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Full text of "Genealogical notes of the Washburn family : with a brief sketch of the family in England, containing a full record of the descendants of Israel Washburn of Raynham, 1755-1841"

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Works Consulted. 

Mitchell's " History of Bridgewater," 1840. Emory Washburn's 
"Judicial History of Massachusetts," 1840. "Two Hundredth Anni- 
versary of Bridgewater," i8j6. "Notes of Livermore," Israel Washburn, 
Jr. "■ In Menioriani," by fa'iiily of I. Washburn, Jr. " An address on 
Henry Gratiot," by E. B. Washburne, 1884. Peach's " Notes and Records 
oi the Washbourne Family," 1896. " Divine Poems " of Thomas 
Washbourne. D. D., 1654. With Memorial Introduction by Rev. A. B. 
Grosart, 1868. " Brief Notice of Lieut. Samuel Benjamin." 

English authorities are given where quoted. 

Thanks are also due the members of the Washburn family v/ho have 
contributed to the value of this book by patiently answering the many 
questions which were asked them; and especially to those who in addition 
to this favor, kindly gave access to the material for the notes of the 
family in England. 

J. c. w. 

Livermore, November i, 1898. 

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^ "^-^ %^ ! ^^5^ 






Grosart puts the date of the Washbourne family before the 
Norman Conquest (nth Century). 

In Herald's College, London, Vol. I., page 54, is given; 
Washbourne. A name of ancient Norman descent ; the founder 
was knighted on the field of battle by William the Con(iueror 
and endowed with the lands of Little Washbourne and Great 
Washbourne, Counties of Gloucester and Worcester.* 

In his "Britannia" Camden says: Under these Bredon Hil's 
southward you see two villages named Washbourne, Vv-hencc 
came the surname to a very ancient and worshipful Family iu 
this tract. 

Nash in his history of Worcestershire says: Little Wash- 
bourne, anciently Wassebourne, (which means literall)- Water 
brook) is sometimes called Knight's Washbourne from the 
knightly character of the Washbournes, who took their surname 
from hence ; for men generally have their names from tov/ns and 
not towns from men.t He also says the family of Washbourne 

♦Grosart says while Great \^'3shbourne is in the borders of Glouces- 
tershire, Little Washbourne is in Worcestershire, but not distant. 

tNash's History of Worcestershire, Vol. II., p. 2C3. 

6 N'otcs of WasJibu7'7i Genealogy 

were Lords of Stanford, and that Sir Roger dc Washbourne held 
in Stanford what his father, Sir John de Washbourne, formerly 
lield, Stanford passed to John Sohvay in his marriage with 
Isolde Washbourne about 1400 A. D. 

Grayerbrook in "Heraldry of Worcestershire," Vol. II., p. 609, 
says: Washborne — of Washborne, Wichenford and Stanford: 
This ancient family was seated at Little Washborne in Over- 
bury before the reign of Edward TIL Roger dc Washborne, 
living about the reign of Edward III., had two sons both 
named John. The elder having no i?sue, was succeeded by his 
grand nephew, John Washborne of Washborne and Stanford, 
the son of Peter Washborne who was the son of John, the 
younger son of Roger de Washborne. 

John Washborne was twice married; by his first wife Joan, 
daughter ar^d heiress of Sir John Musard, he had one daughter — 
Isolde — who married John Solway and carried with her the 
Stanford Estates. He married 2d ]Margerey Pohcr (or Power), 
daughter of Lord John Poher, by whom he inherited large 
estates at Wichenford in 1397. After his marriage wiih 
]Margerey Power, John W^ashborne lived at Wichenford C 

and died there May 13, 1454. The Washborne family conti 

to live at Wichenford for six generations. The following namics 
appear in the line : 

Norman, High Sheriff, married Elizabeth Kynaston. Son of 
John \\'ashbourne and Margerey Power. 

Jciix of Wichenford, son of Norman. 

AxTHONV, born 15 13, married Anne Rede. 

The WashhoHriic Family ifi Englaiid 7 

John, Twice High Sheriff of Worcestershire, Justice of Peace 60 
years. Jklarried, 1st, IMary Savage, 2d, Elenor Lygon ; died 
1633, aged 85. Tomb to himself and his father, Anthony, in 
Wickenford church. 

John, married Alice, daughter of Henry Robinson. Citizen of 
London. Died 1615, aged 48. 

William, married Lettice, daughter of Lord Lyttleton. Died, 

John, born 1620. A prisoner at battle of Worcester. Com- 
pounded for his estate with Parliament (1651) for £797 los. 
Married Elizabeth Child. 

Col. John Washborne, born 1620, was a distinguished Royal- 
ist in the time of the Rebellion. He joined King Charles IL at 
Worcester, Aug. 26, 165 1, "with forty horse." At the battle of 
Worcester, which Cromwell called "'a crowning mercy," he was 
taken prisoner and compounded with Parliament for his estate 
by paying £797 los — but the author of Magna Britannia tells us 
"He was even with them paying them more than once in another 
metal." He was fined by Charles L, for not taking the Order 
of Knighthood, £35. He married Elizabeth Child. His 
daughter Mary married Sherrington Talbot, from v;bom 
the present Earl of Talbot is descended. She died March 30, 
1661, at Stourton Castle and is buried at Kenvir, Co. Stafford. 

The direct male line of Washbornes of Wichenford expired 
in the person of William Washborne who sold Wichenford in 
1712 to Mr. Skynner, and afterward resided at Pytchley in 
Northamptonshire. By his marriage with Hester, daughter of 

8 Azotes of WasJibiirn Goicalogy 

Sir John Ernie, he had one daughter, Ehzabeth, who married 
Frances Money-Kyrle, Esq., whose descendant, Audlcy !Money- 
Kyrle, has recently repaired the Washborne tombs in Wichenford 


Wichenford Court was one of the largest mansions in 
Worcestershire with moat, drawbridge, etc. It stands near 
Wichenford church, about six miles northwest of the city of 
Worcester and about twenty miles from Great Washbourne and 
Little Washbourne (Stanford). Wichenford parish contains 
2,672 acres. 

In Edward III.'s time a family of the name of Poher was 
seated at Wichenford. From them it passed to the Washbornes 
through the marriage of Jolm Washborne with Margerey Poher 
(commonly called Power) 1397. The male line failing, it was 
sold from the family in 171 2. Since then it has passed through 
many hands and has recently been purchased by Admiral Daniel 
Britten, who lives in and is owner of the adjoining parish 01 
Kens wick (1897). 

The interior of the house appears to be older than the 
external brick casing, and one of the rooms on the ground floor 
is still an object of interest to the antiquary, with an enriched 
frieze and cornice running round it, and contains an elaborate 
Jacobaean chimney-piece in oak. 

The fireplace is flanked with pilasters, and above it are two 
panels between grotesque caryatids. The dexter panel contains 
a shield with the Washbourne arms, mantling, and crest with 
burning flax. In the other is a rebus, some kind of a plant 
issuing out of a tun, referring perhaps to the wife's maiden name. 

lO Notes of lVashbur?i Genealogy 

In the frieze are grotesque lions' masks ; the whole being of rude 
but sumptuous character.* 

Some of the fine old wainscoting was removed from Wichen- 
ford Court in 1895 and put up at Kenswick by Admiral Britten. 
Some Washbourne portraits, said to resemble American Wash- 
burns, are also to be found in the Kenswick mansion of Admiral 
Britten, which were removed from Wichenford Court. 

It was in this old Washbourne :Manor-house at Wichenford 
that one of the Bourbon Princes was confined and is said to have 
been put to death by Lady Washbourne in the absence of her 
husband, when Owen Glendower was encamped on Woodbury 
Hill in the reign of Henry IV. 

*VV, Niven's " Ilhistralions of old Worcestershire Houses," p. 3^' 


, <r s ■•v::' t.. 



V*.';- >"'■/' 

. ■■'-^'-VT- ^ 

f lYi aiSt 



Near the old Washborne Manor-house at Wichenford is the 
old parish church, built in 1262 and dedicated to Saint Lawrence. 
After extensive restoration in 1863 it was reopened for public 

The oldest portion is the tower, which has duplicated but- 
tresses set square at the angles and in each wall a small lancet 
light. The interior has a steep-pitched, open-timbered roof, a 
well-proportioned chancel arch and seats accommodating about 
two hundred w'orshipers. 

In this church are two monuments of the Washbourne family, 
which were also restored in 1863 by William }*Ioney-Kyrle, Esq., 
of Homme House, Herefordshire, who is a descendant of the 
\\'ashbournes, being a great-great-grandson of Elizabeth Wash- 
bourne of Wichenford, who was married to Frances Money- 
Kyrle, Esq., A. D. 1723. 

One of these tombs was erected by John Washbourne 
(Sheriflf). The original inscription is now gone; and instead of 
it, is a brass plate at the base of the tomb inscribed thus : 

"This monument was erected by John Washbourne, Esq., 
in pious memory of his father, Anthony Washbourne, Esq., as 
also of himself and his two wives, the first Mary, daughter of 
Erancis Savage of Eimley Castle, Esq., and the second, Elenor, 
daughter of Richard Lygon of Madresfield, Esq., descended from 
one of the co-heiresses of the Lord Bcauchamp of Powick. The 

12 Azotes of Washburn Genealogy 

said John Washbourne being- at the time of this inscription (1632) 
of the age of 84 years." (He died in 1633.) On this tomb are 
effigies of John Washbourne and his son, probably, both armed 
except the head, at their feet a Hon ; and above these in niches 
in tlie wall are two gentlewomen kneeling, being portraitures of 
his two wives. Between them are Washbourne arms, being 
Argent, on a fess between six Martletts Gules, three quatrefoils 
of the first. This tomb is on the north side of the chancel. 

In the southwest corner of the church near the font is another 
monument. The original inscription is gone; but on the wall 
below the Washbourne arms, quartered with the arms of Power, 
is a brass plate thus inscribed : 

"In memory of John Washborne, Esq., grandson of Anthony 
Washborne, Esq., and son of John Washborne, Esq., (and also 
of his wife and children) who departed this life 25th Sep. 161 5 
aged 48." On the north side of this monument kneel two sons 
and a daughter. 

\V. Habbington, who first took these transcriptions, adds that 
"He (John Washborne, Sheriff of Worcestershire) was the best 
continual housekeeper and the best beloved Gentleman in the 

He was the father of seven sons and six daughters. 

Nash speaks of two other Washborne tombs which were in 
Wichenford Church in 1640, now gone, one inscribed "Here lie 
the bodies of John Washbourne Esquire and Margerey Power his 
wife." He died May 13, 1454. The other, "Here lies John 
Washbourne Esq., son of Norman Washbourne Esq." With 
Washborne and Power arms. 

I Old Churches a?id Tombs 13 


I In Pytchley Church, Northamptonshire, within the rails of 

the altar is a stone inscribed : 

" William Washbourne Esq ; was buried xith day of August, 

1702.'' Upon four freestones on the ground in the chancel: 
• I. " Here lieth the body of John Washbourne, Gent., who 
i was taken out of this world the i6th of Jan. 1685."' 
i II. " i\Irs. Elizabeth Gray, daughter of William Washbourne 

Esq., was buried the 26th day of March 1692.'' 

III. " Mrs. Elizabeth Washbourne, buried Feb. 7th 1700." 

IV. " Here lies Richard Waslibourne, sixth son of William 
, Washbourne, Esq., who departed this life 23d December, 1704. 

Mrs. Ann Washbourne, 1757. Widow. Hester Soums, 
I daughter of W. Washbourne, aged 89." 

j ''On Sep. 8, 1743, there died in St. James Street, Westminster, 
I Early Washbourne Esq., and his 'corps' was brought with great 


j pomp and solemnity to Northampton and lay in State that night 

j at the Red Lion Hotel and the next morning was carried to 
Pytchley and interred." 

Elizabeth Washborne, dau. of Thomas Washborne of Stan- 
ford, mar. John Pakington, ancestor of Lord Hampton, is buiied 
at Hampton Lovett. 

' Elenor Washbourne, who married ist Sir Richard Scrope and 

2d Sir John Wyndham, is buried in the choir of the Austin Friars 

! in Norwich. 

I In the records of Durham Cathedral can be seen the names 

of Wilhelmes de Wasseborne and Johannes de Wasseborne — 

i 1360 .A.. D, 

In the Cathedral at Gloucester there is a tom.b under the 
floor of the Ladies' Chapel. On the slab that covers the tomb 

14 Abies of Washhirn Ge7iealogy 

is the Washbourne coat of arms (three cinquefoils). This is the 
tomb of Thomas W'ashbourne, D. D., who was prebend of the 
Cathedral forty-fom- years. He took his degrees at BalUol Col- 
lege, Oxford, A. B., 1625 ; A. M., 1628 and D. D., 1636. 

Grosart says "Thomas Washbourne, D. D., was born at 
Wychenford Court 1607, and was son of John Washbourne and 
Elenor Lygon, if I do not misread the somewhat intricate roll of 
the Washbournes." He died ]May 6, 16S7, in the 80th year of 

his age. 

Like his kinsman, Col. John Washbourne, Thomas Wash- 
bourne was a zealous Royalist, in the time of the Rebellion, and 
preached a famous sermon called '* The Repairer of the Breach " 
in Gloucester Cathedral, May 29, 1661, " being the anniversary 
of His :SIajesty Charles H/s birthday and happy entrance into 
His Emperial City of London." 

He also published in 1654 a small volume of "Divine Poems." 
These poems were reprinted for private circulation in the Fuller 
Worthies Library, with a ^^lemorial Introduction and Notes by 
Rev. Alexander B. Grosart in 1868, and several copies have 
been brought to America by different members of the Washburn 


The following stanzas are from one of the " Divine Poems " 
of Thomas Washbourne, D. D., called 

Angels Our Guardians. 

" How dear to God is man 
That He His mercy should enlarge 

To this poor span, 

And thus to charge 
His Angels to keep every limb 
Of him. 

Old Churches and To?nbs. 15 

" Such are his strict commands 
To them, that they arc bound to bear 

Him in their hands, 

Secure from fear 
Of dashing- but his foot upon 
A stone." 

The Slab that covers the tomb of Thomas Washbourne has 
a long Latin inscription, to which lie requested this humble 
addition, " Chief of Sinners and least of God's Servants." 

In the same Chapel is a tomb to the brother of Thomas 
Washbourne, inscribed : " Sacred to the memory of the Rev. 
William ^^'ashbourne, M. A., a most worthy Prebend of Glouces- 
ter Cathedral, and fellow and ornament of Oriel* College Oxford. 
He gave up his spirit on his bended knees Nov. 28, 1675, in the 
60th year of his age." 

John Washbourne, ^I. A., Rector of Holt, Co. Worcester, 
obit. Aug. II, 1689, aged 48. Buried at Holt. 

Eliza Washbourn died at 27 and is buried in the Unitarian 
Chapel at Gloucester. In this Chapel and adjacent burial ground 
there are many interesting memorials to members of the Wash- 
bourne family. 

*One said merrily he wished he had a sinecure for he thought his 
parts lay much that way— It was one Washborne of Oriel.— \Yard's diary 
of 1648. 

1 6 Notes on Washhirn Genealogy 


The defeat of the King at the battle of Worcester and the 
subsequent forfeiture of the estates of Washbourn and Wichen- 
ford drove Daniel W'ashbourn to seek his bread in Gloucester, in 
which city his brothers Thomas and William held brebendal stalls 
in the Cathedral. Here his descendants continue to live, and 
published in 1896 " Notes and Records of the Washbourne 

Coat of Arms 1 7 


The Washbornes entered their arms in the Herald's College, 

London, A. D., 1633, and their arms and pedigree A. D. 1569 

and 1634. 

Burke's General Armory gives : 

"Washbourxe. — County of Worcester; a family of knightly 
degree, previous to time of Edward III. Direct male line 
ceased with William Washbourne of Wichenford and Pytch- 
ley, Esq. (1726) who married Hester, daughter of Sir John 
Ernie of Wrentham, Co. \\'ilts, knight, who left an ouly 
daughter, Elizabeth \\'ashbourne, w^ho married Francis 
Money of Willingborough, Esq. 

Arms: Argent on a fess between six I^Iartletts gules, three 
cinquefoils of the field. 

Crest: On a wreath a coil of flax argent, surmounted with 
another wreath argent and gules, thereon flames of fire 

Motto :" Persevera Deoque Confide."— [Given at Herald's 

College Vol. i p. 54.] 

(Martletts indicate 4th son.) 
An earlier arms differs from this in having three quatrefoils 
instead of three cinquefoils ; with motto " Purificatus non Con- 

1 8 Azotes of Washburn Genealogy 


The name of Washburn is derived from two words. Wash, 
which imphes the swift current of a stream, and bourn or burne 
is simply a brook or stream,* 

The name is variously spelled in the early records, and in this 
book the spelling of the original documents is follov/ed. 

The name is still spelled Washbourne in England, but in 
America the simpler Washburn is almost universal. The family 
of Hon. Elihu B. Washburne use the final "e." 

The earliest form of the name seems to be de Wassebourne. 

♦Edgar.— "Come o'er the bourn, Bessy, to me;" 

Fool.— "Her boat hath a leak 

And she must not speak 

Why she dare not come over to thee." 

— King Lear. 

Evesham BrancJi of the Washboiirne Family. 19 


Burke says the Evesliam and Wichenford branches of the 
Washboiirne family are from the same stock, both coming from 
the Dififord and Great Washboiirne family. Evesham is in the 
County of Worcester and about twenty miles from Wichenford. 

The earliest mention of the Washbourne family at Evesham 
is in the reigns of Henry HI. and Edvrard I. when the\ occupied 
the Evesham Abbey lands. [1216-1307.] 

John W^ashbourne was one of the first twelve Burgesses, 
constituted by the Charter 01 Evesham, granted by King James 
1. in the 3d year of his reign (1605), 

John Washborne was the first Secretary of the Plymouth 
Council in England, and was succeeded by William Burgess in 
1628. Whether the last mentioned John Washborne Vv^as from 
Evesham and whether he ever came to America are matters on 
which genealogists differ. 




In 1606 King James gave a sweeping grant of the Continent 
of America between latitudes 34 and 45 to tw^o Companies : the 
Southern part to the London Co., and the Northern to the 
Plymouth Company. jSIarch 4(15 new style) 1628 King Charles 
I. conferred a charter to the Plymouth Co., under which a 
corporation was created by the name of " The Governor and 
Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England." It was of 
the Council of these companies, •" Plymouth " and ''Massachusetts 
Bay," that John Washborne was Secretary till 1628, when he 
resigned and William Burgess took his place and came to 
America with Gov. \Mnthrop, 1630. 

The following letter relating to John Washborne, Secretary, 
is of great interest to the antiquarian : 

Taunton, Mass., Dec. i, 1898. 

Ivlrs. Julia Chase Washburn, North Livermore, ]\Ie. : 
^ladame — 
I have just returned from Boston where I spent a half hour in 
the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, in the examina- 
tion of the first record book of the Bay Colony. This first 
record was made by "J"*^ Washborne " and I enclose the record 
of the vote appointing him (John) 1st Secretary; I have signed 
his name as it is written on the records and I enclose the copy 
just as written, spelling, etc., the same as in the book. 

Sincerely Yours, 

George A. Washburn. 

Plymouth Coiincil 2 1 

The 9 Marche 162S 

This day John Washborne is cntertayned for Secretary for one 
whole yere to enter the courts to keepe the Companys accounts 
to make warrants for all ^Moneys to bee brought in or payed 
out and to geeve nottice at every meeting of such as are backward 
in payment of there subscriptions also for all purcession to bee 
made reddy, to call uppon such as have ye chardge v>hcreof 
w'by the shippes nowe bound flfor Newc England ]\lay be dis- 
patched by the 25 of this month at ffurdest ; his sallery fTor this 

yeere is to he in the prenisses & the office of a secretary 

to pf (orme) ffaithfuU dilligent & tr (eue) (i) ndevurs whervnto he 
doeth fulley & agree. 

Ji/^ )f)us4 Itrma^^ 

22 N'ofes of Washburn Genealogy 


John Washborne of Evesham was the first of record who came 
to America. The pros and cons of his being identical with the 
John Washborne who was connected with the Massachusetts Bay 
Co. in London are given below : 

Judge 2^IitcheU in History of Bridgewatcr says: "John 
Washburn* was tlie first Sec'y of the Plymouth Council in 
England. Whether he had any connection with the family in 
America is not known," 

Ex-Gov. Emory Washburn in "The Judicial History of 
Massachusetts," says: "The first Secretary of the Company 
(Plymouth) was John Washburn, but as he never came to 
America we have little to do with his history." (1840.) But n\ 
1856 this same Mr. Washburn, at the 2d Centennial Celebraiion 
of Bridgewater, said, "As I glance at the present Congress and 
see a name there three times repeated I shall hardly be charged 
with indelicacy if I recall the part which the first who bore it (in 
this country) took, after his traditionary connection with the 
Massachusetts Colony had ceased, as one of the Duxbury men, 
in the event we are now celebrating." 

In a foot-note on same page is the following : " John Wash- 
burn is believed to have been the first Sec'y of the Massachusetts 

♦Judge Mitchell says the name is spelled in the early records of 
Massachusetts, Washborne, Washburne, Washborn and Washburn, but 
he uses the last .spelling only in his History of Bridgewater. 

JoJm Washbonie 23 

In the Biography of Gov. Israel Washburn of Portland, 
printed by his family, he is there spoken of as a descendant of 
John Washburn of Evesham, " who is understood to have been 
the Secy of the Plymouth Council." In Appleton's Cyrlopedia 
of American Biography Vol. VI. p. 370, E. B. Washburne and C. 
C. Washburn are spoken of as descendants of John Washburn, 
first Sec'y of Council of Plymouth in England, who came to 
Duxbury, ]\Iass., 163 1. 

The investigation is still going on. ^Mr. L. P. Godell of Fort 
Worth, Texas, who designs to bring out an exhaustive history of 
the Washburn family in England and America, says, " I must can- 
didly say I am not to-day settled upon the identity of the two 
John Washburns, but I am studying the matter thoroughly." 

Col. George A. Washburn of Taunton, Mass., says: "I 
would like to be one of a number to raise a fund to settle this 
question whether ' Our ' John was the Sec'y in 1828 in England, 
but I have no doubt of it." /G "J-T" 

24 Notes of Waskdicrn Genealogy 


Judge Nahum Mitchell in History of Bridgewater, Mass.. 
says : " j ohn Washburn Mas early in Duxbury, Mass. He had 
an action in court against Edward Doten 1632, is named in the 
assessment of taxes 1633 and purchased Edward Bompasse's 
place, called 'Eagle's Nest/ 1634. He and his sons, John and 
Philip, were included in those able to bear arms, 1643, and his 
name is among the first freemen of Duxbury. John Washburn 
and his son John were two of the fifty-four original proprietors 
of the town of Bridgewater, Mass., 1645. They bought it of 
Alassasoit, sachem of the country of Poconocket for the following 
consideration : 

7 Coats, a yard and a half to a coat, 

9 Hatchets, 
8 Hoes, 
20 Knives, 
4 Aloose-skins, 
loj yards of cotton 

Miles Standish 
Samuel Nash 
Constant Southworth." 

First Gencratioji in A??icrica. 25 


1. John Washburn was born at Evesham, County of 
Worcester, England, and came to Duxbury probably in 1631. 
His wife, IMargery (aged 49), and two sons joined him there m 
1635, coming on the ship Elizabeth. They went to live at 
Bridgewater about 1665 and he died there before 1670. 
Children of John and Margery Washburn : 

I. John, born in Evesham, England, about 1621. ^-r- 

II. Philip, born in Evesham, England, about 1624. Died 
unmarried. ^^ CI - ^ •^- ^^ r-^.- w't ^ A^\s \< i - c >» -^ 

26 Notes of Washburn Genealogy 


2. John Washburn, son of John^ and Margery Washburn, 
was born in Evesham, County of Worcester, England, about 
1621. He came to Duxbury with his mother and brother PhiHp, 
aged J I, 1635, on the ship EHzabeth. 

lie married at Duxbury, 1645, Ehzabeth ^Mitchell, whose 
father, Experience IMitchell, was one of the forefatliers of the 
Colony, was with the pilgrims at Leyden, and came to Plymouth 
on the third ship, the " Anne," 1623. Children of John- and 
Elizabeth Washburn : 

I. Jonx^, married Rebeckah Lapham. 

II. Thomas', married, ist, Abigail Leonard, 2d, Deliverance 

III. Joseph^,* married Hannah Latham, granddaughter of 
Mary Chilton. 

IV. Samuel*^, born 165 1 ; married Deborah Packard. ■• -' 

V. Jonathan^, married Mary Vaughn of jMiddleboro', Mass. 

VI. Benjamin^, died in Phipps' expedition against Canada. 

VII. MARY^ married Samuel Kinsley, 1694. ICZ^^X.^J^'^^ 

VIII. Elizabeth^, married, 1st, James Howard; 2d, Edward 

IX. JANE^ married William Orcutt, Jr. 

X. Jamls^, married ]\Iary Bowden, 1693. 

XI. Sarah^, married John Ames, 1697. 

John- Washburn died at Bridgewater before 1690. 

Ex- Governor Emory Washburn 27 


*Ex-Gov. Emory Washburn was descended from Joseph^ 
W^ashburn, He was born at Leicester, Mass., 1800. He grad- 
uated at Williams College, 1817. He was in the General Court 
of I!^Iass., 1S26 and 1827, and in the Senate 1841 and 1842. He 
was appointed Judge of Court of Common Pleas 1844, resigned 
1847. He was elected Gov. of the Commonwealth in 1853. He 
accepted the Bussey professorship of law in Harvard University 
in 1856 and filled the position till his death, March 18, 1877. 
He died at Cambridge. The line of Emory Washburn is as 
follows : 

John^ Washburn and ^largery . , fk'.'-'^*.'}', 

John- Washburn and Elizabeth :Mitchell. ; 
Joseph^ Washburn and Hannah Latham, 'granddaughter of 
Mary Chilton. 

Joseph* Washburn and Hannah Johnson. 
Seth= Washburn and Mary Harrod. 
Joseph*^ \\'ashburn and Ruth Davis. 
Emory" Washburn and Marianne C. Giles. 

♦Rev. Alfred Washburn, an Episcopal clergyman and son of Emory 
Washburn, died at Cambridge in 1896. A daughter, Mrs. Batclicldcr, is 
living at Catnbridge. 

28 Azotes of Washb2ir7i Genealogy 


3. Samuel, son of John,^ was called " Sergeant Washburn." 
He was born at Duxbury, Mass., 165 1. 

He married Deborah Packard. Her father, Samuel Packard, 
came from Windham near Hingham, England, on the ship 
" Delight of Ipswitch," and settled at Hingham, :\Iass., 1638. 
He afterward lived at West Bridgewater, Alass. 

Children of Samuel and Deborah Washburn : 

I. Samuel* born 1678; married Abigail . 

II. Noah*, born 1682; married Elizabeth Shaw, 1710. 

III. Israel*, born 1684; married Waitstill Sumner, 1708. '■'- // 

IV. Neiiemiah*, born 1686; married Jane Howard, 1713. 

V. Benjamin*, born ; married Joanna (or Susanna) 


VI. Hannah*, born ; married John Keith, 171 1. 

SamueP died at Bridgewater, Mass., 1720, aged 69. He was 

the ancestor of the Maine family of Washburns. The next seven 
in the line bore the name of Israel Washburn. To the last two 
was added the name of Henry — making the name Israel Henry 

Fourth Gencratio7i iii America 29 



4. Israel Washburn, son of Sergeant SamueP and 
Deborah Packard Wasliburn, was born at Bridgewater, i\Iass., 

He married Waitstill Sumner in 1708. 
Children of same : All born in Bridgewater. 

I. Sarah^, born 1709; married Ephraim Keith, 1732. 

II. Deborah'', born 1712; married, ist, John Ripley, 2d, 
Nathaniel Bolton. 

III. Seth"^, born 1714. 

IV. Israel^, born August 11, 1718; married, ist, Leah Fobes, 
2d, Hannah Keith. -/— 0*" 

Israel* Washburn died at Bridgewater 1719. He was the last 
pf this line of Washburns who lived in Bridgewater. His son, 
IsraeP Washburn, settled in Raynham and his descendants con- 
tinue to live there. 

The widow of Israel* Washburn married Ebenc.rcr Pratt, 

.Q Notes of JVashbuni Genealogy 


5. IsR.\EL Washburn, son of Israel* and Waitstill Sumner 
Washbum, was born at Bridgewater, Alass., Aug. ii, i/iS. 
, T '>;■» In 1H« he married Leah Fobes, who was born at Bridge- 
water March 27, 1720. She was the daughter of Joshua and 
Abigail Dunbar Fobes, and a descendant of John Fobes who 
was one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater. John Fobes 
married Constant Mitchell, an aunt of the wife of John^ Wash- 

Rev. Perez Fobes, D.D. (Harvard, 1762), whose "Call" to 
preach at Raynham is given on page 32, and who was the settled 
pastor there from 1766 till his death, 1812, was her relative. 

Israel'^ Washburn settled at Raynham, Mass., shortly after 
his marriage and all his children were born there. He died at 
Raynham Jan. 21, 1796. His wife, Leah Fobes Washburn, died 
there Dec. 9, 1789. He married, 2d, Hannah Keith of Bridge- 
water, who died the same month as himself.* 

Israel"' Washburn was elected :^Iarch 4, 1776, a member of 
the Committee of Correspondence, Inspection and Safety for 
the town of Raynham. He was also Captain of the military Co., 
—the train band— of Raynham, Nov. 9, 1774 (and previously). 
Said Co. was one of the companies of the 3d Regiment of Bristol 

*History of Bristol Co., Mass. Page 709. 

tFor anecdote of Israel' Washburn see page 79- 

Fifth Gcneraiio7i in America 31 

He also served a short time in the RcvoUitionary army. 
Record : Israel Washburn, Sr., appears as Sergeant on Muster 
and pay rolls of Capt. John Shaw's Co. Col. Abiel ^litchell's 
Regt. for service at Rhode Island on the alarm of Aug. 2, 1778, 
discharged, Aug. 10, 1778. Service eight days. Commanded 
by James Williams in Gen. Godfrey's Brigade. I^Iarched to 
Tiverton by order of Council. [Office of Sec'y of jNIass. Vol. 

III. p. 131] 

The military was entirely reorganized in 1776 — the four 

Regiments of Bristol Co. formed the Bristol Co. Brigade and 

George Godfrey was made Brigadier Gen'l Commanding. The 

following letter from Gen. Godfrey is kindly furnished by the 

Sec'y of the Old Colony Historical Soc'y. 

Letter of Gex. Godfrey, 

The several foot companies of Taunton have been assistmg 
in forming three companies of M'lnmt ]\Ien, as recpmmended by 
the provincial Congress, and I suppose it would be necessary that 
your two companies should Raise one by the name of Ulnmt 
Company, and if you should Like the method Taken at Taunton 
I suppose there will be no difficulty in coming in to the same 
way. I shall be for such a plan. Should be obliged to you to 
Let Capt. Israel Washburn know of my Desire. 

I am, etc., etc., 

George Gregory." 
Taunton, feb. 20 1775. 

To this the Sec'y adds, "Now, it is remarkable that a man like 
Israel Washburn, so noted as to be in com.mand of a Co. m 
Raynham, in 1774, and so prominent and respected in his town 
as to be one of the Committee of Inspection and Correspondence 

32 Notes of Washhirn Genealogy 

in 1776, should in 1778 perform ser\'ice as a Sergeant in Capt. 
John Shaw's Co. at the alarm at Rhode Island. But the solution 
of the whole matter is — that every able-bodied person probably 
between 16 and 65 was obliged to bear arms at that time, and 
rank and estate did not count." 

The following letter in the handwriting of Israel Washburn'', 
is in the possession of his great-granddaughter, ]Mrs. Ellen 
Washburn Smith of Auburn, Maine. 

"The Church of Christ in Raynham, To ye Ch.h of Christ 
in e. 

Sendeth Greeting. 

Whereas some time Since, God in his Ever adorablo 
providence was Pleased to remove by Death our Rev'd Pastor, 
]\Ir. John Wales. Since which time we have been Destitute of 
ye Settled administration of the ordinances of ye Gospel of Christ 
among us. Having vSought ye Lord by prayer and for Sometime 
Past ymproved ]\Ir. Peres Forbes to preach with us, and having 
Gained a good degree of Satisfaction Touching his ability and 
accomplishments. The Brethren and Congregation here Have 
United in Giving ye Said ]\Ir. Forbes a Call to settle among us 
in the work of ye Gospel ministry and he having been inclined 
and Disposed to accept our Call we have mutually agreed upon 
the ordination — These are therefore Beloved & Honored 
Brethren to Give vou an vnvitation To Send vour Elders and 
Messengers to joyne with and assist us in the Solemn Ordination 
of the Said '\\v. Forbes to the Pastoral Cares of ye Chh and 
congregation in this place. And after asking your prayers for 
us that we may be Sharers yn ye Blessings of the New &• 
Everlasting Covenant we are to Subscribe our Selves your Sin- 
cere well wishers in the Blessings of ye Gospel. 


Israel Washburn. 

Raynham, Nov. 1766. 

Fifth Gcucration in America 33 

Children of IsraeP and Leah Fobcs Wasliburn. 

Their first three children died at an early age and near 
together, "' leaving naked walls " as the father sadly said. The 
order of birth of the others is not definitely known, but it is 
thought the oldest was 

IV. Leah'. She married Jason Fobes of Bridgewater about 1770. 

V. IsRAEh", born 1755, married Abiah King of Raynham, 1783. -^ C- 

VI. Nehemiau". Married Polly Presho, lived and died in Raynham. 
His children were Oliver Cromwell', Nehemiah^ Davis\ Calvin, 
Lysander'', Isaac', John ^Marshall', jMahala, Thirza, Fanny and 

Davis Washburn married Deborah Williams of Taunton and had 
four sons, born in Livermore, IMe., namely: George, John, James 
and Nehemiah. The widow of Davis Washburn married William 
Henry Brettun of Livermore. Mahala" married Elijah Gushee ok 
Raynham. Thirza married Clothier Knapp; (their daughter Cleora 
Knapp married Jefferson Coolidge of Livermore.) Fanny married 
Horatio Leonard. 

VII. Setu" was a physician. He married Lydia Shaw, lived and die-! 
in Raynham. His Children were Philo', Benjamin Franklin", 
Amelia', Julia', Deborah', Flora' and Stella". Amelia mariicd J. L. 
James of Chicago. Julia married Isaac Leonard (brother of Payton -'~.^. 
Randolph Leonard). Deborah married Rev. James Thompson, a 
Unitarian minister, and Stella married Rev. Samuel Dean, a Uni- 
tarian minister of Scituate. 

VIII. Oliver* married Sally Lascom and lived and died in Raynham. 
His children were Otis', Caleb Strong', Rhoda', Mary', Char- 
lotte', Sarah and Pamelia. Mary married William Snow of 
Raynham. Charlotte married Rev. George Leonard, Unitarian min- 
ister of Marshfield. 

IX. Olive' married Reuben Andrews of Raynham. His son, Orri<i 
Andrews, married Prudence Reed of Livermore. 

X. Prudence married Keith . 

34 Notes of Washburn Gaiealogy 


6. Israel, son of Israel' and Leah Fobes Washburn, was 
born in Raynhani, ]\Iass., Jan. 30, 1755. 

He was a soldier in the war of the Revolution and the follow- 
ing is an oflicial abstract of a part"''' of his service: 

"Commonwealth of ^Massachusetts, Office of the Secretary: — 
Revolutionary War Service of Israel Washburn. Jr. 
Israel Washburn, Jr., appears with rank of private on Lexing- 
ton Alarm roll, of James Williams, Jr.'s, Company, which 
marched on the alarm of April 19th, 1775, from Taur^ton to Rox- 
bury. Residence, Taunton (?) (Raynham.)t 

Israer^ Washburn was a tall, large-framed inan, and in the 
prime of life very straight and strong, but much bov/od in age. 
He served in the General Court of }.Iassachusetts several years 
and was a member of the Convention that adopted the first con- 
stitution of the Commonwealth. 

He talked but little, and it is said that in all his legislative 
experience he made but one speech. On one occasion a member 
having made a speech that greatly pleased him he arose and 
said : " I like what that man said, because — / do like tt." 

Israel" Washburn married in 1783 Abiah King, daughter 
of Benjamin and Deliverance Eddy King. She was born in 
Raynham June 29, 1762. 

*The record of Israel Washburn, Jr.'s further service in the Revolu- 
tion docs not appear — but as some of the early records were lost, that 
was doubtless of the number. 

fRaynham was a part of Taunton till 1731. 


Sixtli^ Generation 271 America ^^ 

Children of same : All born in Raynham. 

I. IsR/\EL^, born in Raynham, Mass., Nov. 18, 1784. Died at 

Livermorc, Ale., Sept. i, 1876. -f- 

II. Molly", born Nov. 14, 17S6. Died in Raynham, Aug. 7, 

1874. N 

III. Sidney^ born Nov. 14, 1788. Died at Bowdoinham, Ale., 
Jan. I, 181 1. 

IV. Ben7.\mix', born Feb. 10, 1791. Died at Greenfield, 
Ohio, July I, 1830. 

V. Reuel% born Alay 21, 1793. Died at Livermore, Ale., 
March 4, 1878. 

VI. Elihu^, born July 22, 1795. Died at Raynham, Alarch 
28, 1812. 

VII. Piiil.xnder", born June 29, 1799. Died at Raynham, 
Dec. 8, 1815. 

VIII. Eli King', born July 22, 1802. Died at Raynham, July 
28, 1852. 

IX. Lydia King', born Feb. 24, 1805. Died at Livermore, 
May 9, 1865. 

X. Cornelia'', born Jan. 7, 1807. Died at Raynham, Dec. 22. 

Israel' died at Raynham Jan. 8, 1841, aged 86. His v.ife, 
Abiah King Washburn, died May 25, 1842, aged 80. 

36 Notes of Wasliburji Genealogy 


There have been three different houses on the site v;here 
'' The Norlands " now stands. 

The first was built and lived in by Dr. Cyrus Hamlin. The 
older Hamlin children were born in it, but Vice-President 
Hannibal Hamlin was born at Paris, ?^Ie., 1809. Dr. Hamlin 
sold the place to Artemas Leonard when he moved to Paris, and 
IMr. Leonard sold it to Israel' Washburn in 1809. 

It was a large, square, two-story house; and in it all the 
children of Israel' and Martha Benjamin Washburn were born. 
It is told that all were carried up stairs before being carried duix^n 
for a good omen. 

In 1843 this house was replaced by a modern white cottage 
with green blinds, and a French window opening from the sitting 
room to the piazza. In 1867 this cottage was enlarged by the 
addition of a two-story wing on the north, making a very pictur- 
esque house, but before it was entirely finished it took fire and 
burned. The present mansion, " The Norlands," was built 
immediately after the burning of the other, which was called 
"Boyscroft," 1868. 

''TJic Norlands'' 37 

"When the long dun wolds are ribbed with snow, 
And loud the Norland whirlwinds blow."* 

— Tennyson. (JDriana.) 


Written in " The Norlands " Journal Aug. 13, 1883, 

By Miss Ellen Hamlin Butler, 

(A niece of ]\Irs. Hannibal Hamlin.) 


Far up among the hills of !Maine, 

Whose rugged summits rise 
From dimpling lake and smiling plain 

To meet the distant skies, — 
Where Summer, like a blissful dream 

Steals in among the pines 
And wreathes the rocky-bedded stream 

^^'ith dainty tinted vines ; — 


Where Winter holds a royal reign, 

And winds his mighty horn 
Above a world without a stain 

On every flashing morn; 
" The Norlands " lie serenely fair, 

As, in the magic seas. 
Encircled by enchanted air 

Lay the Hesperides. 

And here, apart from worldly strife, 
From sordid gain and greed, 

*Origin of the name "The Norlands" given to the Washburn 
homestead, lS68. 

38 Notes of Washburn Genealogy 

A noble band awoke to life, 
Of lofty thought and deed. 

They drank the inspiration taught 
On every granite hill ; 

They learned the lessons interwrought 
With every singing rill. 


A Nation's sons were they, who saw 

What statesmen only see ; 
They laid their hands upon her law 

And shaped her destiny. 
Tread gently, reverently, when 

Ye come upon this sod ; 
Here sprang a race of giant men, 

The handiwork of God. 

Faviily of Israel"^ IVasJiburn 39 


7. Israel Washburn, son of Israel and Abiah King Wash- 
burn, was born in Raynham, Mass., Nov. 18, 1784. 

He came to Maine in 1806. He taught school a year or more 
in Lincoln County, Maine, and engaged for a time in ship- 
building with Barzillai White, at White's Landing, now 
Richmond, on the Kennebec River. 

The following letter was written by him to his sister Molly 
Washburn at Raynham on his 23d birthday. 

Newcastle, Maine, Nov. 18, 1807. 

" I had the pleasure of receiving those letters which you were 
generously pleased to forward by the hand of Mr. Gray ; which 
I received on the 30th of Sept. They were to me a sumptuous 
repast indeed, to have so direct and pleasant intelligence from 
friends and relatives so near cannot but excite in any mind the 
most pleasant sensations. 

When I received your letters I was engaged in teaching 
school in the town of Woolwich ; the time that I wrote you of 
keeping was three months ; but their intentions were that I 
should board from house to house, which I did not wish to (S.o ; 
so they had money sufficient for two months only. My term 
was then nearly half expired and not knowing where I should 
next be engaged, I neglected writing till I had completed there 
and commenced in another school. 

You wished to know the state of my school, my amusements, 
society, etc. As to my school, it consisted of young and old 
as the generality do, very backward in the attainments of learn- 
ing and almost without spirit for improvement. 

40 Notes of WasJihurn Genealogy 

However, I was well treated. The man with whom I boarded 
was a farmer of large property who lives extremely well, and I 
should have enjoyed myself well had I had books for my 
anmsemcnt ; these I had not, and my leisure hours I employed 
at farming. 

The school I am now engaged in appears more promising. 
It consists of about 14 scholars, who according to their age, 
opportunities, etc., are superior to those in general; are very 
docile and tractable. I am very well pleased with my situation. 
It is on the banks of the pleasant Damariscotta, which is 
navigable for vessels of any burthen as far as I am from the sea. 
There is considerable business done here in the navigation line. 
There are arrivals every few days from Europe or the West 


Capt. James Little, the man with whom I am boarding, is a 
man of good sense, considerably improved by information. liis 
family are principally girls, who are grown up, are very amiable 
and handsome, with minds improved by reading and good 


I am some distance from meeting; we have, however, a 
respectable minister and good society. I attended last Sunday 
and was well entertained. 

I cannot trouble you with a long narration of books I liave 
read since I last wrote. While I was in Woolwich I read little 
from want of books.' Since I have been here I have read " The 
Female Review, or Life and Adventures of Deborah Sampson." 
It is very pleasing from the novelty of the character and the 
heroism she displayed. I don't admire the style, it being. I 
think, too bombastic and appears too studied. 

I have also read Moore's *" Monitor," which is a collection of 
pieces from the best of authors, especially from the Spectator. 
Such v/ritings cannot I think be too much studied. 

I am now in a situation to procure more books and I hope 
in my next to be able to inform you of them and make obscrva- 

Fa7)iily of IsraeP WasJiburii 41 

tions on their contents. The autumn has been uncommonly 
pleasant, till this day which is a violent snow-storm. I have 
enjoyed my health, by the blessing of Providence, since I left^ 
home without interruption. I have no special news to state. 
Peace and quietness I believe reign without interruption. You 
will on the receipt of this forward one to me as soon as possible 
and I shall not I hope neglect writing so long a time again. 
I send my love and respect to my parents and brothers. 1 am 
much obliged to Sidney for his communications and hope he 
will not discontinue them. Elihu has my thanks for his pleasing 
paper. You will please to direct your letters to W'iscasset, as I 
shall be frequently there. Air. Gray and ]\lr. White are in good 

health you may inform their friends I have nothing further 

at present but to request you to overlook all imperfections and 
subscribe myself Your brother, 

(Stece/^ ^fajAdiMm^^ 

Israel' Washburn came to Livermore, !Me., in 1809. He 
bought the farm, store and goods belonging to Artemas Leonard 
and began business as a trader, which he continued till 1829. 
He lived on this place, which was later called " The Norlands,'' 
the remainder of his life. 

In the early years of his residence in Livermore Mr. Wash- 
burn was much in town office ; and he was a Representative to 
the General Court of Alassachusetts (before the separation of 
Maine, 1820) in 1815, 1816, 1818 and 1819. 

He was blind the last years of his life. His eyes were 
operated upon for cataract without success in 1859. After which 

42 Notes of IVashbjcrn Genealogy 

time some member of his family read to him regularly the daily 
news in which he never lost his interest. 

He was a man of great cheerfulness of disposition, and rivalled 
Lincoln as a story-teller. 

His memory was wonderful in accuracy and tenacity. He 
could name every member of Congress and tell his District at the 
time he had three sons in Congress. 

The following fitting tribute to Israel" Washburn is found in 
the journal of his son, Elihu B. Washburne, written in the 
besieged city of Paris, during the Franco-German war, when he 
was Alinister to France : 

" Friday evening, Nov. i8, 6ist day of the Siege. 

This is the eighty-sixth birthday of my father. All hail to 
the glorious, great-headed, great-hearted noble old man ! In 
truth the noblest Roman of them all. 

How intelligent, how kind, how genial, how hospitable, how 

Yet when in the course of nature a kind Providence shall call 
him hence, I would have the hand of filial affection only trace 
this simple inscription on his monument : 'He was a kind father 
and an honest man.' " 

This wish was carried out and one can read this inscription 
to-day upon his monument in Waters' Hill Cemetery over- 
looking ■' The Norlands." 

Martha Be^ijamin 43 


Martha (or Patty) Benjamin was born at Livermore, Oct. 4, 
1792. She was the daughter of Lieut. Samuel and Tabitha 
Livermore Benjamin. 

Martha Benjamin was one of Nature's Noblewomen. 

After her death Mrs. J. H. Hanson, in the " Star and 
Covenant '' of Chicago, said of her : " Mrs. Washburn's life was 
one of great purity and excellence; her character was one of 
marked womanly force, impressing itself by a quiet yet irresist- 
ible intlucnce on all who knew her. A genuine Christian v.ifc 
and mother, reverenced wherever known. Her house was ever 
the minister's home." 

Rev. George Bates, once her pastor at Livermore, said : "As 
a wife and mother, J^Irs. \\'ashburn had few superiors in our 
land. Upon her children she has left the impress of her charac- 
ter and they will rise up and call her blessed." 

Her portrait, painted by her grandson, Cadwallader L. Wash- 
burn, has recently been hung in the Orphans' Home, dedicated 
to her memory, in Minneapolis, Minn. 

44 A^oics of IVas/ibiO'fi Genealogy 


Hon. Israel Washburn, Jr., in " Notes of Livermore," gives 
the following: 

" Samuel Benjamin was born in Watertown in the Province 
of ]\Iassachusetts Bay, Feb. 5, 1753. 

He was a descendant, in the 5th generation, from John 
Benjamin, who arrived on the ship " Lion," 1632, and was a 
*• proprietor "of Cambridge and Watertown, !^Iass. 

Gov. Winthrop speaks of him as " Mr. Benjamin," and he 
had the largest homestall at Watertown. He died there June 

14, 1645. 

Samuel Benjamin, on the breaking out of the Revolutionary 
War, joined the Company of Capt. Daniel Whitney, of which he 
was sergeant. 

He was at the battle of Lexington, Apr. 19, 1775, also at 
Bunker Hill, at Monmouth, at Yorktown, and many other 

His whole term of service was seven years, three months and 

Iwenty-one days. 

" It is doubtful if any man of the Revolution was in more 
battles or saw more or harder service." 

Lieut. Samuel Benjamin married Jan. 16, 1782, Tabitha 
Livermore of Waltham, :Mass., where she was born, June 27, 

She was a sister of Nathaniel Livermore of Cambridge and 
a relative of Dea. Elijah Livermore for whom the town of 
Livermore was named, their common ancestor being Samuel 

Lieut. Samuel Benjamin 45 

Livermore of \\'aterto\vn, who died Dec. 5, 1690. The wife of 
Rev. Rufus Stebbins, D. D., of Cambridge (who died 1898) was 
of the same family of Livermores. 

In the fall of 1782 Lieut. Benjamin made a trip to the 
" District of Maine," and on the loth of October he bought of 
Dca. Livermore 120 acres of land on the west side of the 
Androscoggin River, bordering on the South Side of " Long 
Pond." The same land is now owned (1898) by Elias Morse. 
The house is not standing. 

In 1797 a\Ir. Benjamin bought a farm on the east side of the 
Androscoggin, where he died April 14, 1824. 

His wife died at East Livermore June 20, 1837. 

Samuel Benjamin was the fourth settler with a family in the 
town of Livermore. 

46 A'^oics of Washbuni Genealogy 


Children of Samuel and Tabitha Livermore Benjamin : 

I. Billy, the second male child born in Livermore. Born 
1785. Died 1S49. Married Phcebe Wellington. 

IL Samuel, born 17S6. Died 1871. J^Iarried Olivia Met- 

IIL Nathaniel, born 1788. Died 1867. Married Betsey 

IV. Betsey, born 1790. Died i860. Married Samuel 

Y. Polly, born Oct. 4, 1792. Died 1865. Married Sam- 
uel Ames. 

VI. Patty or IMartha, born Oct. 4, 1792. Died :May 6, 1861. 
Married Isr.\el Washburn. 

VII. David, born 1794. Died 1883. Married Catherine Stan- 
wood (who died 1882). 

VIII. Charles, born 1795. Died 1834. T^Iarried Lucy Chase. 

IX. Elisha, born 1797. Died 1852 at New Orieans. 

X. Ruth, born 1799. Died 1869. :\Iarried Jonathan 

The marriage of Israel Washburn and Martha Benjamin took 
place March 26, 18 12, at Livermore (now East Livermore.) 







Notes of ]]''ashbiirn Geiiealogy 47 

Children of Israel^ axd Martha Benjamin Washburn. 

All born at Livermore. 

I. Israel^, born June 6, 1813. Died at Philadelphia, Pa., 

May 12, 1883, aged 69 years, 10 nios. 29 days. ••/- 

II. Algernon Sidney*, born Nov. 29, 1814. Died at Hal- 
jowell, Me., Sept. 29, 1879, aged 64 years 10 mos. 

III. Elihu Benjamin^, bom Sept. 23, 1816. Died at Chicago, 
111., Oct. 22, 1887, aged 71 years, 29 days. 

IV. Cadwallader Coldex*, born April 22, 1818. Died at 
Eureka Springs, Ark., May 14, 18S2, aged 64 years, 22 days. 

V. Martha Benjamln^ born Feb. 6, 1820. 

VI. Ch.\rles AMES^ born March 16, 1822. Died at New 
York City, Jan. 26, 18S9, aged 66 years 10 mos. 10 days. 

VII. Samuel Benjamin \ born Jan. i, 1824. Died at Avon, 
New York, March 4, 1890, aged ^ years, 2 mos. 3 days. 

VIII. Mary Benjamin'', born Nov. 11, 1825. Died at Lyons, 
Iowa, }ilarch 15, 1867, aged 41 years, 4 mos. 4 days. 

IX. William Allen Drew®, born Oct. 22, 1827. Died at 
Livermore, Nov. 28, 1S28, aged i year, i mo. 6 days. 

X. William Drew-, born Jan. 14, 1831. 

XI. Caroline Ann-, born Jan. 30, 1833. 

Israel' Washburn died at Livermore, Sept. i, 1876. Aged 91 
years 9 mos. 13 days. 

Ivlartha Benjamin Washburn died at Livermore, May 6, 1861. 
Aged 68 years 7 mos. 2 days. 

^8 Notes of Washburn Genealogy 


8. Israel Washburn, Jr., son of IsraeF and Martha 
Benjamin Wasliburn, was born at Livermore, June 6, 1813. 

His education was obtained from the pubHc schools and from 
private instruction in Latin and Greek from his uncle, Reuel 
Washburn, who was a graduate of Brown University. 

With this uncle he read law and later with Hon. Theodore 
Brown of Vassalboro. 

He was admitted to the bar and settled at Orono, !^Iaine, 

October, 1834. 

He was elected to the State Legislature in 1842. He was 
Representative, from the Bangor District, to the 32d, 33d, 34th, 
35th and 36th Congresses ; first as a Whig, and as a Republican 
after that party was formed in 1856. 

In i860 he was elected Governor of Maine as a Republican, 
and ser\-ed two years, declining a re-election. 

He was appointed by President Lincoln, Collector of the 
Port of Portland in 1863, after which time Portland was his 

For many years he was President of the Board of Trustees 
of Tufts College, from which he had received the degree of 
Doctor of Laws. He devoted his last years to literature; his 
published works being a volume of "Notes on Livermore," an 
exhaustive paper on the Northeastern Boundary question, as 
well as various memoirs, addresses and lectures. 

Family of Israel WasJibnr7i, Jr. 49 

Tribute to Hox. Israel Washburn, Jr. 

The following sonnet was published in the Bangor " Whig 
and Courier " during the exciting discussion in Congress on the 
Slavery question in 1854. 

" All hail to thee, thou Champion of our State ! 

Thou guardian of its interests in this hour 

Of mad attempts to strengthen Slavery's power, 
And fix on Freedom's soil its curse and fate 1 
Thou'rt not ashamed before the proud and great — 

None greater than thyself — to utter forth 

The free bold language of thy native North ! 
A language taught by Nature's alphabet, 

Its letters, mountains and the rushing streams, 
Broad bosomed lakes and forests unexplored. 

The deafening thunder and the lightning's gleams. 
And all that tells of Freedom seen and heard, 

This is thy language — thine, too, the reward ! " 

Edward M. Field. 

8. Israel Washburn, Jr., married at Orono, IMaine, Oct. 24, 
1841, Mary Maud Webster, of whom there is the following notice 
in the Historical and Genealogical Register for April, 1874: 

" Washburn, I\Irs. Mary Maud, died in Minneapolis, Minn., 
June 30, 1873. ^^ic was the daughter of Col. Ebenezer and Mrs 
Lucy (Dudley) Webster and was born July 24, 1824, in Orono, 
Me., where she was married Oct. 24, 1841 to Israel Washburn, 
Jr., since a member of Congress and Governor of Maine and 
now Collector of Customs for the district of Portland, Me. 

She was a lineal descendant of Gov. Thomas Dudley (Gov- 
ernor of Massachusetts 1634, 1640, 1645 and 1650) and also 
of Gov. Joseph Dudley (Gov. of Massachusetts 1702 to 1715). 

50 Notes of Washbicr7i Gejicalogy 

She was a woman of rare grace and cheerfulness. In the 
varied spheres of duty to which she was called she ably fulfilled 
the requirements of her station." H. C. L. 

The Washington correspondent of the New York Times, 
July 23, 1873, says, " The recent decease of Mrs. Mary Maud 
Washburn, the wife of Hon. I. Washburn, Jr., of Portland, has 
brought deep sorrow to a wide circle of family and social friends. 
Aside from the charming domestic qualities, which rendered her 
the comfort and idol of her husband and children, she had all 
the lovely and unaffected attractions that made the society in 
which she moved in N^ew England and in Washington devoted 
admirers and more than friends ; and her death will be sorrowed 
over as for the loss of a favorite sister." 

]\Ir. Washburn married, 2d, Robina Xapier Brown at Boston, 
January, 1876. She was the daughter of B. F. Brown of Bangor 
and was born Sept. 19, 1839. Israel Washburn, Jr., died at 
Philadelphia, May 12, 18S3. 

Children of Israel and ^lary Maud Washburn, all born at 
Orono, Maine : 

I. Israel Henry", born June 18, 1848. Died at Hot Springs, 
Arkansas, Feb. 6, 1896. 

II. Ada^ born July 18, 1846. 

III. Charles Fox^, born Feb. 19, 1849. ^'^^^ at Portland, 
Me., July II, 1884. 

IV. Anna Maud®, born Dec. 23, 1861. 

9. Israel Henry Washburn, son of Israel^ Jr., and Mary 
Maud Washburn, received an academic education. On the out- 
break of the Rebellion, he enlisted in the i6th Maine Regiment, 

Family of Israel Washburn, Jr. 5 1 

Company H, Capt. John Aver. He was on the staff of Gen. 
Berry when the latter was killed at Chancellorsville. On Nov. 
13, 1862, he was commissioned first lieutenant of the company 
and served till April 16, 1863, when he resigned on account of 
ill health. He was commissioned second lieutenant on the U. S. 
Marine Corps, March iS, 1864, and was commissioned captain 
in same, March 20, 1883. He retired July 15, 1886, for disability 
incident to the service. After his retirement he made Ports- 
mouth his home. He married at Portsmouth, N. H., June 18, 
1867, Arabella V. Jackson, who was born at Portsmouth, May 9, 

Children of same : 

I. Israel Hexry^'', bom at Portsmouth, N. H., Nov. 10, 1870. 

H. J^IoLLY^'*, born at Erie, Penn., May 18, 1873. Died at 
Portsmouth, ^.larch 29, 1875. 

HI. Jacksox Maurice^**, born at Portsmouth, Jan. 2},, 1879. 
IV. Charles Cadwallader^", born at Charlestown Navy 
Yard, July 6, 1882. 

10. Israel Henry Washburn, Jr., married at Portsmouth, N. 
H., March 9, 1898, Virginia Sanborn of that city. Their home 
is at Portsmouth, N. H. 

9. Charles Fox Washburn, son of IsraeP Washburn, Jr., 
lived in Minnesota and served in both branches of the legislature. 

52 Notes of WasJiburn Genealogy 


8. Algernon Sidney Washburn, second son of Israel and 
Martha B. Washburn, was born at Livermore, Nov. 29, 18 14. 

To his brother Israel's " Notes of Livermore," he, as "Uncle 
John," makes a contribution \vhich contains the following allu- 
sion tcv his early education : 

" The first school-house in the Dr. Bradford district (' The 
Norlands') was built near the beginning of the century. It was 
an old-fashioned, square building, whh hipped roof and svas 

never painted And from this primitive old brown, and later 

old white, school-house, without a word of Latin or Greek, 1 
slid quietly away from the good old neighborhood, while some 
of the boys more favored, went to tlie high-schools, academies 
and colleges. 

No wonder that when, at a long subsequent period, a bright 
and ingenuous youth was hearing others discuss their gradua- 
tions and degrees, their class days and commencements, and was 
told that the writer's A\u\a Mafcr was represented by the old 
faded school-house, he should have been stmck with amazement 
that one with such scant opportunities should be so wise 1 " 

Algernon Sidney Washburn was in early life a merchant 
in Boston and later he was a banker in Hallowell, ^L1ine. 

He married at Bangor, Me., Jan. 11, 1854, Sarah A. Moore, 
who was born at Dover, Maine, August 10, 1830. He died at 
Hallowell, Sept. 29, 1879. His wife died at Hallowell, Feb. 24, 

Family of Algerno7i Sidney IVasJibicrn 53 

Children of same : All born at Hallowell. 

I. James", born August 25, 1855. Died at Hallowell, June 28, 
. 1866. 

II. John*, born August 1, 1858. 

III. Robert Charles", born March 26, 1861. 

Y^. Cadwallader^ born Feb. 10, 1866. Died, March 7, 1866. 

9. John Washburn, son of Algernon Sidney^ (Bowdoin, 
1882) married at Hallowell, Maine, July 29, 1884, Elizabeth Pope 
Harding, who was born at ]\Iachias, }*Iaine. His home is in 
Minneapolis, where he is Vice President of the C. C. Washburn 
Flouring Mills Co. 

Children of same, born at Minneapolis, I^Iinn. : 

I. Margaret^^, born May 24, 1885. 

II. Elizabeth Pope", born Sept. 16, 1893. 

9. Robert Charles Washburx, son of Algernon Sidney*, 
(Tufts College, 1883) married at Portland, Oregon, ]May 8, 1889, 
Mary Louise Savier, who was born in that city. 

He represented the city of Seattle in the Legislature of Wash- 
ington, 1892, and served in the Senate of Washington, 1894-1S96. 

54 Notes of Washbicryi Genealogy 


8. Elihu Ben'JAmin Washburne, third son of Israel" and 
Martha Benjamin Washburn, was born at Livermore, Sept. 23, 


He attended the same district school where " Uncle John " 
graduated and taught a term of school himself, when eighteen 
years old, for ten dollars a month and " boarded 'round." 

When the school closed he went into the office of " The 
Christian Intelligencer," published at Gardiner, ^Me., and later 
into tlie office of '' The Kennebec Journal " at Augusta, Me. 
Here he formed a lasting friendship with Luther Severance, the 
editor. Mr. Severance had been in the office of the " National 
Intelligencer " of Washington before coming to Augusta, where 
he established the first paper of the city, " The Kennebec Jour- 
nal," in 1824. He was at one time a member of Congress, and 
was sent by President Fillmore in 1850 as United States Com- 
missioner to the Sandwich Islands for four years. He died of 
cancer immediately after his return to Augusta, in 1855. His 
warm friendship for Mr. Severance led Mr. Washburne to place 
his portrait in the Washburn Memorial Library at " The Nor- 
lands," in 1887. 

In 1836 E. B. Washburne entered Kent's Hill Seminary at 
Readfield, Me., where he had as school-fellows, Timothy O. 
Howe, late U. S. Senator from Wisconsin, Rev. William R. 
French, D. D., Rev. James P. Weston, D. D., late President of 
Lombard University, all life-long friends. 

Family of EliJiu Bcnjavmi Washbw7ie 55 

In 1839 ^^ entered the Cambridge Law School and had as 
Professors, Justice Story and Simon Greenleaf, and as classmates 
Gen. Charles Devens, Ex-Gov. Bullock, Richard H. Dana, Jr., 
James Russell Lowell, W. W. Story and William ^L Evarts. 

In 1840 he went to Illinois and began the practice of law 
with Charles S. Hempstead of Galena. 

In 1852 he was elected to Congress and was kept there con- 
tinuously sixteen years, being at the time of his retirement 
" Father of the House," in which capacity he swore into office 
Schuyler Colfax and James G. Blaine as Speakers of the House. 

To J>Ir. Washburne and Mr. Seward alone was confided the 
secret of the train by which Mr. Lincoln would reach Washing- 
ton for his first inaugural, the telegraph wire being cut when he 
left Philadelphia that the event might not be communicated to 
the enemy then in arms. Mr. Seward failed in keeping the 
appointment, and Mr. Washburne met 2vlr. Lincoln alone at the 
Baltimore & Ohio depot. 

Gen. Grant, who was one of ^Ir. Washburne's constituents, 
was much indebted for his early position and advancement in 
the Civil War to Mr. Washburne's friendship and influence. 
This favor he acknowledged and returned when as President in 
1869 he offered Mr, Washburne a seat in his Cabinet as Secre- 
tary of State. 

This office Mr. Washburne soon resigned and accepted that 
of Minister to France, which he held during the two terms of 
Gen. Grant's administration. This period covered the Franco- 
German war and Mr. Washburne remained in Paris during the 
siege by the Prussians and the reign of the Commune. 

56 Notes of Washbiirti Genealogy 

The term of service was eight and a half years, the longest 
of any diplomatic representation from America to France. 

After his return to America Mr. Washburnc wrote "The 
Recollections of a Minister to France," a vivid picture of all he 
had experienced in those eventful years. 


Washburn Manorial Library 57 


In 1885 a beautiful granite Library was erected at *' The Nor- 
lands " by E. B. Washburne and his brother, W. D. Washburn 
of JklinneapoHs, for the free use of Livemiore and East Liver- 
more. ' ^.-^ 

In this Library were placed about five thousand vohimes, 
the gift of the family of Israel Washburn, Jr., of Portland. 
There are also hung in this Library fine portraits in oil of IsraeF 
Washburn, Martha Benjamin Washburn, IsraeP Washburn, Jr., 
Algernon Sidney* Washburn, Elihu B.^ Washburne, C. C* Wash- 
burn, William D.^ \\'ashburn, Reuel' Washburn, ^Mr. and Mrs. 
David Benjamin, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Morison, Dr. Benjamin 
Bradford, William Henry Brettun, Otis Pray, Dr. Cyrus Hamlin, 
Hannibal Hamlin, Luther Severance and John Brown. 

A number of these portraits are by the celebrated artist, G. P. 
A. Healy. 

At the dedication of this Library (Aug. 5, 18S5) Mr. Wash- 
burne said : 

" To mark our veneration for our parents, and as a slight tes- 
timonial of all we owe them, there has been erected on my own 
behalf and on behalf of my brothers and sisters, a building to be 
known as 'The Washburn Memorial Library,' and is here 
to-day solemnly dedicated to the memory of Israel and Martha 
Benjamin Washburn." 

^8. Elihu B. Washburne married at Gratiot's Grove (near 
Sh^llsburg) Wisconsin, July 31, 1845, Adele Gratiot, daughter of 

5$ Notes of ]VasJibur?i Genealogy 

Henry Gratiot. She was born at P^vre River (now Galena), 
Illinois, Nov. 12, 1S26. 

Mrs. Washburne's grandfather, Charles Gratiot, was born at 
Lausanne, Switzerland, whither his parents had fled on the revo- 
cation of the edict of Nantes when all Huguenots were driven out 
of France. Charles Gratiot came to America and served the 
cause of the American Revolution with great devotion. 

After her death, a window in memorv of !Mrs. Adele Gratiot 
Washburne was placed in the Huguenot church of Charleston, 
S. C, and one in the Universalist Church at "The Norlands," 

The mother of Mrs. Washburne was Susan Hempstead of 
St. Louis, daughter of Stephen Hempstead of Connecticut, who 
was a soldier of the Revolutionary War, as were the other three 
great-grandfathers of Mrs. ^^*ashburn's children. 

"Mrs. \\'ashburne was one," said Prof. Swing, "whose life 
reached out in a strange manner and touched the world in many 
places and in diflerent times. . . .an ideal woman of our country." 

After Mr. Washburne's return from France his home was 
in Chicago where he died Oct. 22, 1887, aged 71 years. His 
N\ife died at Chicago March 18, 1887, aged 60 years. 

Children of Elihu B.^ and Adele Gratiot Washburne: 

L Infant son born at Galena, 111., Apr. 15, 1846. Died Apr. 22, 

II. GRATIOT^ born at Galena, May 6, 1849. Died at Louisville, 
Kentucky, Dec. 17, 1886. 

HI. HI:MP.STE.^D^ born at Galena Nov. 11, 1851. 

IV. WiLLi.\M Pitt*, born at Washington, D. C, April 22, 
1854. Died at Galveston, Texas, November 23, 1898. 

C/iildreu of Elihu B? WasJibiirne 59 

V. Elihu Ben'jamin^, Jr., born at Raynham, Mass., July 28, 
1857. " Bennie " died at Galena, Jan. 27, 1862. 

VI. Susan Adele®, born at Raynham, j\Iass., April 21, 1859. 

VII. Marie Lisa®, born at Galena, 111., Aug. 17, 1863. 

VIII. Elihu Benjamin-', Jr., born at Washington, D. C, Nov. 
16, 1868. 

9. Gratiot Washburne, son of Elihu B. Washburne, was 
for a time at the Highland Military Academy at Worcester, 
I^Iass., and at the Naval Academy at Newport, R. I. Later he 
entered and graduated from the State Normal University of 

He was second Secretary of the United States Legation while 
his father was Minister to France. At the close of the Franco- 
Prussian war he was one of four Americans, of the American 
Ambulance, who were decorated with the Cross of the Legion 
of Honor by the French government for valuable services per- 
formed during the siege and Commune of Paris. Upon his 
return to the United States he entered the Custom House of 
New York, and at the time of his death was Secretarv of the 
Management of the American Exposition which opened the 
following year in London, England. 

He died suddenly at Louisville, Kentucky, Dec. 17, 1886, 
aged 37 years. 

9. Hempstead Washburne, son of Elihu B.," fitted for col- 
lege at Kent's Hill, Alaine, passed the Bowdoin examinations 
and went to Europe in 1871. He took a two years' course at the 
University of Bonn, and returning to the United States was 
graduated from the Law School of the University of Wisconsin, 

6o Notes of ]Vashlmrii Genealogy 

1874, and from the Union College of Law, Chicago, in 1875. 
He has had as law partners Hon. Lyman Trumbull, H. S. Rob- 
bins and Theodore Brent^;jf/»z-o 

He was Master in Chancery of the Superior Court of Cook 
County live years. City Attorney of Chicago four years and 
Mayor of Chicago 1 891 -1893. He is now a member of the Civil 
Service Commission of Chicago. 

Hempstead Washburne married at Chicago June 28, 1883, 
Aniyt W. Clarke, who was born in that city. 

Children of same : all born in Chicago, 

L Adele Bertrand^", born Apr. 14, 1884. Died May 14, 

H. Clark^°, born ^larch 18, 1885. 
HL Gratiot^°, born July 4, 1889. 

IV. Hempstead, Jr.," born Dec. 25, 1891. 

V. Annette", born at Chicago, Oct. 6, 1898. 

9. William Pitt Washburne, son of E. B. Washburne^ was 
born at Washington, D. C, Apr. 22, 1S54. He accompanied his 
father to Paris in 1869. After several years in preparatory 
schools in France and Germany, he passed the Sorbonne exam- 
inations at Paris and entered the National Academy of Medicine 
of France where he remained two years. He was also at the 
branch Medical School at Montpelier in the south of France. 
He returned to this country at the expiration of his father's 
mission to France. 

He married ist at Livermore Jan. i, 1887, Cora Rose Hinds, 
and 2d at Galveston July 5, 1898, Mrs. Lula Grace Buisc of 
Syracuse, New York. 

His home was in Galveston, Texas. 

Childrc7i of Elihu B.^ WasJihwiie 6i 

9. Susan Adele Washburne, daughter of Elihu B.^ and 
Adc'Ie Gratiot Washburne, received her education in the schools 
of Chicago, Paris and Bonn. 

She married at Chicago, 111., Feb. i, 1882, William D. Bishop, 
Jr., who was born at Bridgeport, Conn., Dec. 16, 1857, and 
graduated at Yale 1880. 

Children of same : Born in Bridgeport. 

I. Natalie AVashburne'", born Sept. 18, 1885. 

II. William D. Bishop 3d, born June 21, 1889. 

9. Marie Lisa Washburne, daughter of Elihu B.^ and Adele 
Gratiot Washburne was educated at the same schools as her 
sister and was also in Boston select schools three years. 

She married at "The Norlands," Livermore, Me., Oct. 7, 18S5, 
A. H. Fowler of Denver, Col., who was born at Guilford, Conn., 
Aug. 13, 1 85 1. Mr. Fowler was educated at Guilford and New 
Haven and went to Colorado in 1878. 

Children of same : Born at Denver, Col. 

I. Elihu Washburne^", born Oct. 28, 1886. 

II. John Eliot^*', born Sept. 29, 1890. 

III.- Sally Adele Washburne''^, born Feb. 4, 1898. 

62 N'otcs of Washbtn-n Genealogy 


8. Cadwallader Golden Washburn, son of IsraeP and 
^Martha Benjamin Washburn, was born at Livermore, Apr. 22. 

He studied law and settled at Alincral Point, Wisconsin, in 

In 1854 he was elected to Gongress as a Whig, and was 
re-elected as a Republican the two succeeding terms, when he 
declined a re-election. 

On the breaking out of the war of the Rebellion, he entered 
the service as Gol. of the 2d Wisconsin Cavalry in 1861. He 
was made Brig. Gen'l June, 1862, and Major General Nov., 1862. 

In 1866 he was again elected to Gongress and again in 1868. 

In 1871 he was elected Governor of Wisconsin for two years. 

He founded the Washburn flouring mills of Minneapolis. 

Mr. \\''ashburn amassed a large fortune which he gave very 
generously in private and public bequests. His largest public 
gifts were: The Washburn Observatory, Madison, Wib., 
$50,000. Edgewood School for girls, his private residence at 
Madison given to the Sisters of Gharity, $20,000. The Wash- 
burn "Home" for Orphans, Minneapolis, Minnesota, $375,000. 

The last named gift he referred to as follows: "I wish to 
leave some memorial behind me of my devoted mother. I have 
thought I could do no better than to establish in her memory a 
home for orphan children." 

This Asylum was opened for the reception of children Nov. 

Family of Cadzualladcr C. JVashl?U}'n 63 

16, 1886, and the report of 1892 states that an average of eighty- 
five children had been cared for at the Home during that year. 

8. Cadwaliader C. Washburn married at ^Mineral Point, 
Wisconsin, Jan. i, 1849, Jeannette Garr who was born at New 
York City June 9, 1818. 

He died at Eureka Springs, Arkansas, May 14, 1882, aged 64 
Children of same : 

I. Jeannette Garr^ Born at Mineral Point, Wis., Apr. 25, 

n. Fanny^. Born at New York City Alarch 23, 1852. 

9. Jeannette Garr Washburn, daughter of Cadwaliader C. 
Washburn, married at La Crosse, W'isconsin, June 23, 1869, 
Albert Warren Kelsey who was born at Boston, Mass., Oct. 30. 
1840. Their home is in Philadelphia. 

Children of same: 

1. Albert^'^, born at St. Louis, Alissouri, Apr. 26, 1S70. 

n. Jeannette-^ born at St. Louis, Mo., Nov. i, 1871. Died 
at Madison, Wis., Aug. 3, 1872. 

HL Charlotte'", born at Madison, Wis., Oct. 28, 1873. 

IV. Kate^", born at Madison, W^is., Apr. 23, 1875. 

V. Mary^°, born at St. Louis, j\Io., June 15, 1877. 

VL Mabel^°, born at Geneva, Switzerland, Oct. 16, 1878. 

VH. Karl^°, born at Clarence, Svvitzcrland, July 30, 1880. 

VHL Ethel'", born at Meredith, New Hampshire, Aug. 17, 

IX. Bonnibel*", born at Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 15, 1884. 

Mr. A. W. Kelsey was educated at Chapman Hall, Boston, 

and during the residence of his father's family in Maine he 

64 Notes of lVashbu}'?i Genealogy 

attended the Lewiston Falls Academy. Mrs. Kelsey attended 
private schools in Boston and vicinity and was a short time at 
W'estbrook Seminary. 

Their son, Albert Kelsey, was educated in Europe and at Ury 
House and St. Luke's schools near Philadelphia. He studied 
architecture, and was elected President of the T Square Club in 
1896. In the same year he gained the travelling scholarship of 
architecture of the University of Pennsylvania. During the 
following year and a half he travelled in Europe and the Orient, 
meantime going on with his architectural notes, drawings, 
sketches and studies, called the Science of Cities. 

He represented the T Square Club at the IV. International 
Congress of Architects held in Brussels in 1897, when he 
addressed the members in French, his speech being subsequently 
published in the Compte rendu of the Congress. He is a member 
of the firm of Kennedy, Hays and Kelsey of Philadelphia. 

10. Albert Kelsey married at New York City, Jan. 18, 1899, 
Henrietta Latitia Allis of that city. 

Mrs. Kelsey 's daughters have been educated at home under 
l>rivate instruction mostly. Karl Kelsey is in the Manual Train- 
ing School of Philadelphia. 

9. Fanny Washburn, daughter of C. C. and Jeannettc Garr 
Washburn, married at Madison, Wisconsin, June 5, 1872, 
Charles Payson, who was born at Messina, Sicily, of American 
parents. May 2, 1837. Mr. Payson graduated at Trinity College, 
Cambridge, England. Their home is in Washington, D. C. 

Family of Cadiuallader C. WasJiburn 65 

Children of same : All born at Washington, D. C. 

I. Edith Washburn, born July 24, 1873. 

II. Jeannette Garr, born Jan. 9, 1875. 

III. Frances Lithgow, born Jan. 8, 1878. 

10. Jeannette Garr Payson, daughter of Charles and Fanny 
Washburn Payson, married at Washington, D. C, Oct. 28, 1895, 
Raymond Le Ghait, Secretary of the Belgian Legation and son 
of the Belgian Minister at Washington. 

Child of same : 

I. Marguerite, bom in Paris, France, Nov. 21, 1896. 

10. Frances Lithgow Payson, daughter of Charles and 
Fanny Washburn^ Payson, married at Paris, France, July 29, 
1896, Pierre Botkine of the Russian Diplomatic Service. 

66 Notes of Washburn Genealogy 


8. Martha Benjamin Washburn, oldest daughter of 
Israel" and Martha Benjamin Washburn, was born at Liver- 
more, Maine, Feb. 6, 1820. She was educated in the schools of 
Livermore and at Waterville Liberal Institute. 

She married at ^Mineral Point, Wisconsin, June 6, 1849, Capt. 
Charles L. Stephenson, who was born at Gorham, iSIainc, Apr. 
13, 1815, and who died at St. Paul, Minnesota, Aug. 31, 1880. 

Children of same : 

I. Elizabeth Champlain^. Born at Mineral Point, Wis., 
May 24, 1850. 

JI. Frederic William^. Born at Llineral Point, Wis., Feb, 
21, 1853. 

III. Martha Eugenie®. Born at Galena, IlHnois, Dec. 13, 

IV. Benjamin Washburn*. Born at Galena, 111., June 10, 
1857. Died at Galena, 111., Sept. 5, 1859. 

V. Benjamin Washburn®. Born at Galena, 111., Oct. i, i860. 

9. Elizabeth C. Stephenson was educated at the schools 
of Galena and at the Seminaries at Gorham and Westbrook, 
Maine, and at Monticello, Illinois. 

9. Frederic William Stephenson' educated at the 
schools of Galena and at Gorham Seminary. 

Family of MartJia Washbiu'ii StcpJieiisoji 67 

He married at La Crosse, Wisconsin, April 27, 1885, Mrs. 
Eliza E. Hand. Their home is in Chicago. 

9. Martha Eugenia Stephenson was educated at Galena 
and at Gorham and Monticello Seminaries. She married at St 
Paul, Minnesota, Oct. 19, 1887, D. Jonas Lucas. 

68 Azotes of Washburfi Genealogy 


8. Charles Ames Washburn, son of Israer and Martha 
Benjamin Washburn, was born at Livermore, March i6, 1822 

He was graduated at Bowdoin College in 1848. 

He went to California in 1849 and soon became the editor and 
publisher of the " Alta Californian " and later of " The Times." 
In i860 he was elector at large from California and brought the 
vole of that State for Lincoln to Washington, D. C. 

In 1 86 1 he was appointed by President Lincoln Minister 
Resident to Paraguay. He was there during the war between 
that country and Brazil, Uruguay and the Argentine Republic. 
The lives of Mr. Washburn and his family being in peril, the 
United States sent the transport " Wasp " to take them away. 

After his return to the United States he wrote a very full 
history of Paraguay. He also wrote two novels, "Philip 
Thaxter " and " Gomery of Montgomery," and a treatise on 
''Political Evolution," besides contributing to the current litera- 
ture of the day. 

He died at New York City, Jan. 26, 1889, aged 66 years, 10 
mos, 10 days. 

8. Charles A. Washburn married at New York, May 11, 
1865, Sallie Catherine Clcaveland, who was born at Reading, 
Pcnn., Sept. 17, 1842. 

Children of same: 
J. Hester*, born at Asuncion, Paraguay, Oct. 22, 1867. 

Family of Charles Ames IVas/ibunt 69 

II. Thurlow®, born at "The Norlands," Livermore, Me., 
March 16, 1869. 

III. Lilian^, born at Reading, Pennsylvania, Sept. 27, 1870. 

9. Hester Washburn, daughter of Charles A. Washburn, 
married at Boston, Mass., Oct. 24, 1893, Willis Kirkpatrick 
Howell, who was born at Morristown, New Jersey, Oct. 13, j86o. 
Their home is at Morristown, N, J. 
Children of same : 

I. Willis Washburn^", born at I^Iorristown, N. J., March 7, 


II, Lawrence Benjamin", born at Morristown, N. J., Dec. 27, 

9. Thurlow Washburn was graduated at the Massachu- 
setts Institute of Technology in 1897. He is in New Mexico. 

70 Notes of Washburn Genealogy 


8. Samuel Benjamin Washburn, son of IsraeF and 
Martha Benjamin Washburn, was born at Livermore, Me.. 
Jan. I, 1824. 

In 1842 he went to sea before the mast and two years later 
he was master of a vessel. He was engaged in the' merchant 
marine service between Boston and Liverpool and between Bos- 
ton and New Orleans. 

He was a, captain in the volunteer scrv-ice of the navy in the 
late Civil war ; and while on the Galena participating in the fight 
at Fort Darling, May 13, 1S62, he was struck on the hip by a 
round shot and badly wounded, from the effects of which he 
suffered rill his death. 

He was afterward in the Gulf Squadron under Admiral Farra- 
gut and had command of a division ; and in the latter part of 1865 
he was in the Atlantic Squadron near the Chesapeake. 

After the war he lived a few years in the West and later spent 
several years at the family homestead, " The Norlands," in 

In 18S7 he went to the Sanitarium at Avon Springs, New 
York, for medical treatment and died there March 4, 1890, aged 
66 years, 

8. Samuel Benja.min Washburn married at Le Roy, New 
York, March 31, 1862, Lorelte May Thompson, who died at 
Owatouna, Minnesota, Feb. 14, 1869. He married, 2d, at Ease 

Family of Samuel Benjamin IVashbiini 71 

Livermore, Maine, Jan. 11, 1872, Addie Brown Reade, who was 
born at Lcwiston, Maine, Sept. 21, 1846. 

Children of Samuel Benjamin^ and Lorettc ^I. Washburn : 

T. Samuel Benjamin", Jr., born at Le Roy, N. Y., Dec. 27, 

II. Sidney**, who died in infancy. 

III. Greexleaf Wiiittier", who died in infancy. 

Children of Samuel Benjamin and Addie Reade Washburn. 

IV. !Mary Lorette", born at "The Norlands," Livermore, Dec. 
18, 1873. Died at Livermore, July 5, 1875. 

V. Katherixe Benjamin®, born at "The Norlands," Livermore. 
Nov. 8, 1876 

9. Samuel Benjamin Washburn, Jr., was educated in the 
schools of Livermore, Farmington, and Westbrook Seminary. 
Jle married at Minneapolis, ^larch 12, 1895, Fanny Henderson 
of that city. His home is in ^Minneapolis and he is connected 
with the \\'ashburn flouring mills there. 

9. Katiierine Benjamin Washburn, daughter of Samuel 
Benjamin^ Washburn, was educated at Granger Place School, 
Canandaigua, and passed the Vassar examination there in 1S95. 

She married at Avon, New York, June 15, 1898, John Francis 
Kellogg, who was born at Avon, June 4, 1871. 

Their home is at Avon, New York. 

72 N^oies of JVas/i5unt Ge7iealogy 


8. Mary Benjamin Washburn, second daughter of Israer 
and Martha B. Washburn, was born at Livermore, Nov. ii, 1825. 

She married at Livermore, March 29, 1858, Gustavus A. 
Buffum, who was born at Palermo, Maine, Dec. 26, 1825. 
She died at Lyons, Iowa, March 15, 1867. 
Children of same : • 

I. Frank WASHEURN^ born at Monroe, Wis., July i, 1859. 

II. Ada MARY^ born at Lyons, Iowa, Feb. 5, 1862. 

III. Charles GusTAVUS^ born at Lyons, Iowa, April 19, 1865. 

IV. Cadwallader Washburn®, born at Lyons, Iowa, March 
5, 1867. 

V. Benjamin WASHBURN^ born at Lyons, Iowa, March 5, 
1867. Both twins died at Lyons, Iowa, September, 1867. 

9. Frank Washburn Buffum, son of G. A. and Mary 
Washburn* Buffum, attended Ingleside College, Palmyra, 
Missouri. He married at Louisiana, Mo., March 18, 1893, 
Margaret V. Smith, who was born at Pike Co., Missouri, June 
4, 1869, and who died at Louisiana, Mo., March 15, 1895. 

9. Ada ^Iary Buffum, daughter of Gustavus A. and Mar>' 
Washburn* Buffum, educated at Monticello Seminary, Godfrey, 
Illinois. Married at Louisiana, Mo., Dec. 9, 1885, David Arthur 
Sluart, who was born at Danville, Mo., Sept. 26, 1848, and died 
at Denver, Colorado, Jan. 27, 1889. 

Faviily of Mary WasJiburn Bi{Jfum 73 

She married, 2cl, at Louisiana, Mo., James Ovid Stark of 
Stark, Missouri, April 28, 1897. 

Child of same : 
I. Mary Rox^vxa^", born at Stark, Mo., Dec. i, 1898. 

9. Charles Gustavus Buffum, son of G. A. and Mary 
Washburn BufTum, attended Jacksonville Business College and 
other schools. He married at Kansas City, Missouri, June i, 
1893, Gertrude Emily Carkiner, \\\\o was born at Danville, Mo.. 
Jan. II, 186S. 

Child of same: 
I. Mary Frances", bom at Louisiana, Missouri, May 30, 189S. 

74 Notes of IVashbicrn Gaicalogy 


8. William Drew Washburn, the eighth and only 
surviving son of IsraeP and Martha Benjamin Washburn, was 
born at Livermore, Jan. 14, 1831. 

He was graduated at Bowdoin College in 1854, studied law 

and settled in Minneapolis, Minnesota, May, 1857. He repre- 

' t. > 
sented the city of Minneapolis in the State Legislature in iS5S~7 /', , 

and from 1861 to 1865 he was U. S. Surv'-eyor-General for Minne- 

He was a member of Congress from 1879 '^^ 1S85 and in 1889 
was elected to the United States Senate. 

He has been extensively interested in timber lands, mill 
property and railroads in the northwest. 

He gave the site on which stands the orphans' " Home," at 
Minneapolis, which was given by his brother, Cadwallader C. 
Washburn ; and he has been President of the board of trustees 
of that institution since its opening in 1886. 

He married at Bangor, Maine, April 19, 1859, Elizabeth 
Little Muzzy, who was born at Bangor, June 27, 1836. 

Children of same: 

L Franklin Muzzv^, born at Minneapolis, Minn., May 4, 
1861. Drowned at Scarboro' Beach, Maine, July 29, 1877. 

H. William Drew, Jr.'', born at St. Paul, Minn., Apr. 3, 1S63. 

HI. Cadwallader Lincoln", born at Minneapolis, Oct. 31, 

Family of William Drew Washburn 75 

IV. Mary Caroline', born at Minneapolis, Minn., Aug. 31, 

V. Edwin Chapin®, born at Minneapolis, Apr. 11, 1870. 

VI. George Henry", born at Minneapolis, Dec. 24, 1S71. 
Died at I^Iinneapolis, Feb. 11, 1872. 

VII. Elizabeth", born at Minneapolis Nov. 19, 1874. 

VIII. Stanley", born at Minneapolis Feb. 7, 1878. 

IX. Alice", born at ^linneapolis July ii, 1881. Died at 
Minneapolis Aug. 29. 18S1. 

9. William Drew Washburn, Jr., (Yale, '88) married at 
Ponland, Oregon, Sept. 25, 1890, Florence Agnes Savier, ^vho 
was born at Portland, Oregon, August 16, 1868, 

Children of same : 

I. Beatrice^", born at Chicago, 111., June 26, 1891. 

II. William Drew, 3d^'', born at Minneapolis July 28, 1897. 

9. Cadwallader Lincoln Washburn, son of William 
Drew- Washburn, was graduated at Gallaudet College, Washing- 
ton, D. C, 1890, and was a member of the class of 1893 at the 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is an artist by pro- 
fession. He sent to the Paris Salon in 1897 a picture called 
'" Une Marche du Tanger." At the close of the exhibition Mr. 
Washburn was requested by the Chicago Art Institute to loan 
it to their winter exhibition. In 1S98 he had a picture in the 
Champs de Mars exhibition called " Une Fille " — a small child 
getting ready for a bath. 

9. Mary Caroline Washburn, daughter of W. D. Wash- 
burn, graduated at Ogoutz School, 1888. She married at Min- 

76 Notes of Was/lb uy 71 Genealogy 

neapoHs Nov. 23, 1892, Elbert Francis Baldwin of New York, a 
graduate of Williams College. 
Children of same : 

I. Elbert^", born in New York Feb. 12, 1894. 

II. Marian, born in New York June 5, 1895. 

9. Edwin Chapin Washburn entered Yale College, 1891. 
Was injured in foot-ball and left at end of first year. 

9. Stanley Washburn entered Williams College 1897. 

Fajnily of Caroli7ie lVas/ibur7i Hobnes 77 


8. Caroline Ann Washburn, youngest daughter of 
IsraeF and I^lartha Benjamin Washburn, was born at Livcrmorc 
January 30, 1833. Slie was educated at the schools of Liver- 
more, Waterville Liberal Institute and Gorham Seminary. 

She married at Livermore June 3, 1857, Dr. Freeland S. 
Holmes, who was born at Foxcroft, Me., Sept. 8, 1827. Dr. 
Holmes graduated at Bowdoin College, 1850, and from the 
Medical School at Washington, D. C. 

He joined the army in March, 1862, as Surgeon of the Sixth 
Regiment of iMaine Volunteers and died in the service, at Ger- 
mantown, Virginia, June 23, 1863. 

Children of same: Bom at Foxcroft, Maine. 

I. Fanny Washburn®, born July 3, 1859. 

II. Frank EDWARD^ born June 8, 1862. 

9. Fanny W. Hol.mes was educated at the schools of Min- 
neapolis and at Miss Morgan's School, Portsmouth, N. H. 

9. Frank E. Holmes graduated from Phillips Academy, 
Andover, Mass. 

Their home is in Minneapolis, Minn. 

78 Notes of IVasJibtirn Geiiealogy 


7. Molly Washburn, oldest daughter of Israel* and Abiali 
King Washburn, was born at Raynham, Tvlass., Nov. 14, 1786. 
One very near to her writes this of her : " She was a model of 
home duty — ever responsive to the call of neighbor, town or 
country; loving literature, but Duty most of all." 

She married at Raynham, Aug. 13, 1815, Payton Randolph 
/ After her marriage she lived in the old "Gothic house " built 

in 1670, in which five generations of Leonards had been born, 
her own children being the sixth and last. It was in this fine 
mansion, then almost new, that the escort was entertained over 
night that conveyed the head of King Philip to Plymouth from 
Mount Hope, where Philip was slain Aug. 12, 1676. [As the 
head was deposited in the cellar over night, this family may be 
said literally to have had a King's head under their feet.] 

James Leonard, the first of the name in this country, crane 
to Taunton, Mass., from Pontypool, Wales, where he had been 
connected with an iron bloomary ; and near his house in Taun- 
ton (now Raynham) he set up the first iron forge in America in 
1652. The Leonard residence in Raynham still bears the name 
of "Pontypool." 

The Leonard family originated in Kent, England, and occu- 
pied Hurstmanceaux Castle four hundred years, the head of tho 
family and title being Lord Dacre, mentioned by Scott in 

Family of Molly Washburn Leonard 79 

The ruins of Hurstmanceaux Castle, ivy covered, are among 
the most picturesque in England. 

Miss Amy Leonard of Raynham tells the following anecdote 
of her two great-grandfathers, Zephaniah Leonard. and Israel' 
Washburn, both men of prominence in their day. 

Her great-grandfather Leonard had been for many years 
chosen Moderator at the annual town-meetings of Raynham ; 
but one day, he being late, her great-grandfather Washburn was 
chosen. Mr. Leonard soon appeared and walked up to the desk 
as if to take his accustomed place, with an air of right and 

Mr. Washburn held his ground, however, and said in a dry 
manner, " No doubt but you are the people and wisdom will die 
with you ; but I have understanding as well as you. I am not 
inferior to you,'' ''• and he continued to preside. 

Payton Randolph Leonard was born in Raynham, Dec. 12. 
1775, and died there Dec. 22, 1843. i^Iolly Washburn^ Leonard 
died at Raynham Aug. 7, 1874, aged 87 years, 8 mos. 23 days. 

Children of same : 

L Amy*, born in Raynham Oct. 9, 1818. 

n. OliveS born in Raynham Sept. 3, 1820. Died at Raynham 
(Easter morning) Apr. 17, 1881. 

in. LvDi.'\ Washburn*, born at Raynham May 22, 1823. 
Died at Raynham Nov. 17, 1848. 

8. Amy Leonard, the oldest daughter of Payaon Randolph 
and Molly Washburn Leonard, attended Bristol Academy and 
graduated from the State Normal School at Bridgewater, Mass. 

*Job xii: 2, 3. 

8o Nofcs of Washburn Genealogy 

Slie has much interest in the cause of Temperance and has been 

President and Chaplain of a branch of the W. C. T. U. for sixteen 

years. She was a nurse in the Civil war and was associated in 

her work with !^Iiss Dix. 

From Point of Rocks, Va., Jan. i8, 1865, she writes: 

" This hospital is on an elevated spot about sixty feet above 

the turbid waters of the Appomattox. It is designed to be a 

hospital for ten thousand patients. At present three thousand 

are cared for here in the barracks already finished, and in the 

cloth tents. 


" Now I will take you to my ward which is in a tent, whose 

cloth sides seem but a poor shelter for the sick. Here beside a 

big burly man with wild eyes and a forest of whiskers lies a 

pretty pink-faced boy, with mild blue eyes and a thoughtful, 

refined expression. ' I am glad you have come,' said he, ' I was 

looking for you so long.' * And how are you to-day? ' ' Oh, 

so sick.' 


" Jan. — A bright lovely day. Two new patients came in 
to-day. One, on seeing me, seemed to be carried in spirit to his 
home, for he said with tearful eyes, 'Oh, my poor wife! how will 
she feel when she knows that I am here.' I combed the Maine 
boy's hair, gave him a pocket handkerchief, wrote for him a 
letter and tried to comfort him. 

" Another little whitehead told me he was seventeen. ' Why 
didn't you stay at home with your mother?' 'Oh, the other 
boys were coming and so I wanted to.' 

" Jan. — A trying day. I was told this morning Frank was 
ordered to Fortress Monroe. I was glad for him; but I had 

Family of Molly IVashbicrii Leonard 8i 

watched over the good, patient, handsome boy for three months, 
fed him hke an infant for weeks, had been called ' ^lother ' by 
him, in his delirium, 'Saint, angel, darling,' etc., and could not 
see him go without a tear. I left him packed into the ambu- 
lance and would have gone to the boat, but I knew there was a 
dying boy. who was looking for me and who had said to me 
that morning, 'I am glad when you come and sorry when you 
go.' So I hastened to the fair boy who has the awkward name 
of Gideon and who too calls me 'Mother, dear mother.' " 

" Feb. 17, 1865. All goes cjuietly along — sick boys in bleak 
tents. Some recover, some die and some linger on. They are 
generally patient, respectful, some thankful, although a good 
many forget the little signs of gratitude; but I feel not 
unrewarded though no * thank you ' should be mine. I feel if 
I can give my mite to God and my country it is compensation 
enough. I feel that while grim war scowls on our fair land I 
will do my best to alleviate its horrors." 

She made good her words and stayed to the end of the v/ar, 
but came home stricken with army fever and for many weeks it 
was thought she would not live. 

A few years after the war Miss Leonard adopted a daughter 
— Lois Dean Gushce — whom she educated. This daughter 
married Albert James Park of Taunton and they have three 
children, Leonard, Gladys and Esther. Their home is at 

8, Olive, daughter of Payton Randolph and Molly Wash- 
burn' Leonard, was educated at Bristol Academy, Taunton, and 
the schools of Raynham. She married at Raynham, Oct. 24, 

82 Notes of Washburn Genealogy 

1847, Theodore Foster of New York. Mr. Foster was born at 
Machias, Me., Oct. 21, 181 1. He was a journalist and was at 
one time on the editorial staff of the New York Tribune. He 
went to California in January, 1849. The following lines were 
written by Mrs. Foster in October, 1849. 

" Pale was the winter sun, and keen 

The winter wind that day, 
That filled the ]\Iarah's snowy sails 

And bore my love away. 
But colder than the northern blast. 

That round the vessel blew. 
Sank down into my aching heart 

The parting word, adieu. 

Anon the winter snows were gone ; 

Spring brought the violets back ; 
But not the wanderer bound afar 

O'er ocean's stormy track. 
And summer passed, all rich in bloom. 

And song of bird and bee, — 
But who can tell me if my love 

Will e'er come back to me?" 

[Alas! he came not back, but died in California Aug. 28, 

The following hymn is taken from a manuscript volume of 

occasional poems by Mrs. Foster: 

Christm.^s Hymn — 1864. 

We know why the bells to-night are ringing. 
And the choral bands to-night are singing, 
V/e know why the lamps to-night are shining, 
And the cedar and holly the cross are twining. 

Family of Molly ]Vashbitr7i Lxo7iard 83 

And the children know, and the mothers know, 

And the soldier lad afar. 
Keeping his lonely watch to-night, 

Is thinking of Bethlehem's Star. 

We know why the drum to-night is beating, 
And hosts in the battle's shock are meeting, 
And the brave men know, who their lives are giving 
For freedom and country, that Christ is living. 

And the prisoner knows, in his martyr den. 
And the weary, waiting slave — 
And the sailor afloat on the tossing main, 
Who it is that cometh to save. 

While the light of the stars to-night is falling. 
We know that the Shepherd of Souls is calling — 
And he bids, in tones of divinest pleading 
To the fields of peace where his lambs are feeding; 
IMothers and children and soldiers brave, 

And they that in prisons pine, 
The sailor at sea and the patient slave. 
Dear Saviour, they all are thine. 

— Olive Leonard Foster. 

84 Notes of Washhirn Genealogy 


7. Benjamin Washburn, son of Israel" and Abiah King 
Washburn, was born at Raynham, Mass., Feb. 10, 17QI. He 
went to Ohio when a young man. It is said that he wished to 
take a Raynham wife there, but the parents of the young lady 
chosen would not consent to her going so jar out of the zvorld 
as Ohio to make a home. 

He married at Greenfield, Ohio, and lived there till his death, 
which occurred July i, 1830. His wife died in 1853. 
Children of same : 

I. Lydia Helen*. 

n. Minerva.® 

8. Lydia Helen Washburn married Dr. Clark and went 
lo California. She died at San Luis Obispo. She had children, 
but their names are not known. 

Minerva married and her husband died about 1853. 
It is thought that no descendants of Benjamin^ Washburn 
arc living, (1898.) 

Family of Reuel WasJihcr7i 85 


7. Reuel Washburn, son of Israel" and Abiah King 
Waslibiirn, was born at Raynham, Mass., May 21, 1793. He was 
graduated at Brown University in 1814. He read law w^ith Gov. 
Albion Keith Parris, at Paris, }^Ie., and was admitted to the bar 
of Oxford County in 1818. 

He soon came to Livermore where his brother Israel' was 
living, and settled at North Livermore, which continued to be 
his home till his death, except one year (1851-52) which he 
spent in Oshko&h, Wis. 

He was Register of Probate for Oxford County from 1821 
to 1823. He was State Senator in 1827 and 1828 and a member 
of Gov. Enoch Lincoln's Council in 1829. 

He was nominated for Congress by the Whig party in 1828, 
and lost the election by but five votes (and those said to have 
been irregularly cast). 

He was Representative to the Legislature five years between 
1832 and 1841, and Judge of Probate for Androscoggin County 
from 1857 to 1859, ^vhen he resigned. He died at town-m.eeting 
^larch 4, 1878. He had just spoken vigorously upon some 
matter which was before the meeting, and sitting down, immedi- 
ately expired. 

At a meeting of the Androscoggin Bar after his death. Judge 
Walton said : " It is neither just to the dead nor useful to the 

86 N^otcs of Washburn Genealogy 

living to give exaggerated or indiscriminate eulogy but 

in speaking of the moral worth of Judge Washburn, there is no 
language too strong." 

Senator W^illiam P. Fryc said: "When Reuel Washburn 
was Judge of Probate I had the honor to serve him as the Reg- 
ister ; I learned to know him well, and the good God never made 
a nobler nor an honester man." 

Rev. Dr. Snow wrote : " Mr. Washburn always seemed to 
me to represent more fully and more purely than any other man 
I ever knew that ideal type of character and manners whicli we 
associate with the old-time ' Gentleman.' " 

Hon. Josiah Drummond of Portland wrote: "The news of 
his death is received here with sorrow : he is mourned as a ^reat 
and good man and r^Iason." 

Gov. Israel Washburn, Jr., in a sketch of his life said: " He 
was a well-grounded and sincere Christian. He was a pillar of 
strength in the organization to which in early life he attached 
himself. He had no doubt of the final triumph of good over evil 

or of the ultimate cleansing and elevation of all souls He 

died as he had wished to die with the harness on, and among 
the people he had served so faithfully, and whom he loved as a 
father loves his children. 

'Felix, uon vitcc tanfnm elaritate, 
scd ctiam cpporhiniiatc mortis!'* 

7. Reuel Washburn married at Raynham, Mass., Oct. 19, 

♦Happy, not only from the purity of his life, but also from the 
opportuneness of his death. 

Family of Rcucl JFashbuni 87 

1S20, Delia King*, daughter of Barzillai and Nelly McCloud 
King. She was born at Raynhani, May 14, 1801, and died at 
Livermore, Sept. 25, 1886, aged 85 yrs. 4 mos. 11 days. He died 
March 4, i8;8, aged 84 yrs. 9 mos. 11 days. 
Children of same : 

I. Harriet^, born at Livermore, Jan. 25, 1822. Died at Liver- 

more, Dec. 29, 1888. 

II. Ganem W.", born at Livermore, Oct. 29, 1823. 

III. ALO^'zo^ born at Livermore, June 3, 1826. 

l\'. Seth^, born at Livermore, March 30, 1829. Died at Liver- 
more August 13, 1830. 

V. Seth D.*, born at Livermore, Jime 21, 1832. 

VI. Ellen Abiah*, born at Livermore, May 26, 1842. 

*Delia King, wife of Reuel Washburn, was a descendant in the fiftli 
i;cneration of Philip King of Weymouth, who moved to Taunton (now 
Raynham) about i6So. The line is as follows: 

(1) Philip King (died 1710) and Judith Whitman. 

(2) John King (1675-1741) and Alice Dean. 

(3) Benjamin King (1718-1803) and 1st Abiah Leonard; 2d Deliver- 
ance Eddy. 

(4) Barzillai King (1766-1822) and ist Lucinda Gilmore; 2d Nelly 

(4) Abiah King (1762-1842) and Israel* Washburn. 

(5) Delia King (1801-1886) and Reuc-r Washburn. 

Hon. Horatio King of Washington, D. C. (1812-1897), was of this 
family, being a son of Samuel and grandson of Benjamin' and Abiah 
Leonard King. 

88 N'ofes of lVas/ibur?i Genealogy 


8. Ganem W. Washburn, oldest son of Rcuel and Delia 
King Washburn, was born at Livermore, Oct. 2y, 1823. He was 
graduated at Bowdoin College in 1845, studied law with his 
father and with his cousin, Gov. Israel Washburn, Jr., at Orono, 
Maine, was admitted to the bar in Oxford County, 1847, ^^^ 
went to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where he settled and made a home. 

He served in the Senate of Wisconsin, 1859 and i860. He 
was County Judge, 1861-1864, and Judge of the Circuit Court 
from 1864 to 1879, when he resigned. 

He married at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Nov. 19, 1850, Sarah 
Perley Strickland, who was born at Livermore, Oct. 8, 1826. 
Children of same : All born at Oshkosh, Wis. 

I. Clara Elizabeth*, born Oct. 5, 185 1. 

n. John Reuel®, born May 6, 1853. 

III. Mary Gertrude", born Feb. 9, 1855. 

IV. Alice*, born Sept. 12, i860. 

V. Benja.min°, born Sept. 12, i860. "Bennie" died Sept. 16, 

9. Clara Elizabeth Washburn, daughter of Ganem W. 
Washburn, married at Osiikosh, Wisconsin, March 14, 1877, 
Charles Henry Morgan, who was born in Alleghany Co., New 
York. July 5, 1843. 

Very early in the Civil War Mr. Morgan enlisted in the ist 
Wisconsin Regt. of Volunteers and served through the entire 

Fa7nilyj>f Ganem W. Washburn 89 

period of the war, attaining the rank of Captain. He was 
eighteen months in Southern prisons, escaping from Libby 
Prison by Capt. Rose's famous tunnel. 

After the war he studied law and was graduated from the 
Law Department of the University of New York, and went to 
Lamar, Missouri. 

He served in the State Legislature of Missouri and eight 
years in Congress. 

Children of same : 

L AL\RY Gertrude^", born at Washington, D. C, Dec. 27, 


n. Charles Hexry^", Jr., born at Lamar, Mo., Oct. 12, 1879. 
Died at Lamar, Mo., July 2, 1880. 

HL Franklin Benjamin^^ born at Lamar, Mo., Dec. 20, 1881. 

IV. Washburn Swift^", born at Lamar, Mo., Jan. 6, 1883. 

\''. Clara Elizabeth^", born at Lamar, Mo., Sept. 25, 18S5. 

VL Albert Dye^°, born at Lamar Sept. 25, 1889. 

Vn. Frederic Arthur^°, born at Lamar, Sept. 19, 1891. 

VHL Charles Henry, Jr.^", born at Lamar July 29, 1894. 

IX. Natalie***, born at Lamar Nov. 9, 1897. 

Capt. Morgan was again mustered into the service of the 
United States in the war with Spain, on May 18, 1898, at Jeffer- 
son Barracks, Mo., and was commissioned by Gov. Stcpheno, 
Lieut. Col. of the 5th Regt. of Missouri Volunteers. 

Mary Gertrude Morgan graduated from the State Norma! 
School at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in 1897. 

Frank B. Morgan graduated from Lamar High School in 
1898, and entered the Missouri State University the same year. 

90 Notes of IVashbjirji Genealogy 

9. John Reuel Washburn, son of Ganem W. Washburn, 
married at Oshkosh, Wis., Oct. ii, 1876, Harriet Anna Green, 
who was born at Keeseville, New York, Dec. 2, 1854. 

Children of same : All born at Oshkosh. 

I. Sarah Elizabeth'", born May 7, 1878. 

II. Laura Elsie"\ born April 2, 1S80. 

III. Gaxem''\ born Sept. 18, 1884. 

IV. John Earl^", born June 17, 1895. 

9. IvIary Gertrude Washburn, daughter of Ganem W. 
Washburn, graduated at Oshkosh High School, 1873. She 
married at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, May 2, 1895, Lorenzo Dow 
Harmon, who was born at Hodgdon, Maine, Jan. 30, 1841. Mr. 
Harmon served in the Civil War as Captain of Co. B, 37th Regi- 
ment, Wisconsin \'ol. Infantry. He was wounded several times 
but not seriously, and remained in the army till the close of the 

Children of same : Born at Oshkosh. 

I. Helen'", born Feb. 8, 1896. 

II. Ellis Cady'", born Dec. 14, 1897. Died Sept. 3, 1898. 

9. Alice Washburn, daughter of G. W. Washburn, gradu- 
ated at Oshkosh High School and took a special course in 
elocution in Boston for three years, and has since taught 
elocution and other branches in the Oshkosh High School. 

Family of Alojizo WasJibiwn 91 


8. Aloxzo Washbuk-v, second son of Reuel' and Delia 
King Washburn, was born at Livermore June 3, 1826. He was 
educated at Livermore and at Gorham Seminary. He enlisted 
in the Civil war Dec. 31, 1863, and served in Co. L, 3d Regiment 
Wisconsin Cavalry to the end of the war. He was mustered 
out October, 1865, as Quartermaster Sergeant. 

He married at Livermore, Maine, Apr. 10, 1850, Jane 
Coolidge Strickland, who was born at Livermore, Jan. 24, 1823. 

Children of same : 
L Julia ]\LARrA", born at Oshkosh, Wis., March 23, 1852. 
H. William Henry", born at Weyauwega, Wis., Feb. 14, 

HL Anxie Weston®, born at Oshkosh, Wis., Dec. 26, 1855. 

9. Julia ^L\RIA Washburn, daughter of Alonzo', married 
at Milwaukee, Wis., Apr. 5. 1886, Allen R. Towle of Chicago. 
Mr. Towle was born at Portland, Me., Jan. 20, 1S52. 

Children of same : All born at Chicago. 

I, Edson Foster^°, born Feb. 3, 1887, 

H. Florence Washburn^", born Dec. 9, 1888. 

in. William Washburn^", born May 26, 1893. Died at Chi- 
cago, July 10. 1894. 

IV. Athaline Rich'", born Sept. 10, 1895. 

9. William Henry Washburn, son of Alonzo^ was 
graduated in medicine at Rush Medical College, Chicago, Feb. 

92 Notes of Washburti Genealogy 

1877. He is Professor in the Wisconsin College of Physicians 
and Surgeons, Milwaukee, and is also Secretary of the Faculty 
and Board of Directors of the same institution. He is Physician 
to the Presbyterian, St. Joseph's and Johnston Emergency 
Hospitals. His home is in Milwaukee, Wis. 

He married at Ishpeming, Michigan, Oct. i, 1878, Esther 
Willson, who was born at Sydenham, Ontario, March 6, 1851. 

Children of same : 

I. Robert Glexdennixg'", born at Ishpeming, Mich., Julv i, 

H. William Hexry, Jr.,'° born at Florence, Wis., Aug. 15. 
1880. Died at Florence, Wis., Nov. 7, 1880. 

HI. Be.-xtrice William'", born at Florence, Wis., Apr. 4, 

IV. Ganem'", born at Milwaukee, Wis., I\Iay 2, 1885. Died at 
Milwaukee, Apr. 26, 1886. 

Robert Glendenning Washburn is in the Wisconsin State 
University, class of 1900. 

9. An'nie Westox Washburn, daughter of Alonzo* and 
Jane C. Washburn, married at Florence, Wisconsin, May 9, 1882, 
John Scott Willson, who was born at Goderich, Ontario, Sept. 
30, 1853. 

Children of same : 

I. Jane Washburn'", born at Florence, Wis., June 15, 1883. 

Died at Florence, Wis., June 16, 1883. 

II. Benjamin Washburn'", born at Milwaukee, Wis., March 
30, 1886. 

HI. Esther'", born at Ironwood, Michigan, Apr. 3, 1891 
Their home is at Ironwood, Mich. 

Family of Seth D. Washbio-n 93 


8. Seth D. Washburn, youngest son of Reuel and Delia 
King Washburn, was born at Livermore, June 21, 1832. 

He was educated at the schools of Livermore and the 
Academics of Farmington and Bloomfield. He studied law and 
was admitted to the Androscoggin Bar in 1861. 

He married at Livermore March 8, 1871, Julia Con?lantia 
Chase, a descendant as well as himself from John Washburn of 
Duxbury. She was born at Turner, Dec. 10, 1840. Their 
home is at North Livermore, Elaine. 

Note. — Washburn Ancestors of Mrs. Julia Chase Washburn. John', 
John', Joseph' (?), Benjamin*. 

5. Benjamin, son of Benjamin*, married Martha Kingman, 1729, and 
died at Bridgewatcr, 1740. 

6. Benjami.v, son of Benjamin*, born 1735, married Desire Scars of 
Halifax, 1762, and died at Bridgewater, 1796. 

7. Mary, daughter of Benjamin' and Desire Sears Washburn, was 
born at Bridgewater, Mass., June 29, 1780. She married at Bridgewatcr 
Nov. 30, 1801, Barziliai Latham, a descendant in the fifth generation oi 
Robert Latham, who married Susanna Winslow, daughter of John 
Winslow and ^L\RV Chilton, and niece of Gov. Edward Winslow. Mary 
Washburn Latham died at Buckfield, Me., Aug. 19, 1854. 

8. Reeecca Dean Latham, daughter of Barziliai and Mary Wash- 
burn Latham, was horn at Buckfield, Me., Jan. 23, 1805. She married 
at Buckfield, June 8, 1831, Job Chase, who was born at Buckfield, June 
28, 1806, and died at Livermore, May 27, 1891. 

Rebecca Latham Chase died at Livermore, Dec. 15, 1884. 

94 Notes of ]Vashb7ir7i Genealogy 

Children of Job and Rebecca Latham Chase : 

I. Mary Latham >, born at Sanger\-ille, Me., Apr. 5, 1832. 
Married H. M. Bearce. Died at Boston, June 22, 1882. 

n. George Franklin®, born at Sang-erville, Me., Nov. 24, 
1834. Died at Statesville, N. C, Oct. 18, 1898. 

in. Julia Constantia, born at Turner, Me., Dec. 10, 1840. 

Fa^nily of Ellai Washburji Smith 95 


8. Ellen Abl^^h Washburn, daughter of Relief and Delia 
King Washburn, was born at Livermore, May 26, 1842. 

She married at Livermore on the Golden-wedding day of 
her parents, Oct. 19, 1870, Roscoe Smith, M. D. 

Dr. Smith was born at Peru, Maine, Nov. 13, 1839. He 
attended Maine State Seminary (now Bates College) 1858- 1863. 
He was at Bates College after the war, '65-67, at Maine Medical 
School, Brunswick, 1868-1S69, and was graduated at Harvard 
Medical School in 1870. 

In the Civil War he enlisted in Co. I, 3d Maine Vols, in iS6j. 
and- served till 1S65. He was wounded at Spotsylvania; after 
which he was connected with the surgical department of the 

He represented the town of Turner in the State Legislature 
in 1891. 

Child of same : 

Reuel W.\shburn®, bom at Turner, Me., Sept. 19, 1875. 
He was graduated at Bowdoin College in 1897 and entered the 
Law School of Harvard University in 1898. 

96 Notes of ]Vashbiir7i Ge7ica!ogy 


7. Eli King Washburn, young-est son of Israel' and 
Abiah King \Vashburn, was born at Raynham, Mass., July 22. 

He spent his life on the old Washburn homestead at 
Raynham. He represented his town in the Legislature of 
Massachusetts and was an ardent temperance man and aboli- 

He married Dec. 25, 1825, Nancy Dean Norton, who was 
born at Mansfield, Mass., Aug. 28, 1806. 

He died at Raynham, July 28, 1852, aged 50. 

She died at Taunton, Mass., May 26, 1873, aged 66. 

Children of same : All born at Raynham. 

I. Thom.\s\ born Jan, 6, 1827. Died at Raynham July 8, 1870. 

II. EMILY^ born Apr, 28, 1828. Died at Mansfield, Mass., 
Aug. II, 1896. 

HI. N.\THAN*, born Dec. 29, 1829. 

IV. Mary^ born Oct. 2"], 1832. Died at Raynham, Nov. 4, 

V. LucY^ born Oct. 8, 1834. Died at Raynham, Nov. 5, 1855. 

VI. Laura^ born Aug. 28, 1836. Died at Brockton, Mass., 
May 21, 1887. 

VII. Camilla^ born March 17, 1838. Died at Raynham, 
Nov 2, 1855. 

Family of Eli King Washburn 97 

VIII Arthur^, born Apr. 26, 1840. Died at Brockton 
Mass., Aug. 24, 1892. 

IX. MIRIAM^ born Feb. 5, 1842. Died at Mansfield, Mass 
Dec. 30, 1855. 

X. JANE^ born March 22, 1844. Died at Raynham Oct ^o 
1855. ^ ' 

XI. JuLIET^ born Apr. 5, 1846. 

XII. Marth.^«, born Sept. 13, 1851. Died at Raynham Sept 
14, 1854- 

NoTE.-The five deaths in this family in 1S35 were from typhoid fever. 

8. Thomas Washburn, son of EH King Washburn, married 
at Taunton, Mass., Nov. 25, 1866, Mary Bowers Hall, who wa.; 
born at Taunton, Mass., Jan. 12, 1834. 

Thomas Washburn went to California in 1849 and remained 
there till 1862, making one trip home in the time. 

He died at Raynham on the old Washburn homestead Tulv 
8, 1870. 

Child of same: 

9. Harry Thomas Washburn, born at Raynham Nov. 24. 
1868. He still owns (1898) the old Washburn liome in 
Raynham where his father built a new house. The old house. 
in which IsraeF and ReucF were born, is still standing, but no 
longer used as a dwelling. (See cut, page 34.) 

Harry T. married at Taunton, Nov. 30, 1897, Florence 
Westcoat, who was born at Taunton, Mass., Nov. i, 1870. 
Their home is at Taunton. 

qS Notes of JVashburn Genealogy 

8. Emily Washburn, daughter of Eli KJ Washburn, 
married Lloyd E. Allen March 31, 1854. She died at Mansfield, 
Mass., Aug. II, 1S96. 

8, Laura Washburn, daughter of Eli King" Washburn, 
married Charles F. Field Jan. i, 1868. She died at Brockton, 
Mass., May 21, 1887. 

Children of same: All born at Brockton, Mass, 
L Charles Washburx^, born 1868. 
IL Albert D.^ born Sept. 5, 1869. 
in. Eustace", born Sept. i, 1871. 

IV. Laura J.», born Feb. 17, 1873. 

V. Helen \l.\ born Dec. 7, 1875. 

9. Eustace Field, son of Charles F. and Laura Washburn^ 
Field, married at Brockton, Mass., 1894, Harriet M. Petty. 

Children of same: Born at Brockton. 

L Mildred Augusta^", born July 8, 1895. 
n. Ruth Elizabeth'**, born Nov. 8, 1896. 

9. Laura J. Field, daughter of Charles F. and Laura 
Washburn* Field, married at Brockton September, 1898, Frank 
Makepeace of Brockton. 

8. Arthur Washburn, son of Eli King' Washburn, 
married, 1st, Rebecca GifTord, April 2^, 1875, and 2d, Emma 
Cunningham, May 25, 1886. He died at Brockton, Mass., Aug. 
24, 1892. 

8. Juliet Washburn, daughter of Eli King" Washburn, 

Family of Eli King WasJiburn 99 

married, ist, Cliarles F. Ivers, 1873, and 2d, Abel S. Amerzcen. 
July 4, 1884. 

Children of ist marriage: 

I. Amy Leonard", born at Taunton, Mass., Apr. 5, 1875. 

II. Lucy Washburn", born at Taunton, Mass., Dec. 15, 1877. 

Child of 2d marriage : 

III. Ada Maria", born at Brockton, Mass., Apr. 15, 1886. 

lOO Notes of Washburn Genealogy 

Changing but one word, a quotation from Judge Ezekicl 
Whitman in his memoir of John Whitman, seems a fitting close 
to this book. 

"The posterity of Jolm 'Washburx' will seldom find occa- 
sion to blush upon looking back upon the past lives of those 
from whom they have derived their origin. Fortunate indeed 
may the generations now in being esteem themselves, if they can 
be sure to bequeath to their posterity an equal source of felicita- 


Page 26 — 

IV. Samuel', born 1651; married Deborah Packard. 
Page 50— 

Israel Ilcnry" Washburn was born 1S43. 
Page 51— 

II. Emily Washburn, daughter of Israel Henry, Jr'". and Virginia 
Sanborn Washburn, was born at Portsmouth, N. H. Feb. 7, 1899. 
Page 60 — 

Adfele Bertrand" Washburn died 1884. 
Page 66 — 

9. Elizabeth C. Stephenson died at Brookline, Mass., Feb. 10, 1899. 
Page 8&— 

Ganem W'. Washburn was born Oct. 29. 



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Benjamin Genealogy 46 

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INDEX 103 

King. Abiah ^^ 

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Washburn, John^ * 

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Washburn, Samuel' ,_ 

Washburn, Emory ' 

WiiShburn, Israel' ^^ 

Washburn, Itracl' 



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