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Full text of "A genealogical record of the descendants of Henry Rosenberger of Franconia, Montgomery Co., Pa"

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or TllK IIK.SI l.NDA.NI.^ I'i- 

Henry Rosenberger 

Francouia, Moutgoiuery Co., P** 






Rev. A. J. Fretz. 


With an introduction by Prof. Seward M. Rosenberger, of Quaker- 
town, Pa. 






Rosenberger family was 
piepared by Edward Mathews, of Eansdale, Pa., 
and published in a local paper in the beginning of 
1888. This, however, pertained to only two branches 
of the family in Hatfield. 

A more extended account was written by Mr. 
Mathews at the instigation of the publisher, I. R. 
Haldeman, himself related to the family both by 
birth and marriage, and which was published by him 
in book form in 1892. The work, however, while 
giving considerable valuable and interesting history 
of the pioneers of the family, their emigration to 
America, their settlement in Montgomery county, 
accounts of the homesteads, occupations, religion, 
and immediate descendants of these pioneers, it does 
not give a complete history of the various lines or 
branches of the families in genealogical form to the 
present generation, 

A more complete h- tory of the family being 
desired by some of the connections arrangements were 
accordingly made to revise the work and compile a 
complete history of the family to the present date and 
generation. In t'le preparation of the work much 
labor and research has been required. The official 
records and regi.'.try of deeds and wills at Norristown, 
Doylestown ana Philadelphia have been searched, 
various persons connected with the family by ties of 
relationship interviewed, and a large correspondence 


r 1 "J , 



A short account of the Rosenberger family was 
prepared by Edward Mathews, of I^ansdale, Pa., 
and published in a local paper in the beginning of 
i8S8. This, however, pertained to only two branches 
of the family in Hatfield. 

A more extended account was written by Mr. 
Mathews at the instigation of the publisher, I. R. 
Haldeman, himself related to the family both by 
birth and marriage, and which was published by him 
in book form in 1892. The work, however, while 
giving considerable valuable and interesting history 
of the pioneers of the family, their emigration to 
America, their settlement in Montgomery county, 
accounts of the homesteads, occupations, religion, 
and immediate descendants of these pioneers, it does 
not give a complete history of the various lines or 
branches of the families in genealogical form to the 
present generation. 

A more complete h' tory of the family being 
desired by some of the connections arrangements were 
accordingly made to revise the work and compile a 
complete history of the family to the present date and 
generation. In t'le preparation of the work much 
labor and research has been required. The official 
records and regi.stry of deeds and wills at Norristown, 
Doylestown ana Philadelphia have been searched, 
various persons connected with the family by ties of 
relationship interviewed, and a large correspondence 


carried on with the entire connections in Montgomery 
ana Hncks counties and elsewhere in Pennsylvania, 
the far West and Canada. 

The work will be of more or less interest to the 
public Kenerally, but more especially to those bearing 
the name of RosenberKer and their descendants. 
The family of Rosenberger has been much extended 
in Montgomery and adjacent counties, and also in 
distant i)ortions of the United States and Canada. In 
presenting this volume the writer has endeavored to 
give the history of the family together with other 
matter of interest to the de.sceudauts that would 
otherwise have been lost. 

The author acknowledges himself indebted 
to the many friends for kind favors received during 
the compilation of this work in the form of data. etc. 
Among who have furnished us with consider- 
able data, to whom we express our sincere grati- 
tude, are: David Ro.senberger. of Hatfield, Pa.; 
Knos L. Rosenberger. of Hiawatha, Kan.; Henry 
H. Rosenberger, of Quakertown, Pa.; A. A. Delp, 
of Lan^dale. Pa.; ICdward Mathews, of Lan.sdale, Pa. 
("Hi.story of the Hosenl>erger Family of Mont- 
gomery County"); Rev. Henry A. Hunsicker. ol 
Philadelphia, Pa., and < Miers. Aithok. 

Mii.TON, N. J., vSept. S, 1S99. 


The present age is one distinctively of research. 
There is an intellectual restlessness and curiousness 
manifested which impels to a seeking of more knowl- 
edge in all departments of human affairs. Some of 
this activity is spent for practical ends, some for ends 
not so plainly practical. The physicist and the 
chemist in their labratories make discoveries that may 
greatly affect industrial and economic problems. The 
historian, groping his way through partly mutilated 
records of the misty past, adds to the sum total of 
human knowledge, but his labors may to a very 
limited degree, if at all, affect human affairs at the 
present time. Yet the labors of the latter in bringing 
to light and putting on record what was in part or 
altogether forgotten are not without interest and 
value, although, as it may be, a value founded in 
large part on sentiment. 

Local history is receiving a large share of attention 
in our present era. It is probably this that has given 
stimulus to the compilation of family histories and 
genealogical records. By many Rosenberger descend- 
ants the appearance of a work which will give a 
wider knowledge of the different branches of the 
family to which they belong, and which will also 
serve to preserve the history of the family, will be 
hailed with delight. The writer must acknowledge 
that previous to his becoming interested in the first 
reunion of the family he knew very little of its 


history. That he does not stand alone in this huk is 
cvidcnctHl l.y these words from another member of the 
family ct.min^; to notice thron^;h a connuunication : 
"I shonld like to know something' more of tlie 
RosenlKrrKer family : I know all too little of them." 
Preservation of and interest in family records 
with ns. where prinogenitnre and aristocracy do not 
obtain, is. no donbt. largely a matter of sentiment, 
bnt it is sentiment that is not to l)e despised. The 
matter flavors also to a large degree of duly, and, in 
this measure, "it l>ecomcs an incumbency uikjii us. 
There are two extrenies into which the human family 
may fall with respect to the attitmle toward ancestry— 
the one that of veneration amounting to worship ; the 
other that of neglect amounting to dishonor. The 
Chinee is a type of the first extreme ; the American 
l>eople. it is feared, are rapidly drifting into the 
other. As we fulfill the divine command to honor 
our parents we must needs l^ecome ])osse.s.sed of a 
lively interest in those who have gone before and 
through our parents have handed down to us those 
(jualities which are priceless legacies. While we 
might dc-sire a family history to contain fuller accounts 
of the characteristics, traits and deeds of our ancestors 
than this work does, we shall rememlK*r that there is 
no clue known to this desirable knowledge. It is 
gratifying, however, to have at hand a few bits of 
data which may l>e used as a framework uik)M which 
the fancy can build a structure. Among such facts 
we find that they left the mother country for the sake 
of liU-rty of conscience, that they helped to subdue 
the rngged wilderness of the new world, and that 
theirs was a religi«)n that taught simplicity of life. 
cxjnsistency of deeds and profession, and peace with all 
men. lUiilding uiH>n these facts the imagination can- 


not go far wrong. We look back with our minds and 
eyes and see our father, the emigrant, with liis 
family bidding farewell to home surroundings and 
friends and embarking for a foreign shore. We see 
him select a site for his home in the new country and 
then begin the erection of rude buildings for shelter. 
We see him pursue from day to day his primitive 
occupation, but with all finding time for higher 
duties as he ministers to the little flock entrusted to 
his care ; and along with all we conceive how he 
fervently blesses God for the priceless boon of liberty 
vouch-safed to him in this " Land of the Free." 

As we picture these scenes we are made aware 
that the lesson which these sturdy tillers of the soil, 
our forefathers, teaches us is not without grave import. 
In our time there is a tendency to measure success by 
the degree of refinement and luxury, possible of 
attainment. Of these they knew very little, but times 
have changed, and we rejoice that they have. We 
freely admit that it shows a commendable spirit to 
keep abreast of the times. It remains, however, that 
present conditions as contrasted with the past do not 
necessarily determine the comparative value of our 
lives. Personal worth is the truest crown of any life, 
whenever and under whatever condition it may be 

A large part of this work is simply a record of 
names and to one outside of the family might appear 
uninteresting, but to members of the family it will be 
far from meaningless. Following up this record they 
will be enabled to trace out the relations of the 
various branches of the family, and they will, no 
doubt, often be surprised to find that persons with 
whom they have had a passing acquaintance are 
bound to them by ties of kinship. Most of the fuller 



bioRrai.hical sketches arc of lhu^e sull living or 
recxMitlv deceased. These will he of interest, as they 
reveal the nianv d.flerenl walks in life chosen hy the 
manv descendants. In the lijiht of the fact that at 
first onlv a few vtKMtions were represented by the 
family the.<^- will have still more interest. When it is 
noted that at hr-^t the family was limited to erne 
LxMlity and now is spread over the whole extent of 
the United States and (iiiite largely represented m 
Canada added interest will follow. Bnt this part will 
be of still more valne and interest to coming gener- 
ations, and we can do them a good service by giving 
our assistance in making and preserving these records 
and handing tlieiu over to posterity. 

To Rev. .\. J. Kretz. the author, every one con- 
nected with the family owes a debt of gratitude. 
The preparation of a work of this character involves 
the exiKMuliture of much time and lalxjr. l^sides the 
accompaniment of numy vexatious experiences. To 
the members of the family who have assisted in 
furnishing the necessary data and have helped in tins 
and other wavs in kindling an interest in tlie history 
of the family, especially to I. K. Haldeman. the 
publisher, who was the prime mover in securing the 
revision of the Rosenberger history, also acknowledge- 
ment is due. It is hoped that the work will l^e widely 
circulated and accmiplish the end in view in its 



Of.\KKRTOWN, Pa., vSept. 20, 1899. 


In the preparation of this work it will be observed that all 
descendants are recorded in the regular order of birth, from 
the oldest down to the youngest throughout the entire con- 
nection, each generation being marked consecutively from first 
to last. The Roman numerals placed before each name are 
used to designate the generation to which they belong, as : — 
I. Henry Rosenberger (First Generation). 
II. Benjamin Rosenberger (Second Generation). 

III. Yelles Rosenberger (Third Generation). 

IV. Benjamin Rosenberger (Fourth Generation). 
V. Elias Rosenberger (Fifth Generation), etc. 

Beginning with the first ( I ) ancestor, Henry Rosenberger, 
his children as far as known are named. Then follows Benja- 
min Rosenberger (II Generation), and his children (III Gener- 
ation) next. Yelles, probably the oldest, is followed down to 
the last of his descendants, then the second in order of birth 
of the III Generation, and so on until the end of the entire 
branch of Benjamin Rosenberger, of the II Generation, is 
reached. Then the descendants of Daniel Rosenberger, 
II Generation, is taken up and carried down in like manner 
to the last of his descendants, and so on throughout the entire 

Where marriages occur between members of the connec- 
tion the husband carries the record. In all such cases a num- 
bered reference is placed after the name and marriage of the 
wife, as for example (See Index of References No. i). In the 
list of Index of References will be found No. i, Mary A. 
Dennstedt, married Aaron R. Bock, Page — . On the page 
given in the body of the book the family record is given. 

In the General Index will be found the names of all males 
of i8 years and over, and the maiden names of all females of 
i8 years and over ; also the pages on which their family record 
is given in the body of the book. 

To find family records see Index of Branches, where 
names of all that had issue of the first, second and third 
generations are given. 

Abbreviations : — D signifies died or deceased ; b born ; 
s single ; m married ; ch church ; Montg co Montgomery 
county ; twp township ; Ev Ass'n Evangelical Ass ciation ; 
Pres Presbyterian ; Luth Lutheran ; Menu Mennonite ; 
Ger Bap German Baptist ; Ger Ref German Reformed ( Re- 
formed church in the United States); Cong Congregational; 
M E Methodist Episcopa'. 



The name of Rosenberger is of ancient origin in 
Germany, signifying Rosemount or Rose Castle. 
The first Rosenbergers in America probably came 
from the Palatinate, once a province of western 
Germany, bordering on the Rhine. September 20, 
1738, Hans Peter Rosenberger arrived in Philadelphia 
on a ship from Rotterdam, containing a number of 
emigrants from that country. John F. Rauchenberger 
arrived a week later, and Erasmus Rosenberger on 
September 26, 1749. The first settler of the name of 
Rosenberger in Montgomery county was Henry 
Rosenberger, who came to the Indian Creek valley, 
in Franconia township, in 1729. In 1739 Benjamin 
Rosenberger settled in Hatfield township, where in 
that year he purchased 125 acres of land bordering the 
County Line at Line Lexington, which he held for 
five years. Daniel Rosenberger purchased another 
tract in Hatfield lying along the County Line near 
the hamlet called Hockertown in 1740. In the year 
1745 Henry Rosenberger, Jr., came in possession by 
deed of his father's plantation in Franconia township. 
John Rosenberger settled in Hatfield township and 
first bought land around where is now the borough of 
Hatfield about 1749-50. 

It is a tradition of the family that the Rosenbergers 
of Montgomery county. Pa., came from Germany, 
from a place called " Zweibrucken " (two bridges). 



It is supposed that these famiHes that settled in 
Franconia and Hatfield townships were all related, 
and while it is certain that Daniel and John were 
brothers, it is quite evident that the four above 
mentioned were all brothers and sons of Henry 
Rosenberger, Sr. John Shult Rosenberger, a great- 
great-grandson of Benjamin Rosenberger, previous to 
his death is said to have related that one of his 
ancestors reached the great age of 96 years. It is not 
now certain which one of his ancestors he named as 
having reached that age. He also said that one of 
his ancestors was born on lx)ard ship or soon after 
the landing in America. It is quite certain that 
neither lienjamin or his eldest son, Yelles, reached 
the age of 96 years, "therefore it must have been 
lienjamin's father, the emigrant, who was 96 years 
old at his death. This would also indicate that 
Benjamin was the .son of a pioneer. It is quite likely 
that Henry Rosenberger, Sr. , the pioneer, lived to be 
96 years old, but it is not clear that any of the 
ancestors were born on the voyage over. Benjamin, 
who no doubt was the eldest, was in all probal)ility 
born in Germany, and was a lad of from 11 to 15 
years old when he came with his father to America. 
He was born as early as about 17 14 and died about 
'777. •'>ged 63 years or more. His eldest son, Yelles, 
was born before 1735 and died 1808, aged 73 or more. 
Thetimeof the emigration of Henry Ro.senberger, Sr., 
is not known, but was in all probability between the 
years of 1720 and 1729. The descendants of Benjamin 
are now largely .settled in Bucks county, I'a., and a 
considerable number alsc) reside in Waterloo county, 
Ontario, Can. 

AH '111- earlier iiKinlxis of families belonged 


to the religious sect called Mennonites and worshipped 
at Francouia and Line Lexington meetinghouses. 

Since writing the above we have receiv-ed a com- 
munication from Dr. M. Elizabeth Rosenberg, of 
Omaha, Neb., which may throw some light on the 
early history of the Rosenberger family in Europe. 
The letter reads as follows : 

Omaha, Neb., Sept. 19, 1899. 
Rev. a. J. Fretz, 

Dear Sir : — Forgive me for plunging right into the subject. 
My time is limited, the story is a long one, the pater's mind 
is not so strong as it used to be. I have obtained my side of 
the tree by devious ways. 

First, I will tell the story as I think it is ; then I will give 
you proofs as near as I can. 

I think we must start with Bohemia in Austria. A family 
of Rosenberg lived northwest of Vienna on a large estate. 
History mixes them up with the Hohenzollern family and the 
religious wars of Austria. Between 161 1 and 1660 they were 
driven out to Switzerland, Holland, England, and lastly they 
took ship with William Penn. There must have been a father 
and nine sons. The pater (my father) is the eighth genera- 
tion from the one coming on the ship. 

Proof I. I have heard my father say (when I was small) 
" my father was of a princely family. There was Von to the 
name ; but he, the original Von Rosenberg, had to drop it 
because no Von could travel without a permit from his king." 

Proof II. A Rosenberg living near Washingtonville, O., 
sent for father about the year 1851 to see what their relation- 
ship might be, and this cousin said that they (he and my 
father) were the eighth generation, that the original emigrant 
was a man with nine sons, that one son went to Virginia and 
that he was from that branch. 

Proof III. My father often heard his father tell that his 
ancestors were driven out by religious persecution, that they 
hid in Switzerland in caves, thence fled to Holland and Eng- 
land, that the name was changed during the flight, and the 
Von never resumed, that a fierce battle was fought before 
their flight. 

Proof IV. There was an article in the "Boston Monthly 



Scientific" on fanning from a tnivtlcr in Austria describing 
the SchwartzcnlK-TKer estulc. These oJ)tained the estate after 
the flif-ht of the Rosen»>erj4 family. WinterKan is the central 
villa>;e. The fish jx.n.l still retains its orij^inal name, Roseii- 
iH-rg '"Teuch." I do not know the «late of the article. \Vc 
and I'ncle Dave Roscnl>erg, of Ik-tt.sville, O., have copies of it. 
The estate consists of 99 villages and 30,000 people, and about 
75,000 acres under the control of this Prince. 

Very rcsitcctfully. M K. RoSKNHHKC. 

The article alx)ve referred to and fiirni.shed by Rosenberjj reads as follows : 


The domain of the Schwartzenbergs' estate consists of 
99 cities ami villages and 30,(100 people on one farm. The 
extensive and interc-sting collection of ])ruducts of the famous 
estate of the Prince John .\d(>l]>h \on Schwartzenberg's 
pavillion in Uie National I^xposition has led to a general 
•lesire among those interested in agriculture to see for tlieiii- 
sches the rich fields aii<l ])crfect ajuwinled fann e.stablishment 
thai has brought forth such a wealth of various j)roducts. 
Consequently the second excursion of a committee or jury that 
visited the farm estate yesterday was a very popular one. The 
excursionists counted to be 150 persons, and they took for 
themselves a special train at 6 a. m. In four hours' ride we 
landed there through hills and rich plains of Hohemia. The 
views, landsca]>es and sceneries before our sight while enroute 
wiis interesting ami instructive. The Schwait/enbergs' domain 
licth towards the northwest from Vienna in the direction of 
the Prague, and comprises alH)nt 75,10) acres, of whiih about 
4o,(xx) acres is woodland and 2t),tx)0 ai res are under cidlivalion, 
while 14,000 acres are covered with water, lakes, etc., the 
remainder farm yards, streets, etc. This domain has been in 
the |K>sscssi«>n of the Schwartzenbergs" since A. D. l(>6o, hav- 
ing iK-en formerly in the jxjssession of the Ri>senl>erg family. 
The ilomain rcvertetl to the Crown on the death of the last one 
of the Rosenl>ergs', .\. 1). 161 1, antl was presented by the 
Cr«>wn to John Adolph Schwart/enberg at the time of A. I). 
1660. The jM»pulation of the domain is in the neighborhood 
of al)oul io.mxj pe<ii)le, who inhabit 99 villages, of which 
Wintcrgan is the residence of tin- Prince. The details of the 


direction of affairs of the domain would occupy too much 
space to be given at length. The prince is assisted by the 
hereditary Prince Adolph Joseph in the management of the 
estate and there is an army of officials from all directions of 
this domain. The entire domain, exclusive of the sugar mills, 
brings a yearly product of the value of 6,000,000 florins, or 
about 3 per cent, of the capital represented. There is hardly 
a limit to the variety of substance of food produced on the 
estate. Fish culture has been for 300 hundred years a great 

The Rosenberg family in the end of the fifteenth century 
stocked with fish the largest ponds for the first time. The 
large pond is still called today the Rosenberg "Teuch." 

Note. — There is no doubt that Henry Rosenberger, Sr., 
of Franconia. was the pioneer emigrant, and that he in common 
with other Mennonites fled from Germany on account of 
religious persecution. Of the earlier history of the family and 
their connection with the "princely family," the original 
spelling of the name, as suggested in the foregoing, the num- 
ber of children the pioneer had, and whether one of the sons 
emigrated to Virginia or not, we know nothing. We have 
seen Rosenberger's direct from Austria and Germany and one 
Rosenberg from Prussia. One of the former from Austria 
claimed to be of an old Austrian Rosenberger stock, and were 
Jews. The last mentioned Rosenberg, from Prussia, was also 
a Jew. Author. 

HENRY Rr)si:xui':R(;i:R, oi- fraxcoxia. 

I. Henry Rosenber^cr is believed to have been 
the first of the name who came to Montgomery county 
as an emigrant from Germany, and was a Mennonite. 
He purchased hind in Franconia on November 14, 
1729. of James Steele, of Philadcli)hia. For /"30 lie 
obtained 150 acres. This was situated alx)ut two and 
one-half miles west of Souderton. It covered an area 
through which flows the Indian Creek. The greater 
part was the slope toward the northwest from the 
present Souderton and Harleysville turnpike to that 
stream, and including the site of the Mennonite 
burying ground. Within these boundaries are now 
the farm of Jacob S. Alderfer, vSchueck's mill and the 
farm of Michael vSwartley. The latter is the fifth 
in descent from Henry Rosenberger and owns the 
homestead. Here down in the valley of the Indian 
Creek and on its southeast side is a stone farm house 
of unusual si/e. It bears the date of 1S09 and the 
name of Jolin " Schwardle " in ("iermaii, who was the 
grandfather (if the present owner. To the luirth is a 
modern barn and close to hand an older one. The 
latter is the oldest buiUliug about the i>remises. On 
tlie wooden beam over the door is inscribed the name 
of Henry Rosenl>erger and Barbara, his wife, with the 
date of 1755. Tile fust barn oi" all, in existence 
iK-tweeu 1730 and 1755, stood more closely adjacent 
to the banks of the stream, which was thought haiuly 
to wash away the manure at a time this was thought 



of little value. A stone springhouse stands 70 yards 
west of the house near the creek and bears the date of 
1793, For this distance the water for household 
purposes was carried for three or four generations. 
In the present garden, just west of the house, stood 
the humble log dwelling which sheltered the old 
Mennonite emigrant and his family. It was only one 
and one-half stories high and existed for 80 years. 

The bounderies of the wilderness tract purchased 
of Steele in 1729 were : " Beginning at corner in line 
of Christian Haldeman ; thence by same northeast 
100 perches to line of Francis Daniel Pastorias ; 
thence by same northwest 254 perches by marked 
trees ; thence by marked trees southeast 254 perches 
to beginning." This was part of 1000 acres which 
Penn's commissioners of property, Isaac Norris, James 
Logan and Thomas Griffith, had sold to Steele in 
1728. The deed was witnessed by James Robinson 
and Abraham Reiff. The Christian Haldeman here 
mentioned held a tract on the south side of the turn- 
pike, where is now the Jonas Moyer estate. 

In the list of taxables of Franconia in 1734 is 
found the name of Henry Rosenberger. In the old 
records Franconia is styled " The Dutch Township," 
and to the present day its population is almost wholly 
of German or Dutch origin. 

Nothing is known of the personality of Henry 
Rosenberger. He built a house and barn and cleared 
some land, enduring the hardships of a first settler. 
In the year 1745 he conveyed his plantation in Fran- 
conia to his son Henry. The bounderies of the deed 
of 1745 are copied from the first deed and Henry Funk 
and Christian Meyer, two Mennonites. were the 
witnesses. The son Henry paid his father ^200. 
It is not known what became of the father after con- 


veyinK his plantntion lo his son, luit he jiroljably 
rcuuiineii with Ht-nry. 

Il is not known when Henry Roscnl)crger died. 
He was a Mcnnonite and one of the original wor- 
shippers at Franconia, wliere he was also hnried. 

The Franconia Meiuionite meetinghouse is one of 
Un: typical j)laces of worship found in many localities 
of eastern Pennsylvania. A church was organized 
and a house of worship built here as early as 1730. 
The recent structure was succeeded by another in 
1892. Like all others of this jieople it is plain lo 
austerity. Many horse sheds it about. 
It is built uix)n an elevation from which a splendid 
view of hill and valley to the north and west may be 
obtained. This overlotAs a dcn.sely populated farm- 
ing country, extending to the distant hills of Berks 
and the highlands beyond the Schuylkill. In the 
near view are the pleasant vales of the Indian Creek 
and the North Hranch of the Perkiomen. On the 
northwest side of the ujeetinghouse lies the extensive 
Imrying grouml. thickly dotted with marble tomb- 
stones, where repose the dead of many generations. 
This congregation is one of the .strongest in 
numlK-r, having over 700 members. A conununion 
service in the Spring brings out a very large attend- 
ance, and the services have a (juaint interest for the 
.stranger. The service, beginning at s o'clock in the 
morning, lasts over three hours. Tlie women are 
seated within the two aisles, while the men occupy 
the side i>ews, their liats being hung on long rows of 
iK-gs over the ai.sles. In the rear vestilmle, entered 
by a side door, is the women's room, where are Iinng 
their Ixjnnets and extra clothing. The vScripinres 
nrc read in German and several j)reachers in turn 
exhort the congregation. The e!eln(■nt'^ of the cum- 


niunion are handed to each member by the bishop, 
who has an assistant, meanwhile constantly exhorting. 
In time of prayer is seen a kneeling throng. The 
preacher from a hymn book reads one verse at a time 
in a sing-song tone. This is sung to an old-fashioned 
tune, sounding sweetly to the ear as it comes from the 
white-capped throng. Thus is conducted the worship 
of the followers of Menno Simons. 

We name as the children of Henry Rosenberger, 
Sr. , Benjamin, Daniel, John, Henry, Jr. If there 
were daughters we have not learned of them. 

r.TTXM x NTTv T.^ncrxni-ROKK. 01- IIATFII-LI). 

II Ikiijainiii Rosen1)crger. born in Germany ; 
uiLii uuring the Rcv<jlution alxiut 1777 ; married 

Helena . She died in 1799. Benjamin Rosen- 

K< r HT settled in Hatfield township, Montgomery 

ty, Pa., where, as early as 1739, he purchased 
1 25 acres on the County Line, comprising the present 
Oliver G. Morris and Frick farms at Line Lexington, 
of Hljenezcr Kinnerslcy. This property he held until 
1 744, and it is probable that he made the first improve- 
ments there. He sold it to his son John, who only 
retained ])ossession one year. 

Henjamin Ro.senherger was of a dealing, trading, 
siK'Culative disjxjsilion, and we find him buying and 
selling various projxjrties in ilifTerent townships all 
his life. His next purchase was a tract of land of 1 1 2 
acres in Hatfield, lying further southwest. This was 
S6 |>erches by 210 in dimensions. The neighboring 
1 ■ lers were James Dunn on the southeast, Jacob 

Wviinian on the southwest, John Shooter on the 
northeast, and ICdward Warner on the northwest. 
This place was Ixjught of David Thomas for /^i 20, 
It had iKdonged to a grant of 12 10 acres made to 
Jonathan Hayes in 1705. who made the first improve- 
nicnls. His only son. Jonathan, lia 1 two sisters, 
I 'h. wife of Richard Maris, and Mary, wife of 

--. The daughters were the heirs after the 
ucMui ut ijjcir brother. They s<»ld to John W'illi.ams 
in 1723, who conveyed to David Thomas in 1731. 



We next find him the owner of the late Server farm, 
just north of Lansdale, a large part of which is now 
included in that borough. This he bought at a date 
now unknown, but which Rosenberger sold to Solomon 
Sell in 1760. It comprised 106 acres and in later 
times belonged to Edward Jenkins and his son Philip. 
A little later, before 1766, he came into possession of 
a farm in Gwynedd, near Friends' Corner, later owned 
by Jonathan Lukens. This he sold in 1776 to 
Cadwallader Foulke. In 1772 he bought a lot in 
Upper Gwynedd, comprising 50 acres, of Jonathan 
Clayton, near the present Kneedler hotel. Probably 
this had no building on it. It was sold by his heirs 
in 1 78 1 to Jacob Fleisler, the tavern keeper, for ^400. 
It is supposed that he also owned a farm in Franconia, 
as his widow Helena died in that township. In the 
old deeds of Benjamin Rosenberger he is mentioned 
as a carpenter. At one time he also owned the present 
Beaver farm, near North Wales. 

The death of Benjamin Rosenberger took place 
during the Revolution, near or in 1777, after an active 
life of over 50 years in this county. Helena, widow 
of Benjamin Rosenberger, Sr,died in FYanconia during 
the Summer of 1799. In her will mention is made of 
her grandchild Helena, wife of Michael Wireman, 
and great-grandchild, Anna Weirman. From her 
daughter Elizabeth, who married John Alderfer, have 
sprung many descendants in Lower Salford. The 
surviving children of Benjamin Rosenberger were five 
in number, viz : Elias (or Yellis), John, Gertrude, 
Elizabeth, Henry. 


Ill Vfllis RosenherKcr. born at Hatfield, Motit- 
goiuciy ctjunty. Pa.. U-fore 1735 ; died near Perkasie 
or Scllcrsville. in Rockliill townsliip. Bucks county. 
in the early Fall of i.SixS. His will was registered 
CVtt»lK*r 3 of that year. In this he bequeathed to 
his son Ik-njanjin the "plantation where I now live " 
containing 130 acres, then bounded by lands of 
Andrew Schlichter and Abraham Stroud. He also 
owned fourteen acres of woodland. His daughter 
Ann received ;^ioooand the other daughter, Rebecca, 
a farm in Springfield, where John Hissey lived. The 
son Henry had already received his jwrtion. Yellis, 
or Julius Ro.senl>erger, as he is often called in the old 
deeds, inherited the trading, money-making dis- 
Ix>sition of his father, and the records of Hucks county 
show that he bought and sold many different properties 
in that county. In 1760 he bought of Henry Funk a 
plantation in Hilltown of 166 acres for ;{^4c>o, which 
he sold in 17O5. Before 1773 he lived in Springfield, 
on the Saucx>n line, a iM)rtion of his farm being in 
Northampton county. In that year he bought a farm 
in Iknlminsler.on the Hilltuwn border, of George Roih- 
r«>rk. In 1774 u farnj of 106 acres was bought of 
iline Kramer, in Hilltown. In 17*^5 he bought 
70 acroi in Rockhill of Christian Dotterer, which just 
before liis death, in 1808, he sold to his son Henry. 
He had also ac<juired a farm of 130 acres in that 
• " v.ship. 






-> 1 










The Springfield farm was inherited by his son 
Benjamin, as well as the one in Rockhill. There is a 
tradition concerning a large tract of land in Rockhill, 
which, in those days, was held by non-resident owners. 
It comprised, along with arable land, much of the 
Rockhills. Several squatters had settled on this land, 
among whom was a Rosenberger. They were ordered 
to vacate, but refused, and were only dispossessed by 
a Slieriff's posse. The latter came "with a band of 
soldiers," as the story goes, in the absence of Rosen- 
berger. The women folks at home were very belliger- 
ent and prepared to scald the intruders. The Sheriff 
finally broke down the door and got possession. The 
writer has no dates as to the time of this transaction 
or which family were engaged. The children of 
Yellis Rosenberger were Benjamin, Henry, Anna, 

IV, Benjamin Rosenberger, born probably in Hatfield 
about 1758 ; died in 1824 ; married Margaret Nash. 
He lived in Saucon in his early youth, and before his 
majority was teamster in the American army of the 
Revolution. The latter part of his life he lived in 
Rockhill, Bucks county. He also owned a grist, 
saw and oil mills in Haycock and 27 acres of land. 
He reached the age of 66, his will being registered 
April 24, 1824. In this document mention is made of 
his children, as follows : Elias, Abraham, William, 
John, Jacob, Joseph, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Rachel, 

V. Elias Rosenberger, b Dec 22, 1787 ; d Dec 14, 
1829 ; m Barbara Fretz, dau of * Joseph and Maria 
(Kraut) Fretz, April 4, 1809. She was b Sept 12, 
1786 ; d Sept iS, 1816. C : Joseph, Rebecca, Maria, 
Benjamin, Jacob. Elias married second wife Elizabeth 

*" Fuller Joe." 


IIuusl)erger. She was h Oct 29, 1790 ; died Jan 24, 
1835. C: Isaac and Henry (twins), Hlias. 
VI. Joseph Roseubergcr, b Dec 27, 1809. He went 
tu Canada. 

VI Rel>ecca KosenUrKer, b Mar 4, 1S12 ; ni Solomon 
i;iv;''i^y. C: William, Sarah. Li/./.ie. 

VI. Mary RosenlxT>;cr. b in Pa Sept 30, 1S13 ; d in 
Clinton twp. Lincoln co, Ont, Can, Ajiril 21, 1892; 
m William Hi^h. He was Ijorn in Lincoln co, Ont, 
Can, Oct 1, iSu7 ; d May 23, 1S93. I-'armer ; Men. 
C : Sarah, Annie, infant, Margaret. 

VII. Sarah High, b in Lincoln co, Ont, Feb 17. 1845 ; 
m Daviil Sievcnjiiper Jan 23, 1865. He was born in 
Haldimand co, Ont, Apr 15, 1842. P O Jordon, Ont. 
Farmer ; ICv Ass'n. C : Milton, William, Harvey, 
Lillic, Stei)hen. 

VIII. .Milton vSievLiipiper, b in Campden, Ont, ^L^y 
II, 1866 ; died Aug 3, 1896, at St Luke's Hospital, 
Florida, where he went for the benefit of his health. 
He was buried in the FAcrgreen Cemetery, Jackson- 
\illc. l"'la. Journalist ; Ikip. S. 

VIII. William ]\ Sieveni>iix'r, born July 8, 1S71 ; m 
Miiuiie M Hamilton Oct 6, 1897. R 94 Leeming st, 
Hamilton, Ont. ]'"mj)loyed by Klectric Light Co; 
-M FI. C: (IX) Harry vSievLMipipcr, b August 11, 
isqs : d Sept 8, 1898. 

VIII Harvey Sieven|)iper, born .\ug 8, 1S75. P O 
C.iiiipdcn. Ont. I"armL-r ; I^v'n. S. 

VIII. Lillie Sicvcnpipu-r, b Aug 31, 18S0. ICv'n. 

VIII. vSicphen Sievcnj)ii)t.'r, 1) July 12, 1882. ]\v Ass'n. 

VII. Annie High, born in Lincoln co, Ont, Feb 16, 
iv;w; m lulward O'Longhlin March 31, 1877. He 
di(.d .\i)ril 14, 1882. P (.) Campden, Ont. I''armcr ; 
l%v Ass'n. C: (VIM) NLiggie >Lay O'Longhlin. born 
June 16. 1878. Ivv As.s'n. (VIII) William Clayton 
O'Longhlin, b Mar i''), 1880. F'v Ass'u. (VIII' \i)rris 
Clare O'Loughbn, bitrn June i(), 1SS4. -VIII M:ir\- 
l.'.'.-n O'Loughlin. 1) Jid\- 2, 1.S86. 

VII. Infant son. b and (1 Oct 9, 1854. 

VII Margaret High, b(»rn NLnch 17, 1856; m Simon 
Houscr Juh' 20. 1880. P( ) CamiKkn, (.)nt. Pa' .\ss'n. 


VI. Benjamin Roseuberger, b Dec 16, 1814. Lived 
in Canada. ' 

VI. Jacob Rosenberger, b Sept 11, 1816. Lived in 

VI. Isaac Rosenberger, b June 10, 1818 ; d in 1886 ; 
m Susanna Bishop Sept 25, 1842. She wash Aug 10, 
1820; died in 1888. Farmer; Mens. C: Henry, 

Jacob, Elias, Isaac, Abraham, Anna, Mary. 

VII. Rev Henry Rosenberger, l^orn in Bucks co. Pa, 
July 22, 1844 ; married Mary Ann, dau of Jacob L 
Shattinger, December 19, 1868. P O DubHn, Pa. 
Farmer and minister. Mr Rosenberger was ordained 
to the ministry of the Mennonite church at Blooming 
Glen, Bucks co, Pa, 'Oct 27, 1885, where he has since 
served as one of the ministers of that congregation. 
No issue. 

VII. Jacob B Rosenberger, b about 1846 ; m Sarah 
Myers in 1873. PO Dublin, Pa. Merchant; Mens. 
C: (VIII) William M Rosenberger, bin 1875 ; Allen 
M, b 18S1 ; Susie May, b 1S86. 

VII. Elias Rosenberger, b Aug 3, 1849 ; died Oct 29, 

VII. Isaac Rosenberger, Jr, born Sept 25, 1851 ; died 
May 26, 1S56. 

VII. Abraham B Rosenberger, b March 27, 1853 ; m 
Mary Godshalk Jan 10, 1880. Farmer ; Mens. C : 
(VIII) Isaac G Rosenberger, born December 20, 1880. 
(VIII) Anna G Rosenberger, b vSeptember 19, 1882. 
(VIII) Mary Emma Rosenberger, b November 2, 1884. 
(VIII) Edward G Rosenberger, b Apr 6, 1888 ; died 
December 28, 1888. 

VII. Anna Rosenberger, by Dec 19, 1855 ; d Nov 6, 
1888 ; m Edwin Shaddinger Nov 22, 1879. He died 
Oct 29, 1884. Farmer ; Men. C : . (VIII) Henry 
R Shaddinger, b Aug 4, 1881. (VIII) Susan Shadd- 
inger, b Aug 4, 1883 ; d Feb 23, 1885. 

VII. Mary Rosenberger, b December 6, 1858 ; died 
Aprils 6, 1880. Single. 

VI. Henry Rosenberger, b June 10, 1818 ; m Mary 
Gotwals. Mercliant ; Men. No issue. 

VI. Elias Rosenberger, born August 19, 1820 ; died 
March 5, 1842. He was subject to convulsions and 


nuaMc lo take care of himself. After the death of 
hiN parents he was \n\l in the huhistrial IIdur', where 
he died. Sin);le. 

V. Abraham N KosenherKer. born in Ikicks co, Pa. 
April 26. 1792 ; d in 1S61 ; m HH/abtth Haldeman 
Oct 27. 1814. She was b in MoniKoniery co Oct 17. 

-bed I>ec 23, 1S46. Miller, millwright and 
;......,. , Menu. C: vSns;inna. Ik-nry, Sanincl. 

Hannah. Israel. Abraham. Mary, Knos, William. 
Jt)seph. Levi. Mahlon. 
VI Snvanna RoscnlK-r^er, b J.m .'4. iSi6; d infant. 

VI. Henry K.)>enber);er. b Anj^' 13, 1S18 ; d infant. 
VI. Samuel Rosenljerger. b Oct 16. 1819 ; d about 

iS7g. Single. 

VI Ilainiah Rosenl>erger, born in Upixr Providence 
twp. Montg CO. Dec 15. 1820; died Dec 10, 1.SS5 ; 
m Israel T Place March 27. 1S42. He was born in 
Montgco July 5. 1819 ; d in ITatfield twp, Montg co. 
August 22. 1S95. His ])arents were of Oerman 
ancestry and descended from old families well known 
in eastern Pennsylvatiia. having resided for several 
generations in the United States. His father, Henry 
G Place, was a prominent cili/en of Montg co, and a 
IKTsonal ac(juaintance of Governor Francis R .Shnnk, 
who occupied the Hxecutive Chair of Petnisylvania 
from 1S4S until his death in 1S4S. Israel Place 
received a conimon .school education, after which he 
learned the carix.*nter trade, which occupation he 
followeil successfully for many years. He resided 
last in Hatfield twj) with his oldest daughter. Sarah A 
(;<»lwals, where he died. He was a Whig in early 
life, but becjune a Republican ujK)n the organization of 
the patty. He always took an interest in ])t>lilical 
!• ••- •- '1' ••■.■li he never asi)ired to or held any 
! c. In religion he was a member t)t the 
kelormed Church. C : Sarah, Louise, Warren. Isa- 
Ixlla, Hainiah, All>ert. Mary. 

VII S.irah Ann Place, b June 10. 1843 ; d Oc; 13. 

1 ,'. ; 111 Jacob C Gotwals D.'c 19. 1863. He was 

l-»fn ill Moiitg c<), Pa. Aug 14. 1838 ; d M ir ij, 1S97, 

]• 1" " , Pa. Farmer and caipmtir. C: 

(VIII ; L uvuLs, m .\nson. P I ) l,.nisdale, 


Pa. (VIII) John P Gotvvals. P O Phcenixville, Pa. 
(VIII) Samuel, Warren, Albert, Edwin, Lizzie, Charles, 

VII. Louisa Place, b April 6, 1846 ; died April 1883, 

VII. J Warren Place, b Dec 13, 184S ; ni Mary F 
Dauber Feb 10, 1881. P O Lansdale, Pa. No issue. 

VII. Isabella Place, b July 4, 1851 ; d Sept 28, 1853. 

VII. Hannah Place, b in Montg co, Pa, August 26, 
1854 ; married Anthony B Schultz March 13, 1875. 
P O Worcester, Pa. Hotelkeeper ; Mrs S, Schvvenk- 
felder. C : (VIII) Mary Ella Schultz, b Feb 5, 1876. 
(VIII) Idella P Schultz, b June 28, 1878; d Feb 2, 
1891. (VIII) Emma P vSchultz, b August 21, t88o. 
Dressmaker. (VIII) Alice Minerva Schultz, b Dec 2, 
1S82. (VIII) Beckie Irene Schultz, b Jan 29, 1885. 
(VIII) Norman P vSchultz, born December 28, 1886. 
(VIII) Stanley P Schultz, b June 3, 18S9. (VIII) Cora 
P Schultz, b May 28, 1892. (VIII) Ethel P Schultz, 
born July 31, 1894. 

VII. Albert R Place, Esq, born in Upper Providence 
twp, Montg CO, Pa, June i, 1857 ; m Mary Alice 
Frederick April 11, 1883. Mr Place received his 
education in the academic department of Ursinus 
College, Collegeville, Pa, and at Washington Hall 
Collegiate Institute, Trappe, Pa. After completing 
his studies he engaged in teaching, which he followed 
continually until July 1885, at which time he com- 
menced to read law in the office of Judge Aaron vS 
Svvartz at Norristown. During the time he devoted 
to teaching he was principal of the Lansdale public 
schools for a period of four years and held a like 
position in the Hatboro schools for three years. He 
received at the hands of E E Higbee, State Superin- 
tendent, a permanent teacher's certificate for the State 
of Pennsylvania. He was admitted to the Bar in 
October 1887 and during the Winter following taught 
commercial law at Pierce College of Business, Phila- 
delphia. He then began the practice of law in 
Montgomery county. Pa, having his office at Lansdale. 
In April 1889 he formed a law partnership with 
E L Hallman, of Royersford, Pa, and these gentlemen 
have practiced together up to the year 1900. They 


h...> .1'ictctl and siill enjoy a prosperous general 
law ^. anil practice in all the courts of Mont- 

jjomery and Chester counties and also in the Supreme 
Court of the State <»f Pennsylvania. 

politically Mr Place is a staunch Republican, hut 
bJis refrained from participation in jKjlitics, preferring 
lo strictly devote himself to business in the line of his 
J' ■ -.'n. He has served as a memljer of the School 
1. ! l^mstlale for a numUr of years, is counsel 

for -the IxjrouKhs of Lansdale and Souderton. and also 
solicitor of the North Wales bank, of which he was 
one of the founders and first directors. He was also 
one of the orKani/ers of the North Penn liuiKlingand 
I^an As.sociation of Lan.sdale and was its first presi- 
dent. Possessed of ability and judj^mcnt his manage- 
ment of these enterprises has jjroved successful. He 
was also vice president and one of the founders of 
Schissler College «)f Hnsiness, located at Norristown. 
In religion Mr Place was for a nunil)er of years con- 
nected with the Abington Presbyterian church, but 
later became a member of the Reformed church of 
Lansdale. He is a member of the Masonic Order, 
with which he has been connected since 1^93. His 
business and professional career has been succe.ssful, 
and being founded on the corner-stones of honesty, 
integrity, ability and a determination to do thorough- 
ly wiiatever he underttMjk, his career furnishes an ex- 
ami>le for the enuilalion of voung men. P O Lan.s- 
dale, Pa. C: (VIII) Kate' Helen Place, b P'eb 7, 
I ss'». 

VII. Mary Place, b in Montg co, Pa, June i, 1S61 ; 
uj \Vils«^»n Schull/. Jan 3. 18S0. P O Lansdale, Pa. 
C : VIII Scelina Schuli/. b Dec 4. 1880. 

VI. Isi.ilI Kosenl)erger. b May 31, 1822; d at Kaglc- 
ville. Montg CO, Pa. June 19, 1891 ; m ICli/.abeth 
keifl Dec 6, 1846. She was born in Montg co, Pa, 
July 5. 1824. Stone ma.son; Tiinity Ref. C : Sallie. 

VII Sallie C Kosenberger. b in I'pper Providence 
l\\\K Montg CO. Dec 14, 1S47; m Horace Place 
Sfpl 30. 1876. P O Ivagleville, Pa. Farmer. Tiin- 
itv Reformed. C: (VIII) Li/./ie R Place, b Aug b, 

1878. VIM Howard R Place, born June if>, 1S79. 


(VIM) Ira Place, born May 24, 18S0 ; died Septem- 
ber 6, 1880. (VIII) Clarence G Place, born Oct 13, 
1882. (VIII) Cora Place, b Sept 6, 1885; d July 3, 
1886. (VIII) Anna Florence Place, b Nov 23, 1888. 

VI. Abraham Rosenberger, b Jan ir, 1825; d Oct 
5, 1853; m Mary, daughter of Anthony Vanderslice, 
Feb 14, 1850. She was b Mar i, 1825; d Feb 24, 
1888. Shoemaker; Christian ch. C : Benjamin, 

VII Benjamin H Rosenberger, born Apr 10, 1851 ; 
d Aug 4, 1853. 

VII. Frank A Rosenberger, b at Trappe, Montg co, 
Pa; m Ella K Geisinger June 27, 1878. R 2145 N 
2ist St, Phila. Salesman. C : (VIII) Laura May 
Rosenberger, b Mar 21, 1880 ; Marguerite G, b July 

20, 1889. 

VI. Mary Rosenberger, b Sept 17, 1827; d in 1855; 
m John O Zimmerman. He was b in Montg co; d 
Sept 1S98. Carpenter, later music teacher in Phila- 
delphia. Mr Z, Luth; Mrs Z, Bap. C: Son, Frank. 

VII. Zinunerman, d aged about 4 years. 

VII. Frank R Zimmerman, b in Montg co Nov 10, 
1852 ; m Clara L, Fauske Oct 23, 188 1. R 223 First 
ave, West Cedar Rapids, la. After the death of his 
parents he was left with a family by name of Bergey, 
near Telford, Montg co, until nearly 12 3'ears of 
age. Carpenter and hard wood finisher; U Ev. C : 
(VIII) Mabel Lulu Zimmerman, b at Belle Plains, la, 
in 1882; Irene Mildred, b at Kenesaw, Neb, in 1886; 
Ethel Viola, b at Cedar Rapids, la, in 1894. 

VI. Enos H Rosenberger, b in Montg co June 16, 
1830 ; m Elizabeth S Raudenbush in 1853. P O 
Kutztown, Pa. Teacher ; Ref. C : Mary, Horace. 

VII. Mary Marcella Rosenberger, b in Montg co Jan 
27, 1854; m Dr Cyrus Wanner June 13, 1878. He 
died Feb 27, 1890. Physician ; Ger Ref. C: (VIII) 
Charles R Wanner, b June 24, 1879. Ger Ref. 
(VIII) Elizabeth R Wanner, b July 7, 1883 ; died Dec 

21, 1883. (VIII) Howard R Wanner, b Nov 26, 
1884. (VIII) Jesse R Wanner, b Nov 28, 1888. 

VII. Horace A Rosenberger, b 1856 ; d in 1858. 
VI. William Rosenberger, b Nov 2, 1S32 ; d 1834. 


VI Joseph II Roscnbcrger. b Oct 4. 1S35 ; d about 
1 - \v. in Sophia T Ly»ch. Farmer ; Prcs. No issue. 

VI Levi n Koscnbtrjicr, b Nov 2:?, 1839; m \'ituria 
Schrack. She d Mar iSSi. C : KU/abetli. Frank. 
Levi n» second wife Mary Mull. P O Spring City, 
I'a. Teacher, scrivener and notary public ; Luth. 

VII ' ' '-tth KosenberKcr, b May 9, 1S69 ; ra John 
Ji t. .: linu- 12, iSi/o. P O vSpring City, Pa. 
Lnth. C : Vm Mary K God.shall. b Apr 25. 1891 ; 
Autia K. b May 26, 1S93. 

VII. Prank S RosenKrger. b at Spring City, Pa, 
Ikv4. 1.S71. P e) Spring Cilv, Pa. Laborer; Ger 
Ref. S. 

VI. Mahlon Roseiibcigtr. b Sept 23. 1842 ; d 1844. 

V. WUliam Rosenlx-rger. b in Saucon twp. Lehigh 
CO. Pa. in 1794; d in Rcxrkhill twp, Bucks co. in 
1877; m Susanna Hntton iji 1S17. vShe was b in 
1791 ; <1 1866. Parmer; Menu. C: Amos, Aaron, 
Joel. William. P^lias. Jacob, John, Isaac. 

VI. Amos Rosen Ixrrger, b 1S18 ; d infant. 

VI Aaron ]i Rosenl)erger, b in Rockhill twp, Bucks 
CO, in 1819 ; d Dec 28. 189S ; m Catliarine Dill 1844. 
R 2236 Pairhill st, Pliila. Mr Rosenberger was Clerk 
of the Orphans' Court of Bucks county from 1861 to 
i8<'>4. elected on the Republican ticket. He is now a 
clerk and resides in Philadel|)liia. Ivv. C : (VII) 
James Rosenl>erger. b 1S45 ; d 1806. S. (Vll) Sus- 
atuia RosculxTger, b 1849, S. (Vll) Lizzie Rosen- 
iK-rger. b in Bucks co i8s2 ; m Joel C \'an Cleve. 
R 2236 Paiihill st, Phila.^ Black.smilh ; M K. C: 
Myra ; James. William. lx)th deceased. 

VI. Rev Joel Rosenl)erger, b in Bucks co Aug 22, 
IH.M ; m Mary Kindig in 1S50. Slie was b in Hat- 
field. Pa. Dec 10. 1S30. P O South Hatfield, Pa. 
Mason, bricklayer ami farmer. At one time he was an 
ordnined minister of the "Johnson" Menu church 
and where he • V.-d for alM)ut .seven years. He 

then lH->.;an pi- ,; for and later connected himself 

with the Evangelical Meiinonites (now Mennonite 
! M in Christ), in which connection he ])reached 

I". .1 ->iil 25 ye.irs and to which church he still be- 
longs. C : (Vll ' Milu>n Rosenberger, b 1853: d aged 


3 mos. (VII) Oliver Roseuberger, b Aug 9, 1855 ; 
111 Lizzie, dau of Eli Kratz. P O lyansdale, Pa. 
Plasterer. C : Harry, Dwight, Naaniaii, Joel, son (d 
unnamed). (VII) Susanna Rosenberger, b Jan ir, 
1859 ; d Aug 18, 1859. (VII) Ellainina Rosenber- 
ger, b Oct 22, 1861 ; d Aug 11, 1862. (VII) Wil- 
liam Rosenberger, b Oct 17, 1865 ; d Oct 28, 1865. 
VI. William Rosenberger, b in Bucks co in 1823 ; d 
Aug 28, 1894; m Eliza Fox. Farmer; Menu. C: 
(VII) Susanna Rosenberger ; m Jacob Johnson. PO 
Perkasie, Pa. Laborer ; Luth. No issue. 

VI. Elias B Rosenberger, b in Rockhill twp, Bucks 
CO, Mar 5, 1826 ; m Matilda Weinberger Nov 23, 
1850. She was born in Milford, Bucks co, Mar 29, 
1831. P O Powder Valley, Pa. Carpenter; Menu. 
C : Harrison, Samuel, Enos, Adeline, Lucinda, sou 
(d unnamed). 

VII. Harri.son Rosenberger, b July 26, 1855 ; m Lilly 
Crawford. P O Slatedale, Pa. Merchant. No issue. 

VII. Samuel Rosenberger, b Mar 13, 1S57 ; ra Cin- 
derella Williams. P O Slatington, Pa. Yeoman ; 
Menu. C : (Vlll) David S Rosenberger, b in 1899. 

VII. Enos Rosenberger, b Feb 24, 1859. P O Bow- 
manstown. Pa. Potter ; Menu. S. 

VII. Adeline Rosenberger, b Jan 22, i86r ; m Daniel 
Meyer. P O Zionsville, Pa. Yeoman. Mrs M, 
Menu ; Mr M, Ref. C : Adelaide, Blanche. 

VII. Lucinda Rosenberger, b Mar 18, 1863 ; married 
Harvey Schall (d). He conducted a grocery store at 
York, Pa. R Astorst, Norristown, Pa. C : John E. 

VI. Jacob B Rosenberger, b in Rockhill twp, Bucks 
CO, Pa, Jan 19, 1828 ; d at Benjamin, Pa, Aug [9, 
1897 ; m Mary Groff Nov 6, 1852. She was born in 
Bucks CO Jan 20, 1830. P O Benjamin, Pa. P'armer ; 
Menu. C : Susan, Amanda, Mamie. 

VII. Susan G Rosenberger, b Sept 28, 1857 ; died 
Feb 6, 1863. 

VII. Amanda G Rosenberger, b in Rockhill twp May 4, 
1865 ; m Ephraim S Leister Nov 30, 1882. P O 
Benjamin, Pa. Farmer ; U Ev. C : (Vlll) Jacob 
Warren Leister, b Oct 12, 1884 ; John Franklin, b 
Jan ir, 18S7 ; George R, b Oct 14, 1895. 


VII Mamie Roseulx^rger, h at Henjamin Mar 22, 
ibt>9. V O Henjamin, Pa. U I"'v. S. 

VI. John H Rosenlx-r^er, h in Rockhill tup, Bucks 
c.i, Dec 25. 1S3U; ilicil Mar 28, 1SS3 ; m Lucy Ann 
Walter in 1867. She was b in Rockhill tup Dec 13, 
1840; d Nov 22, 1881. Plasterer. Mr R, Menu; 
Mrs R. Ger Ref. C: (Vll) Harvey \V RosenherKer. 
b near Pcrkasic, Bucks co, Feb 22, 1870 ; m Minerva 
K Henry Mar 21. 1895. PO Perkasie, Pa. Cigar- 
maker ; Luih. Xo issue. 

VI. I.saac B Ro.senbcr^er, b in Rockhill twp, Bucks 
CO. Aug 17, 1833 ; m Klizabeth Pluck Apr 26, 1856, 
She was b Nov 12. 1836. P O Perka.sie, Pa. Car- 
jKMitcr ; U Kv. C: Irwin. Mary, Maggie, William, 
Su^ in, James, Lizzie, Prank. Xora. 

VII Irwin Rosenberger, b Nov 6, 1856; d Jan 22, 

VM. Mary Aim Rosenberger, b in Bucks co Nov 12, 
1858 ; m Rev Joseph K Freed Feb S, 1879. R 424 
Locust .St, Lebanon, Pa. Minister U Ev. C : VIII ) 
Mary Jane Freed, b Oct 20, 1879 ; d Oct 2^, 1879. 
(VIII) Irwin R Freed, b Jan 20. 18S1. (VIII) IvUs- 
worth W Freed, b vSept 7, 1S83. (VIII) Chester R 
Freed, b Aug 29, 1889. 

VII Maggie Ro.senbcrger, born in lUicks co Aug 9, 
isr,o. P O Perkasie, Pa. S. 

VII. William Ro.senbcrger, b in Bucks co July 15, 
1863 ; m Ida Hockman. R 1020 Willow st, Norris- 
lown. Pa. Mr Rosenberger was a fireman in the 
emjjloy of the Reading Railway Co. On We-dnesday 
evening, July 15, 1897, while his train was speeding 
near West field. N J, and just as he was shoveling 
coal into the furnace a water bar blew out in the 
l)oilcr, and a cUnul of steam and boiling water gushed 
u\Ki\\ him, frightfully scalding him. The train was 
checked and Mr. Rosenlx*rger was carried to the ca- 
bfX)se, where his lM)dy was covered with oil. The 
train was riui on to Fili/.abeth, where he was taken to 
the hospital. He lived imtil F'riday noon. Mrs R, 
r I'.v. C: Raymond (d), Irene, Margaret. 

VII. Su.san Ro.senberger, b Sept 30, 1865 ; d Oct 8, 


VII. James Rosenberger, b in Bucks co Oct 8, 1867 ; 
m Lizzie Moyer. P O Perkasie, Pa. Green grocer ; 
Ref. No issue. 

VII. Ivizzie Rosenberger, b Apr 17, 1870. S. 

VI. Frank F Rosenberger, b Aug 20, 1875 ; married 
Mamie Rotzell Dec 1897. P O Perkasie, Pa. Cigar- 
maker ; Ref. No issue (1S99). 

VII. Nora Mae Rosenberger, b Nov 7, 1879. S. 
V. John Rosenberger, b in Skippack twp, Montg co, ' 
Nov 28, 1796 ; d Nov 26, 1855 ; m Nancy Shutt. 
Farmer ; Menu. C : Abraham, EHzabeth, John. 
John m second wife Mary Underkuffler. She was b 
Aug ir, i8rr ; d Oct 17, 1894. Mrs R, Luth. C: 
Lena, Margaret, Henry, Isaac, Emanuel, Horace, 
Susanna, F'ranklin. 

VI. Abrahams Rosenberger (d), b at Trappe, Montg 
CO, Oct 16, 1S19 ; m Elizabeth, daughter of Rev Jos 
Cassel. School teacher and farmer ; Menn. C : 
Noah, Mary, Joseph, Catharine, Elizabeth, Barbara, 

VII. Noah C Rosenberger, born at Skippack, Pa, 
Aug I, 1841 ; m Sarah Ann Kinsey July 18, 1869. 
P O Souderton, Pa. Tailor ; Lutheran. Children : 
(VIII) Samuel Rosenberger, b Aug 11, 1870; married 
Mary Benner, of Souderton, Pa. (VIM) Elizabeth 
Rosenberger, b in 1872 ; m Leidy Frankenfield. P O 
Lansdale, Pa. C : Preston, Irenia. (VIII) Leidy 
Rosenberger ; m Maggie Christman. C : Mary. 
(VIII) Ida Rosenberger, died small. (VIII) William 
Henry Rosenberger, b Jan 16, 1877 ; died in 1894. 
(VIII) John Ro.senberger, born February 16, 1879. 
(VIII) Amanda Rosenberger, b September 25, 1881. 
(Vlll) Sallie Rosenberger, born Nov i, 1883; died 
infant. (Vlll) Annie Rosenberger, born Feb 8, 1885 ; 
d infant. (Vlll) Horace Rosenberger, b Jan 8, 1887. 
(Vlll) Albanus Ro.senberger, born November 8, 1889. 
(Vlll) Bertha Rosenberger, b May 11, 1893. 

VII. Mary Rosenberger, m Joseph Wisler (d). P O 
Souderton, Pa. C : Flora. 

VII. Joseph C Rosenberry, born in Montg co, Pa, 
Sept 18, 1852 ; died March i, 1899 ; m Kate Ca.ssel 
Nov 21, 1874. P O Lansdale, Pa. Early in life 



he lenrncd the carpenter trade with Benjamin F 
Frederick, of Lansthilc. Abont 26 years ago he 
entered the employ of Heehncr cS: Sons in the wood- 
work department, which |)osition he retained for 
years. Later he was promoted to the position of 
sui>erintendent of the works, which he resi<>;ned to 
'.«e in the coal and feed bnsiness in partnership 
...;.i Amos Kosenber>;er. Three years later he re- 
entered the employ of IIeel)ner & Sons as a salesman, 
which ix)sition he retained np to the time of his 
death, and was a valned and trusted employe. Dur- 
ing' his many years residence in Lansdale he won and 
retained the highest esteem of his fellow-citi/.ens. 
He was a member of the Horongh Council for several 
years, retiring in the Si)ring of 1S96. He was re- 
elected to that office at the Spring election of 1S99 by 
a handsome vote. He was also a director of the 
NmiiIi Penn Building and Loan Association. C: 
.VIII) David C Rosenberry, b Sept 20, 1S75. He is 
a graduate of the Williamsport Business College and 
now clerk in the First National Bank of Lansdale. 
(VIII) Lillian Rosenberry. 1) Aug 25, 1.S77. R Ger- 
mantown, Pliila. (VIII ) Kmma Rosenberry, b Dec 2q. 

VII. Catharine Rosenberger. died Mar 27, iSyS : m 
Henry Ooshow in iS7r>. Ik- was born Dec 16. 1S30. 
Plasterer ; Meini. C : Li//.ie, Leaiukr, Mary. 

VIII. Lizzie Goshow. lx>rn at Creamery, Pa, Jan 24. 
1879; married William B vScheid Sept 10, 1S96. P O 
Souderion. Pa. Tobacct)uist ; Lulh. C: ( IX > R 
Jordan Scheid, b Apr 5, 1S97. 

VIII. I.eander Goshow, b Feb 27, 18S1 ; d Aug 16, 

VIII. Marv Goshow, b June 15. 18S6. 
VII Rosenberger. m Jacob H Tyson. PO 
Creamery, Pa. C : Two daughters. 

VII. Barbara Rosenl>erger, b Feb 23. 1S60 ; married 
Wdliam H Nice iji 1S79. P O Steinsburg, P-a. 
Miller ; Gt-r Bap. C : (VIII) Sallie Nice, b Aug 1.4. 
1879. Vltl I'.li/abeth Nice, b April 18, 1S82 ; ilied 
March w. J-^s^. (VIII) l-!lmer Nice, born Jan ^\ 1S85. 
(Vllh Melvin Nice, b May 2(« issr. (Villi Harrison 


Nice, born June 13, 1888. (VIII) Vincent Nice, bom 
Dec 23, 1891. (VIII) Ella Nice, born Oct 19, 1892. 
(VIII) John Nice, b Apr 4, 1S96. 

VII. Abraham Rosenberger, d aged 17 years. 

VI. Elizabeth Rosenberger, m Zephenia Gross (d). 
C: Mary, Kate, William. Elizabeth married second 
luisband Omer Rees. P O Montgomery Square Pa 
C: Clara. - m . • 

VI. John Shutt Rosenberger, b at Trappe, Montg co. 
Pa, May 2, 1828 ; d Jan 27, 1891 ; married Hannah 
Adeline Williams August 25, 1853. She was born at 
Brier Creek, near Mauch Chunk, Pa, Jan 7, 1839. 

When a young man he learned the cabine\mak- 

ing trade, and is said to have been one of the best. 

He enlisted in the Rebellion September i, 1864, in 

Philadelphia, in the 203rd Regiment, Company D, 

Pennsylvania, and was a volunteer in the roth corps! 

He was in the war about one year, when it broke up. 

He was on detached services at Corps' Headquarters. 

His duties were to Imild and to level ofiF the ground 

around the officers tents, and for this work he had as 

many as 300 negroes in his employ. At the second 

battle of Chapman's farm, the Rebels discovering 

General Birney and staff, began firing in that direction, 

the bullets coming thick and fast about where Mr 

Rosenberger was standing, causing him to tremble. It 

was an old saying "that whoever trembles will be the 

next to be killed. A piece of shell flew past without 

hitting him but with such force that his head was 

turned half way round and so suddenly that it 

cracked, and he had to take both hands to put his 

head in the right position again. In this battle he 

was on the reserve force and was stationed where he 

saw the whole battle. He was at another time 

detailed to make a coffin for a deserter, who, when 

taken to the grave to be shot, sitting on his coffin, 

bared his breast and pointing to the spot said, "bo5^s, 

shoot me here," and when shot, fell stone dead in his 


It is related that when Mr Rosenberger was a 
creeping baby that his sister took him up in the third 
story of the mill in which they lived, and while she 


sweeping ihe floor he crept to the di)or and felt 
n three stories, fortunately falling in a pile of 
shavings, and Ixiunced like a ruljher ball. The niill- 
\vrij;ht. who was standiiij; there at his work, cau^lit 
hini up and ran in the mill, and on examining him 
found him unhurt. 

Mr Rosenherger was superintendent of L W 
1> ' - sawing and planing mill at Ilazlelon, Pa, for 
>. In August 1S77 he moved his family to 
Philadelphia, where he took charge of Boweby &. 
Larish's sawing and planing factory in that city. 
In April 1S7S he went to IJloDmsbury. X J, to work 
for the .same firm, who had built a factory along the 
banks of the Musconnteong. November 30. 1S80, he 
moved to Washington. X J. and worked in Daniel F 
I'.eaity's large organ works, but owing to the condi- 
tion of liis health he was forced to leave his work and 
he again moved to Hloomsl)ury in 1885. Having 
'lat regained his health and receiving an urgent 
::.......: m to resume his position he again moved to 

Washington February 24. 1887. After holding his 
]K)sitiou for a short time he was advised by his 
physician to cptit work. He again moved to Blooms- 
bury April 27. 1888. and resided there until his 
death. He was a member ot John F Reynold's Post, 
No 66. Deptof N J. G A R, of Washington, organized 
Aiiril ■if^ 18S2. He was a member of the M V. church 
.111.; ;i tl.iss leader for many years in the German M IC 
church, of Hazelton, Pa. He was also a leader of 
" C: William, Rosalia, John, Snm.son, Anna. 
........ Jeiuiie. Cassie. Lillian, ICli/abeth. 

VII.' William A Rosenberger. b Sept 25, 1854; died 
Frbruary 2.s, 1K55. 

VII. Rosalia Rosenberger. b at Hazelton. Pa, Mar 25. 

1.S57 ; m l-:dwardCaugleC)ct 2^. iSvSo. PO Blooms- 
bury. N J. M I-:. C : (VIII ) Harry B Caugle. born 
Apr iG, I lames C, I) Oct 16. 1SS6 ; Lizzie W, 

b Sept .->o. . -/ . ; Lillian IC. b May 3. 1893. 

VII. John B Rosenberger. b in Philadelphia Sept 25. 

isu>; ni Jennie Young, of Orange. X J, 
Feb 16. iS8->. Mr Rosenberger is a barber and has 
worked al his trade at Blooni.sbur^ 'm.I .K.wIuk for 


a number of years. After his conversion he united 
with the church, but his business required him to 
work on Sundays and which was not consistent with 
his religious sentiment in the matter. However, in 
considering the matter he thought that if he closed 
his shop on Sunday his business would be ruined, l)ut 
being fully persuaded that it was his duty to close 
he resolved to do so. He then moved to Easton, Pa, 
but here he did not succeed. One Saturday night 
he took the matter to the Lord in prayer, whom^'he 
told he could not make a living in Easton with his 
shop closed on the Sabbath and that he must have a 
position given to him the Monday following. He 
asked the Lord to direct his feet, for he knew not 
where to go. The Lord graciously heard his prayer 
and on Monday morning his wife came to the shop 
and handed him a telegram from his sister, which ran 
thus: "John, come down at once ; important busi- 
ness.— Rose." He took the first train for Blooms- 
Iniry and in the afternoon returned to Easton with the 
key of the Bloomsbury barber shop in his pocket, to 
which place he removed and now conducts a success- 
ful business. He served as class leader, assistant 
Sunday school superintendent and trustee of the 
church. M E. C : (VIH) Hannah Adeline Rosen- 
berger, born Feb 14, 18S3 ; George N Young, born 
Sept 9, 1888. 

VII. Samson S Rosenberger, b at Hazelton, Luzerne 
CO, Pa, Feb 26, 1863 ; m Lillie V Abel Oct 3, 1889. 
P O Bloomsbury, N J. Barber. C : (VIII) Bertha 
A Rosenberger, b May 27, 1891 ; d Aug 13, 1891. 
VII. Anna M Rosenberger, b at Hazelton April 10, 
i866 ; m John Morrison, of Philadelphia, Nov 29, 
I SB 2. P O Washington, N J. Organ and piano 
finisher ; M E. C : (VIII) Daniel Williams Morrison, 
born Sept 4, 1883 ; Joseph vSamson, b Oct 19, 1885 ; 
John William, b Jan 25, 1S88 ; Anna Adeline, born 
July 24, 1897. 
VII. Mary L Rosenberger, b at Hazelton, Pa, Feb i, 
1868 ; m S A D Vliet Feb 11, 1890. P O Blooms- 
bury. ME. C : (VIII) Frank Vliet, born May 15, 
1891 ; Hannah A, b Apr 9, 1893. 


VII. Jenuie Roscnl>erKtr, born at Hazdton Dec 26, 
1870 ; m Chester V Huff Aug 4, iSy4- 1' ^ Hlooms- 
liUiy. N J. M Iv. No issue. 

Vli Cassie L RosenU-rKer, bom June S, 1873 ; died 
lulv 6. 1873. 

Vli Lillian RoseiiberKcr. born July 12, 1S74 ; died 
April 13. 1S7H. 

VII. Kii/alxrth Rcsenlx-rger. b l-cb 28, 1S79 ; died 
March 17. iSSo. 

VI. Lena Roscnberger. b Xoveniber 9, 1834 ; died 
March 24, 1S48. 

VI. Margaret Roscnberger, Ixirn in Montg co, Pa, 
Dec 26, 1836 ; ni Henry S Landis Apr 19, 1856. He 
was Ixmj in Franconia twp. Montg co, Sept 30, 1S32. 
I'OMorwood, Pa. Placksniilh ; Menu. C : Josiah, 
>Liry, Annie. 

VII.' Jo.siah Landis. b Apr 30, 1857 ; m Mary MoyL"- 
Jan II. 1879. P O Morwood, Pa. Farmer; Menu. 
C : Menno, Maggie. Henry, H Harrison. 

VII. Mary Landis, lx)rn March 4, 1S62 ; ni Gideon 
Gehnian. P () Mt)r\Yood, Pa. 

VII. Annie Landis, l>orn Feb 11, 1864; m Samuel 
Keller. P U Morwood. Pa. 

VI. Henry U Ro.senberger, born May 3, 1839; died 
next day. 

VI. Lsaac U Rosenberger, b in Xorthumberland co. 
Pa, Oct 6, 1840 ; m Catharine H Wasser Jan 16. 18(14. 
P Mainland. Pa. Farmer ; Ref. Children : Mary, 
■\Villiam, James. Annie. Sallie. Isaac. Maggie. 

VII. Mary W Rosenberger. b Nov 26, 1S64. Ref. S. 
VII. William W Rusenberger, born Feb 11, 1866. 

I»ainter ; Ref. P O Mainland, Pa. S. 

VII James \V Rosenberger. b April 22, 1868. P O 
Fiancniiia, Pa. Farmer ; Ref. S. 

VII. Annie \V Rosenberger, b Dec 5, 1869 ; d ^L^y 3. 

VII. Sallie W Rosenberger, b Oct 6, 1871 ; m Horace 
Z Kcir. P Skippack, Pa. l-armer ; Mrs K. Ref. 
N" i«^'^ue. 

VII 1 .1... W Rosi-nberger. born Mar 6, 1S74. !'(> 
Wist point. Pa. Tinsmith ; Ref. S. 

VII. Maggie \V Rosenljerger. l«ini ()rt j 1 . iSyT, ; m 


Fred H Bower Nov 6, 1897. Farmer; Luth. C: 
(VIII) Alverda R Bower, b May 25, 1898. 

VI. Emanuel Rosenberger, b at Trappe, Montg co, 
Pa, Sept 10, 1843 ; m Hannah Weidenmoyer Jan 16, 
1867. R 2828 N 8tli St, Phila. Plasterer and cigar- 
maker ; German Ref. C : Harry, Franklin, Anna, 
Jennie, Edwin. 

VII. Harry Rosenberger, b Feb 17, 1868. S. 
VII. Franklin Rosenberger (d), b Aug 4, 1873. 

VII. Anna Rosenberger, b June 26, 1874 ; m Reuben 
Solliday June 1893. C : (VIII) Susanna Solliday, 
b Mar 24, 1894 ; Walter, b July 4, 1896. 

VII. Jennie Rosenberger, b Mar 28, 1876 ; m Irwiu 
Godsliall Aug 10, 1897. 

VII. Edwin Rosenberger, b Apr 22, 1878. 

VI. Horace U Rosenberger, b Sept 24, 1846 ; died 
Feb 18, 1890; m Mary Aim Gashow July 24, 1869. 
She was born June 17, 1848 ; died Feb 22, 1890. C : 
(VII) Harry G Rosenberger, b July 24, 1870 ; died 
Sept 29, 1870. (VII) John G Rosenberger, b Mar 15, 
1873. (VII) Horace G Rosenberger, b Feb 18. 1875. 
(VII) P'ranklin G Rosenberger, b Apr 15, 1882 ; died 
July 18, 1884. (VII) William G Rosenberger, born 
Feb II, 1886. 

VI. Susanna U Rosenberger, born Dec 4, 1849 ." f^ied 

^Sept 9, 1 89 1 ; m Franklin Beam Jan 20, 1872. He 

was born September 30, 1836. Farmer ; Luth. C : 

(VII) Emma Beam, born at Gwynedd Square, Pa, 

May 24, 1878. P O North Wales, Pa. Bap. S. 

VI. Frank U Rosenberger, b at Skippack, Pa, July 26, 
1852; m Tillie Gotwaltz Nov i, 1873. P O Skip- 
pack, Pa. Blacksmith ; United P>an ch. C : Jacob. 

VII. Rev Jacob G Rosenberger, b in Skippack, Pa, 
Dec 25, 1875. P O Barnesville, Pa. At the age of 
byi years he was sent to the public schools, from 
which he graduated in 1893 as valedictorian of the 
class. Shortly after graduation he entered Schuylkill 
Seminary, Fredericksburg, Schuylkill county. Pa, 
for the purpose of receiving a thorough business 
education, which he completed in the Spring of 1895. 
After leaving school he entered J M Slifer's general 
store at Lansdale, Pa, as clerk, remaining in the 


slorc alioul six motiths. when he felt the need of a 
still higher education, and entered Albright Colk-j^iate 
Insiitulc. Mycrstown. Lebanon county. I'a, where he 
rtniained two years, graduating in the Spring of 1897. 
When in his i6th year while attending campmeeting 
at Perkasie Park. Aug i. 1S91, he was converted to 
God, not (»f flesh and blood, but of water and the 
spirit. Soon after his a^nversion he was called of 
Gotl to the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
In 1895, at Shaniokin, Pa. he was licensed to preach 
acvortling to the rules and regulations of the Eastern 
Pennsylvania Conference of the United Kvangelical 
Church. During the last year of .school at Albright 
Ci'" Institute (now Albright College), he was 

stai. ...... .IS minister of the United Kvangelical church 

at Harnesville. Schuylkill co. Pa. which charge he 
still serves, having three flourishing congregations to 
which he ministers, vi/ : Harnesville, Quakake and 
I^ocust \'alley. On June i. 1S9S, he was married to 
KUa, dau of Solomon Yerger, of Gratersford, Pa. 

V. Jacob Rosenljergcr, b Feb 12, 1799; died in Red- 
minster twp. Bucks CO, Pa, Mar 10, 1S83 ; m Kliza- 
beth Detweiler Mar 1.S24. She was b Aug 6, iSoi, 
in New Hritain twp ; d Feb 22, 1S39. in Tinicum twp. 
Farmer ; Menu. C : Mary, John, Jo.seph, Jacob, 

VI. Mary Rosenberger (d), b Jan 8, 1S25 ; married 
Abraham Myers (d). Farmer ; Mennonites. C : 
(VII) John Myers (d), m Mary Ilockman. Farmer; 
Menu. C: Hannah (d), Aaron. Abraham. 

VI. John I) Rosenberger. born in Bucks co July 14, 
1826; d Feb 21, 1891 ; m Catharine Stover May 14, 
1S4S. She was 1) Sel>t 12, 1827 ; died Sept 15, 1882. 
Farmer ; Ref. C : Mary, Gideon. Amanda, Jacob. 

VII Mary I.i/zie Rosenberger, b in Hilltown twp. 
IJucks CO. April 9. 1849 ; m He!)rv L Scholl Mar 20, 
1S77. P Telford. Pa. Farmer; Clt Ref. C: 
(VIII; John Andrew R Scholl. b Oct 9. 1878. Cigar- 
maker : Ref. (VIII) Herbert R vScholl, born 
May V 

VII. (.;i. .11 S Rosenberger. tn Adeline hunk Jan 8, 
1880. She was l>orn Jan 28, 1859; d Sept 27. 1894. 


P O Ridge, Pa. Farmer. Mr R, I^utli ; Mrs R, Menn. 
C : Joseph, Minnie. 

VII. Amanda Rosenberger, born in Bucks co, Pa, 
Nov 24, 1853 ; m Dr N C E Guth Sept ri, 1875. R 
527 Liberty street, Allentown, Pa. Reformed. C : 
(VIII) Herbert W Guth, b July 10, 1877. Doctor in 
Pharmacy, Allentown, Pa. (VIII) Nevin H Guth, 
b Mar 14, iSgi. 

VII. Jacob S Rosenberger, b in Hilltown tvvp May r r, 

1856 ; m Ann Eliza Rosenberger Jan 15, 1878. They 
own and occupy the Wireman farm in New Britain. 
P O Chalfont, Pa. Farmer ; Ger Bap. Children : 
(VIII) Paul Rosenberger, born and d June 17, 1879 ; 
Elmer Wellington, b June 25, 1882 ; John Arthur, 
b Aug 17, 1S84; Jacob Wilmer, born Nov 25, 1886 ; 
Leidy Herman, b May 30, 1892. 

VI. Joseph D Rosenberger, born in New Britain twp, 
Bucks CO, Feb 11, 1830 ; m Mary Ann Bryan Sept 13, 
1S52. She died Dec 13, 1862. C: Eliza, Wilson, 
Menno, Eaura. Joseph m second wife Johanna K 
Bryan October i, 1864. P O Perkasie, Pa. Retired 
farmer ; Meim. C : Reuben, David, Isaac, Jacob, 
Edmond, Allen, Mary, Noah. 

VII. Eliza Rosenberger, b in Bedminster twp Nov 7, 
1853 ; m Joseph Tyson. P Dublin, Pa. Laborer ; 
Menn. No issue. 

VII. Wilson Rosenberger, b in Bucks co. Pa, Jan 31, 

1857 ; m Sue Sweigert. P O Perkasie, Pa. Shoe- 
maker ; U Evan. C : Flora, Amnion. 

VII. Menno Rosenberger, born in Bucks co May 24, 
1859; m Kate Alderfer. She was b July 21, 1865. 
P O Lederachville, Pa. Farmer. C : fVIM) Alice 
R-Osenberger, born July 14, 1883. Mr Rosenberger 
adoped a child named Howard (Rosenberger) Landis. 

VII. Laura Rosenberger, b in Bedminster twp, Bucks 
co. May ir, i86r ; m William Slight. P North 
Cramer's Hill, N J. Painter ; Meth. C : Raymond, 
Verna, Irvin. 

VII. Reuben Ro.senberger, b in Bucks co. Pa, Oct 13, 
1865 ; m Katie Moore. P O Perkasie, Pa. Painter ; 
Ev Ass'n. C : Ezra Victor, Joseph Mervin, William 
Russel, Anna Elizabeth. 

44 THK ro.skn«i:rc.i:k history 

VII David Rosenberger, b in HikUsco Oct 13. KS67 ; 
ni Sallic Gchiuan Nov 18. 1 She was b Mar 13, 

1805. P O lVik:isif. Pa. CiKaiinikcr ; U Kvan. C: 
tVlri r»:micl i:ivin RoscubcrKcr, horn Feb 23, 1S95 ; 
C Aiihur. b Feb i, 1897. 

VII Isaac RoscnU-rger, born in Hacks co, Pa. Dec 5, 
isoy ; (I Oct 13. 1.S96 ; niarrictl Laura Crouihanieh 
P O ' Perkasic\ Pa. Ci-jarmaker. U hA'an. C : 
Fstlier RelK-cca. 

VII. Jacob RosenlKTuer. 1> m lUicks co May 27. 1S72. 
P ( ) Pcrkasic, Pa. Ci^armaker. I' ^^•all. 

VII. h.ihmi!i>l RuM;nU-ri;er. h Feb 5. 1S75 ; d Feb 7, 

VII Allen Rosenher^er. h in liucks co, Pa. A]ir 10, 
isjo ; m F:nnna WenhoUl in 1S97. P O Perka.sie, 
Pa. CiK;>r«H'»l^i-*i'- ^ pAan. No issue. 

VII. Mary Ann Rosenberger. b in Bucks co Jan 26, 
iS7y. P C) IVrka.sie. I'a. Dressmaker. U Evan. 

VII. Noah Ro.seubc-rKer. born July 11, 188 1. P O 
Perkasie. Pa. U Fvan. 

VI. Jacob D. Rosenlx-rger. b in Tinicum twp, Bucks 
CO. Dec 20. 1S33 ; m Hannah Ci liarnes Oct 31, 1S57. 
She was born Dec 3. 1S38. P O Duhlin. Pa. Dealer 
in farming implements. Meini. C : Daniel and Mary 
twins). Isaiah. Lizzie, Pjnma, John, Amanda, Fanny, 
William. Annetta. 

VII. Daniel Rtjsenberger, b Dec 23, 1858 ; ni Anna 
Godshalk. P O Fountainville, Pa. Farmer. C : 
I'.lla. W'ilmer. Fatuiie, O.scar. 

VII. Mary Rosenberger, born DLcembcr 23, 185S ; 
married Frank Suavely. P O Lake City, Iowa. C : 
Annetta. Agnes, J Warren, Lee, Naomi. 

VII Isaiah H Rosimberger, lx)rn Aug 25. 1S60 ; m 
R.»..hel Lewis. P O Dublin, Pa. Blacksmith. No 

VII Lizzie H Rosenl)erger, b Oct 23, 1862 ; married 
I • ' ' "'v February 0. 1SS8. P (^ Levin, Pa. 

1 ..-an. C: (Vllh Ivlith R Shelly, born 

()>i 25. 1888. (Ylll) Howard R vShelly. b vSept 6, 
iSi/. ; died Nov 22. 1890. (VIII) Ikiiry R Shelly, 
b Nov I 1891. (VIII) Jacob Arthur Shelly, b Oct 19, 


VII. Emma B Rosenberger, b Sept 7, 1865 ; m John 
A Guth Dec 24, 1888. R 38 N Spring st, Elizabeth, 
NJ. Blacksmith; Pres. C: (VIII) Mabel Gertrude 
Guth, b Feb 7, 1890. (VIII) Herbert Francis Guth, 
b Aug 21, 1892 ; d May 5, 1895. 

VII. John H Rosenberger, b May 29, 1868 ; married 
Lizzie P Patten. R Haines and Chew sts, German- 
town, Pa. Teamster. C : FUeanor. 

VII. Amanda Magdalena Rosenberger, b Nov 6, 1870; 
m Hiram Anders. P O Perkasie, Pa. Hostler. C : 
Hannah, Blanche. 

VII. Fanny B Rosenberger, b Apr 20, 1875 ; married 
Lamech F Myers, son of Jonas S Myers, of Bedmins- 
ter, Pa, Feb 17, 1894. P O Perkasie, Pa. House 
painter ; Menu. C : (VIM) Roy R Myers, b Jan 4, 
1895 ; Edith. 

VII. Wilham F Rosenberger, b May 20, 1876. S. 

VII. Annetta B Rosenberger, b Sept 3. 1879. S. 
VI. Enos Rosenberger, b Feb 13, 1839 : ^ next day. 
V. Joseph W Rosenberger, born Mar 20, 1801 ; died 
Aug 3, 1875 ; m Catharine Moyer, daughter of Henrj^ 
and Salome (Stover) Moyer, of Bucks co. Pa. She 
was born Aug 29, 1796 ; d Aug 27, 1862. Farmer ; 
Menu. Deacon at Perkasie. C : Henry, Salome, 
John, Isaac. 

VI. Henry Rosenberger, died single. 

VI. Salome Rosenberger (d), married Samuel Seiple. 
Two sons lived in Pottstown, Pa. 

VI. John Rosenberger, m Anna Yerger. Lived in 
Missouri. C : Charles (d), Edwin, . 

VI. Isaac Rosenberger (d), m Elizabeth Crouthamel 
(d). C : Alten (d). 

V. Benjamin Rosenberger, died single. 
V. Elizabeth Rosenberger, m Henry Nonamaker. 
C : Aaron, Elias, Charles, Henry, Maria, Elizabeth. 

VI. Aaron Nonamaker (d), m Anna Shutt (d). 
Farmer ; Luth. C : Deborah, Lizzie, Jacob, Noah. 

VII. Deborah Nonamaker, m Weiss. P O 

Perkasie, Pa. 

VII. Lizzie Nonamaker, died young. 

VII. Jacob Nonamaker, m Clementine Crouthamel. 


r () IVrkasie. Pa. CiK^rmakcr ; V Evan. C: 
W'ashiuKlon, Irwin. 

VIII. Washington Nunamakcr, married . P O 


VIII. Irwin Nonaniaker. P O Pcrka.sie, Pa. Single. 

VII. l)r Noah S Nonaniaker, b in Hcthninster, lincks 
CO. Pa. Mar 23. 1S54 ; ni Li/.zie Ikan Mar 15, 1S83. 
P O Ikihninslcr. Pa. Phy.sician ; Luth. C : Annie 
Lucretia (d), lulgar Vasco, Claudius Howard (d), 
lic-ssie Gertrude (d), Mattie Pauline (d), Celia Helen. 

VI. Elias Nonainaker (d), married Keller. 

Carjx.-ntcr. No issue. 

VI. Charles Nonaniaker (d), m Stout. One 


VI. Henry Nonaniaker, m Shive. No issue. 

VI. Maria Nonaniaker (d), m John Deiley (d). No 
Issue. Maria m second husband Peter Stout (d). 
No issue. 

VI. I\lizalKth Nt>namakcr (d). m Samuel Sloul (d). 
C: (VII) Henry Stout. P O Doyle.stown, Pa. (VII) 
Amos Stout. P () Hager.sville, Pa. (VII i Maria 
Stout (d). 

V. Rachel Rosenbcrger, m Isaac Cleinmer. C : 
Jacob, Klizalx'th, Kate. 

VI. Jacob Clemmer, m Deborah Cleiumer. C : Lucy, 
lUi/a. Kate. 

VII Lucy Clemmer (d), m Clemmer. C: 

VIII Laviiia Clc-mmer, m James Savacool (d). C : 
kaymund. Lavina m .second husband William Sava- 
cool. PO Newmansville, Pa. C: Raymond. Robert, 

VII l-.liza Clemmer. Single. 

VII. Kale Clemmer, m Levi O Riehn. P O Rich- 
land Centre, Pa. C : P'lora, Deborah. 

VI. KlizaUth Clemmer (dj, m Philip Nace (d ). No 

VI. Kate Clemmer, m . Kate m second husband 

Isaac Vokum. C : Debbie, lleiuy. 

V. Margaret Rosenberger,* born in Pucks co. Pa, 
April 13. 1805; d March u, 1877 ; m (jcorge Lewis 

•III her fnthcr'M will her uanic is givcu ua Rebecca. She 
prolMibl)' htul a (luul)lc uiiiiic. 


Sept 19, 1825. He was b 1793 ; d 1828. One child, 
d iu infancy. Margaret m second husband Henry R 
Alderfer (d), Aug 27, 1833. He was b 1812. One 
child, d in infancy. Margaret married third husband 
Henry Harttle Oct 2, 183S. He was b in Montg co, 
Pa, Nov 24, 1791 ; d June 2, 1871. Farmer; Pres. 
C : Annie, Elizabeth. 

VI. Annie Harttle, b Sept 7, 1839 ; m John Brierley. 
He was born in Lancashire, England, Oct 11, 1839. 
P O Fairview Village, Pa. Stone mason. Children : 
(VII) Sarah Brierley, died at birth, July 4, 1870. 
(Vll; Henry Harttle Brierley, b Dec i, 1871 ; died 
July 27, 1882. 

VI. Elizabeth Harttle, b July 15, [841. P O Fair- 
view Village, Pa. S. 

IV. Henry Rosenberry,* born probably in Hilltown 
in 1761 ; died Jan 1834. He was married twice, his 
first wife being Mollie Holman, said to have been 
from Milford, Eehigh county. C : John, Betsey, - 
Kate, Susan, Mary. His second wife was a widow, 
Mrs Katie Kram, whose maiden name had been 
Beam (or Boehm). C: Abraham, Hannah, Nancy. 
He was not a landholder in this county, but a renter. 
Previous to his death he lived iu a tenant house on 
the farm of Paul Custer, Worcester. This farm was 
purchased from the Custer estate by Benjamin Brun- 
ner in 1864, and comprised 49 acres. He left no will, 
and the administrators of his estate were his son, 
John H Rosenberry, of Skippack, and John Kratz, of 
same township. 

V. John H Rosenberry, b Apr i, 1799; d Sept 10, 
1872 ; m Elizabeth Gotwals Nov 14, 1824. She was 
born July 17, 1804; d in 1858. Lived in Skippack 
township and was a stock dealer. Mr Rosenberry, 
Menn ; Mrs. Rosenberry, Ger Bap. C : Charles, 
Catharine, Mary, Christian, Christian, Abraham, 
Elizabeth, John, Anna, Jesse, Elizabeth, Henry. 

VI. Charles G Rosenberry, b May 20, 1825 ; married 

*Those now spelling the name Rosenberry instead of 
Rosenberger are descended also from Benjamin Rosenberger, 
of Hatfield It is said that the present spelling is only a 
modern change or variation. 


Anna Hnnnnel. who dkil. leaving two cbiklien. He 
llicn went to Illinois, where he married agaui and 
luui several children. Lost all trace of him since 1S74. 
VI. Catljarine Rosenberry. I) Au^ 4. i«26 ; d Jan 4, 
1S90 ; m John HaKev. He was b Aug 4. 1830 ; died 
Oct 3. 1S57. Watchmaker; Menn. C: Klizabeth, 
Anna. Catharine m second husband Joseph Kuidig. 
C : John, Annie. 

VII i:ii/abeth Hagey. b in Montg co, May 8, 1853 ; 
m Frank W Horn Sept 23. 1S71. V O Telford, \\\. 
Farmer; Kef. C: (VIII) Allen Dorn, born June 3, 
1S73 ; m Clara Met/.ger May 27. 1S93. P O Telford. 
Pa. I'.ri.klaver ; Kef. ( VIII ) Katie Dorn, b Dec 24, 
1875. VIII Frank Dorn, born Apr 23. 1S7S. (VIII) 
Milton Dorn. born August 2J, 1880; d aged 5 days. 

VIII Krwin Dorn. b Feb 2, 1882 ; d Aug 22, KS82. 
VIII Keinhart Dorn, b Mar 5. 1883. (VIII) Charles 

Dorn. b Mar 3, 18S5. (Villi Li/.zie Dorn, b Nov 30, 
1SH7. (VIII) Vernon Dorn, b June 29, 1892. 

VII Anna Hagev, b and d Ai)r i, 1857. 

VII R Kiudig. born May 12, 1862 ; ni ]<raiHe 
Rosenberger May 2s, 1885. vShe was b Jan 3. 1866. 
V O Hatfield. Pa. C: (VIII) Harvey R Kindig, b 
June 4. 18S6; died August 11, i8,s6. (Villi Mary R 
Kindig. b March 23, 1889. ( VIII Harry R Kindig, b 
June 21. 1890; died Nov 2-\ 1890. (VIII) Kmiua R 
Kindig. b Mav 15, 1892. (VIII) Stella R Kindig, b 
Uct 2, 1893. (Vllh Frank R Kindig. born June 16. 
1897; died July 3. 1898. Mr Kindig was elected 
Dire-ctor of the Poor of Montgomery county in 1900. 

.VII. Annie R Kindig. b Dec 3. 1864; 111 CliarK-^ R 
Krat/. May 2-,. i8Sv P O Lansdale, Pa. C VIII > 
Wallace K Krat/, b Sept 10, 18S4 ; C yuintin, born 
June 14. 1894. 

VI. Mary RosenlK-rry. b in Montg co, Pa, Feb 14. 
1828; d in N«)rristown, Pa. Mar 16. 1896; married 
Sylvester Lewis Oct 14, 1853. lb was b in Montg 
CO Sept 22, 1824 ; d in Norristowii Jan 3, iS()8. Mrs 
I^wis. Pres. C : (VII; James Irvin Lewis, b FVb 7, 

1KS4; d Mar 29. 1862. (VII) Sallie FUi/.abelh Lewis, 
b(Kt7, 1855: djuly 12, 1897. S. (VII) Mary Jane 

Lewis, b in Norrist(»wn Feb 20, 1858. R Sj i Kolin 


street, Norristown, Pa. Seamstress ; Pres. S. (VII) 
Ashton Lewis, born May 26, 1859 ; d Aug 23, 1859. 
(VII) Elraira Lewis, born July 7, 1867 ; m William 
Caruatlian Dec 4, 1895. R 707 Astor st, Norris- 
town, Pa. Milk dealer. 
VI. Christian G Roseuberry, d in infancy. 

VI. Christian G Rosenberry, b in Montg co, Feb 5, 
1832 ; m Susanna, daughter of Peter B Hendricks, 
December 15, i860. P O Lan.sdale, Pa. He has 
been in the stock business for 35 years, dealing in 
horses, cattle and sheep. In 1880 he bought the 
Broadway House and stock yards at Lansdale, Pa, 
where he continued as proprietor for ten 5'ears, when 
in 1890 he sold it for $16,000, being the principal 
hotel in Lansdale. He now lives retired. C : Mary, 
Elmer, Wellington, Lizzie, Anna, Sallie, Minerva, 

VII. Mary Alice Rosenberry, born Apr 18, 1862 ; m 
Charles P Woolfinger Oct 21, 1884. P O Lansdale, 
Pa. Conductor on railroad. C : (VIII) Wellington 
P Woolfinger, b July 30, 1886. 

VII. Elmer E H Rosenberry, b Sept 27, 1863 ; was 
drowned in stone quarry May 29, 1880. 

VII. Wellington H Rosenberry, born in Skippack, 
Montg CO, Pa, Jan 8, 1866 ; married Tillie Hafler, of 
Telford, in January 1901. P O Lansdale, Pa. He 
is one of the largest and heaviest carriage dealers in 
the State, and is also a dealer in live stock. He is 
widely known as a business man, and is a rising 
young politician. At the age of 24 5'ears he was 
elected Burgess of Lansdale, Pa, and at the general 
election in Nov 1898 he was elected a member of the 
State Legislature of Pennsylvania on the Democratic 
ticket. He was again renominated by his party 
in 1900 but was defeated. On April i, 1901, he was 
elected Chairman of the Montgomery County Demo- 
cratic Committee. 

VII. Lizzie Rosenberry, born March i, 1868 ; m A R 
Shepherd. P O Lansdale, Pa. C : Donald, Harold, 
Richard, Ralph. 

VII. Anna Rosenberry, b May 18, 1870; m Clayton 
Alderfer. R Norristown, Pa. 


Mil. R()SFNni-:RGr-:R history 

VII Sallic Koscnl)crry. born Aug 7, 1873. Scliool- 
u.tLla-r. S. 
VII. MincTva Ko.-^eiihtTry, h Mar 18, 1876. S. 

VI .\l)ialiam KoscuUcrry. tl aj;ecl 10 years. 

VI ICli^aljeth Rosenberry, d in infancy. 

VI. Ji)hn G Rt>sc*nl>erry, b in Lower Providence twp, 
Monl).; ct>. Pa, June 30. 1S36 ; ni Kli/abcth Flore.^. of 
Ivower Milford twp. Leliigh co, Pa. August 27, 1S59. 
P Skippack, Pa. \'eterinary surgeon ; Ger Ref. 
t' Mary. Anna. Peter, John, Knuna, Katie. 

VII. Mary Klizabeth Rosenberry, b Dec 21, 1859; 
d Mar 31. 1873. 

VII .\nnie Marie Rosenberry, Iwrn Dec 4, 1861 ; m 
Satmifl D Kinsey. P O Mainland. Pa. h'arnier ; Rcf. C: Paul Xcvin. Hertha Viola. Russel. 

VII I'cter Flores Rosenberry, b Apr 15, 1865 ; died 
Aj-ril 15. 1883. 

VII. John Henrv Rosenlx.-rrv, b Feb 10, 1867. P O 
San Mates, Cal. ' S. 

VII ICninia Jane Ro.'^enberrv. l)orn Nov 19, 1869 ; ni 
John P Gottshall. P O Cedars, Pa. Farmer ; Ger 
Ref. C : Annie, d in infancy. 

VII. Katie Martha Ro.senberry. b .\ug 2. 1879. vS. 

VI .\nna Ro.-^enbcrry, married Joseph Rossiter (d). 
K 150 Third avenue. Pittsburg, Pa. No issue. 

VI. Rosenberry, in F.lizabeth KaufTinan. P O 
Skijuvick, Pa. C : William, Anna. 

VI I'li/abeth Rosenberry, m William Teany. C : 
• Vlh Howard R Teany.' R 1056 Cherry st, Norris- 
town. Pa. 

VI Henry Rosenl)erry. b in 1844. He was a soldier 
in the Union Army and died while in service in 1863. 

V. Hetscy Rosenberry, d yoiuig. 

V. Kate RosenlKrrry, d young. 

V. Susjui Rosenlx?rry, d young. 

y. Mary R(jseuberry. 

V. Abraham li Ro.senl>erger, b F\b 9, 1S.J7 ; dietl in 
Monig CO, Pa. Sei>t 21, 1876 ; m vSarah F\)rce Oct 30. 
1834. She was b in Montg co March 13, 1S14 ; died 
Sept 21, i,S7S. Farmer; German Pap. C: Anna, 
Rclx-eca. Is;iac. Hainiah. 

VI. Anna RosculK-rger, b Aug 21, 1835 ; m David P 


Homing Mar 12, 1856. P O Bridgeport, Kan. Ger 
Bap. C : Abraham, John, Sarah, Hannah, Anna, 
Emma, David, WiUiam. 

VII. Abraham R Horning, b Feb 10, 1857 ." "^ Anna 
Numer (d). P O Redfield, Kan. Carpenter; Ger 
Bap. C : Cora Anna, Henry Everett, Eddie (d), 
Freddie (d). Abraham m second wife Mary Ruth. 
C : AHce, Nelson. 

VII. John U Horning, born Feb 17, 1859 ; ni Maud 
Mackinson. P O Ocheltree, Kan. Carpenter ; M E. 
C : May Lena, Minnie Ola, Flossie Anna, Elva. 

VII. Sarah R Horning, b June 6, 1861 ; m Jefferson 
Groom. P O Deepwater, Mo. Teacher ; Pres, C : 
Jesse, Bertha, Pearl, Emma. 

VII. Hannah M Horning, b May 12, 1864 ; tn Leroy 
B Stivers October 10, 1883. P O Fort Scott, Kan. 
Wheelwright; United Br. C: (VIM) Bertha May 
Stivers (d), b July 15, 1884. (Vlll) Morrison Eeroy 
Stivers, born Oct 18, 1886; d July 14, 1887. (Ylll) 
Frances Geneva Stivers, born November 25, 1889. 
(Vlll) Claudia Lee Stivers, b Aug 2, 189 1. 

VII. Anna May Horning, b in Illinois May 20, 1868 ; 
m Richard P Sappington Dec 23, 1888. P O Wind- 
sor, Mo. Farmer ; Bap. C : (Vlll) Roy Frederick 
Sappington. b July 9, 1890; Earl, born Feb 7, 1894; 
Claud, b Apr r, 1899. 

VII. Emma Horning (d), b July i, 1871. 

VII. David Henry Horning (d), b June 5, 1874. 

VII. William W Horning, b June 30, 1875 ; m Lydia 
R Keller Feb 22, 1899. P O Ness City, Kan. Far- 
mer ; Ger Bap. 

VI. Rebecca Rosenberger, born in Port Providence, 
Montg CO, Pa. Nov 2, 1837 ; m Thomas L Griffin 
Nov 4, i860. P O Port Providence, Pa. Ger Bap. 
C : Tillie, Allen, Mary, Sadie, Hannah, Ida. 

VII. Tillie Griffin, b Sept 19, 1861 ; married Horace 
Smith. P O Mont Clare, Pa. Farmer ; Ger Bap. 
C : Bertha, Mary, Raymond, Florence. 

VII. Allen Griffin, b Sept rr, 1863 ; m Emma Kulp. 
P O Mont Clare, Pa. Employed in steel plant. No 

VII. Mary R Griffin, born March 5, 1866 ; m Horace 

t, ,■ 


Kugler. K 1771 Ncwkirk St. Phila. Machinist. C; 
RelM. Ora G. 

VII. Sa.lic R Griflni. h Auk ^.S. 1^71 ; m J B Root. 
r O I'url I'roviilcncc, Pa. Ivinploycd by Pennsylvania 
Railroad Company. One child. 

VII. Hannah K Griflin. born Mar 30, 1874. R 1771 
Ncwkirk st. Phila. Stenographer ; Ger Bap. S. 

VII. Ida P GiitVm. b Oct 10, 1S77; d Oct 22, iSyS. 
Stenographer ; Ger Bap. S. 

VI. Isaac F Rosenberj^er, b Sept 21, 1849 ; d Dec 2, 

VI Hannah Ro.senlx-rger, b Jan 13, 1852 ; m George 
W March Mar 2, 1876. R 501 Astor st. Norristown. 
I'.i. Builder. Mr M. Luth ; Mrs M, Bap. C: 
(Vlh l-:va March, b Jan 5. 1S77. Luth. S. 

V. Anna Rosen iK-rger, b in 1810; m John Gotwals 
Jan 29. 1843. He died about 1SS7. Menus. C : 
Samuel. Catharine. David, John. 

VI. Samuel Gotwals, born in Montg co, Pa. Apr 19, 
1844 ; died Sept 20, 1895 ; ni Kate Boyer, of Norris- 
town. Pa. C: (VII) George B Gotwals, died about 
1897 ; aged 19 years. 

VI. Catharine Gotwals, b at Port Providence, Montg 
CO, June 5. 1846 ; m George A Seidel Oct 26, 1880. 
R 5'^ Kohn St. Norristown, Pa. Cigar merchant; 
P:v ch. C : ( VII ) Klmer Kllsworth Seidel, b July 30, 
jS8i ; Rosic, b Sept 13. 18S3. 

VI. David Gotwals, Ixirn in Montg co Dec 28, 1849 ; 
m Ida Fields. She d in 1891. R Phila. C : Klla ; 
Katie. Alfred, William, Lafayette, all decea.scd. 

VI. John (jotwals, b Mar 21, 1853; d Jan 17, 1S71. 

IV. Anna Ro.senberger, m Joseph Naragary. 

IV. Rebecca Rosenberger, m Jacob Bechtel. 


III. John Rosenberger was a resident of Hatfield ; 
became the owner of theii2-acre farm m Hatfield, 
bought by his father in 1751. His eldest son Benja- 
min and grandson of Benjamin, Sr, became the 
owner in 1798. Farmer; Menn. C: Benjamin, 
Jacob, Anna, Susanna. 

IV. Benjamin Rosenberger, born in Montgomery co, 
Pa, in 1769; m Elizabeth Biehn, dau of John and 
Barbara (Fried) Biehn. She was b in 1775. They 
emigrated to Canada in 1801 ; lived a httle north of 
Preston on the farm where the late Henry Hagey 
resided. Farmer ; Menn. C : John, Abraham, 
Jacob, Barbara, Elizabeth, Nancy. 

V. John Rosenberger, b in Montg co in 1797 ; d in 
Canada in 1863 ; m Margaret Pannebecker, dau of 
Cornelius Pannebecker. She was born Oct 12, 1805 ; 
d March 28, 1880. Farmer, and lived on his father's 
farm north of Preston, Ont ; Menn. C: Magdalena, 
Joseph, Sarah, Rachel, Nancy, Elizabeth, Cyrus, 
Cyrus, Mary, John, Anne, George. 

VI. Magdalena Rosenberger, b June 23, 1823 ; d in 
1855 ; m Samuel Burkholder about 1840. He was b 
in Hamilton, Ont, in 1817 ; died 1890. Carpenter; 
Meth. C : Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary, Lemuel, John, 
Margaret, George, Rachel. 

VII. Sarah Burkholder, b in Waterloo co, Ont, in 
1842 ; married Jacob Beck in 1871. P O Doon, Ont. 
Gardener ; Christadelphians. C : Emily, Sarah, John. 


54 TiiR rosf.nbhr('.i:r history 

VIII iCmily CliarloUe Heck. l» in 1872 ; in William 
Mar>hall in 1S9?. T ( ) I)aoii, Out. Heckler. No 


VIII Sarah Ann Ik-ck. h 1875 ; d July 8, 1891. 

VIII John Frederick Heck, b 1877. P O Doon, Out. 
lil.icksinith. S. 

VII I-'li/aU-ih liurkholder. b June 29, 1S44 ; m Jacob 
II IIinisiK.i>;cr Dec 24. 1 866. P O Haysville. Out. 
1-anner ; Church of God. C: (VIII) Joel Hun.s- 
jHTj^er. lK»rn (Vt«>lKT 13, 1S67. P O Hays\ille, Out. 
(VIII) Ivmnic- HuusiK-r^cr, b Apr 23, 1870; d May 4, 
1870. (Villi Solomon Hunsperger, b Aug 12, 1S71. 
. Vm Isiiiah Hun.spcrger. born July iS. 1S73. (VIII) 
S.inuK-l Hun>^perger, b Feb 7, 1S75. (VIII) ICnieline 
HunsiH.-rger, born Dec 9. 1878. (VIM) Laura lluns- 
jx'rgcr, b Mar 15, 1888. (VIII) Sylvester Hunsperger, 
b June 25, 1S90. 

VII. Mary Hurkholder, b in 1S46 ; ni I.saac W'ismer. 
1' <) Prcslon, Out. 

VII I.enniel Hurkholder, b in Waterloo co, Ont, in 
JS4S ; in Rachel Aim Bock. She died Mav 20, 1SS9. 
P O Hensall, Onl. Parmer ; Meth. C:'(VIII)Ro- 
sanna June Hurkholder, m William B Smith. P O 
Preslon, Ont. Cabinetmaker. (VIII) Sarah Alice 
Hurkliolder, died Feb 19, 18S7. (VIII) Margaret Ida 
Hurkholder, died Nov 17, 1886. (VIII) Annie Maud 

VII. John Hurkholder, b in 1850 ; married Barbara 
Smecker. P O Fife Lake, Mich. 

VII. Margaret Hurkholder, b in 1S52 ; d in 1892. S. 

VII C.eorge Hurkholder, b in Oxford co, Ont, Can. 
Aug 6, 1854 ; m Lydia Karcher Nov 4, 1879. P O 
Hnniside, Nlich. Lal)orer ; Menu Hr in Chri.'^t. C : 
(Vllly Milton Hurkholder. Ixjrn Sept 21, iSSt). (VIII) 
I'Usic Maretta Hurkholder, born August 25. 1SS2. 
(VIII) Bruce Aden Burkhidder, b June 10, 1885; died 
1887. (VIII) Hilda May Burkholder, b'july 4, 

i:, 1. 

VII ]' I lul Hurkholder, bin 1856; m Daniel Gear- 
jnger aU.ut jS.So. p () New Diuidee, Out. 

VI. Jo^^•plJ koscnlxrrger, b in Preston, ()nt, Jan 25, 
1825; died Apr 10. 1893; m Hannah vSherk in 1847. 


She was boru Feb 2, 1828. Lived in Preston, Ont. 
Sawyer. Mr R, Menn ; Mrs R, Meth. C : Jacob, 
Cyrus, Levi, Susanna, Mary, Sarah, Christian, Alice! 
VII. Jacob Rosenberger, b 1847 ; d Sept 27, 1885. S. 
VII. Cyrus Rosenberger, b 1849; d 1851. 
VII. Levi Rosenberger, b Feb 27, 1S51 ; m Georgiana 
Winter m 1875. P O Hamilton, Ont. Moulder in 
foundry; Meth. C: (VIII) William W Rosenberger 
^»m?x^^P* 4, 1876. R 94 Cannon st, Hamilton, Ont' 
(VIII) George W Rosenberger, born May 30 1879 
(VIII) Charles H Rosenberger, b Mar 25, 1882'. 
VII. Susanna Rosenberger, b in Waterloo co Ont 
Aug 5. 1854 ; m John Linkert October 11, 1874. R 
Hamilton, Ont. Shoemaker ; English church C • 
(VIII) John J Linkert, b Dec 30, 1875. Baker S 
(VIII) Minnie M Linkert, born April 12, 1877 (Vlllj 
?»mr''rr^ Ivinkert, born Apr 23, 1879. Shoemaker. 
(VIII) Henry W Linkert, born May 10, 188 1 • Alice 
Gertrude, b June 30, 1883 ; Carl Albert, born Jan 20 
1886; Elton Percy, b July 14, 1893. 
VII. Mary Rosenberger, b 1857 ; m John Cotterell 
R 10 Green st, Guelph, Ont. Upholsterer. C • John 
Henry, Mabel, Lillie. ' 

VII. Sarah Rosenberger, b in Preston, Ont, Mar 28 
1859 ; m Wellington Shupe Dec 25, 1877. PO Gait' 
Ont. Machinist; Meth. C: (VIII) Nellie Maudana 
Shupe, b Dec 20, 1878 ; Albert Edwin, born Aug 27 
1880; Lillian Gertrude, b Sept 21, 1882. 
VII. Christian Rosenberger, b 1862 ; m Mary Gibson 
P O Berlin, Ont. Painter. C : Louis Roy. 
VII. Alice Rosenberger, born Aug 27, 1863; m Eli 
Heinnch. P O Waterloo, Ont. C : Carl, Gordon. 
V . vSarah Rosenberger, b Aug 23, 1826 ; d in infancy 

VI. Rachel Rosenberger, b near Preston, Ont, June 
16, 1828 ; m Levi Bock in 1843. He was b May 20 
1815 ; died Nov 19, 1880. Farmer; Menus, c' 
Nancy, Lsaac, Aaron, Hannah, Gideon, Jacob, Cath- 
arine, Margaret, Lena, Levi, Barbara, Elizabeth 

VII. Nancy Bock, born 1844 ; died 1890'; m Charles 
Spreeman about 1862. He was born in Germany 
Teamster and sawyer; Bap. C: John, Matilda' 


Km.- SinuiMi. Samuel. Nancy. Anron, Lizzie, Maggie, 
CI. Allen. Levi. Menno. 

VIII John Si>reeman. b in WaKrluu eo. Ont, Dec 26. 
i>(..' ■ in (k-raUline C.«Kllx)ia January 26, 18SS. R 78 
Lewis street. Toronto. Ont. Carpenter; Bap. C: 
(IX) On)ha Spreeman. b Jan 16. 1S89; Lima, born 
Kb n. 1 89 1 ; Che.stcr. b Nov 22. 1S93. 

VIII. Matilda Spreeman. b 1864 ; d 1894 ; ni Jacob 
IJinkley. P O New Hamburg, Ont. C : Leslie, 
LeRoy. Philip. 

VIII Isaac Spreeman. b 1866 ; m l-.liza Ann Bergey 
in 189-^ P O New Dundee. Ont. Black.smith ; 
Menu Br in Christ. C ; (IX) Viola Spreeman, born 
1894 ; Herbert, b 1895 ; Cran.ston (d), liorn 1897 ; 
Michael, b 1898. 

VIII Nancy Spreeman. P O New Hamburg, Out. 

VIII. Simeon Spreeman, b 1870. 

VIII Sannicl Spreeman, b 1S72 ; d 1S74. 

VIII Aaron Spreeman. b 1874. 

VIII Lizzie Spreeman, b 1876. P O Preston, Ont. 

VIII Maggie Spreeman. b 1878. P O New Dundee, 

( >nl. 

VIII Charles Spreeman, b 1879 ; d 1879. 

VIII Allen Si)reeman. b 1881. 

VIII Levi Spreeman, b 1SS3. 

VIII Menno Spreeman. b 1885 ; d 1887. 
VII Isaac Bock, b Julv 24. 1846; m Mary vSararas 
Jan 29. 1878. P O New Dundee, Out. Farmer; Bap. C : * VIII ' Nathaniel Bock. l>orn July 22. 
J.S79; Lucinda, b Mar 20, 1881 ; Ivltruda. b July 11. 
18.^3 i Bernicc. b May 21, 1885; Addison, b Sept 21, 
18S7 ; Maria, b Apr 9. 1890. 

VII. Aaron R B(Kk, b Aug 17, 184^: '" ^^-^O' Ann 
D ■ • -It Dec 22. 1874. P O New Dundee. Out. 
\ .rv surgeon ; Bap. C : (VIII) Sylva Bock, 

b June 6. '1877 ; Aggie, b Nov 28, 1880 ; Wellington, 
b lk.-c 21. 1K82 ; Rachel, b July 4. 1894. 
VII. Hannah Bock (d). b 1850. 

VII. ('.i<leon B(Kk. b in WaterUx) co, Out. in 1S54 ; 
xn Dianna (loilljold Apr 22. 1884. P O New Dundee, 

()Mt T '-r; Bap. C : (VIII) Nora Bock, born 

Itb -•!. ... C'.erlrude, b Apr 2, 1888. 


VII. Jacob Bock (d), b 1856. 

VII. Catharine Bock, b July i, 1858; m George B 
Bechtel Dec 9, 1879. P O New Dundee, Ont. Bap. 
C : (VIII) Levi Bechtel, b Nov 19, 1880 ; d next day 
(VIII) Gilbert Bechtel, b June 8, 1882. (VIII) Merven 
Bechtel, b Aug 21, 1884. (VIII) vSylvia Bechtel, born 
June 29, 1895; d Aug 14, 1895. 

VII. Margaret Bock (d), b i86x ; m Allan Bossen- 
berry. P O New Hamburg, Ont. C : Arthur, 

VII. Lena Bock, born 1864 ; m Abram Willits. P O 
Roseville, Out. C: Alvin, Lauretta (d), Archibald, 
Nora, Herbert, Ida. 

VII. Levi Bock, b 1868 ; m Annie Reid. P O New 
Dundee, Ont. C : Thomas Ru.s,sell. 

VII. Barbara Bock, b at New Dundee, Ont, May 31, 
1870; m William Buck June 4, 1889. P O Nevv 
Hamburg. Ont. Tailor ; Ger Bap. C : (VIII) Percy 
Gideon Buck, b Nov 22, 1890 ; Lilly, b Aug 4, 1894. 

VII. Elizabeth Bock, b 1862 ; m Wesley Erb. P O 
Plattsville, Ont. Bap. C : Lloyd, Laura. 

VI. Nancy Rosenberger, b June 4, 1830 ; d in infancy. 

VI. Elizabeth Rosenberger, b July 23, 1832 ; married 
Duncan McShannock. P O Muskegon, Mich. C : 
Daniel. Lizzie, John, Archibald (d), Joseph, Catha- 
rine, Thomas, Mary. 

VI. Cyrus Rosenberger, born Nov 18, 1834 ; died in 

VI. Cyrus Rosenberger, born Feb 26, 1837 ; died in 
VI. Mary Rosenberger, b Dec 8, 183S ; d in infancy. 

VI. John Rosenberger, b Mar 24, 1843 ; m Susanna, 
dau of Jacob and Catharine (Shupe) Bock. She was 
b May ir, 1840. P O Preston, Ont. Engaged with 
Clare Bros in manufacturing furnaces and stoves. C : 
George, Jacob, Margaret, Joseph, Magdalena, Catha- 
rine, Elizabeth. 

VII. George Rosenberger, b May 22, 1865 ; m Annie 
Killet. P O Creston, O. Stove polisher. 

VII. Jacob Rosenberger, b Nov 30, 1867 ; m Polly 
Schoenan. P O Preston, Ont. Spinner in woolen 
mills. C : Laura, Norman. 


VII Margarcl koscuU-rj^cr. b Jan 24. 1869; married 
I-rcdcrick Crosbie. V O Preston, Ont. Furnace 
mounter. C Gladys. Maude. 

VII Joseph Kosenbcrger. born Sept 30, 1870. P O 
i•rt•.^U)n. Ont. l\nnaged in Preston woolen mills as 

clotli finisher. S. 

VII Magdalena Rosenberger, b Oct 5, 1872 ; died 
Sept 8. 1873 

VII CatharniL KoscnV)erger. b May 15. 1S75. 

VII Uli/.alK-th Kcsenberger, b April 22, 1884; died 
Aug 22. 1884. 

VI. Annie Ro.senl^rger. lx)rn Nov 18, 1845 ; died in 

VI. George Roseuberger, born April 29, 1848; died 
in infancy. 

V. Abraham Ro.senberger, born in Mont^ co. Pa, 
Nov 15. 1799; d in Wilmot twp, Ont, Can, Jan 2S. 
1883 ; m Nancy, dan of Christian and Polly (Ruth) 
Stronie. Nov 15, 1822. vShe was b in Lancaster co, 
Pa. Dec 31. 1807; d SejH 10, 18S0. Ik- was taken 
with his i)arents to Canada when he was 6 months 
old. Parmer; Mcini. C: Mary, Klizaljeth, Samuel 
(d in infancy ). Abraham, Christian, Sarah, Benjamin, 
Isaac. Snsainia, Lydia. 

VI. Mary Ro.senberger, m Aljram M Clemens. He 
was b May 26, 1820. P O Ravenswood, Ont. C : 
Sarah. Hannah, Nancy, Elizabeth, Mary, Hester, 
Lvdia. Nathan, John, lienjamin, Julia. 

VII. Sarah Clemens, b Aug 23. 1841 ; d Ajiril 1S83 ; 
ni Alfred Simpson. P O Waterloo, Ont. Retired 
farmer. No is.sue. 

VII Hannah Clemens, b Sejn 1 1, 1S43 ; d Feb 1S70 ; 
m WiUiauj Siiiiih. Farmer. C : Alfred A, Samuel 
S, Jessie M 

VII Clemens, b Nov 28. 1845. S. 

VII i,u.-.i,«.lh Clemens, b Jan S. 1S4S ; died Au.t; 2, 

VII Mary Ann Clemens, b June 5, 1850 ; d Aug 7, 

VII H< -t.-r Clemens, b Aug 3. 1.S52 ; d July i. iS(^>3- 
VII l..>::.i Clemens, b Sept 6, 1856 ; m lulward Sex- 


smith. P O Victoria, B C. C : I.eua A, Clemens A 
Harvey C, Seda P, Maude. 

VII. Nathan E Clemens, b June 8, 1S59 ; m Catha- 
nne German. P O Petrolia, Ont. Farmer C • 
Minnie G, Roy, Harry, Edna Grace. 

VII. John H Clemens, born Feb 10, 1862 ; m Sophia 
Ernst. P O Ravensvvood, Ont. Farmer. C : Edwin 
A, Martin E, John Abrani, Ida May. 

VII. Benjamin Clemens, b May 17," 1865 ; d Sept 17 

VII. Julia E Clemens, born Apr 6, 1868 ; m Herbert 
Ravvhugs. P O Ravensvvood, Out. Farmer C • 
Walter C. 

VI. Elizabeth Rosenberger, b in Waterloo co, Ont 
Apr 1829 ; d July 1878 ; m George Henry Dennstedt 
Jan 1853. H was born at Muhlhausen, Pru.ssia, Oct 
1830 ; d at Blair. Out, May 1890. Merchant ; Menn. 
C : Mary, Abraham, Wilhelmina, Elizabeth, Elvina, 
Isaac, George. 

VII. Mary Ann Dennstedt, born in Blandford, Ont 
Dec 20, 1853 ; 11^ Aaron R Bock. (See Index of 
References No. i.) 

VII. Abram Dennstedt, b in Blenheim twp, Oxford 
CO, Ont, Jan 19, 1857 ; ^ Agnes Armstrong Oct 16, 
1878. P O Carberry, Man. Farmer ; Meth. C ' 
(VIII) George James Dennstedt (d), b Sept 5, 1879. 
(VIII) William Dennstedt, born Feb 7, 1881. (VIII) 
Agnes Dennstedt, born Aug 17, 1S82. (VIII) Ellie 
Dennstedt, born Nov 22, 1884 ; died Oct 5, 1885. 
(VIII) Chester Dennstedt, born Nov 22, 1886. (VIII) 
Nellie Dennstedt, born Sept 24, 1888. (Vill) Eizzie 
Dennstedt, b Aug 31, 1890. 

VII. Wilhelmina Dennstedt, born in Wilmot twp" 
Waterloo co, Ont, Oct 1857 ; m George Perry Mar 15,' 
1893. P O Deloraine, Man. Farmer ; Meth. No 
issue by this marriage, but a dau by second marriage. 
C: (VIII) Jennie Smiley, b Feb 17, 1880; m Leonard 
M Sawyer October 13, 1897. P O Deloraine, Man 
Farmer ; Meth. 

VII. Elizabeth Dennstedt, born in Ellis twp, Ont, 
August 13, 1859 ; m James Armstrong Julv 1880 R 
7th ave, Mt Plea.sant, B C. Dairyman ; Meth. C • 


I VIII) Olive Kliznbclh Armstrong, b July 14, 18S9 ; 
Percy Calviu. b August 7. 1891 ; Muriel Agues, born 
Aug 24. 1895. 

VII i:ivina Dennstedt. b in i'crlh co. Out, May 13. 
KSOi ; m William John Carson July 15. 1H90. R loth 
avc. Mt I'k-asant. Vancouver, B C. Meclianic ; Meth. 
C : VIII I James Albert Carson, born May 24, 1891 ; 
Margaret Klizabeth. b Nov 17. 1893; George Doug- 
lass, b Sci>t <». 1H95. 

VII. Isaac Dcnnstcdt. lK)rn in Perth co, Out, Aug 15, 
1864. P O Carbcrrv. Man. Small ware peddler ; 
Mclh. S. 

VII. George Dennstedt. b in Perth co, Out, March 4, 
1866. P O Vancouver, B C. Ivngineer ; Meth. S. 

VI. Abraham Rosenberger, ]) in Waterloo co. Out, 
Sept 3. 1831 ; m Catharine Moore Oct 18, 1853. She 
was b in Waterloo co, Ont, vSept 29, 1836. When a 
Ujy Mr Rosenl>erger moved with his parents to Wilmot 
twp, Ont, where his parents were pioneer settlers and 
had all the inconveniences and requisites of pioneer 
life, such as living in a log cabin in the woods with 
only a fireplace for co4.)king and a blanket foT a door, 
and hunting, horseback riding, fishing, etc. Abram 
heli)cd to clear many a new farm. Machinery being 
almost unknown then and schools few and inferior, 
lx)ys were obliged to work hard, with but little 
opj)ortunity to get an education. Abram's schooling 
consisted of alH)Ut tliree Winter's of school. Though 
a studious pupil he had little chance of learning any- 
thing U-sides reading, writing and arithmetic. His 
mother taught him to read German, which he never 


In 1853 he bought a farm of his father, where he 

livetl until 1863. when he .stjld it and moved to Huron 
t. where he had rented the Cober farm. In 

j^"^ iie ujoved to a farm of his own, where he lived 

until iH'(\ when he wjld and bought a farm nearer 

sthool. In 1884 he again sold and bought a farm in 

Tt: ). Mich, where he still resides. 

V. M^n Mrs kt)senl)erger was 11 years old her 

parents movctl near Antioch, 111. where her father 


died of a fever, and soon after the family returned to 

Mr Roseuberger's whole family of eight children 
have musical talent inherited from their parents, and 
as long as a majority of them were at home they had 
a regular family choir. P O Unionville, Mich. Far- 
mer ; Menu. C : Nancy, Rachel, Lydia, Samuel, 
Aaron, Jesse, Mary, Sarah. 

VII, Nancy A Rosenberger, b in Waterloo co, Ont, 
Aug 25, 1854 ; ni Thomas A Tressler, of Waterloo co, 
Sept 16, 1885. P O Muskoka, Ont. Mr Tressler 
has enjoyed some traveling, having before marriage 
been on a trip to England and afterward to Virginia. 
Since his marriage he went to British Columbia with 
the intention of locating there, but soon after 
returned to Canada and located in Muskoka, near the 
village of Trout Creek. Farmer and carpenter ; 
Christadelphian church. C : (VIII) Vida Catharine 
Tressler, born Feb 25, 1887 ; Charles Percival, born 
Aug 23, 1890. 

VII. Rachel M Rosenberger, b in Waterloo co, Ont, 
Jan 9, 1856 ; m T O Page, of Halton co, Ont, Apr 11, 
1895. P O Palermo, Ont. Farmer, and reside on 
the old page homestead in Halton co, Ont. Though 
a bright scholar Mrs Page's natural ability was .sew- 
ing. At 12 years she made her own dresses and did 
much of the family .sewing. At 13 she left home, 
going back to Waterloo, Ont, doing housework at the 
Uncle D Cole's and going to school, and later began 
.sewing at 30 cents a day, until she opened up a dress- 
making shop at New Hamburg, Ont, with only 30 
cents in money. She bought a $65 sewing machine 
on time and gradually rose in her business, and after 
dressmaking in New Hamburg many years she sewed 
in Gait, New Dundee and Guelpli. Three years 
before her marriage she was head mantle cutter in a 
large store in Hamilton, and some time in Dundas at 
$40 a month. Christadelphians. 

VII. Lydia L> Rosenberger, b in Waterloo co, Ont, 
June 6, 1857. P O Unionville, Mich. In 1884 .she 
moved with her parents to Tu.scola co, Mich, and still 
resides at home, and is engaged in dres.smaking, her 

f,7 THI-: R()ST':niu:rgi:r history 

chicl u».4;f;iii bcin^ ;iiti>iic wurk, in which she excels. 
Ikrforc leaving C;iii;i«i;i >-lu- tniitid with llic luan^cli- 
cnl church. 

VII Samuel RoscnU'rKer. b in Waterloo co Oct 17, 
i>^i< ; in I.ucy Hinv;anian. of Oxford co, Ont, Jan i, 
ihyi. r O rnia>nninK. Hay co, Mich. In 1.SS2 he 
went 10 North Dakota intending to locate there, l)ni 
in 1884 returned and ujoved with his parents to 
Michigan. Mc was something of a genius and 
invented many articles in his hoyliood, anu)ng them a 
water wheel, thresher, windmill, etc. Carpenter by 
trade, now farmer. Mrs R()senl>erger, Men. C : 
(VIII) Clayton Roscnlx-rger. b Feb 19, 1S92 ; Verian 
John, b Mar 27. 1894 ; \ivian Jesse, b Oct 28, 1S97. 

VII Kev Aaron RosenlH.rger. b in Waterloo co, Ont, 
April 26, 1862 ; ni Lizzie Uingaman, of Oxford co. 
Ont, Jan 9, 1887. When married he engaged in 
farming for two years. In 1S90 he moved to Tu.scola 
CO. Mich, where he purcha.sed a farm, but sold it in 
1S91, and later attended .school at Ihilton, Mich, to 
prei>are for the ministry of the New Nkiinonite church. 
On leaving school he preached in Michigan and 
Indiana as an evangelist for a year, then went to 
Waterloo co, Ont. and took charge of the Bright 
church congregation. He now resides in Berlin, Ont, 
JLS local preacher. From lx)yhood his natuud talents 
were nuisic and oratory. He had a beautiful clear 
tenor voice, and at 13 years led the tenor in singing 
school. C : (VIII) Lucy Rosenl>erger. born Aug 26, 
1887 ; Klmore. b Oct 10, 1890 ; Roy, b May 6, 1894 ; 
Ruth, b July 22, 1896. 

VII. Jesse A Rosenberger, born in Huron co, Ont, 
July 2, iSf)5 ; ni lUla Daniels, of Waterloo co, Ont, 
I)cc 29, 1891. P O Pigeon. Huron co, Mich. In 
1S92 he moved to Michigan anil rented his father's 
farm. In iSi»5 he bouglii an 80-acre farm in Huron 
countv, where he now resides. In stature he is tall, 
1 :ioi (juite two inches of being as tall as his 

(ji.iiiiii.iiher R<»*ienlH.rger, whose height was 6 feet 2 
inches. New Menu. C: ^VIII; \ernon D Rosen- 
iK-r^cr. \i Oct 31. 1893 ; Nina, b May 20, 1896. 

VII Mary J Rosenliergcr, born in Union co, Ont, 


July 6, 1868. Early iu life she had strong iuclina- 
tious for learning. She began going to school at 7 
years. Soon after the family moved to Michigan, 
where she made efforts to earn means with which to 
gain a higher education than the district schools 
afforded. In August 1889 she passed the examina- 
tion and received a third grade teachers' certificate, 
and in November following began teaching and 
taught four terms, then entered Caro High School in 
September 189 1, remaining six months, after which 
she taught several terms. She took great interest in 
Sunday school work, in which she led the alto sing- 
ing. Before leaving Canada she joined the Evan- 
gelical church. P O Unionville, Mich. S. 
VII. Sarah J Rosenberger, b in Huron co, Ont, Dec 
14, 187Q. She began going to school at the age of 6 
years, and at 10 she began to learn rapidly. In 
August 1889 she succe'ssfully passed the third grade 
teachers' examination. She then entered the Caro 
High school, where she remained six months, after 
which she taught five terms, then re-entered Caro 
High school for six months, and after leaving there 
again taught school. When quite 3'oung she took a 
course in penmanship and made a specimen of pen- 
work that was the admiration of all. She has musi- 
cal talents and is an accomplished mu.sician. Her 
present address is South End, Ont. 

VI. Christian S Rosenberger, b in Waterloo co, Ont, 
Nov I, 1833; m Barbara Jones (d). C: Barbara, 
d in infancy. Christian married second wife Hannah 
Shantz May 13, 1856. She was born in Waterloo co, 
Ont, June 10, 1837 ; d Mar 1891. P O New Dundee, 
Ont. Retired farmer ; Menu. C: Henry, Abraham, 
Maria, Rebecca, Hannah, Christian, Lucinda, Noah, 

VII. Henry Rosenberger, b Aug 23, 1857 ; d Apr 7, 


VII. Abraham Rosenberger, b in Waterloo co Jan 11, 
1859 ; ^ Lydia Tohman Sept 13, i88r. P O New 
Dundee, Ont. Farmer ; Menu Br in Christ ch. C : 
(VIII) Elma Rosenberger, born Sept 30, 1884. (VIII) 
vSon, b Mar 30, 1886; d Dec 20, 1887. (VIII) Myra 


Kosenberger. b vScjU i.s. i>^'^>' ' VIII ) Xora Ruseu- 
iHrrger. b April 24. 1X94. 

VII Maria RosciilK-rner. iHirii in Waterloo co, Out, 
M.i> w. iSOi ; m Rev Henry S Ilallinan Jan 18, i«8r. 
1' C) Berlin, Ont. He was b in Waterloo co Ang 5, 
1859. He attended the public school at New Dundee 
until old enouf^h to assist on the farm. When in his 
'"teens" he left the farm and enj^aj^eil in the cariKiUer 
trade, and later entered the Berlin Hij^h school and 
studied at other places of education until he passed 
liis exaniinatidu for the teaching profession. After 
leaching two and a half years in Bruce co. Ont. he 
retired from the ])rofession and moved to Berlin, 
where he still resides. Wlien a younj; man he joined 
the River Brethren church, of which he was a nieni- 
l>er for souje years. In 1S79 he united with the 
Mennonite Brethren in Christ, of which church he is 
still an active member. In 1S81 he gave his life to 
ministry and has faithfully served the church of his 
choice up to the present time. In October 188S the 
general cx)nference held in Berlin, Ont, aj^pointeil 
him editor of the " 0<)si)el Banner," a ]x)sition ho 
.still holds. C ; Manilla, Abner, Nancy b'llen, Lome, 

VII Reljecca Ro.senl>erger, b in Waterloo co, Ont, 
Ajir 19, 1S63. S. 

VII. Hannah Ro.senl)erger, b in Wilmot iwp, Water- 
loo CO, June 23, 1865; m James Coleman Dec 21, 

1886, P O I'^lmwood, Ont. Farmer; Menu Br in 
Christ. C : ( VIII ) Rosetta Coleman, b Dec 31, 18S7 ; 

Mihon. b July 6, 1891 ; Oorden, b Oct i, 1894. 
VII Christian Ro.senl)erger, Jr, b in Waterloo co 

Aug II, 1867; m riiidellia Reist, of Ko.ssuth, Ont, 

January 2, 1894. I* O New Dundee, Ont. I-'armer ; 

Menu. C : (VIII; Benaiah Roseiiberger, b Aug 2G, 

VII l.ucinda RosenlK-rgcr, b in Wilmot twp, Water- 

j.r^. .«», March 28, 1871 ; m Theodore Reist Dec 22, 

lH(;i r O Kossuth, Ont. banner; New Menu. C: 
VIM WilmerReist,bJan8. 1893. (VIII) Mabel Reist, 

U May 9. i8 . VIM Alton Reist, b June 23, 1895 ; 

tl Nov 15. li--.,^ Vllh IVarl Reist, b Nov 20, 1896. 




















VII. Noah Rosen berger, b in Waterloo Co., Ont. 

June lo, 1875, m Lizzie Schultz Nov 4, 1896. P O 

Elkton, Mich. Farmer, Menn, Br. in Christ. 
Yl|. Minerva Rosenberger, b in Waterloo Co. Ont. 

July 19, 1878. P O New Dundee, Ont. S. 
VI Sarah Rosenberger, b Apr 16, 1836, d July 10, 

1880, aged 44 yr. 2 m. 24 d. 

V|. Benjamins. Rosenberger, b in Waterloo Co., 
Ont. July I, 1838, m Nancy Shantz, daughter of 

Henry Shantz, Oct 11, 1859. P O New Dundee, 
Ont. Farmer, Menn. C: Lydia, Menno, Mary, 
Leah, Eli, Nancy, Benjamin, Sara, Osia, Edwui. 
Vl|. Lydia Rosenberger, b June 4, i860. 
VII ■ Menno Rosenberger, b Sept 25, 1862, m Lucinda 
Stauffer Sept 8. 1891. P O New Dundee, Ont. 
Farmer, Menn. Br. in Christ. C: (VIII) Annie 
Vera Rosenberger, Lome Stanley Ro.senberger. 

Vl|. Mary Rosenberger, b Apr 12, 1865, m John 
H. Coleman Nov 4, 1891. P O Elmwood, Ont. 
Farmer, Menn. Br. in Christ. C: (VIII) Ina, Cole- 
man, b Oct 2, 1894. (VIII) Verna Coleman, b Jan 
27, 1897. (VIII) Nancy Coleman, b Apr 12, 1899. 

(VIII) Lydia Pearl Coleman, b Jan 21, 1901. 

Vl|. Eli Rosenberger, b May 7, 1870, m Clara 
Snyder Feb 5, 1896. P O Brown City, Michigan. 
Farmer, Menn. Br. in Christ. C: (VIII) Mabel Ros- 
enberger, b Feb 2, 1897. (VIII) Olive Rosenber- 
ger, b Apr 29, 1898. (VIII) Floyd Rosenberger, 
b Aug 31, 1901. 

VII. Nancy Rosenberger, b Feb 21, 1873. 

VII ■ Benjamin Ro.senberger, b June 16, 1875. 

VII . Sarah Ann Rosenberger, b Sept 10, 1877. 

Vl|. Osia Rosenberger, b Aug 18, 1S80. 

Vl|. Edwin Rosenberger, b Aug 13, 18S4. 

V|. Isaac Rosenberger, b in Waterloo Co., Ont. 
Jan 2, 1842, m Elizabeth Shantz, Jan 24, 1865. P 
O Plattsville, Ont. Farmer, Menn. C: Hannah, 
Isaiah, Mary, Moses, Emory, Emaliue, Titus, 

Vil. Hannah Rosenberger, b in Waterloo Co., Ont. 
Dec 10, 1865, m Jo.shua M. Shantz Nov 3, 1891, 
P O Haysville, Ont. Farmer, Menn. C: (VIII) 


Alberta Shantz. b Oct 2, iSqS, d Mar 14, igoi. 

VII Isaiah KoscnbirrKcr, \> Aiij^: 15, 1S67, m 
I'tiMila vShant/. "Fariuer. Mt.nn. C: ( VIID Bessie 

VII Mary Ann Rc)sc-nl>fr>,H*r. b Jan 2.\, 1870. d 
I'cb y. iSg.j. ni Norman Sliant/. 

Vl|. ICinalinc KosmbcTj^cr, b Aj)r JO, 1S72, in Nor- 
man Shant/. C: (Vll|) Mar\ Ann Shantz. 

VII Moses Rosenl>cr>jer, b Dec 11, 1S74. 

VII lunory Kosinbcr^ar, b Jan 17, 1S77. 

VII Titns Rostnbcr>;cr. bjuly iS, 1S79. 

VII Ulsic RoscnbcrKcr, ])JnlyS, 1SS3. 

VI Snsainia Roscnberger. (b) d June 2, 1S76, 

a^cii 7,2 yr. 6 nio :6 d. S. 

VI Lydia Roscnberger, b May 27. 1845, m Levi 
S. vShantz Mar 28, 1865. P 6 PhiHipsburg. Out. 
Farmer, Mcnn. C: Al>raham, Nancy, Isaiali, 
Wendell , Barbara, (d); Susanna, Lydia, Sarah, 
ICiuer> . Noah, (d); Hannah, (d); Hiram, (d). 

VII Abraham Sliantz. b Jan S, 1866, m Marv 
Ann Wolf. Farmer, Luth. C: (VIID Orfa, Laura, 
Theodore, Herbert. Hiram. 

Vl|. Nancy Shantz. (twin to Abraham), b Jan 
8, 1866, m Daniel Rudy. Wason-maker. Menu. 
C: Vlir Norman, (d); Clarence, Clayton, Aloin. 

VII Isaiah Shantz, b Apr 11, 1S6S, m Sarah 
Hoiiderick. Merchant, Menu. 

VII Wendell Shantz, 1) Mar i, 1S70. 

VII ]5arl)ard Shantz. b Jan 27. 1S72, (d). 

VII Susanna Shantz, b Aug 14, 1S74. 

VII Lydia vShantz, b Jan i. 1877, m Abraham 
Honderick. Farmer. C: (VIM' b-:irl Honderick, 
b Aug 26, 1897. 

VII Sarah Shantz, bMarc;, 1S79, (d). 

VII lunery Shantz, b Oct 20, 1S81. 

VII Noah Shantz. b July 20. 1883, (d). 

VII Hannah .Shantz, (twin), b July 20. 1883, 

VII Hiram ShaiUz. b Mar 23, 1885, (d). 

V Jaccjb R(jsenl>crger, 1) 1803, d at Oueljih, 
Out. May 3. i8yi, m Lucinda Bigelow. vSlie d at 
Hcsplcr. Out. in 1857. Mr. Rosenberger fell heir to 


a large amount of his father's property, but in later 
3'ears lost nearly all of it. Farmer and Butcher, 
Methodist. C: Hettie, Elvira, Walter, Elizabeth. 

Y|. Hettie Anne Rosenberger, b in Pre.ston, S Ont. 
July 9, 1844, m Thomas Arthur Wesley Pearson 
Sept 19, 1873. Mr. Pearson was a native of Hull, 
London, England. He died after a long illness of 
ten years. P O Guelph, Ont. Ch. of England. 
C: Alice. 

VII. Alice Maud Pearson, b Sept 30, 1874. P O 
Guelph, Ont. She is the head knitter in the 
largest wollen mill in the city. She is a great lover 
of nature, and books are her constant companions. 
She is an excellent reader and has good conversa- 
tional powers, and is also passionately fond of 
music. She is a very prominent and popular 
worker in the Paisley St. Methodist church of 
Guelph, and was selected and sent as a delegate to 
the Epworth League Convention held in Toronto 
July 1897. Meth. S. 

Y|. Elvira Rosenberger, b Mar 4, 1846, d 1855. 

Yl. Walter Rosenberger, b Apr i, 1849, d Apr 
18, 1883, m Harriet Bolduc, of Hespler, Ont., 
(a French lady). C: George. 

Yl|. George Rosenberger. 

Y|. Elizabeth Rosenberger, b 1851, m David 
Field, of Hespler, Ont. P O Guelph, Ont. 

Y- Barbara Rosenberger, b Jan 29, 1804, d Jan 
30, 1885, m Daniel Rudy. He wash in Lancaster 
Co., Pa. Dec 4, 1796, d Dec 7, 1S57. Went to 
Canada when a young man; settled near Doon, 
in Waterloo Co., Ont. C: George, Rebecca, 
Nancy, Daniel, Abraham, Christian, Henry, 
Benjamin, Samuel, Barbara, Jacob. 

Y|. George Rudy, b Sept 23, 1823, m Barbara 
Lichty, Mar 16, 1847. She was b Jan 2, 1825. 
P O Waterloo, Ont. Retired farmer. C: Nancy. 

Yl|. Nancy Rudy, b Apr 7, 1850, m John 
Kunkle May 3, 1868. He was a native of Lehigh 
Co., Pa. The}' resided on her father's old home- 
stead where she died Apr 14, 1887. Farmer. C: 
(Ylll) Sarah Jane Kunkle, (d); Josiah, Cyrus, (d); 

GH IHK HnsKSMKKciKl; lllsKiKV 

Alice. Barbara. Nancy, (di; John. i,d); Georj^je, 
fdV Alfred. Hmma. 

VI ReUecca Rudy, b Oct 29, 1825, m Samuel 
v'~>hant/. Mar 25. 1S45. (his second wife). He was 
b Jan 16. isii. d Jan iS. 1^195. Farmer near 
Herlin, Ont., where he was the possessor of one of 
the finest farms on the Petersburg road. Menu. 

C: Daniel, l^sther. Aljrahani, Moses, Ivinily, 

Josiah, Nelson, Matilda, Israel, Alien, Louisa, 

VII Daniel Shant/.. b Jan i, 1846, d Aug .^ 1848. 

VII ICsther Shantz, b Dec 27. 1847, m Menno 
Slu.cniakcr Nov 29, 1870. He was b Mar 8, 1S45. 
P O Berlin, Ont. Carpenter, Methodist. C: 
Samuel. Rebecca, Clara, Emma, Harvey. 

Vlll- Samuel Allen Shoemaker, l> Jan ^, 1S72, d 
Julv 6. 1893. 

VIII Rebecca May Shoemaker, b Mar 6, 1874, m 
julm Williams July 11, 181^9. Farmer. C: (|X) 
Olive ICsther Williams. 

Vlll Clara Hlma Shoemaker, b Apr 28, 1877. P 
Herlin. Ont. Methodist. 

Viij. Kmma Lourina Shoemaker, b Dec 14, 1880, 
m Charles J. H. Mussel Dec 2<>. 1900. P O Berlin. 
Ont. Baker. C: (|Xj- Harold Walter 
Massel. b Oct 1901. 

Vlll. Harvey PMwin Shoemaker, ijjuly 24. 1886. 
P () Berlin, (Jut., Cabinetmaker. 

VII Abraham Shant/., b May 2, 1850, d Jan 23, 

Vl|. Moses K. vShant/, b Feb 13. 1852, m Rebecca 
Rickhert Jan 20, 1S74. Shed Dec 25, 1881. C: 
Sarah, lulwin, Lavina. Moses m second wife, 
Caroline Lipps, Oct 8, 18S2. She was 1) Oct 29, 
IS(J2. P O Berlin, Ont. Farmer. C: (Vlll' FHa, 
Wesley, Dora. 

VII lunily Shant/.. b Feb 18, 1854, m Samuel C. 
Bowman Dec 9, 1S73. He was b Dec 23, iS.SJ. 1* 
O Brown City. Mich. Farmer, Menu. Br. in Christ. 
C: Alice, Matilda, Anna, Isaiah, ICthel. Walter, 
Nettie, ICmily. 

VIII Matilda Bowman, b b'eb 23, 1875. Res. St. 


Nicholas Hotel, Springfield, 111. S. 
VIII. Anna Rebecca Bowman, b Jan 21, 1877. 

Mission worker, Menn. Br. in Christ. Res. Port 

Huron, Mich. S. 

VIEI- Isaiah Bowman, b Dec 24, 1878. Res. 94 

Wendell St., Cambridge, Mass. Schoolteacher. S. 
V!l|. Alice Bowman, b Sept 4, 1881. S. 

ViSr Ethel Bowman, b July 11, 1885. 

VIII. Walter Bowman, b Mar 9, 1889. 

Vlii. Nettie Bowman, b Feb 14, 1891. 

VI!!. Emily Margaret Bowman, b Aug 27, 1899. 

VII. Josiah Shantz, b Feb 20, 1856, d Feb 5, 1861. 

V!|. Nelson Shantz, b Aug 2, 1858, djan 18, 1861. 

VII. Matilda Shantz, b Oct 16, i860, m Noah E. 
Ely Feb 12, 1879. P O Petersburg, Ont. Farmer. 
C: (Vlli) Josiah, Louisa, Samuel, Edwin, Saman- 
tha, Priscilla, Milton. 

VII. Israel R. vShantz, b Aug 15, 1863, m Elizabeth 
Schmidt.' P O Berlin, Ont. Farmer. C: (VIll) 
Soleda, Lloyd, Samuel, Orva. 

VII. Allen R. Shantz, b in Waterloo Co., Ont. 
Septa, 1865, m Louisa Detwiler Aug 10, 1888. P 
O Garstairs Alta, Canada. Lumber Mer., Post- 
master; and coal & implement dealer. C: (VIII) 
Cornelia Violet Shantz, b June 21, 1S89, d Oct 6, 
18S9. Roswell Jay Shantz, b May 17, 1899. 

VII- Louisa Rebecca Shantz, b Oct 2, 1867, m 
Benjamin E. Ely Mar 14, 1886. P O Berlin, Ont 
C: (VIII) Milford, Sylva. 

VII. Simon R. Shantz. b Apr 28, 1871, m Annie E. 
Knorr Aug 30, 189 1. P O Louisa Bridge, Manitoba, 
Canada. Employed by the Waterloo Mfg. Co. at 
Winnipeg, Man., and also runs a retail butcher busi- 
ness at that place. C: (VIII) Alberta Violet Shantz, 
bJanS, 1893. (VIII) Edgar Shantz, b Apr 15, 1896, 
d Mar 11, 1897. (VIII) Bessie Luella Shantz, b Apr. 
28, 1898. (;VIII) Herold Hugh Shantz, b Mar 31, 

V|. Nancy Rudy, b Oct 14, 1827, d Feb 20, 1862, m 
Aaron Ziegler Apr 11, 1854. He was b Dec 16, 
1829, d Jan 13, 1885. C: Jacob, Barbara, Sarah. 

VII. Jacob R. Ziegler, b Apr 10, 1856, m Catharine 


Koenig. 1' O CliipiKwa Hill, Out. Farmer. C: 
(VIII ) Addison, U//ie, George. 
VII. Barbara Ziculer, b Jan 21. 1858, m Aaron 
Marlii), Nov 27, 1S92. 1' O ("iorric, Ont. I'ariiK-r, 
Mcnn. No issue. 

VII. Sarah Ziegler. b Oct 27, 1859, m Solomon 
Lichly Jan2i. 1885. He was b Auk ^ i8^i. V 
Waterloo, Ont. Farmer. Mrnii. C: ( Ylll ' N'":il> 
Lichty, bSept 16. 18S3. . V||| • Nancy Liclity, b 
Dec 22. 1884. (VIII) Hettie Lichty, b May 6, 1887. 
(VIII) John Lichty, b May n;, 1889. (VIII* Sidney 
Lichty. b Dec 12, 1891. (Vlll) A son still-born 

Sc-pt 2V '.^^)('<- 

VI Daniel Rudy, b July 27. 1S30, d July 29. 1892, 
ni Marv Ann Dctweiler. Farmer. C: David. 

Vi|. Daviil Rudy, b — , m Mary Ann Hewitt. 1* O 
Tavistock. Ont. Farmer and auctioneer. 

VI Abraham Rudy, b Jan 2. 1833. m Nancy Shantz 
Sept 12, 1854. She was b May 5, 1S35, d Au.u 12, 
iSs7. C: Susanna, IClizaijeth. Aljraham m second 
wite. Mary Snyder, Oct 15. 1858. She d Dec 2, 
1897. C: Barbara, AiiKeline, Sophiana. 

VII Susanna Rudy, b in Waterloo twj). Ont. Cana- 
da, July 10, 1855. m Martin NL Fiey Mar 8, 1874. 
P O Waterloo. Out. Teamster, Menu. Br. in Christ. 
C: ICliza, Abraham, Amanda, Edwin, Harvey, IClani, 
Luelta, lilsie, Lloyd. 

VIII. Kli/.a Ann Frey, 1) Jan i'>. 1S75. ni l-ied 1). 
Ruland July 10, 1901. 1' O Mayville. N . \'. 

VIII. A' l-rey, b Au^ 19. i87<\ d Dec 13, 

VIII Amanda Frey, b Mar iS, 1S78. 
VIM Ivlwin Frey, b I'eb 9, 1880. 
Vljj. Harvey Frey. b Apr 13, 1882. 
Viij. b:iam Frey. b Nov 18. 1884. 
VIII. Luelta hrey, b Apr 10, 1887. 
VIII IClsie Frey, b Au^ 5. '«90. 
VIII. Lloyd Frey, b Sept 24, 181,2. 

V||. ICli/a Rudy, b in Waterloo iwp. Ont. Canada. 
Anv; I. I. S57. m John S. Becker Oct 17, 1875 1' '> 
Klinwood. Ont. Farmer, Luth. C: (VIII' C.eor^e 
Ik-cker, b Auk 3. 1876. MaKKi*-' J^'-*^'*^'-' • '' ♦^''-l --. 


1878. Herman Becker, [b Jan 20, r88r. William 
Becker, bjnne 14, 1883. Abraham Becker, b Feb 

II, 1885. Ida Becker, b Mar 3, 1887. Liicinda 
Becker, b Mar 13, 1889. Emanuel Becker, b Dec 

28, 1891. Alexander Becker, b Feb 24, 1894. Ed- 
na Becker, b June 13, 1896. 

VII. Barbara Rudy, b Aug 31, 1859, m Ezra S. 
Bauman Oct 15, 1878. P O Waterloo, Ont. Far- 
mer, Menu. C: (VIII) Allan Bauman, b Nov 8, 
i^'^yg- (VIII) Mary Ann Bauman, b Aug 17, 1882. 
(VIII) Sarah Bauman, b Feb iS, 18S6. (Vl||) Lizzie 
Bauman, b Mar 17, 188S. (VIII) Malinda Bauman, 
b Aug 16, 1893. 

Vl|. Angeline Rudy, b Oct iS, i860, d Feb 18. 
1891, m John M. Brubacher, Oct 4, 1881. He was 
b Mar 8, 1859. Farmer, Menu. C: (VIII) Edwin 
Brubacher, b Oct 16, 1882. (VIII) Clara Brubacher, 
b June II, 1885. (VIII) Abraham Brubacher, b Jan 
8, 1888. (VIII; Luannah Brubacher, b Dec 22, 1891 . 

Vll- Sophianna Rudy, b Feb 8, 1862, mjosiah S. 
Shantz Nov 25, 1884. P O Waterloo, Ont. Far- 
mer, Menu. C: (VIH) Alvin Shantz, b Jan 30, 
1886. Elvina Shantz, b Oct 5, 1890. 

V|. Christian Rudy, b Jan 2, 1833, m Eydia Horst 
Jan 2, 1855. She was b Mar 17, 1838. PO St. 
Jacobs, Ont. Farmer, Menu. C: Leah, Amanda, 
Amos, Daniel, Emma, Veronica, Lydia, Christian, 
Josiah, Susanna, Barbara. 

Vl|. Leah Rudy, b Aug 8, 1855, m Henry P. Mar- 
tin Jan 31, 1875. He was b Aug 13, 1852. P O 
Winfield, Ont. Farmer, Menu. C: (VIII) Lydia 
Martin, bjan 18, 1876. Menu. Menno Martin, b 
Sept 7, 1877. Menu. Josiah, Jeremiah, and Ver- 
onica, (triplets), b and d Nov 24, 1878. Christian 
Martin, b Feb 6, 1880. Amos Martin, b June 6, 
1882, d Sept I, 1883. Jonathan Martin, b Dec 30, 
1884. Boy, still-born Aug 3, 1886. Girl, still-born 
May 28, 1888. Susanna Martin, b Aug 22, 1889. 
Mary Ann Martin, b Apr 10, 1892. Anna Martin, 
b Feb 17, 1894. Leah Martin, b Aug 29, 1897. 

VII. Amanda Rudy, b May 14, 1857, d May 24, 
1889, m Samuel Snyder May 31, 1887. He wash 


Mar n. 1856. r n Baden. Out. Farmer, Menu- 
C: (VIII) Menno Snider, b Sept 16, iSSS. 

Yl|. Amos Rudy, 1) Mar 25. 1S59, d Feb 4, 1S86, 
m Anna Steincr jan J4. iSS4- ''^•>«^' ^^'a^' '^ Aug 6. 
1S61. djuly 10. iSyi. C: (VIII) Isaiah Rudy, b 
May .\s. 1SS5 

V||. Daniel II Rudy, b A]ir 24. 1S61, ni Nancy 
Shanl/ Jan Jt', issr^ 1' L) Hlair, Out. Carriage- 
maker. Menu. C: (Vlll) Norman Rudy, b Jan 4. 
1887, d Apr 29. 1890. Clarence Rudy, b Sept 27, 
1S90. Cla.Nton Rudv, b Nov 7, 1S92. AlvinRudy, 
b Jan 15. 1S95. Mclvin Rudy, I) Dec 27, 1S97, 
I^vi Rudy b May 8. 1902, 

YII Hinma Rudy, b Sept i, 1863. m Jonathan 
M.iriin Nov I 2. 1S8;. He was b Aug 8, is6o. P 
U Waterloo. Out. Farmer, Menu. C: (VIII) Jo- 
siah Martin, 1) Sept 28, 1883. Ephraim Martin, b 
Feb 12. 1885. Irwin Martin, b Mar 23. 1SS7. 
Hannah Martin, b Dec 15. 1SS8. Isaiah Martin, b 
Oct 24. 1890. Malinda Martin, b Mar 5, 1892. Nor- 
man Martin, b Feb 25, 1894. Alvina Martin, b 
Mar 4. 1897. Milton Martin, b Aug 13, 189S. 

Vli. Veronica Rudy, b Oct 18, 1865, m Daniel 
lunst Apr 20. 1886. He was b Feb 3, 1865. P O 
Waterloo. Ont. Farmer, Menu. C: (VIII) Josiah 
Frnst, b Jan 13, 18S7. Nelson Ernst, b Aug 30, 
i8.'58. Salinda Ernst, b June 14, 1890. Noah 
Ernst, b Jan 19, 1892. Jonathan Ernst, b Dec 9, 
1S93. Barbara Ernst, b Jan 1 1 , 1898. 

VII. Lydia Rudy, bjunei7, 1869. PO St. Jacobs, 
Out. Menu. S. 

Vlj. Christian Rudy, b June 17, 1869, d Feb 6, 
I n; I , ( twin to Lydia). 

VII Josiah Rudy, b Sept 21, 1871, d Oct 4, 18S5. 

Vl|. Susamia Rudy, b July 28, 1S74, d Mar 22, 

187 5- 
VII. Barbara Rudy, 1) May 13. 1S76. Menu. S. 

V|. Henry Rudy, 1) in 1835, m Louisa Anna Meyer. 
Resitled in Ilhnois where he died. C: Josei)ii, 
Ivli/ ICmily. 

VI Benjamin Rudy, b in W'aterloo Co. Ont. Cana- 
da. Uct 13. 1837, d Ai)r 23, 1890, m Mary Ann 


Hoffman Nov 7, 1862. She was b Apr 20, 1844, in 
Waterloo, Co. Out. d Apr 27, 1894. Farmer, 
Menn. C: William, Menno, Nancy, Sarah, Bar- 
bara, Magdalena, Eleanor, Mar}-, Mary, Jeremiah, 
Josiah, Hannah, Elias, Lucy. 
VII. William Rudy, b Apr 24, 1864, m Rachel 
Reist Dec 24, 1S90. She was b Aug 17, 1862. P O 
Waterloo, Out. Farmer. C: (Vl||) Mary Etta 
Rudy, b Apr 28, 1S92. Jacob R. Rudy, b Mar 9, 
1894. Martha Ellen Rudy, bjan 12, 1S96. Rachel 
Ann Rudy, b May 8, 1898. Sarah Ann Rudy, 
(twin), b May 8, 1898. 
VII. Menno Rudy, b Jan 16. 1866. d Jan 17, 1867. 
VII. Nancy Rudy, b Sept 19, 1867. i* ^ Jordan, 
Ont. S. 

VII. Sarah Ann Rudy, b in Waterloo Co. Ont., 
Dec 21, 1 868, m Caleb Shelley Feb 28, 1899. P 
O Berlin, Ont. 
VII. Barbara Rudy, b Jan 19, 1870. P O 
Strasburg, Ont. S. 

Vl|. Magdalena Rudy, b July 31, 1872. P O 
Baden, Ont. S. 
VII. Eleanor Rudy, b Oct 6, 1874. P O 
Waterloo, Ont. 

VSI. Mary Ann Rudy, b May 8, 1877, d 
May 8, 1877. 
VII. Mary Etta Rudy, (twin), b May 8, 1877, 
d May 22, 1877. 

VII- Jeremiah Rudy, b July 24, 1878. P O 
Berlin, Ont. S. 
VII. Josiah Rudy, (twin), b July 24, 187S. 
VII. Hannah Rudy, b Mar 6, 1880. 
Vl|. Elias Rudy, b June 13, 1882. 
Vl|. Eucy Ann Rudy, b Nov 3, 1884. 
V|. Samuel Rudy, b Mar 3, 1S40, m Nancy Jones 
1S61. She was b Apr 22, 1845. P O Berlin, Ont. 
Teamster. C: Joshua, Hannah, Jonas, Barbara, 
Samuel, Emanuel, Moses, Addison, Albert. 
VII. Joshua Rudy, b Mar 11, 1862, m Rebecca 
Spaetz. P O Waterloo, Ont. Farmer. C: (VIII) 
Noah, Amos, Israel, Aaron. 
VII. Hannah Rudy, b July 6, 1863, m Alexander 


Dingwall. 1' <> WcUesley. Out. Carder and 
Spinner. C VIII ' Martha \'alcria Dingwall. Har- 
rv Alexander l)in>:\vall. 

Vll- Jonas Rudy, 1) Dec :;i. 1.S64. in Louisa Thiele. 
r C) Ik-rlin, Ont. Cabinetmaker. (V|||) William. 
Aiuja. .'aines. 

Vij. Harl.ara Rudy, 1) June 10. 1867, m Jacob Sau?r. 
r I) Ikrlin. Unt. Cabinetmaker and M'fg. of 
Parlor frames. C: Norman, Harold. 

VII Samuel Rudy, b Sept 20, 1S6S, m Liz/.ie 
Lant/.. i* O Waterloo, Ont. Kmployed ni a furni- 
ture factory. C: (VIII I Lenora, Oscar. 

VII Hmanuel Rudy, b Aug 21. 1X70. V O Ber- 
lin. Ont. 

VII .Moses Rudv, b Mar iS, 1.S75, d Mar 23. 1S75. 

VII Addison Rudv. b Mar 11, 1S76. P O 
Herlin. Ont. 

VII Albert L. Rudy, b Mar 26. iSSS. 

VII Barbara Rudy. bJuneiS, 1S42, m Menno K. 
Sliant/ Sept iS. 1.S64. He was b Mar i i . \S.[i. V 
Petersburg. Ont. Farmer. C: Nelson, Ange- 
line, Cleason. William. Maria. Clara. 

Yl|. Nelson Sliant/, 1) June 11, i^^^'S. m Barbara 
Snyder. P O Petersburg, Ont. Farmer. C:(VIII' 
Agnes. Arthur. Ivorne, Cornelia. 

Vl|. Angeline Shantz, b Oct 6, 1S67. m Samuel 
Snyder Sept 20, 1893. P O New Dundee, Ont. 
Farmer. Meini. C: VIII ' Perly May, b Feb 7. 
1895. Violet Snyder, b Nov 28, 1897. Rosetta 
Snyder, b Aug 15, I902. 

Vi|. Cleason Shantz, b July 28, 1870, m Maria 
Shantz Dec 19, 1894. P O Waterloo, Ont. Far- 
mer, Meiin. C: I VIII ' Burnice Shantz. b Jan 21, 
i^'/'. Clinton Shanl/., b Sept iS. 1897. 

VII William R. Shantz, 1j Apr 3, 1872. 1' O 
I'eter^burg, (Jnt. 

VII Maria Shantz. b May 28, 1876. 

VII Clara Sliuiil/.. bjulyi, 1884. 

VI Jacul^Rudy. b 1844,111—. P O St . Antonia, 

V. ICli/abelh Rosenl)erger, b — . in Henry vShaeffei. 
No i.s^uc. 


V. Nancy Rosenberger, b— , m John Graham. 

Res. Dundas, Ont. 
IV. Jacob Rosenberger, b in Bucks Co., Pa. about 

1770, d of cholera in Sheffield, Ont. Canada, in 

1834, m Polly Detweiler. She was bin Moutg. 

Co. Pa. about 1780, d of cholera in 1834. Weaver 

and farmer. They first belonged to the Mennonite 

church, and afterwards to the German Baptists. 

They emigrated to Canada in 1822. C: John, 

Rebecca, Elizabeth, Jacob, Benjamin, Abraham,' 

Henry, Joseph, Christian, Nancy, Mary, Susan. 
Y. John D. Rosenberger, b Feb 4, 1800, d Feb 8, 

1884, m Nancy Harley Mar 28, 1830. She was b 

Oct 21, 1810, d Nov 25, 1871. Both born, lived, 

and died in Montg. Co. Pa. Farmer. C: Margaret, 

Sarah, Catharine, Mary, Elizabeth, Simeon, John, 

V|. Margaret Rosenberger, b Oct 23, 1830, m 

William Rahn. P O Graters Ford, Pa. C: 

Warren, Clara. 

VII. Warren R. Rahn, b in Montg. Co. Pa. 

Nov 29, 1861, m Emma L. Eewis July 17, 1893. 

P O Ambler, Pa. Princ. of Schools, Luth. C: 
(VIII) Marguerite L. Rahn, b Oct 11, 1894. Janey 
L. and Jessie E. Rahn, bjan3, 1896. Clara Ros- 
enberger Rahn, b Jan 30, 1899, 

VII. Clara R. Rahn, b— . S. ' 

V|. Sarah Rosenberger, b June ro, 1832, d June 
5, 1880, m Aaron Reed. C: Annie, John, Clay- 
ton, Mary. 

Vl|. Annie Reed, m Samuel Moore. 

VII. John Reed. P O Neiffer, Pa. 

VII. Clayton Reed. 

Vl|. Mary Reed, m Harry Steimnetz. 

V|. Catherine Rosenberger, b Jan 15, 1834, m 
Wilson Thomas Nov 5, 1853. P O Limerick, Pa. 
Farmer, Ref. ch. C: John, Wilson. 

VII. John H. Thomas, b Apr 12, 1858, m Sallie 
Kepler. Farmer, Ref. ch. C: (VHI) Laura K. 
Thomas, b Feb 24, 1885. Katie K. Thomas, b 
Feb 28, 1890. 

VII. Wilson A. Thomas, b Dec 11, 1864, m Alice 


T!!P Un-<FN'nFI{(;K!{ lllSTOKV 

]•: Diokersoi) i.uu. . .\ ■ i.^sue. ( 1879). 

VI Mifv Ann R )-i-nl)eriLjer, b July i. iST,r\ m 
Aliraham D. AUicrfcr. (See A. D Alderfer Family). 

yi ! '.h Rosjuherger. b in Montg. Co. Pa. 

J 11 . 3 J. m Jacob L. Wart'.nm Oct 20, 1S66. 

1» , crs Ford, Fa. Farmer, Lnth. C: Sarah, 

.Marv. Hli/.abfih. 

VII Sarah Ann Wartman, b in r;.;>Lr Providence 
lAj. .Mont^. Co. Fa. July 16, i><hj, m Abraham 
V. Rami Oct 22. 1SS7. F () Graters Ford, Fa. 
Farmer. C: (Vlll) Raymond \V Raun, b Dec 21, 
1S91. Li/./.ieW. Raun, b Nov 25, 1S93. Jeimie 
\V Ruin, b June 16. 1S97. Jacob Rcsevelt Raun, 
b lune 29, 1900. 

Vl|. -Mary R Wartman, b Nov 17, 1S73, d Fel) 

VII i:ii/.abeth R. Wartman, b in Montg. Co. Fa. 
Fcl) 2S, 1875, m Maurice NF Kerr Apr 30, 1901. 
Res .\.\2 Beech St. Fottstown. Fa. 

V|. Simeon Rosenberger, 1) May 19, 1^541, d May 
i^, isso. m Lvdia Tayh)r. (d). C: John, Laura. 

VII lohn Rosenlierger. F O West Point, Fa. 

VII Laura Rosenberger, b — . m- Kepler; live 
ni Ohio. 

V|. Jo!in Rosenberger, b Nov 17, 1S42, in Lvdia 
Jane Buclier. P <> Royers Ford. Pa. C: (VID 
John. Katie. Jennie, M^^\■. Martha, Arthur. 

V|. Lvdia Rosenberger, b Apr .v. 1844. "i Jonathan 
Cliristmm. P O R'.yers Ford, Pa. C: Li/./.ie, 
J. .'.in. IvKvard, Lydia. liertha, Ida, ^Lamie. 

Vl|. Li/./.ic Cliristman, b in Frederick twp. Montg. 
Co. F.i. Mar 7. 1S71. m Warren Iv Peteiman .\i>r 
i^j3- 1* O Royers Ford, Pa. Evangelical. 
C: fVill' ^'^''i I- Pcterman, b Jan .t;i, iSi,6. 
Fl. .r.-.-M Peterm.ui, b Feb 10, 1895. J. Lloyd 
P 1, b Dc'C 20, 1900. 

Vlt I'lhn Chrislmau. b — , m — . 

V R'l'ecea Rosenberger, b ,\ug 16, 1801, d May 

2'. iss^,ni Joseph Stauffer. lie was b Aug 15. 

d Oct 13. isso. I'armer near Waterloo, 

Out. C: I'Ui/.alK.-lh, Susanna, Mary, Nancy, Levi. 


Vl|. Elizabeth Stauffer, b Sept 19, 1823, d Oct 

17, 1863, m Jdlni S. Bowman Mar 3, 1846. He 

was b May 12, 1822. C: Hiram, Jonathan, Mary, 

AngeHne, Rebecca. 

Vl|. Hiram '.Bowman, b — , m Elizabeth McNally. 
Vij. Jonathan Bowman, m Anna Bauman. 
Vl|. Mary Ann Bowman, d— , m James Hannah. 
VII . Angeline Bowman, m Albert Shoemaker. P 

O West Montrose, Ont. Farmer. 

Vl|. Rebecca Bowman, b— , m William McNally. 
Farmer "in Mich. 
VII . Joseph Bowman, b — . S. 

VJ. Susanna Stauffer, b May 9, 1828, d Apr :, 

1862, m Moses Echelman. He was bjuly 26, 1824. 
P O Berlin, Ont. Farmer. C: Sarah, Mary, 
Joseph, Simon, Nancy. 

Vl|. Sarah Echelman, b Mar 13, 1846, d Mar 10, 


Vl|. Mary Ann Echelman, b Mar 15, 1848, m 
Menno B. Clemens, (d). P O Berlin, Ont. Far- 
mer. C: (VII!) Austin Clemens, Edgar Clemens, 
Horace Clemens. 

Vl|. Joseph Echelman, b June 8, 1850, d June 15, 
1S78, m Magdalena Clemens. C: (VIM) Oliver 
Echelman, (d). 

VII. Simeon Echelman, M. D., D. D. S., L. D. S., 
b at Blair, Waterloo Co. Ont. Canada, Aug 31, 
1852, m Annie Paulina de Bell Sinclair Dec 28, 
1881. Res. 421 Franklin St. Buffalo, N. Y. Den- 
tist, Baptist. C: (VIII) Carl Ferdinand Dormer 
Echelman b Oct 15, 1882. Leo Sinclair Echelman, 
b Dec I, 1883. 

VI!. Nancy Jane Echelman, b Sept 5, 1859, d 
Sept 23, i860. 

V|. Mary Stauffer, b June 30, 1S30, d May 5, 
1897, m Jacob S. Bowman Sept 7, 1847. He was 
b Oct 14, 1824. P O New Dundee, Ont. Far- 
mer. U. Br. in Christ. C: Noah, Menno, Polly, 
Eevina, Joshua. 

Vl|. Noah Bowman,! b Aug i. 1848, ra Sarah 
Buckborough Apr 2, 1878. P O Haysville, Ont. 
Farmer, U. Br. in Christ. C: (VIII) Mervin B. 



VII. Mcniio Stauffer Bowman, b Aug 14. iS49,m 
l-dna Henrv. P O Osliawa, Out. 

Vl|. Pollv Howmaii. h in Waterloo Co. Ont. Apr 

5. iSsi.'m Klias Hallman Mar 5. 1872. P O 
Washinjicton. Ont. Parmer. U. Hr. in Christ. C: 
Jessie, Edwin, Lauretta. Minota. 

VIII- •t'J^'^ie Ann Hallman. b Dec 26. 1S72. m Will- 
iam Richmond Oct 4. 1S93. P O WasliiuKnon, 
Ont. Parmer, U. Br. in Christ. C: (|X) Hilda 
M. Dickie Richmond, b Mar 2, 1S97. 

VIII Pxlwin Hallman. b Aug: 10. 1876. 1' O 
Washin^;ton. Ont. Parmer. S. 

VIII. Lauretta Hallman. b Sept 7, 1881. U. Br. 
in Clirist. 

VIII. Minota Hallman. b Pcb 27. 1S8S. 

V||. Livia Bowman, b in Woolwick twp. Water- 
loo Co. Ont. Mar 21, 1853, m Dr. David H. 
Waugh. July 27. 1S75. Res. 6 Last Ave. Roches- 
ter. N. V. Surgeon and Dentist, Presby. C:(VIII' 
Dr. Ira Luman Wnugh. b Mar 6, 1877, m J-lla 
Callia Bvers Nov 26. 1902. 

VIII. Lome ICmmcr.son W. Waugh, b Jan 7, 1S79, 
li Pl-1. r. 1 88 1. 

VIII. Samuel Austin Waugh. b Feb 27, 18S1. 

VIII Lola PZmmerilla Waugh. b Sept i . 1883. 

Vl|. J.>shua Bowman, b Mar 21, 1855, d Dec 

6, 1862. 

V|. Nancv Stauffer. b Jan 15, 1S34, m Jonas B. 
Snvder July 16, 1850. He wash May 26, 1827. 
Parmer. C: Joseph, Susatina. Levi. Angeline. 

VII. Joseph S. Snyder, b Mar 25, 1851, m Lucuula 
Sn\dcr Ai)r 14, 1874. P O Bloomingdale, Ont. 
Parmer. C: Ervine. Herbert, Lillia, Alfred. IClmi- 
na, Irene, Lucy. Ion Joseph. IClenor. 

Vlj. Susanna S. Snyder, b Aug 13. '^5-. '" ^^ill 
jam Snvder June 18, 1884. He w.-^s b Aug 2>, 
1841^ P O Bloomingdalc, Ont. I-armer. C: Al 
ton. Alva, Ivan. Ina. Parmer. 

Vl|. U-vi S. Snyder. I> June 17, 1855. m Hannah 
H Clemens Feb 26, 1880. P O BridKcport. Out. 


Vl|. Angeline Snyder, b Apr 5, i860, m Amos 
Horst Feb 23, 1SS7. Farmer. No issue. 

Y|{. Alice Amanda Snyder, b Oct 29, 1869, m 
Solomon Koch. P O Conestoga, Ont. Farmer. 
No issue. 

V|. Levi Stauffer, b Sept 19, 1S39, m P^sther, 
(laiighter of John and Judith (Bingeman) Snider, 
Nov 27, 1859. P O Waterloo, Ont. Farmer, and 
owns two fine farms, one the homestead of his 
father. He has been manager of the North Water- 
loo Farmers Mutual F'ire Insurance Company for 
upwards of fifteen years, and is one of the promi- 
nent members of the United Brethren church. C.- 
Matilda, Lydia, Josiah, Clementina, Alfaraia, Ann- 
etta, Mary, Alfiemenia, Jessie, Lome. 

Vl|. Matilda Joanna Stauffer, b Sept 3, 1861, m 
Alexander Wilson. P O Ellington, Mich. Far- 
mer. C: Herbert, William, Clayton, Aithur, 

Vl|. Lydia Ann Stauffer, b Dec i.;.. 1862, m Ezra 
S. Shantz. He d May 10, 1895. P O Haysville, 
Ont. Farmer. C: (Vlll) Wnmie, Susanna, Lome, 
(dj; Burton. 

VII. Josiah Stauffer, b Sept iS, 1864, m Bella 
Wilson. Farmer. C: (VIII) Harley, Clarence, 

Vli. Clementina Stauffer, b Feb '10, 1866, m 
Ephraim Groff. Resides in Iowa. C:(VI1S} Ger- 
trude, Violet, fi:phraim, Clarence, (d). 

VII. Alfrata Stauffer, b Jan 30, 186S, ra James 
Mitchell. Farmer. No is.'^ue. 

VII. Annetta Rebecca Stauffer, b Aug 28, 1870, m 
Charles Moore. P O Unionville, Mich. Veteri- 
nary Surgeon. C: (VIII) Lome Moore. 

VII. Mary Jane Stauffer, b Sept 2, 1872. 

Vl|. Alfiemenia Stauffer, b July 14, 1874 

Vi|. Jessie An;i Judith Stauffer, bjune 26, 1876. 

VII. Lome Levi Stauffer, b Mar 8, 1880. 

Y. Jacob Rosenberger, b in Bucks Co. Pa. Oct. 
19, 1802, d at Corinth, Mich. Nov 12, 1881, ra 
Hannah Panabecker. She was b in Penn. Apr 15, 
1810. d at Blenheim, Waterloo Co. Ont. in 1848. 


Farmer, Menu. C: Jolin, Ik-njamin, David, Cor- 
nelius, Abraham, Nancy, Elizabeth, Jacob, Amos, 
M OSes . 

VI JoImi RosenberK'er. n) Lvilia Colborn. C: Mary, 
Cornelius, John. John m second wife— Turner. 
P O Grand Rapids, Midi. C: Ivva, Ida. 

Vl|. Mary Ann kosenlxrrger, b— , d— , ni An- 
drew White. 

VII Cornelius Rosenberger, b-,died in the army at 
Ivfjuisvillo, Ky. 

Vlj. John Rosenberger, d young. 

VII- Kva Rosenberger. in Artliur Seymour. P O 
Seattle. Washington. C: <VIII) Maud Seymour. 

Vl|. Ida Rosenl)erger. 

Vl|. Benjamin Rosenberger, b Feb 5, 1827, d Jan 
3, 1H96, m Mary Ami Shugart in 1S4S. P O Lisljon, 
Mich. Farmer, Disciple Ch. C: David, Jili/.abeth, 
Hannah, Henry, George, Mary, Kmma. 

VII David Rosenberger, b--, m Rose Robine. PO 
Berlin. Mich. C: ( VIID Jennie, Myrtie, LyHm, 

Vl|. Elizabeth Rosenberger, b in Kent Co. Mich. 
Jan 30. iSi^i, m Henton Thurston June 12, 1S71. 
P O Lisbon, Mich. Farmer. C: (VIII' Viola 
Thurston, b Aug 14, 1873. Vinnie Tlnirslt)n, b 
Aug II, 1S75. Earl Thurston, b Aug 17, 1S77. 
Hazel Tnurston, b May 30, 1SS2 

Vl|. Hannah Rcjsenberger, b in Kent Co. Mich. 
NIar 1H53, d Feb 10, 1S93, m Philip Burman in 
IS; J. C: Mamie, Birnie, Jessie. 

Vl|. Mamie Burman. b Nov 6, 1S73, m Charles 
Whittierjune 1.S94. Di.sciplc Ch. C: (IX) Myrl 
Wliittier. Lyle Wliittier. 

VIII Birnie liurman, b June 11, 1877. 

Vlll. Jessie B. Burman, b Jan 31, 1S81, d Nov 
10, 1H.S6. 

Vl|. Henry Rosenberger, m Katie Miller. P O 
Lisbon. Mich. C: ( VIII ) Ivtta, \'iolet. 

VII- (icorg*- R. k<jstnburg, b at Listjon, Mich., m 
NIary E. Gates. P O Newaygo, Mich. Real F^state 
and Loan Agent. C: (VIII) C'etty Rosenburg. 

Vl|. F^mina Rosenburg, bin Ottawa Co. Mich. Apr 


4, 1869, m W. E. Matthews, M. D. Dec 27, 1893. 
Res. 251 N. Lafayette St. Grand Rapids, Mich'. Phy- 
sician. _C: (VIII) Gladys ICvelyn Matthews, bMari, 

VII. Mary Rosenberger, b— , ra Isaac Mrdeland C- 
(VIII) Uoyd, Clyde, Marvin, Vera. 

V|. David Rosenberger, bin Canada Jan i, 1830, d 
in Texas Dec 10, 1892, m Mary Pine Mar 10, 1849. 
She was b in Ont.Apr 6, 1831. They lived some 
time in Michigan, where he amased a fortune. He then 
engaged in manufacturing of furniture, but lost all his 
wealth by fire. In 1873 he went to Kansas and en- 
gaged in farming. In 8876 he removed to Wise Co. 
Texas; engaged in farming, and later built a mill at 
Decater, costing $25000, which, eight years later, 
was burned down. Notwithstanding these losses the 
family are now in good shape financialy. Spiritua- 
lists C: John, Frank, Alice, Gilbert, Walter, Oselia, 
Charles, Mar>. 

VII. John H. Rosenburg, b 1850, d 1851. 
VI j. Fiancis Rosenburg, b at Grand Rapids, 
Mich. Jan 19. 1S52, m Emeline Meyers Jan 1878. 
She d Nov 23, 1899. P Q Decatur, Texas. 
Farmer, Spiritualist. C: (VIII) Lee C. Rosenburg, 
b July 4, 1879, m Manda Rawls. David A. Ros- 
enburg, b Dec 1881. Willie W. Rosenburg, b Oct 
6, 1883. Amos N. Rosenburg, d infant. Libbie 
Rosenburg, b Dec 1886. May Rosenburg. Bert 
Rosenburg. Rosa Rosenburg. Maggie Rosenburg. 
VII. Alice Rosenburg, b in Kent Co: Mich. Oct 5, 
1853, m Louis E. Pillars in Wise Co. Texas in 1880. 
P OAlvord, Texas. Christian Science. No issue. 
VII. Gilbert Rosenburg, b 1855, d infant 7 Mo. 
VII. Walter Rosenburg, bin Kent Co. Mich. Mars, 
1859, m Kate Meyers, Nov 21, 1880. P O Decatur, 
Texas. Druggist, Spiritulist. C: (VIII) John W. 
Rosenburg, b Aug 26, 1881. Thomas J. Rosenburg, 
b Mar 23, 1884. Roy H. Rosenburg, b Sept 21, 

VII- Oselia Rosenburg, b in Kent Co. Mich. Apr 
4, 1 86 1, m Chas. F. Sharp Jan 19, 1882. P O 
Sunset, Texas. Farmer, Meth.Ep. C: (VIII) 

wi Tiir i:(»sf.n|{Ki:<;kk mistoky 

Harry r-dwin Sliaip. 1. Nov 30, 1882, d Dec 16, 

1 .^.^y. Cassic I'ivclyn vSharp, h Ai)r 5. 1884. 

Mclli. Kp Charles Glen Sharp, b Auj^ 10. 1SS9, d 
Julv 16, 1893. Kdiia Sharp, h Jan 17. i.S95,d 1895. 

Vlj. Charles LcRoy R()scnl)iir^(, h Mar 4. 1872. m 
Ivli/a W'hcclis in iS.^i. 1' O Dccalur, Tex. Far- 
mer, Spiritualist. C: (VIII) Kubie Rcsenburg, b 
Nov 5, 1891. Fred Lerov Rosenburg, b Sept 15, 
1S93. David William Ro.senburg, b June :7, i8.)6. 
Clara Roscnburg. bjune 1899. 

VII Mary Klizabcth Roscnburg, b at Council Grove, 
Kans.Mav3i. 1875, m J. F. Booth. Feb 24, 1S93. 
P Decatur, Tex. Farmer. C: (Vllh Mary Ka- 
tharine Booth, b Oct 6, 1894. 

VII Mary H. Rosenburg, b in Kansas May 31, 1874. 
ni James B<x)th Feb 1893. Farmer in Texas. C: 
(Vllh Katie Booth. 

VI Cornelius Rosenberger, b in Canada Dec 12. 
KS31, d in Mich. 18SS, m Susanna C()ll)orn in 1854. 
Shed June 14, 1891. Farmer, Meth. Fp. C: Mary, 
Beniamin, Lydia, Moses, Anson, Frncst. 

Vlj .Mary A. Rosenberg, bOct3i, 185;, d Jan 24 , 
1879, m A. D. Williams in 1872. Farmer, Mcth. 
Kp- C: ;VIII' Ulivc M. Williams, b Apr 12, 1S75. 
m Fred F. Mead. Inez R. Williams, 1) and d in 

Ylj. Bjnjamin Franklin Ro'^tnberg, bat Gates, Mich. 
Jan 2b, 1^58. m Ada Jane Johnson July 28, iSSi. 
I» Middleville, Mich. Farmer. C: ' VIII ' Ber- 
tha Bell Rosenberg, b Oct 2, 1SS2. S. 

VII Lydia Rosenberg, 1) Apr 7, i860, m Charles 
J. iJutciier Oct 18, 1S82. P O Laliarge, Mich. 
Farmer, Meth. Fp. C: ( VIII > Guy T. Dntcher. b 
Oct II, 1883. Maynard R. Dntcher, b Nov 27, 

VII -Moses Rosenberg, b Ai)r 26, 1892, m Mary 
ForlnrsJuly 20, 1887. V o Middleville, Mich. 
Luml>er Business. C: ( VIH' Claude C. Rosenberg, 
b hme 1 , 1892. 

VI I . Anson C. Rosenberger, b in Gaines, Kent 
Co. Mich. Oct 8, 1866, m Ada .M. Bechtel at 
Grand Rapuls. Mich. Oct 17, 18SS. 1' O Bro-.k, 


Ind. Engaged in the lyiimber Trade. C: (VIII) 
Eva Allene Rosenberger, b Apr 15, 1891. Glen 
Rosenberger, b July 21, 1892. 
VIJ. Ernest Rosenberger, b Aug 26, 1879. S. 

VI. Abraham Rosenberg, b near Berlin, Oat. Aug 

II, 1834, m Nancy HaniacherDec 18, 1H59. P () 

Reed City, Mich. Lumbering, Spiritualist. C: 

Emma, Adeline, Rose, William, Carrie, Mina, 

Judson, Hudson. 

Vl|. Emma Rosenberg, b vSept 12, i860, m Stanley 
Rayner Feb 16, 1S96. P O Tomaliawk, Wis. Mil- 
ler, Spiritualists. No issue, 1898. 

VII. Adeline Rosenberg, b Feb i, 1861, d Oct 3, 

VI!. Rosenberg, b Sept 27, 1S63, m George M. 
HardesDec23. 1882. PO Traverse City, Mich. 
Lumbering, Spiritualist. C:(VIII) Vernice Hardes, 
b Nov 17, 1883. VictorE Hardes, bjuly 16, 1S96 

VIS. William H. Rosenberg, bJuly 22, 1865. PO 
Reed City, Mich. Farmer. Spiritualist. S. 

VH. Carrie Rosenberg, b May i, 186S, m Henry B. 
Allen Jan 3, 1898. P O Reed City, Mich. He is 
a traveling Spiritualist Medium, formerly of Summer- 
land. C: No issue, 1898. 

V!|. Mina Rosenberg, b Apr i, 1S70, in Reed City, 
Mich. Artist, Spiritualist. S. 

VII. Judson H. Rosenberg, b vSept 7, 1872. P O 
Torch Lake, Mich. Miller, Spiritualist. S. 

Vtl- Hudson T. Rosenberg, b June 14, 1874. P 
O Clyde, Mich. Telegraph Operator, Spiritualist. S. 

V|. Nanc}^ Rosenberger, b in Waterloo Co. Ont. 
Canada, Dec 10, 1836, m Levi S. Kinsey Jan 15, 
1854. P O Caledonia, Kent Co. Mich. Farmer. C: 
Florence, Clara, Ella, Virginia, Amos. 

VII . Florence Sylvia Kinsey, b in Kent Co. Mich. 
Feb 14, 1855, d Mar 29, 1879. Teacher. 

Vll- Clara Climena Kinsey, b in Kent Co. Mich. 
July 16, 1857, d Apr 19, 1881. Teacher. 

VIJ. Ella Rosalia Kinsey, bin Kent Co. Mich. Jan 
13, i860. P O Caledonia, Mich. 

Vl|. Virginia Kinsey, b in Kent Co. Mich. Jan 22, 
1862, d Dec 4, 1885. 

H4 iiiK iiosKNHF.i{(;Ki: mistokv 

VII Amos Kinsey. bjan ::5. 1S70, d Feb 28, 1872. 

VI Hli/abeth Rosenhtrrger. b in Waterloo Co. Out. 
Caiuula, Apr 10. 1839, d Mar 8, 1893, m Abra- 
Ikuu Hoover Mar 10. i86y. Farmer. C: Jermiiia. 

VII Jermina Hoover, b in Kent Co. Mich. Aug 
27. 1^73. '" Wilbam Docliowon Jan 22, 1892. P 
O Caledonia. R-.-nt Co. Mich. Farmer. C: ( VIII ) 
Homer R. Dochowon, b Dec 4, 1894. Caroline K. 
Dochowon, b Oct 14. 1898. Dovess S. Dochowon, 
b Apr 9. 1901. 

Y|. Jacob P. Rosenberger, l)at Dunfreis. Waterloo 
Co Out. June 21, 1S41, m Mary Rice Apr 1865. She 
(1 .Mar 1S72. He m second wife Salome Clemens, 
Oct 14. 1886. P O Caledonia. Kent Co. Mich. 
Lumber-d-ialer. Children by wife: (V||i Flor- 
ence Rosenberger, b June 8. 1867, d Mar 19, 1872. 
Ina Rosenberger, b Dec 25, 1870, d May 1874. 

V|. Amos Rosenberger, b in Waterloo Co. Ont. Oct 
4. 1S44. d — , m Martha E. Millard Nov 11, 1S64. in 
Ottawa, -Mich. P O Reed City, Mich. Manufac- 
turer, Whole-sale and Retail dealer in Lumber. C: 
William, Millard, Adela, Bert. 

VII. William M. Rosenberger, b S.-pt 6, 1865, d 
May 1 1. 1883. 

Vlj. Millaid M. Rosenberger, b Mar 19, iS68,mFlora 
C. GjodaleOct 4, 1S93. P O Reed City. .Mich. 
Manufacturer and dealer in Lumber. C: (VIII' h-n- 
gene A. Rosenberger, bMay^i, 1895. Ral])li M. 
b June 30, 1901 . 

YH Adela Rosenberger, (d). 

VII. Bert A. Ro.scnberger, (d). 

VI -Moses Resenburg, b in Canada, 184^1, m 
Alice Williams 1869. P O Corinth, Mich. Far- 
mer. C: vVIIJ Myrtle Ro.senl)Urg, m Owen S. 

V ICli/abcth Resenbergcr, b Apr 7, 1806, d of 
cholera Aug 2. 1831, m John liricker. He ^'as b PVb 
• 5. '805. d May 20, 1871. P"arm«.-r near Koseville, 
Ont. C: Benjamin, Abraham, Christian, Nancy. 

VI Benjamin Bricker, b Dec ii;, i8.'3, m ICsther, 
daughtiT of (ieoigi- Ii. anil Mary (Shoemaker) 


.r .. 



Bechtel. She was b Mar 4, 1826. P O Roseville, 
Ont. Farmer, and resides on the " Old Ben. Ros- 
enberger Farm." C: Elizabeth, Susanna, Abra- 
ham, Maria, Anna, Amos, Klijah, Hannah, Ben- 
jamin, Noah, Menno, George, John. 

VII. Elizabeth Bricker, b Apr 7, 1847, m Daniel 
D.g Snyder. 

Vl|. Susanna Bricker, b in Waterloo Co. Ont. Oct 
29, 1848, m Abraham H. Bricker, Oct 5, 1869. 
P O Yale, Mich. Farmer, Menn. Br. in Christ. C: 
Alvin,- Josiah, Rosanna, Edwin, Oscar, Hattie, 

VIII. Alvin Bricker, b Aug 20, 1870, m Serena E. 
Graybiel Feb 9, 1896. P O Brown City, Mich. 
Farmer. C: (|X) Glenford Allen Bricker. 

VIII. Josiah Bricker, b Apr 25, 1872, d Dec 25, 

VIII. Rosanna Bricker, bjan 30, 1874, m Rev. EJ- 
ward F. Gill Mar 30, 1896. P O Clarksville, Mich. 
Minister, Menn. Br. in Christ. C: (|X) Clayton S. 

Vll|.^ Edwin Bricker, b Feb 20, 1876, m Effie May 
Graybiel Dec 12, 1900. P O Yale, Mich. Far- 
mer; Mrs. B. Menn. Br. in Christ. 

Vllj. Oscar Bricker, b Sept 26, 1880. S. 

VIII. Hattie Bricker, b Mar 31, 1888. Menn. Br. in 

VIII. Orpah Bricker, b Aug 10, 1891, d Dec 14, 

Vl|. Abraham Bricker, b Aug 28, 1850, d Apr 2, 


Vl|. Maria Bricker, b Apr 15, 1852, m Henry 
Graaf. P O Roseville, Ont. Farmer. C: (VIII) 
Benjamin Bricker. 

Vl|. Anna Bricker, bFeb6, 1854, m Joseph Det- 
weiler. P OWolverton, Ont. Miller. C: (VIII) 
Astor, , Joanna, Herbert, Bertha. 

Vl|. AmosBricker, bSept8, 1855, m LydiaRosen- 
bergerNov27, 1883. P O Berlin, Ont. Implement 
Agent. C: (VIII) Nettie Bricker, b Oct 2, 1884. 
Wilton Bricker, b Aug 1885. Howard Bricker, b 
Aug 15, 1886. Horace Bricker, (twin), b Aug 15, 


i8S6. d Apr lo, 1900. Addie IJricker, b Nov 16, 


VII lUijah liricker. b Jan 22. 1S5S. m Louisa 
liurLholdcrOct 27. 1S7S. 1* O Vale, Mich. Fann- 
er. C: (VIII) Ira Hrickcr. b June 19. iSSi. Ora 
Hricker. bFebi6. iSSS.d 188S. Roy liricker. b 

Au)^ 16. 1887. 
Vlj. Hannah Hricker, b Jan 6. 1S60, ni ICphrann B. 

C;i^scl Apr 5. iSSi. V O New Hamburg, Ont. 
Farmer. Menn. C: ( VIII ) Allan B. Casscl, b May 

7. i«S9. 
Vl|. Benjamin Bricker, b Nov S, 1S61, d Nov 25, 

I sr . I . 

VII Noah Bricker, I) Oct S, 1862, m Susanna 
Book. P O RoseVille. Ont. 

VII Mcnno Bricker. b Oct 17, 1S64, m Regina 
Stei)ps. R O Roseville, Ont. 

VII Oeorge Bricker. b at Roseville. Ont. Sept 24. 
1866. m Mary Ann C.«>(.d Mar 13, 18S9. P O Vale, 
Mich. Farmer. C: iVIII' Hdcn Bricker, b Jan 7, 
1892. Ruth Bricker, b Mar i, 1895. 

VII . Jt)hn Bricker, b .May 17, 1869. m Christina 
Barton Mar i). iSw2. P O Roseville. Ont. Farmer 
I'. B. Ch. C: I VIII J«bn Sanford Bricker, bjune 
3. 1896, d Feb 27. 1897. Phyllis Grace Bricker. b 
May 23. 1898. Mildred Hlsthtr Bricker, b Aug 19, 

V|. Abraham Bricker, 1)—, d — , aged about 16 

Vl Christian Bricker, b — , d in infancy. 

V|. Polly Bricker, 1)—, d in infancy. 

V. Benjamin Rosenl)erger, 1) June 20, 1806, d Oct 
18. 1880, m Sallie Strome, (d.) C: Christian. 
Lydia, Maria. Benjamin m second wife. Mary 
Woods. Farmer. C; Louisa, Meiuio. 

V|. Cliristian Rosenl)erger. P O Freeport, Mich. 

VI Lydia Rosenberger. m Jacob Stauffer. P <> 
Bcrlui. Ont. 

VI Maria Rosenberger. 

VI Louisa Rosenberger. m 

VI Menno Rosenberger, \\\ — . C: Son. 

VII BLiijamin Rosc-nbt-rger. PO Middleville. Mich. 


V. Abraham D. Rosenberger, bin Montg. Co. Pa, 
Apr 2, 1808, d in Huron Co. Ont. Dec 11, 1893, 
ni Rebecca Eby Oct 4, 1834. She wa.s b Apr4, 1814, 
d at Carlisle, Middlesex Co. Ont. Aug 29, 1879. 
Farmer and Shoemaker, Methodist. C: William, 
Simeon , Jeremiah, Isabella, Margaret, Catharine, 
Abraham, Rebecca, Francis. 

VI . William Rosenberger, b in Hulton Co. Ont. 
Oct 14, 1836, m Elizabeth Dixon Sept 11, 1861. 
She died Jan 1865. No issue. William m second 
wife, IvUcy Ann Miller, Mar 26, 1866. She died 
Jan 16, 1881. C: Arthur, Dora. William m third 
wife, Rachel Ann Groves, Sept 12, 1881. C: Mary. 
P O Nappanee, Ind. Farmer, United Br. in 

VII. Arthur Rosenberger, b in Elkhart Co. Ind. 
Jan I, 1868, m Alice Read June 21, 1896. P O 
Nappanee, Ind. Carpenter by trade. C: (VIII) 
Howard William Rosenberger, b June 21, 1898. 

Vl|. Zorah Rosenberger, bin Elkhart Co. Ind. Mar 

21, 1875, m Harry E- Unger Apr 11, 1903. P O 
Nappanee, Ind. Christ Scientist. 

Vl|. Mary Berneice Rosenbergei, bin Elkhart Co. 
Ind. July 12, 1886. U. Br. Ch. 
V|. Smieon Rosenberger, bat Beverly, Ont. Apr 

22, 1839, m Anna Carter Jan 26, 1S63. P O St. 
Thomas, Ont. Car-builder, Methodist. C: Mary. 

Vl|. Mary E. R. J. Rosenberger, b Oct 20, 1864, 
m Thomas DeardenSept 16, 1889. PO St. Thomas, 
Ont. Conductor on M. C. R. Rail-road, Methodist, 
No issue, (1897). 

Vi. Jeremiah Rosenberger, b in Elgin Co. Ont. 
Apr 12, 1842, m Jane Darrach Apr 20, 1868. P 
O Dayton, Ind. Miller, Methodist. C: (VII) Mar- 
garet Alice Rosenberger, b Mar 29, 1869. Bertha 
Jane Rosenberger, b May 25, 1871, djuly 29, 1872. 

Vl|. Edith Emily Rosenberger, b Feb 28, 1874, m 
Charles E. Summers, of Chicago, 111. June 8, 1897. 

Vl|. John William Rosenberger, b July 31, 1876. 

Vll- Charles Rosenberger, b June 24, 1879, dJuly 7, 
V|. Isabelle Rosenberger, b in Bayham twp. Ont. 


Oct 9, 1843, m JauKS Walker Feb S. 1872. P O 
Devon. Out. Farmer. Melh. C: Robert, Ahram, 
Marv. Joseph. I'earl. 

Yll' Robert Kbv Walker, b Feb 19. 1S73. m Annie 
Gertrude Crompton. P O Cretliton, Ont. Butcher. 

Vl|. Al)ram Ingram Walker, b May 21, 1S76. 

Vl|. Marv Rel»ccca lilanche Walker, b Oct 9, KS78. 

Vl|. Joseph Henry Osmond Walker, b Nov 7. 1880. 

VII. Pearl Gladius lielle Walker, b Jan 2, 1885. 

V|. Mar^jaret Rosenl)cr>;:er. bjan 2, 1846, d 1846. 

V|. Catharine A. Roscnl)erger. b Oct 16, 18.^8, in 
Hlj^inC'V Ont. m Joseph Hutchinson Dec 16. 1883. 
P O Falkirk, Ont. F'armer, Methodists. C: (VII) 
Wilfred J. Hi'.tchinson.b Mar 14. 1885, d Aug27,iS86. 
Cvrus Hutchinson, b Sept 21. 1887. d Mar 7, 1888. 
Annie Belle Hutchinson, b Mar 18. 1889. Wesley 
Homer Hutchinson, b .Mar 7, 1891. died same day. 

V|. Abraliam E. Rosenberger, b in Middlesex Co. 
Ont. Canada. Dec 25. 1852. m Annie Mc Alpine 
Mar 18. 1S78. She d Aug 11, 1883. C: FZthel. 
Annie. Abraham m st-cond wife. Mary Neil. July 
18. 1885, Res. 136 Carling St. Loiidon, Out. 
Baker Confectioner, Member of Salvation Army. 
C: Jennie. Edwin, Frederick, Janit-s. 

VII I-:ihel Ray Rosenberger, 1) .Mar 17, 1880. 

Vl|. .\nnie icli/.abeth Ro.scnberger. b Aug7, 1SS3. 
d Aug 15. 1883. 

Vl|. Jennie Louisa Rosenl^erger, b Apr iS, 18S6, d 
Aug 17, 1886. 

Vl|. ICdwin Neil Rosenberger, b Apr 12, 18S8, d 

Nov 25, 1888. 

Vl|. Frederick Osmond Rosenl>e!ger. b Aug 20. 
I^^,,, d Oct 18. 1889. 

Vll James Lloyd Rosenberger. b Mar 2, 18^4. 

VI . Rebecca Ann Rosenberger. I) in McGillwary. 
Unt. Feb 20. 1856, m George Humble Dec 12, 
1876. P O Falkirk. Ont. Methodist. C: (VID 
John Alvin Humble, b Feb 18. 1878. Percy Melvm 
Humble, b Feb 19. 1879. ICiIkI Rosella Humbl.f, 
b Ai)r 24. 1880. F:dith Bell Humt)le. b Apr 18. 
iSS:;, d Sept 15. 1882. 

Vl|. Whiltield Franklin Humbk, bjnne7. 1884. 


Vl|. Howard Sherwood Humble, b Mar i6, 1890. 

Vil. Estella Isabella Humble, b June 13, 1893. 

Vi. Francis Rosenberger, b in McGilvery twp. Ont. 
Canada, Dec 17, 1859, m Minnie Drader Apr 25, 
1888. P O Copleston, Ont. Engineering, now a 
butcher^by trade; Methodist. C: (V||) Arilla Edith 
Rosenberger, bjuly 18, 1889. Otta Bell Rosenberg- 
er, b Sept 27, 1891. 

y. Henry Rosenberger, b about 1 811, d of cholera 
in 1834, aged about 23 years. 

Y. Nancy Rosenberger, b May 7, 181 2, m John 
Stroma Mar3i, 1831. He was b in Lancaster Co. Pa. 
February 12, 1810, d near Fishers Mills, Ont. on the 
"Strome Homestead," Aug 19, 1865. C: Henry, 
Abram, David, Polly, John, Aaron, Elizabeth, 
Moses, Nancy, Amos, Isaiah, Elijah. 

Y|. Henry Strome b Nov 1 , 1831, m Elizabeth Mar- 
tin Aug 22, 1852. She was b Aug 2, 1834. P O 
Berlin, Ont. Builder and contractor. C: Hiram, 
Clara, Lucinda, Franklin, Almeda, John, Eliza, 
Amelia Abrara, Mary, William. 

Vl|. Hiram Strome, bApr 27, 1853, d May 29, 


Vir Clara Malissa Strome, bApr 10, 1854, ra Fred- 
erick Miller. Farmer. C: (VIII) Jeremiah, Fred- 
erick, Eliza. 

Vl|. Lucinda Strome, b Feb 5, 1857, m Peter Sch- 
windt. P OElmira, Ont. Farmer. C: (Ylll) An- 
drew, Mary, Charles, (d); Melvin, (d); Dora, 
Lillie, (d); Percival, (d); Edith. 

VII- Franklin Strome, b Apr 24, 1859, m Helena 
Battenburg. P O Elmira, Ont. Carpenter. C: 
(VIII) Henry, Oscar, Florence, Harvey, Eliza, 

VII . Almeda Strome, b May 19, i86r, d Nov 15, 
1887, m John Miles. No issue. 

VII. John Henry Strome, b Oct 16, 1863. P O 
Newstadt, Grey Co. Ont. Clerk. S. 

VII. Eliza Ann Strome, b Dec 6, 1865. P O 
Berlin, Ont. Dressmaker. S. 

Vlj. Amelia Strome, b Apr 23, 1868, m Simon 
BrunkSepti3, 1893. P O Berlin, Ont. Clothing 


Merchant at Ik-ilin, afterwards Mi^. of Hoots and 
Shoes at Port Hl^in. in partner with T. Mussehnan 
nnder the firm name of "The Star Shoe Co." Mr. 
lirnnk takinj^ the road as travelin^,^ salesman for the 
firm, which p-^sition he siill holds. Mclh. C: 

VIII Pearl K. Hrnnk, hOct 19, 1895. Ronald H. 

lirnnk, b Apr 15, 1S97. 

VII Al>ram Lincoln Strome, h Apr 24, 1S70. 

VII Mary Jane Strome, h Sept 23. 1872. 

VII Willium M. Strome. b May 20, 1874. 

V|. Aliram R. Strome, b Mar 21, 183^, m Esther 
Martin May 15. 1.S55. She was b May 29, 1.S31. 
P O Berlin. Ont. Contractor and Imilder. C: 
Jeremiah, Menno, Almeda, Mary, Merritt. Christian . 

Vl|. Jeremiah Strome, It Feb 27, i'^5^', d Ma>- 
22. is.)^, m Hli/al)eth Peppier. P (J B-.-rlin, Ont. 
C: VIII ' Annie, Priscilla, ICsther, Kva, George, 

Vlf. Menno Strome, 1) Ang 3, 1857, m Anna Pep- 
ler. P O Berlin, Ont. Agent for sewing mach- 
ines, organs, etc. C: (Ylll) Lewis, Charier, Ar- 
thnr, Hlla, Irene, Gertrude, Viola, Mal)el, >Ienno. 

Vl|. Almeda Strome, b June 10, 
25, 1 860, 

VII Mary Ann Strome, 1) Jan 
same day. 

Vl|. Meriitt Strome, b Apr 8, 
20, 1862. 

VII Christian Strome, b Dec 3, 

VI. David R. Strome, 1) in Canada, Oct 3, 1S34, 
m Martlia S. Schader Jan 15, 1856. P O Ivlmira, 
CJnt. In early life he worked at the Carpenter 
trade aUiut Waterloo and later at IClmira. In 
1870 he engaged in farming in Wellington Co. 
until 1895 when he retired. Kv. Ass'n. C: 
Melinda. Norman, Josiah, Annie, Alexander, 
Noah. I'rias, Simon, Amanda. 

Vll- Mahnda Strome, b Apr 29, 1857, m John C 
Amy Feb 5. 1878. He was b May 6, i8ss, d 
Nov 27. 1893. P O Klmira,Ont. Farmer, Meth. 
C- fVllh niiv.r Alvin Amy, 1) Jan i(>, is~,,. 


d May 


I 86 I, ,1 


d Apr 


d next 


Bertha Venetta Amy, b Sept 7, 1882. 
Vl|. Norman S. Strome, b in Waterloo Co. Ont. 
Oct 31, 1858, m Isabella Anderson Jans, 1881. 
P O Floradale, Ont. Foreman in Planeing Mill. 
C:-(VIII) James Ervin Strome, b Sept 12, 1883, d 
Sept 28, 1883. Emma Ethel Strome, b July 23, 
1884, d Apr 26, 1886. Mortford Stanley Strome, 
b Apr 13, 1887. Edna Pearl Strome, b Mar 24, 
1S90. Eula Vira Strome, b Oct 2, 1895, d Jan 
5, 1896. 
Vl|. Josiah Strome, b Sept4, i860, dOct23, 1872. 
Yl|. Annie Strome, b July 26, 1865, m Eber 
Stickney Nov 24, 1887. PO Creek-bank, Ont. 
Farmer, Methodists. C: (VIII) Annie May Stick- 
ney, b Nov 2, 1889. David Thomas Emerson Stick- 
ney, b Apr 7, 1895. 

Vi|. Alexander Strome, b July i, 1869, m Harriet 
Ann Stickney Feb 21, 1894. P O Floradale, Ont. 
Farmer, Methodists. C: (VIII) Etta Winifred Stro- 
me, b June 7, 1895. Ada Priscilla Strome, b Nov 
24, 1897. 

Vl|. Noah Strome, b Apr 16, 1871, m Phoebe Stick- 
ney Nov 13, 1895. P O Pentland, Ont. Farmer. 
Meth. No issue. 

VII. Urias Strome, b Mar 29, 1874. P O Elmira, 
Ont. Teacher, Meth. S. 

VII. Sim(m Strome, b Oct 13, 1876. P O Elmira, 
Ont. Tailor, Meth. S. 
Vl|. Amanda Strome, b Nov 10, 1878, d Apr 19, 

yi. Polly Strome, b— , d— , m John Stauffer. 
Lived in Oxford Co. Ont. where she died. The 
family has since removed to Mich. C: (VII) Priscilla, 
Flora, Jared, Martha, Anna, William, and one died 
V|. John Strome, b — , d aged about 16 years. 
Vi. Aaron R. Strome, b in Oxford Co. Ont. May 2, 
1842, m Catharine Sand Jan i, 1868. P O Flora- 
dale, Ont. Carpenter, Evangelical Ch. C: Milton, 
Levina, Sarah, Astor, Ezra, Aaron. Melvin, Thirly, 
Orrin, Annie. 
VII. Milton Strome, b Sept 28, 1868, m Mary Wild- 


fotiR. roHcrlin. Out. Milk-dcliverer. C: ' Vl|| ) 
Jolm, Alvin, Reginald, Olive. 

Vl|. L-vina Slromc. !• Jan ;, i . i S; i , m David Rol)ert- 
stni. V O Ivlinira. Out. Fanner, ICvangclical. C: 
(Ylll) KllaMav RobL-rtson. 

Vi|. Sarali I'lia SiiMne. 1. Dec 31, 1S72, d Sept 21, 

Vl|. Astor Slronie, 1) Nov 3, i>'^75- 

Vlj. Iv-ra Strome. )> May 22, 1879. 

VII Aaron ICrwin Strome, 1) Jan 16, 1S82. 

VII Melvin Strome, ') May 22, 1885. 

Vl|. Thirly Mencrva Strome, bjune 6, 1888. 

VII t)rrin Roy Strome, b Apr 29, 1890. 

VlJ. Annie May Strome, b Apr 5, 1892. 

V|. HU/a!»eth Strome, b — , d— , m Andrew Milt/, 
(di. C: (VII' AiHia, fohn, William, (d). 

V|. M(jses Strome, b— . m vSarah Congo, (d). 
M««ses m second wife, Kmma Stone. PO Linwcwd, 

V|. Nancy Strome. b in Oxford Co. Ont. Oct 2, 
iS.^7, m George Diebcl Sept 9. 1S74. P O Waterloo, 
Ont. Merchant and Mayor of Waterloo, Ont. Mrs. 
D. Meth. C: Svlvia, Hmma. 

Vll Sylvia Florence Diebel, b Dec 27, 1875. P O 
Waterloo. Ont. Meth. S. 

VII. Pjnma May Diebel, b Apr 4, 1S78. P O Water- 
loo, Ont. Meth. S. 

V|. Amos Strome. b--, in Mary Freyvogee. P O 
Lakefield, Manitoba. Merchant. 

V|. Isaiah R. Strome, b in Blenheim twp. Oxford 
C... Ont. Canada, Oct 7, 1851, m Mary I. Peffers 
Aug i(\ 1882. P O Brandon, Man. Canada. Dry 
Goods Merchant, Presby. C: CVII; Jesse D. St- 
rome, b Feb 23, 1884. Bertha M. Strome, b Dec 
14, 1886. Ivan Roy Strome, b Jnly 6, 1889. 
Cliarlcs M. Strome, b Sept 12. 1891. Wlma Ruth 
Strome, b Jun«: 22, 18^7. 

V|. IClijah Strome, m Agnes \'nison. P O Mnilo, 
N. Dak. Merchant C: ( VII > Kli<Hla Strome. 

V. Joseph RosenlK.*rger, b 1818, d 183. |. 

V Christian I). Rosenberger, b in Bucks Co. Pa. 
Feb 25, I Si 7, m lUi/aliclh Schlichler, (d;. C: 


Mary, Elizabeth, Naucy, Hannah, Susannah, 
John, Magdalena, Samuel, L,ydia, Priscilla, Rosetta, 
Margaret. Christian m second wife, widow Hannah 
Detweiler, (sister to his first wife). P O Berlin, 
Ont. Retired farmer. 

V|. Mary Rosenberger, b July 9, 1839, d i860, m 
John R. Hillgartn^r in 1858. He was b Feb 20, 1833. 
Farmer and^carpeuter, U. Br. Ch. C: Hannah, Ed- 

Vl|. Hannah Hillgartner, b in 1S59, d in 1871. 

VII. Edmund G. Hillgartner, b in Fullerton twp. 
Waterloo Co. Ont. Aug 11, i860, m Jennie Zeigh 
Forsythe May 19, 18S6. P O Brantford, Ont. 
Cong. C: (Ylll) Eva Hillgartner, b Mar 13, 1887, 
d Nov II, 1S87. 

V|. Elizabeth Rosenberger, b Jan 29, 1841, d iSSo, 
m Jacob Lauten^chlager. C: Malinda, Isaac, Lydia, 
Ro.setta, Albert, Annetta. 

Yl|. Malinda Eautenschlager, b — . 

Vi|. Issac Lautenschlager, b— , m Mary Ann Sch- 
weitzer. C: (VIII) Stanton, Roy. 

V|. Nany Rosenberger, b in Oxford Co. Ont. Feb i, 
1S43, m Louis Adolph Dec 6, 1871. P O Wallace, 
Ont. Farmer, Meth. C: (VII) Samuel Louis Adol- 
ph, b Jan i, 1873. P O Listowel, Ont. Hardware 
Merchant, Meth. S. Johnny Adolph, b July 31, 
1875, d same day. Austin Sinclair Adolph, July 21, 
1S77. Minnie Rosetta Adolph, bjuly 22, 1880, died 
next day. Milton Asa Adolph, b Oct 4. 1882. Ella 
Adolph, b Nov 3, 1883, d Jan 8, 1884. 

V|. Hannah Rosenberger, b Feb 17, 1845, m John 
Bricker. P O Fargo, Mich. Farmer. C: (VII) 
Chester, Eusebius, Leander, Addison, Arthur, Mag- 
gie, Hannah, Mmerva. 

VI . Susanna Rosenberger, b in Wilmot twp. Water- 
loo Co. Ont, May 20, 1847, m George W. Bell Jan 8, 
1 867. P O Yale, Mich. Farmer and auctioneer; 
attends Meth. Ch. C: Annetta. Urias, 

VII. Annetta Bell, b July 23, 1868, m R. G. Mc- 
Laughlin July 15, 1890. PO Yale, Mich. Travel- 
ing salesman for Welt & Reidelsheimer Paper house, 
of Detroit, Mich. Mrs. McLaughlin when quite 


young Studied music and painting; is a good music- 
ian and a fine artist: Tresby. C: VIM' Vera Bell 
McLauichlin, h Mir 27, 1S92. Danna Dee Mc- 
I/uii^hlin. 1) >J()v II. 1S94. 

Vli Trias G.H)rgc Hell, b Aug ip,, 1S70. d Jan 
1. 18S2. 

V|. John Roscnberger. !> July 17, is.},,, d Oct 


V( Magdalena Rosenherger, b Aug 13, 1S50. d 
Aug I. 1878. m John W. Oroh. C: Lavina. Mary. 

VII Lavina Lauretta Groh, b in Waterloo Co. Can- 
ada. Oct 21. 1^74. m George K. Dunckel Jan :-,, 
1893. PO Williamston. Mich. Farmer. C: i VIII ' 
Leroy Dale Dunckel. b Nov 27. 1S93. Orville Kd- 
ward Dunckel, b July 21, 1896. Claude Franklin 
Dunckel, 1) Oct 14, 1900. 

Vil Mary F:ii/.abeth Groh. b in Waterloo Co. Out. 
Julys. 1877. P O Berlin, Out. V B. Ch. S. 

V|. Rev. Samuel S Rosenberger. b in Wilmot, 
Waterloo Co. Out. Mars, 1853, m PheUe Jane Frb 
Sept 21, 1875. 1' Brown City, Mich. Farmer 
and minister of the Free Wdl Baptist Cliurch. C: 
Joanna, Irvin, Maud, Lsal>elle. Haitie. Gordon, 

yi|. Joanna May Rosenberger, b May 17. 1877, m 
Simon Bechtel. P O Brown City, Midi. Farmer. 
Menu. Br. in Chrisl. 

VII Irvin George Rosenberger. b 0609,1878. 

VII .Maud Rosenberger, I) Sept 24, 1S80. d same 

VJI Isabelle Rosenberger, b Oct 3, 1882. 

VII Hattie Rosenberger, l)Oct6. 1S85. 

vil Gordon Rosenl)crger, I) Nov 11. 1S91. 

VII Beaulah Rosenberger, b Oct iS. 181^5. 

VI Lvdia Ann Rosenberger, b Mar 26, 1855. m 
Amos Bricker Nov 27. 1883. P O Berlin, Out. 

( See Amos Bricker I'amih- ). 

VI NLargaret Rosenberger, b at New Dundee, Out. 
May 10. 1857, m Rev. Isaac W. Groh Oct 12, 1880. 
1' ( ) Sherklon. Onl. Minister I'liited Brethren Cli 
C: (VIJi Hlma Groh. b Dec 10. 18S1. U. Br. Ch. 
L'Utie 'Iroh. b Jan 5, 1885, djan 1899. I'. Br. Ch. 


Alonzo C. Groh, b Feb 12, 1886, d Sept 25, 1886. 
Claud W. Groh, b Nov 19, 1887, d Dec 2, 1887. 
Clive L. Groh, b Nov 19, 1887, d Dec6, 1887. 

V|. Priscilla Rosenberger, bjune 14, 1859, d May 
8, 1 89 1, m Simon Thaler. Farmer. C: (VII) Geo. 
Horace Thaler, (d). Ella Sirene Thaler. Flossie 
Irene Thaler, (d). Nettie Priscilla Thaler. 

V|. Rosetta Rosenberger, bin Wilmot twp. Water- 
loo Co. Ont. Jan 12, 1862, m Thomas Hummett Mar 
8,1893. P O Gait, Ont. Music-dealer, Meth. Kp. 
No issue. 

V- Mary Rosenberger, b — , m Benjamin Colburn, 
(d). C: Nancy, John, Amos, Abram, Isaac. Mary 
m second husband, Owin Dodge. P O Caledonia, 

VI . Nancy Colliurn, m Isaac Stauffer. 

V|. John Colburn, m Mary Frost. 

V|. Amos Colburn, m Sarah Frost. 

VJ. Abram Colburn. 

VI . Isaac Colburn. 

V- Susanna Rosenberger, b Dec 14, 1821, d June 
26, 1884, m Rev. Moses Erb in 1S41. He wash Aug 
6, i82i,d — . He was ordained to the ministry of 
the Mennonite Ch. Apr 14, 1854, and taithfull}' serv- 
ed the church until his death, C: Menno, Aaron, 

V|. Meuno Erb, b Oct 16, 1842,01 Lydia Bricker. PO 
Benin, Ont. Furniture dealer. C: (VII) Malinda, d; 
Ephraim, Maggie, Archibald. 

V|. Aaron Erb, bjan 7, 1849, m Julia A. Unger. P 
O Berlin, Ont. Traveling Salesman. C: (VII) Mil- 
ton, Edna. 

VI. Moses Erb, b 1S56, d 1858. 

IV. Anna Rosenberger, b about 1778, d 1841, m 
Abraham Lapp. Menu. Deacon at Eine Lexington, 
Pa. Lived and died near Chalfont, Bucks Co. Pa. 
P'armer. C: John, Joseph, Abraham, Jacob, 
Elizabeth, Henry, Samuel. 

V. John Lapp, b near White Hallville, (now Chal- 
font), Bucks Co. Pa. Nov 14, 1803, d June 12, 
1S.S3, m Anna Wisler Oct 15, 1829. She was b in 
Bedminster, Bucks Co. Pa. July 19, 1804, d at 


Line LexiuK'ton. Ta. 5, iSSo. Fanner, Menn. 
C: Abraliam. Kli/abeth, Sanuicl. Joseph, Anna, 
John, Jonas. Maria, Henry, Catharine. 

V|. A»>rahani Lai)p. h An^ 3<\ 1^30, d Sept S, 
I S3 2. 

Yl Hli/abeth Lapp, h Nov 5, 1S31. d Dec 14, 
iSvSS, m Abraham Moyer May 1S56, (his second 
wife). He wash Nov 1. 1, iSjo, d Nov 1S79. Fann- 
er, Menn. C: Jacob. J«)hn, Sallie, Mary, Abraham, 
and two (d). 

Vl|. Jacob L. Moyer, b Nov 15, 1S5S, ni Susanna 
Dichl Dec 23, 1SS4. P O Ouakertown, Pa. l''armcr. 
Menn. C: (VIII) I^ida Nora Moyer, b Nov i, 18S5. 

VII JolniL. Mover, b Nov 5. 1862. m Annie M. 
kulh Jan 27, 18S7. P Line Lexinj;t(m, Pa. 
Farmer. Menn. C: .Vlll' Harry Mover, b Jan 
17, 1S90. Mabel Moyer, b Anj^ 10, 1893. 

VII Sallie L. Moyer, b in Bucks Co. Pa. July 

21, 18^15. m John H. Garj^^es Oct 29, 1S87. P 6 
Line Lexington. Pa. Farmer. Menn. No issue. 

VII Mary L. Moyer. b Mar 8, 1867, m Isaac M. 

Vl|. Abraham L. .Moyer, b Feb 4, 1S71, d Au};- 
2. I 88 1. 

V|. Samuel \V. Lapp, )> in Bucks Co. Pa. S^j.t 

22, 1833, m vSarah Gr<iss Oct 16, 1856. vShe was 
b July 26, 1S37. P O Ayr, Neb. Farmer, Deacon 
of Meinionile Ch. C: John, Amanda, Ainia. 
Kmma, William. Daniel, Samuel, Mahlon, Abra- 
ham, Sarah, George. 

VII John Laj)]), b Oct 31, 1857, d Mar 18, i860. 
VII Amanda Lapp, b Aug 4, 1859, d Aug 18, 

I H()0. 

VII Anna Laj)p, b May 17. 1S61, m John T. 
Hdl h"eb 9, 1879. P O Juniata, Neb. Menn. 
C: (Vllh Altie Hill, bjan 29. 1880. Charles Hill, 
b Apr 29, 1882. Hazel Hill, b Feb 6. 1887. 

VII ICnnna Lapp, b Oct 15, 1863. d May 4. 1865. 

VII William Lapp, b Feb 11, 1866, d Mar 11. 
I 866. 

Yl! Kev. Daniel G. Lapp, b in Bucks Co. Pa. Apr 
..^. . .(.7. m Ida M. tiooil Feb 22. 181,8. P U 


land, Nebr. Farmer. He was ordained a minister 
of the Mennonite church in 1893. C: (ViJI) Paul 

Andrew Lapp, b Dec 24, 1898. Titus Samuel Lapp, 
b Feb 25, 1 90 1. 

V!|. Samuel G. Lapp, b in Bucks Co. Pa. Oct 4, 
1869, m Kate Ebersole Jan 25, 1899. P O South 
English, Iowa. Farmer, and ordained minister of 
the Mennonite church Feb 1901^ and Bishop Nov 
1902. C: (VS!f) Myron E. Lapp, b Oct 15, 1899. 
Ruth Lapp, b July 26, 1901. 

Vi|. Rev. Mahlon G. Lapp, b in Bucks Co. Pa. Feb 
4, 1872, m Sarah Hahn June 7, 1901. P O Damtari, 
Central Province, India. Missionary to India, 
Mennonite Church; ordained minister and Bishop in 
June 1901. 

Vli. Abraham G. Lapp, bOct 18, 1874, djan 11, 

V65. Sarah G. Lapp, b x\pr 18, 1S76, d Sept i, 

Vlf. George Jay Lapp, b in Adams Co. Neb. May 26, 
1879. Teacher, Menu. S., (1903). 

Vi- Joseph W. Lapp, b Bucks Co. Pa. Oct 17, 1834, 
m Hannah B. Landis Jan 16, 1861. She was b in 
Bucks Co. Pa. Mar 16, 1838. P O Chalfont, Pa. 
P'armer, Menn. C: John, Abraham, William, 
Isaiah, Sallie, Joseph, Erwin, Elizabeth, Mary, 

VI!. John J. Lapp, b Nov 27, 1861, d June 12, 
1 881. 

VIS. Abraham L. Lapp, b Apr 20, 1864, dSept 26, 

VSS. William L. Lapp, b May 27, 1866, m Amanda 
M. BiedlerMay 11, 1689. Farmer, Menu. C: (VSJ|) 
Laura Lapp, b Oct 1891. 

VH- Isaiah L. Lapp, bDec 8, 1867, m Kate Clemmer 
of Lansdale, Pa. Oct i, 1892. P O Lansdale, Pa. 
p-irebrick-maker, Menn. C: (V^fi) Lester C. Lapp, 
b Dec 6, 1895. 

VH- Sallie A. Lapp, b Aug 10, 1870, m Abraham 
G. Gross Feb 25, 1893. P O Fountainville, Pa. 
Farmer, Menn. C: (VfS!) Nora L. Gross, bFebi7, 
1894. Hannah L. Gross, b Sept 6, 1895. Phares L. 


Gross, 1) Dec 6, iSijS. 
VII Joseph L. Lapp, '> Mar 5, 1S72. in Sallic vS. 
Waller Oct 5, iSy;. Farmer. Menu. No issue, 

VII Hdwin L. Lapp. 1) July 9. i^73- 

Vil lUi/al»elh L. Lapp, b May 12, 1876. 

VII M;iry L. Lajjp. h Dec 2, 1878. 

VII luiiin.i L. Lapp, b Jan 30. i.SSr. 

\f|. Ainia Lapp, b Au>?i5. 183'), d May 19. 1S62, 
m Sanui«-1 Iliestand in 1856. C: (VII ' lunnia 
Hiestand.(d). Mary, (d). 

Y|. John W. Lapp, b Nov 12. 1S3S. d Sept 27. 
1875, m Barbara Harnes. She was b in i842.d Aj^r 

9, 1890. Farmer. Menu. C: Daniel, Anna. 

Vl|. Daniel B. Lapp, b Apr 26. 1S64, d ^Lay i, 

VII Anna ^L Lapp. 1) Oct 14. 1S65. m Wilson 
K. Clemmer Dec 24. 1887. P O Jenkintown, Pa. 
Painter and Decorator, Presby. C: (V|||) Horace 
L. Clemmer. b Oct 8. 1888. Mabel L. Clemmer, 
b Oct 17. 1 889. Clarence L. Clemmer, b June 2, 
1892, d July 24. 1S92. Abram L. Clemmer, b Dec 

10, 1894. Ivli/.abeth Irene Clemmer, b May 19. 
1897. Mary L Clemmer, b May 15. 1S99. d b'eb 
7, 1900. John L. Clemmer, b Oct 1 2 . 1900. 

VII . Fannie B. Lai)j). b Dec 20. 1867, m Tobias 
R Clemmer. P O Hatfield. Pa. 

VI. j'onas Lapp, b Sept 6, 1840, d Dec 22, 1889, 
m Anna Ruth. 

VI. Mara Lapj). bin Bucks Co, Pa. Nov 5, 1S42, 
m Abraham ^L Hi^h Jan 9. 1870. He was li June 
14, 1845. P O Chalfont, Pa. Farmer, Menu. C: 
William, Ajuia. 

VII William L. HiKh, b Feb 20. 1871. 

VII Anna Lizzie Hijsdi, b June 7, 1875. 

VI IKniyW.Lapp.bin Bucks Co. Pa. May 4. 
1,1. u\ Lydia Ckhman Dec 7. \^(u). P O Salina, 
Kati. J*'armer. Menu. C: Abraham. John. Lizzie, 
Anna, Clemens, William. 

VII Abraham Lapp, b Oct 21, 1S68. d Oct 24. 


Yll. John G. Lapp, b in Bucks Co. Pa. Feb 27, 
1870, mLauraJ.Nuss July 30, 1893. Res. 7018 
Adams Ave. Parkside, Chicago, 111. Medical Stu- 
dent, Ref. Ch. 

VII ■ Lizzie Lapp, b in Pa. May 17, 1872. P O Sali- 
na, Kan. Teacher, Cong. Ch. 

VII. Anna Lapp, b in Pa. Sept 29, 1874. P OSali- 
na Kan. Teacher, Cong. Ch. 

VII. Clemens Lapp, bMar 27, 1877. 

VII. WiUiam Henry Lapp, b Aug 23, 1882. 

Vi. Catharine Lapp, b at Whitehallville, (now 
Chalfont), Bucks Co. Pa. Feb 14, 1846, m Henry 
Leatherman Dec 9, 1871. He was b Jan 13. 1845. 
P O Line Lexington, Pa. Farmer, Menn. C: Anna, 
Abraham, Sallie, William, Henry, Franklin. 

Vl|. Anna Leatherman, b May 28, 1873. S. 

Vl|. Abraham Leatherman, b Sept 17, 1876. 

Vij. Sallie Leatherman, b Jan 24, 1879. 

Vl|. William Leatherman, b Sept 5, 1882. 

VlJ. Henry Leatherman, b July 20, 1S84, d Sept 
17, 1884. 

VII. Franklin Leatherman, b Nov ir, 1885. 

V. Jo-eph Lapp, b— , m Susanna Haldeman. 
Farmer, Menn. C: Abraham, Jacob, Mary, John, 
Joseph, Rachel, Susanna. 

V|. Abraham Lapp, died aged 18 years. 

VI. Jacob Lapp, (twin to Abraham), d aged 18 

'Vl- Mary Lapp, bjuly3, 1834, (d); m William 
G. Overholt Feb 4, i86o. He was b May 4, 1832. 
P O Silverdale, Pa. Retired farmer, Menn. 
No issue. 

V|. JohnH. Lapp, m Catharine Ruth, daughter 
of Michael Ruth. P O Chalfont, Pa. Retired 
farmer, Menn. C: Ann, William, Harvey. Reuben, 
John, Susan, , , (d). 

VII. Ann Eliza Lapp, m John Detweiler. P OTrad- 
esville. Pa. 

VII. William Lapp. P O Chalfont, Pa. 

Vl|. Harvey Lapp. 

Vl|. Reuben Lapp. 

VII. John Lapp. P O Fountainville, Pa. 

loo THE KOM N! juaiEU IllSTOKV 

Yll Sujian Lapp, m — Ilouck. 

VII -Lapp. 

VII -Lapp. (d). 

V|. Joseph H. Lapp, m Ann Hli/.a Clyinur. P O 
Chalfont, Pa. Farmer. Mcim. C: Miry, Infant, 
l'\annic, Franklin, Susie, Annie-, Ida, I)el)l)ie, 
luiima. Edith, Howard. 

Vlj. Marv Lapp, m Hd. Hinkle. 

VII Infant. 

Vij. Fannie Lapp, (d); ni Levi Slielly, P O Phini- 
stcadville. Pa. Mrs S. Baptist. No issue. 

VII Fankhn Lapp, d infant. 

Vl". vSnsic Lajip, ni WiUiani Texter. 

VII- Annie Lapp. 

VII. Ida Lapp. 

VII- Dchi.ic Lapp. 

Vll- Kmina Lapj). 

Vll- iidith Lapp. 

Vll- H.iward Lapp. 

Vi. Rachel Lapp, b in New Britain twp. Bucks Co. 
Pa. Jan 21, 1840, ni Hlias Shaddinger of Plumstead 
twp. Bucks Co. Pa. Nov 22, 1S62. P O Garden- 
ville, Pa. Farmer. Menu. C: Susan, Priscilla, 
Mary, Millicent, Griffith, Samuel, FVanklin. 

Vi|. Susan Shaddinger, b Oct 30, 1863, m lunan- 
uel Landis Oct 13, 1S83. He died Nov 7, 18^5. 
Menu. C: (VIIO Henry Landis, bjuly 16, 1885. 
Flmer Landis, h Sept 5, 1890. Harvey Landis, b 
May 12, 1893. John S. Landis, b Dec 30, 1895. 

Vl|. Priscilla Shaddinger, b Nov 6, iS'is, d 
Aug 6, 1870. 

VII. Mary Sliaddinger, b June i, 1868. m Harvey 
11. BaumNovi5, 1890. P O Blooming Glen, Pa. 
Farmer, Menn. C: (VIII) Charles S. Baum, b Mar 
25, 1892. W'ilmer S. Ba'im, b Mny 22. 1893. 
Rachel S. Baum, b Jan 30, i8i^6. Harold S. Baum, 
b Oct 24, 1897. P.-rtha May Baum, b xMay 31. 
I 9(JO. 

VII. Millicent Shaddinger. bOcts. 1^70, m Frank W. 
Ilmkle Jan 7, 1893. p O Plum.sieadville, Pa. Tin- 
smith, Baptist. C: F. Walter Hinkle, b Julv 21. 
IS.J4, d July 5. 181^7. Claude S. Hinkle, bjaii 20. 


1897. Arthurs. Hinkle, b Jan 31, 1S99. 

VII. Griffith Shaddinger, bAprg, 1873. 

VII. Samuel L. Shaddinger, b Sept i, 1875, m 
Mary A. Melcher May 25, 1899. P O Phini stead ville. 

VII. Franklin Shaddinger, b Apr 2, 1878. 

V|. Susanna Lapp, m Eli D. Nice. P O Doyles- 
town, Pa. Farmer, Menn. C: Mary, Joseph, Wil- 
liam, Enos, Lizzie, Maggie, Susie, Eli, Jacob, 

VII. Mary Nice, m Peter L. Hunsberger. (See 
Peter I,. Hunsberger Family). 

Vl|. Joseph Nice, d infant. 

VII. William Nice. S. 

VII. Enos Nice, m Worthington. P O Foun- 

tainville. Pa. 

VII . Lizzie Nice, m Leidy Moore. 

Vli. Maggie Nice, m Henry Stout. 

Vl|. Susie Nice, m Greable. 

VII. Eli Nice. S. 

VII. Jacob Nice. S. 

VII. John Nice. S. 

V. Abraham Lapp, m Sallie Godshall, (d). C: 
Sallie, Tobias,. Abraham m second wife, Anna, 
Myers. Farmer, Menn. No issue. 

V|. Sallie Lapp, m Joseph Kulp. P O Bedminister, 
Pa. Farmer, Menn. C: Isaac, , 

VII. Isaac L. Kulp, m Esther M. Bewighouse. P 
O Bedminister, Pa. 

VII Kulp. S. 

VI. Tobias Lapp, (d), m Eliza Detwiler. Farmer, 
Menn. C: WilHam, Ella. 

VII. Wilham Lapp. 

VII. Ella Lapp, m Rosenberger. P O Line 

Lexington, Pa. 

V. Jacob Lapp, b in New Britain twp Bucks Co. Pa. 
d in Hilltown, Bucks Co. Jan 17, 1895, m Esther 
Bergey. Carpenter, Menn. C: Katie, Henry, 
Mahlon, Amanda, Annie, — , Ephraim, Isaac,' 

VI. Katie Lapp, b 1851, d 1872. 

V|. Henry Lapp, b Feb 20, 1853, m Susan L. 


Swartz Sept iS, 1S71). P O Fricks, Pa. Harness- 
maker. Menu. C: (VII) Nelson, Stella, Agnes, 
Esther. Martha, Walter. 

V|. Malilon Lapp, b 1836, d 1859. 

VI Amanda Lapp, 1) 1S59. d 1865. 

VI — Lapp, m Henry Landis. 

VI ICphriam Lapp. 

VI Isaac Lapp. 

VI Ahram Lapp. 

VI Annie Lapp, m — Hendrick. 

V. ICli/al>eth Lai)p, I)—, d— , ni David Rickcrt. 
(Sec David Riekert Family). 

V Henry Lapp, ]> in Ihicks Co. Pa. July i''\ 
1JS22, d Ang 27, 1890, ni Barbara Wisler Fel)iS52. 
She was b Oct 15, i8;^2, d Sept 12, 1894. Farmer 
near Doylestown, Pa. Menn. C: Abraham, 
Joseph. Samuel. 

V|. A])rahara Lapp, b 1853. d Jan 5, 1854. 

VJ. Joseph Lapj), b Jon 16. 1855, m Sallie God.s- 
halk Dec 8, 1877. P O Doylestown, Pa. Clerk, 
Menn. C: (Yll) Dillwyn Lapp, b Sept 19. 1883, 
d next day. 

V|. Samuel Lapp, h in Bucks Co. Pa. July 15, 
1857, m Sallie Swartley Oct 5, 1878. P O Chal- 
font, Pa. Farmer, Menn. C: Lizzie, Laura. 

Vl|. Hli/.abeth H. Lapp, b Nov 2. 1881, m Howard 
N. W'ynn Dec 23, 1899. Driving a delivery wagon 
in Phila. Pa. Bai)tist. 

VII Laura Lapp, b Mar 20, 1884. S. 

V Samuel Lapp, b — , d S. 

IV Susanna Rosenbcrgcr, bin Montg. Co. Pa. Jan 
15, 1 781 , d in Canada Sept 9, 1846, m Rev. Jacob 
Detweiler Dec 15, 1803. He was bin Bucks Co. Pa. 
Nov 25, 1778, d Aug 8, 1858. He run a mill near 
Line Lexington, Pa. at which place all has children 
were Ixirn, cxcejJt the youngest daughter. In 1823 
they moved to Canatla. where they ixMight a "bush" 
farm which Mr. Detweiler cleared. Here he anil his 
wife died and are buried. They were members of the 
old Mennonite church of which he was a minister. 
C: John, Mary. Jacob. Susanna. Hli/.abeth, Benjamin, 
Annie. luioch, Abraham, Lydia. 


V. John R. Detweiler, b Jan i, 1805, d Oct 17, 
1876, m Nancy Dodge in 1826. They resided at Port 
Elgin, Ont. C: Moses, Mary, Abraham, Nath- 
aniel, Fannie, Elizabeth , Joseph, Abigail, George, 

V|. Moces Detweiler, b Dec 21, 1826. 

V|. Mary Ann Detweiler, bOct 8, 1827, m Daniel 
Rudy. He d July 27, 1892. P OTavistook, Ont. 
Farmer. C: (VII) David Rudy. 

V|. Abraham Detweiler, b Jan 14, 1828. Res. New 
Orleans, La. 

V|. Nathaniel Detweiler, b Mar 13, 1830, died 

V|. Fannie Detweiler, b June 4, 1833, d Apr 17, 


V|. Elizabeth Detweiler, b Dec 22, 1836, m Henry 
Burton. P O Port Elgin, Ont. 

V|. Joseph Detweiler, b July 4, 1839. P O South 
Lyons, Mich. 

V|. Abigail Detweiler, b Dec 22, 1844, m Ben- 
jamin Hilker. 

V|. George Detweiler, b Feb 15, 1846. 

V|. John Detweiler, b Dec 31, 1850. P O Harris- 
ton, Ont. 

V. Mary Detweiler, b in Bucks Co. Pa. Sept 20, 
1806, d near Roseville, Ont. July 4, 1874, m 
Samuel Snyder 1825. He was b in Franklin Co. 
Pa. Apr 29, 1 801, d May 15, 1887. C: Susanna, 
Benjamin, Isaac, Nancy, Mary, Enoch, Elizabeth, 
J^ydia, Sarah, Samuel, Daniel, Magdalena. 

V|. Susanna Snyder, b Feb i, 1826, d Oct 9, 1873, 
m Jacob S. Cressman Apr 27, 1847, He was b May 
21, 1823, d June 13, 1877. Farmer. C: Mary, 
Nancy, Leah. Isaiah, Isaac, Magdalena, Susanna, 
Lydia, Emanuel, Emma, Jacob. 

Vl|. Mary Cressman, b Oct 2, 1848, m Henry Bauer 
May 30, 1879. He was b Aug 28, 1S55. P O 
New Dundee, Ont. Farmer, Menu. C: (VIII) 
Lillie May Bauer, b Oct 26, 1880. Austin Bauer, 
b June 30, 1883. 

Vll- Nancy Cressman, b Mar 9, 1850, d Jan 30, 


VII Leah Cressinaii. \> May ^;^, 1.S51, in Mcniu) 
RcUin>ji.'r Jan 1X70. He was I) Mar 7, ,1^47. P () 
New Dundee, Out. Lal>orcr. C: (^li\er, Jaccil), 

Vl|. Isaiali Cresstuan, b Feb 18, 1853, d Julv 5, 

Vl|. Isaac Cressman, b June iS, iSt^.}, d Sept 5, 

VII Maj^dalena Cressman, b July :23, iSs^. P O 
Hanover, Ont. S. 

Vlj. vSusanna Cressman, b vScpt 10, 1858, ni Joseph 
Miclilhausen Jan 7, 1880. He was b Mar 2, 1S5S. 
V O Walkerlon, Ont. Wa^on and Carriage builder. 
C: (VIII) Clarence Miehlhausen. Allen Emanuel 

Vl|. Lydia Cressman, b Jan 9, 1S60, m Peter Studer 
Oct 17, 1883. He was b Jan 22, i860. P ( ) New 
Dundee, Ont. Mr Sttider died Nov 26, iSi;3. No 

Vir ICmanuel S. Cressman, b Jan S, 1865. p O 
Hanover, Ont. Merchant, Prcsby. S. 

Vl|. luuma Ann Cressman, b Feb 20, 1866, m Alex- 
ander Heller Oct. 26, 18S7. He was b Mai 8, 1865. 
They resided at Elm wood. Out., where he had lea.sed 
roller flour mills. On the morning of May 10, 1892, 
the lx)iler of the Mills ex])l(>ded killin^Oiim instantly. 
P O Hanover, Ont. C: • VIII ' Leroy. 

Vil Jacol) Allen Cres;man, b Jan 30, 1867, m Mar- 
garet McNally of Hanover, Out. Mar 13, 181)4. 
P O Hanover, Ont. In the mercantile business with 
liis brother ICmanuel; Presby. C: ( VIII > Alexander 
lunanuel Cressman, b Jinie 21, 1895. Rocksie 
Merle Cressman, b Apr 13, 1897. 

VI- lienjamin D. Snyder, b Aug 18, 1827, inCath- 
arine Hec'.'.tel. She was b Sept 2, 1828. P O Pea- 
lK)dy, Kan. Farmer. C: Mary, Ephraim, Anyjelinc, 
P'li/abcth, iMueline, Isaiah, Jeremiah. 

Vir Mary Ann Snyder, b Sept 15, 1S50, d Auj; 
27. 1895, m vSamuel Haug. Farmer in Oklahoma, 
r. S. 

VII ICphriam Snyder, b 1852, d 1855,. 

VII Angeline Snyder, b Feb 8, 1855, d M.iy 12, 






1895, m John W. Meyers Dec 26, 1872. P O 
Listowel, Out. Merchant, Miller, Meth. C: (VIM) 
Caleb Meyers, b Nov 9, 1873, d Septs, 1875- 
Emaline Meyers, b Feb 21, 1S75, d Sept 1875. 
Josephus S. Meyers, b July 20, 1876. Alva Her- 
vey Meyers, b July 14, 1878, d Apr 7, 1878. 
Archie John Meyers, b July 13, 1880. Benjamin 
Homer Meyers, b July 28, 1882. Augeline Orilla 
Meyers, b June 28, 1884. Ida Alberta Meyers, b 
Sept 21, 18S6. Arthur Oswold Meyers, b Oct 14, 
1888. Lillian Olive Snyder Meyers, Nov 7, 1894. 

VII. Elizabeth Snyder, b June 8, 1857, m Simon 
Reid Aug 31, 1876. P O Strasburg. Ont. Prin- 
cipal of the Public school. C: (VIII) Ella May 
Reid, b Apr 14, 1877. Elthea Reid, b Oct 5, 1879. 
Herbert Spencer Reid, b Apr 26, 1881, d Feb 21, 
1S83. Albert Elmer Reid, bDec2, 1885. Hecter 
Gordon Reid, b Feb 21, 1888. Florence Reid, b 
Nov 3, [889. Sarah Olive Reid, b Aug 26, 1891, 
d May 24, 1892. Alexander Roy Reid, b July 31, 


Vll Emeline Snyder, b Mar 8, 1859, m Jacob 
Dohner Julys, 1878. P O — , Kan. 

VII. Isaith B. Snyder, b Feb 27, 1861, d Feb 18, 

VII. Jeremiah B. Snyder, b July 27, 1865, m Bessie 
Donaldson. P O Waterloo, Oklahoma, U. S. Far- 

V|. Isaac D. Snyder, b Oct 4. 1829, m Nancy Horst 
Feb 7, 1857. She was b July 21, 1834. P O Blen- 
heim, Ont. Farmer. C: Eli, Josiah, David, Sam- 
uel, Matilda, Uriah. 

VII. Eli H. Snyder, b Mar 18, 1855, d Oct 25, 1863, 

Vl|. Josiah H. Snyder, b June 19, 1857, d June 22, 

Vl|. David H. Snyder, b Oct 9, 1858, m Lucinda 
Shantz Apr 6, 1887. P O New Dundee, Ont. 
Farmer. C: (V|||) Ida Snyder, b Feb 7, 1888. 
Mary Ann Snyder, b May 25, 1889. Allen Snyder, 
b Apr :o, 1893, d July 14, 1894. Alvin Snyder, 
b June 9, 1895. Elden Snyder, b Apr 21, 1897. 
Eden Snyder, b Oct 30, 1898, d Oct 3c, 1898. 


V||. Samuel H. Snyder, b Oct i6, 1864, m Angeline 
Shantz Sept 20. 1893. P O New Dundee, Out. 
Farmer, Menu. C: 'VIII' I'crley May Snyder, h 
1\1) 7. iS<)5. \'iolet Snyder. 1) Nov 28, 1897. 

VII. Matilda II. Snvdcr, h June 20, 1870. S. 

VII Uriah H. Snyder, b June 2 1, 1S72. Farmer. 


V|. Nancy Snyder, 1) June 3, 1831, ni Benjamin S. 
Martin Jan 25. 1S59. He was b June 12, 1S30. P 
O Roseville, Out. Farmer. C: Samuel, Isaiah, 
Jesse. Amanda, Oliver, Malinda, Magdalena, 

VII . Samuel S. Martin, b May 15, 1S60, m Mary 
Ann, daughter of Christian and Barbara (Ol^erer) 
L'ier. Slie was bOct 4, 18^2. 

VII Isaiah Martin, bjune 29, 1862. 

VII Jesse Martin, b June 29, 1862. 

Vl|. Amanda S. Martin, b in Wilmot twp. Ont. 
Aug 19. 1864. m Klisha Schiedel at Roseville, 
Ont. in 18S4. P O Port IClgin, Ont. Capitalist, 
Methodist. C: (VIII ) Hlmer James Schiedel, b in 
I 888. 

VII. Oliver Martin, 1) Sept 28, iS''i6. 

VII. Malinda Martin, b Nov 4, 1867. 

VII Magdalena Martin, b Sept 10, 1S69, d Oct 

Ui, 1869. 

VII. Hnoch Martin. 1) Oct 8, 1871. 

VI Mary Snyder, b June 29, 1833, m A])raham 
Rudv. (See Abraham Rudy Family). 

V|. 'ivnoch D. Snyder, b Feb 28, 1835, m Sophia 
Scliwartz Oct 27. 1857. Shed Apr 12, 1877. C: 
I^avina, Angeline, Susanna, Isaiah, Hmanuel, 
F:/.ra, Clara, Lydia. p:noch m second wife, 

Priscilla Scheifley. Feb 16. 1879. P O Roseville, 
Ont. Farmer. C: Ira. Sophia, Ida, Ama<a. 

VII Lavina Snyder, b July 25, 1858, d Oct 
4. 1878. 

VII. Angeline Snyder, b Oct 6, 1S59. d Apr 12. 
VII Susanna Snyder, b Mar 6, 1861, d Jan .}, 


Vl|. Isaiah Snyder, b Apr 15, 1863, m Caroline 


Cress Aug 17, 1896. PO Roseville, Ont. Farmer. 

C: (VIII) Cecil Snyder, b Oct 27, 1900. Carson 

Snyder, b Mar 27, 1902. 

VII. Emanuel Snyder, b June 29, 1867. S. 

VII. Ezra Snyder, b Feb 12, 1870. S. 

VII. Clara Snyder, b Aug 20, 1872, m Eli Rosen- 
berger, (See Eli Rosenberger Family). 

VII. Lydia A. Snyder, b Jan 31, 1874. 

Vl|. Ira Snyder, b Dec 20, 1879. 

Vl|. SophiaSnyder, b June 4, 1881. 

VII. Ida Snyder, b Dec 4, 1882. 

VII. Amasa Snyder, b Oct 2, 1884. 

Vi. Elizabeth Snyder, bFeb4, 1837, m Jonas Good 
Mar 6. i860. P O New Hamburg, Ont. Farmer. 
C: (VII) Eli, Daniel, (d); Samuel, Simeon, Abra- 
ham, Jeremiah, Almeda. 

VI . Lydid Snyder, b Jan 20, 1839, m Henry B. 
ShantzOct 20, 1863. P O Berlin, Ont, Farmer. C: 
(VII) Mary, Hannah, Daniel, Ananias, Lydia, 
Alvinia, William, Edwin, Samuel, Minerva, (d). 

VI. Sarah Snyder, b Jan 6, 1841, din 1844. 

V|. Samuel D. Snyder, b Mar 17, 1843, m Mar- 
garet Clemens June 13, 1865. P O Wardsville, 
Ont. Farmer. C: Malinda, Emeline, (d); Isaac, 
David, Sarah, Phaleria, Maggie, Alta. 

VI. Daniel D. Snyder, b Feb 26, 1845, m Elizaleth 
Bricker Mar 31, 1868. P O Roseville, Ont. Far- 
mer. C: Lucinda, Elizabeth, Esther, Mary, Elsie, 
Melvin, Susan. 

VII. Lucinda Snyder, b Oct i, 1869, m Albert 
Stoltz. Farmer. No issue. 

VII. Elizabeth Snyder, b July 8, 1871, m Albert 
Becker. P O Roseville, Ont. Farmer. C: (Vlll) 
Alice Becker, Myrtle Becker. 

Vi|. Esther Laoma Snyder, b July 16, 1873, d 
May 19, 1874. 

VII. Mary Salina Snyder, b May 18, 1875. 

VII. Elsie Mina Snyder, b Dec 15, 1877, d Aug 
22, 1888. 

VII. Melvin Snyder, bAug 19, 1880. 

VII. Susan Snyder, b Apr 17, 1883, d June 19, 


VI Nfa^'dalciia Snyder, h Mar 8, 1847, d Sept 
29. 1862. 

Y- Jacol) R. Detweiler. b in Bucks Co. Pa. Dec 15, 
1807, djuly 2, 1SS5. ni Anna, dau>;hter of Isaac 
and Anna (High) Wisnier. She was b in 1808, d 
Nov 5, 1871. Farmer, Menu. C: Isaac, Daniel, 
Ik-njainin, John, Jacol), linrhara, Barbara, Sr.saniia, 
Christian, ICnoch, Annie, Mary. 

VI Chri.stian Detweiler, )> julv 22, 1S36. V t) 
Koscville.Ont. S. 

V|. ICnoch \V. Detweiler, b in Waterloo Co. Out. 
Sept S, iHy), m \'ictoria Willits Nov 27, 1S60. T 
C) Roseville, Ont. Farmer, I'nited Brethren. C: 
Lavina, Ro.sctta, Alice, Barbara, Klsie, Cieor^c, 

Vl|. Lavina Detweiler, b Sept 26, 1861. P O 
Hamilton, Ont. S. 

Vl|. Roselta \V. Detweiler, b Mar 20, 1S65, m 
lunanuel lliltxjrn Apr iSS^>. P C) C.rand \'alley, 
Ont. Miller, United Brethren. C: ( Vjjj ) Ada 
Hillxirn, b Feb iS, 1S8S. Leslie Hilborn, 1) Nov 
3, IS 89. 

Vl|. Alice Jane Detweiler. bjiniei, 1867, ni John 
W. Battler Apr 2, 1.^90. P O New Dundee, Out. 
I-'armer, United Brethren. No issue. 

Ylj. Barbara Annie Detweiler, b PVb iS, 1S69, m 
John -McGurn. P O Salem, Ont. C: (YIID Maggie 
\'ictoria McGurn. 

VII. FUsie Klectia Cecelia Detweiler, b Aug 2, 1S73. 

VII George William Detweiler, b Sept 16, 1875. 
VII Kffie Detweiler. b Fel) 14. 1879. 

V|. Anna W. Detweiler, b July 21 , 1844, m Ailam 
li. Cassel May 2, iS^i. P O New Duntlec, Ont. 
Farmer, I'nited Brethren. C: Milton, Oliver, Lavina, 
John, Jacob. 

VII Milton I). Cassel, b May 17, 1862, d same day. 

VII ()liverD. Cassel, bjune i'>, 1863, m I^arliara 
S. (leiger Aug 24, 1886. P O New DlUKke, Ont. 
Spinner and cardei in wool factory. C: ( VIII * James 
Lloyd Cassel, b June 15, 1887. Hattie G. 
Crj^-f-l, b Jan 6, 1890. 

VII Lavina D. Cassel, bNov 29, 1865, m Henry II. 


Wagner Nov 15, 1891. P O New Dundee, Ont. 
Farmer, U. B. Ch. C: (VIII) Cecil Maurice Wag- 
ner, b Dec 22, 1893. 

Yl|. John D. Cassel. b Sept 3, 1871. 

VII. Jacob D. Cassel, (twin), b Sept 3, 1871. 

VJ. Mary Ann Detweiler, b Sept 12, 1850, m Albert 
Willits Feb 2, 1872. P O Wroxeter, Ont. Farmer. 
C: Jemima, Barbara, Alberta, Jacob, Alfred, Nor- 
man, Gordon. 

V. Susanna Detweiler, b Aug 20, 1809, d July 2, 

1874, m Jacob Wismer in 1825. He was b in Bucks 
Co. Pa. June 1797, d in Huron Co. Ont. Feb 

1875. He became a cripple and made his living mak- 
ing ox yokes, rakes, axe handles and shingles. 
Menu. C: Catharine, Levi, David. 

V|. Catharine Wismer, b in Waterloo Co. Ont. 
Jans, 1839. m Henry Treffry June 11, 1855. P 
O Burnside Station, Manitoba. Meth. C: Susanna, 
Phebe, Mary, Robert, Jacob, William, Margaret, 
Emma, Jacob, Catharine, Lydia, George. 

VII. Susanna Treffry, I.June 29, 1856, m Solomon 
Beck May 24, 1879. P O Burnside Station, Man. 
Farmer. Ch. of England. C: (VIII) James Beck, 
bApr 27, 1882. Emma Beck, b Oct 21, 1887. Eva 
Beck, b Sept 6, 1889. Phebe Beck, b Sept 5, 1892. 

Vl|. Phebe Ann Treffry, b Jan 16, 1858, m Henry 
Voss Jan 17, 1876. P O Burnside Station, Man. 
Farmer, Luth. C: (VIII) Catharine Voss, b Aug 
1878. Henry Voss, b June 29, 1880. Mary Voss, 
b Dec I, 1883. Violet Voss, b Sept 6, 1885, d Nov 
6, 1885. Robert Voss, b Sept 21, 1887. Norman 
Voss, b Oct 24, 1888. 

VII. Mary Ann Treffry, b Nov 2, 1859, m Thomas 
Beck Aug 17, 1882. P O Burnside Station, Man. 
Ch. of England. C: (VIII) William Beck, b Sept 
20, 1883. Charles Beck, b May 6, 1887. Eliza 
Beck, b Jan 13, 1889. 

VII. Robert John Treffry, bDec25, 1861, m Cas- 
iah Elizabeth Lee Oct 24, 18S8. P O Burnside 
Station, Man. Meth. C: (VIII) Jorsa Treffry, b 
Oct 23, 1889. Robert Leslie Treffry, b June 6, 
1892, d Mar 30, 1893. 


VII. Jacob Tre (Try. h Mar 22, 1S64, d Mar 25, 1864. 

Ylj. William Ilcury Trcffry, \> Apr 12, 1S65, m 
Anna May Ki/tr 01 Michij^an, Jati 27, 1892. P O 
Huriisitle Station, Mass. Fanner. Mcth. C: (VIII) 
Carrie May TrelTry, b Jan 23, 1S93. Myra 
TrefTry, b Jan 20. 1X95. Leroy Morris TrL-fTry, b 
Nov 15, iSy7. Hlanclie Kizer TrciTry, bjuly 19, 

VII. Mar^'aret TrefTry. b July 28, 1S67, ni Frank Iv 
CjrLcn Dec 25. 1SS9. Kes. ._>o Ilallot St. Wiiniipejj:, 
Man. Miller. Cli of KriKland. C: f VIII ) Mabel Cath- 
arine Green, b June 23, 1S92. Ivy Green, b Sept 25, 

Vl|. Emma TrelTry, b Jan i:;, 1S71, m James Ache- 
son Feb 9, 1SS8. P O Burnside Station, Man. C: 
(VIII) Arthur Acheson b Mar 9, 18S9. Martha Mabel 
Acheson, b Mar 17, 1S90. Alislnese Acheron, b 
May 6, 1891. Florence Irene Acheson, b Sept 9, 


VII. Jacob Trcffry, b July 13, 1S73. 
Vl|. Catharine Trcffry, b July 13, 1S73, m Fred- 
erick W. (jrten Julv 13. 1.S92. Res. Winnipeg, 
Man. Miller. C: ( VIII; Islay C. Green, b Auk 7. 
1S93. d Sept 26, 1893. 

VII LydiaA. Treffry, 1> Apr 30, 1876. Meth. S. 
VII Geor^t Treffry, b Apr 9, 1S79. 
VI Levi Wismer, b in Canada Au^ 10, 1S40, m 
Mary J. Broderick. P O Redman, Mich. Mill- 
wright. C: (VII I Mary, William, Fmma, Klla. 
Shadrach, Isaiah, Infant, Catharine, Infant. Levi. 
V|. David Wismer. b 1S42, d 1844. 
V. Klizabeth Detweiler, b Oct 2, 1811, d Sept 7, 
1.S40, ni Benjrmin Snyder Feb 2r, 1831. He was b 
July 4. 1808, d May 25, 1892. He was a farmer and 
resided a little west of Roseville, Ontario, where he 
o.vned one of the finest tracts of land in Onta-io. C: 
Susanna, Lydia, Sarah, Nancy, David, Ivli/a. 

VI Susainia Snyder, b Nov 28. 1831 , d July 23, 1859, 
m John Musselman .Mar 17, 1S57. C: (VII) Benja- 
min Mussehnan. 

VI Lydia Snyder, b May 8, 1833, m Isaac !<: Hrick- 
erjuly8. 1S56. He was b Sept 24, 1835. P O 


Blenheim, Ont. Farmer. C: Oliver, David, Har- 
old, Benjamin, Peter, Sarah, Mary, Isaiah, Isaac, 
Lydia, Malinda, Anson. 

V|. Sarah Snyder, b Dec 4, 1834, d June 17, 1863, 
ni Daniel G. Bowman, Feb 24, 186 1. P O Lakeport, 
Mich. Farmer. C: (VII) Sarah Bowman, b May 
15, 1863, m Israel Cressman. P O New Dundee, 

V|. Nancy Snyder, b Nov 28, 1836, m John Wis- 
mer Sept 23, 1856. He was b Aug 11, 1835. P O 
Blair, Ont. Farmer, Menn. C: Benjamin, John, 
David, Henry, Leah, Nancy, Isaiah. 

Vl|. Benjamin S. Wismer, b June 10, 1857, m 
Catharine Kumpf Feb 10, 1879. P O Blair, Ont. 
Farmer, Menn. C: (VIII) Nancy Wismer, b Jan 20, 
1880, d May II, 1880. Sarah Wismer, b Sept 12, 
18&1, d Jan 27, 1891. Leah Wismer, b Aug 10, 
1883, d Jan 21, 189T. Mary Wismer, b Nov 22, 
18S5. Catharine Wismer, b Dec 28, 1888. 

Vl|. John Wismer, b Apr 1859, m Susanna 
Gehman May 12, 1885. 

Vir David Wismer, b June 12, 1861, m Esther, 
Shantz Oct I, 1889. P O Blair, Ont. Farmer, 
Menn. C: (VIII) David Elton Wismer, b Aug 11, 

Vll- Rev. Henry Wismer, b Mar 23, 1863, m 
Liicinda Miller Jan 3, 1888. Farmer until 1892, 
when he entered the ministry of the Mennonite 
Brethren in Christ. C: (Vlll) Harold Wismer, b 
May 27, 1891. Russel Wismer, b Aug 12, 1893. 

VI|. Leah Wismer, b Jan 28, 1S65, m John R. 
Naissmith Apr 21, 1891. P O Blair, Ont. Far- 
mer. C: (Vlll) John Wismer Naissmith, b Feb 3, 

VII- Nancy Wismer, b May 27, 1867, m John A. 
Gehman Oct 25, 1887. P O Freeport, Ont. Farm- 
er, Menn. 

VII. Isaiah Wismer, b Aug28, 1870. 

V|. David D. Snyder, b Aug 30, 1838. S. 

V|. Eliza Snyder, b Mar 19, 1840. S. 

V. Benjamin Detweiler, b in Montg. Co. Pa. Nov 23, 
181 3, m Elizabeth Kennedy Oct 10, 1837. She was 


a native of Inverness. Scotland, where she was born 
June 7. 1S20. Mr. Detweiler when 9 years of age 
came wit!: his parents to Canada. Soon after mar- 
riaj;c tliey moved on a farm near Rosevillc, Out., 
where tliey resided ;;o years. After larmin^ 
several years near St Jacobs— they later located in 
Herlin. Ont. Mr. D. Menu Mrs. D. Br. in 
Christ. C: Noah. Menno, Isaac, Daniel. John. 
Sarah. l'hoel>e, Rel)ecca, Samuel, Benjamin, Mag- 
dalena, Lavina. 

V|. Rev. Noah Detweiler, h Mar 23. 183S, m 
Veronica Bush vSept \, 1S60. P U Berlin, Ont. In 
early life farmer. After his conversion, when the 
Mennonite Brethren in Christ church was formed, in 
1S74. he l)ecame one of its ei-rliest ministers, and 
has done a nol>le work for the Master whtrever he 
has lal)ored. C: lUiza, Levina, Jemima, Sarah, 
Priscilla, Hannah. Josephine. 

VII Ivli/.a Detweiler. 1) May iS, 1861, m Samuel 
Shirk. Cari)enter. Menn. Br. in Christ. C: ( VIII ) 
Kdna Shirk. Noah Shirk. Kthel Shirk. Oliver 
Shirk, (d). 

VII. Lavina Detweiler, h Nov 4, 1865. d Dec 22, 

VII Jemima Detweiler. b Nov i, 186S, m Simeon S. 
Hallman. V O Berlin. Ont. Carpenter; Mrs. II. 
Menn lir. in Christ. 

Vl|. Sarah Detweiler. b Mar 20. 1871. 

VII Priscilla Detweiler, b Oct 17, 1873, d Jan 17. 

Vl|. Hannah M. Detweiler, b Api 21, 1876, djan 10, 


VII Josejihine Detweiler, b Sept 15, 1879. 

VI .Meniio Detweiler, b SejU fi. 1840. m M:irjj;aret 
kupped. He d July 6, 181^2. Carriage-builder. C: 
I. aura, Margaret, Eliza, John, Henry. Ocorge. 

VI Isaac Detweiler, b Dec 11. i8.}i, m Cath.arine 
Bti-h. P O Port IClgin, Ont. Saddler by trade. 
C: Alexander. Albert, Charles, Lillian. 

VI D.-iniel K. Detweiler, !) Ai)r 26, 1843, m Cith- 
aiiiie Snyder. P () W'allaceville, Ont. l-'ariner. 


C: (VII) John, George, Jacob, Kliza. 

Y|. John Detvveiler, b Feb 15, 1845, m Margaret 
Dodee, (d). Blacksmith. C: (VII) William, 


V|. Sarah Ann Detvveiler, b Feb 15, 1847, mFred- 
erick W. Welz j an 28, 1873. P O Moorefield, Ont. 
Carriage-builder. Evangelical Church. C: Lydia, 
George, John, William, Lucinda, Edwin, Martha. 

VII. Lydia Ann Welz, b Mar 27, 1875, in Perth Co. 
Ont. Canada, mOrenO. McPheeters Mar 15, 1894. 
P O Ravanna, Neb. Clerk in store, Methodist. 
C: (VIII) Ona May McPheeters, b Mar 14, 1.S95. 
Harry Albert McPheeters, b Feb 13, 1897. 

VII- George Benjamin Welz, bin Grey Co. Ont. 
Aug 4, 1876. P O Brantford, Ont. Piano tuner, 
Evangelical Ch. S. 

VII. John Henry Welz, b Sept 4, 1877, d Sept 
18. 1877. 

VII. William Franklin Welz, b Sept :5, 1878. P O 
Moorefield, Ont. Tailor, Evangelical Ch. 

Vl|. Lucinda Welz, b Apr 19, 18S0, d Aug 12, 

VII. Edwin Frederick Welz, b Dec 22, 1881. P O 
Moorefield, Ont. Tailor, Evangelical Ch. 

Vl|. Martha Welz, b May 4, 1S85, Evangelical. 

V|. Phoebe Ann Detweiler, b in Waterloo Co. Ont. 
Jan 23, 1849, m Michael Haug Nov 10, 1867. P O 
Berlin, Ont. Agent, Menu. Br, in Christ. C: 
Benjamin, Solomon, Elizabeth. 

Vl|. Benjamin Mathias Haug, b May 7, 1870, d 
July 13, 1870. 

Vl|. Solomon Leander Huag, b Aug 16, 1877, m 
Emma Merlz Feb 18, 1896. P O Berlin, Ont. 
Clerk in store, Methodist. C: (VIII) Harold Ross 

VII. Elizabeth Lavina Haug, b July 7, 1882, d Oct 
6, 1882. 

V|. Rebecca Detweiler, b June 11, 1852, m Isaac 
Kolb in 1873. P O Berlin, Ont. C: Benjamin, 

Vl|. Benjamin Leander Kolb, b Apr 21, 1874, m 
Kate VanMallsen May 2, 1896. Res. 137 Fifth St. 


Grand Rapids. Mich. Finisher in Furniture fac- 
tory. Ref. Ch. C: (Ylll) Wilhchuina Kolh, b Dec 

4. tSi/i. Ralph Henjaniin KoU), b Aug 12. iSyS. 
Yll MaK'dak-nn F. KoP). b Sept 11. 1S77. Meth. S. 
VI Samuel Detweik'r, 1) May 25, 1853, ni Mary A. 

Williams. P O Hrantford. OiU. Teamster. C: 
Pearley, Sylvia. Maggie, Aiuiie. Clayton, (d); 
Lavina, etc. 

V|. Benjamin Detweiler, b Ajir 7. 1S55, d S. 

VI Magdalena Detweiler. b Jan 23, 1S57, m Ben- 
jamin M. Fby. P O Berlin. Out. 

V|. Lavina Detweiler. b Dec. 13, 1S59. S. 

V. Anna Detweiler, b Mar S, 1S16. d Feb 17. 1S56. 
m John C. Shautz Jan 12, 1S33. He was I) Oct 23. 
1S07. d.'Apr 17, 1S75. C: Benjamin, Mary. Abra- 
ham, Aaron, John, Enoch, Magdalena, Menno, 
Susanna. Lydia. Nancy, Sarah. 

VI licnjamin D. Shant/.. b Aug 20, 1S33. d Jan 15. 
i.>.^9. m Ivli/abeth Nahrgang. She was b Dec 12. 
1S36, d June 4, iSy4. They resided in Wadsworlli, 
Mich. C: Nancy, Christopher, Mary, John, (d); 
Lydia, (d); Allen, Isaac, L:abella, Salome, Caroline. 
Minerva, Alice. 

V|. Mary Ann Shantz. b] Aug 24, 1S34, m Joseph 
Nahrgang Dec 22, 1857. He wash July 26, 1S34. 
P O New Hamburg, Out. Ivarmer. C: Josiah , 
Barbara, (d); K])hraim, Mary, Menno, John, Nancy, 
Henry, Matilda, (d). 

V|. Abraham D. Shantz, b Mar 6, 1836, m Mary 
Treffy Oct 4, i^sC^. She was b Oct 4. 1836, djune 

5, 1SA4. C: Nancy, F^liza, ICmma, Enoch. 
Abraham m .second wife, Rosina Bachert, Sept 18, 
1866. She wa-bDec9. 1838. P O Walkerton, 
Out. Methodist. Wood-turner. C: David. Allen. 
Cliarles, Mary. ICdythe. William, Albert. Clara. 

VII Nancy Shantz. b Aug 18, 1857, d Oct 31, 

VII FUiza Shantz, '.. Sept 18, 1S5S, d Nov 27. 1873. 

VII l-'.mma Anna Shantz, b Nov 24. i860, m David 
C;iebc May 27. 1SS4. Farmer, Methodist. C:(VIII' 
Ivmma Nora Olebe, b June 14, 1S.S6. Windom Gletie, 
b Aug 17. iSSi;. 


Yll. Enoch Shaiitz, b Oct i8, 1862, d Jan 27, 1881. 
f^Vil. David Shaiitz, b July 21, 1S67, ni Annie M. 
Brigden Mar 18, 1890. Res. 715 43rd St. West 
Chicago, 111. Wholesale and Retail Meat Market, 
Methodist. C: (VIII) Charles Frederick Shantz, b 
June 10, 1 89 1. William Shantz, still-born. Gladys 
Lilllian Shantz, b Dec 2, 1895. 

VII. Allen B. Shantz, b Jan 21, 1869, m Margaret 
E. Brierley July 6, 1898. P O Caledonia, Ont. 
Teacher, Meth. 

Vl|. Charles B. Shantz, b July 27, 1870. Meth. S. 

VII. MaryR. Shantz, b Sept 30, 1872. P O Walk- 
erton, Ont. Meth. S." 

VII. Edythe B. Shantz. b Sept 18, 1874. P O W^lk- 
erton, Ont. Teacher, Meth. S. 

Vll William H. Shantz, b Nov 13, 1876, d Dec 14, 

VII. Albert Shantz, b June 187S, djune 1878. 

Vij. Clara Shantz, b Aug 15, 18S0, d Oct 1880. 

V|. Aaron D. Shantz, b Sept 17, 1837, d June 21, 

V|. John D. Shantz, b in Wilmot twp. Ont. Canada, 
Oct 4, 1839, m Elizabeth Steiner Feb 13, 1S66. She 
wasbDec 12, 1840, d June 24; 1901. PO Baden, Ont. 
Farmer, Menu. He was ordained deacon June 8, 
1879. C: Steiner, Lydia, Ezra, Annie, Sarah, 
Tobias, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Barbara. 

Vl|. Steiner Shantz, b Oct 20, 1866. Resides in 

VII- Lydia Shantz, b Jan 24, 1S68, d Jan 28, 1872. 

Vll- Ezra S. Shantz, b Sept 12, 1869, m Anna 
Loucks Feb 19, 1892. P O Wakarusa, Ind. Farm- 
er. Menu. C: (V|||) John Henry Shantz, bOct 18, 
1894. Catharine Elizabeth Shantz, b Mar 7, 1897. 
Elmer Oszer Shantz, b Oct 14, 1898. 

VIJ. Annie S. Shantz, b July 25, 1871. Menn. S. 

VII. Sarah Shantz, b Jan 18, 1873. Menn. S. 

ViJ. Tobias Shantz, b Oct 18, 187 +. Menn. S. 

ViJ. Elizabeth Shantz, bAug3, 1876. Menn. S. 

VJ!. John Shantz, b Dec 18, 1879. Menn. 

VSi. Maryan Shantz, b Oct 7, 1881. Menn. 

VIJ. Barbara S. Shantz, still-born, Nov 23, 1885. 


YI l<:n()ch D. Shant/, bAup 6. 184S, ni Catherine 
Rucdicli. Shod — . C: John. William. Abraham, 
Josiah. riiilij). EtkicIi m st-coiul wife, Au^cline 
ShoL-makcr. I' O W alkcrton. Out. C: Maude, 
Selina. Goodwin. 

V|. MaKdalenaShant/., 1) Mar 26. 1S43. P O Bres- 
laii, Out. S. 

V|. Menno D. Shant/, b Nov 3. 1S44, m I^li/abeth 
H island Dec 30, I S73. She was bOct6, 1S46. P 
U Baden. Ont. Kn^^ineer in Grist mill. C: (VII) 
Harvey D. Shantz, b Nov 10, 1S77, d June 22. 1878. 
Amanda May Shantz. b Apr 12, 1879. Catharine 
Elizabeth Shantz. b Mar 22, 18S1, d Mar 19, 1895. 
Mary Ellen Shantz, b Oct 13, 1891. 

V|. Susanna Shantz, b Mar 8, 1847, d Oct 27, 1886, 
m David Devitt Dec 15, 1S79. P O Breslau. Out. 
I'armer, Menu. C: Isaiah, Jeremiah. 

VII Isaiah Devitt, b Dec 26, 1881. 

Vlj. Jeremiah Devitt, b Feb 24, 1886, d Sept i, 

V|. Lydia vShantz, b Apr 11, 1S49, m Daniel IIo«- 
tetkr. P O Wyandotte, Out. Farmer. C: Mary, 
limma, Minerva, Maranda, Hannah, Rebecca, 

VI . Nancy D. Shantz, 1) Mar 15, 1S51, m John S. 
vShantz Jan 29, 1873. He was Ij Dec 4, iX\(\ P O 
Beilin, Out. Farmer. C: Alvin, Susanna, Linnie, 
Anson, Annetta, Laurena. 

V|. Sarah D. Shantz, b in Wilmot twp. Out. June 
3, 1853, m Isaac C. Shantz Feb 28, 1874. P O 
Breslau, Ont. Farmer, Menu. C: Norman, Ei- 
win. Luainia, Mary, ICdith, Sylvina, Sarah, Laura. 

VII- Norman Shantz, b Jan 23, 1875, dApr2S, 

VII Edwin Shantz, b Mar 28, 1876, m June 4, 1902. 
P O P.reslau. Onl. Millc-r. 

VII- Luanna Shantz, b ( )ct 15, 1878, m vSimon l^aer 
Sti>t 17, 1902. P () Manheim, Ont. Farmer. 

VII M:.ry A. Shantz, b Feb 9. 18S2. S. 

VII l-Mith Shantz, )> Feb 10, 1884. S. 

VII .'".ylvina Shantz, bjuly 7, 1887, d July 17, 1901. 

Vil Sarah Sljanlz, b Aug 10, 1890, d AuK 13, 1890. 


VII. Laura May Shantz, b Sept 12, 1892. 

V. Rev. Enoch Detweiler, b in Bucks Co. Pa. Mar 
7, 1818, d Sept 18, 1874, ra Abigail Bechtel Jan 18, 
1842. She was b in Montg. Co. Pa. Oct 8, 1821. 
In 1822 he came with his parents to Canada. When 
a young man he joined the Menn> mite church, and 
June 5, 1859, he was ordained to the ministry. In 
all his sermons he urged holiness of life. C: Mary, 
Jacob, George, Susanna, Leah, Aaron, Hannah, 
Noah, Daniel, Sarah. 

Y|. Mary Detweiler, b June 29, 1843, m Samuel 
Hoch. P O Blair, Ont., Farmer. C: (VII) Ezra, 
(d); Ephraim, Maggie, Maria, Alnieda, (d); Eliza, 

V|. Rev. Jacob B. Detweiler, b Oct 6, 1844, m 
Harriet Shantz Mar 18, 1866. P O Didsbury, 
Alberta, N. W. T. Canada. Farmer, later employed 
in Button works, Berlin, Ont. In 1880 entered the 
ministry of Mennonite Brethren in Christ, served 
as pastor of Nottawasaga Mission until Mar 1883, 
then Berlin circuit two years, after which he was 
appointed Editor of Gospel Banner and Evangelium 
Banier by the General Conference for three years. 
After serving various other charges, in May, 1894, 
he moved to Didsbury, Alberta, N. W. T. Canada, 
where he is engaged in Mission work. His labors 
in the ministry have been eminently successful in 
bringing many souls to Christ. No issue. 

VI . Rev. George B. Detweiler, b Jan 6, 1847, m 
Harriet Lyson of Royers Ford, Pa. Nov 27, 1870, 
P O Sherkton, Ont. When 18 he taught school, 
afterwards engaged in farming. Some years ago he 
was ordained to the ministry of the River Brethren 
church, in which calling he has proved to be very 
successful. C: Emma, Lyson, Henrietta, Irene, 
Abigail, George. 

Vl|. Emma Detweiler, b Oct 12, 1870, m Frank 
CushmanDec25, 1893. P O Sherkton, Ont. Clerk. 

Vl|. Lyson Detweiler, b June 6, 1872. 

Vl|. Henrietta Detweiler, b May 14, 1874, m B. 
O. Saylor Dec 25, 1900. P O Sherkton, Ont. 
.Farmer, Presby. 

lis TnER()SEN'l?EK(iEi: HISTOUV 

Vl|. Irene Detwc-iler, b Au^M2, 1S7S, d Oct 18, 

VII Anna Al)i>,'ail Dctweilcr, b Mar 17, 1882. 

Vlj. r,c'or^-e Losbe Dclwciler, b Apr 28, 1885. 

Yl Susanna Detweiler, b Mar 22, 1849, m Abra- 
ham Kinzie Mar S, 1868. V O Roseville. Ont. 
Farmer, Menn. C: Oliver, Henry, Ellen, Clara, 
Ira, Kden. 

VII Oliver Kinzie, b Mar 16, 1869, m Selena C. 
Bowman Mar S, 1898. P O Blenheim, Ont. Com- 
mercial traveler, Meth. C: (VIII) Belle Beatrice 
Kinzie, b Sept 20. 1899. 

VII Henry Kinzie, b Mar 2, 1871. P O Rose- 
ville, Ont. Farmer. 

VII Ellen Kinzie, b Ang 14, 1874. 

VII- Clara Kinzie, l)Jnne:.|., 1876, m Norman B. 
vSnyder Dec 25, 1S95. P O Didsbiiry, All)erta, 
Canada. Farmer. C: (VIII) Olive Pearl Snyder, 
b May 28, 1S97. \'erdella Snyder, b Sept 10, 1901, 

VII- Ira Kinzie, 1) June 24, 1879. Farmer. 

Vll. Enden Kinzie, b Mar 15, 1886. Traveler. 

V|. Leah Detweiler, b Apr 28. 1851, d Oct 29, 1S54. 

VI Aaron B. Detweiler, b May 24, 1S53, m ICliza- 
l)ei]i, daughter of John Z. and Magdaleua(Schlich- 
ter) Detweiler. She was b May 26, 1853. P O 
Roseville, Ont. Farmer. C: (VII) Ida, John, 
Naomi, Norman, Orpha, Elma, Bessie. 

VI- Hannah Detweiler, b Dec 17, 1855, m David 
Hul)er. P O Berlin, Ont. Photographer. C: Julian, 
Herbert, Idessa, Alberta. 

V|. Noah B. Detweiler, b at Roseville. Ont. June 
3, 185S, m Mary, daughter of Jacob Y. and Nancy 
(Brubaker) Shantz, Dec 14, 1880. She was b May 
<), 1859. Res. Buffalo, N. Y. F)ngaged in the 
Button business. Christian Alliance. C: (VII) Eldon 
Detweiler, b May 10, 1885. Lenora Detweiler, b 
May 7, 1887. Lizzie Detweiler, b May 22, 1889. 
J-'thel Ditweiler, b Sej^t 3, 1.S90. 

VI- Daniel li. Detweiler b Ajjr 10, iS5o,m Aman- 
da Albright. She was 1) May 19, 1864, d Sept 11, 
1H93. P O Berlin, Ont. Agcni for J. Y. Shantz cS: 
vSon Button Co. C: (VII) liertha May Detweiler. 


Milton Detweiler. George Franklin Detweiler. 

Y|. Sarah Detweiler, b Jan 17, 1866. P O Berlin, 
Ont. Resides with her Irother, Daniel, and is sin- 

V. Abraham Detweiler, b July 25, 1820, d infant. 

V. Lydia Detweiler, b Aug 22, 1824, m Philip Doerr 
Mar 2, 1856. P O Marion, Kan. Retired farmer. 
C: Jonathan, Mary, Catharine, Lydia. 

V|. Jonathan Doerr, b July 13, 1857. 

Vi. Mary Doerr, b Aug 5, 1859. 

VI. Catharine Doerr, b Apr 13, 1861. 
vi. Lydia Doerr, b Aug 16, 1863. 




III. Gertrude Roscnberpjcr, in *Jacol) Landis, Jr. of 
h>ancouia. Farmer and Miller, Menn. C: Magda- 
lena, etc. 

lY- Maj^cdalena Landis, h al)out 1757, m Abraham 
Nice. He was b Jan S, 1756, d Apr 28, 1818. 
Farmer and Miller, Menn. C: John, Abraham, 
Jacob, George, William, Philip, Joseph, Catharine, 
Tobias, Henry. 

y. John Nice, b 1777. m Catharine R. Price. C: 

Y|. Elizabeth Nice, 1. 1S04, m John Hagey. 

V|. Catharine Nice, b 1806, m Henry Shugard. 

V|. Leana Nice, b 1808, m Wni. Jacobs. 

Y|. Abraham Nice, b iSio, m Mary Price. 

VI Ann Nice, b ISI.^, ni \Vm. Haney. 

V|. John Nice, b 1816, m SoloraeCressman. « 

V|. Rev. \Vm. Nice, b 1822, m Sarah Hagey. 

Yl Deborah Nice, b — , m John Jamison. 

*Soi» of Jacob LaiidiB, pioneer who settled in Franconia twp. 
wbere lie purcliused u truct of lundouthe Iiidiun Creek containing 
Its? arri*8, Dfc 'i»), 1727, fmni DLTJili Juhnsnu. In 17.'{4 .rucnti Limdis 
rfi-eivetl u patent from the proprictHry it<>viTinni'nt fi»r a trart of l.'iO 
acrcH northwest of Morwnod. Here he built a mill, lon^ known as 
NircV, hitiT KnlTi'lV mill. The land containing ll.'i acrt-s l)fl(ini.'inK 
to the farm with ni«-hfiiiiigf, gristmill, diim, ruci-, wati-r riuht, jxinds, 
and all belonging thereto were granted by Jai'ob I.andis, Sr. and 
wife .Miir_\ to their hon Jatid) Landis Dee 'J.S, 1772. On .Miircli ;>(), 
17M, Jacob l.umlis, Jr. and wife, (tcrtrnde, conveyed Ilic fiirni of l(l| 
Keren and mill to Abnthiim Nice, \\lii> v\as married to .Mugdalcnii 




III. Elizabeth Rosenberger, b Feb 7, 1748, d Aug 

7, 1823, aged 75, 5, 28; m *John Alderfer, of 
Lower Salford. He was b Feb 8, 1745, d Dec 19, 
1820, aged 75, 10, II. C: Ann, Benjamin, Fred- 
erick, Mary, Joseph, Abraham, Elizabeth, John. 

IV. Ann Alderfer, b Mar 13, 1769, d May 17, 1861, 
aged 92, 2, 4., m f Henry Lederach. He was b Jan 

8, 1766, d Sept 4, 1841. They lived on the Skip- 
pack road in Worcester township about a half mile 
above Wentz's church, where they owned a large 
farm. C: Elizabeth, Mary, Catharine, Ann, Su- 
sanna, Henry. 

V- Elizabeth Lederach, b Jan 11, 1790, d Mar 26, 
1876, m John C. Moyer. He was b Jan 11, 1790, 
d Feb 7, 1851. Farmer, Menn. C: Benjamin, 
Henry, Jacob, Joseph, Mary, Elizabeth, Katie, 
Sarah, Susanna. 

V|. Benjamin Moyer, b Nov 16, 1815, m Hannah 
Appenzeller Mar 3, 1839. She was b Feb 6, 1812, 
d Oct 14, 1889. P O Souderton, Farmer and laborer, 
Mr. M. Menn., Mrs. M. Ref. Ch. C: Annie, Cath- 
arine, William. 

Vl|. Annie Moyer, b Aug 4, 1840. S. 

VII- Catharine Moyer, b Sept 29, 1843, m Levi 
Nace. P O Souderton, Pa. Cigar-maker; Mr. Nace, 
Luth; Mrs. Nace, Ref. Ch. C: Emma, Jacob, 
William, Hannah, Maria, Nora, Milton, Alfred, 
Infant, Alice. 

*8on of Frederick Alderfer, wbo was b in the Palatinate, Ger- 
many, May 18, 1715; emigrated to America, arriving in the ship 
Samuel, Aug 11, 1732; was a redemptioner to Hans Klemmer who 
l>aid his passage over. Hans Klemmer died; Alderfer had sei ved his 
lull time, audinl7oS, Fiederiek Alderfer married the widow Klem- 
mer (Nee Anna Uetweiler). 

tGrandson of Pioneer Andrew Lederach. 

]*i TMKltOSF.NM'.F.KdKn 1IIST<»RV 

VIII lunraa M. Nace. h Nov lo, 1S65. Ret". Ch. 

VIII Jacoh M. Nace. bjnne22, 1867. Baker, Luth. 

VIII William M. Nace. b Oct 15. 1S69. m Sallie K. 
Allci-acli. She d Dec 31. 1S92. Teamster, Luth. 
C: (|X' Melvin Nace, bjuly 12. 1890. 

VIII Hannah M. Nace, b July 24, i8;i, m Samuel 
li. I-reed. Luth. C: ' |X ' Hstella Freed b July 

! • 1 Si) I . 

Vill Maria M. Nace. 1) Dec 24, 1S73, d June <.), 

VIII liilnora Nace. b Aug 14. 1S75, Luth. 

VIII Milton Nace, b Fel, 11, 1S78. 

VIII. Alfred Nace. b Jan 28, 1880. 

VIII Alice Nace, b Dec 4. 188:. 

Vl|. William H. Moyer. b — . m Amanda Leidy, (d). 
C: Nelson, Harvey. William m second wife, 
Maria Heaney, (NeeScholl). C: Ida, Miriam, La- 
vina, etc. 

V|. Henry Mover, d infant. 

VI Jacob Moyer, m Anna lienncr. C: Hannah, 
Mary, Gideon, (d). 

V|. Joseph Moyer, d 1871, m Barbara Barns. C: 
Milton, William. 

V|. ^L^ry Moyer, m Moses Kulp, (d). C: John, 
I^li/.abeth, Veronica. Anna. Mary, Amanda, Isaac. 

VII Jolm M. Kulp, m Sarah Rosenberger. V (^ 
I'lillin. Pa. C: Leidy, etc. 

VII b:iizabeth Kulp, d Single. 

VII N'eronica Kulj), m Henry Kulp. No issue. 

Vl|. Aiuia Kulj), d iNLar 11, 1875, m Rudoljih H. 
Mover. C: Knuna, Allen, (d); ICli/.abeth, Ivllen, 
Leidy, (d). 

Vlj. Mary Ann Kulj), m Rudolph H. Moyer. 
No issue. 

VII Amanda Kulp, m Christian M. Hockman. 

VII Isaac Kulp, d infant. 

V|. Hli/abeth Moyer, (d); m John Clemens. C: 
Amos. ( d ). Susainia. 

VI Sarah Moyer. b- , d — . m Henry 1". Myers. 

VI Suanna Moyer, d infant. 

V Mary Lederach, m Jt)hn Hcrgey. C; Henry, 
Anna NTcv 


Y|. Henry L. Bergej-, d Auj? 7, 1900, m Hannah 

V|. Anna L,. Bergey, m Abraham Kriebel. 

VI . Mary L. Bergey, d young. 

V. Catharine Lederach, m Christian Dettera. 

V. Ann Lederach, b — , d 1S6S, m David Kratz. 
Farmer, Menn. C: Henry, WilHam. 

V. Susanna Lederach, m Joseph Heebner. C.- 
Henry, Enoch. 

V. lienr}^ Lederach, m Lydia Hendricks. No issue. 
lY- Benjamin Alderfer, bOct3, 1771, d June 18, 

1840, Elizabeth Shoemaker. She was b Oct i, 1772, 
d Nov 17, 1840. C: Michael, John, Anna, Eliza- 

V- Michael Alderfer, m Kate Ziegler. Farmer, 
Menn. C: Michael, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Anna. 

V|. Michael Alderfer, d young. 

VI . Benjamin Z. Alderfer, b Junes, 1831, djuly 31, 
1899, m Sarah Harley. He was one of the most 
prominent citizens of his township. He died from 
effects of injury received in the railroad wreck at Ex- 
eter, Pa. May 12, 1899. C: Clayton, Mrs. J. Horace 
Ziegler, Mrs. M. B. Rosenberger, Milton, Ella, (d). 

V|. Elizabeth Alderfer, (d), m Christian Alleback. 
V|. Anna Alderfer. 

V. John S. Alderfer, m Hannah Grater. C: Ab"a- 

V|. Abraham Alderfer, m Freyer. P OLeder- 

achville. Pa. 

V- Anna Alderfer, b Sept 21, 1795, d Sept 12, 
1S84, m Isaac Kratz May 9, 1816. He was b Nov 
19, 1791, d Jan 23, 1873. Farmer in Lower 
Salford. Menn. C: Benjamin, John, Mary, Mich- 
ael, Isaac, Elizabeth, Annie. 

V|. Benjamin A. Kratz, b Jan 12, 1817, d Sept 
16. i860. S, 

VI . John Kratz, b Nov 9, 1819, m Margaret Ober- 
holtzer Dec 3, 1848. P 6 Elroy, Pa. Farmer. C: 
Levi, Isaac, Lizzie, Mary. 

V|. Mary K. Kratz, b Dec 14, 1821, m Dr. Henry 
Kratz Feb 11, 1844. He was b Mar 9, 1817, d 
Oct 13, 1889. Teacher, later farmer, Menn. C: 


Michat-l. Isaac, W'illiain, Henry. 

VI Michael A. Kratz, b Dec 23. iS24. m Julian 
Klein Dec 9, 1S47. P O Green Lane, Pa. Farmer 
and Milk-r. C: Annie, Lizzie, Morris, Katie. 

VI Isaac Kratz. b Sept 9, 1S29, d Nov 2S. 1S71, 
ni Catharine Klein Jan 12, 1S51. Meini. C: Scn- 
orah , Sallie. 

VI IClizabcth Kratz, IiJuhl-j;, i>!35- '" John K. 
Shutt Jan 1, iS5i^. V () Harleysville, Pa. Miller, 
Mtnn. C: Andora, Alonzo, Jacob. 

V|. Annie Kratz, b Dec Ji, iS30,ni Henry nuill- 
nian Dec i.;, 1N59. He was b Dec 14, 1836, d Sept 
30, 1H75. C: Amelia, Warren, Anna. Annie m 
second husband, Jacob Kenton, fd). No issue. 

V. Klizal>eth Alderfer, b in Lower Salford, MfMitj^. 
Co. Pa Nov (6, 1798, m Rev. Abraham Hun- 
sicker May 30, 1 816. He was b in Skippack tup. 
Montg. Co. July 31, 1793, d at Colle^eville, Pa. 
Jan 12. 1872. He was a grandson of \'alentine 
Hunsicker, probably the progenitor of all of the 
name in Montg. Co., who came to American in 17 17. 
and about 1720 settled in what was then called \'an 
Bebber, since Skippack, and now K)asl Perkiomen 
Township, The next generation in the direct line 
was Henry Hunsicker, who was a noted Menu - 
onite Bishop, and preijched 54 _\ ears. He was the 
parent of Rev. Abraham Hunsicker, the subject 
of this sketch. His ancestors being followers of 
Mcnno Simon, a plain unworldly sect, most of whom 
grew up to look upon a liberal education "as of the 
world." Abraham Hunsicker enjoyed but the most 
limited educational advantages. When grownup he 
feltthe disadvantages of the want of Scholastic train- 
ing, and being of a strong natural endowment, early 
conceived the idea of reforming his religious brethren 
in reference to that subject. He w;l^' ordained a 
minister of the Mennonite church Jan i, 1847, and 
sioon aft'-T was elected a Bishop. About that time a 
Schism occurred in the Mennonite Inxly, ami Rew 
Mr. Hiuisicker was seperated from "the old school." 
In 1.S51 a second divission took place, when he 
set alKJUt organizing a society. He issued a pamphlet 

Henrv A. Huiisici<er. 


entitled a "Statement of Facts and Summary 
of views on Morals and Religion as related with 
Suspension from the Mennonite meeting. " A copy 
of said Pamphlet may be seen in the rooms of the 
Historical vSociety of Penna. 

About the time of his ordination, (1847), as 
Bishop of the Mennonites in the district of Skippack 
Providence, and Methatchen, he conceived the idea 
in connection with his son Henr}' A. Hunsicker of 
founding a Boarding School to furnish his people 
better tueans of education. This was accomplished 
in 1848 by the erection of the extensive building now 
occupied by Ursinus College. In 1 85 1 , in conjunction 
with Prof. J. W. Sunderland he founded Montgomery 
Female Institute, afterward Pennsylvania Female 
College. These proceeding in the cause of education 
and other liberal views held by Mr. Hunsicker, led 
to division in the Mennonite body in the locality, 
and he proceeded at once to organize Trinity Christ- 
ian Church. Thechurch was built in 1853. Several 
years later another church was built at Skippack- 
ville. He was of a humane and practically benevo- 
lent nature and dispensed freely what he had to 
help the poor and labored long and hard to establish 
through the church a fund for the poor. Practical 
religion born of love and good will to all was pre- 
eminently his. and that which he labored to establish. 
He was an advocate of free Communion among Evan- 
gelical Sects, and set the example in the church to 
which he ministered. He wore the plain Menn- 
onite garb while he lived, but was not prepossessed 
in its favor, holding the view that attire is a thing 
of religious liberty. He followed the teachings of 
the Divine Word as he understood them. He was 
of a mild and generous nature, and yet firm and 
uncompromising in what he -egarded as vital; so he 
may be set down as one of the genuine reformers of 
our day. In person he was tall and stoutly built, 
weighing over two hundred pounds, with a face ex- 
pressive of honesty, force and resolution; his forehead 
was massive and his temperament bilious— sanguine, 
indicating power and endurance, his complexion was 


Machine Company, of CcllegeviUe. Pa., taking 
charge of its finances and general busniess. Mr. 
Fcttc-rolf has held a nuniLer of jniblic positions. He 
lias always ^K-en a staunch Repv.Mican. and has taken 
great interest in local and state elections. In 1.S82 
he waselected ]ustice of the Peace for the tcwnship 
of rpiH?r Proyidence. and re-elected in 1S87, but later 
resigned to accept a County office. As Justice of 
the Peace, he enjoyed the confidence of the people, 
and did quite an cxtensiye business. During the time 
he acted in many trust capacities, settling a large 
number of estates of decedents and assigned estates, 
in all which he displayed signal ability. He was 
Deputy Clerk of the Co-irts of Montgomery County 
from i'sqi until he resigned to accept a more res- 
ponsible position in the House of Representatiyes, 
at Harrisburg. In 1885 he made his first ap- 
pearance in the House of Representatiyes 
in the position of Transcribing Clerk. H^s ability 
and faithfulness in this position was such that at the 
following session he was promoted to tlie position of 
Speaker's Clerk, andsoseryed during the session of 
1SS7. During the session of iSSyhe wasai/ain pro- 
moted, this time to the position of Journal Clerk. 
During the session of 1S91 he was filling his position 
as Clerk of the Courts, and therefore was not in 
Harrisburg. In 18^3 Mr. Fetteiolf again recen-ed 
an appointment in the House of Representatiyes for 
a still more responsible position, that of Resident 
Clerk, and later wa- elected Chief Clerk. 

In 1S92 Mr. Fettertilf was unanimously elected 
Chairman of the Republican County Committee of 
Montgomery Co. and conducted the camjiaign of that 
yer r and the followng year so successfully as to elect 
the entire ticket with a single exception. In this i)o- 
sition he developed great executiye ability, and de- 
m«mstrated his shrewdness as a political organizer. 
Ill is,,^he was appointed .Secretary of the Slate Re- 
publican Committee, in which position he seryedtwo 
years and was elected for a third term. In this posi- 
tion he has p.-rforni'd yaluable services for his ])arty . 
Mr 1-. ii.r..lf h.'isbeeii Secretary for the Perkio- 


men Valley Mutual Fire Insurance Company since 
July 1889. Ref. Ch. C: 

VIII- Harry Fetterolf, d infant. 

Vili. Ada Gertrude Fetterolf, d 1877, aged 4 yrs. 

Vlli. Clement G. Fetterolf, d Feb 20, 1899, aged 
20 years. 

VIII. Horace M. Fetterolf, b 1885. Student at Uni- 
versity of Penna., (1905). 

VII. Gideon Fetterolf, b -ind d i860. 

VII. Curtin Fetterolf, b Oct i5. i860, m Maude 
Kellum Nov 7, 1888. She d Feb 21, 1891. C: 
Dorothy. Curtin m second wife, Leila A. de la 
Mesa Nov 19, 1895. Res. New York City. Freight 
Agent of White Star Line and Red Star Line Steam- 
ers. Ger. Ref. C: (VIM) Dorothy Fetterolf, b Feb 
7, 1 89 1. Carlos Fetterolf, b Oct 17, 1896. 

VII- Horace G. Fetterolf, b Feb 20, 1863, m Anna 
S. Koldzkom Apr 10, 1888. P O Ambler, Pa. 
Cashier, Presby. C: (V|||) Morton H. Fetterolf, b 
June 9, 1889. Mildred E. Fetterolf, b Sept 11, 1893 
Allen C. Fetterolf, b July 2. 1895. 

VI. Rev. Henry A. Hun.sicker, b in Montg. Co. 
Pa. Nov 10. 1825, m Mary S. Weinberger Aug 23, 
1849. Shewasbjan 31, 1830, d May 7, 1874. 
C: Clement, Joseph, Abraham, Flora, Alvin. 
Henry m second wfe, Annie C. Gotwals, Mav 11, 
1876. Res. Q02 Chelten Ave. Philadelphia, Penn. 
C: Mary. Edna. 

Mr. Hunsicker spent his boyhood days on his 
father's farm, and had only the limited advantages 
of the country schools of that time. In 1835 Henry 
Prizer opened a boarding school in the village of 
Trappe. He died in 1838 and was succeeded in the 
school by Rev. Henry S. Rodenbough. This was 
Mr. Hunsicker 's Alma Mater. In 1848 he and his 
father founded "Freeland Seminary," an educational 
institution designed for young men and boys. He at 
once became the principal of the school,' and three 
years later the proprietor. He continued as Princi- 
pal of this school until 1865, when he leased the 
school and property to A. H. Fetterolf, one of his 
assistants, for five years. During the time of his 


lease to Prof. F. he sold the school property to Rev. 
J. II A Bomhroger, I) I)., of I'hiladelphia. who, 
in coniKCtioii with other cntcr]»risinx j)crsoiis, ob- 
tained a charter and founded I rsinus Colk-^e. In 
1S50 Mr. Hunsicker was ordained to the ministry of 
the New(Oberholt/.er ) Mennonite Church. On ac- 
count of the liberal and progressive ideas in church 
w(jrk, a chistu took jjlace in 1S51, which resulted in 
establishing an independent church known as Trinity 
Christians, of which .Mr. Hunsicker was , one of the 
founders, and for which he contiiu'.ed to preach until 
1S75. He later connected l;inisclf with Prest)yterian 
church, and is now a member of the Moravian 
church; the changes in his cliurch relations were 
made on account of change of locatic'ii. 

Yl|. Clement \V. Hunsicker, 1j May 29. 1S51, m 
Lydia Miller Mar 1S73. She d Apr 1.S91. C: 
Mamie, Alice. Irma. Clement m second wife, Flora 
Smith May 2). 181^5. No issue. Res. Denver, Colo. 
Real Instate Broker. 

VIII. Mamie E. Hunsicker, b Dec 18, 1874. ra 
George Fischer Oct I S92. P O Great Falls, Mon. 
C: (JX) Dorothy Fischer, b 1S94. 

Vlll- Alice Hunsicker, d young. 

Vill. Irma Rosilind. b Nov 18S1. P O North 
W ales. Pa. 

Vlj. Joseph Henry Hunsicker, b Aug 16, 1853, d 
Oct 16. 1880, m Fannie Rutherford in 1875. She d 
Mar 1881. C: (VIII) Alfred R. Hunsicker, h Apr 
22. 1877. Aida Hunsicker, b Dec 20, 1879. 

Vl|. Abraham Lincoln Hunsicker. b Apr S, 1856, 
d Feb 23, 1874, from accidental shooting. 

Vl|. Flora G. Hunsicker, 1) in Colleyeville. Pa. Dec 
20, 1858. m Dr. Jame.^ H. llamer May 15, i87(). P 
O Collegeville, Pa. Physician, Ger. Ref. C: Vlll) 
Bertha Hamer, ])May29, 1880. F'annie Hamer. b 
Nov 10, 1881. Carrie Hamer !)Augi8, 1885, dMay 
13, 1892. James H. S. Ilumer, b Nov 28, 1890, 
Caroline Cecelia Hamer, b Jan if>, 1893. Harold 
Hamer, b Sept 12, 1900. Hlliel Hamer, b Aug 11, 


Vl|. Alvin Hunsicker. b Sept 20, 1864, m Hcleu T. 


Bnice June 19, 1889. Res. New York. Secretary 
of Standard Oil Cloth Co. 320 Broadway, New York 
City. Presby. No issue. 

Vl|. Mary Anna Hunsicker, b Sept 25, 1879. Res 
902 Chelten Ave. Phila. Pa. S. 

VII. Edna E. Hunsicker, 1, July 6, 1882. Res. 902 
Chelten Ave. Phila. Pa. S. 

Y|. Abraham Hunsicker, bjan 8, 1829, d 1890, m 
Rachel Rittenhouse. C: Annie, Mary, Newton, 
Abraham, Alice, Susan. 

VII- Annie Hunsicker, (d); m Newton Wanner. 
C: Grace, Lillie, Abraham, Herbert. 

Yl|. Mary L. Hunsicker, (d); m Rev. Abraham B. 
Markley. C: Mary, Alice, Florence, and three d 

Vl|. Newton R. Hunsicker, (d); m Bessie D. Jones. 
C: Davis,, Bertina, Garfield, (d); Rachel. 

Vl|. Abraham R. Hunsicker, m — . C: Abraham. 

VII. Alice Hunsicker, (U Dr. John Niles. P O Car- 
bondale. Pa. No issue. 

Vl|. Susan Hunsicker, m Edward Laros. 

VI. Elizabeth Hunsicker, b Aug 14, 1834, d— . m 
Rev. Francis R. S. Hunsicker, D. D. in 1853. He 
was a son of Henry D. and Catharine (Shoemaker) 
Hunsicker, and was b in Montg. Co. Pa. Mar 27, 
1832. He worked on his father's farm until he was 
sixteen years old, when he taught Public School for 
two seasons, after which he was appointed assistant 
teacher in Common English in the Freeland Semi- 
nary-now Ursinus College-then under the Principal- 
ship of Rev. Henry A. Hunsicker. Here he spent 
about seven years, a close student and an enthusias- 
tic teacher. He held the position of Professor of 
Mathematics and History and Vice Principal for seve- 
ral years, when he was called to Carversville, Pa. to 
organize the Excelsior Normal Institute. Here he 
was engaged in educational work from '59-' 62 and 
'67-' 84. He received the honorary degree of A. M. 
from LaFayette in 1869, and D. D. from Ursinus in 

Dr. Hunsicker was ordained to the Gospel 
Ministery in the Trinity Christian (now Trinity 


Reformed) Church at Collejjeville, Pa. in 1857; 
was Pastor of the Refonned Meiinonite church of 
Germatitown. Pa. '(>2--'6G. In 1S67 he utiiteuwith 
the Presbytery of Philadcli)liia North. He was 
pastor of the Carversville and Phimsteadville Presby- 
terian churches, '70 — 'S4. Pastor at Junction, N.J. 
'S4 — 'S7, and Lafayette, N. J. '8; — '94, after 
which lie retired from the active work of the 
ministery. His present residence is Carversville, 
Pa., where he resides retired. C: Hmma, Katie, 
Lizzie, Hannah, Kttie, Cliiudia, Frank. 

Vl|. Pjunia Hunsicker, 1j 1S54, d 185^. 

Vl|. Katie Hunsicker, b 1S56, d 1859. 

Vl|. Li/./.ie Hunsicker, b Jan 15, 1859, m Isaiah 
W. Closson in iSSi. PC) Carveisville, Pa. Farmer; 
Mrs. C. Presby. C: (Villi Newton Clo.sson, b in 
I SS5, d in 1892. 

Yl|. Hanna!) Hunsicker, (twin ), b in Moiit^j. Co. 
Pa. Jan 15, 1859, m Winfield Scott Black Nov 2, 
1881. P O Clinton, X. J. Merchant. Pre.sby. 
No issue. 

VII. Kttie Hunsicker. b 186J. m Willett I). I'.vans 
1884. School-teacher. Presby. C: (VIII' .^va 
Could Ivvans, b 1886. PVancis H. Evans, b 1888. 

VII. Claudia Hunsicker, b in Montj^. Co. Pa. Au).^ 
8, 1865, in William A. Reeves Apr IJ, 1888. P O 
Clinton, X. J. Bank Teller. Presby. C: ( Vllh 
Austin H. Reeves, b June 9. 1889. ( Vlil ' Mabel 
Reeves, b Oct 10, 1890. 

VII. F'rank Hunsicker, b 1875, d in infancy. 

VI. Klias A. Hunsicker, b in Mont«. Co. Pa. .Mar 
28, 1834, m Susan V. .Moyer Dec 25, 1855. Res. 
1842 Master St. Phila. Pa. He was a Knii" merch- 
ant for JO years opposite the Baltimore Depot. Broad 
vSt. Phila., at present. Life and I-'ire Insurance 
AKent; Presbv. C: Klla,Clavton. 

VII. Klla .M. Hunsicker, b Feb 15, 1857. S. 

VII. Clayton .NL Hunsicker, I) .Mar 25, 1860, m 
Amelia SeiRel, of Phila., Dec 5, 1893. Res. 2018 
Master St. Phila. Pa. Life and Fire Insurance 
Aj^ent. In 1891 he was elected to the Common 
Council of the Twentv-ninth Ward, and was re- 


elected in 1895 to serve his lliird term. C: (VII) 
Katharine S. Hunsicker, b Mar 7, 1895. 

VI. Mary A. Hunsicker, b in Montg. Co. Pa. Nov 
6, 1836, m Rev. Jared T. Preston. He d 1877. P 
O Collegeville, Pa. C: Cyrus, iM-ank, Liz/.ie. 

VII. Cyrus Preston, d Nouug. 

VII. Frank Preston, ni Uzzie Grater. C: Mary; 
Frances, , (twins). 

VII. Lizzie Preston, b 1872, ni Henrv vSpare C- 
(VIII) vSpare. 

V|. Catharine Hunsicker, b Jan 9, 1840, m Rev. 
Joseph H. Hendricks, D. D. Dec 21, 1858. He 
was b in Montg. Co. Pa. Sept 21, 1834, d Nov 
1905. P O Collegeville, Pa. Mr. Hendricks was 
reared on his father's farm, and in the spring of 
1851, entered Frceland Seminary, (now Ursmus 
College), and in the fall of 1S52, took cliarge of a 
public school in Milford Square, Bucks County. 
During the four consecutive winters he was a 
teacher in the public schools; he attended Freeland 
Seminary during the summer months. In February 
1S56 he was appointed to the position of assistant 
teacher in Freeland Seminary, and in two years he 
was promoted to teach the higher mathematics, and 
wae made vice-principal of the instution. It was 
while engaged in these duties that at a meeting of the 
Christian Society, at FYeeland, (now Ursinus Col- 
lege), held A. D. i860, he was, according to the 
usages of the church, of which he was a member, 
elected on trial to the office of the ministery. He at 
once began to attend the duties of his new position 
in connection with his school work. On June 25, 

1861, he was ordained to the office of minister of 
the Gos])el. The Christian Society' materialized and 
was incorporated in the Spring of 1855. The society, 
built for itself, in 1S54, what was styled the 
"Christian Meeting House," and the same was 
opened in the spring of 1855 for public worship. In 
February 1S62, Mr. Hendricks was elected pastor of 
the Christian Society, and was insfalled m April 

1862, At this time the duties of this new office oc- 
cupied so much of his time that he was compelled to 


resign hi-^ i>ositioii as teacher and vice principal of 
Freeland Seminary. The oriKi"-^! Chri>tian Society, 
sul»se(iueiitly Trinity Clairch, hej^an as an independ- 
ent church in isss, when it was received into formal 
fellowship wilh the keft)rmed Church in the U. S. 
The other aiipomtments of the char^'e are: Trinity 
Church. Skippackville; and Ironbrid^^e Chapel, 
Rahn vStation. 

Mr. Hendricks enjoyed the distinction of having 
served the same charge longer tlian any ether living 
pastor in Montgomery Co. He otTiciated at upwards 
looo fiuierals. He was greatly l)eloved by his own 
congregation and in much demand outside of his own 
churches. He was a fluent and forcible preacher, 
speaking entirely extempore, in a rapid, earnest and 
convincing manner. InJuneiHSi, Ursinus College 
conferred on him the degree of M. A. and in June 
18,7. the degree of D. D. C: Lizzie, Ella, Bertha, 
Abraham, Sallie. 
Vli. U7.zie Hendricks, b P^eb 9, i860, d Feb 29, 


Vl|. Ella M. Hendricks, b Sept 4, 1861, m Freeland 
G. Hobson Sept 15, 1S81. P O Collegeville, Pa. 
He Was bat Collegeville, Pa. Oct 13, 1S57, djan 10, 
1906. He was educated in the public schools of Up- 
per Providence twp subsequently took a full course 
in and graduated from I'rsinus College in 1876. He 
then entered the law office of Jacob \'. Ootwals, at 
that time District Attorney of Montgomery Co., and 
was admitted to the bar on Oct 1, 1880. IK- inune- 
diately opened an office in Xorristown. where he 
soon began to build up a lucrative practice, and 
where he has remained ever since. He was an elo- 
quent pleader, and was uniformly successful in the 
trial of cases. In 1888 Mr. Hobson put on foot the 
movement to organize the Xorristown Title, Trust 
and Safe Deposit Company, and was made its .secre- 
tary, treasurer, and trust officer. He was also foun- 
der and publisher of the Montgomery Conntv Law 
Rei)orter and the author of the Ilistorx ot 
Providence townshii), and was one of tin- contribu- 
tors to Col. Hean's History of Montgomery Counts . 


Mr. Hobson was a leader in the Patriotic Order Sous 
of America, and a member of camp 267 at Iron- 
bridge. In 1893 he was elected vState President, and 
at the conclusion of his term at Erie, Pa. he was the 
happy recipient of a handsome cane made from the 
hull of the old flagship Ivawrence. He was a promi- 
nent member of the Valley Forge Memorial Associa- 
tion and a director of Ursinus College, Collegeville, 
Pa. He was for eight years an elder of Trinity Re- 
formed Church of Collegeville. He has been a dele- 
gate to the Classes, Synods, and General Synods of 
the Reformed Church in the United States, taking 
very active part in all these bodies. C: (VIII) 
Harold Hobson, band d July 30, 1882. Frank H. 
Hobson, b Aug 19, 1883. Anna Mabel Hobson, b 
July 27, 1885. Katharine Hobson, b Apr 29, 1889. 

Vlj. Bertha Hendricks, b June 24, 1864, m Rev. 
Charles E. Wehler Dec 18, 1889. P O Blue Bell, 
Pa. Both graduates of Ursinus College. She of the 
collegiate and he of the Theological Department. 
Pastor of Boehms Reformed Ch., Blue Bell, Pa. C: 
(VIII) Catharine H. Wehler, b Aug 12, 1892. 

VII. Abraham H. Hendricks, b Dec 21, 1866, m 
Ella T. Miller Oct 21, 1890. P O Collegeville, Pa. 
Graduated at Ursinus College, and subsequently 
studied Law and is now practicing at Nornstown, 
Pa; Firm of Hendricks and Hobson, Trinity Christ- 
ian Reformed Church. C: (Vlll) Miraim Ehzabeth 
Hendricks, bjan3, 1892. 

Vl|. SallieC. Hendricks, b July 17, 1873. Graduate 
of Ursinus College, Trinity Christian Reformed 

V|. Horace M. Hunsicker, b Feb 17, 1843, ro 
Eliza Cosgrove. C: Rosaline, Alice, William. 

Vl|. Rosaline Hunsicker, d aged 8 yrs. 

Vl|. Alice Hunsicker; d young. 

VII. William C. Hunsicker. Practicing Physician 
in Phila., Pa. 

IV. Frederick Alderfer, b Nov 24, 1773, d Dec 9, 
1854, aged 81 years, m Susanna Shovvalter. C: 
Elizabeth, Magdalena, John, Joseph. P^rederick m 
second wife, Elizabeth Shutt, (widow), daughter of 


David and Anna (Funk) RosenberKer. C: Harl)ara. 
Frederick, Henry. Frederick ni tliinl wife, Anna 
I'rederick. C: Isaac. 

V. Kli/.:i'>eth Alderfer. h Jan ii, 1S02, d A«i^' 1?, 
1S7S. ni *D.ivid Kriebel Jan 14. 1S19 He. was b 
July 19, 17S3. d July i. 1S42. Farmer, Schwenk- 
(eUiers. C: Henry. Susanna. Maj^dalcna. Septi- 
mus, Barbara. Hannah. Hli/.ibeth. 

V|. Henry Kriebel, 1) July H. 1819, m Sarah Rahn. 
C: Septimus, etc. 

V|. Susanna A. Kriebel, b in Moutg. Co. Pa. Mar 
17, 1S21, d (Jet 17. 1S95. m William S. Moyer July 
II. 1S47. He was bin Berks Co. Pa. Oct 13, 1.S24, 
d Feb 10, 1S96. P O Bally, Pa. Shoemaker; Mr. 
M. Hv. Ass'n; Mrs. M. Meini. C: Uavid, Septimus, 
Daniel. Enos, Wihiara, Peter. 

VII. David K. Moyer. b in Berks Co. Pa. Jan «, 
IN4S. m Mary A. Grove, daughter of George and 
Nancy Grove, of Mt. Carroll, 111. Feb 24, 1S74. 
She was b in Franklin Co. Pa. June 19, 1S40, d in 
Iowa Oct 23, 1S7S. PO Mt. Carroll, 111. Cigar- 
makei ; Ch. of Jesus Christ. C: (VIII ) Grove Moyer. 
b Apr 24. 1S7;. Otto B. ; nd Warren O. Moyer, 
(twins), b Oct 19, 1S78. David m second wife, 
Josie M. Grove, (sister to his first wife), Jan 3, 
!^^4. She was b Nov 24, 1S4S. No issue. 

Vl|. Septimus K. Moyer, b June 10, 1S49, d Aug 
31. i*>50. 

VJI- Daniel K. Mover, b Mar 16. 1.S51, m Hannah, 
daughter of P!:ilip and Haiuiah Kriebel Mar 16, 
1S93. She wash in Montg. Co. Pa. Jan 4, 1854- 
Res. 404 N. 7th St. Philadelphia, Pa. Driver and 
Collector, Menu. No issue. 

VII Knos K. Moyer, bin Washington twp, Berks 
Co. Pa. Nov 21, 1852. Res. :55s Philadelphia St. 
Phila. Pa. Carpi-nter. S. 

VII. William K. M..yer, b Feb 25, 1S55. d Feb 17, 
18.S2, m Adelia Conrad Sliiffert Nov 6. 1880. Paint- 
er. C: fVllh Susan Jv Moyer, b Feb 14. iSSi. 

VII Peter K. Moyer, b in Washington twp. Berks 

•••^ 111 til Aiiiiti-H Kiu'i.rl, li .sijii IT, ITls, il Apr 17, l^M, m 
KiiKiiUua, iluuKl'tt^T (if .\l>riiljiiiii Yeiikcl, .Miiy HI, 1771. 


Co. Pa. June 9, 1859. Res. 2558 Philadelphia St. 
Phila. Pa. Clerk. S. 
Y|. Magdalena Kriebel, b Oct 21, 1822, m Isaac 

VI . Septimus Kriebel, b Aug 3, 1825, d at North 
Wales, Pa. Aug 12, 1898, m Susanna Schlotterer 
Sept 23, 1851. She was bin Montg. Co. Pa. June 
16, 1828. Merchant and Farmer, Schweukfelders. 
C: Henry, Emraa, Franklin, Edwiu, William, 
Mary, Septimus. 

Vi|. Henry S. Kriebel, b in Montg. Co. Pa. Aug 
7, 1852, m Lizzie A. Cassel July 22, 1871. P O 
North Wales, Pa. Merchant and Farmer, Ref. Ch. 
C: Septimus, Elias, Edna, Lizzie. 

VIII. Septimus Kriebel, b Sept 23, 1874, m 
Marion Lowery Oct 5, 1897. P O Charlotte, N. C. 
Agt. for N. Y. Oil Firm, Ref. Ch. No issue, (1898). 

VIII- Elias Wilbur Krebel, b Dec 25. 1S77. P O 
North Wales, Pa. Ref. Ch. S. 

VIII. Edna Kriebel, b Dec 6, 1883, d Dec 2, 1890. 

Vlli. Lizzie Irene Kriebel, b Sept 16, 1888. 

VII. Emma Kriebel, b July 25, 1854. P O North 
Wales, Pa. S. 

VII. Franklin S. Kriebel. b July 14, 1857, m 
Sallie A. Freed Nov 9, 1878. She was b Nov 9, 
1859. P O North Wales, Pa. Member of firm E. 
K. Freed & Co. Merchant Millers, Baptists. C: 
(VIII) Russel Harper Kriebel, b, Dec 16, 1881. 
lona Freed Kriebel, b July 10, 1884, d Oct 17, 
1884. Mabel Francis Kriebel, b Nov 18, 1886. 
Irma F. Kriebel, b Feb 28, 1891. 

VII. Edwin Kriebel, b Jan 27, i860, d Apr 14, i860. 

VII. William Kriebel. b Feb 5, 1861, m Annie 
Wright Nov 3, 1887. 

VII. Mary Elizabeth Kriebel, b May 30, 1864. 
P O North Wales, Pa. S. 

VII. Septimus Kriebel, b Dec 26, 1866, m Mary 
Mulholland June 28, 1893. 

V|. Barbara Kriebel, b Sept 3, 1827, m Henry 
Schultz. P O Clayton, Pa. C: Frank, etc. 

VII. Frank K. Schultz. P O Clayton, Pa. 

VI. Hannah Kriebel, bjan 5, 1825, m John Stoudt. 


VI ICliT^alx-th Kriel»el, b Jan iS, ih32, m Jeremiah 
K. Me>clilcr. C: Alkn, etc. 

V. MaK^lalena Aldcrfc-r, m Henry Landis. 

y Jiilni AKk-rfcr, m . 

V IdSfpli Alderfcr. m . 

V. Harlia.a Aldt-rfcr, m Wm Eisenberg. 

V. iMcdcrick Aldcitcr. 

y. Henry Alderfcr. 

y. Isaac Alderfcr. 

ly, Mary Alderfcr. b Feb 15, 1777, djune i. 1.S57. 
Meun. S. 

ly. Jcseph Alderfer. b Oct 11, i779. d Mar 6. 1863. 
m Hannah Kinsey. She d Sept 12. 1824, aged 48 
years, 7 days. Farmer, Menn. C: Susanna, Mary, 
John, Jacob. Abraham, Hannah. 

y. Susanna Alderfcr. m Jacob Tyson. C: < Vl ) 
J<isei)h Tvson. 

y. Mary Alderfer. b in 1800. d Feb 17. 1889, aRed 
83 vcars. Menn. S. 

y. J(jhn Alderfer. b in Monty;. Co. Pa. Scjrt 5. 
1807, d Jan 10. 1884. m F^iza Detweiler Feb 183(t. 
Sliewasb Feb 1813, d June 28, 1889. Farmer. 
Menn. C: Mary. F'lizabcth. Rebecca, Abraham. 
Daniel, John. Michael, Henry, Benjamin, Han 
nah, Clement. 

y|. Mary D. Alderfer, b Dec 10, 1831, d Mar 3o. 

18. S3. S'. 

yi. i:ii7.abeth I). Alderfer. b in Montg. Co. Pa., m 
Joseph H. Hunsbergerof Chester Co. Pa. Jan 11. 
1856. P O Yerkes. Pa. Farmer, Menn. C: 
John, Milton, Daniel, Hrvin, Martin, Catharine, 
Franklin, William. 

yi|. John HunsberKcr, b Jan 1, 18.S7, m Irsula 
Slierlie. P Central Citv, Colo. Farmer. C: 
(iflll) Hdna Hunsbcrger, b Mar lo, 1891. Fay 
Hunsicker, b Feb 18. 1893. Jay Hunsicker, b Xov 
.'■ 18V8. 

yil Milton Hunsl>erxer, 1) Xov J. 185s. d ayvd 
13 vears. 

yij Daniel HunsberKer, b Auk 31, lS6(i. He d 
,a liie aj^e of 3n \fars. m Il.irriet Craton. C; ' Vll ' 
FUirabcth Hunsberger. Arthur Hunsl>erger. l.iAin 


Hunsberger, b Feb 26, r861, d aged 1 year. 

VII. Jacob Martin Hunsberger, b Oct' 3, 1863, m 
Emma Jones Jan 1, 1887. P O Creamerv, Pa. 
Farmer, Menn. C: (VIII) George J. Hunsberger, 
b Dec 26, 1887. Joseph J. Hunsberger, b June 27, 
1890. Roy JIunsberger, b Sept 30, 1892. Ada 
J. Hunsberger, b Sept 20, 1894. vSusanna J. Huns- 
berger, b Dec 16, 1896, 

VII. Catharine Hunsberger, b Nov 26, 1867, d aged 
3 years. 

VII. Franklin Hunsberger, b Feb 18, i86S, d aged 
1 year. 

VII. William Hunsberger, b Oct 4, 1872 P O 
Yerkes, Pa. S. 

V|. Rebecca Alderfer, b in Montg. Co. Pa. Oct 13, 
1835, d Aug 7, 1879, m William B. Fryer in 1857.' 
He was b in Montg. Co. Pa. in 1834. Farmer, 
Luth. C: John, Benjamin, Harry. 

Vl|. John A. Fryer, b in i860. 

VJj. Benjamin A'. Fryer, b Apr 24, 1863, m Laura 
Fisher Dec 26, 1882. She d Sept t8, 1889. No 
issue. He m second wife, Lovereen Clewell, in 1898. 
Res. Reading, Pa. Journalist, Ref. Ch. 

VII. Harry A. Fryer, b in 1866, m Emma Allcock 
in 1893. P O Geneva, N. Y. 

V|. Abraham D. Alderfer, b in Limerick twp. 
Montg. Co. Pa. Oct 3, 1837, m Mary Ann Rosen- 
berger Apr 2, 1863. P O Royer's Ford, Pa. Ste- 
ward Montg. Co. Alms House, Meth Ep. C: An- 
nie, Elizabeth, Mary, Abraham. 

Vl|. Annie Alderfer, b Oct 5, 1865, d Aug 27, 1867^. 

Vl|. Elizabeth Alderfer, b June 5, 1868, m Rev. A. 
P. Frantzjune 10, 1896. P O Newlin, Pa. Min- 
ister of the Reformed Ch C: (VIII) Mary A. 
Frantz, b Sept 17, 1897. 

Vl|. Mary Alderfer, b Jan 12, 1871, d June 11, 

VII. Abraham Alderfer, b Oct 18, 1872, P O Roy- 
er's Ford, Pa. Book-keeper and Stenographer for 
Diamond Glass Co. of Royer's Ford, Pa. S. 

VI. Daniel D. Alderfer, m Sallie Fox. 

VI- John D. Alderfer, b Sept 28, 1841, d Nov 2, 

\Mt rHfc:i(O.SE\HKK«iKK HLSTuKV 

1S97. in Annie Weikcl. I' O Trappe, Pa., C: 
Clement. I'jnnia. John. 

VI Micliacl 1). AUkrfer. b Oct y. 1S42, d May 26, 
I 7.,. in ICiuina IIunshcrKtr. No issue. 

VI Henry I). Alder fer, m Kmma Rhoads. No issue. 

VI Henjamin U. Aldeifer. h in Monlj^. Co. Pa. 
Mar ::i. 1S4S, in Siisan PVederick Feb i, iSjd. 
She died. C: J. Lunvood. Bctijamin m second 
wife, Mary Snovel. Sept 24, iSSi. P OSouderton. 
Pa. Notary Public and j^eneral Ijiisiness A^-. 
Ltith. No issue by jnd marriage 

VII I. Linwood Aldcrfer. b Aug 9. 1S76. S. 

V|. Hannah I). Aldcrfer. 1j in Montg. Co. Pa. Se])t 
4. 1S50. m Rl'V. Henry Leisse Apr 8. 1S73. PO 
Orwigsburg, Pa. Rev. Henry Leisse was b near 
Womclsdorf. Berks Co. Pa. Aug 16, 1S44. He 
graduated from Ursuius College, at Collegevillc, 
Pa. in June 1S72. and iinmediatt-ly afler was ordain- 
ed and installed pastor of the Reformed Church of 
Orwigslnirg. which he has faithfully and success- 
fully served. C: (Vlh Elizabeth Mary Leisse, b 
Sept 27, 1S75. giaduated from Orwigsburg High 
School in June iSy.V Harry Irsinus L^, b 
Sept 14, I S77, graduated from the Orwigsburg High 
School, with first honors, in June 1S94. He then 
entered Ursinus C<illege. from which he graduated 
in June 1899. Augustus Leisse, b Jan 19. 1883. 
Katherine Valeria Leisse, b Nov 7, 18S7. Ernest 
Leisse, b July 6, 1S89. 

V|. Clement D. Alderfer. b at Trappe, Montg. Co. 
Pa. Dt-'C 9, 1853, m lunma S. Hanslierger Aug 10, 
1880, (his brother Michael's widow). Res. 1711 
WdlingtonSt. Phila. Pa. Collector and Real Estate 
busniess. Ref. Ch. No issue. 

Y- Jacob Alderfer, d Mar 1895, m Amelia R. I)et- 
weiler. She d in 1899. Farmer, Menu. C: Joseph. 
Henry, NLary, John. Eli/abeth, Catharine. Sarah, 
Philip, Jacob, (larret. Samuel. Amanda. 

V|. Jcseph I) Alderfer, h Sept 22, 1833. 

VI ILiiry I). AMerfer, b Nov 29, 1834, d iSiji. ni 
M rv Hendrick. Ref. Ch. No issue. 

VI Mary D. Alderfer, b July 7, 1836, d young. 


VI. John D. Alderfer. b Dec 24, 1837. P O Cream- 
ery, Pa. 

VI. Elizabeth D. Alderfer, b Mar 3, 1840, d 1899, 
Jan 10, m Andrew B. Kriebel Sept 12, 1865. P O 
Kulpsville, Pa. Fanner, Schwenkfelders. C: Jacob, 
Anna, Howard, Henry, Andrew. 

VII. Jacob A. Kriebel, b Jan 24. 1866, m Emma 
Jane Freyer. P O Klupsville, Pa. Farmer, Sch- 
wenkfelders. C: (VIII) William Kriebel, b Mar 16, 
1890. Norman Kriebel, b June 28, 1893. Ralph 
Kriebel b July 13, 1896, d July 21, 1898. 

VII. Anna A. Kriebel, b Aug 17, 1868, m Irwin 
L. Reiter Jan 13, 1894. P O Kulpsville, Pa. 
Farmer, Schwenkfelders. C: (VIII ) Elizabeth K. 
Reiter, b Mav 17. 1897. Marv Reiter. b June 9, 

VII. Howard A. Kriebel, b Feb 1, 1871. m Kate 
Eandes. P O Klupsville, Pa. 

VII. Henry A. Kriebel, b May 20, 1873, m Mary 
Moyer. P O Hoppenville, Pa. 

VI!. Andrew A. Kriebel, b Jan 10, 1879, m Ella 

VI. Catharine D. Alderfer, b Dec 27, 1841, m 
Jesse S. Whitman. P O Sal ford, Pa. 

VI. Sarah D. Alderfer, b Aug- 1844, m Josiah 
'Markley. P O Skippackville, Pa. 

VI. Philip D. Alderfer, b Sept 15, 1846, m Lizzie 
Ziegler. P O Akron, O. 

VI. Jacob D. Alderfer. b Sept 18, 1848. Res. 
Denver, Colo. 

VI. Garret D. Alderfer, b Oct 25. 1850, d 1895, 
m Susan Miller. Farmer. Menu. 

VI. Samuel D. Alderfer, b Jan 10. 1853, d Mar 
25. 1896, m Susanna Wismer Feb 17, 1877. 
Farmer, Menu. C: (VII) William Alderfer, (d), 
Jacob Alderfer. David Alderfer, (d). 

VI. Amanda D. Alderfer, b Jan 6, 1855, d 1857. 

V. Abraham Alderfer, m Catharine Rahn. C.- 
Harrison, William, Isaac, Rachel, Jesse, Lizzie, 
Samuel, Sallie. 

VI . Harrison Alderfer. P O Trappe, Pa. 
VI. William Alderfer. 


V|. Isaac Alderfer. P O Nciffers. Pa. 

V|. Rachel Aldcrfcr, b in Mont^v Co. Pa. Oct 21, 
1S41.. ni Aaron Ii..o7. Nov 22, 1S73. P O Rover's 
Ford. Pa. Cari>cnlL'r. Luth. C. ( VII ) Anna Catha- 
rine IJooz, bjiily 8. 1874. S. Kdith May Booz, b 
May 23, 18S2. S. Amanda M. Boo/, ljApr2o, 1888. 

if I Jo'^se Alderfer. 

V|. Li//.ic AKlcrter, \u John vSpreece. 

VI Sajui'.el Ald'.'rfer. 

V|. Sallie Aldcrfcr, m Milton T. Miller. 

V. Hannah Alderfcr. m Pliiliii Krieble. Hed Mav 
9. i87i,aj;ed 55 years, 5 mo. 3d. C: Nathaniel. 
Eliza!>eth. Lavina. Susanna, Mary, Hannah, Aman- 
da. John. 

V|. Nathaniel Krieble, (d). 

V|. Kli^.abeth Krieble. (d). 

V|. Lavina Krieble, (d). 

V|. Susanna Krieble. (d). 

V|. Mary Krieble, m Noah C. Krat/.. (See Noah 
C Kratz F: mily). 

VI . Hannah Kriel)le. 

V|. Amanda Kriebl-, (d); m Georee Slotter. 
VI. John Krieble. b— , m vSarali Grater. P O 
C r earner V, Pa. 

IV. Abraham Alderfer. b July 21. 17SJ, d May 27, 
iS'15, a^ed 87 yrs. 10 mo. 6 da., m Susanna Shoe- 
maker. She was b Mar 10. 17S4. d Aug 31, 1823. 
C: Benjamin, Henry, Abraham, Susanna, Klizaljcth. 
Abraham m second wife, Anna Keely. She was 1) 
Jan 12, 1S04, d N0V5, i.s.^o. I""armer in I'ranconia 
twj). Menu. C: Jacob, John, Margaret. 

V. Benjamin S. Alderfer. ra Lana Nyce. C: 
Michael, Jonas, Abraham. Benjamin, Nancy, 

V|. Michael N. Alderfer. P O Telford, Pa. 
V|. Jonas N. Alderfer. (d); m Catharine Saylor. 
No issue. 
VI Al»raham N. Alderfer. P O Ru.iy. Pa. 
VI Benjamin N. Alderfer. 
V|. Nancy Aldeifer, in Jacob S. Gr..ff. 
Yl Su^an Alderfer, m Henry GMct/.. 
V. Henry S. Aldeifer, b in Montg. Co. ibii. d in 


1S76. m Sarah Svvartley, daughter of Abraham 
Swartley. Farmer, Menn. C: Elizabeth, Abra- 
ham, Anna, Sarah, Samuel, Henry, Michael, Su- 
san, Milton. 

VI. Elizabeth S. Alderfer, b June 23, 1833, d Dec 
30, 1898, m Abraham Gehman, (d). No living is- 
sue. She m second husband, Abraham F. Moyer. 
No issue. 

VI. Abraham S. Alderfer, b Oct 29, 1835, cl Jan i, 
1892, m Susan Hackman, (d). C: Edwin, Sallie 

VII. Edwin Alderfer. S. 

VII. Sallie Alderfer, m Audrew Derstine. P O 
Sellersville, Pa. 

Vi AnnaS. Alderfer, b Nov 12, 1837, mTobiasK. 
Nyce. P O Souderton, Pa. C: Willa. John, Har- 
vey, Katy, Ellen. 

VI. Sarah S. Alderfer, b Feb 27, 1840. P O Soud- 
erton, Pa. Menn. S. 

VI. Samuel S. Alderfer, b July 8, 1842, d Feb 3 

V|. Henry S. Alderfer, b Mar 14, 1841, m Sarah 
Detweiler Nov 20, 1869. P O Souderton, Pa. 
Hay Merchant, Menn. No issue. 

VI. Michael S. Alderfer, b Oct 27, 1846, m Mary 
Orr. P O Sabetha, Kans. 

V|. Susanna S. Alderfer, b Nov 21, 1849, din 1852. 

VI Milton S. Alderfer, b in Montg. Co. Pa. Mar 2, 
1855, ra Annie Svvartley Jan 5. 1878. P O Souder- 
ton, Pa. Laborer, Menn. C: (VH) Harvey Al- 
derfer, bDec 25, 1878. Harry Alderfer, (twin), 
b Dec 25, 1878, d Dec 25, 1881. John Alderfer, b 
Apr I, 1881. Ella Alderfer, b July 9, 1883. Wm. 
Alderfer, b Aug 24, 1885. Sadie Alderfer, b Sept 
3. 1887. 

V. Abraham S. Alderfer, b in Lower Salford twp, 
Montg. Co. Pa. Aug 1813, d Apr 11, 1896, m 
Hannah Bergey daughter of Rev. John Bergey 
about 1834 or 5. She was b in Lower Salford twp. 
Montg. Co. Pa. Feb 2, 1809, d Sept 1877. 
Farmer, Menn. C: William, John, Abram, Eliza- 
beth, Ann, Susan, Mary, Catharine, Malinda, 


VI William B. Aldcrfer. il infanl. 

VI John li. Alderfcr, h July 13. «83Q. d Oct 10. 
1SS7. m Catharine Heckler jan 5. 1867. Farmer, 
Ref. Ch. C: Komamis, Rose, Maliiida. William, 
Marv, Irwin. 

VH Romanus H. Alderfer, b Feb 2. 1868, m 
Li/./.ie M. VouiiK Fclj I, iSgo. P O Harleysville, 
Fa. Watch-maker. Ref. Ch. C: (Vlll' Willis V. 
Alderfer. b Sept 23. 1S92. Katie V. Alderfer, b 
Julys. 1899, Mary V. Alderfer, b Sept 17, 1901. 

VII R(iseMalinda II. Alderfer, bjunei3. 1S70, m 
Isaiah Mussclman Sept 18S9. F O Harleyiiville, Fa. 
Ref. Ch. 

VII William H. Alderfer. b Apr 10. 1S72, m Abbie 
KiKbcl. FO Mainland. Fa. Ref. Ch. No issue. 

Vl|. Mary Jane H. Alderfer, b July 18,1877. P 
O .Mainland. Fa. Ref. Ch. 8. 

VII Iruin U. Alderfer, b Dec 8, 1879. P O 
M.imland, Fa. Ref. Ch. S. 

Vi Al.raham 15. Alderfer. m Lenah Alderfer. F 
O Mainland, Fa. C: Wilson, etc. 

VI IClizabeth Alderfer, m Jacob R. Shoemaker. 

VI Ainia Alderfer, m Cieo. H. Met/. 

V|. Susanna Alderfer, m Michael Lands. 

VI . Maiy H. Alderfer. m Isaiah Hendricks. 

VI Catharine Alderfer, m Henry C, Barnes. 

VI Malinda B. Alderfer, m Benjamin B. Nyce, (d); 
and second husband. A'.raham C. (Jodshall. 

VI Deborah B. Alderfer, b Dec 19, 1854. m 
bylve^ter H. Orr Xov 13. 18S0. F O Skippack, 
Fa. Justice of the Peace, Insurance and Real 
Estate business; Ref. Ch. No issue. 

V. Susani.a Alderfer. b June 20. 1819. d Jan 31, 
1889, mjohn K. Stauffer. He wash Mar 5, l8i4. 
d Apr 29, 1875. I'armer. Menu. C: Catharine. 
Abraham. Anna, John, Susan. 

VI Catharine A. StaufTer. b May 24. i84(i. m John 
ti. Met/. P <) Kuli)sville, Pa. I'armer. Menu. 
C: l.i/zie. 

VII Li/./.ie Mel/., b Jan 26. 1868. m Isaac C. Kul]) 
Feb 9. 18H9. Farmer. Menu. CM VIII » Abraham. 
John. Wilnur, 

Jacob H. RnscnlxTii, M. D. 


Yl. Abraham A. Stanffer, b Apr 29, i842, m Jane 
Bossart. P O Schwenksville, Pa. Farmer, Luth. 
C: John, Lizzie, Horace, Ivlla, Katie. 

VII. John B. Stauffer, b Nov 4. 1866, m Emma 
M. Kaye. P O Creamery, Pa. Farmer, Luth. 
C: Alfred, Ella, Katie. 

Vl|. Lizzie Stauffer, b Dec 1867, m Henry Tyson. 
P O Schwenksville, Pa. Farmer, Menu. Br. in 
Christ. C: Olive, Abraham, George, Lizzie, Ruth, 
Carrie, (d); Henry. 

Vl|. Horace B. Stauffer, m Jennie Grinley. Far- 
mer, Luth. C: Charles, Ethel, Infant, (d). 

VII. Ella Stauffer. S. 

VII. Katie Stauffer. 

V|. Anna A. Stauffer, b Sept 28, 1845, ni 
Evan Kf)ons. 

V|. John A. Stauffer, b May 7, 1853, m Hannah 
Boyer June 22, 1877. She was b Dec 25, 1859. P 
O Skip))ack, Pa. Taylor, Luth. C: (VII) Maggie 
B. Stauffer, b July 22, 1877. Harvey B. Stauffer, 
b May 10, 1879. Susie B. Stauffer, b May 7, 1881. 
Annie B. Stauffer, b Mar 12, 1884. Louisa B. 
vStauffer, bAprS, 1887. John B. Stauffer, b Sept 
17, 1889. 

V|. Susan A. Stauffer, b Jan 31, (858, m Reuben 
Reinford. P O Schwenksville, Pa. 

V. Jacob K. Alderfer, b in Montg. Co. Pa. d — , 
m Susanna Swartley. C: Levi, Mary, Lavina, 
Anna, Susanna, Jacob, Lewis, John, Abraham, 
Liz^^ie, Philip. 

V|. Levi S. Alderfer, b in Lower Salford twp. 
Montg. Co. Pa. Jan 13, 1849, m Sarah M. Landis of 
Franconia. P O Lederachville, Pa. Farmer, Menn. 
C: Mary, Susan, Sallie, Harvey, Jonas, Annie, 
Levi, Abraham. 

Vil Mary L. Alderfer, b Feb 17, 1872, m Alvin C. 
Alderfer, son of George D. Alderfer, Oct 25, 1890. 
P O Harleysville, Pa. Had taught school for nine 
terras; is a director of the Sehwinksville National 
Bank, and of several other corporations. He is 
partner with M. C. Clemens, as present proprietors 
of the Harleysvnlle Creamery, aud have for the past 

year conducted the same in a very successfnl and 
businesslike manner. Alvin C Alderfer is also 
Justice of the Peace, Surveyor, and enjjap^ed in the 
Insurance l)usiiies>»; Menu. C: (Villi Hrtha Mt^y 
Alderfer. b May 3. 1891. Sadie Alderfer, b Dec 
2.\ 1895. Mary Kllen Alderfer, b Dec 10, 1897. 
Alma Alderfer, b Oct i^, igoi. 

Vl|. Susan L Alderfer. 1j Oct 18, 1874, m Abram 
M. Landis. V •) Lederachville, Pa. 

Vlj. Sallie L. Alderfer, Ij Apr 2. 1877, m Joseph 
11 llaldeman. P O Mainland, Pa. 

Vl|. Harvey Alderfer, b Apr 6, 1879, m Lizzie 
Lmix. P O P'ranconia, Pa. 

VII. Jonas Alderfei, b Nov 5. 1S81. 

Vl|. Annie Alderfer. b Dec i. 1883. 

VIJ. Levi Alderfer, h Oct 14. 18S6. 

VlJ. Abraham Alderfer, b Jan 10, 1897, d Jan 1S97. 

V|. Mary Ann S. Alderfer, bin Montp. Co. Pa. Jan 
18, 1851. m vSamuel R. Berj^ev P\'b 1870. He was 
b Jan 19. 1S46. in Montg. Co. Pa. P O Telford, Pa. 
P\irmcr. Mt-nn. C: Susanna, Jonas, Katie, Lizzie. 

VIJ. Su.^anna A. Bergcy, b May 26. 186:), m llysses 
K. Kratz. He was b Apr 15. 1871. P O Bergey, 
Pa. C: (VIII) Mary Ann Kratz. b Aug 23. 1S98. 
Abraham Kratz, b Apr 23, 1900. Sallie Kratz, b 
Oct 23. 1902. 

VII- Jonas A. Bergey, bjan 10, 1871, m Annie R. 
Laudes. She was b Sept 16, 1872. C: Vlll) Abra- 
ham Bergey, b May 10, 1891. Samuel Bergey, b 
Jan 16, 1897. d i8iyS. Wilmer Bergey, bjulv4, 1902. 

Vll- Katie A. Bergey. b Jan 16. 1882. m Milton M. 
Conver. He was b Nov 15. 1877. C: (VIM) Hlla 
May II. Conver, b Apr 15. 189S. 

Vll- Liz/.ie A. Bergey, I. Feb 12, 1887. 

V|. Lavina Alderfer, m George M Clemens. P O 
Li-derachville, Pa. 

V|. Anna S. Alderfer. m Isaac N Clemens Nov 1, 
1S73. He was b Vcb 27. 1852. P O Lederachville, 
Pa. Farmer. Menu. C: t Vll ' Li/./ie A. Clemens. 
b Feb 12, 1875. Jacob A. Clemens, b Nov i, 1876, 
d Apr 27, 1877. i>arret A. Clemens, b Jan 17, 
1878, d Sept 2J, 1878. Harvey A. Clemens, b Aug 


23, 1879. Isaac A. Clemens, b July 30, 1881, d 
Aug 19, 18S2, Susan Clemens, b Ai:g i, 1883. 
Clayton Clemens, b Jan 26, 1886, d Sept 21, 1886. 
Allen Clemens, b Oct 9, 1887. 

V|. Susan S. Alderfer, b in Montg. Co. Pa. Mar 9, 
1855, m Abraham M. Price Nov 21, 1874. P O 
Harleysville, Pa. Farmer, Ger. Bap. C: Wilson, 
Sallie, Ida, Susan, Jacob, Abraham, Katie, Lizzie, 
Elmer, Joseph, Horace, Mamie, William, Mabel, 

Yl|. Wilson A. Price, b Jan i, 1876. P O Harleys- 
ville, Pa. School teacher, Ger. Bap. S. 

VII. Sallie A. Price, b Mar 18, 1877. P O Harleys- 
ville. Pa. Ger. Bap. S. 

Yl|. Ida Price, b June 20, 1878, m Rev. Emanuell^. 
Cassel May 15, 1897. P ODillinger, Pa. Minister of 
the Menu. Br. in ChiistCh. C: (Ylll) Lulu Cassel. 
b June 12, 1899. 

VII. Susan Price, b Sept 7, 1877, d Aug 10, 1892. 

VII. Jacob Price, b July 8, 1881, m Amanda H. 
Cassel Mar 23, 1902. Ger. Bap. 

Vl|. Abraham Price, b Mar 2. 18S3. 

VJj. Katie Price, b Oct 10, 1884. 

VJj. Lizzie Price, b Sept 16, 1886. 

VII. Elmer Price, Aug 9, i88S, d July 24, 1889. 

VII. Joseph A. Price, b Jan 28, 1890. 

Vll. Horace A. Price, bjune 13, 1891. 

VII. Mamie A. Price, b Nov 12, 1892. 

VII. William A. Price, b Jan 15, 1894. 

VII. Mabel A. Price, b July 28, 1896. 

Vll. Annie A. Price, b Apr 23, 1898. 

VI. Jacob S. Alderfer, m Caroline Alderfer. C: 
i^iW) Horace, Flora, Susan, Martha, Wilmer, 
Lizzie, Caroline, Mary. 

VI. Lewis S. Alderfer, b in Montg. Co. Pa. Apr 14, 
1860, m Mary E. G. Heebner Oct 1, 1881. P O 
Lansdale, Pa. Farmer, Menn. C: (Vll) x\lviu H. 
Alderfer, b Aug 14, 1884, and two died infants 

VI. John Alderfer, died single. 

VI. Abraham L. S. Alderfer, b Sept 5, 1864, m 
Katie R. Bower. She wash Nov 7, 1870. PO 


Lanstlale. Pa. Fanner. Menu. C: 'VII' vStella R. 
Alikrfcr. b Apr 26, 1891. 

VI U/./k-S. Alclcrfcr, h SciU 11. l.S()5. m John C. 
Mover. Ik- wash .Mar 11, is^(i V C) kcdcrach 
ville. Pa. Fanner. Menn. C: < VII ' Susan A. Mov- 
er, b Oct 19. 18S5. Flla A. Mover, b Oct 4, 1886. 
Fhner A. Mover, 1) Mav My 1S89. 

VI. IMiilip O. S. Akkrkr. ni Kate .Mover. I'O 
ketlerachville. Pa. 

V lUi/abeth AUlerkr. b in Lower vSalforcl, MontK- 
Co. Pa. lune 6. 1815. A in Lansdale. Pa. Sei>t 29. 
1S94. m Abraham O. Delp Dec 18, 1836. He was 
b in Franconia twp. Montg. Co. Pa. Dec 18, 1813. 
d in Lower Salford twp. Ai)r 5, 1893. Fanner. 
Menn. C: Al)rahani. 

VI. Abraliani A. Delp. b in Lower SaKord Iw]). 
Montg. Co. Pa. \\\'g 23, 1842, m Nhiry Ann Wani 
pole Oct 13. 1864. P O Lansdak-. Pa. Mr. Dclp 
coinnience<l teaching scliool in 1860, and taught 
three winters and one summer session in Franconia 
twp. after which he taught ten winters in succession 
in Lower Salford twj).. and the Hark-vsviUe school 
two summer terms. On Apr 11. 1871. he engageil 
in the auctioneer business, calling his first sale on 
that day, and has now called 3414 in a little over 26 
years. About 15 \ears ago he was elected a manag- 
er of the Harleysville and Lederachville turn-pike 
Road Co., and later on was promoted and appointed 
President of the Board, which position he still holds. 
About 1888 he was elected a director of the Lansdak- 
Trust and Safe Dejjosit Co., which jjosition he also 
holds at the presei.t time. He also, in connection 
with his other duties, carried on farming until Sei)t 
18. 1894. Mrs. Del]), Luth. C: William, Howard, 

VII. Willam Warren Delj). b Sept 19. 1 868. d Jan 
20. 1.S77. 

Vl|. Howard W. Delp. 1) Dec i.S, iS(k;, m Lavina 
Allebach Oct 12. 1892. P O Lansdak. Pa. He is a 
graduate of I'ierces College, Philadel|)hia liook- 
keefK-r for a whole sale Clothing house \\\ I'hila. 
Luth. C: (Vlir Lutlur Delp. b Nov 18, 1893. 


Yl|. Mary Lizzie Uelp, b June 12, iSjr, d Aug 31, 


V. Anna Alderfer, b Jan 31, 181 8, d Dec 5, 18S7. 

V. Catharine Alderfer, b Oct i, 1S21, d Mar 8, 
1877, m Harman Godshall. C: Susanna. 

V|. Susanna Godshall, m Aaron Frick. C: (VII) 
Charles G. Frick. 

y. John K. Alderfer, b in Montg Co. Pa. Oct 28, 
1827, d Feb 5, 1897, m Sarah Swartley. She was b 
Nov II, 1830, d Feb 7, 1897. Both funerals were 
held on Thursday following their death, Feb 11, 
1897, and both buried in one grave. Farmer, Menu. 
C: Amanda, Catharine, Frank, Philip, Abraham, 
John, Benjamin, Emeline. Reuben, Jacob, Henry. 

Y|.' Amanda S. Alderfer, b Jan 30, 1850, ro John N. 
Clemens Oct 27, 1867. He wash Apr 6, 1845. P O 
Harleysville, Pa. Farmer, Menu. C: Sallie, Uzzie, 
Allen, John, Ida, Garhart. 

VII. Sallie A. Clemens, b Oct 22, 1868, d May 10, 

Vl|. Liz/cie A. Clemens, b July 27, 1870, m Edwin 
W. KruppFeb2. 1889. P O Franconia, Pa. 

VII. Allen A. Clemens, b Mar 24, 1872, d Jan 24, 

VII. John A. Clemens, b June 21, 1873. P O Har- 
leysville, Pa. 

VII. Ida A. Clemens, b Sept 1875, d Sept 2, 1877. 

VII. Garhart Clemens, b Nov 18, 1881. 

V|. Catharine S. Alderfer, bMar 8, 1851, d June 14, 

V|. Franks. Alderfer, b Mar 6, 1852, ra Amanda 
Shellenberger. Res. 1440 Franklin St. Phila. Pa. 
Clerk at Penna. R. R. Presby. C: (VII) Ida, Car- 
lie, John, Dayton, (d) . 

VI. Philip S. Alderfer, b Sept 29, 1853, m Lizzie K. 
Moyer. P O Elroy, Pa. Farmer, Menn. C: Katie, 
Emma, John, Lizzie. 

V|. Abraham S. Alderfer, (twin), b Sept 29, 1853, 
m Sarah Ann Moyer, daughter of Rev. Michael 
Moyer. She was b Nov 28, 1857. P O Harleys- 
ville, Pa. Farmer, Menn. C: (VII) Ella M. Alder- 

fer, b Oct lo. 1876, d— . vSallie M. Alderfer, b Aup: 
18. 1878. Martha M. Alderfer, b Feb 17, 1880. Alice 
M. Alderfer. b Nov 12, i8S>2, d May 21. 1883. Har- 
vrv M. Alderfer, b Oct 26, 18S4. 

V|. John S Alderfer, b Feb 28. 1S55, m Barbara 
M. Landis. 1' O Franconia, Pa. Farmer. Menu. 
No issue. 

V|. Henjainin S. Alderfer. 1j May 15, uSsi, d Sept 

24. i8sS. 

VI Flmelinc vS. Alderfer, b Dec 26, 1861, d Mar 

20, lS(.2. 

Y|. Reuben S. Alderfer, b in Franconia twp. Montg. 
Co. Pa. Dec 13. 1863, m Mary Z. Kulp Nov 29. 
1.SS4. V O Franconia, Pa. Farmer, Menn. C: 
fVII) Henrv K. Alderfer, b Mar 22, 1888. Katie 
K Alderfer. b Dec 24, 1898. 

VI. Jacobs. Alderfer, b Sept 27, 1867, m Mary 
D. Detweiler. P O. Franconia, Pa. Farmer. Menn. 
C: Mali Inn, Carrie. 

V|. Henry S. Alderfer, b Oct :8, 1871, d May 6, 

V. Margaret K. Alderfer. (d); m Peter B. Hnns- 
berger. C: Abraham, Levi, Sarah. 

V|. Abraham A. Hunsberger. 

VI . Levi A. Hunsberger, (d); m Kate Godshall, 
(d); C: Mary. etc. 

V|. Sarah ilnnsbergcr, d single. 

IV. Elizabeth Alderfer, b Aug 12, 1785, d June 

25. i«57- ''^• 

IV. John Alderfer. b July 27, 1789, d Jan xo, 

i.s')4. S. 

111. Henry Rosenberger. Lived in New Britain. 
No tiace found of any of his descendants. 


\\. Daniel Rosenberger, b in Europe, m Fronica— . 
He purchased a tract of land in Hatfield, Iving along- 
the county line near the hamlet of Hockertown, in 
1740. His lands composed 359 acres, bought in two 
tracts and at different times. This large plantation 
bordered on the county line 1 mile, and >^ southwest. 
Within this tract are now the properties of David, 
Samuel and Henry Rosenberger; Milton Jenkins' 
John Landis, and Kile's tavern property. He pur- 
chased his first tract of land, 159 acres, in 1740, of 
Ebernezer Kinnersly, and was the upper or north- 
west side of his subsequent plantation. In 1769 he 
purchased 200 acres of George Krieble. This latter 
purchase took place only two years before his death, 
.so that during nearly the whole of his life, he only 
possessed the smaller portion of the tract afterwards 
held by his posterity. 

The larger portion of this latter purchase was 
conveyed by will to Isaac, the youngest son of Dan- 
iel Rosenberger. 

Tradition says Daniel Rosenberger first .settled 
near the county line where Samuel Rosenberger now 
lives, then he removed a short distance westward, 
where was the residence of Henry Ro.senberger. 
Here he built a stone house in which he died. This 
upper part of his plantation was devised to his son 
David, who built a new house in 1780; the date 
stone may yet be .seen in the cellar way of present 
dweUing, and bears the initials, "D. R. B.," stand- 
ing for "David Rosen Berger." David Rosenberger 
bequeathed this property to his son, Henry Rosen- 
berger. It then passed into the hands of Aaron 
Rosenberger, who sold it to Jacob Allebach, and in 
1895, it was .sold at Sheriff's sale to one Pennypack- 


ia« IHK Ku>fc:.NHt.KtiKK lllMi>10 

No information has come down to ns concern- 
ing: the personality of Daniel Rosenberger. He was 
a Mennonite and worshiped at the churcli near Line 
Lexington, where his remains were buried. He 
made liis will Au).: 15, 1771. was witnessed by \'alen- 
tinel'lrich. John Rosenberger, and Christian I'unk, 
and was registered September 23, 1771. The JOO 
acres were conve>ed to his son David, and 159 acres 
to Isaac. The widow who had the sinj?ular name of 
Fronica, was to receive /^ 7 00 from her son David, 
showing that Daniel had l)ecome a comparatively 
wealtliy man, for those days. C: David, Isaac, 
Ann, Marv. 


III. David Rosenberger, d in 1829, aged about 80 
years, m Ann Funk, daughter of Rev Chrisfan 
and Barbara (Cassel) Funk, .nd grand-daughter of 
Bishop Henry Punk, of Franconia tvvp. Montg Co 
Pa. C: Christian. Ebzabeth, Mary, Ann. Phili,,' 
David, Abraham. Daniel. David m 2nd wife Bar' 
bara. daughter of John Detweiler. C: Susanna 
John. Henry, Franey, Valentine. 

The two hundred acres bequeathed to David 
Rosenberger was bounded on the northwest by the 
cross road, now a turnpike, running from the Co 
line to Hatfield station. It comprised the Landis 
farm, those of Henry and Samuel Rosenberger- the 
lot of David Rosenberger and the tavern property 
At the premises of Henry Rosenberger, his great 
grandson, he continued to reside during his life 
David Rosenberger lived to be quite an old man- 
probably over 80 years of age. Besides the patri- 
mony he received from his father in 177 1 he also 
acquired a farm of 78 acres in Hilltown, which he 
willed to his daughter. Fronica. The homestead of 
109 acres was conveyed to his son Henry in 18^1 
Another farm of 78 acres, at present that of Samuel 
Rosenberger 's, was conveyed to his son John by will 
Parmer, Menu. 

IV. Christian Rosenberger, b about 1773. d 18^1 
m Elizabeth Kraut. His name appears in the re- 
cords m 1795, when he bought for ^408 123 acres 
of the Kmsey estate in Upper Gwynedd, but which 
he sold two years later. In 1797 he bought 129 
acres m Eower Providence, where he remained until 
his death. He w^as a wealth\' man and an extensive 
landholder. His heirs, in 1826, sold a farm of 64 
acres to John Stinson. also six houses and 300 acres 

1,',« lllK UosKNIlKIUifclt lll?li»KV 

in Worcester and Providence, to various parties. 
The land was near the C.erniantown and l\rk omen 
Turnpike. ParnKi . Mi-nn. C: David, Jacob. 
Jolin. Ann. Barbara. Ilcttie. Marie, Christian. 
V. Kev. 'David Rosenberger, b May 5, 1795, d Aug 
1 8^4. ni Mary Corner. She died June 1865. 
Farmer in Cohiml)iana Co. Oliio, and minister of the 
Jvvangtlical A.ssociation Cliurcl;. C: lih/abeth. 
John, Christian, Josiah, David. Mary, George. 

Y|. Elizabeth Rosenberry, b in Pa. Dec 30, 181 7, 
d near New Hampton. Mo. Jan 20, 1876, ra Henry 
Gill»ert. He d July 30, 1843. aged 27 yrs. Stone 
Mason, Meth. Kp. C: John, Mary. Simon, and 
Susan. Elizabeth m second husband, Leonard 
Hime. He d June 1853. Farmer, Luth. C: Ruth, 
Rachel, Leonard. Elizabeth m third husband, Henry 
Mottinger. He d at St. Joe. , Mo. Oct 1864. Farmer. 
i:v Ass'n. C: Sarah. Milton. 

Vl|. John W. Gilbert b in Columbiana Co, Ohio, 
Jan 28, 1838, raEvaM. Ranch Dec 30. 1862. Res. 
1419 Penna Ave. Cant(m, Ohio. House mover. 
Cliristian ScJbnce. C: James. Perry, Irme, ICdward, 
Jt-nnie, Charles, Bert. Esie. Grace. Eva. 

VIII. James E. Gilbert, b Oct 17. 1863, m Annie 

VIII. Perry Gilbert, b July 11. 1865, d Feb 16, 18S4. 

VIII Irene Gilbert, b Aug 26. 1866. d Oct 15, 1S88. 

VIII. Edward Gilbert, b O^t 17, 1867, d Oct 16, 

VIII. Jennie Gilt)ert. b Sept 3. 1S69, m Allata 
D.ivis. P O Knox. Pa. 

Vilj. Charles Gilbert, bjan9, i8;i, m Esner. P 
O C.uiton. Ohio. 

VIII. Ik-rt i.ilbert, b Sept 11, 1873, d Dec 26. 


VIII. ICsie Gilbert, b July 6. 1875. 

VIII Grace (filbert, b Sept 9. 1877. 

VIII lua Gil!)ert. b Apr i!. 1880, d Jan 14. iss-. 

VII Mary Ann Gilbert, b June 11. 1839, m William 
ZerlK:Febi7. i860. He was b in Berks Co. Pa. and 
when 18 years of age he went to Slarks Co. Ohio. 

•Iho iiaiiHin were nTonh'il in llii- .ilil Family Hible— Ko»fiibt*rrv. 


After marriage they moved to Harrison Co. Mo 
where they still reside. P O Martinsville, Mo 
Farmer; Mr. Z. Uith; Mrs. Z. Meth. Kp. C: John 
Ida, Flora, Viola, Ruth, Jcseph, Henry, Sarah,' 
Leonard, Jessie, Isaac. 

VIII. John Edwin Zerbe, b Oct 23, 1861, m Theressa 
Congleton Feb 27, 1889. P O Martinsville, Mo 
Farmer, Meth. Kp. C: (|X) Mary Blanche Zerbe, 
b July 9, 1891. Lewis Wm. Dean Zerbe b Aue i^' 
1898. ^ ^' 

Vlli. Ida Jane Zerbe, b May 2, 1863, m Samuel 
Hall Goucher Aug 7, 1878. P O Merriman, Neb. 
Raising stock, horses and cattle. C: Nora, Floyd, 
R. W., Zora, Ora, Meda, Leona. 

IX- Nora Kllen Goucher, b May 3, 1881, m Wm. 
Hatten, (d). P O Merriman, Neb. C: (X) Mary 
Hatten, bjan 21, 1896. Dell Hatten, h Apr 1. 1899. 
Roy Hatten, bjani, 1901. 

IX- Floyd H. Goucher, b Oct 30, 1883. 

IX. R W. Goucher, b Sept 30. 1885. 

IX- Zora Etta Goucher, b June 11, 1888. 

IX- Ora Ocy Goucher, b Oct 17, 1892. 

IX- Meda May Goucher. b Dec 7, 1896. 

IX- Leona Gou>:her, b Dec 15, 1899. 

IX- Luebart Goucher, b Feb 24, 1902. 

Vill. Flora Jillen Zerbe, b at Alliance, Stark Co. 
Ohio, Apr 12, 1865, m John M. Crotts Feb 28, 
1895. Farmer; Mrs. Crotts, before and after mar- 
riage, has been engaged in leaching music. She has 
been devoted to that work at least for six months in ' 
every year for 15 years. She is also a member of the 
"Great White Ribbon Band," of the Womans' 
Christian Temperance Union. Meth. Ep. C: (|X) 
Marian Izora Crotts, b Jan 25, 1898, d Feb 2^ 

VIII. Mola Josephine Zerbe, b in Plarrison Co. Mo. 
Nov 21, 1866, m Lewis i\danis Mar 22, 1883. P O 
Merriman, Neb. Running a Cattle Ranch. C: (IX) 
William Earl Adams, b Jan 4, 1885. Ethel Alice 
Adams, b July 19, 1887. Edgar Adams, b Feb 9. 
1891. Infant (twin)" stillborn Feb 9, 1891. Flora 
Maud Adams, b Aug 8, 1895. 

;m: I UK t:iisKMtKKi;KK iii>-i<ii;\ 

VIII In mil Ann /kihe. 1) in Ii.iiiiM)u C»>. Mo. Sept 
J: - -., in William Cascholt Ike J4. 1SS5. V O 
Martinsville, Mo. I'ariner. 

VIII. Joseph Lawrence Zerbe. l> July 16. 1870, d 
An- _M. KS71. 

Vm. Henrv William Zcrhe, h Mar 7, 1.S7J. d Mav 
25, 1893. Mcth. ICp. 

Vill. Sarah ICli/aheth Zerbe. b June ^). 1S74. ni 
Lewis Hrown Dec _M. hsyu. P U Bethany, Mo. 
Fanner. C: (IX) I'Mith Brown, b Oct 9, 1891. 
ICUlbrid^'c Brown, b May 1894, il Aug 1895. Pearl 
I'.rnwn. 1) Jan 25, 1898. 

VIII. Leonard Albertns Zerbe, b Oct 19. 1870, ni 
Su^ie Burton Dec 23, 1897. P O Bethany. Mo. C: 

IX ' Inis Zerbe, b Nov 13, 1899. 

Vlll. Jessie W. Zerbe, b Jan 21, 1879. .1 Au^ 3. 

VIII Isaac Franklin Zerbe. b Mar 21, 1881, ni 
Bessie Howard, Oct u;, 1902. P O Martinsville, 
Mn. Farmer. 

VII Simon Gilbert, b 1S41. At the age of 22 years 
he enlisted in the I'nion Army and was billed in 
battle vSejit 13, 1865. hbving served three years frt)m 
djte of enlistment Sept 13. 1862. 

VII vSusan Oil! crt, l) in 1843, d in Mich, about 1SS9, 
ni John about 1865. No issue. 

VII Ruth Ann Hime, b in Stark Co. O. May 2(\ 
I S50, d July 29, 1897, m Alexander Barret Needles 
in Gentry Co. Mo July 1871. kuth Ann Hime 
moved with her mother to Gentry Co. Mo. in 1865, 
where she remained most of the time until her mar- 
riage, when she wich her husbanil moved to Noda- 
way Co. Mo. in the fall of i^-ji. At the early age of 
17 years she professed faith in Christ and united 
with the Methodist I^piscopal Cliurch, in wliich she 
remained a fi.ilhful member until death. P O 
nellCity. Mo. Farmer, Meth. Hp. C: ( VIII ) Cra 
E. Needles, b Mar 8. 1872, d Mar 9. 189S. At the 
age of 15 she gave her heart to God, and joined the 
M. th ICp Clinrih. Georj^e W. Needles, b Sept i.} 
1S73, d July II, 187.}. William A. Needles, b Aj»r 
8,1875. P O Panull City, Mt). S Ada L. Need- 


les, b Feb 22, 1S77. P O Parnell City, Mo. At the 
age of 17 she was converted and joined the Free 
Methodist Church. S. Charles S. Needles, b Mar 
27, i^;9, djuly II, 1881. Elizabeth Needles,- b Mr y 
2, (881. She gave her heart and life lo Jesus at the 
age of 16, and united with the Methodist Episcopal 
Church. P O Parntll City, Mo. vS. Sarah C. 
Needles, b Oct 27, 1882. She became a disciple of 
Jesus when 15 years of age, and joined the Methodist 
Episcopal Church. P O Parnell City, Mo. S. 
Alexander E. Needles, b Oct 19, 18S4. John L. 
Nc'fdles, b May 3, 1886, d Se])t 26, 1886. James M. 
Needles, b Dec 2. 1887. Infant, stillborn Aug 12, 

VII- Rachel Alice Hirae, bin Stark Co. O. June 11, 

1852, m Edward William Dahlgren Dec 22, 1869. 
He wash in Galesburg, 111. Mar 4, iS5i,d at Omaha, 
Neb. Dec 20, 1896. He was of Swedish descent, 
his parents having emigrated from Sweden to America 
about 1845. His maternal grandfather was a noted 
personage and Lord in Sweden. P O Merriman, 
Neb. Ranchman, Meth. Ep. C: William, Eewis, 
Frank, Arthur, Alfred, Andrew, Grace, Cecil. 

VIII- William Leonard Dahlgren, b Feb 11, 1871, m 
Laura Agnes McNemel Sept 6, 1891. She was b in 
Harrison Co. Mo. Oct 22, 1876. P O Merriman, 
Neb. Farmer, Meth. Ep. C; (|X) Winifred Tessa 
Dahlgren, b June 7, 1891. Leonard Dahlgren, b Jan 
12, 1897. Leyes Dahlgren, b Aug 3, 189S. Loal 
Dahlgren, b Feb 14, 1899. 

Vlll- Lewis Edward Dahlgren, b Jan 6, 1873. P 
O Merriman, Neb. Farmer. Meth. Ep. S. 

VIII. Frank Dahlgren, b Dec 6, 1875, d Mar 6, 
1878, was burned to death. 

VIII. Arthur Dahlgren, b Dec 12, 1880. 

VIII. Alfred Dahlgren, b Aug 15, 1882. 

Vil|. Andrew Dahlgren, b Oct 7, 1S84. 

Vlll. Grace May Dahlgren, b Dec 11, 1886. 

Vil|. Cecil Lee Dahlgren, b Dec 14, 1S90, d Mar 
10, 1897. 

Vl|. Leonard A. Hime, b in Stark Co. O. Sept 14, 

1853, m Martha I. Lovelace Feb 19, 1880. She d 

15- IIIK K«i>EMiKKliKK jn>H»J{V 

Feb 27. 18S7. C: Hattic, Ralph. MarKuriett. In- 
fant. Leonard m second wife, Martha IC. Hunsick- 
cr. May <.), 1SS9. I» n N\\v Hami'ton, Mo. Far- 
int-r anil stock-raiser, Metli. E\t C: Lain. 

VIII llaltic Hime. 1. Nov 29. 1880. Mctli. ICp. S. 

VIII Ralph Lcro,N Hime, I.July 29. 18S2. Meth Ep. 

Vlli Mai^nriett Ann Feb 22, 1885. M. Ivp. 

VIII Infant, stilll.orn Oct 16, 1883. 

VIII Lala ICli/.alHrth Hinic, hOct 30. 1890. 

VII Sarah Catharine M.>itinj,'cr. SOct 1856, m Jehu 
vSlinhz Jan 18S4. p () McFall, Mo 

VII -Milton H. Moitin>rer. h in Stark Co. O. May 
4. ii.59. m Hlizal<eth McKillen Sept -'3, 1886. P 6 
Albany, Mt) Farmer, Meth. ICp. No issue. 

V|. John C. Rosenljerger, b in Pa. Oct 15, 1819. d 
in Stark Co. O. Aug 30, 1891, m Sarah Ickes. She 
was b in Pa. Mar 9, 1821, d 11 Stark Co. O. Mar 25, 
1896. Farmer, Gcr. Kap. C: L>dia, Albert, Ed- 

VII L>dia Ann Rosenberger, b at New Franklin, 
Stark Co. O. Jan 5, 1847, ni David Scott May 28, 
1868. P O Alliance. O. Farmer, Ev.'n. C: 
William, Cora. 

VIII- William Edward Scott, b Dec 11, 1869, d Jan 
14. i-^7^'- 

VIM Cora Belle Scolt, b Jan 19, 1874, m Iknjamin 
W. .Mather Aug 25. 1895. P O Homeworth, Ohio. 
Farmer. C: (|X) Lydia Margaret Mather, bOct30, 
18, yS. Irene NIatlier, b Nov 14, 1899. 

Vli Albert Rosenberger, b at New Franklin, Stark 
Co. Ohio, Oct 17, 1841,, m Nancy Coyle Dec i, 1889. 
P O Freeburgh. Ohio. Farmer, Lnth. C: VIII ' 
.Lydia Rosenberger, b Dec 5, 1879. Chancy Rosen- 
berger. b Sept 19, 18S5 

VII Edward Rosenberger, b in Stark Co. O. May 
10, 1852. m ICllen Irwin Mar 18, 1875. PO Paris, 
Ohio. Farmer, Oer. Haj). C: Ida, Ilomcr, Frank. 

VIII I<la M. Rosenberger, b May 20, 1877, m Chas. 
K. Ruff Apr 7. 18.J5. p O Homeworth, Ohio. 
Farmer. C.vr. IJap C: ( |X ) Glenwood Ruff. 
H-.ward Ruff. 

VIII Homer F. Ro.senberger, ItJanjo, 1882. 


VIII. Frank W. Rosenberger. b 1886. 

V|. Christian Rosenberger, (d); m Christena Gilbert. 

V|. josiah Rosenberger, (d); m Kate McGrayer. 
No issue. 

V|. David Rosenberger. No issue. 

VJ. Mary Ann Rosenberger, b Sept 4, 1830, d in 
Ohio Oct 26, 1867, mOvven M. Sayder Apr 5, 1849. 
He was b in Columbiana Co. O. Sept 4, 1824. C.- 
May, Oscar, Almeda, Anna, Howard, Samantha, 
Frank, Foster, Mary. 

Vl|. May Snyder, b at New Franklin, vStark Co. O. 
in 1849, m Thomas Ross in 1875. P O St. Joseph, 
Mo. Episcopal Ch. C: (VIII) Rubena Ross, b 1876'. 
Maggie May Ross, b 1878. 

VII. Oscar Snyder, b Sept 8, 1851, d at Cadilf Mines, 
Alabama, May 13, [892. He was caught by falling 
slate, from effects of which he died. 

VII. Almeda vSnyder, b in Columbiana Co. O. Sept 

10, 1853, m Andrew Summers Apr 20, 1872. He 
d Aug 15, 1885. P O North Gorgetown, O. Black- 
smith, Ger. Bap. C: Ida, Lula, Howard, Anna, 
Rachel, Alvie. 

VIII. Ida May Summers, b Dec 29, 1873, d Oct 18, 

VIII. Lula Belle vSummers, b Apr 8, 1875, m B. S. 
Heiss. Res. 33 Grant St. Cleveland, O. Jeweler. 
C: (|X) Archibald Warburton Heiss. 

VIII. Howard Ellsworth Summers, b Oct 19, 1876. 

VIII. Anna Mary Summers, b Jan 19, 1878. 

Vill- Rachel Christena Summers, b Oct 16, 1880. 

VIII. Alvie Andrew Summers, b Dec 23, 1885. 

VII. Ruth Anna Snyder, b Aug 17, 1855, m Frank 
Gugelman Dec 24, 1874. He was b Aug 3, 1856. 
P O Paris, O. C: (VIII) Foster O. Gugelman, b 
July 13, 1875. Charles R. Gugelman, b Apr 2, 
1877, d Oct 25, 1877. Vivian I. Gugelman. b Oct 

11, 1878. Homer C. Gugelman, b July 13, 1880. 
Harry E. Gugelman, b Jan 28, 1882. Mary B, 
Gugelman, b Mar 10, 1884. Forest A. Gugelman, 
bjune 20, I886. May E. Gugelman, b July 22, 
1888. William A. Gugelman, b Dec 22, 1891. 
Ruth A. Gugelman, b Apr 27, 1894. George H. 


r.nirelinaii. b Jan 22. lS97. 

Vli Milton Howard Snyder, b May lo, l^<57. Res.\crSt. Ck-vcland. Ohio. vS. 

Vil. Samantha C. vSnvdcr, b Any; 26, 1S59, ni Chas. 
Harradcn May 2. iSHo. Res. 3505 Oak Park Ave. 
Ik-rwvn. 111. Fire Tuderwriter. Hai)tist. C: < VIII > 
(k-orKc J. Harraden. b Nov 11. l^.^l. Charles O. 
Harraden, I) Oct 14, 1888. Maria I. Ilarraden, b 
Jan S, 1903. 

Vil Franklin S. Snyder, b Sept 25, 1862. P O 
Cinlon. Ohio. 

Vl|. Marv Isabella Snvder, b Sept 26. 1864, ni 
Charles McMac^en. P O Salem, O. Ref. Ch. C: 
(VIII) Raymond McMacken, b May 9, 1883. Ha/el 
McMacken, b Apr 25, 1SS5. 

VII. Fo>ter L. vSnyder. b Aug 6, 1867. P O 
Kmporia. Kan. 

VI George W. Rosenberry, b in Pa. Sept 8. 1831, 
111 Maria Bohccker Dec 22. 1853. P O Dayton, O. 
C<Muhictor on the IVnna. R. R. Mr. R. Meth. lip. 
Mrs. R. , Christian Ch. C: \'iola, Judson, George, 
Cliarles, Minnie. 

Vl|. \'iola Josephine Rosenberry, 1) at Alliance, O. 
Dec 14, 1854. m lild^vin L. Ogden May 27, 1873. P 
O Alliance, Ohio. C: p-lorence, Cassie, Grace, (d). 

VII Judson M. Rosenberry, b Aug 30, 1858, d Feb 
10. 1859. 

VII- George L. Rosenberry, b in Alliance, Ohio 
Nlay 6, 1860, m Maggie E. Croft Dec 16, 1890, P 

Alliance. Ohio. ICinployed in the tool room of 
the Morgan Kngineering Co; Presby. C: (,VIII) 
Harry Walter Rosenberry. Edwin C. Rosenberry. 
Ikriha May Rosenberry. 

Vl|. Charles S. Rosenberry, b in Alliance, O. 1863. 
Res. 17 Clifton St. Cleveland, Ohio. S. 

VII .Minnie F. Rosenberry, b in AH'ance, O. Oct 
21, 1869. Res. Alliance, (). 

V- Jacob Rosen!)erger, b Aug 19, 1797, d Apr i!, 

1 S3 1, ni Mary Detweiler Dec 12, 1820. She was b 
June 19, 1799, d about 1848. Lived in Lower 
Pr<jvidence twp Montg. Co. Pa. P'arnier, Menu. 
C: Susanna, John, CathariiK-. ICli/abelh, Mary, 



Jesse, Jacob, Benjamin. 

V|. Susanna Rosenberr^-, bjan6, 1822. 

V|. John Rosenberry, b and d Dec 28, r82r. 

V|. Catharine Rosenberry, b Nov 16, 1823, d Apr 
18, 1900, m Henry G. Delp Dec 7, 1845. He died 
Apr 19, 1884. Farmer, Menn. C: Emeline, Anna, 

Vl|. Emeline R. Delp, b Mar 24, 1847, d Aug 6, 
1901, m Isaac B. Kulp Dec 13. 1867. C: Mary, 
Katie, Harry, Irwin, Emma, Frank. 

VIII. Mary Ellen Kulp, m Charles Bechtel. P O 
Limerick, Pa. C: (|X) Clarence, Hannah, Henry, 
Elmer, Elsie. 

VIII. Katie Kulp. ra Henry Allebach. C: (|X) 
Iva, Wilraer, Ethel. 

Vlll- Harry Kulj), b May 15, 1873, m Etta Alderfer 
Dec 25, 189;. P O Harleysville, Pa. Farmer. C: 
(IX) Blanch A. Kulp, b Oct 23, 1898. Frank A. 
Kulp, b Oct 18, 1902. 

Vllj. Irwin Kulp, m Laura Ganghorn Dec 1902. 

VIII. Emma D. Kulp, b Nov 27, 1880, m Isaiah B. 
Clymer Apr 22, 1902. Butcher, Menn. Res. Phila. 

VIII. Frank D. Kulp, b Aug 26, 1886. Res. Phila. 
Pa. Machinist, Menn. S. 

Vl|. Anuc Elizabeth Delp, bjuly 18, 1850, d Apr 
23, 1887, m Hirara Steltz Sept 1S73. P O Potls- 
town. Pa. C: Katie, Henry, Sarah. Hiram. 

VIII. Katie Laura Steltz, (d). 

Vlll- Henry Wilson Steltz, b Sept 20, 1875, m Em- 
ma Seasholtz Maj' 5, 1900. P O New Hanover, 
Pa. Miller, Luth. C: (|X) Edna May Steltz, 1) 
Aug 24, 1900. Rnfus Melvin Steltz, h July 28, 1901 , 
d Sept 27, 1901. Harvey EKvood Steltz, b June 24, 

Vlll- Sarah Agnes Steltz, ra Frank Hinisberger. P 
O Frederick, Pa. 

Vlll. Hiram Edwin Steltz. S. 

VII ■ Hannah R. Delp, b Jan 21, 1857, m Henry K. 
Kratz Oct 16, 1880. P O Kulpsville, Pa. Farmer. 
Menn. No issue. 

VJ. Elizabeth Rosenberry, bDec 15, 1824, m George 

Iiiv IIIK t((»SK.MiKI((iKI{ lil.>lnKV 

F. Shulcr Feb i6. 1S56. P O Sterling. 111. Re- 
tinil fiirmer. C: Ann. John. Emma. Mary. 
Yl|. Ann Fliza Shuler, 1» Nov 30, 1S56. m FV-rris 

II. Kandis Dec 23, 1S75 P O Sterling, 111. Far- 
mer, Lutli. C: (Vlll> F'rank Fred Land is, b Jan 6, 
1S77. Harvey Sliuler Landi.^. h Oct 28. 187S, d Feb 
14. 1896 Cora lili/.alieth Landis, b Dec 5, i8So. 
Bertha May Landis, b Oct 2, 1882. Arthur Roy 
Landis, b Fe'i. 2, 1885. Ida Susan Landis, b Aug 8, 
1886. Walter Ivnianiiel Landis. b July 9, 1S90, djan 

14, 1892. John Ir\in Landis. b Nov 15, 1891, d Jan 

15, 1892. Verne Ruth Landis, b July 27. 1893. 
.M iitlia Anna Landis, bjune 11, 1896. 

VII Jolni Franklin Shuler. b Ajjr 15, 1858, d Jan 
30, 1861 . 

yi|. Emma Shuler, b Apr 26, (865. m Christian F. 
MilkrMars. 1S95. P O Sterling, 111. Farmer. C: 
(VIII; Ji;ii/.al)eth Ruth Miller, b Feb 5, 1896. 

V||. Mary Shuler, b Apr 26. 1867. P O Sterling, 

III. S. 

VI- Mary Ro-enl)erry, b in Montg. Co. Pa. Dec 0. 
1SJ5. m iCphraim D. Ilcndricis in 1848. He was b 
in M<intg. Co. Pa. 1824. P O Cawker City, Kan. 
Tailor, Menu. C: Allen, Benjamin, John. Charles. 

Vl|. Allen R. lleiubicks. bin Lancaster, Pa. Aug 
2i;, 1849. m Susan Mo\er Sept 23. 1873. She was b 
April. 1S53. P O' Sterling. III. Druggist. C: 
(VIII) Olive Logan Hendricks, b May 10, 1876. Leon 
Sumner Hendricks. \> Mar 21. 1880, d Jan 25, 1883. 
Lester Blaine Hendricks, b Feb 8, 1886. Leroy 
Russel Hendricks, b May 8, 1890. 

Vil Benjamin Franklin Hendricks, b in Lancaster 
C»j. Pa. Mar 16, 1851. in Lillian l^mnia Peck Aug 
29. 1876. P O Savanna, 111. Su}>erintendant of 
City Schools. Savanna. 111. C; (VIM l^irl Leslie 
Hendricks, b Mar 7. 1880. Cl\ tie I'eck Hendricks, 
b Apr 6. 1884. Hazel Dell Hendricks, b May 14. 
18SS. Paul Meiton Hendricks. 1j May 14, 18S8. 
d J une 14. 1890. 

VII John R. Hendricks, bat Sterling. 111. May g. 
1.^55. m Mollie A. SwartK-y June 17. 1875. P U 
Smithville, Ark. I'ormerly teacher. i)re::ent occupi- 

DESCEND A. NTS oF 1)A\ 11) ItOSENHKHliElt li;:j 

tion medicine. C: (VIII) Eldon Beethoven Hen- 
dricks, b July i8, 1877. Miliceut Mozart Hendricks, 
I) May 19, 1880. Gretrude Haydn Hendricks, b Feb 
29, 1884, d Nov 29, 1886. Myrtle Weber Hendricks, 
b Apr 19, 1889. 

Vl|. Charles R. Hendricks, b Anor 09, 1859, tn Era- 
ma Mar/.olf Mar 27, 1S83. P O Cawker City. Kan. 
Farmer, Ref. Menn. C: (VIII) Clyde Hendricks, b 
1884. Pearl Hendricks, b 1886. Mabel Hendricks, 
b 1 888. Amy Hendricks, b 1891. Gertrude Hen- 
dricks, b 1893. Ruth Hendricks, b 1896. 
VI . Jesse Rosenberger, b in Montg. Co. Pa. May i, 
1827, m Esther Heim June 2, 1850. She d Dec 12, 
1 87 1, in Wis, C: Amos, several d infants, and 
Jesse. Jesse m second wife, H. Jane Holcomb. P 
U lola, Kan. Shoemaker, Farmer, Nurseryman, 
Baptists. C: Franklin. 

Vl|. Amos Rosenberger, b May 29, 1852, m Ella 
Thurber. P O Kansas City, Mo. Instructor in a 
business college, at 12 14 Main St. 

Vl|. Jesse L. Rosenberger, bat Lake City, Minn. Jan 
6, i860. He graduated from the University of 
Ro<:hester, (N. Y.) in 1888, receiving the degree of 
A. B. and afterwards that of A. .M. In 1889 he 
graduated from the Chicago College of Law, and in 
1 89 1, received the degree of L. L. B. from Lake 
Forest University Oct 7, 1889, he was admitted to the 
bar of the State of Illinois. Since the latter date, he 
has been, and is still, practicing law in Chicago. 
He is also now publishing what is called "Ro.sen- 
berger's Law Monthly," piimarily a business man's 
law journal. He is also author of a volume of 
"Street Railway Law," and of one entitled "Law 
for Lumbermen; office 1005 Opera House Bldg. 
Chicago, 111. Baptist. S. 
Vl|. Franklin H. Rosenberger, d Aug i, 1900. S. 
VI. Jacob Rosenberry. b Aug 30, 1828. m Mary 
Schlichter. She d without issue. Jacob m .second 
wife, Emma Schlichter. C: Frank. Mary, Jacob. 
Harry, Isaac. Jacob m third wife, Marv Barclav. 
P O Fagleysville, Pa. Farmer. C: William. Fred- 
crick, John, Maggie, Robert, Joseph. 

ir.t IIIK K(>»KMtt:iU.Ki; IIIMoia 

VII. I'nmk Roscnbcrn . h Nov 1, 1858. in Marv 
Madclcii. Res. J507 Tulip vSt. Phihi. Pa. Salesman 
and Uook-kccper: Mrs. R. Catholic. C: ( VIII » I'Vaii- 
cis Rosenl)cTr>-. 

VII Mary Rosc-nhcrr>-, 1) about 1860. d >()unjj. 

VII. Jacob Roscnbcrrv". b about 186J. ni Lizzie, 
M..ury. P () Xciffcr,' Pa. Farmer. Ger. Ref. C: 
<VIII> lunih . Sadie. Alonzo. 

VII. Harry Rosenberry, b 1866. Res. .'5(i7 Tulii> 
St I'hila. Pa. Moterman. S. 

VII. Isaac Rosenberrv, b 1868. m Kehl. P o 

IVnnsburg, Pa. Huckster. Lnlh. C: ( VIII ' Stella. 
I'rances, Cassie. Henrw 

VII. William Rosenberr\. b June 30. 1871. P () 
I-",iL;le>s\ille. Pa. b'armer. Ref. Cli. 

VII. Frederick Ro.senberry. b May 7. 1873. 

VII. John Rosenberrv. b June 1875. Ref. Ch. 

VII. Magtrie Rosenl)erry, b Oct 20. 1877. d 1894. 

VII. Robert Rosenberry. 

VII. Joseph Rosenberry, b June 1883. 

VI . Benjamin F. Rosenberry, b in Lower Provi- 
dence twp. Montg. Co. Pa. Mar 5. 1S30, ra Angeline 
Wear at Canton, Ohio, Feb 4, 1851. PC Argos, 
Ind. C: Mary, Emma, Amanda, John, James. 

VII- Mary Rosenberry. !) in Stark Co. Ohio, Nov 
2, 1851, m James H. Watson Feb i|, 1871. P O 
Argos, Ind. Meth. Ep. C: John. 

Vll|. John Hunter Watson, b Nov .^. i87i,m Amy 
Chapman. Res. 1318. West Monroe St. Chicago. 
111. Printer, Meth. ICp. C: ( |X) J. Howard Watson, 
b Aug 8, 1893. Paul C. Watson, b Feb 15, 1896. 
Nina Winona Watson, b Aug 25. 1898. 

VIII. Janette Watson, b July 3, 1873. d Mar 6, 

VIII Homer Watson, b Nov 27, 1877. m Clara 
lincher. Res. 617 Prairie St. Elkhart, Ind. 

VIII. H. F. Watson, b June. i. 1882. PO Argos. 

Ind. Clerk. Meth. Ep. 

VIII. Howard Watson, b Dec 27, 1886, d Jan 7, 
1- 7 . 

VIII. Mildred Wat.son, I) Apr 24, 1S89, Meth. LCp. 


Paul Watson, b Aug 24, 1893, d next day. 

Vl|. Emma Rosen berry, bMariS, 1854, d — . 

Vlj. Amanda Rosenberry, b in Stark Co. Ohio, June 
13, 1856, ra L. N. Shedd, (d), in 187S. P O Argos, 
Ind. Meth. Ep. C: (VIII) Louisa Gertrude Shedd, 
b Mar 14, 18S0. Eva Angeline Shedd, b June 16, 
1882. Amanda m second husband, J. C. Gordon, in 
1892. Ex-School teacher. 

Vl|. John Franklin Rosenberry, b Mar 5, 1858, 
d- . 

VII- James Plarvey Rosenberry, bMay 4, 1872, d — . 

VII- Susan Rosenberger, d aged 13 years. 
"^V- Rev. *John Rosenberger, b in Montg. Co. Pa. 
May 21, 1801, din North Georgetown, Ohio, Mar 
17. 1^53' m Elizabeth Z., daughter of Jacob Hun- 
sicxer, of Skippack, Pa. Dec 26, 1824. She was b 
May 26, 1798, d in Osage City, Kansas Dec 24, 
1887. Planner and Minister, first of the Menu., and 
in after life of the Evangelical Association. At the 
annual session of the Conference of the Evangelical 
Association Church in Pa. in 1838, he was licensed 
to preach and was sent as an assistant to travel the 
Lancaster Circuit, and in 1839 as an assistant on the 
York Circuit. The work of the church at that time 
uas more on the order of Missionary work, with 
much traveling, and constantl}', every da}' preach- 
ing, with many hardships to endure, and small 
salaries. He having a wife and six children, 
his small capital sank $400. which forced him to 
locate in 1840, .when he-jand his family moved to 
eastern Ohio, then a new country, where other 
members of his father's family had preceeded him. 
He bought a farm of 80 acres and supported his 
family by farming, still continuing to preach on Sun- 
day the balance of his life, and died in 1853, honored 
by all that knew him. C: Jacob. Annie, Elizabeth, 
Sarah, Isaac, John, Barbara, David, Maria. 

Vi- Jacob H. Rosenberg, M. D., b inLower Provi- 
dence twp. Montg. Co. Pa. Oct 17, 1825, m Mary 
Ann Caudels, daughter of George and Elizabeth 

""111 iS'is he ibangeil bis name from Rosenberry to Ro«enl)erger. 
In IHCO Lis children Itirther ebunned the name to UosenbcriJ;. 


Altmen Camlels. Oct 31. 1S47. She \v;ls b Nov 17. 
ISJS. a Sept 2, 1880. Res. 1626 lUirdette St. Oma- 
ha. Ncl). 

Dr. koscnlK.TKf wa.s converted jan *■>. lS.v,.aiul 
joine<l the ICvanK^elical Association. In Aujj 1843, 
at the Ohio Conf. of the Hv. Ass'n. Church, he was 
licensed to the "Local Ministry." He taught dis- 
trict schools, and preached on Sundays. In 1853, 
'54, "55, the Pittshurj; Conf. liv. Ass'n. sent him to 
travel as preacher on their circuits in Armstrong, 
Jefferson. Clarion and \'enango counties of Pa., and 
ls56to 1864 the Ohio Conf. sent him to travel and 
preacli on the missions and circuits in the counties of | 
Wood. Lucas, Henry, Wyandott, Pickaway, Fair- 
field, and Wayne. Ohio; and Lenawee and Monroe i 
counties, Miclii^an. His \oice for public speaking 1 
finally failed totally and in 1864 he located and enter- 
ed and graduated from the ICclectic Medical Institute 
of Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1869, and has practiced med- 
icine successfullv from that time to the present. 

Dr. Jacob H. Rosenberg educated liimself after 
marriage by nuicli i)lanning and economw He reads 
Oreek, Latin and Hel)rew, giving the translation 
very readily and rai)idl>-. He is now a member of 
the Methoflist Episcopal Churcli. C: Sarah, I'rank, 
M !T\-. Mmeline. 

VII Sary Ann Ro.senberg, b Nov 9, 1S4S, d Oct 
8, 1849. 

Vl|. Frank J. Rosenberg. M. D bat Columliianna, 
Ohio, Aug 16, 1850, m Anna M. Case, of WyaiuU)tt 
Co. Ohio, Mar 17, 1873. P O Lexington, Neb. 
Mr. Rosenl)erg was educated in l'pi)er Sandusky 
lli^h vSchooi and Northwestern Normal, Adrian, O. 
He studied medicine and graduated at the H. M. I. 
Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1S73, and took Post Clinical 
C<»urse at Hellevue Hospital College, N. Y. in 1S81, 
and a P. O. course in tUe P. G. School of Medicine, 
London. I{ngland. in 1891, and has since l)een en 
ga^td in the j)ractice of his profession. Melh. Ivp. 
C: ^Vlir Claud C. Rosenberg, b Apr 14, i>74. 
Metli i;p S Ut>\ Paul Rosenberg, b Jan 14, 


1S78, d July 1891. Meth. Ep. Ralph E. Rosen- 
berg, b May 24, iSSr. Earl H. Rosenberg, b Sept 
24, 1884. Meth. Ep. Bnlah Vera Rosenberg, b 
Jan 29, i8go. 

VII. Mary Elizabeth Rosenberg, b in Venango Co. 
Pa. Aug 20, 1855. In 1895 she entered the Eclectic 
Medical Institute of Cincinnati, Ohio, and graduated 
in 1897. She is now d regular practicing physicial, 
m Carl O. Nelson Jan 30, 1901 . He was b in Sweden 
Sept 26, 1S61. Res. 1626 Burdette St. Omaha, 
Neb. His occupation is that of Painter and Decora- 
tor. He became a naturalized citizen of America in 
Oct 1 90 1. Meth. Ep. 

VII. Emeline Rosenberg, b June 9, i860, d Aug 13, 

V|. Annie Rosenberg, b Dec 26, 1826, d Jan 1887, 
m John Yanhorn Dec 18.47. 

V|. Elizabeth Rosenberg, b Dec 26, 1S26, d Sept 26, 

V|. Sarah Ann Rosenberg, b Mar 28, 1829, m Isaac 
Packer July 2, 1852. He d Jan 1884. Millwright, 
Meth. Ep. C: Rosetta, Webster, Frank, Mary, 
Jane, Laura, John. 

VII. Rosetta A. Packer, b Dec 16, 1854, m Kimble 
Thomas. P O Turney, Mo. . C: (VIII) Daniel 
Thomas, (d). Laura Thomas. Nellie Thomas. 
Perley Thomas. Maudie Thomas, (d). Earl 

VII. D. Webster Packer, b at Salem, Ohio, Sept 18, 
1855. P O Platte City, Mo. Farmer and stock- 
rai-ser, Christain Ch. S. 

VII. B. Frank Packer, b at LaSalle, 111. Apr 24, 
1859. P O Platte City, Mo. Farmer and Stock- 
raiser, Christian Ch. S. 

Vl|. Mary Ann Packer, d i860. 

VII. Jane Packer, d 1864. 

VII. Laura Packer, b in Leavenworth. Kan. Mai 1, 
1863, m Levi S. Deever Oct 23, 1895. Res. 1301 
Kansas Ave Topeka, Kan. Farmer, United Br. Ch. 

VII. John H. Packer, b Sept ir,i87o. Res. 1559 N 
19th. St. Omaha, Neb. Ele<:tric Engineer, Meth. 
Ep. Single. 

Ilis lllKKO.SENnKKiiti: IIIMoKV 

V|. Isaac H. Roscnbcri^'. b Oct 31. 1S31. d Mar 17. 

Vl. JolinH. Roscnbjr^'. M D. 1> Apr 5, 1S33, d 
Hcb 1SS9. Ill ICli/.abcth L. Dund.)re July 27. 1.S58. 
I'hysiciau and minisiLr of the I'liited Hrcthrcn Cli. 
No if sue 

VI. Harbara Rt>si;nbcrK. b Mar J4. 1«35. in MoiitK- 
Co. Pa. d in ()s;iKcCity. Kan. Nov 30, IS74. ni Ben- 
jamin Packer Feb 24. KS53. He was b Oct 26. 1831. 
d near Alliance. Ohio. Nov MK 1S55. Carpenter and 
MillwriKht. Mr. Packer. (Juaker: Mrs. Packer. 
P:v. Assn. and later V. H. in Christ. C: Ivdwin. 

Vil ICdwin 15. Packer. M. 1).. b near Mt. I'nion, 
u.iio. May 27. 1S55. He was but an infant six 
months old when his father died, and his mother 
then took him to his ^'^randmother IClizabeth Rosen- 
b.Tg. who raised him. living at Bloomville. Napolion. 
Broken vSwords. and .Sycamore. Ohio, the first 12 
years of his life; then, at the a^e of 12 years he went 
to Blairistown. Iowa, where he remained 3 years and 
attended school occasionally. At 15 he went to Kan. 
and worked a short time. In 1S()9 he made his home 
in Osage City, and folU)wed his trade, that of a Car- 
penter, and also did some surveying for railroads, 
clerking and coal mining. In 1S75 he attended Lane 
I'niversity. Lecomi)ton, Kan. The >ears 1S77. 7S, 
'79. '80, were spent in teaching, employing his time 
at various things during vacation. He was married 
to Mary K. Ferris, of Lecompton. Kan. June 16, 
1878. In 1880 he attended Meilical Lectures from the 
Preceptorshii) of Dr. John II. Rosenberg, (d). and 
graduated in June 1882, and located in i)ractice in 
Osage City on the 15 day of the saine month, at which 
place he still lives and practices his profession: Pres- 
bv. C: (VIII) Ada Packer, b June 4. 1879. d June 
27. 1880. Pearl Packer, b Nov iS. 188O. 

VI. David H. Rosenberg. M. D.. bat vSkippackville. 
Montg. Co. Pa. Mav 19. I837. m Catharine Dundore 
May 19. 1859. P u Mascotte, Fla. Dr Ro.senberg 
spent most of his time in Sen "ca Co. Ohi >, but after- 
wards, on account of his health, he removed l<» 
Florida, where he is now strong and hearty, with 


abundance of various tropical fruits growing in his 
groves, ripe fruit every day of the year and witli his 
practice as physician and Surgeon is joyful and hap- 
py. He was also a minister of the Ev. Ass'n. Ch. 
but is now member of Meth. Up. Ch. C: John, 
Sarah, Joseph. 

Vlj. John B. Rosenberg, M. D. 1) at Napoleon, 
Henry Co. Ohio, Mar 25, 1863, m Clara KckertNov 
iS, iSg6. P O Clermont, Fla. Physician, Unitar- 
ian. No issue, (1897). 

Vl|. Sara Lou Ella Rosenberg, b in Crawford Co. 
Ohio, July 26, 1865, m Rev. John H. Martin Sept 7, 
1890. P O Winter Park, Fla. He was b at Tiffin, 
Ohio, Mari3, 1867. Part of his boyhood was spent on 
a farm. He was converted at the age of 14 years 
under the labors of Rev. J. A. Hensel of the Ohio 
Conference Evangelical Association. He spent sev- 
eral years in a shop where he learned wood carving, 
cabinet making and the construction of wood-work in 
all forms, and drafting. He then attended Heidel- 
berg University at Tiffin, Ohio. In Sept 1S90, he 
went to Florida, taught school one year, and n Aug 
1892, entered the ministry of the Methodist Episco- 
pal church, and stationed at Winter Park, Florida, 
where he is just (1898) completing a full term pas- 
torate of five years. C: (VIII) Ro.sella Esther Mar- 
tin, b Sept I, 1 89 1. 

VII- Joseph Scudder Rosenberg, b at Bett.sville, 
Ohio, Jan 2 f, 1870, m Libbie Biihler. Superinten- 
dant Cigar Factory, 3rd St. Philadelphia. Pa. C: 
(VIM) Russel Rosenberg. Joseph Rosenberg. Eva- 
lyu Rosenberg. 

V|. Maria Rosenberg, b Oct 11, i8|0, d Oct 18, 
1 84 1. 

V. Anna Rosenberger, b in Montg. Co. Pa. June 20, 
i8.)5, d in Hilltown, Bucks Co. Pa. Dec 7, 1893, 
m Samuel D, Heckler. He was b in Montg. Co. Pa. 
Oct 1,1803, d in Hilltown, Bucks Co. Pa. May i, 
1884. Farmer, Ev. Ass'n. C: Ann, George, Elias, 
Hetty, David, Jacob, Aaron, John, Samuel, 

-Frank, Amanda. 

?==^ VI- Ann Eliza Heckler, b 1S25, d 1848. 


VI Ceorge Heckler, b 1S2;. d 1S57 

VI Hlias Heckler, h iS.'S. m AiiK^imc Garber. 
She d Dec ■^. 1S56 No issue. Hl-as m second wife, 
Margaret K\.l)ecca Oerhart. P O Fricks. Pa. Far- 
mer. Evangelical Ch. C: Kmran. 

VII H-okkr, 1> in Hilltown. Bucks Co. 
Pa Dec 2b. i^r>o. m John Van Onuneien June 6. 
1.S7S He wash Dec 8, 1853, at Ingen Province 
i,enlderland, Netherlands. P O Quakertown. Pa. 
Attcrnev at Law. Ref. Ch. C: (VIII) Henrietta 
A'anOmmeren. l» Oct I'S, 1S7C;. d Apr 3. 1886. 

Lottie Mal)el Va-iOmmeren. b May (.\, 1SS3. 

VI Hester Ann R Heckler, b Feb 20, 1830, d 
at Ash»)ourne, Pa. July i. 1S86. m George W. Ma- 
Gargal. al)OUt 1S61. He was b in Montg. Co. Pa. 
Res. Bethlehem. Pa Builder; Mr. M. Baptist. 
Mrs. M. Meth. Kp. C: Samuel, Annie, Harvey. 
Kmma, Hester. 

Vl|. Samuel H. MaGargal, b in Rockhill twp. 
B'lcks Co. Pa. Jan 4. 1S63. m L<iura L. Garner, of 
Leidytown, Pa. Sept 13. 1883 P O Ashbourne. 
Pa. Lumber business: Mrs. M. Baptist. C: (VIII' 
Shelden G. MaGargal, b Aug 10, 188S. Infant 
daughter, b Mar 4. 1900, d Mar 8, 1900. 

Vl|. Annie L MaGargal, b Sept 12, 1864. m \Vm. 
A Crouthamei Dec 25, 18S4. PO Souderton. Pa. 
Tailor. C: (VIII) George M. Crouthamei. b July S. 
1.S86. Alvin H. Crouthamei, b Sept 15. 1888. 
William R Crouthamei. b Dec 14, 1891. 

VII Harvey G MaGargal. b Apr 1867. m Lizzie 
Mvers Res. 1304 Butler St. Phila. Pa. C: VIII' 
Russell MaGargal, b Oct 18S7. Karl MaGargal, 1) 
Nov 18SS. d Dec 1S91. Harvey MaGarc'al, bOct in9I . 

VII Emma R. MaGargal, b 1871, m Frank Evans 
in 1892. P O Bridgeport, Conn. 

Vl|. Hester J. MaGargal, b 1S72, m John M. Him- 
s»>crger iSi)\. P O Souderton, Pa. C: (.VIM 
Harold. Lola, (d); — . 

V|. David R. Heckler, b 1831, m Amanda Kimble. 
P O Hagcrsville. Pa. Farmei . C: Anna, Sarah. 

Vl|. Anna M. Heckler, m J<;hn Hurrison. 

VII. Sarah J. Heckler. 


VI- Jacob R. Heckler, b 1833. m Lydia Baringer. 
P OPerkasie, Pa. Retired farmer, Evangelical. 
C: Ellen, Pierson, Amelia, Leidy, Henry, Levi, 
Sinniah, Ida, Franklin, Alice, Emma. 

VII- Ellen Jane Heckler, d Jan iS, 1890, mJohnB. 
Netf. No issue. 

Vl|. Pierson Heckler, d infant. 

VII. Amelia Heckler, m Joseph Hunsberger. P O 
Pricks, Pa. Farmer. C: (VIII) Irwin, (d); Ida, d 
1893. Leidy. Lauraetta, Harvey, Ella, Howard. 

VII. Leidy Heckler. P O Ambler, Pa. 

Vlj. Henry B. Heckler, m Eliza A. Fiester. 

Vll- Levi Heckler, d infant. 

Vl|. Sinniah Heckler, m iMax Fuechsel. 

Vll- Ida Heckler, m Benjamin Hedrick. 

VII. Franklin B. Heckler, m Sabina Proctor. P O 
Perkasie, Pa. 

Vll- Alice Heckler, m Roscoe Beisel. 

Vl|. Emma Heckler, d Aug 11, 1896. 

V|. Aaron R. Heckler, b Oct 28, 1835, m Sophia 
R. Rosenberger Dec 4, 1S88. P O South Hatfield, 
Pa. Retired farmer, Ev. Ass'n, C: Annie, E:m- 
ma, Sophia, Lizzie, Mary. 

Vll- Annie Amanda Heckler, b Aug 25, i860, m 
Abraham K. Fretz Oct 15, 1881. P O Hatfield, Pa. 
Farmer, Ev. Ass'n. C: (VIII) Mary A. Fretz, b 
Sept 3, 1882. Aaron M. Fretz, b Feb 15, 1887. 
William Fret^. Sophia Fretz. 

Vll- Emma R. Heckler, b Oct 2, ih63, m Rev. S. 
K. Heebner Feb 15, 1888. He d at Lincoln City, 
Del. Oct 16, 1893. He graduated at the North 
Western College. III. , also of Chicago Musical College, 
and at the New York Institute of Phrenology; minis- 
ter of the Meth. Ep. Church. C: (VIII) Mabel 
Beatrice Heebner. John Wesley Heebner. 

VII. Sophia Ida R. Heckler, b Nov 16, 1868, m 
Joseph W. Koffel. C: Sophia, Samuel, Joseph, 

Vll Lizzie May D. Heckler, b Oct 3, 1870. Ev. 
Ass'n. S. 

VII- Mary Ellen R. Heckler, b Jan n, 1873, m 
Harry B. Godshall. P O Souderton, Pa. 

174 TIIF. i:o.sKNItKI!«iKi; IIISToItV 

Mrs. Wisincr. kefortne<). C: Maiy, Josej)li. Ami, 
BarS>ara, Ktnma. Henry, Charks, Jacol>, Hsther. 
Allen. Franklin 

VI Mary Ann Wisnicr. bin Phila. Jan S, iS3o, nj 
Frederick Theilacker Feb 6. 1S48. He was b in 
Wiiitenibiirg, Germany, came to the I'nited States 
when six years of a^e; d Feb 27, 1S64. Meth. C: 
Charlotte, William. Christian, Ann?., Fslher. Mar\', 

Vil Charlotte Theilacker, m Antone F. Miller, 
kes. 27 15 Girard Ave. I'liila. Pa. Cigar manufacturer. 
C: 'VIII) Alice. Lottie. Frank. 

VII William J. Theilacker, b Feb 14, 1S50, m— . 
C: .Mar>-, William. 

Vir Christian I'". Theilacker, b Mar 12, 1S51, d 
Mar 23. 1851. 

VII Anna E. Theilacker, b 1853. d 1S54. 

VII ICsther .\. Theilacker, b 1S54. d iS5(',. 

Vl|. Mary H Theilacker. b Nov 2S, 1 85s, m Mah- 
lon H. Foust. C: < VIII ' Maltie Foust. 

Vil Samuel S. Theilacker, b May 27. 1868." 

VI- Jo.sejih Wisiner. d 1832. 

VI- Anna H. Wismer, b 1833, d 1848. 

VI Barbara A. Wismer, b 1835, d 1838. 

VI lunraa M. Wismer. b Jan 14, i<S37, ni Henry 
Fellers Jan 14. 1856. He d Aug 12, 1886. C.- 
James, FZsther, Charles. Wilhelmina, Milton, Jacob, 
Clifford, Walter, M..ry, Klla. 

Vil James Fetters, b Jan 16, 1857. 

Vli Esther A. Fetters, b and d Aug 1858. 

Vii Charles Fetters, b Sept 13, KSS^. 

VII Wilhelmina Fetters, b Sept 25. 186J. m Chas. 
H. Rover Ai)r JO. 1SH9. C: ( VIII » Wilhelmina. 

VII. -Milton .\. Fetters, b Feb 6. 1865. m Clara 

VII. Jacob W. I'Vtters, b Sept 27, 1S68. Res. 1326 
I'lhiK-r St. IMiila. I'a. Salesman. Meth Ivp. 

Vli Clifford Fetters, b Oct 19. 1870. Meth li]). 

Vli Walter l-'etters. b and d 1870. 

VII Marv I-:, Fetters, b Sept 20, 1892. Meth. Fp. 

Vli I'lla M I-. tiers b Mav 29. 1876. 


VI. Henry Wismer. b Aug- 21. 1839, d Apr 1874, 
111 Kate Siveaney. C: Hester, Driisilla. 

VI. Charles R. Wisiiier, b Nov 7, 1841, in Kliza 
Shuman Dec 1, 1867. Res. 2i22 Marsliall St. Phila. 
Pa. Clerk, Ref. Ch. C: (VID Laura W Wismer. 
b Nov 17, 1869, d July 10, 1888. Cliarles ]<]. Wis- 
mer, b July 12, 1872. 

VI. Allen Wismer, b 1844, d 1846. 

VJ. Jacob Wismer, b Jan 7, 1847, m Mary C. Sill 
July 28, 1870. Res. 14-2 Savery St. Pliila. Pa. 
C: (VII) Lillian, Amice. 

V|. Esther Wismer, b 1847, d 184S. 

V|. Franklin Wismer, b 1851, d 1856. 

V. Maria Rosenberry, b Aug 17, 1812, d Nov 17. 
1879, ni Jacob Munk Aug 1842. He was b in 
Stutgart, Germany, d at Alliance, Ohio, in 1872. 
It is stated that he worked in printing office in 
early life, but later was a farmer. Ev. Ass'n. C: 
Elizabeth, Mary, Anuie, Joseph, Ephraim, Lidward, 

VI . Elizabeth Munk, d in infancy. 

V|. Mary A. Munk, b in Columbiana Co. O. Nov 
25, 1844, m Valentine Lorentz vSept 19, 1878. P O 
Alliance, O. Farmer, Meth. Ep. C: Evangeline, 
Charles, Mary, Edward. 

Vl|. Evangeline Lorentz, b Aug 23, 1879. 

VII Charles V. Lorentz, b Oct 12, 1880, d Dec 
19, 1882. 

Vll- Mary Estella Lorentz, b June 2, 1882. 

V!|. Edward Peicival Lorent/:, 1j July 22, 1SS4. 

V|. Annie Munk, m Samuel C. Greenwalt. C: 

Vl|. Elizabeth Greenwalt, m Harry McKean. P O 
Yuma, Arizona. 

VI. Joseph Amasa Munk, M. D., was born on a 
farm in Columbiana County. Ohio, November 19. 
1847. At the age of five years his family moved to 
Salem, Ohio, and four years later to a farm near the 
village of Mt. Union, (3hio, where he spent .sexeral 
years of farm life in work and play and going to a 
district school. 

During the late civil war tlie bows of his neigh- 

i;r. IMF. l{«»SKS'l5Kl«iKi: iiisiuiiv 

Ijorhood, fccliiiK the patriotic spirit of iliL-ir cUlers. 
organized a company for military ilrill of wliicli he 
was ck-ctc'd captain. In the snmuicr of 1S64 he de- 
icrmincd to join the I'nion army and after ^aininn 
his fathers consent enlisted in Co. I. l7.SthC). \'. I. 
and with his rejjiment was inunediately assigned to 
active dnty in the field. He served as private throuj^h 
se\eral campaigns Itoth east and west and in Jnne 
1^465, at the close of the war and while \ et nnder IS 
years of age, received hisdi.scharge and was muster- 
ed out of the service. 

After returning home he became a student oi 
Mount I'nion college and after attending school one 
>ear lie left college to study medicine with Dr. 1). II. 
Rosenberg at liettsville. Ohio; and in 1S69 graduated 
from the IClectric Meilical Institute in Cincinnati. 

He first located at Lindsew Ohio, but soon de- 
cided to go west and located next in Chillicothe, Mo. 
in 1871. Here he practicetl medicine ten >eajrs; but 
not being satisfied with his opportunities moved to 
Topeka. Kansas, in iSSi and bought a partnership 
with Dr. V. I. Mulvane. The firm of Drs. Mulvane 
c\: Munk did a successful business during its eleven 
years of partnershiji. In \^'')i the firm. dissolved by 
mutual consent, the senior partner Dr. Muh'ane 
moving to Chicago where he retired fn)m acti\e 
practice, and in iSs72 Dr. Munk moved to Los Ange- 
les, Califorina, where he has since li\ed. 

Duritig his early years of pr.ictice he spent his 
leisure time finding out what else he could dol)eliev- 
ing that no man knows what all he can do until he 
tries. His love of nature and natural science often 
took him to th-.* fields and woods. He studied taxa- 
dermy and many mounted specimens of birds ami 
small animals ornamented his ofTice. He devo'ed 
some time to nnisic and composed a number of songs 
tliat were published in sheet form by John Church ^c 
Co. of Cincinnati and glees, choruses and anthems 
Were contril)Uted to books edited by IVof. H. S. Per- 
kins and published by Lyon tv: Healy of Chicago. 
Alter Ka\'ing Cliillicothe he discoiitinueil wriluig 


miisic as his time was fully occupied by his profession. 
In Topeka, as adiversion, he joined the Modoc Club 
a musical organization composed exclusively of men 
and limited to thirty members. The club was organ- 
ized in 1876 and under the able leadership of its per- 
manent president Major T. J. Anderson prospered 
greatly and is in a flo'irishing conditional the present 
time. The club is in demand at Grand Army gath- 
erings and public meetings and has traveled and sung 
from Boston to San Fransisco. 

Soon after moving to Topeka he became interest- 
ed with h's brothers in the range cattle business near 
Wdlcox, Arizona where they started a cattle ranch in 
1882. In 1S84 he made his first trip to Arizona and 
was so much impressed by what he saw that after re- 
turning home he tried to find out what liad been 
written on that far away land. In his search for 
Arizona books he found a copy of Hinton's Pland- 
book of Arizona which contained a list of a dozen or 
mere other Arizona books, copies of all of these 
l)ookswere procured and since that time he has been 
a constant collector of Arizoniana. In 1900 he pul)- 
lished his Arizona Bibliography which contains near- 
ly i ,000 titles. During tlie past five years he has 
more than doul)led his collection and expects soon 
to publish a se^rond, revised and enlarged edition 
which will contain more than 2,000 titles. 

During the ])ast twenty «, ears he has made fre- 
quent trips to Arizona and the southwest and regards 
Arizona as the greatest wonderland in America. He 
is familiar with ranch life, has visited its many 
natural wonders and pi ehistoric ruins and has studied 
its fascinating climate — all of which is described in 
his new l)ook of Arizona Sketches that is just out. 

He has been a regular contributor to current 
medical literature during the past thirty years and 
has written for the local press on hygiene and other 
health subjects. He has been a member of the Ec- 
lectic Medical societies of the several states in which 
he has lived and was elected Vice President of the 
National Eclectic Medical Association in 1876. He 
is the present Dean of the Los Angeles Eclectic Poli- 


clinic, a post jiradualc school of medicine that was 
ojKMK-d last year. 

He married Emma S. lica/.ell of Wei ster, Pa. 
January ytli. 1S73. One child was l)orn. a dau^'hter. 
which died in it\fancy. 

He is a republican in politics and Methodist 
in religion. 
Y|. IC. Henry Monk, M.I)., b near Georgetown. 
Ohio. Apr 12, 1S49. m Lillian Hoag in 1874. P O 
Nevada. Iowa. Dr. Monk was educated at Mt. Union 
College, and graduaied, taking his Degree of M. I), 
at the American Medical College in St. Louis after 
which he settled in Story Co. Iowa, in the practice 
of Medicine. vSoon after he reached the legal age for 
admission to the liles of Mcsonry he entered Colum- 
bia Lodge 292; changing his residence to the county 
seat, his membership was transferred to Nevada 
Lodge. No 99, where- he entered into full membei- 
sl-.ip as a Master Ma.>on June 7, 1S73. He has been 
an active member o' that Lodge for more than 20 
years and ha.-i perhaps vouches for as many petitioners 
as has any oiher mem)K-r. lie has filled numerous 
offices and ably performed his full share of work on 
committees and on the floor. He holds membership 
and ofBce in three times three chapters where he fills 
his chair promptly when not ])rofessionally absent. 
He has held the otVice of Health offices for the past 
ten years. Mrs. Munk is a graduate of Carthage 
College, 111., and is City Lilirarian. She is also a 
hnieal descendant of Inkier Willi. .m Biew>t'-r tlie 
spiritu-d leader of the Plymouth Colony. Mass. 1820. 
that came to America on the Mayflower, also of Rev. 
Jolm Robinson, pastor .if the Pilgrims at L>den. 
Holland. She is a charter member of Abigal Adams 
chapter of the "Daughters of the American Revolu- 
tiou." and eligible to membership in Society of Colo- 
nialDames. Meih. Up. C: (YID Oracc Monk, b 
Dec 23, 1.S75. P O Nevada, Iowa. vSchool teacher. 
Vl|. Ivdward Brewster Monk, b Dec 26, 18S7. 
VI. lulward Roseiiberry Mtink. the third son of 
Jacob and .Maria .Munk, (nee Roseiiberry. ) was 
born Januarv .>lst. 1851. in Columbiana County. 



Ohio, and with the family a few years later removed 
to Alliance, Ohio. He received his earlier education 
in the Union schools, and later entered Mt. Union 

During the time required to c<)m]>lete a classical 
course at college, he taught school at various places 
each winter term in order to obtain funds to carry 
him through the remaining terms of the college 3'ear. 
Notwithstanding the time thus taken from his college 
work in teaching, by applying himself continuously 
l)y night study while teaching and long hours of 
studj^ while in college, he finished the four years 
course pi escribed in the college curriculum to obtain 
a classical degree in the short time of three years, 
and was graduated during the month of July 1872, 
by obtaining the degree of Bachelor of Arts. At a 
later date the same college conferred upon him the 
degree of Master of Arts, he having pursued a Post 
Graduate course of study including law and the 
scinences. After spending a two months vacation in 
the eastern states, lie entered the law department of 
the University of Michigan, located at Ann Arbor, 
Michigsn, October first of the same year. But 
being in want of sufficient funds to complete the 
college course, he entered the law office of Judge 
Kent at Detroit, Mich., to prepare himself for the 
coming annual examination to be held by the Su- 
preme Court of Michigan at the April Term, and by 
continuing what had now become almost a habit of 
studing long hours, continuing often into the small 
hours of the night, his preparation was duly com- 

The examination was held on the 29th day of 
April, 1873, at a session of the Michigan Supreme 
Court, composed of Chief Justice Christiancy, Thos. . 
M. Cooley, author of Cooley's Blackstone, Judge 
Kent, a nephew of the Illustrious Chancellor Kent, 
and the author of Kent's Commentaries, and Judges 
Cambell and Walker, who together composed the 
Michigan Supreme Court, and who were all present 
and participated in tlie exhaustive quizzing of the 
applicants for adrais.^ion to the Bar. 


Mr. Monk passed a most satisfactory exaiuina 
tion and was duly congratulated Sy this august body 
of enuncnt men that composed the Michigan i"'.uj)reme 
Court. uj)on his succ -ss and thereupt)-.! ordered that 
a license to practice in all the courts of the state as 
an attorney, solicitor and coiuiselor at law be issued 
to him he receiving his license to practice law just 
seven months from the time that he commenced his 
law course of study, and matriculation at the Mich. 
I'nivcrsity, an achiewment that has seldom if ever 
been surpa-sed. 

Mr. Monk being again out of funds, and it requir- 
ing funds to properly open a law office, he accepted 
the i)osition '>f Superintendent of Schoolsat Nevada, 
Iowa, that fortunately was offered to him at this time. 

Having comlucted the schools with success 
during the school year and havin.14 thus ol)tained the 
funds recjuired, heoi>ened a law office at I)es Moines, 
Iowa, and boing aided b>' the kind a.ssistance of 
Chief Justice C. C. Cole, of the Iowa Sujireme 
Court, the officers of the Citizens National Kank. 
and other clients, he obtained at once quite an ex- 
tensive law practice, and successfullx- conducteil a 
number of important suits in the various courts of 
the .state. 

During the \ear 1.S77. a gootl opening offering, 
he together with his brother. W. C. Monk, removed 
to St. Louis. Mo., and oi)ened law offices with the 
object of making real estate ami corporation law a 
specialty. The\' continued in business together with 
much success until 1J>.S2, when by over-application 
his constitution was completel>' broken down, and 
on the reconunendation of his ph\"sician he jjroceeded 
to seek the benefits of a milder climat, and out door 
life in Arizona. 

Arriving in Southern Arizona, he at once saw 
an oj)ening to obtain his ol>ject and in cooperation 
with his brothers located a cattle ranch, .gaining the 
control of a large body of government land, bv locat- 
ing upon the land and building cabins and stockin.i; 
the same with cattle and liorses, at the same tiiui- 
locatiny and appr«)pri;itinK and developing all the 


water coiisistir.g of springs that were to be found on 
the land and tlius in time they seeured control of a 
large tract of land, about twenty miles square, 
located near the railroad with good shi])])ing- facili- 
ties, and although the\- experienced considerable 
trouble with the rustlers (cattle thieves) and Indians, 
the business venture has ])een a success from the 
start. During the years of 18S2 to 18S4, the Apache 
Indians under Geronimo made a number of raids 
from San Carlos Reservation into Southeastern Ari- 
zona, and on into Mexico, and moie tlian once 
passed by or through the Monk Cattle Range that 
the Monk Brothers had located near Bowie, Arizona. 
These Indians after fruitless effort on the part of Gen. 
Crook to stop their raiding through the country, 
such raids always resulting in the massacre of many 
ranchmen, miners and cowboys living ui the territory, 
Gen. Miles, who succeeded Gen. Crook in command 
of the troops in Arizona after a long, finally 
succeeded ui capturuig the Apache Chief Geronimo 
and his followers and brought the whole l)and number- 
ing about 300, composed of bucks, squaws and 
children, to Bowie Station on the S. P. R. R. from 
which point they were at once shipped by rail to Ft. 
Sill and other points located in the Kast, where the 
influence of civilization has to some extent enlighten- 
ed and christianized the band. Since the removal- 
of this band of Indians, no further trouble has been 
experienced from the Indians, although at the San 
Carlos Indian Agency and Reservation, there are 
now living not less than 6.)0(: or 7000 Indians who 
are .still supported more or by the United States 

But with the removal of these Indians our 
troubles were not yet ended, for within a few months 
numerous bands of Rustlers (cow and horse thieves) 
infested this border country between Arizona and 
Mexico, and many staitlmg and unlawful incidents 
might be told of thier murders, train rob!;eries and 
depredations and injuries inflicted upon the ranch 
men located near this border country joining Mexico, 
on the South. 


DiirinK the yciii> i - i 5 ami 6 the crimes com- 
mitted in thi-i section of the country by the Rnstkrs 
had l>ecome so nuni'-'rous and atrocious that the 
cowmen, miners and freiRhteis united together and 
determined to inaugurate a reform in the administra- 
tion of the laws To accomplish this purpose, they 
concluded to nominate a reform ticket to be voted 
upon at the next election. At the head of this 
ticket. Mr. Monk was nominated for the office of 
County Jndjje, together with prominent oowmen 
for Ptosecutin>» Attorney and Sheriff. After a most 
exciting canvass and election, the op]>osition ticket 
was badly snowed under, and the Cowboy Judge and 
his cowboy friends elected by a large majority. 

From the time that Judge Monk entered upon 
his duties as Judge of the roughest and toughest 
section of Southern Arizona, the cow thieves and 
Rustlers received all that was coming to them. Some 
were killed by the sheriff and his deputies; some 
were hung by the Vigilance Committee, and some 
were sent to the penitential y and law and order was 
soon established in this section of the territory. He 
served with much success during his term of office 
and was re-elected for a second term, and at the ex 
p' ration of this time. Tombstone and Cochise Co.. 
Arizona, was as peaceable and orderly as any section 
located in the Eastern states. 

During the year 1S')3, there ])eing a vacancy in 
the I'nited States Land Office at Tucson. Arizona. 
Judge Monk was appointed Receiver of the V. S. 
Land onice at Tucson by President Cleveland, and 
this oflice he held and filled with credit to himself 
and the (k)vernmenl for the term of four years. 
During his term of oflice many of the Oovernmenl 
Reservations upon whicli the various Army Posts and 
l-'ortshad been located and then abandoned were open 
ed up for settlement both at private sale and public 
auction. These Public Sales were sometimes conduct 
ed under adverse circumstances, as an instance might 
Ik- given the sale at ( )M h'ctrt Orand Reservation. This 
Reservation is located on both banks of the San Pedro 
River, and on account of heavy and continued rains 


the river overflowed its banks, and washed away all 
the bridges crossing- the river for nian.y miles in each 
direction from the old fort. As it was impossible by 
those wishing- to bid orally that were on the opposite 
side of the banks upon wliicli the sale was held by 
liim the written bid of the would-be-purchaser was 
carefully wrapped around a weight and this weight 
was attached to a cord and sent across the river, and 
the award to the highest bidder was returned in the 
same maimer to the successful man, and although 
rather tedious work, most of the old fort was dispos- 
ed of before the sale was ended. > 

At this time Gov. Hughes of Arizona, appointed 
Judge Monk a Regent of University of Arizona, the 
school being quite small and not \-ery successful but 
under the new administration <ind the employment of 
new and efficient corps of professions, the University 
within a few years incroased so rapidly in eliiciencv 
and attendance, that many new departments have 
been established, new buildings have been erected, 
and a fund sufficient provided to insure its continued 
future success. 

Under his appointment by tlie Commissioners of 
the United vStates Uand Office, as Disbursing Agent 
of the Land Office, and his appointment as Civil Ser- 
vice Examiner for Arizona by the Government, togeth- 
er as manager of the Monk Bros. Ranch, as vrell as 
his other duties pertaining to the Land Office and the 
University, he had his time fully engaged, and in 
fact, his health again having failed, he determined 
to again make a change for his future field of labor, 
and after visiting a number of places, and cities in the 
West, he determined that Los Angeles was by far 
the most prosperous and possessed all those attractions 
most desirous to establish a permanent home. Hav- 
ing determined to remove to Lo-s Angeles, California, 
before doing so, however Judge Monk concluded to 
spend some months in .seeing the Old World and in 
June 19v00, sailed from New York on the Steamsliip 
Furst Bismark, Plamburgh-American Line for 
P'rance: He landed as Cherbough and .spent a few 
da.\-s in Paris visiting the Exposition and greatly en- 

IS4 tiieku.seni;ehgek msTt'Ry 

joying? the many and to liim then stranj-e sights and 
attractions to Ix? found in the one Parisof the world. 

In succession he visited Switzerland, crossed the 
Alps, twice, once l.y Siniplon I'ass, and once across 
the Alps by way of the Trete Noire Pass, traveling 
on and sailing over the Northern Lakes of Italy, 
thence to Milan and alonpthe Riviera to Monte Carlo, 
visiting the Casino, the l.jrgest gainhling hall> in the 
world, where by placing a five franc i)iece on the 
Roulette table, he wrn fifty, and on the same day 
and hour many players lost their all, and to these 
life became a i)urden because the}' were never al)le 
to redeem the fortune they had lost. For but a few 
men or women (the women gamble the same as the 
men) can say that they are the "one who broke the 
Bank at Monte Carlo." Thence he traveled down 
the east coast of the Mediterranean from Genoa to 
Rome, the old capitol of Italy, wherein are to l>e 
found still standing the old walls and the Collsseum 
of the old Roman Hmpire, thence south to Naples, 
on to Pompeii and to the top of Mt. Vesuvius. 
Thjnce across Italy to Florence to the famous Cam- 
panile, thtuce over to Venice, the city Iniilt on a 
thousand islands, with canaU for streets end you- 
dolas to convey the people across the city, engaging 
a gondola he pas.scd the Bridge of Sighs that crosses 
one of the canals; visiting the Grand Square of St. 
Mark. St. Mark':' Church, the wonder among the 
churches of Kuro])e. and other points of interest. 
Tlience he traveled north through (jermany to Ob-:r- 
ammergau where the famous Passion Play is seen 
for a season every t en years. 

The following extract, taken from the old parish 
records of Oberammergau. will explain the origin ol 
the play in that village: 

"In the year 1633 the raged so fearfullv 
that in the parish of Kohlgrub (three hours fmm 
here; there were only two coup'es left, and a man 
named Casper Schuchler, coming here to visit hi-^ 
wife and child, fell l>y the roadside and was buried. 

"From that day to the eve of Siuion and 
Jud<- a i)eriod of three weeks, eighty-four peopK- 








died of the plague; accordingl}', eighteen burghers, 
assembling from the village of Oberammergau, vow- 
ed that once in ten years they would present in living 
pictures the Passion of Jesus Christ. From that 
instant the plague ceased, and those who were ill 
instantly recovered." 

This vow has, with few exceptions when pre- 
vented by war, been faithfully observed every 
ten years. 

Not less than 5000 strangers visit the town every 
week that the play lasts, during the summer months 
of the year and are amply .repaid for the expense and 
inconvenience involved in making the journey. 

After spending a very pleasant time in Munich, 
a typical city of Germany and the richest city in 
Germany in its various treasuries of art, he passed 
through Austria to Vienna and was present at the 
annual celebration of the Emperor's Birthday, and 
witnessed the grandest illumination of a city that has 
possibly ever taken place. 

Thence he traveled north' through the city of 
Dresden and in which reside not less than 50,000 peo- 
ple who speak the English language, although in 
the very midst of German culture. Thence on to 
Berlin the capital of Germany. He had often heard 
and read of hnden Strassa (nnter den linden) and 
imagined its immense big linden' trees shading the 
street, but in fact, found a very scraggy and stunted 
lot of linden trees lining the streets for some dis- 
tance, and the Strassa is far from being what could 
be called clean and attractive to visitors. 

From Berlin he traveled west to Wiesbaden, a 
great German watering place. Then to Beibrick on 
the Rhine and passing down the Rhine on a fine 
saloon steamer for a twelve hour daylight ride down 
the River past Bingen on the Rhine on to Bonn, be- 
tween which points the interes-t of the Rhine scenery 
surpassing that of Europe or America for varigated 
and attractive features. 

Passing through Mayence to Heidelberg, the 
home of the famous old Heidelberg University, he 
proceeded tc the city of Stuttgart, the capital of 


WirtemlKrp, the place of liis father's nativity', with 
the object in view to obtain whatever information 
that lie could discoxcr as to his ancestort' on his 
father's side. 

After a somewhat hasty and unsatisfactory in- 
vesti>;ation by incjuiiinj; of a number of ]K-rsons 
bearing: the name of Monk or Munk residinj^ in 
Stuttgart and tl:e vilhij^c of Constadt, nearby, as to 
facts relating to his ancestors, or an>' facts connected 
with their early history. He became satisfied that 
in the earlier K^'iK-'^Jf^PTy *^f the family, his j^reat 
grandfather erai>i:rated from England to Germany, 
changing the spelling of the name from the luiglish 
Monk to the German Moonk or NTunk, the German 
u having the same sound as the o or oo in the 
ICnglish. Acting upon the knowledge obtained, he 
as well as other members of the family have changed 
the spelling of the name from Munk to Monk, al- 
though it is even yet uncertain as to the correct 
spelling of the name. 

From this place Judge Monk proceeded to 
Cologne, thence through Belgium to Brussels, and 
to the battlefield of Waterloo; thence to Amsterdam 
through Holland across the channel to ICngland, 
Scotland and Ireland, to South Hampton and thence 
by the Steamship New York, American Line, back 
to New Voik. 

Tlie following year finds the Judge taking a 
winter's trip through Mexico, spending most of the 
time in the City of Mexico, with short trips to \'era 
Cruz and other points ai interest in the country. 
Then a summer trip through Alaska, to Sitka, jva^s- 
ing by the Muir Glacier and clinibing the Davidson 
Glacier and on his reiiuii trip passng through 
Juneau, to Skagaway, and White Pass, back to 
San Francisco. These with side trips to Yellowstone 
Park, Yosemite \'alley and the ("irand Canon of the 
Col(<rado. have provided him with the recreation 
and rest that his health demanded, and w iili renewed 
energy and strength he has located and opened a law 
office in the City of Los Angeles, California, where 
he has sufficient business to keep him well employed. 


From the time the Judge reached the age of 
twenty-one he has been connected with the various 
secret orders, having joined the Knights of Pythias, 
the order of Elks and the various Masonic bodies.' 
In Masonry he passed through the degrees of the 
Blue Lodge, the chapter, the council, the Command- 
ry, and the Shriners, and is now a member of Los 
Angeles Commandry, and Malaikah Council of the 
Mystic Shrine of Los Angeles. 

He is a member of Christ Episcopal Church of 
the city, a member of the Los Angeles Country Club, 
the Jonathan Club, and the California Club, each 
club being the owners of magnificent club rooms in 
the city, and thus providing the opportunity for 
many years denied him by liis residence in Arizona, 
that of the association with highly cultivated and 
educated people, and to live in an atmosphere per- 
meated with the latest knowledge of xArt, Literature, 
Science and Religion, as well as tlie enjoyments per- 
taining to the social life of a city of two hundred 
thousand people, and blessed witli the finest climate 
in the Vv'orld. . . 

VI. William C. Munk. 

V. Christian Rosenberry, b Nov 21, 1818, m Aman- 
da Leidy. (V!) Henrietta, Mary, Josephine, Na- 
poleon, (d); Theodore, (d). 

5¥. Elizabeth Rosenberger, b Aug 17, 1775. d 1821. 
m David Shutt. C: Jacob, David, Mary, Nancy, 
Deborah. Elizabeth m second husband, Frederick 
Alderfer. Nov 5, 1807. ' C: Barbara. hVederick, 
Henry. (See Frederick Alderfer Family). 

V. Jacob Shutt, m . C: Samuel, etc. 

V. David Shutt, (d): m . 

V- Mary Shutt, m — Keyser. 

V- Nancy Shut.t, m John Rosenberger. (See John 
Rosenbei'ger Family ). 

V. Deborah Shutt, m Abraham Groff. 

iV. Mary Rosenberger, b about 1777, m Christian 
Wismer. He was b Dec 17, 1767, d Oct 11. 1852. 
Farmer in Skippack twp. INIontg. Co. Pa. Menu. 
C: Jacob, Abraham, Barbara, Henry, David. Eliza- 
beth, Ann, Marv, Hannah, Christian. 


V|. Sanuicl C. Roscnbcrry, V> in Medina Co. Ohio, 
Feb 27. iS|6, m Mary Amelia Hitchcock Sept 30. 
1 866. P O Fuhon. Mich. Farmer. Rcf. Ch. C: 
Marvin. Alici.-. Ik-rtha, I':va. Ada. Harry. Walter. 

VII Marvin Hri.-^tol Rosenberry, b at River Sty^, 
Medina Co. Ohio, Feb 12, 1.S68, m Kate A. Land- 
fair. Sept 2. 1S97. In October 186S his parents re- 
moved to \Vake>hma township, Kalamazoo Co. 
Michi^'an. where he worked on the farm in the sum- 
mer time and attended schonl in the winter. At the 
aj;e of 17 he entered the Miohi^'an State Normal at 
Vp.silanti Oct 1 . 1890. After having attended the 
State Normal School three years, and tauj^ht school 
two years, he then entered the Law Department of 
tile University of Michigan graduating with the class 
of 189S; commenced practice of law at Wausau Aug- 
ust 1893, and on Jan I. 1895. formed a parlnershij). 
doing business ^t the present time as Bump, Kreutz- 
er c\: Rosenberry, Wausau. Wisconsin. F^pis. Ch. 
C. I Vlir Florence Amelia Rosenberry. b Nov 23, 
1898, d July 25. 1902. Katharine Ri)sent)erry, b Oct 
10, 1 90 1. 

Vl|. Alice F^meline Rosenberry, 1) June 29. 1870. 
F O Fultcn, Mich. Rei. Ch: in Herman Stoltlet 
Ma\' 7. 1902. 

Yl|. Bertha H. RosMiberry. b Sepl 1. 1S72, m Jason 
Harrison Mar 2. 189S. V O Vicksburg. Mich. 
Tinner, Mrs. H. Ref. Ch; C: (VIID Aelen E. Harr- 
ison, 1) h'eb 1899. Norma Harrison, b Jan U)02. 

Vl|. lirva Rosenberry, b Apr 3, 1875. m Alfred L. 
Hitchcox May 13, 1899. 

VII Ada F:stella Rosenberry, b Aug 19, 1S77. m 
John H. vSloiTlet Nov 2. 1897. V O Vicksburg, 
Mich. ICvangeliciil. C: (VIII' M^i'V Catharine 
St(dTlet. b i8i,8. Anna Beryl StolYlet, 1) 1899. 

VII Harry Lloyd Ro.senbeny, b 31. 1880. d 

A UK :?5. i^)Oo. 

VII Walter Samuel Rosenberry. b Aug 3, 1882. 
Teacher in Wis-vuisin. 

VII David Diidlev Rosenl)erry, 1) Nov 7. 1884. 

VI. llinniih K'..s, 1)1.. rr\ . bin 1847. d in infancy. 


VI. Henry Rosenberry, b in 1849. d in infancy. 

VI. Alvan J. Rosenberry, M. D., b at River Styx, 
Ohio, Oct 2, 1851, ni Martha Petty vSept 25, 1878. 
P O Oak Park, 111. Physician, Presby. C: (VII) 
Edith E. Ro.senberry, b Aum' 12, 1879." Bertolet P. 
Rosenberry, b Sept 26. 1881. Al\-an A. Rosen- 
berry, b Dec 25, 1883. 

V|. Abraham Bertelot Rosenberrb, M. D. b in 
Montville tvvp. Medina Co. Ohio, Sept 12, 1854, m 
Kate Y. Walton, of Blooraington. 111. Aug 5, 1880. 
She d Nov 14, 18S6, m second wife, Kate L,. Board- 
man, of Grand Falls, N. Dak. Mar 26, 1890. P O 
Arbor Vitae, Wis. 

Dr. Rosenberry lived on the farm in his native 
place until 1871, when he went to Michigan, worked 
on farms, went to school, taught school, and one 
term boarded around the district — worked at carpen- 
ter trade in summer. In spring of 1875 he attended 
Michigan State Normal School at Ypsilanti, also the 
year '75 and '76; graduated from shoit course in 
1876 and taught as principal of small graded school 
at Port Sanilae, Mich, during the school year of 
'76 and '77. In the fall of 1877 he returned to the 
Michigan State Normal School and graduated Ma}'- 
30, 1878, from the full English course. He then 
had charge of the graded school at Me)K:minee, Mich- 
igan, three years, from 1878 to 1881. In the fall of 

1 88 1 he entered the second year of the Medical coui se 
in the department of medicine and surgery at the 
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. In fall of 

1882 he entered the senior class at Rush Medical 
College, Chicago, and received the degree of M. D. 
Feb 20, 1883. Practiced at Peshtigo, Wis. and 
Sheboygan, Wis; then moved to Oconto, Wis. and 
in Jan 1889 to Harrison, Wis. and Apr 1894 to 
Arbor Vitae, Wis. 

Dr. Rosenberry has been a member of the Ma- 
sonic Order since 1881. He united with the Presby. 
Church in 1876, — affiliated with the Congregational 
Church in 1884. C: (VII) Kate Louise Rosenberry, 
b Dec 25, 1890, d Aug 13, 1891. Ruth Bertolet 
Rosenberry, bjan6, 1893. Elizabeth May Rosen- 


Carrel, (d). Res. 212 E. Main St. Norristown, Pa. 
Harritc. C: (VII) I'amclla. Stuart. 

VI Ma K. RoscnhcTK'er, h in Montg. Co. 1S62. S. 

IV. David RoscMilierKL-r. halRnit 17S4, (d); m Cath- 
arine Dclj). He lived in Lower Pn.vidence on the 
farm adjoining Phdij) Rosenlierger. where his father 
had built a liousc for hini. He could not keep the 
place, and was sold out at auction. He once said; 
they sold me out so clean they took all but my Bible. 
He removed up along the Perkiomen and di'.-d there. 
Menu. C: Abiaham, Adam, Klizabeth, Barbara, 
Daniel. Ann. Mary. Catharine. Philip. 

V. .\braham Roseiiberger, b in Bucks Co. Pa. Nov 
J3. 1805. d at the residL-nce of his daughter, Mrs. 
Mary Coe, near Arcadia. Hancock Co. Ohio. Apr 
20, 1889. m Sarah (khman. vShe was b in Bucks Co. 
Pa. in 1807. d in Medina Co. Ohio. Mar 16. 1867. 
Farmer, Menu. C: Catharine. Samuel. Mary, 

VI. Catharine Rosenberger. b 1832, d Sept 4. 1848. 
Vl. Samuel Rosenberger. b Aug 26, 1835. P <> 

Findk-y, O. 

VI. Nlary Rosenbeger. 1) in Montg. Co. Pa. Aug 23.- 
1838, m ' Coe Sept 24. 1857. P O Arcadia. 
Ohie. Farmer. Bap. C; vSarah. William, 
Mabel, lolin. 

VII. Sarah Ivllen Ce, b Nov 27. 1858. d Oct 10. 
1S91, m George Wise Nov 26. 1877. C: ( VIII > 
Robert A. Wise. Mary IC. Wise. ArtliurJ. WisL-. 
PlK-bc- ICllen Wise. Alma Bell 

VII. William Coe. b Oct 20, 1862. m Fleanor Ring 
Nov 5. 1884. C: * Vlll' Mary Hva Coe, b Mar 20, 
1S,S6, d Apr 7. 1880. 

VII. Mabel Coe. bbVb21. 1872, m John C. iMsher 
Dec 24. 1891. C: • VIII ' Ralph D. Fisher. 

VII b)hn Coe. 

Vl. Sarah Rosenberger. b 1845. tl M ir 16, 186^. 
m Adam Mar-lin Nov 9. 1865. C: 'VII' Ida Martin. 
bSei)t3, 1868, d June 29, 1873. 

V. Adam Rosenberger, b in Montg. Co. Pa. 18^-7, 
d at Salem Cenlre. Ind. Feb 14, 1876. m Mary 
Oberholl/er. Bap. later Menu. C: Rebecca, 


Abraham, Daniel, Jacob, Sarah, Isaac, John. 

VI. Rebecca Rosenberger, 1) May 21, 1836, d Dec 
22, 1897. S. 

VI. Abraham Rosenberger, b in Seneca Co. Ohio 
July 3, 1S37, d Dec 12, 1865, m Catharine Eckard 
d at Spring Lake, O. She d at Fort Pierre, Dak 
Sept 29, 1883. Carpenter, Meth. Ep. C: Mary, 

VII. Mary E. Rosenberger, b at Fremont, Ind. Nov 
8, 1859, m George E. Brooks Feb 14, 1878. P O 
Pleasant Lake, Ind. Farmer. C: (VIII) Earl A. 
Brooks, b Nov 20, 1880, m Delia Shrimplim Apr 26, 


VIII. Lloyd E. Brooks, b Dec 23, 18S2, d July 5, 
1885. Clarence S. Brooks, b Jan 23, 1887. Hugh 
E.Brooks, b Oct 13, 1891. Esther I. Brooks ''b 
Feb S, 1897. 

VII- Samuel E. Rosenberger, b at Orland, Ind. 
Mar 12, 1863, m Alice Easthan Mar 13, 1889. 
She was b in Lincoln Co. Ky. P O Butterfly, 
Neb. Farmer, C: (Vll!) Meredith Aimer Ro.senber- 
ger, b in Leadville, Colo. Apr 5, 1890. Stella Rosen- 
berger, b in Ashby, Ind. Jan 21, 1896. 

V|. Daniel Rosenberger, b in Seneca Co. Ohio, Feb 
27, 1839, d in Kent Co. Mich. Dec 26, 1889, m 
Julia, daughter of Ira and Mary J. Anwriy. at 
Kinderhook, Branch Co. Mich. May 6, 1866. PO 
Kent City, Mich. Mr. Rosenberger enlisted in Co. 
G. 30th. Ind. Inf. Sept 24, 1861, for three years; 
was discharged Sept 29. 1864, and re-enli.sted in Co. 
K. 152nd Ind. Vol. Inf; was appointed Sergeant in 
Co. K. May 23, 1865, served until the close of the war 
and was discharged at Charleston, W. Va. Aug 30, 
1865. He served as Justice of the Peace for eight 
successive years in Tyrone twp. Kent Co. Mich. C: 
Adam, Ira. 

VII. Adam J. Rosenberger, b May 21, 1867, m 
Myrtie Stark Oct 20, 1895. He spent some time in 
the lumber woods, and on the rivers running logs, 
later engaged in farming. Wesleyan Meth. C: 
(VIII) Charles Allen Rosenberger. b Apr 27, 1897. 

VII. Ira V. Rcsenberger, b May 4. 1877. He 


graduated in the common schools at the age of 16, 
receiving a teachers certificate. Farmer, Wes- 
1 van Mtth. 

VI. Jacoli C. RosenherKcr. I) at Arcadia. Ohio. Sept 
11. KS41. m IClizalKlh I-xkard Oct 22, 1865. vSlie was 
b— . d at Geneva. Nchraska. vSeptJl. 187i. P O 
Pleasant Lake. Ind. Contractor anil builder. C: 
laia. Robert. 

VII. P-lla I. Rosenbcr^er. b at Union Hill, Ind. 
Dec 18. 1866. ni Charles K. Freese June 21, I885. 
P O \V(KKlstock. 111. C: (VIII) Leo S. Frecse. b 
AuK' J. 1889, at (;rand LedRe. Mich. L. Fern 
Freese. b Mar 23. 1891. at F:ikhart. Ind. 

VII Robert K. Roscnberger, b at Flint, Ind. Juno 
iS, 1869. m Alice Campbell Jr.iie 16, 1897. P O 
Bay Shore. Mich. Clerk. C: * Vill Howard Camp- 
bell Rosenl^erger, b June 16, 1898. Margaret Iv 
Rosenberger, Ijjan^i. 1900. 

VI- Sarah Rosenberger. b 1S43 d aged 9 months. 
V|. Isaac Rosenl^erger, b Dec 28. 1845. P O Hart, 

Mich. S. 

V|. John Rosenberger, b in Williams Co. Ohio, 
June j6, 1849, m Martha M. W'arburton of Ouincv, 
Mich. Nov 21, 1869. P O West Olive, Mich. C: 
Ch;.rles, Nellie, Mar>-, Jacob, Glen, Carl. 

VII- Charles Lester Rosenberger. b May 13, 1871. 

VII- Nellie \'irginia Rosenl erger. bjune 5, 1873, 
m Charles Anys. P O Port Sheldon, Mich. Mac- 
hinist. C: (VIII) \'ir!na li. Anys. b Sept 18, 1891. 
Harry J. Anys, I) Aug 21. 1893, d Oct 14, 1894. 
Leroy Anys, b F'eb 24. 1895. Clyde Anys, b Dec 
26, 1896, d Apr 26, 1897. 

VII- Mary Ivthlyn Rosenl>erger. b July 17. 1875. 
m George Pealjody of Oceana Co. Mich. F'armer. 
C: (VIII) Laura Fdith Peabody, b Dec 8. 1894. 
Charles Warburton Pealwdy. b Sept 11, 1897. 

Vl|. Jacob Clyde Rosenberger. b Feb 2, 1879. 

Vll- Glen Leroy Rosenberger, b Aug 26, 1881, d 
Apr 3, 1883. 

VII. Carl Hendricks Rosenberger. !> Nov 28. 1884. 

VI Mary Rosenberger. b in Williams Co. Ohio, 


Jan 23, 1853, m Charles Young Dec 9 iSj^ 
Blacksmith. C: Angus, Ahna, John, Rebecca*, 
Isaac. Mary m 2nd husband, Isaiah Rowe, Oct 8 
i88g. P O Hart, Mich. Farmer, U. B. Ch. C- 
Emma, Magdalena, Ezra, Amanda, Sarah. 

Vjj. Angus Young, b Sept 19, 1871. P O Mars- 
field, Wis. 

VII. Alma Young, b Aug 31, 1877, m Albert 
Butler. P O Tigris, Mich. 

VII. John Young, b Sept 5, 1879; was a soldier, 
troop E., 13th Cav. Fort Keogh. Mont. 

Vl|. Rebecca Young, b Sept 8, 1883, m Charles 
Baxter July 22, 1S99. P O Ferry, Mich. Farmer 
C: (VIJ!) Albert W. Baxter, b Aug 3, 1900.' 
Charles W. Baxter, b Aug 15, 1901. 

Vl|. Isaac Young, b Oct 18, 1884. 

VII. Emma E. Rowe, b Aug ri, 1890. 

Vl|. Magdalena Rowe, b and d Mar 15, 1S92. 

V!|. EzraT. Rowe, b Apr 25, 1893. 

Vn. Amanda Rowe, banddAprs, 1895. 

VII- Sarah Irene Rowe, b Sept 19, 1897. 

V. Elizabeth Rosenberger, m Peter Roth. C: F:iias, 
David, Abiaham, Nancy, Catharine. 

V- Barbara Rosenberger. b Montg. Co. Pa. Feb 20, 
180S, d at Telford, Pa. Jan 27, 1896, m Christian 
B. Shelly. He was b in 1805, dat Miiford Square, 
Pa, Mar 31, 1883. Farmer and Weaver, Menn. 
C: Reuben, Jonas, Lewis, John, Philip, Tobias, 
Moses, Kate. 

VI. Rueben Shelly, b Mar 31, 1838, d May 31, 
1896, m Fannie Price. Ger. Bap. C: Louis, Mary, 
Wallace, etc. 

VII. Louis P. Shelly. 

Vlj. Mary P. Shelly. Res. 4314 Terrace St. Phila. 
Pa. S. 

VII. Wallace P. Shelly. 

Vi. Jonae, Shelly, b in -Bucks Co. Pa. June 3, 1839, 
m Susan Fretz Mar 30, 1S61. P O Harbine. Neb. 
Farmer, Meth. Ep. C: Charles, John, lilmcr, .Am- 
anda, Henry, Milton, Anna. 

VIS- Charles Dayton vShelly, b Mar 24, 1862, d Feb 
I, 1864. 


VII John Shelly. 1. Dec 24. 1863. d Feb 18. 1864. 
VII. Hlmcr E. Shelly, b Feb y. 1865. d July 18, 

Vll A maiula K. Shelly, 1) in Bucks Co. Pa. Mar 
10, 1868, m Herman Ziegenhain in Jefferson Co. 
Neb. in (885. Melh. F:p. C: ( VIII ' William Henry 
Ziegenhain, b Jan 0. 1^87. Albert ZieKenhain, b 
Apr 8, 1S89. Chester A. Ziejienhain, b Aug 12, 
1890. Harry liar\ yAQy^cuhhiu, b Sept 17, 1892. 
Leslie Ziegenhain, b Aug 14, 1894, d Oct 25, 1S94. 
Zella Ziegenhain, b Jan 11, 1896. 

VII. Henrv F. Shelly, b Apr 26. 1874. 

VII. Milton Shelly, b Jan 20, 1876. 

Vll Anna Mary Shelly, b Api 13, 1879, d Aug 
iS, 1880. 

VI. Lewis R. Shelly, b Oct 20, 1840, d Dec 5. 
1892, m Catharine Mtissclman, daughter of Samuel 
Musselman, Apr 8, 1S65. She d Mar 23, 18^7. 
Farmer, Menu. C: James, Ida, Lizzie, Harvey, 

VII. Rev. James M. Shelly, b Mar 3, 1S66, m 
Lama L. Hoover, of New Holland, Lancaster Co. 
Pa. Aug 18, 1888. P O Steelton. Pa. Minister 
of the United Brethren church, and has .served at the 
following places, viz: Hummelstown, 1889 — '91; 
Florin, I^anc. Co. 1 891— '94; Pottstown, Pa. 1894 — 

96; Steeltou, Pa. 1896. C: CVII) Ivan Shelly, b 
June 30, 1889. Russel Shelly, b Aug 31, 1S90. 
F:thel Shell V, b Sept 8. 1S93. 

Vl|. Ida M. Shelly, bjune 13, 186S. m O. Frank 
Dieterly Sept 22, 1902. P O Milford Srjuare, Pa. 
F'armer, Menu. 

VII Lizzie M. Shelly, 1) June 9, 1S71, m John D. 
lluns])erger. P O Milford Square, Pa. Miller. 
C: Russel, F'lossie, Frank. 

VII. ILirvey M. Shelly, bFeb4, 1877. 

Vi|. Mamie Shelly, b July 22. 1S82. 

VI John R. Shelly, b in Milford twp. Bucks Co. 
Pa. Mar 15, 1842. m Su.sanna M.. daughter of Hen- 
ry M. Diehlof Herford. Bucks Co Pa. Oct 6. 1866. 
kes. 431 2 Terrace St. Manayunk. Phila. Pa. Mr. 
Shelly in early life learned Blacksmithing, afterwards 


puddling and later on engaged in farming for some 
time. He then started in the Produce business at 
4312 Terrace St. Manayuuk, Phila, Pa., where he 
still resides. Menu. C: 

VII. Henry D. Shelly, b Mar 17, 1868, d Nov 26 

VII. Katharme D. Shelly, b June 17, 1871. P O 
4312 Terrace St. Manayunk, Pa. Dressmaker, 
Menn. S. 

VII. AnnaD. Shelly, b June 11, 1874, d Tan 20 

VII. Elizabeth D, Shelly, b Oct 3, 1875. Res. 4312 
Terrace St. Manayunk, Pa. Stenographer, Menn. 

Vi|. George D. Shelly, b Oct 23, 1877. Res. 4312 
Terrace St. Manayunk, Phila. Pa. Stenographer 
and Book-keeper, Menn. S. 

Vl|. Susanna D. Shelly, bOct2i, 1870, d Feb 4 

VII. Moses D. Shelly, b Oct 10, 1881, d Feb i^ 

VII. Augeline D. Shelly, b Aug 2, 1883. 

VI. Philip R. Shelly, m Lavina Shutt. P O Pres- 
ton, Neb. 

VI. Tobias R. Shelly, ra Annie Berlin. P O Lans- 
ing, Kan. Engaged in Mdse. business, Meth. Ep. 
No issue. 

VI. Moses R. Shelly, b at Milford Square, Pa. Sept 
10, 1849, m Angeline Shellenberger Sept 6, 1873 
P O Telford, Pa. Merchant, Ref. Ch. No issue. 

VI. Kate R. Shelly, b at Milford Square, Bucks 
Co. Pa. Feb 21, 1851, m Charles Z. Moyer July 6, 
1872. P O Hillegas, Pa. Farmer, Menn. C: 
Elmer, Lizzie, Henry, Martha, Moses, Tobias. 

VII. Elmer S. Moyer, b July 5, 1873, d Feb 17, 

VII. Lizzie S. Moyer, b Oct 25, 1874, ti Dec 8, 

VII. Henry S. Moyer, b Mar 25, 1S77. P O Hille- 
gas, Pa. Farmer, Menn. S. 

VII. Martha S. Moyer, D Dec 24, 1880, m Oliver 
Stoudt Nov 6, 1897. P O Pleasant Run, Pa. C: 


(VIII ' Minnie Stoudt. b jScjS. 

Vl|. Moses Moyer, 1> Apr 14, iSSj. 

Vl|. Tv^bias Moyer, I Feb 2b, 1S90. 

Y. Rev. Daniel RosenbcrKer, b Auji 25, 1S15, d 
Nov 1, 1876, m Klizabeth Sidel HartsouKh Sept 1. 
1S39. She was b Dec 2 J. ISIH, d at tlieir honie 
near West Independence. Hancock Co. Ohio, Jul\ 
27. lt>52. C: David, I.saac, Israel. Jemima, Abra- 
ham. ICdward. Ivlhanon. Daniel ni second wife. 
H.umah Hoastater, May 29. 1853. Farmer and 
minister of theClerman liaptist Ch. C: Jacob, Alice. 

VI. David Sidel RosenberRer, b vSept 10, 1840. 
enlisted in the army and was killed in the battle of 
CliickamaKUa vSept 20. 1863. 

VI. Rev. Isaac J. Rosenlier^cr, b near Tiffin, Ohio 
Apr 20, 1842. m Mary Ann Workman Mar 14, 1867. 
P O Covington, Uliio. Traveling ICvangelist of 
the C'.erman liajilist brethren Ch. 

VI. Israel HartSimj^h Rosenberj^er, b at Tiffin. 
S.neca Co. Oliio, Apr 8, 1844. m Marjjaret Susan 
Kbersole Oct 10. 1.S67. P O Town wood. Ohio. 
In earl>- life he tauRht school, and is at jiresent en- 
ga.;.,^eil in firming. ('Cr. Bap. C: ( VII ' P'rank D. 
Rosenberger, b Nov 6, 1869, In June 1891 hecom- 
])leted the commercial course at Mount Morris 
College. Mt. Morris. 111. Soou after he obtained a 
l)ositiou in the liank at Leipsic. O. 

VII. ]-:ii/.abeth Rosenberger. b Apr 18. 1876. vShe 
g.'aduated in the Normal iCiiglish course with the 
class of '97 of Juniata College. Huntingdon. Pa. 

VII. l-:ila Rosenberger. b Jan 13, 1878. She com 
pleted the High School course in the McComb, O. 
High School with the cla.>^s of '9; and took a literar\ 
course at Juniata College. 

VI. Jemima Rosenberger. b in Hancock Co. Ohio. 
Ajjr 25, 1846, u\ Rev. Joshua J. Workman in 
18()5. He d in 18S9. P () Londor.ville. Ohio. 
M'liisler. (ier. Hap. C: luhvard. ICllis, William. 
Ivlith, I'Uta, Jesse, (frace. Ivva, Morgan. 

VII I':dward C. Workmau. I» 18(.6. d 1871. 

ViJ. h:ilis Workman, b 18(>8. m vSophia Coble. P 
O I,oudonville. (). h'armcr. (ier. Hap. and Lutli. 


C: (Vfll- ) Seth, Morton, Thcressc. 

Vi|. William T. Workman, b 1871, m Rosa Boner V 
C). Loudonville, O. Farmer, Gcr. Bap. C: (VIII) 
Helen Pearl d. 

VI!. Edith M. Workman, b 1S73, m Kev. K. M. 
Barwick. P. (). West Alexandria, O. Minister 
Ger. Bap. 

VII. Etta Workman, b 1876. Jesse C. Workman, 
1) 1879. Grace M. Workman, b 1880. Eva M. 
Workman, b 1883. Morg-an J. Workman, b 1886. 

V|. Dr. Abram S. Rosenberg-er, b in Hancock Co., 
Ohio, May 8, 1848. He assisted his father on the 
farm, helping- to clear a portion of it, and attend- 
ed the district school during- the winter. When 18 
years old he entered Oberlin Colleg-e, Ohio, and in 
1868 commenced the study of medicine at Findlay, 
O. He g-raduated from the Cleveland (Ohio) 
Homeopathic Hospital College, in 1870, commenc- 
ed the practice of medicine in Carey, Wyandott 
county, O., in April of the same year and remain- 
ed there until the fall of 1872, when he moved to 
Leipsic, Putnam county, O. Here he eng-ag-ed in 
ari extensive practice, having- to do most of his trav- 
eling on horseback, the country being- new and 
r(tads bad. In the spring- of 1878 he removed to 
Coving-ton, Miami Co., where he has since main- 
tained a g-ood practice. He m Sabrina Workman, 
of Loudonville, O. April 13, 1871. She d April 
4, 1891. C: Charles, Bertha, Clarence. He m sec- 
ond wife, Elizabeth H. Delp, of Montg. Co. Pa., 
August 15, 1893. 

Dr. Rosenberg-er was elected to the ministry of 
the German Baptist church in 1880 and serves the 
church as a minister as well as his professional 
wf)rk allows. 

Vl|. Charles Lee Rosenberger, b Sept. 11, 1873. 

VII. Bertha Rosenberg-er, b Sept. 1, 1875. 

Vl|. Clarence Rosenberg-er, b Feb. 11, 1885, d June 
12, 1885. 

V|. Rev. Edward Hartsoug-h Rosenberger, b in 
Washing-ton twp., Hancock Co. Ohio, Oct. 19, 1849, 


m Jennie Wickham, Feb. 25, 1S75, 1*. O. MLC(iinl>. 
O. Kurnier and niinisttr, German IJaplist. C: 
VII- Kverctt Kosc-nbcTf^^cr. h Dec. 21, 1S75, d Au;.;. 
21. ls7(,. (VII- Jesse K(»senber}>-er, h Jan 24. ]^~'K 

Vlj. Harvev Koscnbcr^cr. b May l*^ 1SS2; 

VII llettv Kosenber^cr. bSei)t."7, IS'ih. 

V|. i:ihan«»n Kosenber^er, b I )ct. 21. 1S51. d Au«,'-. 
17. 1S(.1. 

V|. Jacob Boastater Kosenberj^fer, b July 27. 1S5*». 
in Anna Weaver. M second wife Florence Shell- 
huuse. P. (). Ada, Ohio. 

V|. Alice Marv Koscnber'^^cr, b in Hancock Co.,()., 
Dec. 30, 1S()3, m Nathan C. Butler, June 1, 1884. 
Res. (>28 St. Ilanna St., Cleveland, C). Tauj^ht 
school 'S1-'M4. Finished classical course at Ohio 
Normal University, Ada. Oh'o, 1S'J7, and l)ct:ai'. 
the study of medicine at Cleveland Ilonuophathic 
McdicafCollef^-e, jcraduatinl l*^MHi. Ch oi Christ. 

V- Ann Kosenber}4:er, M. Christian Hunsbcriier, C: 
Fli/abeth, Sarah, David, Mary, Kate, Kphraini. 

VI IClizabeth Ilunsberg-cr. 

V|. Sarah Hunsberifer, in Abraham Ziej^^ler, C: 

Vl|. Kllen Zici^-ler, m Irvin Moll, P.O.Lansdale.Ta. 

V|. Davi.l K. Hunsberj^er. P. O. Hattield. Pa. 

V|. Marv llunsbcrfj-or, in Samuel Detweilcr. No 
i--sui-. -Nl second husband Isaac Oberlioltzer. 

V|. Kate llunsi)erji-er. 

V|. Ili»hraiin Hunsber^er. 

V. Marv K..senller^•er. b Apr. 14, lS2(i, m Peter O. 
Slover, June 3, 1S3S. He d Feb. 1, 1S'»2. Butcher. 
Menus C: Catharine, Jt>hn, Mars^aret, Adam, Bar- 
bara, Joseph, Marv, Piler, David, Charles, Lydia. 
William, Philip. 

V|. Catharine Stover, b .Mar. in. Is.Vi. ,1 ]S42. 

V|. John Slover, b Oct. 12, 1S4(>, d 1S42. 

VI- Marf.,'-:iret Stover, b .May 27, 1S42. in Jose])h 
liiiuur, .Merchant, .Menus C: Is.-i.ic. Peter. Jostiih. 

VI .\dam K. Stover, b Nov. 10, 1S44.(1 June .vlS72. 
in Sarah Henisinj^^. Soldiir iii (ivil \\';ir. (,': .\inelia, 
I'riah. ICIlwood. Sallie. 

descp;ndant.s ok david kosicnbkkgkk 203 

VI- Barbara Stover, b Feb. 14, 184(),ni Enos Freder- 
ick, C: Enos. 

V[. Joseph Stover, b Apr. 10, 1847, m Susan Matz 
in 1867. She d 1884, P. O. Malcomb, Ohio. Far- 
mer, Ger. Bap. C: Mamie, Susan, David. 

V|. Mary Stover, b July 3, 1849, m Albert Peter- 
man C, Joseph. Harry, Alice. 

V!. Peter Stover, b Nov. 1, 1851, m Sallie A. Alla- 
bach. Kes. Phila. River Brethren C. Henry, 
Marietta, William, Peter, Lizzie, Charles. 

V|. David Stover, b Apr. 15. 1854, m Mary A. 
Schmidt, Res. Phila., Pa., Ger. Bap. C: Mary, 
John, deceased, Florence, Mag-g-ie, Rebecca, deed., 
Cbarles, Emma, David, Sarah deceased, Ellen. 

V|. Ctiarles Stover, b Mar.23, 1856, m C: Bessie. 

V|. Lvdia Stover, d infant. 

Vt- AVilliam Stover, b 1859, d 1861. 

V!. Philip R. Stover, b Mar. 3, 1861, ni Sarah J. 
Shilling- in 1882. Res. Ohio. C: Albert deceased, 
Mary, Charles deceased, John deceased, Chester. 

V- Catharine Rosenberger, m Isaac Bilger. 

V- Philip Rosenberger, was thrown from a colt, 
broke a leg from elTects of which he died ag-ed 15 

" V- Elizabeth Rosenberger, b June 18, 1803, d Oct. 
21. 1884, m Peter Roth. He was b July 31, 1788, d 
Jan. 5, 1856. Farmer in Bucks Co., Pa., Menu C: 
Elias, David, Abraham, Anna, Catharine, Daniel, 

VI. Elias R. Roth, b in Bucks Co.. Pa.. Sept. 17, 
1823, d Mar. 25, 1899, m AnnaFravel, Nov. 5, 1853. 
She was b near Bath, Pa., Jan. 27, 1826, d Nov. 14, 
1884. Weaver and Farmer, River Brethren. C: 
William. Edward. 

VI!. Dr. William F.Roth, b near Telford, Pa., Oct. 
23, 1856, m Hannah Detweiler, Aug-. 23, 1877, P.O. 
Mauheim, Pa. Practicing- physician at Manheim, 
Lancaster, Co., Pa., where he conducts a private 
institute, making- a specialty of the treatment and 
radical cure of cancer without the knife and allied 
growths. C: Emma, Elizabeth, Anna, Palmer,Stella, 
Wilbur, Dorothy, Wallace. 

204 Till' i<(>si:mu: k<;i:k histoks 

Vl||. Ijiinui L. K'..ih. 1) June .^(». lS7'i. d Apr. 1.^, 

Vlll- Kli/.aheth Koth, b M;ir.::. l.vM.iii l>r. IMus A. 
N^li. May L>, lS't<», l>.(). MaiilK-iin, I'a. IMiysiciaii. 
(. : IX- Ki^'hiinl M(>nli,^(»nuTv Noll, h Jan. S. I'Mio. 
William Kussell Noll, 1- Feb. 1.^, \'nn. Minnie 
(\itliarinc Noll, b Aj.r. l.v 1'hi.v 

Vlll- Anna May Koih. b Sept. 2S. 1SS2. m IKiiry 
Crcbe. KosiilcMKc lo'i Uauphin St., I'hila., I'a. C: 

IX. H. Wallace (inbo. 

Vlll. H. I'alnuT Kolh. b Jan. 14, ISSr,. 

Vlll Su-lla Kolh. b Jan. .>. IS'iO. 

Vlll- Wilbur F. K..tli. b Apr. 2.^. 1S'».;. 

V|j|. Doroihv M. Kolh. b Ocl. 27, IS'm,. 

Vlll. Wallace (). Koth.b Dec. S, l<iU(i, d Julv (.. r'nl. 

Vl|. Kdward Kolh. b Oct. 25. ISf.l. d Mav '27. 1S(,4. 

Y|. David K. Koth, b Apr 1.^. 1S2.^. d Oct In, I'uil. 
ni .Matilda Harr, ItlackMuitli. Menu. (' : I'raiuis, 
lClizal»cth. Mary, Amanda, Milton. 

VII- Francis Kolh, d younj^. 

VII- Elizabeth Kolh, d vounj^-. 

Vl|. M;trv]I. Koth.m Abraliain I )rrslinc. I'.O. Trl- 
b.r.l. Fa.' 

Vl|. Amanda 11. KmUi. b 1S(.4. m Fhas Freed, (icr. 
K\t. C: Clavl«m, Koscoe. 

VII. -Milb.n'll. Kolh. m Sal lie Dennor. 

VI- Abraham K. b July 4, 1S27. .1 Apr i.^. 
1S7'». m Barbara A. ( )lterholt7,er, Au^- '•. 1S.=.(.. 
Farmer. Menn. C: Henry, Isaiah, Abraham. .Mahloii. 
Marv. lOmeline. liarvev. 

Vij. IKnrv (). Koth. b" June Ht. is57. d Feb 1S(,1. 

V||. Isaiah (). Koth. b Jan 2'»,lS(,(t.m Kale Souder. 
I'-O. Tellord. F.i. C: llarrv i\v\i\. KWw dec'd. 
I\rma. Ivlna. 

Vl|. Abraham (>. K.-tli, b Nov !'», ISi.l. ni Kate 
Alderfer, June !<•. 1SS2. 'Two da\s att<.'r marriage. 
he took his newly made wile to her jjarents, and as 
he was relurnijif.;" to his home he was caught bv a 
wreck train and instanllv killed. 
VII -Mahh.n (). K<.th. b Dec I, iS(,2. m Katie Der- 

line. r. (). Lansdale. Fa. F: Vlll Aiidirw. 
Laura. Annie deed. 

"Jud^ie Mimk, the R;inchm:inot Arizomi." 


VII. Mary L. Roth, b Oct 19, 1S70, m Edwin B. 
Berg-ey, de'cd. C: Edwin dec'd. She m 2nd hus- 
band Abraham Ruth. 

Vl|. Emeline O. Roth, b July 22, 1874, d Oct 1874. 

V||. Harvev O. Roth, b Nov 25, 1875, d 1876. 

V|. Anna R. Roth, b Mar 17, 1829, d Nov 22, ISSO, 
m Adam Kleinkauf C: (VII) Joseph Kleinkauf, b 
Feb 22, 1857, d infant. 

V|. Catharine R. Roth, b July 18, 1833, d May 31, 
1899, m Isaac N. Billg-er, Oct 6, 1855. He was b 
June 29, 1833, d Jan 21, 1902. Blacksmith, Luth. 
C: Amanda, Allan, Lizzie, Katharine, Willie. 

VII. Amanda R. Billg-er, b July 4, 1856, m William 
Bradbury, Mar 11, 1876, Res. 4937 N. 5th St. Phila. 
Pa. Weaver. C: Charles, Agnes. 

VII!. Charles W. Bradbury, b Julv 13, 1877, d Jan 
14, 19U5. S. 

VIII. Agnes M. Bradbury, b Feb 11, 1879, m Clin- 
ton E. Sauers, Aug 4," 1898. Painter. C: (|X) 
Charles, Clinton, Mildred. 

VII. Allan R. Billger, b Jan 23, 1858, was twice 
married. No issue. Luth. 

Vl|. Lizzie R. Billger, b Aug 14, 1861, d July 15, 
1885, m Charles Yearling. C: Katie, Mamie. 

Vl|. Katharine R. Billger, b Nov 25, 1865. 

VI|. Willie Billger, b Sept 17, 1869, d Apr 26, 1878. 

V|. Daniel R. Roth, b Jan 31, 1835, d Feb 4, 1901, 
m Catharine Ann Dorn, June 14, 1862. Farmer 
and assessor of P^ranconia Twp., Montg., Co., for 
19 years. Menno. C: Lizzie, Enos, Henry, William. 

VII. Lizzie D. Roth, b Mar 24, 1863, m Samuel M. 
Richards, June 4, 1902, P. O. Zieg-lerville, Pa. 
Butcher. Luth. No issue. 

VII. Enos D. Roth, b Feb 1, 1867, d may 19, 1871. 

VII. Henry D. Roth, b July 27, 1870, P. O. Fran- 
conia. Pa. Poultryman. 

Vl|. William D: Roth, b Mar 3, 1877, m Ida Delp, 
P. O. Telford, Pa. Creameryman. 

V|. Peter Roth, last known of him he was in Ohio, 
married, but no issue. 

IV. Abraham Rosenberg-er, b 1788, d aged about 
80 yrs, m Margaret Detweiler, (sister to his father's 



Marg-aret Kosonbcr^-cr. his ^^randiMrcnls and whi«.h 
he sold in r»tn> t<> He is now i.-ni;:ifj:-t.'d as 

clerk. NK-niK.. l": Vll Katharine K. K..senl»er- 
g-er, 1> June 15, issi. 1'. C). Yerkes. Pa. Suno- 
j^rajther and Tvpfwritcr. S. 

V|. Henrv L. K.i^enberLier. b in M.mi^-. Id. Pa., 
All','- P', 1S5S, ni Hannah K. Schwenk, Jan .=>. 1SS4, 
P. ( ). Kirkwood. Alachna, Co. Fla. Fanner. 
Preshv. C. (VII I Ivlith M. Koscnhi-r^'-er. b Feb 7. 
1S<S«,, il Mav 10, 1SS».. Kuf^^ene D. Kosenber-^-er. b 
Feb 10, 1H8'>. Lena Koscnberjj^er, b Au^'- IS, 1S*)3. 
Bertha Koscnberf^^er. b Apr in, is'is. 

y. Jesse KosL-nborijer, b d younj,--. 

Y. Hannah Kosenber-^-er, b Mar '>, IHl-'^. ni Jaeob 
Kuli>. ck'c'd, Kcs. .^12 Ki^-hter St. \Vi->sahick.>n, 
Phila. Pa. Carpenter, United Kv. Ch. C: Mar«iarei, 

Y|. Mar^arLl Kulp ni Samuel Lonjjfacre, Res. 
Kii^-lUer St. Wissahickon. Pa. Carpenter, V. Kw 
Ch. C: (Gilbert. Katie, Isaae, John, Harry, Infant, 

V||. C.ill)ert Lonjiracre. m A^nes Kniwcrthy. dr^'d. 
Res. Wissahickon, Pa. Printer. i;;ip. ( : Horace, 
. Crilbert. 

Katie Lon^-acrc, dec'd. 
Isaac Lonj^acre, dec'd. 

John Lonjracre, m , Res. Wissahickon, 

Printer, Catholic. C: Gilbrrt, Marj^aret. 




V 1 

Harry Lonj^acre, d sinj^le. 
1 liram Lonj^'acre. 
Abraham Kulp, d n^cd 15 months. 
•>ances Kosenberf^'-ir, m Christian S. .Moyer. 
He d 1SS(). Farmer. Menno. C: David, 

V|. I'avid K. Mover, b Jan 2H. ]H?,7, d Feb 7. 1R7«., 
m Anna Clevenstine, 1S(.1. Wheelwrii^ht. NK-th. 
i''p. C: WilhelmiTia, ICli/.a. Sainuil. 
V||. Wilhilmina .Moyer. b June 21. 
Toronto, ( )nt. S. 
V||. Fli/.a C. .Mov.r, b July 2n. l,s«.2 
.M.ivrr. Sejit 2'', 1^^7. P. ( ). Perkasii 

IS. ,2, 

, m 1 
. P.i. 

P. (). 

1 1"\ in 

Ccr. I'.a].. C: V|||. M;inoii \'. Moyrr. 1 

1 ls.s'». 


Joseph N. Mover, b 1892. 

Vl|. Samuel A. Aloyer, b Mar 2<i, \H(V), P. (). Al- 
burtus, Pa. S. 

Y|. Abraham K. Moj'er, b 18+U, d IHSh, m Wilhcl- 
mina Snyder. 

V. Marg-aret Rosenberg-er, m Abraham Ilunsickcr, 
P. O. Fairbanks, Fla. No issue. 

Y- Abraham Kosenberger, b 1818, d 1894, m Mary 
Yerkes. No issue. M 2nd wife Susan Peters. Ger. 
Bap. No issue. 

V- Joseph Rosenberg-er, b— d 1897, m Sarah Adams. 
Stone mason. United Ev. C: Sarah, Josephine, 
Benjamin, Joanna, Amanda, Albert, 

Y|. Sarah Jane Rosenberg-er, d sing-le. 

V|. Josephine Rosenberg-er, d infant. 

V|. Benjamin Franklin Rosenberg-er, b Apr 1853, 
m Annie Ashenfelter, Feb 6, 1875, Res. 1208 At- 
lantic St., Phila. Pa. Carpenter. U. Ev. C: Sarah, 
Abraham, Bertha, Annie, Henry, Ida, William, 
Clara, Minerva, Charles, Joseph. 

V!f. Sarah Stella Roscnterger, b 1875, m Thomas 
Richard. Aug- 1893, Res. 3171 Germantown Ave. 
Phila. Pa. Huckster. Mr. R Catholic, Mrs. R 
U. Ev. C: (Vill) Stella Mav Richard. 

VII. Abram Rosenberg-er, b Oct 14, 1877. 

Vl|. Bertha Rosenberg-er, b Dec. 

Vl|. Annie Jane Rosenberg-er, b Sept 4, 1882. - 

Vl|. Henry Franklin Rosenberg-er, b Sept 15, 1884. 

V!|. Ida May Rosenberg-er, b Sept 18, 1886. 

VII. William Albert Rosenberg-er, b Dec 1888. 
. Yll- Clara Rosenberg-er, b Jan 17, 1890, d Decl895. 

VII. Minerva Rosenberg-er, b Feb 1, 1892, d May 1, 

Vl|. Charles Fred Roscnberg-er, b Nov 28, 1893, d 
Mar 21, 1897. 

Vl|. Joseph Rosenberg-er, b Dec 31, 1895. 

V|. Joanna Rosenberg-er, b at Roxboroug-h, Pa., 
June 12, 1855, m Henry R. Evans, Jan 16, 1875. 
He was b Jan 12, 1851^ d Sept 7, 1887. Carpenter. 
C: Elva, Edna, Joanna. M second husband Samuel 
Baug-h, Feb 17, 1893. He was b Aug- 28, 1836. 
Res. 328 Hall St. Phoenixville, Pa. Employed in 


KVstauranl. No is>uo. 

V||. Klva Maud Kvans. \> at Minj^'-o. Pa.. O. I :s. 
IN^I. Ill Reuben l)il)sdak'. Auf^ (>, IS'o. \\ ( ). t': 
iVIII Samuel Keu!>en Dihsdale. 

V|. Kdna Mabel Kvan>. b N..v 27. 1SS5. 

V|. Amanda Kosenber»,'-er, in Abraham Harlow, 1*. 
( ). IMuvnixville, l*a. Carpenter. T; Joseph, Sarah, 
Annie, Lydia, 

Vl|. Josej)!! Barlow, d in I ant. 

Vil- Sarah Barlow, in William Sweeney. C": VIII ) 
I'.va. l^sther. 

Vl|. Annie Barlow, S. 

Y||. Lydia liarlow, S. 

V|. Albert A. Kosenberjj-er, b Jan 5. IS*. 2. in IClla 

A. Cicrhart, Dec 5, ISSS. P. < ). Lansdale, Pa. 
lilaeksmith. Ci'VII' Jennie (i. Kt)senberj4er, b 
.Mar 5. 1S8(>, d Nov 2, I'M.ll. \'erna (i. Kosenber- 
^er, b Oct 2b, 1SM4. \'i.det (i. Kosenber^-er. b 

Y|. Lizzie Kosenberj^er, d infant. 

Y- Samuel 1). Hosenber^-er, b in Montf.,'-. Co., Pa , 
June 15, ISl't, (1 Fel) 22, 1S71, m Lydia Bickhart. 
She was b in Mtint^. Co., Pa., in is..v^. Farmer. 
Methodist. C: ^Llry, Henry, Abraham, Hannah, 
Howard, Annie, Samuel. 

Yl- Marv B. Kosenberf.;-er, \> Mar 2»», 1S55. m Janus 

B. Hause, Jan L 1S7M. He d Feb 12, iy*7. Kes. 
413 Riley St. Roxborou-^h, Phila. Pa. Luth. No 

Y|. Henry B. Kos^cnbergcr, b in I'pj er Provi- 
dence Twp. Montj.j'. Co., Pa., Dec 25, lS5t), m ILittie 
Kenworthy, Oct '», 1SS7. Res. .^<.(. Riley St. Rox- 
borouj.,'-h. i'hila. Pa. C.ardner. Prot. Kp. Ci^YII) 
Samuel Lewis Rosen berj.^er, b July IS. 1S88. 

Yl|. Laura Rosenl>erj,'-er. b Nov 't^ 1S'>0. 

Yl|. Walter Roscnber^rcr. b .\hiy 4. is'J.^^. 

Y|. Abraham B. Roseiiberf^er, b Dec 17. 1S57. d 
Sept H, 1H58. 

Y|. Hannah B. K'osenberj.fer, b Aui.;- 2.v 1S5'I. d 
June 211, IS75. 

Y|. Howard B. Rosen berj^er, b ( )ct is, 1S(..^ m 
Kmma Rosen ber^,ar. Sept 27, lH«»s. Res. 2453 N. .Ust 
St. Phila. Pa. Mot,.riiian. C: VII Id.i Rosriiber- 


yor, b Aug- 1 1<)02. 

V|. Annie B. Rosenberger, b Mar *), 18G5, m Walter 
Silverwood, Apr 17, 18S«. Res. 4()2 Conarroe St. 
Roxboroug-h, Phihi. Pa. Merchant. Meth. Kii. 
C: (V!|) Mary Emma Silverwood, 1) and d AprlH89. 
Myrtle Silverwood, b Mar 22,, 1895. Helen Sdver- 
wood, b Aug- 17, 1899 

V! Samuel B. Rosenberger, b Nov 8, 1870. • Res. 
451 Krams Ave. Roxborough, Phila. Pa. Weaver. 

V- Mary Ann Rosenberger, de'cd, m John Kepler. 
Luth. 'C: Hannah, Abraham. 

Yl- Hannah Kepler, de'cd. m Wells Aloore. C: 
(.VI!) Lulu, Alice, 

V|. Abraham Kepler, d young. 

V- Henry RosenL^erger, d young. 

Y- Barbara Rosenberger, d voung. 

V- Bettscy Rosenberger, d young. 

IV- Daniel Rosenberger, d young. 

lY- Susanna Rosenberger, b Jan 17, 1793, d Aug 
22, 1876, m John Rickert, April 6, 1813. He was 
b May 28, 1783, d Jan 7, 1867. Farmer in Bucks 
Co., Pa. Menno. C: Barbara, David, Daniel, 
Catharine, Henry, John, Fanny, Abraham, Tobias, 
Valentine, Joseph. 

V. Barbara Rickert, b 1814, d — , m William 
Strouse. No issue. 

V. David Rickert, b Sept 1, 1815, d — , m Eliza- 
beth Lapp. Farmer. Menno. C: Mary, Susanna, 

Y|. Mary Rickert, m John Ruth, P. O. Line Lex- 
ington, Pa. C: Allen. 

Yl Susanna Rickert, m Abraham H. Fretz, P. O. 
Hatfield, Pa. Farmer. Menno. C: (VII) Sarah, 
Ellen, dec'd, Ida, Emma, David, Susanna, Anna. 

V|. Abraham Rickert, m Lydia Johnson. C: Jacob, 
David, Harvey. Abraham m 2nd wife Sallie Ros- 
enberger, P. O. Ashbourne, Pa. 

V||. Jacob C. Rickert, m Sarah Krewson, P. O. 
Ashbourne, Pa. 

Vll- David E. Rickert, d single. 

V||. Harvey J. Rickert, P. O. Ashbourne Pa. S. 

214 Tin-; Kl)SKNBKK«.l' K mSTOKV 

1) in Lancaster Co. Pa.. May S, 1H5.V P. O. 
worth. (). Mrrcliant. .Mcnno. e': VII <^'li.irl*--s 
H H.-ndcr, 1. Feb 21, iss:. Derk. 

Vl|. ll.irvev C. Hondcr. 1. M;ir 2(t. l^s4. 

Vl|. Fre(l<liV K. HcikIct, l>l).tM, IS'iii. 

V|. John Kivkirt. b in Mrtlina Co.. Oliic .I;m 27. 
1S57. in Hannah .M. (lood. Mar 2f.. issi . 1 '. ( ). 
\Va(ls\vt)rlh. ( ). Stationarv inj^incer. M. IC Ch. 
(^ i i\\ Vcrna Ki.kcrl. b Jan l.^. 1SS7. Mcth Kp. 

Y|. Kninia Kickcrt. b in Medina Co.. C)., ISi.ti, ni 
J..lin B. Dri.scl. of IMiila. Pa., Doc 25, 1S'».5. Ho 
was b in Ihuk^ Co. Pa , June 2*., IS53. P. < ). Wad- 
\v<<rlh.(). Carpenter. Mr. D. Lulh. Mr-^. D. Menni.. 

V|. llenrv Kickert. 1> in Medina d) . O.. -May 17. 
1S(.2, dOet 1, IS'M. in Ida Fritz, June iss'i. C': 
(VII ) Ha/.el Kiekert, 1) June '», 1S<)(I. 

V|. Harvey Kiekert, b in Medina Co.. (>.. Mar .^, 
lSt)=., m Li/./.ie Kindii,'-, of Kiver Styx. ().. Nov 21. 
18^1. P. < ). Wadsworih. ( ). I'arnur. NKnno. C: 
(Vlji Kuth Kickert. 

V. John Kiekert. b in Ikuks C... Pa.. Srj.t 1 1. 1S2.^. 
(1 l^'t'i, ni Kli/.a Fret/,. Nov 'i. is51. P. O .Medina, 
(). Farmer. C: Sarah. X'alentine. Mary. Abraliani. 
John, Klla. Ida. 

V|. Sarali Kickert, b June .nK. lSf,:>, d Julv 1 s3.v 

V|. Valentine F. Kickert. t) in Ohio Sept 17. 1S34. 
m Lewie Hcnrv. Dee 12, 1S7'». She d 1SS7. P. o 
Medina. <>. Farmer. C: (VI ) James Kiekert. b 
IHSn. <V||< Clare Kiekert. b 1SH2, d ISS.V (V||i 
Carl Kiekert. b 1SH.'^. (VII' Lewie KMekert. b Ins .. 
m 2nd wife Minnie Thompson. IS'M. She d is-is. 
m M(\ wife Aliee Hateman. T>i>] . 

V|. Mary Susan Kiekert. 1) < )et Pv 1^.-7. m KViibm 
Yoder. I'V^b 2.5, 1SS2, P. < >. Dix^n. 111. F.irnur. C: 
(Vir Ida Yoder. b .Mar 2, 1SS4. d T'lM. 

V|. .\braliani !•'. Kieki-rt. 1) Oet js, ls-''. m .Ad. lie 
KVeee. Sept 2i.. ISMO. P. O. Medina. ( ). C: ( Vl| ) 
Ha/.el Kiekert. b .Mar 17. 1S''2. 

VII- C.eorne Kiekert. b Oet 2. iS't4. 

V|. Sarah Kiekert. b in .Medina (^>.. < >.. .Apr 

IS, iS(,2. m Cieor^'-e .MeClearv. 4. is'M.. lU' 
d May 111. IS'tS. P. () Ibx.-n, 111 F.iruu-r. 


V|. John Rickert, b May 10, l.Sf,4, d July 2, ISSS. 

Yj. Ella K. Rickert b in Medina Co , O , Sept 30, 
1S()7, m Sherman Hill, May 2'), 1894, P O. Medina, 
() Farmer 

VI Ida Kliza Rickert, b Mar 11, 1S71, m Henry 
Steiner, Dec 19, 1895, P. O Sterling-, () Dealer iti 

V Fanny Rickert, b Nov 13, 182f>, d— , m Henry 
Mussclman He was b in Bucks Co. Pa., July 27, 
1821, d Dec 11, 1851 C: Catharine, Susan. 

Yl Catharine Musselman, m Rothrock, P. O. 

Doylestown. Pa 

VI Susan Musselman, m Charles Painter, P. O. 
Ouakertown. Pa 

If. Abraham Rickert, b Oct 19, 1828. M Eliz ibeth 
Smith, Dec 10, 1853, P. O. Plumsteadville, Pa C: 
Jonas, Martha, Albert, Isaac, Daniel, David, Eli. 

VI. Jonas S. Rickert, b Nov 16, 1854, d May 3, 1866. 

\H- Martha S. Rickert, b July 12, 1856, m Reuben B. 
Detweiler, (his second wife) June 24, 1882, P. O. 
Bucking-ham, Pa. Farmer. Menno. C: (Vll) 
Theodore R. Detweiler, b July 12, 1883, Elizabeth 
R. Detweiler, b Oct 30, 1884, David R. Detweiler, b 
May 10, 1886, Valentine R. Detweiler, b June 8, 
1887, Katie R. Detweiler, b Sept 7, 1888, d Feb 2, 
1890, Charles R. Detweiler, b June 14, 1892, Clayton 
R. Detweiler, b Nov 26, 1894, Anna Mary Detweil- 
er, b Jan 18, 1896, Harvey R. Detweiler", b Aug- 5, 
1897, Sallie R. Detweiler, b Aug- 10, 1899. 

V|. Albert S. Rickert, b June 20, 1859, d 1866. 

VI- Isaac S. Rickert, b June 14, 1866, m Mary J. 
Sames, P. O. Souderton, Pa. 

Y|. Daniel S. Rickert, b Mir 2S, 1867, m Tillie 
Sames, P. O. Souderton, Pa. 

V|. David S. Rickert, b June 30, 183 j, m Sallie 
Sames, Jan 2:), 1894, P. O. Jenkintown. Laborer. 
Luth. C: (Vil) Maria S. Rickert, Dec 18, 1895, 
Russel S. Rickert, b Apr 14, 1898. 

V|. Eli S. Rickert, b Apr 29, 1870, m Hildah M. 
Myers, Oct 17, 1891, P. O. Pipersville, Pa. C: (VII) 
Raymond M. Rickert, b Nov 18, 1893, Abraham M. 
Rickert, b Nov 29, 1896. 

2T' TH1-.*ki.j;k iii^roKV 

V. Tobias Kickcrt. 1. Dec 24, 1S;mi. d . m Hosier 
l..itulis, (kVtl. l-'ariULT. Miiiiio. C: Liz/.ii-, W'illiaiii, 
Susan, Fraiiii-. Mar\. 

Y|. Lizzie Kickeri. in Lartv. 

V|. William Kirken. 

VJ. Susan Kiv.kcrt, ni Black. 

V|. Franie Kukerl. ni Fry. 

V|. Marv Ki.kert, ni I'ross. 

V. N'aKnline Ki.kerl, b July I.n. is.^2. d Sepl 17, 
l.s')2, ni Klizabclh Drissel, Jan S, lS.=>.v She was b 
Jan 1'', 1S,^.^. Farmer in Bucks Co.. I'a. Menno. C: 
Salome, John, Kale, Sallie. Susan, Allen, Lizzie, 
riara. \'alenline. 

V|. Salome Kickeri. li Jan 2. ls5f.. d 1S(.2. 

V|. John (Juincv D. Kickeri, b Mar S, 1S37. in 
Christiana Meyers. She was b Au}>- 21, 1S5H, V. (). 
Dublin. Pa. Farmer, (ier. Ket. C: > VII William. 
\'alenline, Uuincy. 

V|. Kale D. Kickeri. 1) Nov 2(.. 1S5'>, m William II. 
Meyers, P. ( ). Dublin, Da. Farmer. Menno. C: 
I VII' Valenline, Lincoln, Isaac de'cd, Lizzie. 

V|. Sallie D. Kickeri, b. Nov. 20. ISbl, m Jacob W. 
Meyers, ISSO, 1*. « >. Dublin. Da. (."arria^x -buibUr. 
Mcnno. C: (VII « Frank. Lizzie. Clara, ICmma. 

V|. Susan D. Kickeri, b Jan 2L 1S()4, m John K. 
Alderler. Sept D«. I^s5, D. O. Garisville. Da. 
Farmer. Menno. C: (Vll* Irwin. Lizzie, Mahlon. 

V|. Allen I). Kickeri, b Feb 21. ist.f., m Katie H. 
Dcrstine, Feb 24. lss7. D. (). Milb>rd Stjuare. Da. 
Farmer. Menno. C: VII Bertha D. Dickerl. b Auj^- 
14, ]8''(). Clara D. Kickeri, b Jutie 2<., is'M. Josiidi 
D. Kickeri. b July K., 1S'»S. 

V|. Lizzie D. Kickeri, b May I't. ISi.s, m Henry II. 
ll.irlman, Dec 20. IS'Hl, D. ( ). Millord S(|uare. Da. 
Blacksmith. Kef. Ch. C: (VII) Dhilii. K. ll.irl- 
man. b Aj.r 1SM2. d 1S')2. 

V|. C"lara D. Kickeri, b Jul\ 14. is7ii. m .iolui 1". 
Di-tweiler. l-\irmer. Menno. C:<V|h .\iiiia, Id.i, 

V|. N'alentine D. Kickeri, b Au^-- .^0, 1S72. m l-:il;i 
Ber^^ey, D. (). IVrkasir. I'a. Dalx.rer. Kel. Cli. 
CrCVIl') Allen 1'.. Kick.rl. 


y. Joseph R. Rickert, b in Bedniinster Tvvp., Bucks 

Co., Pa., Jan 4, IS.vS, m Alice Jones, daug-hter of 
Joseph M. and Ann Grier Jones, Keb J, ISoi, P. O. 
Carversville, Pa. Harness maker and carriag-e 
trimmer. Presby. C: Luella, Anna. 

V{. Luella Rickert, b Oct 25, 1863, P. O. Carvers- 
ville, Pa. Dressmaker. Presby. S. 

V|. Anna B. Rickert, b Sept 22, 186f>, P. (). Carv- 
ersville, Pa. Dressmaker Presby. S. 

IV- John R )senberger, b about 1798, d — , m Sarah 
Detv^'eiler. He was one of the executors of his 
father's will, and settled on part of the old home- 
stead and lived and died there. Farmer. Menu. 
C: Martin, Bar.-ara, David, Samuel, Joseph, Mary, 

V. Martin Rosenberg-er, b Feb 14, 1819, d in 1895, 
m Esther Berg-ey. Farmer. Menu. C: John, Mary, 
Benjamin, Lizzie, Frank, Sallie. 

il John B. Rosenberg-er, b July 25, 1842, d May 5, 
1895, M Mary G. Fetterolf in 1864, P. O. Lans- 
dale. Pa. He was the founder of the Lansdale Re- 
publican and later conducted a news-store and res- 
taurant in Lansdale, Pa. Luth. C: Rebecca, Frank, 
Georg-e, John, Jerome. 

Yll- Rebecca Rosenberg-er, b Aug- 7, 1864, m 
William T. Kwing-, July 5, 1883, P. O. Lansdale, 
Pa. Episcopal. C: (Vlll) William T. Ewing, b 
July 20, 1884, Mary Winifred Ewing-, b Mar 2,1887, 
Beatrice Rav Ewing-, b Jan 5, 1891, Rebecca Claire 
Ewing-, b Jan 15. 1896. 

Vl|. Frank Rosenberg-er, b Nov 9, 1865, m Matilda 
G. Beck, Jan 22, 1895, Res 1436, Columbia St., 
Phila., Pa. Caterer. 

Vlh Georg-e F. Rosenberger. 

Vlj. John F. Rosenberg-er, b July 5, 1871,- m Linda 
IVmnich, June 23, 1897. P. O. Lansdale, Pa. Sta- 
tioner and bookseller. .Ref. Ch. 

Vl|. Jerome F. Rosenberg-er, b at Hatfield, Pa., 
May 9, 1874, m Ella T. Zieg-ler, Jan 2, 1893. She 
was b June 21, 1874, P. O. Lansdale, Pa. Employ- 
ed on R. R. Luth. C: (Vlll) Mary Rosenberg-er,'b 
Apr 1, 1894, d Nov 10, 1895, Ella Rosenberg-er, b 


V||. Jacob (;. ll:iy:cv, 1) ISSO. NKlli. ICp. 

Vl|. Nhirv Hay^ev. b 1SS4. Mclh. Kp. 

Vt|. l^aa'c lla^'^ey, b ISSI.. Melh. \-]\k 

Y|. Kate C. Kt»scnbcr^^cr, !• in l-'raiumiia Tw}'. 
Monm-. Co., l*a., Apr «>, 1H52. in Tharles W. Kc^k. 
May 7. 1!^72. 1'. O. North Wales, Pa. Cier. K«.l. 
I'll. C: Wilson, .\la;4>;i«.', Kdwin, Lillian. Charles, 
liertha. Florence, Klsie, Abner. 

V||. Wilson 1). Keck, 1> Mar 1, 1S7.^. in Bucks Co., 
I'a.. P. (). North Wales. Carpenter. Hapti<.t. 

Vl|. -Mai^-g-ie Idella Keck, b Jan 7, 1S75, .1 Mar 22. 

Yl|. Ivlwin F. Keck, b at llatlield, Pa., Apr 2, 
1S77, m Clara M. Luken->. July 2, ly'H), P. O. N.-rth 
Wales, Pa. Ci^arinaker. .Nleth. Kp. C: Vill ' 
Kathrvn K. Keck. 

V||. r.illian M. Keck, b Jan 2i.. is7't. Kof. Ch. 

Vl|. t:harles K. Keck. 1) Au^,- '•, issi, <1 Nov 2«>. 


Vl|. IJertha S. Kcck, b July 2'*. Iss.^, <1 Oct 1, is'X.. 

V||. Floeanus K. Keck, b Slav,4. IS.SS. 

Vij. Flsie C. Keck, b \)cc 14, IHS'i. d Nov Hi. IS'ii. 

Vl|. Abner W. Keck, o May M), IH'C^. 

V|. Mar^-aret Kosenbcrger, m Theodore Harden- 
felt. P. ( K North Wales, Pa. C: Oscar. \'ernon. 

V|. Samuel Ko>enl)erL!:er, b 1S3S, in Li/.xie Keiiner, 
1'. (). Fountainville. Pa. Farmer. C:(V||| 0>car. 
Warren, Clarence. Pearl, Emma. 

VI . .\bncr W. Rosen be r lie r, b Sept 2. 1S()2. m 
Kmma S. Kulp. Dec \?<, 1SS5. P. O. Skippack. Pa. 
Merchant. Kef. Ch. No issue. 

y. Samuel Kosenber^^er, dec'd, m Lana Wile, went 
to Illinois. C: Sallie, Jennie. Kli/abeth, iScc 

V. Joseph Kosenber^er. b June '>, 1S2S, d Feb 21. 
1SS5, m Mary Shutt, dec'd. No issue. M second 
wife Marv Nace. Laborer. Menu. C. 

V|. James Kosenlierj^'-er, b Sej.t l.v is.=^''. m Fmma 
<..rhart. P.O. Sellersville, Pa. ^.^ij^armaker. C: 

VII Stella Kosenberj^'^er. 

V. Sarah Koscnber^-er, d aj^cd !(> years. 

IV. Uriirv KosciibcrfTir. b in .Montir- Co., ISOo, d 

ls«.3, m Sallii- Landis. in 1S1'». She was b in Lucks 


Co., (1 ISf.O. lie lived on the old homestead t'.ll 
near the close oi his life, when he boug-ht a ten 
acre-lot in liiiltown, where he died. Farmer. 
Menn's. C: Georg-e, David, Aaron, Josiah, Simon, 

V. (Teorye Rosenbergcr, M. D., h Mar 3, 1823, d 
Mar 1894, m Lizzie Trively, Irom whom he was 

divorced. No issue. He m 2nd wife . No 

issue. He was a surg-eon in the army and after 
leaving- the army he located near Ouincy, 111., where 
he died. 

V- David R(,senberg-er, b 1825, m Alary Ann, dau. 
of Philip Swartley, in 1852. C: Lyman, Josiah, 
Monroe. Jeannctta, Jermina. David m 2nd wife 
Catharine Swartley, (nee Haldeman ) P. O. Lans- 
dale. Pa. Farmer. Ger. Bap. 

VI- Lyman Rosenbcrg-er, b Jan 14, 1854, m Sallie 
Karndt, shed 1874. C: Sallie. Lyman m 2nd wife 
Lizzie Ann Clemens, Res. Ilarleysville, Pa. Cream- 
ervman for some years. C: Welling-ton, Harry, 

Vl|. Sallie Rosenbcrg-er, b , Welling-ton Rosen- 

berg-er, b Apr 18, 1877, Harry Rosenberg-er, b July 
3. 1879, Stella Rosenl>erger, "b Nov 17, 1880. 

V2- Josiah Rosenberg-er, d infant. 

VI- Monroe Rosenberg-er, d infant. 

Vj. Jeannelta Rosenberg-er, d infant. 

V|. Jermina Rosenberg-er, b P^eb 28, 1862, m Isaiah 
Rosenberg-er. (See Isaiah Rosenberger Family. ) 

V- Aaron Rosenberg-er, b 1827, m Mary Det-weiler, 
dec'd P. O. Mase, Ariz. C: Henry, Reuben, Josiah, 
Mary, Lizzie. 

V|. Henry D. Rosenberg-er. M. D., b in Hatfield, 
Montg-. Co., Pa., Feb 8, 1852, m Mary A. Allebach, 
dau. of Jacob M. Allebach, of Skippack, Montg-. 
Co., Dec 16, 1875, P. O. Manheim, Pa. Physician. 
One child, ( *^j ) Emma E. Rosenberg-er, b in Bucks 
Co., Pa., Apr 17, 1877. She g-raduated in Hatfield 
Twp: Montg-. Co. Pa., public school, being- the first 
g-raduate from that district in the spring- of 1893. 
She then took two years at North Wales Academy, 
North Wales, Pa., one year in Perkasiehig-h school 


;iinl twt) sjiriii^ >.^>i()ns at the Stale Normal School. 
Milk-rsv illf, I'a. ami is now tt'achi!i»4-. 

VI- Kcubeii I>. Ko^cnboryfer. in Mary Scil*ri«.k. 
l\Vs. Arizona. 

V|. Josiah Kctsoniicr^^-cr. I*, i ). Yates Center, Kan. 

VJ. Marv Koscnlicrger. in John Seibriek. 1'. ( ). 
Hurlinyftttn, Iowa. 

Yl Lizzie Kosenberfier. in N\-wton Seals. 1'. ( ). 
.\h)sco\v, Idaho. 

y. Josiah Kosenber«rer, b 1K2'», <1 ls5o. S. 

V- Simon Kosenberj^-er, M. I)., b Ajir 1, is.^l. in 
V. aiharine Ilillej^as. Oet 2.^. ISS.v Shed Au.14 -'•< 
1SS2. W hen about T' years old he went to l^hila- 
delphia and learned the <lrujur business and studied 
medicine, j,'Taduatin«i- in lS5.v lie practiced n.vdi- 
cine in Frenchtown.N. J until 1S(>1 .removed toPhiia 
and established the old and popular druy store, loci..- 
ed at the corner Seventh & (ycrmantown Ave. .and 
soon thereafter became the most popular anil ^uc- 
ccssful j)hysician in the northern ])ortion (d the 
city. In lSi).>he was commissioned assistant Sur- 
geon in the army in tl'.e 2nd I'. \'. lleaNV Artillery. 
After leavin<if the army he aj^ain i>racticed in Phila- 
delphia until 1SS(> he went to California locatin«r at 
Pasadena where he died Dec IS'iM. Coni^ressman. 
C: Em'ma, Kdmund. William. 

VI I'liii" a Iv Ko-enl) r^c r. b in Mi nt'^-. C<'., Pa , 
V>ct 31. l.->i4, m Iviward J. Pair.e. Oct _»>. 1S7'<. P. 
(). Carversville, Pa. Farmer. Kef. Ch. CrVlh 
Fannv. K. Christian, K<d»ert, William, l-'rederick. 

V|. Fdmund S. Rosenber^'-cr, .\i. D.. b in Phila. 
P. I., \K-c '», lS.s«). He learned the druj,'- business 
with his father .md studieil medicine, t^raduatinji- 
in 1S77. He enjjfaj^ed in the druj^" business in Phila- 
delphia and practice«l about 1.^ years. In the ^un;- 
mer of ls'>2 he went to C'alilornia and associated 
with his father in the dru<r business and practice of 
medicine in Pasadena. He m Olive 1'. Towiisend. 
<■ VII F.arnest 'P. Kosenberj^er, dec'd. 

yi W illiam I). Kosenber^er, b at I'^renchtown. N. 
J.. Feb IH. ISM, m Fsther K. K.dl), Dec 27, ls'»2. 
After (juite e.\ten'<ive ir.ivels in every State and 


TerritDrv in tiie United States, also Cu;»a, Mexico, 
\'ati Ccuvcrs Island and Canada, crossing- several 
states on horseback, g-oing- by steamboat on Miss- 
issippi from St. Paul to New Orleans over the 
great lakes to Buffalo and Uuebec, traveling- over 
15,000 miles by railroad, and enjoying- a season of 
cow-bo}' life on the western plains, he returned, 
compleled his studies, g-raduated from Baltimore 
College of l'harmac_y, and about 1887 cngag-ed in 
the drug- business at the stand established by his 
father at the corner of Seventh and Germantown 
Ave., at which place he still confines. No issue. 

Y- Kn(« L. Rosenberg-er, b in Hatfield, Pa., m 
Eli/.abeth Dctweiler. She was b in 1841, P. O. 
Hiawatha, Kansas. Hotel keeper. River Brethren. 
C: Marietta, Ellen, Sallie, Lillie, Ida, Bessie, 

VJ. Marietta Rosenberg-er, d ag-ed 12 yrs. 

VJ. Kllen Rosenberg-er, m (leorge Haldeman, 
Res. 823 Cambria St., Phila., Pa. Contractor and 
builder. Baptists. 

V|. Sallie Rosenberg-er. P. (). Hiawatha, Kansas. 
Baptist. S. 

VJ. Lillie Rosenberg-er, b in Montg-. Co., Pa., Feb 
2, 1868, m Benjamin F. Eyer, Sept., 1891, P. O. 
Manhattan, Kansas. Professor of Phvsics and 
Electrical Eng ineering- at the State Ag-ricultural Col- 
lege at Manhattan, Kansas. Baptists. C: (VII) 
daug-hter, 1) Nov 11, d Nov 25, 18')2, D(mald B. 
Eyer, b Jan 27, 1898, Helen F. Eyer, b Sei)t 27, 1901. 

Vj. Ida Rosenberg-er, m Prof. J. W. Sparklin, P. 
O, Hiawatha, Kansas. Professor of music. 

V!- Bessie Rosenberg-er, P. (). Hiawatha, Kansas. 
Teacher in public schools. Baptist. S. 

Yl- Mamie Rosenberg-er. Teacher. 1 baptist. S. 

V. Henry Rosenberg-er, d from effects of falling- 
into a tub of hot soap, ag-ed 5 yrs. 

lY- Fronica Rosenberg-er, b Aug- 15, 1801, d Sept 
20, 1832, m Abraham Rosenberg-er, g-randson of 
John Rosenberg-er. {II, Abraham Rosenberg-er 
family. ) 

IV- Valentine Rosenberg-er, d ag-ed 15 3-ears. 


|||. Isaac K(>s«.'nl)crf4-or. h Nov .^o, 1751. d July .><>, 
ISM), 111 Christian, a(l(ii»le<l daui^hlLT (»!' Kcv. Julin 
Funk. She (1 Mar s, 1S21. He was pn.bably ihe 
vounjjfost son of Daniel and received the lower por- 
tion of the plantation, comprising- 15*) acres, and as 
a consideration the amount of X2<l and IS shillings 
were paid. The tract is now most t>ccupied b; the 
line farm of Milton Jenkins, comprising L>5 acre.. 

Here, surrounded by shade trees, are excelKi'.t 
farm buildinj^s of mttdern construction. The farm 
is watereil l»y a creek, llowing' southward, whicli 
joins the other branches of the Neshaminy south of 
Line Lexing-ton. Near the ]>resent dwelling are tv.o 
old houses, relics of the past, one of stone, the 
other of logs. The latter was built before the Rev- 
olution, or perha])s about 1772. Ii was the dwell- 
ing of Isaac Koseiiberger. He afterwards erecte<l 
a stone house and a barn adjoining". In ISlo he 
jiurchased 22 acres adjoining on the southern side, 
and had in all 17(i acres. After his death the farm 
was sold to Martin Kosenberger, and liy him con- 
veyed in 1S31 to Isaac Kosenberger. Jr. In 1S55 
the (dd homestead was sold to Milton Jenkins, the 
present owner. Farmer. Menn's. C: Henry, Jacob 
Isaac. Anna. Kli/.abeth. 

IV. Hi-nry K<.senberger. 1) Oct 1. 1775. d Sept !••. 
ls4fi. m Hannah Detweiler. She was b Dec 17. 
177K, d May 2, 1S57. Farmer. Menu's. C': Mary, 
t'lirisiiana. Hannah. Samuel. S.illy. Jacob. 

V- -Marv K«tsenl)erg-er, 1> about 1S(I(>. d ISi.i.. m Kralz. (See William Kratz famil\. 

V Christiana Kosenberger, b Jan 12, ISOS. <1 July 
12. IS'M. m Martin Kosenberger. ( Se*.- .Martin 
KosenberLTr familv . 

Judi^e E. R. Monk, (Jubman, ot Los Aiietles, Cal 


V. Haaiiah Rosenberger, m SluU. No issue. 

V. Samuel Rosenberg-er, b 1812, d Oct 1843, ni 
xVnnie Krout. She was 1) 1812,(1 June 22, 18S';>. 
Fanner. Menu's. C: llenrv. 

V|. Henry K. RosenLergcr, b in Bucks Co. Pa., Dec 
18, 1842, m Westanah Auble, Sept 11, 18()4, at 
Wiidsworth, Ohio. P. O. Needles, C:\\. Farmer. 
Christian Ch. C: Andrew, Annie, Mag-gie, Clara, 
Thomas Bessie. 

Vll. xVndrew Fretz Rosenberger, b at Wadsworth, 
Oliio, Sept 30, 18<)5, m Mary Amelia Dynes, Nov 
2, 1901, Res. 17U8, Melrose St., Chicago, 'ill. Min- 
ing and Mining- Investments. 

V||. Annie Rosenberger. b Mar 18, 1867, m George 
B. Galbraith, Aug- 25, 1887, P. O. Jansen, Neb. 
Nurseryman. Christian Ch. C: (Vllj) infant, b 
and d Apr 7, ISS'^), (VfSJ) Clarence J. Galbraith, b 
Apr 16, i8'n, (Vl!5j Marg-aret Westanah Galbraith, 
b Mar 22, 18')(). 

VI8. Mag-g-ie Rosenberg-er, b Apr 0, 1869, m Ora II. 
Hardy, Oct 10, 1895, P. O. Fairbury, Neb. Rail- 
road employee. Christian Ch. C: (VUD Lela B. 
Hardy, b Jan 31, 1899. 

Vj|. Clara E. Rosenberg-er, b at Wadsworth, Ohio, 
Nov 16, 1877. Stenographer. Christian Ch. 

VI!. Thomas H. Rosenberger, b Bower, Neb,, May 
25, 1882. Mining- Engineering. 

V8I- Bessie Rosenberger, b at Bower, Neb., May 5, 
1885. Christian Ch. ' 

V. Sallie Rosenberg-er, d June 11, 1844, m Martin 
Detweiler. Farmer. Menu's. C: infant, infant, 
Kate, Hannah, Susan, William, Samuel, Enos, 

V!- Kate Detweiler, m Jacob Harr. 
Vi- Hannah Detweiler. m John Buckheimer, de'cd, 
m 2nd husband. Garret Landis. 
Vl- Susan Detweiler, m Georg-e Henry. 
Vj. William R. Detweiler, d sing-le. 
Vj. Samuel R. Detweiler. 
Vl- Enos R. Detweiler. 

VI. Henry R. Detweiler, b May 28, 1844.m Maggie 
Swartley, Jan 17, 1873, P. O. Chalfont, Pa. Labor- 


IT. C: iV||; lI.T.Kc. Hlla. l^aura. 

y. .I;u»>l» l>. Ki»sonhcr'i\r. l> Xov 2S. ISI'J.d Jan 21, 
1S'»2, m Kli/..i Swiirtloy, IKv 2X tSj.V FaruKT in 
lUuksO'., l*;i.; was nuitc woaUhv- lior. liap. C: 
llcnrv. Albert. Marv. William, Sariih. Hannah. 
Jacol*. Ann. Isaiali. .Vli>Ucns, Amanila, Art».'nuis, 

VI. IK-nrv l-Vanklni Kost-nhcr-^^or. 1> Oct 5, ls44. iii 
Aiu.uula [•:. Kline. Sopt .^ IX(>'K Res. Chew Street, 
Allenttvwn, I'a., }^ra«luate Kutztown Normal Scho»>l 
and has been a school teacher since 1S<>.^. V.^: KN.bert. 

V||. K*>lK-rt KultKU Kline Kosenberyer, b July !. 
1SS4. . 

V|. Albert S. K(>senber«ier, b Nov 2. 1845, d 1H4<). 

V|. .Marv M. Kosenberj^er. b Feb ♦., 1847. m Jae» l» 
U. Snvdcr, Mav 12. \bt>7. He d Nov li>, ISt.S. t : 
Jacol/M. Married 2ntl husband Jacob Pellnian. 
June 1871, P. O. Ilattield. Pa. Farmer. Gcr. P>ap. 
T: t'arrie. Katie. Isaiah, Prank. 

V||. Jacub K. Snyder, b Nov I, IS()8, ni Ida Het- 

V||. Carrie Ida FeUman. b Dec '>. tS72, d Jati 2'', 


V||. K.jtic [v. Fellman, N at Hndj^etown. Bucks 
Ci). Pa.. Dec 24, [S73, ni IVank W. .\Iunzni5.:-er, 
Nov 14.1SM1,P.(). S. Ilattuld.Pa. Faimer. C lia]'. 
C: Vlir Marv Fdna Munzin«jer. l> Nov 17, 1S')2. 
(VIII ^anuur Mun/.inuer, b Jan 21. 1S'»5. t Ylll ' 
KosalCllen .Mun/.inuer, bJan7, IS'»7. VIH Howard 
.Mun/.in^rer, h Mav 2?>, 1N'''>. • Vlll > ^i^''^' Pliv-^il'eth 
.\Iun/.in<ier. b Apr 2«>. I'Mil. 

VII- Isaiah FeUman, b Mar <., 1S7(-. d .Mar .n. 1SS7. 

Yl|. l-^-ank FeUman, b June 21. IS7S. d l\b iw, 

VI. Williaiii [•". J. Kosenber;,'-er. b Nov 2'«. IS4S. ni 
Wilhelniina SlulKnberf^er. Res. I.=.l»7 Cumberlaml 
St. Phila. Pa. < Kviis Farr I arm near KeilPs corner, 
e': ( Yll ' ^^''^^'•"- d iniant. Paul, d inlanl. Henry, 

VI S.irah .1. Ko,enl>er;rer. 1> Nov 27, lx^]. iii .lolm 
M Kulp, P. ( > iHibliu, Pa. l'\irnKT. C:I..'idv, 


Vl|. Lci(l\ K. Kulp. b AuL^- 1S71, in H;innah Cope, 
P. (). Souderton, Pa. Fanner. Kef. Ch. Two 
children deceased. 

VI!. Mary Kllen R. Kulp, b July 23JH7.>. m Henry 
ll. Alohr" Wire fence builder. "Menu's. C: (V|||") 
Sallie, Mary. 

Yi- Hannah E. Rosen berg-er, 1) Feb 17, 1S53, m 
Aaron Moyer, July 12, ISSI, I'. (). Harleysyille, 
Pa. Farmer. Get. Bap. C: i V!! • Jacob, dec'd, 
Kliza, dec'd, Hannah, Aaron, Emma, Ellen. 

V|. Jacolj Rosenberg-er, b and d 1855. 

V|. Ann Eli:?a Rosenberg-er, b Aug" 4, 185<), m 
Jacob S. Rosenberg-er, (See Jacob S. Rosenberger 
Family, i 

V|. Isaiah Rosenberg-er, b Apr 11, 1858. m Jermina 
ia)senberger. Res. Phila. Pa, No issue. 

^|. Alphens Roscuberg-er, b June 5, 1S(>1, d June 
2. 1862. 

V|. Amanda Rosenberg-er, I) June 5, 1861, d 
June 12, 18f)2. 

VI. Artemas Rosenberg-er, b May 10, 18()3, m Mary 
Ann, dau. of Jos. G. Hendricks, Noy 22, 1884, P, 
(), Souderton, Pa. Farmer. C: ( Vll* Joseph Wesley 
Rosenberg-er, b Noy 5, 18S5. Fannie E. Rosenber- 
g-er, b May 1, 1888. Jacob H. Rosenberger. b Feb 
2, 18'>1. "Rufus W. Rosenberger, b Feb 18, 18')3. 
Ho^yara T. Rosenberg-er, b Noy 10, 1895. 

V!- Susan Rosenberger, b May 16, 1866, m William 
D. Kratx, Jan 2. 1882, P, O. Silyerdale, Pa. Far- 
mer, (ler. Bap, C:('if||i Lucretia, dec'd, Jacob, 
Layina, Henry, Artemas. 

IV- Jacob Rosenberg-er, b about 1780, m Catharine 
Rickert. Farmer. Menn's. C: Daniel, Barbara, 
Christiana, Mary. 

V. Daniel Rosenberg-er, m Elizabeth Stoyer, 1824. 
Farmer. Menn's. C: Joseph, Catharine, Leah, 
Henry, Amos, Samuel. 

V|. Joseph Rosenberg-er, b 1825, d 1880, m Nancy 
Derstine, Farmer. C: Amanda, Amos, Titus. 

Vl|. Amanda Rosenberg-er, m James Schock, 

Vl|. Amos D, Rosenberg-er, b 1852, m Barbara D, 
Detweiler, she d Feb 1'), 1808. C: Andrew, John, 

228 THK ko.sknbi:kc;kk histoky 

Wiiliaiii. Ain<is in 2rul wife Susan II. Frederick, 
niee .hall ' N(.v 24. I'Miit. p. (). Silvcidale, I'a. 
Carj enter and t";;rii:er. Menns. 

Vl||. Andrew 1». Koscnl cffccr, 1) Nnv ''. 1S75, ni 
Tillic L). Bechtel, May 25. 18W5, Kes. North Da- 
kota. C\irj)entir. Menn's. c": ( |X ^ Clarence iJ. 
K< senberj^xr, 1> Juuj -','8'>7. Cora Ko-euberj^-er.h . 
Paul Kosenberj^er, . 

Vill- John 1). Kg cnberj^-er. b 188'i. m Liic/.ie Ilun- 
sick.r. Jan 31. I'Mi;., V. (). Silverdale. Ta. 

VIII. William 1). KoNenl-er-rer. b P-S4. 

Vl|. Tiuis I). Koscnberg-cr, b in is.^-l. d IS'm. in 
Anna M..ver. P. (). IJloi.minfjf i;ien. Pa. C: (VI!!' 
Samuel NI. l-Josen bender, ( VIII » ^^ i!li:i'" M- Kom n- 
ber<rcr. VIII Anna M. Kosenberger. « VIII ' Christian 
M. Rosen bcrger dec'd. 

V|. Catharine Kosenberi^er. b 1S2'>. d 1S72. S. 

VI- Leah Koscnberj^er, b June 3(», 1S35, m Charles 
1). llahknian. in 1S53. P.O. Hatfield, Pa. Far- 
mer. Menn's. C: Harvev, Flizabeth, Isaiah. 

VII- Harvey R. Haldeman. b Oct r*. lS.=i7, m Sailie 
CiijH-. Res. 2<)<i() Jl'ssuj' St. Phila. Pa. Kxjjressman. 
C(VI||) Charles Haldeman, 1) Oci 1, 187W. J,.hn 
Haldeman, b Nov 2. 1^S7. FK»ra Idt-lla Haldeman, 
b Auj,-- 3, 1SS«>. Harvev Haldeman, b Ma\ 2ii. IS'U. 
I.illie Vi(»la Haldeman, b Sei)t 20, IS'tJ?. 

VII- Elizabeth Hahkman, b and d 1S(>.5. 

V||. Isaiah R. Haldeman. b l'\b 4. 1S()S, m Kate 
C. Ro>enber<ier, dec'd. Oct 5, 1S<)0. C: Klla, Kva. 

Isaiah m 2nd wife Anna Ro^enberyfcr. HeattLiid- 
cd i)ublic school until 14 years of n^c. when he en- 
tered the Lansdale, ( Pa. ) Rejiortcr (fflce to learn 
the art of {irintinf^-. Four year;> later, or after serv- 
iii<4^ an ajiprinticLship. hi- was employtd on the 
Harleysville News (then in its infancy) at $l..^i» 
and board inr week, and later was ]ir(iiinii(.(l i<» 

After bein^- employed in that i)a]'er for o\er three 
years he took a jxtsition as foreman on tlu- Ambler 
(Pa.) (ia/.ette and later was einploved on the Phila- 
delphia Press, but lost his position by a strike of 
the Tvpo^'-raphical I'nioii in that olfice one year 


later. He was ag-ain employed in the Harlevsvillc 
News office as foreman, the paper than beinjj- owned 
by the A. E. Dam!)ly estate, of Skippack, Pa., and 
about one year later, (m May 8, 1S')2 purchased the 
establishment from the estate. He was also foun- 
der of the Harleysville and Hattleld Beneficial and 
was elected treasurer of the former in 1894. 

Air. Haldeman is a self-made man in every sense 
that the word implies. He started in life with 
nothiiio- but g-ood health and plenty of ambition and 
he worked himself up by careful attention to every 
detail of business both as an employee and employ- 
er. He saved his money which he invested in a 
building- and loan a'^,sociation until he possessed 
S300. This formed the nucleus capital with which 
he started in the newspaper business. 

After entering- the newspaper business he took an 
active part in local politics and his paper was the 
only one in Montg-omery county that came out for 
Ouay in his memorable Irg-ht for control of the 
State Republican org-anization at a time when the 
Senator's iig-ht was a seeming-ly hopeless one. 

Air. Haldeman was elected an alternate deleg-ate 
from the seventh Cong-ressional District to the Re- 
publican National Convention held at St. Louis in 
1806 and was appointed a member of the County 
Execu'.ive Committee during- the same campaig^n. 

He is also a member of the Republican County 
Committee. C: (Vll) Ella C. Haldeman, b Aug- S, 
1892. Eva Haldeman, b July 22, 189S. 

YJ. Henry S. Rosenberg-er, b Oct 21, 1838, d in 
Philadelphia July 14, 1891, m Aiary Ann Beidler. 
in 1861. She was b Oct 23, 1841," Res. Phila. Pa. 
Menu's. C: (VII) Allavesta E. Rosenberg-er, b Nov 
7, 1862. Dressmaker. Meth. Ep. 

(Vl|) Catharine Rosenberg-er, Nov 7, 1865. Seams- 
tress. Aleth. Ep. 

( Vil ) Emma Rosenberg-er, b Sept 4, 1866, m Howard 
B. Rosenberg-er. (See Howard B. Rosenberg-er 

(Vll) Minerva Rosenberg-er, bApr 9, 1868. Seams- 
tress. Meth. Ep. 

2M) Tin: kosknbkkgkk history 

(\f||) Charles llonrv Rt)senbor«,'-cr, 1. Mar 14, ls77. 
il Jan 5. 1SM5. 
(V||) Annie Rosen berf,'-er, !• June !»•, 1^7''. »1 Mar 


( Vl|) Ma Koscnhcrfj^cr, \> July 5, ISSI. Address of 
all Cor. 12th and l)iam<»n<l Sl^. riiila. Pa. 

VI Aiiio- KosinlierLrer, b . d . 

V|. S miuel Kosenberj,^^, 1> — , d — . 

V. Barl)ara Kosenber-jer, b in Hatfield Township, 
Mont^'-. Co. Pa., Dec 27. ISdo, d Nov .><), 1S42. in 
Kev. C,e«>r<,'-e Landis, mar 2K. 1H2(». Uc was b in 
Ki.hland T\v]). Bucks Co. Pa., Dec 20, 17'K,. d Au-- 
2S, ISSl. Parmer and minister. He preached first 
at Flatland Mennonite church, and later at IVrka- 
sie. Pa. C: Jacob, Kphraim, (ieorL'^e. J»)hn. 

V|. Jacol) Landis, b July 7. 1S22, d 1S'>4, m Susan 
Krout. Farmer. Menu's. C: J(thn, Henry. Levi, 

Manuel, -\L'irv, Susan. Jacob m second wife . 

(.': lOxra, Samuel, Lydia, Rosa 

V|. Kphraim R. Landis. 1» in ILiycock Twp. Bucks 
Co. Pa., Dec 13, 1S24. m Catharine Rosenberj^er, 
Nov 5, 1SS4, P. (">. Dublin, Pa. I-^irnur. Minn's. 
C: (ieor«,'-e. William. .Mary, John, Reulien, Katie, 

/||. Georg^e Landis. b Awj; 2.^, 1H55, d Nov 1.^, 

VII. William R. Landis, b Feb 22, IS.^7. m Amanda 
Campbell. Dec 25, 1H83. She was b 17, 1S(.2, 
P.O.Dublin. Fa. Farmer. C: (Vill) Willie H. 
Landis, b Sej.t K.. iss:>. IClbcrt R. Landis. b Oct 
2(.. ISSh. 

Vl|. Marv K. Landis, b Au<: 17, 1s.-m. m Abraham 
C. Moyeri Nov 20, lS7't. P. O. Dublin. Pa l-\-irmer. 
Menu's. C: ' VIII^ Killie L. .Mover, b 14. issi. 

Vl|. John R. Landis. b NLir 22, 1S«.2. d Auir 12. 

Yl|. Reuben R. Lan.lis. b Oct 12. lSf.4. m Lizzie .M. 
Mover, Jan .^<», 1HS«., P. O. Dublin. P.i. I'anner. 
.M.-nn's. C: (VIII) Klnur .M. L.mdis. b Mar 11. iss7. 
Stella NL Landis. b Ai>r 22, 1SS«>. Annie Landis. b 
.\l.rl2. 1H«>2. Katii- Landis. b Sei>t P.. I^m;. 

V!|. K ',''••■ P. Landi^. b in Bucks Co. I'.i., June 1'., 


867, m Franklin L. Alderfer, Jan S, 1887. He was 
in Monto-. Co. Pa., Oct 11, 1864, P. O. Dublin, 
a. Farmer. Menn's. C: (Vi||) Cora L. Alderfer, 
» Jan 17, 1888, Horace L. Alderfer, b May 29, 1889. 
Vl|. Emma R. Lan lis, b Jan 5, 187U, m Edward 
ieacock, in 1887, P. O. Fountain ville. Pa. Farmer, 
eun's. C: (VHi) Willis Heacock, b Feb 2, 1888. 
Catie Heacock, b Sept 27,1889. Bessie Heacock, b 
uly 18, 1891. Mamie Heacock, b Nov 10, 1893. 
;iaude Heacock, b Aug- 11, 1896, d Mar 11, 1897. 
Varren Heact ck, b Dec 30, 1897. 
V|. Gcorye R. Landis, b in Bucks Co. Pa., Nov 2, 
828, m Barbara Moyer, daug-hter of William A. 
nd Sarah (Clemmerj Moyer, Nov 18,1860. She was 
Mar 1840, P. O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer. Menn's. 
:: Sarah, Daniel, William, John, Samuel. 
VIS- Sarah Landis, b 1861, m Daniel O. Landis, in 
880, P. O. Silverdale, Pa. Farmer. C: (Vll|) 
Abraham, Barbara, Ida, Samuel. 
V^j. Daniel M. Landis, M. D. b in Milford Twp. 
Jucks Co., Apr 17, 1864, m Lizzie Hedrick, in 1889. 
n March 1881 'he was sent to the Ouakertown high 
chool. In the winter of 1882 he resided with his 
mcle Dr. S. C. Moyer and attended the Lansdale 
lig-h school. His residence there no doubt had 
omething to do with his future profession. In the 
all of 1883 he began teaching- and taught for three 
uccessive winters. In the spring of 1884 he went 
ne course to the North Wales Academy. In the 
ummer of 1886 he took the study of medicine with 
lis uncle and in the fall of the year entered Hahne- 
nan Medical Colleg-e, of Phila., where he g-radu- 
.ted in April 1889 as doctor of medicine and doctor 
'f Homeopathic Medicine. He at once located at 
^erkasie, where he is still practicing- his profession, 
/[enn's. C: (VIII) Joycelm Landis, b May 2, 1892, 
: July 16. 1892. 

Vn. William M. Landis, b July 4, 1869, m Salome 
)etweiler, Nov 10. 1892, P. O. Garisville, Pa. Far- 

Vi|. John M. Landis, b Sept 25, 1876, P.O. Dublin. 
Samuel M. Landis, b Nov 15, 1884. 

V|. John Ivandis, b Mar 25. 1S.^2, d 1S7(.. m Deborah 

V- Christiana Kosenbcrg-or. d Sept 23, 1875, ni Dil- 
man Kulp. l-\-l) l.>. 1S2*». He was b ISO?, d 1SS2. 
Farmer. Mcnn's. C: Jacob, Isaac, Marv. CaihariuL', 

V|. Jacob K. Kul]). b Mar 14, is:.l. ni Marv Kuli.. 
1*. (). llatfiold. Pa. FarnKT. C: Henry, Diliuan, 

V|. Isaac K. Kulp, b I).c 4. 1S32, m Marv 
holizor, Oct 4, 1S57. F. O. llattiold. Fa. Farmer. 
Menn's. C: Catharine, Christine, Dilman, Marv, 
101 lamina, Fsther. 

Yl|. Catharine Kulp, 1» Au^ .^1, FSi.d, d ISGb. 

Vi|. Christine Kulp, b Ojt ">. FS'^.v m IFmi.'-v S. 
Weirman, Jan 5, ISS.v C: VIII Charles. 

Yll- Dilman Kulp, b Jan 15, ISi.i,, ni Clara J. (lOr- 
harl. May 2S, 1SS7. Printer, (ler. Ret. C: Vl|| 
IClmer, ICstella, iltc. 

Vlj. M:iry L. Kulp, b LS(,7, d FS77. 

Vlj. lOllainina Kulp, b and d June ISh'J. 

Vl|. Fsther Kulp. 1) Dec FS, 1,S71. d — . * 

V|. Marv Ann Kulp. b June 12. 18.^4, m Ilenrv .M. 
Kulp, is>'». i-^,rmer. Menn's. C: Yll Isaac K. 
Kulp, h Mar 21, ist,5. 

Y|. Catharine Kulp, b Apr 15, FS5f). d Au>;- 12, 
FS7S, m Samuel C Lcidy, dc'cd. C: Mary, Lvdia. 

VII- Mary A. Feidy, m \'aiiHuren Fut/, de'cd. No 
i->Niie. ^i 2nd husband. John A. Fluck. Xo issue. 

V||. I^vdia A. Fcidv, m i-'rank Feidv. 

V|. IClizabeth Kulp. b June 2S. 1S4S, d Apr 22. 
l.'sS5. m Ciiarles IC. Fall. No issue. 

V- Mary Kosenber^er, m Abraham (lehm.ui. C: 
Jacob. Catharine, Annie, Eli/abeth, .Maria. 

VI- F'fv. J.acob K. iielnnan, de\<l, iii Maria K'oM-n- 

Vj. Catharine < itliniaii, 

VI- .\nnie (, in Henry K. S\varlle\. 

VI ICli/abt'th Cehman . 

VI Maria Cehman . 

IV- 1 aac K'osenber^-er. Jr., b 17S2, <1 .May 1, iS55, 
m Susan Detweiler. She d 1S47. ( )\vned tlu- later 


Stong- farm from 1S0() to 1833, then removed to old 
ancestral home, now owned by Milton Jenkins. C: 
Mag-dalene, Martin, Mary, Isaac, Joseph, Sarah, 
Elizabeth, John, William. Isaac m 2nd wife, Eliz- 
abeth Benner. She d Dec 19, 188b. Farmer. Metn's. 

V- Mag-dalena Koscnherg-er, d in infanc}'. 

V. Martin D. Rosen bero-er,b in Montg-.Co.,Pa.,May 
24, 1805, d in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan 5, 1887, m Sarah 
Sellers, Aug- 2, 1832. Farmer. Menu's. C: 
Susanna, Isaac, Mar3% William, Franklin, Harvev. 
Martin m 2nd wife Elizabeth (xeil, Apr 9, 18+4. C: 
Aaron, Sarah. John. 

V|. Susanna Rosenberg-er, b Oct 17, 1833, d — , m 
Daniel Stout. C: Martin. John, Edward, Frank, 
Lizzie, William. 

V|. Isaac Rosenberger. b Oct 16, 1834, d Apr 17, 

V|. Mary Ann Rosenberger, b Mar 24, 1836, m 
John McCIintock, de'cd. C: (y||) Alexander, de'cd, 
Al1>ertus, John, George, Martin, de'cd, Grant, dec'd, 
Charles, de'cd, Mar3% de'cd, Lysander. 

Y|. William H. Rosenberger, b Nov 2, 1837, m 
Maria Alaurer, P. O. Hiiltown, Pa. C: Lizzie, 

Vl|. Lizzie Rosenberg-er, b Aug 22, 1858, 

Vfl- Orvilla Rosenberg-er, b Julv 5, 1871. 

V|. Franklin B. Rosenberger, b Aug 2(i, 1840, m 
Wilhelmina Ruth, P. O. SanAntonio, Texas. C: 
(VIII) Ella, de'cd, Maggie, Lizzie. 

VI- Harvey Rosenberger, b and d 1842. 

V|. Aaron G. Rosenberger, b June 3, 1845, d Aug 
6, 1845. 

V|. Sarah Elizabeth Rosenberger, b July 2, 1847, m 
Abraham Rickert, Jan 8, 1889, P. O. Hi'lltown, Pa. 
Farmer. Menn's. No issue. 

V|. John G. Rosenberger, b Jan 27,1849, m Wilhel- 
mina Beyer, Apr 12. 1873, P. O. Hiiltown, Pa. 
Farmer. Menn's. C: Harvev, Laura, William. 

V||. Harvey B. Rosenberger," b May 20, 1874. 

Vi|. Laura Rosenberger, b June 1, 1876. 

VII- William B. Rosenberger, b Dec 21, 1883. 

V- Mary Rosenberger, b at Line Lexington, Pa., 


Jail 4. lS(t4. (I Juiu- 12. 1S(,4. in Micliacl Snvder, — . 
Ho was I) Jan 2.>. 1S(I4. d Jan 2''. 1S<.7. 'Karnur. 
Lulh. (-': Simon. IClixala-lh. Isaac, William, 
Susanna. Williclmina. 

V|. Simt»n K.Sn\(lcr, (1 1SM5. m (": Martha, 

Klla, Kniorson, Mazioro. M 2ml wile Sarah - 

V||. Martha m Kil-ar Hull. ckVd. C- Ylll ) 
Truman. I'rt'slon. 

Vl|. Klla Snyder, m < ). Kldridsiv. 

VI IClizahelh Snyder, m Thomas Landis, de'ed. 
I": > VII ' <-'linltm. Sheplierd. Charles. Ccrald. All'nd, 
Tole<l... Marv. 

Vl|. Kaae K.Snvder. . 

V|. William K. Snvder. h F^eh 2. is;.(,. M Kmilv 
L. Ku.k. May S. ISi.'t, res 2:>2<. N. I'tlh St.. I'hila. 
C: Simon, Harriet, l*'lora, Susie, Weslev. Marion. 

V||. Simon L. Snvder, h June in. isjo", d Se'U 22. 

V||. Harriet L. Snvder, 1. Ovt 2t.. 1S72. K\s. 2544 
N. St.. Hhila..' I'a. S. 

V||. Flora M. Snvder. 1. ( Kt 4. 1S74. d Sej.t 14, 

Vl|. Su^ie I. Snvder, 1> Dec (., I.s7i.. d Sept 1(), 1S7'». 

Vl|. Wesk'v A. Snvder, h Mar 24, 1SS2. 

Vl|. Marion H. Snyder, 1. Feh 12. issf,. 

VI- Susanna Snv<ler, m Oliver (1. Morris. I*. (). Line 
LexiTit-ton. Ha. C: ■ VII) ^''Jirles, Norman. Mary. 

V|. Wilhelmina Snvder, h June 24, 1S44, m Jacob 
C. Yost, Mav 7, 1S(,4. H. (>. Wavne. H;i. IMeshv. 
1': Willard. i)ella. 

Vl|. Willard S. Yost, h Aj.r 27. is*.5. 

VII Delia Irene Yost. 1. Nov Ii>. lSi,7. 

V. Isaae I).«ier. h Mar lo. 1M4. d Dee H, 
is'Mi. m Kve SludKnlier};i r. Jan h. 1S.;7. She w;.s 
1. July 2.^. 1S17. d Jan (., ISt.S. Farmer. Kel' C\i. 
C: Isaac, John, I\lias, Levi. Mary. .Noah. Isaac m 
secon<l wife, Ji-ruslia Lellerds. Jan 22. 1S7<|. He 
was formcrlv a Justice of the Peace in H.itlield. 

VI- Is.-iac S. Kosenheryer. 1» near Hatfield, Monti,>-. 
C«»., I'.i.. Nov 2n. 1S.^S. d July 25. lS'»'i. ,n Sarah 
Har^jrave in 1H(.4, dauf^^hler o| J(din Hart,'-ravi', of 
Dovlestown. Pa. Durini^' his vounyer da vs lie tau^^ht 

DKSci:.\i).\xTs or isaac kosknbkk(;kk 235 

school, later entered the foundrv business as hook- 
keeper for Abram Cox, of Philadelphia. On Julv 
17. lSr,4. he enlisted in Co. B, 31st Re,!;- P. li. 
Cuards to protect tlie City and State. After his 
discharg-e he returned t(> Philadel{)hia and eng-aged 
in the grocery business. In 18()() he moved to 
Punxsutawney, Pa., and made his home, doing a 
very prosperous business in general merchandise in 
which he had been engaged until a short time be- 
fore his death. He was an accive member and work- 
er in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church from his 
advent in Punx>utawney. and was a member of the 
Mas(mic Fraternity for thirty- five years, originally 
oi Girard Lodge, No. 214, of Philadeljjhia, and lat- 
erly of John W. Jenks Lodg-e, No. 33, of l:*unxsu- 
tawne}'. Pa. He was also a member of the Inde- 
pu-ndent Order of Odd Fellows. Isaac S. Rosen- 
berger was a man of excellent qualities. He was 
honorable with his dealings with his fellow-men, 
loyal to liis friends and a good neighbor. C: Marv, 
Ella, William, Charles, Noah, Levi, Anna, Watson. 

Vl(. Mary Elizabeth Rosen berger, b Apr 9, 1865, 
m Lou Pantall, Aug S, 1887, P. O. Punxsutawnev, 
Pa. Cashier in Bank. Cum. Presby. No issue. 

Vil- Ella Eve Rosenberg-er, b Nov 2, 18(>(), m Isaac 
L. Smith, Aug 24, 18<)2. P. O. Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Cum Presby-. No issue. 

Vl|. William Isaac Rosenberger, b at Punxsutaw- 
ney, Jeffcrscm Co., Pa., Oct 4, fS()S, m Maude 
Stiver, Nov 4, l')<)3, P. O. Punxsutawney, Pa. 
When quite voung- he attended the ])ublic schools 
ami clerked in his father's store until he was 17 
vears of age, when he entered the emi)loy of the 
Coal and Iron Co. stores at ^Valston and was em- 
ploved bv them for thirteen vears. Tiring- of the 
mercantile business he went into the lumber busi- 
ness with A. M. Armstrong and had a very success- 
ful business, Mr. Armstrong retiring from the 
Penna. field and Mr. Rosenberger succeeding-. Mr. 
Rosenberger is a prominent member of the Knights 
of the Gohlen Eagle, being District (irand Chief 
of Jefferson Co., and a member of .\Lihoning Castle, 


Nil. 2t>»», for 17 \cars. Nc» issue. 

V||. I liarUs (i. l\'osfnli«.T«;«.r. b Mav !•». 1S7(». m 
Laura .\Kl"iill..ui;h. ( Kl !'». lS'>2.Kcs. 2013, N. ISih 
St., IMiila.. I'a. (.'k-rk in {^roccrv store. 

V||. N..,.!i N. K'oscnl.orjic'r. h j'an "i. 1S74. m .\(la 
lilcv, Jan •'. IS'tti, Res. 7lli and l-'airniouiU .\\i., 
IMiila.. l*a. C'krk in j^rocery store. L": VIII 
IClizaltetli. Charles. Anna, Arthur. 

Vl|. Lr\ i L. Kosonl»er»^er. \> No\ 11. Sarah 
Il.iuek, 1*. (). Kossitter. Pa. 

Vjj. .\nna I'aul Kosenberyer. 1. Mar 12. l>;7't. 

V||. Wat-^on 'i\ Kosenherj^er, h Sept 2t.. issti. K\s. 
\\ ashinj^ton, I). C. Soldier iji l'. S. Army. 

V|. John S. K..sonlier<4er. ' twin > h Nov 2't, IS.^S. d 
Any 4, is.=>.=i. 

VI Klias S. Koscnl.erg-er, h Feb 1. 1S4(». d Aj.r 1''. 

V|. Ia\ i A. Kosenber^-er. 1) l)ec2'i, 1S42, ni Amanda 
Crator. On Julv 1.^. l.^''^, as he was driving- a 
ht)rse and carriajjfe to market in lMnla(kdi)hia the 
y^irth on the horse became loose and the animal be- 
came frightened and started to run away. His son 
Waller who was with him jumj)ed out and escaped 
injury, but .Mr. Kosenberf^er was thrown \iokntlv 
to the i>avenHnt. lie was taken to St. .Marv"s 
IIosi)ital wliere he died in the exeniny-. He served 
in the late civil war as a Serj»eant in (.'o. I). I(i4 
Ref^iment I'a. \'ol. He was cai»tured bv the rebels 
in 1S».2 but after a short captivitv was jiaroled and 
rejoined the ref^iment. He was selected to blow up 
the Maf^-axine <»f Battery (irej^^y. a strong sand fort 
in the rear of l'\irl \\'a^•ner on .Morris Island. Ik- 
was the lirst IVesident Survivors Association. l<Mth 

l*a. \'<d. ami was verv eflicienl in ]>roniotinL; ils 
inti-rests. t": Randle, Isabella. W'allir. 

VlJ. l\'andlet\ Rosen l)er','-er. M. 1 >. b .Mar 4. 1,S7.^, 
m Klla Schoch, Sept 2.s. IS'i'i. K'.s. :.v;o N. I ^tli St. 
I'hila. Pa. IMivsician. 

VIJ. Isabella Rosen l)eryer. 

VIJ. Walter L. Rosenbery-er. b Nov 12. Is7s. Re^. 
I'lula. Pa Whok-sale Druj^s. 

VI- .Mary Iv Rosenberj^er. b Aul; ''. lS4.s. d Sept 


14, 1873, m Charles Dichl. C: Mary, Isaac. 

VJ. Noah N. Rosen beri^-er, b June 4,1 8:^2, m Amanda 
Kellar, Sept 1875, Kes. 2231 N. 3oih St. Phila. I'a. 
Manufaciurer of cotton and Woolen g-oods. Ref. 
Ch. C: . VII 1 Alverda C. Rosen])erg-er, b May 21, 
1870, I VII ' Stewart K. Rosen herg-er, b Nov 29, I882', 

(VII) Kstella K. Rosenberg-er, b Nov 29. 1S87, (Vll)' 
Russell K. Rosenberg-er, b Apr 24, 1895. 

V. Elizabeth Rosenberg-cr, b Mar 6. 1816. d Nov 
17, 18'>3. m John Eckhart, Nov 27. 183:). He was 
b June 28, 1814, d May 13, 183?). Farm-r. Luth. 
C: Susanna, Mary, Elmina, Ann, Oliver. Elizabeth 
m 2nd husband Michael Snyder. 

V|. Susanna Eckhart, b Apr 5, 1838, d Oct 20, 
1896, m Leidy Scheip, Dec 25, 1855. P. O. Chal- 
font. Pa. Merchant and farmer. Ref. Ch. C: Mary, 
(i.H»rg-e, Ella, John, Infant. 

VII. Mary E. Scheip, b May 1'), 1838, d Feb 1859. 

Vl|. George C. Scheip, b Dec 27, 185' , d Sept 1862. 

VII Ella M Scheip, b Apr 26, 1867, a Nov 4. 1896, 
m Erwin T. Johnson, M D , Mar 11, 1886 P. O. 
Hilltown, Pa. Practicing- physician. Ref. Ch. C: 

(VIII) Susanna, Margaret, Raymond. 
V||. John S. Scheip, b and d Jan 1868. 

VI- Mary C. Eckhart. b June 14, 1840, d Apr 24, 
1883, m Lee M. Fluck. P. O. Souderton, Pa. C: 
Ariemus. Szc. 

Vj. Elmina Eckhart, b Aug: -5, 1842, m Samuel G. 
Kerns. P. O. Chalfont, Pa. Luth. C: Franklin, 
Willard, Oliver. 

Vj|. Franklin P. Kerns, m Anna Toy. 

Vl|. Willard Kerns, d youny-. 

Vj|. Oliver P. Kerns. " S. 

V|. Ann E. Eckhart, b Apr 4, 18()8. S. 

VJ. Oliver P. Eckhart, b Jan 27, 1852, d 1870. 

V. Joseph Rosenberg-er, d Mar 31, 1877, m Mary 
Ruth. She d July 21, 1881. Farmer and merchant. 
He was prominently identified with township and 
county affairs, yet in no sence of the word a poli- 
tician. He was also a director of the Doylestown 
Bank. Menu's. C: Henry, William, Susanna, 
Emma. Anna, Isaac, Joel, Aaron, Elizabeth, Charle?. 


liii Ki oj.Mii.iii.l.K lilSTiiKY 

VI IKnrv Ki.senbcrjicr. h \i-?,7, d ]H^(,. 
V'. William K.i>«.iil.«.r'^».r. (lce-ca>ctl. 

VI- Susanna K«tM-ni)trgt r. b (ki -4. Is.Vi. 
KcuU'ii Alilerfer. ^Wx\\. FaniKr. .M,ii:i 
I, .(lira. Slank-y. 

VII- Laura Altk-rlcr, in Sainucl !.. RosciihcrLi^ r. 
Vll- Stanley Altlcricr. tl iniaiu. 

V|. Kmiiia K..sonlK'r;ccr. b Auy 21. I,s41. d 1>S(,, m 
Abrain llun->biTii*.r. »U».'<i. No i>suc. Mic in 2ii(l 
luuband William Soudcr. No issue. 

VI- Anna M. Koscnberfccr, b Feb 12. lsi4. m 
Mahlon H. Mvcrs. Feb IS, lst.4. I '. ( ». l\rkasio. 
Pa. Mcrchani." Ucr. Kci. «.': Vll Kmnia J.. Mvcrs! 
b Nov Kt. 1S(,4, (1 Feb 2S. lS(,'i A dau-,'-liier still- 
born 1S70. A son stillborn l!S73. 

V|. Isaac K. Rosen bcr^er^cr, b Julv Ir'. ls4(.. m 
Harriet lirunner, dauyhiLT ot William lirunntr. d 
Challont. Pa., Dec 4, 1S(.(.. She \va> b Feb K., 
1.S4S. .\Ir. Koj^enberj^^cr spent his early life on his 
father's farm ilurin;,'- the summer months and at 
the district school in the winter season, until he 
was 15 years of as^-e. From that time until he ar- 
rived at the ajre of 21 years he performed such 
w )rk as was necessary upon the farm, in the store 
and lumber yard. After that he worked a farm on 
his own account for himself and in IS72 he located 
at C)lmar and enuaj^fed in the wholesale and retail 
Hour, Jeed, coal, hay and jdiosphate liusiness. Here 
he conducted business alone until l.SHl, when he ad- 
mitted his brother. Charles K., as partner. In iN.s.^ 
the Kosenber^^-er Brothers extended their business 
by buil(Hn<c a larye warehouse at Dovlestown and 
later at Huckin^jham. Northeast I'enn Railroad, 
wjcre they are eny:ajred in the same trade a^ at C< 
mar. C: .Mary. Harrin<it..n, l-'iora. F.lla. (. ii 
W illiam. 

Vll- Marv Alice Roseiiber-rer, b .\i.r 
Sept 2't, ISHl. 

VII- Harrini^'-ton Rosenlierj^er. b Oct 27. Ix.'i. [». 
1 '. i.'(dmar, I'a. 

V||. 1-Mora Kstella Ro>enber«^er. b June 4, 1S71. d 
Jul e 2(1. 1.S7(.. 

a I" 

1 1 - 

12. ISI.S, d 


Vl|. Ella Blanche Roscnhcrocr, b Mar A, 1S7.^ in 
\\ lis. n D. Godshall. T. ( ). lvaii:,claie, Pa. C: < V|i! ' 
Lei;n Godshall, b Apr 27, LS'i.S. 

VII- Charles Grant Kosenberger, b Dec 4, 1S74. P. 
( ). Lolniar, Pa. 

VlJ. William K()senber^i>-er, ]) Sept 20, 1877. 

Vj. Joel Rosen berii-er,'b Alay 24, 1848; ni Sallie 
Mover, Apr 30, 18/2. She \vas b Jan P>, 1854. 
Res. 851 N. Sth St.. Phila., Pa. Boarding- House. 
Presby. C:iV||) Juseph Ai. Rosenbtrg-er, b Aug- 
17, 1873. (tfjj) ILjvvard Nor, nan R )seni)jrg-er, b 
May 5, 1877, d Aug- 5,1877. iVH) Rae Kli^aDeth 
RosenLerg-er, b Dec 22, 187S. 

V|. Aaron Rosenberger, (twin) b May 24, 1S48, d 

Vi- Klizabcth Rosenberger, b Mar 10, 1850, m 
lOdward Jones. P. O. Richboro, Pa. Merchant. 
Presby. C: ( Vl| J Mary, Cora. 

VI- Charles R. Rosenberger, b Feb 28, 1854, m 
Amanda Fluck. P O Colmar, Pa Partner with 
his brother Isaac. C: ( YIJ i Liz^'^ie, Bertha, Elijora, 
Raymond, Grace, Blain, Daisy, Marie 

V- Sarah Rosenberger, b — , d Sept 1871,m Jacob 
Ruth. He d in Phila., Nov 20, 1865. Farmer. 
Menu's. C: Aaron, Isaac, Susanna, Mary, Eliza- 
Ijeth, Henry, Sarah. 

Vi- Aaron Ruth, b Jan 11, 1S2V), d July 1, 1873, m 
Mary Jacquemin, 1857. She was b in Louisville, 
Ky.," in 1840, d at Decatur, 111., Aug 13, 1878. 
Merchant. Mr. Ruth Alenn. Airs. Ruth Catholic. 
C: Lillie, Sallie, Alartineaux, Hettie, Joseph, Annie, 

Vil Lillie Ruth, b in 1858, d in 1887. 

VII- Sallie Ruth, d young-.' 

Vl|. Alartineaux Ruth, d young. 

Vi|. Hettie Ruth, d young-. 

Vlj. Joseph L. Ruth, b ' at Decatur, 111., Oct f>, 
18(j3, p. (). Tacony, Phila., Pa. Iron moulder. 
Free Thinker. S. " 

Vl|. Annie Ruth, b Dec 12, 1866, m H. W. Measell, 
Res. 82, First Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

|. Sadie Ruth, b Alav 16,'l86'J, P. O. Lcxingtjn, ' 


Tin-: Kosi;.NBKKi.ii:K HISTuK^ 

Ky- Teacher. (Sister Alma) at Si. C.iiharin cs 
Ai.a(lemy, L.'.xin^ton, Kv. C.itlioli,-. 

V|. Isaac Kutli. h in Kiuks t"u.. l';i.. Sept .^|^ 1S,U, 
111 MisMHiri llii^h. June 20, I.S(,l, Kv-s. (>81M. Letter- 
\\ St.. I'hila.. l*;i. iiricklayrr. lOpiscpaliaii. T: 
Jac«>l>. Harry. .Morris. Samuel. Hannah, Frank. 

Yll- .l.i.o!. K'uih. i. Nnv 24, ISiK^. \u K.itc Wain;.^-. 
Mie il Juiu- 2. ISM.;. KV's. 1S14 Ldicrlv St.. PhiuH, 
Pa. L': YIN' KluKT A. Kuth, h June 2.>, 1SS(,, 
Harrv S. Kuth. b Oct K.. ISSs. Jacob Wesley Kuth 
1. Dec 2, 1S'»(). 

Vfl Harrv Kuth, h July 12. IS(,5. d Julv 1. 1S7(». 

Vl|. Morris Kuth, 1. Oct 4, 1S()8, m Marv llr.Kilev. 
Kes. 1S14 Letterlv St., IMiila., Pa. C: Vill Kate 
Kuth. I) Aj)r '), IS'il. M..rris Kuth, I. Julv 2.>. is'/.,. 

VII Samuel Kuth, b Jan 27. 1S71. ,i Mar 1. 1S71. 

V||. Hannah Kuth. b Jan 27. 1S7;^. m e haries t.\ 
Curry. Res. .V»=i.=^ Lawrence St.. Phila.. Pa. C: 

Vlir Charles C. Curry, b Jan .^, is't.;. ,i i.\.|, n^ 
l.s'*.^, Hannah Kuth Currv, 1) Jan 27, is'tK lOsther 
M. Curry, b Auj^- .U. IS' 17. 

Vll l-Vank Kuth, b Jan 1, 1S7"), Kes. 1S14 Letterlv 
St.. Phila.. Pa. 

V|. Susanna Kuth, b Apr 2n, lS.v^. ,i Mar 7. 1S71, 
m Charles Heller. May, ISM. C: Frank, Kmma! 
Kllwoud, Cornelius. 

VII Frank Heller. P. O. Tacony. Pa. 

VII ICmma Heller, m Thomiisou. 

VII- lOlwood K. Heller, 1) Nov. 1. lSJ,.s. m J.nuie T. 
Bvcrs, Oct 2(», IS'X,. Kes. 834 N 2(.th St.. Phila. .Pa. 
Stonecutter. Pre>bv. C: Ylll ' l-lwoo.l Heller, b 
.Mar 2.>, 1H<)7. 

VII Cornelius Heller. 

Vl- Mary A. Kuth. b Sej.t. 22. is.^^4. d Nov.. ls57. 
m Joseph S\vartle\. 

V|. Kli/.abeth Kuth, b Apr l.v 1S.^7. il Oct 12, 1S57, 
111 Samuel W. nines. 

V|. Henrv Kuth. b Sept Hi. IS.Vt. m M.nv 11. Chal- 
lis. lH7.^. Kes. 22K. N Kith I'hila.. P.i. .No issue. 
V|. Sarah Kuth. b Sej.t Id. 1S41, d Julv .>, ls,s7. 
V \N'illiam !>. K'o >enberj.^-er. decM.. in .M.ilinda 
.N'e 'ary.di-c'd. .Merciianl. .Mi. K'' 's. iiberi^er < luaki'r. 


C: (Yr> William, others diod infants. 

V- John Uecatur K()senl)cro-er, 1) Dec 2'), lS2l),d Dej 
2'', ISS ). m Elizabeth Johnson, <lee\l. C: Kllwood. 
John m second wife Isabelle McCormick, June 12, 
1S(,|. Produce merchant. Presbj. C: Ahmza, Mary. 

V!. EllwoodJ. Rosen bero^-er, 1) "in Phihi., Pa., Aug" 
2'>. 1S54. m Martha S. Kckman, Mav «, 1S77, P. (). 
Munith, Mich. Kmployed by (Irand Trunk K. R. 
Co. Meth Ep. C: ( Vl!) Erank W. Rosenberg-er, b 
June 3, 1881, Marguerite A. Roscnberger, 1) Oct 1, 
1883, Mary E. Rosenberg-er, b Aug 10, 1885, d Sept 
1!». 1899, Grace G. Rosenberger, b Oct 1, 1887. 

YJ. Alonzo Potter Ro^enb^rg-er, b Sspt 6, IBS.^d, m 
Katharine Myers, Nov 4. 189f), P. (). Ogontz, Pa. 
President of the Whiting- & K(^senberg-erCo.,Phila., 
Pa. I'rot. Ep. No issue. 

Vj. Mary E. Rosenberger, b Nov 17. 1874, P. O. 
Jacksonville, Fla. Prot. Ep. S 

iV Anna Rosenberger, m Swenk. C: John, 

Kaac, Abraham, Elizabeth, Christiana 

JV- Elizabeth Rosenberger, m Henry Wireman. C: 
Michael, Martin, Isaac, Sophia, Catharine, Chris- 
tiana. Annie, Elizabeth. 

V- Michael Wireman, m Catharine Wisler. C.- 
Eliza, Henry. John, Martin, Isaac, Jacob, Abra- 
ham, Catharine, Sophia, Michael. 

V- -Martin Wireman, d s. 

V- Isaac Wireman, m Delp. C: Sophia, Eliz- 
abeth. He m 2nd wife, Barbara Stauffer. C: Wm. 

V- Sophia Wireman. S. 

V- Catharine W^ireman, b Apr (>, 18()8, d Apr 28, 
1877. M Peter Hines, Dec 13.1827, b Dec lb, ISOI, 
Feb 7, lcS44. Farmer. Menn's. C: Eliza, Samuel, 
Henry, Joseph, Sophia, Marv. 

V8. Eliza Hines, b Nov 3, 1828, P. O. Chalfont,Pa. 

VJ. Samuel W. Hines, b Aug 7, 1830, m Elizabeth 
Ruth, Apr 18, 185<). C: Clara. Samuel m 2nd wife, 
Susan Garner, Dec 31, 1864, P. O. Lansdale, Pa. 
Shoemaker. Baptists. C: Emma, Mary, Toleda, 
George, Thomas, Frank, Ada, Laura. Mr. Hines 
enlisted in the 4th Reg-iment, Company G, P. R. V. 
C, May 29, 1861, for the term of three years. He 


was proiiioU-*! t<» 5ili seryoant. and i ariioipatcd in 
Ihf ft>ll«»\vinj4- I'altKs, vix: Mcthanicsv ille, June 2(., 
1S(,2: (Jaincs Hill. June 27. KS72. (."liarles e'iiv. 
K..a<ls. June ;%iM.s<.2; Malvern Ilill.JuIv 1 1S«,2; 2n(l 
Hull Kun, Auy 2. lSt>2; Situlh Mnuniaiii. Srj.t 14. 
1S(,2; Antietani. Sept 17,1St,2; Frederi.ksj.ui <i. \ \y- 
k>. 1S(,2. and l-'loyds Ml., Western \'ir<4inia. Mav 
1S(>4. In n<»ne of the battles did he receive s«» niueii 
as a scraleh. Mr was mustered out of service June 
17. 1S»,4. 

VII tMara llines, h Mar 2o. is.=.7. d ( ). t 17. 1S57. 
VI! ICinnia llines. h Apr 7. lS(,'».ni J. 11. .\Kredith, 
1'. O. Ivvland. Pa. I'arnier. Ha])lists. No issue 

VII Miry nines, h D.c 1 I. IS7ti. m J. \V. Uoorse. 

r. ( ). Lansdale. Pa. Clerk. Mrs. Boorse Baptist. 

C:..VII| IClla Bourse, h ( )ct ->. ls'>3. >V|||) Bertha 

Bourse, 1. June 1'*, IS').^. Vril Frank Bot.rse. 1. Dec 

22, 1K'>(,, VIII ' e'harles \incent Boorso, b Sept bi, 

VII Toleda nines, b Aui,-- 2, 1S74. m IMiilip S. 
Frv, Kes. 12:>1 Firth St.. IMiila.. Pa. CKrk. Bap- 
tists. No issue (IS'JM). 

VII- (leorj^-e Meade llines. b Wc 12. 1S75. d Dec 

2S. 1S7.=^. 

VII- Thomas Weslev M. llines. b Nnv 24, 1S7(). d 
Auir 2:>. 1S77. 

VII 1-Vank Ma;.;ilton llines. b June is. l,s7s. 

VI|. Ada llines. b \k\- 2(1, ISSd. 

Vll- Laura (;. llines. b Oct 2'», 1SS2. d Julv 7,lS<i(». 

V|. Henry W. Hines. bin Bucks Co.. Pa..' Aui^- .%. 
1S.^2. m e'hristiana (iarner. Dec 1.^ ls.s«). She d 
Oct 2. lS(,.s. C: Kdward, Watson. Kstella. Willie. 
Henry m 2nd wife, Priscilla (iarj^es. .Mav IS. 1S72. 
P. O. Challont. Pa. Wheelwrif^ht and undertaker. 
BapiiNts. C: Albert. 

VII- ICciward (i. llines. b Nov '», is.=^7. m Sallie 
I'.arnard liensi.n, of Phila., Pa., June '». iSSd. Res. 
"»1(. N. i.sth St.. Phila., Pa. Travelinir salesman. 

V||. i:stella Hiius. l.O.i 22. isi.o. m Wils<.n W. 
1 •> '.\>. Nov. .=., IS'U. 

Vil Willie liines. b .May 2. ls<o. ,1 Julv , lS<o. 


VI!. Albert (1. Hines, b Dec 33, 1S75. 

V|. Joseph nines, b in llucks C\.., Oct (>, 1S34, ni 
Cordelia (iarner, P. (). Lansdale, l*a. 

Vj- Sophia Uines, b in Jiucks Co. .Pa.. Jan 2, 1837, 
ni Gcorg-e Shcllenberoer, of Hatlield Tw]).. Mont"-'. 
Co., Pa., Dec 24, 1859. He was b Jan 31. l,S39,'^d 
Oct 12. 1S!)(). (;er. Ref. Ch. C: Leidv, Wilson, 
Amanda, Milton, Infant, Elmer, Laura, "Kmma. 

Vj|. Leid}' Shellenberg-er, b Aug- 2, 1S()1, ni Marv, 
daughter of Joseph Detweiler. Oct 11 , 1S,S4 P () 
Ilattield, Pa. Ger. Ref. C: ( VIII ) Frank Shel'len- 
berg-er, b Mar 10, 1885, Stella Shellenberger, b Feb 
3, 1888, Arthur SheHenberg-er, b Dec 31, 18'>1, 
Joseph Shellenberger, b Jan 2, 1894, Emma Shell- 
enberg-er, b Aug- 2b, 1895, Elmer I). Shellcnbero-cr, 
b Sept 12, 1898. 

Vlj. Wilson Shellenberg-er, b July 7, 1863, P. O. 
Hattield, Pa. Ger. Ref. S. 

V||. Amanda Shellenbergt r, b June 29, 1866, P. O. 
Hatfield, Pa. Ger. Ref. S. 

Vl|. Milton Shellenberger, b Jan 16, 1870, m Mary 
Ford, Oct 2<.. 1895, Res. Phila., Pa. Ger. Ref. No 

Vll- Infant b and d 1873. 

Vij. Elmer Shellenberger, b June 1, 1874, P. O. 
Hattield. Pa. Ger. Ref. 

V!!- Laura Shellenberger, 1) and d 1881. 

Vi|. Emma Shellenberg-er, b Dec 4, 1878, P. O. 
Hatfield, Pa. Ger. Ref. 

V|. Mary Hines, b Sept 18, 1839, d July 11, 1855. 

V- Annie Wireman, m John Apple. 

V- Christiana Wireman, m Francis Davis. C: { VI) 
Carmine, Ang-eline. 

V- Elizabeth Wireman, m John McKinney. C: 
Rebecca, Elizabeth, Jacob, Mary and others. 

i)KS(i:.M>.\.\'r^ oi' ANN K(»m:m;i:i>:(;i:k\ 
DAiuii TKK ( »!•■ i>a.\ii:l k( )si:n i:i:ia i i:k. sk. 

III. Ann KoMiihciLit. r. m Mi^li;ul K«)ll). I": lI«.Kn;i, 
Isaac, liarhara. 

IV Ilck-na Kulji. in Michael Woierman. Kcs. 
llaUlclil. Pa. C': V Klizal.olh NWicrniau. V 
Ma yd a Ion a Wcicrnian. 

lY- Isaac Kulp. 

lY- Barbara Kulp. ni Jaml) (i».-isin«jfer. C'. Y 
llrnry (ieisinycr. 

Y- Michael lioisinijcr. 

DArClITlOK ol" DANIiiL 1\'< )Si;M ;i:k(; i:k. 

III. Mary Kosenherj^er, 1> ah<tul ITfs. d Jan 2.^, 
lS(i5, ni \'alenline Kralz, son ot John X'alcnline 
Krat/., who was til a noble and titled laniily, ol" 
Switzerland, that throuj^h ]>ersecutiim and e.\ile 
lost their birthri<^'-ht. The laniily were dri\en 
to Alsace and later John \ alentine Kratz enii-; rat- 
ed to America, arri\ inj.; on the ship "l-VieTidshiii" 
October K.. 1727. See Krat/. llistorv. 

lY- Ann Krat/. b Nov 17. 177s. d ( ), t 2-4. I,s22. S. 

lY- I'aniel Krat/., in liiist. Lived near K'n- 

i luster, N. v., where he die<l without is^-ue. 

lY. X'alentine Krat/., b Feb 5. 17S.v d Oct 2''. IM..^, 
in Koyer, (witlow. lui- t'hrisiman i. She d 

Oct 24, 1S22. C": Jonas. X'aleiitiiie. .\larv, .Ann. 
(leor^e. X'alentiiie in 2nd wite. .Mar\ DetweiKr, 
• widow.) Slie d .\Iart>. lM.i>. 1". inner in I'reder- 






— ! 







DESCENDANTS OI" :\I Am K()SI.:\ lU! KC, i.; k 245 

kk Twix, Monty-. Co. Menn's. C: Jacob, Rebecca, 
Uanicl, Sarali. bsthcr, Hannah. 

ly. Al)rahani Kratz, b Auy 2F\ 17SS, d l.\>i, n 
1S7(), m Elizabeth Cassel. She d Nov ') ISbl l.^n-' 
rner in Skippack Twp. Menn's. C: Marv, .b.lm 
Jacob, Lvdia, Abraham, Daniel, K!i>;al>elh" Cathi- 



, ni 
' ir- 

IV- John Kratz, b Apr 27, 17SS. d (),-t 21 1,S'>() 
Catharine Uetweiler. Shed Mar S, is'f,4 l~i' 
in Skippack Twp. C: Henrv, Jacob. 
JV. Isaac Kratz, b Nov 13,1790, d Julv 13. ISf.S 
Catharine Hunsicker. She d Aug- 24, lSf,4 i- 
mer. ^^lenn's. C: Valentine, '"wiiliam," Ann 
Alary-aret, Elizabeth, Catharine, Marv, Isaac. 

!¥ Uavid Kratz, b Mar 14, 1 7'»2. d Jan 27. 1S7'> 
m Ann Lederach. She d Sept (., ],S(„S. "Pariner' 
Menn's. C: Henrv, William. 

IV- William Kratz, b 17'M, d 1834, m Marv 
Rosenberg-er, in 182u. She d ISf.b. Lived in Hilj- 
town, Bucks Co. Weaver, Menn's. C- Jesse 
Samuel, Henrv, Uavid, Sarah, Hannah. 
i y. Jesse Kratz, b Oct S. 1S2J, m Susanna Heistand, 
Oct 20, 1S44. P. O. Perkasie, Pa. Farmer. Menu's 
^C: Abraham, William, Alarv. Lizze, Albert, David, 
iHenry, Susan, Jesse, Annie, Marcus. He m ■'n(i 
!wise Catharine Freed. She d ]8'»7. 

y. Samuel R. Kratz. b Oct 18, 1824, m Elizabeth 
'iiunsber--er, 18 S3. P.O. Hebron, Neb. Farmer. 
Cer. Bap. C: William, Emma, Sarah, Oeorg-e, 
-vlarv, Isaiah, Hannah, David, Elmer, Jacob, 
Amanda. Eohriam, Anna, Samuel, Lvdia, Cornelius. 
V- Henry R. Kratz. b Feb 2f), 1827," m Sarah Delp. 
>lie d 1865. C: Mary, Clayton, William, Catharine, 
lie m 2nd wife Levina Fluck. Farmer, Hatfield, 
Pa. Ger. Bap. C: Harry, Ella, Martha. 
V- David Kratz, d young-. 

V- Sarah Kratz, b Sept ^25, 1831, d Mar 29, 1S77, 
11 Valentine Kratz 1852. He d— . Farmer. Menn's. 
. : Mary, Allen, William, Abraham, Valentine, 
I obias, Henry, Sarah, Emma, Laura. 
V- Hannah Kratz, d voung-. 
IV. Jacob Kratz, b Jiine 24, 1798, d Aug- 25, 18S], 

24<» Till-: Kt)Si:\Bi;K(;KH mistokv 

in Mar\ Siovi-r. Slu- \v;is 1. is mi. ,1 1\-1, I.;. ls.s7. 
l-'ariner < n his fatlier's lariii. .\K-nn's. T: Jdliu. 
Rachel. ICli. Marv, David, Hatinali. l-'^r comjtlcU' 
rc».ttr<ls t>l X'aliMUinr ami .Mar\ Kn-^i n!it r^ii i" i 
Kralz. Me Krat/, Faiuilv Hi^tnl•v. 

JOHN ROSKNIiKKCllK'. sK\. OF 1 1 ATI"! llLh. 

||. John Koscnhcrj^L-r. 1. 1724,(1 ISiis. In "KriLlo"* 
}irav(.var(l lies the body ot Jdlianiu-s Rosen 1)0 rji-or, 
i> 1724, (1 l!^ns. aifcd S4 years. During- his litelinie 
he purchased niaiiv hundred aeres ot land. His 
aniltition was li» j.i'ive a tarni lo caeh ol his children. 
The site of Ilattield village and station was owiu-d 
l)V him. lli> lands e.xtended Iroin thence to the 
Franconia line and even heyond. They covered an 
fxtreniely level territory, with extensive meadow-. 
In the northern end ot Ilattield villas^e and clo^e t<» 
the eastern side of tlu- railroad are the modern 
farm huildinj^s formerly lielon^.^inj^ to Fno> Kriehle. 
IKre was the site of the old homestead of John 
Rosenher^rer. The old lo«4- house stood there until 
1SS4 and was torn down and tlu- old harn was de- 
strovfd hy fire. At the uj>jier road cr»)ssinj,'- of the 
lirook, <»n tlu- western side, may he seen a de])res- 
sion or htdi- in tlu- hank, ahout which trees of con- 
siderahU- size are j^rowin*;. This was the site (d a 

^ri^t mill, which was luiilt lu-fore the Re\o!ulion. 

rile land >n\ which it was huilt was jmrchashed hv 
him in 17t»'» and the mill huilt soon after. It 
the lirst mill erected in this rei,'-ion. It was lorn 
<lown hv Peter (.\»nver in lS2o. The ]>lace wlure 
stood the old mill is now on the premisesof William 
Deljt. The lands of J«din Rosenl)erjrer was com- 
prised <d at least .^^>S acres ]iurchased before the 
Iv'evolutioii ami at later perio<ls he purvhased se\- 



er;il ImiKlred more. Tho laniis now owiimI bv 
Jacol) Kulp. William Dolj), iOnos Krieble, John 
Kosciiberyer, John Kindio-, jacobv ()U,J VVireinan, 
Abraham (Tcliman J. I), (k'hman, besides smaller 
lots of the villa<j;-e of Haltield, belonjjj-ed to Jolm 
Rosen ber>4er. John Rosenberoer was twiee married, 
his lirst wife's name was Barbara and his sejond 
wife'sname was Christiana, maiden names unknown. 
He was a Mennonitc and was one of the four trus- 
tees to whom was deeded the lot where stands the 
Line Lexin<>-ton Mennonite Meeting-house. C: 
Martin, Aljraham, John, Ik-njamin, D.uiiel, Henry, 



III. Martin Rosenberg-er, b about 1753, d July 1781, 

m Elizabeth . He became a miller and to him 

his father sold 77 acres in 177^). He died when a 
Youny- man, leaving four minor children. He made 
his will February 1781, in which the mill and ])l:'in- 
tatioTi were ordered to be rented until his youn<.;-est 
child was eig-hteen, then to be sold and pro'Ceeds 
divided between the widow and four children Mis 
real estate was sold to Peter Conver in 179*K The 
old mill property has been ow^ned since 1874 Ijy 
William Delp. C: John, Elizabeth, Mary- 

IV. John Rosenberg-er lived at Mt. Bethel, Pa. 
IV. Elizabeth Rosenberg-er, . 

IV. Mary Rosenberg-er, . 

IV. Rosenberg-er, . 

l)i:Se'KNl)ANTS Ol-- AIIKAIIAM K'( )SI:N 1:i:K- 

ci'.Kv SON or .loiiN K'()m-:.\i;i:k(,i:k'. sk. 

III. Al.raham R<.scnlK rwtr. M Mar.nar*. I Morris. 
'I.. Abraham was cduvcvcd in 17'»4. 144'.. acres in 
Frano(»nia. whicli was aiiuthtr portion oi land 
bou«-lu<.l llK-Clil.l.orn Wilscsn estate I. v John Kosen- 
hert^er in 17"»(i. h is now the larni ot" J<.hn I.oux 
C: John. Mary. Anne. Kli/.al.elli. 

IV- -'«'hn Kosenl)erfier, h Sej)! 4, iSnl. ,1 l.\i, 17^ 
1S4N, m Klizabeth Swart/.. SIu- d Sept 1.^. ]H2H. 
C^: Abraham. Mary. Jonatlian. John lii 2nd wile 
Kli/.abeth Kckhart. Farmer in lIucUs L«»untv. l*a. 
Menn's. C: (;eor«re, Sarah. Levi, I01i/.abeth,"john. 

y. .\braham K(»senl)ery\r. d inlant. 
y. -Mary Kosenljeryer, d sin«ile. 

V- Jonatlian Rosinberf^er. b in Monti;-. Co. Pa 
iKc l;^, 1S27, d Nov l.s. |'»(i2. ,11 l-;,„nv ifa^er. 1S51 ' 
She d May 2s. |s<»7. Merchant. " Rd. Ch. C: 
Infant. Kdwin. liarvey. Franklin. 

VI- I'^iwin H. Kosenlarj^er. 1) in llueks Co. I'a., 
May 7. I.s5,s. m Fillie Amelia Patton. Au-- 21 iSHo' 
^p. 2..2(. N. llancoek St., l»hila. Pa. Kej.orter ..n 

Y>- IMiiladelphia Kvenin^- Hulletin Stall". Metlm- 
(list. (^'. yil lOnurson Matthews K(»senber«'er b 

iilll '\"' ^''^'^■*' ''^''■''' ^'•'■='^' Kosenber-er, b Jinu 27. 
Wl H '■'^'^•^ Sadie Ro-enber|ror. b Sept 24. !,s«^.^^. 
Yl- Hii'viy RosenberyfiT. b Apr 7. IShl, d is't; ,„ 

'••"•-•' • Diet/.. Pel. Ch. C: i\\ Laura Ko>. n- 
i.irirer. b J..,„^. 7 iss^., 

y|. Fninkli.., i{ Kosenber-er. b 1S.=^.-., d IS'..^ „, 
t arr.e Le I'e,,^., ^.. , y„ , ,,.^,,,^^. ,,^.^,^,^ M,,rion. 

, V *''"Tr *'"Mni„.r-er, b Feb .^. IS(,5. Res. L.-th- 
Irhem, Pa. * 

V. Sarah Ann k..,,,,,,,,.,^,.^, ,, ^,_.,^ , ,^,- 
L.w.sAhum. P. ,). Keller-sChureh. Pa. 
Y. Lev. Kosrnberj..,.r, hjan II. lS4.s .1 IS44. 


V. Elizal)eth Rosen hero-cr, h Mav 1(>, 1843. d — , u\ 
Andrew Roth, decVl. 

y. John K. Rosen l)erg-er, b Apr 28, 1847, ni Kmina 
liunsl)cro-cr, P. (). Rich Hill. Pa. 

8V- ^hivy Kosenberg-er, m Andrew Swartz. C' 
jacol). Aaron, Morris, Peter, Marv, Lizzie. 

V. Jacob Swartz, d — , m Hannah Deln. C- (Vl) 
Milton, P. O. Line Lexington, Pa. 

y. Aaron Swartz, d — , m . No issue. 

V- Morris Swartz. m — . 

V. Peter Swartz, d — , m Eliza Brunner. 

V- Mary Swartz, d single. 

V- Lizzie Swartz, m Isaiah Leidv, P, (). Line Lex- 
ington, Pa. C: Helen. 

V!- Helen Leidy, m Philip C. Swartley. 

IV- Anna Rosenberg-er, m Valentine Clommer. C: 
Levi, Pegg-ie, Abraham. 

y. Levi Clemmer, d — , m Lavina Ott. No issue. 
y. Peg-gie Clemmer, m Abraham Ruth. C: W'ilhel- 
mina, Valentine, etc. 
y|. Wiihelmina Ruth, m Franklin B. Rosenberger. 

VI- Valentine Ruth. '^ 

V- Abraham R. Clvmer, m Katie Ahhouse, dec'd. 

C: . . He m 2nd wife, , P. O Pricks, 

Pa. C:Kate. 

y|. Kate Clvmer, m Samuel Leatherman, P. O. 
Line Lexington, Pa. C: 

IV Elizabeth Rosenberg-er, m John Hunsicker, C: 
Mrs, Abraham, Witeman, Mrs. Henry Kooker. 

i>i:s(1:ni).\.\'I's( )I' .u min ic( )si:ni:i:k(;i:r. jk'. 
SUN di" JOHN i^( l^l:Nl;I■:K^;l:K^ sk. 

ill. John Kosenberger, Jr.. b May 3, 17S5, <1 Sojit 

IS. is.^::. in . Menu's. John K«.scnl<».Tg- 

L-r. Jr., bouj^-hl a farm in ilatlicUl. «.n the borders 
ut Francunia. i)f Jacob Kecd, in 17'i.v Th*.- next 
day alter jmrchase he conveyed Sii acres to his 
l)rother Daniel. John l\^l^enberg■er was succeeded 
in ownership of his farm by his son Samuel. The 
larm is now ownetl by Abraham Uavman, a grand- 
son of Samuel Kosenberj^er. This line farm has a 
deej) depression near the Kranconia line, which is 
quite in ctmtrast with the jilain country of HatlieKl. 
The banks are very steep and hiiih and Ihrouyh 
it Hows a rivulet westward to the Skijijiack. L": 
John. Samuel. Mary. Harliara. 

lY- John Kosenberf^er. b in Hatlield. l*a.. \]>r 12, 
17'<0, d Sept 12. 1S7.^ m Mary Hockman. Jan 22, 
1«2«). dau»ihter of Henry ami liarbara Fret/) 
Hockman. She was b in Bucks Co.. Feb 22, l»0(i, 
d Oct 11. 1S45. Farmer. .Menn's. C: Elizabeth. 
Catharine. Mary. John; H».nry. Samuel. Abraham. 
Sarah. Nancy, William. John m 2nil wife. Cathar- 
ine Oberholtzer. widow of John Swartz. 

y. Klizabeth Kosenberj^er. b Jan l.v 1S27. d . m 
John .\nders. dec'd. t': llcurw Josiah, I'all'.arine, 

y. Catharine Kosenberf^er. b in liilltown Twp., 
Bucks C(»., I'a., July 2S. 1S2S. m Kphriaiii K. 
Landis. (See Fphriam K. handis family.) 

V- Mary H. Koseiiberi^-er. b in Bucks Co.. I'.i.. ( )v i 
7. IK.^d. "(1 Mar 1S'(5, 111 David 11. .\ii.Urs. Dec ,%. 
1H5'». kes. I'liila.. I'a. 1 'rofessi.r oi Musi,. I'resl.v! 
C: Horace. 

V|. Horace K. .VndePs. I. Skippavk. .M.aitf^. Co.. 
I'a.. Sept li.. lS(ai. KVs 214.=. N Caiiiac St . Dhila.. 


Pa. Teacher of music, pian.. and ,.r-au, also lead- 
er or bandmaster, and first ser-cant of the band of 
the tirst Bnu-ade, National Ouards of IVnna and 
as such he is on duty on all o-reat military ,')ccas- 
lons, g-oing- into camp for one week every year. His 
band is also eng-ag-ed every year for a period of !-> 
to Id weeks, g-ivuig- concerts at Asbury Park or 
some other seaside resort or public park in or near 
Philadelphia. Presby. S. 

) Kev. John H. Rosen beryer. ]> Jan 7 ]H^-> ni 
Annie Clemmer, Nov 2(M856, Hattidd.Pa Farmer. 
He was ordained to the ministry of the Mennonite 
Church at Line Lexing-tcm, Oct 28. 1884. C: Mary 
Lizzie, Sue, Harry, Emma, Kate, Ella, Levi. John' 

Vj- Mary C. Rosenberg-er, b Sept 12. 1857, m \Vm 
K. Godshall, Oct 13, 1877. C: iV||) Henry R 
Godshall, b Jan 22, 1878, Annie E. Godshall b 
Dec 22, 1879, John F. Godshall, b Aug- 23. 1881. 
Welling-ton R. Godshall, b July 23, 1883, Edwin m". 
Godshall, b June I'K 1S85. d Aug 27, 1886, Mamie 
R. Godshall. b Dec 7, 188(., Lavina (Godshall, b 
Aug- 1, 1888. 

V|. Lizzie C. Rosenberg-er, b July 3, 1859, m Henry 
F. Hendricks, Oct 13. 1883, P. "O. Beattie, Kans. 
Farmer. Ger. Bap. C: ( VII ) Mamie Hendricks, b 
May 8. 1S7S. Elnur Hendricks, b Dec 10, 1884, 
Raymond Hendricks, b Mar 11, 1887. 

VI- Sue C. Rosenberg-er; b Mar 15, 1862,in Jcdin M. 
Myers. Dec 11, 188(., P. O. Silverdale. Pa. Farm- 
er. Menn's. C:iVII) Ottomar R. Myers, b Feb 
28, 1888, Titus R. Myers, b Jan 9, 1891, Edna R. 
Myers, b Sept 13, 1893, Maljel R. Myers b July 18, 
1896, Ella R. Myers, b Dec 12, 1898." 

VI Harrv C. Rosenberger, b Aug- 8. 1864, m Mary 
E. Lapp, May 8, 1887, P. O. Ililltown, Pa. Farmer. 

V|. Emma C. Rosenberg-er, b Oct 16, 18f)6, d Dec 
23 1866. 

VI- Kate C. Rosenberg-er, b Dec 8, 1867, d Sept 22, 
1895, m L R. Haldeman. (See I. R. Haldeman 

252 THE kosi:nbkk(;f.i< histokv 

V|. Klla C. K«)>,'c'r; b June 24, 1S(.V, m Ilarrv 
M. licvklor. P. (). Ilarlcysville. Pa. 

V|. lA-\i C\ K<.M.-nher;cfr. 1. Ai.r .^lt, IMT'.iu Martha 
L;ili]». I'. ( ). I^ansdalc, Pa. 

V|. John C. K«>^onl)cryfr. b Kfb21, 1S7»>. 

VJ. Annio C. K<tsfnboriivr. b Nov 3ii. 1S7S. m 1 K. 
I lablcnian. ' Si-c I. H. llaKlcinan laniilv. 

V. KV'v. ilcnrv li. Koscnberg^cr. b Feb"2.^. is;.4. d 
— . ni Mary Frick.Ocl .>1.1S57. Farmer. \lv was 
onhiinod Id Ihv.- niii;i>lry nl" the linthrcn ihurch at 
Silvcrdale, Pa.,lS77. and Hishop in l.SS(). f: Jtdu.', 
Abraham, Franv, Katt.-. Sarah. William, Ik-nrv. 

V|. John i-V Ruscnbor-icr. b Auj^- 2.s, 1S(.1. d " l\-i» 
2'.. istuv 

V|. Abraham 1\ Roscnborg-er, b N..\ 2S. 1S(..>, d 
July 22, 1H<.5. 

V|. l'>any Ko>enber<,'-er. !> Jan 3 ISbb, m Jolm K. 
Kindii,'-. C: (VIT llarvov K. Kindij^, b and d 1.S8«>. 

Y|. Kate Rosen bcry-fr. b So])! IS, isf>8, d lulv V)y 
IS" 3. 

V|. Sarah Ivosenberiicr, b Mar .>, 1S71. 

VI William F. Rosen borj^cr, b juno b, 1S74. m 
Sallio HcnninjJ-, P. (). Kuli»sville, I'a. 

V|. llcnrv F. R»»scnber}^c-r. It Jun*.- \.^, 1S77. 

V. Rev. Samuol II. Roscnlarjic-r. b Feb 11. lS3b, 
m Elizabeth D. Stover, Ni«v 12, 1SS'». She d Sej)! 
21. 1S77. P.O. Hatlield, Pa. I'armcr and n-.inis- 
ter »d' River Brethren Ch. C: Marv, Milton.james, 
John. Henrv, Raehel. Catharine, Samuel. 

YI. -Marv R<.senberj;er, b Ian 4, ls.,1. d l\-b 13. 

YI- Milton Rosen berj^er, b Feb S. 1S()3. m Clara 
Mv Kennedy, .\j.r 2tt. ISSt.. p. n. White Cloud. 

Y|. James Rosen bcr;:i-er, b ( )et is. 1S(,4. d I'eb 27, 

Y|. John Rosciiberf^er, \> .\uii 2^K 1S(,7. m Susan 
Krkert. C: VII Stella, K<ina. Harry. 

VI Henry Rosen berj^er, b No\ 14, lSi.'». 

Y|. Raehel Rosenber^ier. !• Dee In. 1S72, m John 
/iejriiiluss. 1H'>2. P. < ). Perkasic, Pa. Ciyfar .Manu- 
la'^'turer. Luths. C: Yll Irwin d young-, Howard 


(1 yoim*^-, J. Oliver, Norman. 

V|. (.'atliarine KosenlnTi^-or, 1) Mar 3. 1S74, d Sopt 
IM, ]873. 

V|. Samuel Kosenbergor. I) May 14, 1.S73, m Mary 
Landes. P. (). Tellord. Pa. 

V. .\l)raham II. Rosenber^-er, b in Montj^-. Co. Pa., 
May 29, iS.^S, m Anna S. Kuli>. Nov 29, 18(.8. C: 
' VI 1 John K. R()senberoer, ):» N(jv 29, 1S72, d July 
29, 1S73. Krwin K. Kosenbcrger, b Nov 29, 1S72, d 
July 25, 1S73, ( twins, i Sallie K. Rosen !ierg-er, b 
June IS, 1S74. Katie K. Rosenber^er, Mar 17, 
1879. Anna Mary K. Kosenberg-cr, b Mav28, 1882, 
Carrie K. Rosenberg-cr, b Deo 29, 1884. 

y. Sarah Ann Roscnberger, b June 23, 1S40, m 
Knos Landes, Aug 3<), 187t). P. ( ). Reserve, Kans. 
Farmer. Ger. Bap. C: (VI) William H. Landes, b 
June 25, 1878. Ellen J. Landes, b Dec 2(t, 1880. 
Ahiry E. Landes, b May 7, 1S84. 

V- Nancy Rosen berger, b Apr 7, 1842, d l-Vb 27, 

V. William Rosenbergcr, b Aug- .3, 1844, d 1845. 

IV- Samuel Rosenberg-er, dec'd, m Ahiry Swartz. 
l*'armer. Menu's. C: Elizabeth, Maria. John. 

V- Elizabeth Rosenberger, dcc'd, m David D. 
Rosenberger. (See David D. Rosenberger family.) 

Y- Maria Rosenberg-er, m Rev. Jacob (/ehman, 
dec'd. C: Abraham, Catharine. 

V|. Abraham R. Gehman, P. O. Ilatlield, Pa. 

V|. Catharine Gehman, m Enos Hackman, dec'd, 
P. O. Hatlield, Pa. 

V; John S. Rosenberg-er, b in Montg-. Co , Pa., 
July 25, 1824, d Oct 15, 1S()1, lii Katharine Ruth, 
dec'd. No issue. John m 2nd wile, Marg-aret 
Gehman. She was b Sept 4, 1833, d Mar 31, 1800. 
Farmer. Menu's.. C: Kate, Mary. 

V|. Kate G. Rosenberg-er, b Sept" IS, 1857, d Nov 
h, 1883, m Jacob L. Reiff, Nov 17, 1877, P.O. 
Bechtelsville, Pa. C: (VII ) Howard R. Reitf, b Dec 
15, 18S0, Jacob Reiff,b May 28, 1883, d Oct 3, 1883. 

V|. Mary Ann Rosenberg-er, b in Montg-. Co.. Pa., 
July 30, 1859, m Henry K. Alderfer, Feb 9, 1878, 
P. b. Souderton. Pa. " Farmer. Menu's. C: (VII) 


rm: i<(»si-:nukk(;ki< mistokn 

Knt>s Ahk-rlor. 1. Ni»v 2S, 1S7S. J..I111 Al.Urlir. I» 
l-\-l> 22. 1S> I. ,1 July 7. issii. AUcii Al.Krfer. h 
Mav 11. issl, Liz/io AldoruT. I) M ir 7. issijlcnrv 
Al<KTkT. 1) Jan 11. ISS',. Hiram AldorU-r. 1. April 
2>. l^ss. Jao«.l) AldiTltT. l.O.i 24. is't), ,1 0,1 i<). 
IS'il. Frank AhK-rli-r. I> 1-\1. .^ 1SM5. Clara Al.Kr- 
Ur. 1. Mar .=.. isws. 

IV Mary Rosen l)i'r;.ccr. in Juliii I-'arni- 
iT. .Mcnn's. C: John. Saniu*.). 

V- -I'din AlK'l)a..h. in ri-o!)al>ly no issuo. 

V S.iiniK'l All«.-I.;uli. in Have issue. 

IV Kariiara Ko>cnl>cr«iL-r. in Sanuicl 11. iK'lwxiKr. 
Karnier. Monn's. C: Naney. Klizalielh. Jolin. 

V Nancy Dolwciler. 1) . ni Jacob L. Mu\rr. !'. 
I ). >.i>u<lL-rton. l»a. KV-lired l"arnu-r. .NKiins. C: 
Sanuicl. Levi. Jacob. Mary. David. Jolin. Amanda. 
Malhias. lOpliraim. 

V|. Samuel I). Moyer. h Feb «). Marv M. 
Moyer. P.O. Morwood. Fa. Menu's, e": VII Anna 
.\1. Moyer. b Sei>l 27. 1S74. l-:ila .Mover, b Alav 
24, 1S7S. John M. .Moyrr. 1) .\..\ 7. issi. 

VI Levi I). Moyer. b June 7. 1S4S, d .\j.r If.. 1S55. 
V|. Jacob 1). Moyer. 1» Jan 27. ls51. in Marv II. 

Aucliey. She was b May 21. I.s.-t.. 1'. ( ). H.-iiVield, 
Fa. Farmer. T: i V|| 1 David .\.. Mover, b Nov 18, 
ISSi). d Mar K.. 1SS2. .\nna Marv Slover. b Auj^- 
17. 1SH3. Ida Mover, b Mav S. 1SS7. JaCb Moycr^ 
b Sepl 2.V lS<»:v 

V|. -Mary D. .Moyer. b \)vc 2. IS.^2. 111 N...,li M. 
Moyer. Dec 3. 1S74. P. ( ). Morwood. i'a. l-'.irnier. 
Menn'.. C: > V|| Minerva .Moyer. b Julv 2<.. 1S7(.. 
ICrwin .Moyer. b .Vj/r 2».. 1S7.S." liarbara Mover, b 
Nov 11. 1KS2. J;u(d) .Mover, b .Mar 2.V ISS4. Anna 
M<tyer. b Feb l.^lSS7. .Mary .Moyer. b \)>.-c l(.. iss't. 
I'bir.i and Laura Moyer. twins' b .\ul; 1. iS'i.;. 

Yl David 1). .MiiyiT. li .May 7. 1S.=>.=^. ni S.irali .\nii 
Delweiler, Dec 2n, I,S7'». she was b A]ir 2'K isi.ii, 
F. (). l->;inconia. Fa. .Menu's. (': VII .\niii< |). 
Moyer. b Oct 12. 1SS2. .lacob 1 ). M.-ver. b June 
2«l. 1SS.=.. d June l.s. IS.Sh. llrnr\ I >. .Moyer. b .\]<v 
1.^. \HH7. Katv D. Movtr. b Sr|it 14. ISH'J. David 
D. Moyer. b Mar K.. IS'O. .icdm D. Mover, b Jan 

DESCHND.V.NTS Oi' JOHN KOS)' N J!l.;ini];K 2S5 

31. LS'tS. 

V|. John D. Mover, b Fc'd 15. 1S57, m Marv Aim 
S. clau;;ii]lcr ol' Daniel Detwciler, Dt\- IS. hss'o. Slie 
was 1) A[)r 27, !S5K. d /vpr Id. !8'M, P. (). Jfarlevs- 
vil!e. Pa. Mcnn's. C: ' VH; Katie Ann 1). Mover, 
i) Oct 2(>, 1HS2. Vincent Mover, ), Oct 2'*, 1S.S5. 
Km ma Moyer. h Mar '>. lS<»ii.' 

V|. Amanda 1). Mover, b Nov 2u, ISS'i, d S<'i.t 'J 
iSuO. 1). Mover, h Dec 17. 1S(>2, d Mar 21, 

V!. Ephriani 1). .Mover, b Oct 1»>, J.S(>5, d Mar 12. 

V- Elizabeth K. Detweiler, b Sept 5, 1814. d Oct 
31. 1852, m David If. Kiilj), Jan 14, 1848. He died 
Nov 18. IS'.n. Farmer. Menn's. C; Samuel, 
Sarah, John. 

V|. Samuel D. Kulp, b Aug- 4. 184"). 

VI . Sarah Ann D. Kulp. b Apr 2, 1852. m Jacob H. 
Kulp, Jan 11, 187V*. P. O. Souderton, Pa. Farmer. 
Menn's. C; (VI!' Harvev K. Kulp, b Mav 28, 1881. 
David K. Kulp. b ?aav'li). 1884, d A])r 30. 1888. 
Katie K. Kulp. b Ai)r 4. 1887, d Auo- 24, 1887. 

Vi. John D. Kulp, b Oct 25, 1852, dSept 21, 1853. 

y, John R. Dctweiler, P. O. Souderton, Pa. 

DKSl'KNDAN rs ( »!' |{I:NJA.\!I.\ KOSKNBKKr.- 

III- l>iiij;iniiu Ivttsf!il>«.T»;Ar.l» in 17(.l, d in l'^.^2.!l — . 
To hiui w;i>. ciiuvcvrd Uu- huiiiesUail u.>\\ ..wiud ii^- 
Ahrahain Mowr, and otlKT lands. Thi> was sold 
111 him ill 17'i4 in two lots «d 57 and «iS acres. The 
lirst lot tif the Mover tarni was part ol the !(••♦ acres 
ohtainetl by jtateiu in 177ti. The f>H acres was lu- 
low the line of the turninke, and was part ol the V3 
acres sidd l>y Ale.xander Foreman to jcdin Roson- 
berifer and c«»ntirmed to him hv the executors ol the 
Warner estate in 175'), and a later date i»\vned and 
suliilivided by Tobias Sluill. Ipon this he built 
the villaj.i'e ♦»! llattield. 'IMie remainin}^- 27 acres 
had been sold to Martin Rosenber^er. In is.^l 
Benjamin conveyetl the homestead to his son Hi ii- 
jamin Hosenberjier. Jr.. for /Hon, stipulating- 
that he shoubl have home and maintenance the re- 
mainder of his life. In 18.^.^ the farm was s(dd to 
John Rosen lier^^-er. miller, of llilltown. The sub- 
secjuent transfers ha\e been: 1S5(> to William S. 
Strunk; l^>t>I to Henrv Kosenberi^er; IS(>(i to Tobias 
Han|.^ey; 1H72 to I'.nos Kriebel, then to IIo»»t, 

then to Abraham .Moyer present owner. .Menu's. 
C: Abraliam. Kaac. Jacob. lUnjaiiiin. Nancv. 

lY- Abraham Rosen ber«.;ir. b Julv I. 17'<2, tl .\ui;- 
3n, 1K.^2, in I'louiva Kosenber«.:er, dauiihter of 
David Rose nber^^er. l''ariiier. .Menu's. (.': IJar- 
bara. Susanna, lieiijamin, Jonas, 'I'obias. 

V- liarliara Rosen ber'^er, m Jacol» l-'ry. Fainih in 
( )hio. (ier. Hii\<. 

y. Susanna Roseiiber^er. b I).i- 2t>. 1S2.N. d (>v i 11, 


V- Ueiijamin R. K'osi nlu-ri^i r, b .Mar '•. lS2(i, m 
Sarah Frick. Nov '». i,s45. Res. 22ls Marshall St.. 
I'hila.. I'a. Laborer. (ier. Hap. (': .\inaiid.i 

DESCKNDANTS OF !!i:\ J AM I .\ K().SKNKKKC,i:k 257 

John, Marv, Elizabeth, Willaiiiivia. ICiiinia, Ida, 

Vr Amanda Kosenber-i-er. b Scpl lb, 18 47, Kes. 
2218 Marshall St., Phiia. Pa. Gcr. Bap. S. 

Vl.John F. Roseiiber^-er, b Dec lt>, 184'). (Grocer 
in Phila., I'a. S. 

V|. Mary Ann K<>senl)er,i;-er, b Aui^- 22, 1852. 
Iviver Brethren. P. (). S<.u(ierton I'a. S. 

Vi- Elizabeth R()senl>er^-er. b Apr 11. 1855, ni 
Oliver Althousc. P. (). Souderton. Pa. Jlotel keep- 
er. C: I VJI ) Laura, Stella. 

V|. AVillamina Koi^tnbergcr; b Feb 21, 18b0, <1 in- 

Yj. Emma Kosenbcro-er, ]> Dec 15, 18()2, m John 
Cope, Res 2218 Marshall St., Phila., Pa. Horse 
dealer. No issue. 

V|. Ida Rosen beri.-er, b Au^r 6, lSf>4. d Jan 17,1886, 
m Lincoln Kaler. C: lYlL' ^'iola Kaler, b Sept 2<>, 

V!. Allen Rosenbero-cr. b Au^r 10, 18(>7. m Ada 
Parkley, Res (>533 Main St., Phila., Pa. Grocer. 

VIS- Clifford Allen Rosen berg-er, b July 24, 1896. 

V- Tobias Rosenberg-er, b in Bucks Co,, Pa., Jan 
24, 1829, m Barbara Wagner, Nov 1850. She was 
b Sept 25, 1829, d June 8, 1888, P. (). Hatfield, Pa. 
Retired farmer. Ger. Bap. C: Sarah, Jacob.jonas, 

VI Sarah Ann Rosenbcrgcr, b June 9, 1851, m 
Abraham W. Kulp, June 29, 1872. P. (). Hatfield, 
Pa Farmer. Ger. Bap. C: ( ¥|lj Mag-gie Kulp, b 
Nov 6, 1872, d Aug- 2, 1873; Susan KulpV'b May 11, 
1874, d May 13, 1874; Jacob Kulp, b June 3, 1875. d 
June 4, 1879; Mary Ellen Kulp, b Sept 10, 1877, 
Ger. Bap; Wilson Kulp, b Sept 25, 1879; Sarah Ann 
Kulp, b Oct 6, 1881; Amanda Kulp, b Aug 6, 1884; 
Barbara Elizabeth Kulp, b June 24. 1886; Isaac 
Tobias Kulp, b July 10, 1888;'Maria Kulp. b Aug 
20; 1890, d Aug 22, 1890; Emma Kulp, b Aug '4, 

VI. Jacob W. Rosenberg-er, b Jan 27, 1853, m 
Amanda Kratz, Oct 13, 1883, P. O. S. Hatfield, Pa. 
Farmer. Ger. Bap. No issue. 


V|. Jonas W. K*(isenliori»er. 1< l-\lt 5. 1S55. <1 A]»r S. 
l.s'»i». 111 I.caiina Schccl/.. JiincH. 1H7^<. Kiiijihiwil 
i»n railroad and later at Snv«lor"s Mill, wluro ho 
was killed by iho cars, wink- crossin'^' the track 
with a plank. C:'VII Katie Kosenherj^er. I» Mar 
17. ISSd; William S. Rosenheruer. b Dte 4. 1SS2. 
Marv lOllen K'.iseiilierijir. h Aui^- 14. 1SS5; (ae(»li 
Kosenl)er'i;'er, 1» and d Mar 12. lss7; Sallie Ainand.i 
Kosenberg-or, b Mar !'». ISSM. 

Y|. Marv Kllen Rosen berj^er. Ii Apr 1.-. 1S.-8. ni 
Rev. Wiiliani U. Fret/., Nov 27. I.s7'». 1'. ( ). liat- 
lield, l*a. Tinsmith and minister. He was or- 
daineil to the ministry of the (lerinan liapli^t Breth 
church at llattield. Pa., in 1SS'>, where lie has 
since served as one ot the ministers. No i>sue. 

V- Jonas Kosenberner. b in Hucks C'o., I'a.. No\ 1.^. 
1S.^1, m Klixabeth (ioltshalk, Jan ls.^4. She was i. 
.May 2.^. \SMk Res. 224.^ ( lerniantown .\ve.. I'hila.. 
l*a. Fvalmrer. .Moravian. C: Franklin. D.ivis. 
Irviii. Dillman. 

V|. l->aiiklin Rosen ber;^er, b Julv 3o,lS55, m Sallie 
Pane, Res. 24.^^ Reese St.. Phila., Pa- Kmployed 
in wood and willow ware store. .Moravian. C: 
(Yll' Mary Rosenberijer. 

Yl- Davis Rosen beriifer, b Sept 2.^. lS.s7, d .Mar 1.^. 
issti. m Marv Kriebel. l'\irmer. No issue. 

Yl- I'J'vin Ro^enbery-er. b .Mi'.r 5. IS«.l. m l\iinr.a 
llatlield. Res. Phila., I'a. l\mploved in saw iac- 
torv. C: 'Yll Ada. Stella. Klnur.' \'iola. Ktliel. 

Y|. Dillman Rosen berj^-er, b Ajt 2t'. jSi.'i, m ]v;,i;i.i- 
la Smith, Nov 27, IS'M. Res. .>2 N. l.>lh St . I'liila.. 
Pa. Salesman in wholesale paper store. .Moravian. 
.\<p issue. 

lY- Isaac Ro-i III er«jer, <1 .\u!4 ISh*., hom ilTects «'l 
a lall Irom the barn lloor into the var<l below. lireak- 
injC his neck. .M rathariiu- K'nci<. l-'aniur. .Mrnn's. 
I": .\nii, Diujamin, .iohn. .Marv. I'alliarine, .\mos. 

Y- .\nn Rosiiil)vr;4er. d — . m Joseph I.andis. No 

Y Benjamin l\'osenbi-r«,'-er. b .Xuii" -^<K lS2'i. d Aui;- 
7. 1S'»1, in Sojihia Derr. decM. Mrs. K'osenberf^er 
.\Iiiin. I": I'jiielim-. 

i)KSCi:x!)AXTs oi- lii-.NjAyix k()si-:xbi;k(;;;k 25') 

Vi- Kmolii'e Roscnbcrirer, h Apr 11, IMSO. m Win. 
Fisher, P. (). Hatlielciri'a. C: ( VlL Irwin Fisher, 
b Dec 11, 1875; Clarence l-'isher, b Auj^- 24, 1SS4. 

y. John Rosenberg-er, 1) j;in 10, 1S.>3, ni Marv 
Weaver, Sept 1855, Kes. Pliila., Pa. C.-irpenler. 
C: (Vi) Fdward Rosen bery-er. b 1S5(). d 1885. S, 

V- Mary Rosen berg-er, d infant. 

V. Catharine Rosen be rg-er, d — , m ^Villianl Reif- 
ing-er. Wheelwright. C: Kmina, Clarence. 

Vf. Fmiiia Reilinger, ni (leorge Pierce, P. (). 
Koverstord, Pa. 

Vf. Clara Reilinger, b Julv <>, 1871, n\ Samuel B. 
Meyers, Dec 29, 18i»2, P.O.Rovcrsford, Pa. Presbv. 
C: (VH) Catharine R. Mevers,"b Aug (,. 18')3; Verna 
P. Meyers, b Oct 8, 18<)h." 

y. Amos Rosenberger, m Jennie Leister, P. O. 
Penllyn. Pa. Farmer. C: i VI ' Wilbur. Alvin. 

fV- Jacob Rosen])erg-er, d single. 

jy. Benjamin Rosenberger, )> 1802. d 1874, m 
Susanna, daughter of Abraham and Anna (Clem- 
mer) Gehman, 182S. She was b 18i)8, d 1892. 
Farmer. Monn's. C: Abraham, Benjamin. Henry. 

'/• Abraham Rosenberger, b 182S, d aged 22 years. 

y. Benjamin G. Rosenberg-er, b in Montg-. Co., Pa., 
1831, m Rachael, daug^httr of Abraham Benner, 
1853, P. O. North Wales, Pa. Fruit grower. 
Menu's, C: Susanna, Sarah, Abraham, Elizabeth. 

Vt- Susanna Rosenberger, b 1854, d infant. 

VJ. Sarah Rosenberger, b 1856, m Josei>h Bustard, 
P. O. Cedars, Pa. Farmer. C: < Vll ' Elizabeth, 
George, Arthur, Wellington, Benjamin, Mabel, 
Josejih dec'd, Sallie decVl. 

VI. Abraham B. Rosenberger, b July 26, 1860, 
Res. 447 Magnolia St. I'hila. Pa. Teamster for 
P. & R. R. R. Co. Christian Ch. S. 

V|. Elizabeth Rosenberger, b 18()2, m JohnWeikel, 
P. (). North Wales, Pa. Engineer in feed and 
Hour mill. Luth. Mrs. W. Meth. Ep. C: ' VI! 
Esther, George, Anna, Sarah, Caroline. 

y. Henry G. Rosenberger, b 1834, d infant. 

ly. Nancy Rosenberg-er, m Abraham Wireman. 
Farmer. Menn's. C: Barbara, Nancy, Katie, John, 


Mil. Kli.Sl-..\Kl.K(.l.K lilsKiKV 


V.liarbura \\ u\ «It\"«l. m >^.ii:iiu i in.Iiiii;m, 
ili-cM. Fariiur. Mcini's. 

Y NaiKv Wirenun. in Ahraiii Kulh. FariiK-r. 
Mvun's. c": Katie. IJciijaiuin, Daniel, Anna. 

V|. Kalic Kulh. Ill Isaac V».un}^. 1'. (). IlatrR-ld. 
l*a. lirioklavcr. tier. liaj). C: Ahrani. Isaac, Lizzie, 
Fannie, Annie, AMn.lia, Millon, Marllia. Mar\. 
Sallit'. Kalie. 

Vl|. Abraham Vuunii-. ni Anianila I'uslietnu r. I'. 
( ). lyine Ive.\in:4;l<in, I'a. 

VI! Isaac Younii, \\\ . IV ( >. Schwonksville. l*a. 

VII- Lizzie Youiij^i-, ni Aljraliani Stutler. P. <) Hai- 
ti. 1.1. Pa. 

Vl|. Fannie Yoini}^, ni Samuel St)utlcr. 1'. ( ). ILii- 
liehl. Pa. 

VII Annie Y.>un«i-, in . 

Vlj. Amelia Y.iun<.i-. Sinj^-le. 

V!|. Mill.)n Youuf^c, deceased. 

VII Martha Younjj:. Sinj^le. 

Vll Marv Youn>4. Single. 

Vl|. Sallie Y..un-. 

Vl|. Kalie ^'.tunJ^■. 

VI IJenjamin Ruih. d , m Klizabclh Roscnl;cr}j;cr. 
( ; riavlon, Fsther. 

VII ciavlun Kuih. m 

VII Fsther Kulh. m Ji»nas Landis, 

VI Daniel Kulh. Sin-^le. P. (). Hatlield. Pa. 

V|. Anna Kulh. in Ke\ . lleiijaniin L". Kruitjt. He 
was 1) Mar 12. 1H.= 7. Minister i>\ the Kv. Assn. C h. 
I VII Lillie Kru]»i>. dec"d; Jer.nie Krui>|i. dic'd; 
Annie Kru]»i>: Kulh Krui>|'. 

V- Kalie Wireman, m Phili|> Kicheiihach. Mason 
and hotel keeper. Mrs. K. Menn. I': l'\innie, 

VI I'^innie Kichenhacli. m Lewi-- Cowell. P. ( ). 
1 .:iii-dale. Pa. 

VI Malhias kiclunhacli. m . P. ( ). North 

Wales. Pa. 

V- John Wireman, Sr. m Aiiireline Stillwa^on. P. 
< >. Ilatlield, Pa. (.': Il.nrv. John, .\nnie. Cliarles. 

VI li.nry S. Wireman. !> . ni Christine Kuli), 

DlvSCKM) ANTS i>l- Hi: N | A :\! 1 X h!( )S1'. N HKK( .I'iK 2bl 

Jan 5. 18S3. She was h Oct '). 1S(>.^. \\ ( ). Hat- 
field, Pa. Produce nu'uliant. C: ^\\} Charles 
W'ireman, b Nov 17, 1SS4. 

y|. John Weierman. ni Marv Schaiii/.. dvc'd. sec- 
ond wife Annie Price. P. ( ). Hatfield. Pa. 

Vl- Annie Weierman, ni Amos Stt-ttk-r. I'l'VII' 
Stettler, d small. 

V|. Charles Weierman. m SI i iter. Pes. 4t]i 

;ind Uauphin St. Phila. Pa. 

V- Abraham Weierman. m Svl)illa Wau-ner, Far- 
mer. Menn's. C: Liy.zie, Jacol). Samuel. , .--. 

VI- Lizzie Weierman, m . 

V|. Jacolj Weierman, P. (). Norristown. Pa. 

Yl- Samuel Weierman. dec'd, m Lizzie Hecker. 

I'^irmer. C: i VII ' Susie, m , i V|| ) Bertha. S. 

VI- Weierman, died sing-le. 

VI Weierman, died sinirle. 

|iKm i:Mt.\N'l"s ( i|' |» \Mi:i. K't >si:NHKK(ii:K', 

SON ( u" .i(>ii.N K( isi;ni;i:ki,i:k, sk. 

III. I>.iin\l K<»i-nlKri;\T. )> iii M.iiHl:. r<',. ;il>..ut 
17t.r«. tl l^.^tt. inS.i|ilii;i \Viii« l-.niiur. Mi-mi v 
To Dauicl ^^•a^ vi»ii\ cve<l in 17'»ii l<>r j^. 4(MI iw,, ],,i->. 
MiiiolSl'.' a>.rc>. and «Mu- I'l r.-' avTcs. 'I'lu- lir>t 
\va^ ihi- uj»jKT jiorliiinol ilu- l<t') a^TL-N i.l hi^lallur^ 
f«<tati-. i'l.laiiu-«l t»\ palt'iil in ITTo. \\ \^ imw tlu' 
tarm oi Kf \ . J..lin Rosen hcriii-r, a Mennoniu- 
preacher. His larj^-L- and v.()niin(tdi()us house slands 
on the Itank overhiokinfi" the meadow ln'.ow.ili poutih 
whivh llows tlie f>ri>ok, tlie water ot whivh turned 
the old uiill ol" liis ancestors. The other, or smaller 
tract obtained 1»\ Daniel from his latlur. was in 
Franc(»Tiia. l»ouiilit in ITs't t roin tlu- iMibb trn Wil- 
son estate. Farmer. Meinrs. l': Jid n, Martin. 
Jac<di. Daniel. Klizalteth. Iviiia. Nancv, Barbara. 

lY- .lolm Rosriiberj^er, b . d . m lioatrice 
si( i\ i-r. Ni ' issue. 

IV. Mariiii Koscnbcrger. I> Sept 24. 17''s. d ( )». t 
I'l. is»,f,. iM tliristiiina Kosoiiberyer. daughter ol 
lienrv Kost-nberiiir. I'arnur. K\. Asn'h. (.': Hannah. 
Sophia. Jactdi. Henry. Christiana. Daniel. Martin. 

Hannah K. Rosen beryer. b Feb 
2.V 1h34. Ill t'harles Dreisbach. 

y. Sophia R. R.pseii!.eryer. b Feb .v IS 
R. Heckler. 

y. Jacob Roseiil'i iijer 
Snvder. in IShi. R. ( ) 
( Hi \ er. Aiiiiii-. 

V|. Rosenln-ryei 
ill ISS.;. Res. Williams 

».. 1>2S. d Feb 

b l.s.^4. 




. Ill Aaroii 

I ; Mai\. 

b in lK(,.;.iii ( )s\\ in I'lleiL^er. 
St. Soutii llethKdieiii. Ra. 
•'mployed in rolling mill. !.,uih. No issiu-. 
VI ()li\fr s. Riiseiiberyer. b in I S7.s. 
VI .\nnie Ros. nberL;er. b in |s77. 

V- Helirv R'. Koseiilierj^er. b , d Novnij;. 

DKSCKNDANTS (il 1 > \ \ I 1 , 1. KoSK.N HH K( ,hK 2t.3 

V ("Iiri->tiaiia R. R(.-^^nlH•^l<<.•^. I. . d . Silicic. 

V- Dani.l K*. Koscubei-uer. I) in M(»nio-. c,,. i>.^ 
ScpL 1, 1S44. Ill Sarah llnidrirk-.. in Tsdi,, 1». ()" 
llattield. Pa. Farmer. Kv. Mcili. C: Annie, Jusiah, 
Jacol). l)aniel. Sallie. Marw 

V|. Annie Kosenljery-er. !) Sept i:>. lS, William 
Suir/.el.ecker, P. (). Lansdale. Pa. 

V|. .losiali RoscnliLr^cr. h in l-'raiu-.mi.i townsliip. 
M.iTUy. Co. Pa.. hV-t> i:. 1S7(), 1'. (). ('.dinar. Pa. 
C arjtenler. Methodi-,1. S. 

V|. Jacob Rosen her ye r. h in llattiehl 'I'wt. Mav 
13. 1875. 

VI Daniel Kosenher^j-er. h a<.\- 1'». i,s77. 

VI- Sallie Rosen her^^er, I) June 14. |S7'>. 
V|. Mary Rtjsenheri^er, h Any 14. issi. 
V- Alartin Ro-enberyer. h , d 

IV- Jaeol) \V. Rosenheryer. h in Monty. Co.. Dec 
h, 18,>'>, d Jan <), IK'H, ni^ Kli;<ahelli Swartlev. N..v 
2t>. 18.^<>. Mr. Rosen heryer received a common 
school education. In early life he enyayed in the 
manutaclure of various articles of utility and orna- 
ment. For many years he was extensively enyayed 
in the manufacture of wooden seives use<l by }»o\yder 
manufacturers to sift the j)owder. Jle later enyayed 
in farniiny and on retiriny from that vocation "en- 
yayed in makiny brooms and all kinds <d' bric-a- 
brac for his yrand children. lie was of such a na- 
ture that he could not content himself without some 
useful employment, althouyh atillicted with a pe- 
culiar ailment since- his .v^th year, since which tin e 
he had few hours in which he was entirely free 
Irom pain, or able to do hard work, \et notwith- 
standiny all that, he was a remarkably well pre- 
served man up to his old aye. Menu's: C: Anna, 
Mary. Abraham. Daniel, Jacob, Kli^cabeth, c:atha- 
rine. Sarah. 

y. Anna Rosen])eryer. ]> .\uy M, IS.'v, d Nov 15. 

V- Mary Rosenberyer. b Aj.r .^. 1H41. m .\Iicliael 
Swartley. i See Michael Swartiv Family. ) 

V- Abraham S. Rosenberyer. b in HattieUrj'wj). 
M(mty. Co. Pa.. Auy ly, 1843, m Catharine C. Alle- 

2it4 rill-: K«isi-.Nm;K<.i;K iiisiuks 

1.;k1i. (Kl.>. IS».S. 1*. «i ILiUicld. I'.t Mr. lv'.,sen- 
l»cr>;cr was ij-ivon a {joikI r<lui"ali<in. ( >ii l<;i\ inj^- 
llu- townsliiji sihools at ihc a«4«.'nt 1^ \Lai>. he U>ok 
a Lour-Ni- .il Kul]»svill(.- Si-niiinrv lor two winters. 
Ill- tlu-n took oiu- ttiiii ill tho t. ar\ i rsvilU' Normal 
ln>litiit».' ami a short liailu-rs j>ri-i)arat(»rv k.'«>iirsL' 
at Pottstown untkr RohL-rt C'rinl<sli;ink. IK- llun 
wiiU into tho worhl to iiiaki- his own wav and lor 
till MK'ccssivr Icrnis tauifht school. In l.S(»') hi- 
M-ttlrd iti Hatlirld 'l\v]>. and in 1n72 hou^hl a larni 
whii.h hi- has situi- siui-i-sslullv loriduitod. Mr. 
K«»si'nhi'rji^i'r lias always been a \irv aitivi- Ri-jtuli- 
lan and has hohl otliii- ol a hual nature for nianv 
\i-ars. Ho was a silnxd diri-itor lor one torni and 
in IS'MI was a didayatc to the Kepuhliian State (.'on- 
vensi<tn at Harrisljurj^-. I'a. A lew years alter sett- 
linij- in Hatlield township lu- was elected assessor 
and tilli-d that jiost lor ei;;^hteen inn-^ei uti\ e vears. 
In 1HS'>, alter ser\in«i- 12 years a> assessor lie was 
re-ekvted to this oHUe lor three years and reveiveil 
every vole that was polled at that eleetioii. 

His lonjjf term as assessor, has made Mr. K'osen- 
lier^er an|uainted with almost i-\erv man. woman 
and child in the distriet. and lamiliar with e\erv 
lot <d i^round. its dimensions and ownershiji. 

Mr. Kosenheryer has |»een a verv eonsiderahli- 
eolleetor ol books «m a wiile raiii^i- ofsulijebts, and 
possesses a «;jfood workin«c librarv. lie isaconstant 
reader and one ol the intelliyi nt and well informed 
nien «d" his communitv. He is a elose student of 
public questions, as well, and familiar with eoutitv. 
stale and nati«mal issues. Although he iu-\i-r serv- 
ed an ajtjirentiieship in the meehanieal arts. \i t lu- 
I'vinees marked in\ etiti ve f^i-nius as an artisan. He has 
invented, drauy^hteil and vonstruited mativ deviees 
and machines of nuril which, howrxer. he made no 
elTorts to have patented. .Melin'-^. (': 1 ).i \ id. M a r\ , 
Harvev. Jacob. Allin, l-.dwin, I'.rwiii. l.i/./.ie. 
V|. David ,\. Rosriiber^fer, b .\n<; s. iSi.'t. ,| Aii^ 
li.. IKd't. 

V|. Marv lOllen Koseilbi-riier. b .\pr K.. 1 s7 1 . .\1 
I red II. Hunsberyer, I'. ( >. Souderloii. I'.i. lann- 

Isaac S. KosenhertHT. 


er. C: ( Yll ) Alvin Merton llunsber^er, 1) jan 5, 
1S9<), (1 AuiT 4, VH)2. 

V|. Harve}- A. Rosenberg-er, b Sept 14, 1872. S. 

V|. lacpb A. Rosenberg-er, b Aug- 18, 1S7(>, d Nov 
24. 18S1. 

Vj. Allen Rosenberger, b . 

Y|. Kclwin A. Koscnbcrg-er, b Mav 2<), 18S1, d Aug- 
12. 1 882. 

V|. Erwin A. Rosenbcrg-cr, b July 27, 188f>. 

V|. Lizzie Martha Rosenberg-er, "b Oct 4, 1887. 

V- Daniel S. Rosenberg-er, b in Montg". Co. Pa., 
Jan 2'^ 1847, m Catharine, daug-hter ot Rev. Abel 
Horning-, Oct 16, 1869. She was b Feb 19, 1850, 
P.O. Earlington.Pa. Farmer. Menu's. C: Wallace, 
Lizzie, Mary, Katie, Abel, Emma, Jacob, Eva. 

|. Wallace H. Rosen berger, b fan 2.^, 1873, m 
Addie D. Detweiler. P. O. Telford. Pa. Foreman 
in Telford Standard Hav Baling- Co. C: < VII ) Wil- 
mer U. Rosenbcr^^er, b Fel) i.^, 1895. Maria D. 
Rosenberg-er, b May 13, 1S97. 

VJ. Lizzie H. K(^senberg-cr, b Mav 25, 187(>, m 
Iknjamin (L Alderfer, P. O. Telford, Pa. Miller. 
C: ( V!f I Nob e AMerfer, b Feb 1, 1899. 

V|. M.iry H. Ro enl;erg-er, b Nov 26, 1877. S. 

Vi- KaiK- li. Rosenberger, \> Mav 25, 1879. 

V|. Abel H.! crg-cr. b Sei)i 21. 1S8((. 

V|. Emma H. Rosenberger, b June 21, 1883. 

vi. J^icob IL Ro^tnberg-er. b Mav 28. 188(>. 

V|. Eva II. Ri scrberger, b Feb 14. 1892. 

'if. Jacob S. Rosen l)erger, bjan 3i). 1S5(>. m Anna 
(t. Heebner. Dec 7. 1878. P. O. Souderton, Pa. 
Farmer. Menu's. C^VI' Lilly IL Rosenberger, 
b Dec 17, 1879. Horace H. Rosenberger, b Sept 
13,1881. Ravmond Rosenberg-er. b Apr 9, 1883. 
Jacob H. Rosenbergrer, b Aug- 2, 1885. Edwin H. 
"Fo enberg-er, b P^eb 2. 1888. Annie H. Rosenberg-er, 
l)Jan5, f890. d Apr 29, 1890. Clayton II. Rosen- 

liery-er, b March l'>, 18'»1. Maine IL Rosenberg-er, 

1) Sept 6, 1S93. 
V- P^lizabeth Rosenberg-er, b Nov 20, 1853. m Jonas 

Hunsberg-er. Dec 4, 1888. P.O. Kulpsville,Pa. Far- 
mer. Menu's. C: (VI) Lizzie R. Rosenberg-er, b 


M.iv 24. IS'K). Kdyar K. Kn>enI.LTL;vr. h Nov 24. 

V- Catliarin*.- kosinlKrf^rr, b |ul\ 27, l-Sr".^. in Aanm 
I.. Cilnnan. 1S77. 1». ( ). N\'w "liriiain. Pa. Far- 
iiKT. .\KiiTi\. C: VI llar\r\ llilmian. 1) ls7"i. 
Clarciue (iolimaii. 1) InsI. AiUii (lihman. !• ISSS. 
lOrwin (iolitnaii. 1) IS'ii. 

V- Sarah Ann Kosonlierj^'-LT. 1. Ian .^i», 1S5S. d Fob 
12. 1S7I. 

IV. Daniel K..-inlariicr, 1. Mar 4. 1S1.'>. ,1 Mar 17. 
is'ti,. ni Mary Hcnncr. C'ahiiu-t maker. No is-;uo. 

IV 101i/.al»clh RoNcnhorj^cr. d at^oil .^t» voars. ni 
John Friek. He was b in ISUl.d IS.vv Fanner. 
Menu's. C": Sarah, Sopliia. Levi. 

V- S.irah Frick. b Feb 2.^, 1H25, m limjamin Ko,- 
eiiberj^er. 'See llenjaniin Kosenborj^er faniilv.; 

V- So'.hia Frick, b lS27,ni Levi (iodshall. Ovster 
stand. Mrs. (iotUhall Hap. l": William, .Minnie. 
Id.i. Tillie. Lueinda, Levi. 

V|. William C.odshall. S. 

VI Minnie (iodshall. m Daniel Smith. 

VI Ida (iod»ha!l, m David Thomas. 

VI Tillie (ioilshall. m Ilarrv (,'hamjiion. 

VI Lucinda Ondshall, ni Ilarrv Sehimii.el. 

V Le\ i Friek, d younj,'-. 

IV- .NLij^dalena Ko>««.nbers4«.r, b in Monli^- Co., 
Fa.. -NLiv 7. 1S'I.=;. ,1 A].r 14. IS'C. m Daniel Reeder. 
in 1S2''. lie was b in HueksC(... I'a., Jan '».,'>. 
l-'armer. Menn's. C: Oliver. Sophia, Levi. William. 

V- Oliver Keeder, b in IJueks I'o.. Pa., in 1S.>(.. ni 
Matilda Cooper, in l.s<i(i. P. (). Frioks. Pa. C: Vl 
Charles Keeder. b — . d — , a^^ed about In veais; Y| 
Ri-eliina Keidi r. b — . d — , ayed al)out 7 \e:ir>. 

V- Sophi.i Keeder. 1» in Hueks t'o.. P;i.. in is.V). S. 

V l.rvi K\-eder, b .Auf^-'*. 1S41. iii l^mma On. O. t 
lSi.=., 1*. ( ). Souderlon, Pa. Cii^ar maker. Kel. 
t'h. C: William. Sophia. .Ma^^'dalena. .\nn.i. I^lnor.i. 

VI William I". K'eeder. bJuiie 12. ISt.i.. m .NLij^-^^-ie 
I. Wetidel. D. V 1SS7. kes. '»25 Kielilield St.. I'hila.. 
Pa. I'rinter. Kel. Ch. C- VII Walt T IxVrdrr. b 
Apr 7. l.S''t» 


VI . Sophia A. Reeder, b Apr :^0, lSb8, d June 25. 

Y|. Mag-dalena Keedcr, b Apr 4, 1873, m Edward 
C. Hag-ey, Oct 30, 1894, P. C). Souderton, Pa. 
Harness maker. Ref.Ch. C: (V||) Stanley Hag-ey, 
b May 8, 18')(), d 18<)(,; Howard Hag-cv, b'Aug- 27, 
1<S')7, d May 12. IS'W; LeKov Hag-ey, 1) Nov ll' 
IH*^^; Lester Hag-ey, b Dec 5, 'l899. 

VI. Anna E. Reeder, b Mar 10, 1S75, d Mar 19. 

Y|. Einora Reeder, h Sept 2, 187S. 

VI Emma (). Reeder, b Jan 31, 1884. 

V. William Reeder, b — , 1844. 

IV- Nancy Rosenberg-er, b Apr 12. 1816, d Aug 10, 
1876, m Georg-e Gehman. Dec 22, 1839. He was b 
in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov 5. 1818. d Sept 19, 1893. 
Farmer. Menn's.. C: William, Tobias, David. 

William R. Gehman, b July 23, 1842, d Mar 25, 
1903. m Eliza Freed, b Sept'lo. 1841, P. (). Bloom- 
ing- (rlen. Pa. Menn's. C: Salome, Harvey, Allen, 

V|. Salome F. (iohman, b Mar 7, 1864, m William 
Yoder. Ref. Ch. C: < VII ' Ella, Stella, Bertha; 
^\ alter. Georgw Russell. Elizabeth. Anna. 

Vl- Harvey F. (kdiman. b Nov 9. 1865, d in 1869. 

VJ. Allen " F. Gehman, b Mar 6. 1871, m Sue 
Derstine. P. <). Blooming- Glen, Pa. Kef. C: 
I Vn ■ Florence. 

V!- Cicorgc F. Gehman, b Mar 15. 1874. m Anna 
Coleshreiver. P. (). (juakertown. l^a. Luth. C: 
(VII) Ella Mav (xehman, d in infancy. 

if. Tobias R". Gehman. b in Mcmtg-. Co., Pa., Oct 
14. 1846. m Maria M. Hedrich. Jan 7. 1871, P. O. 
Silverdale. Pa. Farmer. Mennonite Deacon at 
Blooming- (Tkn. l^a. C: Dianna. Minerva. Emma. 
Sallie, Aquilla. 

V|. Dianna H. (iehman. b Sept 1(), 1874, m Jacob 
(;. Musselman. Oct 15, 1898, P. O. Silverdale. l\i. 
Wheelwrig-ht. Menn's. C: (VII) Sadie (;. Mussel- 
man, 1) July 1. 1901, d Julv 6, P»01. 

Vi- Minnie H. Gehman. b Sept 22, 1876, m Wilson 
(i. Detwciler. Oct 16, 1897. He was b Apr 19,1871 , 



\'. (). Hlni.ininjc lilcn. l';i. Lalmrcr. MriiuV. C: 

VII l-'l..r».-iK-c (i. Uelwcilor. 1. Mar .>1. I'ltid. 

V|. >allic- H. (Iclnnan. 1. l-\-l. 2'.. I^s:. 

V|. .\.|uilla H. (;iliinan. 1. Dr. I. 1S'»1. 

V h.isi.l K". r.rlnnan. t. Fcli 12. ISS:. m I'.li/alKtli 
A. Dclwcilcr in IST*.. NKnn"--. C : Sallic. Laura, 

V|. Salli*. I» (".L-hinan. 1. Nov l.^. 1>7/. 

V|. Laura 1). Uolnnaii. 1. jati !».. 1SS2. 

Vj. lIlaiKlu- 1). C.rhinan. 1. Lob 20. 1S'»7. 

IV- liarl>ara Kt)M.nlicrj4Lr. 1> ■.<!—. m I lirisiiaii 
Allebach. Farnicr. Menn\. C: Susanna. David. 

y. Susanna AlU"l)ach. 1» . ni Schlottcr, 

(l«.x\L SIk- ni Zn.l hushancL Knns Dofstinc. I'. < ). 
Toltor.L Da. 

y. David Allchach, dcc'd. 

• o- 

DLSLi-:ND.\N'rs oL iii-:nk'\ k< )slnblk(;i:k. 


Ilj. IKnrv l\^|-^^nla•r•4«.T. 1. almul 17-1. d in L^24. ni 
Ann . T" Hcnrv was ».»inv«.v«.'d llu' lann now- 

owned l.v Jacoby v )it.f(>rnurly A. H. Koscnber^or's. 
Ho aiurwards roniovo*! Ironi ILitlitld lt> RorKhilL 
where he «lied in ilie sprini^- ol Ls:4. The Oil lann 
was sohl to a Shellenlierjier, llerhall^a^ early as ihe 
lie«4innin<4- of lliis eenlury. In his will, re-mistered 
on Mav L^'. 1S24. he oideretl his ])lantation ^dd. L: 
John, iknrv. Marj^aret, Klizalieth, Nhiry. Naney. 
(.'athariiie. Daniel. 

|y. Jtdm Koscnberyer. b in lhuk-< ('o.. 2. 
1772. in ( athariju- KeiiK-r. Mu- was b I'eb 7. 1771. 
d Juni- 14. is.=»'i. i-'arnur. .Menn's. L: Kli/.abeth, 
Henry. Hannaii. S.-jdiia, Abraliani. N.MUy. Mary, 

Y- Kli/.abeth Kosiiibi-r^ier. b June ''. 17'i4. d Jul\ 
2''. 1S.S2. in Abraham llutisber;4er. lUwasliDn. 


lb, 178<), (1 Dec 31, 1853. Fanner. xMeiin's. C: 
Isaac, Kate, John, Nancy, Abraham, Jacob, Chris- 
tian, Henry, Mary, Eli/.abcth. 

.VI- Isaac Hunsberg-er, <1 infant. 

V|. Kate Hunsberu-cr. b Mar 7. lSlf,,(l ^■,^n l'M854, 
ni Henry Sweisford. C: Mary, Klizabeth, Amanda, 
Caroline, Kate, Emma. 

yii. Mary Sweisford, m SanitU'I l-'aust. 

VII- Elizabeth Sweisford, m John Shanrr. 

VI!- Amanda Sweisford, m John Marklcv. 

VII- Caroline Sweisford, b 1*\']) 22, ]84()." ni Henry 
Schwenk, June 13, 18.:.8. V. .(). Red Hill, Pa. 
Farmer. Ref. Ch. e\ > VIII ) Sallie, Harry. Josiah. 

Vfl- Kate Sweisford. mjohn Erb. 

VI5- Emma Sweisford, m (leor^-e Streeper. 

¥1- Jolm R. Hunsber^rer. I) in Mcmti;-. Co., Fa., 
Au«< M, 1818. d there Sept 2<). 18<)3, m ^Iaria Ober- 
holtzer, Oct 24. 1841. She was b in Washinu-^m 
Twp., Pa., July 20, 1815, d Dec 22, 1851. Farmer. 
Alenn's. C: Isaac. Isabella. Amanda. John m 2n(l 
wife. Isabella Fox. Nov 4. b854. She was b Oct 8, 
1813, d July 18, 18'»(). 

VII- Isaac O. Hunsber.o-er. b in Mont"-. Co.. Pa., 
July 11. 1S44, m Sarah M. (iottshall. P. O. Fred- 
erick, Pa. Farmer. Menu's. C: Henrv. fvizzie. 
William. Ejihriam, Franklin, Ma^j-g-ie. fohn. Bertha. 

VfSI- John (r. Hunsberjrer. b Nov l(..'l87(». d Mar 
is, 1871. 

VIIS- iA/.'/Ac (r. Hunsber^er. b in Mont. Co.. Pa , 
Jan 11, 1873, m James Calvin Wood. lS'»i). P. (). 
Finland. I*a. l-^'armer. Mr. Wood Kef. Ch.; Mrs. 
Wood. .Men n. C:'IX' Kufus H. W..od. h )an 5. 
1892: Irwin H. Wood, b Sej>t 2. 1S'»4: [ohn H.'Wood, 
b Jan 21, 1895; Calvin H. Wood, b Aug- !(>, lS9f,; 
Emma H. Wood, b Jan 28, ls<ts, d Mav S, 18')S; 
Mag-g-ie H. Wood, b May 17. 18<)')- 

VIH- William G. Hunsberg-er. \> julv 1. 1875. m 
Katie M. Richard, Mar 24, Pioit. 1'. (). j-Vederick, 
Pa. Eng-ineer. Menu's. 

VIII- Ephriam G. Ilunsberger. b Mar 31, 1S77. m 
Alice K. (;rubb. Dec l'», IS'H,. p. ( ). Frederick. Pa. 
Farmer. Menu's. C: i\X Clarence Hunsl)erg-er. b 



|ulv .>. 1JSM8; C'liarles Kayniotul (1. I lunsbcrircr, b 
Ai-r 14. lM(i2. (1 Soi»t 5. 1^02. 

VIII Franklin (i. 1 lunslioryor. 1. Nov 7. ls7.s. 

VIII Mauyii' r,. lliinsl.iT^itT. li Jan 2i.. ISHl. ni 
Ainm"n K. 1 >cL<»nt;-. 1'. t >. Spriuj^- M«iunt. I'a. 

VIII J«-lin (. lluii'^iKr'^cr. 1. 1-\1. 2(., 1HS3. 

Vll|. lUrllia (,. Hun->l)<.rycr. 1. June .^^. 1SS5. 

VII Ualic'lla lIunshcrLTi-T, !• Nov «». lS4t.. d jan 12, 

V||. Amanila ( ). 1 lunNLcTLii-r. I» in M^ntf,'-. C'<>..l*a., 
julv 2<>. I.S4S. m Cliark^ Iknncr. I'. O. Fridirirk, 

VI Nancv HunsUcr^cr. b in Mnnlj^-. C<>.. I'.i.. 
Uol IS. ISl't. in John C. SlautTor. Ocl 20, 1S4S. I'. 
i). lic».litcls\ ilk'. I'a. Fanner an«l niiikr. McnnV. 
I': KUwin. Hcnrv. Elizabclh. Sarah. ICnuna. 

V!|. F<l\vin II. SlautTer. b Mar 22. 1S.=.1. in Lavin;i 
Ikchu-l. July Iti. 1S75.. P. (). Heehlc'Kvillo. I'a. 
Farnur. Minn's. (.'■ Olivia. William. 

V|||. Olivia StaulTcr. b Apr 17. is7'i. ni .Mi»rris 
(ir..|. |un«.- S. 1S«>'». Kcs. Rcadinji. I'a. 

Vllj. William StaulTc-r (twin) b Ajir 17. ls7">. 

Vlj. IKniv H. Slaullor. b jan 22. 1 S.f .v m Minerva 
( )!arlu)ltyAT. O.l 14. 1S77. " F. O. I'.ichtolsvilU-. Fa. 
.MilU-r and vrcatiurv man M«.nn">. No isM:o. 

V||. Flizaboth II. StaulVor. b .Xus^" 2-^'. l-"^'^'*. m. ju! y 
2s. 1,SS5. William C\.nra(l. F. O. Htvhlolsvillc. Fa. 
DcaKr in lurnituro and unckrlakir. Mr. Fi.nrad 
Rcf. Fh.; .Mrs. Fonrad .\Knn. F: Vtii J"''" ^'"H- 
rad. b Apr 2. ISS7. 

VIJ. S:.rah II. Slautlc-r. b Au-- 2'>. IS(.l. in William 
]. K'itt.r. julv 2S. ISSi. Ik- d at F«.ttst..\\ n. Fa.. 
LandU.rd.' C: VIII I'^lnur Kiltor. b i\i.. 1SS2; 
I'loriMUc KiUi-r. 1< No\ 2. iss.=«; .\nnit' iOlVu- Rittcr, 
b June S, IS'M. Sarah m 2nd husbaiul. John i;ak«.r. 
— . kcs. 2<.<i Walnut St.. I'oU^town. F.i. Sui't. 
■ Fill- In-^nraiUT .ViTi-niv. Liitirs. 

V||. lOmina II. StaulTi-r. "b S. nt 22. FS(..v in Noah S. 
i;..riu-inan. (k-oM.. Apr is. 1SS4. K\'^. 2i»'t Swi-dr 
St.. Norristown. Fa. Dentist. NKniis. C: VIII 
Walt.T S. Honu'inan, b Sept ».. 1S'»4. d - ]>■'>.-■. 

Annie S. Horneinaii. b .\pr 2i». FSM7; May S..b 


10. 1901. 

V|. Abraham Ilunshero-er, b in 1S21, d 18K'), m 
Catharine Bartolet, about 1844. She was b 1825, 
d 1889. Farmer. xMenn's. C: Mary, Sarah, Sam- 
uel, Alwaham, Kate, Henry, Lizzie, Kphriam, John, 
Amanda. Elmma. 

Vl|. Mary Hunsl)erg-er, b — 1848, d aj^ed about 12 

" Yll- i>arah B. Hunsl)erg-er, b in 1848, d in 1887, m 
W illiam B. Moyer, dcc'd. Mr. Moyer Luth.; Mrs. 
Aloyer Menn. C: William. Sarah m 2nd husband, 
Clayton. C: Annie. 

Y!!!- William Moyer, I) in Mcmt"-. Co.. Pa., Mar 
vS, I,S(,8, m Sallie'K. B. Fox, Au<,^ ;>, 1889, P.O. 
Frederick, Pa. Cig-armaker. Luths. C: ( X) Warren 
Ellsworth F. Moyer. b Jan 23, 18')0; infant dauirh- 
ter stillborn Aug" 28, 1S')'». 

Vni- Annie H. Clayton, b — 1S71, d Dec 29, IS'KS, 
m fonas Rawn. C: ( |X) Sallie Bardman Rawn, b 
Mav 16, 188S. 

Vli. Samuel Hunsbcro-cr, b Sept 2.^^, 1S50, m Re- 
becca Gottshall. P. 6. Zieglersville, Pa. 

Vn. Abraham B. Hunsbergxr, b Dec 14, 1852, m 
Lucinda Kehs, Jan 1<), 1875. P. (). l^erkasie. Pa. 
Laborer. United Ev. Ch. C: ( VHi i Katie K. 
Ilunsberger, 1) in L875, d Feb 4, 1883; Oliver K. 
Hunsl,eroer. b Feb 24. 1877, d Fel) 13, 1882; Abra- 
ham K. Huns.erg-er, b July 13, 1878, d 
Feb 5, 1883; Howard K. Hunsberg-er, b Apr 13, 
1880, Mary Elizabeth K. Hunsberyer, b jan l'>. 
1882, d Fel) 2. 1883; Miriam K. Hunsberg-er, b 
Feb 19, 1884, d May 13, 188(); Minnie Minerva K. 
Hunsberg-er. b Oct 2(), 188(); Elsie K. Hunsberg-er, 
b Oct 28, 1888, d June 10, 1891; Raymond K. 
Hunsberg-er, b Julv'25, 1890; Edna Florence K. 
Hunsberg-cr, b |ulv 25, 1892; John Henrv K. Huns- 
berg-er. b May 1'>,"1895, d Sept 5, 18'»(,. 

ViS. Kate Hunsberg-er, b June 5, 1855, m Jonathan 
B. Gilbert. Dec 23, 187(.. P. O. Frederick. Pa. 
Farmer. Menu's. C: Arnie, Irwin Katie, Elmer. 

VIM- Annie Ahiria (;ilbert, b Mar 1, 1878, m Wm. 
J. Ivittle. C: 'IX) Ivloyd Little. 


VIII Irwiti r.ilbcrl. 1. Julv 2'.. 1^7''. 

Vlil Kalii- (;ill.crl. 1. Auj^ 4. I.s,s2. 

VIII l-:iiiitr Cill.iTi. li July 2'». lS'»n. 

V|l. lU-nrv 1». lIviiisl)iTi;-i.T. li W\- S.lSr«<», m l^i/.zic* 
i;. Nhirki-ly. l'\l. 14. lSS(t. 1'. ( ). K..y».'rsf..r(l, P;i. 
I.,;ilt»tr«.r. Minn's. C': ' Vllh Sarali ICHa Ihinsln.r:i- 
iT, It Fell s. issl. .\K'nn.; Ilor.K-o M;irkli-y Huns- 
iKTiccr, li Ajir s. iSSi.. Anna Laura I lunslioi-jjcr. I» 
June 5. iS'Mt. 

Vll- I-iz/i*.- Hurisbi-ryiT. I» 1S^*». xu lliiijainin Wrn. 

Vl|. l\|>hraini Hun>la-r;x<-"'". I' 1>^'>1. mi l^i/./.ir Ni'i<iiL;. 
1'. » ). kiihland (.\niri-. I*a. 

Vl|. -I'llni lIunslior«i\T. 1» ls<>.^. ni Li/./Jc 'l'\>..n. 1'. 
I » SihwonksvilK-, Pa. 

Vll Atnaiula Hunsln,Ti.;\T. It lS()S,ni Hitirv llruli!". 
P. ( > < Utili^k. l»a. 

VIIKinina HunNl»crj.;;iT. !> is, 7. in Mahl««n l'r\rr. 
I'. (). .\niso. I 'a. 

V|. I\i.'v. (."iiristian K. lluii-^I»i-r^ir. It in .M<>nt}.i. 
Co. I'a.. .\Iav .^. IS2.N. ni Fannv D. \'an Kttsson. 
N..\ 22. 1S4it." Sho was 1) Nov (.. 1S24. .1 .\|>r I.^. 
l^^l. 1*. ( ). i'rianuTv. I'a. I'^arnur. Hf was <>r- 
<lainr<l 1(1 ihc Ministrv in I'ltiicr Ski|t|)aik .M«.iitit>- 
nilr churili 1S7S. (': lCli/.al»ctli. John. Susan, 
Katharine', Altrahani. Hannah, t'hrisiian. Javulj, 
I'annir. IIrnr\. Marv. lOninia. Kaai.-. 

Vll-"h 1. IK,- is. 1S47. S. 

Vll. .lohn I IunvlHT«ii'r. It.Xjtr r>. 1S4'I, d Juno 5. 

I s.^ 1 . 

VII. Su>^an llunsl.rrtii-r.l) l'\-!t"Ms^l. niJohn Ma\- 
I'.i rv. < K I 2. is't7. I*. ( ). ("riaini-ry. I'a. Lahorcr. 

Vll Kalharinr 1 [unslaTyvr. I> in .M.mli:. <^""- I'a . 
.\os 22. is.s2. Ill IKnry .\ Rulh. in 1S74. 1'. (). 
("rratniTv. l*a. Laltor»r. NK-nn"--. I': < Vlli Sallir 

II K'uth'. It July ''. 1S7.S. «1 s;ijnv dav. Jai.ti. 11. 
K'uili. It .\lav 2't. 1S7<.. <1 .May 21. IS7(.. c'hristian 
11. K'ulh. It July l<t. 1S77. d Ava; 2<t. IS7S. William 
11. kuih. siilll.orn .\itr 2, isSd. jlinrv II. Kuili. It 
Juiu- 2. IsSl. Danifl II K'ulh. 1. .Vpr K., ISS;^. d 
J. Ill 12. IHS.s. l',.-n)aniin II Ruth. It Nov 2.v issi. 
Marv 11. K'uth. h Sijit .^. IS.S.s. Altrahain 11. K'uth. 

b July 2, 1H87. lAy.'/Ac H. Ruth, b Nov 28, 1888. 
Melvin H. Ruth, h Aug- 17, 1840. Harvcv H. Kuth, 
h Nov 19. 18M1. John H. Kuth, b Nov 2<.. 18'»2. 
Wilson H. Kuth. 1) July 21, 18'> . 

Vir Abraham ^^ Hunsberg-er, b in Montg-. Co. Pa., 
Apr M), 1854. m Hannah G. Berg-ev, Dec 15, 1877. 
P. O. Creamery, Pa. Farmer. Menu's. C: (VIII) 
Mary B. Hunsi)eri>-er. b Feb 24, 1879. P. O. Creani- 
erv. Pa. Brethern Church. S. Samuel B. Huns- 
berger, )j Feb 2.^, 1880. P. (). Kulpsyille, Pa. 
Katie B. Hunsberger. b July 29, 1881. Aljraham 
B. Hunsberger, b July 7, 188.^, d July 14, 1883. 
Lijjzie B. Hunsberger, b Dec 23, 1<S84.' Henry B. 
Ilunsberg-er, b Jan 12, 1888. ' 

Vi|. Hannah Hunsberger, b Aug- 2. 1855. P. (). 
V'reamery. I'a. Menu. S. 

VII- Christian Hunsberg-er, !> Jan »>, 1S57. m Mary 
Kui]', May 11. 1878. Kes 530 \V York St. Phila'.' 
P;i. l*iano mover. Menn's. C: Sallie, Mary, Lvdia, 
Harvey. Ella. 

Vlij- Sallie Hunsberg-er, b in Skippack Twp. Montg-. 
Co. Pa.. Apr 25, 187'», m Howard K. (rcorg-e. Sept 
2S, iS-is. Kes 53U W York St. Phila. Pa. 

VIII- Mary Hunsberger. b Jan 2(), 1S81. Kes 53U 
\V York St. Phila. Pa. S. 

Vj||. Lyuia Hun^berg-er. b Mar lo. 1883. Kes 530 
W York St. Phila. Pa. 

Vni- Harvey Hunsberg-er. b .May 24. 18S5. 

VIII- Flla Hunsberg-er, b Feb 3." 1887. 

VI!- Jacob Hunsberg-er, b Feb 27. 1859, m I^izzic 
I>rev. Res Moore St. Norristown, Pa. 

VH- Fannie Hunsberg-er. b Nov 20. IS'yO. Kes 545 
Swede St. Norristown. Pa. S. 

VI!- Henry Hunst)erge,-, b Feb 4,18(.2, d June 18r,2. 

Vfl- Mary Hunslx^rger, b Apr 11, 18(.3. P. C) 
Creamery, Pa. S. 

VI|. Fmma Hunsberg-er. b in Montg". Co. Pa., Nov 
18. lSf)5, m William Prixer, in 1 S87. P.O. Col- 
leg-eville. Pa. Farmer. One child stillborn in 1895. 

VII- Isaac Hunsberg-er, b Ai)r 5, 18()8, d Sept 27. 

1 S(,S. 

VI- Henry Hnnsberg-er. died infant. 

-74 Tin-: kosknhi:k<.i iv histciky 

VI Mary Huiisl)cr;^cr, died inlaiii. 

Yl l'Ji/.al»L'ili HunslitT^cr. 1> in M.inii^r (.',». I';,., 
July 12. 1S.>(I. Ill Klia^ li. Ilrcndliui^'-cr. ( )il Lv lS5u. 
Ill- \va^ I) in Karl T\\]). In-rks C".>. Ta.. Julv 1.^, 
1S2(.. d in Montir. (."<>. I'a.. Aul;- l.>. 1S'».^. !».(). 
Krcdc-rick. l»a. Mr. 11. I.uih. Mr^. .\knn. C": 
Mary. Jaool.. .Missouri. Sairaul. Lizzie. Katr. 
Morris. Ahraliani. lOniamul. 

VII Mary A. Ur«.ndlin^;cr. 1) in MmUi^-. (.\>. I 'a.. 
Julv 1<>, 1,S51. ni Amos H. Oljcrholizcr, Nov K,. 
IS72. V. (). lUvhlelsvillc. I'a. Farmer. Luth. 
(.': lOImer. Morris. M.irilia, Hiinv. Annie. 

Vlij. Klmcr i;. OherlKdlzcr. 1j .Mar.^1, 1S74. m Cora 
r. hhsl. Fel. 7. IS'J'i. I'. (). Hechtelsville. I'a. 
I'.iriner. Menn's. 

VJir l>r. Morris |{. ( )!K'rho]izer, i> Sepl 1.^. 1S75-, 
m Lizzie (iotshall. Seitt .=«. 1S')S. IV ( ). JlilL 
I'.i. I'hvsiiian. 

VIII .NLi'rtlia li. ()i)erli(dlzer. !> De^- 2(.. ls7'). died 
.\u,l;- 1(», ISSn. 

VIII- Henrv L. Oborlioltzer. !> Julv Is. ISSl. ,| Ai-r 
1<.. iss.^. 

VIII- Annii- K. < )l»erliolizer. i» June I'J. ISSi.. 

Vlj Jao<d. 11. Lrendlinuer. 1) Ai)r 2, 1S.=^.>. 

Vli Missouri Iv iJrendliiij^er. 1» Dec 7, ls54. m A. 
J. Metier. 1». (). Wesi I\.int. Fa. Luth. 

VII- Ivmanuol IL Hrendlinj^er. Ii Mar 2L ls.^7. m 
L;i\ ina Lcidv. Foh 2S, l.SSu. Res Norristown. I'a. 
Luth. C: VIII Klizaheth Lrendlin-er. 1. Feb 1. 
I'^si. Luth.; Iv Leidv Lrendlini;er. i. Sej>t 7. lS'».v 

Vlj- Samuel Hrendlin-er. I» Julv 2''. }S(.l. I'. (). 
iVrkioUKin ille. I'a. Luth. 

VII- Lizzii- 11. I5rendlin'..ier. \> .\u^ 17. l^»..^. m 
John !•'. Mells.h, Sepl (i. is'tii. I'. ( ). Ohelisk. Fa. 
Farmer. Luths. C : V||| .Mabel .M. Meiiseh. b 
.May lo, Is'ii: i;. Mens.-h. b Sei.t 7. 1S'».;; 
William R. .Meiisih. i> Jan 12. IS'M,; c'lark .Meiisih. 
1. June .^ll. isMS: M.try L. .Mens.h. b Auj^- 1. l.s<»<i. 

VII Kate II. IJrt-ndliiiwer. b ( K't 2S. jsi..^; d Apr 
2r*. \SS(t, m Javob |{oyer. Mar 27. lss(,. Luth. No 


VII Morris 11. lireiullins^t r. b Sept l.v 1S(,7. KNs 


Norristown, Pa. Luth. 

Vli. Abraham H. Brendling-er, 1) Nov 17, 18()S, ni 
Kate E. Renning-er, Aug 19, 1890. V. (). Obelisk, 
Pa. Farmer. Luths. C: (Vg||) Alice M. R. Brend- 
lino-er,b Sept 19.1891; Katie L.K.Bendling-er.b Sept 
27. 1892; Charles W. K. iirendliuger, b Oct 7, 1894. 

V. Henry K. Rosen berger. b in Bucks Co., Dec 
ISOO, d Sept 11, 1.S72, m Elizabeth Gerhart. C: 
Thomas. Isaac, John. Henry m 2nd wife Sarah 
Hartranft. She was b Dec 29", isij, d Feb 21, 1889. 
Farmer. He Menn. wife IvUth. C: Mary, Henry, 
Sarah, Lewis. 

Vj. Thomas (t. Rosenl)erger, ]> in l>ucks Co. Pa., 
July 2, 1S2(), m Rebecca Dillinger, Nov l.s, ISSI. 
P. O. Milford Square, Pa. Farmer. Truths. C: 
Daniel, Henry. Dianna. Sarah. Charles, Samuel. 
Thomas. Alary. 

Vl|. Daniel Rosenberger, b Dec 12, 1S3.^, m Noem- 
ma Shearer. 1875. P. O. Milford Square, Pa. Far- 
mer. Luths. 

VIJ. Henry Rosenberger, b Aug 15, 1S5(>, m Mary 
Sarver, Dec 14, 1S89. ^^i'. (). Ouakertown, Pa. Team"- 
^ter. Luth. C: ( VHI ) Florence Rosenberger, b 
June 12. 1.S91; William Jacob Rosenberger, b Aug 
15. 1S93. 

V|j. Dianna Rosenberger, b July 7, LS5S, d Se])t 
12, l>^hO. 

V!|. Sarah Rosenberger, b Feb 4, 1S(.(>. P. (). Mil- 
ford Square, Pa. Cigarmaker. Luth. 

Vl|. Charles Rosenberger, b June ](>, 18()2, d Mar 
2S. LS(.5. 

Vjj- Samuel Rosenberger, b ALtr 11, 1S()5, m Alice 
Deily. Dec 27, 18SS. Farmer. Luths. 

VIS- Thomas Rosenl.>erger. b Nov 7. ISOS, m Lla 
Backensto. Jan 9. 1S97. P. O. Mil ford Square, Pa. 
Farmer. Luth. 

V!- Mary Rosenl)erger. b Mar 12, IS72, m Wilson 
O. Heanev, July IS, lcS95. I'. (). Milford Sciuarc. 
Pa. Cigarmaker. Luths. C: > VSI ' Esther Ruth 
Heaney. b Nov 12. 1S9(.. 

Vl- Isaac G. Rosenberger. b in Bucks Co. Pa., July 
7. 1S2'». m Hannah Bartholomew. 1S57. P.O. Per- 


rin- Kftsi .\ki:k(;i:k iiistoks 

kiiNic. l*a. FariiK-r. KcluriiKti I'liur^h. L:llciir\. 
Jiiliii. Annie. IsaiK- in 2nil wiU-. Maria Kinsov, 
Scpl 27. 1S(.2. 'l^lirt-o ».hiltlren deceasctl. l<aa^ m 
.^r(l wiU-. Maria K«.'li>. Juuf K). 1S71. X.> issur. 
On Aui^usl 2<i. T'l'S Mr. Koht^-nlJiTLTor wliile in llio 
act ot' j>iKliin«i- rye Iroin llio overhead in his harn 
sU'inted on a Iwianl whieh l>n>ko and he tell to the 
ihresh lloor Itelow. receiv iny internal injuries Iroin 
whieh he died Aui^ust MK r»05. 

Vl|. ileiirv K. l<>>enher;.cer. I» .\u;j 27. I"<.^7. in 
Annie L. kin>ev. She was b Julv .^. 1.^5^. d Fel> 
2.V l'»(i2. r. ()■. I'erkasie. Pa. Ci«-armaker. Kef. 
Ch. C: VDI Clara K. K..senlx'rsrer, b May .V lS^tl, 
d Nov 2. 1S.S7; Mary Kllen Kosenberifer. 1< Mav 7. 
1SS.>; William Henry Ki»senl erLfer. h June l.v 1SS7: 
Ma Florence Uosen herder. I» Jun.' 11. l.S'id; Kinina 
Irene Kosenlteryer. 1» So})! <», 1S">4: Elmer Kosen- 
l>ervrer, h Mav 27. I'tiio. IlmrN m 2ntl wile. Annie 
!•:. Lyle. l)ee"l'». I'»u4. 

V||. .Kdm i;. Kosenl)eriier. 1) Julv l*., 1SS'». d 

VII Annie 1>. Ro■^enherli•er. li in lUieks Co. I'a.. 
Au^- H>. 1S<>(I, m Isaae K. .MeCrork. Jan 2''. is^l. 
1'. (). Sellersvilie. I'a. Carpenter. Rel. Ihurcii. 
(': I'.lmorc. Carrie. dauj^ihterstillhorn. Isaac. 

VIM Klmore K. MeCrork. h Au^'- 11. m F^^teliii 
K. Fillman. Sept 1.%. l'Mi2. She was i. in Duldiu. 
I'.uek- C... I'a.. .Vu-- .^. 1^S4. 1 '. O. Scller>ville. 
Printer. Mr. ('. K'el . .Mr^. C. Luih. C: If Clvde 
Alt.)n .MeCrork. !• Nov 27. I'tii*.. 

yil|. Carrie R. .\KCrork. I. \Kc 17. Iss-;; Miriam 
l\>iiier K. MvCrork. I) Jan 4. is'»2. d iKi .^. IH'M,; 
dauiihter -^tillliorn. Jan 1'-, 1S")5; Kaac K. MeCri.rk. 
I. Jan I'i. Is'is. 

VI !'>hn (i. l\*o^enl)er;.'er. !• . «1 — . Single. 

V|. .Mar\ .\. K'o-e:ilH r^rfr. I> in Hiukvro. l';t.. ajit 
1. 1S4M. lii Aaron 1',. Sehoeh. Jan 24.1^74 \'a i. Mi'- 
lord S!|Uare. Pa. Liitlis. i': VII Inl.nit stilllioni. 
.\i.r 2.V 1S7.>. 

VII Howard k. Seli.Kh. 1. ( >.t 1.^ 
VI Ilenrv II. K'osenln-rii-i'r. I) in 

Dee 2'». 1H44. in l-'Jvin., M M..\,r 

1 s7f.. 

lllKKS Co. 
< >v t ^. 1 S7ii. 

( ). ( )uakerto\vn. 1 

( iL^annaker. Menu' 


Seward. William, Daniel. 

VII. Seward M. Kosenhero-er, b in Mil ford S(|uare 
Bucks Co. Pa., Aug- <), 1S72, m Emma Sell, daugh- 
ter of William B. Sell, of Spirnerstown, in iS'^f,. 
P. O. Ouakertown, Pa. When 12 vears of ag-e iMr. 
Rosenberger began working on a farm in the neigh- 
borhood, attending the public school of the village 
for five racmths in the year. Being devoted to lus 
books, he made the best of these short terms and at 
age of K), was granted a teacher's provisional cer- 
tificate. At the beginning of the term of 1888-89, 
he started the work of teaching,taking- charge of the 
public school at (;eryville, Bucks Co. I'a. The fol- 
lowing two terms he taught at Spinnerstown, and 
then for three terms the Milford Square grammar 
school, all in Mil ford, Bucks Countv. During these 
years he availed himself of the advantages which 
the Normal school of the district, located at West 
Chester offered, attending the spring sessions. Dur- 
ing the term of 18>)4-95, he had charge of the study 
room at the Normal, in the meantime pursuing his 
studies. Entering the senior class next term, he 
g-raduated in the Elementary C(-urse. Before com- 
pleting the work of the course, he had been elected 
to the principalship of the schools of Ouakertown 
Pa. and entering upon his duties at the opening 
of the term of IS'JS-l.S'K). He is devoted to the 
calling which claims him and is eminently success- 
ful in it. He is actively identified with the various 
educational interests of this county, having served 
as vi^e president of the Annual Teacher's Institute 
and as president of the Principals Association of the 
county, besides doing work on important com- 
mittees. He has from his early years been deeply 
interested in religious activities. While attending 
Normal sceool, liewas active in the work of the Y. 
AI. C. A. At present he is a trustee of the Menno- 
nite church at Ouakertown and is active in Sunday 
school and Young People's Association work. For 
two years he was assistant editor of the Mennonite, 
the organ of the church of his choice. C:(YIII' 
Arthur Rosenberger. 1) Se])t (>, 1S'»S; Willard S. 

-'"" ''■"»: kosknbkk(;i:k iiistokv 

K'.»Ninli«.T'i«.T. 1» M.i\ I<». is'Mi. 

Vf|. Willi. iiii Ilciirv l\.>sL'nl)cry-fr. I. M ,r ""4 iv"- 
nnk. .\Uiin. " -•'•"• 

VII haiiicl Webster Kosenberirer. 1. Mar .^ 1SS4. 
VI- Sarah Amanda Iv.>senborf,'-er. d uiiiiiai ried. 
VI- I^i'wis R.isotibir'ior. d Jaii iS'ts. S. 

V- Abraham Rnseiiber-er. 1. in Ihwks C- l»a N.,v 
I''. 1^1'». ,1 Mar S. 1S75. m Marv R.-th. Apr 1>. 
iS.v-^. She was b in Knckhill 'J'w|... Ma\ V Is] ] 
I'';irmer. Menirs. C: Ibnrv, DaMd Vbri- 
liam. CMiathariiie, Frank. 

VI -'"hn k. Rosenbery;er. b Fel) 2^ is;.. ,1 \.,r 
:>. is.-s. s. ■ ' 

VI- IKiirv R. R..->enber!^er, b Julv "»«» is'vS ui 
-Mary Loux, Apr 2.^. ISh.v R. (). Milb,;,i S-mare 

a. 1-armer. Menu. C: Mahhm, Li/zie. Harvev' 
1-jnma Marv Clara. Annie, Menn... Klkn. Andrew.' 

VII- Mahlon K.»enberj^a'r. b Sept '). 1S,,4 m Knie- 
litK- Shelly. Apr 14. l.SSS. 1>. () Spinnerst..wn. 

a. 1- armer. Menn's. C\ < VIII ' Aar.m S. Kn.en- 
bcri^er, b !• el) 2:>. Iss'.; hja May R.-senberoer, b 
Sept S, l.S'it); Oscar S. R<.sent)er^"er, b Jan Mk ]S'n- 
Clayt(m S. Ri.senber«cer, b Mar 2. 1.v<h- Mabel s' 
R..senber-or. 1. Aug- 25. 1S-.5; Marv S. Rusenber-cV 
1> Auii" •^. IS'17. '^ ' 

^Vll- l.i/.zic R.)senber-er. 1> in Rueks To. Ra.. Feb 
2". 1SS(,. HI Aamn W . Sweinhart. Ian In. }S'>\. R 
(). Niantit.-. I'a. Farmer. Menu's." i": VIII lonnic 
'<. Sweinhart. b Mar N. l.S<»2; Calvin R. Sueinhart 
.July .■^. l.S')4; Melvin R. Sweinhart. b ^=;' 


Yll- Harvev R. Rosen beri^vr. b in Ru.ks (\> Ri 
June 22. 1S(,7. Ill Klla Nora Reiiner. I\ b (,. \S't] 
I'. (). Telb.rd. Ra. I-\irmer. .Menu's. C. VIII I'.ai 

R. Kosenl>orgcr, b Feb 5. 1SM(.. 
VII- Rinma Rosenberyer. b in Riuks i',,. l»,,.. x,,,. 
1. l.S(..S. Ill Olivi-r .\I. Kiiser. [uiie 4. l.S'»2 R <) 
.Millord S.piare. Ra. i'aniur. .Menn\ T' Yjll ■ 
Klmer R. KriMT. b Apr 7. ls7.^: Ausii,, R. Km er 
b I- eb 22. ls'i7. 

VII- -NRiry J. R..senb.r-er. b .\u- 11. Is7(). rn b.lin 
A. Roth. Jan 1.^. Rs'M. R. u. .Mii|.,rd Sou.iiv. Ra. 


^rSris'r^^"'^- ^-Vlll^FlorenccK. Koth, . 
VM- aara Rosenberg-er, b in IJucks Co. Pa., Oct 

O. Cong-o, Pa. Farmer. Menu's. (J: , Vi|| , Emm'; 
R. Bauman, b Feb 30 IS'H-,. t> iV ' ^"^'"'i 
June ^4 ivo:;. M tT V> ^-^ ^^- ^^^uman, b 

June 4, l,Sio, Harvev R. I^auman, b Feb 2U 1S97 

VII. Anme Rosenber^er, b in Hucks Co. V^X^ 
-.>,lS/4, m Eug-ene D. Roeder, Dec 1M8% P 
(X Spmnerstown Pa. Farmer. Menn';. ' 

Si PI?"" o ^o^enberg-er, b Mar 9, 1877. 

in. . Rosenberg-er, b Oct 16, 1879 

V I. Andrew F Rosenber^er, b Feb 2cS, 1HS3. 

VI. Uavid R. Rosenberg-er, b Mar 7, 1843, m Sarah 
Bauman, Apr 3. ]87... P. O. Milford Sc uL Pa 
Farmer and Ahller. Alenn's. C: (Vl|j leo B 
Rosenberg-er b July 11, 1873; Jennie RRosenber: 
f ['.ll^^lf ^'^^If^ David B. Rosenber^er, b W 
^,;-^' '; J^Imer B. Rosenber^er, b Apr 3, 1879- E?- 

Tl"^{r^'\''^;^'^ b Mar 3, 1883,\l Oct 33, 18. . 

VI- Abraham R. Rosenbero-er b M;iv 7 i«.i- i 

Nov 1<^ 18.9, m FlizabethnL'or gc'dt^ea'sed'^^^ar- 

m\- T^^'"" '• ^^ ^'"^nuel, Abraham. 
F,;:r, T^'u''?' ^b Rosenberg-er, b June 11, lSf,8, m 
Emmalmhof, Nov 39, LS97. P. O. An^us Pa 
Aaer death of his father he was adopted b'v hi; 
Grandfather Abraham Rosenberg-er, who died 
several years later. He remained'^with his grand- 
mother until 18, then served an apprenticeshio as 
machinist, which he followed a short time ^ He 
then took a business course at Peirce Business Col- 
leg-e g-raduating in class 1890. Menn's. 
J^\^ ^,';riiham G. Rosenberg:er, b Feb 1870, m 
Bertha Sherm in 1893. P. O. New Britain, Pa 
l^armer Luths C: . V||h Wilson S. Rosenberg-er, 

±:\ 'Z-''^^??''^^'^- ^«^^"berg-er, b Oct ^- 
i«H, Alelvm S. Rosenberg-er, b Nov 33, 1897 

John Miller, m 1878. P. o. Milford Square, Pa. 
Parmer. Menn's. C: ^ VII ' Franklin R. .Miller, b 
i>ct 14. 18,s, m Sallie Rosenberirer, Dec ''•? IS'mi 
i . O. Miltord Square, Pa. Luth. 

Si I 

Till-: KoM. \hi:kc.i;k histokv 

Vl|. Alviii K. Miliar. I. M:iv 15. ISSO; N\Iv,.n R. 
Milkr. 1. l'\-l. ::. 1NS7; .\\'wv K. MilKr. 1. Mar 
iss«»; Freddie K. MilK-r, 1. Frl. In. i.s-ii. 

VI I'r.mU K. Rosen l)ert^fr. 1. Mar .>ti. IS52. m 
l-^inma liorj^'-cv. Mar .^. 1S77. I'. ( >. Miltord Stiuari", 
I'a. l-'ariiK-r. Mrinr->. (. : Vll Ki'iio 1>. Koscn- 
Itericcr, 1» Ajtr 22, 1S7S. Schudl lea^lur; James A, 
liarticld KoscnlRTjJ^er. 1) July Hi. l^si; John li. 
I\iist'nltL-r|.,r(.'r. h June 2.^, iss.v 

y. Hannah Kost-nhcrj^iT. ni l>a\ id Muuihaucr. Ki-l. 
Ch. C: IV-tor. Joseph. Jolm. Henry. Hannah, 
Anji'eliiU'. 1'. < >. Spinncrslown. I'a. 

y. Sophia KosenhorLj-^''"' m Haxid lieaKr. Lutli. 
(': Josiah. John. Hcnrv. Malinihi. Sarali. 

y. Nanrv KosonlnTj^^cr. deoeased, m l\iir Kline, 
deceased. Mr. K. Lulh. Mrs. K. .Men. (.": Intanl, 
Infant. Ivlward. Josiah, Infant. \\'illoU!4lil>v.lV-ler. 

y|. lC«l\vard K. Kline, I) Ault s. ls;^2. d Auj^- 24, 
1S.S7. ni Caroline Cierhari. July s. IH.^e. She died 
Julv 5. ISSH. C'arpenter and eij^arniaker. He Luth. 
She (icr. Kef. C: Oliver. Marv. 

y||. Oliver Kline, 1. Feb 2S. 18.^'». m Lv.lia I.eidv. 
Auy: 7. 1S7S. H.( ). Telford. I'a. C'ij^-armaker. Luih. 

yi|. Marv Kline. 1) Mar 2.V IS.,.-, m William H. 
Shaw, [\\- 2.=>. is.s.s. 1>. (). (Jviakert..\vn. Ha. Ciy:ar- 
marker. Luth. 

V|. J..^iah Kline. 1. 1S,;7. 

V|. Willouiihl.v Kline. 1) 1S41. d vounj^-. 

V|. I'eter K. Kline, I) Jan S. IS42". in Marv Ram- 
l)o. May 21, lS(o. Res 2.%1't N (.th St. IMiila. Ha. 
i'roduee M. niTs. (": Horace, Kmma. 
Laura, (."lara. .M.ihlon. Haul. Mamie. ICva. 

y||. Horace 1".. Kliiii'. li AuLj' 2. lS(i.=.. m I.aur.i 
.Morris. R»-s Hhila. Ha. ( lerk. 

VII i:mma J. Kline. I. Mar 12. lsi.7. in iMiarKsO. 
Kiuu- r. Hhila. I'a. 

VII i.aur.. Kline, 1. l-\-l. 2S. d Nov N, ls71. 
VII t lar.i Kline, I.Jan 2'*. 1S7.>, ni John Shell v. 
VII Mahloii R. Kline, t. .Mar .^(i. IS77. in l<la llarto. 
VII Haul K. Kline, h Sept P», I S.So. 
Vl|. Mamie K. Kline, h Sept 7, 1SS2. 
VII i:\.. K' Kline. 1. M.iv 14. Hsss. 

VVilliani I. Roscnber^tT. 


V. Mary Rosenberg-er, deceased, m Christian Doll, 
deceased. Soldier in war of 1812. Farmer. Kef. 
Ch. C: Washinjj-ton, Elizabeth, Mary, Jesse 

Charles. "^ 

V|. Washing-tori Doll, d, in Anna Musseluian, d. C: 

V|. Elizabeth Doll, b in Bucks Co.. Nov' 5, 1824, d 
June 7, 1892, m Samuel Diehl, Nov 2.^, 1845. She 
was a faithful wife and mother, cheerfully sharing- 
the struggles of earlier years to secure the best ojT- 
portunities for advancement of her children and by 
a firm faith in the redeeming- love of our HcavenlV 
Father, she exemplified her christian faith to the 
end. Samuel Diehl, before marriag-e was a shoe- 
maker, but later eng-aged in teaching school, farm- 
ing and keeping- store. Res 709 Ivinden St. Allen- 
t(<svn. Pa. Mr. D. Luth. Airs. Ref. Ch. C: Tilgh- 
man, Mahlon, Ivcanna, Milton, Oliver. 

Vl\. Tilghman Diehl, b in Bucks Co. Pa., May 21, 
1847, m Kosina A. Schall, June 1873. Res Allen- 
town, Pa. Air. Diehl attended the public schools 
at Ouakertown, Seidersville and Allentown until 
14 years of age, when he was apprenticed to learn 
the printer s trade in the office of Kev. S. K. Brobst. 
He had hardly finished his apprenlice>hip when he 
was j)laced in charge of the accounts of the various 
publications of the establishment. At the same 
time he was called upon to read proof and assume 
other similar duties. In 1872 he was taken into 
partnership ])y Rev. Brobst and till the end of 187() 
when the latter died, the firm title was S. K. Brobst 
& Co. The founder's son then became partner, the 
firm name changing to Brobst, Diehl & Co., this 
arrangement continuing- several years, when the 
subject of this sketch by purchase became the sole 
owner of the establishment, which is now publish- 
ing three periodicals and a list of books of nearlv 
M) titles and also conducting a g-encral book and 
stationary store. Luths. C: Edv.'ard, John, Samuel, 

V!||. Edward I. Diehl, 1) Julv 11, 1874, m Marv E. 
Snvder. Sept 17. 18')(,. He graduated from Allen- 

3S2 THH K()SKNHKK(;i.K lllsr(iK\ 

low 11 Hi^^li Schcuil, liiul ;i iM.siii.>Ti in his father's 
store for some years, then passed a civil service ex- 
amination successfiillv and entered as clerk in the 
lu.^t ollice at Allent-.wn. I'a. C\ |X llenrv Diehl, 
1. Julv IS. IS'C. 

V|||. -I'llni \\ Diehl. \> Au^r =•, 1S73. m Lillie Troxell. 
( )ci 4. IS'iN. 1'. ^ >■ Allentown, I'a. Luths. 

VIII. Samuel L. Diehl. b IK'C .^, 1S77. Res J^nkin- 

town. l*a. Jeweler. S. 

Vijl M. (.an. line Diehl, b Sept 12, 1S7'». Clraduated 
MuiiiMwii Hiirh School. Kes Allent«.\vn. Da. S. 

V||. Mahlon Diehl. b Oct MK 1S4S. d May .^l. 1SM2, 
m Mrs. Marv L. 'Pavener < nee liooih ) in 1KS(.. 

AruiiiMwii Hiirh School. Kes Allent«.\vn. Da. 

V||. Mahlon Diehl. b Oct MK 1S4S. d May .^l. 

m Mrs. Marv L. 'Pavener < nee liooih ) in 1 

After leavinif sch<»ol he learned the trade ot ma- 
chinist in an iron foundry at Allentown. He later 
bejTiin the studv of medicine with Dr. S. S. .-\i)i.le. 
of Allentown. Da., and later entered the Medical 
Department of the Iniver^ity of Dennsyhania from 
which he i^raduated in 1S74. He located at Jeddo. 
I^u/.erne Ct). Pa., as company phvsician of a larij:e 
coal minint,'- district. He later became physician 
at Leisenriny-. Fayette, (."o. Da., where he f<iund a 
field of activity beyond his strength. In ISSt. he 
built a line home and cnj^-as^-ed in cattle raisin-j- m 
addition to the care of his lar}j;c practice until he 
succumbed to an attack of ])neumonia. No i'-i;e. 

Vl|. Leanna Diehl. b .Mar IS.^1, m Henry J. II. 

Vl|. Leanna Diehl, b .Mar 1 >-•> 1 , m Henry J. uorn- 
beck. in lS(.<t. Ik- d Sept .^<l, IS'ts. Kes Sn«) Linden 
St. Allentown, Da. Mr. Hornbeck enliste«l during- 
the Civil War in the 47th Dennsylvania Rei^inient 
and was advanced to l)e quartermaster Sers^-eant of 
the same, which position he held at it-> disliandment 
and for the fireater part «d his three years term, as 
such he ])articiiiated in the varous marches an<l en- 
^•a'fements of tin- reiiimeiU m N'lri^inia. S.'Ulli 
Carolina MtattU- of Docotali^o ; the Kr.l K'iver 
campaif^-n in Louisiana, the period .-i Lj'uard duty 
at Kev West. After the close id the w.ii he became 
accountant and book keeper for iron works at .\I- 
leiitown. Ijnaus ami l'\illerton successively in llie 
latter jtosiiion as chief his of tK-partiiunt in the .\Ic- 
•''••- an<l l"'iillercar wlieid ami foundry work^. Luths. 



C: Mamie, Bessie, Harry. 
Yl||. Mamie Hornbeck,'b Mar 2, 1870, d May 2. 

Vlll Bessie Hornbeck, b Oct 28. lcS7<». She is an 
honor g-raduate of the Allentown Colleg-e for Women 
and counts among- her accomplishments a g^ift for 
painting, which promises, if cultiyated, line artis- 
tic results. 

Vlil, Harry Hornbeck, b Aug (>, 1881. He attended 
the Allentown grammar school and is now book- 
keeper in the Lehigh Trust and Safe Deposit Co. 
Vll Milton Diehl, b Sept 7, 1852, d Mar 13, 1853. 
V||. Oliver Diehl, M. D., b in Ouakertown, Pa.. 
June21, 185(). m Sarah Hester Williams, Phila. Pa.. 
Oct 11, 1882. Res ()32() Burbridge St. Phila. Pa. 
While an infant his parents removed to Seidersville, 
Pa. and from there to Allentown, Pa. When six 
years old he entered the public schools at the latter 
"place. At fourteen years of age he left school to 
enter the employ of the Lehigh Valley Railroad 
Co., at Allentown station, learning telegrapy and 
serving- in various capacities in the offices of the 
Company until 1877 when he left the employ of the 
company to enter the Jefferson Medical College at 
Philadelphia, Pa. He had previously prepared him- 
self for the course in medicine by devoting hisspare 
moments to study and by taking advantage of op- 
portunities offered by practitioners of Allentown to 
witness operations and to study cases of diseases. 
He was graduated from the JetTerson Medical Col- 
leu-e in the spring of 187') and shortly afterwards 
secured an appointment as house physician at St. 
Mary's Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa., where hespent 
a year. After leaving this hospital he passed the 
examination for entrance into the Navy and was 
commissioned an Assistant Surgeon on July^ ()th. 
1880. His first duty was on board the U. S. Re- 
ceiving Ship "St. Louis," at League Island, Pa., 
from which' he was transferred to the U. S. Receiv- 
ing Ship "Franklin," at Norfolk, Va. He then 
served successfully at the Recruiting Rendezvous 
Phila.. a*>-ain on the "St. Louis" and then at the 


N:ival AcadctiiN , Amiaiuilis, Md., making ihc Suin- 
inor i>ra».li>.c cruise in ISS.^ on board the U. S. S. 
••ron>lcllation." In July 1SS.> Ik- was |»r<iiut»ted to 
the rank of Passed Assistant Surgeon and in Sep- 
tonihcr 1HS3 was ordered to the l'. S. S. "(juinne- 
haufi-" »'" the ICuropean Station, servinjj;- until 1SS(> 
when he was orderi-d honu- and to duty at the I'. 
S. Naval Hospital. New York. I'roni there he was 
transferred to tlu- Na\.i! Hospital and Home at 
l*hila»lel]diia. servin;^ there fi»r three vears he was 
.irdered in Jan IS'K) to the \\ S. S. ""Haltimore"' 
whieh vessel went into eoniniissit>n at Crainits Shij)- 
Yard at IMiila.. where she had just been completed 
and was C(»mnianded bv Ca])l. Winlield S. Schlev 
I now Kear Atlmiral). However, on the wav to 
Chile the "'IJaltiniore" stopped at Montevideo for 
ct»al and it so hajtpened that the Surs^eon ol the W 
S. S. "Kssex," then in tliat ]«ort was taken ill and 
was invalided home. Surf4et)n Diihl was 
ordered by cable to succeed him on the •"Essex" and 
finished his cruise in that vessel <m the South .\t- 
lantic station, cominii- hi>me on her in the spring- (d" 
1S'».^. He was then ordered to the Naval Hospital 
IMiiladelidiia where he served until Ajiril 1S'>7 when 
he was ordered to the Monitor "Terror" havinj; in 
the meantime been ]>romoted to the rank (d" Surgeon. 
The "Terror" was one <d our ships servini^- in the 
late war with Spain. After the destruction <d the 
"Maine" and while i»reparations were lieinj^i" made 
fur the conflict which was now re<.jarded as ine\ita- 
ble she was orderid to New York to protect that 
Port. In the lattiT eiul ot .March she w:is ordered 
to Kev West and on the commencement «>f hostili- 
ties Went to Havana and was stationed att'ardenas. 
C'uba. to maintain tlu' (.-astern end <d the block- 
ade. Shortly after her arrival she captured as 
]>ri/.es the followinj^" Spanish vessels viz steamers 
"Ciuido" and "l5«divar,"schooTurs "Tres Herman as" 
and ".Mascoto." I'rotn this point she went with 
Admiral Sanij)son"s S(|uadron to the eastward in 
search <d t'ervera's Sipiailron an<l took part in the 
boinbardnu nt of San Juan. Port<" Kico. .\fter re- 

i))':scHNDANTs OF Hi'.XKv K()S);\ I!!' k(;i-;k 285 

turning- to Key West she ag-ain did blDckade duty 
off Havana and other Cuban I'orts and later on 
joined General Miles' expedition to Porto Rico ly- 
ing- at Ponce and Guanica at which Ports she was 
of valuable assistance to the Army in aiding; the 
landing- of the troops and stores. In September 
the "Terror" was ordered North and went into re- 
serve at Norfolk, Va. Surgfeon Uiehl was then 
ordered to the U. S. S. "xMichTg-an" on the North- 
western Lakes where he is serving- at the present 
time. Luths. C:(Vill» Mary Winifred Diehl, b 
September !<>, 18S7, d May 15, ISS'); Oliver Roland 
Diehl, b July 7, 189U. 

YI. Mary Doll, b in Bucks Co. I'a., in IfSoO, d Apr 
20, lS'»l,'m Gotlieb Kraft, in lS5f). He was b in 
Saxony, (rermany, Feb 18, ISIO, d in Bucks Co. 
Pa., Feb 3, 187()." Laborer. Mr. Kraft Luth, Mrs. 
Kef. Ch. C: Lizzie, Herman, Frank, Annie, Lucy. 

\m Lizzie Kraft, b in Bucks Co. Pa., Oct 1, LSf)l, 
m Charles Murray, Dec 0, 1884. P. O. Warring-- 
ton. Pa. Farmer. Baptists. C: f Vlil ) Mabel May 
Murray, b May 2'). 1887; Charles Roy Murray, b 

Nov 17. i8');x ■ 

Vli. Lucy Kraft, b in Bucks Co. Pa., June 13, 18f)(), 
m Frwiu'H. Woodring-. Nov P). I8')f. I>. O. Mil- 
ford Square, Pa. Luths. No issue 

VII. Frank Kraft. 

Vii. Annie Kraft, m Staulfer. 

Vil.HarmanKraft.bin Bucks Co. Pa., Jan 23, 
1872, m Rosana E. Ford. Aug- 3, 18"J3. P. O. Rdi- 
son. Pa. Luths. C: ( VIII ) C'harles Walter Kraft, 
b Au.g- 2<),18'>4; Leo Franklin Kraft, b Feb 23, 18<>7. 

V|. Jesse R. Doll, b in Bucks Co. I'a., Dec 20, 1831, 
m Mary Beams, Sept 27, LS5L P. O. Ouakertown, 
Pa. Plasterer. Ref. Ch. C: Sarah, Jesse. 

VI|. Sarah Jane Doll, b Oct 2.-. 1852. d Fei) 28, 

Vl|. Jesse B. Doll, b in Ouakertown, Bucks Co. Pa., 
Sept 20, 1875. Res 1021 Spring- (harden St. Phila. 
treasurer and secretary of Maws Homo-Allo-Pathic 
Chemical Co. Phila. Pa. Ref. Ch. Single. 

VS. e'harles K. Doll. !> in Bucks Co. Pa.. Aug- 25, 



lSJi5, d St'iU 2.^. l.s''S. Ill I%lizal»olli Swoiik. dccM, 
Oct .^l. 1S5>7. C: I'Mwin. Kli/.altcth. riiiirk^ lu 
>>(.'it)n(l wito Ainaiiti.i Mauii'k-. > ncv AIiImusoi Jan 
r*. lSi)7. Slu- was 1) Scpl S, IS.V. 1*. (). (Juakcr- 
lowii. I'a. Ciijar Maiuitaiturcr. Cvv. l\c\. C: 
I.illii-. C'harK-s. Marv, lohn. 

V||. ICdwin S. I).. 11. 1) Apr 4. l.v(..». a jaii 17. 1SS4. 

VII i:ii/.al)oth Doll, blan 15. 1S(.(.. «1 l-\-l. 2. ls..(,. 

VII Lillie ICstella Doll, b Mar in. lN<.s. 1'. O. 
><>iiurlon. l*a. S».hool'r. tier. Kc-I. S. 
Vl|. Cliarlvs Miniroc Doll, 1> in liuvk^ (".'. Da.. Nov 
1. ISi.M. 1'. ( ). Ashbourne. Da. Slalion Aiicnt. 

Vl|. -Marv .Martha Doll, b June 4. ls71. <1 O. i :>». 

Vl|. John Ku-viu- Doll. 1. in Mucks Co. Da.. Julv S, 
1.^73. r. ( >. Somcrton. i'a. Station Ajjfiu. 

Y- CathariiK- R osc n be r >;•».• r. in Samuel Keiper. Kef. 
t'h. C: Vr John. Sylvester. '~olonion. (lec'd. (ieorjjfe 
<lee"(l. r. ( >. Sjtinnerstown. Da. 

y. Kosenbeff^'cr. m Jov^'ph Halliet. nioveil to 

Oil Citv. Da., theiue to some place in .Mi->souri. (.'• 
losi.ih. Abraham. William. Loranda. 

IV llenrv Kosenberyer. bin Ducks Do. \\i.. Dec 
2.>. 177S. d Del. 1. 1S(.'». af.ced 90 years. 1 m >nth and 
s da Vs. m Anna U^rstine. She was ]i Dec !(>, l'^4.d 
June <>. 1S47. l-'armer. Menirs. C: Cilli.i'\ne. 
Samuel. Mary. Anna. 

V- Catharine Kosenbericcr. b June Ds. lS(i7. d July 
.^1. lS'f.%. Ill Samuel Zieiienfuss. lie wa-> b Jan 11. 
ISUM. d Nov 11. IS'M. l-'armer. Lulhs. C: Sarah. 
Lucvetta. Henry. iA\ina. Klias. Samuel. William. 

Y! Sarah .\nn Zie^-eiit'uss. b l'\b 22. is.U. m 

livnry H. Freed. Oct S. is.^4. 1'. O. K'i.hland 
Centre. I'a. Carpenter. Duth. C : Samuel. Jonas. 
Albanas. Aman<lus. Lucyetla. Wilson. Matilda. 

|acol>. Svhanus. William, Katie. S.iUie. Isaac. 

Yl|. Samui'l '/.. l'r>i (1. i) No\ m. 1S.=.(., m Lizxie 

Ni. boj.i-.. D. ( >. 1 'o\ lest«i\vn. Da. Lawyer. Lulhs. 
C VIII J"lni. Ileiirv. 

VII .loiias Ivlwm I'recd. .Mar 2. IS.sS. m .\niiie 

i i.oikenlield. 1\\>, 244') I larcdd Si . I 'iiila. Da. tMerk 

D. iV \<. Kailroad Co. Luths. C: Ylll Harrv. 


Allison, Wilson. 

Vl|. Allmnas Z. Freed, b Aug- IS, lS5't, m Sallie 
Frederick. P. (). Richland Centre, Pa. Cigar- 
maker. Luths. 

VI!. Amandus Z. Freed, 1) Aug 30, 1S()1. d Mar 12. 

Vl|. Lucvetta Z. Freed, b Mar 15, 18f>3, ni John 
Hillegas." P. O. Church Hill, Pa. Farmer. Luth. 
C: ( Vill) Jacob, Carrie. 

VII- Wilson Z. Freed, b Oct 17, 1805, m Lillie Ann 
Hope. Res 143 Liberty St. N. Y. Telegraph Opera- 
tor. Luth. 

VII. Matilda Z. Freed, b Dec 24, IHW), m Amandus 
Stoncback. P. O. Kichland Centre, Pa. Carpenter. 
Luths. C: (VIII ) John, Florence, Annie, Miriam, 

VI j. Jacol) Z. Freed, b Nov 17, iSfxS, in Bucks Co. 
Pa. P. O. Richland Centre, Pa. Bricklayer. Luth, 

Vl|. Sylvanus Z. Freed, b Nov 16, 1870, m Lydia 
Housekeeper. P. O. Richland Centre, Pa. Car- 
penter. Luth. C: 'VIID Albert, Carrie, Elmer, 

Vj|. William Z. Freed, bjan 2(., 1873. P. O. Rich- 
land Cenlre, Pa. Farmer. Luth. 

Vl|. Katie Z. P^eed, b Dec 10, 1874, m Elmer 
Weaver. P. O. Passer, Pa. Farmer. Ref. Ch. C: 
> V!ll ' Harlem Weaver. 

yij. Sallie Z. Freed, b July 13. 1877. P. O. Perka- 
sie. Pa. Luth. 

VII. Isaac Z. Freed, 1) Aug 27, 1880. P.O. Richland 
Centre, Pa. Bricklayer. Luth. 

V|. Lucvetta Ziegcnfuss,b in Bucks Co. Pa., Nov 16, 
1835, m Lewin Deaterly, Oct 20, 1S50. P. ()• Line 
Lexingtcm, Pa. Tailoring-. Luths. C: Lizxie, Katie, 

VI!. Marv Elizabeth Deaterlv, b in Dublin. Pa.. 
Dec IS, 18')1, m Eli Frankentield, Nov 15, LSSS. P. 
(). Line Lexington, Pa. Tailor. Luths. C: ^ VIII 
Rodman Frankentield, b May 16, 1890; Sadie Fran- 
kenfield, b July 30, 1S'»2; Clara D. Frankentield,)) 
July (>, 1S04. 

Vlj. Katie Minerva Deaterlv. b Nov 30, 1S73. d 


THK K(»SKNBKK(;KK histohy 

I-\h 5. 1S'I4. 
Vl|. I<l.i \'iolett:i Dcatorly, 1. Aui^ I. 1.^7'*. 

VI IKnrv R. Zio^onfuss, h in Hiuk> C'ti. I\i.. Auj;^ 
1. 1^.^7. 111 Klinina O. Lynn, l-\-l) 15. lS7(i. Res S. 
lu'thlc-lu-in. I'a. Kitirod. Lulh. C: Minnit.'. 

VII Minni*.' C. Zioii-onluss. 1. Dec S, lS7t>. m W. II. 
ivctllino. Nov!., IS'fii. Ki-><.ls Ontario Si, South 
Hclhlcheni. I'a. Merchant. Luth-. T: Vl|| Ivlith 
]•].. Ksthcr 1.. IntaiU deceased. 

VI- William Zies4;enfuss. \> in iUieks Co. l\i . Jan 
2(). 1S40. in Klizaheth Margaret Kothroek. Auii" l'>. 
1S70. Kes4:7 Pawnee St. S. liethlehem, I'a. Car- 
^lenter. Luths. t": Jennie, Kol)ert, Cora, Charles. 

VII Jennie Catharine Zieifenfuss. h Julv '», 1S71. 
in Howard S. Miller. Aui,' l.^, IS'O. Kes liH(4 l-\rrv 
St. Kaston. Ta. C.rocervman. Rel. Cli. t\ Vlll 
Dwiirht Kverett Miller,!) Au- 2'». is'i,;-. Liulla 
Ol^-a Miller. i> Jan 17. 1Sm5. 

Yll Kol>ert William Ziey^enfuss. 1> Apr 15. Is7.v 

VII I'ora Leviiia Ziej^eilluss, h Aui^ S. 1SS(». 

VII L'harles Samuel Zief^cenfuss. b June 2S, Isss. 

Yl Levina Ziej^^entuss, h in Bucks Co. I'a., Au^- 
15. 1S42, in John S. St<»ver. Nov S. 1S(.(). He died 
Jan .M, ISMI. K\.s 522 Alaska St. So. H. ihlehem. 
Pa. Luths. C: VII Catharine Susan Stover. 1. 
Ai»r 'MS(,7,d July 4.ls77: Ida Levina Stover, b Sept 
2*». ISdS. d June 15. 1.S77; Samuid Adili^on Sti>\er. 
b Apr 2.V lS7t.. d June ](•. 1S77; Il.uTv Arthur 
Stover, b in Bucks Co. I'a.. Dec 5. Is7s. " I\\-^ 522 
Alaska St. South Bethiehein. i'.i. A i.Teiiiaii in 
W.irren Silk Mills. So. Bethleluni. i'a. 

Vl- KVv Samuel A. Ziej^'enfuss. D. I)., 1> (Juak- 
ertown. Bucks Co. I'a.. Dec 12. 1S44. m MaTv \]. 
Iliminelwri;.^ht. ( >ct 21 . IS75. Dr. Ziei^enlus-, re- 
ceived his education in public schools ;ind (Juaker- 
town Normal ami Classiial schotd, reniisvlvania 
Colleifi', CfettysburjL; and .MuhUiiber;^ Co!lef4-e, AI- 
Untowii. I'a.. from which institution he tir^'duated 
in ls7". and l'r«»m the Lutlu-ran Tlu-olotiical Semi- 
narv. I'hiladeli»hia in lS7.v lie was ordained to 
the oflice ol ministry in the Lulheran churv h bv tlu- 
Ministerium ot I'l-nnsvlvani.-i in thi- -ami- v«ar. i 


few (lays after y-raduatioti from the Scminarv. His 
first ciiarg-e was at Sellersville Pa., where he 
labored successfully from June 187.^ to Nov 187(), 
when he accepted a unanimous call from the Bath 
and Howertown charge in Northampton Co, Pa. 
He ct)ntinued his labors in this charg-e until Jan 
18^)2, when he followed an urg-ent call from St 
Michael's Lutheran church (lermantown, Philadel- 
phia, where he still labors. He has succeeded in 
building- one of the finest Lutheran Churches in 
Philadelphia, the chancel arrang-ement being- ex- 
ceptionally well arrang-ed. In all of his charg-es 
new church building-s were erected. He received 
the deg-ree of D. D. from his Alma Mater in 1896. 
Dr. Zieg-en fuss has tilled many positions of honor 
and trust in the church. He is a member of the 
Board of Trustees of Muhlenberg- Colleg-e, and 
Secretary of the Board since 1886, member of the 
Board of Directors of the Theolog-ical Seminary of 
Philadelphia, and secretary of its executive com- 
mittee. President of the Philadelphia Eng-lish 
Conference, of Ministerium of Pennsylvania. Res 
(•671 Germantown Avenue. Philadelphia, Pa. No 

VI- Elias Zieg-enfuss, bin Richland Twp. Bucks co, 
Pa. Dec 2M, 1847, m Amelia D. Mohr, ( )ct 9, 1886, 
P. (). Richland Centre Pa, Cig-armaker, Luths. 
V. Samuel Kosenberg-er, b in Bucki:, Co. Pa. Feb 
27.- 1809, d Mar 3, 1875. m Marv Licey, Nov 11, 
18M. She was b in Bucks Co. "Sept iS, 1813, d 
Nov 28, 1895. Weaver and farmer Bucks Co. 
Menu's. C: Anna, Christian, .\hirietta, John, Sarah, 
Alvin, Henrv, Samuel, Mahlon. 
Y|. Anna Eliza Rosenberger. 1) Jan 31, 1836. C: 
Clara. Anna Eliza m Levi Aleans, Oct 9, 1875. P. 
(). Blooming- (^len. Pa, (rev Ref. church. 

VJi- Clara Kosenberg-er, b Jan 1867. m Michael S. 
xVlthouse. b Jan 18, 1887. P. (). Blooming- (rlen 
Pa. CmVHI-) Emerscm Althouse, b Jan 22, 1888; 
Warren Althouse, b Mar 15, 1890; Romanus Alt- 
house, b Feb 28, 1892; Ravmond Althouse, b Jan 
17, 18'»4. 

2'»U JMK K»)Sl.Mti;K».KK H.ISTOKS 

Y|. Chrisiiiin I, Ix'osonlicrj^-cr. 1> ( )i t 27. l.sSs, m 
Maj.j"(l;ilen;i Mover, Slu- w;in l> in HucKs C«». I'a. ( )». I 
1. 1S4.^. (1 A]>r 27. iSSit. e": Anna. William. lOlnur. 
Lizzie, llarvev. Saniiul. Calharin*. . m 
second wife Sar.ih Ann I'ntz. in 1'. ( ). Xi.m 
Hill, l*a. I'arnuT. Meiin's. 

V||. Anna Marv Kosi-nlieriier, h Sept 14. ISdd. 

V||. Willi. mi Ilcnrv KuNrnNerjier, b .\ui4- '», lS«>S.m 
Aliee S>.hlil\r. in is*»n. I', o Tenire N'alUv, Pa. 
Huuher. Menn. C: VIII \'i«>l«.'t RosenLeri^er. 1) 
I'el. S, IS'ti; Mildred K..^inl)er«ier, 1) Mar '». is'».^. 

V||. IClnier Kt>venl»er«4er, l).Ian25', 1 S7 1 , in ICleniina 
Yovini;. !'. ( >. Xi«>n Hill. I'a. I'arnur. Menn's. 
C: VJjj Heiirv Kosenherw-er, I) N.>\ 2.-, 1SS'». 

Yll- Lix/.ie IvDsenberirer. 1) Apr li>. Is75. 

Vl|. Harvey Kosenberj^er. b Au»;- 14, 1S77. 

Vl|. Samuel Kosenber}<-er. b Feb 2s. ls7.v d Ai)r 
21, 1S7.V 

Vl|. Catharine Kosenber^i^er, b Apr 4, IbSn, d Sept 
!•», iSSti. 

VI Marietta Koscnberg-er. b June 24. I,s42. d Mar 
17. lss.^. jn Levi L. l-Vetz. 

See Levi L. l-'ret/. lamilv. • 

Yj. John I- K'osenherirer, b Sept .>, 1S4.>. ni Hester 
(iross, .\Liy .U. 1S7''. 1' ( ). ivi.hlan*! Centre. I'a. 
l'\-irmer. Menu's. C: Vtl Maniie de>."d. L.iura 
dee'd, L<»ttie dec'd, Jennie. 

Y|. Sarah Kosenheryfer, b Apr <., 1X4.=-. d ( )ei !•.. 
1S70, mjacid) H. Mvers. No\ 2S. isi.s. IV ( ). \)u\ - 
lin, Huckscounlv, l*a. l-'arnur. .Mennonite^. l": 

Yll Ko•^ella Mvers. b in iUuU^ Co. I'.i.. 1-\1, 12. 
1S70. m Klnur S. I'mstead. Jan 2."^. ls''ii. 1'. (). 
Dublin. I'a. I'armer. (iir. llan. C : Vl|| Laura 
\'aleria I'mstead, b Apr 2i«, IS'ii;, W.irri-n 
I'mstead. b Dee 22. lS"t2; .\aron Linb.rd I'niNtrad. 
b Jan 2.V lS't3: Dell.i Alberta Inistrad. b Apr 1. 
1S'»7; l-'letta l'"Ji/.alietll I'mste-id. b Nov ».. IS'KI; 
Anna Ma.- I'liistead. li M.iv 1'', 1"»"1. 

V|. Ahm L. loosen be ri^-er, !• l-\'b 2.^. 1S47. married 
Amanda Smith. MiHord Sipiari-. I'.i. I': .M.iniie. 
I'.still.i. I'jniua. Sallie. 

Yll Mamie KoNenl»er>.fer. m Milton Kulniaii. 


V|. Henry L. Rosenberg-er, b in Bucks Co. Pa., 

Nov 2(>. 1849, m Katie S. Hinimehvriirht, Dec 24, 
1874. She was born June 27, 1854, d Nov 26, 1891. 
P. (). Spinnerstown, Pa. P^armer. Luths. C: (Y||) 
Carrie Rosenberger, bSeptl, 1875. Luth. S.; Peter 
Rosenberger, 1) June 7, 1878. Luth. S.; Elmer 
Rosenberger, b Sept 20, 1S81. Luth.; Lillie Rosen- 
berg-er, b Nov 2, 1885. 

Y|. Samuel L. Rosenberg-er. b in Bucks Co. Pa., 
Jan 24, 1853. m Laura R. Alderfer, Feb 11. 1883. 
P. O. Hilltown, Pa. Merchant. Alenn's. C: (YID 
Mabel A. Rosenbcrg-er, b Feb 11, 1884; Susie A. 
Rosenberg-er. b Dec 2(1. 1885; Florence A. Kosen- 
berg-er, b July 8, 1892, d Nov 15. 189(,; Anna Belle 
Rosenbergfcr. b Mav 2. 189(.. 

V|. Mahlon L. Rosenberg-er, bApr 1, 1857. d sing-le. 

y. Mary Rosenberger. m Peter Zieg-enfuss. Far- 
mer. Luths. C: Ang-cline, John, Mary. Amanda, 
Sophia, Peter, Sallie. Lizzie, Kate. Emma, William. 

V|. Angeline Zieg-enfuss, m Reuben Crouthamel. 
P. O. Schlichtersville, Pa. C: < VII ) Henrv. Peter, 
Ella. etc. 

V|. John Zieg-enfuss, d S. 

VI- Mary Zieg-enfuss. m Jonas Hillpot, dec'd. C: 
Peter. John. Savilla, Emma. Charles, dec'd. 

V|. Amanda Zieg-enfuss, m Aaron Dubbs. P. (). 
Trumbauersville, Pa. C: Henry, Emma, Cora. 
Charles. Carrie, Ella, John. etc. 

Yj. Sophia Zieg-enfuss. m Milton Wolf, dec'd. C: 
James, Charles. Annie, Sophia. M 2nd husband 
Edward Carroll. C: Walter. 

VI • Peter Ziegenfuss, b Apr 5. 1847. m Lizzie Alt- 
house, Dec 20. 18(>h. She was b Jan 2, 1847. P. O. 
Silverdale. Pa. Farmer. Luth's. C: Thomas, 
Frank, Annie. William, Albert, Elmer, Laura, 

Y||. Thomas Zieg-enfuss. b Feb 22, 18()8, m Sallie 
Seiple. P. (). Sellersville, Pa. Artesian Well- 
driller. Luths. C: (VIII' Frank, Lillie, Thomas, 

Vl|. Frank Zieg-enfuss, b Feb 4, 187o, died Dec 21, 

THK kc)Si:nhi;k(;);i< mistukn 

VII Anna Maria /.ic {^fcnl'uss. li Jaii 5. ls72. in 
L'harlfs l;. Kiiiuiht. Mar 5, IS'M. p. ( ). South 
Pu-thlehom. I'a. 1*. A- K. ^diulu.tnr. I. nth. l^: 

VIII ( lirlrii(U\ Kiiii^lii. 

VII William Ik-ury. Ziri; cnluss. l)X<)Vt.. |s74. ni 
Klla (;il!.L-ri.- I'. ('). 1 'rrka-.ic. I'a. Ci-armakor. 
Lulh. C: Vijl ».liark-> /iowcnlu^s. 

Yl|. Alhcri Zi«.-<^'-Lntuss. I. Apr 24. ls77. in Aiinir 
IkUcnl.ach. l-\-l. 22. IS'i'i. P.O. Sjllcr>\ illo, I'a. 
t-is^annakir. Luili. 

VII- KliiKT A. Ziom-'illuss. 1. .Mav 24. 1S7'». d .Mar 
S. ISS.'v 

Yll Laura Zic-^-ontuss. li Mav IS. Is.s2. 
Vil- Lixzic ZiciiX'nfu-^s. h Mav .^|^^. 

VI- Sallio Zioyntus>. 1. Sept '». i,s4't, m (,i-..l-;. 
lioyrr. Oct 14. 1S7I. Kcs 7iis Market St. Lanuk'ii. 
N. J. Painter. Lulh. e": Walter. David. Laura. 
IJerlha. Sarah, (ieor-^e. Herbert. Marv. Liliie. 

VII- Walter Curtis iJoyer. h Dec s. 1S72. d A])r 17. 
1^75. David Arthur Hover. !> Nov S. 1K74. d Dec 
.^0, 187H. Laura Amanda Ht»ver. h 1\1. 2'.. :s77. 
m Samuel S. (.\inver. ( )ct l'>, 'is'i^ i' () I.aus- 
»lale. I'a. Architect. KeL Ch. 

Yll- Lertlia Lizzie Boyer. h Se])t 24. isT'i. ,,1 Her- 
man W. Koehler, Mar is. Ismm. Si.\ weeks alter 
marriai^e Mr. Koehler \va^ killed hv a train on N. 
1'. K. K. wliile deliverinii" <:dods in a wairon alon^- 
with his brother and sister aj^-ed 3 and '» vears re- 
s]>ectively. Baker. Luths. 

VII- Sarali Ann Boyer. 1) Dec 2''. issi. ,1 June .U . 
1SS2: (ieorj^e l'M«iar Boyer, h June l<)lss.>: IKr- 
luTt lioyer. 1. June hi Ins 1. d Jan 12. Iss.^; .\Lirv 
Kinma Bovrr. 1) D.c 11. lss7: Liilic l-'.rni.i il.ver. i) 
N-\ 14. IS'M). 

VI- Li/./ie Xiif^eiiluss. ni Allred .Mover, devd. 
lOrvin. Li/./ie. Ill 2iid liushand Daniel Il.dVin.m. 
( ). Richland I'entrc, Da. Cii^ariiiakir. Lutli 

VII. ICrwin .Mover. .\l 

VI Katie /iej.'-entuss. dec'd. in I\\vere Heist. I'. 

< >. Tvlersp.irt. l*a. Cij^armakir. Luth. No issui. 

VI l!nin:a Ziemiiliiss. d. m Danitl Hollnian. C: 

I ; 


(Yll) Harry Hoffman. P. (). Richland Centre, Ta. 

V|. William H. Ziei>enfuss, d youno-. 

V- Anna Kosenberg-er, m Reuben Cope. Removed 
lo Iowa. 

IV. Elizabeth Rosenberg-er, b •, d - , m Samuel 
Stauffer. C: Samuel, John, Henry, Abraham. 

V- Samuel Staulfer. b , d — , m - . C: Isaac, etc. 
V|. Isaac Stover. V. (). Lansdale, Pa. 

V. John Staulfer, m . C: rVI) William Staulfer. 

P. O. Brick Tavern, Pa. 

y. Henrv Stauffer. m . C: Henry and 5 daujrh- 

V|. Henry Stauffer, P. (). Zion Hill, Pa. 

V. William Stauffer. 

lY- Marg-aret Rosenberger, m John Freed. C: 
Joseph, Samuel. 

V. Joseph Freed, m . C: Maria, Dr. — . 

Y|. Maria Freed, m Abraham (lerhart, dec'd. P. 
(). Perkasie, Pa. No issue. 

VI. Dr. Freed, V. S., P. O. Perkasie, Pa. 

IV. Mary Rosetiberg^er, m Jacob Coffel or iHoffel;. 

IV- Catharine Rosenberg-er, m Georg-e Dithl. Pot- 
ters. Menus. C: (V- ) Henry, Samuel, dec'd, Georg-e, 
John dec'd, Joseph, Ann. 

jV- Daniel Rosenberg-er, m — . C: Henry. Samuel. 

IV. Anna Rosenberg-er, b Oct 27, 1785, d June '>, 
1867, m Michael Derstine. He was b July 11, 177<), 
d May 27. 1S41. Farmer. Menns. C: Hannah, 
Catharine, Klizabeth, Abraham, Ann, Henry, 

V Hannah Derstine, b Sept 22, 1808, d May 7,l.S<n, 
m, Jesse Spring-er. He d Jul^'S, 1889. Farmer. 
Menu's. C: Deby, Abraham, Elizabeth, Franklin, 

V|. Deby Ann Spring-er, 1) June 27, 18.^<), m David 
S. Ang-eny. Rosa, Frank, Lillie, Charles. 

Vl|. Rosa Ang-eny, m John H. Miller. 

\f||. Frank Ang-env, m Rosa Meyers, P. (). I^ans- 
dale. Pa. 

Vl|. Lillie Angenv, m Abraham M. Hunsberg-er, 
P. (). Hilltown, Pa. 


1 11 

l\i iM. \ 1.1 iv> . I K 11 ISTOK V 

VII tliarlcs II Anncny. V. < >. DiiMiii. I'.i. S. 

V|. Alirali;ii:i D. Si)ruij;\r. !• Dtx It.. 1S42. iii 
Mary K. Ani^vny, May 2(., 1S74. 1'. o. Hilliown.Pa. 
Hlacksniillo. Prcsin-. C : ICUa. Harry. Laura. 

YI|. Klla M. Sitrinyor. in Ivl. rmuthaiiK-l. 

VII llarrv Sprin^^or.!) Oct 't, IsTS. 

V||. l.auraSiirin.ncr, b Au<i II. ISSO. 

V|. Kli/.al.ctli Sprinj^-cr. ( )>. i 1S4(., d lSt>.>. 

Y|. FraiiUiiu S])riiiuir. !• Jan .M. lS4't. m Hannah 
Movrr. P. (). Hiliu.wn. I'a. 
C: VII ^*^'' Springier, in (icc)r»;-e Tici.'. 

V||. Clara Si)rin«4:er. 

V|. Cliarlcs H. Sj.rinjror, !> Si^'pl 22. is.^1. ,1 (),t .>. .\la}rw-i(.- Kini;-. l':'VII-' Klsic K. S^)rin«ivr. 

V. ralharino Horsline, \> in Hutks Co.. Ha Fcl) 2S. 
ISlii. (1 Hlx 12. 1S74, HI Jt.lni Licey. Utv ♦>. 1S.^1. 
He was 1' in Du.ks Co. Ha . Sopt" 2(1. 17'tS, <1 at 
Kiver St\ \. ( )liio, No\ 14. ^^.S(.. FariiK-r. Mcnn's. 
C: Alvaii, Levi, Kiizabclh, Kale, .\hiryarel. Maria, 
Amanda, Sophia. 

VI. Hon Ah an H. Licev, h in liu.ks Co, Ha. Sept 
l.>. l.s.>2. in Martha Wilson, dec"d. Oct I't, 1S57. 

Hon A Ivan H. Lieey is a larnur and attorney at 
Law, was a merchant troin hi> youth uniil Jaii 1. 
1S(>4. In the spriui^- ol 1.^4'' hi; removed Irom Hub- 
lin Bucks Co, Ha. with his parents, brothers and 
si>ters to Wadsworth township. Medina lo. ()hio. 
Here he served as clerk in a sti re ;.t Ki\er Styx, 
from September 1S30 1. 1 April 1S32. He tiun en- 
yayed as a clerk in a larye Mercantile establish- 
ment at Akron. ()liio. ninaininy- there until .\Lirch 
l.s.=.(( when he eiilrred the niervaiitile busiiKss on 
his own account at Kiver Sivx and continued in the 
i)Usiness until January 1. 1S(.4. He was solocled 
Justice ol ilu Heace lor I luil lord t.iwns!ii]i in .\pril 
]Srs7 an<l s(.r\ed IS years. 

Hi- iinploved his leisurr time in the study ot law 
and was admitted at CoIumlu>. ( )hio by tlu- Su- 
pnine I'ourt in lS7i> and has pr.icticed law ever 
uince in lonneclion with his I arm. He was a mem- 
ber ol the Stale Hoard «d 10«piali/,ation in 1S7() and 
1.^71. In ls7'Mi«- received tile nominali<tn 1)\ tin- 


Republican party as a candidate for Rei)resentati ve- 
to the Ohio Lci^'islature and was elected by the 
largest majority ever j^-ivcn any candidate in 
Medina county. He was renominated in 18H1 and 
re-elected by an increased majority. His school 
life terminated at the n^c of 12 years. P. (). RiviT 
Stvx, ()hi(), L': Dcsdemona, Ilzaide, John, Kate. 

VJi- Desdemona L. Licev. b in Medina Co. Ohio, 
Ai)r l'>, 1S59, m W. S. Kowley. M. D. Res 27 Dun- 
ham ave, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Vl|. Ilzaide D. Licey, b June 11, ISf.l. m Morton 
Shontz. Res 1()4 Kalor St. Akron, Ohio. Plasterer 
and contractor. C: iVIII) Alvan W. Shontz. 

V!|. John O. Licey, b Apr 11, 1864, m Adella Nis- 
wender. P. O. Norfolk, Neb. Attorney at Law. 

V[|. Kate D. Licey, b Aut^- 27, 186(), m Lester Bec- 
i.:an. Res Cleveland, Ohio. Chewiny- Oum ALmu- 

i|. Levi S. Licev, b in Bucks Co. Pa,, Feb 25. IS.U, 
dat River Stvx, Ohio, Feb 1*). 1S<»'», m Mary Kop- 
pell)er_n-er, Jan 1, 1S()3. P. O. River Styx, Ohio. 
Merchant. He was in the service of the State of 
Ohio on (Tovernor Broug-h's Staff, commissioned as 
a Lieutenant and did service in the State of Ohio 
only, during the latter part of the Civil \V:\r. C: 

VSl l>ora Maude Licey, b Apr 12, 1S()7. m Jay 
Bissell. P. O. Wadsworth. O. C: ^Vlll ) Ula, Percey. 

Vr Iillizabeth Licey, b in Bucks Co. Pa., Apr 28, 
18.^(., m Joshua Waltz, Aug- 24, 185f>. P. O. Wind- 
fall. O. Farmer, (k-r. Kef. C: Manta, Alvan, 
Nelson, Famelia 

VIS- Mnnta Catharine Waltz, b June 13, 1857, d 
Mav 11. 1858. 

Vn". Alvan L. Waltz. M. D. b.Oct Is, 1S58, m 
Minnie Rose, 1888. Res 52() Prospect St. Cleve- 
land, O. Physician. Disciide Ch. C: t VIII ) I^eon, 
Claude, Ray. ' 

Vlf. Nelson R. Waltz, b Apr 14. 18(',0, m Delia 

Vviger. P.O. Medina, O, Kmployed in factory. 
Disciple Ch. C: VEII- Ernest, May. 

WIS. Famelia Waltz deceased. 


V|. Catharine Ann I.i.i-v, b in IUK■k^ To. I'a.. (Kt 
14. 1S37. ni Noali H. Kindi-". Auu' 1. 1S3S. i'. (). 
rninn C'ilv. Miv h. l-'arnur. Con;^. iMi. C': Millon, 
Charles. lila. Ji»hn. Kouies. Melvin. Sadie. 

Vl|. Milton Dellielil Kin(lii,^ \> Mav 22. lS5'i, m 
Cela KtKkwell. 1 '. ( ). Copeniisll. Mi».h. Knii)luyee 
of" Manistee and Northeastern K. R. Conj^-. Ch. C: 

VIII Cleniniie. KUie. Kthel. 

VII * liarles Hil.bart Kindii;-, 1. Jan 1 ^. ]Si.2. d 1 >e.- 

:i. l>sl. 

Yll Ida Kmdi^-. 1. Sei)t .'^n. 1S(,;>. ni Ch.irlcN Mar- 
shall. P.O. Hiekory e\irnerN. Mieh. l-'arnier. 

V||. Joliii Li.ev Kindi^-. t» Apr \r. ISt.t.. m Ida 
Watkins. 1'. O. Athene. .Mirh. l^niployee <p| a 
lalj^e saw mill. Ci'VIII Marv. Noah 

V||. Konieo Kelti^,^ Kindi^, I. Nov 2S. isi.s. m 
Millie Kickert. Res s .\Uri<lan St. Cleveland. U. 

Vlj. .Melvin Kindi-^-. t. Oet IS, ls77. d .Mav 4. iss.^. 

V||. Sadie Kindi;^-. 1» Nov i't. I,s7-i. ni Jov,]di \',. 
Morri>. 1'. O. Cnittn City. Mieh. 

Y|. Marjiaret Licev, 1) in Hueks e'o. I'a.. l"el> .^. 
IH.Vt. ni Josei)h Kriehel. Mav 2, is.,1. I'. () I "ni.>n 
(."itv. .Mieh. l-'arnier. C: Naney. Kutu->. Millard. 
Mvrta. tlvde. l->ank, Alvan. Jennie. 

V||. Nan.v Kriei.el. l.Novl. iShl. in NaCliani.l 
Fretz. Dee 2'». Ism.. P. ( ). Pratt. Kan. Teaeher. 
('^>uu:- Ch. C: VIII I'.arl. Daisy. C.len, Ada. 

VlirKulus S. Kriebel. 1) June .^". 1S(..^. ni Kabelle 
l',ole. djuly 27. lftM2. C: Vill H.izel, Mai el. 1\ rn 
dee'd. Hennie. 

V||. Millard D. Kriebel. b June H., 1S')5. ni Nettie 

M,M,n. P.O. I'nion Citv, Mieh. C^irpenter. C: 

VIII Kutli. lilanehe. 

V||. Mvrta Kriebel. i) Dee 14. 1S(,(.. in l-'reniont 
Ibiw.ird. deed. P. O. I'nion t'ity.Mieh. l-\irnier. 

Vl|. ["rank !•:. Kriebel. b July .< 1 S7 1 . ni Jennie 
tluiUord. P.O. IJurlinj^ton. Mieh. I'arnier. 

VII .\lvan C. Kriebil. b May 2S. ls7.^. ni Li/zie 
N,,n.,n. P. ( ). Cnion Citv. Mieh. Ivailro.idin^. 

Vl|. .lennie Kriebel. b {•\d'. 2<.. ls7«.. ni C. DvWili 
I'arlin. P < > Ini' .n Cil v. Mieh. 'reael!in«i-. 











V|. Maria Licev, 1) in lUuks Co. Pa., Jan 1. 1S4.^, 
m Charles H. Stevens, Auj^- 20, 1<S()4. P. ( ). Kinjr- 
slev, Pa. Farmer. Ba])lists. C: Kosabelle, Al- 
mon, Anna. Ralph. 

Vj|. Kosabelle Stevens, ]> Feb IS. 1S()(), m Clarence 
(iraves. Sept 30, 1<S'>0. P.O. Tonipkinsville, Pa. 
Farmer. Baptists. C: < V|||) Charles Adelbert 
(Graves, 1) Sept 3, 1892. 

VIS- Rev. Almon Odell Stevens, b Apr 21, ]8()<S, m 
Laura B. Waters, May (>, 1896. P. (). Pontiac, 
Mich. Cong-reg-ational Minister. C: ' V||| K'a]])h 
Waters, b Oct 7, 1897. 

Vill- Anna Estella Stevens, b Auy lo, i,S()«>. p. (). 
Kinu-sley, Pa. l^aptist. Sin^-le. 

V||. Kalph Henrv Stevens, I) Feb 5, 1S72, m Sara 
A. Wilmarth, May 20, 1896. P. O. Cohoes, N. Y. 
Ass't. Supt. of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. 

VI. Amanda Licev, b in Bucks Co. Pa., Jan IS, 
1S4S, m F. H. Lvi.ns. in 1872. P.O. Poe, O. Far- 
mer. C: (V!|) Chloe N. Lvons, b Julv 17. 1872; 
John W. Lyjr.s, b Nov K), 1874; Dee F. Ivvons, b 
Oct 30, 1S;(); Dora B. Ly»ms, b Sept 21, 1S81: Kay 
Lyons, b Dec 18. 1882; Jennie Susan Lvons. t) Apr 
2:^. 18S4: Lucy May Ivyons, b Auy 18. 188'.. 

VI- Sophia Licev, b in Medina Co. ()., Aul^-S, 1852, 
m Frank P. WalHnu-. P. O. Toledo, O. C: <VII' -• 

V. Klizabeth Derstinc, b - d Julv 9, 1SS2. S. 

V. Abraham Derstine, b July 2o". 1S14, d . m 
Nancv l^^ellman. C: Henrv. 

V|. llenrv Derstine. P. O. Dul)lin, Pa. 

V. Ann Derstine, \1 Dec 10, 1816, d Sept 18, 1878. S. 

V. Henrv Derstine, b in Bucks C\). Pa., Feb 10, 
181'), m Susan Ziej.,Her, Feb K). 1S40. P. (). Hat- 
field, Pa. Cxentleman. Evan<j-clical. C: Laura, Ida, 
Harry, Cranville. 

V|. Laura Ziegder Derstinc, b in Bucks Co. Pa., 
Nov 16, 1850, m (;eor!j;-e W. Marter, Oct 2, 1873. 
Kes 3713 Brown St. P'hila. Pa. Mr. Marter was b 
in Philadelphia Oct 2. 1849. Attended the public 
schools of his native city. In July 18(.3 he enlisted 
among- the emerg-cncv men for Gettysburg-. When 

2'»S THK kh)si;nhi;ki.i:k history 

\t> years «if a^v he left the school and woiil into 
l»u>inoss. I^atiT entered the Hahnemann Medical 
Collef^e lr<Mn which lie j^radualed and jiraeticed 
medicine lt»r a niimlier td years. His health I'ailinj^- 
from »iver\vt»rk. he turned his attention t(» the law. 
fnr which he had an esj)ecial liking-. He is a niem- 
her <»f the I'liiladelphia liar and also of New Yi»rk 
and entitled U> jiractice at the liar ol the Supreme 
Court <»f the I'nited States. He is a jtast ofHcer (d' 
all branches id' the Masonic order, uy to and incluil- 
iui^; Kni,L;hts Temjilar. He is also a member and 
active worker in the Presbyterian church and Sun- 
<laY school. C: VII Henry 1). Marter. b .May 27. 
1877, d N<»v lit. is77; Leona M. Marler. bAjir l.s, 
1.SS2. d Nov H, 1SS5; Stanley Zane Marter. b Jan 
19, 188b; Ethel \'ir^-inia Marter. b Sept 1.^. ISS't. 

V|. Ida Derstine. b May 2<t. 1S.=>(.. m Dr. M. li. Dill, 
r. (,). I'erkasie, I'a. Physician. C: (lertrude. Nel- 
lie. Harry, Irwin. Kutli. 

V|. Harry Derstine. d in infancy. 

VJ. tiranville Lewis Derstine. d in infancy. 

V. Josei)h Derstine. m SDjdiia Schraui^er. P.O. 
Hilltown, Pa. C: Susan. 

V|. Susan Derstine, b . Single 

i)KSiKM».\.\'rs ( >!•■ (wriLVKiNi: K( )si:nhkk- 

(HCK. DAP. OP -lolIN k()Si:NHl-:K(,i:K. SK. 

III. t'athariiu- l\«isenberj.;-er. 1) 173u, il NPiy 1 S.vs. 
m Al>raham Allebach alxiut 17<>'». The latter ob- 
tained in 177i> from his father-in-law the farm east 
of Hattield station now ownctl by Jacob Kulp. Heri- 
there is an old stone house jterhaps Imilt l>y him. 
The farm was a lonj*- n.irrow strip extenditij.;- Ironi 
the Cowpath to Ueavir Kiin comprisinj^' in) acres. 
The farm was sold to Isaac Kosentier^er in 17'Mi. 

Al>raham Allel)ach dii-d in middle lifi- l>\ yellow 
fever contracted while (»n .i trip to Philadelphi.t in 


I7't4. C: Abraham, John, Christianna, Benjamin, 
Mary, vSussanna, Lizzie. Harl)ara, Catharine. 

ly, Abraham Allebach, b 1770, d — , m . C: 

Jesse, etc. 

Y- Jesse Allebach dec'd, m . C: Amos, etc. 

VI. Amos O. Allebach, P. (). Lansdale, Pa. 

IV. John Allebach, . 

IV- Cliristiana Allebach, . 

IV- Benjamin Allebach, 

lY- Mary Allebach, m Jacob Cope. No issue. 2nd 
husband Brown. No issue. 

IV. Susanna Allebach, m David Ruth. C: David. 
Y- David Ruth, 3117 Linden St. Phila. 

IV- Lizzie Allebach, m Benjamin Rosenl)erger. 

IV- Barbara Allebach, m John Wasser. 

lY. Catharine Allebach, b Oct 15, 1784, d Aug- 25, 
1842, m Joshua Detweiler, Oct 5, 1803. He was b 
July 3, 1781, d July 21, 1841. Farmer, later sold 
medicine. Funkite, later Ger. Bap. C: John, Mary, 
Elizabeth, Sarah, Catharine, Jacob, Abraham. 
Susanna, Marg-aret, Anna. 

v. John Detweiler. b 1805, d infant. 

V. Marv Detweiler, b 180(), m F^rederick (leisen- 
hoffer. "C: (V|) Jacob. 

v. Elizabeth Detweiler, b 1808, d infant. 

V- Sarah Detweiler, b 1810, m F'rederick Ilartman. 
No issue. 

Y. Catharine Detweiler, b 1812, d 1881, m John 
Jacob Leitenberg-er, 1837. C: John, Mary. 

V|. John G. Leitenberg-er. b Feb 7, 1838. m Eva 
Mary Krauter. C:(YII»John, Frederick, Lewis, 
Catharine, Emma, Emanuel, Ernest, Eva. 

Y|. Marv C. Leitenberg-er, 1) June 27, 1842, m Fred 
}. Rentlinger, Sept 3, 18f)3. Res 412 Dickerson St. 
Phila. Pa. Eng-raver. Luth. C: ( VII) John, Freder- 
ick. Anna, Charles, Marv, Emma, Bertha, Edward. 

K\\. iii'.NKV !>:(>>km;i:k(.i:k...i ikaN(. onia. 

||. Ivcv. llciuv K.isciihiTiicr. 1. 1)^. :. 1723. d ls»'t, 
111 H;irl>;ir;i ( )li«.-rli<»lizcr in 1743. Slu- was 1) 172<i. tl 
Feb ->. I7<»3. In 1743 Ilcnrv K«)sonl'er«^cr liccaino 
llu' owner «)l llu- old honiLsUad ot his lalluT Ilonry 
Rosonhcrfcer, Sr. in l-'raiuonia for which the son 
Hc-nrv i>ai(l /.2<)(). Henry Rosonherj^er also owned 
a farm in New lirilain. IJneks L\).. wliich lie jiur- 
ehased from C'iirislian Miller, deed hearin^i' dale of 
Ajtril \3>, 177.>. eonlainin'^- loo acres for which he 
paid X''*"'- This jiropertv ho sold and conveved 
to his son-in-law NIark l-Vetx,, t)f New Britain, May 
3, 17S4. At tlii:> lime 1784 i Henry Rosen ber^jer 
seems to have heen a resident of Franconia. as the 
deed of Henry Kosenl cruer to Mark l-'ret/.. reads 
"Henrv Rosen herfJi^er, of Franconia 'rwp., etc. Thai 
he atone lime lived in New lirilain township where 
he owned other land, is ce.tain. ( )n Sept 2<>. 1774 
he boutiht 2'>-4 acres of John Henner. situated at 
the Neshaminy CVeek. adjoinini;- lands of 'Ihomas 
Barton and the said Henrv Rosen he ri^er and which 
he sold to John R«.illine. of New Britain townshiji. 
julv l.>, 17'H» for Xl"-^- -^t ^'•'■^ ^''•"■" 1"^' iiiusi liave 
lived in New Britain, as indenture to Kedline reads 
"Henrv K<tsenl.erj^er, of New Britain township and 
FHzalielh hein*"- his seotmd wife, maiden name un- 
known. No issue liv her. April 13. 1774. 'Ilenrv 
Rosenlier'ier. of New lirilain township." innuht of 
Theojdiules Keese. 14tt acres. adjoininjL; William 
Davis. Thomas liarton and David Nlorj^an and sold 
it to Jac<»l» Miller, April <>, 17'»3. 

It is said that Ilenrv Rosinlieri^er lived in New 
lirilain township ai»oul a mile N. Iv from the Liiu- 
Lexin^Cton Mi-nnonite church, that his farm adjoin- 
ed the township line of Hilltown on the N W. .md 
on the N. Iv l»v a puldic road. His farm for 
maiiv vears owned l»v < ieorj.;e Scheip. who sold a 
part of it to .\aron S. Swartley. 


Henry Rosenberger was a Mennonitc minister and 
served as such at the Franconia Meeting-house dur- 
ing the time of the Revolution. C: (Gertrude, Anna, 
Abraham, Elizabeth, Barbara, Maria, Mag-dalena, 
Son, Daug-htcr, Sarah. 

Ill Gertrude Rosenberg-er, b May 4. 174(), d small. 

(!B— -^^ -^^ -^^ O ■^fc- '^^ "'Ik- ^-^ 


llj. Anna Rosenberg-er, 1) Feb 5, 174S, m Michael 
Leatherman. Menus. C: Henry, Jacob, Ann. She 
in 2nd husband John Loux, son of Peter Loux, who 
came to Bedminster in 1737, boug-ht 17<) acres of 
land on the Deep Run. He was b in Bucks Co. Dec 
23, 175<., d May 1S20. They lived and died in 
Piumstead Tw]>. on the farm owned by Enos F. 
Huns' efg-er. ]\Ir. Loux Ref. Mrs. Loux Menu. C: 
John. Catharine, Peter, Abraham. 

IV- Henry Leatherman, d 1815, m Elizalieth dau. 
of Mark Fretz. son of pioneer Christian P^retz, of 
Tinicum Twp. Bucks Co. Pa. See Frelz family 
history. 17'»7. She was b 177f), d lSf)7. Farmer. 
Menus. C: Abraham, John, Jacob, Henry, Catha- 
rine, Samuel. 

3V- Jacob Leatherman, b 1778, m Elizabeth Over- 
holt. I'armer. Menus. John, Anna, Abraham, 
Elizabeth, Jacol), Barbara. Joseph, Mary, Samuel. 
I See Overholt family history. 

IV- Anna Leatherman, m John Delji. No issue. 

IV- John Loux, b in Bucks Co. Pa.. Oct 17S2, m 
Susanna Delp, Apr 21, 1808. She was b Mar 7, 
1787. Carpenter. Menus. C: Cxcorg-e, Charles. 
Eliza, Mag-dalena, Sarah. 

V. Georg^e W. Loux, )> in Bucks Co. Pa., Feb 2i), 
1812, d in Monroe Co. Pa., Mar 18, 1880, m Catha- 
rine Alg-ard, 'nee Wag-ner ) dec'd. C: Ephraim, 
Catharine. Georg-e m 2nd wife Sabina Kachline. 

M)2 THK k«)Si:nhi:k(;i:k histokv 

Fob 1S4M. She was b July .>1. 1.S27. KVl. C'li:C: 
William. AarDii. Delilah. lOinnia. (."liarK'N. ICIK- 
worlli. KV-iilicn. In early lite dr«i\c Uaiu Irom Kas- 
Itin ii> IMiilaik'lphia. He was einpltiNed as umler- 
ste\var<l tiT ihe lluoks Countv Al^lsh^lIn^e for ^ix 
voars. altiTwhich he enifayetl in larinin'j- t'<»r some 
years. In is.s? lie rented a lannerv at Jacoljsburt;-. 
I'a. aiiil ojn.-rate<l it nnlil 1S(.4. when he removed to 
KtTorl. Monroe Co. Pa., where he Ijouylit a lannerv 
whieh he oi)erated until his death. He was instru- 
menlnl in buildini^- the lirsl ehurch Keiornied at 
ICtYort. ( hie (d' his mottoes to hi^ v. hililreii w.i-:. "l)o 
not l)lemish the name oi Loux, by vour eharaeler, 
but li\e an honest, industrious. sober, christian lite." 
Kel. ch. 

V|. K{)hraim Loux. b in IJueks t."o. Pa.. Sejd 2.v 
1S4;>. m Sai)inaTrein. Oct 27, 1S(.(,. P.O. Na::areih, 
Pa. Manutaeturer <d ciyar boxes. Mora\ians. i": 
Harrison, iMiarles, Anna, Marv. John. Ivlward. 
Walter, Nellie. 

Vj|. Harrison ( No\ 2. isi.r. 

Vl|. Charles William Loux, b Dee 4. lS(„s. m Helen 
A. (iierseh. July 2'>. lS'»i». Kes. Piitsbur«r. Pa. 
Clerk ' StonogTaj»her and tvpe writer ' PresiM-. C: 

VIII Frances Willard Loux. b Julv 21, IS'M; Neal 
Dow Loux. 1» No\ (., 1 S')5; Wendell Phillijiv Loux. 
b June l.v IS'tT. 

Vli. Anna L. L.»ux. b Feb S. Ls7u. d is'i.;. 

VII .M.uvC. Loux. bJulv 2i.. 1S71. 

V||. John 1) Loux. 1) Jan '1. 1.S75, d 1S<)(,. 

Vlj. Ivlward S. Loux. b Oct 2'». 1S7'». 

VII Walter H. Loux. b .\Iav 7. ISSI. 

V||. Nellie M. Loux. b Oct 27. 1SS4. 

VJ. Catharine Loun, 1> June 2(i, IS4.^. m Willi. mi 
Shu;»i). Nov ](.. lSf.7. P. O. IClTort, I'.i. l-'aniier. 
Mr. S. Luth. .Mrs. S. (ier. Rel. C: l^mma. Loui-Na, 
Oscar, Amos, Charles, Itla. Da\id. William, .\iinit.'. 

Y||. Fmma J. Shupp, b April 21. isi.s. m Ko^er 
W . Alteniose, julv 2f.. 1SS(.. (': V|tl Alic. lldil.i 
dcc'd. .Miles, l''lov«l. 

VII Louisa Shupp. b .luile M. ls7«i. 111 ICdwi 1 Ser- 

ni:sci-:xi)AN'rs oi" axxa kos)vNbki<gek .^<>.^ 

foss. Sept 4, iSSf,, P. (). Kifort, r»a. Luths. C: 
fVIII- ' William, Nellie, Florence, Anna, 

Vlj. Oscar Shu])!). 1) May 1^), 1S72. d 1S7S. 

yi|. Amos Shupj), 1) Mar 23, 1S74, m Lucetla Zaca- 
rias, Julv K-, IS'Mi. C: (VIII-) Annie, Floyd. 

Vl|. Charles Shu])]), h May ."1, 187(). 

Vi|. Ida S. Shu])!), hSept 21. 187S. m William Din- 
stel, Nov 1'), 1SM3. r. (). Klforl, Pa. 

Vii. David F. Shupp, b Feb 21, 1881. 

Vi|. William H. Shupp, b Julv 12, 18S.".. 

vii. Atmie A. Shupp, b Aui;- '2r^, 1SS5. d 1887. 

Vl|. Fdwin L. Shupp, b Julv !(>, 1887. 

V|. William K. Loux, 1) in Bucks Co; Pa., Feb 17, 
1850, m Marayarel A. Moser, May 11, 1872, P. O. 
Rieg-elsville, Pa. Tanner. Kef.' Ch C: Daisy, 
\Villiam, Lena, Raymond, Clara. Charles, Laura. 

Vl|. Daisv G. Limx, b May 2(.. 1874, m Charles S. 
Young-, June lb, 18<>4. C: < Vfll i Floyd E. Young-, 
b Aug- (), 18')5. 

Vl|. William C. Ivoux. b Apr K., 1S7(), d 1883. 

VII- Lena M. Loux. b Apr 24, 1882. 

Vii- Kaymcmd W. Loux, b Aug- 27, 1884. 
. Vlj. Clara M. L(»ux. b Aug- 23, 188(), d LS'U. 
' Vii- Charles A. Ltmx, b A])r P». 1S8«). 

VIJ. Laura G. L(mx. b July 4. 18<)1. 

V|. Aaron Loux, b in Lucks Co. Pa.. Apr (>, 18.54, 
m Lucinda Everitt, Dec 28, 1878. P. (). Ktfort, Pa. 
Ret. Ch. C: ( VII- ' Ki"i":i' Annie, Minnie. 

Vj. Delilah IvDUx, b Nov 8, 18t)4, m John Dai ley, 
C^: -VII- ' Helen Dailey. 

V|. Kmma L<'ux, b May 22, 18()7. m John A. Dold, 
Sept <>. 188(). P. (). 247 Mt. Vernon Ave, Camden, 
N. I. In paid Fire Dept. I»rcsbv. C: 'VIII-) 
Georg-e T. Dold. 

V|. Charles Loux, b Feb 2. 1S(.I. d !8f.2. 

VI. Kllsworth Loux, b Aug- 1^), 18f.'). d 1878. 

V|. Reuben Loux, b June 22, 1872, m Mary Kelly. 

Res. 247 Mt. Vernon Ave, Camden, N. J. lyo- 

comolive fireman. C: ( VII ' Dearl Loux,b Aug- 18, '96. 

V. Charles Loux. b Dec 2'>, 1815, m Frances West, 

Sept 2S, 1841. Infant. 
V. Eliza Ivoux, b Aug- 25, 1818, m Joseph M. Lan- 



tiis Mrs. L. Miiin. C: Samuel, Peter. Catharine, 
KlizalKili. Sarah. Marv, Morris. Susan. 

V|. Samuel Laiidis, h "Sepl 2.%. \H.VK 

VJ. IVter L. Landis. bin Bucks C\). Pa.. Soj-l 22. 
1841, m Anna Cul]», I'eh 1H(»(>. Hiawatha, Kansas. 
Remove<l t<» Mlkhart, Iml, and Irom there to I»ro\vn 
Co, Kans in ISf/* wliere they located on a I arm of 
l<>o acres. Thev own 2 other f.irnis, in oil 4() acres 
of f^ood land. (.": Alice, ICli/.a, C'harles, Norman, 
llc'-ter, Martha, Myron. Arthur. 

Vl|. Alice L Landis. 1. Nov ,^(i, 1S(,'). m .Joseph H. 
Smith, Dec 2.=., ISSS. p. ( ). Kohinson. Kaiis. l-\ir- 
mer. C: V!!! Cliarle--. C.race, .\nna. Walter. 

VII. Eliza J. Landis. h June 2n. 1S72. 

VII Charles U. Landis. b Ai)r IS. Is7<.. 

Vl|. Norman Landis. b .\hiy 20. 1S7S. 

V||. Hester \l. Landis, b July 7, iSSi). 

Vl|. .NLirtha A. Landis. b ( )a 2, 1SS2. 

VII Mvron li. Landis. b Au;^- 27. ISS.s. 

Yl|. Arthur Landis. b Se[.t 2S, iSSS. 

Y|. Catharine Landis. !> Sept lb, l«4.v m 
Worth in f^ton. P O. l)ul)lin. Pa. 

V|. Llizabeth Landis, b Oct 17, lS4.s. m Kinel. 

VI Sarah Landis. 1) Dec ."1. 1S47. m Co.\. 

VI .\larv Landis. b Sept .^ Lh5<», m John Bishop. 
P. (). Dublin. Pa. 

Vi- .Morris Landis. I) Jan l.\ 1H5S. d 

V|. Susan Lan<lis. b June )<». l.S.s7. ni [.,e\i .\. Rcs- 
sler, Ajir ».. 1S7<. C: ■ V!!- ' Sarah. Christian. Mai^- 
dalena, ICliza, Jttseph. No.ih. Lev i. 

Y- Ma^dalena Lou.\. m lOrnst. C: ^^a^i^h 1\\- 

becca. Susatina. Jidm. 

V|. Sarah ICrnst. m .Morris, dev'd. 

Y|. Kebecca Krnsi. S. 

Y|. Sus.inna ICrnst, m Jerry Alj^ard. C: VII 
Sallie. Ida. M.imie. Stella. 

V|. John lOrnst. <lecM. m 

V- Sar.ih Loux. b Dec 2<., 1H21. d June 21. 1S7'». m 
Christ.iin Hennin;.i-. He d Mar 12. IS't2. No issm-. 

IV. Catharine Loux. m Isaac Delp. (.': John. 
( leorj^e. 


V. j(.lin [.. Dell), 1) Jan2S, ISOS, d June 17, 1S75, 
m Anna Uetweiler. She d Feb 26, 187«^. Carriag-e 
builder. Mr. D. Kaptist, Mrs. D. Menn. C: Abrli- 
hani, Georg-e, Samuel. 

V|. Abraham D. Delp, b Julv 26,1831, m Adeline K. 
Supplcc, Nov 11, 1858. I'. (). Bridg-eporl, Pa, 
Clerk. Baptist. C: Jennie. C^atharine. 

Vlj. Jennie S. Delp. Teacher. Baptist. 

Vj|. Catharine A. Delp. Baptist. 

Vj. Oeorge Delp, sing-le. 

V|. Samuel D. Delp, m . C: Frank. 

y. Georg-e Delp, b in Bucks Co., Nov 27. ISll, m 
Catharine Ruth, dec'd, C: Sarah. George m 2nd 
wife Catharine Gehman, Dec 20, 1835. She d 1879. 
Blacksmith. Menns. C: Mary, Catharine, Lavina, 

V|. Sarah Delp, b Feb 1, 1S34, d 18(,5, m Henry 
K. Kratz. 

V|. Marv A. DelT>, b Nov 24, 1S37, m Isaac K. 
Bergey, Sept 29. 1S57. P. O. Blooming (;ien, Pa. 
Shoemaker. Menns. C: James, Anna, Clayton, 

Yll- James D. Bergev, b Apr 8, 1858, m Caroline 
Fretz. Apr 14, 1S77." P. (). l^looming (;ien. Pa. 
Blacksmith. C: ( V!ll ) Mary, Ella. 

!/i|. Anna C. Bergey, b Dec 26, 1861, m Henry Det- 
weiler. Menns. C: iV8!l) Cora, Elmer, Warren, 

VII Clayton D. Bergey, b Mar 31, 1878. 

V!( Minerva Bergev, b Sept 8, 1880, d 1885. 

V|. Catharine Delp," 1) Mar 1, 183*), d , m Samuel 
Mover. C: ^ VU) Fvdia dec'd. 

Vi." Lavina Delp. b Mar 14. 1841, m Samuel Al- 
gard. dec'd. No issue. 

VI- Samuel Delp. b Dec 9,1842, m Amanda Sampey 

dec'd. C: . He m 2nd wife Sarah Sampey. C: 

'Vir Ella. 

IV. Peter Loux, b June 27, ]78(). d July 24, 1871, m 
Rebecca Atherholt, .Mar (>, 1814. She d Sept 28, 
1834. C: John, Christian, Samuel, Anna. Peter 
m 2nd wife Anna Overholt, May 12, 183(). She was 
h May 15, 1801, d Sept 15, 1888. Farmer on old 

.MM, illl. I<«)M..N HKKt'.KK IIISTOKV 

L«»u\ Imniostcad IMuinsicatl Twii. Miiin. (.': Mar\. 

V. J«'hn A. Loux. b Nov 1'). 1M5, U Jaii 1. 1sm4. m 
Il.mnah Jacobv. May MK 1S41. Slu- d Mar 1'*. 
IS44. C: Amanda. Ik- in 2nd wiio KaLlul Ilitih. 
Feb 1. 1S4S. C: William. KnK-linc. In early life 
earpenUr, later eni,'"a^ed in mercantile business at 
Dublin and later at Dipersville lor some vears, then 
retired tt» the farm, lie also followed surveying" 
tnany years, was County Audit' ir and was Ju^tii^e 
of the Peace for over 4.^ years. .Menu. 

Y|. Amanda Loux, m John K. Raus. C: i Vi| I'an- 
nie Kaus, b Feb I, iSdS, m 

VI William Loux, d vtiun;^-. 

V|. Lnieline Loux. ni Daniel L. lleniutt. 

Y.Christian L<'U\. !• Oct \r^, \>\7. <1 Jan IS. IS'M,. 
m Larbara Trumbower. C: VI Albert. Samuel 
John, Hannah. CMinton. Marv. 

" V. Samu.-l Loux, b Oct 25, rS2o, d Ls47. m Marv 
Kidnev. C: ( )liver. 

Y|. O'liver K. Loux. b l.S4(.. <1 L^m.:;. ,n Sallie Mc- 
Allister. C: (VII) Willie. 

V. Anna Loux, b Oct U, L^jj. ,i Aj.r 2L Ls.vV 

V. Mary Loux. b in Bucks C.>. La.. .Mar .^. is;s7. d 
is't't, m F'los F. llunsberj^'-er, Nov .=.. LS.s't. I'. O. 
Llumsteadville, La. Farmer. Menus. C: Ann.i, 
Sarah, Emma, Deter, Harvev. 

Y|. Anna L. Hunsbery^er, bFeb 2<.. isi.l, d .Mar 
2'', lS().v 

Y|. Sarah L. llunsberyer, b Nov ll.IsiO. dird .•\.]ir 

Y|. lOmma L. Ilunsberiicr. b lune 12. 1S(.4, m S. 
W. Oct LSSS. I'. O." IMumsteadvilK-. Da. 
I'armer. .Mrun's. No issue. 

Y|. Deter L ilunsberyfer, b Nov '», isn't, m .Nhnv 
Nice, jan VK IS'Lv D O. Dlumsteadville, Da. I"ar- 
mer. Menus. C: Vil ' Walter iluiisljorf^er. !> l-"eb 
1. IS'K; K'uih Ilunsberj^'-er, b Nov 2s. IS'i.^. 

Vi llarve\ i >. 1 lunsberj,'-er, b ( )ct .s. 1 S7.\ m .Vnnie 
1-. Myi-rs. Ovt .s. lS'».s. I'. (). Dlunistea<lville, Da. 
l"armer. Menus. C:<Vir Willis llunsber;4i'r. b 
June Mk IH'M.. 

IV Abraham Lmu\. bin Duiks Co. Da.. .\j>r 12. 


178*:>, d Apr 11, 1S()7, in Mary HofTord. about 1S14. 
She was b in Bucks Co. l\'i., Jan 3(». 17*)<), d Nov 
24, 18()4. FaniK-r and carpenter Mrs. Loux Rcf. 
Ch. C: Joseph, Kachel, Abraham, Cliarlcs, John, 

V. Joseph H. Loux, 1) ISU,. d ISSl, m Lvdia Hock- 
nian. C: 

V(. Aaron Loux. P. O. Dublin, Pa. 

V. Rachel Loux, b 1S17, d 1S<)1. Sinu-le. 

y. Abraham Loux, 1) 1832, d 1S4S. Siny-le. 

y. Charles Loux, b 1825, d iy'i3, m Margaret Sine. 

y. John D. Loux, b Dec 28, 183'). P. O. Doyles- 
town-. Pa. Superintendent of cemetery for twentv- 
live years. 

y. Oliver Loux, b 1842, d 1844. 

l\\. Abraham Kosenbero^er, b ALiy 2, 1750, d young-. 


Ill- Elizaljeth Rosenberg-er, b Dec 1'), 1752, d Jan 
lu, 1847, m Mark Fretz, son of pioneer John Fretx. 
of Bedminster, Bucks Co. Pa., May 11, 1773. He 
was b Dec 1750, d Feb 24, 184(». Lived in New 
Britain Twp. Bucks Co., on the place known as 
"Curlev's Mill", which he purchased of his ne])hew 
John Fretz, of Warwick, in 1702. The tract con- 
sisted of 130 acres to which he added until he own- 
ed several hundred acres. Farmer and miller. He 
was a Mennonite and deacon at Line Lexington. C: 
Barbara, Maria. Elizabeth, Infant, Henry, Infant, 

[V- Barbara Fretz, b Apr 21, 1775, d in Brazoria 
C(j. Texas, June 10, 1840, m John Sliver. Brick- 
mason. Meth.Ep. C: Elizabeth Sliver, b 170S, d 
1840, m Rev. William Denyer. Meth. Ep. 

ly. Maria Fretz, b Nov lb, 1778, d 1770. 

JV. Elizabeth Fretz, b Jan 27, 1781, d Nov (., 184'i. 


111!-. K.>.-i sill u.,i-:k iiisroKN 

m Kcv. John (Icil. Aj.r 22, 1S02. I L- \v;i^ 1. A]»r <•. 
177s. \\\';i\rr l>v iradc. hiUr tariiUT in New 
liritaiii. I Ir was i.nhiiiu'd lo tho iniuislrv <>| the 
Mcnnonite church at Lino Lexinj^ton about ISlci. 
where lie served for 55 vcars. C": Jaeo!». liarl)ara, 
Elizabeth. Mark, Cathariiu-. Marv. .lolm, Anna. 

lY l^auf^hter 1) 17S5. buried Jan i..is75. 

lY- Henrv Fret/., b June 24. 17.S7. d Junr ••. ls74. 
in Klizabeth Beidler. Mav 14. ISd't. Slu- was 1» 
Aj.r lO. 17s7, d Dec 24, 1852. Lived on his father's 
homestead in New Britain. Farmer and miller. C: 
Sus.m. C'hristian. Kli/.a. Henrv. Mark. 

lY- I)au>4"hter b I 7S"». d unnamed. 

IV .Mark Fretz, b Jan '•. 17'»'i. d Scj.t 5. isno. 
For comi»lete records of Mark and ICli/.abelh 
t Rosenbery-cr I l-'ret/.. see Fret/, familv history. 

DFSCKNK.VN'l'S oi' i;AK'i;.\k.\ KOSICNHKR- 
(;KK, Dau. of Kev. IIFNKV R ( )SHN 1)KK( ; I:R. J r. 

|||. l>arl)ara Rosen bcryer. !> Jan i>. 1755. d 1 ^.^2. in 
D.iniel Kickert. I'arnier. .Menus. I': Henrv. Daniel. 
.Abr.ihain. Is.tac. Leaniia. .Anna. 

IV- Henrv Rickerl. m Barbara Wisnier. She was 
1» A\*T L5, 17.S5. d 1S51. C: Daniel. Isaac. Samuel. 
Catharine, B.arliara, I-Vances. Henrv. Jacoli. ICliza- 

y. Daniel Rickerl. m . No issue, m 2ui\ wife 

---, c . 

y. Isaac Rickert. m 

y. S.imuel Rickert. d vouiiv;". 

y. Catharine Rickert, m Sencc.i .Armilai^e. C: 
Henrv. etc. 

y. iiarliara Rickert, I) 1S()(., d Au;^ 17. ISd'i. ni 
John Sherm. He b Alsace France iSn.s. d June 
IS. l.sS't. i-'armer. Luths. C: I'Ji/.abeth, Catha- 
rine, Mary. William. Sarah, B.irbara. John. .Mat;- 


dalena, Fannie, Xoah, Abbic. 

VI . Elizabeth Sherni, d younj^-. 

Vi- Catharine Shcrm, m'Charles Kini^-, dec'd. Far- 
mer. Luths. C: Mary, John, Sarah, Ma^-g-ie, 
Ellen, Charles. 

Vl|. Mary Ann King-, m Geo. Slifcr, dccW. m 2nd 
husband Ueorge Willower, 

VII. John F. King-, p. O^ Ililltown, Pa. 

Vl|. Sarah E. King-, b Dec lO, hS5'). m Chas. S. 
Kletzing- Sept 2S, 1S7S. P. (). Hilltown. Pa. Far- 
mer. Luths. C: iVill) Harvey K. Klct/.ing-, b 
Aug- 3, 1S7<). Luth. Willis K. Kletzing. b Jan '), 

V||. Mag-gie King-, m Charles Spring-er. 

Vij. Ellen King-, m C^rier Shearer. 

Vjj. Charles S. King-, m Mary Benner, 

VI- Mary Ann Sherm, ni "Enos Weiss. P. O. 
Schlichters, Pa. Carpenter. Farmer. Luth. C: 
William, Sallie, Irvin, Abbie. 

VI !■ William Weiss, m Lizzie Eckert. 

Vii!. Sallie Weiss, m Jacob Dettra. 

V8I- Irvin S. Weiss, b Sept 24, 1S()S, m Cora Z. 
Dubbs, Apr K), LSM2. P. O. Sellersville, Pa. 
Cig-armaker. Ref. ch. C: ( VIII ) Frank F. Weiss, 
b July 20, l.S")3, William R. Weiss, b Oct IS, 1S<»4, 
d Aug- 28, KS'JS, Bertha M. Weiss, b Mar 15, 1S<)7. 

VIJ. A'obie Weiss, m Amandus Wenhold. 

V|. William H. Sherm. b in Bucks Co. Fa., Nov 30, 
1S39, m Elizabeth L. Barndt, Mar 31, ISr.f). P. (). 
Chall'ont, Pa. Mr. Sherm in early life taug-ht 
school for eig-lit years, alter which he eng-ag-ed in 
farming-. Me has also served as school director for 
fifteen years, was County Auditor three years from 
1887 to LS*»»), township Auditor for three years, and 
judg-e of election. Luth's. C: Mag-g-ie. Alice, Neri, 

VI!. Magg-ie B. Sherm, b June 21, 18(.7, m Frank 
S. Harlzell, Jan 28, 1888. P. (). Ashbourne, Pa. 
Milk dealer. Luth's. C: ( VIII » Willie, Stanley, 
Fr^nk, Ivizzie, Neri 

VIJ. Alice B. Sherm, b Dec 27, LSb'J, m Aaron S. 
Overpeck. Feb 11, 18')2. P. O. Forest Grove, Pa. 


Merchant. Luth's. C: V||| Li/.zic. 

VI! N\ri 15. Slurm, b l\'\> :<., 1S72. d Dec (.. 1SS'». 

VII liannah I'.. Sheriii. I» N«.v 12. ISHl. 

Vi Sarah Sherni. h in Knos (i. Delweiler. Oct IS, 
iMiU. 1*. ( ). ( liall.iiu. I'.i. I'.irnur. .NK-nn's. C: 
John. William, Anna. ICnos, Iruin. Altred. I'ha^e■^. 
llinnia. ICli/.alielli. lOilwin. 

VlJ. l<'hn !•'. Delweikr. 1. JinU' li.. 1S(..^. in Anna 
Kli/a Lajii". Mar 2(>, ISS.-. She was !> 1K> 22. 1S(,2. 
1». (). New llritain. Ta. (;er. Ket. (': V||| Da- 
rence I.. Deiweiler. 1) Sepl "•. IsSi.. I'riah L. Dii- 
weiler. 1. ( )cl 2t>. 1.SS7, jolm K. Detweiler. h A])r 1. 
1S.S4, d Au^ 17. iss'i. Sarah L. i)etweiler. h Auj4- 
IS, 1S">(). 

V||. William 11. Detweiler, h June 11. 1m..>. m 
Marv A. Weisel, Mav <.. 1SS(,. 1'. ( ). N,\v llrilain. 
I'a. ' C: VIII Katie "W. Detweiler. 1) Apr .^". 1 .ss7. 
Sallie W. Detweiler, h ( Kt 21. 1SS'». 

Ylj. Anna liarhara Detweiler, 1» Jul\ 24. 1S(,5. m 
Levi S. Mover. 

VII. Enos S. Detwiiler. 1. Oct .^. ISi.'t. ,1 Aj.r l.v 

V||. Irwin S. Detweiler. h Mar 3. 1>72. ni Anna 
Marv Swartlev. 1*. ( ). Chalfont, Da. I'anner. 
(;.r.' Kef. (': 'VIII Ikrtha iW-cW. 

V||. Altred S. Detweiler Nov .-, lS7.v S. 

V:|. Dhares S. Detweiler. 1) Nov 2() 1S7.-. d July 11, 

VII l\mma P. Detweiler, h June M). lS7,s. d Oct 

'n, 1.S7.S. 

VII S. l-:ii/,abjlh Detweiler. 1. Sept 7. Is7'i. 

V||. l-Mwin Detweiler. 1. Sept 14. ISMi. d M;iv 1. 

V|. I'arhara Sherni. ni ICli C'r« iUth.-'nii. 1. 1'. ( ). 
Hilltiiwn, I'.i. I-\iriner. Lulh. C:()■^va^. Mnnii.t, 

V||. I'jnnia troulhamel, ni ( )sear Wi^nur. 

VII ( )'-ear (. routhaniel, m 1 '. ( K Hilllt.wn. Da. 

VII Warren Crouthamel. single. 

V|. .i<din SliiTin. in ("arnline Savaconl. IV O. (.'lial- 
f..nt, I'a. I'.irnur. Luth. C: Miner\.i,\e\, 
Wilhelmin.i, Jacol». Marih.t, I'Vank. Li/./.ie, Willie. 


Vll- Minerva Shenn, m Henry Hedrick. P. (). 
Silverdale, I 'a. Tailor. Luth. "No issue. 

Vil- Harvey Sherm, sintrJo. 

Vll-^Wilhelniina Sherm, in Samuel I). Camiibell. P. 
(). Glial font, Pa. Farmer. Luth. 

Vl|. Jacob Sherm, m Crissic Moll. P. (). Perkasie, 
Pa. Cii^armaker. 

VIJ. Martha Sherm, dec'd, m Georg-e Moll. P. O 
Chalfont. Pa. 

VIII. Harvey S. Moll. 

VII Frank Sherm, sing-le. 

VII- Lizzie Sherm, singie. 

Vll- Willie Sherm, sing-le. 

V|. Magdalena Sherm, h in Bucks Co. Pa., m Mon- 
roe L. Trumbore. P. (). Chalfont. Pa. Carpenter. 
Luth. C: Bertha, Clara. 

Vl|. Bertha Trumbore, b Mar 23. 1872, m Abraham 
G. Rosenberger. P.O. Chalfont, Pa. Farmer. Luth. 
C: (VIII) Wilson, Flora. 

VI!. Clara Trumbore. P. C). Chalfont, Pa. Sing-le. 

Yl- Fannie Sherm, b in Bucks Co. Pa., Feb 16, 
1S4S, m Adam Leininger, in Boone Co. L)wa, Oct 
20, 18()S. P. O. Boone, Iowa. Farmer. Luth. C: 
John, Abbie, Emma, Mary, Fred, Minnie, Nellie, 

Vll- John W. Leininger, b Aug 13, 1S70, d Dec 18, 

Vll- Abbie C. M. Leininger, b Mar 2(., 1S72, m W. 
C. (;ranville, Oct 27, 188'). Res 214 Walnut St. K. 
Los Angeles, Cal. Wood and coal business. C: 
(VIII) William A. F. Granville, b in Iowa, Mar 7, 
1S9(I; Fannie M. L. Granville, b in Cal., Feb 13, 
1892; Annie E. Granville, b in Cal., Aug (., 1894, d 
Aug 27, 1894. 

Vll- Emma D. R. Leininger, b Sept 17, 1S73, m 
Eric Ericsoii, Jan (>, 1S93. P. O. Boone, Iowa. Com- 
pany bridge builder. C: < VIID Annie C. Ericson, b 
June 19, lcS95; Carl O. Ericson, b Feb 9, 1897. 

VII. Mary L. M. Leining-er, b June 25, 1877, m Al- 
bert Mondt, July 14, '1895. P. O. Boone, Iowa. 
Buttermaker. C: \ VIIJ ' I'^^nnie L. Mondt, b Feb 
28. 1S9(), d next day. 

M2 riii-: hosi:.\Ki;ia.KK hisiukn 

V||. Fnti Lcinin^'-Lr, 1> Ft-b 2i», 1H7«». 

Yl|. Miiini*.' A. K. Lcininijcr, l» Do*.- is. isso. ni 
Harry (,. Mniitll. Apr 2'». 1S''7. I*. (). Hcionc. Iowa. 

Vl|. Nclhr 11. 1". Lciniii-cr, I.()^t2s, iss.;. 
Vi|. Fannii- M. ( ■ . LLiniiii^cr, It Auir l"^. lS'ti,,l Srpt 
2'i. 1S'»1. 

Y|. Nxali Slu-rm. «1 vouni;-. 

V|. Alibic K. Slu-riii. b in liu.ks Co. Fa.. Scpl 1, 
l.s3.>, m Adam Martin. Nov 14, 1S74 F. ( ). Chal- 
fv)nl, Fa. Fanner. Deacon Lulli. Cli. C: Inlani 
(1. Koubcn, Fb»ra, Alice. Bertha. Walter. Fdward, 

V||. Keuben .\. Martin, b Mav 1. IS.sti. 

Vlj. Flora K. .Martin, b Feb "13, 1.SS2. m 1". L. 

Vn .Mice S. Martin, b Feb IS. 1SS4. 

V||. Kertha M. Martin, b Apr 13. 1SS(). 

Y||. Walter S. Martin, b Dec 22, IS.SW. 

VlJ. i:d\vard H. .Martin, b Jan 1S.1S'>2. June 18'»2. 

Vi|. Jennie T. Martin, b N'ov .^O. 1S'»5. 

Vf. I'raiiey Kickert, b , d , ni Delji. No issue. 
M 2nd husband Michael IIunsber<^er. dcc"d. I'ar- 
mer. Luth. C: Eliza, Ktnnia. 

Y|. lOii/.a Hunsber«»-er. ni John Lraw. Res .Mana- 
\unk. Fa. No issue. 

"J. Knima Hunsberj^j-er. ni John Kosenber^er. F. 
()'. Kich Hill. Fa. 

V. Henry Rickert. in Mary Hariner. Res liernian- 
town, Fa. Mason. .Methodist. C: .Marv. Samuel. 

YJ M:iry Rickert, in Andrew McFarland. 

j/|. S.iinuel Rickert. m — . KesCiermantown. Fa. 

V|. Fi/./ie Rickert, m lieoryfe AfHick. Kes(i.' 
t<»\. n, l*a. 

V. Jaco!) Rickert, dec'd. in Rachel ShalTcr, dec'd. 
.Mason contractor. Baptists. C: Mury, lOli, I-'Iiz.i. 
Kllen, Fannie, Jacol». 

len, V annie, Jacob. 

'I. Marv .\iin Rickert, decM. in William Smili 
(' : Bertha. Laura. .Martha. 
Vll. i'.ertha Smith, m Kllis. 
VII Laura Smith, m Charles Wisler. 



Martlia Siiiitli, m - 
. ICli Rickert, m 

. VAiy.n Rickert. Sing-le. 
. IClleii Rickort. in - 

yj. Fannie Rickert. Sing-le. 

V|. Jacob Rickert. Single. 

V. Klizabeth Rickert, ni John Hircks. Res. 231 
Haines St, Gerniantown, Pliila, Pa. Retired Gard- 
ner. Universal ist. C: Rebecca, Louisa, Josephine, 
Minerva, John, Lizzie. 

V|. Rebecca Bircks. m . P.O. Louisville. Kv. 

V|. Josephine Bircks, m Jacob Fretz dec'd. C: i.VH) 
James Oartield Fretz. 

Y|. John Bircks, m . 

VI- Lizzie Bircks, d m — — . 

V. John Rickert, m . C: William, :Vbbie. 

V- William Rickert, m 

V|. Abbie Rickert, d. Teacher. S. 

ly. Daniel R. Rickert, b Nov 4, 1792, d Mar 7, 
l<Sf>9, m Elizabeth Kulp, June 23, 1818. She was b 
in Bucks Co, Pa., Aug- 21, 1793, d in 18()4. Far- 
mer. Menns. C: Isaac, Jacob, Daniel. 

Y- Isaac Rickert, 1) in Bucks Co, Pa , Apr 7, 1819, 
m Anna (L Stauffer, Jan 9, 1858. P. O. Dublin, 
Pa. Fanner. Menu's. C: Anna, Lizzie, Daniel, 
Amanda, Sarah. 

VI- Anna S. Rickert, died at l)irth. 

VI- Lizze S. Rickert, b May 23, 1863. S. 

Vi- Daniel S. Rickert, 1) Sept 26, lSf.4, m Martha 
B. Schwenk, A}>r <>. ]8<)S. P.O. Dublin, Pa. Far- 
mer. Menns. C:iVII; <.'lavton S. Rickert, b Feb 

S, 18'>9 

VI- Amanda S. Rickert, b Nov 26, 1867, m Henry 
L. Wisnier. P. O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer. Menn's. 

C: I VIJ. Mabel, Edna. 

VI- Sarah S. Rickert died at birth. 

V- Jacob K. Rickert. b in Bucks Co, Pa., Feb 10, 
1S21, d m Mary M. Newhard, June 28, 1847. She 
died Jan 26, 1858. C: Hiram, Daniel, Jacob, m 
second v^-ife Eliza A Hoifman, Aug- 18, 1859. P. 
O. Weissport, Pa. Farmer and Merchant. Ev. 



IJU. Ki)S!.Mti;Kt.i:K lllST(i|>;V 

VI Ilir.iin Kickcrl, 1. Mav 22. 1S4S, m Ida II. .wo, 
111 IS74. P. (). Woissin.rt. Pa. CliiMrcii: V|| t 
llarrv Ki».kcrt. 1. O.t 27. 1S75. Mile-. Rickcri. 1. 
Mar 11. 1S77. 

V|. Daniel F. Kiikt-rt, 1. Scpl 1. ls=.t». ni Margaret 
Caiiii«l'i-!1. in lS7'i. P.O. \\\-i>siM.rl. Pa. PaitiUT. 
C: VII K'..l)crt K. KiL-kcri. 1. Au-- 15. l.sst,. 

V- Daniel K. Kickcrt. 1» in Hiuks Co. P.t.. Sept 1.=^, 
lS2r.. (lied ni Hannah Myers. Doc 21. IS.^1. 

Slu" was 1> Mav 17. 1S2<>. I'anner. NK-nn's. (.': 
Aart»n. IClixahotli. L\<lia. Stuthia. Susanna. Callia- 

V|. .Xaron .M. Kiokcrt. It Jan M. 1^32. ciu-d - in 
CatliariiU' M. Sell, in 1 S7.v She was horn in is^i. 
P. (). Duhlin. Pa. Farnu-r. Menn's. T: VII' 
Lillio Jano Kickorl. h Fch .5, l,s74. 

VII Hannah Louisa Riekeri. 1> |unc 1^. ]^7i>. 
Vl|. Daniel S. Kiekert. h Nov .^.".. 1S77. 

Vl|. Harhani Ella Rickert, Feh 24. ls7'<. 

Vi|. IVlor Riekcrl. h Julv 2S. ISSii. 

V||. .\lenno Riekert. h ( )"-l .^. IKSI. 

Vl|. Kalie -Mav Riekerl. h Nov •>. isS2. 

V|. Elizahelh Riekeri. I. June 2t.. 1S5I. d Mav <-. 

V|. Lvdia .\. Riekert. h Feh 1.^. I.s5(.. d ( ).;l 21. 

V!. Sophia Riekert, h Au^- K.. Is.^'S. ,1 ( ),t 27. 1S(.2. 

V|. Susanna Riekerl, h Feh s. ]^u^. d Jan 2.s. lS7.v 

V|. Catharine Rirkerl. h Auij- H». iSf.S. m Willian. 
Powell in ISSi,. 

IV- .\hrahani Rickert, d , ni Katie Ruth, widow 
ol his hrother Isaac). Farmer. .Menus. C: Kate. 

V. Kat.- Kiekert. h June 2>. ls,;7. d Mar 14. iSf.s. 
m \\'illiani .M . .Moyer P < ». Duiilin. Pa. I'ariner. 
Mrnus. C: .Mar\. Ilannah. Sarah. Ahrahani. David. 

V|. .Marv Ann M..ver. h i-\-h 2''. lS5.s. ni William 
C. .Mover. .Mar •». 1S7(.. P. ( ». inoomini; ( ".l* n. P.i. 
Farnur. .Menus. C: VII IClmer .M..yer. h Dec l'». 
1S7<.; Delia .Mover, h 7. l,'^7'i: l^u-ene .Mover, 
h Apr 2. ISSO; Clara .Moyer. h Apr 22. ISS4; Sideiia 
Mover, h .\u'4 11. IsSd; N'oniian .\lo\rr. .luiie 17, 



VI- Hannah R. Mover, b Apr 14, 1857, ni Ilenrv 
G. Mover, Jan 20, 1877. P. (). Blooming- (ilen, Pa. 
Farmer. Menns. C: i VII ) Annie Jeanetla Moyer, 
b Apr 7, 1SS7; Isaac Erwin Mover, b May 2, 1881; 
William Oscar Mover, b A]n- 11. 1884; Henry 
Warren xMoycr. b July 18, 1887; Sarah Eli/.abctii 
Mover, b June 15, "188'); Marv Alice Mover, b Sept 
24, 18<>1. 

Y|. Sarah Elizabeth Mover, b Sept 18, 1858. 

V|. Abraham Mover, b Nov 25, 185<». d Dec 2f>, 

V|, David K. Moyer. b in Bucks Co. Pa., Mar 4, 
18()1. m Elizabeth, dau. of John Clvmer, Mar 3, 
1887. P. (). I)ul)lin, Pa. Farmer. Menns. C: (V|l> 
Sadie C. Mover, b Oct 15, 1888; Ida H. Mover, 1) 
Jan 17, 18^)2", d Feb 2, 18^)2. 

V- Magdalena Kickert, b , m William M. Mover, 
(husband of her sister Kate) Apr 25, 18()<). P." O. 
Dul)lin, Pa. Farmer. Menns. C: Catharine, Wilson, 
Samuel, William. 

V|. Catharine Moyer, 1) Mar '), 1870, m Tyrus M. 
Mover. P. O. Blooming- Glen, Pa. 

V|.. Wilson R. Moyer, b June 2, 1872. 

VS. Samuel K. MoVer, b Nov 15, 1875. 

V|. William Henrv Mover, b Sept \h, 1877. 

IV Isaac Rickcrt,"b May <>, 17S>7, d June 5, 1832, 
m Kate Ruth. Farmer. Menns. C: David. Abra- 
ham. Isaac. Daniel, Henry. 

y. l)a\id Kickert, 1) in Bucks Co. Pa., — , d -, m 
Lavina i'^unk, dau. of Isaac and Marv ( Bechtel ) 
Funk, and widow of Jacob Swartz. Res 1250 Hunt- 
ingdcm St. Phila. Pa. Farmer. Menns. C: Isaac, 

V|. Isaac F. Rickert, b in Bucks Co. Pa., m Lavina 
Fretz, daughter of Henry and Mary Fretz, dec'd. 
P. O. Dul)lin, Pa. Farmer. Menns. C: Clavton, 
William, Marv. 

yij. D. Clayton Kickert, b Mar 28, 1874, m Catha- 
rine Lapp, daughter of Joseph Lapp, No\- 27. 1894. 
P. O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer. Baptists. 

VIJ. William Henry Rickert, b Nov 15, 1877. Res 


TiiH K()si:nhkh(".i:k histokv 

lJ5ii Huilliiividon Si. I'liihi. I';i. I\n;4r:i\t.T. 

Vl|. Mary K. Ki.kc-rl. !» Sopl 23, 1S,S'». 

V|. Nh'.ry A. Ki».kcrt. 1) in liucks C"o. l*a.. iii ICiios 
Frclz, Dec 3. 1S7.V He was 1. Jan 1'.. 1S45. Res 
1250 Wfst Hunlin«,nl.)ii St. I'hila. I'a. I'n. Vivien 
dealer. No issue. 

y. Alirahaiii kickcrt. 1- in llueks Co. 1 'a., d in ( )lii.», 
ni Mary Ann Frel/, deL-'tl. Farnicr in Medina Co. 
( ). Mcnns. C: Allen, L\itharin(.-.Sarali. Iknrv. Levi, 
l)a\itl, Abraham, liar!>ara, Amelia. 

VI . Kev. Allen Riekerl, 1) Dec 21. 1S4S. m Sarah 
Lehman, Jan 4, 1S7.^. 1*. ( ). Columbiana, ( ). Kar- 
nur. Menn. ()r<lained minister No\- L^. 1S'»2. C: 

VII Ivlwin. Li/.zie, Ivlitii. Ihirvey, Maryaret. 

Y|. Catharine Kickerl. b Mav 7. Is.stt. S. 

V|. Sarah Hickert. b Nov :4.1S.^|. S. 

V|. Henrv F. Rickert, b St-pt In. 1S5.^. n\ Sarah 
Markley, 'N\>v L>, 1.S75. 1'. ( ). River Styx. < ). Far- 
mer. C: VII Criah, Rilla, Clarence, Mary. 

V|. Levi 1-. Kickert, b Mav 2''. IS.sf.. m Alice C. 
Custer, Oct 2. 1SS(.. ]'. ()." River Stvx. O. Farmer. 
C: (VII) Mabel. 

Y|. David Kickert. b Any F». is.-s. m Fva M. 
Heath, Jan \^, l!SS.^ Carpenter. On June 12. IS'M. 
while workin}4" on a new barn, he tell from the 
liuildinj<" into the basement Iracturinji- his ^kull 
liom which he died the ue.xt morninii;-. (.': Ylj 
Dick, Nellie 

V|. Marv Kickert, 1) Jan S, ISt.l. m Da\id (label. 
Dec 21, isS2. 2.^1 Marcey Ave. Cleveland, Ohio. 
Con^'l. C: I Vir Charles. 

V|. Abraham Kickert. b Apr .^, isi..^. m Fva .\1. 
He.ith, ' his brother [>a\i(rs widow, i 

Vi liarl»ara Kickert, b Apr .^, l.S7ti, m .\braham 
H. Rohrer, NLiy 2<t, IS'U. 1'. O. Kiver Styx, Ohio. 
l"armer. C: ' V|| IVrcy. Ciladys. David. 

V|. Amelia Kickert. b Ai)r H, 1S72, m K'.'iiie R. 
Kindi;,^ Jan 12. is''.^. 2.^1 NLir.ev .\\e. Cleveland. 

V- Rev. Isaac kickert, dec'd, m S.ilome ( iross. l''ar- 
nier and minister ol the Dt»vlest<)\vn, I'.i.. .Meuno- 

Dr. Oliver Diei/.l 


nite church. C: JAzzie, Isaiah. 

V|. Lizzie Rickert, m Harvey Myers. Jan 2(>, l.S,S3. 
P. (). (Tardenvillc, Pa. Farmer." Mcnns. C: (Y||) 
Bertha, Isaac Laura, Kzra. 

Y|. Isaiah Kickert, m Emma Mack. 

V. Daniel Rickert, b in Bucks Co. Pa., Feb 9, 1S35, 
m Christina Hunker, Feb S, 1846. She was b in 
Germany June 12. 1822, d May 23, 1888. Shoe- 
maker, later farmer. Mrs. R Lulh. C: John, Catha- 
rine, Isaac, Sarah, David, Emanuel, Daniel, Emma, 

V|. John Kickert, m — Kvle. P. (). Wadsworth, O. 

V|. Catharine Rickert, m Park Pelton. P.O. Poe, O. 

VI- Isaac H. Rickard, b in Westmoreland Co. Pa., 
Oct K), 1848, m Caroline Jane Kennedy, Dec 30, 
1875. She was b in Medina Co. O., May 8, 1856. 
P. O. Chippewa Lake, O. Manufacturer of drain 
tile, brick and hollow brick. C: { V|| ) Inza Rickard, 
b Oct 15, 187(); Charley Emanuel Rickard. b()ctl2, 
1878; Delbert Herman Rickard, b Aug- 29, 1881; 
Edith Rickard, 1) Oct (>, 1883; Howard Isaac Rick- 
ard, b Nov 5, 1889; Clarence Don Rickard, b F'eb 
11, 1891; Stanley Boyd Rickard, b Dec 7, 1893. 

V|. Sarah Rickert, b — , m Henry Koppes. P. O. 
Chippewa Lake, O. 

V|. David Rickert, b — , m . P. O. Wads- 
worth, (). 

V|. Emanuel H. Rickert, b in Medina Co. O., Nov 
14, 1857, m Anna E. Williams, Sept 28, 1882. P.O. 
Dixon, 111. Shipping- Live stock. Luth. C: (VII) 
Clark W. Rickert, b July 14, 1885. 

V|. Daniel Rickert, Jr., b — , m Lizzie Hoover. P. 
O. Wadsworth, O. 

V|. Emma Rickert, m Jean Tinstman. P.O. Poe, O. 

Vi- Abraham Rickert,'b --. P. O. Wodsworth, O. 

V- Henry Rickert, b Dec 22, 182'». m Elizabeth 
Hunsberg-er, Mar 27, 1853. She d Dec 18, 1888. P. 
O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer. Menu's. C: Mary, Catha- 
rine, Levi, Enos, Reuben, Rosa, Mahlon, Magda- 
lena, Salome. 

V|. Mary Ann Rickert, b Jan 6. 1854, d Apr 1886. 
m John H. Barnes. C: Lizzie, Bertha, Daniel. 

318 THK i<osi".nhj:k(;i;k msTtiKv 

VII I^iz/ie Harnes, deccasetl. 

VII lierlha May Barnes. 

Vij. Daniel W. Harncs. m Laura KViinor, C )cl 1S«)0. 
r ( >. Fresno, Cal. 

V|. C^illiarine Rickcrt, b Sept 21. 1>^5.-. d \-\\> H), 

VI Levi Ri.kerl. b Julv IS, 1S57, d Mar It), 1H(.(.. 

V|. ICnos Kiikert. b"Feb 2. 1H5M. ,1 Apr .^. 1S»>2. 

V|. KeulKii 11. Kivkerl. bin Diuks L\.. Pa.. June 
11. 1S(>.\ in La\ ina Lealherniaii, ' nee Heaeock.) 
I'cb 25. 1S'1<». 1'. (). Dublin. I'a. Farmer. Menns. 

Vj. Rose KniniH Kickert, b Sepl 2. 1S<)<>, ni Samuel 
Voder, Novl'i. ISST. F. <>. liloomin-,'- Crlen. Fa. 
l-'armcr. Menus. C: ' VII i Anna \'aleria Voder, b 
Sei»t '*, IvSSS; FK)rence May Yo(ler. b Jan ••. is<t2; 
Norman Yodor, b Aujjf 2(>, l.s'>3. 

VI. .Mahlon H. Rickert, b Mar lo. F^To. ,n Delia K. 
Mrohm. Feb 21. FS')]. F. O. Dui)lin, Fa. Flerk. 
ReL Ch. C: > Vil) Jacob L. Kickert, b Dec 12. FS'»2: 
Marv Vr. Rickert. b June 27, 1S«)4: Henry S. Kickert, 
b N«")v 10, 18'>5; Alti.n I '.. Kickert. 1> I)ec i-. FS'H,; 
Reuben James Rickert. b Mar F^, ISW. 

VI .NFi^-dalena Rickert, b Apr S. F^7.v in Hert 
Smith. F. (). Blooming- Glen. Fa. Tailor. Menns. 
F: Yll Walter Smith. 1) Mar 27. IS'O. 

V|. ^.liome Rickert, b Nov 21. FS75, m llarrv H. 
M'.yer, Oct 14, 1S')3. V. (). Kirov, Fa. Merciiant. 
Menns. C: (Vlh Kva R. Mover." b Dec 14. is-iT; 
Ll.-y.l R. Moyer, b Mar 14, Ib't'i. 

IV Leanna Rickert, m John Watts. N>> issue. 

IV Catharine Rickert, m Jaccd) Rosenberijer. 

|||. .Maria Rosenber«cer. b Any <•. 17.^7. d J.iii 14, 

III. .\la}.,'-dalene Roseiiber^^i-r, I) Dec Is. 17.-''. d 
IS is. in John Sclnvardle. 

(Sec John Schwardle Family.) 

Ill .\ son b I7(il, (1 unnaiiu-d. 

Ill A daughter b 17t.2. d unnamed. 

Ilj. Sarah Rftsenberf^er. b .Ian 24. 17i..^, d .\pr <■. 
1S4'>. Ill Fhilii. Schw.irdle. 

(See Fhilip Schw.irdle I'ainilv.) 



Tlie first reunion of the Roseuberger family was 
held in Perkasie Park, Bucks County, Pa., on Thursday, 
Au<?ust 10, 1899. 

The weather in the early morning was rainy, and fears 
were entertained that the rain would interfere with the 
attendance. However, while o'er head the clouds hung 
dark and broken, it ceased to rain, and the descendants 
l)egan to arrive, in veliicles of every description, from 
the surrounding districts of Bucks and Montgomery 
Counties, while the incoming trains brought hundreds 
more, until npwards of 1,500 descendants of the i)ioneer 
Henry Rosen berger were present. The iirrangements 
of the reunion were in charge of a committee wdio had 
been engaged for some time in the work of preparation, 
and the exercises were si(i;nally successful. 

Included in the gathering were representatives of 
the family from Bucks, Montgomery and Lehigh Coun- 
ties, and Philadelphia, while several came from distant 
states in the West and (Canada. 

The exercises began at 10:oO a. ni.. when the chair- 
man. Prof. Seward M. Rosenlierger. of Qiudiertown, 
Pa., mounted the platform in the auditorium of the 
]iark and introduced Prof. Howard Freed, of Lansdale, 
Pa., as the first participant, who rendered a pleasing 
piano solo. This was fcdlowed by singing "All Hail 
the Power of Jesus' Name." and a fervent prayer was 
then offered by Rev. Gr. \V. Hengeii. of Perkasie. Pa., 
after which Prof. S. M. Rosenberger, of Quakertown. 
Pa., delivered the address of welcome, to which Hev. S. 
A. Ziegenfuss, I). D., of Gerniantown. Pa., responded in 
tin appropriate address in which he cited his connection 
with the family and congratulated the committee on 
the success of the undertalcing. 

Miss Ella Geller, a promising young vocalist, of 
Lansdale. Pa., favored the audience with a vocal solo, 

320 riiK i:<>si:.\i5i:i;(;i:i; iii^i(ii;\'. 

ami Miss Slfllii HosenWer^'cr. nf IMiila»l«'l|ilii;i. it'iHlcicd 
all t'Xrt'llciit |iiaii(i sohi. 

Till' iiu'iiiiuial aildicss. pii'|iait(l li\ A. K. IMaif. 
Ksij.. of l.aiistlalc. Pa., was n-ad In- l>r. Daniel M. J/iii- 
(lis, «»f I'fikasif. I'ji., Mr. IMarp. just l)aviri}.j Itcen tivatt'd 
for all afTec-tioii of llu' lliroat, his pliysiiiaii would not 
pi'riiiit liini to use liis voice. The adtlress was one of 
the Itest prodnrtions of the dav. 

The expivises of the foreiKKni were clo.seil bv sin«;- 
111^ that patriotic hyniii. '•America." 

At 2 o'cloclv. the aiidir'iice which had heen consid- 
erahly increased hy later arrivals, ai^ain -gathered in the 
auditorium and the exercises for the afternoon were 
opened i)y sin«,Mnu: "Nearer My (lod to Thee." after 
which a piano duet was rendered liy Stella Ko.sen- 
her<;er and Howard Freed. The (hairman then intro- 
duced Samuel Z. Freed. Kscp. (d' Doylestoun. I'a.. who 
delivel"ed all address. lie w ;is followed li\ ;ill aildress 
l.yi'rof. A. F. K. Krout. .\I. .\.. .d I'hila.lelphia. Misses 
Mahel and Susie Hosenltery:er. (d' llilltown. F;i.. rendered 
a piano duet, and .T. \'. Oniiiieren. Ks(|.. of (Juakertown. 
Fa., addressed the audience hrietly in the ahseme (d" F. 
(J. ll(dison. Fs(j.. of ("(dle«(eville. Fa., who was an- 
nounced on the jirofi^ram as one td' the speakers, hut 
failed to he itreseiit. 

III1111I l»» III- MII.-^flM. 

Miss Ella (teller san«j; another solo, after \\ liicli the 
historical adilress was didivered lt\ Hev. A. d. l-'icl/ of 
Milton. N. .1. 

At the ( lose of the tlu' (jiiestion <d liold- 
in«.j future reunions of the family came up for coii- 
.'^ideratifMi. and it was moved and carried t«» hold a 
reunion (d' the family every live yeais. 



The second reunion of the Kosenberger family was 
held on Thursday, Auo-nst, 11, 1904, when ahout " l.dOO 
descendants of the ])ioneer liislu))) llenrv Rosen Itcrger 
oathered in Perkasie Park. Pucks ('o., Pa. The day 
did not open auspiciously, and I he threatening skies 
kejtt many away. In the afternoon the large ))avilion 
was well tilled. 

A short program was rendered in the forenoon. 
Prayer by Rev. S. A. Stopp, of Doylestowu, Pa. Dr. 
D. M. Landis extended the welcome of the town and 
committee to the visiting relatives, i'l'of. S. M. Roscn- 
herger responded to the words of welcome, .lames A. 
Rosenberger, of Milford Square, delivered an oration 
lauding the virtues of the ancestors, and emphasizing 
the need of cheerful devotion to duty and right. Miss 
Nora Rosenberger, of Perkasie, gave a touching read- 
ing, which Avas sympathetically received by the audi- 
ence. Addresses in the afternoim were delivered by .1. 
Ralphus Freed. Esq.. of Doylestowu. in the English 
language, and Frank R. Rosenberger. of Milford 
Square, in German. The addresses were rei)lete with 
hap])y allusions and sparkling thoughts. A trio was 
rendered by W. B. Rosenherger's family and a number of 
instrumental selections were remlered by the Misses 
Susie and Mabel Rosenberger. of Hilltown. The iniisic- 
al renditions greatly delighted the audience, 'i'lie his- 
torical .sketch pre))ared hy Rev. A. .). Fret/, ihe lanuly 
historian, was read by ihe ]U-esident of the A.ssociatio)i. 
At a business sessioii the officers of the Association 
^y,>i-e re-elected to serve the next reunion -PJ07. 'I hey 
are Prof. S. M. Rosenberger. I'lvsideni; I. R. Haldeman. 
Secretary; Frank Rosenl)erger. Treasurer: Dr. D. M. 
Landis. Isaac Rosenberger and Harvey Landis. Execu- 
tive Committee. 



Tin- lC'-iiI If i.'iiiiinl.T i)f (lit' cditdi- that lit- lias alxuit 
I <iiii|i|.'t<'(l tin* iiiamistii|it for the l{oseiilH'r;;t'r Faiiiilv 
llisturv. and that the article in the form itf a vah-- 
(lirtidii woiilil therefore be expected without much 
further dela\. ur«,'es me to fulfill a prnmise which I 
maih' some lime a;,n». and which I have Jiot lur^'otteii. 
Many td' u> have lui ddiiht awaited the appearance of 
this work witii a ^Mvat deal of interest. Varicms mattei-s 
have transpired witliin recent y«'ars to awaken our 
expectations to a ^M'eater or less de<i:ree, so that aiiv one 
connected with tlir liosenber«;er family, would, from 
time to time, find his feelin;,'s a«.,qtaled. his hopes excited 
and his desires deepened, as these mattt^-s relating to 
the Iiistory of the family took more definite shajie. 

The very first announcement from tlie Kditor call- 

in<r (Mir att.'utioii to Ihc fact that the jnildicati fa 

lii>tory of the pioneers and descendants of tlie luisen- 
herj^er family would he undertaken, couhl not fail to 
awaken a res|ionsive chord in the lieart of everv livin<r 
memher who ha|tpens to he in any way connected willi 
the family. .\iid i-\ry\ siilisiMjueut announcement id' 

tlic intended project, had tl fleet to increase oiir 

interest and au;^'nieiit our sym|iathy in hehall .d' the 

Hilt this favorahle regard reached ilshi<xhesl |ioiut. 
(in our jiid;;iiieiit i in the very successful |{osknhkU(JKK 
l'\Mii.v K'kimo.n. hejil at I'erkasie Park in the summer 
(d IMiil. Such an oiilpcuirinij of people must certainly 
have ex<'eeded the most san^Miine expectal ions of the 
j-ommittee wh(» arran^^ed for tlie re-union, and demon- 
strated in no uncertain tones the allilndi- <d' (he ile- 
scendants to their family history. 

'I'he preparation and ((unpletion o| sm h a histcuv 
i> ne«-esHarily frau<.jht with a ;^reat (h-ai »d" labor, research 


and patience. We are deeply sensible and fully appre- 
ciate the greatness and accuracy of the work "done by 
the Editor in gathering, compiling and arranging the 
historical data of this family, tracing our lineng.' and 
making it possible for us to see the line of our parTicular 
descent from, and our relations to the parent stem. It 
is an intricate and yet withal an inferesting stiidv. 

As we scan the pages of this volume, we learn 'a gre;it 
many things that we had not known before. We gain 
a better insight into our family history, appreciatiTthe 
more fully the noble deeds, the pioneer work, rlie glori- 
ous achievements, the arduous self-denials, (he worthy 
examples and goodly heritage handed down to us l)"y 
our fathers. Our eyes are opened and our hearts are 
impressed as we ponder the character of our aiict'stors 
in their integrity, uprightness, honesty and nianlv 
virtues. Such consideration and reflection cannot fail 
to incite us in constantly putting forth the greatest 
efforts to prove ourselves the Avorthy descemhinis of 
noble sires. What man hath done man can do. It 
would be idle folly, therefore, for any one to presume 
to rest on the laurels of his progenitors. 

"Let us, then, be uj) and doing. 
With a heart for any fate: 
Still achieving, still pursuing, 
Learn to labor and to wait." 

While we may reasonably expect that all oui- 
kindred will make themselves the possessors of at least 
one copy of this valuable history, (for its price is cer- 
tainly placed within the reach of each one) we. at the 
same time hope that they will not only give the volume 
a place on their library shelves, but will study its jiagcs 
and acquaint themselves with its facts. The character 
of the work stamps it largely as a book of reference, 
one that needs to be consulted repeatedly, in order to 
be rightly understood and properlv aii]u-ecinted. Fre- 
Cjueiit recurrences to its pages, and a constant looking 
up of its events and names will fill the mind with a 
proper knowledge of our genealogy, and eiuible us to 
speak intelligentily concerning tlie matters that are 
related to us so closely. 

;{jj iiii: i;(>-i:Ni;i;i;(ii:i; iii-^ioiiv. 

It i> :i Work, t lu'iflHii', imiI df jiii.-sii)^ Viihic ;iiiil 
pri'st'iit iiit«'i»'st (tiilv. Iiiit i»in' lliiit «^n»\vs ii|miii us as 
tiin«> passes on, ami will iirovf a tiviusiiiv t'vcii tu our 
suceet'diii}^ «j;i'iiiM-a( i«iiis. 

I have already written entni^'li and »m^lit to say 
fan-in U, I'lit hel'ore di>in^ so linally, let nie ini|iress tlie 
thou«j;ljt: How will our lives oonj|tare with the lives of 
our I'oretathers ? Will the world lx» the better Ixn-ause 
we have lived in it ? Will our children antl ehildrens 
chiltlren rise up to call us blessed, because we have not 
lived in vain, and because we liave made thi' best use of 
our talents, and liave been faithful, devoted and true to 
our Divine Lord and Master? We thus leave a iruod 
example behind us ami pass from the scenes (»f this life 
into the bb'ssedness of tin- life beyond. \N ith these 
tliouj^hts we hiy (Uir pen down as we write a last and 
an affectionate f<inirrll. 

im:v. s. a. zie(.ii:m US8. 

Gernmntown. Philadelphia. I'a. 
.lulv 3(1, UtiKi. 


Pase 06 read Alviii liudy, not Aloiii. 

<>•> " IJaibara Shaiitz, not ]5arl)!ird, 

69 " Noah E. Eby, not Ely. 

69 " lienjamin E. Eby, not Ely. 

T7 " Esclielman, not Eclielnian. 

77 " ^'I. Elizabeth Stauner, not y 1 1. 

74 " VI. Barbara lludy, b. 1842, not VII. 

" 78 " Ferman, not Farmer Snyder. 

80 " VI. Benjaman llosenberger, not ^'1I. 

80 •' VIII. Mamie Barman, not ^' II. 
" 80 " Rose Rabine, not Robiiie. 

81 " W. R. Matthews, not \V. E. 

82 " Moses Rosenberg, b. 181)2, not 1892. 
82 " May Forbes, not Mary. 

" 84 " Doress S. Uochowon, not Dovess. 

91 " Montford S. Strome, not Mortlord. 

" 92 " Freyvogel, not Freyvogee. 

97 " John L. Lapp, not John .1. 

" 106 " Matilda II. Snyder, b. Jiuie lo. 

" 112 " Margaret Rnpple, not Rapped. 

" 116 " Enocli D.Shantz,b. 1841, not 1848. 

" 123 " Henry D. Kratz, not Dr. 

" 126 " Arrived Aagiist 11, 1732, not 1832. 

138 " Fay and Jay Ilnnsberger. not Ilansicker. 

138 " VIII. Elizabeth and Arthur Ilnnsberger, not 


" 140 " Michael D. Alderfer, b. 1843, not 1842. 

170 " Gelderland, not Genlderland. 

173 " financially successful, not successfully. 

" 175 " M. Kate Sweaney, not Siveany. 

" 182 " Grant Reservation, not (irand. 

" 183 " corps of professors, not professions. 

'; 205 " Menn's, "ot Menno. 

207 " VI. David Rosenberger, not VII. 

208 " Menn's, not Menno. 

" 210 " VII. Edna M. Evans, not VI. 

" 224 " M. Christiana, adopted daughter of Rev. John 













Alderfei-. Abraham 




Alderfer. Malinda 1 

;. Ill 

142. 148. 144, 14 

7. 14<t 


Marjjaret K. 



















-Mary B. 






Marv A. 















Michael 140, 

142, 143 











Philip 141, 

MS, 149 




















lieu ben 8. 









Clement 1). 



Samuel D. 



Daniel I). 



Sarah HI, 

143, 147 


Deborali P.. 













143, 144 










J5ergey. Anna L. 






Henry L. 



Frank S. 



Hricker. Benjamin 






Clemmer. Elizabeth 






,1 acob 



Garret D. 






Hannah U. 



Colburn, Abrani 































6 Delp, Abraliam A. 






Detweiler. Aaron B 


















Jolinl31), 141 
































Levi ^S. 




112, 118 


Lewis IS. 
















Rev. Enoch 



Tin: K(»i;\i;i:i;(ii:i; il|vi,,i;\- 

Hen. Page 

« l)«t\v,ihr, (M'orpe l<>:t 

»> Ktv. (itorj:.- 1{. 117 

i> Ilaiinali UN 

I". Isaac irJ 

5 .laidli U. itis 

t\ Ucv. 15. 117 

5 .Idliii |{. i(i:{ 

(• .idhii ]():{ 

>'i .losfph lii;{ 

'i I.aviua lit 

:> Lvilia Hit 

•5 Ma^Mlah'iia 111 

C. Marv ln;{. i(i<i, i]7 

r. Mary iDl^ 

f. Mf'irno irJ 

«i M«1S»'S 1(I.S 

C. Kcv. Noali llL' 

C. Noah H. lis 

I", ilflH-i-ra li:< 

»■) >aimu'l 111 

(5 Sarah 11 if. 1 lH 

5 Susanna ii»<.t 

ft Susanna lis 

»i Krl). Aarmi 'Jo 

• • Mcnnu 5to 

«» Cdlwals. Catliarinr 52 

C. {►avid i)'2 

n .l(«lin 

♦) Samuel 

r» Ilaittlc, Annie 

r. Kli/.ah»-(h 

•i Ilnnsickcr. Ann 

r. Itcnjainin A. 

t'l (atliarinc 

«•, l-.lias A. 

r. i:ii/alM'th 

f, Ksth.T 

r, I!, -v. Henry A. 

ti Iluracc M. 

«> Mary A. 

♦5 Kratz. Annie 

t; Itctijaniin 

C, i;iizabelh 

»i Isaae 

n .Idhn 

r, Marv K. 

Miefiael A. 

«i Barbara 


n llaiiiiali 











I . 


Krieliel. .Ma^rdalena 


Susanna A 
La]i|i. Alirahani 





lleinv W, 





.l..lin W, 

.luhn H. 


.losejili \y. 


.Iiisejili H. 





Samuel \\ . 


J.ederaeh. Ann 




Mover, itenjaiuin 





Nunamaker. Aaron 





Niee. .Muahani 


Key. William 
ltosenlier;j. Ahraham 
Wosenlierner. Aaioli 11 

.Mtiaham N. 

Ahraham : 

Altraliam s. 

















































, (HI 





lioseiiberger, A 
Abraliiun E. 
Christian IX 
76, 84, 93 
Hettie A. 
Horace V. 
Isaac B. 
Isaac U. 
.la cob B. 
.lacob 1). 
.Jacob P. 
-John .S. 
.John J). 
.Joseph I). 
.Joseph W. 
Levi H. 
























63, 86 













59, 67 













52, 93 
























66, 79 









76. 80 



53, 75 






45, 57 





32. 54 













53, 94 


.en. I'a^r,. 

J\osenberger, Margaret 4n 
7,5, 94 

Margaret 46 

^lary 26, 31, 42, 58, 76, 93 












Uev. iSamuel S 











Charles G. 

Cluistian (i. 




.J esse 

.lolni II. 

.lohn (J. 


J^isenburg. Moses 
I!u(ly. Abraliam 










Shantz. Abraham D 

Benjamin I). 


75, 89 

83. 93 




26, 51, 88 






<i5, 75 


66, 93 




31, 33, 87 


\braliam B. 50 




























1 111: K<»M-:M;i:i;(ii:i{ )ll^l()l;^ 


«■» Sliiiiit/. KiukIi 1). 





.lolin I).;i 
Mary A. 
Xaiicv I). 
Sarah" D. 

•5 Siiviit T. l{(Mijainiii 


KiKlcll I). 

Isaac D. 






«» .SUuffer, Abraham 









StaiiJlVi. Anna .V. 





1 ( 



.Ichll .\. 









4 1 



Susan A. 





1 1 



strunn-. .\artin K. 




A 1.1 am K. 








David n: 












II I'll ly 




• > 

Isaiali K. 


11 h; 
















Wisincr. < alhariiic 




1 ', 





; N 1 ! 

:<ii:i: i- am 11. v. 

<>i" II \Tiii:i.i). I'A. 

•J Kckliarl. Klmine 


.Mary (". 




■'let/., .\liiahani . 


Allen W. 


.Xiithdiiv 1;. 


Klla l{. ■ 


Mary A. 


(^lincv .v. 


Sarah ".V. 







H 1 

leckler. .\.ir<in i; 


Ann K. 


David |{. 




Frank l{. 




Hester .\. 


.lacoh |{. 


.luhll It. 


Mary A. 


Sainnej l( 



Ilime. Huth A. 




nines. Kliza 




Henry W . 












Sit ilii;i 




Ilnns )ery:er. David i 

' . 21 12 




2i i2 















Knip. Harhara 









11 '.'.I 


Laiidis. Kphr.iini 




(!ei»ri,'e 1{. 





2:{i 1 


i 1 

■ lohii 




MoiiU. Ildward I{. 

1 7s 



Dr. 1:. M.-hiy 




.MiinU. .\niie 



1 1 

l»r. .Ic.sei.h A. 




Marv A. 




Wiiriani c. 












Kickei-t. AbraliHiii 



Rosenberger, Cliristiaii 159 





























Kev. Daniel 















■Joseph K. 



Hev. David 







159, 2(XJ 








Kosenberg, Annie 



David 200 

219, 221 








Dr. David II. 



llev. Edward II. 



Dr. Frank ,]. 



Edmund s. 



Isaac II. 






Dr. Jacob II. 






Dr. John II. 




192, 197 


Dr. John B. 




Josepli S. 






Dr. Mary E. 






Sarali A. 




196. 2(K) 


Jiosenberf]fer, Aaron 










l''lhvood J. 







222, 238 





En OS li. 



Dr. Abram S. 



Franklin II. 



Abner W. 



Franklin IS. 









Albert A. 













Alonzo P. 




207, 227 






208, 225 





Henry L. 






Henry D. 







220, 224 





Dr. ifenry 1). 



Ann E. 



Henry K. 



xVnnie B. 



Henry F. 







Ilenrv S. 






Howard B. 



Arte m us 




194, 2'23 


Barbara 197 




Ira V. 







196, 234 


Benjamin F. 



P.ev. Isaac J. 














Carl II. 



Isaac D. 



Charles L. 


. 201 


liAac R. 



Charles II. 



Israel II. 









Tin: ii(>si-:ni:i:i{(;i:i! jii^tokv 







Kos»*iilt»*rp»'r. .laeol 













.lacnl. U. 



6 1). 
















.IfSSC I.. 

























.lollM ]{. 




.lohll I{. 




.luhll 1). 

21 1 



.lullll (I. 




lifv. ,I()lm 








.Ics.' W. 



.lostjili 'Jti'.i. 

• IdSt'llll 













I.tvi A. 







Lydia A. 




L> iiiaii 




Malissa J. 




.Marv I'A isy, 
I'.Hi. 2(N). 2I'.« 

1 '.»:{. 









. 2:r2 




Man 15. 




Man A. 








Man- K. 
Man K. 






















2i I'.i 







\v\\\v V. 
Noah N. 












i'liilip L. 




KiMll.lMI 1). 




Ilnsrliliclprr, |{«)b< 

>aiiiiu'l L. 


Saiiiiifl K. 

>aiiiiifl I). 

Saiiuu'l li. 



ISM. •JL'i".. 233 



Sal! if 





William I). 

W illiam F.J. 

William 1). 
loosen bt'irv, Dr. A 

Ada E.' 

Alice E. 

Dr. Alvin .1. 



Henjamin V. 

lU-rtlia II. 



<'liarles S. 







<!c(»ixt* L. 

I Iain 

Dr. liarvt-y L. 









Dr. Marvin U. 

.Minnie F. 

Samuel ('. 

Vicia .1. 



rl E. l".i«; 


11»4. 220 




22(1. 225 

IS'.t. Iit3 







I'M I 

It ".5 





It; I 












7 HosenbeiTv, Walter 

7 Williain 

6 Kotli, Al)raliani 1{. 

♦) Anna li. 

f) Catliaiine 

6 Daniel R. 

6 David n. 

6 Elias R. 

(> Jeter 

(> Ruth. Aaron 


Mary A. 

6 Shelly, John R> 
6 Jonas 
6 Kate R. 
6 Lewis R. 
6 Moses R. 
6 Philip R. 
♦5 Reuben 
6 Tobias R. 
6 Stover, Adam 
H Barbara 
6 Charles 




6 Stover. Dnvid 


() Mar<jaret 


(? Mary 


♦> Peter 


6 Philip U. 


6 AVeikel, Harriet 


6 .lohn 


5 Wirenian. Annie 


5 ("atliarine 


5 Christiana 


5 Eli?.abeth 


5 Isaac 


5 Michael 


5 Wismer, Rev. Abrah 

\m 188 

5 Ann 


5 Barbara 


6 Cliarles R. 


5 Christian 


5 David 


H Emma :\I. 


♦i Henry 


5 Henry 


6 .] acob 


5 Jacob 


6 Mary A. 


loiiN i;o>i;M;i;K(ii:i:. si; . i- \^IIL^ . 
oi' II wni'.i.h. I'A. 




11. 1 


1 AlU'liacli. Al.ia 




lieliinan. Iiavid \l. 


k'l AllKiS 



Dianna 11. 


4 liarhara 



( ieur^'e F. 


4 JU'iijaiiiiM 



Lama I). 


4 CatliaiiiH' 



Minnie H. 


5 l)avi(l 





5 .1 t'ssi- 



William i;. 


5 .loliii 



(imisliall. Ida 


4 .loliii 





4 Liz/ii' 





4 Mary 



\\ illiani 

2 1(1 

5 Saimifl 



Hnnsljerjrcr. .Mtraliani 


5 Susanna 



Kev. Clnistian 


4 Susanna 





li AndtMs. Catliaiint' 



.Idhn K. 


«> Henry 




6 llnrai'f H. 

"iot 1 




C Xallianicl 



Knlp. Nainiiel l>. 


.") Clfuinifr. Levi 



sarali .\nn 


.') r«'k'K'it' 



Kline. IMward 


.') (lyintT. Al)rali; 


•J J It 


IVter 1{. 


»; 'Kale 



Leitenber^rer. .hilili 


5 DtMstiiif. Alira 




Mary ('. 


r> Ann 



I.icey. ilon. Alvin D. 


5 Catharine 





5 llannalt 



latharine .\. 


5 Henry 





."> .loSI-jlll 



Levi S. 

21 C. 

.'i l>et\v<-iler, ("all 






5 i:ii/.al.etli 





5 .lol.n i{. 




2'.' 7 

5 Mary 



Mover. David D. 


f) Nancy 



.lacnli D. 


.") >arali" 



Jcilni D. 

2.". I 

fl Doll. Cliarles l{ 



Mary D. 

2.-, 1 

r» Kli/.abetli 





n Jesse l{. 



Keeder, Kliiura 


»i Mary 





(! Wasliin^'toii 





u Kriek, Saiali 





i) Sopliia 





11 (ielinian. Aliial 






11 Allen I". 



William r. 

2 1)11 

6 riiUiarine 












lleifhiger, Clara 








Kiclieiibacli, Fauiiic; '2G0 



Math i as 




Rosenberger, Abra 

lam 248 



Abraham H. 









256, 279 



Abraham S. 








Abel H. 








Alvin L. 

















249, 293 



Anna E. 








Annie 249, 2ti2, 263 




254, 268 











256, 258 







Benjamin G. 





250, 259 


266, 286 



Catharine li. 












Christian L. 









263, 265 








266, 293 







David R. 








Edwin H. 





249, 250 


253, 265, 268 



Elizabeth 249 

266, 293 



Ella C. 








257, 265 






Erwin A. 








Frank R. 





248, 258 


ien. rage 

Rosenberger, (Jeorge 24S 

Harry, C. 
Rev. Ilenrj 
llenrv K. 
Henry II. 
Henry R. 
Henry L. 
Horace H. 
Isaac G. 
Jacob W. 

262. 268 
John II. 
John L. 
Jonas W. 
J osiah 
Levi C. 
Lilly H. 





- 265 


262, 265 

263, 265 

247, 248, 250 

249, 253, 259 
252, 257 

251, 253, 265 
251, 265 

249, 257, 293 
250, 263, 281. 291 

251, 253. 257 

258. 262, 263, 264, 265 

Oliver S. 



253. 280 

259, 267 



•A-.i . 

I iir: i;(>>K.\ : i:;;(;r.i; iii«> i(»i;S 



UosiMiU-rger, Kay 

.sal I it' 

Ht'V. SaiiMU'l II 




Sainiitl L. 


•J.V.t. •_".»( » 

.si-uard M. 

Sdpliia I!. 

Niu- ('. 

TlKHiias (i. 


Wallac' II. 

William \\ 
Kutli, Anna 





Swart/.. Aaron 




.Stan Her, Henry 




24H. 2'i:i 
2.V.'. 'I'il 

2<'^ I 





i',v\\. I'H'^i' 

5 stjinlVer. William 1:H;< 

i; Sprinjier. A 1m a ham 1). 'I'M 

V> Charles 11. 2114 

<; Debv 21*3 

ij 1- ranklin II. 294 

5 Wut-man. Abraham 261 

•i .\nnif 2»»I 

5 Itarbara 261 

r. Iltnrv.s. 260 

)'• Jacob 261 

5 .lohn 260 

«') .lohii 261 

5 Katie 260 

5 Nancy 260 
«) .Samuel 2C1 
Zie.ncnluss. Amanda 'I'M 
f. .Vn^'eline 2'.tl 
4 Klias 289 
i'> I'jiima 292 

6 ll.Miiv ]{. 288 
C, Katie" 292 
a Levina 288 
t; Lizzie 292 
»i Kucvetta 287 
r. MarV 291 
G I'lter 291 
6 Sallie 292 
6 l{ev. Samuel A. 2ss 
6 Sarah A. 2h0 
6 Sophia 291 
(> William 288 





5 Delp. (Icorge 

5 Joliii L. 

4 Fretz. Harbara 

4 ElizabeUi 

4 Henry 

4 Leatherman> Anna 

4 Ileniy 

4 Jacob 

4 Loux, Abraham 

4 Catharine 

5 Charles 

5 Christian 

5 Eliza 

5 George W. 

4 .lolm 

5 ,lohn A. 
5 John D. 

5 Josepli H. 

6 Magdalen a 
5 Mary 

4 Peter 

5 Samuel 
5 Sarah 

4 Rickert. Abraham 

5 Abraham 

I'asre (len. 

303, 307 

.-) Hickcrt. IJarbara 

4 Daniel W. 

5 Daniel K. 
5 Daniel 

5 David 

5 Elizabetli 

6 Eraney 

4 Henry 

5 Henry 
5 Henry 

4 Isaac 

5 Kev. Isaac 
5 I saac 

5 ,1 acob 

5 Jacob K. 

5 Kate 

5 Magdalena 

3 Eosenberger, Anna 

3 Barbara 

3 Elizabeth 

2 Rev. Henry 

3 Jtlagdalena 
3 Maria 

3 Sarah 




31 t 























' V 



O . ...» O-" '^^ 

4 O 

. * ^ 

\ ^ <\» ' . . « . c» 

,-^^ . 

•>> V^ 

■^M .N 





o^ -« . . • 

', v 

^■- ,^^-.' -) 

^ ' . . > ,0 




n . ..■-■. '5 


V' '^^ 

j: ^-^ 

>' o"* 


i. •/■ 





vO -r, 

• O 


-, A^ 



" A^ 


» s? 

« * * . •♦. 

0^ • ' ' • 



- ,-^^ 



V- ■'-.., ^ 








• • . 


-. •'■ 



5 ^i<. 



^ -.'V^^, 

m- ^^ -^^ 


1 -' .1 


r . » • 


^ "^^ "^'.T'l)'^'* 


* ,v V/ -'<' 

0/ ♦ ' O 



^0^ . «-• 


.0' »' 

S ^ ■ * -y. 

^^^ '-* ^^^ ^^ *-"' A« V ^'- 





MAP Q1 "^•' <^ -^ "•"' ^° \^ ^"'' -C?- 

/ 'h' 

■, ST. AUGUSTINE ■ .-^ »* 

•'j^^v Vla"'^^^'^^ -*^^Bfl^5^' ^<>- -■^^ »A\8g/A''„ '<:. vv