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Full text of "Genealogical record of the descendants of Leonard Headley of Elizabethtown, N.J. : together with historical and biographical sketches, and illustrated with portraits and other illustrations"

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With an introduction by Will C. Headley Esq., of 
Newark, N. J, 

Joseph W. Headley, printer 
Milton, New Jersey. 

1905- i 


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The study of Genealogy is both interesting and 
of great value. Its effects ought to be beneficial in 
maintaining the honor and integrity of a family ex- 
tending through a long line of progenitors whose 
memory should be cherished with loyal devotion to 
endless day, and whose virtues are worthy of emu- 
lation. It is commendable to be familiar with one's 
family history, and eminently proper to put it on re- 
cord in a convenient form for the benefit of future 

Such records will be of incalculable value to gen- 
erations yet unborn, and will be highly prized by 
them, and upon the authors they will lavish lasting 
praise for having preserved from oblivion the tradi- 
tions and history of the deeds and lives of the progeni- 
tors and their posterity. 

These genealogical trees will become heirlooms in 
the family, and volumes will be sought for and plac- 
ed in public libraries. In the family, too, they will 
wield an influence, as the lives of unselfish devotion 
to God, conscience, and family, of the forefathers 
are recounted, to keep unsullied the family name. 

The work has been prepared at a great sacrifice 
of time and labor. Had all responded promptly to 
communications, the work would have been far 
easier, more complete, and less time and expense 

The author acknowledges himself indebted to 
many of the family for kind favors received in the 



form of records and Other data for the work, among 
whom may be especially mentioned those who have 
very materially aided the author in the work, fore- 
most among them and of especial mention are — Mr. 
C. C. Gardner, and Will C. Headley Esq., of New- 
ark, both having collected a large amount of data, 
which they furnish for use in the work. Among 
others are— Miss Mary Headley, of Newark, N. J., 
Miss Elizabeth M. Headley, of Union, N. J., Mrs. 
Helen T. Headley, of Morristown, N. J.; and 


It will be observed that all descendants are recorded in the regu- 
lar order of birth, from the oldest down to the youngest, through- 
out the entire connections, each generation being marked con- 
secutively from lirst to last. The Roman numerals placed before 
each name designate the generation to which they belong, as — 
I. Leonard Headley, (First generation). 
II. Thomas Headley, (Second generation). 

III. Samuel Headley, (Third generation). 

IV. Joseph Headley, (Fourth generation). 

Beginning with the tirst (1) ancestor Leonard Headley. His 
children (11) generation; then follows Samuel Headley (III) gen- 
eration; and his children the (IV) generation; and so on down to 
the last of the pioneers' descendants. 

When marriages occur between members of the connection the 
husband carries the record. 

In the general index will be found the names of all descendants 
mentioned in the book, over eighteen years of age. 

To find family records see Index of Branches, where names of all 
of the tirst, second, third and fourth generations are given. 

Abbreviations— B. signities born; d. died or deceased; m. mar- 
ried; S. single; Twp. township; Presby. Presbyterian; Meth. E]). 
Methodist Episcopal; Cong. Congregationalist. 

^KESBYTEIlIA^ Oil. CoNN. FaKMS, UmoK, L'nION Co. N. J. 



The Headley family of this work is believed to 
have originated with one Leonard Headley, who, 
pricr to the year 1664, came from England, landed 
at Boston; from there went to Connecticut and after- 
wards drifted to Long Island, and in the year 1664, 
with a large party of settlers and their wives, located 
and settled at Elizabeth Town, Essex County, New 
Jersey. Leonard Headley, being at that time mar- 
ried; as the records show that he took up and caused 
to be surveyed a tract of land in the name of himself 
and wife. 

Leonard Headley or his descendants soon after 
went about five miles west of Elizabeth Town, took 
up land and settled what for many years was known 
on the maps of Essex Co. (afterwards Union County) 
as Headley Town, being that part of Union township 
now known as Unionville, in which many of their 
descendants may still be found, and quite some of 
the land that was obtained by the first settlers by oc- 
cupation is still owned by the Headley family— the 
family seldom selling land— the fathers generally 
providing homes for their sons, near their own dwell- 
ing place, either by purchase or occupation. This 
trait of the family causing considerable difficuty in 
tracing of ancestors, as very few left wills, the land 
being generally divided before the decease of the par- 
ent or by the family afterward, and if deeds were 
given many were not recorded or have become lost. 
Another difficulty being found in that generally the 


family records and heirlooms were looked after by 
the female members of the family, who appear to 
have taken more interest in records and heirlooms 
than the male members, but through death and 
change of name by marriage it is very difficult to trace 
records and heirlooms through female descendants of 
a family. What little information still existed of 
the family of records and heirlooms was fast becom- 
ing lost or strayed. 

I was greatly impressed with the little knowledge 
in the possession of the majority of families 
in regard to their ancestors, many not being 
able to go back of grandparents. The want of some 
accurate, complete and enduring record was not only 
felt by myself but by many other members of the 
family, and as there were but few very old people 
left in the immediate family, it could not have been 
obtained too soon, and would have been much more 
easily obtained and more accurate had it been looked 
after years ago. 

In search for records a short time ago I became 
acquainted with Rev. A. J. Fretz, who, being con- 
nected with the family, has taken great interest in 
the work of getting records of the different branches 
of the family together, — Rev. Mr. Fretz's ability for 
work of this nature is beyond question, and through 
his kindness in consenting to take charge of and pub- 
lish the work will have the hearty approval as well 
as the co-operation of the whole famil}'. 

The ancestor of the family being among the first 
settlers of the country, his descendants are to be 
found in nearly every state of the Union, and in 
about every walk of life. 

The writer well remembers the dwelling house 
occupied by his great grandfather, Carey Headley, 


situated on the corner of what is now known as 
Valley Street and Vaux Hall Road, about Yz mile 
south of Wyoming in Union County near the Essex 
Co. line. The house being shingled on five sides in- 
cluding the roof, large wide hall-way through the 
center, timber cut from the woods and framed in 
the rough oak floors. House i>2 story dwelling, fill- 
ed in with brick to the roof. The large garret making 
a fine play ground for children, myself and other 
children often using same for that purpose, or watch- 
ing some member of the family weave carpet with 
the loom set up in the old garret. It was understood 
that the house was on the ground of the battle 
of Springfield, the left wing of the British 
army coming up the Vaux Hall Road from Elizabeth, 
for the purpose of flanking the army of Gen. Green 
at Springfield, the were check- 
ed at the east branch of the Rah way River about 
looo feet northwesterly of this old house. The old 
house showed the effects of the struggle as many 
bullet holes were in its south side, and when torn 
down, 1S74, about 25 leaden bullets were taken from 
same. Cannon balls, bayonets, and other articles of 
war equipments were around the house when I was" 
a boy , most of which relics were used in the celebration 
of the battle of Springfield in 1876, and were not re- 
turned. The lone relic known to the writer is a cop- 
per cent date 1788. I have been told that at the 
time of this battle the live-stock of the settlers was 
driven over the mountain by women members of the 

Probably the four oldest houses erected by the 
Headley family now standing, are the ones now oc- 
cupied by Joseph B. Headley, and the one adjoining, 
belonging to the estate of Warren Headley, on the 


Vaux Hall Road at Unionville, (Headleytowu). 
These houses, i, or 2 of them evidently, were built 
by Samuel Headley and one was occupied by his 
son Joseph Headley. Both houses have been re- 
modeled. Another house to the north on the same 
property, probably erected by Samuel Headley Jr.; 
and the other about one-half mile to the west on the 
Vaux Hall Road, owned and occupied by John 
Thompson Headley, now owned by Jabez Alley, — 
all of these houses w-ere erected prior to 1776, as 
their then owners took part in the struggle at that 

The records from these d\^'elling houses have been 
removed and most of them either lost or destro3'ed, 
and the part their owners took in the issue of 1776, 
or very much of it, cannot be obtained. Their own- 
ers, after taking their part in the issue of that time, at 
the close of the war, settled down to their farms 
again. Could these old houses be made to tell of the 
time and struggles of 1776, and the part that their 
owners and their sons and daughters pla5'ed, their 
history would be well worth writing and reading, but 
they tell no tales, and the living and written records 
have disappeared. 

Newark, N. J. Nov. ::8, 1904. 

Will C. Hkadlev. 


The Headley Family is undoubtedly of English 
origin, though one tradition says they came from 
Scotland. The name was in the 12th century "De- 
Haddeleigh," and in the lyatin form "de Hadleins," 
the signification of the name being "Of the woods." 
The name has in later years undergone several chan- 
ges and is now variously written; as, Headley, Hed- 
ley, Hedly and Hadiey. There is a tradition that 
two brothers, tanners and curriers by occupation, 
came from Manchester England, about 1665. John 
Pledly, one of the brothers, located himself at New 
Port, R. I., at the first settling of that place about 
1665. The name of the other brother and where he 
located is not positively known, but may have been 
Leonard Headley, pioneer of the New Jersey Head- 
leys, who located at first, perhaps, somewhere in 
Connecticut, and later at Elizabethtown, N. J., 
whither he came with Sir George Carteret in 1665, 
and where on the igth day of February 1665, he took 
the oath of Allegiance and fidelity to King Charles 
IT. and to be true and faithful to the Lord Proprietors. 
The following is a copy of the Oath as recorded 
at Trenton, N. J. Book I. pg. 50. Secy. State Of- 

"You do swear upon the Holy Evangelist contain- 
ed in this book to bear true faith and Allegiance to 
our Soveraine Lord King Charles the 2nd and his 


lawful successors and the Government of this Pro- 
vince of New Jersey as long as you shall continue an 
inhabitant under the same without any equivocations 
or mental reservation whatsoever and so help you 

(Signed) Leonard Headley. 

The oath was taken by 65 persons in which num- 
ber was comprised Luke Watson's Company of sixty 
emigrants. Leonard Headley evidently being one of 
five persons who joined the company at Klizabeth- 
town and was one of the original founders of that 
place. Land at Elizabethtown was apportioned to 
Leonard Headley in the same proportion as to the 60 
associates. In the first company of emigrants no per- 
son was admitted but church members. 

On the 6th of October, 1665, a warrant for 120 
acres of land was granted to Leonard Headley within 
the bounds of Elizabethtown of upland and meadow 
in proportion, in right of himself and wife. Liber 2. 
Cartaret Book page 3. 

In pursuance of above warrant, on October 14, 
1678, the lands were laid out to Leonard Headley and 
filed in right of himself and wife, viz — (.1) First, a 
bouse lot of 4 acres bounded by John Ogden Jr. and 
the highway; Second, upland of 8 acres at Brocketts 
Spring, along the brook adjoining Hur Thompson's 
and a swamp; Third, upland of 6 acres lying on the 
way to the point bounded in part by John Ogden Jr. 
and John Woodruff; Fourth, a tract of 20 acres on 
Elizabethtown Creek adjoining Daniel De Hart, John 
Ogden Jr., Joseph Secords, Robert Yauquellin and 
J. Morris; Fifth, a tract of upland of 65 acres on n. 
E. end of plains adjoining Benjamin Park, Jonathan 
Ogden and Margaret Baker; Sixth, a tract of 
meadow land of 14 acres adjoining Margaret Baker in 


the great meadow west by a small Island, and adjoin- 
ing Samuel Morris. 

Leonard Headley died February 1683, leaving an 
estate valued at ^99. 3. S*^ 6. d. 

He was a weaver, and also owned a sawmill. 
He married Sarah, who, in 1684, was the wife of 
*Robert Smith and was appointed administratrix of 
his estate as Sarah Smith. 

Leonard Headley. 

Invty. taken Feby. 8, 1683, 

at Klizabeth Town, Essex Co. , 


By Isaac Whitehead, 
Jonathan Ogden, 
Essex Inventories, 1682— 1694. 

East Jersey Deeds — 

Eiber A. folio 63. 

Leonard Headley of Elizabeth Town, 


Adms Sarah Headley his widow, 

Date Mar. 9, 16S3-4. 

Bond of Sarah wife of Robert Smith of Elizabeth 
Town, Essex Co., N. J., to settle estate of her late 
husband Leonard Headley. 

Date of Bond Feby 4, 1684. 
Essex Adms. 1675 — 1729. 

Liber A. folio 181. 
Letters of Admin, granted on Estate of Leonard 

*Kobert Smith was, according to "Hatfield," tlie first of his name 
in Elizabethtown, N. J. He was there in KiS?, and in KiDl) was 
High Sheritf of the County. He died in 1705, and his widow Sarah 
(Kelict of Leonard Headley) was made administratrix May 10, of 
that year. 


Headley of Elizabeth Town to his former wife, 
Sarah, now wife of Robert Smith. 
Feby 5, 1684. 

The exact location of Leonard Headley 's home is 
not known, but evidently was in or near to Eliza- 
beth. Eater generations of the family pushed a little 
farther west into the then unbroken wilderness, and 
located at what was subsequently known as "Head- 

The children of Eeouard Headley are supposed to 
have been Thomas and Abner. 

The associates and neighbors of Leonard Head- 
ley evidently were Robert Vauquellin, Charles Tuck- 
er, Robert Bond, Joseph Bond, Jacob Melyn, Rob- 
ert White, and others. 


||. Thomas Headley. He is supposed to have been 
a son of Leonard Headley. Nothing is known of him 
except that his name appears on papers etc. in the 
city of Elizabeth about 1700 — 1702. 

Of the family of Thomas Headley, nothing is 
positively known, but is supposed to have been the 
father of Samuel Headlej^Sr,, of "Headleytown." 

Of the early family connections of the Headley 
family but little is known and is very uncertain. In 
December, 1702, John Parker died, leaving his pro- 
perty to Robert Smith of Egg Harbor, widow Sarah 
Browne, Thomas Headley, and the church at Eliza- 
bethtown. This Thomas Headley was in all proba- 
bility a son of Leonard Headley, and possibly may 
have been a son-in-law of John Parker. 

John Parker, Robert Smith and John Ogden were 
from Long Island. The naming of Thomas Headley 
in the will of John Parker may show a connection be- 
tween the families of Headley and Parker. 


Query 2d Jolm Parker, Hlizabethtown, Dec. 19, 

Legatee "Robert Smith of Egg Harbor (My home 

lot which I bought of Joseph Whitehead) iu 

consideration of Several kindnesses done me 

by Robert Smith." 
Legatee "My friend Ye widow Sarah Brown." 

"Thomas Headley." 

Capt. Ebenezer Lyon, in 1739, willed to daughter 
Dorcas, land that had belonged to Thomas Headley 
in Elizabeth. 

Hon. William H. Rav. 
(See page 30) 


III. Samuel Headley Sr. b about 1690, d about 1755; 

m Mary . Theylivedin "Headleytown," (now 

Unionville), N. J., evidently where Joseph B. Head- 
ley now lives, and wasthe founder of "Headley- 
town. ' ' The property accumulated by Samuel Head- 
ley consisted of large tracts of land in the vicinity. 
They were members of the Presbyterian church at 
"Connecticut Farms" and were buried there, but 
there is nothing to identify their graves. 

Connecticut Farms are in the northern part of the 
township four miles north-west from Elizabethtown 
and six miles south-west from Newark. Previous to 
1749 a number of families from Connecticut purchas- 
ed a large tract of land there and gave it the name of 
"Connecticut Farms." The name of the village has 
since been changed to Union. At this place the 
Presbyterian church, still known as the "Conn. 
Farms" Presbyterian church, was established 
some time prior to 1749. The tirst pastor of whom 
there is any knowledge, was Rev. Mr. Horton. 
Subsequent pastors have been Revs. Thane, Derbe. 
Hait, Fish, Smith, Thompson, Street, Converse, 
and Carnaille the present (1904) pastor. 

The first church building was a wooden structure. 
The date of its erection "is not known, as the church 
and records were burned by the Hessians during the 
Revolutionary war. It is, however, quite probable 
that it was built sometime during the early settlement 


of "Conn. Farms," and probably is one of the old- 
est Presbyterian churches in the State of New Jersey. 
Here worshiped many of the Headley ancestors— and 
in the quiet cemetery adjoining, all that was mortal 
of the ancestor Samuel Headley, and many of his 
descendants were laid to rest, there to await the 
resurrection of the just. At the close of the Revo- 
lutionary war, the church was rebuilt by the people 
with stone from their own quarries, brick from their 
own brick kilns, and timber from their own wood- 
lands. It is still standing, and although improved 
within, the walls are the same, and it stands on near- 
ly the same site occupied by the first dwelling. 

Samuel Headley made his will May 30, 1745, 
and reads as follows: — 

III tLe name uf God Amen — 

The Thirtyeth day of may in ye Eighteenth year of the Reign of 
our Sovereign Lord George ye Second — By the (iraee of G<m1 King 
of Great Hrittain — France and Ireland — Defender of the faith Annoy 
DijtniOne Thousand seven Hundred and forty and tive — 

1 Samuel Headley of ye Horough of Elizabeth in Essex County 
within ye Province of New .Jersey Yeoman — Being aged and infiriu 
of body" — but <.'f sound and perfect mind memory and understunuing 
(thanks be to almighty God therefore) do make this my last Will ana 
Testament in manner and form f(>llowing — that is to say — 

1 give and bequeath my immortal soul into ye hanas of almiglity 
God wha gave me ray being and my body 1 commit to ye Earth to 
receive a iiecent chn-tian burial and as touchingye distribution 
of such worldly and temporal estate as it hath plea>ed God to bless 
me with I desposeof the same as ffjllows — 

In primis — my will Is and 1 do hereby ordain that all such debts 
as I shall justly owe at ye time of my death, shall be well and truly 
paid out of my moveable estate in convenient time after my decease. 
Item — I give and bequeath unto my Beloved wife .Mary which — 
— .she shall c'tiuse in my now dwelling House ai:d ye one equal third 
part of ye improvements — Benetits and income ot all my lands, tene- 
ments and herrditaments during ye whole term of her natural life — 
I give and bequeath unto my said wife -Mary the one equal third 
])art of all my whole moveable estate (my just debts being lirst paid 
out of yesanie) to be at her sole disposal forever — 

Item — I give and bequeath unto my son Isaac Headlej' ye sum of 

shillings in fullot his part of all my Estate, having ueretofore 

given to him his full share and thereof — 

Item— I give and bequeath unto my^eloved son Joseph Headley 
his heirs and assigns forever Eight acres of my plantation whereon 1 
now live to betaken of from ye same at ye south west Corner thereof 
and tuextend so far easterly as to iiiclnde the dwelling wherein he 
now lives. 


Item — I give grant devise and l)e(|ueatli unto my llirec sons 
namely Joseph Headley, Kobert lleadley and Samuel Headiey all the 
remainder ot my whole Plantation whereon 1 now live (C'lmtainmg' 
my said whole one Hundred acres of land) and to their heirs and 
assigns for ever to be divided amongst tbeni in ye proportions fol- 
lowing — vit- To Joseph twenty and two acres" To Kobert Thirty 
acres, and to Samuel forty acres — and my will is that my son Samuel 
his part shall include my dw elling House, orchard and all such [nirt 
of my mowing pasture as is not aoove disposed of — 

Item — 1 hkewlse give grant and devise unto them my three sous 
last above mentioned all my salt meadow to be equally divided t<i 
and amongst them — part and part alike — To have aiiu to hold ye 
above bequeathed lands and meadows unto them my said three sons 
vist — Joseph-Robert and Samuel in pro])ortious above mentioned 
with all the privileges — Immunities profits— Commodities and ap- 
partences thereunto belonging and to their heirs and assigns for- 

Uem — I give and bequeath unto my said son Samuel Headley 
one team of oxen and two Horses to be at his disposal forever- 
Item — 1 give and bequeath unto my four daughters, vist Mary 
(the wife of John Muchmore Junr) Sanih-Rachel and Fhede, all my 
whole movable estate (not above disposed of) to be equally divided 
to and amongst them part and part alike and to be at their sole dis- 
pose — 

Item — I Constitute, make ordain and appoint my trusty friend 
Thomas Baker and my son Samuel Headley the Executors of this my 
last Will and Testament and I do revoke and nullify all former wills 
and Testaments by me in any manner or wise heretofore made and 
declared hereby ratifying and Comprising this to be my last Will and 

In Witness whereof 1 have to this my last Will and Testament 
set my hand and seal ye day and year tirst above written. 

Signed Sealed Published Pronounced and Declared by ye Testa- 
tor to be his last Will and Testament in ye presence of us witnesses. 

John Wade Junr his i -r^ 

Jothan Clark Samuel X Headley ■< seal 

Benj. Bonnell. mark ( .->-- 

Children: Mary, Joseph, Robert, Samuel, 
Sarah, Rachel, Phebe, Isaac. 


lY- Mary Headley, m John Muchmore. He was b 
1720, d Sept 15, 1784. 


ly. Joseph Headley, b about 1718, d Oct 1785. It 
is not known whom he married. He was a farmer 
and lived at first in Headleytown on land inherited 
from his father Samuel Headley Sr. evidently where 
Joseph B. Headley now lives. He later purchased 
and remov^ed to the property in Headleytown known 
as Vaux Hall, of which he was the first Headley own- 
er of record. It is also probable that he erected the 
house on this property and gave it the name it has 
since borne. Vaux Hall is located about two miles 
from the village of Union, and is near the Wyoming 
and Maplewood stations on the Delaware and Lacka- 
wanna Railroad. It was quite a large Colonial re- 
sidence. It had a frontage of at least 50 feet which 
faced to the south. Had a large wide hall through 
it, with rooms on both sides. It had verj' large fire 
places with fixtures for large heavy iron kettles. On 
the second floor was a loom for carpet weaving which 
was destroyed about 1870. The house was pierced 
by many bullet holes, said to have been made by the 
British during the Revolutionary war. At this time, 
and perhaps earlier, it was used as a tavern. The 
same dwelling was afterwards owned and occupied by 
Gary Headley. Timothy Headley, Wickliff Headley, 
until about seven years ago. About 1870 the old 
dwelling was torn down and a more modern one erect- 
ed on the site. 

During the war of the Revolution there were 
fought the battles of Conn. Farms atid Springfield 
partly on Headley property, and in which John 
Thompson Headley, Cary Headley, and others of the 
Headley family fought against the foe. On the 6th 
of June, 1780, Gen. Mathews was sent with 5,000 
men from Staten Island, with orders to penetrate New- 
Jersey and attack Washington at Morristowji. 

The next day the British took possession of Eliza- 
bethtown and began their march toward Springfield, 
intending to defeat the Continentals there and proceed 
on to Morristown. The route taken was along the 
Galloping Hill Road, which led through Connecticut 


Farms, (now the village of Union). Here the mili- 
tia offering resistance, the enemy opened fire, de- 
feated the handful of men, and applying the torch 
to the few buildings in the village, they continued 
on their way toward Springfield. Warning of the 
enemy's approach was given, and at Springfield the 
British met a detachment of men from Washington's 
campat Morristown. A sharp skirmish ensued, in 
which the British were driven back to the coast. 

For two weeks after their repulse at Springfield 
the enemy hovered around in the vicinity of Eliza- 
beth Town, afraid to attack the continentals with the 
force at their command. On June 22, Clinton came 
up from the south with additional troops, and an- 
other move against Washington was planned. It 
was decided to draw the Americans into a general 
engagement and capture the stores at Morristown. 
Feigning an expedition to the Hudson Highlands, 
Clinton deceived Washington who marched away in 
that direction with a considerable body of men. 
General Green was left to guard Springfield and the 
country west and north of the village. 

When Washington was well on his way Knyphau- 
sen marched along the Galloping Hill Road with 5000 
infantry, twenty pieces of artillery and 800 cavalry, 
and on the 23d attacked General Green at Spring- 
field. The battle waged all day. At one time it 
seemed as though the British would win. They suc- 
ceeded in forcing a passage across the bridge span- 
ning the Rahway river there, but at last the conti- 
nentals repulsed them and sent them scurrying back 
along the road up which they had marched so confi- 
dently that morning. So great was their confusion 
that they ran until they reached the coast. The 
British lost 300 men, while the American loss was 


less than loo. The British had 6000 men to the 
Americans 1500. 

Joseph Headley attended the Presbyterian church 
at Conn. Farms and was buried there. He made his 
will Oct. 25, 1785, and reads as follows: — 

Children: David, Elizabeth, John, Rachel, 
Cary, Ann, Mary. 

In the name of God Amen I Joseph Headley of Elizabeth Town 

in the County of E^^sex and State of New Jersey, lieiii^ at this time 
weak in body but of sotind anil disposinif mind, memory and under- 
standing. Thanks be to almighty (Jodforthe same and eonsidering 
the uncertainty of life and the Certainty of death, do make and de- 
clare these presents to be and Contain my la&t Will and Testament 
in manner and (o /m fcdlowing — That is to say — In jirimis — 1 reeo- 
niend my soul into the hands of God who gave it and my body I 
commit "to the Earth to be interred in such decent anil christian 
manner as to my Executors shall seen\ meet and as to the despcjsition 
of such ten^poral estate wherewith it has jdeased almighty (iod to 
bless me 1 do give and disjiose thereof in manner following. To wit- 
YiTut — I will that all my lust debts and funeral expenses be well and 
truly i)aid and satisfied within some Convenient time after my de- 
cease by my three sons — Cary Headley David Headley and John 
Headley, Equally share and share alike, from and out of the lands 
hereinafter given to my said three sons Cary — David and .lohn — 

Item — Iilo give and beriueath unto my daughter Rachel the wife 
of Aaron Hunter the sum of five .£ lawful money of said stale of New- 
Jersey — 

Item — I give and bequeath unto my daughter Ann the wife of 
Eliakim Frazer the like sum of Five Pounds — 

Item — I do give and beipieath unto my daughter Mary, one Cow 
-such as she shall make choice of, and I also give and beipieath unto 
my said daughter Mary one bedstead feather bed — bowlster and \)i\- 
loWs one ])air of sheets— two blankets and one Cover-lid — 

Item — I do give all the rest residue and remainder of my personal 
or moveable estate unto and among all my children and my grand- 
son Abner Crane. 

Item — I give, devise and bequeath unto my son Cary Headley 
and his heirs and assigns forever all that my House and lot of lanil 
Containing about six and one half acres which 1 purchased of my 
brothers Samuel and Robert Headley. 

Item — I give, devise and bequeath unto my said son Gary Head- 
ley and to his heirs and assigns forever Five acres of land which I 
purchased of said Samuel and Robert Headley, w-hich said live acres 
adjoines the land of said Samuel Headley. 

Item — 1 do also give, devise and be(iueath unto him my said son 
Cary Headley and to his heirs and assigns forever Ten and one half 
acres of land which I purchased (jf John Winans and which Ten and 
one half acres of land adjoins land of Daniel Spinning and the laml 
of Isaac (lillam — he my son Cary Headley to \ni\ one third part of all 
my just debts and I do nnike the said lands herein before given to my 
said son Cary Headley liable and chargeable with the payment df 
one third part of my said debts as aforesaid. 

Item — I do give devise and bequeath unto my three sons Cary 
David and John Headley and to their heirs and assigns for ever 
Equally share and share alike m}' four acres of salt meadow. 

Item — All the rest, residue and remainder of my landed and real 
Estate whatsoever and whensoever 1 do give, devise and beijueath 
unto my two sons David Headley and John Headley ami to their 


heirs and assigns forever Equally f-baie cnil fbare alike as tenants 
in common they my said sons David and Jolm to pay two thirds 
part of my just debts and I do hereby make the land hereinbefore 
given to them my said two sons liable and chargeable with the i)ay- 
iiient of two thirds part of my said debts as aforesaid- 
Item — 1 do make and appoint my said three sons, Car}', David 
and John Executors of this my last Will and Testament. 

In Testamony whereof 1 have hereunto set my hand and seal this 
twenty lifth day of October in the year of our Lord Sca enteen hun- 
dred and Eiohty live. 

Witnesses (Signed) Jcjseph Headlcy. — ^- 

Joseph Tooker, seal 

William Pool, ->— 

William Stiles. 

A Codicil to be added to and be part of the last Will and Testa- 
ment of Joseph Headley — 

Whereas my Will bearing date twenty lifth day of October 
Seventeen hundred and Eighty live all the rest, residue and remain- 
der of my landed and real Estate, whatsoever and whensoever i have 
given devised and bequeathed unto my t^\o sons David and John 
Headley and to their heirs and assigns forever Equally share and 
share alike as tenants in Common and whereas it was my Will and 
<leslgn that my said two sons David and John should have Equally 
between them my Estate both Real and personal to them or either of 
them given as well in my lifetime as by my said last Will and 'testa- 
ment. And whereas my said son David bj' a deed of Conveyance from 
Matthias Burnet, is seized of a certain lot of land with the house and 
other buildings and improvements thereon and to tlie same belonging 
which 1 purchased and paid for to the said Matthias Burnet now 1 
the said Joseph Headley in jjursiuince of my said design do by this 
my Codicil do direct and devise to my said son John t-b much of my 
said estate becjueathed as aforesaid to my two st)us David and John 
as shall make his part or share of my said Estate Equal in Value to 
what my said son David has received by virtue of the said Matthias 
Burnet and what is bequeathed and devised unto him by my said 
Will and Testament. And it is my true will and meaning that my 
said will and Testament shall stand and remain in full force and 
virtue except, as altered by this my C(Klicil respecting the Estate 
given and devised in the same to my said two sons John and David. 

In Witness whereof I have to this my Codicil set my hand and 
seal this twenty seventh day of October in tlieyear of our Lord one 
Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty tive. 

(Signed) Joseph Headley. —^ — 

Witnesses as above — seal 

Y- David Headley, b about 1745, d 1806; m .. 

Had one child,, Abner. 

V|. Abner Headley, bin 1766, d Sept. 5, 1S14, m 

♦Esther . She was b in 1766, d Aug. 29, 1827. 

C: Davis, Jane, Charlotte, Hannah. 

VII. Davis Headley, b— , d July 1825. S. 

VII. Jane Headley, b — , d — ; m Isaac Parker 
Oct. 1796. 

*After the death of Abner Headley his widow Esther married 
second husband, Joseph Shipman. 


VII. Charlotte Headley, b — , d — ; m James Wain- 
wri^lit Dec. 27, i8ic. 
VII. Hannah Headley, b — , d — ; m John Crilley. 

V. Elizabeth Headley, b about 1749, d — ; m 
*Benjaniin Crane. He was b at Elizabethtovvn Feb. 
4, 1740. C: Abner. 

VI. Abner Crane, b Mar. 4, 1768. 

V. John Thompson Headley, b at Conn. Farms in 

1751, d Feb. 4, 1828; m Catharine Smith. She was 
b at Springfield, N. J. in 1756, d Nov. 7, 1846; aged 
90 years. 

He served as a soldier in the Revolutionary war 
and fought in the battles of Conn. Farms and Spring- 
field. He and wife were buried at the Conn Farms 
Presbyterian church. C: Stephen, Isaac, Jabez, 
Caleb, Benjamin, Phebe, Sally, Poll5% Rhoda. 

Y|. Stephen Headle}', b about 1773, d — ; m Polly 

He was known as "Boss Headley" and lived and 
died on Elmwood Ave. Irvington, N. J. Farmer, 
Universalist. C: Caleb, Horace, James, Maria, 
Edwin, Sarah, Eunice, Harriet, Joseph, Mary, 

Vl|. Caleb Brown Headley, b in 1810, dnearFarm- 
ington, Minnesota, in 1886; ra Mary Ann Wilkin- 
son. One child, Stephen. 

Caleb m second wife, Ann Eliza Alley, Jan. 6, 
1 84 1. She wash in New York City in 181 7. Shoe 
cutter, Universalist. C: Frank, Emma, Elizabeth, 
Maria, Alice, Anna, Herman, Andrew; two d un- 

YIJl. Stephen C. Headley, b Apr. 12, 1833, m 
Jennie V. Lock. P O Covina, Cal. Orange grow- 
er. No issue. 

*Henjaiiiiii Criuie in .secontl wife, Kaclu-l Hall, daughter of Tirno- 

t'Aj'T. Levi F. BriiMiTT. 

(Sec iiii,o(. 44 j 


VIII- Frank Headley, b — , d young. 

Vll|. Emma Pennington Headley, b Apr. 19, 1844, 

m Samuel Rice in 1866. P O Covina, Cal. i C. 

IX. Dr. Rice, b 1868, m . P O Azusa, 

Cal. Dentist. No issue. 

VIII. Elizabeth Dean Headley, b July^ 30, 1846, m 
Edward Woodruff Parsons June 22, 1870. Res 56 
N. Clinton St. East Orange, N. J. Universalist. 
C. Alice, Jessie, Helene. 

IX- Alice Parsons, b Oct. 11, 1874, m Mervyn 
Edward Johnston Dec. 27, 1899. Res 44 Carleton 
St. East Orange, N. J. General Auditor Gas Dept. 
Public Service Corp. Mr. Johnston Presby; Mrs. 
Johnston Universalist. No issue. 

IX- Jessie Parsons, bjan. 22, 1880, d Nov. 15, 
IX- Helene Parsons, b July 6, 1891. 

VIII- Maria Reynolds Headley, b Feb. 8, 1848, m 

John Bigley Meeker July 10, 1872. He was b Apr. 

28, 1834; Res. III. Boyd Ave., Jersey City Heights, 

N. J. C: Isaac, Harry, Edward, Ellis, Mary, 

IX- Isaac Howell Meeker, b Mar. 30, 1873. 

IX- Harry Pennington Meeker, b Dec. 11, 1874. 

IX- Edward Parsons Meeker, b Apr. 10, 1877. 

IX. Ellis Crowe Meeker, b Apr. 10, 1877; (twin). 
IX- Mary Lenore Meeker, b Oct. 24, 1878. 

IX- John Headley Meeker, bJan. 5, 1881. 
VIII- Alice Ogden Headley, b— , din 1874. S. 

VIII. Anna M. Headley, bin 1854. P O Covina, 
Cal. S. 

Vlll- Herman T. Headley, b Mar i, 1861. P O 
Covina, Cal. Orange grower. S. 

Vlll. Andrew Headley, d in infancy. 

Vlll. Two d unnamed. 

VII - Horace Headley, b — , m — ; died young in 
the west about 1843. 


VII. James Orville Headley, b — , d— , ra — Gail. 
C: Arthur, Charles, Florence, Blanche. 

VIII. Arthur Headley. P O Elmwood Ave., Irv- 
ington, N. J. 

Vill. Charles Headley, b— , d in Ohio; m 

and had one child. 

Vlil. Florence Headley, b— , d— . S. 

VIII. Blanche Headley, b— , m Edward T. Cloyne 
of Northfield, Rice Co., Minnesota. 

VII. Maria R. Headley, b— , m Smith R. Elston 
Mar. 5, 1831. C: Jonathan, Harriet. 

VIII. Jonathan A. Elston, b July 4, 1837, m El- 
raina Wheeler Jan. i, 1863. She was b Apr. 20, 
1845. P O Rich Valley. Minn. C: Charlotte, 
Mary, Smith, Arthur, Helen, Harry. 

IX. Charlotte M. Elston, bAug. 28, 1865; m Ar- 
thur T. Headley. P O Irvington, N. J. 

IX. Mary B. Elston, b Sept 21, 1872, m Ulysses 
G. Fate Sept 17, 1901. P O Spencer, Iowa. Car- 
penter, Methodist. C: (X) George Elston Fate, b 
Jan 17, 1904. 

IX. Smith R. Elston, b Oct. 19, 1874, m . Res. 

Minneapolis. No issue. 

IX. Arthur S. Elston, b May 7, 187S. S. 

IX. Helen G. Elston, bjang, 1883. S. 

IX. Harry R. Elston, b Feb 18, 18S5. P O Rich 
Valley, Minn. 

VH!. Harriet P. Elston. P O Metuchen, N. J. 

Vl|. Edwin Montgomery Headley, b at Irvington, 
N. J., m Eliza G. Watson. She was b at Charles- 
town, S. C. Mr. H., Universalist, Mrs. H., Epis- 
copal. C: Clifford, Eunice, Grace, Nellie, Jennie. 

VIII. Clifford Watson Headley, b at Irvington, N. 
J., Dec 3, 1864, m Rosetta, daughter of Rev. Francis 
A. Farrow. P O Irvington, N. J. Traveling 


Salesman, Universalist. C: (|X) Naomi G. Head- 
ley, d aged ten months. (IX) Mildred W. Headley. 
(iX) Edwin M. Headley, d aged 3 years, 7 months. 

VIII. Eunice F. Headley, b — , m Vreeland. 

Grace Headley, ra Morris. 

Nellie M. Headley, m Peck. 

Vil|. Jennie F. Headley, b— , d — . 

VII. Sarah O. Headley, b— , m William E. Day. 
Res. Far Stuyvesant Ave., Irvington, N. J. C: 
Elmer, Florence, Charles, Frederick. 

VIII. Elmer Day. P O Irvington, N. J. 

VIII. Florence Day, m Ee wis Voorhees. P O Irv- 
ington, N. J. 

Charles Day, (d). No issue. 
Frederick Day, (d). No issue. 

VII. Eunice B. Headley, m William Alley. C.- 
Elizabeth, Fannie, Charles. 

Elizabeth Alley, m George Harper, (d). 
Fannie Alley, m John Medcraft. Res. Elm- 
wood Ave., Irvington, N. J. 
VIBB. Charles Alley, d young. 

VIS. Harriet B. Headley, m James S. Pierson Oct 
3, 1838. Res. Bruen Ave., Irvington, N. J. C.- 
Josephine, Orville, Mary. 

VIII . Josephine Pierson. 
Orville Pierson, (d). 
Mary J. Pierson. 

VII. Joseph Durand Headley, b Oct 1818, at Hil- 
ton, N. J., d at Ea Crosse, Wis. July i, 1894; m 
Chloe Hathaway in 1842. She was bat Brockport, 
N. Y., in 1 82 1. Carpenter, Mr. H. Universalist. 
C: Ellen, Mortimer, Merritt, Emma, Josephine, 
Caroline, Jay, Mary. 

VIII. Ellen Headley, b Jan 27, 1843, d Jan 1899; 
m Richard T. Wilson. Res. 234 S. 6th St., Ea- 


Crosse, Wis. Marble Dealer, Universalist. C: 
Jessie, Jay. 

IX. Jessie Chloe Wilson, b — , ra Rev. Samuel L,. 
McKee. P O Salem, Wis. Minister, Presby ch. 
C: (X) Iveila Ellen McKee. 

IX. JayHeadley Wilson. P O La Crosse, Wis. 
Theatrical, Universalist. S, 

VIII. Mortimer Headley, b — , d young. 

VIII. Merritt Headley, b May 14, 1847, d July 12, 
1887. S. 

Vl||. Emma Headley, b Aug. 20, 1849, m 

Thurlow. Res. 234 S. 6th St., La Crosse, Wis. 
Carriage-maker, Universalist. C: Inga, Ralph, 
Jessie; and three d infants. 

IX. Ralph Wilson Thurlow. S. 

IX- Jessie Chloe Thurlow, d aged 14 yrs. 

IX. Inga Carrie Thurlow, m John A. Kendell. Res. 
Kansas City. Two children. 

VIII- Josephine Headley, b — , d — . 

Vlll. Caroline Headley, b Feb 16, 1853, ra Thomas 
Soden Henry Jan 27, 1881. Res. 1177 Broad St., 
Newark, N. J. Judge of the First District Supreme 
Court of Essex Co. , N. J; Epis ch. C: (|X) Emi- 
lie Caroline Henry, b June 30, 1884, d May 7, 1899. 

Vlll- Jay D- Headley, b — , daged 3 years. 

Vlll. Mary lone Headley, b Dec. 10, 1862, d Oct 
1897, m Henry McPherson Eyles Oct 1891. Res. 
708 Broadway, N. Y. Designer of men's and boys' 

clothing, Epis ch. C: (|X) Dorothy McPherson 
Lyles, b Jan 31, 1894. 

Vl|. Mary Amelia Headley, b in Clinton twp. 
Essex Co., N. J., about 1834, d at Irvington, N.J. 
about 1870; ra Sarauel Augustus Day about 1855-6, 
He was bin Union Co., N. J., d there about 1859. 
Farmer, Ref ch. C: Stephen, Mary. Mary m 
second husband, Wickliff B. Elston. C: Jonathan. 


VIII. Stephen H. Day, bin Union Co. N. J. 1857. 
P O Northfield, Minn. Grower of fruits, vegetables 
and farm seeds, Presby ch. S. 

VIII. Mary A. Day, b 1859, d about 1866. 

VIII. Jonathan M. Elston, b July 28, 1867. P O 
RedBank, N. J. Drug clerk. S. 

VII. Mortimer Headley, d suddenly on "Salt mea- 
dow." S. 

VI. Isaac Smith Headley, b at Union, Union Co. 
N.J. 1775, djuly 17, 1862; m Julia King Oct 9, 
1800. She was b 1784, d Jan 22, 1847. Farmer and 
Hank Mfg for sailing vessels. C: George, Marietta, 
Julia, Edwin; (9 infant children buried in Conn. 

VII. George K. Headley, b at Union, N. J. 1801, d 
Nov 4, 1843; m Charity. No issue. 

VII. Marietta Headley, bat Union, N. J. 1804, d 
in Brooklyn, N. Y. Feb 21, 1876; m James Mount 
Parker. He was b in Vermont 1802, d in Brooklyn, 
N. Y. June I, 1876. He kept the first ice cream 
saloon on the Bowery, N. Y. City., where ice cream 
was eaten at tables. He had a large confectionery 
store, made his ovv^n candies, and owned the build- 
ing. He lost his business by the building being 
burned to the ground. He then learned the trade of 
jeweler. His wife kept a private school while he 
learned the trade. Baptists. C: Marietta, William, 
Gilbert, George, James, Martha, Adaline, Julia. 

VIII. Marietta Parker, b June 17, 1830, d Feb 20, 
1903; m John Shreves, 2nd — Meehan. C: George, 
Ada, Emma, and Charles Shreves. 

IX. George Shreves, b — , d — , 

IX. Ada Shreves, m Wm. Murray. P O Green- 
ville, N. Y. 
Vlll- William Parker, daged 4 years. 


Vlil Gilbert Parker, b in 1832, m Anna C. Robbins. 
Res. 243 Broadway, Astoria, N. Y. Jeweler, Meth 
Ep. No issue. 

VIII- George Parker, d infant. 

VIII. James Parker, bin 1836, d — , m— . No issue. 

VIII. Martha A. Parker, b in New York City Oct 
10, 1838, mHon. William H. Ray Oct 5, 1855. He 
wasb in New York City Dec. 25, 1832; d Sept 5, 
1903. Res. 338 McDonough St. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
At an early age he learned the trade of pressman. 
He became an expert in his line and was considered 
one of the most skillful woodcut pressmen in the 
country in his time. For a number of years he was 
superintendent in the pressroom of the Frank Leslie 
Publishing Co. , resigning to become identified with 
the manufacturing of printing ink with the W. D. 
"Wilson Co. whose plant is in Long Island City with 
offices in Manhattan. Soon after marriage he joined 
Young Americus Hook and Ladder Company, and 
when many of his associates went to war Mr. Ray 
was unable to do so, as he was minus one of his 
thumbs, which was cut off by being caught in a print- 
ing press. Mr. Ray, in the seventies, was an active 
factor in Republican politics. At the time each 
Ward had two Aldermen, who would hold sessions 
one day as Aldermen, and the next day as Super- 
visors. The salary was $2,000 per annum. The late 
Demas Strong and Mr. Ray were the two first Alder- 
manic representatives under the act of the charter. 
Mr. Ray was re-elected two terms, and for three 
years was President of the Common Council. He 
frequently performed the duties of acting Mayor. 
He also served as a commissioner of Charities, and 
was President of the Board for four years. Mr. Ray 
was one of the prominent members of Eureka Divis- 


ion, No. 187 Sons of Temperance, and at one time 
was Grand Worthy Associate of the Grand Division. 
He was a charter member of Williamsburg Lodge, 
Knights of Honor, to which he belonged at the time 
of his death. More than 45 years ago he joined 
Amity Lodge, No. 383 F. and A. M. of New York., 
but on coming to Brooklyn he joined Manuel, No. 
636 of Brooklyn. He was a member of DeWitt Clin- 
ton Chapter No. 142 of Royal Arch Masons, and De- 
Witt Clinton Commandery, No. 27 Knights of Tem- 
plar, for more than a quarter of a century, and be- 
longed to the Lincoln Club. Attended Methodist 
Episcopal church. C: Julia, Laura, Lillian. 

BX. Julia A. Ray, b Apr 26, 1857, d Mar 8, 1858. 

fX- Laura E. Ray, b at Union, N. J. Apr 10, 1859. 
Res. 338 McDonough St. Brooklyn, N. Y. Public 
School Teacher. After the death of her father she 
took charge of the business he left, and carries it on 
very successfully, not-with-standing predictions to 
the contrary. Meth Ep. S. 

IX. Lillian M. Ray, b in Brooklyn, N. Y. Apr 29, 
1862, m George T. Brown June 27, 18S3. Ins. Agt., 
later Commercial Traveler. C: (X) Martha Estella, 
bjan 13, 1 89 1. (X) Lillian Grace, b Apr i, 1896. 
Lillian m second husband, Alfred Cox, Jan i, 1902. 
Res. Sea Cliff, Long Island, N. Y. Retired. The 
family are members of the Methodist Episcopal 
church of which Mr. Cox is a trustee and president of 
the Board. 

VIII. Adaline E. Parker, b 1842, m Edward Wil- 
son. He was at Fort Sumpter when the Civil war 
broke out, and was confined in the Anderson ville 
prison. He was sent home ill and died of consump- 
tion in less than three months, caused by privation 
and exposure. Res. 433 Wythe Ave. Brooklyn, N. 


Y. Baptist. C: (|X) Edward Wilson, b Feb 23, 

VIII. Julia King Parker, b in New York City Oct 
1844, d in Brooklyn Dec 1883, m William H. Carle- 
ton in 1866. He was b in Brooklyn, N. Y. Dec 25, 
1846, d there Apr 1883. Engineer, Episcopal ch. 
C: Florence, Dwight. 

IX. Florence A. Carleton, b Apr 28, 1867, m Wm. 
Howard Stratton June 24, 1890. Res. 579 Frank- 
lin Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. Episcopal ch. C: (X) 
Howard Dwight Stratton, b July 24, 1891. Choris- 
ter in Episcopal ch. (X) Gilbert EeRoy Stratton, b 
Mar 26, 1899. 

IX. Dwight Carleton, bSept 2, 1874. S. 

VII. Julia King Headley, bini8i4, d Feb 28, 1833; 
aged 17 years. 

Vl|. Edwin Headlej^ b Oct 9, 1816, d June 26, 
1898 at Union, Union Co. N. J; ra Abby Fordyce 
Lyon Mar 17, 1846. She wash in Springfield, N. J. 
Apr. 30, 1822, d at Union, N. J. Apr 31, 1S92. 
General Merchant and farmer; Mr. H. Presby. 
Mrs. H. Baptist. C: Mary, George, George, Ste- 
wart, James, Abner, Joseph. 

Vlll- Mary Jane Headley, b in Union Co. N. J.Jan 
19, 1849, m Hon. James Oliver Sept 19, 1882. P O 
Burlingame, Kans. Formerly teacher, now shoe- 
dealer; Presby. C: 

IX. Julia Oliver, b Nov. i, 1886, d Nov. 4, 1886. 

IX. Mary Elizabeth Oliver, b May 27, 1888. 

IX. Marian Eouisa Oliver, b Mar 26, 1893. 

VIII- George Lyon Headley, b July 2, 1850, d aged 
10 months. 

Vlll- George Lyon Headley, b June 28, 1852, m 
Mary C. Meeker Dec 21, 1875. She d Apr 17, 1883. 
C: Arthur, Walter. George m second wife, Hattie 

•IdllN Stii.e.s He.vdlev. 
(See page 40) 

THE l^I:^v >roK>: 



Dean, Jan 14, 1886. P O Union, N. J. Farmer, 
Elder Presbyterian ch. C: Elmer. 

IX. Arthur B. Headley, b Oct 24, 1876, m Eliza- 
beth Lindsley Apr 18, igor. P O Union, N. J. 

IX- Walter Edmund Headley, b Dec 21, 1879, 

IX- Elmer Dean Headle3^ 

Vlll- Stewart L- Headley, b Apr. 4, 1854, m Phoebe 
SayreMar 3, 1903. P O Union, N. J. Grocer, 
Presby. C: (|X) John Headley, b Feb 12, 1904, d-. 

Vil|. James E. Headley, b Nov i, 1855, m Etta 
AtridgeMarg, 1882. PO Union, N. J. Farmer 
and milkman, Presby. C: (|X) Mabel Headley, b 
— , d— aged 13 months. (IX) Abbie Headley. (|X) 
Raynor Headley, b — , d aged 5 years. (|X) Russell 
Headley. (|X) Ruth Headley. 

VIII. Abner Headley, b Aug 27, 1858. P O Union, 
N. J. Farmer, Presby. S. 

VIII- Joseph Allen Headley, b Sept 15, 1863, m 
Mary Eleanor Mills Dec 6, 1893. P O Milltown, N. 
J. Graduated at High school 1882, and at Newark 
Academy 1884, and graduated from Rutgers College, 
New Brunswick, N. J. class of '93 with degree of 
B. S. Has been employed as teacher for 13 j'ears; 
Presby. C: 

IX- Robert Mills Headley, b Mar 28, 1896. 

IX- Charlotte Amelia Headley, b Dec 23, 1897. 

IX- Martha Esther Headley, b Oct 7, 1899. 

IX- Abner Benjamin Headley, b Apr 8, 1902. 

V|. Jabez Thompson Headley, b Oct 6, 1780, d May 
22, i860, aged 97 yrs. 7 mo. 3 d; m Eunice Dean. 
Shed Oct 5, 1842. Lived and died in "Headley- 
town." Carriage-bow maker, Universalist. C: 
Electa, John, Julia, Ann, Andrew, Mary. 

VII. Electa Headley, b Aug 12, 1806, d — , m Joseph 


Meeker Dec 17, 1826. He was b Dec 17, 1798,(1 — . 
Shoemaker, Presby. C: David, John. 

VIII. David Meeker, b — , d — , m Kmma Woodruff. 
C: Willard, Anna, Fannie, . 

VI8I- John Meeker, b at Union, Union Co. N. J. 
Dec 8, 1832, d at Roselle, N. J. Aug 19, 1895, m 
Mary Ann Wilkinson Feb 17, 1875. She was bat 
Irvingplace, Feb 4, 1840, d at Irvington, N. J. Apr 
27, 1794. Hotel-keeper at Meeker's Inn, Conn 
Farms; Meth. C: Joseph, Ida, Edwin, Clarence, 

IX. Joseph Edgar Meeker, b Dec 22, 1875. P O 
Roselle, N. J. Coal Company Clerk. S. 

IX. Ida Frances Meeker, b Oct 13, 1877, d Oct 3, 

IX. Edwin Radcliff Meeker, b Dec 26, 1878. P O 
Roselle, N. J. S. 

JX. Clarence Elmer Meeker, b Apr 6, 1879. P O 
Roselle, N. J. S. 

IX. Vilo Janet Meeker, b Sept 6, 1881. P O Ro- 
selle, N. J. S. 

Vl|. John Headley, b Nov 22, 1808, d i860; ra 
Caroline Krilley. Carriage-bow maker; one child, 

VIII. Elizabeth T. Headley. b— , m Wm. H. Brown. 
C: John, Clarence, Alice. 

IX. JohnH. Brown. P O Springfield, N. J. 
IX- Clarence Brown. 

IX. Alice Brown. 

Vl|. Julia Ann Headley, b June 19, iSii, d — , m 
John Wilkinson. Shoemaker. C: Jabez, Mary. 

VIII- Jabez Wilkinson, b — , d — , m — . C: Ehner. 
Jabez m second wife, Rachel Blue. 

IX. Elmer Wilkinson. P O Hilton, N. J. 

VIII. Mary A. Wilkinson, b Feb 4, 1840, d Apr 27, 


1S94, m John Meeker. (See John Meeker Family). 

VI!. Andrew Jackson Headley, b at Union, N. J. 
Dec 30, 1814, d there Aug 25, 1880; m Eliza Wade, 
daughter of Morris Wade, Jan 12, 1837. She was b 
at Conn. Farms Feb 10, 1815, d at Union, N.J. June 
17,1878. Mask-hoops and Hank maker. Mr. H. 
Universalist, Mrs. H. Meth Ep. C: Harriet, Al- 
bert, Laura. 

VSII. Harriet Headley, b at Union, N. J. May 8, 
1840, m Thomas C. Baker. (See Thomas C. Baker 

Vni. Albert Headley, b June 17, 1857, d Sept 17, 


Vlil- Laura F. Headley, b Sept i, i860, m Walter 
A. Miller June 10, 1886. PO Union, N. J. Far- 
mer. She, Presby. C: 

IX. Jennie E. Miller, b June 12, 1887, d Oct '87. 

IX. Harry Abram Miller, b Aug 22, 1888. S. 

IX. Laura Mabel Miller, b Apr. 28, 1896. 

IX. Walter Raymond Miller, b Aug 13, 1897. 

Vlj. Mary Dean Headley, b at "Headleytown," 
Union Co. N.J. Feb 13, 1819, d Mar 26, 1861, m 
Caleb Brown Van Ness, son of Peter Van Ness, 
jan 8, 1838. Shoemaker. Mrs. H. Meth. C.- 
Andrew, Eunice, John, Ann, james, Eugene. 

VIII. Andrew Jackson Van Ness, bat Hilton, n. j. 
Mar 24, 1839, m Mary Condit May 13, 1886. P O 
East Orange, n, j. Commercial Traveler. Mrs., 
Presby. No issue. 

VIII. Eunice Caroline Van Ness, b jan 7, 1841, d 
jan 18, 1843. 

VIII. John Headley Van Ness, b Oct 20, 1842, m 

. P O Hilton, N. J. Gardner. C: Mary, 

Carrie, Charles. 

IX. Mary Van Ness, b— , d — , m — . 


IX. Carrie Van Ness, b — , d — , m — . 

IX. Charles Van Ness. P O Hilton, N. J. 

VIII. Ann Augusta Van Ness, b Feb 19, 1S45, d 
July 26, 1845. 

Vli|. James Monroe Van Ness, b at Hilton, N. J, 
May 6, 1846, m Sarah Frances Smith Nov 13, 1866. 
P O Hilton, N. J. Life Insurance Agent. C: 
Theodore, Harry. 

IX. Theodore C. Van Ness, b in 1867, m Nellie 
Dixon. Res. 10 la'l St. Irvington, N. J. Black- 
smith, Christian. C: (X) Walter N. Van Ness, 
(X) Helen M. Van Ness. 

IX. Harry E. Van Ness, bin 1S74, m Jennie Hod- 
ges. Res. Linden Ave. Irvington, N. J. Pluraber> 

Christian ch. 
Vll|. Eugene J. Van Ness, bat Hilton, Essex Co. 

N. J. Dec24, 1850. Res. S. Norwalk, Conn. From 
1867, to 1895, he was engaged as Hatter; since then 
he has lived retired. He is a member of the "Sons 
of Rest." S. 
VI. Caleb Headley, bin "Headleytown," d there, 

m Sarah Reeve at Conn Farms Dec 31, 181:1. She 

was b in 1795, d 1869. Painter and Mast-hoops 

Mfgr. C: William, Catharine, Victor, Pauline. 

Vl|. William Canfield Headley, b Aug 31, 1813, d 

Aug 16, 1895, m Mary B. Crane Oct 4, 1847. She 

was bin 1825, d Apr 1868. Mast-hoops Mfgr. and 

farmer in Union Co. N. J; Presby. C: William, 

Mary, Harriet. William m second wife, Mary E. 
Woodruff, in 1869. 

VIII. William Oscar Headley, bin 1852, d 1856. 

Vlll- Mary Augusta Headley, b in 1856, m PVed- 
eric Townley in 1876. P O Hilton, N.J. Presby. 
C: (IX) Edward C. Townley; Milliceut A. Townley; 
Lawrence F. Townley; Raymond W. Townley; 
Mary E. Townley. 


Ylll. Harriet Ivcmella Headley, b 1858, d i860. 

Vl|. Catharine Headley, b Mar 1815, d Aug iSyi, 
m Morris Allen. C: David, Mary, William. 

VIII. David O. Allen. P O Hilton, N. J. 

VIII. Mary E. Allen, m Joseph B. Headley. (See 
Joseph B. Headley P'amily). 

VIII. William A. Allen, m Annie E. Headley. P O 
Hilton, N. J. 

VII. Victor R. Headley, bin "Headleytown," Nov 
5, 1823, m Sarah B. Reeve May 18, 1845. P O 
Hilton, N. J. Shoemaker, Mast-hoops and Hank 
Mfgr. C: George, Albert, Charles, Isaac, Harriet, 
Fannie, Annie, Herbert, Frank. 

VIII. George K. Headley, b Apr 11, 1846, d June 
21, 1857. 

VIII. Albert M. Headley, b June 25, 1848, m Catha- 
rine A. Townley Apr 27, 1876. P O Hilton, N. J. 
VIII. Charles E. Headley, b Mar 3, 1851, d June 20, 


Vill- Isaac W. Headley, b Aug 20, 1854. 

VII8. Harriet E. Headley, b Jan 28, 1857, d Aug 8, 

VIII. Fannie J. Headley, b May 25, 1859, m F. I^. 
Hopper Apr 29, 1896. Res. 859}^ Pavonia Ave. 
Jersey City, N. J. R. R. Engineer, Methodist, C: 
(IX) Ethel F. Hopper, b Dec i, 1900. 

VIII. Annie E. Headley, b May 9, 1862, m William 

A. Allen. (See Wm. A. Allen Family). 

VIII. Herbert G. Headley, b Oct 3, 1865, m Clara 

B. Stout Jan 6, 1890. 

VIII. Frank W. Headley, b July 23, 1870, m Eillian 
F. Milleman Jan 14, 1903. Res. 458 Bank St. New- 
ark, N. J. 

VIII. Pauline M. Headley, b 1825, m James Dun- 
can. C: . 


V|. Benjamin Heaclley, (son of John Thompson), b 
— , d 1863. S. 

VI. Phebe Headley. 

VI. Sallie Headley. 

VI. Polly Headley. 

VI. Rhoda Headley, b— , d— , m John Parcell. C.- 
William, Electa, John. 

V. Rachel Headlej-, b — , d — , m Aaron Hunter. 

V. Gary Headley, b Feb 14. 1756, dFeb i, 1823, m 
Phebe Stiles of Elizabeth, N. J., daughter of Wm. 
Stiles, Apr 1, 1781. She was b Mar 15, 1762, d 
about 1830. Gary Headley was b in Union twp. 
Union Co. N. J., where he lived and died, and dur- 
ing his life-time followed the pursuits of farming. 
He was a man of much enterprise and was highly 
esteemed by his fellow townsmen. He resided on 
what is now known as Valley Street, about J2 mile 
south of Wj'oming, and owned at least 150 acres. 
When they were married Mrs. Headle}' was present- 
ed with two slaves, a man and a woman. Cary 
Headley was a soldier in the Revolutionary war. He 
entertained George Washington and others in his 
command at Vaux Hall, and in his woods that after- 
wards belonged to his grandson John S. Headley, 
George Washington and his men knelt beside a log 
and prayed for victor}' for the patriot army. Cary 
Headley 's house was surrounded by the British for 
three days. His wife and servants took the cat- 
tle and horses over the back side of the Orange 
mountain and remained there with them until the 
British left. Before going she threw her silver 
spoons, pewter plates and platters in the well, also 
a case of silver was buried in the big wall, and after 
the war all was recovered. After the war Cary 
Headley furnished an ox, which was roasted on the 


Orange mountain, and George Washington partook 
of it. Nothing further of especial interest is known 
of Cary Headley'swar record. The place in which 
he had lived contained a number of relics, among 
which were found in later years, an old carpet loom 
in the garret, also bayonets, cannon balls, old mus- 
kets, and continental money, etc. It has been said 
that the house had been more than once fired into by 
the British, and when torn down a large number of 
bullets were found imbedded in same. A part of the 
battle of Springfield was fought on Cary Headley's 
farm. Farmer, Presby. 

The Will of Cary Headley reads as follows: — 

In the name of God Amen I Cary Headley of the Township of 
Union in the County ot Essex being weaii in uody but of sounu mind 
memory and unuerstanaing tor which blessing i must devoteuiy 
tnank iny (jod, do make ana publish this my last Will and 'leslu- 
ment m manner and form toliowing — That is to say — 

l<irst — it IS my will and f do omer that all my just debts and 
funeral expenses uc uuly paid and satislied as soon as Conveniently 
can be atter my decease. 

— Item i give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Phebe Headley. 
in addition tu her riguiuf dower at Common law the use of oue-haif 
of the house in which 1 now live and 1 give to her heirs and assigns 
forever all my household goods and furniture of every kind aiiduis- 
i-ripLion, iikewise two cows and sufficient hay to winter them — 

— iieni 1 give ana Uevise unto my son William iS. Headley The 
(hllam Lot over the Kiver purchased of Charles Gillam, the house 
and lot on which he now lives and the lot adjoining the Turnpike 
whicb joins the lot his house stands where he now lives . Likewise 
three and one half chains in front of wood land joining the iJurnet 
line iroiu the Ugden line down tu the Cross fence joining tne meadow 
amounting to auoutT acres Likewise the Searing meauow. 

— Item 1 give and devise unto my son David Headley the house and 
lot purchased of Charles Gillam on the west side of tue road and the 
barn and lot in front of said Gillam House jtjining the lot which J 
have given to my son William S. Headley. i^ikew ise a lot ot land 
on the East side of the Turnjdke joining said Turnjiike on the west 
and on the south west the roau wuich leads to Headley town it like- 
wise joins the Ogden linealso one third of which is called _ the long 
field as also one half ot the Williams J^ot, one young horse' and two 
horned cattle. 

— Item 1 give and devise unto my grandson John S. Headley one 
third Ol what is ca. led the Ljng tielu. 

— ftem 1 give and bequeath uuto my daughter Phebe Gardner 
widow of William Gardner deceased one third of what is called the 
Long field— Likewise a lujte of land which 1 hold against her for the 
amount of One hundred and fifty Dollars or thereabout. 

— Item f give and devise unto my daughter Polly Ball wife of Eze- 
kiel Ball a lot of land known by the name of the Osborn Lot. 


— Item 1 give and hequeatli unto my daughter Susan Baker wife of 
Thomas Baker a h)t of hind jdhiing the Turnpike by Jusiah Crunes 
and the road whieli leads from the aforesaid Josiah Crones to Samuel 

— Item I give and devise unto ray daughter Sarah Ileadley a jjieceof 
Woodland Called the Manners lot joining Thompson Headley's and 
the Koad which is now a common as likewise a cow — 

— Item 1 give and devise unto my grand daughter Mary Thompson 
a good Cow. 

— Item I give and devise unto my son Timothy Headley my house 
where I now live the house lot and barn lot and all the remainder of 
my real estate whatsoever and wheresoever not otherwise disposed 
of as also all my jiersonal estate not given away in this my last AVill 
and Testament to him and his heirs and assigns forever as likewise 
what I have given to my other children and grand children to them 
and their heirs forever — 

Lastly 1 hereby appoint my three sons William 8. Headley, Timo- 
thy Headley anil David Ileadley executors of this my last Will and 


James Henderson (Signed) Gary Headley. 

William Gillam 
James N. Henderson. 

Children of Gary Headley were viz — Mary, Will- 
iam, Susan, Timothy, David, Sarah. 

V|. Phebe S. Headley, b about 1783-4, d — m Jona- 
than Ball. C: Uzal. Phebe m second husband, 
* William Gardner, Jan 12, 1804. He was b at 
Springfield, N. J. June 9, 1769, d Jan 30, 1808. He 
was a private in the Volunteer "I," Dragons in the 
whiskey insurrection of 1794. Lived in Jefferson 
Village. Presby. C: Calvin, William. 

VII. Uzal Ball, b— , d May 21, 1867. S. 

Vl|. Calvin Headley Gardner, b 1805, d Jan 26, 
1896. He was one of the founders of the Methodist 
Episcopal church of Springfield, Union Co. N. J. 
He never married. 

VII. William Stiles Gardner, b — , d Aug 1864, un- 

V|. Mary Headley, m Ezekiel Ball. C: Ezekiel, 
Elbert, Susan, Elizabeth, Phebe, Mary, Sarah. 

VII. Ezekiel Crowell Ball, b— , d 1895, m . 

No issue. 

*Son of Thomas Gardner by his second wife. 


V!l- Elbert Ball, d about 1890, m . Haveissue. 

VII. Susan Ball, b Mar 8, 1S12, d Dec 6, 1878, m 
Davis Headle)^ Jr. (See Davis Headley Jr. Family). 
VII. Elizabeth Ball, ni Roberts. 

VII. Phebe Ball, m Sears Robert of Irvington, N. J. 
Had issue . 

Vl|. Mary Ball, b in Union Co. N. J. July 22, 1800, 
d at Springfield, N. J. May 4, 1881, m William 
Brown. C: Esther. Mary m second husband, 
Aaron Whitehead. Farmer and paper maker. His 
farm was a part of the battlefield of Springfield, 
Union Co. N. J. during the Revolution. Meth Ep. 
C: Clara, Elizabeth, Calvin. 

VIII. Esther Ball Brown, b— , m Hiram Cook. P 
O. Verona, N. J. C: Wilber, George, Elwood, 
Ella, Charles. 

IX. Wilber Ernest Cook, M. D., b at Newark, N. 
J. Oct 26, 1857, m Eola Coddington June 15, 1882. 
Res. Middletown, N. Y. Supervisor of Middletown 
State Homeopathic Hospital, Meth Ep. C: 

X. Talcott Cook. 
X. Ralph Cook. 

IX- George H. Cook, b — , m Jennie Francisco. Res. 
Dodd and Lake Sts. East Orange, N. J. C: 
X. Herbet Cook. 
X. Wilber Cook. 
X. Irvin Cook. 

IX. Elwood Cook, b—, m Clara Bailey. Res. 311 
Orange St. Newark, N. J. C: 

X. Florence Eola Cook. 
X. Frederick Cook. 

X. Esther Cook. 

IX. Ella Cook, d infant. (IX) Charles Wesley 
Cook, d infant. 
VIII. Clara C. Whitehead, bat Milburn, N. J. May 


i8, 1840, d at South Norwalk, Ct. Apr 16, 1S92, m 
Julius Marea Ellendorf June 24, 1865. He was b at 
Berlin Germany June 24, 1840, d at South Norwalk, 
Ct. July 23, 1893. At the time of his death he was 
Editor and Proprietor of a Labor Paper "Mechanic's 
Journal." Methodist. C: Margaretta, Otto, Rob- 
ert, Walter, Florence. 

IX. Margaretta Ellendorf, b at Westfield, Union 
Co. N. J. Aug 16, 1866, m Vincent DeFabritis Nov 
15, 1887. P O Waterbury, Ct. Dealer in Fruits 
and Vegetables, Methodists. C: 

X. Walter Erasmus Fabritis, b May 18, 1889. 

X. Virginia Fabritis, b Oct 5, 1890, d May 3, 1892. 

X. Caroline Fabritis, b Oct 26, 1891. 

X. Ida May Fabritis, b May i, 1893, d June 13, 

X. Marion Fabritis, b Sept 24, 1894. 

%. Margarita Fabritis, b Feb 15, 1896, d July 12, 

X. lyouis Franklin Fabritis, bjune 22, 1897. 

X. Florence Fabritis, bjuly 26, 1899. 

X. Vincent Robert Fabritis, b Oct 4, 1903. 

IX. Otto Ellendorf, b Feb 25, 1868, d Dec 9, 1871. 

IX. Robert Francis Ellendorf, b June 26, 1870. Res. 
247 W. 13th St. N. Y. City. Job Printer, Meth. S. 

IX. Walter Leopold Ellendorf, b Nov 18, 1872, d 
Apr 18, 1878. 

IX. Florence Ellendorf, b May 28, 1877. Res. 247 

W. 13th St. N, Y. City. Art Student, Methodist. 

VIII. Elizal)eth Whitehead, m Wm. H. Tompkins. 
P O Springfield, N. J. Farmer. 

VIII. Calvin Whitehead, m Adelaide Shipman. 
Res. 146 Polk St. Newark, N. J. 

Vl|. Sarah Ball, m David Lawrence of Irvington, N. 
J- C: 


VII!  John C. Lawrence. 

V|. William Stiles Headley, b Jan 14, 1791, d Dec 
22, 1850, m Hannah Lockwood Headley, daughter of 
Davis Headley. She was b June 9, 1795, d Mar 15, 
1874. Lived and died on a part of the Gary Head- 
ley farm. Farmer, Presby. C: Joanna, Phebe, 
Caroline, John, Jane, Wickliff. 

Vl|. Joanna Townley Headley, b June 3, 1814, d 
Apr 4, 1839, m William Sanford Burnett of Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. Jan 24, 1834. He was b Feb 20, 1812, 
d Sept 27, 1887. Res. 1509 Tea St. N. W. Wash- 
ington, D. C. Gass engineer and Superintendent of 
Gass-works, Meth Ep. C: Mary, Martha, Levi. 

VIII. Mary Giles Burnett, b in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Nov 19, 1834, m Thomas Ira Gardner of Fayette- 
ville, N. C. Oct 15, 1857. He d Dec 17, 1898, 
aged 6 1 years. Attorney at Law and member of the 
District Supreme Court, and also held a position for 
26 years in the Law Division of the Treasury De- 
partment. Meth Ep. C: William, Cora, Edith, 
Mary, Thomas. 

IX. William Sanford Gardner, b Oct 11, 1858, d 
Feb 2, 1859. 

IX. Cora Clark Gardner, b at Washington, D. C. 
Apr 30, 1862, m Henry Dugald Howie Nov 30, 
1887. Res. i5oBowdoin St. Boston, Mass. Presi- 
dent of "Phoenix Leather Goods Co," Prot Episco- 
pal. C: 

X. Gardner Dugald Howie, b at Washington, D. C, 

Dec 5, 1890. 

IX. Edith Rebecca Gardner, b at Washington, D. 
C.Jan 28, 1865, m Francis Harvey Duehay Apr 29, 
1890. Res. "Rochambeau," Washington, D. C, 
(407 Florida Avenue). Real Estate Operator, Meth- 
odist Ep. 


IX. Mary Juliet Gardner, bjiine 23, iSji.d July 17, 
IX. Thomas Burnett Gardner, bat Washington, D. 

C. Furnishing Clerk and special Photographer, 
Presby. S. 
VIII. Martha J. Burnett, b in Brooklyn, N. Y. May 
25, 1837, m William F. Keogh Oct 3, 1888. He was 
bin Ireland May 28, 1822, d Dec 17, 1902. Res. 296 
Mason St. Brooklyn, N. Y. Manufacturer of Anti- 
que Furniture; an inventor and artist. Mrs. K. 
joined Methodist church when quite 3'oung. Mr. K. 

member of Congregational church, which both at- 
tended. No issue. 

VIII. Capt. Levi F. Burnett, bin Brooklyn, X. Y. 
Jan 25, 1839. He attended the County schools in 
Maple wood and Springfield, N.J. until he was 17 
years old, then was clerk in an office in Wall Street 
N. Y. for about 3 years, then assistant book-keeper 
in Brooklyn Gas Light Co's office until he enlisted 
Aug 16, 1862. From that time until the present 
date, (1904), he has been in the Military service on 
the Plains most of the time; since April 1869, on 
various Indian expeditions. Was Indian Agent for 
the Apache Indians in New Mexico 1893, and 1894. 

Militarj' Service in Volunteers — 
Private Company A. 84th New York Infantry (com- 
monly called "14th Brooklyn") Aug 16, 1862. 
Transferred to Company A. 21st Regt. Veteran Re- 
serve Corps. Aug 15, 1863. Discharged May 23, 
1864, appointed 2nd Lieut Mar, 12, 1864, accepted 
May 23, 1864. Brevet ist Lieut Mar 13, 1865. 
Brevet Captain Mar 13, 1S65, for gallant and Meri- 
torious services in the battle of South Mountain and 

Antietiam, Maryland. 

Military Service in Regular Army — 

Appointed 2nd Lieut 36th Infantry May 25, 1867 — 

WiLI, C. Headlev. 

(See i):ig-e M'l) 




accepted June lo, 1867; transferred to 7th Infantry 
Mar 19, 1869; promoted to ist L,ieut 7th Infantry- 
Mar 10, 1873; promoted to Captain 7th Infantry Apr 
23, 1889. Retired from active service July 31, 1894, 
for "disability inline of duty." 

Brevet ist L,ieut May 25, 1867, for gallant and 

Meritorious services during the war. 

Was severely wounded at the battle of Antietam, 
being shot through the left leg below the knee by rifle 
bullet passing between the bones. Res. 155 N. Mor- 
ingo Ave, Pasadena, Cal. Attends Presby ch. S. 

VII. Phebe Stiles Headley, b Sept 12, 1816, m Si- 
las Condit Burnett. He was bat Springfield, N. J. 
Oct 2, 1816, d Sept 16, 1856. Res. 528 Clener Ave, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. He came to Brooklyn when a 
young man, where he became a successful contrac- 
tor and builder. He was a member of the Sands St. 
Methodist Episcopal church. Mrs. Burnett and her 
sister Joanna were converted at the Camp Meeting 
at Mount Tabor under the preaching of the Rev. 
William P. Corbet, who received over 10,000 per- 
sons into the M. E. church. Mrs. Burnett joined 
the Sands St. M. E. church and was an active mem- 
ber in the Sunday School for years. C: Roxanna. 

Yl||. Roxanna Burnett, b in Brooklyn, N. Y. Jan 
15, 1852. Meth Ep. S. 

VII. Caroline Headley, bjuly 21, 1819, d Mar 7, 
1889, m William Courter. He was b near Hanover, 
MorrisCo. N.J. Feb 16, i8ri,d at Maplewood, N. 
J. Mar 6, 1890. Farmer. Mrs. C. Meth Ep. C.- 
Alice, Joanna. 

VIII. Alice I. Courter, b June 3, 1857. P O Maple- 
wood, N. J. S. 

VIII. Joanna H. Courter, b at Hilton, N. J. Mar 
20, 1859, m H. Melville Cro well Apr 21, 1880. P 


O Maplewood, N. J. Methodist. C: Charlotte, 

IX. Charlotte I. Crowell, b Nov 23, 188 1. P O 
Maplewood, N. J. Sunday-school worker, Meth 
Ep. S. 

IX. Howard Melville Crowell, b May 26, 1886. P 
O Maplewood, N. J. Mechanical drawing, Meth 

Vl|. John Stiles Headley, b Mar 11, 1822, in Union 
twp. Union Co. N. J., d Apr 6, 1893, m Sarah Ann, 
daughter of John E. Courter and Elizabeth Cook, 
Feb 13, 1849. She was b Dec 29, 1S24, d in 1901. 
Mr. Headley 's boyhood years were spent on the 
family estate in Union twp. After acquiring a prac- 
tical education he repaired to Brooklyn, N. Y. and 
was apprenticed to Davis M. Afflick with whom he 
acquired the craft of a mason. During the year 1846 
he embarked in business as a builder and continued 
with success until 1856, when being attracted by the 
varied advantages of the spot upon which his birth 
occurred, he returned again to Union twp. and locat- 
ed upon a portion of the property of his ancestor, 
Cary Headley. To this he succeeded partly by in- 
heritance and partly by purchase, then his sole 
occupation was farming. The excitements attending 
political life offered no charms for hira, hence he left 
to others both the honors and rewards of political 
life. He was a man of unassuming manner, 
possessing many traits of character which are the 
exponents of success in life, and which command 
the respect of the community, Mr. Headley and 
family were worshipers at and supporters of the 
Methodist Episcopal church of Springfield, X. J. 
C: Will, Lizzie, Jennie. 

VIII. Will C. Headley, b in Brooklyn, X. J. June 


25, i853r m Rosetta Ayers June 5, 1878, daughter 
of *Hon. D. Cooper Ayers of Green Bay, Wis. Res. . 
East Orange, N. J. Mr. Headley was brouglit up 
on a part- of the Gary Headley homestead farm in, 
Union county south of Wyoming and near the Essex 
county line. He attended the public schools at- 
Headleytown, Springfield, and St. Stephens school, 
Millburn, Essex Co. N. J. Entered the law office of 
Whitehead and Morrow, (John Whitehead and Sam- 
uel Morrow Jr.), in October 1872; was admitted to 
the bar of New Jersey as an attorney at law at the 
November term 1876, and as a counselor at law.. 
November term 1879. . . 

Soon after marriage he removed to Hilton, Essex 
Co. N. J. holding while there the office of Chairman 
of the Trustees of the public school of that place. In 
1,883, removing to Irvington, N. J. he held the 
office of President of that village from 1884 to 1889,. 
and other offices. In 1896 he removed to East 
Orange, N. J. where he now resides, with law 
office at 800 Broad Street Newark, N. J., and is one 
of the prominent lawyers of that city. Mr. Headley 
iu politics is now. and always has been a Democrat. 
He has been since about 1873 a member of the Meth- 
odist church, and is now, (1902), a member of the 
Official Board of Calvar)^ Methodist Episcopal church 
of East Orange, N. J. of which the family are all 
members. C: Elroy, William, Harold. 

JX- Elroy Headley, b on a part of the Cary Head- 
ley homestead Apr 7, 1879. He graduated from the 
Irvington Public school in June 1894; from the 
Newark Academy in June 1897 with honors, and 
from Princeton University, class of 1901, with 

*Hon. D. Cooper Ayers, surgeon of the Iron Brigade, of Wiscon- 
sin, during the Civil war. 


honors and took several prizes while there. He is 
now, (1902), in the Senior Class of the New York 
Law School, and is in the law office of his father as 
a student at law. Meth Ep. S. 

IX' William Frank Headley, b Mar 12, 1881, 
graduated from the Irvington Grammar school in 
1897, and from the East Orange High school, class 
of 1901; is now in the Senior Class of the New York 
Law School. Meth Ep. S. 

IX- Harold Wade Headley, b Apr 11, 1885, grad- 
uated from East Orange High school, class 1902; 
now a member of the Freshman class of Yale Col- 
lege. Meth Ep. S. 

Vll|. Hannah Elizabeth Headley, b at Union, N. 
J. July 31, 1857, m *Winiam S. Wade Oct 20, 1877. 
Res. 66 Riggs Place, South Orange, N. J. Paste- 
board Mfgr. Presby. Mr. W. elder and trustee of 
First Presby ch. South Orange. C: Ola, Jennie, 
Florence, William, John, Milbert, Gladys. 

IX. Ola Headley Wade, b July 26, 1878, ra Har- 
vey Illesley Tweddell Sept 26, 1900. C: 

X. William Wade Tweddell, b July 8, 1902. 

IX- Jennie Stiles Wade, b Mar 12, 1880, d May 5, 

IX. Florence Irva Wade, b May 7, 1882. 

IX> William Newton Wade, b Feb 20, 1884. 

IX. John Royden Wade, b Mar 18, 1887, d July 28, 

IX. Milbert Hafely Wade, b May 14, 188S, d Nov 
12, 1891. 

IX. Gladys Wade, b Sept 6, 1891. 

♦He is a direct descendant of Benjamin Wade, who married Ann 
Looker in 1G70. Mr. Wade came to Elizabethtown iu ItiTo. He was 
a clothier by trade; died iu 169S. His widow died July 31, 1837 and 
was buried at Conu. Farms. 


VIII. Jane L,illian Headley, b June 22, 1859, at 
Springfield, N. J., m William H. Harrison of Irving- 
ton, N. J. Oct 22, 1884. Res. 991 Clinton Ave. Irv- 
ington, N. J. Dairyman. Meth Ep. C: 

IX. M. Estella Harrison, b Feb 6, 1886. 

IX. Russell Headley Harrison, b Dec 25, 1888. 

IX. Clifton Wade Harrison, b Nov 15, 1894. 

VII Jane M. Headley, b Dec 31, 1824, m George R. 
Baker, (d). Res. Springfield, Union Co. N. J. 
No issue. 

VII. Wickliff Headley, b July 4, 1828, d Mar 1902, 
m Sarah Ann Brown Dawes, daughter of Cornelius 
Dawes, June 26 1851. She d about 1891. They liv- 
ed on the Cary Headley farm. C: Mary, William, 

VIII. Mary B. Headley, b Nov 1851. Res. Valley 
St. Maplewood, N.J. S. 

VIII. William Stiles Headley, b July 4, 1855, d 
about 1895, m Ella Shipman. Res. 39 Arlington 
St. Newark, N. J. C: (|X) A daughter. 

VIII. Florence A. Headley, b about i860, m George 
Smith. Res. Valley St. Maplewood, N.J. C: 

IX. Burnet Headley Smith. 

V|. Susan Headley, b at Maplewood, N. J. Mar 6, 
1796, d there Apr 18, 1863, m Thomas Campbell 
Baker. He was b at Maplewood, N. J. Dec 12, 
1790, d there May 18, 1873. Farmer. C: Mary, 
Daniel, Timothy, Martha, Jane, Phebe, Susan, 

Vl|. Mary Ann Baker, b July 28, 1821, at Jefferson 
Village, N.J. d there Jan 24, 1866, m Caleb R. 
Smith. He was b at Jefferson Village, N. J, Dec 
6, 1807, d there Oct 24, 1859. Shoemaker. C: 

VIII. Truman B. Smith, b Nov 29, 1848. P O 


Maplewood, New Jersey. Clerk. Single. 

Vl|. Daniel Norri.s Baker, b at Maplewood, N. J. 
Jan 9, 1S23, d at Livingston, N. J. Mar 20, 1897, 
m Adelia Collins Jan 14, 1S46. She wash at Living- 
ston, N. J. Nov 25, 1828. Shoemaker, later far- 
mer, Meth Ep. C: William, William, Susan, 
Thomas, Edmund, Anna, Abner, Emma, Harriet, 
Sadie, Daniel. 

VIII. William Collins Baker, b May i, 1847, d Mar 
27, 1848. 

Vtll. William Martin Baker, b Jan 16, 1849, djuly 
3, 1885. S. 

VIII- Susan Amanda Baker, b Jan 24, 1851, m 
Jonathan Force Nov 23, 1 881. P O Livingston, n. 
J. Farmer, B8ptists. C: (|X) James Walter 
Force, b Nov 13, 1883. (|X) Edna Adelia Fotc<^, b 
July 12, 1885. (IX) Jonathan Force, b Aug 13, 1887. 
(IX) Daniel Baker Force, b June 28, 1890, d June 
24, 1896. 

VIII. Thomas Douglas Baker, b May 8, 1853, m 
Louisa Canniff Nov 2, 1881, Res. 268 High St, 
Orange, n. j. 

VIII. Edmund Condit Baker, b Aug 12, 1855, d Oct 
14, 1857. 

Vlll Anna Martha Baker, b Apr 2. 1S58. P O 
Livingston, n. j. S. 

Vlll- Abner Brundage Baker, b Apr 2, i860, m 
Nettie Emmons Mar 23, 1884. No issue. 

Vlll- Emma Baker, b Jan 3, 1863. P O Living- 
ston, N. J. S. 

Vlll- Harriet Amelia Baker, b at Livingston, n. j. 
Sept 12, 1865, m Theron Wilson Guernsey Sept 12, 
1887. Res . Cleveland St. Cor Washington Street, 
Orange, n. j. Book-keeper, Baptist. C: (|X) 
Lydia Adelia Guernsey, b Sept 7, 1888. (|X) Bessie 


Amelia Guernsey, b Mar 28, 1891. (|X) I^illie Baker 
Guernsey, b Oct 10, 1895. 

VII!. Sadie Adelia Baker, b Feb 28, 1868. P O 
Livingston, n. j. 

VIII. Daniel Crowell Baker, b Feb 16, 1871. P O 
Livingston, N. j. Milk dealer, Baptist. S. 

Vl|. Timothy Headley Baker, b Nov 12, 1824. 

VII. Martha Baker, b— , d— , m Stephen Stiles. C: 
Phebe, etc. 

VIII. Phebe A. Stiles, b— , m Bishop Evans. P O 
Morristown, n. j. 

Vl|. Jane E. Baker. Res. Baker St. Maplewood, 

N. J. S. 

Vl|. Phoebe Stiles Baker, b at Jefferson Village, n, 
J. Aug 30, 1830, d at Northfield, N. J. Aug 1859, m 
Enoch Edwards Collins, in 1S49. He was b at 
Northfield, N. J. Farmer, Baptists. C: Laura, 
Thomas, Marion, Edward. 

Vil|. Laura Jane Collins, din infancy. 

VIII. Thomas Pell Collins, b at Northfield, N. J. 
1 85 1. P O Orange, N.J. S. 

VIII. Marion Phebe Collins, bat Northfield, N. J. 
Nov 9, 1856. Res. High and Baldwin Sts. Newark, 
N.J. Grace Episcopal ch. S. 

Vil|. Edward Collins, din infancy, 

Vl|. Susan Headley Baker, b at Jefferson Village, 
N. J. Sept 16, 1834, m Joseph Warren VanderVeer 
Jan 5, i860. Res. 637 High St. Newark, N. J. 
Cigar dealer, Episcopal ch. C: Robert. 

VIII. Robert Eunson VanderVeer, b Nov 15, 1861, 
d June 8, 1900, m Florence J. Bristol May 1 1, 1885. 
She d July 8, 1887. C: Lillian. He m second wife 
Sarah Adelia Mulva Mar 1893. Soap Mfgr. Epis. 
No issue by second wife. 

IX. Lillian Raimond VanderVeer, b in Newark, 


New Jersey Mar 23, 1886. Episcopal ch. Single. 

Yl|. Thomas C. Baker, b Apr 19, 1S38, m Harriet 
A. Headley Nov 20, 1861. P O Maplewood, N.J. 
Farmer, Meth Ep. C: Harry, Warren, Eliza. 

VIII. Harry J. Baker, b Sept 27, 1862, m Minnie 
Marthis Sept 6, 188S. P O Maplewood, N. J. Gro- 
cer, Meth Ep. C: (|X) Harriet Wilhelmina Baker, 
bjune 17, 1890. 

Vlll Warren T. Baker, b Nov 23, 1867, m Addie 
Townley Apr 22, 1896. P O Maplewood, N. J. 
Presby. C: (|X) Warren Baker, b July 15, 1897. 
(IX) Ruth Baker, b Aug 12, 1900. 

Vlll Eliza J. Baker, b Mar 20, 1878, m William 
Nathan July 13, 1895. Clerk. C: (|X) Harriet 
Esther Nathan, b May 18, 1896, 

V|. Timothy Headley, b Mar 10, 1800, d Dec 24, 
1851, m Adeline Shaffer, daughter of John Shaffer, 
of Springfield. Farmer, and owned the homestead 
of Cary Headley. No issue. 

V|. David Cary Headley, b Feb 15, 1802, d Nov 25, 
1863, m Charlotte Halsey Baker, daughter of Norris 
Baker. She was bNov 16, 1810, d Feb 11, 1884. 
Lived and died on his farm at Jefferson Valley, (now 
Maplewood). Methodists. C: Carey, Harris, Jane, 

Vl|. Carey Judson Headley, b Jan i, 1839, d June 
II, 1897. No issue. 

Vl|. Harris Eugene Headley, b June ir, 1839, d 
Nov 25, 1863. Killed at the battle of Gettysburg, 

Vl|. Jane Josephine Headley, b — , m Aaron Baker. 
P O Maplewood, N. J. 

Vl|. Henrietta O. Headley, b at Maplewood, N. J. 
died there, m Ambrose B. Reeve. Carriage trimmer, 
Methodist; one child. 














PUBLIC 1{b*./-'v.» 




Vlll- Charles Halsey Reeve, b at Maplewood, N. 
J. in i860, ra Margaret Rv Marthis 1881. P O 
Maplewood, N. J. Grain and seed merchant. C: 
(IX) Frederick E. Reeve. ([X) Sarah Reeve. (|X) 
Charles Harold Reeve. (|X) Margaret R. Reeve. 

Y|. Sarah Headley, b about 1S07, d P'eb 18, 1827, 
m Daniel S. To wnley. Moved to Iowa in or about 
1857. C: David, John. 

Vl|. David To wnley, b — , m — . When last heard 
from he lived at Denver, Colo. 

Vl|. John Townlej^ b — ,m — . Lived at Bingham- 
ton. N. Y. 

V. Ann Headley, m Eliakim Frazee. Farmer. No 

Y- Mary Headlej^ m . No is.sue. 


IV. Robert Headley, bat "Conn. Farms," Union 
Co. N. J. in 1720, dat Milton, N. J. Apr 28, 1806; 

m Susanna . C: Moses, Robert, Lois, Mary. 

He married second wife, Pbebe (Baldwin) Gardner. 
C: Joseph, Samuel, William, Phebe. He made his 
will in 175S, and at this time he lived in Essex Co. 
N. J., and afterwards removed to the Wyoming 
Valley, Pa., and was one of the few that escaped 
from the terrible massacre that followed. Robert was 
very friendly with the Indians, one Indian in parti- 
cular was a ^reat friend to Robert and just before the 
massacre warned him to leave as the town would be 
burned that i.ight. Robert said to the Indian, "You 
wouldn't hurt me would you?" Indian says, "In 
time of war Indian knows no friend." So Robert 
got an old high top Pennsylvania wagon and put iti 
it all the goods he could and at 4 o'clock that after- 
noon of July 2, 1778, started with his wife, sons 
Joseph, Samuel, William, daughter Phebe, for New 
Jersey. After going through the wilds of Pennsyl- 
vania and New Jersey, he finally reached the Hope- 
well mountains in Sussex Co. in the beginning of the 
winter of 177S, where he Luilt a cabin on what is 
now the Hayward property and passed the winter. 
Early in the spring of 1779, he located at Milton, 
Morris Co. where he built a log house which is 
still standing on the Headley Homestead and 


has continued in the Headley name ever since, and is 
now owned bj'- Frank J . Headley, a great grandson 
of Robert Headley. The original lands owned by 
Robert Headley consisted of about six hundred acres 
and included lands now owned by Edgar H. McCor- 
mick; the present Headley Homestead, Charles H, 
Jennings, William M. Headley, and Edward R. Head- 
ley; and perhaps other lands. Nothing is known of 
his children by his first wife, except that the daugh- 
ter Mary was married to Michael Stagg 

He made his Will Oct 1 8, 1757, and reads as 

follows: — 

111 the year of God Amen on the Eighteenth day of October In 
the Thirtj -First year of the Reign of uur Souvern Lord George — 
By the Grace of God King in theyearof our Lord Christ (me Thousand 
and seven Hundred and titty and seven — Ihat 1 Robert Headley of 
Essex County and province of New Jersey do make this my last 
Will and Testament in manner and form following, that is First — 
1 give and bequeath my immortal soul into the hands of Almighty 
God who gave me my being and my body 1 commit to the eartli to 

be t>urriea in a christian according to the descretion of my Execrs 

of this my last Will here in after named — 

Itoin-My will is and 1 ordain that my funeral charges and all other 
just debts be paid out of my movable estate soon alter my death — 
Jtem-1 give and bequeath to my loven sou Moses Headley one 
Equal half of all my lands to him and his heirs forever — 
Item - 1 give and bequeath to my loven son Robert Headley the other 
half of all my lauds to him and his heirs forever and likewise my 
gun — 
Item-I give and bequeath unto my loven dafters Loes Headley 
Eleven yards of Callimink fur— 

ltem-1 "give and betiueath to my loven brother Samuel Headley one 
of my Cots and my red vest — 

Item-I give and bequeath all the rest of my movable estate Be equal- 
ly divided Between my loven wife Susannah Headley and my loven 
dafters Loes Headley and Mary Headley share and share alike — 

ltein-1 do make ordane and a pint my loven brother Samuel Head- 
ley and my trusty friend Nathaniel Ball the Exers of this my last 
^V ill and Testament and I do revoke and make Voide all former 
wills by me made and Declared hereby ratifying and confirming this 
to be my last Will and Testament. 

In Witness whereof I have to this my last will and Testament set 
ray hand and seal the Day and year A Bove Ritten. 

Signed sealed Published and Declared by the Testator to be his 
last "Will and Testament In the presence of us. 

Mrs. Osborn ( ~^^ 

Elias Osborn (Signed) Robert Headley. ■< seal 

Noodiah Potter. ( — v— 

Y. Moses Headley. Descendants, if any, not found. 
V. Robert Headley. Descendants, if any, not found. 


Y. Lois Headley. Descendants, if an}'', not found. 

V. Mary Headley, m Michael Stagg. Descendants, 
if any, not found. 

Y. Joseph Headley, b in New Jersey in 1758, d in 
Jersey, lyicking Co.Ohio Aug 27, 1842, aged 84 years; 
m Martha Riker. She was b in Sussex Co. New Jer- 
sey in 1758, d at Jersey, Ohio Sept 16, 1842, aged 85 
years. In 1809 they emigrated from New Jersey and 
settled near Zanesville, Ohio. In 181 5 Joseph and 
his son Peter left Muskingom Co. and camped on the 
south fork of Licking Creek near Jersey Ohio 
where they split puncheon from which they built a 
structure in which they lived and made sugar. The 
following 3'ear, (1816), Peter Headley, having the 
previous year entered land, S. E. Quar. Sec. No. 
24, and built a cabin thereon, his father Joseph 
Headley and family came and lived with him there 
until 1822, when the father Joseph and wife went 
to live with their son Lewis Headley at Jersey, 
j Ohio, where they continued to live until their death. 
'Joseph Headley was a soldier in the Revolutionary 
war. Farmer, Universalist. C: Elizabeth, Peter, 
Dorothea, William, Samuel, Uzal, Lewis, Mary, 
Charles, Levina, Eunice. 
Yr Elizabeth Headley, b in New Jersey about 
1778, d Aug 29, 1870, aged 92 years; m Benjamin 
Parkhurst. They emigrated to Ohio iu 1809. 
While on the way west, and when crossing the 
Allegheny Mountains, their son Peter was born. 
Soon after their arrival Mr. Parkhurst built a hand 
mill upon which he ground grain before other mills 
were erected. He d June 25, 1842, aged 65 years. 
C: Peter, Samuel, Martha, Mary. 

Yll- Peter Parkhurst, b on the Allegheny Moun- 
tains, Pa. June 19, 1809, d in Jersey, Ohio, July 


15, 1894, m Phebe Smith Apr 5, 1832. She was b 
in New Jersey Dec 16, 1810, d in Jersey, O. Jan 10, 
1881. Farmer, Methodists. C: Sarah, Mary, 
Abigail, Martha, Hattie. 

Vll|. Sarah Matilda Parkhurst, b Apr 5, 1833, m 
John Arnold. P O Pataskala, Ohio. 

Vlll- Mary Jane Parkhurst, b Dec 21, 1834, d Apr 
10, 18^2, m Abraham Martin. P O Delphi,. Ind. 
C: Benjamin, Silas. 

VIII. Abigail Parkhurst, b Dec 30, 1836, ni Morris 
W. Kent Mar 10, 1859. P O Jersey, O. Farmer, 
Methodist. C: Frank, Mattie, Jennie, William, 
Albert, Edgar. 

IX. Frank Kent, b — , m Annie Hensel. Res. Chica- 
go, 111. Clerk. 

IX. Mattie Kent, b— , m Frank Nichols. P O 
Alexandria, O. C: Avanell, Clyde, Estella, Her- 
bert, Leonard, Fred, George B. 

IX. Jennie Kent, b — . P O Pataskala, Ohio. Seam- 
stress, Presby. S. 

IX. William H. Kent, b— , m Cora Myers. P O 
Beech, Ohio. Farmer. C: (X) lycroy Kent. (X) 
Blanche Kent. 

IX. Albert M. Kent, b—, m Annie Crawford. P O 
Newark, Ohio. Employed in Glass factory. C: 
(X) Carl Kent, (d). (X) Earl Kent. (X) Howard 

IX. Edgar Roy Kent, b— , m Mary Crawford. PO 
Jersey, O. Farmer. C: (X) Florence. 

Vlll- Martha Ann Parkhurst, b in I^icking Co. 
O. Jan 6, 1840. P O Pataskala, Ohio. Presby. S. 

VIII. Hattie Malissa Parkhurst, b July 5, 1846, m 
Jesse F. Handley. P O Jersey, O. 

Vl|. Samuel Parkhurst, b — , m Catharine Swartz. 
C: James, Frank, and two daughters. 


VII. Martha Parkhurst. 
Yl|. Mary Parkhurst. 

Y|. Peter Headley, bin New Jersey Mar 7, 1781, d 
May 17, 1857, m Hannah Parritt July 27, 1809. 
They emigrated with his father's family to Musking 
Co. Ohio, in 1809. In 181 5 he entered lands, the S. 
E. Quarter Sec. 24, in Jersey township, L,icking Co. 
Ohio, being one of the first settlers. He built the 
first dwelling in the township, a log cabin. He was 
a good hunter, and on one occasion shot seven deers 
on his farm, and at another time shot two deers with 
one shot. He also killed a bear that weighed over 
400 pounds. Farmer, Presby. C: Elizabeth, Will- 
iam, Electa, Adaline, Davis, Arza, Mary, Almeda. 

Vl|. Elizabeth Headley, b— , m Charles Parritt Sept 
27, 1831. C: Silas, Calvin, Harriet, Jane, Han- 
nah, David, Martha, Bernard. 

VIII. Silas Parritt. P O Gillespieville, Ross Co. 

Vl!|. Calvin Parritt, (d). 

VIII. Harriet Parritt, m — Shultz. P O Jersey, O. 

VIII. Jane Parritt, m Lecrone. P O Canal 

Winchester, Franklin Co. O. 

VIII. Hannah Parritt, m St. Clair. P O 

Gillespieville, Ross Co. O. 

VIII. David Parritt. 

VIII. Martha Parritt, m Wheeler. 

VIII. Bernard Parritt, (d). 

VII. William Headley, b—. S. 

VII. Davis Headley, b about 1812, d — , m Sallie 
Williams Oct 16, 1833. They emigrated to Nebras- 
ka, where several children still live. 

VIII. Lewis Headley. P O Gaylord, Smith Co. 

Vl|. Adaline Headley, b at Jersey, Eickiug Co. O. 


July 4, 1 8 19, d there Sept 25, 1874, m Samuel O. 
Williams July i, 1840. He was b in Essex Co. N. 
J. July 20, 1818, d at Jersey, Ohio, Feb 9, 1903. 
Farmer, Presbys. C: Israel, Truman, George, 
Marietta, Henry, Electa. 

VIII. Israel Williams, b Mar 28, 1842, d Aug 3, 

VIII. Truman S. Williams, b Dec 7, 1843. P O 
Pataskala, O., R. F. D. No. 4. Farmer. S. 

VIII. George D. Williams, b Dec 3, 1845, d May 17, 
1888. S. 

VIII. Marietta Williams, b Feb 14, 1849. P O 
Pataskala, O., R. F. D. No. 4. S. 

VIII. Henry Williams, b Oct 16, 1851, d Nov 4, 

VIII. Electa Williams, b in Jersey, O. Jan 12, 1854, 
m Oliver Smith Sept 5, 1876. P O Jersey, Ohio. 
Farmer, Presby. C: Charlotte, George. 

IX. Charlotte Smith, b Feb 5, 1879, m F. A. Fish- 
baugh Apr 30, 1902. P O Jersey, Ohio. Farmer, 

IX- George Smith, b Jan 11, 1886. 

VII. Electa Headley, b — , m Oron Smith Nov 15, 
i860. She lives on her father's farm and in the 
same house he built near Jersey, O. P O Jersey, 
O. No issue. 

V|. Dorothea Headley, b in New Jersey Nov 19, 
1782, d July 8, 1865, aged 82 years, 7 months, 19 
days; m Joshua Hammond. He was b in New Jer- 
sey Jan 28, 1776, d Mar 22, 1867, aged 91 years, i 
month, 24 days. Emigrated to Ohio and settled 
near Alexandria, where they died. Farmer. C: 
William, Noah, Daniel, Elisha, Joshua, Hiram, 
Eliza, Sarah, Harriet, John. 

VII. William Hammond, d in New Jersey. S. 


VII- Noah Hammond, b — , d — , m Jane Brooks. 
Moved to Clarence, Iowa. Farmer. C: Stephen, 
Albert, Isadore, and others. 

VII. Daniel Hammond, b — , d — , m Eliza Carlock. 
Moved to Clarence, Iowa. Farmer. C: Shedrick, 
Harriet, Joshua, Daniel, John, and 2 daughters. 

Vl|. Elisha Hammond, b at Morristown, N.J. Jan 
16, 1818, d at Alexandria, Ohio, July 14, i8go, m 
Susan Harigal Oct 22, 1846. She was b at Zanes- 
ville, Ohio, Sept 10, 1827, d at Alexandria, O. Mar 
27, 1 901. Farmer, Cong. C: Hiram, William, 
Zackery, Allen, Edward, Mar}', Samuel. 

VIII. Hiram Hammond, b at Alexandria, O. Sept 
24, 1847, m Sarah Melissa Finderburg Nov 5, 1874. 
She was b — , d — . C: Lulu, Eva. Hiram m 2nd 
wife, Emma Eusetta Fay, Nov 13, 1887. P O 
Alexandria, O. Farmer. C. Fern, Roe, Ralph. 

IX- Lulu May Hammond, b June 3, 1878, d July 
27, 1878. 

IX- Eva Pearl Hammond, b Sept 17, 1879, d Jan 
10, 1880. 

IX- Fern Atlee Hammond, b Mar 28, 18SS. 

IX- Roe Hammond, bjune i, 1891. 

IX - Ralph B. Hammond, b May 6, 1897. 

VIII- William Hammond, b Sept 23, 1849, m Delia 
Philbrooks Jan 1882. Shed—. C: Guy. William 
ra second wife, Hattie Gregory, Apr 1883. P O 
Alexandria, O. Farmer. C: Raymond, Earl. 

IX- Guy Hammond, b — , d infant. 

IX- Raymond Hammond, b Nov 8, 1885. P O 
Alexandria, O. Machinist. 

IX- Earl Hammond, b Oct 6, 1887. P O Alexan- 
dria, O. Butcher. 

VIII. Zackery Hammond, b Jan 4, 1852. P O 
Alexandria, Ohio. Farmer. S. 


VHl- Allen Hammond, b Feb 6, 1854, d Mar 12, 

Vil|. Edward Hammond, b Mar 24, 1855, d Apr 10, 
1885. S. 

VJII- Mary Meadora Hammond, b Sept 24, 1858, m 
Sylvester Cox Mar 15, 1882. P O Alexandria, 
Ohio. Farmer. C: 

IX. Glen Emmons Cox, b Dec 24, 1882. P O 
Alexandria, O. Farmer and Machinist. S. 

Vlll- Samuel Hammond, b Oct 6, 1861, d Sept 27, 
' VII- Joshua Hammond, b about 1823, d July 1892, 
m Algaria Harigal. Farmer, Universalist. C: 
Marion, Virgil, L,aura, Orrilla, George, Willis, 
Arthur, Nancy. 

VIM- Marion Hammond, (d). 

VJII. Virgil Hammond, b — , m Percy Lloyd. P O 
Alexandria, O. C: (IX) Celia Lloyd. 

VIJI- Laura Hammond, b — , m John Davis, (d). 
No issue. Laura m second husband, Samuel Tay- 
lor. P O Luray, O. No issue. 

Vlll- Orrilla Hammond, b— . P O Alexandria, 
Ohio. S. 

Vlll- George Hammond, b — . P O Alexandria, 
Ohio. S. 

Vllh Willis Hammond, b — , m Lizzie Buxton. P 
O Alexandria, O. No issue. 

Vlll. Arthur Hammond, b — . P O Alexandria, 
Ohio. S. 

Vlll- Nancy Hammond, b — , d — . 

Vl|. Hiram Hammond, b — , d — , m *Harriet Ham- 
mond. Farmer. C: John, Elmer, Sarah, Char- 

Vlll. John Hammond, b — , m . C: Mary, 

*His cousin. 


Charles, (d); Edward, Fred, Myrtle, Ethel, 
Eena, Miller, Forest, Eureta. 

VIII. Elmer Hammond, b — , m . C: Attie, 

Bessie, Frank, Guy, Dean, Messer, Pearl. 

Vll|. Sarah Hammond, b — . S. 

VIII. Charles Hammond, b — , m . C: Delno. 

Vl|. Eliza Hammond, b — , d — , m E. Dean. Far- 
mer, Methodist. C: Albert, etc. 

VIII. Albert Hammond, b— , m -. P O Alexandria, 

Vl|. Sarah Hammond, b — , d — , m Shedrick Car- 
lock. C: Joshua. Sarah m second husband, Rich- 
ard Oldham. No issue. 

Vll|. Joshua Carlock, b — , m Lucy Gurney, (d). 

Vl|. Harriet Hammond, b — , m *Noah Hammond, 
(d). Res. Delaware, Ohio. Farmer. C. Doro- 
thea, (d); Emma, Noah, Asa. 

Vl|. John Hammond, b — , d — , m Potter. 

Farmer. C: FVank, Fred, Mary, Maude. 

V|. William D. Headley, b in Sussex Co. N. J. July 
31, 17S7, d in Franklin Co. Ohio, Aug i, 1862, m 
fMary Havens in 1819. She was b in Sussex Co. N. 
J. Mar 10, 1799, d in Franklin Co. Ohio, Sept 18, 
1870. When a small boy William Headley was 
bound out to his Uncle William Headley near Mil- 
ton, N. J. with whom he remained until the age of 
21 years, when he received an "outfit," which 
consisted of a horse, bridle, saddle, a suit of clothes, 
and $50.00 in money. He then took a lease of clear- 
ing a piece of timber land, and after clearing a spot, 
he built a little shanty of poles and clapboards for 
shelter, and settled down to work clearing the land 

*Her first cousin. 

tDaughter of William and Elizabeth Havens who emigrated to 
Ohio and were aiuoiig the first settleri;. 


and burning charcoal, carting the latter 25 miles to 
market. Thus he began laying the foundation for 
future prosperity. When he had accumulated to- 
gether $1500.00 he removed in rSii to Franklin Co. 
Ohio, and became one of the pioneer settlers of that 
county, selecting a location in Jefferson township, 
at what is now known as Headley's Corners. After 
locating his future home, he returned to Sussex Co. 
N. J. with a number of horses. In the .spring of 
1812, he set out for his Ohio home on horse back. 
On the trip a willow twig served as a riding whip, 
which on arriving at his new home he stuck into the 
ground, and to-day at the front of the old Homestead 
stands a very large and beautiful weeping willow 
tree, a memento of his journey. 

At that time there were no roads leading to 
Columbus, and trips to that place were made on 
horse-back over a path marked by blazed trees. 

William Headley in company with his brother 
Samuel Headley built a saw mill and grist mill on the 
Black Lick, a stream running through William Head- 
ley^s farm. The brothers conducted the mills in part- 
nership for some time, after which William Headley 
purchased his brother's interest in the mills and lands. 
The mills did duty for many years, and were finally 
washed away in a flood many years ago. 

Great changes have taken place since the first 
representative of the name came to Ohio where they 
found large tracts of uncultivated land, forests which 
stood in their primeval strength, and a few cabins to 
indicate the progress of civilization. As the years 
passed William Headley prospered in his business 
and at the time of his death he owned 500 acres of 
valuable land all acquired through industry and good 
management. He was the first Postmaster at Head- 


ley's Corners, and held the office for manj' years, 
dispensing the mail from his residence. He was not 
a member of any church, but a Universalist in faith, 
and contributed quite largely to religious work. C: 
Harriet, Elizabeth, Martha, Joseph, William, Sarah, 
Ezekiel, Henry, Mary, David, Daniel, Electa. 

Vli- Harriet Headley, bjanio, 1820, d at Headley's 
Corners, O. Dec 30, 1896, m Madison Fisk. He kept 
Grocery and notion store at Headley's Corners. No 

VI!. Elizabeth Headley b Aug 3,1 821, d near Avalon, 
Mo. Jan 17, 1894, m Abraham Wagoner Feb 11, 
1 84 1. He was b in Huntington Co. Pa. July 10, 
1816, d in Livingston Co. Mo. June 3, 1890. Far- 
mer, United Br ch. C: William, Catharine, Lydia, 
Alice, John. 

VIII- William Headley Wagoner, b — , d — . 

VIII. Catharine Wagoner, b in Franklin Co. Ohio 
Feb 6, 1846, m George W. Miller Sept 19, 1865. P 
O Avalon, Mo. Retired farmer, Meth Ep. C: 
Ida, Jennie, Nellie, Frank. 

IX. Ida F. Miller, b Nov 19, 1867, d Oct 8, 1876. 

IX- Jennie E. Miller, b — , m J. W. Shannon Dec 
25, 1888. P O Hale, Mo. Farmer, Meth Ep. C: 

X. Irma M. Shannon, b Apr 17, 1890. 

X- Willie G. Shannon, b Oct 22, 1891. 
X- Fleete D. Shannon, b Dec 10, 1893. 
X- Rhoda M. Shannon, b Jan 10, 1896. 
X- Ernest W. Shannon, b Oct 17, 1898. 
X- Walter ly. Shannon, b May 9, 1902. 

IX. Nellie A. Miller, b , m Fred Fair Aug 12, 

1903. POJamesport, Mo. Prof, in school, Meth 

IX. Frank J. Miller, b , d Apr 16, 1898. 

VI!. Martha Headley, b Jan 16, 1823, d aged 3 years. 

Wii.i.i AM 1). JIkadi.ev, AM) Maky (Havens) IIeadley. 



Yl|. Joseph Headley, b May 22, 1825, d in Taylor 
Co. Iowa, m . C: Frank, Albert. 

VIIB- Frank Headley. Res. 952 W. Almeda Ave. 
Denver, Col. 

VSif. Albert D. Headley. Res. 2301 S. 9th St. St. 
Joe, Mo. 

VSI- W iUiani Headley, b in Franklin Co. Ohio, Aug 
12, 1827, m Margaret Beem, (d). William m second 
wife, Hattie Robin. Res. 473 East Rich St. Colum- 
bus, Ohio. Retired farmer. C: Rosella, George, 

Viil. Rosella Headley, b-, m Wm. Foster. Res. Co- 
lumbus, Ohio. 

VHl George Headley, b— , m Rosa Rochelle, (d). 
Two daughters. He m second wife, Adda Marsh. P 
O Jersey, O. 

VIS!- Uilu Headley, b— . Res. 473 E). Rich St. 
Columbus, O. S. 

VII. Sarah Headley, b Jan 29, 1829, d at Chariton, 
Iowa, Jan 1867, m John Farber in 1846. He was b 
in New Jersey Dec 24, 1824, d at Chariton, Iowa, 
June 1897. P'armer. C: Caleb, William, John, 
Mary, Ida, Electa, James, Catharine, Albert, Thom- 
as, Edward, Sarah, Walter, Minnie. 

Vtir Caleb Farber, bat Columbus, O. Nov 4, 1847, 
m Lizzie Bowen Feb II, 1884. P O Hoxie, Kans. 
Farmer. C: (|X) Ora Farber, b Jan 15, 1885. 
(IX) Minnie Farber, b Oct 27, 18S6. (|X) Elbert 
Farber, b Feb 17, 1889. 

Vili. William Farber, b--, d— . 

VIII. John Farber, b— , d— . 

VIII. Mary E. Farber, b— , m Curtis. P O 

Russell, Iowa. 
VIII. Frances Ida Farber, b in Franklin Co, Ohio. 


Junes, 1853, tn James M. Mitchell May 30, 1S78. 
P O Chariton, Iowa. Farmer, Meth Ep. C: Floyd, 
Ida, Mandie. 

IX. Floyd F. Mitchell, b in Lucas Co. la. July 24, 

1879. P O St. Joseph, Mo. Stenographer and book- 
keeper, Christian ch. 

IX. Iva Blanche Mitchell, bjuly 25, 1883, m Ward 
Carpenter Aug 27, 1902. P O Chariton, la. Far- 

IX. Mandie Mitchell, b Dec 4, 1889. Meth Ep. 

Vlll- Electa Farber, b — , d — , m — Curtis. 

VIII. James B. Farber. P O St. Joseph, Mo. 

Yll|. Catharine Farber, m Carpenter. 

Vlll. Albert Farber. P O Chariton, Iowa. 

Vlll Thomas J. Farber. P O Lushton, Neb. 

Vlll. Edward E. Farber. P O Hoxie, Kans. 

Vlll. Sarah Farber, ra Wilson. 

Vl!|. Walter Farber, (d). 

Vlll. Minnie Farber. 

Vl|. Ezekiel W. Headley, b in Franklin Co. Ohio, 
Dec 19, 1830, m Mary M. Foster Feb 14, 1883, at 
Oregon, Mo. P O Oregon, Mo. He attended 
school during his youth at " Headley 's Corners." In 
the spring of 1852, he accompanied an emigrant 
train of 36 men, including his brother William Head- 
ley, to California. At St. Joseph, Mo. they pur- 
chased their equipments for the journey, consisting 
of nine wagons, with three yokes of oxen to each 
wagon. After a journey of 126 days, they reached 
their destination at Eureka Quartz Mines, and Poor- 
man's Creek, where they found gold in considerable 
quantities. In the bed of Poor-man's Creek they 
found not only small pieces of gold but often large 
nuggets of great value. Before becoming acclimated 
he took "mountain fever" and came near to death's 


door, but recovered, and during his convalesence, 
while not able to work, he emploj^ed his time read- 
ing the Bible from beginning to end. 

They remained iu California two j^ears; endured 
many hardships, many times sleeping beside logs 
with an umbrella for protection from the rain until 
a cabin was built. In the spring of 1854 he came to 
New York City, where he remained sight-seeing for 
about a month, after which he went to Philadelphia 
to get his gold dust coined, (about $5,000), and then 
returned to the parentel home in Ohio, where he en- 
gaged in farming for his father in the farming season 
and teaching school in the winter. After being thus 
employed for two years, he entered Central College, 
Ohio, remaining one year, taught one term of school, 
then went to Westerville College, Ohio, for two 
years, after which he taught three terms of school. 
In the spring of 1859, he in company with his cousin 
George Havens went to St. Joseph, Mo., where they 
found the City full of people with the "Pike's Peak 
fever," which they also contracted, and fell in line, 
purchasing their wagons at $135.00 each, with four 
yokes of oxen to each wagon, which they loaded 
with flour, groceries, dried fruits, patent medicine, 
lard, bacon, etc. On arriving at the Peak they put 
up a Grocery store, and connected with it a restur- 
ant, and found ready sale for every article in their 
line, which was soon disposed of at a very satisfac- 
tory profit. They invested their money in emigrant 
cattle and located on a rancho in Ray Co. Mo., 
where he engaged in farming until the breaking out 
of the Civil war in 1 86 1, when he joined the Home 
Guards, Company C, and was appointed by Col. 
Hale, on the Colonel's staff and sent to St. Joseph, 
Mo. as Regimental Commissary Sargeant, for the 


4th Provisional Regiment, E. M. M. He remained 
it: this office two years. At the close of the war 
there came an order to reform themselves into com- 
panies, and he was appointed by Gov. Fletcher, 2nd 
Lieutenant. However, as the war was decidedly 
settled the companies were soon disbanded, and Mr. 
Headley once more returned to farming and stock 
raising. In 1868, he sold his Ray Co. farm and 
went to DeKalb Co. Mo., \A'here, in 1856, he had 
entered a half section of land, which he improved 
and made his home for 15 years. This property he 
sold Mar i, 1904, for $12,840. He is now the 
owner of a fine farm in Holt Co. Mo. of 200 acres 
valued at $90.00 per acre, and where he expects to 
remain until called by his Divine Master. He, 
Universalist; wife, Meth Ep. C: Charles, Ezekiel, 

Vlil. Charles Loring Headley, b Feb 23, 1S85. At- 
tended High school two years and completed a busi- 
ness course in short-hand and typewriting. Meth. 

VIII. Ezekiel Warde Headley, b Aug 12, 1887. 

Vllj. Orloff Orlando Headley, bjuly 25, 1889. 

Vl|. Henry Headley, b Mar 23, 1833. He enlisted 
in the 1 8th Regulars of Ohio. He was a Sargeant, 
and was killed in the battle of Murfreesboro, Tenn. 
Jan I, 1863. After being tem|X)rarily buried on the 
battlefield, his body was taken up and brought home 
for burial. 

VII. Mary Headley, b at Ovid, O. July 28, 1835, d 
at South Haven, Mich. Oct 15, 1891, m H. J. Ed- 
gell May i, 1859. P O South Haven, Mich. Real 
Estate Broker, Cong. C: Nellie, Mattie, Carlos. 

Vill Nellie Adill Edgell, b— , m William Remus. 
P O South Haven, Mich. 

VIII. Mattie Edgell, b 1876, d 1879, aged 3 years. 


VIII. Carlos LeClair Ed gell, b 1879. PO South 
Haven, Mich. 

Vl|. David Headley, b in Franklin Co. Ohio, Apr 
20, 1838, m Marj^ Havens, daughter of William and 
Ehoda Havens, Mar 23, 1865. She d Jan 13, 1871. 
C: Hattie, Rollin, Robert. David m second wife, 
Sophia Geiger, Sept 12, 1875. P O Ovid, Ohio. 
Farmer. He heired 66 acres of the old homestead of 
his father, to which he added by purchase his sister 
Electa's share of 38 acres, and 115 acres of adjoin- 
ing lands, in all 219 acres on the stream known as 
the Black Lick, in Franklin Co. Universalis t. C: 

VIII. Hattie F. Headley, b Feb 28, 1866, d Nov 19, 

VIII. Rollin D. Headley, b Nov 12, 1868, d Sept 10, 

V!l|. Robert H. Headley, b Nov 12, 1868, d June 
17, 1885. 

Vl|. Daniel Headley, b Apr 28, 1838, d in 1904, m 
Lucinda Wagoner, (widow). P O Ovid, Ohio. 
Farmer. In the division of his father's property, 
that portion of it comprising the old homestead pro- 
per, fell to him, and by purchasing two other shares, 
he owns in all 145 acres of the old homestead lands. 
His residence is on the opposite side of the Black 
Lick from his brother David's dwelling and within 
speaking distance. No issue. 

VII- Electa Headley, b in Franklin Co. Ohio, Feb 
20, 1841, m Rufus C. Gates Feb 5, 1865. Farmer. 
C: Rufus, Charles, William. Electa m 2nd hus- 
band, Thomas Hull. P O Maysville, Mo. Dealer 
in live-stock. Baptists. 

Vill. Rufus Gates. 

VIII. Charles Gates. 
William Gates. 


VI . Samuel Headley, b in Sussex Co. N. J. Oct i8, 
1789, d in Licking Co. Ohio, May 8, 1852, m *Chris- 
tina Clouse Oct 22, 1818. She was bjune 28, 1797, 
d Nov 2, 1863. Farmer, Methodists, C: Hiram, 
Leonard, Aaron, Emanuel, Catharine, Julia, Eliza- 
beth, Mary, Samuel, Joshua, John. 

Vl|. Hiram Headley, b in Franklin Co. Ohio, May 
16, 1819, d at Beatrice, Neb. July 26, i8y8, m Harriet 
Ranuey Apr 2, 1859. She was b in Franklin Co. O. 
Oct 5, 1832. P O Beatrice, Neb. Farmer, Pres- 
by. C: Samuel, George, LeRo}', Elizabeth, Inez, 
Christina, Edwin. 

VIII- Samuel J. Headlej', b Dec 26, 1859, m Eva 
M. Enfield Jan i, 1890. Res. 1409 Summit Street, 
Beatrice, Neb. 

VIII- George E. Headley, b in Licking Co. O. Aug 
7, 1862, m Lucilla Dawson Jan 26, 1892. P O Ar- 
getine, Kan. Merchant, Presby. C: (|X) Joseph- 
ine Headley, b Jan 30, 1893. (IX) E. Chapin Head- 
ley, b Aug ID, 1894. (IX) Ralo Martha Headley, b 
Dec 28, 1896. (IX) Hazel Viola Headley, b Dec 7, 

1898. (IX) Harriet Sarah Headley, b June 29, 1900. 
VIII. LeRoy H. Headley, b in Licking Co. Ohio, 

Sept 14, 1865, m Alice E. Woodward of Clyde, Kan. 
Sept 28, 1898. Res. Beatrice, Neb. Mechanic, 
Presby. C: (|X) M.lvin L. Headley, b July 29, 

1899, d Oct 23, 1899. (IX) Oliver B. Headley, b 
July 29, 1901. 

VIII. Elizabeth R. Headley, b Dec 25, 1867, m 
Joseph Ward Jan 8, 1890. P O Helvey, Neb. 

. - • _^ 

*Graud-tlaughter of Philip Cloube, who was b in Amsterdam^ 
Holland, aud aaiighter of .John Clouse, b in Amsterdam, Holland,, 
in 17.>'S, d 111 Fniuklin Co. Ohio, Dec 22, 1822. At the age i>i 10 years- 
John Clouse ran away from liome, stole aboard ship, and was not 
found until the thiril day out, when through hunger he was forced 
to tome from his hiding place. Upon landing in xS'ew York he wa* 
S(jld for his passage over. He married Catuarine Canarryer. She 
was b at Little York, Pa. in 17;V-),d in Franklin Co. O. tiept"llt, 1«-12. 


Vlll- Inez Headley, b Nov 24, 1870, d Dec 8, 1871. 

Vli|. Christina Headley, b Nov 24, 1870, (twin), 
d Apr 21, 1872. 

Vli|. Edwin C. Headlej', bSept 29, 1873. Res. 330 
N. Charles St. Baltimore, Md. S. 

V'lj. lyeonard Headley, bin Franklin Co. Ohio, July 
24, 1820, m Mary Ann Headley, daughter of Lewis 
Headley, Jan I, 1853. P O Shelbyville, 111. Far- 
mer. C: Lafayette, Emily, Sevin, Emanuel, Ed- 
son, Cyrus. 

VIII. Lafayette Headley, b in Jersey, Licking Co. 
Ohio, July 7, 1844, m Mrs. Melissa Moon, (NeeGeo- 
hegan), Oct 4, 1868. P O Shelbyville, 111. Has 
been in telegraph business as operator, etc., since 
the close of the Civil war, up to about 6 years ago, 
(1897). He is at present, (1903), an inmate of the 
Soldiers' Home at Danville, 111. C: Archie, Maude. 

JX- Archie Lafayette Headley, b Sept 16, 1873. 
Baptist. S. 

IX. Maude Mansfield Headley, b Jan 8, 1877. 
Baptist. S. 

Vil|. Emily Headley, b July 13, 1S46, m Jacob 
Cutler, (d), Dec 15, 1870. No issue. She m 2nd 
husband, Samuel R. Mather, Nov 6, 1884. P O 
Shelbyville, 111. Baptist. No issue. 

VIII. Sevin Headley, b Nov 13, 1848, d Mar 24, 

VIII. Emanuel D. Headley, b Feb 11, 1851, in Jer- 
sey, O. m Dora Booth Sept 16, 1883. P O Shelby- 
ville, 111. Farmer, Unitarian. C: 

IX. Grover T. Headley, b Aug 19, 1884. 
IX. Homer D. Headley, b Feb 16, 1886. 
IX. Ermon Headley, b Dec 24, 1887. 

IX. Gertrude L. Headley, b Oct 25, 1889. 
IX. Ethel M. Headley, b July 20, 1895. 


IX. Eva F. Headle}', b Oct 14, 1898, d May 12, 

Vill- Edson Headley, b in Licking Co. Ohio, Mar 
5,1854. P O Shelbyville, 111. Farmer, Meth. S. 
- Vlll Cyrus Headley, b Mar 28, 1858. d Nov 9, 

Vl|. Aaron C. Headley, b Jan 17, 1823, d Dec 27, 
18S4, m Hannah Eberly. Merchant. P O Spring- 
field, Mo. C: Frank, Oscar, Wilbur, Dell, Harry. 
A^ VUr Emanuel M. Headley, b May 26, 1825, d Nov 
II, 1888, m Jane Smith July 26, 1855. Farmer, 
Universalist. C: Ralph, Laura. 

VII I . Ralph Elmer Headley, b at Columbus, Ohio, 
June 25, 1856, m Mary J. Edgerley Apr 22, 1880. 
Farmer, Universalist. C: Clyde, Ohlen. 

IX- Clyde Woodbury Headlej', b near Black Lick, 
Ohio, Mam, 1881. P O Ovid, Ohio. Farmer. S. 

IX. Ohleu Lee Headley, b June 15, 1883, d Sept 9, 

VIII. Laura Headley, b—. P O Pataskala, O. S. 
Vl|. Catharine Headley, b Nov 17, 1826, died same 

VII. Julia Ann Headley, b Jan 2, 1828, d Feb 18, 

Vl|. Elizabeth Jane Headley, b Mar 3, 1829, d Apr 
13, 1857. 

Vl|. Mary M. Headley, b May 15, 1831, d May 9, 
1857, m Cyrus Eberly. Merchant. C: Addie, 

VIII. Addie Eberly. P O Lincoln. Neb. 
VIII. Oren Eberly, b— , d 1900. 

VII. Samuel Stewart Headley, b Mar 5, 1833, d 
Oct 1900, m Mary Morelaud. No issue. 

Vl|. Joshua Usual Headley, b in Franklin Co. O. 
July 29, 1835, m Sarah Jane Butler Nov 19, 1S63. 


(See i)a<>,-e (Hi) 


P O Pataskala, O. Fanner. C: Minnie, Dora, 
Fred, Mollie, Frank, Leile, Otto. 

VHl- Minnie C. Headley, b Jan 17, 1865, m Joseph 
BairdMari4, 1S89. P O Pataskala, Ohio. Mer- 
chant, Presby. C: 

IX- Gladys lyeota Baird, b Jan 26, iSgo. 

EX. Frank Headley Baird, b June 26, iSgi. 

IX- Helen Vernon Baird, b Dec 19, 1894. 

VUI. Dora M. Headley, b July 28, 1866, m Charles 
M.Rowling Oct 20, 1887. Res. 348 S. Champion 
Ave. Columbus, Ohio. Traveling salesman, Presby 
ch. C: 

|J{. Maude B. Rowling, b Dec i, 1889. 

JX- Guy N. Rowling, bFeb5, 1894. 

V'lll. FredC. Headley, b Oct 8, 1867, ra Carrie D. 
Shelton. P O Newark, Ohio. Clerk, Presby. C: 
(IX) Jennie Headley. (|X) Ethel Headley. (|X) 

Lora Headley. 

VHI- Mollie J. Headley, b Nov 26, 1870, m Harry 
ly. Sherman. P O Holraesville, O. Telegraph 
operator, Methodists. C: (|X) Roy Sherman. (|X) 
Irene Sherman. (SX) Grace Sherman. (|X) Hobart 
Sherman. (|X) Lolo Sherman. 

Viif. Frank B. Headley, b Mar 2, 1874, m Mary 
Hughes. P O Pataskala, O. Farmer, Baptist. C: 
(IX) Vernon Hughes Headley. (|X) Baby Head- 

Vlli. Lelle Headley, b Sept 23, 1877. P O Patas- 
kala, O. Presby. 

VIII. Otto Headley, b Dec 13, i88r. P O Patas- 
kala, O. 
Vl|. John Berger Headley, b Apr 7, 1839, d July 

23. 1839- 

VI . Uzal Headley, b in New Jersey, Oct 17, 1795, d 
in Jacksontown, Ohio, Nov 5, 1S71, m Elizabeth 


BeemsApr lo, 1823. She was b in Maryland, Nov 
28, 1797, din Ohio Dec ir, 1886. Farmer, Metho- 
dists. Some time after the family had settled at 
Jersey, Ohio, Uzal removed from there to Zanesville, 
O. and entered land there and followed farming until 
he retired from business, when he removed to Jack- 
sontown, O. where he died. C: Phebe, Gamaliel, 
Jane, Elizabeth, Eliza, Sarah, Martha, Helom, 

Vl|. Phebe Ann Headley, bjan 6, 1824, d July 9, 

Vl|. Gamaliel Headley, b June 18, 1825, m Sarah 
Rodman. C: Mary, James, Leota, Frank. Gam- 
aliel m second wife, Phoebe Davy. P O Jefferson 
la. Farmer. C: Miriam, Josie, Jessie, Ethel. 

VIII. Mary E. Headley, b Nov 21, 184S, m Wm. 
Bisant. Res. LosAngeles, Cal. C: (|X) Sura Bis- 
ant. S. 

Vlll- James Edward Headley, b Mar 11, 1851, m 
Margaret Barber. P O Zanesville, O. No issue. 

VIII. Eeota L. Headley, b May 26, 1855, d infant. 
Vll|. Frank Headley, b Dec 2, 1859, m Florence 

George May 4, 1881. P O Zanesville, O. Farmer. 

IX. Fred S. Headley, b July 10, 1882. P O Zanes- 
ville, O. F'armer. 

VIII. Miriam Headley, b — , m Nick Henson. P O 
Drummond, Okla. 

VIII- Josephine Headley, b Mar 17, 1878, m Mor- 
ton Jackson Sept I, 1895, P O Jefferson, la. Far- 
mer. C: (IX) Vava Jackson, b Nov 16, 1896. (|X) 
Nina Jackson, b Oct 4, 1898. (|X) Darwin Jackson, 
b Sept 29, 1902. 

VIII- Jes.sie Headley, b Jan 25, 1880, m Clyde Jack- 
son Sept 18, 1898. P O Jefferson, la. Barber. C: 


IX- George Gamaliel Jackson, b Feb i8, 1900. 

IX. Ruby Gladys Jackson, b Sept 11, 1902, 

Vlil. Ethel Headley, b— , m Thomas Beeson. P O 
Bayard, la. 

VII Jane Headley, b in Muskingum Co. O. Mar 4, 
1827, d Mar 31, 1897, m Samuel H. Johnson Jan i, 
1 85 1, He was b in Muskingum Co. O. Dec 27, 
1821, d there Nov 3, i860. Farmer, Prot Meth. C: 
Frank, Gersevoort, Cumberland, Ezekiel. Jane m 
second husband, Joseph Norman, Mar i, 1866. C: 
Charles, Lizzie. 

Vil|. Frank R. Johnson, b Sept 30, 1851, m Alice 
Barron Oct 4, 1880. P O Zanesville, O. Employ- 
ed in restaurant as cook. C: 

IX. Alfred Johnson, b Dec 27, 1881. 

IX. Louisa Johnson, b Aug 4, 1886. 

IX. Isabell Johnson, d in infancy. 

VIII. Gersevoort Johnson, b Sept 24, 1853, d Apr 
1 5, i860. 

VIII. Cumberland Johnson, b Apr 14, 1856, m Em- 
ma A. Francis Sept 27, 1878. She was b Dec i, 
1859, dDec 2, 1900. P O Zanesville, O. Farmer, 
Meth Protestant ch. C: 

IX. Mary Johnson, b July 16, 1879, m Howard A. 
Gray Apr 4, 1901. He was b Mar 13, 1874. Far- 
mer, Meth Protestant ch. No issue. 

VIII. Ezekiel H. Johnson, b in Muskingum Co. O, 
Feb 25, 1858, m Josephine Lane July 3, 1897. Res. 
151 Pear St. Zanesville, O. Ice and coal merchant, 
United Presby. C: 

IX. Elizabeth Johnson, b Mar 2, 1898. 

JX. Margaret May Johnson, b May 17, 1899. 
IX. Samuel Lane Johnson, b Jan 4, 1901. 
VIII. Charles Norman, b Mar 12, 1868, m Ida Wag- 
oner Dec 10, 1890. Laborer. C: (|X) Verdie Nor- 


man, b Apr i8, 1891. (|X) Anna Norman, b June 4, 
1892. (IX) Helen Norman, b Apr 30, 1894. (|X) 
May Norman, b Jan 3, 1899, (|X) George Norman, 
b July 4, 1902. 

VIII. Lizzie Norman, b — , d in infancy. 

Vl|. Elizabeth M. Headley, b Jan 12, 1832, d May 
2, 1897, m Cumberland Fields. P O Jersey, O. C: 
Mar5', Edward, Lillian. 

VIII. Mary Fields, b— , d— . 

Vill. Edward Fields, b— , d— . 

VIII. Lillian Fields. P O Jersey, O. 

Vl|. Eliza Helen Headley, b Aug 12, 1835, m An- 
drew Beard Sept 14, 1857. P O Jacksontown, O. 
Farmer, Presby. C: Chanie, Lua, Eta, E — , 
Glennie, F — . 

VIII. Chanie Beard, b July 11, 1S58, m Dr. O. N. 
Wolcottjan 8, 18S0. Res. Columbus, Ohio, 360 W. 
Fifth Ave, Physician. C: Oliver, (d), Andrew, 
Walter, Shepherd, (d), Helen, Ethel. 

VIII. Lua Beard, b Mar 29, 1861, m W. E. Wallace 
Nov 25, 1886. P O Jacksontown, Ohio. P'armer, 
C: Mabel, Helen, Andrew, William. 

VIII. Eta Beard, b Dec II, 1863, m W. O. Coyell 
Dec 2, 1890. Merchant. P O Columbus, Ohio. 
No issue. 

VIII. E. V. Beard, b Apr 14, 1S67, m Maggie Ste- 
wart Oct 30, 1883. She d Aug 9, 1900. P O Jack- 
sontown, Ohio. Merchant. C: Lura, Chanie. 

Vll|. Glennie Beard, b Feb 23, 187 1, m E. A. Lewis 
Feb II, 1892. P O Jacksontown, Ohio. Farmer. 
C: Helen, Lewis. 

VIM- Franklin A. Beard, b Oct 22, 1879, m Zula 
Cummins Nov 28, 1901. P O Jacksontown, Ohio. 
Farmer. No issue. 

Vl|. Sarah Ann Headley, b Oct 4, 1S37, d May 2, 1839. 


VIB- Martha Headley, b and d in 1838. 
Yl|. Helom Headley, b Aug 3, 1840, d July 5, 1898, 
m Elizabeth Wizraich. C: Lulu, Adda, Cecil. P 
O Jefferson, Green Co. la. 

VII. Marilla Headley, b May 27, 1842, d June 12, 
1898, m Dr. J. E. Atwell, (d). Res. Cleveland, O. 
C: Edwin. 

VU!- Edwin Atwell. Res. 248 Chandler St. Cleve- 
land, O. 

VI. Lewis Headley, bin New Jerse}^ in 1799, ^ Mar 
31, 1848, m Mima Noe in 1822. She d Aug 13, 
1874, aged 70 3'ears. He settled on a farm in Jersey 
twp. Licking Co. Ohio, now a part of the village of 
Jersey. He built a cabin and the first saw mill in 
Jersey township on the south Licking Creek, where 
he lived a number of years and engaged as farmer, 
sawyer, and in the lumber business. Later he built 
a frame dwelling in the village of Jersey, where he 
lived until his death. He gave to the tr^istees of 
Jersey twp. the ground for the Jersey cemetery, 
where he, his father, mother, and several of his 
brothers and sisters are buried. Universalist. C: 
Mary, Lemuel, Matilda, Hannah, Phebe, Ebenez- 
er, John, Martha. 

YIJ. Mary Ann Headley, b Mar 21, 1824, m Leo- 
nard Headley. (See Leonard Headley Family). 

VIJ. Lemuel Headley, b in Jersey twp. Ohio, Apr 
13, 1827, d there May 24, 1896, m Mary Cloose of 
Jefferson twp. Franklin Co. Ohio, Mar 4, 1854. She 
w^asbFeb 6, 1829. In 1856 he emigrated with his 
family to Iowa, remaining there five years, and in 
the fall of 1 86 1, returned to Ohio, settling in Jersey 
twp. Farmer, Universalist. C: Alice, Abbie, 
Cyrus, Lina, Lewis. 

Vlil- Alice Headley, b in Jersey, Ohio, Dec 14, 


1854, m S. Carico Mar 28, 1892. P O Johnstown, 
Ohio. Farmer, Meth Ep. No issue. 

VIIB- Abbie J. Headley, bin Iowa, Jan 28, 1856, m 
William Tharp Mar 14, 1879. P O Pataskala, O. 
Farmer, Methodist Episcopal. C: (|X) Barton P. 
Tharp, bjan 13, 1880. (|X) Orley L. Tharp, b Aug 
9, 1881. 

VIII. Cyrus C. Headley, b in Iowa, Feb 2, 1858. P 
O Pataskala, Ohio. Farmer, Universalist, S. 

VIII- Lina C. Headley, b in Iowa, Nov 29, i860. 
P O Pataskala, Ohio. Meth Ep. S. 

VIII. Lewis Iv. Headley, b Jan 24, 1862, d Dec 25, 
1885. Farmer, Universalist. S. 

VII. Matilda Headley, b Dec 28, 1828, m Lige Pef- 
fers. P O Jersey, Ohio. Farmer, Universalist. C: 
Amanda, Phebe, Perry, William. 

Vl|. Hannah Headley, bJan 9, 1832, m John White- 
head Apr 1854. Farmer, Meth Ep. C: Elmer. 

V!l|. Elmer Whitehead. P O Pataskala, O. S. 

Vl|. Phebe Headley, bAug2, 1834, m Frej' Free- 
man, (d), 1868. P O Shelbyville, 111. No issue. 

Vl|. John Headley, b Dec 9, 1837, m Sarah Rose 
1858. P O McPherson, Kan. Farmer, Univer- 
salist. C: Emma. 

VIII. Emma Headley. 

Vl|. Ebenezer Headley, b Aug 17, 1840, d in Iowa 
in 1880, m . Christian Union ch. No issue. 

VII. Martha Headley, b Oct 5, 1848, d May 31, 
1895, m Jonios Woolcot in 1867. Farmer, C: 
Homer, Lewis, Frank, Ivlay. All single. P O 
Jersey. O. 

V|. Mary Headley, b — , d June 13, 1838, m Amos 
Edgerley in 1826. C: Amos, William. 

VII. Amos Edgerley, b at Jersey, Ohio, in 1827, d 
July 7, 1864, m Amanda Russel Sept 14, 1859. She 


was bjune 21, 1840. P O Pataskala, Ohio. Far- 
mer. Amos Edgerley was a private in the 135th O. 
V. I., was killed in battle at Maryland Heights, and 
was buried there near John Brown's school house. 
Methodists. C: Josephine, Rose. 

Vf!|. Josephine E. Edgerley, b in I,icking Co. O. 
June 24, i860, m J. A. Marquart Sept 14, 1897. P 
O New Carlisle, Ohio. Farmer, Presby. No issue. 

Vll|. Rose Larence Edgerley, b Nov 28, 1863, d — , 
m B. F. Elliott Feb 24, 1884. P O Pataskala, O. 

IX. S. B. Elliott. 

\l. F. E. Elliott. 

V!!. William Edgerley, b in Licking Co. O. Apr 13, 
1835, d Dec 2, 1868, m Jane Noe about 1856. She 
was b in Franklin Co. O. Nov 4, 1836, d Mar 28, 
i88r. Carriage-maker, Methodists. C: Mary, 
William, Melvina. 

Vli|. Mary Edgerley, b in Missouri, Apr 6, 1858, d 
in Fla. Feb 9, 1885, m Ralph Elmer Headley. (See 
Ralph Elmer Headley Family). 

VIII- William A. Edgerley, b at Jersey, O. Nov 14, 
i860, m Eouisa Clouse Nov 25, 1885. P O Johns- 
town, Ohio. Engineer, Methodist. C: 

IX. Grace Edgerley, b Oct 15, 1886. 
IX. Howard Edgerley, b July 2, 1889. 
IX. Hazel Edgerley, b Jan 25, 1895. 
Vil|. Melvina Edgerley, b 1865, d Dec 29, 1898, m 
S. K. Greenwood. P O Jersey, O. C; 

IX- Vilas Greenwood. 
IX- Eouis Greenwood. 

V|. Charles Headley, b— , d— , m Elizabeth Smith. 
He was a farmer in Jersey twp. O. until after the 
death of his wife. He later married a second wife, 
sold his farm and removed to Crawford Co. 111. 


Meth Ep. C: Chalioti, Abbie, by first wife; Will- 
iam, Mar}^ by second wife. 

Vl|. Chalion Headley, ra— Stiffle. Farmer near 
Robinson, 111. Methodists. C: Three sons and 3 

Yl|. Abbie Headley, b— , d in Kan. 1895, m Henry 
Capell. C: Three sons and 2 daughters. 

VII. William Headley, m . Farmer near 

Robinson, 111. Methodists. C: Two daughters. 

Vlj. Mary Headley. 

Yl. Lavina Headley, b — , d — , m William Tharp. 
Settled in Franklin Co. O., later removed west. C: 

VII. William Tharp, b— , m Clark. 

V|. Eunice Headley, b— , d — , m Michael Stagg. 
Settled in Franklin Co. O., and later moved west. 
Farmer, Universalist. Had several children. 

V. Samuel D. Headley, b about *i 765, d — , m Eli- 
zabeth Bountain. She was b in Morris Co. N. J. 
Aug 21, 1775, d — . They lived in early life at Mil- 
ton, N. J. on the farm now owned by Edward R. 
Headley, and which Samuel Headley probably heir- 
ed from his father Robert Headley. Late in life 
they removed from Morris Co. N. J. and settled with 
their family near Seneca Lake, in Yates Co. New 
York, where they died. Blacksmith and farmer, 
Freewill Baptists. C: Hiram, Electa, Chalion, 
Moses, Polly, Phebe, Eliza. 

V|. Hiram Headley, b Jan 26, 1796, d young. 

V|. Electa Headley, b Jan 26, 1797, d — , m Nathan- 
iel Hopping. He was b May 15, 1792, d — . Kept 
Hotel at Milton. C: Amy, Samuel, Elizabeth, Mo- 
ses, Eveline, Charles, Cynthia, Chalion, Susan, 
Mary, Hiram. 

*Date ol his birth uot given, but was said to have been ten years 
older than his wife. 


Yl|. Amy Hopping, b in Morris Co. N. J. July 4, 
1 81 5, dat Dover, N. J. Aug 7, 1885, m *John Giffin 
MaseOct26, 1833. He was bat "Mase Mountain," 
near Berkshire Valley, Morris Co. N. J. Sept 14, 
1810, din Dover, N.J. July 15, 1892. Wheelwright. 
From 1854 he was Superintendent of the McFarlan 
Iron Works, Dover, N. J. Presby. C: William, 
Nathaniel, Frank. 

Ylll- William Henry Mase, b at Berkshire Valley, 
N.J. Dec 5, 1835, m Euphemia Doughty Wiggins 
May I, 1858. She was b Dec 4, 1839, d July 25, 
1892. P O Dover, N. J. Engineer, later Hard- 
wood lumber dealer, now, (1904), Street Commiss- 
ioner at Dover. Presby, C: Florence, Irene. 

IX. Florence Irene Mase, b Apr 25, i860, m Ed- 
ward Whelpley West Sept i i , 1878. PO Dover, 
N. J. Compositor in the Iron Era office, Dover, N. 
J. Presby. C: (X) Frank Mase West, b Sept 8, 
1879, d Oct 28, 1880. (X) Walter Leo West, b May 
27, 1883. (X) William Mase West, b Dec 27, 1894, 
d Feb 25, 1896. 

Vlll- Nathaniel Hopping Mase, b at Berkshire Val- 
ley, N. J. Oct 25, 1839, m Sarah Ann King Nov 21, 
1869. She wash Oct 29, 1838. P O Dover, N. J. 
Dealer in lumber. Mr. Mase enlisted Oct 28, 1861, 
in the 3rd California Regt. Inf. and served in the 
Military District of Utah in protection of the Over- 
land Mail Route, against the hostile Indians. He 
was in the battle of Bear River, and numerous skirm- 
ishes; was discharged Oct 23, 1864. In 1868 he lost 
his left hand from accidental shooting while out 
hunting. He and wife do not belong to any church, 

*Son of William Muse, b Aug 4, 1784, and Sarah Giffin, b May 30, 
1788, and jjrandson of Major Samuel Mase and Phebe Elstou. Sam- 
uel Mase was an officer in the Revolution, and settled at "Mase 
Mountain" at Berkshire Valley, N. .J. 


but their preference is with the Methodist Episcopal 
church. C: Charles, William. 

IX. Charles C. Mase, b June i, 1872, m Jennie M. 
Cramptonjuly 18, 1892. P O Dover, N.J. Slater, 
Religious preference Methodist Episcopal ch. C: 
(X) Bessie P. Mase, b July 24, 1893. (X) Mortimer 
Otto Mase, b June 9, 1898. (X) Leon W. Mase, b 
Aug 28, 1901. 

IX. William E. Mase, b Mar 8, 1876, d Jan 4, 1899. 

Yll|. John Frank Mase, b Oct 9, 1854, m Emma 
Fortier Oct 19, 1S90. She was b Apr 5, 1863. Res. 
21 Beekman St. New York City, N. Y. J. F. Mase 
learned the trade of carriage-making. Now, (1904), 
an accountant and book-keeper. No issue. 

Vl|. Samuel Hopping, b in New Jersey, Mar 3, 
1817, d at Sebastapol, Cal. Nov 18, 1903, m Mary 
Rhodes. She d — . C: Kate, Irving. Samuel m 
second wife, Louisa Bear Loy. Res. Santa Rosa, 

VIII. Kate Hopping, b— , m John Roswell. P O 
Sebastapol, Cal. 

Ylll- Irving W. Hopping, b — . Fireman on Wa- 
bash R. R., d Feb 22, 1884, from injuries received 
in R. R. accident at Honey Bend, 111. Feb 21, 1884, 

Yl|. Elizabeth Hopping, b Jan 22, 1819, d — , m 
Eleazer M. Thorp. P O Chariton, Iowa. Farmer 
and Pettifogger. C: Moses, Nathaniel, Marie, 
Electa, Josie, etc. 

Yl|. Moses C. Hopping, bat Milton, N. J. Mar 16, 
1 82 1, d in Arkansas Co, Ark. July 29, 1888, m Sarah 
A. Dickerson June 29, 1842. She was a member of 
the Presbyterian church, d Oct 16, 1854. C: John, 
Charles, George, Lillian. Moses m second wife, 
Mary E. Kemp Dec 5, 1855. Farmer; attended the 


Meth Ep ch., of which Mrs. H. was a member. In 
1855 he located on a farm in New York, and in i860 
removed to Illinois where he remained until 1879, 
when he removed to Arkansas. C: Electa, David, 
Frederick, Moses. 

VIII- John E. Hopping, b at Hopewell, Sussex Co. 
N. J. Jan 29, 1845. P O Stuttgart, Ark. Farmer. 
Heenhsted in 1865, in Company H., 151st Illinois 
Vol. Inf. Stationed at various points in Georga; 
was present at surrender of the Confederate forces 
under Brigadier General Woford, later served on 
Provost duty at Columbus, Ga. until mustered out 
Jan 24, 1866. He arrived at Camp Butler, 111. Feb 
I, 1866, where he received his final pay and dis- 

Vill. Charles H. Hopping, b at Berkshire Valley, 
N.J.Feb I, 1847, d in Arkansas, July 5, 1875. 

Farmer. S. 

VIII. George Franklin Hopping, b at Newark, N. 
J. Oct 19, 1849, d Feb 23, 1852. 

Vill. Lillian A. Hopping, bat Newark, N. J. Dec i, 
1 85 1, m Edgar Bartley of Princeton, 111. July 7, 
1872. P O Stuttgart, Ark. Farmer, attends Meth 

Ep ch. No issue. 

Vill Electa Hopping, b at Olcott, N. Y. Nov 18, 
1856, d at Stuttgart, Ark. June 27, 1903, m O. J. 
Nelson Nov 20, 1888. Farmer. No issue. 

VIII. David Wm. Hopping, b Aug 7, 1858, d inf. 

VIII- Frederick H. Hopping, b May 13, i860, d inf. 

Vill. Moses C. Hopping, b Oct 4, 1 86 1 , d inf. 

Vii. Eveline Hopping, b June 13, 1823, m Na- 
than Roy. Drove stage from Morristown to New- 
ton, later from Newark to New York. C: Halsey, 
Nancy, Ida, Charles, William, Eva. 


Ylll. J. Halsey Roy. Res. 638 New Gay Street, 
Knoxvnlle, Tenn. 

VIII. Nancy E. Roy, m Miller Young. P O Naugh- 
right, N. J. 

VIII. Ida Roy, b in Bloomingdale, N. J. May 22, 
1855, m Bernard J. Hansberry Nov 27, 1884. Res. 
20 Highland Ave. Newark, N. J. Meth Ep. C: 
William, Mary, Edith. 

IX- William Martin Hansberry, b Dec 11, 1885. 
Clerk in Prudential Insurance Co. of America. 
Meth Ep. S. 

IX- Mary Eveline Hansberry, b Feb 21, 1887. 
Book-keeper, Meth Ep. S. 

IX- Edith Electa Hansberry, b Mar 9, 1889. Meth 

VIII- Charles H. Roy. P O Naughright, N. J. 

VIII- William Nathaniel Roy, bin Morristown, N. 
J. Aug 23, 1862. Res. 20 Highland Ave. Newark, 
N. J. Furniture salesman, Presby. S. 

VIII- Eva E- Roy, b in Chester, N. J. July 25, 
1865, Res. 20 Highland Ave. Newark, N. J. 
Meth Ep. S. 

VII- Charles Hopping, bat Milton, N. J. July 13, 
1827, d Nov 28, 1903, m Annie Esther Young Mar 
31, 1 86 1. Res. 843 E. Wood St. Decatur, 111. 
Painter, Roman Catholic. C: Willietta, Harry, 
Maggie, Charles. 

VIII- Willietta Marshall Hopping, b at Knoxville, 
Iowa, Feb 24, 1862, m Hugh E. Kirkwood at Pue- 
blo, Colo. Aug 29, 1895. Merchant, Presby. C: (|X) 
Esther Elizabeth Kirkwood, b July 9, 1896. (|X) 
Virginia May Kirkwood, b Sept 10, ■. (|X) Fran- 
cis Florence Kirkwood, b June 18, . (IX) Hugh 

E. Kirkwood, Jr. bjan 12, 1904. 

Vlll- Harry Headley Hopping,' b at Decatur, III. 

David IlEADLEi . 
(See pai2,-e ()!•) 


Nov lo, 1867. P O Goldfield, Nev. Musician. 

Viil. Maggie May Hopping, b at Van Buren, Ark. 
Nov 20, 1872, m Arthur Forest Kenuey Jan 4, 1S94. 
P O 843 E. Wood St. Decatur, 111. Contractor, 

VSSl. Charles Centennial Hopping, b at Carthage, 
Mo. Dec 28, 1876. Res. 400 Washington Boule- 
vard, Chicago, 111. Baker. 

VI5. Cynthia Hopping, b Sept 18, 1829, d— , m 
Thomas McCradey. C: Headley, Carrie, Harry. 
Headley McCradey. 
Carrie McCradey. 
Harry McCradey. 
|. Chalion Hopping, b Dec 25, 1832, d Oct 1872. 
He was kicked by a horse in a stable July 4, 1872, 
breaking one of his legs, which was amputated, but 
he d in October following. S. 

VSi. Susan Hopping, b Apr 18, 1834, m David 

Lyon of Sparta, N. J. C: Ada, Inez, Mary, David. 

VSn. Ada A. Lyon, b— , m Patsy Dolan. P O 

Ogdensburg, N. J. Merchant. He, Catholic. C: 

(IX) William, Sarah, Leon, Inez, etc. 

Vil|. Inez Lyon, b— , m Edward George. P O 
PomptonLake, N.J. Presby. C: (|X) Kenneth, 
Edna, John. 

ViH- Mary E. Lyon, b— . P O Ogdensburg, N. 
J. S. 

VlSi- David Lyon, b— . Res. New York City. 
Music teacher. Catholic. 

Vll Mary A. D. Hopping, b at Hopewell, Sussex 
Co. N. J. Nov 6, 1837, m Samuel Sliker July 14, 
i860. Res. Warwick, N. Y. Farmer when mar- 
ried; now in the Livery business. Episcopal ch. 
C: Harry, Sue. 
VSIl Harry Sliker, b—. Plumber in Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Vlil- Susie Sliker, b— , m Fred Terwilliger. P O 

Franklin Furnace, N. J. Gas fitter and plumber, 
Episcopal ch. C: 

IX. Gladys S. Terwilliger. 

IX. F. Alan Terwilliger. 

VII. Hiram Hopping, b Dec 24, 1839. Brakenian. 

He was killed in a R. R. accident at Hebron, Ind. 
Sept 1865. S. 

Y|. Chalion Headley, b in Sussex Co. New Jersey, 
Nov 26, 1799, d Apr 4, 1874, m Mary Davenport. 
She was b in Morris Co. in 1799, d at Watkins, N. 
Y. Mar 3, 1892, in her 93 year. Soon after marriage 
he moved to New York state and lived for some time 
in Milo, He then moved with his family to Hornby, 
Steuben Co. N. Y., where, with his sons, he pretty 
much cleared up a new farm. After living here some 
30 years, he sold his property and returned in 1 86 1 
to Yates Co. N. Y., locating at Dundee, where he 
died. He was industrious and frugal, and in his 
last years, when age had dimmed his eyes and en- 
feebled his frame, he had a competence for his wants. 
His life was a long and eventful one, and he died 
with his children around his bed. His wife survived 
him some 12 years, and died after a long and inter- 
esting life. Ninety three j'ears stretch away back and 
touch all the points of the wonderful century so re- 
cently closed. She was a good women, filling her 
place in providence in the love of God. -She was far 
over 50 years a member of the Presbyterian church. 
A good wife, a precious mother, a kind neighbor, 
she fell asleep in the blessed hope of the promises of 
God, leaving a sweet and precious memor}- to her 
children and grand children, for whom she lived and 
prayed. Blacksmith and farmer, Presby. C: Phebe, 
Elizabeth, John, Electa, Albert, Samuel, Moses, 
James, Mary. 


Yll- Phebe Ann Headley, b — , d aged about twelve 

Vl|. Elizabeth Headley, b — , d — ,m — . No report. 

Vli. John Headley, b m New Jersey, Oct 6, 1822, 
d at Ada, Mich. May 2, 1903, m Jane Hull Jan 17, 
1 86 1. She d June 11, i88r. He m second wife, 
Marion S. Frazier, Sept 20, 1890. After marriage 
Mr. Headley settled on a farm at Ada, Mich, and 
was one of the best known citizens of the county. He 
was for many years prominent in Republican politics. 
He served for eight successive years on the board of 
supervisors and later served as a member of the county 
board of poor directors. He was an upright, con- 
scientious official, a good citizen, and was respected 
by all. He was known for his kindness and liber- 
ality to the poor, and was a faithful christian. As 
a farmer and lumberman he was successful. Bap- 
tist. C: George, Frank, Samuel, Moses, William. 
Mrs. W. R. McMurray, and two deceased. 

VIJ. Electa Headley, b — , d — . No report. 

Vl|. Albert Headley, b in New Jersey, Nov 7, 
1826, m Margaret McMillan Dec 25, 1866. In early 
life he assisted his father on the farm, but tiring of 
farm life he engaged in the vocation of carpenter, 
which he followed until 1862, when on the 12th day 
of August of that year he enlisted in the 148th Regt. 
N. Y. Vol. He served in the Petersburg fight; Cold 
Harbor, Yorktown, Blackwater; and was on duty 
in Norfolk for nearly a year. He was discharged 
from the service at New York City in 1865. C: 
Archie, Nettie, George. 

VIBI- Archie Headley, b Nov 17, 1867, m Annie 
Fisher. Res. 348 Third St. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

VIII. Nettie Headley, b Mar 15, 1869, m Frank Pal- 
mer, (d). Res. Cleveland, Ohio. 


VIII. George Headley, b Aug 25, 1878. P O Marl- 
borough, Mich. Carpenter. S. 

Yl|. Samuel Headley, b aljout 1833. He enlisted 
in the 148th Regt. N. Y. Vol. Aug 12, 1862, died of 
fever in hospital at Portsmouth, Va. Jan 23, 1863. 

Vl|. Moses B. Headley, b about 1 830-1, d Nov 10, 
1853, aged 22 or 23 years. 

Vl|. James D. Headley, b at Plornby, Steuben Co. 
N. Y. May 12, 1838, m Effie C. Covert of Seneca Co. 
N.Y.Jan 15, 1879. Res 2 Churchlea Place, Roches- 
ter, N. Y. In early life he engaged in farming, and 
for some time was otherwise employed. He later en- 
gaged in the grocery business. In 1898 he moved to 
Rochester, N. Y. where he now resides. Prcsby. 
C: Plorence, Clara. 

VIII. Florence Mary Headley, bMar2, 1SS2. 

VIH- Clara Estella Headley, bApri2, 1S85. 

Vl|. Mary Ann Headley, bin Steuben Co. N. Y. Oct 
I, 1841, m Clark E. Smith Apr 19, 1866. P O 
Dundee, N. Y. Grocery merchant, now retired, Metli 
Ep. C: 

Vlll- Willie Smith, b 1873, d June 15, 1884, fromac- 
cidentally shooting Ijimself with a toy pistol, dying 
two weeks after the accident. 

V|. Moses B. Headley, b in New Jersey, in 1806, d 
in Yates Co. N. Y. June 4. 1873, m Ann Lozier in 
1830. She was bat Pompton Plains, N. J. June 30, 
181 1, d in Yates Co. N. Y. June 8, 1887. Farmer 
and Blacksmith, PVee Will Baptist; later Presby. 
C: William, George, Helen, Ann, Sarah, John, 
Addie, Frank. 

Vjj. William Headley, b Mar 10, 1831, d Nov 15, 

Vl|. George W. Headley, b in Yates Co. N. Y. May 
29, 1832, m Permelia Marshall. P O Rushville, N. 


Y. Retired merchant, Episcopalian. C: Stephen, 

Vlll- Stephen M. Headley, b— , m— . Res. 50 
Broughton Ave. Rochester, N. Y. Hardware Mer- 

VIII. Arthur B. Headley, b— , m— . Res. Ro- 
chester, N. Y. Architect. 

VII. Helen M. Headley, b Feb 24, 1834, m Nelson 
Green. P O Rushville, N. Y. Mrs. G. Cong. C: 
Anna, Headley. 

VIII. Annabelle Green, b Aug i, 1856, d Jan 4, 

VIII. Headley M. Green, b Jan 7, 1865, m— . 

Res. 15 Broad St. (Mills Building) N. Y. Lawyer. 

C: (IX) Green. 

VII. Ann Eliza Headley, b Aug 17, 1837, d Feb 9, 
1879, m Arthur C. Brundage. He d inKansasCity, 
Mo. 1903. Lawyer, Meth Ep. No issue. 

VII. Sarah Headley, bAug7, 1839, m Montgomery 
McLeod, (d). P O Starkly Sta., N. Y. C: Stella, 
Carrie, Arthur. 

VIII. Estella M. McLeod, b— , m— . 
VIII. Carrie Belle McLeod, b— , m . 

VIII. Arthur McLeod, b— , m— . P O Elmira, N. 
Y. Plumber. No is.sue. 

VII. John L. Headley, b Feb 9, 1S44, m Mary A. 
Kelley No/ 15, 1877. Res. Bath, N. Y. Grocer in 
Rushville, N. Y. until 1897, now retired. Heenlist- 
ed in the 148th Regt. N. Y. Vol. and was in all the 
battles in which the regiment fought. Mr. H., 
Presby; Mrs. H., Catholic. C: Maude. 

VIII. Maude Anna Headley, b Apr 24, 1879, m 
Harry Howard Clark of Gorham, N. Y. Nov 14, 
1899. P O Rushville, N. Y. Clothing Merchant. 
Mr. C, Protestant; Mrs. C, Catholic. C: (IX) 
Edward L. Clark, b July 16, 1900. 


VII- Addie Headley, b Apr I, 1847, d Aug 22, i 870, 
m Martin Smith. No issue. 

Vlj. Frank D. Headley, b Aug 17, 1851, ra Anna 
Loomis, in 1877. P O Rushville, N. V. Occupa- 
tion, R. F. D. Cong. C: Leah, Harry, Fred, Hel- 
en, Maxwell. 

VIII. Leah S. Headley, b June 13, 1878. 

VIII- Harry L. Headley, b Feb 25, 1884. 
VIII- Fred D. Headley, b May 18, 1887. 
Vill- Helen L- Headley, b Dec 30, 1889. 
VIII- Maxwell C. Headley, b Dec 20, 1893. 

V|. Polly M. Headley, bin New Jersey, Sept 30, 
1808, dat Dresden, Yzits Co. N. Y. Sept 16, 1882, 
ra Thomas Hathaway about 1827. He was b in 
Yates Co. N. Y. Feb 14, 1805, d at Dresden, N. Y. 
Sept 29, 1883. Farmer. C: Susan, Theodore, Eli- 
za, Janette, Theodore, Elizabeth, Electa, Emma. 

Vll- Susan M. Hathaway, b Oct 7, 1828, d Dec 2, 

VII- Theodore Hathawa^', b May 5, 1830, d Dec 10, 

Vl|. Eliza Hathaway, b July 28, 1832, d Apr 20, 
1874, m Ezra Loncoi. No issue. 

VII- Janette L- Hathaway, b Oct 7, 1863, d Feb iS. 

1863, m James S.Tuthull. C: (VIII) TuthuIL 

d May 13, 1870, aged 11 years, 6 mouths, 10 days. 

Vl|. Theodore Hathav\'ay, b Sept 25, 1837, d Aug 
18, 1839. 

VII- Elizabeth M. Hathaway, b Oct 7, 1841, ra 
George S. Downey. P O Dresden, N. Y. C: May, 
George, Hathaway, Robbie. 

VIII. May Downey, b— . S. 

VIII- George Downey, b — . S. 
VIII. Hathaway Downey, b — . S. 
Vlll Robbie Downey, b— , d— . 


Yl|. Electa H. Hathaway, b in Yates Co. N. Y. 
July 12, 1823, mj. M. Slawson Nov 4, 1865. P O 
Waverly, N. Y. Farmer for six years, then for 
thirty-two years, to the present time, Music dealer 
at Waverly, N. Y. Meth Ep. No issue. 

Vi|. Emma C. Hathaway, b Sept 25, 1849, d Jan 2, 

V|. Phebe Ann Headley, b Aug 17, 181 1, d Apr i, 
1878, m Hiram Rapalee Mar 2, 1830. He was bMar 
24, 1808, d Feb 21, 1874. Farmer, Meth. C: 
Henry, Christina, Mary, Arvilla, Eliza, Myron, 
Esvena, Ca.ssie. 

VII. Henry Rapalee, b Dec 30, 1830, d May 9, 1832. 

Vl|. Christina Rapalee, b Jan 10, 1833, m — Board- 
man. Res. 1074 West 37th St. Eos Angelos, Cal. 

Yl|. Mary Elizabeth Rapalee, b Apr 15, 1835, m 
— Davelle. P O Rushville, N. Y. 

Vl|. Arvilla Rapalee, b Sept 21, 1837, d Apr 3, 

Vl|. Eliza Daines Rapalee, b Apr 12, 1840, m Morti- 
more Case. P O Rushville, N. Y. Merchant, 
Methodist. C: 

Vll|. — Case, m — Taphan. No issue. 

Vl|. Myron H. Rapalee, b Aug 25, 1842, d May 28, 

Vl|. Ervena Frances Rapalee, bjune 28, 1845, m — 
Clark. P O Rushville, N. Y. 

Vl|. Carrie Bell Rapalee, b Dec 12, 1852, ni 

Jones. Res. 207 East Ave. Rochester, N. Y. 

VI. Eliza Headley, b at Milton, N. J. in 1815, d at 
Dresden, Yates Co. N. Y. Jan 8, 1900, m George Y. 
Dains about 1840. He was b in Yates Co. N. Y, 
Dec 16, 181 2, d at Dresden, N. Y. June 28, 1899. 
Farmer, Presby. C: Harriet, Mary, Stephen, 


Vil- Harriet E. Dains, b Mar 29, 1842, 111 Jerome 
Penney Jan 30, 1868. P O Reading Center, N. Y. 
C: Doroth}', George. 

Vli|. Dorothy Penney, b — , ni Theodore Spence of 
Starkey, N. Y. C: (|X) Byron. 

VIII. George Penney. S. 

VII. Mary C. Dains, bat Dresden, N. Y. July 29, 
1844, HI John W. Washburn Feb 16, 1871. P O 
Rushville, New York. Farmer, Methodist. No 

Vlj. Stephen C. Dains, b Apr 27, 1847, m Emma 
A. Townsend Apr 1885. PC Dresden, N. Y. Far- 
mer. C: 

Vlll Cornelia D. Dains. 

VII. TheronS. Dains, b June 25, 1851. P O Dres- 
den, N. Y. S. 

V. William Headley, b Oct 23, 1769, d Aug 22, 
1856, m Sarah Strait, daughter of Jacob and Abigail 
(Gould) Strait, Oct 12, 1797. She was b July 23, 
1778, d Sept 2, 1849. He was a farmer and store- 
keeper, lived and died on the old Headley Homestead 
at Milton, N. J. of which he w^as the second Headley 
owner. During his lifetime he held various offices 
of trust in the township and county. C: Hiram, 
Mary, Cynthia, Abby, Harriet, Helen, William, 
Sarah, David, Elizabeth, Jo.seph, 

V|. Hiram Headley, b Dec 9, 1798, d June 20, 1831. 

V|. Mary Headley, b at Milton, N. J. Aug 10, 1802, 
d at Fredericktown, Ohio, Apr 4, 1889, m John D. 
Struble Aug 3, 1822. He was b near Branchville, 
Sussex Co. N.J. Oct 19, 1792, d at Fredericktown, 
Ohio, May 21, 1875. At time of marriage he was a 
blacksmith and farmer near Branchville, N. J. on 
the Poor-house farm. Baptist. C: Rebecca, Hiram, 

Mrs. David Headley. 



Daniel, William, John, Seymour, Oscar, David, 

VS|. Rebecca Struble, b in Sussex Co. N.J. Apr 
17, 1824, d June 7, 1872, m T. R. Potter, (d). C: 
DeLaMott, DeLaGrand. 

Vili. DeLaMott Potter. 

V8II. DeLaGrand Potter, (d). 

Vl|. Hiram Headley Struble, b in Sussex Co. N. J. 
June4, 1826, dSept26i85o, m Eliza E. Wadsworth. 
No issue. 

Vl|. Daniel Struble, b in Sussex Co. N.J. Sept 30, 
1828, m Margaret Young, (d). C: Blanch, Ralph. 

Daniel m second wife . P O Fredericktown, 

Ohio. Banker. 

VI8|. Blanch Struble, b Mar 13, 1857, d Oct 9, 1894, 
m Frank Moore Nov 6, 1S80. P O Mt. Vernon, O. 
Lawyer; Mrs. M., Baptist. No issue. 

VII j. Ralph Y. Struble, b— . P O Fredericktown, 
O. Banker S. 

VII. William J. Struble, bin Sussex Co. N. J. Sept 
19, 1 83 1, m Mary B. Beers Jan 11, 1857. She was 
b in Morrow Co. Ohio, Dec 27, 1838. P O Dayton, 
Ky. Secy of Newport and Dayton Lumber Co. 
Baptist. C: May, Flora, Lidie, Alice, Burr, Char- 

V|{|. May Struble, b May 21,1858, d Jan i86r. 

VIII. Flora Struble, bat Fredericktown, Ohio, Nov 
12, i860. P O Dayton, Ky. Baptist. S. 

Vlii. Lidie Struble, b— , d Feb 1865. 

Vj||. Alice M. Struble, b at Geneseo, 111. Mar 19, 
1867, m Albert M. Bukley Oct 27, 1895. Res. Cin- 
cinnati, O. Baptist. C: (IX) Marion Bukley, b Nov 
30, 1896. (IX) Henry L. Bukley, b Jan 24, 1898, 
(IX) Ruth Bukley, b Oct 27, 1899. 

VIII. Burr B. Struble, b Nov 28, 1869, m Martha 


Sparks of Cincinnati, O. June 29, 1897. P O Hamil- 
ton, O. Civil engineer and draughtsman. C: (IX) 
Frances Struble, b Oct 27, 1899. (|X) W. R. Stru- 
ble, b Oct 7, 190 1. 

Viil- Charles H. Struble, b Sept 22, 1872, m Mary 
Heidrich Sept 25, 1900. P O Dayton, Ky. Bap- 
tist. C: (IX) — Struble, (dau.), b Jan 11, 1905. 

Vl|. John S. Struble, bin Knox Co. Ohio, 1834, m 

Catharine Blackburn. She d . C: Warren, 

William, John, . John m second wife, Hannah 

I.ewis. P O LeRoy, Kan. C: 

Vlil. D. Warren Struble, b— , m— . P O Kan. 

Vlil. William K. Struble, b— . P O Frederick- 
town, Ohio. 

VIII. John D. Struble, b— , m— . P O Kan. 

V!|. Seymour Struble, b 1836, d aged 3 years. 

Vi|. Oscar Struble, b 1839, d aged 4 years. 

VII. David W. Struble, bin Knox Co. O. in 1841, 
m Annie E. Cummings, in 1866. P O Frederick- 
town, Ohio. C: 

VIII. Christina C. Struble, bin 1883. S. 

VII. E. Dallas Struble, b Sept 7, 1845, d Feb 16, 
1877. S. 

V|. Cynthia Headley, b May 13, 1804, d Jan 23, 
1876, m Dr. Jacob Roe Oct 12, 1820. He d Nov 11 , 
1857. He was a physician and practiced first at 
Milton, and afterwards at Branchville, N. J., where 
he died. Presby. C: William, Fverard, John, 
Edward, Harriet. 

.VII- Dr. William Irving Roe, bat Milton, N.J. Dec 
22, 1 82 1, d at Danville, Warren Co. N. J. P'eb 11, 
1899, m Susan Howell, in 1850. She was b at John- 
sousburg, N. J. Sept 25, 1825, d at Danville, N. J 
Mar 25, 1899. Physician, and practiced at Dan- 
ville, Warren Co. N. J. Mr. Roe was a member of 


the Methodist Episcopal, and Mrs. Roe of the Pres- 
byterian church. C: 

VIII. Jacob Irving Roe, b at Branchville, N. J. July 
28, 1854, mirene Dalrymple Sept i6, 1875. She d 
July 31, 1901. Res. 34 N. Washington St. Wilkes- 
barre. Pa. Physician and surgeon, attending phy- 
sician at Wilkesbarre City Hospital. Elder in Me- 
morial Presbyterian church, Wilkesbarre, Pa. C: 
Bertha, Louisa, Helen, Margaret. 

IX. Bertha Roe, b July 8, 1876, m Arthur R. Le- 
Hommedieu. Res. Wilkesbarre, Pa. Presby. C: 
(X) Martha IveHommedieu. (X) Elizabeth EeHom- 

IX. Louisa Roe, bFeb4, 1878. 
IX. Helen Headley Roe, b Jan 15, 1890. 
IX. Margaret Roe, b Sept 16, 1892. 
Vl|.. Edward Home Roe, bjune 26, i823,dDec2r, 

VII. John Hardy Roe, b at Milton, Morris Co. N. 

J. May 24, 1826, m Meribah Crane Feb i, 1847. She 

d Apr 20, 1892. P O Branchville, N. J. Farmer, 

Presby. C: Harriet, Sarah, Everard, Edward, 

Meribah, John, Alice, Theodore. 

VIII. Harriet Roe, b Nov 18, 1847, m Theodore H. 
Roe Apr 22, 1865. P O Branchville, N. J. Far- 
mer, Presby. C: Frederick, Mattie, William. 

IX. Fred E. Roe, b Apr 24, 1872, m Alice Hyatt. 
P O Branchville, N. J. Farmer. Presby. C: (X) 
Meribah Alice Roe. 

IX. Martha Ellen Roe, b Feb 18, 1877, m Ernest 
Hough. POWykertown, N.J. Farmer. Frank- 
port Plains ch. 

IX. William Irving Roe, b Jan I, 1887. 

VIII. Sarah Roe, bjan28, 1849, m Dayton Ayers. 
P O Branchville, N. J. No issue. 


Vlll- Everard Roe, b Feb 15, 1851, d Feb 3, 1S56. 

VIII- Edward Roe, bjan 15, 1853, d Dec 10, 1878. 

VIII. Meribah Roe, b Jan 5, 1855. Res. 14 Seely 
St. Paterson, X. J. S. 

VIII- John Nelson Roe, b in Sussex Co. N. J. Jan 6, 
1859, m Margaret Olive Hough Dec 25, 1888. Res. 
1479 Gales Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. Medical Doctor, 
and has practiced a part of the time, since 1S89, in 
Brooklyn, N. Y. For several years he conducted a 
Ku Mission in Paterson, N. J. Dr. John N. Roe, in 
early life joined the Presbyterian church, but for 
several years afterwards was a "Freethinker." He, 
however, later became convinced of the truth of the 
Bible. Undenominational. C: (|X) Paul Edward Roe, 
b June 13, 1895. (IX) Alice Gertrude Roe, b May 
16, 1900. 

Vlll- Alice Roe, bJan 10, 1861, d Apr 29, 1S96, m 
David Slate. No issue. 

Vlll- Hon Theodore xM. Roe, b July 18, 1867, m 
Margaret Dennis. P O Branch ville, N. J. Served 
a term in the New Jersey Legislature. No issue. 

VII. Edward Roe, bat Milton, N. J. Mar 19, 1829, 
d Jan 16, 1902, m Anna M. Stoll Dec 25, 1S61. P 
O Branchville, N. J. Farmer, Presby. C: Will- 
iam, Oscar, Anna, Robert, Lily, Jesse. 

Vlll- William Irving Roe, b Dec 19, 1862, d Nov 30, 
1S69. Killed by tree falling upon him. 
Vlll- Oscar Eugene Roe, b Jan 26, 1S64. 

VIII. Anna Isabel Roe, b in Sussex Co. N. J. Sept 
15, 1865, m Truman Slate Aug 28, 1895. P O 
Branchville, N. J. Farmer, Presby. C: (|X) Ethel 
Belle Slate, b Aug 5, 1896. (|X) Eugene Percy Slate, 
b June 8, 1898. 

Vlll Robert E. Roe, b Oct 25, 1869, d Aug 9, 1870. 
Vlll- Lily May Roe, bSept 17, 1S71, m Frank Shep- 


her.dApr lo, 1895. C: (|X) Gladys Shepherd. (|X) 
Jesse Shepherd. (JX) Claude Shepherd. 

VIII. Jesse E. Roe, b Mar 9, 1873, d Nov n, 1891. 

Vl|. Harriet Roe,b in Morris Co. N. J. Nov 29,1832, 
m Jesse G. Roe Dec 22, 1S5S. P O Branchville, N. 
J. Farmer, Presby. C: Morris, William, Jesse, 

VIII- Morris Edward Roe, b Sept 24, 1859, d July 
2, 1864. 

VIII. William Leonard Roe, b Aug 14, 1861, d Oct 
24, 1861. 

VIII. Jesse Grant Roe, b in Sussex Co. N. J. Sept 
19, 1864. Res. 128 Broadway, N. Y. Lawyer, Pres- 
by. S. 

VIJI. Leonard Irving Roe, b Feb 13, 1870, m Bea- 
trice Wilson June 19, 1901. Res. 128 Broadway, N. 
Y. Lawyer, Presby. No issue. 

V|. Abbie Headley, b Aug 12, 1806, d May 12, 
1878, m Rev. Gabriel VanDuzer Nov 13, 1828. He 
was b near Goshen, Orange Co. N. J. Sept 22, 1797, 
d at Milton, N. J. June 2, 1873. He was a promi- 
nent minister of the Old School Baptist church, and 
served as pastor of that denomination at Milton for 
many years. He was a farmer and lived and died on 
the farm now owned by William M. Headley. C: 
Sarah, Hiram, Harriet, Luster, Lucreta, George. 

VII. Sarah M. VanDuzer, bnear Milton, N. J. July 
31, 1830, m Lewis McCormick Dec 30, 1858. He 
was b at Milton, N. J. Oct 11, 1826, d at Hacketts- 
town, N. J. Oct 13, 1900. Retired farmer, Baptist. 
C: Whitfield, Abby, Ellen. 

VIII. Whitfield McCormick, b in Morris Co. N. J. 
Nov 28, 1859, m Hattie Allison of Newfoundland, N. 
J. Dec 31, 1884. P O Hackettstown, N. J. Far- 
mer. C: (IX) Lewis M. McCormick, b July 19, 1889. 


(IX; Frank A. McCormick, bMar i8, iSyi.dX) Les- 
lie W. McCormick, b Aug 24, 1896. (|X) Howard 
S. McCormick, b June 13, 1900. 

VIII. Abby lyUcreta McCormick, b Dec 30, 1863, m 
Stewart Hance (d). P O Hackettstown, N. J. Feed 
merchant. No issue. 

VIII. Ellen M McCormick, b in Morris Co. N. J. Mar 
30, 1870. P O Hackettstown, N. J. S. 

Vl|. Hiram Headley VanDuzer, b at Milton, N. J. 
Oct 5, 1832. C: Leora, Martha, Elizabeth, Abbie, 

Vlll- Leora Adele VanDuzer, b , m Lawrence 

Neighbour. P O Hackettstown, N. J. C: — , — . 

Vl|. Martha VanDuzer, m Morris Neighbour. P 
O Hackettstown, N. J. 

VIII. Elizabeth VanDuzer, d infant. 

Vlll- Abbie \"anDuzer, b — , m — Osmun. P O 
Hackettstown, N.J. 

Vlll- George VanDuzer, b — , m — . 

Vl|. Harriet VanDuzer, bat Milton, N. J. July 30, 


Vl|. Tusten VanDuzer, b Dec 3, i'838, m Sarah Mac 
Alpin in Ontario, Canada, about 1873-4. C: Spen- 
cer, Minnie. 

Vlll. Spencer VanDuzer, d aged i 5 years. 

Vlll. Minnie VanDuzer, 

Vl|. Fanny VanDuzer, b Aug 22, 1841, d Mar 1904, 
m Alfred Hughes. C: Clara, May. 

Vlll. Clara J. Hughes, b-, m John Ball. C: (|X) 
Clarence Ball. (|X) Helen Ball. 

Vlll. May Hughes, b— , m Albert Robbins. C: 
(IX) Mildred Robbins. 

VII. George W. VanDuzer, b May 26, 1848, d Sept 
2, 1873. 

V|. Harriet Headley, b at Milton, Morris Co. N. J. 


Mar 13, 1808, d in Knox Co. O. Nov 13, 1893, m 
Jacob Merrin* July 20, 1833. He was b in Branch- 
ville, N.J.July 25, 1800, d in Knox Co. O. Sept i, 
i888. Harriet Headley went to Ohio in 1832 in 
company with her sister, Mrs. Mary Struble, and 
husband. They went out in two wagons, she driv- 
ing one of the teams, and her brother-in-law John 
Struble the other. They left New Jersey, May 10, 
1832, and arrived at Fredericktown, O. June ist 
following. After their arrival at Fredericktown, O. 
Mr. Struble took his wife Mary and her sister Har- 
riet Headley to the home of their cousin William 
Headley in Licking Co. O., where Harriet remained 
three months. While there she met young John 
Purdue, who became "enamored" of her and wished 
to correspond with her, but his request was not 
granted. It is said that he never married. He was 
the founder of Purdue University Indiana, and died 

Jacob Merrin, at the age of sixteen years began 
to work out for 25 cents a day for a Mr. Wintermute, 
living yi mile from his home in Sussex Co. N. J. 
He spoke the German language until he was twenty 
years of age. In the fall of 1832, Jacob Merrin went 
to Ohio in company with Daniel Dalrymple. They 
drove out in a one horse spring wagon. Mr. Merrin 
taught school during the winter following near F'red- 
ericktown, and in the spring of 1833, he entered into 
partnership with John Struble in the Mercantile busi- 
ness at Fredericktown, O. in which he continued for 
16 years, and was very successful in business. 

In 1848 he purchased a farm about four miles 
from Fredericktown, and thereafter engaged in farm- 
ing. He was also identified with the banking busi- 

*Originally Mariiij;;, 

^r^ C^ 


uess at Fredericktown, Ohio, and served as a mem- 
ber of the Ohio lyegislature. Mr. Merrin was a mem- 
ber of the Presbyterian, and his wife of the Baptist 
church. C: William, Sarah, Joseph, John, Mary, 
Harriet, Ann, Jacob, LaGrange, Theodore. 

VJI- William Lyman Merrin, b in Fredericktown, O. 
May I, 1835, m Catherine White. P O Frederick- 
town, Ohio. In early life taught school, later inven- 
tor of electrical and musical appliances. C: Inez. 

VIII. Inez Estella Merrin, b — , m Charles Thomp- 
son, (d). C: Karl, Helen. Inez m second husband, 
Linden Gould White. Res. Long St. Columbus, O. 
One of the managers of the Columbus Edison Electric 
Light Co. 

VII- Sarah Elizabeth Merrin, b Dec 29, 1836, d Oct 
17, 1897. Baptist. S. 

Vl|. Joseph Headley Merrin, bjan 22, 1838, d Aug 
14, 1875, m Samantha Markly of Mansfield, Ohio. 
He was a prominent lawyer of Mansfield, Ohio. C: 
May, Kittie, Ernest. 

VIII- May Merrin, b — . 

VIII. Kittie Merrin, b— , d— . 

VIII. Ernest Merrin, b— . 

VJ|. John Couse Merrin, bat Fredericktown, Ohio, 
Feb 6, 1840, m Arizona Ravenscroft of Liberty Cen- 
ter, O. 1879, at Fredericktown, Ohio. She was b in 
Coshocton Co. O. Oct 19, i860. Res. 47 Mansfield 
Ave. Mt. Vernon, O. He was educated in the Pub- 
lic school, and at Athens College, Yellow Springs, O. 
Before completing his college course he enlisted — . 
On his return from the war he studied law and was 
admitted to the bar at Fredericktown, O. where he 
practiced for a short time, then went back to his old 
profession of school teaching, which he had followed 
prior to his college course. He was president of the 


Board of county examiners, and also of the Co. teach- 
ers Institute for a number of years; and was one of 
the most prominent teachers in the county. He 
taught school in all, over 40 years, and is now lead- 
ing a retired life. Mrs. Merriu, at the time of her 
marriage, was a teacher in the public schools near 
Fredericktown, Ohio. Attends Meth Ep ch. C: 
Harriet, Majorie, Mary, Ruth, Gladys, Constance. 

Vjy. Harriet Sylvina Merrin, b at Fredericktown, 
O.June II, 1880. P O Mt. Vernon, O. Educated 
in the public schools and graduated from the Mt. 
Vernon, O. High school in 1899; also graduated from 
Taylor University of Upland, Ind. 1903, with degree 
of Ph. B. During the last three years of her college 
course she was Principal of the Commercial Depart- 
ment of the same Institution, and for one year after 
her graduation, she was a member of the facutly in 
the same capacity, relingui.shing this position to pre- 
pare for foreign mission work, and with this in view 
she attended Folt's Mission Institute of Herkimer, 
N. Y. in 1904, and expects to go to Africa under the 
General Missionary Board of the Methodist Episco- 
pal church . 

Vni. Majorie Eleanor Merrin, b Feb 22, 1P.82, d 
Sept 28, 1903. She graduated from Mt. Vernon 
High school in 1900, and taught for two 5'ears in the 
public schools. Disciple ch. S. 

Vili. Mary Struble Merrin, bjan 14, 1884, graduat- 
ed from High school in 1903. P O Mt. Vernon, O. 

Vjij. Ruth Evelyn Merrin, b July 27, 1886, grad- 
uated from High school in 1903. P O Mt. Vernon, 
Ohio. S. 

Vjy. Anna Gladys Merrin, b Aug i, 1890. Meth 
Ep. S. 


Vlll- Ida Constance Merrin, b May 1 6, 1S93. Meth 

Vl|. Mary Helen Merrin, b May i, 1S42, d Sept 6, 

Yl|. Harriet Ellen Merrin, b at Fredericktown, O. 
Dec 30, 1843. P O Fredericktown, O. Baptist. S. 

Vl|. Ann Almeda Merrin, b Dec 31, 1844. P O 
Fredericktown, O. Meth Ep. S. 

Yll- Jacob Kdson Merrin, b at Fredericktown, O. 
Oct 19, 1S46. P O Fredericktown, Ohio. S. 

VI!. LaGrange Whitcomb Merrin, b on the home- 
stead farm Feb 20, 1849, P O Freeport, 111. 
Music dealer. 

Vl|. Theodore Potter Merrin, b on the homestead 
farm Nov 16, 1850, m Olive Cochran. P O Freder- 
icktown, O. Painter, U. B. ch. C: Victor, Ra}-, 
Chester, Headley, Hazel. 

Vlll- Victor Albert Merrin, b in Fredericktown, 
O. Jan 16, 1875, m Cora Leedy Aug 30, 1896. P O 
Butler, O. Proprietor of Butler Eating House. 
Member of Progressive Brethren church. C: (IX) 
Leslie E. Merrin, b June 26, 1S90. (|X) Frances 
Marguerite Merrin, b Feb 27, 1900. 

Vlll- Ray William Merrin, b 1877, m Lulu Wentz 
of Shelby, O. P O Fredericktown, O. Progressive 
Brethren ch. C: (IX) John Merrin. 

Vlll. Chester Roe Merrin, b at Fredericktown, O. 
on Feb 10, 1879, m Blanche Wilson Mar 5, 1904. P 
O Butler, O. F'armer, Progressive Brethren ch. 

Vlll. Headley Auburn Merrin, b 1882. P O Fred- 
ericktown, O. Progressive Brethren ch. 

Vlll Hazel Olive Merrin, b 1889. P O Frederick- 
town, O. Progressive Brethren ch. 

V|. Helen Headley, b at Milton, N. J. Feb 7, 1810, 
d at I'redericktown, O. in 1895. m Rol)ert Van Kirk 


Apr 17, 1834. Hotel-keeper, Baptist. C: William, 
Sarah, John, Dolsen, Edward. 

Vl|. William VanKirk, b — , d in California, m — . 
C: (VIII) Dolsen VanKirk. 

VII. Sarah Vankirk, bat Sparta, N. J. d in Cleve- 
land, O. in 1885, m Calvin Carr in 1857. He d in 
Newark, N. J. in 1844. Iron Steel Merchant, Ep. 
C; Frank. 

Vll|. Frank Headley Carr, b at Sandusky, O. Apr 
18, 1858, m Hortense French of Cleveland, O. May 
8, 1882. She d Dec 29, 1900. P O Pocatello, Ida- 
ho. Civil Engineer, Congregational church. No 

VII. John Vankirk, b— , d— . 

V!|. Dolsen Vankirk, b at Sparta, N. J. about 1843. 
Enlisted in Company G., 65th Rept. O. V. I. in 
1861, as a private, and was killed at the battle of 
Stone River, Dec 31, 1861. S. 

VI!. Edward Bruce Vankirk, b — , d — at Frederick- 
town, O. S. 

V|. William D. Headley, bin Morris Co. N. J. May 
14, 1812, din Newark, N.J. May 6, 1873, m Eleanor 
Bryant Apr 21, 1 841. Shed—. C: Bryant. Will- 
iam m second wife, Kate Mullison, (widow). C: 

VII. Bryant Headley, b— , d Oct 23, 1877. S. 
Elmer Burton Headley, b — , m . 

Vj. Sarah Ann Headley, bat Milton, N.J. Dec 22, 
1813, dat Fredericktown, Ohio, May 6, 1865, m 
Joseph Eindley at Fredericktown, O. May 16, 1850. 
He wasbjuly 7, 1802, d Nov 24, 1853. They lived 
at Mansfield, O. Politician and Speculator. Mrs. 
E., Baptist. C: Headley, Charles. 

Vl|. Headley A. Eindley, bjune 13, 1851, m Hat- 
tie A. Keller. Shew^as bat Fredericktown, O. May 


25, 1854.. Res. 2933 Grant Ave. Ogden, Utah. 
Manager of Ogden Milling and Elevator Co. at Ogden 
Utah. Mr. L,indley has the distinction of organizing 
the first Baptist church in Utah at Ogden in alx)ut 
18S0, and the finest Baptist church within a radius 
of five hundred miles. The church and Sunday- 
school have prospered, the former now numbering 
over 2 hundred members. Mr. Lindley is one of the 
deacons of the church and is the Superintendent of the 
Sundaj^ school. C: Charles, Elsie, Hattie, Paul. 

VIH- Charles Headley Lindley, bat Mt. Vernon, O. 
June 21, 1874. P O Salt Lake City. Baptist. 

VIII. Elsie Ann Lindley, bat Fredericktown, Ohio. 
May 24, 1884. P O Ogden, Utah. Baptist. 

VHI- Hattie C. Lindley, b Oct 10, 1871, d next 

VI!!. Paul Alexander Lindley, b Nov 17, 1893. 

VII. Charles Agustus Lindley, b at Mansfield, O. 
Sept I, 1853, m Annie McNear. Res. Toledo, Ohio. 
Baptist. C: 

VIII. Nora Ellen Lindley. 

V|. David S. Headley, b in Morris Co. N. J. May 

26, 1816, d — , m Mary G. Mase Nov 28, 1840. She 

d — . He married second wife . Lived in 

Michigan, where he died leaving no issue. 

V|. Elizabeth M. Headley, bApr 29, 1S20, d Dec 
18, 1842. 

V|. Joseph Warren Headley, b Feb 23, 1822, djuly 
14, 1890, m Almeda Chamberlain Nov 25, 1S43, 
daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth (Keepers) 
Chamberlain. P O Milton, N. J. Farmer, and 
lived on the Robert Headley homestead near Milton, 
N. J. P'or many j^ears he held various township 
offices; as. Committeeman, Collector, and Clerk. 
He also served as building committee and trustee of 

Daniel Headi.ev, 
(Sec jiage O'.i) 


the Methodist Episcopal church at Milton, C: Will- 
iam, Mary, Elizabeth, Edward, Sarah, Abbie, 

Vl|. William Maurice Headley, b Mar 4, 1845, m 
Annabelle Jennings Jan 1,1879, daughter of George 
Jennings. P O Milton, N. J. Farmer, and lives on 
a part of the Robert Headley farm. Mrs. H. Meth 
Ep. C: Almeda, David, Charles. 

V3I|. Almeda Caroline Headley, b July 25, 1880, m 
William W. Washburn, Jan 6, 1897. P O Milton, 
N. J. Custom House P^^mployee. Meth Ep. C: 
(IX) Richard F. Washburn, b Feb 5, 1898. (|X) Maur- 
ice E. Washburn, b Feb 28, 1902. 

Vlil. David George Headley, b Sept 5, 1884. P O 
Milton, N. J. Farmer and Carpenter. S. 

VIII. Charles Jennings Headley, b Aug 13, 1887. 
Printer. S. 

VH- Mary Ellen Headley, b May 16, 1847, m John 
K. Norman Feb I, 1872. He d Jan 27, 1882. PO 
Milton, N. J. Hotel-keeper. C: Frank, Blanche, 

VIII. Frank Headley Norman, b Feb 15, 1873, d 
Mar 17, 1883. 

V3II- Blanche Struble Norman, b Nov 4, 1874. PO 
Milton, N.J. Schoolteacher, graduate of Trenton 
State Normal School. S. 

Vill. Walter Bryant Norman, b May 12, 1878. PO 
Milton, N. J. S. J ^^v : '" 

VII. Elizabeth C. Headley, b P'eb 21, 1853, m 
Abraham J. Fretz Nov 14, 1877. He wasbinBucks 
Co. Pa. Feb 7, 1849. P O Milton, N. J. He at- 
tended various district schools in Sussex and Warren 
counties N. J; afterwards the Newton Academy, 
and in 1867 he entered the Newton Collegiate Insti- 
tute to prepare for the ministry of the Presb3'terian 


church. In 1868 he taught a term of school in Sus- 
sex Co. N.J. On July 4, 1868, he united with the 
Methodist Episcopal church at Newton, N. J. and 
was licensed an exhorterOct 18, 1869, and a local 
preacher Mar 7, 1870. In Sept 1870 he entered 
Wadsworth College, Ohio, and in 1872 he was ap- 
pointed pastor of Middle Smithfield charge, in Monroe 
and Pike counties Pa. by Rev. N. Vansant, P. E. 
His labor here resulted in several revivals with an 
addition of 121 converts to the church. His subse- 
quent pastorates have been, Stockholm, N.J. 1874; 
Unionville and Westtown, N. Y. 1875. In 1876 he 
attended Wyoming Seminary at Kingstown, Pa. 
Appointed to Hamburg and Ogdensburg, N.J. 1877; 
Hurdtown and Hopatcong, N. J. 1878-79. In 1880 
he built a house near Milton, N. J. and engaged in 
farming, in addition to serving as pastor of following 
places, viz: Longwood and Berkshire, 1881; Long- 
wood, 1882-83; Dodge Mine, 1884-87; Dodge Mine 
and Longwood, 1888; West Milford, N. J. 1889-90; 
Longwood and Dodge Mine, 1891. He was ordained 
Deacon by John F. Hurst Apr 2, 1882, and Elder by 
Bishop Charles H. Fowler Apr i, 188S. 

In August 1890 he was appointed Township 
Clerk and Assessor to fill vacancies. In 1891 he was 
elected Township Clerk, and re-elected for that of- 
fice until 1902, when he was elected Justice of the 
Peace, which office he still holds. He is the Author 
of the following Family Hi-stories, viz: Fretz, Kratz, 
Wismer, Funk, Moyer, Stover, Rosenberger, Ober- 
holtzer, Nash, Beidler, and the present work. C: 
Mary, Joseph, Ervin. 

VIII. Mary Headley Fretz, 1) in Morris Co. N. J. on 
the Old Robert Headley Homestead Dec 13, 1878. 
P O Milton, N. J. Music teacher, M;th Ep. S. 


Ylll. Joseph Martin Fretz, b Sept 27, i88r, d May 
10, 1883. 

VIII. Krvin Kratz Fretz, b Dec 19, 1883, d June 7, 

VII. Edward Roe Headley, b Apr 20, 1856, m 
Ksther Davenport, daughter of Adam Davenport, 
Oct 12, 1880. P O Milton, N.J. Farmer, contrac- 
tor and builder. C: Adam, Joseph, Squire, Mary, 
Esther, Edna. 

VIII. Adam Davenport Headley, b Nov 23, 1882. 
Carpenter. S. 

VIII. Joseph Warren Headley, Jr. b Mar 18, 1884. 
Fvditorand proprietor of The Evergreen News. 

VIII. Squire Eum Headley, b Feb 25, 18S7. Fur 

VIII. Mary Vida Headley, bSept 12, 1889. 

VIII. Esther R. Headley, b May 4, 1893. 

VIII. Edna L. Headley, (twin), b May 4, 1893. 

Vl|. Sarah Ann Headley, b May 19, 1859, m Will- 
ard E. Shuman Dec 25, 1888. P O Sparta, N. J. 
Painter and undertaker. C: 

Vlll- Helen Headley Shuman, b Oct 17, 1894. 

VIS. Abbiejane Headley, b Sept 18, 1863. P O 
Milton, N. J. S. 

VII. Frank Joseph Headley, b Apr 3, 1866. Res. 
221 West nth St. New York City, N. Y. Custom 
House Employee. He owns the Old Headley Home- 
stead near Milton, N. J., being the fourth Headley 
owner from Robert Headley. S. 

V. Phebe Headley, b— , d— , m Peter Smith. Emi- 
grated to Licking Co. Ohio, where descendants still 


lY Samuel Headley, Jr. b about 1724, dNovy, 1787, 
m Rachel Ball,* daughter of Thomas and Sarah 
(Davisf) Ball. She was b in 1728, d in 1750. C: 
Rachel. Samuel m second wife, Rebecca Bruen, 
daughter of John Bruen of Newark, N. J. She d 
Dec 26, 1809, aged 82 3'ears. Farmer and lived on 
the homestead farm of his father Samuel Headley, Sr. 
at "Headleytown." Presby. C: Rhoda, Stephen, 
Davis, Mary, Samuel, Rebecca, Phebe, Esther. 
He made his will Apr 7, 1781, and reads as follows: 

In the name of God Amen the seventh day uf April one Thousand 
seven Hundred and Eiglit\- one 1 Samuel Headley <jf the Borout^h uf 
Elizabeth in the County of Essex and state of New Jersey — being 
weak in body but of jierfeit mind, memory thanks be to almighty 
God— therefore calling to mind the mcjrtality of my body and know- 
ing that it is appointed for all men to die — Do make this my last ^Vill 
and Testament — 

First — 1 give and bequeath my soul into the hands of God \\h>> 
gave it and my body to the dust to be burried in a decent like man- 
ner at the Descretion of my Exeutors hereinafter named — 

Inprimis — I give jind be(jueath unto ujy well beloved wife Rebec- 
ca Headley (for her better support and to Enable her to support and 

*Grand-daughter of Edward Ball, who was born about 1642, and 
joined a company of emigrants at liranford, Ct. Oct IBGO, and re- 
moved to Newark, N. J., and daughter of Thomas Ball, b 1(J>(S, tl 
Oct IS, 1744, and wife, tSarah (Davis) Hall. His headstone at New- 
ark has inscrijjtion, viz; "Here lies the body of Thomas Ball died ye 
Oct \>i, 1744, in ye 57th year of his age." 

"Here lies an aged man of four years old." (This refers to his late 
profession of religion). 

"Beloved wife and children dear. Remember now 1 am gone." 
The inscription on tombstone of his widow is, viz: 

"Here lies ye body of 8arah, wile of Thomas Ball, deceased, w h<) 
died Feb 1, A. D. 1778, in the !SS 3 ear of her age." 

"The dame that lies beneath this tomb Had Rachel's beauty, 
Leah's fruitful w(jmb, Abigail's wisdom, Lydia's faithlul heart, 
Martha's just trust — and Mary's better part." 

tDaughter of Thomas Davis, who died Feb ^6, 1738, aged 78 
years, and grand-Uaughter of t5te[)hen Davis, who was Freeman ui 
Hartfort, Connecticut in IfUS. 


bring up my children) the full use and improvements of all my real 
and personal Estate so long as she lives and no longer — 

Item — 1 give unto my beloved sons Stephen Headlej' — Davis Head- 
ley and Samuel Headley all my real Estate — Viz — The plantation I 
now ])0ssess in the Township aforesaid Containing about one Hun- 
dred and thirtj- acres and seven acres of Salt meadow adjoining the 
Great Island — To them and their heirs and assigns forever To be 
equally divided between them in quanity and in quality and at such 
a time to be devided and delivered to them severally as my executors 
hereinafter named shall think proper. My will also is that if it should 
so happen that any or either of my said sons should die before he or 
they should arrive at the age of twenty, leaving no lawful issue then 
and that case his or their share and right of said estate be Equally 
divided between the survivor or surviving brothers as the case may 

Item — I give unto my beloved daughters — Rachel Headley, Rhoda 
Headley, Mary Headley, Becca Headley, Rhede Headley and Ester 
Headley — Each of them the full sum of forty pounds and to be paid 
to each of thetn severally as they shall arrive at the age of Eighteen 
years and if it should so happen that any one or more of ray said daugh- 
ters should die before she or they arrive to the age of eighteen years 
leaving no issue then and in that case she or they so dying leave their 
sharesto be e(pially divided between surviving sisters as the case 
may happen. 

Item — 1 do hereby make Constitute andapjKjint my well beloved 
wife Rebecca executrix and my beloved son Stejiheri Headley Execu- 
tor of my last will and testament and also my trusty friend Jc>hu Tut- 
tle executor or assistant as the case may refjuire to the same Revok- 
ing and disnulling all former and other wills, Testaments and Leg- 
acies heretofore made or done Ratifying allowing and holding this 
and no other to be my last Will and Testament. 

Jn witness where 1 the said Samuel Headley have hereunto set my 
hand and seal the day and year first above written. 

Signed, sealed. Published Pronounced and Declared by the said 
Samuel Headley to be his last Will and Testament in the Presence ut 
us — 

Abner Ross, 

Pheneos Brown, (Signed) Samuel Headlej'. 

William Brown. 

Y. Rachel Headley, bin 1748-g, d — , nij. Tichenor. 
They lived in Camptown, N. J. Descendants, if 
any, not found, 

V. Rhoda Headley, b in 1750, d Oct 27, 1837, m 
Jonas Wade. HewasbSept4, 1757, d Aug 1819, 
He served as private in Kssex Co. N. J. Malitia in 
the Revolution. C: Stephen, Phebe, Hannah, 

V|. Stephen Wade, b Sept 29, 1780, dFeb6, 1787. 

Y|. Phebe Wade, bat "Conn Farms," Kssex Co. 
N. J. Oct 2, 1782, d Aug 21, 1867, m Daniel Wurts 


July 5, 1806. Hewasb at Flanders, N. J. Aug 9, 
1779, d May 1841. In his youth he entered the 
Nav}'. He ranks in Fennimore Cooper's naval list 
as Lieutenant. He soon resigned and entered into 
mercantile business in New York City, where he re- 
mained until 1 81 8, when he removed to Louisville, 
Ky. and engaged in business there. About 1838-9 
he removed to the vicinity of Philadelphia, Pa., 
where he died. Presby. C: Maria, William, Ed- 
ward, Charles, Sarah, Harriet, Maurice. 

VI|. Maria WadeWurts, b in New York City, May 
7, 1807, d at Atlantic City, Sept 15, 1900, m John 
Muir. He was b in New York, d in Phila. Pa. Aug 
21, 1870. F'ire Insurance. He was a Lieutenant 
inthewar of 1812. Presby. C: William, Mary, 

VIII. William Muir, b at Louisville, Ky. Feb 2, 
1834, m Augusta E. Sawtell, daughter of Rev. E. 
N. Sawtell, D. D. Sept 27, 1859. He entered the 
Insurance business in the Insurance Agency office 
of his father, in Louisville, Ky; later he was elected 
Secretary of the Jefferson Insurance Co. of Louis- 
ville, and upon the liquidation of that company, went 
to Chicago and entered the Western General Agency 
office of the Security Company of New York. In 
1870 he was agent of the Enterprise of Philadel- 
phia for the western states. In 1872 he removed to 
Harrisburg, Pa. as general agent for the Germania 
of New York, following which, in 1875, he became 
general agent of the National Board of Fire Under- 
writers, at the period when that board took an active 
hand in the making of the fire insurance rates in the 
United States. He later became special agent suc- 
cessively of the Franklin Fire of Philadelphia, 
NationalFire of New York, and Queen of England, 


for the Middle States and New York State. In 1 883 
he entered the service of the Fire Association of Phil- 
adelphia as special agents for the Middle Department, 
being appointed in 1892 as general agenc}^ manager 
in the home office of the Fire Association, and later 
elected to the second vice-presidency. He was for 
three successive years president of the Middle De- 
partment Association of special agents, the only 
instance of that kind in the history of the association, 
Presby. C: Maria, Ophelia, William, John, Au- 

IX^ Maria Muir, b at Louisville, Ky. 

IX. Ophelia Muir, bat Louisville, Ky. 

IX. William Sawtell Muir, b at Chicago, 111. May 
6, 1864, m Lydia Washington Chichester June 6, 
1894. Res. Spo Cor. 4th and Walnut Sts. Philadel- 
phia, Pa. President of the General Accident Insur- 
ance Company of Philadelphia, and United States 
Manager of the General Accident Assurance Corpor- 
ation of Peith, Scotland. He entered the Insurance 
business in 1880 in the office of the Queen Ins. Co., 
and in 1 884 entered the office of the American Fire 
Insurance Co. He was appointed special agent of 
Delaware Insurance Co. of Philadelphia in 1890, and 
in 1893 special agent of the Manchester. On the en- 
trance of the General Accident to this country in 
1899 he was appointed one of the United States 

IX. John Willingford Muir, b at Saratoga Springs, 
N. Y. Mar4, 1871. He graduated from Haverford 
College in 1892. He served for several years in the 
Fourth Street National Bank and the Quaker City 
National Bank, both of Philadelphia. In 1897 he 
formed a partnership with Paul Houghton under 
firm name of Houghton & Muir for fire and general 


insurance brokerage in Philadelphia, representing the 
New England Burglary Insurance Co. of Boston. In 
1899, he was appointed treasurer of the General Ac- 
cident Ins. Co. for the United States office, and on 
the incorporation of the General Accident Ins. Co. 
of Phila. he was elected treasurer of that company 

IX- Augusta Elizabeth Muir, b in Harrisburg, Pa. 
m John Haines Lippincott Nov 18, 1902. C: (X) 
Augusta Elizabeth Lippincott, b May 15, 1904. 

Yll|. Mary Antoinette Muir. Single. 

VIII. Clara Muir, b— , dat Atlantic City, N. J. Aug 
I, 1900. S. 

VII. William Alfred Wurts, bat Conn Farms, N. J. 
Apr 5, 1809, d in Phila. 1847, m Matilda Steele of 
Louisville, Ky. 1838. C: Matilda, William. 

VIII. Matilda Wurts. 
VIII. William A. Wurts. 

VII . Edward Wurts, b Aug 10, iSio, d June 9, 
1885. S. 

VII. Charles Wurts, b Nov 22, 1812, dat York Har- 
bor, Me. July 1889, m Anna Wurts, daughter of 
Wm. Wurts, Dec 21, 1841. C: Matilda, Pamelia, 
Ahce, Bertha, etc. 

VII. Sarah Wurts, bin Phila. Pa. Oct5, 1815. S. 

VII. Harriet Wurts, bFebi, 181S. 

VII. Maurice Alexander Wurts, b in Louisville, 
Ky. Aug 31, 1820, d in Phila. Pa. Dec 15, 1881, ra 
Louisa West, daughter of John B. West, of Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 

V|. Hannah Wade, b June 6, 1792, d Aug 29, 1848, 
m Richard Townley, July 2, 1812. C: Robert, Jonas, 
Phebe, Harriet, James, . 

Vl|. Robert Townley, bjuly 13, 1813, d—,m Eliza 
H. Baldwin, daughter of Johnston Baldwin, Jan 29, 


1838. She was b Oct 31, 1813. Merchant at Ft. 
Wayne, Ind. 

VII. Jonas Townley, b July 8, 1815, m Orville R. Row 
Oct 25, 1855. She was b Sept 25, 1830. Merchant 
at Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

VII. Phebe Townley, b Sept 14, 1818, m Henry 
Meeker Nov 20, 1 85 1. He d Aug 31, 1883, aged- 
75 years. 

VII. Harriet Townley, b Dec 14, 1822, m Alexan- 
der McWhorter Ball of Newark, N. J. Oct 13, 1842. 
He d Jan 20, 1879, aged 61 years. 

Vl|. James Townley, b Sept 25, 1826, d July 16, 
1857, m Elizabeth Rudisell Dec 25, 1849. She d 
Aug 12, 1 85 1. He m second wife, Mary A. Will- 
iams. Merchant at Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

VII. Townley. 

V|. Elizabeth Wade, b Oct 20, 1794, d Mar 9, 1872, 
m David B. Eum Feb 18, 1821. He was b Feb 16, 
1794, d Feb4, 1877. C: Charles, Jonas. 

VII. Charles Edwin lyum, b Mar i, 1822, d — , m 
Minerva Joanna Bonnell. Was Postmaster at 
Orange, N. J. 

VII. Jonas Wade Lum, b Nov 9, 1829, m Parmelia 
Murphy Oct 27, 1858. She was b July 25, 1833. 
Res. Elizabeth, N. J. 

V. Stephen Headley, Sr. bat Union, N. J. Jan 28, 
1 76 1, d Mar 26, 1843, m Hannah Lock wood. She 
was bin 1764, din 1842. He enlisted in 1777 in the 
army of the Revolution and fought at the battles of 
Springfield, Connecticut Farms, and Manmouth. 
Farmer, Presby. C: Ira, Maria, Stephen. 

V|. Ira Headley, b— , d 1850, m Martha Thompson. 
C: Charles, Silas E., John Thompson, Ira, Martha, 

Vl|. Charles Warren Headley, b — , d — , m Emily 


Wilcox. C: Mar}', Jennie, William. 
VIII- Mary Headley, m Jonas Poysher. 
VIII- Jennie Headley, m Geo. Lines, 

VIII- William Headley, m Annie Garthwait. 

VII- Silas lyockwood Headley, died single. 

V!|. John Thompson Headley, b — , d — , m Eliza 
Clark. Shoemaker. C: Harvey, Mary, Stephen, 
John. John m second wife, Harriet Skiidder. C: 

VIII. Harvey Thompson Headley, b in 1838, m Ly- 
dia Ann Long July 1855. She was b Jan 2, 1837. 
Mr. Headley was a volunteer in the U. S. Army, and 
d at Washington, D. C. in 1S62, of typhoid fever. 
Shoemaker, attended Meth Ep ch. C: Ira, Alex- 
ander, William. 

IX- Ira Thompson Headley, bSept i, 1857, d July 

IX- Alexander B. Headley, b Aug 16, 1859, m Susie 
Dawson Oct 24, 1884. P O Rahway, N. J. Mfg. 
of Sportman's goods, Episcopal ch. C: (X) Edward 
Dawson Headley, b Nov 25, 1885, d Jan 2r, 1886. 
(X) Clifford Dawson Headley, b Mar 27, 1892. 

IX- William Henry Headley, b Aug 24, 1861, m — . 

VIII. Mary Headley. 

Vll|. Stephen Headley. 

Vlll John Headley. 

VIII- Harriet Headley, m Dr. Cox. 

VII. Ira Headley, b— , d— , m . C: Charles, 

Alice, Florence, Ida, Nellie, Carrie. 

Vll- Martha Headley, m James Smith, (d). C: 
AiUi. Martha m second husband, Mathias Johnson. 
C: Henrietta. 

Vll- Eliza Headley, d single. 

VI- Maria Jones Headley, bat Union, N. J. Feb 
10, i8oi,dMari, 1857, m John Goulder Jan 21, 


1823. HewasbNov25, 1800, d Sept 10, 1853. C: 
John, Hannah, Jane. 

VII. John Goulder, b Aug 5, 1824, d Jan 10, 

VII. Hannah M. Goulder, b Sept 12, 1830, d Oct 

21, 1854. 

VII. Jane Goulder, b Feb 13, 1837, d Aug 9, 1840. 

V|. Stephen Bruen Headley, b at Unionville, N. J. 
Mar 17, 1805, dthere Jan 17, 1884, m Sarah Taylor 
May 25, 1 83 1. She was b at Rahway, N. J. Dec i, 
1814. Farmer, and lived on the farm inherited from 
his father. Presby. C: Amanda, Joseph, Sarah, 
Phebe, Anna, Mary, Mamie, Willie, Caroline, 

Vl|. Amanda Headley, b July 5, 1832, d — . S. 

V8|. Joseph B. Headley, bat Unionville, N. J. Dec 
5, 1835, m Mary E. Allen Dec 25, 1862. P O Hil- 
ton, N. J. Farmer. No issue. 

VII. Sarah M. Headley, b Jan 26, 1837, d June 7, 
1S79, m Albert Allen, d Apr 9, 1902. Carpenter. 
No issue. 

VII. Phebe S. Headley, d infant. 

VII. Anna G. Headley, d infant. 

Vl|. Mary E. Headley, d infant. 

Vl|. Mamie Headley, d infant. 

VII. Willie Headley, b— , d infant. 

VII. Caroline A. Headley, b at Union, N. J. Dec 

22, 1850, m Edwin B. Foster May 17, 1870. Res. 81 
Mitchell St. Orange, N. J. Carpenter, Cong. C: 
Addie, Helen, Eillian. 

\l. Addie L. Foster, b June 30, 1871. S. 

IX. Helen A. Foster, b Apr ir, 1874, m Eugene N. 
Abbey. Res. 81 Mitchell St. Orange, N. J. Hatter, 

IX. Eillian M. Foster, b Apr 2, 1880, m William E. 


KutachOct25, 1899. Res. 122 Jaques St. Elizabeth, 
N. J. Butcher, Cong. C: (X) Helen C. Kutach, b 
Sept I, 1900. 
VII. Ellen F. Headley, b May 26, 1857. S. 

V. Davis Headley, Sr. b in Union tvvp Essex Co, 
N.J. July II, 1763, d Sept 10, 1832, m Joanna Town - 
ley, daughter of *George Townley and Martha (Bal- 
dwin). She was b at Conn. Farms Nov 23, 1774, d 
Dec 2, 1812. C: Phebe, Hannah, Samuel, George, 
Martha, Davis, Mary, Moses. Davis m second wife, 
Joanna, daughter of John Ogden, (and widow of Jas. 
Cole). She was b Oct 29, 1764, d Oct 14, 1816. C: 
William. Davis m third wife, Fanny Griffith, (widow 
of Daniel Burger). Farmer, Presby. C: Eleanor. 

V|. Phebe Headley, bin 1793, d Jan 2, 1875, m 

Richard Merrill Apr 28, 1836. No issue. 

V|. Hannah Lockwood Headley, b June 9, 1795, d 

Mar 1874, m William S. Headley. (See William S. 
Headley Family). 

VI. Samuel Headley, b June 28, 1797, d Sept i, 
1832. Bachelor. 

V|. George Headley, b — , d Nov 1836. Bachelor. 

V|. Martha B. Headley, b 1801, d Nov 6, 1826, m 
Caleb S. Miller Mar 18, 1819. Teacher, later in the 
grocery business. Presby. C: Davis. 

VH. Davis Headley Miller, b at Springfield, N. J. 
Aug 31, 1823, din Newark, N.J. May 15, 1878, tn 
Martha Matilda Dunning in 1846. She was b in 
Newark, N. J. in 1825. Res. 137 Bank St. Newark, 
N. J. Clothing manufacturer, Presby. C: Mar- 
garet, Mary, Adelaide, Caroline. 

Vlll Margaret Anna Miller, b— , d Aug 3, 1886. 

VIII- Mary Frances Miller, b — , m James S. Baldwin. 
Res. 20 Orleans St. Newark, N. J. 

*His lineage cau be traced to the time of William the Ctyiquerov. 


(See ii:i<;e lOl) 




VIII. Adelaide Davis Miller. Res. 137 Bank St. 

Newark, N. J. S. 

VIII. Caroline Duncan Miller. S. 

V|. Davis Headley, Jr. b in Essex Co. N. J. Oct 10, 

1807, d there May 7, 1881, m Susan Ball Mar 3, 

1830. She wasb at Camptown, (now Irvington), N. 

J, Mar 8, 181 2, dDec6, 1878. Mfg. of Mast Hoops, 

andfarmer. Favored Universalism. C: Joel, Sears, 

Wheeler, Andrew, Alevia, Laura. 

Vl|. Joel Headley, b Mar 26, 1831, d Sept 30, 

VII- Sears Robert Headley, b Jan 28, 1832, d Nov 
8, 1890, in Harriet L,., daughter of Oliver Dean, Mar 
26, 1856, She was b Aug 4, 1835, d June 23, i860. 
C: Ida, Harriet. Sears m second wife, Juliaette 
Dean, Dec i, 1861. (Sister of first wife). She was 
b Mar 17, 1842, d Nov 30, 1890. Merchant at Hil- 
ton, N. J. C: Martha, Robert, Ella, Mary, Min- 

VIII. Ida Headley, b Dec 19, 1857, d Sept 26, 1858. 

VIII. Harriet Headley, b June 15, i860, d Aug 31, 

VIII. Martha Headley, b Nov i, 1862, d Apr 15, 

VIII. Robert Sears Headley, Jr. b May i, 1866, m 
Matilda Sprotte Oct 14, 1894. 

VIII. Ella Headley, b Sept 9, 1868, d Mar 18, 1875. 

VIII- Mary M. Headley, b May ^18, 1873, m Robert 
M. Clark Jan i, 1901. 

VIII. 'Minnie Dean Headley, b July 4, 1875, m Percy 
N. Warner Dec 25, 1900. C: (|X) Juliaette Dean 
Warner, b Dec 23, 1902. 

VII- Wheeler Ball Headley, b Aug 22, 1833, d July 
12, 1873, m Phoebe E. Anderson Feb 3, 1856. She 
wasb May 31, 1834. Carpenter. C: Hannah, John, 
Sarah, Susan. 


VIII- Hannah Luella Headley, b at Headleytown, 
N.J. May 17, 1857, ra Charles H. Stewart June 8, 
1876. P O Maple wood, N. J. C: Samuel, Julia- 
ette, Vara, Ella, Charles. 

IX- Samuel Walter Stewart, b Feb 17, 1877, m 
Josephine Becker Turke. Res. 41 St. Irvington, N. 
J. Presby. C: (X) Charles Barton Stewart, b June 
14, 1 90 1. 

IX- Juliaette Stewart, b Mar 30, 1878. 

IX- Vara Wheeler Stewart, b Jan 11, 1884. 

IX- Ella Fulson Stewart, b June 2, 1786, d Jan 20, 

IX- Charles Filmore Stewart, b Dec 28, 1896. 

Ylll- John Cole Headley, b July 22, i860. PO 
Hilton, N. J. 

VIII- Sarah A. Headley, b Apr 14, 1864, m John 
Duffey Jani5, 1883. P O Hilton, N. J. 

VIII- Susan Juliaette Headley, b May 27, 1870, m 
Harry Campfield. Res. 44 Cary St. Orange, N. J. 

VII- Andrew Davis Headley, b June 18, 1835, m 
Emily Bodicea Briggs Oct 21, 1858. She was b Feb 
21, 1842. About 1854 Mr. Headley in company with 
his brother Sears R. Headley purchased a grocery 
store from James Judson at Hilton, N. J. One year 
later he sold out his interest to his brother Sears R. 
and then went to learn Bank Note Engraving and 
Transferring with Rawdon Wright, Hatch & Edson, 
in Merchants Exch*ige, Cor. Wall & Wm. Sts., N. 
Y. City, then under the old system of Bank Notes. 
In two or three years the companj' consolidated with 
several other companies— Danforth, Wright &: Co; 
Bald Baldwin; Cousland & Co; Toppan, Carpenter 
& Co; Wellstood, Hay & Whiting, N. Y. City; John 
E. Gavitt Co. of Albany, N. Y; and a Philadelphia 
Co., taking the name of American Bank Note Co. 


N. Y. They soon commenced the present system of 
National Currency. Several of their designs of notes 
are still in existance. They made it possible for the 
existence of the Bureau of Engraving & Printing, 
Washington, D. C. Through the efforts of the 
Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, Salmon P. Chase, 
Mr. Headley was employed in Washington, D. C, 
years 1 869-1 883, several years each; again in the 
year 1900, and is still there. He favors Spiritualism. 
C: Freddie, L,aura, Lillian, Albert. 
VIII. Freddie Davis Headley, b Mar 30, i860, d— . 

VIII. Laura Emily Headley, b July 22, 1862, m 
Frank H. Gasch Sept 27, 1887. He was b Sept 2, 

IX- Elroy Andrew Gasch, b July 5, 1890. 

IX. Frank Headley Gasch, b May 21, 1892. 
IX. Clifford Ernest Gasch, b Nov 23, 1893. 
IX. Andrew Francis Gasch, b Nov 16, 1900. 

Vlll Lillian Ball Headley, b Jan 19, 1874, m 
Henry F. Zimmerman Apr 24, 1894. He wash Apr 
24, 1873. C: (IX) Dalmore William Zimmerman. 

Vlll. Albert Briggs Headley, b Mar 10, 1881, d Mar 
21, 1881. 

VII. AleviaD. Headley, b Mar 10, 1837, m Nath- 
aniel B. Compton Sept 2, 1855. He was b Mar 30, 
1834. C: Lauretta, Frederick. 

Vlll- Lauretta Compton. 

VIII. Frederick Compton. 

VII. Laura Matilda Headley, b June 10, 1848, d 
Feb 13, i860. 

VI. Mary Headley, b 1808, d Sept 28, 1827, m 
Ewel Freman. No issue. 

V|. Moses Headley, b — , d single. 

V|. William Ogden Headley, b in Union Co. N. J. 
Mar 12, 1 8 15, din Newark, N.J.Feb 23, 1875, m 


Maria S. Pierson Sept 25, 1839. She was b June 28, 
1814, d Jan 23, 1877. Trunk and Bag Manufactur- 
er, Presby. C: Albert, Joanna, Maria, William, 

VII- Albert Ogden Headley, b in Newark, N. J. 
Oct 21, 1840, d there Dec 21, 1898, m Mary Arnold 
June 13, 1866. She was b at Clifton Springs, Sara- 
toga Co. N. Y. Nov 20, 1846, d July 7, 1897. 
Trunk and Bag Manufacturer, Presby. C: Mary, 
Albert, Jane. 

VIII. Mary Arnold Headley, b in Newark, N. J. 
Sept 2, 1867. Res. 760 High St. Newark, N. J. 
Presby. S. 

VIII. Albert Ogden Headley, Jr. b in Newark, N J. 
May 15, 1869, ra Adeline Ross. Res. 85 Penn Ave, 
Newark, N. J. Trunk and Bag Mfg. Presby. C: 
(IX) Peter Sanford Ross Headley, b July 5, 1898. 

VIII. Jane Elizabeth Headley, b in Newark, N. J. 
June 4, 1873, m Ernest Martin Philippi Feb 2, 1899. 
(He was a native of Hamburg, Germany). Res. 
760 High St. Newark, N.J. Employed with Ameri- 
can Thread Co. Presby. C: (|X) Mary Arnold 
Philippi, b June 12, 1903. 

Vi|. Joanna D. Headley, m Frederick H. Smith. 
Res. 321 Mount Prospect Ave. Newark, N. J. C: 
Frederick, William, Karl. 

VIII. Frederick Hoffman Smith, m Mary Hall Clark 
of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Res. Orange, N. J. Bro- 

VIII. William Headley Smith, (d). 

Vlll Karl Garthwaite Smith. 

Vl|. Maria Frances Headley, b in Newark, N. J. 
July6, 1846, m Nelson May, May 8, 1877. P O 
Huntington, L. I. New York. Presby. C: (VIII) 
Edwin F.May, b May 4, 1879. (VIII) Helen H. 


May, b Nov i8, 1883, (ViJI) Semeth May, bOct 
24. 1885. 

Vl|. William B. Headley, d 3'oung. 

V8|. Edgar L,. Headley, d young. 

V|. Eleanor Burger Headley, b — , m Lewis W, 
Lyon Jan 29, 1844. She is now living in the Home 
for aged women, Governuer St. Mt. Pleasant Ave. 
Newark, N. J. C: 

Vl|. Edward Griffith Lyon, b— , d single. 

V. Mary Headley, b— , d — , m Moses Wade. He 
was sexton of "Conn. Farms" Presby. church for 
many years. Had ten daughters and i son. Rhoda, 
Moses, Prudence, Hannah, etc. 

VI. Rhoda Wade, b— , d— , m Caleb Dulea. 
VI. Moses Wade. 

Vi. Prudence Wade, b— , d— . S. 
V|. Hannah Wade, b — , d — , m Anthony Meeker, 
V. Samuel Headley, Jr. b at Union, N. J. Sept 3, 
1768, d June 29, 1S41, m Elizabeth Miller Oct 28, 
1791. Sbe was b at Westfield, N. J. Dec 20, 1771, 
d Feb 15, 1844. His principal occupation was the 
making of Mast Hoops for sailing vessels. He also 
owned a fine farm at Headleytown, where he died, 
and which he operated successfully. Samuel Head- 
ley was the personification of love and kindness to all 
with whom he came in contact. He never would 
allow himself to speak harshly or unkind to any one. 
His grandson, Mr. Wm. E. Mooney, who, when a 
mere child, was a member of Mr. Headley 's family 
for a great part of fifteen years, says, he was often 
in his way, but instead of commanding him harshly 
to get out of the way, he would send him off on 
errands, or would give him some of Dr. Watts' 
hymns, or a chapter in the Bible to commit to 
memory, which, from the love he bore to his grand- 


father, he cheerfully performed. Samuel Headley 
not only applied the law of kindness to human kind, 
but to the brute creation as well. Mr. Mooney re- 
lates that he and several other boys were one day 
discovered by his grandfather making sport of a large 
toad to see it try to escape, when he said to them in 
the kindest and most pleading manner: "Oh, I am 
so sorry that 5'ou should take delight in tormenting 
that poor creature. Don't 50U know that the same 
God who made you made the toad also?" Thus ap- 
pealing to their sympathies they promised him never 
again to practice unkindness towards anything. The 
law that Christ laid down — "Render unto Caesar the 
things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things 
that are God's," was uppermost in his mind and 
was his favorite text; and he spared no pains to in- 
still into the youthful minds about him the principles 
of strict justice and truth. While he was not in the 
habit of praising an}' one personally, lie would man- 
age to have some old person of his acquaintance tell 
the youngsters "Uncle Sam saj'S you are good boys." 
He Vv'ould say, "Boys never attempt to elevate your- 
selves by traducing some one else, for as sure as you 
do 5'ou will find it like riding on a wheelbarrow 
wheeling yourself. " 

In the fall of 1S40 he became afflicted with a 
cancer. He bore his suffering with the greatest 
christian fortitude, often exclaiming: "The God I 
love, suffered for me, and should not I endure for 
him? They that would reign with Christ must 
also suffer with Him." And again he would say, 
"Oh, dear boys, learn to love the Savior now so that 
you ma)' have nothing to regret when you arrive at 
my age. He is all my comfort now . " He died as 
he had lived, loved and respected by all that knew 


him. Children: Esther, Rebecca, Stephen, Eliza, 
Samuel, Moses. 

V|. Esther Maxwell Headley, b at Union, N. J. 
Oct 20, 1795, d Apr 25, 1865, m John C. Mooney 
Dec 21, 1 82 1. He was b at "Conn. Farms" Nov 29, 
1794, d there Sept 7, 1835. Stone cutter by trade, 
and school teacher by profession. Presby. C: Will- 

Vl|. William Edwin Mooney, b at "Conn. Farms, " 
N. J. June 30, 1823, m Emma Jane Wade July 4, 
1852. She was b Aug 22, 1834. P O Hilton, N.J. 
Farmer, Presby. C: Elizabeth, John, Mary, Sam- 
uel, Martha, Grace, William, Walter. 

VIII. Elizabeth Winans Mooney, b Sept 10, 1853. 
P O Elizabeth, N. J. Presby. S. 

VIII. John Caldwell Mooney, b Aug ir, 1856. P 
O Hilton, N.J. Farmer. S. 

VIII. Mary Kate Mooney, b at Union, Union Co. N. 
J. Oct 6, 1859, m Charles W. Farrow Nov 27, 1890. 
Res. 596 Springfield Ave. Summit, N. J. Black- 
smith, and dealer in carriages and wagons; Metho- 
dist Episcopal ch. C: (|X) Robert Headley Farrow, 
b Jan 7, 1892. (IX) Charles Ernest Farrow, b Mar 
30, 1893. (iXj Esther Marion Farrow, b May 20, 
1896, d Aug 27, 1896. (IX) James Henry Farrow, b 
Aug 10, 1901, d Aug 17, 1901. 

VIII- Samuel Norris Mooney, b in 1862, d May 10, 
1863, aged 6 Mo. 

Vlll- Martha Parcell Mooney, b in Union Co. N. J. 
Nov 12, 1865, m Harry Albert Stollery of Wood- 
bridge, Suffolk, England, Sept 11, 1895. P O 
Chatham, N. J. Florist, Plymouth Brethren ch. 
C: (IX) Alice Elizabeth Stollery, b July 26, 1896, d 
Mar 26, 1900. (IX) William Henry Stollery, b July 
22, 1898. (IX) Robert W. Stollery, b June 21, 1901. 


VIII. Grace Eugenia Mooney, b at Union, Union 
Co. N. J. Aug r 1 , 1869, m Edward Paj'son Shipraan 
of Whippany, N.J. June 11, 1896. Res. 9 Siyre 
St. Summit, N. J. Carpenter, Brethren ch. C: 
(IX) Olive Isabelle Shipman, b Jan 31, 1899. (|X) 
Elizabeth Florence Shipman, b June 11, 1902. 

VIII. William Robert Mooney, b Sept r, 1873. P 
O Hilton, N. J. Farmer, Presby. S. 

Vlll- Walter Wade Mooney, b Aug 27, 1877, m 
Sarah Cannon, (d). He married second wife, Nellie 
McCarty? P O Garwood, N. J. Hotel-keeper. C: 
(IX) Mabel E. Mooney. 

V|. Rebecca Bruen Headley, b Jan 23, 1S98, d Mar 
22, 1877. 

V|. Stephen Headley, bat Union, N.J. Mar 4, iSoi, 
d Nov 18, 1878, m Sarah Pierson Jan 15, 1826. 
She was b at South Orange, N. J. Mar 29, 1799, d 
Dec 28, 1883. Farmer, Presby. C: Samuel, 
Lewis, Mary, Samuel, Elizabeth. 

Vl|. Samuel Pierson Headley, b Mar 20, 1S28, d 
Dec 26, 1838. 

Vl|. Lewis Pierson Headley, b in Union Co. N. J. 
Oct 28, 1830, din Irvington, N.J. Aug 20, 1894, 
m Carrie Waugh Apr 7, 1857. Res. 31 DeHart St. 
Morristown, N. J. Merchant, Taylor, Ref ch. 
No issue. 

Vl|. Mary Jones Headley, b Aug 29, 1833, d Apr 
24, i860. 

Vl|. Samuel Pierson Headley, b Feb 9, 1S38, d 
Nov 5, 1856. 

Vl|. Elizabeth Miller Headley, b at Westfield, N. 
J. Dec II, 1842. P O Union, N. J. Presby. S. 

VI. Eliza Miller Headley, b July 13, 1804, d Dec 
28, 1878. 

VI. Samuel Davis Headley, b Oct 28, 1806, djune 

JosEi'ii W. TIkadi.kv. 
(See jiagv 10 Ij 


28, 1873. Shoemaker. S. 
VS. Moses Miller Headley, b Oct iS, 1812, d Nov 
28, 1843. Carriage smith. Jv^-*; • 

V. Rebecca Headley, b at "Conn. Farms" in 177 1, 
d Jan 7, m Daniel Baker. He was b i765^_Aug 26, 
1828. C: Phebe, Betsey, Daniel, Miller, NewtonT 

VI. Phebe Baker, b^, d^, m John Dolbier. C: 
Newton, Jane, Elizabeth, Louisa. 

VI!. Newton Dolbier. b P^f 3A/!?/^. e(^J<^' 
Vli. Jane Dolbier, m Richard Crane. C: (VIJI) 
Theodore Crane. (VIII) Frederick Crane. 

VII. Elizabeth Dolbier, m Anthony Beam, (d). C:, Annie, Edward. 

Vlll- Louisa Beam. 
VH|. Annie Beam. 

VIII. Edward Beam. 

VSi- Louisa Dolbier, b— , m Peter Mead. C: Re- 
becca, Isaiah, Amelia. 

VJIl Rebecca May Mead. S. 

van. Isaiah Wilber Mead. 

Vlll. Amelia Mead, m Robert Seigler. P O South 
River, N. J. 

Vj. Betsey Baker. 

VJ. Daniel Baker, 

VI. Miller Baker. 

VI . Newton Baker. 

V|. Maria Baker. 

V. Phebe Headley, b at Union, N. J. in 1774, d 
Feb 7, i860, m Dr. Hillyer. Physician. C: Mary. 

VI. Mary Hillyer, b in 1796, m William Crane. 
Laborer and sexton of the Springfield Presby ch. C.- 

V!|. Stephen Headley Crane, b— , m Harriet 

C: Benjamin, Ella, Elmer. 


Vll|. Benjamin Crane, killed in civil war. 

Vill. Ella Crane. 

Vil|. Elmer Crane, b in N. Y. S. 

Y- Esther Headley, b in 1776, d Nov 11, 1S60, m 

Benjamin Meeker. He was b Mar 3, 1773, ^ Nov 

18, 1849. " Boss" Carpenter, and deacon of Presby 

ch. C: Stephen, Nancy, Jane, William, Benjamin, 

Rebecca, Polly. 

VI. Rev. Stepbeii Headley Meeker, b Oct 17, 1799, lu-. He tc'^ad- 
iiated at Columbia College in 1821, and after his theological course 
was licensed as a minister of the Reformed church in l>s24, and in 
Augof this year he supplied the Old Bushwick Reformed church, 
and in December following he received and acce))ted a call to be- 
come its pastor, and was duly installed in Feb 1835. 

The congregation then worshiped in the old octagonal church, 
erected in 170.5. In 1839 this church was torn down and a new 
church erected on the same site. 

In May 18:JU Mr. .Meeker accepted a call to a church in Jersey City, 
but a strong mutual attachment had sprung up between him and 
the members of the Bushwick church, and in the following Novem- 
ber in compliance with an earnest requisition from his former par- 
ishoners, he returned, remaining their pastor until his death, and by 
them was regarded with almost idolatrous affectir'n. 

At the fiftieth anniversary of Mr. Meeker's settlement over this 
church he stated that he had not been kept from his i:)ulpit by sick- 
ness but one Sabbith in forty years, that he had celebrated com- 
munion in the church 200 times, had married 107(5 couples, and at- 
tended 1275 funerals. During the long period of his ministry he de- 
voted himself to the welfare of his congregation with singular fidel- 
ity. He was the father of five daughters and two sons. One of the ^/ 
sons died in early childhood, and the other at 19 years. -One of the ^ / e 
daughters married but had no children.  jiju^  

VI. Nancy Meeker, b — , ra Benjamin S. Morehouse. C: Stephen, ^. y< 
Benjamin. ^ 

Vli. Stephen Morehouse. "^ 

VII. Benjamin Morehouse became Judge of the Supreme court in -/ 

VI. Jane Meeker, b — , m Henry Moon. C: Elizabeth, Rebecca, 2- ; 
Catharine. "^ 

VII. Elizabeth Moon, m John Jones. C: Jane, Naomi, Elizabeth. 
VIL. Rebecca Moon, ra W. Parkinson. C: Two daughters and 1 son. 
VII. Catharine Moon, m John Van Hovenberg. C: Jane, LiUie. 
VI. William H. Meeker, never married. 

VI. Benjamin Meeker, never married. 

VI. Rebecca Meeker, m Joseph Abrams. C: Jane, Martha, Stephen. 

VII. Jame M. Abrams, never married. 

VII. Martha V. Abrams, m Henry Osborn. C: Joseph, Estella, 
Mary, Jessie, Robert. 

Vll. Stephen Meeker Abrams, never married. 

VI. Mary Meeker, m Milton Willis. No issue. She m 2nd husband 
Abraham Wright. No issue. 


lY- Isaac Headley, b — , d — , m Piatt, of 

New Jersey. He was probably the eldest son of his 

father, and with the exception of a few shilling had 

received his full share of his father's estate, prior to 

the making of his father's will in 1745. He probab- 
ly lived for a time in *Morris Co. N. J., and perhaps 

later removed either to New York State or to Penn- 
sylvania. Three brothers, evidently sons of the 
above Isaac Headley, by name of Samuel, James 
and Richard, removed from New Jersey to Luzerne 
Co. Pa. Samuel Headley was one of the minute 
men during the Revolution, and Richard was an en- 
listed soldier. About the time of the Wyoming mas- 
sacre these three brothers escaped to Chemung Co. 
New York, but later Samuel Headley returned to 
Exeter, Pennsylvania. There may have been other 
children besides the three brothers mentioned. 

V. Samuel Headley, b — , d — , m Hannah MacAfee 
of New Jersey. Was a minute man during the Revo. 
C: Thomas, Priscilla, Celinda, Hannah, Mary, 

V|. Thomas Headley, b — , m — . Children: J , 


*J. v. B. Headley of Wyoming Co. Pa. says his grandfather 
(Samuel Headley) was born in Morris Co. N.J. 

At some time a descendant of Samuel Headley Sr. (who made 
his will 174,5), settled in Morris Co. N. J three brothers, des- 
cendants of same named Samuel, .James and Richard, came to Lu- 
zerne Co. Pa. 

Boyd Headley of Wilkesbarre, Pa. writes (189.5) that Mrs. J. S. 
Headley and son W. C. Headley of Newark N. J. have the old family 
Bible with records of the family for a century back, indicating that 
he, (Boyd Headley) descends from the same Headley line as Mrs. J. 
S. Headlev and son. 


VII. J. V. B. Headley, b— , m— . C: Boyd, Lizzie. 

y. James Headley, removed from Luzerne Co. Pa. 
to Chemung Co. N. Y., wbere it is said descendants 
still live. 

Y. Richard Headley removed from Luzerne Co. Pa. 
to Chemung Co. N. Y. , where descendants are said 
to still live. Richard Headley was an enlisted sol- 
dier in the Revolution. 

lY- Sarah Headley, . Descendants not found. 


lY. Rachel Headley. Descendants not found. 


lY- Phebe Headley. Descendants not found. 


lY- Sarah Headley, . Descendants not found. 


11 . Abner Headley is supposed to have been a son 
of Leonard Headley, but nothing is known of him 
except that his name appears on records at Elizabeth 
N. J. 1700— 1702. 


III. Robert Headley, b— , d at "Conn. Farms" 
between Rah way and Elizabeth, N. J. It is not 
known whon he married. The children as far as 
known were *Phebe and Isaac. 

*There is some uncertainty as to the ancestry of Pliebe and 
Isaac Headley. "Aunt" Polly Mintou, a grand-daughter of Phebe 
(Headley) Gardner, said her great grandfather's name was Robert 
Headley, but afterwards said bhe was not sure that it was Robert. 
However, his ancestry is not positively known, but as he lived at 
"Conn. Farms," iu the immediate vicinity in which the descendants 
of the Emigrant Leonard Headley of Elizabethtewn lived, it is 
quite probable that he may have been a grandson of Leonard Head- 
ley and a brother of (111) Samuel Headley, Sr. of "Headleytown." 

Will C. Headley, Attorney of Newark, N. J. writes: "It is my 
opinion that Isaac Headley, b 1735, is a son of Robert Headley, 
brother of Samuel Headley who made his will in 1745." 

Mr. C. C. Gardner of Newark, N. J. who has collected consider- 
able data of the Headley family writes: "Richard Headley, b 1742, in 
Westchester, N. Y., married a Drake, and had Samuel and Robert; 
possibly Phebe and Isaac were grandchildren of one of these men 
Samuel or Robert-'" 


IV. Phebe Headle}', b at "Conn. Farms," Aug 21, 
1731, d Sept I, 1764, m Thomas Gardner* in 1750. 
He was bat Westchester, N. Y. Mar 2, 1724, d Oct 
I, 1795. Soon after his father's death, which oc- 
curred in 1733, he came to Essex Co. New Jersey, 
and settled in Springfield, then called "Newark 
township." Although he may have lived at first in 
what is now the city of Newark, considering the fre- 
quency with which his name is mentioned in con- 
nection with the great land riots at Newark from 
1745 to 174S. The cause of these disturbances was 
the contention between the settlers and the English 
proprietors, concerning the title to the lands. The 
settlers held under their Indian title and refused to 
recognize any other. Suits against the settlers were 
decided in favor of the proprietors, and many of the 
former were thrown into jail. Their fellow towns- 
men, however, would not stand this and several 
times in the years 1745-46-48 they broke into the 
jails and liberated those incarcerated by order of the 
proprietors. In 1748 Thomas Gardner, Junr. and 
Benjamin Gardner were indicted on the charge of 

*Great grandson of Henry Gardner; grandson of John Gardner^ 
and son oi Tliouuis Gardner. The named Henry (iardner, w lu> 
probably eame from Europe, lived and died at Westehester, N. V., 
wbere he is known to have been as early as KIC)."). He was married 
to Elizabeth, daughter of John Cromwell, about 1(>(U. 

John Gardner, eldest son of Henry, was b Mar :.'5, ItVTO, m Han- 
nah , and probably died before his only son Thomas beeanie 

of age. The latter, Thomas (iardner, b at Westchester, N. Y. about 
1700, lived and died there. He was married to Sarah, daughter of 
William and 8arah Smith. He made his will Apr:^l, ITo--', and died 
in 1T:«. His ehiWlren were— Thomas, benjamin, Haiuiah, Elizabeth, 


being members of a party that took Amos Roberts 
from jail. The ofHcial account of the matter states 
that on the 28th of November Amos Roberts was 
committed by the Sheriff to goal on a Process of 
Treason. Towards evening a large crowd surround- 
ed the goal in riotous and tumultous manner, and, 
having it open took from thence the said Amos Rob- 
erts. These riots which were frequent in the colony 
were at the time when there were Jacobite risings 
in Scotland and a revolt in India. The revolution- 
ary spirit was caught by colonists and the trouble 
marks a growing desire on their part to throw off the 
English Yoke. Soon after these disturbances Thom- 
as Gardner* was married to Phebe Headley. She 
was doubtless the daughter of Samuel Headley whose 
will dated 1744-names wife Mary and eight children. 
Thomas Gardner is buried with the greater portion of 
his family in the old cemetery at Springfield, the 
inscription on his tombstone reading — "In memory 
of Thomas Gardner, who died Oct i, 1795, in the 
72 year of his age." 

"My flesh shall slumber in the ground 

Till the last trumpet's joyful sound; 

Then burst the chains with sweet surprise, 

And in my Savior's image rise." 
C: Moses, Thomas, Elijah, Benjamin, Samuel, 

V. Moses Gardner, b Feb 19, 1751, d Jan 1815, m 
Sarah Roberts, daughter of Moses and Mary (Coe) 
Roberts. He lived on the old homestead in the 
Orange Valley, near South Orange, N. J. He was 
Overseer of Highways in Newark twp. in 1792. His 
wife Sarah descended from many of the oldest famil- 

•*Thumas Gardner m secDud wife, Abigail Allen, widow of Aaron 
Alien of ciuLith Hanover, now Madison, N. J. and daugtiter of NalU- 
ixUie; and llauiian (^.MillerJ lionnt-ll, of Turkey, N.J. »ne was b June 
10, IT'Jl, and survived her second liusbuud nearly ;W years. 


iesof Newark, including the Roberts, Goes, Browns, 
Burwells, and others. She died prior to 1804. C: 
Sears, John, Kunice, Moses, Daniel, Jesse, Thom- 
as, Phebe. Moses m second wife, Mrs. Lydia Free- 
man, Aug 9, 1S04. She was b about 176S, d Feb 9, 
1845. C: Alva, Sarah, Mary. 

Y|. Sears Gardner, b July 27, 1773, dMarS, 1849, 
m Mary Keen July 20, 1794. She was b Apr 5, 
1775, d Sept I, 1863. He served in the "Whiskey Boy 
Campaign" of 1794, serving at trumpeter of Volun- 
teer L. Dragons. He lived at Pond Eddy, Lumber- 
land and Barry ville, N. Y. , died at the latter place. 
C: Joseph, James, Letty, Mary, Sears, Moses, 

VII. Joseph Lake Gardner, bjuly 26, 1797, d July 
20, 1824, m Sara Purvis. 

Vij. James Keen Gardner, b Aug 9, 1805, at Pond 
Eddy, N. Y., d June 30, i860, m Eliza Eldred Sept 
20, 1827. C: 

Vlij. S. St. John Gardner. 

Vll Letty Gardner, b Aug 12, 1807, m E. B. Ser- 
geant Oct II, 1 8 29. 

VII. Mary Gardner, bAugii,i8o9, d Jan 6, 1S40, 
m Benjamin C. Austin Mar 6, 1830. 

Vl|. Sears Robert Gardner, b Aug 16, 1821, d Oct 
12, 1885, m Mary Oct 6, 1834. 

VII. Moses Gardner, b July 24, 1813, d July 7, 

Vl|. Eliza Ann Gardner, b Aug 17, 181 9, m Isaac 
Young Aug 22, 1835. She was living in Phila. 1900. 

V|. John Gardner, b June 9, 1775, d May 5. 1835, 
m Mary Brown May 7, 1798. She was b Aug 15, 
1775. d Jan 28, 1814, daughterof Eleazer and Mary 
(Bruen) Brown. She descended from several of the 
wealthiest settlers of Newark. C: Phebe, Oliver, 


Albert, Mary, Horace, Eliza, Emily, Sally. He 
m second wife, Prussia, widow of John Peshine and 
daughter of Edward and Esther (Mulford) Ball. 
Shed July 28, 1867. C: John. He is remembered 
as a very large man, full of fun, and quick to make 
friends. He conducted one of the largest shoe fac- 
tories in Newark. His factory was on the north side 
of Market St. near Broad. 

Vl|. Phebe Brown Gardner, bApriS, 1799, di865, 
m Nathaniel Cogswell Oct 26, 1820. He was b 
Sept II, 1798, d Oct 20, 1863. C: John, Albert, 
Phebe, Elizabeth. 

VIII. John Joseph Cogswell, b 1821. 

VIII. Albert Gardner Cogswell, b Sept 12, 1823. 

Vlll. Phebe Brown Cogswell. 

VIII. Elizabeth Cogswell. 

VII. Oliver Gardner, b Oct 24, 1800, m Julia Ann 
Hardy of Springfield, Oct 22, 1828. C: John, Caro- 
line, Abby. 

VIII. John Joseph Gardner, b Aug 1829, d June 20, 

VIII. Caroline F. Gardner, m Eldridge. P O Gal- 
va, Henry Co. 111. C: (|X) Sarah Eldridge. 

VIII. Abby E. Gardner, b— , m Kitchen. P O 
Rockfort, 111. 

VII. Albert Gardner, b Sept 11, 1802, m Joanna 
Pierson Jan 8, 1824. She was b— , d Jan 23, 1858. 
He m second wife, Louisa Geiger. She was b Dec 
1805, d Feb 1875. C: Ann Augusta, Eanson M., 
Helen, and Albert Pierson, (ail by ist wife)? 

VIII. Ann Augusta Gardner, m Weeden. P 

O Port Orange, Fla. 

VIII. Eanson M. Gardner, m Mary Frances. She 
was b— , d Apr i, 1881. C: (IX) Lanson M. Gard- 
ner. (IX) Frances G. Gardner. (IX) Joanna Gardner. 


VIII. Helen Gardner, m Broome. P O Au- 
gusta, Ga. 

VIII. Albert Pierson Gardner, b— , m— . C: (|X) 
Martha. (|X) Joanna. (|X) Walter A. Weeden.* 

Vl|. Mar3' Bruen Gardner, b Jan 26, 1804, m Wra. 
Ashley Cann June 24, 1823. He was b Jan 24, 
1802, at Salem Co. N. J. C: Albert, John, Will- 
iam, Oliver, Sarah, John, Mary, Charles, Abby. 

VIII. Albert Gardner Cann, b Feb i, 1824, in 

VIII. John Harvey Cann, b Oct 25, 1825, d July 8, 

VIII. William Ross Cann, b July 12, 1827, d Mar 5, 

VIII. Oliver Horace Cann, b Dec 23, 1829, d Feb 

20, 1844. 

VIII. Sarah Frances Cann, b Aug 23, 1832, d Feb 
19, 1844. 

Vlll- John Harvey Cann, b Apr 12, 1834, 
VIII. Mary Bruen Cann, b Feb 27, 1836. 
VIII. Charles Henry Cann, b May 9, 1838, d Feb 

21, 1844. 

VIII. Abby Eliza Cann, b Apr 7, 1842. 

Vl|. Horace Gardner, b Dec 5, 1806, d Mar 25, 

VII. Eliza Riley Gardner, b Dec 28, 1808, d Aug 
23, 1834. S. 

Vl|. Emily Gardner, b July 24, 1812, m William 
Ashley Cann, (his second wife), Apr i, 1855. No 

VII. Sally Ann Gardner, b Nov 19, 1813, m Nelson 
ProutDec 18, 1832. C: Anna M., Albert P., Frank 
N., Sarah P., Charles. 

VII. John E. Gardner. 

*Name changed to Weedeii by act of Legislature. 


V|. Eunice Gardner, b about 1777, d— , m Emanuel 
Van Auken, Lived at Milford, Pennsylvania. 
V|. Moses Roberts Gardner, b Jan 4, 1779, ^ Apr 

22, 1830, m Phebe. She was b Mar 22, 1778, d Aug 

23, 1815. He m second wife, Elizabeth Mead, 
(widow of Cornelius Manderville). She d May 6, 
1853. C: Phebe. He lived at Orange, N. J., and 
was a cabinet maker. He is said to have been fifty 
years in advance of his time. 

Yl|. Phebe Elizabeth Gardner, b Oct 20, 1S20, d 
Feb 13, 1900, m L,ucius R. Gould Feb 10, 1839, He 
was b Nov 26, 1814, d Mar 28, 1899. C: Anna E., 
George D., Minnie, Nellie, Clara, Hattie M. 

Y|. Daniel Gardner, b Sept 4, 1781, d Jan 16, 1858, 
m Philetta B. Edwards Aug 3, 1803, daughter of 
Nathaniel and Abigail (Bedford) Edwards.* She 
was b May 22, 1787, d Feb 8, i860. Cooper by 
trade, and farmer. The number of their children 
has been variously stated; as, 26, 28, and 31 — the 
correct number being 21. 

It is related that one day the mother went to 

town with one of the children, leaving the rest at 
home. When she returned, late in the afternoon, 
she found the 25 left at home sitting on the fence 
crying. On inquiring the reason she found it was 
because they were so lonely! This story, while not 
absolutely based on facts, is not without interest. 
C: Stephen, Sarah, Mary, Jane, Daniel, William, 
Burton, Horace, Phebe, Burton, Nathaniel, Lu- 
ther, Phebe, John, Reuben, Harriet, Joseph, 
Maria., Abby, Mary, Charles. 

Vil. Stephen Edwards Gardner, b Aug 11, 1804, d 
June II, 1839, m Jane Van Winkle May 30, 1835. 
No issue. 

*NathaDiel Edwards, at the age of 16, offered his services to his 
country, and I'ought during the entire struggle tor Independence. 


Vli- Sarah R. Gardner, b Aug i6, 1805, d un- 

VII. Mary C. Gardner, b Dec 6, 1806, d Dec 27, 

Vl|. Jane Edwards Gardner, b July 2, 180S, d Sept 
12, 18S0, ra James B. Jones Mar 10, 1830, son of 
Obadiah and Margaret (Baker) Jones. He was b 
Dec I, 1802, d May 23, 1886. 

VIII. Caroline Adelia Jones, b in Newark, Dec 24,, 


Vl|. Daniel Nelson Gardner, b Aug 23, 1809, d Feb 
7, 1889, m Ann V. W. Maudeville May 25, 1831, 
Sbewasb at Pompton Plains, Oct 28, 1807, d Feb 3, 

1889. C: Jane M., Katharine L,., Anna M., Hen- 
rietta F., Mary A. 

VIII. Jane M. Gardner, b — , m George S. Gorgas 
Apr 27, 1852. C: (IX) Theodore Gorgas. (IX) 
George Gorgas. (|X) Edward Gorgas. P O Bridge- 
port, Conn. 

VIII. Katharine I^avina Gardner, m — Holden. 
Hem second wife, Uriah Clinton, and third, — 

Vll|. Anna Maudeville Gardner, m Obadiah War- 
ner. C: (IX) Anna E. Warner. (|X) Joseph K. 

VIII. Henrietta F. Gardner, ra William L. Baldwin. 
C: (IX) Edward A. Baldwin. (|X) Harry C. Bald- 

VIII. Mary A. Gardner, b— , d Aug 21, 1900. 

Vl|. William Gardner, b Sept 19, 1810, d Apr 6, 

1890, m Hannah Ryno Jan 3, 1832. She was b Sept 
I, 1813, d — . C: Philetta, Mary, Hannah, Kath- 
arine, Almira, John. He m second wife, Elizabeth 
(Hunt) Miles, Mar 14, 1849. She was b in Sussex 
Co. Dec 27, 1813, d Dec 27, 1892. C: Hannah, 

Mahy H. Fki;tz. 
A. J. Fkktz. Ei.izAniiTii C. Fketz. 

(8ee piigc 10.")) 


Sarah, William, Wesley, Clara. 

Vill. Philetta Edwards Gardner, b Feb 13, 1834, 
m Edward P. Stearns May 24, 1854. 

VIII- Mary Ann Gardner, b Sept 16, 1836, m Joseph 
English Apr 1845. 

Ylll. Hannah Jane Gardner, b 1838. 

VIII- Katharine Jane Gardner, b Sept 14, 1840, m 
Edward P. Clark Mar 6, 1856. 

VIII. Almira Theresa Gardner, b Feb 6, 1842, m 
Edward Keisling May 20, 1859. 

VIM- Hannah Maria Gardner, b May 7, 1849, m 
Charles E. Baldwin June 23, 1869. 

VIII. Sarah Rebecca Gardner, b May 7, 1849, 
(Twin), m William H. Gardner Nov 29, 1869. 
(See Wm. H, Gardner Family). 

VIII- William John Gardner, b Aug 13, 185 i. 

VIII- Wesley Judson Gardner, b Aug 29, 1853, d 
Nov 1856. 

VIII. Clara Russel Gardner, b Sept 8, 1856, d Dec 
19, i860. 

Vl|. Burton R. Gardner, b May 22, 1812, d Sept 
17, 1812. 

VII- Horace B. Gardner, b July 11, 1813, dMay4, 

1856, m Catoline Richards Beach Oct 19, 1836. She 
wash Sept 4, 1813, dOct 19, 1877. C: Horace, 
Stephen, Edwards, Mary, Emma, Caroline, Isa- 
belle, Charles, Edward. 

VIII. Horace Bruen Gardner, b Aug 14, 1837, m 
Eouise H. Young May 27, 1874. She wash Dec 15, 
1851. C: (IX) Horace Bruen Gardner, b Feb 28, 
1875. (IX) Bessie Clement Gardner, bApr4, 1880. 

VIII. Stephen Augustus Gardner, bAug7, 1839. 

VIII. Edward B. Gardner, b Mar 26, 1841, d Sept 

VIII- Mary Pierson Gardner, b Jan 13, 1834. 

VIII- Emma Eouisa Gardner, b Oct 19, 1844, d 1901 , 


VIII- Caroline Pierson Gardner, b Jan 5, 1847, d 
Apr 22, I 849. 

VIII. Charles Carroll Gardner, b Apr 20, 1852, at 
Piermout, N. Y., d Feb 5, 1902, m Virginia Mc- 
Nair Apr 20, 1882. She was b Apr 9, 1853. C: 
(IX) Charles Carroll Gardner, b Apr 12, 1883. .(|X> 
Raymond McNair Gardner, b Mar 12, 1885. (|X) 
Preston DeForest Gardner, b May 20, i88g. 

VIII. Edward Douglas Gardner, bjan 30, 1854, ra 
Abby Douglas Terbell Sept 15, 1886. She was b 
Mar 30, 1865. C: (IX) Majorie Woodward Gardner, 
b Apr 24, 1887. (IX) Edward Douglas Gardner, b 
Mar 5, 1893. (IX) Alice Cooley Gardner, b July 30, 

VII. Phebe H. Gardner, b Sept 4, 1814, d Sept 22, 

Vl|. Burton Renard Gardner, b Nov 18, 1815, d in 
Sparta, Ga. Apr 15, 1856, m Martha E. Scuddy Dec 
1842. She was b 1823, d Jan 1848. C: Mary, 
Martha. He m second wife, Catharine Ann Harper, 
Oct 1 85 1. C: Frank, Lizzie. 

VIII. Mary Elizabeth Gardner, b Apr 28, 1845, at 
Sparta, Ga., d Nov 1894, m Thomas Alexander Dal- 
las June 1869. He wasb at Upson, Ga. June 1845. 
P O Atlanta, Ga. Planter. C: Burton, Frank, 
Simeon, Albert, Martha. 

IX- Burton Edward Dallas, b Nov 24, 1873. 

IX. Frank Dallas, b Sept 1877, d Nov 14, 1894. 

IX. Simeon Dallas, b 1879. P O Thomaston, Ga, 

IX. Albert Dallas, bjune 1882. P O Thomaston, 
Ga. S. 

IX. Martha Euphemia Dallas, bOct 9, 1884. P O 
Thomaston, Ga. S. 

VIII. Martha Ann Gardner, b Aug 12, 1849, m 
George James Dallas May 14, 1867, He was b in 


Augusta, Va. Jan 30, 1834, son of Samuel and So- 
phia (Houston) Dalhouse. P O Atlanta, Ga. 220 
Gordon Ave. Presby. C: 

IX. Leta Virginia Dallas, b Feb 3, 1877. P O At- 
lanta, Ga. Music teacher. S. 

VIII. Frank Pierce Gardner, b Aug 30, 1852, d Feb 
1897, m Leila Alice L. Hawes May i, 1879. PO 
Elberton, Ga. C: (IX) Hugh Dallas Gardner, b 
Junes, 1889- (IX) Bertha Gardner, b Dec 8, 1894. 

VIII. Lizzie Edwards Gardner, b Jan 21, 1855, d 
Mar II, 1857. 

V!|. Nathaniel Edward Gardner, b Jan 18, 181 7, d 
in Atlanta, m Elizabeth Harper. He m second wife, 
Eleanor Lawshe. C: Nellie, Lizzie. 

VIII. Nellie Gardner, b— , d— . S. 

VIII. Lizzie E. Gardner, m — Howell. P O 737 
Peachtree St. Atlanta, Ga. 

Vl|. Luther Goble Gardner, b Feb 23, i8i8,m Sarah 
Elizabeth Washburn Oct 13, 1844. She was b Feb 
15, 1826, in New York City. C: Samuel, Abbie, 
Sarah, Alice, Phebe, Addie, George. 

VIII. Samuel Merritt Gardner, b July 19, 1845. 

VIII. Abbie Jane Gardner, bjuly 21, 1847, d May 
9, 1849. 

VIII. Sarah Elizabeth, b July 27, 1849, m — Had- 
lock. P O Aenora, 111. 

VIII. Alice Virginia, b Mar 10, 1852. 

Vill. Phebe Merritt, b Apr 26, 1854. 

VIII. Addie , b Sept 30, 1857, d Aug 18, 1859. 

VIII. George Luther, b Aug 10, 1861, dDec2, 1880. 

Vl|. Phebe Gardner, b Nov 5, 1819, d unmarried. 

VII. John Gardner, b Dec 5, 1820, m Emeline Ball 
1847. She was b Aug 25, 1827, d June 8, 1897. C: 
Emma, Burton, Mary, Horace, Harriet. 

VIII. Emma Frances Gardner. 


VIII- Gardner. 

VIII Burton R. Gardner, b Sept 17, 1856, d Dec 
31, i860. 

Vll|. Mary Emma, b Jan 21, 1854., d Dec 28, i860. 

VIII. Horace D. Gardner b Feb 27, 1858, d Aug 6, 

VIII. Harriet E., b Oct 11, 1865. 

Vl|. Reuben Edward Gardner, b Feb 21, 1822, d 
Sept 10, 1883, m Julia Ann Ford Jan 3, 1844. C: 
George, John, Burton, Mary. He m second wife, 
Sarah (Jane) Johnson, Sept 27, 1868. Blacksmith, 
Baptist. C: Nellie, William, "Loiusa, Neva, Charles. 

VIII. George Arthur Gardner, b Apr 3, 1845. PO 
Milledgeville, Ga. 

IX. Arthur Gardner. P O Atlanta, Ga. 

VIII- John Howard Gardner, b Aug ig, 1847. 
VIII. Burton Gardner, b at Morristown, N. J. June 

26, 1849, m Josephine Bj'num Dec 5, 1872. She 
wash July 18, 1850. P O 166 Davis St. Atlanta, 
Ga. In 1858 moved with his father to Milledgeville, 
Ga. In 1870 he moved to Morristown, N. J., but 
soon returned to the south, making his home in At- 
lanta, Ga; was at first in the Blacksmith business, 
but later became connected with a large grocery busi- 
ness, which he now runs. C: Alice, Edward, Lena, 

IX- Alice Oliva Gardner, b at Roswell, Ga. 1S74, m 
Wm. Thomas Wilson Oct 16,1897. C: (X) Hugh 
Clayton Wilson, b Jan 6, 1898. 

IX Edward Gardner, b July 16, 1876, m Mamie 
Estelle Brown Apr 25, 1900. She was bat Decatur, 
Ga. Feb 17, 1878. 

IX- Lena May Gardner, b June 13, 1878. 
IX- Elizabeth Gardner, b Oct 28, 1881, d Oct 2, 


Vni- Mary Ann, b Feb 19, 1851. 

Vi9|. Nellie, b Mar 7, 1870. 

VIII. Wm. R , bNov 14,' 1871. 

Vlli. Louisa P., b Sept 5, 1873, m Geo. W. Pierce 
Aprs, 1890. C: (IX) May Ann Pierce, b July 13, 
1891. (IX) Avery C. Pierce, b Oct 14, 1893. (|X) 
Almeta Pierce, b Mar 6, 1898. 

VIJI. Neva B., b Feb 17, 1876. 

VIII. Charles R., b Mar 27, 1880. P O Atlanta, 
Ga. Boiler maker, Methodist. S. 

Vl|. Harriet Rose Gardner, b Apr 11, 1823, d in 
California, m Roswell Miller June 13, 1842. C: 
Fred S. She m second husband, Peter Whitbeck, 
May 20, 1854. C: Charles W. 

VIII. Fred S. Miller. 

VBII. Charles W. Whitbeck. 

Vl|. Joseph Wheeler Gardner, b May 11, 1825, m 
Elizabeth Garrison Apr 17, 1847. She was b in 
Sussex Co. N. J. Dec 24, 1827. C: Ann, William, 

VIII- Ann Eliza Gardner, b Oct 4, 1847, at Newark, 

N. J. m John Glaspie Oct 18, 1866. Lived at Aurora 
until 1879, when they moved to Kansas, later to 
Galatea, Colo, where they still remain. C: Carrie, 
Elizabeth, Annie, Irene, Edith, Clara, Eliza. 

VIII. William Edward Gardner, b June 24, 1849, 
m Anne Electa Freeman Nov 23, 1881, She was b at 
Aurora, 111. Mar 12, 1857. P O Aurora, 111. 378 
New York St. Carpenter, Baptist. C: James, Ger- 

IX- James Lewis Gardner, b Nov 24, 1882. 

IX. Gertrude May Gardner, bAug6, 1887. 

V1I|. Carrie Louisa Gardner, b June 11, 1862, d 
Sept 10, 1862. 
VII. Maria R. Gardner, b May 12, 1826, d Mar 10, 



Vl|. Abbie Bedford Garduer, b Oct 29, 1830, d 
Dec I, 1832. 
Vl|. Mary Gardner, b May 6, 1833, d May 6, 


VI|. Charles H. Gardner, b Sept 23, 1834. Mov- 
ed South. 

Y|. Jesse Gardner, b Feb 28, 1784, d Mar 13, 
1858, m Lydia, daughter of Japthia and Dorcas 
(Dodd) Coudit, Jan 14, 180S. She was b Dec 8, 
1789, d Mar 2, 1817. C: Amanda, Asenath, Reu- 
ben Harriet, Moses. Jesse m second wife, Rachel, 
daughter of Samuel and Thankful (Eare) Cronwell, 
(widow). She wash Aug7, 1780, d Aug 26, 1865. 
No issue. Farmer in Orange Valley. 

Vl|. Amanda Gardner, b Oct 13, 1808, d Dec 17, 
1841, m Joseph Williams Nov 12, 1828. 

Vl|. Asenath Gardner, b at Orange, N. J. Jan 26, 
1810, dDecii, 1878, m James Wilden Hughes Feb 
23,1829. He wash Feb 23, 1808, d June 6, 1894. 
C: Issachar, Mary, Edward, Harrison, Edward, 
Ellis, James, Frederick, Charles, Jesse, Theodore. 

VIII. Issachar Hughes, b Nov 7, 1813, d Sept 10, 

VIII. Mary Wilden Hughes, b Aug i, 1832. 

VIII. Edward Hughes, b Jan 14, 1834, d Sept 6, 

VIII. Harrison Bethwel Hughes, b Feb 21, 1835, d 

Sept 8, 1858. 

VIII. Edward Hughes, b Feb 3, 1837. 

VIII. Ellis Hughes, b Jan 9, 1839. 

VIII- James Wilden Hughes b Nov 27, 1840. 

VIII. Frederick Hughes, b Jan 9, 1843. 

VIII. Charles Dickerson Hughes, b Jan 16, 1845. 

VIII. Jesse Gardner Hughes, bjuly 19, 1848. 

VIII. Theodore Augustus Hughes, b Oct 15, 1850. 


Yl|. Reuben Cotidit Gardner, b Feb 28, 1811, m 
Susan IvUsana Mirick Jan 5, 1S37. She was b May 
7, 1810, d Sept 16, 1848. C: Lydia, Jesse, Jesse, 
Valera, Phebe, John, Harriet, Josephine, Susan. 
Hem second wife, I,ydia Roloson, in 1848. She 
wash Sept 1823, d Apr 11, 1887. C: Sarah, Seth, 
Joseph, Eunice, Jane, Ciers, L,emuel, Martin, 
Margaret, Reuben, Walter, Ida; m 3rd wife, L,ucy 
(Preston) Baldwin, July 11, 1888. 

Vill- Lydia Amelia Gardner, b Jan 12, 1838, m 
Josiah L,eonard Cosner Jan 24, 1856. He was b at 
Fredericktown, Ohio, Aug 30, 1837. C: Margaret, 

IX. Margaret Cosner, b Jan 2, 1857, d June 17, 

IX. Almeda Cosner, b Dec 8, 1858, d Jan 6, 1886. 

Vn|. Jesse U. Gardner, b July 29, 1839, d— . 

VIII. Jesse Wallace Gardner, b Feb 19, 1841, d Nov 

VIII. Valera Gardner, b July 29, 1842, d—. 

VIII. Phebe Irene Gardner, b Sept 6, 1843, m Will- 
iam B. Shaw. He was b at Delaware, O. Feb i, 
1835. P O Delaware, O. C: Charles, Paul, Eu- 
gene, Reuben. 

IX. Charles Hugh Shaw, bat Delaware, O.July 14, 

IX. Paul Shaw, b Dec 10, 1876, d Dec 15, 1876. 

IX. Eugene Wesley Shaw, b July 29, 1881. 

IX. Reuben Taylor Shaw, b Oct 8, 1884. 

Vni. John Mirick Gardner, b at Genoa twp O. Jan 
29, 1845, m Olive Lewis Dsc 18, 1868. She Was b 
Nov 28, 1850. P O VanWert, O. C: Orson, Edith, 
Jessie, Lewis, Ralph, Mary, Agnes. 

IX. Orson M. Gardner, b Nov 27, 1869, m Mary 
Evelyn Hall Feb 24, 1892. She was b May 10, 1871. 


C: (X) Walter O. Gardner, b Jan 24, 1893. (X) John 
Melvin Gardner, b June 13, 1896. 

IX. Edith Gardner, b Nov 16, 1871, at VanWert Co. 
O. m Charles F. Priddyjan 1895. P O VanWert, 
O. C: (X) Lester E. Priddy, b Feb 20, 1896. 

IX- Jesse Gardner, b Nov 3, 1873, m Amos Medford 

Nov 30, 1893. He was b Sept 10, 1872, in Franklia 

Co. O. C: (X) Jennie Medford, b Jan 17, 1895. 

(X) Clara Olive Medford, b Nov 28, I S96. (X) Harry 

C. Medford, b Aug 5, 1898. 

IX- Lewis E. Gardner, b Jan 16, 1876, m - Bashore 
Feb 2, 1899. 

IX. Ralph C. Gardner, b Aug 23, 1878. 

IX- Mary Gardner, b Dec 3, 1880, 

IX- Agnes Gardner, b Nov 29, 1892. 

VIII. Harriet Gardner, b Feb 25, 1846, m Nathaniel 

Perhamus Oct 23, 1875. He wasb in Allen Co. Feb 

28,1845. P O Van Wert, O. C: Martin, Margaret, 

John, George, Grace, Charlotte. 

IX- Martin V. Buren Perhamus, b Sept 2, 1S76, d 
Sept 20, 1876. 

IX. Margaret Perhamus, b Nov 26, 1S77. 
IX- John William Perhamus, b Oct 5, 1879. 

IX- George Washington Perhamus, bjune 28, 1881. 

IX- Grace Carnelia Perhamus, b Mar 13, 1888, d 
Aug 7, 1888. 

IX- Charlotte Perhamus, b Dec 21, 1889. 

VIII • Josephine Gardner, b Mar 26, 1847, d Dec 3, 
1873, m William B. Shaw Aug 22, 1866. P O Del- 
aware, O. C: Alice, Jesse, Lydia, Alfred, Bertha. 

IX. Alice Lavina Shaw, b June 13, 1867, d Jan 3, 

IX- Jesse Morris Shaw, b Sept 7, 1868, d Jan 5, 

IX- Lydia Inez Shaw, b Feb 7, 1871. 

IX- Alfred Cookman Shaw, b Oct 28, 1872, d May 
6, 1878. 

Fkank J. IIeadlev, 
(See |i;iii-o KIT) 


IX. Bertha May Shaw, b Nov 26, 1873. 
Vlil. Susan Gardner, b vSept 4, 1848, d 1848. 
VIII. Sarah Gardner, b Oct 6, 1849. 

VIII. Seth Gardner, bat Delaware, Ohio, Jan 23, 
1 85 1, m Susan B. Davidson Apr 13, 1869. P O Del- 
aware, O. Carpenter, Meth. Ep. C: L,ena, Addie. 

IX. Lena May Gardner, b Apr 17, 1873, d Mar 12, 

IX. Addie Gardner, b May 30, 1875, m Arthur Den- 
nis. P O Delaware, O. Meth Ep. C: (X) Lena 
B. Dennis, b Jan 2, 1897. 

Vlll- Joseph Edward Gardner, bOct 8, 1852, d Nov 

VIII. Eunice Gardner, b Feb 13, '.1854, m Charles 
U. Hull Aug 24, 1837. He was b July 24, 1864. P 
O W. Berlin, O. C: Carl, Ray. 

IX. Carl Hall, b Dec i, 1888, d Jan 1889. 
IX. Ray Gardner Hall, b Dec 1889. 

VIII- Jane Gardner, b Sept 24, 1&55, d Nov 1872. 

VIII. Ciers Gardner, b May 4, 1857, m Annetta 
.Adams Dec 4, 1878. She was b Oct 14, 1858, dSept 

26, 1894. C: Mabel. Ciers m second wife, Mary 
Wheeler Mar 26, 1896. P O VanVert, O. C: Maud, 
Florence, Velraa. 

IX. Mabel Blanche Gardner, b Aug 11, 1880. 
IX. Maud Irene Gardner, b Jan 24, 1897. 

IX. Florence Gardner, b Jan 4, ^899, d Feb i6> 

IX. Velma Irene Gardner, b Sept 19, 1900. 

VIII- Lemuel J. Gardner, b at Delaware, O. Aug 
24, 1858, m Cora E. Anderson Dec 23, 1880. She 
was b at Stratford, Aug 25, 1856. P O W. Berlin,, 
Ohio. C: 

IX. Harvey L,. Gardner, b Nov 14, 1890. 

Vlll- Martin Luther Gardner, b -Apr 11, i860, tm 


Cyrena J, Lewis May 22, 1883. She wash June 8, 
1863. P O Convoy, O. C: 

IX- Edward H. Gardner, b Aug 5, 1884. 

IX- Paul M. Gardner, b Oct 21, 1887, d Aug 24, 

IX- Anna Gardner, b Sept 27, 1889, d Sept 13, 

IX- Dwight K. Gardner, b May 22, 1893, d Sept 24, 

IX- Ida May Gardner, b July 31, 1895. 

Yll|. Margaret Helen Gardner, b June 14, i86r, d 
Oct 3, 1890, m Harvey S. Adams Feb 28, 1881. No 

VIII. Reuben Gardner, b Apr 1863. 

Ylll- Walter Gardner, b Sept 10, 1864. 

Ylll. Ida May Gardner, b Sept 29, 1865. 

Yll- Harriet Gardner, b Nov 21, 1812, m Daniel 
E. Williams Oct 7, 1835. He was b 1804, d 1881. 
C: John, Henry, Charles, Anna, Edward, Daniel. 

VIII- JohnN. Williams, b June 29, 1836. 

VIII- Henry J. Williams, b 1838, d 1847. 

VIII- Charles P. Williams, b 1840, d 1878. 

VIII. Anna M. Williams, b 1843, d i860. 

VIII. Edward H. Williams, bi845. 

VIII- Daniel W. Williams, b 1848. 

Vl|. Moses Headley Gardner, b Aug i, 1S15, m 
Sarah Baldwin Nov 6, 1837. He m second wife, 
Abigail A. Edwards. She d Jan 26, 1856. C: 
Aaron. Moses m third wife, Mary Ann (Williams) 
Condit, Jan 29, 1857. 

VI- Thomas S. Gardner, b Apr 12, 1789, d June 14, 
1 85 1, m Catharine Freeman. She d about 181 3. C.- 
David. Hem second wife, Abigail Earl, Jan 4, 
1817. She was b Dec 4, 1794, d Feb 3, 1837. C: 
Catharine, Ira, John, Benjamin, Adaliue, Aarou. 


He m 3rd wife, . C: Mary. He lived for a 

while in the Orange Valley, then removed first to 
Tompkins Co. N. Y., later to Sanford, Conn. 

VII. David Freeman Gardner, b July 26, 1812, d 
Dec 16, 1890, m Sarah Ann Estil. She was b Sept 
20, 1805, d Apr 22, 1889. C: Mary, William, Eli- 

VIII. Mary Catharine Gardner, b June 22, 1835. 

VIII. William Estil Gardner, b Feb 6, 1837, at 
Plainfield, N. J., m Margaret Townley Earl Nov 23, 
1871. P O Plainfield, N.J. C: Ella, Cora, Mar- 
garet, William, David, Louisa. 

IX. Ella Wilmena Gardner, b Feb 11, 1873. 
IX. Cora E. Gardner, b July 3, 1874. 

IX. Margaret T. Gardner, b Dec 20, 1876. 

IX. William E. Gardner, b Nov 29, 1879. 

IX. David Gardner, b Nov 8, 1881. 

IX. Louisa B. Gardner, b June 8, 1823. 

VIII. Elizabeth Gardner, b Jan 28, 1839. 

Vl|. Catharine T. Gardner, b July 14, 1817, d Apr 
13, 1889. 

Vl|. Ira M. Gardner, bjan 2, 1819, d Mar 2, 1899, 
m Mary Ann Hill Dec 3, 1843. C: Edward, Adale- 
na, Emma. 

VIII. Edward T. Gardner, b Sept 26, 1846, at Itha- 
ca, N. Y., m Mannie B. Sanborn Oct i6, 1878. No 

VIII. Adalena M. Gardner, b June 25, 1848, m 
George C. Pollay Nov 19, 1879. No issue. 

VIII. Emma M. Gardner, b Nov 4, 1850, at Ithaca, 
N. Y., m Cassius N. TaberSept 25, 1872. C: Grace, 

IX. Grace B. Taber, b Feb 8, 1877. 
IX. Lena M. Taber, b Dec 17, 1879. 

V|. Phebe Gardner, b in 1792, d — , m John B. 


Vl|. John B. Gardner, b Nov 2, 1821, d Jan 25, 

Vl|. Benjamin S. Gardner, b Feb 10, 1823, d Sept 
10, 1892. 

Vl|. Adaline Gardner, b Nov 6, 1825, d Aug 5, 

Yl|. Aaron E. Gardner, b June 15,1828, 

Vl|. Mary Jane Gardner, b Aug 9, 1840, 

V|. Phebe Gardner, b ia 1792, d — , m John B. 
Smith June i, 1811. C: Sarah, Mary, lyUcinda, 
Hannah, Charles, John. Phebe m second husband, 
Thomas Bruen, C: Frederick, Martha. 

VI. Alva Gardner, b May 5, 1805, d Mar 1871, m 
Sarah M. Boice at Plainfield, N. J. 

Y|. Sarah Gardner, d single. 

Y|. Mary Gardner, b — , d — , m Joseph B. Hand. 

y. Thomas Gardner, b in Essex Co. N. J. Sept 25, 
1752, d Mar 12, 1804, m Abigail, daughter of Aaron 
and Abigail (Bonnell) Allen. She was b Jan 18, 
1754, at South Hanover, now Madison, N. J., d Apr 
9, 1 8 14. He lived at Jefferson Village, where he 
was an extensive land owner. His house stood on 
what is now the Ridgewood road, in Maplewood, 
about fifty yards north of the railroad crossing, on 
the lot where Samuel A. Gardner lived in 1901. He 
was a farmer, and was overseer of the Highways in 
Newark twp in 1790, C: Joanna, Sarah, Aaron, 
Uriah, Thomas, Jacob, David, Sarah, Infant, 

V|. Joanna Muller Gardner, b Oct 3, 1772, d Aug 
31, 1838. S. 

Y|. Sarah Gardner, b Apr 27, 1775, d Oct 22, 1784. 

Y|. Aaron Allen Gardner, b Sept 17, 1777, d Mar 

16, 1846, m Hannah Johnson. She was b July 4, 


1778, d Nov 17, 1827. C: Abigail, Joanna, Horace, 
Lucinda, Maria, Charles, Elizabeth, Aaron, Phebe. 
Aaron m second wife, Mrs. Hetty (VanNess) Witty, 
May 4, 1828. She was b Dec 14, 1785, d Sept 16, 
1865 He inherited the family homestead at Jeffer- 
son Village, and lived there till about 1823, when 
he moved to Newark where he owned a large shoe 
factory. Presby. 

Vl|. Abigail Bonnell Gardner, b Oct 3, 1798, d — , m 
Aaron L. Miller May 4, 1828. Lived at Springfield, 
N. J. C: Aaron L. 

VIII. Aaron L. Gardner, b 1834, d 1836. 

Vlj. Joanna M. Gardner, b Jan 18, 1801, d— , m 
Isaac R. Parcel Sept 14, 1818. He removed to New 
York State. 

VII. Horace Johnson Gardner, b Aug 13, 1803, d 

VII- Lucinda Smith Gardner, b Dec 14, 1805, d in 
Newark, N. J., m Moses Lyon Jenkins Mar i, 1827. 

Vl|. Maria Wells Gardner, b Nov 28, 1807, d—, m 
Sebastian Cabot Taylor Nov 26, 1826. 

VIJ. Charles P. Gardner, b Jan 9, 1810, d young. 

Vl|. Elizabeth Gardner, b Feb 18, 1812, d— , m 
John Remson Feb 4, 1829. 

VII- Aaron Allen Gardner, b Nov 18, 1814, d June 
2, 1882, m Mary J. Townley in 1835. She d Jan 2, 
1 881. C: Sarah, Mary, Emily, Moses, Emily, 

VIJl Sarah L. Gardner, b Aug 8, 1840, d 1854. 

VIII- Mary A. Gardner, bNov3, 1841, d 1852. 

VIII. Emily M. Gardner, b July 2, 1843, d 1847. 
VIII. Moses T. Gardner, b— , d Aug 26, 1849. 

VIII. Emily M. Gardner, (twin to Moses), b— , d 
Aug 26, 1849. 
VIII. Aaron Allen Gardner, b at Newark, N. J. Feb 


13, 1851, m Theresa Vogt Feb 14, 1881. She was b 
Sept 27, 1864. Jeweler. C: (|X) Henrietta A. 
Gardner, b Aug 22, 1882. (|X) Julia I,. Gardner, b> 
Jan 7, 1884. 

Yl|. PhebeHeadley Gardner, b Sept 26, 1817, d 
Apr 27, 1842. S. 

Yl|. Stilllx)rn, b Mar 23, 1820. 

Y|. Uriah Gardner, b Apr 5, 1780, d Oct 3, 182 1, m 
Nancy Allen, daughter of *Samuel and Hannah 
(Beach) Allen, Nov 22, 1801. She was b June 13, 
1784, d Apr 14, 1S64. He was a cabinet maker by 
trade, and worked as carpenter on the Old Spring- 
field church. He lived in Jefferson Village. C: 
Ezra, Nathaniel, Hannah, Elizabeth, Samuel, 
Thomas, Ira, Veiina, Mahala, Uriah. 

VII- Ezra Schofield Gardner, b Apr 15, 1803, d Feb 
3, 1877, m Maria Terril Feb 16, 1823. She was b 
Sept 25, 1804, d Dec 27, 1832. G: Elizabeth, Ira, 
Ira, Thomas, John. He m second wife, Mary A. 
Cramer, Oct 17, 1836. She was b Dec 15, 1804, d 
May 22, 1876. C: Mary, Philip, Veiina, Emily, 
Phebe, Samuel. He was committeeman of Spring- 
field twp 1837-43 and 1848-56, and Millburn twp 
committeeman 1857-8, and Justice of the Peace at 
Millburn, 1857. 

VIII. Elizabeth Cutler Gardner, b Oct 6, 1823, d Jan 

Vlli. Ira Gardner, b Jan 17, 1825, d Jan 19, 1S25. 

VIII. Ira Gardner, b at Jefferson Village, N.J. Feb 
2,1827, m Sarah Jane Smith May 17, 1854. She 
wash Jan 24, 1833, d Oct 11, 1894. C: (|X) Ida 
Leora Gardner, b— . (|X) Maria Elizabeth Gardner, 
b— , d Apr 2, 1880. (IX) Alice Irene Gardner, 

*8amuel Allen was a private in the Revolutionary war, and soa 
of Aiiroii and Abigail (Bonnell) Allen (if Mvulison, N. J. 


(IX) Bertha Jennetta Gardner. (|X) Edith Frances 
Gardner. (|X) Charles Ezra Gardner, bOct5, 1864, 
d Nov 5, 1891, 

VIII. Thomas Jefferson Gardner, b at Jefferson 
Village, N. J. Dec 3, 1829, m Josephine Hedden Jan 
24, 1866. She was b at Newark, N. J. Oct 7, 1845, 
d Jan 16, 1878. He was constable at Millburn in 
1858, and was one of the prominent shoe Mfgr of the 
century in Essex Co. C: (|X) Frank Leon Gardner, 
b in Newark, Mar 3, 1869. (|X) Harry Carlton Gard- 
ner, b Aug 9, 1870. (IX) Willard Watson Gardner, 
b June 3, 1872. (IX) Robert Elmore Gardner, b Sept 
30, 1875, d Oct 3, 1876. 

VIII- John Gardner, b Sept 21, 1831, d Jan 25, 

VIII- Mary Elizabeth Gardner, b June 27, 1837, d 
May 23, 1853. 

VIII. Philip Schmyler Gardner, b July 21, 1839, d 
Oct 24, 1871, m Margaret Wright Aug 15, 1858. 
She was b at Newfoundland, N. J. July 6, 1837. C: 
Randolph, William, Martha, George, Asa, Roselle. 

IX- Randolph Augustus Gardner, b Feb 18, 1859, 
at Maplewood, N. J., m Dora Scheedeenaeetle. C: 

(X) George Randolph Gardner, b June 27, 1882. (X) 
Wilfred Wallace Gardner, b June 28, 1884. (X) Eva 
Rosina Gardner, b June 14, 1888. (X) Philip An- 
drew Gardner, bjune 12, 1890, d Dec 18, 1890. (X) 
Edgar Gardner, b 1893. (X) Randolph Augustus 
Gardner, b Mar 5, 1895. (X) William Chandler Gard- 
ner, b Jan 1897. (X) Dorothey Gardner, b Sept 18, 

IX. William Whitfield Gardner, b Sept 13, 1861. 
IX. Martha J. Gardner, b Aug 15, 1863. 

IX- George Washington Gardner, b Nov 6, 1865, d 
Aug 30, 18S0. 


IX- Asa Hilyard Gardner, b Nov lo, 1867, d Mar 
29, 1868. 

IX- Roselle Gardner, b Nov 22, 1869, d May 29, 

VIII- Velina Gardner, b at Jefferson Village, N. J, 
Oct 23, 1840, m Amzi Brower. C: Winfield, Harvey, 
Georgianna, Charles, Maud. 

VIII- Emily Mix Gardner, b Jan 8, 1843, m Lewis 
Hulse Salmon Oct 3, 1877. He was b at Mt. Olive, 
N. J. Apr II, 1841. P O Hackettstown, N. J. C: 
Charles, Phebe, Raymond. 

IX- Charles Schofield Salmon, b June 20, 1878. 
IX- Phebe Caroline Salmon, b Aug 28, 1879. 

IX- Raymond Welcome Salmon, b July 24, 18S3. 

VIII- Phebe Allen Gardner, b Apr 8, 1 844, m Jotham 
S. Campbell May 16, 1863. C: 

IX- Mary Isabelle Campbell. 

VIII- Samuel Allen Gardner, bat Jefferson Village, 
N. J. Mar 14, 1846, L,aura Agnes Smith Oct 29, 1868. 
She was b at Maplewood, N. J. Jan 6, 1845, d Nov 
25, 1883. P O Maplewood, N.J. C: Grace, Char- 
lotte, Samuel, Lucy. He m second wife, Mary E- 
Reeve, June 19, 1889. She was b 1842, d Nov 27, 

IX. Grace Cecelia Gardner, b Dec 21, 1S69, m Sam- 
uel Budd Parks. 

IX- Charlotte Helena Gardner, b ApriS72, d June 
1896, m Emory Dare Dec 15, 1S91. 

IX- Samuel Warren Gardner, b Oct 27, 1875. 

IX- Lucy Maud Gardner, b Feb 6, 1878. 

Vll- Nathaniel Bonnell Gardner, b May 14, 1805, d 
Mar 25, 18S0, m Elizabeth Garrison Apr 5, 1827. 
She was b Nov 15, 1801, d Jan 27, 1853. C: George, 
Camelia, Randolph, Wilbur, Joseph, Mary, Ed- 
ward, Theodore, William, Alice. He m second wife. 


Deborah Downs, Oct3i, 1859. She d July 4, 1869. 

Vlll- George Morris Gardner, b Mar 22, 1828, m 
Mary Jacobus Mar 24, 1851. She was bat Newark, 
N.J. Jan 31, 1827, d i88g. Res. San Francisco, 
Cal. C: Joseph, George, etc. 

VIII. Camelia A. Gardner, b Dec 3, 1829, d Feb 29, 

VIII. Randolph Gardner, b Feb 22, 1832. 

VIII. Wilbur Gardner, b Sept 18, 1833. 

VIII. Joseph W. Gardner, b June 26, 1835. 

VIII. Mary I. Gardner, b Jan 18, 1837, d July 29, 

Vlll- Edward Payson Gardner, bat Newark, N. J. 
Aug 23, 1839, d July 7, i8go, m Rebecca Rose June 
22., 1862. She was b at Woolwich, England, June 
1840. Merchant, Meth Ep. C: John, Mary, Eli- 
zabeth, Thomas, Ellen, Isabelle, Charles, George. 

IX. John Nathaniel Gardner, b at Newark, N. J. 
Mar 14, 1864, m Alice Arnold Waldron July 8, 1889. 
She was b at Providence, R. I. May 12, 1863. Res. 
12 Matthews Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. Broker, Bap- 
tist. C: (X) Grace Gardner, b Dec 23, 1890. (X) 
Payson Lewis Gardner, b Sept 17, 1892. (X) Paul 
Arnold Gardner, b Mar 26, 1894. 

IX. Mary Aldine Gardner, b Oct 20, 1865, dOct 10, 

IX. Elizabeth Ann Gardner, bjune 20, 1870, d in 

IX. Thomas Augustus Gardner, b May 12, 1874. 

IX. Ellen Rebecca Gardner, b Feb 12, 1877. 

IX. Isabelle Maud Gardner, b Apr 30, 1880. 

IX. Charles Wm. Gardner, b Feb 12, 1883, d Aug 
7, 1885. 

IX. George Gardner, b May 1885, d May 1885. 

Vlll. Theodore Augustus Gardner, b Aug 23, 1839, 
d— ? 


VIII- William Henry Gardner, b Mar 22, 1843, m 
Sarah Rebecca Gardner Nov 29, 1869. Res. Eliza- 
beth, N. J. C: (IX) Elizabeth Irene, b Nov 23, 
1870. (IX) Wm. Bonnell, b Dae 24, 187 1. (|X) 
Frances Eleanor, b — , d young. (|X) Sadie Estella, 
b Sept 22, 1876. (IX) Edna Clark, b Nov 2, 1880, d 

Vll|. Alice Lavina Gardner, b June 5, 1846, d Mar 
28, 1847-8. 

Yl|. Hannah A. Gardner, b Mar 8, 1807, d May 
1869, m Jeremiah T. Mix Sept 8, 1830. C: Emily, 

Yl|. Elizabeth Cutler Gardner, b Apr 1S09, d Aug 
25, 1821. S. 

Vl|. Samuel Gardner, b Mar 19, 1811, d Sept r, 
1850, m Phebe Dean. C: 

VIII. Uriah M. Gardner. 

Vl|. Thomas Gardner, b May II, 1813, d Sept 20, 

Vl|. Ira Gardner, bjune 7, 1815, d Aug 20, 1821. 

VII. VelinaGardner, bOctiS, 1817, d Apr 23, 1883, 
m William A. Cobb Aug 18, 1841. C: Frederick, 
William, Anna, Frank, Harriet, Jeremiah. 

Vll|. Frederick Lyndon Gardner, b June 20, 1842. 

VIII. Wm. Allen Gardner, b Aug 3, 1844. 
VIII  Anna Gardner, b Mar 13, 1847. 
VIII. Frank Gardner, bAug 18, 1849. 

VIII. Harriet Peck Gardner, b 1851, d May i, 

VIII- Jeremiah Mix Gardner, b Sept 9, 1855. 

VII - Mahala Gardner, b Dec 15, 1S19, d Sept 25, 
1896. S. 

VII- Uriah Meales Gardner, b July 26, 1 82 1, d June 
4, 1822. 

V|. Thomas Gardner, b Oct 14, 1782, dabout 1855, 


m Sarah . He moved to Middleport, N. Y. 

where he lived until 1850, then removed to Albany 
where he died. C: John, Samuel. 

VII. John H. Gardner, bjuly 8, 1810, d Sept 19, 
18S2, m Nancy Jacobson Nov 1S29. She was b at 
Guilderslant, Conn. Mar 15, 1806, d Dec 31, r86i. 
C: Christopher, Jane, Sarah, Henry, Eve, Thomas, 
Christopher Gardner, b 1830, m Kate Coons. 
Jane Gardner, b Feb 7, 1832, m Henry How- 
land. C: John, Frank. 

Vlir Sarah Gardner, b Jan 10, 1S34, m George 
Ross. C: Carrie, Ella, Etta, Jennie, George, Har- 

Vtll- Henry Gardner, b Feb 6, 1836, d 1861. 

Vni Eve Eliza Gardner, b Dec 5, 1840, m Henry 
J. Underbill Aug 15, 1854, d Sept 25, 1900. C: 
Alonzo, John, George, Belle, Jennie. 

IX. Alonzo Underbill, b June 25. 1855. 

IX. John H. Gardner Underbill,* b Oct 5, 1857, at 
Albany, N. Y., m Fanny B. Ostrander Mar 25, 1891. 
She was b at SHngerlands, N. Y. June 5, 1869. C: 
(X) John H. Gardner, b Oct 10, 1893. (X) Harold 
B. Gardner, b Mar 5, 1S95. 

IX. George Underbill, b July 21, 1859. 

IX. Belle Underbill, b May 7, 1861, d Sept 19, 

IX. Jennie Underbill, b Mar 10, 1875. 

Vil|. Thomas Gardner, bjan7, 1844, m Elizabeth 
Hilton Apr 22, 1863. P O Albany, N. Y. C: 

IX. Henry H. Gardner, b Nov 27, 1863, m Mary E. 

*In 1893 Mr. Gardner, on death of his grandfather, in order to 
enter into possession of the homestead by a special act of the Legis- 
lature, had the Underhill dropped from his name, and has since been 
known as John H. Gardner. 


Shumaker June 2, 1886. No issue. 

Vl|. Samuel Gardner. 

Y|. Jacob Gardner, b Sept 17, 1785, d — , m Hannah 
Sutton. He enlisted in war of 1812. He never re- 
turned; was reported as missing. C: Thomas, 
Jacob, Sarah. 

Vl|. Thomas Gardner, d young. 

Vl|. Jacob Gardner, d Oct 21, 1831. 

Vl|. Sarah Stratton Gardner. 

Y|. David Miller Gardner, b June 19, 1788, d Mar 
5, 1867, m Lucy Scott, daughter of Eli and Ex- 
perience (Randall) Scott, Aug 26, 1813. She was 
bin Mass. Mar 23, 1794, d June 2, 1883. In 1816 
they moved to Batavia, N. Y. where he kept a small 
farm for a few years. In 1836 moved to a place one 
mile south of Middleport, N. Y. where he construct- 
ed a large shoe establishment for many years. In 
1845 he bought a large farm in Hartland, N. Y. 
where he died. He was unostentatious, illustrating 
the christian virtues not so much by words as by 
deeds. He was a careful reader, a good thinker, 
conscientious in his interests in his country as well as 
his fellowmen, and died in full faith of a righteous 
reward hereafter. Presby. C: Joanna, Thomas, 
Abigail, David, Miranda, Mary, William, Minerva, 
Adaline, Aaron, Maria, Sarah. 

Vl|. Joanna Miller Gardner, b Apr 21, 1S14, d Dec 
16, 1849, m Charles M. House in 1843. He was b 
1 81 7, d 1 86 1. C: Charles, Edwin, Alice. 

Vlll- Charles House, b May 30, 1844. 

VIII. Edwin O. House, b Oct 25, 1845. 

VIII. Alice M. House, b i8.|6, d 1848. 

Vl|. Thomas Gardner, b June 20, 1815, at Alexan- 
der, N. Y. d Mar 4, 1877, m Helen Hunckley Nov i, 
1867. She wash in Switzerland, Sept 22, 1841. C: 
Thomas, Kittie, David. 

Hannah Lookwood Hkadley. 
(See page llii— |:i) 


VIII. Thomas Francis Gardner, b July 6, 1868, m 
Lillie Stone Nov 1894. C: (|X) Francis Allen Gard- 
ner, bOct 1895. 

Ylll. Kittie Elnora Gardner, b Oct 29, 1869. 

VIII. David Aaron Gardner, b Aug 23, 1876. 

Vl|. Abigail Gardner, bjune9, 1 8 r6, m William H. 
Earl Dec 9, 1840. He was b in Newark, N. j. Jan 
I, 1817, djan20, 1898. C: Enoch, David, William, 
John, Frederick. 

Vill. Enoch Scott Earl, b Feb 8, 1842. 

VIII. David M. Earl, b Jan 17, 1843, d Sept 22, 

VIII. William Earl, b— . 

VIII. John Ogden Earl, b— . 

VIII. Fredericks. Earl, b July 31, 1850, d Apr 10, 


VIII. David vScott Gardner, bjan 25, 181 8, d Feb 
26, 1896. S. 

VII. Miranda Gardner, b Feb 5, 1819, d Feb 2, 
1 89 1, m Hason W. Brown Nov 7, 1840. He was b 
at Syracuse, 1818, djunei, 1894. C: 

Vll|. Eucy Gardner Brown, b 1842, d 1849. 

Vl|. Mary Williams Gardner, b at Batavia, N. Y. 

Aug3, 1H20, dAug 6, 1891, m Taylor. C: 

Mayron. She m second husband, John Shipman 
Brown, Oct 31, 1847. He was b May 8, 1812, d May 
1898. C: Albert, David, John, George. 

VIII. Mayron A. Taylor, b May 16, 1839, d Aug 

31, 18^8. 
VIII. Albert C. Brown, b Aug 25, 1859, d Sept 8, 


VIII- David Gardner Brown, b Aug 16, 1852. 
VIII. JohnS. Brown, b 1856, d 1858. 
VIII. George Washington Brown, b Apr 21, 1859. 



Vl|. William Blodgett Gardner, bOct4, 1821, d Aug 
21, 1896, m Rebecca Dunn May 10, 1849. She was 
b Dec 31, 1825, d Dec 18, 1899. C: Flora, John, 
Lucy, Emma. 

VIII- Flora Miranda Gardner, b July 10, 1850, at 

Middleport, N. Y., m Francis Franklin Reynolds Jan 
II, 1872. He was b May 14, 1859, at Royalton, N. 
Y. Farmer and butcher at Medina. C: (|X) Ash- 
ley Earl Reynolds, b at Medina, N. Y. Oct 14, 1872. 

VIII. John D. Gardner, b Aug 7, 1852. 

Vlll- IvUcyM. Gardner, b Dec 20, 1856, d Oct 14. 

Vlll- Emma L. Gardner, b Nov 22, i860, d Oct 9. 
1888, m Henry Davis, in 1885. 

VII- Minerva C. Gardner, b Aug 13, 1823, d July 7, 
1880, m Elijah C. Odell Nov 1844. He was b 1820, 
di894. C: Albert, David, Walter, Mary. 

. yt||. Albert Odell, b 1845, d 1849. 
Vlll. David Odell, b Nov 8, 1847, d i8cS6. 
VIH. Walter S. Odell, b May 1849, d Nov 10, 1875. 
VWI. Mary W. Odell, b July 7, 1858, djan 18.1893. 

VII. Adaline A. Gardner, b Feb 6, 1825, d Feb 12, 
1895, m Jesse A. Gladding May i, 1849. He was b 
Apr 8, 1820. P O Gasport, N. Y. Lawyer; Mrs. 
G. Episcopal. C: Ada, Hva, Milton. 

VIII- Ada C. Gladding, b June 30, 1850. P O Gas- 
port, N. Y. Episcopal. S. 

VIII. Eva A. Gladding, bFebs, 1853, m C. C. Mc- 
Nair. P O Gasport, N. Y. C: (|X) Inez H. Mc- 
Nair. (|X; Walter R. McNair. 

yil|. Milton S. Gladding, b June 22, 1856, ra Anna 

Clare Mar 30, 1887. P O Gasport, N. Y. C: (|X> 
Bessie A. Gladding. 
VII  Aaron Allen Gardner, b July 21, 1826, d Mar 
31, 1877, m Fannie L. Rouse 1851. She was b Sept 
29, 1830. C: Joanna, Abbie. 


VIII- Joanna Miller Gardner, b 1852, d 1856. 

VIII- Abbie D. Gardner, b Jan 20, 1854. 

VII- Maria Scott Gardner, b Nov 28, 1827, d June 

25. 1851. 

VII- Sarah Reeve Gardner, b Mar 28, 1829, d Mar 
27, 1877, m Jaccheus Aldrich Mar 30, 1854. She 
was b May 20, 1829. C: 

VIII- Sarah Elizabeth Aldrich, b Dec 14, 1866. 

V|. Sarah Gardner, b Sept 9, 1790, d Oct 25, 1848, 
m Walter Reeve Smith Dec 2, 1809, son of W. Reeve, 
b in Morris Co. Jan 10, 1787, d Jan 4, 1870. C: 
Thomas, Abigail, Isaac, Sarah. 

Vll- Thomas Allen Reeve, b Sept i, 1810, d Aug 
14, 1875. 

Vll- Abigail M. Reeve, b Oct 6, 1813, d Sept 10, 

Vll- Isaac O. Reeve, b — , d young. 

Vll- Sarah A. Reeve, b May 24, 1821, d Dec 22, 

V|. Infant, b May 13, 1793, d May 28, 1793. 

VI Samuel Headley Gardner, b June 19, 1796, d 
Dec 16, 1868, m PhebeJ. Bonnell. She was b Aug 

26, 1799, d Mar 13, 1844. C: Lyman, Olivia, Bent- 
ley Lyman, Irene. Hem second wife, Mercy Mc- 
Williams, Nov 15, 1845. C: Emma, Adaline, Laura. 
He was a very prominent man and represented Essex 
Co. in the General Assembly 1 838-1 840. He was 
overseer of the poor in Clinton township 1835. He 
lived in Springfield until about 1834, when he moved 
to "Camptown," now Irvington. 

Vl|. Lyman Ward Gardner, b Aug 4, 1820, d Jan 
5, 1822. 

VII- Olivia Gardner, baptized Aug 22, 1822, m 
David Magie Meeker Dec 16, 1840. He was b Nov 
26, 1819, at "Conn. Farms," d June 16, 1880. C: 
Mary, Stephen, Fanny. 


V|[. Bentley Gardner, b Jau 9, 1823, d 1825. 

VII- Lyman Gardner, b 1824, m Mary A. Smith Dec 
3, 1844. She was b July 5, 1823, at Union, N. J. dl 
Apr 19, 1891. C: Phebe A., Ada, Samuel H. . 
Josephine, Bentley, David M., Susan, Irving, 
Mary, Isaac B. 

Vl|. Emma C. Gardner, b Apr i, 1846, m Rev. 
Robert B. Collins Feb 7 , 1871. Minister, Methodist 
Episcopal ch. C: (Vlll) Bertha S. Collins, b at 
Irvington, N. J. June 29, 1873. 

Vl|. Adeline Gardner, b Mar 20, 1848, m James B. 
Huff June 19, 1866. C: Laura, James, Florence. 

Vlll. Laura Belle Huff, b Dec 31, 1S67, d Nov ly, 

Vlll. James G. Huff, b Aug 18, 1871. 

Vlll. Florence A. Huff', b June 29, 1873. 

Vl|. Laura Olivia Gardner, b Oct 14, 1851, m Joseph 
Walker Apr 13, 1881. He was b Sept 6, 1852, at 
Nashville, Tenn. No is.«ue. 

V- Elijah Gardner, b in Co. N.J. Jan 4, 1757, 
d June 1807, m Sarah, daughterof James Force. He 
lived a time in Springfield twp on the north end of 
his father's home lot, but after his father's death he 
moved to Hudson county, and is .said to have at one 
time owned nearly all the land on which the town of 
Union Hill now .stands. He served as a private 
from Esse.K county during the latter part of the Revo- 
lution, and in 1802 his name appears on the muster 
roll of Capt. Moses Baldwin's Company. C: James, 
Phebe, Sarah, John, Elizabeth, Thomas. 

Vl|. James Force Gardner, b Nov 5. 17S3, d Sept 
10, 1851, m Mary Earle, daughter of Robert and 
Mary (Smith) Earle, Dec 4, 1807. She was b Apr 
20, 1788, djan2, 1868. Lived in Weehawken, Hud- 
son Co. C: Sarah, Charles. Mary, James, Elijah, 


Elizabeth, Phebe, Robert, Jane, John, Charlotte, 
Thomas, Cornelias. 

VII. Sarah Earl Gardner, b Sept 4, 1808, d Nov 3, 
1889, m John Morgan. 

Vl|. Charles Earl Gardner, b June 24, 1820, d Feb 
20, 1877, tti Catharine A. Crozier. She was b 1814, 
d Aug 27, 1895. C: James, Sarah, Francis, Charles, 

Vlll- James Christopher Gardner, b 1832, d June 
19, 1883, m Frances Henrietta Gardner Feb 2, 1861. 
No issue. 

VIII. Sarah J. Gardner. 

VIII. Frances Gardner, b 1841. d 1868. 

Vlll- Charles N. Gardner, b 1843, d 1881. 

VIII. William C. Gardner, b Sept 23, 1845, d May 
28, 1902, m Emma C. Rogers Dec 1871. Real Estate 
and Insurance broker. C: (|X) William H. Gardner, 
b Sept 18, 1872, d Apr 6, 1875. (|X) Charles S. Gard- 
ner, b Apr 7, 1874, d Apr 30, 1875. (|X) Emma J. 
Gardner. (|X) Frances C. Gardner. (|X) Mary E. 
Gardner. (|X) William C. Gardner. 

Vl|. Mary Gardner, b Apr 27, 181 2, d July 30, 

Vl|. James Force Gardner, b June 16, 1813, d Mar 
1884, m . No issue. 

Vl|. Elijah Gardner, b Jan 20, 1S15, d Jan 8, 1890. 

VII. Elizabeth Gardner, b Aug 21, 1816, d 1878, m 
Richard Carry. C: Maria, Jemima, Eilly, Richard. 

Vjl Phebe Ann Gardner, b Apr 6, 1818, d Aug 21, 
1895, m James Youmans. 

Vl|. Robert Earle Gardner, b Sept 25, 1819, d — , 
m Eleanor Gardenbrook Dec 22, 1849. He was a 
member of the first board of councilmen after the in- 
corporation of Union Hill. C; Charles, Euretta, 
Robert, Ella. 


Vlll. Charles Gardner. 

VIII. Euretta E. Gardner, m Hamilton V. Week.s. 

VII. Jane Gardner, b May 9, 1821, d Jan 10, 1847. 

Vil- John Gardner, b June 21, 1823, d Mar 30, 

1893, m Dees. C: Ebenezer, James, Will, 


VII. Charlotte A.Gardner, b Apr 17, 1826, d Nov 
17, 1891, m James M. Brown Nov 27, 1849. He was 
b Dec 18, 1823, d May 23, 1853. C: James, Mary. 

VIII. James Nathan Brown, b Aug 27, 1S50, d Dec 
8, 1866. 

Vll|. Mary Amelia Brown, b Nov i, 1H51, m Philip 
Duryee Nov 23, 18S7. He was b Sept 13, 1S4S. at 
New Durham, N. J. 

Vl|. Thomas Gardner, b Oct i, 182S, d May 20, 

Vl|. Cornelia S. Gardner, b Feb 21, 1831, d Sept 3, 
1899, m William Hazard. 

VI . Phebe Gardner, b 1792, d 1868-9, ^^ George 
Decker. C: Sarah. 

VII. Sarah Decker. 

V|. Sarah Gardner, b 1794, d— , m Robert Peirce. 
C: Sarah, Robert, Elijah, James, Margaret. 

Vli- Sarah E. Peirce, b — , d May 22, 189S. 

VII. Robert T. Peirce. 

Vlj. Elijah Peirce. 

VII- James Peirce. 

Vil- Margaret M. Peirce. 

V|. John Gardner, bOct 5, 1795, d May 24, 1S59, m 
Phebe Ann Bruen, daughter of Jabez and Jemima 
(Dodd) Bruen. She was b at Newark, Feb 4, 1800, 
d Dec 31, 1858. After his father's death, in 1807, 
he was taken by his mother to New York city, where 
he was educated. After his marriage he settled in 
Newark and became one of pioneer coach-builders 


there. He served in the war of 1812. C: Sarah, 
William, Maria, Maria, Frances. 

VII. Sarah Ann Gardner, b Oct 17, 1818, d Dec 

Vll- William Bruen Gardner, b Jan 19, 1820, d Dec 
30, 1849, m Matilda Connet Jan 2, 1842. She was b 
Feb 8, 1820, d Mar 7, 1891. C: Sarah, Mary, Geor- 
gianna, William. 

VJII. Sarah Ellen Gardner, b Nov 23, 1842, m Henry 
Christopher Albert Oct 13, 1877. He was b at Read- 
ing, Pa. July 4, 1840. No issue. 

VSSr Mary A. Gardner, b Sept 6, 1844, m Jacob M. 
Layton. C: (|X) Alice Layton. (|X) Frank lyayton. 

^lll Georgianna M. Gardner, b Dec 6, 1848, d 1864. 

)jl\l. Wm. Gardner, b Jan 29, 1850, m Sarah Kirk- 
huff in 1883. She d June 25, 1887. C: William, 
Grace. Wm. m second wife, Emma E. King, June 
7, 1893. C: Majorie, Dorothy. (|X) William K. 
Gardner, b Oct 29, 1884, djan29, 1886. (|X) Grace 
Gardner, b May 5, 1887. (|X) Majorie Gardner, b 
Mar 13, i895.([Xj Dorothy Gardner, b Aug 31, 1896. 

Vi|. Maria Louisa Gardner, b Dec 2, 1822, d Dec 
17, 1825. 

V8|. Maria Louisa Gardner, bApr 8, 1826, d Dec 
30, 1862, m James C. Gruett. C: Marj', Adelia, 
Clara, Frances. 

Vlj|. Frances Henrietta Gardner, b May 15, 1828, 
m James W. C. Gardner Feb9, 1861. 

VS. Elizabeth Gardner, b in 1802, d Sept 7, 1838, 
m Richard Montgomery Crane. He was b at New- 
ark, July ID, 1797, son of Rufus and Charity (Camp- 
bell) Crane. C: Sarah, Elizabeth, David, Mary, 
Samuel, Caroline, George, Catharine, Catharine, 

Sarah Ann Crane, b Aug 1821. 


Vl|. Elizabeth Crane, b Aug 1821, d Aug 8, 1821. 

Yl|. David Jones Crane, b July 19, 1822, d Dec 29, 

VII- Mary E. Crane, b Jan 24, 1824. 

VII- Samuel Pierson Crane, b Dec 23, 1825. 

VII- Caroline Amelia Crane, b May 9, 1827. 

VII- George Washington Crane, b Feb 22, 1829, d 
Mar 13, 1830. 

VII- Catharine Matilda Crane, b 1831, d young. 

VII- Catharine Matilda Crane, b Jan 10, 1834. 

VII- Francis Maria Crane, bFeb6, 1836. 

VI- Thomas Gardner, b Apr 2, 1804, d Oct 28, 1886, 
m Elizabeth Shurrager. She was b Mar 4, 1S07, d 
Oct 3, 1848. C: Sarah. Phebe, Phebe, Henry, 
Phebe, Amelia, Caroline, Thomas, George, Anne, 
Lucy, Marie. Thomas m second wife, Ann Robins. 
No issue. Mr. Gardner lived in New York city, and 
later in West Hoboken, N. J. In New York he 
conducted the largest pork-packing establishment in 
the city. He served several years as inspector of 
pork and beef for the city. On removing to New 
Jersey he became connected with the shad fishing 
business. He was a justice of the peace in Hudson 

Vl|. Sarah Ann Gardner, h Jan 6, 1828, d Jan 4,. 

VII- Phel^ejane Gardner, d young. 
VII . Phebe Jane Gardner, d young. 

VII- Henry Howard Gardner, b Mar 3, 1S81, d Sept 
3, 1873, m Adelia T. Wells Nov 7, 1850. She was 
b Aug 2, 1834. C: Adelia, Carrie, Jessie, Robert, 

VIII- Adelia Lstitia Gardner, b May 19, 1S53. m 
James H. Bemiss. He was b in 1852. P O Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 

Samiki. FitEi;MAN llnAm.icv. 
(See page 1 iNj 







VIII. Carrie E. Gardner, b Mar 24, 1859, m John G. 
Craven June 30, 1884. C: (|X) Fanny Roberta Cra- 
ven b Mar 4, 1888. 

VIII- Jessie F. Gardner, b Mar 23, 1861, d Jan 2, 
1891, m Wm. Newman. C: (IX) Howard Newman, 
b 1889. (IX) Jessie Newman. 

VIII. Robert A. Gardner, b Jan 21, 1867, m Carrie 
Van Nest. C: (|X) Robert Gardner, b Aug 29, 1891. 
(IX) Herbert H. Gardner , b July 8, 1893. 

VIII. Harvey K. Gardner, b Sept 7, 1872. 

Vi|. Phebe Jane Gardner, b Mar 23, 1835, d 1900, 
m Cornelius Van Voorst Nov 25, 1852. 

Vl|. Amelia E. Gardner, b Sept 11, 1837, d Dec 15, 

VH Caroline E. Gardner, b Apr 3, 1839. 

VII. Thomas Gardner, b — . 

VII  George Thomas Gardner, b Dec 10, 1842, m 
Sarah Matilda Pierce Oct 9, 1866. She was b Apr 
25, 1849. C: George, Emma, Carrie, Emma, Adelia. 

VIII. George H. Gardner, b Aprs, 1868, m Laura 
A. Shephard Mar iS, 1891. He m second wife, Imo- 
gene Ayres. 

VIII. Emma Carrie Gardner, b June 30, 1872, d Apr 
25, 1872. 

VIII. Carrie Keziah Gardner, b Aug 28, 1873, djuly 
20, 1874. 

VIII. Emma Letitia Gardner, b Aug 28, 1873, d 
July 20, 1874. 

VIII. Adelaide Letitia Gardner, b Sept 13, 1877, m 
Wilfred Edgar Benson June 27, 1900. Res. Orange, 
N. J. 

Vl|. Anne E. Gardner, bjune 8, 1844, m — . 

Vl|. lyucy D. Gardner, b Sept 3, 1846, m — . 

VII. Maria I. Gardner, b Feb 6, 1848. 

V. Benjamin Gardner, b in Essex Co, N. J. Aug 


25, 1759, d ill Ohio Aug 28, 1815, m Mary daughter 
of Hezekiah and Jane (Ross) Thompson. She was b 
at "Conn. Farms," N. J., d — . In 1881 his son 
Moses wrote to the Elizabeth Daily Journal a let- 
ter containing the following: "My father .... enlist- 
ed when sixteen years old, but during the war took a 
heavy cold which deprived him of the use of his limbs 
for 25 years, and he died before pension law came 
out. He went to Ohio in June and died in August 
as above stated. He carried, with his eldest son,, 
four or five hundred copies of the New Jersey Journal 
for Shepard Kollock. My brother who assisted in 
carrying the papers is now living in Butler Co. Ohio,, 
and is 95 years old. I myself live in Delaware Co. 
and am 91 years old. Our united ages are 186 years. 
X X X I am almost blind." "Polly," his wife, sold 
3>^ acres of land on the southernly .side of the road 
from "Conn. Farms" to Springfield and the road to 
Thompsons and Scudders; and in June, 1815, just 
before leaving for the west, they sold their homestead 
in Union twp for $1750, a large price in those days 
for a single piece of land and house in the country. 
C: Jacob, Sarah, Jane, Noah, Moses, Mary, Tliomas, 
Phebe, Carman, Hezekiah. 

V|. Jacob Thompson Gardner, bin Essex Co. N. 
J. Nov 19, 1783, d at Miltonville, Butler Co. Ohio, 
Apr 19, i88t,m Sarah Miller of Essex Co. N. J. 
Mar 22, 1806. She was b Apr 19, 1782, d at Mau- 
raee, Ohio, Nov 27, 1866. In Oct 1832 they emi- 
grated to Ohio and settled at Miltonville. Cooper by 
trade, UBch. C: Nancy, Maryetta, Sarah, Clar- 
issa, Adelia, Phebe, Elizabeth, Jacob. 

Vl|. Nancy Cooper Gardner, b Dec 25. 1806, d July 
15, 1S76, m Henry W. Thorp June 26, 1823. C: 


VII. Maryette Gardner, b June 6, 1809, d Oct 5, 
1875, m David Vanetta Feb 13, 1834. C: Malvina. 

Vlll Malvina Gardner, b— , m— Line. Res. 1005 
Greenwood Ave. Hamilton, Ohio. 

Vl|. Sarah Horton Gardner, b Dec 5, 181 1, d Jan 
15, 1883, m Nathan Drake Mar 10, 1833. 

VII . Clarissa Brown Gardner, b Sept 12, 181 3, d 
Mars, 1847, m James Stace Nov 10, 1832. He was 
b at Staten Island, d in Hamilton Co. O. Shoe- 
maker, U B ch. C: Jacob, George, James, David, 
Eliza, Edwin. 

Vn|. Jacob Stace, b Sept 12, 1833. 

VIII. George W. Stace, b Feb 19, 1835. Res. N. 8, 
St. Hamilton, Ohio. 

Vlll- James H. Stace, b June 11, 1837. 
VIII. David N. Stace, bFeb 23, 1840. 
Vlll. Eliza M. vStace, bMar7, 1842. 

VIII. Edwin R. Stace, b at Miltonville, Butler Co. 
O. Aug 8, 1844, m Minerva E. Rook Feb 18, 1866. 
P O Franklin, Ohio. Carpenter and shoemaker, 
Methodist. C: Ella, George, James, Carl. 

IX. Ella M. Stace, bjan 26, 1867, d Dec 28, 1869. 
IX. George W. Stace, b June 14, 1869, d Mar 16, 

1895, m Martha M. Baird Dec 23, 1891. No issue. 

IX. James E. Stace, b Jan 27, 1872, d Oct 3, 1895. 

IX. Carl Stace, b at Hartford City, Ind. May 7, 
1874, m Lizzie Kuntz Nov 13, 1895. C: (IX) Otto 
Edwin Stace. 

Vl|. Adelia Samantha Gardner, b Oct 8, 181 6, d 
Jan 22, 1882, m John Long Jan 22, 1835. C: Eph- 
raini, Joseph, Maria, Miller, William, Melinda, 
David, John, Phebe. 

Vlll Ephraim D. Long, 6 Apr 28, 1836, d Dec 12, 

Vlll. Joseph Long, b Mar 24, 1838. 


VIII. Maria E. Long, b Nov 21, 1840, d Jan 25, 

Vlij. Miller F. Long, b Apr 18, 1843, d Jan 27, 

VIII. William H. Long, b Sept 14, 1845. 
Vlll Melinda V. Long, b Sept 12, 1848, d next day. 
VIII. David A. Long, b Jan 2, 1850. 
VIII. John W.Long, b Mar 17, 1852. P O West 
Milton, Ohio. 
Vlll Phebe E. Long, b Oct 31, 1835. 

VII- Phebe Overton Gardner, b Mar 6, 1819, d Nov 
9, 1876, m Elias Long, Jan 24, 1836. C: Emeline, 

VIII- EmelineLong, m — Eckert. P O Miltonville, 

Vlll- Jennie Long, m Kerns. P O Miltonville. 


Vlll- Elizabeth Thompson Gardner, b Jan 25, 1822, 
d Jan 24, 1827. 

VII- Jacob Miller Gardner, b in Morris Co. N. J. 
May 22, 1824, d at Hamilton, Ohio, Oct 8, 1895, m 
Eliza Ann Snider June 24, 1844. She was b at 
Weston, West Virginia, Apr 30, 1826. Shoe Mer- 
chant, U Bch. C: Martha, Nielson. Alonzo, Irene, 
Edwin, Clara, Pheh)e, William. 

Vlll. Martha Adaline Gardner, b Apr 30. 1846, m 
Newton Long in 1868. He d 1899. P O Hamilton, 
Ohio. C: Harry, Elmer, Minnie, Hettie, Nettie, 
Iva, Bessie. 

VIII- Nielson F. Gardner, b Mar 11, 1S48; was kill- 
ed in bed by lightening Sept i, 1866. 

Vlll- AlonzoM. Gardner, b Aug 6, 1S49, m Katie 
Hener in 1874. P O Middletown, O. C: (|X) 
Bertha, Elva, Ray. 

Vlll- Irene A. Gardner, b Aug 11, 1851, m Daniel 


Little in i858. He d 1870. She m second husband, 
William Wallace, in 1879. P O Bahersfield, Cal. 
C: (IX) Newton, Alonzo, Clara, Grace, Nellie. 
VIII. Edwin T. Gardner, b Jan 23, 1853, d Jan 25, 

VIII. Clara I. Gardner, b May 25, 1855, d 1869. 

VIII. Phebe Malvine Gardner, b in Winchester, 
Ohio, Nov 27, 1857, m Lou. J. Beauchamp Mar 31, 
1877. Res. 7 14 Sycamore St. Hamilton, Ohio. Mr. 
Beauchamp is a noted and popular lecturer. He has 
traveled extensively at home and abroad and has had 
varied experiences, as; living among Indians, wan- 
dering from kings' palaces to beggars' hovels, and as 
a newspaper man. Mrs. Beauchamp has traveled 
with and assisted her husband in his missionary work, 
and on his popular lectures for twenty years, since 
which she has devoted her time to literary work. 
Presby. C: Earl. 

IX. Earl Gardner Beauchamp, b Dec 14, 1878. P O 
Hamilton, Ohio. Photographer, Presby. 

VIII. William E. Gardner, b Nov 22, 1858, m Alice 
Rumple Mar 1S88. Res. 445 Mass. Ave. N. W. 
Washington, D. C. 

VI. Sarah Gardner, b Sept 11, 1785, d— , m Will- 
iam Hall. 

VI. Jane Ross Gardner, b — , d— , m Ephraim Broad- 
well Aug 24, 1806. 

V|. Noah Gardner, b— , d— , m Sarah C. Baker Apr 

26, 1807. C: Carman, Mary, , . Clara, 

Henry, , . 

V|. Mary Gardner, b at Union, N, J. Jan 19, 1791, 
d— -, m Cele Dickinson. She was b 1797, d 1835. 
Lived in Delaware Co. O. C: Mary, , Benja- 
min, John, Moses, Susan, Aaron, George, Alford, 



Mary T. Gardner, b May lo, 1816. 
Gardner, d in 1820. 

Benjamin Gardner, bjan 10, 1821. 

John Gardner, b Mar 10, 1822. 

Moses Gardner, b May 28, 1824. 

Susan F. Gardner, b Dec 25, 1826, d Feb 1901. 

Aaron B. Gardner, b Dec 18, 1828. 

George H. Gardner, b Apr 26, 1831. 

Alford Gardner, b Oct 28, 1833. 

Cele J. Gardner, b May 28, 1838. 
V|. Mary Gardner, b— , d — , m Caleb Scudder Aug 
17, 1814. 

V|. Thomas Gardner, o July 10, 1795, d Sept 4. 
1834, m Anna Baker Feb 13, 181 7. She d Apr 15, 
1827. C: Hezekiah, William, Benjamin, John. 
He m second wife, Lucy Baker, May 22, 1828, 
(sister to first wife). She d Aug 15, 1889. C: Tho- 
mas, Lucy, Charles. 

VII. Hezekiah T. Gardner, bjune 12, 1S18, d 1S47. 
Vir William L Gardner, b Aug 10, 1821, m Eliza- 
beth Craig Feb 1849. P O Wellington, Kan. 

Vl|. Benjamin Gardner, b Aug 25, 1823, d — . 

Vll- John Gardner, b Nov 2, 1825, m Sarah Hart- 
ley Mar 1849. She d Mar 1901. 

Vl|. Thomas B. Gardner, b Apr 2, 1829. m Sarah 
A. Squier Apr 29, 1849. P O Maroa, III. Eight 
children: Squier, Charles, Theodore, Thomas, 
Lucy. Three dead. 

VIII. Squier Edgar Gardner, b — , m Elenor Hamil- 
ton. Four children. 

VIII. Charles W. Gardner, b— , m Emily Tozer,(d;. 
C: (IXj Geo. Gardner, m Clara Bennitte. C: (X> 
Alva Gardner. Charles ra second wife, Cora Mil- 
ler. Five children. 

VIII. Theodore Abner Gardner, b— , m Julia Coop- 


er. C: (IX) Earl Baker Gardner. (|X) Paul H. 
Gardner. (|X) Albert E. Gardner. 

VIII. Thomas Wilbert Gardner, b— , m Elizabeth 
Berkley. P Q Rochport. Mo. Nine children. (|X) 
Thomas, John, Carl, William, Harry. 

VIIJ. Lucy C. Gardner, b— , m Monroe C. Ferrill. 
Three children. (|X) Ray, Charles. 

Vl|. Lucy A. Gardner, b Nov lo, 1830, d Aug 7, 
1889, m Squier Carl Aug 1848. She m second hus- 
band, A. B. Bonner. 

Vl|. Charles S. Gardner, b May 10, 1834, d Mar 7, 
1863, m — . 

Y|. Phebe Gardner, b — , d—, mTheophilus Eagles- 

V|. Carman Gardner. 

V|. Hezekiah T. Gardner, said to have gone to Ala. 

Y. Samuel Gardner, b in Essex Co. N. J. Dec 29, 
1 76 1, d Dec 31, 1823, m Elizabeth, daughter of Sam- 
uel and Grace (Kitchell) Ford, at Hanover, N. J. 
Sept 19, 1784. She was bat Madison, N.J. Sept 10, 
1764, d Feb 12, 1843. She descended from Obediah 
Bruen and Rev. Abraham Pierson, very prominent 
men in the little colony that founded Newark. Sam- 
uel Gardner fought in the war of the Revolution. 
He was a private in the Essex Co. troops. Soon 
after the war he removed to Madison, N. J., at which 
place they joined the Presbyterian church in 1792. 
C: Joseph, Samuel, William, Phebe, David, Julia, 
Mary, Charles, Ira, Matilda, Lewis. 

Y|. Joseph Kitchell Gardner, b at Bottle Hill, Dec 
9, 1785, d June 13, 1842, m Nancy Thompson Sept 6, 

1805. ShewasbFebi, 1788, d Aug 2, 1826. C: 

Joanna, S'l Ford, Charles, Elizabeth, Pierson, 

Phebe, Juliette, Alfred, Caroline, Martha. Joseph 

m second wife, Hannah Maria Allen, daughter of 


Capt. John Allen of I'nion, N. J. Nov 27, 1831. She 
was b 1799, d 1873. C: Emma. He learned the 
trade of tanning and currying in Water Street (rrow 
Brookside) Morris Co. N. J. moved to Bottle HilJ,. 
1824, and to New York in 1826, where he started in 
business. After his wife's death he returned to New- 
ark and m again, and became engaged in the Trunk 
Mfg. business, which he followed until his death, 

that being caused by a drowning accident in the 
Passaic river. 

Vl|. Joanna Gardner, b Feb 26, 1808, d Oct 18, 
1826, m Jacob T. Axtell July 19, 1826. No issue. 

Vl|. S — Ford Gardner, b Aug 17, 1809. 

Vl|. Charles Thompson Gardner, b July 12, 1811, d 
Aug 25, I S34, m Eliza Johnson Apr r6, 1834. C: 
(VIII) Mary Elizabeth Gardner, b Apr 6, 1834. 

Vl|. Eliza Ford Gardner, b Apr 10, 1813, d Nov x6, 
1898, m James Casterline. 

Vl|. David Pierson Gardner, b Apr 20. 1815, d in — , 
m Susan Ball King June 20, 1839. His early life 
was spent at and around Madison, N. J. his birth- 
place. When a young man he learned tlie trade of 
trunkmaking, also sash and blind making, at New- 
ark. He removed to Brooklyn, N. Y. and there 
built up a large business in the manufacturing of 
sashes and blinds. He is one of the few Gardners to 
reach the age of 85, which he did on Apr 10, 1900. 
C: Anna, Henrietta, Joseph, Caroline, Charles, 
Mary, Charles, Helen, Alice, Henry, Margaret. 

VIII- Anna King Gardner, b May 15, 1840. 

Vill- Henrietta Gardner, b Oct 10, 1841. 

VIM- Joseph Kitchell Gardner, b Dec 9, 1843. 

VIII- Caroline King Gardner, b Apr 17, 184.7, d 
Sept 2, 1848. 

VIII. Charles Ford Gardner, b Feb 20, 1849, d Apr 

19, 1S52. 


Vlli- Mary Virginia Gardner, b Aug 9, 1851, d Ma}' 
4. 1852. 

VIII. Charles Pierson Gardner, b July 26, 1854, d 
Oct 12, 1854. 

V|j|. Helen Augusta Gardner, b Oct 3, 1855, d Aug 

25, 1858. 

Ylll. Alice Burt Gardner, b Jan 23, 1858, d Mar 5, 

VIII. Henry Clay Gardner, b July 27, 1862, d July 
22, 1S63. 

VIll Margaret Burt Gardner, b Aug 16, i860. 

VIJ. Phebe Ann Gardner, b Apr 10, 1817, d Jan 12. 
1866, m Enos Bonnell May 26, 1836. 

VII. Juliette Gardner, b May 25, 1819, d Feb 26, 
1886. S. 

VII. Alfred L. Gardner, b Dec 22, 1820, d Aug 

VIJ. Caroline Gardner, b Dec 24, 1822, d Sept 1826, 

VIS. Martha Gardner, b Dec 7, 1825, dNov 1826. 

VII- Emma J. Gardner, b Nov 12, 1833, d July 8, 

V|. Samuel Ford Gardner, b May 2, 1788, d Dec 7, 
1802. S. 

V|. William Ford Gardner, b Oct 29, 1790, d Jan 

26, i88i,m Sarah Hedden Nov 13, 1827. She d 
Sept 3, 1853. C: Charles. He m second wife, 
Pamelia Clapdore, Mar 16, 1843. 

VJ|. Charles Condit Gardner, b Nov 13, 1828, d 
July 6, 1832. 

V|. Phebe Headley Gardner, b Aug 10, 1792, d Dec 
20, 1861. 

Vr David Austin Gardner, b Oct 2, 1794, d Dec 24, 
1880, m Elizabeth Mincher Apr 26, 1821. She d 
Dec 18, 1843. C: William, Samuel, Elizabeth, 
Augustus, Julia, Sarah, Almira, Melville, Laura. 


David m second wife, Ursula Wells, (widow of 
Moses Reeve), Apr 20, 1845. She was b Apr 26, 
1 810, d Aug 2, 1850. C: David, Ursula. David 
m 3rd wife, widow Amelia Strahl3% Aug 7, 1853. 
Shed Sept 8, 1859. C: Mary, Louis. 

VII. William Ford Gardner, b 1822. 

Vll- Samuel D.Gardner, b Oct 20, 1823, d Apr 1825. 

Vl|. Elizabeth Matilda Gardner, b Dec 5, 1825, d 
Feb 1899, m Morgan Shuster. Four children. 

VII Augusta Gardner, b Mar 26, 1827, d Sept 1832, 

VII. Julia M. Gardner, b June i8, 1830, d Sept 1831. 

Vl|. Sarah Ellen Gardner, b Mar 12, 1S32, d Mar 
12, 1868, m Robert Goggen. 

Vl|. Alraira Austin Gardner, b Dec 8, 1833, d Dec 
5. 1837. 

Vll- Melville Cox Gardner, b Nov 5, 1835, d Dec 
20, 1837. 

Vll- Laura Jane Gardner, b Jan 22, 1839, m Edward 
W. Donn in 1859. Seven children. 

Vj|. David Austin Gardner, b Apr 7, 1846, d Mar 
13, 1862. 

Vl|. Ursula M. Gardner, b July 15, 1850, d Jan 26, 

Vll- Mary Emma Gardner, b May 3, 1854, d Sept 

14. 1855- 

Vl|. Louis Fillmore Gardner, b Jan 17, 1856, m 
Martha Lyle. C: (VIII) Virginia. 

V|. Julia Ann Gardner, b Jan 3, 1797, d x\pr 1S29, 
ra Coleman Boughton. He was b 1796, d Jan 15, 

V|. Mary Ford Gardner, b Apr 9, 1799, d at Succa- 
sunna, N.J. Mar 15, 1870, m Stephen B. Minton. 
HewasbOct 22, 1796, d Nov 22, 1854. Seven 

V|. Charles Thomas Gardner, b May 11, iSoi, d 


July 31, 1886, m Margaret O'Ouinn Nov 11, 1824. 
She d July 14, 1826. C: Eliza. He m second wife, 
Rebecca C. Hubbard, Jaii 13, 1834. She was b at 
Fayetteville, N. C. Nov 14, 1S14, d Apr i, 1887. C: 
Thomas, William, Julia, Charles, James, Margaret, 
Mary, Rebecca, Virginia. At the age of 16 he learn- 
ed the trade of coach-making, at which he worked un- 
til 1824, then went to Louisburg, N. C. After the 
death of his first wife he failed in business. In 1832 
he again started in, and retired from business in 1848, 
and took his family to Washington, D. C. where he 

VSf. Eliza Gardner, b Sept 6, 1825, d Apr 23, 1826. 

V!t. Thomas Ira Gardner, b Mar 25, 1835, d Dec 
17, 1896," at Fayetteville, N. J., m Mary G. Burnett 
Oct 15, 1857. She was b Nov 19, 1834, at Spring- 
field, N. J. C: WilHam, Cora, Edith, Mary, 

Ml William Sanford Gardner, b Oct 11, 1858, d 
Feb 2, 1859. 

Cora Clark Gardner, b Apr 30, 1862. 
Edith R. Gardner, b Jan 28, 1865. 

Vill- Mary J. Gardner, b June 23, 1871, d July 17, 

Vlij. Thomas B. Gardner, b Oct 7, 1873. 

VII. William H. Gardner, b Apr 7, 1837, m Sarah 
A. Tarring Nov 24, 1862. C: Gertrude, Charles. 

VIII . Gertrude T. Gardner, b Aug 16, 1863, 
Visa. Charles H. Gardner, b Aug 13, 1864. 

Vm. Julia A. Gardner, b Apr 23, 1839, d Aug 23, 
1877, m Frank S. Findlay Oct 26, 1865. C: Char- 
les, Alexander. 

Vl|. Charles h- Gardner, b Apr 20, 1841. 

Vl|. James S. Gardner, b Oct 10, 1843, d Mar 1849. 

Vl|. Margaret Gardner, b Sept 25, 1845, d next day. 


VII. Mary E. Gardner, b 1846, d 1846. 

VII. Rebecca Gardner, b July 27, 1850, d Dec 1850. 

Vl|. Virginia C. Gardner, b May 19, 1856, m Alex- 
ander Findlay Harris Dec 6, 1882. C: Lillian. 

Vlij. Lillian Rebecca Harris, b Mar 29, 1884. 

V|. Ira Condit Gardner, b May 27, '1803, d Dec 4, 
1875, m Hester Whelpley. 

VI. Matilda F.Gardner, bjuly 16, 1805, d Sept 29, 
1882, m John Pluraley. 

V|. Lewis B. Gardner, b Apr 16, 1808, d Mar 26, 
1862, m Lydia . 

V. Phebe Gardner, bat Springfield, N. J. Aug 21, 
1764, djan 5, 1829, m Edward Earl of Middleville. 
(now Hilton), Essex Co. in 1781, son of John and 
Joanna (Howard) Earl. His descent has been 
traced to John deErlegh of England, 1068. Edward 
Earl was b June 19, 1760, d Oct 13, 1817. He serv- 
ed in the Revolutionfrom Essex Co., and after the 
war became a "cordwinder." C: Philip, Joanna, 
Elizabeth, Sarah, Robert, Phebe, Edward, Thomas, 
Joanna, Elizabeth, John. 



(See page IS ); 




|. Isaac Headley, bin 1735, at "Conn. Farms," in 
Union Co. N. J. between Rahway and Elizabeth, d 
at the Headley homestead between Littleton and Dan- 
ville, Morris Co. N. J. May 14, 1803; ra Mary Fra- 
zeeof "Conn. Farms;" buried at Parsippany, N. J. 
Farmer, Presby. C: Frazee, Henry, Jacob, Benja- 
min, Samuel Isaac. 

f|. Frazee Headley, b— , d— ., m . Eived on 

the homestead farm near Littleton, N.J. C: Morgan. 

181. . Morgan Headley, b—, d — , m . Lived on 

the homestead at Littleton, N. J. No issue. 

||. Henry Headley moved either west or to western 
New York. 

Ij. Jacob Headley. 

||. Benjamin Headley moved to Red Stone, Pa. and 
thence south to Tennessee. 

Si- Samuel Headley, M. D,, b at the Headley home- 
stead near Littleton, N. J. Aug 7, 1774, d at Ber- 
wick, Pa. in 1838, m Anna Fairchild, daughter of 
Jonathan and Sarah Fairchild. After marriage they 
moved to Litchfield, Otsego Co. N. Y. where he 
practiced medicine. When the war of 181 2 broke 
out he was elected Surgeon of the i8th Reg. Vol. 
and served during the war with ability and credit to 
himself. He afterwards moved to Berwick, Pa. 
where he continued to live until his death. C: Ben- 
jamin, Harriet, Samuel. 

lis. Benjamin Franklin Headley, b Feb 5, 1797, d 
at Berwick, Pa. July 17, 1822. S. 


III. Harriet Ford Headley, b Aug i6, 1800, d July 

17, 1823, m Jesse C. Horton Jan 20, 1820. C: Ann, 

lY- Ann Maria Horton, b Apr 2, 1821, m Allen M, 
Gangevver Apr6, 1842. Res. 2618. K. St. N. W, 
Washington, D. C. Editor of Newspaper at Ber- 
wick, Pa. C: Josepha, Cora, Ida, Mary. 

y. Josepha H. Gangewer, b Jan 26, 1843, d Nov 5, 

1903, m E. N. Houghton Apr 9, 1867. Children, 

V. Cora M. Gangewer, b Mar 6, 1846. S. 

V- Ida A. Gangewer, t) July 21, 1848. S. 

y. Mary B. Gangewer, b Feb 28, 1850, d Apr 5, 
1901, m Charles D. Sloan June i, 1873. No is.sue. 

IV- Harriet Headley Horton, bjune 17, 1823, m 
Nathan B. Westler Jan 21, 1845. P O Berwick, 

III. Samuel Freeman Headley, b at Litchfield, N. 

Y. Jan 20, 1S08, d at Morristown, N.J.July 24, 1869, 
m Maria Josepha daughter of Capt. John Boyd* Nov 
28, 1832. She was b in Northumberland Co. Pa. 
Sept 16, 1808, dat Morristown, N. J. in May. Sam- 
uel F. Headley graduated from Union College Schen- 
ectady, N. Y. with honors in 1831, after which he 
entered the law office of Robert C. Grier, later one of 
the Judges of the Supreme Court. Mr. Headlej' 
practiced for many years in the courts of Luzerne, 
Columbia, Northumberland and adjoining counties 
where his distinguished abilities .soon placed him 
among the leaders of the Democratic parties to which 
he adhered until the nomination of Buchanan. On 
the breaking out of the rebellion he identified him- 
self with the cause of liberty and union. Methodist 
Episcopal. C: John, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Annie, 

♦Capt. John Boyd commanded one of the companies formed for 
the defense of Pa; was a member of the Ciucinuuti, and was au iu- 
timate friend and associate of Washington. 


lY- John Boyd Headley, b at Berwick, Pa. Feb 22, 
1834, m Helen Mason Thomas Sept 16, 1857. P O 
Morristown, N. J. He came to Morristown, N. J. 
in 1854, and was for a number of years in the employ 
of the Erie R. R. In i860 he went to Peoria, 111. 
and was engaged in banking, in which he was very 
successful, massing considerable property. In 1862 
he returned to New Jersey and formed a co-partner- 
ship with Hon. Wm. G. Steele of Sumerville, N. J. 
and opened a banking and brokerage office in Wall 
St. N. Y. In 1866 he retired from active business 
and devoted himself to agricultural work, having 
purchased a large farm near Morristown. In 1867 
he was appointed collector of Internal Revenue of the 
4th Dist. of N. J., and this position he held at the 
time of his death. As a government official he was 
prompt, accurate, energetic and firm in the discharge 
of his duties. He was regarded at the Internal Reve- 
nue office as one of the best in the service. In all 
the relations of life he was highly esteemed for his 
many private and public interests. He met his death 
with his friend Senator George T. Cobb, in a rail- 
road accident on the Chesapeake & Ohio R. R. May 
6, 1870, going to Virginia. Presby. C: Annie, 

William, John, Helen. 

V. Annie Latona Headley, b Sept 30, 1858, d Jan 
3, 1867. 

V. William Thomas Headley, b at Peoria, 111. May 
29, i860, m Kate P. Freese, daughter of Milton 
Freese of Louisa, Ky. 1882. Res. 238. W. Johnson 
St. Germantown, Phila. Pa. Electrical engineer 
with the Electric Storage Battery Co. of Philadelphia, 
Pa. Presby. C: 

VI. Thomas Boyd Headley, bjuly 28, 1884. Presby. 
VI. Mary Freese Headley, b Nov 16, 1885. Presby. 


Y|. Minerva Vauglin Headley, b June 30, 1891. 

V. John Boyd Headley, Jr. b May i, 1864, d Dec 
28, 1 866. 

y. Helen Thomas Headley, b at Morristovvn, N. J. 
Mar 27, 1867. P O Morristovvn, N. J. S. 

V. Benjamin Franklin Headley, b at Berwick, Pa. 
May 25, 1836, d at Morristown, N. J. Dec 11, 1877, 
m Rosena J. McGoldrick May 26, 1857. She was b 
in New York Aug 28, 1836. Res. 4CourtSt. Morris- 
town, N. J. Meth Ep. C: Mary, Josepha, Frank, 

V- Mary Elizabeth Headley. Res. Morristovvn, N. 
J. Meth Ep. 

V- M Josepha Headley. 

V. Frank M. Headley, bin Newark, N. J. Apr 21, 
-*-, m Leah Miller of Dayton, O. Telephone busi- 
ness. Meth Ep. No issue. 

V. John Boyd Headley. Res. 4 Court St. Morris- 
tovvn, N. J. Shoe merchant, Meth Ep. S. 

ly. Bessie Boyd Headley, b May 19, 1842, m James 
V. Bentley Dec 24, 1862, of Morristovvn, N. J. He 
d Oct 5, 1 88 1. He served all through the civil war 
as Second Lieut. Hosp. Std. 24th N. Y. Vol; was 
a prisoner at Bull Run for three days, 1862; joined 
15th Regt. N. J. Vol. Inf. Jan 15, 1863. Banker, 
Meth Ep. C: Charles, Bes.sie, Josepha, Helen. 
Bessie m second husband, SaylesJ. Bovven, of Wash- 
ington, D. C. HedDeci3, 1896. Res. 3014 Irv- 
ing Place, Washington, D. C. 

y. Charles H. Bentley, b Apr 27, 1846, m Susan 
Elizabeth Cake of Norfolk, Va. Nov 25, 1886. P O 
Hampton, Va. Lumber-dealer, Episcopal. C: 

y|. James Bruce Bentley, b Oct 28, 1888. 

y|. John Boyd Bentley, b Feb 8, 1896. 

yi. George Cake Bentley, bAug 11, 1897. 


V. Bessie Boyd Bentley, b Aug i8, 1866, m T.L.P. 
Mulford of Morristovvn, N. J. Oot 28, 1885. Res. 
Washington, D. C. Presby. C: (Vi) Josepha B. 
Mulford, b May 19, i8Sg. (YD James Bentley Mul- 
ford, b Sept 30, 1890. 

V- Josepha Boyd Bentley, b Feb 10, 1871, ra Lieut. 
W. F. H. Godson Oct 3, 1894. Res. Ft. Robinson, 
Neb. U. S. Cavalryman, Episcopal. C: (VI) W. 
Frederick Holford Godson, b Feb i, 1896. (VI) E. 
Anice Godson, b Sept 3, 1897. 

V. Helen Louise Bentley, b Dec 7, 1874, m John 
C. Lewis of Washington, D. C. May 17, 1898. Res. 
702 Gladstone Ave. Tuxedo Park, Baltimore, Md. 
Agt Consol Coal Co. Baltimore. Presby. C: (VI) 
Helen Louise Levm, b Mar 16, 1899. (VI) John C. 
Lewis, Jr. b Oct 6, 1901. 

IV. Annie Rebecca Headley, b Mar 25, 1845, d Feb 
6, 1854. 

IV. Charles Pierson Headley, b Jan 25, 1850, d Feb 
13- 1854. 

||. Rev. Isaac Headley, bat Parsippany, N. J.June 
21, 1776, d about 1840, m Irene Benedict, daughter 
of Rev. Joel Benedict, of Parsippany, N. J. Oct 1802. 
He was ordained to the ministry of the Presbyterian 
church and settled at Walton, Delaware Co. N. Y., 
where he was stationed for many years as pastor of 
Presbyterian church. C: Eliza, Catharine, Isaac, 
Joel, Irene, Phineas, William. 

III. Eliza Headley, b June 19, 1804, d Dec 19, 1836, 
m Rev. Robert Brown. No issue. 

III. Catharine Headley,- b Aug 25, 1806, d Dec 17, 
1840, m Rev Alva Lilly. No issue. 

III. Isaac B. Headley, b June 23, 1810, d 1854, m 
Emily Piatt. He was a man of uncommon brilliancy 
of mind. C: Emily. 


IV- Emily Headley, b — , d— , m Theodore Gere of 
Oswego, N. Y. C: 

V- Bessie Gere. P O Oswego, N. Y. 

III. Joel Tyler Headley, b at Walton, Delaware Co. 
N. Y. Dec. 30, 1813, d at Newburgh, N. Y. Jan 16, 
1897, m Anna Allston Russel. He went to Union 
College, where he graduated in 1839. He then en- 
tered Aubucn Theological Seminary as a divinity 
student, and later was ordained a Presbyterian 
Clergj'man and settled at Stockbridge, Mass. until 
his health broke down and he was compelled to re- 
linguish his chosen profession and go abroad. Aftt-r 
atrip to Europe he took up newspaper work, and 
for a time was associate editor of the New York Tri- 
bune. This however he soon abandoned for author- 
ship. Among other books he wrote — "Napoleon 
and his Marshalls," "Washington and his Generals," 
"Ufe of Washington," "Life of Cromwell," "Life 
ofHavelock," "Lives of Scott and Jackson," "His- 
tory of the War of 1812," "Sacred Mountains," 
"Sacred Scenes and Characters," "Sacred Heroes 
and Martyrs," "The Imperial Guard," "Chaplins 
of the Revolution," "The Great Rebellion," "Life 
of Farragut and our Naval Commanders," "Lives 
of Grant and Sherman," "History of the Great 
Riots," "Headley 's Miscellanies." In 1855 he was 
elected to the New York State Legislature. Mr. 
Headley at that time figured conspicuously as a lead- 
er in the native American movements. In 1856 he 
was elected Secretary of State for the State of N. Y. 
Presby. C: Russell, Lucy, Joel. 

IV. Rus.sel Headley, b at Stockbridge, Mass. Sept 
27, 1852, m Adelia Jenkins Oct 30, 1888. Res New- 
burgh, N. Y. He graduated from Cornell University 
July 1872. Admited to the New York bar May 14, 


1874. He was corporation counsel of the city of 
Newburgh, 1886- 1890; district attorney of Orange 
County, 1 890- 1 896, counsel for attorney general, N. 
Y. State, 1901; counsel for New York State Depart- 
ment of Excise, 1902. He is the author of the fol- 
lowing legal works-"Headley's Criminal and Penal 
Code," "Headley's Criminal Justice," "Headley's 
Competency of Witnesses," "Headley on Assign- 
ments." C: (V) Infant, d soon after birth. (V) 
Allston Headley. 

IV. Lucy C. Headley, b Sept 7, 1854. Res. New- 
burgh, N. Y. S. 

BV. JoelT. Headley, b Aug 16, 1857. With Long- 
man, Green & Co. N..Y- S. 

III. Irene Headley, b at Walton, N. Y. May 2, 
1817, d at Detroit, Mich. Mar 17, 1895, m William 
H. Burr Dec 11, 1839. He was bat Hartford, Conn. 
Sept 30, 181 1, d at Detroit, Mich. Feb 28, 1879. 
Farmer, Cong. C: Katharine, William, Charles, 
Irene, Joel, Harry. 

IV. Katharine L- Burr, b at Auburn, N, Y. Sept 
14, 1840, m Henry M. Utley Mar 1864. Res. 195 
Charlotte Ave. Detroit, Mich. Librarian of Public 
Library, Presby. C: Eirene, Francis, Jane. 

V. Eirene Headley Utley, b July 28, 1867, m Wm. 
J. Rowell June 1893. Res. 93 Medbury Ave. Detroit, 
Mich. Presby. C: (VI) Katharine Rowell, b May 
23, 1895. (VI) Wesley Utley Rowell, b Apr 17, 
1897. (VI) Henry Munson Rowell, b Apr 21, 1899. 

V. Francis H. Utley. bin 1868. Res. 195 Charlotte 
Ave. Detroit, Mich. Presby. 

V. Jane M. Utley, b in 1871, m Wm. H. Meur. 
Res. Park St. Detroit, Mich. 

IV. William Horace Burr, bDec8, 1843, in Chester, 
N. Y. Res. 152 Brainard St. Detroit, Mich. Editor 
and Publisher, Cong. S. 


IV. Charles Abernethy Burr, b Ma}' 7, 1846, d May 
6, 1899, m Lucy Butter field. C: Horace, etc. 

y. Horace B. Burr. Res. Goshen, Ind. 

IV. Joel Tyler Headley Burr, b June 21. 1S48, d Dec 
12, 1S54. 

IV. Irene Headley Burr, bSept28, 1851. Res. 152 
Brainard St. Detroit, Mich. 

IV. Harry Hinsdale Burr, b at Pontiac, Mich. Aug 
21, i860, m Nellie V. Ling Nov 26, 18S5. Res. 95 
Medbury Ave. Detroit, Mich. Salesman, Cong. No 

III. Rev. Phiueas Camp Headley, b at Walton, Del. 
Co. N. Y. June 24, 1819, d at Lexinton, Mass. Jan 5, 
1903, m Dora C. Bartlett, daughter of Ivory H. Bart- 
lett, of New Bedford, Mass. May 13, 1851. She was 
b July 4, 1818, dDec2, 1888. 

Mr. Headley attended Hamilton and Amherst 
colleges, receiving his degree from the latter. At 
one time he and his brother J. T. Headley were both 
in charge of a New York academy, as assistant and 
principal respectively. While teaching in the acad- 
emy at Auburn, N. Y. he entered upon the study 
of law under Ex-Gov. Hubbell of New York State, 
and was admitted to practice at the New York bar 
by the Supreme Court of the state in 1845. But in 
accordance with his mother's wishes and a growing 
desire on his own part, he left the bar for the Theo- 
log cal Seminary at Auburn, N. Y., where he grad- 
uated and became pastor of the Presbyterian church 
at Adams, Mass. This pastorate was followed by 
charges at Sandwich, Mass. in 1854, and Plymouth 
and Greenfield, Mass. in 186 1, in which latter place 
he had his longest and most fruitful pastorate. Since 
then his time was devoted largely to writing books 
and literary pursuits. Like his brother, J. T. 


(See ])age IS4) 

T »:rv/ Y''''RK" 



Headley, he wrote largely on historical subjects; by 
many their works were regarded as the dawn of a 
new era in that department of literature, as they en- 
deavored to take History and Biography out of the 
dry place into which they had fallen and clothe them 
with real life and render them enjoyable and pro- 
fitable reading. Mr. Headley's works comprise, "Em- 
press Josephine;" "Mary Queen of Scots;" "Lafay- 
ette;" "Napoleon;" "Louis Kossuth;" "Secret 
Service of the U. S. in the Civil War;" "Half Hours 
in Bible Lands;" "Court and Camp of David;" 
"Women of the Bible;" "Evangelists in the Church;" 
"Life and Labors of Geo. F.Pentecost;" "Islands 
of Fire, or Iceland;" "Massachusetts in the Re- 
bellion." He also wrote the lives of Gens. Grant, 
Sherman, Ericson, Sheridan, Mitchell, Lincoln 
and other public men. Having a personal acquaint- 
ance with Gen. Grant and other generals he wrote 
authoritatively and not wholly on borrowed data. 
When Louis Kossuth was in this country he met and 
conferred with him. Being a modest man, under- 
estimating his own achievements, he avoided pub- 
licity and honors proffered him. The main purpose 
of his whole career was to influence thought intelli- 
gently and morally. Fame and wealth never tempt- 
ed him to lose sight of his high ideal and wish to in- 
struct and benefit mankind. While hfe reached, per- 
haps, a larger audience by his books than was pos- 
sible by the pastoral relation, his devoted and effec- 
tive service was given, first of all, to the ministry, 
which always held the supreme place in his heart. 
C: Ivory, Irene, Mary, Phineas. 

IV. Ivory Hovey Bartlett Headley, b— , m Helen 
Ada Daniels. Res. Manila, Philippine Islands. He 
graduated from Phillip's Academy, Andover; Am- 


herst College, and Amherst Theological Seminar}', 
in Mass. For some time he was settled at Rowley, 
Mass. and later in Providence, R. I. as pastor of 
churches. From that time on he was engaged large- 
ly in Evangelistic work, until his appointfnent as 
chaplain about seven years ago. He was stationed 
at Ft. Yates, N. D. for over four years, then a 
few months at Ft. Thomas, Cincinnatti; and for over 
a year at Ft. McPher.son, Atlanta, Ga. He was 
transferred to Ft. Hancock, N. J., and after six 
months there he was sent to the Philippines in Feb 
1903 as Artiller}' Chaplain; and with his wife and 
son Dorrance reside in Manila. C: Barton, Dorrance. 

y. Barton Benedict Headley, b — , m Eva Smith. 
Res. Rutland, Vt. In a Dept store. No issue. 

y. Dorrance' Headley. 

IV. Irene Headley, b in New Bedford, Mass. m Will- 
ard O. Armes of Nashville, N. H. P O Lexington, 
Mass. In the cotton business in Boston. C: (V> 
Dora L. Armes. (Y) Irene Armes. (V) RoUand 
Armes. (V) Louis Armes. 

lY- Mary Louisa Headley, m Elijah A. Shaw. P 
O Lexington, Mass. Retired from business. No 

lY. Phineas C. Headley , b at Greenfield, Mass. 
Dec 20, 1858, m Margery Waite Jan 2, 1892. She 
w^asb at New Bedford, Mass. Feb 17, 1S69. Res. 
New Bedford, Mass. Cotton Broker. C: 

Y. Margery Headley, b Dec 12, 1S92, d Dec 14, 

III. William T. Headley, M. D. bjune 3, 1823, d 
about 1880, m Fanny Cox, (sister of Bishop Cox, of 
New York State). He was a physician, and was ap- 
praiser of drugs at the New York Custom House up 
to the time of his death. No is.sue. 


|. John Headley,* b in New Jersey June 24, 1779, d 
at Hadley, Pa. Oct 29, 1854, m Sophia Luce in 1804. 
She was b June 10, 1779, in New Jersey. In his 
youth he was bound out to a German farmer in Sus- 
sex Co. New Jersey. After marriage he engaged in 
farming in Sussex Co. N. J. until 1817, when, with 
his wife and four sons he started for Ohio, which 
was then "The West." The trip over the moun- 
tains and through the dense forest was made in a one 
horse wagon. To attempt a trip of this kind with a 
wife and four small children, must certainly have re- 
quired some genuine pioneer grit. They settled on 
Bull Creek, near what is now Waterford, in Colum- 
biana Co. C: Sarah, David, Thomas, Aaron, 
Isaac, Charity, Hannah, Margaret, Samuel. 

||. Sarah Headley, b Sept 13, 1805, d infant. 

||. David Luce Headley, b in Sussex Co. N. J. Dec 
9, 1806, d at Hadley, Pa. Dec 2, 1884, mjane Robin- 
son Oct 22, 1828. Shed July 15, 1874. C: William, 
John, Robinson, Sophia, Robert, David, Margaret. 
David m second wife, Hannah Kelso, Aug 5, 1875. 
She d Apr 15, 1876. David m 3rd wife, E. Jane 
Kelso, Aug 9, 1877. In 1830 David L- Headley 
moved with his family from Columbiana, to Trum- 
bull Co. Ohio; and in the Spring of 1843, from 
there to Mercer County, Pa. where he purchased 100 

*His ancestry is not kuowu, but as he was boru iu New Jersey 
and lived duriuj^ his youth in the near vicinity of the descendants of 
the emigrant Leonard Headley of Elizabelhtown, N. J., he is 
also believed to have been a descendant of Leonard Headley. 


acres of land from Thos. Robinson for a consideration 
of $6.00 per acre. This farm and the surrounding 
country was all dense woods. He proceeded at once 
to build a double log house, one fourth of a mile 
south of the village of Hadley. In 1847 he sold 75 
acres to Ward & Russell, on which they erected the 
Old Mineral Ridge Furnace, and the same year Mr. 
Headley purchased 100 acres about Yz mile east of the 
former 100 acres. To the log house already on this 
place he built an addition and moved his family there 
in the spring of 1848. In 1857 he sold the place and 
bought 160 acres where the town of Hadley, Pa. now 
stands, and built thereon the house known as the 
Hadley Homestead, which still remains in the famil}', 
being now owned by Mr. H. S. and Margaret Jane 
(Hadley) Lj'ons. A few years later Davdd Headley 
bought 125 acres adjoining this on the west, making 
in all a farm of about 285 acres. Some time prior 
to this, for some reason unaccounted for, a slight 
change was made in the spelling of the name. The 
first "e" was omitted, making it "Hadley," and 
thus the name is written by the entire connection. 
During the life time of David L- Hadley he laid out 
a cemetery on his property on a hill over-looking the 
beautiful Shenango Valley, which he owned until 
his death, and in which he lies buried. He was a 
staunch Democrat. Early in life he connected him- 
self with the Presbyterian church. After removing 
to Mercer Co. Pa. in 1843, he identified himself with' 
the Old Georgetown Presbyterian church, (now 
Sheakleyville), and was soon made an elder. He 
was the leading spirit in establishing the Hadley 
Presbyterian church in 1874. It is a beautiful edi- 
fice, standing on the hill above the town; a mighty 
sentinal to protect the town and country folks against 


the blandishments of the evil one, and is a fitting 
monument to his energy and sturdy christian charac- 
ter. He was an elder of this church from the time 
of its organization until his death. 

!H. William Hadley, b in Columbiana Co. Ohio, 
Nov 7, 1829, d at Hadley, Pa. June 18, 1902, m 
Elizabeth Kelso Dec 22, 1853. She d Nov 9, 1881. 
Settled on a part of his father's farm, which eventually 
became his. Presby. C: George, Jennie, Ivizzie. 
He m second wife, L,ucinda Long, Mar 27, 1881. C: 

iV- George Hadley, b— , m Elizabeth McKean. P 
O Niles, Ohio. Hotel-keeper. C: Ralph, Fred, 
Robert, Richard. 

IV- Jennie Hadley, b at Hadley, Pa. Aug 19, i860, 
m Wilmot A. Hazen Sept 15, 1881. P O Conneaut 
Lake, Pa. P'armer, Presby. C: (V) George W. 
Hazen, b 18S2. (V) Mary E. Hazen, b 1883. (Vj 
Logan Hazen, b 1885, d Feb 2, 1886. 

IV. Lizzie B. Hadley bat Hadley, Pa. Oct 2, 1871, 
m Lewis S. Yeager Dec 22, 1892. P O Clarks Mills, 
Pa. Farmer, Presby. C: (V) William J. Yeager, 
b Sept 10, 1893. (V) Rodney E. Yeager, b June 9, 
1895- (V) Frank L. Yeager, b Nov 11, 1897. (V) 
Jennie Yeager, bApr9, 1902. 

IV. Harry L. Hadley, b— . P O Niles, Ohio. S. 

III. John D. Hadley, b in Trumbull Co. Ohio, May 
25, 1832, d at Sharpsville, Pa. June 17, 1803, m Mary 
McClureMar3, 1853. She d Apr 9, 1863. C: 
Mary, Loretta, Ruth, David, Burton. He m second 
wife, Lucy A. Mackey, Apr 12, 1864. • C: Jane, Cal- 
vin, Gilmore, Alice, Clara. John D. Hadley lived 
for a time at Hadley, Pa., then at Hubbard, Ohio, 
and finally settled at Sharpsville, Pa. where he engag- 
ed in the mercantile business. Presby. 


IV. Mary Ellen Hadley, b— , m Jolm McEhvain. 
She died soon after. 

IV. lyoretta Hadley, b— , vo W. H. Bell of Youngjv- 
town, O. P O Hartford City, Ind. Undertaker, 
No issue. 

IV- Ruth Emma Hadley, b at Hadley, Pa. July 24, 
1857, m Deloss Longstreet Dec 25, 1873. P O Fre- 
donia, Pa. Well-driller, Presby. C: John, Mary, 
Bessie, Bertie, Ruth. 

V. John Hiram Longstreet, b Dec 20, 1874, m Alice 
Anderson Apr 26, 1899. She d May 30, 1902. P 
O New Castle, Pa. In employ of Bell Telephone 
Co. No issue. 

V. Mary Longstreet, b May 11, 1876, m Harry 
Loveland Sept 25, 1901. P O Greenville, Pa. 
Employee of P. B. & L. E. R. R. Meth Ep. C: 
(VI) Emma J. Loveland, b Aug 18, 1903, d Aug 31, 

V- Bessie Longstreet, b Sept 24, 1878, m Walter 
Grim Sept 27, 1899. P O NewCa.stle, Pa. Plum- 
ber, Meth. C: (VI) Deloss Grim, b July 24, 1900. 

V. Bertie Longstreet, b Dec 20, 1880, m Carl Eb- 
berman Dec 27, 1898. P O Fredonia, Pa. Bar- 
ber, Meth. C: (VI) Dorothy Ebberman, b June 4, 

V- Ruth Ella Long.street, b May 27, 1893. 

IV. David M. Hadley, b — , m Constance Holstein. 
P O Oil City, Pa. Employed by Ohio Oil Co. No 

IV. J. Burton Hadley, b — , m Alice Ashton. Res. 
Pittsburg, Pa. Salesman. No issue. 

IV. Jane E. Hadley, b— , m Guy Maxwell. P O 
Freedom, Pa. R. R. employee. C: (V) Helen 
Maxwell. (V) G. Maxwell. (V) Frances Maxwell. 

IV. W. Calvin Hadley, b— , m Kate Collins. P O 


Sharon, Pa. R. R. employee. C: (V) Fred Had- 
ley. (V) Nellie Hadley. (V) Bessie Hadley. 

IV. G. Gilmore Hadley, b— , m Nancy Mills. P O 
Sharpsville, Pa. R. R. employee. 

IV. Alice Hadley. 

IV. Clara Hadley. 

III. Robinson T. Hadley, b in Trumbull Co. Ohio, 
Sept 1 8, 1834, m Louisa J. Palm Mar 22, i860. She 
wasb at Sheakleyville, Meixer Co. Pa. Feb 27, 1842. 
P O Oil City, Pa. Sawyer, Presby. C: William, 
George, John, Charles, Clara, David, Ida. 

IV. William R. Hadley, b Jan 14, 1861, m Mattie 
Mc Alevy Dec 25, 1890. P O Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Employee Union Natural Gas Corporation of Pitts- 
burg. C: (V) Helen Hadley, bjuneg, 1895. 

IV. George B. Hadley, b May 5, 1863, d Dec 22, 

IV. Dr. John L. Hadley, b at Adamsville, Crawford 
Co. Pa. Feb 13, 1865, m Gertrude R. French June i, 
1904. P O Oil City, Pa. Physician and Surgeon. 

IV. Charles A. Hadley, b May 30, 1867, d Sept 6, 
1899, m Clara L. Coulter July 28, 1887. P O Oil 
City, Pa, Liveryman. C: (V) Loretta B. Hadley, 
b Feb 22, 1888. (V) Edith M. Hadley, b July 14, 
1889. (V) Genevieve E. Hadley, b June 1896. (V) 
Alice J. Hadley, b Af)r 8, 1898. 

IV. Clara A. Hadley, b Nov 23, 1869, d Sept 9, 

IV. David Eester Hadley, b Aug i, 1871, d Sept 9, 

IV. Ida B. Hadley, b Jan 8, 1897. P O Oil City, 

Pa. School teacher. S. 

III. Sophia A. Hadley, b Apr 4, 1838, in Trumbull 
Co. O., m Ezra Boyd Apr 23, 1863. P O Hadley, 
Pa. He d Julj' 31, 1897. Presby. C: Charles, 
Albert, Hiram, George, James. 


IV- D. Charles Boyd, b — , m Elizabeth Findley. P 
O Orrville, Ohio. Traveling Salesman. C: (V) 
Hazel Boyd. (V) John Boyd. (V) Ruth Boyd. (Y> 
Findley Boyd. (Y) Ralph Boyd. 

IV. J. Albert Boyd, b— , m Hattie Findley. P O 
Clarks Mills, Pa. Traveling Salesman. C: (V) Ethel 
Boyd. (V) Howard Boyd. (V) Alice Boyd. 

IV. Hiram N. Boyd, b— , djan i, 1871, aged one 

IV- George W. Boyd, m — . Wholesale Produce 
business in Kalamazoo, Mich. C: (V) Boyd. 

IV- James E.Boyd, b Oct 28, 1876, m Sue E. Hill 
of Colorado Springs Sept 13, 1898. P O Hadley, 
Pa. Liveryman and undertaker, Meth Ep. C: (V) 
Robert J. Boyd, b Aug 19, 1S99. (V) Florence S. 
Boyd, bAprg, 1901. 

III. Robert B. Hadley, b in Trumbull Co. Ohio, 
Oct 19, 1840, b Jan 3, 1894, m Eliza J. Martin Dec 
25, 1867. She d Jan 23, 1903. Presby. C: Mar- 
tin, James, Emma, Jessie. 

IV. J- Martin Hadley, m May Morse. P O Oil 
City, Pa. Employed by Swift & Co. C: (V) How- 
ard Hadley. (V) Mildred Hadley. 

IV. James T. Hadley, b— . P O Oil City, Pa. 
Mfg of gas engines. S. 

IV. Emma J. Hadley, b-. P O Oil City, Pa. S. 

IV- Jessie A. Hadley, b — . P O Oil City, Pa. S. 

III. David C. Hadley, bin Trumbull Co. Pa. Mar 6, 
1843, m Eveline Morrison Oct 12, 1865. She was b 
in Mercer Co. Pa. Feb 24, 1843. P O Hadley, Pa. 
Farmer, and Stock-dealer. Presby. C: Edwin, 

IV- Edwin T. Hadley, bjan 1S67, d Oct 22, 1881, 
aged 14 years. 

IV- Warren M. Hadley, b in Mercer Co. Pa. May 


II, 1 87 1, m Vieva Reed Oct 18, 1894. Settled on 
his father's farm just out-side the town of Hadley, 
Pa. Farmer, Presby. C: (Y) Helen M. Hadley, 
b Aug II, 1895. (V) Esther J. Hadley, b Feb 5, 
1897. (V) Ruth Emma Hadley, b Nov 19, 1900. (Y) 
Albina Marie Hadley, b Apr 3, 1902. 

III. Margaret J. Hadley, bat Hadley, Pa. Nov 22, 
1845, m H. S. Lyons May 29, 1866. He was b at 
Hubbard, Ohio, May 29, 1844. P O Hadley, Pa. 
Farmer, Presby. C: W. Frank, Walter, Dolly. 
They lived at Hubbard, Ohio, until about 1874, 
when they bought a farm and moved thereon. 

JY. W. Frank Lyons bat Hubbard, Ohio, Mar 25, 
1869, m Lucy E. 'Merrick Dec 2, 1890. P O Clarks 
Mills, Pa. Hardware merchant, Meth Ep. C: (Y) 
Margaret Lyons b May 4, 1892. (Y) Harriet Lyons, 
b Jan 13, 1895. 

lY- Walter E. Lyons, b Mar 30, 1884. P O Clarks 
Mills, Pa. 

lY. Dally Lyons, born in 1867, died in Inf. 

||. Thomas Jefferson Hadley, b in Sussex Co. N. J. 
Feb 8, 1809, d at Noble, Branch Co. Mich. Sept 
1877, ra Anna Cope. She was bat New Lisbon, 
Ohio, d at Noble, Mich. Carpenter, Meth Ep. C: 
Amanda, Lucy, Elbridge, Bertha, Mary, Oscar, 

III. Amanda Hadley, b Nov 1834, m David Babcock. 
P O Orland, Ind. Farmer, Meth Ep. C: Infant, 
Eniora . 

lY- Infant d unnamed. 

lY. Eniora Babcock, b— , d in 1885, m Wesley For- 

III. Lucy Hadley, b in Summit Co. Ohio, Apr 1834, 
m James Curtis, (d). P O Union City, Mich. Far- 
mer, Meth Ep. C: 


IV. Harry Curtis, d aged 3 years. 

lY. Ella Curtis, m Fuller. 

III. Elbridge Hadley, b 1836, m Mary Foster, PO 
Gilead, Mich. C: (|V) Cora, Jay, Ethel, Fred. 
III. Bertha Hadley, b Sept 5, 1845, d Sept 4. 1865. 

III. Mary E. Hadley, b in Summit Co. Ohio, Oct 
25, 1847, m John Rice May 5, 1869. He d Sept 4, 
1881. C: William. Mary m second husband, Nel- 
son Tilman, Mar 23, 1883. He d Feb 1892. P O 
Van Buren, Ind. Drygoods merchant, Meth Ep. 

IV. William T. Rice, b at Noble, Mich. Feb 5. 
1 87 1, m Jennie Brewer Nov 3, 1889. Res. 271. E. 
57th St. Chicago, 111, C: (V) Lawrence Rice, b 
Aug 19, 1891. 

III. Oscar Hadley, b Nov 1879. Traveling sale.s- 
man, Meth Ep. S . 

III. Julia Hadley, b Feb 16, 1852, d Sept 4, 1S64. 

||. Aaron L,. Hadley, b May 10. 1810, d — , m . 

C: (III) Hadley, b — , d aged i year. 

II . Isaac Dennis Hadley, b in Sussex Co. Ne«' Jer- 
sey, June I, 1812, d in East Palestine, Ohio, Oct 18, 
1889, mjane Early June 7, 1833, She was b Jan 2, 
1811, d Oct 18, 1889. Carpenter, Presby. C: Hel- 
en, John, Elizabeth, William, Joseph, Margaret. 

III. Helen Hadley, b Mar 8, 1834, d Nov 14, 1847. 
III. John Hadlej^ b Jan 10, 1836, djanio, 1837. 
III. Elizabeth Hadley, b Oct 25, 1838, m Samuel 

Gorby May 12, 1853. She d Oct 15, 1882. U B 
ch. C: Adalade, Joseph, William, Emmet, Mary, 
Ida, Benjamin, James, Phebe, Eva, Amy, George, 
Lizzie. Reside between East Palestine and East Liver- 
pool, Ohio. 

III. William Hadley, b Aug 6, 1S41, d Mar 30, 

III. Joseph D. Hadley, b Nov 18, 1843, d June 26, 


IH. Margaret K. Hadley, b in Unity, Col. Co. Ohio, 
Dec 14, 1848, m William ly. Johnson Jan 3, 1867. He 
was b May 24, 1844. P O East Palestine, Ohio. 
Watchman at R. R. crossing, Methodists. C: John, 
Eva, Charles, Henrietta, Adda. 

IV. John D. Johnson, b at Unity, Ohio, Feb 16, 
1869, m Margaret Landier Mar 31, igoo. P O East 
Palestine, O. Potteryman kiln placer, L,uth. C: 
(V) Infant, b July 17, 1901, d next day. (Y) Roy 
C. Johnson, b Jan 21, 1902. 

IV. Eva Jane Johnson, b at Columbus, Neb. Sept 
11,1872, m Joseph A. Tyson Oct 1 1 , 1889. He d 
Feb 26, 1891. Eva m second husband, Thomas 
Whitehouse, Mar 20, 1895. P O East Palestine, O. 
Presby. C: (V) Margaret G. Whitehouse, b 1896. 
(V) JohnE. Whitehouse, b 1898. (V) Ruth White- 
house, b Oct 8, 1901. 

IV. Charles E. Johnson, b Aug 2, 1875, d May 22, 

IV. Henrietta Johnson, bin East Palestine, O. June 
26, 1878, m Homer Miller June 20, 1901. Res. 1908 
Chartiers St. Alleghny, Pa. Railroad conductor, 
Presby. No issue. 

IV- Adda P'lorence Johnson, bat East Palestine, O. 
Aug 8, 1881, m Fred Bortner June 20, 1901. P O 
East Palestine, O. Potteryman, jiggersman. Pres- 
by. C: (V) Helen V. Bortner, b July 28, 1902. 

||. Charity Hadley, b May 26, 1815, d young. 

||. Hannah Hadley, (twin), b May 26, 1815, d 

||. Margaret Hadley, b in Columbiana Co. Ohio, 
Nov 2, 1817, m Samuel Kees June 30, 1833. He 
wash in Columbiana Co. Ohio, Oct 16, 1811, d 
near Sparta, Ohio, July 27, 1875. Farmer, Chris- 
tian ch. C: Samantha, Minerva, Thomas, Aaron, 


Sophia, Angeline, Mary, Martha, Margaret, Ahnirs, 

III. Samantha Ann Kees, b — , ra Osgood A. Dus- 
tin Oct i8, 1855. Hedjan ir, 1902. P O Ma:ren- 
go, O. Blacksmith, farmer. Cr Emma. 

lY- Emma Dustin, b Nov 22, 1857, d Sept 9, 185S. 

III. Minerva Kees, b Mar 23, 1837, ra Mathias Mc 
Kinstry. PON. Washington, Hardin Co. O. C: 
Samuel, William, Nellie. 

lY- Samuel Burton Mc Kinstry. P O North Wash- 
ington, O. 

lY. William E. Mc Kinstry. 

lY. Nellie Mc Kinstry, m Everhart. P O 

Kenton, O. 

III. Thomas Jefferson Kees, b in Columbiana Co. 
O. Sept 31, 1839, d at Sparta, O. Mar 20, 1874. S. 

Ill- Aaron Kees, b in Columbiana Co. O.Oct 13, 
1 84 1, m Huldah Sprague. P O Centerburg, Ohio. 
Retired farmer. He enlisted in Company B. 43rd O. 
V. I. Nov 22, 1861; served until July 13, 1865, and 
was not wounded. He engaged in the following bat- 
tles, viz: New Madrid, Mo; luka and Corinth, Miss; 
Decatur, Ala; Resaca, Dallas, Kenesaw Mountain, 
Nickajack Creek, Atlanta and Savannah, Ga; and 
Rivers Bridges, S. C. Meth Ep. C: Flora. Calvin, 
Charles, Carrit, Maggie. 

lY- Flora Bell Kees, b in Morrow Co. Ohio, Nov 
4, 1866, m A. H. Wright Dec 25, 1889. Farmer. 
P O Rich Hill, O. C: 

Y. Grace C. Wright, b Dec 21, 1894. 

lY. Calvin D. Kees, b Mar 6, 1868, m Myrtle Hash- 
barger Feb 8, 1893. P O Centerburg, O. Farmer, 
Meth Ep. C: 

Y. Mildred H. Kees, b Oct 16, 1893. 

Y. George B. Kees, bOct4, 1897. 

lY- Charles Kees, bin Morrow Co. O. Mar 6. 1870, 

Ki;v. Nathamiol J. ITadi.ey, 
(See pag-e I'.isj 


m Maud Griffis. C: (Y) Minnie Belle Kees, b May 
14, 1893. (V) Homer O. Kees, b Feb 9, 1895, d Nov 
2,1895. (Y) Charles H. Kees, bDeci, 1897. (V) 
Gladys Kees, b Oct 15, 1899 . 

JV- Carrie Kees, b July 26, 1876, m Aruthur Barre. 
P O Centerburg, O. Farmer, Meth Ep. C: (Y) 
George A. Barre, b Sept 13, 1896. (Y) Hazel Belle 
Barre, b Dec 18, 1899. 

lY- Maggie M. Kees, b Aug i, 1879, m Clarence 
Lyons Oct 2, 1898. P O Marengo, O. Farmer. 
C: (Y) Orlin Lester Lyons, b Mar 23, 1802. 

III. Sophia E. Kees, b July 6, 1844, m James E. 
Carson. He d Aug i, 1895. P O Granville, O. 
Farmer, Baptist. C: Delford, C — , Homer. 

IV. Delford Frank Carson, b — , d in 111. Nov 24, 
1898, m— . 

lY- C. O. Carson, b Aug 11, 1873, d Sept 1873. 

lY. Homer O. Carson, b Oct 29, 1883. P O Gran- 
ville, O. 

III. Angeline Kees, b in Morrow Co. Oct 23, 1847, d 
Oct 20, 1903, m James P. Gage. Farmer, 4 child- 

III. Mary Kees, b Mar 23, 1851, m Edwin Howes. 
P O Marengo, O. Farmer. C: Alice, . 

III. Martha Kees, b Mar 23, 1851, (twin), m Henry 
Keller. P O Sparta, O. Farmer, U. B. ch. C: 
William, Alfaretta. 

lY. William Keller. P O Sparta, O. 

lY. Alfaretta Keller, m Jackson. P O Mt. 

Liberty, O. 

III. Margaret A. Kees, b Jan 15, 1854, m Jacob W. 
Berry. P O Marengo, O. Farmer. No issue. 

Ill- Almira Kees, b Mar 19, 1857, m A. J. Frost. 
P O Mercer, Mo. Farmer. No issue. 

||. Samuel F. Hadley, b in Columbiana Co. Ohio, 


Mar 4, 1820, d in New Springfield, O. Sept 4, rSgo, 
m Sarah Ann Peters Apr 29, 1841. She was b in 
Adams Co. Pa. Jan 19; 1817, d in North Lima, O. 
June 4, 1902. Mr. Hadley in early life was a shoe- 
maker, and afterwards bought and sold cattle and 
sheep. He was Justice of the Peace for 23 years in 
Springfield twp Mahoning Co. O. They lived during 
their entire married life in New Springfield, Ohio, 
and were active members of the Lutheran ch. C: 
Wilson, Francis, Ephriam, Samuel, Mariah, Sarah, 
David, Sophia, John, Manerva. 

HI- Wilson S. Hadley, b Jan 23, 1842, m Maria Mil- 
ler Oct 4, 1863. She was b Aug 30, 1841. P O New 
Springfield, O. Shoemaker, later farmer; Lutheran 
C: Sylvanus, Nathaniel, Henry, Sarah. 
IV. Sylvanus Mosheim Hadley, bjuly 7, 1864, d 
Mar 4, 1866. 

IV. Rev. Nathaniel James Hadley, b in Springfield 
twp Mahoning Co. O. Nov 17, 1866, m Myrtle Bow- 
sher Dec 18, 1895. Res. 575 Second Ave. Lorain. 
Ohio. His boyhood days were spent on a farm. 
After attending the district schools he took a course 
in the Poland Union Seminary, which, in its day 
was one of Ohio's most famous preparatory institu- 
tions. Mr. Hadley 's course was an intermitted one, 
and in the intervals between the periods of study he 
engaged in teaching. He later entered North Nor- 
mal College at Canfield, O. In the fall of 18S7 he 
matriculated in Wittenberg College, Springfield, O, 
and graduated at that institution with the degree of 
B. A. in 1 891. In the fall of the same year he en- 
tered Wittenberg Theological Seminary, and on the 
completion of a three-year course the degree of 
Bachelor of Divinity was conferred upon him. The 
same year his Alma Mater bestowed upon him the 


degree of Master of Arts. Immediately afterward, 
in the fall of 1894, he was ordained as a minister of 
the gospel by the Wittenberg Synod of the English 
Lutheran church at Bellefontaine, Ohio, having been 
licensed to preach the gospel by the same religious 
authority the previous year. In May 1894 Rev. 
Mr. Hadley took charge of his first congregation at 
West Liberty, Ohio, a town of about 1500 population. 
There he remained in successful and harmonious re- 
lations with his flock until called to a broader field 
Mar 15, 1898, in Galion, Ohio, where he served the 
Christ English Lutheran church for five years. 

Rev. Mr. Hadley's work in Galion well illustra- 
tes the force of character of the man. Young and 
energetic he went to work with a will, wiped out an 
indebtedness and established the church organiza- 
tion on a basis which has added to its power and in- 
fluence, and greatly increased the congregation in 
number. During his pastorate in Galion the church 
was remodeled and reopened free of debt. When 
the new congregation was organized at Lorain, Ohio, 
the Board of Home Missions selected Rev. Mr. Had- 
ley to take up that work, and he became its first pas- 
tor October I, 1903. During the first eight months 
the membership grew to nearly one hundred, and 
was fast becoming one of the strongest and most in- 
fluential churches of Lorain, Ohio. 

When in Logan county Ohio, he was president 
of the county Christian Endeavor Union, and during 
his incumbency in the office of the county had the 
distinction of winning the banner offered by the 
State Association for the best organization and for 
the progress and work of the year. While in Galion 
he served for a term at the head of the Crawford 
County Christian Endeavor Union. He served 


several terms as president of the Ministers' Union in 
Galion and three successive j^ears as secretary of 
Wittenberg Synod. While in Galion he edited ao 
eight-page parish paper entitled the "Lutheran Visi- 
tor." Mrs. Hadley, who had taken a select course 
at Wittenberg College, and was previously a teacher 
in the public schools of Millersburg, Ohio, is a lady 
of superior intelligence and culture, and is of great 
assistance to her husband in the exercise of the high 
functions of his holy calling. C: (Y) Florence E. 
Hadley, b Mar ii, 1897. (V) Miriam Eleanor Had- 
ley, b Feb 5, 1902. 

lY- Rev. Henry Clement Hadl e^', b in Mahoning 
Co. Ohio, Mar 7, 1868, m Loretta May Smith Sept 
19, 1899. Res. 84 Irvington St. Cleveland, Ohio. 
His boyhood days were spent on his father's farm, 
attending a country school in the winter. At an 
early age he believed he was called to preach the gos- 
pel, and he united with the English Evangelical 
Lutheran church at the age of 14. He attended the 
North Eastern Ohio Normal College atCanfield, O., 
a part of the time from 1886- 1888. He then taught 
school three years. He entered Wittenberg College, 
Springfield, Ohio, in 1891, and graduated in 1895, 
having entirely paid his own way through College. 
During his summer vacations he canvassed for books. 
In Sept 1895 he entered Wittenberg Theological 
Seminary at Springfield, Ohio, and graduated in June 
1898. At this time he received the degree of Master 
of Arts from his Alma Mater. He was ordained a 
minister of the gospel at Lima, Ohio, Oct 3, 1898, 
and later became pastor of St. John's Lutheran ch. 
of Ohio City, Ohio, June i, 1898. This church had 
a membership of 64 and a very burdensome debt. 
During a pastorate of 4 years 105 members were 


received, the debt paid off , and many improvements 
made; over $4,000. being contributed during the pas- 
torate. He accepted a unanimous and urgent call to 
the Christian Endeavor Memorial Lutheran Church 
of Cleveland, Ohio, July i, 1902. This church also 
had a very heavy debt and only a membership of 85 . 
During the two years which have just passed the 
debt has been entirely liquidated, the membership 
more than doubled, the salary increased, and many 
improvements made. 

lY. Sarah Elizabeth Hadley, b June 28, 1871. Res. 
New Springfield, Ohio. Euth. S. 

III. Francis B. Hadley, b June 2, 1843, m Eizzie 
Cobbsjune 1868. P O Alliance, O. Blacksmith 
retired, Luth. No issue. 

III. Ephraim Hadley, bAug3, 1844, in New Spring- 
field, Ohio, d Sept 8, 1903, in Hadley, Pa., m Mary 
Eyons. She was b Sept 9, 1847, d Feb 25, 1891. 
C: Dallas, Samuel. Ephraim m second wife. Ex- 
perience Bash, in 1893. No issue. Farmer and 
stock dealer. 

lY. Dallas E. Hadley, b at Hubbard, O. Aug 22, 
1870, m Austa Oshall Dec 21, 1891. She d in 1901. 
Dallas m second wife, Edith Bemis. P O Robin- 
hood Ave. Lakewood, O. Traveling salesman, 
Presby. No issue. 

lY- Samuel H. Hadley, b in Hubbard, Ohio, Mar 
15, 1876, m May Wheeler Aug 17, 1898. She d 
Mar 23, 1902. No issue. He m second wife, Ag- 
nesS. Reed, Jul}' 15, 1903. She wash Oct 27, 1878. 
No issue (1904). P O Sharon, Pa. In the spring 
of 1 89 1 Prof. Hadley passed the township eighth 
grade examination, receiving his diploma, and in the 
fall of that year entered Fredouia Institute, gradu- 
ating from that institution in 1894. He began teach- 


ing in the public schools in the winter of 1^94. In 
1895 he was called to the Sharpsville, Pa. schools to 
take charge of the seventh and eighth gradesv 
and in 1896 was elected principal of one of the build- 
ings there. In 1897 he was called as teacher to 
Fredonia Institute and, having graduated in June 

1898 from Grove City College in the Classical course, 
he was elected to the chair of Latin at Fredonia. In 

1899 he was elected principal of Terrace Avenue 
Schools, New Castle, Pa., which position he filled 
with honor and was holding at the time of his election 
as superintendent of the Sharon, Pa. Public Schools. 

III. Samuel F. Hadley, bjan 17, 1846, m Ellen 
Hunkhouser Sept 3, 1874. She wasb Mar 15, 1858, 
d Nov 28, 1898. C: Sadie, Luie, William. Hem 
second wife, Mrs. Sadie Whitmore, (Nee Buchest- 
er), Sept 24, 1899. P O East Palestine, Ohio. 
House painter, later farmer; Luth. 

IV. Sadie M. Hadley, b Mar 19, 1876, d Nov 30, 

IV. lyuie E. Hadley, b Sept 29, 1878, m Curtis 
Whitmore Apr 16, 1902. He was b Apr 8, 1881. 
P O East Palestine, Ohio. Farmer, Luth. C: (V) 
Fay A. Whitmore. 

IV. William W. Hadley, b Sept 30, 1880, m Ivy 
Yerian Apr 12, 1904. She was b NovS, 1880. P O 
East Palestine, O. Farmer. 

III. Maria Elizabeth Hadley, b Jan I, 1848, d Sept 
27, 1862. 

III. Sarah Ellen Hadley, b May 15, 1850, m Jacob 
Elser Jan 2, 186S. P O North Lima, Ohio. Re- 
formed ch. C: Mary, Martha, Oscar, SamueL 
Manerva, Margaret, Hattie. 

IV. Mary Jane Elser, b May 9, 1869, m; Robert T. 


Jessup. P O Columbiana, Ohio. C: (Y) Samuel 
H.Jessup, b July 20, 1895-96. (V) Margaret Jessup , 
b Apr 12, 1901, d Aug 1903. 

IV. Martha B. Elser, b Sept r, 1871. PO North 
Lima, O. Ref ch. S. 

lY- Oscar S. Elser, b Jan 31, 1874, m Ida Lehman 
Sept 1898. P O Calla, Ohio. Farmer, Ref ch. 
C: (Y) Grace Elser, b June 28, 1902. 

lY- Samuel U. Elser, b Feb 4, 1876, m Alice Sprin- 
kle 1900. P O Woodworth, O. Farmer, Ref ch. 
C: (Y) Otta Henry Elser, b Apr 5, 1904. 

JY Manerva Alice Elser, b July 22, 1878, mjohn 
Marks Feb r6, 1900. P O North Lima, Ohio. 
Undertaker. C: (Y) Raymond F. Marks, b Sept 

23. 1903- 
lY. S. Margaret Elser, b Dec 16, 1881. S. 

lY. Hattie P. Elser, b Dec 19, 1884. S. 

Ilj. David H. Hadley, b Oct 17, 1851, m Mary A. 
Welk Jan 6, 1876. She was b Dec 22, 1853. PO 
Youngstown, Ohio. Foreman in machine shop. 
Luth. C: 

IV. Edna J. Hadley, b Dec 10, 1877, m Theodore 
Bretz Oct 22, 1897. He wash Mar 16, 1876. PO 
New Waterford, O. Presby. No issue. 

III. Sophia Catharine Hadley, b May 6, 1854, m 
Joseph Eckert Feb 1 , 1871. P O New Springfield, 
Ohio. Farmer, Ev Assn. C: Manerva, Ellen, 
Bertha, Lewis. 

IV. Manerva J. Eckert, b Apr 16, 1873, m William 
StahlMar22, 1891. P O New Springfield, Ohio. 
Laborer, Luth. C: (Y) Hazel Bell Stahl, b Oct 20, 
1892. (Y) Ralph E. Stahl, b Apr 13, 1895, d Aug 
1895. (Y) Dallas E. Stahl, b Apr 22, 1898, d 189S. 

IV. Ellen B. Eckert, b Apr 11, 1875, m Charles 
McNeese Sept 8, 1894. P O New Springfield, O. 


Farmer. C: (Y) Myrtle Mc Neese, b Nov 14, 1S95. 

lY- Bertha Pearl Eckert, b Juae 22, 1880, m Harry 
Hoffinanjuly 3, 1902. P O New Springfield, Ohio. 
Teamster, Luth. 

IV- Lewis Evan Eckert b Apr 29, 1894. 

III. John Hadley, b — , d infant. 

III. Manervajane Hadley, bjuly 18, 1861, m Rich- 
ard Shale Sept 17, 1882. He was b Apr 6, 1858. 
Res. Fall Ave. Youngstown, Ohio. He has been a 
very energetic, popular and successful public school 
teacher, and later engaged in the mercantile business. 
From there he was elected Infirmary director of Mah- 
oning county and served as their clerk. He is now 
the chief clerk for the treasurer of Mahoning county. 
Luth. C: (IV)Clark Evan Shale, b July 4, 1883. 
(lY) Disney Guy Shale, bjune 24, i8S8. 

]!ev. Henuy C. H.vdi.ev, 

(Si'c pag-e 200) 


John Headley, m Sarah Ball in 1795. She was 
b in 1769, d J. V. Jan II, 1821. C: Maria, b 1797, d 
1815. Eockey, b 1799, ni Tona Wade 1818. Jane, 
b 1801, m Wm. Townley 1826. 

Thomas Headley, m Elizabeth . She was a 

member of the Presbyterian church at Morristown, 
N. J. in 1743. 

Samuel Headley, of Stafford twp ManmouthCo. 

N.J. b— , d 1791, m Martha . C: Joseph, 

Ezekiel Cooper, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, Martha, 
Eaura, Abigail. 

Rhoda Headley, m Enos Meeker Mar 9, 1803. 
Essex Co. N. J. Records. 

Rachel Headley, m Manuel Easure May 2, 
1803. Essex Co. N.J. Records. 

Phebe Headley, m Zenas Mills July 15, 1787. 
He was bat Rockaway Apr 1766; removed to Ohio. 

Patience Headley, m Carman Thompson. He 
was bat "Conn. Farms," 1755, d May 12, 1782. C.- 
Mary, m Peter Bennett, Sarah, m Pettinger; 

and Carman. 

Moses Headley, m Elizabeth Parker Nov 12, 
1796. She wash at Long Hill Feb 8, 1770. 

Mary Headley, of "Conn. Farms," m Calvin 
Osborn Dec 183 — . 

Mary Headley, mjohn Crane Oct 181 5. 

Mary Headley, m Daniel Cookman Feb 1815. 


Mary Headley, bat "Conn. Farms," m James 
Smith Mar 23, 1833, 

John Headley, b 1758, d about 1818; resided in 
New Jersey and Orange Co. N. Y. 

Hannah Headley, m Elias Beach; removed to 
the Lakes. 

Elizabeth Headley, m Eleazer Miller Jan 1796. 

Charlotte Headley, m Frazee Stevens. 

Abigail Headle}', m Charles Hole. 

Joseph Headley, bachelor of Westchester, N. 
Y., m Rebecca Dykeman May 8, 17 16. 

|. Richard Headley, b 1642, m — Drake. He 
was chosen clerk of the train lands of Westchester, 
N. Y. Nov 4, 1689. C: Samuel, Robert. 

||. Samuel Headley, (son of Richard), b between 
1665-1686, m Sarah Dickerman. 

II. Robert Headley. 

Jot C-ra-rum^e^r . (S^e- J-I,si:, Lo-VoyirQ, 


From lyib. A. B. 5. Page 335 of record in office 
of East Jersey Proprietor's office: 

.Deed from Richard Headley of Essex Co. to 
Jonathan Stiles, Dec 14, 1764, 50 acres of land onS. 
E. branch of the Walkill of Sussex Co. 

An Isaac_^Headley was town clerk of Newark, 
N. J. in 1810. 


Pot. 164. Isaac Headley in 4th Reg. Orange Co, 
N. Y. Mil. 

Pot. 190 Moses Headley, 3rd Reg. Ulster Co. 
N. Y. Mil. 

John Headley, private in Col. Maxwell's Reg. 
1775-82. In 1798 living in Orange Co. N. Y. aged 
59 years. 

Nathaniel Headley, (Pot. in 3rd Batt). 

Moses Headley, Pot. Morris Co. 

Ephraim Headley, Pot. 

Jacob Headley, enlisted from Morristown. lu 
1832 was in Bradford Co. Pa. apparently aged 69. 

Corey Headley in Essex Co. N. J. 

Frances Headley, in Sussex Co. N. J. 

John Thompson Headley, Essex Co. N. J. 

Stephen Headley, Pot. Essex Co. In battles of 
"Conn. Farms," Epringfield and Manmouth, b Jan 
28, 1761. 

James Headley, Pot. and Serg. enlisted from 
Newton, N. J., b Aug 6, 1756. In 1832 resided in 
Huron Co. Ohio; was wounded in the leg at the bat- 
tle of Springfield. 

Joseph Headley, Pot. from Sussex Co. N. J. In 
1809 moved to Ohio. 

Extracts From Notes of Miss Mary Headley of 760 

High St. Newark, N. J. of Early Emigrants 

of the Headley Family. 

Aug 21, 1635, Michell (Michael) Hedly embar- 
qued in the George, Jo. Swerne Master. This emi- 
grant was 24 years old and previous to his transporta- 
tion he was examined by the minister at Graves End, 
England, (the vessel being intended for Virginia). 

June 10, 1635, Edward Headley and Thomas 
Headley embarqued in the "True Love" De London, 
Robert Dennis Master. They were examined by the 
minister at Graves End, England. 

July 3, 1684, Joanna Headley, daughter of Den- 
nis and Joanna Headley, born in Sudbury, Middle- 
sex Co. 

Mass. Records. Dennis Headley was one of the 
Narragansett grantees and was living at Sudbury as 
late as April 1735. He was a soldier of the Narra- 
gansett Indian war and received a grant of land there- 

Hon. Benjamin Chadbourne, (sonof William and 
Mary, and grandson of Humphrey Chadbourne who 
came to Maine in 1631), wasborn July 23, 171 8, died 
1796, married first, Mary Headle5^ 

John Headley married the daughter of Peley 
Slocum. She was born Oct 29, 1682. Peley Slocum 
was a prominent Quaker of Dartmouth, (now Ply- 
mouth), Mass. born 1654, d 1732. 

John Parker died Dec 1702, leaving his property 
to Robert Smith of Egg Harbor, widow Sarah 
Browne, Thomas Headley, and Christ church at 

The naming of Thomas Headley in the will of 
John Parker, and the qualification of Sarah Smith as 
administratrix of Leonard Headley show a connec- 
tion between the families of Headley-Parker-Smith 
and Ogdeu. 


Mrs. Bessie Boyd Bowen, daughter of Samuel 
Freetaan Headley,died at the residence of her daugh- 
ter Mrs. John C. Lewis, Roland Park, Baltimore, on 
Friday Nov 25, 1904, after a long illness. Although 
a great sufferer the end came peacefully, and she 
closed her eyes in the full hope of the blessed here- 
after, longing to be with the Master she loved and so 
devoutly served. 

Her remains were laid to rest in the family plot, 
Evergreen Cemetery .beside her soldier husband Lieut. 
James V. Bentlej'. (See page 180). 


IX- Thomas Burnett Gardner, b at Washington, 
D. C, Oct 7, 1873. Res. 1509 Tea St. N. W. Wash- 
ington, D. C. (Page 44). 

IV. Phebe Headley, daughter of Gary Headley 
omitted in list of children. (See page 40). 

y. Mary (Headley) Wade, married second hus- 
band Mathias Burnett. No issue. (See page 121). 


Page 131, fifteenth and sixteenth lines are un- 
doubtedly incorrect, as it is evident that she was not 
the daughter of Samuel Headley Sr. 


Page 11 read Karnell, not Carnaille. 

" 18 endof ISth line from top read, first building, not 

34 ninth line read, Apr 27, 1894, not 1794. 
38 read Mar 13, 1762, not 15. 
40 read Dragoons, not Dragons. 
4.5 2ud line Irom top, read May 19, not Mar. 
45 3rd line froin top, read May 10, not Mar. 
40 bottom line, read N. Y., notN. J. 
48 Foot note, read July 31, 1737, not 1837. 
«9 read RoUin D. Heudley, d 1868, not 1859. 
71 read Lewis Headley, m 1843, not 1853. 
82 read Kate Hopping, ni John Bosweli, not Roswell. 

89 read Starkey Sta., not Starkly. 

90 read Janette L. Hathaway, b Oct 7, 1836. 

91 read Electa H. Hathaway, b 1843, not 1823. 
93 read Alice M. Struble, m Albert M. Bukley Oct 29, 

not 27. 

95 read VII. Everhard Home Roe, not Edward. 

96 read VUl. Edward Roe, b Jan 18, not 15. 

97 read VIII. VVm. L. Rce, b Aug 14, not 24. 
97 read Rev. Gabriel Van Duzer, b Orange Co. N. Y., 

notN. J. 
97 read Tusteu (Van Duzer), not Luster. 

97 read IX. Lewio T. McCormick, not Lewis M. 

98 read Vlll. Martha Van Duzer, not VII. 

101 18th line read relinquishing. 

102 read IX. Leslie E. Merrin, b 1898, not 1890. 

103 read Calvin Carr, d in 1884, not 1844. 

104 read HattieC. Lindley, b 1891, not 1871. 
106 read Sarah Ann Headley, m W. L. Shuman Dec. 26th, 

not 25th. 
109 read Stephen Wade, b Nov, not Sept. 
109 read Fhebe Wade, b Oct 3, not 2. 

113 read Monmouth, not Manmouth. 

114 read Sportsman's goods, not Sportmans. 
118 . read Ella F. Stewart, b 1886, not 1786. 
123 read John C. Mooney, d 1853, not 1835. 

123 read Martha P. Mooney, b Nov 23, not 12. 

124 read Rebecca Brueu Headley, b 1798, not 1898. 
124 read Mei chant tailor, not Taylor. 

131 read Mo5es Gardner, b Feb 10, not 19. 

132 read Volunteer L. Dragoons, not Dragons. 
132 read Sears Robert (iardner, b 1811, not 1821. 
137 read Mary Ann (iardner, m Joseph English 18.54, not 


137 read VIII. Mary Pierson Gai'dner, b 1843, not 1834. 

138 read IX. Martha E. Dallas, b Oct 7, not 9. 
1.38 read Vlll. Martha A. Gardner, b 1847, not 1849. 


<' 140 read iX. Alice O. Gardner, 111 Will. .]. Wilson isfl-), 

not 1697. 

read VII. Mary Gardner, d l!Soo, not 18:35. 
read Samuel ;iid Tljaiiktul (Earl; Cruwell, not (Eare) 

read Issachar Hughes, ,b 18;j(), not 'l;j. 
read Harrison Hethuel Hughs, notBethwel. 
read X. Foster E. "riddy, not l.oster. 
read John W ni. ferhainus, lj (Jet 15, not 5. 
read IX. l^ouisa 11. Gardner, b 1)SS;J, not '23. 
read Philiji Sehuyler, not Schmyler. 
read Samuel H. Garaiier, b July :i4, 1886 (is omitted), 
read IX. Koselle Gardner, d 1«70, not '90. 
read Cobb, tor ehiidren ol \\ m. A. and Velina 
(Gardner) Cobb. 

lOth line reaa conducted, not constructed, 
read Mary W. Gardner, d lsi)'>, not ".)!.- 
read aMyroii A. Taylor, not Mayrt)ii. 
read Aloert C. Brown, b LSoU, not '.5'.t. 
reaii VI. .Fames Force Gardner, not VII. 
read Charles Earl Gardner, b 1810, not 'riO. 
read Kichard Curry, not Carry, 
read Jame^ N. Brown, not M. 
read VII. Frances Henrietta Gardner, not VIII. 
read Elizabeth Shurrager, b Marlj, not 4. 
read Henry Howard Gardner, bl8iil, not "SI. 
read Phebe E. Long, b 1855, not 'o5. 
read VII. Elizabeth TLompsou Gardner, not XllL 
read Lucy Gardner, m Squire Carl 1.S4H, not '48. 
read Mary Ford Miuton, d 18,5."1, not '.54. 
read Denville, N. J., not Danville, 
read 1. Isaac Headley, d 1802, not '03. 
read Somerville, N. J., not Sumerville. 
read VI. Minerva Vaughn Headley, not Vauglin. 
read Charles II. Beutly, b l8fJ4, not '40. 
read American Know-nothing rncjveinents. 
lead Win. H. Muir, not Meur. 

read Wm. Hadley, in 2d wile Lucinda Long, 1884, 
not '81. 

read John D. Hadley, d 1903, not 1803. 
read Ida H. Hadley, b 1879, not '97. 
read III. Amanda Hadley, b 1832, not '34. 
read Oscar Hadley, b 1849, not '70. 
readOrlin Lester Lyons, b 1902, not 1802. 
read (Nee Buchecker ) , not Buchester. 
read Sadie M. Hadley, b 1878, not '70 
read Carey Headley, not Corey, 
read Springfield, not Epriiigfield. 
read Monmouth, not Manmouth. 

























































































GENERAL INDE;x. ( lyicoyn 


8 Allen David O. 
" Mary E. 
" William A. 
" Alley Elizabeth 
" Fannie 
" Atwell Edwin. 
" Baker Abner B. 
" Anna M. 

6 Betsey 

7 Daniel N. 

8 Daniel C. 

6 Daniel 
8 Eliza J. 
" Emma 
" Harriet 
" Harry J. 

7 Jane E. 
" Martha 

6 Maria 

7 Mary A. 

" Newton 

7 Phebe S. 

6 Phebe 

8 Sadie A. 
" Susan A. 

7 Susan H. 

8 Thomas D. 

7 Thomas C. 
Timothy H. 

8 Warren T. 
" William M. 

7 Ball Elbert 

" Elizabeth 

" Ezekiel 

" Mary 

" Phebe 

" Sarah 

" Susan 

" Uzal 

8 Beam Annie. 
" Edward 
" Louisa 

" Beard Chanie 
" Eta 

E. V. 
" Franklin A. 
" Glennie 

5 Bentley Bessie B. 
" Charles H. 
" Helen L. 
() James B. 
5 Josepha B. 
4 Boyd D. Charles 
" George W. 
' ' Hiram N. 







James E. 




J. Albert 




Brown Alice 








Esther B. 




John H. 




Burr Catharine L. 




Charles A. 




Harry H. 




Horace B. 




Irene H. 




William H. 




Burnett Capt. Levi F 




Martha J. 



f c 

Mary G. 








Carlton Dwight 




Florence A. 



4 Carson Delford F. 




Carr Frank H. 




Cook Elwood 








Dr. Wilber 




Collins Marion P. 




Thomas P. 




Compton Frederick 








Courter Alicel. 




Joanna N. 




Crane Abner 

2.3-, y-t 




iV 126 



Caroline A. 

' 164 




















J 25 



Henry H. 




Mary E. 




Samuel P. 




Sarah A. 

163, 164 



Stephen H. 







9 Crowell Charlotte 




Howard M. 




Curtis Ella 




Dams Harriet E. 




Mary C. 




Stephen C. 




Theron S. 




Day Charles 












Stephen H. 




Decker Sarah 



1 1 

Dolhier Elizabeth 









T Dolbier Louisa 


5 Gangewer Joseph H. 


'' Newtou 



Marv B. 


.S Dowuey Geors^e 


('} Gardner Aaron A. 


" Hathaway 








Aaron A. 

149, 1.58 

" Eberlv Addie 



Aaron B. 


4 Eckeit Bertha V. 



Ada line 

148, 160 

" Ellen B. 



Adaline A. 


" MaiiervM J. 



Adelia S. 


« Edgel] Nellie A. 




149, 157 

7 Edtrerlev Amos 










>> Josephine E. 








Amelia E. 





Annie L. 


Rose L. 





~ William 



Benjamin S. 


X AVllliam A. 





Ellendorf Florence 





" Margaretta 



Burton 11. 


" Robert F. 

( < 


Calvin H. 


4 Elser Hattie P. 





Mary J. 



Catharine T. 


" >[anerva 



Charles P. 


" Martha B. 



Charles E. 


" Oscar S. 



Charles S. 


Samuel U. 

t t 


Charles T. 


" Marsraret S. 



Charles T. 


'.» Elston Arthur S. 



Charles L. 


Charlotte M. 



Charlotte A. 


s Harriet P. 



Cornelia S. 


9 Harry R. 





" Helen G. 



Daniel N. 


S Jonathan A. 



David F. 


*' Jonathan M. 



David M. 


9 Marv B. 



David P. 


" Smith R. 



David A. 


8 Farber Albert 



Eliza A. 


" Caleb 



Eliza R. 


" C.ilharine 


i I 

Eliza F. 


" Edward E. 



Elizabeth 149, 

161, 174 

" Electa 





" Frances I. 





" James 





" MarvE. 





" Sarah 



Emnia C. 


" Thomas 





" Fields l.illian 



Ezra S. 


Force Edna A. 





" James W. 



George F. 


" Foster Addie L. 



Hannah A. 


" Helen A. 



Harriet R. 







8 Fretz M:iry H. 



Hezekiah T. 


r> Gansrewer Cora 



Horace B. 


Ida A. 








fi Gardner Ira C. 

" Jacob 

7 Jacob M. 

" James K. 

6 James F. 

7 James F. 
" Jane 

6 Jane R. 
" Jesse 

" Joanna M. 

7 Joanna M. 
" Joanna 

6 John 


156, 166 





136, 163 




149, 156 


133, 162 

John 134, 139, 170, 16S 

John B. 148 

" JohnH. 155 

" Joseph L. 132 

" Joseph W. 141 

6 Joseph K. 171 

7 Juliette 173 

6 Julia A. 174 

7 Julia 175 
" Laura O. 160 
" Laura J. 174 
" Letty 133 

6 Lewis B. 170 

7 Lewis F. 174 
" Lucy D. ia5 
" Lucy A. 177 
" Lucinda 8. 149 
" Luther G. 139 
" Lyman 160 
" Mahala 154 
" Maria 149, 163 
" Mary 132, 161, 170 
" Mary B. 134 

6 Mary 148, 169, 170, 174 

7 Mary W. 157 
" Maryette 16" 

6 Matilda 176 

7 Minerva C. 158 
" Miranda 157 

5 Moses 131 
H Moses R. 135 
7 Moses 146, 170 
" Nancy 166 
" Nathaniel 139, 152 

6 Noah 169 

7 Oliver 133 
" Oliva 15J» 
" Phebe B. 133 
" Phebe E. 135 

6 Phebe 148, 163, 171, 173 

7 Phebe H. 150 
" Phebe A. 161, 173 
" Phebe J. 165 


" Gardner Phebe O 

5 Phebe 

7 Reuben E. 

" Reuben C 

" Robert E. 

" Samuel 

6 8amuel H. 
5 Samuel 

7 Sally A. 


154, 156 
Sarah 136,156,159,161,167,174 

6 Sarah 159, 162, 169 
" Sears 132 

7 Sears R. 132 
" Stephen E. 135 

6 Thomas 146,154,170 

5 Thomas 148 

7 Thomas 156,170,175 

6 Uriah 150 

7 Velma 154 
" Virginia C. 176 
" Wm. 136,170,174,175 
" Wm. B. 158, 163 

6 Wm. F. 173 

7 Wm, S. 40 

8 Gates Charles 69 
" Rufus 

" William 

' ' Green Annabella 89 

" Headley M. 

7 Goulder Hannah 115 

" John 

2 Hadley Aaron ly. 194 
" Alice 191 

3 Amanda 193 
" Bertha 194 

4 Clara 191 
" Dallas E. 201 

2 David L,. 187 

4 David M. 190 

3 David C. 192 
" David H. 203 

5 Edith M. 191 









Hadlev Elbridge 



Hammond Edward 









Edna J. 






Emma J. 












Francis B. 












G. Gilraore 






Harry L. 






Kev. Henry C. 












Isaac D. 






James T. 



Marv M. 



Jaue E. 












Jessie A. 










K ' 


John D. 






Dr. John L. 






J. Burton 






J. Martin 






Lizzie B. 









Hansberry Mar^' E. 



Loretta B. . 



William M. 






Hatbawav Eliza 



Luie E. 



Elizabeth M. 



-Manerva J. 



Electa H. 



Margaret J. 






Margaret E. 


9 Harrison M. Stella 






Russell H. 



Marv E. 


7 Headlev Aaron C. 



Mary E. 





t ( 

Rev. Nathaniel J. 



Abbie J. 

107, 80 





Abbie J. 



Robert B. 






Robinson T. 






Ruth E. 






Samuel F. 



Adam D. 



Samuel H. 






Samuel F. 









Albert D. 



Sarah E. 



Albert M. 



Sarah E. 



Albert 0. 



Sojihia A. 






So|)hia C. 



Alevia D. 



Thomas J. 






W. Calvin 



Alice O. 


( • 

■VVarren M. 



Alexander B. 






Almeda C. 



William R. 



Andrew D. 



William W. 



Andrew J. 



Wilson 8. 



Aun E. 



Hammond Albert 



Anna M. 









t ( 


Annie E. 















9 Headley Archie 



Headley Eliza 



Arthur B. 



Elizabeth M. 

76, 124 





Elizabeth T. 



Arthur B. 



Elizabeth J. 









Benjamin F. 






Beii.iamin F. 



Elizabeth 58, 

64. 87 


Benjamin F. 


Elizabeth M. 



Bessie B. 



Elizabeth C. 






Elizabeth K. 



Caleb B. 




Elizabeth D. 






Ella F. 



Caroiine A. 









7 ' 

Elmer B. 









Carey J. 




Emanuel D. 






Emanuel M. 




Charles J. 
Charles W. 






Charles L. 









Emma P. 







28, 78 





Esther M. 



Clara E. 






Clifford W. 






Clyde W. 



Eunice F. 






Eunice B. 



(Jyrus C. 









Ezekiel W. 




David C. 
David 8. 

23, 58, 09 




Fannie J. 

26, 88 


David G. 



Florence A. 



Davis Jr. 



Frank W. 







65, 74 



Dora M. 








Frank B. 
Frank D. 




Edward K. 





Frank J. 
Frank M. 



Edwin C. 






Edwin M. 
Eleanor B. 



Fred C. 




33, 59, 69, 87 


Fred S. 




91, 124 





Eliza H. 



George K. 





S Headley George L. 
" George 
" George E. 

George W. 



Grover T. 


l^Iaunah E. 

Maunah J.. 

Hannah L. 

Harris E. 
Harriet B. 




Harriet F. 

Harrv L. 

Harold W. 

Harvev T. 



Helen T. 


Henrietta O. 




Herman T. 



Homer D. 






Isaac M. 

Isaac W. 



Kev. Isaac 

Isaac B. 

Ivorv H. B. 

.Tabe^z T. 


James O. 

James L. 

James E. 

James D. 



Jane L. 

Jane M. 

Jane J. 

Jane E. 







.( . 


















24, 7: 
















































8 Headley Jennie 

" Jessie 

7 Joanna T. 

" Joanna D. 

3 Hon. Joel T. 

4 Joel T. 

5 John T. 

7 John 

" John S. 

" John L. 

" John T. 

8 John C. 

4 John B. 

5 John B. 

4 Joseph 

8 Josejjh A. 

7 Joseph 

7 Joseph D. 

5 Joseph 

6 Joseph W 

8 Joseph W 

7 Joseph B. 

8 Josephine 
7 Joshua U. 
7 Julia A. 

7 J. V. B. 

5 Lafayette 

8 Laura F. 
8 Laura 

8 Laura E. 

6 Lavina 
8 Leah S. 

7 Lemuel 

8 Leroy H. 
I Leonard 

7 Leonard 

8 Lewis 

6 Lewis 

8 Lewis L. 

7 Lewis P. 

8 Lelle 

8 Lillian B. 

8 Lina C. 

5 Lois 









34, 78, 87, 114 




























i Headley Lucy C. 









Maria K. 



Maria K. 





Maria F. 










64, 78, 114 


Martha B. 






Mary I. 



Mary A. 

28, 77, 8S 


Mary J. 



Mary D. 



Mary A. 

36, 120 


Mary 40, 

78, 92, 119 


Mary B. 




53, 56, 121 



68, 80 





Mary E. 



Mary E. 



Mary V. 









Mary J. 



Mary F. 



Mary E. 



Mary L. 

1 86 


Maud M. 



Maud A. 






Minnie C. 



Minnie D. 






Mollie J. 






Moses B. 



Moses B. 






Moses M. 



M. Josepha 












Pauline M. 








6 Headley Phebe 




Phebe S. 



Phebe S. 






Phebe A. 











Rev. Phineas C. 



Phineas G. Jr. 











, 109 





Ralph E. 



Rebecca B. 




































Samuel Sr. 





, 116 


Samuel J. 



Samuel S. 



Samuel D. 



















Samuel F. 



Sarah O. 








. 89 


Sarah A. 




Sarah A. 



Sarah M. 



Sarah A. 






Sears R. 







Stephen C. 



Stephen M. 








8 Heailley Stephen 

Siepheii B. 

Stewart L. 


Susan J. 

Squire L. 



Thomas B. 



Victor K. 

Wheeler B. 

WillKiin C. 

William S. 

Will C. 

William F. 

William S. 


William D. 



William M. 


William O. 

William T. 
Hillyer Mary 
7 Hopping Amy 
« Charles H. 

7 Charles 

8 Charles C. 
7 Cbalion 

" Cynthia 
" Klizabeih 
.s Electa 
7 Eveline 

Harry II. 


Irving W. 

John E. 
" Kate 
" Lillian A. 
" Maggie M. 

7 Mary A. D. 
" Moses 

" Samuel 
" Susan 

8 WilliKtla M. 
4 Horton Anna M. 
'< Harriet H. 

8 Hughes Clara J. 

" Mary 

4 Johnsou Adda F. 

f> Alfred 

8 Cumberland 

4 EvdJ. 







































8 Johnsou Ezekiel H. 
" Frank R. 

4 Henrietta 

'.I Louisa 

" Mary 
:! Kees Aaron 

:! Angeline 

3 Alimra 

4 Calvin D. 
4 Carrie 

4 Charles 

4 Flora B. 

4 Magirie M. 

3 Margaret A. 

3 Marv 

3 Martha 

3 Minerva 

3 Samantha A. 

3 Sophia E. 

3 Samantha A. 

3 Thomas J. 

4 Keller Alfaretta 

4 William 

9 Kent Albert M. 
9 Edgar R. 

9 Frank 

9 Jennie 

9 i^Iattie 

9 William H. 

8 Lindley Charles H. 

7 Charles A. 

8 Elsie A. 

7 Headley A. 

8 Nora E. 

5 LoQgstreet Bertha 
" Bessie 


" John H. 


" :Marv 


" RuthE. 


7 Lum Charles E. 


" Jonas W. 


S Lyon Adda A. 


" David 




" Marv E. 


4 Lyons Walter E. 


4 W. Frank 


9 Mase Charles C. 


" Florence C. 




8 JohnF. 

8 Nathaniel H. 


8 William H. 


8 McCradey Carrie 


8 Harry 






















8 McCradey Headley 


9 Miller Jennie E. 


" McCormick Abbie L. 



Mary F. 


" EUcu M. 



Nellie A. 


" Wliitlield 


8 Mooney Elizabeth W. 


4 McKiiiKtry Nellie 



(irace E. 


4 iSamuel B. 



John C. 


4 William E. 



Martha P. 


8 McLcod Arthur 



Mary K. 


" Carrie B. 



Walter W. 


Estella M. 



William E. 


tt Meeker Benjamin 



William K. 


!» Clarence' 


9 Muir Au|(iista E. 


8 David 





Edward ?. 





" Edwin 11. 





" Ellis C. 





" Harry P. 



John W. 


" I.saae H. 





G Jane 



Mary A. 


John II. 





8 John 



Maurice A. 


9 .Joseph E. 





" Mary L. 





(5 Nancy 





" Polly 





" llebccca 



William A. 


" Kev. Stephen H. 



William A. 


9 Vilo J. 


8 Norman Blanche S. 







i Merrin Anna G. 



Walter B. 


7 Ann A. 


9 Parsons Alice 


8 Chester R. 





" Ernest 


8 Parker Adaline E. 


" Harriet S. 





7 Harriet E. 





8 Hazel 0. 



Julia K. 


" Head ley A. 





Ida C. 





" Inez E. 


8 Parkhnrst Abigail 


7 Jacob E. 


8 . 

Hattie M. 


" John C. 



Martha A. 


" Joseph H. 





La(Vranfre W. 



Mary J. 

C ( 

8 . MajorieF. 
*' Mary S. 





( ( 

" May" 





" Hay W. 
" Kii'th E. 


. 101 




7 Sarah E. 



Sarah M. 


" '['heodot-e P. 
8 Victor A. 



Parritt David 


7 William L. 





8 Miller Adelaide D. 





" Caroline D. 





7 Davis H. 



y Harry A.