo. iniueomlie of Albiirie, co. Surrey, VNii.— to Henry lialdwyn of Clifford's Inn. gent.— to the 
■wife of said Kmaniud Gauntlet— friend liobert Hyde, Esti., Recorder of Sarum— lands in town 
and county of Soulhainpton— s.iid brother Samuel Lyiiclie e.K'or— said son-in-law Emanuel 
Gauntlctt and friend Stephen r.owni:;u. gent., overseer^— to Jl' Anthony Lynche, one of the 
Clerks of Court of Waid.s and J.ivi i i, s. 

Nath.aiiiel Linch. Will dated HiScpt. ICIT ; iirovcd 15 Oct. IGIT, com. to Thomas c'lisworth 
and Eliz.abeth C. «//«.»• Lineh, his wife, sist.i of ,' defunct. (L'H Fines.) Whereas I Nathaniel 
Ijinch, mariner, \va.s bound to sea in the ship '• Sarah '' of Loudon, under the command of M' 
Cole of Shadwell— am prevented performing the voyage. To John Abbott, boatswain of M' 
Cole's ship— to my brother and .-istcr Cliesworth of London, in parish of S' Dunstau in the East 
—to my brother Thomas Cheswortli and his wife, they ex'or?. 

Samuel Lineh of iJownton, Wilts, gent. Will dated 20 June IC.^O ; proved 30 Oct. 1650. by 
• Anne Linche, relict, and S.anmel Lincbe, son of s'^ dec'', e.x'ors. (157 rcmbroke.) To my wife 
Anne and my son Samuel Linch, ex'ors- to my son Edward Linche, 200 marks given him by my 
brother James Linche — to my daughter Klizabctli — to ray son John Linch — to my cousin M" 
Christian Zouch— to M" Clerk's daughters— to poor ot Whiteparish— cousin M' Edward Jliles. 
John Lynch of Wliiteparish, eo. Wilts, gent. Will dated 30 May lGo3 ; proved 22 Sept. 
1C53. by Elcnor Lynch the relict. (2S15 Brent.) To bo bur'' where my uncle J.araes was bur*, in 
parish church of Whiteparish afores'' — all my land to my wife for the breeding up of my children 
till John shall come to .ige of 22— to his brothers James and Edward when 21— my f.ather M' 
White and my cousin St. Barbo to be overseers — to rny sister Eette' — to my brother Samuel £50. 
iu case -M' Duke, his wife's godfather, will do so much more for his granddaughters. 

Syraon Lynch of Northweald Bassett, Essex, clerk. Will dated 3 May 16515. (IMO Wotton.) 
To be bur'' in churchyard of parish afores'' near to my wife and children w^hich have been bur'^ 
there before me — to my son Symon — to Sarah, da. of my son Symon,wheii IS— to my son Williixm — 
in consideration of the security which Martin Jla-ters my son hath given me — to Elizabeth, da. 
of my son Theophilu.s— to Symon, son of my son Theophilus— to Kath., da. of my son Theopbilus 
— to Symon JIasters my grandchild— to Eliz. Jlasters my grandchild — son Theophilus e.x'or. 

IS M.ay lfi5S, com" to Elizabeth Lineh. the relict and rosid>' legatee of Theophilus Linch, 
who was son and sole c.k' of Symon Lineh of Korthweald, co. Essex, dec'', to adm' goods of s'^ 
dec'' for that Theophilus Linch the ex'or died before probate hereof. 

10 Dec. 170'J, com" to Eliz. Goddard, widow, mother of Vere Goddard, late of S' Giles in 
P'ields, CO. M', but at Bath, sp'. 

William Lynch of Ipswich, co. Suff.. clothier. Will dated 22 May 165S ; proved .'U JIarch 
1659. To Elizabeth my wife my messuage, tenements, lands in parish of S' Marie at Elmes and 
S' I'eter's in Ipswich for life, rem' to my son Robert Lynch and heirs male — to Robert Lynch 
£200 when 21 — to my son William Lynch -£100 when 21 — my wife and my three daughters 
Elizabeth, Anne, and Sarah when 10— my wife and M' Robert Searles. her brother, ex'ors. 

Symon Lynch of Ingatestone, co. Es-ex, clerk. Will dated 1 July 1659. To my son Symon 
all lands iu Ramesdon, Bellowes, and, and whereas said Symon may complain that I 
.gave nothing but his mother's inheritance — to my son Itbiell — to two daurs. Elizabeth and 
Sarah— friends M' Stephen Smith of Blaekmore, D' Nicolson of Stapleford Tawney, M' Richard 
NicoLson, of South Benstdeet — to my cousin M'' R"* >i icolson — to poor of Northweald — to each 
of my brother Theo[ihiIus Lynch his children 10s. when 18— to be bur'^ after the antient /orm. 
and a wooden tomb or stone be laid upon it with the inscription " Here lyeth the body of Symon 
Lynch, Rector of Runwcll, who for fearing God and the King was sequestred. prosecuted, and 
persecuted to the day of his death by Gog and Magog, and left issue ; Eliz., Sarah, Syraon, and 
Ithiel, unto whom the Lord be merciful ''—To Symon the son of my brother Theophilus Lynch, 
and George the son of my brother Theophilus — my sister Masters children, and the daur. of 

4 Sept. 1660, com" to R'' Xieolson. one of the guardi.ins during minority of Symon, Ithiel, 
Eliz., and Saiah, chiKlieu of s" dec''. 


]-t Sept. lfiC3, com" to EHz. Sullyard and Sarali Coston, daurs. and rcsid. legatees Earned in 
will of Sjmoa Lynch, left unadminislcrud bj- R'' Nicolaon, no«- alsu dec''. {--i'J Xalilis.) 

Elizabeth Lynch of parish of S' Mary at the Klmcs, Ipswich, widow. Will dated 1 i) Aug. 1G70; 
proved 7 Feb. lfiSl-2, by Eliz. I'uplett and Ann Lynch, da' and c.N.'ors. (id Xorlh.) To my da. 
Elizabeth Vuplett, wife of M' Kichard I'uplett of Ipswich, jun', one moiety of all my lands in 
Spronghton, etc. — to Itich.ard I'uplett, eld' son of said Uiehard — to Anne my daughter the other 
moiety of laud in Spronghton, etc. — to the 5 children of my son-in-law, M' llichard I'uplftt, viz"., 
Richard, William, liobert, Stephen, John, when 21 — to my son William legacy given him by will 
of his uncle Jl' Kobert Scarles, etc. — manors of Gnindisburgh Hall, Burghall, and Clceves, 
purchased by Andrew Clench, M.D., to my son Robert and to my son William— to my eoiisin 
Susan Cole, widow- my da» Eliz. Puplett and Anne Lynch, e.x'ors. 

Sir Thomas Lynch of Eshor. Surrey, Kut. Will dated SO .\ng. IGSl. Jly wife and da. my 
office at Jam* to be confJ in account of tlie great debt the King owes me— house in Lesterlields— 
my da. when m.arr'' — said da. I'hiladelphia and the heirs of her body for ever all lands in Eng- 
land and Jamaica— my lands in Lancashire after wife's decease to my sister Eliz. — remain<ler to 
my sister Judith Freeman— rem' to my cousin Eliz. Thomliuson — to my father's wife if alive — 
cousin Judith Agar — cousin Eliz. Payne, my ever lion'" uncle"s da.— and to my necessitous 
relations as my uncle Aylmer Lynch sh.all direct — my wife Vere Lynch e.K' — friends S' Clia» 
Lytlleton of London, K', and M' Thomas Goddard of London, and others, trustees. 

IS Aug. lliOl, com" to Kobert Cotton. K' and Bart., guardian to Philadelphia Cotton ii?uix 
Lynch, now wife of Thomas Cotton, Esq., riau. and sole issue of Sir Tho' Lynch, late of Jamaica, K". 
dec''. Vere Lynch tho c.k'' having died in life of testator, the adm'on gr.anted with will in July 
1CS6 to Charles Herbert Esq., during minority of s'' Philadelphid being e.tpired. 

4 April 1G94, com" granted to Thomas Cotton, Esq., husband and curator, assigned to 
Philadelphia Cotton alins Lynch during her minority being expired on account of said 
Cotton having attained full age. 

18 May 1G9S, com" to Philadelphia Cotton alias Lynch, wife of Thomas Cotton. Esq.. she 
being now of age. 

Damo Philadelphia Cotton of Fiuchley Lodge, co. JIidd\ widow. Will dated 3 Nov. ITii;. 
To be bur'* at Esher, eo. Surrey— to my grandda. Philadelphia Cotton— to M" .Vnii Lukin— in 
da. Hester Maria Salusbury, wife of John Salu5bury, all the plate of my 1"' husband Sir Thomas 
Cotton, Bart.— to da. Sidney Arabella Cotton— to my da. Sophia and to said da. Siilney A. 
Cotton — to my son Sir Lynch Salusbury Cotton, his heirs all my real estate and Stock of Xeiiroc-^. 
etc., in Island of Jamaica upon trusts (that is to say), as to such part thereof as hath been 
agreed by me to be sold to William Beekford, Esq.' — to my two grandsons. Lynch Salusbury 
Cotton and Thomas Cotton (two of the younger sons of said Sir Lynch Salusbury Cotton), -when 
21— said S' Lynch S. Cotton, D' W" Meacham and .M' Thomas Whitfeld, ex'ors. 

Cod' to grandda. JIary Cotton, da. of my son S' Lynch S. Cotton, 6 May 17.58. 

8 Feb. 17 J9, ad. of goods of Dame Philadelphia Cotton, late of Finchley Lodge, in parish of 
Finchley, widow, was granted to Philadelphia Cotton, sp', the grandda. and res-'' legatee, named 
in said will, the e.-t'ors having renounced. (-19 Arran.) 

-Jiylmer Lynch of Langley Burrell, co. Wilts, elk. Will dated 27 Nov. IG.'SG ; proved 5 Feb. 
1691, by John Lynch. (50 Fane.1 To my sister-in-law Ann Lynch— to my kinswoman. Ann 
Beale, da. of John Beale of N. Wr.isall, Wilt-:, elk., she a minor — my library to said John 
Beale— n" Eleanor Goddard, widow — her 4 daurs., Mary Goddard, Judith Goddard, Eliz. 
Goddard, and Martha Goddard. not 21 — cousin Grace Lynch — cousin Judith Lynch, da. of my 
nephew Gr.acian Lynch of Grove in Kent, Esq. — my niece Grace Squire — niece Judith Ogar. 
widow — niece Eliz. Paine, wife of W"' Paine, clerk — niece Margaret Blechenden, wiilow of 
Thomas Blechenden, gent. — sister-in-law M" Martha Vere — cousin John Lynch of Grove, :> 
pictures, viz.. Sir Tho' Lynch's picture, his Lady"s, and my Lady Hungerford's : and 3 escochcons. 
viz. : my Lord Seymour's, my Lord Downc's. and S' Thomas Lynch's — residue to nephews 
Gracian and John Lynch, e.x'ors. 

Ithiel Lynch of Downham, Essex, clerk. Will dated 7 Jan. 1G91 ; proved S April 1C9.", by 
Mary Lynch, relict and ex'trix. (;3 Irby.) To my wife Mary Lyucli all mrssuages. etc., in 
parish of Runwell, co. Esse-t, for life, she paying to Robert Bate of Eillcricay, co. Esse.x, gent — 
to my brother Simon I-ynch — to each of his children — to my cousin Elizabeth Ciiston — to my 
cousin Ana Parker — residue to said wife Mary Lynch, shoes"''.