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REV. W. BALL WRIGHT, M.A. Trin. Col., Dub. 

Vicar of Osbaldwick, York 




38 Great Russell Street 




The following notes about various branches of the Smith- 
son family have been collected by me during the last four 
years, and to prevent loss (which is so liable to happen 
to a quantity of miscellaneous manuscript) it has been 
suggested that I have them put into print, in simple book 

Although the writing of these pages may seem to have 
been easy, as now arranged, yet the gathering of the 
materials for them has entailed a considerable amount of 
solid work. 

Large areas of ground had to be covered before one 
arrived at proof of even one well-attested link which would 
be of importance. 

Besides the Parish Registers which I have examined at 
a large number of churches in Yorkshire, Cumberland, 
Westmorland and Durham, many wills have been copied 
at the York Probate Office, also the Principal Probate 
Office (Somerset House), and the Probate Offices of 
Carlisle and Durham. 

The Diocesan Registry at Carlisle has been very helpful 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

with transcripts of some of the Cumberland Parish 

The Record Office in Chancery Lane, E.C., and the 
British Museum have been largely consulted for old refer- 
ences to Deeds, Court Rolls, Chancery Bills, etc., and the 
Marriage License Bonds at York have been searched for 
a considerable period, also some at Carlisle. 

I w^as much interested in reading ' The Bewleys of Cum- 
berland ' by Sir Edmund Thomas Bewley, and decided, if 
possible, to trace back our branch of the family beyond 
John Smithson of Preston Patrick, near Kendal, who was 
the first of the Cumberland Smithsons to join the Society 
of Friends, presumably about 1740. 

I should mention that I got a very valuable clue about 
our family, from a King's Bench Roll of 1533 referred to 
in Sir E. T. Bewley's book. 

We had very clear records back to the above John 
Smithson, the writer's great-great-grandfather, who died 
and was buried at Preston Patrick in 1795. Our tradition 
was that he was born in Yorkshire, and so I commenced 
my searches in the North Riding of that county. 

Although he was not born in Yorkshire, but in Cumber- 
land, as I subsequently found, the tradition as to York- 
shire origin proved to be correct, but much more remote 
than his generation. 

I have been much assisted in my work, especially in the 
early stages, by Mr, John S. Smithson, and my sincere 
thanks are tendered to him. The Rev. Wm. Ball 



Wright, M.A., who is kindly editing these notes (and who 
for some time has interested himself in our name owing 
to a believed ancestral connection with one branch of the 
Yorkshire Smithsons), has been invaluable with advice 
and help, and with his great experience in similar work 
has throughout greatly assisted me. I take this oppor- 
tunity of expressing my great obligations to him. 

I have received much kindly help from many of the 
clergy in Yorkshire and Cumberland and elsewhere, in 
giving me access to their Parish Registers, and I should 
Hke especially to thank the Rev. Ernest A. Stockdale, 
Vicar of Middleton Tyas, and the Rev. S. Gilbert Beale, 
Rector of Romaldkirk. 

H. M. Sanderson, Esq., the present owner of Moulton 
Hall, near Richmond (Yorks), has been most kind in 
supplying interesting facts concerning that property and 
the Manor House adjoining, and I am most grateful to 

Mr. Charles H. Smithson has rendered valuable help 
in photographing for reproduction in this book a number 
of old houses and places connected with the notes and 

The collection of the data for this little work, although 
laborious, has throughout been a matter of the greatest 
interest to me, and I hope it will prove so to those 
members of the family who, like the writer, did not know 
much of the family history, and for whom it has been 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

I have traced the grants of several coats of arms, to 
which reference will be found in the course of the work ; 
but those appearing on the frontispiece appear, without 
doubt, to be the oldest from all the available evidence. 


November^ 1906. 




LAND - - - - - - 5 






CARLISLE - - - - - -55 

APPENDIX - - - - - - 59 




SMITHSON COAT OF ARMS - - - FrotiHspiece 


SMITHSON, PRIOR 1 49 1 TO 1 5 24 - - - 12 


RICHMOND, YORKS - - - - -24 






An investigation of ancient documents both public and 
private shows the various famihes named Smithson to be 
of good old yeoman stock, and to have been long scattered 
over many counties far apart. The name, however, is 
principally and originally found in Yorkshire, and appears 
throughout the three Ridings. The name is of Anglo- 
Saxon or Norse origin, and means simply the son or 
descendant of the Smith. A Smith or Smythe was, 
broadly speaking, a smiter of metals, whether gold, silver, 
or iron, and played an important part when warfare was 
chronic and all weapons were wrought by hand, and when 
husbandry was the great means of living both for high 
and low, and when in Greece and Rome, Hephaistos or 
Vulcan, the celestial Smith, was thought to be the most 
useful of the gods. 

There is an early notice of an individual named Smyth- 
son in the county of Durham. At Nun Stainton or 
Nun Alonkton, in the parish of Aycliffe, in 1265, the Prior 
and Abbey of Durham had let to John Smythson a house 
and lands. This is alluded to in a charter of 1382 printed 
in a volume of the Surtees Society's publications. Also a 
Hugh le Smytheson and others are cited in 1260 at Liver- 
pool to appear in an action, and William le Smyth- 
sonne of Thornton Watlas, near Bedale, is defendant in a 
plea for depasturing cattle there in 1265. The Newsham 
family of Smithsons, in the parish of Kirby Ravensworth, 
have, according to ancient deeds and charters, been con- 
nected with that place since the reign of Richard II. The 

I B 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

wills in the York Probate Registry now go back to 1389, 
but there is no Smithson will extant before that of John 
Smythson of Huby (c/. Appendix), in the parish of Sutton 
in Forest, proved in 1504. After that there are many 
wills showing that in the Tudor period there were yeoman 
families of the name in the parishes of Malton, Norton, 
Kirby Misperton, Thornton-in-Pickering, Appleton-le- 
Street, Normanton, Altofts, Methley, Ossett, and others; 
while from the Richmondshire wills, of which many 
perished before they were transferred to Somerset House, 
it appears that early in the sixteenth century there were 
families of Smythson or Smithson, connected by blood, 
at Newsham, Gailes, and Dalton, in the parish of Kirby 
Ravensworth ; also at Romaldkirk, Aldborough, Borough- 
bridge, Bedale, Jervaux, Burton Leonard, Kirk-Stainley, 
Cowton, and Richmond ; also at Gatherley and Moulton, 
in the parish of Middleton Tyas. In the West Riding 
they appear to have branched out into Kettlewell, Gar- 
grave, Slaidburn, and Horton-in-Ribblesdale, as many 
interesting wills as well as parish registers attest. 

Some of these families were constant in their adherence 
to the Papal Communion long after the Reformation, their 
names being recorded in the Lists of Recusants, and 
among the prisoners in York Castle committed to prison 
for their faith : there were not a few before the Reforma- 
tion who were clergymen, being Vicars of Middleton Tyas, 
Eryholme, Terrington, Hunmanby, Sherburne, and other 
parishes in Yorkshire, and of Clyborne in Cumberland. 
After the Reformation they are found holding preferment 
at Fewston, Berwick-on-Tweed, Headingley, in Ireland, 
and Lincolnshire. A Thomas Smithson was Prior of 
Hexham Abbey from 1491 to 1524, and held the Prebend 
of Salton, in York Minster, annexed to the Priory of 
Hexham. He was the last Prior but one. Salton is six 
miles south of Kirby Moorside. A William Smythson 


General Historical Summary 

was Prebendary of Fenton, in the Diocese of York, in 
1530, and is described in a patent as ' William Burbank 
als Smythson.' Charles Smithson was a distinguished 
Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge, and also incor- 
porated at Oxford University. He became a Canon of 
Lincoln, and was Chaplain in 1672 to the Duke of Mon- 
mouth in his expedition against the Dutch. Some of the 
name were well known in the law. In 1636 a Mr. Smith- 
son was a Sergeant-at-Law, and a Mr. Charles Smithson 
of Carlisle was a noted lawyer there in the reign of Queen 
Anne, and a friend of Bishop Nicholson. 

In trade and commerce the Smithsons were active and 
successful. In those days, when nobles and gentlemen 
paid as much for fine dress as their wives, clothing was 
a very profitable line of business, and so from the reign 
of Henry VIII. onwards we have notices of prosperous 
merchants, younger sons, of the name, who in London, 
Yarmouth, York, Leeds, Hull, and Richmond made 
money and had lands. Some of them lived in the 
parishes of St. Michael-le-Belfry, Holy Trinity, Mickle- 
gate, and St. Crux, and intermarried with the Beckwiths, 
Belts, and other well-known York families. In Rich- 
mond, Yorks, Francis Smithson was a successful draper, 
and engaged in the working of lead-mines in Swaledale. 
He was brother of Hugh Smithson, who became a haber- 
dasher in London and amassed a fortune, was an adven- 
turer in Irish lands, and, finally, purchased the estate of 
Stanwick from the Cathericks, and in return for financial 
help rendered to Charles II. at the Restoration was 
created a Baronet. Another brother, Bernard Smithson, 
was an apothecary in London. 

The family settled at Newsham, in the parish of Kirby 
Ravensworth, near Richmond, Yorks, were steadfast 
Roman Catholics, Sir Hugh and Francis, his brother, 
being the first to accept different views. Sir Hugh con- 

3 B 2 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family- 
formed after the Restoration to the Established Church, 
while Francis became a member of the Society of Friends 
(a Quaker). His will (see Appendix) is a very interesting 
one. Two generations previously the Rev. Anthony Smith- 
son settled in Cumberland under his kinsman William 
Burbank, Archdeacon of Carlisle, and was successively 
secretary of Cardinals Bainbridge and Wolsey. Anthony 
and his brother John were the founders of families of 
Smithsons in Cumberland, which it is proposed to give 
some account of in this work. The Smithsons of Moulton 
Hall, near Richmond, conformed to the Reformed faith, 
and thus became prominent in that district before their 
kinsmen at Newsham, who were of the senior branch. 
The Newsham family was descended from an Anthony 
Smithson of Newsham in the time of Henry V. ; and his 
younger brother, Robert Smithson, who was a man-at- 
arms at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, was the ancestor 
of Leonard Smithson, the builder of Moulton Hall, and 
ancestor of a line which intermarried with the Calvert, 
Fairfax, Mer3'ton, Pepper, and Saville families, but which 
seems to have become crippled through extravagance, and 
is probably extinct in the male descent. It is, however, 
an interesting fact that Moulton Hall is now in the 
possession of a Mr. Sanderson, connected perhaps with 
the Sandersons of Toft Hill, who intermarried twice with 
the Smithsons. 

Kipling Hall was the residence and property of Sir 
George Calvert, Secretary of State to King Charles I., 
and, after his secession to the Roman Church, created 
Lord Baltimore. His sister married Christopher Smith- 
son of Moulton, eldest son of Leonard Smithson. This 
may account for a Thomas Smithson being found in 
Talbot County, Maryland, as a naval officer, in 1694 ; 
the Calverts, Lords Baltimore, having been Lords Pro- 
prietary of the Colony of Maryland. 




William le Smythsonne of Thornton Watlas, near 
Bedale, who was defendant in a plea for depasturing 
cattle at Thornton Watlas in 1265 (49 Hen. III.), had 
two sons, of whom — 

I. Robert Smytheson was residing at Thornton Watlas 
in 1286 (14 Ed. L). 

II. Wm. le Smytheson lived at Kerperby in 20 Ed. I., 
was married, and had issue. 

The elder son, Robert Smytheson of Thornton Watlas, 

who married , and had issue (together with two 

other sons, Wm. of Ainstable, Co. Cumberland, who paid 
subsidy i Ed. III., and was a defendant in a plea of debt 
18 Ed. III., and Roger Smithson of Lynton, i Ed. III., 
living 18 Ed. III., whose son, Thomas Smithson — married, 
and had issue — plaintiff in a plea of land, 40 Ed. III.) 
an elder son, viz. : 

Peter le Smytheson of Thornton Watlas, who paid 

subsidy in i Ed. III. (1327) ; married , and had issue 

two sons — 

1. Robert Smithson of Thornton Watlas, defendant 
with his father in a plea of assault at Burrell, g Ed. III. ; 
summoned, together with Hugh de Thoresby, before the 
King to answer for their redemption, 22 Ed. III. He 
married , and had issue three sons, of whom below. 

2. William Smithson of Thornton Watlas, defendant 
in a plea of trespass, 19 Ed. III. ; married, and had issue. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Of the three sons of Robert Smithson above mentioned, 
the second, Hugh Smithson of Barton, sold one messuage 
in Liverpool, which he had in right of his wife Eleanora, 
in the fourth year of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, 
1365. The third son, Robert Smithson, was residing 
at Dalton, 44 Ed. IIL The eldest son of Robert 
Smithson, sen., of Thornton Watlas, was named William 
Smithson, who moved to Newsham, in Broghtonlith, 
and against whom John de Richmond claimed £"20 
damages for depasturing cattle on his lands at Newsham, 
etc., 44 Ed. IIL (1370). The above William married 

, and had issue four sons — William, John, Robert 

and Roger. Of these the second, John Smithson of 
Altofts, near Wakefield, was defendant in a plea touching 
lands of his wife's inheritance, 4 Hen. IV. (1403-4). 
He married Cecilie, daughter and heiress of Adam 
Bates of Whitwood, Co. York, and had issue. From 
him was descended Thos. Smythson, jun., of Altofts, 
whose will was proved at York in 1530 (c/. Appendix), 
and mentions his son Gilbert, etc. Also from him 
probably came Thomas Smythson of Normanton. Will 
proved at York, 1543, and mentions his sons William, 
Thomas, Robert, and James. 

The third son of William, Robert Smithson of Altofts, 
held lands of his brother John, and was defendant in 
divers pleas — 4 Hen. IV., 4 and g Hen. V., and 
17 Hen. VI. He was married and left issue. 

The fourth son of William, Roger Smithson of Gilber- 
dike, Co. York, was plaintiff in a plea of trespass, 
4 Hen. IV. He married and had issue. 

The eldest son of Wm. Smithson of Newsham was 
Wm. Smithson of Newsham-in- Broghtonlith, called upon 
the records Wm. Sm.ithson of Newton-in-Brogtonlith, 
sen., 20 Rich. II. was defendant in a plea at the suit of 
the Abbot of Rivalle touching lands in Rethe-in-Swaledale, 


The Smithson Family of Newsham 

19 Rich. IL, 2 Hen. IV., and 6 Hen. IV., etc. He 
married , and had two sons, Wilham and John. 

Of these, the younger, John Smithson of Newsham, 
husbandman, was hving 6 Hen. V. and 10 Hen. VI.; 
married, and had issue. 

The elder son, Wm. Smithson, jun., of Newsham, 
seized of lands in Yafford in right of his wife, where 
he resided 4 Hen. IV., was one of the jurymen at an 
inquisition taken at Richmond touching the Manor of 
Fletham, 5 Hen. IV., and is styled upon the records 
as yeoman, franklyn, and gentleman, as also forester ; 
ob. temp. Hen. V. In the ' Annals of the House of Percy ' 
by De Fonblanque, privately printed, an eighteenth-century 
statement is quoted, which says that 'a parchment Deed is 
now in the possession of Sir Hugh Smithson (subsequently 
Duke of Northumberland), from which, together with the 
Ruins of the Mansion Seat and part of the estate, it 
appears that William Smithson, gent., there lived in the 
Reign of Rich. II., and by several subsequent deeds, that 
the family continued in the same place.' 

The above-mentioned Wm. Smithson, jun., married 

Matilda, daughter and coheiress of of Yafford by 

Beatrix his wife, daughter and heir of Henry de Bellerby 
by Alicia his wife, and had issue three sons, Hugh, 
John, and Robert. Of these John, the second son, of 
Walbourne, near Leyburn, was defendant in pleas of 
trespass, 24 and 29 Hen. VI. Robert, the third son, of 
whose descendants we shall treat in another chapter, was 
a man-at-arms at the Battle of Agincourt, 3 Hen. V., and 
was at the muster at Southampton, May 7, 8 Hen. V. ; 

living 29 Hen. VI. (1450-1). He married , and had 

issue Robert Smithson of Gatherley, in temp. Hen. VI. 
and Hen. VII.; living 12 Hen. VIII. (1520-1) ; ancestor 
of the Smithsons of Moulton and Kipling. 

The eldest son of William Smithson of Newsham was 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Hugh Smithson of Newshain, plaintiff, with AHcia his 
wife, in a plea of debt, 12 Hen. IV. ; seized of lands in 
Newsham, 29 Hen. VI. ; and tenant of lands in Newsham 

to John Catterick, Esq., of Stanwick. He married , 

and had issue two sons, Anthony and Thomas Smithson. 

Of these Thomas Smithson of Cowton Grange, then 
in the parish of Middleton Tyas, defendant in a plea of 
trespass at Middleton Tyas, 12 Hen. VIII. (1520), was 
ancestor of the Smithsons of Cowton. He maried Eliza- 
beth , and had issue Brian, Christopher, John, and 

Thomas, sons ; and Isabel, Phillis, and Margaret, 
daughters. His will was proved, 1543, at Richmond. 

Anthony Smithson of Newsham, the elder son of 
Wm. Smithson, held the lands under William Catterick, 
Esq., of Stanwick, temp. Hen. VII. ; and also had 
lands in right of his wife. He married Alicia, daughter 

and heir of , a widow, ig Hen. VIII., held lands 

in Newsham of William Catterick, Esq. By her he had 
issue : Ralph, John, Christopher, Anthony, Henry, and 

Of these Ralph Smithson of Newsham held lands 
there in farm under Anthony Catterick, Esq. He paid 
the subsidies 14, 15, 34, 35, 37 Hen. VIII. Will dated 
January 16, 1550, proved June 13, 1553, makes his 
two sons, William and Thomas, executors (witnesses : 
Anthonie Cattericke, Esq., France Cattericke, gentleman, 
and John Thompson, Giles Appieton, and Oliver Appleton, 
with other more). He married Margery, daughter of 
Alexander Makeres of Makeres of Barningham Hall. 
Will dated December 7, 1553. By her he had issue: 
William, Ralph, Thomas, John, George, Francis, and 

Of these the second son, Ralph Smithson of Newsham, 

Will dated May 5, 1582, married Margaret , living 

1582. Pie had issue by her : (i) Ralph of Newsham, 


The Smithson Family of Newsham 

ob. 1615, m. Eleanor (goods administered by 

husband), and had issue : (2) John, (3) Henry, (4) Francis, 
(5) Anthony), (6) Margaret. 

The third son of Ralph Smithson was Thomas, who 
was executor of his mother's will, 1563. 

The eldest son of Ralph Smithson, William Smithson 
of Newsham, held lands under Anthony Catterick, Esq., 
5 Ed. VI.; sold lands in Barningham, 6 Elizth., con- 
jointly with Eleanor his wife ; paid subsidy in Newsham 
and Melsonby, 8 Elizth. ; was tenant of Anthony Cat- 
terick, Esq., 28 Elizth. He m. Eleanor , and had 

issue: William, Anthony, Robert, Ninian, Christian, and 

Of these, Anthony Smithson of Newsham, tenant to 
Anthony Catherick, was ancestor of the Smithsons of 
Stanwick, and of Sir Hugh Smithson, Bart., created Duke 
of Northumberland after his marriage to the heiress of the 

We now return to Rev. Anthony Smithson, the fourth 
brother of Ralph Smithson of Newsham, and fourth son 
of Anthony Smithson of the same. 

From a De Banco Roll of the 26 Henry VHI. (i534)» 
we learn that Rev. Anthony Smithson, clerk, of Clyburne 
or Cliburn near Penrith in Cumberland was, together with 
Rev. Robert Smithson, late of Tyrington or Terrington, 
Yorks, and John Smithson, yeoman, of Alenby, Cumb., one 
of the co-executors of the Will of Rev. Wm. Burbank, 
senior. Archdeacon of Carlisle. Dr. Wm. Burbank was a 
very famous Divine, Secretary to Cardinal Bainbridge, then 
to Cardinal Wolsey, and patron and friend of Erasmus. 
His history will be told in another chapter. The three 
executors must have been nephews or near kinsmen of 
Dr. Burbank. The wills and parish registers in Cumber- 
land do not reach back far enough to enable one to put 
the matter so clearly as in other parts of this pedigree, 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

but we find in the latter half of the sixteenth century 
that a family of Smithsons was settled in the parish of 
Torpenhow, on the lands of Bothel and Blennerhasset, 
and also that the name Anthony shows that they were 
descendants of the parson of Cliburn. 

Rev. Anthony Smithson, clerk, of Cliburn, Cumberland, 
younger son of Anthony Smithson (I.) of Newsham, and 
brother of Ralph Smithson of same place, married about 
that time (the rule of clerical celibacy never being of 
obligation in that diocese), and probably had three sons, 
who were the founders of the Smithsons of Bothel and 
Blennerhasset in the parish of Torpenhow, and of the 
Smithsons of Uldale parish, while John Smithson, the 
brother of Rev. Anthony, founded the Smithson family of 
Ellanby in the parish of Skelton. The Smithsons settled 
in the parishes of Bridekirk, Caldbeck, AUhallows, Ireby, 
and Aspatria, were offshoots of one or other of these 

Rev. Anthony Smithson m., and had issue : 

I. Richard Smithson of Bothel m., and had issue : 

(I.) Anthony Smithson of Bothel, m. Jane, and 
had issue (w. pr. 1579 at Carlisle) : 

1. Richard Smithson of Bothel md. 

Ellenor, and had issue (supervisor to 
father's will, 1579 ; w. pr. 1607) : 

(i) Wm. Smithson. 

(2) Anthony Smithson, paid hearth- 
money, 1662. 

2. John Smithson, executor of his father 

Anthony's will, 1579. 

3. Janet, m. Wilson. 

4. Thomas Smithson, believed to have 

gone to Ireby, of whom below. 

5. Robert Smithson. 

II. Matthew Smithson (?) of Uldale m., and had issue: 


The Smithson Family of Newsham 

(I.) Anthony Smithson of Anertree, Uldale, m. 

Janet Slack, and had issue (w. pr. 1578) : 

I, John Smithson of Awkatree (w. pr. 


(II.) James Smithson of Crosby Ravensworth, m. 

Margaret Fairer (?), and had issue (w. pr. 

1583) •• 

1. John Smithson m., and had a dr. 

2. Matthew Smithson (supervisor of will 

of Anthony, his uncle). 
III. Robert Smithson of Kirkland, Torpenhow, m., and 
had issue : 
(I.) Anthony Smithson of Kirkland, m. Agnes 
Plascayt (?), and had issue (w. pr. 1576): 

1. Richard Smithson. 

2. Robert Smithson. 

3. Janet Smithson. 

4. Margaret Smithson. 

(II.) William Smithson of Tallentier in psh. of 
Bridekirk, gr. admon. 1574, m., and had issue 
a dr., Helene. 
We now return to Thomas Smithson, the third son of 
Anthony Smithson of Bothel. 

Thomas Smithson, traditionally settled in the psh. of 
Ireby, m., and had Thomas Smithson, who settled in 
the parish of Caldbeck, died 1670, and was buried at 
Caldbeck. He married Frances, who d. 1673, and is 
buried at Caldbeck, and by her he had issue, with two 
drs., viz. : 

I. Jennet Smithson, who d. 1701. 
II. Elizabeth Smithson, born c. 1650, m. Thomas 
Jackson, 1672. 

I. Thomas Smithson, junr., of Caldbeck, born 1645, 
mentioned in his son Joshua's will, 1720, buried 1735, 
m. Jane Ritson in 1680, and had issue three children, viz.: 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

1. John Smithson of Caldbeck, bap. 1685, bur. 1759 ; 

m. , and with a daughter had issue also a 

son : 

(i) Joshua Smithson, born 1721, d. 1787 ; m. 

Ann , born 1717, and had issue : 

[i] Joshua Smithson, 1759, of Croydon, 
died 1803. 

2. Joshua Smithson of Woodhall, bap. 1688, died 1720 ; 

w. pr. same year; m. Jane , afterwards, widow 

of Felside, bur. 1735, and by her had issue an only 
child : 

(i) John Smithson, born c. 1718 at Caldbeck, of 
whom below. 

3. Sarah Smithson, bap. Caldbeck Church, i685. 
John Smithson, the only child of Joshua Smithson, was 

the ancestor of a family, which owing to his failure to 
leave definite information, and also to the circumstance of 
his having joined the Society of Friends, was unable to 
trace clearly out the parentage and birthplace of John, 
their founder. It was only through the persistent 
researches carried out by one of the members of the 
family, aided by suggestions from some expert genealogists, 
and especially by the theory that the son of John Smithson, 
whose name was Joshua, was so called from his grand- 
father, that at last, in August, 1905, in Carlisle Probate 
Registry, the missing clue was found, and the will of a 
Joshua Smithson of Caldbeck, proved 1720, turned out 
to be that of John Smithson's father. His connection 
ancestrally with the Smithsons of Newsham in Yorks is 
clearly established by old Carlisle wills, and by a record 
of an action in the King's Bench at Kendall Assizes in 


John Smithson probably joined the Society of Friends 
at Kendal. The following entries are taken from the 
Friends' Records at Kendal : 



The Smithson Family of Newsham 

' In the Kendal monthly meeting Records, i, 3, 1747, 
appears the following : " A certificate on behalf of John 
Smithson [then about 28 years old] , late of this meeting, 
is desired to Caldbeck monthly meeting in Cumberland, 
wherefore George Crossfield is desired to enquire into his 
clearness and prepare a few lines to be signed at our next 
meeting." ' 

The following is also of interest, as written at the close 
of his life : 

* From Kendal monthly meeting, to friends in Cumber- 
land and some parts adjacent ": 

* Dear Friends, 

* Our Friend John Smithson having laid before this 
meeting a concern which has for some time been on his 
mind to pay you a religious visit, requesting our certificate, 
We may inform you that we have unity with him as a 
Minister and in his present engagement and recommend- 
ing him to your Christian regard, with desires that his 
labours of love amongst you may be to edification and to 
his own peace. We are with salutation and love your 

* Signed in and on behalf of our monthly meeting of 
Kendal held 4th of 12 mo. 1789. George Benson and 
45 other friends (one name of which is a John Smithson, 
that is John Smithson's son).' 

This visit was never undertaken. 

That he did, however, go to his birthplace in 1747 is 
manifest by an extract from the minutes of Caldbeck 
monthly meeting : 

* Meeting held at Gillfoot, 1747, 6 mo. 15. At this 
meeting John Smithson produced a full clear certificate 
of his conduct from the friends of Kendal to this meeting 
which was read.' 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

John Smithson Hved for a few years at Bendrigg, near 
Sedbergh. He there married Isabel, dr. of Christopher 
Walker of Middleton Hall, Sedbergh. The marriage took 
place at Brigflats meeting, near Sedbergh, 3, 3, 1751. 
Isabel Walker was born 17, 5, 1726 ; died 21, 2, 1809 ; 
and was buried at Park End, Preston Patrick. After the 
marriage they removed back again to Preston Patrick, 
where John Smithson bought a small estate, which is 
still in the family, Mr. Joseph Smithson of Halifax 
being the owner. 

John Smithson died on 12, 7, 1794, aged about seventy- 
six years, and is buried likewise at Park End, Preston 
Patrick. He had issue by his wife Isabel the following 
children : 

I. Joshua Smithson, born 20, 3, 1752, at Bendrigg ; 
died 29, 3, 1829, at Kaker Mill, in the parish of Burton, 
Westmoreland ; and was buried at Preston Patrick. 

He married on 29, 5, 1780, at Height Meeting House, 
Elizabeth, dr. of Joseph and Mary Goad of Baycliff, near 
Ulverstone, a member of a good old Westmorland family, 
who was born 10, i, 1747, at Firth Hall. She died 
24, 9, 1791, and was buried at Brigflats, near Sedbergh. 

They had issue four sons, of whom below. 

II. John Smithson, born 21, 3, 1758 ; died 11, 2, 1821 ; 
and was buried at Park End, Preston Patrick, without 

III. Miles Smithson, born 10, i, 1761 ; died 28, 9, 1819; 
and was buried at Kendal. He married Mary Willans, 
and had issue : (i) John Smithson, born i, 4, 1794. 

(2) Miles Smithson, born i, 7, 1795 ; died 23, 11, 1795. 

(3) Margaret Smithson, born 9, 6, 1797. (4) Isabella 
Smithson, born 6, 10, 1798 ; died 22, 12, 1811. (5) Edward 
Smithson, born 18, 12, 1799. (6) Eleanor Smithson, born 
2, II, 1803. (7) Mary, born 6, 6, 1801. (8) Miles Smith- 
son, born 17, 8, 1806. 


The Smithson Family of Newsham 

We now return to Joshua and Elizabeth Smithson. 
They had issue the following children : 

I. John Smithson, born ii, 7, 1781 ; died 19, 7, 1805, s.p. 

II. Joseph Smithson, born 17, 12, 1782; died 11, 2, 1847, 
without issue. 

III. Joshua Smithson, born 24, 11, 1783; died 3, 8, i860, 
without issue. 

IV. James Smithson, born 23, 6, 1786, at Hallbeck, 
Kirby Lonsdale ; married at Preston Patrick on the 
14, 5, 1817, Agnes, dr. of George and Elizabeth Robinson. 
She was born 17, 11, 1793; died 15, 9, 1891 ; and was 
buried at Hahfax. James, her husband, died 15, 6, 1848, 
and is buried at Lancaster. 

James and Agnes Smithson had issue seven children — 
viz. : 

1. Joshua Smithson, born at Warth Sudden in Preston 
Patrick, near Kendal, on 9, 2, 1818, and married Elizth., 
dr. of Ishmael and Elizabeth Nash, on 16, 8, 1855. She 
died 10, 12, 1888, and is buried at Halifax. 

2. Elizabeth Smithson, born at Warth Sudden 22, 12, 
1819 ; died 22, 5, 1893, and buried at Halifax. 

3. George Smithson, born 22, 4, 1822, at Warth Sudden; 
died 5, 8, 1888 ; buried at Birmingham. He married 
10, 10, i860, Mary Ann, dr. of John and Ann Snowden 
of Bradford, and had two children : 

(i) John Snowden, born 3, 12, 1862 ; married to Edith 
Lucy Swift at Evesham, 22, 7, 1903. 

(2) Agnes Ann, born at B'ham, 17, 11, 1865 ; married 
Walter Barrow at B'ham 17, 9, 1895. 

4. John Smithson, born 10, 7, 1824, at Warth Sudden ; 
died II, 10, 1903 ; buried at Bristol. Married 24, 4, 
1857, Sarah Ann, dr. of Alexander and Hannah Morris of 
Manchester, still living at Clifton, Bristol. 

John and Sarah Ann Smithson have issue the following 
cliildrcn : 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

(i) Elizabeth Mary, b. 5, 2, i860, married Francis J. 
Clark, J. P., of Street, near Glastonbury, Somerset. 

(2) Lilias, b. 22, 2, 1862, married Fredk. Jas. Hill, now 

(3) George Robinson Smithson, born 29, 4, 1865, at 

5. Thomas Smithson, fourth child of James Smithson, 
born 4, I, 1827 ; died 22, 5, 1901 ; married 24, i, 1855, at 
Gainsborough Meeting House, Emma Spencer, born 8, 12, 
1828 (died 20, 9, 1905), dr. of Thomas and Mary Spencer 
of Bransby, Lincolnshire, and by her had issue : 

(1) Mary Agnes, born 23, 11, 1855 ; married 20, 4, 1887, 
at Rochdale Meeting House, John Henry Jefferys of 
Kendal (who died 31, 7, 1903), son of Samuel A. and 
Sarah Jeffer3^s of Melksham. 

(2) James, born 21, 12, 1856. 

(3) Sarah Alice, born 28, i, 1859 ; married 25, 9, i88g, 
at Cartmel Meeting House, Theodore Burgess Ellis, son 
of James and Louisa Ellis of Leicester. 

(4) Thomas Spencer, born 28, 10, 1861. 

(5) Franklin, born 17, 9, 1864. 

(6) Emma Ehzabeth, born 17, 9, 1864 ; died 13, 4, 1865. 

(7) Alfred, born 11, 8, 1867; married at Stoke New- 
ington Meeting House, Caroline Tylor, dr. of John Burnett 
and Rachel Tylor of Stamford Hill. 

(8) Edith Annie, born 24, 4, 1869 ; married 25, 9, 1895, 
at Cartmel Meeting House, William Edmundson Shackle- 
ton, son of Joseph Fisher and Jane Wigham Shackleton 
of Lucan, co. Dublin. 

6. Agnes, born Cams Gill, n. Kendal, 3, 9, 1829. 

7. Joseph, born 7, 5, 1833, at Plumpton Cottage, n. 
Ulverstone ; married Mary Ann, dr. of Charles and Mary 
Holmes, at Calder Bridge Meeting House, 29, 8, i860. 
Had issue : 

(i) Joshua, jun., born Halifax, 31, 5, 1861. 


The Smithson Family of Newsham 

(2) Mary, born Halifax, 5, 4, 1863 ; married at Swarth- 
moor Meeting House, 19, 7, i8g8, to James Arthur Jack- 
son, eldest son of James and Martha Jackson of Garstang. 

(3) Charles Holmes, born 21, 3, 1866, at Halifax ; 
married 26, 4, 1894, Edith, dr. of Wm. and Lucy Hutchin- 
son of Gunby, near Selby, at Bubwith Meeting House. 

(4) Joseph, jun., born Hahfax 6, 5, 1867 ; married at 
Bubwith Meeting House, 19, 10, 1896, Mary, dr. of Wm. 
and Lucy Hutchinson. 




Caldbeck is an interesting old village about seven miles 
from the nearest railway, buried in the country. It has a 
fine church and rectory. At an early date after the found- 
ing of the Society of Friends (Quakers) George Fox visited 
Caldbeck in 1654, and stayed with Thomas Bewley at 
Woodhall. The writer is much indebted to Mr. Richard 
Greenup of Beckstones, Caldbeck, who has supplied him 
with many interesting particulars about the parish and 
neighbourhood. There were many adherents to the 
Society of Friends in this district, and much trouble 
ensued on the non-payment by them of the tithes for 
conscience sake, and many Friends suffered imprisonment 
in Carlisle jail. The Bewley family, one of importance 
in the district, the principal branch living at Haltcliffe 
Hall, were amongst the early sufferers, and in 1674 
Thomas Bewley, aged nearly eighty, was carried off to 
prison. According to Bessie's sufferings others in this 
Parish who suffered imprisonment for the same cause were 
John Strickett of Branthwaite, Wm. Scott of Greenrigg, 
Isabell Peacocks of Whalpey, Alice Nicolson of Wood- 
house, etc. A book, embodying a history of ' The Bewleys 
of Cumberland,' by Sir Edmund Thomas Bewley of 
Dublin, was published in 1902, and the author of it 
paid several visits to Caldbeck in order to examine the 
Registers, etc. 


Topographical Notes on Caldbeck 

At Haltcliffe Hall — as stated above, once the residence 
of a branch of Cumberland Bewleys — over the principal 
entrance appear the letters, surrounded by heraldic 
emblems, 'T.D.B. Built the Hall 1653. G.B.E.B. 1690.' 
Another carved stone appears above a three-light latticed 
window and shows * G.B.E.B. 1687.' The premises are 
now let as a farm ; for many years a branch of the Monk- 
house family were its tenants. 

At Tuns End resided Joseph Scott, a violin maker of 
considerable merit and a reputed inventor of a spinning 
jenny who lived here during the i8th and early part 
of the 19th century. 

Another name, now famous the world over, was John 
Peel, of hunting notoriety. Mr. Greenup says of him : 
' The famous Cumberland hunter's birthplace has always 
been regarded as being Low Greenrigg in this parish, but 
the entry in the Caldbeck parish Register reads : "1777, 
Sept. 24. John Peel, son of William Peel and Lettice his 
wife of Parkend, was baptized." ' This points to the farm 
house close to Park End Bridge, known to have been the 
home of the Scott family, of which Peel's mother was 
a daughter. His parents were married at Caldbeck 1776. 

In 1800 we find John Peel living at Park End, where 
his daughter Nancy was born, and then from 1803 onwards 
he lived on his own property in Upton. Here he lived, 
kept his hounds, and hunted. About 1822 Peel removed 
to Ruthwaite, Ireby, where he died 1854, and was buried 
at Caldbeck. He sold his Upton estate about 1843. The 
celebrated song, ' D'ye Ken John Peel ?' was composed by 
John Woodcock Graves whilst residing in Midtown, Cald- 
beck, previous to his departure in 1833 for foreign parts. 
The house stands on the right-hand side leading to the 
church from the west. The top stone of the front door is 
inscribed 'T.B.B. 1718.' The letters point to Thomas 
and Barbara Backhouse as owners, a family of some dis- 

19 c 2 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

tinction here in earlier days. One of its members, 
Captain Backhouse, built the commodious Midtown 
House close by, which subsequently passed by purchase 
to the Jennings family on the departure of the Backhouse 
family for the Channel Islands about the forties or fifties 
of last century. 

The writer, when in the neighbourhood, saw at Ireby, in 
the possession of the next-of-kin to the late John Peel, the 
hunting horn he carried, also his hunting crop and bridle. 
The hunting horn is not the shape of those in use now, 
but in circular form, like pictures one sees of French hunting 
horns, but somewhat smaller. It was by no means easy 
to blow. The Jennings family is one of considerable 
antiquity. Fellside Mansion was built during the early 
part of the last century by William Jennings, the present 
owner's grandfather, and with little intermission it has 
been tenanted by some branch of the family ever since. 
The mansion is of good workmanship within and with- 
out, and a glorious view is obtainable from the bedroom 

An interesting point to note is that in the Will of 
Joshua Smithson of Woodhall, Caldbeck, 1719 (see Ap- 
pendix), two of the witnesses were Thomas Bewley and 
Joseph Jennings — the principal landowners in the neigh- 

The son of the above Joshua (and only child), John, the 
writer's great -great-grandfather, was very young at the time 
of his father's death, and was doubtless baptized in Cald- 
beck church, as Joshua Smithson was buried there 
September 8, 1720; but the Registers from 1711 to 1720 
are missing and the transcripts at the Diocesan Registry, 
Carlisle, are nearly as fault}^, but record Joshua Smith- 
son's burial. The records of the Society of Friends, how- 
ever, give very convincing proof of identity. This John 
Smithson appears to have joined the Society of Friends 


Topographical Notes on Caldbeck 

some time before 1747, but no note of his admission to the 
Society has been discovered. Previous to 1738 there was 
no recognised record of admission to membership kept by 
the Society. 

The Smithson connexion with Cumberland does not 
appear to have been much before 1530 ; two clergymen 
who held livings in the county, Rev. Anthony of Cliburn 
and the Rev. Robert Smithson, and John Smithson of 
Alenby (now Ellonby), yeoman, who migrated from 
Yorkshire, were our forebears. For the complete list 
of Smithson Cumberland Wills in the Probate Office, 
Carlisle, for the i6th century see Appendix. 

To revert to Mr. Richard Greenup's account of some of 
the ancient landmarks in the district ; he mentions the 
Vaux family of High Brownrigg as one of great antiquity. 
They died out about 1760. In the churchyard, in 1794, 
records were visible of a thirteenth or fourteenth Robert 
Vaux of Bromrigg, who claimed descent from the lordly 
De Vaux of Gilsland, one of whom, according to historians, 
founded Lanercost Priory about 11 16. Some of their old 
armour was in Carlisle Museum. The family coat-of-arms 
cut in hewn stone and inscribed ' Robert Vaux ' 1722, is 
still to be seen over their old homestead. In the names of 
Street Head, High Street, and Street Brow we trace the 
path of the old Roman road through this parish. 

The influence of George Fox was very great in this 
district, and three meeting houses of the Society of Friends 
were built, one at Whelpo, built 1698 ; Mosedale, 1702 ; 
and Howbeck, the largest, 1729. Burial grounds were also 
provided at the hrst two, but interments only take place at 
long intervals now. 

The Whelpo Meeting House has been converted into a 
cottage with reserved right of meeting in one of the rooms 
if required. 

The lands at Woodhall are now all thrown into one 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

large farm. The estate is well wooded; it is owned by 
Mr. Edward Jennings of Caldbeck. Hesket Hall, the 
mansion house of the manor of Hesket, was the residence 
of the principal branch of the Bewleys of Caldbeck down 
to October, 1630. It is curiously built to form twelve 
angles, so contrived that the shadows show the hour of the 
day; it was built by a former Sir Wilfrid Lawson — the 
property being purchased in 1630 by William Lawson of 
Isell, who married Miss Judith Bewley. 

After this date the Bewleys of Woodhall became the 
principal branch of this family in Cumberland. 

Jeffry Wybergh was Rector of Caldbeck 1700 to 1727. 
He may be called the Building Rector, for he held office 
while the church tower, the adjoining church mill, or 
priests' mill, and the fine old doorway in the garden wall 
of the Rectory were being built. The coat of arms in 
the latter is still extant, but the inscription, which read 
' Jeffrey Wybergh, Bachelor of Canon and Civil Law, 
A.D. 1718,' has decayed. The Record setting forth the 
date of the tower was in black letters painted on the wall 
of the western bay. It recorded : ' This steeple was 
builded in the year 1727. Jeff Wybergh Rector ; Thomas 
Backhouse, sen., Richard Addinson, Richard Bewley, 
William Scott, churchwardens, 1727.' During igoi the 
old mill property, which had belonged to the Rectory from 
time immemorial, was sold, and passed into lay hands along 
with the glebe estate of Pasture House. 

In the adjoining parish of Torpenhow there is an 
interesting old farmhouse called Harbibrow Castle, occu- 
pied by the Smithsons, one of whom, Richard Smithson, 
lived there in 1655. There is a photograph of the old 
keep shown at the end of the book. It is thought to have 
been built about 1350, and the keep was for protection 
against the Scottish raiders. 




MouLTON Hall, at Moulton, in the parish of Middleton 
Tyas, 1 1 miles S. by W. from the latter village, was an 
ancient residence of an important branch of the Smithson 
family. A small and dilapidated old chapel here, retaining 
a piscina and fragments of Norman work, is now used as 
a joiner's shop ; it was probably erected in the middle of 
the 13th century by the monks of Easby or Richmond, 
but fell into decay after the dissolution of the Monasteries. 

Moulton Hall is supposed to have been built by Leonard 
Smithson about 1570. It is a very fine specimen of Tudor 
architecture, with striking-looking parapets. It contains a 
beautifully carved oak staircase on which the Smithson 
arms, as borne then by the family, are carved, showing 
the chevron between 3 oak leaves, impaled with the 
Fairfax lion rampant. They are in a panel which would 
be carved after George Smithson's marriage in 1653. 

The Manor House, distant a few hundred yards from 
the Hall, and said to be connected by an underground 
passage, is also an interesting building of still earlier date, 
and it certainly was another residence of the same family 
in the first half of the i6th century. 

The Manor of Moulton (sometimes spelt Mowton or 
Multon) became after the Conquest the possession of Alan 
' Rufus,' Earl of Richmond, who had a summer residence 
here ; his descendant, de Dreux, Earl of Richmond in the 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

reign of Henry III., gave it to the monks of Richmond, 
and it is on record that the Manor House was rented 
loth Ed. I. 

The present Manor House was built probably by Robert 
Smithson, the man-at-arms at Agincourt, or by his son 

Gatherley, in the same vicinity, is mentioned in old 
Smithson wills and deeds as a part of their estate. On 
the exterior of the porch of Moulton Hall acorns are 
carved, in accordance with the crest belonging to the 
above-mentioned arms, viz., a squirrel holding an acorn in 
its paws. After the death of George Smithson in 1692, 
his widow, in pursuance of his will, sold the estate worth 
£400 a year for £8,000 in 1695 for payment of debts, 
reserving ;£i,ooo for the younger children. It was 
purchased by Sir Mark Milbanke of Halnaby, who paid 
down ;^5,ooo, reserving £3,000, for which he gave a mort- 
gage on the premises. The Milbankes subsequently sold 
it in 1815 to Sir J. Chas. Dalbiac, in order to provide a 
dowry for Lady Byron, who was a Miss Milbanke. 
Sir J. C. Dalbiac sold it in 1836 to dower his only child, 
Susanna, who married the 6th Duke of Roxburghe in that 
year. It was subsequently purchased by the Sanderson 
family ; H. M. Sanderson, Esq., is now the proprietor. 
There is a bedroom in the Hall which is known as King 
James' room. Tradition says that he slept there on his 
way from Scotland to assume the English crown. Another 
version is that he stayed there when he attended the races 
on Gatherley Moor, which seems more probable. 

The present Hall was built no doubt on the site of the 
Earl of Richmond's summer mansion, as in it there is a 
central wall nearly 8 feet thick, which may have been 
originally an outer defensive wall of the Earl's seat. 

It is considered by experts that the newel posts of the 
staircase are not quite in unison of design with the panels 


Smithsons of Gatherley and Moulton 

of the staircase, and that perhaps the panels may be 
Flemish work, and the newels made from local wood, 
which would explain the slight divergence in treatment. 

Christopher Smithson of Moulton, the father of George 
and Thomas, purchased the Manor of Gatherley (or 
Gaterley), with Moulton, and 4 messuages, 4 gardens, 
4 orchards, 20 acres of arable land, 160 acres of meadow, 
and 350 acres of pasture, etc., from Sir Bertram Bulwer 
and Isabella his wife, and William Bryan, gentleman, and 
Magdalen his wife, in the 7th James I. (i6og), but there 
was still a Crown Rent payable, part of which was 
remitted after the Restoration for services rendered by 
George Smithson. It is possible that he was identical 
with the Major George Smithson of Lilburn's Horse, who 
induced that regt. to join General Monk's army on its 
march from Scotland (c/. Brit. Mus. Add. MS.). It should 
be mentioned that Old Moultons Ambo stood higher up 
in the road to Richmond, about a quarter of a mile from 
the present village. There are numerous traces of founda- 
tions still existing. At the dissolution of the Monasteries, 
was described as Moultons Ambo. A large elm-tree 
which was said to stand in the middle of the site of the 
old village, was blown down in 1881. 

Moulton is mentioned in Domesday Book, as also 
is Kneeton, but not Middleton Tyas. The Church of 
Middleton was given by Stephen Earl of Bretagne to the 
Abbey of St. Mary's, York, and the patronage lay with 
the Abbey and Convent of St. Mary's, and at the Dissolu- 
tion fell to the Crown. There was a Roman Settlement 
at Gatherley Grange, where many antique objects were 
found, which are in the possession of Mr. Sanderson's 

Robert Smythson, the third son of that Wm. Smythson, 
who resided at Newsham in 1403, and who is variously 
described in the records as Franklin, Forester, yeoman 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

and gentleman, is stated to have been a man-at-arms at 
the battle of Agincourt in the third year of Henry V. 
(1415), and his name appears in the Muster that was held 
at Southampton in the eighth year of Henry V. He was 
alive in the twenty-ninth year of Henry VI. (1450). He 
married , and had issue : 

I. Robert Smythson of Gatherley, in temp. Henry VI. 
and Henry VII., and still alive in the twelfth year of 
Henry VIII. (1520). He married Agnes, who in her will 
(1556) 'wishes to be buried in the Church of Middleton 
Tyas, where my husband Robert Smythson lies.' By her 
Robert Smythson had issue : 

(I.) Thomas Smythson of Gatherley, who held the farm 
of High Gatherley under Mr. Francis Bulmer, and wills it 
to his younger son Anthony. He died in 1573. He 
married , and left issue : 

1. Leonard Smythson of Moulton, of whom below ; 
born c. 1536. 

2. Anthony Smythson of High Gatherley. 

3. Nicholas Smythson, clerk in Holy Orders, Vicar of 
Middleton Tyas, supervisor of the will of Thomas Smythson 
of Cowton Grange, 1543. Witness of the will of Agnes 
Smythson, his grandmother, in 1556. 

4. Rowland Smythson, witness of the will of W. Marshall 
of Moulton, 1543, and supervisor of Thos. Smithson of 
Cowton Grange, 1543. 

5. Allyne or Elynes, who married James Thomson. 

6. Agnes. 

7. Katherine. 

II. Robert Smythson had issue William Smythson, to 
whom his sister-in-law Agnes Smythson in her will left 
3s. 4d. 

III. He had issue Thomas Smythson, supervisor to his 
sister-in-law Agnes Smythson's will. 

We now return to the eldest son of Thomas Smythson 


Smithsons of Gatherley and Moulton 

of Gatherley, Leonard Smythson of Moulton, supposed to 
have been the builder of Moulton Hall. His father Thos. 
had sublet Moulton to him previous to 1573. He was born 
about 1536, and married, c. 1570, Agnes Wylde, daughter 
of Robert Wylde of Long Cowton and his wife Dionysia, 
dr. of Richard Crosby of Richmond, auditor, w. pr. 1559, 
a kinsman of Thos. Smythson of Gatherley. The will of 
Robert Wylde, proved in 1574, mentions his daughters, 
Elizabeth who m. Sir Cuthbert Pepper, and Agnes who 
m. Leonard Smythson. Robert Wylde left his grandson 
Robert Smythson lands in Scorton. 

The will of Agnes, widow of Leonard Smithson, was 
proved xl^§- In it she says that in the time of sickness 
yet being of good and sounde memorie, upon the Feast 
daie of Bartholomew the Apostle being the 24th of August 
in the year 1599, she did declare and expresse as hir last 
will and Testament in mann"" and forme as follow''^, 
viz., tht to Cuthbert Smythson hir sonne one hundreth 
pds. Unto John hir sonne one hundreth markes. Unto 
said Cuthbert Smythson one sylver salt and 10 sylver 
spoones. The Residue of hir goodes and chattells then 
not bequeathed, unto Nicholas Smythson hir sonne whom 
she appointed and maid exor. whereof we whose names 
are subscribed are wytnesses. 

Marmaduke Wylie, Gent. 
*James Hawkesworth, Gierke. 

WiLLM. Maive, or Maire. 

John Tayler. 

Probate granted loth March, \^l^, to the son, Nicholas 

Leonard Smythson, by his wife Agnes, had issue : 

* It is curious to note the James Hawkesworth, clerke, who 
witnessed the above will would be the man who reported the Smyth- 
sons of Cowton for recusancy in 1609 (vide North Hiding Records). 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

1. Christopher Smithson, his eldest son and heir, of 
whom below. 

Leonard Smythson of Moulton is the one with whom 
the Pedigree recorded in Glover's ' Visitation of Yorkshire ' 
commences. In that ' Visitation ' the arms are stated to be 
* sable 3 horseshoes or in chief a label of 3 points ermine, 
Crest, a horse's head couped sable, bit and reins, or.' 
Leonard Smythson died at York in 1598 intestate. A 
grant of administration of his goods was made on 
January 17, 159I, to Christopher Smithson, his eldest son 
and heir. 

2. Cuthbert Smithson, his second son, who was a noted 
physician of Richmond, Yorks. He died unmarried in 
1650, and was buried at Middleton Tyas ; his burial entry, 
December 10, states that he was ' Medic. Doctor peritis- 
simus.' His will, dated on Deer. 10, 1650, is to the 
following effect : ' I Cuthbert Smithson of Richmond, 
Doctor of Medicine, wish my body to be buried in the 
church of Middleton Tyas. To the poor of that parish 
what my Executor, and cousin Thomas Smithson 
appoints. To my niece Grace Smithson £100, which her 
father, my brother owes me, to be paid at the discretion 
of my Exor. To my nephew John Burnett his child" 
every one 20 nobles. To Mary Slinger's ch'' everyone 
20 nobles. To Matthew Wastell and his wife's ch" 
20 nobles. To John Allison £10 and a little salt and 
8 spoons, at discretion. To Merriall Smithson ;^50 and 
her sister Ann Wetwange ;^2o, out of moneys my cousin 
Leonard S. their brother owes. All my malt stock and 
all debts for malt to my nephews, Calvert, Christopher, 
and Leonard equally. To said Christopher my nephew 
the bed and furniture where he lieth and all druggs and 
books of phisic. To my brother Nicholas S. £2.0. To 
Mary Meringter (? Meryton) ;^20. To Thos. Smithson 
my nephew, of Kipling the 2 houses in ffrench gate, etc. 


Smithsons of Gatherley and Moulton 

To my niece Meriall* Smithson the residue, pr. London 
May 13, 1651.' 

3. Leonard Smithson had 3rdly John Smithson of 
Melsonby married, had issue, died 1637, buried at 
Middleton Tyas, November 14, 1637. 

4. Leonard Smithson had 4thly Nicholas Smithson, 
who married Anne Calvert (?) and resided at Kipling. His 
will, proved London, 1657, describes him as a yeoman, 
says his intentions are known to his children, that he is 
infirm and aged, leaves to his eldest son, John Smithson, 
5^40, to be paid on his return to England, and if he never 
return, the money to go to the others. Item, he gives to 
his dr. Anne, now wife of Matth. Cooper, 5s. 'Jane 
Smithson my other dr., Christopher Smithson, my son, 
Leonard Smithson my son, 200 marks. Item, to Calvert 
Smithson, goods, lands, hered, etc., in my own possession 
or of my cosen or nephew Thos. Smithson (of Moulton).' 
The will was proved January 12, 1657, ^y Christopher S., 
power being reserved to Calvert. 

Nicholas Smithson of Kipling had issue, by his marriage 
with Ann : 

(i) John Smithson, who, according to his father's will, 
had gone abroad and not returned. He appears to have 
become a Roman priest, and is no doubt the John Smith- 
son, ' Papist Priest of Kipling,' interred at Scorton, July 25, 

(2) Calvert Smithson of Kipling married Elizabeth 
Walton, of the parish of Bedale, spinster. He was the 
defendant in 1667 in the Chancery Commission held by 
request of the Vicar of Catterick touching non-payment 
of tithes for his estate at Kipling, when the famous Henry 
Jenkins, the centenarian, gave evidence. There appears 

* A. Merial Smithson was buried at Richmond, Yorks, May 3, 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

to have been a Chancery suit between him and his 
brother's children, when he was accused of being a 
Recusant and denied it. 

(3) Christopher, assistant to his uncle, Dr. Cuthbert 
Smithson, and who probably succeeded him in his practice 
at Richmond m., and had drs. Mary and Margaret and 

(4) Leonard Smithson,* of Brompton-on-Swale ; died 
intest., without issue. 

* A Chancery Bill, Raynardson-Bundle 146. No. 31. Smithson v. 
Cradock, 23 Oct., 1695, is in the P.R.O., and recites that Elinor 
Smithson, widow, rehct and executrix of George S. of Moulton, co. 
Yorke, and John Smithson, her son, of Catherick, co. Yorke, admors. 
of Thomas Smithson, late of Moulton, complain that Leonard Smith- 
son, of Kipling, CO. Yorke, being in his lifetime possessed of a little 
box or trunk, a considerable some of money in gold therein, and also 
of a Bond of ;^2oo by one Thomas Rokeby, Esqr., unto said Leonard 
Smithson for the payment of ^100 with lawful interest to said Leonard 
S. at a day long since past ; said Leonard S. a day or two before his 
decease gave said box and money in the presence of witnesses to Mary 
and Margery Smithson, his neices. two of the daughters of Christopher 
Smithson, late brother of said Leonard S., and gave said bond to his 
brother, Calvert S., and said Leonard died intestate, without issue, 
leaving said Calvert S., his brother, and Ann Cowper his sister, 
Catherine and Dorothy Smithson his sisters, and several nephews and 
neices ; and said Calvert S. being a Popish Recusant convict, and soe 
not capable of putting the said bond in suit in his own name agst. 
Rokeby, said Calvert did prevaile on said Thos. Smithson of Moulton 
to sue out letters of Admon. of said Leonard S. in the Court of 
Richmond, he much demurring to take the responsibility of giving a 
Bond for the Admon. until persuaded by the Court officials that it was 
a mere form ; and the confederates Mary and Margaret Smithson 
and John Cowper promised and agreed that he and any other person 
bound with him should not be troubled, said Thomas became bound to 
the Court in ^300 penalty. Said Thos. S., with much trouble and 
expense, got ^100 from Rokeby, with interest, and paid same to said 
Calvert S. with the consent of said Mary and Margaret S., and John 
Cowper, Calvert S. giving a release to Thomas S. ' Mrs. Elenor 
Smithson and her son then go on to make a charge against the three 


Smithsons of Gatherley and Moulton 

(5) Anne, m. Matthew Cooper, and had issue John 

(6) Jane Smithson, buried at Scorton, 1669. 

(7) Catherine Smithson. (8) Dorothy Smithson. Both 
mentioned in Chancery Bill of 1695. 

Leonard Smithson of Moulton had issue : 

5. Jane Smithson, who m. John Pattison of Dobsole, 
CO. York. 

We now return to Christopher Smithson of Moulton 
Hall, the eldest son of Leonard Smithson mentioned 

Christopher Smithson of Moulton, whose name occurs 
in the Yorkshire Tudor Fines in re lands in Moulton in 
1601, and also perhaps was nephew of Christopher S., who 
in 1574 had an action v. Tristram, re lands in Middleton 
Tyas, was born c. 1650 ; d. 1650 ; m. Dorothy, dr. of 
Leonard Calvert of Kipling Hall, near Catterick, co. York, 
(and his wife, who was dr. Richd. Crossland of Cross- 
land), and sister of Sir George Calvert, born 1580, Secre- 
tary of State to Charles L, and created ist Lord Baltimore. 
It was Lord Baltimore who founded the colony of Mary- 
land, having previously become a Roman Catholic. 

By Dorothy Calvert, his wife, Christopher Smithson 
had issue two sons : 

L George Smithson, Esq., born at Moulton, July 8 ; 
baptized at Middle Tyas, July 11, 1615, of whom below. 

IL Thomas Smithson of Moulton, gent., born 1620, of 
whom further on. 

confederates and others that they are threatening that unless a great 
sum is given them they will recover the ^300 penalty from her as 
Executrix, and have arrested her. She and John S. therefore petition 
the Court to restrain the proceedings to set her at liberty.' This Bill 
is answered by Calvert S., who denies that he is a Papist. Evidently 
there was a family quarrel, but the Bill gives some valuable informa- 
tion as to the Kipling Smithsons. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Christopher Smithson had also issue five daughters — 
viz. : 

1. Frances Smithson, m. 1621 to John Burnet of Hur- 
worth, CO. Durham, and had issue. 

2. Mary Smithson, m. to John Shnger of Danby Wiske, 
and had issue. 

3. Ehzabeth Smithson, m. to John Meriton of Moulton, 
4th son of George Meriton, Dean of York (who died 1617). 
She had issue Mary Meriton, bapt. April 5, 1635. 

4. Helen Smithson, m. to Matthew Wastell of Ellerton- 

5. Grace Smithson, m. to Miles Conyers of Cleasby. 
The second son, Thomas Smithson, gent, of Moulton, 

probably lived at the Manor House of that place. He 

m. Mary , c. 1666, and died in 1697, leaving issue 

four sons and four drs. In his will, proved at Rich- 
mond, Yorks, he leaves to his ' trusty friends, George Grey 
of Burmiston, Yorkshire, Clerk, George Burnett of Ery- 
holme, Yorks., gent., Daniell Smith of Hartford in said 
county, gent., and my dear well - beloved wife Mary 
Smithson all my lands, tenements and hereds. in Moulton 
not within her jointure for 31 years from my death, to 
raise £"600 to pay to my daughters Margaret and Dorothy, 
to either ;^ioo, and to my children George, Cuthbert, 
Edward, and Grace, each of them, £^s, and to my daughter 
Mary ^60. I have 7 younger children. My heir apparent 
and eldest son, Thomas Smithson. Niece Eustace 
Shnger, 5s.' 

The above-named Thomas Smithson, senr., gent., by 
Mary , his wife, whose name is not known, had issue : 

1. Christopher Smithson, bapt. Dec. 26, 1667 ; bur. at 
M. T., Jan. 31, i66|. 

2. Margaret Smithson, born 1669 ; bapt. Feb. 11, i6|^. 

3. Thomas Smithson, junr., bapt. March 26, 1671 ; 
d. 1741. 


Smithsons of Gatherley and Moulton 

4. George Smithson, bapt. Aug. 26, 1672. 

5. Mary Smithson, bapt. Aug. 16, 1674 ; m., 1702, 
Rev. Luke Cotes, Vicar of Birstall, and afterwards Dean 
of Middleham, 1702. A tablet to her is in Middleham 

6. Dorothy Smithson, whose name is in her father's 
will, 1697. She married Thomas Garth of Bolton Garth, 
CO. Durham, at M. T. Church, Oct. 29, 1698. 

7. Grace Smithson, name in father's will, 1697. 

8. Cuthbert Smithson, name in father's will, 1697. 
g. Edward Smithson, named in father's will, 1697. 

A Mary Smithson, widow of Smithson, of Stockton, 
was buried at M. T., Nov. 15, 1707. 

Of these, Thomas Smithson, junr., gent., of Moulton, 
son of Thomas Smithson, senr., gent., married on 
Nov. 18, 1698, at Ainderby Steeple Church, Ellenor 
Pepper of that parish (who died 1736, and was buried at 
M. T.), and had issue by her : 

(i.) Thomas Smithson* (iii.), bapt. June 30, 1700 ; 
died 1747. There are two deeds of his, dated May 29, 
1746, and June 9, 1747, in the latter of which he grants 
the Lowfield farm in Moulton, with ;^50 per annum, to his 

wife for life. He m. Elizabeth of Bedale, and was 

buried at Bedale, Sept. 16, 1747, leaving one posthumous 
son, Thomas Smithson, who was baptized at Bedale. 
' June 15, 1748. Thomas Smithson, son of Eliz*'^, widow 
of Thos. Smithson, gent., late of Bedale, deceased.' 
Thomas Smithson was buried at Bedale, July i, 1748. 
His mother took out a gr. of Admon. 

(ii.) Dorothy Smithson, baptized at M. T., June 30, 
1702 ; m.. May 23, 1727, Edward Fisher of Richmond. 

* In 1723 Thos. Smithson of Moulton, gent., EUinor his wife, and 
Thos. S., gent., son and h. appt. and others made a deed for the uses 
of a fine on the lands of Moulton. 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

(iii.) John Smithson, bapt. at M. T. Feb. 8, 170I ; 
bur. May 24, 1704. 

(iv.) Mary Smithson, bapt. Nov. 19, 1706; m., March 21, 
173?-, Wm. Sanderson of Moulton, and had issue : i. Ann 
Sanderson, bapt., M. T., Aug. 2, 1738. 2. Thos. Sander- 
son, bapt. Dec. 26, 1739 ; m. Barbara Curry, and had 
issue. 3. Eleanor, m. Jno. Jackson. 4. Francis. 

(v.) Cuthbert Smithson, bapt. May 29, 1708, at M. T. 

An interesting indenture, preserved in Box 4,34 of the 
Hailstone Collection at York Minster Library, gives light 
on his history. It runs thus : ' This Indenture, made 
the 29*^ day of March, 1723, between Thos. Smithson of 
Moulton, CO. York, gent., and Cuthbert Smithson of 
same, one of the sons of s'^ Thos. Smithson, of the 
i^*^ part, and Mathewsalem Snowden of Richmond, in 
s'' Co., Alderman and Apothecary, of the other pt, 
witnesses " that the said Cuthbert Smithson hath of his 
owne free will and w*^ Consent of his father put and 
bound himselfe apprentice to and with s'^ M. Snowden, 
and with him, after the manner of an apprentice, to 
dwell remaine and serve from the day of the date of 
these Presents for dureing and untill the Terme of Seven 
years," etc. " During all which s'^ Terme s*^ Apprentice 
his s'^ Master well and faithfully shall serve, his Secrets 
shall keep, his Lawfull Comands shall doo, Fornication 
or Adultery he shall not Comitt, Hurt or damage to his 
s"^ Master shall not doe nor cause to be done but he 
to his power shall lett it, and forthwith thereof his 
M'' warn. Taverns or Alehouses he shall not haunt or 
frequent unless it be about his Master's business there to 
be done. At Dice Cards Tables Bowles or any other 
unlawful Games he shall not play, the Goods of his 
s^ M' he shall not waste. Matrimony w**^ any Woman 
within the s'' Terme he shall not contract, nor from his 
<5d ^/[v's Service at any time absent himselfe," etc., . . . 


Smithsons of Gatherley and Moulton 

and s'^ M"" " shall and will teach learn and informe him 
(in conson of ^^46) the s'^ Apprentice, or cause him to be 
taught, learnt or informd in the art Mistery or Occupacon 
of an Apothecary," ' etc. 

On the death of his father in 1741, and his elder brother, 
Thos., in 1747, Cuthbert Smithson seems to have 
become heir in remainder, for there is a mem. of a 
mortgage of May 21, 1752, 'between Cuthbert Smithson, 
gent., I pt, and Xtopher Daggett of Bedale, gt., con- 
cerning all that Capitall Messuage and dwelling house 
in Moulton, etc., now in possession of C. S., and all that 
Messuage Ten*^ or farm now or late in Tenure of Ralph 
Shaw the elder at £50 per ann., and ^£'40 p. a. and all 
the other lands, etc., in term of Ralph Shaw the younger 
and all other hered. of him C. S. Witnessed by Edw"* 
Carter, W™ Milbank, and Rich^ Stewardson, all of 
Theakston.' This was registered at Northallerton, May 22, 
1752. Cuthbert Smithson died in 1761, and was buried 
at Middleton Tyas, May 31, 1761. 

(vi.) George Smithson, baptized Aug. 31, 1709, at 
M. T., who succeeded to the Moulton property on the 
death of his brother Cuthbert, and seems to have disposed 
of part of it, as a memorial of a quadrupartite indenture, 
Jan. 21, 1763, between George and Leonard Hartley, 
Esq'"''^ of Middleton Tyas, and Thomas Garth of Bolton 
Garth, co. Durham, gent., Trustees of Thos. Smithson, 
late of Moulton, dec"^, and George Smithson of Blackness 
Castle,* in North Britain, gent., one of the sons and 
at length heir of s"^ Thos. Smithson, and John Deighton 
of Grunton, yeoman, concerns the Capital Messuage 
and certain fields in Moulton, and was executed by 
George Hartley. 

* Blackness was a military barrack and storehouse near Linlithgow, 
and George Smithson may have been an officer or military oflicial 
stationed there. 

35 D2 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

He seems to have returned to England and married 
a Miss Jane Blackett of Sockburn Hall, co. Durham, for 
in a subsequent deed, dated Jan. g, 1772, two years before 
his death, it is stated that George Smithson of Moulton, 
gent., eldest surviving son of Thos. Smithson, late of 
Moulton, deed., gent., and Jane, the wife of George 
Smithson, made a lease of Gatherley Closes, then in the 
actual possession of George Smithson. 

By Miss Blackett, his wife, George Smithson had issue 
five children, it is believed — viz. : 

I. Thos. Smithson, who resided at Moulton, and died 
unmarried. He was buried in Middleton Tyas Church, 
May I, 1810. 

2 and 3. Two other sons, names not known. 

4. Eleanor Smithson, bapt. Middleton Tyas, Nov. 29, 
1771. She died in her prime, and was buried at Middleton 
Tyas, Nov. 25, 1795. ' An amiable young woman.' 

5. Frances Smithson, m. Francis Sanderson of Toft 
Hill, in the parish of St. Helen's, Auckland, co. Durham, 
on June i, 1797. 

George Smithson of Moulton died 1774, and was buried 
in the church of Middleton Tyas on Dec, 22. His widow, 
Mrs. Jane Smithson, died in 1810 at Toft Hill, and was 
buried also at Middleton Tyas on March 19, 1810. 

(vii.) John Smithson, bapt. at M. T,, Sept. 28, 171 1 ; 
mentioned in father's will, 1741. 

(viii.) William Smithson, bapt. at M.T., June 8,1719; d. y. 

(ix.) Eleanor Smithson, bapt. at M. T., March 12, 
172! ; mentioned in father's will, 1741. 

Thomas Smithson (ii.) of Moulton died in 1741, and 
was buried in Middleton Tyas Church, February 12, 
1741J. His wife, Ellenor Smithson als. Pepper, was 
buried at M. T., April 19, 1736. 

The will of Thos. Smithson the elder, of Moulton, 
gentleman, was proved at Richmond, 1741. In it he 


Smithsons of Gatherley and Moulton 

says: 'Whereas by Indenture, lo Jan., 1723, betw. me 
and Ellinor, my late wife, and Thomas Smithson, my 
son, of the i'* part, Thos. Garth of Bolton Garth, gentle- 
man, and George Steaney of Middleton Tyas, gentleman, 
2°*^ part, and Wandesford Gyll, gentleman, and Jonathan 
Hargreaves, gentleman, 3'''^ pt., all lands and tenements 
therein are limited for use of younger sons. After death 
of self and wife to use of children, except the eldest son, 
until ;^6oo be raised and paid. I do therefore, etc. 

' Whereas I have issue Thomas, my eldest son, Cuth- 
bert, George, and John, youngest sons, and 3 daughters, 
Dorothy, Margaret, and Ellinor, to Dorothy, wife of 
Edward Fisher, I leave ;^io and £^ los. for mourning, 
which with what I gave at her marriage and £^ p. a., 
etc. To grdchn., one guinea apiece. 

* To Mary, wife of Wm. Sanderson, £^ los. for mourn- 
ing. To my son George, ^^50. To John, ;^ioo. To dr. 
Ellinor, £^ los. for mourning, and £500. 

* Friends Prescott Pepper of South Cowton, Esq., 
Leonard Hartley of Middleton Tyas, Esq., Robert 
Steaney of Middleton Tyas, gentleman, and Thos. Garth, 
all lands, etc., in Offerton and elsewhere in co. Durham 
on trust to sell ; ditto lands in co. York.' 

We now return to George Smithson, Esq., the elder 
son of Christopher Smithson of Moulton and his wife, 
Dorothea Calvert of Kipling. 

George Smithson, Esq., born July 8, bapt. July 15, 
1615, at M. T., succeeded to the Moulton Hall Estate on 
the death of his father in 1650. He married at St. Helen's 
Church, Bishopsgate, London, on Jan. 20, 165I, Miss 
Eleanor Fairfax, dr. of Col. Chas. Fairfax* of Menston, 

* ' Chas. Fairfax of Menston, who was 7th son of Thomas, first 
Lord Fairfax and Ellen Aske his wife, was born at Denton on the 
5th of March, 1597 ; educated at Trin. Coll. Cambridge, was of 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

near Otley, and niece to Ferdinando, Lord Fairfax, the 
famous general. She was baptized at Otley Church, 
Feb. 15, 1631. George Smithson died 1692, and was 
buried on Oct. 18 in that year in Middleton Tyas Church. 
She died at Catterick, where her son-in-law was vicar. 
Her will was proved 1713. They had eleven children. 

The Richmond will of George Smithson, Esq., of 
Moulton, was proved Nov. 7, 1622, and says: ' I give and 
devise to my dearly and entirely beloved wife Eleanor 
Smithson all that my capital messuage with all other, etc., 
at Moulton and Gaterly to have, etc., with liberty to sell 
and with advice of four friends named below, for debts, 
etc., and for raising some competent support for my 2 sons 
John and Christopher, and my 2 daughters, Eleanor and 
Dorothy. I desire my four friends Thos. Smithson of 
Moulton my Brother, George Burnett of Eryholme, Joseph 
Halson of Aldborough, and Matthew Smales of Gilling, 
gents., to advise, etc. If my wife die, my eldest son 
Thomas to have my real estate. Dated 13 Oct. 1692.' 

George Smithson, in his long life of seventy-seven years, 
saw many eventful changes in this country. Born in the 
reign of James I., he was a witness of the Civil War, and 
the execution of the pious, virtuous, and unfortunate 
Charles I., and then appears to have acquiesced in the 
religious and political condition of affairs which succeeded. 
His marriage to the niece of the Parliamentary General, 

Lincoln's Inn, called to the Bar 9th of March, 1618, became a Colonel 
in General Monk's army in Scotland, Governor of Hull in 1660. He 
died at Menston and was buried at Otley, 22nd Deer., 1673. He 
married Mary, dr. and heiress of John Breary, Esq., of Scrow Hall 
and Menston. She was buried at Otley 21 Oct., 1657, having had 
nine sons and five daughters. The eldest dr., Eleanor (Nell), born at 
Menston, 31 Jany., 1631, m. 20th Jany., 1653, to George Smithson, of 
Mowton, and had eleven children.' — Foster. 


Smithsons of Gatherley and Moulton 

Lord Fairfax, in 1653, would no doubt secure him in his 
estates. He became a Justice of the Peace for the North 
Riding, and in that capacity performed several marriages 
at Northallerton ; and he was also a member of the Puritan 
Parliament, being M.P. for the North Riding of Yorks 
1654-5 and M.P. for the borough of Northallerton 1658. 
The North Riding Records of Quarter Sessions frequently 
mention his name as one of the magistrates on the Bench. 
He seems, however, like many others, to have become 
tired of the narrow regime of the Cromwells, and was 
among those who aided General Monk in carrying out the 
plan of Royal Restoration. For this he had his recom- 
pence, a fee farm rent of Moulton being cancelled by 
order of Charles II. A blow fell upon him in his old age 
in the death of his eldest son, George Smithson, who 
was born in 1653 and married in York Minster, 1683, 
August 28, Elizabeth Danby of York, who survived him. 
There was no issue to this marriage, but the widow seems 
to have caused George Smithson some trouble by taking 
action in Chancery as to an alleged breach of contract 
concerning the marriage settlements. A satisfactory 
response was, however, put in by her father-in-law. 

George Smithson is buried in the Church of Middleton 
Tyas, where a tablet to his memory is on the wall. 

He had issue by his wife Eleanor Smithson, nine 
children, of whom — 

1. George Smithson, Jun., was born 1653, died in the 
lifetime of his father, and was buried in Middleton Tyas 
Church, Oct. 6, 1685. He married Miss Elizabeth Danby 
of York and Kirby Knowle, on August 28, 1683, but left no 
issue. His widow afterwards resided in York. 

2. William Smithson, d. y. 

3. Charles Smithson, d. y. 

4. Thomas Smithson, died at York, s.p., i6gg, intestate; 
gr. admon. to br. Christopher. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

5. Eleanor Smithson, m. Rev. Wm. Iveson, Vicar of 
Catterick, May 4, 1693. 

6. Dorothy Smithson, bapt. M. T., April 25, 1665 ; m. 
Leonard Robinson of Scorton in 1695. In the M. L. B. 
she is described as of Thormanby. 

7. Elizabeth Smithson, bapt. M. T. July 8, 1666; m. 
Mr. Robt. Bromley and had issue. 

8. John Smithson, Esq., bapt. M. T., Sept. 10, 1667 ; 
apprenticed, 1683, to Thos. Harrison of Newcastle, 
mcht. ; m. Ann Savill of Pontefract, spr. M. L. B., May 5, 
1695. She was 27. She died before her husband. He 
died at Catterick, w. pr. York, Oct. g, 1701. It is a 
long document, full of family details, mentions his 
deceased brother Thos. Smithson, to whom he was 
heir, his mother Ellinor, his br. Christopher Smithson, 
his eldest sister Elionor Iveson, his sisters Elizabeth 
Bromley and Dorothy Robinson, his late wife, one of the 
daughters of Wm. Saville, gent., deed. ; mentions also 
his messuages, lands, and ten'^ at Ayslaby and Egsscliffe 
in the counties of York and Durham, which descended 
to him as heir of his brother Thomas, and his lands, 
etc., at Kilham or elsewhere in co. York, which were 
in right of his wife. The bond is signed by Christopher 
Smithson, Exor., and Rev. Wm. Iveson, and the seal 
has the Smithson arms, a chevron engrailed between three 
oak leaves, impaling the Fairfax lion rampant. The 
3^1,000 which Mrs. Ellinor Smithson had secured in 
April, i6g6, out of the estate she sold to Sir Mark Mil- 
bancke, Bart., being part of a greater sum of £8,000, of 
which £"2,700 remained in his hands, she gave to her 
son John, who leaves the right use of the interest to 
Christopher for life and then to the use of his three sisters' 

9. Christopher Smithson, baptized April 8, 1670, at 
M. T. ; apprenticed, 1686, to Joshua Roddam of New- 


Smithsons of Gatherley and Moulton 

castle-on-Tyne, mcht, adentr. ; afterwards resident at 
Scorton, heir to his brother John Smithson ; died in 1702 
and was buried June 19 at Scorton. His will proved at 

He was the last surviving of the sons of George Smith- 
son, Esq., M.P. There would appear to have been some 
difficulty between him and the Ivesons over the will of 
John Smithson, his late brother. By his will he gives to 
his mother Ellinor Smithson, widow, and to his cousin 
Thomas Smithson of Moulton, gent., and to his friend 
Joseph Watson of Aldborough, gent., all his lands, etc., 
at Kilham, Aislaby and Eggscliffe, in order to sell with all 
speed to the best Purchasers and pay £"200 to Joseph 
Watson the elder as a legacy ; to his nephew John 
Bromley £30, to his nephew George Bromley ^^5, to 
cousin Dorothy Burnett, * who now lives with my dear 
mother ' ;!r5o. To his cousin Thomas Smithson £10, to 
his sister Dorothy, wife of Leonard Robinson of Scorton, 
gent., ;;^io a year. To Joseph Watson the elder his watch 
and sword. His mother to be sole Exor. Two signatures 
are appended to the bond, those of EUenor and Thos. 
Smithson, and two seals with the chevron between 3 oak 
leaves. There is a slight difference between the shape 
of the leaves in each seal, and a crescent denotes that 
Thos. Smithson was of a junior branch. 

Thus ended the elder branch of the Smithsons of 
Moulton by the death without issue of the four sons of 
George Smithson, M.P. 

The Smithsons of Kipling would also seem to have 
died out. 

The younger or junior branch continued the name to 
the beginning of the nineteenth century, when Thos. 
Smithson of Moulton died unmarried. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

It is interesting to note that George Cuitt, the painter, 
was born at Moulton in 1743. Showing in early life 
a talent for drawing, he was helped by Sir Laurence 
Dundas of Aske, who sent him to Rome, where he studied 
for six years. On his return he settled at Richmond, 
where he painted both landscapes and portraits. He died 
in 1818, and left a son George, who was a well-known 
etcher, especially of Yorkshire abbeys and old buildings 
at Chester. He died at Masham in 1854, aged seventy-five 




William Smithson of Newsham, who was a tenant 
under William Catherick, Esq., in the reign of Ed. VI., 
and of Anthony Catherick, Esq., in 28 Eliz., by his wife 
Eleanor had issue five sons and three drs. : 

I. William Smithson of Newsham, who paid the subsidy 
39 Eliz., and purchased lands in Newsham 13 Jas. I., and 

half the tithes of Bolton. He married , and had 

issue : 

(I.) William Smithson of Newsham, purchased lands in 
Newsham 1631 ; appointed exor. by his uncle, Robert 
Smithson of Newsham, in 1622 ; lands in Hunslet claimed 
against him and his wife Sara by Robert Smithson* in 
1649. ^6 ^' Sara , and had issue : 

* Of this family, too, probably was Wm. Smithson, of Leeds, 
draper, who made his will 13 Chas. II., 1661, and leaves ' to my eldest 
son John Smithson and his heirs the Broadgates, remr. to Wm. Smith- 
son, my 2nd son, for default to Robert Smithson my 3rd son, and to 
4th son, if any, and if not, to the right heirs of Wm. Smithson. Also 
Carleton closes to John Smithson. Also house on Hooke, co. York. 
To Patience Smithson my eldest dr. closes, etc., in the lordship of 
Middleton. To Mercy my 2nd dr. land in Hunslet — to Sarah 
my 3rd dr. — to Lidia my 4th dr. Robert Smithson my brother — 
Sarah my wife. W. proved 1680 in York. Of these children the 3rd 
son of Robert Smithson became a grocer in London, and made his 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

1. William Smithson of Newsham, gentleman, who 
purchased lands at Bishop Mountain from Sir Solomon 
Swale, Bart., 27 Chas. II., living 1683; sold lands in 
Newsham to John Johnson 13 Chas. II. 

2. John Smithson of Newsham, gentleman, gave lands 
in Newsham to his brother William 13 Chas. II., had 
4 hearths 25 Chas. II. 

William and Eleanor Smithson of Newsham had issue : 
II. Anthony Smithson of Newsham, living in 1622, 
tenant to Anthony Catherick, Esq., from whom in 1612 
he bought certain lands in Newsham which he was in 
possession of, and for which he was to pay ^^150 and one 
peppercorn. He was twice married ; he and his wife are 
in the list of Roman Catholics in 1604. There are grounds 
for thinking that one of his wives was a Catherick, as the 
Catherick arms are quartered on Sir Hugh Smithson's 
tomb in Stanwick Church ; also cf. Wilsons MSS., Leeds 
Library. He had issue : 

(I.) Francis Smithson, born 1595, draper and merchant 
in the town of Richmond, York. ; died 1671, aged 75. 
His long and interesting will, proved at Richmond, is full 
of family details, and shows what a prosperous man of 
business he was. He became a member of the Society of 

will in 1717. He married Grace, dr. of Mr. Samuel Foxcroft, of 
Leeds. In his will, proved in London, he orders the residue of his 
personal estate to be divided into two, one-half to go between his four 
children, Robert, Anne, William and Martha, his daughter Sarah being 
excluded as married to Mr. John Moore. His dr. Anne's share was 
to be ^2,000. His son William's share to be ^3,000. His dr. Martha's 
share to be ^2,000. If any died, the survivors including Sarah, to 
inherit. Legacies of ^5 apiece were left to various relatives, and the 
residue to his eldest son Robert — also to him his messuages called 
Broadgates in the Market-place near the Crosse, one messuage in the 
old church-yard, one wool shop and chamber, and one butcher's stall 
in the shambles — three closes at Carleton Cross, and one close in 
Marsh Lane, all in the town of Leeds. 


The Smithsons of Newsham 

Friends, and left ground for a cemetery. His wife Mary 
survived him, but both his son (whose picture he left to 
his wife) and his daughter Frances died before him. The 
latter was buried March 6, 1671. 

(II.) William Smithson of Newsham, m. , and had 

issue drs., whom we have not been able to trace. 

(III.) Richard Smithson, stated in his uncle Robert's 
will to have been Anthony's third son, and on whom his 
father settled the lands he had bought from Anthony 

Catherick. He married Meriall , who survived him, 

and to whom by his will, proved July 16, 1655 (Aylett 168), 
he leaves his lands, and after her death to his brother 
Bernard's son John. He mentions his brother Francis of 
Richmond, states that his wife is to have the residue and 
be executrix and to give some token to his brother William 
and brother Robert's children. 

(IV.) Robert Smithson of Newsham and Hutton Long 
Villars, m. , and issue two sons — viz. : 

I. Augustin Smithson of Newsham, and subsequently 
of Hutton Long Villars, who died unmarried in 1716. 
His will was proved at York, but not until 1744, and runs 
as follows : 

* The will of Augustin Smithson of Hutton Long Villars 
and late of Newsham, gent, ; sound in mind and memory 
but aged and infirm in body. As to temporal estate for 
necessary maintenance without any superfluity, considering 
the many poor relations I have constantly taken care to 
supply to my power ever since I was master of anything, 
blessed be God who gave me the good will to do it, etc. 

' (i) I bequeath to my nephew Robert Smithson of 
Newsham, in the county of York, 2nd son of my brother 
Anthony, deed., all that messuage, house or tenement 
with the Garth thereunto belonging and all rights, 
members and appurtenances, etc., in Newsham, etc., 
formerly belonging to my late father Robert Smithson, 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

deceased, and the close called Lareberry, on the north 
side of the street which leads from Newsham to Barning- 
ham, and also all my closes, lands, grounds, tenements 
and Hereditaments — estate of inheritance — and after his 
decease, to his son Robert now an infant. 

* Whereas I am entitled to a messuage house, etc., and 
4 closes, 12 acres, and 9 acres of arable in the townfields 
of Walton near Weatherby, now in tenure of Henry 
Hicks, I bequeath them to my nephew Robert Smithson 
and his son. It being my desire that all the lands, etc., 
should continue in my family. By lease 3 and 4th July, 
4th Jas. 2nd, between me and Stephen Hackforth on the 
first part and William Smithson on the 2nd part, I have 
settled the s'^ lands for uses stated in the Deed ; I alter 
this for my nephew Robert Smithson of Newsham and his 
male heirs of body and to my cousin John Smithson and 
male heirs of body. Item, I give to my niece Hellen, wife 
of Wm. Hutchinson, my niece Elizabeth, wife of James 
Hutchinson, my niece Barbary Shaw, the children of my 
niece Mary Rowntree, to Catherine Grainger and Marma- 
duke Pierson, each 5s. All the rest to my nephew Robert 
Smithson, whose care and fidelity I depend upon, and 
make him Exor. Made signed and sealed 1716, 22 Feb., 
in pieces of parchment in presence of us, George Salkeld, 
Robt. Daile, Thos. Wycliffe. This will passed seal i Nov., 

2. Anthony Smithson married, and had issue : 

(i) William Smithson. 

(2) Robert Smithson of Newsham, yeoman, heir of his 

uncle Augustin ; married Margaret , and died 1749. 

His will, proved at Richmond March 18, 174!, by his 
widow, leaves to her a house and garth at Newsham that 
Matthew Gill now lives in, and to his son Robert one 
shilling. The residue to his good wife, whom he makes 
sole executrix, dated February 10, 1749- 


The Smithsons of Newsham 

In the Kirby Ravensworth Registers it is recorded * that 
* Robert Smithson, Papist, of Newsham was laid in the 
churchyard i8th Feby., 174I-.' 

He left issue Robert Smithson, yeoman, who married 
Mary Judson, and resided at Peckhill, in the psh. of 
Romaldkirk, where he died in 1767. His will was proved 
at Richmond by his widow and son. She afterwards 
lived at Headlam, co. Durham. 

He left issue a third Robert Smithson, yeoman, of 
Newsham. A series of indentures registered in the Registry 
of Deeds at Northallerton shows that he gradually mort- 
gaged portions of his lands, to borrow money. Thus, in 
1776 he made an assignment to Thos. Benson of Brignol 
Moor Houses, for a loan of ;£'300, of Collingwood Pastures 
and a close called the Bottom, 30 acres, in the presence of 
W. Hutchinson of Barnard Castle. In 1777 he borrowed 
from Anthony Hutton of Gainford, co. Durham, gent., 
£200 on the security of 3 closes called Lowberry, contain- 
ing 16 acres. In 1780 he sold the same lands absolutely 
to Anthony Hutton. In the same year he and his wife 
Barbara and his mother Mary sold a house and an acre 
to Wm. Stapleton of Dalton Fields, in the psh. of Kirby 

In 1782 Robert Smithson, and Barbara his wife, and Mary 
his mother, Exors. of Robert Smithson late of Pecknill, 
deed., and ten other parties, including the Judsons and 
Huttons, made a further indenture about the 16 acres. 

In 1786, Jan. 3 and 4, Robert Smithson, who had 
moved his residence and is described as farmer of Gray- 
stone, psh. of Stanwick, co. York, made an indenture 
with Thos. Johnson about land at Newsham. Further we 
have not been able to trace him. 

Anthony Smithson had issue also drs., viz. : 
(i) Helen Smithson, m. Wm. Hutchinson, solicitor, of 
Barnard Castle. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

2. Elizabeth Smithson, wife of James Hutchinson. 

3. Mary Smithson m. Rowntree and had children. 

Anthony Smithson the elder, had issue also : 

(V.) Hugh Smithson, haberdasher, of London, and ad- 
venturer in Irish lands, who bought the lands of Stan- 
wick from Anthony Catherick, and was created a Baronet 
on the Restoration of Chas. H. He was born at Newsham 
in 1598 and died Oct. 21, 1670, and is buried in Stanwick 
Church. He married Dorothea, dr. of Jerome Rawston 
of Plaistow in the Co. Essex, by whom he had four 
sons and two daughters. Dorothea Lady Smithson died 
Jan. 18, 1691, and is buried beside her husband at Stan- 
wick. They had issue : 

I. Sir Jerome Smithson. 2. Hugh Smithson. 3. Antony 
Smithson. 4. Richard. 

I. Elizabeth. 2. Dorothea. 

For further information concerning the descendants of 
Sir Hugh Smithson and the elevation of his great-great- 
grandson Sir Hugh Smithson to be Earl and Duke of 
Northumberland, consequent on his espousal of Lady 
Elizabeth Seymour, or Percy, heiress of the renowned 
and ancient House of Percy, see Fonblanque's * Annals 
of the House of Percy ' and Brennan's ' House of Percy.' 

(VL) John Smithson mentioned in his uncle Robert's 
will, 1622. Was he the John Smithson who died a 
prisoner in York for recusancy in 1627 and is buried 
at Holy Trinity, Micklegate ? 

(Vn.) Symon Smithson, mentioned in his uncle Robert's 
will, believed to have joined the Society of Friends 
and gone to Ireland. A family of Smithsons, of that 
persuasion, were settled in the 17th century at Bal- 
lintogher or Ballintore, co. Wexford, in the psh. of 
Kilbride. The Records are not complete, but from them 
it appears that Thomas Smithson, who was probably the 
son of Symon, was born 1655 ^^^ married, c. 1677, 


The Smithsons of Nevvsham 

Hannah, and was the progenitor of the family. His sons 
were : i. Simon, born c. 1685 ; 2. John, born 1687 ; 
3. Thomas, born 1692; 4. Joseph, born 1700; 5. Jacob, 
born 1703 ; 6. Samuel, born 1709. His drs. were 
Catherine, Mary, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Sarah, Rachel, 

There are 31 births, 25 marriages, and 29 deaths of this 
family recorded in the Dublin Records of the Society. 
The family claim to be of the Newsham stock, and say 
that their ancestor, brother to Sir Hugh Smithson, came 
to Ireland with Oliver Cromwell, and that in the i8th 
century the Duke of Northumberland, when Lord Lieut. 
of Ireland, met and acknowledged one of those Smithsons 
as a relative. 

(VIII.) Bernard Smithson, Apothecary in Holborn, 
London. He is named in the will of his uncle Robert 
Smithson in 1622 as one of the children of his brother 
Anthony, who were to receive * everyone of them £y los., 
to be paid to them as my pmise out of their father's estate 
after his death, but not before.' 

Bernard Smithson is also named in the will of his 
brother Francis, as the father of several sons, and in the 
will of Dorothea, Lady Smithson, i6gi, he receives a 
legacy of £10. He probably died previous to 1705, in 
which year Augustin Smithson took out letters of Adminis- 
tration to his son John. He married Alice and had 

issue : 

1. John Smithson of St. Andrew's parish, Holborn, heir 
in remainder to his uncle Richard ; d. unmarried and 

2. Bernard Smithson, Junr., of London, of the Inner 
Temple, afterwards of Hornchurch, born 1648, m. on 
Sept. 8, 1680, Anne Thorogood, of Hornchurch, Essex, 
widow, aged 30, who survived him s.p. and took out grant 
of admin, to his goods, May 5, 1699. 

49 ^ 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

3. Francis Smithson, named in his uncle Francis Smith- 
son's will, 1672. 

4. A dr. who m. Mr. Brignall, as named in Francis 
Smithson's will. 

(IX.) Ellen Smithson, named in her uncle Robert's 
will, 1622 ; m. Mr. Wetwang of Richmond, Yorks, and 
had issue Wm. Wetwang, father of John and Francis. 

(X.) Jane Smithson, named in uncle's will, 1622, m. 
Mr. Binks and had issue Elizabeth, m. Nicholas Cox of 

(XI.) Anne Smithson, named in uncle's will, 1622, m. 
Mr. Swaile, and had issue Philip Swaile. 

We now return to William and Eleanor Smithson of 
Newsham, who had issue. 

III. Robert Smithson of Newsham, bachelor, who died 
in 1622. His will proved at Richmond, Nov. 19, 1622, 
is very valuable, as it gives the names of brothers and 
sisters and also those of Anthony's children. It runs as 
follows : * Dated 4 March 162J. Robert Smithson, of 
Newsam, co. York, Batchelor. I commit my soule into 
ye mercifull handes of Almighty God my maker and 
Redeemer, hopinge and faithfully trustinge to be saved by 
his merittes death and passion, and my bodie to be buried 
in the pshe church of Kirby on the Hill where my friends 
will appoint it. 

' Unto Elizabeth, daughter of Christian Compsen my 
sister, now wife of Edward Orrey, ^^20 p'cell of a debt of 
£yo due to me by my cosen Christopher Smithson of 
Mowton, also to her all my beddinge and other implements 
now in the house of my cosen Wm. Smithson, which do 
appeare by a note in writing in his custodie. 

' Unto Mary Scott, late wife of Christopher Scott, being 
my sister Compsen's youngest daughter £20, to be paid 
out of said debt of £yo. 

Unto William Compsen, my said sister Compsen's her 


The Smithsons of Newsham 

youngest sonne, other -£2.0 thereof, and the other ^^lo unto 
Margarett Rudd and Elizabeth Dacie, daughters of Richard 
Dacie of Burgh upon Staynemore to be equalHe divided 
betwixt them. 

' Unto Dorothie and Margarett, daughters of my sister 
Grace Metcalfe, ^£'16 13s. 4d. to each of them. 

' Unto my nephew Richard Smythson, third sonne of my 
brother Anthony Smythson, ^6 13s. 4d.' 

[Here the will is torn in half, a line nearly illegible.] 

' £^0 owed me by said Anthony Smythson shall be 
devided amongst eight of his children, viz., to Richard, 
Hugh, John, Symon, Bernard, Ellen, Jane, and Anne 
Smythson, to everie one of them -£"7 los. to be paid unto 
them as my p'mise out of their father's estate after his 
death and not before. 

* Whereas my brother Ninian Smythson, my nephewe 
ffrancis Smythson, and my nephewe John Compsen, have 
had and received of me divers somes of money wch. in 
there need and necessitie did helpe and relieve them, I do 
hereby clearly and absolutely acquite and discharge them 
from payinge any part thereof backe again. My nephew 
William Smythson of Newsam to be sole exor. 

' ^5 left to Elizabeth Dacie shall not be paid unto her 
untill the daye of her marriage. Signed and sealed. 

* Witnesses : Richard Smithson (X his marke). 
Christopher Arsine.' 

IV. Ninian Smithson, in 1604, residing at Kirkdale 

Banks psh. of Egton (?), accg. to Peacocke, m. Anne , 

and mentioned in his brother Robert's will, 1622. He 
was probably the founder of the Smithson family long 
resident in Kent. Nothing more is known of him. 

V. John Smithson, in 1604 'of Newsom, late from 
beyond the seas ; at Barningham. Either he or his nephew 

51 E 2 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

was the prisoner in York, who was buried in July, 1627 
at Holy Trinity, Micklegate. 

VI. George Smithson, a Recusant in 1604. In Surtees' 
* Durham ' it is stated in reference to School Ayliffe in the 
psh. of Heighington, that in 1563 Arthur Neville, gent., 
god nephew of the Earl of Westmoreland, granted to 
Wm. Smythson of Newsom in the psh. of Kirby on the 
Hill, yeoman, all his close in Scole Acle and 2 other 
closes. In 1554 Edward Wydmarpole of Alne granted to 
the same Wm. Smythson |^ of 5 messuages and 140 acres 
in Scheie Acle. In 1562 an arbitration as to the remain- 
ing undivided lands in Scheie Acle. In 1587 Wm. 
Smythson gave all his lands in Scheie Acle to his son 
George (Charter 23 June, 29 Eliz.), who in 1606 conveyed 
them to Francis Foster of Darlington for £"360. 

VII. Grace m. Mr. Metcalfe and had issue, Dorothie 
and Margaret. 

VIII. Christian m. Mr. Compsen and had issue, John 
and William Compsen ; Elizabeth m. Edward Orrey ; 
Mary m. Christopher Scott. 

A Pedigree of Smithson of Arthington 
Nunnery, Psh. of Addle. 

In the temp. Eliz. John Smithson of Arthington and 
Addle and Alice his wife are mentioned in regard to Feet 
of Fines. Also in 1607 Marmaduke and Francisca, and 
Marmaduke, jun., and Katherine. 

In the Harewood and Addle Registers are many Smith- 
son items besides the ones in this Pedigree. 

Mr. Henry Smithson of Leeds and Arthington, born 
c. 1650, d. 1686 ; m. 1674 Maria Hargreaves of Weardley, 
born 1656, d. 1704, and had issue : 


The Smithsons of Arthington 

I. Ellenor Smithson, born c. 1675 ; m. Joseph Deni- 
son of Leeds, i6g6. 
II. Samuel Smithson, born c. 1677 ; bur. 1686. 

III. Roundell Smithson, bapt. 1680, of Chapel Allerton, 

tanner ; m. Mary, dr. of Saml. Midgley of 
Harewood,* 1705, and had issue : 

1. Mary, d. 1714, bur. Harewood. 

2. Mary, m. Stephen Harrison, and had Mary, 

wife of Jonathan Midgley of Beverley. 

3. Robert. 

4. Ann, m. Sir Thomas Denison, Justice of 

King's Bench ; her sister was ancestor of 
Lord Grimthorpe. 

IV. Robert Smithson of Milnfield, psh. of Harewood, 

b. 1684, d. 1743. 
V. John Smithson, Salter, of Leeds, bapt. 1682 ; m 
1st Anne Woofenden, Jan. 25, 1714, of Caw- 
thorne (she d. Aug. 28, 1717, w. pr. York), and 
had issue : 

(I.) John Smithson, d. infans. 
(II.) Henry Smithson of Newton, Leeds, born 
1716, w. pr. York, May, i6g8; m. 
Margaret dr. of Wm. Lewty of Hamps- 
thwaite, co. York, gent. She was 
bapt. Hampsthwaite Nov. 23, 1724, 
d. Feb. ig, I7g3, mar. settlem. Jan. 6, 
I74g. They had issue : 

I. Rev. John Smithson, Rector of 
Kirk Heaton, co. York, 1785- 
1836. Inc. of Headingley, 1782- 
1836, bapt. 1752, d. Jan. 1. 1836, 

* Her brother, Saml. Midgley of Alvvoodley and Harewood, had 
issue Thos. of Harewood, whose son Samuel m. Mary, dr. of Henry 
Smithson of Leeds, and had issue Margt., m. John Barstowe, and 
Mary, m. Rev. Wm. Kettlewell. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

bur. Headingley, m. Ruth 

born 1767, d. Aug. 16, 1832, 
bur. at Headingley, s.p. 

2. Henry Smithson, born 1760, d. 

Mar. 14, 1793, aged 33; m. 

Ehzabeth ; she afterwards 

m. — Harding of Ireland, w. 
pr. York. 

3. Margareta, ob. inf. aet. 6 months. 

4. Mary, born 1754 ; d. Dec. 24, 

1836 ; bur. Adel ; m. Samuel 
Midgley and had issue Margaret 
and Mary, mentioned in their 
uncle Henry's will. 




In the course of tracing up that branch of the Smithson 
family which was settled in Cumberland in the early part 
of the sixteenth century, the name and career of William 
Burbank, Archdeacon of Carlisle, who was a kinsman of 
Rev. Anthony Smithson of Cliburn, comes prominently 
forward. A most interesting monograph on the seal of 
William Burbank has been written by Rev. James 
Wilson, M.A., an accomplished antiquary in Cumberland: 
and may be read in vol. xv. of the Transactions of 
the Cumberland and Westmoreland Antiquarian Society ; 
in it he traces the career of William Burbank very fully, 
and makes reference to various authorities. There are, 
however, a few sources of information which have not 
been mentioned by Mr. Wilson, which still further eluci- 
date his career. 

He was probably a native of Cumberland, and must 
not be confounded with his namesake, Wm. Burbank, 
jun., who was also a priest. Another of the same name, 
Thomas Burbank, or Bourbank, had been Archdeacon 
of Carlisle between 1509 and 1520. Bishop Nicholson 
records that there was a window in Greystoke Church to 
the memory of Archdeacon Thos. Bourbank, who may 
have been uncle to Wm. Burbank, his successor. Rev. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

James Wilson, M.A., in his monograph gives an impres- 
sion of the seal, which is oval, 2| inches by i^ inches, 
and shows, under a triple canopy, supported by pillars in 
the Renaissance style, the Blessed Virgin, with the Holy 
Child on her right arm, the head being encircled with 
rays. Below there is a shield of arms, charged quarterly, 
but the charges are indistinct, and supported from behind 
by a cherub or angel with expanded wings. The legend is : 


* ARCHi * KARLiOLEN. From Mr. Wilson's notes we 
learn that Dr. Burbank as early as 1488 was in the 
service of Richard Bell, Bishop of Carlisle. As his 
chaplain he was often engaged on diocesan affairs, or sent 
to direct the bailiffs in the managements of the Bishop's 
estates. He was a native, perhaps, of Penrith or its 
neighbourhood, and was educated at Cambridge, where 
he took the degree of Bachelor of Canon Law. In 1508 
he was nominated by the Austin Priory of Conysheved, in 
Lancashire, as one of their proctors to the diocesan synod 
of Carlisle, by virtue of their being appropriators of the 
Church of Overton, in Westmoreland, a parish of which 
he seems to have been the incumbent. In the same year 
Cardinal Baynbridge, Archbishop of York, and a member 
of an old family near Appleby, was sent as ambassador to 
Pope Leo and at Rome, and Burbank went with him as 
one of his secretaries. In Rome he made the acquaintance 
of Erasmus, as Erasmus himself tells us, and this led to a 
lifelong friendship. Cardinal Baynbridge was unfortu- 
nately poisoned by one Rinaldo, of Modena; and the two 
letters written by Burbank, one of his executors, to 
Henry VIII. on the death of his patron, are in the British 
Museum (Vitell, B. ii., ff. 94-97), and were printed by 
Sir Henry Ellis in * Original Letters,' first series, vol. i., 
pp. 99-108. In them he seriously compromises Silvester 
de Giglis, Bishop of Worcester, who, he says, paid 


Wm. Burbank, Archdeacon of Carlisle 

Rinaldo for carrying out the dastardly act. The Bishop 
in return defamed his accuser as 'that scoundrel Bur- 
banke,' and says that he * does not know under heaven a 
greater dissembler.' The wretched Rinaldo, after being 
tortured, committed suicide. The Pope tried to patch up 
the quarrel, absolved the Bishop under seal, of all com- 
plicity, and made Burbank a prothonotary Apostolic, and 
strongly recommended him to King Henry's favour. 
Shortly after his return to London he received a post in 
the household of Wolsey, the new Archbishop of York, 
whom he accompanied to Cambridge in 1520, and there 
received the honour of being made Doctor of Decrees, as 
we find him entitled on his seal. In the same year (1520) 
he succeeded Thos. Burbank as Archdeacon of Carlisle. 
In that year he made a notarial certificate of the oaths of 
the Commissioners of Henry VIII. and Charles V. to 
certain treaties which had been made in the chapel of the 
Royal Palace of Greenwich. After this he was employed 
continually by Wolsey in various ways, and especially in 
carrying out the dissolution of some of the smaller monastic 
communities, and applying their funds to the foundation 
of his new Cardinal's College at Oxford. 

But it was especially as the friend of Erasmus that 
Wm. Burbank was notable. He was one of those, like 
Erasmus himself, who wished for the removal of abuses, 
without breaking up the visible unity of the Church. 
Mr. Wilson says that he can find only one occasion when 
Dr. Burbank seems to have gone down to Cumberland 
after he had become Archdeacon of Carlisle. That was 
when he paid a visit at Rose Castle to Bishop John Kite 
(1521-1537). Bishop Kite wrote to Wolsey in 1522 that 
he had kept Burbank to entertain him for the favour he 
bore to the Court he came from. 

From Wood's ' Athenae Oxon ' we learn that a William 
Bourbanke, A.M., was appointed to the Vicarage of 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Staines, in Middlesex, June 5, 1521, which he resigned 
before August 2, 1522 {cf. Bishop Fitzjames' Register, 
quoted by Bishop Kennet). There is some difficulty in 
distinguishing between him and a namesake and kinsman 
of his who was an ecclesiastic, and who was presented 
under the name of William Burbank, alias Smythson, to 
the Church of Arthuret, in the dio. of CarHsle, in 15 17 
{cf. Pat. Roll, 9 Hen. VIII., p. 2, m. 3). The Patent 
Roll of 1531 (22 Hen. VIII., p. i, m. 6) records the 
presentation of Wm. Bourbanke, alias Smithson, S.T.P., 
to the Prebend of Fenton, in York Minster, on the 
resignation of William Burbanke, D.D., who was appointed 
in 1512. This roll is dated Feb. 14, 1531. On April i, 
same year, the Prebend of Tockerington, in York Minster, 
was filled up on the resignation of William Bur- 
banke, S.T.P., appointed in 1524, and resigned. Jortin 
says that the friend of Erasmus was made Prebendary of 
South Grantham, in Lines., in Sarum Cathedral. This 
he resigned in 1527. He was also Rector of Terrington, 
Yorks, by appointment of Archbishop Bainbridge, from 
1508. Le Neve gives Wm. Burbanke, LL.D., as appointed 
to the Prebend of Welton, in the Cathedral of Lincoln, on 
March 13, 1518; and another person of the same name, 
alias Smythson, was collated June 13, 1527, by the title of 
Exorcista, and resigned in 1531. 

Some light is thrown on these rather confusing records 
of two who were evidently relatives by the De Banco 
Roll of 1533 (25 Hen. VIII.), Westmoreland, in which a 
record is found of an action against Anthony Smythson, 
clerk, of Clybourne, co. Cumberland, Robert Smythson, 
late of Tyrington,* co. Cumberland, clerk (evidently a 
mistake for Terrington, co. York), and John Smythson 
of Alenby, co. Cumberland, yeoman, executors of the 
will of Wm. Burbanke, clerk, lately called W. B., senr., 
* Originally Tyverington. 

Wm. Burbank, Archdeacon of Carlisle 

Archdeacon of Carlisle, and against Michael Burbanke, 
late of Morton, co. Cumberland, yeoman, exor. of the 
will of W. B., junr.. Rector of the parish church of 
Calbek. The latter of these two is evidently identical 
with the Prebendary who had the alias of Smythson, and 
succeeded his kinsman as Prebendary of Fenton and of 
Tockerington, and they must have died within a short 
time of each other. It is probable that the Smythsons 
were nephews of the Archdeacon, and brothers of the 
Rector of Calbeck. 

The loss of these wills, however, which no longer exist, 
has been a serious difficulty in the tracing out of the 
relationship between the Burbanks and Smythsons. There 
are no wills now in Carlisle Probate Registry prior to 
1564. We learn from the Lives of Erasmus that he had 
a large share of favour from most of the household officials 
of Wolsey, and particularly from Burbank. When we 
consider the all-important part played by Erasmus in the 
revival of the study of the New Testament, and also in 
the exposure of monastic abuses and in the internal reform 
of the Church, and that no name stands so high in the 
ranks of learning at that period, it adds great distinction 
to the sagacity and fame of Archdeacon Burbank to have 
persuaded him to come to England. The family to 
w^hich Burbank belonged was well known afterwards, and 
members of it are on record as having founded schools 
and left lands for the benefit of the Church. 




Christopher Smithson m. and had issue : 

I. William Smithson, born c. 1660, m. , and had issue : 

(I.) Christopher Smithson, bapt. 1687, bur. 1687. 
(II.) William Smithson, born 1689, m. Rebecca Richardson, 

(III.) Richard Smithson, bapt. 1690, m. Mary Steel, 1717, and 
had issue : 

I. Thomas Smithson, Freeman of York, i739) bapt. 
1718, m. Miss Allen, and had issue : 
(i) Richard Smithson, born 1760, Solicitor 
and Bailiff of Malton, d. Feb. 13, 1829, 
in 69th year, Freeman of York, 1784, 
m. Sarah Mennell, born 1767, died 
June II, 1826, aged 58. They had 
issue : 

[i] Thomas Smithson, born 1784, d. 

Sept. 12, 1793. 
[2] Lydia Smithson l 

[3] Sarah Ann Smithson \ all d. y. 
[4] Maria Smithson J 

[5] John Smithson, gt.. Freeman of 

York, 1807. 
[6] Richard Smithson, Attorney, 

Freeman of York, 181 1 
[7] Henry Smithson, born 1792, 
Solicitor and Bailiff of Malton, 
d. Oct. 18, 1840, in 48th year, 

m. Caroline . d. York, 1865, 

aged 61. 


[8] Thos.Mennell Smithson, drowned 
1823^ aged 27, Freeman of 
York, 1 81 8. 

[9] Chas Smithson, Freeman of York, 
[to] Sarah, m. Isaac Rowntree, and 
had issue John Smithson Rown- 
tree, father of Walter Smithson 

(2) Thomas Smithson, born Thormanby, 1693. 

(3) Timothy Smithson, born 1696, m. , 

1718, and had issue : 
[i] William Smithson, born I7I9- 
[2] George Smithson, born 1720, w. 

pr., 1752, m. Ann . 

[3] Richard Smithson. 

[4] Timothy Smithson, born 1724. 

2. Mary Smithson, bapt. 1721, 

3. Richard Smithson, bap. 1723, w. pr., 1791, m. 

Rachel , and had issue : 

(i) Richd. Smithson. 

(2) Wm. Smithson. 

(3) Mary, m. Robt. Plummer, Junr. 

(4) Thos. Smithson, m. , and had issue 



Richard (?) Smithson m., and had issue : 
I. Richard Smithson, bapt. 1567. 
II. William Smithson of Methley, born c. 1570, d. 1653, m., 1596, 
Alice Dobson, who d. 1652, and by her had issue : 

(I.) Frances Smithson, bapt. and bur. March 28, 1596. 
(II.) Richard Smithson, bapt. 1598, d. 1659, matric. Magd. 
Hall, Oxon., 1623, w. pr. 1662, m., and had issue, 
Richd. and William. 
(III.) Rev. Wm. Smithson, bapt. 1600, m. Ann Burton, 
Oct. 6, 1631, who d. 1669, had issue Richd. 

(IV.) Edward Smithson, bapt. Oct. 3, 1602, bur. , m. 

Margaret, dr. of Wm. and Eliz. Burton, on Feb. 4, 
1640, and had issue : 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

1. William Smithson, bapt. Jan. 17, 1641, m. 

Mary Birkbeck of Castleford, 1666. 

2. Richard Smithson of Methley, bapt. April 16, 

1643, m. Venables, and had issue : 

(i) Olive Smithson, bapt. Nov. 22, 1662. 

(2) Richard Smithson, bapt. Dec. 31, 1663, 

merchant in Middleham, w. pr. 
17 1 5, m. Alice , and had issue : 

[i] William Smithson. 

[2] Richd. Smithson. 

[3] Theodosia, m. Gilbert Mann 
of Wakefield, 17 10. 

(3) Venables, bapt. July 27, 1665, bur. 

April 2, 1666. 

(4) William Smithson, bap. Oct. 24, 1666, 

of Bolton on Dearn, Physician, d. 

1734, m. ist Margaret , bur. 

Doncaster, 1733, m. 2nd Jane . 

By his 1st wife he had issue : 

[i] Richard Smithson of Serlby, 

Notts, d. 1728. 
[2] A dr., m. Stead. 
[3] A dr. m. Whitaker. 
[4] Olivia Smithson, m. Wm. 
Preston of Flasby Hall, and 
had issue John and Elizth. 

3. Theodosia Smithson of Methley, w. pr. 1673, 

bur. April I, 1676. 

4. Ann Smithson, bapt. Nov. 10, 1644, m. Robt. 

Stead of Hickleton, 1679. 

5. Elizabeth Smithson, bapt. May 15, 1647, m. 

Paul Greenwood, gent., April 20, 1672. 

6. Edward Smithson, bapt. June 21, 1649, died 

aged 86, Nov. 1629, of Barnby Hall, Caw- 
thorn, m. , and had issue : 

(i) Edv.'ard Smithson of Barnby. 

(2) EHzabeth Smithson of Barnby, w. pr. 




Samuel Smithson m., and had issue : 

I. Nicholas Smithson, Clk., of Fewston, d. 1605, m. Susanna 

, d. 1632, and had issue : 

(I.) Robert Smithson of Bedale, m. Mary, and had issue 
a dr., born 1619, and others. 
(II.) Joshua Smithson of Fewston, d. 1666, m. Helen, 
who d. 1654, and had issue : 

1. Joseph Smithson, bapt. 1619, m. Anne 

Suttell, 1654, and had issue: 
(i) Jonah, bapt. 1655. 

(2) Samuel, bapt. 1657, probably father 

of Samuel of Gill, who d. 1771.* 

(3) Joshua, bapt. 1658. 

(4) Marie, bapt. 1659. 

(5) Benjamin, bapt. 1661. 

2. Hester Smithson, bapt. 1623, m. 1642 John 


3. Margaret Smithson, bapt. 1629. 

(III.) Joseph Smithson, mentioned in his mother's will, 

(IV.) Reuben Smithson, m. Mary Garthforth, April 15, 


1. Jane Smithson, bapt. 1634. 

2. Marie Smithson, bapt. 1639. 

3. Samuel Smithson, bapt. 1654, d. 1659. 

* Samuel Smithson=T=(i) Jane Walker, 1690, who d. 171 5. 
of Gill, born, f. 1670; w. pr. I (2) Deborah, bur. 1725. 
1771 probably. (3) Anne England, 1734 ; d. 1750. 

(4) Elizth. Parkes, 1753. 


(i) Joshua,=i=. . . 

. (2) Samuel, 

(3) Mary, m. (4) Jane, m. 

(5) Ann, m 

bapt. 1691; 

bapt. 1700. 

John Stubbs. John Fowler, 

Wm. White 

w. pr. 


head of 




(i) .Samuel, bapt. (2) Joseph, (3) Mary. (4) Susan. (5) Ann, bapt. 1721 
1714; d. 1740. bapt. 1718. m. II. Robinson. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

(V.) Hester Smithson, bapt. 1594, m. John Whyte, 161 5, 
and had issue. 
(VI.) Ann Smithson, bapt. 1603, m. Robert Irysh, and had 

II. Francis Smithson, m. , and had issue : 

(I.) Alice, bapt. 1608. 
(II.) Thomas, bapt. 161 1, d. 1613. 
(III.) Isabel, bapt. 161 2, d. 1620. 

III. John Smythson, m. , and had issue : 

(I.) Maude, bapt. 1596. 
(II.) Alice, bapt. 1608. 


1592. Thos. Smithson, gent., and Mary Bell^ widow. 

1608. John Wood, gent., psh. Westerby, and Alice Smithson, widow, 

psh. Bardsey. 
i63f. Gilbert Smithson of Whinholme, psh. Danbywiske, Frances 

Willey, psh. of Belfry, York. 
1664. John Smithson, elk., of psh. Marfleet, and Eliz. Primrose, wid. 

1666. Wm. Smithson, gent., 29, Methley, and Mary Birkbeck of 

Castleford, spr., at Garforth. 

1674. Hugh Smithson, Esq., 15, of Sancton, Yk., and Eliz. Langdale, 

16, spr., psh. Holme Spalding. 

1675. Henry Moorhouse, 50, Eye, Suffolk, and Sarah Smithson, wid., 

Leeds, 40. 
1683. George Smithson, gent., of Moulton, 28, and Elizth. Danby of 

York, 27. 
1695. Leonard Robinson, gen., 26, Scorton, and Dorothy Smithson, 

20, spr., Thormanby. 
1697. Ed. Baldock, armorer, Upper Poppleton, and Mary Smithson, 

of Leeds, spr. 
Paver's abstracts, p. 934 : Calvert Smithson, psh. Bedale, and Eliz. 

Walton, spr., same. 
„ p. 996 : Joshua Smithson, 22, agric. EUand, psh. 

Halifax, and Mary Hornby, spr., psh. 
„ p. 655 : John Smithson, yeoman of Melsonby, and 

Isabell Wilkinson, wid., psh. Barton. 



1691, Mar. 9. Henry Carleill of Sowerby, gen., and Eliz. Smithson. 

1692, June 24. Zachariah Thorpe, 25, and Elizth. Smithson, 20, of 


1693, Feb. 27. Robert Reamore of Easingwold, and Jane Smithson, 


1695, May 5. John Smithson, gent., of Middleton Tyas, and Anne 

Savill of psh. of Pontefract, 22, spr. 

1696, Mar. 28. \Vm. Smithson of West Cottingham, and Susanna 

Cooper, wid. 28, at St. Margts, Wahngate, York. 

1696, Sept. 10. Joseph Denison of Leeds, and Ellanor Smithson of 


1697, Jan. 20. Richd. Vevers, Morrwickens, psh. Baworth, co. York, 

and Ursula Smithson. 
1697, Aug. 9. Chas. Bridgman, 32, of Beverley, and Mary Smithson 
of Cottingham, 23. 

1700, 1701, 1702, 1703, 1704. 

1700, Aug. 24. Joseph Waddington and Frances Smithson, and 

Francis Wade de Bishop Mounkton, Ripon. 
1702, Dec. 5. Wm. Smythson of Slaidburne Woodhouse, farmer, 

and John Smythson of same, yeoman. Bondsmen, 

Wm. Smythson and Elizth. Turner. 
1702, April 28. John Preston of York, Hosier, 25, and Ann Smithson 

of Eerington, 24. 
1702, .April 21. Luke Coates, clerke, Vicar of Birstall, and Miss Mary 

Smithson, spr. 
1702, Nov. 2. Charles Hutton, gent., 30, Lie. to Whitkirk or Adle, of 

Arthington Grange, and Ursula Smithson, of Colton, 

spr., 25. 
1702, July 4. Edwd. Smithson of Ripon, Skinner, 40, and Elizth. 

Yates, spr., 30, in Chapel of Bp. Mounkton. 

^— . -- 7' — Wm. Smithson, and Anne Dixon of Sharow. 

1704, Aug. 26. 

Hugh Entwistle, 24, of Kendall, co. Westmland, 

Mercer, and Thos. Towson of .Malham, co. York. 

65 K 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

yeoman, Bondsmen, and Rebecca Smithson of 
Gargrave, 17, Lie. fo Kirby Malham. 

1704, June 3. John Lister, gt., 22, of Hesfield in psh. Ilkley, and 

Mary Smithson, Spr., 22, of Ffinston, Lie. for 
Pannell or Bolton Chapel. 

1705, May 2. Henry Metcalfe, yeoman, 29, of Halifax, and Elizabeth 

vSmithson of Kettlewell, 19. 
John Smithson of same. Bondsman. 
1705, Jan. 25. Emanuel Lapidge and Sarah Smithson of Leeds. 

1705, July 27. Roundell Smithson, 24, of Chapel Allerton, Tanner, 

and Mary Midgley, at Harwood, Leeds, or Adle. 

1706, Sept. II. Richard Smithson (nauta) and Mary Featherston of 

1706, April 2. Richard Parkinson Agricola, and Gennet Smithson, 
nr. York. 

1706, May 10. Robert Smithson of Hull, yeoman, and Elizabeth 


1707, Nov. 3. William Smithson, 28, Gent., of Bardsley, and Jane 

Easby, 21, in St. Martin's or Trinity, Micklegate, 

1708, Feb. 21. Richard Smithson, farmer, of Greysthorp, and Jane 

Fox of Eversley. 

1709, Nov. 15. William Smithson of Ripon, and Isabel Shakelton of 


17 10, July 21. Gilbert Mann of Wakefield, Clothworker, and Theo- 

dosia Smithson, daughter of Edward Smithson of 
Middleham, Gent. 

1712, Aug. 26. John Smithson of Hull, 26 (nauta), and Eliz. Sutton, 

21, spr., York. 

17 13, April 13. Joshua Smithson, yeoman, and Susanna Gill, spinster, 

of Fewston. 
Bondsman, Marmaduke Mawson of Otley, to minister 
of Silkston. 

1714, Jan. 25. John Smithson of Leeds, aged 27, and Ann Woofen- 

den, spinster, of Worcroft, parish of Cawthorne, 
aged 20. 
William Green, Gent., of Banks in Cawthorne, and 
Francis Gothard of Silkston, Bondsmen. 
1714, Nov. 12. William Preston of Leeds, Gent., and Joshua Walters 
of Leeds, Gent., Bondsmen for marriage of William 
Preston, aged 24, and Oliva Smithson of Barnsley, 
19, to minister of Silkston or Barnsley. 


1715, Jan. 29. William Smithson of Thormanby, 26, yeoman, and 
Rebecca Richardson, spinster, 25, of Knaresboro. 

I7i4,?july 29. Thomas Smithson, Gent., of Alwoodley, parish of 
Harwood, 28, and Mary Cowper, spinster, of Hov- 
ingham, aged 27. 

1715, May 15. Thomas Smithson, Gent., of Coniston Cold Gar- 
greave, and Mary Procter of same. 

1717, Oct. 14. Alexander Williamson of Lancaster, yeoman, aged 26, 
and Rowland Williamson of Lancaster, Bondsman, 
for marriage to Katherine Smithson of Leeds, 
spinster, 24, in Leeds Parish Church. 

1717, Jan, II. Richard Ellison of Epworth, yeoman, and William 
Ellison, liondsmen for the marriage of Richard 
Ellison of Epworth, Lines, yeoman, 26, and 
Susanna Wesley, spinster, of Ackeworth (21), (sister 
to Rev. John Wesley). 

1717, Richard Smithson, Dyer and Weaver, of Thormanby, 

and Mary Steel of same. 


1567, Bapt. Richard s. of Richard Smythonne. 

^573- )i Mercie dr. of John Smythonne, March vii. 

1 596. Francis daughter of William Smithsonne bapt. 4th day thereof 

and was buried the same day. 
1598. Richard s. of William Smythonne, bapt. 

Note. — See Hunter's ' Familite Minorum Gentium,' Harleian 
Soc, p. 161. 
1600. Bapt. William s. of Wm. Smythonne. 
1602. „ Oct. 3. Edward s. of Wm. Smythonne. 
1609. ,, Nov. 26. Ann dr. of „ 

1640. „ Jan. 17. Wm. s. of Edward Smithson. 

1643. I) April 16. Richard s. of „ 

1644. ,, Nov. 10. Ann dr. of „ 
1647. ,, May 15. Elizabeth dr. of „ 
1649. )) June 21. Edward s. of „ 
1651. ,, ,, 24. John 

1653. „ July 20. Henry 

1575. Marriage Thomas Smythonne and Margaret Burton, 

Aug. xx5th. 
1596. „ William Smythonne and Alice Dobsonne, Dec. 3. 

1614. „ Nicholas Tatcr and Dorothie Smithson, May 3. 

161 5. „ Francis Darley and Margaretl Smithson, Nov. 2. 

67 F 2 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

1631. Marriage William Smithson, Minister, and Ann Burton, 

Oct. 6. 

1639. „ Edward Smithson and Margarett Burton, Feb. 4. 

1627. Burial, Oct. 27. Ann dr. of William S. 

1642. „ May 16. William Smithson. 

1644. „ Feb. II. Sent Smithson. 

1652. „ (Alice ?) wife of William Smithson, 

1653. „ Smithson, Oct. II. 

1672. Marriage, Paul Greenwood, gent., and Elizabeth Smithson, 

April 20. 
1679. „ Robert Stead of Hickleton and Ann Smithson, 

April 23. 

1662. Bapt., Olive, dr. of Richard Smithson, gent., Nov. 22. 

1663. „ Richard, s. „ „ Dec. 31. 

1665. „ Venables, s. of „ „ July 27. 

1666. „ William, „ „ „ Oct. 24. 

1654. Burial, Henry, s. of Edward Smithson, Dec. 2. 
1657. „ John „ „ Sept. 4. 

1659. „ Richard S., May 5. 

1660. Luce Smithson, May 7, buried. 

1666. Burial, Venables, s. of Richard Smythson, gent., April 2. 

1667. ,, Richard „ „ ,, Nov. 22. 
1699. ,, Ann Smithson, May 26. 

1676. „ Theodoesha Smithson, April i. 

1797. „ Gilbert Smithson, Esq., aged 52 years, June 22. 

Note. — Gilbert Roberts of Methley and Dantzic, son of 
William Roberts of Dantzic, was created a Baron of the 
Holy Roman Empire, sold considerable estates at Methley 
and Thorpe Audlin to his cousin Gilbert Smithson, Esq. 
See p. 163, Hunter's ' Familiaa Minorum Gentium.' 


1669, Mch. 4. Thomas Smithson buried. 

1672, May 22. Thomas Jackson and Elizabeth Smithson married. 

1673, June 4. Francis, the wife of Thomas Smithson, buried. 
1680, Jan. 24. Thomas Smithson and Jane Ritson married. 

1684, Feb. II. John, son of Tho. Smithson and Jane his wife, 

1686, June 6. Sarah, daughter of Tho. Smithson and Jane his wife, 




1688, June 10. Joshua, sonne of Thomas Smithson and Jane his wife, 

1701, July 24. Jennet Smithson buried. 
1720, Sept. 8. Joshua Smithson buried. 
1735, Aug. 26. Jane Smithson of Felside, widow, buried. 
1735, Mar. 30. Thomas Smithson of Woodhall, householder, buried. 

, No ' Smithson ' entries found (1666 to 1720). 


1 584. Robert Smithson, bapt. (almost illegible, day and month quite). 

1585. Janet Smithson, buried „ » 
1585. Thomas ? Smithson, buried. 

1592. March 17. Bapt. Mabell Smithson. 

1595. Bapt. John Smithson. 

1596. Burial Robert Smithson. 
1598. Wm. Bourbanke, bapt. 

1602. March 5. Bapt. Maryane Smithson, dr. of John Smithson of 


1602. Sept 21. Burial of Margaret Burbanke, dr. of Wm. Burbanke. 

161 1. Bapt. Jane, dr. of William Smithson of Allanby. 

161 1. Burial (Alice?) Smithson, dr. ofWm. Smithson of Allanby. 

1626. Mary, dr. of Thomas Smithson of Allanby, bapt. 

1628. Daughter of Edward Burbanke, bapt. 

1633. Mabell Smithson, dr. of John Smithson (burial or bapt. ?) 

1638. Son of John Smithson, bapt. 

1639. Wm., son of Cuthbert Bowerbank. 

1662, April Thomas Smythson, sonne of John Smythson of 

Allumbie, was baptized. 
1662, Dec. Ann Smythson, ye daughter of Leonnard Smythson of 

Lammanbie, bapt. 
1664, Nov. 6. Issabell Smythson, daughter ofWil . . . (remainder 
of line torn off), (date and name illegible), daughter 

of Geo. Smythson, bapt. 

1668, April 23. Jane Smythson, daughter of John Smythson of Al- 

lumby, bapt. 

1669, Aug. 8. Susanna Smithson, the daughter of William Smithson 

of Laithes, bapt. 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

1669, Dec. 


1672, Sept. 


1673, Feb. 


1678, Dec. 


1680, Mar. 


168 r, Mar. 


1682, Jan, 


1685, (day ; 







1690, Mar. 


1690, May 











1713, July 


1718, June 


1718, June 

: 29. 

William Smithson, the sonn of Leonard Smithson of 

Lamonbye, bapt. 
John Smithson of Allambye buried. 
William, ye sonn of William Smithson of Laithes, bapt. 
John, son of John (? Wm.) Smithson of Laithes, bapt. 
John, sonn of John Smithson of Allonby was baptized. 
John, sonn of John Smithson of Allonby, was buried. 
Anna, dr. of John Smithson of Ellenby, was baptized, 
month not stated). John, ye son of John Smithson, 

Katherine, ye dr. of John Smithson, baptized. 
Thomas Smithson and Ann Harrie married. 
John Smithson buried. 
William Smithson buried. 
William Smithson and Ann Gibson married. 
Elizabeth, ye daughter of John Smithson of Allonby, 


Sarah, ye daughter of Smithson, buried. 

John, ye son of William Smithson, baptized. 

Hannah, ye daughter of John Smithson, baptized. 

Robert, ye son of William Smithson, buried. 

John, ye son of Thomas Smithson, baptized. 

Ann, ye daughter of William Smithson, baptized. 

Will., ye son of Will. Smithson, baptized. 

William Alonby and Ann Smithson married. 

Ann Smithson buried. 

Thomas Smithson of Woodend buried. 

Jane Smithson buried. 

Jno. Bristoe of Berrier, Parish of Greystock, and 

Hannah Smithson of Allonby married. 
John Clark of Lamonby and Isabel Smithson of 
Allonby married. 


1685. Wm. Smithson, married. 

1687. Christph. Smithson, baptized and buried. 

1690. Richd. Smithson, baptized. 

1693. Thomas Smithson, baptized. 

1696. Timothy Smithson, baptized. 

J701. Elizabeth, daughter of Wm. Smithson, baptized. 



1703. Samuel Smithson, baptized. 

1717. Richd. Smithson, married. 

1 71 8. Thos., son of Richard Smithson, baptized. 

1719. Wm., son of Timothy Smithson, baptized. 

1720. George, son Timothy Smithson, baptized. 

1721. Mary, daughter of Richd. Smithson, baptized. 

1723. Richard, son of Richard Smithson, baptized. 

1724. Timothy, son of Timothy Smithson, baptized. 

1726. John, son of Richard Smithson, baptized and buried in next 


161 5. George Smythson, son of Xtpher de Moulton and Dorothea 

uxor ejud, born July 8, bapt. July 11, 161 5. 
Elizth., dr. of Thos. Smithson. 
1619. Winefrida Smithson, filia Thomus Smithson de Middleton, 

bapt. May 2. 

1621. Marriage of Johnes Burnett of Croft to Francisca Smithson of 

Moulton, May 9. 

1622. Bapt. July — , Anna Smithson, filia John Smithson of Moulton. 

1622. Humat. Henricus Smythson, sen., April 10. 

1623. Anna Smythson, wife of John Smithson de Moulton, died 

1627. Thomas Smithson de Middleton, buried Sept. 

1635. Marriage of Leonard Taylor and Maria Smithson, both of 

Moulton, Nov. 6. 

1636. Humat. William Smithson, Jan. 8. 

1637. Sepult Johannis Smithson de Melsenbie, Nov. 14. 

1639. Sepult Jana Smithson de Cooton (Cowton) Grange, May 14. 

1643. Bapt. Johannes, filius Winifridi Smithson, Oct. 22. 

1650. Cuthbertus Smithson de Richmond in medicis Doctor peritis- 

simus, Dec. 10. 
1656. Agnes Smithson de Middleton buried Jan. 20. 
1660. Marriage of Leonard Jackson of Moulton and Elizabeth Smith- 
son of Middleton, Nov. 27. 

1665. Dorothea, filia George Smithson arung. de Moulton, April 25, 


1666. Elizabetha, filia George Smithson arung. bajjt. July 8. 

1667. John, son of George Smithson arm. bapt. July 8. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

1667. Christopherus, son of Thomas Smithson, Dec. 26, bapt. 

1668. Jan. 31 ditto ditto buried. 
1668. April 16, Margarita, fiha Thomas Smithson de Moulton, bapt. 

Feb. II. 
1667. May 17, entry retithes. 

The Constabulory of Mouhon : ' There are jj acres of land 

in the Constabulory of Moulton, etc., of these 'J^ acres Mr. 

Thomas Smithson hath 12 acres in his own possession. 
1670. Christopherus, filius George Smithson, bapt. April 28. 
1670. Thomas, filius Thomas Smithson, bapt. Mar. 26. (This entry 

crossed out.) 
1672. Georgius, filius Thomas Smithson, Sextilis 20. 
1674. Maria, filia Thomas Smithson of Moulton, bapt. Sextilis 16. 
1685. Georgius Smithson, Jun., de Moulton, buried Oct. 7. 

1692. Georgius Smithson, Armiger, de Moulton, buried Oct. 10. 

1693. Guilielmus Iveson de Catherick and Elinora Smithson de 

Moulton, married May 4. 

1694. Burial of Elizabeth, wife of Leonard Jackson, August. 
1697. Thomas Smithson of Moulton, Gent., Feb. i, buried. 
1700. Thomas, filius Thomas Smithson de Moulton, bapt. April 4. 
1702. Dorothea, filia Thomas Smithson de Moulton, June 30. 
'^7'^'i' Joannes, filius Thomas Smithson of Moulton, bapt. Feb. 8. 
1704. Burial Joannes, filius Thomas Smithson, Generosi, May 24. 

1706. Maria, filia Thomas Smithson of Moulton, bapt. Nov. 15. 

1707. Maria, vidua of Smithson of Stockton, buried Nov. 5. 

1708. Cuthbertus, son of Thomas Smithson of Moulton, bapt. 

May 29. 

1709. Georgius, son of Thomas Smithson of Moulton, bapt. Aug. 31. 
1711. Joannes, filius Thomas Smithson of Moulton, bapt. Sept. 28. 
1719. Gulielmus filius Thomas Smithson of Moulton, bapt. June 8. 
1719. ,, ,, ,, buried July 30. 
1722. Elianora, filia Dom. Thomas Smithson, bapt. Mar. 2. 

1727. Edward Fisher of Richmond and Dorothea Smythson of 

Moulton married May 23. 
1736. Mrs. Smithson, wife of Mr. Thomas Smithson of Moulton, 

buried April 19. 
1736. William Sanderson married Mary Smithson of Moulton 

March 21. 

1738. Ann, dr. of William Sanderson of Moulton, bapt. Aug. 2. 

1739. Thomas, son of William Sanderson of Moulton, bapt. Dec. 26. 
1741. Thomas Smithson of Moulton, Gent., buried Feb. 12. 

1 761. May 31. Burial Mr. Cuthbert Smithson of Moulton. 



177 1, Nov. 29. Baptized Eleanor, daughter of Mr. George Smithson 

and Jane his wife. 
1774, Dec. 22. Burial Mr. George Smithson. 
1795, Nov. 25. Buried Eleanor Smithson, daughter of the late Mr. 

George Smithson, an amiable young woman. 
1797, June I. Married by License. 

Francis Sanderson of Toft Hill in the Parish of 

S. Helens, Auckland, in the County of Durham, 

Gent., and Miss Margaret Smithson of this parish. 


1810, Mar. 19. Buried Mrs. Jane Smithson, widow. Toft Hill, 

1810, May I. Buried Thomas Smithson, Esq., bachelor. 


Baptisms of Smithsons entered in our Registers from 
1605 TO 1677. 

Dorothy Smithson, Aug. 17, 1632. 

Anne , 

Sept. 3, 1635. 

Margaret , 

Feb. 3, 1639. 

Thomas , 

, Mar. 27, 1642. 

,, , 

Aug. 17, 1662. 

Christopher , 

Feb. 7, 1663. 

Anne , 

, Sept. 29, 1667. 

Ellenor , 

Sept. 8, 1669. 

Margaret , 

Sept. 10, 1671. 

Sarah , 

May 24, 1674. 

They are all described as sons or daughters of Thomas Smithson, 
but look as if they referred to two generations of Thomas Smithsons. 


From the Registers. First Entry is dated 1599. 

1604. Joannes Smithson de Newsham, sepult. April 13. 

Vidua Smithson de Gailes, sepult. 2 die Feb. 
161 5. Mathei, filius Anthonii Smithson, sepult. Feb. 23. 
1614. Joannes, fs. Smithson de Newsham, sepult. Jan. 6. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

1613. Vidua Smithson de Newsham, sepult. Dec. 24. 
1655. Thomas Smithson of Dalton, buried March 23. 

Anna ,, de Newsham, sepuU. Dec. 13. 

1669. Ellen, dr. of Robert Smithson of Newsham, buried Aug. 25. 
Confusion evident in time of Commonwealth. 
For 1687 one of the churchwardens is Christopher Smithson. 
Plague visitation in 1645 great mortality, but none of the 
Smithsons seenm to have suffered ; apparently it did not touch 

A.D. 1593 TO 1812. 

Transcribed by Rev. Thomas Parkinson, Vicar of North 

1594. Bapt, Hester Smythson, June 11. 

1596. Bapt., Maude, dr. of John Smythson, Jan. 12. 

1600. „ Smythson, Feb. 2. 

1603. „ Ann, dr. of Nicholas Smithson, April 19. 

1605. ,, Smithson, Sept. 8. 

1608. ,, Alice, dr. of Francis Smithson, Jan. 4. 

1610. Burial, Jennet Smithson, Jan. 11. 

161 1. Bapt., Thomas, son of Francis Smithson, June 29. 
1613. „ Isabel, dr. of Francis Smithson, Sept. 17. 

1613. Burial, a child of Francis Smithson, March 15. 

1614. „ Francis Smithson, April 3. 

161 5. Marriage, John Whyte and Hester Smithson, August 17. 

1618. „ William Holme and Katheryne Smithson, July 12. 

1619. Bapt., Joseph, son of Joshua Smithson, Sept. 19. 

1619. „ daughter of Robert Smythson, Sept. 7. 

1620. Burial, Isabel Smythson, Nov. 2. 

1621. Marriage, Robert Irysh and Ann Smithson, June 4. 
1623. Bapt., Hester, dr. of Joshua Smithson, April 15. 

1629. „ Margaret, dr. of Joshua Smithson, Aug. 16. 

1630. Marriage of Reuben Smythson and Mary Garthforth, April 15. 

1 63 1. Bapt., sone of Richard Smithson, April i . 

1631. Burial, a child of Reuben Smithson, buried July 3. 

1634. Bapt., Jane, dr. of Reuben Smithson, Oct. 5. 

1634. Burial, daughter of „ Nov. 8. 

1639. „ child of „ May 17. 



1639. Bapt., Marie, dr. of Reuben Smithson, June 4. 

[643. Marriage, John Spence and Hester Smithson, June 30. 

[644. Bapt., Samuel, son of Reuben Smithson, April 20. 

[654. Burial, Hellen, wife of Joshua Smithson, Aug. 25. 

1654. Marriage, Joseph Smithson and Ann Suttell, Dec. 30. 

1655. Marriage, William Leemin and Susan Smithson, July 22. 
[655. Bapt., Jonah, s. of Joseph Smithson, Oct. 18. 

[656. „ Samuel, s. of ,, Jan. 6. 

'657. „ Joshua, s. of „ March 23. 

1659. „ Marie, dr. of Joseph Smithson, Dec. 25. 

[659. Burial, Samuel, s. of Reuben Smithson, Nov. 29. 

t66i. Bapt., Benjamin, s. of Joseph Smithson, June 23. 

1666. Burial, Joshua Smithson, Oct. 15. 

[667. „ Reuben Smithson, April 27. 

^675. „ Joseph Smithson, June 20. 

[680. „ Widow Smithson, Feb. 11. 

[683. Bapt., Joseph, s. of Samuel Smithson, June 7. 

[684. Burial „ „ Aug. 28. 

[684. Marriage, William Lister and Mary Smithson, Feb. 2. 

1686. Bapt., Mary, dr. of Samuel Smithson, April 21. 

8. Burial, Sara, wife of Stephen Smithson, May 23. 

[690. Marriage of Samuel Smithson and Jane Walker, Feb. 16. 

[691. Bapt., Joshua, s. of Samuel Smithson, Jan. i. 
[697. „ Sarah, dr. of „ Dec. 23. 

8. „ William, s. of William Smithson, April 16. 
'699. „ Jane, dr. of William Smithson, Sept. 25. 
[700. ,, Samuel, s. of Samuel Smithson, April 14. 

[702. Marriage, Ann Smithson and John Lambert, Feb. 28. 

[702. Bapt., Jane, dr. of Samuel Smithson, Aug. 22. 

[709. Burial, Sarah, dr. of „ June 28. 

[710. Bapt., Anne, dr. of „ Dec. 26. 

[714. ,, Samuel, s. of Joshua Smithson, Oct. 9. 

1715. Burial, Jane, wife of Samuel Smithson, Dec. 13. 

[718. Bapt., Joseph, s. of Joshua Smithson, May 26. 

[719. Marriage, John Fowler and Jane Smithson, Nov. 3. 

1721. Bapt., Ann, dr. of Joshua Smithson, April 24. 

[725. Burial, Deborah, wife of Samuel Smithson, Mar. 18. 

[734. Marriage, Samuel Smithson and Ann England, June 27. 

[737. Bapt., Ann, dr. of Samuel Smithson, May 8. 
[739. „ Margt., dr. of „ July 29. 

[740. ,, Susannah, dr. of „ Yeoman, March 8. 

[740. Burial, Samuel Smithson of Beckfoot (Gill Bottoms), June 11. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

1740. Marriage of Henry Robinson and Ann Smithson, Nov. 20. 

1750. Burial, Anne, wife of Samuel Smithson, Jan. 14. 

175 1. Marriage of William Smithson and Anne Hobson, Dec. 30, 

both of this parish, by Banns. 

1752. Bapt., Joshua, s. of William Smithson of Fewston, Nov. 13. 

1753. Marriage of Samuel Smithson, widower, and Elizabeth Parker, 

widow, both of this parish, by License granted by Dr. 
Herring, Vicar-General, May 31. 

1754. Bapt., Dinah, dr. of Wm. Smithson of Fewston, Nov. 9. 
1754. Burial, WiUiam Smithson of Fewston, Nov. 10. 

1754. ,, Dinah, dr. of Ann Smithson of Fewston, Dec. 30. 

1755. Marriage of Thomas Bolton, widower, and Ann Smithson, 

widow, May 21. 

1760. Marriage, John Burnill, this parish, bachelor, and Mary Smith- 
son, spinster, by License, Aug. 24. 

1760. Burial of Joshua Smithson of Gill Bottoms, Yeoman, Jan. 23. 

1760. Bapt., Charity, dr. of Joseph Smithson of Gill Bottoms, May 22. 

1761. Burial ,, ,, ,, July 20. 
1764. Bapt., Joshua and Susanna, son and daughter of Joseph Smith- 
son of Gill Bottoms. . . . 

1768. Bapt., Joseph, s. of Joseph Smithson of Gill Bottoms, Dec. 7. 

1778. Burial, Joshua Smithson, s. of Joseph Smithson of Gill 

Bottoms, April 22. 

1778. Burial, Joseph, s. of Joseph Smithson of Gill Bottoms, June 7. 

1780. Bapt., Ann, dr. of Samuel Smithson of Norwood, Feb. 24. 
1784. „ Mary, dr. of Samuel Smithson, July 12, born June 5. 

1786. Burial, Elizabeth Smithson, widow, aged 71, Feb. 23. 

1787. Bapt., Wm. S., son of William Smithson of Norwood, Mar. 21, 

born Feb. 13. 
1790. Bapt., Elizabeth, dr. of Samuel Smithson of Norwood, Jan. 2, 

born Nov. 24, 1789. 
1802. Burial, Charity Smithson, aged 67, of the parish of Hamps- 

thwaite, April 16. 
1805. Burial, William Smithson, Feb. 10, aged 25. 


1579, June 21. Bapt. Grace Smithson. 
1583, Nov. 24. John Smithson bapt. (Gabriell Newby). 
1585. Jenet Smithson, sepult. Nov. 27. 
1587. John Smithson, sepult, April 23. 



1590. Jane Smithson, bapt. Nov. 2. 

1595. Richard Smithson, sepult. May 3. 

1597. Richard Smithson, sepult. Aug. 25. 

1604. Agnes, fiHa Nicholas Smythson de Romaldkirk, bapt. Feb. 24. 

1604. Elizabeth, the wife of Nicholas Smithson de Romaldkirk, buried 

April 20. 
1607. Sithe, dr. of Nicholas Smithson of Romaldkirk, bapt. Oct. 18. 

1607. „ ,, „ buriedNov. II. 

1608. John, s. of „ „ bapt. Nov. 14. 

1613. Nicholas Smithson of Romaldkirk, buried March 5. 

Vol. i., p. 53, Surtees' ' Hist, of Durham ': Thomas 
Appleby of Clove Lodge, Romaldkirk, married to Dorothy, 
dr. of Christopher Smithson. 

1614. William, s. of Nicholas Smithson of Romaldkirk, bapt. 

March 5. 
1616. Francis, s. of Nicholas Smithson of Romaldkirk, bapt. 
Nov. 30. 

1620. Alice, dr. of Nicholas Smithson of Romaldkirk, bapt. March 1 1. 

1621. Helen Smithson of Mickleton, widow, buried Jan. 12. 

1623. Elizabeth Smithson of Romaldkirk, sepult. July 13. 

1624. Gratia Smithson de Hurie, buried Aug. 22. 
1624. Java Smithson de Hurie, Vidua, sepult. Oct. 18. 
1628. Anthonius, f. of Nicholas S., bapt. May 14. 
1630. „ „ sepult. Aug. 5. 
1637. Alicia, filia of Nicholas S., sepult. Aug. 4. 
1645. Nicholas S. of Romaldkirk, buried May 8. 

1654, May. Robert Smithson of Ragill and Agnes Bainbriggof Holl- 

wicke marriage. (Good family, carrying arms.) 

1655. Marriage before Geo. Smithson, June 5. 

Henry Smithson appears as witness to a marriage, May 
or June, 1656. 


Baptism, Nov. xxv., 1557. William, son of Edmund Smithson, was 
christened. Edmund Taylor, Phillip Taylor, godfathers ; Mar- 
garet Taylor godmother. 

Will'", the son of Edmund Smithson, was christened y'" 4 day of 
March, 1558. Nicholas Taylor, John H. , godfathers ; Eliza- 
beth Barrow godmother. 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Will™ Smithson, the sone of Edmund Smithson, was buried y" xxij day 
of December, 1 558. 

Miles, y" sone of Edmund Smithson, was Xristened the xxij^' of Sep- 
tember, 1 56 1. 

An, y'' daughter of Edmund Smithson, was baptised y'^ xxiiij"' of May, 

Alice, y° daughter of Edmund Smithson, was baptised y° xxx^'' day of 

January, 1575- 
Roger, the sone of Edmund Smithsone, was buried y'= xv"' of Maye, 

Anne, the daughter of Edmund Smithsone, was buried ye iii. of June, 


Ane, the daughter of Edmund Smithsone, was baptised the xxviij*** 
of November, 1578. 

Alice, y"" daughter of Edmund Smithson, was buryed the xix"' of Sep- 
tember, 1584. 

The burials from April, 1579, to June, 1584, are wanting. 
Baptisms and marriages from 1580 to 1585 are wanting. 

Anthony Smithsone and Alice Taylor mar. the xxiij'^ day of May, 1585. 

Anne Smithsone was buryed the x"' day of December, 1597- 

Edmund Smithsone was buryed the xj"' day of January, 1597- 

Alice, the daughter of Miles Smithsone, was baptised the xxviij"' day 
of October, 1 599. 

Margaret, y^ daughter of Miles Smithson, baptised y*" xxvj">of Decem- 
ber, 1602. 

Ane, the daughter of Miles Smithson, was baptised y*" xxv"' of Sep- 
tember, 1605. 

Margaret, the daughter of Miles Smithsone, was buried y*" xxiiij"' of 
January, 1605-6. 

Elizabeth Smithsone, daughter of Myles Smithsone, was baptised the 
xj'** daye of December, 1608. 

Margrett, the daughter of Myles Smithson, was baptised the x"' of 
November, 161 1. 

Marriage, Feb. septo die, 1613. Anthonii Smithson and Margaret 

Burial xi. Dec, 1613. Uxor Anthony Smythson. 

Marriage, Feb. ix., 1614. Anthony Calvert and Elizabeth Wetherherde. 

Margrett, uxor Anthony Smithson, Buryed the xi"' of November, 161 5. 

Bapt. Oct. xxiii., 161 5. Edmund, s. of Anthony Smithson. 
,, Dec. XXV., 1616. Margaret, dr. of Anthony Smithson. 
„ May xiiij. Thomas, son of Anthony Smithson, 1617. 
„ Sept. vii., 1620. John, s. of Anthony Smythsonne. 



Burial. Elizabeth, uxor Anthony Smythson, xxix"' Dec, 1620. 
Marriage, i*' Sept., 162 1. Anthonii Smithsonne et Margreta How- 

sonne nupti. 
Launcelot Smythsone et Elinor Bentham nupti fuerunt May 8'^^, 1624. 
Myles Smythsonne de Newhouses, sepultus fuit March v"\ 1622. 
Jana, filia Anthony Smythson, baptizata fuit October xviij., 1622. 
Infans Lanceleti Smythsone de Newhouse sepultus fuit 9"^ Decembris, 

Anthonius Smythsone de Horton sepultus fuit Febru. xiiij., 1624. 
Infance Lanceleti Smythsone de Newhouse sepulta fuit August 9"*, 

Myls, filius Lanceleti Smythsone, baptiz Augusti 13, 1626. 
Margaretta, filia Lanceleti Smythsone, Baptiz fuit Decemb. 5"', 1628. 
Agnes, daughter of Launcelot Smithsone, bap. ij"^ Janu., 1630. 
Alice, daug"" of Lancelot Smithsonne, bap' 28 Julye, 1633. 
Richard Rawith and Elizabeth Smithson marr. y^ 6"' of May, 1634. 
Margareta, filia Will"" Smithson, bap' xx"^ of September, 1635. 
Henry Knowles and Anne Smithson marr. 26"" of June, 1637. 
John, son of Anthony Smithson, bur. 25 Aprill, 1638. 
Ann, wife of Lancelot Smithson, bur. 10 Dec'', 1641. 
Miles Smithson was buryed 9"' Sept., 1649. 
James Tennant of Yockenthwaite in the p^*" of Arncliffe and Agnes 

Smithson of Newhouses in p'^'' of Horton in Ribblesdale. The 

intention to marriage was published 7"', 13"', and 20"^ Aug', 1654, 

were marryed before me, &c., this day of . . . (illegible in 





Simon Smithson, co. Wexford, married to Mary Stoit, of Dublin, 
17, 10, 1714. 

John Smithson, son of Joseph and Abigail of Ballintogher, co. Wex- 
ford, married Martha Wright of Ballinclay, daughter of John 
and Margaret (about 1760) ; no date given. 

John Smithson, Jr., married Martha Hill (his first cousin) ' by a 
priest ' (about 1784). 

Abigail Smithson married 'out of Society' (about 1786). 

Elizabeth Smithson, daughter of Joseph and Jane, Ijallintore, co. 
Wexford, married James Morrison of Dublin, son of John and 
Mary of Richhili, Armagh, 26, 9, 1787. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

William Smithson, son of , nvdnied Lyd/a Freeman, 'by a priest,' 

Ann Smithson, daughter of , married /os/i. Watson, son of John, 

'by a priest,' 1794. 
Elizabeth Smithson, ma.rr\ed /o/in Doyle, 'by a priest,' 1804. 
Abigail Smithson, daughter of Benjamin, co. Wexford, married 

— Martin, ' by a priest,' 1805. 
Abigail Smithson, daughter of John and Martha, married — Morton, 

' by a priest,' 1805. 
John Smithson, son of Benjamin and Sarah, BaUintore, co. Wexford, 

married Margaret Manders, daughter of Humphrey and Susanna 

of Dublin, in Dublin, 23, 5, 1815. 
Sandwith Smithson, son of , married ' by a priest,' 18 17. 


John Smithson, son of John and Martha, Dublin, born 21, i, 1766. 
Abigail Smithson, dr. of John and Martha, Dublin, born 22, 8, 1769. 
Joseph Smithson, son of John and Martha, Dublin, born 15, 12, 1770. 
Lydia Smithson, dr. of John and Martha, Dublin, born 18, 12, 1774; 

died 1776. 
Thomas Smithson, son of John and Martha, Dublin, born 15, 5, 1773. 
Elizabeth Smithson, dr. of John and Martha, Dublin, born 15, 5, 1778. 
Benjamin Smithson, son of John and Martha, Dublin, born ; 

died 1779. 
Susanna Smithson, dr. of John and Martha, Dublin, born ; 

died 16, 9, 1780. 
Abigail Smithson, dr. of John and Martha, Dublin, born 10, i, 1784. 
Susanna Smithson, dr. of Thomas and Catherine, Dublin, born 24, i, 

Susan Smithson, dr. of John and Margaret, Dublin, born 16, 3, 1817. 
John Smithson, son of John and Margaret, Dublin, born 20, ir, 1818. 
Benjamin Thomas Smithson, son of John and Margaret, Dublin, born 

7, 9, 1820. 
Sarah Smithson, dr. of John and Margaret, Dublin, born 8, 6, 1822. 
Anna Maria Smithson, dr. of John and Margaret, Dublin, born 26, 

I, 1824. 
Lavinia Smithson, dr. of John and Margaret, Dublin, born 7, 8, 1826 

(resides in Rathmines, co. Dublin). 
Margaret Smithson, dr. of John and Margaret, Dublin, born 6, 12, 

Lucy Smithson, dr. of John and Margaret, Dublin, born 2, 7, 1830. 



Ambrose Smithson, son of Joseph, died 4, r, 1805, aged . 

Thomas Smithson, son of Thomas and Catherine, Dublin, died 9, i, 

1812, aged 3 months. 
Catherine Smithson, dr. of Thomas and Catherine, DubHn, died li, 

II, 1813, aged 8 months. 
John Smithson, of Dublin, died ig, i, 1814, aged 76 years. 
Martha Smithson, widow of John, died 28, i, 18 14, aged 78 years. 
Thomas Smithson, son of John and Martha of Dublin, died 21, 10, 

18 17, aged 44 years. 
Joseph Smithson of Blackrock, died 27, g, 1827, aged 53 years. 
Benjamin Smithson of Dublin, died 3, 7, 1832, aged 50 years. 
Henry Smithson of Dublin, died 14, 12, 1847, aged 72 years. 
Thomas Benjamin Smithson of Dublin, died 30, 7, 185 1, aged 72 years. 


Thomas Smithson, co. Wexford, married Hannah (about 1677). 

Mary Smithson, Ballintogher, co. Wexford, married to Matthew 
Fenttell^ at Ballyclare, 4, 3, 17 10. 

Elizabeth Smithson, Ballintogher, married Tho)iias King of Homes- 
town at Cooladine on the 21, 3, 17 18. 

Rebecca Smithson of Ballintogher married John Cole of Rockstown, 
CO. Wexford, at Ballinclare on 23, 2, 1719. 

Catherine Smithson of Tinrahan married Robert Stephetis of Tinrahan, 
at Cooladine, co. Wexford, 20, 9, 1719. 

Joseph Smithson of Ballintore married Abigail Thompson of Castle- 
town, CO. Carlow (daughter of John Thompson), at Carlow, 31, 3, 

Anne Smithson of Ballintore married John Eveleigh or Enniscorthy, 
at Ballintore, on the 14, 3, 1724. 

Abigail Smuhson, dr. of Joseph of Ballintore, married John Wright 
of Ballinclay, co. Wexford (son of John), on the 22, i, 1755. 

Thomas Smithson, son of Joseph of Ballintore, married to Anne 
Plumber^ dr. of William, Templeshannon, at Cooladine, co. Wex- 
ford, 10, 4, 1 76 1. 
John Smithson, son of Joseph of Ballintore, married to Martha 
Wright, dr. of John and Margaret of Ballinclay, 6, 5, 1761. 

Benjamin SmiOison, son of Joseph of Ballintore, married to Sarah 
Sandwith of Coolnaboys at Randalls Mills, co. Wexford, on the 
22, 5, 1771. 

81 G 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Elizabeth Smithson, dr. of Joseph and Jane, married Jas. Morrison 

of Dublin, at Ballintore, 26, 9, 1787. 
Sarah Smithson married Caleb Saunders, co. Wexford, at Cooladine, 

CO. Wexford, i, 4, 1722. 


John Smithson, son of Thomas and Hannah, Ballintore, co. Wexford, 

born 5, 9, 1687. 
Mary Smithson, dr. of Thomas and Hannah, Ballintore, co. Wexford, 

born 19, II, 1688. 
Thomas Smithson, son of Thomas and Hannah, Ballintore, co. Wex- 
ford, born 13, 5, 1692. 
Elizabeth Smithson, dr. of Thomas and Hannah, Ballintore, co. Wex- 
ford, born 4, 4, 1694. 
Rebecca Smithson, dr. of Thomas and Hannah, Ballintore, co. Wex- 
ford, born 27, 6, 1696. 
Sarah Smithson, dr. of Thomas and Hannah, Ballintore, co. Wexford, 

born 6. 10, 1699. 
Joseph Smithson, son of Thomas and Hannah, Ballintore, co. Wex- 
ford, born 25, 10, 1700. 
Jacob Smithson, son of Thomas and Hannah, Ballintore, co. Wexford, 

born 25, I, 1703. 
Rachel Smithson, dr. of Thomas and Hannah, Ballintore, co. Wex- 
ford, born 8, 12, 1704. 
Anne Smithson, dr. of Thomas and Hannah, Ballintore, born 13, i, 

Samuel Smithson, son of Thomas and Hannah, Ballintore, born i, 4, 

Abigail Smithson, dr. of Joseph and Abigail, 31, 11, 1733. 
Thomas Smithson, son of Joseph and Abigail, 20, 4, 1736. 
John Smithson, son of Joseph and Abigail, 23, 8, 1738. 
Joseph Smithson, son of Joseph and Abigail, 10, 3, 1741. 
Benjamin Smithson, son of Joseph and Abigail, 17, 6, 1745. 
Joseph Smithson, son of Benjamin and Sarah, 28, 4, 1774. 
Henry Smithson, son of Benjamin and Sarah, 27, 9, 1775. 
Dorothy Smithson, dr. of Benjamin and Sarah, 11, 11, 1776. 
Abigail Smithson, dr. of Benjamin and Sarah, 26, 8, 1778. 
Thomas Smithson, son of Benjamin and Sarah, 17, 5, 1780. 
John Smithson, son of Benjamin and Sarah, 13, 4, 1782. 
Sandwith Smithson, son of Benjamin and Sarah, 15, 7, 1788. 




Lydia Smithson, dr. of John and Martha, Dublin, died 1776, aged 

about 2 years. 
Benjamin Smithson, son of John and Martha, DubHn, died 1779, — . 
Susanna Smithson, dr. of John and Martha, DubHn, died 16, 9, 1780, — . 
Thomas Smithson, Husband of Hannah, BaUintore, 16, 4, 1735, 2° years. 
John Smithson, son of Thos. and Hannah, BaUintore, 22, 8, 1709, 

22 years. 
Joseph Smithson, son of Thos. and Hannah, BaUintore, 19, 8, 1783, 

83 years. 
Jacob Smithson, son of Thos. and Hannah, BaUintore, 13, 2, 1704, 

I year. 
Rachel Smithson, dr. of Thos. and Hannah, BaUintore, 21, 9, 1705, 

10 months. 
Abigail Smithson, dr. of Joseph and Abigail (Buried at Ballinclay), 

31, 5, 1811, 78 years. 
John Smithson, son of Joseph and Abigail (Dublin), 19, i, 1814, 

76 years. 
Joseph Smithson, son of Joseph and Abigail (Dublin), 5, 6, 181 1, 

70 years. 
Benjamin Smithson, son of Joseph and Abigail (Dublin), 6, 11, 1794, 

49 years. 
Sarah Smithson, wife of Benjamin (Ballinclay), 31, i, 1823, 73 years. 
Dorothy Smithson, dr. of Benjn. and Sarah (Ballinclay), i, 4, 1778, 

I5 years. 
Abigail Smithson, widow of Joseph, BaUintore (Ballinclay), 15, i, 1792. 
Martha Smithson, wife of John, Dublin (Ballinclay), 28, i, 1814. 
Jane Smithson, BaUintore (Ballinclay), 23, 4, 1822, 72 years. 
Lydia Smithson, widow of William, New Ross (New Ross), 11, 7, 1828, 

51 years. 
P'rancis Smithson, Growtown, co. We.xford (Forrest), 23, 10, 1839, 

75 years. 

Wills in Carlisle Probate Registry. 
Proved to June, 1607 : 

I, Richard Smithson of Bothel, Torpenhow, Cumberland, by will 
dated 12 January, 1606, direct my body to be buried in the 
'church or churchyard ' of Torpenhow, and Give 

To my son Anthony one ' Arke,' etc., and ^17 6s. 8d. for his 

child's portion. 
To my son William Ijb 8s. 4d., which he owes me. 
To my wife EUenor her 3rds of my Goods. 

83 G 2 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

To my said sons William and Anthony a House and C^arth 

bought by me from Christopher Relph. 
To William the rest of my Goods and appoint him executor. 
Witnesses : John Buttermar, Alexander Gibson, and John 
Throlson* clerk. 

Proved 22 March, 1608: 

I, John Smithson of 'Allamby,' Skelton, Cumberland, by will 
dated ' 18 March; 1608, Give 

To my wife Ann my whole Tenement to bring up my children 
on until my son John come to ' lawful age,' on that event 
John to have half and wife the other half for life — should 
John die under age my eldest daughter to have the Tene- 
ment, paying thereout to each of her sisters ^3. 
To said wife Ann and 6 children, Isabel, Grace, Ann, Mabel, 

John, and Marian, the rest of my Goods. 
My brother William to have the acre of land in his occupa- 
tion until my heir pays him ^10, of which my sister Helen 
has a right to half. 
Witnesses : William Whitelock, Robert Grave, John Clemetson, 
William Smithson, John Wilton. 

Proved 28 April, 1608: 

I, John Smithson of Awkatree, Uldale, Cumberland, by will dated 
15 January, 1607, direct my body to be buried in ''the Church of 
Uldale^ and Give 
To my uncle John Smithson of Blencowger, 6 lambs. 
To my cousin Hugh Slack, the elder, the rest of my Goods 
and appoint him executor. 
Witnesses : William Sharp, John Leek, the younger. 

Proved 21 April, 161 8 : 

I, William Smithson of ' Blenrasseth,' in the parish of Torpenhow 
by will dated 7 February, 1617, direct my body to be buried in 
the churchyard of Torpenhow, and Give 

To Mabell, Isabell, and Janet, daughters of Alexander Young- 
husband, 6 pecks of ' beige.' 
To Margaret Jackson 2 pecks. 

To Isabell my wife and Robert my son the rest of my Goods 
and appoint them executors. 
Witnesses : Peter Chambers, Richard Bouch, John Cowlson, clerk. 

* Probably ' Coulson.' 


Proved 4 November, 1623 : 

I, Isabel Smithson of ' Blenrasert,' Torpenhovv, Cumberland, by 
will dated 20 July, 1623, direct my body to be buried in Torpen- 
how Churchyard, and Give 

To Thomas Smithson, my eldest son, one ' caff' bed, etc. 

To Richard Smithson, my second son, one pair of sheets, etc. 

To Robert Smithson, my youngest son, one pair of sheets, etc. 

To Alexander Younghusband's four children 20s. 

To Lancelot Todd's daughter a lamb. 

To Elizabeth Ellis one red coat, etc. 

To Magdalen Todd one blue coat, etc. 

To Mabel Younghusband one coat, which my son Robert doth 

please to give her. 
To my said son Robert Smithson the rest of my Goods, and 
appoint him sole executor. 
Witnesses : William Williamson, Richard Bouch, John Noble. 

Proved 20 October, 1630 : 

I, Richard Smithson of Blenerhasset, Torpenhow, Cumberland, 
by will dated 28 September, 1630, direct my bodie to be buried 
in the 'parish church' of Torpenhow, and Give 
To my wife and Isabell my daughter all my Goods and 

appoint them executors. 
If Janet my wife bear to me hereafter a female child that 
child shall be a joint executrix with my wife and daughter 
Isabell ; but if a male child he shall have nothing but the 
Land and Tenement. 
I appoint Thomas Smithson, my own natural brother, to be 
supervisor hereof. 
Witnesses : William Williamson, Thomas Smithson, John Salkeld, 
John Briscoe. 

Proved 28 June, 1631 : 

I, William Smithson of Dovenby, Bridekirk, Cumberland, yeoman 
by will dated 13 April, 1631, direct my body to be buried in the 
parish church of Bridekirk, and Give 

To Richard Smithson, my son and heir, one cupboard, etc., 
my husbandry gear, and one black nagg, reserving the use 
thereof to my wife so long as she remains unmarried. 
To Anthony Smithson, my brother, 3 bushels of oats. 
To Agnes Smithson, my wife, and Helen Smithson, my 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

daughter, the rest of my goods, and appoint them 

My wife to have the tuition and government of my children 
during their minority. 

John Smithson, my brother, and John Simson, my brother- 
in-law to be supervisors. 

My good friends, Sir Thomas Lamplugh, Knight, George 
Lamplugh, rector of Workington, Anthony Lamplugh, 
Esqr., and Cuthbert Lamplugh, gentleman, to be com- 
passionate and helpful to my poor wife and children in 
return for my services rendered to his, Sir Thomas's, 
worthy parents, himself, and bretheren, and friends, at all 
times, 'more particularly this my last journey to London, 
which was not only costly to me, but occasioned this my 
dangerous sickness.' 
Witnesses : Joseph Williamson, clerk. Thomas Bell, John 

April 24, 1631 : Testator did give Jo. Steel the younger is., 
Henry Miller is., Richard Smithson is., and his maid- 
servant IS. Witness : Tho. Bell. 

Proved 15 April, 1690 : 

I, Ann Smithson of Blenrasset,' Torpenhow, Cumberland, widow, 
by will dated 19 February, 1689, direct my body to be buried 
according to the discretion of my relations, and Give 
To my son Thomas all my stone Troughs. 
To my son John is. 

To my daughters Dorothy and Ann the ^20 bond which 
' Sr. Fransis Salkeld of Whitehall, Knt.,' owes, bond dated 
2 February, 1675, etc. 
To my daughter ' Isable ' ^10. 
To my daughter Mary ;/^io. 
To Thomas Waite 5s. 
To William ' Parrett ' 2s. 6d. 
I appoint my son Thomas Guardian of my son John and 

daughters ' Isable ' and Mary till they are 21. 
To my said four daughters, Dorothy, Ann, ' Isabell,' and 
Mary, the rest of my Goods, and appoint them executrixes. 
Witnesses : Richard Banck, William Parrett, Tho. Waite. 



Proved 15 February, 1694 : 

I, Elizabeth Smithson of Bothel, Torpenhow, Cumberland, widow, 
by will dated 12 February, 1694, direct my body to be buried at 
the discretion of my Executors, and Give 
To Jo. Harrison is. 
Frances Sumpton is. 
Mary Tolson one ' close ' chest, etc. 
Jonathan Caipe, 3 bushells of oats. 
Annas Harrison, daughter of Jo., one white apron, etc. 
Elizabeth Caipe, wife of Jon., one 'Greane apron,' etc. 
My brother Robert Harrison and Jon. Caipe and Agnes 
Richmond the rest of my Goods and appoint them 
Witnesses : Tho. Drewry, Roger Watson. 

Proved 22 June, 1698 : 

I, John Smisson* of Bothel, Torpenhow, Cumberland, yeoman, by 
will dated 10 December, 1697, direct my body to be buried at 
the discretion of my Executrix, and Give 

To ' my elder son John ' two houses, viz., the lowest house 
and the middle house, with the Lands belonging — he paying 
his sister Sarah ^10 when she attains 21. 
To 'my younger son Joseph' the House and Land at the 
High end of the Town called Rutson's Tenement, he paying 
his sister Sarah ;!^io when she attains 21. 
To my sister Jennett Stockdale the middle-house and Garth 

for life, then to John, as expressed above. 
To my wife ' Hannah Smisson' the rest of my Goods, and 
appoint her executrix. 
Witnesses : Ed. Walker, Jonathan Greenoop, Jos. Holme. 

Proved 4 March, 1700: 

I, Mary Smythson of Alwerby, Cumberland, by will dated 
9 Jany., 1700, direct my body to be buried at the discretion of 
my friends, and Give 

To my son John 4 bushels of oats, etc., and husbandry gear. 
To my daughter Elizabeth the rest of my Goods, and appoint 
her executrix. 
Witnesses : James Shaw, Richard Bouch, John Smithson. 

* This testator's name is written ' Smission ' throughout will, but is 
indexed ' Smithson.' 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Proved 24 May, 1705 : 

I, John Smithson of Carhsle, gentleman, by will dated 5 May, 
1702, direct my body to be buried at the discretion of my wife, 
and Give 

To my daughter Dorothy Rook ^5, etc. 

To my daughter Juliana Smithson ^100, to be paid six 
months after her marriage with her mother's consent, until 
her marriage to live with her mother. 
To my daughter-in-law Ann, wife of my son Charles, a guinea 

' in gold ' to buy a ring with. 
To my Grandson William Rook half a guinea. 
To my Granddaughter Mary Baker half a guinea. 
To my wife Julian Smithson the rest of my Goods and appoint 

her executrix and desire 
My dear son Charles to assist his mother in the executorship, 
Witnesses : Robert Welsh, Jane Pattinnson, Chas. Smithson. 

Proved 5 November, 1708 : 

I, Juliana Smithson of Carlisle, widow, by will dated 26 March, 
1707, Give 
To my Grandchild Mary Baker ^5. 
To Dorothy Rooke, wife of William Rooke ^20. 
To Juliana my Grandchild ^i is. 6d. 

To my Grandchildren William Rooke, John Rooke, George 
Rooke, Joseph Rooke, Charles Rooke, Thomas Rooke, and 
Bridget Rooke, sons and daughters of the sd. Wm. Rooke 
and Dorothy Rooke, each los. 
To my daughter Juliana Smithson the rest of my Goods and 
appoint her sole Executrix. 

'And now O'Lord having thus finished my worldly affairs I 
do hereby resign my soul to thy goodness and mercy 
beseeching the for the sake of Jesus Christ to have mercy 
on my soul and to give they blessing to all those my 
children and Legatees which shall remain behind me when 
it shall please to take my soul unto the.' 

Witnesses : Robert Welsh, The. Railton. 



Proved 29 November, 1709: 

I, Thomas Smithson of Skelton Woodfoot, Cumberland, yeoman, 
To my son John the House and land at AUonby after the 

decease of his mother Jane Smithson. 
To my said wife Jane, my said son John, and my daughter 
' Francis ' Smithson, all my personal Estate and appoint 
them executors. 
Witnesses : John Smithson, Joseph Wilson. 

Proved June, 1689 : 

I, John Smithson of Allonby, parish of Skelton, Cumberland, 
yeoman, by will dated 2nd July, 1687, direct my body to be 
buried in Skelton Churchyard and Give 
To my son John Smithson is. 

To my wife Ann Smithson, my sons William and Thomas, 
and my daughters Ann Smithson and Jane Smithson, 
4 acres of Arable land and ' middow ' for the paying of my 
just debts — such Land being in the Townfields ofLamonby 
and Allonby. Also 
To Ann and Jane ground called ' Newlands,' but if my son 
John pleases to give them ^8 he is to have the ground, and 
if he chooses to pay his brothers and sisters ;^4o he is to 
have the said 4 acres. 
To my said wife and 4 younger children, Wm., Thos., Ann, 
and Jane, all the rest of my Goods, and appoint them 
Witnesses : Matthew Wand, John Stephenson, Anthony Stephen- 
son, William Stephenson. 

Proved 25 March, 1685 : 

I, Thomas Smithson of ' Blinrasset,' Cumberland, yeoman, by 
will dated 24 February, 1685 (2 James 2nd) direct 

My son Thomas to surrender to my son John my ^ leasehold 
Tenement at Bagray, failing such surrender to pay to John 
^100 out of my freehold Estate in 'Blinrasset' should 
Thomas die under 21 or before he has an heir, then I 
charge my son John to pay to my daughters ;{^ioo out of 
'Blinrasset' Estate — should John die under 21. 
To my wife Ann and my four daughters, Dorothy, Ann, 
Isabel, and Mary, the rest of my Goods and appoint them 
Witnesses : William Waite, Thos. Waite, Leo. Troughear. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Proved 29 April 1684 : 

I, Richard Smithson of Mainsehall, parish of Ireby, Cumberland, 
yeoman, by will dated 15 February, 1683, direct my body to be 
buried in Ireby Churchyard, and Give 

To my eldest son William all my husbandry Gear, subject to 
his mother's life interest therein — during the time she con- 
tinues her lease of Mainsehall. 
To my son John is. 
To my daughter Jane . . . Allison is. 
To my son Charles Smithson £2)- 
To my son Robert Smithson ^i. 
To my daughter Anne Bell ^3. 
To my daughter Grace Smithson ^3. 

To my wife Anne Smithson the rest of my Goods and appoint 
her executrix. 
Witnesses : William Smithson, Grace Smithson, Thos. Holme, 

Proved 20 March, 1682 : 

I, William Smithson of Allwarby, Aspatria, Cumberland, yeoman, 
by will dated 31 January, 1682, Give 
To my son John £2>- 
To my daughter Elizabeth £6. 

To my wife (Maria) and daughter Elizabeth the rest of my 
Goods and appoint them executrixes. 
Witnesses : Thomas Atkinson, John Morrison, John Atkinson. 

Proved 1671 (no day or month given) : 

I, John Smithson, of ' Ellanby,'the elder, by will dated 29 Decem- 
ber, 1670, direct my body to be buried the church garth at 
Skelton and Give 
To my son John is. 
To my son Leonard is. 
To my daughter Ann Horneby is. 
To William Horneby los. 
To ' John Heskeat younger daughter' los. 
To Elizabeth Hutton, daughter of John Hutton, 40s. 
To my Grandchild William Smithson when 21. 'Will 
parake ' and ten pound parake ' two half roods on New- 
lands on rood on pollards and 3 roods on Sandlands should 
his father or elder brother John pay him £% they may take 
the parcels of ground. 



To my daughter ' Marine' £z'^for her portion. 

To my son William, my son Thomas, and my daughter 
Marine Smithson, and Ann Smithson, daughter of Leonard 
Smithson, the rest of my goods and appoint them executors. 
Witnesses : Edward Bowerbanke, William Clemitson. 


Richard Smithson (Inventory only, no will) of Bothel, Torpenhow, 
Cumberland, Inventory by Robert Dickinson, Henry Bouse, 
John Moore, William Drury, March, 1660. 

Administration granted 10 March, 1661, to Barbara Smithson, 

widow, relict of the deceased. 
Value of Goods in Inventory ^36 14s. 


I, Joshua Smithson of Woodhall, Caldbeck, Cumberland, by will 
dated 24 October, 17 19,* direct my body to be buried at discre- 
tion of Executor and Give 

To my son John Smithson ^15. 

my Brother John to be Trustee for him during minority if 

he die under 21 brother to give to 
my Father, Thomas Smithson, ^5, 
to my Mother, Jane Smithson, los., 
to my Sister Sarah los , and residue of ^15 
to my Wife, Jane Smithson, whom I make Executrix. 
Witnesses : William Cournan, Joseph Ginnings, Thomas Bewley, 
Goods appraised by Thomas Bewley, 
Thomas Smithson, 
George Scott, 
at £2,,^ I2S. William Bromell. 
Sureties to Bond, John Side of Intack, 
John Willson of Oad. 

Proved 20 Feb. 172 1 : 

I, John Smithson of Alwerby, Aspatria, Cumberland, by will dated 
31 May, 172 1, Give 
To my elder son William all husbandry gear except carts. 
To my wife Jane and younger son John the rest of my Goods 
and appoint them Exors. 
Witnesses : John Atkinson, John Twentyman, Thomas W.Wood, 

* Proved 16 January, 17^. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Proved 13 May, 1758 : 

I, Thomas Smithson* of Blennerhasset, Cumberland, yeoman, by 
Will dated 20 March, 1756, Give 

To my wife Elizabeth Smithson the interest of ^80 in the 
hands of Margaret Salkeld, widow, of Whitehall, which 
;^8o was lent by me to Thomas Salkeld, Esq., of Whitehall, 
deceased, on note dated 28 October, 1732. 
To my son Roger ^50. 

my Grandson Thomas ^10, and 
my Great Grandson Jeremiah Waine £$. 
my Great Granddaughter Margaret Waine ^5. 
All these Legacies to be paid at the death of wife or when 

Roger gets the ^80 from Mr. Salkeld. 
To my son Charles the rest of my Goods and appoint him 
Witnesses : John Simpson, Dan. Brocklebank (curate in charge). 

Proved 12 November, 1782 : 

I, Grace Smithsont of Blennerhasset, Cumberland, widow, by 
will dated 30 November, 1779, Give 

To Wilfred Lawson, Esqr., and Emilia Lawson, son and 
daughter of Sir Gilfred Lawson of Brayton, Bart., ;^26, 
and I most earnestly entreat them to accept the same as 
a small acknowledgment for the many favours I have 
received from their Family. 

To John White, the elder, of Baggrow, Allhallows, black- 
smith, £^0, to be paid by my nephew Jeremiah Waine of 
Kendal, Linsty weaver, out of House, etc., given him. 

To said Jeremiah Waine my House, Garden, and Orchard at 

To John White, the younger, son of John, the elder, my large 

To Jane Flotter of Blennerhasset ;^i is. 

To John Noble, son of John Noble of Blennerhasset, 6 silver 

To my servant Marg"-et, or Peggy, Roome, one Gown, etc. 

In default of Issue of said Jeremiah Waine I give House, etc., 
to his sister, Margaret Warne, in default of her Issue I 
give said House, etc., to Thomas Smithson, the younger, 
yeoman, son of Thomas Smithson, the elder, of Baggrow. 

To the said John White, the elder, the rest of my Goods. 

* Buried Novr. 19, 1756. t Buried Sept. 22, 1782. 



I appoint Sir Gilfrid Lavvson of Rrayton, and Roger William- 
son of Snittle Garth, Esqr., Executors in trust. 
Witnesses : John Waite, Jonn. Potts, John Noble. 

Codicil dated 6 March, 1781, revokes bequests to Jane 

Plotter and Margaret, or Peggy, Roome, and Gives 
To Anne Hale one Gown, 
Witnesses : John Waite, Jonn. Potts, Betty W^hite. 

1795 : 

Thomas Smithson of Baggrow no will. Admon. granted to 
Joseph Smithson, his only surviving son. 

BETWEEN 1564 AND 1600. 

1574. Smythson, William — Bridekirk. 

1 576. „ Anthony — Torpenhow. 

1578. „ Anthony — Torpenhow. 

1578. „ Anthony — Uldale. 

1583. „ James^ — Crosby Ravensworth, Westmorland. 

1596. „ Robert — Skelton. 

1598. „ Kersham— Uldale. 

1598. „ John — Skelton. 


Will of Wm. Smithson of Slaitburne, 1547, to be buried in psh. 
xche. of Slaiteburne. Mortuary for mayntenance of a prest to sing 
before the Rood v\ Edmund Smythson, son to my son John ; Wm. 
br. to Edmund ; son's drs. Jennet, Isabell. Witness : Thomas Tun- 
stall, prest. 

N.B. — There are many wills of this family down to the end of the 
eighteenth century. From the names Christopher and Leonard, they 
seem to have been a branch of the Newsham family. 

Will of Edmund Smithson of the Newhouse, psh. of Hortonin- 
Ribblesdale, co. York, bodie in psh. church of Horton according to the 
use of my elders with such liberality to the poore as my children think 
good to bestow. To Myles S., my son, the New house 22s. 6d. yearly 
rent ; his br. Anthony, his br. John, and Elizth. Judgson my dr. and 
her husband, son Anthony sole e.xor., 1 598. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Will of Richd. Smythson (bur. Thorganby) Oct. 23, 1545. Soul to 
God, St. Marie and all Saints ; bodye in xchyard. To Robert my son 
I Scott and a coose, etc. To Elizth. my dr. The Residue I give to 
Alicie my wife, and John my son and Margeret my dr. whom I make 
exors. Witnesses : Robert Smythson, John Person, Thos. Hasle- 
wood, George Willes. 

Will of Isabel Smythson, bur. Ripon, pr. April 28, 1568. To God 
St. Marie, etc., body in xchyd. of St. Peters and St. Wilfrid, Ripon. 
To Anne Smythson. To Franncis Smythson. To Margt. Barker. 
To Roger my son and Anne, etc., that their grandmother gave them. 
John Smyson and Edward S. overseers. 

Grt. admon. 15 July, 1596, gr. admon. of goods of John Smithson of 
Grt. Habton to Alexander S. grandson of deed. 


The nventorrie of all the goodes moveable and unmoveable which 
weer s** Mathewe Smythson Laite Vicar of Shereborne the hower 
of his deathe prased by Thomas Morrett, Thomas lethome, Thomas 
hergill and John wharledale the viij"' daie of Julie Anno dni 1556. 

In prims his purse and his girdell vi^ viii"* 

Itm. one ffreise cote A blewe fifrocke A black cote, ij 

capps and one cote of Ruffells o ... ... ... xxvi^ viii'* 

Itm. one side gown and a tippett o xiij^ iiij'^ 

Itm. ij cloyks ... x^ 

Itm. his Dubletts and hoise w"^ one old freise gown ... xiii^ iii"^ 

Itm. his sherts o v^ 

Itm. twoo ffetherbedds with bolsters o 

Itm. coverings and pillowes for the same beddes o 

Itm. iiij matteresses And coverletts 

Itm. v payre of lynnen sheits ij paire of hemp sheits ij 

bordclothes and twoo towells o 

Itm. paynted clothes and hangyngs o 

Itm. iii standing bedds ii trunnellbed ii bordede bed and 

ii chiste x= 

Itm. one brasen morter with the pestell and a brandrethe 

one rannge of Iron and one paire of Iron tongs o ... xiij^ iiij"^ 

Itm. one great cawdron, twoo kettills iiij brasse potts 

vj pewder dublers iij pewder difshes iij sawcers one 











pewder basen tvvoo pewder salts twoo candlesticks 

and one chaffing disshe liijMiij'* 

Itm. one paynted clothe one paire of Iron gallowes w"' 
croiks one ffrieng panne one Tubbe one Kitt one 

Kymnell with twoo stands and a paire of tongs ... ix^ 

Itm. iiij oxen o ... ... ... ... ... ... vi" 

Itm. ij mares o xxxiij^ iiij'^ 

Itm. one baie mare ambling o Lx^ 

Itm. one Iron bownd wayn one plowe o with yoeks and 

teames Lij= iiij<J 

Itm. V Lodes of ffier wood and twoo harrowes o... ... xiij^ iiij'* 

Itm. one Kymnell one paire of Cobb Irons o ... ... iij^ 

Itm. his saddle with stirropps and spurres and the 

brydell o ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iijjs 

Itm. the one half of three bee hives ijs 

Itm. twoo seeks one well bukkett o ... ... ... ij^ 

Itm. his bokes and woodknyf o v^ 

Itm. Serteyn hangings in the prest cham'' o jiijs 

Itm. vij acre of whete and barlie o... ... ... ... x'' 

Itm. ix acre of pease and haver ... ... ... ... iiiju 

Itm. xij Lodes of dong o iiijs 

S"m omn honor &c. ... ... ... ... xlij" xviij^ 

Detts Owing unto the said Sr. Mathewe Smythson. 

ffirst Richard Sterde o ... ... ... ... xx" iiij^ vi^ oblq" 

Itm. Abraham Routhe ... ... ... ... ... xx^ 

Itm. Edmond King ... ... ... ... ... ... y^ 

Itm. Willm. Goldesburghe ... ... ... ... ... vi^ 

Itm. Thomas hallybye and Richard Richadsby for a 

mortuarye o iijs jiijd 

S"m. debits qei debentr o x.xj" xviij^ x* oblq" 

S"m. omn honor et debitor ... Ixiiij" xvi^ x'' obddq" 

Dehtts which the said Sr. Mathewe doth Owe. 

Itm. to docto'' Palmes fifor tenthes which he did receyue o xlviii' v'' 

Itm. to S' Robert blaunche o xiij'' vi^ viij<* 

Itm. Robert Whitaker, Willm. Whitaker, and John 
Whitaker, executors of the Last will and Testament 

of Willm, Whitaker theire ffather o xxvi'' xix"* ij'* 

.S"m of^ debete .xlij" xiiijMij'' 

.S"m Claru debitis solutis xxij'' ij'^ vij'' od 



Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Legacies and Ffunralle. 

Itm. legacies -^ix" xj' viij 

Itm. ffunrall charges at the buriall Ixxvi' viij 

Itm. charges at the p'bacion x^ x 

Itm. the legacyes and charges excedeth the goods o ... xxxvj' vij'^ 


Will of Roger Smythson of HesUngton, in pshe. of St. Laurence, 
York, Dec. 19, 1533, within Wahngate. Body in pshe. church of 
St. Laur. To the Vicar of s'' church, my curate, i2d. for my saulle ; to 
my doughter Thomson wif four sheppe. To Jenet Celam. I gif to 
Alison my wif and Marg' Thomson my drs. dr., etc. Wit. : Sir Rauf 
More my curate, Alex. Thomson, and ors. 

Will of Rob' Smythson of Kettlewell, dat. Feb. pr. June 12, 1535. 
Body in xchyd. of Kettlewell. To the Abbot of Coverham i wedder, 
to be absolved by him and his brethren. To my Curate i wedder. 
To the bying of one cope 26^ S"*. To 3 childer of Henry Ellison 
3 gymber lames. To my sonne Edmund gifts wh. his grancer gave 
him or money worth. The good will, tythe, and tenant right of my 
fermehold with the license of our Sov" Lord King Henry and my lord 
Conyers, to my son John. Son John to gyve a lyving out of ferme- 
hold to my wif and to Edmund. If Edmund go to any other stede, 
John to gyve him 20 nobles. To Isabell Smythson 2od. that her 
fader owes me— to Sir Henry Hill, Priest. I make Master Thomas 
ffulthrope, constable of Myddleton, Supervisor. Witnesses : Master 
Ware, my Curate, Sir H. Hill, priest, Arthur Redeman, Thos. 
Hutchynson, Wm. Stapper, John Bolland, Xtopher Cotes. 

Will of Richard Smythson of Huby, 1534, to be buried in xch. garth 
of Sutton-in-Galtres— son Wm., son Thos., son Richd. to John Smyth- 
son my brother — Maud my wife. Wm. Wright my brother to be 

Will of Adam Smythson of Thorpe in Street in the psh. of Burnham, 
Jan. 20, 1536/7. Soul to God, etc. Body in xchyd. of All Hallowes, 
Burnh". To the hye Alter for forgotten tythes xii^. To son Robert 
2 kye. To Alison my doughter. To Anne my dr. To Rich'' Hyde, 
son to Adam, and Robert eyther 4d. To Cebell Hessaye i lame. To 
my mother. To Thos. Litster. To Thos. Hessaye. To Hayton 



xch 6/8. Also to the chapel of Thorpe 3/4. To Sainte Margarete 
light i/-. To John my broder, half a Trentall of Messes to be said. 
To Alison S. my wife broder dr., 4^. Tho. Hessay and my eldest 
son Wm., Exors. fermeholde— My fader John Hessay. P. Feb. i, 

Will of Thomas Smythson of Norton (by Malton) Weyver, body in 
xchyd. of Norton — to Roger Smythson my sonne all the working geere 
within the workhouse. To Leonard Horodyng of Settrington 6/S. To 
Jenet his wife 6/8. To every one of his children a lame. To Harey 
Westerby of Beverly 6/8. To Panell his wife 6/8, and to either of his 
children. To Dorothie my dr. 6/8. To Agnes Gierke 3|8. To Isabell 
Smythe my maden 20/ . To John Smythsone my brother ^ a q^ 
malt. To Hilspe his wife i a q^ malt. To Oliver Smythson my br. 
Also to Sr. James Smith my Curate 20^. To Alison my wife and 
Roger S. my son to be Exors. Wit. : John Crawshay, John Huggett 
John Smythson. 1553, Apl. 24, pr. Oct. 5, 1553. 

Will of Oliver Smythson of Newe Malton, 1558, 20 Dec'. Milner; 
maketh his last will. Soule to God, St. Marye, etc. ; body in holy 
grounde of our Bl. Lady at Old Malton Priory. To wif Margery 
Smythson 2 houses in Newe Malton in a strete called Yorkors gaite, 
the house I purchased of Wm. Hausbe, during her life naturall, after 
her life naturall I give to my sonne Edward Smysson my better house, 
to him and his heires for ever and the cottage thereto dependinge to 
my dr. Ellin'. Smysson and to her heires for ever. It. to S' Wm. 
Ringwood xii'^. It. to Rauf Best ii^ It. to Roger Smysson iii. iiij''. 
It. to the iii children of Steven bryde xii"^ a pece. The residue to 
Margery my wif whom I make my full exor. Witnesses : Wm. Ring- 
wood, Wm. Stamp, Wm. Couson, Thomas best, and Rauf best. 

Will of John Smythson of Norton, husbandman, pr. Feb. 18, 1556/7, 
dat. Nov. 18, 1556. Soule to Almyghty God, cure Ladie, etc., my 
bodie in xchyde of Norton — for my mortuarie as is accustomed. Also 
to Jennet Wilkinson I2<i — to John Wilkinson 3/4. To Philippe 
Marshall my niaide 4d. To Margarett Gare my maide 4d. To Sir 
Robert Bartone my Curate to pray for me 2d. The rest to Philippe 
my wif, whom I make Exor. Witnesses : Sir Robt Bartone, John 
Chalinor, Richd. Hude, and ors. 

Will of Philippe Smythson, late of Norton (widow of John), pr. 
Oct. 6, 1558, dat. Aug. 8, 1557. Soule to God, by intercession of Bl, 
V. and all saints; body in xchyde of Norton agst. xch. dore. It. to 

'J7 » 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

s'' xch one bordcloth also to Sr. W'". Ringwood xii'' to pray for me. 
It. to John Wilkinson, etc., also to W". Wilkinson, to Jennot Hewot, 
to Alison Wilkinson, to Philippe balland, etc., to Roger Smythson 
a Bushel Rye. 

Will of Thomas Smythson of Normanton, Yks., 1 553. Soule to God, 
our Bl. Ladie and all the Companie, etc. ; body in xch. of All Hallowes, 
Normanton. To Thos. Smythson my grdson, and in default of his 
heires to the right use of W". S. my son. To son Robert. To son 
James. 2 drs. Alison and Agnes. To child" of W". S. and Thomas S. 
my sons. Thos. my son Exor. 

Will of Charles Smythson of Snytall, psh. of Normanton, date 
Nov. 19, 1557; pr. Dec. 13, 1557. Robert Smythson my brother— 
my wife's children named Barghe — Jennet S. my sister. Elizth. my 
wife the lease of ferme and after her death to Roger my sonne. Son 
Wm. Ann S. my dr. 

Will of Thos. Smythson of Altofts in psh. Normanton, 1530. I, 
Thomas Smythson of Altofts do hereby make my will. My soule to 
Almighty God, o"' Lady and all the Saints in hevyn ; body in xchy''. of 
Normanton. Unto the xchwarke 4od. Also I gyffe unto my wyfif for 
terme of her lyeff all my lands both freehold and copyehold w'in the 
towne and fields of Altofts and after the decease of hir and to retorne 
agayn to Gilbert my son if he lyve, and if he dye, unto Robert my son. 
Also I gyfif unto Thomas Hill my son-in-law one Red Cow w'" Calff in 
full satisfactentation of hiswyffe chyldspart. Also I gyff and bewyth 
unto the freers of Pomfrett xii'^. Also I gyfif unto my daughter Jane 
I whye. Also I gyfif unto Robert my sonn my wayn and plough w' 
yocks, rennes, harrowes, and other thynges therto belongyng. Also I 
gyfif and bequeath for the saying of one trentall of messes x^ Also I 
gyff and bequeath unto Margaret Malynson on Wyndill ofif wheat. All 
the rest of my gudds not bewitt, my detts paid, my will fulfilled, I 
gyfif unto my wyfif, whonie I make my Exec'. These by my witnesses. 
Sir Thomas lond, prest, Wm. Malson, Nycholas Prat, Robert Nalsbin, 
and Thomas Patient w' other moo. 

Will of John Smythson de Howby (Huby), Feb. 18, 150^, my soule 
to God, Bl. Mary, and all Saints ; body to be buried in Church of All 
Saints, Sutton, in Galtres. Itm. I leave my best beast for mortuarie. 
It. : I leave 4" for wax to be burnt around my body on day of funeral. 
Itm. to s'' church v=. It. to Gild of St. Marie in same Church 4^ 
Itm. I leave to the High Altar for tythe forgot viii^. Ales dr. of Thome 



Pek. Also to child" of Edmund Oxhead. To wife of Thomas Yolke. 
To John my son. To the sons and drs. of my sons and drs. Also 
to Agenes de Apleby 13'' 4^^. To Wm. my son. To Alson Pek, John 
Ur''eadand Thos. fflaysby Exors. 

There are also grants admon. of goods of Richard Smythson of 
Hoby, 1511 ; of Alan Smythson of Ryllyton, 1565 ; of Robert Smyth, 
son of Bishop Monkton, 1568 ; of Thomas Smythson of Thirleby in 
Feliskirk, infant, 1562. 

And there are wills of Jenet Smythson of Great Habton, in psh. of 
Kirby Misperton, 1557; of Robert Smythson of Kirby Misperton, 
1566; of Thos. Smythson of Kirby Misperton, 1564; of Robert 
Smythson of Appleton le Street, near Malton, 1566 ; of Simon Smyth- 
son of Thornton in Pickering, 1558 ; of Emote Smythson of Thornton 
in Pickering, wife of Simon, 1558 ; of Isabel Smythson of Ripon, 
1568; of Robert Smythson of Foulbin, in psh. of Wragby, 1557 ; of 
Robert Smythson of Sutton in Galtres, 1542; of Thomas Smythson 
of Terrington, 1554 ; of Nicholas Smythson of Settrington, 1567. 

Will (consistorial, York) of Henry Smythson, clerk, x Dec"", 1528 : 
I, Sir Henry Smythson, Vicar of hundmanby ; soule to God, Sainte 
Marie and all Saintes ; body in Kirkequere of Hundmanby. To hye 
alter xii'* for forgotten tithes. Also Henry Alai a comelott to make 
2 Cloths, one before the Alter, other above the Alter afore the Alblaster. 
To moder kirke of St. Peter's of Yorke my best horse for my cors- 
prisand, and all other things that p'taineth to right and good custome. 

1 gif for my burial 6/8. It. to my lord Abbot of Cordnay 13^ 4^^. It. 
to every house of freers of Scarburgh x% and each one of ym to syng 
a trentall. To the freeres of Hull a bushell barley. To the Gillde of 
our ladie a q'. barley ; to repar, etc., of Churche of Hundmanby 6/8. 
It. I will have a prest a twelhnoth to syng in xch of Hundmanby and 
he shall have to wage 4' 13'^ 4^*. It. I gif to Agnes Smythson my 
coseyne 2 oxgang of land lying in throght felde, also a bounde wayne, 

2 oxen, 2 horse, a plough, a harrowe w"' all that p'tneth to the wayne 
and ploughe. It. to s*^ Agnes a fedder bed my best. The fader of 
Agnes or any friende she hath try to take her p'tes, none to be given 

99 II 2 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 


The will of Raffe Smithson of Garfax (Jervaux) psh. of Wytton, 
1558/9. In Dei nomine Amen. Dated 6"' Jan^', 1550, pr- Aug', 1578: 

I, Raffe Smysson of Garfax, being sicke in my bodye nevertheless 
off good minde and pfecte remembraynce do make ordayne and con- 
firm my laste Wyll and Testament in mind and forme following, 
fifirste and principallye above all thynges I gyve and bequethe my 
soule unto the handes of Almyghtie God, by y^ intercession of o*" Ladye 
Saint Marye and all y*^ Holie Companye in heavene, and I wyll that 
my bodye to be buryed w"'in my pshe. Churche of Wytton. I 
bequeheth to my said pshe- churche 6s 8'^, tobestowe off one vestmente. 

It. I bequethe to my broder S'' Edmon my gray gelde or else 407- of 
good and lawful money. I gyve unto S"^ Xrofer Rychardson my Curyte 
5/-. To Thomas Bente 6^*. It. Whereas my broder Gorge dowth 
howe me £4 and the Resydew yt ys to say 6/8 he to have, to praye for 
me. It. I bewhethe to my servante Sesoe Sedlure ^6 8. 4., besydds 
yt I dow gyve here 20^ for hyr wyage wyche I wyll yt she schall have 
and I dowe gyve heyr my beste hatte. It. I bewhethe to my servante 
Anne Rychardson one gyve, or 20/- in money, the gyve to be went off 
my ffarm att Garfax. It. I bewheth to Richard my broder all my 
garments. The Resydew of all my goodes, my dettes legaces and 
ffunerall expences dascharged, I gyve to Izabell my dowter y*^ yonger 
whom I make my sole executor of all my goodes whand sche come to 
lawfuU age, and I wyll that S"^ Edmonde my broder schall have of my 
goodes yt ys lefte cherge £6. 8. 4. for y*^ custodie for my chylde 
Essabell that sche come att te full age tand yt be payed to her ; yff 
sche chance to dye yt then y'^ sedde S"^ Edmonde to have y® ^6. 8. 4. 
to pray for my soUe. I dow gyff to Essabell my dowther y^ elder y® 
beste off my farmolde, and after my dessece I make S'' Edmonde and 
Essabell my dowther y*^ helder supervisors off my laste Wyll and 
Testamente. Wytnesses hereoff : Xrofer Rychardson, Curite, Rychard 
Smythson, many more. 

Will of Brian Smythson of Cowton Grange, IMiddleton Tyas, 1571, 
pr. Richmond, 15 June, 1571 : 

In the name of God, Amen, y"^ 12"' day of Aprill, 1571. I, Bryan 
Smythson of Cowton Grange in the parysshe of Myddelton Tyas, 



beyinge sicke in bodye but of good perfecte remembrance, thanks be 
to Almyghtie God, do make and ordeyne this my last will and Testa- 
ment in maner and forme followinge. Fyrste I geve and bequethe my 
soule unto the handes of Almyghtie God whyche I truste he will 
Receyve to his Infynite mercie by the onely merytes and bled shidinge 
of his onely Sonne Jesus Chryste my Redeemer. And my bodye to 
be buryed within the churchyard of Middelton. Secondly, I will that 
my executours shall content and paye all my dew debtes that I shall 
be owinge at the tyme of my death and to !^e me swiftlye brought furth. 
And my poure neighboures to be releued as they shall thinke most 
necessarie. And I geve and bequethe to my doughter Elizabeth 
Patynson thre dowghter six poundes everye of them fourtie shelinges. 
That is saye Alice Patynson 40/-, Mergerie Patynson 40/-, and Agnes 
Patynson 40/-. Item. I geve to my sonne Robert Smythson all my 
tythe of North Cowton. The rest of all my goodes and ferme mynges, 
etc., to my twoe sonnes Mychelles and Robert Smythson whome I 
make solle Exors. 

In wytnesse that this ys my trew and last will and Testament, I have 
acknowledged the same in presence of 

Thomas Smythson 
John Patynson 
Gylles Perkes 

and other more. 

Will of Leonarde Smythson (1569) of Gailes, pr. Richmond : 

In the yeare of our Lord God 1 569. 

I, Leonarde Smythson, of the pshe. of Kyrbye Ravensworthe in co. 
York, beyinge in good and p'fect memorie, thanks and prayse be gyven 
to God, etc., do make my just Testament, fifirste and principally my 
soule to Almyghtie God my only Sauy"' and redeemer, etc. Item, 
my bodye to be buryde w'thin xch yearde of Kyrbie Ravensworthe. 
Item, my fearmeholde in Gayles to be ecjually devided betwene 
Margaret my wyfe and William Smythson my sonne, after her death 
my sonne Willm. to have the whole, upon condition ye is yf he agree 
w"" my sonne John accord^' as friends and neyghboures shall thinke 

Item, to Christopher Pinckneye one oxe. Item, to his sonne 
2 lames. Item, to George Dowes for rent 8/-. Item, to Rawffe 
Smythson executors for one wearc 8/4. It. for taithc mey 2/S. Itm. 
for reparacons 10/-. It. for my funeralle 10/-. It. I do owe to Thomas 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Cooke 2/-. All the other goodes betvvene wife and two sonnes whom 
I make Exors. 

Witnesseth : Richard Coote 
RoBT. Anderson 
w^'^ others. 

Postscript.— It. I lent a cloke to Christopher Kyplinge having 
four yeardes. It. Willm. Miller do owe unto me I3V4'^- 

Will of Radulphe Symsson als Smythson of Newsam. Dated 
16"' January, M.D.L. 

I, Rauph Smysson, hole of mynd, and of good memrie, make this 
my last Will and Testament, etc. ffirste, my soule to Almyghtie God, 
and all the hole Compaynie of heaven, and my bodie to be buried 
win the Church of Saint Peter of Kyrkby Ravensworthe. It. to 
Agnes Appleton a kowe. It. to my Daughter Mylnes ten shillinges. 
It. to evye one of hir children 6^8'^. 

It. I will that my wyffe have her portion of my goodes accordinge 
to Righte and custome of the countrie w' favoure. It. I will that John 
my Sonne's son have my hole Draughte, that is to saye, eighte oxen 
w' yoke and teames thereto belonging and a Iron boun wayne. 

It. I will that my son Thomas have my other wayne w' the Reste 
of the Yoke and teames therto. And yf yt be not so good as the 
other that William my son make yt as good w' money. 

It. I will that if my son Thomas chance to go to the worke and 
have a husbandrie, then I will that Willm. my son Retourne to him 
some oxen. 

The Reste of my goodes nither given nor bequested I gyve to 
Willm. and Thomas, my sonnes, whom I make my hole executores in 
executing this my laste Will. Thes being wytnesses : 

, Anthonie Cathericke, esquire 
France Catherick, gentleman 
John Thomson 

Giles Appleton and Oliver Appleton 
w"^ other more. 

Proved 13 June, 1553. 

Will of Mergerie Smythson of Newsam, dated 7"^ DecS 1553. 

M^gerie Smythson of Newsam, being in hole mynde and memorie 
ordayne and make this my last Will and Testament. My soule to 
Godde, my bodie with" the pishe Church yearde of Kirkbie Ravens- 



worth. It. I bequeth to John Smythson of the debtes 2oy- and to 
evry one of his brothers, that is to say, George, Francis and Anthonie 
lo/-. It. I bequieth to Agnes Appleton 6/8. It. I bequeth to the 
Churchwarkes 2^ • It. I bequeth to the Church warkes of Barmyng- 
ham 2/-. It. I bequieth to my brother William 6^8'* — and my debtes 
paid, the resodewe of all my godes unbequethed I gyve unto Mergrete 
my doughter, and Thomas my son whome I make my hole Executors 
of this my last will and Testamente. 

Thes witnesses : James Hyentson 

my curett 
Myles Brignall 
Xtofer Smyth 
w'*" other more will"*^ witnesses. 

Will of Margaret Smythson of Gayles, 1579. 

In the name of God, Amen— the tenthe day of Aprill, 1579. 

Margaret Smythson of Gayles in the County of Yorke, widowe, 
being syke in body but of p'fecte memorie, prayse be to Almyghtie 
God, maketh this my laste will and Testament in maner and forme 

fyrst I bequeathe my sowle unto Almyghtie God my maker and 
redeemer, and my bodie to be buried in my pishe church yeard at 
Kyrkbie ; the resedew of all my goodes unto John Smythson my sone 
whome I ordayne and make my full and hole exor. 

Witnesses : ROBERT ANDERSON and Rayfe Marshall. 

Will of Elizabeth Smithson of Newsam. In the name of God, 
Amen. In the yere of our Lord God 1566, and in the monthe of 
Julye ye 20* day. The psh. of Kirby Ravensworth, M". Elizabeth 
Smithson of Newsam, widowe, sicke in bodye, albeit pfecte in minde 
memory and knowledge. I bequieth my sowell to the mercye of God, 
and my bodie to be buryed in the churche yarde. I will that I be 
honestlye brought forth : I will that my mortuarye be payd ratable 
accordinge to the statute. To the mending of the glasse windowes 
I2=. To Annis Appelton one ewe. To Raufe Smithson my sune one 
goose and all my hay by part. Unto George Thomson one cow, 
6 ewes, 4 wedders, and an lycare of hard coorne by part. Unto my 
dothter of Barninge one Materesse, one Almerye and a greate Arke. 
Residewe unto my fower children, whome I make my full exors., that 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

is, John Hardinge, George Thomson, Rauffe Smythson and John 

Witnesse whereof: William Hawkes, John Haryson 

w"' others. 

Notes of will of Rauffe Smythson of Newsham, psh. Kirby Ravens- 
worth, 1582. body in churche yearde of Kirby Ravensworth. ferme- 
holde in Newsham unto Margaret my wife and John my son. 
Margerie Smythson my daughter. Unto Hervie my sonne, etc. To 
Jane Atkinson one ewe. Unto my niece Atkinson one ewe. Unto 
Anthony Londesdale one Bushell of Rye, etc. 

Witnesses : George Thompson, John Haryson, John 
Johnson, Robt. Shawe, and George 
ROBSON, Vicar. 
Prob. gr. 14 Nov'., 1582. 

Gr. Admon. of Ellene Smithson of Newsham, K. Ravensworth, 
May, 161 5, to Ralph Smithson of Newsam, her husband. 
Ralph was married at Barningham in 161 3 to Ellen Shaw. 


Will of Xrofer Smytheson of York, draper. 18 Nov, 1590. To 
Anne Power my daughter ;^2o, to Eliz**^ Atkinson my dr. ;i^20, and to 
everyone of their child" an angell. I give use and occupation of my 
lands in Greape Lane to Anne S. my wife. After her death to my son 
W"., He paying thereof unto John Smyson 20 markes. Anne, my 
wife, to have the Tuition of John, W"\ and Mary my children. Tuition 
of John to John Atkinson my son in law. Tuition of the others to 
my wife. 

The York will of Thomas Smytheson of Yorke ; bodye in Church 
of Crux. To Marye my wife all my lands, etc., in Yorke and in 
Countye of Yorke. Unto my mother in lawe the Lady Beckwithe 
I golde Rynge of four. To my br.-in-lawe Mr. Lanard Beckwythe. 
Unto Mr. Pett Weddell, etc., desiring him to be good to my two 
children. To my father in law Thos. Nesse. Unto my mother Nesse. 
Unto my br. Roger. Unto William, one of his sons, his 3 sons and 
I dr. ; to my sister Ann Nesse— br. in lawe John fifoster. My sister 
Isabell fifoster. To my old uncle Thos. Smythson of Scamston, br. 
W"". Smythson £10, br. John Smythson. To Robt. Belte, my wyfe's 
son, ;^io. W'". Belte his br. ^10. To Sara Belte, my wyfT dr., ^30. 



To Jane Belte, my wyfif dr., ;^30. Eliz"'. Belte. Lands to br. John 
after wife's death. To the L'^ Mayor and Commonaltie of York ^^5 for 
6 poor children. 


Agnes Smythson of Moulton in the pshhe of Middleton Tyas within 
the Archdeanerie of Richmond, diocese of Chester, deceased. In 
the tyme of hir sicknesse yet beinge of good and sounde memorie 
upon the first daie of Bartholomew the apostle being the 24"' August 
in the j^eare of o' L. God, 1599, did declare and expresse as hir last 
will and testament in mann"" and forme as follow'*', viz. : 

Unto Cuthbert Smithson, hir sonne, one hundreth pds. Unto John 
Smithson, hir sonne, one hundreth markes, and 'unto Jane Smythson, 
hir doughter, one hundreth markes. 

Unto said Cuthbert Smythson one sylver salt and 10 sylver spoons. 
Residue of his goodes and chattells thus not bequeathed unto 
Nicholas Smythson, hir sonne, whom she appointed and maid Exor. 
Whereof we whose names are subscribed are wytnesses. 

Marmaduke Wylie gent 
James Hawkeforth ? clerke 
WiLLM. Maire 
John Tayler 

Probate granted loth March, ^fg§, to the son and exor. Nicholas 


6 Nov"", 1574, grant. 

Administration of the Estate of W" Smithson of Tallentier, psh. of 
Bridekirk, granted to Helene Smithson, daughter of deceased. 

Proved 25 Nov"", 1576. 

I, Anthony Smithson of Kirkland, Torpenhow, by will dated 
20 Sept., 1576, give to Robert Smithson 5 whimblcs, 2 axes, and a 
handsaw. To Margaret Smithson my other whimbles. To Janet 
Smithson a lamb. To Agnes Smithson, my wife, the rest of my 
goods, and appoint her executrix jointly with my children Janet and 
Margaret Smithson. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

I desire Richard Smithson, Robert Plascayt, Bernard Plascayt, 
John Hodgson and Richard Hodgson to be supervisors. 

Witnesses : Richard Smithson, Robert Plascayt, Bernard Plascayt, 
John Hodgson, Richard Hodgson and Nicholas Thompson, clerk. 

Proved ii February, 1578. 

I, Anthony Smithson of Bothel, Torpenhow, by will dated 12 Oc- 
tober, 1578, give to my son John all my right of my Tenement and 
husbandry gear and the 20 sheep I bought of Thomas Brown of 
Bastintwyat (Bassenthwaite). To Janet Wilson one acre of ground, 
which I have of Thomas Gorden, with profits during my lease thereof. 
My son John to find Janet Wilson a bedroom during her life in con- 
sideration of having surrendered her right to my Tenement. To my 
son John the rest of my goods, and appoint him Executor. 

Supervisors : Richard Smithson, Jane Smithson, Thomas Smithson, 
and Robert Smithson. 

Witnesses : Richard Smithson, Rob. Smithson, and John Smith 
{} Smithson). 

Proved July, 1578. 

I, Anthony Smithson of Auertree, Uldale, Cumberland, by will 
dated 24 May, 1578, Give to my son my farmhold, my best nagge, my 
saddle and brydle, my sword and my best Lance Staffe. To my wife 
Janet the rest of my goods,"and appoint her Executrix. 

I make Supervisors Robert Andrew of Auertree and Matthew 

Witnesses : D'Kinson, Robert Andrew of Uldale with others. 

Proved 14 May, 1583. 

I, James Smithson of Crosby Ravensworth, Westmoreland, by will 
dated 12 April (year not legible, but must have been in or before 
1583), direct my body to be buried in Crosby Ravensworth Church- 
yard. Whereas on the marriage of my eldest son John it was 
covenanted that in case of his dying without sons that my farmhold 
should go to other sons, now in case John dies without a son I will 
that — 

Matthew, my younger son, shall inherit the farmhold, and shall 
agree with my elder brother's son (not named) for his title to the 
Tenement. And in case he so inherits he shall pay — 



To my son John's eldest daughter £s 6s. 8d. for her preferments. 

Witnesses : James Fairer, Anthony Fairer, John Uent, John Fairer 
and others. 

Administration granted, with will annexed, to Margaret Smithson, 
widow, relict of Testator. 


Administration granted 24 January, 1596, to Janet Smithson, widow, 
relict of Intestate. 

Proved 22 June, 1598. 

I, Kersham Smithson of the parish of Uldaile, by will dated 
20tii May, 1598, direct my body to be buried in Uldaile Churchyard, 
and give to Thomas Bunting my bedding, etc. And to his wife a 
w-hite coat, etc. 

To Agnes Bunting, daughter of Thomas, a red coat, etc. 

To Thomas Bunting, son of Thomas, a ewe and lamb. 

To John Slee of Blenrassett a cow, etc., and to his daughter a red 
coat, etc. 

To Thomas Bunting and the said John Slee 10= in James Slee's 
hands, and i a bushel of bigge in Anthony Slee's hands. 

To John Slee the rest of my goods, and appoint him Executor. 

Witnesses : Leonard Slee and Thomas Bunting. 

July, 1598. 
Inventory of goods of John Smithson of Alanby, Skelton, Cumber- 
land, dec^. Administration granted 5 July, 1 598, to William Smith- 
son, son of Intestate. 


York Will of Roger Smithson of Great Habton, psh. of Kirby 
Misperton, 161 1. To be bury<^ in xch of Kirby Misperton, neare my 
wife. To Peter, my son, the lease of my ferme in Great Habton. 
Not to marry without consent of his grandfather, Thos. Boyes of 
Normanby, or uncle, James Boyes of Yorke. Son Thomas, my 2 drs. 
Phillippe and Dorothy, my dr. Elizth Rawden, two sons Sam' and 
Thomas Smithson of Kingston-on-Hull xx", to be equally divided. 
To my eldest son, William Smithson of London, 40^, drs. Exors. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Will of Allison Smithson of Kettlewell, Dec"' 17, 161 3 ; pr. Aug. i, 
1614 ; to be bur'' in pshy*^' of Kettlewell. To Isabell Smithson my 
dr. £io, my sonne, James S., owes me. My son Christopher. 

Will of Edmund Smithson of Kettlewell, 1614, Nov. 14 ; to be 
buried in Kettlewell xchyard. To Jane my wife land under Lordship 
of Middleham, my mansion, etc. David my youngest son, Luke my 
eldest son, Frances my dr. John Williams and John Smithson, Super- 
visors ; pr. 1 61 5. 

Craven grt Book, 1616. Admin, goods of George Smithson, late 
of Kettlewell. Tuition of son Robert Smithson to Agnes Smithson, 
widow of George. 

Will of Edmund Smithson of Kettlewell, yeoman, 20 Oct., 1622 ; 
bodie in xchyard of Kettlewell nigh father's grave. I trust gone to 
God before wife and children. Eliz't> my wife, with whom I coupled 
myself in fear of God, landes and ten" in Kettlewell. To Robert and 
Agnes my children, my br. John Hulley and John Smithson, to Robert 
Smithson my br's son, to Jane Proctor my sister's dr., to Robt. Proctor 
my sister's son 

Will of Anthonie Smithson of Horton in Ribblesdale, 1625 ; w. pr. 
To be buried in xch of Horton. Son Edmund my tenement of 
17= 6^^ yearly Rent. Wife to have widow's right so long as she does 
not marry. Youngest dr. Jane Smithson one close in Otter Burghall, 
my ground in froth pott, and in Dannow'h fauering that John Tatham, 
etc., to have his bargains. If Edmund Smithson die before marriage 
to son Thomas, he paying to every of my other children 20 nobles 
a peece. 

Witnesses : Thos. Langstroth, Stephen ffrankland, Lancelot Smith- 
son, William Smithe, wife Margaret Smithson, probate. 

Will of W'" Smithson of Kettlewell, yeoman, 18 Aug', 161 2, to be 
buried in psh. Churchyard of Kettlewell. I bequeath to Allison my 
wife all my husbandry yeard and instruments. To my dr. Isabell. 
To the son of Henrie Horner, begotten by my dr. Eliz'i". 

Will of Allison Smithson of Beford in co. of York, 9 DeC", 1612. 
Bodie in Beford xchyard. To various relatives not named Smithson 
leaves legacies. 

Will of W" Smithson of York, draper, Dec. 22, 1618 ; pr. Nov 8, 
i6ig. My body in Belfry Church in same place where my late father 



Christopher lies. To my wife Ellin the house I dwell in. After her 
death to my eldest son Xtopher, also to him my house in Stainegate, 
house in Grape Lane after death of my mother, Ann Smithson. Sons 
Richard and W" and dr. Ann each ^50 at age. Further to each of 
them £jo. To my dr. Mary Smithson ^120. To Eliz. Smithson my 
youngest dr. ^120. Tuition of Philip, Ann, and Eliz. to wife. Tuition 
of Xtopher to my br.-in-law M"" Thomas Key. Tuition of Rich'* to 
M»' Edward Calvard: br.-in-law M"" Doctor Fauour. My sister his wife 
his 6 children. Br. John Smithson. Eliz. Keyeytherdr. To M"" Thos. 
Emondson and his wife. To Thomas, James and Susanna Emond- 
son, their children. Whereas John Greene, of Harforth, gent, hath 
given me securitie by himself and his son Martin for payment of 
^100 in 5 years, I give to children. To M"" E. Calverd and his wife. 
To W™ Floore, my father- in-la we, and his wife, my mother-in-lawe. 
Wife sole Exor., 2 brs. -in-law and friend, Tho. Smouls, Overseers. 

Will of Nicholas Smythson of Pomfrett, grocer, 5 Nov'', 1648. My 
messuage or ten' with one Cottage w'h appur' in Snaith and all houses, 
etc., to use of my son John Smithson, alias Wildman, and to the heires 
of his body, and in default to my right heires. Premises held by copy 
of Court Roll ace. custom of manor of Pollington, also ^60 when 21, 
and if he die, then to my other children. D"" Sarah Smithson ^100. 
Wife Ann now great with child ; 2 drs., Sarah, br. William's wife, 20 p. ; 
Sister Sarah Smithson of Snaith. Brs.-in-law, Rich'* and John 

Probate of will 2y^ Jan., i64g, to Anne Smithson, widow. 

Will of Margarett Smithson of Little Habton, co. York, widow, 
9 Aug', 1627 ; pr. 1627. Bodie in xchyarde of Kirbye Misperton. 
To W" Paige, son to my dr. Eliz'h, £2>- To Xtopher Smithson, son to 
my dr. Isabel, ^3. To Barbaric Mayson of Amotherbie 8'' and my 
best upper bodie. D"" Elizth, wife to John Paidge. To dr. Isabell, 
wife to W" Smithson. My servant Eliz''' Wright my old white petti- 
cote ane red petticote. The rest to my son Henry with my lands, and 
he to be Exor. 

Will of W" Smithson of Crookes, Sept. 19, 1654. I, W" Smithson 
of Crookes in the psh. of Ryton, son W"' .Smithson farm at Crookes, 
farm at Rommald Church after death of my brother John Smithson. 
To wife farm at Mickleton. Sister Jane £\o. Br. P>ancis eldest son 
Nicholas and my mother ^5. To br. P'rancis, 2'"! son Francis. 

Feoffees : Anthony Bailes, my brother Langstaff, br. John Smilii- 
son, John Bailes. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Will of Theodosia Smithson of Methley, Spr. Mother Ann Smith- 
son ^loo for life, and after to my nephew W™ Smithson. Sister 
Elizth Greenwood, sister Mary Smithson, sister Ann Smithson, 1673. 

Will of Robert Smithson of Flaxby Moorside, psh. of Gargrave, 
7th May, 1673. To be buried at Gargrave. Goods to son Benjamin, 
dr. Ann Smithson. 

Will of Anne Smithson of Pontefract in co. York. To John Smith- 
son my son and his heirs. Dr. Sarah S. joint Exor. with me of the 
will of late husband, and his father Nicholas Smithson, house, etc., in 
Market Place, Pontefract. Brother, Alderman Richard Wildman and 
Elizth Sinkinson, loving uncle W™ Booth, br.-in-law Robert Smithson, 

Probate to Robert Smithson of Snayth, yeoman, for use of John S. 
the son, 26 March, 1661. 

Will of W™ Smithson of Leeds, Draper, dated 1661, 13 Chas. II. 
To John S. my eldest son and his heirs the Broadgates, rem"" to 
W™ S. my 2nd son ; for default to Robert S. my y<i and 4'h son, if any ; 
and if not, to right heirs of W" Smithson. Also Carleton Cross Closes 
to John Smithson. Also house on Hooke, co. York. To Patience S. 
my eldest dr. Closes, etc., in the Lordship of Middleton. To Mercy S. 
my 2nd dr. land in Hunslet ; to Sarah my 3'-d dr. ; to Lidia my 4't> dr. 
Robert Smithson my brother. Sarah my wife. W. pr. 1680. 

N.B. Probably this Wm. Smithson was the one who purchased 

lands in Newsham in 163 1, and against whom and Sara, his wife, Robert 
Smithson claimed lands in Hunslet in 1649. He was also the father 
of Robert Smithson of London ; will pr. 17 17. 

Will of Elizth Smithson of Yorke, dr. of W^ Smithson, deC^, 22 Jan., 
163^-. To be burd in psh. Church of S' Michael Belfry, where my 
father is buried. Br. Xtopher ^10, his wife, sister Mary, br. Rich^, 
br. Philip ; sister Anne, wife to Thomas Storie ; to Aunt Nelson, wyfe 
to W"i Nelson. Mother EUinor Smithson, sole Executrix. 

Will of Rich'' Smithson of Methley, gent., 1648. To br. Wn^ Smith- 
son, elk., and to Richard his son all lands, etc., in Methley. Br. 
Edward. Nephew Richard my guilt sword. 

WillofPhihpp Smithson, 1655. P.C.C. 100. Aylett. 
I, Phillip Smythson, of the city of York, Draper, sicke in bodye but 
of good and perfect memorie, etc. To Elizabeth Simpson my neece 



and her heires my Messuage snd Tenement in Petter Gate within the 
cittie of Yorke, nowe in the occupacon of George Pickeringe, upon the 
condicon, etc. To my said neece Ehzabeth all my houses, etc., in 
Grape Lane upon saide condicons, and further that she shall dis- 
clayme all right to a legacie of ^20 given to her by my mother Ellen 
Smithson ; if she refuse, she shall reape noe benefitt by this my last 
will. To M'' John Aickroyd one peece of gold beinge of the Coyne 
of Edward the fourth, nowe in the hands of M^ Richard Levitt- 
To Mrs Anne Sanders, to M^^ Ellen Breaz, to Mrs Alice Levit, to 
Mrs Beatrix Plaxton, to Mr Henry Aickroyd, my respective cozens, 
I05 each. To Mr Ralphe Bell 20^ 

To my sister Margery Smythson io% besides 10= I owe her in part 
of a legasie given to her by mother. To ffrancis Ingle and Elizabeth 
his wife 20^ apeece. 

To M"" Richard Levitt and to Mr Edward Elwicke 20'' apeece, 
whome I do nominate supervisors of this will. To Samuell Todd, 
mercer, my best browne suite, beinge now at fifolkerthorpe, and also 
my best hatt. 

To John Westaby, Mr Aickroyd's man, the suite I nowe weare. 

To Henry Cundall, Mr Levitt's man, my bufife doublett, nowe at 
fifolkerthorpe. Residue to Eliztii Simpson and Mary Smythsone, 
whome I make Executors. Dated 21 Sept., 1654. Probate gr. 
24 Aug*, 1655, to the Exors. 

Will of Willm. Smithson of Chingford, co. Essex, gentleman. 
Wife Ann Smithson. Wife Tythes in Hilderthorpe and a close called 
green land in little Barughe, co. York, value ^36 ic^ o'' a year, and 
all my messuage Tenem' or farme and loh oxgangs of land in 
Kirby Misperton, which I lately purchased from my cousin Gar- 
forth and others. Also p'cells of Marish grds called High Moors, 
bought from Guy Hadlesee in I'dship of Ryton and her issue, but if 
default, in trust to my cozens W''^ Boyse the elder, of Great Edstone, 
yeoman, John Garforth and Wm Hardwick of York, gentlemen, and 
their heirs to the only use of pshes of Kirby M. and Aneotherby, ^10 
a year out of. 1637. 

Will of Robert Smithson of Ossett, in psh. of Dewsbury, yeoman, 
ancestor of the Smithsons of Lowlaiths, 1694 : 

To son Joshua £^, to son Richard ^5, to son Rob' £s^ to dr. Ann 
;£20. The=e sums to be paid by son Rich^. To son John is., to dr. 
Eliz"' IS., to dr. Ann £20 and i Desk. To dr. Dorothy ^^50. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

To dear and well-beloved wife Ann all my plate and all my Linen 
for ever and ^8 p. a. during life of her mother, Eliz"' Atkinson. And 
I assigne her the best parlor with all the goods therein, and the little 
parlor adjoyning to the kitchen, with all the goods therein during 
term of my lease, also 2 trunks, i Line wheels, one side-saddle and 
bridle. All the rest to my loving son Joseph. Joseph sole Exor., 
I Aug', 1693. 

Robert Smithson, 
Seal (a chevron between 3 moors' heads). 
Witnesses : 

Thomas Umpleby 
Marmaduke Longley 
Francis Lupton 

N.B. — The ancestors of this Robert Smithson did not, as stated in 
Betham's ' History of the Baronetage,' live at Masham and Garsdale, 
but were at Dewsbury from temp. Eliz. 

Nuncup. Will of Roger Smithson, late of Blackhouse, psh. of Hud- 
dersfield, to Alice his widow, gr. admon. August 17, 1644. 

Will of Ann Smithson, late of Methley, to Margaret Smithson, 
wid. gr., 1671. 

Probate of Will of Richard Smythson of Methley to Rich^ and W" S., 
Co-Exors, 1662. 

Gr. Admon. of goods of John Smithson, late of Great Habton, 
1637, Sept. 14, to Margerie, his widow. 

Gr. admon. goods of John Smithson, late of Great Habton, 1642, 
29 Augt., to Alice S., of same, widow. 

Will of Margerie Smithson of Great Habton, widow, 1640, trusts in 
merits of J. X', bodie to be buried devoutly in xchyarde of Kirby 
Misperton, to the poor of psh. of gr. Burmiston x^, of Hislington, of 
Kingston. It. to John Smithson x", to my dr. his wife x^, to Mar- 
gerie S., dr. of John Smithson, x^ To Margerie Purdon, dr. of John 
Purdon of Habton, to Margerie Beale, dr. of Cudbert Beale of Habton, 
to Frances, dr. of John Reatman, v^ To fifarfax Ringrose xx^ 

Will of John Smithson of Kettlewell, husbandman, to be bur'^ in 
xchy'^ of Kettlewell. Wife Alice and my child (son or dr.) yet unborn 
goods and chattells, she executrix. To Robert, son of Edmund 
Smithson, £\o \ to Agnes and Eliz"' S., drs. of Edmund S. ; to John 



Procter, Henry Halley, and Eliz. Halley, my godchildren ; to John 
Smithson, my br.-in-lawe ; to W" Smithson, my br.-in-lawe ; and 
Robert, son of George S. My father-in-law, James Smithson, and my 
br.- in-law, John Smithson, supervisors, 1631. 

Gr. admin, of goods of Edmund Smithson of Huddersfield, 4 Dec", 
1689, to Rob' Dickinson, principal creditor. 

Will of John Smisson, late of Fouldby, 15 Sept., 1684. Gr. admon. 
to Rosamund Smithson, relict. Son John Smisson ^16 ; 2 drs., 
Ursula and Jane Smithson, ^16 apiece. All the rest to wife. 

Probably descended from Robt. Smythson of Fowlbin, psh. of 
Wragby, 1557. W. pr. sons Cuthbert and Anthony ; dr. Eliz'** ; wife 

Will of Thos. Smythsou of Jolby, co. York, gentleman, Jan^, 164^. 
Sister Dorothy Smithson 10 ewes ; to nephew, Christopher Talbott 
10 ewes ; to 3 drs. of Thos. Smithson als Harrison i ewe ; to br. 
George Smithson, my exor., the rest of the goods. 

Will of George Smithson of Blackwell, co. Durham, bachelor. 
May 20, 165S. Lands at Cowton to nephew, Christopher Talbott ; 
Sister Mary Browne, ^20 and her meate for life ; to Mary Edwards, 
my sister Margt's dr., ^10; to sister Dorothy Smithson ^30; to 
niece Mary Talbott, ^20. Anne Talbott 20/ ; Elizabeth Talbott ^10, 
To niece Jane Kearton and child" ; to John, my nephew, W™ Talbott's 
eldest son ; to nephew Roger Talbott — residue to nephew, Xtopher 

Will of Ellen Smithson, 17 June, 1648, of Rippon, Widow ; body in 
Collegiate xch of Ripon. To Henry Pitty of London, my nephew, 
20/- ; to br.-in-law Christopher Smithson, 20/- ; to Dorothie, wife of 
W'" Smith of Plint, in s'' County, Lorrimer and her heirs, etc., all that 
messS'^ in South Staynely als Kirk Staynely als Over Stayneley, 
wherein Henry Wadington lately dwelt, etc., etc., and other property, 
and John Wadington of Alborough and Dorothie Edbury, dr. of 
W"' Smith, Exors. 

Will of Mary, Lady [of Sir Jerom] Smithson, of the City of York 
dated 26 Oct., 1693, P''- 25 May, J697 : 

I, Mary Smithson, being p'fect in memorie, bequeath my soule to 
God, and my body to be buried decently in vvh'tsoever p'ish I dye in. 
Onely gloves to be given to ym yt accompanyes my Corps to my 
grave, and gloves and scarves to y'" that carry me to y' grave. 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

desire none to be invited but y'" y' invited me in my life time, and in 
y'= first place order my son S' Hugh Smithson to have all y'^ plate what- 
soever he lent me, and I give unto him one small drinking pott of a 
pint, and my diamond ring with y'= diamonds and my wed'"^ ring and 
my Callisee w"> knotted fringe, and after his decease I give y'" to my 
grandson, Hugh Smithson, and if he has noe heires I give y" to Lang- 
dale Smithson, and if he has no child I give y'" to y<^ oldest daughter 
of my son Hugh S., and I give my grandson, Hugh S., x^ legacy. And 
I further will to ye rest of my grandchildren x' apeice for rings. And 
1 give unto my daughter, Mrs. Dorothy Pulleine, all my rings, plate, 
w"> y^ ornam'^ of my bed and household things, and y'' money I leave 
after my funerall charges, debts, and legacies are discharged, I give 
y*' remainder to my grandson, Wingate Pulleine. I give unto M''" 
Watkinson 40' for rings, and I give 40^^ to y'' poore of y*' p'ish where 
I dy, and to her y' waites of me I give her 20"^ a yeare from y^ time she 
lived w"' me to y*" day of my death, and I give if I have any other 
Servants at y'' time living with me I give unto y'" x' a year a piece 
over and above y'^ wages at y*" day of my death fro y^ time y'' came to 
me, and I give to her y' waits of me all my woollen cloths and plaine 
night Linnen, and I leave it to my son. Sir Hugh Smithson, and to 
daughter Pulleine to see it p'formed. Hereto I sette my hand and 
seale. Mary Smithson. 

W'Vere have given my dr. Pulleine I give equally to be difposed to 
her daughters and y' hereafter her death and for want of daughters to 
the sons or son. M. S. Wit. Eliz. Savage, Eliz. Robinson, Eliz. 

I give to my grandson, W. Pulleine, halfe y'= debt of M' Danby's, 
and if ever receive it, to be in M' B's hand to be improved while he is 
18 years of age, and y' he to enjoy it, and y*^ other halfe I give to 
M' B. for his pains and to requite whom he imploys in it. M. T. 

Will of Hugh Smithson, cittizen and haberdasher of London, dated 
12 April, 1672 (son of the i''' Sir Hugh). Persons fnentioned : br. Sir 
Jerom S., Uncle Bernard's wife Alice, Wife Alice Smithson, Brother 
Anthony Smithson of Graye's Inn, Uncle M' W"' Skynner, Cousin 
M' W'" Royston, Cousin M' Hugh Broughton, Cousins Jeremy and 
Sam' Royston, Jeremy and Simon Baxter, Thomas May and Bernard 
Smithson, Elizabeth Cox. Two nephews, my two brothers' sons, both 
called Hugh Smithson, Cousin Francis Binkes, Cousin Philipp Swale. 
My Sonne Francis (under age). My dr. Anna. To my sonne Francis 
and his heires two houses in S' Lawrence Lane, psh. of S' Lawrence 



Jewry, London, settled upon me by my late honoured Father, Sir 
Hugh Smithson i=' and Bart, deceased (in his will). Also lands and 
houses in Richmond, co. York, left me by my late Uncle Francis 
Smithson of Richmond, Annuity from them to my Aunt Mary Smith, 
son. My mother-in-law M^' Anna Yeend. Uncle M' W'" Skinner- 
and cousins Robert Baxter and W" Royston, and friend M' John 
Davenport, overseers. 

To my mother, Dame Dorothy Smithson, ;^20 for mourning. My 
wife sole Executrix. Will proved 2i"' June, 1672. 

Gr. admon. of Bernard Smithson, Jun', of Hornchurch, co. Essex, 
5"> May, 1699, to Anne Smithson, the relict of deceased. 

115 I 2 



1597. Will of W" Dickinson of Fuiston. Witness: Nicholas 
Smythson. Roll 2 and 3 of James L John Lambert, Tutor of 
Ruben, son of Nich. Smythson of Fuiston, dec'*. 

Will of John Bramley, 3 and 4 Jac. L Witness : Nich. Smy hson, 
clarke, also of Robert Thorpe's will. 

John Smithson, servant [or agent] to Ed. Knaresboro of Walking- 
ham Hall, 1570. 

York will of Susanna Smithson of fifuiston, 7 Sept., 1632, body to be 
buried at the discretion of my children : to be buried in the church- 
yard of fuiston. To the poor of the parish 5s. To Mr. Barker 5s. 
To Hester, my dr., my gowne with the velvet work and my petticoate 
wh. I bought at Beadell, my best smocke save one, i coyfe, i band, 
I apron, also i croscloth of the 2nd sort. To Mary, my son Robert's 
wife : my carsy gown, etc. To Susanna Bland. To my son Joshua ; 
to John White ; to my son Ruben and Robert Irish, each 50/-. To 
son Ruben ^4 ; to son Joseph ^3 ; to son Robert's children at Bedall 
£1 ; to Hester my son Joshua's dr. ; to his 3 other children ; to 
Suzanna Irish, to Robert Irish the younger, to Robert Irish the elder ; 
to Helen Irish, to Anna Irish my dr. John White the younger. Rob' 
and Ellen Irish resid legatees and she sole exor. Benj" Smithson 14/-. 

1679. The will of Joseph Smithson. Roll 10, No. 136, Honor 
Court of Knaresboro. In name of God, Amen. Joseph Smithson, in 
in psh. of Fewston, soul to God, body in Churchy^ of Fewston. To 
Joshua Smithson, my naturall sonne, ^60 to be paid by Samuel 
Smithson, my eldest son, when he shall be 22 years of age. Unto 
Benj" Smithson, my youngest son, ;^6o to be paid by s'' Sam' when he 
is 21, or if his education do require above the value of £6 p. a. in 
tableing cloaths and other necessaries, yt then there shall be an abate- 
ment of the s"* overplus of and from y= sd ^60 with lawful consideration 
to him according to time. To Mary Smithson, my only dr., ^50 when 
21. But if default, then my estate of freehold lands and the Barne 
shall be equally divided. If those Brothers die, then the surviving 
children. To Anne S. my wife /8 yearly, and to be guardian till 
Samuel be 21. Then Samuel shall be guardian. 

Dated 24 August, 1674. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 


In the Name of God, Amen. 

y«i2"' day of Apryll, 1571. 

I, Bryan Smythson of Cowton Grange, in the paryshe of Middelton 
Tyas, beyinge sicke in bodye, but of good perfecte remembrance, 
thankes be to Almyghtie God, do make and ordeyne this my last Will 
and Testament in maner and forme following : 

Fyrste, I give and bequethe my soule into the handes of Allmyghtie 
God, which I truste he will Receyue to his Infynite mercie by the 
onelye merytes and bled shidinge of his onelye Sonne Jesus Chryste 
my Redeemer. And my bodye to be buried within the churcheyard of 
Middelton. Secondly, I will that my executours shall content and 
paye all my dew debtes that I shall be owinge at the tyme of my 
death and to se me swiftlye brought furth. And my poure neyghboures 
to be releued as they shall thinke most necessarie. And I geve and 
bequethe to my dowghter Elysabeth Patynson thre dowghters six 
poundes evrye of them fourtie shelinges — that is to say, Alyce Patyn- 
son 40/-, Mergerie Patynson 407-, and Agnes Patynson 40V-. 

Item. I geve to my Sonne Robert Smythson all my tyth of North 

The rest of all my goodes and fermemynges movable and un- 
movable, my debtes, legaces, and funerall expenses discharged and 
payd I geve to my twoe Sonnes, Mychelles Smythson and Robert 
Smythson, whom I mayke my solle executours to execute this my last 
Will and testament. 

In wytness that this ys my trew and last Will and testament I have 
knowledged the same in the presence of 

Thomas Smythson 
John Patynson 
Gylles Perkes? 

and other mor. 

Probate granted 15"' June, 1571. 




In Deinomi, Amen. 

Dated 6"^ January, 1558. 

Roffe Smysson ofif Garfax, being sicke in my bodye, nevertheless off 
good minde and pfete remembraynce, do make, ordeyne, and confirme 
this my laste Wyll and testement in mind and forme following ; ffirste 
and principallye above all thynges I gyve and (torn away, ? bequethe 
my soule into) the handes of AUmyghtie God, to y^ intercession of O"" 
Ladye Saint Marye, and all y" holie companye in heavenne,and I wyll 
that my bodye to be buryed w"'in my pshe. churche of Wytton. 

It. I bequeheth to my said psche churche 67^'', to bestowe off one 

It. I bequethe to my broder S^ Edmon my gray gelde or else 40^/- 
of good and lawful mony. 

I gyve unto S'' Xpofer Rychardson, my curyte, 5^-- To Thomas (.-') 
ente 6'^. 

It. Whereas my broder gorge dowth howe me £4, 6, 8, I wyll yt he 
pay to my broder Rychard £4 and the Resydew y' y^ to say 678'* he 
to have to pray for me. 

It. I bewhethe to my survante Sesoe (?) Sedlure £6, 8, 4d, besydds 
y' I dow gyve here 20,/- for hyr wyage wyche I wyll y' she schall have 
and I dowe gyve hyr my beste hatte. 

It. I bewhethe to my sarvante Anne Rychardson one gyve or 2o7 
in money the gyve to be went off my fifarm att Garfax. 

It. I bewheth to Rychard my broder all my garmentes. 

The Resydew of all my goodes, my dettes, legaces, and fifunerall 
expcnces descharged I gyve to Izabell my dowter y" yongar, whom I 
make my sole executor of all my goodes whand sche come to lawful! 
age ; and I wyll that S"" Edmonde, my broder, schall have of my goodes 
y' y"" lefte cherge £6, 8, 4, for y'' custodi for my chylde Esabell thett 
sche come att lefuU age tand y' be payed to her, yff sche chance to dye 
y' then y'^ sedde S"" Edmunde to have y" £6, 8, 4, to pray for my solle. 

It. I dow gyff to Essabell my dowther, y'^ elder, y"= best off my 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

farmoldes and after my dessece I make S"" Edmunde and Esabell my 
dowthei- ye helder sup'visors off my laste Wyll and testamente. 

Wytnesses hereoff : Xpofer Rychardson, curite 

Rychard off the Ces ? (illegible) 
off etherwise many more. 

Administration of Rudulphi Smythson of Jervaux, granted at Rich- 
mond to Isabell the daughter August 1578. 


In Die nme, Amen. 

The nythe daie of August the yeare of o'' lord God a thousand ffyve 
ffortie and two. 

I, Willm Marshall, gentleman, of Movvton, of hole minde and 
memorie, make this my last Will in man"" and fforme folowinge : 

Ffirst I bequeth my soule vnto God, to our ladie Sainte Mary and 
to all the Blessed company in heaven, and my bodie to be buried 
wher yt shall please almightie God. 

Itm. I bequethe to my mother for (torn away) or thirde whiche 
she ought to have of very deutie and right, ffoure poundes, to be 
taken from the landes Thriske, as she redemed the last yere recording 
to (illegible and torn away). 

Itm. I bequethe to my wife ffyve mkes in the yere for her thirde. 

Itm, I bequethe to (my daughters, torn away) Anne and Margaret, 
which I have by my ffirst wife, the thirde of my landes yerely (torn 
away) time, as they have receaved ffortie markes, ether of them 
twentie mkes (torn away) longer. 

Itm. I bequethe to my Sonne Giles after that some of fortie mkes 
be paide, and after the dethe of (torn away), uncle John Marshall 
thirtie shillinges by yere for terme of his life. 

Itm. I bequethe to (illegible, faded, and partly torn) John my best 

Itm. I bequethe to my sister Elioner a cow. 

Itm. I bequethe to Thomas my brother one graw (?) stagge of thre 
yeares old. 

Itm. I bequethe to John Saker my brother (? in law, torn away) 
one ffillie of thre yeres old. 



Itm. I bequethe to Sire John Mowre a colte forle of (torn away) 
Sueppeld (?) for ther paines taking to see this will pformed as ffare 
as (illegible and torn), whom I make my supervisors. 

The residew of my goodes unbequethed I gyve to Eliesabeth my 
wife and my children of us two begoten, whom I make (? my executrix, 
torn away). 

Thes Witnesses : John Tristram 

Roland Smithsone 
WiLLM Wright 
George S ? (torn away 
and faded, I think 
S . . . g . . .) 

(One side of this Will much damaged, faded, and full of small holes, 
probably rat-eaten.) 

In the Name of God, Amen. 
Dated 30"^ August, 1550. 

Ffrancys Catheryke, of Stanwygge, within the pshe. of Saynt 
Johnes, in the countie of Yorke, gentylman. Being of pfyte mynde 
ande memorye, thankes be unto almyghtie God. Mayke this my last 
Wyll and testement after the maner folowing : 

I bequethe my solle unto almyghtie God my creatorre and redemer, 
and to oure laydie Saynt Marye, and to all the blessed companie 
of heven, and my boydie to be buried w"''" the cancell of Saynte 

Unto my brother Anthonye Catheryke £,20 and my best mayre to 
be the supvisor of this my last wyll. 

Unto Robert Lambert, one of my best geldeinges. 

Unto Roger Mennell, another of my best geldeinges. 

Unto my Syster Elizabeth Cathericke 407- and my amblenge 
mayre that was bought of Margarett Ovyngton. 

Unto Thomas Catheryke a folle of the same mayre. 

Unto Mergere Mennell my yonge whyte mayre and £,10. 

Unto Grace Lambert my donned mayre and £10. 

Unto Dorytie Catheryke my bay fyllie and £10. 

Unto Elizabeth Mennell my gray fyllie yt goes of the fell. 

Unto the sayd Mergere Mennell, Grace Lambert, and Dorytie 
Catheryke, all my wedders that goes at feldome. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Unto the churche ^lo. 

Unto Messe Ezabell fyve nobles in y*" yeare, to be taken of the rent 
of Manfeylde duryng her lyfe naturall. 

Unto S'' Steven Leftchylde 20 nobles, and yf the Churche cume to 
the olde state to be mayd 20 markes. 
Unto M"" Wyllm Manfeylde 20'/-. 
Unto Anthony Wylde 207-. 
Unto John Shavve 20''/-. 
Unto ffrancys Culborne 2o7-. 
Unto Wyll"^ Wylde 10V-. 
Unto Henry Home ? 10'/- (or Rome ?). 
Unto Thomas Hynde id"!-. 
Unto Mawde Chature 10''/-. 
Unto EUynge Pyborne 10''/-. 

Also the resydue of all my landes and goodes unbequethed I 
gave unto my brother George Catheryke, whome I mayke my soUe 

Wytnesses : Steven Leftchylde 
Wyllm Manfeylde 
Anthony Wylde 
John Shawe 
Ffrancys Cylborne 
with others. 
Probate granted 3o*'' Sept., 1560. 

Mem. the obligation wch was remayning in the Office for the 
Sequestration of the vicarage of Cutherigg upon wch 
Cunforth and Mertom were burd. was deliverd to the 

said ? this 5"^ April, 1579 (very illegible). 

SURTEES SOCIETY, Vol. 26, Pub. 1853. No. CXV. 

Francis Caterigg, Testament, of Stanwick. 

In the Name of God, Amen. 

This present xxix day of the monthe of August, which ys in the 
yeare of our Lord 1559, I, Francys Catheryke, of Stanwyggs within 
the parishe of Saynt Johne's in the countie of York, gentylman, 
beinge of perfyte mynde and memorye, thanks be unto Almyghtie 



God, mayks this my last wyll and testament after thys manner 
folowinge : 

Fyrst, I bequethe my solle unto Almyghtie God, my creatorre and 
redemer, and to oure Laydie Saynte Marye, and to all the blessed 
companie of heven, and my bodye to be bured within the cancell of 
Saynte Johnes. 

Imprimis. I bequethe to my brother Anthonye Catheryke xxli, and 
my best mayre, to be the supervisor of this my last wyll. 

Item. I bequethe unto Robert Lambert one of my best geldyngs. 

Item. I bequethe unto Roger Mennell, another of my best geldyngs. 

Item. I bequethe unto my sister Elezabeth Cathericke xls, and my 
amblinge mayre that was bought of Margarett Ovyngton. 

Item. I bequethe unto Thomas Catheryke a foole of the same mayre. 

Item. I bequethe unto Mergere Mennell my yonge whyt mayre 
and xxli. 

Item. I bequethe unto Grace Lambert my downed mayre and xxli. 

Item. I bequethe unto Dorytie Catheryke my bay fyllie and xxli. 

Item. 1 bequethe unto Elsabeth Mennell my gray fylle y' goes of 
the fell. 

Item. I bequethe unto the sayd Mergere Mennell, Grace Lambert, 
and Dorytie Catheryke all my wedders that goes at Feldonne. 

Item. I bequethe unto the churche xli. 

Item. I bequethe unto Mtesse Ezabel fyve nobles in y*" yeare, to be 
taken of the rent of Manfeylde duryng hyr lyfe naturall. 

Item. I bequethe unto Sir Steven Leyfchylde xx nobles, and yf the 
churche cumme to the olde state, to be made xx markes. 

Item. I bequethe unto everyone of Wylliam Smythson's chyldrynge 
vis. viiid.* 

Unto John Shawe xxs. 

Unto Francys Kylbome xxs. 

Unto Wylliam Wylde xs. 

Unto Henry Rowe xs. 

Unto Thomas Hynde xs. 

Unto Mawde Chature xs. 

Unto Eldynge Pyborne xs. 

Also the resydew of all my lands and goods unbequethed I geve 

* In other copy ; 

Unto Mr. Willm Munfeylde, 20s. 
Unto Anthony Wylde, 20s. 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

unto my brother George Catheryke, whome I make my holle 

These wytnesses : Sir Steven Leyfchylde 
Wylliam Manfeylde 
Anthony Wylde 
John Shawe 
Francys Kylborne 
with others. 
Prob. ult. Nov., 1560, 


In the Name of God, Amen, the tenthe day of Aprill anno dom. 
1579. I, Margaret Smythson of Gayles in the county of Yorke, 
widowe, being syke in body, but of pfect memorie, prayse be to 
Almyghtie God, makethe this my last Will and Testament in maner 
and forme followinge : 

fyrst, I bequeathe my sowle unto Almyghtie God my maker and 
redeamer, and my bodie to be buried in my pishe churche yeard at 
Kyrkbie, my funerall expenses discharged, the resedew of all my 
goodes I give and bequeathe unto John Smythson, my sone, whome 
I ordayne and make my full and hole executor. 

Thes being witnesses : 

Robarte Anderson and 
Rayfe Murshall. 


In the Name of God, Amen. 

In y*^ yere of our Lord God 1543, y° sext day of November. I, 
Thomas Smythson of Cowton Graingeof y"= pychyn of Medylton Tyas, 
wyth a hool mynde and helythe, do make this my last Will and Testa- 
met in y= mail folowyn : 

ffyrste, I gyff my sooll to God Almyghty to his moth" our Lady 
Saint Mary, and to all y*^ holy copany of hewyn, and my body to be 
buryed wi'in y*^ pichiche churche of Medylton Tyas, and I wyll (torn 
away) belonging to y^ churche be gyff yn (or benifittes) yt ? (torn away)- 

It. I wyll to y^ Sac''ment for forgotten tythe 12'^. 

It. I wyll to y<= Rood leight 8"^. 



It. I wyll to one prest beying at my Dirige 4'', to one psh. dark, 2**, 
and to all either scollers and poor peele as my freyndes thynke gud. 

It. I gyff to Merget Bewlanke.'' (part torn away) 6^8'' and 40^- as I 
awe to hyr. 

I gyff to my Son Bryane Smythson chyldren 2o7-. 

It. I gyff nto Isabell Parker, my deyghter, 20V-, and to hyr Son 
Ry chard 6^/8^\ 

It. I wyll to? John (partly torn away) youngest son off my owne 
part vi pund. 

It. I wyll to my two deighters Fylles and Mergett, either of thaime 
vi pund. 

Also I gyff to Elsabeth, my wyff, ye thyrd pt of all my gudds 
movabyll and unmovabyll, and my farmold I dwell in during her lieff 
(?) my two sonnes (?) and my tused doighters Fylles and Marget ? 
(torn away here). 

Also off my wyff departyn I wyll Thomas my son to have y® fore 
sayd farmold that I dwell in and then Xpofer to have y*" farmold at 
lis brod Tomes held w' all at preneth to it and h*^ (?) to be w' hym xhys 
barn part. And if it fortune y*" fore sayd Xpofer to dy y" I wyll Joh 
his brod to have y" saim farmold pvidit alway yf any of thes my sonnes 
and doighters depart and dy to y*" mercy of God, thane I wyll y^ 
chyldes part be att y*^ order of my executors and supervisors and other 
frends. Also I wyll yff any of my chyldren wyll not be ordred bot my 
forder y'^'selffes y" I wyll at y" chyld shall lees y'^ gyft at I gaff to y'^ 
presayd chyld and I wyll y^ gyft be at y'^ ord of my executors and 
supervisors and frends. 

Also I make and ordande my executors of y'^ my last Wyll my sonnes 
Tomes Smythson, Bryane Smythson, and Xpfer Smythson to se at it 
be fulfylled as I trust y' wyll. Also I gyff to evrie one of thame 207- 
for theire paines takyn. 

Also I make my supvisors of my Wyll Nycoles Smythson, Robert 
Smyth, and RoUand Smythson to se my executors fulfyll y*" forme 
which my last Wyll do y" wold I dyd for you in lyk case. 

Wytness of this : Nycoles Smythson 
Robert Smyth 
John Nycolson 
Rolland Smythson 
Jane Tomsgn 
w"' either mor. 

This Will is in very bad condition, in the middle a jagged tear 
nearly in half. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 




Dated 16'^' January, in the yere of o"" Lorde God M.D.L. 

I, Rauph Smysson, hole of my mynd and of good memrie, make this 
my Laste Will and testament in maner and forme folowinge : 

ffirste I bequeth my Soule vnto Almyghtie God and to all the hole 
compaynie of heaven, and my bodie to be buried w'in the church of 
Saint Peter of Kyrkbyravensworthe. 

It. for forgotten tyethes la"^. 

It. to Agnes Appleton a kowe. 

It. to my Doughter Mylnes ten shillinges. 

It. to evye one of hir children 6^8''. 

It. I will that my wyffe have hir portion of goodes accordinge to 
Righte and custome of the countrie w' favoure. 

It. I will that John, my Sonne's Son, have my hole Draughte, that 
is to saye eighte oxen w' yoke and teames therto belonginge, and a 
Iron bonn wayne. 

It. I will that my Son Thomas have my other wayne w' the Reste 
of the yoke and teames therto. And yf yt be not so good as the 
other, that Willm my Son make yt as good w' money. 

It. I will that if my Son Thomas chance to go to the worke and 
have a husbandrie, then I will that Willm my vSon Retourne to him 
some oxen. 

The Reste of my goodes nither geven nor bequested I gyve to 
Willm and Thomas my Sonnes, vvhome I make my hole executores in 
executinge this my laste Will. 

Thes being Wytnesses : 

Prob. 13 June, 1553. 

Anthonie Cathericke, esquire 
France Cathericke, gentleman 
John Thomson 
Giles Appleton and 
Olever Appleton 
w' other more. 




Dated 7*^ December, 1553- 

M^'gerie Smythson of Newsam, beinge in hole mynde and memorie, 
ordayne and make this my last Will and Testament in maner and 
forme folowinge : 

Fyrste I bequyeth my Soule unto Almyghtie God my Creatur, 
Saviour, and redemer, and my bodie to be buried with" the pishe 
church yearde of Kyrkbie Ravensworth. 

It. I bequieth to John Smythson of the debtes 207-, and to evry 
one of his brothers — that is to say, George, Francis, and Anthonie— 

It. I bequieth to Agnes Appleton 6^/8'^. 

It. I bequieth to the churche workes 2^/-. 

It. I bequieth to the church workes of Barnyngham z^j-. 

It. I bequieth to my brother Willm 6^/8''. 

Also, my funerall expenses dyscharged and my debtes payed, 
the resodewe of all my godes unbequethed I gyve to Mergrete my 
dowghter, and Thomas my son, whom I make my hole executors of 
this my laste Will and Testamente. 

Thes Wytnesses : James Hyentson 
my curett 
Myles Brygnall 
Xpofer Smyth 
w'^i other more Will"^ wittnesses. 


In the Name of God, Amen. 

In the Yeare of our Lord God, 1569. 

I, Leonerde Smythson, of the pshe. of Kyrbyee Ravensworthe, in 
the countie of Yorke, beyinge in goode and pfect memorie, thankes 
and prayses be gyven vnto Almightie God therefore. Do make and 
ordeyne this my just testament conteyninge therein my Last Will 
and testmt in maner and forme folowinge : 

Ffirst and principallye I commende my Sowll vnto Almightie 
God my onlie .Sauyo"" and redemer, who havethe of his grace and 
fauo"" chosen and electede and also acceptede me to be his childe, 
thorowe the merytes of whose deathe and passion I do stedfastlie 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

beleve to have remission and forgeveness of all my Synnes, and to 
be an inherito'' of everlastinge salvacon. 

Item. I will my bodye to be buryede w'''" the churche yearde of 
Kyrbie Ravensworth. 

Item, my mynde and will ys that my fermeholde lyinge and being 
in Gayles be equallye devided betwene Margaret my wyfe and Willm 
Smythson my Sonne ; and she for to have, hold, occupye and enjoie 
the one halfe of y" sayede fermeholde duringe her wedowehead, and 
after her decease my will ys that my Sonne Willm have the whole 
fermeholde, upon condicon yt is yf he agree w«h rny Sonne John 
accordinge as frindes and neyghboures shall thinke meet and con- 

Item. I gyve and bequethe to Christofer Pincknye one oxe. 

Item. I bequyethe to the Sonne of the saide Christofer 2 lames 
(? lambs). 

Item. I owe vnto George Dowes for rent S"/-. 

Item, to Rawffe Smythson execute'"' for one meare 8V4''' 

It. for kathe tiey 2^8^. (? tythe). 

It. for reparacons lo^-. 

It. for my funeralle 107. 

It. I do owe to Thomas Cooke 2^1-. 

Also my will ys that all my goodes moveable and immoveable not 
gyven and bequythede, my debtes, legaces, and my funerall expenses 
contented and payede, equally to be devidede in three — that is, to my 
wife and to my two sonnes, whome I mak and ordeyne my true and 
fayethfull execute''' of this my gift, testament, and last will. 

Witnesseth : Richard Coote 
RoBT Anderson 
w'h others. 


It. I lent a cloke to Christopher Kyplinge having foure yeardes. 

It. Willm Miller do owe unto me I3V4''- 

Probate granted at Richmond, 1569 (no month or day given). 


In the Name of God, Amen. 
Dated 2^^^ of May (no year in will). 

I, Rauffe Smythson of Newsham in the countie of Yorke, yeoman, 
beinge of goode minde and p'fect memorie thankes be given unto 



God, therefore do make and ordeyne this my last Will and Testament 
in minde and forme following to Wit, and principallie : 

I cornend my SouUe unto Almightie God my onelie Saviour and 
redeem"", and my bodie to be buryed within the churche yeard of 
Kirkbie Ravensworth. I gyve and bequeathe my fermeholde set 
lyinge and being in Newsham unto Margheret my wyf and John 
Smythson my Sonne in maner and forme following, viz., my saied 
wyf to have her thirde of saied ferme according to the use and 
custome of the countrie, and (torn away) to John Smythson my 
Sonne during my lease. Unto Margerie Smythson, my daught^ twoe 
kyne and tenne ewes over and beside her childes porcon. Unto 
Henrie Smythson my Sonne one blacke copper (torn away) set to- 
gether one of the saied twoe (torn away) will rest at his owne discre- 
tion. Unto Jene Atkinson one ewe. Unto my Niece Atkinson one 
ewe. Unto Anthony Londesdale one Bushell of Rye. Item my 
mynd and Will ys that Margaret my wyf and John my Sonne shall 
occupie jointlie together the wayne and ploughe and all things neces- 
sarie thereunto belonging, and after my wyf s death unto John my 
Sonne. All my goodes not bequeathed, my debts, legacies, and 
funerall expenses being satisfied, contented and paied unto Margheret 
my wyf and John my Sonne, who I ordayne my exors. 

Witnesses : George Thompson, John Haryson, John Johnson, 
Robt. Shawe, and George Robson, Vicar. 

Probate granted 14 November, 1582. 

P.C.C. II Stevenson. 

In the Name of God, Amen. 

Thomas Smithson of London, Skinner. I bequeathe my Sowle 
unto Allmightie God, by whose greate mercie I truste to be saved, 
and my bodie unto the Earthe, to be buried in Xten buriall in the 
Churche of Seinte Austen at Powles Gate in the middle He by my 

I bequeathe the Lease of my Dwellinge howse, with all the ymple- 
mentes and housholde stuffe to be praised and equallie devided 
betweene my three children, Uorothie, Willam, and ffriswithe, and 
Dorothe to have the Choice and ftriste eleccon for hir parte. 

I will that my howse at Westminster shalbe soulde, the money 
therof to be equallie devided betwene my afsd children. 

Unto Edmund Ryppyng my sonne-in-lawe my gowne ffuned with 

129 ^ 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Jennetes, and fyve markes in money in full satisfaccon of his marriage 

My daughter Dorothe Smithson to be my sole executrix. Robert 
Coleman and my sonne Will™ to be Overseers. Robert Coleman to 
have a blacke gowne for his paines. 

Dated 15th Marche, 1563. 

Witnesses : John Robertes, Will'" Croke, John Hire, James 

Probate granted 14111 April, 1564, to the executrix Dorothea 


In the Name of God, Amen. 

Dated 4th March, 1621. 

Robert Smithson of Newsam, co. York, Batchelor, being of well 
(?) of body and of goode and p'fect minde, thanks be unto Almightie 

I comitt my Soule unto y'' mercifuU handes of Almightie God my 
creator and unto Jesus Christ my onely Saviour and Redemer, 
hopeinge and faithfully trustinge to be saved by His merritts, death, 
and passion, and my body to be buried in the pshe. Churche of Kirby 
Hill, where my friends will appoint it. 

Unto Elizabeth, daughter of Christopher Compson, my sister, now 
wife to Edward Oirey (?), ;^20, p'cell of a debt of ^70 due to me by 
my Cosen, Christopher Smythson of Mowton, also all my beddinge 
and other implements w*^'' I now have in the house of my Cosen 
William Smithson, and w'^'' appeareth in a note in writing in his 

Unto Mary Scott, late wife of Christopher Scott, being my sister 
Tompson's youngest daughter, ^20, to be pd. out of the owed ^70. 

Unto William Tompson, my said sister's youngest sonne, other 
^20 thereof — and the other ^10 I bequeathe unto Margaret Rudd 
and Elizabeth Davie, daughters of Richard Davie of Burgh-upon- 
Staynemore, to be equally divided betwixt them. 

Unto Dorothie and Margarett, daughters of my sister Grace Met- 
calfe, ^13, 6, 8, to each £6, 13, 4. 

Unto my nephewe Richard Smythson, third sonne of my brother 
Anthony Smythson, £b, 13, 4, to be pd. to him w'^'" three months 
after my death. And [the will is torn in half here, and partly torn 



away ; the next two, or perhaps three, words are gone, with the excep- 
tion of probably the tail of a y or s, (? wheras Anthony Smythson is)] 
indebted to me the sum of ^60 my will is that said ^60 shall be 
divided amongst eight of his children, vizt., to Richard, Hugh, John, 
Symon, Barnard, Ellen, Jane, and Anne Smythson everie one of 
them seaven pounds ten shillings to be paid vnto them as my guift 
out of theire father's estate after his death and not before, and that 
my exor. shall not be charged for the payment of the said threescore 
pds. nor any part thereof, but shall be absolutely and freely discharged 
of the same. 

And whereas also my brother Ninian Smythson, my nephewe 
ffrancis Smythson and my nephewe John Tompson (? Compsen), 
have had and received of me divers somes of money when I in theire 
need and necessitie did helpe and relieve them withall, I do hereby 
clearly and absolutely acquite and dispense them and everie of them 
from payinge any part thereof backe again. 

I do make my Nephewe William Smythson of Newsam aforesaid 
my sole exor., and the ^5 to be paid to Elizabeth Davie shall not be 
paid unto her untill the day of her marriage. 
Signed and sealed 

(Seal much worn ; probably a monogram ' R. S.') 
Witnesses: Richard Smithson Jr 

Christopher Arthur x his marke. 

Probate granted 20'h May, 1622, to the exor. and nephewe, William 


In the Archdeaconry of Richmond. 

I, Francis Smithson, of Richmond, in the county of Yorke, Mer- 
chant, doe make and doe declare this my last will and testamt in 
manner and forme following : It'm, I bequeath unto my wife in full 
bar recompence and satisfaccon of all her dower thirds and customarie 
estate which shee may claime of and in any estate w'ch I shall die 
seized or possessed of, and in case my said wife shall renounce 
and disclaime to haue and enjoy any right tytle or intrust in the 
house yt now I dwell m and all ajoyning to it which I bought of 
power — Bracknell and Ann his wife by an Indenture bearing Date 
the second day of September in the thirteen yeare of the Raigne of 

131 K 2 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

King Charles the Second, in the name of me the said Francis Smithson 
and William Wetwang of Richmond, in the county of Yorke, and Ben- 
jamine Purchas of Chute, in the said county by force of any limitac'on 
of vse made and limitted to her by the said Indenture, there my 
will is that my Executor pay her fower score pounds within three 
moneths of my departure out of the body for so much was her 
porc'on which I had with her. It'm my will is that he pay to her 
yearely dureing her life naturall forty pounds p' annu' of currant 
moneys, the first payment of twenty pounds to be att time called 
Whitsuntide or Martinmasse, the first that comes after my decease 
or within twenty dayes next after and soe twenty pounds every halfe 
yeare Dureing her naturall life att the said times, alsoe I do give 
her all my silver plate and puter and brasse and lining and bedding, 
and only the vse of all my tables and cupboards and bedsteads 
and chaires and furmes and stooles and chists and shelues, I meane 
all things in the house made of wood Excepting trunks and boxes and 
such small things which I give to her and all the other to vse 
while shee Hues in the house, and then to my executors. Alsoe I 
doe allowe her the use of the Darnix and window curtaines and all 
iron rodds and rainges and racks and Jack and crookes and gallowboks 
while shee Hues in the house we now Hue in and then to my Executor, 
because I would not haue the house defaced that so it may giue 
the more rent after my wifes desease. Alsoe I doe allow her the said 
house and shopp wee now Hue in for her life, soe that shee keep it 
in good repaire, and if she please may lett it for her life for lo^ 
or \2£ p' annu', but if shee will not accept of this I give her, but 
stand to what the law will giue her, then my will is that my 
Executor giue her none of those things aboue said but only what the 
law will giue her, which if shee doe soe I do belieue will come 
shorte of what I haue here giuen her. It'm, I doe giue to my nephew, 
Anthony Smithson, my brother Hugh youngest sonne, one hundred 
pounds. It'm, I do giue to my nephew, Bernard Smithson, one hundred 
pounds. It'm, I do giue to my nephew, Francis Bincks, one hundred 
pounds and some coppiehold lands in Swailedale. It'm, I doe giue to 
my neice, Elizabeth Cox, two hundred pounds. It'm, I do giue to my 
nepphew, Hugh Broughton, three score pounds, and his two brethren 
to each of them forty pounds. It'm, I doe giue to my nephew, John 
Smithson of Newsham fiftie pounds and a bond of 60^ which I lent to 
his brother, Francis Smithson, manyyeares since, which he is lyableto 
pay, as by the said bond I haue already giuen his sister Brignell what 
I intended to giue her, and alsoe to my brother Robert Smithson children 



what I intend them, Excepting his sonne, Austine Smithson. It'm, I 
doe giue to him twenty pounds. It'm, I do giue to my servant, Anne 
Rowntrie, twenty marks, which is ^13,6,8, and to Mary Sill, if shee 
he our servant when I dye, I doe giue her forty shillings, but if shee 
be gone from us then 1 doe giue her nothing. It'm, I doe giue to 
Daniell Godman forty shillings. It'm, I doe giue to Anne Moore 
forty shillings. It'm, I doe giue to poore in Richmond ten pounds. 
It'm, I doe giue to poore in Newsham, where I was borne, three pounds. 
It'm, I doe giue to poore in Ketlewell four nobles. It'm, my will is 
yt I would haue my executor to pay these legacies to them yt is 
poore within three monethes after my decease, and for all other 
legacies which I haue giuen as aforesaid my will is yt my executor 
shall pay them when he pleases soe yt it be within a whole yeare 
after my decease. Excepting them two legacies which I haue giuen to 
my nephews, Anthony Smithson and Barnard Smithson, to each one 
hundred pounds, my will is that he take two yeares time to pay them 
after my decease if yt he cannot pay them conveniently sooner. It'm, 
I doe give to my nephew, William Wetwang senS ten pounds, and to 
nephew, Philip Swaile ten pounds, and doe constitute them to be the 
supervisors of this my last will and testament, and desires them to 
take the care and paines to see that this my last will be p'formed 
as herein is declared. Alsoe I allow my wife the keeping of my greate 
bible and my sonns picture for her life, and then after her death I 
doe giue them both to my nephew, Hugh Smithson, when he liues att 
Stanwick, and alsoe the cupboard with drawers and couch chaire with 
twelue of the best leather chaires and a sound table yt doubles in 
halfe. And whereas I haue taken a lease of the lead mynes in Ketle- 
well of the trustees there for twenty one yeares wherein my nephew, 
Phillip Swaile, is joyned with me in the said lease taken date the 
25th of March, 1670, and to worke the said mines for the said 
tearme if they prove well otherwise for to give them ouer vpon 
three moneths warning, Deliuering in the said lease to the trustees 
of Ketlewell, paying the yearely rent of seauenteen pounds thirteen 
shillings and seaven pence Dureing the time wee work them. And 
whereas Robert Baker, late of Chesterfeild and his partners hath 
halfe with us of the said lead mynes Dureing the said tearme or 
soe long as he pleaseth he is to beare halfe of all the charges 
concerning the said lead mynes and the smelte mill and to haue halfe 
of all the lead that is made there, and is to pay for every fother 
of lead he hath twenty shillings to us or to our assignes, wee paying 
the rent aforesaid. And for the other halfe of the said lead mynes 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Phillip Swaile hath i/6 parte with me, and Robert Gosling i/8 parte, 
and widdow Jane Chaytor, or her sonne John Chaytor, hath also i/8 
parte, and what lead is made yt belongs tother p'tes they are to pay 
thirty things p' fother, now my will is yt Phillip Swaile shall 
receiue all the sd moneys of Robert Baker and of the other partners, 
and alsoe all the profitts yt shall fall due to my parte, owt of 
which he is to pay the rent aforesaid and ten pounds to himselfe 
yearely for his paines takeing, but if the workes proue well then 
my will is yt he haue twenty pounds p' annu' soe long as they 
proue well, and all the rest of the profitts when there is any yt 
is ouer and besides what is needfuU to be kept for a stock for 
maintaineing of the said works, which I allow fiftie pounds for the 
same, my will is yt it be giuen to friends in the trueth whoe in 
Scorne is called Quakers to such as is needfuU as by the aduise 
of Phillip Swaile, Robert Gosling, John Chaytor, with the aduise of 
other friends whome they shall think fitt to be aduised by, for 
I would haue it giuen to them yt is faithfuU witnesses to the 
trueth and endures to the end, it is my will yt such shall haue it, 
and their children whome I dearely loue, being assured yt they are 
members of the true church whereof Jesus Christe is the head. And 
whereas I have 1/12 parte in the lead mines of Lord Wharton workes 
in Swadaile, I being out of purse 35^ for my parte there when yt 
sume of money is paid to my Executor and fifteen pounds more to 
make vp fiftie pounds, then my will is yt my cozen John Wetwang 
and his brother, Francis Wetwang, my nephew, William Wetwangs 
sonnes, shall haue it betwixt them, but John to haue 3/4 and Francis 
1/4 p'te, all the rest of my reall and p'sonall estate whatsoeuer not by 
me bequeathed I doe giue and becjueath vnto my nephew, Hugh Smith- 
son, who is my brother Hugh Smithson's second sonne, and doe make 
and ordaine him sole Ex Executor, but in case he haue not a sonne of 
his owne begetting, then I doe desire him that the houseing and land 
in Richmond, which was myne, be giuen to Hugh Smithson, my 
nephew, Jerom Smithson s°" of Stanwick, if he be then liueing, and if 
not then to my nephew, Anthony Smithsons sonne of Grays Inn, for I 
would not haue it to goo out of Smithsons name if there be any heire 
male of any of my brothers children children, but if there be noe 
sonnes then to my Executor daughters. And for my land in Harka- 
side in Swadale, which is lett for twelue pounds p' annu' out of which 
is paid 14^ p' annu' for the fee farme rent now in the occupation of 
Christophur Hird or his assignes, whoo hath a lease of it for 21 yeares, 
he paying the said rent of 12^ alwayes att time called Martinmasse. 



Dureing the said tearme Excepting he pay to my Executor one hundred 
fower score and ten pounds or any for him within the time of the first 
eleaven yeares as may more att large appeare by a defeazance which 
he hath from me, yt if he or his assignes pay 190^ as aforesaid then 
they are to have a deed past by my Executor to them of the said lands 
and all the writeings what is in the house concerning the said lands to 
be deliuered to them. Now my will is yt if the said Hird nor none for 
him doe not pay the said 190^ within the said time of eleaven yeares 
as aforesaid yt I charge my executor not to take the forfeit of the same, 
but yt he giue them the full time and tearme of the said lease of 
21 yeares to redeeme it in and pay then the said sume of 190^^ ouer 
and besydes the said yearely rent of 12^ if any of it be then vnpaid. I 
thinke the land is worth 16^ or 18^ p' annu'. Alsoe my will is yt if 
it shall please the lord to take me out of this earthly body here in 
Richmond that then my corpes be buryed in the burying place, which 
is walled in for yt purpose for freinds called Quakers to be their 
buryed, which is taken of a close yt was myne that lyes behinde the 
Frearage, and in processe of time if it should be too little ground for 
yt serv'ice then I charge my Executor yt he ingage his heire or to 
whom he shall giue it to, I meane the said Close, yt they shall giue 
way to them that desires it and is willing to enlarge it to pull parte of 
the said wall downe and to enlarge the said burying place as much as 
they shall thinke needefull to be enlarged. Alsoe my will is that noe 
mourning ribbons soe called be giuen to weare for me and that none 
mourne in black for me, alsoe my will is yt noe bells be rung for me, 
but what is needfull or necessary to be done att my buryall, as freinds 
in the truth called Quakers shall thinke fitt, my will is yt such things 
shalbe done. In witnesse whereof to this my will written in one sheet 
of paper all with my owne hand to which I haue subscribed my name 
vnder hand and seale the ninth day of August, 1670, Fra Smithson. 
Signed, sealed and published as the last will and testamt of me the 
said Francis Smithson in p'sence of Peter Marshall, Edward Rayne, 
John Rawe, Geo. Lightfoote. 

I, Francis Smithson, of Richmond, in the county of Yorke, Merch', 
vpon further consideration of things and vpon the desire I haue to 
haue the Lead Mynes att Ketlewell well managed for the future, doe 
see it fitt to add this following to my last will and testament, that is to 
say, yt whereas by my last will I haue ordered seuall things aboute 
my interest in the said Lead Mines and the expected profitts thereof. 
Itt is my further will and mindethat after accounts be there stated and 
all wages and other charges paid and discharged yt my nephew, Hugh 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Smithson of London, whome I haue nominated to be my executor, 
doe allow in the hands of my nephew, Phillip Swaile of Hartford, or in 
the hand of James Smithson of Ketlewell in Craven the sume of 45^ 
of Currant money which I intend to have vsed and imployed for and 
towards a stock for manageing and carrying on of the workeing of the 
lead mynes there and for the incident charges abowte them, and alsoe 
it is my will and minde that what parte or intrest I haue in any tooles 
or workegeare aboute the said lead workes or lead milne att Ketlewell 
be giuen in and in like manner imployed for carrying on the worke of 
the said mines with that small parcell of chopwood yett vnspent, and 
yt my executor shall not demaund of Robert Barker Phillip Swaile or 
my other partners anything for the same, nor expect the repayment of 
any parte of the said money Intended for a stock, but yt att the 
expiracon of the lease of the said mynes or other determinacon thereof 
the said sume intended for a stock or soe much thereof as shalbe lefte 
vnspent in tryalls shall be as mv gifte paid to my said nephew, Phillip 
Swaile, to whome I leaue it. And this I doe declare to be apart of my 
said last will and testament though it be not written with my owne 
hand as the rest of my will is. In witnesse whereof I haue to this 
parte of my said will putt to my hand and scale the six and twentyth 
day of the third moneth, comonly called March, one thousand six 
hundred seaventy and one, and haue ordered it with my scale to be 
annexed to the residue of my will. Sealed and signed in the p''sence 
of Will Wetwang, Fran Allen, John Wetwang. 

Proved (with a codicil at Richmond, Yorks) 17th June, 1671. 
Fos. 27 OB. HK. 



Memento that Henrie Smythson of Burton Leonard, co. Yorke, 
bachelor ; being sicke in bodie, but of good and pfect memorie, 
praised be God, the lo'h March, 1602, did in effect speake these 
wordes as followeth before these witnesses, Thomas Carlett and 
Frances Smythson, that is to saie first, he bequeathed and gave unto 
John Smythson, the Sonne of Ralfe Smythson, his brother, ^3, 6, 8. 
Item, he gave unto ffrances Smythson, the daughter of the saide 
Ralfe Smythson, tenne poundes. Item, he gave unto John Wadding- 
ton, his sister Marie's sonne, ^3, 6, 8. Item, he gave to his saide 
sister's three daughters, that is to saie, to Dorothey Waddington, 
Alice Waddington, and Elizabeth Waddington, ;^3, 6, 8, equallie to 



be divided among them. Item, he gave to the children of Christopher 
Smythson of Bacinnham (?) ^3, 6, equallie to be divided among 
them. Item, he gave to Peter Robinson, the sonne of Martina 
Robinson, 6^/8'^. Item, all the reste of his goodes and debtes owen 
unto hym, his debtes being paied, he gave unto Willm Smythson, his 
brother, whom he made his true and sole exor. of his will unre- 

Probate granted iS'h April, 1603, to the exor., William Smythson. 


In the Name of God, Amen. 
The third day of March, 1613. 

I, Nicholas Smithson of Romaldkirk, in the county of York, yoman, 
being sick in body but of sound and pfect memory, praysed be God, 
therefore I doe make this my last will and testament in maner and 
forme following : 

fifirst I give and bequeathe my soule to allmyghty God, my maker 
and redemer, and my body to be buryed in the parish churchyard of 
Saint Romald, as neare to the place where my mother was buryed as 
conveniently may be. 

It. I give by legacy to my sister, Elizabeth Smithson, tenn 

It. I give by legacy to Ann Howme, daughter of Brian Howme, 
ffive shillinges. 

All the rest of my goodes, moveable and vnmoveable, money and 
Debtes whatsoever, I give to John Bayles of Romaldkirk aforesayd, 
and in the sayd county of Yorke, yeoman, whome I make sole 
executor of this my last will and testament, and to se me honestly 
buryed and brought ffowthe, and my ffuneral charges and expences 

Witnesses : Andrewe Jeffreyson 
Giles Bayles and 
John Baylks the younger. 

Probate granted at Richmond, 23rd March, 1613, to the executor, 
John Bayles. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 


In the Name of God, Amen. 

Joseph Smithson, in the psh. of Fewston, co. Yorke, I bequeathe 
and comend my soule into y'^ handes of Allmighty God, my maker 
and Redeemer, hopeing y' by y*^ merrets of his only Sonne, my onely 
Saviour Jesus Christ, I shall have free remission and pardon for all 
my sinnes, and my body to be buried in y^ psh. churchyard of 

Unto Joshua Smithson, my naturall sonne, £60^ to be paid by 
Samuel Smithson, my eldest sonne, when he shall be 22 years of age. 

Unto Benjamin Smithson, my youngest son, ^60, to be pd by 
said Samuel when he is 21 years of age — or if his education do 
require above the value of ^6 p Ann. in tableing cloaths and other 
necessaries, y' then there shall be an abatement of the s'' overplus of 
and from y'^ s'^ .^60, with lawful consideracon according to y"^ time. 

Unto Mary Smithson, my only daughter, ^50, when she shall 
attain y^ age of 21. 

But if default of any of the s"^ filial portions be made, then my 
estate of ffreehold landes, and also y*^ Barne upon the Comon there- 
unto neare adjoyning, shall according to the proportion of their 
severall porcons be equally divided amongst them, or a proportion- 
able part to any of them to whom default of the s'^ sums or any part 
thereof shall be made. 

But if any of s"* three children — Joshua, Mary, or Benjamin — shall 
dy before they shall accomplish the ages aforesaid, their part or 
porcon shall redound to all the rest of my surviving children. 

Unto Anne Smithson, my well-beloved wife, ^8 yearely, to be pd 
out of my Lands, Goods, and Buildings at two halfe yearely payments 
for her life. She shall have the ordering and disposing of all my 
goods and buildings and lands towards the education of my children 
till Samuel, my eldest sonne, shall accomplish the age of 21, if she con- 
tinue so long unmaryed ; and afterwards that Samuel, my said sonne, in 
consideracon of his owne filial porcon and dischargeing of y*^ former 
Sums, as also for the further education of my sd younger children, 
shall have and possess sd Lands, Goods, and Buildings to his owne 
use and behoofe, to him and his heires for ever, excepting one Table 
and a Feathered bed, both standing in the Low parlour, and all y^ 
bedding thereunto belonging, as also two chaires of the best save one, 



one safe, two pewter dubleres of y^ best save one, which shall be given 
to Mary, my sd daughter. 

I\Iy beloved wife, Anne Smithson, and my sd sonne, Samuel 
Smithson, to be joynt exors. 
Dated 24'h August, 1674. 

'Jo'EPH Smithson.' 
Witnesses: Philip Cawdray x his marke 
Thomas Furnis. 


In the Name of God, Amen. 

John Smithson of Boulsover, co. Derbie, Architector, i" Nov', 1634, 
10 Charles I. 

I comende my soule into the hands of Almighty God my Creator, 
and of Jesus Christ my onely Saviour and Redeemer, through 
whome I assuredlye hope and confidentlie believe to be raised 
againe at the day of his Tribunall and thenceforth to live with him 
in eternall happines. I will that my body shall be buried in the psh. 
Church of Boulsover. 

Debts and ffunerall charges to be first paid. 

Unto Margret, my Wife, two kyne and two heifers and the lawful! 
use of all my household goods in my now dwelling house in Boulsover 
for her life, soe as she doe not sell, give, or make away any of them, 
but keepe the same together to remaine to such psons as I shall 
dispose the same ; also to her one Annuall rent of /lo to be pd. her 
out of the profitts of my farme and landes in Kirkbye in Ashfeild, co. 
Notts, wherein Huntingdon Smithson, my eldest Sonne, now dwells, 
also to her my farme or tenement, wherein I now live in Boulsover, for 
her life upon condicon that if she shall clayme at any time any further 
right or interest in the farme at Kirkbye in Ashfeild she shall no longer 
enjoy my said household goods, nor the 2 kyne and 2 heifers, nor my 
said farme in Boulsover. 

Unto Huntingdon Smithson, my eldest sonne, the reversion of my 
said farme in Boulsover, to him and his heires for ever. Also my two 
farmes in Cossall, co. Notts, called Taylor's farme and Gadsbye's 
farme, for the rest of the terme of two Leases graunted me by Sir 
Percyvall Willowbye, Kt, also the Lease of a farme in Skegbye, co. 
Notts, which I had from M^ Lindley of Skegbye ; also my Lease of 
my farme in Kirkbye-in-Ashfeild in wch my said sonne now dwelleth, 
w '' I had from Sir Charles Cavendish, Kt., deceased. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Unto John Smithson, my younger Sonne, the Lease of another farme 
in Cossall, wherein John Hardy now dwelleth, together with a Close 
called Dreacott's Close in Cossall ; also one Annuall rent of £<\ to be 
taken from the rents of one Lease of a farme in Newthorpe now in the 
occupation of George Lane — also all my right and interest in the 
Demeane lands in Sutton-in-Ashfeild by vertue of a Mortgage made 
by Anthony Langford, Thomas Pendleton, and Laurence Oxeley — 
also my Saddle Mare, with all the furniture belonging to her. 

Whereas I have putt into the handes of my loveing ffriends John 
Walstone, Thomas Walstone, Richard Walstone, Homphrey Ward, 
William Bankes, Richard Rawson, and Thomas Rawson, his Sonne, 
all of Sutton-in-Ashefeild, and Robert Hootton of Skeggbye, ^200, 
and have taken bonds from them for the repayment thereof, and also 
for the payment of 20 markes per annum interest, my exor. shall not 
meddle with either principal or interest during the life of Elizabeth 
Smithson, my daughter, she is to receive sd 20 markes for her main- 

Unto my Sister, Marye Johnson, 40'^/- per annum out of the profitts 
of my farme at Newthorpe. 

Unto Mary Day, my kinswoman, 407- per annum out of the profitts 
of sd farme. 

Unto my Cozens, John and Mary Roberts, 50V- apeece. 

Unto my Godsonne, Robert Roberts, 50V-- 

Unto my Cosen, Marye Berrye, daughter of my sister Barbury, 50V-' 

Unto my maid servant, Seth Walstone, 407-. 

Unto my sd sonne Huntingdon all my Librarie and bookes and the 
two tables in the Hall of my dwelling house at Boulsover, and the 
Cubbard and table, and bedstead and box for glasses in my plour 
there, and one bedstead and one Presse, and one lyvirye Cubbard 
in the Chamber over the parlour, and one Presse or Cubberd in 
the kitchine and all Seeling, waynscott and benches and other 
things wch are pynned, nayled or fixed to any part of the sd house 
or roomes. 

Unto my sd sonne John all my ffurniture in the Middle Chamber, 
one bedstead and bed with the Curtaynes, Vallance, and Rugg and all 
things belonginge, one Presse, one Table, one Chayre, fower stooles, 
and all the furniture of my little Closett, together with free Liberty to 
go to and from sd Chamber and the use thereof for his lodging or 
other necessary uses during all the tyme he shall continyue single and 
unmaryed and shall please to use the same himselfe. 

Unto my Sonnes Huntingdon and John all my Oxen, kyne, horses, 
swynne, and other Cattle, to be equally devyded, together with the 



residue of my household goodes. Provyded that my sd Sonnes shall 
peaceablie pmitt and sufifer my sd Wife to use keep and inioye sd 
goods dureing her life. 

Sd Sonne Huntingdon Smithson to be sole exor. 
And lastly I beseech the Rt. lion. William, Earle of Newcastle, my 
most honoured Lord and Master, and the Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Caven- 
dish, Kt., to be Overseere and Supervisors ; unto uhom I straightlye 
charge my sd twoe Sonnes to be observant and to Indeavour by God's 
assistance according to their Hon'^''^ example to ly\e together in unyty, 
knowinge that as upon them soe upon all others, keepinge unviolated 
the eternall bonds of brotherlie love, God will contynnually multiply 
and showre down his blessinges. 

Signed: 'John Smyth.sonne.' 
Witnesses : John Rolleston 

Daniel Vaenbree? 
John Denman. 

Probate granted 13"' Dec'', 1634,10 the sonne and sole exor Hunting- 
don Smithson. 


Dated 23"^ December, 1691. 

Dame Dorothy Smithson of Tottenham High Cross, co. Middx, 

For my Soul I committ that to God, as into the hands of a faithfull 
Creator, hopeing at the Resurrection for grace and favor with him 
through Jesus Christ. 

My body I committ to the earth from whence it came, to be decently 
buried in the vault in St. John's Church near Stanwick, co. York, were 
my late deceased husband S' Hugh Smithson, Kt. and Baronett, lyes. 
And I doe order and allow that ^{^200 or more shall and may be 
expended and laid out about my funerall charges at discretion of my 

To my loveing Grandson, Sir Hugh Smithson, Baronett, the £$0 
that Sir Jerome Smithson, Baronett, owed me ever since Michaelmas, 
1672, with all interest and damage ; also to him the ^20 which I paid 
for him to my Nephew, Samuell Rowstone. 

I also give and remitt to my Grandson, Hugh Broughton ^121, 7, 7, 
which he owed me by bond dated 25"' Aprill, 1674, and all the interest. 

To Hugh Smithson, my grandson, son of Anthony Smithson, Esq^, 
my youngest son deceased, my Coach and Horses, with the furniture 
thereunto belonging ; and the Bible which his father gave me. 


Memoirs of the Smithsoii Family 

To my great grandson, Hugh Smithson, son of Sir Hugh Smithson, 
£10 when he is 21 years of age. 

To Langdale Smithson, youngest son of my grandson, Sir Hugh 
Smithson, and to all the daughters of said Sir Hugh, ^10 apeece, to 
be paid at 2 1 or day of marriage. 

To my great-granddaughter, Dorothy Pulleine, ^10, to be pd at 21 
or day of marriage. 

;i^2o to such person or persons as my Cosen, Elizabeth Cox, wife of 
Nicholas Cox, shall direct and appoint by writing testified by two or 
more witnesses. To her daughters, Elizabeth Cox and Mary Cox, 
;^io apeece, to be paid at 21 or day of marriage. 

To the Poore of psh. of Tottenham High Cross and the poor of psh. 
of S' John's, where I desire to be buried, ^5 each. 

To my Cousen, Thomas May, ^40. 

To the wife of my grandson, William Broughton, the wrote silver 
cup, and large silver salver. 

And that my exors. may not be at any uncertainty or doubt in 
bestowing of mourning upon any persons, and for avoiding all excep- 
tions, my Will and mind is that no mourning be given to any persons 
whatsoever other than what I herein wyll as follows : To my grand- 
sonne. Sir Hugh Smithson, ^50 for himself, his lady, and children. To 
Dame Mary Smithson, widow and relict of Sir Jerome Smithson, ^10. 
To my grandson, Hugh Smithson, son of Anthony Smithson, Esq*", 
deceased, ^30 for him and his Lady. To my granddaughter, Dorothy 
Pulleine, and her husband, Thomas Pulleine, Esq"', ^10 apeece. To 
Dame Alice Rawstorne ;/^i5. To Sir Henry Johnson ^10. To his 
daughter, Anna Johnson, /20 — all for mourning. To my brother, 
Bernard Smithson, £10 for a legacy, ;^ 10 for mourning. 

To my grandson, Hugh Broughton, j^ 10 ; to my grandson, William 
Broughton, /30 for him and his wife ; to my grandson, Charles 
Broughton, ^10 , all for mourning. 

To my sister^ Grace Skinner, ;^io. 

To Jonathan Lee, my Apothecary, for his great care and trouble, £\o. 

To Mr, John Shower, clerk, ^^lo. 

To my grandson, Hugh Smithson, son of Anthony Smithson, Esq., 
deceased, the Tapestry hangings, chests, table, bed, bedding, and 
other furniture used by me in my life time in the chamber I used to 
lye in. 

To Hannah Skinner, my servant, ^5 for mourning, ^20 for a 
legacy, and my wearing clothes, if she shall live with me at the time 
of my decease. 



To my loveing friends, Samuell Rawstorne, Simon Baxter, Bernard 
Smithson junr., — Rawstorne widd., Mary Rawstorne, Sarah Raw- 
storne, Elizabeth Bartlett, — Baxter widdow, and Sarah Baxter 
widdow, 2oy- apeece to buy them rings. 

To Ann Glassop, wife of Clifford Glassopp, 40Y- to buy her a ring. 

To Michael Love and Mary his wife, to Edward Sewell and 
Tabitha his wife, to Margaret Smeathman, and to Dorcas Ayres, being 
all my former servants, 507- each person. 

I bequeath and remitt to Alexander Jorden ^10 he owes me and 
the interest. 

To Elizabeth Warham ^5, if she live with me at the time of my 

To my grandson, Charles Broughton, my great silver salt, silver 
bellyed Tankard, and all other my plate not before disposed of. 

Residue, after payment of debts, funerall charges and Legacies, to 
my said three grandsons, Hugh Broughton, William Broughton, and 
Charles Broughton. 

Whereas I have in my life time given said William Broughton ^/^ 500, 
I hereby order said William Broughton shall bring the same into 
hotch-potch before division of my estate is made — if he refuse, said 
Hugh and Charles Broughton shall take out ^500 apeece from the 
residue before the division is made. 

If any Legatees die before their legacies are due, such legacies 
shall be divided between my two exors. 

My grandson, Hugh Smithson, son of Anthony Smithson, Esq'., 
deceased, and my grandson, William Broughton, to be exors. ; to said 
Hugh Smithson z^ioo, for his care and paines to be taken in the 
execution thereof. 

Dorothy x Smithson, her mark. 

Witnesses : James Adlington, Phebe Preston. 

Probate granted i"'' February, 169 J, to the exors. above named. 

Admon. of Bernard Smithson, of Hornchurch, co. Essex ; granted 
S'*" May, 1699, to Anne Smithson, the widow and relict. 

Admon. of Anthony Smithson, of Armin, co. York ; granted 2""* 
January, iCSg, to Hugo Smithson, the son. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 


In the Name of God, Amen. 

I, Phillipe Smythson, of the Citty of York, Draper, sicke in bodye, 
but of good and perfect memorie, praysed be God. 

I give my Soule to my Creator, hopeinge by the meritts of Jesus 
Christ to obtaine everlastinge life, and my bodie to be buryed in such 
convenient place and manner as my exors. shall order. 

To Elizabeth Simpson, my neece, and her heires, my Messuage 
and Tenement in Petter gaite, within the Citte of Yorke, nowe in the 
occupacon of George Pickeringe, upon this Condicon that if my 
personal estate will not fully pay all my debtes, especially the debte 
wch M^ Edward Elwiche is owinge him, my will is that all my debtes 
beyond what my personal estate will pay, shall be paid out of the 
profitts of all my landes in Yorke as they shall yearelie accrewe and 

To my said neece, Elizabeth Simpson, all my houses, stables, and 
garden in Grape Laine upon saide condicons, and further that she 
shall disclayme all right to a legacie of ^20 given to her by my 
mother, Ellen Smythson, if she refuse she shall reape noe benefitt by 
this my last Will. 

To M' John Aickroyd, one piece of gold being of the Coyne of 
Edward the fourth nowe in the handes of M'' Richard Levitt. 

To M""' Anne Sanders, to M""" Ellen Breaz, to M'^' Alice Levit, to 
Mrs. Beatrix Pluxton, to M' Henry Aickroyd, my respective Cozens, 
lo^- each. 

To M^ Ralphe Bell, 20V- 

To my sister, Margery Smithson, lo^-, besides lo'/- I owe her in 
part of a legacie given to her by Mother. 

To ffrancis Ingle and Elizabeth his wife 20Y- apeece. 

To M'' Richard Levit, and to M"" Edward Elwicke, 20^/- apeece, 
whome I do nominate Supervisors of this Will. 

To Samuell Todd, Mercer, my best browne suite being now at 
ffolkerthorpe, and also my best hatt. 

To John Westaby, M"" Aickroyd's man, the suite I now weare. 

To Henry Cundall, M'' Levitt's man, my buffe doublett nowe at 

Residue to Elizabeth Simpson, and Mary Simpson, whome I 
appoint Executors. 

Dated 21 Sept , 1654. 

Witnesses : Edward Elwicke, Samuell Todd. 

Probate granted 24"' August, 1655, to Elizabeth Simpson and Mary 
Smithson, the executrices. 




In the name of God, I, John Smithson of Catterick, co. York, Esq., 
doe make, etc. My soul to God, body to be bur'^ as exors. shall think 
fitt. Estate I give and bequeath in manner following : Whereas some 
time after dec. of my br. Thomas Smithson I satisfyed and paid ^400, 
my mother Ellinor Smithson promised to repay me or such person as 

1 sh*^ appoint till payment thereof to pay me lawful interest for same, 
which interest hath been punctually paid unto Feast of Pentecost last, 
but no part of principal, I doe give and beq. to Xtopher S. my br. the 
said ;^40o, with full power to ask and receive same to his own use, 
and whereas by her deed in writing, dated April, 1695, my s'' honoured 
mother for consid" therein menf^ did give me ^1,000, part of purchase 
money for land sold at Moulton, which said sume then was in the 
hands of Sir Mark Milbank, the Purchaser, and was made payable 
unto me within six months after decease of my mother, I hereby give 
my br. Xtopher S., if he survive my mother, all such interest of the 
;^ 1,000 for his life, and after his dec. ^500 to use of children of my 
eldest sister, Eleanor Iveson, wife of M"" W"^ Iveson, equally among 
them, and the other ^500 equally among children of my 2 sisters, 
Elizabeth, wife of Robert Bromley, gent., and Dorothy, wife of 
Leonard Robinson, gent., and if they have no children I desire my 

2 friends Matthew Smales of Gilling and Joseph Watson of Ald- 
brough, gen., may have disposal of the ;^i,ooo and give Xtopher the 
interest and divide the principal as above. I give and devise to my 
Br. Xtopher S. all my ten'% lands, etc., at Ayslaby and Eggscliffe in 
00.^ of York and Durham which descended to me as heir of my br. 
Thos. and also share of messuages, lands, etc., of Kilham or elsewhere 
in CO. York, which I have in right of late wife Ann, d"" of W'" Savile, 
gent., dec*^, to hold for life and to his heirs lawfully begotten, and if 
none, then to my said 3 sisters, Ellinor, wife of M'' Iveson; Eliz"', 
wife of M"" Bromley ; Dorothy, wife of M'' Robinson, equally to be 
divided, for their lives and for their issue. To Ellinor ^100, to Eliz. 
and Dorothy ^^50 each, legacies. To Serv' Jackson ^^5. To said 

3 sisters all linen. All other personal estate to br. xtopher, whom I 
make sole Exor. In witness whereof my hand and seal, in presence 
of Edmund Jefferson, Thos. Holmes his mark, John Binks, Math. 

Christ Smithson Exor 
Wm Iveson 

Oct 9 1701. 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

The Will of Christopher Smithson of Scorton. 

In name of God, Amen. I, Christopher Smithson, co. of York, 
Esq., make last Will, etc. For worldly estate, to dear mother Elianor 
Smithson, widow, and to my cousin Thos. Smithson of Moulton, 
CO. York, gentleman ; to my good friend Joseph Watson of Aid- 
borough, gent., their heirs and assigns for ever, all my Lands, etc., and 
hered"" in Kilham late belonging to my br. John, and also the Annuity 
rent of ^80 from Aislaby and Eggscliff now legally vested in me, and 
also lands, etc., in Kaliask, Aislaby, and Eggscliff, and my friends 
above said to sell them with all speed to best purchasers, and after 
paying debts and funeral expenses shall pay to the several persons 
hereafter named, viz., to Joseph Watson the elder ^200 as a legacy. 
To my nephew John Bromley, son of M'' Robert Bromley, my Br.-in- 
law, ^30; to my nephew George Bromley, ^5 ; to my cousin Dorothy 
Burnett, who now lives with my said mother, ^40. To my cousin 
Thomas Smithson, ^10; to my sister Dorothy Robinson, wife of 
Leonard Robinson of Scorton, gent, ^10 a year for her life, out of 
Aislaby and Eggscliffe. Itm to Joseph Watson the elder, gent., my 
watch and sword. The rest to my dear mother, whom I make exec''. 
1 1 June, 1702. 

Witnesses Wm Dowthwaite Bond has two seals : 

Leo Wreight Ellenor Smithson 

Wm Hill Tho Smithson 

MSS. in York Minster Library. In a box of papers of Matthew 
Smales of Gilling. 

Indenture by wh. Antony Catterick, Esq., of Carleton in 161 2 sold 
to Anthony Smithson of Newsam, yeoman, for ^150 and one pepper- 
corn a year the land in Newsam which he had. With a letter from 
Augustin Smithson, gent., of Newsam, 8 July, 1709 : 'There is another 
Deed by which my grandfather Anthonie S., the purchaser, makes it 
absolutely to his son Richard, then Richard makes it by will to his 
wife for her life, and after her to his br. Bernard's son John, who and 
his father and mother are all dec^', and at last his wife dyes.' [The 
deed of 1612 is witnessed by Thos. Hutton, Robert Smithson, Hugh 
Smithson, francis Ward, John Stanye, Xtopher Hiscough.] 'And the 
Lease is by law divided amongst us three, the only surviving brothers' 
or sisters' children of Richard, and the house and a small piece of 
land goes to S"" Hugh, the next heire.' Mirrell, Richard's wife, sur- 
vived. Since her death M'' Augustin Smithson has taken administra- 



tion to Jno., son of Bernard. The 3 are Augustin and Antony Smith- 
son and Eliz. Cox. Richard had sisters Jane and Anne, Sir Hugh, 
Barnard, W™, Rob'. Jane left M^s Cox. Sir H. had Jerom, who had 
Sir Hugh. W™ had daughters. Robert had Austin and Anthony. 
Augustin and Anthony S. are sole and only surviving nephews or 
Brothers' sons of the above Rich"" S. and of the nearest in blood to 
y'' said John S., deceased. Nicholas Cox of Knightsbridge, Lond., 
gent., and Eliz. his wife leased land in Hutton Long Villars psh. 
John S., son of Barnard of S' Andrew's, Holborn, d. intest. without 
issue (1705). Eliz. Cox, niece or sister's child of Rich''. 

G. S. of Moulton had ^400 a year and a considerable personal 
estate. Widow sold lands for ^8,000, and rec** ^5,000 for paying 
debts and porcons, and left ;£3,ooo in hands of Sir Mark Milbank, 
and Sir M. M. mortgaged premises for 99 years. Ann Savill had 
;^i,6oo, and ^46 a year. Sir M. M. died while still having £2,yoo. 
John and Ann S. had 3 ch., all died very young. 

Will of Augustine Smithson of Hutton Long Villars, and late of 
Newsham, co. York, gent., sound in mind and memory, but aged and 
infirm in body ; as to temporal estate for necessary maintenance 
without any superfluity, considering the many poor relations I have 
constantly taken care to supply to my power ever since I was master 
of anything, blessed be gcd, who gave me the goodwill to do it, etc. 
I. I bequeath to my nephew Robert S. of Newsham in the county of 
York, 2'"^ son of brother Anthony, deceased, all that messuage. House 
and tenement, with the garth thereunto belonging, and all rights, 
members and appurtenances, etc., in Newsham, etc., formerly belong- 
ing to my late father, Robert Smithson, deceased, and the close called 
Lareberry, on north side of the street which leade from Newsham 
and Barningham, and also all that my closes, lands, grounds, tene- 
ments and Hereditaments estate of inheritance, and after his decease 
to his son Robert, now an infant. Whereas entitled to messuage, 
house, etc., and 4 closes 12 acres and 9 acres of arable in townsfields 
of Nalton, nr. Weatherby, now in tenure of Henry Hicks, I bequeath 
to nephew Robert and his son. It being my desire that all the etc. 
should continue in my family. By lease 3 and 4 July, 4''' Jas. 2"^, 
between me and Stephen Hackforth i part and W™ Smithson 2'"' part 
I have settled the said lands, stated in Deed, I alter this for my 
nephew Robert Shaw of Newsham and his male heirs of body, and to 
my Cfjusin John Smithson and male heirs of body. Item, I give to my 
niece Hellen, wife of W'" Hulcliinson, my niece Klizabcth, wife of 

147 L 2 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

James Hutchinson, my niece Barbara Shaw, the children of my niece 
Mary Rowntree, to Catherine Grainger and Marmaduke her son each 
5s. ; all rest to nephew Robert Smithson, to whose care and fidelity 
I depend upon make him Exor. Made, signed, sealed, 17 16, 22 Feb., 
in piece of parchment in presence of us, George Salkeld, Robert Daile, 
Thos. Wycliffe. This Will passed Seal i Nov., 1744. 

Will of W"" Smithson, 1754. Proved in Honor Court of Knares- 
boro, March, 1755. Bundle O, No. 64. 

In the name of God, Amen. W™ S of Bents in psh. of Fewston. 
Soul to hands of God, to be buried at discretion of executrix. Debts 
and expenses to be paid. ;/^io to son Joshua, to be p'' by Joshua S. of 
Gill out of a legacy left me by my grandfather Sam' S., and to be paid 
when 21, and sum to remaine till then in hands of s** Joshua as feoffee 
and friend in trust, and as my wife is now pregnant, each child to 
have ;^io at 31. To loving wife Ann all the rest. 

Will of Joshua Smithson (1758) of Gillbottom, etc., yeoman. 
Coppylands, etc., in forest of Knaresboro. To wife Susan, in lieu of 
thirds, a farm called Lowhall, now in possession of Robert Benson. 
Joseph Smithson, my younger son, all my moiety of tythes of Fewston. 
To Samuel S. all Norwood and Thackray, paying to drs. Mary Smith- 
son and Susan Smithson each ;i^ioo ; and also to Ann, dr. of Sam' S., 
^4 p. ann. ; dr. Ann Robinson farm at Timble; to grandchildren 
Edw*^, Walter, James, John and W™ Robinson, 1771 proved. 





Philadelphia Smithson, of the City of York, widow. 

To my dear Son, the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Northumberland, the 
money he owes me upon bond, upon the condition that he pay to 
Elizabeth Thompson, my Servant, ^10 a year during her life. 

Also to him ^100 to be laid out in something as a remembrance 
of me. 

To my dear daughter, the Countess of Northumberland, and to my 
grandsons, the Rt. Hon. Lord Warkworth and the Hon. M"" Percy, 
;!{^ioo each to be laid out in something as a remembrance of me. 

To my Nephew, Henry Reveley, son of my brother, George 
Reveley, £100, and to avoid giving trouble to my dear son, the Earl 
of Northumberland, the Residue of my personal estate, consisting of 
some money, plate, fifurniture, household goods, and other things, my 
wearing apparrel, and the ffurniture in the back bed chamber up two 
pair of stairs only excepted, which I give to my said servant, Elizabeth 
Thompson, I bequeth to my nephew, Henry Reveley, Esq"", of Newby 
Wick, desiring him to pay such sums for mourning or otherwise as I 
shall direct in a Codicil. 

Dated 2y^ September, 1762. 

Witnesses : Francis Conyers 

Charles Yates. 


To my sister Crohare for mourning, ^^25. 

To my neice Mitford for mourning, ^25. 

To my neice fifreeman for mourning, ^25. 

To my nephew William Reveley for mourning, ^^25. 

To my nephew Henry Reveley, son of my brother George Reveley 
for mourning, ^25. 

To M'' and Mi's Seymour for mourning, each ^20. 

To Elizabeth Thompson, my own servant, for mourning, ^20. 

To Edward Hall, my servant, if in my service at my death, ^20. 

To Thomas Rogerson, my servant, ;^io. 

To Sarah Brand, my servant, if in my service at my death, ^/^lo. 

To each of my other servants, ^5. 

To the Poor of S' Saviour Gate psh., ^10. 

To the Poor of Aldborough in Stanwick psh., £10. 

I desire to be privately buried, no invitation, no Rings given, Init as 
private as possible. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Admon., with Will and Codicil annexed, granted 21^' ffebruary, 1765, 
to Henry Reveley, Esq"', the nephew and residuary legatee named in 
the Will, for that no exor. is named therein. 


Bond, Bundle P., No. 53. fr^H March, 1771. Messrs Smith- 

Indemnity on Delivering out Two Wills to be Proved 
AT York. 

We, Joseph Smithson, of Gill Bottom, in the psh. of Fewston, co. 
York, Gentleman ; and Thomas Stubbs, of the psh. of Pannall, co. 
York, Gent., are held and firmly bound to the Most Noble W"^ Duke 
of Devonshire, Highsteward of the Courts of the Honor of Knares- 
brough, CO. York, in the sum of ^1,000. Dated 6'h March, 1771- 

Whereas John Collins, of Scriven with Tentergate, co. York, Gent., 
Understeward or Clerk of the Courts of the Forest of Knaresbrough, 
hath this day, at the request of sd Joseph Smithson and Thomas 
Stubbs, delivered to them the Original Wills of Samuel Smithson, late 
of Gill in the psh. of Fewston, co. York, Yeoman, bearing date 
24th May, 1740, and also of Joshua Smithson, late of Gill bottom in 
psh. of Fewston, Yeoman, date 22"^^ March, 1758, both which have 
been proved at the Court of sd Forest, in order that sd Wills may be 
proved at the Prerogative Court of the Archbishop of York, said 
Joseph Smithson and Thomas Stubbs agree to indemnify sd Duke of 
Devonshire for the delivery of sd Wills if called upon to do so. 

Signed 'JOSEPH SmithsON ' 

' Thqs Stubbs.' 
Witness : 

Martin Richardson. 


Bundle H., No. 53. Copy, Original at York. 
See Bond, 1771. 

In the Name of God, Amen. 

Samuel Smithson, of Gill, in the psh. of Fewston, co. York, 

Being Stricken in Years and infirm as touching my Body, But ot 
sound and perfect mind and memory. Praise be therefore given to 
Almighty God. I commend my Soul into the Hands of Almighty God, 



hoping through the INIerits, Death, and Passion of my Saviour Jesus 
Christ to have full and free pardon and forgiveness of all my Sins, and 
to inherit everlasting life, and my Body I commit to the earth, to be 
decently buried at the discretion of my exor. 

Just Debts and Funeral expenses to be paid and discharged. 

Unto my Daughter Mary, wife of John Stubb, of Norwood, that 
Bond of ^200, entered into by the Rev. Robert Hitch and Henry 
Hitch, Esq"", and do hereby fully and freely impower my said daughter 
Mary or her Husband John Stubb to receive the same for their own 
use ; also to my said daughter ;^2oo which John Newsom of Snowden 
owes upon his Mortgage of Lands lying at Snowden, and do hereby 
authorise her or her husband, by virtue of the said Mortgage Deeds 
which I give unto her, to receive the same for their own use. 

Unto my daughter Jane, wife of John Fowler of Cattell, the yearly 
Rent of all my Lands and Buildings at Hayshaw, now in the occupa- 
tion of John Ellis, for her life, but if she attempt to dispose or assign 
said rent, then my exor. shall receive the same, and I will that it be 
not paid to her, my exor. to apply the same for the use of her 
children — Stephen Fowler, Samuel Fowler, John Fowler, and William 
Fowler ; and after the decease of my said daughter, my exor. shall 
sell the said Lands and Buildings and divide the money amongst her 
said children. 

Unto my daughter Ann, wife of William Whitehead of Knares- 
brough, and her heirs for ever, that Burgage House in Briggate in 
Knaresbrough, which I purchased of John Keighley. 

Unto William, son of my said daughter Anne Whitehead, which 
she had before marriage, /loo to be paid him at the age of 21 years 
(20 in Will), and I will that my exor. educate him and fest him to 
some convenient trade, and maintain him with all things necessary 
till he attain the aforesaid age of 21 years. 

All my Freehold and Copyhold Lands, Buildings, Tenements and 
appurtenances not already disposed of unto my son Joshua Smithson 
his heirs and assigns for ever. 

Unto my daughter Jane, that feather bed whereon she now lieth, 
with the bedstead and all the bed cloaths thereto belonging. 

Residue unto my said son Joshua Smithson, whom I make sole 


Dated 24'h May, 1740. 

'Sam'- Smithson ' 

Witnesses: Hugh Spence x his mark 
Sarah Hudson x her mark 
Robert Joy, sworn. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

P.C.C. 407 CHESLYN. 

In the Name of God, Amen. 

Isabella Smithson, of Wakefield, co. York, Spinster. 

To the Infirmary at York, ^800. 

To M'^ Lawshaw, ^{^400. 

To M^ Wortley, ^loo. 

To M'" Burdett, i;ioo. 

To Mary Norton, Spinster, /400. 

My desire is that I may be buried at Bolsover in Derbyshire, and 
that none save twelve poor people be invited to my fifuneral, to whom 
I give gowns and black gloves. 

I give ^2000 to be disposed of in such manner as my said Neice 
Ann Norton shall judge most proper and necessary for the benefit of 
the Poor of Bolsover. 

Residue to my Neices Ann Norton and Margaret Gill, who I make 
joint executrices. 

Dated 14"' April, 1759. 

The mark x of Isabella Smithson. 
Witnesses : Elizth. Beatson 
Thos. Gill. 

The ^{^400 left to M'^ Lawshaw shall at her decease go to her 
daughter Ellen. 

Dated 2"^* May, 1761. 

Witnesses : Robert Chatham 
William Snowden 
Thos. Gill. 

Probate of Will and Codicil granted 4"" Nov', 1761, to Ann Norton, 
spr., one of the executrices, power reserved for a like grant to 
Margaret Glee {st'c), spr., the other executrice, when she shall apply 
for the same. 

Admon. of William Smithson, late of the Town and co. of North- 
ampton, but a soldier in the 40"" Regiment of fFoot, granted 5"' March, 
1764, to the widow and relict Mary Smithson. 

Admon. of William Smithson, late of the psh. of S' Botolph, Aldgate, 
London, granted 10"' January, 1766, to the widow and relict Elizabeth 


Admon. of Michael Smithson, late of psh. of Tottenham High Cross, 
CO. Middx, bachelor, granted 13"' May, 1717, to Hugh Smithson, arm, 
the father. 

Admon. of Richard Smithson, late of Horsham, co. Sussex, Doctor 
of Medicine, granted 14"^ July, 1720, to the son William Smithson, 
Doctor of Medicine. 

Admon. of Lydia Smithson, late of the psh. of S' Mary, Rotherhith, 
CO. Surry, widow, granted 28'" July, 1743, to the son and only child 
Albert ffrederick Smithson. 

P.C.C. 187, CHESLYN. 

In the Name of God, Amen. 

Elizabeth Smithson, of S' John, Southwark, Widow. 

Just debts to be duly paid. 

To the sui-viving children of my late brother-in-law John Young of 
Yorkshire £100 to be equally divided amongst them. 

To my Brother-in-law, William Mountaine, and his wife Mary of 
Southwark, ^50 betweene them. 

To my Brother-in-law Mark Smithson ^25, but if he dies before me, 
then that sum to be divided among John Young's children. 

To my cousin Elizabeth Cracknell ^25, but if she dyes before she 
comes to 21 years of age, then I give it to her sister Mary Cracknell, 
and if she dyes then to the other surviving children of John and 
Martha Cracknell. 

To my late maid-servan Susanna Clift, ^12. 

To my cousin Phenehas Traugmore, ^5. 

To my Nephews, Mark Smithson, William Smithson, and Peter 
Smithson, ^5 apiece. 

To my sister, Mary Mountaine, my gold seal and stone mourning 

If my estate and effects shall not amount to pay above legacies m 
full, they shall everyone of them be reduced in proportion, or if the 
same shall be more than above left, then every Legacy shall be raised 
in proportion. 

Brother-in-law William Mountaine to be sole exor. 

Dated 20"' ffebruary, 1761. 

Witnesses : Joseph Wiiarfe 
Gideon Fouknier. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Dated 5"^ April, 1761. 

Whereas I have left Elizabeth Cracknell .£25, when she shall come 
of age, I now order that if my effects shall amount to more than I have 
left that sd Elizabeth shall have no more than £2.^, but the surplus 
shall go to her sister, Mary Cracknell, when she comes of age, if she 
dye before then to her sister Elizabeth, if both die before they are 21, 
then to the other surviving children of John and Martha Cracknell to 
be divided equally. 

To my cousin Martha Cracknell, ^5 for Mourning, and if she 
survives all her children then she is to have their legacies. 

The interest on sd legacies to be laid out from time to time for the 
use of sd children as my exor shall think proper. 

Witnesses : Mary Owens x her mark 


Probate of Will and Codicil granted 2'"^ May, 1761, to William 
Mountaine, the sole exor. 

MIDDX., JULY, 1758, P.C.C. 170 HUTTON. 

In the Name of the Omnipotent and most Blessed Trinity, Amen. 

I now publish what follows to be my last Will and Testament. 

I bequeath my Body to the care of my Nephew Richard Smithson, 
to be buried in the most private and secreet manner that may be con- 
juring both him and my Dear Wife not to exceed the sum of five 

To my good and diligent servant Grace Harris, ^5 as a Legacy, to 
be paid her within a year after my death by my Dear Wife, or by my 
Nephew after her decease out of what comes to him of the remainder 
of what personal estate I dye possessed of. 

All my wearing apparel to my dear Nephew Richard Smithson, to 
wear use or dispose of as he shall think best. 

All my Reall and Personall Estate to my most affectionate and 
deserving Wife, who I constitute my sole executrix and residuary 
legatee, with great Sorrow y' bad times and a severe Law gave a power 
and suggested to a wigged (sic) and Irreligious heart to force my 
vertuous and honest Daughter to comply w"' him in his ill purposes 
against her most affectionate father. 'William Smithson, May 
y<= 24'", 1748.' 


I hereby declare y" above written to be my last Will and Testament 

as signed by me 

'William Smithson.' 

Postscript. — I hereby also bequeath to my Dear Dear Wife all the 
several notes of hand of Payments depending on a future or con- 
tingency to me or my exors from the late John Walpole of Grays Inn, 
or from the late John Ravenscroft Lonpiam (?), tifather of the present 
George Ravenscroft of Ditto. Witness my hand this present 24^^ of 

May as above 

'Wm. Smithson.' 

No Witnesses. 

Appeared Personally 12"' May, 1758, John Smith, of the psh. of 
S* George the Martyr, co. Middx., Gent., who being sworn deposed 
that he was well acquainted with the handwriting of the late W'" 
Smithson, and believes sd Will and Codicil to be in his handwriting. 

Appeared Personally 25"' May, 1758, Richard Smithson, of the psh. 
of S' George the Martyr, co. Middx., Upholder, who being sworn 
deposed that he was well acquainted with the handwriting of the late 
W™ Smithson, and believes sd Will and Codicil to be in his hand- 

Admon. with Will and Codicil annexed, granted 26"^ May, 1758, to 
Katherine Davers, widow, daughter of sd deceased, and his only child; 
ffrances Smithson, the widow and relict and sole executrix and residuary 
legatee, dying before she had taken upon her the execution thereof ; 
and John Smith, the sole exor. named in the Will of the sd fifrances 
Smithson, deceased, first renouncing the Letters of Administration of 
the Goods of sd William Smithson, having been first sworn duly to 
administer the Letters of Administration of the Goods of the said 
deceased as Dying a Widower Intestate and as of the psh. of 
S* Andrew, Holborn, co. Middx., granted in October, 1756, to said 
Katherine Davers, having been formally brought in voluntarily and 
declared null and void as by the Acts of the Court will appear. 

Admon. of William Smithson, late of the psh. of S' Andrew, Holborn, 
CO. Middx., Widower, granted r' October, 1756, to Katherine Davers, 
widow, the daughter and next of kin. 

This Admon. was brought in voluntarily and declared null and void 
the 31'' March, 1757. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

P.C.C. 162 BROOK. 

Translated from the Latin Original. 

In the Name of God, Amen. 

Know all men by this publick Instrument that on the 7"^ Jan'', in the 
yeare of our Lord Christ 1728, in the 6'*' Indiction and in the 4"" yeare 
of the Pontificate of our most holy ffather in Christ and Lord 
Benedict XIII., by Divine Providence, Pope. 

John Walpole Smithson, of happy memory (sonn of the most 
Illustrious William Smithson of the psh. of S' George-in-the-ffields, 
London), happening as it pleased God to depart this life yesterday 
about foure o'clock in the Evening, who heretofore (viz., on 27"" Dec', 
1727, last past) dehvered to and recorded with me, Notary Publick, 
his last Testament Nuncupatory close and sealed ; I, the underwritten 
Notary Publick aforesaid, being called on the part and at the request 
of the most Illustrious John Dixon (the son of John Dixon, of happy 
memory), of the City of Dublin, in the kingdom of Ireland, went to 
and appeared personally att the late habitation of sd deceased, of 
happy memory, situate in this city in the Spanish Streete neare the 
greate stepps of the Venerable Church of the Holy Trinity on Mount 
Pincio hard by, and being so come I there found, saw, and viewed 
before the most Illustrious and most Excellent my Lord James 
Cranstoun and the respective underwritten Witnesses to this purpose 
called and provided, the Corpse of the sd John Walpole Smithson, of 
happy memory, to me and the said witnesses well knowne, lying upon 
a wooden table in the sd house in his black Cloathes he usually wore 
when livinge, with three lighted tapers ; and the sd John Dixon pre- 
suming that he was interested in sd testament of John Walpole Smith- 
son, of happy memory, and recorded in my Acts, and to the end that 
sd Will might be executed especially as to the interment of sd corpse 
and the celebration of Masses for his Soule's health and to every other 
better end and purpose, he therefore prayed and insisted that I, the 
sd Notary, should open and publish sd testament, and should register 
the same in my Acts in order to perpetuate the same — and I, the sd 
Notary, haveing in my hands sd Testament recorded with me and 
attested by his owne subscription and the subscription of seaven Wit- 
nesses and sealed with seaven seales in redd Spanish wax representing 
an Emperours head, and the same being alsoe whole and no waise in 
the least suspicious or vitiated as was well observed and seene by the 



aforesaid most 111""^ my Lord Cranstoun and the underwritten wit- 
nesses, I, the sd Notary, being thereto required useing and expressly 
declareing I would use the power given me by sd John Walpole 
Smithson, of happy memory, to open sd Testament immediately after 
his death and publish before two witnesses only, without the lycense, 
decree, or order of any Judge whatever the sd Testament close sealed 
upp and recorded as aforesaid, did before the sd most Illus''"^ Lord, sd 
underwritten witnesses, and other persons there present open and 
unseale the same, and the same being opened at the bottome thereof, 
viz., immediately after the subscription of sd Testator, itt was attested 
for a stronger evidence under the hands of sd most Illus''"^ Lord 
Cranstoun and witnesses ; and then I read and published the sd 
Will throughout from the beginning to the end in the Latin Tongue 
in which itt was wrote audibly and distinctly before sd persons, and 
afterwards tooke the same into my Custody in order to sett forth and 
perpetuate the same of the following tenour : 

On 27* Dec"", 1727. Indiction the 5*, in the 4"' yeare of the Ponti- 
ficate of Benedict XIIL, the most 111*'"^ John Walpole Smithson, son 
of the most 111""^ William Smithson of the psh. of S' George-in-the- 
ffields, London — delivered to me, Notary, the Will of the following 
tenour : 

In the Name of God, Amen. 

First beginning with my Soule as more noble than the body and 
preferable to all other worldly affaires, I recommend the same with all 
due devotion possible to the Almighty God, Three in One, to the 
Blessed Virgin Mary, the Glorious S' Michael the Archangell, my 
holy Guardian Angell, S' John, and all my particular Advocates and 
the whole Court of Heaven, that through their intercessions, and the 
Merits of the holy Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, I may arrive at 
the Kingdome of Heaven. In case I shall dye in this City of Rome, 
I order my body to be interred and buryed in S' Clement's Church, 
belonging to the Rev. ffathers the Irish Missionaries ; and in case I 
should dye in any other place than in the Church belonging thereto 
in such a manner and with the celebration of such Masses as my 
underwritten Legatee and Testamentary exor. shall judge most proper 
and convenient. 

I make my most beloved ffather, William Smithson, Doctor of 
Physick, my universall legatee, he payeing the underwritten legacies : 

To John Dixon tooo Romane Crownes. I make him my Testa- 
mentary Exor., with power to srrange my ffunerall and for the cele- 
bration of Masses. 

Done at Rome, this 22"' Dec', 1727. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

I, Cranstoun, was present att the opening and reading over the 

Corpse after death — also present : Charles Macorani, John Baptista 

Persin Delavault. 

Witnesses to the Will done att Rome in the Venerable Convent of 

S^ Clement of the Rev. ffathers the Irish Missionarys in the presence 

of the Rt. Rev. ffathers : 

Brother Patricius O'Dugan, Prior 

B' John Baptist Byrne, President and Regent 

B"" Master Gerard Velden 

B"" John Roccaforte, Syndic B"" 

Thomas Brenon, Reader in Divinity 

B"' John Brett, Master of the Novitiates ; and 

B"^ Thomas Moore 

All of the Order of Preachers of the Venerable Convent of SS. Sixtus 
and Clement. 

Also in the hearing and with the privity of Charles M'^Carthy, son 
of Jerom de Castro del Manuch (of happy memory) of the co. of 
Corke in the Kingdom of Irelande, and John Baptista Persin Dela- 
vault, son of John Baptista, of happy memory, of the Citty of Orleance, 
in fifrance, and the most 111''"^ and Excellent Lord Cranstoun. 

Signed ' Gaudentius Antonius de Galassys,' a Citizen of Rome, by 
the Grace of God, and the Apostolicall Authority, a Notary Publick 
in the Court of Judicature of the CapitoU. 

Wee, the undersigned Notaries Publick of the Number of Notaries 
of the Venerable College of Doctors of the Court of the Capitoll in 
this Citty, do attest the signature of the above written Gaudentius 
Antoninus de Galassys as a credible Notary Publick. 
Dated at Rome lo^'' Jan^, 1728. 

Cajetanus Upprobatus, Notary 
/, Bernardus Angelicus, Collegiate Notary 

Jacobus Philippus de Statys, Collegiate Notary. 

Translated at London 2""^ May, 1728, by me, Ja. Pinfold, Not. Pub. 

Probate granted 6"" May, 1728, to William Smithson, Doctor of 
Medicine, the father and universal legatee. 



S. s. 25. No. 51. 

February, 1602. 

John Smythson of Slyngsbye, co. Yorke, M'chant. 

Wheras I am indebted to Bryan Baytson, of the City of Yorke, 
yeoman, ^40, and I and one William Morton of sd. City of Yorke, 
Mercer, did give sd. Baytson a Bond for _^8o for payment of same, and 
I did become bounden to sd. Willm Morton for Bond of ^80 guaran- 
teeing payment of same, and I did lye longe sicke and in danger of 
death, and being therebye impoverished, was not able to pay the same 
Baytson, and he was pd. by Morton, and I when I recovered my 
healthe being myndfull to satisfye sd Morton, and being possessed in 
right of my wyfe of a house in Conye Street, Yorke, requested sd. 
Morton to take and sell the house in payment of the Bond, which he 
agreed to, and sold it to one Jane Brooke, Wydowe, late wyfe unto 
Alderman Brooke of sd. City, deceased ; and received the proceeds, 
but has hitherto declined to cancel the Bond given him or to surrender 
it. Your Orator prays that the Courte may compel him to do so. 


D. D. D. No. 21. 

Yt Orator Anthony Duckett of Gittyngge within co. of West- 
mland. Esquire. Wheras one Jasper Duckett and his ancestors, 
whose estate he hath according to the custom of tennant right used, 
within the Manno'' of Torpenne, tyme whereof the memory of man 
is not to the contrary, hath been lawfully seized, commonly called 
Todehole in Torpenne, co. Cumberlande, and hath done all on this 
and customes due to the Lord of sd. Manno'' from tyme to tyme, and 
he did demise and lett the same to y'" Orator, now one Thomas Sale- 
keld of Withall and John Applebye within sd. co. of Cumberlande, 
together with one Jennet Smytheson, Widowe, who have bought the 
Manno"" from John Vaughan, Esq'', and Lady Anne Kne\ett his wyfe, 
late the wyfe of S"" Henry Knevett, in defiance of the customes of the 
manno'' having been kept and observed, have wrongfully dispossessed 
and put out y'' Orator from the same, notwithstanding protests and 
entreaties. Y'' Orator therefore begs the Courte to interfere and 
reinstate him in sd. projierty. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

The Answer of Thomas Salkeld. 
That after he had purchased the Manno'' from John Vaughan and 
his wife, he sold the property in dispute to John Applebie, who after- 
wards sold it to one Leonarde Smitheson, who died possessed of it, 
being then married to Janet Smitheson, who after the death of her 
husband paid the heriot to John Applebie, lord of the same mannf, 
and was admitted tennant, and he denies that the Ducketts were at 
any time in possession of sd. property. 

Reply of Anthony Duckett. 

He states that his account in the Bill of the possession of the 
property called Todhole in the Mannor of Torpennowe is the correct 
one and denies all the statements in Salkeld's answer. 

He spells the names ' Leonard Smythson ' and ' Jenet Smylhson.' 

Dated (Bill) lo May, 1571. 


Vol. II., P. 176.— Thwaites. 

A sum of money has been secured on two closes in the Bridge-End 
estate, purchased by the governors of Queen Ann's Bounty for the 
use of the incumbent, the interest of which is paid as follows : One- 
half (16") to the schoolmaster, and the other half (16^) in bread to the 
poor of Thwaites, which latter half appears by a tablet in the chapel 
to have been left by Ann Smithson, of Bank-house in the year 1778- 

LAND, 1897.' 

P. 253. — Thwaites. 

Smithson's charity of £40 in securities produces 16' a year for 
bread, and 16^ for the Board School ; the principal is secured on 
glebe land purchased with Queen Anne's bounty. 


Vol. II., P. 128.— Torpenhow Parish. 
There is a school at Bothill in this parish. Richard Smithson of 
Bothill, by will devised four acres of land at Bothill to the use of the 



said school. The parishioners, encouraged by this (and other 
bequests), made in the year 1686 a voluntary subscription, which 
amounted to about ;^42, to augment the master's salary. 


P. 409. — Thwaites. 
Ann Smithson in 1778 bequeathed /'20 to the most needy poor of 
Thwaites, the interest thereof to be distributed in bread on the first 
Sunday after the 13th day of February, and the further sum of ;{^20, 
the interest thereof to be paid to the schoolmaster there. 

P. 259. — BOTHILL. 

A further endowment appears to have been left to the school by 
Richard Smithson, as we find that in 1701 John Brisco and Barbara 
his wife released to the schoolmaster and sixteen of the parish two 
acres of land in Lang Piatt, described as being one moiety of the 
land left to the free schoU by Richard Smithson ; and also that two 
acres of land lying in the same place, and also described as being a 
moiety of the land left by Richard Smithson to the free-school, were 
released to the same person by William and Jane Allason. 


Joshua Smithson of Preston Patrick, in the county of Westmore- 
land, Husbandman, son of John Smithson of the same place. Yeoman, 
and Isabell his wife, both living ; and Elizabeth Goad of Ulverstone, 
Daughter of Joseph Goad of Baycliff near Ulverstone, in the county 
Palatinate of Lancaster, Yeoman, deceased, and Mary his wife sur- 
viving, having declared their Intentions of taking each other in 
Marriage before several Meetings of the People called Quakers, in the 
counties of Westmoreland and Lancaster, aforesaid, and the proceed- 
ings of the said Joshua Smithson and Elizabeth (}oad, after due 
enquirey and deliberate consideration thereof ; were allowed by the 
said meetings, they appearing clear of all others and having consent of 
Parents and Relations concerned. 

Now these are to certify all whom it may concern, that for the 
accomplishing of their said marriage this twenty-ninth day of the Fifth 
Month, called May, in the Year, one Thousand Seven Hundred and 
Eighty, they the said Joshua Smithson and Elizabeth Goad appeared 
at a publick Assembly of the aforesaid people called Quakers, and 

161 M 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

others in their Meeting House at Height, and the said Joshua Smith- 
son taking the said EHzabeth Goad by the hand did openly and 
solemnly declare as followeth : 

Friends, in the fear of the Lord and before this Assembly, I take 
this my Friend Elizabeth Goad to be my Wife promising through 
Divine assistance to be unto her a loving and Faithful Husband untill 
it shall please the Lord to separate us by Death. 

And the said Elizabeth Goad did then and there in the said Assembly 
declare as followeth : 

Friends, in the fear of the Lord and before this Assembly, I take this 
my Friend Joshua Smithson to be my Husband, promising through 
Divine Assistance to be unto him a loving and Faithful Wife untill it 
shall please the Lord to separate us by Death. 

And as a further Confirmation thereof, and in Testimony thereunto, 
did then and there unto these Presents set their hands. 

Joshua Smithson 
Elizabeth Goad. 

We who were present, amongst others, at the abovesaid Meeting 
have also subscribed our Names as Witnesses thereto, the Day and 
year above written. 

Relations, etc 

Agnes Harrison Sarah Hall 

Margaret Fell Tho' Sill 

Salley Fell Mary Gibson 

Sarah Seatle Henry Seatle 

Mary Barrow Leonard Simpson 

Jane Preston Chris Walker 

Jane Wainhouse Tho^ Chamney 

Jonathan Wilson Mary Chamney 

Isaac Hall Elizabeth Fell 

Mary Pearson Aggy Fell 

Su^ Hall Samuel Darrall (?) 

Benja" Hall 
Thomas Pearson 
ruth Philipson 
John Smithson 
Mary Goad 
John Smithson, Jun' 
Tho. Goad 
Ja^ Goad 
Joseph Goad 
Sarah Goad 
Mary Goad, junr. 


Joseph Smithson, 1679, Will and Inv., Roll 10, N°' 136, 137. 
Joseph Smithson (same man), 1679, Will Bond, Roll 11, N° 34. 
Mary Smithson (no deceased mentioned), Tuition Bond, 1692, 
Roll 20, N° 73. 



Mark Smithson, 1735, Bundle H, N*" 6. 
Samuel Smithson, 1739, Bundle H, N° 53. 
William Smithson, 1749, Bundle O, N° 64. 
Joshua Smithson, Bond, 1750, Bundle P, N° 53. 
Bartholomew Smithson, 1776, Bundle T, N° 2. 
Joseph Smithson, 1783, Bundle U, N° 79. 
Margaret Smithson, 1789, Bundle V, N° 73. 
Samuel Smithson, 18 16, Bond AA, N° 29. 
David Smithson, Admon ? 1819, Bond AA, N° 94. 
Jane Smithson ? 1824, Bond AB, N" 5. 

John Smithson, Minute, 1602, Reg. N° i,p. 195. 


P.C.C. 131, HUTTON. 

In the Name of God, Amen. 

ffrances Smithson, of the psh. of S' Andrew, Holbom, co. Middx., 
widow of William Smithson, late of the psh. of S' George the Martyr, 
CO. Middx., Doctor in Physick. 

I humbly recommend my Soul to Almighty God, who gave it ; and 
my Body I commit to the Earth to be privately buriedat the discretion 
of my exor. 

To my Daughter in Law, Mrs. Katherine Davers, widow of the late 
Admiral Davers, all my Plate, one dozen of china plates, and a suit 
of fine damask table linnen, and my silver watch. 

To my Niece, M^^ Mary Stanford, all my Books, and a Tabernacle 
which always stands upon a Table in the Closet in the Back Room 
with all things belonging to it, and all the Pictures in sd Closet. 

To M' Baker of Wild Street, three guineas. 

To my old acquaintance M' John Smith, of Red Lyon Street, in sd 
psh. of S' George the Martyr fifteen guineas, and I appoint him sole 

Just debts, legacies, fifuneral and probate expenses, to be first paid 
— then the Residue to my servant Grace Harris. 

Dated i^' January, 1756. 

Witnesses : John Lovett 
J NO. Cater. 
Probate granted 2r' April, 1758, to John Smith, the sole exor. 

163 M 2 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

BKS. (YORK PROB. REGISTRY, 1667-1717). 

1667, Nov. 22. W" S. of K. Malzard. Ad. to Hy. Thompson, gent., 

chief creditor. 
1676, April 15. W™ S. of Mickleton. Willpr. and ad. to dr. Margaret. 
i68f, Jan. 22. Tuition of Edw'* and Theodosia S. minors, to Rd. S. 

eorum (? patri 07' fratri). 
168]^, Jan. 17. Sir Jerome (Hyeronimus) S. of Helmsley. Ad. to K^ 

Blanshard, esq""., and R* Ash, gent. 
1690, Dec. 13. Thos. S. of Aldbrough. Will pr. and ad to his dr. 

Ann Scruton, widow. 
1693, June 22. Tuition of Susan and Ursula S., drs. of Nich'' S. of 

Aldborough, dec'', to Zachary Thorpe at their own 

Yi%%, Oct. 21. Thos. S. of York. Ad. to his brother Christ. S., eldest 

son of George (their mother Ellenor S. renouncing). 
170^, Jan. 26. Mich' S. of Morton on Swale. Will pr. and ad to 

relict Margaret. 

1701, Oct. 7. John S. of Catterick. Will pr. and ad. tobr. Christ. S. 

1702, Aug. 3. Christ. S. of Scorton. Will pr. and ad. to mother 

Elianor S., wid. 
17 f 7, June 6. Rich'^' S. of Midleham. Willpr. and ad to relict Alice. 

March, 1745. Mary S. of Low Laiths. Will. 

In Abp's. Consistory Ct. is Will of Hy. S., vicar of Hunmanby, circ. 


From Miscellaneous Orders, Accounts, Petitions, and 
Correspondence of Captain Adam Baynes, M.P. for 
Leeds, Commissioner for the Northern Army, 1645-1659. 

Agreement with Major-General Lambert of Cawton in Co. York, Esq. 

Articles of agreement Couuenanted, concluded, and agreed upon 
betwixt Major-General Lambert of y" Army, under his Excellencies 
the Lord General Cromwell, in the one partie, and George Smithson,* 
Major to Colonnell Lilburne's Regiment of horse, and ffrancis Wilkin- 
son, Lieutenant in the said Regiment, gentleman, in y^ other partie. 

It is couuenanted and agreed upon y" said Major-general Lambert 

* This Major Smithson brought Lilburne's Regiment at Newcastle over 
to General Monk previous to the Restoration, and was made Colonel. 



shall make and conueye all those Lands late belonginge to Sir 
Marmaduke Langdell, Knight, sittuate in Lasenby in Yorkshire, with all 
priviledges, woods, and easments in as ample and large manner as y*" 
same, were granted to him, y'^ said Major-general Lambert and his heirs 
for ever, by an acte of Parliament bearinge date y^ first of May, 1650, 
to the said Major George Smithson and Lieutenant Francis Wilkinson 
and their heres for ever, as by Consell learned shall be thought fitt. 

The said Major George Smithson and Lieut*^"' fifrancis Wilkinson, 
for and in consideration of the said Lands soe convaid and assured to 
them, shall pay vnto the said Major-generall Lambert, his assignes, 
heares, and executores, the Summ of fifower thousand and nine 
hundred pounds in manner and forme as foUoweth : 

fifirst, that Cornett Samuell Sanderson, beinge Lawful! atturney foi 
Collonell Lilboume's Regiment, shall assigne over to Cap""^ Adam 
Baynes or whome y^ said Major-Generall Lambert shall appoint, soe 
much Lands already purchased for Collonell Lilburne's Regim*"' as 
shall amount to the some of ffower thousand pounds, or shall pur- 
chase soe much Lands att y° direction of Cap"^ Adam Baynes as shal' 
amount to the some afore mentioned, the conveyances of wch Lands soe 
purchased shall by him, the said Cornett Sanderson, bee taken forth 
in y^ name and for the use of him, y'^ said Major-Generall Lambert. 

2}^. That the said Major Smithson and Lieut. Wilkinson shall, 
upon the 20th March next ensuing the date hereof, at York pay to 
M.-Generall Lambert, or whom hee shall appoint, y° sum of one 
hundred pounds. 

3'>'. That the said M. Smithson and L. Wilk. shall upon lo'h of 
June next pay to M. G. y'= sum of 500". 

4. That M. Smithson and L. W. shall upon 11 No. next pay to 
M. G. 300". 

Signed and dated, entered 26 Febr. 50. 


Arthur Neville, gt-grdnephew of Earl of Westmoreld, granted to 
W" Smythson of Newsom, in psh. of Kirby on the Hill, yeoman, all 
his close in Scole Acle and 2 other closes. In 1554, Edw^' Wydmar- 
pole of Alne granted to same W. S. \ (5 messuages and 140 acres) in 
S. Acle. In 1562, an arbitration as to the remaining arable land not 
yet divided in S. A. In 1587, W^ Smythson gave all his lands in 
S. A. to son George (Charter, 29 June, 29 Kliz.), who in 1606 con- 
veyed them to Francis Foster of Darlington for ;{^36o, etc. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 


Smithson, Anne, wife of Ninian of Kirkdale Bank, psh. of Egton 
Agnes, widow, Massam psh. 
Anthony of Newsam. 
Bryan of Cowton Grange, Middleton Tyers, son 

Bryan, 18. 
Christopher, son of Byan, aged 20. 
Frances, mother-in-law of Edward Pearson, husband of 

Eliz. of Melsonbye. 

Janet, wife of Rich'' .S., Massam psh. 
John of Newsam, late from beyond sea, Baringham psh. 
Marg', widow, of Newsam K. R. psh. 
Mary, wife of Antony S., of Newsham. 
George S., Margt his wife, K. R. psh. 
John S., gent. 
Ninian, husb'' of Anne. 
Richard, Massam psh. 
Robert, Melsonbye psh. 
widow, mother to Bryan Smythson. 

PARISH E IN 1604.* 

Mrs. Margaret ffranke of Kneton, wedowe ; Jane fifranke, her 
daughter ; Bryan Smithson of Cowton Grange ; William Coulson (of) 
Mowton ; Anne, his wife ; Thomas Middleton of Middleton Tyres; 
William Thompson of the same. Recusants for 10 or 12 yeres last or 

ffrances Askworth of Moulton ; Bryan Hutchenson of Middleton 
Tyres; Margerie, wife of Henrie Wrighte ; John Middleton of the 
same ; Alice, wife of John Ovington of Kneton. Non-communicants 
and also recusantes for a yeare last past. 

Xpofert Smithson, about 20 yeares old ; Brian Smithson, about 
18 yeares old; both Sons of Bryan Smithson, who is, as reported and 
supposed, come not to churche nor have communicated hitherto. 

* From ' A list of the Roman Catholics in ..he County of York in 1604. 
Transcribed from original MS. in Bodleian Library by Edward Peacock, 

t Could this be the Chr. S. who bought the manor of Gatherley and 
Moulton ? 



Smithson, wedowe [inoriua, in margin), mother to Brian Smillison ; 
Thomas Richardson of Cowton Grainge, etc. 

' Old people, and some of them blinde Recusants and non-com- 
municants of informitie, and not vvilfull recusancy as is supposed.' 

CR. MILFORD, 21 12. JANv, 174!. 

Arthur Smithson of Markington, Co. York, Linnen Weaver, Humbly 
Complaineth that Robert Smithson, late of Hornsey in Holderness, 
deceased, held some messuages and lands of £70 yearly value, half 
Copyhold, of the Manner of Burgh in the Marshes, half within the 
Mannor of Willoughby of Burgh in Co. Lincoln, and Ingoldsmeat 
(Ingoldmells), Co. Lincoln; he died intestate in 1742. After his 
death several disputes arose amongst his next of kin and relations as 
to who was heir at law, and amongst the rest one John Smithson, 
Ferringsby, Co. York, yeoman, making pretence thereto, applied him- 
self to y"" Orator to assist him therein, which y'' Orator did accord- 
ingly, and was thereby put to great trouble and labour and expense, 
and said John Smithson, having by y'' Orator's aid at length made 
good his claim as Heir at law, possessed himself of the estates, and 
intended to sell a part in order to pay off bills and incumbrances, and 
proposed to sell y'' Orator 9^ acres of the Copyhold lands, and he 
and y"" Orator made an agreement, dated 16th Jan^, 1745, that for £,bo 
he w'' surrender y'' Orator, before 24 June ensuing, said 95 acres of 
land. M"" Samuel Lum of Rycon, Co. York, y'' Orator's Attorney at 
Law, and M'' James Collins of Knaresborough, Co. York, John 
Smithson's Attorney, were both present. But now said John Smith- 
son, together with several other persons unknown, combine to dis- 
appoint and obstruct y'" Orator, and he declares that he never made 
such an agreement, and that said lands did not descend to him as 
heir at law, but they were left to him by Will by Robert Smithson, 
and y"" Orator prays that John Smithson may be made by the Court to 
carry out his contract. 


John Smithson says that the Complainant, after the death of Robert 

Smithson, pretended that he was the heir at law, but, on the title 

being enquired into, it was proved that the defend' was the right heir, 

which the compl' had concealed, and then he endeavoured to con- 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

elude an unfair bargain with Def, who did not know the value of the 
lands, as he lived 120 })iilcs aivay^ was told by Compl' that said lands 
are on the seaside, and partially submerged by the sea except \ an 
acre, and therefore not worth above 3^^ or 4"^ an acre. Defd' after- 
wards discovered that he had been grossly imposed upon, that the 
lands were three or four miles from the Sea, and good and dry, worth 
207- an acre. Defd' was never under any obligation to Compl', and 
humbly hopes that, as he had been deceived, the agreement may be 
held by the Court to be null and void. 

V. NELTHORPE, 1749. MILFORD, B. 2122. 

John Smithson of the psh. of S' George the Martyr, Co. Middlesex, 
and Eliz'h Magdalene, his wife, one of the drs. of Sir Henry Nelthorpe, 
late of Barton upon Humber, Co. Lincoln, Bart., Deceased, Thomas 
Brook of the City of Bath, Doctor of Physic, and Harriet, his wife, 
another of the daus. of s'' Sir Henry Nelthorpe, an infant of 19 
years of age, by her husband, D'' Brook ; Charlotte Nelthorpe, of age 
of 7 years, another dau. ; and Katharine Nelthorpe, aged 5, another 
dau. — by Sir Rowland \\ inn, Bart , their next friend. 

Said Sir Henry Nelthorpe was in his life time and at the time of his 
death possessed of clivers lands, messuages, etc., in the Cos. of Lincoln, 
Northampton, Gloucester, and Middlesex, of yearly value of ;i^ 1,600^ 
and also possessed of personal estate value ^20,000, and real value in 
tail male, so that upon his death his eldest Son, Sir John Nelthorpe, be- 
came entitled to his lands, the real estate became distributable amongst 
Dame Eliz"' Nelthorpe, the widow, said Sir John Nelthorpe, and your 
Orators, according to the statute for the distribution of Intestates 
estates, also Sir Goddard Nelthorpe, Bart., father of said Sir Henry 
Nelthorpe, was seized in his Demesne of Two of C in one-third part of 
the C in the Mannors of Selby and Bleasby, Co. Lincoln, and of several 
messuages and lands, etc., in Selby, Bleasby, Leggesby, Callow, 
Barrow, and elsewhere in Co- Lincoln, and said Sir Goddard Nel- 
thorpe, in a Will dated 22^ July, 1699, devised one-third part unto 
Edward Nelthorpe, his son, until his grandson, Montague Nelthorpe, 
afterwards Bart., was 21 years of age, who then inherited, with 
remainder to his sons and heirs male, in default, to Edward Nelthorpe 
and his grandson, Henry, afterwards Bart., and his heirs male, with 
diverse remainders over ; and such Will contained a proviso that 
the possessor of such property may make his wife a jointure out of 
said property not exceeding a third part, and might devize said 



property with the sum of ^i,ooo for their daughters respectively in 
jany, 1703. Sir Goddard died, and said Will was proved by Exors. 
in Feb., 1721. Sir Montagu N. died, and in March, 1728, his son 
Henry died an infant ; and the estate came to said Sir Henry, brother 
of Sir Montagu, and father of y'" Oratrixes, and on his death his 
son, Sir John, entered into possession of s'^ property, and y"" Oratrixes 
shew that by a deed dated 20'^ June, 1733, by the powers given him 
he charged said estate with the ^1,000 for his daughters, to be paid 
on his death equally share and share alike to them. Now the said 
Sir John N. now refuses to raise such money from the said estate, 
and to pay y'" Oratrixes, on the ground that the estates would not 
bear it. 

Your Oratrixes pray that he may be made to disclose particulars of 
the amounts received in past years, and to pay the ;^ 1,000 due to them 
with Interest from their Father's death. 

1658-9.— George Smithson of Moulton, a magistrate, represented 
Northallerton (aged 45) in 1665. He married Eleanor, daur. of 
Col. Chas. Fairfax, younger son of Thomas, Lord Fairfax of Cameron. 
His descendant resides in America, and was invited to the Coronation 
of King Edward VII. Ralph Milbank of Halnaby repd. Northallerton 
1698. He was great-grandfather of Anne Isabella, married to George 
Gordon, 6th Lord Byron. R. M. succeeded to the baronetcy 1705 on 
death of his brother; he married, ist, Elizabeth, daur. of John, Lord 
Conyers of Hornby ; 2nd, Anne, daur. of Edward Delaval, Esq., of 
South Dissington, Northumberland, by whom he was great-grand- 
father of the above Anne Isabella (Lady Byron). 


(Clarkson's ' Richmond.') 

' Castle Guard was a service, which in the wars of the King, or 
rather of the Lord, consisted in fighting or defending the Castle. 
The Earls of Richmond seem to have so required of their Vassals the 
Custody of the Castle, that each of them, at appointed months of the 
year, should take charge of the Castle. But since they possessed 
lands of different value, it is not to be supposed that each stopped 
a whole month in his turn, but according to the estimation of his 
property, he sooner or later went away after his own concerns ; hence 
we find that some discharged their office at one month, others at 
another, one stayed a fortnight, another 3 or 4 weeks. This burden, 
so grievous to the Vassals and not advantageous to the Lord, was 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

changed into a money payment called Fines or Castle Guard Rent, 
and the Richmonders redeemed themselves from the yoke of this 
servitude by paying half a mark for each Knight's Fee. The 
number of Carucates in a fee is very uncertain — 8, lo, 14, 18, or even 
20, sometimes more or less, according to the quality of the land, also 
the munificence or parsimony of the Lord is to be considered, some 
acting more sparingly, others more profusely, in requiring greater 
or easier services. In general, six Carucates of land, each about 
120 acres made in this district, one fee, which was valued at 6/8, so 
when any part of that fee was sold, a certain proportion of 6/8 went 
along with it, according to the quantity or value of the land disposed 
of. From this circumstance we have in Richmondshire at this time 
many small Castle Guard Rents which with other rents in the Dutchy 
of Lancaster payable to the King were on the 22nd of Charles IL, 
1650, vested in trustees to be sold. Since that time they have been 
paid to receivers, who collect them twice a year for different persons 
that by various means have got grants of them. There are Egerton's 
fees. Tempest's, etc. These are the proportions of the Fee settled 
upon the lands for which they are paid.' 

In 1650 Francis Smythson and Thomas Smythson with others 
purchased some Fee Farm Rents amounting to £21^ 19, \\ for 
^311, II, \o\. 

RICHMOND,' 1814. 

Page 61. — 'John I., Earl of Richmond 1268, about 4 years after he 
obtained the Earldom agreed with the Priests of Egglestone or 
Athelstan Abbey that six of their number should do duty in Rich- 
mond Castle daily, and pray particularly for the soul of Beatrix, his 
late consort, till his own death and after his obit for the soul of each 
and of all faithful departed. . . . For their maintenance he assigned 
them a Capital Messuage in Moulton, with the Abbey lands and 
a water-mill there, and gave them liberty to cut down the timber 
growing upon an acre of ground in his wood at Wittcliff.' 

Page 63 (note). — 'Tor had a Manor here (Moulton) before the 

conquest in the time of King Edward. Domesday Book states that Earl 

Alan had in demesne three Carucates or Hides,* 120 acres each, and 

4 tenants and four cottagers with one Carucate and a half. In the 

* Carucate, Norman ; hide, Saxon. 



9th of Henry 3rd an act of Parliament was made to restrain people 
from giving lands to the religious. Nevertheless, in this long reign of 
56 years there was founded, as is supposed, at Moulton, near Richmond, 
" Begar," a priory of Carthusians, made an alien cell to the Abbey of 
that name in Bretagne, which upon the suppression of foreign houses 
was granted first to the Chantry of St. Ann at Thirsk, then to Eton 
College, afterwards to the Carthusian Priory at Mount Grace, near 
Osmotherley, and lastly to Eton College again. At Moulton there is 
a farm possessed by Mr. Sayer, fifty acres of it only when in tillage, 
hay, and a beggar's tithe of one-thirtieth, and there are some old build- 
ings there called " the Cell.'" 

Stephen, 3rd Earl of Richmond (1093), founded the Begar Monas- 
tery of Cistercians in Bretagne, obit 1 137, aged 90. Emsant Musard, 
a Norman, the first Constable of Richmond, ' was in great favour with 
King William the Conquerer and Earl Alan, as he obtained many 
possessions which Tor, an Englishman, formerly enjoyed, and who, 
unless there is a mistake, discharged the office of Constable under the 
Earl, for it is certain that almost all the lands he possessed descended 
as an inheritance to the Constables of Richmond.' 

Page 117.—' In the South Aisle of St. Mary's Church, Richmond, is 
the following inscription on brass : " Here lieth the body of Chris- 
topher Pepper, Esq., who departed this life the 28th day of March, 
A.D. 1635." The Peppers of St. Martin's afterwards removed to 
Pepper Hall, near Cowton, in this county. They also had an estate 
at Farnton Hall, in the parish of Bishop Wearmouth, co. of Durham. 
Sarah, daughter of Cuthbert Pepper of Moulton, Esq., by Sarah, one 
of the Coheiresses of Arthur Prescott of Blackwell, near Darlington, 
married John Arden of Stockport, from whom the very respectable 
family of Arden and the late Lord Alvaney are descended.' 

Page 196.— 'The Church of Grey Friars was founded 1258, and 
was surrendered in 1 539 by Robert Sanderson, the last master, and 
14 Brethren. The present building was erected not long before the 
dissolution, and said not to have been finished.' 


'The Manor of Eggleston was part of the possessions of the Earl 
of Westmorland, and was purchased from the Citizens of London 
by indenture dated 9th January, 163 1, by John Child, of the Inner 
Temple, London, Esq., and Daniel Britain, citizen and vintner. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

' In 1632 Child and Britain conveyed the Manor to Tobias Ewbank 
of Staindrop, from whom it came by purchase to the family of 
Sandersons, and in the beginning of the last century was sold to 
Mr. Hutchinson's ancestors.' 


In the Name of God, Amen. 

Dated 20"" January, 1562. 

Thomas Smythson of Burton Leonard, sicke in body, but of pfect 
memorye, God be praised. 

I do ordeyn and make this my last Will and Testament in maide 
and forme flowing : 

I bequethe my Sowle to God Almightye, y" maker and Redemer 
of y'' hole worlde, and my Bodye to be buried in y*" Churche Garthe of 
Burton afforesaid. 

To James Smytheson of Rypon, my brother, 40V-' 

To Edward Smythson my brother, 16^-, I forgeve him y^ 47- he 
oweth me to make it swathe 20''/-. 

To Thomas Waye, one cowe and one lame. 

To Rawf, my brother's sonne, one cowe and one lame. 

I bequeth my tale and interest of my fifarmeholde to Anne, my wife, 
and Jennet, my daughter. 

Resedue of all my goodes, my debtes payde and ffufiall expesses 
mayde, and my will proved, I geve and bequethe to Anne, my wife, 
and Jennet, my daughter, to be equally devided between them, and I 
order and make the said Anne, my wife, and Jennet, my daughter, 

my executrices. 

Witnesses : Christopher Wave and 
Edward Lawson Vicare 
there with ors. 
Probate lost. 

Will in bad condition, has been torn through and pasted on a sheet 
of paper. 



Know all men by these presents that I, Elizabeth Smithson, of 
Bedall, co. York, Widow and Relict of Thomas Smithson, late of the 
same place and co., Gentleman, my late husband deceased, intestate, 



for divers good causes and considerations are hereunto moving Have 
and by these presents Do Renounce all my Right, Title, and Interest 
in and to the Admon. of the Goods, Chattells, and Credits of the said 
Thomas Smithson, and do consent that the same may be granted to 
Ralph Thompson of Bishop Auckland, co. Durham, Shopkeeper, the 
principal creditor of said deceased. And to the End that this my 
Proxy of Renunciation may have due effect, I do hereby constitute 
and appoint Thomas Thwaites of Richmond, co. York, Gent., my true 
and lawful Procurator for me and in my Name to appear before the 
Worshipful W" Stratford, Doctor of Laws, Comissary of the Arch- 
deaconry of Richmond in the Diocese of Chester, to exhibit this my 
Proxy of Renunciation. 
Dated 4"^ Nov', 1747. 

'Elizabeth Smithson.' 
Witnesses : R. Galby 

George Geldart. 

This is sealed with a flying dragon rampant, but there is no shield 
of arms in the proper sense of the term. 


Know all men, etc., John Barwick of Burroughbridge, co. York, 
Blacksmith, Ambrose Rooksby of Richmond, co. York, Gardiner, and 
James Thexton of Richmond, co. York, Gardiner, are bound to Rt. 
Rev. FMn God Samuel, Lord Bishop of Chester, in the sum of ^200, 
that said John Barwick shall duly administer the estate of Thomas 
Smithson,lateof Bedale in the Archdeaconry of Richmond, Gentleman. 

Dated 5"" Dec"^, 1747. 

Witness : Thomas Thwaites. 

Saturday, 5"' Dec"', 1747. 

On which day appeared personall the within Bound John Barwick 
the principall Creditor of the within named Thomas Smithson and 
prayed Administration of his Effects to be decreed to him, which was 
accordingly decreed, said John Barwick being sworn truly and faith- 
fully to administer the same. 




Memoirs of the Smithson Family 


Know all Men by these Presents that we, Elizabeth Smithson, 
widow ; Robert Webster, Weaver, both of Bedale ; and Richard 
Machell of Marby Rush ; all of the County of York, and Diocese of 
Chester, are bound to the Rt. Rev. Father in God Samuel, by Divine 
Permission, Lord Bishop of Chester, in the sum of ^100. 

Given the iq"" of July, 1748, 

The condition of this Obligation is such that if the above bounden 
Elizabeth Smithson, widow, of Bedale, aforesaid. Mother and 
Administratrix of Thomas Smithson, late of the same place, an 
infant, deceased, do make a true and pfect Inventory of all the Goods, 
etc., of said deceased, to be exhibited vnto the Registry of the Consis- 
tory Court in Richmond on or before the 19"' January next ensuing. 

Witnesses : John Nursaw 
R. Gall. 

Tuesday, 19* July, 1748, appeared personally the within bounden 
Elizabeth Smithson, widow, and alledged that she is the Mother of the 
within named Thomas Smithson, an infant, late of Bedale, deceased, 
wherefore she prayed Letters of Administration, of ail and singular 
the Goods, etc., of said deceased to be granted to her under sufficient 

The said Elizabeth Smithson was then sworn as usual duly to 
administer before me. 



Brit. Mus. Stowe MSS. 883 is a Survey of the Manor of Aldborough, 
West Riding, co. York, by 'W. D.,' A.D. 17 14, preceded by an 
' Explanation ' describing some of the antiquities of the place, and 
followed by two plans in pen-and-ink — one of the borough, the other 
of the manor of Aldborough. On the latter, which is partly coloured, 
is written : 'Surveyed An° Dom. 1708, by R. Smithson, April 14*, 
1714. W. D.' Paper ff. 17. 

Brit. Mus. Harleian MSS., 1487. Visitations of Yorkshire, 1530, 
1584, 1612. 



Fo. I So. Yorkshire Visitation 1612. 

Anthony Catarick,=f= Isabel, dr. of S'' Raufe Graye, of 
now living, 1612. I Northumberband, Bt. 

Margaret, £et. 3, 16 12 
(added in another hand) ' marr^ to — Smithson.' 

Fo. 4461$. 

Thomas Appleby of Clonelody- 
and Huntington, in psh. of 
Romaldkirk, 1612. 

Dorothy, dr. of Christopher 

I I 

4 sons I dr. (Mary)=Anthony Dale 

(Christopher, Ambrose, of Sain- 

Seth, Francis). thorpe. 

British Museum. 

Add MSS. 29660. 

Paver's ' Genealogical Scraps derived from Old Deeds.' 
P. 167. 

Smithson^ (?) 

a dr.=Bett. 

a dr. (Mary)=Tho. Raven, 
liv. 1675. liv. 1675. 

Add MSS. 29647, 29648, 29649. 
Consolidated Visitations of Yorkshire, with additions from legal 
evidence and other creditable sources by W'" Paver. 

Add MS. 29647. 
P. 18. Appleby of Linton. Tho^ Appleby of Clove lodge and of 
Lartington, P. Romaldkirk. co. York, living in i6i2=:Dorothy, dr. of 
Ch"" Smithson. 

P. 90. Birkbeck of Sheffield. 

Peter Birkbeck, =pMary, dr. and heiress of Thomas 

Rector of Castleford, born in 16 14 
or 15; living 13 Aug., 1666 ; in 
1639 of p. of Normanton ; Vicar 
of Ledsham 1662 ; Curate of Kip- 
pax and ord. Priest 1638. 

Nelson of Altofts, born about 
1618; mar. 1639 or 40, beinj 
then of p. Sandall 

I I 

5 sons. Mary, wife of William Smithson, Gent., 

of Methley, born ab 1642 ; liv. 1666. 

4 drs. 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

p. 213. Conyers of Boulby. 

Nicholas Conyers of Cleasby=Grace, dr. of Christopher Smithson 
of Moulton. 

P. 344. Fairfax of Mensington. 

Charles,=f Mary, dr. of John Brerchaugh, or 
Brearey, Gent, of Mensington, 
alias Menston, and sister and 
heiress of Tho^, her brother ; 
died 18 Oct., 1657 ; mar. 1625 or 
1626, then of P. Fewston. 

son of Thomas Fairfax, Lord 
Fairfax, and Eleanor or Ellen 
Aske, born 1595 or 1596; living 
4 Ap. 1666 ; died 1675. J.P.W. 
1648, 50, and 59 ; in 1625 of p. 

I I I 

9 sons. Eleanor, liv. 1672, wife of George 3 drs. 

Smithson, Escf , of Moulton. 

VOL. 104. 

P. 95, note. Will of Edward Knarysbrought of Walkyngam Hill, 
Yeoman. Proved at Richmond 13 Eliz., 16 Jan^. To my waged 
servant, John Smithson. 

P. 212. Witness to Will of William Deaconson of Fuiston (? Few- 
ston, G.R.S.), 29 June, 1597. Nich. Smytheson. 

P. 245. Roll 2 and 3, James I. Membrane 7. May 22, iij James j. 
Tuition of Ruben Smithson. John Lambert of Eastewood Head, is 
admitted as tutor of Ruben, son of Nicholas Smithson of Fuiston, 

P. 248. Membrane 14. 3 and 4 James I., 2 May, 1606. Witness 
to Will of John Bramley of Withorawe laine in Fuiston psh. 
Nich. Smithsonn, clarke. 

P. 249. Membrane 15. 3 and 4 James I., 11 May, 1606. Witness 
to Will of Robert Thorpe of the pshe. of Fuiston. 
Nich. Smithson, clarke. 

Wills of the Knaresborough Court before 1660 are at Knaresborough, 
entered in the Rolls preserved in the office of the Deputy Steward in 
the Castle Yard. 




Courts of which the Wills are at York. 

Prerogative (see Yorkshire Archccological Society's Index). 
Consistory Court. 


Dean and Chapter, Archdeaconry East Riding, Chancellor, Pre- 
centor, Dean, Sub- Dean, Succentor. 

Dean's Peculiar, Hexham and Ripon. 

Acomb, Alne and Tollerton, Beverley, Bishop Wilton, South Cave, 
Fenton and Sherburn, Howden, Linton-on-Ouse, Mexborough, Salton, 
Selby, Snaith. 

Prebendal Courts. 

Ampleforth, Apesthorpe, Bilton, Bole, Bugthorpe, Holme, Hus- 
thv/aite, Langtoft, North Newbould, Osbaldvvick, Riccall, Stillington, 
Strensall, Wadvvorth, Warthill, Weighton, Wetwang, Wistow. 

Manorial Courts. 
Askham Bryan, Beeford, Newton-on-Ouse, Shipton and Overton. 

Manorial Courts. 
Barnoldsvi'ick, Bolsterstone, Silsden. 

The Wills of the Manorial Court of Nether Kellet in Londsdale 
Deanery of Richmondshire are believed to be in private hands, if they 
have not been lost or destroyed. 


William Burbank's Second Letter to King Henry VIII. 
MS. Cotton, Vitell, B. II., Fo. 94, b. Orig. 

Please it your most noble Grace, after that I had closed my former 
letter unto the same, I received from your faithful servant, M"" Richard 
Pace, my fellow, in writing, how that the priest that poisoned my 
Lord and Master was induced by his confessors, by means of the 
Bishop of Worcester, that he should instantly deny his confession. 
And the said bishop labore'd to have instruments made upon the 
same. By inforcing of his said confessors he denied the space of two 

177 N 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

days, being all that time in point of death ; but ever he did barn and 
curse the bishop of Worcester, and the time that ever he began to 
have familiarity or practice with him. About the sext hour of the 
xxvith day of this month, the said priest died of his own wilful stroke. 
Albeit iiij or v houres before he died, he granted anew unto his 
surgeon and physician that he poisoned my said Lord, but he did not 
shew by whose instance, being so commanded by his confessors. 
The Pope's Holiness hath promised that justice shall be ministered 
in this behalf, and that all his confessions and process made against 
the said priest shall be kept in surety for your Grace to look upon at 
your pleasure ; with also sundry letters of the said bishop's which 
(as he saith) be wholly against himself. There is no confession of 
the said Ranald taken there in effect, save only his first confession, 
which remaineth in process of the Judges. He saith also that my 
Lord Your Grace's protector hath promised that the said priest's body 
shall be either burnt or quartered. He saith that many great men 
hath offered themselves to kill the said Bishop of Worcester for this 
act, and that all Rome be inflamed against him for the same, both 
spiritual and temporal. He writeth also that he is surety informd 
that the said Bishop is taken, but the Pope's Holiness, having regard 
that he is Your Grace's Orator, it is thought he will desist from 
condign correction doing against him, whilst he shall perceive your 
pleasure in that behalf Thus I shall beseech the blessed Trinity for 
the preservation of your most high and Royal estate. 

From Florence, the xviii'h day of August at night, MDxiiij. 
Your most humble, true and faithful subject, 

[William Burbanke.] 

To the King's most noble Grace. 

A letter of Richard Pace, the other Executor of the deceased 
Cardinal, written to Cardinal Wolsey, contains two references to 
Dr. Wm. Burbank. 

He alludes to the departure of Mr. Burbank from Rome to Florence, 
and says : 'Furthermore, I do write at this time to M'" Burbanke for 
to present unto Your Grace's own order rich cloth of arras and some 
other things worthy to be given unto Your Grace.' ' As for M^ Bur- 
banke, I doubt not he will consent to all things determined by me as 
principal executor named in my late Lord's Testament.' 

The following notices of Wm. Burbank are to be found in the 
' Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, of the Reign of 
Henry VIH.,' 1519-23 : 



The Notarial Certificate of the Oath of the Commiss'-s of 
Henry VIII. and Charles V. to the treaties for the interview and 
for mercantile intercourse was made by Wm Burbanke, Archd" of 
Carlisle, and Robert Toneys, Canon of York, 12 April, 1520, in a 
certain Chapel in the Royal Manor House of Greenwich. 

989. Wolsey's Commission to Sir W™ Gascoigne, W"' Burbank, 
LL.D., and Thomas Cromwell, gent., to survey the monasteries of 
Tykford, Ravenston, Poghley, Medonenham, Wallingford, Finchin- 
broke, etc, to be converted to the uses of Cardinal's College, Oxford. 
Westminster, Jan. 4, 1524. 

1 137. (2) Dissol" of monastery of Beigham byWm Burbank, LL.D., 
Archd" of Carlisle, as Com'" for Henry VIII. and Wolsey, West^ 
I April, 1524. 

(4) Also Dissol" of Causay by W™ Burbank, Feb. 11, 1524. Seal of 
W. Burbank attached. (8) Dissol" of Liesnes, 13 Feb., 1524, by 
Burbank. (10) Dissol" of Poghley, Feb. 14, 1524, with Burbank's 
Seal attached. (12) Do. Sandwell, Feb. 4, do. do. (16) Do. do. 
Tonbridge, Feb. 8, do. do. (14) Do. do. Stanesgate, Feb. 9. 
(17) Tyckford, by W. Burbank. 

1252. A Commission by Wolsey to Robert, Bishop of Chichester, 
and W™ Burbanke to the Monastery of Begham of the Premonstra- 
tene Order to enquire into certain scandals of the Abbot and Monks. 

1298. Pat. 16 H. VIII., p. 2, m. 4. Power of enquiry to W"» Bur- 
banke, clerk, who took the deposition of Sir W^" Saye, showing his 
title to certain lands to be for his life only in Somerset, Berks, Devon 
and Cornwall. 

Sir Christopher Nelson, priest, was Kinsman to Dr. Burbank. 

Altofts, in psh. of Normanton : 

Thomas Smythson vli. x*^ 
Wni Smythson vili. xii*^ 

Gilbert Smythson vli. x'' 

Snydall, in same psh. : 

Carolus Smythson iii. iii'' 

Sir Matthew Smythson, Curate of Saxton, wit. to the will of Robert 
Sancton of Saxton, 1536. Probably the same whose Inventory was 
made at Sherburn in 1556. 

179 N 2 

Memoirs of the Smithson Family 


Potter Newton. Bills. A bill persons. No harness. 

Wm Smythson. 
Gawthorpe, Archers, Thomas Smythson. 

Robert Smithson was Recorder and witness to the will of George 
Thursbre or Thoresby of Thorganby in 1580. 


1578, Aug. 24. Leonard, ch. of Rich. S. of Chapeltown, bapt. 

1580, April 19. Wm Smithson of Hunslet, bur. 

1587, Feb. 6. Xpo, s. of Xpo S. of Houlbeck, bapt. 

1587, Nov. 7. Xpo S. and Jenett Ryley m. 

1589, May 9. Isabel, ch. of Xpo S. of Holbeck, bapt. 

1592, May 28. John, ch. of Xpo S., bapt. 

1594, Aug. 7. Henrie, s. Xpo S. of Houlbeck, bapt. 

1597, Jan. 6. Eliz., ch. Xpo S. of Wortley, bapt. 

1602, Aug. II. Agnes, ch. Xpo S. of Houlbeck, bapt. 

1604, April 18. Xpo Smithson, bur. 

1608, Sept. 25. Francis, s. of Tho. Smithson, bur. 

1609, Dec. 17. Xpo, s. Tho. Smithson of Armley, bapt. 

1 61 3, Aug. 18. Alex'', s. of Xpo Smithson of March Laine. 

161 3, Mar. 31. Eliz., dr. of John Smithson of Timblebridge. 

161 3, May 2. Xpo Smithson and Dorathy Hebdon. 

1617, May 6. Rob' Smithson of psh. of Snaith and Marye Wilson 

of this psh. 

1620, Jan. 8. Wm, ch. Xpo Smithson of Timblebridge, bapt. 

1623, June 28. George S. and Jane Jackson of this psh., m. 

1623, Aug. 27. George, s. Xpo Smithson of Timblebridge, bapt. 

1623, Sept. 4. James, son of Xpo S. of „ bur. 

1624, April II. EUzabeth, ch. George S. of Call Lane, bapt. 

1625, July 5. Wm Cocker and Eliz. Smithson of Timblebridge. 

1625, July 19. John Smithson and Isabell Browne, m. 

1626, Jan. 8. Margaret, d. George S. of Call Lane, bapt. 
1626, May 4. George, ch. of Jo. S. of Timblebridge. 
1628, Jan. 20. George, ch. of George S. of Call Lane, bapt. 
1628, May 14. Thos., ch. of John S. of Timblebridge, bapt. 
1628, June 28. Rich'' S. and Eliz. Crooke, Call Lane, m. 



1628, Nov. 16. Thos., son of Jo. S. of Timblebridge, bur. 

1628, Dec. 4. Isabell Smithson, wid. Brigget, bur. 

1628, Dec. 21. John, ch. of Xpo S. of Timblebridge, bapt. 

1629, Aug. 10. John, s. Rich. S. of Call Lane, bur. 

1631, May 15. John, ch. of George S. of Call Lane, bapt. 

1631, June 22. Rich'', s. Rich. S. of Call Lane, bapt. 

1631, Oct. 20. Jennet Smithson of Call Lane, wid., bur. 

1631, Dec. II. Rich'^ Smithson of Call Lane „ 

1632, Dec. II. John Smithson of Kirkgait „ 

1633, Feb. 2. Wm Curryer of Kirkgait and Eliz. S. of Call Lane m. 

1633, Nov. 12. Rich"* S. and Issabel Hebdin of Houlbeck m. 

1634, May 18. Rich"^, ch. of Rich"^ S. of Houlbeck, bapt. 
1634, July 6. John, son of George S. of Call Lane, bur. 

1637, June II. John, s. of Lancelot Smithson of Woodhouse, bapt. 

Note. — Joseph Denison m. Elinor Smithson, dr. of Henry Smith- 
son of Leeds and Arthington, and had issue (i) Sir Thomas Denison, 
Justice K.B., who m. his first cousin Anne, dr. of Roundell Smithson 
and widow of Dodson of Kirby Overblow, s.p. Her sister m. Stephen 
Harrison of Stubhouse, whose grt-grandr. Maria Beverly m. Edmund 
Becket, who assumed the name of Denison. His son was the 
1st Lord Grimthorpe. 


Cols. 574, 575- 

Erasmus Roterodamus Gulielmo Burbanco, S.D. 

Is demum vere amat, qui gratis amat. At tu Erasmum immeren- 
tem, tarn constanter tarn ardenter amas, ut vix quemquam invenias, 
qui sincerius, aut pertinacius, aut vehementius amet promeritum. 
Roma a me nullis provocatus officiis, quo afifectu amplecti coepisti ? Nee 
interim vel tantillum refrixit in me tua gratuita benevolentia, cum tot 
jam annis nullum id genus officiorumintercesserit, quibus inter amicos 
solet ali renovarique charitas. alioqui desuetudine solita languescere. 
O pectus amicitia; candorique natum, quod ego in redamen, tum non 
deprecor quo minus omnes me dicunt adamantem gcstare in pectore, 
aut si quid adamante durius. Atque hie quoque juxta proverbiam 
gratia gratiam parit. . . . Apud amicos, tu fac nomenclatorem agas, 
ac nominatim singulis ex me salutem dicito. Bene vale, vir integerrime, 
Lovanio, r Septcmb , Anno. 1520. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Translation of Letter 526. 

He in fine, loves truly who loves without reward. But, thou 
lovest Erasmus though undeserving of it, so constantly, so ardently 
that thou wouldst hardly find anyone who would love a deserving 
object more sincerely or more pertinaciously or more vehemently. At 
Rome, though constrained by no obligations on my part, with what 
affection thou didst begin to embrace me ? Nor in the meanwhile or 
for long has thy gratuitous benevolentia cooled towards me, though 
now in so many years none of that kind of services hath been per- 
formed, by which among friends charity is wont to be nourished and 
renewed, or else to languish by constant disuse. O breast born to 
friendship and candor, which I would love again, only I fear lest all 
sh'' say that I carry an adamant in my bosom, or if possible something 
harder than adamant. And here also according to the proverb, grace 
begets grace. 

Among the friends, make thyself a giver of names and by name to 
each of them say 'good health.' Farewell, most upright man. At 
Louvain, i Septemb., 1520. 

Letter dcci. 
Col. 816, D. 

Erasmus Roterodamus Tonesio, Consiliario Cardinalis Eboracensis, 

Vir ornatissime, non injuria me objurgat per literas Gulielmus 
Burbancus, quod te tam candidum amicum, tam fortem patronum, 
tarn insigniter eruditum hominem, nunquam hactenus salutarim 
Epistolas. In causa est, quod dum et amicis et inimicis cogor 
respondere, quorum ingens et numerus, nullum temporis spacium 
mihi vacuum relinquitur. 

Datum Basilea, 5 Septembris, Anno 1524. 

Epistola dcccxcvi. 
Col. 1017, D. 

Erasmus Rot, Stephano Gardinario, S.D. 

Quoniam antem vix paucis licebat scribere, onerato te negotio 
salutandi omnes — Burbancum cum caUeris qui nobis bene volunt. 
Bene vale. 

Basilea, 3 Septembris, Anno 1527. 



Translation of Letter 8i6. 

Erasmus of Rotterdam to Robert Toneys, Counsellor of the Cardinal 
of York, S.D. 

Most honoured Sir, William Burbank doth not reproach me without 
cause in his letters, because I never have made mention hitherto in 
letters, of thee, so candid a friend, so signally learned a man. This is 
the cause, that while I am obliged to reply both to friends and foes, of 
whom the number is immense, no vacant space of time is left to me. 

Given at Basle, 5 September, 1524. 

Translation of Letter 1017, 

Erasmus of Rotterdam to Stephen Gardiner, S.D. 

Since however it was hardly allowable to write to a few, I will load 
you with the business of saluting all. Burbank, with the rest who wish 
us well. Farewell. 

Basle, 3 September, 1527. 


Printed by Sir Henry Ellis from the Originals in the 
British Museum. 

I. From four years at the Court of Henry VIII., being Despatches 
written by the Venetian Ambassador Sebastian Giustiniani, vol. ii., 
pp. 59-60. 

London, April 13, 1517. 

I have also been told by the friend aforesaid (Chieregato) that 
a confidential secretary of the Right reverend Cardinal's, said to him, 
' Our masters here are incessantly plotting confederacies and frauds, 
but never effecting anything ; expressing himself, as it were, with 
indignation, which is confirmed to me by the language of the King.' 

Ellis's Letters, Etc., Vol. I., First Series. 

Pp. 99 to 105. Letter xxxv. with modernized spelling. 

William Burbank to King Henry VIII. upon the death of Cardinal 
Baynbrigge at Rome, a.d. 15 14 (MS. Cotton, VitcU. B. II., fol. 97, 

Note by Sir Henry Ellis : Richard Pace and W" Burbank were. 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

the Cardinal's Secretaries, and were appointed by him the executors of 
his will. Pope Leo X. recommended them in strong terms of kindness 
to the favor of King Henry VIII. 

Please it your most excellent Grace to wit, that, as touching the 
cause of the death of my Lord and Master my Lord Cardinal, your 
Grace's late Orator, because that as well before his departure, by the 
Physicians, as after by a — man that opened his body by the Pope's 
commandment, it was judged, he should have been poisoned, or at the 
least, great tokens, and as some said, manifest things thereof appeared, 
the Pope's said Holiness hath since caused most diligent and exact 
examination to be made upon the same. And because it was known 
almost manifestly that the bishop of Worcester [Silvester de Gigleis] 
now y' Grace's Orator, was enemy unto my said Lord, it was suddenly 
noised through the city that he should have been the author of this 
great pretended offence. A certain priest named Ranalde of Modena 
was much in my Lord's chamber, and always dear and familiar with 
the said bishop of Worcester. Upon suspicion, he was taken by the 
Pope's commandment and set in the Castle of Angelo. Because 
I should conduce home my said Lord's company, and commit your 
Grace's, his Holiness commanded me to be continually at the said 
examination directed by the Auditor of the Chamber, the Castellan, 
two bishops, and the Fiscal, with sundry notaries, to the intent that I 
seeing the order thereof should so make relation to your Grace. I 
carried there whilst three days after my said Lord's departure were 
expired, so that then our company had no house to tarry in but must 
needs depart. All this time the said Rainalde would nothing grant of 
his offence or knowledge connected in this behalf Albeit it be granted 
that many times he revealed my Lord's secrets unto the said bishop, 
and sundry other things whereby the Judges esteemed him worthy to 
suffer torture ; and delivered unto his learned counsel a copy of his 
said confession for his defence, with sufficient respite of time to answer 
unto the same according to the law, whereupon supposing no — con- 
fession to have been made by the said Ranalde I took my leave of the 
Pope's Holiness [and took the road] of Florence. Your true and 
faithful servant my fellow, Master Richard Pace, hath sent unto me 
his letters desiring me to advertise Grace upon the contents of the 
same. He writeth that the said Ranalde within a little time of his 
deliberation to answer freely and without minishing on any matter, 
hath openly confessed that he himself put poison into my said Lord's 
pottage at the desire and conduction thereunto of the Bishop of Wor- 
cester ; this he did soon after the feast of Corpus Christi last. He 
confessed that the said Bishop gave him for his labors in this behalf 



XV ducats of gold, some large, and some de camera. Item, that the 
said Bishop said these words unto him, If we rid not this Cardinal of 
the world, we shall never be in quietness.' 

Item, he confessed that one Stephen, secret chamberlain unto the 
said Bishop of Worcester, was [privy] thereunto. He saith he did 
buy the said poison in a city named Sp[oleto] not very far from Rome, 
and kept it a good space in his chamber under a tiled stove. All this 
his confession is written in proctor's book by his own hand, and hath 
confessed the same unto my Lord Cardinal de Medicis, your Grace's 
protector, whom the Pope's Holiness (after he was informed by the 
said Judges hereof) set purposely to know the very truth. Not only 
the said Ranalde hath thus confessed and written the same of his 
own hand, but also confirmed it with a great oath. He made this 
confession freely, to the intent it should be shewed immediately unto 
the Pope's Holiness, supposing thereby that his said Holiness should 
have granted him his life, and desired the same of my said Lord de 
Medicis, who answered that he should pardon of all things that he had 
confessed (which was theft and many other enormities) save only of Kill- 
ing of my Lord Cardinal. Upon the morrow after the said Ranalde, with 
a small knife that he had secreted, smote himself, wilfully intending 
to have killed himself, and thereof is in point of death as is supposed 
without recovery ; and saith that he knoweth perfectly to be for this 
act perpetually damned. My said fellow writeth that the said Bishop 
hath obtained such friends by means of his money, that he trusteth to 
escape this jeopardy of correction. And also that some, your Grace's 
lovers shewed him since my departure from Rome that the Pope's 
Holiness would gladly have the matter colored upon the Bishop's 
part specially, for that service that the said Bishop should have done 
for his Holiness in procuring (so far as in him lies) peace betwixt 
Your Grace and the P>ench King. Verily I cannot believe that His 
Holiness ever intended this, remembering so strait examination as he 
hath caused to be made herein, and from the beginning thereof knew 
perfectly that all suspicion hereof was only against the Bishop. And 
I trust verily his Holiness will advertise Your Grace right shortly upon 
the whole process made in this behalf, for in the beginning of this 
examination he said that if it were possible he would 'reddere 
rationem sacrtc Majestati Vestrne super interitu Cardinalis sui.' 

Besides this, all the whole College will call for the correction hereof. 
He writing to me also that all Rome is full of the rumour of this 
detestable act, the aforesaid Stephen is taken and set in the Castle. 
Some there be that hath noised in Rome how that the poison should 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

have been sent from England by a prelate there, being enemy unto 
my said late Lord, and promised the same to be ministered unto him 
by his cook. Whereupon sundry men hath enquired the same both 
of my said fellow and me, whereunto we answered that our Master 
had no such enemies in England, nor that Prelates of England and 
English born were ever disposed to any such acts. My said fellow 
writeth that since the said confession was shewed unto the Pope's 
Holii.ess, much secret labor hath been made unto the same : that the 
said Ranalde should revoke or excuse his said Bishops, and to have 
compassion upon him, else he said that he must needs be undone ; 
tho' it were but only by means of my Lord Cardinal Hadrian. In all 
haste possible, after that knowledge came unto me, I did despatch this 
bearer towards Your Grace for to advertise the same of the premises. 
My said fellow writeth nothing what order is intended for the correc- 
tion hereof. I have therefore written unto him that in any wise he shall 
signify unto your grace when and as soon as the said order shall be 
determined. In time of writing . . . I was soon ceased, as may some 
deal be perceived by the rude manner of the beseeching Your Grace 
to have patience therein with me. Thus I shall during life humbly 
beseech our Lord Jesus for the preservation of Your Grace's most 
high and royal estate. 

From Florence the XXVII I"' day of August, MDXIIJ. 
Your Grace's most lowly, 

faithful, and true subject 

(The signature burnt off.) 
To the King's Most Noble Grace. 


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Moulton Hall, an ancient residence of 
the Smithson family, 23 ; the Earl of 
Richmond and the Manor of Moulton, 
24 ; mt-ntioned in Domesday Book, 25 

Moultons Ambo, existing traces of, 25 

Musters in Skyrack Wapentake, 180 

Newsham family of Smithsons of Kirby 
Ravensworth, i 

Nicolson's, Joseph, ' History and Anti- 
quities of Westmoreland and Cum- 
berland,' 160 

Northumberland, the Duke of, descen- 
dant of Hugh Smithson, haberdasher, 

Paver's extracts from the York M. L. 
bonds, 63 
' Genealogical Scraps from Old 
Deeds,' 175 
Peacock's list of Roman Catholics, 1604, 

in CO. York, 166 
Pedigree of Smithson of Methley, 
Yorks, 60 
tentative, of Smithson of Thor- 
manby and Malton, 59 
of the Smithson family of 
Fewston and of Gill, 62 
Peel, John, the hunter, 19 
Prerogative Act books, Smithson (stray 
notes from the), 1667-1717, 164 

Romalkirk Church registers, 76 

Roman Catholics in co. York, 1604, 

Peacock's list, 166 ; in Middleton 

Tyas parish in 1604, 166 

Roman road, traces of the old, through 

the parish of High Brownrigg, 21 

settlement at Gatherley Grange, 25 

Scott, Joseph, of Tuns End, violin 

maker, 19 
Skelton parish registers (Cumberland), 

Skyrack Wapentake, musters in, 180 
Smithson, origin of the name, i 
Smithson, Alfred, b. 1867, 16 
Anthony, of Anertree, 11 
Anthony, of Bothel, 10 
Anthony, founder of a family in 

Cumberland, 4 
Anthony, son of Hugh Smithson, 

haberdasher, 48 
Anthony, of Kirkland, 11 
Anthony, of Newsham, son of 
Wm. Smithson of Newsham, and 
ancestor of the Smithsons of 
Stanwick and of the Duke of 
Northumberland, 9 
Anthony, of Newsham, elder son 
of Wm. Smithson, temp. Henry 

vn., 8 

Anthony, of Newsham, son of 
William Smithson of Newsham, 


Anthony, son of Robert Smithson 
of Newsham, 46 

Augustin, of Newsham, son of 
Robert Smithson of Newsham, 
d. 1716, will of, 45 

Bernard, apothecary, son of Ber- 
nard Smithson of Newsham, 49 

Bernard, jun., son of Bernard 
Smithson, apothecary, 49 

Bernard, of London, apothecary, 3 



Smithson, Calvert, of Kipling, son of 
Nicholas Smithson of Kipling, 
29 ; Chancery suit between him 
and his brother's children, 30 

Charles, a noted lawyer in the reign 
of Queen Anne, 3 

Charles, of Christ's College, Cam- 
bridge, 3 

Charles, son of George Smithson of 
Moulton, d. y., 39 

Charles Holmes, b. 1866 at Halifax, 


Christopher, son of George Smith- 
son of Moulton, bap. 1670, d. 
1702, 40 ; his will. 41 

Christopher, of Moulton, son of 
Leonard Smythson of Moulton, 
b. circa 1650, 28 

Christopher, son of Nicholas Smith- 
son of Kipling, 30 

Christopher, bur. 1668, son of 
Thomas Smithson of Moulton, 
gent., 32 

Cuihbert, a noted physician, son 
of Leonard Smythson of Moul- 
ton, 28 

Cuthbert, son of Thomas Smithson 
of Moulton, gent., 1697, 33 

Cuthbert, son of Thomas Smith- 
son, jun., of Moulton, bap. 1708, 

Edward, son of Thomas Smithson 

of Moulton, gent., 33 
families in the Tudor times, wills 

of, 2 
family of Fewston and of Gill, 

tentative pedigree of the, 62 
family of Newsham and of Cum- 
berland, 5 
Francis, son of Bernard Smithson, 

apothecary, 50 
Francis, draper and merchant, b. 

1595. son of Anthony Smithson 

of Newsham. 44 
Francis, of Richmond, draper, 3 ; 

a Quaker, 4 ; his will, 136 
Franklin, b. 1864, 16 
George, jun., b. 1653, son of 

George Smithson of Moulton, 


George, of Moulton, b. 1611;, son 
of Christopher Smithson of Moul- 
ton, 31 ; succeeded his father, 
1650, 37 ; d. 1692, 38 ; eventful 
life, 38, 39 

George, a recusant, 1604, son of 
William Smithson of Newsham, 

George Robinson, b. 1865 at 
Halifax, 16 


thson, George, son of Thomas 

Smithson of Moulton, gent., bap. 

1672, 33 
George, son of Thomas Smithson, 

jun., of Moulton, bap. 1709, and 

succeeds his brother Cuthbert, d. 

1774. 35 
George, b. 1822 atWarth Sudden, 15 
Hugh, of Barton, son of Robert 

Smithson, 6 
Hugh, haberdasher, created Baro- 
net by Charles 11., 3 ; conformed 

to the Established Church, 4 
Hugh, haberdasher, son of Anthony 

Smithson, created Baronet, 48 
Hugh, son of Hugh Smithson, 

haberdasher, 48 
Hugh, of Newsham, eldest son of 

Wm. Smithson of Newsham, 

temp. Hen. IV., 8 
James, of Crosby Ravensworth, 11 
James, b. 1786 at Hallbeck, 15 
James, b. 1856, 16 
John, b. 1758, d.s.p., 14 
John, b. 1781, d.s.p., 15 
John, founder of a family in Cum- 
berland, 4 
John, founder of the Ellanby 

family, 10 
John, of Altofts, son of William 

Smithson of Newsham, 6 
John, son of Anthony Smithson of 

Newsham, 48 
John, son of Bernard Smithson, 49 
John, of Caldbeck, bur. 1759, 12 
John, circa 1718, of Caldbeck, 12 ; 

joins the Society of Friends, 13, 20 
John, son of George Smithson of 

Moulton, bap. 1667, d. 1701, 40 
John, of Melsonby, son of Leonard 

Smythson, d. 1637, 29 
John, of Newsham, husbandman, 

son of William Smithson of New- 
sham, 7 
John, of Newsham, son of William 

Smithson of Newsham, 44 
John, 'Papist Priest of Kipling,' 

son of Nicholas Smithson of 

Kipling, 29 
John Snowden, b. 1862, 15 
John, son of Thomas .Smithson, 

jun., of Moulton, bap. 1703, 34 
John, son of Thomas Smithson, 

jun., of Moulton, bap. 1711, 36 
John, b. 1824 at Wartli Sudden, 15 
John, of Walbourne, son of William 

Smithson, jun., of Newsham, 7 
John, son of William Smithson of 

Newsham, probably a prisoner, 

York, 52 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Smithson, Joseph, b. 1782, d.s.p., 15 
Joseph, b. 1833, 16 
Joseph, jun., b. 1867 at Halifax, 17 
Joshua, b. 1721, 12 
Joshua, b. 1783, d.s.p., 15 
Joshua, b. 1752 at Bendrigg, 14 
Joshua, of Croydon, 1759, 12 
Joshua, jun., b. at Halifax, 1861, 16 
Joshua, b. 1818 at Warth Sudden, 

Joshua, of Woodhall, d. 1720, 12 ; 

his will, 20, and Appendix, 91 
Leonard, of Brompton-on-Swale, 

son of Nicholas Smithson of 

Kipling, 30 
Major George, of Lilburn's Horse, 

Matthew, of Uldale, 10 
of Methley, Yorks, pedigree of, 60 
Miles, b. 1761, 14 
the Newsham family of, of Kirby 

Ravensworth, i 
of Newsham, descendants of 

William, 43 
Nicholas, of Kipling, son of 

Leonard Smithson of Moulton,29 
Ninian, son of William Smithson 

of Newsham, and probable 

founder of the Kent branch, 51 
Ralph, of Newsham, son of Anthony 

Smithson of Newsham, temp. 

Henry VIH., 8 
Ralph, second son of Ralph Smith- 
son of Newsham, 8 
Rev. Anthony, fourth son of 

Anthony Smithson of Newsham, g 
Richard, son of Anthony Smithson 

of Newsham, 45 
Richard, of Bothel, 10 
Richard, son of Hugh Smithson, 

haberdasher, 48 
Robert, of Altofts, son of William 

Smithson of Newsham, 6 
Robert, of Dalton, son of Robert 

Smithson of Thornton Watlas, 6 
Robert, of Gatherley, son of Robert 

Smithson, man-at-arms, ancestor 

of the Smithsons of Moulton and 

Kipling, 7 
Robert, of Kirkland, 11 
Robert, of Newsham and Hutton 

Long Villars, son of Anthony 

Smithson of Newsham, 45 
Robert, of Newsham, yeoman, son 

of Anthony Smithson of New- 
sham, d. 1749, 46 
Robert, of Newsham, yeoman, son 

of Robert Smithson, mortgages 

and sells his land, 47 

Smithson, Robert, of Newsham, yeo- 
man, son of Robert Smithson, d. 
1767, 47 

Robert, of Thornton Watlas, son 
of Peter le Smytheson, 5 

Robert, son of William Smithson, 
jun., man-at-arms at Agincourt, 
7, 26 

Robert, son of William Smithson 
of Newsham, his will, 50 

Roger, of Gilberdyke, son of 
William Smithson of Newsham, 6 

Rowland, son of Thomas Smyth- 
son of Gatherley, 26 

— , sergeant-at-law, 1636, 3 

Sir Hugh, great-great-grandson of 
Hugh Smithson, haberdasher, 
created Duke of Northumber- 
land, 48 

Sir Jerome, son of Hugh Smithson, 
haberdasher, 48 

Symon, son of Anthony Smithson 
of Newsham, believed to have 
founded the Irish branch, 48 

Thomas, b. 1827, 16 

Thomas, b. 1861, 16 

Thomas, third son of Ralph Smith- 
son of Newsham, 9 

Thomas, of Bedall, admon. of, 
1747, 172, 174 

Thomas, jun., of Caldbeck, 11 

Thomas, of Cowton Grange, son of 
Hugh Smithson of Newsham, 
ancestor of the Smithsons of 
Cowton, 8 

Thomas, son of George Smithson 
of Moulton, d.s.p., 39 

Thomas, of Ireby, d. 1670, 11 

Thomas, of Moulton, gent., b. 
1620, son of Christopher Smith- 
son of Moulton, 31 ; his will, 
32, 36 

Thos., of Moulton, son of George 
Smithson of Moulton, bur. 1810, 

Thomas, Prior of Hexham Abbey, 
1491, 2 

Thomas, jun., son of Thomas 
Smithson of Moulton, gent., 
d. 1741, 32 

Thomas, son of Thomas Smithson, 
jun., of Moulton, bap. 1700, 33 

of Thormanby and Malton, tenta- 
tive pedigree of, 59 

William, son of Anthony Smithson 
of Newsham, 46 

William, son of George Smithson 
of Moulton, d. y., 39 

William, of Leeds, draper, 43 




Smithson, William, of New sham, son of 
Anthony Smithson of Newsham, 

William, of Newsham, eldest 

son of Ralph Smithson, temp. 

Ed. VI., 9 
William, of Newsham, son of 

Robert Smithson of Thornton 

Wallas, 6 
William, jun., of Newsham, son of 

William Smithson of Newsham- 

in-Broghtonlith, gent., 7 
William, of Newsham, son of 

William Smithson of Newsham, 


William, of Newsham, temp. Queen 
Elizabeth, son of William Smith- 
son of Newsham, temp. Ed. VI., 

William, of Newsham-in-Broghton- 

lith, son of William Smitlison of 

Newsham, 6 
William, of Newsham, son of 

William Smithson of Newsham, 

William, son of Peter le Smythe- 

son, 5 
William, of Tallentier, 11 
William, son of Thomas Smithson, 
jun., of Moulton, bap. 1719, 36 
Smithsons of Arthington Nunnery : 
Smithson, Henry, b. circa 1650, 52 
Henry, son of Henry Smithson, 

Henry, of Newton, Leeds, son 

of John Smithson, 53 
Rev. John, Rector of Kirk 
Heaton, son of Henry Smith- 
son, 53 
John, Salter, of Leeds, son of 

Henry Smithson, 53 
John, son of John Smithson, 53 
Roundell, of Chapel Allerton, 
tanner, son of Henry Smith- 
son, 52 
Samuel, b. circa 1677, son of 
Henry Smithson, 52 
Smithsons of Bothel, 10 

of Gatherley and Moulton, 23 
as merchants, 3 

the, and the Papal Communion, 2 
of Uldale parish, 10 
Smytheson, Hugh le, of Liverpool, 
1260, I 
Peter le, of Thornton Wallas, 

1327. 5 
Robert, of Tliornton Watlas, 5 
Smythesonne, William le, of Thornton 
Wallas, 1265, I 

Smythesonne of Kerperby, 5 
Smythson, Anthony, of High Gatherley, 

son of Thomas Smythson of 

Gatherley, 26 
John, of Huby, will of, 2 
John, of Nun Stainton, 1265, i 
Leonard, of Moulton, son of 

Thomas Smythson of Gatherley, 

b. circa 1536, 26 ; founder of 

Moulton Hall, 27 ; the will of 

Agnes, his widow, 27 
Leonard, mentioned in Glover's 

' Visitation of Yorkshire,' 28 
Nicholas, Vicar of Middleton Tyas, 

son of Thomas Smythson of 

Gatherley, 26 
Robert, of Gatherley, b. in temp. 

Henry VI., son of Robert Smyth- 
son, man-at-arms, 26 
Sir Matthew, clerk, inventory of, 94 
Thomas, of Altofts, son of John 

Smithson, 6 
Thomas, of Gatherley, son of 

Robert Smythson of Gatherley, 

d. 1573, 26 
Thomas, son of Robert Smythson 

of Gatherley, 26 
William, Prebendary of Fenton, 

1530, 2 
William, son of Robert Smythson 

of Gatherley, 26 
Society of Friends, Dublin, from the 
registers of the : marriages, 79, 81 ; 
births, 80, 82; deaths, 81, 83 
Surtees' Hist. co. Durham, School 
Ayliffe, 1563, 165 

Thormanby parish registers, nr. 
Easing wold, 70 

Vaux family of High Brownrigg, the, 21 
Visitations of Yorkshire, 1530, 1384, 
1612, 174 

Wakefield, wills at, 177 

Whelpo, meeting-house of Friends at, 


Wills : 

Will of Agnes, widow of Leonard 
Smithson of Moulton, 27 
Agnes Smythson of Moulton, 

1599. 105 
Augustin Smithson of Newsham, 

Augustine Smithson of Hutton 

Long Villars, 1744, 147 
Brian Smithson of Cowton 

Grange, 1571, 118 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Wills (continued) : 

Christopher Smithson, son of 
George Smithson of Moulton, 

Cuthbert Smithson, son of 

Leonard Smythson of Moul- 
ton, 28 
Dorothea Lady Smithson, 1691, 

Elizabeth Smithson, Surrey, 

1761, 153 
Francis Catherick, 1560, 121, 122 
Francis Smithson, Middlesex, 

1758, 163 
Francis Smithson of Richmond, 

1671, 136 
George Smithson of Moulton, 38 
Isabella Smithson of Wakefield, 

1761, 152 
John Smithson, 1634, 139 
John Smithson of Caiterick, 

1701, 145 
John Walpole Smithson, Pts., 

1728, 156 
Joseph Smithson, 1679, 138 
Joshua Smithson of Gillbottom, 

1771, 148 
Leonarde Smythson, 1569, 127 
Nicholas Smithson of Kipling, 29 
Nicholas Smithson of Romald- 

kirk, 1613, 137 
in the Peculiar Court of Masham, 

1602, 163 
Philadelphia Smithson, York, 

1765, 149 
Philippe Smithson, 1655, 144 
Radulphi Smithsom als Smysson 

of Garfax, 1558, 119 
Radulphi Smysson als Smythson 

of Newsam, 1553, 126 
Robert Smithson of Newsham, 

son of William Smithson, 50 
Robert Smithson of Newsam, 

1622, 130 
Samuel Smithson of Gill, Few- 

ston, 1740, 150 
Thomas Smithson of Moulton, 32 
Thomas Smithson, 1564, 128 
William Smithson of Bents, Few- 

ston, 1754, 148 
William Smithson, doctor, Mid- 
dlesex, 1758, 154 
Henrie Smythson of Burton 

Leonard, 1602, 136 
Henry Smythson, clerk, 1528, 99 
Margaret Smythson of Gayles, 

1579, 124 
Margerie Smythson of Newsam, 
I5S4. 127 

Wills [contimied) : 

Ralph Smythson of Newsam, 

1582, 128 
Thomas Smythson of Cowton 

Grange, 1543, 124 
Thomas Smythson of Burton 

Leonard, 1562, 172 
William Marshall of Moulton, 
1542, 120 
Wills at Durham, 177 

of the Smithson families in the 

Tudor times, 2 
Smithson (Cumberland), 68 
Smithson, in the Carlisle Registry, 
1564-1600, 93 
Wills in Carlisle Probate Registry : 
Proved 1607. Richard Smithson of 
Bothel, 83 
1608. John Smithson of ' Allam- 

1608. John Smithson of Awka- 

tree, Uldale, 84 
1618. William Smithson of ' Blen- 

rasseth,' Torpenhow, 84 
1623. Isabel Smithson of ' Blen- 
rasert ' Torpenhow, 85 

1630. Richard Smithson of Blen- 
erhasset, Torpenhow, 85 

1631. William Smithson of 
Dovenby, Bridekirk, 85 

1661. Richard Smithson of 

Bothel, 91 
1671. John Smithson of ' Ellan- 

by,' the elder, 90 
1682. William Smithson of AU- 

warby, Aspatria, 90 

1684. Richard Smithson of 
Mainsehall, Ireby, 90 

1685. Thomas Smithson of Blin- 
rasset, 89 

1689. John Smithson of AUonby, 

1690. Ann Smithson of ' Blen- 
rasset,' Torpenhow, 86 

1694. Elizabeth Smithson of 
Bothel, Torpenhow, 87 

1698. John Smisson of Bothel, 
Torpenhow, 87 

1700. Mary Smythson of Alwer- 
by, 87 

1705. John Smithson of Carlisle,8i 

1708. Juliana Smithson of Car- 
lisle, 88 

1709. Thomas Smithson of Skel- 
ton Woodfoot, 89 

1719. Joshua Smithson of Wood- 
hall, Caldbeck, 91 

1721. John Smithson of Alwerby, 
Aspatria, 91 



Wills (continued) : 

1758. Thomas Smithson of 

Blennerhasset, 92 
1782. Grace Smithson of Blen- 
nerhasset, 92 
Wills, sixteenth century : 

1545. Richd. Smythson, 94 
1547. Wni. Smithson of Slait- 
burne, 93 

1596. Isabel Smythson, 94 
1598. Edmund Smithson of New- 
house, 93 

Wills, Carlisle wills and grants Smith- 
son in sixteenth century : 

1574. Wm. Smithson of Tallen- 

tier, 105 
1576. Anthony Smithson of Kirk- 
land, 105 
1578. Anthony Smithson of 

Bothel, 106 
1578. Anthony Smithson of 

Auertree, 106 
1583. James Smithson of Crosby 
Ravensworth, 106 
notes of Knaresborough : 

1597. Wra. Dickinson of Fin- 
ston, 117 

1632. Susanna Smithson of 

Ffinston, 117 
1679. Joseph Smithson, 117 
in the Honor Court of Knares- 
brough, 1640- 1858, 162 ; from 
the Court Rolls, 176 
Wills of Smithson (sixteenth century), 
notes of some Richmondshire : 

1553. RadulpheSmyssonof New- 

sam, 102 
1553. Mergerie Smythson of New- 

sam, 102 
1566. Elizabeth Smithson of 

Newsam, 103 
1569. Leonarde Smythson of 

Gailes, loi 
1571. Brian Smithson of Cowton 

Grange, 100 

1578. Raffe Smithson of (iarfax, 

1579. Margaret Smythson of 
Gayles, 103 

1582. Rauffe Smythson of New- 
sham, 104 
notes on sixteenth-century : 

1503. John Smythson de Howby, 

1530. Thos. Smythson of Altofts, 

1533. Roger Smythson of Hes- 
lington, 96 

Wills {cont'mucd) : 

1534. Richard Smythson of 
Huby, 96 

1535. Robt. Smythson of Kettle- 
well, 96 

1536. Adam Smythson of Thorpe 
in Street, 96 

1542. Robert Smythson of Sut- 
ton in Galtres, 99 

1553. Thomas Smythson of Nor- 
ton, 97 

1553. Thomas Smythson of Nor- 
manton, 98 

1554. Thomas Smythson of Ter- 
rington, 99 

^55^- John Smythson of Norton, 

1557. Charles Smythson of Sny- 

tall, 98 
1557. Jenet Smythson of Great 

Habton, 99 

1557. Robert Smythson of Foul- 
bin, 99 

1558. Oliver Smythson of Newe 
Malton, 97 

1558. Philippe Smythson, 97 

1558. Simon Smythson of Thorn- 
ton in Pickering, 99 

1558. Emote Smythson of 
Thornton in Pickering, 99 

1564. Thos. Smythson of Kirby 
Misperton, 99 

1566. Robert Smythson of Kirby 
Misperton, 99 

1566. Robert Smythson of Apple- 
ton le Street, 99 

1567. Nicholas Smythson of Set- 
trington, 99 

1568. Isabel Smythson of Ripon, 

Wills : Notes on seventeenth-century 
wills in York, London, and Car- 
lisle : 

i6ii. Roger Smithson of Great 

Habton, 107 
1612. Wm. Smithson of Kettle- 
well, 108 
1612. Allison Smithson of Beford, 

1614. Allison Smithson of Kettle- 
well, 108 

1615. Edmund Smithson of 
Kettlewell, 108 

1616. George Smithson of Kettle- 
well, 108 

1619. Wm. Smithson of York, 

draper, 108 
1622. Edmund Smithson of 

Kettlewell, 108 


Memoirs of the Smithson Family 

Wills {continued) : 

1625. Anthonie Smithson of Hor- 

ton, 108 
1627. Margarett Smithson of 

Little Habton, 109 

1630. Elizabeth Smithson of 
Yorke, no 

1631. John Smithson of Kettle- 
well, 112 

1637. Wm. Smithson of Ching- 

ford, III 
1637. John Smithson of Great 

Habton, 112 
1640. Margerie Smithson of 

Great Habton, 112 
1642. John Smithson of Great 

Habton, 112 
1644. Roger Smithson of Black- 
house, 112 
1648. Richard Smithson of Meth- 

ley, gent., no 
1648. Thos. Smythson of Jolby, 

gent., 113 

1648. Ellen Smithson of Rippon, 

1649. Nicholas Smythson of Pom- 
frett, grocer, 109 

1654. Wm. Smithson of Crookes, 

1655. Philipp Smithson of York, 
draper, no 

1658. George Smithson of Black- 
well, 113 

1661. Anne Smithson of Ponte- 
fract, no 

1662. Richard Smythson of Meth- 
ley, 112 

1671. Ann Smithson of Methley, 

Wills {coniinucd) : 

1672. Hugh Smithson of London, 
haberdasher, 114 

1673. Theodosia Smithson of 
Methley, no 

1673. Robert Smithson of Flaxby 

Moorside, no 
1680. Wm. Smithson of Leeds, 

draper, no 
1684. John Smisson of Fouldby, 

1689. Edmund Smithson of Hud- 

dersfield, 113 
1691. Dorothea Lady Smithson, 

1694. Robert Smithson of Ossett, 


1697. Lady Mary Smithson of 

York, 113 
1699. Bernard Smithson, jun., 
of Hornchurch, 115 
Wills of two citizens of York : 

Xrofer Smytheson, draper, 1590, 

Thomas Smytheson of Yorke, 104 
Wills at Wakefield, 177 
Winston-on-Tees, notes from Rev. F. 

E. Sadgrove, Rector, 73 
Woodhall, the estate of, 22 
Wybergh, Jeffry, the ' building rector," 

York M.L. bonds in York Diocesan 
Registry, notes of, 64, 65 
Diocesan M.L. bonds, 1700- 1704, 

64, 6s 
will of John Smithson of Catterick, 
1701, 14s 
Yorkshire lay subsidies, 179 




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Form L9-116m-8,'62(D1237s8)444 

tabular lPc^it3l'ec ot tbc Sinitbsons of iSathciicv an^ riDoultoit. (B) 

jms ot Ihe Untile of Agincourt. 3 Hen. V., and w 
I Soulhamplon, 7 May, 8 Hen. \'. ; living 29 Hei 

ioned in molher's 

T.eonanl Smithson=pAgnes. dr. and coh. of Robert 
of Moulton ; gr. inlesl., Wylde of Long Cowlon and 
Yoik, 10 son Xtopher ; gr. dr. of Kichanl Crostiy of 
d. at York, 1597. Richmond. 

Nicholas Smilhson, 

Vicar of Middleton Tyas, 1543 ; 

1556 witness to two wills, men- 

lioned in father's will, 1573. 

Anthony Smilhson, 

in father's will. 



mes Thom- 
on, previini 


mentioned in 

fallier's will, 


Christopher Smithson,= 

Janc=John Patlisoi 
of Dobsole, 
CO. YntW. 

John Sniithson, 
t Roman Catholic priest ; 
ent abroad and returned ; 

bur. at ScortoQ. 

for North Riding 
and for Norlhal- 
lerton ; d. 1692 ; 

rEIeanor, dr. of Col. 
I Chas. Fairfax, of 
i Menston, nr. Oiley; 

and niece of Thos.. 

Lord Fairfax ; bapt. 

Otley. Feb. 15, 

Thomas Sniithson, =f 
gent., of Moulton I 
Manor ; b. 1620 ; 
w. pr. 1697. 


Wa&tell of 
Ellen on. 

1630-31 ;m. Jan. 20 





Mary.=i=Rev. Luke Cotes. 

Dorothy=Thomas Culhberl, 

Edward, Gra 

1652-53, al bt. 




b,l674; Vicar ot Birstal 

Garth in father's 

in father's i 

b. 1668; 

b. 1669. 

gent., of 


b. 1672 ; 

(1. 1714. in 1702; after 

of Bolton will, 

will, fatli 

bur. 1669. 

Moulton ; 

d. 1736. 

in Tather's 

Dean of Middle- 

Garth, 1697, 
CO. Dur- 

.697. w 


d. 1741. 


Two sons. 

ham, 1698. 

George Smith-=f ^I'ss Jane Blacketl \Vil- Elei 
son of Moul- I of Sockburn Hall, liani, b. l 
ton, b. 1709 ; near Darlington ; h. 

George Smithson,= 

patris; bur. Oct. 

Chas. , Thomas, Eleanor,=Rev. Wn 

beth, Broi 

John=Anne. dr. of 
Smilhson, Wm. Saville, 
Esq., b. Esci,,ofPon- 

Smilhson, Est)., 
of Scorlon ; b. 
1670; d. 1702 ; 

Eleanor, bapt. Nov, 29, 

, of Toft Hill, Bishop 



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