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Full text of "Genealogical records of the pioneer families of Avon, N.Y. : Pierson, Waterous, Hosmere, Martin, etc., and their descendants"

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ac M, L. 

974.702 ; 
2032 753 






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i0neci[ |mnilic^0| P0n, : 



O O 31 M I T T IE E 

JUDGE JOHN PIERSON, Danville, 111. 

"W. H. C. HOSMER. Esq., Avon, N. Y. 

S. AMANDA WHITBECK, Fillmore, N. Y. 

!^. « 




'I K J 






SEPTKMnER ISth, 18G4. 

A tnectiii'j; was ciiUcd of tlu' relatiun^, de-Lcndiuits of early settlers of Avon, 
N. Y., viz: Picrscjn, Wati-rous, llDSincr, Martin, Little, &e., and convened at the 
old Brick Cluii-ch at East Avon. (Jnu luuulrLil aii 1 forly-four worn present. John 
Pi{!r.-()n of Danville, 111., was elio-iMi president ; F. 15. T'lersmi of Avon, vice-presi- 
dent ; G. C. Pier.son and Van R. Pierson, .secri'tarit.'S. Neoe-sary coiumittoes were 
cho>en — friendly interchaiiije of thoui^ht and feeling e.xpressed, and addresses 
made. A motion was made that a eomiiiilti'O he selected from the ditFerent familie.s 
here represented, to aseertain tlie t;-enealoL;i>'.s and historical rr-miniscenc(?s, to he 
revised and print<'il, ainl that a suh-eriplion be obtained to defray expense.-^ of com- 
pilintx and printint^ the same., llefreshnKints were prcjvided and partaken of with a 
peculiar zest; then addresses from ^lessrs. A. Dann and W. 11. C Ilosmer ; resolu- 
tions, thanks and farewells. Adjourned to meet again October, 18G5. 

The second me. 'ting was h'ld October 3d and 4th, 1PG5, at the same place. In 
absence of president and vice-proidcnt, Dr. G. "W. Ilanna of E. ^Mendon, N. Y., was 
called to the chair; S. A. Whilbeck, secretary. Thi; committee for publishing 
the book of Genealogies reported nothing had been done. Some letters had been 
written and no answers receivcjd. A resolution was taken to re-appoint the com- 
mittee, they to devise the best mode of proceeding, to gather materials, publish 
the book and collect funds from those wanting copies of the same. Committee: 
Dr. J. A Bennett, John T. Hall and Samuel Waterous. Dr. Bennett delivered 
an address ; ^Irs. ^larj' E. Pvaiidall rea.l a poem. Then followed a suinptucjus 
rofiast in the church — then again called to order, the names of those present were 
recorded, and seven reported died since our last mei-ting. Th(! doxologv was sung; 
the benediction i)ronounced by liev. J[r. Lusk, and our gathering dispersed to 
meet again on the first Wednesday of Septembi.'r, 1SG6. 

Ski'tember 4th, ISGO. 

Our annual tnmily gathering again is called to order by F. B. Pierson, presi- 
dent, at Dr. TaiiiLor's house. The weather unpropitious, rain falling, &c. Last 
year's report read, also a letter from Dr. J. A. Bennett, resigning his position as 
chairmiin of book committee, which resignation was accepted ; also a motion made 
find carried to add Rev. E. B. AValsworth of Oakland, Calift)rnia, J. II. Boughton, 
Stephen Ilosmer, Dr. Tuintur and S. A. Whitbeck to this committee. 


Ski'temuek 6'jii, IStlil. 
Met in the Baptist Church, as the Brick was undergoing rejmirs. liev. E. 15. 
AValswurtii ollered in-a^er. Short addresses were made by ilun. S. Lord, E. B. 
AValswortli, Aino^ Dann, A\'. 11. C. llosmer and olliers. BesoUilions were iiuido, 
and it was moved tliat W. II. C. llosmer be addi-d to tlie book committee. Fivu 
deaths were reported sine^'Jast we met. Motions were made and carried tinit ihii-o 
reports be put on record— that friends send notices of births, marriages and deallts 
occurring amoiig lis, to tiie president or secretary— also, that we meet again on th» 
lirst Wednesday of October, 18(;7. The friends then adjourned to th.; house of V. 
B. I'ier-on and partook of refreshments ujjon tables spread in the front yard, after 
wliieii our jilcasant uu.'eting wa-^ broken up, eaeli carrying delightful memories ol' 
the gathering of 18('.(j. 

OcTOBEK 'Id, 18G7. 
Our adjourned meeting was called to order by John Pierson of Illinois; F. 13. 
Pierson a|/pointcd temporary chairman ; S. A. AVliitheck, secretary; committCfH 
on organization, introduction, fare, jiuhlication, <fcc., iVrc, were cho.^^en. It \\m 
tiien re.-olved tliat AV. II. C. llosmer be invited to addres.s the meeting; thiit in 
addition to the lihuiK-e committee tliere be a treasurer a])pointed ; Dr. S. TuiiUer 
was chosen trea-urer. The following were read from the (■ommittee on resolutions: 

Resolved, That it i> the sense of this meeting, a ]> oition of tlie descendants of tlie 
lirst settlers of the town of Avon, X. Y., that ii is our duty, as it is our unfeigned 
pleasure, to cherish a lilial reverence for ilio memory ol' our fathers and motliers, 
whose graves are near the spot on which we now meet. 

AV.v./c.-i/, Tiiat we, their ehildren, graiid-ehikl ren, and great-grand-ehildren, held 
in sacred memory, the sturdy and unshaken virtue.^ of t/ur fathers and mothers, in 
encountering the trials and hiiid>hiiis of a then howling wilderness, that they might 
insure a competence to themselves, and an indej)endence to their posterity. 

Ji'(:-ivlci:d, That in the humble annals of our orgaiiijcation, kept alive by annual 
family re-unions, wortli will be rewarded with an approjiriate record, and :t 
tiK.'morial be pre.-ented of our loved and lost, more ti.iuehing than inscriptions stainiicd 
on bra~s, ur carveii (ui stone. 

Judge Pierson moved the following addilii^n : 

Required, Tliat it is the sense of this meeting that the old Pioneers, and tlieir 
descendants of Avon, without reference to inter-marriage with, or ties of blood, 
that unite ihem lo tl](' founders of this association,* lie invited to ct)-operate with us, 
at our annual meetings; that we reverence the names of Wiard, Markham, JMerr}, 
iMore, and all others identilied with Avon, and honor their sacred memories in 
common with our own immediate ancestors. 

The report of deaths of eleven was given. 

The question was then proposed, Sliall we meet next year? and answered unani- 
mously that we meet the lirst Wednesday of Oct., 18G8. 

October 7t», 18G8. 
Another year has passed, and finds us assembled. 

Remarks are made by llevs. Mr. Brown, iMr. Page and John F. Bliss, the 
jjastor of the church. 

llr. came to Avon in 1810. There was then no church, no minister, ilo 
preached in a school-house near Geo. Ilosmer's, Esq. llad twenty-three hearers tho 
first Sabbath, thirty-six tlie second, and so increased until they numbered two 
liundreil. Was called by Dr. i'ingham. Names were now recorded, numbering 
(me hundred and twenty-tive. The record of the dead of the year showed that ten 
luid gone. 

Judge Pierson wislnd to bring forward an old subject proposed at our lirst 
^meeting; therefore, 

Rcs<dcrd, That the longsjjoken of book, embracing the genealogy, he published 
by a committee, to be appointed at this meeting. 

lL.;.iolrr<l, That a committoo of two be iippoiuted, witli power to call in u third 
lersou, to aid if iieoo.siary. 

Resolvc'i, Thiit S. AmaiiJii Whilbi-ck and John I'iorson be that comniittco. 

\V. II. C. llosincr was added. 

I'lit in motion and seconded that funds be raisinl, and ]Hit into treasurer's hands. 

W. 11. C. Ilosmer then read a poem. , 

James Kneeland, Esq., of Milwaukee, suggested that we meet again first 

Wednesday of October, 1870 ; therefore, 

liesolcrtl, That this meeting, when closed, adjourn to October, 1870, and 
notice be given by circulars previously issued. And now farewell, and the meetiiig 
of 18GS i< among the things of the past. 

Avon, Oct. 5tu and Gth, 1S70. 

.\i;ain we are convened. Our president is here, none the older in appearance 
than in 1H<)L Our vice-pn^sident, too, still the princely farmer of Avon. The 
biessing'of our Heavenly Father was craved, and praise and prayer to Him were 
given. Records of all our jiast meetings were read. The dead of the past two years 
numbered twenty-seven. Letters were read from Kev. C. Waterhouse, of Blount 
Vernon, N. Y.; Mrs. M. W. Mix, of Wheeling, Va.; C. S. Eingham, a son of Dr. 
Bingham, and others. The following resolution was read : 

Rtsi'lveil, That a committee of three be appointed to raise funds from the rela- 
tives and friends, in order to defra}' all the expenses of publishing the genealogical 

James Ilosmer, Dr. S. Taintor and F. B. Piorson were made that committee. 

S. A. Whitbeck added: 

litsolveil, That we print the book, if they are ordered and paid for in advance, 
live hundred copies. 

Many gave their names, and a number of copies were taken. Some absent were 
assessed and notified of it. Names of those jircsent were recorded. A communi- 
cation from John I. Kelsey was read (extracts found at the close of the book.) Dr. 
II. ^V. Pierson, a descendant of Abraham Pierson, first president of Yale College, 
gave some interesting remarks, read the will of A. Pierson, written two hundred 
years ago. Claimed kindred with us, though the broken link in the chain is not 
found. Judge Pierson then read the following resolutions : 

Resolved, That this family meeting entertain a sincere feeling of friend.-liip and 
gratitude to our distinguished friend, Col. AV. II. C. Ilo.-mer, for his consi.'.tent 
attention at the family gatherings, and aiding by his kindne-s and talent to make 
our meetings agreeable and pleasant. 

Resolved, That we cannot but feel a pride in knowing that he is a descendant of 
one of the noble men that first settled Avon, then truly the home of the Indian, and 
indeed a howling wilderness. 

Resolved, That we, as the descendants and relatives of the Pioneers of Avon, 
N. Y., render our sincere thanks, and tiiey are hereby nn).--t cheerfully awarded to 
our gifted relative, .Mrs. S irah Amanda Whitbeck (agrand-daughter of xMr. Joseph 
Pierson, one of the Pioneers of Avon), for her constant and cheerful services as 
secretary to these family meetings almost from their commencement. 

Resolved, That we are under lasting obligations to her for the indefatigable 
labors, which have devolved ujion her, in collecting and arranging the family 
records, with a view to their publication, and the able manner in which she has per- 
formed the most difficult undertaking. 

Resolved, That in consequence of the high estimation we all entertain of the 
worth and virtues of our esteemed relative and friend, that the resolutions be added 
to the family book. 

Resolved, Also, that her name be added to the book, as the main author and 
assiduous laborer in the publication thereof. 

He then bade us all farewell. He was the first to suggest these meetings, and 
now felt that this must be the last to him, that if others wish at any future time to 
call another niee-ting, it can be done. 


llev. ^Ir. Nultoii made some remarks tlial these are precious meelings, we nru 
one LrKlluM-lio.Ml, taim; blood, kindred, A:e. .Mr>. J. K. I'aigc made inotioii tliul 
tbaiiks be cxiiri^-sfd to tiie iyi'o|ilc, ol' Avon, lor ilii-ir kind iiosj)itality and bouiilitul 
eiiterlainuient. The hymn, •' Ulc-t be the tie lliat bin(ks,"was sung, and ]>raycr 
oll'i-rrd by .1. li. I'age, lareSvelU i-aid, and our meetings ended. 

S. A. AVIIITBECK, Beeretary. 
JOHN PIERSON, Pre^t., F. B. rifiusoN, Vice-Prest. 


L llev. Abraliam Piersoii emigrated from Yorkshire, England, in lij;]',!; died in 
Newark, N. J., August Hlh, 1G78, aged . 

-. Eev. Abraham Pii-rson, lir.~l iiresident Yah^ College, died in Killingwortli, 
Conn., 3Lirch r)tli, 1707, aged V,\. 

3. AVor.-lii])ful Abraham Pierson died in Killingworth, Conn., January 8th, 
1752; aged 7:!. 

4. Samuel Pierson died in Killingworth, Conn., January l-Sd, 1800; aged 81). 

6. Samutd PuM-.-on died in Killingwortli, Conn., .Mar^h 18th, 18ljl ; aged 61. 

G. liev. Josiali Pierson born in Killingworth, Conn.; emigrated to Beri;en, 
Gene-ee Co., N. Y., in 1807; dii^d .March Gtii, 181G; aged G5. 

7. Pirv. Hamilton AV. Pierson, 1). I), born in Bergen, N. Y. 

\Ve cannot trace, a- oin; has, our |>i'digi-e(^ to, or cannot say that wo are grarid- 
sons of "Abraham, Laac and Jae(.)b," but if iihilanthrophy, religious tendency, uso- 
fulnes.s " ill their day and giiiei ation." may be iniierited qualities, then wc may claim 
kindred with others of the name (d" Pierson. Our fumilie.s can only give us names l'> 
Ephraim Pears<;n. G'i'/ir:r(iflcjit — E\)hy:i\in Pearson married Hannah Barrett, a lady of French 
or Huguenot desca-nt, p(j>--c--ing mere than ordinary good looks and gracefulness. 

St'coml Genmtthin. — Children of l"]pbraim and Hannah Pearson: llaiundi, 
born April 1st, 175'> ; married Ilichard Hende(;, 1773; married second, .Mr. Juno; 
died January 7th, 18;5:], in J^eroy, New York; is said to have been a brunette. I{. 
llendee, of 'I'.dlaiid County, Connecticut, born June, 171;;, was killeil April, 17i)-l, 
at a rai.-ing, by a timber lalliiig on his head. 

Third Geiicriiiioii. — Children of Hantuih and Kichurd Hendee : Ilichard, horn 
May -iL'il, 177o; married Pluube Rich, of Vermont; died August Pith, IHIi'J. 
Plnebe, his wife, born January, 1778; die'd December, 18G7. E|)hraim, born April 
5th, 1777; married Lovisa ChurcliiU, of Vermont, June, 1802; moved to Aveii, 
N. Y. ; died February 10th, 18G5 Lovisa H., born .March I'.Hh, 177'J; died Jinio 

'2Ulh, 18ii7. Jesse, born ; married T(;ri\-a ilieh ; lived in New Haven, Vt. 

Hannah, bni'ii ; nuirried Samuel Buell, but died soon after, leaving no issue. 

Anna, born ,May liBth, 1784; married Esau Rich, of Esse.\ county, N. Y. ; 
moved to Nunda, N. Y., on Wiscoy cre(d< ; dietl April 14th, 1870 Mr. Rieh, hum 
jMarcli, 1781 ; he put up the lirst saw mill on Wi.scoy creek in 1823 ; died A|)ril IStli, 

1831. David, born ; married a widow Jones, and moved to Northern Hlinois. 

John, born June 20th, 1790 ; married Nancy A. Park.s, of Wells, Vermont ; now 
living in I'avilion, N. Y. Nancy A., his wife, born September 17th, 1800. PIui:1m', 
born July, l7',Jl; marric-d Kli-ba Checney; moved to (ienese(! county, near Iht 
brothi'r John; died January Mill, lhG3. E. Cheeney, born November 17lii, 17',KI. 

Fourth Gcncratii,n — VA\\\dw\\ of Itichard and Plnebe llendoe : Bichard H., 
born 17'J7; died i^ec-i'mber Ibih, ]H23. Iticha'-d jr., born ; died ; Oil 


years olil. K^nu, horn Octot)er 15lh, 1801; riiani'-id Electa Slusser, April 4th, 
1824; now lives in Lrro)-, N. V. Klcctu, iiis wile, born April Otii, 180;> Jtme^ 

1,1, rn ; niairieil A pi-il lUtli, 18'J'J; deiid. i'hcebii Ann, liurn ; 

ri.d Lailuop; d.'iid. llarly, 'jorn 1812; dird February 5tli, 18il8. 

Fourth Gcneraiio)i. — Children cil' l"]|diraiin and Luvi.-a llendee : Ilannali P., 
born Mareli llith, 180;i ; married Jonas Howe, November 7t!i, 1830; had two 
rliildrrn. Arjiy Lovisa, born February l^ih, 1805; marrini Ilii'am I'earboii, 
Oelolier 2od, 1827. Jose]ili, born Novembrr l-llli, 1808; married :\Iury Clark, 
February 28tb, 1837; di.'d February lOtli, 181)0; had seven children, lluby ()., 

born LiUth, 1810; married Addi.-on Uaii-oni, November 2d, 18-10; dii-d 

.May -llh, 1843; bad two sons. Ephraim Cluucbill, born J aiuiary 15th, 1812; mar- 
rird Hannah .Merrill, Mureh2',)lh, 1837. .\. Alon/.o, born J unr 1 5th, 1815 ; now 
re^iilrs in Geneva, N. Y. 

Fuurth Generation. — Children of Anna and E Pueh : llosea, born June, 18''5; 
died 1823. Lucrutia, born October 14th, 1807; married Ueuben Cooley ; has 
one child and two grand-cliildren ; lives in Hume, Allegany county. Philancy, 
born Septi'Uiber 23d, 180',( ; married K. Slu-sar, ]b2'-' ; has six eliildren and 
si-'vcn grand-cliildi-eti. Kuth, born lX'eend)er Dili, 1811 ; marrii-d John llobert- 
S(_m ; has li\e eliildren, and one grand-ehild. David, born April, 181 4 ; has nine 
eliildren and sev(;n grand-ebildrt'ii. Sai'ah Ann, born September i8lb,181b; mar- 
ried Luman Peek, 1810; has one eliild and two L;rainl-ebildren ; now resiiles in 
AViscoy, N. Y. Phcebe, born June 21st, 181'J ; married Wm. K. ililis, 1841; has 
four children and four grand-children; lives in Hume, N. Y. IFiram, born March 
1st, 1821 ; has two children. Charles O., born July 1st, 1824 ; now of Belfast, N. Y. 
Fourth Generation. — Ciiibiren of Jolin and Nancy A. Heiidee : Louisa, born 
December 12tli, 1820. Lorenzo, born July 17tli, 1822. Albert Parks, boi n J uly, 
1829 ; married Kate Holbrook, December Hith, 1851 : lives in PavirnMi, N. V. Kate, 
his wife, born December 18th, 1831. 

Fourth Generation. — Children of Phoebe and Elisha Cheney : Elislia P., liorn 

; married Fanny Metealf. David, . Edmund, born ; died 

]\[arcli 12th, 1823, aged 5 years and 4 month-. Daniel IL, born ; married 

Cordelia Whitney. Jane Ann, born ; died September 14lh, 1833, aged 10 


Fiffli Generation. — Cliildren of Esau and Electa Hendce: Homer, born Sep- 
tember 17tli, 1825; married Corilelia Wood worth; lives in Illinois. Kosina, born 
November lltli, 1827; married E. Greggs Ruth, born December 26lh, 1829 ; mar- 
ried Jerome Ely. Hosea, born August 2ltli, 1832; married It. Taylor. Eliza, 
born January 15th, 1837; married M. AVoodwortli ; died December 18th, 1869. 
Esau 5L, born January 5th, lb40 ; died August 8th, 18G9, in California Liveria, 
born January 24th, 1842. 

Fifth Generation. ^VA\\\<\\\'ii of Albert P. and Kate Hendee : Jennie Louisa, 
born December 23d, 1855. A son born, and died, September 22d, 1857. Aura 
Adelaide, born December 9th, 1858. (jraee Lizzie, born Si.'jitembt;r lOth, 18U5. 
Helen Holbruolv, born October 1st, 18G7. 

/''(///(. Generation. — Children of Eli.sha P. and Farmy Cheney : Orson, Jane 
A., Ann, Alphonzo, Henry, Edmund, ]Merey, Uz. Cliiltlren of David and Naiicy 
Cheney: Alila, born September 4th, 1839. Galen, born April 30th, 1843. Cliildren 
of Dallied iv., and Cordelia Cheney: Florence Amelia, born June 17tli, 1850. Marllia 
Loui.'-a, born December 22d, 1851. Charles Fremont, born Octidier 22d, 185G. 

Scco/i(i Licneiation. — Annie, si'cond child of I'ipbraim and Hiinnah I'iei'son, born 
1757 ; died wlien about eighteen year? of age, and her funeral .'service.-, were held on 


•I. ,,■'..,! 


tlio (lii)- uiip'jiiitfd for IiiM- niarriiiL^c ; hor intcndod not knowing of her draih until 
ill' riDiu- I) lii-i- fatliiir's lioii-i;. Slit; is .~'iid lo iiavi; bijen a boMUitifiil youii;;- lady. 

lC|jliraiin, third child of Ephi-aiiii and Hannah Pii-rson, l)orn 175'.), M., in V(!r- 
niont, i)ad I'our cliildi-Lii. lli,',in roiiinany with soniuotlu-i-j, took adrovo of farm stuck 
(.-aid to !)•■ lioL,',>) to I!o>tcm, ami chart. M-cd a aliip to Havana, and wiiih; olf tin; 
coa.-t cd' tiie Souilu'rn States they wen; captured and robljed by Spanish j/iratus. Ho 
remained Soutli ten years, accjuired property, eamo back williin ten miles of lii.s 
former home, and hearing that his wife had again married, returned and lived tlio 
remainder of h)s days in Charle-ton or Savannah. His son, some years after, went 
und found his grave. 

Jc-ic, f'urth child of anil Hannah I'ierson. born Jlay 0th, ITOl, in 
('onnecti^'ut. Married Lydia Stevens of Wells, Vl., April loth, 1784 ; died Juii, 
10th, 1837. Lydia, his wife, born 3Iay 17th, 17ii-2, died Jan. 8th, 181'.). Jessio 
Pierscn canii^ with his family to Avon in February, 1803. Bought llie farm tlireo- 
quarlers of a mile east id' Ivist Avon, then owned by his brother Joseph. Hero he 
remained until his death. The same farm \va> afte'rward owned by his son David, and 
now occupied by Dr. James E. Jeitks. Ji'.-,se was a man of largo proportions, and 
had a loud, strong voice. lie was a meniber of the Baptist Ciuircii. 

T/drd Generation. — David, born March 27th, 1785, in Vermont. ]\[arried 
JIuldah Churchill, Feb. 14th, IBIJ ; died .liine 17th, 18.J3. iluldah, liis wife, burn 
Nor. 12th, 1785 j died 1802, in Leroy, N. Y. 

Lydia, born July 2S!,h,178t;; insirried Consider Alexander, Oct. 20th, ISOlJ ; 
died Ajnil 7th, 180].. 

Charlotte, born Feb. 15th, 1788 ; married Ethan Allen, Nov. 13th, 1805. 

Cliirrissa, born .May 28th, 1702; married Noah ^I:errill, July 8th, 1808. 

Hannah, bi«rn July 22d, 17'.)4 ; married James Richardson ; died June 1st, 1831. 

Orra, born June 15lh, 1790; married Ilowland Perry, F''l>- 15th, 1815. 

" 'Mr. Perry was one of the lirst .settlers of the present tovyn of Pavilion, having 
come in tlie fall of 1800. He walked from ^lassachusotts, carrying upon his back a 
pack containing all his earthly possessions, lie spent his lirst winter in Middlobury, 
awaiting tlie arrival of a land agent of wliom he n^ight procure a farm, which lie 
owned at tin- time uf his death, and upon whieli he had resided continuall}' for si.xty 
years. M r. Pei'ry was an indu^trinus, hoiie>t farmer, a good example of the old tiiU'i 
yeomanry. He was always quiet, and unolitru-;ive in his manners; upright and 
honoral)le in his dealings with others, and en)ini;ntly practical and consistent in hi^ 
Christianity. He served with patriotic energy in the war of 1812, and was honor- 
ably discharged at its close. Died at Pavilion Centre, Thursday, June 8th, 1870 ; 

aged 80 years." Amanda, born July 2d, 1708; married Epliraim Judd, Sept. , 

1817; now lives in Yp-ilanti, .Mich P]phraim, born Oct. IGth, ISOO ; wa5 killed by 
u hor^e !it the age of thirteen. iialje, nnt n.amed, born Jan. 18th; died Feb. 3d, 
1802. Hiram, l)orn Sept. 21st, 1805; married Amy Lovisa Hendee, Oct. 23d, 1827; 
now resides in Ayon, N. Y 

Fourth Generation. — Children of David and Iluldah Pierson, all born in Avon: 
Ituhamijh C, born Nov. 30lh, 1811 ; married S. D. Ilalsey, Feb. 11th, 1835 ; Lives in 
Grand Blanc, ^lich. Margaret B,, born April 13th, 1813; died Sept. 4th, 
1805. Adelia, born June 30th, 1815; married John Smith, Oct. 2d, 1835; resides 
in Michigan. Ann J., born Oct. 20th, 1810; married John Bainbridge, Oct. 21bt, 
1847; now in Tkljehigan. Charles C, born Jan. 18th, 1818 ; married Martha Dutton 
Dfc, 19tli,1840. Jane L., born Oct. 'Jth,1819; married Dilzon Lacy, July 3d, 1813. 
Mary E , born May 13th, 1821; married first, Dr. F. Drake, Feb. 10th, 1850; 
iparried second, J. Johnson, 18i;8, in Flint, Mich. ; Dr. Dr.ake died Nov. 2d, 1805. 

il.'O". J' 


:f--! \Mi/ 

I - ■,'! "'1 ■! -.7 •■■: ;/i - |.' 
I'M (/ -. . J'li. r. \' •,'1 

Laura, li n-n May oOth, 1823; married Dertraiid E. Rust, July ath, 1S51 ; niovcd to 
:Micliii^an ISoJ. l). E. Hu>t, born Oct. 2i;tli, l!S2l. Ephraim J., born Feb. 'JJlh, 
1825; married Sarah IMcrrill, Sept. 27th, 1840. Andormeda, born July 6th, 1827; 
now in Lelloy, N. Y. Dclus D , born Marcli (Jlh, 182;) ; married Fhilena Douglass, 
Jan. 18lh, ISGo. 

Fourth Gcnei-ation. — Children of Lydia and C. Alexandei* : SylvOnus, 

Ponibrokc, N. Y. Drusilla, ; married Llenian Hohne^j ; resides in Yjisilantij 

JMicb. Je.-se, , in Jaek.-on, ]\rie!i. CharK-j, , in Marshall, Mich. Maria, 

di.d July 23d, 18JG. Ephraim P., born .May 22d, 1815; married May 8th, 1836; 
when seven years of age went to Jjelioy ; 1867 went to and now resides in Mich- 
iu:an; has one son. Arehy S., born June Jjd, 1809; married F(;bruary 7th, 1861 ; 
now in West Avon, N. Y. Amos, living in Grass Lake, Alich. Edwin died Sep-- 
tember 7lh, ISG'J, in Flushing, !Mich. Josejdius resides in Wayne, Mich. 

Fuurt/i Generation. — Children of Urru and I'owlaiid Perry: Cyrus, born Jan- 
uary 23ih, 1818 ; nmrried D. .Shrrman in 18iJ ; has two sons, one daughter, onG 
grand-son, Frank. Charlotte, born April 1 1th, 1820; married Albert T. Uannin;;,- 
Inis two sons; lives now in Rochester, N. Y'. Barret, born January 18lh, 1824; 
married AVest, I860; has two sons and three daughters. Lysander, born ^lay 16th, 
1826; married Clarissa Sherman, 1850; has nine children. John, born July 8th, 
1828; married Alvira :Mar.-h, 1850; died at City P.unt, ^Fay 'i3d, 1864. Alvira, 
his wile, died ^March Ulh, 1861 ; one child living, one dead. Elliott, born Fcbruarj' 
7th, 1831 ; married Adelaide Bishop, 1853; has'three children. Angeline, born 
September oOth, 1833; married George Olmsted, 185'J ; has one son and one 
daughter ; Seward, born July 5th, 1838; married Eunice Raymond, 1861 ; has ond 
daughter. Uenry, born July 25th, 1841 ; married Edna Carpenter, 1864 ; has one 
son and one daughter. 

Fuiirth Generation. — Children of lliiam and A. Lovi.-a Pearson : Annetta L, 
born July 7ih, 1828; nnirried Backus E. Stevens, February 27thj 1849; resides in 
Leroy, N. Y. B. E. Stevens fell from a car load of luirtbtu-. Causing his death, 
April 7lh, 1869. Hannah Amarillis, born February 27th, 1831. 

Fifth Generation. — Children of Ruhamah and S. D. flalsej' : Amatida li. 
born September 3d, 1835, in Avon; died July ITili, 1841, in Grand Blanc, Mich. 
David P., born A].ril 24ih, 18:;8; married Artemisia ^\'aterous, April 20th, 1859. 
Sarah Jane, born September, 26th, 1840; married Charles J. Case September 13th, 

Fifi/i Generation. — Children of Ann J. and Bainbridge : John Pear- 
son, born October 4th, 1850, at Varick, N. Y. Stella A., born March 12th, 1852, at 
Varick, N. Y. Frederic IL, born iLay 24th, 1854,' died November 26th, 1856. 
Allie ilay, born January 13, 1857, at Atlas, :\Iich. Children of Charles C. anU 
Martha Pearson : Jennie, born "November 3d, 1850. Enos D., born December 
28ih, 1854. Charley H., born July 9th, I860. Anna, born January 21st, 1863. 
Frederic, born July 2d, 1867. 

Sixth Gena-atio7i. —ChUdvcn of D. P. and A. Halsey : Elrhcr E., born Sep- 
tember 30th, 1861. Children of S. J. and ('. J. Case: Celia E., born June Gth, 
1865. Mary A., born .March 14th, 1870. 

Second Ge?Jcraito?i.— Benjamin, lifth child of Ephraim and Hannah Pearson, 
born May 29th, 17G3, in Enfield, Conn. ; married first, Anna Abbott in Vermont, 
at the age of 17 or 18 years; had one child; both wife and child died; married 
second, in 1792, to Elizabeth Smith ; died November 27th, 1834. His wife Eliza* 
beth (daughter of Thomas Smith and Temperance Leonard, and grand-daughter 
of "William Smith from Scotland, and ]\Iiss Harris from Holland), born October 
29th, 1768, at Newburg ; married at Geneva ; died at Avon, .>rareh 11th, 1833. 



I5.'njaiiiiii IVarMMi wu:; lli,; pioiiocr of liis fuiaily of five brothors'to the Gompmm' 
country, i/rreciIiiiLC tln-in a f,-w yrar.^, nii-l in traveling; b.;canio iiniuaiiUfd witli his 
win. wh..,, s nppinir at I,,..- Iall,..r'.s 1u„hi. in (, N. Y. He lirst took up ti„. 
" IJail Tarn:," in lluncus.. „,• Mvudnn, an.i help.,! bniid tho first saw-iniil in town, 
or at wliat i> n,.w cail,-.l Nort-ni'-^ Mill.-:, an,! i. -aid to havo lirawn to it the lirst h.-' 
Not i)rini; ahl<,. to obtain ^atislaetory tith' to tbo property in ."\[en(bin, after lw,i 
years' >tay, he remove,! his family, tlien (■onMstin^' of a wife ami infant daii-htcr, 
tahin- tiiem ami his clfec'ls upon a lioirnvmade sled drawn by a yok« of oxen, fbl ' 
lowin- an Indian trail throui;h tln_. woods U> the farm one mile" and a half east of 
Ka>l Avon, where l,e lived and .lied. He eiulured the trials and privations inei- 
dent to a mMV country. At that lime he was obliuvd to -o to Geneva to mill, hein- 
forty mib-. He kepi a publie Imu-e for many y,.urs and was wid.dy known and 
nvspeeted. In military tactics he took an active jmrt and r..-e to the rank of colon. •! 
of cavalry. His large, uublo form and v,,ice, .^r.,vc to him a tine command- 
in- appearance on horse. His death was sudden, altlu»u-h it was supposed to he ibit as manv of his friend., had di.'d, six, win-; n.i indications . f ini- 
inediate chaii--.., su with him. He was .-^ittin- in a large chair (being plethoric, hu 
could rest better tiiere), lal.^ in ih.. evening, no one in the room but a clored b..y, 
win, saw his arm fall at hi.- sid... Soon afl.M- the boy had laid it up, it fell agaui', 
an.l he calleil sonu: member of the family who came and f.nind that his spirit" luul 
lied. He was a i.romir.ent member of the l{apti>t Church for many years. 

T/ilnl (n-nrnilii.H —CU\\di\;n of JJcnjamin and Elizabeth Pearson : Clarissa, 
November 17th, ]1\)]; married to Tabor Ward, November 19th, 1812; died' 
February 7lh, 18-18, in Avm.. N. Y. Tab..r \Vard,di.,l S.^ptember a0th,'l85r). 
Anna, born August 8th, IT'.t.j ; died a child, .bdin, born July ;!d, 17!J7 ; died y, •ing.' 
Elizabeth, born August 1st, \7W ; marri,.d Dr. Ge<,rg.. Graves, July 4th, IS-j'?. 
Ib-njamin, l.orn Sepi.-mb.^r 19ih, 1801 ; nuirried Art.-mieia Arthur, October,' 1825 ; 
dea.l. AVilliam S., born Auril -il^t, 18'i(;,in Harttord, Out. Co., N. Y. (now Avon) | 
married tirst, Fanny .\I . ,-\ rlhur, Octob.;r iJth, 1829; married second, Fanny Laddl 
December 2d, 1881, in Avon. N. Y. ; now re-id.vs in Klir.t, Genesee co. , Michigan;' 
in ..ceupalion a farmer ; a niemb.^r .,f th.,' Pr.'sbyterian Church. Fanny M.,his wife', 
di.j.l May 29th, 18:11. T.inp.M-ance, born August Kith, 1803; married A. Gilbert | 
died January 21d, 1S27. Jani's Leonard, born October 17th, 1808; married Elizu- 
b.tii T King, September, 18;J2; died ut Le Koy, N. Y., November 22d, 18(10; liii 
wile, Eli/.abeth, was eldest daughter of Rev. Uarnubas King of Kockaway, N. J. 
(l)a.storof Rockaway Church 54 years). Barrett, born January 24th, 1812 ; died 
November 11th, 182!) ; is l)uried beside his fathtr, mother and sister, in the Held a 
little s.aith of the house on th.; .ild homestead; now owned by Mr. Bristol. 

Fmirlli. Generation. ~(2\\\\dvv.n of Clarissa and Tabor Ward: Gro.svonor T. 
born November Mth, 181.3; married Elizabeth A. of Claverack, N. Y. 
Oet..b,.r 4th, 1,s:!7; died July 20th, 1847. Elizabeth A., born November 7th, 1815;' 
marri.'.l Dr. J. E. Wiiitbeck, January 20tli, 18:50; di.^d .March 8th, 1854. 'nenja- 
min 1'., born D.'c.mb.M- :id, 1818; .li,.d S,.pt.'ml„.r 2'.)th, 1^21. Henjamin P.. h,.rn 
July 21st, 1821; married Kniily .M St. John, October 9lh, 1850 ;' now resides in 
Chicag... Emily 31., his wife, died October, 1807. 

Funrlh acnrration.—ChWiXvvM of William S , Fanny J[., and Fanny Pearson: 
Mary, b..rn July 22d, ISlH; in Avon, N. V. .Maria S., born September" 21st, 18:55. 
Herman L., b.un August Ibth, 18:^7; married Adaline Jonks of .Mendon, N. Y. 
Cundin.., 1m. rn November r,th, 18:59; married R. J. Garvin of Le Roy, N. Y . 
Augu-t2Hlh, 18i;2; d.^ail. William S. jr., b.;rii November 18th, 1841, "in ."\Iieh' 
igan. Harivtt. b.irn November 17th, 184;5, in Michigan. James L., 'born July 
lllh. 184';. in ^Michigan. 


Fourth (lencmtion. — C'hili.lrcii (^f. lames Leonard aiiil Iv T. Pearson ; James B,, 
lorn July -Jtli, lh:;4; married .Maria 15. Sianlry, (if l^i-roy, N. Y., Octol)er 2d, 
18'ju; dri)\vi)id at Alliaiiy, N. V , Drcriuhcr 'J'.)!!!, lSr,9. Su-an K., born July olst, 
IR^t'i; mari-i>'d Dr. llMraee I!. I )in. little, now in All/ion, N. V. Hi^njamin B., born 
Au!;-u-t lUili, lS)i; ; died Novemher Kith, isin. Jan.tle Jv, born Martdi 2olh, 1850 ; 
died Si'pteiuber 1 Ith, 1851 

F'a'tli (.IciurdtiiiH. — Children of (Irosvenor T. and Elizabeth AVard : Riehnrd 
L , born >J(iveniber Kith, l8:iS, in Avon, N. Y. ; died November liltb, LSOo, in 
Clev.dand, Ohio, Anna Fonda, liorn .January ITlli, 18-^3; now of Jlocbester, N. Y. 
Julia AUeine, li.irn Aue-. Ih-Ki; died Aug. liUiii. 18i7. Children of Elizabeth and 
Dr. J. V. Whitbeek: Caroline- E, born Oel. 21st, 183'.i ; married Maurice ![. 
.Merrinian ; now li\intj; in Kiehniond, N'irginia. Eranee^ IM ., burn Au";. Kith, 1812 ; 
nnirried Coriieliua 11. I'ar.son^, of Jioebeater, N. Y.,(Jet. bill, 181)5. John K. Ward, 
born Nov. Ikh, \h[\. "We-tel A\'illeue;hby, son of ]5enjamin 1*. and Eiuilv Ward. 

Fifth Gem-ratl'in. — Children of Jame.s B. and .\[ai-ia I>. l'ear.-;on : (rertrLiio 
^r., born S.'iit. I'.Uli, 185'i; died D.v., l«:i5. Stanly Kin-g, born Feb. KUh, 
185:j, in L'M-oy, N. Y. Children , if Su-aii K. and II. B. Doolittlo : George I' 
Eon, horn Jan. od, 18Li7, in Albion, N. Y. 

Si.rtli (rcnr.i-titi'iii. — (Jhildreii of Caroline E. and .M. 11. Merrinian: Loui^^a 
Kli/abeib, born .May 8l1i, 18i;7. .Maurie(! Henry, born .Alareh 2mi, 18iJ9. Children 
of France.s .M. and C. R. Par.sons : Mabd Ward, b irn May (ith, 18ii9. 

Second Generation. — Jolm (Sixth child nf lOjihraim and Hannah Pearson), 
born -May 7tli, ITDo, in the town of L^llington, county of Tolland, Connecticut; 
married Kebeccii AVaterou.s Hull, Jan 4th, 1789, in Schenectady, N. Y.; dietl De- 
cerjiber 23d| 1812, in .Vvun, N. Y., aged 47 year.^, M niunths and 17 days. Iveheeca, 
bis wife, daughter of Cajd. Samuel ami ^lary II. Waiei-uus, was boi'n in Killi •"■- 
worth, Connecticut, ^larch 18th, 17(J5; maridetl lirst, Henry Hull, who dii'd, leav- 
ing her with on(; child ; married second, John Pearson ; nuirried third, Col. Samuel 
Blal<e>lee. She died in Vernon Township, Penn., Dee. lUth, 1801, aged 90 years, 
'r^ months, and 27 days. 

John Pearson lived in Duanesburg, N. Y., Ujion jiatent land until 1790, 
when, to carry his idea that he would leave his family "upon land with free title, 
clear of incumbrance," he removed to llurtford, now Avon, and in oonijiany with 
his mother-in-law, Canada (formerly Waterous), purchased 400 acres of land of 
John Beach, and lived upon the farm until he died. The farm is now occujiied by 
Mr. Anderson. 

The Indians were then so numerous that the family were afraid to go out of 
doors at night. .Mr. P. brought a grindstone; with him into the country, which the 
Indians soon found would sharpen their bnnahawdc-, and they, knowing of the fear 
of the family, would strike their hatchets into the logs, and give an Indian who(jp ; 
but afterward, tliey became very civil and docile. 

Mr. P. built the tirst frame building, two stories high, and it was named 
" Joiiii's industry, and llebecea's economy." He also built a store u|ion the north 
side of the road, where he eslaldidied an exlen-i ve tr.ide. He was a man of podtivo 
and decided character, and met with success in all that ho undcn-took. His lirst 
hou-e, a log one, was not all .-hingh'd, and hi; went nine times on hnr.-eback, 
each time bringing shingles in front of him, to cover tlie rest of his house, llo 
Went seven miles in i\Iarch, to cho]) down trees; and to the town of Livonia to 
get apple trees, which he set out, aijd from wdiich hi, daughter picked Ujipbs only a 
year or two ago. He wouM take in exchange for goods, horses, cattle and farm- 
stoek ; take tliise to New York or Philadelphia, replenish his stock of goods, and 


ri'tarn home — taking four to six weoUs to |)crforiTi the trip — mark hi.s goods, telling 
lii- clerks " I piiiil for tlii?, so and so," ami all without the aid of pen and ink ; ca-t- 
iiu;- hi- ai'i'oiint^ in hi< head, ami e'lrreeiinL!; ligurrs uiiule liy his uii'Ti. IL' cirricd 
on vai'i'His hranehcs {,( hu-im'-- : had a hat lacnory, tVoni whieh ho supplied a por- 
tion of the AVc-tcrn worhl with hats ; an a-ln'i-y ; improved his own pnaniscs by 
hnildiiig hai-ns, v^:c. (Jm- incident , cliarai'tiM-i-lic : ili,- Ixnight a jKiii' of oxi'ii of a 
yti'ang'-r, paid him, hut hi(d;i'.l upon him with a liLtle suspicion. Thi^ nc\L morning 
he said lo his men : "Are^-uch (j\(.'n in the licdd 7" 'ldn;y answer: " No ;" nor eould 
they hnd wh ^(i th(;y goL (uit. He .-:iys, '• IJring nic- -ueh a lior>e, -uddh-il huI 
l^ridled," take- hi^ cane, and -lart^^ away. He reaehe.l (i.-nesee river hi'i lge_ hut 
Could not liear of them ; ri^tnrned to the puMic liou-e^ and found that >u.di a man 
with oxen had heen there ; he went ti) Leruy, to Dergen, and di,>cover(,'d his 
oxen in a iield ; aski.'d a Mi'. While who was the owner ; proved and claimed 
them as his own, and started f)r home Hi: Inel not rode far when he naa th'! lUiin 
of whom he bought t'uen. He dismount' d from his liorsc, shijiped him upon the 
shouMer, and said: "Vou are my ijri-otir;r !" 'i'lie mm replied: " For God's sake dun't 
expo>e me, it is my lirst Lill'en-c !" 'i'lie stranger paid him for his trouble: Mr. 1'. 
canii"' liome, and .-ays: " A.-k im; iiotlii iig aliout it." 

In the fill <)\' lSl-2, he bailt the hi iek -tore and puMie hou-e on the south-east 
corner of the square at Ka-t .\ von, and --aid : "We mu-t build a meeting house." d'lio 
meeting house was not built until >ome time aft ^r his death He had scarcely euin- 
pleted tlie -tore and buildiiiLC, but had reiit-d it to Miij Bom,'hlon, and wa- sei/Crd 
with a prevailing c].ideniic of that yar, and died in the inidsl of hir, cares, and in 
tlu! priniL- of life. .Maj. iiouglitoii was killed at the battle of Black Rock, brought 
to Av(jn and buried. 

-Mr. Pearson's liouse was the home of the mini--.ter, and from liis dooi none ever 
went hungry or naked. lie died, leaving liopeful evidence that he had I'ound peucf 
with God durini^ his brief illness, not willing to be allowial to sha;p until he faind 
re,-t in (Miri-t ; bad'j all about him firewell, and urged them to prepare; to mecl 
him in heaven. 

'rh'inl (J-'iier(iii(in. — ChiMreii of .lohnand liehecea Pear-on ; .Vmanda, i)ori) in 
Duane-burgh, November l^Otli, ITS'J; married to Win. T. Hosmer, March "Jd, 1811, 
by llev. ]%/.! ki(d Chapman, of Lima; imw live in ,"\[eadvilh', I'ennsylvania (See 
Hosmer.) Chandler, born 1701 ; married .lemim.i Clark; died January 1st, Irtali. 
(See Chirk.) (.)livia, born Decimiber :;i;hh, 17'.)2; m.irried lirst, Johri i5rown, of 
Duanesbiirgli, N. Y. ; married second. George Iti/ynale, of^villi', N. V. 
Horatio, born August 7th, 17!ll; married Sarah Turner, November 80lh, 1815; 
dii'd (Jctober 8th, 1850. .S.arah, his wife, bora .January L'bth, 171l(i; died .Alarcli 
30th, ISJU. Orrel, born August 27th, 17'.)(i; married Gustavus Clarlc, .\ugusi 
24th, 1814 ; now residing in Clarkson, N. Y. (.See Clark.)' ilary Ann, born 
July 2()tb, 17ii8; married Albert Ilosnier, Noviuuber 10th, 1818, at Avon, N. Y.; 
died, and was buried at llartland, N. Y., Sunday a. m., November iiihli, 
]8")7. (See Ilosmer.) John, born January 2;]d, 1802; m.rried first, Catini- 
urine Tilfany, of Canada, Septeml)or 25th, 182G; married second, Catharine F. 
Pa.ssage, of Princeton, N. J., July 1st, 1811 ; is now residing in Danville, Illinois, 
u lawyer liy jiiofession. AVas graduated at Princeton College, September, 1821; 
studied law witii Geo Ilosmer and A. A. Bennett, in Avon, N. Y. Licensed 
to ]iracticc', at Bavenna, Ohio, in the Spring of 18e2. VVent to Chicago, then 
to Danville, ^\'as (dected Judge of liis district for four years, and State Sen- 
ator for two years. Has now r(dired from practice with an abndatice of me;ins, 
and Ide^.-ing.- of a kind Providence extended to his maturer years. Vasliti 


Muria, burn .laiuiuiy tUli, 1SI):5 ; iiiaiTi''il Charlo.^ B. Storrs, of Loni^ Meailnw, Mas- 
sacliUM-tt.-, July Gth, IS-J-I; (liiM.l OcloinT Hth, l.s:V.). Uov. 0. B. Slorrs, horn .Alay 
]')!h, 17'.i4 ; n--iii<'(l iiUK'li of his inarrifil lit'r in Oiiio ; was prcsiiii'iit of \Veslora 
lt(MTV.' Col U'i^c ; dii.-.] Si;|)t('nil).T 1 ")lh IS;):',. ILiiry, born Juno 'JOlh, IHOi); iniir- 
rictl (iracM- I'liiinb, of New ^'oilc ; cruJ in Trxas. 

Fuiirth (iencrcit'um. — Cliiblr. n of Chandler and Jcniiina I'oarson : riopliia M., 
lioin b^rbniary 2Slh, 1814; niarrifd Thomas H Hosniur. Kraslus, born Oclober 
l,-t,lSl.'); died April 20lh, 1810. Ilanidrn, born ^fay 3d, 1817; died Mny 27th, 
18')]. AIIktI 11., born January ;!d, 181'.). IMary Janr, born .May Olh, 18J1 ; inar- 
riid Jiidi;.' A. Hrown, of Ogdensbiui^'h, N. Y., Novenibi-r IBl-J; died May 17lh, 
18(i'i. Henry C , born November lilh, 1823 Catharine ^l., born November Gtli, 
1827; married Dr. Sherman, of Ondensbiu;,'. ^'an Jlens.selaer, born August llth, 
1820; married first, Emma VeddiT, Scjitombi-i- 7lh, 18 J8; married second, S. Jeannie 
^'edder, November 23d, 18i')4; now livin,; at Niai^ara, N. Y. Emma, his wife, died 
October 8th, 18-3'J. Sarah, born July -'jth, 1831 ; married A. G. Collin ; now living 
in 15rooklyn, N. Y. Harriet E. , born ,AIay 2bth, 1835 ; died March llth, 18G6. 
Edward !•: , born INIarch 22d, 1839. 

F'liirth Gencrntion. — Children of Horatio and Sai'ah Pearson : Ashlo}', born 
December ath, 18M ; married II. M. Carrini^ton, September 14th, 18G4 ; lives near 
Sacr.-imento, California. iM itilda, born June 7ch, 1818 ; died 1820. Wintield S., 
born July lOlh, 1820; married Klizabcth Kichanl-on. 1808. Elizabeth, his wife, 
born 18.32; died September 3d, KSGl. :\Iary Ann, born August I'Jth, 1822; married 
Charles S. Lowell, November 18lh, 1Sj2; now in Sacramento, California. C. S. 
Li)Well, born June 12th, 1815. Evelina, born July 5th, 1824 ; married Dr. J C. 
Spencer, September 22d, 1852; died June 3d, 1850. Dr. Sjiencer, born 1822, lives 
in Sacramento, California Tln)mas C, born .Si'ptember I'.llh, 182L) ; mai -ied Sarah 
Tsenbi-e, Mareh 2t;th, 1848. Sarah P., born ].)ecember llth, 1821). John T., born 
January 14th, 182i) ; died November, 185G. 

Fourth (icucration. — Children of Orrel and Gustavus Clark: Edwin, born 
July 22d, 1815; married lirct, Sarah Root, of Sweden; married second, Eliza Cook ; 
died June 31st, 185;'>; had two children. .Sarah, his wife, died live years after 
marriage. Bushrod W., born June 25th, 1817 ; married Ann ^[aria Steed ; died 
January 30ih, 1855; had one son, who died when six vear.s old. Julia, borr. 
October 2(ilh, 1810; married W. L. G. Smiih, K>(i., of Hutfalo ; dic'd July TJih, 
18(1'.). W . L. G. Smith i^ a lawyer, was coii.Mil lo Cliimi for four \<'ars. 

Fuiirtli Generation. — ('liibhen of Jcbn and Calharim- T. and Catharine! F. 
Pear.-on : (Justavus C. , born July 18tli, 18;'7, at Jinwnna, ()iii(j; mariied H. P 
Brown, Sejilember lilh, '8Gt; now of San Ei-aiicisco, Cal. George TiHanN, lorn 
August 17th, 1829; married; died June 21-t, iMil, at Springfield, 111. Eli/.ab.'lh 
]\I., born Se])tember 5th, 1831, at Avon ; married AVm. C McUeynolds, August 
30th, 1853; has eight children. Adi laide C, born June, 1845; died at si.\ weeks 
of age. Amanda II., born Ajiril 7lh, 184G; died February 18th, 18G4, in Danville, 
111.; " a shining believer in Chri.-tian religion, and exhorting all to meet her in 
Heaven." Fanny Bell, born at Paris, 111., October 8th, 1848. Jennie B., burn 
at Danville. 111., April 10th, 1852; died March 10th, 1853. Harriet M., born 
July 4th, 1854. 

Fuart/t 'Generation. — Children of Vashti M. and C. B. Storrs : Eli/.a Mari:i, 
born JuneGth, 1824, at llavcnna, (Jhio ; married Frederic Biiell, October 24lh, 1814. 
F. Buell, born April 2'Jth, 1819, at East Bloomlield, N. Y. ; now lives in Buffalo, 
N. Y, Charles Pearson, born October 18th, 1825, in Avon, N. Y. Henry ^Martin, 
born January 20tli, 1827, in llavennu, Ohio; married Katharine Hitchcock; now 

rasid^'-. ill r.i-t)U()klyri ; a clorgyiuaii. S.irali, l.iirii Dctohor 7tli, 1828; niiirriod 
^\'■lliull■v ; now rc.~i'l''s ill Itor.lic.-tiT, .Minn. CMiai-K's IJri-liuni, born Aui^ust 31ht, 
18:K), at llu.Nuii, (Uiio; .lic'l Aui^Mist, 3ii, 1S:1:5. Harriet .Mo^i-f, born April lOtli, 
l!^:J-_'; tlicd January OUt, la'iL 

F,i'/h (r'c/ic/-((/ay«. — ChiUlmi ul' Van K. and Kniiiia and S. Jciannio INiurson : 
]\Iarlin Wider, born Sjptoniljor 8tli, 18.j'.). Son, born March 7lh, I8ti7. 

Fif/h (rV/icra//'//i.— Childreu of W. L G. and Julia C. Siuitli : Laura, niurricd 
Alb.Tl N. .Shearer, July liuli, iMii') ; dead. Clark, 

Fifth Gcnrrdtiuu. — Clnldvrn uf .M. Jane and A. Brown: Ilattie P., born 
Au^-ii.-^t I'jUi, 1811; luarrie'J (J. (J. I'ear.-on. Hdward iv, born January, 184(;. 
Gustavus [I., born Octobor, 1818. 

Fif/h Geiierafion —CUWdn^n of Charles A. and II. M. I'ierson : Cliarlin 
F. J., born February Ttli, iSijii. Childr.'ii of AVinlield S. and C. Picrson : Ashley, 
born 18o;j. Geor^'e II., born ISGl. William, born 18i)3. Children of M. A. uiiJ 
C.S.Lowell: Fiank P., born Se[.tMnber 'id, 1853. Chnrley J., horn January 
IGih, 1857. Children of E. and J. C SiuMicer : Lewis hnrn November 24th, 185'1. 
Children (-f Thomas C. and S. Pier.son : Evelyn .M., bnrn Oelober 23d, 1819- 
Edwin, b >rn July Olh, 1853. Emma, born Januiiry 18th, 1850. Clara, born 
Novembrr lUli, 1858; died January Gtli, 1S5'J. Emory, horn June 23d, 18G0. 
Alitx! ]■;., born l),;cemher 2i;ih, 18i;3; died Januu-y 3Ist, 1804. Eldora, born 
April 2i;ih, 1800. Elbirta, born January 15th, 18i/'J. 

Fifth (n'ncr(ilio,i.—C\ilU\rL-i\ uf Eli/.a .Maria and Frederic Bu^'ll : Jeannio 
Eliza, b.'rn IMareli 25th, 1841, at Eiist Bhiomlield, N. Y. Ilarrietlo :Martin, born 
November 13ih, 1S4'.I, at East Uloomludd, N. Y. Charles S orrs, born February 
5th, 1852, at (irneseo, N. Y. Frederic liiee, born .^Lll•ch Glh, 1854, at Geneseo, 
N. Y. Eliza -Maria, liorn September 11th, lS55,at Geneseo, N. Y. Herbert, born 
June 3d, 185S; died Au-u-t 0th, 1858, at Gmceo, N. Y. 

/•7/7A (Irniriii'uiii. — -Chililreii of Henry .Martin and Catharine Storrs : Mary, 
born and di"d January 2'.)th, 1857. Charles Bii,adow, born August 23d, 1859. 
Catharine', horn March 8th, 1802. Uiehard Salter, born -Alay 4th, 1865. 

Sl.rth Gciif ration. — Children of Gustavus C. and IL P. Pierson : John A., horn 
Seplenib.-r 15lh, 1805 Gustavus C., horn January 25th, 1807; died June 25l1i, 
1808, Fannie llebecca, born January 25th, 1870. 

Scciiiid Uviier<itii)n—,]o<i}\)\\, seventh child of Eiihraim and Hannah Pearson, 
wa^ born April 15th, 17ti7 ; married iirst, Sarah Waterous, November 20th, 1789; 
uiirried second, Clarend I VV. Jenks, December I3th, 1810; married third, Poda 
Wheelock, August 25Lh, 1830; died December 10th, 1843. Sarah, his wifo, 
daughter of Samuel and :^Lu•y Waterous, of Duanesburgh, N. Y., born July 27th, 
1772; died September 17t'o, ISlU; funeral seruKJU preached by llev. John F. Bliss, 
first jiastor of the (Ji^ngregational Church, of Ea->t .Vvoii. Text : " And it is 
apjioinled unto men once to die, but after this the judgment." — Ihb.K): x.wii. 
Clarinda, si.-ter of his Iirst with, ami widow of Ub.-uliah Jenks, horn .May lotli, 
1703, in KiUingworth, Conn. ; died November 2'Jth, 1834, at Avon, N. Y_ 
Kev. Dr. iiarnard preaclied the funeral sermon. Peda W. Pearson, died July 
Lt, 1858, aged seventy-three years. Joseph Pearson came to Avon in 1797, 
with a wife and four children (.Mrs. 1'. bringing tho youngest in her lap upon 
horsebaed^j. He took up lir-t the farm afterwards owned by his brother Je^se, then 
the one in E isi X^on upon which he lived and died. He ke'pt a public house for 
many years, and was widely known by the traveling community, and highly 
ri'spected by all who knew him. \l(> was for many years an active and proniin(Uit 
member of the Congregational Church, of East Avon. His house was the niin- 

i-t'Ts' huiiio, and itio place for niuetiiiL^s of social [ira^'or and conference, an'l liis 
mantle sei'in-- tu liive fallen iiiion Ihe, for it is still visited in tlio saiiio way. 
Hi-; funeral ^e^n^ln was preaeiied by Kev. J. IJarnard, of Lima, from tlio text " I 
liad fainted, unless I liad believed tu see the goodness of the Lord, in the land of 
the living. " — I'sdltii'i 27: xiii. 

T/i'tnl (Icuciatliiii. — Cliiidrun of Josepii and Sarah Pearson: Catharine, born 
Fibniary lUth, 17'-il, at Diianesbtir<;h, N. Y. ; married first, Mathew ILmna, July 
2''A, 1807, in Avon, N. Y. ; married second, David Kneeland, 1814, in Leroy, 
N. Y. ; married third, Enos Baehelder, November MU{, 18'Jl ; now resides upon her 
f.illicr's farm, in Ka^l Avon. Clarenda, born Jariuary li7lli,1703; married Wait 
Martin, .M:ireh auili, 1801^*. (See IMartin.) -Mary, born December IGth. 1794; 
married William .lenks; now lives in Mendoii, N. V. Nanc}', born February lltli, 
17!i7 ; married Thomas Ilanna ; died .May 8lh, 1817. Maria, born May SOtii, 1709; 
married Augustus A. Rennett, iMarcli 10th, 1818; now of Rochester, N. Y. Welthy, 
born December 2r)lh, 1801 ; married Gurdon G. Cook, February 15th, 1827, in 
Avon, N. Y. ; resides in Grand JJlanc, Mich. -Mr. Cook, born June 7th, 1802; died 
Uetober Gth, 1800. George, born June 1st, 1801 ; married first, Debcjrah liarrows, 
-Marcli 3d, 182^^ ; married ;-Pcoiid, July :id, 1845 ; died January 27th, 18-37. Deborah, 
hi-^ wife, born October 27i!i, 18U0; dii-d September Mill, 1843. Frederic IJushnell, 
born Novi-mber 22d, 18iJlj; married Frances Janelte Gibson, May 8th, 1828; now 
the princely farmer in East .Vvon, N. V. Bradley ilartin, born .March 15lh, 1809; 
married Catalina M. Whitbeck, October. 

Fvurth Generation. — Children of Cathai-ine and M. Ilanna, and D. Knceiand 
and E. BaeheM.-r : Eli/.abjth ILmna, born October 5th, 1808, in Avon, N. Y. ; 
iiKuricd Win. Wiglitmaii, .March btli, 1830, in Leroy, N. V.; now lives at West 
Belli, \Vi-. Will. \, burn Juno 20th, 1798, in Herkimer, N^. Y. Sarah, 
born Sejitember 5lh, 1810 ; married Sylvester Kneeland, September 5th, 1827 ; died 
January li.'.th, l^G'J. Nancy, born December 24th, 1812 ; married Hir«m Kandall, 
December 31st, 1829, in Leroy, N. Y. Jaincs Kneeland, born February I2th, 181U ; 
married AnnaFo.-ler, 181(1; resides in Milwaukee, Wis. David P., born Novem- 
ber lOili, 1818; married Alinira A. Lawrence, February 13ih, 1842; died N(jvem- 
ber loili, 1S53, in Leroy, N. V. .VImira A., his wife, born March 10th, 1819 ; 
resides in Leruy. Caroline C , born June 24ih, 1^21 ; died 18^0. Maria L. Bach- 
elder, born September 2d, 1823 ; married Charles A. Tultle, November 23d, 1811 ; 
moved to California; died Oclobcir I lib, 1808, in Brooklyn, N. Y. Welthy Ann, 
b(;iii April 3d, 1820; married David K. Wliile, F<;bniary Mill, 1«11 ; died July 20th, 
1818, in .Vvoii, N. Y. David 11., iVoin ll-alli, .Ma3S.,died Si-ptember 17th, 1840, iu 
Troy, Wi^. -Mary E , born June 1st, 1828; married Perry Randall, October 29th, 
1840; resides in Siatl'ord, Genesee Co., N. Y. Harriet, born August 22cl, 1830; 
married Dr. Solo:non Taintor, November 27th, 18-50. Ellen C, born December 
20lli, lS;i2 ; died 1834. Henry M., born July 22d, 1835; died 1812. 

Fuitrth (Ivnci (itiun. — Cliildri-n of Naney and Thomas Hanna; George "\V., 
born Aug,i.-l, 1>M ; marrit-d Christina Whitbeck, 1840; now jiliysician in East 
Meiidon, N. Y. Nancy, b<jrii Augu-t, 1810; marrii-d William ^\'aterman. 

Fouiilt Gcneraiioa — Children of .Maria and A. A. Ber.nett: Sarah Amanda, 
born December 8lh, 1818; married J. B. Whitbeck, September 19lh, 1839. J. 13. 
^Vhilbeck, born .March uili, 1810, in Herkimer, N. Y. George Hosmer, born June 
9th, 182u; married Eliza C, daughter of Ernest A. Dunbtj), October 23d, 1848. E. 
C, his wife, born August 5lh, 18J5. .Mary Welthy, born July 21st, 1822 ; married 
Li-ander .Mix, February llili, lyil; now resides in Wlua.-ling, \'a. Ltamler .Mix, 
son of Lbeiie/.er Mix, of Batavia, N . Y. ; burn Seiil.-mber, 1815. (Jliarles J., 


burii May iMth, 18124; iiow in Au-lralui. Jane E., born July 15th, 1827; inurricd 
Junu-^ j^. rai,ii,c, June 'Illh, 1817 ; uov; in llochi'ster, N. V. JiUiU'.s A., burn Jaii- 
Uiii-y 8'Ji, 1H;'1 ; iiun-ricil Juiwcn.i W'arliild, kI" ]lu!-livillo, N. Y. 

Fi.arili (li ucruilun.—i'hWHw'U ul' W'cltiiy and (!. (!. L'dok : Jospj)!! P., b.irn 
OctoluT 'Jtb, 1828; nuurird. Saiali -M., born :May 4th, 1832. Henry 11., born 

February 12lh, ISoil; niarri( d . I'^llen Amanda, burn January 3d, 1^4l)j 

married . 

luiHitli (I'ciinuifin/i.- — Cliildren of (ieorge and Deboraii Pearson : llai'riet P., lioru 
ilareii Hull, 18;'.l. Geoi-^e 15., b.irn AuLiu-t olh, 18:!.') ; nnirrbd ."\l. J. Wade, Janiniry 
4th, 18i;U. Maria Janette, born February 12l!i, 1^43; died February 28th, 184s. 

Fourth G'('/i('/-ni'/e//.— Chilli ren (.iC Fi'i'derie I', and Janette F. Pearson; Sarah 
Amorette, burn August lUlh, ]82!i; uiarridl Ilev. F. B. W'alsworth, July 1 Uh, 1818; 
now re.-iding in Oakland, Calitornia. F. 15. Walswoith, iiorn Se|)tunil)er 29Lh, 1811), 
now President of FeiiniU; College, Oakland, California. Joseph Karson, born 
January 8th, 1831 ; diid January 5th, 1835. Frances Janette, born Si-ptember 2(;ili, 
1835; niarrii;d Jacob H. Prunmiajim, N(jveniber 27th, l?;5(i, by Itev. F. DcW, 
Ward ; now in .Mari])o<a, ('al An infant son, born and die-d NoVenibiT 2d, 1810. 
Sabrina Fli/.a, born .May lllli, 1817 ; died June 8th, 1855. 

Futa-ih (icncratiun. — ChildreTi of Bradley ]M. and Catalinu 5[. Piersou : 
Sarah J., born July 15th, 1837; nmrried Fra-tus Cash, November 2d, 1850; died 
•May 15th, 18GD, at Paw I'aw, :\iieh. Jo>ei,h P., horn Octobor 11th, 1 H4 1 ; married 
Melinda Peltoii, 1 Itli, 18i;4 ; died F^du'uary •25tli, 18i;y, at Decatur, Mich. 

Fifik Gciicratioit. — Children of Klizabeth and A\'m. Wiglitman : Catharine 
Sophia, born July llth, 1831; nuii'iiid Henry. luste ^Veil, N ovember 21st, ISo') ; 
now resides at We.-t Pend, Wi.-jon.-in. II. J. Weil, born May 28th, l82ti, in 
Eesancon, Francho Cumpte, France. ^lartba Elizabeth, born August 13th, 1833. 
in Lima, Michigan ; married Charles IP^nry 3Iiller, July 5th, 1852. Charles II 
^Filler, born September 2i;ih, 182(1, in Dtebidu, Kingdom of Saxony, (ii'ruiaiiy. 
Jauies Augustine CliurcliiU, b(jrn Febiuary 20tli, 1830; died April 0th, 1844. 
Francis Alxd, born Septemlier 2llli, 1838 ; diitd J uly 25th, 1839 Frances Maria, 
born June 2Uth, 1^40; married Frederic Charle- "Winkler, March 2d, 1804; now 
resides in .Milwaukee, Wi^con.~in. F. C. ^\'inklL■r, boin Marcli 15th, 1838, in 
Bremen, (Jerniany. Harriet Augusta born January 'Jth, 1843; married Koberl 
R. Price, January 31.-t, 18GG. Bubert B. Price, born January oi tli, 1830, in Eliza- 
beth, Kew Jerse}'. 

Fijlk Generatlun. — Children of Sarah and Sylvester W. Kneeland : Alinira, 
born July 1st, 1828; married Aiiiold C-regory, May, 1848. David, born ,Iuly 
28th, 183U; died February 13th, 1849. Norman L., born February 0th, 1832; 
married Carrie Baker, Miirch, 185G. Moses J., born August 30th, 1833; died 
October 23d, 1851. Saraii J , born January 10th, 183G ; married Henry S. Danolds, 
December, 1851. James P., born February 27th, 1838; n:arried Alice Peaslee, 
November, IttOl. Sylvester K., born April 2(Jth, 1810. Ellen A., born March 

Fi/fh Generation. — Children of Nancy and Hiram Kandall: Sarah Ann, born 
June 2d, 1831 ; married John Prentice, Marcii 1st, 1849. Elizabeth AV., born 
February lltii, 1833 ; married Lester Colby, July lOtli, 1858. Stephen M., born 
Ajiril 15lli, 1835; died :\rarch 10th, 1870, in San Francisco, Cal. Mary, born 
December 31, t, 1837 ; died Ajiril 3d, 1838 Enos IJ , born January 3d, 1839; mar- 
ried Caroline Bos.-, Ajiril 18th, 1805. :\Iai-y L., born January 28th. 1844; married 
Spencer C. Ibdbrook, December 17tli, 1808. Ceorge M., born April loth, 1847. 
CharU's B., born April .;uth, 1850. Catharine B., born .March 22d, 1854. .>[artlni 
A., born May 5tli, b^57. Hattie Maria, boin June 27lh, 1802. 


■■I .,r 


Fifth Gciifrnfl(i)i. — UliiMreri ut' D.ivii.l 1'. ;inil Alinira ivnoi'larul: Ciithariiif 
Viri'iiiia, li.M-ii May 122.1, IHli ; uiarriril William M . (Jalil., J uly 1 -ilh, IHiilJ ; now 
re-id'-: in St. i )iiiiiin'j;i), \V . f. Wiiliaui M.(Jalil) is '' < JoviTiiiiicnt (ienK'L^i^l" at 
St. DMiiiin^^) Catliariiir \'iri;iiii;i, died .Vu-ai^l 'Jlst, 1S70, at St. J)i)inini;'o, after 
the above wa-i written. Julia .Viiu,-UHta, horn .Vpril 2od, 181o. James Poarsoii, Lorn 
Sc-pteml)(T Stli, ISH. (Ji-aee .Mai-ia, l)nrii April 9lh, 18o0. .Mary D., born Feb- 
ruary- 'iid, ISo-). Childriai oi' M L. and C. A. Tiiltl.': ll-iiry :.[., born Dee.niiber 
•J-'d, isl."); died June (illi, 1S47. Cliarle., liorn May lUli, lS.-,i. Krederie P., born 
Sepi.-uibei- -JStli, IS:')?. Frank, born Jun-l-^t, 18ii-J. tJhildren of Widtliy A. and 
David 11. Whiti-?: Dtvi.l Ivciidriek, burn N..v>-in!ier Idtli, 1S4G; died March lid, 
1M,_'. Children of .Mary K. and Terry Itandall : Uabel, born October l.'ith, 1847 ; 
rnai-ried Henry W. Seymour, of IJroekporl, October 27th, I8i'.9. Orange Fifield, born 
June 3d, 18')0. ^V'illianl Perry, burn July lOth, Eliza Mary, born October 
2';d, IS'iB. Emma AuL^usta, born Dei'ember .sth, ISti'J. Frederic Stephen, born 
April olh, IB'ii Fanny \Vi<,'luman, born October 8tli, 18i;7. Children of II. 15. 
and Dr. S Taintor: rviith t'., born N<-venil)er '.itli, 18o8; died April, 18')9. Anna 
M., ly.rri .May 12th, IStiO .Mary Vir^^nia, bora July I'Hh, 1802; died November 
2 Ih, lSi;j. U.^nry Newhall, Inirn Au^aist 4lh, 1804; died January 21st, 1805. 
llarri-i Sophia, born April l>t, 18ii7. (iraee Pcar.<on, born January oth, 1809. 

yV/V// GencrniLon. — Children m' Dr (i W. and Christina W. Manna : George 
v., li irn June 8lh, 1813; married Vietorni Harmon, Oet.djer 22d, 18l)7 Victoria 
llatiiia, horn April dth, ISIS; re.-iiles in Linni, N. V. IMary A., horn Sepienibor 
0th, ISlh ; married lIo\ve!l .Mo-her, January olh, 1804; re'side.- in Linni N. Y. 

Fifth <t,'ni;i\ithMi. — Children of Sarah .Vmanda and Jeremiah B. Whitbeek : 
Au-u-ta Amanda, born Auy;un 2;id, 1841 ; nnirried P. 15. Whitbeek, May 10th 
lSi;-_'; r.':-ides in Koche.^ter, N. V. Julia Catalina, born .April lOth, 1843; married 
.\lb Tt .\nbM>oii, 23d, 1804; resides in E<'roy, N, Y. .M ary ''nida, iHjrri 
.March 23d, isr);died Jidy 11th, 18lo. Children of Dr, (',. II. and E. C. Bennett: 
Cllar^■^ Aui;u-lui, boi'ri September 23d, ISllJ. Sarah .Maria, burn February 12th, 
I8')l ; died Oetuhei- 18th, 18j1. I'hnma .Maiia, born October ISlh, 1853. Georf'e 
Dmilap, b'irn .April 12th, I8')j. Jo'm Whitbeek, born Mai'ch Itith, 1857. Eliza 
I', burn Kehniary 2lHt, 185'.l. Helen Elizabeth, born May 28th, 1801. Jason" 
John-wii, hum .laruiaiy 12lli, ISiM. Ei'ne-t Wal-worth, burn February 22d 1807. 
.Amanda Janeile, hum .May 3d, l.-OS. Children of ^Mary W. and Leander Mix: 
Mary .-^ iii;u--ta, bom .Mareh 31>t, 1812; married .Maro F. Stone, May lotli, 18G1 
at Cievelaiid, ()li,(i; now re-ide-; in ^Vh^■elin■4, A'iririnia. Sarah Adaline, born 
D. leniher 17th, is 13. L. ander Williani;-uii, hi.rn .\],ril IDth, 1849. An,<'-ustiis E. 
ho]-[i .\pril 2H:h, lS-,1 ; d-ad. James Bennett, born August 29th, 1859. Children of 
Jane !•:. and J.-.uh- L. Paige: Augusta .M., bom July 17th, 1848. Jennie Bennett, 
liorn July I'.th, lS5i; died November 19th, 1800. Charlie Bennett, bom August 
12th, 1S')2. Frank Louie, born November 5th, 1859. A. A. Bennett, born De- 
cember 3d, 1802. Herbert Hill, born January 1st, IBOtj. 

Si.cfJt. (iencratJon. — Children of Catlnirinc S. and II. J. "Weil: Celcstino Eliza- 
beth, born October 5th, 1851; died January 30th, 1808. Anna Hortense, born 
July 8th, 1853. .Closes, born October 22d, 1*^55. William Henry, born March 
24lb, 1858; died October 3d, 1H(U; Frances :Maria, born January 5tl), 1801. 
Alfn'd Henry, born April 12lh, 1803. Charles Adolph, born ]\larch 20th, 1806. 
Children of :\Iartlui E. and C. II. Miller: Charles Edward, born April 5th, 1853, 
in Port Washington, Wis. Frances Augusta, born January lOtli, 1855, in West 
P.end, AVis. Lizzie AV'atson, born December 10th, 1850, in Milwaukee, AVis. AVil- 
liuin AVightinan, born June 11th, 1859, in AVest Bend, AVis. Harriet Emilie, born 

.. / 

■.'■■■■< -l^vt-J ,1 

,'.',' 1 ■ 

V I'll,,!. ,': 

nV/ I- r.::i i ■ 
•I I 'i: 111 ' ; ii 

■ I'.i/, 

! I I . i .• 
; U-n\ 

.1 . ',..■■■1 
.1 ..'111,. I. 

1. , : ,., .,1 / 


January Uili, 1807, in \Vest i3eiul, ^Vis. .Mai ilia .Maiulc, l).)rii June 22d, iM)!', in 
\\'.'-t Hciul, Wis. CliilJi-cn of Frances M. ami Fred. C. Winkler: Nrarllia VA'\/.n- 
b.'th, born January 18th, ISGC, in MilwauL.i>, Wis. Catharine, born .May TJili, 
18G8, in .Milwaukee, Wis. Carl .iu-u-t, bm'n .Vpril li-'.tli, 1870; died Au^nist 'Jlh, 
1*^70. Cliililreu ed' llarrie't A. and Uulti'rt K. Fi'iee : K(j|iert ^lai'tin, boi'ii January 
22d, lSr,7, in Harton, Wi-. 

Si.vth Generation. — Cliildrm i.f Alniira and A mold Grej^ory : ClKirle.s K., born 
July loth, 1850. Moses Willi-, b umi February 10th, 18VJ. Sarah Kopliia, born 
August 19th, 18oo. Grace, Catharine' Isabella. Children ol" Sarah and ilenrv S. .Mattie S., born ]\[ay -IDth, 18;JS Children of Norman and Carrie Knee- 
laijd : Ella .V.,born January 7ih, ls')7. Otis S.,born August -ith, 185'.). David 
.M., born February •J'.lth, 18(;L Sarah. Chi IdreMi of Janie,. and Alice Knecduiid: 
France- ()., born July ;;i-t, ISiil. 

SivtJi Gcncratiiiu — Children of Sarah Ann anil John Prentice: Jinnie Louise, 
born Se|,tiunber Cd, 1850. John Jay, born Odolnr 10th, 1852. David Kneehuul, 
born .\ui;ii.-t 1st., Hot. "William I'lli.-ha, b./rn Frbruary L'2d, 1857. Kathei'liie 
Eli/.ibeth, born .January lllh, 185',i. Sai'ali Frances, lioi'n January 4tli, IhiH, 
Steplnui ilandail, liorn November 12th,lH(;(i. .Mary Josephine, born January Gtli, 
18i;^. .Maria, born February 2Sth, 1870. Cbildicn of Elizabeth and 
Le.-ter Colby: Franklin, born July 1 'J lb, 1851). Gertiude, born Scjileniber lllh, 
18G1. Grace, born June 12t]i, 18GI. Adda Josepliine, born June IGtli, \H\'i. 
Children of l-lnos 15 and Caroline Ilandall : Georgiana, born July Gth, I8ii7. 

.S(./-^A Gciicrtiiluu. — Childn n of ^1. and lI.?iIo>ber: John Ilanna, born Jinio 
l(;tli, 18(;G, in Lima, N. Y. (ieotge Ilowell, born Aiuil Mih, IhGS, in Luna, N. V. 

Si.i-th G'oo'/v/^oji.— C;iiildren (,f A. A. and I'. B. Whitbeek : Julia Augusta, 
lioin June 1st, 1K)3; died Januai-y 2(;ili, 18GG. Walter Dennett, born January 
iMh, 18G'J. Children of J A\'. and .\. .\ nder.-on : Albert ^Vhitb^•ek, born Jund 
12th, 18G5. 

Si.ctli Geni:nit'.«ii. — Cliildren of ,M. A. and M. F. Stone: Mary A., born Jumi 
25tb, lhi'.2 Ilatlie Lura, born December 2iith, 1SG3. Frank ^Maro, born Febru- 
ary nth, 18C,5. 

Si.rtli (Jrnridih'U. — Cbildieii of George I!, and ^I. J Pii/rson : C(dia Augusta, 
born Febiuai-y 2 lib, 18(;2. Frank Edward, born and died .Vugust, lMi7. Charlie 
E., born September 21th, 18G8. 

Sixth Grncnitlo/i —Children of S. A. and E. V>. Walswortli : Coi'nelia Char- 
lotte, born July 21>t, 18.M, in Oakland, Cal. Children of F. J. and J IL IJruniajin: : 
p^-ederie Feaisoii, boi n .May loth, 1858, Mary-ville, Cal. Eli/abetli Janetle, borji 
February 8th, 18GU, in Avon, N. Y. ?»iaik, born August lllh, lMi2, in Avon, 
N. Y. 

Scc(,)i(! Generation. — David, seventh child of Ej)hraim and Hannah I'earson, 
born October Gth, 17G9, in Lit(b(ield County, Conn. ; married liist, llanindi lii-li, 
of Dutches.s County, N. Y., January 22d, 17'.)3 ; married second, Mrs. Dewey,— — ; 
died in 1814. Hannah, his wife died March ]Sth,l'-28. David first moved to 
Cherry Valley, Otsego County, N. V., and after two years to Avon, and settled ii]K)n 
tlie farm afterward owm d by Norman Cliaii|iell. He put up a dwelling which 
still stands, and here twelve of his (diildren were born. After twenty-.six years 
re-idence here he emigrated to Canada AVe>t, then new and unsettled, and ke|it ft 
liouse of entertainment for trav(ders, near where the city lif I'rantfiJrd now stands. 
The traveling i-omumnity then were tho-e who had left their homes in the Ea>t,. to 
find new ones in the ^\'e-t. Here; for many years he con)bined tlio business of hotel 
keeping and farming, (.^uite early in life he became a Christian and lived according 


to the faili) tinJ yiractice of religion. Having a fine voice for singing hp took a 
prominent |iai-t in the devotional exercises. His remains lie in the Mount Pleasant 
Ceuirti'ry, where lies his tirst wife and mother of ;iil hischildren. Olive married J. 
Jititlibvin ; had fourteen children. Went U) U\\\o at an early day; have no records. 
]\Iary, born Septonsber 2'Hh, 1773, in county of Litchtield, Conn. ; married Josiah 
AVaterous, May 11th, 1780; died . (See Waterous.) 

Third Generation. — Children of David and Ilannuh Pearson : Ira, bora 
December 7th, 1793; died February 13th, 1850. Benjamin, born March 2d, 1796. 
Olive, Lorn June 6th, 1798; died March 13, 1793. Susannah, born April 2Gth, 
1800; married Darling; she died March 15th, 1823. Sarah, born April Uth, 1802. 
Jesse, born September 2d, 1804, in Avon, N. Y.; married Hannah Slusser, April 
ISth, IBdO; died Sejitcmber 9th, 18G5. Hannah, his wife, born May 27th, 1810* 
now ro.-ides in Allegan, Mich. David, born August 28th, 1806, in Avon, N. Y.- 
married Alviiu A.Anderson, April 2d, 1848; she died September 21tii, 1857. 
Ann, born June 14th, 1808; she lives in Canada West, married to N. Fowler. 
John K., born September 26th, 1810. lloby, his wife, born May 3d, 1816. Laura 
born January 28th, 1813; dead. Ephraim, born •June 2d, 1815. Joseph, born 
June 10th, 1817 ; married Luc}' Gear. Lucy, his wife, born August 13th, 1819. 
Elii^abeth, born October 24th, 1819. Hannah, born April, 5th, 1822. Children of 
David and Alvira Pearson:' John Henry was born February 17th, 1850. Hannah 
Cedenia, born May 31st, 1852 ; was married April 20th, 1867, to Charles Bradfield- 
lives in Rochester, N. Y. James Frederick, born February 20th, 1856. All born 
in Illinois. 

Fifth Generation. — Child of Hannah and Charles Bradtleld: Frank Lester 
born July 14th, 1870, in Batavia, N. Y. 

Fuurtli Gcneraiioyi. — Children of Jesse and ILninah Pearson : Susannah born 
April 15th, 1831, in Avon, N. Y.; married John Brason, November 14th, 1860. 
Egbert B , born January 1st, 1833; married Minerva Cain, June 15th, 1859; takea 
oil" the battle-Held at Petersburg, August 19th, taken to City Point, Va., and died 
August, 1864; was in the service two years. Mary L., born January 3d, 1836 in 
Hume, N. Y.; married Koswell E. James, August 2Gth, 1861. Emeretta L. born 
December 11th, 1852; married Frank M. James, May 3d, 1867, in Kalamazoo 
Mich. Sarah A., born December 11th, 1852; died January 3d, 1853, in Hume 
N. Y. Children of John K. and Koby Pearson: Joseph W., born March 13th 
1835. Lyaia A., born December 31st, 1836. Seth AV , born June 8th, 1839. 
Lysander H., born November 25th, 1841. John A., born January 12th 1844. 
Lucy J., born May 14th, 1846. Sarah E., born February 14th, 1849. Jesse X., 
lorn ilarch 21st, 1854. Fayette, born August 20th, 1855. 

Fourth Generation. — Children of Joseph and Lucy Pierson : Pvob^' A. born 
October 15th, 18tl; married first, George Musketo, December 24th, 1859; married 
second, Henry Becket, October 30th, 1867. G. Musketo died September 5th, 1864 
in Andersojiville prison. David L., born December 16th, 1843; married Ellen 
Merrill, March 20th, 1866. Elizabeth D., born February 15th, 1845, in Atlas, Gen- 
esee county, Mich. Emily E., born Apiil 4th, 1847 ; married Jlobert Stewart, Octo- 
ber 30th, 1807. Francis P., born April 1st, 1849; married Eoyal Greene, October 
14th, 1869. "Wilberforce, born January 9th, 1852. Charles D., born August 5th, 
1855. Lizzie T , born Septeniber 10th, 1860. George M., born April 18th, 1863. 

Waterous Family.— ''In the heraldry of England, the Waterhouse record stands 
thus: 'WATERUOUSii, descended from Sir Edward Waterhouse or A. born aquae 
Ji--'nu, of Kirton. in Lindsay county, Lincoln temp. Henry III, etc. Waterhouso 


li.i- hrr-n mtraetod on the roeord? in tliis country to Waterouse, IVateroiis, "Wutroiis, 
AViitriH, KU'l lias linally settled, liy common consent, umoni; those who abridi^e, to tlie 
fdi-m AVatrciu-.' " 

A di;;i,-i-ain, and records Innnd, ti'ace " uiir common pedigree to Jacoh Water- 
liDUSf, -rni'ir, who came over iVuiu England amoiiL;; the Pilgrim Fathers, abuiil llic 
year 1G3U." 

Fir.sf Gcnerniion. Jacob ^V'aterllouso, born about IGIO, in England ; eamo to 
"Wethers field, Connecticut. 

Scc.uivl Generation — Isaac, born ltJ41; resided in Wethersfield, New London, 
and Lyme, Connecticut. Abraham, burn about 1014, in Wetherstield. Jacob jr., 
born about 1 000. 

TItird Generation. — Abraham jr., born 107-1 ; resided in Saybrook, Connecticut, 
Isaac, born 1080, in Lyme, Connecticut. Joseiili, born IGllO in Saybrook, Connecticut 
marriid .Mary IJuell, February 3d, 1714. Benjamin, born 1G93, in Saybrook, Conn. 
Fourth Generation. — Children of Joseph and Mary "Waterous : Lydia, born 
1715, in Saybrook, Connecticut. Joseph jr., born 1718; resided in Sa_vbrook, an 1 
then Killingworth ; married Abigail Baldwin, July 0th, 1841. ;>[ary, born 1710, 
in Saybrook, Connecticut. Josiah, born about 1722; married Damaris Seward, 
December 3d, 1747; resided in Saybrook and Killingworth ; died December 24th, 
1803. Damaris, his wife, died July 2"Jth, 1780. Sarah married John Carter, 
November 25tli, 1700. Grace, born about 1725; married Daniel Chittenden, 
December 1st, 1751. Samuel, born about 1730; married ^lary llowd, August 1st, 
1757; residence Saybrook, Connecticut. 

Flftli Generation. — Children of Josejih jr. and Abigail "Waterous : Elizabeth, 
born April 24th, 1742; married Andrew llaxti)n. llor husband was drowned at 
Sali>bury, Connecticut. James, born March 13th, 1744; resid-d at Killingworth, 
Connecticut. Lauryett Submit, born JMarch 3d, 1740; married ""jleazer Clag- 
horn. John, born January 19th, 1748. Called Captain. Hepsibah, born August 
22d, 1752; married Asa Whitney. Josiah and Eleazer (twins), born April 8th, 
1755, at Killingworth, Connecticut. Abe, born November 13th, 1757. Dyer, born 
1 702. 

Sixth Generation. — Children of Captain J<jhn Watrous: Abigail, born 1772. 
James S., born 1773. Martha, born 1778. Captain John, jr., born 1783. Eleazer, 
born 1780. I-ucy, born 1789. 

Scvelith Generation. — Children of Cajitain John Watrous, jr. : Charles W., 
born 1811 ; now resides in .Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Kichar^, born 1814; now resides 
in New York city. [Mary, born 1821 ; now resides in Wilton, Conn. 

Fifth Generation. — Children of Grace and Daniel Chittenden: Josiah, born 
!May 5th, 1752. Itebekah, born February 5th, 1755. David and Jonathnn (twins), 
born October 21st, 1757. Children of Sarah and John Carter: Mollo, born Novem- 
ber 17th, 1701. Anna, born April 27th, 1771. Jonah, born December 10th, 17G3. 
Gideon, born ilay 8th, 1700. Eli.sha, born January 11th, 1775. Marcy, born 
April I'Jth, 1777. Kabaka, born November 2d, 1708. Children of Samuel and 
]Slary Waterous: Samuel, born June 25th, 1758, in Branford, Conn. Wary, born 
1700. in Branford, Conn. ; married Samuel Danolds, October 14th, 1779, in Salisbury, 
Conn. Clarenda, born May 15th, 1703 ; married first, Obadiah Jenks ; married 
second, Joseph Pearson; died November 29th, 1834. Eebekab, born ; mar- 
ried first, Henry Hull ; second, John Pearson. II. Hull died, leaving one child 
Harriet B. (See ilartin,) also (see Pearson.) Josiah, born May 15th, 1708, in 
Killingworth, Conn. ; married Mary Pearson. Sarah. (See Pearson.) Hannah, 
born ; married James Gibson. Edward, born March 22d, 1775; married 


^^ln(■\• (iib-i.n. Wc'lthy, ^"rii OctolxT TJlh, 178'2; inarncd T)r. Charles Little; ul Sau;itinw City, Midi., .March ;;i-t, IHI',). \)v. Little, liorn Si-'pteiiiber llith, 
177ii; I'oriiierly ut' Culiimliia, Conn. ; died in Avon, 1841. 

Si.vt/i (7(;(/t'/v(^'(//(.— Children of ^lary W. and Samuel Donalds : llebecea. Pame- 
lia, liMi-n .March 10th, 178o, ut Salisbury, Conn.; married George Crouse, iLirch 
:^d, ISOii, at Ka^t Avon, K. Y.; died March 18th, 1838. Goorgo Crause, born Feb- 
ruary 8th, 17S0, ut Fort Plain, N. Y ; died while on a vi^it ut the house of AVin. 
S. Pearson, in ^Michigan, L'Oth day of January, 1853 ; buried at ILirtlund, 

.Alieh. David, Ijorn — ? 5th, 1787 ; married .Matty Lish llosmer, .May 8d, 1810; 

died May 18th, KSlii. Matty L., his wife, born November 1-lth, 1700, in Middle 

lladdam, Conn.; died April 23d, 18G9. Ira, born ; manned ^Martha Ludd, 

of Av(ui, N Y.; now residing with his daughter ]Mrs. Sill, in Chilicothe, Ohio. 
^lurtha Ladd "was the eldest daughter of llernian Ladd, who removed from Paitlund, 
^'t., and settled in Avon in the year 1803, whe're he resided till his deatii, a periud 
of near lifty years, and by a life of lemperanee, indu.-try, strict integrity, and Chri.-t- 
iaii example, deserves an honored place in thecutalogue of tlie Avon Pioneers." 

Seceiitli. Generation. — Children of P. and G. Croiisc : George G. Crouse. 
Chauncey Loe, htirn May 8th, 1807, 10 o'clock in the evening; baptised by Rev. 
Joseph Merrill, September 27th, 1808; married Mary Ann Fergu.son, July 8th, 
1830; occupation, milling and farming; now resides in HartlaiiJ, Liv. Co., Mich. 
:M. a. Crouse, born December PJih, ISQik Loyal P. died January 18th, 1838 ; 
aged 29 years. 3[ary. Mrs. Merrill. Lobert, born C>ctober 2d, 1812; married 
^lary Sum]ile ; died February 18th, 18G9. Cuthurine, Iru D., llurrict. Pameliu, 
died August 25th, 1847 ; aged 33 yeurs. Elizu, died September 6th, 184G. Child- 
ren of David and .Mattie Donulds : Sumuel, born August 28th; married Abby 
L. I'.urnlium, February 3d, 1835. ]\[ary Ann, born August 25th, 1813; married 
Jacob M. Jackson Noveniber IGth, 183G. J. ]\I. Jackson, died March 8th, 18G2. 
Ezra, born February 27th, 18lG. Charles Aldrich, born August 17tn, 1818; mar- 
ried ]\Liry J. Patterson, February IGth, 1848. David llosmer, born July 13th, 
182iJ; married Sabrina Anderson, December I8th, 1850. Truman Wulbridge, 
born May 3d, 1824; married Hannah Andrews, January 14th, 1850. Henry Syl- 
vester, born October 2d, 182G ; married Sarah J. Kneeland, December 30th, I85I. 
George Ira, born June 2Gth, 1831 ; died January 22d, 1858. Matty Elizabeth, born 
June 13th, 1833 ; married llectyr W. Pratt, December 21st, 1853. 

EigJttli Geiierat'wn. — Children of Chauncey L. and M. A. Crouse : Henry P. 
born iluy 17th, 1832, in Elbu, Genesee county, N. Y.; married Judith llildebrunt, 
Ajn'il 25th, 18GI ; lives in ILirtlund, Mich. Children of Robert and Mary Crouse: 
George U., John B., ElBeS., Emma and Ella (twins), Ann. Henry G., rnurried 
Kitty Chambers, October 27th, 1SG9. Helen Augusta, born 1841 ; died April 1st, 
1857. !Mury Elizabeth, married Willis Collins, June 8th, 18G4. David Danolds, 
Nellie Louise. Children of C. A. and M. J. Danalds : Samuel W., Carrie. Child- 
ren of David H. and S. Dunolds : Helen Augusta, Julia Belle. Children of 
Truman and II. Danolds: Avery Andrews. Children of Henry S. and S. J. Dan- 
alds: Mnttie S. Children of E. and H. W. Pratt : George Ira; Mucy,died , 18G8. 

Sccenih Generotioii. — Children of Iru and ]\Iurtha Danolds : Harriett M., born 
November 30lh, 1818, in Statlord, N. Y.; married Joseph Sill, June 11th, 1839, of 
Chillicolhe, 0. ^Mary E., born December I7th, 1822; married Alexander W. 
:MeCoy, Novi'inber 24th, 1845. Fannie Elizabeth, born August 20th, 182G ; mar- 
ried Gustavus Scott, January 21st, 1847. 

Eighth Generation. — Children of IL jM. and J. Sill: Harriet, born August 24th, 
1810; died January, 1819. Helen Augusta, born December 12th, 1841 ; married 
Thomas Woodrow, September 30lh, 1800. Jo;oi)h, born Mav 24lh. 1819. Edward 


Loo, Lorn Mavch 2d, 1851 ; dipJ October, 1853. Children of M E. and A. W. 
McCoy: AVilliaiii Lee, born April 11th, 18-18. Chiirlt^s, born JanuMry I'ith, IH'vJ. 
John, born iK-ceuibor lOth, 1849 Lewis, born March 24th, 1864. Marllm, born 
j\lay liSth, 1850. Children of F. E and G. Scott : Wm. born December 17th, 1847 ; 
died April, 185-. Annie, lu.rn December 'JOth, 1.^4'.). John, born August lid, \H')\. 
Cliarlfs, born AuLjust 15lli, 1!S'j3. Henry, born Ajiril 'Jiii, 1850. Mary, born .May 
3d, 18'8. George, born Si']iteinbcr oOth, 18Ij1. 'William, born April 4th, 18(11. 

yhiih Generation. — Children of Henry P. and Judith Crouse : DeFolia, bom 
March 8th, 18(;2. Koyal Pheljjs, born Sejiteniber 19th, 18G9. 

yint/i Ocneraiion. — Children of H. A. and T. "Woodrow : Harriet E., born 
Aagu?t 3iilh, 18iJl. James, born Jui>e 3Uth, 18t;5. 

.Sixi/i Generation. — Children of Clarenda and 0. Jenks: "William and twin 
brother, born September, 1790. AVilliam married Mary Pierson, A])ril, 1811 ; died 
1800, in Victor, N. y. Henry, born 1792; died 1813, in Avon, :N. Y. Mary, 

died ; Fannie, died . Nathan married Jane Bushnell. Cyrus, born 

; married Abigail II. More, Avon, N. Y. Horace died yovmg. 

Seventh Generation. — Children 'of AVilliam and MaryJenks: Frances, born 
May 12lh, 1813; married L vi B. Lobdell, July 2l3t, 1841. L. B. Lobdell, born 
September lllh, 1810; resides in Victor, N. V. Joseph, Henry, Carlos, Cyrus 
Mary died young. Mary, Mrs., James. Bradley Martin, born January 2L>th, 
1835; married Aurelia Ann Hull, January 29th, 18G0. A. X , his wife, born Apri^ 
19th, K^SC. Adeline. 

Eiijldh Geiieration. — Children of F. M. and L B. Lobdell: Mary C, born 
June 21st, 18 J2. William J., born April 3d, 1854 ; died April 17th, 1854. Child- 
ren of B. M. and A. A. Jenks: Grace, born September ItJth, 18G1. 

Seventh Generation. — Children of Nathan and J. B. Jenks: Harriet ^lartin; 

married Andrew Dutclier ; died . Henry Bushnell, Edward Waterous, 

Samuel Bushnell. Children of Cyrus and A. II. Jenks: Charles C, James, Jano, 
Harriet, Martin, Helen ]\Ioore, George A Jenks. 

Sixth Generation. — Children of Josiah and ilary "Waterous : Laura, died ; 

James, Edward; Elizabeth married Z. Long. John, Alvira, infant daughter, 
Samuel, Truman. Olivia married John AVard, January, 1830 ; John AVard died 
August 22d, 18(37. Henry, Laura Ann, and Mary Ann. 

Seventh Generation. — Children of Olivia and J. AA'^ard : Mary Ann married Dr. 
J. AV. Dake, January 16th, 1850. Augusta. Olivia married Albion P. Floyd, 
January 3d, 18)5; A. P. Floyd died Aug-*st, 18G5. John. Henry Dana died 
October 7th, 1858. 

SixtJi. Generation. — Children of Edward and Nancy A\''aterous : John H.,born 
IJecember 8th, 179ti ; married Polly AVorden ; died December 31st 1865 ; a pioneer 
settler of Grand Blanc, ^Mich. Sally, born August 9th, 1799; married Aaron 
Scaver, January 1st, 1820; died January 30lh, 18C4. Gurdon married Sally Lon- 
don ; died . Polly died at the age of twcnty-six, unmarried. 

Seventh Generation — Children of Jolii> and Polly AVaterous : Betsey, born 

November 6th, 1827, in Avon, N. Y.; married Case, September 12th, 1846. 

]\lary E., born Sejitember IGtb, 1829. Lucy, born April 7th, 1831 ; married 

Kelly. AVelthy Little, born November 9th, 1834; married Craig, Septem- 
ber IGth, 1861. Eineline S., born December 23d, 1836. Harriet A., born August 
8d, 1839. Artimecia G., born September 16th, 1841 ; married D. P. Ilalsey (seo 
Pearson). Eliza Ann, born February 17th, 1844. Edward C, born May 18th, 
1846. Jerry S., born June 24th, 1849. Children of Sally and Aaron Seaver : 
Elizabeth W., born December 7tli, 1821 ; married Norman Peck, December 27th, 


1843 ; ai<'(l Decpmher 30th, 1869. Noriniui Tick, Lorn July 4th, 1821. ]Mary L., 
Lorn .Vi-ril lOth, 1823; niHrried Nelson Main, Marcli oth. 1845. Charles E., I^utlu'r 
A., Muninirr L. Children of Gurdun and Sally W'alerous : Elizab'Uh Caroline, 
{Sarah Laiiru, George. 

Eighth Generation — Children of Betsej' and Case: Cynis D., born 

October ITih, 1848. Frank L., born 11th, 1851. S.irah, born August r2th, 
lb.J3. Adda M., born 12th, 18o5. Jolia "Waterous, born :May 4th, 1858. 

Ku-sell G., born ^[areh 12th, 18G1. Children of Lucy and Kelly: .Maggie 

E., born December 20th, 1855. John "Waterous, born June Oth, 18G3. Charles 
Edward, born August 4th, 18G4. Children of Welthy L. and Craig: Sum- 
ter John, born Marcli 6th, 1863. 

Kujidh Gcnerat'wn. — Children of E. AV. and M. Peck: George "Waterous, 
born Mareh 16th, 1846. Mary Helen, born August 9th, 1852; died November 4th, 

Ei[jhtli Genernilon.—ChWdvQn of N. A. and ^I. L. ^Main : Albert C, born 
January 5th, 1810; died May 12th, 18G0. Jeannette, born October 8th, 1840; 
niarri(!d January 18th, 1867. Helen E , born ^Fay 26lh, 1853. Charles A., born 
August 12th, 1856. Sarah L., born July 12th, 1861 ; died October 17lh, 18G1. 

Sl.vtJi Generation. — Children of Welthy and Dr. C. Little: Almira, born Sep- 
tember 25th| 1804 ; nuirried Jeremiah K. Smith. Norman, born ^larch 21st, 1806; 
died November 7th, 1859; married Jane Lyon, of Canandaigua, N. Y. Caroline, 
born December 3d, 1808; married Henry Hawkins, of Alexander, N. Y.; died 
Mny 10th, 1830. Adeline, born November 30th, 1810; married H iMiller, June 
6tb, 1829. Eliza, born November 10th, 1812. "William Leigh P., born November 

2()ih, 1814; nuii'rii-d ; died . ]\[ary, born June 30th, 1817; married 

Nelson Smith, May 24th, 1838; died August 20th, 1848. Sarah, born February 
20th, 1820; married, lirst, Addison Merrill; married, second. Nelson Smith; 
married, tliird, 0. Bugbee, of Bull'alo. Charles, born March Gth, 1823; married 
Cynthia P . 

Seventh Generation. — Children of A. L. and J. R. Smith: Charles L., born 
February 28th, 1828; married Helen M. Dayton; died Sejitember 15th, 18(17. 
George AV., born May 19th, 1830 ; died April 19th, 1848. Caroline F., born :March 
11th, 1833 ; married Chester B. Jones; lives in Saginaw, 31ieh. 

Seventh Generation. — Children of Mary L. and N.S nitli : Julia, born Novem- 
ber 25th, 1843; died April 14th, 1850. Children of Charles D. and Cynthia Little : 
Charles D., born October 11th, 1855. Julia W., born October 17th, 1857. Helen 
S., born September 15th, 1850. Pamelia "W., born September 19th, 1861; died 
October 17th, 1803. "William K., born November 1st, 1805. 

Eighth Generation. — Children of C. L. and H. M.Smith: George D., born 
December 22d, 1864. Oliver C, born December 12th, 1866. Children of C. F. 
and C. B.Jones: Sarah A., born February 8th, 1860. Julia, born October 20th, 

TIOS:\rER FA.MTLY. Generation. — Thomas Hosmer, born 1604, at Hawkhurst, county of Kent, 
England; married, lirst, Frances ; married, second, Mrs. Katharine "Wilton (now 
Wilson), May Gth, 1670, of Northampton, Mass.; died April 12th, 1687; was buried 
at Northampton, Muss. This is one of the oldest grave-stones in the old burying- 

l;t.iiimi1 'if tliat ]il:ioi\ yot it lias decayed very little, and the letters are as [ilain as 
those cnuTavi'd the iiri.vious yar, to tlie writing of this. Tlie iriscri|ilicin ii as 

folio \v~ : 

" Thomas 
HosMKii. A(.Kn 
8:; Ykaus. 11k 
Dykd Ai'uii. iL'i II, 
The focit-stono is nearly as lari^^e as the head-stone, and has on it the initials 
" T. II." Thomas, witli his hrother Janu'S, K-ft England hound for New iMiglaiid, '.till, lt',3.j, on 1u/ard of liie siiip Eiizaheth de London, captain William Htagg, 
and landed at New Town, now Canihridge, >[ass. Thomas was of the goodly 
nuinbvr who wont witli Hooicer in June, UJ^iJ, to .settle Hartford, Conn. His will, 
dated February 7th, I(J8-3, is recorded in the Hartford Probate (3ourt, at Hartford, 
Conn. He went to Noi'thainpton, a few ycar^ jirior to his death, to live with a 
daughter by name of Hunt. James was one of the first settlers of Concord, MiJ- 
dle^i'X. county, ^lass., a.s early as the fall of l(Jo5, at wliiidi period (September od) 
that town wa.s organized. He died in IbSo. His descendants have, in general, 
Leen industrious, jieaee-loving, homo-abiding and honest. who were living 
at the time of our llevolutionary AVar, served in the Continental Army, both as 
ollicers and privates. Abner Ho.-mer, one of his descendants, was one of the first 
and (!arly tnn/ii/rn to the cause of our National Independ'_'nce in 1776. He was a 
[irivate in Cajd. Davis' company, and fell at the first lii'e of the Uriti-sh on llio 
memorable I'Jth of April, 1770, at Concord. Ho was shot through the head, and 
killed instantly A monument of granite was erected a few years ago, to the meni- 
ry of that little band oi' jxitz-iu/s who fell on tliat day, a few rods westward uf the 
jiublie road, near th^Nhouse of the llev. Dr. Kijiley, who gave the land for the )iur- 
pose, at the jilaee where the old " North hridge," of Concord, crossed the river. 
This monument bears the following inscription: 

" Here, on the 19th day of April, 1770, was made the lirst forcible resistence to aggression ; on the opposite bank stood the American mil'iury ; here stood 
the invading army, and on this spot, the first of the enemy fell in the war of the 
Ki'volution, wliich gave Ind([iendence to these United ■States. In gratitude to God, 
and in the love of freedom, this monument was erected, A. D., 18CG." 

Second Grneraiitni. — ChUdrcn of Thomas and Francis Ho-mer: Stephen, born 
1075; married iliss Uannah Bushnell, of Saybrook, made a deacon, lOSG ; died 
November 4th, 1G03. Clemence, married J (din Hunt, of Northampton, Mass. 
Hannah, born 1049 ; married a ^.Ir. Maltby. Hester, born lGo2 ; married Kev. 
Thomas Buckingham, of Saybrook, September 20th, lOGG. 

Third Gencrdtlun. — Children of Stephen and Hannah Hosmor : Tliomas, born 
1075; married Ann Prentiss, December 2-4th, 1700; died March 9th, 1732; Ann, 
his wife, died August 1st, 1753. Stephen and Hester, born 1679; Stephen, died 
June IGth, 1749; was a minister at East Haddam, Conn. Hannah, born 1G71 ; 
married a Mr. Post (Maj.-Gen. Samuel K. Curtiss' grandmother). Dorothy, born 
1G74; married John Skinner, 1C9G. Mary, born 1084; married, first, Nicholas 
Olmstead, 1706, second, Deacon John Goodwin; died 17G0. Deborah, born 1GB7; 
married Pvichard Olmsted, 1712; died 1710. Clemence, born 1G91 ; married Nemiali 
Olm.^ted ; died 1755. 

Futtrtk Generation. — Children of Capt. Tliomas and Ann Ilosmer : Thomas, 
born October 28tii, 1701, at Hartford, Ct.; died February, 1777. Stephen, born 
January 0th, 1704; married Deliv(,'raiiee Graves, Juno 18tli, 1730; died 1758; his 
will is dated August 15th, 1758; Deliveiance, his wife, died 1701. Joseph, born 
November 28lh, 1705; died June, 1777. John, born 1707; died 1761; was in tlio 

cxiicdiiion to Crown Point. Sanili, born Fchniary 7tli,1709; dioJ 1751. Ann, 
Lorn .'-;<, i,iL-niber Mtli, 1711 ; nuirried Cliarles Hamlin, of iliddlctown, Conn. 

I'ift/i Generation. — Children of Stephen and Deliverance Hosmer : Sarah, born 
at Hartford, Conn., ^lareii I'otli, 1731; married Jolin AVhiting. Stephen, born 
January li tli, 17o-J; killed by the falling of a tiee, June, 1758. Marrianne, born 
February 2d, 1735; married Theophilus Steele, 17G0. Anns, born 1740: married 
Aaron Yal.' ; died 17S0. Titus, born 1737; married Lydia Lord 17G1, and settled 
at ; died 4th, 1780. "Titus Ilo.smer was father of Chief Justice 
Steplan Tims Ilo^mer, was one of the mo.-t distingui.shed scholars, lawyers and 
slate-men Connecticut ever ])rodueed. He wa.s a member of the Council and of 
Congress, and Judgi; of the Maritime Court of A{ipeal for the United States. IIo 
died in middle life.' Georye, born 17;;9. Timothy, born September, 1745; mar- 
ried Elizabeth Smith, June oOth, 1771 ; died at Avon, N. Y., November 29th, 1815. 
Elizabeth, his wife, born June 2ljth, 1749 ; died January 6th, 1825. Timothy was a 
](iuneer of Avon. His son, "William T , .--ays : '' I shall not refer back farther than 
the part he took in the revolution. He entered tin; service as surgeon to Jleigs' 
regiment, in the Connecticut line, and continued in the service, I believe, until the 
close of the Eevolution. After peace he continued the practice of physic, in Farm- 
ington, Conn., until he took up liis residence in Avon, March, 1793. My father, 
"William Judd, Thomas Lewis, and "William AVadsworth, of Farmington, and 
Is;.iah Thompson, of Southipgton, purchased of Phelps & Gorham, the townshi)) of 
Avon, for two shillings and eight pence per acre. They gave, I believe, eight pence 
per aero extra, for the choice of townships. AVilliam Judd, "William "Wadsworth, 
and Thomas Lewis, sold their interest in the purchase to Jeremiah "Wadsworth, of 
Ilartsord, exci'itt one thousard acres, which "William "Wadsworth gave to his 
brotlier Gad. ^iy father removed from Farmington in February, 1793, and arrived 
at A\on in the fc/re j, art of March following, and Genesee river was then the west- 
ern boundary of civilization in America, in the latitude, if wo excejit the settle- 
ments made by the French, .'imong the Indians. At the organization of the county 
of Ontario, my father was ajipointed one of the Judges, and as the office of First 
Judge became vacant he was appointed chief, or Firsit Judge of the Court of Com- 
mon Pleas, and continued in otfice until he was constitutionally disqualitied (b(nng 
liniited to the age of sixty, if I recollect right)." Esther, born 1747; married 

Cnllender ; !Mary, born ; married Bound; John, born 1749. 

Graves, born February, 25th, 175G ; married Amy Congdon ; died at Avon, 1828. 
Prentiss, born Sejjtember 11th, 1752 ; married Elizabeth Steel, May 10th, 1783 ; died 
Ajiril, 1787. Elizabeth, wife, born October 9th, 1754; died May 21st, 1832. 
Sixth Generation — Children of Timothy and Elizabeth Ilosmer. Frederick, 
born at Farmington, Conn., October 31st, 1772; married, first, Anna Street, 3[ay 
Clh, 17'j3, at Hartford, Conn.; married second, Sophia Fish, January, 1709, at lloch- 
ester, N. Y.; died at Porter, Niagara county, N. Y.; is buried three miles east of 
Fort Porter, on the farm of his brother Timothy. Anna, his wife, died February, 
1797. Sophia, his wife, was daughter of Col. Fish ; died 18l8. Algernon Sidney, 
born February 23d, 1775 ; died, 1777. Algernon Sidney, born I^Iarch 21st, 1777 ; lived 
many years at Avon and Leroy, N. Y.; died June 2d, 1844, at Milwaukee, "Wis. 
William T., born August 18th, 1779, in Farmington, Conn.; lived many years in 
Avon, was a prominent man in business, in jiolitics and other interests of societv; 
married Amanda Pearson, March 2d, 1814 ; died in Vernon Township, Pa., April, 
18G9. George, born August 31st, 1781 ; married Elizabeth Berry, of Avon ; died 
in Chicago, 111., iLarch 20th, 18G1.; E., his wife, born August 2d, 178G; died Jan- 
uary 9th, 1854. " Hon. George Uosmcr pursued classical studies when a boy, under 



tlio supfTvi.-^ion of Kev. 'Mr. Jolin^ron, of I.,inm (thon Charleston). He entered us u 
1:1 \v jtiulciit, tlie ultice of Judi,^o Howell, of CunnnJaigua, and on being licensed to 
practii-e, argued his lir^t ca^c before liis father, first Judge of old Ontario. Tiio 
late Jolm (iruig, of Canaiuluigua, was a felluw-studcnt. In tlie war 1812 he wm.h 
aid to .Maj.-Gen. Amos Hull, William Howe Cuyler, being his brother aid. lie 
was in ihe battle of Black Kock, and when ordered to bring up Blakeslee's regiment 
was marked by Indian sharpshooters, who twice wounded his horse, culling otf tiio 
spur fruni his right heel without injuring liis person. In breaking through tho 
Indian line, he rode side by side wilh the luckless Colonel Seymour Boughton, who 
wa?i brained by a tomahawk. For more than twenty years he was District Attor- 
ney, and his memory i.s cherished by surviving friends. Timothy, born November 
'2'Ji.h, 178^5; resided at Avon many years; kept hotel; died al Porter, Niagara 
county, N. Y., April, 18G1. Sylvester, born February 2Gth, 1786 ; resided in Avon 
many years; died in Caledonia, N. Y., March, 1854. Ann Eliza, bora April lOlli, 
1789; married Hev. J. F Bliss, A])ril 19lh, 1811 ; now resides in Churehville, N. 
Y. John F. Bliss is a native of Hebron, Conn.; born in 1789 ; graduated at Wil- 
liams' College, ]Mass., September, 1808. In 1810, ^irrived at Avon, N. Y., as a 
jireacher ui' the gospel ; preached there six years, at Clarkson live years, at East 
Gainsville and Castle eight years, and other places two or three years; was a Con- 
gregational preacher about twenty-eight years, when he became a Baptist ; was 
an agent for the American and Foreign Bible Society about six years; health then 
failing, lie, with his wife, retired in their old age Mrs. Bliss was always esteemed 
by all her acquaintance, as housewife, as minister's wife, as a christian ; as a neigh- 
bor and friend, she has very few equals. Albert, born at Farmington, Conn., Mny 
12th, 1791 ; married IMary Ann Pearson, at Avon, N. Y., November lOih, 1818 
(see Pearson) ; resided at Avon many years ; removed to Batavia, N. Y., where ho 
was engaged in staging business some lime, now a farmer in Hartland, on the Kidgo 
road, seven miles east of Loclcpurt, N. Y. 

Seventh Generation. — Children of Frederick and Anna, and Sophia F. Hosmer: 
Henry S., born 1793; died 1794. Henry S., born 1795; drowned at Chippewa, 
Canada AVest, August, 1811. Anna S., born 1797, died 18G0, at Niagara Falls- 
Henry F., born April 13th, 1800. Sophia F., born December 14th, 1802; died 
October, 1805. Orrin F., born November 5th, 1804; married Prudence Churchill, 
June 10th, 184G. 

E'ujktk Ge)ier(iiion. — Children of Orrin F. and Prudence Hosmer: Sophia F., 
born April 24tli, 1847. Eugenia, born 1819; died 1852. Anna, born August 17Ui, 

Seventh Generation. — Children of William T. and Amanda Hosmer: John P., 
born December 1st, 1814, in Avon, county of Ontario, N. Y.; married Julia Gris- 
wold of New York city, November 14th, 1840; became pastor of Christ Church, 
Meadville, Pa., and died March 1st, 1842. William S., born December 12th, 181Gj 
married Jane Bemus of Jleadville, Pa., and now resides there. 

ICKjltth Generation. — Children of John P. and Julia G. Hosmer : Burr Gris- 
wold, born September 2d, 1811, in Vernon, Pa. Children of William S. and Jano 
Hosmer ; Eliza liliss, born February 23d, 1843, in Vernon, Pa. John P., born May 
17th, 1845, in Vernon, Pa. Amanda, born December 1st, I84G, in Vernon, Pu. 
Martha Bemus, born April 29th, 1»52, in Vernon, Pa. Sarah Anna, born Decem- 
ber 25th, 1856, in Vernon, Pa. 

Seventh Generation. — Children of George and Elizabeth Hosmer: Tliomas B., 
born June, 1812; married Sophia Pierson. "William H. C, born May 25lh, 1814; 
married Miss Av.:ry, of Owego ; still resides in Avon, N. Y.; graduated at Geneva 


(iidW Il(iliart) College in I808. ]i!irticulars of his career can bofound in Griswold's 
l'(M try I'f America, Apjiletdn's Cyclopedia, &o., &c. No man recruitud more men 
for the ^var in "Wehtcrn Kcw York ; went himself, and was in Bunk's disastrous 
expedition ; at one time doing duty as oluiplain of the 'itjlh Battery, N. Y. Vols., at 
another on the stalf of Gen. Kichard Arnold, Chief of Artillery in the Department 
of the (iulf. Long, lingering weeks lay in St. James Hospital, New Orleans, sick 
\vitli chronic diarrha'a, and is still an invalid, though an unconquerable will enables 
him to yet prosecute onerous ta-kworlc. His wife died 31st, 18G4. ]\Iary 
E., burn February, 18111 ; married 1. AVells. Charles Augustus, born June, 1818. 
Katharine 1'., born ilarch 8lh, ISl'li; married fust, John G. Stoddard, March 28th, 
1849; nuirried second, Capt. AVillis B. Edson, September 11th, 18G7; resides in 
Villa Kidge, 111. J. G. Stoddard, born (Jctober 18th, 181U; died June 3d, 1862. 
"W. B. Edson, born Novcrjiber Itith, 1820. Lucy Evans, now Mrs. John Sears, 
George, Edward Tilfany, Susan Gordon. 

Eiglith Generation. — Children of "\V. IL C. and S. Ilosmer : Dr. George H.,of 
Joliet, 111. Stella, wife of S. V. Arnold, of Lockport, 111. Florence, at Owego, 
N. Y. Bessie died September 18th, 18-lG, ag<'d 18th months. William Maxwell 
drowned on the eve of entering Faitger's College. Charles Avery, fell in the battle 
of Chancellorsville, an intrejiid warrior, though young in years. Children of K. 
II. and J. G. Stoddard: Edwaid Broadhead, born January 6th, 1850. Sarah 
Elizabctti, born May 8tli, 18ijl. Elias, born January 31st, 1853: died March ICth, 


Seventh Genc'i ation. — Childix'n of Albert and Mary Ann Hosmcr: Gustavus 
r., born at Avon, N. Y'., August 2d, 1819; married fii-st, Mary E. Johnson, of 
Albany, November 18lh, 1841 ; married second, Mary E. Boileau, of Meadville, 
Pa., October, 18G1 ; resides at Lockjjort, N. Y'. ; stave and lumber merchant. 
JIary E., his wife, died August, 1858, at Bullalo, N. Y. Eebecca 1'., born in Avon, 
N. Y., A]iril 17ih, 1821; married "William F. Parsons, of Lockport, N. Y'., 
September, 1842 ; resides in L(Jckj)Cirt. AVilliam F. Parsons was drowned in the 
bay of San Louis Obispo, on the Pacific coast, February 10th, 1862 ; Eliza 
B., born at Avon, N. Y'., July SO, 1823 ; married Edwin Hunter, son of Dr. 
James Hunter, of AVhilby, Canada "West, February 7th, 1859. Harriet M,, 
born at Avon, Sejitcnibcr 21.-t, 182G ; nuirried Alanson Saxton, of Hart- 
land, N. Y., where thi'y now reside. Albert, Jr., born at Batavia, N. Y., 
August 1st, 1828 ; nuuiied Almeda 31unger, Febnuiry IGth, 1858; now residing at 
Brownstown, Midi; si)eculator by oceupaticai (author of the " Hosmer Geneo- 
logical Begister)." Almeda M unger, born January 4lh, 1837. Bradley M., born 
at Batavia, May 30th, 1830; rnairied Mary Ann Schauntz, of Evausburg, Pa., 
ilay, 1855; lumberman. Olivia, born October 4th, 1832; died at Batavia, 1834. 
Timothy, born June 28th, 1834; married Almira Lusk, of Hartland, N. Y^ "Wal- 
ler C , born at Hartlaiid, N. Y'., December 20th, 183G ; married 3Iariett "Welcher ; 
now lives at Saginaw, ]\Iich.; farmer. Marion, born July 7th, 1840; died young. 

K'Kjhth Generation.— Children of Gustavus P. and M. E. Hosmer : Henry C, born 
1843. Arthur L., born 184G. Jennie JiL, lorn 1850. Bobert T., born 1855. 
Gustavu? P., Jr., born 185G. One born November, 18G2. Children of Kebecca P. 
and "W. F. Parsons: JIary Louisa, born 1843. Children of Eliza B. and E. 
Hunter: Albert J., born July 24th, 1843. Edwin G., born January 21st, 1845. 
Mary E., born August 30th, 184C. Kobert "W., born August 20lh, 1853. Child- 
ren of H. M. and A. Saxton: Frederic, Burt and Albert. Children of Albert, 
Jr. and Almeda Ilosmer: Eliza B., born December 5th, 1859. Mary E., born 
November 3d, 18G1. Sybil 31., born September 23d, 18G5. 


Sixth Generation. — Children of Graves and Amy Hosmer : Prentiss, Titus and 
Sylvester. Clarissa, ditd April 5th, 1837; aged 89 years. James, born September 
13ih 1799 ; married Mary Bowen, August 10th, 1820 ; still resides in Avon. Delia, 
Maria and Stephen. 

Seventh Generation. — Children of James and Mary Hosmer : Amy, born May 
3l5t, 1823. Stephen, born May 13th, 1833 ; married E. T. Thorp, May 17th, 18CG. 
Lewis, born August 8th, 1834 ; died July 29th, 1855. Clarissa, born February 2J, 
1830. Lucy, born June 28th, 1837 ; died August 28tb, 1855. Mary, born January 
23d, 1839 ; married Andrew Jackson, October 25th, 1860. James, born ilarch 31st, 
1811; died July 17th, 1854. Truman, born October 7th, 1843; died January 31st, 

Elr/hth Generation. — Children of Stephen and E. Hosmer: Grace, born May 
28th, 18(j7. Children of M. H. and A. Jaeks.m : Clara Isabella, born March 11th, 
1862. James Hosmer, born June 10th, 1807. 


" ]\rurtin, Plymouth county, Devon, originally fromKent. Capt. John Martin, 
of this family, went round the world with Drake, in 1577. Gruls on a chevron, or, 
three talbots passant sable. Crest on a globe, or a falcon rising argent gorged with 
a ducal coronet. The tradition in the family is, that the father of WilHara Seaborn 
Martin emigrated from Plymouth, England, and that his son was born on the pus- 
sage to this country. William Martin, or AVilliain Sealjorn Martin, as he is faniiU 
liarly known l)y his descendants, and his wile Abigail, were admitted to the lirst 
church in AVoodbury, Conn., on his removal there, August 30th, 1685. She was 
the daughter of Jonathan Curtis, of Stratford, Conn.; born October 17th, 1071. 
They were married June 25th, 1685, when she whs about fourteen years of age. 
lie died July 4th, 1715. His widow survived him some twenty years, and died 
January 4th, 1735. He wa.s buried near the center of the old burying ground in 
AV'dodhury, and a coarse native stone on which was chiseled " W. 31.," July 4th, 

1715, was set up at the head and foot of his grave. These stones have been removed 
in digging other graves, and now lie on the ground near the place of their orignal 
location. Ciiildren of AVilliam S. and Abigail Martin : 

1. Joseph, baptised Xoveinber, 1091. 

2. Samuel, baptised ]\larch, 1095. 

3. Caleb, born :\Iarch 20th, 1098. 

4. PlKJL'be, baptised January, 1704 ; married Daniel Curtis, June 30th, 1730. 
Samuel Martin, second son of "William, married AnnibHininan, January 15th, 

1716. He had seventeen children by one wife, three of them at a single birth. 
These were daughters, all of whom lived to marry and have children. 

Third Generation. — Children of Samuel and Annis Martin: 

1. Mary, born Ajiril llth, 1717. 

2. Eunice, born Ajiril 15th, 1718. 

3. AViliiain, born 27lli, 1719. 

4. Samuel, born February lOlh, 1722. 

5. Daniel, baptised June 9th, 1723 ; died young. 
C. Prud nee, born October 9th, 1724. 

7. Mercy, baptised November 13ih, 1726. 

8. David, baptised May 20tli, 1728. 

9. Jonas, baptised October 2oth, 1729. 

10. Elisba, born Seiitciiiber 26th, 1732. 

11. Nathan, burn Julv 30th, 1734. 

12. Annis, ] 

13. Patience, j- at a birth, born Alarch 18th, and baptised March 21st, 1736. 

14. (Concurrence, J 

12. Timothv, baptised March 4th, 1739. 

13. Daniel, "born 23d, 1741. 
17. Deli verance, born 1 744. 

Nutlian Mnrtin, the eleventh child of Samuel, married Ellen Bradley; died 
1791, in Wiio.lbury, Ci»nn. 

F'jurth (ien>;rnfit,a. — Cliil<lrun of Nathan and KlIiMi ^lurlin : Samuel, Truman. 
Natiian, burn A .gu-,t 7th, 17<;y ; married Al.iah Minur, cf Woodbury, September, 


1704; died at Avon, ^March 17th, 18G0. Ellon, married Bildad Sherman, of 
AVoddhury ; diod 18o0, at Angelica, N. Y. Sybil, married Daniel Hurlbut, Octo- 
ber 13th, 1795; died July 30th, 1844, in Avon, N. Y., in tlie (iOth year of her age. 
Jason, married ]\lercy Smitli, of AVhitestowii; died 18GU ; aged 76 years. Thincas, 
no record. Tlunldeus, married 31ehetablc Tlirooj) ; died in Avon, N. Y., A])ril 
23d, 182(j. Eradley, born May Gth, 1782; married Harriet Hyron Hull; died at 
Avon, N. Y., April 23d, 1825. Bradley ]\Iartin left "Woodbury, Ccmn., shortly 
after liis father's death, in company with Augustus and Peter B. Porter, late of 
]S'ingara Falls, N. Y., and settled for a while at Canandaigua, where ho jiursued his 
education, and luted liiniself for mercantile business. lit' >\entfr(im there to Lima, 
whi're ho remained i'or a lew months as a clerk in the store of the hue Janus K. 
Guernsey. He then went to Avon and entered intojiartncrsliiji with John Pearson, 
in the mercantile business at the red store, about ono mile oast of tlie brick church 
in East Avon. He contii ued this partnership only one year, when ho jiurchascd a 
farm just west of the village, upon which ho erected a snuiU dwelling, and soi n 
thereafter, a])propriating the front part of bis house for a store, cc'nunenccd busi- 
rcfS on his own account, and continued it successfully until near the time of his 
death. Bradlcj' ]\hu'tin was one of the early settlers of the town of Avon, and 
took an active jiart in all the enterj)rises of the day. He was a successful merchant, 
and over sustained a high character (or honest}', intelligence and public spiiit, and 
died nuich lamented by all who know him. His wile, Harriet Byron Hull (ste[i- 
daughtor of John Pearson), was born at Salisbury, Conn., Novtmber liOth, 1785; 
died at the residence of her daughter at Salem, N. Y., October iitjih, 18G2 Her 
remains wore taken to Avon and buried by the side ot her husband. "Wait, born 
April 17tb,1785; married Clarenda Pearson, ilarch 30th, 18i9; died at ililwau- 
koo, JMarch 3d, 1857. 

FiJ'tIi Gaieratkni. — Children of IS'athan and Abiah Martin : Nathaniel, born 
June ICth, 17i-5; died April 8th, 17'JG. Curtis, born October 25th, 179G; di(d ]\Ii.y 
Kith, 18l'5. Infant son, born ]\lay 3d, 1798; di(d :May 12th, 1798. Bct.~ey M., 
born Se))tember 25th, 18U0 ; lives in Avon, N. Y. Henry, born November 14th, 
1802; married Tryjihina Hawkins, of Alexander, N. Y., February 8th, 1831 ; came 
from Vermont in 1824 to Clarkson, N. Y.; in syiring of 184G moved to Alexander, 
and in June, 1848, removed to the city of Bullalo, N. Y., wliero he now resides. 
Hen. ietta, born ^lay Cth, 18C0; mariied J ruman AVaterous, of Avon, July 22d, 
1835; died July 20th, 18oG. Aaron Jason, born April 14th, 18t9; died Eebruary 
14th, 1814. 

Stxth Generation. — Children of Henry and Tryphina Martin: Henry H., 
married Caroline L. Pratt, ot Butlalo, now living in Ntw Yoik city, of the lirm of 
Smith, Goulil, Jlartin and Co. Prank, mnrriid ]\lary I'roudy, of Binghamton. 
!N. Y.; resides in Bi.ti'alo, of the firm of Martin A: Co.; has iwo daughters. Van 
K., married Annie Bennett, of Bay Bidgo, L. 1., living in Bullalo, of the firm of 
]\lartin ik Co., manul'acturers of leather; has ono daughter. 

Fijih Generoiion. — Children of E. M. and B. Sheiman : John, died at the west. 
Lucy, died Pebiuary 5th, 1809, at Angelica, N. Y. Bradley, naiiicd Adelia 
Brown, of Bath, N. Y.; lias two children, Ellen and Sarah. Nancy, died 18c0. 
Judson. Emily, died August 14th, 18G0. 

Fifth Generation. — Children of S. ]\I. and D. Hurlbut: Infant, born August 
10th[; died August 10th, 1800. Hannah Eliza, born Lcccmber 0th, 1802; died 
jNIay 3d, l85(.i, in Angelica, N. Y'. Eleantjr Caroline, born February 2d, 18(4; 
died Sejittniber 23d, 1807. Sarah Maria, born March 12th, 180G ; married Daniel 
Mcllenry; died Se])tember IGlh, 18C3, at AY est Bend, AVis. Caroline Eleanor, 
born July 15lh, 1808 ; married A. Charles, of Angelica, N. Y'., July 3d, 1831 ; died 
November 13th, IfcGO. A. Charles, born November 18tli, 180G, in Ireland; died 
Febiuary 14th, 18G9. Cornelia ^Phabe, born^ Febiuary 22d, 1810; mairiid Joel 
Kneeland, September, 1848, at Avon, N. Y.; now resides in ^Milwuukco. Daniel 
Bradley, born December oOth, 1811 ; married twice ; has two sons. Sybil Emeline, 
born January^ 8th, 1815; njarried Dr. Amos P. Jones, Si']itember, 1840; died 
December 2elV,1845, at Mumford, N. Y'. John Bogers, benn August 4th, 181G ; 
married, and has issue. George Martin, born ilay 20th, 1818 ; died October 31st, 
1851, in i'ocliester, N. Y. 

Sixili, Generation. — Cliildren of C. E. and A. Charles: Mary, Ilichard Cor- 
nelia, married C. L. Parker, of Angelica, N. Y., So{)tembcr 4th, 186G Andrew 
Hurlbut, died December, 1847, in the fourth year of his age. Andrew and George. 

i''(/7/(*6't«e?a^ic>?i.— Children of Jason and Jlercy Martin : Jason, died— ; 

Caroline D., married in 1833, F. M. Cutler; nowrosides in Avon. F. ]\I. Cutler, 
of Now Y'ork, Eon of Bcnjauiin Clarke Cutler, and Sarah, his wife, niece of Gen. 


]\r!irion. Thaddeus Arjilga, married Miss Nii,'ht; had three children. Aiirolia, 

died . Calharino married D. IJ. Whuley ; died , leaving two sons. 

Maria married Jerry Clark; died ; had one daughter, Edith. Etlie S., 

married Wells Clark. 

Sixth Gf«e?Y(!'i('H.— Children of C. D. and F. M. Cutler : Benjamin Clark, 
born 1834 ; died October, 18th, 1868. 


Proceedings of a Public Meeting held in the Ilall of the House of Representa- 
tives on the evening of October I'Jth, 18G8. 

On motion of Judge Merrill Ashurst, Governor 11. B. Mitchell was called to 
the ehair, and on further motion, Col. James L. Collins and lion. Juab Houghton, 
were elected vice-presidents. 

On motion of Joseph Purcell, Esq., Maj. Cyrus U. De Forrest and David J. 
Miller, were appointed secretaries. 

On motion of Judge Ashurst a committee of seven was appointed by the presi- 
dent to draft resolutions expressive of the sentiments of tin; nn-etings; u\Mn which 
committee were appointed: .ludg.; ;M(.'rrill Ashurst, Gen. 11. H. Heath, Hon. R. .M. 
Stephens, T. F. Conway, E-q., Col. N. H. Davis, Capt. John Pratt, and Capt. E. D. 

The committee then retired and soon after returned and reported the following 
preamble and resolutions, which, after several addresses, eulogistic of the merits 
and excellences of the deceased, by gentlemen present, were unanimously adopted : 

Whereas, Divine Providence' has, in his in-crutable dispensations, stricken 
from our midst our hiirhly esteemed and beloved fellow-citizen Benjamm C. Cutler 
(attnetimeof his death Surveyor General of New Mexicoi, who, in all tliewalksof 
life, either as a soldier or a citizen, won for himself the esteem of all and the char- 
acter t)f an honest man ; and who by the urbanity of his manner, disinterustedness 
of his acts, his social and genial qualities, amiability of disposition and by his noble 
and generous heart, drew around him a host of admiring friends wherever he was 
known, and who in the pride and vigor of his manhood and usefulness, has been 
suddt-nly cut ort", and whose untimely loss we now mourn. Be it therefore 

Resolved, Tliat we, the citizens of Santa Fe, will ever cherish the remembrance 
of the spotless integrity, genuil and social qualities, and the high toned disinterested 
lifu of our worthy fellow citizen. Gen. Benjamin C. Cutler, who departed this life 
on the 18th inst 

Resolved, That in his loss New ]\Iexico has lost one of her most useful and honest 
public officers, and this community one of its most valued fellow citizens 

Resolved, That we sincerely synif.athize and condole witl the family and rela- 
tives of the deceased in the hour of their sad bereavement. 

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the relativ.;s of the deceased ; 
and that the papers of this Territory, the San Francisco and Sacramento papers, 
the Army and Navy Journal and the newspapers of his eastern residence be requested 
to ])ublish these resolutions. 

The meeting, on the motion of ;Mr. Conway, adjourned sine die. 

Cyrus H. De Fokre.t, ) g James L, Collins, |yjp^g,^^_ 

Dav. J. MiLLKR, j'^t-i-s. JoAU Houghton, / 

Sarah, born 183G; married James A. Green, of Brooklyn, N. Y.,1857. Susan 
Eliza, born ISlO; married Eustace Trenor, ^M. D., of New York City, 18G-J. Caro 
line, born 1844; married Dr. H. J. Phillips, U. S. Army, September 13th, 18G5 
Harriet Amelia, bf)rn April 9th, 1849; nuirried T. J. Cridland, British Consul 
October 29th, 18GG. 

Fifth aenercition.—C\n\dvi-n of Thaddeus and :Mehitable T. Martin : :Morti- 
mer liradley, born Octobctr 18i)G, now residing in Kalamazoo, Mich. Enos Thonqi- 
son Thro.)p, born November 25th, 1808; married C(jrnelia Williams, of Utica, N. 
Y., June 1st, 1837, now resides at Willow Brook, on the Owaseo Lake, near Auburn, 
N. Y. George Bliss, born September 12ih, iSil; married Hannah Townsend, of 
Orange countv, N. Y., September 3d, 183'v, now in Loekport, 111. Harriet Byron, 
born°A])ril -j'lth, 1814; married John Williams, of Salem, N Y. Thaddeus O., 
born April loth, 181G. Henry, born July 5th, 1-^18; died October lUlh, 1818. 
H-nry and Henrietta (twins), born June 30th, 1819- Henry, died December 5lh, 
1819. Henrietta, died April 15th, 1822. Evelina Throop, born February 11th, 
1822; married James H. Rochester, :May 14lh, IHlG. 

Fifth ac/ie?vi(!(o«.— Children of Bradley and 11. B. Martin : Bliza 11., horn July 
th, 1807; mi.rried Alfred B. Fields, of Canandaigua, deceased ; died 


Fcbnmry '23cl, 1820; about four moalhs ufter lior murringe. Henry II., born 
November 27th, IbO'.) ; married Aniui'J'ownseiid, of theeily of Albany, October 8th, 
Ibllj, some four years after hi^ had established himself in that city us a resident ; he 
still resides there, and is now cashier of the Albany City Bank ; his wife, Annie T. 
Martin, died .March 4th, 18G<J. Harriet Iv born April tjtli, 1817; married James 
fc?. I'ulhenuis, of Astoria, L. I., whereshenow resides. Jano Ann, born November 
9th, 1810; married Anthony 151anchard, of Albany, August 11th, 1811; Mr. B. 
subseijuently removed from Albany to Salem, AVashington count}', N. Y., and died 
there .May Ist, 1800. 

Sixth Generatioii. — Children of Henry H. and A. T. Martin: Henry Town- 
send, born January 2d, 1837. Anna Lawrence, born September 9th, 1838 ; married 
"William Beiitty Kochester, June I'Jlh, 1802; Major William B Rochester, paymas- 
ter in U. S. ami)' ; now at Washington, I). C. Harriet Jiyron, born January 1st, 
1^;10; died January 2!)th, 1844. Bradley, born at Albany, December 18th, 1841; 
married Cornelia Sherman (only child of Isaac Sherman, of New York city), 
January 2iJth, 18tJ9 ; now resides in New Vork city. Alice, born January 12th, 
1818; married Julian T. Davies (son of Judge Henry E. Davies, New York), April 
22d, 1809. Frederic T., born December Uth, 1819. "Howard Townsend, horn Feb- 
ruary 28th, 1853. 

Sevoith Generation. — Children of A. L. and "W. B, Kochester : Annie Towns- 
end, born February 11th, 1804. William B., jr., born March 23d, 1800. Henry 
Martin. Children of Bradley and Cornelia Martin : Sherman, born December 12th, 
1809. Children of A. and J. T. Davies: Henry Townsend, born February 20th, 

Sixth Qeneration. — Children of H. M. and J. S. Polhemus: James S., born 

March 2Gth, . Henry JI., born September 11th, . Adrian S., bora 

January 3d, 1867. Children of J. il. and A. Bbmchard: Harriet Martin, Grace, 
Ilenrv Martin, Annie Townsend, Jennie, Franci.-. 

Fifth Generation. — Children of Wait and Clarenda ]\Iartin : James Marvin, 
born January 4th, 1810 ; marriixl Susan B. Hull. Ellen Clarenda, born November 
24tb, 1811 ; married Closes Kneeiand ; died June 12th. 1850, in ililwaukee, W^is. 
Moses Kneeiand, died January, 1804. Sarah IMaria, born August 11th, 1813; mar- 
ried Jared Boughton ; now resides in Bloomtield, N. Y. Mary B., born March 
20th, 1827; married Isaac N. 3Iason, Augu-t 18, 1851; now of Milwaukee, Wis. I. 
N. 3l!ison, died A]iril 25th, 1808. William Wait, born October 19th, 1829; died 
January 17th, 1842. Judson W., born October 24th, 1834. 

Sixth Generation. — Children of James il. and S. B. Martin : James. Child- 
ren of Ellen C. and M. Kneeiand: Sarah , married W. S. Chandler; now of 
Milwaukee, Wis. Ellen C, married James L. Sexton. Frances, married J. G. 
Flint. Moses B. Children of S. M. and J. H. Boughton: Martin. Willie, died 
June, 1851. Children of M. B. and I. N. Mason: Clara, born February 10th, 
1853. Ellen, born and died August 12th, 1855. Lilian, born March 5th, 185B. 
Frank N., born May 25tli, 1804. Isaac N., born October 1st, 1808. 


First Generation. — Willian\ Gibson, grandfather of Mrs. F. B. Pearson, settled 
in Canterbury, Conn.; married Esther Kasson, who was an intimate friend of Mary 
Howd, who became the wife of Samuel AVaterous, and the mother of Mrs. Joseph 
Pearson. William Gibson had a brother James who settled in the State of Rhode 
Island, in . 

Second Generation. — Children of William and Esther Gibson : Jacob, Archi- 
bald, John, William, James, Chuuncey, Thomas. Kasson, born Aj)ril 13th, 1783; 
married September 3d, 1809, Sabrina Kedington ; died August Gtii, 1850. Sabrina, 
liis wife, born May Uth, 1788; died August, 24th, 1801 ; was the eldest daughter 
<if Daniel Kedington, of Pittsford, Mass. Her mother's maiden name was IlaHnah 
Goodrich. Mrs. Gibson had three brotliers and three sisters, viz: Truman, Kufus 
A\'illiiini. Electa, married Enoch Treadway. Laura, married Kobert Boyce. 

Clarissa, married Joel Hayes, of 0^wego county. Molly, married Pellett, of 

Norwich, N. Y. Nancy, married Edward Waterous, of Avon (see AYaterous). 
Betsey, married John Hascall Kansford, of Norwich, N. Y. 

Third Generation. — Children of Kasson and Sabrina Gib.son, residence 
Cobleskill, Schoharie county, N. Y. Frances Janette, born Julv 9tb, 1810; nuir- 
ried Frederic B. Poar.son, :May 8lh, 1828, at Avon, N. Y., by Kev. J. B. Whittlesy 
(see Pearson). Cornelia Amorette, born August 2d, 1812; married Dr. Kobert 
Nichoson, of Orleans county, December 29lli, 1834. Kodney Kedington, born 


Januarj' 27th, 1815; married Eliza Aldrich, January lOtli, 1845, at Niles, Mich, 
lied Novc'uibor 20th, 18G3, at Lansing, Mich. 

Fourth Generaiioii — Children of C. A. and Dr. K. Nichoson : Eohort Morti- 
iier, born Ociohor 18th, 18o(J ; died January 10th, 18G0. Albert Gibson, born Sep- 
XMiiber 12th, 181)8 ; married Ilarrii't Biielcler, August 8th, 18G7. Frederic Pier^on, 
'jorn Aug 2*), lbl3 ; married Mary J. Hinds, May 22d, IkI'/.K Now resides in Cal- 
fornia. Edward A\'alsworth, born April 30tli, l!:<ul. Children of E. K. and E. 
Gibson : Frances Cornelia, born October 31st, 1<SJ8, at Lansing, ^lich.; died Decem- 
ber luth, 1819. Caroline Nichoson, born May I8th, 1851, at Lansing, ]\lich. 

t^ i,_: . i> .1 \ „ kj„-.» > u.i, it'co .,* T „; ■Af;„i, . .i;...i T .^._,. iiti. 

28th, 18t)l. 

Fifth Generation. — Children of Albert and Harriet Nichoson : Prances Brunia- 
gin, born February 12th, 18G8, at Eochester, N. Y. Children of F. B. and M. J. 
Nichoson: FranUlin Hinds, born July liith, 1870. 

Third Generation. — Children ot James and Hannah "W. Gibson : Irene, ilrs. 
Newbre, Selenda, 3Irs. "Woods. Lovina, married A. Pellett. Guy. Howd ilar- 
tiii, born ^lay 31st, 1808 ; married Julia Ann Steele, September 6th, 1832; died 
October 12th, 1809. Samuel Waterous. 

Fourth Generation. — Children of H. M. and J. A. Gibson : ]\[artin Luther, 

b( " - - - - 

Third Generation— (J\\'Mm\ of J(jhn and Katy Warren Gibson; Ciiarlea Do 
"Witt, born January 4th, 1800; married Artemicia Frost, August Uth, 1831. A. 
F., his wife, born September 7th, 1810. '^Vasson, Betsey, Mary Ann. 

Fourth Generation. — Children of Charles Dc ■\Vitt and A. Gibson : Thornton 

marriea i^. .u. uiuson (see jaowu \_Tiuson j, r euruary oin, looo. \^oryuon j^e >v ui, 
born November 17th, 1840; married January 1st, 18G2. Caroline Artemicia, born 
November 17th, 1840; nmrried October 27th, 1859. John Elisha, born February 
4th, 1843. Mary Amanda, born May 22d, 1845. Sarah Janctte, born August 14th, 
1847. Frances Amoretle, born March Ibth, 1850. Stanford Solon, born September 

28th, 1852. 

* ♦ 


Asa Clark married Jemima Case ; no records of births or marriage to be found. 
Asa, died December 27th, 1833; aged about seventy-five. Jemima, died September 
11th, 1834; aged about seventy-live. Their children: Sojihia, born December 
30th, 1780; died January 30th, 1813. Fanny, born October Gth, 1782 ; died August 
6th, 1845. Asa, born June 22d, 1784; died Se])tcmber IDth, 1787 Guslavus, 
born July 15tli, 178G ; now li\ing in Luilalo ; married Orrel I'earson (see Pearson). 
Esther, born August 26th, 1788'; died August 10th, 1813. Asa, born June 29th, 
1790 ; died June^Oth, 1861. Erastus, born February 10th, 1792; died July 28th, 
1852. Jemima, born January 27th, 1794; married Chandler Pearson ; died Ajiril 
27th, 18G0 (see Pearson). Phabe, born November 11th, 1795 ; died August2d, lb26. 

At a meeting of some descendants of these families — pioneers of Avon — October, 
1857, the following resolution was passed: 

Resolved, Tluit it is the sense of this meeting that the old pioneers and their 
descendants of Avon, without reference to inter-marriage with, or ties of blood, 
that unite them to the founders of this association, be invited to co-operate with us 
at our annual meetings that we reverence the names of "Wiard, Markham, Merry, 
More, and all others identified with Avon, and honor their sacred memories in 
common Avith our immediate ancestors. 

Col. "William Markham first settled at Bloomfield, and moved to Hartford 
(Avon) in 1790. Capt. Ganson claimed title to lands now called the ilarkliarn 
Farm, under an Indian grant ; that failing, the Colonel became vested in fee to the 
goil. This sjilendid estate is now occupied and jjossc^sed by liis son Guy. His son 
"Vine died a few years ago in ^Michigan. Ira, another son, resides in Eush. "Wayno 
^Markham having lost sons and daughters, also his wife, now resides with a married 


«Traiul-diuiLildor, iit Kalamazoo, ]\Iicli. The Colonel's (.Inuj^Vili^rs are liviiii:;. Cnro- 
liiK', iiiiirriod to a second luisband, rcridos near Webster's Mills, N. Y. ^latilda is 
the widow of the late venerable Dr. Socrutes Smith, one of the pioneer jihysieians 
of Kiisli, N. Y. Mrs. Whitney resides in Michigan. Col. Markham was a man of 
oner^y a'ld public spirit. In his latter years he labored under aberation of mind. 
Think he was the first representative in Assembly from old Ontario. Guy's only 
.Son, a young man of great worth, bears his grand-father's name. 

Dr. Charles Uinirhani was born in Bozra, Conn., in 1784; studied medicine 
with Dr. Scott, of IJozra, and in 1807 was admitted to practice; moved to AV^est 
Avon, N. Y., in 1810, where he practiced his proAasion until 1820, then removed 
to Ml. Morris, where he died in 1«12. 

Jolin I. Kelsey, son of Jehiel Kelsey, one of the pioneers of Avon, writes to 
Col. llo.-mer : 

"Tiiut on the Fourth of July, 1804,1 was ushered into existence. Your grand- 
father llosmer, as I have been credibly informed, was the attending physician, and 
lie aslced of my parents the jirivilege of giving me the name of John Indepiindence 
Kelsfj', which name I still continue to reply to. ]My father ut that time was an 
otheer, and belonged to a company of troops, then at Avon, and commanded by Col. 
Benjamin Pierson. Tlio com|)an3' by order of the commandant were notiJied pre- 
viously to appear ut what is now West Avon village, on that particular day (tho 
4th), for company parade and military instructions at 9 o'clock a. m. But the cir- 
cum.-tances of the case at his honu; would not allow of his appearing in due lime. 
Conseijuently, he was weighed and found wanting ; but, at eleven o'clock, he was 
enabled to meet his fidlow otHcers and soldiers ujjon jiarade, and announced to them 
that a son had been born to him, who had been weighed, and found not wanting. 

"Time quietly passed on, and the sun continued to rise and set as usual. I 
intend hero to state to you the privileges and privations that the young in those 
days were subjected to, and compare them with the situation of the youth of the 
present age. My parents resided on the farm belonging to Judge Hosmor, il. D , 
being the same now occupied by Justus Williams, until I was four years of age. 
^ly father then purchased of James Wadsworth, Esq., the farm now occupied by 
David Brooks, Ksq. From this place my parents began to send me to school, 
located, I think, near the residence of Mr. llillman. I suppose my parents 
sent me to this place to give my yotnig ideas a shoot ; but I have since thought how 
sadly they failed. The distance being so far they hired me a boarding-place near, 
but one night was as long as I could remain from homo, and I was better prepared 
to run than to read my book, as I had frequent occasions to try my speed with the 
young Indians, that almost daily visited us during the first thirty years of my life, 
from Canewaugus. The first school teacher's name was Miss Dolly Pierce, a sister 
of Job Pierce, who was engaged in tho mercantile business, in a brick building, 
which now forms a small part of the northeast corner of the U.S. Hotel, at West Avon. 

"As soon as I was old enough to ride tho norse, to plow the corn, stir and rake 
the hay, and milk tho cows, I was kept at home during the s|iring, summer and 
autumnal months. ]\[y father always called me out before sunrise in the morning, 
find sent me into the field with my feet bare, the ground covered with severe frost 
and snow, to bring up the cows and horses. You may ask, 'Why did you not have 
shoes to wear ?' They were not to be had — no mammoth shoo and clothing stores. 
I never iiad a pair of boots until I was eighteen years old. I never had a suit of 
clothes, nor half a suit from a store of any kind, until I was twenty-one years old. 
The day that I was twenty-one my father presented me with what he termed my 
freedom suit. It consisted of a beautiful piece of blue broad cloth, coat, vest and 
pants, cut and made by A. C. AVay, Esq., at that time a resident of Avon, now of 
Piochester cits'. The style of garment at that time wns a tight, snug fit, and the first 
time that I enjoyed the extreme pleasure of wearing a new broad cloth suit was 
upon the fourth of July, at a dancing Jiarty, and after beUig engaged a number of 
hours, becoming animated, njy whole bod}' expanded to such a degree that my new 
coat burst open upon the back, and was entirely ruined, and it was many a day 
before tlie breacdi v/as repaired. 3Iy mother always, in my younger days, made my 
cl(jtbiii<4 from tow and linen that I had assisted my father in raising. She cut and 
made the garments from cloth directly fi-om the loom, winch produced the same 
♦dlect as a fiesh brush. In those days children were not clad with canlon 
(lannel and other fiannels whose naj) was soft and fine. I'he n)ost of my scho(d 
days were spent in attending the school taught in a brick building, now torn down, 
then stood near tho residence of Lewis W. Beccher, a few rods east of George 
]I(j-mei's ri'sicknce. I here i;ive the names of all the gentlemen teachers that 1 can 
recall to mind : Champliii, Klislja Crocki^r, Jcihn F. Bliss, Ncwhall, Green, Gibb.-, 

Biirlow, AumHtus A. Bennett, Amos Dunn. The school numbered generally through 
the winter months from tifty to eighty scholiirs, of botli sexes, from the age of four 
to eii^hteen vesirs. On tlie o]iposite side of the highway were a number of aores of 
land, thiclvly covered witli benntiful hickory and liazel-nut sprouts, from which the 
teachers supplied themselves with wliat tliey thought were the necessary means nf 
governing tlie youth in their care. My imrents jircsented nie with AVehster's old 
siielliiitr-book, which was the principal book I used during my school days The 
youth of the present age do not .. ppreciate the advantages they enjoy in obtaining 
an education, nor the various modes of enjoyment atlbrded them. 

"Frequently have 1 walked with my mother from our home, on Sabbatli days, to 
the brick Presbyterian church at Ea«t Avon. My parents have always refjuired 
and advised me to attend some place for religious worship on every Sabbath ; also 
to respect tile political and religious sentiments of my friends. How often I think 
in mv leisure moments of the many schoulmates and associates of my youthful days, 
whose names I well recollect, and whose countenances are as familiar to-day as the 
sun ihat rises each morn. A great portion of the ditferent individuals conslitiuing the 
folli'Wiui^ named families have luissed into a future existence : The Picrsons, Hu>m- rs, 
"Wiards, Littles, Ladds, Lawrence, Bond, Pmsiers, Gilberts, Simons, Merry, More, 
"NVaterous, Kggle^^ton, Whitney, Clarkson, Ilutchins, Barrow, Austin, Ensworth, 
Bin"ham, Pierce, Clark, Newberry, AN'adsworth, Finley, IMarkham, Gillett, Nowli'ii, 
Ilawley,, Demings, Chapels. Chapjiels, AVards, Forsyth, Bliss, Bancroft, 
"Wright, Adams, Pelton, Ganson, and a host of others. 

"1 have kept a diary for the past twenty-live years (jf my life, in which I liave 
recorded my daily transtictions in business, the name of every person with whom I 
have dealt, the name of all visitors and visits made, deaths and marriages in my 
vicinity, the weather of each day, the highest price of wages, the jirice ]]aid for ail 
kinds of merchandise from a shoe-string to a cultivated farm. For tifty years past 
I hnve not been confined with sickness five days at any time, nerer paying for medi- 
cine purposes ten dollars in my life. I never used tobacco in any form, except to 
destroy insects and vermin upon my animals. No lady can charge mc with the 
filthy crime of staining her pleasant abode or furniture with the nauseating juice, 
sundvc or suutf. 1 have not used to exceed one gallon of all kinds spirits. A 
trifle of tea and colfee, has, so far, proved sulficiont for me. Until within the last 
three vears the sun has not risen or set when I was in bed. ^ly life has been 
actively spent in agriculture. I have seemed to pass along life's rugged way with 
ease and uiiex|)Ocled success. 

"In October 12th, 1837, 1 married Eliza, daughter of John Cutler, of Lima, 
with whom I lived nine years. On the first day of June, 1848, I married Mrs. S. 
T. Palmer, who still remains with me. In June, 18-18, I remov<>'l to the town of 
Piiga. Time has passed rapidly away. I have buried seven brothers and sisters, a 
father and mother, a beloved wife, and an only daughter ; none left of my family 
but myself and son. 

" Now, friend H., I have noted down a very few of the events of my life, and how 
gratifying and interesting it would be if every one of our youth associates would 
write a similar chapter, and cause it to be added to your valuable work of pioneer 
reminiscences. I say to our friends, present and absent, so sound the bugle that we 
may know where you are stationed, and at the next annual meeting of this hapjiy 
Company, present sketches of events of your lives. 

I can well recollect going to mill on horse-back. I have frequently met with 
the Indians at their dances ; but they have all jiassad away. I well recollect the 
first covered buggy I ever saw — it belonged to Kev. John F. Bliss. "SVe frequently 
rode to church in company with uthers, in a crazy, rattling lumber wagon, with 
Jiaught for seats but rude boards, jiut cro.-s-wisc ujion the box. Occasionally an 
humble chair was used ft>r the advanced members of the family. Tlie elijitic spring 
was on the edge of the wagon-box, and now your children and mine cannot ride to 
mill, meeting^ or market without the steel sjiring, plank and rail-road going Jehu- 
lik(; at two-forty time. Uappy am I to witness the rapid progress being made in the 
arts and sciences of the present age 

"I have this season threshed my grain upon the farm (September, 1870), by 
steam power. Forty-five years ago 1 did it with the flail. 

"1 have lived to see what was onc« almost a wilderness, from Kochester to Olean, 
cleared up and converted into beautiful villages, and splendid farms, and hoping 
that we, as a family of ]iioneers, may endure and meet again and again, and when 
we are culled fro'u earth, meet in llcaven, will ever be the jjrayer of your friend,