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Full text of "A genealogical record of the descendants of Christian and Hans Meyer and other pioneers : together with historical and biographical sketches, illustrated with eighty-seven portraits and other illustrations"

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^-&^.j^g. ^^7 

(See Page 4S2.) 





Christian and Hans Meyer 



.--v ^■> 



Milton, N. J. 

With an introduction by A. N. MoYER, of Kansas Cit}^, Kan. 





Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1S95, 

By REV. A. J. FreTZ, MilTON, N. J., 

In the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C. 


i 4 t ( • •- ' 

(. • ^ « 1. 


To honor our parents is a duty. To perpetuate 
the names and memories of our ancestors should be 
regarded as not mere vanity, but rather as highly 
commendable, and this more especially it they pos-- 
sessed virtues and principles worthy of emulation by 
their descendants. A reasonable degree of pride in 
family and ancestry preserv^es many a 3^outh from 
bringing disgrace upon a family name, and induces 
him to profit b}^ whatever of good example he may 
have fallen heir to. 

For more than twent}^ centuries the Germans, 
notwithstanding their faults, have been noted for 
hospitality, for keeping their word, for respectful 
treatment of woman and for love of liberty and inde- 
pendence. Even Caesar's invading armies never kept 
them in subjection except for very short periods of 
time. They originated the word " home," and, until 
their country became crowded with population, were 
essentially tillers of the soil. They not only cleared 
and cultivated the better portions of Germany and 
long ago colonized Britain, but they redeemed the 
immense marshes of Prussia, they made beautiful the 

— X — 

slopes and valle3's of Switzerland, and, many cen- 
turies ago, they even sent delegations into Italy, 
asking of the Romans permission to occupy waste 
lands near the shores of the Adriatic, saying : " We 
will pay taxes, we will not meddle with the affairs of 
your government ; we only desire to till the soil, to 
build homes, and rear families." 

When, in the sixteenth century, the Roman 
Catholic authorities from Rome endeavored to rule 
all Europe, not only in spiritual but also in temporal 
affairs, the great Reformation in Germany rolled back 
upon them like a whirlwind. Germany, though 
divided into ^-arious governments, was again to a 
certain extent free. But as all the world seemed to 
consider no Christian government secure without a 
State church, the Reformed church in turn endeavored 
to exercise the supposed right of formulating a creed 
for the people to the exclusion of all other beliefs. 
In England, Puritans and Quakers objected and 
refused to conform to the State church. So in Ger- 
many there were frequent outbursts against the new 
religious oppression. 

Menno Simon and others contended that the 
Christian church should not wield the sword. He 
preached in favor of separation of Church and State. 
He and his scattered congregations formulated a 
simple orthodox creed, advocated plainness of speech, 
of manners, and of dress ; they commended frugalit}^ 
insisted upon honest^^ and were given to hospitality 
and love of the brethren. 

As non-conformists to State churches they were 
persecuted. In Switzerland, Holland and England 
they found refuge and safety, but not permanent 
room. By invitation of William Penn they quietly 
came across the sea, where the colon v of Pennsvlvania 

XI — 

welcomed them and promptly passed a special act 
giving citizenship to numbers of them by name. 
Our limits will not admit of an extended history of 
the German pilgrim fathers, but, were it in our power 
to collect and collate in one volume all the facts 
preserv'ed in print and by tradition, the story would 
be quite as interesting as that of the New England 
pilgrims. The latter depended upon character, prin- 
ciples. Providence and gunpowder, while the German 
pilgrims, like their Quaker brethren, felt secure with 
character, principles and Providence. 

These people, like the coral insect, worked upon 
the foundation of society. The}' made homes and 
reared families. They claimed no warriors, no states- 
men, and not many great scholars. But they bought 
the very best of lands and built the largest barns and 
most comfortable houses, surrounded by the finest 
meadows, cattle, fields of grain and orchards in the 
country, as the counties of Lancaster, Montgomery 
and Bucks plainly prove. The historian and poet 
have had little to record concerning such a quiet, 
plain people. In dress and housekeeping we find 
marks of the sojourn in Holland ; in dialect, West- 
phalia, Holland and England have made their imprCvSS ; 
while in manner of worship it would seem that the 
simplicity of the Waldenses had been learned after 
breaking away from ritualistic forms. Brave men, 
patient women and heroic deeds there were, although 
unknown to fame. In the records of the now numer- 
ous Brubacher family we find a case of filial piety 
seldom equaled in any age or country. Far inland, 
perhaps in the Palatinate which had been ravaged by 
fire and sword under the barbarously cruel edict of 
Louis XIV of France, were two boys and their invalid 
mother. The boys constructed a rude cart, put them- 

— XII — 

selves in harness and convej^ed their mother and a 
remnant of household goods nearly a hundred miles 
to the sea. After a long vo3'age, having landed at 
Philadelphia, they prepared another cart and in the 
same manner convej^ed their precious load over Penn- 
sylvania hills to Lancaster county. Even Goethe's 
romance of ' ' Hermann and Dorothea ' ' contains noth- 
ing equal to this. 

Genealogies of several of these families have been 
published. Suppose we take the Wismer, the Moyer, 
Fretz, or Brubacher family, and from one couple find 
in the sixth or seventh generation 4000 persons living. 
That shows a famih^ tree branching down the ^xars 
in onh' one direction. The number of families is 
supposed to increase in a geometrical ratio. In reck- 
oning backward the same is true of ancestors. Sup- 
pose there had been no inter-marriages and one of the 
sixth generation mentioned were to go backward for 
six generations to find all his kin, what would be the 
showing? He had two parents, four grandparents, 
eight great-grandparents, sixteen of the next and 
thirty- two of the sixth generation. These thirtj^-two, 
being but sixteen couples, we wdll suppose were the 
ancestors of 4000 to each pair. The total would be 
64,000. Then, theoreticall}^, we might reckon among 
our cousins 64,000 instead of the few thousands 
named in this volume. 

We may well consider ourselves fortunate in the 
fact that w^e are not burdened with our genealogical 
records for many centuries or for 2000 j^ears back. 
Were we to reckon from a prominent German famil}^ 
of the da3^s of Caesar Augustus, w^e should probably 
find that all the people of German}- and England 
could claim descent from that one pair, and next 
tracing backward, every Englishmxan and German of 

— XIII ^ 

to-da}^ could probabh^ claim as his ancestor almost 
ever}" German who lived in the forests of Germany 
2 GOG 3'ears ago. 

From such a bewildering speculation it is a 
pleasure to return to our family history. A large 
proportion of the Moyer famil}" are found in Canada. 
The question has been asked, " Why did they migrate 
from the Ke^^stone State into British territory ? ' ' 
The writer of this introduction is past middle life, 
was raised in Canada, was a studious listener when 
the old people talked of old times, and does not 
remember ever hearing a word as to there having been 
any other reason than to occupy good and cheap lands 
where the first settlers could live near each other and 
secure land enough for themselves, their children and 

Canada West was largely colonized from the United 
States. Some were ' ' United Empire Loyalists, ' ' but 
our people made it a principle to submit to the powers 
that be. They had no quarrel with the Common- 
wealth of Penns3dvania or the Government of the 
United States. In the ' ' Niagara District ' ' the}^ 
found what has since been called the Garden of 
Canada, they having been largely instrumental in 
making it such. Others went farther west and north 
into Waterloo county, selecting the best of land, and 
a less conspicuous colonj^ settled in Markham towm- 
ship, not far from Toronto. 

During the troubles that led to the Revolutionary 
War some of our people thought it wicked to encour- 
age rebellion against their countr3mian, King George 
of Hanover, then on the English throne. Naturally 
the}^ were called tories. A few of these did remove 
to Canada, where they were also regarded as disloyal 
because they would not enter the British service. 

— XIV — 

Exemption from military diit}" was later bought by 
payment annually of $i per head. They were more 
prompt in paying their "fine," as it was termed, 
than their neigli])o^-s were in attendance upon the 
drunken frolic on " training day." 

This dry record of names will, to those person- 
ally concerned, no doubt prove intensely interesting. 
We shall learn of the location of many of our relatives 
of whom we had long ago^ lost all trace. We shall be 
surprised to find some not far from us, and still more 
surprised to read the extensive list of children and 
grandchildren of those whom we last met as blooming 
boys and girls twenty to forty years ago. In some 
cases we ma^' find surprises as did the traveler in the 
deiert, who in the distance saw a lion. A nearer 
approach convinced him that it was a domestic animal, 
still nearer it proved to be a man, and when they met, 
lo ! it was his brother. 

To David N. Moyer, of Naperville, 111., great 
credit is due for perseverance in causing this volume 
to be compiled and published. To Rev. A. J. Fretz, 
the editor, every subscriber owes a debt of gratitude, 
for we are certain that he does not receive adequate 
pecuniary compensation for his arduous task. Errcrs 
and omissions there certainly will be some, but they 
are not the fault of the editor. As we find in the short 
sketches the virtues of individuals and no record of 
their forgotten faults, so may we deal kindly with 
each other and " Follow peace with all men." 

Abraham N. Mover. 

Kansas City, Kan., Januar}", 1895. 

List of Explanations and Abbreviations. . 

In the preparation of this work it will be observed 
that all descendants are recorded in the regular order 
of birth, from the oldest down to the 3^oungest 
throughout the entire connection, each generation 
being marked consecutively from first to last. The 
Roman numerals placed befpre each name are used to 
designate the generation to which the}^ belong, as : — 
I. Christian Meyer (First Generation). 
II. Christian Meyer, Jr. (Second Generation). 

III. Christian Me3xr (Third Generation). 

IV. Fannie Meyer (Fourth Generation), etc. 

Beginning with the first (I) ancestor Christian 
Meyer, all his children in supposed order of birth. 
Then follows his oldest son Christian Meyer (II Gen- 
eration) and his children (III Generation) next. 
Christian being the oldest, is followed down to the 
last of his descendants ; then the second in the order 
of birth of the III Generation, and so on until the end 
of the entire branch of Christian Me3"er of the II 
Generation is reached. Then the second child of 
Christian Meyer of the I Generation, viz : Jacob 
Meyer, of the II Generation is named, and so on. 

• Where marriages occur between members of the 
connection the husband carries the record. In all 
such cases a numbered reference is placed after the 
name and marriage of the wife, as, for example (See 
Index of Reference No. i ) . In the Index of Refer- 
erences will be found No, i, Mary B. Freed, Mrd. 
Jonas R: Landis. On the page given, in the body of 
the book, the family record is given. 

To find family records, see Index of Branches, 
Avhere names of all that had issue of the first and third 
generations are given. 

Abbreviations : — Dec'd signifies deceased ; 
b. born ; d. died ; s. single : mrd. married ; dau. 
daughter ; ch. church ; Montg. co. Montgomery 
county- ; twp. township ; Ev. Ass 'n Evangelical Asso- 
sociation ; Presby. Presbyterian ; Euth. Lutheran ; 
Menu. Mennonite ; Ger. Bap. German Baptist ; Ger. 
Ref. German Reformed ; Cong. Congregationalist ; 
Meth. Ep. Methodist Episcopal. 


We dedicate this book : 

Finst — To the memory of our ancestors, who be- 
queathed to us the glorious privilege of religious 
liberty, and set us examples of blameless exemplary 

Second — To our parents, who taught us to prize 
this inheritance as a priceless boon direct from the 
hand of God. 

Third — To our children, whom we adjure to 
cherish their inestimable privileges, and keep unsullied 
the family name. 

Fourth — To our posterity ; may they emulate the 
worthy example of the ' * good and true ' ' who have 
preceded them, and " Honor God and keep His com- 


The object of the following genealogy is to pre- 
serve the more remote history of the Meyer and 
Moyer families, and to place upon record the names 
and biographies of their descendants from father to 
son, down to the present time, for coming generations. 

For many years the author of this work felt a 
desire to know more about his ancestry, and the par- 
ticulars connected with his progenitors and their de- 
scendants, than the meager legends and traditions 
related, to him by individual members of his own 

Consequently, during the Winter of 1872, he 
visited among the connections in Bucks and Mont- 
gomery counties, Penna. , and collected such facts and 
data accessible for his own personal gratification, and 
here the matter rested for a number of years. How- 
ever, in 1888 a further interest was manifested in the 
matter by others, and it was finally decided to compile 
a genealogy of the P'retz family for publication in 
book form, which was duly brought out and furnished 
to subscribers in 1891. This led to his compiling and 
publishing other genealogies, and in course of time a 
number of the Mo3^er family became desirous of hav- 
ing a history of the Moyer family compiled and pub- 
lished, and solicited him to undertake the work, and 
on having discovered to his gratification that he was 

— VI — 

also a descendant of the family, he cheerfully con- 
sented to undertake the work, which was begun in 
the Spring of 1893, 

Had the work been begun 3'ears ago, while there 
were yet living those of the third and fourth genera- 
tions, much more satisfactory information could have 
been collected that would be of great interest and 
value to the work, but which with their demise is for- 
ever lost. Already the ancestral thread was lost to 
many who are unable to trace their lineage farther 
than to the grandfather, or were totally unaware of 
the fact that they were in any way connected with the 
Meyer family. 

It is to be regretted that the records are not more 
complete in many of the branches. Owing to a lack 
of interest in the matter some, for reasons best known 
to themselves, failed to respond to inquiries for infor- 
mation concerning their respective families, thereby 
causing these defects. 

The work has been prepared at a great sacrifice 
of time ,and labor. Had all promptly responded 
to communications the work would have been far 
easier and at less expense. The writer is far from 
satisfied with the result of his labor. He is aware 
that imperfections exist, but pleads in extenuation of 
the fact that the difficulties were insurmountable. 

The author acknowledges himself indebted to 
many friends for kind services rendered during the 
compilation of this work, and while we express our 
sincere gratitude to all who in any way aided in the 
work, we acknowledge our indebtedness especially 
to those who have very materially aided in the work. 
They are as follows : David N. Moyer, of Xaper- 
ville. 111.; A. N. Moyer, of Kansas City, Kan.; 
Dr. S. Moyer, of Gak, Cnt.; H. H. Moyer, of 

— VII — 

Buffalo, N. Y. ; John D. Moyer, of Souderton, Pa.; 
Dr. C. D. Fretz, of Sellersville, Pa.; William G. 
Moyer, of Clialfont, Pa. ; Eli Wismer, of Plum- 
stead, Pa.; Hon. H. G. Moj^er and Joseph G. Moyer, 
of Perkasie, Pa. ; Dr. A. F. Meyers, of Blooming 
Glen, Pa.; J. F. Hendricks, Esq., of Doylestown, Pa.; 
A. H. CavSsel, of Harleysville, Pa.; D. K. Cassel, of 
Philadelphia, Pa. ; Rev. Jacob S. Moyer, of Pleasant 
Valley, Pa. ; James Y. Heckler, of Hatfield, Pa. ; 
and Tilman W. Moyer, of Campden, Ont. 

That the work may meet the general approval is 
the earnest wish of the ' Author. 

M11.TON, N. J., July, 1895. 







I. Christian Meyer, the progenitor of a family 
numerously represented in Montgomery, Bucks, and 
adjacent counties in Pennsylvania, with many widely 
scattered throughout many of the States and Canada, 
settled in Lower Salford township, Montgomery 

The tradition of the family point to Switzerland 
as the fatherland, where the Mennonites, to which 
sect he belonged, were unmercifully persecuted by the 
State church, which he, with others, unable longer to 
endure, abandoned their homes in the mountain fast- 
nesses and fled for safety to the Netherlands. 

From thence, about 1700 or later, Christian 
Meyer, of Amsterdam, sailed to Philadelphia, and 
later located at the Indian Creek, in what is now 
Lower Salford township, Montgomery county, where 
he had purchased his farm containing 150 acres. 

It is not known in what year Christian Meyer 
purchased his land, but it is ascertained by a convey- 
ance granted by James Steel to Henry Funk, dated 
December 24, 17 19, that Christian Meyer already 
owned the land. Neither is it known from whom he 
purchased it, or whether he obtained it by virtue of a 
warrant. The latter seems to be the most probable. 
He received a patent therefor from the Hon. John 
Penn, Thomas Penn and Richard Penn, dated Sep- 
tember 6, 1734. 

— i8 — 

His farm was in the form of a parallelogram, 
and was 240 perches in leng;:h and 100 perches wide, 
^'^ ' ' It extended from near the North Wales road 
northeast along the present Souderton turnpike, back 
to the line of Franconia township, and then along the 
said line northwest 100 perches, bounded on that side 
by land at first owned by James Steel, of Philadelphia. 
On the northwest it was bounded b}' land belonging 
to Dirk Johnson, of Germantown ; on the southeast 
b}' Hans Meyer's land, and on the southwest by land 
belonging to John Isaac Klein." 

There has been preierved a description of a cabin 
then and there erected by him, and which was prob- 
ably the first Meyer domicile in the Western world. 
It was built where Joseph Drissel now lives and 
consisted of four forked saplings driven into the 
ground, and marking out a square in the forks were 
laid poles, and on these a roof of poles, and the walls 
were of upright poles. There was a single opening 
for an entrance, and the whole was built with an axe. 

An article of furniture which probably adorned 
this primitive house was a large Dutch clock, brought 
over from the Old W^orld, which is now a much- 
treasured relic in the possession of Tillman W. Moyer, 
of Campden, Ontario, Canada. 

In 1734 Christian Meyer was rated for 100 acres 
in Salford township, 50 acres having at an early day 
been cut off from the original tract for his son Samuel, 
who lived where the late Joseph L. Mojxr resided. 
He received a deed for it in November, 1741. 

The remaining farm of 100 acres of the old home- 
stead Christian Meyer conve3'ed to his grandson 

James Y. Heckler, in history of Lower vSalford township. 

— 19 — 

Christian Meyer on December 28 and 29, 1748, who 
added to it by subsequent purchases until he owned 
in all 232 acres. 

It is not known by w^hat good ship our ancestor, 
Christian Meyer, was brought safely over the waters, 
the dates of sailing or landing, or who his companions 
were, and there are no traditions of episodes or inci- 
dents of the voyage. These last, at least, are lost in 
the misty haze of unrecorded facts. 

It would be interesting to know what his impres- 
sions were of the new land, and his dreams of the 
future. One may well believe the hearts of these 
emigrants were filled with emotions of mingled sad- 
ness and gladness, and that while regretting the 
majestic mountains, the glacial streams and the loved 
homeland of their fathers, they also rejoiced in the 
knowledge that the}^ had found security for life, 
liberty and conscience, in the commonwealth of the 
good William Penn, and bravely plunged into the 
wilderness, erected their cabins amidst the howling 
of the wild beasts and the yells of the treacherous 
savages ; carved out their homes, subdued the land, 
and made the wilderness to rejoice and blossom as the 
rose ; built up the altars of the Lord in their midst 
and praised Him from whom all blessings flow, with 
hearts overflowing with gratitude to Him who had 
led them out of the house of bondage into the land of 
universal liberty and freedom, where they could wor- 
ship the God of their fathers around their own altars 
without fear or restraint. And thus has the Lord led 
them, multiplied them exceedingly, and blessed them 
unto this day. Well may the descendants of to-day 
revere the memory of him who, with such unflinching 
courage, braved the perils of sea and land to find a 
home and found a family in this land of religious 

— 20 — , 

liberty, and ma}- they imitate the example of the 
worthy sire in his reverei:ce for God and His sacred 
word. It would be interesting, too, to know the 
name of his helpmeet, his bosom companion, who 
shared with him the trials and sufferings of the father- 
land and with equal readiness accompanied him in his 
flight, undaunted by the then long, tedious and peril- 
ous voyage of the ocean, to aid in making a home in 
the wilds of America and together finish their earthly 
pilgrimage in this land of the free. But all we know 
is that her given name was Barbara. 

It would give much satisfaction, too, to know 
just where the}^ were laid to rest to await the resur- 
rection blasts of Gabriel's trumpet, that we might 
reverently stand within the cit}^ of the dead, at the 
place where repose the precious dust. But He alone 
knoweth who knoweth the sepulchre of Moses on 
Mount Nebo's top, and who in His own good time 
will bid the sleeping dust of His ser^^ants to arise. 
They were among the original worshipers at the 
Franconia Mennonite meetinghouse, where he and 
wife are probably buried. 

Christian Me^'er made his last will and testament, 
in writing, Januar^^ i8, 1748. It was probated June 
6, 1 75 1, which shows that he died between the dates 
given, probably in the early part of 1751. Barbara, 
his wife, had died before he wrote the will. His 
eldest son, Christian Meyer, and his "loving son-in- 
law, Henry Funck," were the sole executors of his 

Following is a cop}^ of the will : — 

"Be it known unto all whom it may concern that I Christian 
Moyer* of Franconia in the County of Philadelphia Yoeman 
being aged & infirm of Body nevertheless through mercy 
my memory and understanding is sound and perfect and con- 
sidering the uncertainty of human life do make and ordain 


this my Last Will and Testament this Eighteenth day of Janu- 
ary In the year of our Lord one Thousand seven hundred and 
forty eight. 

' ' Imprime I will and direct that all the Just debts 

which I shall owe at the time of my decease Together with my 
Funeral Charges be duly and faithfully paid & Discharged by 
my Executors herein named ibid I give and bequeath unto my 
Son Christian Moyer the sum of three Pounds lawful money 
of Pennsylvania Pa3'able to him out of my Estate within one 
year next from the day of my decease ibid I give & bequeath 
unto my son Jacob Moyer the Sum of Three Pounds money as 
aforesaid payable within one year next from the Day of my 
Decease ibid I give & bequeath unto nw son Samuel Moyer, 
the sum Three Pounds money as abovesaid payable" within one 
year next from the day of m3' decease ibid I give and bequeath 
unto my Daughter Elizabeth Oblinger now wife of Nicholas 
Oblinger the Sum of Three Pounds Money as abovesaid pay- 
able within one year next from the day of my decease ibid I 
give and bequeath two Pounds money as abovesaid payable 
within one year next from the day of my decease and to be 
disposed of as my Executors shall think best for the use of the 
Poor belonging to the Mennonite meetings of Salford & Fran- 
conia Township and County of Philadelphia ibid I give and Be- 
queath to my Granddaughter Ester Funck the Sum of Three 
Pounds money as aboves'd payable to her within one year next 
from the Day of ni}- decease ibid I give & bequeath all the re- 
maining part of my Estate ( that is to say ) whatsoever that I am 
the proper owner of at the time of my decease ( after my debts 
Legacies and Funeral Expenses is first deducted and paid in 
manner aforesaid ) to my Three children viz. the vsaid Christian 
Moyer. Anna Funk (now wife Henry Funk) Barbara Reiff 
( now wife of Abraham Reiff ) to be Equally divided between 
them (that is to say) Each and Every one of them my last 
mentioned Children to have share and share alike Provided 
they and every one of them their Heirs, Executors Adminis- 
trators Shall and will from Time to time & at all Times from 
the day of the date hereof well and truly equally Procure and 
Provide to and for my son the said Jacob Moyer Sufficient 
meat Drink apparel washing and Lodging fit and convenient for 
him during his natural life which said Legacies they the said 
Christian Moyer Anna Funck and Barbara Reiff shall on the 
above Pro visor have and Enjoy from the day of my decease 
thence forward and for Ever and I do hereby constitute and 
Depute and Appoint my Eldest Son the said Christian Moyer, 
and my Loving Son-in-law the said Henrj- Funck to be Sole 
Executors of this my Last Will and Testament Impowering 
them hereby to raise and Levy all my dues and Demands as 
also to pay the Debts and Legacies herein mentioned utterly 
revoking and Disannulling all former and other Wills Testa- 

■^The name is written Moyer in the will, and the signature 
of Christian Meyer was written in German. 

— 22 — ^ 

Tiients Leg-acies, and Executors by me before this Time Willed 
named and beqneatlied Ratifying and confirming this and no 
other to be my Last Will and Testiiment In Witness whereof 
I have hereunto set my hand and Seal Dated the day and Year 
first above written. 


i "' i Signed Sealed and declaried by the above 

named Christian Moyer the Testator that the above written is 
his Last Will and Testament in the presence of us the vSubscri- 
bers Jacob Punck, John Prey, George Bachtell Philada June 6tli 
1 75 1. Then personally appeared John Prey and George Bach- 
tell two of the Witnesses to the within Will and on oath did 
decla r they saw and head Christian Moyer the Testator 
therein named Sign, Seal, Publish and declair the same Wdl 
for and as his Last Will and Testament, and that at the doing 
thereof he was of Sound Mind Memory and understanding to 
the best of their knowledge. 

Coram WM. PLUMSTEAD, Reg. Gen'l. 

The children of Christian Mever and his wife 


Barbara in the order as given in the will are as follows : 
Christian, Jacob, Samtiel, Elizabeth, Anna, Barbara. 


11. Christian Meyer, Jr., b. about 1705, d. about 
1787. Mrd. Magdalena — . 

He lived in Franconia towaiship where he pur- 
chased of James Steel and wife Martha of Philadel- 
phia, 170 acres of land, Nov. 14, 1729, His farm 
was bounded by lands of Henr}^ Rosenberger, John 
Freed, Martin Detweiler, George Delp, and others. 
In his will dated Apr. 26, 1782, he devised this whole 
tract of 170 acres of land to his son Samuel Mayer, for 
the sum of ,^800 of ^old or silver. 

On May i, 1794, Samuel Moyer, then of Plilltowai 
twp., Bucks CO., and Catharine his wife, conveyed to 
their son Isaac Moyer, of Franconia twp., 87 acres and 
73 perches of the said 170 acres, and on the same date, 
May I, 1794, Samuel Moyer and his wife Catharine 
granted to their son Christian 87 acres and 76 perches, 
being also a part of the 170-acre tract. On Apr, 7, 
1 8 10, Christian Moyer (son of Samuel) and his wife 
Mary, of Bedminister, Bucks co. , granted to their 
son Rudolph the same 87 acres 76 perches, and on 
Nov. 20, 1866, Rudolph Mo3'er and his wife Barbara 
granted to their son Abraham F. , the present owner, 
the same tract and premises. The .said plantation of 
170 acres is now divided into three farms, owned and 
occupied by Abraham F. Mo3^er, Benjamin P. Moyer, 
and Henry B, Kulp. ' 

— 24 — 

The tract was in the first place a regular parallel- 
ogram, 283 perches long and 96 perches wide and 
included all the land belonging to the Mennonite 
church (about 3 acres) except the graveyard. The 
land extended all the way from the corner of the 
Mennonite church southwest along the Harleysville 
and Souderton turnpike 283 perches, ^ of a mile to 
the corner of the other road generally know^n as 
Young's corner. The old homestead proper where 
Christian Meyer, Jr., lived is located Y^ a mile s. w. 
of the Franconia Mennonite church, where now lives 
Abraham F. Moj^er, a great-grandson of Christian 
Meyer, Jr. The farm has been in the same family 
now for 166 3'ears. Mr. Mo^^er, the present owner, 
still recollects when the first house (probably built by 
Cliristian Me3'er, Jr. ) was torn dow^n. It did not 
stand quite on the same place where the present 
house stands. 

Christian Meyer, Jr. , was a ver>' prominent Men- 
nonite, and stood front in the church. He was one 
of the founders of the Mennonite meetinghouse in 
Salford, the ground for which was purchased in 1738 
by Henry Funck, Dielman Kolb, ministers, and 
Christian Meyer, Jr., and Abraham Reiff, deacons. 
He was later chosen to the ministry and ser\'ed at 
Franconia. ^^ He was also one of the chief actors in 

* In the records of Franconia church a Christian Meyer is 
mentioned as a deacon, and a Christian Meyer is also men- 
tioned as a minister. Christian Meyer, Jr., was a deacon when 
the Salford Mennonite church was orgaized in 1738, and it is 
quite evident, to the author's mind at least, that he was later 
chosen to the ministry at Franconia, and in his capacity as 
minister, no doubt, conducted the examination at the Plains 
meetinghouse in the controversy with his nephew. Rev. Chris- 
tian Funk, which is clearly int'mated in Cliristian Funk's 
" Mirror to All Mankind." 

— 25 — 

the controversy with his nephew, Rev, Christian 
Funk, who was expelled from the church on account 
of his attitude toward Congress, and conducted an 
examination into the matter at the Plain Mennonite 

He made his last will and testament Apr. 26, 
1782, and which was probated May 31, 1787. He 
probably died in the early part of 1787. His son 
Samuel Moyer, and his son-in-law Abraham Kratz, 
were the executors of his estate. 

The following is a copy of the will : 

" In the name of God Amen. I Christian Moyer of the 
township of Franconia in the county of Philadelphia Yoeman, 
being aged and infirm of Body but of sound mind and memory 
thanks be to God do this twenty sixth day of April in the 
year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty two 
make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner 
and form as follows. Imprimis I commend my soul into the 
Hands of Almighty God who gave it unto me and my Body 
to the Earth to be decently and in a Christ an like manner 
buried at the discretion of my Executor hereinafter named in 
hopes of a joyful Resurection thro' the merits of my Saviour 
Jesus Christ. And as for the worldly Goods and temporal 
Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me, I disposed 
thereof as follows, that is to say ; First is my Will that my just 
Debts and funeral Expenses shall be paid and satisfied. Item 
I give and bequeath unto my beloved Wife Magdalena Mayer 
the sum of one hundred and twenty five Pounds ( in Gold or 
Sdver ) to be paid unto her by my Executors out of the first 
money that comes into their Hands from my Estate, and also 
our Feather Bed and Bedstead, with all the furniture thereunto 
belonging, and her Chest with all that is in it and one Milch 
Cow to chuse which she pleases in lien of other Dower. 

Item I give to the Congregation to wh'ch I belong the 
Sum of ten Pounds, to be distributed by the Elders thereof to 
the Poor and needy of the Same. Item I give unto Philip 
Lauterbach the sum of five pounds, all which Legacies I order 
to be paid in Gold and Silver in the following manner that is 
to say, a golden half Johannes weighing nine pennyweight, to 
be paid and received for three Pound* & a milled Spanish 
Dollar for seven shillings and six Pence, and all other Gold 
and silver Coin in the same Proportion. 

Item I give and devise unto my son Samuel Mayer all my 
Tract of Land situated and being in the Township of Franconia 
aforesaid and is bounded by Lands of Henry Rosenberger, 
John Freed, Martin Detweiler, George Delp, and others, con- 

— 26 — 

taiiiin^ one hundred and seventy acres be the same more or 
less, to have and to hold the aforesaid Tract of one hundred 
and seventy acres, of Land, together with the Hereditaments 
and Appurtenances thereunto belonging (together with my 
two Copper Stills ) unto my said son Samuel Mayer, his Heirs 
and Assigns forever, under this express Limitation, that my 
son Samuel Mayer or his Heirs or Assigns, shall pay or cause 
to be well and truly paid for the Said Tract of Land, the sum 
of eight hundred Pounds in Gold or Silver money (at the 
following rate \4z a golden half Johannes weighing nine Penny- 
weights to be paid for three Pounds and a milled Spanish 
Dollar for Seven Shillings and six pence and all other Gold and 
Silver Coin in the same proportion ) In the following manner 
that is to say, the sum of seventy five Pounds as the first pay- 
ment thereof at the end of the year after my Decease, and the 
sum of seventy five Pounds in every year following until the 
whole sum is paid. And whereas I have heretofore given and 
paid unto each of iny sons and Daughters, Goods and Chatties 
and sums of money, a true account whereof I have entered in 
a Book, therefore is my Will and do ordain and direct, because 
some have received more than others, that those or their Heirs 
that received less than others shall first receive Goods or 
money to the value of so much, until they all have equal 
shares one as much as the other, and further is m}^ Will that 
all my Goods and Chatties not herein before mentioned to be 
given and bequeathed, and the said sum of eight hundred 
Pounds, which my son Samuel is herein ordered to pay for the 
herein before dev.sed Tract of Land (after my just Debts and 
the afore mentioned Legacies are all paid) shall be equally 
divided and paid, first to all the children of my oldest son 
Christion Mayer deceased, one full seventh part thereof to be 
also equally divided to them all ; And then to all the children, 
and Margareth my great Grand Daughter (only child of his 
son Jacob also deceased) of my son Jacob Mayer deceased 
one full Seventh Part thereof, also to be equally divided to 
them all, and to my son Samuel one full and equal seventh 
Pait thereof. And my sons in Law John Kratz, Abraham 
Kratz and Martin Detweiler to each one full & equal 
Seventh Part thereof. And also one full and equal Seventh 
Part thereof to the Children of my Daughter Esther Geh- 
man (late Wife of Christian Gehman) deceased, to be paid 
irito the Hands of their father who is to have the same in 
his use unt 1 their marriage or respectful lawful ages, also 
to be equally divided to them share & share alike, which 
said several shares I order to be paid in the following 
manner, first to my sons or their Heirs according to their 
Seniority, and after my sons or their Heirs have received 
their full shares, then the same Order and Rule to be observed 
With my Sons-in-Law or their Heirs of my Daughters, every 
one to Receive their shares according to their Seniority, And 
I do hereby nominate and appoint my son Samuel Mayer and 
mv Son in Law Abraham Kratz to be Executors of this mv last 

— 27 — 

will & Testament, and I do hereby revoke all othe^ o^ any 
former Will or Wills by me heretofore made. 

In Witness whereof I the said Christian Mayer have here- 
unto set my Hand and Seal the Day & year first above written.. 

Signed Sealed published and decl-ared by the Said Chris- 
tian Mayer to be his last Will & Testament in the presence of 
us who have subscribed our names as Witneses hereunto in 
his presence & at his request. 

Be it rembered that on the 31st Day of May A. D. 1787 
the foregoing Will of Christian Mayer was proved in due form 
& probate with Letters Testamentary granted unto Samuel 
Mayer and Abraham Kratz the Executors therein named, they 
having first Duly affirmed that they will well and truly per- 
form the same and render an account according to Law. Given 
from under my Hand and Seal of office this 3 ist May 1 7S7. 

Recorded 31st May 1787. 

Book I. Page 114 Register's office Norristown Pa. 

*His children were: Christian, Jacob, Esther, 
Samuel, Anna, Maria, Fronica, Esther, Barbara. 

III. Christian Meyer, b. in Montg. Co., Jan. 29, 
1728, d. in 1783. Mrd. Susanna Detweiler, dau. of 
Jacob and Neltgen (Kolbf) Detweiler — . He in- 

*The list of children furnished me by Mr. D. N. Moyer, 
as furnished him by Bishop Dilman Moyer, are Christian, 
Jacob, Esther, Samuel, Anna, Maria, Eronica, Esther. The 
name of Barbara, who married Abraham Kratz, is not in that 
list Fronica is not mentioned in the will. She and the first 
mentioned Esther must evidently have died, young. There 
were but seven that married and had issue. Author. 

t Daughter of Martin Kolb, and his wife Magdalena Van 
Sintern, and granddaughter of Isaac Van Sintern, and wife 
Necltje Claassen, who were married at Amsterdam, emigrated 
to Pennsylvania, and buried at Skippack, and great grand- 
daughter of Peter Van Sintern, and Sarah de Voss, and great 
great granddaughter of Peter de Voss, and Jannike van der 
Mers,4: who fled on account of the church to Colchester, 
England, where they renounced Popery and joined the 
Reformed church, and later removed to Amsterdam, Holland, 
and there joined the Mennonite church, and great gi-eat great 
granddaughter of Jan de Voss ( a Burges in Hanshuter Flan- 
dern) and Prientje Batten, daughter of Dirk en Batten. 

t Jannike van der Mers was a daughter of Michael van 
der Mers (who was a Burges at Belle) and Janneki Dausnians, 
daughter of Jan en Mayke, born Looten. 

— 28 — 

herited from his grandfather, Christian Me3'er, Sr. , 
the homestead farm of loo acre's, the greater part of 
which is now owned and occupied by Joseph Drissel. 
To this property he added by subsequent purchases 
until he owned in all 232 acres. On Oct. 9, 1765, he 
purchased of David Stribe and wife 50 acres and 66 
perches, which is now owned by Henry Oberholtzer. 
He next purchased on May 27, 1767, from the widow 
of his uncle Samuel Me3'er, the 50 acres originally 
belonging to the homestead, with buildings and im- 
provement;?, where William K. Moyer now lives, and 
on May 23, 1770, he purchased from Nicholas 
Schwenk and wife Barbara 32 acres and 67 perches, 
making in all 232 acres and 132 perches, and was 
rated tor that number of acres in 1776. The last 
purchase now belongs to John A. Kulp. 

Christian Meyer and wife were members of the 
Mennonite ch. Children : Fannie, Jacob, Maria, 
Christian, Magdalena, Barbara, Sarah, Samuel, Abra- 
ham, John, Elizabeth, Susanna, Hannah, Kate. 

IV. Fannie Me3^er, b. Feb. 24, 1750, date of her 
death not known, but died previous to 1783, and she 
died probabh' unmarried. 

IV. Jacob Moyer, b. Nov. 4, 1751, d. — . Mrd. 
Mary Detweiler, — . He being the oldest son, on 
May 29, 1784, he received from his father's widow, 
and the heirs, a messuage and 132 acres 147 perches ; 
50 acres being a part of the old homestead. Five 
years later, Nov. 30, 1789, he purchased from his 
brother Christian, his farm of 100 acres, where William 
K. Moyer now lives, making in all 232 acres, the same 
as owned by his father, and which he held possession 
of for sixteen years. 

Jacob Mo3^er was a member of the ' ' Funkite 
sect," and a meetinghouse was built on his land above 
Harleysville about 18 14 or 18 15 under the official 
supervision of Henry Landis, a Funkite minister, and 
himself, a deacon of the sect. Children : Susanna, 
Christian, Jacob, Mar}^, Abraham, Sarah, Joseph. 
^V. Susanna Mej^er, b. Apr. 25, 1775 ; d. Mar. 23, 
1856. Mrd. Henry Kolb, — . He was born July 14, 
1769 ; d. Mar. 20, 1850. Farmer, dyer, and tomb- 

— 29 — 

stone cutter ; Mennonites. Children : Catharine, 
Jacob, Mary, Henry, Abraham, Sarah, William, 
Samuel, Anna. 

VI. Catharine Kolb (dec'd), born February 3, 1798 ; 
married John Freed. Farmer and weaver ; Menno- 
nites. Children : Henry, Jacob, Abraham, Elias, John. 

VII. Henry K. Freed, born December 27, 1818 ; died 
September 22, 1879 ; married Sybilla Bechtel Novem- 
ber 24, 1844. She was born January 18, 1824 ; died 
February 27, 1889. Farmer ; Mennonites. Chil- 
dren : Ephraim, Catharine, John, Mary, Anna, John, 
Henr}', Elias. 

VIII. Ephraim B. Freed, born in Montgomery county 
October 20, 1845 ; married Hannah M. Clemence 
February 24, 1872. P. O. Souderton, Pa. Farmer ; 
Mennonites. Children : (IX) Henry C. F'reed, born 
March 14, 1874; died December 26, 1876. (IX) Mary 
C. Freed, born November 14, 1877. (IX) Harvey C. 
Freed, born April 16, 1879. (IX) Katie C. Freed, 
born February 19, 1884. 

VIII. Catharine B. Freed, born January 10, 1849 ; 
married George R. Rittenhouse November 13, 1869. 
P. O. Franconia, Pa. Farmer ; Mennonites. Chil- 
dren : Henry, Mary, Hiram. 

IX. Henry F. Rittenhouse, born September 27, 1871 ; 
married Lizzie R. Bergey, of Telford, Pa., Januar}^ 20, 
1894. P. O. Earlington, Pa. Farmer. 

IX. Mary F. Rittenhouse, born June 27, 1880 ; died 
November 26, 1886. 

IX. Hiram F. Rittenhouse, born June 19, 1883 ; died 
August 30, 1885. 

VIII. John B. Freed, born January 31, 185 1 ; died 
April 8, 1853. 

VIII. Mary B. Freed, born June 26, 1853 5 married 
Jonas R. Eandis October 23, 1875. He was born 
February 15, 1848. P. O. Yerkes, Pa. Farmer ; 
Mennonites. Children : (IX) Sarah Eandis, born on 
April 7, 1877. ('X) Henry Landis, born November 7, 
1878; died June 12, 1883. (IX) Sybilla Eandis,. born 
August 23, 188 1. (IX) Martha Landis, born August 19, 
1884. (IX) Catharine Landis, born October 2, 1889. 

VIII. Anna B. Freed, born on February 11, 1857; 


married John D. Yoder June i6, 1877. P. O. Hat- 
field, Pa. Tailor ; Mennonite Brethren in Christ. 
Children : (IX) Henry F, Yoder, born June 2, 1878. 
(IX) Mary F. Yoder, born August 27, 1880. (IX) 
Reuben F. Yoder, born April 27, 1882 ; died on 
August 24, 1882. (IX) Sylbilla F. Yoder, born June 29, 
1883. (IX) Hiram F. Yoder, born December 8, 1885. 
(IX) Katie F. Yoder, born January 24, 1888 ; died 
October 6, 1888. (IX) John F, Yoder, born Decem- 
ber 7, 1889. (IX) Lizzie F. Yoder, born August 29, 

VIII. John B. Freed, born August 23, i860 ; died 
July 15, 1861. 

VIII. Henry B. Freed, born in Montgomery county, 
Pa., February 27, 1862 ; married Mary, daughter of 
Michael and Catharine Bergey, of Souderton, Pa., 
October 21, 1886. P. O. Souderton, Pa. Junior 
member of the firm of M. B. Bergey & Co., hosiery 
manufacturers. No issue. 

VIII. Elias B. Freed, born May 10, 1865 ; married 
Anna H. Clemmer November i, 1884. P.O. Harleys- 
ville. Pa. Children : (IX) Rinehard Freed, ])orn 
December 3, 1886. (IX) Katie Freed, born Novem- 
ber I r, 1892. 

VII. Jacob K. Freed (deceased), married Anne Ratzel 
October 20, 1850. She was bom November 2, 1830 ; 
died April 12, 1852. One child, died young. Jacob 
married second wife Eliza F. Kratz October 22, 1854. 
She was bom September 30, 1831 ; died on Febru- 
ary 6, 1877. Farmer; Mennonites. Children: (VIII) 

Abraham Freed, bom August 24, 1855 ; married . 

(VIII) Catharine, Mary, Isaac, John, Elizabeth. Joseph, 
Sarah, Anna, Henry, infant, Jacob. 

VH. iVbraham Freed, married Katie Allebach (dec'd). 
P. O. Harleysville, Pa. Children : Allen, Henry, 
Eleazer, John, Enos, Lizzie. Abraham married 
second wife Houck. 

VIII. Allen A. Freed. 
VIII. Henry A. Freed. 
VIII. Eleazer A. Freed. 

VIII. John A. Freed, born in Montgomery county 

— Si- 
February 24, 1867 ; married Kate K., daughter of 
John C. Moyer, November 30, 1889. P. O. Souder- 
ton, Pa. Carpenter. No issue. 

VIII. Enos A. Freed. 
VIII. Lizzie A. Freed. 

VII. EHas K. Freed, born in Montgomerj' county 
July I, 1830 ; married KHzabeth K. Shutt Decem- 
ber II, 1858. She died January 18, 1883. P. O. 
North Wales, Pa. Merchant miller, and dealer in 
flour, feed and grain. Mr. Freed is also president of 
the First National Bank of Lansdale, Pa. Attends 
Reformed church. Children : Sallie, Rhine, Weston. 

VIM. Sallie A. Freed, born November 9, 1859 ; 
married Franklin S. Kriebel November 9, 1878. P.O. 
North Wales, Pa. ' Member of firm E. K. Freed & 
Co., merchant millers ; Baptist. Children : (IX) 
Russel Harper Kriebel, born December 16, 188 1. (IX) 
lona Freed Kriebel, born July 10, 1884 ; died Octo- 
ber 17, 1884. (IX) Mabel Frances Kriebel, born on 
November 18, 1886. (IX) Irma F. Kriebel, born 
February 28, 1891. 

VIII. R. Russel Freed, born November 17, 1863 ; 
married Eunice Andrews September 22, 1885. P. O. 
North Wales, Pa. Member of firm E. K. Freed, 
merchant millers ; Reformed church. Children: (IX) 
Estella Freed, born August 21, 1886 ; died Febru- 
ary 18, 1888. (IX) Evelyn Freed, born November 6, 
1887. (IX) Florence Lesley Freed, born November 22, 
1889 ; died December 17, 1890. (IX) Elias K. Freed, 
born November 26, 1891. 

VIII. Weston Dodson Freed, born January 23, 1876 ; 
died July 25, 1876. 

VII. John K. Freed, born in Franconia township, 
Montgomery county, March 5, 1836 ; married Mar}'- 
M., daughter of Joseph Alderfer, of Hilltown, Pa., 
and granddaughter of John Moyer, of Lo\Ver Salford, 
Montgomery county, Pa., Februar}'- 14, 1863. She 
was born March 4, 1835 ; died February 13, 1864. 
One child : Kate. 

John married second wife Sarah N. , daughter of 
Peter Faust, of Frederick township, Montgomer}^ 

— 32 — 

county. Children : John, Emanuel, and five died in 
infancy. Mr. Freed earl}^ in life went to Harleys- 
ville, where he learned the shoemaking trade. In 
1866 he removed to Norristown, Pa., where he still 
resides and continues shoemaking. Mrs. F. and the 
children belong to Ref. ch. 

VII!. Kate A. Freed, b. Nov. 21. 1863 ; d. Aug. 21, 
1890 ; mrd. Josiah Cassel. (See Index of References 
No. I.) 

VIII. Infant, stillborn November 28, 1880. 

VIII. Elizabeth Freed, b. April 15, 1881 ; d. infant. 

VIII. John Freed, born March 12, 1882. 

VIII. Maggie Freed, born July 27, 1883 ; died infant. 

VIII. Sarah Freed, born March 12, 1884 ; died infant. 

VIII. Emanuel Freed, born July 22, 1886. 

VIII. Martha Freed, born July 4, 1887 ; died infant. 

VI. Rev. Jacob Kolb (dec'd), born Nov. 2, 1799 ; 
mrd. Anna Alderfer. Farmer and minister ; Menus. 
Children : Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Susan, Jonas, 
William, Jacob, Anna. 

VII. Elizabeth Kolb, b. Dec. 29, 1825 ; mrd. Daniel 
K. Cassel. He was born April 22, 1820. Res. 4333 
Germantown avenue, Phila. Mr. Cassel was em- 
ployed on his father's farm when young, and also 
learned the art of linen weaving from his father. He 
received a limited education in the public schools, and 
devoted his leisure time to studying at home. At the 
age of 19 years he took charge of a district school, 
and at the end of the term entered a select school for 
a term, after which he taught in the public schools for 
20 years. He also served in the school board 4 years, 
and during that time was urged to accept the office of 
County Superintendent of the public schools, which 
he declined. In his library he has a large collection 
of old and rare works, and many rare manuscripts. 
He is the author of a work entitled ' * History of the 
Mennonites," in the English and German languages. 
He is also author of three genealogical works : 
"History of the Rittenhouse Family," "History of 
the Cassel Family," and "Histor}^ of the Kulp 
Family. ' ' 

All his life he has beeii active in Sunday- schot)! 
ivvork, having organized a Sunda}^ school at Harleys- 
7ville in 1855. being the first Sunday school in that 
"^dcinity and is still in existence. In 1868 he moved 
to Philadelphia, and still resides in that city. Menns. 
^Children: Simeon. Jonas. AbeL 

VIII. Simeon K. Cassel, born FeK 17.. 1846. Mrd. 
Esther Fryer. Sept. .5, 1865. She was born Aug. 31, 
.1841. P.O. Skippack, Pa. Saddler: Schwenkf elders. 
Children .: Allen, Katie, Jacob, Charles, Annie, Edith, 
.Sulie, George, Lizzie. 

IX. Allen Cassel, \x Dec. 4, 1866. Mrd, Rebecca 
Kennedy, Oct 10. 1891, Res. Phila. Creamery- 
man. One child.: (JX) Ethel Cassel 

'IX. Katie Cassel, b. Nov. .25, 1868. (X) Jacob F-. 
Cassel, born Nov. 6, 1870. (JX) Charles Cassel, born 
Oct. 3, 1872, (IX) Annie CasseL b, Aug.. 10, 1874.- 
d. June 12, 1892, (IX) Edith Cassel, b, July 26, 1876,: 
d. Sept. 20, 1888, (JX ) Suhe Cassel, k Jui\^ 20, 1878. 
r(JX) George Cassel, born Dec. 13, 187.9. (^X) Lizzie 
Cassel, b. Oct 14, iSSi. 

VI I L Jonas K. Cassel born Sept. 15, 1-849. Mrd. 
Annie Appledorn.. about 1872, Mine prospector. No 

VIII. Abel K. Cassel, bom Jan. 1.5, 1852. Mrd. 
Hannah Anna Graham. June 11, 1871. She was born 
Dec. 2.5, 185 1.. Res. Phila., Pa.. Children.- 

JX. George Washington Cassel, b. May 1,2, 1872; 
d. same day. (IX) Ellwood Cassel, b, Nov. 9, 1873 •• 
died Oct. i3, 1874, (IX) Abel Clarence Cassel, born 
Oct. 7, 1875 ; d. Dec. 22, 1877, (IX) Elizabeth Cozine 
Cassel, b. Dec. 16. 1878 ; d. July 20, 1878. (IX) Anna 
Bell Cassel, b. Sept. 9, 1880. (IX) James Cassel, 
b. Sept I, 1881: d, Oct 30, 1881. (IX) Willie A. 
Cassel, b, Sept. 10, 1882. (IX) Mary Ellen Cassel, 
b. — , (IX) Edwin Octavius Cassel, b, July 20, 1885 5 
died Dec. 9, 1885. (IX) Ru.fus Burnett Gehman, Jr., 
Cassel, b. Man 15, 1888 ; d. May 16, 1889. 

VII. Mary Kolb, b. Jan. 28, 1828, Mrd. Abraham K. 
Cassel, Dec. 19, 1847. He was born Mar. .28, 182-2 ; 
d, Sept. II, 1892. P. O. Lederachville, Pa. Far- 
mer ; Menns. Children : William. Mary, Josiah., 

VIII. William K, Cassel, born Nov. 26, 1848. Mrd- 
Leah Kratz, Dec, 4, 1875. She was born Aug. 24,. 
1853. P.- O. Ro3'ersford, Pa, Fanner ; Menns. One- 
child ; ( IXj Mary Catharine Cassel, b. Apr. 9, 1878- 

VIII. Mary Ann Cassel, born Dec. 23, 1854. Mrd.. 

J acob Fr>^er in 1888^ P.O. Bri d geport , Pa .. Butcher ;; 
Ref. ch. No issue. 

Vlli. Josiah K.- Cassel, born July 21, 1861, Mrd, 
Rate A. Freed, — . She died in 1890, Children :. 
MX) Mamie F. Cassel, (>X) William F, Cassel. 
fIXj Wilhelmina F. CasseL 

VIL- Sarah Kolb. b. Aug. 26, 1832 ; d.Nov.S, 1883.. 
Married Rev. Josiah Clemmer, November 9. 1857. 
He was bon-i May t, 1827. P. O. Elroy, Pa. Farmer;; 
minister. He was ordained to the ministry of the 
Mennonite church at the Franconia meetinghouse 
Nov, 9,. i86a, and ordained bishop Dec. i, 1867, and 
where he has ever since ser\'ed- as pastor with dilligence 
and faithfulness to the cause of the Redeemer of man- 
kind. Children : Jacob, Susanna, Mar>-, John, Sarah,. 
Josiah, Jonas, Hiram. 

VIU. Jacob K. Clemmer, b, Jan. 6, 1854 ;: d. Jan.. 
13, 1890. Mrd. Catharine D. Benner in 1872. Menns> 
Children : Sarah, Elizabeth, John. 

fX. Sarah B, Clemmer, born May 16, 1873. Mrd. 
John O. Hansell, Apr; 2, 1892, Ref. ch. (IX) Eliza- 
beth B, Clemmer, born June 12, 1876, Ref. ch. S, 
(IX) John B. Clemmer, b. June 3, 1883. 

VIII. Susanna Clemmer. born Oct. 29, 1855. Mrd, 
Samuel D. Derstine. P. O. Hatfield, Pa. 

VIII. :\Iary Clemmer, b. Dec. 27, 1857 ; d, July 27, 
1880. Married Charles S. Brunner. Children : 
(JX) Hiram, Kate, Sallie, Harv^ey, Mar>' ; Barbara, 
dec'd ; Lvdia ; Susan, dec'd. 

Vlil. John K. Clemmer, born Sept. i, 1861. Mrd. 
Lizzie Freed, — . P. O. Spring Mount, Pa. 

Vni. vSarah Clemmer, b. 1864; d. 1882. S. 

VIJI. Josiah K. Clemmer. born June i, 1867 ; mrd. 
Ella Hunsberger. P. O. Souderton, Pa. 

VIII. Jonas K. Clemmer, born Aug. 9, 1870 ; mrd. 
Laura V. K. Loudenslager. P. O. Souderton, Pa. 

Carpet waaver ; Manns. Children : (IX) Katie X. 
•Clenimer, b. P>b. 19, 1891, (IX) Ehvocd L. Clem- 
mer, b. Nov. 22, 1892. 

VIII. Hiram K. Clenimer, born Jan. -24, 1874; died 
May 10, 1894. 

VII. Susan Kolb, boni — ; mrd, John Wile. P. O. 
HarleysvJlle, Pa. Children.: Deborah, Ella, Benjamin. 

VIII. Deborah Wile, b. Feb. 1-8, 1857: mrd. Joseph 
^Frederick, P, O, Harleysville, Pa. 

VIII. Ella Wile, born May 26., 1862 ; mrd. Tobias 
.Nice. P, O. Harleysville. Childre:^ : (JX) Har^-ey. 
Susan, Lizzie, John, Mary, Mary, Henrj^ Tobias. 

VIII. Ben i am in K. Wile, born June 22, 1865: mtd 
MaryStauffer. P.. O, Harfeysville, Pa. 

VII. Jonas Kolb, born Mar. 2S, 18.39.; -n^fd. Mart 
Swartle}^.. Children: (VJII ) Katie, deceased.: Mary, 
Annie. John, Caroline, Alice, Sallie, Emma, dec'd. 

VII. William Kolb, b. Aug. 16, 1841,: mrd. -Margaret 
Fleckensteim. P. O, Royersford, Pa. Children.: 
<VIII; William. Samuel H:arry. 

VII. Jacob Kolb, b. Apr. i, 1848 ; mrd. Satah Delp, 
— ; she died. Children: f VI IJJ Jonas, John, dec'd: 
Mar}^. Anuie, dec'd.: Enos, Isaac, infant.; Jacob, dec'd.; 
William, Charles, Abraham, dec'd ; Harve3\ Jacob 
mar. second wife, Sarah Young. P. O. Harlej^sville. 

VII. Anna Kolb, b. Nov. 25, 1^58 ; mrd. Isaac Delp. 
P. O. Mainland, Pa. No issue. 

VI. Mary Kolb, b. Dec, 10, 1801 z d.— . Mrd. Petef 
E. Hendricks. Children,: (VII) Benjamin, Susanna-. 

VII. Benjamin Hendricks, born Dec. 4., 1835 ^ died 
Aug. I, 187 1. Mrd. Sophia Wambold. Children: 
Rebecca, Catharine, Mary, Benjamin, 

VIII. Rel^ecca Hendricks, b.^ — ; mrd. Frank Her- 
man. Res. 503 Spruce St. , Pottstown, Pa. 

VIII. Catharine Hendricks, b. — ; d. yoUng> 
VIII. Mary Ann Hendricks, b. — ; d. 3^oung. 
VIII. Benjamin F, Hendricks, b. — : mrd. -— Delp, 
P. O. Mainland, Pa. 

.VII. Su.sanna Hendricks, b. Feb. 17, 1839 ; married 
Christian Rosenberr3^ P. O. Lansdale, Pa. Stock- 
dealer. Children : Mary, Elmer, Wellington, Li^zie> 
Annie, Sallie, Miner^^a, Clayton. 

— 5^ — 

i/(\]. Mary Alice Rosenberry, b/ Apr. i8, rS'62^ ; 
fiird. Charles P. Wolfiiic^^er, Oct. 21, 1884. P. O.. 
Lansdale, Pa. One child :. (IX) Wellington R, Wol- 
fino^er, b. July 30, 1886,. 

VIII. Elmer E, H. Rosenberry, b.— ;, d.— -. 

VIII. Wellington Roseivberry, b,— . 

VIII. hiz7Ae Rosenberry, b.-— ; mrd, Robert A, Shep- 
herd.—. P. O. Lansdale,. Pa. 

VIII. Annie Mav Rosenberrv, b. — . 

VIII. Sallie V. H. Rosenbern% b.— .. 

Vlli. Tillie H. Minerv-a Ro.senberry, b. — . 

VIII, Clayton Rosenberry, b..— ; d. young.. 

VI. Henry Kolb, b. Jan. 24, 1.804 ; d.— . Mrd,. 
Elizabeth Shoemaker,. — . Farmer, Menus. Chil- 
dren ■: Catharine, Jacob. Samuel, Susanna, Henry^ 
Michael, Lizzie. Sarah. 

VII. Catharine Ko!b, b.— ; mrd.. John C. Mo3xr. 
fSee Index of References No. 2). 

VIL Jacob Kolb, b,— ; mrd. Barbara Nice. P. O. 
Eranconia, Pa. Children: (VIH) Amanda Kolb, b. — ; 
inrd. Lewis Horning. (VHI) Elias Kolb, b. — ; mrd. 
Emma Nice, (VHI) Eliza Kolb, b.— ,• mrd. Henry 
Hartzell. (VIII) Henry Kolb, b.— ; mrd. Irene Swope„ 

VH. Samuel S. Kolb, b. — ; mrd. Amanda Frick, 
She was born Apr. 4, 1841. P. O. Telford, Pa.. 
Farmer, Metms, Children : Fannie, Lizzie, Allen, 
Amanda, John. 

VIII. Fannie Kulp, b. May 19, 1861. 

Vlll. Lizzie Kulp, b. in Franconia Twp.. Jan. 10, 1864. 
Mrd. John F. Lederach, Dec 20, 1889, P.O, Lederach- 
ville, Pa. Merchant, Children: (IX) Eva Lederach, 
born Mar. 22, 1891. (IX) Marcus Lederach, born 
Jan. 26, 1863/ 

VII. Allen Kulp, b. Dec. 8, 1867 ; d, Aug. 25, 1869. 

VIII. Amanda Kulp, b. Jan. 28, 1871. 
VISI. John Kulp, b. June 12, 1875. 

VII. Susanna Kulp, b, — , Mrd. FVancis Frick. He 
died ; one child. 

VIII. Lizzie Frick, b. Aug. 2, 1859, Mrd. Wm. M. 
vSouder, Oct. 23, 1880. P. O. Telford, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : (IX) Sevilla F. Souder, b. Oct. i, 
1881. (IX,) Har\-ey F. Souder, b. Oct. 3, 1886. 


Henry Kiilp, b, — . Mrd. Kate Ziegler. P. O. 
Fraiiconia, Pa. One child. 

VI il. Lizzie Kulp, b, — . Mrd, Reuben Alderfer. 

Vn. Michael Kulp, b.— , Mrd. Sarah Bergej'. P. O. 
Telford, Pa. 

VII. lyizzie Kulp. b. — . Mrd, Henry Bergey. 

VII. Sarah Kulp, b. — . Mrd. Enos Moyer. (See 
Index of References, No, 3). 

VII. xVbraham M. Kulp, b. in Montg. Co. Jan. 11, 
1806, d. Feb. 6, 1886 ; mrd. Elizabeth M. Eandis. 
Farmer ; Menus. One child. 

Vil. Jacob E. Kulp, b. in Franconia Twp., Montg. 
Co., Oct. 27, 1834; married. Barbara G, Bergey, 
Nov. 27, 1858. She died. Children: Henry, P'rank. 
Jacob married second wife Elizabeth Bergey (nee 
Mo3^er), Feb. 8, 1869. P. O. Harleysville, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : Anna, Sallie. 

Vill. Henry B. Kulp, b. Apr. 27, i860; mrd. Mary 
K. Nice, Jan. 28, 1882. P. O. P'ranconia, Pa.; Menus. 
Children: (IX) Annie N. Kulp, b. Feb. 10, 1883. 
(IX) Allen N. Kulp, b. Apr. 7, 1885 ; d. Jan. 19, 
1888. (IX) Lizzie' N. Kulp, born Apr. 11, 1887. 
(IX) Jacob N. Kulp, born Jan. 20, 1889. (IX) Salhe 
Eva N. Kulp, b. June 14, 1891. (IX) Harry N. Kulp, 
b. Feb. 5, 1893. 

Vill. Frank B. Kulp, b. June 27, 1867 ; mrd. Maggie 
N. Frederick, Dec. 27, 1889. P. O. Harle3^sville, 
Pa. Children : (IX) Laura F. Kulp, b. 13, Oct. 1890. 
.(IX) Mary F. Kulp, b. Mar. 30, 1892. (IX) Lizzie F. 
Kulp, b. P'eb. 4, 1893. 
VHl. Anna Marv Kulp, b. -Jan. 27, 1873. S. 
Vm. Sallie M. Kulp, b. Jan. 3. 1877. 
VI. Sarah Kolb, born Dec. 8, 1808 ; married Joseph 

Swartz, in 1858. P. O. Harle3\sville, Pa. P'armer ; 

Menus. No issue. 

VI. William Kolb, b. in Montg. Co., June 14, 181 r ; 
d. June 8, 1880. Mrd. Mary Frederick, Dec. 15, 
i860. She was born May 19, 1834. Watchmaker 
and farmer on the Henry Kolb farm ; Menus. Chil- 
dren : Emma, Lizzie, Sallie, Katie, Abraham. 

VII. Emma F. Kulp, b. at Harleysville, Pa., Aug. 7, 
1861 ; married Frank B. Nyce, Sept. 16, 1882. P.O. 

— 3S — 

Harle}'svine, Pa, Farmer on ola Kolb homestead. 
Memis. (VII) Lizzie F. Kulp, born Sept. 17, 1862 ; 
d. Sept. 5, 18S4. (VII) vSallie F. Kulp, born Nov. 22. 
1863. P. O. Harleysville, Pa. (Vll) Katie F. Kulp, 
b. Apr. 23, 1865 ; d. Oct. 25,1885. (VU) Abraham 
F. Kulp, b. Feb. 20, 1874. P. O. Harle^'sville, Pa. 
VI. Samuel Kolb, b. Nov. 20, 1813, died — . Mrd. 
Mary Wanner. Children: (Vll) Solomon Kulp, b. — 

(VII) Harrv Kulp, b. — ; d. S. -. (Vll; Susan Kulp. 
b— ; d— . S. (Vll) vSamuel Kulp, b — . P. O.' 
Ephrata, Pa. (Vll) WilHam Kulp. 

VI. Anna Kolb, b. March 22, 1818 ; mrd. Benjamin 
Kolb, — . He was born Mar. 18, 18 14 ; d. — . P. O. 
Lucon, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Debbie, 
Catharine, Elias, Mar>^ Elizabeth. 

VII. Deborah Kulp, b. July 26, 1842. P. O. Lucon, 
Pa. S. {Vll) Catharine Kulp, b. Nov. 12, 1843. S. 

Vll. Elias K. Kulp, b. in Montg. Co. Dec. 9, 1845 ; 
mrd. Angeline S. Ziegler, Jan. i, 1871. P. O. Lede- 
rachville. Pa. Jeweler. Children: (VIII) Benjamin 
Z. Kulp, born Mar. 3, 1872 ; died vSept. 22, 1872. 

(VIII) Jonas Z. Kulp, b. Sept. 22, 1875 ; d. next da3\ 
(VIII) Howard Z. Kulp, b. Dec. 20, 1883. 

Vll. Mary Kulp, b. May 27, 1850 ; mrd. Jacob L. 
Beck. P. O. Lucon, Pa. No issue. 

Vll. Elizabeth Kulp, b. Dec. 24, 1856 ; d. June 23, 

V V. Christian Me^-er, b. Jan. 12, 1778 ; died Apr. 8, 
1859, aged 81, 2, 27 ; mrd. Mary Landis, — . She 
was born June 7, 1775 ; died Apr. 8, 1854. Farmer. 
He lived on the old Meyer homestead, where Joseph 
Drissel now lives. Menus. Children : Jacob, John, 
Mary, Daniel, Christian, Abraham, Susan, Nancy, 

VI. Jacob L. Moyer, b. May 20, 1802 ; d. Apr. 10, 
1874. Married Mary Cassel, — ; she died. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : John, Joseph, Jacob. Jacob mrd. 
second wife Mary Kulp (nee Hackman). Children : 
Jonas, Mary, Christian, Enos. 

VII. Jacob C. Moyer, b — ; mrd. Catharine Kulp, — . 
P. O. Souderton, Pa. Farmer : Menus. Children : 

— 39 — 

Lizzie, Henry, Isaiah, Mary, Jacob, John, Michael, 

V!l!. Lizzie Moyer, b. — ; mrd. PhiUp S. Alderfer, — . 
P.O. Elroy, Pa. Children : ( IX ) Katie, Emma, John, 

VIII. Henry K. Moyer, b. — ; mrd. Susan Godshall. 
P. O. Elroy, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. No issue. 

V531. Isaiah K. Mo3^er, b. — ; mrd. Kate Clemens. 
P. O. Souderton, Pa. Hay dealer. Menns. Child- 
ren : (IX) Augustus, dec'd ; Warren, Lilly, Laura, 
Katie, Raymond. 

Vlil. Mary K. Mo3^er, b. Sept. 19, 1857 : d. June 24, 
1892. Mrd. Henry D. Detweiler, Oct. 21, 1876. He 
was b. Oct. 25, 1854. P- C). Souderton, Pa. Carpen- 
ter and plumber. Menns. Children : (IX) Katie 
Detweiler, b. Apr. 17, 1877; (IX) Wallace M. Det- 
weiler, b. July 2, 1883 ; dX) Harvey M. Detweiler, 
b. Oct. II, 1887; (IX) Miriam Detweiler, b. Jan. 5, 
1889 ; d. July 14, 1889. 

VIII. Jacob Moyer, b. — ; d. small. 

VIH. John Moyer, b. — ; died small. 

VIII. Michael K. Moyer, born July 15, i860 ; mrd. 
Mary. M. Landis, — . P. O. Souderton, Pa. Farmer. 
Children : (IX) Martha L. Moyer, b. May 10, 1881. 
(IX) Clayton .L Moyer, b. Apr. 8, 1892. 

Vlil. Kate K. Moyer, born — ; mrd. John A. Freed 
(See Index of References No. 4). 

VH. Joseph C. Moyer, born in Montg. Co., Pa., 
Feb. 14, 1835 ; d. in Phila., Nov. 22, 1867. Mrd. 
Elizabeth Garges, Aug. 13, i860. She was born 
Jan. 20, 1 83 1. Artisan ; Ger. Bap. Children : Jacob, 
Allen, William. 

VIII. Jacob G. Moyer, b. in Montg. Co., Apr. 6, 
1862; mrd. Sallie Binder, — . Children: (IX) Annie 
Laura Moyer, b. Mar. 21, 1884; (IX) Harvey Win- 
fidd Moyer, b. D-2. 26, 1886 ; (IX) Flora Mabel 
Moyer, b. Mar. 16, 1889 ; (IX) Allen B. Moyer, 
b. Apr. 13, 1891. 

VIII. Allen G. Moyer, b. in Montg. Co., Jan. 11, 
1864 ; mrd. Amanda S. Brown in 1883. Res. 2314 
Philadelphia St., Phila. Cabinetmaker; Meth. Eph. 

— 40 — 

Children: (IX) Lillie Hndoia Mover, b. Dec, 22, 
1883 ; d. Sept/ 1 7, 1884, (IX) Mabel Grace Mover, 
b, July 17, 1886 ; (IX) William Alvin Mover, born 
Dec, 18, 1887 : (IX) Edgar Arnold Mover, b. Apr, 16. 
1889 ; (IX) Elizabeth Lillian Moyer, b, Aug 6, 1891. 

Vlll. Rev, William G. Moyer, born in Philadelphia, 

March 8, 1867 ; married Virginia Williams, daughter 

Andrew J. Williams, of Navesink, New Jersey, in 

1890, ]Mr. Moyer' s boyhood days were spent on a 

farm, where he followed the usual routine of farm 

life. At the age of 15 he apprenticed himself to 

Heebner & Sons, of Lansdale, Pa., to learn the 

machinist trade. While here he ^vas converted under 

the ministrs' of Rev. J. G. Bickerton, pastor of the 
Meth. Ep, ch. of Lansdale, in 1882. He was at once 
marked out as a chosen vessel for the Lord's service, 
and soon after his conversion entered Pennington 
Seminary to prepare for the Gospel minis tr}^ He 
was licensed as a local preacher in 1886, and sent as a 
supply to Manchester charge in the New Jersey Con- 
ference. This was his first charge. On entering the 
work he found the church greatly demoralized and 
the spiritual condition at a verv' low ebb. But enter- 
ing upon his work with great enthusiasm he succeeded 
in imparting it alike to his people, and the church was 
soon filled with attentive hearers, and e\'er>^ interest 
of the church greath' improved. Before the 5^ear 
closed the church was blessed with an extensive 
revival in which 100 persons were converted and 
received on probation, some of whom are now leading 
members of the church. 

In 1889 he joined the New Jersey Conference 
and was appointed to Eatontown charge, where a 
revival of considerable power was held and man^- 
improvements made. 

In 1 890 he was appointed to South Ri^'er. During 
his pastorate of three years at this place about 100 
were received into the church by letter and probation. 
The church and parsonage were repaired. The Sun- 
day school increased in number and interest, the 




I— ( 

— 41 — 

3'ouiig peoples' meetings soon became a power, and 
all the interests of the church seemed to be revived 
under his efficient pastorate. 

In 1893 he was appointed to Port Norris, N. J., 
his present field of labor, and where his labors have 
been most abundantly blessed of God. The following 
January after his appointment one of the greatest 
religious awakenings ever known in the vicinity took 
place, resulting in the conversion of 300 souls. Mr. 
Mo3'er is highl}' spoken of as a preacher ; his congre- 
gations are always large. He is a man of marvelous 
magnetism, has ability, energy, tact and enthusiasm. 
He was received into full membership in his confer- 
ence and ordained to deacons orders by Bishop H. J. 
Vincent in 1892, and was ordained Elder b}' Bishop 
Andrews in 1894. March, 1895, he was appointed to 
State St. M. E. Church, Camden, N. J. Children : 
(IX) Cora Colwell Moyer, Mar. 17, 1891 ; (IX) Helen 
Maria Moyer, b. Mav 30, 1892. 
VII. Jacob Moyer, b'.--. S. P. O. Souderton, Pa. 

VII. Jonas H. Moyer, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., July 3, 
1842 ; married Catharine Lederach, Oct. 17, 1863. 
P. O. Souderton, Pa. P'armer and hay merchant ; 
Menus. Children : Milton, Mary, Annie, Willis, 
Kate, Augustus, Mattie. 

VIII. Milton L. Moyer, b. in Montg. Co., Pa.; mrd, 
Mary A. Ellenberger, — . She died Jan. 31, 1893. 
P. 6. Souderton, Pa. Luth. Children : (IX) Leroy 
Moyer, Jay Stanley Moyer, Jonas Heber Moyer ; 
Mary Moyer, d. Sept. 25, 1893. 

VIII. Mary Jane Moyer, born in Franconia Twp., 
Montg. Co., July 15, 1866; mrd. William S. Hem- 
sing, Feb. 25, 1 89 1. P. O. Souderton, Pa. Ger. Ref. 
Children: (IX) Amy M. Hemsing, b. Dec. 4, I891 ; 
(IX) Helen M. Hemsing, b. Aug. 26, 1893. 

VIII. Annie Moyer, b. in Franconia Twp., Montg. 
Co., Pa., Dec. 3, 1869 ; mrd. Charles F. vSchwenk, 
May 4, 1887. P. O. Perkasie, Pa. Ref. ch. Child- 
ren : (IX) Eeonidas M. Schwenk, b. Oct. 17, 1889 ; 
(IX) Catharine M. Schwenk, b. Mav 22, 1893. 

VIII. Katie Mover, b. — ; S. 

VIII. Willis Mover, 1x — ; S. 

— 42 — 

VIII. Aiiguhtus Mover, Ij. — ; d. in 1875, aged 2 years. 
VIII. Mattie Mover, b. — ; vS. 

VII. Mary Meyer, b. — ; inrd. John J. Krupp, — . He 
died. Children: (VIII) Emma Krupp, born — ; S. 
(VIII) Maggie Krupp, b.—; d.—. vS. (VIII) Annie 
Krupp, b. — ; d. — . Mrd. Wilham Gotwals, — . One 
child : Cla3'ton Gotwals. 

VIII. Kate Krupp, b. — ; nird. William Angeny, — . 
P. O. vSouderton, Pa. Children : Claude; Iva, dec'd. 

VIII. Lizzie Krupp, b. — ; vS. 

VIII. Hannah Krupp, b. — ; d. — . vS. 

VIII. John Krupp, b. — ; S. 

VII. Christian H. Mover, b. Apr. 10, 1S46 ; mrd. 
vSuFan M. Cassel, — . P. O. Souderton, Pa. Grain 
and feed merchant ; Menus. No issue. 

VII. Enos H. Moyer, b. Nov. 27, 1849 ; mrd. Sarah 
Kulp, Dec. 1870. She died Feb. 1880. Childreri : 
Henry, Frank, Lizzie, Allen. Enos mrd. second wife 
Mary Detweiler, dau. of Samuel Moyer, Mar. 28, 
1880. She died in 1894. P. O. Souderton, Pa. 
Flour, feed and grain merchant ; Menus. Children : 
John, Susan, Hiram, William, Jacob. 

VIII. Henry K. Moyer, b. Nov. 1871, d. in 1872. 
(VIII) PVank K. Moyer, born Aug. 24, 1873. 
( VIII ) Lizzie K. Moyer, b. Feb. 1875. ('Vlll ) Allen K. 
Moyer, b. May 1877. (VIII) John M. Moyer, born 
June 17, 1882. (Vlll J Hiram M. Mo^^er, b. Apr. 3, 
1884, d. July 3, 1885. (Vlll) Susan M. Mover, born 
Nov. I, 1886. (Vlll) William Moyer, b. Dec. 14, 
1889, d. July 25, 1890. (Vlll) Jacob Moyer, born 
May 31, 1 89 1. 

VI. John Mo3^er, b. — ; d. — . Mrd. Barbara Hallman. 
She died. Dunkards. Children: Jacob. ■VLiry, Jo.seph, 
Nancy, Jesse, John, Barbara. 

VII. Jacob Moyer, b. — ; died in the army. 

VII. Mary Moyer, b.— ; mrd. John Tyson. P. O. 
Creamery, Pa. 

VII. Joseph Moyer, b. — ; mrd. Bean. P. O. 

Skippack, Pa. 

VII. Nancv Mover, b.— ; d.— . S. 

VII. Jesse Moyer, b.— ; P. O. Skippack, Pa. S. 

VII. John Moyer, b. — in West. 



VII. Barbara Mo3'er, b. — ; mrd. Tyson. 

VI. Mary Moyer, b. Dec. i, 1808, d. Dec. i, 1879. 

VI. Daniel L. Moyer, b. June 7, 181 1, d. Jan 8, 1887; 
mrd. Nancy Price. She died. Farmer. Children : 
Daniel, Benjamin, Sarah, Joseph, Mary, Henry. 
Daniel mrd. second wife Elizabeth Moyer, daughter 
of John Moyer. No issue. 

VII. Daniel P. Mo^-^er, b. — ; mrd. Sallie Clymer, — . 
P. O. Lansdale, Pa." Children : ( VIII ) Harry, dec'd; 
Ella, Willie. 

VII. Benjamin P. Moyer, b. — ; mrd. Mary, dau. of 
Jonas Moyer, — . P. O. P'ranconia, Pa. 

VII. Sarah Moyer, born in Montg. Co. Sept. 4, 1840 ; 
mrd. John B. Clymer (See Index of References No. 7 ). 

VII. Joseph P. Moyer, born in Montg. Co, June 5, 
1846 ; mrd. Annie D. Detweiler Oct. 29, 1873. She 
was born Jan. 15, 1848. P. O. Souderton, Pa. Cigar 
manufacturer and dealer in tobacco ; Menus. Chil- 
dren : (VIII) Ella D. Moyer, b. Aug. 3, 1873; (VIII) 
Lizzie D. Moyer, b. Oct. 14, 1877; (Vlllj Mamie D. 
Moyer, b. Apr. 29, 1884; (VIII) Katie D. Moyer, b. 
Apr. 29, 1884. 

VII. Mary Moyer, born in Montg. Co. Aug. 31, 184S ; 
mrd. William D. Detweiler Dec. 12, 1874. P. O. 
Soudsrton, Pa. Cigarmaker ; Menus. Children : 
(VIII) Stella M. Detweiler, b. June i, 1881 : (VIII) 
Lizzie M. Detweiler, b. Dec. 22, U83 ; (VIII) Wibcn 
M. Detweiler, b. Nov. 6, 1886 ; d. Mar. 30, 1888 ; 
(Vlllj Flora May Detweiler, born Jan. 15, 1890 ; died 
July 30, 1892. 

VII. Henry P. Moyer, b. — ; mrd. Mary Nice. P. O. 
Harleysvilfe, Pa. Children : (VIII) Saflie, Nelson. 

VI. Christian L. Moyer, born June 22, 1812 ; died 
F'eb. 28, 1861. Mrd. Lydia Price. P'armer ; Ger. 
Bap. Children : William, Simeon. 

VII. William P. Moyer, b. Apr. 14, 1839 ; d. Mar. 
1875. Mrd. Annie Cassel, — . She was born P'eb. 
1842. P. O. Harleysville, Pa. Farmer, and for a 
long time kept store at Harleysville. Mrs. Moyer, 
Ger. Bap. Children : ( VIII ) Emanuel C. Moyer, born 
May 21, 1864; mrd. — . Res. 2034 FrankHn vSt., 

— 44 - - 

Philadelphia. (VIII) Harry C. Moyer, b. July 22, 
1866. (VIII) David C. Moyer, born July — , 1868. 
(VIII) Richard C. Moyer, bom June 15, 1872. 
Printer. S. (Vlll) Kate Moyer, b. June 5, 1875. 

VII. Simeon P. Moyer, b. — ; mrd. Sarah Moyer, — . 
Res. Phila. Children : ( Vlll ) James Wilson Moyer, 
born Nov. 20, 187 1 ; d. May 15, 1872. (Vlll) Flora 
Moyer, born July 16, 1874 ; died Sept. 12, 1874. 
(Vlll) Ida Moyer, b. Oct. 28, 1876 ; d. Apr. 12, 1877. 
(Vlll) Emma Moyer, b. Aug. 8, 1877. 

VI. Abraham L. Moyer, b. — ; d. — . Married Mary 
Cassel. P'armer ; Menns. No i.ssue. 

VI. vSusan Moyer, b. — . P. O, Harleysville, Pa. S. 

VI. Nancy Moyer, b. — ; d. — . Married Abraham 
I^app (dec'd). Farmer; Menns. No issue. 

VI. Joseph L. Moyer, b. Mar. 13, 1815 ; d. ^lay 25, 
1 89 1. Mrd. Lydia Markley. She was born Sept. 16, 
1822 ; d. May 20, 1848. One child : Sarah. Joseph 
mrd. second wife Sarah Price, — . P'armer. Children : 
Lydia, Mary, Sarah. 

VII. Sarah Moyer, b. — ; d. — . aged 4 days. 

VII. Lydia Moyer, b. Dec. 4, 185 1 : mrd. Jacob G. 
Landis (See Index of References No. 5 ). 

VII. ^lary Moyer, b. May 26, 1856 ; mrd. William 
K. Moyer (See Index of References No. 6). 

VII. Sarah Moyer, born May 26, 1856 ; mrd. John 
Ruth (dec'd).' P.O. Harleysville, Pa. Children: 
(Vlll) Mary, Joseph, John. 

V. Jacob Moyer, b. in Lower Salford Twp. , Montg. 
Co., about 1780 (dec'd). Married Sarah Detweiltr 
(dec'd). Farmer; " Harreleut." Children: Mary, 
Sarah, Abraham. Jacob, Elizabeth, Joseph, Daniel, 
Benjamin, John. 

VI. Mary Moyer, bom in Montg. Co. in 1806 ; died 
Aug. 9, 1884. Mrd. Rev. John Kolb. He was bom 
in Montg. Co., Jul}' 1804 ; d. in Lane. Co. in 1879. 
Farmer ; Herrite minister. Children : Isaac, Abra- 
ham, Sarah, Jacob, Daniel, Hannah, Mary, Catharine. 

VII. Isaac Kulp, b. Dec. 18, 1828 ; d.' Nov. 1892. 
Married Anna Hershey. Children : John, I{mma, 
Menno, Harrv. 

— 45 — 

VIII. John Kulp, b. in Dauphin Co., Pa., Sept. 26, 
1855 ; mrd. Fannie Wolf, of Palmyra, Pa., Nov. i, 
1879. P.O. Bachniansville, Pa. Farmer. Children : 
(IX) Anna Kulp, born Oct. 1883 ; (IX) Daniel Kulp, 
b. May 27, 1888 ; (IX) Harry Kulp, b. Nov. i, 1889 ; 
( IX ) Myra Kulp, b. Nov. 22, 1891. 

VIII. Emma Kulp, b. in Dauphin Co., Pa., June 18, 
1857 i ii^rd. Daniel Dorsheimer. P. O. Gap, Pa. 

VIII. Menno Kulp, b. Aug 12, 186 1. P.O. Palmyra. 

VIII. Harry Kulp, b. Nov. 18, 1869 ; died Dec. 12. 

VII. Abraham Kulp, b. Dec. 30, 1830; d. Aug. 1833. 

VII. vSarah Kulp, born July 28, 1833 ; married PhiHp 
Fenstermacker, — . P. O. Neffsville, Pa. No issue. 

VII. Ja^ob Kulp, b. Nov. 18, 1835 ; mrd. Priscilla 
Hershey Nov. 11, 1866. P. O. Palmyra, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menus. No issue. 

VII. Daniel Kulp, b. Oct. 6, 1837 ; mrd. Mary Ann 
Kegerreis May 29, 1873. P. O. Manheim, Pa. 
Farmer; Meims. Children: (VIII) Katie K. Kulp, 
born Aug. 24, 1874; (VIII) Christie K. Kulp, born 
Aug. 23, 1878 ; (VIII) Anna K. Kulp, born Aug. 29, 
1880 ; (VIII) John K. Kulp, b. Apr. 28, 1888. 

VII. Hannah Kulp, b. in Montg. Co., Mar. 7, 1S41 ; 
mrd. Andrew Kreider, Dec. 6, 1866. P. O. Man- 
heim, Pa. Farmer. Ref. Menus. Children : Mary, 
Alice, Cornelius, John. 

VIII. Mary Kreider, born Nov. 29, 1868 ; married 
Hiram Bucher. P.O. Cla>', Pa. Farmer. Children : 
FMna, Sarah. 

VIII. Alice Kreider, b. Mar. 27, 1871 ; mrd. Abraham 
Kurtz. P.O. Manheim, Pa. Farmer. No children. 

VIII. Cornelius Kreider, b. Jan. 9, 1875. 

VIII. John Kreider, b. Dec, 2, 1878. 

VII. Mary Kulp, born Mar. 4, 1843. P. O. Man- 
heim, Pa. S. 

VII. Catharine Kulp, b. May to, 1845 ; d. Dec. 15, 

VI. Sarah Moyer, b. — ; d. — . Mrd. George Hagey. 
He died in Illinois. Children : William, Abraham. 
Jacob, Joseph, Lizzie, Mary. 

— 46 — 

Vr Abraliain D. Mover, born in Montis:. Cj. Qjt. 4, 
181 1 ; died vSept. 17, 1861. Married Nancy Hagey, 
Jan. 2S, 1S38. vShe was bom Sept. 24, 1816. Farmer. 
He was the last Moyer owner and occupant of the old 
Christian Meyer homestead, now owned by Joseph 
Drissel. Menns. Children : Ezekiel. Klizabeth, vSarah, 
Franklin, Jacob, Abrajiam, Henry, Joh-n, Mary, Anna, 
Mahlon, Theodore. 

VII. Ezekiel h7 Moyer, b. July 15. 1839 : d. vSept. 17, 
1885. Mrd. Margaret D. Detweiler. She was born 
Nov. 29, 1838; died Dec. i, 1891. Farmer; Menns. 
Children : Anna, Catharine, vSarah, A1)raham, Menno, 

VIII. Anna D. Moyer, b. Dec. 4, 1863 ; nnxl. Isaac 
M. Clemmer, Sept. '26, 1885. P.O. Harleysville, Pa. 
Farmer; Menns. Children: ( IX i Howard M. Clem- 
mer, b. Oct. 13, 1886 ; (IX) Katie M. Clemmer, born 
Dec. 14, 1890. 

VIII. Catharine D. Moyer, b. May '21, 1865. S. 

VIII. vSarah D. Moyer, b. Feb. 29, 1868 ; mrd. Jacob 

B. Delp March 2,' 1889. P. O. Harleysville, Pa. 
Carpenter; Menns. One child: (IX) William M. 
Delp, b. Dec. 26, 1890 ; d. Nov. 21. 1891. 

VIII. Abraham D. Moyer, b. June 5, 1869 ; mrd. I£lla 
D. Nace Jan. 9, 1892. P. O. vSouderton, Pa. vSaddler. 
VIII. Menno D. Moyer, b. April 3, 1872. 
VIII. Fiankhn D. Moyer, b. May 29, 1876. 

VII. Elizabeth H. Mo3'er, b. Nov. 5, 1840 ; married 
Michael R. Bergey Jan. 5, 1861. He died. Farmer ; 
Menns. One child : Ellen. Elizabeth mrd. second 
husband Jacob L. Kulp ( vSee Index of References 8). 

VIII. Ellen M. Bergey, b. Jan. 9, 1862 ; mrd. Jacob 

C. Landis. P. O. Mainland, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. 
Children: (IX) Lizzie B. Landis, b. June 17, 1882; 
(IX) Alice B. Landis, b. Aug. 23, 1884 ; (IX) Ellen B. 
Landis, born August 23, 1884. 

VII. Sarah H. Moyer, b. Oct. 5, 1842 ; mrd. Sanuiel 
Y. Musselman, Mar. i, 1862. P. O. Harleysville, 
Pa. (See Index of References No. 9). 

VII. PYanklin H. Moyer, born Jan. 13, 1844 ' ^^^^^^ 
Mav 1880. Mrd. vSarah Mover. No issue. 

— 47 — 

VII. Jacob H. Mover, born Nov. 5, 1845 ; died 
July 16, 1846. 

VII. Abraham H. Mover, b. June 12, 1847 ; married 
Catharine Mover, Oct. 21, 187 1. P.O. Morwood, Pa. 
One child : Ida Mover. 

VII. Henry Moyer, b. June 8, 1849 ; d. Oct. 22, 1849. 

VII. John H. Moyer, b. June 12, 1851 ; mrd. Lizzie 
A. Tyson, Mar. 15, 1873. P.O. Lansdale, Pa. Wire 
fence builder. Ger. Bap. Children: (VIII) Sallie 
Florence Mo3'er, b. Feb. 4, 1874 ; d. May 15, 1875. 
(VIII) Wilham Warren Moyer, b. Nov.' 18^, 1875. 
(VIII) Annie May Moyer, born August 29, 1878; 
(VIII) Andrew T. Moyer, born January 14, 1881 ; 
(VIII) Emma J. Mover, 'b. July 20, 1883.' (VIII) Alice 
T. Mover, born Julv 21, 1886; died Julv 15, 1891. 
(VIII) tillieT. Moyer, b. Nov. 15, 1890. ' 

VII. Mary H. Moyer, born March 29, 1852 ; died 
August 29, 1852. 

VII. Anna H. Moyer, b. Dec. 22, 1854 ; mrd. Chas. 
D. Godshall, October 24, 1874. P. O. Lansdale, Pa. 
Children : (VIII ) Elmer G. Godshall, b. Sept. 24, 1875. 
(VIII) Jonas M. Godshall, b. Mar. 6, 1879 ; (VIII) Viola 
G. Godshall, b. Mar. 4, 1881 ; (VIII) Charles M. God- 
shall, born Feb. 5, 1883 ; (VIII) WaUer M. Godshall, 
b. Jan. II. 1890 ; d. Mar. 30, 1892. 

VII. Mahlon H. Moyer, b. Apr. 2, 1857 ; mrd. I{liza 
Fretz. P.O. Harleysville, Pa. 

VII. Theodore H. Moyer, b. May 22, 1859 ; married 
Lydia Heckler Dec. 27, 1879. P.O. Harleysville, Pa. 
Auctioneer. Children: (VIII) Alice H. Moyer, born 
Oct. II, 1880; died Jan. 7, 1881. (VIII) Annie H. 
Mover, born Dec. 20, i88i-; (VIII) Sallie H. Moyer, 
b. Jan. 6. 1886; (VIII) Idella H. Moyer, b. Aug. i8, 
1889 ; (VIII) Linford H. Moyer, b. Apr. 27, 1891. 

VI. Jacob D. Moyer, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., Dec. 20, 
18 1 3, d. Nov. 15, 1882 ; mrd. Barbara Ann Shoe- 
maker, P'eb. 19, 1837. She was born in Montg. Co., 
Mar. 30, 18 17; d. Mar. 10, 1838. Clockmaker, after- 
wards farmer. Mr. M., Ger. Bap; Mrs. M., Menu. 
One child : Isaac. Jacob mrd. second wife Christiana 
Price, Apr. 3, 1841. She died in 1892. Children : 

8 — 

Isa])ella. Mary, Sarah, Daniel, Allen, Christiana, 
Emma, Jacob, Lydia, Lizzie, Harvey, Abel. 
VII. Isaac S. Moyer, A. M., M. D., b. in Lower 
vSalford, Mcn.g. Co., Feb. 27, 1838 ; nird. Laura, 
dau. of Jacob Kratz, of Plumsteadville, Pa., Oct. 20, 
1859. She died Mar. 16, 1866. Children : P^iigene, 

Lsaac mrd. second wife Caroline Fackenthall, dan. 
of the late B. F. Fackenthall, a prominent lawyer of 
Easton, Pa., Nov. 15, 1869. One child : Florence. 

When the subject of this sketch was eight days old 
his mother died and he was then cared for b>- his 
maternal grandparents until 16 years of age. He 
attended the common schools of the vicinity, and at 
an early age was sent to F'reeland Seminary, at 
Collegeville, Pa., now known as l^rsinus College, 
where he attended three years. The two 3'ears fol- 
lowing he taught public schools, giving general 
satisfaction. When 19 years of age he commenced 
the study of medicine with his uncle, Dr. Joseph 
Moyer, a successful practitioner, then residing at 
Kulpsville, Pa. He afterwards entered Pennsylvania 
Medical University, from which he graduated Mar. 5, 
1859, and on the 26th of the same month located at 
Plumsteadville, Bucks Co. , Pa. , where he was engag- 
ed in a lucrative practice for nine years. In the 
Spring of 1868 he sold his practice and traveled 
considerably during that year. On Apr. 5, 1869. he 
resumed the practice of medicine and located at 
Quakertown, Pa., having purchased the practice of 
Drs. Joseph Thomas and Richard J. Linderman. 
Here he has resided ever since and enjo^'ed a larger 
practice than at his former place. 

When quite young he manifested a love for 
botany, the study of which he ever since followed 
with pleasure and profit. He thoroughly investigated 
the flora of Bucks county, and in 1876 published a 
catalogue of plants of said county, which was added 
to Gen. W. W. H. Davis' "History of Bucks county." 
This was the published flora of the county. 

The doctor studied natural history generally, and 
is well versed in ornithology. He is a niember of the 

Daniel K. Cassel. 

See Pa^Lce 32. 

— 49 — 

Lehigh Valley Medical Association, of the Board 
Censors of the Medico- Chirurgical College of Phila- 
delphia ; of Quakertown Lodge, No. 512, F. and 
A. M., and was master in 1875. In 1880 was a 
member of the Electoral College of Pennsylvania on 
the Republican ticket. In 1887 he received from 
Muhlenberg College, at AUentown, Pa., the degree 
of A. M. The doctor has now been practicing medi- 
cine for thirty-five years, during which time he met 
with great success, and won the confidence and good 
will of the people with whom he came in contact. 

Children : (VIII) Eugene Moyer, b. July 4, i860 ; 
d. Aug 8, i860; (VIII) Lilian Moyer, b. Nov. 26, 
1863. P. O. Quakertown, Pa. Lutheran. Single ; 

(VIII) Florence Barbara Moyer, b. Aug. 27, 1870. 
P. O. Quakertown. Luth. S. 

VJI. Isabella P. Moyer, b. Jan. 10, 1842 ; d. Feb. 7, 
1880 ; mrd. Abraham F. Gotwals, Nov. 29, 1862. 
Res. 1820 E. Ontario St., Phila. Produce dealer. 
Mrs. G., Ger. Bap. Mr. G., Meth. Ep. Children : 
Harry, William, Isaac, Laura, Jacob, Margaret, 
Abraham, Allen. 

VIH. Harry Gilmore Gotwals, b. Aug. 28, 1863 ; 
mrd. Mary Emma Hartman. Res. Eighth and Cam- 
bria vSt., Phila., Pa. Machinist. Children: (IX) 
Harry Raymond Gotwals, born Sept. 27, 1890 ; 

(IX) Mary Isabella Gotwals, b. Oct. i, 1892. 

VIII. William E. Gotwals, born Nov. 29, 1864 ; mrd. 
Katie Krupp, res. 2029 N. 13th St., Phila. Painter. 
One child: (IX) Willliam Clayton Gotwals, born 
Nov. 15, 1888. 

VIII. Isaac M. Gotwals, born May 14, 1867 ; died 
Februar}' 12, 1884. 

VIII. Laura M. Gotwals, born vSept. 25, 1868; died 
Dec. 10, 1890. 

VIII. Jacob E. Gotwals, b. May 5, 1872. 

VIII. Maggie J. Gotwals, born Dec. 9, 1873 ; died 
Apr. 13, 1 89 1. 

VIII. Abraham M. Gotwals, b. Jan. 7, 1876. 

VIII. Allen M. Gotwals, b. May 16, 1878. 

VII. Mary Catharine Moyer, b. Aug. 5, 1843 ; mrd. 

- 50 - ^ 

Abraham F. K. Krout, A. M. (Sec Index of Refer- 
ences No. lo ). 

VII. Sarah P. Mover, b. Apr. 12, 1845 ; nu'd. Jacob 
M. Markle3\ (See Index of References No. 11). 

VII. Daniel P. Mover, M.D., b. m Monto;. Co., Pa., 
Mar. 4, 1847 ; d. May 11, 1890. Mrd. Ella E. Bush, 
dau. of William H. Bush, at that time proprietor cf 
the Bush House at Quakertown, Dec. 5, 1872. 

Mr. Mo3'er attended the common schools at home, 
and took an academic course at PVeeland Seminary, 
now Ursinus College, Collegeville, Pa. He com- 
menced the study of medicine with his brother. 
Dr. I. vS. Mo3'er, A. M., at Quakertown, Pa., and 
followed a course of medicine at the Pennsylvania 
Universit}^ from which institution lie graduated in 
1872. Soon after he located in Dublin, Pa., and had 
a large pactice, which he sold in the Spring of 1890. 

The doctor was a born physician, he seemed to 
understand his cases almost by instinct and was suc- 
cessful in treating them. He had a large practice to 
the end of his life. He will long be remembered 
as one of the most successful physicians ever living in 
that community. He died after a short but severe 
attack of typhoid fever at Doylestown, Pa. 

He was a member of the Improved Order of Red 
Men, and of Doylestown Lodge, P". & A. M. Mrs. M., 
Luth. Children : (VIII ) Isabella B. Moyer, b. Mar. 12, 
1874. Epis. : (VIII) Christine B. Moyer, b. July 5, 
1876; (VIII) Edith May Moyer, born Oct. 26, 1878 ; 
(VIII) Frederick M. Moyer, bom July 30, 1880: died 
Mar. 6, 1892. 

VII. Allen Benjamin Moyer, h. in Montg. Co., Pa., 
Jan. 29, 1849 ; mrd. Kate I. Kuhnly May 19, 1870. 
Res. 309 Vine St., Phila. ; Meth. Epis. Children: 
(VIII) Harvey K. Moyer, b. June 4, 1871 ; (VIII) Nel- 
son R. Moyer, born March 9, 1873 ; (VIII) Walter R. 
Moyer, b. Feb. 5, 1875 ; (VIII) Allen B. Moyer, born 
Mar. I, 1877 ; (VIII) Jacob K. Moyer, born Dec. 28, 
1879; (VIII) Grace V. Moyer, born Dec. 9. 1882; 
(VIM) Lottie May Moyer, b' May 12, 1886. 

VII. Christiana Moyer, b. Feb. 17, 1S51 ; died Dec. 

— 5 1 — 

187 1. Mrd. Isaac Cassel. P. O. Kiilpsville, Pa. One 

VII. Kmma P. Mover, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., July 
28, 1853 ; mrd. James M. Markley. (See Index of 
References No. 12.) 

VII. Jacob P. Moyer, b. Sept. 5, 1855 ; mrd. Sarah 
Allebach, daughter of Henry V. x\llebach, of Kulps- 
ville. Pa., Feb. 15, 1S77. Res. 2137 Camac St., Phila. 
Wholesale commission merchant ; Luth. Children : 
(VIII) Linford, Albert, Jay Price, Vera Oleta, Russel ; 
Cora Blanche ( deceased ) . 

VII. Lydia Moyer, born Nov. 7, 1851 ; mrd. Daniel 
Krupp'in 1878. He died in 1886. Res. 2026 N. 13th 
St., Phila. Baptist. One child: (VIII) Iva Krnpp, 
Nov. 5, 1879 ; Baptist. 

VII. Lizzie Moyer, b. Nov. 7, 1857 ; died young. 

VII. Harvey Price Moyer, b. near Mainland, Montg. 
Co., Pa., Oct. 17, 1859. His early education was 
received in the common schools of the neighborhood, 
including a short term at the well-known boarding 
school at Trappe, Pa., under the management of Prof. 
Rambo, then County Superintendent of the schools of 
Montgomery county. At the age of 16 he began 
teaching public school near Mainland, continuing for 
two years. In the vSpring of 1879 he entered the 
normal school at Huntingdon, Pa., where he gradu- 
ated in 1880. The next two years were spent in 
teaching school at StewartsvlUe and Alexandria, Pa., 
and in taking advanced studies in the Huntingdon 
Normal College. In the P'all of 1882 he entered the 
vSenior preparatory class at Oberlin College, Oberlin, 
O. , finishing this course in 1883. In the latter part of 
this year he was called to fill a position in the pre- 
paratory department of Mt. Morris College, Mt. Morris, 
111., teaching Latin, Greek and P^nglish literature. 
This position he held for three years, finishing in the 
meantime the regular studies of the P're ihman year in 
college. During this period (June 19, 1884) he 
married Elizabeth Leslie, of Nappanee, Ind., who had 
been a former student of Huntingdcn Normal School, 
of Huntingdon, Pa. In the Fall of 1886 he moved 
with his family to Oberlin, O., to enter the Sophmcre 

class of that college. By means of teaching, leading 
choir, and the most rigid economy, he managed to 
support his family, continue his studies and complete 
his college course free of debt, graduating with honors 
in the classical course of 1889. 

It had been his intention to continue his studies 
in the Theological Seminary, but, unable to do this 
satisfactorily to himself, owing to the lack of funds, it 
was thought best at this time to seek some emplo}-- 
ment to replenish the depleted treasury. Just then 
an opening was found in the West, and in Nov. 1889 
he joined his former classmate, H. L. Hall, at Des 
Moines, Iowa, and engaged in selling school supplies. 
Success during the first year at this enterprise result- 
ed in being admitted as an equal partner into the firm 
known as the Western School Supply House, Des 
Moines, Iowa, with which he is still connected. This 
compau}', now incor])orated, with H. h. Hall presi- 
dent, and H. P. Moyer vice president and treasurer, 
controls some valuable patents and has been doing a 
flourishing bu.siness. 

Mr. Moyer \s college work was characterized by 
considerable .special work, involving original investi- 
gations. Several of his writings on religious subjects 
have received favorable comment from able critics. 
He has .since kept up his literary interest and is 
devoting considerable attention to reform movements, 
especially along the line of the growing movement of 
Christian Socialism. In the midst of a busy business 
life he finds time to be the active leader of his church 
choir, teacher in a large and enthu.siastic Bible, 
and .secretary of the Federation of Evangelical 
Churches in his city. His activity in literary, musical, 
religious and reform work promises substantial results 
in the future. Cong. Children : ( VIII ) Vera Lenore 
Moyer, b. June 7, 1886 ; (VIII; Benton Leslie Moyer, 
b. vSept. 9, 1889. 

VII. Abel P. Moyer, b. June 1867 ; d. Aug. 1867. 

VI. Elizabeth Moyer, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., Jan. 28, 
1816 ; d. Nov. 20, 1874. Married Abraham H. Price 
Feb. 24, 1839. He was boni Feb. 23, 18 16. P. O. 


Harleysville, Pa. Farmer ; Ger. Bap. Children : 
Mathias, Joseph, Jacob, Ohver, Mary. 

VII. Mathias M. Price, b. Jan. 20, 1840 ; mrd. Sarah 
Hagey. P. O. Harleysville, Pa. Farmer ; Ger. Bap. 
Children: Elizabeth, Frank, Warren, Abraham. 

VIII. Elizabeth Price, b. Feb. 27, 1863 ; mrd. Abra- 
ham M. Landis. (See Index of References No. 13.) 

VIII. Frank H. Price, b. Apr. 15, 1866; mrd. Ma- 
linda Fry Jan. 12, 1889. P. O. Harleysville, Pa. 
Farmer. One child : (IXj SaUie F. Price, b. Oct. 21, 

VIII. Warren Price, b. Nov. 27, 1873 ; mrd. E3'dia 
M. Booz. P. O. Harleysville, Pa. 

VHI. Abraham H. Price, b. 1877 ; d. May 2, 1882. 

VII. Joseph M. Price, b. Dec. 7, 1842 ; mrd. Ida, 
dau. of Dr. Fronefield. Res. 1317 Marshall St., Phila. 
Shipper in railroad office ; Ger. Bap. No issue. 

VII. Rev. Jacob M. Price, b. Nov. 4, 1844 ; mrd. 
Katie Overholtzer. P. O. Harleysville, Pa. Mer- 
chant ; minister. Ordained to the ministr3'of the Ger. 
Bap. church in 1891 and serves as pastor of the Indian 
Creek (Lower Salford) and Kline's (Franconia) chs. 
One child : (VIII) Abel Price. 

VIII. Abel Price, b. Feb. 11, 1874; graduated in 
the Bloomsburg (Pa.) State Normal School Jime 26, 
1895. School teacher. S. 

VII. Oliver M. Price, b. Nov. 21, 1846; d. Aug. 21, 

VII. Mary M. Price, b. Mar. 26, 1855 ; mrd. Sylva- 
nus Koch. P. O. Harley.sville, Pa. Farmer ; Ger. 
Bap. Children : Lizzie, John. 

VI. Joseph D. Moyer, M. D., mrd. Rachel Witman. 
She died in 1862. He was a very intelligent man and 
had a large practice. He also published ' ' The Olive 
Branch " in Norristown, Pa. Children : Susan, Sallie. 

VII. Susan Moyer, married Abel Mathias, M. D. 
Children : Joseph, Howard. 

VII. Sarah Moyer, mrd. Joel Rosenberger. Children : 
Joseph Rosenberger, Rachel Rosenberger. 

VI. Daniel D. Moyer, lived and died in Lancaster 
Co. , Pa. One child : Luretta Moyer. 

— 54 — 

VI. Benjamin D. Mover,, lived and died in Lancaster 
Co. Children : Albert, Alice, Lincoln. 
VI. John Moyer, single. 

V. Mary Mo3-er, b. Aug. 13, 1783 ; d. Aug. 20, 
1820. Mrd. Valentine Kratz. He was born Nov. 
29, 1776; d. Aug. 6, 1852. Was known as "deaf 
Felty " because he did not hear well. They at first 
lived in Frederick township, but after\vards moved to 
Towamencin. They removed there before the bridge 
near GrofF\s mill was built over the Branch creek, and 
w^hen their moving w^ent through the stream below 
the mill the water was so high that it nearly .swept 
them away. It is said to have been a very narrow 
escape. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Jacob, Isaac, 
Joseph, Samuel, Elizabeth, Henr}', John. 

VI. Jacob Kratz, b. Feb. 20, 1803 ; d. May 23, 1823. 
VI. Isaac Kratz, b. July 15, 1807 ; d. May 4, 1879. 

Married Elizabeth Beidler Oct. 20, 1831. Farmer; 
lived in Plumstead Twp. , Bucks Co. Menus. Child- 
ren : Susanna, Mary, Jacob, Henr3% Isaac, John, 
Abraham, David. 

VI. Joseph Kratz, b. Dec. 13. 1810 ; d. Oct. 4, 1872.- 
Mrd. AnnaHage3% Oct. 29, 1837. Merchant ; Menus. 
One child : John. 

VI. Samuel Kratz, b. Mar. 15, 1813 ; mrd. Rebecca 
Garges. P.O. Kappa, 111. Moved to Medina Co., O., 
in 1852, and later to Illinois. Menus. Children : 
Josiah, Elizabeth. Jo.seph, Mary. 

VI. Elizabeth Kratz, b. July 24, 1815 ; d. Nov. 26, 
1872. Mrd. John Kindig. (See Index of References. 
No. 14.) 

VI. Henr}^ Kratz, b. Jan. 13. 1S18 ; mrd. Mary 
Godshall, Dec. 25, 1845. P.^ O. Kulpsville, Pa. 
Carpenter ; Meth. Ep. No. is.sue. 

VI. John M. Kratz, b. Feb. 20, 1820 ; mrd. Ur^' 
Gulick, Sept. 4, 1844. She was born June i, 1821 ; 
d. Aug. 6, 1890. P. O. Telford, Pa. Ref. ch. 
Children : Marary, John, Mary.^^ 

"^^ Abraham MoAxr, b. in Montg. Co., Mar. 18, 
1786 ; d. May 9, 1866. Mrd. Barbara Eandis. She 

* For amniitted records see Kratz history. 

— 55 — 

was born Mar. 23, 1788 ; d. Jul}' 13, 1868. Farmer; 
Menns. Children : Jacob, Henry, Benjamin, Abra- 
ham, Katie, Mary. 

VI. Jacob L. Moyer, b. vSept. 26, 1808 ; d. Oct. 18, 
1877. Mrd. Sarah Heckler, Sept. 22, 1833. She 
was born Feb. 28, 1816 ; d. Nov. 28, 1842. Farmer ; 
Ger. Bap. Children : Henry, Elias, Abraham, Aaron, 

VII. Henry H. Mo3'er, b. July 14, 1834 ; d. June 14, 
1867. Mrd. Kate Shelly. One child : (Vlll) Elmira 
Moyer. P. O. Allentown, Pa. S. 

VII. Elias H. Moyer, b. Aug. 18, 1836 ; d. Dec. 26, 
1865. S. 

VII. Abraham H. Moyer, b. Sept. 27, 1838 ; Mrd. 
Sarah Mo3'er, Aug. 20, 1865. P. O. Breslan, Ont. 
Miller, now agent ; Menu. Br. in Christ. Children : 
Harriet, Simeon, Mary, Noah, Levi, Barbara, Mehssa, 
Laura, Lincoln, Wesley, Ada. 

VIII. Harriet Moyer, born in Ontario, July 23, 1866 ; 
Mrd. Rev. Joseph Pugh, of Philadelphia. P. O. 
Benjamin, Pa. Minister of the "Heavenly Recruits." 
One child : Stella. 

VIM. Simeon M. Moyer, born at St. Jacobs, Ont., 
Jan. 27, 1868 ; mrd. Annie Musselman Feb. 21, 1891. 
P. O. Breslan, Ont. Tinsmith ; Menu. Br. in Christ. 
Children : (IX) Edna Ma}' Moyer, b. Jan. 12, 1892 ; 
d. June 5, 1892. (IX) P'loyd Moyer, b. Dec. 6. 1893. 

VIII. Mary Ann Moyer, b. Dec. 15, 1869 ; d, Feb. 16, 
1888. Menu. Br. in Christ. 

VIII. Noah M. Moyer, b. Jan. 16, 1872 ; mrd. Annie 
Smith. P. O. Allentown, Pa. Painter and papei- 
hanger ; Menu. Br. in Christ. 

VIII. Levi Moyer, b. Jan. 18, 1874. P. O. Allen- 
town, Pa. 

VIII. Barbara Moyer, b. Apr. 25, 1876 ; (VIII) 
Melissa Moyer, b. July 12, 18^8; (VIII) Laura 
Moyer, b. Sept. 25, 1880 ; (VIII) Lincoln Moyer, 
born Nov. 28, 1882 ; (VIM) Wesley Moyer, b. Mar. 7, 
1885 ; (VIM) Ada Moyer, b. Apr. i, 1887. 

VII. Aaron H. Moyer, b. Sept. 10, 1840 ; mrd. Mary 
Shelly, Sept. 10, 1865. She died Nov. 4, 1874. 
P. O. Harleysville, Pa. Farmer ; Ger. Bap. Chil- 

— OU — 

dren : (Vlllj Katie Moycr, b. Apr. 2, 1866; died 
Apr. 21, 1884. S. (VIII) Gideon S. Mover, born 
Apr. 3, 1868. (VIII) Ezra S. Mover, b. Nov. 16, 
1869 ; mrd. Lizzie Detweiler. P. O. Morwood, Pa. 
(VIII) Christian S. Moyer, b, Sept. i, 187 1 ; d. Aug. 9, 
1880. (VIII) Lydia S. Moyer, b. Oct. 24, 1872; 
d. May 30, 1880. (VHI) Jacob S. Moyer, b. Oct. 13, 
1874 ; d. Aug. 24, 1875. 

Aaron mrd second wife Kate Moyer (nee Shelh')> 
sister to first wife and widow of his brother Henr}'. 
She died April 23, 1880. Children: (VIII) Sarah 
Moyer. (VIII) Mary Mo3'er (twin to Sarah), 
(VIII) Annie Moyer, b. Dec. 8, 1879. 

Aaron mrd. third wife Hannah Rosenberger, 
Children: (VIII) Jacob Vincent Moyer, (VIII) Eliza 
Isadore Moyer, (VIII) Hannah Ida Moyer, (Vlllj Aaron 
Wilson Moyer, (VIII) Emma Miriam Moyer, (VIII > 
Ellen Rose Moyer. 

VII. Jacob H. Moyer, b. Oct. 16, 1842 ; mrd. Jane D, 
Blackburn, Dec. 5, 1885. P. O. Elroy, Pa. Agent 
for books and medicine ; Menn. Brethren in Christ. 
Children: (VIII) Lucy B. Moyer, b. Oct. i, 1886; 
(VIII) Menno B. Moyer, born Nov. 17 , 1887 ; 
(VIII) Mar3" B. Moyer, born November 30, 1889 ; 
(Vlll) William B. Moyer, born January 24, 1892 ; 
(VIII) Jennie B. Moyer. b. June 24, 1894. 

VI. Henr}' L. Moyer, married Clemens, dec'd. 

Children : Jacob, Benjamin, Abraham, Sarah, Cath- 
arine. Henny' mrd. second wife Catharine Musselman. 
One child : Annie. 

VII. Rev. Jacob C. Moyer, mrd. Eliza Musselman. 
P.O. Harleysville, Pa, Children: (Vlll) Sallie Moyer, 
mrd. Levi Nice ; P.O. Harleysville, Pa. (Vlll) Lewis 
Mo3^er, married Sallie Drissel ; P. O. Kulpsville, Pa. 
(Vlll) Katie Moy^r, married Philip Alderfer ; P. O. 

Harleys\'ille, Pa. (Vlll) Samuel Moyer, married 

Anders : P.O. HarleN'sville, Pa. 

VII. Benjamin C. Mo3'er, mrd. Landis. P. O. 

Harleysville, Pa. 

VII. Abraham C. Moyer, mrd. Kate Grater. P. O. 
Hatfield, Pa. 

Rev. William G. Moykr. 

(See Page 40.) 

— 57 — 

VII. Sarah Mo3"er, mrd. Franklin H. Moyer. (See 
Index of References No. 15). Sarah married second 
husband Samuel R. I^andis. P. O. Harleysville, Pa. 
No issue. 

VII. Catharine Moyer, married Samuel R. Landis. 
P. O. Harleysville, Pa. Children : Abraham, Sallie, 
Henry, lyizzie, Jacob, Kate. 

VIII. Abraham M. I^andis, mrd. Alderfer. P.O. 

Lederachville, Pa. 

VIII. Sallie I^andis, mrd. John Nice. P. O. Harlej^s- 
ville, Pa. 

VI. Benjamin L. Mo3^er, mrd. Magdalena Mussel- 
man. Children : Milton, Catharine, Hannah. 

VII. Milton M. Moyer. P. O. Morwood, Pa. 

VII. Catharine Mo3'er, mrd. Abraham H. Moyer. 
(See Index of References No. 16.) 

VII. Hannah Moyer. S. 

VII. Moyer, mrd. Josiah I^andis. P. O. Mor- 
wood, Pa. 

VI. Abraham L. Moyer, b. Feb. 8, 1823 ; d. Aug. 5, 
1887 5 nird. Esther Moyer Nov. 27, 1844. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children: William, Benj., Jacob, Abraham. 

VII. WiUiam M. Moyer, born in Montg. Co., Pa., 
May 14, 1845 ; d. Mar. 24, 1883. Mrd. Amanda W. 
Cassel May 30, 1867. She was born Sept. 24, 1844. 
Farmer; Ref. church. Children: (VIII) Allen C. 
Moyer, born Dec, 1869. P. O. Hatfield, Pa. S. 
(VIII) Henry C. Mo3'er, b. June 6, 1872 ; d. Jan. 30, 
1877. (VHI) Ida Jane C. Moyer, b. Oct. 9, 1874. S. 
(VIII) Milton C. Moj^er, born August 20, 1876; 
(VIII) Amanda Emma C. Moyer, born Dec. i, 1881. 

VII. Benjamin M. Moyer, b. June 7, 1847 \ mrd. 
Eliza Hedrick P'eb. i, 1873. P. O. T3'lersport, Pa. 
Farmer and dealer in nursery stock ; Mennonites. 
Children : (VIII) Katie H. Moyer, b. May 25, 1875 ; 
d. Apr. 10, 1878. (Vlll) Lizzie Ann H. Moyer, born 
Oct. 18, 1876; d. Apr. II, 1878. (Vlll) Susan H. 
Mo3^er, born Aug. 23, 1878 ; died Feb. 
(Vlll) Abraham H. Mo^^er, born March 
(Vlll) Howard Wilson Mo^^er, b. Aug. 
(Vlll) Ephraim Norman Moyer, b. Nov. 
(Vlll; Thomas Arthur Moyer, b. Sept. 7, 






1882 ; 


1884 ; 


— 58 - 

VII. Jacob M. Moyer, born Mar. 15, 1850, in Fran- 
conia Twp., Montg. Co., Pa. ; mrd. Caroline Soott, 
Apr. 20, icSgo. Res. 317 S. Main Ave., Scranton, Pa. 
Canvassing agent ; Menns. No. issue. 

VII. Abraham M, Mo3xr, b. Mar. 15, 1850, in Fran- 
conia Twp., Montg. Co., Pa. Mrd. Mary P^rances. 
Overdorf Mar. 13, 1886. Res. 11 16 Diamond Av^e. , 
Scranton, Pa. Canvassing agent ; Menns. No issue. 

VI. Katie Moyer. 

VI. Mary Moyer, mrd. Abraham M. Nice. (See 
Index of References No. 17.) 

V. Sarah Moyer, b. Apr. i, 1789 ; d. Aug. 17, 1865. 
Mrd. Jacob Landis. He was born Oct. 15, 1782 ; 
d. Dec. 25, 1859. Children : Abraham, Katie, Mar}-, 
John, Jacob. 

VI. Abraham Landis, mrd. Hannah Garges. Chil- 
ren : Sarah, WiUiam, Nathaniel, Abraham, Jacob, 

VII. Sarah Landis, mrd. John Kulp, dec'd. Chil- 
dren : Mary, Abraham, Lizzie, Annie. Sarah married 
second husband Jacob Stover. Children : Edwin, 
Emma, Ella, 

VIII. Mary L. Kulp, born in Montg. Co., Pa., Aug. 
16, 1857 ; mrd. Henry M. Clemmer in 1878. P. O. 
Harle^^sville, Penna. Farmer ; Menns. Children : 
(IX) Elmer Clemmer, b. Jan. 28, 1879 ; fIX) Sallie 
Clemmer, b. Sept. 30, 1880 ; (IX) John Clemmer, 
b. P"eb. 9, 1883 ; d. July 15, 1892 ; (IX) Annie Clem- 
mer, b. Oct. 1885 ; d. Oct. 29, 1891. (IX) Maggie 
Clemmer, b. Dec. 19, 1889. 

VIII. Abraham L. Kulp, mrd. Baker. P. O. 

Telford, Pa. 

VIII. Lizzie Kulp, mrd. George Yerker. P. O. Tel- 
ford, Pa. 

VIII. Annie Kulp, mrd. John Musselman. One child : 

VII. William G. Landis, mrd. Caroline Oberholtzer. 
P. O. Franconia, Pa. 

VII. Nathaniel G. Landis, mrd. Hannah Nice. P.O. 
Harlej^sville, Pa. 

VII. Abraham G. Landis, married Elizabeth Ober- 
holtzer. P. O. Franconia, Pa. 

— 59 — 

VII. Jacob G. Landis, b. in Mong. Co. Oct. 14, 1848 ; 
mrd. Lydia Moyer Nov. 29, 1873. P. O. Harleys- 
ville, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. Children : (VIII) Joseph 
Landis, b. Sept. 26, 1875 ; (VIII) SalHe Landis, born 
Nov. 28, 1882 ; (Vlllj Abraham Landis, b. Apr. 8, 

VII. Henry G. Landis, b. May 25, 1852 ; mrd. Pris- 
cilla Bechtel Oct. 25, 1873. Res. 1820 N. 7th St., 
Allentown, Pa. Carpenter ; Ger. Baptist. Children : 
(VIII) Katie Ellen B. Landis, b. Oct. 15, 1874 ; died 
July 4, 1880. (VIII) Sallie B. Landis, b. Feb. 25, 

1877 ; (VIII) John Franklin B. Landis, born Oct. 9, 

1878 ; d. July 15, 1880. (VIII) Minerva B. Landis, 
born July i, 1880; d. Dec. 28, 1880; (VIM) Han^ey 
Henry B. Landis, b. Nov. 14, 1881 ; (VIII) Martha 
Priscilla B. Landis, b. July 6, 1889 ; d. Nov. i, 1889. 
(VIII) Robert Irvdn B. Landis, b. Sept. 29, 1891. 

VII. Katie Landis, married Jacob Godshall, dec'd. 
P. O. Lederachville, Pa. 

VI. Mary Landis, mrd. Michael Ziegler. 

VI. John Landis (dec'd), mrd. Mar}^ Landis. 

VI. Jacob Landis (dec'd), mrd. Fannie Mo3^er. 

V. Joseph Moyer, b. Nov. 10, 1791 ; died Sept. 3, 
1862. Mrd. Elizabeth Detweiler. She was born 
Sept. 15, 1792 ; d. May 16, 1838. Farmer ; German 
Bap. Children : Katie, William. Elizabeth, Jonas, 
Susan, Samuel. Joseph married second wife Sarah 
Markley, widow of Joseph Harley. One child, Lydia. 

VI. Katie Moyer, b. May 13, 1817 ; died Feb. 19, 
1878 ; married David Cassel. Children : Elizabeth, 
Hannah, Ann, Jonas, Joseph, Kate, Lydia, Amanda. 

VII. Elizabeth Cassel, died single. 

VII. Hannah Cassel, b. in Montg. Co. Sept. 27, 1840 ; 
mrd. Joseph M. Fretz. (See Index of References 
No. 18.) 

VII. Ann Cassel, mrd. William Moyer. (See Index 
of References No. 19.) 

VII. Jonas M. Cassel, married Kate H. Nyce. P. O. 
Hatfield, Pa. Farmer ; Ger. Bap. Children : Laura, 
William, Lizzie, Sallie, Katie, Emanuel, Joseph, 
Mar}^ Jonas, Emma, Martha, Annie, David, Carrie. 

— 6o — 

Vflf. Laura Cassel, mrd. llcnry Mo3'er, P. O. Hat- 
field, Pa., P'armer ; Mrs. M. Ger. Bap. Children: 
Melvin, Katie, et. al. 

VIII. William Cassel, married Maggie S. Benner. 
Res. Phila. Clerk ; Ger. Bap. No issue. 

VIII. Lizzie Cassel, mrd. Rufus Souder. Children : 
Charles, Raymond, Bessie. 

VII. Joseph Cassel, b. in Montg. Co, July i6, 1846 ; 
mrd. Sarah Harley, Nov. 9, 1875. P. O. Harleys- 
ville. Pa. Farmer ; Dunker. Children : (VIII) Wilson 
H. Cassel, b. Sept. 29, 1876 ; (VIII) vSamuel H. Cassel, 
born Mar. 29, 1878 ; (VIII) Lizzie Cassel, b. Mar. 15, 
1880: (VIII) Amanda Cassel, born Nov. 16, 1881 ; 
(VIII) Susie Cassel, b. Jan. 5, 1884 ; (VIII) David 
Cassel, b. Feb. 22, 1886 ; (VIII) Annie Cassel, born 
Sept. 13, 1888. 

VII. Kate Cassel, mrd. Joseph Rosenberger. P. O. 
Lansdale, Pa. 

VII. Lydia Cassel, mrd. Daniel Young. P.O. Quaker- 
town, Pa. 

VII. Amanda Cassel, died single. 

VI. William D. Moyer, b. in Montg. Co. Sept. 24, 
18 19 ; mrd. Deborah Harle}^ P.O. Harleysville, Pa. 
Farmer ; lives on a portion of the old Meyer home- 
stead ; Ger. Bap. Children : Sarah, Isaiah, Edwin, 
Emma, Elizabeth. 

VII. Sarah Moj^er, b. June 10, 1847 J nird. Simeon 
P. Mo3^er. (See Index of References No. 20. ) 

VII. Isaiah Moyer, b. Jan. 2, 1850. P. O. Harleys- 
ville, Pa. Single. 

VII. Edwin Moyer, b. July 15, 1851 ; died May 10, 

VII. Emma Moyer, b. Sept. 25, 1855 ; died July 10, 

VII. Elizabeth Moyer, b. Jan. 25, 1856 ; mrd. Isaac 
Nyce ; P. O. Harleysville, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : William, Allen. 

VI. Elizabeth Moyer, b. Feb. 23, 1823 ; d. Feb. 27, 
1857 ; mrd. Rev. Jonas Harley. P. O. Harle3'sville. 
Farmer and minister. He was ordained to the min- 
sitry of the German Baptist church in the Spring of 
1868. Children : Nathaniel, Sarah. 

— 6i — 

VII. Nathaniel Harle}^, born August i8, 1849 ; died 
August 1890. Single. 

VII. Sarah Harley, born in Upper Salford township, 
Montg. Co., Jan. 17, 1858 ; married Henr}- K. Nyce 
Dec. I, 1876. P.O. Bergey, Pa. Planner ; Ger. Bap. 
Children : (VIII) Priscilla Nice, born Jan. 31, 188 1 ; 
d. Feb. 14, 1882. (VIII) Jonas Nice, born Dec. 18, 
1884. (VIII) Annie Nice, b. Aug. 9, 1887 ; d. Jan. 7, 
1888. (VIII) Harry Nice, born May 5, 1889 ; died 
Aug. 18, 1889. 

VI. Jonas D. Mo3-er, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., Nov. 4, 
1825 ; d. in Bucks Co. Jan. i, 1892. Mrd. Caroline 
Harley, dau. of Jacob Harle}', Nov. 10, 1849. She 
was born near Kulpsville, Pa.; died Feb. 2, 1886. 
Mr. Moyer was a highly respected citizen and a 
prominent merchant at Dublin, Pa., for a number of 
years ; Ger. Bap. Children : Theodore, Ella, Jesse. 

VII. Theodore H. Moyer, b. Feb. 8, 1857 i married 
Mary E. Bird Feb. 8, 1872. Res. 2227 Columbia 
Avenue, Philadelphia. Merchant ; Bap. Children : 
(VIII) J. Bird Moyer, b. Dec. 18, 1872 ; instructor of 
chemistry in University of Pennsylvania. (VIII) Nellie 
L. Moyer, b. May 6, 1875 ; (VIII ) Ehzabeth B. Moyer, 
born Nov. 14, 1877 ; (VIII) Arthur R. MoN^er, born 
Oct. 19, 1880; d. Oct. 30, 1883. (VIII) Alice Moyer, 
born Jan. 26, 1886. 

VII. Ella J. Mo3^er, born June 9, 1853 ; mrd. Gared 
C. Eandis June 13, 1872. He was born March 19, 
1844. Wholesale grocer, of firm H. K. Kindig & Co., 
Phila.; Baptist. Children: (VIII) Howard Malcom 
Landis, born Apr. 9, 1875 ; (VIII) Charles Yeager 
Landis, b. Jan. 10, 1877 ; (VIM) Naomi Grace Eandis, 
born P'eb. 14, 1879 ; (VIII) Lyman Landis, b. Jtnie 21, 
1884; d. Apr. 5, 1885. (VIII) Leroy Clemens Landis, 
born Mar. 22, 1888 ; d. Sept. 20, 1888. (VIII) Ralph 
Stanlev Landis, b. Nov. 6, 1890. 

VII. Jesse H. Moyer, b. Jan. 6, 1856. P. O. Temple, 
Tex. Dealer in pianos and organs. Christian ch. S. 

VI. Susan Moyer, born 1826 ; died 1830. 

VI. Samuel D. Mo3'er, b. 1830 ; married Rebecca 
Jones. P. O. Norristown, Pa. Children : Isaiah, 
Nathaniel (dec'd), Howard, Jane. 

— 62 — 

\/\. Lydia Mover, married Rev. Jacob Booz. P. O. 
Salfordville, Pa. Farmer and minister ; Ger. Bap. 
Children : Daniel, Annie, Charles, Jacob, Benjamin, 
William, Sallie, Barbara, Lydia, Emma (dec'd), 
Henry (dec'dj. 

VII. Daniel Booz, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., July 12, 
1864; mrd. Kate Delp Nov. 17, 1888. P. O. Main- 
land, Pa. Farmer : German Baptist. One child :. 
(VIH; Leroy D. Booz, b. Sept. 5, 1889. 

VII. Annie Booz, b. July 31, 1866 ; mrd. Benjamin 
A. GrofF Oct. 2, 1886.' P. O. Lederachville, . Pa. 
Children: (VIII J Vincent B. Groff, b. Apr. 11, 1887 ;; 
(VIII) Jacob B. Groff, b. May 29, 1889 ; d. Jan. 10, 
1891. (VIII) Eva B. Groff, born June 27, 1891 ; 
(VIII) Elwood B. Groff, born Nov. 28, 1892 l 
(VIII) Martha B. Groff, b. May 17, 1894. 

VII. Charles Booz, mrd. Lizzie Ca.ssel. P.O. Harlevs- 
ville. Pa. 

VII. Sallie Booz, mrd. Abraham Godshall. P. O. 
Salfordville, Pa. 

VII. Barbara Booz, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., 1874 ; mrd. 
Enos Godshall in 1892. P. O. Morwood, Pa. Chil- 
dren : (Vlllj Edna Godshall, b. 1892; (VIII; Esther 
Godshall, born 1894. 

VII. Lydia Booz, mrd. Warren Price. (See Index of 
References No. 21.) 

IV. Mary Moyer, b. July 21, 1753 ; d. Oct. 13, 1823; 
mrd. Joseph Alderfer. He was born P'eb. 4, 1751 ; 
d. Nov. 14, 1 83 1. Lived on the farm now owned by 
Philip Alderfer, near Lederachville ; Menus. No 

IV. Christian Moyer (dec'd), b. in ^lontg. Co- 
in 1755 ; mrd. Mary Pureed. He inherited that por- 
tion of the old homestead of 100 acres with buildings, 
and improvements where William K. Moyer now 
lives, but after owning it only five years he sold it to 
his brother Jacob and moved to Springfield Town.ship, 
Bucks Co. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Mary,, 
Samuel, Sarah, Elizabeth, Magdalena, Susanna. 
__V. Mary Mo\xr, b. in Springfield Twp., Bucks Co., 
in 1791 ; d. in Hatfield Twp., Montg. Co.. in 1869. 
Mrd. Jacob Kmdig. He was born in Montg. Co.. 


Oct. 29, 1793 ; d. Jan. 29, 1880. Weaver ; Menns. 
Children : John, Margaret, Samuel. 

VI. John Kindig, b. Apr. 10, 1817 ; d. Juh' 4, 1872. 
Mrd. Elizabeth Kratz. She was b. July 24, 18 15 ; d. 
Nov. 26, 1872. Farmer ; Menns. Children : Mary, 
Henry, Margaret, Sarah, Valentine, Jacob, Samuel, 
John, Joseph. 

VII. Mary Ann Kindig, b. Dec. 3, 1837 ; mrd. Philip 
R. Swartley. 

VII. Henry K. Kindig, b. Oct. 29, 1839 ; married 
Sophia Anders. (See Kratz histor3^ ) 

VII. Margaret Kindig, mrd. Benjamin Landis. (See 
Index of References No, 22.) 

VII. Sarah Kindig, b. Aug. 3, 1843 ! n^rd. John D. 
Hunsberger Nov. 2, 1861. P. O. Souderton, Pa. 
Merchant and farmer ; Menns. Children : John, Eliz- 
beth, Marietta, Harry, Jacob, Maurice, Julia. Sallie, 
Joseph, Caroline. 

VIII. John K. Hunsberger, b. Nov. 11, 1862; died 
Feb. 5, 1864. 

VIII. Elizabeth K. Hunsberger, born Nov. 8, 1864 ; 
mrd. Harry T. Heckler. She died March 11, 1892. 
One child : (IX) Sallie Eorane H. Heckler, born 
Dec. 20, 1892. 

VIII. Marietta K. Hunsberger, b. Oct. 9, 1866 ; mrd. 
David P\ Detweiler. Farmer ; Menns. Children : 
Katie, John, Bertha, Sadie, William, Frank, Charles. 

VIII. Harry K. Hunsberger, b. June 21, 1868 ; mrd. 
Sallie Kiames. 

VIII. Jacob K. Hunsberger, born P'ebruar}' 25, 1870. 

VIII. Morris K. Hunsberger, born October 24, 1872. 

VIII. Julia K. Hunsberger, b. Jan. 17, 1875. 

VIII. Sallie K. Hunsberger, b. Jan. 27, 1877. 

VIII. Joseph Warren Hunsberger, b. Mar. 29, 1879. 

VIII. Caroline K. Hunsberger, b. Aug. 16, 1881. 

VII. Valentine Kindig, b. 1848 ; d. 1849. 

VII. Jacob K. Kindig, b. Feb. 2, 1849 ; mrd. Ange- 
lina Neman. 

VII. Samuel K. Kindig, b. Sept. 14, 1854 ; married 
Fannie C. Large. No issue. 

-64 — 

VII. John K. Kindig, mrd. Annie Roops, and second 
wife Sallie Roops. 

VII. Joseph K. Kindig/-!^ boni Oct. 4, 1857 ; mrd. 
Lilhan Rockhilh 

VI. Margaret Kindig, b. Apr. 11, 1820 ; mrd. Henry 
Krupp Apr. 23, 1837. P. O. Kulpsville, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : Jacob, Mary, Catharine, Amanda, 
Lizzie, Maggie. 

VII. Jacob Krupp, b. Nov. 2, 1838 ; mrd. Susan 
Heckler. She died Apr. 14, 1863. One child, Henry. 

Jacob mrd. second wife Miller ( dec'd). Eight 

children ; seven died. Jacob mrd. third wife 

Ser\^er. One child. 

VIII. Henry H. Krupp, mrd. Annie Ziegler. P. O. 
Kulpsville, Pa. 

VII. Mary Ann Krupp, b. Dec. 30, 1841 ; mrd. Isaac 
Hange}'. Res. Phila. Mason. One child, Lottie. 

VII. Catharine Krupp, born June 18, 1844 i niarried 
Ephraim C. Krause. P. O. Lansdale, Pa. Carriage 
builder ; Ref. ch. Children : Maggie, Laura, Emma, 
Arthur, Harry. 

VII. Amanda Krupp, bom in Montg. Co. Feb. 20, 
1846 ; mrd. Rev. Christian B. Allebacli June 25, 1868. 
P. O. Kulpsville, Pa. Minister ; ordained June 29, 
1876, to the ministry of the Mennonite church. Serves 
as pastor of the Towamencin ( Montg. Co. ) congre- 
gation. Children: (Vlllj Willie K. Allebach, born 
March 25, 1869 (premature born) ; (VIII) Alpheus 
K. Allebach, bom May 29, 1874 ; ^^111) Maggie K. 
Allebach, born February 16, 1878. 

VII. Lizzie Krupp, born Aug. 16, 1848 ; mrd. Jacob 
Stover. P. O. Lansdale, Pa. No issue. 

VII. Maggie Krupp, b. June 3, 1855 ; mrd. Samuel 
Delp Mav 24, 1877. P. O. Kulpsville, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : (VIII) Mary Ann Delp, b. Feb. 16, 
1878 ; (VIII) Abraham Delp, born Julv 18, 1879 ; 
(VIII) Maggie Delp, b. Sept. 17, 1880; (VIM) John 
Delp, born Julv 29, 1882 ; died August 28, 1882. 
(VIII) Henry Delp, b. Aug. 16, 1883 ; (VIII) Samuel 
Delp, b. Aug. 6, 1886 ; (VIII) Jennie Delp, b. Feb. 3, 

^'For omitted records of Kindig family see Kratz history. 

Harvey P. Moyer. 

See Page 51. 

1890 ; d. Jul}^ 13, 1890. (Vlllj Charles Delp, born 
May 10, 1891 ; d. Aug. 14, 1891. (VIH) Nora May 
Delp, born Feb. 9, 1893 ; (VIII) Howard Delp, born 
Feb. 7, 1894. 

VI. Samuel Kindig (dec'd), b. Nov. 3, 182 1 ; mrd. 
Catharine Rittenhouse. One child, died small. 
^ V. Samuel Moyer, b. in Lehigh Co. ; d. in Bucks Co. 
in 1828 ; married Mary Hagey in 1825. She died 
Jan. 16, 1862. Farmer; Menus. Children: Mary, 
Catharine, Elizabeth. 

VI. Mary Moyer, b. Dec. 26, 1826 ; d. July, 1869; 
mrd. Rev. Abel Horning^ Jan. 21, 1849. He was 
b. in Montg. Co., Nov. 10, 1825. P. O. Telford, Pa. 
Farmer and minister. Was ordained to the ministry 
of the Mennonite church in Rockhill, Bucks Co., at 
what is know as the Rockhill congregation, Nov. 5, 
1863, and Avhere he has served as pastor for 30 years. 
Children : Catharine, Amanda, Phares, Jonas. 

VII. Catharine Horning, b. Feb. 19, 1850; mrd. 
Daniel S. Rosenberger, October, 1869. Children: 
(VIII) Wallace, mrd. Addie Detweiler ; (VIII) Lizzie, 
Mary, Katie, Abel, Emma, Jacob, Eva. 

VII. Amanda Horning, b. July 31, 1853; mrd. 
William B. Detweiler Sept. 1871. P. O. Telford, 
Pa. Children: Alice (dec'd), Kate, Martha, Emma, 
Abel, Sallie, Elverda, Harry, John. 

VII. Phares Horning, b. Nov. 24, 1857 ; d. Mar. 11, 

VII. Jonas Horning, b. July 16, i860; mrd. Anna S. 
Alderfer Nov. 1883. Children: Ella (dec'd), Katie 
(dec'd), Abel, Frank, Jerome. 

VI. Catharine Moyer, b. in 1828 ; mrd. Henry N. 
Souder. He was born June 10, 1825. P. O. Telford, 
Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Mary, Lizzie, PYank, 
William, Kittie, Emma (dec'd), Phares, Maggie. 

^ Son of Samuel Horning and grandson of John Horning, 
the pioneer who was born in Elsas bei Loiringen, Germany, 
and emigrated to America about 1750. Settled m Montg. Co. 
and had the following children : Jacob, Lewis,Catharine, John, 
Mary, Anna, Samuel, Henry, William, Isaac. After the death 
of John Horning (the pioneer) his widow Elizabeth mrd. for 
her second husband John Detweiler as his second wife. 

— 66 — 

VII. Mary Souder, b. Feb. 14, 1852 ; mrd. William 
Lukeiis July 16, 1870. Reformed church. Children : 
(Vlllj Mnierva Lukeiis, born Apr. 10, 1871. Single. 
(VIII) Estella Lukens, b. vSept. 19, 1873. Single. 

VII. Lizzie Souder, mrd. Daniel W. Kratz Nov. 8, 
1873. P. O. Telford, Pa. Luth. Children : Katie, 
Harr}', Er\'in. 

VII. Frank M. Souder, b. July 16, 1856 ; mrd. Kate 
K. Nice Jan. 11, 1879. P. O. Telford, Pa. Farmer; 
Menns. Children: (VIII) Irwin N. Souder, born 
Oct. 10, 1879; (VIII; Harry N. Souder, b. May 21, 

VII. William M. Souder, mrd. Lizzie Frick Oct. 23, 
1880. P. O. Telford. Farmer ; Menns. Children : 
(VIII) SevillaF. Souder, b. Oct. i, 1881 ; (Vlll) Harvey 
F. Souder, b. Oct. 3, 1886. 

VII. Katie Souder,\nrd. Isaiah Roth. P. O. Telford. 

VII. ^laggie Souder, mrd. Daniel Moyer. P. O. Tel- 
ford, Pa. 

VI. Elizabeth Mo^-er, b. 1828 ; married George O. 
Clemens. Children : Benjamin, et. al. 

V. Sarah Mo3'er (dec'd), married Christian Young 
(dec'd). Children : Margaret, Mary, Benjamin. 

VI. Margaret Young, married Leonard Hendricks. 
P. O. Morrison, 111. Children : Jesse, We.sle3\ 

VI. Mary Young, mrd. Samuel Krout (dec'd). Chil- 
dren : vSarah, Jacob. 

VII. Sarah Krout, mrd. Samuel Detweiler. 

VI. Benjamin Young (dec'd), mrd. Margaret Nace 
(dec'd). Children : (VII) Mary Ann Young, mrd. 

Shultz ; (VII) Catharine Young (dec'd), mrd. 

Ruth; (VII) Sallie Young, married Elwood 

Mumbauer. P. O. Lansdale, Pa. (VII) Sjdvester 

V. Elizabeth MoN^er (dec'd), married Henry Young 
(dec'd). Children : Mar}^ Sarah, Hannah, L3'dia, 
Eliza, Charles. 

VI. Mary Young, married Michael Shelly (dec'd). 
Children : Henr}' (dec'd), Judith (dec'd), Jacob 
(dec'd), Isaac. 

VI. Sarah Young, mrd. Henry Musselman (dec'd). 
P. O. Harleysville, Pa. Children : Samuel, FZliza. 


VII. Samuel Y. Musselman, mrd. Sarah H. Moyer 
Mar. I, 1862. P. O. Harleysville, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : Annie, Henry, Isaiah, Abraham, 
Katie, Sallie, Mar}^ Jacob, Harvey. 

VIII. Annie Musselman, born Mar. 13, 1863 ; died 
Aug. 4, 1887 ; married Frank M. Freed Oct. 1885. 
One child : (IX) Sallie Freed, born July 4, 1887 ; died 
Oct. 4, 1887. 

VIII. Henry M. Musselman, b. Jan. 23, 1864 ; mrd. 
Lizzie Ann Godshall Dec. 25, 1886. P. O. Harleys- 
ville, Pa. Miller; Menns. Children: (IX) Sallie 
G. Musselman, born Mar. 11, 1888 ; (IX) Emma G. 
Musselman, b. Aug. 13, 1889 ; (IX) Henry G. Mus- 
selman, b. Sept. 12, 1891 ; (IX) Martha G. Mussel- 
man, b. Oct. 29, 1893. 

VIII. Isaiah M. Musselman, b. Sept. 28, 1866 ; mrd. 
Rosa H. Alderfer Sept. 28, 1889. P. O. Harleysville, 
Pa. Farmer; Menns. One child : (IX) Alice A. Mus- 
selman, b. Apr. 30, 1891. 

VIII. Abraham M. Musselman, born Nov. 4, 1868 ; 
died Feb. 18, 1869. 

VIII. Katie M. Musselman, b. June 6, 1870 ; married 
Oliver H. Blenie Oct. 14, 1893. P- O- Souderton, Pa. 

VIII. Sallie M. Musselman, born July 6, 1872 ; died 
Oct. 18, 1873. 

VIII. Mary M. Musselman, b. July 18, 1875. 

VIII. Jacob M. Musselman, b. Aug. 18, 1877. 

VIII. Harvey M. Musselman, b. Aug. 29, 1882. 

VII. Eliza Musselman, mrd. Rev. Jacob C. Mo3^er. 
(See Index of References No. 23.) 

VI. Hannah Young (dec'd), mrd. Samuel Mussel- 
man. No issue. 

VI. Eydia Young, born July 3, 1822 ; died Apr. 20, 
1890 ; mrd. Joseph Shueck. He was born Sept. 26, 
1820; died May 24, 1892. Children: ( ViJ ) Henry 

Shueck, mrd. Fredericks. P. O. Harleysville, 

Pa. (VII) Eliza Shueck, mrd. Isaac Young. (See 
Index of References No. 24.) (VII) Jacob Shueck ; 
(VII) Annie Shueck, mrd. Oliver Shupe ; P. O. Har- 
leysville, Pa. 

VI. Eliza Young, mrd. Samuel Musselman. Child- 
ren : (VII) Mary Musselman, married Kline; 

— 68 — 

(Vll) Sarah Musselniaii, married Kej'ser ; 

(VII) Samuel Musselman, died single. 

VI. Charles Young ; P.O. Lansdale, Pa. 

V. Magdalena Mover, b. June 3, 1798 ; d. Apr. 6, 
1873 ; married Benjamin Detweiler. (See Index of 
References No. 25.) 

y. Susanna Moj^er, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., in 1789 ; 
d. Sept. 2, 1878 ; mrd. John Smith. He was born in 
1788; died Ma}' 31, 1866. Carpenter and cabinet- 
maker ; Luth. Children : Lydia, Mary, Aaron, 
Margaret, Amanda, PVanklin. 

VI. L^^dia Smith, b. in 1812 ; died May 18, .1893 5 
mrd. P^nos Summers. 

VI. Mar}^ Smith, b. 1813 ; d. June 26, 1876 ; mrd. 
Jesse Cassel. Children : Lewis, et. al. 

VI. Aaron vSmith, b. in 1816 ; died July 20, 1865 ; 
mrd. Margaret Coset. 

VI. Margaret Smith, b. in 1820; d. Apr. 17, 1894; 
mrd. Henry Boehm. Children : John, et. al. 

VI. Amanda Smith, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 18, 
1822 ; married William C. Steiner. He was born in 
1823. Res. 1919 N. nth St., Phila. Carpenter; 
Ger. Bap. Children : Jacob, John, George, Edith, 
Aaron, Mar}', Sarah. 

VII. Jacob Steiner, bom Sept. 17, 1845 ; died Dec. 7, 

Vll. John W. Steiner, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., Oct. 24, 
1846. Mrd. Lovina B. Clemens Aug. 21, 1869. She 
died Apr. 7, 1880. Res. 1919 N. nth St., Phila. 
Carpenter and cabinetmaker ; Ger. Bap. Children : 

(VIII) Ellen Steiner, born July 26, 1872; married 
William B. Ford Sept. 20, 1893. P.O. Lansdale, Pa. 
John married second wife Mary Jane Stover Dec. 15, 
1883. One child: (VIII) Irene S. Steiner, born 
July 7, 1887. 

VII. George Steiner, b. June 19, 1849 ; d. Mar. 20, 

Vll. Edith Steiner, b. Feb. 24, 1851 ; mrd. William 

Weeks Jan. 16, 1869. Res. 1238 Fox street, Phila. 

Detective; Ev. Ass'n. Children: (VIII) John M. 

Weeks, born July 13, 1869 ; died February 7, 1870. 

(Vlll) Mary Etta'Weeks, born Feb. 5, 187/. Single. 


(VIII j William Penn Weeks, born Sept. 3, 1873; died 
Feb. 22, 1877. (VIII) Howard U. S. Weeks, born 
April 24, 1876 ; (Vlllj Benjamin Franklin Weeks, 
b. Mar. 7, 1878; (VIII) Laura Amanda Weeks, born 
Jan. 23, 1880; (VIII) Fremont Eugene and Frances 
Irene Weeks (twins), b. May 23, 1882 ; (VIII) Arthur 
Clinton Weeks, b. Feb. 18, 1889. 

VII. Aaron S. Steiner, born in Hatfield, Montg. Co., 
Pa., Aug. 7, 1853 ; mrd. Annie C. Detweiler in 1877. 
She died April 22, 1884. P. O. Quakertown, Pa. 
Harnessmaker ; I^utheran. Children: (VIII) Clara 
Steiner, born May 24, 1878 ; (VIII) son stillborn, 
Apr. 22, 1884. Aaron married second wife Sallie A. 
Clymer Ma}- 30, 1885. One child : (VIII) Ra3miond 
Steiner, b. Mar. 16, 1890. 

VII. Mary Steiner, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., Sept. 30, 
1855 ; mrd. Louis Souder. Res. 2531 N. 7th street, 
Phila. Wheelwright ;' Ger. Bap. 

VII. Sarah Steiner, born May 4, 1858 ; died Aug. 27, 

VI. Franklin Smith, b. in 1828 ; d. July 26, 1886 ; 
mrd. Mar}" Jane Paterson. 

IV. Magdalena Moyer, born in Montg. Co., Pa., 
Sept. 3, 1757 ; d. Aug. 13, 1836 ; mrd. Jacob Mo3"er. 
(See Index of References No. 28.) 

IV. Barbara Moyer (dec'd), born Dec. 12, 1759. 

IV. Sarah Mo^^er (dec'd), born Oct. 5, 1764. 

IV. Samuel Moyer, born in Montg. Co. Nov. 1766 ; 
died at Cedars, Montg. Co., Pa. ; mrd. Annie Ober- 
holtzea. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Susan, Jacob, 
John, Elizabeth, Katie. 

--V. Susan Moyer, b. about 1794 ; d. May 1832 ; mrd. 
Jacob Alebach about 18 14. He was born 1792 ; died 
1869. Miller and farmer ; Menus. Children : Samuel, 
Joseph, Henry, Benjamin, Mary, David, Jacob, Eeana, 
John, Christian, Anna, Fannie. 

VI. Samuel M. Allebach ; P. O. Skippack, Pa. S. 

VI. Joseph M. Allebach ; mrd. Hannah Kepler. 

VI. Henry M. Allebach ; mrd. Caroline Hendricks. 

VI. Benjamin Allebach ; mrd. Catharine Swartley. 

VI. Mary Allebach ; married Abraham Geisinger. 

VI. David M. Allebach, b. in Montg. Co. March 20, 


i8i8 ; d. Apr. 12, 1887 ; mrd, Su ;aiina D. Cler.inier 
Nov. 12, 1843. She was born in ]\I^ntg. Co. July 11, 
1 82 1 ; d. March 31, 1884. Shoemaker and farmer; 
Menns. Children : Abraham, Catharine, Mary, Jacob. 

VII. Abraham C. Allebach, born in Montg. Co., Pa., 
Jan. 29, 1845 ; mrd. Sarah H. Kulp March 25, 1871. 
P. O. Hatfield, Pa. Parmer ; Menns. Children : 
(VIII) David K. Allebach, born October i, 1872; 
(VIH) Leidy K. Alleb)ach, born November 27, 1873; 
(Vllh Katie K. Allebach, born July 28, 1875; 
(Vlllj Milton K. Allebach, born Oct. I'l, 1876; died 
June 3, 1877. (VIII) vSusan K. Allebach, b. Feb. 12, 
1878 ; Hannah K. Allebach, b. March 2, 1884. 

VII. Catharine C. Allebach, born July 2, 1847 ; mrd. 
Abraham S. Rosenberger Oct. 3, 1868. P. O. South 
Hatfield. Farmer ; Menns. Children : (VIII) David 
A. Rosenberger, b. Aug. 8, 1869 ; d. Aug. 16, 1869. 
(VIII) Mary Ellen Rosenberger, born Apr. 16, 1871 ; 
mrd. Frederick H. Hunsberger. P.O. Souderton, Pa. 
No issue (1894). (VIII) Harvey A. Rosenberger, 
b. Sept. 14, 1872 ; (VIH) Jacob A. Rosenberger, born 
August 18, 1876; (VIII) Allen A. Rosenberger, born 
Aug. II, 1878 ; (Vlllj Edwin A. Rosenberger, born 
May 26, 1881 ; d. Aug. 12, 1882. (Vlllj Edwin A. 
Rosenberger, b. July 27, 1886 ; (Vlllj Lizzie Martha 
Rosenberger, b. (3ct. 4, 1887. 

VII. Mary C. Allebach, b. Aug. 7, 1849 ; mrd. F. H. 
Souder. P. O. Lansdale, Pa. 

VII. Jacob C. Allebach, born Ma}^ 31, 1851 ; married 
Paulina Blank. P. O. Lansdale. 

VI. Jacob M. Allebach ; mrd. Fannie Johnson. P. O. 
Chalfont, Pa. Veterinary surgeon. Children : Mar}^ 
Sallie, Har^^e}'. 

VII. ^lary A. Allebach ; married Henry D. Rosen- 
berger, M. D., Dec. 16, 1875. P. O. Hatfield, Pa. 
Ph^'sician. Children: (Vlllj Emma Estella Rosen- 
berger, born April 16, 1877. 

VII. Sallie Allebach ; married A\'illiani R. Swartley. 
P. O. Chalfont, Pa. 
VII. Harvey Allebach ; P. O. Souderton, Pa. 
VI. Leana Allebach ; married William L. Mover. 

— 71 — 

Farmer; Menns. Children: (Vllj David A. , 
P. O. Kiilpsville, Pa. 
VI. John M. Allebach ( dec'd) ; mrd. Rebecca Jordan 
(dec'd). No issue. John mrd. second wife Catharine, 
dau. of Rev. Moses Godshall. Children: Moses, Frank. 

VI. Christian M. Allebach, b. in Montg. Co. Feb. 5, 
1827 ; mrd. Elizabeth Alderfer, daughter of Michael 
Alderfer, in 1850. P.O. Schwenksville, Pa. P'armer ; 
Menns. Children : Michael, Lizzie. 

VII. Michael A. Allebach, born in 1854 ; mrd. Annie 
Mark ley in 1877. P.O. Schwenksville, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : Flora, Hannah, Lydia, Mary. 

VII. Lizzie A. Allebach, *b. in i860; mrd. Isaac K. 
Freed. (See Index of References No. 27.) 

VI. Ann Allebach ; married Joseph Anders. P. O. 
North Wales, Pa. 

VI. Fannie Allebach ; married Henry Wise.' 
^^**-V. Jacob Mo3^er (dec'd) ; married Nanc}'^ Ziegler. 
Farmer ; Menns. Children : Samuel, Barbara, Anna. 

VI. Samuel Moyer, died in 1856 ; mrd. Anna Spare. 
Children : Elmira, Jacob, Nathan, Mary, Amos, 

VII. Elmira Mo3'er ; married Elias Godshall. P. O. 
Lederachville, Pa. 

VII. Jacob Moyer ; married Amanda Feather. Res. 

VII. Nathan Moyer ; married Amanda Godshall. 
Residence, Philadelphia. 

VII. Mary Moyer ; mrd. John Ziegler. P. O. Lede- 
rachville, Pa. 

VII. Amos Moyer ; P. O. Cedars, Pa. 

VII. Martha S. Mo^-er, born in Montg. Co. Sept. 21, 
1856 ; mrd. Milton H. Leidy. P.O. Blooming Glen, 
Pa. Merchant; Ref. ch. Children: (VIII) Harvey 
Leidy, born Nov. 16, 1880; (Vlllj Olin Leidy, born 
April 2, 1886. 

VI. Barbara Moyer ; mrd. Simeon Gerhart. P. O. 
Lansdale, Pa. Farmer ; German Baptist. Children : 
(VII) Anna Gerhart ; mrd. Landis. P.O. Lans- 
dale, Pa. (VII) Jacob Gerhart; P. O. Hatfield, Pa. 

VI. Anna Moyer ; mrd. Samuel Harley. P.O. Lans- 


dale, Pa. Fanner ; Ger. Bap. Children : Joanna, 
Jacob, Abraham, Kate, Mary, Emma, Jerome. 

VII. Joanna Harley ; married Nathaniel Cressman. 
P.O. Lansdale, Pa. Children : Charles, died young ; 
George, Anna, Hannah, PMna, Katie, PMith. 

VII. Jacob Plarley ; mrd. vSallie Gross. Res. Philr. 
Children : Jennie, Eddie. 

VII. Abraham Harley ; mrd. Kate Meyers, dec'd. 
One child : P'rank. 

VII. Katie Harley ; married George Lnkens. P. O. 
Kulpsville, Pa. P'armer. Children : Laura, Jennie, 

VII. Mary Harle}^ ; mrd. Christian Cas.sel. Res. 
Phila. Children : Anna, Nolan, Harri.son, George. 

VII. Emma Harley, died aged 17 years. 

VII. Jerome Harley ; nu'd. x\nna Ritter. P.O. Eans- 
dale, Pa. No issue. 

^V. John Moyer, born in Montg. Co. Dec. 28, 1799 ; 
died Dec. 6, 1877 ; mrd. ]\Iary Kulp Oct. 1825. She 
was born Aug. 22, 1800 ; d. Dec. 28, 1868. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : vSamuel, Mary, Annie, Catharine, 
Barbara, Susan, Lydia, Isaac. 

VI. Samuel MoyeV, b. Feb. 18, 1827 ; died Dec. 8, 
1855. Single. 

VI. Mary Moyer, born Aug. 10. 1828 ; mrd. Elijah 
Stover i8'53. He died Mar.' 11, 1878. P. O. Kulps- 
ville, Pa. Children : Isaac, Davis. 

VII Isaac Stover ; died young. 

VII. Davis Stover ; married Emma Godshall. P. O. 
Lansdale, Pa. Children : Harv^ey, Lillie, Mamie, 

VI. Annie Moyer, b. Dec. 17, 1829 ; d. Apr. 9, 1858 ; 
mrd. Jacob M. Cassel. No issue. 

VI. Catharine Mover, b. July 14, 1831. Single. 

VI. Elizabeth Mo3'er, b. June 8, 1833 ; died Jan. 31, 
1888. Single. 

VI. Barbara Mo^^er, b. Ma}^ 11, 1835 ; mrd. Jesse Y. 
Heckler. (See Index of References No. 28.; 

VI. Susan Moyer, b. Jan. 31, 1837 ; d. Jan. 4, 1888; 
mrd. John Harley. Res. 52 and 54 N. Water St., 
Phila. Wholesale grocer ; Baptist. Children : Lillie, 
Meyer, Ella. 

Elias L. Marki^ey. 

(See Page 74. ) 

VII. Ivillie Harle}', b. July 17, 1865 ; mrd. Charles 
Iv. Jarrett Jan. 29, 1890. P. O. North Wales, Pa. 
Baptist. Children: (VIII) Edith H. Jarrett, born 
Nov. 16, 1890; (VIII) Elsie F. Jarrett, b. May 18, 

VII. John Meyer Harley, b. at Line Lexington, Pa., 
Apr. 8, 1869. Res. 40 Park Ave., Chicago, 111. Vice 
Pres. American Silver Plate Co., of Chicago, 111. 
Baptist. Single. 

VII. Ella Harley. Single. 

VI. Lydia K. Moyer, b. Dec. 2, 1839 ; mrd. William 
G. Pureed. (See Index of References No. 29.) 

VI. Isaac K. Moyer, b. Feb. 28, 1842 ; mrd. Mary 
Jane Grater Dec. 29, 1867. P. O. Eagleville, Pa. 
Merchant; Ref. Ch. Children: (VII) J. Ambrose 
Mover, b. Sept. 13, 1874; (VII) J. Clarence Moyer, 
b. Apr. 27, 1878. 

V. Elizabeth Meyer (dec'd) ; mrd. Joseph Hun- 
sicker. ( See Index of References No. 30. ) 

V. Catharine O. Moyer, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., in 
1807 ; d. in 1884 ; mrd. Jacob K. Markley in 1827. 
He was born in Montg. Co. in 1804 ; d. Oct. 13, 
1884. Farmer ; Ger. Bap. Children : Benjamin, 
Annie, Jesse, Samuel, Philip, Mary. Jacob, Elizabeth, 
Catharine, James, Davis. 

VI. Benjamin M. Markley, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., 
Oct. 10. 1828 ; mrd. Mary S. Hunsicker Nov. 18, 
1856. P. O. Collegeville, Pa. Farmer, later toll- 
gate keeper. Mr. Markley enlisted as a private 
soldier Oct. 16, 1S62, in Company C, 179th Reg't 
Pa. Vol., and was discharged July 27, 1863. Ref. ch. 
Children : Infant (dec'd), Henry, Benjamin, Kate, 
Annie, Mary, Wilmer. 

VII. Henrv H. Marklev, b. Sept. 16, 1859 ; mrd. 
Tillie McClure Oct. i, 1881. P. O. P:ast Falls, 
Phila. Carpenter; Mrs. M., Baptist. Children: 
(VIII) Bettsy Markley, b. Sept. i, 1882 ; (VIH) Tillie 
Markley, b. Sept. 19, 1886. 

VII. Benjanhn Marklev, Jr., b. Mar. 15, 1863 ; nu'd. 
Lillian Russel Oct. is, 1888. P. O. Mt. Clare, Pa. 

— 74 — 

Carpenter; Baptists. One child: (VIII) Robert 
Lincoln Markley, b. Feb. 17, 1891 ; died infant. 

VII. Kate Markley, b. Sept. 25, 1865 ; d. June i, 

VII. Annie Markley, b. Sept. 4, 1867 ; d. Sept. 16, 

VII. Mary Markley, b. vSept. 21, 1869 ; d. June 12, 

VII. Wilmer Markley, b. Oct. 29, 1871 ; d. Dec. 6, 

VI. Annie M. Markle}', b. in ^^lontg, Co. July 17, 
1830 ; mrd. Enos S. Hunsicker. Res. Phila. 

VI. Jesse M. Markley, b. in 1832 ; d. aged 4 years. 

VI. Samuel M. Markley, b. in Skippack Twp., 
Montg. Co., Jan. 9, 1834; mrd. Mars- H. Landis 
Dec. I, 1859. P. O. Trappe, Pa. Farmer ; Ger. 
Bap. Children : P^lias, John, Catharine, Jacob. 

VII. Elias L. Markley, born in Perkiomen Twp., 
^lontg. Co., Aug. 24, i860 ; mrd. Flora S. Cluster 
Dec. 25, 1885. P. O. Royersford, Pa. Mr. Markley 
is the proprietor of the largest and most important 
business establishment in Royersford. His business, 
to which he succeeded four years ago, is that of 
furniture, carpets, and house furnishing goods. The 
concern occupies three stores with from six to eight 
assistants employed, and three teams kept for delivery 
of goods. Mr. Markley is an enterprising business- 
man, and his annual sales amount to over $60,000. 
Children : rVIII) Ralph Emerson Markley, b. Nov. 9, 
1886; (VIII) Clyde Audubon Markley, b. Jan. 9, 
1889 ; (VIII) Miriam May Markley, b. May 11, 1892. 

VII. John L. ?vlarkley, b. in Limerick Twp., Montg. 
Co., July 6, 1863 ; mrd. Martha Gaumer. P. O. 
Royersford. Pa. Gents' furnishing store ; Lutheran. 
Children : Twins, both died in infancy. 

VII. Catharine L. Markley, b. May 31, 1866 ; Ger. 
Bap. Single. 

VII. Jacob L. Markley, b. Aug. 11, 1870 ; Ger. Bap. 

VI. Philip M. Markley, b. in Montg. Co. Dec. 22, 
1835 ; married Mary Rosenberger. P. O. Lower 
Providence, Pa. 

VI. Mary M. Markley, b. in Montg. Co. Dec. 27, 
1837. Single. 

VI. Jacob M. Markley, b. in Montg. Co. July 12, 
1840 ; mrd. Sarah P. Moyer Dec. 22, 1866. Res. 
2329 N. 13th St., Phila. Produce dealer ; Brethren 
church. Children : (VII) Warren M. Markley, born 
Dec. 26, 1867 ; d. Feb. i, 1883. (VII) Minnie M. 
Markley, b. June' 18, 1869 ; (VH ) Lydia M. Markley, 
b. Sept. 20, 1874; music teacher. (VII) Samuel M. 
Markley, b. Oct. 12, 1877 ; d. Aug. 21, 1878. 

VI. Elizabeth M. Markley, b. 1842 ; d. 1881. Single. 

VI. Catharine M. Markley, b. June 20, 1844; Res. 
5248 Germantown Ave, Phila. Single. 

VI. James M. Markley, b. in Montg. Co. in 1846 ; 
mrd. Emma P. Moyer May 28, 1873. P. O. Main- 
land, Pa. Farmer ; Ger. Bap. Children : (VII) Harv^ey 
M. Markley. b. Feb. 25, 1875; (VII) Christiana M. 
Markley, born Nov. 27, 1877 ; (VII) Artemas M. 
Markley, b. Oct. 2, 1879 ; (VII) Jacob M. Markley, 
born Nov. 15, 1881 ; ( VH ) Raymond M. Markley, 
born Jan. 6, 1884 ; (VII) Gertrude M. Markley, born 
Apr. 2, 1886 ; (VII) Robert M. Markley, b. June 3, 
1892 ; d. Jan. 12, 1893. 

VI. Davis M. Markley, born in Montg. Co., Pa., 
July 31, 1850 ; mrd. Ellea S. Gottshalk, dau. of 
A. H. Gottshalk, of Collegeville, Pa., Apr. 29, 1876. 
Res. 1 2 12 Firth St., Phila. Miller by trade, now 
letter carrier ; Ref. ch. Children: (VII) Elsie Mabel 
MarkW, born Apr. 12, 1879 ; (VII) Ernest Davis 
Markley, b. Nov. 18, 1890. 

IV. Abraham Mo3'er (dec'd), b. Dec. 13, 1767 ; mrd. 
Catharine Hagey. Children ; Elizabeth, George, 
Abraham, Susan. 

V. Elizabeth Moyer (de:'d) ; mrd. Samuel Delp. 
Children : Abraham, John. 

VI. Abraham Delp. 

VI. John Delp ; mrd. . Children : Joseph, 


V. George Moyer (dec'd) ; mrd. Markley. 

V. Abraham Mover ; mrd. Schueck. One 

child : (VI) Enos Moyer. P. O. Hatfield, Pa. 

V. Susan Moyer (dec'd) ; single. 

— yr) - 

IV. J()lni Mover (dec'd), b. Sept. 5, 1771 : mrd, 
Elizabeth Scliraiiger. Children : Catharine, Christian, 
Abraham, vSanuiel, Hlizaljeth, John, Garret. Joseph. 

V. Catharine Mover, b. Aug. 24, 1808 ; d. Dec. 25, 
1836 ; mrd. Joseph vS. Aklerfer. He died Mar. 22, 
1854. Children : John, Khzabeth, Mary. 

VI. John M. Aklerfer (dec'd); mrd. Lizzie Krout. 
Children: Henry, (P. O. vSouderton, Pa); Kate 
(dec'd), Joseph, ^lary (dec'd), Lizzie (dec'd), John, 
Samuel, William (dec'd), Amanda (dec'd), Harvey, 
Sallie, Malinda, Abraham. 

VI. Elizabeth M. Aklerfer (dec'd) ; mrd. Ferdinand 
Kletzinger. One child : Kate. 

VI. Mary M. Alderfer, b. Mar. 4, 1835 ; d. Feb. 13, 
1864; mrd. John K. Freed. (See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 31. ) 

V. Christian S. Moyer, b. in ^Nlontg. Co. in i<-09 ; 
d. Feb. 21, 1886 ; mrd. PVances Rosenberger (dec'd) 
in 1836. Children : David, Abraham. Cliristian 
married second wife Mary Kulp in 1842. vShe was 
born in Montg. Co. in 18 15. P. O. Silverdale, Pa. 
Mason and farmer ; Menns. Children : v^'amr.el, 
Jacob, Margaret. 

VI. David R. Moyer, b. Jan. 28, 1837 ; d. in Oliio 
Feb. 7, 1876 ; mrd. Anna Clevenstine Nov. 12, 1861. 
She was born Apr. 17, 1845. Wheelwright ; Mrs. 
Moyer, Meth. Ep. Children : W^ilhelmina, PUiza, 

VII. Wilhelmina Moyer, born in M<3ntg. Co., Pa., 
June 21, 1862. Res. Toronto, Ont. Single. 

VII. Eliza C. Moyer, b. in Chester Co., Pa., July 20, 
1866 ; mrd. H. Irvin Moyer. (See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 32. ) 

VII. Samuel A. Mover, born in Chester Co., Pa., 
Mar. 20, 1869. P. O. Albertis, Pa. vSingle. 

VI. Abraham R. Moyer, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., in 
1840 ; d. in Nebraska in 1886 ; mrd. Wilhelmina 
Snyder. No. issue. 

VI. Samuel K. Moyer, b. Sept. 26, 1843 ; nuxl. 
Mary Kratz Jan. i, 1874. She was born Dec. 18, 
1848. P. O. Silverdale, Pa. Farmer ; Mennonites. 
Children: (VII) Christian K. Mover, b. Dec. 17, 

/ / 

1874; ( VH j Jessie K. Mover, 1). Sept. 13, 1876; 
d. Feb. 9, 1878 ; (VII) Elmer K. Moyer, b.^Dec. 25, 
1878 ; (VII) Susanna K. Mover, b. Mar. 10, 1881 ; 
(VII) Edward K. Mo3'er, born December 6, 1882 ; 
(VII) Mamie K. Moyer, born January i, 1885; 
(VII) Maggie K. Moyer, b. Oct. 4, 1888.' 
VI. Jacob K. Moyer, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., Sept. 2.4, 
1844 ; mrd. Clara J. Young Nov. 14, 1884. P. O, 
Silverdale, Pa. School teacher and farmer ; Br. in 
Christ ch. Children : (VII) Pauline Y. Moyer, born 
Sept. 15, 1887 ; (VII) Miriam Virginia Moyer, born 
June 18, 1890 ; ( VII ) Mabel Irene Mover, b. June 20, 

VI. Margaret K. Moyer, b. in Hilltown Twp. , Bucks 

Co., Pa., Apr. 20, 185 1 ; mrd. Franklin R. Heckler 

Mar. 4, 1 87 1. P. O. Fricks. Farmer ; Ev. Ass'n. 

Children: (VII) Melvin M. Heckler, b. Mar. 27. 

1873 ; P. O. Fricks, Pa. Teacher ; Ev. Ass'n ; 

(VII) Ward M. Heckler, born May 26, 1875 ; 

(VII) Mary Ella Heckler, b. Sept. 17, 1881. 

V. Abraham S. Moyer, born in Montg. Co., Pa., 
Dec. 31, 1813 ; d. June 15, 1890 ; mrd. Eliza Z. 
Shoeck. She was born Apr. 30, 181 7. P.O. Graters 
Ford, Pa. Carpenter and farmer ; German Baptist. 
Children : Mar}', Nathaniel, PVank, Abraham, Lizzie, 
Garret, Milton, Kate, Jonas. 

VI. Mary A. Moyer, b. Nov. 20, 1840 ; d. Aug. 

VI. Nathaniel S. Moyer, born Dec. i, 1842 ; married 
Kate D. Keyser Nov. 9, 1867. P. O. Trappe, Pa. 
Farmer and shoemaker; Mrs. M., German Baptist. 
Children : (VII ) Benjamin PYanklin Moyer, born 
Mar. 26, 1870 ; ( VII ) Lizzie Jane Moyer, b. June 20, 
1872 ; mrd. Samuel Godshall June i, 1892. P. O. 
Royersford, Pa. Farmer ; Ger. Bap. One child : 

VII. Abram Harvey Moyer, h. Apr. 17, 1875. 
VII. Mary Kate Moyer, b. Mar. 3, 1878. 

VI. Lizzie S. Moyer, b. Oct. 31, 1844; d. vSept. 9, 

VI. Franklin S. Moyer, born in Montg. Co.. Pa., 
Aug. 31, 1846 ; mrd. Emma Kenunerer Apr. 5, 1873. 

— 7-^ 

P. (). Norristown, Pa. vSalesniaii willi Vates & Co., 
Phila., Pa. ; Ger. Ref. Children : ( VII ) Emma Ma^^ 
Mo^-er, born Dec. iG. 1873 ; died July 27, 1S74. 
(VII) Harry Llewellyn Moyer, li. Xov. 13, 1S76. 
died Feb. 5, 1879. (Vll) Ella Moyer, b. Aug. '31, 

1880. (Vll) Franklin Moyer, b. July 28, 1883. 

VI. Abraham vS. Moyer, b. Fel). 26, 1848 ; mrd. 
Tillie Espenship. P. O. Schwenksville, Pa. 
VI. Garret Moyer, b. Nov. 9, 1851 ; d. Aug. 30, 

1 88 1. ^ v.- 
VI. Milton S. Mo3'er, b. in vSkippack Twp. Jan. 27, 

1854 ; nird. Emma F. Tyson in 1880. She died 
vSept. 6, 188 1. P. O. Graters Ford, Pa. Teacher. 
One child : (VII) Bertha Moyer, b. Apr. 5, 188 1 ; 
died Sept. 10, 1881. Milton married .second wife 
Hannah S. Bean in 1888. One child: (Vll) Earl 
B. Moyer, b. Oct. 15, 1888. 

VI. Kate S. Mo^^er, b. Dec. 27, 1856 ; mrd. Harvev 
Godshall. P. O. Graters Ford, Pa. 

VI. Jonas S. Moyer, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., Feb. 21, 
i860 ; married Elizabeth Bean in 1880. P. O. 
Royer.sford, Pa. Farmer ; Ger. Bap ; Children : 
(Vll) Arthur B. Moyer, b. Sept. 23, 1880; (Vll) 
Mabel Moyer, b. Oct. 7, 1883 ; (VII) John B. Moyer, 
b. Sept. 30, 1885 ; (VII) Edgar Allen Moyer, born 
June 23,^887; (VII) Sallie B. Moyer, b.' May 16, 
18S9 ; \VII) Charles B. Moyer, b. Feb. 28. 1891 : 
(y\\ ) Ernest B. Moyer, b. Aug. 22, 1892 ; (Vll ) Clyde 
Audubon Moyer, b. Mar. 18, 1894. 

V. Samuel Moyer, b. Dec. 15, 1818 ; d. Fe1). 9, 
i860 ; mrd. Margaret Bean Xov. 4, 1845. ^^'^^ ^^'^-"^ 
born Sept. 10, 1821. Carpenter. Children : Albert, 
Isaiah, Elizabeth, Sarah, Josiah, William, Louisa. 

VI. Albert Moyer, b. in Norristown, Pa., Oct. 25, 
1846 ; d. Oct. 22, 1893, in Philadelphia ; mrd. Annie 

VI. Isaiah B. Moyer, b. in Norristown, Pa., May 31, 
1848 ; mrd. Elizabeth Harley in 1872. P.O Trappe, 
Pa. P'armer ; Ger. Bap. Children : ( Vll ) Mary 
Alberta Moyer, b. Nov. 11, 1872; (Vll) Katie 
Moyer, b. July 26, 1874; (Vll) Adella Moyer, born 
Aug. II, 1875; (Vll) W^illiam Henry Moyer, bom 

— 79 — 

Mar. 25, 1879; (VII) Louisa Mo^-er, b. Oct. 11, 
1882; (VII) Jacob Roy Mover, b. Apr. 24, 1885. 
(VII) Elizabeth Moyer, b. May 31, 1888 ; d. Apr. 24, 

VI. Elizabeth Moyer, b. Dec. 12, 1849 ; d. Feb. 12, 
1877 ; mrd. Jacob Weiernian. No issue. 

Vi. Sarah Moyer, b. June 20, 185 1 ; d. Nov. 8, 

VI. Josiah Mo3'er (dec'd), b. Mar. 9, 1853. 

VI. William Mo3'er, b. Sept. 11, 1855 ; d. Apr. 21, 

VI. Louisa Moyer, b. July 13, 1857 ; mrd. Maurice 

V. Elizabeth Mo^'er (dec'd), mrd. Daniel L. Moyer. 
No issue. (vSee Index of References No. 33. ) 

V. John S. Moyer (dec'd), mrd. . Children : 

John, et. al. 

V. Garret S. Moyer, b. in Montg. Co., Pa. ; mrd. 
Esther Bechtel (dec'd) in 1890. P. O. vSkippack, 
Pa. Tailor. Children : Fannie Kate, Lizzie, Noah. 

VI. P'annie Moyer, mrd. John G. Fetterolf. P. O. 
Yerkes, Pa. Children: (VII) Ella Fetterolf, mrd. 
Warren Rahn. P. O. Yerkes, Pa.; (VII) George 

Fetterolf, mrd. ; (VII) John Fetterolf, single; 

(Vllj Katie Fetterolf , died young ; ( VII) Essie Fetter- 
olf, S ; (VII) Ervin Fetterolf, single; (VII) Harry 
P'etterolf , S. ; (VII j Alontgomery Fetterolf, single; 
(VII) Katie Fetterolf, mrd. Walter George. V. O. 
Collegeville, Pa. 

VI. Kate Moyer, mrd. Charles Ochs. 

VI. Lizzie B. Moyer, b. Jan. 2, 1852 ; mrd. John 
H. Willawer Jan. 13, 1883. P. O. Ironbridge, Pa. 
One child: (VII) SteUa Willawer, b. Oct. 24, 1887 ; 
d. May 31, 1888. 

VI. Noah B. Mover, b. Nov. 5, 1853 ; mrd. Lizzie 
H. Schlosser April 5, 1885. ^ P. ^6. Belfry, Pa. 
Merchant. No issue. 

V. Joseph S. Moyer, b. in Upper Salford, Montg. 
Co.. Pa., in 1824; d. Aug. 1854 ; nu'd. Angeline 
Yerger Oct. 30., 1853. Clerk. One child : ( VI ) Joseph 
William Moyer, b. in Montg. Co. Nov. 11, 1854. 
Res. Grand Rapids, Mich. vSingle. 

— cSo — 

IV. Hlizabeth Mover (dec'd), 1). Apr. 24. 1775 ; mrd. 
John Shoemaker. Children : Michael, John, Jacob, 
David, Jonas, Mary. 

IV. Susanna Mover (dec'd), b. Mar. 24, 1777 ; mrd. 
John Oberholtzer and second husband John Freed. 
Children: (Vj Elizabeth Oberholtzer, mrd. Jacob 
Reiff and second husband Jacob Freed ; ( V j John 
Oberholtzer; (V) Catharine Oberholtzer, married 
Daniel Boorse. P. O. Kulpsville, Pa. (V) Isaac 
Oberholtzer; residence New York. (V) Probably 

IV. Hannah ^loyer (dec'd;, b. Apr. 14, 1779; nu'd. 
Isaac Bergey. Children : Isaac, Jacob, et. al. 

IV. Kate Meyer (dec'd), b. Feb. 28, 1782 ; mrd. 
Jacob vSwartle)'. Children: (V) John died aged alout 
20 years ; ( V ) Jacob, mrd. — dau. of George Delp ; 
fV) Christian, Henry and Joseph lived in Lancaster 
Co., Pa.; (V) daughters, — . 

III. Rev. Jacob Meyer, born in Montg. Co., Pa., 

Jan. 28, 1730; d. in 1778 ; mrd. . Children : 

Chri.stian, Jacob, Mary. Jacob married .second wife 
Barbara Dirstein. Children : Michael, Agnes, Samuel, 
Barbara, Joseph, David. 

The details handed down to us of his character- 
istics and life history are very meagre. He lived in 
Hilltown town.ship, Bucks Co. , where he owned two 
farms, one of 105 acres, and the other near Blooming 
Glen, where Samuel Godshall now lives, containing 
211 acres, and which was the homestead where Jacob 
Meyer lived and died. He was a minister of the 
Mennonite church, and there is no doubt but that he 
was one of the ministers of the old Perkasie ( now 
Blooming Glen) congregation. He made his will 
Dec. 18, 1777, which was probated June 19, 1782. 

To his sons Christian and Jacob, and daughter 
Mary, he willed the .sum of ^,126 each ( being their de- 
ceased mother's portion paid into his hands ) . To Jacol) 
was willed the tract of 105 acres in Hilltown on con- 
dition that he pay to Christian ./"15a. To his wife 
Barbara he gave various household goods absoltitely, 
also the use of the homestead farm of 211 acres in 
Hilltown, and all his goods, chatties and farming 

Daxikl B. RiTTKXHorsj 

S£e Pa^e 86. 

— 8i — 

utensils until twelve years after his death on condition 
that she educate the children, and then the farm to go 
to his sons, Michael and Samuel, on certain conditions. 
He appointed his brother Samuel and his friend Jacob 
Kolb as executors and guardians of his minor children. 
He died of yellow fever in 1778, and his wife 
Barbara almost immediately after became a victim to 
the same disease. 

IV. Christian Meyer (dec'd). In his younger days 
he was of a wild and roving disposition. He lived at 
one time in Philadelphia. Late in life he married 
and lived for some time in Ohio, where several 
daughters were born to him, but infelicities came and 
he lived apart from his wife. His latter da3^s were 
spent with one of his daughters in Westmoreland 
count}^ Pa. 

IV. Jacob Me^^er, Jr., (de'cd) ; mrd. Susanna Kolb,-^ 
dau. of "Strong" Isaac Kolb. Farmer in Hilltown 
township. His will was dated May 3, 1780, and 
probated Aug. 5, 1782. Mennonites. One child : 

V. Margaret Meyer, b. May 10, 1779 ; d. Oct. 23, 
i860 ; mrd. Abraham High, at Jordan, Ont. Farmer; 
Menus. Children: (VI) Jacob High, mrd. Jane Kerr; 
(VI) John High, mrd. Polly Honsberger and second 
wife Nancy Honsberger ; (Vl) Catharine High, mrd. 
James F>erett. (VI) Mary High (dec'd), b. Mar. 7, 
1815 ; mrd. Bishop Dilman Moyer. (See Index of 
References No. 34.) (Vl) Abraham High, mrd. Nancy 
Troup and second wife Martha M. Mack. 

IV. Michael Meyer (dec'd). His will was dated 
Sept. 21, 1780, and probated Aug. 5, 1782. His will 
shows that he was not married and had no issue. 

IV. Agnes Meyer, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., in 1764 ; 
d. in Elgin Co., Ont., in 1835, aged 71 years. Both 
her parents dying of yellow fever in 1778 she was left 
an orphan at the age of 14. A few years later while 
riding on horseback to a wedding, accompanied by 
her cousin (afterward Rev. Jacob Meyer), they were 

* For her second husband she married Jacob Houser. 
See Hoviser foot note elsewhere. 


discussing her orphaned and homeless condition, when 
Agnes took him into her confidence and informed 
him that she had an offer of marriage. What would 
he advise ? We may guess, for she was soon married 
to Christian Hunsberger, a stone mason. Ten boys 
and four girls came to bless their union. Truly, 
marriage was not a failure in those brave days of old. 
With husband and their numerous flock of little 
ones they emigrated to Lincoln Co., Canada, in 1800. 
Ten years later they removed West to the Talbot 
District. Elgin county, and settled on a farm in the 
township of Bayham. where the relatives at the 
Twenty almost lost trace of them, for a wilderness of 
forest seperated them. 

vShe was a woman of medium size, fair complexion 
and had blue eyes. vShe has grandchildren still living 
(icS94) who well remember her. One of them, Mrs. 
Bearss, of A^'lmer, Ont., heard from her own lips the 
story of the yellow fever and of the sympatln- and 
sorrow Agnes felt for her brother vSamuel when they 
were left to fight life's battles for themselves. 

Agnes Hunsberger was renowned for her good- 
ness of heart, her nobility of character and usefulness 
in the new settlement. She was remarkal^ly gifted in 
the healing art. and her counsel, advice and help were 
ever in demand among the scattered settlers of the 
Talbot District. Notwithstanding her own full share 
of domestic cares, with a family of fourteen children, 
she answered all urgent calls as physician or nurse. 
Her favorite chestnut mare, a most intelligent beast, 
carried her safely through the wilderness at all hours 
of day or night on the errands of mercy. 

After the death of her husband she expressed a 
wish to live in a house of her own, and her son 
Christopher erected a cottage for her near the home- 
stead, where she spent the remaining years of her life. 
She was especially beloved by her numerous grand- 
children, to whom it was the greatest joy and favor 
to be permitted to visit and stay all night with "Gross 

— S3 - 

Mutter." A few hours before her death she sang the 
well-known verse from hymn 371, in "Die Geistliche 
Harfa" (Michael Billmeyer, 1810) : 

" Soil diese iiacht die letzte sein, 
In (Heseiii yaininer thai. 
So feulire micli in Hininiel ein, 
Zur auserwahlten scliaar. " 

Children : Betsy, Susan, Agnes, Molly, Barbara, 
Abraham, Christopher, Samuel, Sarah, Nancy, Lena, 
David, Katie, Fannie. 

V. Betsy Hunsberger (dec'd), mrd. John Curr}'. 
Had issue. 

V. Susan Hunsberger (dec'd), mrd. Isaac High. 
Lived near Jordan, Ont. Children : Isaac, Jacob, 
David, Philip (dec'd), Abraham (dec'd). 

V. Agnes Hunsberger (dec'd), mrd. Christopher 
Hunsberger. Lived near Jordan, Ont. Had issue. 

V. Molh" Hunsberger, married John Hunsberger. 
Children : Christian, Henry (dec'd), and Mrs. Fred 

V. Barbara Hunsberger, born Dec. 27, 1783 ; died 
July 8, 1849 ; mrd. Michael Rittenhouse Mar. 5, 
1803. Children: Elizabeth, Agnes, Jacob, Susanna, 
Christopher, Michael, Sarah, Henry. 

VI. Elizabeth Rittenhouse (dec'd), b. Aug. 27, 
1804 ; mrd. David Fretz. (See Index of References 
No. 35. ) 

VI. Agnes Rittenhouse ('dec'd), born Apr. 21, 
1806 ; married Jacob Hunsberger. Children : Amos, 
Mary, Abraham, Dinah, Michael, Barbara, Betty, 

VII. Amos Hunsberger, married Elizabeth Hippie 
Sept. 10, 1 86 1. Farmer ; Menus. No issue. 

VII. Mary Hunsberger, mrd. Robert Holmes. 

VII. Abraham Hunsberger, mrd. Mary Everett. 

VII. Dinah Hunsberger, mrd. Jacob Funk Nov. 26, 
1867. He died P'eb 20, 1885. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : William, Arthur, Sarah, Aggie, John, 
Mary, Joseph (dec'd). 

VII. INIichael Hunsberger (dec'd), mrd. Frances 


VII. Barbara Hunsberger, mrd. •* Mitchell. 

VII. Betty Hunsberger, mrd. Samuel Re.s.^:or. 

VII. Magdalena Hunsberger (dec'd). Single. 

VI. Jacob Rittenhouse (dec'd), b. Maj^ i, 1808 ; 

mrd. Sarah . Lived in Lincoln Co. , Ont. , en 

"Fly" road" farm. No issue. 

VI. Susanna Rittenhouse, b. Apr. 4, 1810 ; died 
Apr. 7, 1887 ; mrd. Peter Gulp Apr. 28, 1831. 
Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : Hlias, Michael, 
Barbara, Sarah, Isaac, Elizabeth, Jacob, Peter, Henr}^ 

VII. Elias Culp, b. Jan. 4, 1832 ; d. Mar. 8, 1882 ; 
mrd. Esther Fretz Mar. 7, 1854. Farmer ; Menns; 
Children : David, Magdalena, Solomon, Henry, Susan, 
Josiah, Joshua, Elizabeth. 

VII. Michael Culp, b. Oct. 7, 1833. Single. 

VII. Barbara Culp, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Oct. 30, 
1835 ; mrd. Abraham B. Moyer,^^ of South Ca3aiga, 
Ont., Mar. i^ 1864. P. O. Moulton Sta., Ont. 
Foamier ; Bap. Children : Phidilie, Jonas, Ida, Joel, 
Nanina, Martha, Arthur, Lizzie. 

VIII. Phidilie Catharme Kni^ley, b. Feb. 15, 1863; 
mrd. James B. Michener. P. O. Dunnville, Ont. 
Foamier ; U. Br. ch. Children : Carrie Etta, still- 
born ; Edith Idella, Lilly, Prudence, Earl Roscoe, 
Maud Pearl. 

VIII. Jonas Moyer, b. Nov. 20, 1864 ; mrd. Lizzie 
Jane Zinnnerman. P. O. Niagara Falls, Ont. Lab'r ; 
Methodist. Children : Infant, stillborn ; DeForest 
Lacorse, Adenia LuDicey, Arthur Lod}' (dec'd). 

VIII. Ida Moyer, b. Aug. 7, 1866 ; mrd. James H. 
Burgess. P. O. Dunnville, Ont. Farmer. Children :, Elgin, Maple. 

VIII. Nanina Mo^xr, b. Apr. 8, 1870 ; mrd. David 
Edmund Vaughn. P. O. P^lcho, Ont. Farmer ; 
U. Br. ch. One child : Harry Eugene. 

VIII. Martha Moyer, b. July 27, 1872. Single. 

VIII. Arthur Moyer, b. Aug. 15, 1874. Single. 

VIII. Lizzie Mo3'er, b. Aug. i, 1877. 

* Son of John Geors^e Mo^^er, who emigrated from Germany 
to America in 1830, and grandson of Henry Nicholas Moyer. 











-85 — 

VII. Sarah Gulp, b. Oct. 23,, 1837. Single. 

VII. Jacob Gulp. 

VII. Isaac Gulp, mrd. Mo3^er. P. O. Brant- 
ford, Ont. 

VII. Betty Gulp, mrd. John Hunsberger. P. O. 
Jordan Sta. , Ont. 

VII. Henry Gulp, b. Apr. 6, 1850 ; died infant. 

VII. Susan Gulp, b. in Haldiniand Go., Ont., July 29, 
1851 ; mrd. William G. Meyer. (See Index of Ref- 
erences No. 36.) 

VII. Peter Gulp, mrd. Amanda Wismer. 

VI. Ghristopher Rittenhouse, b. Dec. 25, 18 12 ; died 
Apr. 22, 1886 ; mrd. Barbara Gulp Mar. 28, 1837. 
Farmer ; Mennonites. Ghildren : Isaac, Barbara, 
Michael, Anna, infants, Ghristopher, Margaret, Sarah, 
Mary, Elizabeth. 

VII. Isaac Rittenhouse, b. Mar. 22, 1838 ; mrd. 
Anna Moyer (dec'd), Nov. 6, i860. P. O. South 
Gayuga, Ont. Farmer; Menus. Ghildren: (VIII) 
Barbara E. Rittenhouse, b. Sept. 22, 1861 ; died 
Mar. 26, 188 1. (VIII) Eliza Jane Rittenhouse, born 
Sept. 21, 1863 ; d. May 28, 1880. (VIII) Henry 
Rittenhouse, b. and d. Sept. 31, 1865. (VIII) Mary 
G. Rittenhouse, b. Aug. 22, 1866 ; d. Nov. 7, 1883. 
(VIII) Rebecca Rittenhouse, b. Oct. 27, 1868 ; died 
May II, 1890. (VIII) Sarah Rittenhouse, b. Sept. 22, 
1870 ; d. July 5, 1887. (VIII) Jonathan Rittenhouse, 
b. Dec. 2, 1872. (VIII) Isaac Rittenhouse, b. Feb. 23, 
1875. (VIII) Ghristopher Rittenhouse, b. Feb. 21, 
1877; d. July 10, 1880. (VIII) Anna Belle Ritten- 
house, b. Dec. I, 1878. (VIII) Eli Rittenhouse, born 
Dec. 7, 1880. Isaac mrd. second wife Sarah Mo3'er 
Dec. 22, 1881. Ghildren: (VIM) Hattie Rittenhouse, 
b. June 2, 1883 ; d. Sept. 28, 1883. (VIII) Abraham 
Rittenhouse, b. Dec. 31, 1884. 

VII. Barbara Rittenhouse, b. Mar. 28, 1840 ; mrd. 
Peter Johnson Oct. 10, 1876. P. O. Dunnville, Ont. 
Farmer. Ghildren : (VIII) Herbert Johnson, born 
Apr. 15, 1878 ; (VIII) Elvina Johnson, b. Sept. 8, 
1879 ; (VIII) Albert Johnson, b. Feb. 19, 1881 ; died 
Oct. 5, 1881. 

— 86 — 

VII. Michael Rittenhoiise, born Oct. 5, 1842 ; died 
Sept. 4, 1889. Carpenter ; Menn. Single. 

VII. Anna Rittenhouse, b. Sept. 24, 1845 ; ii^rd. 
Daniel Smith Sept. 18, 1878. P. O. Edgeley, Ont. 
Farmer; Mennonites. Children: (VIII) Christopher 
David Smith, b. Aug. 22, 1879 ; (VIII) Lavina 
Catharine Smith, b. Dec. 4, 1880; (Vlll/ William 
Isaac Smith, b. Jul}^ 6, 1886. 

VII. Infant son and daughter, b. and d. in 1848. 

VII. Christopher C. Rittenhouse, b. July 17, 1849 ; 
mrd. Ehzabeth Lapp Feb. 8, 1876. P. O. South 
Cayuga, Ont. Farmer ; Menus. Children : ( Vlll) 
RoxillaV. Rittenhouse, b. Feb. 11, 1877 ; (Vlll) Elsie 
Rittenhouse, b. Jan. i, 1879; (Vlll) lima Elizabeth 
Rittenhouse, b. Jan. 17, 1882 ; (Vlllj Christopher 
Eugene Rittenhouse, b. Jan. 12, 1888. 

VII. Margaret Rittenhouse, b. May 11, 1852 ; mrd. 
David Martin. (See Index of References No. 37.) 

VII. Sarah Catharine Rittenhouse, b. May 19, 1855 ; 
mrd. Franklin Housser Mar. 22, 1887. P. O. South 
Ca^^uga, Ont. Farmer ; Menus. Children : (Vlll) 
Joseph and Benjamin (twins), b. and d. Mar. 10, 
1888 ; (Vlll) Martha Housser, born May 15, 1889 ; 
(Vlll) Samuel Housser, b. Jan. 12, 1891 ; (Vlll) Levi 
Housser, b. Jan. i, 1893. 

VII. Mary Rittenhouse, b. Aug. 18, 1858 ; mrd. 
Solomon H. Moyer. (See Index of References 
No. 38.) 

VII. Elizabeth Rittenhouse, b. July 3, 1861 ; mrd. 
James Warren Sept. 12, 1884. P. O. Bing, Ont. 
Farmer ; Menus. 

VI. Michael H. Rittenhouse, b. in Lincoln Co., Out., 
Mar. 15, 1815 ; died Nov. 13, 1888 ; mrd. Anna 
Brewer Apr. 6, 1841. She was born Mar. 4, 1822 ; 
died Feb. 27, 1890. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
Daniel, Elizabeth, Mary, William, Dinah, John, 
Michael, Margaret, Sarah, James. 

VII. Daniel B. Rittenhouse, b. Apr. 22, 1842 ; mrd. 
Mary Ann Wismer May 2, 1872. P. O. Jordan Sta. , 
Ont. Farmer; Baptists. One child : (Vlll) Thania 
Ladema Rittenhouse, b. May 8, 1875. Single. 

— 87 - 

VII. Elizabeth Rittenhouse, b. Aug. 25, 1843 ; mrd. 
Tobias G. Culp. (See Index of References No. 39.) 

VII. Mary Rittenhouse, b. June 13, 1845 ; mrd. 
Abraham A. Honsberger. P. O. Jordan, Ont. Fruit 
Grower ; Disciples. Children : Victoria, Clara, Abner, 
Alta, Oths. 

VII. William B. Rittenhouse, b. Jan. 22, 1847, in 
Clinton Twp., Lincoln Co., Ont., on the old Ritten- 
house homestead, where he now resides. His grand- 
father, Michael Rittenhouse, bought the farm from 
one John Fretz in 18 12, who had purchased it in 1805 
from Catharine, wife of James Henr}^ who had got 
the deed from the Crown in 1798. In 1853 Michael 
H. Rittenhouse became owner, upon whose death the 
farm passed into the hands of his son, W. B. Ritten- 
house. He spent his youth on the farm, assisting 
his father during the Summer and attending the 
country schools during the Winter months, and by 
close attention to his studies succeeded in obtaining a 
first-class A certificate to teach in the common schools, 
which he followed for five years. At the request of 
his father he took charge of the farm, where he has 
since resided. In addition to farming he is also 
engaged extensively in fruit growing and pisciculure. 
His ponds, known as the Excelsior fish ponds, are 
known all over Canada, and many are the ponds that 
have been stocked by him. He has been a Com- 
miSvSioner of the Liquor License Board, and its chairman 
for his district for many years. He was married to 
Margaret W. Moyer Mar. 17, 1874. P. O. Beams- 
ville, Ont. MetK Children : (VIII) Nellie Ritten- 
house, b. Feb. 26, 1875 ; (VIII) Hilda Rittenhouse, 
born Sept. 28, 1877 ; (VIII) Howard Rittenhouse, 
born Apr. 29, 1883 ; (VIII) Bertha Rittenhouse, born 
Nov. 8, 1885 ; (VIII) Nelson Rittenhouse, b. Apr. 22, 

VII. Dinah Rittenhouse, b. Aug. 16, 1848 ; mrd. 
C. M. Hunsberger. P. O. Jordan Sta., Ont. Farmer 
and Fruit Grower ; Methodist. Children : Jasmin, 
Arminta, Alberta, Carson. 

VH. John Rittenhouse, born Feb. 3, 1850 ; died 
Sept. 24, 1854. 

— 88 — . 

VII. Michael Rittenhouse, b. Dec. 28, 1S51 ; died 
Sept. 24, 1854. 

VII. Margaret Rittenhouse, b. June 2, 1854 ; died 
May II, 1858. 

VII. Sarah B. Rittenhouse, b. Feb. i, 1856 ; mrd. 
Ohver W. Moyer. (See Index of References No. 40. ) 

VII. James B. Rittenhouse, b. in Lincohi Co., Out., 
Mar. 20, 1858 ; married Annie Cash, of Toronto, 
Feb. 24, 1890. Res. 28 Shuter St., Toronto, Ont. 
After receiving a common school education he entered 
the High school at Beamsville, and afterwards into 
the Collegiate Institute at St. Catharines, from which 
he graduated with a second-class non-professional 
teachers' certificate, which was soon after supple- 
mented by a professional certificate from the Toronto 
Normal Training School. He taught public school 
for three years, after which he drifted into commer- 
cial life as bookkeeper in which he has been engaged 
for the past twelve years, and at present is in the 
employ of a large manufacturing firm in the cit}' of 
Toronto. Children : (VIII) Retta May Rittenhouse, 
born Dec. 9, 1892 ; (VIII) Roy Vincent Rittenhouse, 
born Oct. 8, 1894. 

VI. Sarah Rittenhouse, mrd. Henry Stoner. Farmer 
in Haldimand Co., Ont. Children : (VII) Barbara 
Stoner, mrd. Henry Young ; (VII) Michael Stoner, 
mrd. Annie Houser ; (VII) Henry Stoner, married 
Matilda Bingleman ; (VII) Sarah Stoner, mrd. David 
Ismond ; (VII) infant dau. ; (VII) Mary Stoner, S. 

VI. Henry C. Rittenhouse, b. July, 1819 ; mrd. 
Mary Johnson. Farmer. Children : (VII) Freeman 

Rittenhouse (dec'd), mrd. Lapp and second 

wife High ; (VII) Albert Rittenhouse. 

V. Abraham Hunsberger, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., 
June 28, 1794 ; d. Dec. 24, 1862 ; mrd. Anna Ritten- 
house Feb. 13, 18 1 7. 

In the year 1800 Abraham Hunsberger removed 
with his parents to Lincoln county, Ont., where the 
3'ears of his bo3-liood and youth were spent. Some 
years later they removed to Ba}diam township, Elgin 
county, and settled on a homestead in the then 
backwoods. His early education had been exclu- 


■■*■ ^ „ |^,MHrtiyMima*<fa|ti««^<Mto«B 

y—'--'---- •■ "■ ^ '  '■^'- - 


See Page 87. 

— 89 — 

sively in. German and for a time he taught a German 
school, but later in life he learned also to read English, 
his 9-year-old son Enos being his tutor. He held 
the office of school trustee and in other ways took 
an active part in the educational interests of the 
communit3^ Near the village of Strafford ville (then 
called Sandy Town) he cleared and donated to the 
public an acre of ground for burial purposes a "God's 
Acre," free to all, regardless of their religious belief, 
and in which he himself lies buried. He contributed 
freely of his time and means for the opening up and 
improvement of new roads, not only in his capacity 
as Path Master, but often by getting up "Bees" for 
the purpose. He made it a rule to give three to five 
days of each year to the service of the poor. This 
time w^as largely devoted to soliciting contributions 
for, and alleviating the sufferings of those who had 
met with fire losses or other misfortunes, and he 
himself alwa3's gave liberally to every good cause. 
He was widel}^ known for his hospitality, benevolence 
and honorable manner of dealing, and lived so truly 
pious a life that he had the confidence and esteem of 
all who knew him. He attended the Methodist 
church while living in Bay ham, but to the last he had 
a feeling of deep s^mipathy and regard for the church 
of his fathers and of his own early 3^ears, and near 
the end of his life went 80 miles to the Moyer settle- 
ment at the "Twenty" to receive the Holy Sacrament 
from Mennonite hands. . Children : Sarah, Susan, 
Moses, Aaron, Agnes, Michael, Mary, Nancy, Enos, 

VI. Sarah Hunsberger, born in Bayham Twp., Ont., 
Dec. 15, 18 1 7 ; mrd. David M. Bearss Feb. i, 1838. 
He d. Oct. 10, 1888. Carpenter ; Friends. Children : 
Susan, Benjamin, Mary, Mahlon, Lydia, Anna. 

VII. Susan Bearss, b. in Elgin Co., Ont., May 9, 
1839 ; mrd. Charles B. Closs June 3, i860. Farmer. 
Children : Frank, Emma, Ida, Carrie, Ada. 

VIII. Frank D. Closs, b. Apr. 2, 1863. 

VIII. Ennna A. Closs, b. June 14, 1865 ; mrd. Lewis 
E. Pound Dec. 2, 1884. Planner; Baptists. Children: 
(IX) Charles W. Pound, b. Sept. 21, 1885; died 

— 90 — 

Feb. 28, 1886. (IX) Mason A. Poiind, b. July 30, 
TS87 ; (IX) Albert A. Pound, b. Oct. 30, 1889. • ' 

VIII. Ada M. Closs, b. Jan. 20, 1868. 

VIII. Carrie L. Closs, b. Jan. 23, 1874. 

VII. Benjamin F. Bearss, born in Elgin Co., Ont., 
Feb. 8, 1841 ; d. at Beaver Falls, Pa., in 1873 ; I'l^rcb 
Annie Claudius, of Auburn, N. Y., in 1864. Black- 
smith. One child : (VIII) David A. Bearss, born in 
London, Out., Jan. 20, 1866 ; mrd. . 

VII. Mary Bearss, b. in Elgin Co., Ont., July 5, 
1843 ; mrd. Levi A. Laur July 4, i860. Carpenter ; 
attends Friends meeting. Children : Elva, Sarah, 
Catharine, Fred, Levi. 

VIII. Elva Laur, b. Feb. 3, 1862 ; d. Feb. 28, 1864. 
VIII. Sarah E. Laur, b. May 3, 1864 ; mrd. John A. 

Caron Sept. 28, 1887. Farmer ; Meth. One child : 
(IX) Zella Caron, died aged 6 month. 

VIII. Catharine M. Laur, b. May 6, 1866 ; mrd. 
a: W. Pierce, of St. Thomas, Ont., May 26, 1886. 
P. O. Aylmer, Ontario. Commercial liveryman. 
One child : (IX) FI03TI Pierce, died aged 8 month. 

VII. Mahlon Bearss, b. in Elgin Co., Ont., Jul}' 20, 
1847 ; mrd. Matilda Tinlin Mar. 10, 1870. Resides 
in Michigan. Children : (VIII) Brooklyn Bearss, 
b. Feb. 10, 187 1 ; (VIII) Gertrude Bearss, b. June 25, 

VII. Lydia L. Bearss, born Aug. 16, 1852 ; married 
William R. Scott, of Brockwav, Mich., May 5, 1875. 
P. O. Yale, Mich. Children': (VIII) Byron J. and 
M3Ton D. Scott (twins), b. June 2, 1879 ; Byron 
died June 9 and Myron died June 15, 1879. (VIII) 
Sarah R. Scott, born Dec. 9, 1880; (VIII) Verne J. 
Scott, born May 18, 1886. 

VII. Annie Bearss, born in Elgin Co., Ont., Jan. 21, 
1857 ; married Abram W. Laur Dec. 28, 1874. Tin- 
smith ; U. Br. ch. Children : (VIII) Clara M. Laur, 
born in 1875 ; (VIII) Ethel M. Laur, born in 1878 ; 
(Vlll) Mabel E. Laur, born in 1882 ; (VIII) Clarence 
Laur, b. and d. in 1885. 

VI. Susan Hunsberger, born in Elgin Co., Ont., 
Sept. 21, 1819 ; mrd. David Grobb. (See Index of 
References No. 41.) 

— 91 — 

VI. Moses Hunsberger, born in Elgin Co., Ont., 
March 15, 1822 ; mrd. Eliza Nelles March 31, 1845. 
Farmer ; Meth. Children : Harvey, Mary, Phebe 

VI. Rev. Aaron Hunsberger, b. in Elgin Co., Ont., 
Apr. II, 1824 ; married Cyrena Nelles Oct. 30, 1844. 
In early life he was a carpenter. When 19 he joined 
the M. E. church, and served as class leader, steward, 
exhorter and local preacher. In 1854 he joined the 
Niagara Conference, Canada, in bounds of which he 
preached 15 years. He was ordained deacon in 1857 
and elder in 1859. In 1869 he joined the Michigan 
Conference of the M. E. Church and continued in the 
active work of the ministry in that conference for 20 
years. At the session of his conference in 1889 ^^ 
took a superannuated relation, and made his home in 
the city of Albion, Mich.* Children : Mar}', John, 
Wesley, Samuel, Russel. 

VII. Mar}' Anna Hunsberger, b. Sept. 20, 1845 ; died 
Nov. 26, 1863. 

VII. John William Hunsberger, born Feb. 24, 1850 ; 
mrd. Minnie Orser, of Ionia, Mich., Nov. 21, 1871. 
Children : (VIII) William W. Hunsberger, b. Mar. 17, 
1874 ; (VIII) Herbert E. Hunsberger, b. July 9, 1876. 

Vil. Rev. Wesley A. Hunsberger, A.M., b. in Troy, 
Ont., June 20, 1852 ; married Abbie R. Clark, of 
Orland, Ind., Dec. 29, 1875. In 1874 he joined the 
Michigan Conference of the M. E. Church on pro- 
bation and preached two years, after which he returned 
to college which he had left by reason of failing 
health. He graduated Bachelor of Philosophy in 
1878. In the Fall of that year he was received into 
full connection in his conference and ordained elder. 
Three years later he received from his Alma Mater 
the degree of A. M. He is a young man of great 
promise for usefulness in the Church, and has served 
as pastor of the largest M. E. churches of his confer- 
ence and has been very successful in winning souls to 
Christ. He has also served as presiding elder, and is 
now pastor of Garland Avenue M. H. church, of 
Milwaukee, Wis., tlie leading Methodist church of 
the State. Children : (VIII) 'ciark M. Hunsberger, 

— 92 — 

bom Feb. 7, 1877 ; (VIII) Glenn N. Hunsberger, 1)oni 
Dec. 31, 1878 ; (VIII) Ethel C. Hunsberger, b. Feb. 9, 
1881 ; d. Aug. 19, 1881. (VII) Zella K. Hunsberger, 
b. Sept. 21, 1883. 

VII. Samuel Hunsberger, b. and d. June 24, i860. 

VII. Russel Judson Hunsberger, boni Aug. 9, 1865 ; 
died. Sept. 30, 1865. 

VI. Agnes Hunsberger, b. Apr. 16, 1827 ; d. Feb. 20, 
1869 ; mrd. Peter Yokom Mar. 3, 1846. Carpenter ; 
Meth. Children : Abraham, George, Annie. 

VII. Rev. Abraham H. Yokom (dec'd), b. in Elgin 
Co., Ont., Jan. 10, 1848 ; mrd. Flora A. Hilts Apr. 12, 

1870. In the P'all of 1869 he went to Wisconsin. 
He received local preachers' license from the District 
Conference of Eau Claire, West Wisconsin Confer- 
ence of the M. E. Church, August 20, 1879. In the 
Fall of 1883 he was appointed pastor of the Eau Claire 
Circuit b}' the P. E. for one year. In 1884 he united 
with the West W^isconsin Conference, on trial, and 
was appointed to Modena charge. At the seSvSion of 
his conference at Black River Falls, Oct. 3, 1886, he 
was ordained deacon and received into full connection 
in the conference, and appointed to Knapp's charge. 
October 7, 1888, he was ordained elder and stationed at 
Mandori, Buffalo county. Wis. Sept. 15, 1889, he 
was transferred to the Michigan Conference and 
stationed at Grandville, Kent county, Mich., and 
served at other appointments up to the time of his 

VII. George W. Yokom, b. in Haldimand Co., Ont., 
Jan. 29, 1850. Came to Wisconsin in 1869 ; mrd, 
Elizabeth Hilts Apr. 24, 1871. She was born in 
Canada P"eb. 25, 1853. C)ne child: (VIII) Frederick 
E. Yokom, born Dec. 24, 1879. 

VII. Anna Jane Yokom, born in Elgin Co., Ont., 
Jan. 19, 1854 ; mrd. Rev. Major J. Robinson June 25, 

1 87 1. Minister of M. E. church and member of the 
Wisconsin Conference. Mrs. Robinson came to 
Grand Rapids, Mich., in 1870. In 1881 they settled 
in Wisconsin, and since that time much of Mrs. 
Robinson's time has been devoted to public speaking 
for the promotion of the temperance cause and the 

— 93 — 

advancement of the Redeemer's kingdom. She was 
elected Grand Vice Templer of the I. O. G. T. of 
Wisconsin in 1883, and attended the National W. C. 
T. U. Convention in New York as a delegate from 
Wisconsin, and has served as president of the 9th 
District, W. C. T. U., of Wisconsin. She is a public 
speaker of extraordinary tact and talent and a fearless 
advocate of prohibition : Children : (VIII) lycslie 
Robinson, born April 18, 1872 ; died Oct. 27, 1873. 
(VIII) May Agnes Robinson, born March 17, 1874. 

(VIII) Maud Robinson, b. Nov. 21, 1878. 

VI. Michael Hunsberger, born in Elgin Co., Out., 
Jan. 9, 1830 ; mrd. Sarah Howey Feb. 23, 1853, 
and on the farm adjoining the homestead established 
his modest household. From the time of his con- 
version (in 1845) he gave much thought to Bible 
study, and in 1866 the Methodist Episcopal Church 
gave him charge of the Nanticoke Circuit. 

On returning to the farm he continued to take an 
active part in church work and the cause of temper- 
ance. In 1873 he was elected to a seat at the Council 
Board for the county of Elgin, which place he retained 
for three consecutive years, after which he was 
appointed by the Council, Keeper of the Elgin County 
House of Industry, near St. Thomas. This position 
he held from January, 1875, until March, 1888, when 
on account of failing health he was obliged to retire 
from active work. Removing to St. Thomas he was 
granted but two months with his wife and one daugh- 
ter remaining at home, and on May 20, 1888, he 
passed peacefully to a better world. Farmer ; Meth. 
Children : Henry, Anna, Alberta. 

VII. Henry Edwin Hunsberger, b. in Elgin Co. , Ont. , 
Dec. 5, 1853 ; mrd. Saphronia Crossett Dec. 25, 1878. 
They lived on a farm in the county of Kent for nine 
years, during which time two children were born to 
them. In 1887 they removed to Baker City, Oregon, 
and a year later to Port Townsend, Wash., where 
they have since resided. Carpenter ; Methodist Epis- 
copal. Children: (VIII) Minnie Hunsberger, b. 1881 ; 

— 94 — 

(VIII ) GQor^e Michael Hunsberger, b. 1883 ; (VIII) Eva 
Pearl Hunsberger, 1). 1888; (Vlllj AlHe May and 
Hester Huiis])erger. 

VII. Anna Rebecca Hiinsberger, born June 5, 1857 ; 
mrd. George A. Potticary Aug. 17, 1878. He was 
born April 12, 1851. P. O. Middlemarch, Ont. 
Children : (VIII j lithel Potticary, born July 6, 1881 ; 
(VIII) Muriel Potticary, b. Feb. 4, 1888. 

VII. Alberta Hunsberger, born Apr. 6, 1867. P. O. 
St. Thomas, Ont. Teacher in St. Thomas public 
school. Meth. Single. 

VI. Mary Hunsberger, b. in Elgin Co. , Ont. , Jiine 20, 
1833 ; died Dec. 18, 1859 ; mrd. Tilman W. Moyer. 
(See Index of References No. 42.) 

VI. Nancy Hunsberger, born in Elgin Co. May 28, 
1836; mrd. George H. Wright July 14, 1857. P.O. 
Clifford, Mich. Farmer ; Meth. Children : Infant, 
Annie, Jo.seph, infant, George, Hannah, infant, Sarah, 

VII. A son born May 2, 1858 ; died unnamed. 

VII. Annie E. Wright, b. in Elgin Co., Ont., Oct. 2, 
1859; mrd. William D. Utter Dec. 30, 1880. P. O. 
Chicago Heights, 111. Farmer. No issue. 

VII. Joseph W. Wright, born in Elgin Co., Ont., 
Aug. 24, 1 861 ; mrd. Emma Utter F'eb. 22, 1883. 
P. O. Lapeer, Eapeer Co., Mich. Children: (Vlll) 
Bert W. Wright, b. Aug. 3, 1884 ; (Vlll) Gracie 
Wright, b. Aug. 27, 1885 ; (Vlll) Walter Wright, 
born Oct. 17, 1888. 

VII. Infant son, born and died May 7, 1863. 

VII. Rev. George W. Wright, born September 
21, 1866; married Allie A. Burrier August 13, 
1889. In 1885 ^e joined the Methodist Prot- 
estant church of Burlington, Michigan, and in 
May of the same year he received license to exhort 
and a few months later to preach. In the Fall of 
1886 he was recommended to the Annual Conference 
held at East Saginaw, Mich., and admitted into the 
conference and appointed to Fowlersville, Mich., 
where, during his pastorate, a fine church was built 
and many accessions to the membership. He is at 
present (1894) located at Fargo, Mich. 

— 95 — 

VII. Hannah A. Wright, b. in St. Clair Co., Mich., 
Nov. 23, 1868 ; mrd. Charles H. Bradshaw May 26, 
1890. He was born in Lapeer Co., Mich., Oct. 16, 
1867. P. O. Thompson, Mich. Photographer. 

VII. Infant son, born and died Aug. 2, 1871. 

VII. Sarah C. Wright, born Oct. 9, 1875. P. O. 
Clifford, Mich. School teacher ; Meth. 

VII. Lavina S. Wright, b. Sept. 17, 1879. 

VI. Enos Hunsberger, born in Elgin Co., Ont., 
May 12, 1840 ; mrd. Rebecca Switzer Jul}^ 17, 1863. 
P. O. Tilsonburg, Ont. Pumpmaker ; Methodist. 
Children : Edmund, infant, Louisa, Lavina, Joseph. 

VII. Edmund W. Hunsberger, b. Aug. 2, 1864 ; 
mrd. Euphemia Jannett McFarlain Aug. 22, 1889. 
P. O. St. Thomas, Ont. Painter in car shops ; Meth. 
One child : (VIII) Ella Pearl Hunsberger, b. Aug. 2, 

VII. Infant child died in infancy. 

VII. Louisa Ellen Hunsberger, b. Aug. 25, 1868 ; 
d. Oct. 12, 1878. 

VII. Lavina Hunsberger, born Apr. 8, 1875. P. O. 
Tilsonsburg, Ont. Meth. Single. 

VII. Joseph Hunsberger, b. Sept. 30, 1876. P. O. 
Tilsonsburg, Ont. High school janitor ; Meth. 

VI. Elizabeth Hunsberger, born Jan. 23, 1844 ; died 
P'eb. 13, 1862. 

V. Christian Hunsberger (dec'd), married Sarah 
Hippie (dec'd). She was born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
July I, 1805. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Mary, 
Agnes, Lawrence, William, David, Sarah, Margaret, 
Daniel, Barbara, Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Henry. 

VI. Mary Hunsberger, b. Aug. 29, 1823 ; d. May 26, 
1863 ; mrd. John W. Mo^^er. (See index of Refer- 
ences No. 43.) 

VI. Agnes Hunsberger, b. Mar. 16, 1825 ; d. 3^oung.. 

VI. Lawrence Hunsberger, b. Dec. 6, 1826 ; died 

VI. William Hunsberger, born Apr. 7, 1828 ; died 
June 17, 1890 ; mrd. Jemina Book Jan. 20, 1853. 
She was born July 19, 1833. Farmer ; Presb}'. 
Children : Almeda, William, John, Harriet, Charity, 
Eliza, Mar3\ 

-96 — 

VIL Almeda Jane Hunsberger, bom Feb. 20, 1855. 
P.O. vSt. Anns, Ont. 

VII. William Allen Hunsberger, b. Jan. 20, 1857 ; 
mrd. Emma Retta Freas Oct. 18, 1883. She was 
born July 24, i860. Conductor ; Meth. Children : 
(VIII) Ethel Maud Hunsberger, b. Dec. 23, 1885 ; 
(VIII) Grace Hunsberger, b. Dec. 14, 1889. 

VII. John Albert Hunsberger, b. June 14, 1859 ; 
died April 3, 1875. 

VII. Harriet Emily Hunsberger, b. Jan. 14, 1862. 

VII. Charity Alice Hunsberger, b. Feb. 29, 1864 ; 
died May 26, 1879. 

VII. Eliza Ellen Hunsberger, born Apr. 14, 1867. 

VII. Mary Millicent Hunsberger, b, Dec. 26, 1869 ; 
died May 23, 1879. 

VI. David Hunsberger, b. Dec. 26, 1829 ; d. young. 

VI. Sarah Hunsberger, born Nov. 18, 1831 ; mrd. 
Jacob Mo3'er. (See Index of References No. 44.) 
Sarah married second husband Andrew Flurer. 

VI. Margaret Hunsberger, born in Elgin Co., Ont., 
Oct. 21, 1833 ; mrd. Tillman R. Housser. (See 
Index of References No. 45.) 

VI. Daniel Hunsberger, born Jan. 5, 1836 ; mrd. 
Saphronia, daughter of John Hoot, Jan. 16, 1861. 
P. O. Tintern, Ont. Farmer ; Presby. Children : 

VII. Eli Hunsberger, b. Apr. 12, 1862. Single. 

VII. Augusta Hunsberger, b. Oct. 17, 1863. Single. 

VII. Augustus Hunsberger, b. Oct. 18, 1865 ; died 
June 28, 1878. 

VII. Clara Hunsberger, b. Aug. 27, 1871 ; mrd. 
W. S. Hibbard Dec. 23, 1891. Veterinary surgeon ; 
Meth. One child : (VIII) Jessie Louisa Hibbard, 
born Nov. 15. 1892. 

VII. Arthur Hunsberger, b.. Mar. 7, 1874. 

VII. John Hunsberger, b. Sept. 30*, 1876 ; d. 1878. 

VII. Nellie E. Hunsberger, b. Sept. 4, 1884. 

VI. Barbara Hunsberger, b. July 27, 1838 ; mrd. 
Samuel R. Houser. (See Index of References 
No. 46.) 

jA:\rKs B. RiTTEXHOusr. 

vSec Pao-e 88. 

— 97 — 

VI. Elizabeth Hunsberger, born Jan. 9, 1840 ; died 
June 24, 1886 ; mrd. Israel Martin in 1859. Farmer ; 
Meth. Children : Robert, Celestia, Wilson, Arthur, 

VII. Robert F. Martin, b. Oct. 14, i860 ; mrd. Etta 
Rittenhouse July i, 1886. P. O. Jordan, Ont. 
Children: (VIM) Leo R. Martin, b. July 5, 1887; 
(VIII j Anna Martin, b. June 2, 1890. 

VII. Celesta Martin, b. Aug. 18, 1865. 

VII. Wilson Herbert Martin, b. Aug. 1872 ; d. Jan. 

VII. Arthur Franklin Martin, b. Aug. 9, 1875. 

VII. William Murry Martin, b. June 9, 1878. 

VI. John and Joseph Hunsberger (twins), b. Jul}^ 29, 
1842 ; died 3'oung. 

VI. Henry Hunsberger, b. Oct. 16, 1844 ; mrd. 
Mary Martin December 17, 1867. P.O. Elcho, Ont. 
Farmer; U. Br. ch. Children: (VII) Rosetta Jane 
Hunsberger, b. July 15, 1869 ; (Vll) Sarah Arminta 
Hunsberger, b. Jul}' 20, 1870. 

V. Samuel and Sarah Hunsberger, died young. 

V. Nanc}' Hunsberger, mrd. Michael Culp. Child- 
ren : Barbara, Isaac, Gusta, Joseph. 

V. Lena Hunsberger, mrd. Henry Houser. 

V. David Hunsberger, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., May 10, 
1804 ; d. in Canada Feb. 3, 1851 ; mrd. Susan Moyer 
Apr. 13, 1828. Emigrated to South Cayuga, Ont., 
in 1835. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : Sarah, 
Christian, Jacob, Henry, Frances, Elizabeth, Tobias, 
Benjamin, Agnes, Catharine, Mary, Barbara. 

VI. Sarah Hunsberger, b. July 5, 1829 ; d. June 1886 ; 
mrd. Daniel Hunsberger. P. O. South Cayuga, Ont. 
Farmer ; U. Br. ch. Children : William, Julia, 
Harriet, Mar}^ John, Susan (dec'd), Adda, Joseph. 

VI. Christian Hunsberger, born Dec. 6, 1832 ; died 
Jan. 17, 1833. 

VI. Jacob Hunsberger, b. Dec. 6, 1832 ; d. Dec. 19, 
1850. Met his death while digging in a well, the 
ground caving in on him. 

VI. Henry Hunsberger, b. Mar. 20, 1834; married 
Susanna Zelner in 1859. P. O. Caledonia, Mich. 

— 98- 

Retired fanner ; ]\Ienn. Br. in Christ. Children : 
Menno, Walter, Frank, Carrie. 

VII. Menno Hunsberger, born Nov. 27, i<S59 ; mrd. 
Mary Okeath. Res. Grand Rapids, Mich. vShipping 
clerk in wholesale house ; Baptist. One child, Charles. 

VII. Walter Hunsberger, born Oct. 18, 1864 ; mrd. 
Lavina Studt. P.O. Groton, South Dakota. Farmer ; 
Menu. Br. in Christ. Children : Guy, Clyde, Ollie. 

VII. Frank Hunsberger, born Oct. 17, 1866; died 
Aug. 28, 1892. 

VII. Carrie Hunsberger, born April 22, 1881. 

VI. Frances Hunsberger, born Nov. 4, 1835 ; mrd. 
John W. Grobb. (vSee Index of References No. 47. j 

VI. Elizabeth Hunsberger, b. at South Ca3'uga, Ont., 
Aug. 15, 1837 ; mrd. Andrew Swartz Jan. 23, 1855. 
He was born in Lincoln Co., Ont., November 3, 1821. 
P. O. Cashmere, Ont. Menus. Children : Joshua, 
Almeda, Mary, David, Jacob, Levi, Wesley. 

VII. Joshua Swartz, born September 13, 1856 ; died 
February 21, 1873. 

VII. Almeda Swartz, b. Nov. 14, 1858 ; d. ]\Iar. 29, 
1879 ; mrd. John Sowler Juh' i, 1878. No issue. 

VII. Mary Swartz, born Feb. 16, 1861 ; mrd. John 
Sowler Feb. 24, 1880. He was born Nov. i, 1849. 
P.O. Wardsville, Ont. Farmer. Children : ( VIM ) Flor- 
ence Sowler, b. Sept. 6. 1883 ; (VIJI) Webster Sowler, 
b. Apr. 27, 1886 ; (VIII ) Oscar Sowler, born ]\Larch 8, 
1889; (VIII) F^ttie Sowler, born January i, 1892; 
(VIII) Lizzie Sowler, b. March 15, 1894. 

VII. David Swartz, born July 20, 1863 ; mrd. Irene 
Gordice July 29, 1883. P.O. Oakdale, Ont. Planner; 
Children : (VIII ) ^lary Fvlizabeth Swartz, b. May 20, 
1887 ; (VIII ) Carrie Gertrude Swartz, b. Oct. 2, 1889 ; 
(y\\\) Hazel Gladdius Swartz, b. June 30, 1894. 

VII. Jacob Swartz, born Sept. 19, 1867. Resides 
in Manitoba. Single. 

VII. Levi Swartz, born Sept. 10, 1874. Res. Port 
Huron, Mich. Sailor. vSingle. 

VII. Wesley vSwartz, born October 15, 1878. 

VI. Tobias Hunsberger, born Mar. 28, 1839 ; died 
June 9, 1892 ; mrd. Sarah Millicent Moot Apr. 10, 
1866/ P. O. East Saginaw, Mich. Carpenter and 

— 99 — 

fanner ; Cong, church. Children : (VII) Carohne S. 
Hunsberger, b. Jan. 19, 1868. P. O. East Saginaw, 
Mich. School teacher ; Cong. (VII) Etta V. Hims- 
berger, b. Dec. 17, 1870. P. O. East Saginaw, Mich. 
School teacher ; Cong. (VII) John E. Hunsberger, 
born Mar. 24, 1874 ; d. May 24, 1874. (VII) Frank- 
lin P. Hunsberger, born June 18, 1875; died Jan. 11, 
1882. (VII) Edith M. Hunsberger, b. July 25, 1876. 
Student at High school ; Cong. ( VII ) George Edward 
Hunsberger, b. Ma}^ 13, 1880. Student ; Cong. 

VI. Benjamin Hunsberger, b. Aug. 24, 1840 ; died 
Mar. 18, 1 841. 

VI. Agnes Hunsberger, born Jan. 20, 1842 ; nird. 
Tilman W. Moyer. (See Index of References No. 48. ) 

VI. Catharine Hunsberger, b. Ma}' 24, 1843 ; mrd. 
Aaron W. Moyer. (See Index of References No. 49. ) 

VI. Mary Ann Hunsberger, b. Apr. 3, 1846 ; mrd. 
John Hoffman July 13, 1866. P. O. Dunnville, Out. 
Farmer ; Menn. Br. in Christ. Children : Emma, 
Susie, Carrie. 

VII. Emma Hoffman, born Nov. 10, 1867 ; married 
William Melvin Michener February 4, 1891. P. O. 
Franconia, Ont. Farmer ; U. Br. ch. One child : 
(VIM) Jessie Michener, born Jul}' 18, 1892. 

VII. Susie Hoffman, b. March 14, 1874. 
VII. Carrie Hoffman, b. March 27, 1880. 

VI. Barbara Hunsberger, b. Mar. 2, 1848 ; mrd. Rev. 
Peter King Feb. 5, 1867. P. O. Wardsville, Ont. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : Susannah, Jacob, George, 
Erwin, Willie, Sylvester. 

VII. Susanna King, born in Alboro, Ont., March 23, 
1868 ; married Charles Palmer April 24, 1889. 
P. O. Wardsville, Ont. Farmer ; Baptist. Children : 
(VIII) John Ra}^ Palmer, born December 31, 1890; 
(VIII) Charles Gorden Palmer, b. Aug. 9, 1891. 

VII. Jacob Alpheus King, b. March 27, 1870. P. O. 
Wardsville, Ont. 

VII. George Emerson King, b. Dec. 21, 1872 ; died 
October 12, 1873. 

VII. Erwin King, b. Sept. 22, 1876. P. O. Wards- 
ville, Ont. 

VII. Willie King, born May 24, 1880. 

lOO — 

VII. Sylvester King, b. September 4, 1883. 

V. Kate Hunsberger, died aged about 50 years. S. 

V. Fannie Hunsberger, died aged 40 to 50 years. S. 

IV. Samuel Meyer, born in Montg. Co., Pa., Mar. 4, 
1767. His parents died of yellow fever before he 
was 10 3'ears old. Where or how he spent the years 
immediatel}^ following is not known, but we must 
believe the}' were well vSpent, from the fact that at the 
age of 16 he was teacher in a common school. In 
early life he developed an aptitude for music and was 
appointed "vor singer" in meeting, and also taught 
singing schools. On November 5, 1789, he married 
1 9 -year-old Anna Bechtel, who bore him five sons 
and three daughters. Their home was at Blooming 
Glen. He was a leading promoter of, and actor in, 
the pilgrimage to Canada West in the year 1800, 
some account of which is given elsewhere in this 
volume. Two four-horse teams carried his famil}^ 
four hundred miles to the settlement at the "Twenty" 
in Lincoln count^^ Ontario, where he at once pur- 
chased from William Wiers, a U. H. Loyalist, 200 
acres of good land, paying §400 cash for the same. 
There was a rude log cabin in the clearing and four 
acres of wheat ready for the sickle, besides potatoes 
and other vegetables growing for the year's need. 
Near the cabin stood a large oak stump burned out at 
the top in the shape of a mortar in which the Weirs 
famih' cracked their wheat and pounded their hominy. 
Later this was filled with earth and used as a hot bed 
to start early plants in for the garden. 

In those grand forests game was plentiful and 
the long-barreled flintlock rifle enabled settlers to 
supply an abundance of vension for the table. His 
boys never forgot one shot in the dark when a deer 
was dimly seen in the clearing, the correct aim of 
their father bringing down a large buck pierced 
through the heart. Not so accurate was his aim 
when one da}' he selected the leader of a dozen wild 
geese overhead and brought down No. 12 instead of 
No. I. Salmon were then plentiful in the lakes and 
came up the Twenty-mile creek to Ball's Falls, where 
the settlers speared them with pitchforks. Wolves, 

lOI — 

bears, wild cats, etc., were numerous. On one 
occasion while going to mill at the Short Hills, twelve 
miles from home, with the little grist in a sack on 
horseback. Meyer leading the horse, a she bear and 
two cubs were met in the road. The surprise was 
mutual, and being unarmed, Me3^er very quickly 
exchanged places with the sack. Bruin and her cubs 
scampered off in one direction while horse and rider 
went the opposite way. 

During the Summer of 1820 he made a visit on 
horseback to the old home at Blooming Glen, Pa., 
accompanied by Joseph Michener and Henry Housser 
on foot. The}' lodged together the first six nights, 
but on the seventh day the pedestrians left the horse- 
man behind, arriving at Bethlehem, Pa., on the four- 
teenth day, four hours ahead of the rider. Next day 
the journey was completed. After a five weeks' visit 
they prepared for the return. Samuel Meyer bought 
another horse, a double set of harness and a new 
canvass- covered wagon. By the recent death of his 
father-in-law, Jacob Bechtel, he received a snug sum 
of money for his wife, and was also asked to carry other 
money to one Eiman in Canada, total $1400 in gold 
and silver coin. Joseph Michener made a strong 
double-bottomed tool chest. The coin was concealed 
between the bottoms, and the chest was then filled up 
with new tools and locked. The}^ started, Meyer 
with the loaded wagon, the other two men on foot. 
For fourteen nights Michener slept in that wagon, 
general h' with one eye open, and at some rowdy 
taverns he kept both e^^es open. The longest stretch 
of road without a settler was eleven miles. On the 
fifteenth day they crossed the Niagara river at Black 
Rock, near Buffalo, and sta3'ed with a farmer named 
Sherk at Black Creek, reaching home next day. 

His next trip to Penns3dvania, a few 3'ears later, 
he made on foot, getting some chance rides, and com- 
pleted the journey in nine days. He was a rapid 
walker and more than once covered 6 miles in an hour. 

In 1832, at his own expense, he hired Joseph 
Michener to build a three-pier bridge across the 
Twenty, which stood for many years. 


Samuel Meyer was a man of more than ordinary 
talent. He never attended an English school, 3^et 
acquired a very fair English education. His writing 
in English was excellent, in German elegant. He 
taught for man}* years the first school in the settle- 
ment, in a log building where now stands the Menno- 
nite meetinghouse, " below the mountain." 

He was a man of fine ph3\sique, rather tall, power- 
ful in muscle, rapid on foot, an extraordinary swimmer, 
and, though non-resistant in principal, abundanth' 
able to take care of himself. Excepting with ague, 
he was never sick a day in his life. 

He was well informed in regard to legal papers, 
man}' old deeds and other documents still in existance 
being in his own handwriting. He led the singing in 
his own church for fort}' years, composing numerous 
h3mins and tunes which were as neatly penned as 
manuscripts by monks before the art of printing was 
invented. While speaking usualh' the Penns^dvania 
dialect he was master also of the best High German. 
His enterprising, good judgment, frugality, kindness 
and hospitality, and above all, his truly Christian life, 
have left their impression for good and for good onl3\ 

He was twice married. His first wife, Anna 
Bechtel, was a small woman, but plump and comely. 
She wore short skirts and a jacket. Her best hat was 
a white beaver, and the crown about an inch high. 
She died Februar\' 12, 1832, having been an invalid 
for many 3'ears. On October 11, 1S36, he married 
Katharine Bechtel, widow first of Daniel High, Sr. , 
and second of Rev. Jacob Meyer. She outlived her 
third husband. Samuel Me^^er died Aug. 22, 1S44, 
and Katharine February 6, 1851. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : Magdalena, Jacob, Anna, Barbara, Samuel, 
Abraham, David, Joseph. 

V. Magdalena Me^'er, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., June 10, 
1794; died May 20, 1834; married Jacob Albright 
Mar. 17, 18 1 2. He was born in Pennsylvania Dec. 8, 
1788 ; d. Jan. 22, 1878. Children : Amos, Sanuiel, 
Jacob, Anna., Abraham, Mary, Magdalena, Solomon, 
Barbara, Elizabeth, Joseph. 

— I03 — 

VI. Amos Albright, born Oct. lo, 1813; d. May i, 
1863. Single. 

VI. Samuel Albright, born Dec. 10, 1815 ; mrd. 
Catharine Fr3^ Children : Jacob, Mar}', Abraham, 

VI. Jacob Albright, born Aug. 30, 1817 ; married 
Elizabeth Mover Feb. 17, 1846. P. O. Merritton, 
Ont. Meth. Children : Alma, Annie, Noah, Moses, 
Jacob, Barbara, Jesse, Lizzie. 

VII. Alma Albright, born Dec. 19, 1847. ?• O. 
Merritton, Ont. Seamstress ; Meth. Single. 

VII. Annie Albright, b. May 2, 1849 ; mrd. William 
Greenwood Ma}^ 28, 1874. P. O. Merritton, Ont. 
Meth. Children : Samuel Herbert, Grace, William 
Fielding, Elizabeth. 

VII. Noah Albright, born May 16, 185 1 ; died 
July 25, 1862. 

VII. Moses Albright, b. Oct. 13, 1853 ; mrd. Eliza 
Rice Oct. 26, 1882. P. O. Merritton, Ont. Boss 
weaver; Meths. Children: (VIH) Ethel Gertrude 
Albright, born June 9, 1885 ; (VIII) Mabel Irene 
Albright, born Nov. 14, 1891. 

VII. Jacob Albright, b. Sept. 22, 1856. Res. 122 
High street. West Detroit, Mich. Meth. Single. 

VII. Barbara E. Albright, b. Mar. 13, i860 ; mrd. 
George W. Pilling June 24, 1884. P. O. Humber- 
stone, Ont. Machinist. Mrs. Pilling a music teacher 
before marriage ; Meth. One child: (VHI) Elizabeth 
Pilling, born May 28, 1885. 

VII. Jesse Albright, b. Jan. 3, 1863. P.O. Merritton, 
Ont. Bookkeeper ; Meth. Single. 

VII. Lizzie Albright, born Aug. 13, 1866. P. O. 
Merritton, Ont. Meth. Single. 

VI-. Anna Albright, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., May 16, 
1819 ; married Jacob Nash Jan. 26, 1841. P. O. 
Welland, Ont. Blacksmith ; Meth. Children : Levi, 
Mary, Magdalena, William, Solomon, Levina, Joseph, 
Anna, Jacob, John, infant, Salena. 

VII. Levi Nash, b. Oct. 7, 1841 ; d. Jan. 25, 1888 ; 
mrd. Anna Heisart. Farmer : Meth. Children : 
Mary Etta, William, Nellie Ann, infant daughter, 
Jacob Irvin. 

— I04 — 

VII. Mar}' Nash, b. Feb. ii, 1843 ; ^^^^^^- William 
Stewart. Residence St. Milwaukee, Wis. Purser 
on steamship. Children : John A., Mary x\melia, 
George William (dec'd). 

VII. Magdalena Xash, born ]\Iay 23, 1845 ; married 
Dilman Dohn Jan. 16, 1866. P. 6. Welland, Ont. 
Farmer ; Meth. Children : Mary, John, A\^illiam, 
Clara, iVmelia, Anna, Levina, Maggie, Frank, Dilman. 

VIII. Mary Luella Dohn, b. Nov. 7, 1866 ; mrd. 
Nathan Johnson Oct. 23, 1889. P. O. Welland, Ont. 
Mason; Methodist. Children: (IX) Mabel Ruth 
Johnson, b. Mar. 25, 1891 ; (IXj Mildred Johnson, 
born Sept. 18, 1893. 

VIII. John Wesley Dohn, b. Dec. 23. 1867. P. O. 
Welland, Ont. Mason ; Meth. 

VIII. William Henry Dohn, b. Jan. 6, 1870 ; mrd. 
Lillian May Stoddard Nov. 9, 1893. P- O- Welland, 
Ont. Farmer ; Meth. 

VIII. Clara Belle Dohn, born Jan. 26, 1872 ; married 
Gabor Putman Oct. n, 1892. P. O. Welland, Ont. 
Printer ; ]\Ieth. 

VIII. Amelia Mav Dohn, b. Julv 30, 1874. P. O. 
Welland, Ont. Meth. 

VIII. Anna Lauretta Dohn, b. Nov. 27, 1876. P. O. 
Welland, Ont. Meth. 

VIII. Levina Alberta Dohn, b. Felx 7, 1879. Meth. 

VIII. Maggie Dohn. b. Mav 5, 1880. Meth. 

VIII. Frank V. Dohn, b. Oct. 6. 1883. Meth. 

VIII. Dilman Percival Dohn, b. P>b. 27, 1889. 

VII. William Henry Nash, born Mar. 8, 1847 ! mrd. 
Susan Albright P'eb. 17, 1873. Res. 102 Ralph Ave.. 
Brooklyn, New York. General agent. Meth. lip. 
Children: (VIII) John Wesley Nash, born July 24, 
1874. Salesman of wholesale drv goods, Brooklvn, 
N. Y. (VIII) Charles Wilford Nash, b. Sept. 3, 1876. 
(VIM) Edith Maud Nash, born Aug. 6, 1878"! (VIII) 
William Henry Nash, born Jan. 24, 1885 ; died 
August 28, 1885. (VIII) Stanle}' Percival Nash, born 
Feb. 24, 1890. 

VII. Solomon Nash, b. Mar. 24. 1849 ; d. Jan. 18, 
1877 ; mrd. Amelia Amos. Carriage maker ; Meth. 
One child : (VIII) ^laggie Amos Nash. Single. 

— I05 — 

VII. Levina Nash, b. June 12, 1851 ; died April 27, 

1891 ; mrd. Levi Albright. Res. 15 Helen street, 
Buffalo, N. Y. Blacksmith ; Methodist. Children*: 
Annie Albertie, William Wilfred, Mary Lena, Clay- 
ton, infant (dec'd). 

VII. Joseph A. Nash, b. July 10, 1853 ; mrd. Rose 
Secrest. Res. 93 Nineteenth street Buffalo, N. Y. 
Shoemaker ; Meth. Children : Lillian Ruth, Nellie 
May, Helen. 

VII. Anna Elizabeth Nash, born May 3, 1856 ; died 
Sept. 20, 1856. 

VII. Jacob A. Nash, b. May 17, 1857 ; mrd. Matilda 
A. Johnson Dec. 6, 188 1. Res. 11 1 Emily street, 
Buffalo, N. Y. Carriage maker ; Meth. Children : 
(VIII) Howard Stanley Nash, born December 7, 1882 ; 
(VIII) Laura Mabel Nash, born November 3, 1885 ; 
(VIII) Florence May Nash, born April 13, 1888; 
(VIII) Clarence Homer Nash, b. Dec. 23, 1892. 

VII. John Wesle}' Nash, born March 28, 1859 ; died 
August 21, 1 861. 

VII. Infant daughter, b. and d. May 8, 1862. 

VII. Salena Jane Nash, b. Mar. 7, 1864 ; d. July 1864. 

VI. Abraham Albright, b. May 3, 182 1 ; mrd. Mar- 
garet High (dec'd). P. O. South Cayuga, Ont. 
Farmer ; Ev. Ass'n. Children : 

VII. Josiah Albright, born in Haldimand Co., Ont., 
Aug. 31, 1858 ; mrd. Sarah Elizabeth Moyer Jan. i, 
1880. P. O. South Cayuga, Ont. Farmer ; Meth. 
Children : ( VIII ) Wilham Donald Albright, b. Aug. 15, 
1881 ; (VIII) Frederick Stanley Albright, b. Mar. 23, 
1883 ; (VIII) Maggie May Albright, b. Nov. 29, 1887 ; 
(Vlll) Charles Raymond Albright, b. March 25, 1888. 

VI. Mary Albright, b. Apr. 21, 1823 ; d. April 15, 

1892 ; mrd. Rev. Isaac Fr}' Dec. 12, 1841. He was 
born Aug. 17, 1819 ; d. Apr. 16, 1892. In early life 
Mr. Fry was a carpenter. In 1852 he managed a 
general store at South Cayuga for James Henry, which 
he purchased the following year and secured the 
appointment of postmaster the same 3^ear, and for over 
thirt\^ 3^ears successfulh' conducted the business. 
About 1886 he retired from business with a sufhcient 
income for all family needs and comforts. He also 

— io6 — 

for many 3'ears held the office of Township Clerk, and 
Treasurer, and for over thirt}^ 3^ears discharged the 
duties of local preacher of the Evangelical Association 
church in a ver}' acceptable manner. Children : 
Matilda, Maria, Menno, Priscilla, Isaac, John, Mary, 
Solomon, Ellen, Allen, Emily, Martha. 
VII. Matilda Fr}', single. 

VII. Maria Fry, born March 25, 1844 ; mrd. Nelson 
Drake. P.O. South Cayuga, Ont. Merchant ; Meth. 
Children : Francis, Florence, Chester, Dais}^ 

VIII. Francis Alpheus Drake, M.D., b. Feb. 23, 1863 ; 

mrd. Eggman. Res. 409 Connecticut street, 

Buffalo, N. Y. Physician. 

VIII. Florence M. Drake, born July 26, 1865. 

VIII. Chester A. Drake, bom ¥eh. 14, 1867. 

VIII. Daisy E. Drake, born Nov. 23, 1872. 

VII. Menno S. PVy, b. in Ont. Dec. 16, 1845 ; mrd. 
Margaret Pennington. She died about 1876. Res. 
Chicago, Illinois. Bookkeeper ; Meth. Children : 
George, Constance. Menno mrd. second wife . 

VII. Priscilla Fry, born in Ont. Jan. 11, 1848 ; mrd. 
D. B. Philips. P. O. Woodstock, Ont. Druggist ; 
Meth. Children: (VIII) Wesley Tenny.son Philips, 
born Jan. 1875; died July 1881. (Vlll; Mary Winn- 
fred Philips, b. June 1877. 

VH. Isaac Wesley Fry, b. Dec. 9, 1849 ; d. Sept. 27, 
1873. School teacher ; Meth. 

VII. John Henry Fry, b. Nov. 3, 1851 ; d. Jan. 16, 
1 87 1. School teacher ; Meth. 

VII. Mary Jane F'ry, b. Feb. 3, 1854 ; mrd. Albion 
Wardell. P. O. Hamilton, Ont. Unitarian. One 
child : Bud Hope. 

VII. Solomon Milton Fry, born Mar. i, 1856 ; mrd. 
Bina Ethel Maxim Sept. i, 1879. P. O. Brantford, 
Ont. Merchant ; Unitarian. One child : Roy Ja}'. 

VII. Fyllen Fr>', born in Canada June 15, 1858 ; mrd. 
Rev. Robert H. Balmer Aug. 21, 1879. He was born 
in Canada September 2, 1853. He was educated in 
Hamilton, Toronto and Montreal, Canada, complet- 
ing his theological studies in the Montreal Wesle3'ian 
Seminary. He was ordained to the ministry of the 
Methodist Church of Canada June 1879. In Sept. 

— loy — 

1884, he removed to the United States and connected 
himself with the Detroit Conference of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church. In 1888 he became pastor of the 
Methodist Episcopal church at Weston, O., where he 
remained three years and conducted successful revival 
meetings. In 1891 he was stationed at Napoleon, 
Central Ohio Conference. Mrs. Balmer has proved 
an excellent partner for her husband in his ministerial 
work, assisting him in his work on all his fields of 
labor. Children: (VIII) John Ernest Balmer, born 
May 6, 1883 ; (VIII) Robert Wesley Balmer, born 
Sept. 3, 1886 ; (VIII) Grace Margurite Balmer, born 
March 17, 1891. 

VII. Rev. Allen Burness Fry, born in Haldimand 
county, Ontario, October 14, 1861 ; married Mary 
E. Jordan June 17, 1891. Mr. Fry received a 
common school education, and at the age of 18 3'ears 
began teaching vSchool in his native province and 
which he followed for several years. In Jan. 1889 he 
came to the United States, and in April of the same 
year entered the ministry of the Methodist Episcopal 
Church. One child : (VIII) Naomi Livingstone Fry, 
born September 6, 1892. 

VII. Emily Fry, born Oct. 4, 1863. P. O. South 
Cavuga, Ont. Meth. 

Vl'l. Martha Fry, b. July 3, 1866. P. O. Toronto, 
Ont. Stenographer ; Meth. 

VI. Magdalena Albright, born July 23, 1825 ; died 
May 20, 1887 ; mrd. Isaac S. W. Moyer. (See 
Index of References No. 50. ) 

VI. Solomon Albright, born Oct. 4, 1827 ; married 
Elizabeth Wismer.. She was born April 11, 1835. 
P.O. Jordan, Ont. Farmer. Children: Ezra, Jacob. 

VII. Ezra Albright, b. Feb. 24, 1863 ; mrd. Rebecca 
Arminta Moyer Dec. 28, 1887. P. O. Jordan, Ont. 
Farmer ; Ev. Ass'n. Children : (VIII ) Ethel Edna 
May Albright, born Dec. 15, 1890 ; (VIII ) Eeland 
Sanford Albright, born July 10, 1892. 

VII. Jacob Albright, born April 14, 1866 ; mrd. Ida 
Elizabeth Grobb Dec. 19, 1889. .P. O. Jordan Ont. 
Farmer ; Meth. No issue. 

VI. Barbara Albright, b. May 24, 1829 ; d. Nov. 20, 

— io8 — 

1864; married William W. Moyer. (See Index of 
References No, 51.) 

VI. Elizabeth Albright, b. June i, 1831 ; mrd. Rev. 
George Brown Apr. 9, i860. He was born at Baiers- 
bronn, O. A. Freudenstadt, Wirtemberg, Germany. 
Minister of Ev. Ass'n. Children : Ezra, Levi, Charles, 
Mary, George, Jacob. 

VII. Ezra A. Brown, b. Mar. 6, 1861 ; mrd. Carrie 
W. Beckett June 2, 1886. P. O. Brantford, Ont. 
Accountant secretary and treasurer of Bain Bros. 
Mfg. Co. Meth. Children : (VIII j Harry Newton 
Brown, born June 13, 1887 ; died Sept. 6, 1888. 
(VIII) Raymond George Brown, born June 11, 1890. 
(VIII) Grace Gertrude Brown, b. Mar. 16, 1892. 

VII. Levi Brown, b. Mar. 10, 1863 ; d. June 12, 1865. 

VII. Charles Brown, born July 23, 1865 ; died 
Sept. 10, 1866. 

VII. Marv Anna Brown, born June 6, 1867 ; mrd. 
WiUiam King. P. O. Chesley, Ont. 

VII. George Albert Brown, b. Sept. 5, 1869 ; died 
July 15, 1870. 

VII. Jacob Edward Brown, b. Mar. 11, 187 1 ; died 
Sept. 15, 1872. 

VII. William Alfred Brown, born Sept. 6, 1873. 
Student at Toronto l^niversity, Ont. 

VI. Joseph Albright, b. ^lay 15, 1834 ; d, June 2, 

V. Jacob B. Moyer, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 20, 
1797 ; died in Lincoln Co., Ont., Jan. 2, 1883 ; mrd. 
Catharine Moyer in May, 1817. Planner ; Menus. 
Children : Sanuiel, Barbara, Anna, Jacob, Abraham, 
Salome, Mary, Catharine, Joseph, Mar}', Elizabeth. 

VI. Samuel M. Moyer, b. in Ont. June 18, 1818 ; 
died July 5, 1883 ; mrd. Barbara Moyer. Farmer ; 
Ev. Ass'n. Children : William, Sarah, Jacob, Albert. 
Samuel married second wife, Mary Overholt. Chil- 
dren : 

VII. William Moyer, b. 1847 ! d\Qd an infant, 

VII. Sarah Mover, bom in 1857 ; mrd. James Reese 
(dec'd), P. O.'Lintern, Ont. Children : ( VIII ) Annie 
Reese, b. 1874; ( Vlih Infant son, b. i882Hdec'd) ; 

Rev. WEvSi^ey A. Hunsberger. 
See Page 91. 

— I09 — 

(VIII) Ethel Reese, b. 1886; (VIII) Lauren Stanley 
Reese, born 1889. 

VII. Jacob M. Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., in 
1857 ; mrd. Sarah Lodema McCurdy Feb. 12, 1879. 
P. O. Campden, Ont. Merchant ; Ev. Ass'n. No 

VII. Albert M. Moyer, b. Feb. 24, 1861 ; married 
Jennie Smith Sept. 18, 1886. P. O. Brantford, Ont. 
Confectioner ; attends Presb}-. church. Children : 
(VIII) Percival Moyer, b. Apr. 12, 1888 ; d. May 16, 

1888 ; (VIII) Charles Wesley Moyer, born Aug. 20, 

1889 ; d. Oct. 26, 1889 ; (VIII) Maggie May Moyer, 
b. May 31, 1890 ; d. Nov. 20, 1890. 

VI. Barbara Moyer, b. July 6, 1821 ; mrd. Michael 
Houser. (See Index of References No. 52.) 

VI. Annie Moyer, b. May 23, 1823 ; mrd. Michael 
Martin (dec'd). P. O. Jordan, Ont.; lives near 

VI. Jacob M. Moyer, b. Jan. 10, 1826 ; d. Feb. 15, 
185 1 ; mrd. Sarah Honsberger. No issue. 

VI. Abraham M. Moyer, b. in Lincoln county, Ont., 
Jan. 3, 1828 ; mrd. Barbara Moyer March 13, 1849. 
P. O. Campden, Ont. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
FVeeman, Jacob, Mary, Fvlizabeth, William, Isaac. 

VII. Freeman M. Moyer, born Feb. 23, 1850 ; died 
Nov. 22, 1887 ; mrd. Mary Honsberger Dec. 4, 1875. 
P. O. Jordan, Ont. Farmer ; Ev. Ass'n. Children : 
(VIII) Milton Leslie Moyer, born June 29, 1879 ; 
(VIII) William Arden Moyer, b. Sept. 4, 1887. 

VII. Jacob M. Moyer, b. July 30, 1853 ; mrd. Sarah 
E. Huber. With Masse}^ Harris & Co., Brantford, 
Ont. Meth. One child : Arvilla. 

VII. Mary C. Moyer, born Mar. 28, 1856 ; mrd. 
Andrew M. High. P.O. St. Catharines, Ont. Meth. 
One child : Carley. 

VII. Elizabeth Moyer, b. June 26, i860 ; mrd. Joseph 
H. Book. With Massey Harrison & Co., Brantford, 
Ont. Meth. Children : Burness, Lloyd. 

VII. William Harvey Moyer, b. Sept. 8, 1862 ; mrd. 
Augusta J. Huber Feb. 19, 1890. P. O. Campden, 
Ont. Farmer; Ev. Ass'n. No children (1895). 

VII. Rev. Isaac M. Moyer, b. Dec. 26, 1864 ; mrd. 

I lO — 

Penelope A. Hippie July 17, 1889. P. O. Selkirk, 
Ont. Mr. Mover attended the pul)lic school at Camp- 
den, Ont., after which he attended the Beamsville 
High School, and later entered the vSt. Catharines 
Collegiate Institute, where he ol)tained a second-class 
non-professional certificate in July 1882. He then 
attended the County Model School and began teaching 
in January 1883 at Pelham, Ont., where he taught for 
two years. He was then offered the public school at 
Tintern. which he accepted, beginning work there in 
January 1885. In the P'all of 1886 he received five 
months leave of absence to attend the Ottawa Normal 
School, and in December of that year he obtained his 
professional second-class certificate from that .'^chool. 
He then returned to Tintern and taught there until 
July 1892, when he resigned. He then attended 
Victoria University, Toronto, for two years, 1892-4, 
leaving that institution in April 1894. He was 
licensed to preach by the Evangelical As.sociation 
Church in April 1893, and in the Spring of 1894 ^^^ 
entered into the active work of the ministry, his 
first and present appointment being Selkirk, Ont. 
One child: (VIM) Flossie Vera Moyer, b. Nov. 26, 
1891 ; died August 30, 1892. 

VI. Salome Mo^-er, b. Mar. 17, 1830 ; d. Feb. 27, 
1879 ; mrd. John H. Moyer. (See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 53. j 

V!. Mary Mo3^er, b. Apr. 26, 1832 ; d. May 16, 1832. 

VI. Catharine Moyer, b. Mar. 25, 1833 ; mrd. Isaac 
Culp Mar. 13, 1856. He was born Feb. 9, 1834. 
P.O. Beamsville, Ont. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
Jacob, Nanc3^ Samuel, Lydia, Josephus, Isaac, Frank- 
lin, Catharine, Lavina, Marietta, Clara, Norman. 

VII. Jacob H. Culp, born Dec. 22, 1856 ; mrd. Mary 
Huber. One child : Lulu. 

VII. Nancy Culp, born August 7, 1858. 

VII. Samuel M. Culp, born in Haldimand Co., Out., 
Feb. 8, i860 ; mrd. Anna L. Buckner Sept. 12, 1887. 
P. O. Beamsville, Ont. P'ruit grower and shipper ; 
Meth. Children: (VIII) Dellah Culp, b. April 11, 
1889; (VIII) Bertha Culp, b. Jan. 6, 1891. 


VII. Lydia J. Gulp, born May 25, 1861 ; died 
June 3, 188 1. 

VII. Rev. Josephus Gulp, born in Lincoln Go., Ont., 
May 2S, 1863 ; mrd. Garrie Gopeland, of Otterville, 
Ont., Sept. ^5, 1894. P- O. Sheffield, Ont. Mr. 
Gulp remained at home on the farm until he became 
of age. He then entered the employ of Massey Harris 
& Go., implement manufacturers, of Brantford, Ont., 
and secured the means from his own personal efforts 
for his education. He then entered a high school for 
two years, taking matriculation work. In June 1889 
he was received on probation in the Niagara Gonfer- 
ence of the Methodist Ghurch and was appointed to 
Stromness Mission, near Dunnville, Ont., under Rev. 
T. L. Wilkinson, superintendent. The next 3^ear he 
was sent to Spring ford Gircuit, and the following year 
to Otterville and Bookton Gircuit. He then entered 
We.sle3'an Theological Gollege at Montreal for two 
years. In June 1894, at the conference held at Wood- 
stock, Ont., he was ordained and appointed to the 
Sheffield Gircuit, Brantford district, as superintendent. 
His labors, both before and after entering the regular 
work of the ministr}', have resulted in the conversion 
of many souls to Ghrist. 

VII. Isaac M. Gulp, b. May 25, 1865. P.O. Beams- 
ville, Ont. Single. 

VII. Franklin Gulp, born in Haldimand Go., Ont., 
Ma}' 26, 1867 ; married Emma Frost Mar. 14, 1894. 
P. O. Beamsville, Ont. Farmer ; Meth. 

VII. Gatharine Gulp, b. July 26, 1869. Single. 

VII. Lavina Gulp, born Oct. 3, 1871 ; mrd. George 
Lister June 5, 1894. P. O. Beamsville, Ont. 

VII. Marietta Gulp, born Nov. 1873. Single. 

VII. Glara Gulp, born Feb. 21, 1876. 

VII. Norman Gulp, born Dec. 25, 1878. 

VI. Joseph M. Moyer, b. Dec. 11, 1835 ; mrd. Agnes 
Moyer December 7, 1858. Ghildren : Almeda, Mary. 
Joseph mrd. second wife Anna Moyer June 29, 1880. 
P. O. Gampden, Ont. Farmer ; Ev. Ass'n. One 
child : Alice. 

VII. Almeda Jane Moyer, 1). in Lincoln Go., Ont., 
May I, i860 ; mrd. Thomas McHouse Dec. 31, 1879. 


P. O, St. Catharines, Out. Proprietor of basket 
factor}^ ; Meth. No issue. 

VII. Mar}^ Ann Mover, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Sept. 25, 1866 ; mrd. William S. Comfort June 6, 
1889. P. O. St. Catharines, Ontario. Bookkeeper ; 
Meth. One child : Hazel Agnes. 

VII. Ahce Maud Moyer, b. Sept. 19, 1881. 

VI. Mar}^ Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Mar. 28, 
1838 ; married Samuel Althouse December 19, 1857. 
P. O. Campden, Ontario. Carpenter ; Ev. Ass'n. 
Children : Anna, Catharine, Mary, Emma, Hattie. 

VII. Anna Alberta Althouse, b. Feb. 23, 1859 ; mrd. 
Isaac A. Merritt Feb. 15, 1882. P. O. Smithville, 
Ont. Farmer; Meth. Children: (VIII) Clara Anna 
Merritt, born Feb. 23, 1883 ; died Oct. 12, 1886 ; 
(VIII) Mabel Charity Merritt, born May 29, 1884 ; 
(VIII) Clarence Albert Merritt, b. Oct. 9, 1890. 

VII. Katherine Keturah Althouse, b. Feb. 22, i860 ; 
mrd. Marshall Culp. P. O. St. Catharines, Ont. 
Laborer; Ev. Ass'n. Children: Irvin, Jesse Lenora, 

VII. Mary Margaret Althouse, born Apr. 6, 1863 ; 
died July 21, 1884. 

VII. Emma Elizabeth Althouse, born Nov. 3, 1869. 

VII. Hattie Minerva Althouse, born June 14, 1877. 

VI. Elizabeth Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Jan. 17, 1842 ; mrd. Christian Moj'er. (See Index 
of References No. 54. ) 

V. Anna Moyer, born in Montgomer}^ Co., Pa., 
July 17, 1799 ; died June 22, 1827 ; mrd. Rev. Jacob 
Gross (his first wife) Dec. 17, 1817. P. O. Beams- 
ville, Ontario. Farmer and minister ; Ev. Ass'n. 
Children : Samuel, Mary, Annie, John, Elizabeth. 

Rev. Jacob Gross, son of Rev. Jacob and Maria 
Krall Gross, was born in Plumstead township, Bucks 
county, Pa., Dec. 22, 1.780. The 3'ears of his child- 
hood and early manhood were passed under the 
parental roof of his sainted father, amid the stirring 
scenes incident to and following the war of the Revo- 
lution. On the farm adjoining to the Gross home- 
stead lies buried the noted Tory chief, Moses Doan. 


An honest, thrift}^ ^-oung laboring man, with 
generous impulses, he had gained quite a competency 
b}^ the time he attained his 30th year. In the year 
1 8 10 he left his early home and turned his face 
toward the setting sun and the North Star and 
journej'ed to that then far off countr}^ (Canada) on 
foot, in compan}^ with his brother John, returning 
to Penns3dvania after a brief sojourn. He finally 
moved to Canada after the close of the war of 1 8 1 2 , and 
married Anna Moyer December 18, 18 17. He bought 
and settled on the farm near Beamsville, Ont. , Canada, 
which he occupied as a prosperous and well-to-do 
farmer until his demise. His hospitable roof gave 
shelter to the itinerant preacher and the stranger 
irrespective of creed. He was not forgetful of the 
Apostolic injunction : "Be not forgetful to entertain 
strangers. ' ' 

His eventful career was not without its touch of 
sorrow. The dreaded messenger, Death, entered his 
home June 22, 1827, removed his wife and left 
him to mourn his loss with five motherless children : 
Samuel, Mary, John, Anna, Elizabeth. His sister, 
Mary Nash, a widow, left her home in Tinicum, 
Pa., with her little daughter Anna, for Canada, to 
keep house for him and minister to the wants of his 
motherless children. She proved a kind and true 
foster mother to the children, who still hold her in 
grateful remembrance, though long since fallen asleep, 
a mother in Israel, the pride and ornament of the 
minister's home. 

Rev. Jacob Gross married a second time, to Salome, 
daughter of Elder vSamuel and Susanna Bleam Moyer, 
of Hilltown, Bucks county, Pa., August 23, 1830, 
who died after a brief illness April 10, 1878, and lies 
buried in the Evangelical graveyard at Campden, Ont. 

In the 3x^ar 1833 he was elected a minister of the 
Mennonite Church and later ordained bishop. He was 
a faithful minister of the creed, an honest and sincere 
man, who had the courage to maintain his convictions. 
During his incumbency in office as bishop, a religious 
controversy arose in reference to the temperance 
cause, Sunday school and prayer meetings. In the 

— I 14 — 

year 1S49 he, with others of his congregation, left the 
Mennonite Church and united with the Hvangehcal 
Association, of which he continued a member and 
minister until his death, November 25, 1865. He 
lies buried beside his second wife in the Evangelical 
graveyard at Campden, Ont., Can. Children (second 
wife): Susan, Salome, Jacob ( who died in infancy, 
aged 2 years and 6 months). 

VI. Samuel Gross, b. Oct. 15, 18 18 ; mrd. Mar}- Ann 
Rhodes Dec. 7, 1843. She died July 24, 1894. P.O. 
Landisville, N. J. Farmer; Baptists. Children: 
William, Jacob. 

VII. William H. Gross, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
vSept. 15, 1844; d. in Erie, Pa., Jan. 14, 1894; ^nrd. 
Efhe M. Laurie Jan. 19, 1882. No issue. 

Mr. Gross was a finely educated gentleman and a 
writer of superior ability, and his contributions to the 
local press always attracted attention. His library 
was a very complete one, and he was a well informed 
man on most any topic. He was also the author of 
very good poetr}' po.ssessing a charm which brought 
out the noble instinct of man. 

In 1865 he went to Erie, Pa., and entered the 
employ of Carroll Bros., lumber merchants, from 
which he resigned in 1890. He then took a position 
with the Erie Fish Association, but later took charge 
of the Fishermans' Fish Company. He was a mem- 
ber of Perry Lodge, No. 399, F. and A. M., of Erie. 
VII. Jacob R. Gross, born June 14, 1846 ; mrd. Ida 
Mollie Marwitz Mar. 27, 1889. P.O. Galveston, Tex. 
Bookkeeper; Mrs. G., Luth. Children: (VIII) Her- 
man Marwitz Gross, b. Jan. 19, 1890; (VIII) Arthur 
Frederick Gross, b. Nov. 13, 1891. 

VI. Mary Gross, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Sept. 30, 
1820 ; mrd. Christian H. Bushey, of Adams Co., Pa., 
June 7, 1842. P. O. Landisville, N. J. Farmer ; 
Meth. Ep. Children : Jacob, infant, Moses, Cath- 
arine, John, Isaiah, Annie, Oliver, Martha, Mary, 

VII. Jacob Bushey, b. April 7, 1843 ; died April 15, 

VII. A daughter, b. and d. Feb. 2, 1845. 

— 115 — 

VII. Moses G. Bushe}', b. Sept. 4, 1846 ; mrd. Hattie 
Bower, of Westboro, Mo., July 8, 1885. P. O. West- 
boro. Mo. Farmer ; Meth. Ep. Children : (VIM) Rol- 
land Iv. Bushey, born March 6, 1886 ; (VIM) infant 
daughter, died Dec. 1887 ; (VIII) Ethel M. Bushey, 
born April 11, 1892. 

VII. Catharine Bushe}', b. Jan. 17, 1849 ; d. June 22, 
1878 ; mrd. Lewis Moore Nov. 8, 1876. One child : 
( VIII ) Kate S. Moore, b. vSept. 16, 1877. 

VII. John W. Biishe}^ b. Aug. 18, 1851 ; d. x\pr. 15, 
1886; married Emma Hardesty, of Maysville, Mo., 
July 3, 1874. She died in 1876. House painter. 
Children : (VIII) A son born March 15, 1876 ; died 
Mar. 18, 1876 ; ( Vlllj a daughter, b. March 5, 1876 ; 
d. June 1876. 

VII. Isaiah G. Bushey, M.D., b. in Haldimand Co., 
Ont., May 10, 1854 J "^rd. Mollie Carpenter Sept. 30, 

189 1. P. O. Magnet, Mo. Dr. Bushey spent his 
boyhood days on the farm, going to school in Winter 
months and in Summer working on the farm. At the 
age of 15 his parents moved to Vineland, N. J., where 
he succeeded in acquiring sufficient knowledge to 
teach school. This occupation he followed until 1876, 
when he took Horace Greely's advice and went West, 
working on the farm until a better opening presented 
itself. In 1879 he took up the study of medicine 
without any capital to go to college with. By teach- 
ing school he succeeded in getting money enough to 
take a course of lectures, then continued the study 
and teaching until he graduated at St. Louis, Mo. 
Meth. p:p. One child : '( VIII ) Galen Herbert Bushey, 
b. July 1 1, 1892. 

VII. Annie S. Bushey, b. June 7, 1857. P.O. Eandis- 
ville, N. J. School teacher ; Meth. Ep. Single. 
VII. Ohver C. Bushey, b. Oct. 7, 1859 ; d. May 8, 

1892. Taught school some years in New Jersey, 
Missouri and Texas. He was a Christian. Single. 

VII. Martha Bushey, b. and d. April 10, 1862. 

VII. Mary A. Bushey, born April 10, 1862 ; married 
Lucian D. Hibbard, of Vineland, N.J., Nov. 25, 1884. 
Res. 1030 W. York St., Phila. Carpenter; Meth. 
Children : (VIII) Milton R. Hibbard, b. Oct. 14, 1885 ; 

— ii6 — 


(Vlll) Harry L. Hibl)ard, b. June 2S, 18S7 ; d. Jan. i, 
1888. (Vlll) Beryl A. Hibl)ard, born Dec. 31, 1889; 
(VIII) Gladys Cecil Hibbard, b. Sept. i, 1893. 
VII. Infant son, V). and d. July 20, 1865. 

VI. Annie Gross, I), in Lincoln Co., Ont., vSept, 26, 
1822 ; nu'd. David Housser''' Oct. 17, 1843. They 
celebrated their golden wedding October 17, 1893. 
Mr. Housser died July 21, 1894. P. O. Beamsville, 
Ont. Farmer ; Meth. Children : Israel, Salome, 
John, Gideon, Susie, Wesley, Franklin, Annie. 

VII. Israel G. Housser, born in Lincoln Co., July 23, 
1845. P. O. Beamsville, Ont. Farmer ; Meth. S. 

VII. Salome Housser, born June 26, 1847. P. O. 
Beamsville, Ont. Methodist. vSingle. 

VII. John H. Housser, b. in Clinton Twp., Lincoln 
Co., Ont., Ma}' 11, 1849 ; mrd. Mary J. Broughton, 
only daughter of Thomas and Martha Broughton, 
of Brantford, Ont., June 10, 1874. She was born at 
Brantford, Ont., Jan. 9, 1853. He is a member 
(stockholder) of the Massey Harris & Co., manu- 
facturers of agricultural implements, with factories 
at Toronto, Brantford and Woodstock, in the province 
of Ontario. Mr. Housser was assistant manager of 
the northwestern branch of their company for some 
years, with headquarters at Winnipeg, Manitoba, but 
has recently been promoted to the position of assist- 
ant secretary at the head ofhce in Toronto. P. O. 
Toronto, Ontario. Meth. Children: (Vlll) Xellie 
Broughton Housser, b. June 30, 1878 ; (Vlll) Harry 
Broughton Housser, born March 10, 1885 ; (Vlll) 
Frederick Broughton Housser, born June 2, 1889. 

VII. Gideon Boyd Housser, born in South Cayuga, 
Haldimand Co., Ont., June 23, 1851 ; mrd. Ellen 
Georgiana Elliott, of Exeter, England, August 29, 
1882. P. O. Portage LaPrairie, Manitoba. Lumber 
merchant. One child : (Vlll) George P^lliott Housser, 
born August 19, 1884. 

VII. Susie Housser, born in Haldimand Co., Ont., 
Mar. 29, 1854 ; mrd. George H. Williams. P. O. 
Thorold, Ont. Meth. Children : Annie, Birnev. 

*Son of Samuel Housser. (See foot-note page. 

— 117 — 

VII. Isaac Wesley Housser, b. in Ivincoln Co., Out., 
June 3, 1856. P. O. Winnipeg, Man. Accountant ; 

VII. David Franklin Housser, born Aug. 27, 1858 ; 
died in infanc^^ 

VII. Annie Jane Housser, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
July 10, 1864. P. O. Beamsville, Ont. Methodist. 

VI. Jolin Gross, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Jan. 14, 
1825 ; mrd. Elizabeth Barber, of Wentworth, Ont., 
Sept. 22, 1852. P. O. Welland, Ont. Mr. Gross 
was brought up on a farm ; later in life he went into 
the pump business in which he is still engaged. He 
was raised in the Old Mennonite faith, but he is 
now a Spiritualist, and believes that the departed are 
not dead, but still alive, and very often present with 
the living to guide them. Children : Lucetta, Mar}-, 
Salome, John, William. 

VII. Lucetta Jane Gross, b. Feb. 17, 1854. Superin- 
tendent of the General Hospital, 100 High street, 
Buffalo, N. Y. Methodist. Single. 

VII. Mary Lorinda Gross, b. in Huron Co., Ont., 
Oct. 28, 1855 ; mrd. 'William E. Burgar, M. D., 
Sept. 22, 1876. P. O. Niagara Falls, Ont. 

Dr. Burgar was born in Welland county, Ont., 
May 27, 1840. He is a son of George R. E. Burgar 
and Rachel Smith, his wife. Dr. Burgar 's father was 
of English, Scotch and Irish descent, his grandmother 
being a cousin of Lord NeLson. His mother was of 
German and English descent. Dr. Burgar graduated 
from Queens' University in 1868, and is a practicing 
ph^'sician and surgeon, having practiced continuously 
at Welland and Niagara Falls, Ontario. Presbyterian. 
Children : (VHI) Donna Gertrude Berger, b. July 18, 
1877; (VIII) Delia DeAdella Burger, b. Dec. 16, 1878 ; 
died May i, 1887. (VIII) Ollie Erskine Burger, born 
October 24, 1880. (VIII) Fred Aubrey Burgar, born 
vSept. 18, 1882. (VIII) Wilhe Hamilton Burgar, born 
December 12, 1885. "c. 

VII. Salome Gross, b. Juh^ 4, 1867 ; mrd. Herbert 
Ryan. Res. 7 VineSt., Lockport, N. Y. Spiritualist. 
Children : Irene, infant son (dec'd), Maude, Nellie, 

— iiS — 

VII. John PVank Gross, born July 19, 1859 ; married 
Clara Casper. P. O. Welland, Ont. Three children, 
two sons and a daughter (died in infancy). 

VII. William Milton Gross, born March 29, 1862. 
P. O. vSpokane, Wash. Single. 

VI. Elizabeth Gross, b. at Beamsville, Ont., Ma}' 15, 
1827 ; mrd. George C. Hggert, M. D., Ma^- 24, 1853. 
He was born in Canton of Berne, Switzerland, 
Oct. 22, 1826. P. O. North Collins, Erie Co., N. Y. 
Children : vSamuel, George, Lj'stra, Ida. 

VH. Samuel P^ggert, born Februar}' 7, 1854 ; died 
November 15, 1854. 

VII. George E. Eggert, b. Oct. 5, 1855. Res. 824 
Lackawanna Ave., Scranton, Pa. Machinist. Single. 

VII. Eystra Eggert, b. at Berne, Ont., Sept. 3, 1858 ; 
mrd. John Birney Grether June 20, 1877. Principal 
of the training school for nurses at Harper Hospital, 
Detroit, Mich. Holy Catholic ch., commonly called 
Episcopal. One child : (Vlllj Jean Birney Grether, 
born at Greensboro, N. C, Dec. 28, 1882. 

VII. Ida May Eggert, born in Berne, Ont., May 27, 
1863 ; died May 17, 1893. 

V. BarV^ara Moyer (dec'dj, born in Ontario Jul}' 10, 
1803 ; died unmarried. 

V. Samuel B. Moyer, bom in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Mar. 25, 1805 ; d. Sept. 27, 1887 ; mrd. Magdalena 
Housser Apr. 22, 1828. She was b. Dec. 16, 1808 ; 
died Nov. 19, 1893. They had twelve children, ten 
of whom survived and two died in infancy. His 
occupation was farming, his trade broom making. 
In his earlier years he made boots and shoes for him- 
self and others, and also linen and woolen goods for 
family use. His parents emigrated from Pennsylvania 
to Canada, lured by the prospect of good cheap lands 
in a new country. The journey was made in wagons 
and occupied about six weeks, and not a few dangers 
were encountered and hardships endured on the way. 
The famil}' settled near the Twenty-mile creek, two 
miles east of the present village of Campden, in what 
was at that time a dense forest, inhabited only by 
Indians and wild beasts. It is related that some 
settlers who preceded them were nuirdered b>' the 

— 119 — 

Indians at this place, which was said to be haunted by 
the barking of a dog belonging to victims of the 
outrage who died in self-defence. 

Mr. Mo3'er received a good education from his 
father, a school teacher himself, and a Commissioner 
of Deeds, etc. He was of small stature, erect in bear- 
ing, and quite active to within a few years of his 
death, quiet and reserved in manner, of a kind and 
generous disposition, of excellent habits, and of ex- 
emplar}^ character in every re.spect. He was a mem- 
ber of the first temperance societ}^ organized in the 
Province. He gradually succumbed to the weakness 
of old age and died a calm and peaceful death at the 
age of 8 1 in the Mennonite faith. His remains lie 
in the Mennonite burying ground near Campden, 
beside whose were laid six years later those of the 
beloved wife and mother. Children: Samuel, Charles, 
Jacob, Catharine, Isaac, Abraham, Nancy, David, 
Magdalena, Margaret, Joseph, Barbara. 

VI. Samuel W. Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Feb. 19, 1830 ; mrd. Elizabeth Kratz Dec. 15, 1850. 
P. O. Welland, Ont. Farmer and fruit grower ; 
Mennonites. Children : Reuben, Daniel, Lavina, 
Magdalena, Anna, Mary. 

VII. Reuben K. Mo^^er, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Sept. II, 1 85 1 ; mrd. Matilda Grant Dec. 21, 1875. 
P.O. Welland, Ont. Nurseryman ; Menus. Children: 
(VIII) Alberta Moyer, b. July 24, 1877 ; (VIM) J. F. 
Moyer, b. Sept. 3, 1879 ; (VIII) Lillie May Mo3xr, 
born Apr. 25, 1884; (VIM) Samuel E. G. Moyer, 
born August 11, 1892. 

VII. Daniel Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co. Ma}' 30, 1853. 

VII. Lavina Mo3xr, born November 17, 1855 ; died 
April II, 1868. 

VII. Magdalena Mo^-er, born April 30, 1857*; mrd. 
Mangnus Haist Jan. 1 1 , 1876. He was born in Baden, 
Germany, September 3, 1852. P. O. Fonthill, Ont. 
Children: (VIII) Samuel Arthur Haist, b. Nov. 21, 
1876 ; (VIII) Curtis Haist, born June 21, 1879 ; 
(Vlll) Courtland Haist, born June 21, 1879. 

VH. Nancy Catharine Moyer, b. vSept. 21, 1866 ; 

I 20 

mrd. William Oscar Howell Mar. 19, 1885. He was 
born March 17, 1859. 

VII. Mary Agnes Mover, born vSept. 20, 1871. 

VI. Charles Mover, born December 31, 1831 ; died 
March 20, 1833. 

VI. Jacolj vS. Moyer, born in Clinton Twp. , Lincoln 
Co., Ont., June 2, 1833; mrd. KHzabeth Moyer 
Apr. 6, 1858. P. O. Qnanah, Texas. He received a 
good common school education, and was engaged in 
farming and manufacturing of brooms at home before 
marriage, and afterward on the Rittenhouse farm, 
four miles due west from the place of his birth. In 
1 87 1 he removed to the village of Campden and went 
into the dry goods and grocer}^ business, at first in 
connection with the postoffice in partnership with 
Joseph B. Grobb, and subsequently on his own ac- 
count until 1890, when he removed to Texas, where 
he is now engaged in the n.ianufacture of brooms. 
By industry and hard work in a limited field of labor 
he has succeeded in educating his famih', which has 
been his aim rather than the accumulation of much 
propert3^ He was baptized in the Mennonite faith, 
but is now a member of the Presb}'terian church. 
He has always taken an interest in church affairs. 
Children : Hewson, Sarah, Emma, Ida, Edward. 

VII. Hewson Henry Moyer was born on what was 
known as the Rittenhouse farm, in Clinton Twp., 
Lincoln Co., Ont., Sept. 23, 1859. When he was 
12 years of age his father removed to the village of 
Campden in the .same county, where the son attended 
the public school and obtained a third grade teachers' 
certificate. At the age of 18 he began teaching, and 
was first employed in the .school of the district in 
which he w^as born and where he had received his 
primary education, numbering among his pupils .some 
of his former schoolmates. Here he remained one 
and a half years, in the meantime securing a second 
erade certificate. He then entered the normal school 
at Ottawa, from which he graduated in December of 
1879. After teaching a year and a half longer in the 
Union School on the lake .shore, Louth township, he 
entered the Collegiate In.stitute at St. Catharines, 

John H. Housser. 

(See Page ii6.) 


Ont., where he spent two j^ears, passmg the ma- 
triculation and first year examinations in arts of the 
University of Toronto, with first-class honors in 
modern languages, history and geography at both 
examinations. The vacation following was spent in 

newspaper work on the Berlin (Ontario) "News" and 
on the Welland "Tribune," but finding it more 
remunerative he resumed teaching for more than a 
year at Virgil, near Niagara, on the lake. From 
Niagara he removed to Buffalo in March 1885, and 
for nearl}^ six years filled the position of cashier of 
the Masonic I^ife Association, of western New York. 
Afterward he resigned his position and accepted the 
management of an accident insurance company. 

In September 1892 he received the appointment 
as principal of Public School No. 47, which position 
he still retains, as also that of night High school 
teacher, having received the latter appointment when 
the school was opened in 1890. June 22, 1887, he 
was married to Margaret Anna, daughter of Captain 
Campbell, of Woodstock, Ont. He is a member 
of the Presbyterian church and secretary of the 
board of trustees, also an officer of Washington 
Lodge, No. 240, F. and A. M.; treasurer of the 
22nd Ward Good Government Club and member of 
the executive committee of the principal association of 
Buffalo. One child: (VIII) Gladys Campbell Moyer, 
born Juh' 12, 1891. 
VII. Sarah Lodema Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Sept. 22, 1861 ; mrd Rev. Louis Henry Wagner 
July 4, 1889. P. O. Stratford, Ont. Mrs. Wagner 
began teaching when 17 years of age, taught two and 
a half 3^ears when from over work she was taken sick. 
After a year's rest she resumed her labors and taught 
two and a half years more. She then (January i, 
1885) entered the Buffalo General Hospital training 
school for nurses, and after two years training gradu- 
ated. During 1887 and 1888 she done private nursing 
in Buffalo, Emporium, Pa., Angola, N. Y., Clifton 
Springs Sanitarium, St. Louis, Mo., and Great Falls, 
New Hampshire. 



Her husband, Rev. Louis Henry Warner, was 

born in Grove township, Alleghany county, N. Y., 

April 1 1, 1857. His father, Rev. Jacob Wagner, was a 

native of Germany , born at Siefersheim, near Bingen on 

the Rhine, Hessen. He emigrated with his parents in 

1840 and settled in the vicinity of Lyons, N. Y., 
where he was employed with his father, Henry 
Wagner, at farming and the coopers' trade, until 
brought to the Saviour by that indefatigable pioneer 
missionary. Rev. Joseph Harlacher, and began preach- 
ing at the age of 18, serving very important fields in 
the state of New York and Canada. He died in 
Berlin, Ont., April 19, 1858. His wife Margaret 
(nee Hailer ) born upon Canadian soil, but of German, 
descent, her father being from Wilfredingen, Baden, 
and her mother from Muhlhausen, Alsace, were the 
first German born settlers at Berlin, Ont., where 
they arrived in 183 1. Several years after the death of 
her husband Mrs. Wagner married one Daniel Bean, a 
country school teacher, and Lewis Henry received a 
good common school education. An uncle after whom 
he was named, and his grandfather Jacob Hailer, 
of Berlin, took quite an interest in the lad, and with 
a view of giving him a better education offered him a 
home in their families, which he accepted, and when 
13 years old left his mother's home to attend the 
Central school at Berlin. Three 3'ears later he passed 
the examination and attended the High school, con- 
tinuing several j^ears. An idea to get into business 
life posses.sed him, so he entered the employ of his 
uncle, Louis Breithaupt, as an apprentice tanner, 
remaining with him two 3'ears, also learning the trade 
of leather belt making during that time. The desire 
for still better educational attaiiunents now again 
made themselves strongly felt, and he received per- 
mission to attend Northwestern College, an institution 
of the Evangelical Association at Naperville, 111., 
where he remained three years, after which, in the 
Summer of 1878, he again entered the employ of his 
vmcle as clerk in the leather and shoe findings depart- 
ment, and later as bookkeeper and traveling salesman. 

-123 — 

Quite early in life impressions of a higher calling, 
that to which his sainted father sacrificed his energies 
and life, made themselves felt, but not until the 
Winter and Spring of 1882 would he consent to give 
it au}^ attention. In his 12th year he was received 
into church fellowship on profession of faith, and as 
often as he lived up to the inner promptings of love 
and duty to God and man something seemed to tell 
him in words unheard by others yet keenly felt b}" 
himself, ' 'you are not where God wants 3^ou. ' ' Being 
fond of business and not desiring the staid realities of 
an itinerant preacher's life, he would, for the time 
being, drowai these inner promptings in the interests of 
his employments and at times even in actual foil}'. 
But now the thought would not leave him, and, after 
man}' prayers and consultations, he decided to appl}' to 
his class for recommendation to preach, which was 
freely given him. At this time he was holding the 
important offices of Sunday school superintendent 
and exhorter in the Evangelical church at Berlin. 
A few weeks later the Canada Conference of the 
Evangelical Association met at St. Jacobs, Ont., 
who unanimousl}' granted him his license, received 
him into the itineracy and appointed him assistant to 
his former pastor. Rev. J. J. Klipphardt, at Sebring- 
ville. The next year he was given Gainsboro Mission, 
during which time he built and secured payment for a 
new church at Bismark and had an encouraging 
revival on the charge. In 1884 he was sent to 
Hespeler, having been ordained deacon b}' his confer- 
ence just previously. About this time he was married 
to Mary Staebler. At the conference session of 1886 
he passed all the examinations and completed the full 
course of study creditably, was ordained an elder and 
admitted into full connection in the conference. In 
1887 he was assigned to Blenheim Circuit, where his 
wife died two weeks after their arrival, leaving an 
infant son. 

Mr. Wagner's health becoming somewhat broken 
down, by the kindness of some friends in the Summer 
of 1888, he was privileged to make a few months tour 
to Europe, visiting England, Holland, Belgium, 

— I24-— 

Germany, Switzerland and Italy, which quite restored 
him. In the Spring of 1889 his conference sent him 
to Campden station, where he served three years with 
much favor and success. It was while here that he 
was married, on July 4, 1889, to Sarah Lodema, eldest 
daughter of Jacob S. Mo3^er. Another move in 1892 
brought them to their present field of labor, Stratford, 
Ont. Mr. Wagner has for eight years held the 
office of conference missionary treasurer. He is in the 
prime of life, having just passed his 38th birthday. His 
future is full of prospects, bright and encouraging. 
One child : (VIII) Ida Louisa Wagner, born Feb. 16, 

VII. Emma Catharine Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
July 6, 1863 ; mrd. Marshall Mcllhany Offutt, of 
St. Louis, Mo., July 4, 1889. P. O. Wichita Falls, 
Texas. Manager for J. S. Mayfield, lumber dealer ; 
Meth. Ep. ch. One child : (VIII J Allen Douglass 
Offutt, b. July 27, 1893. 

VII. Ida Jane Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
June 17, 1867 ; mrd. Peter Dierlamm Dec. 19, 1893. 
P. O. Stratford, Ont. Mr. Dierlamm is an artist. 
He was born December 25, 1851, at Schoenberg, 
German}', and came to Canada with his parents when 
3 years of age. He received his education at the 
public schools and took a course of mental philosophy, 
afterward receiving the title of S. S. D. After 
leaving school he gave considerable time to self- 
culture. Young Dierlamm spent his boyhood on his 
father's farm, but very early in life he gave evidence 
of the great artistic skill which he has since developed 
to such a remarkable degree. When a bo}- of 7 he 
painted in water colors. x\fterwards he studied in oil 
colors, and under the best artists on the continent 
continued to develope and perfect himself in this art 
for which he has such remarkable adaptation. For 
nine 3'ears he conducted a photograph galler>' in con- 
nection with an art studio. He located in Stratford 
in 1889 and has already established a provincial 
reputation as an artist. Among his much admired 
portraits are those of the Honorable Speaker Thomas 
Ballantyne and late James Trow (bought b>' House of 

— 125 — 

Commons, of which he was a member for twenty years) , 
Ma3'ors of different cities, etc. Of his landscapes the 
"Old Homestead" has won much praise. 

His first marriage was blessed with three beautiful 
children. In 1893 ^^ married second wife Miss Ida J. , 
youngest daughter of Jacob S. and Elizabeth Mo3^er. 
Mr. Dierlamm has been superintendent in the Evan- 
gelical church Sunda}' school for a number of years 
and is at present a teacher and assistant superintendent 
in the Sunday school of the Evangelical church at 
Stratford, and is also a member of its board of trustees. 

VII. Edward Ervdn Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Aug. II, 1 87 1. Undertaker and embalmer at Albur- 
querque, New Mexico. 

VI. Catharine L. Mo3'er, b. July 31, 1834; married 
David L. Moyer Feb. 8, 1859. He died Mar. i, 1875. 
(See Index of References No. 55.) 

VI. Isaac H. Mo^^er, b. Mar. 10, 1836 ; mrd. Esther 
Weber Feb. 11, 1862. She died April 7, 1886. 
Children : Nancy, Benjamin, Samuel, Simeon, Israel, 
Magdalena. Isaac married second wife Sarah Snyder 
Oct. 3, 1886. P.O. Bloomingdale, Ont. Farmer and 
gardener. Menus. 

VII. Nancy Mo^^er, b. June 7, 1863 ; mrd. Isaac M. 
Martin Oct. 21, 1884. He died March 22, 1894. 
Children: (VIII) Sylvester Martin, b. Oct. 11, 1885; 
(VIII) Anna Martin, b. April 19, 1888 ; (VIII) Emer- 
son Martin, born June 27, 1890; (VIII) Mary Ann 
Martin, b. Apr. 30, 1893 ; d. Apr. 24, 1894. 

VII. Benjamin Moyer, born Dec. 27, 1873. P. O. 
Bloomingdale, Ont. Farmer ; Menus. 

VII. Samuel Moyer, b. and d. Aug. 23, 1875. 

VII. Simeon Moj-er, born Dec. 5, 1876. Carpenter ; 

VII. Israel Moyer, b. Mar. 22, 1879. Menus. 

VI. Abraham S. Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Apr. 20, 1837 ; mrd. Catharine Wismer Nov. 8, 1864. 
She died May 20, 1894. P.O. Jordan, Ont. Broom 
maker ; Church of God. Children : Menno, Joseph, 
Isaac, Mary, Gilbert. 

VII. Menno S. Moyer, b. June 7, 1865 ; mrd. Sarah 
Elizabeth Stengel Dec. 22, 1889. Res. 241 South- 

126 — 

amptoii vSt., Baffalo, N. Y. Button worker; Menu. 
Br. in Christ. One child : (VIII) Flossy May Moyer, 
born Sept. 25, 1894. 

VII. Joseph Nathaniel Moyer, b. May i, 1868. P.O. 
Jordan, Ont. Farmer. 

VII. Isaac Wesley Moyer, born vSept. 7, 1870. Res. 
241 Southampton St., Buffalo, N.Y. Button worker. 

VII. Mary Margaret Moyer, b. Oct. 15, 1871. 

VII. Gilbert Ervin Mo3^er, born Dec. 31, 1873 ; died 
Aug. 13, 1888. 

VI. Nancy Moyer, b. Oct. 27, 1839 ; mrd. Thomas 
Church Jan. 9, 1870. 

VI. Rev. David H. Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Jul}' 20, 1842 ; mrd. Anna Moyer Dec. 26, 1864. 
She died April 4, 1885. Children: (VII) Theodore 
Perkins Moyer, born February 8, 1869. Dentist. 
(VII) Evalena Mo3'er, b. Nov. 24, 1874; d. Dec. 14, 
1879. (VII ) Vernon Sylvanus Moyer, b. Apr. 4, 1885. 
David married second wife Mary W. Housser Oct. 25, 
1885. She wash. Aug. 24, 1846. P. O. Jordan, Ont. 
Minister Church of God. One child: (VII) Lillian 
Moyer, born Dec. 5, 1887. 

VI. Magdalena Moyer, b. Jan. 7, 1841 ; mrd. Jacob 
M. Wismer Dec. 15, 1882. P. O. Campden, Ont. 
Broom maker; Menus. One child: (VII; Hattie 
Belle Wismer, b. in 1883; d. Sept. 19. 1884. 

VI. Margaret Moyer, b. May 10, 1845 ; d. June i, 
1875 ; married Christian Hunsberger Nov. 23, 1875. 
He died in 1880. No issue. 

VI. Joseph Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Out., Mar. 12, 
1847 ; married Anna F. Moyer Oct. 3, 1871. P. O. 
Campden, Ont. Farmer and fruit grower ; Menu. 
Br. in Christ. Children : (VII) Leander Moyer, born 
Sept. I, 1875. Menu. Br. in Christ. (VII) Arabella 
Moyer, born October 4, 187S. Menu. Br. in Christ. 
(VII) Lorena Moyer, b. Oct. 29, 1883. 

VI. Barbara ]\Ioyer, b. Nov. 7, 1849 ; died May 24, 
1874 ; married Moses H. Oberholt October 28, 1873. 
No issue. 

V. Abraham Bechtel Moyer was the third son of 
Samuel Me^'er, who emigrated to Upper Canada from 

— 127 — 

PeniiS3'lvania in 1800, being one of the pioneers of 
Clinton township, in the old Niagara district. 

He was born January 29, 1809, and was married 
to Mary Gross Nash, a native of Pennsylvania, 
March 23, 1830. His father located him on an 
adjoining farm (on the Fly road), where he remained 
about six years, when he sold out and with his wife 
and three children settled in what was termed the 
"Indian Bush," on the Rainham road, Haldimand 
county, about four miles west of Dunnville. Here in 
a few years he had cleared a farm, erected good 
buildings and planted an orchard. Venison and wild 
turkey were the staple food, and luscious berries were 
plentiful. Bears, wolves and venomous serpents were 
frequent visitors in the clearing. In 1844 he again 
sold his possessions and leased Cross & Fisher's mills 
and farm in Norfolk county, on the shore of Lake 
Erie, where he engaged in the manufacture and sale 
of flour, plaster, walnut lumber, and in agriculture, 
imtil 1847, when, at the earnest solicitation of 
relatives, he returned and purchased a farm in Lin- 
coln county, a few miles south of Beamsville, where 
he remained until the Autumn of 1850. The period 
from 1850 to i860 was spent in Pelkham township, 
Welland county, and from i860 to 1863 in the town 
of Brantford and vicinit3\ The last place here 
occupied was the picturesque and historic home of 
Captain Brant, chief of the Six Nations, on the 
Grand River. In the Spring of this 3^ear, as the 
family were ready to sit down to an evening meal, the 
house was discovered to be on fire, and with nearl}" 
all of the contents was consumed. 

Adversitv and ill health were now bearing: heavilv 
upon him, and he once more returned to the old home- 
stead, where a house was temporized until arrange- 
ments could be made b}' one of his sons for building 
anew. In 1864 this was accomplished, and here his 
last year of toil culminated in sickness which ended his 
eventful life on April 21, 1865. He was of medium 
stature and weight, was full grown at the age of 17, 
his hair was jet black but soon began to turn gray. 
He was noted for his integrity, cheerfulness, enterprise 

— 128 — 

and courage. To his sorrow lie believed all men to be 
honest until he knew the contrary. He was liberally 
endowed with tact and skill, essential qualities in ^he 
pioneer, which served him well in the construction of 
whatever he might require, whether buildings, uten- 
sils, implements, or shoes for the family including 
the lasts. He lived for his famih', forgetful of 
self, and by overexertion shortened his life. When 
schools were not otherwise provided he employed 
a teacher in the home. 

In religion he was cheerful, orthodox, liberal, 
unobtrusive yet prompt in the discharge of dut3\ To 
the last he trusted his God and loved his neighbor as 
himself. Early in life he and his wife w^ere Menno- 
nites, in which faith they continued until about 1850, 
when they joined the Evangelical Association Church. 
Children: Anna, Tobias, Samuel G., x\brahan N., 
Mar}', Jacob X., Levi N., Sophia, Jesse G. 

VI. Anna Moyer, born Jan. 9, 1831 ; mrd. John 
Wismer. (See Index of References No. 56.) Anna 
married second husband William W. Moyer. (See 
Index of References No. 56. ) 

VI. Samuel G. Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Mar. 19, 1835 ; mrd. at Plainfield, 111., to Emma 
Bliss May 22, 1867. P. O. Cedar Falls, Iowa. 
Secretary and treasurer of the Cedar Falls Mill Com- 
pany. Mr. Moyer is an elder in the Presbyterian 
church. Children : Ella, Robert, Louisa. 

VII. Ella Bliss Moyer, born at Peru, 111., Feb. 11, 
1869. P. O. Sioux Cit}', Iowa. Stenographer with 
the Iowa Life Insurance Company. Presbyterian. 

VII. Robert Bliss Moyer, b. at Peru, 111., Aug. 29, 
1870 ; mrd. Plora Milicent Bartlett June 15, 1894. 
P. O. Jersey City, N. J. Associate editor of the 
"Insurance Advocate" of New York and Philadel- 
phia. Presbyterian. 

VII. Louisa Mo3'er, b. at Vinton, la., Feb. 24, 1880. 

VI. Abraham N. Moyer, b. in Haldimand Co., Ont., 
Aug. 10, 1837 ; mrd. Nannie Entrekin, of Kingston, 
O. , at Independence, Mo., Sept. 7, 1870. P. O. 
Kansas City, Kan. The first nineteen years of his 
life were spent on the farm in Canada. At the age of 

129 — 

20 he began teaching countr}' school, which profession 
he followed for eighteen years, excepting a few terms 
in Clark Seminary at Aurora, 111., and vacation in the 
harvest fields of Illinois. Three years in the Stone 
vSchoolhouse at Fry's Corner, South Cayuga, Ont., 
followed by three years at Campden, in Lincoln 
count}^ he regards as the most satisfactory^ as to 
material, public interests and results of his school life. 
From 1868 to 1870 he taught at Independence, Mo. 
A professorship at Lincoln College, Greenwood, Mo., 
in 1870-71, was given up for want of college funds. 
On account of his knowledge of German he was 
offered a position in the Central school of Wyandotte, 
now Kansas City, Kan., which he held until 1875. 
Next he engaged in the business of real estate and 
loans. In 1879 himself and partner purchased the 
"Wyandotte Gazette," which was published and 
edited by them (Armstrong & Moyer) until 1887, 
when Mr. Moj^er sold his. interest. He was one of the 
original directors of' the W^^andotte National Bank, of 
which he has been for a number of years vice presi- 
dent, holding an active position. He is also treasurer 
of the Kansas City Saving Bank. Presbyterian. 
Children : (VII) Metta Sophia Mo5'er, born May 9, 
1873 ; (VII) Clyde Entrekin Moyer, b. Mar. 18, 1879. 

VI. Mar}' Moyer, b. in Haldimand Co., Ont., Juh' i, 
1840 ; mrd. Tobias Schantz Aug. 6, 1863. P. O. 
Berlin, Ont. Book agent ; United Brethren in Christ. 
Children : Orpheus, Etta, Sophia, Austin, Franklin, 
Arthur, Florence, Herbert. 

VII. Orpheus M. Schantz, b. in Port Elgin, Out., 
Ma}^ 1864 ; mrd. Cornelia Flagler in 1889. P- O- 
Morton Park, 111. With Carson, Pirie, Scott & 
Co., Chicago, 111. One child: (VIII j Ruth Moyer 
Schantz, born October 1892. > 

VII. Etta M. Schantz, b. at Port Elgin, Ont., Oct. q, 
1866. P. O. Morton Park, 111. With Carson, Pirie, 
Scott & Co., Chicago, 111. ■] 

VII. Sophia E. Schantz, born in Lincoln Co., Onti, 
May 1869. 

VII. Austin T. Schantz, born in Waterloo Co., Ont/., 
Oct. 1 87 1. P. O. Blue Island, 111. Clerk. mi 


VII. Franklin A. Schantz, born Jan. 1874. P. O. 
Berlin, Ont. Clerk. 

VII. Arthur B. Schantz, b. Nov. 1876. P. O. Berlin, 
Ont. Photographer. 

VII. Florence A. vSchantz, born December 1879. 

VII. Herbert C. vSchantz, born May 1883. 

VI. Jacob N. Mover, b. Oct. 23, 1842 ; mrd. Marv 
Jane Miller Apr. 20, 1886. P.' O. Harrisburg, Pa. 
Accountant; Meth. Ep. Children: (VII) Willard 
White Mover, born April 12, 1887; (VII) Frances 
Mover, born July 19, 1889 ; (VII J Richard Moyer, 
born September 9, 1891 ; (Vllj Evelyn Moyer, born 
November 12, 1894. 

VI. Rev. Levi N. Moyer, born in Canada June 19, 
1845 ; mrd. Mary E. Raymond June 20, 1871. 
P. O. Wilmette, 111. Mr. Moyer'.s early days were 
spent on the farm. The district school furnished the 
educational advantage until the year 1861, when the 
privileges of the grammar schools were enjoyed for 
several years. At the age of 19 he went with an 
older brother to Illinois to seek employment in mer- 
cantile lines, and this line of business he has followed 
successfully with very little interruption up to the 
present time. The early training of the boy was 
religious in the extreme, and the teachings of the 
home and church were deeply rooted in the young 
mind and heart, so that he early sought to lead a 
Christian life, and united with the church when a 
mere boy. In the year 1871, having giving evidence 
of gifts and graces, he was licensed to preach, which 
he did as often as an opportunity presented itself. 
At the session of the Upper Iowa Conference, held at 
Cedar Falls, la., October 1884, he was elected and 
ordained to the office of deacon by Bishop R. S. Foster, 
of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 

While Mr. Moyer never entered the regular 
pastorate, 3"et during his entire business career he has 
found time and opportunity to preach and sing the 
Gospel with great acceptability. He was for many 
3^ears identified with the Y. M. C. A. in Iowa and 
was a member of the State executive committee, and 
for three years was president of the association at 

I ^I 

Cedar Falls, la. As an evangelistic Gospel singer 
and chorister Mr. Mo3^er was very successful, having 
served one of the largest churches in the State in that 
capacity for about fourteen years. His soul-stirring 
song did much to soften the hearts of the people and 
lead them to accept the Gospel message and yield 
themselves to Christ. For more than ten 3'ears he 
preached in turn with other ministers to the students 
of the Iowa State Normal School. In 1889 he 
accepted a position of great responsibility with a large 
mercantile firm in Chicago, where he is now manager 
and buyer of a large business. The ambition of his 
life seems to be to prove to the world that it is possi- 
ble to be a Christian business man, and in this he is 
succeeding, for he is constantly called upon to preach 
and deliver addresses in various sections of the city 
and country. As a speaker Mr. Moyer is fluent, clear 
and practical. His voice is both strong and tender, 
and his powers of expression are unusual. 

Perhaps his time and talents should never have 
been divided between the church and business, but 
while those who hear him preach say he should never 
be found in business, those in his employ and those 
who deal with him say he should continue to prove to 
the w^orld that principles of the Gospel can enter and 
be interwoven with business life. Metli. Ep. Chil- 
dren : (VII) Charles Raymond Moyer, b. June 20, 
1872 ; died Nov. 28, 1878. (VII) Harry R. Moyer. 
born Jan. 6, 1875. Meth. Ep. (VII) Eva Maude 
Moyer, born June 24, 1876; died Dec. 11, 1878. 
(VII) Mary E. Moyer, b. Nov. i, 1877. Meth. Ep. 
(VII) Edmund Warren Moyer, born Mar. 15, 1880. 
Meth. Ep. (VII) Jennie Moyer, born Feb. 4, 1885. 
Meth. Ep. 

VI. Sophia Moyer. born Oct. 10, 1847 5 inrd. Rev. 
John H. Book in 1869 ; died in Lafayette Co., Mo., 
Nov. 13, 1870. 

She was a sweet singer and using this talent was 
very helpful to her husband on his circuit in Jackson 
and Lafayette counties. Mo. linder her leadership in 
services of song Methodists South joined in worship 
with Methodists North, seemingly forgetting tlie 

-132 — 

bitterness engendered b}^ the great war so recentl3' 
ended. Tenderly was she laid to rest in the beautiful 
cemetery of Independence, Mo. 

VI. Jesse G. Moyer, b. near Beamsville, Lincoln Co., 
Ont., Feb. 28, 1850. He was thrown on his own 
resources at 15 and worked as farm liand during the 
Summer months and attended school in Winter. At 
18 he went West and secured a situation in a dry 
goods store at Peru. 111. He remained in the mercantile 
business as salesman for about nine 3'ears in Illinois, 
Iowa and Penns^'lvania. During this period he 
visited the old home and friends twice, and spent the 
Summer of 1873 recruiting health in the wilds of 
Manitoba and the northwestern territor}'. 

He was married October 15, 1874, at Ottawa, 
Illinois, to Anna E. Tomlins, of LaSalle, Illinois. 
She was born at Pottstown, Pa., May 2, 1855. In 
the Spring of 1877 he moved to Jordan, Ont., and 
engaged in the nursery business, where he remained 
till the Spring of 1882, when he moved his family to 
Connestogo, Ont., and went to Mapleton, Iowa, 
followed by his family in the Summer. In February 
1883 the\^ moved on a farm near Topeka, Kan., 
farmed a A'ear at Topeka, Rosedale and Ellsworth, 
Kan., then settled in Kansas City, Kan. For .several 
years he engaged in house building, and during the 
boom was in the real estate business and held a 
Notary Public connnission. Later he served a year 
as manager of the Kansas City Plaining ]\Iill, and 
then served two years as Assistant State Weighmaster. 
The family has been living on a farm during the last 
four 3-ears. Children : (VII) Lillian May Moyer, 
born in Iowa Feb. 26. 1876; (VII) Maurice Moyer, 
born in Ont. July 7, 1877 ; (Vll) Herbert Moyer, b. 
in Ont. Oct. 12, 1879; (VII) Mabel Moyer,' b. hi 
Ont. Feb. 3. 1881 ; (Vll) Edna Moyer, b. in Kan. 
Feb. 25, 1885 ; (Vll) Etta Edith Moyer, b. in Kan. 
Feb. 5, 1887 ; (Vll) Bertha Mary Moyer, b. in Kan. 
Jan. 24, 1890. 

V. David B. Moyer, b. Oct. 4, 181 1 ; d. June 18, 
187 1 ; mrd. Rebecca Nash Mar. 4, 1833. She was 
b. Nov. 26, 181 2 ; d. Aug. 16, 1884. P. O. Jordan, 

Samuel B. Mover. 

See Page 1 1 8. 

T T T 

Ontario. Farmer ; Kv. Ass'n. Children : Samuel, 
Mary, Anna, Barbara, Eli, Elizabeth, David, Simeon. 

David B. Moyer was born in Lincoln Co., Ont. 
This Eden spot of the Queen's Dominion was at that 
time a vast forest, onl}^ broken here and there by the 
clearings of the hardy pioneers, and the educational 
advantages of the young back woodsman were ver}^ 
limited. He, however, enjoyed the privilege of one 
term at a German school taught by his father, and 
was taught the "Three R's" in English by the same 
tutor, and by his own further efforts he ultimately 
acquired sufficient education to meet the exigencies of 
the times. He learned at an early age to swing a 
pioneer's axe, and at 14 began clearing operations on 
the 100 acres of forest land purchased for him b^^ his 
father, being lot No. 3, in the 8th Con., township of 
Clinton. He also learned the shoemakers' trade, and 
during the early years of his married life made and 
mended the "foot wear" for his family. When 21 
3xars of age he married Rebecca, daughter of Abraham 
and Maria (Gross) Nash, a native of Bucks Co., Pa., 
and settled upon the above described farm, which he 
occupied until the time of his death. 

Mr. Moyer was a man of extremely mild and 
genial disposition, quiet and unassuming, of generous 
impulses, and given to hospitality. His latch string 
was always out to the iterent preacher, colporter, 
visitor, or wayfaring stranger. He was domestic in 
his tastes, and deeply devoted to his family and home 
life. He loved his homestead with its forests of pine 
and sugar maple, oak and beech, and he alwa3's 
spared the axe from his 20 acres of magnificent pine. 

He was always interested in the educational 
matters of the community, and served his own school 
section at various times as trustee. While taking no 
active part in political affairs or partisan wrangles, he 
had decided convictions and exercised his franchise 
by voting (usually) for the Reform candidate. He 
kept his home supplied with good books in both 
languages, and such papers as the New York 
"Observer," Toronto "Globe" and "Evangelical 
Messenger' ' were for many years regular visitors at his 

— 134 — 

fireside. Of Meiinonite ancestr>- and environment, 
he was an adherent to that faith until 1849, when, 
durino^ the revival efforts of Rev. F. Scharffe, he 
united with the Evangelical Association. In this 
church of his adoption he lived an earnest Christian 
life, was active in every good work a faithful, 
consistant member to the end. 

June 17, 1871, during a visit in Bucks Co., Pa., 
he was stricken with apoplex}- while in the act of 
mailing a letter at Fountainville, and died at the 
home of Rev. Isaac Rickert on the evening of the 
following da}'. His last intelligible words were : 

Den er verlasst mich nicht." 
"Von Gott will ich niclit lassen, 

His remains were removed to his home near 
Campden, Ont., and on June 24 attended by 
a large concourse of sorrowing friends, were borne 
to their last resting place in the Evangelical church 
VI. Samuel N. Mover, b. Aug. 10, 1834 ; d. Oct. 3, 
1893 ; mrd. ]\Iartha Jane Brown (daughter of Benja- 
min and Lavina Brown, of Gainsboro, Ont.) Sept. i, 
1858. She died without issue Ma^^ 21, 1871. He 
married Mary Ann, widow of Conrad Seibert, and 
daughter of William and Anna (Schweitzer ) Lingel- 
bach, June 4, 1872. P. O. Berlin. Ont. Minister 
Ev. Ass'n. of N. A. Children : Ida, Eli, Anna, 
Samuel, Mary. 

Rev. vSamuel N. Mo3^er was born in Lincoln Co., 
Ont. His early life was spent on the homestead 
farm and during the Winter months he attended the 
common school. In January 1854 he began his career 
as teacher and taught a three months term at 
$11.00 per month. In 1855 he again taught 
three months, after which he took a course of 
instruction at the Toronto normal and followed the 
profession of teaching until 1868. He was converted 
at the age of 15 and united with the Evangelical 
church at Campden. In 1857 he began to exercise 
his talents for the Lord in vSabbath school work and 
weekly tract distribution at Port P)lgin. where he 

— 135 — 

was then teaching. This he followed up for years, 
both Summer and Winter. He was appointed class 
leader at the first organization of the Evangelical 
church at that place in 1859. During these years he 
felt that he should go forth as a heralder of the Cross of 
Christ, but to himself his unfitness seemed so great 
that he dared not let even his dearest friends know 
of his convictions. Finalh', through the searching 
inquiry of a father in Israel, he ^'ielded his assent 
and was given work as a local preacher in 1867. At 
the next annual conference, held in Blenheim Twp. , 
Oxford Co., under the presidency of Bishop Joseph 
Long, he was licensed as probationer and sent as 
junior preacher to Upper Woolwich Circuit to assist 
Rev. Theodore Hauch. He was sent to Blenheim 
Circuit alone in 1869, and to Hamburg Circuit in 
1871-72. He was ordained deacon at Crediton in 
1870 and elder at Lingelbach's church in 1872. He 
was appointed to Lincoln Circuit and Gainsboro 
Mission 1873 and 1875 ; Campden station 1876 ; 
Hespeler Mission 1877 and 1883 ; Creditor station 
1880. In 1884 he was elected presiding elder and 
sent to the Ottawa District, where he remained three 
years, serving at the same time as pastor of Golden 
Lake Mission. In 1887 he was stationed on the 
North District. In 1888 he was re-elected presiding 
elder and stationed on the South District, and in 1889 
transfered to the West District. Here he remained 
until 1892, when, upon being again re-elected he was 
sent again to the former district. Preaching of Christ 
and him crucified was the joy of his life, and the Lord 
crowned his endeavors to glorify His name, by giving 
him many souls to his ministry on every pastoral 
charge he served. 

On Sabbath morning, March 11, 1893, while 
serving an appouitment at Morriston, Ont., he was so 
severely attacked with hemorrhage of tlie stomach 
that he immediately sank helpless in the pulpit. 
He was tenderly borne to the house of a friend, 
where, for some days, his life hung as by a thread, 
but in a few weeks he was able to return to his home 
at Sebringsville, and although by no means in a 

— 136 — 

proper physical condition he was at his fort during the 
annuLl conference shortly after. His health remain- 
ing at very low ebb, by advise of his physician, he 
vSpent the Summer months in Manitoba, but all in 
vain. He died October 3, 1H93, at the home of John 
Well, Cavalier, N. D., where he was resting a few 
days during the journey homeward. His remains 
were brought to tlie home of his brother-in-law. 
Samuel Rieder, near Shakespeare, Ont., from whence, 
on October 9, they were taken to the cemetery near 
Lingelbach's church for burial. vSermons were 
preached in German by Rev. Joseph Umbach, and in 
English by Rev. D. Kreh, to an immense gathering 
of friends, among whom were twenty-six ministers of 
the Evangelical Association. 

In his conference he had the esteem and con- 
fidence of his associates, as is indictated by his 
having been thrice elected to the office of presiding 
elder and twice sent as delegate to the general con- 
ference. He held the office of treasurer of the 
missionary societ}' of  his conference for many years, 
and afterwards was repeatedly given the presidency. 
His main forte as a preaclier lay in his ability as an 
evangelist. His sermons were of the awakening 
kind, sending conviction to the heart of the sinner, 
and by his pathos and tender sympathy leading him 
to accept salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. 

It used to be commonly said : "If Brother 
Moyer cannot stir up a revival there is no use of any 
one else trying." Full of good hope, confidant of 
success, and with a heart as tender and affectionate as 
that of a child, his enthusiasm often carried his 
audience with him. As a pastor, he was a persistent 
house to house visitor, and generally knew all the 
little children of his flock by name. For twenty-five 
years he preached the Word, laboring diligentl>- and 
faithfully as an active itinerant in the Canada Con- 
ference of the Evangelical Association. His memory 
will long be cherished in the hearts and homes of 
hundreds of his former parishioners. Children : 
(VII) Ida Susanna Moyer, b. Mar. 23, 1873 ; d. Apr. 
16, 1876. (VH) VM vSimpson Moyer, b. Feb. 28, 

— 137 — 

1876. P. O. Berlin, Out. Stenographer ; Ev. Ass'n. 
(VII) Anna Margaret Ada Moyer, born August 2, 
1878. (VII) Samuel Nehimah Mo3'er, born August i, 
1 88 1. (VII) Mary Rosie Etta Adalina Moyer, born 
November 6, 1883. 

VI. Mary N, Moyer, born September 30, 1836 ; died 
May II, 1837. 

VI. Anna N. Moyer, born Aug. 26, 1838 ; mrd. 
Christian A. Gross Feb. 7, 1866. He was born July 
8, 1835. P. O. Landisville, N. J. Farmer and 
teacher; Meth. Ep. Children: (VII) Lizzie Rebecca 
Gross, b. Sept. 22, 1872. P. O. Landisville, N. J. 
Teacher; Meth. Ep. (VII) Mary Jane Gross, born 
Dec. 9, 1874. P. O. Landisville, N. J. Teacher ; 
Meth. Ep. (VII) Jacob W. Gross, b. June 26, 1879. 
(VII) David B. Gross, born March 2, 1883. 

VI. Barbara N. Moyer, b. May 8, 1841 ; d. Apr. 11, 
1885 ; mrd. Gilgian Trachsel Feb. 27, 1873. He 
was born at Oberamt Frutigan, Canton Berne, Switz- 
erland. P. O. Shakespeare, Ontario. Ev. Ass'n. 
Children: (VII) Edwin Trachsel, b. Feb. 28, 1874; 
(VII) Lizzie Trachsel, b. Aug. 2, 1875; (VII) John 
Gideon Trachel, born Jan. 5, 1877 ; (VII) Samuel 
Trachsel, born Oct. 30, 1878; (VII) Sarah Rebecca 
Trachsel, b. Feb. 28, 1884. 

VI. Eli N. Moyer, b. July 14, 1843 ; mrd. Sarah 
Hippie Feb. 4, 1866. P. O. Toronto, Ont. Dealer in 
school supplies; Meth. Children: (VII) Rebecca 
Arminta Mover, b. Dec. 22. 1866 ; mrd. Ezra 
Albright. (See Index of References No. 57). 
(VII) Maggie May Mo^'er, b. Sept. 25, 1869 ; mrd. 
Harry Samuel Harwood Sept. 19, 1894. P. O. 
Toronto, Ont. Bookkeeper; Meth. (VII) Martha 
Dell Moyer, b. Jan. 12, 1873. P. O. Toronto, Ont. 
Stenographer ; Meth. (VII) Harry Rollison Amad- 
ens Moyer, b. Jan. 17, 1878. Student; Meth. 

VI. Elizabeth N. Mover, born December i, 1845. 
P. O. Buffalo, N. Y. Meth. Single. 

VI. David N. Mo^-er, born June 12. 1849 ; mrd. 
Margaret, eldest daughter of John and Margaret 
(Larkin) Tweddell, in the city of Ouebec, Aug. 12, 

— 138- 

i875- ^^^^ '^vas born Oct. 8, 1852. P. O. Naperville, 
111. General agent ; United Evan. ch. Children : 
Ernest, David, Leland, Reginald, Margaret. 

David N. Mover was born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
and until the age of 19 Hved on his father's farm at 
the Twenty-mile Creek. He was educated in the 
public schools of the neighborhood, which he attended 
during the Winter, until 1866, and obtained his 
first business experience in 1867, b}' canvassing three 
months for a "Histor\' of the Great RebelHon." It 
was the parental design that he should succeed his 
father on the homestead farm, but farming not being 
to his taste this plan did not come to fruition, and his 
life since 1868 has been literally a roving one. 
October 30, 1868, he left his home and visited some 
months with friends in Pennsylvania. In 1869 
(March 6 and June 6) he made a tour to Ireland and 
Scotland, and spent the succeeding Summer months 
battling with Bucks county ( Pa. ) harvesting imple- 
ments. The following Winter he was occupied in 
subduing New Jersey wild lands in the vicinity of 
Vineland. Ma}' i, 1870, found him again at his old 
home near Campden, Ont., where he spent the 
Summer working in a brick yard and following the 
plow, and during the closing months of this year he 
studied telegraph}' at the Toronto Telegraph Institu- 
tion. From March 1871 to June 1873 he served as 
operator and instructor for the Dominion Telegraph 
Company at St. Catharines, Thorold, Welland, 
Seaforth. Owen Sound, Thoni Hill. Toronto and 
Pennbrooke, Ont., and Cape \'incent. X. Y. In 
September 1873, having completed a three month 
term at Mosgroves Business College, Ottawa, he 
accepted a position as bookkeeper in a wholesale 
clothing house of that city, but the condition of his 
health demanding a change of occupation, he shortl}' 
after engaged in the book business, and for two years 
sold books and Bibles in Easturn, Ont., and the cities 
of Montreal and Quebec. September i. 1875, he 
established his domestic hearth in San Jose, Cal., and 
the next five and a half years he travelled as salesman 
in California and Nevada. His territorv in California 

— 139 — 

was from Shasta to Tuolumne county, and from the 
Sierras to the Pacific, and in Nevada as far East as 
Eureka. He visited not only the principal railroad 
towns, but sought out the highways and byways, and 
on buck board on stage coach followed the trail of 
the gold hunter to man}^ remote hamlets and mining 
camps. Once he enjoyed the exhilerating experience 
of a ride across the Sierras on the drivers seat of a 
vSix-horse stage coach, with Horace Greely's famous 
Jehu' Hank Monk, at the ribbons. During two 
years he was engaged in the fruit tree business, and 
w^as one of the first to introduce the Japanese 
persimmons to the notice of California fruit growers. 
He also did pioneer work, introducing orange culture 
in many communities, where the cultivation of citrus 
fruits has since become a leading industry. 

In April 1877 he removed his family to Vallejo, 
and in September 1878 to Sacramento. In each of 
these cities he added a son to his family. In April 
1 88 1 he returned with his wife and three young sons 
to Canada. The next five and a half years, still 
following his chosen pursuit, he travelled over field 
and flood in Ontario, the northwestern and Southern 
States, and New York, with his family located 
successively in the Canadian cities of Quebec, P. Q. ; 
Ottawa, Guelph and St. Catharines, Ont. ; Raleigh, 
N. C, and Buffalo, N. Y. In October 1886 business 
exigency again calling him to the West, he removed 
to Naperville, 111., where he has since resided. 

Mr. Moyer has been on the road in one wa}- or 
another almost continuously for twenty-eight years, 
having travelled in that time in a business way in 
thirty-two states and territories and in four provinces 
of the Dominion. He has been since May 1883 in 
the employ of a Chicago manufacturer. 

VII. p:rnest John Tweddell Moyer, b. July 31, 1876. 
P. O. Naperville, 111. Bookkeeper ; United Ev. ch. 
His native cit}' was San Jose, in the beautiful Santa 
Clara valley, Cal. At the age of 4 he was a pupil at 
Miss McCord's kindergarten in Sacramento, and at 6 
studied two terms under a private tutor in St. Catha- 
rines, Ont., after which he was entered as a regular 

— I40 — 

pupil in the puljlic schools of the latter city. Accoin- 
pain'iiig his parents in their frequent travels, he 
experienced the vicissitudes of school boy life in 
vastly separated cities, and graduated from the Naper- 
ville High school with the class of '92. October i of 
the same year he entered the employ of a Chicago 
manufacturer as office boy, from which in two and a 
half 3'ears he was advanced to the position of book- 
keeper. He is an official member of Grace church 
and Sunday school, an aggressive temperance worker 
and an enthusiastic Endeavorer, and is at this 
time (1895) vice president of the Q Division, 
Chicago Christian Endeavor Union. 

VII. David Bertram Moyer, born at Valley, Cal., 
Jan. 4, 1878. P. O. Napervnlle, 111. vShipping. clerk ; 
United Ev. church. 

VII. Ueland Perc}^ Moyer, born at Sacramento, Cal., 
Aug. 21, 1847. 

VII. Reginald Woods Moyer, born at Guelph, Ont., 
Jan. 29, 1882. 

VII. Margaret Mildred Moyer, born at Naperville, 
111., Feb. 21, 1892. 

VI. Simeon N. Moyer, born Aug. 13, 1852 ; nird. 
Rhoda Moyer July 28, 1875. P. O. Dunnville, Ont. 
Carriage maker ; Methodist. Children: (VII) Sarah 
Luella Moyer, b. July 7, 1876; (VII) Ernest Sidney 
Moyer, born Dec. 9, 1881 ; (VII) Florence Mabel 
Moyer, born May 6, 1884; (VII) John Curtis Moyer, 
born Nov. 2, 1886; (VII) Marie Mover, b. April 27, 


V. Joseph B. Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 

Apr. 17, 1814 ; d. Aug. 3, 1891 ; mrd. Barbara Wis- 
mer. She w^as born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Aug. 10, 
1816 ; d. Apr. 10, 1886. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
Anna, PVanklin, William, Solomon, Margaret, Oliver. 

VI. Anna Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., F'eb. 8, 
1843 ; mrd. Abraham C. Moyer. (See Index of Ref- 
erences No. 58.) 

VI. Rev. Franklin W. Moyer, boni in Lincoln Co., 
Ont., Aug. 22, 1845 ; nird. Leah Houser Oct. 15, 
1867. P. O. Thorold, Ont. Mr. Moyer was ordained 
to the ministrv of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ 

— 141 — 

at Breslan, Out., in April 1885, and has served 
as pastor at the following places : Breslan, Mary- 
boro townships ; Clinton and Snnnidale townships. 
Children : (VII) Morgan Moyer, b. May 22, 1869 ; 
d. July 27, 1 88 1. (VII) Charles Mover, b. Jan. 30, 

1871. P. O. Fenwick, Ont. Clerk. (VII) Rowley 
Mo3^er, born April 15, 1874 ; died April 12, 1884. 
(VII) Nettie Moyer, born July 11, 1876 ; died May 7, 
1878. (VII) Hattie Moj-er, b. July 15, 1878 ; died 
Feb. 15, 1882. (VII) Justice Moyer, b. Feb. 22, 1883. 

VI. William W. H. Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., 
Ont., Jan. 20, 1847 ; mrd. Margaret M. Moyer Feb. 4, 
1868. P. O. Jordan, Ont. Farmer ; Menu. Br. in 
Christ. Children : (VII) Minerva Moyer, b. Mar. 15, 
1869 ; married Byron Honsberger. P. O. Jordan 
Station, Ont. One child : Flossy. (VII) Irvin Mo}- er, 
b. Feb. II, 1871. (VII) Edwin Moyer, b. May 17, 
1873. (VII) Sarah Jane Moyer, b. June 29, 1875. 
(VII) Bosalpha Moyer, b. Mar. 5, 1878. (Vll) Herbert 
Lome Moyer, b. Oct. 25, 1879. (Vll) ElHs Moyer, 
born July 18, 1883. 

VI. Solomon W. Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Aug. 28, 1848 ; mrd. Mary Jane Moyer Oct. 10, 

1872. P. O. Jordan, Ont. Farmer ; Menus. Chil- 
dren : (Vll) Harper Mo3^er, born May i, 1877; 
(Vll) Gordan Moyer, b. Sept. 10, 1879 ; d. May 6, 
1893. <^VII) Wayne Moyer, b. March 19, 1888. 

VI. Margaret W. Moyer, born June 19, 1850 ; died 
Mar. 3, 1895 ; mrd. William B. Rittenhouse. (See 
Index of References No. 59. ) 

VI. Oliver W. Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Jan. 3, 1857 ; mrd. Sarah B. Rittenhouse Nov. 24, 
1881. P. O. Campden, Ont. Farmer; Children: 
(Vll) Loven Moyer, born September 28, 1882 ; died 
October 23, 1882. (Vll) Mabel Moyer, b. Nov. 21, 
1883. (Vll) Orlands Moyer, born July 3, 1885. 
(Vll) Elma Moyer, born Feb. 26, 1887. (Vll) Zella 
Moyer, born Sept. 28, 1888. (Vll) Pearl Moyer, 
born Sept. 25, 1890. (Vll) Dalton Moyer, born 
July 8, 1892 ; d. Nov. 20, 1892. 

IV. Barbara Meyer (dec'd), mrd. John Detweiler. 
Children : John, Leah. 

— 142 — 

V. John M. Detweiler, b. in Rockhill, Bucks Co., 
Sept. 3, 1816 ; d. Nov. 24, 1893 ; mrd. Catharine 
Derstine. Farmer ; Menns. Children : Catharine, 
Jacob, Lizzie, Barbara, Mary, John, Lydia, Annie. 

VI. Catharine Detweiler, died in infancy. 
VI. Jacoh) Detweiler, died in infancy. 

VI. Lizzie Detweiler, b. Sept. 13, 1845 ; mrd. Henry 
Landis. P. O. Blooming Glen. Pa. 

VI. Barbara D. Detweiler. born in Rockhill Twp., 
Bucks Co., Oct. 9, 1847 ; mrd. Amos D. Rosenberger 
January 3, 1874. P. O. vSilverdale, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children: (VII) Andrew D. Rosenberger, 
born Nov. 9, 1875. P. O. Silverdale. Carpenter. 
(VII) John D. Rosenberger, born June 6, 1880. 
(VII) William D. Rosenberger, b. Apr. 11, 1884. 

VI. Mary Detweiler, b. June 21, 185 1 ; mrd. John 
R. Smith Nov. 29, 1873. He was born Feb. 20, 
1851, in Bucks Co. P. O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer; 
Menns. Children : (VII ) Ella Smith, b. Jan. i, 1876 ; 
(VII) Harvey vSmith, b. Jan. i, 1881 ; (VII) Oliver 
Smith, b. Dec. 26, 1882 ; (VII) Clayton Smith, born 
Feb. 12, 1885 ; d. June 2, 1892. ( VII ) Leidy Smith, 
born July 17, 1887. 

VI. John D. Detweiler, b. in Rockhill, Pa., Jan. 23, 
1854 ; mrd. Mary Ann High Dec. 30, 1876. P. O. 
Sciilichters, Pa. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : 
(VII) Henry H. Detweiler, born July 22, 1877 ; died 
July 29, 1877. (VII) Clayton H. Detweiler, born 
July 29, 1878. (VII) Lizzie Detweiler, b. Nov. 4, 
1879. (VII) John Detweiler, b. Feb. 13, 188 1 ; died 
Oct. 4. 1881. (VII) Allen Detweiler,^!). Sept. 23, 
1882. (VII) Annie Detweiler, born Feb. 22, 1884. 
(VII) Katie Detweiler, b. Dec. 14, 1885. (VH) Mary 
Detweiler, b. Dec. 25, 1887. (VII) Susie Detweiler, 
born March 11, 1889. (VII) Leidy H. Detweiler, 
born May 21. 1893. (VII) Florence Detweiler, born 
November 7, 1894. 

VI. Lydia Ann Detweiler, b. Dec. 5, 1857 ; mrd. 
William R. Smith Jan. 4, 1879. P. O. Benjamin, 
Pa. Farmer; Menns. Children; (VII) Irwin D. 
Smith, b. Oct. 20, 1880 ; (VII) Laura D. vSmith, born 
Aug. 2, 1887 ; (VII) Ida D. vSmith, b. July 3, 1889. 

— 143 — 

VI. Annie Detweiler, b. Nov. 13. i860 ; mrd. Jacob 
Yoder. P. O. Dublin, Pa. 

V. Leah Detweiler (dec'd), married David Ruth. 
Children : Henry, David. 

IV. Joseph Mo3'er, b. in Hilltown Twp., Bucks Co., 
June 19, 1774; d. June 21, 1815 ; mrd. Barbara 
Angeny Apr. 7, 1795. She was born in Bucks Co. 
Apr. 8, 1770 ; died about 1857. The}' resided in 
Hilltown Twp., near Yost's mill, on the farm now 
occupied by their grandson, Isaac H. Moyer. Joseph 
Mo3^er was a noted artist and penman in his time. 
He had a life-size portrait of himself, painted in his 
characteristic colonial style, which was long preserv-ed. 
Farmer; Menus. Children: Jacob, Samuel, Abraham, 
Joseph, William, Henr^^ Elizabeth, Mary. 

V. Jacob Moyer, b. in 1796 ; d. in Canada. Single. 

V. Samuel A. Moyer, b. in Bucks Co. Dec. 4, 1797 ; 
d. Feb. 28, 1869 ; mrd. Elizabeth Hunsicker Oct. 16, 
1828. She was born May 6, 1806 ; d. Apr. 26, 1851. 
Lived on the homestead of his father, in Hilltown 
Twp. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Joseph, Lydia, 
Isaac, Jacob, Samuel, Joseph, Barbara, Anna. 

VI. Joseph H. Moyer. born July 17, 1829 ; died 
March 31, 1831. 

VI. Lydia Moyer, b. Mar. 13, 1831; mrd. Henry H. 
High Nov. I, 1850. He was born Oct. 26, 1821. 
P. O. Blooming Glen, Pa. Farmer ; Mennonites. 
Children : Mary, Lizzie, Samuel. 

VII. Mary High, b. Feb. 21, 1852 ; mrd. John D. 
Detweiler. P. O. Sellersville, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : (VIII ) Clayton Detweiler, b. July 29, 1878 ; 
(VIII) Lizzie Detweiler, born Nov. 4, 1879; (VIII) 
Allen Detweiler, born Dec. 3, 1882; (VIII) Anna 
Detweiler. b. PVb. 22, 1884 ; (VIM) Katie Detweiler, 
born Dec. 14, 1885; (VIII) Mamie Detweiler, born 
December 25, 1887; (VIII) Susie Detweiler. born 
March i, 1889. 

VII. Lizzie High, b. Oct. 27, 1854 ; mrd. Jacob 
Derstine. P. O. Sellersville, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : Henry (dec'd), Mamie. Katie, Ida. 

VII. vSamuelHigh, b. Oct. 11, 1856 ; d. May 11, 1858. 

VI. Isaac H. Moyer, b. July 20, 1833 ; mrd. Mary, 

— 144 — 

daughter ot" Jacob and Haimali M()\-er Nov. 13, 1S55. 
P. O. Blooming Glen, Pa. Retired ; Mennonites. 
Children : William, vSamuel, vSybilla, Mary. 

VII. William M. Mover, b. Nov. 13, 1S56 ; mrd. 
Lavina Anglemoyer May 30, 1879. P. O. Blooming 
Glen, Pa. Farmer; Menns. Children: (VIII) Alice 
Moyer, b. Jan. 24, 18S0 ; fVIII) Lucy Moyer, born 
Sept. 5, 1883; (VIII) Mamie Moyer, b. vSept. 12, 
1885 ; (VIII) Qnilla Moyer, b. June 29, 1887. 

VII. Sanuiel M. Moyer, b. Nov. 2, 1861 ; mrd. 
Hannah Baimi in 1884. P. Q. Blooming Glen, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menns. Children : ( VIII ) Arthur Moyer, 
born in 1885 ; (VIII) Ada Moyer, born in 1888 ; 
(VIII) William Moyer, born in 1894. 

VII. Sybilla Moyer, b. Apr. 2, 1863 ; mrd. John L. 
High. P. O. Dublin, Pa. Children : B. Harrison, 
Mary (dec'd), Barbara. 

VII. Mary Ellen Mo\^er, b. June 22, 1871 ; mrd. 
Charles B. Detweiler. (See Index of References 
No. 60). 

VI. Jacob H. Moyer, S.vS., b. vSept. 10, 1835 ; mrd. 
Magdalena Krupp Sept. 10, 1859. She died June 20, 
1872. Children : Samuel, Mary, Rosanna. Jacob 
married second wife Barbara Hunsberger ( nee 
Moyer J, Mar. 3, 1875. She died Mar. 3, 1875. 
Jacob married third wife Mary Yothers Feb. 18, 1877. 
She was born Nov. 10, 1843. P. O. Dublin, Pa. 
Farmer ; IMenns. One child : Isaac. 

VII. Samuel K. Mo^xr, b. Oct. 16, i860 ; mrd. 
Masura Barndt Jan. 5, 1884. P. O. Dublin, Pa. 
Children: (VIII) Howard Moyer, b. Aug. 23, 1884; 
died May 3, 1892. (VIII) Ervin Moyer, b. Feb. 5, 
1887 ; d. Aug. 24, 1887. 

VII. Mary Malinda Moyer, b. July 13, 1864 ; died 
July 22, 1864. 

VII. Rosanna Moyer, b. May 29, 1868. Single. 

VII. Isaac Y. Mo^^er, born April 16, 1879. 

VI. Samuel H. Moyer, b. Apr. 7, 1838 ; mrd. Mary 
Ann Moyer, daughter of Rev. Abraham F. Moyer, 
in 1862. P. O. Hilltown, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. 
Children : Milton, Esther, Abraham, Anna, Amanda, 
Fallen, Harriet, Eizzie, Delia, Emma, Ida. 

Jacob S. Moykr. 

See Page 120. 

— 145 — 

VII. Milton Moyer, b. Sept. 9, 1863 ; d. Oct. 5, 1863. 

VII. Esther Ellen Moyer, b. Apr. 27, 1865 ; died 
Januar}' 20, 1877. 

VII. Abraham Moyer, b. Oct. 5, 1867 ; mrd. Emma 
Smith. Children : EiHie, Bessie. 

VII. Anna Mary Moyer, b. Nov. 10, 1869 ; died 
September 9, 1877. 

VII. Amanda Moyer, born August 6, 1871 ; died 
April I, 1877. 

VII. Ellen Moyer, born May 2, 1874. 

VII. Harriet Moyer, born July 6, 1875. 

VII. Lizzie Moyer, born July i, 1877. 

VII. Delia Moyer, born March 20, 1880. 

VII. Emma Moyer, born October 31, 1882. 

VII. Ida Moyer, b. Aug. 19, 1885'; d. Aug. 17, 1886. 

VI. Joseph H. Moyer, b. Ma}' 22, 1840 ; d. Feb. 27, 
1886 ; mrd. Elizabeth George Feb. 8, 1862. She 
was born Dec. i, 1839. Farmer; Menus. Children: 
Mar}', Emma, Abraham, Daniel, Lizzie, Kate, Addie, 

VII. Mary G. Moyer, mrd. Jacob M. Rush Aug. 4, 
1883. P. O. Plumsteadville, Pa. Planner; Menus. 
One child : (VIII) Nora Lizzie Rush, b. Feb. 20, 1885. 

VII. Emma Moyer, b. May 24, 1865 ; mrd. John 
Bergstresser in 1887. P. O. Pipersville, Pa. Mer- 
chant ; Menus. Children: (VIII) Abel Bergstresser, 
b. Sept. 20, 1887 ; (VIII) Howard Bergstresser, born 
Sept. 29, 1889; (VIII) Daniel Bergstresser, born 
Februar}- 16, 1892. 

VII. Abraham G. Mo3'er, b. April 4, 1867 ; mrd. 
Hannah Fretz Oct. 27, 1887. P. O. Milford Square, 
Pa. Merchant; Menus. Children: (VIII) Willis 
Moyer, b. Apr. 23, 1891 ; (VIII) Pearl Moyer, born 
February 12, 1893. 

VII. Daniel G. Mo^-er, born May 20, 1870 ; mrd. 
Maggie Souder. P. O. Telford, Pa. 

VII. Lizzie G. Moyer, b. Nov. 28, 1871. Single. 

VII. Kate Moyer, b. Apr. 15, 1874 ; mrd. Henry C. 
Beidler Mar. 24, 1892. P. O. Milford vSquare, Pa. 
Clerk. No issue. 

VII. Addie G. Moyer, born December 4, 1876. 

— 146 — 

VII. Joseph Wilson Mover, b. Jan. i, 1881 ; died 
May 28, 1882. 

VI. Barbara Mover, b. Oct. 31, 1842 ; d. Feb. 22, 
1862. vSingle. 

VI. Anna Maria Mo3'er, b. Mar. 14, 1846 ; nird. 
Mahlon O. Mo^-er. (See Index of References No. 61 ). 
Anna married second husband Samuel Godshall 
Sept. 14, 1872. He was born Sept. 4, 1844. P. O. 
Blooming Glen, Pa. Children: (VII) Lizzie Jane 
Godshall, b. Feb. 25, 1874; (VII) Ellen M. God- 
shall, b. June 20, 1875 ; (VII) Harvey M. Godshall, 
June 3, 1877 ; (VII; Amanda M. Godshall, b. June 9, 
1880; (VII) Isaac M. Godshall, b. Dec. i, 1881 ; 
(VII) Allen M. Godshall, b. June 19, 1884; (VII) 
Alice M. Godshall. b. Jan. 16, 1886; (VII) Fmima 
M. Godshall, b. Sept. 30, 1887; (VII) Rhine M. 
Godshall, b. vSeptember 16, 1890. 

VII. Samuel M. Moyer, b. Nov. 3, 1866 ; mrd. 
Emma Yoder Nov. 17, 1888. P. O. Blooming Glen, 
Pa. Farmer; Menus. Children: (VIII ) Annie Myrtle 
Moyer, b. Sept. 6, 1890; (VIII) Reuben Walter 
Moyer, born February 9, 1893. 

V. Abraham Moyer, born in 1800 ; died young. 

V. Joseph Moyer, b. Dec. 29, 1802 ; d. Nov. 4, 
1842; mrd. Elizabeth Hunsberger Oct. 31, 1826: 
Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : Barbara, John, 

VI. Barbara Moyer, b. Sept. 20, 1827 ; mrd. Francis 
Gerhart Nov. 9, 1845. He was born Apr. 22, 1823. 
P. O. Blooming Glen, Pa. Retired farmer and tailor ; 
Ger. Ref. Children : Abraham, Ivmma, Eydia, 
Joseph, Samuel, Edwin. 

VII. Abraham M. Gerhart, b. Dec. 16, 1849 ; mrd. 
Aramanda Springer. P.O. Gamburg, Mo. Carpenter 
and farmer ; Ger. Ref. Children : Chester, Ann- 
Barbara, infant, Viola, infant, Sallie Virginia, infant. 

VII. Emma Elizabeth (jerhart, b. Dec. 23, 1852 ; 
married Harry Leatherman. P. O. Gamburg, Mo. 
F'armer ; Ger. Ref. Children : P'lora, Delia Pearce,' 
Clarence, John Edwin. 

VII. Lydia Ann Gerhart, b. Jan. 22, 1856 ; died 
November i, 1857. 

— 147 — 

VII. Joseph Franklin Gerhart, b. Dec. 12, 1859 ; 
mrd. Annie Derr. P. O. Blooming Glen, Pa. Hotel- 
keeper ; Ger. Ref. Children: (VIII) Henry and 
Francis (dec'd) Gerhart (twins), b. May 18, 1888 ; 
(Vlll) Howard Raymond Gerhart, b. Nov. 19, 1890; 
(VIII) Clarence Gerhart, born May 11, 1893. 

VII. Samuel Gerhart, b. Dec. 18, 1861 ; mrd. Martha 
Swartz. Res. 2620 N. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Carpenter ; Ger. Ref. One child : William Francis. 

VII. Edwin Stanton Gerhart. b. Apr. 16, 1868 ; died 
Januar}' 14, 1874. 

VI. John Moyer (dec'd), b. Apr. 25, 1829 ; mrd. 
Barbara Sine Sept. 22, 1855. She was born Jan. 24, 
1832. Ger. Ref. Children : Annie, Mary, Milton, 

VII. Annie Mo3'er, b. Jan. 18, 1857; d. aged 4 3'ears. 
VII. Mary Moyer (dec'd), born October 8, 1858. 
VII. Milton Moyer, born Jan. 8, 1861. Carpenter. 


VII. Reuben Moyer (dec'd), b. Apr. 16, 1864 ; mrd. 
Lizzie Stover. Children : Milton, Jacob (dec'd), 

VI. Elizabeth Moyer, b. Nov. 30, 1837 5 ^^- Nov. 19, 
1889 ; mrd. Abraham Landis Dec. 23, 1871. He 
was born July 13, 1823 ; d. June 4, 1885. Hotel- 
keeper, later farmer ; Menus. Children: (VII) John 
M. Landis, b. Sept. 2, 1873. P. O. Dubhn, Pa. 
(VII) Edward B. Landis, b. June 14, 1875 ; died 
Mar. 5, 1883. (VII) Reuben Samuel Landis, born 
May 28, 1877. (VII) Emma C. Landis, b. in 1879. 

V. William A. Moyer, b. in Hilltown Twp., Bucks 
Co., Feb. 3, 1805 ; d. Apr. 4, 1885 ; mrd. Sarah 
Clemmer Apr. 3, 1836. She was b. Nov. 25, 1808 ; 
died January 5, 1891. P'armer ; Menus. Children: 
Henry, Barbara, Mar^^ Samuel, John. 

VI. Henry C. Mo^-er (dec'd), born in Bedminister 
Twp. Mar. 17, 1837 ; mrd. P^nuua Keeler. Children : 
Frank, Alice. 

VI. Barbara Moyer, b. Mar. 1840; mrd. George R. 
Landis Nov. 15, i860. P. O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : Sarah, Daniel, William, John, 

— 14S — 

VII. Sarah Landis, b. i<S6i ; mrd. Daniel O. Laiidis 
in 1880. Locomotive fireman. Children : Abraham, 
Barbara, Ida, vSamuel. 

VII. Daniel AI. Landis, M. D., b. in Milford Twp., 
Bucks Co., Apr. 17, 1864; mrd. Lizzie Hedrick in 
1889. In March 1881 he was sent to the Quakertown 
High school. In the Winter of 1882 he resided with 
his uncle. Dr. S. C. Mover, and attended the Lansdale 
High school. His residence there no doubt had some- 
thing to do with his future profession. In the Fall of 
1883 he began teaching and taught for three succes- 
.sive Winters. In the Spring of 1884 he went one 
course to the North Wales Academy. In the Sununer 
of 1886 he took the study of medicine with his uncle, 
and in the Fall of the year entered Hahnemann 
Medical College, of Philadelphia, where he graduated 
in April i88g as Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of 
Homeopathic Medicine. He at once located at 
Perkasie, where he is still j)racticing his profession. 
Menus. One child : ( VIII ) Joycelin Landis, born 
May 2, 1892 ; died July 16, 1892. 

VII. William M. Landis, born July 4, 1869 ; mrd. 
Lizzie Detweiler Nov. 10, 1892. P. O. Dul)lin, Pa. 

VII. John M. Landis, born September 25, 1876. 

VII. Samuel M. Landis. born Novem])er 1883. 

VI. Mary Magdalena Moyer, b. in Bucks Co. Jan. 20. 
1843 ; married Daniel D. Christman Jan. 20, 1868. 
P. O. Milford vSquare, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Chil- 
dren : (VII) vSallie M. Christman. I). Feb. 28, 1869; 
died May 25, 1869. (VII) Frank M. Christman, born 
March 12, 1870. Farmer. (VII) Mahlon >L Christ- 
man, born Oct. 13, 1872. TVII ) F^mma J. Chri.stman, 
born Sept. 7, 1875. (VII) Charles M. Christman. born 
June 21, 1884. 

VI. Samuel C. Moyer, M. D.. b. in Milford Twp., 
Bucks Co., Nov. 17, 1846 ; mrd. Mary Magdalena 
Swartley April 25, 1874. She died Dec. 3. 188 1. 
Children : ( Vll) Eleonora S. Moyer, born May 20, 
1876 ; (Vll ) William S. Moyer, b.' Jan. 8, 1880 ;' died 
May 27, 1880. (Vll) John S. Moyer, b. June 11, 
1881 ; died August 18, 188 1. 

— 149 — 

Samuel married second wife Emma Jane Tyson 
Nov. 8, 1883. Children: (VII) Winfield T. Moyer, 
born Dec. 15, 1884; (Vllj Herbert L. Mover, born 
Feb. 7, 1886 ; (VII) Sara T. Mover, b. Mar. 8. 1889 ; 
(VII) Katie T. Mover, born October 19, 1890; (VII) 
Samuel T. Moyer, born April 10, 1893. 

After receiving a common school education Mr. 
Mover attended the Ouakertown Normal school, after 
which he taught school for three terms in his native 
township. He then went to Wadsworth, Ohio, and 
attended the Mennonite Institution at that place. On 
his returning home he taught school another year 
and then began the study of medicine under his 
preceptor, Dr. Joseph M. Gerhart, of Philadelphia, 
and graduated at Hahnemann Medical College, of 
Philadelphia, in 1872. He located at Lansdale the 
the following July, where he is still in practice. 

VI. John C. Moyer, b. in Bucks Co. Nov. 29, 1851 ; 
died July 15, 1891 ; mrd. vSusanna Geisinger Dec. 24, 
1878. She was b. Sept. 15, 1858. P. O. Shelly, Pa. 
Farmer; Mennonites. Children: (VII) Katie Moyer, 
born Feb. 18, 1880 ; d. Mar. 10, 1880. (VII) William 
Henry Moyer, born Dec. 13, 1882. (VII) Howard 
Willis Moyer, born March 11, 1885. (VII) Annie G. 
Moyer, born July 19, 1891. 

V. Henry A. Moyer, b. in Hilltown Twp. , Bucks Co., 
Oct. 26, 1807 ; d. Aug. 4, 1875 ; mrd. Sarah Gerhart 
Dec. 8, 1833. ^^^ ^^'^^ born in Bucks Co. Aug. 20, 
1814 ; d. Feb. 20, 1890. In his younger days he 
taught school, and after marriage followed farming. 
He also took quite an active part in politics and at 
different times held township offices. Among others 
he held the office of Assessor for several terms, and to 
distinguish him from other Henry Moyers' he was 
familiarly known as A.ssessor Henrj' A. Moyer.. 
Menus. Children : Lydia. Abraham, Joseph, Barbara, 
Sarah, Henry, Jacob, Isaiah. 

VI. Lydia Moyer, b. in Bucks Co. Feb. 22, 1835 ; 
mrd. Samuel M. Gerhart October 22, 1852. P. O. 
Perkasie, Pa. Retired farmer ; Ref. ch. Children : 
Mahlon, Sallie, John, Albert, Frank. 

— ISO — 

VII. M ah Ion M. Gerliart, born Oct. 7, 1853 ; mrd. 
Susan Kramer. P.O. Hilltown, Pa. Farmer; Ref. ch. 
Children : Sallie, Harvey, Lydia. 

VII. vSalHe A. Gerhart.' born Oct. 28, 1865; m^-d. 
Jesse L. Stump Nov. 9, 1878. P. O. Ridge, Pa. 
Blacksmith; Ref. ch. Children: (VIII) Cyrus G. 
Stump, born May 4, 188 1 ; died July 2, 1883. 
(\l\\'i) Jenofa G. Stump, born February 25, 1883. 
(VIII) Ira G. Stump, born August 28, 1892. 

VII. John H. Gerhart, born Dec. 17, 1859 ; mrd. 
P^mmaLeatherman. P.O. Fountainville. Pa. Farmer; 
Ref. ch. Children : Howard, F^lsie. 

VII. Albert M. Gerhart, b. Mar. 10, 1863 ; mrd. 
Laura Loux. P. O. Pipersville, Pa. Proprietor of a 
creamery ; Ref. ch. One child : Wilmer Clarence. 

VII. A.' Frank Gerhart, b. Dec. 12, 1866. P. O. 
Mauch Chunk, Pa. Printer ; Ev. Ass'n. 

VI. Abraham G. Moyer (dec'd), b. Sept. 26, 1837 ; 
married Annie Hunsberger. Children: (VII) Rose 
Moyer, mrd. Charles Ruth. P. O. Line Lexington, 
Pa. (VII) Tyrus M. Moyer, mrd. Catharine Moyer. 
P. O. Blooming Glen, Pa. (VII) Sallie and Abraham 
Moyer. P. O. Blooming Glen, Pa. 

VI. Joseph G. Moyer, b. in Bucks Co. Feb. 10, 1840 ; 
mrd. Mary Ann Kratz Dec. 23, 1862. P. O. Perkasie, 
Pa. Lumber and coal merchant ; Ger. Ref. Children : 
Madora, Irvin, Flmer, Mary, Dyre, Gertie. 

VII. S. Madora Mover, born April 3, 1864 ; mrd. 

B. Frank Hartzell Feb. 23, 1883. P. O. Chalfont, 
Pa. Merchant miller ; Ger. Ref. Children: (VIlT) 
Russel M. Hartzell, b. Mar. 11, 1885 ; (VIII) Percy 
M. Hartzell, bom i\ Larch 15, 1887. 

VII. H. Irvin Moyer, b. Aug. 26, 1865 ; mrd. Fvliza 

C. Moyer Sept. 29, 1887. P. O. Perkasie, Pa. Clerk ; 
Ger. Ref. Children : ( VIII ) Marion Virginia Moyer, 
born June 23, 1889 ; (VIII) Joseph Nevin Moyer, 
born Ma}' 11, 1892. 

VII. Elmer K. Moyer, b. July 22, 1867 ; mrd. Laura 
Wickert. Res. 21 11 Percy St., Phila. Ger. Ref. 
Children : Ernest, Grace Evelyn. 

VII. Mary Delilah Moyer, born November 2, 1872. 
P. O. Perka.sie, Pa. Ger. Ref. 

— T5I — 

VII. J. Dyre Mover, born September 14, 1875. 

VII. Gertie K. Moyer, born March 4, 1882. 

VI. Barbara Mo^xr, b. Aug. 28, 1842 ; nird. Samuel 
G. Kramer. P. O. Church Hill, Pa. Children : 
Henry, Aaron, William. 

VI. Sarah Jane Moyer, b. Oct. 15, 1845 ; mrd. Henry 
O. Moyer. (See Index of References No. 62. ) 

VI. Henry G. Moyer, b. in Hilltown Twp. , Bucks Co. , 
Aug. 28, 1848 ; mrd. Emeline Seiple, of Allentown. 
P. O. Perkasie, Pa. He was raised on his father's 
farm, and began fitting himself for future duties by 
attending the common schools of his district. This 
educational experience was supplemented by awailing 
himself of the opportunities afforded b}^ higher schools 
of learning, winding up his schooling by taking 
in the Quaker City Business College, from which he 
graduated with honors when 20 years old. In 1879, 
when Perkasie became a borough, he was elected 
Justice of the Peace, which position he filled for three 
terms of five years each. During that time he had 
an extensive connection with the settlement of estates 
and other business in Bucks county. In 1882 he 
purchased half of the interest of the ' ' Central News, ' ' 
a local paper published at Perkasie, with Mahlon 
Sellers & Co., he became one of the editors of the 
paper. Mr. Sellers dying soon after, S. R. Kramer 
purchased his interest and the ' ' Central News ' ' has 
since been conducted under the firm name of Moyer & 
Kramer. Politically, Mr. Mo3'er is an ardent Repub- 
lican in his county, having been prominently identified 
with the local organization and having attended 
several Republican State conventions as a delegate. 
In 1882 he was nominated b}- his party as a candidate 
for the House of Representatives from his county, 
and although failing of election, received a large com- 
plimentary vote from the opposite party in the district 
in which he was personally known. In 1894 his 
party again nominated him for the State Senate, when 
he was elected by a majority of 1577 votes in a county 
which the 3'ear before elected a solid Democratic 
delegation to the House. At the session of 1895 
Mr. Mover was chairman of the Committee on Public 

Bu'ldiiigs and also served on the connnittees on 
Appropriation, Finance, Insurance, Mines and Mining, 
and Retrenchment and Reform. Although he had 
never been connected with the Legislature prior to 
1895, Mr. Mover had no difficulty in adapting himself 
to the duties of his position as a Senator and rounded 
up the first half of his term with credit to himself and 
the State. 

I\Ir. Mover and wife are members of the Evan- 
gelical Association church at Perkasie, of which he is 
a class-leader, and in which capacity he has done 
considerable service. Children: (VII) Bertha Alay 
Moyer, born Ma}^ 17, 187 1 ; died December 6, 1877 ; 
(ViO Wallace B. Moyer, b. Dec. 10, 1873 ; d. Apr. 8, 
1875; (VII) Henrietta Moyer, b. April 21, 1876; 
d. Jan. 18, 1882 ; (VII) Jennie Moyer, born Dec. 16, 
1877 ; ^^- J^"- 9> 1882 ; (VII) Mabel Rebecca Moyer, 
b. Oct. 10, 1882 ; (VII) Emilie Moyer, born March 2, 
1886; died July 25, 1887; (Vlfj Henry Clayton 
Moyer, born March 5, 1888. 

VI. Jacob G. Moyer, b. Feb. 23, 1852 ; mrd. Susan 
B. Dill June 20, 1874. P. O. Bedminster, Pa. Baker ; 
Ev. Association. Children: (VII) Charles Linford 
Moyer, b. August 2, 1875 ; TVII ) Wesley D. Moyer, 
b. Dec. 30, 1876 ; (VII; Sallie Ida Moyer. b. Dec. 25, 
1878; (VII) Cora May Moyer, b. January 15, 1881 ; 
(VII) Annie Letitia Moyer, born March 26, 1883 ; 
(VII) Emma Floyd Moyer, born March 9, 1888 ; 
(VII) Paul Stanley Moyer, born August 9, 1890. 

VI. Isaiah G. Moyer (dec'd), born Nov. 12, 1853 i 
mrd. Sallie Shoop. One child : Elsie, d. aged 4 years. 

V. Jacob Moyer, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., in 1796 ; 
died in Canada. Single. 

V. Elizabeth Moyer, b. in 18 10; married Abraham 
Gerhart. He was born in Bucks Co.; died in 1880. 
Farmer ; Ev. Ass'n. Children : Mary, Rebecca, 
Abraham, Elizabeth, Joseph. 

VI. Mary Ann Gerhart, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
December 19, 1830; d. at Orwigsburg, Pa., May 11, 
1869 ; mrd. Rev. Andrew Ziegenfus Mar. 3, 1853. 
He was born in Carbon Co., Pa., August 3, 1820. 
P. O. Bethlehem, Pa. Minister ; United Ev. ch. 

Hewson H. Moykr. 

See Page 120. 

— 153 — 

Mr. Ziegenfus was ordained to the ministry at 
the conference held in Philadelphia, in 1850, and 
labored continuoush' for 35 3'ears, during which 
time he was located at German town, Northampton 
Circuit, Lebanon, Schuylkill Circuit, Mahantongo 
Circuit, Philadelphia, Kutztown, Milford Circuit, 
Bethlehem, Newark, N. J.; Mauch Chunk, Parry- 
ville, Montgomer}^ Circuit, Pleasant Valley' and 
Brownstown circuits. In 1886 he retired to Bethle- 
hem, Pa., to spend the remainder of his da3's in 
quietude and rest after having endured many hard- 
ships in traveling to and from his appointments in all 
kinds of weather, but had the satisfaction of knowing 
that many were added to the church militant dur- 
ing that period. Children : Joseph, Frank, John, 
William, Mar}^ Emma, Sarah. 

VII. Joseph M. Ziegenfus, b. June 19, 1854 J <^^i^<^^ 
August I, 1854. 

VII. A. Frank Ziegenfus, M. D., b. in Dauphin Co., 
Pa., Oct. 3, 1855 ; mrd. Kate S. Meetlor Feb. 15, 
1 88 1. It was his mother's desire and his own 
inclination at an early age to take up the study of 
medicine as a profession, but being the son of an 
itinerant minister the chances seemed slim. At the 
age of 16 years he left home and school and entered a 
store as clerk. With economy he saved enough to 
take a course at Eastman's Business College, where he 
graduated with the intention of following a com- 
mercial life. About this time his long cherished hopes 
were realized through the kind offer of his uncle. 
Dr. Joseph M. Gerhart, which made it possible for 
him to take up the study of medicine, for which he 
made restitution, and taking charge of Dr. Gerhart 's 
practice for two Summer's while attending college. 
He entered Hahnemann Medical College, of Phila- 
delphia, October 1876, and graduated March 18, 1879. 
He then located at 1 124 W^allace St., Phila., where he 
has remained ever since. United Ev. ch. No issue. 

VII. John Andrew Ziegenfus, b. Nov. 30, 1857 ; <^1^^<^^ 
December 17, 1857. 

VII. Willian H. Ziegenfus, born at Kutztown, Pa., 
July 17, 1859 ; mrd. Lizzie Ballard, of Chatham, 

— 154 — 

Out., Feb. 3, 1883. Res. 721 Wabash Ave., Detroit, 
Mich. Presby. Children: (VIII) Wilham Andrew 
Ziegenfus, born Aug. 20, 1885 ; ( Vlllj Pearl Lizzie 
Ziegenfus, born March 5, 1889. 

VII. Mary E. Ziegenfus, b. Nov. 16, 1863 ; mrd. 
Francis DeFrehn. P. O. Fricks, Pa. 

VII. Emma R. Ziegenfus, born July 2, 1865 ; died 
July 21, 1865. 

VII. Sarah J. Ziegenfus, b. at Bath, Pa., Nov. is, 
1867. P. O. Fricks, Pa. 

VI. Rebecca Gerhart, married Elias Heckler. P. O. 
Fricks, Pa. One child : (VII) Emma Heckler, mrd. 
John Omeron. P. O. Quakertown, Pa. 

VI. Abraham Gerhart, b. Nov. i, 1839 ; d. June 10, 
1880 ; mrd. Maria Pureed. Farmer ; Ev. Ass'n. No 

VI. Elizabeth Gerhart. P. O. Perkasie, Pa. Single. 

VI. Joseph M. Gerhart. M. D., b. in Hilltown Twp., 
Bucks Co., Oct. 30, 1846 ; mrd. Clara E. Wilson 
Oct. 4, 1870. Res. 1 127 Mt. Vernon St., Philadelphia. 
Homeopathic physician ; Ref. Church of America. 
Children : (VII) Mary M. Gerhart, b. June 11, 1873 ; 
died 1874. (Vllj Clara U. Gerhart, b. June 3, 1875. 
(VII) Joseph M. Gerhart, Jr., born Nov. 6, 1876. 
Medical student. (VII) l{dwin A. Gerhart, b. May 5, 
1879. (Vllj David Wilson Gerhart, b. Oct. 26, 1881. 
(VII) Helen Gerhart, b. Mar. 28, 1884. (VII) Robert 
P. Gerhart, b. March 6, 1887. (VM) Paul Gerhart, 
born Feb. 2, 1890. (VII) Jeane Gerhart, b. April 22, 
1892 ; died December i, 1892. 

V. Mary Moyer. b. 18 12 in Bucks Co. ; mrd. Abraham 
K. Hunsberger. (See Index of References No. 63. ) 

IV. David Meyer, b. in Pennsylvania Mar. 27, 1777 ; 
died June 4, 1850 ; mrd. Magdalena Hoch Sept. 24, 
1799. She was born March 5, 1777 ; died December 
1820. The}' emigrated to Canada in 1800. Children : 
Magdalena, Catharine, Agnes, Anna, Maria, Jacob, 
David, Elizabeth, Margarette, Samuel. 

V. Magdalena Meyer (dec'd), b. Nov. 8, 1800 ; mrd. 
Jacob Moyer. (See Index of References No. 64. ) 

V. Catharine Mo^-er, b. Jan. i, 1803 ; d. Oct. 25, 
1874; mrd. Nicholas Sevenpiper (his second wife). 

— 155 — 

He was born in Alsace, Luteringer, German}' ; died 
in Lincoln Co., Ont., June 19, 1871. Farmer; 
Menns. Children : Magdalena, David, Jacob. 

VI. Magdalena Sievenpiper, b. June 23, 1840 ; mrd. 
Rev. Daniel Honsberger Dec. 26, 1865. P. O. Jordan, 
Ont. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : Catharine, 
Melvina, Almeda, Anna, Melvin, Freeman, Rosetta, 

VII. Catharine Honsberger, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Oct. 31, 1867 ; mrd. Franklin Fretz Oct. 31, 1888. 
P. O. Jordan, Ont. Fruit grower ; Menu. Br. in 
Christ. Children: (VIII) Clarence Elton PVetz, born 
Jan. 26, 1890 ; fVIII) Vernon T. Fretz, b. Jan. 12, 
1892 ; (VIII) Magdalena Fretz, b. Jan. 29, 1894. 

VII. Melvina Honsberger, b. Aug. 9, 1869 ; mrd. 

Bowman, M. D., Oct. 4, 1893. P- O- Jordan, 

Ont. Physician ; Meth. 

VII. Almeda Honsberger, born Feb. 19, 187 1 ; mrd. 
Albert E. Kennedy March 29, 1893. P- O- Jordan 
Station, Ont. Fruit grower ; Meth. 

VII. Anna M. Honsberger, b. April 24, 1873 ; mrd. 
Albert K. Wismer Sept. 13, 1894. P- O- Jordan, Ont. 
Carriage maker ; Meth. 

VII. Melvin S. Honsberger, born May 5, 1875. 

VII. F'reeman Honsberger, born Oct. 6, 1877 ; died 
May 10, 1880. 

Vli. Rosetta Honsberger, born March 9, 1881. 

VII. Curtis E. Honsberger, born July 10, 1883. 

VI. David Sievenpiper, b. in Haldmand Co., Ont., 
April 15, 1842 ; mrd. Sarah High Jan. 23. 1865. 
P. O. Jordan, Ont. Farmer ; P^v. Ass'n. Children : 
(VII) Milton Sievenpiper, born in Campden, Ont., 
May II, 1866. Res. 587 Lexington Ave., New York 
Cit3\ N. Y. Journalist ; Baptist. In his newspaper 
associations he has been known as J. C. Milton, which 
name he has lately assumed and will bear perma- 
nently. Single. (VII) William F". Sievenpiper, born 
July 8, 187 1. (VII) Harvey Sievenpiper, b. Aug. 8, 
1875. (VII) Lillie Sievenpiper, born Aug. 31, 1880. 
(VII) Stephen Sievenpiper, born July 12, 1882. 

VI. Jacob Sievenpiper, b. May 2, 1844 ; d. Jan. 27, 
1885 ' married Margaret Kratz January 9, 1866. 

P. O. Campdeii, Out. Fanner. Children: (VII) Joel 
Sievenpiper, b. Dec. i, 1866; (Vllj Ephraim Sieven- 
piper, b. Jan. 29, 1870 ; (VII) Saphronia Sievenpiper, 
born Oct. 22, 1874 ; (VII) Abraham Sievenpiper, born 
Feb. 26, 1876 ; (VII) SaHna Sievenpiper, 1). Apr. 21, 
1877 ; (VII) Minnie Sievenpiper, b. June 20, 1879 ; 
(VII) Melvin Sievenpiper, born August 12, 1881 ; 

(VII) Frankhn Sievenpiper, born July 24, 1884. 

V. Agnes Mover (dec'd), born December 25, 1804 ; 
mrd. Nicholas Sievenpiper, his first wife. No issue. 

V. Anna Mover, b. Oct. 30, 1806 ; d. Oct. 7, 1851 ; 
mrd. John Fry Mar. 24, 1829. He was b. Aug. 7, 
1806; d. Jan. 23, 1884. Blacksmith. In early life 
belonged to the Mennonite church, later he joined 
the Evangelists, and finally became a Universalist. 
Children : Jacob, David, Dilman, Henry, John, 
Samuel, Anna, Elizabeth, Catharine, Joseph. 

VI. Jacob Fr}^ b. Dec. 31, 1829; mrd. Mar\' Ann 
Cowlthorp Oct. I, 1850. She died Oct. 12, 1879. 
P. O. Cottam, Ont. Farmer ; Meth. Children : 
John, Ellen, Rosetta, Rozaltha, James, Susan, Eusebia, 
Clara, Jacob. 

(VII) John Harlan Fry, b. Jan. 27, 1852 ; married 
Lauretta Wigle May 5, 1880. She died Jan. 3, 1885. 
P. O. Chicago, 111. Carpenter ; Meth. One child : 

(VIII) Asa Harlan Fry, born March 9, 1882 ; died 
vSeptember 6, 1882. 

VII. Ellen Delena Fry, b. Oct. 5, 1853 ; nu'd. Charles 
Totten February 4, 1892. P. O. Essex, Ont. 

VII. Rosetta Catharine Fry, b. May 24, 1855 ; mrd. 
John Vickers Feb. 26, 1879. He died Se])t. 7, 1880. 
Farmer ; ]\Ieth. One child : Earl Ran.son David. 

VII. Rozaltha Fry, b. May 24. 1835 ; d. June 12, 

VII. James Richard Fr\-, born July 26, 1859 ; mrd. 
Fvfhe Ma\' Janson Leamington December 17, 1890. 
P. O. Buffalo, N. Y. Meth. 

VII. Susan E. Fry. born vSeptember 22, i86r ; died 
May I, 1864. 

VII. Eusebia Aim Fry, b. June 9. 1864 ; mrd. Alfred 
Gasco^'ue. P. O. Essex, Out. Farmer ; Methodist. 
Children : ("VIM) Orj^ha \^iola Gascoyne, b. vSept. 6, 

— i^/ — 

1886 ; (VIII) Raymond A. Gascoyne, born Jan. 10, 
1888; died September II, 1888. (Vlll) Peray Harlan 
Gascoyne, born April 19, 1891. 

VII. Clara I^eslie Fr}^ born Nov. 4, 1866. Single. 

VII. Jacob M. Fry, born January 27, 1869. Single. 

VI. David Fry, born December 28, 1831. P. O. 
Dunnville, Ont. 

VI. Dillman Fry, born May 30, 1833 ; mrd. Louisa 
Jones. P. O. South Cayuga, Ont. Carpenter and 
farmer. Children : Sarah, John, Wellette, Janette, 
David, Rosa, Mary, George, Orpha, Eva. 

VII. Sarah Elizabeth Fr}^ born December 18, 1861. 
Res. 31 Sackville St., Toronto, Ont. Baptist. S. 

VII. John Malcolm Fry, b. Sept. 2, 1863 ; mrd. Jessie 
Deamude. P. O. South Cayuga, Ont. Mrs. Fry, 
Bap. Children: (VIII) Delia Fry, b. Jan. 16, 1886 ; 
(Vlll) Donald Blane Fry, born November 15, 1887 ; 
(VIII) Helena Fry, b. Jan. 21, 1890; d. Feb. 15, 
1891. (Vlll) Mildred Fry, born July 11, 1892. 

VII. Wellette Fry, b. Sept. 8, 1865 ; mrd. John A. 
Honsberger Jan. 7, 1885. P. O. Dunnville, Ont. 
Painter ; Mrs. Fry, Baptist. Children : Muriel Con- 
stance, Harold, Murry, Estella. 

VII. Janette Fry, b. Aug. 8, 1867 ; mrd. Erie L. 
Crumb February 23, 1886. P. O. Dunnville, Ont. 
Painter. Children: William Benonni, Robert Victor, 
Edward PVederick. 

VII. David Allen Fry, b. Mar. 27, 1871. P. O. Soiith 
Cayuga, Ont. Single. 

VII. Rosa Bell Fry, b. June 11,' 1872. P. O. South 
Cayuga, Ont. Teacher. Single. 

VII. Mary Emma Fr^^ born Aug. 11, 1874. P. O. 
South Cayuga, Ont. Ev. Ass'n. Single. 

VII. George Edward Fr3^ born September 12, 1876. 

VII. Orpha Estella Fry, born Aug. 22, 1879 ; died 
January 22, 1880. 

VII. Eva May Fry, born May 26, 1881. Ev. Ass'n. 

VI. Henry Fry, b. Sept. 11, 1834 ; d. Jan. i, 1835. 

VI. John Fry, b. Apr. 12, 1836 ; d. Feb. 19, 1841. 

VI. Samuel J. F'ry, born December 24, 1838 ; mrd. 
Magdalena Houser Sept. 27, 1864. P. O. Dunnville, 
Ont. Baker ; inclines to Universalist ch. Children : 

-I5S — 

John, Naomi, Jason, Agnes, Magdalena, Annie, 

VII. John Sylva Fry, b. July 14, 1865 ; mrd. Maggie 
vSuUivan Oct. 27, 1886. Res. 252 Ohio St., Buffalo, 
N. Y. Baker; Mrs. F., Catholic. Children: (VIII) 
Nellie Lauretta Fry, b. July 22, 1887 ; d. Dec. 30, 
1891. (VIII) Maggie Leland Fry, born Dec. 2, 1889. 
(VIII) Katie Fry, born November 12, 1891. 

VII. Naomi Fry, bom Feb. 24, 1867. P.O. Buffalo, 
N. Y. Single. 

VII. Jason Fry, b. June 23, 1868 ; d. Mar. 25, 1869. 

VII. Agnes Fr}', born October 2, 1869. 

VII. Magdalena Ophelia Fry, bom Nov. 15, 1870. 

VII. Annie Fry, bom August, 12, 1872. P. O. 
Newark, Del. 

VII. Samuel Iva Fry, born February 19, 1874. 

VI. Anna Fry, born Feb. 15, 1841 ; died March 7, 
1867. Single. 

VI. Ehzabeth Fr}', b. i\ug. 19, 1843. P. O. South 
Cayuga, Out. Single. 

VI. Catharine Fr3% b. Aug. 14, 1846 ; mrd. Abram 
W. Dickhoutin 1867. P.O. Dunnville, Ont. Planner. 
Children : (VII) Meta Annetta Dickhout, b. Aug. 22, 
1870 ; married Bert Elderidge May 28, 1891. (VII) 
Edith Luella Dickhout, b. June 12, 1872. (VH) Earle 
L. Elmore Dickhout, b. Aug. 4, 1874. (VII) Mary 
Maud Dickhout, b. April 15, 1877. (VII) Genevieve 
Somerville Dickhout, b. Apr. 11, 1879. (VII) Robbie 
Roy Dickhout (stillborn), November 29, 1881. (VII) 
Percival Lome Dickhout, bom July 27, 1886. 

VI. Joseph Fry, b. Nov. 23, 1848 ; d. Dec. 29. 1848. 
V. Maria Mo^-er, born May 9, 1S08 ; died young. 

V. Jacob H. Moyer, born May 16, i8ri ; died about 
1 84 1 ; married Mary Moyer about 1836. Farmer ; 
Menus. One child : David. Jacob married second 
wife Barbara Gayman. Children : Annie, Elizabeth. 

VI. David M. Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Out., 
Nov. 12, 1837 ; mrd. Cecelia Cain (dec'd), Nov. i. 
1859. Children: (VII) Mary Jessie and Francis Joseph 
Moyer, died young ; (VII) Cecelia Moyer, b. Nov. 28, 
1864 ; mrd. L. W. Leaney. P. O. Simcoe, Ont. 

"159 — 

David married second wife Hattie Durlin Apr. 29, 
1866. P. O. St. Catharines, Ont. Tin and copper 
smith ; Church of Christ. Children : (VII) Frank 
Mo3'er, born March 4, 1867 ; died September i, 1869. 
(VII) Luella Moyer, b. Mar. 27, 1872. P. O. Hebron, 
Neb. Dressmaker ; Ch. of Christ. S. (VII) Robinson 
Moyer, born near Hebron, Neb., February 13, 1874. 
P. O. Hebron, Neb. Farmer ; Meth. Ep. Single. 

VI. Anna Moyer, b. July 19, 1841 ; d. Feb. 4. 1881 ; 
mrd. Isaac Rittenhouse. (See Index of References 
No. 65.) 

VI. Elizabeth Moyer, married Abraham H. Moyer. 
(See Index of References No. 66.) 

V. David Moyer, b. April 14, 18 13 ; d. in infancy. 

V. Elizabeth Mo3'er, born May 10, 1815 ; died 
September 27, 1835. 

V. Margaret Moyer, born Dec. 2, 1817 ; died March 
1843 ; mrd. John High. Children : David, William, 
died young. Margaret mrd. second husband Michael 
Motter in 1842. He was born in France in 1820. 
Tailor ; Menus. One child : Allen. 

VI. Allen Motter, b. Jan. 7, 1843 ; mrd. Mary Ann 
Konkle Dec. 14, 1868. P. O. St. Catharines, Ont. 
Laborer; Methodist. Children: (VH) Alfred Oscar 
Motter, b. Mar. 14, 1870. P. O. Lulu Island, British 
Columbia. (VII) Frances Valeria Motter, b. Jan. 27, 
1873 ; mrd. Franklin House Dec. 10, 1892. P. O. 
Theherne, Manitoba. (VH) George Louis Motter, 
born Aug. 14, 1875. (VII) Flossie May Motter, born 
June I, 1878. (Vll) Walter Allen Motter, b. Nov. 5, 
1881. (Vll.) Delos William Motter, b. Feb. 4, 1885. 

V. Samuel Moyer, born and died Dec. 10, 1820. 

III'. Esther Meyer, born Feb. 28, 1735 ; died young. 

III. Rev. Samuel Me3'er (dec'd), b. June 10, 1734 ; 
mrd. Catharine Kolb. Lived and died in Hilltown 
Twp., Bucks Co. He lived to a venerable and highly 
respectable old age. His long white hair and flowing 
beard gave him an especialh' patriarchal appearance. 
He was in his day a widely known and dearly beloved 
preacher of the Mennonite Church in Pennsylvania. 
His children were : Fronica, Isaac, Elizabeth, Chris- 
tian, Samuel, Jacob, Abraham, Dillman, Heinrich. 

— 1 6o — 

lY. Froiiica Meyer, b. Apr. 3, 1757 ; d. about 1818 ; 
mrd. Abraham Wismer.* He was b. Nov. 5, 1756 ; 
died 1844. Lived on the old Wismer liomestead in 
Bucks county. During the Revolutionar}' war his 
father's teams were pressed into the service by the 
Americans, and Abraham was sent along as teamster. 
In 1783 Mr. Wismer and one Martin Lowry buried 
the remains of the notorious outlaw Moses Doan, 
who was shot along the Tohickon on a farm adjoin- 
ing the Wismer homestead. Mr. Wismer often 
referred to the mournful appearance of the procession 
to the grave, which composed of a few neighbors, two 
females, and a small dog. The women wept bitterly, 
and the dog showed his grief by stepping to the edge 
of the grave and looking into it. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : Henry, Samuel, Isaac, Barbara, Catharine, 
Veronica, Abraham, Elizabeth, Esther. 

V. Henry Wismer, b. Mar. 21, 1778 ; d. Sept. 14, 
1828 ; married Barbara Ruth. Farmer, clock and 
watchmaker. Children : Michael, Abraham, Fannie, 

V. Samuel Wismer, born Jan. 10, 1780 ; d. Oct. 2, 
185 1 ; mrd. Susanna Detweiler. She died July 16, 
1864. Farmer, sawer and weaver. He had but 
three days English schooling, yet he was a fluent 
English and German reader and wrote both languages. 
He was a self-educated man, settled up estates in 
the neighborhood and transacted various other public 
duties. His six daughters had five spinning wheels 
in operation at one time, while the sixth daughter 
done the reeling. All the girls made full hands in 
the hay and grain fields, and some of them assisted at 
the saw mill. Menus. Children : Abraham, Eliza- 
beth, John, Samuel, Barbara, Catharine, Fainiie, 
Susanna, Sarah, Deborah, Henry. 

VI. Abraham D. Wismer, born Aug. 10, 1802 ; died 
Aug. 17, 1882 ; mrd. Catharine Myers May 3, 1827. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : Isaac, Hannah. 

VII. Isaac M. Wismer, born Oct. 11, 1830; mrd. 
Elizabeth Leatherman in 1851. P. O. Hatfield, Pa. 

* Son of Henry Wismer and grandson of the pioneer, 
Jacob Wismer. ( See Mover history. ) 

— i6t — 

Carpenter ; Ref. ch. Children : Henry, Catharine, 
Emma, Sarah, Abraham, Amos, Hannah, AdaUne, 
Ida, Mar}'. 

VIII. Henry L. Wismer, b. May 30, 1852. Ref. ch. 

VIII. Catharine Wismer, born Ma}^ 25, 1854 ) ^^^^ 
December 20, 1862. 

VIII. Emma Wismer, b. May 13, 1856 ; mrd. John 
Seibert May 15, 1875. Farmer ; Luth. Children : 
(IX) Byron W. Seibert, born May 27, 1876; (IX) 
Reuben W. Seibert, born September 16, 1880. 

VIII. Sarah Jane Wismer, born Feb. 13, 1858 ; died 
December 2, 1862. 

VIII. Abraham L. Wismer, born Jan. 20, i860 ; died 
December 9, 1862. 

VIII. Amos S. Wismer, born Dec. 28, 1861 ; mrd. 
Lydia Knipe Oct. 4, 1884. Merchant tailor ; Ref. ch. 
Children : Lottie, Harrison. 

VIII. Hannah E. Wismer, born November 30, 1863 ; 
mrd. Henry M. Oberholtzer Nov. 16, 1882. Plasterer ; 
Mrs. Oberholtzer, Ref. ch. Children : (IX) Maxwell 
W. Oberholtzer, born Apr. 13, 1884 ; (IX) Annie E. 
Oberholtzer, born October 18, 1888. 

VIII. Adaline Wismer, born October 14, 1867 ; mrd. 
William F. Kilmer Dec. 24, 1887. Ref. ch. Three 

VIII. Ida Wismer, born May 14, 1869. Ref. ch. S. 

VIII. Mary Ann Wrsmer, born June 11, 1873 ; died 
January 10, 1874. 

VII. Hannah Wismer, b. Feb. 18, 1835 ; mrd. Amos 
Scheetz Jan. 31, 1858. P. O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer; 
Ger. Ref. church. No issue. 

VI. Elizabeth Wismer, b. Oct. 24, 1804 ; d. Apr. 14, 
1886 ; married Abraham Hunsberger, son of Bishop 
Henry Hunsberger, in 1827. He was born Aug. 27, 
1803; d. Feb. 3, 1883. Farmer; Menus. Children: 
Samuel, Henry, Catharine, Abraham, Simeon, Susan, 
Elizabeth, Jacob, Joseph, Sarah. 

VII. Samuel W. Hunsberger, born July 27, 1828 ; 
mrd. Catharine Fretz Feb. 23, 1854. She d. Sept. 5, 
1894. P. O. Fountainville, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. 

I 62 — 

Children : Mary, Hlias, Aiiianda, Kate, Susanna, 
Anna, Allen, William, Daniel. 

VIII. Mary F. Hunsberger, born April 26, 1855 ; 
mrd. Charles C. Atkinson Nov. 15, 1879. P. O. 
Dublin, Pa. Shoemaker. One child : (IX) Samuel 
Howard Atkinson, born February 8, 1882. 

VIII. Elias F. Hunsberg-er, born October 13, 1856 ; 
married Sarah Overholt (nee Wismer). Teamster ; 
Menus. Children: Harvey Samuel, Nettie Catharine. 

VIII. Amanda E. Hunsberger, born March 1858 ; 
nird. Philip Miller. Res. 191 3 Orrianna St., Phila. 
Teamster. No issue. 

VIII. Kate Hunsberger, born May 19, i860. 

VIII. Susanna Hunsberger, born August 14, 1862 ; 
died September 7, 1862. 

VIII. Annie Hunsberger, b. Sept. 27, 1863 ; married 
Samuel L. Gross March 12, 1887. P. O. Fountain- 
ville. Pa. Farmer. Children: Warren H., Melvin. 

VIII. Allen F. Hunsberger, born March 28, 1866. 
Enlisted in the U. S. Army in 1888. vStationed at 
Fort Hamilton, Battery I., N. Y. 

VIII. William F. Hunsberger, born April 23, 1869 ; 
died xApril 16, 1893. Single. 

VIII. Daniel Hunsberger, born April 28, 1875 ; 
died September 1 1 , 1875. 

VII. Henr}' W. Hunsberger, born July 13, 1830 ; 
died Jan. 24, 1883 ; mrd. Mary Rittenhouse January 
1866. She died June 2, 1878. Farmer. Children : 
(VIII) Ida R. Hunsberger, born October 8, 1866; 
(VIII) Alvah R. Hunsberger, born October 16, 1868; 
mrd. Maggie Moyer Feb. i, 1890. P.O. Hilltown, Pa. 
(VIM) Charles L. Hunsberger. b. Oct. 12, 1871. 

VII. Catharine W. Hunsberger, born Sept. 25, 1832 ; 
d. Sept. 10, 1864 ; mrd. Jacob B. Overholt Dec. 1856. 
F'armer ; Menus. Children : Isaac, Hannah. 

VIII. Isaac H. Overholt, b. Sept. 6, 1857 ; mrd. Alice 
S. Ziegler August 7, 1881. P. O. Rittman, Ohio. 
Carpenter. Children : (IX) Charles F. Overholt, 
born June 30, 1882 ; d. June 29, 1883. HX) William 
Henry Overholt, born February 20, 1884. (IX) Effie 
Elizabeth Overholt, b. August 13, 1885. (IX) John 
Clifford Overholt, born September 4, 1887. 

— 163 — 

VIII. Hannah Lib}^ Overholt, born July 24, 1859 ; 
mrd. E. E. Pratt in 1888. P. O. Dalton, O. Farmer. 
Children : (IX) Iva Irene Pratt, born Jan. 18, 1889 ; 
(IX) Ray E. Pratt, born September 22, 1890. 

VII. Abraham W. Hunsberger (dec'd), b. Aug. 29, 
1834 ; mrd. Sarah Moore Nov. 27, 1858. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : Milton, Franklin, Abraham. 

VIII. Milton M. Hunsberger, born March 9, i860 ; 
died October 13, 1863. 

VIII. Franklin M. Hunsberger, b. Dec, 26, 1861; mrd. 
Louisa B. Moyer. P. O. Hilltown, Pa. Carpenter ; 
Luth. Children : (IXj Eillie Amelia Hunsberger, b. 
Aug. 4, 1884 ; (IX) Charles Pierson Hunsberger, born 
Oct. 20, 1885; (IX) Mary Agnes Hunsberger, born 
Jan. 9, 1890 ; (IX) Anthony Franklin Hunsberger, 
born March 19, 189 1. 

VIII. Abraham M. Hunsberger, born in Bucks Co. 
December 9, 1863. P. O. Hilltown, Pa. Single. 

VII. Simeon W. Hunsberger, born October 26, 1836 ; 
married Elizabeth Schrauger February 26, i860. 
P. O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : 
Jacob, Susanna, Jonas, Tobias, John, Elizabeth, 

VIII. Jacob Hunsberger, b. Mar. 13, 1862 ; d. intant. 
VIII. Susanna Hunsberger, born April 22, 1863 ; 

died March 14, 1883. 

VIII. Jonas Hunsberger, born January 12, 1866 ; 
mrd. Kate Heacock April 24, 1890. She was born 
December 1868. Farmer. One child : (IX) Philip 
Ray Hunsberger, born January 3, 1893. 

VHI. Tobias S. Hunsberger, born February 16, 1869 ; 
married Anna M. Meyers October 16, 1891. P. O. 
Dublin, Pa. Farmer; Menus. Children: (IX) Anna 
and Lizzie Hunsberger (twins), born Sept. 13, 1893. 

VIII. John Hunsberger, born June 17, 1871 ; died 
March 6, 1883. 

VIII. Elizabeth Hunsberger, b. and d. June 17, 1S71. 

VIII. Abraham Hunsberger, born August 29, 1874. 

VII. Susanna Hunsberger, born April 15, 1839 ; died 
January i, 1848. 

— 164- . 

VII. Elizabeth Hunsberger, b. Dec. 13, 1841 ; died 
December 25, 1843. 

VII. Jacob W. Hunsberger, b. July 13, 1844 ; died 
July 21, 1845. 

VII. Joseph W. Hunsberger, born March 19, 1847. 
P. O. Fricks, Pa. 

VII. Sarah Hunsberger, born June 19, 1850 ; died 
January 10, 1851. 

VI. John D. Wismer, b. Aug. 20, 1806 ; d. Oct. 16, 
1878 ; mrd. Nanc}^ Fly. Shoemaker. No issue. 

VI. Samuel Wismer, born March i, 1809 ; died aged 
6 months. 

VI. Barbara Wismer, b. Feb. i, 181 1 ; mrd. Samuel 
Nash. (See Index of References No. 67.) 

VI. Catharine Wismer, born in Bucks Co. Sept. 20, 
1813 ; mrd. Jacob Kratz. (See Index of References 
No. 68.) 

VI. Frances Wismer, b. Nov. 2, 1815 ; d. May 7, 
1854 ; mrd. Abraham Nash Oct. 10, 1843. He was 
born November 27, 18 12. P. O. Upper, Ont. Land 
surveyor, conveyancer and farmer ; Ev. Ass'n. 
Children : Susanna, Mary, Daniel, Frances, Samuel. 

VII. Susanna Nash, b. Maj^ 24, 1846 ; mrd. Abraham 
G. Wismer. (See Index of References No. 69.) 

VII. Mary Nash, born January- 2, 1848 ; mrd. Isaac 
Hoover March 28, 18.78. P. O. Rodney, Ont. 
Carpenter; Meth. Children: (VIII) Lome Hoover, 
born Nov. 27, 1879 ; (VIII) Fannie Hoover, born 
May 20, 188 1 ; (VIII) Pelma Hoover, b. Apr. 6, 1885. 

VII. Daniel Wismer Nash, born January 5, 1850 
married Anna Wismer Januarv 29, 1879. P. O 
South Cayuga, Ont. Farmer ; Ev. Ass'n. Children 
(VIM) William Warren Nash, bom January 4, 1880 
(VIII) Ardel Theodore Nash, born Nov. 12, 188 1 
(VIII) Lottie Mabel Nash, born December 4, 1883 
(VIII) Isaac Percival Nash, born August 15, 1885 
(VIII) Lulu Constance Nash, born September 3, 1887 
(VIII) Abram Leland vStanley Nash, b. July 6, 1894 

VII. Frances Deborah Nash, b. Feb. 27, 1852 ; mrd 
Jonathan Carter Mar. 24, 1888. P. O. Rodney, Ont 
Butcher; Meth. One child : (VIII) Abraham Nash 
Carter, born July 27, 1890. 

Abraham N. Moykr. 

(See Page 128.) 



VII. Samuel Abraham Nash, b. May 7, 1854 ; died 
September 2, 1854. 

VI. Susanna Wismer, b. March 16, 18 18 ; died aged 
3 daj's. 

VI. Sarah Wismer, b. April 39, 1819 ; mrd. Joseph 
N. Gross Mar. 16, 1841. He was born Aug. 3, 18 16. 
P. O. Do5iestown, Pa. Farmer in New Britain town- 
ship, where he lived on the same farm for 56 years, 
from the age of 12. In 1884 he moved to Do3destown 
township, where he lives retired. Menus. Children : 
Henr3^ Susanna, Daniel, Levi, Isaiah. 

VII. Henr}' W. Gross, b. Feb. 4, 1842 ; mrd. Susan 
E. Funk June 17, 1875. P. O. Doylestown, Pa. 
Mr. Gross worked on the farm until 19 years of 
age, going to a country school three or four months 
in the Winter. In 1861 he began teaching at Pipers- 
ville at a salary of $22 per month of 22 da^^s, teach- 
ing every alternate Saturda3\ The Summer of 1868 
he spent in Canada and the western part of Pennsj'l- 
vania. The Winter of 1868-69 he taught school in 
Robinson township, Allegheny county. Pa., and the 
two following ^'ears in Allegheny City. In the 
Summer of 1873 he finished a regular normal course 
at the Millersville State Normal School, and in 1875 
received the degree Master of Elements. After 
graduating he was principal of the Etna borough 
(Allegheny count}', Pa.) public schools five conse- 
cutive 3^ears. His health then needing change of 
emplo3'ment he resigned his position and engaged in 
farming in Bucks count}^ and later engaged in the 
creamery business. He and wife are members of the 
Doylestown Presbyterian church, of which he was 
ordained elder in January 1890. Children : Sarah 
Ella, Emma Laura, Esther, and Walter, who died in 
1890, aged 8 months. 

VII. Susanna Gross, born June 4, 1843 ; d. Dec. 11, 
1873 ; married William J. Leatherman. Children : 
(VIII) Harvey K. Leatherman, born March 10, 1870 ; 
(VIII j Daniel G. Leatherman ; mrd. Ida L. Algard in 
1892. Clerk in Philadelphia. (VIII) Abraham and 
Edwin G. Leatherman, both clerks in Philadelphia. 

t 1 

— 1 66 — 

VII. Daniel \V. Gross, 1). June 3, 1846 ; died aged 
years, 8 months ; 9 da^'s. He was a graduate of 
theMillersville (Pa.) State Normal School. When 
about 18 3^ears of age he commenced teaching and 
taught several 3'ears in the public schools at Harris- 
burg, Pa. Was principal of the schools of Sharps- 
burg, Pa. , and at the time of his last illness he was a 
member of the faculty of the Millersville normal. 
He was a member of the Presbyterian church, 

VII. Levi X. Gross, born Oct. 24, 1854 5 nird. Anna 
Worthin'gton April 5, 1881. She was born April 20, 
1856. P. O. Oakland. Cal. Superintendent of syrup 
factory ; Meth. Children : ( VIII ) Mary Lucretia 
Gross, born in Chicago, 111.; (VIII) Joseph Watson 
Gross, b. at Mitchel, Dakota ; (VIII) Levi Worthing- 
ton Gross, born at Wheaton, 111. 

VII. Isaiah W. Gross, b. Jan. 10, 1861 ; mrd. Mary 
Ann Fretz Oct. 14. 1884. She was born June 8, 
1864. Foreman in S. S. Kretz's umbrella factory in 
Philadelphia. Mennonites. One child : (VIII) Anna 
Elizabeth Gross, born January 11, 1887. 

VI. Deborah Wismer, b. Sept. 2, 1821 ; d. Dec. 15, 
1874 ; married Isaac Gross Jan. 15, 1852. P'armer ; 
Menus. Children: (VII) David Gross, born Oct. 16, 
1852 ; died same da3\ (VII) Samuel W. Gross, born 
Jan. 3, 1854 ; mrd. Emma L. Hunsberger. P. O. 
Plumsteadville, Pa. Taught school from 1875 to 
1887, since then farmer ; Mennonites. No issue. 
(VM) Sarah Gross, born May 25, 1855 ; mrd. Harve}' 
Gayman. (See Index of References No. 70.) ( VM) 
Mary W. Gross, born May 28, 1857 ; married John 
H. Myers. (See Index of References No. 71.) 
(VII) Barbara Gross, b. Aug. 26, 1859 ; d. Aug. 31, 
1862. (VII) Tobias Gross, b. June 13, 1862 ; died 
June 25, 1862. (VII) John Gross, born Oct. 21, 1863 ; 
died Jan. 3, 1864. (VII J Ephraim W. Gross, born 
June 10, 1865. P. O. Plumsteadville, Pa. 

VI. Henry D. Wismer, b. in Bucks Co. June 2, 1825; 
mrd. Elizabeth Leatherman. P. O. Gardenville, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : John, Susanna, Joseph. 

VII. John L. Wismer, b. Sept. 29, 1852 ; mrd. Kate 
Shelly Sept. 8, 1876. She was born Jan. 16, 1856, 


P.O. Gardenville, Pa. Farmer; Menus. One child: 
(VIII) Walter Wismer, born November 28, 1878. 

VII. Susanna Wismer, born Sept. 13, 1852 ; mrd. 
Tobias F. Shelly Sept. 3, 1878. He was b. Jan. 20, 
1854. P. O. Gardenville, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. 
One child : (VIII) Bessie May Shelly, b. Apr. 3, 1883. 

VII. Joseph ly. Wismer, b. May 21, 1855 ; mrd. Anna 
H. Rittenhouse, of Jordan, Ont., January 23, 1889. 
P. O. Gardenville, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. Children : 

(VIII) Ada Wismer, born May 29, 1890; (VIII) Paul 
Wismer, born November 2, 1892. 

V. Isaac Wismer, born in Bucks Co. May 21, 1782 ; 
died in Ontario June 18, 1842. Emigrated to Canada 
in 1800; mrd. Anna High (dec'd), of Ontario, in 
1802. Children : Abraham, John, Isaac, Anna, 
Philip, Daniel, David, Barbara, Catharine, Henry, 
Elizabeth, Veronica. Isaac mrd. second wife Barbara 
Martin. Farmer ; Menns. One child : Solomon. 

VI. Abraham Wismer, born Aug. 13, 1803 ; mrd. 
Susanna Grobb Dec. 19, 1826. Farmer ; Menns. 
Children : Isaac, John, F^lizabeth, Anna, Abraham, 
Susanna, William, Barbara, Freeman, Sarah, Mary. 

VII. Isaac G. Wismer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Oct. 14, 1827 ; mrd. Anna Moyer March 9, 1852. 
Children : Eavina, Anna, Maria, Jacob, Sarah, Emma, 
Norman, Hulda. Isaac married second wife Hannah 
Smith April 11, 1878. P. O. South Cayuga. Ont. 
Farmer and blacksmith ; Menns. One child : Robert. 

VIII. Lavina Wismer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Feb. 6, 
1853 ; nird. Michael Dohn Sept. 19, 187 1. P. O. 
South Cayuga, Ont. Farmer ; Ev. Ass'n. Children: 

(IX) Albert F. Dohn, b. Aug. 3, 1875 ; (IX) Hattie 
B. Dohn, born Aug. 9, 1877 ; (IX) Elsie M. Dohn, 
b. May 13, 1880; (IX) Leslie T. Dohn, b. Dec. 10, 
1883 ; dX) Lavern S. Dohn, born June 18, 1888. 

VIII. Anna M. Wismer, b. June 6, 1855 ; "^rd. D. W. 
Nash. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 72.) 

VIII. Maria Wismer, b. Apr. 22, 1858 ; mrd. G. D. 
Culp Oct. 20, 1880. P. O. Rainham, Ont. Farmer ; 
Bap. Children : (IX) Robert E. Culp, b. June 30, 
1883 ; (IX) Anna Nina Culp, b. April 19, 1885 ; 
(IX) George Ernest Culp, born April 6, 1887. 

VIII. Jacob M. Wisiuer, l)()ni Dec. 25, i860 ; mrd. 
Frances High Aug. 18, 1886. P. O. Campden, Ont. 
Blacksmith. One child : (IX) Harry Wismer, born 
November 7. 1887. 

VIII. Sarah B. Wismer, b. Oct. 16, 1863. Ev. Ass'n. 

VIII. Emma Wismer, born Nov. 8, 1865. Teacher. 
Ev. Ass'n. 

VIII. Norman Wismer, born April 3, 1868. P. O. 
Camville, Manitoba. Farmer. 

VIII. Huldah Wismer, b. Mar. 24, 1872. Ev. Ass'n. 

VIII. Robert D. Wismer, born February i, 1879. 

VII. John G. Wismer, b. Oct. 29, 1829 ; mrd. Mary 
High Feb. 19, 1861. She died November 18, 1878. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : (VIII) Sarah Wismer, 
born November 18, 1862. Ev. Ass'n. (Vlll) Martha 
Wismer, b. Feb. 25, 1864. Ev. Ass'n. (Vlll) Sand}^ 
Wismer, b. Oct. 16, 1865. Ev. Ass'n. (Vlll ) Sylvester 
Wismer, b. Feb. 27, 1872. Ev. Ass'n (Vlll) John 
and Mar}^ Wismer, died at birth. John mrd. second 
wife Janet McOmish (a native of Perthshire, Scot- 
land) Dec. 23, 1879. Mrs. Wismer, Presby. 

VII. Elizabeth Wismer, born March i, 1832 ; mrd. 
Philip High Mar. 9, 1852. P. O. South Cayuga, Ont. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : Mary, Sarah, Emerson, 
Abraham, Isaac, Susie, Barbara. 

VIII. Mary Ann High, b. Mar. 9, 1853 ; d. Dec. 25, 

Vlll. Sarah High, b. Feb. 10, 1855 ; mrd. Freeman 
Rittenhouse Dec. i, 1878. P. 6. Dunnville, Ont. 
Farmer ; Menus. One child : ( IX ) Harvey Ritten- 
house, born September 19, 1880. 

Vlll. Emerson W. High, born Dec. 18, 1S56 ; mrd. 
Mary Fry Feb. 27, 1881. She died Jan. 18, 1882. 
One child: (IX) Orpha High, born Dec. 12, 1881. 
Emerson mrd. second wife Barbara Jane Mclntyre 
(widow) January 27, 1886. P. O. Beamsville, Ont. 
Farmer ; Menus. 

Vlll. Abraham W. High, born Nov. 2, 1858 ; mrd. 
Rebecca Jane Beck December 13, 1882. P. O. vSoutli 
Cayuga, Ont. Farmer. Children : (IX) Abraham 
High, lx)rn March 20, 1886 ; (IX) Annie High, born 
November i, 1887. 

— 169 — 

VIII. Isaac W. High, born Dec. 9, i860 ; mrd. Lill}" 
Idora Oberholt Dec. 15, 1886. P. O. South Cayuga, 
Out. Farmer. 

VIII. Susie High, born Nov. 29, 1864 ; mrd. Albert 
Rittenhouse Sept. 10, 1882. P. O. Dunnville, Ont. 
Farmer. Children : (.IX) Henry Rittenhouse, born 
Sept. 15, 1885 ; (IX) Elizabeth Rittenhouse, born 
July 23, 1887. 

VIII. Barbara Jane High, born July 4, 1867. 

VII. Anna Wismer, born Ma}' 6, 1834 ; mrd. Philip 
Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 73. ) 

VII. Abraham G. Wismer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Nov. 29, 1836 ; mrd. Susanna Nash Mav 21, 1870. 
P.O. South Cayuga, Ont. Children: (Vlll) Abraham 
Wismer, b. Mar. 13, 187 1 ; (Vlll) Harvey Wismer, 
b. July 24, 1873 ; (Vlll ) Wilford Wismer, b. Sept. 19, 
1875 ; (Vlll) Florence Wismer, born Dec. 23, 1877 ; 
(Vlll) Delos Wismer, b. May 9, 1880; (Vlll) Fannie 
Wismer, b. Jtme 24, 1882 ; d. Feb. 17, 1888. 

VII. Susanna Wismer, born March 25, 1840 ; mrd. 
Ephraim Grobb. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 74.) 

(Vlll) William G. Wismer, b. July 21, 1842 ; mrd. 
Huldah Ann Smith March 31, 1870. P. O. South 
Cayuga, Ont. Machinist. Children: (Vlll) Mary 
Jane Wismer, born August 28, 187 1. Teacher. 
(Vlll) Clara Arminta Wismer, born Dec. 4, 1873. 
(VIM) Burges S. and Bertha May Wismer (twins), 
born Mar. 16, 1876. (Vlll) Rolland S. Wismer, born 
Aug. 10, 1 88 1. (Vlll) Lena Alberta Wismer, born 
August 4, 1883. 

VII. Barbara Wismer, b. May 18, 1846. Ev. Ass'n. 

VII. Freeman WivSmer, born June 30, 1848. Presby. 

VII. Sarah Wismer, b. May 24, 1852 ; d. vSept. 23, 

VII. Mary Wismer, b. Juh' 13, 1854. Presby. 

VI. John Wismer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Sept. 20, 

1804 ; died Dec. 27, 1872 ; mrd. Agnes Honsberger 

March 13, 1832. She was born Aug. 14, 1809 ; died 

Nov. 23, 1878. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Mary, 

Annie, Barbara, Agnes, Joseph, Margaret, Christian, 

John, Abraham, Matilda, Sarah, Adelia. 


VII. Mary Wisiiier, b. March i8, 1833 ; d. Dec. 16, 
1 864; mrd. Ralph Carle. Children: Robert, Agnes. 

VIII. Robert Carle, mrd. Augusta Kratz vSept. 1883. 
P. O. Jordan, Ont. Farmer. 

VIII. Agnes Carle, b. Dec. 8, 1862 ; mrd. James B. 
High Dec. 27, 1882. Farmer; Meth. Children: 
(IX) F:thel High, born Oct. 18, 1883 ; ('X; Howard 
High, b. Dec. 24, 1885 ; (IX) Murrey High, b. June 9, 
1887 ; (IX) Carson High, b. Jan. 17, 1891. 

VII. Annie Wismer, b. July 14, 1834 ; died Sept. 18, 

VII. Barbara Wismer, b. Feb. 18, 1836; d. Jan. 21, 
1872 ; married Isaiah Albright. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : Henry, Orpha, Agnes, Joshua, John, 
Joseph, Barbara. 

VIII. Henr}^ Albright, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Dec. 25, 1858 ; married Bella Steakel Jan. 29, 1890. 
P. O. Stelton, Ont. Farmer. Attends Presby. ch. 
Children : (IX) Agnes Robena xVlbright, b. F'eb. 13, 
1891 ; (IX) Lottie May Albright, born Aug. 3, 1892. 

VIII. Orpha Albright, born in Lincoln Co., Out., 
June 5, i860 ; married John Ackroyd Dec. 5, 1883. 
P. O. Burton, Mich. Farmer ; Meth. Ep. Children : 
(IX) Harriet Winnifred Ackroyd, b. Nov. 22, 1885 ; 
(IX) Mary Barbara Ackroyd, born Feb. 14, 1888 ; 
(IX) Jesse Merle Ackroyd, b. April i, 1892. 

VIII. Agnes Albright, b. Mar. 6, 1862 ; mrd. Charles 
D. Walker May 29, 1889. P.O. Dante, Ont. Meth. 
One child : (IX) Meda Walker, b. July 22, 1890. 

VIII. Joshua Albright, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Dec. 29, 1864. P.O. Field, B.C. Farmer; Meth. S. 

VIII. John Albright, b. July 25, 1868. P. O. Can- 
more, N.W.T. Farmer ; Meth. Single. 

VIII. Joseph Albright, born in Middlesex Co., Ont., 
Feb. 21, 1869. P. O. Calgary, N. W. T. Book- 
keeper ; Meth. Single. 

VIII. Barbara Albright, born Nov. 13, 1870. P. O. 
Dante, Ont. Meth. Single. 

VII. Agnes Wismer, b. Mar. 24, 1838 ; d. Mar. 25, 
1865 ; married Jacob F. Rittenhouse. (See Index of 
References No. 75.) 

— I7T — 

VII. Joseph H. Wismer, born in Ivincoln Co., Ont., 
Jan. I, 1840; mrd. Hester Ann High Oct. 28, 1867. 
P. O. Jordan, Ont. Farmer ; Meth. One child : 
(VI 11) Caniby Wismer, born Oct. 14, 1871. P. O. 
Jordan, Ont. 

VII. Margaret Wismer, b. Oct. 17, 1841 ; d. Jan. 2, 

VII. Christian Wismer, b. Oct. 4, 1843 ; d. vSept. ^, 

VII. John Wismer, b. Jan. i, 1846 ; d. Jan. 13, 1879 ; 

mrd. Eva Valeria Wills Dec. 27, 1876. Farmer ; 

Disciples. One child: (VIII) Sadie Lauretta Wismer, 

born Apr. 9, 1878. P. O. Jordan, Ont. Meth. 

VII. Abraham Wismer, b. May 6, 1848 ; d. Sept. 3, 

VII. Matilda Wismer, b. Aug. 8, 1849 ; mrd. Isaac 
G. Culp. P. O. Jordan, Ont.'^ 

VII. Sarah Wismer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Dec. 31, 
1851 ; mrd. John H. Kratz Feb. 19, 1879. P. O. 
Jordan, Ont. Lumber dealer ; Menus. No issue. 

VII. Adelia Wismer, b. Nov. 19, 1854 ; mrd. John 
G. Stoner Dec. 31, 1878. He was b. Apr. 22, 1854. 
Emplo3'ed in button factory. P. O. Berlin, Ont. 
Ref. Menu. Children : (VIM) Wilson Stoner, born 
July 18, 1881 ; (VIII) Justus Stoner, b. May 25, 1886 ; 
(VIII) Bertha Stoner, b. April 4, 1889 ; (VIII) Viola 
Stoner, born i\pril 14, 1892. 

VI. Isaac Wismer, b. July 31, 1806 ; mrd. Magda- 
lena High, daughter of David High, of Bucks Co., 
vSept. 29, 1835. She d. May 27, 1892. P. O. Port- 
dalhousie, Ont. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Eli, 
Mary, Tobias, Aaron, Freeman, Alfred, Ephraim. 

VII. Eli Wismer, b. Sept. 18, 1836 ; mrd. Catharine 
High, of Louth, Out., Apr. 15, 1862. She d. Feb. 9, 
1877. P. O. vSt. Catharines, Ont. Farmer ; Meth. 
Children : (VIII) Emma Amelia Wismer, b. Feb. 10, 
1863 ; (VIII ) Ida Sophia Wismer, b. Sept. 10, 1864 ; 
(VIII) Joshua Wismer, b. Nov. 3, 1865,; mrd. Emma, 
daughter of Daniel K. High, Esq., Nov. 18, 1891. 
(VIII) Franklin Wismer, born April 10, 1867. (VIII) 
Huldah Orpha Wismer, b. Nov. 21, 1868. (VIII) James. 

Eli married second wife Catharine Moyer, of 


Clinton Twp., Ont., May 21, icSyy. Children : (VIII; 
Curtis Wismer, born July 26, 1881 ; (VIII) Vernon 
Wismer, b. Feb. 12, 1888 ; d. Fel). 16, 1888. 

VII. Mary Wismer, born May 9, 1839 ; nird. Henry 
Grobb Mar. 31, 1863. He was born vSept. 18, 1829. 
P. O. Beamsville, Ont. Farmer ; Meth. One child : 
(VIII) Aaron Grobb, b. Fel). 14, 1870. 

VII. Tobias Wismer, b.'Jan. 18, 1841 ; mrd. Joanna 
Emery, of Louth Twp., Ont., Nov. 21, 1866. P. O. 
St. Catharines, Ont. Planner. Children : Susan, 
Eliza, Ada, Ella, Harry, Minnie, Florence, Isaac. 

VIII. Susan Alberta Wismer, born in 1867 ; mrd. 
Samuel Honsberger. One child : (IX) Ina May 
Honsberger, born March 24, 1891. 

VIII. Eliza Magdalena Wismer, born Oct. 8, 1869. 

VIII. Ada May Wismer, born January 11, 1872. 

VIII. Ella Belle Wismer, born Nov. 13, 1873. 

VIII. Harry Thomas Wismer, b. Aug. 29, 1875. 

VIM. Minnie Edney Wismer, b. Apr. 25, 1878. 

VIII. Florence Ethel Wismer, b. Apr. 9, 1881 ; died 
Sept. 7, 1881. 

VIII. Isaac Arthur Wismer, born June 18, 1883. 

VII. Aaron Wismer, born Jan. 7, 1843 i ^^t^<^^- Mary 
Margaret Martin, daughter of Abraham and Cath- 
arine Martin, Jan. 19, 1876. P. O. Jordan Station, 
Ont. Farmer ; Baptists. No issue. 

VII. Freeman Wismer, b. Oct. 19, 1845 ; mrd. Mary 
Kratz Jan. 8, 1866. She was b. Jan. 23, 1841. P. O. 
St. Catharines, Ont. Farmer ; Menu. Br. in Christ. 
Children: (VIII) Salina Wismer, born Dec. 9, 1866; 
(VIII) Morgan Wismer, born July 10, 1869; (VIII) 
Albert Wismer, b. May 11, 1872 ; (VIII) Archibald 
Wismer, born Oct. 14, 1875 ; (VIM) Hattie Wismer, 
b. Feb. II, 1879; (VIII) Mary Wismer, b. Nov. 8, 

VII. Alfred Wismer, b. July 15, 1848 ; mrd. Barbara 
Moyer, daughter of Jacob H. Moyer, Jan. 8, 1874. 
P. O. Portdalhousie, Ont. Farmer ; Bap. Children : 
(Vlll) Elsie Maud Wismer, b. June 3. 1877 ; (VIII) 
Herbert Stanley Wismer, b. Mar. 27, 1882 ; (Vlll) F>a 
Florence Wismer, b. Feb. 20, 1886. 

VII. Ephraim Wismer, born Aug. 25, 1851 ; mrd. 

— 173 — 

Magdalena Moyer, of Louth Twp., Out., August i, 
1872. P. O. St. Catharines, Ont. Bookkeeper ; 
Bap. Children : (VIII) Clara Euretta Wismer, born 
Oct. 9, 1873 ; (VIII) Norman Howard Wismer, born 
Dec. 8, 1875 ; (VIII) Cora Mabel Wismer, b. Oct. 6, 
1877 ; (VIII) Effie Gertrude Wismer, b. Feb. 7, 1880; 
(VIII) Hilliard Grover Wismer, born July 11, 1886; 
died Aug. 21, 1887. (VIII) Walter Stanley Wismer, 
born July 21, 1887. (VIII) Wilfred Ernest Wismer, 
born April 21, 1893. 

VI. Anna Wismer (dec'd), b. in 1808 ; mrd. Jacob 
Detweiler (dec'd). He was b. in Bucks Co. Jan. 20, 
1808. Farmer; Menus. Children: Isaac, Daniel, 
Benjamin, John, Jacob, Barbara, Susanna, Christian, 
Enoch, Annie, Mar3^ 

VII. Christian Detweiler, b. July 22, 1836. S. 

VII. Enoch W. Detweiler, b. in Waterloo Co., Ont., 
Sept. 8, 1839 ; mrd. Victoria Willits Nov. 27, i860. 
Farmer ; U. Br. Children : Lavina, Rosetta, Alice, 
Barbara, Elsie, George, Effie. 

VIII. Lavina Detweiler, b. Sept. 26, 1861. S. 

VIII. Rosetta W. Detweiler, b. Mar. 20, 1865 ; mrd. 
Emanuel Hilborn April 1886. P. O. Grand Valley, 
Ont. Miller; U.Br. Children: (IX) Ada Hilborn, 
born Feb. 18, 1888 ; (IX) Leslie Hilborn, b. Nov. 3, 

VIII. Alice Jane Detweiler, born June i, 1867 ; mrd. 
John W. Battler Apr. 2, 1890. P. O. New Dundee, 
Ont, Farmer ; U. Br. No. issue. 

VIII. Barbara Annie Detweiler, b. Feb. 18, 1869. S. 

VIII. Elsie Eletia Cecilia Detweiler, b. Aug. 2, 1873. 

VIII. George William Detweiler, born Sept. 16, 1875. 

VIII. Effie Detweiler, born Februar}^ 14, 1879. 

VII. Annie W. Detweiler, born Jul}' 21, 1844; mrd. 
Adam B. Cassel May 21, 186 1. P. O. New Dundee, 
Ont. Farmer ; U. Br. Children : Milton, Oliver, 
Lavina, John, Jacob. 

VIII. Milton D. Cassel, b. and d. May 17, 1862. 
VIII. Oliver D. Cassel, born June 16, 1863 ; mrd. 

Barbara S. Geiger Aug. 24, 1886. P. O. New Dun- 
dee, Ont. Spinner and carder in wool factory. 

— 174— . 

Children-: (\X) James Lloyd G. Cassel, b. June 15, 
1887 ; (IX) Hattie Melissa G. Cassel, b. Jan. 6, 1890. 

VIII. Lavina D. Cassel, b. Nov. 29, 1865. U. Br. S. 

VIII. John and Jacob D. Cassel (twins;, b. Sept. 3, 
187 1. The former farmer, the latter employed in 
button factory ; United Brethren. 

VII. Mary Ann Detweiler, b. Sept. 12, 1850 ; mrd. 
Albert Willits Feb. 2, 1872. P. O. Wroxeter, Ont. 
Farmer; Cong. ch. Children: (VIII) Jemima Willits, 
b. Jan. 25, 1873 ; (VIII) Barbara Anna Willits, born 
May 19, 1879 ; (VIII) Alberta Willits, born April 5, 
1881 ; (VIM) Jacob Willits, born April 19, 1883 ; 
(Vlll) AlfredWillits, b. Apr. 22, 1886; (VIII) Norman 
Willits, b. July 18, 1888 ; (Vlll) Gordon Willits, born 
June 28, 1 89 1. 

VI. Philip Wismer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Aug. 31, 
1810; mrd. Margaret High (dec'd), Jan. 20, 1836. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : Henry, Barbara, Eliza- 
beth, Isaac, Joseph, Mary, William, Sarah, John, 
Henrietta, Magdalena, Susanna. 

VII. Henry Wismer, bom Oct. 26, 1836 ; d. Jan. 21, 

VII. Barbara Wismer, b. Feb. 12, 1838 ; d. Nov. 16, 


VII. Elizabeth Wismer, b. July 9, 1839 ; d. Dec. 19, 

VII. Isaac Wismer, b. Mar. 9, 1841 ; d. May 8, 1847. 

VII. Rev. Joseph M. Wismer, b. July 28, 1842 ; mrd. 
Mary Fretz Dec. 17, 1867. She was born June 15, 
1842. P. O. Jordan, Out. Planner and minister. 
He was ordained to the ministr}' of the Mennonite 
church Nov. I, 1885. Children: (Vlll) Philip Henry 
Wismer, born March 26, 1870 ; (Vlll) Margaret 
Elizabeth Wismer, boni Dec. 17, 1874 ; (Vlll) Etta 
Eltha Wismer, born June 25, 1877; (Vlll) Victoria 
Catharine Wismer, b. Feb. 26, 1880 ; d. Jan. 20, 188 r. 

VII. Mary Ann Wismer, born Ma}- 4, 1844 ; nird. 
Daniel B. Rittenhouse. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 76.) 

VII. William Andrew Wismer, lx)rn April 19, 1846 ; 
mrd. Alma Alberta Patterson March i, 1876. P. O. 
Jordan, Ont. Farmer. As a believer he has accepted 
a crucified Saviour in the person of Jesus Christ, 

— 175 — 

received water baptism in His name, and worships 
at (Moyer's) Mennonite church. Children : (VIII) 
Louisa Catharine Wismer, born October 21, 1877 
(VIII) Annalora Margaret Wismer, b. Mar. 11, 1880 
(VIII) Jessie Alberta Wismer, born Sept. 4, 1882 
(VIII) Ethel Maryettie Wismer, born Nov. 6, 1885 
(VIII) Beatrice Victoria Wismer, born July 18, 1888 
(VIII) Klma Elmira Wismer, b. May 12, 1891. 

VII. Sarah Catharine Wismer. born Aug. 16, 1848 ; 
died Dec. 14, 1883 ; mrd. Jacob Issler. Cabinet- 
maker. She had arranged to join the Presby. ch., 
but death prevented. One child, stillborn. 

VII. John Henry Wismer, born Dec. 8, 1850 ; mrd. 
Nancy Catharine Tufford Jan. 23, 1878. P. O. Beams- 
villc, Ont. Farmer; Meth. One child: (VIII) Mabel 
A. Wismer, b. Jan. 25, 1880. 

VII. Henrietta Wismer, born Aug. 31, 1852 ; mrd. 
William A. Patterson Sept. 30, 1880. P. O. Smith- 
ville, Ont. Farmer ; Presbyterian. One child : 
(VIII) Emery Ulysses Patterson, b. June 5, 1883. 

VII. Magdalena Wismer, born Oct. 19, 1854 5 ^i^^ 
Nov. 9, 1855. 

VII. Susanna Wismer, b. June 4, 1857 ; d. Mar. 8, 

VI. Daniel Wismer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., July 20, 
1812 ; d. in 1891 ; mrd. Barbara High Jan. 3, 1837. 
She was born Apr. 23, 181 7 ; d. July 23, 1884. In 
earl 3^ life farmer, later carpenter and cooper ; Meth. 
Children : Amos, Henry, Solomon, P'rancis, Susan, 
Anna, Mary, Barbara. 

VII. Amos Wismer, born June i, 1838 ; d. Mar. 14, 

VII. Henry WivSmer, b. May 29, 1840 ; mrd. Nancy 
Shelly Dec. 18, 1866. P. O. Suspension Bridge, Ont. 
Bridge carpenter on Grand Trunk Railway ; Meth. 
Children : (VIII) Ida Wismer, born Nov. 28, 1867 ; 
mrd. Albert E. Salter Jan. 6, 1892. P. O. St. Cath- 
arines, Ont. Wesleyan Meth. No issue. (VIII) 
Hilliard Judson Wismer, born Feb. 28, 1869. P. O. 
Courtice, Ont. Member Salvation Army, of w^hich 
he is an officer. S. (VIII) Francis James Wismer, 
b. Dec. 10, 1871 ; d. Sept. 3, 1872. (VIII) William 

— 176 — 

Heiin- Wismer, b. Feb. 23, 1875 ; d. May 3, 1878. 
(VIII) Mary Margaret Wismer, b. Sept. 22, 1879. 

VII. Solomon Wismer, ])orn Nov. 24, 1842 ; mrd. 
Susan High Feb. 13, 1866. P. O. Grimsby, Ont. 
Carpenter ; Mrs. W. Meth. Children : (VIII; James 
Wismer, born Aug. 26, 1867 ; died Oct. 6, 1867. 
(VIII) RollandWismer, b. Nov. 12, 1868. (VIII) Delia 
May Wismer, b. Jan. 30, 1870. (VIII) Mary Elvora 
Wismer, born May 9, 1874. (VIII) Florence Beatrice 
Wismer, b. Mar. 27, 1877. (VIII) Emily and Emerson 
Wismer (twins), b. Mar. 5, 1880 ; d. May 20, 1880, 
and July 30, 1880, respective!}'. (VIII) Edwin Wismer, 
born Mar. 26, 1882 ; died Feb. 24, 1884. 

VII. Francis J. Wismer, boni May 25, 1845 ; died 
Sept. 20, 1864. 

VII. Susan Amanda Wismer, b. May 15, 1849 ; mrd. 
Charles Phillips Dec. 22, 1870. P. O. Grimsby, Ont. 
Machinist; Meth. Children: (VIII) W. E. Philips, 
b. Jan. 7, 1872. Printer in the office of "The Inde- 
pendent" at Grimsby, Ont. (VIII J Grace D. Phillips, 
born March 8, 1880. 

VII. Anna Elizabeth Wismer, b. Mar. 21, 1852 ; mrd. 
James A. Hewitt Januar}' 5, 1876. P. O. Grimsby, 
Ont. Carpenter and builder ; Meth. Children 
(VIM) Lillian OrpheHa Hewitt, bora April 8, 1877 
(VIII) James Arthur Hewitt, born Dec. 26, 1879 
(VIII) Lottie May Hewitt, born March 9, 188 1 
(VIII) Ethel A. Hewitt, bora February 17, 1884 
(VIII) Albert Roy Hewitt, b. Oct. 10, 1890. 

VII. Mar}' Margaret Wismer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Feb. 12, 1854 ; married Edwin George Paradice, of 
Bristol, England, Feb. 7, 1878. P. O. Grimsby, Ont. 
Children : (VIII) Louisa Maud Paradice, b. Apr. 28, 
1879 ; (VIII) P:dith Mabel Paradice, b. Aug. 7, 1881 ; 
(VIII) Marguerite Frances Paradice, b. Feb. 8, 1884. 

VII. Barbara Catharine Wismer, born in Lincoln Co., 
Ont., Dec. 26, 1862 ; mrd. Alexander Ryckman 1888. 
P.O. Grimsby, Ont. Meth. Children: (VIII) Charles 
Edwin Ryckman, b. August 5, 1889; (VIII) Albert 
Franklin Ryckman, b. Aug. 31, 1891 ; died July 15, 

VI. David Wislner, died young. 

(See Page 130.) 

— 177 — 

VI. Barbara Wismer, born in Lincoln county, Ont. , 
Aug. lo, 1866 ; died April 10, 1886 ; nird. Joseph B. 
Moyer. (See Index of References No. 77.) 

VI. Catharine Wismer, died young. 

VI. Henry Wismer, b. June 29, 182 1 ; d. May 14, 
1884.; mrd. Anna Kratz in 1845. No issue. 

VI. Elizabeth Wismer, b. May 16, 1823 ; died 1879. 

VI. Veronica Wismer, b. Apr. 2, 1828 ; d. 1884. 

VI. Solomon Wismer, b. June 13, 1837 ; d. infant. 

V. Barbara Wismer, b. Apr. 15, 1785 ; d. Apr. 17, 
1851; mrd. Henry Rickert. Children: Daniel, Isaac, 
Samuel, Catharine, Barbara, Frances, Henry, Jacob, 

V. Catharine Wismer, b. in Bucks Co. July 23, 1787 ; 
d. in Canada Aug. 4, 1858 ; mrd. John High July 27, 
1 8 19. He was born in Bucks Co. July 27, 1770 ; 
d. in Ontario in 1833. Farmer and weaver ; Menus. 
Children: (VI) Anna High ; d. 1838. (VI) Abraham 
High; d. in 1845. (VI) Margaret High, b. in Lincoln 
Co., Ont., Nov. 18, 1825 ; died Sept. '5, 1890 ; mrd. 
Dilman Moyer. (See Index of References No. 78.) 

V. Veronica Wismer, b. July 22, 1789 ; d. infant. 

V. Abraham Wismer, born in Bucks Co. Nov. 30, 
1791 ; died June 25, 1859 ; mrd. Elizabeth Leather- 
man Apr. 13, 18 1 3. She was b. Feb. 5, 1790 ; died 
April 15, 1845. Children : Samuel, Esther, Jacob, 
Catharine, Mary, Elizabeth, Abraham. Abraham 
mrd. second wife Mary, dau. of Joseph Overholt and 
widow of Abraham Bean, in 1847. She was b. in 1804 ; 
d. in Kent Co., Mich., in 1889. One child : Sarah. 
He was the fourth owner and occupant of the 
Wismer homestead. During his early life he also 
distilled whiskey from apples on the farm. Thousands 
of bushels of apples were thus disposed off in the 
neighborhood. About 900 gallons of whiskey was 
the yield in a good season. This occupation so far 
carried on by every generation had its career ended 
b}^ the subject of this sketch, who, from his earlier 
experience, and a full realization of the danger to, and 
demoralizing effects on the rising generation, could 
without the surrender of any convictions, abandon the 
heretofore popular "Still." 

— 178- 

Mr. Wismer and wives were members of the Old 
Mennonite church at Deep Run, of which he was a 
deacon thirty years. During his term as deacon some 
stirring events took place, ending in a division of the 
church. He was a popular man in the community, 
well read and posted in the ordinary business trans- 
actions of his day. Settling estates, clerking sales, 
writing wills and agreements, etc., occupied part of 
his time. 

VI. Sanuiel Wismer, born Nov. 14, 18 14 ; mrd. 
Elizabeth Kulp. She was born June 11, 1823. P. O. 
Plumsteadville, Pa. Farmer, and lives on a part 
of the old Wismer homestead. During his early life- 
time he had two remarkable escapes. When a few 
years of age lightning struck his father's house. The 
electric bolt descended through the chimne}', followed 
the pipe to the stove and went through the floor 
within a few feet of where he lay asleep in a little bed. 
While yet a boy he and his brother Jacob were sent 
to cut up a tree top. Jacob, who w^as several years 
younger, seized the axe and slashed around among 
the limbs. The result was startling. Samuel was 
standing nearby on the ground while Jacob was 
perched a little higher. The axe descended and made 
a clean cut through the hat to the skin of Samuel's 
forehead without drawing any blood or making a 
scratch. Mr. Wismer is a highl}" respected citizen, 
and he and wife are members of the Mennonite church 
at Deep Run. Children : Eli, Anna, John, Mary, 

VII. Eli Wismer, born January 25, 1844, on the south- 
western part of the original tract, in Bedminister 
township, Bucks county. He received a common 
school education in the district school at Deep Run, 
which was open four months and towards the close of 
his school days five months in a 3'ear. In 1865 he 
received a certificate from the vSuperintendent of Public 
Schools to teach in the county. He taught four 
terms in his native township and one at Plumsteadville. 

He was appointed Assistant U. S. Marshall to 
take the ninth Census of Bedminster township in 
1870. In the same year he was married to Annie, 

— 179 — 

daughter of Joseph Myers, of Plumstead township. 
She was born June 29, 1846. In 187 1 he commenced 
farming on the farm on which he was born. At the 
organization of the Plumsteadville Dairy Men's Asso- 
ciation in i88o he was elected secretary and soon after 
salesman for the association, which position he holds 
the twelfth consecutive year. 

His father's teaching in earl}^ life impressed on 
him the evils arising from the use of intoxicants, and 
during the Constitutional Amendment campaign he 
was among the leading agitators in his community to 
prohibit the manufacture and sale thereof as a bever- 
age. P. O. Plumsteadville, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : (VIII) Harvey Wismer, b. Sept. 4, 1873 ; 
(VIII) Clara Wismer, b. Feb. 23, 1880 ; d. March 18, 

VII. Anna Wismer, b. Dec. 6, 1847 ; mrd. Cornelius 
Myers. (See Index of References No. 79.) 

VII. John Wismer, b. July 19, 1850 ; d. Apr. 14, 1851. 

VII. Mary Wismer, b. April 6, 1855. Single. 

VII. Elizabeth Wismer, b. Sept. 19, 1862. Single. 

VI. Esther Wismer, born Aug. 6, 18 16 ; mrd. David 

VI. Jacob Wismer, b. Dec. 24, 1818 ; d. Dec. 1890 ; 
mrd. Sophia Loux. He was the fifth owner of the 
Wismer homestead, which was reduced by his father 
to 70 acres. Farmer; Menus. Children: Franklin, 

VII. Franklin L. Wismer, b. Aug. 11,1848 ; d. Oct. 18, 
1888 ; mrd. Magdalena Weatherman. She d. Sept. 10, 
1889. Children : (VIII) Emma Wismer, b. April 9, 
1871 ; mrd. John Rogerson. (VIII) Sallie Wismer. S. 
(VIII) Henry L. Wismer, b. Mar. 2, 1874. (VIII) Ervin 
Wismer, b. June 28, 1880. (VIII) Alice Wismer, born 
September 1887. 

VII. Eevi L. Wismer, b. in Bucks Co. Jan. 10, 1854 ; 
married Ida I. Holcombe Ma}- 29, 1886. Res. 2617 
Darien St. , Phila. Carpenter. No issue. 

VI. Catharine Wismer, born Oct. 18, 182 1 ; married 
Rev. John Gross. P. O. Plumsteadville, Pa. Farmer 
and minister. He was ordained to the ministry of the 
Mennonite church at Deep Run in 1852, where he is 

— I So — 

still engaged in the active work of the ministr}'. 
Children : Abraham, Mar3^ 

VII. Abraham C. Gross, b. Jan. 13, 1844 ; married 
Sarah, daughter of Rev. Samuel Godshall, October i, 
1865. P. O. Plumsteadville, Pa. Farmer. Menns. 
Children: (VIII) William S. Gross, b. Oct. 10, 1866. 
Farmer. S. (VIII) Catharine Gross, b. Dec. 8, 1867 ; 
mrd. Abraham W. Shaddinger. (See Ind. of Ref. 
No. — .) (VIII) Mahlon Gross, born vSept. i, 1873. 
Teacher. S. (Vlllj Jacob Gross, b. Nov. 9, 1879. 

VII. Mary Gross, b. July 18, 1848 ; married Samuel 
Gayman. (See Index of References. No. — .) -To 

VI. Mary Wismer, b. Aug. 21, 1824; died April "i, 
1854. Single. 

V! KlizrJjeth Wismer, born September i, 1826 ; died 
December 17, 1837. 

VI. Abraham WivSmer, bom Oct. 14, 1829 ; mrd. 
Catharine Bishop. Farmer, and owns the old Wismer 
homestead with 72 acres ; Menns. Children: Henry, 
Mary, Jacob, Anna, Abraham, Enos, Lizzie, Emma. 

VII. Henry Wismer, b. Sept. 2, 1855 ; mrd. Eydia 
Myers Oct. 16, 1879. Farmer ; Menns. Children : 
(VIII) Kate Wismer, b. Sept. 24, 1884 ; (VIII) Mary 
Emma Wismer, born June 4, 1887 ; d. Feb. 5, 1888. 
(VIII) Ella Wismer, born March 31, 1889. 

VII. Mary Wismer, b. Dec. 4, 1853 ; d. July 5, 1891 ; 
mrd. Abraham G. Overholt Feb. 13, 1875. Carpenter; 
Menns. Children: (VIII) Katie Overholt, b. Apr. 21, 
1876; (VIII) Maggie Overholt, born Nov. 11, 1879; 
(VIII) EmmaOverholt, b. July 15, 1881 ; (VIII) Mary 
Overholt, b. June 21, 1884 ; (VIU) Carrie Overholt, 
born August 16, 1887. 

VII. Jacob Wismer, born in 1857 ; died in 1858. 

VII. Anna Wismer, b. April 28, 1859 ; mrd. James 
Bergey Nov. 7, 1878. Farmer ; Menns. Children : 
(VIII) Noah Bergey, b. 1880 ; (VIII) Hattie Bergey, 
born 1882 ; (VIII) infant son born and died 1888. 

VII. Abraham B. Wismer, b. Nov. 11, 1861 ; mrd. 
Ella Shelly Jan. 29, 1885. Farmer ; Menns. No 

VII. Enos B. W^ismer, b. Jan. 9, 1868 ; mrd. Mary 
Overholt. Farmer ; Menns. No issue. 

— i8i — 

VII. Lizzie Wismer, b. Jan. 13, 1864 ; mrd. William 
B. Detweiler October 4, 1883. Farmer ; Menns. 
Children : (VIII) Martha Detweiler, b. Dec. 31, 1885 ; 
(VIII) Abraham Detweiler, born October 29, 1887 ; 
(VIII) Bessie Detw^eiler, born July 30, 1889. 

VII. Emma Wismer, born April 18, 1871 ; mrd. 
Abraham Hiestand October 3, 1891. P. O. Garden- 
ville. Pa. 

VI. Sarah Wismer, b. Mar. 15, 1849 ; mrd. William 
Overholt, Jr., Apr. 3, 1870. He d. in 1878. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : (VII) Clara Overholt, b. Jan. 23, 
iv I ; d. Dec. 14, 1884. (VII) Mary Elizabeth Over- 
holt, b. Nov. 19, 1872. (VM) Elmer Francis Overholt, 
born Mar. 10, 1875 ; d. in 1888. Sarah mrd. second 
husband Elias F. Hunsberger. (See Ind.''Of -Pof. 
No. 80.) 

V. Elizabeth Wismer, b. in Bucks Co. July 24, 1794 ; 
d. Aug. 12, 1852 ; mrd. Abraham Kratz. (See Ind. 
of Ref. No. 82.) 

V. Esther Wismer, born Feb. 8, 1797 ; died Feb. 5, 
1877 ; mrd. Jacob Bergey July 15, 18 14. Children : 
Abraham, Susan, Jacob, John, Anna. 

VI. Abraham Bergey, born 1815 ; died 1888 ; mrd. 
Anna Kile. Farmer; Menns. Children: Anna, Mar}^ 
Jacob, James, Oliver, Susanna. 

VI. Susan Bergey, b. 18 16 ; d. 1889 ; mrd. Abraham 
Funk. Farmer ; Menns. Children : Samuel, Jacob, 
Annie, Hester, William, John, Matilda, Mary, Henry, 
Abraham, Susanna, Elizabeth, Oliver. 

VI. Jacob Bergey, b. 1818 ; mrd. Susanna Eeather- 
man. Children : Catharine, Mary, Mary, Esther. 

VI. John Bergey, b. 1823 ; mrd. Susanna Wismer. 
No issue. 

VI. Anna Bergey, b. 1830 ; mrd. William Garges. 
Children : Amanda, Hettie, Abraham, John, Henry. 

IV. Isaac Meyer (dec'd), born Oct. 11, 1758 ; mrd. 

Landis. Children : Catharine, Sarah, Samuel, 

Elizabeth, Isaac, Abraham, Susanna, Mary. 

V. Catharine Meyer, mrd. Jacob Hagey. Children : 
(VI) Amos Hagej^ (dec'd), married Mary Hummel. 
Onechild: Kate (dec'd). (VI) Jacob Hagey (dec'd). 
(VI) Mary Hagey (dec'd), mrd. Samuel Erb. 

— I 82 — 


V. Sarah Meyer (dec'd), born April 5, 1783 ; mrd. 
John Hao^ey^^ (dec'd). He wavS born November 20, 
1774. Fanner; Menns. Children: Elizabeth, Daniel, 
Isaac, John, ]\Iary, Enos. Abraham, David, Joseph, 

VI. Elizabeth Hagey, b. June 8, 1805 ; d. Sept. 22, 
1866 ; mrd. Isaac S. Freed in 1822. He was born 
April 14, 1800 ; died March 4, 1885. Children : 
(Vll) Aaron H. Freed, born Dec. 9, 1822 ; mrd. 
Elizabeth Landes. She was b. Mar. 14, 1828. P. O. 
Franconia, Pa. Cigarmaker ; Menns. No issue. 
(VII) Mary Freed (dec'd), born Apr. 18, 1824 ; mrd. 
Enos Hackman. (Vll) Elias H. Freed (dec'd), born 
September 23, 1826 ; married Catharine A. Landes. 
(VII) Sarah Freed (dec'd), born Apr. 3, 1829 ; mrd. 
Jacob Frederick. (Vll) Joseph H. Forced (dec'd), born 
Mar. 15, 1831 ; mrd. Catharine Nice. (Vll) Isaac H. 
Freed, b. Jan. 29, 1834 ; mrd. Catharine C. Landes. 
P. O. Lansdale, Pa. (VII) Anna Freed, born June 3, 
1836 ; mrd. Tyson Detweiler. P. O. FVanconia, Pa. 
(Vll) Ehzabeth Freed (dec'd), born Sept. 6, 1841. 
(Vll) Catharine Freed, born October 29, 1845. 

VI. Daniel Hagey, b. in Montg. Co. Sept. 6, 1806 ; 
d. Nov. 3, 1879 ; mrd. Elizabeth Hunsberger in 1833. 
She w^as born in Montg. Co. Feb. 19, 1808 ; died 
Nov. 18, 1877. Mason and farmer ; Menns. Child- 
ren : Alfred, Enos, Sarah, Elizabeth, Catharine. 

VII. Alfred Hagey, bom Nov. 23, 1834 ; mrd. Mary 
Delp Nov. 9, 1 86 1. Res. 2429 N. 6th St., Phila. 

Vll. Enos H. Hagey, born in Montg. Co. Dec. 17, 
1836 ; mrd. Sarah Cassel May 30, 1868. She died 
July 30, 1875. One child : (Vlfl) Lillie C. Hagey, 
born May 28, 1875 ; died Sept. 3, 1875. Enos mrd. 
second wife Sarah Bealer Oct. 1878. P. O. Souder- 
ton, Pa. Dealer in boots and shoes ; Menns. 
One child : (VIII) Katie Idella Hagey, born Oct. 12, 
1880 ; died December 29, 1889. 

Vll. Sarah Hagey, born Feb. 17, 1838 ; mrd. David 
Oberholtzer August 18, i860. P. O. Hatfield, Pa. 
Farmer. Children : (VIII) Nathaniel Oberholtzer, 

*Son of Daniel (and Mary) Hagey, b. Mar. 4, 1746 ; died 
Feb. 3, 1839, aged 93 years, less 20 days. 


born May 14, 1861 ; mrd. Elenora Hansell Oct. 20, 
1887. P.O. Hatfield, Pa. Laborer; Ref. church. 
No issue. (VIII) Wilhelmina Oberholtzer, b. July 2, 
1869. Single. 

VII. Elizabeth Hagey, born August 27, 1840 ; died 
October 9, 1862. 

VII. Catharine Hagey, born Jan. 23, 1848. P. O. 
Hatfield, Pa. 

VI. Isaac Hage}^ born in Montg. Co. May 8, 1808 ; 
died Mar. 27, 1876 ; mrd. Elizabeth Cassel Nov. 22, 
1829. She was born in Montg. Co. Dec. 11, 1807 ; 
d. June 3, 1886. Mason ; Menus. Children : John, 
Daniel, Sarah. 

VII. John Hagey, born Aug. 4, 1830 ; died Oct. 3, 
1857 ; nird. Catharine Rosenberger. She was born 
Aug. 4, 1826 ; died Jan. 4, 1890. Watchmaker ; 
Menus. Children : Elizabeth, Anna. 

VIII. Elizabeth Hagey, born in Montg. Co. May 8, 
1853 ; mrd. Frank W. Dorn Sept. 23, 1871. P. O. 
Telford, Pa. Farmer; Ref. ch. Children: (IX) Allen 
Dorn, born June 3, 1873 ; married Clara Metzger 
May 27, 1893. P. O. Telford, Pa. Bricklayer ; 
Ref. ch. (IX) Katie Dorn, born December 24, 1875. 
(IX) Frank Dorn, born April 23, 1878. (IX) Milton 
Dorn, b. Aug. 21, 1880 ; d. aged 5 days. (IX) Erwin 
Dorn, b. Feb. 2, 1882 ; d. Aug. 22, 1882. (IX) Rein- 
hart Dorn, b. Mar. 5, 1883. (IX) Charles Dorn, born 
Mar. 3, 1885. (IX) Lizzie Dorn, born Nov. 30, 1887. 
(IX) Vernon Dorn, born June 29, 1892. 

VIII. Anna Hagey, born and died April i, 1857. 

VII. Daniel Hagey, born September 16, 1836 ; died 
March 22, 1837. 

VII. Sarah Hagey, b. Apr. 16, 1840 ; mrd. Mathias 
Price. (See Index of References No. 83. ) 

VI. John Hagey (dec'd), married Anna Detweilcr. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : infant (dec'd), John, 
infant, infant, Abraham, JOvSeph, Isaac, Sarah, Eliza, 
Ann, Mary. 

VII. John Hagey ; was in the army and died in 
hospital at Alexandria, Va., where he lies buried. 

VII. Abraham Hagey, mrd. Catharine Haines, P. O. 

— 1 84 — 

Souderton, Pa. Children : Jerome, Invin, Katie, 
infant (dec'd). 

VII. Joseph D. Hagey, b. Apr. i, 1841 ; d. Nov. 13, 
1893; mrd. Lizzie Crouthaniel Sept. 12, 1868. She 
was born June 19, 1848. P. O. South Hatfield, Pa. 
Shoemaker ; Luth. Mr. Hage}' enlisted August 1862 
for three years. At the battle of Cold Harbor, Va. , 
he was slightly wounded in his left ear, and was 
severely wounded at Petersburg, Va., in his left leg, 
which was amputated 5)^ inches below the knee. 
He was mustered out of service at Washington, D. C, 
June 23, 1865. He was in the insane asylum at 
Norristown for 1 1 years and 6 months, at which place 
he died. Children : (Vlll) Edward C. Hagey, b. in 
Montg. Co. July 23, 1869. P. O. Colmar, Pa. 
Harnessmaker. (Vlll J Anna Martha Hage}', born in 
Bucks county Dec. 3, 1870. Seamstress ; Lutheran. 
(Vlll) Wilson C. Hagey, b. Apr. 6, 1872 ; d. Dec. 27, 
1 89 1. (Vlll) Clayton C. Hagey, born Dec. i, 1873 ; 
died Sept. 4, 1887. (Vlll) Jacob Leidy Hagey, born 
and died Aug. 7, 1875. (Vlll) John Harrison Hagey, 
b. and d. Aug. 9, 1876. (Vlll) William Allen Hagey, 
b. May 12, 1877. Luth. (Vlll) Stella Hagey, born 
Apr. 16, 1879. Luth. (Vlll) Justus Theodore Hagey, 
born April 11, 1881. 

VII. Isaac Hage}', mrd. Mar>' Rosenberger. P. O. 
Lansdale, Pa. Children : Ellen, Kate, Harvey, Jacob, 
Maurice, and three died young. 

VII. Sarah Hagey, married Silas Thomas (dec'd). 
One child : Annie. Sarah married second husband 
Upright. One child. 

VII. Eliza Hage}^ died young. 

VII. Ann Hage}', mrd. Theodore Adams. She died 
March 17, 1872. No issue. 

VII. Mary Hagey, married Albert Landis. He was 
killed on railroad. Children: Jane, Harr3^ Ephraim, 
Josiah, Sallie, Abraham. Mary married second hus- 
band Henry Keelor. 

VI. Mary Hagey, b. Sept. i, 1814 ; mrd. Jesse Moore 
Nov. 27, 1831. He was b. Apr. 27, 1807 ; d. May 28, 
1893. Blacksmith ; Menus. Children : John, Jesse, 

— 185 — 

Vll. John M. Moore. P. O. Chalfont, Pa. 

VII. Jesse H. Moore, b. July 30, 1847 ) mrd. Sophia 
Hedrick Jan. 26, 1868. P. O. Levin, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : Sallie, Henry, Josiah, Leidy, 
Mary, Ella. 

VIII. Sallie A. Moore, b. July 28, 1868 ; mrd. Jacob 
Hunsberger Oct. 24, 1893. Merchant. One child : 
(IX) Mar}^ Pearl Hunsberger, born March 16, 1894. 

VIII. Henry H. Moore, born Dec. 26, 1870 ; mrd. 
Mary Ella Kulp Feb. 26, 1891. Farmer. Children : 
(IX) Sallie Gertrude Moore, born April 4, 1892 ; 
(IX) Mary Sophia Moore, born Aug. 31, 1894. 

VIII. Josiah H. Moore, born Dec. 11, 1872 ; mrd. 
Mina L. Grasse March 8, 1894. Cigarmaker ; Bap. 

VIII. Leidy B. Moore, b. June 16, 1874 ; mrd. Lizzie 
L. Nice Sept. 27, 1894. Farmer and dealer in fancy 

VIII. Mary L. Moore, born May 14, 1876. 

VIII. Ella Martha Moore, born Nov. 23, 1880. 

VI. Enos Hagey (dec'd), married Ann Cassel. 
Children: (Vll) Mary Hagey (dec'd), mrd. Henry 
Snyder ; (Vll) Elizabeth Hagey, mrd. Isaac Snyder. 
P. O. Kulpsville, Pa. 

VI. Abraham M. Hagey, born Dec. 11, 1815 ; died 
Feb. 16, 1890 ; married Hannah L. Moyer in 1838. 
P.O. Elroy, Pa. Farmer; Menns. Children: Jonas, 
Elizabeth, Mary. 

VII. Jonas M. Hagey, born July 23, 1839 ; married 
Elizabeth Delp in i860. She was b. Aug. 23, 1840 ; 
d. Mar. 5, 1877. Children : Lucy, Mary, Hannah, 
Abraham, Henry, Elizabeth, Jonas, Ellen. Jonas 
mrd. second wife Barbara Nice in 1878. She was 
b. Oct. 9, 1842. P. O. Elroy, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. 
One child : Alice. 

VIII. Lucy Ann Hagey, b. June 7, 1861 ; mrd. John 
M. Moyer. P. O. Elroy, Pa. Farmer. Children : 
Anna (dec'd), Irvin (dec'd), Lilly. 

VIII. Mary Hagey, born May 20, 1863 ; mrd. Henry 
Clemmer. P. O. Franconia, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. 

VIII. Hannah Etta Hagey, b. Sept. 14, 1864 ; mrd. 
Henry Derstine. P. O. Hatfield, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : Harvey, Lizzie, Mary, Katie. 

— i86 — 

VHf. Abraham D. Hagej-, born July 5, 1866 ; mrd. 
Mary Etta Godshall. P.O. Morwood, Pa. Carpenter. 
One child : Martha. 

VIII. Henry D. Hagey, born Oct. 14, 1868. 

VIII. Elizabeth D. Hagey, b. in Montg. Co. Apr. 10, 
1870 ; mrd. Elias G. Landis in 1890. P. O. Main- 
land, Pa. Farmer; Menns. Children: (IX) Howard 
H. Landis, b. Apr. 23, 1891 ; (IX) Jonas H. Eandis, 
born March 25, 1893. 

VIII. Jonas D. Hagey, bom September 2, 1873 ; died 
April 12, 1883. 

VIII. Ellen Hage}^ born November 20, 1875. 

VIII. Alice N. Hagey, bom April 23, 1881. 

VII. Elizabetli Hagey, b. June 16, 1842 ; mrd. John 
K. Oberholtzer Nov. 23, 1861. P. O. Kulpsville, Pa. 
Farmer; Menns. Children: Abraham, Mary, Isaiah, 
Addison, Elizabeth, Amanda, Harvey, Henry, Allen, 
Jonas, John, Justus. 

VIII. Abraham H. Oberholtzer, bom Sept. 24, 1862 ; 
died November 22, 1862. 

VIII. Mary Ann Oberholtzer, born October 22, 1863 ; 
married Jesse D. Dettra April 9, 1891. P. O. Kulps- 
ville, Pa. Farmer ; Ref. ch. 

VIII. Isaiah H. Oberholtzer, b. November i, 1864; 
mrd. Annie W. Heebner Apr. 23, 1887. P. O. Main- 
land, Pa. Farmer; Ref. ch. One child : (IX) Erma 
H. Oberholtzer, bom April 13, 1891. 

VIII. Addison H. Oberholtzer, born April 7, 1866 ; 
died September 27, 1866. 

VIII. Elizabeth H. Oberholtzer, born Aug. 3, 1867 ; 
died September 29, 1867. 

VIII. Amanda Oberholtzer, b. Sept. 13, 1869 ; died 
April 20, 1883. 

VIII. Harvey H. Oberholtzer, lx)m October 27, 1870. 
P. O. Kulpsville, Pa. 

VIII. Henry Oberholtzer, born April 14, 1872. 

VIM. Allen H. Oberholtzer, bom January 5, 1875. 

VIII. Jonas H. Oberholtzer, born February 14, 1876 ; 
died February 22, 1893. 

VIII. John H. Oberholtzer, born February 18, 1879. 

VIII. Justus H. Oberholtzer, born May 11, 188 1. 

VII. Mary Hagey, b. Sept. 30, 1845 ; mrd. Jacob C. 


Kratz in 1868. He was b. Nov. 7, 1846 ; d. Apr. 4, 

1882. P. O. Elroy, Pa. P'armer ; Menns. Children: 
(VIII) Abraham H. Kratz, b. Ma}^ 29, 1869 ; married 
Emma, daughter of Christian Moyer, Sept. 20, 1890. 
P. O. Elroy, Pa. Farmer ; Mennonites. No issue. 
(VIII) Jacob H. Kratz, b. Oct. 5, 1872. (VIII) Jonas 
H. Kratz, b. Oct. 13, 1874. (VIII) Wilson H. Kratz, 
born Sept. 25, 1876. (VIII) Henry H. Kratz, born 
September 12, 1878. 

VI. David Hagey, mrd. Mary Ann Clemmer, both 
deceased. One child : (VII) Oliver Hagev. P. O. 
Hatfield, Pa. 

VI. Joseph Hagey, born April 27, 1821 ; mrd. Mary 
Landis about 1845. P. O. Franconia, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menns. One child : (VII) Levi Hagey, b. in 1847 ; 
died Dec. 7, 1893 ; married Maria Yoder. Farmer ; 
Menns. One child : Joseph. 

VI. Susan Hagey, mrd. Jacob Kline, both deceased. 

Children : (VII) John Kline (dec'd), mrd. Reiff ; 

(VII) Sarah Kline (dec'd),; mrd. Enos Wambold. 

V. Samuel Moyer, died young. 

V. Mar}^ Moyer, mrd. Michael Young. Children : 
(VI) Isaac Young (dec'd), married Ann Schueck. 
Ger. Bap. Children : Daniel, et. al. (VI) Abraham 
Young (dec'd), married — — Kratz. (VI) Michael 
Young, mrd. Price. One child : Daniel. 

V. Isaac Moyer, mrd. Elizabeth Moyer. Farmer 
and d^^er. Two children : (VI) Jonas Moj^er, mrd. 

Landis. One child : Mary ; mrd. Benjamin P. 

Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref; No. 84.) (VI) Mary 
Moyer, married David Moyer (dec'd). (See Index 
of References No. 85.) No issue. 

V. Abraham Moyer, mrd. Godshall (dec'd). 

Children : (VI) Isaac Moyer (dec'd), married Ann 

Barbara . One child : Isaac. P. O. Lansdale. 

(VI) Abraham Moj^er, died young. 

Abraham mrd. second wife — ; — (dec'd). One 

child : A daughter, married Erb. 

Abraham married third wife Katie Metz. One 
child : Susan ; married Bo3^er. 

V. Susanna Moyer, mrd. Peter D. Moyer. Children : 
(See Index of References No. 86.) 

— i88 — 

V. Elizabeth Mover, mrd. Michael Young. One child. 

VI. John Young-, mrd. Leah Mover Nov. 27, 1858. 
P. O. Harleysville, Pa, Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
(VII ) Isaac Young, b. Feb, 28, i860 ; mrd, Elizabeth 
Shunck Sept. 23, 1882. Farmer. (VII) Jonas Young, 
born April 23, 1861 ; d. Aug. 13, 1861. (VII) Katie 
Young, born Dec. 5, 1863 ; married Eeidy Swartle}^ 
Nov. 10, 1888. Farmer. (VII) Allen Young, born 
February 9, 1870. 

IV. Elizabeth Me3'er, b, Dec, 10, 1760; d. in 1762. 

IV. Christian Meyer (dec'd), b. in Franconia Twp,, 
Pa,, March 27, 1763; mrd. Mary Landis. Farmer ; 
Mennonites, Children : Rudolph, Catharine, Sarah, 
Samuel, Christian, Elizabeth, Jacob, Mary, Abraham, 
Magdalena, Isaac. Christian married second wife 
Sarah Gehman (nee Overholt) November 24, 18 14. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : Anna, Joseph. 

V. Rudolph Moyer, b. Apr, 16, 1785 ; died Nov, 23, 
1871 ; married Barbara Fretz in 1807. She was born 
Sept. II, 1787 ; d. June 23, 1874, from the effects of 
a broken limb occasioned by a fall. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : Mary, Martin, Nanc}^ Catharine, Enos, 
Christian, Abraham. 

VI. Mar>' Moyer, b. Feb. 11, 1808; mrd. Abraham 
O. Alderfer Nov. 14, 1826. He died April 19, 1868. 
Farmer in Montg. Co. ; Menus. Children : Isaac, 
Rudolph, Abraham, Elizabeth, Henry, Mary. 

VII. Isaac Alderfer, born October 19, 1828 ; died 
F'ebruary 14, 1830. 

VII. Rudolph Alderfer. b. Nov. 16, 1830; d. Oct. 2, 
1859 ; mrd. Catharine Bean Sept. 17, 1853, Farmer. 
Children : Abraham, Jeremiah, Lizzie, 

VIII. Abraham B, Alderfer, b. Aug. 11, 1854 ; mrd. 
Maggie Reiff Dec, 31, 1881. Engineer. Children : 
(IX) Jacob Linwood Alderfer, b. September 4, 1884. 
(IX) Mar}' Lizzie Alderfer, b. Oct. 17, 1885, 

VIII, Jeremiah B, Alderter, b. May 31, 1858; mrd. 
Amanda H. Price Jan. 7, 1882. Piano and organ 
dealer. Children : (IX) Henry P. Alderfer, b. Jan. 14, 
1884. (IX) Susan P. Alderfer, b, Feb. 11, 1886. 

VIII. Lizzie B. Alderfer, b. March 14, i860 ; married 
Newton P. Keni March 28, 1885. Knitter by trade, 

Rev. Samuel N. Mover. 

(See Page 134.) 

— 1 89 — 

and farmer near Greensborough, Md. One child: 
(IX) Clarence Joseph Kern, b. Sept. 7, 1889. 
VII. Abraham Alderfer, born October 22, 1832 ; died 
February 16, 1838. 

VII. Elizabeth Alderfer, b. Jan. 29, 1838 ; mrd. Jacob 
H. Allebach in 1855. Farmer in lyower Salford, 
Montg. Co., Pa.; Menns. Children : Mary, Romanus. 

VIII. Mary Allebach, b. Sept. 27, 1863 ; mrd. James 
D. Swartley in 1883. Farmer ; Menns. One child : 
(IX) Lizzie Swartley, b. Aug. 15, 1888. 

VIII. Romanus Allebach, b. Aug. 14, 1869 ; married 
Lizzie Alderfer. 

VII. Henry M. Alderfer, b. Feb. 26, 1839 ; married 
Barbara H. Tyson March i, 1863. Prop. Perkiomen 
Bridge Hotel, Collegeville, Pa.; Menns. No issue. 

VII. Mary Alderfer, b. Jan. 26, 1841 ; mrd. Samuel 
K. Cassel January 20, 1866. Farmer in Montg. Co.; 
Menns. Children : (VIII) Lizzie Ann Cassel, born 
Aug. 24, 1868. (VIII) Rachel Cassel, born April 23, 
187 1. (VIII) Isaiah Cassel, b. July 31, 1875. 

VI. Martin Moyer (dec'd), b. October 3, 1809 ; mrd. 
Catharine Hunsicker Sept. 27, 1835. She died Jan. 9, 
1839. Farmer ; Menns. One child : Rudolph H. 
Martin married second wife Elizabeth Moyer Nov. 26, 
1839. Children : Catharine, Hannah, Barbara, Jacob, 
Enos, Abraham, William, Isaiah. 

VII. Rudolph H. Moyer, b. Dec. 25, 1836 ; married 
Anna Kulp Dec. 25, 1862. She died March 11, 1875. 
He mrd. for his second wife Mary Ann Kulp Oct. 31, 
1875. Farmer ; Menns. Children, all by the first 
wife : Emma, Allen, Elizabeth, Ellen, Leidy. 

VIII. Emma Moyer, b. Mar. 9, 1866; died Feb. 11, 
1889 ; mrd. Milton Stover. Children : Katie, died 
in infancy ; Arthur. 

VIII. Allen K. Moyer, born January 25, 1868 ; died 
June 20, 1884. 

VIII. Elizabeth Moyer, born Aug. 4, 1869 ; married 
Samuel Rohr June 15, 1889. 

VIII. Ellen Moyer, born December 9, 1870. 

VIM. Leidv K. Mo^^er, born July 26, 1872 ; died 
July 8, 18/3. 

VII. Catharine Moyer, born in New Britain Twp., 

— 190 — 

Bucks Co., Dec. 14, 1840; mrd. Isaiah Summers 
Dec. 22, 1 86 1. Liveryman ; Lutherans. Children : 
(VIM) Lizzie Summers, b. Sept. 2, 1864 ; d. Mar. 19, 
1865. (VIII) Harvey M. Summers, b. Mar. 2, 1867. 
Employed in sawmill at Mt. Tabor, Columbia Co., 
N. C.; Luth. (VIII; Edwin Summers, bom Nov. 30, 
1868. Employed in brass foundry- ; Luth. (VIII) 
Willie Summers, b. Mar. 18, 1870 ; d. Aug. 24, 1870. 
(VIII) Ellie Summers, bom April i, 1871. Luth. 
(VIII) Martha Summers, b. Jan. 11, 1879. 

VII. Hannah Meyer, b. in Bucks Co. May 12, 1843; 
mrd. John W. Lapp Sept. 2, 1871. He d. Sept. 27, 
1873. Mrs. Lapp mrd. David L. Gehman Nov. 30, 
1878. Farmer ; Menus. One child : (VIM) Abraham 
Gehman, b. March 14, 1883. 

VII. Barbara Moyer, b. Mar. 10, 1845 ; d. 1863. 

VII. Jacob Moyer (dec'd), b. Aug. 24, 1847. 

VII. Enos Moyer (dec'd), b. Aug. 9, 1849. 

VH. Abraham M. Moyer, born Aug. 6, 1861 ; mrd. 
Mary Fly Sept. 21, 1872. She died Feb. 16, 1875. 
Butcher ; Menus. Children : (VIII) Jannetta Moyer, 
b. June 5, 1873 ; (VIII) Mary Moyer, b. Feb. 16, 1875. 
Abraham married second wife Anna Fly. Children : 
(VIII) Magdalena Moyer, born December 21, 1877 ; 
(VIM) Henry Rodman Moyer, born July 28, 1881. 
(VIM) Theodore Moyer, b. Oct. 9, 1883. 

VII. Wilham Moyer (dec'd), b. Nov. i, 1853. 

VII. Lsaiah M. Moyer, b. June 5, 1856 ; mrd. Mary 
Ida Fisher, of Dojdestown, Sept. i, 1877. Salesman 
of the Singer Mfg. Co. , of Phila. ; Bap. Children : 
(VIM) William Henry Moyer, born May 27, 1878 ; 
(VIM) Cyrenus Moyer, born October 14, 1880 ; died 
April 8, 1884. 

VI. Anna Moyer, bom in Montg. Co. Oct. 11, 181 1 ; 
mrd. Henr}' O. Alderfer Mar. 17, 1833. Turner and 
spinning-wheel maker in Upper Salford, Pa.; Menus. 
Children : Isaac, Abraham, Barbara. 

VII. Isaac M. Alderfer, b. Feb. 18, 1834 ; d. Mar. 20, 
1873 ; mrd. Catharine Souder, of Montg. Co., Oct. 29, 
1859. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Elizabeth, Anna, 
Malinda, Henry, Samuel, Emaline. 

— 191 — 

VIII. Elizabeth Alderfer, born November lo, i860; 
died June 22, 1866. 

VIII. Anna Alderfer, b. June 21, 1862 ; nird. Jonas 
M. Horning Feb. 2, 1884. Butcher ; Mennonites. 
Children : (IX) Ella Horning, b. in 1885 ; (IX) Kate 
Horning, born July 12, 1886 ; died June i, 1887. 

VIII. Malinda Alderfer, born August 28, 1864; died 
June 17, 1866. 

VIII. Henry S. Alderfer, born Jan. 5, 1867. Tin- 
smith in California. S. 

VIII. Samuel S. Alderfer, born June 23, 1868. Car- 
penter. S. 

VIII. Emaline Alderfer. Single. 

VII. Abraham M. Alderfer, b. in Montg. Co. Nov. 29, 
1839 ; married Mary C. Godshall, of Franconia, Pa., 
Nov. 21, 1863. P. O. Telford, Pa. Dealer in feed, 
hay, coal, etc. Children : Anna, Kate, Mahlon, 
Mary, Barbara. 

VIII. Anna Alderfer, born February i, 1865 ; died 
July 15, 1865. 

VIII. Kate Alderfer, born March 17, 1866 ; married 
Abraham O. Roth June 16, 1886. Two days after 
their marriage, June 18, Mr. Roth took his newly 
made wife back to her parents from the Roth home- 
stead, and as he was returning to his home with a 
friend, Peter Roth, in the carriage with him, they 
w^ere caught b}^ a wTeck train at Clymer's crossing, 
and the newlj^-made husband was instantly killed, 
while Peter Roth escaped serious injury. Thus the 
young couple were marrred only two days when sep- 
arated b}^ death. Kate mrd. second husband Tobias 
K. Moyer, of Franconia, Pa. (See Ind. of Ref. No.-.) 

VIII. Mahlon G. Alderfer, b. July 12, 1867 ; married 
Mary Amelia, daughter of the late Abraham Slotter, 
Jan. 4, 1890. She was born Oct. 3, 1868. Salesman 
at Telford, Pa. One child : (IX) Wilmer Alderfer, 
born September 27, 1890. 

VIII. Mary Ann Alderfer, b. Mar. 30, 1871 ; married 
Noah B., son of Noah G. Derstine, of Rockhill Twp., 
Bucks Co., Sept. 7, 1889. Teamster at his father-in- 
law's feed store. One child : (IX) Stella Derstine, 
born March 5, 1890. 

— 192 — 

VIII. Barbara Alderfer, born August 25, 1876 ; died 
December 12, 1878. 

VII. Barbara M. Alderfer, b. in Montg. Co. Dec. 7, 
1850 ; d. Mar. 28, 1888 ; nird. Jacob M. Price Dec. 23, 
1871. He d. Apr. 7, 1874. One child : (VIII) Anna 
Price, b. May 11, 1873. Barbara mrd. for her second 
husband Enos Z. Wambold Sept. 25, 1880. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : f VII! ) Katie Wambold, b. July 2, 
1881 ; (VIII) Abraham Wambold, b. April 23, 1883 ; 
(VIII) Enos Wambold, b. Jan. 7, 1885 ; (VIII) Henry 
Wambold, bom April 25, 1887. 

VI. Catharine Moyer, bom Dec. 3, 1813 ; married 
Simeon Kratz. (See Index of References No. 87.) 

VI. Enos F. Moyer, born Mar. 8, 18 16 ; d. Mar. 15, 
1883 ; mrd. Leah Hunsicker Jan. 23, 1842. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children: (Vll) Barbara Mo3^er, b. Aug. 10, 
1841 ; mrd. Jacob Godshall. (Vll) Ej'dia Moyer, born 
Aug. 17, 1846 ; died Sept. 4, 1846. (Vll) Mary H. 
Moyer, bom May 28, 1848 ; mrd. Samuel M. Moyer. 
(See Ind. of Ref. No. 88.) (Vll) Lizzie Moyer, born 
Dec. 9, 1851 ; mrd. Jacob Yoder. (Vll) Isaac and 
Rudolph Moyer (twins), born June 4, 1856 ; died in 
infancy. (VII) Leah Moyer, b. March 4, 1857 ; died 
Oct. 10, 1862. (Vll) Annie Moj^er, b. Nov. 26, 1859 ; 
mrd. John Anglemo3-er. (See Ind. of Ref. No. — . ) 

VI. Christian F. Moj-er, born in Franconia Twp., 
Montg. Co., Pa., Dec. 2, 1818 ; mrd. Mar>^ Clymer 
Jan. 15, 1844. Farmer ; Menns. Twelve children : 
six d. in infancy ; the living, b. in Hilltown Twp. , are : 
William, Abraham, Henry, John, Enos, Christian. 

VII. William C. Moyer, b. Mar. 5, 1854 ; mrd. Mary 
Ann Moyer Mar. 9, 1876. P. O. Blooming Glen, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menns. Children : (VIM) Elmer Moyer, 
born Dec. 19, 1876 ; (VIII) Delia Moyer, b. Mar. 7, 

1879 ; (Vlll) Eugene Moyer, bom April 2, 1880 ; 
(VIII) Clara Moyer, b. May 22, 1884; (Vlll) Selena 
Moyer, b. Aug. 11, 1886 ; (Vlll) Norman M. Moyer, 
born June 17, 1892. 

Vll. Abraham C. Moyer, born Apr. 28, 1856 ; mrd. 
Saloma Fulmer January 25, 1879. Machine agent ; 
Menns. Children : (VIM) Lilly Mo3'er, b. April 20, 

1880 ; (Vlll) Mary Jane Moyer, b. Aug. 6, 1887. 

— 193 — 

VII. Henry C. Mo3^er, born March 20, 1858 ; mrd. 
Celina Toon Feb. 17, 1880. Proprietor of a bakery ; 
Iviith. Children : Alfred (dec'd), Mary, Elizabeth, 

VII. John C. Moyer, b. Dec. 31, i860 ; d. April 26, 
1888 ; married Lizzie Herman, of Kutztown, Pa., 
Nov. 20, 1883. Creameryman ; Ref. No issue. 

VII. Enos C. Moyer, born July 10, 1862 ; mrd. Mary 
Keeler, of Upper Providence, Montg. Co., Dec. 24, 
1885. Owns and operates a creamery ; Luth. One 
child: (VIII) Worman K. Moyer, born Feb. 3, 1887. 

VI. Christian C. Moyer, b. Mar. 28, 1867 ; married 
Alice Deily, of Perkasie, March 20, 1887. Station 
agent at Downingtown, Chester Co., Pa. One child : 
(VIII) Elva D. Moyer, born November 1887. 

VI. Abraham P". Moyer, born in Franconia Twp., 
Montg. Co., Oct. 24, 1820; married Elizabeth Kolb 
March 16, 1847. She died July 28, 1864. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : Tobias, Mary, William, Abra- 
ham, Elizabeth, Emaline, Kate. Mr. Moyer married 
second wife Elizabeth Alderfer August 19, 1865. 

VII. Tobias K. Moyer, b. Nov. i, 1849 ; mrd. Kate 
G. Roth (nee Alderfer) April 7, 1888. Farmer ; 
Menus. One child : (VIII) Abraham A. Moyer, born 
April 5, 1889. 

VII. Mary K. Moyer, b. June 9, 1851 ; mrd. George 
H. Ruth in 1873. He was b. June 10, 1851. Menns. 
Children: (Vllf) Ehzabeth Ruth, b. May 26, 1875 ; 
died Mar. 26, 1876. (VIII) Henry Ruth, b. Feb. 26, 
1877. (Vlll) Abraham Ruth, born December 27, 1879. 
(VIII) Vincent Ruth, b. Apr. 17, 1885. (VIII) Emma 
Ruth, born Sept. 3, 1886. 

VII. William K. Moyer, born Jan. 11, 1853 > nird. 
Mary T. Moyer January i, 1876. Farmer ; Menns. 
Children: (VIM) Sallie' M. Moyer, b. Feb. 4, 1878; 
(VIII) Eizzie M. Moyer, b. Feb. 10, 1882. 

VII. Abraham K. Moyer, born Dec. i, 1854 ; mrd. 
Mary, daughter of Daniel G. Nice, Nov. 11, 1876. 
Farmer ; Menus. One child : (VIII) Lizzie Moyer, 
born Sept. 25, 1877. 

VII. Elizabeth K. Mo3^er, born Sept. i, 1857 ; mrd. 
Henry M. Nice Jan. 20, 1877. Farmer ; Menns. 

— 194 — 

Children : (VIII) Ellen M. Nice, b. April 21, 1878 ; 
(VIII) Abraham M. Nice, born April 7, 1881 ; (VIU) 
Katie M. Nice, born Oct. 23, 1886. 

VII. Emaline K. Moyer, born Feb. 23, i860 ; mrd. 
Hiram Clemmer Jan. 23, 1880. Farmer ; Menns. 
Children : (VHI) Lizzie Clemmer, b. Jan. 29, 1881 ; 
(VIII) Abraham Clemmer, born Nov. 22, 1883 ; died 
Dec. 3, 1883. (VIII) Laadan Clemmer, born Dec. 15, 
1886. (VIII) Hiram Clemmer, b. Mar. 10, 1889. 

VII. Catharine K. Moyer, born Oct. 9, 1861 ; mrd. 
Abraham A. Groff Dec. 8, 1885. Miller ; Menns. 
Children : (VIM) Annie Groff, born June 6, 1885 ; 
(VIII) Alice Groff, b. Sept. 2, 1887. 

V. Catharine Moyer married Joseph Fretz April 2^ 
1833 (his second wife), both deceased. He was 
b. Sept. 25, 1795. Lived in Canada. No issue. 

V. Sarah Meyer, b. May 5, 1788 ; d. Sept. 10, 1833 ; 
married Joseph Leatherman (dec'd), Nov. 12, 181 1. 
Farmer ; Menns. Children : Jacob, Christian, Mary, 
Joseph, Sarah, Isaac, Estlier, Catharine, Elizabeth, 
Anna, Abraham. 

VI. Jacob Eeatherman, b. Jan. 14, 181 3 ; d. Aug. i, 
1876 ; nu-d. Sarah Bis-hop October 3, 1837. F'armer ; 
Menns. Children : Anna, Charles, Mary, Amanda, 
Catharine, infant. 

VII. Anna Leatherman, born Nov. 10, 1839 ; married 
Samuel C. Brunner December 25, i860. Farmer ; 
Ger. Ref. One child : (VIII) Clara L. Brunner, born 
April 6, 1862 ; married Charles J. Mathews Oct. 16, 
1884. No issue (1888). Anna mrd. second husband 
John Piercey. No issue. 

VII. Charles Leatherman, b. Nov. 19, 1842 ; married 
Kate Brown Mar. 20, 1869. Farmer; Menns. Chil- 
dren : J. Piercey, Mary, Edward. 

VII. Mary B. Leatherman, b. Apr. 10, 1844; mrd. 
Henry S. Shelly. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 89.) 

VII. Amanda B. Leatherman, boni Nov. 16, 1845. 
mrd. Mahlon H. M^^ers. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 90.) 

VII. Catharine B. Leatherman, born Nov. 16, 1848 ; 
mrd. Oliver Myers. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 91.) 

VI. Christian Leatherman, born in Plumstead Twp. , 
Bucks Co., on the farm now owned by Charles Leath- 

— 195 — 

erman, Jan. 31, 1815 ; mrd. Mary, daughter of JonavS 
Fretz, of Bedmiiiister, Dec. 4, 1853. She d. Apr. 13, 
1866. Children : Elizabeth, Sallie, Levi, Joseph, 
John. Christian mrd. second wife Sarah, widow of 
Aaron F. High and daughter of Christian Myers, of 
Bedminister, Feb. 9, 1868. P. O. Plumstead, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menus. One child : Aaron. 

VII. Elizabeth Eeatherman, b. March 17, 1857 ; died 
Aug. 12, 1882 ; mrd. John Shelly, of Plumsteadville, 
Pa. Farmer; Menus. One child: Lizzie (dec'd). 

VII. Sallie Leatherman, b. Dec. 5, 1858 ; d. Aug. 13, 
1892 ; married David F. Angeny, of Haycock Twp. 
P.O. Danboro, Pa. Carpenter ; Ref. ch. Children : 
Erwin, Christian Beatty, Willis, Jacob Warren, Flora. 

VII. Levi Leatherman, born July 30, i860 ; died 
October 31, 1862. 

VII. Joseph Leatherman, b. Mar. 1862 ; d. July 26 
1888 ; married Lavina Heacock, of Dublin, Pa 
Creamery operator. Children : Bessie Naomi, Ross 
Asher, Joseph Foster. 

VII. John Leatherman, born March 12, 1864 ; mrd 
Lizzie Heacock, of Dublin, Pa. P. O. Ottsville, Pa 
Creamery operator ; Mennonites. Children : Walter 

VII. Aaron M. Leatherman, b. in Bucks Co. Oct. 29 
1869 ; mrd. Lizzie Kulp, of Danboro, Pa., Oct. 24 
1893. P- O- Plumsteadville, Pa. Farmer ; Menus 

VI. Mary Leatherman (dec'd), born Dec. 30, 18 16 
mrd. Jacob L. Shaddinger. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 92.) 

VI. Joseph Leatherman, born January 21, 18 18 
mrd. Hannah Shaddinger. P. O. Plumsteadville, Pa 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : Abraham, William 
Tobias (dec'd), Sarah (dec'd). 

VII. Abraham S. Leatherman, born June 14, 1847 
mrd. Ella Snyder 1874. Vet. Sur. at Clinton, N. J 
One child : (VIII) Maud Leatherman, b. May 25, 1875 

VI. Sarah Leatherman, b. Dec. 17, 1819 ; d. July 16 
1892 ; mrd. John Fretz* Oct. 8, 1840. He was born 
Nov. 27, 18 1 7. Retired farmer in Plumstead Twp 

'^" Great-grandson of the pioneer. Weaver John Fretz, 
by his second wife Maria. 

— 196 — 

Menns. Children : Eli, Joseph, Mary, Annie, Henry, 
Absalom, John, Amos, Sarah, Thomas. 

VII. Eli Fretz, born July 28, 1845 ; mrd. Esther A. 
Swope Nov. 28, 1868. He received his education in 
the public schools. Farmer, and resides on his father\s 
farm. P.O. Gardenville, Pa. Children: (VlU)Mary 
Flora Fretz, born July 31, 1870 ; (Vlll) Sarah Emma 
Fretz, b. Sept. 13, 1872 ; (VUI) Arthur S. Fretz, born 
Oct. 25, 1 88 1. 

VII. Joseph L. Fretz, born Sept. 14, 1847. He was 
brought up on the fann, afterwards lived in Philadel- 
phia. From there he went West and lived in various 
places, and finally settled in California. One child. 

VII. Mary Fretz, b. Dec. 6, 1849 ; mrd. Thomas D. 
Worthington Feb. 6, 1869. P. O. Doylestown, Pa. 
Farmer. Children: (Vlll) Edgar Worthington , born 
April 18, 1 87 1. He is a graduate of the training 
school for nurses, which profession he has followed 
for several years in New York. He is now taking up 
study of medicine. (Vlll) Joseph Worthington, born 
June 27, 1874. (Vlll) William Henry Worthington, 
b. Dec. 9, 1876. (Vlll) Sarah Elizabeth Worthington, 
born May 9, 1879 ; d. Sept. 28, 1879. (Vlll) Anna 
Belle Worthington, born Aug. 21, 1880. (Vlll) John 
Worthington, bora Aug. 4, 1883. (Vlll) Mary Ella 
Worthington, born April 3, 1887. (Vlll) Norman B. 
Worthington, born Aug. 6, 1890 ; d. Aug. 22, 1890. 

Vlt. Annie Fretz, born Ma}^ 2, 1852 ; mrd. Harvey 
Shaddinger. (See lud. of Ref. No. 93.) 

Vll. Henry Fretz, b. Ma}' 28, 1854 ; mrd. Elizabeth 
Dotterer Dec. 25, 1875. Fanner, and lives on a farm 
he purchased from his father ; Ger. Ref. Children : 
(Vlll) Mary Alice Fretz, born April 24, 1880 ; (Vlll) 
Minnie Fretz, b. Feb. 20, 1884 ; (Vlll) Allen Steward 
Fretz, b. Sept. 22, 1887. 

Vll. Absalom Fretz, b. Mar. 5, 1856 ; mrd. A. Laura 
Fretz Dec. 27, 1883. Painter, but after marriage 
settled in Philadelphia, where he has since been 
engaged in the grocerx' business at 1430 Norris street. 
Bap. Children : (.Vlll) Herbert S. Fretz, b. Dec. 20, 
1886 ; (Vlll) Walter E. Fretz, born June 12, 1889 ; 
(Vlll) Marion Leonard Fretz, b. Aug. 30, 1892. 

David N. Moykr. 

(See Page 137.) 

— 197 — 

VII. John H. Fretz, M. D., b. in Bucks Co. Ma}^ 19, 

1858 ; mrd. Mary C. Morris, of Frenchtown, N. J., 
Mar. 4, 1886. He was brought up on the farm and 
educated in the pubhc school. At the age of 19 he 
began teaching school, which he followed for six 
years. In the Spring of 1882 he began reading medi- 
cine under Dr. A. M. Cooper, of Point Pleasant, Pa., 
and in the Spring of 1885 he graduated from the 
College of Physicians and Surgeons, of Baltimore, Md. 
The same Spring he settled at Hagersville, Pa., where 
he engaged in the practice of his profession until 
June 1890, when he located at Stockton, N. J. Bap. 
Children : (VIII) Raymond M. Fretz, born Jan. 30, 
1888 ; Minnie Josephine, born Jan. 4, 1892. 

VII. Amos Fretz, born March 27, i860 ; mrd. Kate, 
dau. of Samuel Welden, of Danboro, Pa., Oct. 27, 
1886. Early in life he engaged in the mercantile 
business with J. Gotwals, at Gardenville, Pa., from 
which place he went to Philadelphia and engaged in 
the grocery business, which he still follows at 1800 
Bucknell St, Bap. Children : Elsie, Florence. 

VII. Sarah G. Fretz, born Sept. 9, 1862 ; married 
Rev. Allen M. Steward, of Kansas, a Baptist minister, 
March 30, 1885. P. O. Salina, Kan. Children 
(VIII) John Fretz Steward, born January 11, 1886 
(VIII) Lucius Baile}' Steward, born July 27, 1888 
(VIH) Henry Allen Steward (dec'd), born Dec. 10, 
1889; (Vllf) Ella Steward, born July 5, 1893. 

VII. Thomas S. Fretz, b. in Bucks Co. Aug. 18, 1865. 
He received his early education in the public schools 
and afterwards attended Starkey Seminar}^, N. Y. , 
after which he tauoht school several vears. Feelin<>- 
a call to the ministry, he entered Bucknell University 
College, from which he graduated in June 1894. 
While a student he had a charge at Winfield, which 
he filled with success. After his graduation he 
received a call to the pastorate of the Baptist church 
at Beverly, N. J., at which place he was regularly 
ordained and installed as pastor Sept. 6, 1894. He 
was married Sept. 18, 1894, to Emma Viola Starick, 
of Northumberland, Pa., a graduate of Bucknell 
Institute in 1894. 

— 198 — 


VI. Isaac Leatherman, b. in Bucks Co. Nov. 14, 1821 ; 
mrd. Lydia Heistand Jan. 14, 1851. She was born 
May 9, 1826 ; d. Mar. 10, 1879. Children : Joseph, 
Mary, Thomas, Albert, Elias, Anna, Emma. Isaac 
married second wife Mary K. Robbins May 15, 1881. 
She was born Dec. 25, 1852. P. O. Doylestown, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menns. Children : Harvey, Walter. 

VII. Joseph Eeatherman, born March 9, 1852 ; died 
June 18, 1857. 

VII. Mar}^ Leatherman, born Feb. 5, 1854 ; died 
May 7, 1857. 

VII. Thomas T. Leatherman, born August 23, 1856 ; 
married Addie McKinstry. P. O. Doylestown, Pa. 
Children : Anna, Isaac, Andora, Magdalena, Phoebe, 

VII. Albert P. Leatherman, b. Sept. 16, 1856 ; nu'd. 
Phoebe Agnes McKinstry. P. O. Doylestown, Pa. 
Children : Jennie, Magdalena, Anna, Robert. 

VII. Elias Leatherman, born February 9, 1861 ; died 
March 24, 1863. 

VII. Annie E. Leatherman, b. April 6, 1867 ; mrd. 
John A. Gross Dec. 6, 1888. P.O. Fountainville, Pa. 
Merchant. One child : (Vlll) Clarence L. Gross, 
born Nov. 5, 1890. 

VII. Emma Leatherman, b. Nov. 11, 1871. Single. 

VII. Harvey R. Leatherman, b. May 26, 1882. 

VII. Walter R. Leatherman, b. Mar. 3. 1887. 

VI. Esther Leatherman, b. May 13, 1824 ; d. May 7, 
1875 ; mrd. P^lias Fretz Apr. 30, 1846. He was born 
June I, 1820; died Apr. i, 1882. Farmer; Menns. 
Children : Daniel, John, Charles. 

VII. Daniel Fretz, b. Sept. 2, 1847 ; d. Mar. 15, 1852. 
VII. John L. Fretz, born in Bucks Co. Nov. i, 1851 ; 

mrd. Sophia Myers Oct. 9, 1875. She was b. Oct. 9, 
1855. P. O. Gardenville, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. 
Children : (VIII J Wilson L. Fretz, b. Apr. 15, 1878 ; 
(VIII; Ella Nora Fretz, b. Aug. 5, 1884 ; (VIII) Mary 
Etta Fretz, born Sept. 16, 1886; (Vlllj Flora Fretz, 
born May 20, 1888. 

VII. Charles PYetz, born October 2, 1855 ; died 
September 20, 1856. 

VI. Catharine Leatherman, b. Jan. 17, 1826 ; mrd. 

— 199 — 

John Haldeman. No issue. 

VI. Elizabeth Leatherman, b. Oct. 4, 1827 ; married 
Henry D. Wismer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 96.) 

VI. Anna Leatherman, born Feb. 15, 1830 ; died 
October 24, 1854. Single. 

VI. Abraham M. Leatherman, born in Bucks Co. 
Sept. 18, 1832 ; mrd. Emma Fretz, dau. of Jacob and 
Rachel (Beidler) Fretz, in 1862. P. O. Garden- 
ville, Pa. Farmer ; Presby. Children : (VII) Horace 
Leatherman, born 1864; died 1871. (Vll) J. Kirk 
Leatherman, b. 1866. School teacher. (Vll) Henr}^ 
W. Leatherman, born 1867. (Vll) Erwin E. Leather- 
man, born 1 87 1. 

V. Samuel Meyer, mrd. Anna Shaddinger. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : Christian, Abraham, Joseph, 
Hannah, vSarah, John, Levi. 

VI. Christian S. Meyer, mrd. Elizabeth Detweiler. 
She d. in 1883. P.O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : Sophia, Mary, Anna, Lizzie. 

VII. Sophia Meyer, mrd. Abraham K. Mever. (See 
Ind. of Ref. No. 94.) 

Vll. Mary Meyer, mrd. Rev. John Leatherman. 
(See Ind. of Ref. No. 95.) 

Vll. Anna Meyers, mrd. Jacob Leatherman. (See 
Index of References No. 97.) 

Vll. Lizzie Myers, b. Dec. 29, 1861 ; mrd. John O.* 
Overholt Sept.' 8, 1883. P. O. Plumsteadville, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : (VIII) Christian Over- 
holt, b. Aug. 10, 1885 ; (Vlll) Abram Overholt, born 
June 4, 1887 ; died April 29, 1889. (Vlll) Wilson 
Overholt, b. July 14, 1889. (Vlll) Samuel Overholt, 
born December 12, 1892. 

VI. Abrahams. Meyers, mrd. Elizabeth Leatherman. 
P. O. Bedminster, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
Christian, Abraham, Anna, Sallie, Lizzie. 

VII. Christian L. Meyers, b. Mar. 13, 1854 ; married 
Anna K. Moyer Dec. 4. 1875. P. O. Plumstead- 
ville, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Children : (Vlll) Lizzie 
M. Me^^ers, born Nov. i, 1876; Barbara M., born 
Nov. 28, 1878; Sallie M., born July 23, 1883; 
Anna M., b. Jan. 7, 1890 ; d. July 23, 1890. 

VI. John S. Moyer, b. in Bucks Co. Nov. 20, 18 13 ; 

200 — 

d. Mar. 6, 1887 ; mrd. Mary Holdeman in Oct. 1835. 
She was b. Oct. 28, 18 ro ; d. Apr. 7, 1845. Farmer ; 
Mentis. Children : Anna, CorneHus, Hannah. John 
married second wife Anna Derstine (nee Hiinsicker) 
Dec. 7, 1845. She was b. Jan. 3, 1816 ; d. Sept. 25, 
1884. Children : L3'dia, John, Sophia, Mary. 

VII. Anna Myers, born Oct. 8, 1837 ; mrd. Daniel 
Myers. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 98.) 

VII. Cornelius Myers, b. in Bedminster, Pa., Oct. 24, 
1839 ; mrd. Anna Wismer March 20, 1869. P. O. 
Plumsteadville, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. Children : 
(VIII) Libbie Mevers, b. Aug. 7, 1870; mrd. WiUiam 
S. Gross. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 99.) (VIII) Mary 
M3^ers, born Dec. 23, 1871. (VIII) Ella Meyers, bom 
Dec. 20, 1873. (VIII) Cornelius W. Me3'ers, b. May 3, 
1876. (VIII)' EH Wismer Meyers, b. April 18, 1878. 
(VIII) Sophia Meyers, b. April 29, 1880. (VIII) Annie 
Myers, born May 21, 1885. 

VII. Hannah Meyers, born December 4, 1843 ; died 
May 27, 1844. 

VII. Eydia Meyers, b. Feb. 13, 1849 ; mrd. Jacob M. 
High. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 100.) 

VII. John A. Myers, b. in Plumstead Twp. , Bucks Co. , 
Sept. 14, 1852 ; mrd. Mary L. Myers Feb. 26, 1881. 
P. O. Plumsteadville, Pa. Farmer ; Mennonites. 
Children : (VIII) Wilson M. Myers, b. Apr. 18, 1882 ; 
d. Feb. 9, 1894. (VIII) Anna May Myers, b. Apr. 13, 

1884. (VIII) Margaret M. Myers^ boni Oct. 21, 1886. 
(VIII) Nora M. Myers, b. Nov. 24, 1888 ; d. Jan. 24, 
1891. (VIII) Clara M. Myers, born May 21, 1890. 
(VIII) Rosella M. Myers, b. May 4, 1892. 

VII. Sophia Myers, b. Oct. 9, 1855 ; mrd. John L. 
P'retz. (See Ind. of Ref. No. loi.) 

Vlf. Mary Myers, born Sept. 14, 1857 ; mrd. Daniel 
G. Gross Dec. 5, 1877. P. O. Fountainville, Pa. 
Presby. Children : (VIII) Clara M. Gross, born 
June 22, 1879 ; died Oct. 26, 1879. (VIII) Martha 
Gross, b. Aug. 9, 1880. (VIII) Charles Warren Gross, 
b. Dec. 3, 1882. (VIH) John Howard Gross, b. Apr. 6, 

1885. (VIII) Daniel Arthur Gross, b. Apr. 20, 1888. 
VI. Joseph S. Meyer, born in Bedminster Twp., 

Bucks Co., Feb. 25, 1838 ; mrd. Anna Miller Nov. 24, 

— 20I — 

i86o. She was born in Lehigh Co. March 24, 1838. 
P. O. Pipersville, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. Children : 
Abraham, MiUon, WilHam, Anna, EHzabeth, David. 

VII. Abraham M. Meyer, born June 28, 1862 ; died 
May 28, 1872. 

VII. MiUon M. Me3^er, born Oct. 11, 1864; mrd. 
Emma Wisler Jan. 28, 1888. P. O. Bedminster, Pa. 
Farmer. Children : (VIII) Joseph W. Meyer, born 
February 23, 1889 ; (VIII) Hannah W. Meyer, born 
March 5, 1893. 

VII. William M. Meyer, born Feb. 23, 1867 ; mrd. 
Eliza Meyer in 1888. P. O. Dublin, Pa. Laborer. 
One child': (VIII) Anna Mej'er, born 1889. 

VH. Anna M. Meyer, born Sept. 22, 1869 ; mrd. 
Tobias Hunsberger. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 102.) 

VH. Elizabeth M. Meyers, b. Oct. 29, 1871 ; mrd. 
Isaiah L. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 103.) 

VII. David M. Meyers, b. Dec. 29, 1877. 

VI. Hannah Me^^ers, mrd. Abraham Gayman. (See 
Ind. of Ref. No. 104.) 

VI. Sarah Meyers, died Nov. 1894 i n^rd. Aaron 
Tyson. Farmer. One child: (VII) Joseph M. Tyson, 
mrd. Elizabeth Leatherraan. 

VI. Levi S. Meyer. 

V. Christian Meyer, b. in Montg. Co. ; mrd. Anna 
Landis, both dec' d. Farmer and undertaker ; Menns. 
Children : Catharine, Elizabeth. 

VI. Catharine Me3"er (dec'd), mrd. Abraham Hun- 
sicker. Children : (VII) Lydia Hunsicker (dec'd), 
mrd. Abraham Hendricks. (VII) Nancy Hunsicker, 
mrd. Benjamin Fellman (dec'd). Nanc}^ married 
second husband Abraham Hendricks. (VII) Elizabeth 
Hunsicker, mrd. P^zra Moore. P. O. Perkasie, Pa. 
(VII) Sarah Hunsicker, mrd. William Benner. P. O. 

Perkasie, Pa. (VII) Isaac Hunsicker, mrd. Det- 

weiler. P. O. Blooming Glen, Pa. (VII) Abraham 
Hunsicker, mrd. Anna Overholt. P.O. Benjamin, Pa. 

VI. Elizabeth Meyer, b. Sept. 29, 1822 ; d. Apr. 28, 
1858 ; mrd. Rev. Samuel Godshall in 1840. He was 
born in Dojdestown Twp., Bucks Co., Ma}^ 17, 18 17. 
P. O. Bedminster, Pa. In early life Mr. Godshall 
taught singing school, in which he took great delight. 



In 1839 lie went to Springfield township, where he 
taught pubHc school. The following year he moved 
to Deep Run on the farm he still occupies. In the 
Fall of that vSame year he and wife connected them- 
selves with the Mennonite church at Deep Run, in 
which he was soon called to lead the singing. During 
the Summer seasons he was engaged in farming, and 
taught school at Deep Run for over twenty terms of 
three months each. (Free schools were five months. ) 
In 1849 he was ordained to the ministry of the 
Mennonite church at Deep Run, where he has served 
as one of its pastors for 44 years, and is still (1894) 
in the active work of the ministry there. In 1869 he 
made a tour through Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, New 
York and Canada, visiting many of the brethren and 
churches on his route. He has made five trips to 
Virginia, visiting bretliren and churches there, and 
has also made frequent visits among the brethren and 
churches in Lancaster county, Pa. Children : Sarah, 
Anna, Catharine, Elizabeth, Abraham, Samuel^ 
Henry, Lydia, Christian. 

VII. Sarah Godshall, bom Aug. 31, 1841 ; died on 
Ascension Day, May 30, 1889 ; mrd. Abraham C. 
Gross, son of Rev. John Gross, Oct. i, 1865., He was 
b. Jan. 13, 1844. P.O. Plumstead\nlle, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : \Villiam,Catharine,Mahlon, Jacob. 

VIII. William S. Gross, born Oct. 10, 1866 ; mrd. 
Libbie Me^-ers Jan. 28, 1893. P- O. Pipersville, Pa. 
Farmer. One child : (IX) Elmer Gross, b. Aug. 27, 

VIII. Catharine Gross, b. Dec. 8, 1867 ; mrd. Abra- 
ham W. Shaddinger April 9, 1892. P. O. Fountain- 
ville, Pa. Teacher ; Menus. 

VIII. Mahlon Gross, b. Sept. i, 1873. Teacher. S. 

VIII. Jacob Gross, b. Nov. 9, 1879. 

VII. Anna M. Godshall, b. Dec. 2, 1842 ; d. Nov. 9, 
1892 ; married William Gross Nov. 21, 1863. P. O. 
Fountainville, Pa. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : 
Samuel, infant, William, Abram, John, Jacob, 
Martha, Sallie, Harvey. 

VIII. Samuel G. Gross, born Oct. 26, 1864 ; married 
Salome R. Myers. Children : (IX) Anna M. Gross, 

— 203 — 

b. Aug. 1 8, 1886 ; d. Sept. 15, 1887. (IX) Barbara 

M. Gross, b. Sept. 14, 1891 ; d. Mar. 24, 1892. 

VIII. Infant (dec'd), b. Dec. 20, 1866. 

VIII. William G. Gross, born Jan. 26, 1868 ; married 
Hannah P. Overholt. P. O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menus. One child: (IXj Clara O. Gross, born 
August 26, 1 89 1. 

VIII. Abraham G. Gross, b. July 25, 1870 ; mrd. 
Sallie A. Lapp. P. O. Fountainville, Pa. Farmer. 

VIII. John G. Gross, born July 6, 1873 ; ^^^^ 
March 24, 1874. 

VIII. Jacob G. Gross, born August 30, 1875 ; died 
March 15, 1876. 

VIII. Martha G. Gross, born April 4, 1877 ; died 
February 10, 1878. 

VIII. Sallie G. Gross, b. July 21, 1879. 

VIII. Harvey G. Gross, b. August 18, 1883. 

VII. Catharine Godshall, born March 10, 1844 ; mrd. 
Peter Detweiler. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 105.) 

VII. Abraham Godshall, born Dec. i, 1847 i married 
Elizabeth Yoder May 11, 1873. ^ O. Bedminister, Pa. 
Farmer; Menus. Children: (VIII j Samuel Y. God- 
shall, b. January 22, 1876. 

VII. Samuel Godshall, born June 24, 1850 ; died 
May 6, 1861. 

VII. Henry Godshall, born March 31, 1852 ; died in 
Kansas May 15, 1879. 

VII. Lydia Godshall, b. May 30, 1854; d. May i, 1861. 

VII. Christian Godshall, born April 18, 1856; died 
April 27, 1 86 1. 

V. Elizabeth Moyer, mrd. Gehman. Children : 

Christian, Elizabeth, Susan, Barbara, Katie, Mollie. 

VI. Rev. Christian Gehman, P.O. South Cayuga, Ont. 
VI. Elizabeth Gehman, married John Hunsberger. 

Children : Mary, John, Noah, et. al. 
VI. Barbara Gehman, mrd. Jacob E. Moyer. (See 
Index of References No. 106.) 

VI. Katie Gehman, mrd. Isaac Culp. P. O. Jordan, 
Ont. Children : . Tobias, Simeon, Jacob, Isaac, Til- 
man, Anna, Elizabeth, Barbara. 

VII. Tobias G. Culp, mrd. Elizabeth Rittenhouse in 
1867. P. O. Moline, Mich. Farmer; Meth. Ep. 

^- 204 — , 

Children : (VIU) James Arthur Gulp, b. Oct. 27, 1870 ; 
Meth. Ep. S. (VIII) Annie Maggie Gulp, b. Sept. 13, 
1873 ; Meth. Ep. S. (VIII j Frank Leslie Gulp, born 
September 19, 1882. 

VI. Mollie Gehman (dec'd), mrd. Daniel Brubaker. 
Children : Elizabeth, et. al. 

VI. Gehman, married Christian Wideman. 

Children : Elizabeth, Sarah, Anna, Susan, John, 
Christian, Rachel, Jacob. 

VI. Gehman, mrd. Casper Wideman. Children : 

Dilman, Barbara, Salome, Tobias, David, Sarah, L3'dia. 

V. Jacob Meyer, b. Dec. 20, 1795 ; died about 18 13. 

V. Mar}^ Meyer, b. June 24, 1797 ; died about 18 13. 

V. Rev. Abraham Moyer (dec'd), mrd. Anna Moyer. 
Mennonite minister. Children : Sarah, Mar}^, Cath- 
arine, Elizabeth. 

VI. Sarah M. Moyer, b. Feb. 28, 1825 ; mrd. Henry 
S. Swartley January 10, 1847. P. O. Chalfont, Pa. 
F'armer; Menus. Children: Eavina, Abraham, Ann, 

VII. Eavina M. Swartley, bom Nov. 14, 1848 ; mrd. 
Isaac F. Funk Dec. 9, 1875. P. O. Chalfont, Pa. 
Farmer. Children: (Vlll) Violetta Funk, b. Feb. i, 
1878 ; (Vlll) Sylvester H. Funk, bom Dec. 26, 1887. 

VII. Abraham M. Swartley, bom November 6, 1854 ; 
mrd. Annie M. Meyers March 28, 1885. Children : 
(Vlll) Mary M. Swartley, born Dec. 15, 1886 ; died 
Aug. 5, 1887. (VHI) Henr}^ M. Swartley, b. Dec. 9, 
1890. (Vlll) Sadie M. Swartley, born March 9, 1892. 

VII. Ann liliza Swartley, born Nov. 30, 1859 ; mrd. 
Henry F. Moyer Nov. 18, 1882. P. O. Line Lexing- 
ton, Pa. Children : (VIH) Martha S. Moyer, born 
Mar. 2, 1887 ; (Vlll) Laura S. Moyer, born Oct. 27, 
1889; died Apr. 11, 1890. (Vlll) Har\^ey S. Moyer, 
born April 8, 1891. 

VII. Sallie J. Swartley, b. Dec. 26, 1861 ; mrd. David 
R. Funk Jan. 24, 1885. P.O. Chalfont, Pa. Farmer; 
One child : (VIU) Howard Funk, lx)rn Oct. 26, 1888. 

VI. Maria Moyer, mrd. Christian Fretz. (See Ind. 
of Ref. No. 107.) 

VI. Catharine Moyer, b. in Bedminster, Pa., Ma}' i, 
1828 ; mrd. Isaac S. Moyer. He was b. in Dublin, 

— 205 — 

Bucks Co., Apr. 28, 18 19 ; d. Maj^ 4, 1894. ?• O- 

Bedminster. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Sarah, 
Anna, Abraham, Kate, WiUiam, Elizabeth, Isaac, 
Lincoln, Laura, Tillman. 

VII. Sarah Myers, b. Sept. 24, 1848 ; mrd. Reuben 
F. High. P. O. Mechanicsville, Pa. Children : Flora, 
Rosa (dec'd), Katie, Fannie (dec'd), Irwin, Reuben. 

VII. Anna Myers, b. Feb. 7, 1850 ; died in infanc\^ 

VII. Abraham Myers, born October 23, 1851 ; died 
May 7, 1 88 1. Single. 

VII. Catharine M3^ers, born in Bedminster Twp., 
Bucks Co., Jan. 15, 1854 ; married Albert F. Myers. 
(See Ind. of Ref. No. 108.) 

VII. Wilham Moyer, b. Oct. 30, 1855. P. O. Bed- 
minster, Pa. Single. 

VII. Elizabeth Moyer, b. in Bedminster Twp., Pa., 
Dec. 27, 1859 ; married Dr. S. S. Brumbaugh Oct. 7, 
1880. Dr. Brumbaugh was born in Bedford Co., Pa., 
Jul}^ 17, 1852, was the son of Simeon R. Brumbaugh, 
and the fifth child of a family of seven children. He 
came to Pipersville, his present home, in July 1878. 
The doctor alwa3's has and is still enjoying a large 
practice. Ref. ch. Children : (VHI) Christie Grace 
Brumbach, born June i, 1882 ; (VIII) Howard Moyer 
Brumbach, born June 31, 1884 ; (VIII) Roy Talmage 
Brumbach, b. Apr. 15, 1890. 

VH. Isaac Myers, born Nov. 19, i860 ; d. May 18, 
1884 ; mrd. Elizabeth Charles in 1882. Children : 
Katie, Annie. 

VII. A. Lincoln Myers, b. May, 14, 1862 ; d. infant. 

VII. Laura Myers, b. Sept. 14, 1866 ; d. Apr. i, 1876. 

VII. Tillman Moyer, born Sept. 15, 1868. P. O. 
Bedminster, Pa. 

VI. EHzabeth Mo^^er, b. in Bucks Co. May 28, 1832 ; 
d. Mar. 18, 1886 ; married John M. Swartley. (See 
Index of References No. 109.) 

V. Magdalena Moyer, born in Bedminster Twp. 
Nov. 16, 1800 ; died May 26, 1879 ; married Daniel 
Haldeman Dec. 1820. He was b. in Bucks Co. Jan. 5, 
1799; died June 11, 1875. Farmer ; Menus. Chil- 
dren : Aaron, Mahlon, John, Charles, Sarah, Cath- 
arine, Daniel. 

— 2o6 — . 

VI. Aaron Haldeman, b. Dec. 12, 1821 ; died infant. 
VI. Mahlon Haldeman, b. Feb. 14, 1823 ; d. 1894 ) 
mrd. Ann Eliza White. No issue. 

VI. Rev. John M. Haldeman, b. Oct. 30, 1824 ; died 
Sept. 29, 1881 ; married Anna Clymer Sept. 3, 1846. 
Farmer and minister. Was ordained to the ministry 
of the Mennonite church at Line Lexington, where he 
serv^ed as one of the ministers. Children : Fannie, 
Frank, Mahlon, Joel, Ella. 

VII. Fannie Haldeman, born June 23, 1848 ; died 
December 7, 1868. Single. 

VII. B. Frank Haldeman, b. May 2, 185 1 ; married 
Alice Minor, of St. Paul, Minn., September 30, 1883. 
Res. 671 St. Anthon}' Ave., St. Paul, Minn. Book- 
keeper. Children : (VIII) Lloyd M. Haldeman, born 
August 17, 1884 ; (VIII J Harold M. Haldeman, born 
vSept. 17, 1886 ; died April 7, 1894. (VHO Helen L. 
Haldeman, born Feb. 7, 1890. 

VII. Mahlon C. Haldeman, b. Apr. 19, 1853 ; married 
Janet Fairies Kratz July 11, 1878. She was born 
March 19, 1857. Res. cor. Aldine and Blair Hamlin 
Sts., St. Paul, Minn. Druggist ; Bap. Children 
(VIM) Eva Ferris Haldeman, born July 14, 1879 
(VIII) Grace Anna Haldeman, born Dec. 28, 1881 
(VIII) Horace Kratz Haldeman, born May 27, 1886 

VII. Joel C. Haldeman, boni Jan. 12, 1861 ; married 
Lillie I. Wisnom April 7, 1885. Res. 1612 Western 
Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. City sale.sman for tobacco 
house ; Presby. Children : Joel, Florence Anna, 

VII. M. Ella Haldeman, boni in Bucks Co. July 18, 
1865 ; married Wellington C. Swartley Oct. 13, 1885. 
Res. 2402 Frankford Ave., Pliila. Gents furnishing 
business ; Ref. ch. Children : (Vlll) Bessie May 
Swartley, b. May 14, 1887 ; (Vlll) Edna H. Swartley, 
born May 9, 1890. 

VI. Charles Haldeman, born in Bucks Co. Sept. 20, 
1826; mrd. Mary Kratz Feb. 9, 1851. P. O. Chal- 
font. Pa. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : Sarah, 
Daniel, Emma, Edwin, William. 

VII. Sarah Ann Haldeman, b. Oct. 26, 185 1 ; mrd. 
Henry M. Fretz. (See Ind. of Ref. No. no.) 

207 — 

VII. Daniel Haldeman, born Mar. i6, 1854 ; married 
Ella Haldeman. P. O. Chalfont, Pa. Farmer ; 
Mrs. H., Bap. Children : Susan (dec'd), Charles, 
Edgar, Florence, Paul (dec'd). 

VII. Emma Haldeman, born April 2, 1858 ; mrd. 
Abraham G. Ruth. Children : (VIII) Mary Ruth, 
b. Feb. 28, 1884 ; (VIII) Sadie Ruth. d. Mar. 5, 1888. 

VII. Edwin Haldeman, b. May 1 1, 1862 ; mrd. Emma 
J. Wilgus. P. O. Chalfont, Pa. Mrs. H., Ger. Ref. 
One child : Mabel. 

VII. William Haldeman, born Jul}' 12, 1866 ; died 
December 24, 1866. 

VI. Sarah Haldeman, born Aug. 29, 1828 ; married 
Valentine K. Clymer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 11 1.) 

VI. Catharine Haldeman, born in Bucks Co. Oct. 11, 
1830 ; mrd. Levi S. Swartley Nov. 5, 1848. He died 
May 20, 1862, aged 38 years. Commercial merchant. 
Children : Daniel, Emaline, Philip, Mary. Catharine 
mrd. second husband David Rosenberger, of Hatfield 
Twp., Jan. I, 1865. P. O. Hatfield, Pa. Merchant 
and farmer ; Dunkards. No issue. 

VII. Daniel Svvartle3\ died in infancy. 

VII. Emaline Swartley, b. in Bucks Co. June 4, 185 1 ; 
mrd. Jonas B. PVederick Oct. 8, 1870. He was born 
June I, 1843. P. O. Souderton, Pa. Shoemaker and 
merchant ; River Brethren ch. Children : Milton, 
Harvey, Emma, Willie. 

VIII. Milton S. Frederick, born June 7, 1872 ; mrd 
Leanna Moj^er, of Hilltovvn, Pa., in 1892. P. O. 
Souderton, Pa. One child : (IX) Viola Frederick, 
born Dec. 13, 1S92. 

VIII. Harvey S. Frederick, born June 29, 1875. 

VIII. Emma Frederick, born Oct. 31, 1878. 

VIII. Willie S. Frederick, born Feb. 24, 1892. 

VII. Philip Swartley, b. in Bucks Co. Feb. 19, 1853 5 
mrd. Clara E. Cressman, of Rockhill Twp., Bucks Co., 
July 8, 1877. P. O. Line Lexington, Pa. Commer- 
cial dealer and farmer ; Menus. Children : Wilmer, 
Jacob, Katie, P. Howard, Frank. 

VII. Mary M. Swartley, b. July 19, 1854 ; d. Dec. 3, 
1881 ; mrd. Samuel C. Moyer, M. D. (See Index 
of References No. 112.) 

— 2o8 — 


VI. Daniel Haldeman, b. Nov. lo, 1834 ; d. Sept. 3, 
1859 ; mrd. Catharine Walter. 

V. Lsaac Meyers, b. in Bedminster Twp. , Bucks Co. , 
Feb. 18, 1802 ; d. in Perkasie Oct. 25, 1874 ; mrd. 
Hannah Hunsicker. She was born in Hilltown, Pa., 
Feb. 7, 1807 ; died Jan. i, 1890. Farmer and chair- 
maker ; Menns. Children : Lydia, Mahlon, Noah, 

VI. Lydia H. Myers, bom in Plumsteadville, Pa.» 
July 21, 1837 ; mrd. Levi M. Swartley. (See Ind. of 
Ref. No. 113.) 

VI. Mahlon H. Myers, born in Plumstead town- 
ship, Pa., April 19, 1839 ; married Annie Mary 
Rosenberger, dau. of Joseph Rosenberger, Feb. 13, 
1864. P. O. Perkasie, Pa. Merchant ; Ger. Ref. 
Children : (VII) Emma Laura Myers, born Nov. 10, 
1864; d. Feb. 28, 1869. (VII) A'daughter, stillborn 
Nov. 26, 1870. (VII) A son, stillborn July 10, 1873. 

VI. Noah Myers, died aged 8 months. 

VI. Aaron H. Myers, mrd. Harriet Young in 1878. 
Res. 817 North Second St., Phila. Wholesale and 
retail dealer in butter, eggs and poultry. Children : 
(VII) Flora Myers, born in 1878 ; (VII) "^ Clara Myers, 
born in 1880; d. in 1881. (VH) Anna M3^ers, b. in 
1883. (VII) Cora Myers, born in 1885. (VII) Stanley 
Myers, born in 1888 ; died in 1890. 

V. Anna Meyers (dec'd), married Henr}^ A. Moyer 
about 1834. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 114.) 

V. Joseph O. Me3'ers, b. in Bucks Co. Jan. 26, 1818 ; 
mrd. Lydia Hunsicker Nov. i, 1840. She was born 
May 28, 1820; d. Nov. 30, 1886. Farmer; Menns. 
Children : Sarah, Christian, Lydia, Annie, Mary, 
Daniel, Eliza, Joseph, Henry. 

VI. Sarah H. Meyers, b. Nov. 20, 1841 ; mrd. John 
H. Meyers. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 115.) 

VI. Christian H. Meyers, born May 8, 1843 ; died 
March 5, 1844. 

VI. L^'dia H. Meyers, b. Dec. 27, 1844 : d. Mar. 23, 
1884 ; married Rev. Samuel G. Gross Oct. 10, 1863. 
He was born Mar. 2, 1839. P. O. Foimtainville, Pa. 
Retired farmer. He was ordained to the ministry of 
the Mennonite church at Doylestown Nov. 13, 1866, 


Hon. Henry G. Mover. 
See Page 151. 

209 — 

and bishop November 3, 1883, at Blooming Glen, Pa. 
Children : Christiana, Joseph, Emanuel, Christian, 
Lydia, Isaac, Henry, John. 

VII. Christiana Gross, born Nov. 7, 1864 ; mrd. 
William H. H. Swartley Jan. 22, 1887. P.O. Doyles- 
town, Pa. Farmer; Menns. Children: (VI 11) Harve}^ 
G. Swartley, born Mar. 14, 1888 ; (VIII) Mahlon G. 
Swartley, b. Sept. 8, 1890. 

VII. Joseph M. Gross, b. Jmie 28, 1866 ; mrd. Maria 
Moyer, of Canada, Aug. 2, 1890. P. O. Dublin, Pa. 
School teacher. 

VII. Emanuel Gross, born January 16, 1868 ; died 
September 22, 1868. 

VII. Christian Gross, b. Aug. 3, 1869 ; mrd. Ella D. 
Landes Jan. 12, 189 1. P. O. Line Lexington, Pa. 
Carpenter. One child : (VIII) Hiram L. Gross, born 
May 8, 1891. 

VII. L3'dia M. Gross, born March 3, 1872. 

VII. Isaac M. Gross, born May 13, 1874. 

VII. Henry M. Gross, born April 20, 1876. 

VII. John M. Gross, born April 14, 1878. 

VI. Annie H. Meyers, b. June 29, 1846 ; mrd. Eli 
Wismer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 116.) 

VI. Mary H. Meyers, b. Sept. 7, 1848 ; mrd. Jacob 
M. Detweiler. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 117.) 

VI. Daniel H. Meyers, born Ma3^5, 1850. 

VI. Eliza H. Meyers, born May 8, 1852. 

VI. Joseph H. Myers, b. June 15, 1854 ; mrd. Lizzie 
R. Keeler. P. O. Plumsteadville, Pa. Farmer and 
commission merchant. Children: (Vll) Edith Myers, 
b. Aug. 21, 1883 ; (Vll) Charles Wesley Myers, born 
June II, 1885 ; (Vll) Estella Myers, b. Oct. 10, 1887; 
d. Jan. 9, 1888. (VII) Edna Myers, b. Jan. 29, 1890. 

VI. Henry H. Myers, b. Nov. 26, 1858 ; mrd. Lydia 
Myers. P. O. Plumsteadville, Pa. 

IV. Samuel Meyer, b. in Hilltown Twp. , Bucks Co. , 
July 8, 1765 ; d. Feb. 6, 1847 ; mrd. Susanna Bleam 
Oct. 3, 1788. She was b. in Pottstown, Pa., Mar. 7, 
177 1 ; d. Feb. 9, 1808. Mr. Meyer was in appear- 
ance tall, erect, a man of dignified bearing and ranked 
among the most popular and influential men in his 
time and neighborhood. It is said that b}^ actual 


count there were 120 white topped or covered car- 
riages and wagons at his funeral, which made a soHd 
procession of one and a half miles long, that when 
the first carriage arrived at the meetinghouse the last 
left the house of the deceased (one and a half miles 
distant). As was the custom in those days (especi- 
all}^ among the more wealthy), they were all invited 
to return to the house of the deceased and partake of 
a ("Trauer Mahl") mourners feast. Mr. Meyer was 
a farmer and an elder in the Mennonite church at 
Perkasie (now Blooming Glen), where he was buried. 
Children : Twins, Catharine, Christian, Samuel, 
Salome, Abraham, Jacob, Susanna, Susanna. 
V. Twins, born 1789 ; died unnamed. 

V. Catharine Moyer, b. Aug. 31, 1790 ; d. Sept. 18, 
1861 ; mrd. Peter King Apr. 18, 18 12. He was born 
in Bucks Co. Mar. 17, 1784 ; d. Jan. 17, 1871. Mason 
and shoemaker ; Menus. Children : Anna, Eliza- 
beth, Susanna, Martin, Samuel. 

VI. Anna King, b. May 6, 1813 ; d. May 31, 1886 ; 
mrd. William S. Jenkins Jan. 14, 1838. Children : 
Monroe, et. al. P. O. Peake, Buffalo Co., Neb. 

VI. Elizabeth King, b. July 26, 1819 ; d. Feb. 27, 
1852 ; mrd. Abraham Grove Nov. 21, 1841. Children : 
Infant, Anna, Adaline. 

VI. Susanna King, born July 26, 1821 ; died Feb- 
ruary 15, 1846. 

VI. Rev. Martin M. King, b. in Hilltown, Bucks Co., 
Dec. 5, 1824 ; mrd. Sarah L. Warlord, of Kingwood, 
N. J., Dec. 25, 1855. P. O. Bellefonte, Mo. Farmer 
and minister. In 1850 he was baptized by Rev. Joseph 
Mathias and united with the Hilltown Baptist church, 
and by that church was licensed to preach the Gospel. 
In 1852 he entered upon a course of study preparatory 
to the university, and entered the University of 
Lewisburg, Pa., class of '58. In i860 he was 
ordained to the ministr}' at the Baptist church of 
Solebur}', Bucks county, and was duly installed pastor 
of that church, which he served for three years. He 
then removed to Mercer county, Pa., and became 
pastor of the Fair^new Baptist church, over which he 
presided until 1866, when he removed to Pulaski 


county, where he secured a home under the Home- 
stead law. On their arrival at their home in Missouri 
he received an appointment from the American Bap- 
tist Publication Society, of Philadelphia, as missionary 
colporteur, in which service he labored nearly two 
years, after which he entered upon a voluntary self- 
supporting missionary work, subject to all the trials, 
privations and self-denials incident to pioneer mis- 
sionary work, w^ith but little pecuniary compensation. 
At intervals, in the meantime, he put up a cabin to 
shelter his family and opened up and cultivated a few 
acres of ground from which to secure a living for his 
family. During his residence of 29 years in Missouri 
his labors have been confined to the section known as 
the "Ozark Mountains." He has taught several 
terms in the public schools. He has raised and 
educated six children, three of whom have qualified 
themselves as successful teachers. Mr. King, through 
the blessing of God, has secured a comfortable home 
wherein to repose in old age. In his earthly pilgrim- 
age he has passed his three score and tenth mile- 
stone, and is waiting and looking forward to enter 
that bright mansion of our Father in Heaven. Chil- 
dren : Rosetta, William, Lizzie, Annie, John, Sallie. 

VII. Rosetta King, b. Feb. 23, 1857 ; mrd. Tennis 
S. Barlow Dec. 25, 1879. P. O. Bellefonte, Mo. 
Farmer ; Baptists. Children : Arthur, Ida, Herbert, 
Virgie, Harrison, John. 

VII. William Henr}^ King, b. Aug. 2, i860 ; mrd. 
Nannie Burbanks Oct. 15, 1882. She died Aug. 24, 
1886. One child : Olive Estella. William married 
vSecond wife Olive Hendrix September 7, 1890. P. O. 
Frances, Mo. Farmer ; Bap. One child : Cliffie. 

VII. Lizzie King, b. Feb. 20, 1863 ; mrd. John H. 
Baker Jan. 7, 1890. P. O. Richland, Mo. Farmer 
and carpenter ; Bap. Children : Noel, Grace. 

VII. Annie Missouri King, b. July 27, 1869 ; mrd. 
Leander Jackson Gladden July 22, 1894. P- O. De- 
Bruin, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Gladden are both school 
teachers; Baptists. One child : (VIII) Martin Leroy 
Gladden, b. Oct. 22, 1895. 

VII. John Martin King, born Mar. 31, 1874. P. O. 

2 12 , 

Bellefonte, Mo. Farmer ; Baptist. Single. 

VII. Sallie Augusta King, born March 19, 1879. 

VI. Samuel King, born in Bucks Co. Nov. 16, 1827 ; 
mrd. Anna D. Swartle}' Feb. 19, 1852. P. O. Chal- 
font, Pa. Cabinetmaker ; Baptists. Children : (VII) 
Amanda King, born Dec. 9, 1852 ; d. Oct. 29, 1861. 

(VII) Oliver King, born Jul}' 22, 1855 ; mrd. Susan 
Berge^'. P. O. Chalfont, Pa. Children : Annie, 
Sallie, Samuel, Flora, Har\^ey (dec'd). (VII) Milton 
King, d. Sept. 29, 1883; mrd. Jane Wile Dec. 25, 1S82. 

V. Christian Mo3'er, b. April 30, 1792 ; d. Feb. 20, 
1862 ; married Catharine Hunsberger April 6, 18 17. 
Children : Samuel, Isaac, Jacob, Abraham. Christian 
married second wife Maria Hunsberger (sister to first 
wife) Jan. 8, 1 83 1. Menu, elder. One child : Annie. 

VI. Samuel H. Moyer, b. Jan. 21, 1818 ; d. Jan. 22, 
1884 ; mrd. Mary Fisher (dec'd) Apr. 2, 1853. She 
was b. May 22, 1825. He was ordained Mennonite 
deacon at Blooming Glen in 1853. Children : Sarah, 
died in infancy ; Maria, Annie, Christian. Samuel 
married second wife Anna M. Nash Aug. 30, 1855. 
Children : Tobias, Susanna, Levi, Amanda. (See 
Wismer history, page 50.) 

VII. Maria Moj^er, b. Nov. 18, 1845 ; mrd. William 
F. Myers. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 118.) 

VII. Annie F. Moyer, b. Nov. 19, 1849 ; mrd. Titus 
D. Rosenberger Nov. 10, 1877. He d. Apr. 8, 1889. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : (VIM) Samuel M. Ros- 
enberger, born May 5, 1879 ; (VIII) William M. 
Rosenberger. born September 22, 188 1 ; (VIII) Annie 
Minerva Rosenberger, b. June 7, 1883 ; (Vlll) Chris- 
tian M. Rosenberger, bom March 14, 1886 ; died 
February 2, 1887. 

VII. Christian Moyer, b. in Hilltown, Pa., in 1852 ; 
mrd. Lizzie H. Myers in 1874. P.O. Blooming Glen, 
Pa. Farmer ; Menus. No issue. 

VII. Tobias N. Moyer, b. Apr. 4, 1857 ; "^i'<^- Mary 
Ann M^-ers Sept. 20, 1879. P. O. Blooming Glen, 
Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Children : (Vlll) Enos M. 
Moyer, born vSept. i, 1888 ; died Sept. 3, 1888. 

(VIII) Lizzie M. Mo3'er, born November 29, 1891. 
(VIM) Stella M. Moyer, b. Feb. 6, 1894. 

— 213 — 

VII. Susanna Moj^er, born March 15, 1859 ; married 
Christian Yoder in 1881. P.O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : Emma, Amanda, lyeroy, Henry, 
Christian, Willis, Elmer. 

VII. Levi N. Moyer, b. Apr. 23, 1864 ; mrd. Annie 
High January 16, 1886. P. O. Blooming Glen, Pa. 
Farmer; Mennonites. Children: (VIII) William H. 
Moyer, b. Apr. 13, 1887 ; (Vlllj Christian H. Moyer, 
born June 8, 1891. 

VII. Amanda Moyer, b. July 10, 1868 ; mrd. Milton 
Stover. P. O. Dublin, Pa, Farmer ; Menus. Chil- 
dren : Harvey, Abraham, Bertha, Howard. 

VI. Isaac H. Moyer, b. Nov. 15, 1820 ; mrd. Nanc\^ 
George. P.O. Blooming Glen, Pa. Farmer; Menus. 
Children : Mary, Henry, Susanna, Ephraim, Chris- 
tian, Sarah, Hiram, Allen. 

VII. Mary Ann Moyer (dec'd), mrd. Jacob C. Moyer. 
(See Ind. of Ref. No. 333.) 

VII. Henry G. Moyer, b. Oct. 10, 1852; mrd. Hannah 
M. Moyer Jan. 20, 1877. P. O. Blooming Glen, Pa. 
P'armer ; Menus. Children: (VIII) Annie Jeanetta 
Moyer, b. April 7, 1878 ; (VIII) Isaac 'Erv'm Moyer, 
born May 2, 1881 ; (VIII) WilHam Oscar Moyer, b. 
April II, 1884; (VIII) Henry Warren Moyer, born 
July 18, 1887 ; (VIII) Sarah Ehzabeth Moyer, born 
June 15, 1889 ; (VIII) Mary Alice Moyer, b. Sept. 24, 

VII. Susanna G. Mo3^er, born Dec. 6, 1854 5 nird. 
Henry C. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 332.) 

VII. Ephraim G. Moyer, born Aug. 20, 1856 ; died 
April 12, 1858. 

VII. Christian G. Moyer, born Nov. 5, 1862 ; mrd. 
Hannah H. Baum Dec. 3, 1881. P. O. Blooming 
Glen, Pa. Farmer; Menus. Children: (VIII) Minnie 
B. Moyer, b. Feb. 25, 1884 ; (VIII) Mamie B. Moyer, 
b. Aug. 22, 1885 ; (VIII) Elmer Moyer, b. April 27, 
1888 ; (VIII) Charles B. Moyer, b. Dec. 14, 1893. 

VII. Sarah G. Moyer, b. Mar. 9, 1859 ; mrd. Henry 
H. Baum. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 334.) 

VII. Hiram G. Moyer, born March 13, 1864 ; mrd. 
Emma J. Moyer Jan. 10, 1885. P. O. Blooming 
Glen, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Children : (VIII) Cora 

— 214— . 

M. Moyer, b. Feb. 21, 1886 ; (VIH) Delia M. Mover, 
born Dec. 11, 1888; (VIII; Bertha M. Moyer, born 
February 17, 1891. 

VII. Alien G. Moyer. P.O. Blooming Glen, Pa. S. 

VI. Jacob H. Moyer, b. Nov. 5, 1822 ; mrd. Franey 
Hunsberger. P. O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. 
No issue. 

VI. Abraham H. Moyer (dec'd), b. May 28, 1826; 
mrd. Susanna Baum. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
Isaiah, Mary, Mahlon, Allen, Hannah, Samuel, 

VII. Isaiah B. Moyer (dec'd), married Mary Race. 
Res. Philadelphia. 

VII. Alars' Ann Mo3'er, b. Nov. 16, 1854 ; d. June 8, 
1882 ; mrd. Israel G. Crouthamel. No issue. 

VII. Mahlon B. Moyer, married Amanda C. Kratz. 
Children : Lizzie, Susie, Annie. 

VII. Allen B. Moyer, born Sept. 12, 1862 ; married 
Martha Crouthamel Mar. 22, 1884. P. O. Perkasie, 
Pa. Baker ; U. Ev. ch. Children: (Vlll) Franklin 
C. Moyer, born Dec. 14, 1884 ; died March 5, 1886. 
(Vlll j Warren C. Moyer, b. May 6, 1887. (VIII) Ray- 
mond C. Moyer, born May 17, 1890. 

VII. Hannah B. Moyer, b. Dec. 2, 1864 ; mrd. Samuel 
Phillips Dec. 16, 1882. P. O. Silverdale, Pa. Tin- 
smith ; Luth. Children : (Vlll) Irwin PhiUips, born 
Oct. 17, 1884; (Vlll) Stella Phillips, b. Oct. 2, 1886; 
(Vlll) Susan Phillips, born Apr. 1888 ; (Vlll) Elmer 
Phillips, b. Dec. 2, 1891. 

VII. Samuel B. Moyer, born Dec. 11, 1868 ; mrd. 
Amanda B. Snyder Jan. 30, 1891. P. O. Silverdale, 
Pa. Farmer; Luth. Children: (Vlll) Bertha S. 
Moyer, b. July 6, 1893 ; died Aug. 25, 1894. (Vlll) 
Robert S. Moyer, b. Apr. 1 1, 1895 ; d. Aug. 24, 1895. 

VII. Abraham B. Moyer, b. Sept. 1870 ; mrd. Clara 
Beidler Sept. 1893. P- O- Silverdale, Pa. Tailor ; 
Menus. One child : (Vlll) Mabel Moyer, b. Oct. 13, 

VI. Annie H. Moyer, b. Jan. 21, 1837 ; mrd. Henry 
F. Anglemoyer Jan. 26, 1861. P. O. vSilverdale, Pa. 
Farmer ; Br. in Christ. Children : Mary, Ellen, 
Samuel, Emma, Sallie, William, Jacob, Lizzie. 

— 215 — 

V. Samuel Meyer (dec'd), born in Hilltown Twp., 
Bucks Co., Apr. 4, 1794 ; mrd. Barbara High. She 
was born Aug. 11, 1798 ; d. Oct. 24, 1883. Farmer, 
and hved on the farm now owned by Christian F. 
Moyer, near Blooming Glen, Pa. Menus. Children : 
John, Annie, Maria, David, Abraham, Hannah, Susan. 

VI. John H. Moyer, born Nov. 12, 1818 ; married 
Elizabeth Myers May 28, 1843. Farmer and drover ; 
Menus. Children : Barbara, Hiram, Mary, Hannah, 
Susan, Amanda, Lizzie, Samuel, John. 

VII. Barbara Moyer, b. in Bucks Co. Aug. 23, 1846 ; 
mrd. Abraham Cassel Feb. 15, 1868. P. O. Sterling, 
111. Tobacconist ; Christian ch. Children : Henry, 
Mary, Elizabeth, Ada, Mabel, John, Beulah. 

VIII. Henry Clayton Cassel, born in Philadelphia 
December 23, 1868. 

VIII. Mary Viola Cassel, born July 16, 1870 ; mrd. 
Thomas Shirely McKinney August 8, 1892. P. O. 
Sterling, 111. Cashier of First National Bank, of 
Sterhng, 111.; Cong. ch. One child: (IX) John V. 
McKinney, born May 6, 1893. 

VIII. Elizabeth Gertrude Cassel, b. Apr. 11, 1874. S. 

VIII. Ada LaRene Cassel, born Oct. 6, 1876. 

VIII. Mabel Dora Cassel, born Oct. 3, 1878. 

VIII. John Allen Cassel, born July 19, 1885. 

VIII. Beulah EaLina Cassel, born Dec. 26, 1888. 

VII. Hiram Moyer, b. Aug. 17, 1847 i mrd. Fannie 
Reinhart Mar. 12, 1874. P.O. Sterling, 111. Farmer. 
Children : (VIII) Eva Lauretta Moyer, born Dec. 24, 
1874; (VIII) Amy Estella Moyer, b. Feb. 8, 1877 ; 
(VIII) John Michael Moyer, born April 19, 1879 ; 
(VIII) Hiram Moyer, b. July 17, 1881 ; (VIII) Floyd 
Moyer, born Janu^ary 3, 1889. 

VII. Mary Moyer, born Jul}^ 7, 1849 ; mrd. Antony 
Trudo July 14, 1873. P. O. Sterhng, 111. Black- 
smith. One child : (VIII) Harry Trudo, b. in 1874. 

VII. Hannah Moyer, b. Nov. 30, 1851 ; mrd. Martin 
Grubb Dec. 23, 1880. P. O. Sterling, 111. Farmer ; 
Christian ch. No issue. 

VII. Susan Moyer, b. Apr. 11, 1853 ; mrd. Allen R. 
Hendricks September 25, 1873. P. O. Sterling, 111. 
Druggist. Children : (VIII) Olive Grace Hendricks, 

2l6 — 


b. May lo, 1876 ; (VIII) Leon Summer Hendricks 
born Mar. 21, 1880; d. Jan. 25, 1885. (VIII) Lester 
Blaine Hendricks, born Feb. 8, 1886. (VIII) Leroy 
Russel Hendricks, bom May 8, 1890. 

VII. Amanda Moyer, b. Juh^ 12, 1855 ; mrd. Warren 
Roath Dec. 23, 1880. P.O. Sterling, 111. Machinist ; 
Christian ch. Children : (VIII) Elizabeth Isabella 
Roath, born Dec. 15, 1881 ; (VIII) Lena Pearl Roath, 
born May 12, 1886. 

VII. Elizabeth Moyer, b. Aug. 20, 1857 ; mrd. John 
Reitz Dec. 25, 1879. P. O. Sterling, 111. Farmer ; 
Luth. Children : (VIII) Arthur W. Reitz, b. Jan. i, 
1883 ; (VIII) Mary E. Reitz, born Nov. 12, 1884 ; 
(VIII) Walter L. Reitz, b. Mar. 24, 1887 ; (VIII) Ada 
E. Reitz, b. Sept. 5, 1889 ; (VIII) Clayton E. Reitz, 
born Sept. 15, 1892. 

VII. Samuel M. Moyer, b. in Pa. Jan. 20, 1859 ; mrd. 
Lorenza Hamblin Jan. 24, 1885. She died April 11, 
1891. P. O. Sterling, 111. Carpenter ; Christian ch. 
Children : (VIII) Harry Martin Moyer, born June 9, 
1887; (VIII) Guy Leroy Moyer, b. July 11, 1889; 
died May 29, 1890. 

VII. John M. Mo3^er, b. Jan. 8, 1861 ; mrd. Gertie 
Lyle Nov. 13, 1888. P. O. Sterling, 111. Druggist ; 
Christian ch. No issue. 

VI. Annie Moyer (dec'd), born July 29, 1820 ; mrd. 
Henry Button. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 119.) Annie 
mrd. second husband James Bergey. No issue. 

VI. Maria Moyer, b. Nov. 30, 1822 ; mrd. Peter L. 
Snyder (dec'd). Farmer; Lutheran. One child: 
(VII) Hannah Snyder, died aged 21 years. Maria 
mrd. second husband Jacob Baughman. He died in 
1 89 1. Farmer. No issue. 

VI. David Moyer, b. Mar. 4, 1826 ; mrd. Margaret 
Hendricks. P.O. Sterhng, 111. Merchant. Children: 
Frank, Phares, David, Lincoln, Simeon, Lizzie, et al. 

VI. Abraham Myers, born in Bucks Co. June 3, 
1828 ; married Hannah Alderfer June 15, 1850, in 
Medina Co., O. She was born in Montg. Co., Pa. 
P.O. Sterhng, 111. Menus. Children: (VII) Isabella 
Myers, born January 7, 185 1 ; died August 25, 1852. 
(VII) James Myers, b. Sept. 3, 1852. (VII) Amanda 

— 217 — 

Myers, b. Sept. 5, 1854; d. Oct, 29, 1893; t^^^- H. 
J. Stedman July 4, 1872. P. O. Douglass, Neb. 
(VII j Jemima M3'ers, b. Sept. 20, 1856 ; d. Mar. 28, 
1881 ; mrd. William Stedman. Children : George, 
Bertha. (VII) Maria Myers, b. July 7, 1858 ; died 
Sept. 12, 1858. (VII) Nelson Myers, born July 22, 
1858 ; S. (VII) Lincoln Myers, born Aug. 31, 1861 ; 
mrd. (VII) Irvin Myers, b. July 20, 1863 ; d. Jan. 29, 
1 88 1. (VII) William Myers, b. September 17, 1865. 
(VII) John M3^ers, born June 22, 1867. (VII) Grant 
Mj^ers, b. Mar. 28, 1869. (VII) Hiram Myers, born 
Aug. II, 1871 ; mrd. (Vll) Emma Myers, b. Oct. 18, 
1873. (Vll) Frank Myers, b. Nov. 20, 1875 ; died 
Jan. 30, 1876. (Vll) Nettie Myers, b. Dec. 8, 1878 ; 
died November 26, 1881. 

VI. Hannah Moyer, born Jan. 18, 183 1 ; mrd. Enos 
Savacool. P. O. Benjamin, Pa. Merchant ; Luth. 
Children : (Vll) Susan Savacool, b. 1854 J ^- infant. 
(Vll) James Savacool, b. in 1856 ; died aged 8 years. 
(VII) William Savacool, b. Feb. 18,' 1858 ; mrd. Ella 
Stoneback. P. O. Perkasie, Pa. Children : Lizzie, 
Irwin. William mrd. second wife Mrs. Lavina Sava- 
cool. Coal and lumber dealer ; Lutheran. Children : 
Hannah, Robert. (Vll) Levi Savacool, died aged 20 
years. (Vll) Frank Savacool, b. 1864; mrd. Malinda 
Wigner. No issue. 

VI. Susan H. Moyer, b. Oct. 11, 1834 ; d. Mar. 26, 
1858 ; mrd. Thomas B. Deetz Oct. 14, 1854. P. O. 
Sellersville, Pa. Carriage builder ; Luth. (Children : 
(Vll) Emma J. Deetz, b. 1856 ; d. 1857. (Vll) Jacob 
E. Deetz, born March 1858 ; died July 1858. 

V. Salome Mo3^er, b. in Hilltown, Pa., Sept. 9, 1796; 
died at Beamsville, Ont., Apr. 10, 1878 ; mrd. Rev. 
Jacob Gross, son of Rev. Christian and Anna (Crall) 
Gross. Farmer. Children : Susan, Jacob, Salome. 
. VI. Susan Gross, born in Beamsville, Ont., Jan. 22, 

1834. P. O. Lansdale, Pa. Bap. Single. 

VI. Jacob Gross, died aged 2 3^ears, 6 months. 

VI. Salome G. Gross, b. at Beamsville, Out., Oct. 24, 
1836 ; mrd. Rev. H. Franklin Seiple, A. B., Esq., 
at Buffalo, N. Y., Apr. 16, 1868. P.O. Lansdale, Pa. 
Mr. Seiple, son of Capt. John and Susan (Bleam) 

— 2l8— , 

Seiple, was born near Catasauqiia, Pa., Feb. 17, 1843. 
Fitted for college at Weaversville Acadeni}', 1857-62; 
entered Amherst College, Mass., 1862, from which he 
graduated in 1866 ; studied law with Gen. W. H. 
Gibson, at Tiffin, O., 1866-67 J admitted to the bar, 
Aug. 24, 1867, law3^er, Bowling Green, O., 1867-69 ; 
Tiffin, O., 1869-70 ; Notary Public, Aug. 30, 1869 ; 
student of theolog}^ privately, 187 1 , and with Dr. J . H. 
A. Bomberger, president of Ursinus College, 1872-73; 
licensed by Philadelphia Classis, June 1873 ; principal 
of the Woodbury graded schools, 1874-75 J ordained 
by Mercersburg Classis, Dec. 10, 1874 ; pastor of the 
Woodbury charge, 1 874-79 ; pastor of Hilltown charge 
since 1879. Ref. ch. Children: (VII) Arthur W. 
H. Seiple, b. at Tiffin, O., June 3, 1869. Student of 
medicine in the Hahnemann Medical College, Phila- 
delphia ; Ref. ch. S. (Vll) L. Hortense B. Seiple, 
b. June 9, 187 1 ; mrd. Allen M. Mover. (See Ind. 
of Ref. No. 120.) (Vll) Lillian J. S. Seiple, born 
Nov. 5, 1874; d. Dec. 15, 1881. (Vll) B. Waldeman 
C. Seiple, born July 14, 1878. 
V. Abraham Moyer (dec'd), b. in Bucks Co. Oct. 9, 
1799 ; mrd. a widow, Snyder. No issue. 

V. Jacob Moyer, born Mar. 16, 1802 ; mrd. Hannah 
Moyer. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : William, 
Samuel, Anna, Mary. 

VI. William M. Moyer, b. in Hilltown Twp. , Bucks 
Co., Oct. 29, 1827 ; mrd. Kate Rickert. She was born 
June 26, 1837 ; d. Mar. 14, 1868. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : Mary, Hannah, Sarah, Abraham, David. 
William mrd. second wife Magdalena Rickert (sister 
to first wife) April 25, 1869. Children : Catharine, 
Wilson, Samuel, William. 

VII. Mary Ann Moyer, born Feb. 29, 1855 ; mrd. 
Wilham C. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 121.) 

Vll. Hannah R. Moyer, born April 14, 1857 ; uird. 
Henry G. Moyer. (vSee Ind. of Ref. No. 341.) 

Vll. Sarah Elizabeth Moyer, b. Sept. 18, 1858. 

Vll. Abraham Moyer, b. Nov. 25, 1859 ; d. Dec. 26, 
18S7, in San Francisco, Cal., where he lies buried. 

Vll. David R. Moyer, b. in Bucks Co. Mar. 4, 1861 ; 
mrd. Elizabeth, dau. of John Clymer, March 3, 1887. 

219 — 

P.O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : 
(VIII) Sadie C. Moyer, b. Oct. 15, 1888 ; (VIII) Ida 
H. Moyer, b. Jan. 17, 1892 ; d. Feb. 2, 1893. 

VII. Catharine Moyer, b. Mar. 9, 1870 ; mrd. Tyrus 
M. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 122.) 

VII. Wilson R. Moyer, b. June 2, 1872. 

VII. Samuel R. Moyer, b. Nov. 15, 1875. 

VII. Wilham Henry Moj^er, b. Sept. 16, 1877. 

VI. Samuel M. Moyer, born in Bucks Co. July 24, 
1842 ; married Mary H. Moyer, dau. of Enos Moj^er, 
Nov. 9, 1867. P.O. Silverdale, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : (VII) Allen M. Moyer, b. Sept. i, 1868 ; 
mrd. Iv. Hortense B. Seiple May 18, 1893. ^^ issue. 
(VII) lycanna M. Moj^er, born March 8, 187 1 ; mrd. 
Milton S. Frederick. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 123.) 

(VII) EnosM. Moyer, b. Sept. 14, 1872. (VII) William 
M. Moyer, b. Oct. 15, 1874. (VII) Jacob M. Moyer, 
born Nov. 23, 1876. (VII) Samuel M. Moj^er, born 
Mar. 12, 1879. (VII) Mamie Stella Mo3'er, b. July 19, 
1882. (VII) H. Clayton Moyer, b. Mar. 2, 1887. 

VI. Anna Moyer, mrd. Joseph Hendricks. Children : 
Sarah, Maria, Lizzie. Anna mrd. second husband 
Reuben Yoder. Children : Samuel, Emma, Ella. 

VII. Sarah Ann Hendricks, b. July 26, 1855 ; mrd. 
Abraham M. Fretz Nov. 22, 1873. P. O. Blooming 
Glen, Pa. (vSee Ind. of Ref. No. 124.) 

VII. Maria M. Hendricks, b. in Bucks Co. Mar. 17, 
1852 ; mrd. R. Gehman Jan. 7, 1871. P. O. Silver- 
dale, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Children : (VIII) Dianna 
H. Gehman, born Sept. 16, 1874 ; (VIH) Minerva H. 
Gehman, born September 22, 1876 ; (VIH) Emma H. 
Gehman, b. Feb. 15, 1879 ; (VIII) Sallie H. Gehman, 
b. Feb. 26, 1882; (VIII) Aquilla H. Gehman, born 
December i, 1891. 

VII. Lizzie Hendricks (dec'd), mrd. Detweiler. 

P. O. Blooming Glen, Pa. Tinsmith. 

VII. Samuel Yoder, b. in Bucks Co. Apr. 22, 1864 ; 
married Rose Emma Rickert Nov. 19, 1887. P. O. 
Blooming Glen, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 

(VIII) Anna Valeria Yoder, born September 9, 1888 ; 
(VIH) Florence May Yoder, born Januar}- 9, 1892 ; 
(VIII) Henry Norman Yoder, b. Aug. 20, 1894. 

2 20 

Vn. Emma Yoder, born in Bucks Co. Oct. 22, 1866 ; 
mrd. Samuel M. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 125.) 

VII. Ella Yoder, b. in Bucks Co. Nov. 9, 1868 ; mrd. 
Mesari Yocum November 16, 1889. He d. in 1894. 
Formerly school teacher ; Ref. church. One child : 
(VIII) Alma Y. Yocum, b. July 4, 1890. 

VI. Mary Moyer, mrd. Isaac H. Moyer. (See Ind. 
of Ref. No. 126.) 

V. Susanna Moyer, b. May 2, 1805 ; d. Sept. 6, 1807. 

V. Susanna Moyer (dec'd), b. Feb. 5, 1808. S. 

V. Barbara Mo3'er, b. Juh' 26, 1813 ; d. Aug. 1890 ; 
mrd. Jacob Hunsicker Sept. 4, 1835. He was born 
1809; d. 1880. Farmer; Menus. Children: Annie, 
Lydia, Hannah, Maria, Eana, Susan, Isaac, Sophia, 
Barbara, Leanna. 

VI. Annie Hunsicker, b. May i, 1837 ; mrd. Abraham 
Baum April 20, 1856. P. O. Blooming Glen, Pa. 
Farmer and butcher ; Menus. Children : Henry, 
Mary, Hannah, Laura, Annie. 

VII. Henr>' Baum, b. May 11, 1857 ; nu-d. Sarah G. 
Moyer. P. O. Blooming Glen, Pa. Farmer and 
l)Utcher ; Menus. Children: (VIM) Alice Baum, born 
Oct. 14, 1876 ; d. Jan. 18. 1886. ( Vlll) Arthur Baum, 
b. Oct. 28, 1880. (VIII) Stella Baum, b. July 16, 1885. 
(Vlll) Sallie Baum, born Jan. 12, 1888. (VIII) Addie 
Baum, born Nov. 5, 1891. 

VII. Mary Ellen Baum, born Sept. 2, i860 ; mrd. 
Amandus Baringer in 1877. P. O. Benjamin, Pa. 
Farmer; Ger. Ref. ch. Children: (Vlll) Wilson 
Baringer, b. Nov. 7, 1877 ; (Vlll) Emma Baringer, 
born Aug. 13, 1879 ; (Vlll) Francis Baringer, born 
Mar. 20, 1882 ; (Vlll) Annie Baringer, born July 2, 
1892 ; died March 1892. 

VII. Hannah Baum, b. June 8, 1863 ; mrd. Christian 
G. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 335.) 

VII. Laura Baum, b. June 4, 1871 ; d. Mar. i, 1878. 

VII. Annie Baum, boni July 4, 1873 ; died Septem- 
ber II, 1873. 

VI. Lydia Hunsicker, born November 2, 1839 ; died 
March 8, 1845. 

VI. Hannah Hunsicker, born Sept. 8, 1841 ; mrd. 
Joseph Johnson in 1859. He was b. in 1834. P.O. 


Benjamin, Pa. Ev. Ass'n. Children : (VII) Abraham 
Johnson (dec' d), b. Feb. 1 86 1 ; (VII) Emma Johnson, 
born June 8, 1869. Single. 

VI. Maria Hunsicker, born July 26, 1843 5 married 
William Baum. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 127.) 

VI. Lana Hunsicker, born 1844 ; died 1845. 

VI. Susanna Hunsicker, born Sept. 29, 1846 ; mrd. 
Ephraim Moj-er. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 128.) 

VI. Isaac Hunsicker, b. Dec. 26, 1849 ; mrd. Sarah 
Cassel in 1871. She d. in 1878. P.O. Benjamin, Pa. 
Farmer; Menus. Children: (VH) Henry Hunsicker, 
born June 4, 1872 ; (VII) Jacob Hunsicker, b. 1874 ; 
d. 1876. (VII) Martin Hunsicker, b. Sept. 11, 1875. 
(VII) Allen Hunsicker, born 1877 ; died 1879. 

Isaac mrd. second wife Susan Derstine. Children : 
(VII) Sallie Hunsicker, born July 3, 1880; (VII) 
Abraham Hunsicker, b. Dec. 4, 1881 ; (VH) Lizzie 
Hunsicker, born Sept. 2, 1883 ; (VII) Harvey Hun- 
sicker, born June 10, 1885 ; (VII) Annie Hunsicker, 
b. Apr. 15, 1887 ; (VII) Hiram Hunsicker, b. Sept. 28, 
1888 ; (VII) Elmer Hunsicker, born Jan. 18, 1890 ; 
(VII) Wilson Hunsicker, born May 3, 1891. 

VI. Sophia P^. M. Hunsicker, b. July 17, 1851 ; mrd. 
Zachary T. Waltz Nov. 2, 1875. P.O. Perkasie, Pa. 
Tailor; Ger. Ref. Children : (VII) Arthur, b. 1880, 
d. 1883 ; William, b. 1882 ; EiHie, b. and d. 1877. 

VI. Barbara Hunsicker, b. Oct. 8, 1853 ; mrd. Peter 
Yoder. Farmer ; Menus. No issue. 

VI. Leanna Hunsicker, born and died in 1855. 

IV. Rev. Jacob Moyer, born in Bucks Co. Nov. 24, 
1767 ; d. June 5, 1833 5 married Magdalena Bechtel 
Sept. I, 1 79 1. She was born March 24, 1773; died 
June 23, 18 16. They moved to Canada in 1799, 
where they followed farming. Mr. Moj^er was also 
a "Home Doctor," and earned the reputation of 
peacemaker in the neighborhood. He was chosen to 
the ministry of the Mennonite church in 1802, and 
ordained bishop in 1807. He was the second minis- 
ter of the Mennonite Church in Canada, being the 
associate of Valentine Kratz, who was chosen to the 
ministry at the organization of the first Mennonite 
church in Canada in 1801. Mr. Moyer was a very 


fluent and earnest speaker, and a ver}^ energetic man 
in all his actions. In the year 1833 Bishop Jacob 
Mover made a visit to Pennsylvania, and while visiting- 
friends in Bucks county was taken sick and died in 
the 66th year of his age, and is buried in the Menno- 
nite burying grounds at Perkasie. He had ten chil- 
dren, all sons and no daughters, viz : Jacob, Samuel, 
Isaac, Abraham, John, Christian, Dilman, Heinrich, 
Christian, Joseph. Jacob married second wife, widow 
of Daniel High (a born Bechtel). 

V. Rev. Jacob Moyer, b. in Bucks Co. Oct. 6, 1792 ; 
died in Canada Feb. 17, 1831 ; mrd. Anna Albright. 
She was b. in Penna. Apr. 8, 1792 ; died in Cayuga, 
Ont., Dec. 29, 1856. About 1824 Mr. Moyer was 
called to the ministr}- by lot to succeed Valentine 
Kratz, at Moyer's church. Farmer. Children : 
Jacob, Maria. Amos, Samuel, John, Isaac, Catharine, 
Magdalena, Margaret, x\nna. 

VI. Jacob I. Moyer, b. Jan. 23, 1814 ; died Feb. 9, 
1842. Farmer ; Menus. Single. 

VI. Maria Moyer, b. July 8, 1815 ; d. July 19, 1838 ; 
mrd. Jacob H. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 129.) 

VI. Amos Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Nov. 4, 
1816 ; mrd. Margaret Housser Dec. 24, 1843. P. O. 
Vineland, Ont. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Maria, 
Samuel, Anna, Catharine, Solomon, Amos. Amos 
mrd. second wife Margaret Hoover (dec'd). 

VII. Maria Moyer, b. Nov. 2, 1844 ; d. Feb. 188 1 
mrd. Jacob Wismer Dec. 1864. Menus. Children 
(VIII) Sarah Elizabeth Wismer, born Jan. 15, 1865 
d. about 1885 ; mrd. Alonzo Foster about 1883. One 
child, d. in infancy. (Vlll) Anna Margaret Wismer, 
b. May 26, 1865 ; died in infancy. (VIII) Mary Jane 
Wismer, b. Feb. 26, 1867. (VIII) Matilda wlsmer. 
b. May 28, 1868. (Vlll) Sylvina Wismer, b. Feb. 25, 
1870. (VIM) Arthur James Wismer, b. Ma}^ 24, 1872 ; 
(Vlll) Adelia Wismer, b. Mar. i, 1875. fVIII) Amelia 
Wismer, b. Mar. i, 1875. (Vlll) Ida Wismer, born 
March 5, 1878. 

VII. Samuel A. Moyer, b. Jan. 16, 1846 ; mrd, Sarah 
Ann Disher Nov. 24, 1868. P. O. Vineland, Ont. 
Gardner ; Mennonite Brethren in Christ. Children : 

— 223 — 

(VIII) Lodema Moyer, b. Dec. 9, 1869 ; mrd. Philip 
Meyer Jan. i, 1890. P. O. Vineland, Ont. Station 
master on Victoria Railroad. Meth. (VIM) Amos D. 
Moyer, b. May 3, 1872. (VIII) Alberta Moyer, born 
May 25, 1874. (VIII) Melvin D. Moyer, b. Sept. 14, 
1875. (VIII) Harmon D. Moyer, b. Feb. 18, 1877. 
(Vlll) MaggieMoyer,b. June 18, 1878. (VIII) William 
D. Mover, born April 4, 1880 ; died April 29, 1880. 
(Vlll) Emerson Moyer, b. Dec. 31, 1884. (VIII) Lloyd 
Moyer, b. Nov. 25, 1886. (Vlll) Lizzie Moyer, born 
Dec. II, 1889. 

VII. Anna Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Feb. 28, 
1848 ; mrd. Rev. Jacob Hahn Feb. 28, 1889. P- O. 
Caledonia, Mich. P'armer and minister ; Menns. 
No issue. 

VII. Catharine Moyer, b. July 17, 1852 ; mrd. Jacob 
Marshall High Nov. 5, 1884. P. O. Jordan, Ont. 
Farmer; Menns. Children: (Vlll) Webster J. , born 
Dec. II, 1885 ; Chester C, born March 6, 1888. 

VII. Jacob Moyer, b. July 17, 1852 ; d. Apr. 11, 1853. 

VII. Solomon H. Moyer, b. June 27, 1854 ; married 
Anna Fretz in 1877. She died Dec. 18, 1887. Chil- 
dren : (Vlll) Ervin Moyer, born June 27, 1879 ; died 
May 25, 1880. (Vlll) Maggie Moyer, born Dec. 26, 
1880. (Vlll) S^dvester Moyer, born October 5, 1882. 
(Vlll) Cla3^ton Moyer, born May 5, 1885. Solomon 
mrd. second wife Mary Rittenhouse. P. O. Vine- 
land, Ont. Farmer ; Menns. Children : Barbara 
Elizabeth, Samuel Esco, Anna Samantha. 

VII. Amos H. Moyer, b. July 6, 1857 5 mrd. Caroline 
Donnenwerth March 9, 1880. P. O. Vineland, Ont. 
Farmer ; Meth. Children : (Vlll) Elmer D., born 
Jan. 23, 1881 ; Elsina D., b. Jan. 9, 1884. 

VI. Samuel I. Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
April II, 1818 ; mrd. Anna Houser March 29, 1842. 
She died April 5, 1846. Children : Tillman, Anna. 
Samuel mrd. second wife Sarah Michener March 16, 
1847. She d. Apr. 15, 1865. Children : Margaret, 
William, Mary, Sarah, Joseph, infant. Samuel mrd. 
third wife Barbara Moyer P'ebruary 27, 1866. P. O. 
Jordan, Ont. Farmer; Menns. Children: Jacob, 
Elmon, Celia. 


Vff. Tilman H. Moyer, b. March 17, 1843 ; niarried 
Sarah Housser April 16, 1867, P. O. Jordan Sta. » 
Out. Farmer ; Kv. Ass'n. Children : (VIII) Leroy 
Moyer, b. Oct. 27, 1868 ; d. Mar. 7, 1870. (VIII) Sarah 
Arminta Moyer, born May 24, 1871 ; married Joshua 
Housser. P.O.Campden, Ont. Farmer; Ev. Ass'n. 
No issue (1893). (VIII) Annie Effie Moj^er, born 
Dec. 26, 1876. (VI 11) Barbara Elsie Moyer, born 
March 25, 1880. Evan. Ass'n. (Vlll) Wellington 
Moyer, b. Dec. 9, 1883 ; d. Nov. 2, 1889. (VIM) John 
Wesley Moyer, b. Sept. 10, 1886. 

VII. Anna Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., June 15, 
1844 ; mrd. Isaac Kratz March 27, 1866. He was 
born Aug. 8, 1834. P. O. Jordan Sta., Ont. Farmer ; 
Menus. One child : (Vlll) Sylvester Kratz, born 
Sept. 2, 1870. Farmer. Single. 

VII. Margaret Mover, born Feb. 15, 1848 ; married 
William H. W. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 130.) 

VII. William Moyer, boni April 6, 1849 ; d. April 2, 

VII. Man' Moyer, b. August 12, 1850 ; mrd. Samuel- 
S. Culp Oct. 19, 1869. He died December 20, 1888. 
P. O. Jordan, Ont. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
(Vlll) Joseph Edwin Culp, b. Mar. 24, 187 1 ; Ahce M., 
born July 6, 1873 i Menno M., boni Jan. 18, 1876 ; 
Wesley M., b. Sept. 15, 1882 ; Samuel M., b. Feb. 5, 
1885 ; Effie M., b. Dec. 8, 1887. 

VII. Sarah Moyer, boni Apr. 4, 1854 ; married John 
Gay man Oct. 21, 1873. P. O. Jordan, Ont. Chil- 
dren : (Vlll) Harv^ey Gayman, bora Feb. 27, 1875 ; 
(VIM) Edith Gayman, b. May 25, 1877 ; (Vlll) Arthur 
Gayman, born March 28, 1879 ; died April 8, 1879. 
(Vlll) John Franklin Gayman, born July 4, 1880. 
(Vlll) Walter Gavman, born September 26, 1882. 
(Vlll) Samuel Gayman, b. May 9, 1885. (Vlll) William 
Arden Gayman, bora May 8, 1889. 

VII. Joseph Moyer. b. Aug. 6, 1856 ; mrd. Jewette 
H. Beamer. Res. Buffalo, N. Y. Children : Harry, 

VII. Infant daughter (dec'd), born April 22, 1859. 

VII. Jacob M. Moyer, born November 12, 1867. 
P. O. Jordan, Ont. Single. 

— 225 — 

VII. Elmon M. Mo3^er, b. June 21, 1869 ; mrd. Effie 
Brewer. P. O. Jordan, Ont. No issue (1894). 

VII. Celia M. Moyer, b. Apr. 18, 1871 ; mrd. Charles 
P. Andrews. P. O. Lynden, Ont. Children : Flor- 
ence, Effie. 

VI. John A. Mo3'er, b. Mar. 13, 1820 ; died Sept. 4, 
1893 ' married Eunice C. Parker Jan. 25, 1844. She 
was born February 20, 1821. P. O. Fonthill, Ont. 
Farmer. Children: (VII) Bertha A. Moyer (dec'd). S. 

(VII) Nancy Jane Moyer (dec'd), married Hamilton 
Seburn. P. O. St. Johns, Ont. (VII) Marcus h. 
Moyer (dec'd). Single. (VII) Sarah Alice Moyer, 
born in Thorold Twp., Ont., March 14, 186 1. P. O. 
Fonthill, Ont. Baptist. Single. 

VI. Isaac A. Moyer, b. Jan. 22, 1822 ; mrd. Eliza- 
beth Funk Dec. 19, 1843. She was born Sept. 15, 
1822 ; d. Oct. 18, 1855. Children : Matilda, Anna, 
Elizabeth, Jacob, William. Lsaac mrd. second wife 
Anna Weaver Jan. 26, 1856. She w^as born Oct. 5, 
1825; d. July 30, 1871. Children: Moses, Sarah, 
Angeline. Isaac mrd. third wife Barbara (Hoover) 
Barkey Dec. 17, 1873. P. O. Cherry wood, Ont. 

VII. Matilda Mo3^er, b. Oct. 15, 1845 ; mrd. Diones 
Leppard March 14, 1867. P. O. Fenwick, Ont. 
Children : (VIII) Caroline Leppard, b. Sept. 16, 1867 ; 

(VIII) Mary Leppard, b. Feb. 15, 1869 ; mrd. Edward 
Saur Dec. 28, 1892. (VIII) Solomon Leppard, born 
Jul}^ 17, 1870. (VIII) Diones Leppard, born Nov. 28, 
187 1. (VIII) Anna Leppard, born March 20, 1873. 
(VIII) Matilda Leppard, b. Sept. 18, 1874 ; d. July 13, 
1878. (VIII) Martha Leppard, b. December 27, 1876. 
(VIII) Lucuida Leppard, b. May 7, 1879. (VIII) Joseph 
Leppard, b. Aug. 10, 1880. (VIII) Sylvester Leppard, 
born April 20, 1882. 

VII. Anna F. Moyer, b. Mar. 8, 1848 ; mrd. Joseph 
Moyer. (See Index of References No. 131.) 

VII. Elizabeth Moyer, b. Dec. 2, 1849. 

VII. Jacob Moyer, born May 29, 1852. 

VII. William Mo3^er, born July 31, 1854 '> ^i^^ 
August 23, 1855. 

VII. Moses Moyer, born Januar3^ 18, 1858. 

226 , 

V(l. Sarah Mover, born October 7, 1859. Menus. 

VII. Angeline Moyer, b. June 3, 1861 ; mrd. John B. 
RessorSept. 26, 1882. P.O.Cherrywood, Ont. Menns. 
Children : (VIII) iVnna, b. Aug. 21, 1883; Lucinda, 
b. Mar. 28, 1886; Mary, b. July 5, 1888; Martha, 
born July 5, 1888. 

VI. Catharine Moyer, born Jan. i, 1824 ; married 
Abraham Houser Jan. 2, 1844. He was b. in 18 16; 
died May i, 1883. P. O. Jordan, Ont. Shoemaker 
and farmer. Mennonites. Children : Anna, infant, 
Dinah, John, Samuel, Sarah, Joshua. 

VII. Anna Houser, born June 24, 1845 ; died Feb. 5, 
1881 ; mrd. Michael Stoner Oct. 11, 1870. He was 
born May 31, 1846. P. O. South Cayuga, Ont. 
Farmer ; Menns. Children : (Vlll) Norman Stoner, 
born Sept. 11, 1872. P. O. South Cayuga, Ont. S. 
(Vlll) Lavina Stoner, b. July 31, 1874; mrd. Abram 
Hunsberger. P. O. South Cayuga, Ont. 

VII. Infant son. died Ma}" 24, 1849. 

VII. Dinah Houser, born January 27, 1851 ; died 
September 2, 1876. 

VII. John M. Houser, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Feb. 18, 1853 ; mrd. Mary, dan. of Michael Martin, 
Jan. 30, 1884. P. O. Jordan. Ont. Farmer; Meth. 
One child : (Vlll) Howard Houser, b. May 12, 1886. 

VII. Samuel Houser, born October 24, 1856 ; died 
June 4, 1858. 

VII. Sarah Houser, born September 4, 1859 ; died 
November 12, 1863. 

VII. Joshua Houser, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Oct. 31, 
1863 ; married Arminta Moyer Oct. 30, 1890. P. O. 
Campden, Ont. Farmer ; Evan. Ass'n. One child : 
(Vlll) Flossa Vera Houser, born in 1894. 

VI. Magdalena Mo3'er, born July 11, 1825; married 
James McDowell in 1847. He was born near the 
border between Scotland and Ireland in 1822, and 
was killed by a falling tree Sept. 5, 1858. Farmer ; 
Presby. Mrs. McDowell, Menu. Children : Mary, 
Francis, James, Anna. Catharine, John. William. 
Tillman. Magdalena married second husband John 
Ressor. P. O. St. Catharines, Ont. 

VII. Mary McDowell (dec'd). 


VII. Francis McDowell, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
August 5, 1849 ; mrd. Barbara Dohn Aug. 23, 1870. 
P. O. South Cayuga, Ont. Speculator ; Ev. Ass'n. 
Children: (VIII) William McDowell, born July 10, 
1S72 ; d. Oct. 14, 1872. (VIII) John \V. McDowell, 
born Feb. 23, 1876. Cheeseniaker. (VIII) James D. 
McDowell, born October 14, 1877. Poultryman. 
(VIII) Clara McDowell, b. June 15, 1879. Ev. Ass'n. 
(VIII) Arthur G. McDowell, b. Dec. 10, 1883. 

VII. James McDowell, born in Lincoln Co., Ont.; 
mrd. Emma Bucklen. 

VII. Anna McDowell, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
P'eb. 20, 1853 ; married William G. Reesor Sept. 27, 
1873. P. O. Cedar Grove, Ont. Farmer. Children : 
(VHI) Delos, born July 17, 1874, single ; Alexander, 
b. Aug. 13, 1876 ; William Mc. , born April 4, 1879 ; 
Nellie, b. Nov. 11, 1883; James Martin, b. June 8, 
1890 ; Gertrude, born Jan. 8, 1894. 

VII. Catharine McDowell, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Jan. 19, 1855 ; married Jacob Gayman Oct. 6, 1874. 
P. O. B3aig, Ont. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
(VIII) Melvin Gayman, b. Sept. 3, 1875 ; (VIII) Clara 
Gayman, b. Ma}^ 6, 1877 ; (VIII) Anna Gayman, born 
June 29, 1879 ; (VIII) Noah Gayman, born Dec. 11, 

1883 ; d. July 22, 1885. (VIII) Emma Gayman, born 
September 28, 1888. (VIII) Arietta Gayman, born 
December 18, 189 1. 

VII. William McDowell, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Jan. 21, 1856 ; married Salina Jane Reesor Nov. 30, 
188 1. P.O. St. Catharines, Ont. Carpenter ; Menus. 
Children : (VIII) Peray James McDowell, b. Oct. 30, 
1882 ; (VIII) Laura Elizabeth McDowell, b. Sept. 29, 

1884 ; (VIII) Jessie May McDowell, b. Oct. 26, 1886. 

VII. John McDowell, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Jan. 10, 
1858 ; mrd. Annie Leish in 188 1. P. O. St. Cath- 
arines, Ont. Farmer ; Meth. Children : (VIII) Row- 
land Leroy McDowell, b. Oct. 30, 188 1 ; (VIII) Harrv 
Magdalena McDowell, b. Nov. i, 1883 ; (Vlll) Ethel 
Pearl McDowell, b. Nov. 9, 1884 ; d. Sept. 18, 1886. 
(Vlll) William Lloyd McDowell, born Apr. 6, 1888 ; 
died June 4, 1890. (Vlll) Charles Wesley McDowell, 

— 228 — 

born Apr. 20, 1889 ; d. July 24, 1889. (VIII) Grace 
Elizabeth McDowell, b. Dec. 30, 1894. 

VII. Tillman McDowell, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., in 
1859 ; mrd. Annie Fretz, dan. of Michael Fretz, of 
Markhan, Ont., in 188 1. P. O. St. Catharines, Ont. 
Teamster ; Menns. Children : (VIII) Edwnn, b. in 
1881 : Wesley, b. in 1885 ; Allen, b. in 1890. 

VI. Margaret Moyer, born September 20, 1827 ; died 
January 17, 1833. 

VI. Annie Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Out., Oct. i, 
1829 ; died Sept. 12, 1875 ; mrd. Isaac G. Wismer. 
(See Ind. of Ref. No. 132.) 

V. Samuel S. Moyer, b. in Bucks Co. Oct. 16, 1794 ; 
d. in Lincoln Co., Ont., June 9, 1871 ; mrd. Elizabeth 
Wismer in June, 18 17. She was born in Bucks Co. 
Oct. 31, 1796 ; died Nov. 25, 1881. Emigrated to 
Canada in 1800. He was familiarly known as "Fly 
Sam," because he resided at Fly Creek. It was 
during the War of 18 12 that Samuel Moyer exhibited 
considerable pluck in recapturing a horse stolen from 
his father by Indians. The English had employed a 
company of several hundred Indians from the western 
part of Canada and brought them down to defend 
the borders, but were that wild, fierce and reckless, 
and the officers having so little control over them, 
that they were soon relieved from service. On their 
way home these Indians stole a large number of 
horses from the settlers. Among others, on the after- 
noon of a rainy day, they took a fine horse from the 
field of Jacob Mo3^er. Samuel, who was then a lad of 
18 or 19 years, was sent after the horse. He was told 
that, after they camped for the night, to go to the 
officers and try to get the horse back. Barefooted 
and thinly clad he pursued the troops for about nine 
miles to a small village (now called Grimsl)y), where 
the officers pnt up for the night, the Indians going a 
little beyond the village and camped to the left of the 
road going west. About 200 yards south of the road 
and parallel with it is a rocky ridge. Here the Indians 
started a number of fires, hoppled the horses and put 
them in pasture between the fires and the ridge. 
Sanuiel went to the officers before dark and asked 

Rev. H. F. Seipel, A. B. 

(See Page 217.) 


them if tbe}^ conld get the horse away from the 
Indians. They said : "No, we can't do anything with 
them. The onl}^ wa}^ to get the horse will be for 3"ou to 
steal it after dark when they become quiet, but mind 
you, if they see you they will shoot you as quick as 
a squirrel." With this discouraging advise Samuel 
went to a farm house, about one-fourth of a mile east 
from where the Indians were camped to get the lay of 
the place before dark, after which, and when dark- 
ness had set in, and the Indians laid down for the 
night, everything being quiet, he started on his 
hazardous mission. Going up along the foot of the 
hill until he had the horses between himself and the 
fires, which enabled him to see both the horses and 
the Indians while he in the darkness was unobserved 
by the latter, climbing a fence at the foot of the 
hill, he crept along on his hands and knees until he 
came to the place where the horses were, and happened 
to get near his horse for the first one. The horse 
gave a low whinney and put his head down and 
smelt at him. Samuel soon had his knife out, cut the 
rope and freed the horse's head. About this time 
several of the other horses became frightened, and in 
their attempt to run made considerable noise, which 
brought a number of the Indians to their feet. They 
stirred up the fires and peered off into the darkness, 
while Samuel lay quiet with his face on the ground 
only about 75 yards away from the nearest fire. 
Alter all was quiet again, and the Indians had rolled 
themselves in their blankets, Samuel rose to his feet, 
kept the horse between himself and the fires and 
started off slowly towards the hill. When he came to 
the fence, in his efforts to let down one corner, the 
rails being wet, three or four of the rails slid off the 
top, making quite a noise. This brought most of the 
Indians to their feet again, however, the}^ did not see 
him, and he mounted the horse and rode west along 
the foot of the hill for a mile or so, then turned north, 
crossed the road and went about a mile and a half to 
the lake shore, where he remained over night at a 
house. The next morning he started for home across 
the fields, and struck the road about two miles east 

— 230 — 

from where the Indians were camped. Soon after he 
struck the road he met two Indians of the same tribe 
with muskets. The}^ both stopped and looked after 
him, l)ut allowed him to go on unmolested, and he 
reached his home with the horse in safety. Farmer, 
shoemaker and painter ; Menus. Children: Barbara, 
John, William, Catharine, Elizabeth, Henry, Tillman, 
Esther, Israel, Moses, Aaron, Anna. 

VI. Barbara Moyer, b. July 23, 1819; d. May 28, 1864; 
mrd. Samuel M. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 133.) 

VI. John W. Moyer, b. Mar. 28, 182 1 ; d. Mar. 27, 
1891 ; mrd. Mary Honsberger Dec. 17, 1845. She 
died March 26, 1863. Farmer; Menus. Children: 
Amanda, Freeman, Emma, Agnes, Sarah, Rhoda, 
Melvin, Daniel, Mary. John mrd. second wife Sarah 
Fretz Nov. 29, 1868. No issue. 

VII. Amanda Moyer, bom Sept. 27, 1846 ; married 
Benjamin Comfort Mar. 8, 1870. P.O. Tintern, Out. 
Meth. Children: (VIII) John Herbert, born Jan. 4, 
1874 ; Agnes Arminta, born June 9, 1873 ; William 
Hilton, b. Dec. 30, 1876. 

VII. Freeman H. Moyer, bom March 8, 1848 ; mrd. 
Annie Honsberger Dec. 25, 1879. P.O.Campden, Out. 
Meth. Children: (Vlll) Mary Elsie, b. Feb. 12, 1881; 
Ellis Hugh, b. Feb. 8, 1883 ; Fred Clare, b. Nov. 6, 
1887 ; John Wray, b. Nov. 4, 1889. 

VII. Emma Moyer, b. Oct. 26, 1849 ; mrd. Benoni 
Crumb in 1877. P. O. Dunnville, Ont. No issue. 

VII. Agnes Moj^er, b. Sept. 27, 185 1 ; mrd. Joseph 
Gerber. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 134.) 

VII. Sarah E. Moyer, b. Oct. 26, 1853 ; mrd. Josiah 
D. Albright. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 135.) 

VII. Rhoda Moyer, born Dec. i, 1855 ; mrd. Simeon 
N. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 136.) 

VII. Melvin Moyer, b. March 21, 1858 ; mrd. Carrie 
Stewart, of vShepherdsville, Mich., September 9, 1891. 
P. O. St. Catharines, Ont. Insurance agent ; Meth. 
One child : (Vlll) Una Rose Moyer, b. Sept. 8, 1893. 

VII. Daniel H. Moyer, b. Feb. 28, i860 ; mrd. Stella 
D. Blanche Crosby Jan. i, 1891. P.O.Campden, Ont. 

VII. Mary Jane Moyer, born April 2, 1S62 ; mrd. Eli 
O. Lane December 31, 1884. P. O. Silverdale, Ont. 

— 231 — 

Farmer ; Meth. One child : (VIII) Florence A. Lane, 
born December 15, 1885. 

VI. William W. Moyer, b. Mar. 23, 1823 ; d. May i, 
1 89 1 ; married Barbara Albright (dec'd). Children : 
Sarah, Salome, Mary, Lena, Mahlon, William, 
Margaret (dec'd), Aaron (dec'd), Ezra (dec'd). 
William nird. second wife Anna Moyer Nov. 19, 1865. 
Fruit grower and evaporator. Children : Curtis, 
Gilbert, Edward, Ella, Burness. 

VII. Sarah A. Moyer, mrd. Samuel S. Nash Dec. 4, 
1 87 1. P. O. Campden, Ont. Teacher ; Evan. Ass'n. 
Children : (VIII) Florence Beatrice, b. Feb. 28, 1876 ; 
Aubrey Dewitt, b. May 26, 1881 ; Justus Hugh, born 
Dec. 28, 1885 ; Samuel Leland, b. Aug. 26, 1888. 

VII. Salome Moyer, b. at Campden, Ont., Aug. 18, 
1850 ; mrd. Jacob H. Eckhardt, of Hartford, Conn, 
(late of Campden, Ont.), June 20, 1872, He died 
April 9, 1893. Res. 31 Sumner St., Hartford, Conn. 
Meth. Ep. Children : (VIII) Winifred, born April 23, 
1874, single ; Malcolm, born May 2, 1878. 

VII. Mary Moyer, b. April 26, 1852 ; mrd. William 
F. Rittenhouse, M. D. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 137.) 

VII. Magdalena A. Moyer, b. Feb. 10, 1856 ; married 
William H. Hippie Jul}' 12, 1881. Res. 27 William 
St., Hartford, Conn. Meth. Ep. No issue. 

VII. Mahlon H. Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Jan. 19, 1858 ; mrd. Margaret C. Zimmerman, of 
Beamsville, Ont., July 27, 1881. Res. 49 Oak St., 
Hartford, Conn. Stenographer ; Meth. Ep. Chil- 
dren : (VIII) Ruth, b. July 29, 1889 ; Pauline, born 
June 16, 1892. 

VII. William Henry Mo)'er. Single. 

VII. Curtis H. Moyer, b. at Campden, Ont., Aug. 14, 
1866 ; mrd. Amelia Reis Nov. 22, 1892. P. O. Hart- 
ford, Conn. Sec. and treas. of the J. H. Eckhardt 
& Co. (art store) ; attends Cong. ch. No issue. 

VII. Gilbert L. Moyer, born Nov. 15, 1867. P. O. 
Pittsburg, Pa. Electrician ; Ev. Ass'n. S. 

VII. Edward A. Moyer, born Nov. 18, 1869. P. O. 
Hartford, Conn. Machinist ; Meth. Single. 

VII. Ella Moyer, born December 31, 1871. 

VII. Burness Moyer, born July 29, 1875. 

— 232 — 

VI. Catharine Moyer, b. Jan. 17, 1825 ; d. May 3, 
1891 ; nird. Christian H. Honsberger Mar. 19, 1848. 
He was b. June 28, 1825. Farmer ; Menns. Chil- 
dren : MaHnda, Elizabeth, Alfred, Samuel, Mary, 
Amanda, Aaron, Curtis. 

VII. Malinda Honsberger, born Dec. 25, 1848 ; mrd. 
Jacob G. Culp. P.O. St. Catharines, Ont. Children: 
Charles Elston, Elsie Maud. 

VII. Elizabeth Honsberger, b. Sept. 16, 1850 ; died 
May 30, 1 85 1. 

VII. Alfred M. Honsberger, b. Aug. 17, 1853 i mrd. 
Eliza R^'ckman. P.O. St. Catharines. Ont. Farmer ; 
Meth. Children: (Vlll) Chester F. Honsberger, born 
Dec. 15. 1883 ; d. Feb. 14, 1889. (Vlll) Bessie Pearl 
Honsberger, b. Jan. 15, 1889. 

VII. Samuel Honsberger, born July 3, 1857 ; mrd. 
Bertha Wismer. P. O. Jordan, Ont. One child : 
Ina May. 

VII. Mars^ Honsberger, bom in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
July 3, i860. Meth. Single. 

VII. Amanda Honsberger, b. May 22, 1863. P. O. 
Jordan,. Ont. Music teacher ; Meth. Single. 

VII. Aaron Honsberger, b. in Louth Twp., Lincoln 
Co., Ont., Mar. 12, 1866. P.O. Jordan, Ont. Farmer; 
Meth. Single. 

VII. Curtis Honsberger, bom June 23, 1872 ; died 
November 24, 1872. 

VI. Elizabeth Moyer, b. Feb. 17, 1827 ; mrd. Jacob 
Albright. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 138.) 

VI. Henry W. Moj^er, b. Apr. 6, 1828 ; mrd. Nancy 
Ann House, dau. of Lewis House, Aug. 30, 1851. 
She was b. Feb. 5, 1831 ; d. June 12, 1875. Children: 
Lewis, Anna, Marietta. Henr}' married second wife 
Mar}^ N. Fry Dec. 19, 1867. P. O. Campden, Ont. 
Tinsmith ; Ev. Ass'n. Cliildren : Emery, Sidney. 

VII. Lewis Allen Moyer, bom Aug. 23, 1853 ; mrd. 
Mary Margaret Albright Aug. 23, 1874. She was 
b. Nov. 24, 1855. P.O. North Hamilton, Ont. Book- 
keeper. Children: (Vlll) Clayton Henry Moyer, born 
Dec. 27, 1874; died Aug. 11, 1893. (Vlll) Gertrude 
Moyer, b. March 24, 1880. (Vlll) Thomas Moyer, 

— 233 — 

born April ii, 1885. (VIII) Winifred Moyer, born 

March 28, 1888. 

VII. Anna Jane Moyer, b. Sept. 27, 1856. Single. 

VH. Marietta Moj^er, born June 12, 1865 ; died 
March 9, 1880. 

VII. Emery Fry Moyer, born May 8, 1881. 

VII. Sidney Fry Moyer, born December 9, 1884. 

VI. Tilman W. Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Feb. 10, 1831 ; married Mary Hunsberger Jan. 1854. 
Children : Madilla, Samuel. Tilman married second 
wife Agnes Hunsberger Feb. 1861. P. O. Campden, 
Ont. Furniture dealer and undertaker ; Menus. 
Children : Harvey, Priscilla, Orpha. 

VII. Madilla Moyer, born May 16, 1856 ; mrd. Levi 
Fretz Oct. 11, 1880. P. O. Campden, Ont. Fruit 
grower ; Meth. Children : (VIII) Beatrice, b. Jan. 7, 
1884 ; Cora, born Aug. 21, 1888. 

VII. Samuel Moyer, born March 30, 1858 ; died 
March 8, i860. 

VII. Rev. Harvey Moyer, born July 23, 1862 ; mrd. 
Kate Duncan. Minister of a Methodist church in 
Canada. One child : Beata. 

VII. Priscilla Moyer, b. May 4, 1867 ; mrd. John E. 
Wismer. (See Ind. of Ref, No. 139.) 

VII. Orpha Moyer, born November 17, 187 1 ; died 
May 5, 1885. 

VI. Esther Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Mar. 16, 
1833 ; d. Sept. I, 1881 ; mrd. Jonas Moj^er. (See 
Ind. of Ref. No. 140.) 

VI. Rev. Israel W. Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
April 16, 1835 ; married Caroline Alberta House, of 
Clinton Twp., Ont., June 4, 1861. P. O. Campden, 
Ont. House painter and minister. Mr. Moyer was 
converted in 1862. He united with the Wesleyan Meth- 
odist church, of Smithville circuit, was licensed as an 
exhorter by the Quarterly Conference the same year, 
and placed on the circuit plan with an appointment 
for every two weeks, which he filled for two years. 
In 1865 he w^as granted local preachers' license by the 
Beamsville Quarterly Conference, and preached every 
Sabbath for ten years. In 1875 he connected himself 
with the Evangelical Association under the superin- 

— 234 — 

tendency of Rev. S. R. Mo^-er, and preached one ^'ear 
on the Canipden and Gainsboro circuit, travehng about 
thirt}' miles to his appointments and preaching twice 
every Sabbath. On accoinit of the German work he 
left the Evangelical Association the following year, and 
returned to the Wesleyan Methodist church as local 
preacher on the Beamsville circuit, preached at that 
and other points every Sabbath mitil 1882, when a 
change was made in the circtiit, after which he traveled 
about twenty miles every Sabbath, preaching twice for 
two 3^ears. Rev. J. Rowe was the preacher in charge. 
Since 1885 he has preached every Sabbath morning at 
Jordan Station, at which place he has preached for 25 
years. Children : Sarah, Alberta, James. 

VII. Sarah Catharine Moyer, b. Sept. 7, 1863 ; died 
April 14. 1865. 

VII. Alberta Mo3^er, b. Aug. 10, 1866 ; mrd. Nelson 
H. Honsberger Dec. 23, 1884. P. O. Campden, Ont. 
Evan. Ass'n. Children : (Villj Charles Clarence 
Honsberger, boni June i, 1886 ; died Ma}' 2, 1891. 
(VIII) Ethel Maud Honsberger, born May 13, 1888. 
(VIII) Luc}' Maria Honsberger, born Sept. 22, 1890. 
(Vlllj Hazel IMay Honsberger, born Sept. 19, 1892. 

VII. James Arthur Moyer, b. Apr, 7, 1870. P. O. 
Campden, Ont. Attends Meth. ch. Single. 

VI. Moses W. Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Sept. 17, 1837 ; d. April 26, 1890 ; mrd. Catharine 
S. High Jan. 23, 1865. Carriage painter ; Wesleyan 
Meth. Children : Owen, Malinda, William, Lucy, 
Tacy, Nellie, Mabel. 

VII. Owen Moyer, b. in Cayuga, Ont., Apr. 9, 1S66. 
Formerly freight clerk and telegraph operator, now 
student at Albion (Mich.) College. Meth. Ep. S. 

VII. Malinda Mover, born Aug. 30, 1868. Res. 206 
Dewitt St., Buffalo, N. Y. Single. 

VII. William H. Moyer, born at Beams\nlle, Ont., 
May 17, 1 8 7 1 . At the age of 7 his father moved to 
Jordan Station, where he remained at home until 18 
3'ears of age. On March 17, 1890, he went to Buffalo, 
N. Y., and .secured a position with Josiah Ross, 
manufacturer of wood working machinery, with whom 
he has been ever since, being emplo^-ed as head book- 

— 235 — 

keeper and correspondent. Res. 206 Dewitt St., 
Buffalo, N. Y. Single. 

VII. Tac3' Moyer, born June 10, 1874. Single. 

VII. Nellie Mo3'er, born February 10, 1876 ; died 
August 27, 1876. 

VII. Mabel Moyer, born November 4, 1881. 

VI. Aaron W. Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Feb. 25, 1840 ; mrd. Catharine Honsberger. She was 
born in Haldimand Co., Ont., in 1844. P. O. Camp- 
den, Ont. Farmer; Menus. Children: (VII) Alpheus 
Moyer, b. in 1872 ; (Vlll) Sylvester Moyer, born in 
1878. Evan. Ass'n. 

VI. Anna Moyer, born May 13, 1842 ; mrd. Joseph 
M. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 141.) 

V. Lsaac Moyer, born in Pa. Dec. 4, 1796 ; died in 
Canada, Jan. 29, 1865 ; married Catharine Swartz 
Dec, 22, 1818. She was b. in Penna. Dec. 4, 1796; 
d. in Clinton, Ont., Apr. 22, 1881. Farmer and wheel- 
wright ; Mennonites. Children : Elizabeth, Andrew, 
Isaac, Solomon, Mary, Catharine, Barbara, Magda- 
lena, Philip, Anna, Sarah, Christian, Margaret. 

VI. Elizabeth Moyer (dec'd), b. Oct. i, 1819 ; mrd. 
John Wismer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 142.) 

VI. Andrew Moyer, b. Nov. 27, 1820 ; d. in 1822. 

VI. Isaac S. W. Moyer, b. Aug. 29, 1822 ; died in 
Iowa June 27, 1892 ; married Magdalena Albright 
Mar. 10, 1846. Children : Isabella, Eavina, Jerome, 

VII. Isabella Moyer, b. Feb. 25, 1848 ; mrd. A. M. 
Copp Sept. I, 1869; divorced Jan. 1887. No issue. 
Isabella married second husband W. B. McLaughlin 
Feb. 12, 1887. P. O. Corning, la. No issue. 

VII. Lavina Moyer, born February 9, 1850 ; died 
March 29, 1850. 

VII. Jerome Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., July 14, 
1854 i mrd. Susie Wyatt ¥eh. 22, 1892. Res. 1007 
Laurrie Ave., Sedalia, Mo. Contractor and builder. 

VII. Sylvina Moyer, b. Apr. 29, 1859 ; mrd. George 
T. Harrington May 16, 1883. Res. 547 Logan Ave., 
Toronto, Ont. Children : (Vlll) Winnifred Magda- 
lena Harrington, born April 14, 1887 ; (Vlll) Burson 
Harrington, b. Aug. 15, 1889 ; (Vlll) Hellen Harring- 

— 236— . 

ton, born Sept. 25, 1891 ; (VIII) Charles Harrington, 
b. Apr. 12, 1893 ; ^' C)ct. 12, 1893. 

VI. Solomon Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Mar. 25; 

1824 ; mrd. Esther Grobb Feb. 4, 1851. P.O. Dunn- 
ville, Ont. Farmer ; Menns. Children : William, 
Ephraim, Isaac, 

VII. William G. Moj^er, born March 8, 1852 ; mrd. 
Susan Culp April 9, 1876. P. O. Dunnville, Ont. 
Farmer; Menns. Children: (VIII j Norman C, born 
Feb. 7, 1878 ; Milton C, b. May 15, 1881 ; Solomon 
C. , born Mar. 23, 1883 ; Isaac C, b. Sept. 27, 1884 ; 
Alberta C, born August 26, 1885 ; Orpha C, born 
March i, 1888. 

VII. Ephraim G. Moyer, b. Jan. 19, 1855 ; mrd. Ella 
F. Smith October 23, 1889. P. O. Brantford, Ont. 
Machinist ; Presby. 

VII. Isaac G. Moyer, born July 30, 1863. F'armer ; 
Menns. Single. 

VI. Maria Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., July 10, 

1825 ; d. May 13, 1875 ; mrd. George A. Eckhardt 
July II, 1854. He was born at Weissunborg, near 
Strasburg, Province of Alsace, France, Oct. 8, 1820 ; 
died at Jordan, Ont., Feb. 23, 1885. Harnessmaker. 
Mr. Eckhardt, Luth ; Mrs. Eckhardt, Menu. Chil- 
dren : Sarah, William, Isabella, Ella, Isaac, Catharine. 

VII. Sarah Eckhardt, born May 22, 1855 ; died 

August 3. 1^57- 

VII. William Henry Alexander Eckhardt, born at 
Jordan, Ont., Dec. 28, 1856 ; married Annie Jane 
Douglass Nov. 27, 1884. P. O. Quebec, Canada. 
Supt. of Quebec Cit}^ postoffice ; Anglo Catholic 
(Church of England). Children: (VIII) William Eck- 
hardt, b. Sept. 29, 1885 ; d. same day. (VIII) Charles 
Percival Eckhardt, born July 24, 1886 ; d. Sept. 19, 

1887. (VIII) Winifred Beatrice Eckhardt, b. Apr. 23 

1888. (VIII) Holland Cecil Fxkhardt, b. Apr. 5, 1890. 
(VIII) William Edmund Eckhardt, born Dec. 8, 1892. 

VII. Isabella Eckhardt, born August 31, 1857 ; died 
Juh^ 19, i860. 

VII. Ella May Eckhardt, born Sept. 4, i860 ; mrd. 
Andrew Murdock June 10, 1890. Res. 164 Went- 
worth street, South Hamilton, Ont. Inspector of 

Henry Mover. 

(vSee Page 242.) 

— 237 — 

ao^encies for the Great West Insurance Co. ; Ch. of 
England. One child : (VIII) Sophia May Murdock, 
born May 6, 1891. 

VII. Isaac Moyer Eckhardt, b. Sept. 30, 1863 ; mrd. 
Mary Meigham Oct. 28, 1892. P. O. St. Catharines, 

VII. Catharine Maud Eckhardt, b. Sept. 15, 1865 ; 
mrd. Charles E. Strowger May 26, 1890. Res. 226 
Dalhousie St., Brantford, Ont. Meth. One child: 
(VIII) Charles Percival Strowger, born Feb. 22, 1891. 

VI. Catharine Moyer, b. Feb. 27, 1827 ; mrd. Joseph 
H. Mo3^er. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 143.) 

VI. Barbara Moyer, b. Apr. 27, 1828 ; mrd. Abraham 
M. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 144. j 

VI. Magdalena Moyer, born Sept. 14, 1829 ; mrd. 
Samuel H. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 145.) 

VI. Philip Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Oct. 28, 
1833 ; married Anna Wismer June 4, 1857. P- O- 
Morris, Man. P'armer ; Menus. Children : Norman, 
Delos, Hattie. 

VII. Norman W. Moyer, born April 4, 1858 ; mrd. 
Emma C. McCurdy. P. O. Morris, Man. Farmer ; 
Evan. Ass'n. Children : (VIII) Burges Moyer, born 
Dec. 17, 1884 ; (VIII) Hattie Moyer, born Mar. 16, 
1893 ; d. Oct. 7, 1893. 

VII. Delos Moyer, born Mar. 25, 1866 ; mrd. Hattie 
Clark. Res. 12 18 West Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. Black- 
smith ; Bap. One child: (VIII) Evelyn Belle Moyer, 
born in 1892. 

VII. Hattie Belle Moyer, born Aug. 9, 1872 ; mrd. 
Samuel C. Honsberger. P. O. Jordan, Ont. Wheel- 
wright ; Evan. Ass'n. 

VI. Anna Moyer, b. Aug. 27, 1834 ; died Mar. 22, 
1891 ; mrd. Daniel K. High May 9, 1854. P- O. 
Jordan, Ont. Meth. Ep. Children: (VII) Infant son, 
b. Dec. 2, 1855 ; d. same day. (VII) Mary Ann High, 
born May 26, 1857 ; d. (3^.. 7, 1862. (VII) Wendell 
High, born Dec. 13, i860 f mrd. Augusta Moore 
Dec. 23, 1884. P. O. Jordan, Ont. Farmer; Mrs. 
H., Ev. Ass'n. No issue. (VII) Emma High, born 
Jan. 5, 1868 ; mrd. Joshua Wismer Nov. 5, 1891. 

— 238 — 


P. O. St. Catharines, Out. No issue (1894). (VII) 
Clara High, born May 22, 1874. Single. 

VI. Sarah Mover, born Nov. 21, 1836 ; mrd. Jonas 
Grobb. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 146.) 

VI. Christian Mo^^er, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Oct. 27, 
1837 ; mrd. Elizabeth Mover Mar. 25, 1862. P. O. 
Brantford, Ont. Foreman teamster of Massey, Harris 
& Co. ; Meth. Children : Wilford, Jacob, Isaac, 

VII. Wilford Moyer, b. Nov. i, 1863 ; mrd. Emma 
Honsberger Dec. 21, 1887. P. O. Brantford, Ont. 
Painter ; Meth. One child : Letta May. 

VII. Jacob B. Moyer, b. Jul}^ 30, 1870 ; mrd. Roberta 
Matilda Cooley. P. O. Brantford, Ont. Machinist ; 
Meth. One child : Gladys Dehght. 

VH. Isaac S. Moyer, b. July 30, 1870 ; mrd. Emily 
Thompson. P. O. Brantford, Ont, Painter ; Meth. 
No issue. 

VII. Nellie May Moyer, born March 7, 1874. P. O. 
Brantford, Ont. Meth. Single. 

VI. Margaret Moyer, b. Jul}^ 3, 1842 ; mrd. Alvin 
L. Couse. P. O. Beamsville, Ont. 

V. Rev. Abraham Moyer, b. in Bucks Co. Apr. 8, 
1799 ; d. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Sept. 4, 1871 ; mrd.- 
Barbara Honsberger Apr. 4, 1822. She was born in 
Bucks Co. June 17, 1796; d. in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
June 17, 1880. Mr. Moyer was known as "big 
Abraham," being large in person. Farmer and 
minister of the Mennonite church. He was ordained 
October 23, 1842, at the church known as "Moyers," 
in Lincoln county. Children : John, Susan, Jacob, 
Catharine, Daniel, Christian, Abraham, Barbara. 

VI. John H. Mo3xr, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Feb. 10, 
1823 ; mrd. Salome Moyer Nov. 16, 1848. P. O. 
Campden. Ont. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : 
Susanna. Joshua, Jesse, Israel, Sarah, Barbara, Maria. 

VII. Susainia Moyer, b. Mar. 10, 1852 ; d. Aug. 1884. 
VII. Joshua Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Nov. 2, 

1855 ; mrd. Maria Cecilia Glasgow, of Welland Co., 
in 1880. P. O. Chippawa, Ont. Farmer ; Meth. 
Children : (Vlll) Cora May Moyer, b. Feb. 8. 1881 ; 
Laura Annie, b. June 14, 1885 ; Maggie, b. March i, 

— 239 — 

1887 ; Florence Ethel, born Nov. 21, 1889 ; Grant, 
born June 27, 1891. 

VII. Jesse Moyer, b. June 11, 1858 ; d. in 1882. 

VII. Israel M. Moyer, born Feb. 16, i860 ; married 
Angelina Fregaskis Nov. 22, 1893. P- O- Campden, 
Ont. Farmer ; Evan. Ass'n. 

VII. Sarah Catharine Moyer, b. Aug. 3, 1864. P. O. 
Campden, Ont. 

VII. Barbara Moyer, born August 15, 1868. P. O. 
Campden, Ont. 

VII. Maria Moyer, b. Oct. 4, 1869 ; mrd. Joseph N. 
Gross. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 147.) 

VI Susan Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., June 17, 1824 ; 
mrd, Samuel R. Culp Jan. 15, 1867. P. O. Jordan, 
Ont. Farmer; Menus. One child: (VII) Infant 
daughter, b. and d. Feb. 10, 1868. 

VI. Jacob H. Moyer, b. Dec. 22, 1825 ; mrd. Susan 
Kratz May 12, 1850. P. O. Jordan, Ont. Farmer. 
Children : Solomon, Magdalena, Barbara, Mahlon, 
Anna, Agnes, Catharine, Norman. 

VII. Solomon K. Moyer, born Jan. 27, 185 1. Fruit 
merchant. S. Res. 76 Calborne St., Toronto, Ont. 

VII. Magdalena Moyer, born, in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Oct. 24, 1853; d. in St. Catharines, Ont., Oct. 21, 
1894 ; married Ephraim Wismer. (See Index of 
References No. 148.) 

VII. Barbara Moyer, b. Aug. 19, 1855 ; mrd. Alfred 
Wismer, (See Index of References No. 149.) 

VII. Mahlon K. Moyer, b. Oct. 16, 1856, in Lincoln 
Co., Ont.; married Helen Doyle in 1885. P. O. 
Medina, N. Y. Foundry worker ; Bap. Children : 
(VIII) Hattie Moyer, b. Jan. 19, 1886 ; (VIII) Leroy 
Moyer, b. Dec. 18, 1888 ; d. June 8, 1889. 

VII. Anna K. Moyer, b. Nov. 28, 1858 ; mrd. Jesse 
Pawling. P. O. Portdalhousie, Ont. 

VII. Catharine K. Mo3'er, b. Aug. 3, 1862 ; married 
Wilham G. Fegan. P. O. Toronto, Ont. Meth. 
Children : (VIII) Stewart Fegan, b. Sept. 29, 1885 ; 
(VIII) Harper Fegan, b. Mar. 20, 1890 ; d. Sept. 25, 
1890. (VIII) Susie Fegan, b. June 4, 1893. 

VII. Agnes Moyer, b. July 17, 1865 ; married John 
Fegan. P. O. Jordan, Ont. 

— 240 — 

Vn. Norman K. Moyer, b. in 1867. Single. 

VI. Catharine Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Feb. 27, 1828 ; married Samuel H. Housser Jan. 29, 
1856. P. O. Rainham, Ont. Farmer ; Mennonites. 
Children : Solomon, Franklin, Aaron, Barbara. 

VII. Solomon Housser, born July 17, 1857 ! married 
Magdalena, dau. of David High, March 22, 1881. 
P. O. Rainham, Ont. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
(VIM) Aaron Housser, b. Jan. 14, 1882 ; d. Mar. 10, 

1889. (VIII) Sarah Housser, bom March 12, 1884. 
(VIII) Ezra Housser, bom July 6, 1886. 

VII. Franklin Housser, b. iVpril 20, 1859 ; married 
Catharine G. Moyer March 20, 1883. One child : 
(VIII) Jacob Housser, born April 7, 1884. Franklin 
mrd. second wife Sarah C. Rittenhouse Mar. 22, 1887. 
P. O. South Ca3'Uga, Ont. Farmer ; Menus. Chil- 
dren : Joseph and Benjamin Housser, born and died 
March 10, 1888; Martha, b. May 5, 1889; Samuel, 
b. Jan. 12, 1 89 1 ; Levi, b. Jan. i, 1893. 

VII. Aaron Housser, born November 14, 1862 ; died 
October 3, 1865. 

VII. Barbara A. Housser, born Mar. 4, 1869. P. O. 
Rainham, Ont. Menus. Single. 

VI. Daniel Moyer, b. Apr. 14, 1830 ; d. Jan. 4, 1847. 

VI. Christian Moyer, b. Dec. 22, 1831 ; mrd. Maria 
K. High Oct. 9, 1859. P.O. Campden, Ont. Farmer; 
Menus. Children : Ezra, Alfred, Matilda, Loetta, 

VII. Ezra Moyer, born Nov. 26, i860 ; mrd. Martha 
Roblins. P. O. Brantford, Ont. Carpenter ; Meth. 
Children : (VIII) John Howard Moyer, b. Sept. 13, 
1883 ; (VIII) Harmon Moyer, born Sept. 23, 1888 ; 
died Mar. 4, 1889. (VIII) Loetta Moyer, b. Mar. 2, 

1890. (VIII) Ethel Moyer, b. May 3, 1892. 

VII. Alfred H. Moyer, born July^i, 1862. Book- 
keeper and stenographer in Chicago, 111 ; Meth. Ep. 

VII. Matilda Mo^^er, b. Aug. i. 1868 ; mrd. P^vin 
Warner October 25, 1893. F- O- Fishersville, Ont. 
Carpenter and wheelwright ; Menus. 

VII. Loetta Moyer, b. Aug. i, 1872 ; d. Apr. 2, 1880. 

VII. Rowland Moyer, born Dec. 13, 1878. 

VI. Abraham H. Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Out., 

— 241 — 

Feb. 28, 1834 ; mrd. Elizabeth Moyer Mar. 25, 1862. 
P. O. Vineland, Out. Farmer ; Menns. Children : 
William, John, Martha, I^avina, Jacob, Abraham, 
Barbara, Simon. 

VII. William Henry Moyer, b. Dec. 3, 1862 ; mrd. 
Lizzie Honsberger. P.O. Beamsville, Ont. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : Effie, Manly. 

VII. John Alva Moyer, born June 11, 1864. P. O. 
Lanore, Man. Farmer ; Disciple ch. Single. 

VII. Martha Moyer, b. Mar. 10, 1866 ; d. Apr. 9, 
1892. Baptist. 

VII. Lavina Moyer, born Jan. i, 1870 ; mrd. Jerome 
Honsberger Jan. 31, 1894. P- O- Vineland, Ont. 

VII. Jacob Moyer, born Oct. 4, 1872 ; riird. Libbie 
F'ries Sept. 20, 1892. Res. 89-93 Main St., Buffalo, 
N. Y. Bookkeeper. One child: (VIII) Mildred Eliza- 
beth Moyer, born July 28, 1893. 

VII. Abraham Moyer, b. July 2, 1875. P. O. Vine- 
land, Ont. Farmer. 

VII. Barbara Ellen Moyer, b. Aug. 2, 1877. 

VII. Simon Moyer, b. July 14, 1880 ; d. Mar. 10, 1881. 

VI. Barbara Mo5^er, b. Sept. 27, 1838 ; mrd. Christian 
Kratz Mar. 19, 1871. P. O. Jordan, Ont. Farmer. 
Became blind in 1851 from a cataract. No issue. 

V. John Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., May 4, 
1801 ; mrd. Catharine High. Children : (VI) Mary 
Jane Moyer, mrd. Solomon W. Moyer. (See Ind. of 
Ref. No. 150.) (VI) Jacob Moyer. P. O. Campden, 
Ont. (VI) Tilman Moyer. P. O. Campden, Ont. 
(VI) Moyer, mrd. Joseph Grobb. 

V. Christian Moyer, born August 21, 1803 ; died 
August 24, 1804. 

V. Rev. Dilman Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
June 15, 1807 ; d. May 29, 1873 5 mrd. Maria Hoch 
Dec. 29, 1834. He was ordained to the ministry of 
the Mennonite church in 1842, and was for many 
years bishop of the society in Canada. He lived on 
the farm east of, and adjoining the original home- 
stead of his father, where the family located in 1799. 
No issue. 

— 242 — 

V. Heiiirich Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Sept. 3, 
1808 ; died Jul}^ 22, 1884 ; mrd. Barbara Hunsberger 
Dec. 23, 1834. She was b. June 10, 1817 ; d. Sept. 3, 
1 88 1. They Hved on the old homestead on which the 
Mennonite church (known as Moyers' meetinghouse) 
and burying grounds are located. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : Mary, Elizabeth, Agnes, Magdalena, 
^Matilda, Sarah, Catharine, Henry, Jacob, Margaret, 

VI. Mary Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Out., June 18, 
1836 ; married Samuel Swartz March 29, 1866. 
P. O. Jordan, Ont. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
(VII) Lucinda Swartz, b. Nov. 17, 1867 ; (VII) Ervin 
Swartz, b. June 6, 1869 ; (Vllj P^mma Swartz, born 
Nov. 16, 1870 ; d. Jan. 9, 1884. 

VI. Elizabeth Mo3'er, b. Oct. 10, 1837 ; mrd. Jacob 
S. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 151.) 

VI. Agnes Moyer, b. Apr. 7, 1839 ; d. Feb. 20, 1879 ; 
mrd. Joseph M. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 152.) 

VI. Magdalena Moyer, born April 7, 1839 ; died 
August 31, 1853. 

VI. Matilda Moyer, born Feb. 10, 1841 ; mrd. Jacob 
K. High March 12, 1867. P. O. Vineland, Ont. 
Farmer. Children : (VII) Lodema High, b. Jan. 28, 
1869; (VII) Lucetta High, born October 21, 1870; 
(VII) CoraBelleHigh, b. July II, 1880; (VII) Norman 
High, b. July 15, 1883; d. July 18, 1883. 

VI. Sarah Moyer, b. Oct. 2, 1845. P. O. Sanborn, 
N. Y. Single. 

VI. Catharine Moyer, b. May 6, 1847 ; married Eli 
Wismer May 21, 1878. P. O. St. Catharines, Ont. 
Farmer; Meth. Children: (VII) Curtis Wismer, 
b. July 26, 1881 ; (VII) Vernon Wismer, b. Feb. 12, 
1888 ; d. Feb. 16, 1888. 

VI. Henry Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Out., Aug. 7, 
1852 ; mrd. Sarah L. High July 4, 1882. P. O. 
Vineland, Ont. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : 
(VII) Arthur Moyer, b. Sept. 5, 1884 ; Anstella, born 
Jan. 7, 1887 ; Willis, b. Sept. 25, 1889. 

VI. Jacob Moyer, bom Oct. 15, 1854 ; mrd. Caroline, 
daughter of Jacob A. and Jane High, Dec. 15, 1880. 
P. O. Vineland, Ont. Farmer and fruit grower ; 

— 243 — 

Meth. Children : (VII) Maggie Gertrude Moyer, 
b. April 2, 1882 ; Marg}' Jane, b. Aug. 15, 1887. 

VI. Margaret Moyer, born July 6, 1857. Trained 
nurse in Harper Hospital, Detroit, Mich. 

VI. Salena Moyer, born Dec. 9. 1859 ; mrd. Charles 
T. Bagwell Sept. 24, 1884. P. O. Sanborn, N. Y. 
Gardener; Meth. Ep. Children: (VII) Milton L. 
Bagwell, b. Feb. i, 1886 ; J. Murray, b. Mar. 8, 1888. 

V. Christian Moyer, born December 18 10; died 
February 12, 1846. Single. 

V. Joseph Moyer. b. June 18, 1813 ; died April 16, 
1870. When about 23 years of age he left home and 
was not heard from until his return three 3'ears later. 
On leaving home he went to New York, thence to 
Nantucket, where he boarded a whaling vessel and 
sailed around the cape of Good Hope, then east, 
touched at Vandemans land (now Tasmania), south 
of Australia, then east to New Zealand, where he 
assisted in capturing 26 whales, after which he sailed 
east around Cape Horn. On his return he gave 
wonderful reports of his vo3'age. For three 3'ears he 
saw no land. He crossed the equator, and while 
doing so, was obliged to pour water to keep the ship 
from burning. They also met waterspouts, which 
the3' shot off with cannons. In severe storms he was 
told to climb the rope ladders and lower the vSails, 
and upon refusing to do so, they bound him to a 
mast and lashed him until he was willing to go. The 
marks from the lashings he received he carried to his 
grave. For his services he was paid in bogus mone\^ 
and sent as far as England, where he remained until 
he was heard from and brought to the old homestead 
in Canada, where he died. 

IV. Abraham Me3'er (dec'd), born in Bucks Co. 
Nov. 19, 1770; mrd. Elizabeth Bechtel. Children: 
Susan, Anna, Abraham, Samuel, Henr3^ Martin, 
Catharine, John, Mary, Elizabeth. 

V. Snsan Moyer, married John Bergey. Children : 
Abraham, d. single ; Mar3^ Susanna, Lv'dia, Annie. 

V. Anna Moyer, born in Bucks Co. Sept. 10. 18 10; 
d. Aug. 5, 188 1 ; married Samuel S. Yeakel Dec. 13, 
1835. He was b. in Bucks Co. Sept. 20, 1807 ; died 

— 244 — 

June 28, 1880. Farmer; Menus. Children: Henry, 
Eliza])eth, Mary, Anna, Abraham, Sarah, Hannah. 

VI. Henry M. Yeakel, born in Bucks Co. Sept. 17, 
1836 ; mrd. Sarah Rosenberger Dec, 13, 1856. She 
died Aug. 7, 1863. Children : Emaline, Susanna, 
Catharine. Henry mrd. second wife Sarah F. Holden 
May 27, 1865. P. O Kellers Church, Pa. Menus. 
Children : Hannah, Milton, Mary, Louisa, Harry, 
Anna, Amanda, Har\'ey, Irwin. 

VII. Emaline Yeakel, born December 22, 1857 ; died 
December 25, 1861. 

VII. Susanna Yeakel, born August 7, i860 ; died 
January i, 1862. 

VII. Catharine Yeakel, born October 6, 1862 ; died 
November 2, 1863. 

VII. Hannah H. Yeakel, born June 26, 1866 ; mrd. 
Edwin Wolfinger Oct. 2, 1887. P.O. Kellers Church, 
Pa. Children: (VIII) Reuben, born Aug. 5, 1888; 
Walter, b. Nov. i, 1890 ; Elwood, boni Nov. 2, 1892. 

VII. Milton H. Yeakel, born March 16, 1868 ; died 
September 8, 1887. 

VII. Mary H. Yeakel, bom Nov. 22, 1870 ; died 
May 12, 1884. 

VII. Louisa H. Yeakel, born Dec. 13, 1872. 

VII. Harr>' H. Yeakel, bom Aug. 11, 1875. 

VII. Anna Yeakel, born March 18, 1878. 

VII. Amanda Yeakel, born Feb. 11, 1881. 

VII. Harv^ey Yeakel, born Sept. 4, 1883. 

VII. Irwin Yeakel, bom May 12, 1891. 

VI. Elizabeth Yeakel, b. Aug. 29, 1838 ; d. Jan. 3, 
1866 ; married David High in 1858. Children : (VII) 
Addison (dec'd) ; John (dec'd) ; Samuel (dec'd) ; 
Mary Ann (b. 1862), mrd. Wilson Hendricks. 

VI. Mar}' Yeakel, b. Dec. 2, 1840 ; mrd. Joseph A. 
Hendricks Dec. i, 1859. P.O. Perkasie, Pa. Merchant; 
Menus. One child : (VII) Emma Hendricks, born 
Feb. II, 1865; married Tobias S. Bisse}'. P. O. 
Perkasie, Pa. Clerk; Luth. One child: Estella May. 

VI. Anna Yeakel, b. Mar. 23, 1843 5 nird. Samuel 
Bishop. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 153.) 

VI. Abraham M. Yeakel, born in Bucks Co. Apr. 3, 
1846 ; married Sarah Lewis Jan. 9, 1875. P. O. 

— 245 — 

Perkasie, Pa. Jeweler ; Menus. Children : (Vll) 
Joseph Iv. Yeakel, b. Feb. 26, 1876 ; (Vll) Annie A. 
Yeakel, born July 8, 1877 ; (Vll) Wilson L. Yeakel, 
b. Apr. 19, 1879 ; (Vll) Emma P. Yeakel, b. Mar. 13, 
1881 ; (Vll) Nelson L. Yeakel, born May 20, 1883 ; 

(VII) Louis A. Yeakel, b. Nov. 8, 1885 ; d. Dec. 8, 
1885. (Vll) Raymond L. Yeakel, b. April 22, 1891. 

VI. Sarah Yeakel, born in Bucks Co. Mar. 22, 1848 ; 
died Nov. 19, 1875 ; mrd. WilHam Baringer May 30, 
1868. He was b. in Wurtenberg, Germany, Aug. 9, 
1841 ; died Dec. 31, 1878. Cigarmaker ; Ger. Ref. 
Children : Irvin, Annie. 

VII. Irvin Baringer, born in Bucks Co. May 9, 1870 ; 
mrd. Hannah T. Groff June 28, 1893. P.O. Perkasie, 
Pa. Clerk in general store ; Ger. Ref. One child : 

(VIII) Mildred Baringer, b. Mar. 30, 1894. 
Vll. Annie Baringer, born March 18, 1872. 

VI. Hannah Yeakel, b. Aug. 12, 1851 ; mrd. Levinus 
Maurer Oct. 14, 1882. P. O. Perkasie, Pa. Cigar- 
maker ; lyUth. One child : (Vll) Samuel Maurer, 
born Sept. 24, 1884 ; died next day. 

V. Abraham B. Moyer (dec'd), mrd. Delp. 

One child : Francis. 

V. Samuel B. Moyer, b. in Hilltown Twp. , Bucks Co. , 
Feb. 1815 ; d. Nov. 7, 1852 ; mrd. Hannah Overholt 
Oct. 31, 1841. She was b. in Plumstead, Bucks Co., 
Jan. I, 1819. Farmer; Menus. Children: Abraham, 
Isaac, Henry, Samuel, Mary, Enos. 

VI. Abraham O. Moyer, b. Aug. 5, 1842 ; d. in 1842. 
VI. Isaac O. Mo3^er, born December 5, 1843 ; died 

April 12, 1854. 

VI. Henry O. Moj^er, b. Nov. 27, 1845 ; mrd. Sarah 
Jane Moyer October 6, 1866. P. O. Perkasie, Pa. 
Creamery operator ; Ger. Ref. Children : (Vll) Theo- 
dore M. Moyer, born Feb. 10, 1868 ; mrd. Bell Mills 
Feb. 1894. P. O. Nockamixon, Pa. Creameryman. 
(Vll) Hannah M. Moyer, born Feb. 14, 1871 ; mrd. 
Joseph H. Gulden Dec. 31, 1887. P.O. Church Hill, 
Pa. Creameryman. Children: Bertha Naomi, Harry 
Bernard, Edith Pearl. (VII) Ida Jane Moyer, born 
July 25, 1873. Ref. ch. (Vll) Henry Clinton Moyer, 
born June 25, 1876. Ref. ch. (Vll) Samuel Linford 

— 246 — 

Mover, b. Apr. 19, 1879. (VII) Sarah Alice Moyer, 
b. July 25, 1882. (VII) Florence Mabel Moyer, born 
Mar. 13, 1885. (VII) Miriam Viola Moyer, b. Apr. 4, 

VI. Samuel O. Mo3'er, b. Aug. 2, 1847 ; mrd. Kate 
Clymer (dec'd). Samuel married second wife Lizzie 
Detweiler. P. O. Hilltown, Pa. 

VI. Mary Ann Moj^er, b. Sept. 23, 1849 ; d. Oct. 12, 
1877; mrd. Peter Yoder. Children: Hannah (dec'd), 

VI. Enos O. Moyer, bom March 6, 1851 ; died Feb- 
ruary 12, 1873. 

V. Rev. Henry B. Moyer, born in Hilltown Twp., 
Bucks Co., in 1818 ; died Apr. 1892 ; mrd. Anna 
Clemmer Jan. 30, 1841. She was b. in 182 1 ; d. 1881. 
Tailor, farmer and minister. He was ordained to the 
ministry of the Mennonite church in Westmoreland 
Co., Pa., in 1843. In 1844 he moved to Bucks Co. 
and served as one of the ministers at Blooming 
Glen. Children: Elizabeth, Abraham, Hannah, Jacob, 
Henry, Mary. Henry mrd. second wife Anna Nash 
(widow of Samuel H. Moyer) Oct. 22, 1885. 

VI. Elizabeth Moyer, b. Sept. 3, 1842 ; d. in 1892 ; 
mrd. William Bean. No issue. 

VI. Abraham C. Moyer, b. in Hilltown, Bucks Co., 
Sept. 5, 1844 ; mrd. Annie W. Moyer in 1872. P.O. 
Blooming Glen, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
(VH) Harvey Moyer, b. Jan. 21, 1873. S. (VII) Frank- 
lin Moyer, born June 2, 1874 ; died Nov. 29, 1874. 
(Vll) Madilla Moyer, b. Sept. 27, 1875. (VII) Leidy 
Moyer, b. Sept. 8, 1877. (Vll) Lillie Moyer, born 
Sept. 8, 1877 ; died April 25, 1878. (Vll) Granville 
Moyer, b. Feb. 14, 1879. (Vll) Melvin Moyer, born 
Apr. 29, 1 88 1 ; d. May 10, 188 1. (Vll) Isaiah Moyer, 
born June 6, 1882 ; died Nov. 25, 1892. (Vll) Ada 
Moyer. born Nov. 6, 1883. 

VI. Hannah Moyer, born Nov. 23, 1845 ; mrd. Enos 
M. Kratz. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 154.) 

VI. Jacob C. Moyer, b. Apr. 3, 1848 ; mrd. Marj^ 
Ann Moyer (dec'd). Res. 21 16 North Ninth St., 
Phila. Carpenter; Menus. Children: (Vll) Harrison, 
Emma (mrd. Calvin Groff), one child: Herbert; 

— 247 — 

Allen, Isaac, Raymond, Ella, Irvin, Bertha, Eddie 

VI. Henry C. Moyer, born Nov. 15, i85o;,mrd. 
Susanna G. Moyer March 15, 1873. P. O. Blooming 
Glen, Pa. Watchmaker ; Mennonites. Children : 
(VII) Rosa M. Moyer, born Dec. 26, 1873 ; mrd. 
Abraham E. Yoder. Grocer in Philadelphia. (Vll) 
Maggie M. Moyer, b. and d. in 1876. (Vll) Emma 
Moyer, b. June 1877 ; d. Nov. 1878. (Vll) Kores 
Mo3^er, born Sept. 26, 1879 ; died Oct. 20, 1895, 
(Vll) Emanuel Moyer, born September 11, 1881. 
(Vll) Deborah Moyer, b. Jan. 16, 1884. (Vll) Jacob 
Moyer, b. Nov. 21, 1886. (Vll) Bertha Moyer, born 
Sept. 16, 1890. 

VI. Mary Moyer, b. Feb. 1854 ; died 1857. 

V. Martin Moyer, died single. 

V. Catharine Moyer, died single. 

V. John B. Moyer (dec'd). 

V. Mary Moj^er, married George Swartz (dec'd). 
P. O. Cerro Gordo, 111. 

V. Elizabeth Moyer, mrd. Rev. Isaac Oberholtzer. 
He was b. Feb. 9, 18 15. He was ordained minister 
of the Mennonite church a1)OUt 1847, and soon after 
bishop at Blooming Glen, and served in the ministerial 
office about 40 years. No issue. 

IV. Dilman Moyer, b. in Bucks Co. Dec. 20, 1772 ; 
d. Nov. 26, 1812 ; mrd. Barbara Latshaw. Emigrated 
to Canada in 1801. Children : Nancy, Samuel, 
Abraham, Jacob, Catharine, Maria. 

V. Nancy Moyer (dec'd), married Henry Wismer 
Feb. II, 1817. He w^as b. in Bucks Co. Apr. 3, 1795; 
died in Canada Oct. 24, 1859. Farmer; Menus. 
Children : Barbara, John, Dilman, Jacob, Isaac, 
Esther, Andrew, Abraham, Henry, Samuel, Joseph, 
Catharine, Daniel. 

VI. Barbara Wismer, b. Dec. 17, 1817 ; d. July 23, 
1863; mrd. David Hoover. Children: Christopher, 
Henry, John, Isaac, Mary. 

VI. John Wismer, b. Feb. 9, 18 19 ; d. Oct. 25, 1858; 
mrd. Elizabeth Moyer. She d. Aug. 7, 1894. One 
child : Jacob. John married second wife Anna Moyer 

— 248 — 


April II, 1852. Farmer; Evan. Ass'n. Children: 
Marv, Martha, Sophia, Solomon, John. 

VII.' Jacob Wismer. P. O. Thorold, Ont. 

VII. Mary Wismer, b. Feb. 5, 1853. Single. 

VII. Martha Jane Wismer, born Sept. 5, 1854 ; died 
September 22, 1854. 

VII. Sophia Wismer, born in South Ca3aig-a, Ont.» 
Oct. 9, 1855 ; married John P. Eiler Dec. 19, 1889. 
P. O. Cedar Falls, la. Farmer ; Meth. One child : 
(VIII) Burness Wismer Eiler, b. Apr. i, 1891. 

VII. vSolomon G. Wismer, b. in South Cayuga, Ont./ 
vSept. 25, 1857. P. O. Jordan, Ont. Farmer ; Ev. 
Ass'n. Single. 

VII. John E. Wismer, born Mar. 26, 1859 ; mrd. 
Priscilla Moyer Dec. 31, 1887. P.O. Brantford, Ont. 
Wheelwright ; Methodist. Children : (VIII ) Howard 
Wesley Wismer, born Aug. 28, 1889 ; (VIII) Harvey 
Raymond Wismer, b. Sept. 11. 1891. 

VI. Dilman Wismer, b. June 23, 1820 ; died infant. 

VI. Jacob Wismer, b. Jan. 9, 1822 ; d. infant. 

VI. Isaac M. Wismer, born Nov. 23, 1823 ; mrd. 
EHzabeth Fry Mar. 23, 1848. P. O. South Cayuga, 
Ont. Farmer; Ev. Ass'n. Children: Lavina, Menno, 
John, Anna, James, Malinda, Eouisa, Alfred, Martha. 

VII. Lavina Wismer, born April 9, 1849 ; died 
April 6, 1850. 

VII. Menno Simon Wismer, b. Aug. 9, 1850. P. O. 
South Cayuga, Ont. 

VII. John H. Wismer, bom in South Cayuga, Ont., 
May 3, 1852 ; mrd. Lydia E. Trafelet Sept. 30, 1879. 
P. O. Port Elgin, Ont. Nurseryman. In referring 
to Mr. Wismer' s life and profession we quote from 
the press of his town : ' ' Mr. Wismer came to Port 
Elgin in 1877 to establish a nursery and make a 
specialty of growing stock, which would be suited to 
Northern latitudes, and it is gratifying to know that, 
although beginning with scarcel}" any capital, his 
business has been constantly increasing, till at present 
writing more than fifty of his agents are scattered 
througliout the Dominion. Mr. Wismer attributes 
his success to his own energy and perseverance, 
square dealing with everybody, personal supervision 

John H. Wismer. 

vSee Pat^e 24S. 

— 249 — 

of all details, and most of all to the love he has for 
his profession. U. Br. ch. Children: (VIII) Winnie 
Laurel Wismer, born Sept. 29, 1880 ; Pearl Eby and 
Emer}' Fry (twins), b. Ma}^ 13, 1886 ; Halleck Floyd, 
born May 15, 1893. 

VII. Annie E. Wismer, born Aug. 28, 1853 ; died 
August 13, 1880. 

VII. James A. Wismer, born Nov. 14, 1855 ; died 
next day. 

VII. Malinda Catharine Wismer, b. Aug 18, 1857. 
P. O. South Cayuga, Ont. Single. 

VII. Louisa Ann Wismer, b. and d. Nov. 15, 1859. 

VII. Alfred Isaac Wismer, born Nov. 6, 1862 ; died 
February i, 1869. 

VII. Martha Emma Wismer, born Nov. 8, 1868. 

VI. Esther Wismer, b. Sept. i, 1825 ; mrd. David 
High January 25, 1853. ^- ^- South Cayuga, Ont. 
Farmer; Menus. Children: Magdalena, Henry, Cath- 
arine, Anna, Isaac, Jacob. 

VI. Andrew Wismer, born August 31, 1827. 

VI. Abraham Wismer, b. Dec. 6, 1829 ; mrd. Mary 
Everets. Children: Cleason (dec'd), Catharine. 

VI. Henry Wismer, born 1832 ; died 1834. 

VI. Samuel Wismer, b. July 12, 1834 ; d. Sept. 29, 
1858 ; mrd. Sarah Fretz Jan. 13, 1855. Children : 
Elizabeth, Henry. 

VI. Joseph Wismer, born in 1836 ; died 1837. 

VI. Catharine Wismer, born Dec. 19, 1837 ; mrd. 
Abraham Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 155.) 

VI. Daniel Wismer, b. Dec. 29, 1839 ; mrd. Elizabeth 
Cober Sept. 10, 1867. P.O. Rodney, Ont. Farmer ; 
Mrs. Wismer, Dunkard. Children : Jacob, Matilda, 
Nancy, Mary, Hannah, Rebecca, Abraham. 

V. Samuel T. Moyer, b. in Penna. in 1797 ; d. Oct. 4, 
1874 ; married Charlotte Hilts December 31, 18 19. 
Mr. Moyer emigrated with his parents in the j'^ear 
1800 to a farm in Clinton Twp. , Lincoln Co., Canada. 
On this farm, situated between the old Mennonite 
church and Lake Ontario, he spent his entire life. His 
early youth was spent partly at the little German 
vSchool, but mostly at home, where he made himself 
by far more useful than the average boy is able to do. 

— 250— ^^ 

For this boy was a hustler, and the push and energy 
that characterized his youth was a noteworthy' fea- 
ture of his manhood and earned for him a competence 
such as few of his contemporaries possessed. When 
about 14 3'ears of age his fatlier died, he being the 
oldest of the boys, had the care of the farm, in a 
great measure at least, cast upon his shoulders. A 
rather heavy burden for a lad of 14 years, but he 
proved himself more than equal to the occasion. The 
family prospered, the fann was cleared up and was 
made to ' ' blossom as the rose. ' ' When about 20 
years of age he married his first wife Charlotte, widow 
of Abe Overholt (who was shot by the Indians with 
sixteen bullets at Ston}- Creek, for insulting a squaw 
to whom he was trying to sell fish). The fruits of 
this union was six boys. Soon after her death (in 
1829) he married Barbara Smith, of Markham. She 
died about 1850. He then married Susan Honsberger, 
widow of John Honsberger, of South Cayuga, Ont.» 
who survived him about five years. 

Truly, this man was a rough diamond. While 
his manner was rough, coarse and abrupt, there was 
probably no kinder nor more sympathetic heart on the 
Niagara peninsula. When friends came from a dis- 
tance to renew acquaintances 'twas he who looked 
after them, and a drive of thirty miles to Cayuga or 
elsewhere was a labor of love for him. Physically he 
was large, strong, and of a robust constitution. About 
middle age his hearing became very much impared ; 
otherwise he seemed to retain the vigor of his youth 
almost until his death. He now rests in the old 
Mennonite burial grounds near the home he loved so 
well. Throughout his life he was a staunch, true and 
consistant member of the church of his father. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : Tilman, Abraham, Joseph, Peter, 
Samuel, Andrew. 

VI. Tilman Hilts Moyer, bom Oct. 6. 1820; died 
April 23, 1879; mrd. Margaret High Sept. 5, 1843. 
She was b. Nov. 18, 1825 ; d. Sept. 5, 1890. Farmer, 
real estate agent and grain merchant ; Menus. Chil- 
dren : Barbara, Catharine, Annie, John, Samuel, 
Susanna, Lucinda. 

— 251 — 

VII. Barbara Mo3'er, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont. , Oct. 29, 
1844 ; mrd. Charles Arrand Nov. 14, 1867. P. O. 
Parkhill, Ont. Farmer ; Believers ch. Children : 
(VIII) F. Tillman Arrand, born Apr. 28, 1872. P. O. 
Gilmore, Mich. Farmer and carpenter. (VIII) Eliza 
Arrand, b. Jan. 11, 1874 ; mrd. John Loton Apr. 6, 
1893. He was born in Canada June 26, 1867. P. O. 
Parkhill, Ont. Farmer ; Believers ch. (Vlll) Mary 
Ann Arrand, born Mar. 5, 1875 ; died Mar. 14, 1875. 
(VIM) Salena Arrand, b. May 8, 1876. (VIM) Oliver 
Arrand, born Aug. 30, 1877. (Vlll) Annie Melvina 
Arrand, born Dec. 13, 1878. (Vlll) Richard James 
Arrand, born Apr. 29, 1880. (Vlll) Norman Arrand, 
b. Oct 25, 1886 ; d. Apr. 25, 1887. (Vlll) P:thel May 
Arrand, b. Dec. 24, 1888. 

VII. Catharine Mo3'er, 1^. Mar. 22, 1849 ; mrd. Isaac 
Say lor May 2, 187 1. P. O. Niagara Falls, N. Y. 
Children : (Vlll) Margaret Ann Saylor, born Aug. 3, 
1872; (Vlll) Eva Bell Saylor, born May i, 1874; 
(Vlll) Flora Etta Saylor, b. Oct. i, 1876 ; d. Nov. 11, 
1876. (Vlll) Catharine Saylor, born July 3, 1878 
(Vlll) Hattie Saylor, b. July 5, 1884; d. Sept. 23, 1884. 

VII. Anna Moyer, b. 1850 ; d. Sept. 21, 1881. S. 

VII. John Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., June 7, 
1853 ; mrd. Esther Saylor Dec. 21, 1876. She died 
May 5, 1883. P. O. Wardsville, Ont. Farmer; 
Menus. Children : (Vlll) Isaac Ervine Moyer, born 
Nov. 6, 1877 ; d. Aug. 8, 1878. (Vlll) Emma Grace 
Moyer, born June 14, 1880. (Vlll) Mabel Bernice 
Moyer, b. June 12, 1879. (Vlll) Cora Esther Moyer, 
born Feb. 23, 1883. 

John mrd. second wife Margaret Smith Apr. 18, 
1888. Children: (Vlll) Rosinea Irene Moyer, born 
Dec. 29, 1889; (Vlll) Dilman Ernest Moyer, l)orn 
April 18, 1893. 

VII. vSamuel Moyer, b. Dec. 26, 1855. P.O. Wards- 
ville, Ont. Farmer ; Meth. Single. 

VII. Susanna Moyer, b. Apr. 20, 1858 ; mrd. Robert 
Arrand Dec. 20, 1877. P.O. Ferguson, Ont. Farmer ; 
Ch. of God. Children : (Vlll) Wilbert, born Oct. 22, 
1878 ; Mary, b. Mar. 19, 188 1 ; George, b. Aug. 18, 

— 252— ^ 

1884; Margaret, bom Oct. 9, 1886; Minnie, boni 
April 26, 1889. 
VII. Lucinda Moyer, died Aug. 1891. Single. 

VI. Abraham H. Mo3'er, born Jan. 21, 1822 ; mrd. 
Barbara Albright Feb. 4, 1845. P.O. Cashmere, Ont. 
Children : Mary, John, Catharine, Barbara, Susanna^ 
Anna, Sarah, Noah, Charlotte, Samuel, Mary. 

VII. Mary Margaret Moyer, b. Nov. 9, 1845 ; died 
September 14, 1848. 

VII. John William Moyer, born Nov. i, 1847 5 ^^^^^ 
April 13, 1850. 

VII. Catharine Moyer, born in Haldimand Co., Ont., 
Feb. 23, 1849 ; mrd. Daniel Hoover Dec. 22, 1869. 
P. O. Selkirk, Ont. Farmer ; Menns. Children : 
(VIII) Abram Erwin Hoover, born June 23, 1871. 
Farmer. Menn. (VIII) Rozetta Hoover, b. Sept. 28, 
1876. Menn. (VIII J Jacob Hoover, born June 14, 
1878. (VIII) Minnie Hoover, boni June 27, 1880. 
(VIII) Jennie Maud Hoover, b. Oct. 9, 1886. 

VII. Barbara Moyer, bom Dec. 20, 1850 ; married 
Frederick Strieker. 

VII. Susanna Moyer, b. Mar. 20, 1853 ; mrd. Aaron 
CarnsAug. 26, 1869. P.O. Wardsville, Ont. Farmer. 
Children: (VIII) Minnie Carns, bom Apr. 13, 1870; 
d. June 1870. (VIII) Infant, b. Aug. 13, 187 1 ; died 
August 20, 1 87 1. 

Vll. Anna A. Moyer, born at South Cayuga, Ont.» 
Dec. II, 1855 ; mrd. Moses Hoover July 11, 1877. 
P. O. Selkirk, Ont. Farmer ; Menns. One child : 
(VIII) Osbom Hoover, born April 9, 1878. 

Vll. Sarah J. Moyer, b. Feb. 26, 1857 ; mrd. Glen 
Arthur Boughner in 1884. He was b. Aug. 23, 1858. 
P.O. St. Thomas. Merchant. Children: (VIII) Ethel 
Boughner, born Dec. 25, 1884 ; (VIH) William Glen 
Boughner, born Mar. 20, 1886 : died Dec. 25, 1886. 
(VIM) Ora Rubina Boughner, l3orn June 2. 1892. 

Vll. Noah Moyer, b. Dec. 29, 1858 ; d. Feb. 4, 1861. 

Vll. Charlotte Mo3'er, b. Dec. 13. i860 ; mrd. Edwin 
Hoover in 1878. P. O. Selkirk. Ont. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children: (VIII) Barbara Elizabeth Hoover, 
born Feb. 23, 1879. Menn. (Vlllj Edwin F^gbert 
Hoover, bom March 7, 1883. 

— 253 — 

VII. Samuel A. Moyer, born Sept. 21, 1862 ; mrd. 
Mary Ann Lilb' Jan. i, 1884. ^he was b. July 21, 
1866. P. O. Bothwell, Ont. Thresher. Children : 
(VIII) Forest Dell Moyer, b. Aug. 4, 1886; rVIII) Nettie 
Elizabeth Moyer, born July 7, 1888. 

VII. Mary Magdalena Moyer, b. Feb. 2, 1865 ; mrd. 
Robert J. Mills Sept. 22, 1892. P.O. Bothwell, Ont. 

VI. Joseph H. Moyer, b. Jan. i, 1824 ; mrd. Cath- 
arine Moyer. P. O. Campden, Ont. Farmer. Lost 
an arm in a threshing machine in 1868. Children : 
Barbara, Sarah, Noah, Catharine, James, Charlotte, 

VII. Barbara Moyer, born April 25, 1850 ; died 
March 24, 1852. 

VII. Sarah Moyer, born P"eb. 4, 1853 ; mrd. William 
Fellman April 10, 1877. P. O. Beamsville, Ont. 
Farmer. Children : (VIII) Alice, b. Mar. 10, 1878 ; 
Ada, b. Aug. 29, 1880 ; Lottie, b. May 4, 1885. 

VII. Noah Moyer, b. Mar. 16, 1855 ; died May 17, 
1889 ; mrd. Rebecca Say lor Nov. 9, 1877. Onechild : 
(VIII) Orvil H. Moyer, born May 28, 1881. 

VII. Catharine M. Moyer, born Nov. 5, 1857 ; died 
August 6, 1888. 

VII. James Moyer, born Feb. 13, i860; mrd. Nancy 
Cressman May 23, 1893. P. O. Campden, Ont. 

VII. Charlotte Moyer, b. Oct. 23, 1864 ; mrd. Nelson 
S. Stauffer October 14, 1885.^ P. O. Chicago, 111. 
Carpenter. Children : (VIII) Lenora Stauffer, born 
Aug. 10, 1886 ; (VIII) Clara Stauffer, b. Sept. 10, 
1889 ; d. Oct. 25, 1891. (VIII) Joseph Roy Stauffer, 
born June 13, 1893. 

VII. Deborah Moyer, born August 22, 1869. 

VI. Peter Moyer, b. Apr. 2, 1826; d. Oct. 1826. 

VI. Samuel H. Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
June 23, 1827 ; d. Sept. 11, 1894 ; mrd. Magdalena 
Moyer Mar. 25, 185 1. Farmer ; Menus. Children: 
Isaac, Albert, Levi. 

VII. Isaac Moyer, b. Dec. 27, 1851 ; d. Nov. 11, 1862. 
VII. Albert Moyer, born in Haldimand Co., Ont., 

Sept. 3, 1854 ; mrd. Anna Link, of South Cayuga. 
She died Mar. 26, 1893. One child : (VIII) Edward 
Whitmore Mo3''er, born Jan. 10, 1893. 

— 254— ^, 

VII. Levi Moyer, lx)rn in Lincoln Co., Ont., Nov. 5, 
1864 ; married Maggie May Claus Nov. 27, 1880. 
P. O. Jordan, Ont. Farmer ; Baptist. One child : 
(VIII) Ira Moyer, b. Oct. 2, 1891. 

VI. Andrew Moyer, b. June 1829 ; died Dec. 1829. 

V. Catharine Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Jan. 13, 
1800 ; died Aug. 3, 1876 ; mrd. Jacob B. Moyer. 
(See Ind. of Ref. No. 156.) 

V. Abraham T. Moyer, better known as ' ' Waterloo 
Abe," was born in Lincoln county, Ont., in 
1 80 1, on the old homestead between the Menno- 
nite church and the lake. Along with his brothers 
and sisters he attended the little school near home, 
where he learned to read the German Biljle as 
well as to write German. Later in life by personal 
application he learned to read and write English, and 
became a very intelligent and well informed man. 
When nearly 2 1 ^-ears of age he married Elizabeth 
Swartz, who, when 17 years of age, came from West- 
moreland county. Pa., on horseback. They at once 
settled on the old homestead, where they spent the 
next ten years, when he sold their half of the farm 
and moved to Waterloo county. After a stay of four 
3^ears they sold their farm and returned to the 
"Twenty." It was this experience in Waterloo that 
earned for him the cognomen ' ' Waterloo Abe. ' ' In 
1848 he bought the Fisher farm, locally known as the 
"Ice Springs," situated at the foot of the mountains, 
near Beamsville, where they spent the rest of their 
days, she dying in 1876 and he in 18S1. 

"Waterloo Abe" was a man of noble appearance, 
fine physique, even erect and graceful at 80. At 70 
he could easily outrun the average young man for 
100 yards. But he was no sport ; on the contrar\' his 
life and conduct were characteristically that of a 
Christian. When 80 years of age he was still pre- 
centor of the old Mennonite church, which office he 
held for over 40 3'ears, and filled it most acceptably. 
As a Mennonite he could tolerate no departure from 
their established rules and customs. He always wore 
the same cut of a coat, " swallow tail," "Latz Hosen" 
and " plug" hat, all of which were kept scrupulously 

— 255 — 

clean and neat. Meclianicall}^ he was gifted. He 
could make a pair of shoes, a grain cradle, a tub or 
pail, or frame a building ; in short, his mechanical 
ability seemed to be unlimited and proved of great 
benefit both to himself and friends. 

In common, with many of his generation and not 
a few of his next, he was guilty of a pardonable 
superstition. Peas, various grains and seeds were of 
choice sown in the proper ' ' sign. ' ' With him happen- 
ings angered for good or ill. He was even looked upon 
by many as being possessed of secret knowledge 
that rendered him able to stop pain, bleeding, fire, 
bots in horses, etc. Of this man we know nothing 
but what is good and commendable. Oh ! that his 
spirit might be perpetuated in the lives of his descen- 
dants. Children : Andrew, Jonas, George, Tilman. 

VI. Andrew Mover, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Feb. 6, 
1823 ; died in St. Clair Co., Mich., Sept. 19, 1887 ; 
mrd. Esther Shirk June 5, 1849. She was born in 
York Co., Ont., Aug. 8, 1824 ; died in Port Huron, 
Mich., Oct. 20, 1892. Painter ; Menus. Children : 
Emma, Emaline, Maria, Abraham, Elizabeth, Aaron, 
Esther, Christina, Martha. 

VII. Emma Moyer, born Februar}' 21, 1850 ; died 
March 4, 1850. 

Vil. Emaline Mo3'er, born near Campden, Ont., 
June 16, 185 1 ; mrd. Josiah Myers, of Baden, Ont., 
October 27, 1874. P. O. Eangdon, N. D. Farmer ; 
Ev. Ass'n. Children : (VIII) Annie Maria Myers, b. 
Aug. 28, 1875 ; mrd. Gordon Ulch. P. O. Lang- 
don, N. D. Farmer; Evan. Ass'n. fVIII) Sylvester 
Hewson Myers, b. Sept. 28, 1877. (VIII) Elva Myers, 
b. Oct. II, 1879. (VIII) Mary Alice Mj^ers, b. May 4, 
1882. (VIII) Emily Clara Myers, born Nov. 13, 1884. 
(VIII) Curtis Myers, b. Oct. '13, 1887 ; died July 11, 
1888. (VIII) Ettie Myers, born May 2, 1889. ^Vlll) 
Rhoda M3^ers, born December 21, 1892. 

VII. Maria Moyer, born June 12, 1853 i ^- I^^b. 18, 
1882, at Cedar Springs, Kent Co., Ont. Single. 

VII. Abraham Moyer, b. Feb. 9, 1855 ; d. aged 6 mo. 

VII. Elizabeth Moyer, b. Oct. 7, 1856. P. O. Ann 
Arbor, Mich. Single. 

- 256 - ,, , 

VII. Aaron S. Moyer, b. at Gormley, York Co., Ont., 
June 15, 1858 ; married Mary Florence Leadlay, at 
Toronto, Ont., Sept. 17, 1890. Res. 1 124 Ward St., 
Port Huron, Mich. Carpenter ; Mrs. Moyer, Bap. 
Children: (VIII ) Geraldine Eleanor, b. at Port Huron, 
Mich., Aug. 9, 1891 ; Nellis Roy, born at Newton 
Brook, Ont., Apr. 20, 1893. 

VII. Esther Moyer, born June 12, 186 1. P. O. Port 
Huron, Mich. Single. 

VII. Christina Moyer, born Dec. 20, 1864 ; mrd. 
William H. Leadlay. 

VII. Martha Moyer, bom May 18, 1866. P. O. Ann 
Arbor, Mich. 

VI. Jonas Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Oct. 17, 
1826 ; mrd. Esther Mo3^er Oct. 5, 1856. The subject 
of this sketch was born on the same farm in Lincoln 
county, Ont., upon which his father first saw the light 
of day. The early part of his life was spent with his 
father on the farm. After marriage he settled upon 
his father's homestead and devoted his attention to 
farming. Sixteen years later the}^ moved to Waterloo 
count}^ where most of the famiU^ still reside. Like 
most members of this branch of the Moyer famih^ he 
was passionately fond of horses, and was quite an 
authority on methods of management and treatment 
of diseases appertaining to them. He is now at 68, 
in active, vigorous health, such as would give chances 
for a ver}^ long life. Mrs. Moyer, Evan. Ass'n. 
Children : Menno, Sylvester, Elizabeth, Morgan, 
Jonas, Annie, Alice. 

VII. Menno Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Sept. i, 
1857 ; mrd. Magdalena Louisa Hesse. She was born 
Apr. 14, 1 86 1. P.O. St. Catharines, Ont. Carpenter ; 
Luth. Children : Annie Margaret, William Angus, 
Sylvester Edward, Bertha Elizabeth, Enuna Jane, 
Simon Menno. 

VII. Sylvester Moyer is a native of Lincoln Co., Ont., 
having been born near Beamsville, on the homestead 
of his grandfather, Feb. 20, 1859. At 14 years of age 
he, with his parents, moved to Waterloo county, where 
he still resides. Necessity having taught him industry 
and frugality, early in life he became the source of 

Sylvester Mover, D. D. S. 

See Page 256. 

— 257 — 

no little assistance to his parents. By steadily pur- 
suing a regular course of private study he in due time 
secured a second-class and soon after a first-class 
teachers' certificate, as well as a diploma from the 
art school of Toronto. He continued in his chosen 
profession for ten years, when, tempted b}' mercenary 
motives, he entered upon the study of dentistry, and 
is now practicing in the town of Gait, Ont. Dr. 
Moyer has the honor of being examiner in operative 
dentistry in the Toronto University and the Dental 
College. He was married to Jennie Hunter Oct. 12, 
1886. P. O. Gait, Ont. Presby. Children : Leslie 
Clare, Alice Maud. 

VII. Elizabeth Moyer, b. Feb. 22, i86r ; mrd. Levi 
H. Stauffer. P. O. Breslau, Ont. Farmer ; Cosmo- 
politan ch. No issue. 

VII. Morgan Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Nov. 16, 
1863 ; mrd. Marguerite Florence Bain, dau. of Frank 
Bain, Feb. i, 1888. P.O. St. Catharines, Ont. Real 
estate agent and dealer in suburban city property ; 
attends Meth. ch. Children : (VIII) Hazel Estella, 
b. Nov. 29, 1888 ; Marguerite Olive, b. Dec. 10, 1891. 

VII. Simon Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Feb. 20, 
1866 ; killed by lightning Aug. 1 1, 1892 ; mrd. Lydia 
Ann Snyder. Mr. Moyer and his brother-in-law, 
Allen Eb}^ were plowing in a field, when suddenly 
a storm came up. They took shelter under a tree, 
when they were struck by lightning and both instantly 
killed. Their wives, running out to see if any barns 
were struck, saw the horses running around the field 
and went to learn the cause. They soon noticed a tree 
smoking, went to it and saw their husbands lying one 
on each side of it with feet nearly' touching each other. 
United Brethren. One child : Elva (dec'd). 

VII. Jonas A. Moyer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
May 30, 1869 ; married Charlotte McGuinn April 21, 
1 89 1. She was b. Feb. 14, 1874. P. O. St. Thomas, 
Ont. Train Baggageman on Canadian Pacific Rail- 
way ; Presby. One child : (VIII) Elva Moj^er, born 
in St. Thomas, Ont., June 22, 1892. 

VII. Annie Moyer, b. Aug. 8, 1873. P- O. Berhn, 
Ont. Baptist. 

-25S- , 

VII. Alice Moyer, b. Aug. 5, 1876 ; d. Feb. 28, 1881. 

VI. George Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., in 1832 ; 
mrd. Elizabeth Albright in 1853. P- O- Berlin, Ont. 
Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : Delilah, Fannie, 
Lncinda, Mary. 

VII. Delilah Moyer, b. Nov. 23, 1856 ; died June 30, 
1890. Single. 

VII. Fannie Moj^er, b. Ma}' 10, 1863 ; mrd. George 
Overholt. P. O. Campden, Ont. Farm laborer ; 
Evan. Ass'n. One child : (VIII j Addison Overholt 
(dec'd), born June 20, 1894. 

VII. Lucinda Moyer, born Januar}' 7, 1868 ; married 
Addison Stauffer. Bookkeeper ; Meth. Ep. Chil- 
dren : Rosanna, Grace, Floyd. 

VII. Mar}' Ann Moyer, born Jan. i, 1878. 

VI. Tilman S. Moyer, b. about 1836 ; mrd. Elizabeth 
Moyer November 1861. P. O. St. Catharines, Ont. 
Teamster ; Ev. Ass'n. Children : Mary, Arminta, 

VII. Mary C. Mo3'er, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Sept. 5, 
1862 ; married Wilber S. Rose July i, 1889. P. O. 
Berlin, Ont. Teacher and life insurance agent ; 
Meth. Children : (Vlll) Wilbur David Rose, born 
Mar. II, 1891 ; Ethel Mary, born Nov. 9, 1892. 

VII. Arminta Jane Moyer, b. Nov. 11, 1866 ; married 
Wesley Parr in 1893. P. O. Tintern, Ont. Farmer ; 

VII. Sarah Adelaid Moyer, born December 14, 1868. 
Teacher. Single. 

V. Jacob E. Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., in 1805 ; 
died in 1890. He was familiarly known as " Tinker 
Jake," which name was applied to him on account of 
liis skill with tools. He was a carpenter and cooper 
by trade, which he followed in connection with farm- 
ing. Lived on the " Fly " road, near Campden, Ont. 
He married Magdalena Moyer. Menus. Children : 
Salome, Barbara, David. Jacob married second wife 
Barbara Gehman. Children : Sarah, Allen, Tilman, 
Catharine, Christian, John. 

VI. Salome Moyer, mrd. John Kratz (dec'd). Farmer; 
Menus. Children : Alma, Mary, Maggie, Jacob, 
Barbara, Sarah, Susan. Salome mrd. second husband 

— 259 — 

Christian Hunsberger. Salome mrd. third husband 
John H. Mo3'er. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 157.) 

VII. Alma Kratz, married Solomon Overholt. (See 
Index of References No. 158.) 

VII. Mary Kratz, married Thomas Kasterbrook. 

VII. Maggie Kratz, married Alfred Warder. 

VII. Jacob M. Kratz, born June i, 1859. 

VII. Barbara Kratz, born 1861 ; died 1863. 

VII. Sarah Kratz, born 1864 ; died 1865. • 

VII. Susan Kratz, b. Sept. 10, 1866 ; mrd. Franklin 
H. Eckhardt Dec. 16, 1885. P. O. Campden, Ont. 
Painter ; Evan. Ass'n. Children : (VIII) Lena Eck- 
hardt, born April 23. 1887 ; (VIII) Salome Eckhardt, 
b. April 8, 1890 ; d. Sept. i.i, 1891. 

VI. Barbara Moyer, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Nov. 22, 
1828 ; married Samuel I. Moyer. (See Index of 
References No. 159.) 

VI. David Moyer (dec'd), married Catharine Moyer. 
No issue. 

VI. Sarah Moyer, born Feb. 23, 1847 ; married Isaac 
Rittenhouse. (See Index of References No. 160.) 

VI. Allen G. Moyer, b. April 28, 1848 ; d. Oct. 4, 
1893 J iTird. Dinah Rittenhouse Feb. 9, 1871. She 
died May 19, 1883. Children : (Vll) Milton Moyer, 
b. Feb. 22, 1872; d. Oct. 31, 1875. (Vll) Ada Moyer, 
b. Aug. 8, 1875. (Vll) Laura Moyer, born Oct. 10, 
1877. (Vll) Lottie Moyer, b. Dec. 16, 1881. 

Allen mrd. second wife Ida J. Fegan March 31, 
1884. P. O. Jordan, Ont. Nurseryman ; Menu. Br. 
in Christ. Children : (Vll) Allen R. Moyer, born 
June 10, 1885 ; Nellie J., b. July 3, 1886 ; Elva E., 
born August i, 1888. 

VI. Dilman G. Moyer, born Dec. 18, 1852 ; married 
Susanna Shantz April 9, 1876. She d. Aug. 9, 1881. 
Children : (Vll) Milton S. Moyer, b. May 14, 1878 ; 
(Vll) Susanna S. Moyer, born Aug. 24, 1881 ; died 
September 9, 1881. 

Dilman married second wife Margaret Hippie 
April 4, 1882. She was born Aug. 6, 1856. P. O. 
Bridgeport, Ont. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : 
(Vll) Eva H. Moyer, b. June 19, 1883 ; Gordon, born 
Jan. 27, 1885 ; Ida, born July 8, 1886; Ethel, born 

— 26o — 

June 17, 1887 ; Katie, b. March 30, 1890; Herschel, 
born December 22, 1892. 

VI. Catliarine G. Moyer, died Feb. 27, 1885 ; mrd. 
Franklin Hoiiser. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 161.) 

VI. Christian G. Moyer, born in Lincohi Co., Ont., 
Feb. 15, 1859 ; married Emma High Oct. 29, 18S4. 
P. O. Campden, Ont. Laborer ; Evan. Ass'n. Chil- 
dren : (VII) Enoch, b. Nov. 2, 1885 ; Elmer, born 
June 9, 1889 ; Cora, b. Aug. 19, 1891. 

VI. John G. Moyer, born Dec. 27, i86r ; mrd. Annie 
E. Housser October 3, 1892. P. (3. Campden, Ont. 
Farmer ; Evan. Ass'n. 

V. Maria Moyer, mrd. Jacob High. No issue. 

IV. Heinrich Meyer, b. in Bucks Co. Oct. 27, 1774 ; 
d. Oct. 19, 1857 ; married Salome Stover. She was 
b. in Berks Co. Nov. 11, 1771 ; died Jan. 27, 1855. 
Farmer and weaver in Hilltown Twp. ; deacon in 
Mennonite church. P. O. Blooming Glen, Pa. Chil- 
dren : Catharine, Mar}^ John, Samuel, Henr3\ 

V. Catharine Mo^'er, b. Aug. 29, 1796 ; d. Aug. 27, 
1862 ; mrd. Joseph W. Rosenberger. He was born 
March 20, 1801 ; died August 3, 1875. Children : 
Salome (dec'd), mrd. Samuel Seiple ; Henry (dec'd), 
John, Isaac (dec'd), mrd. Crouthamel. 

V. Mary Moyer, b. April 9, 1800; d. Oct. 2, 1885 ; 
mrd. Jacob Hunsberger. He was born June 8, 1788 ; 
died March 29, 1878. Elder in Mennonite church. 
Children : Salome, Esther, Mar}^ Anna, Henry. 

VI. Salome Hunsberger, b. Jan. 30, 1820 ; d. Jan. 31, 
1892 ; mrd. Samuel W. Moyer. (See Ind of Ref. 
No. 162.) 

VI. Esther Hunsberger (dec'd), born Oct. 9, 1824 ; 
mrd. Rev. Abraham F. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. 
No. 163.) 

VI. Mary Hunsberger, mrd. F^nos W. Moj^er. (See 
Ind. of Ref. No. 164.) 

VI. Anna Hunsberger, mrd. Abraham G. Moj-er. 
(See Ind. of Ref. No. 165.) Anna married second 
husband William S. Moyer. (See Index of References 
No. 165.) 

VI. Henry M. Hunsberger, born Nov. 6, 1831 ; died 
Mar. 13,1873 ; mrd. Anna S. Angeny. Shed. Feb. 18, 


1863. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Mary, i\manda. 
Henry nird. second wife Anna D. Moj^er. 

VII. Mary Emma Hunsberger, born April 17, 1858 ; 
died April 17, 1876. 

VII. Amanda A. Hunsberger, b. Dec. 26, 1861 ; mrd. 
Alfred D. Long April 22, 1880. P. O. Blooming 
Glen, Pa. Luth. Children: (VIII) Delia May, born 
Jan. 31, 1881 ; Clarence E., born June 26, 1886 ; 
Wallace E., born July 27, 1889 ; Anna Ruth, born 
April 23, 1892. 

V. John S. Mo3^er, born in Bucks Co. Dec. 30, 1804 ; 
d. Mar. 6, 1883 ; mrd. Anna Yeakel Nov. 10, 1829. 
She was born Mar. 30, 1805 ; died Oct. 15, 1874. 
Children : Henry, Mar}^ Salome. John mrd. second 
wife Hannah Moyer (nee Hunsickerj Apr. 28, 1878. 
In early life Mr. Moyer was a sawyer and farmer, 
later a merchant and kept the store at Blooming Glen 
(then called old Perkasie), from 1850 to 1867. He 
was Assessor of Hilltown township for two years, and 
a director of the Souderton bank from its start until 
his death. He was a trustee of the Perkasie Menno- 
nite meetinghouse until his death, and was at one 
time nominated for elder of the church, but the lot 
fell to Jacob Hunsberger. Afterwards he was nom- 
inated for the ministry, but again the lot falling to 
Isaac Overholt. 

VI. Henry Y. Moyer, b. in Hilltown Twp. , Bucks Co. , 
Sept. 12, 1830 ; mrd. Elizabeth Fisher Apr. 30, 1855. 
P. O. Doylestown, Pa. Mr. Moyer remained at home 
with his father in the store at Blooming Glen until 
1865, when he went to Plumsteadville and kept the 
store at that place for two 3^ears, then returned home 
to Blooming Glen and kept store there two years, 
then sold out, and in 1871 went to Doylestown, 
where he engaged in the jewelry business as successor 
to Yeakel & Spellier for twelve years, and since then 
he has been in the dry goods and notion business. 
Mennonites. Children: (VII) Infant son (stillborn); 
(VII) Carrie Moyer, born in Bucks Co. Jan. 27, 1873. 
P. O. Doylestowni, Pa. Graduate of the Doylestown 
Seminary and also of Peirce Business College, Phila. ; 
Presby. Single ( 1893 ). 

— 262 — 

VI. Mary Moyer, b. Dec. 9, 1831 ; mrd. Sassaman 
Fulmer. P. O. Blooming Glen, Pa. One child : 
Catharine (dec'd). 

VI. Salome Mo3'er, b. Jan. 6, 1836 ; d. Mar. 25, 1859 ; 
mrd. Joseph Johnson. One child : Henry (dec'd). 

V. Samuel S. Moyer, born November 17, 1807 ; died 
October 4, 1832. Single. 

V. Henry S. Moyer, b. Aug. 15, 1810; d. May 28, 
1882 ; married Maria Kratz Nov. 4, 1834. She was 
b. Mar. 4, 1814; d. June 2, 1842. Farmer. Chil- 
dren : Barbara, John. Henry married second wife 
Mary Clymer Jan. 6, 1844. She was born Nov. 29, 
1819 ; d. Nov. 25, 1864. Children : Henry, Abra- 
ham, Mary, Jacob, Amanda, Reuben. Henry married 
third wife Mary A. Yeakel Jan. 28, 1866. She was 
b. September 18, 1839. Children : Ellen, Hannah, 
Harvey, Erwin. 

VI. Barbara Moyer, b. June 26, 1836 ; d. March 3, 
1875 ; married John M. Hunsberger. (See Index of 
References No. 166.) Barbara mrd. second husband 
Jacob H. Moyer, S. S. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 166.) 

VI. John K. Moyer, born Oct. 22, 1838. Enlisted 
Aug. 23, 1862, in Company H., 138th Regt. Pa. Vol. 
He was wounded May 15, 1864, in the battle of the 
Wilderness, and died May 30, 1864, in Washington 
Hospital. His remains were brought home and buried 
in the Mennonite graveyard at Blooming Glen. 

VI. Henry C. Moyer, b. in Hilltown Twp. , Bucks Co. , 
Feb. 10, 1847 ; mrd. Sarah W. Goshow Feb. 12, 1876. 
She was born Sept. 24, 1853. P- O- Rich Hill, Pa. 
Children: (VII) John G. Moyer, born Oct. 3, 1877 ; 
(VII) Henry G. Moyer, b. July 7, 1879 ; (VII) Ellen 
Norah G. Moyer, b. July 29, 1881 ; (VII) Leidy G. 
Moyer, b. Nov. 16, 1883 ; (VII) x\nnie May Moyer, 
born Oct. 30, 1885 ; (VII) Franklin G. Moyer, born 
Sept. 28, 1890; died Apr. 3, 1892. (VII) Edwin G. 
Moyer, b. Mar. 25, 1893 ; ^- Sept. 12, 1893. 

VI. Abraham C. Moyer, b. in Hilltown, Bucks Co., 
Nov. 14, 1848 ; mrd. Mary R. Landis Nov. 20, 1879. 
She was b. in Hilltown Twp. Apr. 17, 1859. P. O. 
Dublin, Pa. Farmer; Menns. One child: (VII) Lillie 
L. Moyer, b. Aug. 14, 188 1. 

— 263 — 

VI. Mary Ann Moyer, b. in Bucks Co. Dec. 5, 1850 ; 
mrd. Levi Henry C. Shive Sept. 26, 1874. He was 
b. in Bedminster June 11, 1853. P. O. Churcli Hill. 
Shoemaker ; Luth. Children : (VII) William and 
Ellen M. Shive (twins), b. Jan. 30, 1875 ; William 
d. Mar. 20, 1876. (Vll) Maggie M. Shive, b. Mar. 6, 
1877. (Vll) Henry Irvin Shive, b. Jan. 5, 1880. 

VI. Jacob C. Moyer, b. in Bucks Co. Feb. 26, 1853 I 
mrd. Barbara Hockman Jan. 29, 1876. She was born 
Apr. 14, 1855. P.O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children: (Vll) Ellen H. Moyer, b. Aug. 20, 1878 ; 
Rosie H., b. Mar. 19, 1882 ; Sadie H., born Jan. i, 
1887 ; Bertha H., b. Dec. 25, 1891. 

VI. Amanda C. Moyer, b. in Bucks Co. July 6, 1856 ; 
mrd. Franklin K. Sine. He was b. Nov. 30, 1842. 
P.O. Bedminster, Pa. Farmer ; Ref. ch. Children : 
(Vll) Franklin M. Sine, b. June 27, 1881 ; d. May 21, 
1885. (Vll) Harvey M. Sine, born April 22, 1884. 
(Vll) Reuben M. Sine, b. Mar. 3, 1888. (Vll) Titus 
M. Sine, b. Oct. i, 1890. (Vll) Evan M. Sine, born 
December 27, 1892. 

VI. Reuben C. Moyer, born in Bucks Co. Mar. 30, 
i860; mrd. Lizzie J. Armstrong Mar. i, 1890. She 
was born in Northampton Co. June 10, 1868. P. O. 
Dublin, Pa. Farmer. One child : (Vll) Jennie A. 
Moyer, born April 30, 1892, 

VI. Ellen Y. Moyer, b. Jan. 17, 1867 ; mrd. Oswin 
B. Nase Dec. 24, 1892. He was born Nov. 27, 1872. 
P. O. Blooming Glen, Pa. Carpenter. One child : 
(Vll) Elsie M. Nase, b. Jan. i, 1894. 

VI. Hannah Y. Moyer, born Mar. 5, 1870 ; mrd. 
Milton K. Andrews Dec. 24, 1891. He was born 
June 9, 1 86 1. P. O. Bedminster, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menus. One child : (Vll) Clarence M. Andrews, b. 
October 17, 1892. 

VI. Harvey Y. Moyer, born Aug. 15, 1872. P. O. 
Dublin, Pa. 

VI. Ervin Y. Moyer, born March 30, 1875. 

III. Anna Meyer^^ (dec'd), b. July 4, 1736 ; married 

* She is erroneously stated in Kratz history as the daughter 
of Samuel Moyer. 

— 264—.^ 

John Kratz.-'' He was born in 1732 ; died in 18 12. 
Farmer in Hilltown Twp. , Bucks Co. They were 
members of the Mennonite church at Blooming Glen, 
where they are buried. He at one time owned the 
land on which Blooming Glen is built. Children: Chris- 
tian, Anna, Valentine, Jacob, Barbara, Magdalena. 

lY. Christian Kratz (dec'd), mrd. Catharine Geil. 
No issue. 
IV. Anna Kratz (dec'd j, mrd. John High. Xo issue. 

IV. Valentine Kratz, b. about 1754 ; d. in 1824 in 

his 65th year ; mrd. Lederach. Farmer. They 

emigrated to Canada in 1799 and settled in Lincoln 
Co., Ont. In 1801 the first Mennonite church, known 
as Moyer's church, was established in Canada, of 
which he was ordained minister the same year, and 
was the first Mennonite minister in Canada. Children: 
Anna, Mar}', Barbara, John, Susanna, Magdalena, 
Catharine, ElizaVjeth, Abraham. Margaret. 

V. Anna Kratz, b. Apr. 14, 1787 ; d. Nov. 20, 1848 ; 
mrd. Samuel Honsberger. Farmer; Menus. Children: 
vSusanna, Margaret, Samuel. 

V. Mary Kratz, b. Jan. 19, 1788 ; d. June 8, 1862 ; 
married Isaac Honsberger. He died Mar. 19, 1844. 
Miller and fanner ; Menus. Children : Anna, Mag- 
dalena, Henry, Valentine, Susan, Catharine. 

V. Barljara Kratz, born Nov. 15, 1789 ; d. Nov. 14, 
1878 ; mrd. Abraham Honsberger in 18 12. He was 
b. Apr. 5, 1788 ; d. Oct. 11, 1866. Farmer; Menus. 
Children : Isaac, Valentine, Abraham, John, Susanna, 
Michael, Jacob, Magdalena, William. 

V. John Kratz, b. in Bucks Co. Aug. 29, 1791 ; died 
Mar. 26, 1850 ; mrd. Magdalena Honsberger about 
1813. Farmer in Lincoln Co. , Out.; Menus. Chil- 

*Son of John Valentine Kratz, who was of a noble and 
titled family of Switzerland, that tlirou<^h reIi<i^ious persecution 
and exile lost their birthright. The family were driven to 
Alsace, and later John \'alenline Kratz emigrated to America. 
arrivin,i( on the ship "Friendship" October 16, 1727. His 
father, John Philip Kratz, was born October 8, 1665 ; died 
in 1746. (See Kratz history). 

For omitted records of descendants of John and Anna 
Kratz see Kratz history, pajjes 14-44. 

— 265 — 

dren : Valentine, Magdalena, John, Anna, Catharine, 
Susanna, Agnes, Elizabeth, Abraham, Christian, 

V. Susanna Kratz (dec'd), born in Bucks Co.; mrd. 
Abraham H. High. No issue. 

V. Magdalena Kratz, b. Apr. 2, 1795 ; d. Dec. 28, 
1873 ; mrd. Rev. Jacob Culp May 18, 18 19. Farmer, 
and for man}' j^ears a minister of the Mennonite church. 
Children: Elizabeth, Isaac, Valentine, Anna, Barbara, 
Susanna, Jacob. 

V. Catharine Kratz, b. Aug. 25, 1800 ; d. Mar. 25, 
1880. Single. 

V. Elizabeth Kratz (dec'd), mrd. John Honsberger. 
Children : Jacob, John, Valentine, Abraham, Daniel, 
vSamuel, Enos, Joseph. 

V. Abraham Kratz, b. Oct. 3, 1805 ; died Sept. 30, 
1885 ; mrd. Mar}^ Swartz Dec. 17, 1826. She was 
born 1809 ; died 1872. Farmer ; Menus. He was 
ordained deacon in 1835. Children : Andrew, Chris- 
tian, Anna, Isaac, Jacob, Barh)ara, Mary, Abraham, 
Elizabeth, Margaret, Joseph, Catharine, Ephraim. 

V. Margaret Kratz, b. Feb. 23, 1808 ; d. Apr. 15, 
1875 ; mrd. Rev. Daniel High (dec'd) Dec. 20, 1826. 
He was born about 1805. Farmer and minister of 
the Mennonite church (ordained in 183 1). Children : 
Anna, Catharine, Daniel, Maria, Valentine, Jacob, 
John, Samuel, Catharine, Benjamin, Margaret, Jessa, 

IV. Jacob Kratz, b. Feb. 5, 1771 ; d. about 1823 ; 

married Latshaw. Farmer ; lived on the old 

homestead near Blooming Glen. Children: Abraham, 
Catharine, Jacob, John. Barbara, Elizabeth, Maria. 

V. Abraham Kratz, mrd. Catharine, dau. of Martin 
Fretz. Farmer ; Menus. No issue. 

V. Catharine Kratz, b. May 30, 1809 ; d. May 8, 
1891 ; mrd. Jacob S. Yeakel in 1829. He d. May 5, 
1864. Weaver and farmer. Children: Samuel, Mary, 
John, Catharine. 

V. Jacob Kratz, born in Bucks Co. August 13, 181 1 ; 
d. Feb. I, 1872 ; married Catharine Wismer. In May 
1839 they moved to Wayne Co. , O. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children: Samuel, Maria, Reuben, Henry, Jacob, Lee. 

— 266 — 

VI. Samuel Kratz, b. in Pa. in 1836. P.O. Acme, O. 
Farmer ; Menn. Single. 

VI. Maria Kratz, b. Sept. 17, 1840 ; mrd. John C. 
Steinerin 1863. P.O. Sterling, O. Farmer; Menns. 
Children : Reuben, Edwin, Kate, Har^^ey, Alice, 
Franklin, Lizzie. 

VI. Reuben N. Kratz, born Jul}' 2, 1845 ; married 
Amanda M. Miller, of Akron, O., Sept. 11, 1873. 
Register of U. S. ofiice at Mitchell, S. Dak.; Meth. 
Ep. Children : Frank (dec'd), Fred, Carl. 

VI. Henry Elkton Kratz, M. A., Ph. D., b. Oct. 14, 
1849 ; mrd. Lizzie M. Deal, of Bucyrus, O., July 19, 
1876. Superintendent of Sioux City schools, Iowa. 
Methodist Ep. Children: Horace (dec'd), Bessie, 
Arthur, Edward. 

VI. Jacob Kratz, born Feb. 7, 1855 ; married Acelia 
Kindig March i, 1876. P. O. Shepherd, Mich. 
Farmer ; Meth. Ep. Children : Anna, Harvey, 
infant (dec'd). 

VI. Lee G. Kratz, bom July 27, 1858 ; mrd. Frankie 
Curtis Nov. 30, 1887. Director of vocal music in the 
Omaha University, Neb.; Meth. Ep. No issue. 

IV. Barbara Kratz, mrd. David High. No issue. 

IV. Magdalena Kratz, b. Aug. 30, 1776; d. Jan. 9, 
1840 ; mrd. Abraham Fretz. (See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 167.) 

III. Maria Meyer (dec'd), b. Nov. 30, 1738 ; married 
Martin Detweiler. Farmer. He purchased his farm 
of 159 acres frc^m Jacob Stump and wife in 1774. 
The farm lay adjoining the homestead farm of hi.s 
father-in-law, Christian Meyer, Jr. Menns. Chil- 
dren : Christian, Isaac, Samuel. Hannah, Susainia, 
Maria, Abraham, Sarah, Bar1)ara, Joseph, Benjamin, 

IV. Christian Detweiler, born August 3, 1772 ; died 
August 20, 1843 ; mrd. Elizabetli Reiff. Foamier. 
He purchased the homestead farm of 159 acres with 
improvements May 28, 1798, of his father, Martin 
Detweiler, and wife Maria. In later 3'ears he built a over at the road, and cut off from his farm 43 
acres to it for his .son-in-law, Benjamin Landis. The 
old homestead of Christian Detweiler is now owned 


by Jacob L. Moyer. Menus. Children : Joseph, 
EHzabeth, Mary, George, Sarah, Ann, Hannah. 

V. Joseph Detweiler, b. Oct. 26, 1797 ; d. July i, 
1861 ; mrd. Elizabeth Alderfer. Shed. 1875. Farmer. 
Children : (VI) Mary Detweiler, married Aaron God- 
shall. Children : Jonas, Elizabeth, Reuben (dec'd). 
(VI) Daniel Detweiler, died young. (Vl) John Det- 
weiler, married Mary Leatherman. Children : Jacob, 
Elizabeth, Albert, Joseph, Granville. (VI J Jacob 
Detweiler. (VI) Elizabeth Detweiler, married Jacob 
Bishop. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 168.) (VI) George 
Detweiler, mrd. Esther Eckert. P. O. Dublin, Pa. 
Children : Abraham, Allen, Joseph, Amanda, Pearson, 
William, Sallie. (VI) Joseph A. Detweiler, married 
Sarah George. P. O. Hatfield, Pa. Children : 
Reuben, Angeline, Frank, Emma, Allen, Mary, 
Rosa, William (dec'd), Anna, Edward. (Vl) Sarah 
Detweiler, mrd. Gideon Stover. P. O. Dublin, Pa. 
Children: Henry (dec'd), Reuben (dec'd), Eizzie, 
Pierson, Ida (dec'd), Sallie. (VI) Jacob' A. Det- 
weiler, mrd. Hannah George. P. O. Blooming Glen, 
Pa. Children : Henry, Enos, Mary, Milton, Diana 
(dec'd), Ella, Wilson, Frank, Emma, Sallie, Katie, 
Hattie (dec'd), Howard. 

V. Elizabeth Detweiler, b. Mar. 14, 1800 ; d. Jan. i, 

1885 ; nird. Michael Young. One child : (VI) Jacob 
Young, mrd. Kate Markley. P. O. Harleysville, Pa. 
Children: Jonas (dec'd), Lizzie, Mary. 

V. Mary Detweiler, b. Jan. 6, 1803 ; died May 21, 

1886 ; mrd. Benjamin Landes. Children : Elizabeth, 
Lena, Jacob, Benjamin, Sallie, Mar)'. 

VI. Elizabeth Landis, b. Sept. 9, 1829 ; mrd. George 
Hangeyin 1847. He wash, in 1827. P. O. Harleys- 
ville, Pa. Carpenter ; Ger. Bap. Children : Cath- 
arine, Mary, Barbara, Benjamin, Michael, Elizabeth, 

VII. Catharine Hangey, b. Oct. 10, 1847. Single. 
VII. Mary Hangey, b. Mar. 1852 ; died in 1854. 

VII. Barbara L. Hangey, b. May 18, 1854 5 niarried 
Milton Brey Mar. 16, 1873. P. O. Harleysville, Pa. 
Dunkards. Children : (VIII) Katie H. Brey, born 
Feb. 3, 1874 ; d. Feb. 16, 1874. (VIII) George H. 

— 268 — 

Brey, born Sept. 8, 1875 ; died September 17, 1880. 
(VH'l) Lizzie H. Brey, b. July 10, 1878 ; d. Sept. 26, 
1880. (VIII) Harvey H. Brey, born October 3, 1882. 
(VIII) William H. Brey, born Feb. 5, 1886 ; died 
August I, 1886. 

VII. Benjamin Hangey, b. Sept. 1856 ; mrd. Amanda 
Umstead. P. O. Harleysville, Pa. Children : Albert, 

VII. Michael Hangey, b. Dec. 1859; died 1881. 

VII. EHzabeth Hangey, b. Nov. 17, 1861. Single. 

VII. Lydia L. Hangey, b. Nov. 15, 1864. Single. 

VI. Lena Landis, born Aug. 17, 1830 ; died Feb. 14, 
1873 ; married John Snyder. Children : Nathaniel, 
Perry (dec'd). Lena mrd. second husband Nicholas 
Glosson. One child, died young. 

VI. Jacob Landis, married Eliza Conrad. 

VI. Benjamin Landis, mrd. Margaret Kindig. P. O- 
Hatfield, Pa. Children : Harvey, Lizzie, Sallie, 
infant, infant, John, Henry, Kate, Jacob (dec'd), 
Mary (dec'd), Maggie, Emma, Benjamin, Nettie 
(dec'd), infant, vSamuel, Carrie. 

VI. Sallie Landis, married Simeon Clemmer. P. O. 
Harleysville, Pa. Children: Benjamin (dec'd), 

VI. Mary Landis. Single. 

V. George R. Detweiler, born Jan. i, 1806; died 
Nov. 26, 1883 ; mrd. Mary Wisler. She d. Aug. 11, 
1890, aged 80 3'ears. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
(VI) Hannah Detweiler, born Sept. 7, 1832 ; married 
Jacob M. Detweiler. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 169.) 
(VI) Jacob \V. Detweiler, b. July 1837 ; mrd. Annie 
Althouse. Res. 852 North 26th St., Phila. Produce 
dealer ; Presby. Children : Amanda, Howard, Flora, 
Mamie, George. (VI) Mary W. Detweiler, married 
P^phraim M. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 170.) 

V. Sarah Detweiler, born April 8, 1809 ; d. Aug. 21, 
1884. Single. 

V. Ann Detweiler, born Feb. 13, 18 12 ; died Oct. 9, 
1857 ; mrd. John M. Hagey. (See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 171.) 

V. Hannah Detweiler, b. Apr. 9, 1815 ; d. Mar. 18. 

Jacob vS. Detweiler. 

See Page 273. 

— 269 — 

1893 ; married Abraham L. Moyer. (See Index of 
References No. 172.) 

IV. Isaac Detweiler (dec'd). 

IV. Samuel Detweiler, died June 12, 1853 ; married 
Anna Atherholt June 6, 1804. F'armer ; Menus. 
Children : (V) Mary Detweiler, married Abraham 
Fisher; (V) Christian Detweiler, b. Oct. 16, 1806; 
died in infancy. (V) Samuel Detweiler, born Feb. 17, 
1809 ; died in infancy. (V) Anna Detweiler, born 
April 8, 1810 ; married John L. Delp. Children : 
Abraham, George, Samuel. (V) Philip Detweiler, 
b. Nov. 6, 1812 ; d. in infanc\^ (V) Sarah Detweiler 
(dec'd), born iVpr. 13, 1816. Single. (V) Benjamin 
Detweiler, born August 22, 18 18 ; died in infanc}'. 
(V) Samuel A. Detweiler, born Jan. 17, 182 1 ; died 
Oct. 23, 1873 ; mrd. Magdalena Shaddinger Sept. 10, 
1845. Blacksmith ; Christian ch. Children : Joseph, 
Cla3'ton, Mary, Hannah, Edwin, Abia, Henr}', Anna, 

Samuel mrd. second wife Mary Fretz. Children : 
(V) Rebecca Detweiler, b. Sept. 5, 1827 ; d. 3'oung. 
(V) Rev. Abraham F. Detweiler, born in Bucks Co. 
April 26, 1829 ; mrd. Catharine Ann Kratz May 27, 
1855. P. O. Louisville, 111. Farmer and minister. 
He was ordained to the ministry of the Mennonite 
church about 1848, at Sterling, 111. Children : 
Roseannah, Catharine, Mar5^ Abraham. (Vj Henry 
F. Detweiler, b. in Bucks Co. Jan. 6, 1832 ; married 
Mary A. Hillyer Feb. 12, 1859. P. O. Axtell, Kan. 
Farmer ; Christian ch. Children : Eliza, Cassius, 
Benjamin, Oliver, Henry, Emma, Annie, Ida, Mar- 
garet, Jonas, Estella, Harvey. 

IV. Hannah Detweiler (dec'd), mrd. Henry Rosen- 
berger. Children : Jacob, Samuel, Mary, Christian, 

IV. Susanna Detweiler, married Isaac Rosenberger. 
Children : Martin, John, William, Isaac, Mary, 
Sarah, Elizabeth. 

IV. Maria Detweiler, married John Price. Children : 
Mary, Elizabeth, Joel, John, William, Daniel, Isaiah. 

IV. Abraham Detweiler, married Elizabeth Clemmer. 
Children : Martin, Henry, Hannah, Mary, Annie. 

2 70- 

IV. Sarah Detweiler, married John Rosenberger. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : Martin, Barbara, David, 
Mary, Samuel, Joseph, Sarah. 

IV. Joseph Detweiler, b. Mar. 3, 1792 ; d. Ma}^ 1853, 
at East Lewiston, O. ; married Mary Moyer Feb. 15, 
1 8 14. Stock dealer ; Menns. Children : William, 
Martin, Sarah, Samuel, Mary, Joseph, Hannah, 
Abraham, Eli, Henry. 

V. William Detweiler, born Feb. 13, 18 15. When a 
young man he went to California and Nevada. Stock 
and horse dealer. Supposed to be dead. Single. 

V. Martin Detweiler, b. Sept. 25, 1816 ; d. in 18 19. 

V. Sarah Detweiler, born October 14, 18 18 ; married 
Lewis Yoder. P. O. East Lewistown, O. Children : 
Hannah, Joseph, Thomas, Henry. 

V. Samuel Detweiler, born in Bucks Co. Nov. 17, 
1820 ; married Barbara Nold Sept. 7, 1851. P. O. 
Columbiana, O. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : 
Alevia, Jacob, Mary, Joseph, John, Kate, Sarah, 
Henry, Laura. 

VI. Alevia Detweiler, born in Mahoning Co., O., 
June 2, 1852 ; married Henr}' R. Newcomer Dec. 27, 
1877. P. O. Wadsworth, O. Farmer; Mennonites. 
Children : (VII) Katie Newcomer, b. Oct. 12, 1879 ; 
William Ira, b. Feb. 7, 1883 ; Mabel, born June 20, 
1884 ; Charles Homer, b. Mar. 30, 1892. 

VI. Jacob C. Detweiler, born Feb. 12, 1854 ; married 
Susan Harrold (dec'd). Children : Edwin, Elmer, 
Homer. Jacob married second wife Carrie Fisher. 
P. O. Columbiana, O. Partner in firm of Harrold & 
Detweiler, Enterprise Manufacturing Co. Dunkards. 

VI. Mary E. Detweiler, born in Mahoning Co., O., 
Oct. 15, 1856 ; mrd. Park Halloway. P. O. Colum- 
biana, O. Patternmaker. Mrs. Halloway is a zealous 
worker in the church and Sunday school, and has 
been prominent in various religious societies. Ref. ch. 
Children : Warren, Roy. 

VI. Joseph B. Detweiler, b. July 12, 1859 ; married 
Lizzie Markley. P. O. Wadsworth, O. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : Arthur, Maggie, Samuel, Palmer, 

VI. John N. Detweiler, b. July 6, 1861 ; mrd. vSadie 


King. P. O. Salem, O. Grocer. Children : Carrie, 
Retta, Mamie, Clara. 

VI. Katie A. Detweiler, b. Sept. 25, 1863 ; married 
Norman A. Geisinger Dec. 24, 1885. P. O. Ritt- 
man, O. Farmer ; Ref. ch. Children : (VII) Earl 
D. Geisinger, born Jan. 13, 1889; Laura M., born 
Feb. 18, 1892. 

VI. Sallie Detweiler, b. in Mahoning Co., O., Oct. 25, 
1865 ; married Charles J. Heckler. (See Index of 
References No. 173.) 

VI. Henry N. Detweiler, born September 29, 1867. 
Farmer. Single. 

VI. Laura A. Detweiler, married Noah C. Knopp. 
P. O. Greenford, O. Farmer. One child : Raymond. 

V. Mary Detweiler, born December 14, 1822 ; died 
March 1872. Single. 

V. Joseph Detweiler, b. Dec. 28, 1824 ; d. Apr. 1857. 
Carpenter. Single. 

V. Hannah Detweiler, born in Mahoning Co., O., 
Oct. 13, 1826 ; mrd. Abraham Blosser Nov. 18, 1849. 
P. O. North Lima, O. Menus. Children : Henry, 
Joel, Salome, Mary, Kate, Eli, Sarah, Ella. 

VI. Henry Blosser, born August 16, 1850 ; died 
July 31, 1874. 

VI. Joel Blosser, b. Oct. 20, 1852 ; mrd. Mary Moyer 
May 3, 1883. P. O. Washington ville, O. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children: (VII) Reuben Blosser, b. May 8, 
1884; Samuel, b. Mar. 30, 1886; Lillie, b. Dec. 25, 
1888 ; Oliver, born January 8, 1890 ; Clinton, born 
May 29, 1892. 

VI. Salome Blosser, b. July 2, 1856 ; married David 
Weaver Nov. 8, 1877. P. O. Washingtonville, O. 
Menus. Children: (VII) Agnes Weaver, b. Oct. i, 
1878 ; Ella, b, Aug. 14, 1880 ; Melissa, born July 8, 
1884; Edwin, born March 17, 1887; Sarah, born 
August 24, 1889. 

VI. Mary Blosser, b. Mar. 27, 1858 ; mrd. Elias W. 
Reed February 22, 1883. P. O. East Lewistown, O. 
Farmer; Menus. Children: (VII) Allen A. Reed, 
b. Feb. 22, 1884; (VII) Martha J. Reed, b. June 4, 
1885 ; (VII) Homer B. Reed, born August 10, 1886 ; 
(VII) Ada C. Reed, b. Jan. 7, 1888 ; (VII) Luell May 

— 272 — 

Reed, 1). Oct. 25, 1889; (Vllj Clayton J. Reed, bom 
Feb. 23, 1893; d. Mar. 7, 1894. 

VI. Kate Blosser, b. Sept. 21, 1861. 

VI. Eli Blosser, b. Mar. 13, 1863 ; mrd. Sarah Yoder 
March 22, 1888. P. O. North Lima, O. Fanner ; 
Menns. Children : (VII) Willard Blosser, b. Oct. 29, 
1889 ; Mary, b. May 15, 1892. 

VI. Sarah Blosser, b. May 19, 1865. 

VI. Ella Blosser, born July 8, 1873. 

V. Abraham Detweiler, b. March 13, 1831 ; married 
Mary Culp. P. O. Ridgely, Md. 

V. Eli Detweiler, b. Mar. 13, 1833 ; mrd. Elizabeth 
Mellings. P. O. East Eewistown, O. 

V. Henry M. Detweiler, b. Oct. 26, 1835 ; married 
Magdalena G. Detweiler Dec. 21, i86r. P. O. Pen- 
rose, 111. Farmer; Menns. Children: (VI) William 
D. Detweiler, b. 1862 ; married Elizabeth A. Kratz. 
Merchant ; Luth. (\l\) Eliza J. Detweiler, b. 1864 r 
married Martin Book in 1887. Farmer ; Menns. 
Children: Ida, Oscar. (VI) Amelia D. Detweiler, 
born 1866 ; married Esrom Wade in 1888. Farmer. 
One child : Enos. (VI) Franklin D. Detweiler, born 
1870. (VI) Maggie Detweiler, b. 1873. (Vlj Uriah 
D. Detweiler, born in 1877. 

IV. Benjamin Detweiler (dec'd), married Magdalena 
Moyer. Farmer ; deacon of the Lower Salford Men- 
nonite church. Children : Joseph, Samuel, Henry, 
Mary, Jacob, Elizabeth, Sarah. 

V. Joseph M. Detweiler, b. in Montg. Co. Dec. 25,' 
182 1 ; d. in Philadelphia 1894 ; mrd. Rebecca Garner 
in 1847. She was born July 30, 1830. Farmer ; 
Mennonites. Children: Benjamin, Salome (dec'd ), 
Hughes (dec'd), John, Jacob, Samuel, Mary, Lillian. 

VI. Benjamin Franklin Detweiler, b. Oct. 5, 1884 ; 
nnrd. Clara Thompson. Res. 19 13 Pine St., Phila. 
Baker; Presby. Children: (Vll) Stella M. Det- 
weiler, b. Dec. 17, 1877 ; (Vll) Senee A. Detweiler, 
b. Aug. 12, 1881 ; (Vll) Melvin A. Detweiler, born 
Nov. 23, 1882 ; (Vll) Russell Park Detweiler, born 
Aug. 19, 1884; died Nov. 15, 1885. (Vll) Warren 
P. Detweiler, born Nov. 24, 1886. 

VI John G. Detweiler, b. Jan. 15, 1856 ; mrd. Clara 

— 273 — 

E. Jacobs Jan. 28, 1892. P. O. Rolfe, Iowa. Farmer 
and teacher ; Presby. No issue. 

VI. Samuel G. Detweiler, b. near Harle3'sville, Pa., 
July 13, 1859 ; mrd. Mary Ann Barrett, of Philadel- 
phia, May 12, 1 88 1. Member of firm of Robert M. 
Lindsay, book sellers and printers at 1028 Walnut St., 
Phila. ; Bap. Children: (Vllj Robert Garner Det- 
weiler, b. Aug. I, 1882 ; d. July 10, 1883. (VH) Paul 
Barrett Detweiler, b. Apr. 2, 1887. 

VI. Jacob Snare Detweiler, b. at Fox Chase, Phila., 
Jan. 28, 1863 ; mrd. Jennie Boulton June 15, 1887. 
P. O. Charles City, Iowa. Mr. Detweiler accom- 
panied his parents to Harleysville, Hatfield and New 
Galena, at which places tlie}^ resided for some time. 
At the latter place his father invested in an abandoned 
lead mine, operations of which he revived and kept 
up for several years, although attended with great 
financial loss. Here his mother died in 1879, and the 
famil}^ was broken up, although three of the older 
brothers had previously gone to Philadelphia and 
obtained good positions. The subject of this sketch 
also went to Philadelphia, where he remained until 
1 88 1, when he went with his elder brother, John, to 
Iowa, where he engaged in teaching school for several 
years, in the meantime frequenting the newspaper 
offices in the town, to which later he became so 
attached that in 1885 he purchased the "Iowa Citizen," 
the management of which he assumed, taking two 
leaves of absence, however, in the meantime — one 
to Knoxville, Tenn., to work on the Knoxville 
" Tribune," and one to Omaha, where he w^as engaged 
upon the "Omaha Republican" during the first 
Harrison-Cleveland campaign. In 1891 he sold the 
"Iowa Citizen" to take the lecture platform. He has 
been heard chiefly in the West and South, where he 
has addressed audiences of culture under the auspices 
of teachers' normal institutes, literary and church 
societies, Chautauqua assemblies, Young Mens' Chris- 
tian associations, and kindred organizations. He is 
most appreciated in his dramatic recitals, and, althouoh 
but a few 3'^ears in the field, has won consideral)le 
reputation in his readings. His wife is the accom- 

— 274 — 

plished daughter of a prominent attorney at Charles 
City, Iowa. Meth. Ep. No issue. 

VI. Mary S. Detweiler, born Sept. 30, 1865 ; mrd. 
Frank Schatz in 1882. P. O. Boyertown, Pa. Epis. 
Children : (VII) WilUe Schatz, born May 24, 1883 ; 
(VII) Edwin Schatz, b. Jan. 10, 1885 ; d. Mar. 10, 
1885. (VII) Florence Schatz, bom Sept. 28, 1886. 
(VII) Rowland Schatz, b. Sept. 10, 1888. (VII) George 
Schatz, b. Dec. 9, 1890. (VII) Marion Schatz, born 
March 1 1, 1894. 

VI. Lillian Detweiler, b. Dec. 15, 1870. Res. S. E. 
cor. Eleventh and Walnut Sts., Phila. S. 

V. Samuel Detweiler, b. Mar. 10, 1826 ; d. Feb. 15, 
1890 ; married Elizabeth Young (dec'd). Farmer ; 
Menus. No issue. 

V. Henr}' Detweiler, mrd. Leah, daughter of Martin 
Myers, of Pipersville, Pa., Feb. 10, 1855. Farmer; 
Menus. Children : Agnes, Mary, Samuel, John, 
Benjamin, Martin, Henry, Sallie, Jacob. 

VI. Agnes Detweiler, born Oct. 9, 1855 ; d. Jan. 5, 
1876 ; mrd. John Souder Apr. 25, 1873. Carpenter ; 
Mrs. S.,Luth. Children: (VII) Mary Ellen Souder, 
born May 6, 1874 ; d. Apr. 28, 1883. (VH) Lottie 
Souder, b. Oct. 17, 1875. 

VI. Mary M. Detweiler, boni in Franconia Twp., 
Montg. Co., July 20, 1857 ; mrd. William F. Mussel- 
man Sept. 14, 1878. He was b. in Montg. Co. Dec. 9, 
1858. P. O. Sellersville, Pa. Bricklayer ; Menus. 
Children : (VII) Lena Musselman, b. Mar. 14, 1879. 
(VII) Barbara Musselman, b. Sept. 21, 1880 ; died 
Sept. 23, 188 1. (VII) Dinah Musselman, b. May 21, 
1883. (VII) Willie Musselman, born Jan. 13, 1886. 
(VII) Samuel Musselman, bom September 24, 1888. 
(VII) Lillie Musselman, b. Nov. 30, 1893. 

VI. Samuel Detweiler, bom Sept. i, 1858; died 
Sept. 18, 1858. 

VI. John Detweiler, bom May 11, 18.60 ; d. May 27, 

VI. Benjamin Detweiler, born Aug. 30, 1861 ; mrd. 
Lydia Lewis Jan. 5, 1884. P.O. Elroy, Pa. Farmer. 
Children : (VII) Sallie Detweiler, born July 4, 1886 ; 
(Vll) Henrv L. Detweiler, b. Dec. is, 1888. 

— 275 — 

VI. Martin Detweiler, b. Jan. 5, 1864 ; d. same day. 

VI. Henry Detweiler, born Sept. 30, 1865 ; died 
Oct. I, 1865. 

VI. Sallie Detweiler, b. Feb. 21, 1867 ; mrd. Henry 
Chapman Jan. 15, 1892. Res. 3060 Ember St., Phila. 
Engine inspector of Penna. Railroad ; Presb}' . One 
child : (VII) Anna Leah Chapman, b. Nov. 13, 1892. 

VI. Jacob M. Detweiler, b. in Montg. Co. Mar. 14, 
1869 ; mrd. P'lla C, dau. of Andrew S. and Salome 
(Fretz) Hendricks, Sept. 26, 1889. P. O. Perkasie, 
Pa. Cigarmaker ; E v. Assn. Children: (VII) Bertha 
H. Detweiler, b. July 2, 1890 ; (VII) James Stewart 
Detweiler, b. Apr. 5, 1893. 

V. Mary Detweiler, married John D. Hendricks 
(divorced). Herrites. No issue. 

V. Jacob M. Detweiler, born Oct. 30, 1832 ; mrd. 
Hannah Detweiler. P. O. Hatfield, Pa. Retired 
farmer ; Ger. Bap. No issue. 

V. Elizabeth Wismer, mrd. John D. Loch. P. O. 
Lansdale, Pa. Children : (VI) John Loch (dec'd), 
mrd. Emma Boorse. (VI) A daughter, d. young. 

V. Sarah M. Detweiler, b. July 24, 1838 ; d. Mar. 24,. 
1891 ; married William K. Gottshall Nov. 7, 1861. 
P.O. Lederachville, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
Benjamin, Mary, Amanda, Irwin, Maggie, Enos. 

VI. Benjamin D. Godshall, born 1862 ; died 1864. 
VI. Mary Ann D. Godshall, b. Jan. 29, 1865 ; mrd. 

Henry S. Detweiler Dec. 12, 1885. P. O. Creamery, 
Pa. Farmer; Menus. Children: (Vll) William G. 
Detw^eiler, b. Dec. 17, 1886 ; Vincent G. Detweiler, 
born July 18, 1887. 

VI. Amanda D. Gottshall, b. Sept. 19, 1867 ; mrd. 
Allen S. Nice Jan. i, 1887. P.O. Lederachville, Pa. 
Farmer; Menus. Children: (Vll) Abraham G. Nice, 
b. Jan. 23, 1888 ; Maggie G., b. Mar. 27, 1890. 

VI. Irwin D. Gottshall, born Aug. 30, 1872 ; died 
Mar. 30, 1873. 

VI. Maggie D. Gottshall, born March 30, 1875. 

VI. Enos D. Gottshall, born March 9, 1878. 

IV. Jacob Detweiler, mrd. Mary Kulp. Children : 
Lana, John, Joseph, Jacob. 

V. Lana Detweiler (dec'd), married John Nice. 

— 276 — 

Children : EH, Enos. Lana married second husband 
Jacob Bergey. 

V. John Detweiler, b. Mar. 7, 1799 ; died Mar. 12, 
1872 ; married Anna Godsliall. Farmer ; Menns. 
Children : Elizabeth, Maria, Sarah, Enos, Magdalena, 
John, William. 

VI. EHzabeth Detweiler, b. Jmie 3, 1825 ; d. 1850 ; 
mrd. Cornelius Bergey. 

VI. Maria Detweiler, born Mar. 16, 1827 ; d. 1852 ; 
mrd. Henry Benner (dec'd). One child : Maria. 

VI. Sarah Detweiler, b. Aug. 27, 1832 ; mrd. Joseph 
S. Angeny. Children: Josephine (dec'd), Mary, 
Leidy (dec'd), Wilson, Emma, John, Edwin, Joseph, 
Ida, Sarah, Granville, Ferdinand. 

VI. Enos G. Detweiler, b. Jan. 5, 1834 ; mrd. Sarah 
Sherm. Children: John, William, Anna, Enos 
(dec'd), Irwin, Alfred, Phares (dec'd), Emma 
(dec'd), Elizabeth, Edwin (dec'd). 

VI. ]\Iagdalena G. Detweiler, b. June 6, 1S37 ; nird. 
Henry M. Detweiler. (See Ind. of Ref. No. — . ) 

VI. John G. Detweiler, born March 24, 1842 ; mrd. 
Magdalena Hershey. Children : Anna, Benjamin, 
Eaura (dec'd), Enos, William, Salome, Noah. 

VI. William Detweiler, b. Apr. 22, 1844 ; d. Mar. i, 
1882 ; mrd. Annie Tyson in 1870. Children (three 
died, one living) : (VII) Mary Alice Detweiler, born 
vSeptember 7, 1878. 

V. Joseph Detweiler. 

V. Jacob Detweiler (dec'd), mrd. Barbara Bergey. 
Children: (VI) Joseph, John ; (VI) Lizzie Detweiler, 
married Samuel Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 337.) 
(VI) Mary B. Detweiler, b. Dec. 23, 1840 ; mrd. Noah 
F^'retz. Children : William, Lizzie. 

IV. Barbara Detweiler (dec'd), nu'd. Cicorge Cas.sel. 
He was born 1786. Children: (V) Charles Cas.sel, 
b. 18 1 2 ; d. 1888 ; mrd. Mary Newcomer. Children : 
Ann, David, Mary, Lavina, Joel, Sarah, George, 
Elizabeth, Susanna, Jacob, Charles. (V) Mary Cassel, 
born Apr. 24, 1814 ; mrd. Christian Wi.smer Dec. 3, 
1837. P.O. Silverdale, Pa. Retired farmer ; Deacon 
of River Br. ch. Children: vSusanna. Sarah, Elizabeth. 

Reuben W. Kratz. 

(vSee Page 284.) 

— ^/ / — 

Jacob, Mary, Joel, David. (Vj Martin Cassel, born 
Dec. 6, 1816 ; mrd. Catharine Godshall. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : Joseph, Mary, Sarah, Catharine, 
Charles. (V) Susanna Cassel. S. (V) Jacob Cassel, 
mrd. Matilda Shellenberger. (V) Sarah Cassel, mrd. 
Solomon Northrup. No issue. (Vj Elizabeth Cassel, 
d. young. (V) Joel Cassel, b. June 16, 1827 ; mrd. 
Elizabeth France in 1859. Retired. Children : Anna, 
Lydia, Walter, Mary, Benjamin. 

III. Fronica Meyer, b. Dec. 8, 1739 ; probably died 
young, as no mention is made of her in the father's 

III. Esther Meyer, b. in Montg. Co. Nov. 21, 1742 ; 
mrd. Christian Gehman. She died before her father 
made his will. She had issue, and her portion of her 
father's estate ("one full and equal seventh part there- 
of") was devised in his will to her children. The 
number and names of her children are not known, and 
no trace of them have been found. No doubt numbers 
of their descendants may be living in Montgomery 
county, near the old homestead. 

III. Barbara Meyer, b. in Montg. Co. ; d. about 1823 ; 
mrd. Abraham Kratz. He was born in Montg. Co. in 
1741 ; d. in 18 1 7. They lived in New Britain Twp., 
Bucks Co., about one-fourth mile east of the Upper 
Hilltown Baptist church, and a few hundred yards 
away from the Stump road, where Frederick Steeb 
now lives, where (in 1767) he purchased the Williams' 
homestead with 188 acres. The buildings are a well 
built stone house two stories high, and a stone barn. 
These buildings were no doubt erected by a W^elsh 
settler of colonial times, named William Williams 
(a descendant of the notable Roger Williams, founder 
of Rhode Island), who in 1747 purchased 307 acres, 
and lived thereon just twenty years, when he sold, as 
above stated, to Abraham. This homestead remained 
in the possession of Abraham Kratz during the 
remainder of his life, and of his son Valentine, who 
inherited the homestead and 1 10 acres ; and Simeon, 
who inherited it from his father, Valentine. Abraham 
Kratz and wife were members of the Mennonite church 
at Deep Run, where they are buried. Children : 


Anna, Mar}', \'alentine, vSusaiina, Barbara, Veronica, 
Magdalena, Elizabeth, Abraham, Catharine. 

IV. Anna Kratz, bom in Bucks Co. Sept. ii, 1768 ; 
d. June 24, 18 1 6 ; mrd. Martin Fretz. (See Ind. of 
Ref. No. 174.) 

IV. Mary Kratz, b. in Bucks Co. Mar. 7, 1770 ; died 
July 9, 1849 ; mrd. John Fretz. (See Ind. of Ref. 
No. 175.) 

IV. Valentine Kratz, b. Apr. 22, 1773 ; d. Sept. 18, 
1830, while on a visit to his brother-in-law, Isaac 
Fretz ; married Anna Overholt. Farmer in New 
Britain Twp. ; Menus, at Blooming Glen. Children : 
Simeon, Elizabeth, Jacob, Abraham, Barbara, Mar}'. 

V. Simeon Kratz, b. Feb. 22, 1807 ; d. Mar. 5, 1865 ; 
married Catharine Mover Nov. 23, 1834. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : Enos, W^illiam, Mary, Barbara, 
Ephraim, Mahlon, Catharine, Aaron, Emma. 

VI. Enos M. Kratz, b. in 1836 ; d. Apr. 1890 ; mrd. 
Hannah, dau. of Rev. Henr\' B. Moyer, in 1865. 
Farmer ; Menns. Children : Henry, Harvey, Milton, 
Mary, Katie, Frank, Lizzie, Daniel, Oliver, Emma. 

VII. Henry C. Kratz, born in 1866 ; mrd. Emma 
Treffinger. P. O. Philadelphia. Luth. Children : 
(VIII j Arthur W. Kratz, b. Aug. 1893 ; d. June 1894. 
(VIII) Bertha DeHla Kratz, b. Dec. 1894. 

VII. Har\'ey Kratz, bom 1869 ; mrd. Maggie Haig 
June 1894. 

VII. Milton Kratz, bom 1872. 

VII. Mary and Katie Kratz (twins), born 1874 ; the 
latter died in 1883. 

VII. Frank Kratz, born 1877. 

VII. Lizzie Kratz, born 1879 ; died 1893. 

VII. Daniel Kratz, born 1882. 

VII. Oliver Kratz, born 18S4. 

VII. P^nuna Kratz, born 1887. 

VI. William M. Kratz, born Nov. 24, 1837 ; mrd. 
Mary E. Shaddinger Nov. 19, 1864. She d. Apr. 25, 
1 882. No issue. William mrd. second wife Elizabeth 
Hunsberger December 26, 1885. P. O. Dublin, Pa. 
Farmer; Menns. Children: (VII) Ida May Kratz, 
born Oct. 12. 1886 ; (VII) Laura Kratz, b. July 14, 

— 279 — 

i889 ; (Vll) Katie Kratz, b. Feb. 1891 ; (VII) Jacob 
and William Kratz (twins), b. Aug. 17, 1893. 

VI. Mary Ann Kratz, b. Feb. 8, 1842 ; mrd. Joseph 
G. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 176.) 

VI. Barbara Kratz, born in Bucks Co. Oct. 4, 1843 i 
mrd. Christian D. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 177.) 

VI. Ephraim M. Kratz, born Mar. 26, 1845 ; mrd. 
Catharine, dau. of Henry Clymer, of Warrington, 
Bucks Co. P.O. Colmar, Pa. Schoolteacher ; Meth. 
Ep. Children : (Vll) Norman C. Kratz, b. Mar. 9, 
1874 ; Mary, b. Oct. 16, 1875 ; Estella, b. Feb. 23, 
1877 ; Eugene, b. Dec. 21, 1878 ; Mabel, b. May 8, 
1882 ; Ephraim LeRoy, b. May 12, 1888. 

VI. Mahlon M. Kratz, b. Feb. 22, 1847 ; mrd. Mary 
Ella Cohill April 28, 1886. Dispensing chemist at 
Manheim St. and Germantown Ave., Phila. One 
child : (VII) Raymond Cohill Kratz, b. Oct. 12, 1887. 

VI. Catharine Kratz, b. Nov. 15, 1848 ; mrd. Isaac 
George Nov. 16, 1867. Carpenter; Menus. Children: 
(Vll) Wilson K. George, born Nov. 13, 1868 ; mrd. 
Rosa Glassmyer October 1890. Lutheran. One child : 
Robert Clark. (Vll) Emma Jennette George, born 
Nov. 30, 1876. 

VI. Aaron M. Kratz, b. Nov. 13, 1855 ; mrd. Mary 
Clvmer Jan. 8, 1878. Baker; Ger. Ref. One child : 
(Vll) A. Wesley Kratz, b. May 16, 1880. 

VI. Emeline Kratz, born Feb. 2, 1859 ; mrd. Nero 
Button. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 178.) 

V. Elizabeth Kratz, b. May 4, 1809 ; d. June 26, 
1836. Single. 

V. Jacob Kratz, b. in Bucks Co. June 3, 1814 ; mrd. 
Mary Meyers Nov. 28, 1838. P. O. Dublin, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : Salome, Henry, Annie, 

VI. Salome Kratz, born Aug. 30, 1839 ; mrd. Rev. 
John F. Funk. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 179. ) 

VI. Henry M. Kratz, b. in Bucks Co. July 23, 1845 ; 
married Sophia L. Shaddinger Jan. 4, 1868. P. O. 
Dublin, Pa. P'armer ; Menus. One child : (VII) 
Mary Emma Kratz, b. Sept. 23, 1868. 

VI. Anna Kratz, b. July 22, 1850. Single. 

VI. Isaiah Kratz, b. May 7, 1856 ; d. Aug. 31, 1856. 

— 28o — 

Y. Abraham Kratz, h. Ma}' 25, nSiy ; died May 9, 
1889 ; mrd. Sarah Swartley Nov. 25, 1839. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : John, Wilham, Mary, Henr}^ 
Levi, Abraham, OUver, Jacob. 

V. Barbara Kratz, b. July i, 1818 ; d. April 1891 ; 
mrd. William Clymer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 180.) 

V. Mary Kratz, b. Sept. 1826 ; mrd. Charles Halde- 
man. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 181.) 

IV. Susanna Kratz, b. Sept. 3, 1775 ; d. March 20, 
1798 ; mrd. Isaac Fretz. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 182.) 

IV. Barbara Kratz, b. in 1777 ; d. in 1850 ; married 
John Godshall. He died in 1858. Farmer ; Menns. 
Children : Christiana, Enos, Samuel, Anna, Mary, 
Frances, Abraham, Margaret, Barbara. 

V. Christiana Godshalk, b. Aug. 13, 1799; d. Oct. 10, 
1883 ; mrd. Isaac Meyers. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 183. ) 
Christiana married second husband Rev. John Gross 
Oct. 19, 1836. He was ordained to the ministry of 
the Mennonite church at Doylestown, where he 
preached until his death. Children : Sarah, William, 

V. Enos Godshall, b. in 1802 ; d. in 1830. Single. 
V. Samuel Godshall, b. in 1804; d. in 1858. S. 
V. Anna Godshall, b. Sept. 14, 1806 ; d. March 16, 
1850 ; mrd. John Detweiler. (See Ind. of Ref. 184.) 

V. Mary Godshall, b. Aug. 15, 1807; d. Feb. 11, 
1844 ; mrd. Abraham F. Freed May 17, 1829. He 
was born Feb. 13, 1806 ; d. June 11, 1862. Farmer 
and lumber merchant ; Menns. Children: Elizabeth, 
Enos, Isaac, William, Abraham, IMar}', John, Jacob. 

VI. EHzabeth Freed, b. Apr. 29, 1830 ; d. Oct. 15, 

1853 ; mrd. Charles Halman. No issue. 

VI. Enos G. Freed, boni May 17, 1832 ; d. Feb. 21, 

1854 ; mrd. Elizabeth Bealer. No issue. 

VI. Isaac G. Freed, b. Sept. 8, 1835 ; mrd. Miranda 
L. Seese Sept. 14, 1859. She d. July 26, 1893. P. O. 
North Wales, Pa. Hardware merchant ; licentiate 
of the Baptist ch. One child : Ida May. 

VI. William G. Freed, b. Sept. 8, 1835 ; mrd. L3'dia 
K. Moyer Mar. 15, 1862. P.O. Cedars, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : Mary, Jemima, Lizzie, Annie, 
Mattie, Lvdia, William. 

— 2Sr — 

VII. Mary Freed, b. Apr. 26, 1863 ; d. Aug. 27, 1863. 

VII. Jemima Freed, b. May 31, 1864; d. Nov. 18, 

VII. Lizzie Freed, b. Dec. 24, 1865 ; mrd. Herman 
G. Delp Feb. 26, 1886. P.O. Mainland, Pa. Farmer; 
Menns. No issue. 

VII. Annie Freed, b. Sept. 17, 1867 ; mrd. Abraham 
C. Kulp Jan. 7, 1887. P.O. Kulpsville, Pa. Painter 
and paper hanger ; Menns. Children: (VIII) Mattie 
Kulp, b. Nov. 22, 1888 ; Alvin, born Jan. 12, 1889 ; 
Ivinneas, b. Oct. 19, 1893. 

VII. Mattie M. Freed, born Sept. 29, 1870 ; married 
Henry K. Nyce Feb. 21, 1890. Farmer. One child : 
(VIII) Bessie Nyce, b. Sept. 9, 1892. 

VII. Lydia Freed, born Aug. 8, 1872. 

VII. William Freed, born Oct. 7, 1874. 

VI. Abraham G. Pureed, born Sept. 16, 1837 ; mrd. 
Catharine Tate. 

VI. Mary P\eed, b. Oct. 24, 1839 ; d. Mar. 26, 1859 ; 
mrd. George Hartzel Jan. 13, 1858. 

VI. John G. Freed, b. Oct. 29, 1841 ; mrd. Dehla 
Weigner Dec. 23, 1871. She was b. in Luzerne Co., 
Pa., Apr. 25, 1852. P.O. Shickshinny, Pa. Wheel- 
right. He enlisted in 63rd Regt., Pa., and served 
until the close of the war, and received an honorable 
discharge. Children: (VII) Lillie Freed, b. Sept. 17, 
1872 ; (VII) Anna Freed, born Januar}^ 14, 1875 ; 
(VII) Virgie Freed, b. Nov. 14, 1876 ; (VII) Fannie 
Freed, b. July 17, 1879 ; (VII) Myrtle Freed, born 
July 27, 1881 ; (VII) Charles Freed, b. May 5, 1884 ; 
(VII) P:va Freed, b. Dec. 5, 1886 ; d. July 17, 1887. 
(VII) Beulah Freed, b. Dec. 5, 1886 ; died July 19, 
1887. (VII) John Freed, b. Aug. 22, 1889. 

VI. Jacob G. Freed, b. Feb. 5, 1844 ; mrd. Emeline 
Bauman Oct. 11, 1864. P.O. Boyertown, Pa. Cigar- 
maker ; Luth. Children : (Vll) Alice Freed, born 
Sept. 3, 1866 ; d. Nov. 15, 1869. (Vll) Sallie Freed, 
born Oct. 13, 1867 ; d. Sept. 9, 1880. (Vll) Vincent 
PVeed, born Nov. 11, 1869. (Vll) Emma Freed, born 
Feb. 16, 1873 ; d. Aug. 3, 1873. (Vll) Walter Freed, 
b. Feb. 18, 1875. (Vll) Katie Freed, b. PVb. 7, 1877 ; 
d. Dec. I, 1881^. (Vll) Rufus Freed, b. Mar. 4, 1880; 

— 2S2 — 

d. Aug-. 5, 1880. (Vllj Mary Freed, b. Oct. 3, 1881. 
(VII) Lottie Freed, born December 24, 1883 ; died 
Februar}' 18, 1885. 

V. Frances Godsball, b. Jan. 3, 1809 ; mrd. Daniel 
Barnes, of Berks Co., Pa., Jan. 8, 1832. Tailor ; 
Menns. Children : (VI) Mary Barnes, b. Jan. 12, 
1834 ; mrd. William C. Fretz. (See Ind. of Ref. 
No. 185.) (VI) Haimah, Barbara, John. 

V. Abraham Godshall, b. Apr. 27, 181 1 ; d. Sept. 12, 
1865; mrd. Mary Reiff. Farmer; Menns. Children: 
Oliver, Daniel, John, Abraham, Angeline, Jacob, 
Sarah, Enos, William. 

V. Margaret Godshall, b. 18 14 ; d. 1889 ; mrd. Jesse 
Garner. Farmer ; Menns. Children : Samuel, Amos, 
William, vSarah, Barbara, Isaiah, Abraham. 

V. Barbara Godshall, b. in 18 r6 ; d. in 1889 ; mrd. 
Christian Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 186.) 

IV. Veronica Kratz, b. in Bucks Co. May i, 1770 ; 
died Mar. 9, 1859 ; mrd. John Hunsberg-er (dec'd), 
Dec. 12, 1802. He was b. Aug. 12, 1771. Farmer; 
Mennonites. Children: Elizabeth, Enos, Barbara, 
Abraham, Anna. 

V. Elizabeth Hunsberger (dec'd), married Joseph 
Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 187.) 

V. Enos Hunsberger (dec'd), married Mary Meyer 
about 1829. Farmer; Menns. Children : John, Eliza- 
beth, Mahlon, Abraham, Reuben, Edwin, Isaac, Enos. 

VI. John Hunsberger, b. in Bucks Co. Dec. 14, 1830 ; 
died Mar. 4, 1871 ; mrd. Barbara Mo3'er. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : Mary, Emma, Harry and Enos 
(twins), all dec'd ; Wilson ; Elmer (dec'd). 

VI. Elizabeth Hunsberger, b. in Bucks Co. Dec. 6, 
1833 ; died Dec. 18, 1888 ; married Henr}^ Rickert 
Mar. 27, 1853. He was b. Dec. 22, 1829. Children : 
Mary, Catharine, Levi, Enos, Reuben, Rosa, Mahlon, 
Magdalena, Salome. 

VI. Mahlon Hunsberger, b. Feb. 22, 1835 ; d. Feb. 
1889 ; married Elizabeth Hunsberger. One child : 
Annie (dec'd). 

VI. Abraham Hunsberger, born Mar. 3, 1837 i d\ed 
June 30, 1877 ; i^^rd. Emeline Rosenberger. No 

— 283 — 

VI. Reuben Hunsberger, b. Sept. 17, 1841 ; d. July 
1884 ; married Mary Hamilton. He enlisted in the 
arni}^, in which he served three years. Children : 
Clara, Fremont, Oscar, Robert, Henr}', Walter, 
Jessie, James. 

Yl. Edmund Hunsberger, born Oct. 11, 1843 ;' mrd. 
Mary Lang. One child : Margaretta (dec'd). 

VI. Isaac Hunsberger, b. May 22, 1847 ; d. July 13, 
1881 ; mrd. Margaret Brand. Merchant ; Presby. 
Children : Gardette, Mamie Valeria. 

VI. Knos Hunsberger, b. Sept. 27, 1849 ; d. June 16, 
1879. Ger. Ref. Single. 

V. Barbara Hunsberger, mrd. Jacob Kulp (dec'd). 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : Anna, John, Veronica, 

V. Abraham K. Hunsberger, b. Mar. i, 181 1 ; died 
Aug. 23, 1865 ; married Mary Moyer Apr. 11, 1833. 
Farmer; Menu, Children: (VI) Barbara Hunsberger, 
b. Apr. 5, 1834 ; mrd. Levi Loux in 1855. Children : 
Abraham, Oliver, Alfred, William, Irwin, all dec'd. 
Barbara mrd. second husband Samuel T. Morris in 
1865. Farmer ; Ref. ch. (VI) Joseph Hunsberger, 
b. 1836 ; d. aged 2 yrs. (VI) Veronica Hunsberger, 
b. 1837 ; d. aged 2 yrs. (VI) Maria Hunsberger, born 
Feb. 15, 1840 ; married William Fretz. Children : 
Edmund, Mary, Leah. (VI) Luc}^ A. Hunsberger, 
b. Mar. 23, 1843 ; mrd. Joseph Loux in 1869. P. O. 
Plumsteadville, Pa. Ger. Ref. Children : Ulyssex, 
Abraham. (VI) Eliza Hunsberger, b. July i, 1846 ; 
mrd. Peter B. Loux in 187 1. Farmer ; Menus. No 
issue. (VI) Isaiah Hunsberger, b. Apr. 5, 1850 ; died 
May 3, 1877 ; married Emily Gick. No issue. 
(VI) Lydia A. Hunsberger, b. 1853 ; d. 1863. 

V. Anna Hunsberger, born 18 17 ; died 1826. 

IV. Magdalena Kratz, b. Apr. 17, 1782 ; d. Jan. 25, 
1868 ; mrd. William Godshall Dec. 20, 1803. He 
was b. July 16, 1781 ; d. Dec. 12, 1837. Farmer in 
Plumstead Twp. ; Menus. Children: Barbara, Jonas, 
Leah, Rachel, Aaron, Catharine, Veronica, Christiana, 
Mar}^ Magdalena. 

IV. Elizabeth Kratz (dec'd), mrd. Joseph, son of 
Abraham and Dorothv Fretz (his second wife). He 

— 284 — 

was b. about 1770; d. 1S43. Farmer in Bedminster 
Twp. ; Menus. Children: Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth. 

IV. Abraham Kratz, b. Jan. 14, 1788 ; d. Sept. 14, 
1852; mrd. Elizabeth Wismer. Farmer in Plumstead 
Twp.; Menns. Children: Henr3% Levi, Frances, 
Barbara, Abraham, William, Valentine, Catharine, 
Christian, Elizabeth, Reuben. 

V. Henry Kratz, born Feb. 27, 1815 ; d. Feb. 15, 
1873; mrd. Mary Jane Harris. Children: (VI) Josiah 
Kratz, d. young ; John, mysteriously disappeared. 

V. Levi Kratz, b. in Bucks Co. Feb. 28, 1817 ; mrd. 
Lydia A. Clark. Farmer and gardener in Clay Co. , 111. ; 
Mr. Kratz, Menu. Mrs. Kratz, Christian ch. No 

V. Frances Kratz, b. Jan. 17, 1819 ; mrd. William 
E. Fretz. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 188.) 

V. Barbara Kratz, bom June 29, 1821 ; d. Oct. 12, 
1890 ; mrd. Henry K. Me^^ers. (See Ind. of Ref. 
No. 189.) 

V. Abraham Kratz, b. Feb. 25, 1823 ; mrd. Elizabeth 
Dateman. P. O. Dublin, Pa. Menns. Children : 
Mennan, Abraham, Amanda. 

V. William Henry Kratz, born July 26, 1825 ; died 
May 7, 1871 ; mrd. Martha I. Kennedy Oct. 18, 
1849. She died Jan. 12, 1876. Farmer. Children : 
Emily (dec'd), Joseph (dec'd), William (dec'd), 
Janet, Horace, James (dec'd), Martha. 

V. Valentine Kratz, b. Feb. 24, 1828 ; mrd. Sarah, 
dau. of William and Mary Kratz, in 1852. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : Mary (dec'd), Allen, William 
(dec'd), Abraham, Valentine (dec'd), Tobias (dec'd), 
H. Ervin, Sarah (dec'd), F^mma (dec'd), Laura. 

V. Catharine Ann Kratz, born Feb. 24, 1830 ; died 
Nov. 29, 1863 ; mrd. Rev. Abraham F. Detweiler. 
(See Ind. of Ref. No. 190.) 

V. Elizabeth Kratz, b. May 24, 1835 ; d. Sept. 15, 

V. Reuben W. Kratz, b. in New Britian, Bucks Co., 
Feb. 23, 1838. In the Fall of 1852 his father and 
mother died in the space of five weeks. Left an 
orphan at the early age of 14 years, he went to Plum- 
stead, Pa., where he attended one Winter term of 

— 285 — 

school. In the following Spring he hired to H. K. 
Myers for eight months at farm work. Then he ap- 
prenticed himself to his brother Abraham as wheel- 
wright, serving one j^ear and nine months. In the 
Spring of 1856 he went West, believing there were bet- 
ter things in store for the young than in the densely 
inhabited East; went to Whiteside county, 111., and 
worked at his trade, breaking prairie with an ox team, 
threshing, etc. In the Spring of i860 he married 
Emeline A. Swena, of Sterling, 111., and in the Spring 
of 1863 they loaded their goods and effects in an old 
wagon and vStarted for Kansas. Their whole wealth 
consisted of a team, wagon, bed, stove, a few minor 
articles of household goods, and $21 in cash. They 
started for a point in eastern Kansas to find a home 
for themselves, and on May 10, 1863, located where 
they now reside, in Appanoose Twp. (P. O. Ponoma), 
Franklin Co., Kansas. Here they lived in a log 
cabin with puncheon floor and clapboard roof. In 
August Mr. Kratz joined the State Militia, and served 
in Kansas and Missouri 18 months. While on such 
duty the family remained without a protector, but he 
had permission to go home at times and get supplies 
for tlieir maintenance. The nearest mill w^as 20 miles 
away and run only one day in a week. The nearest 
trading store w^as at Lawrence, 32 miles distant. The 
militia was disbanded in 1864, and from that time 
Mr. Kratz was able to be at home and care for his 
family. Neighbors were along distance apart. There 
were no settlements except along the streams, and it 
was common to visit neighbors 10 or 12 miles distant. 
The Sac and Fox reserve was near by and Indians 
were plenty, but always peaceably and friendly. 
Mrs. Kratz was left alone one night, and, sleeping 
with the doors open, several Indians entered to inquire 
for whiskey. She informed them the whiske3^ if 
there was any, was at the wakeup, about three miles 
distant, and they retired. 

In the Winter of 1865, through the kindness of 
two of their old neighbors in Illinois, Messrs. C. C. 
Alexander and John Benjamin, who advanced the 
money, they were able to buy a stock farm of 152 

— 286 — 


acres ; 37 acres of this was afterwards sold to assist in 
paying for the balance. In 1878 Mr. Kratz purchased 
240 acres, making a farm at this date of 355 acres. 
In the Spring of 1866 he erected a log cabin 16 b^^ 16 
feet foundation. This the family occupied until the 
Fall of 1873 when a more commodious house was 
built, but this the family soon outgrew, and in the 
Spring of 1886 a house costing over $3000 was erected. 
In an early day Mr. Kratz determined to give strict 
attention to raising stock, and he has never allowed 
himself to lose sight of this idea. He has at times 
150 head of cattle, 40 head of horses, and 200 hogs 
feeding, and makes a specialty of fattening beef cattle. 
The business has not always been prosperous, owing 
to grasshoppers, chinch bugs and dry weather. School 
facilities have always been good — probably as good as 
many in the older States. Mr. Kratz has served on 
the School Board in his district 24 }'ears. He and 
wife are members of the Congregational ch. Chil- 
dren : Frances, William, Horace, Lemuel, Amy, 
Harriet, Esther. 

VI. Frances R. Kratz, bom Dec. 26, i860; married 
Watson Beaman March 11, 1884. P. O. Coronado, 
Kan. Children : (VII) Chancy Ray Beaman, born 
Feb. 3, 1885 ; d. Aug. 23, 1890. (VII) Ava Charlotte 
Beaman, b. August 29, 1886. (VII) Infant son, born 
Mar. 21, 1888 ; d. Mar. 31, 1888. (VII) Efhe Catha- 
rine Beaman, born July 8, 1889. 

VI. William Henry Kratz, b. June 26, 1867 ; married 
Martha A. Eaton March 20, 1895. , She was born 
Dec. 4, 1874. 

VI. Horace C. Kratz, born Aug. 22, 1870 ; married 
Gertrude Isabell Brinkerhoff Dec. 25, 1893. She 
was boni Jan. 10, 1874. 

VI. Lemuel Abraham Kratz, b. Feb. 7, 1872. 

VI. Amy Elizabeth Kratz, b. Aug. 18, 1876. 

VI. Harriet Emeline Kratz, b. Mar. 29, 1878. 

VI. Esther Amelia Kratz, b. Nov. 23, 1882. 

IV. Catharine Kratz (dec'd), married Joseph Krout. 
No issue. 

For omitted records of descendants of Abraham Kratz 
and Barbara Meyer, his wife, see Kratz history. 



II. Jacob Me5^er (dec'd). It appears as if he 
needed the care and protection of his brothers and 
sisters, because provision was made that they should 
provide for him "sufficient meat, drink, apparel, 
washing and lodging, fit and convenient for him dur- 
ing his natural life," and therefore it is not probable 
that he ever married. 


II. Samuel Meyer (dec'd), mrd. Barbara — 

He lived on a tract of 50 acres that had at an early 
day been cut off from the old homestead farm of his 
father, and which his widow, after his death, .sold to 
his nephew. Christian Meyer, May 27, 1767, together 
with buildings and improvements. Samuel Meyer 
made his will August 20, 1764, and was probated 
December 9, 1766. In his will he says he is blind 
and has " no children or bodily heirs living," and 
therefore devised his whole estate to his loving wife, 
but solicits his wife to make a free gift of £2 of 
lawful money to his brother. Christian Meyer ; £2 
to his sister, Elizabeth Oblinger, and £2 to his 
cousin. Christian Moyer. His wife was the sole 
executrix. Witnesses : Jacob Eandes, Nicholas 
Haldeman and Andrew Ziegler. 


II. Elizabeth Meyer (dec'd), married Nicholas 
Oblinger, Jr. He was born on the old John Kline 
place, now owned and occupied by Enos Wambold 
(or Wampole). There lived Nicholas (Claus) 
Oblinger, Sr. , more than 150 years ago, who was 
probably the pioneer of the family. He made his 
will August 3, 1730, and died soon after. 

Nicholas Oblinger, Jr., owned and lived on the 
Binder farm, upon which a part of Harlej'svnlle is now 


built, and which he owned from 1745 to 1751. Pre- 
viously he owned a tract of 34}^ acres in Lower 
Salford from August 31, 1734, which he owned for 
several years. The tract was woodland until many 
3^ears later, and upon which, to the present day, no 
buildings were erected. 


II. Anna Meyer, died July 8, 1758 ; mrd. Rev. 
Henry Funk. He was b. in Europe, either in Holland 
or the Palatinate, and emigrated to America in 17 19. 
He settled at the Indian Creek, in Franconia township, 
Montgomery county, where he died in 1760. His 
farm consisted of three tracts of land, making in all 
201 acres, lying along the Indian Creek, on which was 
also a grist mill, which he in all probability erected. 
The house opposite the mill is a very old structure, 
and was also, no doubt, built by Henry Funk, and was 
the homestead. He also owned other land besides 
his farm at the Indian Creek. Soon after settling at 
the Indian Creek a Mennonite church was organized 
at Franconia, of which he was chosen the first 
minister, and later was ordained bishop. He was the 
author of two religious works, one a small book in 
German, entitled "Spiegel der Taufe" (Mirror of 
Baptism), and the other a larger book, entitled "Eina 
Restitution oder eine Erklaerung einiger hauptpunk- 
ten des gesetzes," which was published after his 
death, in 1763. He was also, in connection with 
Dillman Kolb, appointed by the Mennonite church to 
supervise the translation of "Van Bracht's Martyrs 
Mirror, or der Blutiga Schauplatz." from the Dutch 
to the German. The book made a folio of 1514 
pages, and was printed at Ephrata in 1748. Bishop 
Funk was a well educated man for the times in which 
he lived, and a man of extensive influence in his 
church and communitv. Children : John, Henry, 
Christian, Abraham, ICsther, Barbara, Anne, Mar}-, 
Fronicka, Elizabeth. 






— 289 — 

III. John Funk, died in Bucks Co.; married . 

Blacksmith and farmer, and Uved in Hilltown on the 
farm now occupied by Abraham Baum. Menus. 
Children : (IV) Anna, John ; (IV) Abraham Funk, 

mrd. ; lived and d. in Springfield Twp., Bucks 

Co. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : Isaac, Mary, 
David. (IV) Isaac. (IV) Rev. David Funk, born 
Dec. 28, 1765 ; d. in Westmoreland Co., Pa., Oct. 4, 
1833 ; married Catharine Godshall. In early life he 
was a farmer and distiller, and later w^as converted 
and became a Mennonite minister. Children : John, 
Samuel, Susan, Elizabeth, Barbara, Christian, Solo- 
mon, Nanc}', Abraham. (IV) Maria Funk (dec'd), 
mrd. Jacob Detweiler about 1774. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : Maria, Joseph, Jacob, Barbara, Susanna, 
Joshua, .Sarah, Catharine, Elizabeth, Anna, John. 
(IV) Barbara. 

V. Maria Detweiler, b. in May 1775 ; d. in Canada 
in 1850 ; married George Shoemaker. He died in 
Waterloo Co., Out., in 1864, aged about 90 years. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : Jacob, John, Mary, 
George, Elizabeth, Joseph, Abraham, Daniel, Joshua, 

VI. Jacob Shoemaker, born Nov. 24, 1799 ; married 
Jane Dunbar. 

VI. Mary Shoemaker, b. June 30, 1801 ; d. Sept. 2, 
1885 ; married John Landis. 

VI. George D. Shoemaker, b. Oct. 5, 1803 ; married 
Nancy Shuh. 

. VI. Elizabeth Shoemaker, born Mar. 25, 1805 ; died 
Aug. 5, 1846 ; mrd. Jacob Schatz. 

VI. Joseph D. Shoemaker, b. Jan. 12, 1807 ; married 
Catharine Johnson. 

VI. Abraham D. Shoemaker, b. Feb. 16, 1809 ; died 
Jan. 13, 1888 ; mrd. Mary Miller. 

VI. Daniel Shoemaker, born June 15, 181 1; died 
Aug. 23, 1892 ; mrd. Nancy Miller. 

VI. Joshua Shoemaker, born April 20, 1813 ; died 
May 15, 1840; mrd. Catharine Scheinch. 

VI. Catharine Shoemaker, b. in Montg. Co. Feb. 12, 
1815 ; d. in Waupaca Co., Wis., July 6, 1864; mrd. 
Richard Haste Sept. 22, 1833. He was b. in England 

— 290 — 

Sept. 15, 1809 ; d. in Waupaca, Wis., Sept. 12, 1876. 
Weaver and farmer. Mr. H., Bap ; Mrs. H., Menu. 
Children : Mary, Moses, Nancy, Catharine, Aaron, 
George, Carohne, AngeHne, Lavina, AngeHa, Henry, 

VII. Marv Ann Haste, b. Aug. 17, 1834 ; mrd. John 
H. Teeter. P. O. Colo, la. 

VII. Moses Haste, b. Nov. 9, 1835 ; d. Aug. 28, 1848. 

VII. Nancy Haste, b. June 30, 1837 ; mrd. Christian 
S. Martin. P. O. Guelph, Ont. 

VII. Catharine Haste, b. Nov. 22, 1839 ; mrd. Jame.s 
M. Buell. Res. 3013 Groveland Ave., Chicago. 

VII. Corp. Aaron Haste, born Feb. 19, 1842 ; died 
Aug. 21, 1864. He enlisted July 10, 1862, in Com- 
pany B., 32nd Wis. Vol. Inf., Army of the West, and 
was shot by a sharp shooter during the siege of Atlanta. 

VII. Col. George S. Haste, born in Preston, Ont., 
Mar. 28, 1844 ; mrd. Emeline M. Hawkins Oct. 27, 
1868. P. O. Valparaiso, Ind. No issue. Colonel 
Haste's earh' childhood was spent at the place of his 
birth, but before he was 5 years of age his parents 
moved to Waukegon, 111., and from there the}^ later 
moved into the country and engaged in farming until 
1856, when they removed to Waupaca county. Wis. 
Here they lived happily in their rural home for many 
years. During the Winter months George attended 
the public school, and in the Summer assisted on the 
farm. At school, notwithstanding the meagre facihtics 
for mental discipline then to be had, he made a record 
for improvement and progressiveness, which even at 
that early period pressaged the career that afterwards 
followed. When on the fann he went about his work 
with that degree of energy and with that spirit of 
earnestness which never fails to bring success. Such 
were his early advantages, such the surroundings and 
opportunities that helped to strengthen and invigorate 
him for the active work of life. At the early age of 
15 he started out for himself. Thus early in life he 
went out to meet the world, and the world was ready 
to receive him. The active and the faithful never 
fail of their reward. Going to Valparaiso, Ind., in 
i860, where he still resides, he took a clerkship in a 

— 291 — 

dry goods store, working hard and receiving small 
pay for his services. For four years he served in this 
capacity, and during that time by his manliness, 
deportment and business tact, he won the fullest 
confidence, not only of his employer but of his as- 
sociates and the general public as well. But during 
these years the great civil conflict was raging. 
Deluged in blood, the giant powders of the North and 
South were arrayed against each other and spending 
their deadly force. It was then, loyal to the institu- 
tions of his country and true to the promptings of his 
heart, that he gave up his position and went forth in 
the great .struggle for the right. He enlisted with 
Company C. , 138th Ind. Vol., May 25, 1864, serving 
in the Army of the Cumberland, which campaigned 
through middle Tennessee and Alabama. Wherever 
duty called he was ever ready to respond, and 
for unfaltering courage and steadfastness was known 
alike to his comrades and superiors, each of whom 
found in him a cheering companion and friend. 
He was discharged wnth the rank of Corporal Oct. 5, 
1864. Returning to Valparaiso in 1866 he again en- 
gaged in the capacity of clerk with a hardware 
establishment. So faithful was he in the service of 
his employer that, after a five years engagement, 
he was admitted as a partner. The business pros- 
pered, and for over two decades, by wise management, 
judicious and honest dealings with the people, their 
enterprise gradually assumed large proportions. In 
1892 Colonel Haste purchased his partner's interest 
in the concern, thereby assuming entire ownership 
and control. Thus he advanced step by step from a 
clerkship to the head of one of the largest business 
enterprises in his city. It is an example of prosperous 
growth of activity and thrift well worthy of emulation. 
Besides his large business interests he has a lovely 
home, presided over by a devoted wife, and the city 
possesses in him a substantial and most esteemed 
citizen. In 1882 he enlisted in the State Militia and 
served three 3'ears as captain of Company C, 3rd 
Regt. Inf., Indiana Legion. From this rank he was 
promoted to that of Battalion Major, serving in this 

— 292 — 

capacity for two years. He afterwards served as 
Regimental Major two years, and was then promoted 
to the rank of Colonel, which office he held for three 
years. In each of these positions he displayed rare 
military skill, and discharged his official duties with 
that degree of credit that has been so characteristic of 
the acts of his life. His military record, no less than 
his record as a citizen, stamps him as a man of superb 
courage, of moral strength, and as a man who is 
unwilling to remain idle when there is a higher plain 
to be reached. Early in life he united with the 
Methodist Episcopal church, of which he has always 
been an active member, and his influence for good has 
never ceased to be felt. He is a member of the 
Knights of Pythias, and sen'ed for 3'ears as Lieutenant 
Colonel of the uniformed rank. His voice is also 
heard in the councils of the Masonic Order, to which 
he is a conservative and valued adherent. Although 
he has just rounded out his 50th year, 3'et his physi- 
cal condition gives promise of many useful 3'ears to 
come. By perseverance, diligence and indomitable 
energy, he has pushed himself forward from the 
unknown unaided boy to the full dignity of matured 
manhood, surrounded by affluence honorably acquired, 
and, more than all, he has won for himself a name of 
spotless and unquestioned integrity. 

VII. Caroline Haste, b. Aug. 26, 1846 ; mrd. H. W. 
Porter. P. O. Kouts, Ind. 

VII. Angeline Haste, boni August 26, 1846. P. O. 
Chicago, 111. Single. 

VII. Lavina Haste, born March 7, 1849 ; mrd. Edson 
Casey. P. O. Blaine, Wis. 

VII. Angelia Haste, b. Mar. 16, 1851 ; mrd. Thomas 
Favell. P. O. West Superior, Wis. 

VII. Richard A. Haste, bom Dec. 2, 1856, in a log 
shanty, situated among the pines of Waupaca county, 
Wis. Extreme poverty, both of purse and oppor- 
tunities, was the lot of all the pioneers of the fifties. 
A few months school in the Winter constituted his 
opportunity for education until he became 13 years 
old, when he went to Valparaiso, Ind., where, by 
working during vacation and doing chores for his 

— 293 — 

board, he managed to attend the cit}^ schools three 
years. At the age of i6 years he began teaching 
school. In 1876 he entered the normal school at 
Valparaiso, graduating in 1878. In the year 1879 
and 1880 he spent teaching in Illinois, and during the 
latter 3'ear he was elected president of Kansas State 
Normal School, at Concordia, Kan. , which position he 
resigned to accept the principalship of the Streator 
Illinois High School. Here he remained two years, 
when he entered the law school of the University of 
Michigan at Ann Arbor, completing the law course in 
1885. He immediately located in Wichita, Kan., in 
the practice of law. The great boom of 1886 and 
1887 enabled him to amass quite a fortune (some 
$40,000} in real estate speculations, w^hich was duly 
lost in the following reaction. In 1887 he was 
married to Sarah i\.therton. During the year 1887 1^^ 
was elected professor of law in the Garfield University, 
which position he held until his removal to West 
Superior, Wis., in 1891, since which time he has been 
engaged in the practice of law at that place. He has 
never held any public office. His only experience in 
politics was in Kansas, where he ran for the Legis- 
lature on the Republican ticket in 1888 and was 
defeated. Mr. Haste has also some reputation as a 
wTiter of fiction and poetry. He is the author of 
some after-dinner poems that have been published, 
and of a political drama in three parts, entitled " To 
the Victor Belong the Spoils," which has been pub- 
lished in pamphlet form, and w^hich speaks well of his 
ability as a writer. He has also a work of fiction 
under w^ay, but which wnll not be published for two 
years yet. One child : (VIII) Gwendolen Margaret 
Haste, born Dec. 4, 1889. 

V. Joseph Detweiler, born Jan. 28, 1777 ; d. Jan. 8, 
1800 ; mrd. Susanna Shoemaker. 

V. Rev. Jacob Detw^eiler, b. Nov. 1778 ; d. Aug. 8, 
1858 ; mrd. Susanna Rosenberger in 1803. 

V. Barbara Detweiler, mrd. . 

V. Susanna Detw^eiler, mrd. — Hendricks. No issue. 

V. Joshua Detweiler, b. July 3, 1781 ; died Jul}^ 21, 
1841 ; mrd. Catharine Allebach. 

— 294 — 

V. Sarah Detweiler, b. in Moiitg. Co. Sept. 14, 1782 ; 
d. Mar. 22, 1851 ; mrd. Peter, son of George Heckler. 
He was b. Dec. 27, 1770 ; d. Jan. 22, 1847. Farmer, 
and lived on the Skippack creek above Mainland, 
where Benjamin Ruth now lives. Mrs. Heckler, after 
the death of her hus])and, joined the Dunkards, and 
was baptized through the ice in the Indian Creek. 
Children: Jacob, Abraham, Henr}^ Joseph, Chris- 
tiana, Michael, Sarah. 

VI. Jacob Heckler, b. Dec. 20, 1800 ; died Jan. 5, 
1890 ; mrd. Barbara Delp. 

VI. Abraham Heckler, b. Nov. 13, 1801 ; d. Aug. i, 
1885 ; mrd. Sarah Detweiler. 

VI. Henry Heckler, b. Jan. 12, 1804 ; d. Mar. 19, 
1865 ; mrd. Susanna Johnson. 

VI. Joseph D. Heckler, b. Apr. 15, 1806 ; d. Dec. 26, 
1887 ; mrd. Elizabeth Yocum. Shed. Apr. 21, 1892. 
Farmer, and lived where Henry R. Landis now lives, 
in Lower Salford township, for 44 years. Children : 
James, Charles, Jesse, Sarah, Mary, Joseph. 

VII. James Y. Heckler, born in Montg. Co. Oct. 21, 
1829 ; married Mar}' Lukens Mar. 21, 1854. She 
died Dec. 8, 1864. Children : Henry, Elizabeth, 
Annie, Joseph, Mary. James mrd. second wife Lydia 
Harley. She became insane in May 1869, and died in 
the insane asylum at Norristown February 10, 1888. 
Children : Katie, Charles, Jonas. In early life Mr. 
Heckler taught school for 22 years. He is a local 
antiquarian of note, and is the author of a history of 
Lower Salford Twp. , Montg. Co. , published at Harleys- 
ville. Pa., in 1888. He is also author of " Ecclesian- 
thum, or a Song of the Brethren." He has been for 
man}' years a newspaper correspondent, and contri- 
buted to the following papers: The "Neutralist," 
a German paper in Skippack ; the North Wales 
"Record," " Montgomer)' Transcript" and Harleys- 
"News." At the present time he writes regularly 
every week for the Lansdale ' ' Reporter' ' and Harleys- 
ville "News." For some years he also contributed 
to the German Baptist church papers, viz : " Gospel 
Visitor," "Christian Family," "Companion," "Breth- 
ren at Work," "Primitive Christian" and "Gospel 

— 295 — 

Messenger." Children : Henry, Elizabeth, Annie, 
Joseph, Mary Alice, Katie Lillian, Jonas. 

VIII. Henry C. Heckler, married Mary Hunsicker. 
P.O. Elroy, Pa. Children: Dilman, Hphraini (dec'd), 
Harry, Amanda (dec'd), Estella, Minerva. 

VIII. Elizabeth Heckler, mrd. Samuel Weirman. He 
died Nov. 20, 1878. Children : Susan, Bertha. 
Elizabeth married second husband Solomon Krupp. 
P.O. Souderton, Pa. Children: Mary, Lizzie, Harvey. 

VIII. Annie M. Heckler, born May 18, 1859 ; mrd. 
Isaac B. Detweiler Dec. 2, 1876. P.O. Souderton, Pa. 
Children : Mary, Elsie, Emma, Jacob (dec'd), Ruth. 

VIII. Joseph A. Heckler, married Elizabeth Seitz. 
P.O. Lucon, Pa. Children : Harvey (dec'd), Warren, 
Henry, Freddie. 

VIII. Mary Alice Heckler, married Henry Horn. 
P. O. Hatfield, Pa. One child : Hannah. 

VIII. Katie Lillian Heckler, died in 1874. 

VIII. Charles J. Heckler, b. in 1867 ; mrd. SalHe N. 
Detweiler, of Ohio, in 1888. P. O. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Carpenter and builder ; Ger. Bap. Children : (IX) 
Infant (stillborn), June 7, 1890; (IX) Grace May 
Heckler, b. Sept. 16, 189 1.  

VIII. Jonas Heckler, died in 1870. 

VII. Charles Y. Heckler, d. 186 1 ; mrd. Sarah Reiff. 
Children : Josephine, Lillie, George. 

VII. Rev. Jesse Y. Heckler, b. in Montg. Co. Jan. 6, 
1835 ; mrd. Barbara K. Moyer. P. O. Alvo, Neb. 
Farmer and minister. He early engaged in merchan- 
dise at Harleysville, Pa. About 1871 he removed 
with his family to Illinois and engaged in farming, 
and later as clerk in a store. He was ordained to the 
ministry of the German Baptist church at Mount 
Carroll, 111., about 1874. In 1894 ^^ retired from 
farming to devote all his time to the ministr3% having 
been employed by the Missionary Board to fill calls 
to -preach and organize churches along the northern 
and w^estern frontier of Nebraska. He has been 
ordained to the office of bishop, and has full power to 
organize churches and to do church work of all kinds. 
Children : (VIII) Irwin M. Heckler, b. July 26, 1859 ; 
mrd. Emma Stewart. P. O. Lincoln, Neb. Train 

— 296 — 

mail ag-ent. No issue. (VIII) Horace M. Heckler, 
b. March 27, 1861. P. O. Alvo, Neb. Railroad car 
piper. S. (VIII) Jesse M. Heckler, b. July 28, 1863 ; 
died Oct. 27, 1885. S. (VIII) John M. Heckler, born 
August 28, 1865. P. O. St. Joe, Mo. Banker. 
(VIII) William M. Heckler, born at Sterling, 111., 
Sept. 14, 1872. P. O. St. Joseph, Mo. Real estate 
and loan business ; Bap. S. (VIII) Mary E. Heckler, 
died in 1869. 

VII. Sarah Heckler, married William R. Tyson. He 
died March 18, 1875. Merchant at Harleysville, Pa. 
Children : Lizzie, Allen, Andrew, Emma, Mary, 

VIII. Lizzie Ann Tn'sou, married John H. Moyer. 
(See Index of References No. 191.) 

VIII. Allen H. Tyson, mrd. Kate R. Boorse. One 
child: Carroll. 

VIII. Andrew Tyson. Single. 

VIII. Emma J. Tyson, mrd. vSamuel C. Moyer, M. D. 
(vSee Index of References No. 192.) 

VIM. Mary A. Tyson, born Nov. 10, 1867 ; married 
Elwood Fulmer Nov. 10, 1887. Merchant; Ger. Bap. 
One child : (IX) Russell T. Fulmer, b. June 3, 1894. 

VIII. Willie Tyson, d. Aug. 14, 1882. 

VH. Mary Heckler, mrd. Godshall Delp. Children : 
(VIM) Elizabeth Delp, mrd. Rev. A. S. Rosenberger, 
M. D., of Covington, O., in 1893. (Vlll) Katie Delp, 
mrd. Daniel Booz. One child : Leroy. (VIII) Martha 
Delp, married Jonas S. Moyer. (See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 193.) 

VII. Joseph Y. Heckler, b. Aug. 16, 1845 ; married 
Elizabeth Stauffer in 1866. Children : Sarah, Abra- 
ham, Oscar. 

V. Catharine Detweiler. 

V. EHzabeth Detweiler, b. July 17, 1785 ; d. Oct. 7, 
1825 ; married Philip Bowman. Children : Peter, 
Philip. Elizabeth married second husband Henry 

V. Anna Detweiler. 

V. John Detweiler. 

\y. Barbara Funk (dec'd), mrd. John Kulp. (See 
Index of References No. 194.) 

Coi.. George S. Haste. 

See Page 290. 

— 297 — 

III. Henry Funk, b. in Montg. Co.; d. in Rocking- 
ham Co., Va.; mrd. Barbara Showalter. In 1786 he, 
with all his family except his eldest son Jacob, moved 
to Rockingham Co., Va., and settled about eight 
miles north of the city of Harrisonburg. Children : 
Jacob, Christian, Abraham, Elizabeth, Barbara, 
Henry, Esther, Susanna, John, Samuel, Joseph, 
Frances, Daniel. 

IV. Rev. Jacob Funk, b. May 30, 1761 ; d. July 22, 
181 7 ; mrd. Mary Shelly. Farmer in Vincent Twp., 
Chester Co., Pa.; Menus. Children: Elizabeth, 
Henry, Susan, Fannie, Mary, Barbara, Jacob, John, 
Catharine. Jacob mrd. second wife . 

V. Elizabeth Funk, b. Apr. 6, 1785 ; d. Dec. 7, 1867 ; 
mrd. Rev. Abraham Haldeman. He was b. in 1780 ; 
d. 1865. Farmer and Mennonite minister. Children: 
Gideon, Elizabeth, Isaac, Job. 

V. Rev. Henry Funk, b. Mar. 25, 1787 ; d. Oct. 12, 
1826 ; mrd. Mary Hoch, of Hereford, Berks Co., Pa. 
Farmer, and minister of the Hereford Menu. ch. 
Children : Atnia, Jacob, Philip, David, John, Joseph. 

VI. Anna Funk, born May i, 1815 ; mrd. Wilham 
Mack. Children : Mary, Enos, Samuel, Elizabeth, 
Sarah, John, Leanna, Caroline. 

VI. Jacob Funk, born 18 17 ; died 1839. Single. 
VI. Philip Funk, b. Nov. 17, 18 19 ; died Sept. 25, 
1845 ; mrd. Anna Bechtel. Children : Mar}^ James. 
VI. David Funk, died infant. 

VI. John H. Funk, b. June 12, 1824 ; died Feb. 23, 
1884 ; mrd. Leah Ehst Jan. 13, 1847. P'armer. In 
early life Mr. Funk was a member of the Hereford 
Mennonite church, of which he was a deacon for 17 
3'ears. Always a devotedly religious man with strong 
convictions of the need of a change of heart, he was 
finally brought into the full light of the assurance of 
his salvation, after which he connected himself with 
the Evangelical Association Church, in which he 
labored as an exhorter and class leader until his death. 
Children : Joseph, Caroline, Albert, Medora, Mary, 
Ida, Henry, Leah, Flora, Ella. 

VII. Joseph E. Funk, b. June 10, 1848 ; mrd. Ella 
Stucker Aug. 2, 1873. P. O. Akron, O. Lumber 

— 298 — 

inspector at match works ; Meth. Ep. One child : 

VII. Carohiie E. Funk, born Sept. 14, 1850 ; mrd. 
Oliver S. Schultz Dec. 29, 1871. Farmer, but now 
resides in New York, where they opened the home for 
the New York Missionary Training College, and later 
in connection with it an orphanage. 

VII. Rev. Albert E. Funk, born in Berks Co., Pa., 
June 25, 1852 ; mrd. Catharine, dau. of Rev. Samuel 
G. Clemmer, Oct. 14, 1883. Mr. Funk attended the 
common schools until 16 3' ears of age. His 17th year 
was spent in the Boyertown Academy. In 1869 ^^^ 
entered the Mennonite Seminar}' at Wadsworth, O.. 
w^here he remained until 1872. Here, at the age of 
20, he was converted, and at once began to labor for 
the spiritual welfare of his famil}*. After his return 
from the Mennonite Seminary he taught (1872-73) 
the district school near his home. He then spent one 
term in the Franklin and Marshall College at Lan- 
caster, Pa. In the beginning of 1874 he was called 
to the pastorate of the First Mennonite Church of 
Philadelphia, and was ordained at the same time and 
place. He was pastor here eight 3'ears, enjoyed a suc- 
cessful ministry of the Gospel, and during the last 
year of his pastorate (1882) a new brick church was 
erected at a cost of $9000. From October 1882 to 
June 1883 he spent in mission work among the 
Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians in the Indian 
Territory. He then became pastor of the Mennonite 
church at Germantown, Pa., .serving nearly a 3'ear 
(1883-84). In 1885 he removed to New York city 
and entered the w^ork of the Gospel Tabeniacle as 
associate to Rev. A. B. Simpson, pastor. In 1886, 
in addition to his other duties, he was appointed 
secretar}' of the New York Missionary Training 
College, in which he is also a teacher, having the 
spiritual oversight of the same, in which relation he 
still continues. 

VII. Medora E. Funk, b. Oct. 4, 1853 ; mrd. Daniel 
Y. Meschter Sept. 23, 1875. P. O. East Greenville, 
Pa. Travelling salesman ; Mrs. Meschter, Schwenk- 
felder. Children: (Vlll) Eugene, b. Oct. 12, 1877 ; 

— 299 — 

Albert, b. Feb. 22, 1880 ; Florence, b. Aug. 8, 1882 ; 
Webster, b. Apr. 15, 1884 ; EUvood, born Aug. 26, 
1888 ; Jacob, b. Feb. 10, 1891. 

VII. Mary A. Funk, b. May 30, 1856. Missionary 
of the International Missionary Alliance at Peking, 

VII. Ida Funk, b. Apr. i, 1861 ; d. Apr. 18, 1862. 

VII. Henry Funk, b. Jan. 14, 1863 ; d. Jan. 25, 1863. 

VII. Leah E. Funk, b. May 16, 1864 ; nird. Ambrose 
K. Schultz Dec. 26, 1885. In 1888 they entered the 
Berachah Orphanage in New York as matron and 
assistant superintendent of the home, which position 
they still hold. Children : (VIII) Alma, b. Nov. 10, 
1887 ; Ruth, b. Nov. ro, 1889. 

VII. Flora K. Funk, b. Dec. 19, 1866 ; mrd. Daniel 
Y. Schultz in 1889. Assistant matron in Missionary 
Training College, with which college he is also con- 
nected in work. 

VII. Ella C. Funk, born Mar. 25, 1870 ; mrd. Rev. 
Saw, of England, in 1891. Missionary in China. 

IV. Christian Funk, b. Feb. 9, 1763 ; d. in 1853 i^^ 
Virginia ; mrd. Susanna Geil. Farmer and sickle- 
maker ; Menus. Children : Elizabeth, Henry, Chris- 
tian, Susanna, Catharine, Frane}^ Abraham, Barbara, 
George, Mar}^ Rebecca, Christian. 

IV. Joseph Funk, b. Apr. 6, 1778 ; d. in Rocking- 
ham Co., Va. , Dec. 24, 1862 ; mrd. Elizabeth Roads 
Dec. 25, 1804. She died Feb. 7, 18 14. Children : 
Jonathan, Henry, Elizabeth, Susan, Barbara. Joseph 
mrd. second wife Rachel Britton Sept. 6, 18 14. She 
died Dec. 9, 1883. Children : Mar}', Joseph, David, 
Samuel, Hannah, John, Timothy, Solomon, Benjamin. 
Mr. Funk's life and labors were various and useful. 
His favorite pursuit was that of sacred music, to which 
he gave much attention, both as instructor and com- 
poser. He was the compiler of several popular music 
books. His descendants still live in the Virginia 
Valley, where several of his sons are ministers of the 
Baptist persuasion. At Dayton, Va., is the firm of & Kieffer, descendants of Joseph Funk, who 
are publishers of the " Musical Million," a paper 

300 — 

devoted to the science of music. They also pubh'sh 
Sunday school singing books. 

V. Samuel Funk, third son of Joseph and Rachel 
(Britton) Funk, was born Nov. ii, 1819 ; married 
Elizabeth Pennyweight Nov. 2, 1843. P. O. Shelly, 
Tenn. Farmer ; Meth. Ep. So. Children : John, 
Susan, Rebecca, Joseph, Mary, Benjamin, Addie, 
Bettie, Maggie, infants. 

VI. Rev. John P. Funk, bom at Singers Glen, Va., 
Dec. 2, 1846 ; married Medora A. Woodard Dec. 18, 
1868. P. O. Lawrenceburg, Tenn. He served as a 
private soldier in the 43rd Regt. Tenn. Vol., C. S. 
Army. That, and the consequent impoverishment by 
the war, prevented college training. He was licensed 
to preach in 1867, and was ordained deacon by Bishop 
Mclntyre March 1872 and elder October 1875. He 
was admitted on trial into the Tennessee Conference 
of the Methodist Episcopal Church South October 
1872, and was appointed to Salem Circuit October i, 
1873 ; to Mulberry Circuit, and in 1874-75 to Einch- 
burg Circuit. In October 1875 he was admitted in 
full connection into the conference. In 1876 he was 
appointed to Rich Valley Circuit ; 1877 Bedford 
Circuit ; 1878-81 he was stationed at Medium and 
Moors Chapel ; 1882-83 he travelled the Richland 
Circuit ; 1884-85 he was returned to Medium 
and Moors Chapel ; 1886-87 he was stationed at 
Watrace and Mount Moriah ; 1888 at Marble Plains ; 
1889-92 to Charlotte. His present charge is in Law- 
renceburg, Tenn. Children : Viola, Thomas, Stella, 
F'red, Samuel, Nannie, Lizzie. 

VII. Viola Virginia Funk, born Nov. 5, 1869 ; mrd. 
John \V. Hunter Sept. 9, 1885. P.O. Sherman, Tex. 
Employed in a wholesale gTOcer\^ store ; Meth. 
Children: (VIII) Vinny Leah, l^orn Oct. 13, 1886; 
Mar}' PVed, b. Mar. 21, 1890 ; Jean, b. May 4, 1893. 

VII. Thomas Osceola Funk, born August 5, 1872. 
Student ; Meth. Ep. So. Single. 

VII. Stella Mai Funk, b. Oct. 9, 1874. Meth. Ep. So. 

VII. Fred Hillman Funk, born September 20, 1878. 
Meth. Ep. So. Single. 

— 30I — 

VII. Samuel Mcx\lister Funk, b. Dec. 22, 1884. 

VII. Nannie Katie Funk, b. Dec. 16, 1889. 

VII. Lizzie Lucilla Funk, b. Jan. 28, 1892. 

VI. Susan R. Funk, b. Apr. 3, 1849 ; mrd. William 
J. Dallas January 28, 1879. P. O. Arlington, Tenn. 
P'armer ; Meth. Children : Freddie (dec'd), Lulali, 
Eddie, Grover, Laura, John. 

VI. Rebecca Funk, b. Mar. 9, 1851 ; d. Apr. 14, 1880. 

VI. Joseph H. Funk, b. Jan. 17, 1853 ; mrd. Mattie 
E. Skelten Dec. 14, 1875. P. O. Arlington, Tenn. 
Farmer ; Meth. Children : Luther, Virgie, Harvey, 
John, Effie (dec'd). Manna, Samuel. 

VI. Mary F. Funk, b. Feb. 17, 1856 ; mrd. Harvey 
N. Gregg Dec. 18, 1875. He d. 1878. Mary mrd. 
second husband Thomas T. Fleming in 1880. 
Mechanic ; Meth. Children : Roy, Dolph, Oliver, 
Samuel, Thaddeus. 

VI. Rev. Benjamin Funk, b. in Jefferson Co., Tenn., 
Nov. 14, 1858 ; married Laura G. Postan in 1890, 
P. O. Brunswick, Tenn. He ser\"ed on his father's 
farm until he became of age, when he went to work 
to secure means for his education. At the age of 26 
he entered an educational institution, from which he 
graduated in 1888 with the degree of B. S. After 
graduating he was licensed a local preacher in the 
M. E. Church Society, and has since served as local 
preacher and teacher. One child : Darsie Villa. 

VI. Ada E. Funk, b. 1861 ; d. in 1869. 

VI. Bettie S. Funk, born 1864 ; died 1889. 

VI. Mattie H. Funk. Single., 

IV. Frances Funk, d. in 1845 ; mrd. Henry Culp. 

IV. Rev. Daniel Funk, born in Penna. in 1781 ; died 
in Owen Co., Ind., in 1859; mrd. Christina Safley. 
Moved from Virginia to Ohio and later to Indiana. 
He was ordained a minister of the Mennonite church 
about 1840 and later bishop. Children : Catharine, 
Joseph, George, Susanna, Elizabeth, Daniel, Sophia, 
Abraham, Frances. 

III. Rev. Christian Funk, b. in Montg. Co. in 1731 ; 
d. May 31, 181 1 ; mrd. Barbara, dau. of Yellis Cassel. 
He inherited 137 acres of the old homestead at Indian 
Creek and purchased the remaining portion of it, 

?^02 — 

including the mill and 63 acres, from his brother 
Abraham in 1763. In 1757 he was chosen to the 
ministry of the Mennonite church at Franconia, where 
he continued to serve until al^out 1774, when, on 
account of his attitude to the American Congress and 
his loyalty to the American cause, he, with a party 
of adherents, were expelled from the Mennonite 
Church, after which they organized themselves into a 
church which was known as the "Funkites." 
Children: Anna, Elizabeth, Mar}^ Catharine, Barbara, 
Sarah, John, Abraham, Susanna. 
IV. Anna Funk, mrd. David Rosenberger. 

IV. EUzabeth Funk, mrd. Henry Gotwals. Children : 
John, Henry, Joseph, Abraham, Adam, Christian, 
Jacob, Barbara, Mary, Elizabeth. 

V. Mary Gotwals, mrd. Peter Ashenfelder, son of 
the pioneer Ludwig Eshenf elder. Children : Henry, 
Lewis, Adam. 

VI. Henr}^ Ashenfelder, b. in Montg. Co. Jul}' 24, 
1814; d. at Deming, New Mexico, Nov. 19, 1891 ; 
mrd. Catharine Knerr. He was superintendent in 
iron mills nearly all his life. Mr. A. , Universalist ; 
Mrs. A., Meth. Ep. Children : Emma, George, 
Hannah, Singleton, Emih^ 

VII. Emma Ashenfelder (dec'd), b. in 1838. 

VII. George Washington Ashenfelder (dec'd), born 
in 1840. 

VII. Hannah M. Ashenfelder, b. Apr. 1842 in Read- 
ing, Pa ; mrd. Isaac Laning Feb. 28, 1865. P. O. 
Bridgeton, N. J. Presby. Children : (VIII) Pjnilie 
Virginia Laning, b. FeVj. 25, 1868 ; mrd. George 
Edward Smith May 24, 1893. Bookkeeper ; Presby. 
(VIII) Louisa E. Laning, b. Oct. 28, 1870 ; d. July 14, 
187 1. fVIII; George Henry Laning, b. Oct. 21, 1872. 
P. O. Bridgeton, N. J. ' Jeweler ; Presby. (VIII) 
Katharine Matilda Laning, b. Jan. 29, 1876. 

VII. Hon. Singleton Mercer Ashenfelter, b. in Read- 
ing, Pa., May 29, 1844 ; married Nettie A. Bennett 
November 21, 1872. P. O. Colorado Springs. Col. 
Mr. Ashenfelter is a descendant in direct line of 
Ludovic Eschenfelder, whose name appears on the 
Revolutionary Militia rolls of Philadelphia county. 


and who, by deed, executed in eastern Montgomery 
count}^ in 1775, is described as " Ludwig Eschen- 
felder, yeoman." This ancestor settled on the Indian 
Creek, in Montgomery county, about 1740, and his 
son Ludwig, great-grandfather of the subject of this 
sketch, served in the war of 18 12. Mr. Ashenfelter's 
mother was Catharine Kneer, whose grandfather 
came to America in the ship ' ' Richard and Mary ' ' 
(John Moore, master), landing Sept. 26, 1752. 

Mr. Ashenfelter graduated at Dickinson College, 
Carlisle, Pa., in class of '65, being president of same. 
In the Summer of 1866 he assumed editorial charge 
of the "National Standard," published at Salem, 
N. J., he being at the time engaged in reading law in 
the office of Peter McCall, Esq., of Philadelphia. 
Late in the Fall of that year, however, he went on 
a long sea vo3^age around Cape Horn, accompanying 
a sea going friend, Capt. John Shourds, of Camden, 
N. J. He landed in Valparaiso, Chili, in March 1867, 
and spent nearl}^ two 3^ears on the west coast of South 
America. In the Fall of that year he became 
Consular Clerk at Guayaquil, Ecuador. He returned 
home in 1868, completed his legal studies and was 
admitted to the bar. He practiced at Rock Island, 
111., 1869 and part of 1870, and during that time was 
night editor of the Rock Island " Daily Union." He 
went to New Mexico in the latter part of June 1870, 
and in September of that year was made United States 
Attorney for the Territory, a position which he held 
until the early part of 1872. He has been practicing 
law in the Territory since that time, and from 1877 to 
1884 he also published a newspaper at Silver Cit}^ 
N. M. In 1885 he was made Prosecuting Attorney 
for the Third Judicial District of the Territory, which 
position he held nearly four years, when he resigned. 
In 1895 h^ removed with his family to Colorado 
Springs, Col., where he continues to practice his 
profession. Mrs. A., Episcopalian. Children : (VIII) 
Leoline Ashenfelter, born February 28, 1874 ; 
married William B. Walton January 5, 1893. 
P. O. Deming, N. M. ^ Mrs. Walton graduated at 
the South Jersey Institute, Bridgeton, N. J., after 

— 304 — 

which she spent a year at Yasser College. Mr. Walton 
is the present (1894) editor and manager of the 
Deming "Headlight." Mrs. W.. Epis. One child : 
Eda Lou, b. Jan. 19, 1894. (VIII) Harry Ashenfelter, 
born Mar. 3, 1876 ; d. infant. (VIH) Violetta Ashen- 
felter, b. Nov. 21, 1878. (Vlllj Anna B. Ashenfelter, 
born Dec. 28, 1881. 

VII. Eniilie M. Ashenfelter, born June 1846 ; mrd. 
Hon. D. F. Moore Nov. 30, 1877. P. O. Phoenix- 
ville, Pa. Dealer in house furnishing goods, and 
member of the Pennsylvania Legislature (1893) 5 ^^i"- 
Moore's ' ' birthright member of Friends. ' ' One child : 
(VIII) Martha Washington Moore, b. Feb. 22, 1880. 

IV. Mary Funk, married Rynard. 

IV. Catharine Funk, b. Jan. 12, 1759 ; d. May 12, 
1808 ; mrd. John Detweiler. He was born in 1747 ; 
died 1826. Miller and farmer ; Menus. Children : 
Susanna, Elizabeth, Joseph, Mary, Sara, John, Chris- 
tian, Catharine, Abraham, Daniel. 

V. Susanna Detweiler, married Jacob Landis. 

V. Elizabeth Detweiler, mrd. Rev. John Hunsicker 
May 9, 1797. Farmer ; minister and bishop of the 
Mennonite church. Children: Joseph, Henry, Mary, 
Sarah, Elizabeth, Garret. 

VI. Joseph Hunsicker, died 1870 ; mrd. Elizabeth 
Meyer. Farmer, and dealer in lumber and coal ; 
Menus. He served as Associate Judge of Mont- 
gomery count}' for ten years. Children : John, 
Harrison, Samuel, Joseph, Davis, Annie, Adelaide, 

VII. John M. Hunsicker (decVl), mrd. Fannie Henry. 
Dealer in lumber and coal. He ser\'ed as Sheriff for 
eight years, and Justice of the Peace ten years. 
Children : Joseph, Bessie, Nellie. 

VII. Harrison Hunsicker, died infant. 

VII. Samuel Hunsicker (dec'd). Lumber and coal 
dealer, schoolteacher, and Justice of the Peace. 

VII. Joseph W. Hunsicker, mrd. Mary Taggart. 

VII. Davis Hunsicker. He enlisted Apr. 17, 1861, 
in three months service in Compan\' B. , 4th Pa. Regt. 
Inf. At the close of the enlistment he recruited a 
certain number of men and became First Lieutenant in 

— 305 — 

the 51st Regt. Pa. Vol. He was killed in a charge at 
Antietam Sept. 17, 1862. 

VII. Annie E. Hunsicker, married John A. Henkels. 

VII. Adelaide Hunsicker, died infant. 

VII. Charles Hunsicker, born Oct. 26, 1835 ; mrd. 
Maggie, dau. of Gen. William Schall, of Norristown, 
June 13, 1865. He attended Freeland Seminary, and 
graduated from Union College in 1855, after which he 
was admitted to the Montgomery County (Pa.) Bar, 
where he continues the practice of his profession. 
During the w^ar he was Adjutant of 4th Pa. Vol. 
three months, then returned home and became Lieu- 
tenant in an emergency for three months. He was 
again called out with the Pennsylvania emergency 
troops and served five weeks. October 1865 he was 
elected District Attorney for three 3^ears, and was a 
member from Montgomery county of the Constitu- 
tional Convention, to revise the Constitution of the 
State, in 1872-73. Mr. Hunsicker is one of the most 
prominent lawyers of Norristown, and enjoys a 
large and lucrative practice. Ger. Ref. Children : 
(VIII) Edwin S. Hunsicker, b. June 24, 1866. Gradu- 
ated from Union College, and is now (1892) a student 
of law in New York. (VIII) James R. Hunsicker, born 
June 22, 1868 ; married Mary H. Ohl March 1889. 
P.O. Norristown, Pa. Coal merchant ; Ref. ch. One 
child : Marguerite. 

VI. Henry D. Hunsicker, born Mar. 14, 1804 ; died 
Maj^ 2, 1864 ; mrd. Catharine S. Shoemaker in 1825. 
She died in 1863. Farmer; Menus. Children: Eliza- 
beth, Enos, Francis, Barbara, Mary, John, Sarah, 
Isaac, Kate. 

VI. Mary Hunsicker, b. Aug. i, 1804 ; died Oct. 3, 
1855, aged 51 years ; married Abraham Hendricks. 
Children : John (d. infant), Elizabeth, Roger, Joseph, 
Mary, Sarah. 

VI. Garret Hunsicker, married Elizabeth Morgan. 
Children : John, Robert, Ella. 

VI. Elizabeth Hunsicker, died in 1847 I mrd. Gideon 
Fetterolf. Shoemaker and farmer ; Trin. Christian 
Ref. Children : Susan, Sarah, John, Henry, Adam, 
Joseph (dec'd). 

— 3o6 — 

VII. Susan Fetterolf, mrd. Abraham R. Tyson. Chil- 
dren : Enniia, EHzabeth, Lincohi, Andora, Horace. 

VII. Sarah Fetterolf, married Abraham K. Grimley. 
Children : Oliver, Ellen, Gideon. 

VII. Henry H. Fetterolf, b. 1839 ; mrd. Elizabeth 
Garber Jan. i, 1865. He served in the war as First 
Sergeant, and was promoted to First Lieutenant and 
Captain. He participated in the battles of Fredericks- 
burg and Chancellorsville. Children: Adele, Harriet, 

VII. Adam H. Fetterolf, Ph. D., L. E. D., born in 
Montg. Co. in 1842. His academic training was 
acquired at the Freeland Seminar5\ After completing 
his course and teaching for a time in the public 
schools he connected himself with the institution as 
Professor of Mathematics. He subsequenth* purchased 
Rev. Henr}^ A. Hunsicker's interest in the institution 
and l)ecame proprietor and principal. He conducted 
the institution very successfully for five 3'ears, when 
the buildings and grounds were purchased for Ursinus 
College. He then associated himself with Dr. Wells 
in the ownership and management of the Andalusia 
Academy, in Bucks county. After the death of Dr. 
Wells (in 1871) he assumed entire charge and con- 
tinued at the head of the academy for five years. 

In 1880 he was elected by the Board of City 
Trusts to fill the chair of \"ice President of Girard 
College. At the death of President Allen two years 
later, Prof. Fetterolf was chosen to succeed him. He 
has held the position and discharged the manifold 
duties ever since with the confidence of the board and 
the approbation of the public. The government of 
Girard College demands high and rather peculiar 
qualifications. The position of president is one of 
great responsibility, standing as he does in "loco 
parentis" to over 1500 orphan boys — the representative 
head of the greatest individual charity on the con- 
tinent. President Fetterolf has the charm of a genial, 
quiet, well-balanced character, a pleasing address, an 
mipressive presence, and that subtle faculty which 
wins the confidence of boys. He is the fourth presi- 
dent of the college. The first presided over 200 boys. 


the second 500, the third iioo, while Dr. Fetterolf 
has over 1500 under his charge. 

It requires executive abiHty of the highest order 
to successful!}^ direct the destinies and control the 
actions of so many undeveloped mental and ph3\sical 
organisms, and that Dr. Fetterolf is able to accomplish 
this without harsh discipline demonstrates in the 
strongest possible w^ay his eminent fitness for the 
responsible position he occupies. His abilities has had 
numerous recognitions from the faculties of other 
colleges, the most recent of which were the conferring 
upon him of the degrees of A. M. and Ph. D. by 
Lafayette College, and by Delaware College of the 
title of L. L. D. 

Dr. Fetterolf has been twice married. His first 
wife was Miss Annie, daughter of George Herges- 
heimer, of Germantowm, Pa. In 1883 he married 
Laura M., daughter of William D. Maugam, of 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Children: (VIII) George Fetterolf, 
M. D., b. in Montg. Co. Mar. 31, 1869. Engaged in 
the practice of medicine at 13 17 Girard Ave., Phila- 
delphia ; Prot. Ep. S. (VIII) Edwin Fetterolf, A. B., 
born in Bucks Co. Dec. 3, 1873. Architect. vS. 

V. Joseph Detweiler, mrd. Mary Johnson. Children: 
Susan, Kate, Maria, John, Elizabeth. 

V. Mary Detweiler, married Henry Hunsicker. 

V. Sarah Detweiler, mrd. Jacob Moyer. (See Ind. 
of Ref. No. 195.) 

V. John F. Detweiler, b. Sept. 29, 1786 ; d. Aug. 10, 
1864 ; mrd. Anna Detweiler. Children : Elizabeth, 
Jacob, Anna, John, Daniel, Joseph, William, Jacob, 
Samuel, Catharine, Abraham, Mary, Susanna, Sanuiel, 
Sarah, Margaret. 

V. Christian Detweiler, married Hannah Derstine. 
Children : John, Catharine, Mary, Isaac, Hannah, 
Abraham, Elizabeth. 

V. Catharine Detweiler, b. in 1788 ; d. 1850 ; mrd. 
Garret Hunsicker. Children : Elizabeth, Henr\', 
Esther, Christian, Catharine, Garret, Mary, Abraham. 

V. Abraham Detweiler, b. 1790 ; died 1832 ; mrd. 
Mary Horning. Children : Elizabeth, Catharine, 


08 — 

John, William, Isaac, Hannah, Mary, Abraham, 
Daniel, Benjamin. 

V. Daniel Detweiler, born 1792 ; died 1833 ) nird. 
Catharine Reiff. Children : George, John, Garret, 
Joseph, Elizabeth, Mary, Catharine, Henry. 

IV. Barbara Funk, b. Jan. 22, 1760 ; died July 27, 
1798 ; married Rev. John Reiff. Children : John, 
Jacob, Elizabeth, Catharine, Mary. 

IV. Sarah Funk (dec'd), mrd. - — Brodt. 

IV. Rev. John Funk (dec'd), mrd. . Farmer 

and minister. After the death of his father the care 
of the church known as the " Funkite," in a great 
measure, was committed to his management, which 
about this time began to decline. Children : Abraham, 
Magdalena, John, Catharine, and by a second wife, it 
is said, were four daughters. 

IV. Abraham Funk. 

IV, Susanna Funk, mrd. Detweiler. 

^/ III. Abraham Funk, b. in Montg. Co. Nov. 21, 1734 ; 
died in Bucks Co. Apr. 16, 1788 ; mrd. Mary Landis 
Jan. 19, 1758. She died in 1826. He inherited the 
old homestead at Indian Creek with 53 acres and the 
mill, which he after o\\ming it three years, sold to his 
brother Christian, and removed to Springfield town- 
ship, Bucks county, where he purchased 300 acres of 
land, with mill, dwellings, other buildings and 
improvements, from Stephen Twining May 27, 1763, 
for ;!^i57o. The homestead was a large log mansion. 
The mill was the first one in Springfield township, 
and was built by Twining in 1738, and rebuilt by 
Abraham Funk in 1782. Abraham Funk also built a 
saw mill, and purchased other property later. 
Being a shrewd business man he was successful in 
accumulating a large amount of wealth. He was a 
man of upright character, and was a prominent 
member of the Mennonite church of Springfield. 
Children : Henry, Anna, Jacob, John, Elizabeth, 
Susanna, Catharine, Abraham. 

IV. Henry Funk, b. in Montg. Co. Mar. 13, 1760 ; 
d. at Springtown, Pa., Feb. 13, 1812 ; mrd. Mollie 
Moyer Oct. 18, 1787. She died Jan. 16, 1789. One 
child : Abraham. Henrv mrd. second wife Fronica 

Richard A. Haste. 

See Page 292. 

— 309 — 

Detweiler Oct. i, 1789. She died Oct. 5, 1790. No 
issue. Henry married third wife Barbara Kaufman 
May 28, 1793. She was b. July 13, 1772 ; d. July 9, 
1862. Farmer and miller ; Menus. Children: Ralph, 
Christian, William, Ehzabeth, Mary, Henry, Sarah, 

On the death of his father he came into possession 
of the old homestead tract with mills, also the tract 
where Springtown now stands, and other tracts 
aggregating to over 500 acres. He first lived in the 
old log mansion, but in 1796 erected a large and sub- 
stantial stone house, into which he moved the same 
year, and which is still standing. Mr. Funk was a 
man of more than ordinary intelligence, and his high 
sense of honor and integrit}^ gained for him the entire 
confidence of the people, who sought his advice and 
services in matter of business transaction. In politics 
he was a Whig, and was elected to the Pennsylvania 
House of Representatives in 1808-09. Menus. 

V. Abraham Funk, born Jan. i, 1790 ; d. Apr. 12, 
1869; mrd. Elizabeth Kaufman. She was b. Aug. 27, 
1789 ; d. Sept. 3, 1857. Miller and farmer ; Menns. 
Children : Elias, Jacob, Christian, Ralph, Mary, 
Sarah, Elizabeth, Joseph. 

VI. Elias Funk, b. Sept. 6, 1809 ; d. June 15, 1892 ; 
mrd. Elizabeth Deemer. Miller ; Menns. No issue. 

V(. Jacob Funk, b. Dec. 15, 1812 ; d. Feb. 20, 1856 ; 
mrd. Eliza Cawley. Miller. Children: (VII) Emma 
M. Funk (dec'd), mrd. Isaac Deiterly. (Vll) Abraham 
F\nik, married Elizabeth Hoover. Children : Mary, 
Jacob. (VII) Amanda Funk, mrd. Oliver Nicholas. 
P.O. Laury Sta., Pa. Children : Victor, Eliza, Cora. 

VI. Christian Funk, b. Ma^^ 14, 1814; d. Dec. 28, 
1890 ; mrd. Anna M. Wottring Jan. 27, 1850. She 
was b. Mar. 17, 1829. Miller, later clerk; Ref. ch. 
Children : Ellen, Isabella, Cora. 

VII. Ellen E. Funk, b. Dec. 19, 1850 ; mrd. S. A. 
Rhoades May 1868. P. O. South Bethlehem, Pa. 
Blacksmith, later grocer; Meth. Ep. Children: 
(VIII) Robert Rhoades, b. May 1869 ; d. June 1869. 
(VIII) Laura Rhoades, b. Apr. 26, 1870 ; mrd. John 
M. Fackenthall April 1890. P. O. Philadelphia. 


Druggist. One child : Grace Ethel. (VIII) Wilmer 
G. Rhoades, born Jan. 5, 1875. (VIII) Estella May 
Rhoades, born Sept. i, 1879; died Nov. 21, 1879. 
(VIII ) Mabel Gertrude Rhoades, b. Mar. 4, 1885. 

VII. Isabella Funk, b. Jan. i, 1853 ; ^- May 2, 1880 ; 
mrd. Frank H. Huth Sept. 1875. P. O. Bethlehem, Pa. 
Dealer in groceries ; Meth. Ep. No issue. 

VII. Cora Funk, b. Nov. 10, i860. P.O. Bethlehem, 
Pa. Ref. ch. Single. 

VI. Ralph Funk, b. in Lehigh Co., Pa., Apr. 1,1818; 
mrd. Maria Gehman in 1855. P.O. Centre Valley, Pa. 
Farmer; Menus. Children: Titus, Emma, Milton, Eli. 

VII. Titus G. Funk, born Mar. 31, 1857 ; married 
Amanda E. Deaterly Nov. 10, 1883. P. O. Richland 
Centre, Pa. Luth. Children: ( VHI ) Ervin D. Funk, 
born Aug. 19, 1884 ; (VIII) Llewellyn D. Funk, born 
Feb. 4, 1889. 

VII. Emma Funk, b. ]\Iar. 22, 1859 ; mrd. Reuben 
Yost Sept. 15, 1877. P. O. Ottsville, Pa. Farmer; 
Menus. Children : ( VIII ) Ella Yost, born Feb. 14, 

1878. Tinicum ch. (VIII) Alice Yost, born Feb. 15. 

1879. (VIM) Sadie Yost, b. May II, 1880. (VIII) Levi 
Yost, b. Jan. 5, 1882. (VIM) Einma Yost, b. Apr. 5, 
1884. (VIM) Agnes Yost, born January 21, 1886. 
(VIII) Florence Yost, b. Jan. 12, 1889. (VIM) Theressa 
Yost, born April 17, 1891. (VIII) Arthur Yost, born 
March 1 1, 1893 ; died same day. 

VII. Milton G. Funk, born Feb. 16, i860; married 
S. Louisa Florey Dec. 15, 1888. P. O. Gilberts, Pa. 
Dairyman ; Luth. One child : (VIII) Ralph vS. Funk, 
born Nov. i, 1889. 

VII. Eli G. Funk, b. July 14, 1862 ; mrd. Amanda 
Nace ]\Iar. 16, 1886. P. O. Perkasie, Pa. Farmer ; 
Ger. Ref. One child: (Vlll) Medora Funk, born 
Dec. 13, 1886. 

VI. Mary Ann Funk, b. Dec. 16, 1819 ; mrd. Jacob 
Geisinger. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 196.) 

VI. Sarah Funk, b. Jan. 19, 1822 ; d. in 1834. 

VI. Elizabeth Funk. b. Nov. 19, 1826. vSingle. 

VI. Joseph K. Funk, b. Dec. 6. 1828. P. 6. Allen- 
town, Pa. Single. 


V. Ralph Funk, b. 1794 ; died in Wayne Co., O., in 
1846 ; mrd. Nancy Kaufman in 18 17. Miller and 
farmer ; Mennonites. Children : Samuel, Elizabeth, 
William, Cyrus, Mary, Barbara, Celia, Henr}^ Sarah, 
Matilda, Sophia, Kaufman, Maria. 

VI. Samuel Ftink, born Feb. 11, 18 17 ; died in Ohio 
Nov. 13, 1870 ; mrd. Nancy Yarnel. 

VI. Elizabeth Funk, b. May 13, 1822 ; d. in 1894 ; 
mrd. Mathew McClure. 

VI. William Funk, born in Penna. Sept. 18, 1824 ; 
mrd. Catharine Myers in Ohio May 4, 1850. P. O. 
Elkhart, Ind. Retired farmer ; Meth. Ep. Children : 
Emma, Mary, Cvrus, Walter, Alice, Kaufman, 
Nelson, Effie,' Chloe. 

VII. Emma Funk, born in Wayne Co., O., April 20, 
1851 ; married Reuben Stair Feb. 24, 1880. P. O. 
Plymouth, Ind. Farmer ; Meth. Ep. Children : 
(VIII) Clarence Stair, born June 7, 1881 ; Harry, born 
Dec. 2, 1882. 

VII. Mary Funk, b. Aug. 16, 1853 ; d. Mar. 10, 1886. 
Meth. Ep. 

VII. Cyrus H. Funk, b. Ma^- 17, 1855 ; mrd. Ellen 
Ritter April 24, 1890. P. O. Cassopolis, Mich. 
Dentist. One child : (VIII) Leland Ritter Funk, Ijorn 
June 12, 1892. 

VII. Walter A. Funk, born in Elkhart Co., Ind., 
Dec. 18, 1857 ; mrd. Mayne H Harris Apr. 21, 1892. 
P. O. South Bend, Ind. In early life Mr. P^unk 
taught school. Later he took a scientific course in 
the Northern Indiana Normal School, and graduated 
in the law department of Michigan University in 1885, 
and was admitted the same year to the bar of vSt. Joseph 
county, Ind., and also to the State Supreme Court. 
He located in South Bend, Ind., in 1884, and, while 
not in the universit^^ was a student in the office of 
Hon. A. Anderson until 1886, when he launched on 
his own hook. From 1887-89 he was Deputy Prose- 
cuting Attorne}' of his district, and in 1890 ran for 
Prosecutor on the Republican ticket, but was defeated. 
In 1892 he was the Republican candidate for State 
vSenator for St. Joseph and vStark counties, but was 
also defeated. Mr. Funk has been eminentl}^ success- 


ful, and occupies a high position as Iaw5^er and citizen. 
One child : (Vlllj wilham H. Funk, b. May 14, 1893. 

VII. AHce L. Funk, b. June 22, i860 ; mrd. George 
E. Moore March 31, 1887. P. O. Osceola, Ind. 
Farmer; Meth. Ep. ' Children : (VIII) William Moore, 
born Jan. 20, 1888 ; Grace, b. June 15, 1891 ; Llo3^d, 
born Feb. 15, 1893. 

VII. Kaufman E. Funk, born May 14, 1863. P. O. 
Elkhart, Ind. Cashier and bookkeeper ; Meth. Ep. 

VII. Nelson Funk, born March 19, 1866. P. O. 
Elkhart, Ind. General manager and secretary of 
a stationary company. 

VII. Effie'Funk, born Sept. 15, 1869; mrd. G. W. 
Hauenstein, M. D., Apr. 14, 1892. P.O. Elkhart, Ind. 

VII. Chloe Funk, b. Apr. 10, 1876. Meth. Ep. S. 

VI. Cyrus Funk, b. Aug. 31, 1826 ; mrd. Susan D. 
Downey. P. O. Clinton, 111. 

VI. Mary Ann Funk, b. Jan. 27, 1828 ; mrd. Enos 
Myers. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 336.) 

VI. Barbara Funk, b. Sept. 11, 1830 ; died in Ohio 
in 1 87 1 ; mrd. Daniel Yaniel. 

VI. Celia Funk, born February 27, 1832 ; married 
Isaac H. Myers. 

VI. Henry Funk, b. Apr. 14, 1834 ; mrd. Harriet M. 
Robbins. P. O. Farmer City, lU. 

VI. Sarah Funk, born Januar}' 31, 1836; married 
Charles Hartman. 

VI. Matilda A. Funk, b. Feb. 23, 1838 ; d. Mar. 29, 

1884 ; mrd. George W. Clouse. 

VI. Sophia Malinda Funk, b. Sept. 9, 1839 ; mrd. 
Joseph D. Devore. P. O. Elkhart, Ind. 

VI. Kaufman Funk, b. Nov. 16, 1843; d. Oct. 21, 
1887 ; mrd. Emma J. Kaufman. 

VI. Maria Isabella P\ink, boni in 1845 ; married 
Samuel Moyer. 

V. Christian and William Funk, both died in infancy. 

V. EHzabeth Funk, b. Nov. 3, 1797 ; died Jan. 27, 

1885 ; mrd. Benjamin Riegel. 

V. Mary Funk, married Abraham Dilgart. 

V. Henry Funk, b. in Bucks Co. July 1 1, 1804 ; died 
Nov. 21, 1845 ; married Susanna Schleiffer, dau. of 

Henr}' Schleiffer,-'^ Jan. 3, 1826. She was b. Feb. 26, 
1804 ; still living (1895). ^^^- ^^'^^^ inherited from 
his father the grist and saw mills together with fifty 
acres of land. Soon after marriage he purchased from 
his mother the remaining portion of the homestead 
proper. He was successful in business and succeeded 
in accumulating considerable wealth. His chief occu- 
pation was farming and operating his mills. Mr. 
Funk was an exemplary man, an honored citizen, and 
was held in the highest esteem by all who knew him. 
His widow still survives him and is living with her 
son, Hon. Henry S. Funk, at the old homestead. 
She is now past 91 years and is a remarkable woman 
for one of her age. Her mind and memor}' are yet 
clear, and she is able to converse intelligently of times 
and people of long ago. Menus. Children : Mar}-, 
Enos, Elizabeth, Henry. 

VI. Mary Funk, b. Nov. 19, 1826 ; d. Sept. 5, 1892 ; 
mrd. Jacob K. Trauger Nov. 17, 1850. Farmer; 
Luth. Children: (VH) Emma Trauger, b. Nov. 16, 
185 1 ; married Jonas Bean Nov. 5, 1870. Farmer; 
Luth. Children : Howard, Edwin, Charles (dec'd), 
Mar}^ Quintus, Robert, Jonas (dec'd), Annie, Clara, 
Earle. (VM) Clara Trauger, b. Sept. 27, 1853 ; died 
Mar. 29, 1 89 1 ; married Quintus Hess. No issue. 
(VII) Elizabeth Trauger, b. Oct. 21, 1857 ; d. Feb. 17, 
1869. (VII) Matilda Trauger, b. Feb. 7, 1864; mrd. 
George D. Fox Sept. 13, 1883. P.O. Bucksville, Pa. 
Farmer, and Justice of the Peace. Children : Elsie, 
Jacob (dec'd), Allan. (VII) Jacob H. Trauger, born 
Dec. 23, 1867 ; mrd. Annie M. Sumstone. Farmer ; 
Luth. Children : Clarence, Raymond, Mary. 

VI. Enos Funk, b. Apr. 11, 1829 ; d. Dec. 5, 1847. 

Vl. Elizabeth Funk, b. Dec. 30, 1831 ; d. July 23, 
1 85 1. Single. 

VI. Hon. Henry S. Funk, born in Springfield Twp. , 
Bucks Co., on the old homestead, Dec. 23, 1844 ; mrd. 

^ vSon of Jacob SchleifFer, who, when a child, came with 
his father Abraham Schleiffer from Europe, and settled in 
Virginia. Jacob came North and married widow of Samuel 
Meyer. Their children were : Abraham, Jacob, Elizabeth, 


Ellen M. Horlocher Nov. 26, 1868. She was born 
Sept. 15, 1844; d. Mar. 2, 1884. Children: Henr3% 
Susie. Henr}' married second wife Sallie C. Laubach 
Dec. 24, 1887. She was bom June 17, 1864. 

When 1 1 months old Mr. Funk's father died. 
He remained on the homestead with his mother and 
attended the public and private schools until 18 years 
of age. He then left school and took charge of the 
property bequeathed to him by his father. He tore 
down the mill built b}- his great-grandfather in 1782 
and erected upon its site one of the most complete 
flouring mills in the State, together with handle works 
and saw mill. These mills were destroyed b_v fire in 
1869, but he immediately rebuilt them and are with 
the homestead farm still under his personal supervision. 

Mr. Funk has been Justice of the Peace in his 
township and postmaster at vSpringtown during Gar- 
field's and Harrison's administration. In 1885 he 
established the Springtown " Times," a weekly news- 
paper of 48 columns, and has since been its editor. 
He is secretary of the Gloi)e Mutual Live Stock In- 
surance Company, is president of a local building 
and loan association, and is also interested in various 
other enterprises. Mr. Funk has been very success- 
ful in business. He is the owner of valuable real 
estate and water powers, and is recognized as one of 
the leading men in his part of the county, and nnicli 
credit is due him for the public spirit manifested by 
him in furthering public enterprises. He has a 
decided literary taste, and has in his possession a 
library of o\'er 10,000 volumes. 

In politics he is a staunch and active Republican, 
and in the campaign of 1894 ^^^ ^^'^^ elected to repre- 
sent his district in the Legislature of Pennsylvania by 
an overwhelming majority in a county that has been 
invariabh' Democratic. He took his seat in the 
House of Representatives January i, 1895, was ap- 
pointed on various important connnittees, and served 
his constituents with great credit. Mr. Funk held 
manv offices of trust and honor. He is prominentlv 

- * - 

identified with the P. O. S. of A., and served as 
National vice president at Citicinnati, O., in 1864 ; 

— 315 — 

he is a member of Washington Camp, No. 553, of 
Springtown. Mr. Funk is also a member of Quaker- 
town Lodge, No. 512, F. and A. M., and is a promi- 
nent member of various other organizations, attended 
National and State conventions. 

VII. Henry H. Funk, b. on the homestead at Spring- 
town Aug. 25, 1869 ; mrd. Minnie E. Hess June 12, 
1894. He received his early education by a private 
tutor. He entered the Springtown Academy in June 
1885, from which he graduated June 17, 1887. He 
then entered the " Times" office, served as apprentice 
and foreman until he arrived at the age of 2 1 , when 
his father presented him with half interest of the 
printing plant, and was installed business manager 
and associate-editor. 

The " Times" is an influential eight-paged paper, 
and together with its extensive job printing and book 
binding department is one of the largest business 
enterprises of the town. It has had a very successful 
career, much of which is due to the business tact, 
energy and untiring perseverance of the associate- 
editor, Henry H. Funk. 

He is also owner of real estate, a part of which 
is a large farm bequeathed to him by his great uncle, 
Kaufman Funk, which originally belonged to the old 
Funk homestead. He is a member of Quaker town 
Lodge, No. 512, F. and A. M.; Zinzendorf Chapter, 
No. 216, R. A. M., of Bethlehem ; past officer of 
Washington Camp, No. 553, P. O. S. of A., of 
Springtown. One child: (VIII) Henry D. Funk, 
born April 29, 1895. 

VI. Susie E. Funk, b. on the old homestead Nov. 6, 
1876. She received her education by a private tutor, 
and attended the Springtowm Academy. She is an 
accomplished violinist. Miss Funk is now engaged 
in her father's office. 

V. Sarah Funk, b. July i, 1807 ; d. Feb. 26, 1885 ; 
mrd. David R. Hess. He was born Jan. 21, 1799 ; 
d. Mar. 29, 1876. Children : Barbara, Ralph, Henry, 
Reuben, Elizabeth, Mary, David. 

V. Kaufman Funk (dec'd), b. Jan. 3, 18 10 ; mrd. 

— 316 — 

Hannah Seipel Fretz. She was l)oni 1803 ; d. 1866. 
No issue. 

IV. Anna Funk, b. Apr. 12, 1762 ; d. June 2, i8r8 ; 
mrd. Andreas Overpeck. 

IV. John Funk, born about 1771 ; d. in 1819 ; mrd. 
Esther Wisnier in 1791. She was b. in 1771 ; died 
in 1852. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Michael, 
Samuel, Jacob, John, Abraham (decM), Joseph, Mary, 
Barbara, Catharine, Elizabeth, Anna, and one drowned 
in a tanner's vat. 

V. Michael Funk, b. Jul}^ i, 1793 ; d. Feb. 22, 1878 ; 
married Rebecca, daughter of Abraham Hunsberger. 
Children: (VI) x\braham Funk, died in 1847 ; nuxl. 
Barbara Fretz in 1844. Farmer ;' Menus. Children : 
Mary, Jacob. (VI) Magdalena Funk, married John 
Housser. (Vl) Elizabeth Funk, b. Sept. 15, 1822 ; 
d. Oct. 18, 1855 ; mrd. Isaac A. Moyer. (See Ind. of 
Ref. No. 197.) (VI) Catharine Funk, mrd. Michael 

V. Samuel Funk, b. Apr. 14. 1795 ; d. Nov. 9, 1871 ; 
mrd. Edith, dau. of Sebastian Benner, in 1824. She 
was b. in 1786 ; d. in i860. Carpet and linen weaver ; 
Menus. One child : John. 

VI. John Funk, b. Apr. 17, 1826 ; mrd. Mary, dau. 
of Abraham Fretz, of Hilltown Twp., Bucks Co., in 
1852. P.O. Telford, Pa. Farmer and tailor ; Menus. 
Children : (VII) Susanna Funk, b. Sept. 27, i860 ; 
died same day. (VII) Samuel F. Funk, b. Dec. 11, 
1 86 1 ; d. Jan. 24, 188 1. 

V. Jacob Funk, b. in Springfield Twp., Bucks Co., 
Dec. 16, 1796 ; died Sept. 4, 1875 ; mrd. Margaret 
Haldeman. She d. Aug. 17, 1829. Children : Mary, 
Catharine. Jacob mrd. second wife Susanna, dau. of 
Martin Fretz, of Hilltown Twp., Dec. 9, 1830. Mason, 
bricklayer and farmer ; Menus. Children : Margaret, 
Esther. John, Sarah, Abraham, Jacob, Susan. 

VI. Mary Ann Funk, b. Oct. 5, 182 1 ; mrd. Jacob 
Beidler April 23, 1844. P. O. Chicago. 111. Presby. 
Children : Joseph, Augustus, William. Francis, 
Emma, John, David, George. 

VI. Catliarine Funk. b. Mar. 25. 1824 ; mrd. George 

— 317 — 

Swartley Nov. 8, 1842. P. O. Colmar, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : Oliver, Mary, Jacob. 

VI. Margaret Funk, b. Oct. 15, 1831 ; died Nov. 22, 
1857 ; mrd. Benjamin Frick in 1853. Menns. One 
child : Samuel. 

VI. Esther Funk, b. July i, 1833 ; married John ly. 
Frick in 1854. He died in 1880. P. O. Philadelphia. 
Merchant and builder ; Meth. Ep. Children : Eliza- 
beth, Jacob F. , Joel, Edward (all dec'd), Emma, 

VI. John Fretz Funk, b. in Hilltown Twp. , Bucks Co. , 
April 6, 1835. He worked on the farm, going to 
school in the Winter until he was in his 19th year, 
when he commenced teaching in his native township, 
and taught during the Winter for three successive 
Winters. He also attended school at Freeland Semi- 
nary three months during the Summer of 1855 and 
again in 1856. In the Spring of 18.57, after closing 
his school at Chestnut Ridge, in Hilltown township, 
he went to Chicago, 111., and engaged in the lumber 
business, in wdiich he continued nine 3'ears. In the 
Winter of 1859-60 he became a member of the 
Mennonite church at Line Lexington, Bucks county, 
Pa. In January of 1864 he commenced the publica- 
tion of the ' ' Herald of Truth " and " Der Herold 
der Wahrheit," and on the 19th of the same month 
was married to Salome, daughter of Jacob Kratz, of 
Hilltown, Bucks county, Pa. On May 28, 1865, he 
was ordained to the ministry in the Mennonite church, 
near Gardner, 111. In April 1867 he removed to 
Elkhart, Ind., and established there the business 
house now known as the Mennonite Publishing Com- 
pany, first imder his own name and afterwards under 
the firm name of John F. Funk & Bro., having asso- 
ciated with himself his brother Abraham, and con- 
tinued the business under this firm name until May 
14, 1875, when the Mennonite Publishing Company 
was organized. On June 6, 1892, he was chosen and 
ordained to the office of bishop over six congregations, 
including Elkhart, Yellow Creek, Holdeman's, Olive, 
Salem and Nappanee districts, in Elkhart count^^ Ind. 
Children: (VII) Martha Funk, b. in Chicago, 111.; 


(VII) Susan Funk, born and died in Chicago, 111.; 
(VII) Phebe Funk, b. in Elkhart, Ind.; mrd. Abram 
B. Kolb Jan. 3, 1893. He was b. near Berlin, Ont. 
Editor of " Herald of Truth " and " Words of Cheer." 
(VII) Rebecca, Grace Anna, John, all deceased. 

VI. Sarah Funk, b. Apr. 24, 1837 ; d. Aug. 20, 1839. 

VI. Abraham Kratz Funk, born in Hilltown Twp. 
Jan. 20, 1840. His early years were spent on his 
father's farm. He attended school about four months, 
usually in the Winter. He commenced teaching in 
the public schools of the county at 18. He attended 
school at Freeland Seminar>% Collegeville, Pa., in 
1859, and the Excelsior Normal Institute, Carvers- 
ville, Pa., in 1861. After spending five years at 
farming during the Summer and teaching in Winter 
he went to Chicago, 111., in the Spring of 1863 and 
engaged in the lumber business. After residing five 
years in Chicago he went to Elkhart and there entered 
into a co-partnership with his brother under the firm 
name of John F. Funk & Bro. as publishers of the 
' ' Herald of Truth ' ' and ' ' Der Herold der Wahrheit. ' ' 
They also issued during the continuance of this co- 
partnership a number of religious works, the most 
important of which was the great book of ' ' Martyr' ' 
in the German language, containing over 1 100 quarto 
pages, and the complete works of Menno Simon, 
which was translated from the Holland and printed in 
English. In 1875 he became one of the principal 
stockholders in the Mennonite Publishing Company, 
which was then organized, and has since held the 
position of secretary and treasurer of that company. 
He married Annie M., daughter of Joseph and Mary 
(Geil) Landis, of Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 11, 1872. 
Menus. Children : Mary Maude, Edna Josephine, 
Esther Winifred. 

VI. Jacob Silas Funk, b. in Hilltown Twp., Bucks 
Co., Pa., Apr. 13, 1842. He spent his early days on 
his father's farm, and received a fair common school 
education. In the earh' part of 1862 and Summer of 
1863 he spent two terms at the Excelsior Normal 
Institute, at Carversville, Pa. He tauglit in the 
schools of his native county from 1862 to 1865. In 

— 319 — 

the Spring of 1865 he went to Chicago, 111., and 
engaged in the lumber business. In September of 
this year he purchased a scholarship in the Eastman 
Business College, of that city, and took a commercial 
course, attending evenings onl3^ In the Spring of 
1869 he located at Chillicothe, Mo., where he engaged 
in the lumber business. On January 15, 1870, he was 
married to Annie K., daughter of Jonas Stover, of 
East Rockhill township, Bucks county, Pa. He 
afterwards became connected with the Northwestern 
Lumber Company, and continued with this firm eleven 
years, during which time he gained with them the 
highest esteem and respect. He took an active part 
in the various civil , social and religious movements of 
the day, and was always ready to assist in all enter- 
prises of pul)lic interest, and held continuously posi- 
tions of responsibility and honor. In 1869 he was 
elected superintendent of the Presbyterian Sunday 
school, of Chillicothe, Mo., which position he held 
until 1880. In 187 1 or '72 he was elected elder of the 
Presbyterian church at Chillicothe. He was secretary 
of the School Board of that city, and through his 
influence w^as built the beautiful new school building, 
costing from $45,000 to $50,000. In 1875 he was 
also a member of the City Council. For three years 
he was correspondent of the "Globe-Democrat," a 
Republican paper of St. Louis. During the Summer 
of 1890 he became connected with the T. B. Scott 
Lumber Company, of Merrill, Wis. During a busi- 
ness trip for that compan}^ through Illinois and 
Indiana he was taken sick. He reached his home in 
Minneapolis, Minn., Sept. 22, and d. Oct. 15, 1S90, 
Presby. Children : (VII) Emma Laura Funk, born 
1871 ; d. in 1872. (VII) Frederick Stover Funk, born 
1873 ; d. 1877. (VII) Gertrude Elizabeth Funk, born 
February 25, 1877. (VII) Susan Anna Funk, born 
Jan. 29, 1885. 

VI. Susan Elizabeth Funk, b. May 4, 1846 ; married 
Henry W. Gross. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 198.) 

V. John Funk, b. 1798 ; died 1834; married Fannie 
Wismer. Clock and watchmaker ; Menus. Chil- 
dren : Sarah, Henry, Rachel, Michael. 


V. Joseph Funk, b. Oct. 30, 1800; d. Jan. 21, 1882 ; 
mrd. Sarah Cypher Nov. 10, 1829. Miller, and later 
farmer ; elder in Lutheran ch. Children : William, 
Jonas, Joseph, John, Hester, David, Susanna, Till- 
man, Effie, Sarah. 

V. Polly Funk, b. Feb. 13, 1802 ; d. Oct. 16, 1880 ; 
mrd. Jacob Swartley Nov. 19, 1820. He was born 
1796; d. 1881. Farmer; Menus. Children: infant, 
Sarah, Eliza, John, Mary, Jacob, infant, Sophia, 
infant, Susanna, infant, infant. 

V. Barbara Funk, b. Jan. 13, 1804 ; mrd. John Eoux 
Jan. 3, 1822. He was b. in 1798 ; d. 1879. Carpenter; 
Ger. Ref. Children : Franklin, Elvy, William, Lewis, 
Mary, Levi, Reed, Eliza, John, Emeline. 

V. Catharine Funk, b. Oct. 9, 1805 ; d. Sept. 20, 
1889 ; mrd. Moses Grobb. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 199.) 

V. Elizabeth Funk, b. in Bucks Co. Aug. 20, 1807 ; 
d. Nov. 3, 1887 ; mrd. John Rittenhouse. (See Ind. 
of Ref. No. 200. ) 

V. Anna Funk, b. in Bucks Co.; mrd. Jacob Geil. 
He was b. in Bucks Co. Feb. 3, 1803. P.O. Chalfont, 
Pa. Farmer; Menus. Children: John, Enos, Samuel. 

VI. John F. Geil, born in Bucks Co. Mar. 30, 1831 ; 
mrd. Sarah A. Schofield Apr. 5, i860, in Livingston 
Co., Mich. She was bom in Steuben Co., N. Y., 
Mar. 22, 1834. P. O. Williamsport, N. D. Notary 
Public, conveyancer and Register of Deeds ; Meth.Ep. 
Children : Anna, Lincoln, Frederick. 

VII. Anna E. Geil, born Jan. 4, 1864 ; mrd. Rev. 
Charles S. Lane Aug. 15, 1S89. Minister of the 
Meth. Ep. ch. 

VII. Lincoln Geil, boni Dec. 26, 1865 ; mrd. Etta 
Miles September 21, 1889. Deputy clerk. Children: 
(VIII) Anna Geil, born July 2, 1890 ; (VIII; William 
Geil, b. May 23, 1892 ; d. Sept. 16, 1892. 

VII. PVederick A. Geil, b. Sept. 13, 1870. 

VI. Enos F. Geil, b. Apr. 27, 1836 ; d. Mar. 17, 1891 ; 
mrd. Mary Means P'eb. 10, 1859. P. O. Levin, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menns. Children : (VII) Amanda M. Geil, 
b. Nov. 13, 1859 ; mrd. Jonas M. Moyer Jan. 15, 1880 ; 
Farmer; Menns. Children: Anna L., Marv G., 
Alice, Sylvanus, Mabel. (VII) Sarah M. Geil', born 

James Y. Heckler. 

See Page 294. 


May 9, 1861 ; mrd. Jacob F. Svvartley. (See Ind. of 
Ref. No. 201.) (VII) Anna M. Geil, b. May 14, 1865 ; 
mrd. Oliver Keller. Farmer; lyiith. Children: Laura, 
Howard, Walter. 
VI. Hon. Samuel F. Geil, b. in Bucks Co. Sept. 28, 
1 84 1. Mr. Geil received a good academic education 
in his native county. In 1859 he removed to Cleve- 
land, O., where he began the study of law. After 
passing through the usual studies he was admitted to 
practice in the Supreme Court of Ohio Sept. 26, 1862. 
Having read law with Herrick & Barlow% he attended 
the Ohio State and Union Law College at Cleveland, 
from which he graduated May 26, 1872. 

At the breaking out of the war in 1861 he was 
among the first to enter the volunteer vService, and 
was appointed First Lieutenant of the Second Regi- 
ment, Ohio Cavalr}^ and remained until December 1 1 , 
1861, when he resigned. 

In November 1862 he removed to California and 
took up his residence in Monterey county, where he 
has been actively engaged in the practice of law. He 
served two terms as District Attorney in that county, 
and during his incumbency conducted man}^ cases of 
great importance and public interest in a highly 
satisfactory and successful manner. He has had a 
large and profitable practice for the last twent}^ years. 
He is the attorney for Southern Pacific Railroad Com- 
pany, and other corporations. For the lavSt fifteen 
years there has not been a case of any importance in 
the count}^ in which he resides, either civil or criminal, 
that he has not been engaged in. Immediately after 
his arrival in California he was admitted to practice in 
the Supreme Court of California, and also in all the 
Federal courts. 

On February 2, 1866, he married Josefa vSanchez, 
who, with two living children, are members of the 
Roman Catholic church. Mrs. Geil descends from an 
old and prominent Spanish family of that region in 
which they reside. Her grandparents, on her mother's 
side, were native Californians. Her father, Don 
Rafael Sanchez, was private secretar}- to Governor 
and General Micheltorena, under Mexican rule. 

-^2 2 — 

Mr. Geil has been a member of the Masonic 
fraternity for many years. He served for three years 
as High Priest of SaHnas, Chapter No. 59, R.A.M., and 
is now a Knight Templar and a Noble of the Mystic 
Shrine. He is also a prominent member of the order 
of Odd Fellows. Children: (Yll) Samuel Geil, b. 
Mar. 8, 1867 ; d. Nov. 10. 1868. (VII) Samuel Geil, 
b. Nov. 1869 ; d. aged 7 days. (VII) Anna Geil, born 
in Monterey Co., Cal., Feb. 13, 1870; mrd. John J. 
Wyatt December 27, 1892. P.O. SaHnas City, Cal. 
Lawyer. Mrs. W., Catholic; Mr. W., Protestant. 
(VII) Lydia Geil, b. Oct. 17, 1874; d. June 15, 1885. 
(VII) Herhnda Geil, b. May 19, 1876. 

IV. EHzabeth Funk, b. May 20, 1772 ; d. Feb. 24, 
1843 ; mrd. Christian Stover. He was born Jan. 22, 
1776 ; d. Aug. 29, 1849. Farmer in Montg. Co., Pa. 
Children : Eli, Mary, Ann. 

IV. Susanna Funk (dec'd), mrd. Jacob Treichler. 
Tanner at Springtown, Pa. Children : Sarah, Mary, 
Jacob, Elizabeth, Susan. 

IV. Catharine Funk, d. 1838 ; mrd. Ralph Stover in 
1784. He was born 1760; d. Oct. 181 1. Attended 
Mennonite ch. at Deep Run, where they are buried. 

Mr. Stover was for many years a Justice of the 
Peace in Bedminster township, Pa. He was a mem- 
ber of the Pennsylvania Legislature from 1793 to 1799 
inclusive, seven years in succession, during George 
Washington's administration. He was also one of 
the three first Directors of the Poor of Bucks county 
in 1807, consisting of James Chapman, John McMasters 
and Ralph Stover. Mr. Stover was a very useful 
citizen in the community in which he lived in adjust- 
ing legal matters between his neighbors and settling 
up estates, etc. He owned a 300-acre farm on the 
Tohickon, now owned by Amos Kilmer and Frank 
Myers. Children : Abraham, Mar>', Elizabeth, Ann, 

V. Abraham F. Stover, b. May 10, 1786 ; d. Feb. 26, 
1854 ; mrd. Rachel Fretz, dau. of John and Anna 
(Kratz) Fretz, of Warwick Twp., Pa., about 1808. 
She was b. Mar. 30, 1787 ; d. in 1870, aged 83 years, 
less 13 days. He lived on a part of the homestead of 

his father in Bedminster township, situated on the 
Tohickon creek, a part of the farm now belonging to 
Amos Kilmer. Mr. Stover was a prominent and 
useful citizen. In 1817 he was elected to the Penn- 
sylvania Legislature, and re-elected in 1820. He was 
appointed Justice of the Peace by the Governor, and 
was also a surveyor. In 1833 he sold his share of the 
homestead and moved with his family to Fauquier 
county, Va., where he purchased a farm of 135 acres 
with a mill, and afterwards bought an adjoining tract 
of 270 acres. He died in 1854. Children : John 
(d. in childhood), Ralph, infant, Charles, Albert. 
VI. Ralph Stover, b. Sept. 28, 181 1 ; mrd. Eliza 
Stover, dau. of Henry S. Stover, of Erwinna, Pa., 
Oct. 4, 1838. She was b. Aug. 31, 1815. His early 
days were spent on the farm. He attended school at 
Deep Run, and in 1824 at Springtown, Pa., and later 
at Red Hill, where he studied the higher branches. 
He finished his education at the Doylestown Academ}^ 
after which he returned home and -assisted his parents 
on the farm. In the year 1833 the whole family 
removed to Thoroughfare Gap, Va., where they pur- 
chased a mill and farm. Ralph, taking charge of the 
mill, soon built up a large and prosperous business. 

In 1 84 1 he removed from Virginia to Point 
Pleasant, Pa., where he purchased a saw mill, flour 
mill and other property, and also engaged in the 
manufacture of lumber, flour and feed. He was one 
of the prime movers and projectors of the Danboro 
and Point Pleasant turnpike, of which he was presi- 
dent. He also advocated the building of Point 
Pleasant Delaware bridge, and served as treasurer of 
the company for many years. He took much interest 
in school arid church affairs, doing much to improve 
the school, and donated the ground for the Baptist 
church, of which the family are members. He also 
donated ground from his farm for a cemetery. The 
tract is beautifully situated, over-looking the Delaware 
river and surrounding scenery. He reserved a plot 
for a family burying ground, in the centre of which 
he erected a handsome granite monument about ten 
feet high, as a memorial of the sleeping inhabitants 

1 ^ 

-^4 - .. 

within its enclosure.- After a successful business 
career, and rearino^ of a good and virtuous faniih', he 
and wife have retired from t)usiness. Children : 
Robert, Mary, John, Rachel, Emeline, Horace, Eliza, 
Ella, Adelaide, Chester, Annie, Albert. 

VII. Robert C. Stover, born in Fauquier Co., Va., 
Oct. 28, 1839 ; married Ellie Carrington, of \^irginia, 
Jan. 8, 1873. P. O. Broad Run Sta., Va. Miller; 
Bap. Children : (VHI) L3'dia Antrim Stover, born 
Jan. 25, 1874; (VIII) Charles Stover, born Feb. 19, 
1876; d. Sept. 25, 1877. (VIII) Maggie Chew Stover, 
b. Aug. 4, 1878 ; d. June 8, 1884. (VIII) Einwood C. 
Stover, b. Sept. 6, 1880. (VIII) Maud Alma Stover, 
b. Mar. 6. 1882. (VHI) ClaribeKStover, born Feb. 2, 
1884. (VIII) May Pearl Stover, b. Nov. 2, 1885 ; died 
August 24, 1887. (VIII) Robert and Ralph Stover 
(twins), born April 3, 1888. 

VII. Mary Gill Stover, born Feb. 21, 1842 ; married 
C. Eugene Keyser Sept. 20, 1870. P. O. Thorough- 
fare, Va. Farmer. Children : (VIII) Mary Elizabeth 
Ke3^ser, b. Aug. 5, 187 1 ; Ella Augusta, b. Nov. 30, 
1872 ; Eliza Mariam, born August 27, 1875 ; Edgar 
Eugene, b. June 23, 1877 ; Charles Henr}-, b. Jan. 12, 
1880; Ralph Stover, b. May 10, 1883. 

VII. John Henry Stover, b. May 13, 1843. Teacher 
in public schools. Enlisted in the Third Pennsyl- 
vania Artillery ; was wounded at the battle of Cold 
Harbor, Va., June 2, 1864, and died in Campbell 
Hospital, Washington, D. C, June 30, 1864. 

VII. Rachel Virginia Stover, b. Sept. 2, 1844 ; died 
Sept. 1 1, 1848. 

VII. Emaline Stover, born December 19, 1845 5 ^i^d 
Sept. 9, 1856. 

Vil. Horace vStover, b. June 2, 1847 ; d. July 30, 1847. 

VII. Eliza Barbara Stover, b. Nov. 30, 1848 ; mrd. 
PVederick \V. Troemner Dec. 21, 1870. P. O. Fishers 
Lane, Germantown, Pa. Manufacturer of scales and 
weights; Baptists. Children: (VIII; Florence M. 
Troemner, b. November 14, 187 1 ; (VIII) Clara L. 
Troemner, b. Nov. 11, 1873 ; (VIII) Henry Troemner, 
b. Feb. 14, 1880 ; d. Feb. 10, 1885. 

VII. Ella Stover, b. Oct. 9, 1850 ; married John B. 

— 325 — 

Lequear, of Hunterdon Co., N. J., Sept. 14, 1876. 
Res. 5281 Germantown Ave., Phila. Merchant; 
Baptist. No issue. 

VII. Adelaide Stover, b. Feb. i, 1852 ; mrd. Adelbert 
Thomson, of East Avon, N. Y., May 20, 1880. 
Farmer; Presby. Children: (VIII) Mary Eliza Thom- 
son, b. Feb. 28, 188 1 ; Ella May, b. May 2, 1882 ; 
Leland Stover, b. Oct. 12, 1884; Adelbert L., born 
May 18, 1888. 

VII. R. Chester Stover, b. Feb. 19, 1853 ; mrd. Mary 
E. Bush, dau. of Findley and Anna M. Bush, of 
Shawnee, Monroe Co., Pa., June 14, 1881. P.O. 
Bristol, Pa. Miller. Children : (VIII) John Henry 
Stover, born April 14, 1883 ; (VIII) Ralph Chester 
Stover, b. Nov. 12, 1885. 

VII. Annie Stover, born Sept. 8, 1854 ; "ird. Albert 
Stover September 30, 1885. P. O. Kintnerville, Pa. 
Lumber merchant. One child : (VIII j Anna May 
Stover, b. May 4, 1892. 

VII. Albert F. Stover, b. Aug. 20, i860; mrd. Lucy 
W. Rugler, of Hunterdon Co., N. J., Dec. 31, 1881. 
P.O. Point Pleasant, Pa. Farmer ; Bap. Children : 
(VIII) Leland Stover, b. 1882 ; (VIII) Clarence A. 
Stover, b. 1884; d. Jan. 14, 1886. 

VI. Charles Stover, b. Sept. 13, 1816 ; d. Mar. 30, 
1872. Single. Miller and farmer in Virginia. After 
his brother Albert's death he run his store for a time, 
was successful in business, and enjoyed unlimited 
confidence and respect of the community in which he 
lived. At the close of the war, which left the Rebel 
States without the protection of law and order of any 
kind, the whole community insisted on his acting as 
County Magistrate, which office he held until the 
reconstruction of the State government was effected 
under authority of Congress. As a Union man he 
did not make himself obnoxious by ill judged intrusion 
of his sentiments upon others in that section, and 
thus he was left alone during the war, except that 
the armies of both sides encamped on his place at 
Thoroughfare Gap repeatedly and left neither fence 
or living thing of stock on the place. His lOvSses in 

— 326 — 

property and money caused by the war amounted to 
about $40,000. 

VI. Albert F. Stover, b. Aug. 12, 1829 ; d. Dec. 17, 
1854. Merchant. Single. 

V. Mary Stover, born in Bucks Co. Dec. 15, 1787 ; 
d. in N. Y. Nov. 27, 1S55 '■> nird. Christian Fretz. 
(See Index of References No. 202.) 

V. Elizabeth Stover, h. Nov. 8, 1790; d. June 8, 
1870 ; mrd. Philip Fretz. (See Index of References 
No. 203.) 

V. Anna Stover, b. Mar. 27, 1796 ; d. June 24, 1859; 
mrd. John Arndt Dec. 26, 18 16. He d. June 20, 
1865. Farmer near Washington, N. J.; Meth. Ep.* 
Children: Catharine, Jacob, Cyrus, Mar}^ Ralph, John. 

VI. Rev. Ralph Stover Arndt, born June 4, 1826 ; 
died Aug. 17, 1892. Was a prominent minister of the 
Meth. Epis. church in the Newark Conference. 

V. William Stover (dec'd), mrd. Julia Ann Weaver: 
Children : Rudolphus, Jefferson, Amanda. 

IV. Jacob Funk, mrd. Ann Sweitzer in 1797. She 
was born 1766; died 1838. Meitnonites. One child : 
(V) Henry Funk, b. Feb. 20, 1798 ; d. June 25, 1852; 
mrd. Catharine Stover Aug. 26, 18 19. She was born 
Aug. 12, 1799; d. Sept. 29, 1871. Farmer near 
Milton, Pa.; Bap. Children : Anna, William, Benja- 
min, Emeline, George, Clementine, Lewis, Catharine. 

III. Esther Funk was lame in all her limbs, could 
neither stand nor\valk alone. 

III. Elizabeth Funk, mrd. Jacob Bare. 

III. Barbara Funk, b. Nov. 25, 1752 ; mrd. Jacob 
Souder. Farmer ; Menus. One child : Christian. 

III. Anne Funk. 

III. Mary Funk. 

III. Fronica Funk. 

For omitted records of descendants of Bishop Henry 
Funk and Anna Meyer, his wife, see Funk history. 


II. Barbara Meyer, d. about 1773 ; mrd. Abraham 
Reiff, apparently the son of Hans Reiff. He lived in 
Lower Salford, on the farm now owned and occupied 
by George P. Heckler. He w^as a deacon of the 
Lower Salford Mennonite church, and was one of the 
original founders. He died in North Coventry 
township, Chester county, about 1763. His wall was 
probated December 7, 1763. Children : Isaac, Chris- 
tian, Abraham, Franica, Anna, Barbara, Elizabeth. 

III. Isaac Reiff. 

III. Christian Reiff (dec'd), mrd. . Children: 

Joseph, and others. (IV) Joseph Reiff, d. about 1850; 

mrd. Harley (dec'd), dau. of Rudolph Harley. 

She w^as b. about 1775. He was a large landholder. 
Children : Christian, Rudolph, Jacob, Samuel, Bar- 
bara, Mary. 

III. Abraham Reiff. 

III. Reiff (dec'd), mrd. ^ Hunsberger. 

Children : Ulrich, and others. 

III. Reiff (dec'd), mrd. Michael Sentzenich. 


In 1868 David N. Mover secured the following- 
interesting account from his uncle, Jacob Albright, 
who was one of the party : 

" During the Summer of 1799 Amos Albright, 
Abraham Meyer and Jacob Meyer travelled on foot 
from Hilltown, Pa., to the Niagara district, in Upper 
Canada, on a prospecting tour. They w-cre so well 
pleased with the country that, before returning, they 
purchased iioo acres of land. For a portion of it 
lying along the Indian trail (now the Hamilton and 
Queenston road) the price was $2.50 per acre, and 
for the balance, lying nearer the lake, $1.50 per acre. 
A deposit of $40 secured them the purchase, and they 
then walked back to their Pennsylvania homes. 

 ' ' The same Autumn they removed to the new 
land of promise with all their portable belongings. 
The party consisted of the following : Rev. Jacob 
Meyer, Dilman Meyer, Valentine Kratz, John Huns- 
berger (deaf), Abraham Hunsberger and Amos 
Albright, and their families. Each family had with 
them a four-horse team and a cow. With one excep- 
tion the cows were all shod. Jacob Albright, then a 
lad of 10 years, was one of the cow drivers. Their 
journeys, for a great part of the way, were through 
an unbroken wilderness, and when night overtook 
them they would build their campfires. 

' ' At Black Rock they crossed the Niagara on a 
small ferr}' boat. Amos Albright's load was the first 
one to make the transfer. The wagon body, with its 
load, was placed crosswise on the float, which ' wiggled 
and wobbled' and required the utmost exertion of !^Ir. 
Albright and George Althouse (one of the drivers), 
to prevent its capsizing. However, they were all 

John H. Funk. 

See Page 297, 



— 329 — 

eventually landed in safet}' on the other shore, and in 
due time reached their wilderness home. 

' ' Not long after their arrival a child of Valentine 
Kratz died and was buried at the present site of the 
old Mennonite burying ground. This was the first 
death among the colonists. The Winter following 
proved a severe one, and the new^ settlers endured 
great hardships and suffering from lack of proper 
food and shelter. 

"During the following year (t8oo) a second 
party of Pennsylvanians betook themselves to the 
Canada settlement. Among them were the following / '-'^^ 
persons and their families : Samuel Mej'er, David 
Meyer, Abraham Huntsberger, Christian Hunts- 
berger, Jacob Hausser and Daniel Hock.- Their train,^ 
too, consisted of four-horse teams. Samuel Meyer 
had two of these. At night they built fires around if ly^ 
their camp to keep off the wild beasts and also did -■^^ 
their washing and baking to be ready for travel in the 
early morning. 

" One evening some of the women chased a 
snake into the foot of a hollow tree. Then deter- 
mined that it should not escape they built a fire at the 
foot of the tree, hoping to surely destroj' the reptile. 
Daniel Hoch had a team of four magnificent stallions. 
They were decked with splendid new harness, 
ornamented with belts, and their owner felt justly 
proud of them. He took daily delight in tormenting 
David Me\^er about his poor, bony nags, and was 
forever predicting disaster for them. On the night 
above mentioned the tree, which the women had fired 
to burn out a snake, fell and killed three of Hoch's 
fine stallions. This was a serious misfortune to the 
entire party, but an especially severe loss to Hock, 
who would have been glad now to pay a high price 
for as poor a team as David Meyer's. He succeeded 
shortly after in obtaining oxen to haul part of his 
goods, and there w^as no more scoffing at David 
Meyer's honses. 

' ' One dark night a furious storm passed over the 
emigrant camp, a perfect deluge of rain poured down 
upon them, and horses and cattle were terrified by the 

330 - 

electric explosions. Most of the travelers were asleep 
in their wagons. Sam Housser slept on a fodder sack 
wnth onl}^ the dome of heaven overhead. The thunder 
and lightning did not awaken him, but the deluge 
soon did, and he was glad to seek for a fodder sack 
and thankful for the grateful shelter of an oak tree, 
where he spent the remainder of the night." 

The following items were contributed in 1868 by 
Henry High, who was born January i, 1780, in 
Pennsylvania, and was one of the colony that came 
over in 1800. He sa3\s : 

' ' There were eleven teams in our party and about 
sixt}^ persons all told, four horses to a wagon being 
the rule. Samuel Meyer had two four-horse teams ; 
some had three teams ; Daniel Hoch had two four- 
horse and one two-horse team. Sam Housser drove 
the front team all the way. Sometimes we advanced 
only a few miles in a day. Often a wagon would up- 
set, sometimes in a pool of mud ; once or twice a dog 
w^as buried in the debris, and the howling that fol- 
lowed for a short time was woeful music. Usually, if 
w^e came to a nice stream of water in the afternoon, we 
would camp for the night. We passed through one 
Indian village. The largest town we saw was Ken- 
tockaway, quite a settlement and beautiful land. 
(Deaf) Abraham Huntsberger broke his wagon and 
had to stay back until he got it fixed. Mud, nuid, 
mud over the Allegheny mountains ! the roads were 
awful. During the seventh week we reached our 
journey's end." 

At this time (1800) there was one house TShip- 
man's tavern) at the present sight of St. Catharines, 
which was surrounded by a vast pine forest, a public 
house at Joe Smith's (now the farm of W. D. Smith), 
one at the "Twent}'" (now the Snure residence, on 
the flat at Jordan), and one house at Beamsville. 
Between was an unbroken wilderness. 


Well, Awram, mer denkt oft viel meh' a's mer sagt — 
Uns helft a'h Nix waiin mer viel driwer glagt. 
Mer esst anyhow 'bout so viel, un' schloft about so laiig, 
Un' mer find's endlich aus, die Welt hot a'h sein gang; 

Es gebt e' dehl Leut die arm sin', un' e' dehl sin a'h reich, 
Awer wann sie 'mol dod sin', sin' sie all zimlich nachscht 

Wann mer schafft for sei Geld we'sz mer emol wie mer's grickt, 
Awer wann ehm sei Dade g'schaift hot, hot's ehm gegluckt. 

Wer eckschpeckt Eppes zu hawe w^ann er alt is' un's emol 

Gebt besser acht, schpart hie un' do, sunscht am end is' er 

Es niacht Nix aus ep er's juscht for sich selwer verschpend, 
O'r, gutmenig, for An're — bettel arm is' er doch am End. 

Un' hot er's verfehlt, un' fangt dann o' alle Weg zu schpare, 
Wie meh' 'as er schpart un' harder sich blogt sich zu ernahre, 
So arger werd er verdruckt, un' verschpott, un' verschollte, 
Bis ihm die Hoor gro werre un' die Finger net duhn was sie 

Losz 'n'niol browire arwet zu grige( "0,Enigepper kann sel'do" 
Kort er grad die Lent brumme), dann fangt' s emol mit 

ernscht o' — 
Die Schuh kann er abrenne un' die Gleder verriesze, 
Un' er mag juscht so wo'l hie hocke un' — die Zah z'anime 

beisze ! 

Hot er der Buckel voU Schulte die alle Dag wachse 
Wie die Property-holders in Schtadt, ihre Taxe, 
Kannscht denke is' er emol in e' purty bad Fix. 
Un' wann er sich driwer dod druwelt helft's 'm a'h Nix. 

Wann er gut ab is' hot er Freund, mag er geh wo er will, 
Wann er Freund braucht sin' sie ausg'risse wie Maus, so schtill. 
Wann sei Disch voll schteht dun sie die Bauch voU fresse, 
Wann er selwer hungert — hen sie 'n ganz vergesse ! 


I. Hans Meyer, died about 1748. Came from 
Germany or Switzerland about 1708.^ He settled in 
Upper Salford township, Montgomery county, t Pa. 
He was a farmer and paid quit rent. The homestead 
is situated on the south slope of the west branch of 
the Perkiomen creek, in the southern central part of 
Upper Salford township, about two miles east of 
Salfordville. The deed of Isaac Pennington and wife 
and Casper Wister, to Hans Meyer, bears date July 23, 
1729. The land was bounded as follows : " Begin- 
ning at a hickor}' tree at a corner of Derrick Johnson's 
land, thence N. E. by a line of marked trees 220 
perches to a white oak, thence N. W. b}^ a line of 
marked trees 177 perches to a black oak, then by a 
line of marked trees vS. W. 140 perches to a post, then 
S. E. 30 perches to a post, then S. W. 80 perches to a 
post in a line of the said Derrick Johnson's land, then 
by the same S. E. 147 perches to the place of l)egin- 
ning, containing by estimation 216 acres, besides the 
usual allowance of 6 per cent, for roads." 

The original homestead is owned and occupied by 
Jacob L. Moyer, a great-great grandson. The present 
house was l^uilt by Henry L. Moyer about 35 years 
ago. The bam, built by Henry, son of Hans, in 
1787, is still standing and is in good condition. 

*It is the author's opinion that he landed in America at a 
later date, probal)ly about 1720 or 1725. He purchased his 
land in 1729, and his son Henry, who, it is said, was a year old 
when they came, had born to him his first child about 1750. 
If they came in i7aS then Henr}- would have been 43 years old 
when his first child was born, which in all probability was not 
the case. 

t It was then Skippack township, Philadelphia county 

1 T -5 

Of the life and characteristics of the pioneer Hans 
Meyer we have not been able to learn anything. He 
was probably a brother to the pioneer Christian 
Meyer, of Salford township, but of this we could learn 
nothing definite. It is said three brothers came over 
— two settled in Montgomer}^ county, Pa., and the 
other went to one of the Carolinas. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : Henry, John, Barbara, Jacob, Elizabeth, 
Anne, Hester. 

II. Henry Meyer, born in Germany or Switzerland, 
came to America with his parents when a year old. 
It is said he tried to walk on board of ship. He was 
married to a Miss Barbara Miller, who came from 
Germany when i8 years old. He was a farmer and 
inherited the old homestead of his father, and he and 
wife were among the original members of the Fran- 
conia Mennonite church. He died about 1800. Chil- 
dren : Henry, Mary, Jacob, John, Isaac, Annie, 
Barbara, Elizabeth, Christian, Abraham, Samuel. 

III. Henry Meyer (dec'd), born in Montg. Co., Pa., 
about 1750 ; mrd. Susan Smith. Lived in Plumstead 
township. Farmer, and was elder in the Mennonite 
church. Children : John, Henry, Jacob, Christian, 
Barbara, Abraham, Susan, Mary, Elizabeth, Samuel, 
Anna, Christian. 

IV. John Meyer, b. June 23, 1773 ; d. Sept. 9, 1823 ; 
mrd. Eve Fry. John and his brother Henry did 
teaming between Philadelphia and Pittsburg, and on 
one of their trips John was taken sick and died. 
Henr}^ buried him, and in a few days he was also 
taken sick and died. Children: Henr}', Christian, 
Susan, Jacob, Elias, Joseph, Elizabeth, Samuel. 

V. Henr}^ Meyers, b. Sept. 7, 1795 ; d. Mar. 25, 
1870 ; mrd. Anna, dau. of deacon Abraham Fretz, 
Dec. 23, 1830. Farmer in Bedminster Twp. ; Menus. 
Children : Abraham, John, Christian. 

VI. Abraham F. Meyers, b. Oct. 14, 1831 ; d. Oct. 21, 
1877 ; married Susanna Smith Nov. 10, 1855. She 
died Feb. 9, 1877. Farmer; Menus. Children: 
(Vll) Anna Catharine Meyers, born Nov. 12, 1856 ; 
d. May 21, 1882. TVII) Joseph S. Meyers, b. Oct. 25, 

1858 ; died Nov. 15, 1877. (Vll) Andrew Lincoln 
Meyers, b. Oct. 3, 1863 ; d. May 21, 1881. 
VI. John F. Meyers, b. Nov. i, 1833; died Sept. 11, 

VI. Christian F. Meyers, born in Bucks Co. Jan. 4, 

1841 ; nird. Sarah Baum Jan. 18, 1883. P. O. Dublin, 

Pa. Farmer ; Menus. No issue. 

V. Christian Meyer, b. Oct. 19, 1796 ; d. Oct. 1801. 

V. Susan Meyer, b. Oct. 8, 1798 ; d. Oct. 25, 1890 ; 
married Jacob Shupe. Farmer. Mr. S., Ref. ch.; 
Mrs. S., Menu. Children : Elizabeth, Samuel, 
Joseph, John, Mary, Sarah. 

VI. Elizabeth Shupe, b. June 23, 1822 ; d. Sept. 9, 
1862 ; mrd. James Jolle3^ No issue. 

VI. Samuel Shupe, b. in Bucks Co., Pa.; mrd. . 

P. O. Carversville, Pa. Children : William, Sarah, 
John, Edward, Eivie, Mar3^ 

VI. Joseph Meyers Shupe, born in Tinicum Twp., 
Bucks Co., Aug. 6, 1826; mrd. Lydia Ann, dau. of 
James and Esther Doan, Dec. 7, 1854. She died 
May 9, 1861. Children: Lizzie, Louisa, Harriet. 
Joseph mrd. second wife Adalaide C, dau. of Eli D. 
and Mary Ann Rayham, June 30, 1868. P. O. New 
Hope, Pa. Farmer. Children : (VII) Lizzie Shupe, 
b. July 8, 1856 ; d. in 1856. (VII) Louisa Shupe, b. 
Aug. 3, 1858; died Aug. 10, 1858. (VII) Harriet 
Shupe, b. Aug. 3, 1858 ; d. Aug. 16, 1858. 

VI. John M. Shupe, b. in Bucks Co. May 12, 1831 ; 
mrd. Pollen G. Long Jan. 22, 1857. Res. 841 Geary 
St., Phila. Manufacturer of artificial limbs ; Presby. 
Children : (VII) El wood Shupe, died aged 6 years ; 

(VII) Annie Shupe, died aged 4 years. 

VI. Mary Ann Shupe, b. in Nockamixon Twp., Pa., 
Dec. 28, 1833 ; mrd. George Fly May 17, 1864. He 
w^as born in Bedminster, Pa., Nov. 29, 1829. P. O. 
Ottsville, Pa. P'armer ; Ref. ch. Children : Emma, 
Titus, John. 

VII. Emma Jane FI3', b. in Bedniinster, Pa., Sept. 10, 
1865 ; mrd. Hiram D. Cressman Nov. 3, 1883. He 
was born in Montg. Co., Pa., April 15, 1863. P.O. 
Tohickon, Pa. Farmer ; Lutherans. Children : 

(VIII) Mary Lizzie Cressman, b. Mar.2, 1884 ; Clarence 

Eugene, born Feb. i8, 1886 ; William Herbert, born 
July 15, 1887 ; Bertha Mary, b. Nov. 8, 1889 ; 
Florence, b. Apr. 21, 1892. 

VII. Titus S. Fly, b. Mar. 23, 1872. 

VII. John S. Fly, b. Mar. 2, 1875. 

VI. Sarah J. Shupe, mrd. — Mason. One child: John. 

V. Jacob Meyer, b. Nov. 22, 1800; d. Oct. 1801. 

V. Elias Meyer, b. Aug. 5, 1802 ; d. Mar. 16, 18 15. 

V. Joseph Meyer (dec'd), b. Nov, 14, 1804 ; mrd. 
Rebecca Cooper. No issue. Joseph mrd. second 
wife Catharine Maust, widow of Jesse Bean. No issue. 

V. Elizabeth Meyer, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., May 9, 
1807 ; d. Dec. 4, 187 1 ; mrd. William B. Cooper, son 
of James Cooper. He was b. Dec. 24, 1807 ; died 
Dec. 12, 1854. Farmer ; descendants of Quaker and 
Mennonites. Children : Lavina, Rebecca, Alfred, 
Clara, Rachel, Jane, Eve, James, Caroline, Newton, 

VI. Lavina Cooper, born Februar}^ 15, 1826 ; died 
Dec. 24, 1893 ; mrd. John H. Watson. Two sons : 
Alfred, . 

VI. Rebecca Cooper, b. July 7, 1828; d. Apr. 16, 1835. 

VI. Alfred M. Cooper, M. D., b. in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Sept. 15, 1830 ; mrd. Elizabeth Ridge. She was 
born Feb. 20, 1843. P. O. Point Pleasant, Pa. Dr. 
Cooper early in life taught school, after which he 
studied medicine, graduating at Jefferson Medical 
College in 1856. After graduation he located at 
Point Pleasant, Pa., where he has practiced his 
profession for over 37 years. Baptists. Children : 
William, Joseph, Catharine. 

VII. William R. Cooper, M. D., b. Aug. 26, 1862 ; 
mrd. Mary S. Shaddinger Mar. 20, 1890. P.O. Point 
Pleasant, Pa. Physician ; graduated from Jefferson 
Medical College in 1885 ; Baptists. Children : 
(VIII) Lloyd Napier Cooper, b. Oct. 3, 189 1 ; Dorothy 
S., b. Mar. 10, 1893. 

VII. Joseph Howard Cooper, b. May 31, 1867. S. 

VII. Catharine Elizabeth Fenemore Cooper, born 
July 6, 1879. 

VI. Clara Cooper, b. Dec. 16, 1832. P.O. Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Single. 

— 33^> — 


VT. Rachel Cooper, b. Mar. ii, 1835; d. Ma}- i, 1855. 
VI. Jane Cooper, b. Aug. 25, 1837 ; died young. 
VI. Eve Cooper, born Oct. 31, 1839. 
VI. James B. Cooper, b. Aug. 11, 1842. He was. 
killed at a barn raising Oct. 5, 1875. Carpenter. 

VI. Caroline Cooper, b. in TinicumTwp., Bucks Co., 
Pa., Jan. 14, 1845 ; mrd. Eli Sigafoos Dec. 18, 1869. 
P.O. South Easton, Pa. Railroad engineer on Lehigh 
Valley Railroad ; Meth. Ep. Children: Clara Eliza- 
beth, J. Howard, Bertha Viola, Ada, Ida Ruth. 

VII. Clara Elizabeth Sigafoss, b. Sept. i, 1870; mrd. 
Nathan Brown Irwin Apr. 27, 1893. R^''- 369 Sickel 
Ave., West Philadelphia, Pa. Postoffice clerk ; Meth. 
One child : (VIII) Carrie R. Irwin, b. Mar. 6, 1894. 

VII. J. Howard Sigafoos, b. July 22, 1872. Is study- 
ing dentistry at 17th and Cherry Sts. ; Meth. Single. 

VII. Bertha Viola Sigafoos, b. July 31, 1875. Res. 
988 Wilkesbarre St., South Easton, Pa. Meth. Ep. 

VII. Ada Sigafoos, bom September iS, 1878 ; died 
• April 10, 1880. 

VII. Ida Ruth Sigafoos, born March 9, 1887 ; died 
May 4, 1888. 

VI. Newton R. Cooper, bom August 26, 1848 ; died 
June 14, 1865. 

VI. Justice Cooper, b. in Bucks Co. July 28, 1851 ; 
mrd. Susie Allshousein 1873. P.O. Point Pleasant, Pa. 
Blacksmith. Children: (VII) Har\'ey A. Cooper, 
b. Sept. 6, 1874 ; Walter N., b. Jan. 20, 1876 ; EllaM., 
born Apr. ri, 1878 ; Lizzie E., born Mar. 18, 1880 ; 
Alfred R., b. Jan. 6, 1889 ; Cora C. b. Dec. 6, 1891. 

V. vSanniel INIeyer (dec'd), born Aug. i, 1809 ; mrd. 
Martha Cooj>er. It is said that Samuel Meyer carried 
five bushels of rye, flour and bran from Isaac Fretz's 
mill to his home, a distance of one mile or more. 
Children : (Vlj Samuel Meyers. P.O. Frenchtown, Pa. 
(VI) Mary Ann Meyers, mrd. Lewis Sunnners. 

IV. Henry Meyer, b. Nov. 10, 1774 ; d. Sept. 19, 
1823 ; mrd. Esther Fretz Oct. 25, 1798, She was bom 
Sept. 20, 1774; d. Mar. 2, 1838. Farmer; Menus. 
Children: Joseph, Jonas, Catharine, Rachel, Abraham, 

V. Joseph Myers, born Mar. 26, 1800 ; d. Aug. 26, 

— 337 — 

i86o ; mrd. Mary Shelly Jan. 30, 1827. She was born 
June 5, 1800 ; d. Apr. 17, 1877. Farmer ; Menns. 
Children : Elizabeth, Lucy, Matilda, Henry, Esther. 

VI. EHzabeth Meyers, b. Nov. 4, 1827 ; mrd. Henry 
S. Musselman Oct. 6, 1850. He died May 16, 1885. 
P. O. Pinnebog, Mich. Carpenter ; Meth. Epis. 
Children : Edward, Gilbert, Martha, Michael, Joseph, 
William, Epheneda, Mary, Anna, Albert, Ellen. 

VI. Lucy Ann Myers, b. Feb. 5, 1829 ; mrd. Charles 
Mclntyre. Farmer ; Menns. Children : Mary, Jordan. 

VI. Matilda Myers, born Oct. 10, 1831 ; mrd. Jacob 
Yost. One child : Amanda. 

VI. Henry S. Meyers, born October 15, 1836 ; died 
June II, 1837. 

VI. Esther Meyers, born Nov. 30, 1839. Menn. S. 

V. Jonas Myers, b. Feb. 13, 1802 ; d. Apr. 26, 1885 ; 
mrd. Veronica, dau. of Martin Fretz, of Hilltown, Pa., 
April I, 1828. Farmer; Menns. Children: Mary, 
Catharine, Leah. 

VI. Mary Ann Meyers, b. 1833 ; d. Aug. 10, 1852. 
VI. Catharine Meyers, mrd. Tobias Overholt Jan. 13, 

1865. P. O. Bedminster, Pa. Farmer. Children : 
Fannie (dec'd), Joseph, Erwin, Mary, Lucinda. 

VI. Leah Meyers (dec'd), b. Nov. 24, 1839 ; mrd. 
Henry B. Kratz. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : 
Sylvanus, Emma, Jonas, Leid}^ Mar}^ Harvey, 
Horace, Henry. 

V. Catharine Myers, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 15, 
1804 ; d. in Montg. Co. Apr. 19, 1890 ; mrd. Christian 
Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 204.) 

V. Rachel Myers, b. Sept. 2, 1807 ; mrd. John F. 
Myers. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 205.) 

V. Abraham Myers, b. Jan. 4, 1810 ; died Mar. 16, 
1866 ; mrd. Annie Shimmel Aug. 28, 1838. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : Rachel, Jonas, Mary, Henry, 
Lamech, Minerva, Abraham. 

VI. Rachel Myers, b. Feb. 12, 1840 ; mrd. Francis 
F. Myers. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 206. ) 

VI. Jonas S. Myers, b. Aug. i, 1842 ; mrd. Lavina 
D. Fretz in 1864. P. O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : Rosella, Annie, Clayton, Lamech, 
Sallie, Abraham, Henr}^ William, Lavina. 

VII. Rosella F. Myers, born June 29, 1864 ; mrd. 
Henry S. Shelly Nov. 27, 1884. P.O. Gardenville, Pa. 
Farmer; Menns. Children: (VIII) Ervin F". Shelly, 
born Ma}^ 7, 1886 ; Charles, b. Nov. 29, 1889. 

VII. Annie F. Myers, born November 21, 1865 ; died 
Dec. 7, 1868. 

VII. Clayton F. Myers, born in Bedminster Twp. , 
Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 26, 1867 ; mrd. Mary Alice, dau. 
of Levi h. Fretz, of Hilltown, Pa., March 5, 1892. 
P. O. Perkasie, Pa. Carpenter ; Menns. No issue 

VII. Lamech F. Myers, b. in Bedminster, Bucks Co., 

May 7, 1869 ; mrd. Fannie, daughter of Jacob D. 

Rosenberger, of Bedminster, Pa., Feb. 17, 1894. 

P. O. Perkasie, Pa. House painter ; Menns. One 

child : (VIII) Roy R. Myers, b. Jan. 4, 1895. 

VII. Sallie Myers, bom in Bucks Co. Dec. 16, 1871 ; 
mrd. Oliver H. Albright, of Phila., Feb. 17, 1894. 
Res. 2826 N. nth St., Philadelphia. 

VII. Abraham Myers, born July 7, 1874 ; died 
August 19, 1875. 

VII. Henry Myers, born June 8, 1877. 

VII. William Myers, born March 6, 1879. 

VII. Lavina Myers, born October 20, 188 1. 

VI. Mary M^^ers, born July 8, 1848 ; mrd. George 
Trauger December 4. 1869. P. O. Bedminster, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menns. Children : (VII) F^nnna Trauger, 
b. June 18, 1870; mrd. Jul ward Clymer. (VII) William 
Henry Trauger, born March 7, 1874. (VII) Samuel 
Trauger, b. Aug. 31, 1876. (VII) Newberry Trauger, 
b. Sept. 23, 1880. (VII) Annie Trauger, b. July 22, 
1884. (Vli) Lizzie Trauger, b. Oct. 17, 1885. 

VI. Henry S. Myers, b. May 30, 1850 ; mrd. Emma 
Jane Hockman Oct. 18, 1879. Farmer ; Menns. 
One child : George H. 

VI. Lamech S. Myers, born Feb. 11, 1852; mrd. 
Emeline Myers in 1877. P. O. Pipersville, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menns. Children : (VII) Martin Erwin 
Myers, b. Aug. 3, 1877 ; Ada, b. Mar. 29, 1881 ; 
Mary, b. May 22, 1883. 

VI. Minerva S. M3'ers, b. June 29, 1855 ; mrd. John 
B. Bewighouse. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 207.) 

— 339 — 

VI. Abraham S. Myers, b. Sept. 22, 1857 '■> ii^arried 
Annie L. Baringer Dec. 13, 1879. P. O. Richland 
Centre, Pa. Mennonites. Children : (VII) Amy B. 
Myers, born Aug. 2, 1881 ; died December 27, 1881. 

(VII) Carrie B. Myers, b. Oct. 17, 1882. (VII) Elmer 
B. Myers, b. Jan. 22, 1885. 

V. Ephraim Mej^ers, b. Mar. 30, 1813 ; d. Mar. 26, 
1853 j nird. Mary Keeler Sept. 8, 1843. She died 
Apr. 17, 1884. One child : Oliver. 

VI. Oliver K. Myers, b. Jan. 16, 1844 ; mrd. Mary 
Jane Stever Aug. 5, 1865. She was b. July 2, 1849. 
P. O. Bedminster, Pa. Farmer. Children : Emma, 
Anna, Sarah, David, Lambert, Thaddeus. 

VII. Emma Jane Meyers, b. Aug. 26, 1866 ; married 
George Ott. Farmer. One child : Horace M. 

VII. Anna Maria Meyers, b. Oct. 8, 1868 ; married 
Abraham M. Swartley. Farmer ; Menus. One child: 

(VIII) Mary Ellen Swartley, b. 1886 ; d. 1887. 
VII. Sarah Ellen Meyers, b. Mar. 12, 187 1. 

VII. David S. Meyers, born September 18, 1875 ; died 
Nov. 18, 1876. 
VII. Lambert S. Meyers, b. Sept. 4, 1877. 
VII. Thaddeus S. Meyers, b. Dec. 26, 1883. 

IV. Jacob Meyer, b. June 5, 1776 ; d. Apr. 6, 1835 ; 
mrd. Elizabeth Derstine. Farmer in Plumstead Twp. , 
Pa.; elder in Mennonite church. Children: Susan, 
Abraham, Mary, Katie, Barbara, Anna, Lizzie, Jacob. 

V. Susan Meyer, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., July 27, 1804; 
d. m Lincoln Co., Ont. , Feb. 12, 1878 ; mrd. David 
Hunsberger Apr. 13, 1828. (Seelnd. of Ref . No. 208.) 

V. Abraham Meyer, b. in Bucks Co. Oct. 14, 1806 ; 
d. in Centre Co., Pa., July 19, 1891 ; mrd. Sarah 
Campbell Sept. 26, 1829. She was b. in Franklin 
Co., Pa., in 1808 ; died November 5, 1875. Farmer ; 
U. Br. church. Children : Jacob, Elizabeth, Annie, 
Samuel, Margaret, David, William, Alexander. 

VI. Jacob Myers, b. July 18, 1833 I ^' Apr. 20, 1836. 
VI. Elizabeth Myers, born July 18, 1833 ; died 

Oct. 20, 1833. 
VI. Annie M. Myers, b. in Bedford Co., Pa., Apr. 22, 
1835 ; mrd. William Love June 10, 1866. P. O. 
Bellefonte, Pa. Farmer ; U. Br. ch. No issue. 

— 340 — 

VT. Samuel K. Meyers, born August 13, 1837; died 
Aug. 18, 1838. 

VI. Margaret J. Myers, born May 18, 1842 ; married 

VI. David H. Myers, born September 28, 1843 I died 
Sept. 9, 1848. 

VI. William K. Myers, born Feb. 19, 1846 ; married 
Susan Kupp. P.O. Tyrone, Pa. 

VI. Alexander A. Meyers, born Feb. 23, 1848 ; died 
June 9, 1887 ; mrd. Sarah Weboner. 

V. Mary Myers, married Henry Solliday (dec'd). 
No issue. 

V. Catharine Meyers, b. Sept. 18 10; married John 
Shaddinger. He was b. Aug. 13, 1799 ; d. Mar. 5, 
1861. Farmer; Mrs. S., Menu. Children: Mary» 
Rachel, Jacob, Ephraim, Joseph, Eliza, Hannah, 
Samuel, John, Wilson, Levi. 

VI. Mary W. Shaddinger, b. in Bucks Co. April 30, 
1829 ; married Geo. Hoverstick May 17, 1849. He 
d. Apr. 19, 189 1. Lived in Pennsylvania six years, 
then bought a farm in Indiana, where they lived from 
1864 to 1889, then sold it and bought a home in 
Nappanee, Ind. Farmer and shoemaker. Mr. H., 
Church of God; Mrs. H., Meth. Epis. Children: 
Washington, Caroline, Emma. 

VII. Washington Hoverstick, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., 
June 18, 1852 : mrd. Annie Kauffman Sept. 12, 1874. 
She was b. at P'ish Lake, Ind., Sept. 10, 1855. P. O. 
Waukesha, Wis. Engineer on Wisconsin Central 
Railroad; Methodist Epis. Children: (VIII) Zulah 
Hoverstick, born June 24, 1879 ; Gracie. born Feb. 5, 
1885 ; Delia, b. Aug. 23, 1886 ; Frank W., b. Oct. 5, 
1888 ; George \V., b. Feb. 20, 1894. 

VII. Caroline Hoverstick, born in Bucks Co. Aug. 6, 
1854 ; mrd. Samuel J. Winder May 5, 1873. He was 
born Dec. 17, 1848. P. O. Ottawa, Kan. Carpenter 
in employ of Santa Fee Railroad shops. Mrs. W., 
Meth. Children : (VIU) Frank Alder Winder, born 
Nov. 23, 1874. Meth. (VIU) Harry Leander Winder, 
born 26, 1877. Meth. (VIM) Willis Nelson 
Winder, born January 6, 1881. (VIII) Charles Earl 
Winder, bom August 28, 1885 ; died Feb. 2, 1892. 

Rkv. a. E. Funk. 

See Page 298. 

— 341 — 

(VIII) Nellie Elsie Winder, born Febriiar}^ 7, 1889. 
(VIII) Mary Amy Winder, b. Dec. 14, 1893. 
VII. Emma Hoverstick, born in Bureau Co., 111., 
June 20, 1858 ; mrd. Fred J. Bryson Sept. 12, 1875. 
He was b. in Elkhart Co., Ind., Nov. 8, 185 1. P. O. 
Waukesha, Wis. Fireman on Wisconsin Central 
Railroad. Children : (VIII) Nellie Irene Br5"son, 
b. Aug. 15, 1878 ; Louis Leroy, b. May 9, 1880. 

VI. Rachel Shaddinger, b. Mar. 7, 1831 ; married 
Nathan Fretz. P.O. Gardenville, Pa. Farmer and 
drover. Children : Laura, Li^^zie, Ella, Eddie, Daniel, 
Willis, Clara. 

VII. A. Laura Fretz, married Absalom Fretz in 1883. 
Groceryman in Phila. ; Bap. Children: (Vlllj Herbert 
S. Fretz, b. Dec. 20, 1886; Walter L., b. June 12, 1889. 

VII. Lizzie F. P'retz, b. Aug. 10, 1861 ; mrd. Mont- 
gomery Miller in 188 1. Bap. Children : (VIM) Pearl 
F. Miller, b. 1885 ; (VIII) Willis F. Miller, b. Jan. 20, 
1888 ; d. Aug. 18, 1888. 

VI. Jacob Shaddinger, b. Dec. 7, 1833 ; mrd. Mary 
J, Wismer. P. O. Lahaska, Pa, Mason ; Baptists. 
Children : Hannah, Theodosia, Addie, Theodore, 
Liddie, Harry. 

VII. Hannah A. Shaddinger, b. June 5, 1865 ; mrd. 
Charles L. Pierson, Sr. He was b. May 30, 1868. 
Carpenter. Children : Ida, Charles (dec'd), Earl. 

VII. Theodosia C. Shaddinger, b. Sept. 4, 1867 ; mrd. 
Isaac Peters. He was born Jan. i, 1858. Laborer. 
Children : Isaiah (dec'd), Agnes. 

VH. Addie G. Shaddinger, b. Nov. 13, 1870. 

VII. Theodore Shaddinger, born Nov. 7, 1873 ; died 
Apr. 25, 1885. 

VII. Liddie Shaddinger, b. Oct. 11, 1876. 

VII. Harry G. Shaddinger, b. Oct. 21, 1881. 

VI. Ephraini M. Shaddinger, b. Mar. 31, 1835 ; mrd. 
Kate W. Cope Mar. 30, 1865. P. O. Pemberton, 
N. J. School teacher ; Bap. Children : Spencer, 
John (dec'd). 

VI. Joseph Shaddinger (dec'd), b. Aug. 27, 1837 ; 
mrd. Hannah Hanway (dec'd). Children : William 
(dec'd), David. 

VI. Eliza Shaddinger, b. Jan. i, 1840; d. Mar. 17, 

— 342 — ^ 

1863 ; mrd. Joseph D. Nash, M. D. (See Ind. of 
Ref. Xo. 209. ) 

VI. Hannah Shaddinger, born Dec. i, 1842. P.O. 
Gardenville, Pa. S. 

VI. Samuel Shaddinger, b. Nov. 5, 1843. 

VI. John Shaddinger, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 14, 
1845 ; married Jennie R. Titus, of Phila., Ma}^ 7, 
1874. P. O. Goshen, Ind. Bookkeeper ; Baptists. 
Children : Jennie Louisa (dec'dj, Howard (dec'd), 
Wilson Whitney. 

VI. Wilson vShaddinger, b. Oct. 5, 1847. S. 

VI. Levi Shaddinger, born Sept. 27, 1849. P. O. 
Gardenville, Pa. Graduated M. D. at the University 
of Pennsylvania ; Bap. S. 

V. Barbara Myers, b. in Plumstead Twp., Bucks Co., 
Jan. 17, 1813 ; d. Aug. 24, 1890 ; mrd. George Garis 
Jan. II, 1835. He was b. in Springfield, Bucks Co., 
Dec. 12, 1810; d. Feb. 14, 1876. Mason. Mr. G., 
Ger. Ref.; Mrs. Garis, Menu. Children: Sarah, 
William, Jacob, Henry, Mary, Philip, Eli, George, 

VI. Sarah M. Garis, b. Mar. 13, 1836 ; mrd. Hartzel 
B. Worman January 2, 1873. P. O. Solebury, Pa. 
Mason. Mr. W., Ger. Ref.; Mrs. W., Bap. One 
child : (VH) Willie G. Worman, born July 7, 1874 ; 
died in early infancy. 

VI. William W. Garis, bom Nov. 26, 1837. P. O. 
Schamon, Kan. 

VI. Jacob Garis, b. Aug. 17, 1839 ; killed at battle 
of Antietam. 

VI. Henr}' Garis, b. Mar. 18, 1842 ; mrd. Maggie 
Orani May 19, 1875. Res. No. 2013 Woodstock St., 
Philadelphia, Pa. Carpenter ; Dunkard. Children : 
(VII) Hartzel Worman Garis, b. July 12, 1S79 ; All)ert 
Oram, b. Dec. 5, 1880 ; Alice Oram, b. Feb. 27, 1882. 

VI. Mary Garis, b. Aug. 2, 1844 ; mrd. Ephraim 
Landis Feb. 6, 1879. Res. 2402 Thomas Ave., Phila. 
Meth. Epis. Children : (VII) Annie Funk Landis, 
b. Nov. 13, 1879; d. Nov. 30, 1879. (VII) Ida Bar- 
bara Landis, born Mar. 14, 1881 ; died July 5, 1881. 
(VII) Chester Arthur Landis, b. Apr. 17, 1882 ; died 
June 13, 1883. (VII) Sallie Worman Landis, born 

Oct. 21, 1883. (VII) William George Laiidis, born 
Jiilv 10, 1888 ; d. July 14, 1889. 

VI. Philip Garis. 

VI. Kli M. Garis, b. Sept. 23, 1849 ; mrd. Carrie M. 
Major Dec. 24, 1879. Res. 2026 Berks St., Phila. 
Miller ; Baptists. Children : (VII) Lulu May Garis, 
born August 9, 1883 ; died September 18, 1883. 
(VII) Clarence E. Garis, b. Oct. 19, 1884. 

VI. George Oliver Garis, born Mar. 11, 1852 ; died 
Aug. 1857. 

VI. Wilson Garis, born Aug. i, 1854 ; mrd. Annie 
Lister Dec. 13, 1879. Res. 2214 Lambert St., Phila. 
Children : (Vll) Ida Mabel Garis, born May 20, 
1881 ; died Sept. 26, 1885. (Vll) Walter Garis, born 
Dec. 4, 1882. (Vll) Earl Garis, b. Sept. 4, 1888. 

V. Anna Meyer, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., May 9, 18 15; 
died in Kent Co., Mich., June 6, 1889 ; mrd. Aaron 
Zelner July 5, 1835. He was b. in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Apr. 12, 18 12 ; d. in Mich. Oct. 27, 1893. Farmer ; 
moved to Canada in 1847 ; moved to Kent Co. , Mich., 
in 1864, where they died. Menus. Children : Reuben, 
Samuel, John, Susanna, Aaron, Mary, Anna, Rachel, 

VI. Reuben Zelner, b. in Plumstead, Bucks Co., Pa., 
September 23, 1838. Res. 833 Buttonwood St., Phila. 
Watchman ; Menu. S. 

VI. Samuel Zelner, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 19, 
184 1 ; mrd. Julia A. Woods Nov. 9, 1873. P. O. 
Caledonia, Mich. Farmer ; U. B. in Christ. Children: 
(Vll) Etta B. Zelner, b. Jan. 14, 1876 ; Otto S., born 
Oct. 16, 1877 ; Olive M., b. June 25, 1885 ; Earl A., 
b. Dec. 6, 1887. 

VI. John Zelner, born in Bucks Co. Mar. 29, 1842 ; 
mrd. Catharine Cassel. 

VI. Susanna Zelner, b. in Bucks Co. Jan. i, 1844; 
mrd. Henry Hunsberger. (See Index of References 
No. 210.) 

VI. Aaron Zelner, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Ma}^ 31, 
1845 ; mrd. Mercy A. Woods Dec. 24, 1865. P.O. 
Dowagiac, Mich. Sewing machine and real estate 
agent ; Meth. Ep. Children : Eva, Guy, Roy, Harry. 

VII. Eva May Zelner, b. Oct. 14, 1868 : mrd. Claude 

— 344 — . 

Jones in 1889. P. O. Dowagiac, Mich. Tinner ; 
attend Meth. Kp. ch. Children: (VIII) Anna Jones, 
b. in 1889 ; (VIII) Wilhna Jones, b. May 22, 1892 ; 
d. May 25, 1892. (VIII) Daughter, b. June 18, 1894. 

VII. Guy Zehier, b. Mar. 25, 1880. 

VII. Roy Zehier, b. Aug. 28, 1881. 

VII. Harry Lee Zehier, born January 30, 1885 ; died 
Feb. 3, 1886. 

VI. Mary Zehier, b. in Cayuga, Out., July 13, 1849 ; 
married Buel Gill in 1869. P. O. P^lbridge, Mich. 
Sawyer ; U. Br. church. Children : Mary, Minnie, 
William, John, James. 

VII. Mary A. Gill, bom April 25, 1870 ; nird. James 
Wickoff. ' P. O. Shelby, Mich. Children : (VIII) 
Frederic Wickoff, b. Januar\' 26, 1887 ; Daniel, born 
March 24, 1889; Katie, b. Sept. 27, 1891 ; Anna, 
b. July 29, 1893. 

VII. Minnie B. Gill, born Ma}^ i, 1872 ; married 
Sylvanus Lipskiimb. P.O. Gerkey, Mich. Children : 
(Vlll) Alva Lipskumb, b. Mar. 16, 1889; P:imer, 
born Mav 8, 1892. 

VII. William Gill. b. Mav 10, 1878. 

VII. John li. Gill, b. Nov. 24, 1880. 

VII. James H. Gill, b. Nov. 21, 1891. 

VI. Annie Zehier, b. June 10, 1851 ; d. Jan. 19, 1875 ; 
mrd. James Melville. No living issue. 

VI. Rachel Zehier, b. in Waterloo Co., Out., June 15, 
1859; mrd. Lewis Gill Nov. 9, 1875. P.O. Dutton, 
Mich. Children : (Vlll) Nellie Elizabeth Gill, born 
Aug. 7, 1880; (VII) James Lewis Gill. b. March 9, 
1883 ; d. Mar. 3, 1885. (VII) Edith F:i.sie Gill, born 
Nov. 29, 1880. (^Vll) Gladys Ethel Gill, b. Apr.3. 1892. 

VI. Charles Zelner, born in Waterloo county, Ont., 
Aug. 3, i860. 

V. Lizzie Myers, b. Mar. 24, 1818 ; d. Jan. 11, 1894 ; 
mrd. Samuel Cline. No issue. 

V. Jacob D. Myers, b. Mar. 24, 1818 ; d. Aug. 18, 
1893 ; mrd. Matilda VaiiFossen. No issue. 

IV. Christian Meyer, b. June 28, 1778 ; d. 3'oung. 

IV. Barbara Meyer, b. Feb. 15, 1780 ; died Jan. 10, 
1858 ; mrd. David Yothers. He died aged 93 years, 
9 months and 8 days. No issue. 

— 345 — 

IV. Abraham Meyer, b. Dec. i8, 1782 ; died May 9, 
185 1 ; married Barbara Bewighouse March 28, 1809. 
Horse doctor and distiller ; Menus. Children: Agnes, 
Susan, Elizabeth, Mar}^ Eli, David. 

V. Agnes Myers, b. Mar. 5, 181 1 ; d. Dec. 9, 1888 ; 
mrd. Isaac Myers. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 211.) 

V. Susan Myers, born July 24, 1813 ; died April 21, 
1883 ; married Charles Myers. (See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 212.) 

V. Elizabeth Myers, b. in Bucks Co. Jan. 17, 18 16. S. 

V. Mary Myers, born in Bucks Co. July 10, 1818 ; 
mrd. Martin Myers, (See Ind. of Ref. No. 213.) 

V. Eli M3'ers, b. Aug. 11, 182 1 ; mrd. Sarah Ann 
Smith April 10, 1852. She was born July 12, 1829. 
P. O. Plumsteadville, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Chil- 
dren : Abraham, Catharine, Mary, Joseph, Henry, 
William, Eizzie. 

VI. Abraham S. Myers, b. Dec. 24, 1852 ; married 
Hannah Gaddes Dec. 8, 1888. She was born July i, 
1844. Farmer. 

VI. Catharine Myers, b. July 31, 1855 ; mrd. Hiram 
O'Vliet Nov. 6, 1875. He was born Feb. 10, 1849. 
Car builder at Wilmington, Del. Children : Sarah, 
Minerva, Grace. 

VI. Mary Ann Myers, b. Feb. 24, 1858 ; mrd. Eevi 
S. Mann Dec. 8, 1877. He was born Feb. 15, 1849. 
Farmer. One child : Bertha May. 

VI. Joseph S. M3^ers, born January 21, i860. P. O. 
Plumsteadville, Pa. 

VI. Henry S. Myers, born Feb. 12, 1863 ; married 
Minerva Myers March 27, 1885. Carpenter. One 
child : Arthur. 

VI. William S. Myers, b. August 20, 1865. P. O. 
Plumsteadville, Pa. 

VI. Eizzie Myers, b. Oct. 25, 186S. 

V. David B. Myers, b. in Bucks Co. May 15, 1826 ; 
died Sept. 12, 1890 ; mrd. Mary Ann Leatherman in 
1852. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Catharine, Bar- 
bara, Harvey, Mary. 

VI. Catharine Myers, b. Dec. 19, 1854; mrd. William 
H. Myers. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 214.) 

VI. Barbara L. Myers, b. Nov. i, 1856 ; mrd. Calvin 

— 346 — 

S. Lear January 6, 1877. P.O. Plumsteadville, Pa. 
P'armer ; Menus. One child : (VII) Mary Etta Lear, 
born November 13, 1884. 

VI. Harvey L. Myers, b. Oct. 9, 1858 ; mrd. Annie 
Lear November 18, 1882. P.O. Plumsteadville, Pa. 
Farmer; Luth. Children: (VII) Horace L. Mj^ers, 
b. May 11, 1884; Willis L., b. Mar. 13, 1891. 

VI. Mary L. Myers, b. Feb. 9, 1863 ; mrd. John A. 
Myers. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 2 15. J 

IV. Susan Me^^er, b. Jan. 7, 1784 ; d. July 7, 1868. S. 

IV. Mary Meyer, b. Nov. i, 1785 ; d. young. 

IV. Elizabeth Meyer, b. Aug. 16, 1786 ; d. Mar. 13, 
1851 ; mrd. Jacob Nash. He was b. Jan. 25, 1781 ; 
died Nov. 25, 185 1. Lived in Tinicum Twp. Mason 
and farmer ; Mennonites. Children : Samuel, Susan, 
Elizabeth, Joseph, William, Henry, Tobias, Levi, 
Mary, Eli, Anna, Jacob. 

V. Samuel Nash, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 10, i8ro ; 
mrd. Barbara Wismer ^lar. 27, 1832. P. O. Doyles- 
town, Pa. Mr. Nash followed farming for some years. 
He was also a well known auctioneer and general 
business agent. Some years ago he retired from 
active work and moved to Doylestown, where he still 
resides. Children : Sophia, Susanna, Reuben, Levi, 
Samuel, Huldah, Amanda, Deborah, Marietta, Lizzie. 

VI. Sophia Nash, b. Jan. i, 1833 i nird. David Kepler 
Jan. I, 1855. P.O. Wismer, Pa. Farmer; Baptists. 
Children : Elwood, Wilson, Joanna, Harvey. 

VII. S. Ehvood Kepler, b. Aug. i, 1856 ; mrd. Ab1)ie 
F. Naylor February 28, 1884.' P.O. Dawson, N. D. 
Merchant; Cong.' Children: (VIII) G. Donald 
Kepler, born Dec. 15, 1885 ; (VIII) J. Faires Kepler, 
b. Feb. 2, 1890. 

VII. Wilson Kepler, b. June 8, i860 ; d. July 6, 1861. 

VII. Joanna Kepler, born Apr. 3, 1863 ; mrd. \\\ A. 
Reed. P.O. Jamestown, N.Y. One child: Harvey Roy. 

VII. Harvey Kepler, b. Feb. 8, 1869. Resides in 
North Dakota. Compositor ; Baptist. 

VI. Susan W. Nash, b. Apr. 26, 1834 ; mrd. John R. 
Lear in 1857. P-O. Doylestown, Pa. Contractor and 
member of the Council of Doylestown borough. In 
1873 he was nominated by the Republican party for 

— 347 — 

Commissioner. Presby. Children : Rosa, Minnie. 

VII. Rosa Lear, mrd. Martin Hulshizer June 12, 1884. 
P. O. Doylestown, Pa. Druggist. Mr. Hulshizer is 
organist of the Presbyterian church at Doylestown 
over 25 3^ears. He is also a member of Brock's 
Orchestra since its organization in 1876. 

VII. Minnie Dora Lear, d. Mar. 8, 1872. 

VI. Reuben W. Nash, b. Jan. 6, 1836; d. May 27, 
1892 ; married Catharine Myers in i860. Farmer. 
Children : Anderson, John, Huldah, Samuel, Annie, 
Reed, Mary. 

VII. Anderson Nash, b. Nov. 11, i860; mrd. Emma 
Skillman Feb. 25, 1888. P.O. Wismer, Pa. Farmer. 
One child : (Vlllj Nash, b. Sept. 15, 1892. 

VII. John M. Nash, b. Apr. 5, 1863 ; mrd, Catharine 
C. Smith in 1884. Farmer; Lutheran. One child : 
(VIII) vSallieS. Nash, b. Oct. 31, 1884. 

VII. Huldah Nash, born September 3, 1864; died 
Dec. 16, 1864. 

VII. Samuel N. Nash, b. July 11, 1866. Single. 

VII. Annie Nash, b. June 2, 1868 ; d. Sept. 28, 1868. 

VII. Reed Nash, b. July 28, 1869. Single. 

VII. Mary Ellen Nash, born Nov. 9, 1875. 

VI. Levi W. Nash, b. Mar. 26, 1838. P.O. Wismer, 
Pa. He is the owner of the old Nash homestead. S. 

VI. Samuel Nash, b. Jan. 20, 1841 ; d. Oct. 3, 1841. 

VI. Huldah J. Nash, born Jul}^ 28, 1842 ; mrd. 
Theodore J. Kline Oct. 4, 1865. He was b. May 13, 
1841 ; d. Aug. 4, 1868. P.O. Doylestown, Pa. He 
served as Lieutenant of the 128th Pa. Regt. His 
occupation was that of schoolteacher and photographer. 
He w^as elected Justice of the Peace of Whitehall 
township, Lehigh county, in 1868. He w^as also 
time superintendent and time-keeper of outside hands 
of the Hokendauqua Iron Works, Lehigh county. 
Baptists. Children : Jeannetta, Theodore. 

VII. Jeannetta N. Kline, born Jan. 10, 1867. She 
attended the Millersville State Normal School during 
the Winter and Spring of 1883-84. She then passed 
examination and taught Bedminster school six months. 
She again attended Millersville normal during the 
Summer of 1885, after which she taught the South- 

— 34^ — 

western school, Plumstead township, from 1S85 to 
1888. In the Fall of 1889 she received a professional 
certificate and taught Dyer's Hill school until Decem- 
ber, when she was married to U. S. Grant M3^ers. 
(See Ind. of Ref. No. 216.) 

VII. Theodore J. Kline, bom Apr. 6, 1869. He at- 
tended the Groveland school, Plumstead township, 
until February 1885, when he became an apprentice in 
the " Intelligencer" printing office at Doylestown, Pa., 
and served four years. He then entered the compos- 
ing room, where he remained for a time, and was then 
promoted to the printing department, which he still 
occupies. Single. 

VI. Amanda Nash, b. Maj^ 11, 1844; d. Feb. 28, 1871. 

VI. Debbie Ann Nash, born May ri, 1846; mrd. 
Philip Z. Jenkins May 1868. P.'O. Plumsteadville, 
Pa. Wheelwright ; Presby. Children : ( VII ) Flora 
N. Jenkins, born Jan. 16, 1869 ; mrd. William E. 
McElderry March 5, 1891. P. O. Petersburg, Ind. 
Dealer in nurser}'- stock ; Cumb. Presby. One child : 
(A son) stillborn October 17, 1894. (VII) S. Frank 
Jenkins, b. Apr. 9, 1872. (VII) A. Lizzie Jenkins, born 
May 28, 1875. (VII) Lilly May Jenkins, b. July 10, 

VI. Marietta Nash, b. Oct. 20, 1850 ; d. Jan. 13, 1871. 

VI. Elizabeth Nash, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 20, 
1854 ; mrd. George W. Mcintosh, of Doylestown, Pa., 
April 22, 1880. Mr. Mcintosh learned the printing 
trade in the office of the Bucks county ' ' Intelligencer, ' * 
where for several years he served as pressman and job 
printer, and was subsequent!}' appointed foreman of 
the establishment. In 1879 he removed to Illinois 
and bought one-half interest in the "Republican," 
published at Watseka, Iroquois county. After a 
short residence there he sold his interest in the 
"Republican" and returned to Doylestown and 
resumed work again in the "Intelligencer" office in 
his old position as foreman. When the daily edition 
of that paper was started in 1886 he was appointed 
business manager, but for the past he has served as 
local editor of the daily and weekly ' ' Intelligencer. ' ' 


Hon. S. M. Ashenfelter. 
See Page 302. 


Mr. McI., Presby ; Mrs. McI., Baptist. One child : 
(Vll) Florence Nash Mcintosh, b. Nov. 4, 1887. 

V. Susan Nash, b. Dec. 30, 18 10 ; married Samuel 
Myers. (See Index of References No. 217. j 

V. Elizabeth Nash (dec'd), born August 17, 181 2 ; 
mrd. Christian Fretz. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 218.) 

V. Joseph Nash, born Aug. 20, 1814 ; died June 17, 
1 85 1. Single. 

V. William Nash, b. Nov. 24, 1816 ; died Dec. 15, 
185 1. Single. 

V. Henry Nash, b. Nov. 22, 18 18. Killed in sand 
pit at Jenkintown, Pa., Sept. 8, 1849. 

V. Tobias Nash, b. Apr. 6, 182 1 ; mrd. Rebecca L. 
Sollida}'. Children : William, Mary, Samuel, John. 
V. Levi Nash, b. Jan. 7, 1823 ; d. Mar. 5, 1823. 

V. Mary Nash, b. Feb. 15, 1824 ; d. Mar. 25, 1850. 

V. Eli Nash, born July 8, 1826 ; died Dec. i, 185 1. 
Teacher. Single. 

V. Anna Nash, b. Aug. 5, 1829 ; mrd. Samuel H. 
Mo3^er. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 219.) Anna married 
second husband Rev. Henr}^ B. Moyer. (See Ind. of 
Ref. No. 219. ) 

V. Jacob Nash, b. Dec. 24, 1831 ; d. Jan. 26, 1841. 

IV. Samuel Meyer, b. Nov. 11, 1788 ; died Dec. 25, 
1847 ; mrd. Sarah Kulp in 18 15. She was b. in 1793 ; 
died in 1848. Foamier ; Menus. Children : Henr^^ 
Barbara, Anna. 

V. Henry K. Meyers, born in 181 7 ; mrd. Barbara 
Kratz in 1842. She was born in 182 1. P. O. Plum- 
steadville. Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Levi, 
Huldah, Elias. 

VI. Levi K. Meyers, born in 1843 ; died in 1887. 
VI. Huldah Mej'ers, b. in 1848 ; mrd. Amos Myers. 

(See Ind. of Ref. No. 220. ) 
VI. Fvlias Meyers, born in 1854 ; died in 1862. 
V. Barbara Me^'ers, b. in i8i8. Menus. Single. 

V. Anna Meyers (dec'd), born in 1825 ; mrd. Isaac 
Fretz in 1854. He was born in 1828 ; died in 1885. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : Jonas, Elias, Sarah, 

VI. Jonas Fretz, b. in 1854 ; mrd. Anna Tyson, 

— 350 — 

VI. Klias Fretz, b. in 1855 ; mrd. Elizabeth Tyson. 
Children : Oscar, Ervin. 

VI. Sarah Fretz, born in 1858. Single. 

VI. iVlar}^ Fretz, born in 1S60. Single. 

IV. Anna Meyer, b. Nov. 1791 ; d. June 12, 1858. 

IV. Christian Meyer, b. June 19, 1793 ; d. Apr. 27, 
1847 ; married Magdalena Overholt. Farmer and 
German school teacher ; Menus. Children : Mary, 
Salome, Eliza, Elias, Susanna, Sarah, Emeline, 

V. Mary Meyers, b. Mar. 7, 1818 ; married Jacob 
Kratz. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 221.) 

V. Salome Meyers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 26, 
18 19 ; married Alpheus Myers. (See Ind. of Ref. 
No. 222.; 

V. Eliza Meyers, b. Nov. 3, 1822 ; d. May 25, 1869 ; 
married Tobias Kreider Jan. 8, 1846. P. O. Wads- 
worth, O. Carpenter ; Metuis. Children : Sarah, 
Susanna, Mary, Emeline, Levn, Eucinda, Amanda, 

VI. Sarah i\nn Kreider, b. Ma}' 23, 1848 ; d. June 
1876 ; mrd. George Beery. P. O. Bronson, Mich. 

VI. Susanna Kreider, b. Sept. 28, 1850 ; mrd. Willi.s 
E. Van Alstine. P. O. Shipshewaiuia, Ind. Photo- 
grapher. Children : Charles Gu}^ Nettie Maud. Cora 
Bell, Willis Edwin, Claud Edgar, Lucinda May, Lee 
Coe, Philip Laley, Mary Frances, Fred Frank. 

VI. Mary Magdalena Kreider, born Jan. 26, 1853 ; 
d. April 17, 1865. 

VI. Emaline Kreider, lx)rn September 2, 1855 ; died 
Feb. 10, 1857. 

VI. Eevi Kreider, b. Nov. 13. 1857 » mrd. Rebecca 
Keller June 4, 1881. P. O. Nappanee, Ind. Cabinet- 
maker ; Menu. Br. in Christ. One child : ( VII ) Lydia 
L. Kreider, b. in 1882. 

VI. Eucinda Kreider, b. Julv 15, i860; mrd. Dexter 
E. Wilder October 10, 1886. P. O. Orland. Ind. 
Jeweler. Children: Bessie, Je.sse, Charles H., William 

VI. Amanda Krieder, born in Indiana June 8, 1863 ; 
married Christian Greenenwald. P. O. Chicago, 111. 

— 351 — 

Carpenter ; Lutherans. Children : Bertha, Rudolph, 
Sarah, Freddie, Albert, Christina. 

VI. Priscilla Kreider, b. June 5, 1866 ; mrd. Eugene 
Moore Nov. 24, 1887. P. O. Elida, O. Farmer; 
Menus. Children : (VII) Laban Miles Moore, born 
Dec. 7, 1888 ; d. in 1888. (VII) Levi Tobias Moore, 
b. Nov. I, 1889. (VH) Viola Ann Moore, b. Nov. 5, 
1892. (VII) Enos Earl MoOre, b. Sept. 12, 1894. 

V. Elias Meyers, b. in Bucks Co., Pa. Single. 

V. Susanna Me3'ers, mrd. Rev. Martin Leatherman 
Feb. 8, 1848. P. O. Wadsworth, O. Retired farmer 
and minister. He was ordained to the ministry of 
the Mennonite church in Medina Co., O., Oct. 2, 1880, 
and preaches in the Guilford and Wadsworth churches. 
Children : Alfred, Elias, Melinda, Levi, Sarah, 
Elmer, Mary. 

VI. Alfred Leatherman, born April 25, 1849. P. O. 
Belle Plain, Kan. Salesman in dry goods store. S. 

VI. Elias M. Leatherman, b. Nov. 5, 1850; married 
Ella L. Pelton Nov. 6, 1873. P.O. Cuyahoga Falls, O. 
Miller; attends Meth. ch. ^Children: Perry B.(dec'd), 
Eva O., Jerry M., E. Roy, Harley P. 

VI. Melinda Leatherman, b. July 31, 1853 ; married 
Luther Keagle Jan. i, 1878. P. O. Pomona, Mich. 
Farmer ; Free Meth. Children : Alfred, Susanna, 
infant, Flo3^d. 

VI. Levi Leatherman, b. Dec. 7, 1855 ; mrd. Carrie 
E. Pelton Nov. 18, 1880. P. O. Wadsworth, O. 
Farmer. Children: Kleber M., Wallace P. 

VI. Sarah Leatherman, b. Nov. 18, 1861 ; d. July 20, 
1891 ; mrd. Richard Stephens April 10, 1890. 

VI. Elmer Leatherman, b. July 6, 1865 ; mrd. Sue 
Weisz. P. O. Wadsworth, O. 

VI. Mary Leatherman, b. Nov. 11, 1867. 

V. Sarah Meyers, born in Bucks Co. Sept. 19, 1836 ; 
married Daniel Friedt Jan. i, 1857. P. O. Blake, O. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : Lavina, Emeline, P^lias, 
Noah, Malinda, David, vSamuel, Daniel, Salome. 

V. Emeline Meyers, b. in Medina Co., O., Aug. 14, 
1839 ; mrd. David Nold Oct. 13, 1861. P. O. Elk- 
hart, Ind. Carpenter ; Menus. No issue. 

V. Alfred Meyers (dec'd). Single. 


III. Mary Meyer (dec'd), iiird. Al)raliain Geisiiiger. 
One child : Henry. 

IV. Henry Geisinger (dec'd), mrd. . Children : 

Ephraim (no issue), and two daughters (d. S.) 

III. Jacob Meyer, b. Apr. i8, 1754 ; d. Oct. 11, 1826 ; 
nird. Maria Clemmer. She was b. Sept. 3, 1762 ; died 
Nov. 19, 1834. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Maria, 
Henry, Barbara, John, Jacob, Elizabeth, Samuel, 
Abraham, Christian, Joseph. 

IV. Maria C. Moyer, b. June 28, 1784; d. Apr. 8, 

1870 ; mrd.vSamuel Yoder. He was b. Feb. 28, 1795 ; 
died F'eb. 27, 1846. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
Jacob, John. 

V. Jacob M. Yoder, b. ui Bucks Co. Mar. 18, 18 18 ; 
died in Montg. Co. Mar. 22, 1891 ; married Hannah 
Springer March 1844. She was born July 19, 1823. 
F'armer and carpenter ; Menus. Children : Maria, 
David, Samuel, Sarah, Kate, Jacob, Hannah, John, 

VI. Maria S. Yoder, born Sept. 30, 1844; mrd. Levi 
Hagey. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 223.) 

VI. David S. Yoder, b. Mar. 16, 1845 or '46. Single. 

VI. Samuel S. Yoder, born in Montg. Co. Sept. 16, 
1847 ; mrd. Mary Amanda Bateman Sept. 10, 1870. 
Res. 2746 Reese St., Phila. Carpenter and builder; 
Luth. Children: (VII) Katie Eliza Yoder, b. June 18, 

1871 ; mrd. Harry A. Stover. Res. 3503 Wright St., 
Phila. Oilcloth trimmer; Luth. (VII) Sarah Jane 
Yoder, b. July 8, 1873. (Vll) Mary Ida Yoder, born 
Dec. 5, 1875. (VII) Jacob Oswin Yoder, b. May 30, 
1880. (Vll) Anna Yiola Yoder, b. Oct. 5, 1890 ; died 
July 9, 1 89 1. 

VI. Sarah S. Yoder, b. Oct. 3, 1849 ; d. in 1862. 

VI. Kate S. Yoder, b. Mar. 20, 1852 ; mrd. William 
Tyson in 1881. P.O. Hatfield, Pa. Farmer; Menus. 
No issue. 

VI. Jacob S. Yoder, b. in Bucks Co. July 23, 1854 ; 
mrd. Elizabeth H. Moyer Jan. 10, 1878. P.O. Souder- 
ton, Pa. Farmer; Menus. Children: (Vll) EnosM. 
Yoder, b. Aug. 18, 1879 ; Hannah, b. Mar. 2, 1882 ; 
Jacob, born Jan. 28, 1885 ; Leah, b. May 19, 1887 ; 
Lizzie, b. Feb. 13, 1890; Mary, b. Sept. 4, 1893. 

— 353 — 

VI. Hannah Yoder, born May 4, 1857 ; mrd. David 

VI. John S. Yoder, b. June 29, i860 ; mrd. . 

VI. Elizabeth Yoder, b. Aug. 21, 1864. Single. 

V. John M. Yoder, born near Telford, Pa., Apr. 15, 
1821 ; d. Sept. 14, 1878 ; mrd. Catharine G. Derstine 
Nov. 22, 1846. She was born near Sellersville, Pa., 
Aug. 30, 1827. Farmer; Menns. Children : Eliza, 
Amanda, Mary. 

VI. Eliza D. Yoder, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., May 11, 
1849 ; married John A. Detweiler Nov. 13, 1869. 
P. O. Telford, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. Children : 
(VII) Elmina Y. Detweiler, . b. Aug. 7, 1870; died 
Apr. 18, 1871. (Vllj Irwin Y. Detweiler, b. Feb. 16, 
1873. P. O. Telford, Pa. Single. (VII) Horace Y. 
Detweiler, born Mar. 16, 1877 ; died Apr. 11, 1878. 
(VII) Maurice Y. Detweiler, b. May 23, 1880 ; died 
Januar}^ 7, 1881. (VII) Elmer Y. Detweiler, born 
Aug. 24, 1882. 

VI. Amanda D. Yoder, born October 11, 1857 5 ^i^^ 
May I, 1859. 

VI. Mary Ann Yoder, b. Jan. 2, 1861 ; mrd. Maurice 
J. Dickert. 

IV. Henry C. Moyer, b. Jan. 4, 1786 ; d. Apr. 15, 
1853 ; mrd. Annie Benner. She was b. Sept. 8, 1785; 
d. Feb. II, 1 86 1. Farmer; Menns. No issue. 

IV. Barbara C. Moyer (dec'd). Single. 

IV. John C. Moyer, b. Jan. 1 1, 1790 ; d. Feb. 7, 1851 ; 
mrd. Elizabeth, dau. of Henry and Anna Lederach. 
She was b. Sept. 6, 1792 ; d. Mar. 26, 1876. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : Benjamin, Henry (d. infant), 
Jacob, Joseph, Mary, Elizabeth, Katie (d. S.), Sarah, 
Susanna (d. S.). 

V. Benjamin Moyer, b. Nov. 16, 18 15 ; mrd. Hannah 
Appenzeller Mar. 3, 1839. She was b. Feb. 6, 1812 ; 
d. Oct. 14, 1889. During the last three years of her 
life she was blind. After having been blind for about 
two years she had a great desire to see her descendants, 
and her desire was gratified in a very singular manner. 
As the result of an apoplectic stroke she recovered 
her sight for two days, during which time she saw her 
descendants, and on the Monday following all was 

— 354 — 

dark again. About ten iiioiitlis later she died. P.O. 
Souderton, Pa. P'armer and laborer. Mr. M., Menn ; 
Mrs. M.,Ref. Children: Annie, Catharine, William. 
VI. Annie Mo3'er, b. Aug. 4, 1840. P.O. Souderton, 
Pa. Ref. ch. Single. 

VI. Catharine Mover, b. Sept. 29, 1843 ; mrd. Levi 
Nace. P. O. Souderton, Pa. Cigarmaker. Mr. N., 
Luth ; Mrs. N., Ref. Children : Emma, Jacob, 
William, Hannah, Maria, Nora, Milton, Alfred, 
infant, Alice. 

VII. p:mma M. Nace, b. Nov. 10, 1865. Ref. ch. S. 
VII. Jacob M. Nace, b. June 22, 1867. Baker ; Luth. 


VII. William M. Nace, b. Oct. 15, 1869 ; mrd. SaUie 
K. Allebach. Shed. Dec. 31, 1892. Teamster ; Lnth. 
One child : (VIII) Melvin Nace, b. July 12, 1890. 

VII. Hannah M. Nace, born Julv 24, 187 1 ; mrd. 
Samuel H. Freed. Luth. One child : (VIII) Rstella 
P>eed, b. July 12, 189 1. 

VII. Maria M. Nace, bom December 24, 1873 ; died 
June 9, 1874. 

VII. Elnora Nace, b. Aug. 14, 1875. Luth. Single. 

VII. Milton Nace, born February 11, 1878. 

VII. Alfred Nace, born January 28, 1880. 

VII. Alice Nace, boni December 4, 1882. 

VI. William H. Moyer, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., mrd. 
Amanda Leidy (dec'd). Children: Nelson, Harvey. 
William married second wife Maria (Scholl ) Heaney. 
P. O. Telford, Pa. Children : Ida, Miriam, Lavina, 
and two (dec'd). 

V. Jacob Moyer, mrd. Anna Benner. P.O. Telford, 
Pa. Children: Hannah, Mary, Gideon (dec'd). 

VI. Hannah Moyer, mrd. Tobias Nice. Children : 
Abraham, Nora. 

VI. Marv Moyer, married Oswin Hager. P. O. 
Telford, Pa. 

V. Joseph Moyer, d. in 1871 ; mrd. Barbara Barnes. 
Children : Milton, William. 

V. Mary Moyer (dec'd), mrd. Moses Kulp (dec'd).. 
Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : John, Pvlizabeth, 
Veronica, Anna, Mary, Amanda, Isaac (d. infant). 

VI. John M. Kulp, mrd. Sarah Rosenberger. P. O. 


Dublin, Pa. Children : Leidy, and a daughter. 
VI. Elizabeth Kulp (dec'd). Single. 
VI. Veronica Kulp, mrd. Henr}^ Kulp. No issue. 

VI. Anna Kulp, b. Dec. 13, 1841 ; d. Mar. 11, 1875 ; 
mrd. Rudolph H. Moyer Dec. 25, 1862. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : Emma, Allen, Elizabeth, Ellen, 

VII. Emma Moyer, b. Mar. 9, 1866; died Feb. 11, 
1889 ; married Milton Stover. Children : Katie M. 
(d. infant), Arthur M. 

VII. Allen K. Moyer, born January 25, 1868 ; died 
June 20, 1884. 

VII. Elizabeth Moyer, b. Aug. 4, 1869 ; mrd. Samuel 
Rohr. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 224.) 

VII. Ellen Moyer, born Dec. 9, 1870. 

VII. Leidv K. Moyer, born July 26, 1872 ; died 
July 8, 1873. 

VI. Mary Ann Kulp, born Sept. 14, 1843 ; married 
Rudolph H. Mo3'er Oct. 31, 1875. No issue. 

VI. Amanda Kulp, mrd. Christian M. Hockman. 

V. Elizabeth Moyer (dec'd), married John Clemens. 
Children : Amos (d. infant), Susanna. 
. VI. Susanna Clemens, mrd. Fred Harley.. 

V. Sarah Moyer (dec'd), married Henry F. Myers. 
(See Ind. of Ref. No. 225.) 

IV. Jacob C. Moyer, b. Dec. 9, 1791 ; died Mar. 29, 
1879 ; mrd. Anna Fretz. She was b. Aug. 12, 1795 '; 
died April 10, 1875. Farmer; Menus. Children: 
Jacob, Maria, Henry. 

V. Jacob F. Moyer, born Ma\' 7, 1823 ; died Jan. 12, 
187 1 ; mrd. Sarah K. Meyer Oct. 22, 1848. Farmer ; 
Menus. One child : Mary. 

VI. Mar}- A. Moyer, b. May 31, 185 1 ; mrd. Emanuel 
H. Barndt Mar. 26, 1870. Organist, and tombstone 
engraver ; Euth. Children : (VII) Elwood M. Barndt, 
b. Jan. 27, 1871 ; mrd. Ellen H. Barndt Oct. 2, 1888. 
Stone cutter; Luth. (VII) Lottie M. Barndt, b. Apr. 1 1 , 
1873. (VII) Elmer M. Barndt, born October 29, 1875. 
(VII) Victor M. Barndt, b. Aug. 23, 1877. (VII) Corson 
M. Barndt, born May 15, 1880. (VII) Norman M. 
Barndt, born July 14, 1882. (Vll) Melvin M. Barndt, 

— 35^> — 

born Aug. 7, 1885. (VII) Murry M. Barndt, born 
Jmie 26, 1888. 

V. Maria F. Mo3'er, born Feb. 24, 1826 ; died Jan. 9, 
1876 ; mrd. Enos Fluck. No issue. 

V. Henry F. Moyer, mrd. Sarah Myers. No issue. 

IV. Elizabeth C. Moj^er, died single. 

IV. Samuel C. Moyer, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., Jan. 24, 
1796 ; d. in Juniata Co., Pa., Sept. 24, 1854 \ married 
Mary, dau. of Abraham Moyer. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : Elizabeth, Joseph, Ann, Mary, Abraham. 
Samuel mrd. second wife Marie Hendricks Nov. 20, 
1835. She was b. Oct. 13, 1796; d. Apr. 12, 1875. 
One child : John. 

V. Elizabeth Moyer, b. Apr. 30, 1826 ; mrd. Jacob 
Shelly. P.O. McAllisterville, Pa. 

V. Joseph Moyer, born Feb. 24, 1828 ; mrd. Louisa 
Mitchell in 1856. P.O. Reward, Pa. Farmer. Mr. 
M., Menu.; Mrs. M., Luth.. Children : Aaron, Palmer. 

VI. Aaron Moyer, born Feb. 7, 1864 ; mrd. Alice B. 
Wirt Jan. 28, 1889. P.O. Reward, Pa. Engineer ; 
Luth. Children : Verra M., Miles A., Eva C. 

VI. Elmer Moyer. P.O. Reward, Pa. Single. 

V. Anna Moyer, born in Montg. Co., Pa., Apr. 27, 
1829 ; mrd. Elias Haldeman in i860. He was born in 
Chester Co., Pa., in 1826 ; d. in Juniata Co. in 1869. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : Samuel, Mary, Enos. 

VI. Samuel Haldeman, b. in Juniata Co., Pa., June 25, 
1863 ; mrd. Lavenia H. Stephens September r, 1885. 
P.O. Kippel, Pa. Carpenter. No issue. 

VI. Mary Haldeman, born March 21, 1865 ; married 
Abraham M. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 226.; 

VI. Enos Haldeman, b. in Juniata Co. Jan. 3, 1867 ; 
mrd. Sallie Shotzferger in 1888. P. O. McAlister- 
ville. Pa. Blacksmith. Children : (VII) Jennie 
Haldeman, b. Jan. 20, 1889 ; Anna, b. April 6, 1892. 

V. Mary Moyer, born in Montg. Co. , Pa. , Apr. 2 i , 
1832; mrd. Joseph Lauver in 1853. P.O. Evendale, Pa. 
Farmer ; elder in Menu. ch. Children : Catharine, 
Annie, William, Elizabeth, Abraham, Solomon, Mar}', 
Joseph, Amanda, Jacob, Louisa, Amnion. 

VI. Catharine M. Lauver, born in Juniata Co., Pa., 
Sept. 17, 1854; married Frederick Reigel in 1874. 

— 357 — 

P.O. McAlisterville, Pa. Carpenter; Mentis. Children: 
(VII) William Reigel, b. Aug. i6, 1874 ; (VII) Joseph 
Irvin Reigel, b. July 20, 1876 ; (VII) Mary Catharine 
Reigel, b. July 4, 1878 ; d. Aug. 3, 1878. (VII) Cloyd 
Allen Reigel, b. July 27, 1879. (VII) Abraham Garfield 
Reigel, b. Nov. 7, 1881. (VII) Charles Austin Reigel, 
b. and d. Mar. 25, 1884. (VII) Annie Leola Reigel, 
born May 14, 1885. (VII) Amanda Irene Reigel, born 
Oct. 9, 1886. (VII) Ammon Walter Reigel, b. Aug. 27, 
1889; d. Sept. 12, 1889. (Vll) Jacob Caton Reigel, 
b. Aug. 27, 1889 ; d. same day. (Vll) Edward Boyd 
Reigel, b. Apr. 15, 189 1. 

VI. Annie Lauver, b. Mar. 19, 1856; d. Feb. 10, 1864. 

VI. William Lauver, b. Mar. 25, 1858 ; mrd. Ellen 
Hart in 1880. P.O. Van Wert, Pa. Farmer; Menus. 
Children : John, Clayton, Silvia, Joseph, Ida, Mary, 

VI. Elizabeth Lauver, born February 13, i860 ; died 
September 5, 1861. 

VI. Abraham Lauver, b. Jan. 24, 1862 ; mrd. Mary 
Wieand in 1888. P. O. Altoona, Pa. Merchant ; 
Luth. One child : Carrie Esther. 

VI. Solomon Lauver, b. Feb. 8, 1864 ; mrd. Phebe C. 
Shirk Dec. 20, 1887. P. O. Van Wert, Pa. Farmer; 
River Br. ch. Children : (Vll) Emma Jane Lauver, 
b. July 20, 1889 ; Elvira May, b. May 4, 1892. 

VI. Mary Lauver, b. Sept. 22, 1866 ; mrd. Samuel 
KaufFman in 1890. P. O. Dalmatia, Pa. Merchant. 
Children : Jennie, Edna Elizabeth. 

VI. Joseph Lauver, born Feb. 8, 1868 ; married Ida 
Keister in 1890. P. O. McAHsterville, Pa. Black- 
smith. Children : Joseph Emory, Cail Leman. 

VI. Amanda Lauver, b. June 22, 1869 ; mrd. John 
Ferster in 1891. P. O. Evendale, Pa. Laborer. 
One child : Frankie. 

VI. Jacob Lauver, born Feb. 9, 1871. Single. 

VI. Louisa Lauver, b. Jan. 13, 1873 ; d. Jan. 16, 1873. 

VI. Ammon Lauver, born Dec. 20, 1875. 

V. Abraham Moyer, b. Jan. 14, 1834 ; d. Dec. 12, 
1875. Single. 

V. JohnH. Moyer, b. Mar. 27, 1838 ; mrd. Catharine 
Lauver Jan. 12, 1864. P.O. Evendale, Pa. Farmer; 

- 358 - 

Menus. Children : Jerome, Jacob, Calvin, Marj^ 
Reuben, Albert, Irvin. 

VI. Jerome D. Moyer, b. Dec. 22, 1864 ; mrd. Sarah 
Catharine Stroup Jan. 8, 1891. P. O. Richfield, Pa. 
Children : Sarah Catharine, Lillian Ma3\ 

VI. Jacob E. Moyer, b. Dec. 11, 1865. P. O. Even- 
dale, Pa. 

VI. J. Calvin IMoyer, b. Feb. 10, 1867 ; mrd. Alice 
Hoffman. P.O. Evendale, Pa. Menns. . One child : 

VI. Mary Moyer, b. Oct. i, 1868. P.O. Evendale, Pa. 

VI. Reuben A. Moyer, b. Feb. 11, 1870 : mrd. Clara 
Ferguson. P.O. Millerstown, Pa. Tanner ; Menns. 
Children : Emma Catharine, Anna Laura. 

VI. Albert L. Moyer, born Nov. 14, 1873. 

VI. Irvin W. Moyer, born Mar. 20, 1879. 

IV. Abraham C. Moyer, born Dec. 26, 1797 ; died 
Dec. 31, 1868 ; mrd. Mary Benner. She was born 
July 9, 1795 ; died Dec. 27, 1879. Farmer; Menns. 
One child : John. 

V. John B. Moyer, mrd. Barbara Me^-ers Nov. 22, 
1849. P.O. Morwood, Pa. Retired farmer ; Menns. 
Children : Noah, Mary, Abraham, Lydia, John. 

yi. Noah M. Moyer, b. Mar. 30, 185 1 ; mrd. Mary 
M., daughter of Jacob L. Moyer, Dec. 5, 1874. 
P. O. Morwoo^l, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. Children : 
(VII) Minerva Moyer, b. July 26, 1876 ; Erwin, born 
Apr. 26, 1879; Barbara, b. Nov. 11, 1882; Jacob, 
born Mar. 23, 1884 ; Anna, b. Feb. 13, 1887 ; Mary, 
born Dec. 16, 1889 ; Flora and Laura (twins), born 
Aug. I, 1893. 

VI. Mary M. Moyer, b. Sept. 22, 1853 i nu*d. Samuel 
D. Moyer. (See'lnd. of Ref. No. 2^27.) 

VI. Abraham M. Moyer, b. Oct. 31, 1859 ; married 
Mary Haldeman. P. O. Morwood, Pa. 
VI. Lydia M. Moyer, bom Aug. 28, 1862. 
VI. John M. Moyer, born Feb. 25, 1864. 

IV. Christian C. Moyer, born in Montg. Co., Pa., 
May II, 1800; died Dec. 9, 1840; mrd. Catharine 
Moyer. Farmer ; Menns. Children : Rachel, Leah, 
Abraham, Jonas. 

V. Rachel Mo^^er, b. Oct. 26, 1833 ; died Sept. i, 

— 359 — 

1867 ; married Abraham F. Kratz Jan. 4, 1852. 
P. O. Harle3'sville, Pa. Chairmaker and upholsterer ; 
Menns. Children : Leah, Henry, Mary. 

VI. Leah M. Kratz, b. Aug. 24, 1853 ; mrd. William 
K. Cassel Dec. 4, 1875. Farmer ; Menns. One 
child : (VII) Mary Catharine Cassel, b. Apr. 9, 1878. 

VI. Henry M. Kratz, b. Apr. 18, 1857 ; mrd. Mary 
Markley Dec. 15, 1877. Menns. Children : Irene, 

VI. Mary Ann M. Kratz, born June 19, i860. 

V. Leah Moyer, b. Nov. 7, 1835 ; mrd. John Young. 
(See Ind. of Ref. No. 228.) 

V. Abraham M. Moyer, born in Montg. Co. Oct. 9, 
1837 ; mrd. Mary Clemens Dec. 22, i860. P. O. 
Bergey, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. Children : Wilson, 
Henry, Horace, Morris, Allen. 

VI. Wilson C. Moyer, born in Montg. Co. Oct. 17, 
1861 ; mrd. Annie Hackman Jan. 4, 1890. P. O. 
Franconia, Pa. Farmer ; Mennonites. One child : 
(VII) Mary H. Moyer, b. Nov. 9, 189 1. 

VI. Henry C. Moyer, b. Nov. 29, 1864 ; married 
Lizzie A. Landis Jan. 12, 1889. P. O. Mainland, Pa. 
Farmer. Children : (VII) Ida L. Moyer, b. Jan. i, 
1890 ; Amnion L. , b. Aug. 4, 1891 ; Abraham L. , 
born July 5, 1893. 

VI. Horace C. Moj^er, b. Jan. 7, 1867. P.O. Bergey, 
Pa. Farmer. Single. 

VI. Morris C. Moyer, b. Jan. 7, 1867 ; mrd. Lizzie 
B. Harley Jan. 28, 1888. P. O. Lederachville, Pa. 
One child : (VII) Marvin H. Moyer, born in 1888. 

VI. Allen C. Moyer, born Oct. 28, 1874. 

V. Jonas M. Moyer, born Dec. 17, 1839. P. O. 
Bergey, Pa. Laborer; Menns. Single. 

IV. Joseph Meyer, died young. 

III. John Meyers, b. about 1756 ; died 1814 ; mrd. 
Catharine Souder Apr. 24, 1777. She died Ma}^ 16, 
1787. Farmer ; lived on a farm on the Durham 
road, southeast of Pipersville, Pa. Menns. Children : 
Margaret, Henry, Maria, Barbara, Catharine. John 
mrd. second wife Judith Fretz July 3, 1788. She was 
born Oct. 2, 1769 ; died Nov. 7, 1847. Children : 

— 36o — 

Abraham, John, Christian, Joseph, Jacob, Christian, 
Wilhani, Dorothea, Samuel, Isaac. 

IV. Margaret Me3'er (dec'd), b. Mar. 4, 1778 ; mrd. 
John Detweiler. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 229.) 

IV. Henry Meyer, b. Feb, 23, 1780; d. Oct. 1847; 
married Elizabeth Fretz Mar. 24, 1807.- Farmer ; 
lived on the farm in Plumstead Twp. , now owned by 
Henr}^ H. Myers (a grandson). Menns. Children : 
Barbara, John, Joseph, Anna, Catharine, Henry, 
William, Reuben. 

V. Barbara Myers, b. Apr. 25, 1808 ; d. Aug. 1882 ; 
mrd. Abraham Nash. Carpenter and farmer ; Menns. 
Children : Elizabeth, Mar3% Henry. 

VI. Elizabeth Nash, b. Aug. 12, 1840 ; mrd. Levi 
B. Swartz Jan. 10, i860. Veterinary surgeon ; Meth. 
Children : Mary, Abraham, Emih'. 

VII. Mar}^ Alice Swartz, born Apr. 6, 1863 ; mrd. 
Elwood C. Wilson Jan. 10, 1881. He died in 1883. 
Children : Emma x\lice (dec'd), Elwood Levi. 

VII. Abraham T. Swartz, bom Oct. 19, 1865 ; died 
Jan. 14, 1883. 

VII. Emily Ann Swartz, born Sept. 2, 1867 ; died 
Sept. 16, 1867. 

VI. Mary Ann Nash, b. Mar. 13, 1843. Meth. Ep. 

VI. Henry, b. Nov. 1846 ; mrd. (dec'd). 

Henr}' mrd. second wife . One child. 

V. John F. Myers, b. Sept. 8, 1S09 ; mrd. Rachel 
Myers Jan. 26, 1836. Farmer ; Menns. Children : 
Reuben, Catharine, Henry, Reed. 

VI. Reuben Myers, b. in 1836 ; mrd. EHzabeth High 
Nov. 7, i860. Farmer. Children : (VII) Harvey 
Myers, d. 3'oung ; (VII) John F. Myers, Jr., b. Nov. 
1865 ; mrd. Bertha Swope. 

VI. Catharine M^-ers, b. June 9, 1839 ; mrd. Reuben 
W. Nash. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 230.) 

VI. Henry M>'ers, born in 1841 ; died infant. 

VI. Reed Myers, b. in 1844 ; drowned July 16, 1865. 

V. Joseph F. Myers, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 17, 
181 1 ; d. May 12, 1882 ; mrd. Barbara Fretz Mar. 22, 
1838. Mason and farmer ; Menns. Children: Henr}', 
Abraham, Enos, Aaron, Mary, Mahlon, infant, 

A. H. Fettkrolf, L.Iv.D. 

See Page 306. 


— 36i — 

VI. Henry F. Myers, b. in Bucks Co. Feb. 24, 1839 ; 
mrd. KmmaSalena Harpel Oct. 3, 1863. She d. Apr. 4, 
1886. Farmer ; Lutheran. Children : (VII) Livera 
Myers, born Dec. 9, 1864. Luth. (VII) Krwin H. 
Myers, b. Oct. 17, 1866 ; d. in 1889. CVII) Anna 
Barbara Myers, b. Nov. 16, 1868 ; d. Feb. 1890. 
Luth. (Vll) Edgar H. Myers, born March 3, 1872. 
(VII) Nora Myers, born July 5, 1877. 

VI. Abraham F. Mj^ers, born Oct. 12, 1842 ; mrd. 
Susanna High Nov. 18, 1872. She was b. Sept. 7, 
1849 ; died Oct. 13, 1883. P. O. Hagersville, Pa. 
Farmer; Menus. Children: (VII) Anna Belle Myers, 
b. June 24, 1875 ; d. Aug. 28, 1875. (VII) Clara V. 
B. Myers, b. Aug. 6, 1877. (VII) Josephine Myers, 
born Sept. 15, 1880. 

Abraham married second wife Caroline Micner 
(widow of Aaron K. Sine) Feb. 8, 1880. 

VI. Rnos F. Myers, born Sept. 19, 1844; died 
June 22, 1857. 

VI. Aaron F. Myers, b. July 10, 1846 ; mrd. Lydia 
M. Moyer in 1869. P.O. Bedminster, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : Oscar, Joseph, Titus, Barbara, 
Susan, Pierson, Isaiah, Henry, Levinus, Abraham, 

VII. Oscar M. Myers, b. Dec. 12, 1869 ; mrd. Ellen 
M. Musselman in 1892. P.O. Steinsburg, Pa. Menus. 
Children: (VIII) Anna M. Myers, b. Jan. 31, 1893 ; 
Lydia M., b. Aug. 26, 1894. 

VII. Joseph M. Myers, b. Mar. 17, 1871 ; mrd. Lizzie 
Michael. P. O. Shelly, Pa. Menus. 

VII. Titus Myers, b. Juh^ 5, 1873. Farmer ; Menus. 

VII. Barbara Myers, born 14, 1875 ; died 
Aug. 21, 1876. 

VII. Susan Myers, b. May 28, 1877 ; d. June 4, 1877. 

\l\\. Pierson M. Myers, born Jan. 11, 1879. 

VII. Isaiah M. Myers, born Oct. 11, 1881. 

VII. Heur}' Myers, b. July 12, 1884 ; d. vSept. 28, 

VH. Levinus Myers, born Jan. 9, 1886. 

VII. Abraham Myers, born F'eb. 22, 1888. 

VII. Menno M. Myers, born July i, 1892. 

— :/>2 — 

VI. Mary Ann Myers, l)orn Feb. 27, 184S ; died 
Mar. 29, 1848. 

VI. Mahlon F. Myers, b. May 31, 1849 ; d. June 21, 

VI. Infant, b. Jan. 25, 1851 ; died unnamed. 

VI. vSusanna Myers, b. Mar. 12, 1853 \ ^- Feb. 26, 

V. Anna Myers, b. June 13, 18 13 ; d. Nov. 19, 1875 ; 
mrd. William Fretz. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 231.) 

V. Catharine Myers, b. Dec. 13, 1815 ; d. 1874. S. 

V. Henry F. M5^ers, b. Aug. 12, 1817 ; mrd. Anna, 
dau. of John and Elizabeth Krout, Sept. 19, 1844. 
P. O. Wismer, Pa. Retired farmer ; ^Ienns. Chil- 
dren : Oliver, Susanna, Amanda, John, Nathan, 
Lizzie, Leidy. 

VI. Oliver Myers, born in 1845 ; nu'd. Catharine 
Leatherman in 1869. P. O. Wismer, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : (VII; Jeremiah Myers, b. Feb. 7, 
1871 ; d. Feb. 7, 1873. (VII) Newberry L. Myers, 
b. Mar. 2, 1872. (VII) Harry L. Myers, b. Mar. 25, 
1876. (VH) Willis L. Myers, born Dec. 21, 1878. 
rVII) Clara L. Myers, b. Aug. 26, 1881. 

VI. Susanna Myers, b. Jan. 20, 1848 ; mrd. John K. 
Landis Nov. 13, 1875. Farmer; Menus. Children: 
Ivcidy, Henry (dec'd). 

VI. Amanda Myers, b. Nov. 7, 185 1 : d. 1859. 

VI. John Myers, bom Dec. 2, 1853 ; nu'd. Susanna 
Myers September 1876. Farmer; Menus. Children: 
Silas, Clara (dec'd), Sarah (dec'd). John married 
second wife vSarah Myers September 1883. Children : 
Nathan, Rosa, Harvey (dec'd), John, Nora. 

VI. Nathan Mvers, b. May 25, 1856; d. Oct. 12, 

VI. Ivizzie Myers, b. Aug. 10, 1859 ; mrd. Abraham 

L. Myers. (vSee Ind. of Ref. No. 232.) 

VI. Leidy Myers, h. Feb. 7, i860 ; mrd. Sallie G. 

Shelly. Farmer ; Menus. One child : Ellen. 

V. William V. Myers, born Nov. 20, 1819 ; mrd. 

Elizabeth Myers in 1849. Farmer; Menus. Children: 

(VI) Catharine Myers, died in infancy. (VI) Sarah 

Myers, born in 1852 ; mrd. Jacob B. Rosenl)erger. 

(See Ind. of Ref. No. 232. j 

— 363 — 

V. Reuben F. Myers (dec'd), born Dec. 13, 1821 ; 
mrd. Hannah High. Farmer ; Menns. Children : 
Mahlon, John, WiUiam, Henry, Lizzie, Amanda, 

VI. Mahlon H. M^^ers, born July 19, 1848 ; mrd. 
Amanda B. Leatherman Oct. 31, 1868. She d. May 8, 
1872. Children : (VII) Edwin Stanton Myers, born 
May 14, 1870 ; (Vll) Horace L. Myers, b. Apr. 25, 
1872 ; died May 6, 1872. 

Mahlon mrd. second wife Mary, dau. of Henr3^ 
Fretz, of Lincoln Co., Ont., June 30, 1873. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children: (Vll) Anna F. Myers, b. Feb. 25, 

1875 ; (^Vll) Beulah Eldora Myers, b.'july 25, 1876 ; 
(Vll) Maggie F. Myers, b. Sept. 30, 1878 ; d. Mar. 8, 
1886. (Vll) Hannah F. Myers, born July 24, 1880. 
(Vll) William Howard Myers, b. July i, 1882 ; died 
Mar. 8, 1886. (Vll) Henry F. Myers, born Oct. 9, 
1884; d. Mar. II, 1886. (Vll) Mary Emma Myers, 
born Mar. 4, 1887 ; d. June 6, 1890. (Vll) Ezra F. 
Myers, b. Apr. i, 1889 ; d. May 19, 1890. (Vll) Elmer 
Clayton Myers, b. Apr. 29, 1891. (Vll) Bertha F. 
Myers, b. Nov. 4, 1894. 

VI. John H. Myers, b. in Bucks Co. Jan. 19, 1850 ; 
mrd. Annie H. Myers Dec. 23, 1876. P. O. Dublin, 
Pa. Farmer ; Menns. Children : (Vll) Daniel M. 
Myers, b. Jan. 14, 1879 ; Samuel Arthur, b. Nov. 20, 
1880; E. Norman, b. Aug. 31, 1888; Florence M., 
b. Aug. 29, 1891; J. Horace, b. Jan. 15, 1894. 

VI. William H. Meyers, b. Nov. 13, 1853 ; married 
Catharine Myers Oct. 13, 1877. P. O. New Britain, 
Pa. Farmer; Menns. Children: (Vll) Franklin 
Myers, b. Jan. 18, 1879 ; Rosa May, b. Jan. 26, 1881. 

VI. Clara Myers, born Juh^ 19, 1884. 

VI. Henry H. M3'ers, b. in Bucks Co. in 1855 ; mrd. 
Emeline P. Lear. P. O. Wismer, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : Katie, Lizzie (dec'd). 

VI. Lizzie Myers, b. March 10, 1857 ; married Peter 
Beeler Oct. 20, 1877. P. O. Wismer, Pa. Carpenter 
and undertaker ; Ger. Ref. Children: (Vll) Alice 
Beeler, b. Nov. 27, 1883 ; Horace, b. Dec. 11, 1886. 

VI. Amanda Myers, b. May 5, i8s9 ; f^i^<^^ Sept. 17, 

— :M — 

VI. Reuben H. Myers, b. Dec. 4, i860 ; mrd. Laura 
M. SkiHrnan Nov. 11, 1882. P. O. Plumsteadville, 
Pa. -Children : (VII) Warren S. Myers, h. Nov. 10, 
1884; Howard R., born Nov. 9, 1886; Herbert R., 
b. Aug. II, 1888. 

IV. Maria Meyer (dec'd), b. Jan. 29, 1782. S. 

IV. Barbara Meyer, b. Dec. 8, 1782 ; d. advanced in 
years. Single. 

IV. Catharine Meyer (dec'd), b. Feb. 14, 1785. S. 

IV. Abraham S. Meyer (dec'd), born Jan. 9, 1790 ; 
married Anna Kulp. Tanner ; Menus. Children : 
John, Jacob, William, Henr}', Mary, Sarah. 

V. John K. Myers, b. in Bucks Co. ; d. Jan. 30, 1893, 
aged 76 3^ears ; mrd. Maria, dau. of "Velvet" Henry 
Fretz, vSept. 22, 1844. Farmer and miller. Children : 
David, Amos, Martha, Albert, Minerva, Anthony, 

VI. David F. M3'ers, b. Jan. 25, 1845 ; mrd. Lucy 
A. Campbell vSept. 10, 1868. P. O. Durango, Col. 
Luth. Children : (Vll) Mamie A. Myers, b. Oct. 2, 
1769 ; Willie E., b. Sept. 9, 187 1 ; Stacy, b. May i, 
1875 ; Louie, b. June 2, 1883 ; Josie, b. Nov. 8, 1888. 

VI. Amos F. Myers, b. Feb. 23, 1847 ; mrd. Sarah 
E. Fretz in 1867. One child : John. Amos married 
second wife Lavina (Gillmer) vSolliday vSept. i. 1874. 
Res. 810 Somerset St., Phila. Grocer. Children : 
Raymond, Vernon. 

VII. John V. Myers, b. in Bedminster, Pa., Mar. 29, 
1867 ; mrd. Clara S., dau. of Ephraim S. and Kate 
Neidig, of Sellersville, Pa., Nov. 14. 1894. Res. 
1436 Mayfield St., Phila. Clerk. Mr. M.. Ger. Ref. ; 
Mrs. M., Luth. 

Vll. Raymond Myers, born Mar. 7, i88r. 
Vll. \'ernon Myers, born Nov. 24, 1883. 

VI. Martha F. Mvers, b. June 8, 1848 ; mrd. William 
S. Swope Sept. i,'i866. P.O. Pipersville, Pa. Chil- 
dren : Emaretta, Frances, Harry Edgar. John Wesley, 

VII. Emaretta Swope, b. Jan. 8, -1867 ; mrd. Reuben 
Snyder Aug. 9, 1888. 

Vll. Frances ^L Swope, born June i, 1870. 
Vll. Harry Edgar Swope, born July 10, 1872. 

— 3^5 — 

VII. John Wesley Swope, born Oct. 24, 1877. 

VII. Mamie Swope, born Nov. 26, 1886. 

VI. Albert F. Myers, b. May 4, 1850; mrd. Catha- 
rine Myers September 22, 1877. P. O. Perkasie, Pa. 
Butcher ; German Ref. Children : (VM) Ulysses M. 
Myers, b. Nov. 18, 1879; (VII) Ullie Viola Myers, 
born July 24, 1883 ; (VII) Wesley M. Myers, born 
Au^. 13, 1885 ; (VII) Flora M. Myers, b. March 24, 
1888 ; (VII) Raymond M. Myers, born Jan. 6, 1890 ; 
(VII) Katie M. Myers, b. MaV. i, 1891 ; d. Mar. 21, 
1892. (VII ) Isaac Vernon M. Myers, b. June 26, 1893. 

VI. Minerva F. Myers, b. Jan. 10, 1854; mrd. Isaac 
L. Fretz. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 234. ) 

VI. Anthony F. Myers, M. D., b. in Plumstead Twp., 
Bucks Co., Jan. 6, 1856. Mr. Myers was reared on 
his father's farm and mill property on the Tohickon 
creek, in Tinicum township, and attended the public 
schools during the Winter months. At the age of 
20 he attended the Mennonite Seminary at Wadsworth, 
O., for a 3^ear, and began teaching in the public 
schools of Tinicum in the Fall of 1876. The follow- 
ing two years he taught the Pipersville school, and 
during the Summer terms attended the Millersville 
State Normal School. In September 1879 he again 
entered the normal for a year, and while there was 
tendered the position of assistant principal of the 
Tressler Orphans Home at I/Oysville, Perry county, Pa. 
After filling this responsible position for two years he 
resigned and spent several months traveling, visiting 
numerous national cemeteries, old battle fields and 
various places of interest in some of the Southern 
States. In September 1882 he entered the office of 
Dr. S. S. Brumbaugh, at Pipersville, Pa., and began 
the study of medicine. The following year he entered 
the Missouri Medical College at St. Louis, from which 
he graduated as physician and surgeon in March 1885. 
He returned Hast in order to become a practicing 
physician in Petuisylvania. He passed a creditable 
examination at the Medico-Chirurgical College, of 
Philadelphia, and since April 1885 he has been a 
practicing physician at Blooming Glen, Pa., where, 
b}" his ambition to become more proficient in his 

— 366 — 

profession, he is enjoying a lucrative practice. The 
doctor is an active member of the Bucks County 
Medical Society, the Lehigh Valley Medical Associa- 
tion, the Pennsylvania State Medical Association, an 
associate editor of the ' ' Lehigh Valley Medical 
Magazine," and a member of the leading fraternal 
organizations. Dr. Myers was married Oct. ii, 1888, 
to Wilhelmina S., daughter of Simon H. and Lydia 
(Savacool) Sn3^der. She was boni Mar. 21, 1864. 
Luth. One child : (VII) Clarence S. Myers, born 
April 30, 1892. 

VI. Anna Barbara Myers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Jan. 5, i860; mrd. Hillary S. Althouse May 23, 
1885. P.O. Quakertown, Pa. Tailor; Ger. Ref. 
Children: (Vllj Herbert Althouse, b. Oct. 29, 1885 ; 
Irene, born Oct. i, 1891. 

V. Jacob K. Myers. No issue. 

V. Mary K. Myers, b. in Bucks Co. Nov. 23, 1821 ; 
mrd. Welsh. No issue. 

V. Sarah K. Meyers, b. June 21, 1824; mrd. Jacob 

F. Mo^^er. (See Ind. of References No 235.) Sarah 
mrd. second husband Zeno F. Gerhart Sept. 28, 1873. 
Farmer ; Ger. Ref. No issue. 

V. William K. Meyers, b. Jan. 17, 1829 : d. Mar. 13, 
1889 ; mrd. Mary M., daughter of George and Sarah 
Fulmer, Dec. 19. 1S52. Mr. M., Menu.; Mrs. M., 
German Ref. Children : Charles, Tilghman, Sarah, 
Wilson, P^mma, Mary. 

VI. Charles F. Myers, b. Jan. 23, 1853. 

VI. Tilghman F. Meyers, b. June 5, 1856 ; married 
Susan Gehman January 9, 1886. P. O. Passer, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menus. No issue. 

VI. Sarah A. Meyers, born Nov. 3, 1859 ; mrd. Levi 

G. Bealer Mar. 27, 1880. P. O. Passer, Pa. Shoe- 
maker and miller, at present farmer ; Luth. Chil- 
dren : Adaline, Ella, Herbert, William, Enuna. 

VI. Wilson V. Meyers, b. Dec. 23, 1862 ; mrd. Emma 
L. Mease Mar. 26, 1887. P. O. Pleasant Valley, Pa. 
Carpenter ; Ref. Trinity ch. Children : (VII) Stella 
Meyers, born July 10, 1887 ; died February 14, 1889. 
(VII) Clarence M. Meyers, b. Jan. 1,1889. (VII) Leidy 
M. Meyers, b. June 3, 1890. (VII) Carrie M. Meyers, 


b. Feb. 26, 1892 ; died June 5, 1893. (VII) Irwin M. 
Me3^ers, b. Dec. 16, 1893. 

VI. Mary Ellen Meyers, born March 17, 1866 ; died 
Nov. 21, 1867. 

VI. Emma L. Meyers, b. Feb. 12, 1868 ; mrd. Henry 
B. Frankenfield May 28, 1887. P. O. Passer, Pa. 
Tailor. Children: (VII) Ira Frankenfield ; (VII) 
William M. Frankenfield, born Oct. 30, 1889 ; died 
Dec. 26, 1889. (VII) Warren M. Frankenfield, born 
April 15, 1 89 1. (VII) Florence M. Frankenfield, 
born March 17, 1893. (VII) Delia M. Frankenfield, 
born Sept. 29, 1894. 

V. Henry K. Meyers, born Feb. 8, 1832 ; married 
Hannah Hartzel Dec. 7, 1856. She was b. May 20, 
1837. P.O. Perkiomenville, Pa. Farmer; Ger. Ref. 
Children : Camilla, Franklin, Clara. 

VI. Camilla Meyers, born August 21, 1857 I married 
Emanuel Pool Dec. 15, 1877. P- O. Salfordville, Pa. 
Farmer ; Ger. Ref, Children : (VII) Clayton Pool, 
b. Dec. 24, 1883 ; (VII) Anna Pool, b. June 30, 1886 ; 
d. Apr. 3, 1887. (VII) Maetta Pool, b. Oct. 18, 1887. 
(VII) Alice Pool, born March i, 1889. 

VI. Franklin Meyers, b. Dec. 12, 1858 ; d. Jan. 1859. 

VI. Clara Meyers, b. Mar. 21, 1862 ; mrd. Franklin 
P. Snyder January 8, 1881. P.O. Green Lane, Pa. 
Employed in steel w^orks ; German Ref. Children : 
(VH) Bertha May Snyder, b. June 6, 1884; Albert 
William, b. Aug. 16, 1887. 

IV. John Meyer, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 21, 1792 ; 
died May 9, 1850; mrd. Agnes Fretz April 6, 1817. 
Tanner ; Menus. Children : Martin, Joseph, Leah, 

V. Martin Myers, b. Sept. 23, 18 18 ; married Mary 
Myers Dec. 10, 1846. Farmer; Menus. Children: 
Salinda, Eli," Emeline. 

VI. Salinda Myers, b. Nov. 18, 1847 ; mrd. John C. 
Utz Sept. 14, 1869. Farmer ; Lutheran. Children : 
(VII) Emma Jane Utz, b. July 8, 1870 ; Eli M., born 
Aug. 14, 1872 ; Edward W., b. Jan. 28, 1875 ; Warren 
M., b. Apr. I, 1882. 

VI. EH Myers, b. Feb. 1851. 

VI. P^meliiie Myers, b. May 22, 1S57 > nird. Laniech 
S. Myers. (See Iiid. of Ref. No. 236.) 

V. Joseph F. Myers, b. in Bucks Co. Oct. 18, 1822 ; 
mrd. Mary Hunsicker (dec'd), May 9, 1852. Chil- 
dren : x^o^nes, John, Lydia, Isaac. Joseph married 
second wife Elizabeth Kulp July 30, 1887. P. O. 
Pipersville. Farmer ; Menus. 

VI. Agnes Myers, b. May 27, 1853; mrd. A])raham 
M. High. 

VI. John H. Myers, born Aug. 16, 1855 ; mrd. Mary 
W. Gross December 20, 1877. Menus. Children : 
(VII) Isaac G. Myers, b. Oct. 20, 1878 ; (VII) Debbie 
May Myers, born Sept. 24, 1881 ; (VII) Elsie Myers, 
b. Oct. 30, 1883 ; (VII) Infant son, stillborn Mar. 11, 
1886; (VII) Joseph Walton Myers, b. Feb. 9, 1888; 
d. Nov. 25, 1888. 

VI. Lydia Myers, bom Sept. 24, i860 ; mrd. Henry 
Wismer Oct. 16, 1879. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
(VII) Kate Wismer, born Sept. 24, 1884 ; (VII) Mary 
Emma Wismer, born June 4, 1887 ; died Feb. 5, 1888. 
(VII) Ella Wismer, born Mar. 31, 1889. 

VI. Isaac G. Myers, b. Nov. 12, 1866. 

V. Leah Myers, born Jul}^ 19, 1824; married Henry 
Detweiler. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 237.) 

V. Barbara Myers, born Oct. 21, 1830 ; married John 
B. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 238.) 

IV. Christian Me^'er, b.Mar. 3,1794; d. Nov. 25,1796. 

IV. Joseph Meyer, born Oct. 2, 1796 ; died in 1796. 

IV.* Jacob Meyer, bom and died JuU' 21, 1797. 

IV. Christian Meyer, born July 22, 1799 ; d. Jan. 4, 
1862 ; married Susan Overholt. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : Jacob, Sarah, Hannah. 

V. Jacob Myers, b. Aug. i, 1830 ; d. iu 1890 ; mrd. 
Susan Overholt, of Fayette Co., Pa., Sept. 28, 1855. 
Planner ; Baptist. Children : Newton, P^lla, Laura, 
Harry, Lizzie, Dora. 

VI. Newton Myers, b. Mar. 28, 1857 i nird. Margie 
Mathews P"eb. 22, 1884. P. O. New Britain, Pa. 
One child: (VII) Bessie Myers, b. July 13, 1886. 

VI. Ella Myers, b. P^eb. 7, i860; mrd. Frank Riale 
Feb. 15, 1 88 1. Farmer ; Bap. Children : (VII) Harry 
Riale, b. Nov. 22, 188 1 ; Walter, born Sept. 15, 1884. 

— 369 — 

VI. Laura Myers, born May 24, 1862 ; married John 
Vantoiir October 15, 1885. P. O. New Britain, Pa. 
Farmer ; Baptist. One child : (VII) Elsie Vantour, 
born July 21, 1886. 

VI. Harry Myers, born April 29, 1864 ; mrd. Mamie 
Maynes Feb. 14, 1887. Boot and shoe merchant. 
One child : (VII) Clarence Eugene Myers, b. Jan. 31, 

VI. Lizzie Myers, b. Jan. 13, 1867 ; married Harvey 
Magargal Dec. i, 1886. Railroad ticket agent ; Bap. 
One child : (VII) Russel Magargal, b. Sept. 10, 1887. 

VI. Dora Myers, born Nov. 29, 1871. P. O. New 
Britain, Pa. Bap. Single. 

V. Sarah Myers, mrd. Francis Fretz ; both deceased. 
One child : Jordan. 

V. Hannah Myers, born in 1832 ; married James P. 
Hough in i860. He died in i860. Hannah married 
second husband Orange M. Owens in 1872. Mrs. O., 
Bap. One child : Lillie. 

VI. Lillie M. Hough, b. in i860 ; married Franklin 
Haldeman in 1885. P. O. New Britain, Pa. Farmer ; 
Mr. H., Baptist. Children: (VII). Raymond Paxon 
Haldeman, b. in 1887 ; Alice, b. in 1887. 

IV. William Meyers, b. in Bedminster Twp. , Bucks 
Co., Sept. 6, 1801 ; mrd. Barbara Schimmel Mar. 9, 
1828. They lived together 51 years. She died 
February 1879. In early life Mr. Meyers followed 
the vocation of carpenter, but afterwards engaged in 
farming just below Pipersville, where he lived many 
years. He was a faithful member of the second Men- 
nonite church at Deep Run from its founding, and 
for over 30 years served as deacon of the same. 
Varied were his experiences ; sometimes his duties 
arduous, but without murmuring or complaint he 
strove faithfully to perform them to .the best of his 
convictions. For a number of years he was totally 
blind, yet he patiently bore his cross to a peaceful 
end in Christ. He died after a few weeks gradual 
decline in strength on June 23, 1889. His funeral 
services were conducted by Revs. J. S. Moyer and 
A. B. Shelly. Children : Judith, Mary, Margaret, 
Anna, Catharine, Mahlon, Susanna, William. 



V. Judith Meyers, boni in Bucks Co. Feb. 3, 1829 ; 
died Dec. 25, 1880; mrd. Abraham Keller '-^'^ Oct. 10, 
1847. He was b. in Haycock Twp. Sept. 16, 1823 ; 
died January 24, 1890. Farmer; Luth. Children: 
William, Mary, Lewis, Joseph, Amanda, Susanna, 
Abraham, Catharine, Ira. 

VI. William M. Keller, born March 29, 1849 ; died 
April 2, 1 85 1. 

VI. Mary Keller, b. Nov. 20, 1850 ; married H. S. 
Deaterly, of Bedminster, Pa., Msiy 20, 1871. Farmer ; 
Luth. Children: (VII) Amanda Deaterly, b. July 22, 
1872 ; d. Aug. 1894 ; married Isaac K. Fox in 1891. 
No issue. (VII) Annie Deaterly, bom Nov. 3, 1874 ; 
mrd. Samuel Roth Dec. 1894. P. O. Tohickon, Pa. 
(VII j Lizzie Deaterly, b. Nov. 3, 1874. (VII) Minerva 
Deaterly, born Nov. 22, 1882 ; died March 2, 1883. 
(VII) Harvey Deaterly, b. Mar. 23, 1887. 

VI. Lewis Keller, born in Bucks Co. Dec. 26, 1852 ; 
mrd. Emma J., daughter of Amos and Mary Harpel, 
Dec. 25, 1876. Mr. Keller is the popular and suc- 
cessful merchant at Bedminster, Pa., where he, b}^ 
pluck and energy, built up a large trade. In 1886 
his store and dwelling were consumed by fire, entail- 
ing a heavy loss, the property and goods being only 
partly covered by insurance. He rebuilt, however, 
putting up a large brick store on the old site, a great 
improvement on the old one, and continues the busi- 
ness on a larger scale than ever. Luth. Children : 
(VII) Hiram Keller, bom Aug. 9, 1878 ; Erwin, born 
Nov. 30, 1882 ; Elsie, b. Oct. 24, 1890. 

VI. Joseph M. Keller, b. in Bucks Co. Nov. 17, 1854 ; 
married Leannah Miller, of Bedminster Twp., Jan. i, 
1876. She died Ma3^3i, 1887. Joseph mrd. second 
wife Matilda Samuels March 20, 1890. Res. 1737 
Buttonwood St., Phila. Salesman of woolens and 
manufacturer of clothing. A believer in God and 
innnortality. Children: (VII) Herman Keller, born 
Dec. 1876; died in 1876. (VII) Laura Keller, born 
March 23, 1878. (VII) Howard Keller, born May 16, 

* Son of Joseph Keller, b. Feb. 14, 1777, and grandson of 
Christopher Keller, of Haycock township, who was born 
December 15, 175 1. 

— 371 — 

1 879- (VII) Bertha Keller, born August 27, 1880. 
(VII) Etta Viola Keller, b. Mar. 17, 1883. (VII) Her- 
bert Spencer Keller, born Feb. 8, 1885 ; died aged 17 
months. (VH) Walter C. Keller, b. March 10, 1887 ; 
died aged 7 months. (VII) Arthur, Joseph, Lewis. 

VI. Amanda Keller, b. Dec. 23, 1856 ; died July 26, 
1874. Single. 

VI. Susanna Keller, b. Mar. 17, 1858 ; d. Oct. 3,1866. 

VI. Abraham M. Keller, born in Bedminster Twp. 
Mar. 20, i860 ; mrd. Nettie Harstine, of Revere, Pa., 
in 1885. P. O. Doylestown, Pa. Machinery sales- 
man. Mr. K., Luth.^; Mrs. K., Ger. Ref. One child : 
(VII) Omer Keller, b. in 1888. 

VI. Catharine M. Keller, b. July 8, 1862 ; married 
Harvey Shull in 1886. P. O. Pipersville, Pa. Tin- 
smith ; Luth. Children: (VII) Kdna Shull, born 
Feb. 1888 ; Ida. 

VI. Mahlon M. Keller, born in Bucks Co. Nov. 4, 
T865 ; married Ella Albright Nov. 15, 1890. P. O. 
Perkasie, Pa. Merchant, and Justice of the Peace ; 
Luth. Children: (Vll) Paul Keller, born May 18, 

1894 ; ^- Aug. 10, 1894. 

VI. Ira M. Keller, b. June 8, 1868 ; d. Mar. 6, 1894. 
Luth. Single. 

V. Mary Meyers, born in Bucks Co. Oct. 18, 1830; 
died Mar. 20, 1894 5 nird. Ely Fretz. (See Index of 
References No. 239.) 

V. Margaret Meyers, b. Oct. 11, 1832; d. July 10, 
1862 ; mrd. Jacob Leatherman. He was b. Nov. 18, 
18 19. Carpenter and farmer. Children: Abraham, 

VI. Abraham M. Leatherman, born in Bucks Co. ; 
married Amanda Miller. Children: Elmer (dec'd), 
William, Warren, Harvey, Nora. 

VI. William M. Leatherman, married Jennie Young. 
Children : Marion, Jeanette. 

V. Anna Meyers, b. May 11, 1836 ; d. Ma}^ 27, 1837. 

V. Catharine Meyers, b. Ma}^ 11, 1836; d. May 26, 

V. Mahlon Meyers, born May 6, 1839 ; died Jan. 22, 
1869 ; mrd. Susan Fretz (dec'd). No issue. Mahlon 
mrd. second wife Jennie Samuels. Teacher and life 

■^ *- o 


insurance agent; Menns. One child: Mahlon S., 
died^i^ infancy. 

V. Susanna Meyers, b. Mar. i, 1844 ; died May 3, 
1889 ; married Oliver D. Fretz. (See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 240.) 

V. William James Meyers, born Sept. i, 1846 ; died 
Mar. 22, 1867 ; married Clementine Fretz. Farmer. 
One child : (VI) Susan Meyers, died aged 9 days. 

IV. Dorothea Meyers, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 28, 
1803 ; died Apr. 14, 1885 ; mrd. John Kratz Dec. 13, 
1827. He was b. Dec. 25, 1805 ; d. Aug. 19, 1865. 
Farmer ; Menns. Children : Sarah, Lewis, Aaron, 
Reed, Owen, Allen, Mary, Philip, Oliver. 

V. Sarah Kratz, b. Nov. 10, 1828 ; mrd. John Bewig- 
house. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 241.) 

V. Lewis Kratz, b. Dec. 25, 1830 ; mrd. Sarah Ann 
Bewighouse (dec'd). Onechild : Laura, d. in infanc}^ 
Lewis mrd. second wife Esther Bewighouse in 1862. 
Farmer; Menns. Onechild: (VI) Curtin B. Kratz, 
b. Aug. 23, 1863; mrd. Mary S. Fulmer Nov. 19, 1887. 

V. Aaron Kratz, born July 9, 1832 ; mrd. Catharine 
Stover (dec'd) Mar. i, i860. Children: Lincoln, 
Elmer. Aaron mrd. vSecond wife Lizzie W. Engle 
Sept. 26, 1866. P. O. Plumsteadville, Pa. Carriage 
builder. Children : Reul)en, Anna (dec'd), Elmer 

V. Reed Kratz, born Nov. 20, 1834 ; married Esther 
Michener October 12, 1862. Oil merchant ; Presby. 
Children : Eugene, Florence. 

V. Owen Kratz, lx>m July 8, 1837 ; married Delia 

V. Allen Kratz, b. May 31, 1840; d. July 4, 1843. 

V. Mary K. Kratz, b. Nov. 29, 1842 ; mrd, Zackery 
T. Leatherman Sept. 28, 1871. Carpenter in Phila. 
Children : Delia, Edgar. 

V. Philip Kratz, born Apr. 22, 1845 ; mrd. Louisa S. 
Kratz Oct. 27, 1876. Farmer; Mrs. K., Ger. Bap. 
No issue. 

V. Oliver James Kratz, born Nov. 26, 1846 ; married 
Sabina Leatherman. 

IV. Rev. Samuel Myers, born in Bucks Co. Sept. 5, 
1806 ; d. Aug. 27, 1877; mrd. Mary Schimmel June 20„ 

— 373 — 

1830. Farmer and minister. He preached at the 
Saucon Mennonite church about 34 years, and at the 
Springfield church 14 years, alternately. Children : 
Catharine, Maria, Theresa. 

V. Catharine Meyers, b. June 16, 1831 ; mrd. Enos 
Baringerin 1855. Millwright ; Ger. Ref. Children : 
Titus, Mary. 

VI. Titus Baringer, born in 1858. 

VI. Mary Baringer, born in 1865 ; mrd. Thomas S. 
Moyer in 1888. Carpenter ; Ev. Ass'n. One child : 
(VII) Lawrence Moyer, b. in 1889. 

V. Maria E. Meyers, born May 7, 1841 ; mrd. David 

A. Mohr Dec. 27, i860. He died Apr. 26, 1875. 
Miller ; Ger. Ref. Children : Alfred, Mary, Frank, 


VI. Alfred H. Mohr, b. Jan. 23, 1863 ; mrd. Emma 

B. Landis Dec. 24, 1884. Farmer; Ger. Ref. Chil- 
dren : Mamie, Milton. 

VI. Mary E. Mohr, b. Jan. 26, 1865 ; mrd. Allen E. 
Bleam Aug. 29, 1885. Farmer; Ger. Ref. No issue. 
VI. Frank D. Mohr, born July 22, 1868. Ger. Ref. 
VI. Lilly T. Mohr, born Feb. 4, 1871. Ger. Ref. 
V. Theressa Meyers, born April 28, 1845. Menus. 

IV. Isaac Meyers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 23, 
1809 ; married Agnes Myers Oct. 17, 1833. P.O. 
Gardenville, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Lewis, 
Mar3^ John, Abraham, Barbara, Harve3^ Sarah. 

V. Lewis Myers, born Apr. 12, 1835 ; mrd. Hannah 
Fretz. Children: (Vl) Mary F. Myers; Jonas F., 
died of lockjaw^ ; Lizzie. 

Lewis mrd. second wife Lizzie, dau. of Rev. Isaac 
Meyer, November 21, 1874. P. O. Gardenville, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : (VI) Annie M^^ers, born 
Oct. 19, 1875 ; Hannah, b. May 27, 1879 ; John, born 
June I, 188 1 ; Isaac, b. June 11, 1885. 

V. Mary Myers, b. July 17, 1836 ; d. Dec. 24, 1861; 
mrd- Levi Fretz. No issue. 

V. John Myers, b. July 23, 1839 ; d. Nov. 30, 1856. 

V. Abraham B. Myers, b. Dec. 3, 1842 ; d. Dec. i, 

V. Barbara Myers, b. Aug. 23, 1845 ; d. Jan. 11,1862. 

V. Harvey Myers, born Aug. 29, 1851 ; mrd. Lizzie, 

— 374 — 

daughter of Rev. Isaac Rickert, Jan. 20, 1883. P.O. 
Gardenville, Pa. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : 
(VI) Bertha M3'ers, b. Dec. 22, 1883 ; Isaac R., born 
June 22, 1886 ; Laura, born Sept. 20, 1890 ; Ezra R., 
b. Sept. 23, 1894. 
V. Sarah M3'ers, b. Sept. 22, 1854 ; nird. John Myers. 
(See Index of References No. 242.) 

III. Isaac Meyer, b. Dec. 31, 1759 ; d. Dec. 31, 1832 
mrd. Magdalena CK'crholt. She was b. Aug. 14, 1762 
died Jan. 27, 1846. Planner in Bedniinster Twp, 
Menus. Children : Jacob, Henry, Isaac, John, Esther, 

IV. Jacob O. Myers, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 26, 
1787 ; ^- J^i'i- 1 7' 1858 ; iiit-d. Elizabeth Wisler. She 
died May 11, 1861. Carpenter; Menus. Children: 
Magdalena, Susanna, Tobias, Samuel, Elizabeth, 
Enos, Jonas, Andrew. 

V. Magdalena Myers (dec'd), b. in Bucks Co., Pa,, 
Dec. 4, 1814; mrd. Jacob Schrauger in 1835. P.O. 
Blooming Glen, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
Sophia, Elizabeth, Tobias, Mary, Sarah, Catharine, 
Susanna, Jonas, John, Jacob. 

VI. Sophia Schrauger, born in New Britain Twp., 
Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 7, 1837 ; mrd. Joseph H. Dir- 
stine P"eb. 26, i860. P. O. Dubhn, Pa. Farmer; 
Menus. One child : Samuel. 

VI. Elizal)eth Schrauger, l)oru in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Dec. 15, 1838 ; married Simeon Huusberger. (See 
Index of References No. 243. ) 

VI. Tobias Schrauger, born June 3, 1840 ; mrd. Mary 
Ann Shoemaker Nov. 10, 1864. She was b. Nov. 25, 
1844. P.O. Elro}', Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
Garret, Annie, Salhe, Katie, IClla. 

VII. Garret Schrauger, born Sept. 27, 1866 ; married 
Matilda Barndt Jan. 12, 1889. P. O. Dublin, Pa. 
Mrs. S., Luth. Children : Wellington, Milton, Alfred. 

VII. Annie Schrauger, born June 29, 1873 ; died 
Mar. 29, 1883. 
VII. vSallie Schrauger, b. May 21, 1876. 
VII. Katie Schrauger. b. Mar. 27, 1879. 
VII. Ella Schrauger, b. Aug. 26, 1881. 
VI. Mary Schrauger, b. May 12, 1842 ; mrd. Noah 

— 375 — 

Basinger. P.O. Orlando, Okla. T. Children : Sarah, 
Magdalena, John, Jacob, Susan, Katie, Clara, Noah, 
Benjamin, Jonas. 

VI. Sarah Schrauger, born Sept. 7, 1844 ; mrd. Isaac 
Hunsberger Nov. 26, 1865. He was born Nov. 13, 
1842 ; died June 20, 1869. Farmer ; Menus. One 
child : Ivan. Sarah mrd. second husband John M. 
Proctor Sept. 16, 1877. P. O. Blooming Glen, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menus. One child : Joseph. 

VII. N. Ivan Hunsberger, born May 15, 1868 ; mrd. 
Mamie W. Ruth Nov. 2, 1889. P.O. Lawndale, Pa. 
Farmer ; Ev. Ass' n. Children: (VIII) Walter Huns- 
berger, born June 7, 1890 ; (VIII) Paul Hunsberger, 
born Feb. i, 1892 ; died Jiuie 20, 1892. 

VI. Catharine Schrauger, born Apr. 3, 1846. P.O. 
Dublin, Pa. Single. 

VI. Susanna Schrauger, b. Nov. 20, 1848 ; d. young. 

VI. Jonas Schrauger, b. in New Britain, Bucks Co., 
Feb. 17, 1850; married Elizabeth Haldeman May 12, 
1875. P. O. Dublin, Pa. Carpenter. Children : 
(VII) Edith Rebecca Schrauger, born Jan. 31, 1877 ; 
William Austin, b. Mar. 24, 1879 ; Rachel Lucretia, 
born Aug. 26, 188 1. 

VI. John M. Schrauger, born at New Galena, Bucks 
Co., Jan. 31, 1852 ; married Mary Adaline Linck 
Nov. 19, 1879. Res. 1706 Dounton St., Nicetown, 
Phila. Clerk; Bap. One child : (VII) Carrie Estella 
Schrauger, b. Nov. 6, 1880. 

VI. Jacob Schrauger, Jr., b. Oct. 31, 1854. S. Idiot. 

V. Susanna Myers, mrd. Joseph Bishop. (See Index 
of References No. 244. ) 

V. Tobias W. Myers, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., July 10, 
1818; d. Mar. 1893; nird. Mary Overholt Nov. 21, 
1 84 1. She died April 1892. Carpenter ; Menus. 
Children : Mahlon, Isaac, Eizzie, Mary, Hannah, 

VI. Mahlon O. Myers, b. July 28, 1843 ; d. Feb. 18, 
1868 ; married Anna Maria Moyer Feb. 18, 1865. 
Carpenter ; Menus. One child : Samuel. 

VII. Samuel M. Moyer, born Nov. 3, 1866 ; married 
Emma M. Yoder Nov. 17, 1888. P. O. Blooming 
Glen, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Children : (VIII) Anna 

Myrtle Mo3'er, born Sept. 6, 1890; Reuben Walter, 
b. Feb. 9, 1893. 

VI. Isaac Myers (dec'd), b. Jan. 6, 1846 ; married 
Susan Truml)auer. Two children (dec'd). 

VI. Lizzie Myers (dec'd), b. Feb. 24. 1848. 

VI. Mary Ann Myers, b. Mar. 12, 1850 ; mrd. W. O. 

VI. Hannah Myers, b. July 26, 1854; mrd. Franklin 
Springer Mar. 28, 1874. P- O- Hilltown, Pa. Paper- 
hanger ; Bap. Children : (VII) Ida G. Springer, 
b. Jan. 7, 1877 ; Clara, b. Aug. 12, 1882. 

VI. Andrew O. Myers, bom October 16, 1859. 

V. Samuel W. Myers, bom in New Britain Twp. , 
Bucks Co., Sept. 23, 1819 ; died Jan. 23, 1892 ; mrd. 
Salome Hunsberger, of Hilltown Twp. She was born 
Jan. 30, 1820 ; died Jan. 31, 1892. Fanner; Menus. 
Children : Jacob, Mary, Salome, Anna. 

VI. Jacob H. Myers, bom in Hilltown Twp., Bucks 
Co., Oct. t6, 1843 ; mrd. Sallie Rosenberger Nov. 28, 
1868. She died Oct. 16, 1870. One child : Rosella. 
Jacob married second wife Elizabeth Moyer Nov. 28, 
1874. P. O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Chil- 
dren : Flora, Abraham. 

VII. Rosella Myers, b. in Bucks Co. Feb. 12, 1870 ; 
mrd. Elmer S. Umstead Jan. 25, 1890. P.O. Dublin, 
Pa. Farmer; Ger. Bap. Children: (VIII) Laura 
Valeria Umstead, b. April 26, 1891 ; Jacob Warren, 
born Dec. 22, 1892. 

VII. Flora Myers, born June 18, 1876. 

VII. Abraham Linford Myers, b. Nov. 6, 1S79. 

VI. Mary Myers, b. Oct. 28, 1845 ; d. Oct. 27, 1848. 

VI. Salome Myers, 1). Aug. 18, 1851 ; died Oct. 15, 

VI. Annie H. Myers, born May 19, 1854 ; mrd. John 
H. Myers. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 245.) 

V. Elizabeth Mj^ers, married John H. Myers. (See 
Index of References No. 246. ) 

V. Enos W. Myers, born Apr. 4, 1826 ; mrd. Mary 
Hunsberger April 21, 1850. P. O. Hilltown, Pa. 
Wheelwright ; Mennonites. Children : Lizzie, Mary, 


VI. Lizzie Myers, b. May 27, 1851 ; mrd. Christian 
F. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 339.) 

VI. Mary Ann Myers, b. May 9, 1854 ; mrd. Tobias 
N. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 340.) 

VI. Albert H. Myers, b. Feb. 3, i860 ; mrd. Emma 
H. Walter Jan. 4, 1890. P.O. Hilltown, Pa. Farmer. 
One child : (Vll) Eva Myers, b. Feb. 3, 1892. 

V. Jonas W. Myers, died Sept. 14, 1889 ; mrd. . 

Children : David, Elwood, Harry. 

V. Andrew W. Myers. 

IV. Henry Meyers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., about 
1792 or '93 ; d. April 1865 in Ind. ; mrd. Mary Wisler. 
She was b. in Bucks Co. Feb. 24, 1796 ; died in Ind. 
Nov. 17, 1888. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Andrew, 
Sarah, Alpheus, Enos, Lana, Elizabeth, Susan, 
Catharine, Hannah. 

V. Andrew Mj'ers, b. Dec. 18, 18 13 ; d. in Elkhart, 
Ind., Aug. 7, 1878 ; married Mar}^ Aughey April 13, 
1848. She was b. Nov. 7, 1823 ; died Nov. 23, 1873. 
Farmer ; Dunkard. Children : Albert, Salome, Enos, 
Harve}^ Milton, Amy, Reuben, Amos, Phoebe, Owen. 

VI. Albert Myers, born in Wayne Co., O., Feb. 4, 
1849 ; mrd. Julia Keasey Feb. 18, 1875. P.O. South 
Bend, Ind. Manufacturer. Children : (Vll) Eliz- 
abeth Myers, b. Dec. 3, 1875 ; (VII) Levi L. Myers, 
born Feb. 4, 1880. 

VI. Salome L. Myers, b. June 30, 1850 ; d. Apr. 28, 
1889 ; mrd. James George Jan. 30, 1873. He was 
born in Norfolk Co., Eng., Sept. 15, 1851. Farmer ; 
Mrs. G., Bap. Children : (Vll) Walter George, born 
at South Bend, Ind., Mar. 2, 1876. P.O. Cassopolis, 
Mich. Schoolteacher; Bap. S. (Vll) Harry Myers 
George, b. Mar. 26, 1889. 

VI. Enos M. M3^ers, born June 4, 1852. 

VI. Harvey J. Myers, born in Elkhart Co., Ind., 
Aug. 28, 1853 \ ^- ^^^^- 13' ^892 ; mrd. S. Evangeline 
Brown Nov. 12, 1874. She was b. in Cassopolis Co., 
Mich., May 4, 1853. Farmer ; Bap. One child : 
(Vll) Ruth E. Myers, born in Cassopolis Co., Mich., 
Sept. 30, 1875. 

VI. Milton H. M3^ers, born in Elkhart Co., Ind., 
Oct. 27, 1855 ; mrd. Mary C. Patrick June 4, 1878. 

— 373 — 

P. O. Cassopolis, Mich. Children : (VII) Bertha 
Myers, b, Jan. 20, 1880 ; Cyrus A., b. June 18, 1882. 

VI. Amy Viola Myers, born in Elkhart Co., Ind., 
Mar. 23, 1857 ; d. at Three Rivers, Mich., Dec. 23, 
1887 ; married William K. Parker, M. D. P. O. 
Dowagiac, Mich. Physician. Mr. P., Disciple ; Mrs. 
P., Bap. Children: (VII) Maud Ellen Parker, born 
Aug. 27, 1879 ; d. Dec. 27, 1880. (VII) Wilson Earl 
Parker, b. May 10, 1882. (VII) Deda Lucilla Parker, 
born Jan. 23, 1887. 

VI. Reuben O. Myers, born in Elkhart Co., Ind., 
Dec. 18, 1859 ; mrd. Lillian Wright in 1889. P. O. 
South Bend, Ind. Retail millinery. One child : Dean. 

VI. Amos L. Myers, born Sept. 17, i860. 

VI. Phebe E. Myers, born June 5, 1863 ; mrd. Dr. 

VI. Owen D. M^-ers, b. July 27, 1866 ; mrd. Jeanette 
Keene. P.O. South Bend, Ind. Bookkeeper. Chil- 
dren : Maurice C, Howard C. 

V. Sarah M3^ers, born in Columbiana Co., O., 1816 ; 
d. near Newton, Kan., Dec. 18, 1894 ; mrd. George 
Ritter. He died in Ohio in 1848. Painter. Mr. R., 
Luth ; Mrs. R., Menu. Children : David, Henry, 
Alpheus, William, Mary. Sarah mrd. second husband 
Michael Kilmer in 1854. Children : Christian, Eva, 

VI. David Ritter, born in 1836 ; died in 1893 5 nird. 
Maria Shoe. One child : Ellsworth. 

VI. Henry Ritter, born in Wayne Co., O., June 13, 
1838 ; mrd. ^lagdalena Kilmer Apr. 19, 1861. P.O. 
Wakarusa, Ind. Christian church. Children: Alice, 
Edward, Albert, Walter, Sarah, Reuben, Lucy, 

VII. Alice Ritter, born July 11, 1863; mrd. Jacob 
Swann. P. O. Osceola, Ind. Farmer. Children : 
Marv, Orvilla, Grover, \'iola, Harlie, Melvin. 

VII.' Edward Ritter, b. Apr. 18, 1869 ; d. Feb. 19, 

VII. Albert Ritter, born Dec. 18, 1870. 

VII. Walter E. Ritter, b. Oct. 18, 187 1 ; mrd. Bessie 
;Moon. P. O. Eawton, Mich. Farmer. One child : 

— 379 — 

VII. Sarah Ritter, born Jan. ii, 1872. 

VII. Reuben J. Ritter, b. Jan. 28, 1874. Painter and 
paper hanger. 

VII. Lucy Ritter, born June 18, 1876. 

VII. Judson Ritter, born Aug, 18, 1878. Harness- 

VI. Alpheus Ritter, b. Nov. 19, 1839. P.O. Elkhart, 
Ind. Single. 

VI. William Ritter, b. May 20, 1846 ; mrd. Nancy 
Mayors. P. O. Warsaw, Ind. 

VI. Mary Ritter, born in Ohio in 1848 ; mrd. Joseph 
J. Merriman in 1868. P.O. vSouth Bend, Ind. Meth. 
ch. Children : (VII) Joseph K. Merriman, born in 
1873 ; d. in 1879. (VII) Wallace C. Merriman, born 
in 1875 ; d. in 1876. (VII) Mar}^ Merriman, b. in 
1878. (Vll) Warren J. Merriman, b. in 1880 ; d. in 
1881. (Vll) Ray F. Merriman, b. in 1882. (Vll) Belle 
Merriman, born in 1887. 

VI. Christian Kilmer. P. O. Newton, Kan. 

VI. Eve Kilmer (dec'd), mrd. Judson Malott. 

VI. Elizabeth Kilmer. P. O. Newton, Kan. 

V. Alpheus Myers, b. Jul}' 10, 1818 ; d. Mar. i, 
1878 ; married Salome Meyers Jan. 13, 1842. P. O. 
Western Star, O. Millwright and farmer ; Menus. 
Children : Mary, William, Eavina, Joseva, Har^^-ey, 

VI. Mary Magdalena Myers, b. NoA^ 5, 1843 ; mrd. 
Isaac Tinsman Mar. 31, 1861. P. O. Akron, Ohio. 
Watchman at rubber works ; U. Br. ch. Children : 
Salome, Cora, Ina, Lavina, Edgar, John, Harvey. 

VII. Salome C. Tinsman, born in Summitt Co., O. , 
July 16, 1861 ; mrd. J. W^ Roth, of Lehigh Co., Pa., 
June 24, 1880. P.O. Lenox, O. Planner; Meth. Ep. 
One child : (VIII) Sadie May Roth, b. Feb. 14, 1882 ; 
died Mar. 2, 1890. 

Vll. Cora Adel Tinsman, born July 30, 1863 ; mrd. 
WiUiam J. McLister July 12, 1885. Res. North 
Pine St., Akron, O. He is employed in the rubber 
works of that city ; U. Br. church. One child : 
(VIII) Clemy McLister, b. Apr. 10, 1887. 

Vll. Ina zVurelia Tinsman, b. July i, 1866 ; mrd. 
David Metting July 8, 1884. P. O. Akron, O. He 

— 38o — 

is emplo3'ed in the rubber works ; U. Br. ch. Chil- 
dren : (VIII) Edgar Metting, born Sept. 29, 1886; 
(VIII) Earl Metting, born Oct. 6, 1888 ; (VIM) Josie 
Metting, b. Aug. 25, 1891 ; d. Feb. 2, 1892. 

VII. Eavina K. Tinsman, born Apr. 11, 1868. 

VII. Joseva Ann Tinsman, b. May 30, 1871 ; mrd. 
George Eow Feb. 9, 1893. 

VII. Edgar A. Tinsman, born Apr. 12, 1875. 

VII. John C. Tinsman, bom Oct. 10, 1877 ; died 
Oct. 17, 1881. 

VII. Harvey B. Tinsman, b. Mar. 15, 1885. 

VI. William H. Myers, born Mar. 21, 1846 ; mrd. 
Emeline Johnson Dec. 20, 1867. P. O. Akron, Ohio. 
Farmer and agent ; Christian ch. Children : Nellie, 
Ira, Eaura, Carman. 

VII. Nellie V. Myers, born Apr. 12, 1868; mrd. 
Osmond Eoomis Feb. 15, 1894. He was b. Feb. 18, 
1867. Machinist ; ^J. Br. ch. 

VII. Ira E. Myers, b. Jan. 8, 1870 ; mrd. Ida Eber- 
hard Feb. 18, 1892. She was bom June 14, 187 1. 
Superintendent of the packing room of the silver 
plating works ; U. Br. ch. Children : (VIII) Nelson 
Henry Myers, b. Jan. 3, 1893 ; (VI II J Isadore Myers, 
born July 15, 1894. 

VII. Eaura M. Myers, b. Feb. 11, 1873. U. Br. ch. 

VII. Carman Alpheus Myers, b. Apr. 29, 1878. 

VI. Eavina K. Myers, bom Oct. 25, 1848 ; mrd. 
Solomon Kraver Oct. 25, 1866. P. 6. Windfall, O. 
Farmer ; Euth. Children : (VII) Edwin E. Kraver, 
b. Feb. 15, 1869; d. Dec. 10, 1885. (VII) Harvey 
Frankie Kraver, b. July 3, 1874. (VH) P^lsie Irene 
Kraver, b. Aug. 13, 1882. 

VI. Joseva Ann Myers, born Apr. 25, 1851 ; mrd. 
Septimus Seiberling in 1868. He died July 8, 1873. 
Machinist. Children: (VII) Allen S. Seiberling, b. 
Nov. 19, 1868 ; James Francis, b. Sept. 20, 1870 ; 
Elsie May, b. Dec. 18, 1872. 

Joseva mrd. second husband J.J. Slanker June 9, 
1883. He d. Sept. 1892. P.O. Wooster, O. Sewing 
machine agent ; Euth. One child : (VII) Anna 
Mabel Slanker, b. June 29, 1889. 

VI. Harvey A. Myers, b. Dec. 29, 1852 ; mrd. Alice 

Hon. SamueIv F. Geii.. 

See Page 321. 


B. Miller in 1876. P. O. Western Star, O. Farmer. 
Children : (VII) Franklin A. Myers, b. Mar. 8, 1877 ; 
Freddie H., b. Sept. 29, 1878 ; Sadie M., b. June 18, 
1881 ; Mattie S., b. Aug. 23, 1884 ; Hattie L., born 
Sept. 6, 1887 ; Elsie C, b. Jan. 21, 1889 ; Vernie J., 
born Dec. 20, 1890. 

VI. Owen Franklin M)'ers, born May 7, 1857 ; mrd. 
Alice Helmich March 20, 1889. P. O. Akron, O. 
Clerk; Ger. Ref. Children: (VII) Kddie Alpheus 
Myers, b. June 26, 1880 ; Bertha May, b_ Oct. 26, 
1881 ; George William, born June 26, 1887. 

V. Enos Myers, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 23, 182 1 ; 
d. in Elkhart, Ind., Sept. 6, 1890; mrd. Mary Ann 
Funk March i, 1847. Farmer and manufacturer of 
flax seed oil ; Ger. Bap. Children : Oliver, Sylvester, 
Cornelius, Austin, Allen, Irvin, Tilla, Kaufman, 
Ella, Cora. 

VI. Oliver P. Myers, b. in Wayne Co., O., Nov. 19, 
1849 ; mrd. Nettie D. Messick Sept. 4, 1879. Res. 
114 Cressent St., Goshen, Ind. Commission sales- 
man. Children : (VII) Vida J. Myers, b. July 29, 
1880 ; Clyde Jewell, b. Nov. 6, 1881 ; Walter J., b. 
May 2, 1883. 

VI. Sylvester Myers, b. Dec. 8, 1850 ; d. Dec. 3, 1854. 

VI. Cornehus H. Myers, M. D., b. in Wayne Co., O., 
Oct. 29, 1852 ; mrd. Gertrude Harris Mar. 19, 1889. 
She was born Feb. 11, 1852. Res. 719 W. Washing- 
ton St., South Bend, Ind. Physician. Children: 
(Vll) Frederick Cornelius Myers, b. Jan. 17, 1880; 
Edgar Harris, b. June 5, 188 r ; George Higgins, b. 
Aug. 6, 1883 ; Jeanette, b. Aug. 6, 1884 ; Gertrude 
Louisa, b. Sept. 23, 1886. 

VI. Austin Myers, b. in Elkhart Co., Ind., Nov. 20, 
1854 ; mrd. Lottie Taylor May 27, 1888. »Res. 510 
Michigan St., South Bend, Ind. Travelling salesman 
for the Economic Plough Works. 

VI. Irvin Myers, born in Elkhart Co.. Ind., Feb. 15, 
1859 ; mrd. Ella May Tell May 27, 1890. Res. 125 
N. Hamilton St., Saginaw, Mich. Dentist. One 
child : (Vll) Marie Myers, b. Jan. 7, 1891. 

VI. Tilla Myers, b. in Elkhart, Ind., Oct. 17, i860. 
P. O. Elkhart, Ind. 

— 382 — 

VI. Kaufman L. Myers, born in Elkhart Co., Ind., 
Aug. 25, 1862. Res. 479 Wabash Ave., Chicago, 111. 

VI. Ella Mina Myers, b. in Elkhart Co., Ind., Mar. 9, 
ICS65. Nurse at the Lincoln Park Sanitarium, 
Chicago, 111. 

VI. Cora Myers, bom in Elkhart Co., Ind., May 30, 
1867. Nurse at the Eiucolu Park Sanitarium, 
Chicago, 111. 

V. Eana Myers, born in 1822 ; died in 1845 ; mrd. 
Martin Funk. 

V. Elizabeth Myers, b. in 1824 ; d. in 1865 ; mrd. 
John Troxel. 

V. Susan Myers, b. in Columbiana Co., O. , Nov. 19, 
1828 ; mrd. Daniel Shelly Nov. 19, 1846. P. O. 
Cassopolis, Mich. Farmer ; Ger. Bap. Children : 
Sumner, Serenes, Selena, William, Mar}^ Lucy, Ina. 

VI. Sumner P. vShelly, b. Oct. 19, 1847 ; mrd. Alice 
Robertson. P. O. Toledo, Ohio. Children : Robert 
(dec'd), Charles. 

VI. Serenes Shelly, born June 11, 1851 ; mrd. Clara 
VanHyning. P. 6. Defiance, O. Children : Walter, 
Harrv, Helen (dec'd). 

VI. Selena Shelly, 1). in Elkhart Co., Ind., Dec. 21, 
1853 ; mrd. Harvey Reames Jan. 23, 1873. P. O. 
Dowagiac, Mich. Farmer ; Christian ch. Children : 
(VII) Glennie E. Reames, b. Mar. 29, 1875. P- O. 
Dowagiac, Mich. Teacher. (VII j Homer S. Reames, 
born vSept. 26, 1877. 

VI. William Dayton vShelly, b. Aug. 22, 1856 ; mrd. 
Clara Pierson. P. O. Milwaukee, Wis. One child : 
Jay P. Shelly. 

VI. Mary Shelly, b. Apr. 22, i860. P.O. Cassopolis, 
Mich. Single. 

VI. Lucv A. vShelly, b. Dec. 15, 1862 ; mrd. S. O. 
Clark. P. O. Three Oaks, Mich. 

VI. Ina Shelly, h. Jan. 25, 187 1. P. O. Cassopolis, 
Mich. Single. 

V. Catharine Myers, born in Columbiana Co., O., 
May 4, 1 83 1 ; d. in Elkhart Co., Ind., Oct. 23, 1882 ; 
mrd. William Funk. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 247.) 

V. Hannah Myers, b. in 1833 ; d. in 1879 ; mrd. 

— 3S3 — 

Levi Stover. One child : (VI) Ezra Stover. P. O. 
Goshen, Ind. 

ly. Isaac Me\'ers (dec'd), mrd. Christiana Godshall. 
She was born Aug. 13, 1799 ; died Oct. 10, 1883. 
Children : John, Isaac, Magdalena, Barbara, Eliza, 
Christiann, Mary. 

V. John G. M3^ers, nird. Sarah Frankenfield. P. O. 
Blooming Glen, Pa. Farmer and carpenter ; Menns. 
Children : Maria, William. 

VI. Maria Myers, married Jacob N. Myers. (See 
Index of References No. 248.) 

VI. William F. Mj^ers, b. Jan. i, 1844; mrd. Maria 
Mover January 21, 1865. P. O. Blooming Glen, Pa. 
Farmer. Children : Levi, Sarah, Daniel, Anna. 

VII. Levi Myers, b. Dec. 6, 1866 ; d. Sept. 15, 1868. 
VII. Sarah M. Myers, b. Sept. 11, 1869; mrd. Enos 

V. Mood Sept. 29, 1888. P.O. Perkasie, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : ( Vlllj Ella Nora M. Mood, born 
Nov. II, 1889 ; Annie Valeria, b. Feb. 23, 1890. 

VII. Daniel M. M3'ers, born Oct. 7, 1872 ; mrd. Ella 
Funk July 1894. P. O. Silverdale, Pa. Merchant ; 

VII. Annie M. Myers, born Oct. 17, 1885 ; married 
Samuel Bilger June 1895. P- O- Silverdale, Pa. 
Merchant ; Ref. ch. 

V. Isaac Myers. P. O. Lattasburgh, O. 

'V. Magdalena M3'ers, mrd. John Hunsberger (dec'd). 
Farmer and shoemaker ; Menns. Children : Esther, 
Christiana, Sarah, Emma. Magdalena mrd. second 
husband Philip K. Fretz. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 249.) 

VI. Esther Hunsberger, married Jacob M. Bishop. 
(See Index of References No. 250. ) 

VI. Christiana Hunsberger, born March 15, 1853 i 
mrd. Reuben Albright in 1870. P. O. Dublin, Pa. 
Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : ( Vll) Oliver H. 
Albright, born Aug. 17, 187 1 ; married Sallie Mvers. 
Res. 2826 N. nth St., Phila. Bookkeeper. (VII) 
Maggie Albright, born Aug. 24, 1873. (Vll) Reuben 
Albright, born Aug. 4, 1875. (Vll) Sadie Albright, 
born Aug. 11, 1877. (VII) PhiHp Albright, b. Jan. i, 
1880; died March 14, 1882. (Vll) Howard Albright, 
b. Mar. 24, 1882. (Vll) G. Cleveland Albright, born 


March 28, 1885. (VII) Katie Albright, born Feb. 24, 
1888. (VII) Walter Albright, b. February 27. 1891. 
(VII) Meriam Albright, b. Feb. 28, 1893. 

VI. Sarah Hunsberger, mrd. Jacob C. Sholl. P. O. 
Fricks, Pa. Paper hanger ; Ger. Ref. No i.ssue. 

VI. Emma Hunsberger, mrd. Leidy Acker. P. O. 
Fricks, Pa. Commission merchant ; Ger. Ref. One 
child : Grace. 

V. Barbara Myers, mrd. Jacob Overholt. He died 
in 1865. Menus. Children : Tobias, Eli, Ephraim 
(dec'd), Isaiah, John, Christian, Barbara, Hannah. 

V. Elizabeth Meyers, b. June 7, 1833 ; mrd. William 
S. M3'ers Jan. 16, 1853. P. O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : Isaac, John, Christiana, William, 
Ida, Sallie, Lizzie, Allen, Alaggie, Irwin. 

VI. Isaac M. Meyers, b. Feb. 23, 1854 ; mrd. Emma 
Weize Nov. 8, 1879. P. O. Chatham Centre, O. 
Farmer ; German Bap. Children : (VII) Ida May 
Meyers, born October 29, 1880 ; Lizzie Grace, born 
October 8, 1889. 

VI. John M. Meyers, born Jan. 5, 1857 5 mrd. Anna 
Kuth (dec'd). Children: William, Eddie (dec'd). 
John married second wife Carrie Bergey. One child : 

VI. Christiana Myers, b. Aug. 21, 1858 ; mrd. John 
Rickert. P. O. Dublin, Pa. Ger. Ref. Children : 
William Henry, A^alentine Austin, Quincy. 

VI. William Henry Myers, b. Nov. 13, i860 ; mrd. 
Kate Rickert. P.O. Dublin, Pa. Menus. Children: 
Valentine, S. Lincoln, Isaac (dec'd), Katie. 

VI. Ida Meyers, born Oct. 24, 1863 ; married Enos 
Gehman. P. O. Duljlin, Pa. Children : Lizzie, 
Emma Verdia, William Asher. 

VI. Sallie ]\L Meyers, b. May 12, 1S66 ; mrd. Lincoln 
S. Godshall Sept. 27, 1888. P.O. Dublin, Pa. Ref. ch. 
One child : (VII) Arthur Stanley Godshall,. born 
July 4, 1890. 

VI. Lizzie M. Meyers, b. Oct. 30, 1868 ; mrd. Isaiah 
M. Fretz. P.O. Blooming Glen, Pa. 

VI. Allen M. Me3'ers, born Feb. 15, 187 1. 

VI. Maggie Meyers, born I\Larch 21, 1873; <^i^<^ 
July 24, 1875. 

- 3^5 - 

VI, Irwin F. Meyers, born Aug. 2, 1876. 

V. Christiann Myers, mrd. John Clymer. P.O. lyine 
I^exin^ton, Pa. Children : (VI) Mary Ann Clymer, 
mrd. Garret Detweiler (dec'd). (Vl) SalHe Clymer. 
(VI) Malinda Clymer. (VI) Harry Clymer. (VI) Chris- 
tiann Clymer (dec'd), mrd. . 

V. Mary Myers, mrd. John Geisinger. P. O. Chat- 
ham Centre, O. 

IV. Esther Meyers, mrd. William Swope. Children : 
Eli, John, Isaiah. 

V. Eli Swope (dec'd), married . One child : 

(VI) John Swope. P. O. Ottsville, Pa. 

V. John Swope, mrd. Fannie Gruver. P. O. Point 
Pleasant, Pa. 

V. Isaiah Swope, mrd. . P. O. Wismer, Pa. 

One child : (VI) Edward Swope. P.O. Wismer, Pa. 

IV. Barbara Meyers, mrd. Jacob Yoder. One child : 
(V) Isaac Yoder. P. O. Dublin, Pa. 

IV. John O. Meyers, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., 1800; 
died May 21, 1843 I mrd. Eizzie Haldeman Oct. 10, 
1824. She was b. in Bucks Co. Sept. 12, 1806 ; died 
Mar. 18, 1868. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Hannah, 
Isaac, Tobias (dec'd), Sophia, Eliza, John, Ephraim. 

V. Hannah Meyers, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., May 17, 
1826 ; mrd. Daniel K. Rickert Dec. 21, 1851. He 
w^as b. Sept. 15, 1825. P. O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer; 
Menus. Children : Aaron, Elizabeth, Eydia, Sophia, 
Susanna, Catharine. 

VI. Aaron M. Rickert, born Jan. 31, 1852 ; mrd. 
Catharine M. Sell in 1873. She was born in 185 1. 
P. O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 

(VII) Lillie Jane Rickert, b. Feb. 5, 1874 5 Hannah 
Louisa, b. June 18, 1876 ; Daniel S., born Nov. 30, 
1877 ; Barbara Ella, b. Feb. 24, 1879 ; Peter, born 
July 28, 1880 ; Menno, b. Oct. 5, 188 1 ; Katie May, 
born Nov. 9, 1885. 

VI. Elizabeth Rickert, born June 26, 1854 j *^^^^ 
May 6, 1855. 

VI. Eydia A. Rickert, born Feb. 13, 1856 ; died 
Oct. 21 J 1862. 

VI. Sophia Rickert, born August 16, 1858 ; died 
October 27, 1862. 

— 386 — 

VI. Susanna Rickert, born February 8, 1865 ; died 
January 25, 1873.^ 

VI. Catharine Rickert, born Aug. 16, 1868 ; mrd. 
William H. Powell in 1886. 

V. Isaac H. Myers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 22, 
1830 ; married Celia P'unk Nov. 4, 1852. P. O. 
Wooster, O. General agent for a fire insurance com- 
pany ; Menus. Children : (Vl) Isadore Myers, died 
1 88 1, aged 25 years. (VI) William C. Myers, born 
January 28, 1861 ; married Mary Haymaker. P. O. 
W^ooster, O. No issue. (Vl) Sura F. Myers, born 
March 8, 1868. 

V. vSophia Meyers, died in 1832. 

V. EHza Meyers, b. Sept. 3, 1833 ; d. July 23, 1853. 

V. John H. Meyers, b. in Bedminster, Bucks Co., Pa., 
Aug. 17, 1838 ; mrd. Sarah Meyers Oct. 19, 1861. 
P.O. Levin, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Lizzie, 
Lydia, Joseph, Hannah, Irvin, Henry, Isaac, Cora, 

VI. Lizzie Meyers, b. Mar. 22, 1863 ; mrd. Harr}^ 
Swartley Aug. 9, 1894. P. O. Blooming Glen, Pa. 
Farmer ; Baptists. 

VI. Lvdia Meyers, born Mar. 27, 1865 ; mrd. Amo.s 
Nace Aug. 26, 1888. He was b. Feb. 8, 1861. P.O. 
Levin, Pa. Farmer; Bap. One child : (VII) Penrose 
Nace, born Nov. 26, 1892. 

VI. Joseph Meyers, born October 28, 1866 ; died 
November 21, 1866. 

VI. Hannah Meyers, b. Mar. 9, 1868 ; mrd. Oliver 
Grass Oct. 2, 1886. He was born July 31, 1865. 
P. O. Dublin, Pa. P'armer ; Baptists. Children : 
(VII) Pearl M. Grass, b. July 15, 1887 ; Anna May, 
born Sept. 22, 1889 ; Anthony M., b. June 18, 1892. 

VI. Irvin Meyers, b. Feb. 8, 1871 ; mrd. Lydia H. 
Gill Nov. 7, 1891. She was b. Feb. 22, 1873. P. O. 
Levin, Pa. Farmer ; Bap. Children : (VII) Mary 
G. Meyers, born Mar. 11, 1893 ; died Oct. 5, 1893. 
(VII) Mabel G. Meyers, b. Aug. 27, 1894. 

VI. J. Henry Me^-ers, b. July 19, 1873. 

VI. Isaac Meyers, b. Feb. 6, 1877 ; d. Sept. 5, 1877. 

VI. Cora Meyers, b. Mar. 16, 1880 ; d. Aug. 28, 1880. 

VI. Theressa Meyers, born Mar. 7, 1882. 

- 3S7 - 

V. Ephraim H. Moyer, born in Bucks Co. Sept. 28, 
1 84 1 ; mrd. Susan Hunsicker Oct. 29, 1864. P. O. 
Blooming Glen, Pa. Carpenter; Menus. Children: 
(VI) Emma Jane Moyer, born Aug. 27, 1865 ; mrd. 
Hiram G. Mover. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 342.) 
(VI) Milton H. Moyer, b. Nov. 10, 1866 ; d. Feb. 11, 
1868. (Vl) Jacob H. Moyer, b. Nov. 16, 1868; died 
May 8, 1877. (VI) William H. Moyer, b. Sept. 25, 
1871 ; d. Oct. 16, 187 1. (VI) Harry H. Moyer, born 
Jan. 6, 1873. (VI) Wilson H. Moyer, born Apr. 24, 
1876 ; d. May 8, 1877. (Vl) Clayton H. Moyer, born 
Apr. 27, 1879. (VI) Susie Madora Moyer, b. Aug. 13, 
1881. (VI) Ida May Moyer, b. Feb. 21,- 1886; died 
August 12, 1886. (VI) Florence H. Moyer, born 
Feb. 10, 1890. 

III. Anna Meyer, mrd. Abraham Kulp Nov. 30, 1784. 
He v^as born Mar. 7, 1755. Farmer; Menus. One 
child : Isaac. 

IV. Isaac M. Kulp, b. Sept. 21, 1785 ; died Dec. 3, 
1835 ; mrd. Sarah Brunner Apr. 26, 1809. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : Ann, Abraham, Henry. 

III. Barbara Meyer (dec'd), married John Wisler. 
Farmer at Haycock, Pa. ; Menus. Children: Samuel, 
Joseph, Elizabeth, Annie. 

IV. Samuel Wisler (dec'd), mrd. Mary Fretz (nee 
Souder). No issue. 

IV. Joseph Wisler (dec'd), born Dec. 7, 1796 ; mrd. 
Sarah, dau. of Henry Fretz. She was born Feb. 27, 
1797; d. July 21, 1872. Farmer and weaver. They 
at first lived in Haycock township, then moved to 
the old Henry Fretz homestead in Bedminster, and 
later lived and died at the residence of his .son-in-law, 
Henry Lapp, near Doylestown, Pa. Menus. Chil- 
dren : John, Henry, Barbara, Samuel. 

V. John Wisler, b. Apr. 8, 1828 ; d. July 21, 185 1 ; 
Farmer and shoemaker. 

V. Henry Wisler, born Aug. 19, 1830 ; mrd. Mary 
Myers Jan. 4, 1854. Children : Joseph, Abraham, 
Sarah Lydia. Henry mrd. second wife Mary Myers 
January 1866. Carpenter. Children : Mary, Emma, 

— 388 — , 

VI. Joseph Wisler, born Sept. lo, 1856 ; mrd. Kitty 
Allen Oct. 1880. Children : Toledo^ Clarence. 

VI. Abraham Wisler, b. Sept. 1858 ; mrd. Emma 
Miller. P. O. Perkasie, Pa. Children : (VII) Ida 
May Wisler, born Jan. 5, 1888 ; a daughter, born 
Sept. 20, 1889. 

VI. vSarah Ann and Lydia W^isler, died Jan. 1865. 
Both buried in one grave. 

VI. Mary Ann Wisler, born October 1867. 

VI. Emma Wi.sler, h. in 1868 ; mrd. Milton Moyer. 
One child : Joseph. 

VI. Rachel Wisler (dec'd), born in 1870. 

V. Barbara Wisler, b. Oct. 15, 1832 ; mrd. Henry 
Lapp February 1852. Farmer. Children: Abraham, 
Joseph, Samuel. 

VI. Abraham Lapp, born 1853 J ^^^^^ 1854. 

VI. Joseph Lapp, b. Jan. 16, 1855 ; mrd. Sallie God- 
shalk Dec. 8, 1877. Boot and .shoemaker ; Menus. 
One child : (VII; Dyllwin Lapp, b. Sept. 19, 1883 ; 
died next day. 

VI. Samuel Lapp, married Sallie Swartle}^ Oct. 1880. 
Children : Li^.zie, Laura. 

V. Samuel Wi.sler, born Nov. 23, 1835 ; mrd. Sarah 
Moyer November 15, 1857. P. O. Bedmin.ster, Pa. 
Farmer. Children : Henry, Isaac, Anna, Joseph, 
Noah, John, Mary, Abraham, Su.sanna, Sarah, 
Samuel, Lydia, Jonas, Elizabeth, Barbara, Allen. 

VI. Henry Wisler, b. Aug. 30, 1858 ; mrd. Isabelle 
Keeler Oct. 9, 1881. Farmer. P.O. Hatfield, Pa. 

VI. Psaac Wisler, b. Jan. 26, i860 ; d. Mar. 26, i860. 

VI. Anna Wisler, born April 28, 1861 ; mrd. Joseph 
Alderfer Sept. 3, 1882. P'armer. Children : Sallie, 

VI. Joseph M. Wisler, born September 28, 1862 ; died 
May 7, 1863. 

VI. Noah Wisler, born Nov. 13, 1863 ; mrd. Jane C. 
Rumfelt July 30, 1886. Farmer. Children: Stella, 

VI. John Wisler, b. Jan. 15, 1865 ; d. Feb. 21, 1865. 

VI. Mary Wi.sler, b. Jan. i^, 1866 ; d. Dec. 5, 1866. 

VI. Abraham Wisler, b. and d. June 26, 1867. 

VI. Susanna Wisler, b. and d. July 6, 1868. 


Hon. H. vS. Funk. 

See Page 313. 

-389- • 

VI. Sarah Wisler, b. June i8, 1869 ; d. Aug. 13, 1869. 

VI. Samuel Wisler, b. July 12, 1870; d. Mar. 18, 187 1. 

VI. Lydia Wisler, b. Jan. 8, 1872. 

VI. Jonas Wisler, b. Mar. 13, 1874; d. Oct. 2, 1875. 

VI. Elizabeth Wisler, b. June 28, 1875. 

VI. Barbara WivSler, b. July 29, 1877. 

VI. Allen Wisler, b. Nov. 30, 1882; d. April 6, 1884. 

IV. Elizabeth Wisler, married John Krout. Farmer. 
Children : Elizabeth, Susan, Anna, Samuel, Joseph, 
Henry (dec'd), Barbara. 

V. Elizabeth Krout (dec'd), mrd. . 

V. Susan Krout (dec'd), mrd. Jacob Landis. 
V. Anna Krout, mrd. Henry F. Myers. (See Index 
of References No. 251.) 

V. Samuel Krout, b. Oct. 29, 1823 ; d. May 22, 1877 ; 
mrd. Mary Young Jan. 23, 185 1. Farmer and shoe- 
maker ; Menus. Children : John, Sarah, Henr}^ 
Elizabeth, Samuel, Jacob. 

VI. John Krout, b. Aug. 6, 1853 5 ^' April 8, 1855. 
VI. Sarah Krout, b. Aug. 2, 1855 5 nird. Samuel L. 

Detweiler July 26, 1890. P.O. Telford, Pa. Grocer; 
Menus. No issue. 

VI. Henry Krout, b. May 7, 1857 ; d. Oct. 5, 1858. 

VI. Elizabeth Krout, b. Jan. 24, 1859 ; died Oct. 13, 

VI. Samuel Krout, b. Aug. 21, 1863 ; d. June 5, 1864. 

VI. Jacob Y. Krout, b. June 14, 1868. Res. 1422 N. 
19th St., Phila. 

V. Joseph Krout (dec'd), mrd. . 

V. Barbara Krout (dec'd), mrd. Joseph Swartley. 

IV. Anna Wisler, b. in Bucks Co. July 19, 1804 ; 
d. Mar. 5, 1880 ; mrd. John Lapp Oct. 15, 1829. He 
was b. Nov. 14, 1803 ; d. June 12, 1883. Farmer; 
Menus. Children : Abraham, Elizabeth, Samuel, 
Joseph, Anna, John, Jonas, Maria, Henry, Catharine. 

V. Abraham Lapp, b. Aug. 30, 1830 ; d. Sept. 8, 

V. Elizabeth Lapp, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 5, 
1831 ; died Dec. 14, 1888 ; mrd. Abraham Moyer. 
(See Ind. of Ref. No. 252.) 

V. Samuel W. Lapp, b. Sept. 22, 1833 ; mrd. Sarah 
Gross, dau. of Rev. John Gross, Oct. 16, 1856. P.O. 

— 390 — 

Juniata, Pa. Farmer ; deacon of Menn. ch. Chil- 
dren : Anna, Daniel, Samuel, Mahlon, George ; John, 
Amanda, Emma, William, Abraham, Sarah, died in 

VI. Anna Lapp, b. May 17, 1861 ; mrd. J. T. Hill. 
P.O. Juniata, Pa. Menus. Children: Altie, Charles, 

VI. Rev. Daniel G. Lapp, b. Apr. 29, 1867. P. O. 
Juniata, Pa. Mennonite minister. Single. 

VI. Samuel G. Lapp, b. Oct. 23, 1869. Menn. S. 

VI. Mahlon C. Lapp, b. Feb. 4, 1871. Single. 

VI. George T. Lapp, born May 26, 1879. 

V. Joseph W. Lapp, b. Oct. 17, 1834 ; mrd. Hannah 
B. Landis Jan. 16, 1861. She was b. Mar. 16, 1838. 
P. O. Chalfont, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
John, Abraham, William, Isaiah, Sallie, Joseph, 
Erwin, Elizabeth, Mary, Emma. 

VI. John L. Lapp, b. Nov. 27, 1861 ; d. June 12, 

VI. Abraham L. Lapp, born April 20, 1864 ; died 
September 26, 1865. 

VI. William L. Lapp, l^orn May 27, 1866 ; married 
Amanda ^L Beidler May 1 1, 1889. Farmer ; Menus. 
One child : (VII) Laura Lapp, b. Oct. 1891. 

VI. Isaiah L. Lapp, born Dec. 8, 1867 ; mrd. Kate 
Clemmer, of Lansdale, Oct. i, 1892. P. O. Lans- 
dale, Pa. Firebrick maker ; Menus. 

VI. Sallie A. Lapp, b. Aug. 10, 1870 ; mrd. Abraham 
G. Gross Feb. 25, 1893. P- O. Fountainville, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menus. 

VI. Joseph L. Lapp, born March 5, 1872. 

VI. Erwin L. Lapp, born July 9, 1873. 

VI. Elizabeth L. Lapp, born May 12, 1876. 

VI. Mary L. Lapp, born December 2, 1878. 

VI. Emma L. Lapp, born January 30, 1881. 

V. Anna Lapp, b. Aug. 15, 1836 ; d. May 19, 1862 ; 
married Samuel Histand in 1856. Children : FvUima, 
Mary, both deceased. 

V. John W. Lapp, b. Nov. 12, 1838 ; d. Sept. 27, 
1873 ; mrd. Barbara Barnes. She was b. in 1842 ; 
died April 9, 1890. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
Daniel, Anna, Fannie. 

— 391 — 

VI. Daniel B. Lapp, b. Apr. 26, 1864 ; d. May i, 1864. 

VI. Anna M. Lapp, b. Oct. 14, 1865 ; mrd. Wilson 
K. Clemnier Dec. 24, 1887. P. O. Lansdale, Pa. 
Children : (VII) Horace L. Clemmer, b. Oct. 8, 1888 ; 
(VII) Mabel L. Clemmer, born October 17, 1889 ; 
(VII) Clarence L. Clemmer, b. June 2, 1891 ; died 
Juh' 24, 1891. 

VI. Fannie B. Lapp, b. Dec. 20, 1867 ; mrd. Tobias 
R. Clemmer. P. O. Hatfield, Pa. 

VI. Jonas Lapp, b. Sept. 6, 1840 ; d. Dec. 22, 1889 ; 
mrd. Anna Ruth. 

VI. Maria Lapp, b. Ma}^ 5, 1842 ; mrd. Abraham 
M. High. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 253.) 

V. Henry W. Lapp, b. May 4, 1844 ; mrd. Lydia 
Gehman Dec. 7, 1869. P. O. Salina, Kan. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : Abraham, John, Lizzie, Anna, 
Clemens, William. 

VI. Abraham Lapp, b. Oct. 21, 1868 ; d. Oct. 24, 

VI. John G. Lapp, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 27, 
1870 ; mrd. Laura J. Nuss July 30, 1893. R^^- 7018 
Adams Ave. ,Parkside, Chicago, 111. Medical student ; 
Ref. church. 

VI. Lizzie Lapp, born in Pa. May 17, 1872. P. O. 
Salina, Kan. Teacher ; Cong. ch. S. 

VI. Ainia Lapp, born in Pa. Sept. 29, 1874. P. O. 
Salina, Kan. Teacher ; Cong. ch. S. 
VI. Clemens Lapp, born March 27, 1877. 
VI. William Henry Lapp, born Aug. 23, 1882. 

V. Catharine Lapp, b. Feb. 14, 1846 ; mrd. Henry 
Leatherman Dec. 7, 1871. He was b. Jan. 13, 1S45. 
P. O. Line Lexington, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Chil- 
dren : (VI) Emma Leatherman, born May 28, 1873 
(VI) Abraham Leatherman, born Sept. 17, 1876 
(VI) Sallie Leatherman, born January 24, 1879 
(VI) William Leatherman, born September 3, 1882 
(VI) Henry Leatherman, born July 20, 1884 ." died 
Sept. 17, 1884. (VI) Franklin Leatherman, born 
Nov. 12, 1885. 

III. Elizabeth Meyer, b. in Montg. Co.; died in 
Bucks Co.; mrd. Michael Shellv. He was b. and d. 

— 392 — 

in Bucks Co. Farmer ; Menns. Children : Samuel, 
Christian, Mary, Henry, Barbara, EHzabeth. 

IV. Samuel Shelly, b. Dec. 6, 1796 ; died Dec. 25, 
1873 ; mrd. Catharine Strunk March 2, 18 19. She 
was b. Jan. 29, 1797 ; d. Oct. 17, 1869. Farmer; 
Mennonite deacon. Children : Elizabeth, Barbara, 
Thomas, Charles, Samuel, Henry. 

V. Elizabeth Shelly, b. Sept. i, 1819 ; d. Mar. 7, 
1842 ; mrd. Samuel Godshall. Carpenter ; Menns. 
Children : Kate, Levi. 

V. Barbara Shelly, b. Aug. 13, 1821 ; mrd. Solomon 
Brunner Nov. 19, 1844. P. O. Telford, Pa. Menns. 
Children : Kate, John, Isaiah, Susanna, Charles, 
Harvey, Thomas, Henry. 

V. Thomas Shelly, b. in Bucks Co. Feb. 18, 1825 ; 
married Susanna Fretz Nov. 26, 1846. P. O. Plum- 
steadville. Pa. Farmer ; Menns. Children : Tobias, 
Kate, Sallie, Samuel, Daniel, Eli. 

VI. Tobias Shelly, b. Jan. 20, 1854 ; mrd. Susanna 
Wismer SeptemVjer 3, 1878. P. O. Gardenville, Pa. 
Farmer ; Mennonites. One child : (Vll; Bessie May 
Shelly, born April 3, 1883. 

VI. Kate Shelly, b. Jan. 16, 1856 ; married John L. 
Wismer Sept. 8, 1876. P. O. Plumsteadville, Pa. 
Farmer; Menns. One child : (VII) Walter Wismer, 
born Nov. 28, 1878. 

VI. Sallie G. Shelly, b. Dec. 19, 1858 ; mrd. Leidy 
Myers. (See Index of References No. 254.) 

VI. Samuel Shelly, born Nov. 12, 1861 ; mrd. Lizzie 
Worstal Oct. 6, 1886. Res. Cor. 19th and Wharton 
Sts., Phila. Milk dealer. Children: Edith, Warner. 

VI. Daniel G. Shelly, b. Oct. 26, 1864. Passayunk 
Avenue Market, Phila. Single. 

VI. EH Shelly, b. June 12, 1868; d. Dec. 24. 1870. 

V. Charles Shelly, b. May 29, 18^29 ; mrd. Barbara 
Shaddinger. P. 6. Gardenville, Pa. Menns. Chil- 
dren : Annabell, Mary, Kate, Henr}', Ella, Liz^.ie. 

V. Samuel Shelly, b. Apr. 24, 1833 ; mrd. Catharine 
Leatherman. P. O. Plumsteadville, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : John, Kate, Mary, Harvey, 
Emma, Frank, Levi, Lizzie, Edwin. 

V. Henry vS. Shelly, born Dec. 25, 1837 ; mrd. Mary 

Leatherman. P. O. Fountainville, Pa. Mennonites. 
Children : Sallie, Jacob, George. 

VI. Sallie L. Shelly, b. Mar. 5, 1865 ; mrd. William 
S. Godshall. Farmer ; Memis. Children : Mary, 

VI. Jacob L. Shelly, b. Dec. 24, 1866 ; mrd. Lizzie 
Rosenberger. Farmer ; Mennonites. One child : 
(Vllj Edith Shelly, b. Oct. 25, 1888. 

VI. George Shelly, b. Feb. 22, 1880. 

IV. Christian Shell}^ mrd. Lydia Haldeman. Had 
fourteen children : Michael, Christian, Hettie, etc. 

IV. Mary Shelly, born June 5, 1800 ; died April 17, 
1877 ; mrd. Joseph Myers. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 255.) 

IV. Henry Shelly, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 20, 
1 801 ; d. Nov. 1859 ; mrd. Esther High. She was 
b. May 10, 1797 ; d. about 1834. Farmer; Menus. 
Children : Anna, Isaac. Henry married second wife 
Catharine Detweiler. Children : Margaret, Michael, 
Henr3% John. Henry mrd. third wnfe Mary, dau. of 
Mark Fretz. Children : Sarah, Catharine, Amanda. 

V. Anna Shelly, b. Sept. 1824 ; mrd. Lazrus Shelly. 
P. O. Milford Square, Pa. 

V. Isaac H. Shelly, b. in Bucks Co. Apr. 16, 1830 ; 
mrd. Susan Moyer Sept. 20, 1856. P. O. Quaker- 
town, Pa. Retired merchant, and director of the 
Quakertown National Bank ; Mennonites. Children : 
James, Daniel, Morris, William. 

VI. James H. Shelly, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., Dec. 10, 
1857 ; mrd. Hannah Margaret Fellman Apr. 10, 1880. 
P. O. Richlandtown, Pa. Merchant ; Menus. Chil- 
dren : (VII) Clarence Horace Shell3^ b. June 5, 1881 ; 
died Jan. i, 1885. (VII) Susie Margurite Shell}^ born 
Jan. 29, 1893. 

VI. Daniel Webster Shelly, M. D., born in Lower 
Milford Twp., Lehigh Co., Pa., Aug. 10, i860 ; mrd. 
Lydia Acuff, of Ambler. P. O. Ambler, Pa. Dr. 
Shelly was educated at Quakertown High school and 
Mennonite Seminary at Wadsworth, O. He received 
his medical education at the University of Pennsyl- 
vania, from which he graduated in 1882 and settled 
the same year at Ambler, where he has practiced 
medicine ever since. He is also the present Burgess 

— 394 — 

of the borough of Ambler, and member of the follow- 
ing medical societies : PennsNdvania State Medical 
Society, Montgomery' County Medical Society, Lehigh 
Valley Medical Societ}^ a member of the Board of 
Censors of Medico-Chirurgical College, of Philadel- 
phia. Menns. Children: (VII) Isaac H. Shelly, born 
Apr. 30, 1886 ; ( Vllj Mary Acuff Shelly, b. Sept. 28, 
1888; d. Apr. 19, 1889. (Vll) James Horace Shelly, 
born October 28, 1891. (Vllj Marshall Shelly, born 
July 22, 1894. 

VI. Morris Elmer Shelly, born Sept. 17, 1863 ; died 
May 10, 1866. 

VI. William Henry Shelly, born Feb. 3, 1866 ; died 
June 12, 1866. 

V. Margaret Shelly, b. in Bucks Co. Mar. 11, 1836 ; 
mrd. Joseph L. Gross. P. O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : (VI) Daniel Gross, b. Apr. 19, 
1872 ; married Lizzie LTpdike. P. O, Dublin, Pa. 
F'armer ; Baptist. One child : Florence. (VI) Kate 
Gross, b. May 2. 1873. (VI) Lizzie Gross, b. Aug. 26, 
1874. (VI) William Gross, b. Feb. 26, 1876 : died 
Mar. 15, 1886. (VI) Alice Gross, b. Nov. 12, i88r. 

V. Michael Shelly, b. Mar. 10, 1838 ; mrd. Catharine 

Boyer (dec'd). Michael married second wife . 

P. O. Elkhart, Ind. 

V. Henry Shelly (dec'd), born in 1840 ; mrd. . 

No issue. 

V. John Shelly, b. Feb. 20, 1840 ; died 1859. 

V. Sarah vShelly, born Oct. 29, 1847 ; mrd. Julius 
Pattratz. Res. 2633 Sartain St., Phila. Children : 
Charles, Lillie, Rosa, Dasie. 

V. Catharine V. Shelly, born Dec. 30, 1848 ; mrd. 
Jacob K. Angeny. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 256.) 

V. Amanda F. Shelly, b. June 7, 1855 ; mrd. Henry 
M. Hoff June 7, 1879. He was born Nov. 14, 1853. 
P. O. Perka.sie, Pa. Laborer ; Menns. Children : 
(VI) Marv S. Hoff, b. Jan. 10, 1880; (VI) Susan S. 
Hoff, b. Aug. 23. 1881 ; (VI) Alice S. Hoff, born 
Mar. 16, 1883 ; (VI) Wilham Henry Hoff, b. Mar. 12, 
1885 ; (VI) Frankie Hoff, born Dec. 3, 1891 ; died 
Dec. 20, 1 89 1. 

IV. Barbara Shelly, mrd. Henry Stover. No issue. 

— 395 — 

IV. Elizabeth Shelly, died single. 

III. Christian Meyer, mrd. Bergey. Farmer ; 

Menns. Children : Henry, Abraham, Mary, Susanna, 
Christian, Magdalena. 

IV. Henry Meyer, married Annie Price. Farmer ; 
Ger. Baptist. Children : Jacob, Elizabeth, Mary, 
Hannah, Daniel. 

IV. Abraham Meyer (dec'd), b. Apr. 21, 1784 ; mrd. 
Elizabeth Fretz Nov. 21, 1809. Previous to marriage 
he was a mason, but after marriage purchased and 
worked a farm of 100 acres in Salford township, Mont- 
gomer}' county. They were people of excellent worth, 
and esteemed by all. The}^ were members of the 
Mennonite church. Children : Mary, Isaac, Chris- 
tian, Abraham, Anna, Elizabeth, Barbara. 

V. Mary Meyer (dec'd), born Sept. 28, 1810 ; mrd. 
Eiios Hunsberger. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 257.) 

V. Rev. Isaac Meyer, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., Sept. i, 
1812 ; d. 1896 ; mrd. Elizabeth, dau. of Philip Kratz, 
Oct. 6, 1833. She was b. Aug. 24, 1826 ; d. Dec. 25, 
1882. Mr. Meyer early in life was a blacksmith ; 
after marriage he engaged in farming. At present he 
is leading a retired life. He was ordained to the 
ministry of the Old Mennonite church at Deep Run 
June 12, 1843, since which time he has faithfully 
preached the word at that place and elsewhere for 46 
3^ears. He retired from the active ministry in 1889. 
Mr. Meyer is an upright and influential Christian, and 
is highly respected. On December 20. 1885, he 
married Susanna, widow of Jacob Eeatherman, of 
Plumstead. By his first wife he had twelve children : 
Enos (d. in infancy), Abraham, Mahlon, Mar}^ Anna, 
Elizabeth, Sarah, Rachel, Isaac, Dilman, Christian, 

VI. Abraham K. Meyer, born Feb. 19, 1836 ; mrd. 
Sophia, dau. of Christian S. Meyers, Jan. 23, 1863. 
Farmer ; Menns. Children : (VII) Tillman Meyer, b. 
Dec. 10, 1865. S. (VII) Lydia Meyer, b. Oct. 14, 
1869. S. (VII) Edwin M. Meyer, b. Nov. 20, 1873. S. 
(VII) Abraham Meyer, b. Mar. 5, 1880. Single. 

VI. Mahlon K. Meyer (dec'd), born July 29, 1838 ; 

— 396 — 

mrd. Sarah K. IMoyer Sept. lo, 1859. Children : 
Barbara, Ehza, Edward (d. in infancy), Irwin. 

VII. Barbara M. Meyer, born Jan. 23, 1863 ; mrd. 
Henry L. Myers Dec. 8, 1883. Children : Samuel, 

VII. Eliza M. Meyer, boni Nov. 22, 1866. 

VII. Irwin M. Meyer, born May 10, 1875. 

VI. Mary Meyer, bom Oct. 23, 1839 ; died May 22, 
1872 ; married Jacob High Apr. 9, 1859. He died 
Aug. 29, 1863. Laborer ; Menus. Children : Lizzie, 
Mahlon. Mrs. High mrd. second husband Henr}^ 
Wisler Jan. 14, 1866. Farmer; Menus. Children: 
Mary, Emma, Rachel. 

VII. Lizzie High, born May 26, i860 ; mrd. I.saac 
Bishop. Farmer ; Menus. No issue. 

VII. Mahlon M. High, born May 13, 1863 ; died 
Dec. 1888 ; mrd. Mary Krout in 1882. Shoemaker 
and carriage trimmer ; Ger. Ref. Children : Oscar, 
Henry, Susan. 

VII. Mary Ann Wisler, b. Nov. 7, 1866. 

VII. Emma Wisler, born Feb. 17, 1869 ; mrd. Milton 

Vlf. Rachel Wisler, b. July 23, 1871 ; d. Feb. 9. 1872. 

VI. Anna Meyer, b. Dec. 14, 1841 ; married William 
Rush September 29, i860. Farmer ; Menus. Chil- 
dren : Jacob, Lizzie, Catharine, Annie, Isaac, Allen, 
William, Amanda, Mahlon. 

VII. Jacob M. Rush, b. April 4, 1862 ; married Mar}' 
G. Moyer August 4, 1833. Farmer; Menus. One 
child :' (VIII) Nora Lizzie^ Rush, b. Feb. 20. 1885. 

VII. Lizzie M. Rush, b. Dec. 10, 1863 ; mrd. Joseph 
A. Shuler July 15, 1882. Carpenter. Children: 
(VIII) Irwin R. Schuler, born February 11, 1883; 
(VIII) Howard R. Schuler, born Oct. 24, 1885 ; died 
Jan. 21, 1887. 

VII. Catharine M. Rush, b. Jan. 18, 1866 ; married 
Philip Musselman October 18, 1884. Shoemaker ; 
Ger. Ref. 

VII. Annie M. Rush, born May 27, 1867 ; married 
I. Newton Snyder. Carpenter. 

VII. Isaac ^L Rush, born June 15, 1871. 

VII. Allen M. Rush, born Sept. 26, 1873. 

— 397 — 

VII. William M. Rush, born Nov. 3, 1878. 

VII. Amanda M. Rush, born May 9, 1883 ; died 
April 29, 1887. 

VII. Mahlon M. Rush, born May 3, 1885. 

VI. Elizabeth Meyer, b. Dec. 19, 1843 ; mrd. L^ewis 
Myers. (See Index of References No. 258.) 

VI. Sarah Meyer, b. Oct. 18, 1845 ; d. aged 18 years. 

VI. Rachel Meyer, b. Aug. 28, 1847 5 married Jonas 
Mill. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Isaac, Lydia, 

VII. Isaac M. Mill, mrd.Lydia Meyers. Two children. 

VII. Lydia M. Mill, mrd. John Derstine. 

VII. Harvey M. Mill. Single. 

VI. Isaac K. Meyer, b. Nov. 14, 1849 ; mrd. Mary 
Amanda Bryan. Carpenter ; Mennonites. Children : 
(VII) Allen Meyer, d. aged 5 years ; Oscar, Addison. 

VI. Dilnian K. Meyer, b. April 20, 1853 ; d. young. 

VI. Christian K. Meyer, b. Oct. 18, 1854: married 
Amanda Garger. Undertaker ; Menus. One child : 
(VII) Edwin G. Meyer, born in 1881. 

VI. Hannah K. Meyer, b. April 28, 1858 ; d. aged 
6 years. 

V. Christian Moyer, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., Mar. 15, 
1814 ; died in 1867 ; mrd. Barbara, daughter of John 
Godshalk, April 10, 1836. Farmer and miller. He 
lived first on the lead mine farm in New Britain town- 
ship, which he sold after discovering the lead. A 
year later he built the new store house at New Galena, 
where he kept store the last six years of his life. 
Menus. Children : Lydia, Enos, Isaac, Mary, Allen, 
Amanda, Mahlon, Isaiah. 

VI. Lydia Ann Moyer, b. Nov. 4, 1836 ; mrd. Samuel 
Leatherman Sept. 9, 1855. Cattle dealer ; Menus. 
Children : William, Marietta, Anna, Mahlon, Franklin. 

VII. William Hendrie Leatherman, b. May 26, 1857 ; 
married Josie R. Knight Jan. 26, 1882. Gardener ; 
Meth. Ep. One child: (VIII ) Laura W. Leatherman, 
born Aug. i, 1883. 

VII. Marietta Leatherman, b. Mar. 19, 1865 ; mrd. 
Michael F. Bishop. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 201.) 
VII. Anna Barbara Leatherman, born May 17, 1867 ; 

— 398 - 

mrd. Harr}' F. Webber Jan. lo, 1888. Farmer and 
butcher ; Ger. Ref. One child : Warren L. 

VII. Mahlon M. Leatherman, b. Aug. i, 1871. 

VII. FrankHn James Leatherman, b. Nov. 7, 1874. 

VI. Enos G. Moyer, born June 7, 1840, on his great 
grandfather's homestead (on his mother side), who 
emigrated from Holland. He mrd. Mary Harrer in 
1863. She d. Sept. 5, 1879. Miller and creamery- 
man ; Ger. Ref. Children : (VII) EUanora Moyer,. 
b. Jan. 20, 1864 ; d. Mar. 1886. (VII) Jennie Moyer, 
born Mar. 31, 1865 ; d. Aug. 4, 1865. (VII) Georgie 
Ann Moyer, born June 12, 1866. (VII) Josiah Rich 
Moyer, born Sept. 27, 1867 ; died July 24, 1868. 
(VII) James EHwood Moyer, born July 22, 1869. 
(VII) Josephine Moyer, b. Feb. 20, 1872. (VII) Ander- 
son Moyer, born Feb. 12, 1874 ; died May 29, 1874. 
(VII) Charles V. Moyer, b. May 31, 1875 ; d. Dec. 18, 
1877. <^VII) Cora Moyer, born September 12, 1877. 
(VII) Ervin Moyer, born September i, 1879 ; died 
September 10, 1879. 

VI. Rev. Isaac G. Moyer, b. in Bucks Co. Jul}" 10, 
1843; mrd. Kate, dau. of Eli Leatherman, Dec. 21, 
1867. P.O. Dover, N. J. Butcher. At the January 
Quarterly Conference of 1888, at Doylestown, Pa., he 
was licensed a local preacher of the Methodist Epis- 
copal ch. Children : Edmund, Mary, Sada, Bertha. 

VII. Edmund H. Moyer, b. June 17, 1869 ; married 
Anna S., dau. of Stephen J. Palmer, June 27, 1894. 
P. O. Dover, N. J. Butcher. Meth. Epis. 

VII. Mary Emma Moyer, b. Aug. 18, 1870; married 
Elbert Baily Wilson March 15, 1894. P. O. Dover, 
N. J. Meth. Epis. 

VII. Sada L. Moyer, b. Dec. 2, 1872 ; mrd. William 
Hocking September 25, 1895. P. O. Dover, N. J. 
Meth. Epis. 

VII. Bertha Moyer, b. Nov. 22, 1879. 

VI. Mar\^ Moyer, drowned when 3 or 4 years old. 

VI. Allen G. Moyer, b. in Bucks Co. Aug. 5, 1848 ; 
mrd. Mary A. Brand June 22, 1870. P. O. Danboro, 
Pa. Pork butcher; Presby. Children: (VII) Wauneta 
Moyer, b. Jan. 6, 187 1 ; J. Arthur, b. Mar. 9, 1872 ; 
Purdy, b. Dec. 27, 1873 ; Allen (dec'd), b. Apr. 23, 

— 399 — 

1875 ; Cary, born Jan. 10, 1877 ; Harvey K., born 
Apr. 28, 1878; Margaretta B., born Feb. 8, 1880; 
Jesse, b. June i, 1882 ; William Warren (dec'd), born 
Nov. 23, 1884 ; Elsie, b. Apr. 9, 1885 ; Nellie, born 
Dec. I, 1887. 

VI. Amanda Moyer, born Feb. 16, 185 1 ; married 
H. Erwin Fretz. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 259.) 

VI. Mahlon G. Moyer, born in Bucks Co. Aug. 30, 
1853 ; ^^^d- Lizzie Keller Jan. 28, 1875. P.O. North 
Wales, Pa. Telegraph operator ; Presby. Children : 
(VII) Alberta Virginia Moyer, born Oct. 8, 1876 ; 
Laura Parsons, born June 23, 1883. 

VI. Isaiah G. Moyer, died aged 6 years. 
V. Anna Meyer, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., Apr. 6, 1816 ; 
mrd. Isaac Kulp. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 260.) 

V. Elizabeth Meyer, born October 21, 1818 ; died 
aged 3 years. 
V. Barbara Meyer, b. Jan. 26, 182 1 ; d. Jul}^ 1821. 

V. Rev. Abraham F. Moyer, born in Montg. Co. 
Sept. 19, 1822. After the death of his mother he 
lived with his uncle, Martin Fretz. At the age of 16 
he was employed as a clerk in a store until he was 2 1 
years old. He mrd. Hester, dau. of Jacob and Mar^^ 
Hunsberger, of Hilltown, about 1844. She died 
Feb. 28, 1873. In 1874 he married Anna, widow of 
Henry M. Hunsberger and daughter of Abraham L. 
Moyer, of Upper Salford, Montg. Co. Mr. Moyer 
was ordained to the ministry of the Mennonite church 
at Blooming Glen Nov. 6, 1855, where he has vSince 
served as minister. In church work he is active and 
faithful, and respected by all. Children : Mar}^, 
Henry, Allen, Jacob, Reuben, Isaac, Aaron, Abraham, 
Lizzie, Emma, Anna. 

VI. Mary Ann Moyer, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., June 2, 
1845 ; married Samuel H. Moyer. (See Index of 
References No. 261.) 

VI. Henry H. Moyer, b. in Bucks Co. Apr. 5, 1847 ; 
mrd. Sarah Ann Bishop, of Hilltown, Sept. 16, 1871. 
Carpenter; Mennonites. Children: (VII) Lilly Alice 
Moyer, born July 4, 1875 ; died January 19, 1877. 
(VII) Infant, died unnamed. (VII) Elias B. Moyer, 

— 4*^o — 

born Apr. 15, 1883. (Vll) Harrison B. Moyer, bom 
May 27, 1888. 

VI. Allen H. Moyer, b. in Bucks Co. Sept. 24, 1849 ; 
mrd. Sallie A. Derr June 8, 1878. She was born in 
Lehigh Co., Pa., May 20, 1857. Clerk with Adams 
Express Company, Philadelphia ; Ger. Ref. Chil- 
dren : (VII) William Elwood Moyer, b. June 6, 1880 ; 
Daisy Viola, b. June 24, 1882 ; Paul Abraham, born 
Nov. 8, 1890. 

VI. Jacob H. Moyer, b. Feb. 29, 1851 ; mrd. Enmia 
Klein Oct. ir, 1873. She was b. May 3, 1856. P.O. 
Blooming Glen, Pa. Superintendent of creamery ; 
Menus. Children : (VII) Azalia Moyer, b. July 19, 
1875 ; d. June 17, 1882. (VII) Titus' Kleim Moyer, 
born Apr. 11, 1877. (VII) Abraham E. Moyer, born 
Mar. 25, 1879 ; d. June 15, 1881, (VII) Mary Estella 
Moyer, b. July 16, 188 1. (VII) Alice Klein Moyer, 
b. Sept. 14, 1883. (VII) Lucy Ann Moyer, b. Dec. 12, 
1885. (VII) Charlotte Grace Moyer, b. Apr. 24, 1889. 

VI. Reuben H. Moyer, born in Bucks Co. Nov. 28, 
1853 ; mrd. x-\gnes, dau. of David Wallace. She was 
born in Glascow, Scotland, in i860. Res. 2230 Lam- 
bert St., Pliila. Salesman. One child : (VII) Wallace 
Moyer, born Jan. 20, 1883. 

VI. Isaac H. Moyer, b. in Bucks Co. Jan. i, 1856 ; 
mrd. Amanda E. , dau. of George A. Detwiler, June 24, 
1876. Farmer; Luth. Children: (VII) Oscar D. 
Moyer, born December 3, 1876 ; died April 30. 1877. 
(VII) Howard D. Moye/, b. Jan. 28, 1879. (VII) Ellis 
D. Moyer, b. July 15, 1882. (VII) Calvin D. Moyer, 
born Feb. 12, 1885. (VII) Linford D. Mover, born 
May 6, 1888.  ' 

VI. Aaron H. Mover, b. in Hilltown Twp. Mar. 21, 
1858 ; mrd. Amelia D., dau. of Lewis D. Sellers, of 
of Sellers\nlle, Pa., Oct. 28, 1879. Teamster with 
V. H. Smith & Co., Second and Green Sts. , Phila. ; 
Ger. Ref. Children : (VII) Preston Elliott Moyer, 
born Nov. 26, 1881 ; Jeannetta, b. Oct. 24, 1885. 

VI. Abraham H. Moyer, born in Bucks Co. July 29, 
i860; mrd. Emma Jane Berger Feb. 12, i88r. She 
was born Nov. 3. 1859. Tinsmith with Lippencott 
& Co., Phila. Mr. M., Menu.; Mrs. M., Ger. Ref. 

Henry H. Fuxk, 

See Page 315. 

— 40I — 

Children : (VM) Norman Sanford Mo\'er, b. Oct. 13, 
1 88 1 ; Gertrude B., born Nov. i, 1888. 

VI. Lizzie H. Moyer, b. in Bucks Co. Aug. 27, 1862 ; 
nird. Charles Cassel Jan. 6, 1883. He was born in 
Jennings Co., Ind., Sept. 30, 1862. Farmer; resides 
on her father's farm in Blooming Glen, Pa. Chil- 
dren : (VII) Irvin H. Cassel, b. in 1883 J Abraham, 
born in 1886 ; Florence, b. in i'888 ; Chester, born in 
1891 ; Daisy, born January i, 1894. 

VI. Emma H. Moyer, born Oct. i, 1864 ; married 
Christopher S. Gulick Feb. 28, 1885. P. O. Doyles- 
town. Pa. Justice of the Peace and teacher, now 
Register of Wills ; Ger. Ref. Children : Arnon M., 
Mabel, Gertie Hester, Blanche. 

VI. Anna H. Moyer, born Apr. 25, 1866 ; died aged 
14 years, 10 month and 22 days. Her death was 
caused by her clothing taking fire at a hot stove, from 
which she suffered 36 hours. 

IV. Mary Moyer, b. Aug. 24, 1786 ; died Mar. 27, 
1855 ; mrd. Isaac Fretz. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 262.) 

IV. Susanna Meyer, b. 1789 ; d. 1841 ; mrd. Jacob 
Button. He was b. Jan. 24, 1794 ; d. Sept. 25, 1884. 
Farmer ; Menus, Children : Henr}', John, Sarah. 

V. Henr}^ Button (dec'd), born about 1816 ; mrd. 
Anna Moyer (dec'd). Children : James, Susanna 
(d. S.), infant (dec'd), infant, Maria, Sylvester. 

VI. James Button (dec'd), mrd. . One child : 


VI. Maria Button, married Charles Weisel. P. O. 
Benjamin, Pa. Children : Infant, infant, Lottie, 
Wallace, Annie, Emma. 

VI. Sylvester Button, mrd. Cline. Children : 

Florence, Roscoe, Bertram, Delia. 

V. John Button, born June 9, 182 1 ; mrd. Elizabeth 
Stout in 1846. She was born Aug. 29, 1826. P. O. 
Benjamin, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Jacob, 
Nero, Mary. 

VI. Jacob Button, b. in Rockhill Twp., Bucks Co., 
Pa., Sept. 17, 1846 ; mrd. Kate Gerhart June 3, 1873. 
Res. Bouvier Ave. and Berks St., Phila. Grocer; 
Ref. ch. Children: (VII) Charles H. Button, born 
May 13, 1875. Wholesale dry goods. (VII) Walter 

4^2 — 

E. Button, b. July lo, 1878. (VII) J^ Parker Button, 
born January 23, 1880. 

VI. Nero Button, born July 31, 1855 ; mrd. Emeline 
Kratz Nov. 25, 1875. P. O. Blooming Glen, Pa. 
Artesian well driller ; Ger. Ref. No issue. 

VI. Mary Ann Button, b. Mar. 2, 1857 I ^^^^^ i860. 

V. Sarah Button, b. in 1826 ; married Thomas Dill. 
P.O. Perkasie, Pa. Farmer and nurseryman ; Euth. 
Children ; Elizabeth (died small), Maria, Susanna, 
Mahlon ; Mary, Hannah (both died small); Irwin, 
Emma (d. small), Ida, Salena, Jacob (d. small). 

VI. Maria Dill, mrd. George Cope. P.O. Benjamin, 
Pa. Tinsmith ; Lutherans. Children : Willie, infant, 
Elmer, Clara, Norman. 

VI. Susanna Dill, mrd. Jacob G. Mo3'er. (See Index 
of References No. 263. ) 

VI. Mahlon B. Dill, M. D., married Ida Derstine. 
P. O. Perkasie, Pa. Physician ; Evan. Ass'n. Chil- 
dren : Gertrude, Nellie, Harry, Irwin. 

VI. Irwin B. Dill, b. Sept. 27, 1855 ; married Lizzie 
A. Millet Fel^ruary 19, 1880. P. ^6. Sellersville, Pa. 
Baker ; Evan. Ass'n. No issue. 

VI. Ida Dill. Evan. Ass'n. Single. 

VI. Salena Dill. Evan. Ass'n. Single. 

IV. Christian Meyer, b. Feb. 12, 1790 ; d. Dec. 22, 
1859 ; mrd. Barbara, dau. of William Fretz, of Bed- 
minster, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Children : P^liza- 
beth, Margaret, Mary, William, Anna, Catharine, 
Joseph, Aaron, Sarah, Susan. Enos (d. young), Lydia. 

V. Elizabeth Moyer (dec'd), b. Jan. 29, 18 19 ; mrd. 
Joseph Kulp. (See Index of References No. 264.) 

V. Margaret Moyer, b. Aug, 2, 1820; died Feb. i, 
1889 ; married Ulrich Hockman. (See Index of 
References No. 265.) 

V. Mar\' Moyer, b. Dec. 9, 1821 ; d. in 1873 J nnxl. 
Rev. Abraham Young Jan. 17, 1843. He d. in 1887. 
Farmer ; ordained minister of the Mennonite church 
at the Swamp meetinghou,se in 1863. Children : 
William, Elizabetli, Charles. 

VI. William Young, b. Aug. 21, 1846; mrd. Lydia, 
dau. of Christian Shelly, Nov. 22, 1874. She died 
1878. Laborer; Menus. Children: (VII) Charles 

— 403 — 

Young, l3orn February 6, 1876 ; died Februar^^ i877- 

(VII) Abraham Young, b. in 1877 \ ^- aged 5 montlis. 
VI. Elizabeth Young, born Sept. 30, 1849 ; died in 

1877. Single. 

VI. Charles M. Young, b. April 9, 1857 ; mrd. Mary 
C. Rummel Nov. 13, 1880. P. O. Pennsburg, Pa. 
Shoemaker; Ref. ch. Children: (VII) Salhe Young, 
born Feb. 5, 1882 ; Frank, b. Dec. 5, 1884 ; Agnes, 
born Jan. 1 1, 1889. 

V. William F. Moyer, b. Apr. 2, 1823 ; d. Apr. 22, 
1893 ; mrd. Elizabeth M. Musselman Nov. 9, 1845. 
She died Oct. 1, 1875. Farmer; Menus. Children: 
Infant (stillborn), Simeon, Barbara, Christian, Henry, 
Catharine. William mrd. vSecond wife Barbara PYetz 
Feb. 27, 1879. She d. Mar. 5, 1893. No issue. 

VI. Simeon Moyer, born in Bucks Co. Dec. 18, 1848. 
P. O. Idell, N. J. Creameryman ; Menu. Single. 

VI. Barbara Moyer, b. Nov. 30, 1850 ; d. Apr. 13, 
1891 ; mrd. Isaiah S. Brunner Nov. 5, 1869. Menus. 
One child : Magdalena. 

VII. Magdalena Brunner, born Dec. 18, 1871 ; mrd. 
Nelson Y. Kern. P. O. Eansdale, Pa. Children : 

(VIII) William Kern, b. Jan. 14, 1890; (VIII) Elmer 
Kern, born Feb. 27, 1892. 

VI. Christian Moyer, b. July 16, 1855 ; d. Dec. 1869. 
VI. Henry Moyer, b. Dec. 6, 1856 ; d. Jan. 1857. 
VI. Catharine Moyer, b. Sept. 4, 1858 ; d. Feb. 1870. 

V. Anna Moyer (dec'd), mrd. Owen Rice. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : Sarah, Barbara, Henry, Albert, 
Samuel ; Anna and Jonas (twins), d. young. 

VI. Sarah Rice, born 1852 ; died single. 

VI. Barbara M. Rice, b. 1854 ; mrd. Joseph Huns- 
berger. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Anna, Katie 
(dec'd), P'lorence, Jacob. 

VI. Henry Rice, born 1857 ; mrd. Lizzie Gehman. 
Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : Abraham, Anna, 
Hannah, Samuel. 

VI. Albert Rice, born i860 ; married Mary Moyer. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : Daniel, Harve}^ twins 
(dec'd), Noah. 

VI. Samuel Rice, born 1862 ; married Mary Yoder. 
Farmer ; Menus. One child : Ervin. 

— 404 — 

V. Catharine Mover, b. Sept. 22, 1826 ; mrd. John 
Fretz (dec'd), February 4, 1849. Farmer; Menus. 
Children : Amanda. Henr}^ Barbara. Catharine mrd. 
second husband Henr}' h. Kulp (his third wife) 
Nov. 14, 1869. P. O. Blooming Glen, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menus. No issue. 

VI. Amanda Fretz, born Nov. 15, 1849 ; mrd. John 
Keller Jan. 12, 1878. Farmer; Luth. Children: 
(VII) Minnie Keller, b. July 29, 1878 ; Ervin, born 
July 7, 1 88 1 ; Jacob, born June 13, 1886. 

VI. Henry Fretz, born Juh^ 22, 1852 ; mrd. Susan 
Keller. Luth. Children : Wilmer, Phares, Harvey, 
Ida, Delia. 

VI. Barbara Fretz, born Jan. 9, 1855 J nird. Aaron 
Swartz. (vSee Ind. of Ref. No. 338.) 

V. Joseph F. Meyers, b. in Bucks Co. June 5, 1828 ; 
mrd. Sarah Landis Dec. 9, 1855. P. O. Bedminster, 
Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Susanna, Abra- 
ham, Catharine, Daniel, Barbara, Isaiah, Sarah, 
Mary, Samuel. 

VI. Susanna Meyers, b. Jan. 18, 1857 ; d. July 1882 ; 
mrd. John K. Myers. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 266.) 

VI. Abraham L. Meyers, b. Jan. i, 1859 ; married 
Lizzie, dau. of Henry L. Meyers, May 1879. P. O. 
Point Pleasant, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
(VII) Annie Meyers, born October 1879 ; Sarah, born 
Nov. 13, 1884. 

VI. Catharine L. INIeyers, b. Dec. 2, i860 ; married 
Aaron Hockman Dec. 30, 1883. (See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 267.) 

VI. Daniel L. Meyers, b. Feb. 17, 1863 ; mrd Annie 
Rohr Feb. 14, 1884. P. O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer; 
Menus. Children : (VII) Kate Mo3'er, b. Aug. 22, 
1884 ; Harvey, born August 5, 1886 ; Wallace, born 
April 25, 1888 ; Abraham R., born Sept. 25, 1889 ; 
Joseph R., born August 5, 189 1 ; Annie R., born 
August 22, 1892. 

VI. Barbara Meyers, born October 16, 1865 ; died 
Nov. 28, 1879. 

VI. Isaiah Meyers, born Dec. 3, 1867. 

VI. vSarah Meyers, b. Ma}^ 5, 1870 ; d. Aug. 24,1870. 

— 405 — 

VI. Mary L. Meyers, born January 2, 1872 ; married 
Harvey Sames. 

VI. Samuel L. Meyers, born Sept. 29, 1874 ; died 
Jan. 5, 1875. 

V. Aaron F. Meyers, b. in 1830 ; died July 7, 1886 ; 
mrd. Susanna Tyson Dec. 20, 1854. Farmer ; Menns. 
Children : Albert, Maggie, Martin, Ella, Sarah, 
Mary, Edward, William, Hannah, Arthur. 

VI. Albert T. Meyers, b. Dec. 20, 1855 ; mrd. Ella 
J. Race October 30, 1879. Pvcformed cli. Children : 
(VII) Stanley R. Meyers, b. 1881 ; Archie C, born 
1882 ; Warren H., b. 1883 ; A. Clifford, b. 1886. 

VI. Maggie Me3'ers, b. Sept. 2, 1858 ; mrd. William 
H. Doan in 1883. One child : (VII) Bessie Doan, 
born Jan. 10, 1888. 

VI. Martin T. Meyers, born Jan. 17, i860 ; married 
Susan Brown. One child : Howard F. 

VI. Ella B. Meyers, born Feb. 2, 1863. 

VI. Sarah A. Meyers, born March 11, 1865; died 
February 11, 1886. 

VI. Mary E. Mej-ers, born December 7, 1866. 

VI. Edward S. Meyers, born March 2, 1869. 

VI. William L. Meyers, born January 20, 1870. 

VI. Hannah Meyers, born August 2, 1872. 

VI. Arthur Meyers, born October 2, 1876. 

V. Sarah Myers, born Jan. 7, 1832 ; mrd. Aaron F. 
High Jan. 21, 1855. He d. July 29, i860. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : Mary, Barbara. Sarah married 
second husband Christian Eeatherman. (See Index 
of References No. 268.) 

VI. Mary High, b. Sept. 14, 1856 ; mrd. Abraham 
D. Poulton Aug. 19, 1880. P. O. Fountainville, Pa. 
Children: (VII) Sarah Elizabeth Poulton, b. Oct. 5, 
1881 ; John A., born Sept. 3, 1884. 

VI. Barbara High, b. in New Britain Twp., Bucks 
Co., Pa., Nov. 23, i860 ; mrd. John Gaugle Oct. 16, 
1879. He d. Jan. 23, 1886. F'armer ; Menns. One 
child : (VII) Henry G. Gaugle, b. Sept. 3, 1881. 

V. Susan Moyer, b. Mar. 24, 1834 ; died Apr. 16, 
1880 ; married Abraham A. Landis Sept, 3, 1864. 
Farmer ; Menns. One child : Aaron. 

VI. Aaron Landis, b. Mar. 17, 1865 ; mrd. Barbara 

— 4^6 — 

Slotter June 20, 1885. P. O. Buckingham, Pa. 
Farmer; Menus. Children: (VII) Elsie Landis, born 
Dec. 31, 1885 ; Abel, b. August 18, 1887 ; Harrison, 
born Jan. 23, 1889. 

V. Lydia Ann Moyer, mrd. Abner Landis Feb. 16, 
1862. P. O. Pipersville, Pa. Farmer ; Mennonites. 
Children: (VI) Sarah and Barbara Landis (twins), 
born Nov. 12, 1862 ; Barbara died November 21, 
1862. (VI) Mary Landis, born Feb. 2, 1864 ; died 
June 27, 1864. (VI) Isaac Landis, b. Oct. 11, 1866; 
died Oct. 23, 1886. (VI) Susie Landis, born Sept. 22, 
1869. (VI) Ellen Landis, b. Jan. 12, 1874. (VI) Lizzie 
Landis, b. Nov. 19, 1878 ; d. Aug. 17, 1879. 

IV. Magdalena Meyer, b. Feb. 12, 1790 ; d. single. 

III. Abraham Meyer, died single. 

III. Samuel Meyer, b. Aug. 30, 1770 ; d. Nov. 30, 
183 1 ; mrd. Mary, dau. of Henry and Mary Landis. 
She wash. Aug. 4, 1770 ; d. Apr. 19, i860. Farmer ; 
resided on the old homestead in Upper Salford Twp. , 
Montg. Co., Pa. They were both members of the 
Franconia Mennonite church, in which graveyard 
the}' lie buried. Children : Elizabeth, Barbara, Henry, 
Jonas, Nancy, Abraham, Samuel, Jacob, Mar}^ 

IV. Elizabeth Moyer (dec'd), b. Jan. 31, 1802. S. 
IV. Barbara Moyer (dec'd), born Oct. 14, 1803. S. 

IV. Henry L. Mo3"er, born Jan. 19, 1805 ; married 
Elizabeth Landis. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : 
Mary, Hannah, Jacob, Anna. 

V. Mary Moyer, mrd. Abraham K., son of Henry 
and Anna Landis. P. O. Harleysville, Pa. Chil- 
dren : Henry, Cornelius, Abraham, Frank ; Lizzie, 
Anna, Jacob, (died small); Allen, Jonas, Emma, 

VI. Henr}' Landis, married Amelia Nice. 

VI. Cornelius Landis, married Elizabeth Souder. 

VI. Abraham M. Landis, mrd. Lizzie Price Jan. 27, 
1882. Farmer ; Ger. Bap. Children : (VII) Sallie 
Landis, b. Mar. 17, 1883 ; Mathias, b. Jan. 29, 1890 ; 
Lillie, born Sept. 5, 1892. 

VI. Frank Landis, married Lizzie Nyce. 

VI. Allen Landis, married Susan Wampole. 

— 407 — 

V. Hannah Moyer, b. Apr. 22, 1839 ; mrd. Henr}^, 
son of Joseph Baum, Sept. 25, 1858. He was born 
Apr. 29, 1836. Res. 1026 Dakota St., Phila. Sales- 
man ; Menns. Children : (VI) Adaline Baum, born 
Aug. 31, 1859 ; d. Oct. 14, 1869. (VI) Lizzie Baum, 
b. Apr. 4, 1861. Moravian. S. (VI) Amelia Baum, 
b. July 7, 1863. Moravian. S. (VI) Elihu Baum, 
born Feb. 14, 1865 ; d. Mar. i. 1865. (VI) Hannah 
Baum, b. Mar. 22, 1869 ; d. May 23, 1869. 

V. Jacob L. Moyer, b. Aug. 28, 1841 ; mrd. Fannie 
S. Overdorf Dec. 23, 1871. She was born Oct. 27, 
1851. P.O. Bergey, Pa. Farmer; Menns. Children: 
(VI) Ella O. Moyer, b. Dec. 20, 1872 ; mrd. Isaac L. 
Alderfer April 9, 1892. No issue. (VI) Emanuel 
Moyer, b. Apr. 14, 1874. S. (VI) Henry O. Moyer, 
born June 27, 1876. (VI) John O. Moyer, b. Oct. 20, 
1877. (VI) Lizzie O. Moyer, born Nov. 25, 1878. 
(VI) Mahlon O. Mo^'er, b. Mar. 17, 1882 ; d. Jan. 10, 
1883. (VI) Anna O. Moyer, born Feb. 14, 1884. 
(VI) Jacob O. Moyer, b. Apr. 2, 1886. (VI) Fannie 
Moyer, born Feb. 21, 1889. (VI) Harvey O. Moyer, 
born July 7, 1891. 

V. Anna Moyer, married Enos D. Benner. P. O. 
Telford, Pa. One child : Ellen (dec'd). 

IV. Jonas L. Moyer, born in Upper Salford Twp., 
Montg. Co., June 24, 1806; died Mar. 1896; mrd. 
Sarah, dau. of Jacob and Catharine Ruth. She was 
b. Nov. 22, 1810 ; d. Aug. 27, 1880. P.O. Elroy, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menns. Children : Mary, Fannie, Michael. 

V. Mary R. Moyer, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., June 22, 
1831 ; mrd. John M., son of Jacob and Sarah Landis. 
He was born June 23, 1825 ; d. June 12, 1889. P.O. 
Souderton, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. Children : Jonas, 
Sarah, William, Barbara, Mary, John, Anna, Amanda, 

VI. Jonas M. Landis, b. Dec. 23, 1850 ; mrd. Susan 
Y, Gross. She was b. July 24, 1856. P. O. Souder- 
ton, Pa. Merchant; Luth. One child : (VII) Ella 
May G. Landis, b. Sept. 27, 1890. 

VI. Sarah M. Landis, b. July 22, 1852 ; mrd. LeviS., 
sou of Jacob and Susan Alderfer. He was b. Jan. 13, 
1849. P. O. Lederachville, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. 

— 4oS — 

Children : Mary, Susan, Sallie, Harvey, Jonas, 
Annie. Levi. 

VII. Mary L. Alderfer, boni Feb. 17, 1873 ; married 
Alvin C. , son of George and Mar}^ Alderfer. He was 
born Nov. 9, 1869. P. O. Harleysville, Pa. School 
teacher. Children : (Vlll) Bertha May Alderfer, 
born Ma}' 18, 1891 ; Sadie, b. Dec. 22, 1895. 

VII. Susan L. Alderfer, b. Oct. 10, 1874 ; married 
Abraham M. Landis. 

VII. Sallie L. Alderfer, born April 2, 1877. 

VII. Harvey L. Alderfer, born April 16, 1879. 

VII. Jonas L. Alderfer, born Nov. 5, 1881. 

VII. Annie L- Alderfer, born Dec. i, 1883. 

VII. Levi L. Alderfer, born Oct. 14, 1886. 

VI. William M. Landis, born Sept. 7, 1853 ; married 
Mar}' B., daughter of Isaac and Rebecca Landis. She 
was b. Aug. 27, 1857. P. O. Elroy, Pa. Farmer ; 

VI. Barbara M. Landis, b. July 2, 1859 ; mrd. John 
S. Alderfer Nov. 30, 1888. P. O. Franconia, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menus. No issue. 

VI. Mary M. Landis, b. Feb. 6, 1862 ; mrd. Michael 
K. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 269.) 

VI. John M. Landis, b. June 8, 1864 ; mrd. Sallie G., 
dau. of A1)raham and Catharine Moyer. She was 
born Dec. 10, 1867. P. O. Souderton, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : (VII) Maggie M. Landis, born 
Oct. 6, 1886 ; (VII) Abraham M. Landis, b. Sept. 25, 
1888 ; d. Mar. 15, 1889. (VII) Katie M. Landis, born 
January 17, 1890. (VII) Mary M. Landis, born 
March 2, 1892. 

VI. Annie M. Landis, born Feb. 7, 1866 ; married 
Horace F., son of Joseph and Emma Bergey. He 
was b. Apr. 30, 1865. P. O. Hatfield, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : (VII) Elwood L. Bergey, born 
Nov. 14, 1887; died Feb. 17, 1888. (VII) Mary L. 
Bergey, b. June 16, 1889. (VII) Horace L. Bergey, 
born April 2, 1893. 

VI. Amanda M, Landis, born Dec. 27, 1867 ; died 
August 31, 1868. 

VI. Catharine M. Landis, born June 2, 1869 ; mrd. 
Reuben M., son of William and Fannie Nace. He 

(This Photo was taken in September, 1894, at the age of 83 years. 

— 409 — 

wash. Apr. ii, 1864. P.O. Mainland, Pa. Farmer; 
One child : (VII) Anna L. Nace, born Dec. 24, 1892. 

V. Fannie R. Mover, b. in Montg. Co. Mar. i, 1835 ; 
mrd. Jacob M., son of Jacob and Sarah Landis. He 
was born Nov. 7, 1831 ; died Aug. 13, 188 1. P. O, 
Elro}^ Pa. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : Jonas, 
Sarah, Mary, Amanda, Jacol), Abraham, Elizabeth, 
Josiah, Isaiah, Kllen. 

VI. Jonas M. Landis, born December 27, 1856 ; died 
March 17, 1881. 

VI. Sarah Ann M. Landis, b. Sept. 15, 1857 ; mrd. 
Levi H., son of Joseph and Anna Clemmer, He was 
b. Apr. 26, 1856. P. O. Lansdale, Pa. Carpenter ; 
Menns. Children : (VII) Harvey L. Clemmer, born 
Mar. 7, 188 1 ; (VII) Alice L. Clemmer, b. Jan. 30, 
1883 ; (VII) Joseph L. Clemmer, b. Sept. 20, 1884 ; 
d. Feb. 6, 1885. (VII) Katie L. Clemmer, b. Dec. 9, 
1885. (VII) Sallie L. Clemmer, born Nov. 7, 1887. 
(VII) Clayton L. Clemmer, b. Dec. 6, 1888. (VII) Jonas 
L. Clemmer, b. Jan. 7, 1890. (VII) Mary L. Clemmer, 
born Sept. 23, 1892. 

VI. Mary M. Landis, born Nov. 29, 1859 ; married 
Abraham A. Shoemaker (his second wife). He was 
born Jan. 12, 1864. Farmer; Menns. One child : 
(Vll) Jonas L. Shoemaker, born Aug. 14, 1891. 

VI. Amanda M. Landis, born Nov. 23, 186 1 ; mrd. 
Simon C, son of John and Fannie Kulp. Painter ; 
Menns. Children: (Vll) Martha L. Kulp, b. Aug. 20, 
1885 ; d. Sept. 9, 1885. (Vll) Mary L. Kulp, born 
Feb. 2, 1888 ; d. Sept. 4, 1888. (Vll) John L. Kulp, 
born June 2, 1889. (VII) Jacob L. Kulp, b. Oct. 27, 
1891 ; died October 20, 1892. 

VI. Jacob M. Landis, b. Oct. i, 1863 ; mrd. Salhe M., 
dau. of Daniel and Lizzie Nice. She was b. Mar. 31, 
1867. P.O. Morwood, Pa. Farmer; Menns. Chil- 
dren : (Vll) Howard N. Landis, born Oct. 13, 1886 ; 
Weston N., born Feb. 20, 1890. 

VI. Abraham M. Landis, born Aug. 10, 1865 ; died 
Jul}^ 27, 1866. 

VI. Elizabeth M. Landis, born Jan. 20, 1867 ; died 
Aug. 2, 1889 ; mrd. Abraham A., son of Jacob and 

— ^lO — 

Elizabeth Shoemaker. One child : (VII) Jacob L. 
Shoemaker, born Jan. 12, 1887. 

VI. Josiah M. Landis, born March 20, 1869. 

VI. Isaiah M. Landis, born March 15, 1871. 

VI. Ellen M. Landis, born January 10, 1873. 

V. Rev. Michael R. Moyer, b. in Montg. Co., Pa., 
July 2, 1836 ; mrd. P^lmina G., daughter of John and 
Anna Clemens. P. O. Elroy, Pa. Farmer. He was 
ordained to the ministr}^ of the Meimonite church at 
Franconia June 14, 1883, where he has since serv^ed as 
one of the ministers. Children : Sarah, John, Jonas, 
Allen, Michael. 

VI. Sarah Ann Moyer, born Nov. 28, 1857 ; mrd. 
Abraham S., son of John and Sarah Alderfer. He 
was b. Sept. 29, 1853. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
(VII) Ella M. Alderfer, b. Oct. 10, 1876 ; (VII) Sallie 
M. Alderfer, born Aug. 18, 1878 ; (VII) Martha M. 
Alderfer, b. Feb. 17, 1880; (VII) Alice M. Alderfer, 
born Nov. 12, 1882 ; d. May 21, 1883. (VII) Harvey 
M. Alderfer, born Oct. 26, 1884. 

VI. John C. Moyer, b. Mar. 22, i860 ; mrd. Lizzie S., 
dau. of Jacob and Susan Alderfer. She was born 
Sept. II, 1865. P. O. Lederachville, Pa. Farmer; 
Menus. Children : (Vll) Susan A. Moyer, b. Oct. 19, 
1885 ; Ella A., born Oct. 4, 1886 ; Elmer A., born 
May 30, 1889. 

VI. Jonas C. Moyer, born March 4, 1864 ; died 
May 23, 1883. 

VI. Allen C. Moyer, b. Oct. 25, 1867 ; mrd. Katie R., 
dau. of Isaac and Elizabeth Clemmer. She was born 
Oct. 6, 1867. P. O. Elroy, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. 
One child : (Vll) Clayton C. Moyer, b. Jan. 12, 1891. 

VI. Michael C. Moyer, born Feb. 17, 1869 ; married 
Amanda D. , dau. of John and Mary Souder. She was 
b. Feb. 28, 1870. P.O. Elroy, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : (Vll) Wilmer S. Moyer, b. Nov. 22, 1888 ; 
Ellen S., born July 29, 189 1. 

IV. Nancy Moyer (dec'd), b. Feb. 11, 1808. Single. 

IV. Abraham L. Moyer, born May 5, 1809 ; mrd. 
Hannah, dau. of Christian and Elizabeth Detweiler, 
of Franconia, Pa., Mar. 31, 1835. She was b. Apr. 9, 
1815 ; d. Mar. 18, 1893. ^O. Bergey, Pa. Farmer 

— 411 — 

and shoemaker ; Menns. He resides on a part of the 
original Hans Me3^er homestead. Children : Anna, 
Christian, Samuel, Abraham, Elizabeth, Mar}^, 
Jo.seph, John. 

V. Anna Moyer, b. Feb. 9, 1837; mrd. Henry M., 
son of Jacob and Mary Hunsberger, of Hilltown, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menns. No issue. Anna married second 
husband Rev. Abraham ¥. Mo3'er. (See Index of 
References No. 270.) 

V. Christian D. Moyer, born Mar. 13, 1839 ; mrd. 
Barbara M., dau. of Simeon and Catharine Kratz, of 
New Britain, Pa., Nov. 2, i860. P. O. Bergey, Pa. 
Farmer and shoemaker ; Menns. Children : Edwin, 
Anna, Emma, Catharine, Abraham, Alice. 

VI. Edwin K. Moyer, born May 16, 1863 ; married 
Annie S. , dau. of Jonas and Fannie Moyer, of Fran- 
conia. Pa., November 6, 1886. P. O. Silverdale, Pa. 
Farmer ; Evan. Ass'n. Children : (VII) Lizzie M. 
Moyer, b. May 6, 1888 ; Miriam M., b. Feb. 3, 1891. 

VI. Anna Mary Moyer, b. Mar. 4, 1865. Single. 

VI. Emma Mo3^er, born Sept. 1867 ; mrd. Abraham 
H. Kratz Sept. 20, 1890. P.O. Elro}^, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menns. No issue. 

VI. Catharine Moyer, b. Mar. 19, 1869 ; mrd. Jonas 
Cressman Dec. 24, 1887. P. O. Gratersford, Pa. 
Saddler; Mrs. C, Mennonite. Children: (VII) Ida 
Cressman, born April 29, 189 1 ; Elewellyn M., born 
April 15, 1893. 

VI. Abraham K. Moyer, born Jan. 6, 1878. 

VI. Alice K. Moyer, born Jan. 3, 1880. 

V. Samuel D. Moyer, b. Jan. 31, 1841 ; mrd. Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Francis and Catharine Stoneback, of 
Frederick Twp., Pa., May 24, 1863. P.O. Creamery, 
Pa. Shoemaker and farmer. Children : (VI) Clara 
Moyer, b. May 4, 1864 ; mrd. George Rahn. P. O. 
Centre Square, Pa. Farmer. No issue. (VI) Harvey 
Moyer, born Nov. 11, 1866. S. (VI) Frank Moyer, 
b. Aug. 29, 1874, S. (VI) Katie Moyer, b. June 26, 
1877. (VI) Einnie Bell Moyer, b. Aug. 27, 1882. 

V. Abraham D. Moyer, born October 22, 1842 ; died 
Nov. 30, 1845. 

V. Elizabeth Mo3'er, b. Dec. i, 1845. Single. 

— 412 — 

V. Mary Mo3'er, born July 21, 1847. Single. 

V. Joseph D. Moycr, b. May 12, 1850 ; mrd. Maggie, 
dau. of Joseph and Hannah Metz, of Worcester, Pa., 
Nov. 22, 1879. P.O. Bergey, Pa. Farmer; Menns. 
Children: (Vlj Chester M. Moyer, b. Feb. 4, 188 1 ; 
(VI) Ida Moyer, b. Mar. 18, 1883'; (Vl) Mary Moyer, 
b. Nov. 4, 1884 ; (VI) Mahlon M. Moyer, b. Dec. 11, 
1885 ; (VI) Emma Moyer, born Aug. 22, 1887 ; died 
April 24, 1890. 

V. John D. Moyer, b. in Montg. Co. Nov. 21, 1853 l 
married Olivia C, dau. of Dr. Henry G. and Hannah 
Groff, of Harleysville, Pa., April 29, 1882. Mr. Mo3-er 
attended Washington Hall Collegiate Institute, 
Trappe, Pa., and Sumneytown Academy, after which 
he followed teaching for some years, having taught 
one term in Franconia township, four terms in his 
native township (Upper Salford), one term in Perkio- 
men, and three terms in Towamencin township ; then 
principal of the North Wales public schools two 
terms, after which he resigned to accept the position 
of clerk in the Union National Bank of Souderton, 
and has since filled the position of teller. At the 
present time he is assistant cashier. He has served 
various offices in the borough of Souderton. He was 
appointed and served until recently as clerk of the 
Council of Souderton since the organization of the 
borough, was the first Assessor, and is at present a 
member of the Board of Health and Council of the 
borough, is president of the Souderton Library Asso- 
ciation, and is superintendent and treasurer of Zion 
Mennonite church, of Souderton, of which he and 
wife are members. Children : (VI) Willis G. Moyer, 
born April 20, 1883 ; Alvin G., born Sept. 6, 1886; 
Hannah May, born Dec. 11, 1890. 

IV. Samuel Moyer, b. June 30, 18 11 ; mrd. Susan, 
dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth Bergey, Apr. 21, 1839. 
P. O. Souderton, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. Children : 
Elizabeth, Joseph, Jonas, Mary, Henr3\ 

V. Elizabeth Moyer, b Dec. 7, 1840 ; d. Apr. 22, 
1880 ; married Peter Conver Jan. 19, 1865. P. O. 
Elroy, Pa. Farmer and bricklayer ; Menns. Chil- 
dren : Susan, Mary, Elizabeth, Milton. 

— 413 — 

VI. Susanna M. Conver, born Feb. 9, 1866 ; nird. 
Edwin R. Cramer Jan. 21, 1888. P.O. Skippack, Pa. 
Farmer; Menns. Children: (VII) Mary C. Cramer, 
born June 29, 1889 ; Ellen C, born Aug. 25, 1890 ; 
Susanna C, born September 15, 1892. 

VI. Mary Conver, b. Dec. 9, 1867 ; mrd. Nathaniel 
KeelerOct. 26, 1889. P.O. Kulpsville, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : (VII) Alvin C. Keeler, b. Aug. 26, 
1890 ; (VII) Susan C. Keeler, b. Dec. 28, 1891 ; died 
November 1893. 

VI. Elizabeth Conver, b. June 28, 1870 ; mrd. David 
Anderson. P. O. Eagleville, Pa. Eaborer. Chil- 
dren : William Howard, Lillie Ma}^ 

VI. Milton Conver, born November 17, 1876. 

V. Joseph Mo3'er, b. June i, 1844; d. Sept. i, 1845. 

V. Jonas B. Moyer, b. Mar. i, 1847 ; mrd. Elizabeth 
S. Kriebel Mar. 2, 1873. P.O. Mainland, Pa. Shoe- 
maker and farmer ; Menns. Children : (VI) Palmer 
Moyer, born Apr. 18, 1874 ; died Aug. 20, 1875. 
(VI) Irwin Moyer, b. May 12, 1876. (VI) Ida Moyer, 
b. Nov. 21, 1880. (VI) Uylsses Moyer, b. Aug. 18, 
1886. (VI) Alverda Moyer, born Nov. 4, 1891. 

V. Mary Moj^er, b. Mar. i, 1847 ; mrd. William F. 
Detweiler Sept. 7, 1872. He died May 25, 1875. 
Farmer; Menns. Children: (VI) Samuel Detweiler, 
born July 17, 1873 ; Katie, born Feb. 21, 1875. Mary 
mrd. second husband Enos H. Moyer. (See Index 
of References No. 271.) 

V. Henry Mo5^er, born Jan. 17, 1859 ; mrd. Mary 
Magdalena Gehman Nov. 6, 1880. She was b. Oct. 12, 
1858. P. O. Souderton, Pa. Farmer ; Mennonites. 
One child : (VI) Franklin Mo3^er, b. July 15, 1882. 

IV. Jacob L. Moyer, b. in Montgomery Co. Aug. 18, 
1812 ; d. April i, 1884 ; mrd. Mary E. Moyer Nov. 24, 
1835. Farmer ; Menns. Children : Barbara, Ephraim. 

V. Barbara M. Moyer, b. April 30, 1840 ; d. Nov. 26, 
1889 ; married Elias H. Landis Dec. 24, 1877. P.O. 
Worcester, Pa. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : 
(VI) Frank M. Landis, born July 10, 1879 ; Mary M., 
born Sept. 24, 1880. 

V. Ephraim M. Moyer, b. Ma^^ 21, 1842 ; mrd. Mary 
W. Detweiler December 29, 1883. P.O. Bergey, Pa. 

— 414 — 

Farmer ; Menns. Children : (VI) William D. Moyer, 
b. Jan. 28, 1888 ; (VI) Alice D. Moyer, born Jan. 24, 
1890 ; d. Aug. 25, 1890. 

IV. Mary Moyer (dec'd), b. Feb. 27, 1814; married 
Abraham Nice (his second wife). No issue. 

IV. Hannali L. Moyer, born in Montg. Co. April 5, 
1815 ; married Abraham M. Hagey. (See Index of 
References No. 272.) 

II. John T^Ieyer (dec'd), mrd. (Sensenich) Nash. 

John Meyer early in life came to Bucks county and 
settled in Bedminster township, near Pipersville, it is 
supposed on the farm owned and occupied by Oliver 
Landis. Later he moved to Plumstead township on 
a farm of 198 acres and 140 perches, which he pur- 
chased from William McCalla and his wife Elizabeth 
m 1762. He also purchased another tract of 12 acres 
and 16 perches from William McCalla and wife 
June 19, 1793. For the former tract he paid ^515, 
and the latter £60, 10 shillings. The old homestead, 
with 118 acres, is now owned and occupied by Amos 
Myers, a great-grandson. Other portions of the old 
homestead are now owned by Samuel B. Schisler, 
Aaron Kratz and Abraham A. Landis. John Meyer, 
in all probabilit\% built the second house on this farm 
about 1779, which was about iii years old when it 
was torn down in 1880. He was by occupation a 
farmer and blacksmith ; Menns. Children : Henry, 
Abraham, Christian, Esther, Mary, Barbara. 

III. Henry Myers, died aged over 86 years ; married 
Margaret Geisinger (dec'd). Lived near Smith's 
Corner, in Plumstead Twp. Blacksmith and farmer ; 
Menns. Children : John, Abraham, Joseph, Mary, 
Nancy, Esther, Henry. 

IV. John G. Myers (dec'd), mrd. Catharine Ruth. 
She w^as born in 1804. One child : (V) Levi Myers, 
mrd. Barbara Fretz (dec'd), daughter of Henry Fretz. 
No issue. 

IV. Abraham G. Myers, b. Oct. 27, 1800 ; d. Jan. 27, 
1 88 1, aged 80 3^ears, 3 months ; mrd. Sarah P'retz in 
1834. She was b. Aug. 28, 1812 ; d. Aug. 7, 1890. 
Farmer near Pipersville ; Menns. Children : Francis, 
Mary, Aaron. 

— 415 — 

V. Francis F. Myers, b. April 22, 1S38 ; mrd. Rachel 
Meyers. P. O. Pipersville, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. 
Children : Abraham, Sarah, Mary, Minerva, Hulda, 
Rachel, Libbie (dec'd), Amanda, Ida. 

VI. Abraham Myers, mrd. Anna Gruver. Miller. 
VI. Sarah Ann Myers, mrd. Allen Zetty Dec. 25, 1887. 

Farmer ; Ger. Ref. One child : Clayton. 

VI. Mary Ellen Myers, mrd. Levi Myers. 

VI. Minerva Myers, mrd. Henry Myers. 

V. Mary F, Myers, b. Apr. 23, 1840 ; died June 7, 
1893. Menn. Single. 

V. Aaron F. Myers, b. May 4, 1846 ; mrd. Susanna, 
dau. of Rev. John Geisinger, of Springfield Twp. , 
Bucks Co., Oct. 31, 1868. P. O. Pipersville, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menns. Children : (VI) Sarah Ellen Myers, 
b. Mar. 3, 1870. S. (VI) Wilson Francis Myers, born 
Feb. 2, 1874 ; married Miranda Rapp in 1893. O"^ 
child : Wilson Lloyd Myers, born Jan. 4, 1894. 

IV. Joseph G. Meyers, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 20, 
1803 ; d. Nov. 1884 ; mrd. Susanna Shimmel in 1830. 
She was b. May 28, 1807 ; died Apr. 1890. Farmer 
and weaver ; Mennonites. Children : Tobias, Lewis, 

V. Tobias S. Meyers, b. in Bucks Co. Sept. 6, 1830 ; 
married Maria Yoiuig (dec'd) in 1858. One child : 
Rebecca. Tobias mrd. second wife Mary Benner in 
1862. P.O. Passer, Pa. Farmer ; Luth. Children : 
Elmina, Lewis, John, Eli. 

VI. Rebecca Meyers, b. Dec. 21, i860; mrd. Henry 
Groman July 5, 1891. P.O. Richlandtown, Pa. Luth. 
Children : (VII) Hannah Bertha Groman, b. Nov. 2, 
1892 ; Ida Mabel, born Dec. 9, 1893. 

VI. Elmina B. Me3^er, married Leidy Solliday. 

VI. Lewis B. Meyers, b. June 6, 1866 ; d. Dec. 1893. 

VI. John B. Meyers. 

VI. Eli B. Meyers. 

V. Maria Meyers, born August 11, 1841. Single. 

V. Lewis S. Meyers, b. in Springfield Twp., Bucks 
Co., Pa., Dec. 27, 1835 ; married Catharine Getman 
Dec. 24, 1 86 1. P. O. Coopersburg, Pa. Railroad 
trackman ; Luth. Children : Susan, Kate, Henry. 

VI. Susan Meyers, b. Jan. 18, 1864 ; d. May 26, 1867. 

— 4i6 — 

VI Kate Meyers, b. Dec. 26, 1866 ; d. May 28, 1868. 

VI. Henry G. Meyers, b. in Springfield Twp., Bucks 
Co., Jan. 29, 187 1. When only 3 months old his 
parents moved to Centre Valley, Lehigh county, 
where he was raised and where he lived until he 
went to Philadelphia six years ago. He always takes 
pleasure in considering himself a "Lehigh county 
boy." At the age of 18 he went to Philadelphia, 
and, after holding one or two minor positions, entered 
the employ of Peter Wright & Sons, steamship agents 
and ship brokers, 305 and 307 Walnut street, with 
which firm he is at present connected. Luth. Single. 

IV. Mary Myers, born Apr. 28, 1806 ; mrd. Henry 
Benner Jan. 15, 1838. He was born in Bucks Co. 
Apr. 8, 1802 ; d. July 28, 1882. Farmer. Mr. B., 
Ref. ch.; Mrs. B. , Menu. Children : Samuel, Henry, 
Lewis, Joseph. 

V. Samuel Benner, b. Apr. 26, 1840 ; d. Apr. i, 1845. 
V. Henry Benner, b. Feb. i, 1844 ; d. Apr. 22, 1845. 
V. Lewis Benner, b. Sept. 25, 1847 ; ^- Jan. 14, 1879. 
V. Joseph M. Benner, b. in Plumstead Twp., Bucks 

Co., Aug. 13, 1850 ; mrd. Amanda Heinbach May 11, 
1876. P. O. Steinsburg, Pa. Carpenter ; Ref. ch. 
Children : (VI) Elmer James Benner, born Nov. 10, 
1876. Ref. ch. (VI; Ella Benner, b. Jan. 24, 1887. 

IV. Anna Myers, b. in Bucks Co. ; mrd. Abraham 
Fretz (dec'dj, son of Joseph and Mary (Kratz) Fretz, 
Mar. 10, 1829. He was b. P>b. 8, 1799. Farmer ; 
Mennonites. Children : Joseph, Mary, Sarah, John, 

V. Joseph M. Fretz, b. in Bucks Co. June 12, 1831 ; 
mrd. Hannah Cassel Feb. 27, i860. P. O. Richland 
Centre, Pa. Farmer. Children: (VI) Emaline Fretz, 
b. Sept. 14, 1862; died Sept. 11, 1865. (VI) Amanda 
Fretz, born Sept. 11, 1864; mrd. Mahlon M. Fretz. 
(See Ind. of Ref. No. 273.) (VI) Ida Fretz, born 
Aug. 30, 1870 ; mrd. Mahlon vStauiTer Sept. 26, 1893. 
P. O. Richland Centre, Pa. (VI) Clinton E. Fretz, 
b. Feb. 24, 1875. (VI) Willis Fretz, b. Oct. 30, 1880 ; 
died August 29, 1881. 

V. Mary Ann Fretz, b. Jan. 18, 1835. P. O. West 
Bethlehem, Pa. Tailoress ; Menu, 

Mrs. Ralph Stover. 

See Page 323. 

— 417 — 

V. Sarah Fretz, born May i8, 1837 ; married John 
Groman Dec. 17, 186 1. P. O. Bethlehem, Pa. Rail- 
roader ; Luth. Children : Emma, Annie, Orlando. 

VI. Emma Catharine Groman, born Aug. 28, 1863 ; 
married Samuel P. Beggs in Aug. 1883. Children : 
Nellie (dec'd), Raymond Samuel. 

VI. Annie Elizabeth Groman, born March 12, 1866. 
Moravian. Single. 

VI. Orlando DeForest Groman, born March 26, 1868. 

V. John M. Fretz, b. in Plumstead Twp., Bucks Co., 
Sept. 16, 1839 ; mrd. Mary Fretz, dau. of Christian 
Fretz, of Bedminster, Pa., March 2, 1871. P. O. 
Bedminster, Pa. Menus. Children : (VI) Elmer 
Grant Fretz, born Jan. 25, 1872 ; died Dec. 12, 1876. 
(VI) John Clarence Fretz, b. Aug. 15, 1878. Student 
at Sellersville (Pa.) High School. 

V. Abraham M. PVetz, b. in Plumstead Twp. , Bucks 
Co., Aug. 2, 1843 ; mrd. Mary Ann Frlyling in 1870. 
She d. Mar. 3, 1879. Children: (VI) Oscar Franklin 
Fretz, b. Oct. 4, 1871 ; d. July 10, 1872. (VI) Malinda 
Sabina Fretz, h. Jan. 8, 1876. (VI) Catharine Fretz, 
b. Feb. 23, 1879 ; d. Aug. 3, 1879. 

Abraham married second wife Celinda Witmeyer 
Nov. 16, 1880. P.O. Ridge, Pa. Farmer; Menus. 
Children : (VI) Joseph Morris Fretz, b. Nov. 25, 1884 ; 
Esther May, born Oct. 23, 1882 ; Annie Helen, born 
October 17, 1886. 

IV. Esther Myers, b. Feb. 13, 181 2 ; mrd. Abraham 
King. He was b. Feb. 11, 1810; died Mar. 2, 1S92. 
Blacksmith and farmer ; Menus. No issue. 

IV. Henry G. Myers, mrd. Hannah Kaisinger Jan. 5, 
1 84 1. She was b. Sept. 22, 18 16. P.O. Fricks, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : Philip, Sophia, Elevesta. 

V. Philip K. Myers, b. Nov. 15, 1841 ; mrd. Mary, 
dau. of Rev. John Geisinger, in 1863. She was born 
April 23, 1843 ; died Aug. 27, 1865. One child : 
(VI) Hannah C. Myers, born May 4, 1865 ; died 
May 8, 1866. 

Philip mrd. second wife Elizabeth, dau. of John 
Kaisinger, May 29, 1875. Shoemaker ; Menus. No 
V. Sophia Myers, b. May 18, 1851 ; d. aged 11 days. 

— 4i8 — 

V. Elevesta L. M3^ers, born Dec. 13, 1858 ; died 
Dec. 21, 1866. 

III. Abraham Me^'er (dec'd), mrd. Agnes Overholt. 
Blacksmith, and as a part of his trade he also repaired 
edged tools, such as axes, etc. An amusing incident 
is related in this connection. A neighbor once came 
to his shop when he was not about and went into 
his house and asked his wife, "does Abram steal 
axes yet?" To which she replied with much spirit : 
"No; he never stole any axes." The neighbor in 
explanation said : " Oh ; I don't mean that — I mean 
does he put steal on axes," and received the more 
gracious answer : " O yes ; that is his trade, repair- 
ing edged tools." Mennonites. Children: John, 
Abraham, Elizabeth, Mar}'. 

IV. John Myers (dec'd;, married Stover. Chil- 
dren : Aaron, Henr3% Abraham, Annie. 

V. Aaron Myers, mrd. Rickert. P. O. Pipers- 

ville, Pa. 

V. Henry Myers. 

V. Abraham Myers, mrd. . One child : John. 

V. Annie Myers, mrd. John Swartz ; both deceased. 
Children : Isaac, Aaron. 

VI. IvSaac Swartz. 

VI. Aaron Swartz, bom in Bucks Co., Pa., June 2, 
1853 ; married Barbara Fretz Nov. 17, 1877. P. O. 
Pipersville, Pa. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : 
(VII) Katie Swartz, b. Nov. 2, 1877 ; Ella, b. Nov. 17, 
1880; Isaac, b. May 11, 1883; Amanda, b. May 17, 
1885 ; Samuel, boni December 26, 1886 ; Annie, born 
Jan. 26, 1889. 

IV. Abraham Meyer, mrd. Ruth. One child : 

A daughter. 

IV. Elizabeth Meyers, died single. 

IV. Mary Myers, mrd. Myers. 

III. Christian Meyer, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., April 24, 
1772 ; died Nov. 15, 1850; married Hannah Derstine 
May 5, 1799. She was b. Jan. 12, 1775 ; d. Aug. 27, 
1848. Farmer and blacksmith. The stone shop in 
which he worked was undoubtedh' built by his father, 
who was also a blacksmith. Christian was the second 
Mever owner of the old homestead. Menus. Children: 

— 419 — 

Amos, John, Catharine, Michael, Samuel, Abraham, 
Charles, Isaac. 

IV. Amos Meyers, born Oct. 14, 1800; died Feb. 14, 
1825. Single. 

IV. John Meyer, b. Dec. 27, 1801 ; d. Feb. 21, 1802. 

IV. Catharine Meyer (dec'd), b. Feb. 14, 1803 ; mrd. 
Abraham Wismer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 274.) 

IV. Michael Meyers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., May 9, 
1804 ; died in Fairfield Co., O. , Mar. 30, 1889 ; mrd. 
Rachel Kratz in 1827. She was born Mar. 24, 1808 ; 
d. Sept. 3, 1869. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Philip, 
Ann, Benjamin, Emeline, Lewis, William, Erwin, 
Mathias, Hannah, John, Albert. 

V. Philip K. Myers, born February 24, 1828 ; died 
March 2, 1847. 

V. Ann E. Myers, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., July 5, 1830. 
P.O. Basle, O. 

V. Benjamin F. Myers, b. Feb. 14, 1832 ; mrd. Sarah 
Sager in 1856. P. O. Mt. Cory, O. Carpenter and 
farmer ; Ev. Ass'n. Children : Laura, Clara, Elvina, 
Leah, Rachel, Alonzo, Martha, Hannah, Sarah, 
Albert, Huldah, Elva, infant, Mary. 

VI. Laura Amanda Myers, born June 27, 1857 ; ^i^d 
aged 6 years. 

VI. Clara Irene Myers, born Dec. 24, 1858 ; married 
Heghes Hanson Folk March 6, 1879. P. O. Mt. 
Cory, O. Farmer; Meth. Ep. Children: (VII) Jacob 
Franklin Folk, b. Aug. 7, 1880 ; Mary Edna Martha, 
born March 11, 1887 ; Harry Benjamin Hanson, born 
Aug. 2, 1890. 

VI. Elvira Alice Myers, b. June 27, i860 ; d. Jan. 13, 
1890. School teacher. Meth. 

VI. Leah Elizabeth Myers, born Sept. 5, 1861 ; died 
May 29, 189 1. Graduated at Northwestern Ohio 
Normal School. Teacher ; Meth. 

VI. Minerva Rachel Myers, b. Nov. 16, 1862 ; mrd. 
E. B. Myers Dec. 30, 1886. P. O. Burrough, Neb. 
Farmer; Church of God. Children: (VII) Ethel 
May Myers, b. Nov. 27, 1887 ; Charles Elmer, born 
June 5, 1889 ; Mabel Edna, b. Jan. 25, 1891 ; M3Ttle 
Ruth, born Oct. 5, 1893. 

VI. Alonzo Lincoln Myers, b. July 25, 1864 ; mrd. 

— 420 — 

Mary E. Denhart in i8S8. School teacher. He grad- 
uated at the Northwestern Ohio Normal Universit}^ in 

1887. Meth. One child: (Vllj Myers, died 

July 30, 1890. 

VI. Martha Ann Myers, born near Mt. Cory, Han- 
cock Co., O., Feb. 9, 1866. She commenced teaching 
s:hool in 1886. Graduated from the Ohio Normal 
University at Ada in 1891, after which she attended 
the Methodist College at Delaware, O., for a time. 
She was married June i, 1891, to William H. Rade- 
baugh. The day following they took a wedding trip 
to the World's Fair, Chicago, returning June 10, and 
began their married life on a 160-acre farm. Mr. 
Radebaugh has been reading medicine for some time, 
and it is his intention to enter into that profession ere 
long. P.O. Cannonsburgh, O. U. Br. ch. No issue. 

VI. Hannah Catharine Myers, b. in Hancock Co., O., 
March 11, 1867 ; married Rev. Virgil L<. Grabiel, of 
Logan Co., O. , Apr. 29, 1892. Both graduated at 
the Normal University at Ada, O., July 1891. Mrs. 
Grabiel previous to her marriage taught school. Mr. 
Grabiel completed a course of theology at McCormick 
Seminar}' May 1884. Presby. minister. Res. 323 
Lincoln Ave., Chicago, 111. 

VI. Sarah Augusta Myers, b. Aug. 25, 1868. P. O. 
Mt. Cory, O. Teacher ; Meth. 

VI. Albert Elmer M3-ers, born Mar. i, 1870. P. O. 
Mt. Cory, O. Farmer ; Meth. He graduated from 
the commercial course in 1891. 

VI. Huldali Mahala Myers, b. Nov. 25, 1871. He 
graduated in shorthand and typewriting at the Ada 
(Ohio) normal school. vStudent ; Meth. 

VI. Elva Edna Myers, b. Apr. 17, 1873. Student at 
Ada, O.; Meth. Ep. 

VI. Infant son, b. Jan. 10, 1875 ; died Feb. 7, 1875. 

VI. Mary Barbara Myers, b. July 29, 1876. Student 
at Ada, O. ; Meth. Ep. 

V. Emeline Myers, b. Dec. 12, 1833. P. O. Basil, O 

V. Lewis Myers, b. Oct. 16, 1835 ; d. F'eb. 22, 1855 

V. William H. H. Myers, born September 12, 1837 
mrd. Mary Kindler. P. O. Warren, Ind. Children 
Samuel, Louisa, Grant, Ella, John (dec'd). Otto. 

— 42 1 — 

V. Erwin C. Myers, b. Oct. 2, 1839 ; mrd. Elizabeth 
Mast Oct. 13, 1861. P.O. Pleasant Plain, Ind. Bap. 
Children : William, Mary, Minerva, Charles. 

VI. William H. Myers, born Sept. 20, 1862 ; died 
August 24, 1864. 

VI. Mary C. Myers, b. Nov. 17, 1865 ; mrd. Jesse 
J. Couch Dec. 3, 1882. Employed in factory ; Bap. 
Children : (VII) William E. Couch, b. Feb. 24, 1884 ; 
(VII) Leroy Couch, b. Nov. 4, 1886 ; (VII) Clyde G. 
Couch, born June 16, 1889; died Nov. 11, 1889. 
(VII) Arthur N. Couch, born Dec. 23, 1891. 

VI. Minerva R. Myers, born Feb. 8, 1868 ; mrd. 
William Buzzard Feb. 7, 1889. Employed in factory. 
No issue (1894). 

VI. Charles W. Myers, b. Mar. 16, 1871. Emplo3'ed 
in factor3^ Single. 

v. Mathias S. Myers, born in Fairfield Co., O., 
July 24, 1 841 ; mrd. Elsie Corey Jan. 23, 1868. She 
died July 6, 1884. Children : (VI) Lewis Jefferson 
Myers, b. July 4, 1870. P.O. Warren, Ind. Farmer. 
S. (VI) LelahMyers,b. July 23, 1874. P.O.Warren, 
Ind. School teacher ; Meth. Ep. S. (VI) Arthur 
Mj^ers, born Sept. 24, 1878. 

Mathias mrd. second wife America Maud Everett 
Dec. 24, 1885. P. O. Warren, Ind. Carpenter and 
farmer ; Meth. Ep. Children : (VI) Nellie Kate 
Myers, b. Nov. 25, 1888 ; Earl Everett, b. Sept. 9, 
1891 ; Gladis, born Aug. 25, 1893. 

V. Hannah C. Myers, born in Fairfield Co., O., 
June 25, 1843 ; mrd. John Hausberger Nov. 14, 1867. 
P. O. Worthington, Minn. Farmer ; Meth. Ep. 
Children : (VI) Will Lester Hausberger, b. Dec. 10, 
1867 ; (VI) Laura Hausberger, born Nov. 13, 1870; 
died Feb. 12, 1871. (VI ) Lizzie Rachel Hausberger, 
born Feb. 20, 1872. (VI) Carrie Luella Hausberger, 
born April 27, 1875. (VI) Victor Clyde Hausberger, 
born Feb. 11, 1878. (VI) James Arthur Hausberger, 
born September 19, 1891. 

V. John K. Myers, b. Feb. 25, 1845 ; mrd. Hannah 
Miller. P. O. VanBuren, Ind. Children : William 
(dec'd), Nellie, Loda, Alexander, Enoch. 

V. Albert M. Myers, b. in Fairfield Co., O., May 30, 


1847 ; "ird. Anna Alt May 22, 1873. P. O. Basil, O. 
Farmer ; Ref. ch. Children : (VI) Alma B. Myers, 
b. Mar. 25, 1874. P. O. Basil, O. S. (VI) Austin 
V. Myers, born May 16, 1878. 

IV. Samuel Meyers, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 27, 
1805 ; d. Feb. 4, 1879 ; mrd. Susanna Nash Dec. 24, 
1835. She was b. Dec. 30, 1810. Farmer; Menus. 
Children : Hannah, Jacob, Tobias, Christian, Amos, 
ElizaVjeth, Anna, Charles. 

V. Hannah Myers, b. Nov. 10, 1836 ; d. Sept. 3, 1838. 

V. Jacob N. Myers, born Feb. 19, 1838 ; mrd. Anna 
Maria Myers November 9, 1861. P. O. Fricks, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : John, Samuel, Sarah, 
Amos, Damon, Anna, Alfred, Amanda, Christian ,_ 

VI. John Myers, born Oct. 28, 1862 ; mrd. Susan 
Rosenberger Nov. ir, 1886. P. O. Silverdale, Pa. 
Children : (VII) Ottomar Myers, born Feb. 28, 1888 ; 
Titus, born January 9, 1891 ; Edna. 

VI. Samuel Myers, b. Mar. 7, 1864 ; d. Aug. 9, 1864. 

VI. Sarah Myers, born and died April 28, 1865. 

VI. Amos Myers, b. Jan. 26, 1867 ; d. Apr. 7, 1867. 

VI. Damon Myers, born April 17, 1868. 

VI. Anna Elizabeth Myers, 1). Dec. 19, 1869 ; died 
July 25, 1 88 1. 

VI. Alfred Myers, b. Dec. 17, 1871 ; d. vSept. 20, 1872. 

VI. Amanda Myers, born January 25, 1873 ; married 
Mahlon Detweiler. 

VI. Christian Myers, born August 24, 1874 ; died 
January 14, 1875. 

VI. Susan Myers, born March 29, 1878. 

V. Tobias N. Myers, b. Oct. 12, 1839 ; mrd. Rosanna 
Kratz January 19, 1.865. P. O. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Merchant. Children : (VI) Ulysses S. Grant Myers, 
born Nov. 23, 1865 ; mrd. Jeannetta N. Kline Jan. i, 
1890. Graduated at the Doylestown Seminary June 
1886. He is now in the house furnishing business in 
Philadelphia. One child : Russel Blair. (VI) S. Allen 
Myers, born October 24, 1869. (VI) Laura Bertha 
Myers, born Mar. 1876 ; died 1878. (Vl) Lillie May 
Myers, born Aug. 25, 1878. (VI) Rosa Pearl Myers, 
born July 2, 1882. 

— 423 — 

V. Christian M. Myers, b. April 29, 1841 ; married 
Eliza B., dau. of Samuel and Anna (Beidler) Stover, 
of Bedminster, at whose home, known as "Stover's 
Mills," near Pipersville, Pa., they have ever since 
resided. Mr. Myers' occupation has been that of 
miller, in which business he has been very successful, 
and from which he retired to private life on April i, 
1894. Children : Samuel, Hugh, Ira. 

VI. Samuel Horace M3xrs, b. Maj^ 6, 1864 ; married 
Eleanor Matilda, dau. of Isaac S. and Ellen A. 
(Capner) Stover, of Erwinna, Pa., Feb. 22, 1893. 
Mr. Myers graduated at Eafayette College June 25, 
1888, and also from the law department of the 
University of Penns\dvania at Philadelphia June 17, 
1892, and was immediately admitted a member of the 
Philadelphia Bar, where he has practiced law ever 
since. They have a home and reside in Germantown, 

VI. Hugh Ely Myers, b. Aug. 30, 187 1 ; graduated 
from Lafayette College June 21, 1893, ^^^^ i^ ^^w 
pursuing a post graduate of chemistry in the same col- 
lege, with a view of becoming an analytical chemist. 

VI. Ira Stover Myers, born Aug. 3, 1876 ; graduated 
from the Germantown (Pa.) Academy June 14, 1893, 
and entered the class of '98 at Lafayette College with 
a view of graduating in one of the sciences there. 

V. Amos Myers, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 29, 1842 ; 
married Huldah Myers Jan. 18, 1868. P. O. Plum- 
steadville. Pa. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : 
(VI) Clara Myers, born Jan. 25, 1869 ; (VI) Henry 
Myers, born and died April 5, 1870. (VI) Horace 
Watson Myers, born Aug. 31, 187 1. (VI) Edward M. 
Myers, born April 6, 1874. (VI) Annetta M3^ers, born 
Mar. 17, 1876. (VI) Samuel Myers, b. Nov. 15, 1878 ; 
died Nov. 15, 1880. (VI) Alice Myers, born Jan. 26, 
1 88 1. (VI) Susanna Myers, born and died Jan. 16, 
1885. (VI) Charles Elmer Myers, born May 2, 1886. 
(VI) Howard M. Myers, b. Feb.* 5, 1889. 

V. Ehzabeth Myers, b. Sept. 4, 1844 ; d. Feb. 5, 1863. 

V. Anna Myers, born March i, 1846 ; mrd. David B. 
Kratz (dec'd). P. O. Lansdale, Pa. Children: 
Samuel, Steward. 

— 424 — 

V. Charles Myers, b. Sept. 25, [847 ; mrd. Emma J., 
daii. of Eli h. Ziegler, May 30, 1874. P- O. South 
Hatfield, Pa. Travelling salesman ; Reformed ch. 
No issue. 

IV. Abrahatn Meyers, born December 19, 1807 ; died 
July 27, 1834. 

IV. Charles Meyers (dec'd), b. July 30, 1810; mrd. 
Susan Myers. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Abraham, 
Christian, Hannah, Henry, Albert. 

V. Abraham Myers, b. in Bucks Co. Aug. 28, 1835 ; 
mrd. Caroline, dau. of Stephen G. and Mary Bavnng- 
ton, Nov. 15, i860. P.O. Benjamin, Pa. Children: 

(VI) William Watson Myers, born July 10, 1862 ; 
Edward Myers, b. Dec. 13, 1868. 

V. Christian Myers, b. in Bucks Co. Aug. 19, 1837 ; 
mrd. Phoebe Ann, dau. of Stephen G. and Mary 
Bavington, Sept. 23, 1858. P. O. Carversville, Pa. 
Millwright. Children : Ada, Carrie, Charles, Alfred. 

VI. Ada Myers, b. Mar. 8, i860; mrd. Asa S. Niece 
Mar. 29, 1882. P.O. Phillipsburg, N. J. Engineer 
on Pennsylvania Railroad. Children : (VII) Ava 
Niece, b. May 18, 1883 ; Mabel W., b. June 24, 1890 ; 
Pauline, )). Jan. 23, 1893. 

VI. Carrie B. Myers, b. July i, 1861 ; mrd. John J. 
Spencer, Esq., June 18, 1885. P. O. Jamison, Pa. 
Conveyancer and general business agent. Children : 

(VII) Arthur M. Spencer, born Nov. 15, 1887 ; Ada 
Louisa, b. Sept. 29, 1889. 

VI. Charles Stephen Myers, b. Mar. 17, 1863 ; mrd. 
Pauline Herman Sept. 1891. P.O. New Haven, Conn. 
Creameryman. One child : (VII) Raymond vStephen 
Myers, b. June 16, 1892. 

VI. Alfred W. Myers, b. Oct. 11, 1867 ; mrd. Clara 
Tomlinson Aug. 22, 1889. Res. 2135 Corlies Ave., 
Phila. Telegraph oj^erator Penna. R. R. Children : 
(VII) Paul T. Myers, born Oct. i, 1890; d. July 22, 
1892. (VII) Oliver T. Myers, b. Nov. 22, 1892. 

V. Hannah Myers, b. June 27, 1843 ; died Dec. 10, 
1868 ; mrd. Stephen Rhoads April 6, 1863. Children : 
Charles, Albert. 

V. Henry C. Myers, bom Apr. 4, 1845 5 mrd. Mary 
Jane, daughter of Stephen G. and Mary Bavington, 



— 425 — 

Oct. 3, 1867. P. O. Doylestown, Pa. Farmer. Chil- 
dren : (VI; Laura Myers, born Feb. 21, 1869 ; mrd. 
Harvey C. Price Nov. 18, 1888. Farmer. One child : 
Stella Mav. (VI) Mamie Myers, born Oct. 17, 1870. 
(VI) Nettie Myers, b. July 26, 1872. (VI) Harry S. 
Myers, born April 14, 1878. 
V. Albert P. Myers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 2, 
1854 ; mrd. Maggie E. Zells June 6, 1884. Res. 605 
New York Ave., Washington, D. C. Merchant. One 
child : (VI) Charles Franklin Myers, b. Aug. 4, 1885. 

IV. Isaac Myers, b. Dec. 5, 18 13 ; d. Sept. 7, 1845 ; 

married Mary . Tailor. Children: Hannah, 

Catharine (died young). 

V. Hannah Myers, married George Wolfersberger 
(dec'd). Res. 4068 Spring Garden St., West Phila. 
Children : Marion May, Lillian (S.), Warren (dec'd). 

III. Esther Myers, died advanced in years. Single. 

III. Mary Myers, died advanced in years. Single. 

III. Barbara M3'ers (dec'd), married Charles Dyer. 
Children : (IV) Charles Dyer, d. single ; (IV) Edward 
Dyer, d. single ; (IV) Ehzabeth Dyer (dec'd), mrd. 
. No issue. 


II. Barbara Meyer (dec'd), b. about 1710 ; mrd. 
John Fretz, one of the pioneer ancestors of the numer- 
ous family of that name, who settled in Bucks count}^ 
Pa., soon after the first quarter of the eighteenth 
century, and who emigrated with his brother. Christian 
Fretz, and a third brother fname unknown, who died 
on the voyage), from near the city of Manheim, in the 
Grand Duchy of Baden, Germany, formerly known as 
the Palatinate, or Rhemish Prussia. 

It is quite evident that the Fretz brothers landed 
at the port of Philadelphia, and in all probability 
arrived there some time between the years 1700 and 
1720. It is said that they came to this country during 
what was known as "the last persecution." They 
were given the alternative of connecting themselves 
with the State Church or leave the country, and with 
many others of their countrymen they chose, rather 
than to give up their religious liberty, to leave the 
" Fatherland," the land of their l)irth, the homes of 
their kindred and friends, the graves of their ancestors, 
and all the hallowed associations of the home and 
country of their nativity, and found for themselves a 
home in a strange and far-off land where they could 
worship God " under their own vine and fig tree," ac- 
cording to the dictates of their own conscience without 
fear or molestation. They came about 30 or 40 years 
before the French and Indian war, when the country 
was but sparsely settled, the inconveniences great, 
and the equally dangerous red man infested the land. 
They were still living during the period when some 
of the great subjects, which eventually led to the war 
of the Revolution were being agitated, and their chil- 
dren were settled with families during the bloody 
struggle for independence. 

— 427 — 

It is not known where the}- at first settled. It is 
said that they came with the Meyer ancestors, and 
they, no doubt, settled somewhere in Montgomery 
count}^ for a time, and later permanently settled in 
Bucks county. John Fretz located in w^hat was then 
Plumstead township, but now Bedminster, on what is 
known as the old Fretz homestead, one mile northeast 
of Bedminsterville, now owned by Ely Fretz and 
occupied by his son, Mahlon M. Fretz. The home- 
stead originally consisted of 230 acres of land, which 
John Fretz purchased of Bartholomew Longstreth in 
1737 or 1738, for which he paid ^106, the release 
being given in the latter year in the month of May. 
The tract had a house, barn and other buildings, but 
was surrounded on all sides by vacant and unimproved 
wild land. 

John Fretz was a weaver by trade and was known 
as " Weaver John." Of his public services nothing 
is known of especial interest, further than that he 
was one of the committee to form the new township 
of Bedminster in 1741. 

John Fretz and wife, Barbara, and their immediate 
descendants, were Mennonites and worshipped at 
Deep Run, first in the old log church, built about 
1746, and later in the old stone church built about 
1766, and which stood for over 100 years. They no 
doubt aided in erecting these churches, both by con- 
tributing of their means and labor, and from the 
latter their remains were carried to their last earthh^ 
resting place in the cemetery adjoining. " May their 
ashes rest in peace until the trump of Gabriel shall 
awake the dead to come forth and obtain the inherit- 
ance of the faithful." 

John Fretz died in 1772, probably in February. 
His last will and testament was dated January 29, 
1772, and was probated on March 3 of the same year, 
which vshows he died between the two dates given. 
The provisions of the will were that his son Christian 
should have the farm and pay ^800, and each of the 
children were to have equal shares, except the sum of 
^60, which was to be distributed among the children 
of his first wife, and which came from their grand- 

— 428 — 

father (on the mother's side. ) To the widow ( Maria, ^ 
his second wife) was willed ^loo, of which she was 
to receive the interest as long as .she remained his 
widow. She was to have the house in which George 
White lived at that time. 

The children of John and Barbara Fretz were 
John, Jacob, Christian, Abraham, Elizabeth. 

III. John Fretz, b. Mar. 1730 ; d. May 4, 1826, aged 
96 years ; mrd. Mary Kolb (dec'd), of Tinicum Twp., 
Bucks Co., Pa., in 1754. She was b. Sept. 10, 17.30. 
He lived previous to and at the time of his father's 
death on the Tohickon, in Haycock Twp., Bucks Co., 
where he owned and operated a mill. He afterwards 
moved below Doylestown, from where (in 1800) he 
emigrated to Canada with all his famil}^ except his 
daughter Barbara, who married Jacob Silvius and 
remained with her family in Bucks county, and Moses, 
who went to Canada the year previous. The journey 
to Canada was in wagons and on foot. The old 
people rode and the younger members of the family 
walked. It is said that Mrs. Hippie carried her 
child all the w^ay to Canada on foot. 

An incident occurred during the residence of 
John Fretz in Pennsylvania which undoubtedly in- 
dicates that in his sypmpathies he was more loyal to 
the British Crown then to the American It 
was during the early days of the Revolution. The 
patriot army being somewhat destitute of arms, the 
soldiers went from house to house collecting guns for 
the army from the settlers. On coming to his house 
they asked for his gun. He took the weapon from its 
accustomed place and replied to the soldiers : ' ' Yes, 
you can have mv gun, but I'll keep hold of the butt 
end of it." 

In 1 80 1 the first Mennonite church was established 
in Canada, known as Moyer's church. Of this church 
he was ordained deacon in 1801, being the first 
deacon of the Mennonite church in Canada. Chil- 

*John Fretz was twice married. His second wife was 

Maria , by whom he liad three children : Mark, Henry, 


— 429 — 

dren : Manasseh, Barbara, Abraham, Kphraini, 
Judith, Moses, Anna, Dianna, Sarah, EHzabeth. 

IV. Manasseh Fretz, b. in Bucks Co. Mar. 22, 1755 ; 
died in Canada j nird. Mary Swartz Dec. 7, 1779. 
She d. June 4, 1781. One child : John, d. in infancy. 
Manasseh married second wife Anna Kulp Aug. 31, 
1781. Shed. May 15, 1803. Children:^ Margaret, 
Mary, Ephraim, Elizabeth, Samuel, Barbara, Hannah, 
Judith, David. Manasseh married third wife Esther 
Bleam. Tanner and farmer ; Menus. 

V. David Fretz, born in Hilltown Twp., Bucks Co., 
May 17, 1799 ; d. in Lincoln Co., Out.; mrd. Eliza- 
beth Rittenhouse April 27, 1824. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : Barbara, Esther, Manasseh, Michael, 
Hannah, Samuel, Sarah, David, Jacob, Mary, 

VI. Barbara Fretz, born May 8, 1825 ; mrd. John 
Martin Apr. 14,1846. Farmer; Menus. Children: 
David, John, Elizabeth, Mary, Maggie, Barbara, 
Catharine ; Esther, Hannah, both died in infancy. 

VII. David F. Martin, b. Mar. 27, 1848 ; d. 1889 ; 
married Maggie Rittenhouse Mar. 18, 1873. P- O- 
Bying, Out. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Barbara, 
Clara, Mary, Sarah, John, Joseph. 

VII. John F. Martin, married . 

VII. Elizabeth F. Martin, mrd. John Rittenhouse. 
Farmer. Children : Lottie, Emma. 

VII. Mary F. Martin, b. in 1856 ; married Rudolph 
Hunsinger. P.O. Jordan, Out. Carpenter ; Mrs. H. 
Meth. Children: Alberta, Mary (dec'd). 

VII. Maggie F. Martin, born 1858 ; married Fred G. 
Nonnamaker. Farmer. No issue. 

VII. Barbara F. Martin, b. 1863 ; married Henr}' R. 
Nonnamaker. Farmer. No issue. 

VII. Catharine F. Martin, mrd. J. W. Nonnamaker. 
Blacksmith. No issue. 

VI. Esther Fretz, b. Oct. i, 1826 ; d. Aug. 24, 1877 ; 
mrd. Elias Culp Mar. 7, 1854. He died Mar. 8, 1882. 
Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : David, Magdalena, 

*For descendants of the eight eldest children see Fretz 

— 430 — 

Solomon, Henr}' (dec'd), Susan, Josiah, Joshua, 

VI. Manasseh C. Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ont. , 
Oct, 5, 1828 ; married Mary Reesor Oct. 14, 1851. 
Retired farmer ; Menus. No issue. 

VI. Michael Fretz, b. July 14, 1830 ; d. Jan. 16, 1893 ; 
married Magdalena Reesor March 7, 1854. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : Josiah, Manasseh, Annie, John, 
Mar3% Levi, David. 

VII.' Josiah R. Fretz, b. 1858 ; d. 1859. 

VII. Manasseh Fretz, b. Mar. 31, i860; mrd. Mar}^ 
Ann Cober. P.O. Markham, Ont. Children : Joseph, 
Martha Ora (dec'd), Ralph, Oran. 

VII. Annie Fretz, b. Mar. 10, 1862 ; married Tilman 
McDowell. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 243.) 
VII. John R. Fretz, b. Dec. 17, 1866. 
VII. Mary E. Fretz, b. May 3, 1869. 
VII. Levi R. Fretz, b. Nov. 13, 187 1. 
VII. David Gleason Fretz, b. July 7, 1885. 

VI. Hannah Fretz, born June 7, 1832 ; mrd. Jacob 
Overholt Sept. 30, 1851. P.O. Jordan Station, Ont. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : Solomon, Henry, Mary, 

VII. Solomon Overholt, born Ma}' 18, 1852 ; married 
Almeda Kratz. Children : Anna, Cora. 

VH. Henry Overholt, b. Aug. 14, 1854 ; mrd. Cornlia 
Dean. One child : Francis. 

VII. Mary Overholt, born Oct. 28, 1856 ; married 
Alexander Heckadon. Farmer. Children : Jessie, 
Edwin, Nellie. 

VII. David Josiah Overholt, b. Feb. 24, 1866. Agent 
for Canadian Pacific Railroad, at Avonmore, Ont. ; 
Meth. One child : Flossie. 

VI. Samuel J. Fretz, b. May i, 1834 ; mrd. Margaret 
Housser April 15, 1856. P.O. Jordan, Ont. Farmer ; 
Menns. Children : Anna, John, Mary, Sarah, Cath- 
arine, Barbara, Jacob, Margaret, Sylvester, Albert, 
Emanuel, Emerson. 

VII. Anna E. Fretz, b. Fel). 4, 1857 ; died Dec. 18, 
1887 ; nird. Solomon H. MoNcr. (See Index of Ref- 
erences No. 275.) 

VII. John F. Fretz, b. Dec. 30, 1858 ; d. Oct. 1859. 

— 431 — 

VII. Mar}^ Fretz, b. April 20, i860, 

VII. Sarah Fretz, b. July 5, 1861 ; mrd. Solomon H. 
Eckhardt Mar. 25, 1888. 

VII. Catharine Fretz, b. Mar. 14, 1863 ; mrd. Joshua 
Atyeo Nov. 25, 1884. Farmer. Children : William, 

VII. Barbara Fretz, b. Nov. 30, 1864. Shigle. 

VII. Jacob H. Fretz, b. Oct. 17, 1866. Single. 

VII. Margaret Fretz, b. May 1869 ; d. Nov. 1869. 

VII. Sylvester Fretz, b. Oct. 2, 1870. 

VII. Albert Fretz, b. Jan. 1874 ; d. in 1880. 

VII. Emanuel Fretz, b. Jan. 17, 1877. 

VII. Emerson Fretz, b. July 1879 ; d. in 1880. 

VI. Sarah Fretz, b. Feb. 27, 1836 ; d. June 15, 1857 ; 
mrd. Samuel Wismer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 276.) 

VI. David Fretz, b. Mar. 5, 1838 ; d. Mar. 26, 1878 ; 
mrd. Barbara Houser Aug. 30, 1859. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : William, Franklin, Elizabeth, Nancy, 
David, Sophia, Eavina. 

VII. Wilham Fretz, b. Sept. 2, i860; mrd. Maggie 
Troup Sept. 22, 188 r. P. O. Jordan Station, Ont. 
Farmer. Children: (VIII) Myrtle Fretz, b. July 17, 
1885; Lillian, b. Nov. 18, 1888. 

VII. Franklin Fretz, b. Nov. 3, 1861 ; mrd. Catharine 
Honsberger Oct. 3, 1888. P.O. Jordan Station, Ont. 
Carpenter; Meth. One child : (VIII) Clarence Elton 
Fretz, b. Jan. 26, 1890. 

VII. Elizabeth Fretz, b. Dec. 11, 1862; mrd. James 
Troup Oct. 5, 1882. Farmer ; Methodist. Children : 
Franklin, David, Mildred. 

VII. Nancy Fretz, b. July 9, 1864 ; mrd. Alexander 
Troup. Track foreman on railroad ; Meth. Chil- 
dren : Arthur, William, Roy. 

VII. David Fretz, b. Mar. 5, 1866; married Minnie 
Troup. Carpenter ; Meth. 

VII. Sophia Fretz, b. Dec. 25, 1867 ; mrd. Martin L. 
Ressor. Farmer ; Meth. One child : Edna May. 

VII. Lavina Fretz, b. Feb. 7, 1869. Meth. 

VI. Jacob Fretz, b. Dec. 16, 1839 ; mrd. Magdalena 
Shirk July 21, 1863. P.O. Jordan Sta., Ont. Farmer; 
Menus. Children : . Benjamin, Christian, Clara, 
Norman, Arminta, Manasseh, Edward. 

— 432 — 

VI. Mary Fretz, b. June ry, 1842 ; mrd. Rev. Joseph 
M. Wismer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 277.) 

VI. Elizabeth Fretz, b. Sept. i, 1844 ; d. Jan. i, 1848. 

IV. Barbara Fretz, b. Ma}- 22, 1756; died April 10, 
182 1 ; mrd. Jacob Silvins Sept. 15, 1797. He died 
April 15, 1845. Blacksmith, weaver and farmer; 
Menns. Children : Mary, Susanna. 

IV. Abraham Fretz (dec'd), b. Feb. 3, 1758. No issue. 

IV. Ephraim Fretz, b. Aug. 18, 1760 ; d. young. 

IV. Judith Fretz, b. Oct. 27, 1761 ; died in Canada 
Jan. 18, 1837 ; mrd. Thomas Watters. He d. Dec. 4, 
1849. One child : Nanc}'. 

IV. Moses Fretz, b. Dec. 23, 1763 ; d. Oct. 4, 1843. 
He emigrated to Canada in 1799. No issue. 

IV. Anna Fretz, born in 1765 ; died young. 

IV. Dinah Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., May 30, 
1768 ; died in Canada Sept. 7, 1801 ; mrd. Michael 
Rittenhouse June 11, 1793. He was b. in Bucks Co. 
Sept. I, 1768 ; died Aug. 2, 1852. He emigrated to 
Canada in 1800. Farmer; Menns. Children: Mary, 
Margaret, Anna, John. 

V. Mary Rittenhouse fdec'd), b. in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Apr. 4, 1794 ; mrd. Tilman Houser^ Apr. 13, 1813. 

*1. Grandson of a pioneer Honsser, who emigrated from 
Switzerland to America, and durini^ the "old French" war 
disappeared, and was thought to have been kidnapped by the 
Indians, He had an only son, ( |I ) Jacob (father of the above 
Tilman), born in Penna. June 20, 1759 ; mrd. Susanna, dau. of 
"Strong'' Isaac Kolb, and widow of Jacob INIeyer, Jr. In 
1 801 they emigrated from Bucks county, Pa., to Canada, 
and settled in Clinton township, Lincoln county, Ont., on the 
farm now owned by John Moyer. Farmer ; Menns. Children : 
Samuel, Elizabeth, Isaac, Jacob, Tillman, Susan, Henry. 

III. Samuel Housser, born March 3, 1782; mrd. Catharine 
High. Children : Jacob, Isaac, Samuel, Magdalena, Anna, 
Catharine, Abram, David, IMar^-aret, John. 

III. Elizabeth Housser, born ]\Iarcli 9, 1784 ; married George 
Wine^£(ardner. Children : Susan, Jacob, John, Anna, Eliza- 
beth, Samuel, Abraham. 

III. Isaac Housser, b. June 1787 ; mrd. Molly High. Chil- 
dren : Jacob, Catharine, Laney, Wdliam, Susan. 

III. Jacob Housser, b. Jiily 11, 1789 ; mrd. Elizabeth Johnson. 
Children : Tillman, Elizabeth, Susanna, Mar}-, Catharine. 

III. Tillman Housser, born Oct. 9, 1791 ; mrd. Mary Ritten- 
house. Children : ]Michael, Margaret, Jacob, Barbara, Anna» 
Susan, John, Joseph. Tillman, Sanniel, Daniel. 

A. F. Myers, M. D. 

(See Page 365.) 

— 433 — 

He was b. Oct. 19, 1792 ; d. Jan. 31, 1871. Farmer 
in Lincoln Co., Ont. ; Menns. Children: Michael, 
Margaret, Jacob, Barbara, Anna, Susannah, John, 
Joseph, Tilman, Samuel, Daniel. 

V. Michael Housser, b. Jan. 11, 1814 ; mrd. Barbara 
MoyerMar. 12, 1839. P.O. Campden, Ont. Farmer ; 
Evan. Ass'n. Children : Jacob, Tillman, Catharine, 
Samuel, Mary, William, Barbara. 

VII. Jacob M. Houser, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Oct. 24, 1841 ; married Margaret Hippie Jan. 19, 
1864. Farmer; Evan. Ass'n. Children: (VIII) Infant 
daughter, b. Nov. 19, 1865 ; d. next day. (VIII) Mary 
Etta Houser, b. Dec. 3, 1867. (VIII) Emma Priscilla 
Houser, born Nov. 8, 1872. 

VII. Tillman M. Houser, born May 20, 1843 »* "^^d. 
Agnes Wingrove Feb. 13, 1868. P.O. Campden, Ont. 
Farmer. Children : Arminta, Laura, Herbert. 

VII. Catharine Houser, b. Feb. 12, 1845 ; mrd. EHas 
N. Fry Sept. 25, 1866. P.O. Campden, Ont. Wheel- 
wright ; Evan. Ass'n. Children : Albert, Rosa, San- 
ford, Charles, Edith (dec'd), Willie, Lottie. 

VII. Samuel M. Houser, born Nov. 21, 1846 ; mrd. 
Anna Fry Oct. 31, 1872. She died Jan. 30, 1876. 
P. O. Campden, Ont. Farmer ; Evan. Ass'n. Chil- 
dren : Nellie Bell, Sarah Dell. Samuel mrd. second 
wife Adelaide Brown Rooth. One child : Eldon. 

VII. Mary Houser, born July 21, 1850; married 
A. D. Smith Feb. 22, 1877. 

VII. WilHam M. Houser, born Sept. 3, 1853 ; "^^d- 
Melissa E. Morley Dec. 31, 1878. P. O. Campden, 
Ont. Miller ; Ev. Ass'n. Children : Rolland, Nettie, 
Bertha, Arthur, Orland. 

VII. Barbara Houser, born Sept. 5, i860 ; married 
J. M. Smith Dec. 23, 1880. 

VI. Margaret Houser, b. Sept. 20, 1815 ; d. Sept. 10, 
1836 ; mrd. David M. Bearss in 1834. He was born 

III. Susan Housser, b. Aug. 17, 1794; mrd. Isaac Osborne. 
Children : Margaret, Catharine, Elizabeth, John, William, 
Jacob, Isaac. 

III. Henry Housser, b. October 12, 1799; mrd. Magdalena 
Honsburger. Children : Jacob, Agnes, Christopher, Susan, 
Laney, Samuel. 

— 434 — 

March i, 1814 ; died Oct. 10, 1889. Carpenter and 
farmer in Elgin county, Ont.; Friends. Children: 
Joseph, Til man. 

VII. Joseph H. Bearss, born at Humberstone, Ont., 
Nov. 23, 1834; married Adaline T. DeLong Feb. 13, 
i860. P.O. Fostoria, Mich. After the death of his 
mother Mr. Bearss lived with his grandfather for a 
time. His father, having married again, moved upon 
a farm in what was known as the Talbot Countr}^ in 
1838. The following Summer Mr. Bearss returned 
to the parental roof, riding 130 miles in a lumber 
wagon with strangers. He left home at the age of 18 
to learn the joiners trade, and resided in Norwich, 
Ont., sixteen years. In 1871 he purchased a farm in 
Lapeer county, Mich., and moved on it in 1872. Mr. 
Bearss has held the positions of Treasurer and Super- 
visor of his township. Metli. Prot. One child : 
(VIII) Morely Vanness Bearss, b. July 9, 1875. 

VII. Tilman Bearss, born September 10, 1836 ; died 
September 20, 1836. 

VI. Jacob Houser, born February 7, 1818 ; died 
September 20, 1828. 

VI. Barbara Houser, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Mar. 5, 
1820. Menu. 

VI. Anna Houser, born April 30, 1822 ; d. Sept. 5, 
1846. Menu. 

VI. Susanna Houser, b. Sept. 5, 1824. Evan. Ass'n. 

VI. John Houser, born November 10, 1828 ; died 
May 10, 1844. 

VI. Joseph Houser, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Mar. 8, 
1830 ; mrd. Lydia Grobb Jan. 23, 1854. P'armer ; 
Meth. Children : Sarah, Mary, Franklin, Lucinda, 
Levi, Ida, Allen, Sophia, Amanda. 

VII. Sarah Catharine Houser, b. Nov. 4, 1854 ; mrd. 
Solomon Smith Dec. 24, 1873. P. O. South Cayuga, 
Ont. Farmer; Meth. Children: (VIII) Wilber M. 
Smith, b. Dec. 11, 1875 ; Loren, b. Dec. 19, 1882. 

VII. Mary Jane Houser, born March 12, 1858 ; died 
February 18, 1865. 

VII. Franklin Houser, born December 2, i860 ; died 
February 14, 1865. 

VII. Lucinda Houser, born May 28, 1863. 

— 435 — 

VII. Levi Houser, born August ii, 1865. 
VII. Ida Houser, born June 18, 1868. 
VII. Allen Houser, born August 26, 1869. 
VII. Sophia Houser, born September 24, 187 1. 
VII. Amanda Houser, born May 21, 1874. 

VI. Tilman R. Houser, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
June 17, 1832 ; mrd. Margaret Hunsl^erger May 12, 
1853. P. O. Campden, Ont. Farmer; Meth. Chil- 
dren : Mary, Franklin, Sarah, Emma, Anna, Mary, 
John, Agnes, Martha. 

VII. Mary Catharine Houser, b. Sept. 14, 1853 ; ^^^^ 
May 2, 1857. 

VII. Franklin Housser, born Mar. 19, 1855 ; mrd. 
Harriet Elesela Book Jan. 7, 1885. She was born 
Ma}'' 21, 1865. P. O. Campden, Ont. Farmer. One 
child : (VIII) Arthur Emery Houser, b. May 21, 1890. 

VII. Sarah Jane Houser, born Jan. 23, 1857 ; mrd. 
Jonathan Smith Oct. 4, 1883. He was b. Sept. 12, 
1858. P. O. Allanburgh, Ont. Farmer ; Meth. 
Children: (VIII) Eugenie Maud Myrtle Smith, born 
July 14, 1884 ; Charles Russel, born P'eb. 7, 1886 ; 
Anna Lulu, b. Apr. 21, 1887 ; Horace Franklin, born 
July 13, 1888 ; Flossie, born Nov. 28, 1889 ; Mar}^ 
Margaret, born July 20, 1891. 

VII. Emma Margaret Houser, born Dec. 16, 1858 ; 
mrd. Charles H. Vanderburgh Sept. 8, 1881. He was 
b. Nov. 27, 1858. P. O. Allanburgh, Ont. Farmer ; 
Meth. Children : (VIH) Alice Ethel Vanderburgh, 
born Mar. i, 1883 ; Edna Emma, b. Aug. 13, 1885 ; 
Gertrude, born June 5, 1890. 

VII. Anna Rose Alpha Houser, born Jan. 30, 1862 ; 
mrd. William W. P'isher Dec. 29, 1881. He was born 
September 25, 1857. P. O. St. Anns, Ont. Farmer ; 
Evan. Ass'n. Children : (VIII) Maggie May Fisher, 
b. Feb. 19, 1885 ; William Clarence, b. P'eb. 14, 1892. 

VII. Mary Catharine Houser, b. Oct. 6, 1863 ; mrd. 
David Albion Hansel Jan. 20, 1886. He was born 
June 21, 1863. Res. 246 John St., Hamilton, Ont. 
Carpenter; Meth. One child : (VIII) Dora Hansel, 
born June 26, 1886. 

VII. John Houser, b. Oct. 12, 1867 ; mrd. Esther E., 
dau. of M. F. Haney, M. D., July 30, 1890. P. O. 

— 43(3 — 

Humberstone, Ont. Public school principal ; Meth. 
Children : (VIII) Bertha Marion Houser, b. Nov. ii, 
189 1 ; Gertrude Evylin, born April 24, 1894. 

VII. Agnes Etta Houser, born September 15, 1869 ; 
died February 9, 1870. 

VII. Martha Alice Houser, born Sept. 2, 1875 ; died 
February 17, 1877. 

VI. Samuel R. Houser, born Jan. 23, 1837 ; married 
Barbara Hunsberger. P.O. Dunnville, Ont. Farmer; 
Meth. Children : Mary, Alice. 

VI. Daniel Houser, born and died March 20, 1839. 

V. Margaret Rittenhouse (dec'd), b. in Bucks Co., 
Pa., Feb. i, 1796 ; mrd. Joseph Fretz. (See Index 
of References No. 278.) 

V. Anna Rittenhouse, born in Bucks Co. March 15, 
1798 ; d. Apr. 5, 1880 ; mrd. Abraham Hunsberger. 
(See Ind. of Ref. No. 279.) 

V. John Rittenhouse, born May 22, 1800 ; died in 
Lincoln Co., Ont., June 8, 1881 ; married Elizabeth, 
dau. of John and Esther (Wismer) Funk, of Bucks 
Co., Pa., in 1826. Elizabeth, in compan}^ with her 
sister Katie, went to Canada to visit friends, and 
while there Elizabeth married John Rittenhouse. 
They made their wedding trip on horseback to Bucks 
county. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : Michael ; 
Andrew, Mary (both d. in infancy); Barbara, Jacob, 
John, Catharine, Abraham, George, Moses, Dinah, 

VI. Michael Rittenhouse, born Jan. 10, 1829 ; died 
September 1856. Single. 

VI. Barbara Rittenhouse, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
April 19, 1833 ; died Oct. 4, 1871 ; married Henry 
Albright Jan. 23, 1855. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
John, Abraham, Israel, Ruby. 

VII. John Albright, b. Jan. 4, 1856. Farmer. 

VII. Abraham Albright, b. Dec. 21, 1859; married 
Price Nov. 17, 1886. Button Mfr. at Berlin, Ont. 

VII. Israel Albright, born April 26, 1862 ; mrd. Ella 
TufTord. Methodist. 

VII. Ruby Albright, born November 29, 1868. 

VI. Jacob F. Rittenhouse, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Oct. 24, 1834; d. Dec. 4, 1894; mrd. Agnes Wismer 

— 437 — 

Feb. I, 1859. She died March 25, 1865. Farmer; 
Menus. Children : Anna, Ehzabeth, Martha. Jacob 
married second wife Barbara Kratz Nov. 30, 1865. 
Children : Frank, Moses, Mary. 

VII. Anna Rittenhouse, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Mav 10, i860 ; married Rev. Allen M. Fretz. (See 
Ind'. of Ref. No. 280.) 

VII. Ehzabeth Rittenhouse, born January 7, 1862. 

VII. Martha Rittenhouse, born August 9, 1863 ; died 
March 25, 1875. 

VII. Frank K. Rittenhouse, b. Sept. 24, 1866 ; mrd. 
Molley Kelly. Stationary engineer in Chicago. Chil- 
dren : Mary, Frank. 

VII. Moses K. Rittenhouse, born July 8, 1869. 

VII. Mary Rittenhouse, born June 2, 1872 ; mrd. 
George Steward. One child : Kenneth. 

VI. Rev. John F. Rittenhouse, born in Lincoln Co., 
Ont., Feb. 13, 1836 ; married Elizabeth Honsberger 
Nov. 23, 1858. P. O. Jordan, Ont. Farmer. He 
w^as ordained a deacon of the Mennonite church in 
1885, and ordained minister at Moyer's church in the 
Spring of 1889. Children : Infant, Solomon, Anna, 
Ettie, Enoch, infant, Cinderella, infant, Edith, 
Albertie, Valeria, Jonathan, David. 

VII. Infant son, b. Jan. 29, i860 ; died next day. 

VII. Solomon Rittenhouse, born July 4, 1861 ; mrd. 
Mattie Moor December 1885. Methodist. Children : 
(VIII) Arthur Rittenhouse, b. June 2. 1887 ; Edith, 
born December 10, 1888. 

VII. Anna Rittenhouse, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
March 18, 1863 ; mrd. Joseph Wismer. (See Index 
of References No. 281.) 

VII. Ettie Rittenhouse, b. Nov. 5, 1864 ; mrd. Robert 
F. Martin. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 282.) 

VII. Enoch Rittenhouse, born April 11, 1866 ; died 
September 10, 1877. 

VII. Infant son, b. Nov. 3, 1868 ; died second day. 

VII. Cinderella Rittenhouse, b. Sept. 29, 1869 ; died 
in 1895 ; married Edward W. Fry Jan. 14, 1890. 
P. O. Jordan, Ont. 

VII. Infant son, b. July i, 1871 ; d. Sept. 15, 1871. 

— 438- 

VII. Kdith Rittenhouse, born Sept. ii, 1872; died 
September 18, 1880. 

VII- Alberta Rittenhouse, born October 8, 1874. 

VII. Valeria Rittenhouse, born October 24, 1875. 

VII. Jonathan Rittenhouse, born February 9, 1877. 

VII. David Rittenhouse, born August 5, 1878 ; died. 
September 13, 1878. 

VI. Catharine Rittenhouse, born January 1838 ; died 
Dec. 1872 ; mrd. Jacob Swartz. No issue. 

VI. Rev. Abraham Rittenhouse, born in Lincoln Co., 
Out., Oct. 24, 1840 ; mrd. Christena Kienzle Feb. 10, 
1863. P. O. Jordan, Out. Farmer and minister. 
He was ordained to the ministry at Mo^^er's Mennonite 
church. Lincoln Co., Out., Oct. 22, 1871. Children : 
Emma, Barbara, Sophia, Tobias, Naomi, Abraham, 
Jacob, Mary, John, William, Aaron, Moses, Margaret. 

VII. Emma Alice Rittenhouse, b. Jan. 9, 1864 ; mrd. 
Isaac Reesor Dec. 16, 1890. P. O. Cedar Grove, Ont. 
Farmer ; Mennonites. One child : (VIII) Christena 
Reesor, born October 25, 1893. 

VII. Barbara E. Rittenhouse, b. July 24, 1865 ; mrd. 
Albert B. Reesor Jan. 13, 1891. Farmer ; Menns. 
One child : (VIII) Emma Reesor, born Jan. 2, 1893. 

VII. Sophia Rittenhouse, born July 16, 1867 ; mrd. 
David N. Reesor January 17, 1893. Farmer. One 
child : (VIII) Alvin Edwin Reesor, b. Nov. 17, 1893. 

VII. Tobias Rittenhouse, born February 5, 1-869. 

VII. Naomi Rittenhouse, born Aug. 3, 1870 ; mrd. 
Jacob B. Reesor Jan. 17, 1894. P- O- Cedar Grove, 
Ont. Farmer ; Menns. 

VII. Abraham Rittenhouse, Jr., born July 28, 1872. 

VII. Jacob Rittenhouse, born August 28, 1874. 

VII. Mary Rittenhouse, born July 29, 1876. 

VII. John Rittenhouse, born March 4, 1879. 

VII. William Rittenhouse, b. Apr. 6, 188 1 ; d. 1894. 

VII. Aaron and Moses Rittenhouse (twnns), born 
May 12, 1884. 

VII. Margaret Rittenhouse, b. April 29, 1887 ; died 
next da}^ 

VI. George Rittenhouse, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Sept. 12, 1843 ; mrd. Mary Honsberger Dec. 26, 1865. 
P. O. South Cayuga, Ont. Farmer ; Menns. Chil- 

— 439 — 

dreti : (VII) John Rittenhouse, born June ii, 1867 ; 
Franklin, b. Jan. 13, 1869 ; Allen, b. Jan. 29, 1872 ; 
Elizabeth, b. Mar. 4, 1874 ; Sarah, b. Mar. 18, 1875 ; 
Rosetta, born June 22, 1879. 

VI. Moses F. Rittenhouse, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Aug. 12, 1846 ; mrd. Emma Stover, of Bucks Co., 
Dec. 1 87 1. Lumber merchant in Chicago ; Presby. 
Children : (VII) Edward F. Rittenhouse, b. Nov. 3, 
1872 ; Charles J., born Nov. 13, 1874; Walter, born 
March 31, 1879. 

VI. Dinah Rittenhouse, born Ma}^ 23, 1848 ; died 
May 19, 1883 ; married Allen Moyer. (See Index of 
References No. 283.) 

VI. Wilhani Rittenhouse, M. D., b. in Lincoln Co., 
Ont., Sept. 5, 1852 ; mrd. Mary, dau. of Wilham W. 
Moyer, of Campden, Ont., Apr. 2, 1874. Mr. Ritten- 
house received a common school education, attending 
school in the Winter months, and as soon as he was 
old enough w^orked on his father's farm in the 
Summer. Before he was quite 17 he obtained a cer- 
tificate to teach, and on Januar}^ i, 1870, took charge 
of his first school. For over thirteen years he labored 
in the school room until he was compelled to seek 
other occupation by failing health. At the age of 22, 
w^hile teaching a country school at the modest sum of 
$400 a year, he was married. Three years later he 
secured an appointment to a position in the Central 
school of St. Catharines, Ont. After four 3^ears of 
hard work he was promoted to headmastership of the 
school. But the unceasing labor, the close confine- 
ment, and the loss of two of his children so wore 
upon his health that he resigned his position in 1883 
to seek more active out-door life. During the same 
year he began the study of medicine, and the next 
year removed to Chicago, where he received his 
degree at the College of Ph3^sicians and Surgeons in 
1886, and at once settled down in the same cit}' to 
engage in the practice of his profession. Dr. Ritten- 
house holds the chair of obstetrics in the Chicago 
Summer School of Medicine, of which he is one of the 
founders. Children: (Vll) Ernest Rittenhouse, born 
May I, 1876; (Vll) Jane Rittenhouse, born April 12, 

— 440 — 

1881 ; died Aug. 25, 1882. (VII) Henry Ritteiihouse, 
b. Aug. 3, 1883; d. Oct. 23, 1883. 
IV. Sarah Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 26, 
1771 ; d. in Lincoln Co., Ont., June 16, 1866; mrd. 
Lawrence Hippie November 21, 1766. He was born 
Sept. 1775 ; d. July 31, 1840. Moved to Canada in 
1800. Mennonites. Children: Moses, Mary, Judith, 
Margaret, Sarah, William, John, LawTence, Barbara. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, b. in Bucks Co. Oct. 13, 1774 ; 
died in Lincoln Co., Ont., October 21, i860 ; married 
Abraham Grobb. He died June 23, 1842. Menus. 
Children : Elizabeth, Mary, John, Abraham, David, 
Moses, Susan, Joseph. 

V. Elizabeth Grobb (dec'd), b. Jan. 3, 1797 ; mrd. 
Manasseh Tufford. 

V. Mary Grobb, b. Sept. 7, 1798 ; mrd. Jacob Smith. 

V. John Grobb, b. Mar. 21, 1800 ; d. Feb. 7, 1885 ; 
mrd. Mary High March 13, 1827. She died July 29, 
1880. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : Abraham, 
Henry, Elizabeth, Mary, Barbara, Joseph, Catharine. 

VI. Abraham Grobb, b. Dec. 12, 1827 ; d. Sept. 30, 
188 1 ; mrd. Lucretia House. One child : Hattie. 

VI. Henry Grobb, born Sept. 18, 1829 ; mrd. Mary 
Wismer. One child : Aaron. 
VI. Elizabeth Grobb, born July 22, 1832. Single. 

VI. Mary Grobb, born in Lincoln Co., Out., Jan. 27, 
1837 ; d. June 30, 1880 ; mrd. John J. Leish Dec. 26, 
1854. He was b. at Harsley Lyne Side, Northumber- 
land, Eng. , April 13, 1827 ; d. in Canada March 17, 
1893. Farmer ; Cath. Children : Elizabeth, Mathew, 
Mary, Annie, Catharine, John, Bertha, Marguerite, 
Nellie, Harry, Julia. 

VII. Elizabeth Leish (dec'd), b. September 5, 1855. 
VII. Mathew Leish, born October 22, 1857. Single. 
VII. Mary Leish, born March 16, i860. Single. 

VII. Annie Leish, born March 2, 1862 ; mrd. John 
McDowell. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 284.) 

VII. Catharine L. Leish, born Sept. 23, 1865 ; mrd. 
Robert Ives June 28, 1882. P. O. Jordan, Ont. 
Farmer ; Cath. Children : (VIII) Hessie Ives, born 
July 6, 1885 ; Willie, b. Jan. 8, 1886 ; Ruby, born 
April 26, 1887 ; Augustine, born March 28, 1890. 

Henry G. Meyers. 

See Page 416. 

— 441 — 

VII. John Leish, born December 23, 1867. Single. 

VII. Bertha Leish, born June 27, 1870. Entered the 
Mt. Saint Joseph's Academy, at Buffalo, as Sister 
Mary Gregory. 

VII. Marguerite Leish, born December 8, 1873. S. 

VII. Nellie Leish, b. Feb. 22, 1875. At Mt. Saint 
Joseph's Academy, Buffalo. 

VII. Harry Leish, born November 12, 1877. 

VII. Julia Leish, born March 3, 1880. 

VI. Barbara Grobb, born June 28, 1838. Single. 

VI. Joseph H. Grobb, b. Jan. 26, 1842 ; mrd. Mary 
Flynn in 1869. Farmer; Meth. Children: Jesse, 
Joshua (dec'd). 

VI. Catharine Grobb, b. 1845 5 T^^d. Tempest Miller. 

V. Abraham Grobb, b. Feb. 19, 1803 ; mrd. Barbara 
Wismer. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Elizabeth, 
John, Mary, Abraham, Margaret, Sarah, Moses, 
Ephraim, William. 

VI. Elizabeth Grobb, born and died in 1825. 

VI. John W. Grobb, born March 19, 1826 ; married 
Catharine Tallman Feb. 13, 1850. She d. Mar. 25, 

1855. Children : (VII) Joshua Grobb, born Oct. 2, 
1852 ; d. Nov. 19, 1869. (VII) Barbara Ann Grobb, 
born March 2, 1855 ; died same year. 

John mrd. second wife Frances Hunsberger Oct. 7, 

1856. P.O. Olive, Man. Children : Walter, Maggie, 
Sylvester, EH, Ettie, Annie, Jennie, Abraham. 

VII. Walter Grobb, b. Dec. 3, 1858 ; mrd. Euretta 
Jane Lee October 29, 1884. P. O. Manitoba, Can. 
Blacksmith. Children : (VIM) Loella May Grobb, 
born Oct. 10, 1885 ; Alberta Larien, b. Jan. 3, 1889. 

VII. Maggie Grobb, b. July 21, 1857 ; mrd. Daniel 
Dash wood Sept. 22, 188 1. Blacksmith at Dunnville, 
Out. Children : Charles, Wilham (dec'd), John, 

VII. Sylvester Grobb, b, Sept. 29, i860 ; mrd. Jennie 
Trimble Jan. 11, 1888. She was born in Manitoba 
February 9, 1868. Farmer in Manitoba. One child : 
(VIII) Maggie Ettie Grobb, born October 21, 1888. 

VII. EH Grobb, born May 9, 1865. 

VII. Ettie Grobb, born February 4, 187 1. 

VII. Annie Grobb, born August 29, 1872. 

— 442 — 

VII. Jennie Grobb, born May 29, 1876. 

VII. Abraham A. Grobb, born October 17, 1878. 

V. David Grobb, b. Dec. 9, 1804 ; d. Mar. 3, 1890; 
mrd. Elizabeth Fry Sept. 23, 1828. She d. Mar. 25, 
1839. Blacksmith and farmer; Menns. Children: 
Elizabeth, Joshua, Barbara, Jacob, Anna. David mrd. 
second wife Susan Hunsberger Jan. 28, 1844. Chil- 
dren : Sarah, Emma, Emerson, Sylvester, Orpha. 

VI. Ehzabeth Grobb, b. June 26, 1829 ; died Oct. 2, 
1887 ; married David E. Culp. 

VI. Joshua Grobb, born January 18, 1831 ; died 
October 15, 1888. Single. 

VI. Barbara GroV:)b, born March 3, 1833 5 rnarried 
James E. Nelles. 

VI. Jacob Fry Grobb, b. June 17, 1835 ; mrd. Mary 
Matilda Depew. 

VI. Anna Grobb, b. May 7, 1838 ; mrd. Ira F. Culp. 

VI. Sarah Catharine Grobb, b. Nov. 21, 1844 ; mrd. 
Samuel N. F'ry October i, 1872. P. O. Jordan, Ont. 
Farmer ; Evan. Ass'n. Children : Annie Rosetta, 
Alpheus Leland. 

VI. Emma Jane Grobb, born April 19, 1847 J ^^^^ 
November 13, 1886. 

VI. Emerson D. Grobb, born July 15, 1849 ; died 
March 21, 185 1. 

VI. Sylvester H. Grobb, born Aug. 23, 185 1 ; mrd. 
Albertine, dau. of August and Augusta Doerage, of 
Chicago, March i, 1893. She was b. Oct. 31, 1869. 
P. O. Nebraska City, Neb. Farmer ; Meth. One 
child : (VII) Mabel Grobb, born May 4, 1894. 

VI. Orpha G. Grobb, b. Feb. 21, 1858 ; mrd. Jonas 
H. Smith Dec. 24, 1879. Merchant ; Meth. Chil- 
dren : (VII) Laura Maud Smith, born Nov. 22, 1880. 
Meth. (VII) Orpha Cecil Smith, born Dec. 11, 1884. 
(VII) Gretta Pearl Smith, born February i, 1894. 

V. Moses Grobb, b. Nov. 16, 1806 ; d. May 2, 1877 ; 
mrd. Catharine Funk. Farmer and weaver ; Menns. 
Children: Esther, Jonas, Lydia, Mary, Elizabeth, 
Sarah, Frankhn, Sophia. 

VI. Esther Grobb, b. Mar. 21, 1830 ; mrd. Solomon 
Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 285.) 

VI. Jonas Grobb, born October 31, 1831 ; married 

— 443 — 

Sarah Moyer May 29, i860. P. O. Beamsville, Out. 
Farmer ; Methodist, Children : Valeria, Rowland, 
Alberta, Eva Alma. 

VII. Valeria Grobb, b. May 24, 1861 ; mrd. Thomas 
R. Gilmore October 11, 1887. P. O. Beamsville, Ont. 
Farmer; Meth. One child: (VIII) Leslie G. Gilmore, 
born June 20, 1892. 

VII. Rowland Grobb, born in 1864 ; died in 1872. 

VII. Alberta Grobb, born in 1876 ; died in 1878. 

VII. Eva Alma Grobb, born and died in 1878. 

VI. Eydia Grobb, b. Oct. 28, 1832 ; d. May 16, 1891 ; 
mrd. Joseph Houser. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 413.) 

VI. Mary Ann Grobb, b. June 5, 1834 ; mrd. William 
Tallman. Farmer and brickmaker ; Meth. Chil- 
dren : James, Walter, Emma, Orpha, Clara, Sarah. 

VII. James H. Tallman, b. Jan. 3, 1855 ; mrd. Anna 
Russ in 1877. Farmer ; Meth. Children : Clara, 

VII. Walter F. Tallman, born Dec. 29, 1856 ; mrd. 
Eliza A. Beemerin 1884. Farmer; Meth. Children: 
Florence, Mary. 

VII. Emma Tallman, b. March 1861 ; d. Dec. 1863. 

VII. Orpha Tallman, born Februar)^ 2, 1865. 

VII. Clara Ann Tallman, b. Apr. 1867 ; d. June 1873. 

VII. Sarah Tallman, b. July 4, 1869 ; d. Aug. 6, 1870. 

VI. EHzabeth Grobb, b. in Lincoln Co., Ont., Nov. 3, 
1835 ; died Sept. 8, 1876 ; mrd, Thomas Brigham in 
1859. Meth. Children : Isaac, Kate, William, Mary. 

VII. Lsaac N. Brigham, born Jan. 26, 1861 ; mrd. 
Isabella Wilson Sept. 14, 1887. P. O. Welland, Ont. 
Mechanical engineer ; Bap. Children: (VIII) Frank- 
lin Wilson Brigham, born June 20, 1889 ; Nettie E., 
born November 7, 1891. 

VII, Kate Sophia Brigham, b, Dec. 1862 ; d, in 1865. 

VII. William E. Brigham, b. July 1864; d. in 1866. 

VII. Mary Ann Brigham, b. April 19, 1866 ; mrd. 
Gideon Burton June 10. 1891. P. O. Alpena, Mich. 
Menus. One child : (VIII) Charles W. Burton, born 
March 19, 1893. 

VI, Sarah Grobb, born Aug. 23, 1838 ; mrd. Wilson 
Nickerson. Farmer ; Meth. Children : John, Mary, 
Alice, Lillie, Annie, Nellie, 

— 444 — 

VI. Franklin Grol)l3, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Nov. 29, 1843 ; ^iinl. Martha Isniond Nov. 6, 1872. 
P. O. Brantford, Ont. Mechanical superintendent iu 
Brantford factory of Masse^'-Harris Co., Ltd.; Bap. 
Children : (VII) Charles Hillyard Grobb, b. Oct. 7, 
1873 ; Frederick Isniond, born July 9, 1877 ; Jessie 
Eveline, born July 14, 1883 ; Robert Gordan, born 
September 20, 1885. 

VI. Sophia Grobb, born August 5, 1845. 

V. Susanna Grobb, b. Feb. 4, 1809 ; died Dec. 24, 
1883 ; married Abraham Wismer. (See Index of 
References No. 286.) 

V. Joseph Grobb, b. March 26, 1817 ; died Oct. 13, 
1879 ; mrd. Susanna High Sept. 20, 1841. Merchant ; 
Bap. Children : Mary, Philip, Almeda, Josephus, 
James, Luc}^ Lilly. 

III. Jacob Fretz (dec'd), born about 1732 ; buried in 
the old Mennonite graveyard at Deep Run. He was 

married to Magdalena about 1755. They at first 

lived on a farm in Tinicum township, near Erwinna, 
later known as the Ervine place, he having sold it to 
a man by the name of Ervine. It afterwards came 
into the hands of the Stovers. After he sold his farm 
near Erwinna he purchased a farm in Bedminster 
township, where he died and where his son Joseph 
(known as "Big Joe") also lived and died, after 
which it was sold to Isaac Detweiler, and is now 
owned and occupied by Aaron Yerger. The farm 
originally extended back to the Tohickon. Jacob Fretz 
was also a weaver. He and. wife were in all proba- 
bility members of the Mennonite church at Deep Run. 
Children : Elizabeth, Abraham, John ; Hannah, Bar- 
bara, both died advanced in years (S.); Magdalena 
(d. young), Jacob, William, Joseph, Isaac. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., July i, 
1756 ; died Feb. 13, 1831 ; mrd. Rev. John Kephart. 
He was born Feb. 10, 1751 ; died August 31, 1822. 
Farmer and minister. Ordained to the ministr}^ of 
the Mennonite church and preached at the Doylestown 
meetinghouse, where he and his wife are buried. 
Children : Magdalena, Susan, Elizabeth, Jacob, John,. 
Catharine, Hannah, Abraham, Anna. 

— 445 — 

V. Magdalena Kephart, b. Jan. 29, 1780 ; d. Oct. 12, 
1854; married John Bear. Carpenter; Mennonites. 
Children : John, Joseph, Elizabeth. 

V. Susan Kephart, born Jan. 15, 1785 ; died June 23, 
i8si ; mrd. David Heistand. One child : Elizabeth. 

VI. Elizabeth Heistand, born Sept. 13, 1814; died 
Mar. 20, 1883 ; married Henry Hedrick Mar. 5, 1833. 
He died 1868. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Oliver, 
Susan, Mary, Sophia, David, Henry, Eliza, Eli. 

V. Jacob Kephart, b. about 1787 ; d. June 25, 1856 ; 
mrd. Magdalena Ruth. She was b. Aug. 10, 1788 ; 
d. Oct. II, 1862. Carpenter, undertaker and farmer ; 
attended Menu. ch. Children : Amelia, Abraham, 
Lydia, Henry. 

VI. Amelia Kephart, b. Aug. 24, 1809 ; d. Nov. 17, 
1885 ; mrd. Samuel Shutt Oct. 16, 1834. He died 
Feb. 24, 1887. Farmer; Bap. Children : Wilhelmina, 
William, Herman. 

VI. Abraham R. Kephart (dec'd), b. in Bucks Co., 
Pa., Aug. 2, 1812 ; mrd. Mary Garner in 1835. She 
d. Dec. 15, 1854. Children : Theophilus, Catharine, 
Juliet, Fenton, Isabelle, Harrison, Howard, Theodore. 
Abraham married second wife Minerva DeCoursey. 
One child : Laura. 

Mr. Kephart, during his long and eventful life, 
followed farming. He was a public spirited man and 
prominent in the affairs of his township and county. 
When 30 years of age he joined the State Militia. 
He served twelve years in the following companies : 
Independent Rifle Guns, Washington Blues, and Doy- 
lestown Guards. He was commissioned Lieutenant 
in the Washington Blues by Gov. W. F. Johnson. 
Attends Mennonite church. P. O. Tradesville, Pa. 

VII. Theophilus G. Kephart, b. Apr. 19, 1835 ; mrd. 
Charlotte I. Conner April 16, 1867. She was born in 
Oswego, N. Y. , March 22, 1850. Res. 25 23rd St., 

Mr. Kephart in earl}^ life was a farmer, and like 
the Revolutionary patriot. General Putman, at the 
outbreak of the Civil war left the plow for the field of 
carnage at the first call to arms. His militar}^ history 
dates back to 1855, when he joined the Doylestown 

— 446 — 

Guards, which at the beginning of the war was 
captained by W. W. H. Davis, who tendered the 
services of the company' to the Government at the 
first call for 75,000 men for three months. They were 
the first troops to pass through Baltimore, Md., after 
the Massachusetts Regiment met with violence at 
the hands of the mob. The company was attached to 
the 25th Regt. Pa. Vol., and formed Company I of 
that regiment. They were among the troops to make 
the first advance into Virginia, and during the cam- 
paign in that State tliey met the enemy in a skirmish 
at Harper's Ferry, and engaged them in battle at 
Falling Water. At the expiration of enlistment they 
were mustered out of service and returned home. 
After the regiment was mustered out of service Mr. 
Kephart was promoted from private to Corporal. 
Soon after their return the 104th Regt. Pa. Vol. was 
raised with Capt. W. W. H. Davis as Colonel, from 
whom Corporal Kephart received his commission as 
First Lieutenant of Company B. The regiment 
joined the army of the Potomac and served through 
the Peninsular campaign, and engaged in many bloody 
battles of the war. Their first battle was Lee's Mill, 
then the siege of Yorktown, battles of Williamsburg, 
Chickahominy, Seven Pines, P'air Oaks, Seven Days' 
battle, James' Island, John's Island, taking of Morris 
Landing, sieges of Fort Sumpter and Charleston, 
Cedar Creek, and campaigns before Petersburg and 
Richmond. After the battle of P'air Oaks, Lieutenant 
Kephart was promoted to Captain of Company B, and 
subsequently commissioned Major, then Lieutenant 
Colonel, and finally Colonel of the regiment. 

After his return from the war his first venture 
was in the clothing, boot and shoe business, but for 
the past 25 years he has been employed as a train 
messenger for the American Hxpress Company, at 
Chicago. Baptists. Children: (VIH) DeForest C. 
Kephart, born Dec. 23, 1870; (VIII) Orville G. Kep- 
hart, born April 23, 1872 ; (VIM J India B. Kephart, 
b. July 7, 1877 ; d. Sept. 24, 1882. (VIII) Waunetah 
B. Kephart, l3orn May 14, 1885. 
VI. Catharine Kephart, b. Dec. 8, 1836 ; d. infant. 

— 447 — 

VI. Juliet Kephart, b. Nov. 28, 1837 ; mrd. Newton 
Radcliffe. Children : Emma (dec'd), Harland, Mary. 

VI. Fenton Kephart, born July 23, 1844 ; mrd. Kate 
Haldeman. Served in the i6th Pa. Cav. from 1862 
to 1865. Farmer ; Bap. Children : Viola, Howard, 
Raymond, Mabel. 

VI. Isabella Kephart, b. July 18, 1845. Single. 

VI. Harrison Kephart, born Oct. 8, 1846. Single. 

VI. Howard Kephart, b. 1848 ; d. 1873. Single. 

VI. Theodore Kephart, b. Aug. 7, 1852 ; mrd. Mary 
Gillam. One child : Abraham. 

VI. Laura D. Kephart, born Sept. 30, 1859 ; married 
Abraham Clymer. Farmer ; Bap. 

IV. Abraham Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. i, 
1758 ; d. Feb. 14, 1839 ; married Elizabeth Harmon 
March 14, 1786. She d. Nov. n, 1843. He was a 
farmer, and had looms for weaving. His farm was 
located one mile above Eeidytown, Hilltown tow^n- 
ship, adjacent to the old Bethlehem road. During 
the Revolutionar}^ war parties came from the American 
army to his father's place and pressed a wagon and 
team of horses into service. Abraham, then a lad of 
17 years, was sent along to bring the wagon and team 
back again. At Trenton, N. J., he put on a load of 
powder and drove across New Jersey, New York and 
Connecticut to Boston, Mass., and was present at the 
battle of Bunker Hill. He remained with them three 
months and then returned home. Menus. ; buried at 
Line Lexington. Children : Jacob, Susan, John, 
Catharine, Abraham. 

IV. John Fretz, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 28, 1763 ; 
mrd. Mary Kratz April 15, 1792. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : Magdalena, Rachel, Elizabeth, Abraham, 
Barbara, John, Mar}^ Susanna, Lydia. 

IV. Jacob Fretz (dec'd), mrd. Elizabeth Hiestand. 
Farmer ; lived in Hilltown Twp. Menus. Children : 
Henry, Eli, Noah, William. 

IV. William Fretz, born Oct. 22, 1768 ; mrd. Mary 
Stover. Children : Joseph, Barbara, Jacob, Magda- 
lena, Catharine. William mrd. second wife Margaret 
Garges. One child : Eiiza. Farmer in Bedminster 

— 448 - 

V. Joseph vS. Fretz, b. Nov. lo, 1794 ; died Dec. 7, 
1854 ; married Magdalena Swartley. Farmer in 
Bedminster Twp. ; Mennoiiites. Children : Catharine, 
Aaron, EHzal)eth, Edwin. Joseph mrd. second wife 
Margaret Schrauger. Children : William, Mary, 
Isaiah, Henry, Levi. 

V. Barbara Fretz, b. Dec. 25, 1796 ; mrd. Christian 
Moyer. (vSee Ind. of Ref. No. 287.) 

V. Jacob Fretz, married Hannah Seiple. No issue. 

V. Magdalena Fretz, married Thomas Trowers. No 

V. Catharine Fretz, born Feb. 16, 1805 ; died 1889 ; 
mrd. Joel Strawn in 1829. He d. in 1887. Farmer ; 
Menu. Br. in Christ. Children : Abel, Elizabeth. 

VI. Rev. Abel Strawn, born Dec. 5, 1830 ; married 
Hannah Brunner in 1850. Minister of the Menu. Br. 
in Christ. One child : Joel, Jr. (dec'd). 

VI. Elizabeth Strawn, b. Jan. 16, 1834 ; mrd. Henry 
W. Kemmerer in 1853. Farmer ; Evan. Ass'n. 
Children : Eouisa (dec'd), Alfred, Henry, Milton. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. i, 
1810 ; died Feb. 15, 1873 ; married Jacob S. Kratz. 
(dec'd) Dec. 16, 1830. Children : Margaret, Emma, 
Laura, Harvey, William, Jacob. 

VI. Margaret Kratz, b. in Bucks Co. Feb. 14, 1833 ; 
married H. Watson Johnson Nov. 15, 1855. P. O. 
Richlandtown, Pa. Farmer ; Ref. ch. Children : 
Erwdn, Charles, Oliver, Harvey, Mary. 

VII. Envin T. Johnson, M. D., born June 18, 1857 ; 
mrd. E. Martha Sheip March 11, 1886. Graduated 
from the Jefferson Medical College in the Spring of 
1883. Practicing physician at Hilltown, Pa. ; Ref. ch. 
Children : (VIII) Susanna Johnson, b. Nov. 24, 1886 ; 
Margaret, b. May 25, 1S88 ; Raymond S. 

VII. Charles J. Johnson, born Nov. 23, 1858 ; died 
August 24, 1S78. 

VII. Oliver J. Johnson, born Nov. 24, i860. 

VII. Harvey E. Johnson, boni June 22, 1868. 

VII. Mary Jane Johnson, born 15, 1870 ; mrd. 
Wilson S. Erdman, M. D., Nov. 7, 1894. He was 
b. Oct. 5, 1868. P. O. Richlandtown, Pa. Dr. Erd- 
man graduated from the Medico-Chirurgical College, 













1 .( ' 


111 il I u P 1)^A> ►• 



i-i ' 
III ' 




Ml 'I 

il f I 

l^nllilil M 

i; 'i"■lK>^|'.' 

— 449 — 

of Philadelphia, in the Spring of 1892. He located at 
Richlandtown, Pa., where he is still practicing his 

VI. Emma Kratz, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 7, 1835 ; 
mrd. John S. Weinberger Oct. 13, 1861. Professor in 
Ursinus College, at Collegeville, Pa ; Ref. ch. One 
child : (VII) Minerva Weinberger, born Oct. i, 1863. 

VI. Laura Kratz, b. in Bucks Co. Jan.. 4, 1837 ; mrd. 
I. S. Moyer, M. D. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 288.) 

VI. Harvey Kratz, M. D., born Sept. 2, 1838 ; mrd. 
Sarah Rinker. Practicing physician at New Britain, 
Pa.; attends Baptist, ch. Children: Laura (dec'd), 
Lizzie, Bertha, Virginia, Mabel Rebecca, Annie 
Worely, Charles Sumner, Sarah, Margaret, Hannah, 
Esther, Emma. 

VI. William Henry Kratz, born April 2, 1843 ; mrd. 
Alice J. Piatt January 7, 1875. P. O. Montcello, 111. 
Farmer and stock raiser ; attend Meth. Ep. ch. 
Children : (Vll) Laura Kratz, born Oct. 14, 1875 ; 
James Piatt, born December 12, 1878. 

VI. Jacob Thomas Kratz, born April 27, 1850 ; died 
October 5, 1862. 

IV. Joseph Fretz, b. in Bucks Co. 177 1 ; died 1823 ; 
mrd. Mary, dau. of Abraham Souder. He w^as called 
* ' Big Joe ' ' to distinguish him from other Joseph 
Fretz' s. Farmer ; lived in Bedminster township, 
near Stover's mill. Menus. Children : Elizabeth, 
Abraham, Catharine, William. 

V. Elizabeth P'retz, born about 1812 ; died young. 
V. Abraham Fretz, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 18, 

1813 ; died March 11, 1890; mrd. Elizabeth, dau. of 
George Raum, of Montg. Co. She w^as born Mar. 7, 
18 1 8. They moved to Medina Co., O., in 1848. 
Farmer ; United Brethren ch. Children : Augustus, 
Amanda, Mary, Sarah, Samuel, Elizabeth, Levi, 
Joseph, Elmira, P^lla. 

V. Catharine Fretz, b. April 17, 18 15 ; mrd. Joseph 
Fretz (son of "Lame" Anthony Fretz). He died 
March 17, 1854. Cabinet maker and miller ; Menus. 
Children : Nathan, Reuben, Isaiah, Moses, Ely, Aaron. 

V. William E. Fretz, b. Sept. 28, 1817 ; mrd. Frances 
Kratz. P. O. Silverdale, Pa. Farmer ; Evan. Ass'n. 

— 450 — 

Children : Samuel, Elizabeth, Reuben, Abraham, 

IV. Isaac Fretz, b. in Bucks Co. June ii, 1781 ; died 
Dec. 27, 1855 ; mrd. Mary Moyer. Farmer. They 
moved from Bedminster to Richland Twp. about 1822, 
where they died. Children : William, Magdalena. 

V. William Fretz, b. in Bedminster Twp. , Pa. , Apr. 9, 
181 1 ; d. Dec. 22, 1869 ; mrd. Catharine Hofford in 
1854. Early in life he worked at the trade of 
carpenter, but on the death of his parents he returned 
to the farm on which he remained until three years 
before his death, when he sold the property, moved 
to Quakertown and lived a retired life. While a 
resident of the township he was elected Supervisor 
for three successive terms and held other positions of 
trust. Children : Edwin, Oliver. 

VI. Edwin Penrose Fretz, born in Richland Twp. 
Mar. 3, 1856. He received a public school education. 
At the age of 15, he learned the shoemakers' trade. 
Several 3'ears later he went to the Washington Hall 
Collegiate Institute, Trappe, Pa. A year later he 
entered the Allentown Business College, from which 
he graduated in 1878. He again entered the employ 
of A. B. Walp & Co., and then bought a shoe store 
at Lansdale, where he established a good business. 
Ref. ch. Single. 

VI. Oliver Henry Fretz, A. M. , M. D. , son of William 
and Catharine (Hofford) Fretz, was born in Richland 
Twp., Bucks Co., Pa., April 9, 1858, where he lived 
until he was 10 years of age, when he removed with 
his parents to Quakertown, Pa. He received the best 
school advantages the borough afforded, and was 
subsequently sent to Muhlenberg College, Allentown, 
Pa. , to complete his education. He began the practice 
of medicine at Salfordville. Montgomer}^ county. Pa., 
but, owing to ill health, at the end of three years he 
sold his practice and removed to Quakertown, where 
he is now successfully engaged in the drug business, 
combined with a large and lucrative office practice. 
In 1886-87 ^^^ took a post graduate course of instruc- 
tion at the Philadelphia Polyclinic, a college for 
graduates in medicine, fitting himself as a specialist 

— 451 — 

in diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat. In 18S9 
he completed a course in pharmacy at the National 
Institute of Pharmacy, Chicago. 

In 1890 Dr. Fretz was nominated on the first 
ballot for Assembly by the Bucks County Democratic 
Convention, and was elected b}^ nearly 300 majorit3^ 
He represented his county in the Legislature of 1891 
with marked ability and to the utmost satisfaction of 
his constituents. In the Fall of 1892 he was renomi- 
nated by acclamation and re-elected by a largely 
increased majority. In the .session of 1893 he served 
on the following important committees : Educational, 
Municipal, Corporation, Public Health and Sanitation, 
and Congressional Apportionment. He introduced a 
number of bills in the Legislature, the most important 
of which was an act to authorize the State Superin- 
tendent of Public Instruction to grant permanent 
State teachers' certificates to graduates of recognized 
literary and scientific colleges.. He was elected b}^ the 
House of Representatives a member of the Pennsyl- 
vania Election Commission for 1893-4, whose duty it 
was to open, compute and publish the vote for State 

Since 1886, when he was elected School Director 
of Quakertown Borough, he has been closely identified 
with the educational interests of his town and the 
county. He was re-elected School Director in 1889 
and served one year as treasurer of the board. On 
June 21, 1893, Ursinus College conferred the honorar}^ 
degree of Master of Arts (A. M.) upon him. 

In January 1894 Dr. Fretz w^as appointed clinical 
assistant in the eye department of the Jefferson 
Medical College Hospital, Philadelphia, which position 
he still holds. He received the appointment of 
Borough Physician of Quakertown in 1888, and has 
been re-appointed annually since. In July 1893 he 
was appointed by the Borough Council a member of 
the Borough Board of Health. He is a member of the 
State Medical Society, the Bucks County Medical 
Society, the Lehigh Valley Medical Association, the 
American Academy of Political and Social Science, of 
Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania Forestry Association, 

— 452 — 


and the Bucks County School Directors' Association, 
of which he served as vice president. He is also 
medical examiner for various life insurance companies. 
He is a member of the following organizations : 
Quakertown Lodge, No. 512, F. and A. M. ; Zenzen- 
dorf Chapter, No. 216, Royal Arch Masons, Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Pennsylvania Commandery, No. 70; Knights 
Templar, of Philadelphia ; Secona Tribe, No. 263, 
I. O. of R. M., and Marion Circle, No. 16, B. U. 
(H. F.) of Pennsylvania. 

He married Elmina A., daughter of Nathan C. 
and Lucinda (Antrim) Roeder, October 26, 1882. 
Ref. church. Children : (Vllj Roberts Bartholow 
Fretz. b. Jan. 19, 1884; d. Oct. i, 1884. (Vllj Ray- 
mond Lamar Fretz, born April 24, 1885. 

III. Christian Fretz, born in 1734; married Barbara 
Overholt in 1757. She was b. Nov. 20, 1737. Their 
married life ran through a course of forty-six years. 
He died May i, 1803. His wife survived him 20 
years, and died May 8, 1823. It is a noteworthy fact 
that at the time of her death she was the mother of 
12 children, had 109 grandchildren and 103 great- 

Previous to his father's death Christian lived on 
what is known as the Isaac Fretz homestead in Tini- 
cum township. He was one of the executors of his 
father's estate, and inherited the old homestead in Bed- 
minster under the conditions mentioned in the will, 
and where he subsequently lived and died. To the 
homestead he added in 1793, bj^ purchase from his 
son John, the tract known as the " Poor Fields,'* 
which consisted of about thirty acres. 

In his day the Indians were yet quite numerous 
and often quite troublesome. It is related that he 
had a very fine horse to which the Indians took a 
particular fancy and wanted to buy it, but he would 
not sell the animal. The Indians, however, deter- 
mined to have the horse, came by night and stole it. 
Some time after he ascertained where the horse was 
and went to the Indian camp. Arriving at evening, 
and seeing the horse turned out to pastui»e, he con- 
cealed himself until slumber had fallen upon the 

— 453 — 

inhabitants of the wigwam. The Indians had a cus- 
tom of just before retiring for the night to go outside 
of their wigwams, shout and make a great noise to 
frighten away the wild beasts. Knowing this to be 
the signal for retiring he waited until he thought they 
were sound asleep, then entered the lot, secured the 
horse and returned home with it. 

He and wife were members of the Mennonite 
church, and worshipped in the ever memorable old 
stone church at Deep Run, which was the oldest 
Mennonite edifice in Bucks county. Children : John, 
Agnes, Joseph, Henry, Martin, Jacob, Abraham, 
Isaac, Barbara, Christian, Mary, Elizabeth. 

IV. John Fretz, known as "Warwick John," was 
b. on the old homestead in Bedminster Twp. May 24, 
1758 ; died Dec. 20, 1804 ; mrd. Ann, dau. of Philip 
Kratz, of Plumstead. She was born Nov. 4, 1764 ; 
died Aug. 4, 18 13. He lived in Warwick township, 
where he bought in 1792, 299 )4 acres of land from 
Richard and Willet Smith for ^1200 " in good gold 
and silver money." In 1794 he built a barn on this 
property, and the following year (1795) he built a 
stone house, which is still standing in good repair and 
occupied as a dwelling. To this property he added 
by various purchases, and at the time of his death he 
owned a connected tract of 800 acres. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : Christian, Susan, Rachel, Barbara, 
Eliza, Mary, John, Anna, Philip. 

V. Christian Fretz, born in Bedminster Twp., Bucks 
Co., Pa., Nov. 17, 1782 ; mrd. Mary, dau. of Ralph 
Stover, of Bedminster, April 14. 1808. Farmer and 
hotel keeper. Resided in Warwick on the old home- 
stead, now owned and occupied by his daughter, Mrs. 
Elizabeth F. Farren, and where he died January 28, 
1840. Children : Ralph, John, Philip, Elizabeth, 
Christian, Mary. 

VI. Ralph Stover Fretz, born Nov. 13, 1809. He 
sailed from the Isthmus of Panama in 1849 and landed 
at San Francisco, Cal., where he established a bank, 
amassed a fortune of about half a million dollars, 
which he bequeathed to relatives, except $20,000 he 
willed to the United States to hquidate the National 

— 454 — 

debt caused by the late war. He died June 6, 1 867. S. 

VI. John Frctz, b. Oct. 2, 181 1 ; also went to Cali- 
fornia, where he operated a gold quartz mill in Cala- 
veras Co. He died at White Sulphur Springs, Cal., 
June 26, 1S63. Single. 

VI. Philip K. Fretz, b. in Warwick Twp. , Bucks Co., 
Pa,, Sept. 14, 1 8 13. He lived on a part of the old 
homestead in Warwick. He was a farmer and a 
prominent man of the county. He was extensively 
engaged in contract work and was one of the con- 
tractors to build the horse shoe curve of the Penn- 
sylvania Railroad over the Allegheny mountains. 

He inherited from his forefathers a stern sense of 
duty, a loving, jovial disposition, together with a keen 
appreciation of a harmless joke, and an unswerving 
directness in following that which his conscience 
deemed right. To write of him as he was known, is 
to write of the day by day life of the earnest, loving 
Christian, wdio had at heart — first, his township, then 
his county, next his State, and finally "The best 
country that God Almighty ever gave to man." He 
was a man to feel for his neighbor in affliction, sick- 
ness and death, and to rejoice with him in prosperity. 

In Januars^ 1845 fire broke out in the county 
buildings, and if it had not been for the prompt help 
of the neighbors, under the lead of Mr. Fretz, no 
doubt lives would have been lost. About the Summer 
of 1848 or '50, cholera being prevalent in many parts 
of the country, it broke out with great virulence at 
the Bucks County Almshouse, on which occasion Mr. 
Fretz displayed heroic courage and bravery b}^ labor- 
ing all Summer for the safety of the neighborhood 
initil the scourge was abated. 

Mr. Fretz was married to AnnaS., daughter of 
Henry S. Stover, February 18, 1841. He died on 
the steamship " Henry Chauncy," on the voyage to 
California, March 13, 1867, and was buried in the 
Atlantic, off the coast of North Carolina. Presby. 
Children : Charles, Mary, Philip, John. 

VII. Charles Augustus Fretz, b. May 31, 1843 '•> nird. 
Susie Derby. Farmer. He owns and occupies a part 

— 455 — 

of the old homestead that belonged to his father. No 

VII. Mary Catharine Fretz, born Jan. 9, 1845 ; mrd. 
Theodore P. Austin September 8, 1868. Mr. Austin 
employes his time in looking after his woodlands and 
mining property in Maine. P.O. North Hancock, Me. 
Mrs. A., PrCvSby ; Mr. A. and one dau. , Prot. Epis., 
of which the family are regular attendants. Chil- 
dren : (VIII) Altia Rhena Austin, b. at 95 5th Ave., 
New York City, vSept. 15, 1869. (VIII) Neva Ethel 
Austin, born at the countr}^ residence, Portland, Conn. , 
October 18, 1876. 

VII. Philip Henry Fretz, born Nov. 22, 1846 ; mrd. 
Margaret Willa, dau. of Robert and Willa (McHenry) 
Johnston, Sept. 19, 1871. She was b. June i, 1848. 
They reside on a farm near Doylestown, Pa., known 
as the Hough property, where they built and 
occupy a fine residence. Presbyterian. Children : 
(VIII) John Edgar Fretz, born Nov. 29, 1872 ; Anna 
Leola, b. Nov. i, 1875 ; Ralph Johnston, b. Feb. 25, 
1878 ; Marguerite Wilhelmina, born July 21, 1888 ; 
Edna McHenry, born January 13, 1892. 

VII. John S. Fretz, b. Sept. 22, 1850 ; mrd. Mary W. 
Long, of Doylestown. They reside on a portion of 
the old John Fretz homestead in Warwick. Farmer 
and saw3^er. One child : Harry. 

VI. Elizabeth Fretz, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 23, 
18 18 ; mrd. John Farren, of Elizabethtown, Lancaster 
Co., Pa., Jan. i, 1844. He was born March i, 1809. 
He was a contractor, and was one of the contractors 
who constructed the Penns5dvania Railroad over the 
Allegheny mountains. The last years of his life were 
spent at the Warwdck homestead, w^here he died 
December 16, 1878. Mrs. Farren owns and still 
resides on a portion of the old homestead. Roman 
Catholics. Children : Mary, Frances, John, Mar3^ 

VII. Mary Janetta Farren, b. May 7, 185 1 ; d. infant. 

VII. F'rances Annetta Farren, born April i, 1853 ; 
died infant. 

VII. John Augustus Farren, b. April 21, 1855 ; died 
Dec. 12, 1884, aged 29 years ; mrd. AUetta Bleiler, 

— 456 — 

of Doylestowni, Pa., Jan. 25, 1882. Mr. F. , Roman 
Catholic ; Mrs. F., attends Prot. Ep. ch. No issue. 

VII. Mary Celicia Farren, l)orn Feb. 21, 1858 ; mrd. 
Samuel J. Penrose, of Horsham, Pa., June 16, 1881. 
P. O. Doylestovvn, Pa. PVrmer. Mr. P., Society of 
Friends ; Mrs. P. and son, Roman Catholics. One 
child : (VIII) Cyril Farren Penrose, b. May 5, 1882. 

VI. Christian Augustus Fretz, born Nov. 25, 1824 ; 
died in Bucks Co., Pa., December i, 1859. Provision 
merchant on the Isthmus of Panama for seven years 
previous to his death. 

VI. Mary Catharine Fretz, born January 13, 1827 ; 
died March 4, 1842. 

V. Susan Fretz, b. Sept. i, 1784; d. Sept. 9, 1829 ; 
married William Garges July 30, 1805. Merchant at 
Bridge Point, Pa. They moved to Fairfax Co., Va., 
where he bought a farm, on which he remained until 
his death. Mrs. G., Menu. Children : Anna, Sarah, 
Margaret, John, William, Susan, Abraham, Mary. 

V. Rachel Fretz, b. Mar. 30, 1787 ; d. 1870 ; mrd. 
Abraham F. Stover. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 289.) 

V. Barbara Fretz, married John Smith. Children : 
Richard, Elizabeth, Rachel, John. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, b. Feb. 25, 1795 ; died Aug. 8, 
1872 ; mrd. Thomas Z. Smith. Children : John and 
Mary, both died single. 

V. Mary Kratz Fretz (dec'd), born in 1798 ; mrd. 
Henry Gill, of Bucks Co. , Pa. , May 24, 182 1 . Farmer ; 
Dutch Ref. Children : Abraham, Mary, Elizabeth, 
Henry, Susan, Samuel. 

VI. Abraham S. Gill, b. in 1824 ; d. 1857 in Illinois ; 
married Mary H. Praul in 1846. Farmer; Presb}-. 
Children : John, Thomas. 

VI. Mary Ann Gill, h. 1827 ; d. 187 1 ; mrd. John 
Addis in 1851. He d. in 1887. Farmer ; Dutch Ref. 
Children : Mary, Miles Susie. 

VI. Elizabeth S. Gill, b. 1829 ; d. 1882 ; mrd. Isaac 
Carroll in 1855. No issue. 

VI. Henry Z. Gill, M. D., L. E. D., born in North- 
ampton Twp. , Bucks Co., Oct. 6, 1831 ; mrd. Mattie 
W. Carpenter, of Columbus, O., April 21, 1869. 
After his 21st vear he went to a select school near 








— 457 — 

New Britain church for several months, after which 

he taught school for ten months in Plymouth towni- 

ship, Montgomery county, Pa. In 1854 he taught a 

term of school near Columbus. 

Having injured his eyes by too close application to 
study, he consulted a physician connected with a 
college eye infirmar}^ commenced treatment, and after 
his school term was completed, by the physician's 
suggestion and recommendation, he commenced the 
study of medicine. After attending a course and a 
half of lectures and close reading until the Fall of 
1846, he went to Jefferson Medical College at Phila- 
delphia, from which he graduated in March 1857. 
During his time of study in Columbus, he had charge 
of the dissecting room and aided in the eye infirmar3^ 
These two circumstances gave him a taste for surgery 
and diseases of the eye. After graduating he re- 
turned to Columbus and commenced to practice, 
giving especial attention to the eye and ear, though 
not abandoning the general practice. 

The w^ar breaking out in 1861, a call was made 
for medical men. He offered his services, and he and 
another stood equal (third) in the list of over fifty 
admitted to examination, yet he could be appointed 
assistant only. In the Summer campaign in West 
Virginia he had the entire work of the regiment until 
Winter, when he had the first severe sickness of his 
life, and from wdiich he probably never fully recovered. 
The next Summer (1862), foreseeing the same 
probable experience of all the w^ork with part pay of 
Surgeon, he resigned. In a few days he was ap- 
pointed surgeon of the 95th Ohio Regiment, and was 
immediately sent to the field in Kentucky. On 
August 30, 1862, the regiment engaged in the battles 
of Richmond, where a large part of them were killed, 
wounded and captured. He was six weeks in the 
enemies' hands with the wounded, when they were 
returned paroled to Columbus in October and prepared 
for the work of 1863 down the Mississippi River and 
the siege of Vicksl)urg, in all of which Dr. Gill 
participated. After that campaign and the second 

— 458 — 

attack of Jackson, Miss., they spent the Fall and 
Winter in scouting and doing guard duty. 

He applied for permission to appear before the 
United States Medical Board for examination for 
Surgeon of Volunteers, a higher position than surgeon 
of a regiment, though of the same rank (Major of 
Cavalry). A ten-days' examination sati-sfied the 
authorities and he received his commission from 
Abraham Lincoln. He was at once sent to the 
Atlantic campaign and very early assigned as Surgeon 
in Chief of the First Division, 20th Army Corps, of 
Gen. Joe Hooker's fighting corps. This position he 
held to the close of the war, finishing the Atlantic 
campaign, the famous march to the vSea, the Carolina 
campaign, and so on to the great review at Washing- 
ton in 1865. He went with the Western troops west 
to Louisville, Ky., and was honorabl}^ mustered out 
in August 1865. 

The Fall of 1865 he spent in traveling and the 
Winter at Jefferson Medical College. In May 1866 
he sailed for Europe, where he spent two years of 
hard study in hospitals — sixteen months in Germany, 
the remainder of the time in Paris, Geneva, London, 
and returned to New York in May 1868, and resumed 
the practice of his profession at St. Louis in October 
of the same year. He was associate-editor of the 
St. Louis " Medical and Surgical Journal " until 1873, 
when at the solicitation of friends he removed to 
Jerseyville, 111. About 1875 the degree of A. M. was 
conferred on Dr. Gill by McKendree College, Lebanon, 
111., and the degree of L. L. D. by the University of 
Wooster, O., in 1885, the medical department of 
which was located at Cleveland, O., where he was 
living and lecturing in the medical college, occupying 
the chair of clinical surgery. In 1881 he was ap- 
pointed physician to the Southern Illinois Peniten- 
tiar3% where he did some of his best work. In March 
1865 he received the first Brevit (Lieutenant Colonel) 
of any medical officer from the State of Ohio. From 
Chester, 111., (Southern Illinois Penitentiary) he was 
urged to take the chair of surgery in the medical 
department of the University of Wooster at Cleveland, 

— 459 — 

O., which position he filled for over two years, when 
he resigned, and in October 1886 removed to Eldorado, 
Kan., having at that time just completed his work on 
"Diphtheria, Croup and Tracheotomy," a work 
which cost him much labor. 

In the Spring of 1855 Dr. Gill joined the Meth- 
odist Episcopal church of which he has been a member 
ever since, and held every official position up to 
president of the Eay Electoral Conference of Southern 
Illinois in 1883. In November 1894 he removed to 
Pittsburg, Kan., and has limited his practice to eye, 
ear, nose and throat. Children : (VII) Amos Carpen- 
ter Gill, born May 6, 187 1 ; died February 22, 1872. 
(VII) Elizabeth Carrell Gill, born September 21, 1873. 
Teacher in the public schools of Pittsburg, Kan ; 
Meth. S. (VII) Randolph Foster Gill, b. Aug. 6, 1880. 

VI. Susan F. Gill, b. April 3, 1835 ; mrd. James Gill 
Oct. I, 1855. P.O. Phila. Retired; Dutch Ref. 
Children : Harry, Joseph, Charles, James, Mary. 

VI. Samuel Gill, b. 1837 ; d. 1838. 

V. John Fretz, b. Aug. 10, 1802 ; d. Dec. 4, 1872 ; 
mrd. Martha Carver in 1825. Farmer. No issue. 

V. Anna Fretz, b. 1805 ; d. Sept. 10, 1875 ; married 
Samuel Dungan. Bap. Children : Charles, Emeline 

IV. Agnes Fretz (dec'd), b. Sept. 13, 1759 ; married 
Abraham Bewighouse. Lived on the farm now owned 
by John Deihl, in Bedminster Twp. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : Daniel, Barbara, Christian, John, Mary. 

V. Daniel Bewighouse (dec'd), mrd. Annie Eicey. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : Betsey, Mary, Abraham, 
Annie, Susan, Eeah, Peggy, Isaac, Barbara. 

V. Barbara Bewighouse, b. Jan. 13, 1786 ; d. July 3, 
1869 ; married Abraham Myers. (See Index of Ref- 
erences No. 290.) 

V. Christian Bewighouse, born in 1795 ; d. in 1859 ; 
mrd. Sarah Hunsberger. Lived in Bedminster Twp. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : Esther, Mary, Abraham, 
John, Sarah. 

V. John Bewighouse (dec'd), born Dec. 27, 1800; 
married Esther Leatherman Oct. 21, 1824. Farmer; 

— 4^0 — 

Menus. Children : Maria, Isaac, Rachel, Fannie, 
Sarah, Catharine, Esther. 

V. Mary Bewighouse (dec'd), mrd. Nelson Mclntyre. 
Farmer. Mr. Mc. , Catholic ; Mrs. Mc. , Mennonite. 
Children : Charles, Maria, Sarah. 

IV. Joseph Fretz, b. May 9, 1761 ; d. Mar. 29, 1806 ; 
married Maria Kraut (dec'd) Nov. i, 1781. She was 
b. Feb. II, 1762. Owned and operated a fulling mill 
near the Tohickon, in Haycock township. He was 
known as " Fuller Joe." Menus. Children: Eliza- 
beth, Christian, Barbara, Anna, Maria, Susanna, 
Agnes, Rachel, Joseph, Sarah, John, Veronica. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, b. Sept, 12, 1783 ; died in 1788. 
V. Christian Fretz, b. Jan. 9, 1785 ; d. in 1788. 

V. Barbara Fretz (dec'd), born Sept. 12, 1786. 

V. Anna Fretz, b. Feb. 29, 1788 ; died about 1865 ; 
married Jacob Bischofsberger '-^ Dec. 8, 1808. He died 
December 15, 1832. Farmer; Menus. Children: 
Mar}^ Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Jacob, Sarah, Anna, 
Susanna, Rachel, Abraham, Enos, Catharine. 

VI. Mary Bishop, born 1809 ; died 1832. 

VI. Elizabeth Bishop, born 181 1 ; died 1815. 

VI. Joseph Bishop, b. Nov. 11, 1813 ; died April 4, 
1872 ; mrd. Susanna Moyer Apr. 9, 1837. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : Magdalena, Eliza, Mar}^ Samuel, 
Jacob, John, Catharine, Susanna, Jonas, Enos, Daniel. 

VII. Magdalena Bishop, b. Sept. 4, 1838 ; d. infant. 
VII. Eliza Ann Bishop, born August 15, 1839 ; mrd. 

Samuel Garner October 26, 1862. Farmer ; Menns. 
Children : Joseph, Emma, Lewis, Marietta. 

VII. Mary Bishop, born Nov. 2, 1842 ; mrd. Henry 
Hunsberger Oct. 5, 1862. He died Oct. 29, 1869. 
Farmer and drover. Children: Allen (dec'd), Anna. 
Mary mrd. second husband Elias Fretz. No issue. 

VII. Samuel Bishop, born Sept. 5, 1843 .* "ird. Anna 
Yeakel in 1864. Carpenter ; Menns. One child : 
(VIII) Amanda Bishop, b. November 29, 1864 ; mrd. 
Milton Weisel. 

VII. Jacob M. Bishop, b. Nov. 21, 1845 ; mrd. Hetty 
Hunsberger. Farmer ; Menns. Children : Harvey, 

* The name is now spelled Bishop. 

— 4^1 — 

Rosa, Maggie, John (dec'd), Ervin, Mary, Emma, 
Elmer, Minnie, Hattie, Sallie. 

VII. John Bishop, b. December 26, 1848 ; mrd. Mary 
Landis. Children : Alonzo, Sallie, Hampson, et. al. 

VII. Catharine Bishop, born August 15, 1851 ; mrd. 
George S. Heckler. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
Minerva, Susie, Clara, Harry, Elmina, Walter (dec'd), 
Mary (dec'd). Amnion. 

VII. Susan Bishop, b. Nov. 14, 1853 ; mrd. Henr}^ 
Albright. Painter ; Ger. Ref. No issue. 

VII. Jonas Bishop, born June 13, 1856 ; mrd. Kate 
Weisel. Ger. Ref. No issue. 

VII. Enos M. Bishop, b. Nov. 6, 1858 ; mrd. Sallie 
S. Bergey. Butcher ; Mennonites. Children : Laura 
(dec'd), Bessie, Eva. 

VII. Daniel Bishop, b. January 7, 1861 ; mrd. Mary 
Ruth. Farmer ; Menus. 

VI. Jacob Bishop, b. March 25, 18 15 ; d. March 30, 
1890 ; mrd. Elizabeth Detweiler November 28, 1841. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : Mary, Sophia, Albert, 
Joseph, Sarah, William, Howard, Amanda. 

VII. Mary Anna Bishop, born Nov. 18, 1842 ; mrd. 
Moses Stout May 7, 1859. Shoemaker ; Ger. Ref. 
Children : Pierson, Albert, Howard, Martha, Emma, 
Rose, Lill3^ Theodore. 

VIII. Pierson B. Stout, b. November 25, 1859 ; mrd. 
Amelia Beer. Farmer ; Ger. Ref. One child : Joseph. 

VIII. Albert B. Stout, b. Nov. 3, 1861 ; mrd. Lena 
Kepler. Teamster ; Mrs. Stout, Luth. Children : 
Laura, Lena. 

VIII. Howard B. Stout, b. Feb. 29, 1863 ; mrd. Sallie 
Anglemoyer. One child : Raymond. 

VIII. Martha B. Stout, b. Aug.'5, 1866 ; mrd. Samuel 
M. Anglemoyer April 23, 1887. One child : Aaron. 

VIII. Emma B. Stout, b. June 5, 1869 ; mrd. Preston 
Grover February 22, 1890. 

VIII. Rose Ella B. Stout, born September i, 1874. 

VIM. Lilly B. Stout, born May 21, 1879. 

VIII. Theodore B. Stout, born February 26, 1882. 

VII. Sophia D. Bishop, b. July 20, 1845 ; mrd. Philip 
S. Kulp Dec. 19, 1868. P'armer. No issue. 

VII. Albert Bishop, born in 1847 ; died in 1848. 

— 4^'2 — 

Vir Joseph D. Bishop, born May i8, 1849 ; married 
EHzabeth Fretz Feb. 20, 1869. Farmer ; Menus. 
Three children, died unnamed. 

VII. Sarah Anna Bishop, born July 10, 185 1 ; mrd. 
Henry H. Mo5^er. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 291.) 

VII. William D. Bishop, b. January 12, 1854 5 mrd. 
Susanna Shaddinger Oct. 31, 1878. Member of firm 
Bishop & Bro., merchants. Blooming Glen, Pa.; 
Menus. Children : (VIII) Katie Florence Bishop, b. 
Mar. 4, 1880; lyi^-zie Cora, b. Nov. 4, 1881 ; Walter 
S., born December 29, 1885. 

VII. Howard D. Bishop, born May 17, 1856 ; mrd. 
Sallie M. Geisinger October 21, 1882. Member of 
firm Bishop & Bro., merchants. Blooming Glen, Pa.; 
Menus. Children : (VIII) Aquilla G. Bishop, born 
July 23, 1885 ; Garwood, bom May 21, 1888 ; Sarah 
Elizabeth, born April 14, 1891 ; Martha G., born 
October 31, 1894. 

VII. Amanda E. Bishop, born July 13, 1862 ; mrd. 
Isaac F. Swartz January 31, 1885. Teacher; Menus. 
No issue. 

VI. Sarah Bishop, b. Mar. i, 1817 ; d. Nov. 17, 1853 ; 
mrd. Jacob M. Leatherman. (See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 292.) 

VI. Anna Bishop, b. Dec. 4, 18 18 ; d. 1838. S. 

VI. Susanna Bishop, b. Aug. 10, 1820 ; d. in 1888 ; 
mrd. Isaac Rosenberger Sept. 25, 1842. He died in 
1886. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Henry, Jacob, 
Elias, Isaac, Abraham, Anna, Mary. 

VII. Rev. Henry Rosenberger, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Jul}' 22, 1844 ; married Mary Ann, dau. of Jacob L. 
Shaddinger, Dec. 19, 1868. Farmer and minister. 
Mr. Rosenberger was ordained to the ministr}' of the 
Mennonite church at Blooming Glen, Bucks Co., Pa., 
Oct. 27, 1885, where he has since served in that 
capacity. No issue. 

VII. Jacob B. Rosenberger, bom about 1846 ; mrd. 
Sarah Myers in 1873. Merchant ; Menus. Chil- 
dren : (VIU) William M. Rosenberger, born 1875 ; 
Allen M., born 1881 ; Susie May, born 1886. 

VII. Elias Rosenberger, born August 3, 1849 ; died 
October 29, 1849. 

— 463 — 

VII. Isaac Rosenberger, Jr., b. Sept. 25, 1851 ; died 
March 26, 1856. 

VII. Abraham B. Rosenberger, b. March 27, 1853 .* 
mrd. Mary Godshalk Jan. 10, 1880. Farmer; Menns. 
Children : (VIII) Isaac G. Rosenberger, b. Dec. 20, 

1880 ; (VIII) Anna G. Rosenberger, b. Sept. 19, 1882 ; 
(VIII) Mary Emma Rosenberger, born Nov. 2, 1884 ; 
(VIII) Edward G. Rosenberger, b. Apr. 6, 1888 ; died 
December 28, 1888. 

VII. Anna Rosenberger, b. Dec. 19, 1855 ; d. Nov. 6, 
1888 ; married Ed. Shaddinger Nov. 22, 1879. He 
died Oct. 29, 1884. Farmer ; Menns. Children : 
(VIII) Henry R. Shaddinger, b. May 23, 1881 ; (VIII) 
Susan Shaddinger, b. Aug. 4, 1883 ; d. Feb. 23, 1885. 

VII. Mary Rosenberger, b. December 6, 1858 ; died 
April 6, 1880. Single. 

VI. Rachel Bishop, b. August 28, 1822 ; mrd. Jacob 
Loux. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 293.) 

VI. Abraham Bishop, b. April i, 1824 ; d. Nov. 9, 

1881 ; mrd. EHzabeth Bean in 1851. Shed. Feb. 27, 
1856. No issue. Abraham mrd. second wife Susan 
Bean Oct. 15, 1857. Menns. Children : Catharine, 
Isaac, Michael, Harvey, Abraham, William. 

VI. Enos Bishop, b. July i, 1826 ; d. Dec. 27, 1879 ; 
mrd. Mary Ann Bean Nov. 4, 1849. Menns. Chil- 
dren : Annie, Albert, Jacob, Michael, Edwin, Enos. 

VI. Catharine Bishop, b. February 24, 1830 ; mrd. 
Abraham Wismer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 294.) 

V. Maria Fretz (dec'd), born July 6, 1790. 

V. Susanna Fretz (dec'd), b. April 6, 1792 ; mrd. 
Abraham Schlotter (dec'd). Farmer ; Mennonites. 
Children : John, Samuel. Susanna married second 
husband Daniel Schlotter. One child : Daniel. 

V. Agnes Fretz (dec'd), born Dec. i, 1793. Single. 

V. Rachel Fretz, b. Aug. 17, 1795 ; d. about 1832 ; 
mrd. Abraham Zetty about 18 17. He was b. Nov. 10, 
1792 ; d. Sept. 12, 1867. Linen weaver and farmer ; 
Menns. Children : John, Christian, Mary, Sarah, 

V. Joseph Fretz, born 1797 ; died 1798. 

V. Sarah Fretz, b. Nov. 5, 1798 : d. July 22, 1884 ; 
mrd. Isaac Landis. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 295.) 

— 464 — 

V. Joliii Fretz (dec'd),. b. January 14, 1801 ; mrd. 
Mary Clenimer about 1825. She was b. Sept. 4, 1800. 
Farmer ; Mennouites. Children : Anna, Abraham^ 
Joseph, WilHani, Catharine, John, Mary, EHas, EHza- 
beth, Sarah. 

VI. Anna Fretz (dec'd), born December 15, 1825. 
VI. Abraham Fretz (dec'd), born i\pril 13, 1827. 

VI. Joseph C. Fretz, b. Dec. 31, 1828 ; mrd. Ohvia 
M. Mussehiian March 6, 1853. P. O. Morwood, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : Harry, Allen, Amanda, 
Susanna, Mary, Elizabeth, Erasmus, Joseph. 

VII. Harry M. Fretz, b. Nov. 30, 1853 ; mrd. Lizzie 
K. Eandis Deceml^er 8, 1878. P. O. Lansdale, Pa. 
Station agent ; Mennouites. Children: (Vlll) Olivia 
Rebecca Fretz, born Feb. 8, 1882 ; Ada Viola, born 
June 9, 1884 ; Orlando L. , born December 31, 1885 ; 
Weldon L., bom March 31, 1888. 

VII. Allen M. Fretz, b. Apr. 4, 1856 ; mrd. Ella B. 
Hartzel. Tailor. No issue. 

VII. Amanda M. Fretz, born Sept. 23, 1857 / <iM 
September 4, 1869. 

VII. Susanna M. Fretz, b. Mar. 2, 1861 ; mrd. Henr}" 
H. Price. Laborer. Children : Alice, Laura, Mary. 

VII. Mary M. Fretz, b. Jan. 12, 1S63 ; mrd. Irwin D. 
Swartz. Laborer. Children: Edwdn, Minnie (dec'd). 

VII. Elizabeth M. Fretz, b. October 30, 1865 ; died 
January 24, 1870. 

VII. Erasmus Fretz, bom Jan. 14, 1868 ; mrd. Tillie 

Reed March 1890. P. O. Lansdale, Pa. Laborer. 

VII. Joseph Fretz, born June 13, 1871 ; mrd. Emma 
Kratz Mar. 2, 1895. P- O- Morwood, Pa. Laborer. 

VI. William C. Fretz, b. Oct. 21, 1830 ; mrd. Mary 
Barnes January 6, 1855. Presby. Children: Allen, 
Daniel, ^Iar\', William, Mahlon, P^dwin, Amanda, 
Anna, Ella, Walter. 

VI. Catharine Fretz, b. July 29, 1832 ; mrd. Samuel 
W. Hunsberger. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 296.) 

VI. John C. Fretz, born June 21, 1834 ; died young. 

VI. Mary Fretz, b. September 30, 1837 ; mrd. Oliver 

VI. Elias Fretz, born June 11, 1839 ; mrd. Anna B. 

William Rittenhousk, M. D. 

See Page 439. 

— 465 — 

Slieip. He served nine months in the army. Chil- 
dren : Pierce, Edward, Mary, Annie. 

VI. EHzabeth Fretz, b. Jan. 18, 1841 ; died young. 

VI. Sarah Fretz, born March 22, 1843. Single. 

IV. Henry Fretz, b. Feb. 17, 1763 ; d. Oct. 9, 1820 ; 
mrd. Anna Krout May 13, 1784. She d. January 22, 
1806. He was called "Hurrying Hen," from his 
haljit of hurrying or urging his men. Farmer in 
Bedminster Twp. ; Menus. Children: F^lizabeth, 
Barbara, Christian, Mary, Sarah, Agnes, Abraham, 
Joseph, Annie, Henry, John. Henry married second 
wife Beidler. No issue. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, b. Feb. 25, 1785 ; d. Apr. 1865 ; 
mrd. Henr}^ Myers. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 297.) 

V. Barbara Fretz (dec'd), b. July 8, 1786. Single. 

V. Christian Fretz (dec'd), b. Sept. 5, 1787 : mrd. 
Elizabeth Overholt March 6, 18 17. Mason ; Menus. 
Children : Christian, Enos. 

VI. Christian Fretz (dec'd), b. Nov. 5, 1821 ; mrd. 
Maria Moyer March 7, 1847. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : Elizabeth, Annie, Al3raham, Sallie, Jacob, 
Henr3^ Isaiah. 

VII. Elizabeth Fretz, b. Mar. 15, 1848 ; mrd. Joseph 
Bishop. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 264.) 

VII. Annie Fretz, born Oct. 24, 1850 ; mrd. William 
Beidler June 4, 1870. Salesman. Children : Ella, 

VII. Abraham M. Fretz, born May 15, 1853 ; mrd. 
Sarah Ann Hendricks Nov. 22, 1873. Creamery man ; 
Menus. Children: Ulysses G. H., Albertha H., 
Mabel May. 

VII. Sallie Fretz, born May 10, 1855 ; married A. E. 
Detweiler Jan. 20, 1877. Tinsmith ; Menus. Chil- 
dren : Minerva, Preston. 

VII. Jacob M. Fretz, born F'eb. 6, i860 ; mrd. Lizzie 
Geisinger. Children: Emma G., Allen G. 

VII. Henry M. Fretz, born April 8, 1863. Farmer 
in Marshall Co., Kan. 

VII. Isaiah M. Fretz, b, Jan. 27, 1866. 

VI. Enos Fretz, born and died in Bucks Co., aged 
24 years. No issue. 

V. Mary Fretz, born in Bucks Co. in 1789 ; died 

— 466 — 

1845 ; married Samuel Detvveiler. (See Index of 
References No. 298.) 

V. Sarah Fretz, born 1791 ; died 1871 ; mrd. Jacob 
Rittenliouse. Lived and died in Canada. No issue. 

V. Agnes Fretz (dec'd), born June 20, 1792 ; mrd. 
John Myers. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 299.) 

V. Abraham Fretz, h. Januar^^ 12, 1794 ; d. July 19, 
1874 ; mrd. Susanna Leatherman Jan. 20, 1820. She 
died Sept. 10, 1853. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
Anna, Mary, Elizabeth, Levi, Susanna, David. He 
married second wife Anna Krout (widow of Samuel 
Rosenberger) November 21, 1859. 

V. Joseph Fretz (dec'd), bom Sept. 25, 1795. He 
went to Canada and there mrd. Margaret Rittenliouse 
Dec. 15, 1817. She d. about 1832. Farmer; Menus. 
Children : Mary, Sarah, Barbara, Dina, Anna, Henry, 
Joseph. He married second wife Catharine Moyer 
April 2, 1833. No issue. He mrd. third wife Eliza 
Martin. No issue. 

VI. Mary Fretz, b. in Canada Dec. 21, 1819 ; died 
May 5, 1854 ; mrd. Daniel Gerber in 1843. P. O. 
Tremont, Mich. Tanner. Mr. G., Cong ; Mrs. G., 
Menu. Children : Joseph, Elizabeth, John, Henry, 
William, Sarah. 

VII. Joseph Gerber, bom Jan. 12, 1845 ; mrd. Agnes 
Moyer Mar. 6, 1870. P.O. Tremont, Mich. Tanner ; 
Cong. Children : (VIII) Theron D. Gerber, born 
Feb. 13, 1871 ; died vSept. 16, 1881. (VHI) Frank 
Gerber, b. Jan. 12, 1873. (VHI) Mary Gerber, born 
Dec. 10, 1875 ; ^- Sept. 2, 1876. (VIII) Harry Gerber, 
born Dec. 6, 1879. (VIII) F:thel Gerber, b. Mar. 16, 
1884. (VIII) Joseph Gerber, bom June 22, 1885. 

VII. Elizabeth Gerber, b. July 4, 1847 ; mrd. Charles 
Ketcham. One child : Carrie. Elizabeth married 
.second husband William H. Shea (dec'd). Children : 
Mabel, Maud. 

VII. John Gerber, bom 1848 ; died 1854. 

VII. Henry Gerber, bom 1850 ; died 1854. 

VII. William Gerber, b. March 19, 1852 ; mrd. Ella 
Billings. Real estate agent. No issue. 
VII. Sarah Gerber, born Feb. 1854 r died Sept. 1854. 

— 467 — 

VI. Sarah Fretz, born Jan. 17, 1822 ; mrd. John W. 
Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 300.) 

VI. Barbara Fretz, b. Jan. 15, 1824 ; mrd. Abraham 
Funk. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 301.) 

VI. Diana Fretz, b. Feb. 17, 1826 ; mrd. John Boose. 
Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : Margaret, Joseph, 
Wilham, John, Levi, Isaac. 

VI. Anna Fretz, b. Mar. 20, 1826. P. O. Campden, 
Ont. Menn. Single. 

VI. Henry Fretz, b. March 19, 1830 ; mrd. Annie 
Kratz Nov. 2, 1852. P.O. Campden, Ont. Farmer; 
Mennonites. Children : Sarah, Mary, Levi, Annie, 
Maggie, Fannie, Emma, Martha. 

VII. Sarah Fretz, born in 1854 ; died 1856. 

VII. Mary Fretz, born Nov. 28, 1855 ; mrd. Mahlon 
H. Meyers. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 302.) 

VII. Levi Fretz, b. September i, 1857 ; mrd. Madilla 
Moyer Oct. 11, 1880. P. O. Campden, Ont. Meth. 
Children : Beatrice, Cora. 

VII. Annie Fretz, born January 26, 1859. 

VII. Maggie Fretz, b. July 3, 1861 ; mrd. Francis M. 
Fretz. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 303.) 

VII. Fannie Fretz, b. Nov. 15, 1864; mrd. James H. 
Hunsberger March 3, 1886. Farmer. Children : 
Ernest, Bertha. 

VII. Emma Fretz, born September 15, 1868. 

VII. Martha Fretz, born May 3, 1874. 

VI. Joseph R. Fretz, born June 13, 1832 ; mrd. 
Ehzabeth Hoover Sept. 13, 1864. P. O. Jordan, Ont. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : Jacob, Sarah. 

V. Annie P'retz, b. F'eb. 28, 1797 ; d. May 19, 1882 ; 
mrd. Garret Benner about 1821. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : Abraham, Catharine, Annie, Sarah, Henry. 

V. Henry Fretz, Jr. (dec'd), b. Feb. 2, 1800 ; mrd. 
Catharine Benner (dec'd) in 1824. She was b. Dec. 7, 
1795. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : Catharine, 
Joseph, Sarah. 

V. John Fretz, born in 1803 ; "died 18 14. 

IV. Martin Fretz, b. in Bedminster Twp. , Bucks Co., 
Pa., Aug. 9, 1764 ; d. Sept. 26, 1835, Farmer and 
linseed oil manufacturer. Lived in Hilltown town- 
ship, near Yost's mill, on a farm now occupied by 

— 468 — 

Jacob vSiiiitli. He was an honest, upright man, and 
held in high esteem. As a christian he endeavored 
faithfully to discharge his religious duties, in all of 
which he was conscientiously strict. He never 
allovved any meml,>cr of his family to leave the church 
before the benediction was ]ti-onounced. An adage of 
his was : " Wer naus geht vor dem segen, geht dem 
flucli entgegen." He was twice married. His first 
wife was Anna Kratz. She w^as born Sept. ii, 1768 ; 
died June 24, 1816. Menus. Had fifteen children : 
Barbara, Mary, Agnes, Betsey, Betsey, Nancy, 
Veronica, Martin, Martin, Susanna, Silas, Veronica, 
Catharine, Leah, Rachel. Martin mrd. second wife 
Anna Licey. No issue. 

V. Barbara Fretz, b. Sept. 11, 1787 ; died in 1879 ; 
mrd. Rudolph Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 304.) 

V. Mary Fretz (dec'd), b. Feb. 9, 1788 ; mrd. Henry 
Anglemo3^er Oct. 1807. Farmer; Menus. Children: 
Ann, Elizabeth, Mar^^, Susan, Leah, Martin, Rachel, 
Barbara, Catharine, Henry, Samuel. 

V. Agnes Fretz, b. Aug. 10, 1790 ; died Sept. 21, 
1862; mrd. Peter Loux Nov. 28, 181 1. He died 
July 22, 1855. Farmer and oil manufacturer ; Menus. 
Children : Mary, Martin, Jacob, Enos, Silas, Aaron, 

V. Ehzabeth Fretz, b. Aug. 10, 1790 ; d. in infancy. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, b. May 20, 1792 ; d. Sept. 17, 
1872 ; mrd. Abraham Kratz, of Montg. Co., Nov. 2, 
1813. Farmer and weaver ; Mennonites. Children: 
Mary, Martin, Abraham, Elizabeth. 

V. Nancy Fretz, b. Jan. 8, 1794 ; d. Sept. 14, 1863 ; 
married Abraham Hunsberger. Foamier ; Menus. 
Children : Father, Anna, Martin, Susanna, Isaac, 
Elizabetli, John, Abraham, Enos. 

V. Veronica Fretz, born about 1796 ; died young. 

V. Martin Fretz, l)orn about 1798 ; died young. 

V. Martin Fretz, born about 1800 ; died young. 

V. Susanna Fretz, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., March 23, 
1802 ; died Feb. 4, 1890 ; mrd. Jacob Funk. (See 
Ind. of Ref. No. 305.) 

V. Silas Fretz, born about 1804 ; died in infanc}'. 

V. Veronica Fretz, born Aug. 8, 1806 ; died Nov. i, 

— 469 — 

1 885 ; ^'i^^'d. Jonas Meyers. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 306. ) 
V. Catharine Fretz (dec'd), b. Sept. 9, 1808 ; mrd. 
Abraham Kratz. Menns. No issue. 

V. Leah Fretz, b. October i, i8io ; mrd. Abraham 
Angen}' October 21, 1828. Tliey hved in Bedminster 
township until 1848, when they removed to Union 
county, Pa., and in 1859 to MiUon, Northumberland 
county, Pa., where Mr. Angeny perished in the great 
fire of 1S80, in his 78th year. Carpenter ; Menns. 
Children : Anna, Barbara, Eva, Martin, Leah, Rachel, 
Abl)ie, Katharine, Minerva. 

VI. Anna i\ngeny, b. Dec. 21, 1829; d. 1850. S. 

VI. Barbara Angeny, b, Aug. 29, 1831 ; mrd. Jacob 
Gehman Oct. 2, 1849. P. O. Olathe, Kan. Farmer ; 
Mennonites. Children : Abraham, Jacob, Elizabeth, 
Fannie, Rachel, Sarah, Lillie, Emma, Benjamin, 
Samuel, Mar}'. 

VII. Abraham A. Gehman, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Aug. 26, 1850. P. O. Olathe, Kan. Music teacher 
and agent for musical instruments. Single. 

VII. Jacob Gehman, b. March 1852 ; d. October i860. 

VII. Elizabeth Gehman, b. Jan. 1854 ; d, Oct. i860. 

VII. Menno S. Gehman, born in Bucks Co. May 17, 
1856. P. O. Billings, Mont. vSingle. 

VII. Fannie Gehman, b. in Bucks Co. Feb. 19, 1858 ; 
mrd. Samuel Horning, of Clarinda, la., Oct. 31, 1878. 
P. O. Grand Junction, Col. Farmer ; Disciples. 
Children : (VIII) Benjamin F. Horning, b. April 19, 
1880 ; Jacob Lee, b. Apr. 12, 1881 ; PMwin G., born 
Aug. 2, 1882 ; Jennie A., born Jan. 5, 1884 ; Alice, 
born Januar}' 19, 1888. 

VII. Rachel A. Gehman, born in Bucks Co. P"eb. 17, 
i860 ; mrd. Henry William Smith, of Rockport, Mo., 
October 21, 1886. Mr. S., Luth. ; Mrs. S., Bap. 
P. O. Rockport, Mo. Livery business. Children : 
(VIII) Arthur Raymond Smith, born Julv 23, 1887 ; 
(VIII) Gracie Abbie Smith, b. vSept. 14, 1889 ; (VIII) 
Edward Henr\' Smith, born vSeptember 18^ 1891 ; 
(VIII) Charles M. Smith, born Dec. 21, 1893; died 
Dec. 23, 1893. (VIH) Riley Walkup Smith, born 
August 21, 1895. 

VII. Sarah Gehman, b. in Fayette Co., la., Aug. 10, 

— 470 — 

1 862 ; married William G. Grebe Dec. 25, 1883. He 
d. July 10, 1893. Meth. Ep. Children: (VIII) Elsie 
Grebe, b. Sept. 27, 1884; Guy, b. March 28, 1886; 
Her1)ert, b. June 12, 1888 ; EiHie Barbara, b. June 14, 
1890 ; Alva Jacob, b. June 23, 1892. 

VII. Samuel Gehman, b. in Fayette Co., la., July 6, 
1864; mrd. Myra Phillips, of Grand Rapids, Mich., 
Sept. I, 1892. P. O. Olathe, Kan. Carpenter ; 
Presby. Children: (VIII) Philip Gehman, b. June 9, 
1893; Gertrude, born Jan. i, 1895. 

VII. Lillie A. Gehman, born in Fayette Co., Iowa, 
April 15, 1868 ; married James W. Plasters Sept. 19, 
1895. P. O. Beatrice, Neb. Presby. 

VII. Emma B. Gehman, born in Mahaska Co., la., 
Sept. 27, 1870 ; married Rev. H. R. Murphy Sept. i, 
1 89 1. P. O. Lincoln, Neb. Mr. Murphy was born 
in Clark Co., la., March 15, 1870. He was licensed 
to preach when 16 3'ears of age, attended school at the 
Nebraska State University, Lincoln, Neb., and at 
Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich., was ordained to 
the ministry in the Free Baptist denomination in 
1 89 1, became pastor of the Centreville church as vsoon 
as ordained, and later pastor of the Kenesaw (Neb.) 
church. In January 1895 he accepted a call to 
become pastor of the First Free Baptist church of 
Lincoln, Neb. He was State president for two 3xars 
of the Free Baptist Young People's Societ3^ of Ne- 
braska. One child : (Vlllj RoUand Edison Murphy, 
born Dec. 17, 1893. 

VII. Benjamin F. Gehman, lx)rn August i, 1873. 
Menu. Single. 

VII. Mary A. Gehman, b. Aug. 6, 1876. Teacher ; 
Menu. Single. 

VI. Eva Angen}', b. Oct. 25, 1833 ; mrd. Reuben L. 
Hatfield Dec. 4, 1851. P. O. Milton, Pa. Tinner; 
Bap. Children : Annetta, F^lla, Lillian, Carroll, 
Edgar, William, Miiuiie, Grace, Mabel. 

VII. Annetta V. Hatfield, b. May 29, 1853 ; married 
William I. Webb April 27, 1880. P.O. ^Milton, Pa. 
Clerk and bookkeeper ; Methodist Ep. Children : 
(VIM) John Webb, born March 10, 1881 ; d. Sept. 7, 
1881. (VIII) Fannie B. Webb, b. July 18, 1883. 

— 471 — 

VII. Ella E. Hatfield, b. Aug. 9, 1855. 
•VII. Lillian V. Hatfield, b. Dec. i, 1857 ; mrd. John 
H. Krauser March 27, 1879. P. O. Milton, Pa. 
Salesman. Children : (Vlll) Webb Gu}'" Krauser, 
b. May 31, 1880 ; James B., b. Jul}^ 5, 1883. 

VII. Carroll D. Hatfield, born Dec. i, 1859 ; married 
Laura Quick March 29, 188 1. Wheelwright; Bap. 
Children : (Vlll) Walter Hatfield, b. Dec. 14, 1882 ; 
Annetta Jennie, b. Jan. 25, 1885. 

VII. Edgar A. Hatfield, born Feb. 16, 1862 ; married 
Anna M. Brigg Nov. 30, 1886. 

VII. Wilham S. Hatfield, b. Sept. 2, 1864. 

VII. Minnie E. Hatfield, b. Feb. 7, 1869. 

VII. Grace C. Hatfield, b. Jan. 24, 1872. 

VII. M. Mabel Hatfield, b Jan. 17, 1877. 

VI. Martin F. Angeny, b. Nov. 27, 1835 ; d. Oct. 30, 
1865 ; married Clara F. Hagner March 3, 1864. 
Carpenter ; Bap. One child: (VII) Harry R. Angeny, 
died Oct. 5, 1865. 

VI. Leah Angeny, born Dec. 9, 1837 ; died Jan. 13, 
1866. Single. 

VI. Rachel Angeny, born Feb. 24, 1840 ; mrd. Seth 
Comly Hill Oct. 3, 1861. P.O. Milton, Pa. Farmer ; 
Baptist. Children : Raymond, Clara, Kate, Alice, 
Bessie, Herbert, Harry. 

VII. Raymond C. Hill, born August 31, 1862 ; died 
Aug. II, 1864. 

VII. Clara R. Hill, b. May 29, 1864. After taking 
a two 3'ears' course at the Baptist Training School for 
Missionaries in Philadelphia, and a few months in the 
Candidates' Home at Newton Centre, Mass., she went 
as a missionary to Africa. On May 25, 1895, i^ com- 
pany with Miss Jennie Edmunds, another missionar}^ 
she sailed for Banza Manteke, Congo, West Africa, 
via Liverpool. 

VII. Kate E. Hill, b. Aug. 21, 1866 ; mrd. David J. 
Jenkins April 23, 1895. P. O. Steelton, Pa. 

VII. Alice Hill, born June 19, 1869. Single. 

VII. Bessie Hill, born Oct. 24, 1872. 

VII. Herbert Hill, born April 16, 1874. 

VII. Harry M. Hill, born April 30, 1878. 

VI. Abbie C. Angeny, born June 26, 1842; married 

— 472 — 

Thomas Shuler in 1866. P. O. Grand Junction, la. 
Machinist ; Meth. Ep. Mrs. Shuler in vSeptember 
1892 underwent a very difficult operation at the 
Jefferson College Hospital, of Philadelphia. vShe had 
a tumor removed which affected and was rotting away 
the lower jaw. Almost the entire lower jaw bone 
was removed. The operation was a ver}' rare and 
unusual one, and was fraught wdth great danger, l)Ut 
was successfully accomplished. Although but little 
of the lower jaw^ bone is left, she can eat without 
difficulty anything she wants. Children : Elmer, 
Charles, J. Eugene, Martin, Bessie, Willie, Robert, 
David, Benjamin Harrison. 

VII. Palmer E. vShuler, b. Nov. 2, 1867 ; mrd. Jennie 
Getz April 5, 1893.' P.O. Havelock, Neb, Druggist. 

VII. Charles C. vShuler, b. July 2, 1869. Employed 
at Western Wheel Works, Chicago. 

VII. J. Eugene Shuler, born March 28, 187 1 ; mrd. 
Anna E. Mazer May 16, 1895. Wallpaper business 
in Chicago. 

VII. Martin Shuler, b. May 27, 1872. P. O. Grand 
Junction, la. Painter and paper hanger. 

VII. Bessie M. Shuler, born Oct. 3, 1875. 

VII. Willie T. vShuler, born Jan. 1^6, 1878. 

VII. Robert A. Shuler, born Aug. 14, 1880. 

VII. David O. Shuler, born Oct.'^8, 1883 ; died 1886. 

VII. Benjamin Harrison Shuler, born July 18, 1888. 

VI. Katharine Angeny, b. Sept. 18, 1844; married 
William Shields* Dec. 26, 1867. P. O. Lewisburg, 
Pa. Register and Recorder of Union county, Pa. ; 
Bap. Children: ^Vll) P^sther Lucas Shields, born 
Dec. 26, 1868. Trained nurse, graduated from Phila- 
delphia Hospital, class of '93 ; Presby. fVH) Lillian 
Angeny vShields. I). Dec. 12, 1870. Bap. (VII) Ellen 
Harris Sliields, l)orn January 31, 1873. Presbyterian. 
(VII j William Scott vShields, born April 11, 1875. 
(VH) Pvdgar Thomson Shields, born Sept. 24, 1877. 
(VII) Charlotte EUiott Shields, born May 4, 1880. 
(VII) James Leigh Shields, born Jan. 27, 1885. 

*Mr. Shields is of Scotch-Irish descent, his father being 
first cousin of Sir WilHam Thomson, of Glasgow University, 

Col. T. G. Kephart. 

See Page 445. 

— 473 — 

VI. Minerva Angeny, b. in Union Co., Pa., June 26, 
1852. Single. 

V. Rachel Fretz, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. i, 1814 ; 
d. Dec. II, 1858 ; nird. Henry S. Krout Nov. 2, 1835. 
He was b. Apr. 10, 1810 ; d. May 30, 1888. Farmer ; 
Menus. Children : Jacob, Martin, Abraham, John. 

VI. Jacob F. Krout, b. Oct. 29, 1836. P. O. Ridge, 
Pa. Farmer and nunseryman ; Menu. Single. 

VI. Martin F. Krout, b. Nov. 3, 1838 ; d. April 20, 
1876 ; mrd. Rebecca, dau. of Dr. William Andrews, 
of River Styx, O., Oct. 2, 1864. Children: James, 

VI. Abraham F. K. Krout, A. M., b. in Bucks Co., 
Pa., Feb. 2, 1843. At the age of 19 years he entered 
the North Wales Institute, where he remained about 
a 3^ear. In the P'all of 1862 he began teaching, and 
taught successively at the Deep Run, Rocky Ridge, 
Algard, Sellersville, and Plumsteadville schools. In 
1868 he took charge of the West Bethlehem schools, 
Lehigh county, and in 1869 accepted the principalship 
of the Coplay schools, same county. In June 1883 he 
gave up teaching to become the accountant and cashier 
for the Coplay Iron Company, a position he held 
until October 1888. In the Fall of 1889 he took 
charge of the borough schools of Emlenton, Pa. , where, 
as principal, he reorganized the school system and 
introduced a number of changes for the improvement 
of the public schools of that municipality. He next 
took charge as principal and supervisor of the Lehigh- 
ton borough schools, and later as principal at 
Wyoming, Pa. He is at present connected with the 
Temple College, Philadelphia. 

Through all these years of teaching there is one 
idea that has never been lost sight of, namely : that of 
self-improvement. The schooling at the academy was 
only the beginning of a life of study. In 1876 he 
appeared before the State Board of Examiners, passed 
the examination and was granted a Normal certificate 
as teacher of didactic. He found much pleasure in 
pursuing a counse of general studies in science and 
language, and in 1877 Franklin and Marshall College 
recognized his industry as a student and conferred on 

— 474 — 


him the honorar}' degree of A. M. He has been a 
member of the Pennsylvania State Teachers' Asso- 
ciation since 1877, and is also an active member of the 
Tourey Botanical Club, of Columbia College, New 
York City, since October 1881. 

Having the confidence of the people at his perma- 
nent home in Coplay, he was frequently called upon 
to fill positions of honor and responsibilit3^ He was 
the first commissioned Justice of the Peace for his 
borough, and held the office from 1869 to 1890. He 
was secretar}' of Town Council for 13 years, and a 
School Director five years. The Judges of the Courts 
frequentl}^ appointed. him to serve on road juries and 
commissions, and there are few townships in Lehigh 
county in which he has not been called to execute 
these appointments. 

Being a member of the Reformed church he took 
an active interest in the founding of Trinit}" congre- 
gation at Coplay in 1872. He served as deacon and 
was for many years secretar}^ of the Consistor3\ He 
was the superintendent of the Sunday school of this 
congregation for 18 3'ears. 

He married Mary C. Moyer, of Skippack, Montg. 
Co., Pa., October i, 1868. Children: (VII) Mabel 
Olivia Krout, b. Dec. 25, 187 1 ; (VII) Jacob Henry 
Krout, b. May 16, 1874; (VII) Clarence A. Krout, 
born May 3, 1883; d. Sept. 12, 1883. (VII) Helen 
Rachel Krout, born Nov. 5, 1S85. 
VI. John H. Krout, b. June 26, 1845 ; d. Mar. 22, 
1888. Merchant ; Roman Catholic. Single. 

IV. Jacob Fretz, b. Jan. i, 1767 ; d. Jan. 12, 1799 ; 
mrd. Elizabeth Kratz Nov. 6, 1787. She was born in 
1768. They resided in Solebury, at the place known 
as Fleec3''dale. Fuller and dyer. Children : Philip, 
Barbara. Christian, Elizabeth, Mar3'. 

V. Philip Fretz, b. Jan. 8, 1789 ; d. Apr. 1851 ; mrd. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Ralph Stover, of Bedminster. She 
wash. Nov. 8, 1790 ; d. June 8, 1870. Fuller, dyer 
and farmer. 

"Aunt Betse3' " was a great favorite with the 
birds ; not canaries or caged birds, but wild birds, 
hundreds and hundreds of them, free to go and come 

— 475 — 

as they pleased. She could call them to her at any 
time in the daj^ and no doubt they would have flown 
to her at any hour of the night had she called them. 
She would crack nuts in the house, and say to the 
girl, "get my bird vSun bonnet;" then while the 
audience looked out of the window she cracked more 
nuts on the piazza. Such a flying from the woodlands 
and meadows, such an alighting of birds of all sizes 
and colors on "Aunt Betsey's " head was a beautiful 
sight, and the old tattered sun bonnet, torn by bird 
claws, was an insigna of office and more honorable 
then the helmet of some gallant knight of old. Chil- 
dren : Jacob, Catharine, Susan, Magdalena, Elizabeth, 
Violette, Hannah, infant, Annie, Rachel, Cornelia, 

IV. Abraham Fretz, born in Bedminster, Bucks Co., 
Pa., Mar. 30, 1769 ; d. Mar. 7, 1844; mrd. Magda- 
lena, dau. of John Kratz, of Hilltown, Pa., April 30, 
1793. The lived on the old Fretz homestead in 
Bedminster. The farm, consisting of 255 acres, he 
inherited from his father. He was an honest, upright 
citizen, a conscientious christian, and much esteemed 
by the community in which he lived. 

It is related that while working in the field one 
day a man rode up, and seeing his fine cows wanted 
to buy one, but he did not want to sell. The man, 
however, insisted and asked him to set a price. He 
then thought that if he would ask double what the 
cow was worth the man would leave without buying. 
But contrary to his expectation the man laid down 
the mone}' and drove the cow off. After the man was 
gone he talked the matter over with his wife and they 
decided it was " usury." He mounted a horse, rode 
after the man and gave him back half of the money, 
saying : "I don't want to be damned for a cow." 

He and wife were members of the Mennonite 
church at Deep Run, of which he was a deacon for 
many 3^ears. Children : Anna, Rebecca, Jacob, Chris- 
tian, John, Isaac, Martin, Elizabeth, Barbara, Abraham. 
Y. Anna Fretz, b. Jan. 22, 1795 ; d. Mar. 18, 1873 ; 
mrd. Henry Meyers. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 307.) 

V. Rebecca Fretz, born Sept. 1796 ; died Feb. 1798. 

— 476 — 

V. Jacob Fretz, b. Aug. 1799 ; died Mar. 11, 1800. 

V. Christian Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 13, 
1801 ; died Sept. 5, 1875 : mrd, Mary Leatherman 
Oct. 24, 1824. She died April 24, 1864. Children : 
Ely, Abraham, Eliza, Mary. Christian mrd. second 
wife Elizabeth Nash (dec'd) Oct. 6, 1867. He was a 
farmer of large means, a man of thriving energy, a 
director of the Doylestown bank, and an honored 
member of the Mennonite church at Deep Run. 

VI. Ely Fretz, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 9, 1825 ; 
mrd. Mary Mej^ers in 1850. P. O. Bedminster, Pa. 
He is a prosperous farmer, owns the old " Weaver " 
John Fretz homestead, occupied by his son, Mali Ion 
M. Fretz, and is a director of the Sellersville bank. 
Member of Second Mennonite church at Deep Run. 
Children : Allen, Lucinda, Emeline, Mahlon, Francis, 
Barbara, Susan, Mary Etta. 

VII. Rev. Allen M. Fretz, b. in Tinicum Twp. Dec. 12, 
1853, on the property known as Fretz's mill, on the 
Tohickon. On September 18, 1880, he married Sarah, 
daughter of Abraham L. Leatherman. She died 
March 21, 1882. An infant son died soon after birth. 

In 1856 his parents moved to Bedminster town- 
ship, on the farm of his grandfather Christian, where 
his father was born and brought up, and which, upon 
the death of Christian, passed into the hands of Ely, 
who still owns it. 

When 17 years old Allen was sent by his parents 
to the Mennonite Seminary at Wadsworth, O. He 
subsequently attended one term at the Excelsior 
Normal Institute at Carversville, Pa., after which he 
taught eleven terms, working on his father's farm 
during the Summer months. 

In the Fall of 1882 he accepted the nomination of 
the Republican party as a candidate to the State 
Legislature, but his party being in the minority in 
that year's campaign he was defeated with the rest of 
the ticket. 

In 1883 the Second Mennonite church at Deep 
Run called him to be their minister, and he was 
accordingly ordained by Bishop Moses Gottschall on 
October 13, 1883, and installed pastor of the same. 

— 477 — 

Feeling the pressing need of an English paper in the 
interest of his branch of the Mennonite church, he, 
with the aid of Rev. N. B. Grubb, pastor of the 
church in Philadelphia, succeeded in getting out the 
prospectus of "The Mennonite," which was laid 
before the conference and accepted as one of the 
periodicals of the church. He is still one of the 
editors of the paper, which has steadily increased in 
popularity and circulation since it w^as started. 

On November 24, 1893, ^^ was ordained to the 
office of bishop by Rev. William S. Gottshall, assisted 
by Rev. J. S. Moyer, at Deep Run, Pa., and has the 
spiritual oversight as bishop and pastor of the Deep 
Run and Souderton churches. At the latter place a 
neat and substantial church edifice has recently been 
finished, of which he was elected pastor in full charge 
February 9, 1893. Children: (VIII) Jacob Ritten- 
house Fretz, b. July 22, 1886; Ely R., b. Nov. 27, 
1888; Viola, born March 22, 1891 ; Allen R., born 
October 1 1, 1893. 

VII. Lucinda Fretz, b. Aug. 5, 1855 ; mrd. Edward 
L. Yost in 1874. Harnessmaker ; Luth. Children : 
(VIII) Wilham F. Yost, born Nov. 15, 1874 ; Stella 
May, born April 28, 1884. 

VII. Emeline Fretz, b. Dec. 14, 1857 ; mrd. Henry 
D. Detvveiler. P. O. Souderton, Pa. Carpenter ; 

VII. Mahlon M. FVetz, born August 12, 1859 ; mrd. 
Amanda, dau. of Joseph M. Fretz, Dec. 22, 1883. 
Farmer ; lives on the old ' ' Weaver ' ' John Fretz 
homestead in Bedminster township. Pa. New Menus. 
No issue. 

VII. F'rancis M. Fretz, born May 25, 1863 ; married 
Maggie, dau. of Henry Fretz, of Lincoln Co., Out., 
March 3, 1886. P. O. Bedminster, Pa. Farmer ; 
Mennonites. One child : (VIII) Martha FVetz, born 
August 30, 1887. 

VII. Barbara Fretz, born May 20, 1866 ; mrd. Irwin 
Wasser April 21, 1888. P. O. Bedminster, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menus. Children : (VIH) Mary Wasser, b. 
Jan. 26, 1889 ; (VIII) Clarence, Susan, Mahlon. 

— 478 — 

VII. Susan M. Fretz, b. Dec. i, 1869 ; nird. Abraham 
S. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 308.) 

VII. Mary Etta Fretz, b. Dec. i, 1869 ; mrd. Jacob 
M. Landis. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 309.) 

VI. Abraham Fretz, b. Dec. 16, 1829 ; died Dec. 13, 
1876. Single. 

VI. Eliza Ann Fretz, b. Apr. i, 1835 ; mrd. Reuben 
Stover Oct. 15, 1854. He d. Mar. 25, 187 1. P. O. 
Bedminster, Pa. Farmer. Mr. Stover, Ger. Ref. ; 
Mrs. Stover, New Menn. One child : Louisa. 

VII. Louisa Stover, b. in 1855 ; mrd. John S. Bissey 
August 26, 1873. P. O. Bedminster, Pa. Farmer ; 
Luth. Children : (VIII) Clara S. Bissey, b. Feb. 22, 
1877 ; (VIII) Alvin S. Bissey, b. December 22, 1879 ; 
(VIII) Sadie S. Bissey, b. Oct. 30, 1882 ; d. Feb. 12, 
1886. (VIII) Alma Bertha Bissey, born Oct. 23, 1888. 

VI. Mary Fretz, born Oct. 18, 1842 ; mrd. John M. 
Fretz. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 310.) 

V. John Fretz, b. Apr. 21, 1803 ; d. Nov. 17, 1866 ; 
mrd. Ann, daughter of Abraham and Rachel Fretz, 
May 4, 1830. Farmer ; Menus. One child : Susan. 

VI. Susan Fretz, b. May 4, 1831 ; d. Feb. 25, 1873 ; 
mrd. Lafayette Yost Dec. 8, 1855. He died Jan. 21, 
1880. Farmer. Children : Annetta, Rachel, John, 
Linford, Ulj^sses, Lizzie. 

VII. Annetta Yost, b. Aug. 27, 1857 ; mrd. Samuel 
D. High. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 311.) 

VII. Rachel Yost, b. Oct. 8, i860 ; mrd. Leidy Harpel 
Sept. 20, 1883. P.O. Church Hill, Pa. Merchant; 
Lutheran. One child : (VIII) IMaggie Harpel, born 
September 28, 1883. 

VII. John PVetz Yost, born March 28, 1863 ; married 
Jennie Fulmer Oct. 6, 1883. P.O. Bridge Valley, Pa. 
Farmer. Children : (VIII) Fretz Yost, born Feb. 15, 
1884 ; d. Sept. 4. 1884. (VIII) Edgar Yost, b. Feb. 15, 
1885. (VIII) Harry Yost, born September 2, 1886. 
(VIII) Ravmond Yost, b. Jan. 17, 1888 ; d. Sept. 13, 
1888. (VIII) Leidy Yost. 

VII. Linford Yost, b. March 12, 1866 ; died July 9, 
1893 ; mrd. Ella Koch. No issue. 

VII. Ulysses Grant Yost, born Nov. 4, 1868 ; died 
March 24, 1869. 

— 479 — 

VII. Lizzie Fretz Yost, born Nov. 13, 1870 ; married 
William S. Keller. P.O. Cressman, Pa. One child : 

V. Isaac K. Fretz, b. Dec. 16, 1805 ; d. July 7, 1882 ; 
mrd. Annie, dan. of Christian and Annie Leatherman, 
Oct. I, 1833. She was b. April 15, 1809 ; d. Oct. 14, 
1883. Farmer ; New Mennonitesat Deep Run, where 
he led the singing for upwards of twent}^ years. 
Children: Abraham, WilHam, Magdalena, Sarah, / 
John, Maria, Annie, Isaac. ^ ■^Lffif 

VI. Abraham L. Fretz, born Sept. 6, iSg^rf^married 
Leanna, dau. of Samuel and Elizabethl^rr, of Rock- 
hill, Pa., Jan. 2, 1856. She was born Feb. 12, 1840. 
P. O. Bedminster, Pa. Farmer ; New Mennonites. 
Children : Adina, Samuel. 

VII. Adina Fretz, b. P"eb. 11, 1861 ; d. P'eb. 20, 1867. 
VII. Samuel O. Fretz, b. Dec. 7, 1862 ; mrd. Minerva, 

dau. of John H. and Emeline Stout, of Rockhill, Pa., 
Feb. 13, 1886. She was born Jan. 31, 1865. P.O. 
Bedminster, Pa. Farmer ; New Menus. One child : 
(VIII) Nero Stout Fretz, b. May 27, 1888. 

VI. William L. PVetz, born May 13, 1837 ; died 
August 25, 1840. 

VI. Magdalena Fretz, born Jul}^ 19, 1839 ; died 
August 19, 1840. 

VI. John L. Fretz, b. January 13, 1841 ; mrd. Mary 
Ann S. Kratz Dec. 16, 1863. She was born Jan. 18, 
1846 ; d. in 1870. Children : (VII) Isaiah K. Fretz, 
born Dec. 26, 1864 ; d. Sept. 11, 1865. (VII) Emma 
Jane K. Fretz, b. Jan. 27, 1866 ; d. March 27, 1868. 
(VII) Isaac K. Fretz, b. Dec. 14, 1867 ; died in 1869. 

John married second wife . One child : 

(VII) John Fretz, died aged about 6 months. 

John mrd. third wife Sarah Ann Eeicy June 12, 
1875. P- O. Bedminster, Pa. Farmer. One child : 
(VII) Horace E. Fretz, b. Nov. 27, 1879. 

VI. Sarah PVetz, b. July 19, 1843 ; d. Jan. 25, 1847. 

VI. Maria PVetz, b. March 19, 1846 ; mrd. Henry K. 
Hockman. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 312.) 

VI. Anna L. Fretz, b. Oct. 19, 1848 ; mrd. John B. 
Kratz Sept. 7, 1876. P. O. Bedminster, Pa. Saddler 
and farmer ; Mennonites. Children : (VII) Isaac F. 

— 48o — 

Kratz, b. Jan. 31, i88r ; Irene F., b. Sept. 6, 1884. 
VI. Isaac L. Fretz, b. Jan. 30, 185 1 ; mrd. Minerva, 
daughter of John K. and Maria Myers, May i, 1875. 
P. O. Quakertown, Pa. Farmer ; Ger. Ref. Chil- 
dren : Mar}' Lizzie, Grace Ahce. 

V. Martin Fretz, b. on the old Fretz homestead in 
Bedminster Twp. , Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 12, 1808; 
mrd. Elizabeth, dau. of John Kratz, of Skippack, Pa., 
Oct. 6, 1 83 1. She was born August 31, 1813 ; died 
March 21, 1855. 

He was variousl}^ occupied as farmer, weaver, 
miller and merchant. He at first lived on a farm in 
Montgomery county, and afterwards purchased 60 
acres of the old Fretz homestead and some adjoining 
lands in Bedminster, where he built in 1838 a stone 
dwelling house, and subsequently a barn, tenant 
house and other buildings. The farm is now owned 
and occupied by Reuben Miller. 

He and wife early in life were members of the 
Old Mennonite church at Deep Run. About 1847 ^ 
division took place in that congregation, and a new 
meetinghouse was built a few hundred yards from 
the old one. At the time of the division he was a 
trustee of the old church, but cast his lot with the 
new church, and was subsequently chosen one of its 
first ministers. 

In 1853 he purchased a mill propert}^ in Sussex 
county, N. J., and moved thereon with his family in 
the Spring of 1854. Children : Mary, Magdalena, 
Catharine, Leah, Elizabeth, John, Atnia, Theodore, 
Abraham, Martha, Edwin, Albert. 

He married his second wife, widow Margaret E. 
Hill (nee Wintamute), Feb. 14, 1857. She was born 
April 30, 1817. Soon after marriage in the Spring of 
1857, having rented the mill property, he moved to 
his wife's farm in Warren county, N. J., where he 
engaged in farming until the Spring of 1862. Having 
disposed of his mill propert}' he removed to Newton, 
Sussex count}^ where he had built a house and 
engaged in the commission business. About 1866 he 
removed to Stillwater, same county, where he pur- 
chased a home and engaged in the merchandise 

Oliver H. Fretz, M. D. 

See Page 450. 

— 48i~ 

business. In the Spring of 1882 he again removed on 
the farm in Warren county, where he died July 13, 

Some 5^ears prior to his death he was ordained a 
ruhng elder in the Presbyterian church of Stillwater. 
Amid all the trials and turmoils of his long and event- 
ful life he maintained a strict integrity and died highly 
respected by the community in which he lived, and 
was honored in the church. Children : Alva, Lucilla, 

VI. Mary Ann Fretz, born November 4, 1832 ; died 
March 8, 1842. 

VI. Magdalena Fretz, b. Aug. 16, 1834 ; d. May 18, 
1876 ; mrd. Frank Strohme about 1853. Ger. Ref. 
Children : Lydia, Mary, Hannah, Elias, Henry, 
Sallie, John. Magdalena married second husband 
Samuel Lear, of Tinicum township, in 1865. Farmer. 
Children : Martha, Abraham, infant (d. unnamed). 

VII. L3'dia Strohme, born in 1853 ; died in infancy. 

VII. Mary Fretz Strohme, b. in Sussex Co., N. J., 
Oct. 4, 1854 ; mrd. Alfred D. WiU in 1873. Mrs. 
Wilt, Luth. Children : Anna, James. 

VIII. Anna Mabel Wilt, b. in 1873 ; married Burton 
Shaffer in 1892. P.O. Coopersburg, Pa. Butcher; 
Ref. ch. Children: (IX) John Earle Shaffer, born 
Jan. 24, 1893 ; Edward Argus, b. March 24, 1895. 

VIII. James Henry Wilt, b. Oct. 26, 1875. Single. 

VII. Hannah Strohme, born in Sussex Co., N. J., 
May 2, 1856 ; married William Hillpot Jan. 8, 1879. 
German Ref. Children : Annie, William, Frank, 
Hannah, Mary. 

VII. Elias F. Strohme, born in Bucks county. Pa., 
Feb. 19, 1858. 

VII. Henry F. Strohme, b. Aug. 18, 1859; married 
Amanda Shelly Oct. 8, 1887. P.O. Silverdale, Pa. 
Presser in clothing establishment ; Menus. Children : 
(VIII) Harvey S. Strohme, b. May 10, 1889 ; MaryS., 
b. June 17, 1891 ; William S., b. Feb. 22, 1893. 

VII. Sallie F. Strohme, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 3, 
1861 ; married John D. Miller Jan. 13, 1883. P.O. 
Dyerstown, Pa. Farmer ; Children : (VIII) Mary 
Miller, b. Jan. 7, 1885 ; Barty, b. Feb. 1889. 

— 4*^2 

VII. John F. vStrohnie, b. April 29, 1862 ; mrd. . 

One child : Henry. 

VII. Martha Fretz Lear, b. Aug. 5, 1866. Single. 

VII. Abraham F. Lear, b. Nov. 24, 1868. Single. 

VI. Catharine Fretz, b. April 20, 1836 ; d. Oct. 20, 
1836 ; died Oct. 20, 1853. ^"^ child : (VII) Lavina 
Fretz, born Juh' 12, 1853. P- O- Creamery, Pa. 
Tailoress ; Menn. Single. 

VI. Elizabeth Fretz, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., April 18, 
1840 ; mrd. Levi C. Hefler in 1857. He d. Mar. 13, 
1870. Miller and merchant ; Luth. Children : Irwin, 
Ellsworth (d. infant), Elmer. 

VII. Irwin F. Hefler, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 23, 
1857 ; uird. Mary Borger Sept. 30, 1886. Clerk in 
Philadelphia, Pa. One child : (Vlll) Emma Hefler, 
born March 23, 1887. 

VII. Elmer Hefler, b. Mar. 6, 1869 ; d. Oct. 5, 1876. 

VI. Corp. John Kratz Fretz, b. in Bucks Co. Apr. 19, 
1843. At the age of 14 3'ears he left home and served 
as farm laborer. In 1862 he enlisted in the 15th 
Regt., N. J. Vol., for three years. In 1863 he was 
appointed Corporal. He was engaged in some of the 
.severest battles of the war. Among them the two 
battles at Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and others. 
In the great battle of Spottsylvania (C. H.), in which 
his regiment was nearly annihilated, he fell a martyr 
on May 12, 1864, to his country's cause, from a 
bayonet wound in the mouth and a rifle ball which 
entered his riglit eye, "A brave and gallant soldier 
and a true patriot." 

VI. Anna Fretz, b. May 17, 1845 ; d. Mar. 7, 1846. 

VI. Theodore E. Fretz, b. Dec. i, 1846. After leav- 
ing home he served as a farm laborer for a time, then 
engaged as clerk for several years until about 1869, 
w^hen he accepted a position with the Newark and 
Orange Railroad Company, which he very satisfac- 
torily filled until his death, which occurred in the city 
of Orange, N. J., December 14, 1872. He was a 
member of Lafaj'ette Lodge, No. — , I. O. O. F., of 

VI. Abraham James Fretz, b. in Bedminster Twp., 
Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 7, 1849. At the age of 13 years 

— 4S3 — 

he left home and served as farm laborer, attending 
school in Winter. 

He was converted in 1865 during the great 
revival at Newton, N. J. He united with the Presby- 
terian church, and soon after felt called upon to preach 
the Gospel. Accordingly he entered the Newton 
Collegiate Institute Januarj' 3, 1867, with the ministry 
of the Presbyterian church in view. In the Winter of 
1868 he taught school at Mount Benevolence, Sussex 
county, N. J. 

Disagreeing with the doctrines of the Presbyterian 
church subsequently united with the Methodist Epis- 
copal church July 4, 1868. He was licensed an 
exhorter October 18, 1869, and a local preacher 
March 7, 1870. In September 1870 he went to Ohio 

and attended the Mennonite Seminary at Wadsworth 
for one year. After visiting friends in Canada, he 
returned east in the Fall of 1872. In the Spring of 
this year (1872) he was appointed pastor of Middle 
Smithfield charge, in Monroe and Pike counties, Pa., 
by Rev. N. Vansant, P. E. His labors as pastor of 
this charge were attended with great spiritual success. 
He conducted several revival meetings and received 
into the churches under his care 121 converts. Since 
then he has served as pastor of the following charges : 
Stockholm, N. J., 1873 ; Libertyville and Coleville, 
1874 ; Unionville and Westown, N. Y. , 1875. 

In the Fall of 1876 he attended Wyoming Semi- 
nary at Kingston, Pa. He was appointed to Hamburg 
and Ogdensburgh in 1877 ; Hurdtown and Hopatcong, 
1878-79. In 1880 he built a house and engaged in 
farming, which he has since followed in connection 
wnth the ministry. He has since served as pastor at 
the following places : Longwood and Berkshire, 1881 ; 
Longwood, 1882-83 ; Dodge Mine, 1884-87 ; Dodge 
Mine and Longwood, 1888 ; West Milford, 1889-90 ; 
Longwood and Dodge Mine, 1891. He was ordained 
deacon b}' Bishop John F. Hurst April 2, 1882, and 
elder by Bishop Charles H. Fowler April i, 1888. 

- 484 - 

He was mrd. to Elizabeth C. Headley, --^ daughter 
of Joseph and Ahneda Headley, of Milton, N. J., 
November 14,1877. In August 1 890 he was appointed 
Township Clerk and later Assessor to fill vacancies. 
In the Spring of 1891 he received the Republican 
nomination for Township Clerk, was elected and 
re-elected at subsequent town meetings, serving in 
that office up to the present time. He is the author 
of the Fretz, Kratz, Wismer, Funk, and other family 
histories. Children: (VII) Mary Headley Fretz, born 
in Morris Co., N. J. Student at the vState Normal 
School at Trenton, N. J.; Meth. Ep. (Vll) Joseph 
Martin Fretz, b. Sept. 27, 1881 ; died May 10, 1883. 
(Vll) Ervin Kratz Fretz, b. December 19, 1883 ; died 
June 7, 1884. 

VI. Martha Fretz, b. in Bedminster Twp. , Bucks Co., 
Pa., July 25, 1850 ; mrd. Andrew E. Newbaker, of 
Hardwick Twp., Warren Co., N. J., Dec. 25, 1869. 
Residence 2752 Frankford Ave., Phila. Carpenter. 
Mrs. N., Meth. Ep. Children: Mary, Florence. 

VII. Mary Belle Newbaker, b. in Bucks Co. Apr. 20, 
187 1 ; mrd. John W. Barandon November 16, 1892. 
Res. 2752 Frankford Ave., Phila. Clerk for the 
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company. 
Mr. B., Epis.; Mrs. B., Meth. Epis. 

Vll. Florence Ellen Newbaker, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Nov. 26, 1876; mrd. H. Thompson Feb. 1896. P.O. 
Phila. Fancy flower maker ; Mrs. T., Meth. Ep. 

VI. Edwin Fretz, b. Sept. 15, 1853 ; d. Apr. 28, 1855. 

VI. Albert Fretz, b. Mar. 15, 1855 ; d. Apr. 3. 1855. 

VI. Alva Bennet Fretz, born in Hardwick township, 
Warren county, N. J., July 23, 1858. He was edu- 
cated in the academy and the Collegiate Institute at 
New^ton, N. J., and in the Select school and the 
academy at Stillwater, N. J. In 1876 he began teach- 
ing and followed that profession successfully for 
nineteen years. In the Spring of 1895 he was 

* She is a descendant of Robert Headley, who settled at 
Milton during the Revolution. He was a native of England, 
emigrated to this country and settled in the Wyoming Valley, 
Pa. Prior to the Wyoming massacre he received timely warn- 
ing from a friendly squaw and made his escape. 

— 4S5 — 

appointed to a position in the invoice bureau of the 
United States Custom House, port of New York. 

In 1 88 1 he married LiHian Isabel Wilhams, of 
Hampton, Sussex Co., N. J. She was born Jan. 15, 
1862. Both are members of the Cong. ch. at Cedar 
Grove, N. J., where they now reside. Children: 
(Vll) Harold Normal Fretz, born January 2, 1882 ; 

(VII) Arthur Raymond Fretz, b. Apr. 25, 1885 ; died 
May 16, 1885 (Vll) Ethel May Fretz, b. August 2, 
1888 ; d. Feb. 9, 1890. (Vll) Leo Fretz, b. June 11, 
1 89 1. (Vll) Hazel Dorothy Fretz, b. March 8, 1894. 

VI. Lucilla Fretz, b. June 9, i860 ; d. Mar. 12, 1861. 

VI. David Elmer Fretz, born in Newton, Sussex Co., 
N. J., Dec. 7, 1862 ; mrd. Harriet C. Swisher July 26, 
1890. P. O. Hardwick, N. J. Farmer; Presby. 
No issue. 

V. EUzabeth Fretz, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 12, 
1812 ; died April 30, 1877 ; married Benjamin D. 
Hendricks March 16, 1839. Farmer ; Mennonites. 
Children : Mary, Abraham, Aaron, John, William, 
Sarah, Jacob. 

VI. Mary Ann Hendricks, b. Feb. 22, 1840 ; died 
Sept. 30, 1887 ; married Jacob L. Dimmig Sept. 13, 
1862. Carpenter; Luth. Children: Lydia, Emma, 
Mahlon, Isaac, Maria, Lavina, Benjamin, Laura, 
Morrison, Mabel. 

VII. Lydia Ann Dimmig, born Nov. 28, 1863 ; died 
April 5, 1888 ; married Darias Sine. One child : 

(VIII) Harry Sine, born March i, 1887. 

Vll. Emma EHzabeth Dimmig, born Feb. 28, 1865 ; 
mrd. Thomas King (dec'd). One child: (VIII) Mamie 
Susan King, born April 12, 1885. 

Vll. Mahlon Dimmig, born May 13, 1866. 

Vll. Isaac Dimmig, born July 13, 1867. 

Vll. Maria Dimmig, born May 13, 1870. 

Vll. Lavina Dimmig, born July 20, 1873. 

Vll. Benjamin Dimmig, born November 11, 1874. 

Vll. Laura Dimmig, born August 27, 1878. 

Vll. Morrison Dimmig, born and died in 188 1. . 

Vll. Mabel Dimmig, born May 11, 1883. 

VI. Abraham Hendricks, b. January 12, 1842 ; died 
April 19, 1842. 

— 4S6 — 

VI. Aaron Hendricks, born Jul}' 29, 1844 ; died 
October 17, 1862. 

VI. John Hendricks, b. June 29, 1846 ; d. Nov. 20, 

VI. William Hendricks, b. December 26, 1848 ; died 
March 6, 1859. 

VI. vSarah Hendricks, born September i, 1851 ; died 
October 20, 1862. 

VI. Jacob Freeman Hendricks, A. M., born May 15, 
1854 ; mrd. Annie Garner, of Doylestown, dau. of 
Robert S. Garner, ex-Deputy Prothonotary of Bucks 
county, in 1894. He was the youngest and is now 
the only surviving child of his parents. When he 
became of school age he was sent to the district 
school. In 1865 his father sold the farm on which he 
had lived for many years and bought a property near 
Line Lexington, in Hilltown township, and moved 
thereon. Here the bo}^ resumed his attendance at a 
district school, assisting his father when school was 
not in session in the work on the farm. 

Between the years of 1865 and 1870 he induced 
his father to send him for several short terms to the 
Line Lexington Seminary, a select school for boys and 
girls. In the Spring of 1870, thirsting for still wider 
educational advantages, he attended the Excelsior 
Normal Institute at Carversville for a twelve weeks' 
term, then under the principalship of Rev. F. R. S. 
Hunsicker, D. D. In the Fall he entered the profes- 
sion of teaching, taking charge of a school in Hilltown 
township. In the Spring of 1871 he entered Millers- 
ville State Normal School and remained there twelve 
weeks. In the Fall he again took charge of a school 
in Hilltown and continued teaching in that township 
for three successive terms. In the Spring of 1874 he 
returned to Millersville and remained one term. In 
the Fall he was examined by County Superintendent 
Knauss, of Lehigh count\^ and granted a provisional 
certificate with No. i in every branch. He was there- 
upon elected principal of the schools of Rittersville, in 
that county. After teaching there several months he 
was granted a professional certificate. In the Spring 
of 1875 he once more returned to Millersville and 

— 487 — 

remained to finivsh his course, graduating in the class 
of '76. He graduated with the degree of Bachelor of 
the Elements, and had conferred upon him one of the 
honors of his class. In the Fall he took charge of a 
school at Breinigsville, Lehigh county. During this 
term he gained prominence among the teachers of the 
county. At the teachers' institute of that year he 
was made secretary of the institute, appointed to open 
the discussion on one of the topics, chosen delegate 
to the State Teachers' Association, and selected as 
one of the evening lecturers. In the Fall of 1877 he 
took charge of a school in East Donegal township, 
Lancaster county. During this time he gave some 
attention to public lecturing, appearing among other 
audiences before the Page Literary Societ}^ of Millers- 
ville. At the commencement of '78 he received from 
his Alma Mater the degree of Master of the Elements. 
In the Fall of that year he was elected teacher of the 
intermediate department of the Doylestown borough 
public schools, and before the close of the term was 
made principal and borough superintendent. 

In the Summer of 1879, after winning golden 
testimonials as a teacher, he left the school room and 
turned his face in the direction of the legal profession. 
He entered the office of Alfred Fackenthall, Esq., of 
Doylestown, and was duly registered as a student at 
law. In 188 1 he was admitted to the Bucks County 
Bar and at once entered upon the practice of law at 
the county capital. In the Spring of 1885 Doyles- 
town borough elected him Justice of the Peace by an 
overwhelming majority, when his party w^as hope- 
lessly in the minority. The same year he was 
admitted to the Bryant Literary Union of New York, 
and again he entered the lecture field. For several 
3^ears he appeared before county teachers' institutes 
and other distinguished audiences, and won the 
strongest testimonials. At the commencement of '86 
Ursinus College conferred upon him the degree of 
Master of Arts. 

From the time he turned to the law he has been 
closely identified with politics, and has been on the 
stump for his party in every campaign. He has been 

— 4<SS — 

an ardent believer and zealous worker in the Republi- 
can League of the United States, and has been 
signally honored by that organization. He was presi- 
dent of the Doylestown League three years, delegate 
from the Doylestown League to the State Convention 
four times, delegate from the State League to the 
National Convention three times, and Pennsylvania 
member of the National League executive committee 
two years. For five years he has been Notary Public 
and for four years clerk of Doylestown Town Council. 
For three 3'ears he was chairman of the Bucks County 
Republican Committee. He was one of the founders 
of the "Republican" Printing Company, and is 
secretary of the company. 

In the political campaign of 1 894 the Republicans 
of Bucks county overwhelmingl}' demanded his nomi- 
nation for District Attorney, though he did not 
seek the ofhce, and there were other candidates 
contesting for the honor, with much reluctance he 
3'ielded to the popular wish and accepted the nomi- 
nation. No vSooner had he entered the arena than the 
opposition concentrated their fight upon him and 
fought him with bitterness and desperation. He 
emerged from the fight in triumph and entered upon 
the duties of the office. 

In religion he is a Presbyterian. He has been an 
active worker in the Sunday school and an ardent 
believer in the Christian Endeavor Society. He 
has figured prominently as a speaker at public gather- 
ings. In 1 890 he delivered the annual address before 
the literar}' societies at the Millersville State Normal 
School and Ursinus College. He still resides at 
Doylestown, where he assiduously pursues his several 
lines of work. One child : Grace. 

V. Barbara Fretz (dec'd), b. in Bedminster, Bucks 
Co., March 24, 18 13 ; mrd. Joseph F. Myers. (See 
Ind. of Ref. No. 313.) 

V. Abraham Fretz, born on the Fretz homestead in 
Bedminster Twp., Oct. 9, 18 15 ; d. July 1892 ; mrd. 
Sarah Detweiler in 1840. She was b. Jan. 5, 1818 ; 
d. July 18, 1850. Children : Oliver, Titus, Lavina, 
Clayton, Clementine, Sarah. He married second wife 

Philip K. Fretz. 

See Page 454. 

— 4S9 — 

Catharine Fry March 1859. She was b. Januar\^ 12, 
1827 ; died July 5, 1886. Children : Lewis, Sybilla, 
Laura, Alice, Abraham, Katie. He being the young- 
est of the children he remained at home with his 
parents to be their comfort and sta^^ in their declining 
years. He remained on the old homestead for the 
first 71 years of his life, carrying on the business of 
farming, and during the Sununer months that of 
droving. In his business transactions he was noted 
for his honesty and integrit\\ He was a member of 
the New Mennonite church at Deep Run. 

VI. Oliver D. Fretz, b. in Bedminster Nov. 13, 1840 ; 
married Susanna Meyers Dec. 3, 1870. Retired shoe- 
maker ; Menus. Children : (VII) Abbie Fretz, born 
July 27, 1875 ; William James, b. Aug. 6, 1877. 

VI. Titus Fretz, b. April 9, 1842 ; d. Oct. 7, 1842. 

VI. Lavina D. Fretz, born in Bedminster township 
May 2, 1843 ; married Jonas S. Myers. (See Index 
of References No. 314.) 

VI. Cla3'ton D. Fretz, M. D., born on the old John 
Fretz homestead in Bedminster November 16, 1844. 
At the age of 6 years his mother died of a lingering 
illness. He remained at home with his father until 
the Spring of 1855, when he was hired on the farm 
of the late Jonas Meyers, of Bedminster, where he 
remained nearly two years. The following year he 
was employed with the late P.euben Stover, and the 
year previous with Aaron Tyson, working on the 
farm during the Summer and attending school at 
Bedminster during the Winter terms. His father, 
having resumed farming, he returned liome in the 
Spring of 1859 and assisted on the farm, attending 
school during the Winter months at Fretz Valley. 

In the Spring of 1862 he attended a term at the 
North Wales Institute, under the principalship of 
A. S. Overholt. He also attended the Spring term of 
1863 at the same institution. In the Summer of 1864 
he took a course at Eastman Business College, Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y. , graduating July 12. In the Autumn 
of 1862 he secured a certificate of County Superinten- 
dent S. S. Overholt, and taught his first term of school 
in the "Old Octagon" schoolhouse, near Fountain- 

— 490 — 

ville. He continued teaching for the next three 
years, teaching at the Monroe school, Durham, and 
the Fretz Valley school at Bedminster, and closed his 
career as teacher at Grout's school, Rockhill. 

During the last term he commenced reading 
medicine under his preceptor, Dr. I. S. Moyer, tlien 
of Plumsteadville, Bucks county. After the close of 
the school he devoted all his time to medicine, and 
entered the office of his preceptor as a regular student, 
and in the Autumn of iS66 matriculated at the 
medical department of the University of Pennsylvania. 
During the succeeding two years he applied himself 
closely to stud}', attended the lectures, and graduated 
March 13, 1868. Ten days thereafter, on March 23, 
he located at Sellersville, Pa., and entered into part- 
nership with Dr. Nelson Applebach for the practice of 
his profession. He met with success, and in a few 
3^ears succeeded in acquiring a lucrative practice and 
establishing himself in the confidence and esteem of 
the community. In the Autumn of 187 1 he dissolved 
the business partnership with Dr. Applebach to enter 
into a life partnership with Kate B., daughter of 
Dr. Charles W. Everhart, of Sellersville. 

The study of botany and the collection of speci- 
mens of plants and flowers has been one of his favorite 
pursuits. He has added many new and rare plants to 
the known flora of Bucks count}', Ijesides having 
discovered one new to the State flora and a variety 
not before known to science. His herbarium not only 
contains a complete set of all the plants in Bucks 
county but a v^ery large majority of the plants grow- 
ing east of the Alississippi, including not less than 
10,000 specimens and about 4000 different species and 

Dr. PVetz is a member of the Bucks County 
Medical Society, the Lehigh Valley Medical Associ- 
ation, the Bucks County Historical Society, and the 
Bucks county branch of the Pennsylvania Forestry 

He was married to Kate B. Everhart Noveml)er 16, 
1 87 1. She was born in Sellersville May 2, 1846. 
Ger. Ref. Children : (VII) Charles Raymond Fretz, 

— 491 — 

born July 19, 1873 ; d. June 19, 1877. (VII) Alfred 
Everhart Fretz, born August 30, 1874. Third year 
student of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. 
(VII) Samuel Edward Fretz, born August 30, 1878. 
Preparing (1895) ^^^' entering biological department 
of University of Pennsylvania. (VII) Eva Catharine 
Fretz, b. Feb. 17, 1885 ; d. Nov. 25, 1885. 

VI. Clementine Fretz, born June 14, 1846 ; married 
William J. Meyers. Clementine mrd. second husband 
William K. Hockman. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 315.) 

VI. Sarah Ellen Fretz, b. Oct. 24, 1848 ; d. Jan. 3, 
1871 ; mrd. Amos Myers. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 316.) 

VI. Lewis F. Fretz, born Jan. 13, i860; mrd. Sallie 
Stahr Nov. 29, 1884. She died Dec. 3, 1885. One 
child : (VII) Nellie Victoria Fretz, b. June 30, 1885. 
Lewis mrd. second wife Jeanetta Stokes Buchanan 
June 6, 1888. She was born March 16, 1868. P.O. 
Philadelphia. Painter. One child: (VII) Lewis Buch- 
anan Fretz, born April 26, 1889. 

VI. Sybilla F. Fretz, b. November 18, 1861 ; mrd. 
William L. Fenton Oct. 20, 1880. P. O. Doylestown, 
Pa. Engineer ; was instantly killed in a railroad 
colHsion. Children: (VII) Marion Ahce Fenton, born 
Jan. 31, 1882 ; died Jan. 6, 1886. (VII) Clarence L. 
Fenton, b. November 30, 1883 ; d. January 21, 1886. 
(Vll) Clarion Myrtle Fenton, b. Dec. 15, 1886. 

VI. Laura Fretz, born in Bedminster Twp. Feb. 22,' 
1863 ; died January 9, 1886. 

VI. Alice Fretz, b. Sept. 26, 1865 ; mrd. Harvey B. 
Lewis Nov. 6, 1886. He was b. July 4, 1864. Res. 
453 Walnut St. , South Bethlehem, Pa. Tailor ; Luth. 
Children : (Vll) Genella Lewis, born Dec. 6, 1887 : 
(Vll) Laura Lugertia Lewis, b. Nov. 23, 1889 ; died 
April I, 1890. (Vll) Claude Fretz Lewis, b. Aug. 5, 

VI. Abraham Fretz, born October 29, 1867 ; died 
December 19, 1869. 

VI. Katie Fretz, born in Bedminster Twp. March 18, 
1870 ; mrd. Richard R. Hudson June 26, 1889. He 
d. Apr. 27, 1894. P- ^- West Bethlehem, Pa. Loco- 
motive fireman ; Ger. Ref. Children : (Vll) Miriam 
F. Hudson, born July 3, 1890 ; (Vll) Ruth Shinier 

— 49^ — 

Hudson, born July 12, 1891 ; (Vll) Raymond Fretz 
Hudson, born March 6, 1893 ; (Vllj Richard lycroy, 
Hudson, b. July 8, 1894 ; d. Aug. 23, 1894. 

VI. Isaac Fretz, born in Bedminster, Bucks Co., Pa., 
Feb. 12, 177 1 ; d. Nov. i, 1843 J ^^T^d. Susanna Kratz 
May 28, 1793. Children : Abraham, Enos, Susainia. 
In 1800 he married second wife Veronica Kratz. She 
wash. Oct. 28, 1778; d. in 1821. Children: John, 
Elizabeth, Jacob, Isaac, William, Mahlon. Mary, 
Samuel. In 1822 he mrd. third wife Betsey Eandis. 
She was b, Nov. 16, 1799 ; d. Feb. 13, 1887. Farmer 
and miller ; Menus. 

V. Abraham K. Fretz, born in Bucks Co. Feb. 13, 
1794 ; d. Nov. 7, 1875 ; mrd. Hannah Groff June 20, 
1820. She was b. Sept. 3, 1803 ; d. Mar. 20, 1873. 
Shoemaker and miller ; Menus. Children: Susanna, 
Catharine, Josephus, Elizabeth, Reuben, Amanda, 

V. Enos Fretz, b. Feb. 14. 1796 ; d. Aug. 15, i860 ; 
mrd. Mar}^ Eeatherman May 6, 1821. vShe was born 
Sept. 8, 1803; d. Oct. 12, 1875. Farmer; Menus. 
No issue. 

V. Susanna Fretz, b. Jan. i, 1798 ; d. Jan. 14, 1872 ; 
mrd. Samuel G. Myers Dec. 27, 1825. He was born 
Nov. 14, 1802 ; d. Nov. 8, 18 17. Farmer and miller ; 
Menus. Children : Catharine, Isaac, John. 

VI. Catharine M3'ers, b. Dec. 5, 1826 ; died Dec. 30, 
1 85 1 ; married Joshua Histand Feb. 4, 1851. One 
child : Catharine. 

VII. Catharine Histand, born Dec. 20, 1851 ; married 
Frank Heaton Jan. 28, 1879. P. O. Doylestown, Pa. 
Farmer; Presby. One child : (VIII) Edwin Mathias 
Heaton, born Dec. 10, 1880. 

VI. Isaac F. Myers, b. Feb. 23, 1831 ; mrd. Cath- 
arine Bewighouse March 7, 1868. P. O. Doylestown, 
Pa. Miller, now merchant ; Mennonites. Children : 
(Vll) Susan B. Myers, b. Mar. 2, 1869. Compositor. 
(VII) Elwood B. Myers, b. Aug. 13, 1872. Compositor. 

VI. John Myers, b. April 17, 1833 ; mrd. Annie E. 
Beidler March 15, 1883. Farmer ; Presby. 

V. John Fretz, b. Aug. 12, 1801 ; d. in Ohio July i, 
1881 ; married Veronica Shelly. She died in 1853. 

— 493 — 

Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : Elizabeth, Fannie, 
Mary, Lavina, Isaac, Barbara, Shelly, Susan, Jacob, 
Catharine, John, Hannah. 

V. EHzabeth Fretz, b. Dec. i8, 1803 ; d. in Phila- 
delphia Feb. 25, 1884 ; married George Leffler about 
1835. He was born in Gerling, Germany, Nov. 18, 
1802 ; died in Phila. Mar. 10, 1876. Wheelwright. 
Mrs. L., Ger. Ref.; Mr. L., Luth. No issue. 

V. Jacob Fretz, b. Aug. 18, 1805 ; d. Dec. 29, 1848 ; 
mrd. Rebecca Walters Dec. 24, 1829. She was born 
February 2, 1807 ; died June 2, 1834. Blacksmith. 
Children : Caroline, Catharine, Mahlon. Jacob mrd. 
second wife Mary Swartz Jan. 24, 1836. She was 
born March 31, 1816 ; died June 8, 1884. Children : 
Elizabeth, Rebecca, Isaac, Sarah, Jacob. 

V. Isaac Fretz, b. Aug. 22, 1807 ; d. June 5, 1874 ; 
mrd. Catharine Stover in 1832. Miller and farmer ; 
Menus. Children : Elizabeth, Jemima, Annie, John, 
Mary, Catharine, Violetta, Hannah, Salome, Caroline. 

V. William Fretz, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. i, 1810 ; 
d. Feb. 20, 1883 ; mrd. Anna Myers Mar. 12, 1838. 
P'arming was his principal pursuit, but he also 
engaged in droving and milling, and was the last of 
his name who owned and run his father's mill. 
Mennonites. Children : Mahlon, Albert, Elizabeth, 
Henry, Amos, Lavina, Sarah, Reed, Eli, Catharine, 

VI. Mahlon Fretz, born in 1838 ; married Henrietta 
Althouse August 13, 1864. P. O. Sellersville, Pa. 
He has been variously engaged as farmer, teamster, 
agent and merchant ; Ger. Ref. No issue. 

VI. Albert M. Fretz, b. May i, 1840; mrd. Amanda 
H. Licey December 24, 1864. P. O. Benjamin, Pa. 
Blacksmith and farmer ; Menus. Children : Ella, 
Annie, Clayton, Aquilla, Abraham, Emma. Gertrude. 

VII. Ella Jane Fretz, b. June 20, 1865 ; mrd. Harvey 
Bryan. Farmer. Children : Lillie, Warren, Howard. 

VII. Annie E. Fretz, b. Aug. 20, 1869 ; mrd. Moses 
L. Bryan. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : Katie, 
Pearl, Floyd. 

VII. Clayton L. P'retz, born 1874. 

VII. Aquilla May Fretz, born 1877. 

— 494 — 

VII. Abraham L. Fretz, born 1879. 

VII. Emma Laura Fretz, born 1881. 

VII. Gertrude Fretz, born 1884. 

VI. Elizabeth Fretz, born 1841 ; died i860. 

VI. Henry M. Fretz, b. Oct. 15, 1843 ; ^^^' SaUie 
Haldeman Sept. 1876. P. O. Dublin, Pa. Miller. 
Mr. F., Presby ; Mrs. F., Menn. No issue. 

VI. Amos Fretz, b. June 12, 1845 ; mrd. Catharine 
Fox Dec. 25, 1869. P. O. Pipersville, Pa. Com- 
mission clothing merchant ; Mrs. F., Presbyterian. 
Children : William, Jordan, Amos, Rosa, Katie. 

VI. Lavina Fretz, born Feb. 10, 1847 ; mrd. Simeon 
Landis (dec'd). Harnessmaker ; Menus. Children : 
William ; Allen, Mary, both deceased ; Harriet, Reed. 

VI. Sarah Ann Fretz, born Sept. 7, 1848 ; married 
Christian Rosenberger in 1888. Farmer; Mrs. Ruth, 
Menn. No issue. 

VI. Reed Fretz, b. Mar. 20, 1850 ; mrd. Maggie R. 
Landis in 1876. She died 1890. Farmer in Kansas, 
and dealer in horses and cattle. Children : W^arren, 
William, Annie, Harry, Arlington, Leroy (dec'd), 

VI. Eli Fretz, b. December i, 1851 ; mrd. Emma C. 
Frantz Feb. 24, 1881. P.O. Sellersville, Pa. Farmer. 
Mr. F., Menn. ; Mrs. F., Luth. Children : Bertha 
(dec'd), Charles, John. 

VI. Catharine Fretz, b. Mar. 7, 1853 ; mrd. Horace 
Swope in 1885. Farmer ; Mrs. F., Menn. No issue. 

VI. William Fretz, b. Sept. 6, 1856 ; mrd. Laura M. 
Sames in 1880. Hotelkeeper. One child : Sadie. 

V. Mahlon Fretz, born in Bucks Co. June 12, 1813 ; 
died February 28, 1896 ; mrd. Mary Ann Grubb in 
1841. They separated in 1854 and were divorced in 
1872. Farmer. Children : Jeremiah, Fenton, Susan, 
Sylvester, Mar}^ Hannah, Harvey. 

V, Mary Fretz, b. Apr. 12, 1815 ; d. Mar. 13, 1892 ; 
mrd. Henry Fretz Oct. 4, 1836. He was b. Aug. 10, 
1810; d. Aug. 14, 1892. Farmer; Menus. Children: 
John, Isaac, Amos, Enos, Ann, Lavina, George. 

V. Sanmel Fretz, b. Feb. 12, 18 19 ; d. Dec. 25, 1884. 
Earh^ he identified himself with the printing trade, 
and at one time was editor and proprietor of the 

— 495 — 

** Bucks County Intelligencer," at Doylestown, Pa. 
He was also millwright, marble cutter, organ builder, 
dentist and school teacher. 

IV. Barbara Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., in 1773 ; 
died about 182 1 ; mrd. Henry Fretz (dec'd). He 
was born about 1770. Children : Catharine, Anna. 
Barbara married second husband Henry Hockman. 
Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : Mary, Christian, 
Barbara, Abraham, Veronica. 

IV. Christian Fretz, b. in 1775 ; d. Apr. 5, 1799. S. 

IV. Mary Fretz, b. May 15, 1777 ; d. Nov. 9, 1822 ; 
married Henry Tyson. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
Elizabeth, Cornelius, Joseph, Martin, Mary, Barbara, 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, b. Oct. 20, 1780 ; d. Feb. 29, 
1828 ; married Abraham Meyer. (See Index of Ref- 
erences No. 317.) 

III. Abraham Fretz (dec'd), born about 1736 ; mrd. 

. Lived on a farm of 226 acres, situated in the 

eastern part of Bedminster township and known as 
Fretz Valley, now owned by H. Erwin and Reed 
Fretz. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Agnes, Eliza- 
beth, Mary, Sarah, Abraham. 

IV. Agnes Fretz, born May 13, 1763 ; died Nov. 20, 
1826; married Jacob Eandis June 13, 1782. He was 
born 1760; died 1837. Farmer and spinning wheel 
maker. Children : Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Ralph, 
Agnes, Magdalena, Anna, Jacob, Barbara, Abraham, 

V. Mary Landis (dec'd), born 1783 ; married Philip 
Baum. No issue. Mary married second husband 
' ' Gentleman ' ' Joseph Meyers. Menus. No issue. 

V. Sarah Landis (dec'd), born 1785 ; married John 
Leatherman. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Abra- 
ham, Magdalena, Jacob. 

V. EHzabeth Landis (dec'd), b. 1787 ; mrd. David 
Shelly. Tailor ; Menus. Children : Agnes, Barbara, 
Jacob, Ralph, Joseph. 

V. Ralph Landis, b. 1789 ; d. 1852 ; married Esther 
Overholt in 1817. She died 1869. Farmer; Menus. 
Children : Elizabeth, Jacob, Abraham, Sarah, Mary, 

— 496 — 

V. Agnes Landis, born July 29, 1791 ; died April 28, 
1852 ; mrd. Abraham Shaddinger in 1812. Weaver; 
Menns. Children : Jacob, Mary, John, Hannah, 
Magdalena, Sarah. 

VI. Jacob L. Sliaddinger (dec'd), b. July 22, 1813 ; 
nnxl. Mary Leatherman (dec'd) in 1842. Children : 
Sophia, Mary, Charles, Edward, Sallie, Klias. Jacob 
mrd.second wife Sarah Fretz in 1875. Farmer ; Menns. 

VII. Sophia Shaddinger, b. April 12, 1844 ; married 
Henry M. Kratz. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 318.) 

VII. Mary A. Shaddinger, b. July 18, 1847 i married 
Rev. Henry B. Rosenberger. (See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 319.) 

VII. Charles F. Shaddinger, b. 1850; d. 1876. 

VII. Edward E. Shaddinger, b. Dec. 21, 1852 ; died 
1884; mrd. Anna Rosenberger November 23, 1879. 
Farmer ; Menns. One child : Henry. 

VII. Sallie Shaddinger, b. Sept. 30, 1855 ; d. 1879. S. 

VII. Elias F. Shaddinger, born Sept. 11, 1858 ; died 
1863. Single. 

VI. Mary L. Shaddinger, b. Aug. 31, 1815 ; married 
Christian Gayman Sept. 30, 1845. Farmer ; Menns. 
Children : Abraham, Harvey. 

VII. A. J. Gayman, b. Oct. 12, 1847 ; married Lydia 
Swartzlander in 1887. School teacher. One child : 
Paul S. 

VII. Harvey Gayman, b. April 12, 1849; mrd. Sarah in 1876. Farmer. Children : Bertha, J. Willis 
(dec'd), George, Harvey and Samuel (twins). 

VI. John L. Shaddinger, b. July 16, 1818 ; married 
Catharine Schlotter Oct. 8, 1840. P. O. Blooming 
Glen, Pa. Carpenter ; Menns. Children : William, 
Mary, Harvey, John, Susan. 

VII. William J. Shaddinger, b. Sept. 24, 1841. He 
enlisted in 1862 in the 104th Regt., Compan}^ A., 
Penna. Inf., and was killed Aug. 21, 1863, on Morris 
Island, by a bomb at the siege of Fort Wagner. 

VII. Mary E. Shaddinger (dec'd), b. Dec. 4, 1844; 
mrd. William M. Kratz. No issue. 

VII. Harvey Shaddinger, b. July 15, 1848 ; married 
Anna Fretz November 23, 1873. P. O. Chicago, 111. 
Saddler and painter ; Bap. Children : (VIII) Willie 


Theo. p. Austin. 

See Page 455. 

— 497 — 

Ira Shaddinger, b. April 24, 1876 ; John Alvin, born 
January i, 1883; Annie Laura, born Dec. 18, 1884; 
Ina May, born May i, 1887. 

VII. John Henry Shaddinger, born August 14, 1853. 
Paper hanger. 

VII. Susanna Shaddinger, b. Feb. 22, 1859 ; married 
William D. Bishop. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 320.) 

VI. Hannah Shaddinger, b. Dec. 2, 182 1 ; married 
Joseph lycathernian. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 321.) 

VI. Magdalena Shaddinger, b. June 17, 1826; mrd. 
Samuel A. Detweiler. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 322.) 

VI. Sarah Shaddinger, b. June 17, 1826; died aged 
14 years. 

V. Magdalena Landis, b. Aug. 29, 1793 ; died aged 
about 80 years. Menu. Single. 

V. Anna Landis, b. July 7, 1796 ; married Abraham 
Overholt. Farmer ; Menus. One child : Jacob. 

V. Jacob Landis, Jr., born September 3, 1798 ; died 
February 8, 1822. 

V. Barbara Landis, born Feb. 19, 1800 ; died aged 
about 70 years. Menu. Single. 

V. Abraham Landis, b. April 9, 1803 ; d. Nov. 13, 
1870 ; mrd. Barbara, dau. of Rev. John Geil, Oct. 20, 
1831. Miller and farmer ; Menns. Children: John, 
Jacob, Joseph, Elizabeth, Ephraim, William. 

VI. John Landis, born in 1832 ; died in 1846. 

VI. Jacob G. Landis, b. March 5, 1834 ; mrd. Cath- 
arine K. Kindig in 1857. She died in 1883. P. O. 
Philadelphia. Meth. Epis. Children : Mary, Lizzie, 
both deceased ; Barbara. 

VI. Joseph Landis, b. in Bucks Co. March 21, 1836 ; 
married Sarah D. Kindig May 15, 1858. P. O. Lans- 
dale, Pa. Jeweler ; Meth. Epis. Children : Rosanna, 
Abraham, Martin. 

VII. Rosanna S. Landis, b. Oct. 30, 1859 ; married 
Isaiah Beans Feb. 6, 1884. Cabinetmaker. 

VII. Abraham Henry Landis, b. Feb.. 6, 1863 ; mrd. 
Mary Elizabeth Barnes Sept. 15, 1887. P. O. Lans- 
dale, Pa. Jeweler. Children: (VIII) Rebie B. Landis, 
born July 21, 1888 ; Bertie B., born Dec. 11, 1890 ; 
Cleta E. , born Jan. 2, 1894. 

VII. Martin Ely Landis, born August 4, 1876. 

-498 — 

VI. Elizabeth Ivandis, born Oct. 19, 1838 ; married 
Samuel C. Kulp Feb. 13, 1863. Ger. Ref. Children : 
Rosella, Mary, Joseph, Barbara, Titus. 

VII. Rosella L. Kulp, b. Sept. 7, 1863 ; mrd. Kphraim 
H. Johnson October 1885. Farmer and stone cutter ; 
Mrs. J., Ger. Ref. Children: (VIII) Abraham H. 
Johnson, born March 2, 1886 ; Samuel, born Mar. to, 
1888 ; Cora, b. August 30, 1891 ; F'rederick K., born 
October 18, 1894. 

VII. Mary Kulp, b. F^b. 8, 1867 ; mrd. Maurice P. 
Tomlinson Sept. 19,1886. Mason ; Mrs. T., Ger. Ref. 
Children : (VIII) Joseph K. Tomlinson, b. March 5, 
1888 ; (VIII) Elizabeth K. Tomhnson, born Nov. 30, 
1889; (VIII) Adelia Tomlinson, born Oct. 21, 1892; 
d. July 23, 1893. (VIII) Martha B. Tomlinson, born 
May I, 1894. (VIII) Wilbur B. Tomlinson, born 
July 8, 1895. 

VII. Joseph Kulp, b. Jan. 20, 1869 ; mrd. Cora V., 
dau. of Jacob and Aquilla Gerhart, July 29, 1893. 
One child : (VIM) Kenneth G. Kulp, b. May 12, 1895. 

VII. Barbara L. Kulp, born October 29, 1870 ; died 
November 7, 1874. 

VII. Titus Kulp, born October 8, 1876. 

VI. Ephraim Landis, b. Dec. 15, 1841 ; mrd. Sallie 
E. Walton in 1 87 1. Shed. 1877. One child : Edith. 
Ephraim mrd. second wife Mary Garis. Carpenter ; 
Meth. Children : Annie, Ida, Chester, all deceased ; 
Sallie, William. 

VI. William Hendrie Landis, b. Dec. 15, 1841. Is 
blind. Meth. 

V. Joseph Landis, b. April 10, 1807 ; died April 14, 
1858; mrd. Mary Geil in 1837. Farmer; Menus. 
Children : Samuel, John, Annie, Joseph. 

VI. Samuel G. Landis, b. Dec. 28, 1837 ; mrd. Susan 
Garis in 1862. Farmer. Children: Edward, Horace, 
Elma, Joseph. 

VI. John F. Landis, b. Nov. 12, 1839 ; mrd. Huldah 
J. Shaddingerin 1872. Farmer; Menus. Children: 
Ada, Fannie, Wilmer (dec'd), George, Eugene. 

VI. Annie M. Landis, b. October 31, 1842 ; married 
Abraham K. F'unk. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 323.) 

VI. Joseph H. Landis, born Oct. 24, 1848 ; married 

— 499 — 

Blanche McCulloch in 1879. P. O. McCulloch's 
Mills, Pa., where they have charge of a little boys' 
home school. Both are graduates of the Millersville 
(Pa.) State Normal School. Mr. L., Presbyterian; 
Mrs. L., Meth. One child : Frederick. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, b. Sept. 24, 1766 ; died May 4, 
1835 ; mrd. Samuel Landis Nov. 15, 1787. He died 
November 26, 1801. Farmer ; Menus. Children : 
Abraham, Magdalena, Joseph, Samuel, Jacob, Isaac, 

V. Abraham Landis, born 1788 ; died 1801. 

V. Magdalena Landis, b. 1790 ; d. 1867. Single. 
V. Joseph Landis (dec'd), born 1792. 
V. Samuel Landis (dec'd), born 1794. 
V. Jacob Landis, born 1797 ; died 1862. 

V. Isaac Landis, b. Feb. 13, 1799 ; d. June i, 1875 ; 
mrd. Sarah, dau. of " Fuller " Joseph Fretz, Aug. 21, 
1827. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Infant, Eliza- 
beth, Abner, Oliver. 

VI. A son, born and died November 2, 1828. 

VI. Elizabeth Landis, born June 18, 1830 ; died 
November 14, 1851. 

VI. Abner Landis, b. Oct. 7, 1833 ; mrd. Lydia Ann 
Moyer Feb. 16, 1862. P.O. Pipersville, Pa. Farmer ; 
Mennonites. Children : Sarah, Barbara, Mary, Isaac, 
Susie, Ellen, Lizzie. 

VI. Oliver Landis, b. 1836 ; mrd. Elizabeth, dau. of 
Peter Myers. P.O. Pipersville, Pa. Farmer; Menus. 
Children: Rebecca, Lizzie, Isaac (dec'd), Amanda, 

V. Mary Landis, born 1801 ; died 1834. 

IV. Mary Fretz (dec'd), b. about 1770; mrd. Rev. 
Daniel Landis. Minister of the Menu. ch. Children : 
Benjamin, Jacob, Abraham, Daniel, Mary, Samuel, 
Magdalena, Sarah, infant. 

IV. Sarah Fretz (dec'd), mrd. Joseph Landis. No 

IV. Abraham Fretz, b. in Bedminster Twp., Bucks 
Co., Pa., August 17, 1775 ; d. May 20, 1816 ; mrd. 
Rachel, dau. of Philip Kratz, April 4, 1797. She 
was b. Sept. 5, 1777 ; died May 22, 1852. Farmer ; 
lived on the old homestead of his father, of which he 

— 500 — 

took possession in 1797. Menus. Children : Susan, 
Jacob, Anna, Philip, Ehzabeth, Abraham. 

V. Susan Fretz (dec'd), born Feb. 25, 1798 ; nird. 
George Mitman. One child : Rachel. 

VI. Rachel Mitman (dec'd), married Joseph Moyer, 
M. D. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 324.) 

V. Jacob Fretz (dec'd), b. October 14, 1803 ; mrd. 
Susanna Beidler Nov. 19, 1839. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children: Emma, Reed, Rachel, Abraham (d. S.), 
Lizzie, Philip. 

VI. Emma Fretz, b. April i, 1841 ; mrd. Abraham 
M. Eeatherman. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 325.) 

VI. Reed Fretz, b. March 19, 1844 ; mrd. Amanda 
Loux Jan. 27, 1870. P.O. Bedminster, Pa. Farmer ; 
Mrs. Fretz, Presb5^ Children: (VII) Jacob Franklin 
Fretz, b. 1870. Teacher. S. (VII) Minerva P'retz, 
born 1872. (VII) Anna Eaura Fretz, born 1873. 
(VII) Nelson Oswold Fretz, born 1875. (VII) Mabel 
Celia Fretz, born 1877. (VII) Mary Matilda Fretz, 
born 1879. 

VI. Rachel Fretz, born May 1846 ; mrd. William H. 
vSlotter. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 326.) 

VI. Lizzie Fretz, born Nov. 5, 1850 ; mrd. Nelson 
K. Leatherman Mar. 19, 1874. Baptist. Children : 
Warren, Susan. 

VI. Philip Kirk Fretz, b. November 19, 1858 ; mrd. 
Charlotte, dau. of Hon. L. B. LaBarre, Oct. 23, 1879. 

V. Anna Fretz, b. Oct. 3, 1806 ; d. May 26, 1886 ; 
mrd. John Fretz. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 327.) 

V. Philip K. Fretz, b. June 25, 1809 ; d. January 12, 
1892 ; married Eliza Fretz Nov. 22, 1836. P^armer. 
Children : Susan, Ann, Rebecca, Henry, Jacob. Philip 
married second wife Magdalena (Myers) Hunsberger. 

VI. Susan Fretz (dec'd), b. April 16, 1838 ; married 
Mahlon Meyers. No issue. 

VI. Ann Fretz, b. Feb. 25, 1840. Meth. Epis. S. 

VI. Rebecca Fretz, b. Aug. 21, 1843 ; mrd. James L. 
Reber. Meth. Epis. Children : Erwin, Schuyler, 
Philip, James, Pearl, Edna. 

VI. Henry Ervin Fretz, born April 6, 1847 ; married 
Amanda Moyer Dec. i, 1870. P. O. Bedminster, Pa. 
Farmer; Menus. Children: FMgar (dec'd), James, 

— 50I — 

Warren, Philip, Erwin, Lizzie, Eugene, Herbert, 

VI. Jacob Fretz (dec'd), born April i8, 1852 ; mrd. 
Josephine Berks. One child : James. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz (dec'd), born about 1812 ; mrd. 
Christian B. Fretz. 

V. Abraham E. Fretz, b. Jan. 20, 1815 ; d. Jan. 4, 
1888 ; married Catharine Swartzlander. One child : 

VI. Clara vS. Fretz, b. Nov. 5, 1857 ; mrd. Frank W. 
Rotzell. Children : Blanche, Edward (dec'd). 

III. EHzabeth Fretz (dec'd), b. in Bucks Co., Pa., 
July 19, 1739 ; mrd. Jacob Kolb May 22, 1760. He 
was b. Apr. 16, 1737. Farmer ; lived and died near 
Blooming Glen, Hilltown Twp. , where many of their 
descendants still live. Mennonites. Children : Isaac, 
John, Gertrude, Jacob, Abraham, Deilman, Henry, 
Elizabeth, Barbara, Catharine. 

IV. Isaac Kulp (dec'd), b. Mar. 3, 1762 ; mrd. Mary 
Clymer. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Jacob, Isaac, 
Elizabeth, Esther, Gertrude, Dillman, Moses, Mary, 

IV. John Kulp, b. Sept. 6, 1764 ; d. in 1824 ; mrd. 
Barbara, dau. of John Funk, and grand-daughter of 
Bishop Henr}^ P'unk. P'armer ; lived on the farm 
now owned b}^ Abraham Baum, near Blooming Glen. 
Menus. Children : Jacob, Annie (dec'd), Sarah. 

V. Jacob Kulp, b. Nov. 27, 1786 ; d. Nov. i, 1833 ; 
mrd. Anna Barks Mar. 13, 1806. She was b. Aug. 19, 
1779; d. April 14, 1849. Farmer; Menus. Chil- 
dren : Barbara, John, George, Susan, Gertrude. 

V. Sarah Kulp, b. in 1793 ; d. 1848 ; mrd. Samuel 
Meyers. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 328.) 

IV. Gertrude Kulp, born Feb. 8, 1767 ; mrd. Jacob 
Hunsberger. Farmer ; Menus. No issue. 

IV. Rev. Jacob Kulp, b. April 30, 1769 ; died Sept. 
1858 ; mrd. Catharine Delp Mar. 24, 1793. She was 
born June 21, 1772 ; d. in 1844. Farmer. He was 
ordained to the ministry of the Mennonite church at 
Doylestown (Pa.) meetinghouse in 18 18. In June 
1 83 1 he moved to Holmes county, O.; and settled in 
Walnut Creek township, where he organized a church, 

— 502 — 

over which he presided as one of the ministers until 
his death. Children : Samuel, Elizabeth, Jacob, Cath- 
arine, Isaac, Henr}', Gertrude, Anna. 

IV. Rev. Abraham Kulp, b. Apr. 19, 1771 ; died in 
1848; mrd. Sarah Hunsicker in 1796. Farmer. He 
is a minister of the Mennonite church at Deep Run, 
Pa. Children : Elizabeth, Isaac, Abraham, Anna, 
Jacob, Henry, John, Sarah, David, Barbara. 

V. Elizabeth Kulp, b. March 13, 1797 ; d. June 30, 
1876 ; mrd. Samuel Gayman Nov. 26, 1816. He was 
born Nov. 5, 1790 ; died Feb. 14, 1825. Carpenter ; 
Menus. Children : Abraham, Christian. 

VI. Abraham Gayman, b. November 20, 1819 ; mrd. 
Hannah Moyer Dec. 20, 1846. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children : Samuel, John, Elizabeth, Anna, Sarah, 
infant, Catharine, Hannah. 

VI. Christian Gayman, b. Jan. 5, 1823 ; mrd. Anna 
Moyer about 1843. Shoemaker; Menus. Children: 
William, Samuel, Sarah, Abraham, Elizabeth, Joseph, 
Isaac, Christian, Isaiah, Anna. 

V. Abraham Kulp, Jr., b. in 1802 ; d. 1876 ; mrd. 
Catharine Shoemaker in 1835, She died in 1888. 
Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : Sarah, Elizabeth, 
Catharine, Jacob. 

V. Anna Kulp, b. June 16, 1804 ; d. Jan. 25, 1885 ; 
mrd. Martin Overholt December 20, 1825. Farmer ; 
Menus. One child : Jacob. 

VI. Jacob K. Overholt, b. September 14, 1826 ; mrd. 
Hannah Baum Nov. 25, .1849. Farmer ; Menus. 
Ordained deacon at Deep Run November i, 1859. 
Children : Martin, Hetty, Anna, Sallie, Joseph, 
Katie, Jacob. 

VII. Martin Overholt, b. Jan. 26, 185 1 ; mrd. Kate 
Hunsberger Mar. 17, 1888. 

VII. Hetty Overholt, b. Jan. 21, 1853 ; mrd. Levi L. 
Meyer. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : Emma, 
Annie, Jacob. 

VII. Anna Overholt, b. Mar. 29, 1855 ; mrd. Abraham 
M. Hunsicker. Miller ; Menus. Children : Sallie, 
Katie, Jacob, Hannah. 

VII. Sallie Overholt, b. June 2, 1858 ; mrd. George 

— 503 — 

A. Schriver. Farmer ; Luth. Children : Richard, 

VII. Joseph Overholt, b. July 29, i860 ; mrd. Sallie 
Leatherman. Farmer and sawyer ; Menns. Chil- 
dren : Hannah, Lizzie. 

VII. Jacob Ov^erholt, born August 17, 1867. 

V. Jacob Kulp, b. Mar. 8, 1806 ; mrd. Mary Moyer 
Novemh)er 21, 1827. Farmer ; Menns. Children : 
Elizabeth, Abraham. 

VI. Elizabeth Kulp, born June 7, 1830 ; d. Dec. 21, 
1864. Single. 

VI. Abraham M. Kulp, born May 13, 1838 ; mrd. 
Elmira B. Slifer October 27, i860. Farmer; Menns. 
Children : Harvey, Mary, Jacob, Willis, Lizzie, Ella, 
Abraham, Carrie. 

VII. Harvey S. Kulp, b. July 25, 1862 ; mrd. Mary 
L. Moyer 'May 24, 1887. P. O. Chalfont, Pa. 
Merchant. Children: (VIII) Lottie Erma Kulp, born 
April 2, 1888 ; Jacob Harold, born Sept. 17, 1890 ; 
Willis M., born April 4, 1893. 

VII. Mary A. Kulp, born September 12, 1864. S. 

VII. Jacob S. Kulp, born September i, 1866. S. 

VII. Willis S. Kulp, b. Nov. 28, 1869; mrd. Minnie 
Moyer Jan. 25, 1893. P-O- Chalfont, Pa. Merchant ; 
Ger. Ref. One child : (VIII) J. Rowland Kulp, born 
November 25, 1893. 

VII. Lizzie S. Kulp, b. Nov. 23, 187 1 ; mrd. Harvey 
W. Moyer. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 329.) 

VII. Ella A. Kulp, born May 20, 1873. 

VII. Abraham S. Kulp, born September 30, 1875. 

VII. Carrie S. Kulp, born November 14, 1878. 

V. John H. Kulp, b. Feb. 10, 1809 ; d. 1887 i mrd. 
Catharine Swartley in 1844. Farmer; Menns. Chil- 
dren : Philip, Sarah, Anna, Elizabeth. 

V. Sarah Kulp, married Jacob High. 

V. David H. Kulp, b. Aug. 20, 1816 ; mrd. Elizabeth 
Detweiler Feb. 14, 1848. Farmer; Menns. Chil- 
dren : Samuel, Sarah, John. 

V. Barbara Kulp, born June 26, 18 18 ; mrd. Jacob 
Moyer March 10, 1840. Menns. Children : Sarah, 
Elizabeth, Anna, Mary. 

IV. Deilman Kulp (dec'd), b. July 23, 1773 ; mrd. 

— 504 — 

Hester Leicy. Farmer ; Menus. Children : Henr}^ 

IV. Henr}' Kulp (dec'd), born Jan. 28, 1776 ; nird. 
Anna Hunsicker. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : 
Jacob, Isaac, Joseph, Elizabeth. 

V. Jacob Kulp (dec'd), born March 25, 1804 ; mrd. 
Barbara Hunsberger. Farmer ; Menns. Children : 
Anna, John, Veronica, Elizabeth. 

V. Isaac Kulp, b. Apr. 10, 1808 ; mrd. Anna Meyer 
Nov. 4, 1834. Farmer; Menns. Children: Henry, 

VI. Henry M. Kulp, b. May ir, 1836; mrd. Mary 
Ann Kulp Jan. 15, 1859. P. O. Philadelphia, Pa. 
One child : (VII) Isaac K. Kulp, b. March 25, 1865. 

VI. Elizabeth Kulp, b. Feb. 5, 1842 ; mrd. John M. 
Hochman. (See Ind. of Ref. No. 330.) 

V. Joseph Kulp, b. March 26, 181 1 ; mrd. Elizabeth 
Moyer Nov. 19, 1841. Farmer; Menns. Children: 
Henry, Christian, Anna, Enos, Aaron. 

VI. Henry Kulp, b. Sept. 12, 1842 ; mrd. Susanna 
Hockman Feb. 29, 1868. One child : (VII) Lizzie 
Kulp, b. Feb. 10, 1869 ; d. Sept. 12, 1869. 

Henry mrd. second wife Veronica Kulp May 10, 
1873. Menns. Children : (VII) John and Aaron 
(twins), stillborn Feb. 17, 1876. 

VI. Christian Kulp, b. Oct. 2, 1843 ; d. aged 9 3^ears. 

VI. Anna Kulp, born August 8, 1846 ; mrd. Oliver 
Charles. Menns. Children: (VII) Joseph Charles, 
b. Mar. 24, 1876 ; (VII) Charles (dec'd). 

VI. Enos Kulp, 1). Sept. 26, 1849 ; d. aged 3 years. 

.VI. Aaron M. Kulp, b. Oct: 21, 1853 ; ^^^- Mary 
Kulp. P.O. Bedminster, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. No 

V. Elizabeth Kulp, b. June 30, 18 15 ; mrd. David 
Angeny (dec'd) Nov. 14, 1841. Farmer; Menns. 
Children : Henry, Jacob, Anna, Mary. 

VI. Henry Angeny, born 1842 ; died infant. 

VI. Jacoi) K. Angeny, b. December 11, 1845 ; mrd. 
Catharine F. Shelly April 12, 1873. P. O. Perkasie, 
Pa. Laborer ; Menns. Children : Elizabeth, Henry, 
David, Jacob, Mary, Kate, Anna. 

Mrs. Mary C. Austin. 

See Page 455. 

— 505 — 

VII. Elizabeth S. Angeny, born July 23, 1875 ; mrd. 
Reuben W. Beck Dec. 29, 1894. 

VII. Henry S. Angeny, born October 26, 1876. 

VII. David S. Angeny, born March 10, 1879. 

VII. Jacob S. Angeny, born April i, 1881. 

VII. Mary S. Angeny, born March 5, 1883. 

VII. Kate S. Angeny, born May 9, 1886. 

VII. Anna S. Angeny, born October 27, 1888 ; died 
August 6, 1889. 

VI. Anna Angeny, born Sept. i, 1850 ; mrd. Henry 
K. Detweiler February 28, 1874. Farmer ; Menus. 
Children: Samuel (dec'd), David, Mary (dec'd), 
Elizabeth, Annie ; Mary, Jacob, both dec'd ; Emma. 

VI. Mary Kulp, born April 18, 1857 ; married Isaac 
H. Kulp. 

 IV. Elizabeth Kulp (dec'd), b. Dec. i, 1778 ; mrd. 
Jacob Silvins. No issue. 

IV. Barbara Kulp, born 1781 ; died 1783. 

IV. Catharine Kulp, b. Nov. 14, 1783 ; d. Sept. ri, 
1876 ; mrd. Simon Musselman. He was b. in 1791 ; 
died 187 1. Farmer; Menus. Children: Samuel, 
Elizabeth, Jacob, Henry. 

V. Samuel Musselman, b. June 8, 18 14 ; d. Oct. 20, 

1850 ; mrd. Sarah Myers Mar. 17, 1835. Children : 
Catharine, Sarah, Joseph, Henry. 

V. Elizabeth M. Musselman, b. Mar. 14, 18 16 ; died 
Oct. I, 1875 ; mrd. William F. Moyer. (See Index 
of References No. 331.) 

V. Jacob K. Musselman, born May 23, 18 18 ; mrd. 
Hannah Moyer. Farmer ; Mennonites. Children : 
Simon, William, Sarah. 

V. Henry Musselman, b. July 27, 1821 ; d. Dec. 11, 

1851 ; mrd. Veronica Rickert. Children : Catharine, 

For omitted records of descendants of John and Barbara 
(Meyer) Fretz, see Fretz history. 


BY C. D. FRKTZ, M. D. 

The first reunion of the Fretz faniil}' was held 
in the grove adjoining the old Fretz homestead, 
near Bedniinsterville, Pa., September 15, 1888. The 
descendants of the pioneers, John and Christian Fretz, 
came in large numbers. Nearl}^ all the eastern coun- 
ties of Pennsylvania were represented, as well as the 
States of Ohio, Kansas, New Jersey and the District 
of Columbia. More than 500 of their descendants 
registered their names, and many were there who did 
not register. The numlDer present was estimated at 
from 800 to 1000. The oldest descendant present was 
Mrs. Susanna Funk, of Line Lexington, being 86 
years old. She is the daughter of Martin Fretz, 
deceased, of Hilltown township. Philip K. Fretz, of 
Bedminster-; Henr}^ Fretz, of Plumstead ; Mrs. Eliza- 
beth Fretz Farren, of Doylestown, and John Henry 
Garges, of Washington, D. C, were among the oldest. 
The ministers of the Gospel were Rev. Allen M. Fretz, 
of Bedminster ; Rev. A. J. Fretz, of Milton, N. J., 
and Rev. Enos Loux, of Dul)lin. The medical pro- 
fession was represented by Dr. Harvey Kratz, of New 
Britain ; Dr. A. F. Myers, of Blooming Glen ; Dr. 
O. H. Fretz, of Quakertown ; Dr. A. N. Fretz, of 
Fleetwood, Berks county ; Dr. C. D. Fretz, of Sellers- 
ville, and Dr. John H. Fretz, of Hagersville. The 
only representative of the legal profession was J. Free- 
man Hendricks, Esq., of Doylestown. County Super- 
intendent W. H. Slotter, of Doylestown, represented 
the educational interests. The mass was made up of 
the sturdy yeoman, who for a century and a half has 
given character to the famil}- by their integrity and 
moral worth. 

The conunittee of arrangements had made ample 
preparations. A table 180 feet long was constructed, 

— 507 — 

upon which the ladies were engaged during the fore- 
noon in transferring the contents of many well filled 
baskets and boxes. When the dinner hour arrived 
and a general invitation to all was extended by the 
chairman, the audience as generously responded, and 

not until the table had been filled and cleared three 
times were all the hungry satisfied. A speakers' stand 
had been erected, in front of w^hich were placed 
benches and chairs for the audience, and on one side 
was placed an organ, presided over by Miss Ida Moyer. 
The musical part of the program was conducted by 
Dr. A. F. Myers. The exercises of the forenoon 
were opened b}' singing the coronation hymn from 
printed slips. This was followed by a fervent prayer 
b}^ Rev. A. J. Fretz. The address of welcome was 
then delivered by Rev. Allen M. Fretz. J. Freeman 
Hendricks, Esq., of Doylestown, addressed the 
audience very felicitously for some time, when the 
exercises of the forenoon were closed by singing the 
patriotic hymn, "America." The time between the 
exercises was taken up in social converse and in 
registering the names of the descendants present. Dr. 
John H. Fretz, who had been appointed as register, 
was kept busily engaged during the interval. 

The afternoon exercises were opened by singing 
the hymn, "Come, thou Fount of every Blessing." 
Rev. A. J. Fretz then delivered the historical address, 
v/hich was listened to with profound interest. He 
graphically depicted the surroundings when the two 
brothers, John and Christian Fretz, driven forth from 
their fatherland by cruel persecution, sought refuge in 
this far-off land, this wilderness, inhabited by wild 
beasts and the equally dangerous red man. The 
genealogy of the different branches of the family were 
briefly given, and other data. Dr. A. N. Fretz, of 
Fleetwood, then gave a short talk, after which County 
Superintendent Slotter delivered the memorial address. 
After some announcements and the singing of a hymn, 
"There's a Land that is Fairer than Day," the 
exercises were closed with the benediction and the dox- 
olog}^, " Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow." 



Dear friends, in appearing before 5^011 this 
morning to bid you welcome on this occasion, I feel 
that mine is a pleasant duty indeed. It is a pleasant 
duty — first, because I trust that all who have now 
assembled before me, as well as all who may be here 
later in the day, have come with an assurance of the 
fact that the}^ are welcome. Further, it is a pleasant 
dut}^ for me to stand between the fathers of almost 
two centuries ago whose dust now lie mingled with 
the earth in yonder graveyard, and their numerous 
descendants, of which I have the honor of being one, 
to bid you welcome to the first general reunion of the 
Fretz family. Less than two centuries ago these 
teeming valle3^s and verdant hills were mostly forests, 
and were with this grove in which we have assembled 
to-day the home of the red man, while the beasts of 
the forests vied with him in finding a sustenance. 
The remains of our ancestors lie side by side in soil 
not their own by l^irth, and we visit their graves at 
times to call our memories l)ack to their daring lives, 
while the ashes of the Aborigines have entered into 
the soil from which we reap our beautiful harvests and 
obtain our sustenance. In the early years of the 
eighteenth century came emigrants from England, 
Scotland and Germany, and took possession of the 
land in this vicinity. It was then that, among the 
many others, two brothers, John and Christian Fretz, 
left their homes and friends in the fatherland and for 
weal or woe crossed the wide perilous Atlantic, and 

— 509 — 

came to this new world, the refuge for the oppressed 
and persecuted of every civihzed country. 

In course of time Christian became possessor of 
land in Tinicum township, about three miles from 
here, while John made his purchase and future home 
on a tract in Bedminster township, of which the soil 
on which we meet to-da^^ is a part, and which has 
since been continuously in the possession of his male 
descendants to this day. In these homes the Lord 
prospered them till now their descendants are no 
longer confined to the townships of Bedminster and 
Tinicum, but have increased and multiplied and 
spread a])road until now" they may be found in almost 
every State and Territory through the length and 
breadth of this fair land, and in various parts of 
Canada as well. 

This is an age of reunions. Alumni of schools 
and colleges have reunions, the veterans of the late 
w^ar have reunions, families have reunions, and it is 
w^ell that the descendants of these two brothers should 
have such a gathering also. During the brief time 
allotted for preparation there were sent out to all 
Fretz descendants, whose names and addresses could 
be ascertained, invitations to meet with us at this re- 
union, to renew the memories of our ancestors and 
become better acquainted wnth each other as offispring 
of a common ancestry. I do, therefore, in memory 
of our fathers, bid you welcome to this assembly. In 
behalf of the present proprietor of this grove I bid you 
welcome. In the name of the committee of arrange- 
ments I bid you welcome. I bid you welcome to the 
exercises that will be conducted here to-day, and to 
the common table that will be spread for dinner. Let 
us make this a day of profit as well as of pleasure. 
While our memories are refreshed with the daring and 
self-denial of our ancestors, let us take an example 
from their devotedness to the cause for which they 
forsook their native land — religious libert}', and culti- 
vate true filial love and devotedness to one another. 
Above all, let us lift our hearts in thankfulness to 
God, the giver of every good and perfect gift, for his 
blessings upon our ancestors, upon our immediate 

— 5IO — 

fathers and mothers, and upon us to the present 
moment. Let us unitedly pray that he may continue 
to be with us and bless us as he has been with our 
fathers and blessed them. Let us seek so as to live 
in his fear and to glory in his great name, that in the 
great and final family reunion we ma}^ all be privileged 
to participate. That we, having heeded the loving 
invitation, may be reunited with our friends gone 
before, and with them forever .share the joys of a 
reunion inseparable. 


BY C. D. FRETZ, M. D. 

The second reunion of the descendants of John 
and Christian Fretz was held in the grove near the 
old homestead, in Bedminster township, on Saturday, 
September 2, 1893. The early morning gave but 
faint prospects for a pleasant day, owing to the stormy 
aspects of the weather. Nevertheless, by 1 1 o'clock 
several hundred persons were gathered about the 
speakers' stand, when Rev. Allen M. Fretz, of Souder- 
ton, chairman of the reunion committee, called the 
meeting to order. The day's exercises were ushered 
in by the singing of the magnificent hymn, "Come, 
Thou Almighty King ; " Dr. A. Myers, of Blooming 
Glen, musical director. Next followed the invocation 
by Rev. Thomas S. Fretz, of Eevvisburg, Pa. Reed 
Fretz, of Bedminster, then, in a few words, welcomed 
the assembled to the home of their ancestors, which 
had fostered them in their hour of need. This was 
ver}^ felicitously responded to by Prof. Alva B. Fretz, 
of Cedar Grove, N. J. Rev. Allen M. Fretz then 
proceeded to deliver the memorial address. Worthy 
did he enumerate the brave deeds of his forefathers, 
who lie resting in the old graveyard at Deep Run, 
hoping they might be emulated by their descendants 
and their memories forever held sacred. The singing 
of the coronation hymn closed the first part of the 
program, after which all were invited to partake of the 
bounteous repast prepared b}' the ladies' committee. 
Ample justice was done to this pleasing feature of the 
program. The table, about 200 feet long, spread with 
various varieties to satisfy the most fastidious, was a 

— 512 — 

novelt}^ to see. The committee on registration, con- 
sisting of Messrs. J. Franklin Fretz, Oscar Fretz 
and Joseph M3'ers, were busily engaged with the 
register, in which descendants present inscribed their 
names. In the meantime the cloudy morning was 
transformed into a beautiful afternoon, and crowds of 
people hastened to the grove until the number was 
swelled to about 2000. Promptly at 2 o'clock all 
gathered once more around the platform, when the 
entire assemblage broke forth with the patriotic strains 
of "My Country 'tis of Thee," which were echoed 
and reechoed among the rings of the forest. After 
the singing J. F". Hendricks, Esq., of Doylestown, 
addressed the assemblage. He spoke of the integrity 
and honesty of which the famih' had always been 
noted since the first ancestor. Mr. Hendricks' speech 
was followed by a beautiful solo, rendered b}" Miss 
Florence E. Newbaker, of Philadelphia, entitled 
' ' My Father's Home. ' ' A short essay was then read 
by J. Kirk Leatherman, M. E., of Lullytown, Pa. 
Another prett}^ solo was sung by Miss Mar}' H. Fretz, 
of Milton, N. J., entitled " Dream of the Old Home.'* 
after which County Superintendent William H. Slotter 
addressed the audience in a few words. This was 
followed by another hymn, ' ' Nearer my God to Thee. ' ' 
The family historian, Rev. A. J. Fretz. of Milton, 
N. J., was then introduced, who held the audience 
enraptured for some time. The meeting then ad- 
journed after singing, " Praise God from Whom all 
Blessings Flow." 

Altia Rhena AUvSTin 

vSee Page 455. 




1893, ^Y REV. A. J. FRETZ. 

[Revised Extracts.] 

This is indeed an auspicious day to be assembled 
here on almost consecrated ground for two reasons — 
first, because this was the home of an ancestor who 
came from the old world to the new, settling here 156 
years ago, and founded a family now numbered by 
the thousands, scattered over this broad land from 
the Atlantic to the Pacific, with numerous represen- 
tatives in Canada and some in other countries. Here 
finished his work and ended his earthly pilgrimage, 
one whose memory we shall ever revere and cherish 
for his bravery, fidelity and patriotism. Second, 
because here are assembled such a numerous company 
of descendants of our worthy ancestors, John and 
Christian Fretz, to recount some events in the lives of 
these devoted fathers of more than a century and a 
half ago, and to extend greetings to one another in 
the common bonds of kinship to render praise and 
thanksgiving to Almighty God, who directed the 
steps of the ancestors hither. We are here also, if 
possible, to learn more concerning the early ancestors, 
to gather together the remaining fragments of their 
history, incidents of their lives of interest, and that 
will be highly prized by generations yet unborn. 
Family histories and genealogies are works of great 
value and much interest to the descendants, and they 
become more and more so as time passes on. Their 
sayings, acts, privations, early struggles, the final sue- 

— 514 — 

cesses, traditions and histor\^ of the ancestors, so often 
recounted by the grandfathers and grandmothers, can- 
not fail to be of interest, and these things should be 
put in a form for permanent preservation. There will 
come a time, generations hence, when these things 
will be of incalculable value. It is remarkably strange 
that there are so many who do not care for these 
things and take so little interest in them, to such an 
extent that the}' do not know who their grandparents 

According to a tradition of the famil}' the 
ancestors, John and Christian Kretz, w^th a third 
brother who died on the voyage, came from near 
the city of Manheim, Province of Baden, German}', 
formerly known as the Palatinate, or Rhemish Prussia, 
and therefore undoubtedly were of German nationality. 
Although during the persecution of the Mennonites 
in Switzerland by the Calvinists, many of them fled 
across the line into the Palatinate, where they remained 
for a time, and afterwards emigrated to America. 
Many of these Swiss Mennonites from the Palatinate 
were among the early settlers of Bucks and Mont- 
gomery counties, among them, if the tradition of the 
family can be relied on, were the Me^'cr ancestors. 
It is said that the Fretz ancestors emigrated to America 
during the "last persecution" and came in company 
with the Meyer ancestors, who settled in Montgomery 

The Meyer ancestors of Montgomery county were 
Christian and Hans Me^'er. Hans Meyer, as we 
have recently learned, was the father-in-law of our 
pioneer ancestor, John Fretz. They emigrated to 
America in the early part of the eighteenth century, 
and thus we find them settled here in the infanc}' of 
the great conunonwealth of Pennsylvania years before 
the P'rench and Indian war, and long before the 
United States became a free and independent nation. 
Some of the stirring scenes in the colonies took place 
during their lifetime, and as the earthly pilgrimage of 
the aged ancestors began to draw to a close the 
colonists became restless under the British yoke, and 
barel}' had the pioneers gone to their rest before the 

• —sis- 
war for independence burst forth, which brought the 
freedom which their children now enjoy. 

The Fretz brothers married their wives on 
American soil, and here all their children were born. 
At the time of the publication of the Fretz history it 
was not known who either of the Fretz ancestors 
married. We were fortunate, however, in our in- 
vestigations into the Me3'er family quite recently, to 
discover the fact that John Fretz married for his first 
wife Barbara, daughter of Hans Meyer, of Upper Sal- 
ford, Montgomery Co. , and thus is happily discovered a 
missing link, which enables those who are descendants 
by this marriage, to go one generation back of the 
Fretz ancestry. The fact is now established that our 
first ancestor on American soil was Hans Meyer, of 
Upper Salford. This, no doubt, is a surprising reve- 
lation to many of you here to-day, who have never so 
much as dreamed that you were Meyer descendants. 
But it is a happy revelation to us, as it brings us into 
closer and dearer relation to the many descendants of 
Hans Meyer, who are scattered all through Bucks and 
Montgomery counties and elsewhere. This discovery 
gives us a possible clue to where John Fretz at first 
settled before purchasing the homestead at Bedminster, 
and which was no doubt somewhere in Montgomery 
count3^ and where all the children by the finst wife, 
except Elizabeth Kulp, were probably born. He