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Full text of "Genealogical notes on the Benests of St. Heliers, their ancestors & descendants"

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3 1833 01200 6109 


i~" Descent of De CarterET from the Dukes of Normandy." 

[Genealogical Mngasine, June, igoo, pp. 53-56, and January, 1901, 
pp. 407-411]- 

2—" Descent of Bernau from the Dukes of Normandy."" 
[Genealogical Magasine, March, 1901, pp. 507-509]- 

3—" Pedigree of the BenEST Family of Jersey," July, 1905. 
[British Museum, Press-mark :— 1S56. d. i. (134)-] 

4—" Genealogy of the Bernau Family of Stolp," February,'. 1906. 
[British Museum, Press-mark -.—not yet allotted]. 

5—" A Short Account of the Descendants of Abraham BenEST of 
Jersey," March, 1906 ; printed at the expense of George- PhiHp 
Benest, of vSt. Heher's, Jersey. 
[British Museum, Press-mark -.—not yet allotted]. 

€.—" A Short Account of the LE GEYT dit RauvET Family, of St. 
Saviour's, Jersey," September, 1906 ; printed at the expense 
of Miss R. A. Le Geyt, of St. Saviour's, Jersey. 
[British Museum, Press-mark ■.—not yet allotted']. 

> Several printer's errors in Nos. 2 and 3 are corrected, without further comment, in 
this pamphlet. 

genealogical Bote s 


5M %m^ ol 51^ Udvcy's , 


Compiled December, iqoO, by 


(Member of the Soclete Jersiaisc). 

Kiiully send anj- necessary aililitions or alterations to 
Chas. a. BKRNAf, " Penilccn," Bowes Road, "SVaUon-upon-Tliaines. 

Privately printed at the expense of E. B. 5. Bcnest. Assoc. M.kC.e. 
r.R.U.S., etc., of Rio de Janeiro. BraziL 


Ben^st, oT St. Belief's. 

ARMS : Quarterly of four ; i and 4. Argent, A chevron, 
gules, between two roses, slipped, in chief, and 
a heart in base, all of the second, for BEN EST : 
2 and 3. Ermine, A lion rampant, gules, for 

CREST : A lion's head, erased, gules. 

MOTTO : ♦' Quo Fata Vocant." 



5k "^msls 0^ 5\, "Kdxw's, 



^',7^1' UR authority for assigning to the Benest family the coat 
J \J\ of arms : — " A chevron hehueen two roses slipped in chief 
"'^■^ and a heart in base " is contained in a manuscript 
note-book written by Messrs. Le BoutilHer and Collas, and 
recently in the possession of the late Judge William Nicolle, of 
Jersey. Under a tricking of these arms (p. 219) is written : — 
" Arms of Benest fi'om a seal in the possession of Mrs. 
Gabourel, no colours indicated." We have taken the colours, 
argent for the lield and gjclcs for the chevron, roses and heart, 
from an illustration (facing p. 160) in Payne's " Armorial of 
Jersey." Mrs. John-Joshua Gabourel, nee Harriet Benest, was 
the elder daughter and heiress of Philip Benest, who, as a 
reference to our " Pedigree of the Benest Family of Jersey " 
will shew, was probably the head of the whole family at his 
death in 1804. At that date, Philip's third cousin, George- 
Philip Benest, " Constable " (= Mayor) of St. Brelade's, 
would have become the head of the family. The arms as used 
by George-Philip Benest (nephew of tho last-named) were 
similar to PajTie's illustration mentioned above but the chevron 
is "or" instead of "gules " and the stalks of the roses pierce 
the heart,''' as will be seen from the following re-production of 
his note-paper die : — 

Edw.\rd - Benest - Sh.\w Benest, sixth cousin (twice 
removed) of the said George-Philip Benest (the nephew) uses the 

* Le Boutillier's tricking shews us that the stems o( the roses on Mrs. Oabourel's 
seal also join, which is incorrect. Payne illustrates the arms correctly at the reference 

C 1 ) 

Benest arms quartered with those of Le Geyt as shewn in the 
frontispiece ; these quartered arms being the correct coat for 
all the Benest descendants of John Benest (b. 1771 ; d. 1819), 
consequent on his marriage with Jane, second daughter and 
eventual co-heiress of Philip Le Geyt-(fif-Rauvet. It is also 
probably as a result of this marriage with an heiress of the Xie 
Geyt family that the Benests of St. Helier's adopted the 
crest and motto shewn in the frontispiece, which (with the 
exception that the lion's head is "erased" instead of being 
"cou2Jed") are identical with those of the Le Geyt family. 
There does not appear to be either a crest or motto proper to 
the Benest family, but only the coat of arms. 


«5pHE name Benest, so spelt, is peculiar to the Island of 

■^h Jersey. There are certainly Benests living in other 

locahties, but they all appear to be descended from the 
Jersey family of that name. 

In order to determine the origin of this surname it is 
necessary to enquire how it is spelt in the earhest records of 
the Island. As will be seen later, records of 1274 and 1309 
give it as " Beneyt " whilst in 1331 we find it spelt " Beneest," 
and the early parish registers (16th century) frequently have 
" Bennest " instead of Benest. 

In the " Hundred Eolls " a " Reginald fil. Beneyt " is 
mentioned, and Bardsley, an authority on the origin of 
surnames, quotes this in the appendix of his work, " English 
Surnames " as an early instance of the name " Bennet." He 
says (4th edition, x^p- 189 and 190) : — 

Our •' Bennets," when not belonging to the class of 
baptismal names (as a corruption of "Benedict"), once 
performed the functions of exorcists, and by the 
imposition of hands and the aspersion of holy water 
expelled evil spirits from those said to be thus 

The names "Bennest" and "Bennet" would be pro- 
nounced practically alike by a Jerseyman. 


BENNEST is a surname we noticed some years ago in 
the directories of both Liverpool and Birkenhead. 

( 2 ) 

BONEST.— In the " Visitation of Dorset, 1623 " (Harleian 
Society's Publications, Visitation Section, vol. xx) we limi tlmt 
Jane, daughter of a Thomas Bonest, of l^ristol, married 
William Meor, of Cherborne. This Thomas must have lived 
about the middle of the fifteenth century. The surnauie 
" Bonest " is still to be seen in the London Directory. 

BOVv'NEST —John Bownest of Stonebury, Hormead, co. 
Herts., who died 16 June IGIG, married Mary, daughter of 

Cooke, of Chi.shall, co. Essex, and had issue : — John 

Bownest, also of Stonebury, who was buried at Ashwell, co. 
Herts., 11 April 1G22, leaving a daughter, Martha, who, on 3 
July 1626, married Francis Dclawood, and had issue, (see 
Berry's " Pedigi-ees of Hertfordshire Families," p. 226.) 

We also find that a Thomas Bownest of St. Nicholas 
Aeons, London, married Mary Gynne of St. Mary Woolnoth, 
London, by licence, at the latter church on 17 November 1614. 

" Bownest " might be a corruption of " Bowness " ; a Kev. 
Thos. Bowness of Natferton, co. York., died 29 April 1798, 
(" Gent. Mag.," 1798, p. 467) and there were three of the 
surname " Bowness," but none of " Bownest," to l)e seen in 
the London Directory for 1893. There is none of either now. 

BENOIST. — A well-known French surname. A stretch 

of imagination would be necessary to connect this with 

" Benest," though in 1603 one of the Benests of St. Lawrence 
is referred to in the records as "Eaulia Benoest." 

BENESTED. — This form occurs in Bank's " Bai'onies in 
Fee," vol. i, p. 122. It is probably only a corruption of 
Bensted, a family of which name has been settled at ^laidstone, 
CO. Kent, for about four centuries, 

BENEZET. — A French surname. Ant. Benezet, a 
Quaker, died at Philadelphia in 1784, aged 71 (see " Annual 
Monitor," 1813, p. 9.) 

BENESCH can be found in the London Directory. 

BENEYT, we have already noted above as probably the 
parent-form of " Bennet " as well as " Benest." 

BENNET, with its variations, "Benett," "Benet" and 
" Bennett," ranks, we believe, among the hundred most frequent 
surnames in England. 

BINET, frequently found in the records of Jersey, and a 
surname well represented now in the Island, may originally 
have been another spelling for "Benest." This will be seen 
by comparing the Exlcntes, where a rent due by Binet in 1668 

( 3 ). 

and 1749 is entered in 1607 as due by a Benest ; though it 
ought also to be noticed that two rents paid by Binet in 1528, 
1668 and 1749 are entered as due by a Benest in 1607, from 
which it would appear that the compilers of the 1607 Extente 
may have been ignorant that the Binets and Benests were 


•uJPHE name Benest has been used as a baptismal name, 
•^jk both male and female. 

A " Benest e Le Cerf " was the wife of John Le Quesne, 
■circa 1570, (Payne's " Armorial of Jersey," p. 251.) 

A " Benest Viel " is mentioned in the Extente for 1668. 

" Edward-5e?2cs^Shaw Benest" (born 1853) is still living, 
but this last example is, we understand, the result of a 
misunderstanding at the time of baptism. 

The names of " William-Langston- fienes^ Janvrin " (born 
1853), and his son, " Bul-ph- Benest Janvrin" (born 1884), will 
be found on p. 26. 


•t!^HE Bexest family is one which is undoubtedly difiicult to 
-jL trace. Its members resided for many generations in the 
^' parish of St. Laurence, the registers of which prior to 
the year 1640 have unfortunately been lost, and, but for a 
" Genealogie " of his ancestors, which John Benest (b. 1737 ; 
■d. 1821) drew up in 1808, no connected account of the family 
])efore the middle of the seventeenth century could be attempted. 
There are, of course, frequent references to Benests in the 
records of the Island, but these are of too meagre a nature to 
enable one to compile a pedigree from them. It is possible, 
hov>'ever, ])y consulting these records (and we here refer more 
especially to the " Livres des Heritages ") to both check and 
add to the information contained in John Benest's " Genealogie " 
(this being the title with which he endorsed his manuscript) 
and, as we have made by no means an exhaustive search at the 
Begistrc Public at St. Helier, many interesting facts might 
.also still be gleaned there. 

From 1737 till the present time the Family Bible, the 
parish registers of St. Heller's and other sources of information, 
as will be seen later, have been used. 

( 4 ) 

/ f r 

,/ l6oc 

r /// . ' /,.,, ,... ^y.../'.-^^/// .,...v/:/i,.. A.^.-^//i ^/-^^^ ^/f-/' /Av-^- 



^f/'.'/,nyt /}f.,x^- f'fj Mi„„„J Jr>%'^" //.^AffX (a J^iaT.^/^: dt y/t^ jlrr^ o ,J e f^HL,4- c^^ 

■ . <> ^,..//.^^-/:,,./ //_„,. A .^../« >y/:/. /;c/.A/..— "^-'>--'^ 



OvHE " Genealo{,ne," of which a photo^n;ipli is ro-prodiiceJ 
ih on the opposite page, gives a brief account of the family 
^^-^ from the sixteenth century till its writer's birth (1737'). 
and, together with various other notes, mentions the dates of 
birth of his son and grandson. 

The importance of this document lies in the fact that the 
Family Bible contains no entries relating to events previous to- 
the birth of John Benest, the writer of the " Genealogie," 
which latter document, as already stated, in the absence oPtlie 
earlier registers of St. Laurence's parish, supplies the only 
connected narrative concerning the family prior to this date. 

It is, in the main, accurate, though from external evidence 
the birth years of the first four generations would appear to be 
placed about ten to twenty years too late. The fust and 
second paragraphs with this exception can certainly be relied 
on, but the third and fourth paragraphs confuse two Raulin^-^ 
Benests, as will be more fully explained on p. 12. 

From this and other internal evidence it would appear 
that John Benest based the first two paragraphs, which deal 
Avith his own ancestors, on family documents, sucli as Partages 
then in his possession, but that when he wrote about collateral 
branches of the family he relied solely on hearsav and his- 

The second paragraph omits to mention that Eaulin 
Benest (son of Philip, son of Noel) had a younger brother, 

The third paragraph is, we think, left unfinished in spite- 
of the fullstop, and in the fourth paragraph the word " cousin " 
is used in its wider meaning, as Elizabeth Benest was " second 
cousin, once removed " to her husband, Thomas Falle ; but 
these are points connected with the St. Brelade's branch of the 
family, of which it is not our present intention to treat. 

In the fifth and sixth paragraphs the Noel Benest referred 
to is the second mentioned in the manuscript. This is evident 
from the fact that the first " Noe Benest " has been added at a 
later date. 

♦ In the " Pedigree of the Benest Family of .Terscv, .Inly 1905," we u*e<l tha 
baptismal name " Rowlnnd " as the Knglish eqnival«iit of " Rauhn," but in these not«ii 
we have returned to the original form " Raulin," as we see that Bardsley found 
" Ranlyn " and " Raulinus " used as baptismal imint-s in the " Writs of Parliament," 
and the " Rotuli Litterorum Clausurum in Turri Londonvnsi " respeclivelr. "Raulin " 
consequently may be considered an Knglish baptismal name though wepersonally know 
of no use of it in Knijland since the Middle Ages. Bardsley gives it as an afTertlonnta 
diminutive fonu of " Ralph " (ride his " English Surnaiues," 'tth edit., l>P. Jti. 37 anif 

( 5 ) 

In paragraph seven it is left very uncertain wbieli John 
Benest married Mary Gibaut. Without being able definitely 
to locate this John, we consider it highly probable that the 
writer here refers to his grandfather. 

The " G^n^alogie " is, at present, in tlie possession of Mrs. 
Mary Benest, widow of the late Edward-Everett Benest, who 
kindly allowed us to have it photographed. 


S already stated, the existing registers commence with 
rij;\. the year 1640. Through the courtesy of the Rev. A. O. 
"-^d-L? Balleine, the present Eector of St. Laurence, we have 
been enabled to carefully search them, as follows : — 

Book 1—16-10 to 1693 (i.e. the vvhole book). 

Book 11—1693 to 1696, only. 

Book III— 1710 to 1757 only (i.e. pp. 1 to 81 incl.) 

Book IV — (Baptisms from 1783 to 1796) the whole book. 

Book V— (Marriages from 1783), to 1837 only.- 

Book VI — (Burials from 1783). Not searched at all. 

We give these dates for the benefit of anyone who may be 
willing to take up the work from the point at which we have 
left off. 


c!^HE Rev. John-William Benest, the present head of the 
■^h " Benests of St. Helier's," is the owner of a Family 
^^ Bible, in which the majority of the entries (which by-tlie- 
Avay are in French) appear to have been made by the same 
John Benest who wrote the " G6nealogie," and, as already 
stated, they commence with his birth in 1737. 

With the exception of two entries made in 1879 and 1881, 
the latest is of May 1821, and it was in the October of that 
year that the compiler of the " G<inealogie " died. The 
baptisms of the two eldest children of his grandson, John, 
are recorded, but John Benest, junior, made no entries and 
consequently his ten other children are not mentioned. His 
father, the son of the compiler of the " Genealogie," died vitd 

* an(.l in this Book we noted only those marriages where the husbanus were 

( 6 ) 


i^IIAT an " Emoloto lieneyt " lived in Jersey before 12o3 w& 
^"1^ are justified in statinj;, as in V27i, we see from the 
^-^ Extente, or Royal Rent Roll of the Island, that a Drouet- 
de St. Martin held land from the King in the parish of Trinity, 
Jersey, viz. : — three verj^^es whicli were forfeited by Mayn 
Picotel, and two verjj;ees forfeited by Emelote Beneyt, toj^ether- 
of the annual value of five bushels of wheat, which rent the 
King had not received since the time when Drouet de 
Barentine was Bailiff of the Island. 

There were two Drouet de Barentines, both Wardens of 
the Norman Isles. One is described as "very aged " in 1239, 
9,nd the other, his grandson, was slain in 1253. 

In 1309, a Robert Beneyt is mentioned (in the " Rolls of 
the Assizes held in the Channel Islands, 2 Edw. II ") as the 
holder of five perches of crown land in St. Peter's, Jersey, 
received by him in marriage with the daughter of Godfrey 
Vasoun, who purchased it from Robert Pipon, who with John 
Bernard and other partners, was the holder of seven and a half 
virgates of bordage land, of which these five perches formed 

In the ^a-fcH^c for 1331, a "Robert Beneest " (who was 
most probably identical with the said Robert Beneyt of St. 
Peter's) is entered as holding two bouv^es of crown land in the 
parish of St. Peter's for the yearly rental of sixteen sous. 

In the above-quoted record of 1309 we find mention also 
of a " John Bennes " of the parish of St. Saviour, Guernsey. 

After 1331, owing to the lack of records relating to Jersey, 
we lose trace of the family for nearly two centuries. It is- 
therefore necessary to imagine five generations, (living say 
1360, 1390, 1420, 1450 and 1480), if one wishes to consider the 
probable relationship between the above-mentioned Robert and 
those Benests who are named in the next Extente, dated 1528. 
About the same date commence the records, now preserved at 
St. Helier's, relating to the descent of land in the Island, and 
in these records the name Benest is of frequent occurrence 
even in the first volume. 

A Benest living about 1480 may have been the father of 
some or all of the following : — 

(i) John Benest in 1528 owed two rents to the King, one 
for " herbage " in St. Laurence's, and the other for 
land on the fee of St. Germains in the parish of St. 
Laurence. John died about 1509, as will be seen 

( 7 ) 

(ii) Philot Benest in 1528 o^vecl three rents to the King 
for land in St. John's and St. Laurence's parishes, all 
three in 1607 are debited to Nicholas, the son of 
Deonis Le Cousteur. 

(iii) Nicholas (or " Collas ") Benest, of St. Laurence^^s, is 
mentioned in the records under dates 1534 and 1539. 

(iv) Louis Benest, of St. Laurence's, is mentioned in 
connection with the above Nicholas under date 1539. 

(v) Kichard Benest, of St. Laurence's. In the ExtenU 
of 1607 Jaques Eondell is debited with a rent in St. 
Laurence's for John Hammon of Trinity in discharge 
of Eichard " Bennest " in the right of his wife, a 
daughter of Gratian Le Grosse. Perin Le Gros paid 
the same rent in 15'28. Another rent (in Trinity 
Parish) paid in 1528 by " Perin legros," was paid in 
1607 by " Jaques Eondell for John Plammon having 
the right of Eichard Benest." This Eichard may have 
been the Eichard Benest, Avhose son, Louis Benest, in 
1602, bought rents (see liegistre Public, Book 1, fol. 75). 

(vi) Peter Benest, who, in 1533, is mentioned in 
connection with : — 

(vii) Julian Benest. A Julien Benest was one of the 
twelve witnesses before the Eoyal Commissioners of 
Henry YIII in 1515 {vide 3rd Publication of the 
Society Jersiaise, p. 9.) 

From the first of the above seven Benests it is possibl<3 to 
trace the following connected genealogy down to the present 
day, but, as we also have many notes referring to Benests who 
find no x^lace in the pedigree of John Benest's descendants, it 
is to be presumed that some others, or all, of the above seven 
are now represented by direct descendants bearing the surname 


I.— ^'^T/OHN BENEST, of St. Laurence's, mentioned above as 
0, paying rents to the King in 1528, died in or before 
'^<^ 1569, as in that year we find that Noel Benest and 
Eaulin Gibaut, causa icxoris, divided some of John's property. 
His children Vv'ere :■ — 

(i) Eaulin Benest, of St. Laurence's, who in 1573 divided 
lands " aux Blanches Pierres " with Noel Benest in 

St. Laurence's. In 1564, Philip Le C [? Couteur] , 

eldest son of John Le C [? Couteur] , recognized 

Eaulin Benest, causa uxoris, as a kinsman, from 
which we mav conclude that Eaulin married a 

daughter of John Le C [? Couture] . He appears 

to have had issue : — 

( 8 ) 

(i) Nicholas Benest, who in 1G02 sold a field " Du 
Qnesne " to Philbert Benest (see liefjistre 
Public, Book 1, fol. 5. On fol. 200 and 265 
Nicholas is described as " fils Eaulin Benest "). 
In IGOo, Nicholas " tils Kaulin Benest " sold %. 
field in St. Laurence's to PMward Bisson (see 
Begistre Public, Book 1, fol. 249). 

In the Extcittc of 1G07 he is entereed as owing 
a rent for "herhafje" in St. Laurence's; (we 
have seen that John Benest, in 152H. paid a rent 
for " herbage " in the same parish, but the 
amounts are not identical) and also two hens- 
rent to the fee of St. Germains in St. Laurence's, 
" for John Bennest," though this latter rent is- 
not debited to John in the Extentc of 152S. 
Nicholas had a son : — 
(i) Thomas Benest. The last-mentioned rent was 
paid in 1668 by Joshua Ahier, canta nxoris 
the daughter of Lawrence Haniptonne, for 
Thomas Benest, son of Nicholas. This 
Joshua Ahier was Eector of St. Laurence's 
and manned Elizabeth, daughter and eventual 
co-heir of Lawrence Hampton ne, Vicomte 
and Lieutenant Bailiff of Jersey, who enter- 
tained Charles II on his visit to the Island. 
Lawrence Hamptonne does not appear to 
have been related to this Thomas Benest, 
though his grand-daughter Elizabeth Ahier, 
married Eaulin Benest, son of Eaulin, son of 
the Eaulin mentioned on p. 13. The reason 
the Eev. Joshua Ahier paid this rent in 166S 
for Thomas Benest would appear to be that, 
though the Sector's grand-father, Edward 
Bisson, had bought the field in question froai 
Nicholas Benest in 1605 (see above^ the latter 
was held responsible for the rent in the 
Extcnte of 1607, and his son Thomas Benest 
had evidently been responsible for the pay- 
ment of it sometime between the yeai-s 1607 
and 1668. 
(ii) Elizabeth, daughter of Eaulin Benest and wife of 
Peter Faultrart sold land to Helier Le Gros in 
November 1603, (see Ilegistre Public, Book 1, 
fol. 89). 

In the registers of St. Brelade's, under date 21 
November 1630, we notice : — 

" Elizabeth fille de M'. Pre. Fautrart ministre 

( 9 ) 

(iii) a daughter who married, hefore 1605 Thomas Le 
Goupil (see Bcgistre Public, Book 1, fol. 265). 

?(iv) Philbert Benest, who, as ah-eady stated, bought a 
field " Du Quesne " from Nicholas Benest, son of 
Kaulin, in 1602. 

?(v) Thomas Benest. In 1601, Collette, widow of 
Thomas Benest and daughter of Yvon Bisson by 
Sainte, his wife, is mentioned as selling rents (see 
Begistrc Public, Book 1, fol. 159). 

This Thomas cannot be identical with Thomas, 
son of Nicholas, as, dying in or before 1604, he 
would not have inherited the land on which 
Thomas, son of Nicholas, paid rent. Nicholas 
was living in 1607. 

The children of Thomas are mentioned in 1604 
(see Begistrc Public, Book 1, fol. 165 and 201) 
as : — 

(i) John Benest, elder son. 
(ii) Isaac Benest, younger son. 

Without any definite proof to support the 
statement, w-e are incUned to think that the 
Benest descendants of Kaulin Benest (son of 
John) died out with his grandson or grandsons, 
and that a descendant of his brother, Noel, would 
then have become heir-male of their father, John, 
with whose name this account of the Benests of 
St. Laurence's commences. 

.(ii) Nicholas Benest, (son of John) died before 1607, then 
in the Extente of that year his heirs or assigns are 
debited with a rent "(for land on the fee of St. 
Germains) which John Benest paid in 1528. 

In 1749, a descendant of his brother Noel {viz. 
Elizabeth, heir of her brother Joshua Benest of the 
St. Brelade's branch of the family) paid the same 
rent, which w^ould appear to shew that Joshua 
Benest, who was heir-male of the said Noel, was 
consequently heir-male of this Nicholas, who evidently 
had no direct descendants living in 1749. 

The rent in question is untraceable in the Extente 
of 1668. 
(iii) Noel Benest, (son of John) of whom hereafter. 

(iv) a daughter of John Benest evidently married before 
1569 Eaulin Gibaut (see p. 11). 

( 10 ) 

i'(v) Peter Benest, the fatlier of : — 

(i) John Benest, (husband of Mary, clauf,'hter of John 
Sarre by Porretino, his wife), who sold an inheri- 
tance in 1602 (see licgistre Public, Book 1, fol. 
23) to PhiUp Benest, son of Noel, (for whom 
see below). 

II —NOEL BENEST, (son of John), as already stated on 
p. 8, divided lands with Eaulin Benest " aux Blanches Pierres" 
in St. Laurence's in 1572, havinj,' already in 1569 divided some 
of John Benest's property with Raulin Gibaut, causa uxoris. 

This is the " No6 Benest " who is described in the 
"Gen^alogie " as having been born about 1540; but, from the 
fact that his son John must have come of age in or about 1577, 
we are inclined to name 1530 as Noel Benest's probable year 
of birth, and 1555 (instead of the " G6n6alogie's " 1570) as "that 
of his son, Noel. Noel Benest, senior, married Genette, 
daughter of John Eegnauld, and had issue : — 

(i) John Benest, who is described in 1577 as of St. 
Laurence's and as " lils Noel et de Jenette sa femmo 
fiUe de Jean Eegnauld," he being then interested with 
his brother-in-law Ambroise Le Breton, caiisa uxoris, 
in a division of property. 

(ii) Noel Benest, of whom hereafter. 

(iii) Philip Benest, who in 1602 bought an inheritance 
from John Benest, son of Peter, (for whom see above). 
A " Philippe Benetz de Gerz6 " was admitted to 
Holy Communion on 15 November 1596 in the 
Huguenot Church at Southampton (vide the published 
registers of that church). 

(iv) Raulin " Benoest," son of Noel, who on 14 September 
1603 bought the house called " Hagays " from a 
Messervy (see Registre Public, Book 1, fol. 68). He 
may have been the " Eolin Benest " who man-ied 

Elizabeth , and whose children by her were 

baptized at St. Helier's ; they were : — 

(i) "Eolin," baptized 28 December 1603. This "Eolin," 
junior, may be identical with the Eaulin 
" Bennest " who married Elizabeth Baillehache " 
at St. Brelade's 17 January 1637/8, especially as- 
on 8 February of the same year she, being then a 
godmother, is described in the registers of St. 
Brelade's as " femme de Eaulin Benest, Junior." 

* not to he ronfuscd with Snra Daillehache, who n^arricd a Raulin Benest, Janior 
ot the St. Brelade's brunch), at St. Laurence's, on 3 February, 166S. 

( 11 ) 

(ii) Eachel, baptized 22 May 1605. 
(iii) John, baptized 19 April 1607. 
(v) Marguerite, daughter of Noel Benest, died in 1684, 

having married before 1577 Ambroise Le Breton, who 
• died in 1630 leaving issue by her (see 31st Bulletin of 

the Soci6t6 Jersiaise, p. 39). 

III.— NOEL BENEST, (son of Noel, son of John), would 
probably have been born about 1555, and not about 1570, as 
stated in the " Gen^alogie." The latter date must be quite 
wrong for at least two reasons; first, we have already seen, on 
p. 11, that his brother John must have been of age in J 577, 
and, second, if the property of Noel Benest (son of Noel) was 
divided " entre ses Enfans " in 1605, as stated in the 
•' Genealogie," then at least two of his children must have been 
■of age in 1605 w^iich would make Noel not older than 13 years 
when his eldest child was born ! 

He died in or before 1605, having had issue at least two 
sons : — 

(i) Philip Benest, of whom hereafter. 

(ii) a son, father of : — 

(i) Maximilian Benest, who married and had issue, 
into whose history, it is, however not our present 
intention to enter. 

IV.— PHILIP BENEST, (son of Noel, son of Noel), born 
eay about 1580. 

The " G^n6alogie " gives his birth-year as about 1600, but 
this date is impossible as his eldest son, Eaulin, could not have 
been born later than 1615, having a nephew and niece 
(children of his younger brother, John) both of age in 1657. 

The reason the " Gen(^alogie " goes astray in the birth- 
years of its first four generations is not hard to find. The 
.writer of it worked backwards from the fact that Eaulin, the 
great-grandfather of his cousin, Elizabeth Falle nee Benest, died 
in 1675, aged 48, and was therefore born in or about 1627. He 
knew that his cousin was descended from a Eaulin Benest, 
eldest brother of his own ancestor Peter Benest, and naturally 
concluded that these two Eaulin Benests were identical, when, 
as a matter of fact, the Eaulin who was born about 1627 was 
son of the Eaulin, brother of Peter. Having made this mistake 
it is natural that he should conclude : — 

(a) that his own ancestor, Peter, being the third son, was 

born about 1630. 

(b) that Peter's father, Philip, was born about 1600. 

(c) that Philip's father, Noel, was born about 1570. 

(d) that Noel's father, Noel, was born about 1540. 

( 12 ) 

The exact intervals of thii-ty years between these dates- 
show clearly the reasoning employed by the writer of the 
" G6n6alo^ie." 

Philip Benest, (son of Noel, son of Noel), married Sara 
Luce (see Registrc Public, Book 15, fol. 517), by whom he had 
issue as follows : — 

(i) Eaulin, 
(ii) Philip, 
(iii) Peter, whose great-great-grandson was the ancestor 

of the Benests of St, Helier's and whoso line we shall 

consequently follow in these notes. 
(iv) Abraham, for whose descendants see our pamphlet 

" x\ Short Account of the Descendants of Abraham 

Benest of Jersey."-'^ 
(v) Noel, 
(vi) John, 
?(vii) Jane Benest, " vefve de Thos Blampied," buried at 

St. Laurence's, 13 April 1676. 

Philip Benest and Sara Luce, his wife, are both described, 
in 1657, as deceased (liegistre Public, Book 15, fol. 517). 

Before considering the history of their third son, Peter, 
and his descendants, we would draw attention to the fact that 
his other brothers, Eaulin, Philip, Noel and John, all married 
and had issue, into whose history and that of their descendants 
it is not our present intention to enter. In our " Pedigree of 
the Benest Family of Jersey, July 1905 " we have endeavoured 
to summarize our voluminous notes on these other branches of 
the family, but are conscious that there is still much to be dono- 
before they are sufficiently complete to warrant publication in 
full. We wish, however, to take this opportunity of stating irr 
reference to the descendants of the eldest son, Raulin. that : — 

(a) the pedigree of the descendants of his eldest son, Eaulin, 

given on page 124 of Payne's " Armorial of Jersey," is 
utterly unreliable in its earlier generations. 

(b) " Andrew, b. 1774 " (see " Pedigree ") died after 1795 

and in or before 1827 at sea, unmarried. 

(c) Philip Benest, who was a Lieut, in the E.J.M., and a 

Captain in the E.N., married Susannah Le Ber, 
daughter of Samuel Le Ber, of Guernsey. 

Their two children were : — 

(i) Harriet-Susannah, who died unmarried. 

(ii) George-Philip Benest, Constable of St. Brelade's, who 
married Ellen-Campbell Fitzwalter, only surviving 
daughter of Captain John Fitzwalter, H.E.I.C.S. 

* Mr. O. P. Benest advises ns, under date .<) December, 1906, that no birtbs». 
marringes or deaths have occurud in liis branch of the family since that pamphlet was 

( 13 ) 

. (d) The said George-Philip Benest was the father of : — 

(i) George -Philip, born in the parish of St. Abb's, 
Oxford. He married Edith-Maria Powell, eldest 
daughter of Thos. Powell, of Edgbaston, co. Warw. 

Their only child, Cleone-de-Hevningham Benest, 
was born 13 June, 1880. 

(ii) Philip-George-Anthony, died young. 

(iii) Eaulin-Fitzwalter, born in Jersey, married 19 Novr., 
1879, at Brighton, Catharine Whetton. Their only 
child, Violet IJenest, was born, in Jersey, 3 Novr. 1881. 

(iv) Anthony -Philip -George, who died in Melbourne, 
Australia, had married in Sydney, Australia, Mary- 
Maud Cobham, daughter of Cobham, M.D., and 

left two daughters : — (i) Mary-Caroline, and (ii) 

(v) Ellen-Georgina, now living, unmarried, in Australia. 

(vi) Marion-Eebekah-Gasse, who died unmarried. 

(e) In view of the lack of sons to the children of George- 
Philip Benest and Ellen-Campbell Fitzwalter, it i3 
most probable that Eaulin Benest (son of Philip, son 
of Noel) will eventually be without a living male 
Benest descendant, and consequently the wbole of 
this, the eldest, branch of the Benest family may 
become extinct. 

v.— PETER BENEST, (son of Philip, son of Noel), was, 
according to the " G(in6alogie," Philip's third son and born 
about 1630. He may have been the third son, though it is 
doubtful where his brother, John, who is not mentioned in the 
" Gen6alogie," ranked in the family (we know only that he was 
not the eldest son) but that Peter was born about 1630 is 
certainly incorrect. How this error arose has already been 
explained. As his above-mentioned brother John had two 
children of age in 1657, we may take it that Peter was born 
^bout 1615— certainly not later. He received a share oi his 
father's property on 23 September 1657 ; of this it is said in 
the " G6n6alogie " that : — 

The house and lands which belonged to him in 1657 
were in the same locality as the house which John 
Benest [yzs. the Vv-riter of the " Gt^nealogie "] , son of 
Philip, ceded in 1784 to his brother, Francis, as the 
latter's share of a " Fartage," and that this house 
(together with such lands as remained after the 
various " Partagcs " which had occurred in the 
meantime) was from 1657 until then [1808] owned by 
the same family of the Benests. 

( U ) 

Peter was evidently still living on 16 September 1688) as 
his son is then still described as " Peter Benest, Junior"), he 
married Catlierine Saison, and both ho and his ^\ife are 
described on 8 May 1703 as " deceased " (see Iie<jistrc Public, 
Book 27, fol. 234). They had issue :— 

(i) Peter, of whom hereafter. 

(ii) Philip, baptized at St, Laurence's 29 November 1657 

(Godparents •■: — Philip Benest and his wife). He was 

godfather in 1677 to Peter Benest, son of Peter, son 

of Peter, 
(iii) EHzabeth, baptized at St. Laurence's 21 April 1661 

(Godparents : — Philip Tracy and his wife), 
(iv) Catherine, baptized at St. Laurence's 6 March 1663 

(Godparents: — '• Jeremie Baall, junior & Fran9oise 

(v) Abraham, baptized at St. Laurence's 23 March 1669. 

(Godparents :— " the son of Abraham Benest of St. 

Peter "and Fran9oise Esnouf). Still living in 1703 

{Begistre Public, Book 27, fol. 234, 8 May 1703). 
?(vi) Sarah, godmother in 1677 to Peter Benest, son of 

Peter, son of Peter. 

YI._PETER BENEST, (son of Peter, son of Philip), _is 
mentioned in the " Genealogie " as being born about 1657. 
This date is almost accurate, but in view of his younger 
brother, Philip, being baptized in November 1657, we prefer to 
put the approximate year of his birth as 1656. The writer of 
the " Gent^alogie " probably arrived at the year 1657 by 
deducting Peter's age at death from the date of death, which 
method frequently causes the result to be a year wrong, either 
too early or too late. On 9 May 1674, Peter mamod Elizabeth 
Luce at St. Laurence's. 

On 3 May 1684, Philip Luce and Elizabeth Luce, wife of 
Peter Benest, (children of the deceased Elias Luce and of the 
deceased Jane Gallichan, his wife) cede all the property coming 
to them from their said parents to John Luce their elder 
brother (see Begistre Public, Book 23, fol. 127). 

On 31 October 1687, Peter Benest Junior cedes to his 
eldest son, also called Peter Benest Junior, his house, etc., and 
one cabot of wheat-rent due from the heirs of Noel Benest 
(see Begistre Public, Book 24, fol. 59). 

* Until the bcsinning of the nineteenth century, we have noted the godparents 
from the Church Registers of Baptisms and the F.xmily Bible, as valuable information 
13 contained in these names (»•.(/. probability, and frequently proof, of relations'hip. also 
nroof of friendship between the parents and Rodparents and, of course, of the latter 
beinc still living at the date of the baptism). It is regrettable that the uiajonty of the 
parish registers in English churches, unlike those of Jersay, contain no note of the 
godparents' names. 

( 15 ) 

On 8 May 1703, Peter Benest {viz. the husband of 
Elizabeth Luce) is described as his father's eldest son (see 
Begistre Public, Book 27, fol. 234). 

His children were : — 

(i) Elizabeth, baptized at St. Laurence's 29 November 
1674 (Godparents :— Peter Benest and his wite, viz. 
the paternal grandparents of the child). 

(ii) Peter, baptized at St. Laurence's 5 August 1677 
(Godparents :— Philip and Sarah Benest). 

(iii^ Eaulin, baptized at St. Laurence's 2 March 1678 
< (Godparents :— Jeremie Ball and Sarra Le Masurier, 

his wife). » rM. t 

He may be the Eaulin Benest of St. Laurence s, 
who married 20 July 1700 at St. Heller's Anne Le 
Gros, of St. Laurence's, though we are mclmed to 
think that Anne Le Gros' husband was a son of the 
Maximilian Benest mentioned on p. 12. 

(iv) John, of whom hereafter. 

(v) Mary, baptized at St. Laurence's 19 April 1685 

(Godfather :— Eaulin Benest). 
(vi) Philip, baptized at St. Laurence's 16 September 1688 

(Godparents :— Philip Luce and his wife). 

(vii) William, baptized at St. Laurence's 13 November 
1692 (Godparents :— Phihp Le Boutillier and his wife). 

YII —JOHN BENEST, (son of Peter, son of Peter) was 
baptized" at St. Laurence's 8 October 1682 (Godparents :-John 
Belin and his mother). According to the " Genealogie _ he 
was born about 1681, this date also probably being ascertained 
by deducting his age at death from the date of his death. 

He is most probably identical with the John Benest 
mentioned in the following extract from the burial register of 
St. Heller's : — 

"Jean Benest Se' fut enterr^ le vingtcinquieme 
jour de Mars Mille Sept Cents quarante deux." (1742) 

He may be the John Benest who married Mary Gibaut 
(see the " Genealogie " and p. 6). 

His children were : — 

( 16 ) 

(i) Jolin Benest, who was born in 1710 (see the 
*' G6n6alogie "), married Anne'S daughter of a William 

His is probably the burial recorded in the register 
of St. Helier's under date 1747 : — 

" Jean Benest fils Jean fut enterr6 le dix- 
septieme jour de Mars Mille Sept Cents quarante 

Another entry in the same register under date 1735 
refers probably to a child of this John by Anne 
Benest : — 

" Jean fils de Jean Benest fils Jer.n fut enterr6 
le neufieme jour de juin Mille Sept Cents trente 

However this may be, they had a son, John, born 
in 1741, from whom, at his death s.p. in 17b3, his 
uncle : — 
(ii) Philip Benest, (born 1712), inherited the family house, 
presumably situated in St. Helier's parish. Of this 
Philip hereafter : — 
?(iii) Mary. In 1740 we find John Benest and his 
daughter, Mary, were godparents at St. Laurence's 
to Joshua, son of Philip Benest. 

A Mary Benest, of St. Laurence's, was married there 
on 29 September 1745 to Joshua Gallichan, Junior, 
also of that parish. Their children were : — 

(i) Mary Gallichan, baptized at St. Laurence's, 12 
November 1749 (Gonparents :— Philip Lauglois and 
Sara De Rue, his wifej. 

(ii) Elizabeth Gallichan, baptized at St. Laurence's. 7 
Ma}' 1752 (Godparents:— John Benest and Elizabeth 
Le Cras, widow of Abraham Gibaut). 

(iii) Rachel Gallichan, baptized at St. Laurence's, 16 
November 1755 (Godparents :— Helier Gallichan 
and Mary Le Cornu, his wife). 

* Perhaps his first-cousin. The following references to the liojistre riiblic may Ihj 
found of use in tracing her hi8tor>- :— 

Book ()5, fol. 2 — mentions Ahrahnm, John and Philip Benest (brothers). Aiiiie 
Jirnext, daughter of William Benest and wife of said John Benefit. Their son, 
John, and John the son of said Philip. 
Book 67, fol. 129 (17N), to which the above notes make frequent reference, mentions 

also Aiiiie Ueiii'st, mother of John. 
Book 73, fol. 45 {!il October 1789), mentions a William Benest and his three 
daughters : — (i) Catherine, wife of Matthew Hocquard (ii) Elizabeth, wife of John 
Nicolle, and (iii) Amm lltufst, deceased. 
The combination " William Benest " is uncommon. " William, son of William " 
And " William, son of John " were baptized at St. Helier's in 1053 and IWiS resi>eetively. 
•' William, son of Peter " at St. Laurence's in ICAK, us mentioned above. .■V " Willioin 
Benest " married in 1G97, Mary Kerbel, at St. Helier's; one (perhaps the same) was 
buried there in 1726, and William, son of Wm.-Le Bas Benest, was bom in 18S4, but at 
<he moment we can recall no others of this name, whilst we have more than 4& distinct 
** John Bcncsts " among our notes. 

( 17 ) 

?(iv) Abraham, who was godfather in 1742 to Sarah, 
daughter of PhiHp Benest. He may be identical with 
the Abraham Benest, of St. Laurence's, who married 
at St. Helier's Jane Esnouf, also of St. Laurence's, 
(our note says " on 22 September 1748," but this is 
obviously incorrect, as) their son PhiUp, was baptized 
at St. Laurence's on 2 February 1745 (Godparents : — 
Philip Maret and his wife). 

An x\braham Benest w'as buried at St. Laurence's 
21 November 1748. 

?(v) Sarah, buried at St. Laurence's 30 January 1742, 
widow of Matthew Trachy. 
or ?(v) Sarah, who married Eaulin Le Gros, and had issue: — 

(i) a child, baptized at St. Laurence's, 5 January 1745. 
(ii) Jane Le Gros, baptized at St. Laurence's, 24 

September 1747 (Godparents :— George Du Pre and 

Jane Aubin, his wife), 
(iii) Joshua Le Gros, baptized at St. Laurence's, 9 

July 1749 (Godparents : — John Langlois and Susan 

De Ste. Croix). 

?(Yi) Anne, who married John De Ste. Croix. She was 
buried at St. Laurence's, 8 June 1747, being then 
described as his wife, so he evidently survived her. 

?(vii) Jane " Ben6e," of St. Laurence's, who married at St. 
Helier's, 28 May [?1739] , Laurence Langlois, also of 
St. Laurence's. Their children w^ere : — 

(i) Matthew Langlois, baptized at St. Laurence's, 27 
April 1746. His godparents were Matthew Dorey 
and Magdelaine Romeril, his wife. (Madeleine, 
nee Romeril, widow, was buried at St. Laurence's, 
19 September 1755. She had been three times 
married, istly to a Philip Benest, 2ndly to Noel Le 
Sueur and 3rdly to the said Matthew Dorey). 

(ii) Elizabeth Langlois, baptized at St. Laurence's, 20 
March 1747 (Godparents :— Matthew Dorey, Junior, 
and Elizabeth Le Sueur, his wife). 

(iii) Helier Langlois, baptized at St. Laurence's, 14 
October T750 (Godparents : — Helier Romeril and 
Jane Laffoley). 

VIII.— PHILIP BENEST, (son of John, son of Peter), 
born 1712 (see the " G6nealogie "), inherited in 1783, as stated 
above, a house from his nephew John Benest, son of John. 

He married firstly Sarah Vautier. "We do not know much 
at present about her family, but she probably had two sisters : — 
(i) Elizabeth Vautier wife of Philip Poingdestre, both godparents 
to Philip Benest's son, Philip, in 1748, and (ii) Jane Vautier, 
wife of Francis de la Cour, both godparents to Philip Benest's 
son, Francis, in 1744. They had a son, Philip de la Cour, 
baptized at St. Laurence's, 10 December 1747, to whom Philip 

( 18 ) 

Benest and his wife, Sarah Vautier, were godparents. Sarah 
Vautier, may also have had a brother, the father of Jane Vautier 
"who became the first wife of Philip Benest, son of Philip 
Benest by the said Sarah Vautier. 

This Sarah Benest, 7i6c Vautier, died before 18 December 
1784, when her property was divided. By her, Philip Benest 
had issue : — 

(i) Philip, buried at St.Laur8nce's,27 August 1741 (?1744). 

(ii) John Benest, born 1737, of whom hereafter. 

(iii) Joshua, baptized at St. Laurence's, 19 October 1740 

(Godparents: — John Benest and Marv, Ins daughter) ; 

buried at St. Laurence's, 29 August 1741 (? 1744). 
(iv) Sarah, baptized at St. Laurence's, 17 October 1742 

(Godparents : — Abraham Benest and Sarah Gibaut). 
(v) Francis, baptized at St. Laurence's, 28 October 1'744 

(Godparents : — Francis de la Cour and Jane Vautier, 

his wife — see above). For him and his descendants 

see p. 31. 
(vi) Anne, baptized at St. Laurence's, 30 November 1746 

(Godparents : — Philip Romeril and Anne Voisin, his 


She married 8 January 1785 at St. Laurence's, 

John Luce. 
In 1786, they were godparents at St. Laurence's to 

her nephew John, son of Philip Benest. 

On 17 October 1792, they were godparents at St. 

Laurence's to John, son of Philip de Ste. Croix by 

Mary de Ste. Croix, hia wife, 
(yii) Philip, baptized at St. Laurence's, 18 December 

1748 (Godparents : — Philip Poingdestre and Elizabeth 

Vautier, his wife — see above). 

For him and his descendants see p. 33. 
(viii) Elizabeth, baptized at St. Laurence's, 28 July 1751 

(Godparents : — William Sorsoleil and Dem"*" Elizabeth 


She married 3 April 1779 at St. Saviour's, John 
Cailleteau, of St. Heliers. 

In 1773, she was godmother to her nephew, George, 
son of John Benest, 

In 1784, she is mentioned as the v,-ife of John 
Cailleteau in the " Partage " of her's property. 
In 1788, she and her husband John " Calletot " were 
godparents at St. Laurence's to her niece, Jane, 
daughter of Philip Benest. 

In July 1792, they were godparents at St. Laurence's 
to her niece, Elizabeth, daughter of Francis Benest. 

( 19 ) 

In September 1792, they were godparents at St. 
Laurence's to her niece, Ehzabeth, daughter of PhiHp 

In 1801, her grand-nephew, Charles Bisson (son of 
Phihp Bisson by Elizabeth Benest, his wife) had as 
godmother his aunt Elizabeth " Benest." 
(ix) Jane, baptized at St. Laurence's, 25 August 1754 
(Godparents : — Abraham Bisson and Dem"' Jane 

In 1784, she is described as the wife of Francis 
Luce (see Begistre Public, Book 67, fol. 129). 
Philip Benest married secondly Jane Aubin, and by her 
had a daughter : — 

(x) Mary, a minor in 1784 (see Begistre Piiblic, Book 67, 

fol. 129). 
On 18 December 1784, Philip Benest divided his property 
among his children. The "Partage" is in the Begistre Public, 
Book 67, fol. 129. The second surviving son, Francis, received 
a house near the Carrefour S6lous in St. Laurence's, his father 
reserving unto himself the right of living in it until his death. 
From the " Genealogie " it would appear that this house was 
the same which Philip's great-grandfather, Peter Benest, 
received in 1657, and that in 1808 it was still in the hands 
of the descendants of this Francis Benest. 


\'A c S shewn above, three of the sons of Philip Benest (son of 
oMX. John, son of Peter, son of Peter, the third son of Philip, 
^=^ son of Noel, son of Noel, son of John Benest), founded 
fresh branches of the family, of which the senior branch is that 
of St. Helier's springing from Philip's eldest surviving son : — 

IX.— JOHN BENEST, whose birth in 1737 is the first 
entry in the Family Bible, and reads : — 

" Jean Benest fils Ph. & de Sara Vautier sa feme ne 
le 25 jour de May 1737 au Vieux Stile qui est a present 
le 5 juin, et presente au Bat^me le 16 par ^f'. Jean 
Langlois et M™*" Eachel Le Cras, qui apres fut la feme 
du d' S' Langlois." 

The entry of his marriage, in 1767, with Mary Le Breton, 
occurs in the registers of St, Helier's : — 

" M^ Jean Benest de la Paroisse de St. Laurent & 
M"^ Marie Le Breton de la Paroisse de St. Helier 
furent maries ensemble le Cinquieme jour de Mars 
Mille sept cent Soixante Sept." 

( 20 ) 

She was the daughter of Charles Le Breton by Mary 
Herman, his wife, and was baptized ut St. HeHer's 23 Octolxir 
1743 (Godparents :— Francis Le Clcrc and Esther Le Clerc, liis 

On 28 November 1784, John Benest and Mary Le Breton, 
his wife, were godparents at St. Laurence's to "his nephew, 
PhiHp Benest, son of Philip, 

On 18 December 1784, he received in his father's 
•' Partage " the family house which his father had inherited in 
1783 from his nephew, but John Benest had to pay his father 
forty Hvres old currency j^er annum for it. 

In 1794, 1796 and 1800 respectively he was godfather to 
his grandchildren :— Elizabeth Bisson, John Coutanche and 
John Bisson. In 1799 he was godfather to his two grand- 
children John Benest and Mary Elizabeth Wright. 

On 1 March 1808, he wrote the " G6n6alogie " being then 
nearly 71 years old. 

In 18i8 and May 1821 respectively, he was godfather to 
his great grandchildren Edward Mauger and Jane-Matilda 

As already shewn, it is to him that we are indebted for 
practically all the entries in the Family Bible. He evidently 
kept all his faculties until his end as the last entry in his 
handwriting refers to a baptism which occurred only four 
months before his death. He survived both his sons and died 
in 1821, aged 84, and was buried in the churcliyard of St. 
Helier's : — ■ 

" Mons"" Jean Benest, Sen"", fut enterr6 le troisieme 
d'Octobre mil huit cent vingt-un." 

We are told that his grandson, John Benest, caused the 
" Clameur d'Haro" to be called over his grave when the 
authorities proposed to desecrate it by either construciing a 
new street or widening an old one at the expense of that portion 
of the churchyard in Avhich he had been buried. A large oil- 
painted portrait of this venerable old gentleman is now in the 
possession of the Rev. John-William Benest, his great grandson. 
It is unfortunately too indistinct to permit of re-production in 
these notes. 

By his wife, Mary Le Breton, he had issue : — 

(i) Mary, born 9 May, baptized Jo May 17G7 at St. 
Helier's (Godparents: — Francis Benest and Elizabeth 
Mahaut); died 28 June, buried 1 July 177J, at St. 

(ii) Elizabeth, born 8 March, baptized IG March 1769 at 
St. Helier's (Godparents : — Edward Patriarche and 
Elizabeth Patriarche, wife of Nicholas Messervy). In 
1799, she was godmother to her niece, Mary-Elizabetli 

( 21 ) 

She married Philip Bisson, and had issue : — 

(i) Elizabeth Bisson, born 14 March, baptized 3 April 
1794 (Godparents r— John Benest and Anne Benest, 
grandfather and aunt respectively of the child). 

(ii) Philip Bisson. born 8 Februarj-, baptized 26 
February 1796 ((xodparents : — Philip Lys and Mary 
Messervy, his wife). 

(iii) George Bisson, born 9 September, baptized i Oct. 
1797 (Godparents:— the child's father and his aunt, 
Mary Benest). 

(iv) Mary Bisson, born 22 January , baptized 8 February 
1799 '(Godparents : — Samuel Wright and Mrs. 
Crofton. widow of an Officer in the Army). 

(v) John Bisson, born 25 February, baptized 28 
February 1800 (Godparents : — John Benest the 
child's grandfather representing John Benest, the 
child's uncle, and Jane Le Geyt, wife of the last- 

(vi) Charles Bisson, born 2 March, baptized ii March 
1801 (Godparents: -John Benest, son of Francis, 
and the child's aunt, Elizabeth Benest). 

(vii) Dumaresq Bisson, born 30 May. baptized 21 June 
1803 (Godparents :— his father and mother). 

(viii; WiUiam-Stiles Bisson, born 20 June, baptized 12 
August 1805 (Godparents:— John Stiles, Captain of 
the frigate "• Alcmene,''' " qui ete a cet Epoque sur 
la Rade a Jer.«ey." and Charles De la Garde. Junior, 
representing William Home and his wife, Caroline- 
Mary Home. 

(ix) Couteur, born 13 June, baptized 26 July 1809 
(his godparents were :— John Le Couteur and .... 
Dumaresq, his wifej. 

(x) Edward, born 11 March, baptized 21 July 1811. 

(iii) John Benest, of whom hereafter. 

(iv) George, born 13 February, baptized 26 February 1773 
at St. Heher's (Godparents : — his father and his aunt, 
EHzabeth Benest, representing their distant cousins, 
George Benest and EHzabeth Hamon, his wife, " qui 
le Mauvai terns empecha de Venir a tems pour le 
Batem.") Under date 9 August 1815, in the registers 
of St. Helier's, is the entry of the burial of a 

" Mons' George Benest fils Jean." 

(v) Mary, born 27 January, baptized 8 February 1775 at 
St. Helier's (Godparents : — Peter Mauger and Mary 
Marett, his wife). She died 14 April 1775. 

(vi) Anne, born 7 May, baptized 15 May 1776 at St. 
Helier's (Godparents : — Francis Langlois and Anne 
Payn, who shortly afterwards married Eichard Le 

She was godmother to her niece, Elizabeth Bisson, 
in 1794. 

( 22 ) 

On 2 January 179G, she married at St. Heller's, 
John Coutanche, and had issue : — 

(i) John Coutanche, born 21 September, baptized 25 

September 1796 (Godparents : -Jo!in Benest and 

Mary Benest, grandfather and aunt respectively of 

the child). ^ 

(ii) Philip Coutanche, born 1799. and baptized on 29 

May of that year (Godparents : — his parents), 
(iii) a .son, born 3 July 1800. 

(iv) Nancy Coutanche, born in I^ondon, 29 November 
(vii) Mary, born 16 July, baptized 29 July 1778 at St. 
Helier's (Godparents : — John Richardson and liis 
second wife, Mary Chevallier). 

In 1796 and 1797 respectively, she was godmother 
to her nephews, John Coutanche and George Bisson. 
On 15 December 1797, she married at St. Helier's, 
Samuel Wright (who, we understand, died at St. 
John's Eectory). In 1799, he was godfather to his 
wife's niece, Mary Bisson. 

In May 1820, she was godmother to her grand- 
daughter, Mary Mauger. 
They had issue : — 
(i) Samuel Wright, born i February, baptized 4 
February 1801 (Godparents:— Nicholas Le Quesne 
and Frances Neel, his Nvifc). 
(ii) iMary-Hlizabeth Wright, born 5 June, baptized 26 
June 1799 (Godparents:— John Benest and Klizabeth 
Benest, grandfather and aunt respectively of the 

She married Edward Mauger (son of ... . Mauger 
by Jane Le Brocq, his wife;, and had issue: — 

(i) Edward IMauger, born 21 July, baptized 20 
September 18 18 (Godparents:— John Benest, 
his great grandfather, and Jane Le Brocq, his 
(ii) Mary Mauger, born 13 Ma} , baptized 21 May 
1820 (Godparents : — lohn Mauger and Mary 
Benost, uncle and grandmother respectively 
of the child), 
(viii) Jane, born 7 May, baptized 26 May 1780 at St. 
Helier's (Godparents : — Francis Ydan aud Jane Durell, 
his wife). 

She died on 8 November 1780. 

X.— JOHN BENEST, (eldest son of John, son of Philip), 
was born 25 February and baptized at St. Helier's, 6 Mardi, 
1771. The entry of his baptism in the church registers 
reads — 

" Jean fils de M'' Jean Benest &, de M'"= Marie Le 
Breton sa femme fut baptize le sixieme jour de Mars 
Mille Sept Cents septante un, M' Jean Langlois »fe 
M"* Rachel Le Cras, sa femme, I'arrain &, Marraine." 

( 23 ) 

His godparents were those who had stood for his father 
thirty-four years pr3vioasly, which curious fact is noted in the 
Family Bible. 

In 1797, he married Jane, second daughter and eventual 
co-heiress of Philip Le Geyt-(it^Eauvet, of St. Saviour's, by 
Jane Mourant, his wife. 

Jane Le Geyt's ancestry is to be found in our pamphlet 
" A Short Account of the Le Geyt-f/i7-Eauvet Family, of St. 
Saviour's," on page 16 of which her name occurs.''' 

For her descent (through the Pelliers, Eichardsons, 
Dumaresqs, Lemprieres, De Cai'terets, de Albinis and the Earla 
of Huntingdon) from the Dukes of Normandy, see the 
" Genealogical Magazine " for 1900 and 1901. 

She was baptized 11 January 1776 and died in 1803. 

In 1800, John lienest and Jane Le Geyt, his wife, were 
godparents to their nephew, John Bisson. 

On 25 November 1818, he was godfather to his grand- 
daughter, Mary-Elizabeth Benest, who is still living. 

He died in 1819 (during the lifetime of his father) and was 
buried at St. Helier's on 26 May 1819, the entry in the church 
registers reading as follows : — 

" Mons' Jean Benest, Jun"", fut enterr6 le vingt- 
sixieme Mai, mil huit cent dix neuf," 

The " Partage " of his property is recorded in the Registry 
ruhlic (Book 127, fol. 65 to 68) and is dated 17 July 1819, 
from it we see that besides his house in La Motte Street, he 
had another, No 12 on the Quay. 

On 19 August 1819, Administration of the goods of John 
Benest, Junior, late of Jersey, widower. Merchant, deceased, 
was granted to John Benest (the Younger) his son and next of 
kin. Sworn at £600 [presumably only so far as his goods in 
England were concerned] , see Somerset House records. 

It will be seen from the last four paragraphs that the note 
"oh. avant 1803" placed against his name in the Le Geyt 
pedigree published by the Soci^te Jersiaise (29th Bulletin, 
p. 250) is incorrect. 

John Benest and Jane Le Geyt, his wife, had issue only 
one son and one daughter : — • 

(i) John, born 1799 ; of whom hereafter. 

(ii) Jane, born 16 November, baptized 10 December 1800 
(Godparents : — Peter Simonette, also Anne and Mary 
Le Geyt, aunts of the child. Peter married Anne in 

* Those who possess copies of the Le Geyt pamphlet are requested to alter the 
word " J'ttblique " (on page I'J, line 13, and page 14, line 11) into " I'ublic," 

( 24 ) 

She married on 25 May 1818 James-Ryan Smvll),'- 
a native of Ireland. He joined ihe' lotli root 
3 September 1812 and retired on half pay in 1817. His 
age was 67 at his death on 1 Novtinber 1855. A 
miniature portrait of him is in the possession of Miss 
G. M. Bernau, His wife (whose miniature portrait is 
in the possession of Miss Benest, of " Sid Court," 
Redhill) died childless on 15 April 1856, and lies 
buried with lier husband in the cliurchyard of St. 
Saviour's. As will be seen later, her " Pnrtage " is 
recorded in the Beglatrc Pubhc, Book 21G, fol. 27. 

XI.— JOHN BENEST, (only son of John, eldest son of 
John), was born 5 February and baptized at St. Helier's 13 
February 1799, the entry in the church register reading: — 

" Jean fils de Mons' Jean Benest & de D'"^ Jeanne 
Le Geyt sa femme fut baptise le treisieme Jour de 
Fevrier mil sept cent quatrevingt dix neuf Mons"" Jean 
Benest grandpere parain & D"*^ Jeanne Mourant 
femme de Mons' Philippe Lc Geyt, grandmere, it D'* 
Marie Le Geyt, tante, marraines." 

He married on 17 January 1818 Mary-Elizabeth Millais, 
elder daughter of John Millais by his' wife, Sarah-]^Iary 
Matthews, wiio was the daughter 'of William ^latthews by 
Mary Luce, his wife. Mary-Eiizabeth Millais (who was aunt 
to the late Sir John-Everett Millais, Bai'onct, President of the 
Eoyal Academy, etc.) was born 27 January and baptized at St. 
Helier's 28 February 1798. She died in London 2G January 
1876, on the eve of her 78th birthday, and is buried at Highgate. 
She was third cousin to her hushand through his mother [nee 
Le Geyt) and her great grandmother (also lu'e Le Gevt). 
By her, John Benest had twelve children. He died 14 October 
1855 (not " 1865 " as stated, tlirough a printer's error, in the 
'• Pedigree of the Benest Family of Jersey.") In the Ecgistre 
Fahlic (Book 216, fol. 27) will be found the " Fortagcs " of his 
and his sister's property. 

Large oil-painted portraits of him and his wife are now in 
the possession of the Key. John-William Benest, their eldest 
son. Like the portrait of John Benest's grandfather, his also 
is too indistinct to permit of re-production, but that of his wife 
will be found opposite page 28. j o cri^ /« *^r> 

Their children were: — LoOO^tOO 

(i) Mary Ann, born at St. Helier's 6 November and 
baptized 25 November 1818 (Godparents : — ^^John 
J3cnest, "Junior," her grandfather, and Sarah-Mary 

• For piirtiiiilars about his relatives in IiclaJiil, see ".Vo.'fs uml Witiit^," for 
6 Deer. ISOfi, p. 401. 

( 25 ) 

Millais, nee Matthews, her grandmother). She is now 
Uving, unmarried, at " Sid Court," RedhiU, co. Surrey, 
after having resided for many years at No. 41 York 
Terrace, Eegent's Park, London. 

(ii) Jane- Matilda, born at St. Heher's 30 June, baptized 
in private 32 Julv 1820, and in the church on 4 May 
1821 (Godparents:— John Benest, her great grand- 
father, and Jane Smyth, nee Benest, her aunt). 

She married at St.Helier's on 8 April 1844; WilHam 
Janvrin (born 17 February 1814 ; died 24 December 
1871; buried with his wife at Highgate ; he was a 
brother of Louisa-Mary Janvrin, mentioned on p. 30) 
and, dying in London on 25 August 1853, ten days 
after the birth of her son, left issue :— 

(i) TVIarv-Elizabeth Janvrin, living unmarried at " Sid 

Court," Redhill. 
(ii) Alice-Jane Janvrin, living unmarried at " Sid Court," 

(iii) Anna-Louisa Janvnn, died unmarried at York 
Terrace, Regents' Park, London. . 

An Altar to her memory has been erected in 
Trinity Church, Portland Road, London. 
(iv) Laura-Ann Janvrin, living unmarried at "Sid 

Court," Redhill. 
(v) William-Langston-Benest Janvrin, born in London 
IS August 1853. M.A. Clare College, Cambridge; 
Deacon, 1878; Priest, 1879; curate of St. Saviours, 
Fitzroy-square, London, W., 1878-81. of Sher- 
rington, CO. Bucks., 1881-2: chaplain of E. Ridmg 
asvlum and perp. cur. in Beveriey Minster co. 
Yorks i88''-9i; vicar of Southwold, co. Suftolk, 
iSqi-^ ; chaplain of the Union and Industrial 
School from 1S94, of the General Hospital, Hereford 
from 1899; vicar from 1893 of St. Peter's, Hereford. 
He married at Holy Trinity Church, Marylebone, 
on 12 June 1879, Emily-M and -Madeleine Beavis, 
born in London 10 September 1861. Their children 
are : — 

(i) Reginald-Beavis-Le Breton Janvrin, born iu 

London, 11 March 1880. Living, unmarried. 

(ii) Claud-William Janvrin, born at Sherrington, 

CO. Bucks., II April 1881. Living, unmarried. 

(iii) Ralph-Benest Janvrin, born at Beverley, i? 

September 1884. Living, unmarried. 

(iv) Madeleine-Millais Janvrin, born at Beverley, 

20 January 18S6. Living, unmarried. 

(iii) Anna-Maria, born at St. Heller's 12 December 1821 : 
died at Portswood 1 July 1879 ; buried at Highfield, 

( 26 ) 

She married at St. Heller's 17 January 1842, George 
Everett, M.D., (born at Ilevtesburv, co*. Wilts 5 Sep- 
tember 1810; died 6 March 18G2 at Portswood. Ijcing 
buried with his wife at Ilighgato ; a brother of William'! 
Marvyn Everett who married George Everett's wife's 
aunt, Anna-Maria Millais), and had issue : 

(i) Mary. Hart Everett, born at New Norfolk, Tasmania, 

20 April 1843; now living (unmarried) at Shipley, 

Bradford, co. York. 
(ii) John-Hart Everett, born at Ross. Tasniajiia, 20 June 

1S45 ; died there on 27 November 1853. 
(iii) George-FIart Everett, born at Norfolk Island, 17 April 

1847 ; died there on 3 February 1849. 
(iv) Alfred-Hart Everett, born at Norfolk Island, t: 

October 1S48 ; died ^unmarried) in London, 18 June 

1898. He -was a "Resident" of the Sarawak 

Government vService. 
(v) Harold-Hart Everett, born at Norfolk Island 20 

March 1850; now living (unmarried;, an ]-,ngincer, 

at Sarawak. 
(vi) Annie-Hart Everett, born at Ross, Tasmania, 9 Dec. 

1852 ; died at Shipley, Bradford, co. York, 

27 January 1S79. 
She married at Portswood, 15 December 1874. 

Stephen. Philip Unwin, Wool Merchant, (born 28 

April 1S35 ; now living at Shipley) and had issue : — 

(i) Maurice-Everett I'^nwin. born at Shipley 18 
January 1876; now livinj,', unmarried. An 
(ii) Arthur-Bright Unwin, born at Shipley, 15 
July 1877 ; died there on 30th of same 
(lii) "William-Herbert, born at Shipley, 
17 January J 879 ; died there on 22nd of sanie 

(vii) Arthur-Hart Everett, born at Ross. Tasmania, 
6 Januar}- 1S55 ; died iu Jersey 24th June the same 
(viii) Frederick-Hart Everett, born at St. Helier's 16 
October 1856 ; nov/ living at Willesden Green. 

He married at Hampstead, 6 .'\ugust 1890, .\lice- 
Kate Duncum (now- living) and has issue : — 

(i) Frederick-Harold Everett, born at West 

Kensington, 22 I\Iay 1891 ; living. 
(ii) Leslie-Frank Everett, born at Tatsfield, co. 
Surrey, 20 September 1896 ; living. 

(iv) John-William Benest, born 1823 ; of whom hereafter. 

(v) Edward-Everett Benest, Member of the Institution of 
Civil Engineers; born at St. IJelier's, 21 August 1824 ; 
died at Brixton, London, 24 November 1901 ; buried 
at Lambeth Cemetery, Tooting. 

( 27 ) 

He married firstly, at Gillingham, co. Norfolk, 13 

October 1852, Esther-Shaw Parker (eldest surviving 

daughter of Thomas Parker, of Gillingham, by Esther 

Shaw, his wife, who was a sister of Mary-Ann Wilson, 

iiee Shaw, mentioned on p. 29). She was born at No. 

19 Milk Street, St. Laurence Jewry, London, 30 July 

1828, and died at Clements Hill, New Catton, Norwich, 

11 May 1855, being buried at Christ Church, New 

Catton ; letters of administration of her property being 

granted to her husband 5 October 1859. Her only 

child : — 

(i) Edward-Benest-Shaw Benest, Associate Member of 

the Institution of Civil Engineers, Fellow of the 

Eoyal Geographical Society, Fellowof the Society 

of Arts and Member of the Instituto Polytechnica 

[Institution of Civil Engineers] de Eio Janeiro. 

He was born at Catton, Norwich, 30 July 1853, 
and married firstly on 3 August 1882 at Eio, 
Flora MacKinnell (daughter of Alfred Mac- 
Kinnell by Eliza- Ann Heatherly, his wife), born 
1 October 1864, died at Earl's Court, London, 
1 x\ugust, 1895, having had issue : — 
(i) Esther-Lilian, born at Eio, 4 June 1883 ; living, 

(ii) x\lfred-Edward-Diniz, born at Clapham, 7 June 

1884 ; died at Eio in January 1885. 
(iii) Frank-Millais Benest, born at Clapham, 

8 September 1885 ; living, unmarried. 

(iv) Isabel-Violet, born at Eio, 23 January 1887 ; 

living, immarried. 
(v) Edward-Ernest Benest, born at Westminster, 

9 October 1891 ; living. 
Edward-Benest-Shaw Benest married secondly 

on 1 July 1897 at St. Andrew's, Deal, co. Kent, 
Annie- Sophia Eippin (eldest daughter of Daniel 
Eippin, of Wartnaby, co. Leic, by his wife, 
Mary -Jane Poole, of Ingoldsby, co. Line. 
Edward-Everett Benest, married secondly on 29 
April 1869 at Eio, Mary Lucas (daughter of Eobert 
Lucas by Mary Williams, his wife), born in Liverpool 
19 December 1847 ; now living at Brixton. By her 
he had issue : — 
(ii) Francis-Edward Benest, born at Liverpool 12 July 
1871 ; now living at Brixton. 

He married on 21 April, 1904 at Ealing, 
Charlotte-Elizabeth-Maud Ingram (daughter of 
the Eev. David-Caldicott Ingram, late of Blair- 
gowrie, N.B., by Elizabeth-Ann White, his wife.) 

( 28 ) 



(Born, 1798; Died, 1876). 

l-'of ichom see />ii,i;c .'.,-. 

(iii) Philip-Millais Benest, boin at Bromley, co. Kent, 
25 March 1873; now living at Pendleton, near 

He, married on 24 September 1901 at St. 
Philip's, Buckingham Palace Roa.], London, Alice- 
Mary Hurst (daughter of George Hurst, late of 
Warwick Street, Pimlico, by Abigail Burdett, his 

(vi) James-Smyth Benest, Associate Member of the Insti- 
tution of Civil Engineers, was horn at St. Heller's 26 
March 1826, and died at Norwich 29 February 1896, 
being buried on 5 March at Eaton Church, Norwich. 

He married at Eaton Church, Norwich, 30 July 
J 857, Emily- Susannah Wilson (daughter of Robert 
Wilson, of Norwich, by his wife, Mary-Ann Shaw, who 
was a sister of Esther Parker, vie Shaw, mentioned 
on p. 28). She was born 1823 (?1825), and, surviving 
her husband, to whom she bore no children, died at 
Norwich on 28 April 1898, being buried at Eaton 
Church there, 
(vii) George-Henry Benest, born at St. Helier's 20 August 
1827 ; drowned off the coast of Africa 24 September 
1851 ; he was unmarried. 

(viii) Ellen-Octavia, born at St. Helier's 26 February 1829 ; 
died about 1838 ; buried at Green Street, St. Helier's. 
(ix) Elizabeth-Mary, born at St. Helier's 17 December 
1830 ; died 27 July 1831. 

(x) Philip-Le Geyt Benest, born at St. Helier's 16 July 
1832 ; died s.y. 21 June 1865 ; buried at Shanghai', 
where his tombstone describes him as " Philip La 
Geyt Benest," w^hich is incorrect. His will was 
proved at Somerset House in 1865. At the time of 
his death he was Master of the ship "Highflyer." 

Shortly before his death he had married Charlotte, 
v6c Begbie, widow of a Mr. Todd. She married 
thirdly a Mr. Harding. Her only child a girl by 
her first husband. Mrs. Harding died some years 
ago, in Rome. 

(xi) Isabel-Mary, born at St. Helier's 31 December 1833; 
living since April 1901 (when she left St. Helier's) at 
" Sid Court," Redhill, co. Surrey. 

She married on 28 April 1863 her first cousin (once 
removed) Thomas Millais, who was born 6 July 1813 
and died s.j}. 1 June 1882. 

Mrs. Millais was the last of this branch of the 
Benest family to leave Jersey. 

( 29 ) 

(xii) Mai-y-Elizabetli, born at St. Helier's 20 July 1836; 
died at Lee, co. Kent, 13 October 1891, buried at Lee 

Sbe married at All Saints' Cburcli, Belvedere, co. 
Kent, 12 February 1868, Henry-Augustus Bernau, for 
whose ancestry (and a more detailed account of his 
children and grandchildren than is given below) see 
our pamphlet " Genealogy of the Bernau Family of 
Stolp," February, 1906, pp. 7 and 8. 

Their children were : — 

(i) Edith-Marj- Bernau, who is married to the Rev. G. H. 

(ii) VVilliani-Henr}- Bernau, married to Charlotte- Augusta 
Moule, (second daughter of the Venerable Arch- 
deacon A. R. Moule, not " eldest" daughter, as is 
incorrecth' stated in the pamphlet just quoted), by 
whom he has issue : — 

fi) Doroth3'-Cecil Bernau, born T904. 
(ii) Hug'h-Arthur-Moule Bernau, born 1905. 

(iii) Frederick-John Bernau. 
(iv) Herbert-James Bernau. 
(v) Gertrude-Maria (" Daisy ") Bernau. 
(vi) The compiler of these notes, married to Rosa-Emily 
Bennion, by whom he has had issue : — 

(i) Rosa-Mary (" May") Bernau, born 1903. 
(ii) Rowland-Le Geyt Bernau, born 5 March 
1906, at Walton-upon-Thames, where he 
died on 7 March, 
(vii) Evelyn-May Bernau, ob. j'tiv. 

son of John, only son of John), born at St. Helier's 31 March 
1823. Trinity College, Dublin, B.A. 1818; Deacon 1849; 
Priest 1850. Eector of Little Cressingham, near Watton, co. 
Norfolk, since 1871. Formerly curate of Alderney 1850-'54: ; of 
Huddersfield 1854-'57 ; of Burnham Deepdale 1857 and '58 ; of 
All Saints', Belvedere, 1865 and '66 ; of Bidborough, co. Kent, 

He married firstly at St. Saviour's, Jersey, on ... May 1851, 
Louisa-Mar}- Janvrin (a sister of the William Janvrin mentioned 
on p. 26), who died s.jj. at Southborough, Kent, on 

He married secondly at St. Margaret's Church, Lowestoft, 
on 27 June 1876, Henrietta-Charlotte Eeynolds (daughter of 
the Eev. Charles Eeynolds, Eector of Great Fransbam and 
Little Brandon, co. Norfolk), by whom he has issue : — 

(i) John-Langston-Millais Benest, of whom hereafter. 

(ii) William-Noel-Le Geyt Benest, born at Little Cres- 
singham, 6 December 1881 ; now living, unmarried, 
at Little Cressingham. 

( 30 ) 

son of the Eev. John-William, eldest son of John), horn at 
Little Cressingham 31 January 1879 ; now living, unmarried, 
at Anerley, London, S.E.; a solicitor in Watling Street^ 
London, E.G. 


^jA^S mentioned on page 19, three of the sons of Philip 
f^pi. Benest (son of John, son of Peter) founded fresh 
^■^^ hranches of the family. We have dealt fully with the 
descendants of his eldest surviving son, John, hut it is not yet 
possible to give very full particulars of the two junior branches 
of this family. The notes contained in the two following 
paragraphs should, however, be of assistance to future 
genealogists interested in the Benest family. 


IX.— FEANCIS BENEST, (son of Philip, son of John), 
as mentioned on p. 19, was baptized at St. Laurence's 28 
October 1744. 

In 1767, he -was godfather to his niece, Mary Benest 
(daughter of John), at St. Helier's. 

In 1784, as we have already seen (p. 201, he was entitled, 
on the division of his father's property, to a house near the 
Carrefour Selous in St. Laurence's, his father reserving unto 
himself the right of living in it until his death. From the 
" Gent^alogie " we learn that, in 1808, this house was still in 
the hands of his descendants. 

In 1789, Francis Benest and his wife, Betty Cabot, are 

In 1791, they were godparents at St. Laurence's to his 
nephew Francis Benest, son of Philip by Jane Vautier, his 

In October 1793, they were godparents at St. Laurence's 
to Mally, daughter of John Vautier by Mary Marett, his wife. 

In November 1793, they were godparents at St. Laurence's 
to Betty, daughter of Peter Cabot by Elizabeth Bisson, his 

Their children were : — 

(i) Peter, baptized at St. Laurence's 14 February 1790 
(Godparents : — Peter Cabot, Elizabeth Bisson and 
Anne Cabot). In St. Laurence's Churchyard there is 
a tombstone (the only Benest one we could find there) 
reading : — 

( 31 ) 

" Ici repose le corps de Piene Benest d^cede le 

22 Aoiit 1876 age de 86 ans et six iiiois Comms 

aussi de Susanne Alexandre veuve du susdit 

dec^dee le 16 Mars 1885 agee de 80 ans." 

He may have been the father or grandfather of T. 

Moses Benest, now Hving with his sister at Carrefour 

Stilous, St. Laurence's. 

Mr. T. Moses Benest has not replied to our requests 
for information about his branch of the famil)'. 
(ii) Elizabeth, baptized at St. Laurence's 1 July 1792 
(Godparents: — John Calleteau and Elizabeth Benest, 
his wife), 
(iii) Jane, baptized at St. Laurence's 4 October 1795 
(Godparents : — Benjamin Bertaut and Jane Cabot, his 
(iv) John. Miss Benest, of Eedhill, (for whom see p. 25), 
and several of her brothers and sisters, remember 
they had cousins, Benests, who, for the purpose of 
distinction, were always referred to as the children of 
" Jean Ills Eran9ois." The following is all that we 
have been able to discover about this John and his 
descendants : — 

X.— JOHN BENEST, (son of Francis, son of Philip), was 
in 1808 the godfather of Charles Bisson, the son of his first 
cousin, Elizabeth Bisson, nie Benest. 

Miss Benest, of Eedhill, remembers that two unmarried 
daughters of this John Benest kept a school at Havre. They 
■were, she thinks, named Harriet and Mary-Anne. Both are 
now dead, but one was still living at Havre in 1882. Another 
daughter, named Charlotte, died in Jersey, unmarried, after 
1882, and was the last survivor of her generation. Of John's 
sons, she thinks one was named Henry and that he kept a 
school at Greve de Lecq, Jersey. Among others, there was 
also a brother. Captain " Thomas " Benest, who is said to have 
fought in the Carlist Wars, and who, as master-mariner, is 
said to have had other interesting experiences into which, 
however, this is not the place to enter. It is said that he 
changed his name to Bennett and lived the last years of his life 
in seclusion at St. Helier's. Be this as it may, this branch of 
the family is said to be now represented by Henry Benest (son 
of Philip), now of "The Glebe," Blackheath, London, S.E., 
recently of No. 85 Burnt Ash Hill, Lee, co. Kent. In 1896, of 
Campbell Eoad, Bow, London, E. In 1876, of Victoria Park 
Eoad, Hackney. 

( 32 ) 

ChaS. A. Bernau. ' PENDEEN," 

Bowes Road, 

Walton-on -Thames. 

13th July 1907. 

William R.Staekhouse.Esq. , 

Suite 618 Drexel Building, Phila. , Pa. , U.S.A. , 
My Dear Sir, 

Many thanks for yeur very kind letter of 1st inst. I am 
mucli gratified to find that my work meets with your approval. 
I feel that I am amply repaid for what was really a lahour of 
love when I read the letters now reaching me from every quarter 
of the globe. I can assure you that it is a very pleasant 
thought that one has made hundreds of good friends within one 
year. Your letter aakee me feel that I can also rank you among 

This year I was too rushed for time t© look after the 
advertisements properly and I would not trust it t© an agent 
as I feared that I might find Somebody's Patent Pink Pills for 
Pale People included, and that would have broken my heart I 

It is extremely good of you to offer to exchange a copy 
of your "Stackhouse" book for my two poor pamphlets, and I 
accept before you have time to think better of it. My pamphlets 
leave here by this mail. 

May I invite you to enter your book in Part V next year, 
so that others may benefit as well as myself? 

I see that the extracts from ray correspondence on page 6 
amused you. Will you helieve me when I write that I did not 
print the real "gems" of the collectiojj? There were some which 
were much more remarkable; in fact, too remarkable to be put 

into print! For instance, what do you think of a wifw who could 

write the following letter?:- * 

"Mrs writes to say that it is 

useless sending any further notices of books and 

publications that her husband used to love to 

collect, for he is suffering from softening of the 

brain, and can no longer take an interest in 


Let me add that the hmsband is, or was, a well-known cleric. 

With kind regards, Believe me, 

Yours very sincerely. 


You might let me know if you hear anything about the work 
mentioned as No. 5 under the heading of "Similar Publications. 
They said they were going to publish it at the end of April, 
but I have reason to think that it is not yet out. I want to 
see how much of my book they appropriate. 

He married at Hackney ou 22 January 1876, his cousin> 
Alice - Bertha - Henrietta - Viza Benest, daughter of John- 
Thomas Benest, master-mariner, by whom ho has had a son 
and a daughter. The latter was married at Lee in 1897 or 
1898. Mr. Henry Benest has not replied to our requests for 
informa,tion about his branch of the family. 


IX.— PHILIP BENEST, (son of Philip, soi: of John), as 
already stated on p. 19, was baptized at St. Laurence's 18 
December 1748. 

He is mentioned in 1784 in his fa,ther's " Partage." He 
married firstly Jane Vautier, and by her had issue : — ■ 

(i) Philip Benest, Ijaptized at St. Laurence's 28 November 
1784 (Godparents : — John Benest and Mary Le 
Breton, his wife). He died before 1830 and his eldest 
daughter (? only child) : — 

(i) Mary Benest was a minor in 1830. 
(ii) John, baptized at St. Laurence's 15 December 1786 
(Godparents : — John Luce and Anne Benest, his wife). 
He was living in 1830. 

(iii) Jane, baptized at St. Laurence's 14 December 1788 
(Godparents : — John Calleteau and Elizabeth Benest, 
his wife). She evidently died before 179G. 

(iv) Francis, baptized privately 23 August 1791, baptized at 
St. Laurence's Cliurch 4 September 1791 (God- 
parents : — Francis Benest and Betty Cabot, his wife). 
He was buried at St. Laurence's G September 1791. 

(v) Elizabeth, baptized at St. Laurence's 16 September 
1792 (Godparents :— John Calleteau and Elizabeth 
Benest, his wife). She was living in 1830, being then 
the wife of John-Edward Querree, son of John. 

(vi) Jane, baptized at St. Laurence's 25 September 1796 
(Godparents : -John Le Gallais and Jane Eemon, his 

Philip Benest, who died before 1819, married secondly 
Elizabeth Gallichan, who was living in 1830. 

( 33 )