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Full text of "A genealogical record of one branch of the Heath, Clark and Cone families"

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MARCH 1, 1905 




' The man who takes no pride in his ancestors is not likely to have his descendants take any 

pride in him." 





An explanation of how the name Heath came to be used 
as a surname. 

In choosing the words to be used as names we can not 
(hscover any carefully wrought plan. Chance and human 
fancy ha\e i)layed their part. The word to be choisen was 
usually the suggestion of some fact connected with the birth 
of the person to be named — time, place, circumstance, some 
physical quality, or some fond hope of strength, bravery, or 
goodness entertained. In fact there is hardly an event, 
national, local, or personal; hardly a place or feature of a 
place: hardly a beast or bird or fish or tree or stream; hardly 
a point of the compass, occupation, or profession; hardl}- a 
physical or mental characteristic ; hardly a hobby that man has 
rode or a blunder that he has made that has not lent itself to 
the naming of some man. In early times one name was all 
that was necessary and in general is all that we find — David. 
Confucius, Plato, Cleopatra. Out of the more complex social 
and business relations grew the necessity for some system of 
naming which should be more satisfactory. For a time quali- 
fying the descriptive phrases were used as : John the Baptist. 
Peter the Hermit, John the Cook, William of Kent, John of 
the Heath, etc. Out of this ]3ractice and out of these phrases, 
by abbreviation, have grown our surnames. 

At first these additional words, like the personal name, 
passed aA\ay with the lives of their owners. But gradually 
these titles became part of their owner's personal property, 
and so passed on to their descendants, along with other pos- 
sessions. Bardsley says : '• Nor were those second desiena- 

tions, those wliicli we call sunianics as Ixiing" superadded to 
Christian names, at first of any lasting character, it was not 
till tlie eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, or even the fourteenth 
centurv that they hecanie hereditary, that is. in any true sense 

Heath comes under the classification of local surnames. 
By local surnames we mean surnames which tell us something 
of places or directions; where a person lives, some feature of 
the landscape ahout his home, or the place or direction troni 
whence he came. These names, we are told, were the tirst to 
become hereditary. 

The following explanation of the origin of tlie Heath 
name as a surname is found in the " lives of Isaac Heath and 
John Bowles," two church deacons of Roxbury, Alass. ; Heath, 
a pure Saxon word, the name of a plant or shrub of the genius, 
erica, of many species soon came to signify a place overgrown 
with heath, and finally has a more general signihcation, mean- 
ing a place overgrown with shrubs of any kind. The most 
N-eneralMe record of England, the Doomsday Ijook, proves 
that it was very early used to designate indixiduals or fami- 
lies who may have lived on a heath, and in time, as surnames 
came into use to distinguish families, and became hereditary. 
Heath was attached to some by accident of their locality, and 
thus by its origin must be classified with local surnames. The 
same circumstance gave rise to the name in different localities, 
and thus affords no evidence of any consanguinity at a remote 
period. Heath is a very common surname in England. 

I. \\'ii.ij\M Heath of Nazing, England, came to this 
country from London, arrixing on the ship " Lion " Septem- 
ber i6th. 1632. with his wife ^lary and five children. He 
died Mav 29th. 1652. having had two wives. His wife Mary 
died December 15th. 1659. His brother, Bartholomew Heath.. 

came over on tlie same ship and settled at Salisbury, N. IT. 
His bmthcr, Isaac Heath, called Elder Heath, came over on 
the "Hopewell" in 1634 and settled at Roxbury, Mass. 
Isaac died January 21st. 1660, aged 75- years. None of his 
household survived him except his aged widow and his son- 
in-law. John Bowles. William settled in Roxbury, Mass., and 
was made a freeman March 4th, 1633. He was a representa- 
tive in 1634, 1637, 1639. 1640, 1641, and 1642. "An able, 
Godly, and faithful brother " is the entry by the Apostle Eliot 
after his name on the church record. 

1. Mary Spear, probably his second wife's daueh- 

ter by former husl)and. 

2. Isaac, the ist, the eldest sou, married Mary 


3. Hannah. 

4. Mary. 

5. Peleg, married Susanna King; settled in Rox- 

bury, ATass., and died in November, 1671. 
He was the great-grand-father of Majbr- 
General William Heath of Washington's 
staff in the Revolutionary war. 

H. Isaac Heath, the ist, son of William, was bom 
m England. He was made a freeman in 1652. He married 
Mary Davis, December i6th, 1650, and died December 29th, 

1. One child died January 2nd, 1652, before bap- 


2. Mary, born March ist, 1653, died in 1668. 

3. Isaac, the second, born May loth, 1655. 

4. Elizabeth, bom July 26th, 1657. She married 

Samuel Shears, October 27th, 1683. 

5. Abigail, born August 26th. 1660. She married 

Samuel Fisher, April 9th, 1684. 

f). I'.benezer. boni March 1 51I1. i''»^>.v 

7. Peleg'. Ill 'in June J5tli. \(i()^. 

8. J()se])li, l)nni jiil\ _'3tli. 1669. 

in. Isaac IIkatii, the Jiid. son of Isaac the ist. 
was 1). nil at I\()xlmrv. Mass.. May lolli. i655:an(l baptised 
Inlv _Mi(l. i^>55- Me married Ann I'isher, Fel)riiary jnd. 1681. 
She was the dau.uiiler nf C\irnelins and Lerdi h'isher ot Oeb- 
liani. Mass., and was born June JJnd. i(>()\. They lived at 
Roxbnry, Mass.. where he died December 22nd, 1684. aged 
29 years. Isaac, the second, was amply provided for by the 
will of his father, who gave him the homestead farm at Rox- 
bury, Mass., besides land in Brookline. Mass. These he gave 
to his only son Isaac, by his will dated December 19th, 1684. 
His widow married Francis Voungman, Deceml)er 2nd, 1685. 
Her son Isaac, shared with other children in her second hus- 
band's estate. 

1. Ann. born November 12th. 1681. died November 

17, 1681. 

2. Isaac, the third, born July 23rd. 1683. 

IV. Isaac Hkath,, the 3rd. son of Isaac the 2nd. 
was born at Roxbury, Mass., July 23rd. 1683. He settled in 
Framingham, Mass.. in 1705. He Ijought of Thomas Reed in 
1710. seventeen and one-half acres of land in W'ethersfield, 
Conn. He was transferred from the church of iM-amingham to 
the church of Coventry, Conn.. May 19th. 1723. He and hi^ 
wife Racheal, had seven children, all born at Framingham. 
Mass., excepting Josei^h. who was ix>rn at Coventry, Conn. 
Their children spread out and settled in the different town- 
ships of Tf>lland Coiuity. Conn., and after years, their descend- 
ants moved to Massachusetts, mostly to Berkshire County. 

T. Isaac, born July 24th. 1705. He was admitted 

to the church at luifield. Conn., March 7th. 

T73t; li^'cd in Tolland, Conn., in 1748. He 
and his wife Elizabeth, had two children, 
• l)orn at Enlield, Conn. 

a. Elizabeth, born October 6th, 1729. 

b. Abigail, Iwrn June 2nd, 1731 ; married Jobn 

Ward at Tolland, Conn., March 27th, 

2. Ebenezer, born May 31st, 1707; married, ist, 

Lydia Ultey at Coventry, Conn., September 
1 8th, 1728. He married, 2nd, Dorcas 
Slaughter at Willington, Conn., November 
5th, 1753. His son William, who was born 
Septeml>er 27th, 1758, and married Cather- 
ine Robbins at Ashford, Conn., February 
4th, 1779, was the father of Abner and Amos 
Heath of Tyringham, Mass. 

3. Ann, born September i6th, 1709. 

4. Racheal, born March loth, 171 5; married Wil- 

liam Beal. 

5. Thankful, born July 5th, 1717. 

6. Benjamin, born April 21st, 1720; died Septem- 

ber 1 6th, 1807, aged 87 years, 5 mouths. 

7. Josq>h, born July 20th, 1723. 

V. Benjamin Heath, sou of Isaac the 3rd, was born 
at Framingham, Mass., April 21st, 1720, and died at Saudis- 
field, Mass., September i6th, 1807. His wife's name was 
probably Amy, and they had three sons. 

1. Aaron, born in 1753; married Rhoda Edson. 

2. John, born in Tolland County, Conn.. April 14th, 

1755, and died at Windsor, N. Y., September 
9th, 1854, aged 99 years. 5 months. He was 
in the battle of Bunker Hill and served 
through the Revolutionary war. He enlisted 


at 'I'yvin^liani. Mass. I Ic was called " (jjio^^t 
Jolni." and itiaiTicil .\ni\' I line i>f Windsor, 
X. ^'. 'rii(,'\- bad t"i\c childi't'ii. 

a. jolin, married (.'aroline A. Stc\ens, and died 
An^ust 51 li, iSCx;. 

/;. Lucy. 

r. RlKxla. 

(/. Clarinda. niari'ied jolin Adams. 

c. Amy. 

Tlie following- is a clipping- from the Windsor Slmitfanl: 

" Tlie following letter, \\ritten by a Revolutionary sol- 
dier, wliose remains lie in tlie Windsor cemetery, has been 
handed to us by Dr. Edson. The letter is dated. ' West Pint, 
b'ort Putnam, Feabury the 18, 1783,' and we publish it ver- 
batim as near as the yellow paper and tortuous writing- will 
permit : — 

" ' Kind Madam — I gladly embrace this oupcrtunity to 
' inform you that I am well, and it is My Desir that thes fue 
' Lins will find you injoying the Sam Blesing of helth and the 
' Rest of the famley. As for Xues, 1 hear that Ingien has 
' Declared our independsy, and I think it to be True, and I 
' hope to Cum hum in March if Nothing happens mor than 
' what 1 know of, and if 1 Shold Xot Cum hum 1 hf)pe you 
' wont be unsey, for 1 mean to cum as Sun as I Can Posble. 
' I ha\e sent y^ou six Dolers by Tabot Lord, and you send me 
' word if you Reaseve that Aluney or no, and you will Abligc 
' your frind and well wisher and Most Obdent and humble 
' scrvent. 

'^'JOHN Heattt.^" 



3- Joseph, born in Tollrmd County, Conn., in March, 
1758, and (lied at Windsor, N. ^^, October 
9th, 1836, aged 78 years, 7 months. He 
enlisted in the Revolutionary war from Ty- 
ringham, Mass., and served all through the 
war. He married Patience Markham ot 
Windsor, N. Y. She was born June TOth, 
1701, and died May 5th, 1848, aged 86 years, 
1 1 months. They had five children. 

a. Kelsey. 

b. Syh'ester. 

c. Barney. 
(/. John. 

c. Joseph. 

VI. Aaron HkaTii was born in Tolland County, 
Conn., probably at Tolland, in 1753, and died at Sandisfield, 
Mass., January 29th, 1843, ^ged 90 years. He married 
Rhoda Edson at Stafford, Conn.. May 13th, 1777. She was 
born in 1757, and died at Sandisfield, Mass.. in November, 
1844. aged 87 years. They lived on the last farm iu the town 
of Sandisfield on the road from Sandisfield to Tyringham. 
Their last days were spent with their son, Alva Heath. 

For the following obituary notice. I wish to thank Mrs. 
Julia A. Blanchard of Ilion, N. Y. She is a daughter of 
Mary Heath, the daughter of Aaron : 


" Died at vSandisfield. Mass., January 29th. 1843. 

" Mr. Aaron Heath, aged 90 years, a Revolutionary sol- 
dier. Mr. Heath was in that ever memorable battle of Bunker 
Hill, and one of that devoted band of patriots, who under 


.\rn<il(l, ilauntle^slv traversed tlin •ni^li tlie wilderness to attack 
Oiiehec, where lie was taken prisoner 1)\ ike Ik'itisli, and alter 
sufYerint;" from ])ri\ati<in and disease in thai extent that now 
\\-on1d seem like ticli(Mi. hr was tinall\- exclian,i(ed and reached 
his friends. Lt)ni4- has he lived to en joy the rich hlcssings of 
lil)ert\' and freedom which he fonLjht to obtain. 

" It was hii^iilv ])ieasin<^" to coiu'erse with him on the snli- 
ject of tlie war. Many times have I heard him descrilje the 
l)attle of llnnker Hill, where said he, and his countenance 
li^q-hted u]) with the hre of patriotism, ' i fired thirty-two 
rounds at the red-coats.' 

" For many vears he has been a member of the baptist 
churcli at Sandisfiekk 

" He has ever been a firm supporter of Democratic prin- 
ciples. He has gone to liis rewarck peace be to his name. 

" Written by a Friend of the Family." 

Aaron was taken prisoner three times in the Revolution- 
ary war. The last time while acting the part of a scout, and 
would then surely have lost his life had he not played the fool 
and made them believe that he was insane. When told to 
hitch the oxen to a cart he insisted on hitching them with their 
heads facing the cart. This, with other such maneuvers on 
his part made them feel that he was not worth his keeping and 
so they let him go. 

His war record, which follow^s, was taken from " Massa- 
chusetts Sailors and Soldiers of the Revolutionary War," 
\'ok VH. : 

'' Heath. Aaron, Alstead, N. H., also given Tyringham : 
Private; list of men returned as serving on picket guard under 
Alaj. L. Baldwin, dated May, 11-1775; ^^so Capt. Luke 
Drury's Co.. Col. Jonathan Ward's regt. Order for advanced 
pay, signed by said Heath and others, dated June. 10-1775; 
also, order on Capt. Drury, dated Cambridge Camp, June, 

1 1 

24-177S; signed l)v said Tlcath for £2 to be deducted from his 
wages in payment for a gun ])urcliased of Ezekiel Brigliam ; 
also. Private, Capt. Luke Drur'vs Co., Col. Jonathan Ward, 
32.ond regt. ; muster roll dated Aug. 1-1775, enlisted A])r. 
26-1775, service, 3-Mos. 13 days; also, same Co. and regt.; 
receipt for money received on account, dated Dorchester, Sept. 
10-1775; also, same Co. and regt.; 

" Co. return : pnvlialily: Oct. 1775; Reported on com- 
mand at Canada." 

Aaron and his wife Rhoda, had eleven children. The 
births of all except the first four are foimd on the town records 
of Sandisfield, Mass. 

1. Irene, born March 9th, 1778. 

2. Roxiene, born January 12th,. 1780. She married, 

ist, Mr. Nichols; 2nd, Isaac Heath; 3rd, 
Rubin Andrus. She died at Vestal, N. Y., in 
1883, aged 103 years. 

3. Aaron, Jr., born December 12th, 1782. He mar- 

ried Mary Sweet and died of consumption at 
Sandisfield, Mass.. Deceml^er 22. 1806, aged 
24 years, 10 days. He rode thirty miles on 
horseback the day he died. 

4. Rhoda, born August 17th, 1785. She married 

Abner Heath of Tyringham, Mass. They 
lived at Union, N, Y., where he died 
in September, 1866. She died at the same 
place December 25th, 1855, aged 70 years, 4 

a. Major Robbins, born March 2nd, 1809; died 

August 28th, 1864. 

b. Catherine, torn July 20th, t8io; died De- 

cember 26th, 1847. 


c. Arii'oii. ])(irn March jjikI, 1814; died in 

190 J. 
(/. David, lioni Sci)tenil)cr 4th. 1818 (twin) ; 

died in Ma\ iSC)-. 
r. Jonallian M.. iiMin Se|)temlM?r 4th. 1818 

(twin); li\in:L;'. 
/". Rlioda l\i>/.illa. honi March _:;r(K 1822; (hed 

An.^nst 24th. iSfiS. 

5. Salonia. horn ()cl<)1)er ()th. 1787. 

6. Asa, lx>rn April 24th, 1790. (Hed July 27111, 1848; 

married, isi, Clarissa Clark; 2nd, Mercy 

7. Aha. born May (){h, 1792, and died at New Era, 

Pa., July 4tli, 1864, aged 72 years. He 
moved to Pennsylvania .scxm after his fath- 
er's death. 

8. James, born April 4th. T794. He married, ist, 

Orra Stilson ; 2nd. Mary Mann, lie was a 
Methodist minister and lived a1x)ut i860 at 
Jefferson, Ashtabula County, Ohio. He has 
descendants Hving at Grand Rapids, Mich. 

9. Julia, born April 6th, 1796. She married Amos 

Heath of Tyringham, Mass., brother of Ab- 
ner, who married her sister Rhoda. She died 
at Becket, Mass.. November 14. 1874. aged 
78 years. 

10. Mary. l)orn March 6th. 1798. She married Mr. 

Sweet and lived at Pion. N. Y.. where she 
died November 5th, 1891, aged 93 years. 8 
months. She has a daughter, Mrs. Julia A. 
Blauchard living at Pion, N. Y. 

11. Penjamin, lx)rn November 4. t8oo, and died at 

Belleville. W. X-d., in 1891, aged 91 years. 
About 1850 he moved to Pennsylvania, and 

1 B 1 8 - 1 900. 


liefore the Civil war lie moA'ed to \'irt^iiiia. 
In the Civil war some of his sons serxed in 
the Southern army and some in the L'nion 
army. Edward and Jane, children by his 
tirst wife, went to New York State and have 
been lost track of. 

Asa Hi:atii, the son of Aarcjn, was born at Sandistield, 
Mass., April 24th, 1790, and died at Windsor, N. Y., July 
27th, 1848, aged 58 years, 3 months. He married, ist, Cla- 
rissa Clark of Tyring-ham, Mass., July 25th, 1816. She was 
born February 14th, 1788. and died at Windsor, September 
30th. 1828. He married for his second wife, Mercy Cone of 
Lee, Mass., February 19th. 1829. She was born December 
27th, 1798, and died at ChenangO' Forks, N. Y., September 
30th, 1876. He and his wives were buried in the town of 
Windsor, N. Y. He was a farmer and for fifteen years a 
justice of the peace. 

One of the accomplishments that he prided himself on 
was his ability to^ make wooden sap buckets that would not 
leak a drop when water was put intO' them for the first time. 

He w'as a stanch Democrat and used to say that all the 
Heath's he ever knew were Democrats. He considered it a 
disgrace to the Heath family when his oldest son, Francis C. 
broke away from the Democratic party and voted the Repulili- 
can ticket. He threatened to- disinherit him and never quite 
forgave him for the act. By his first wife, Clarissa Clark, he 
had the following children and grand-children, all his chil- 
dren born at Windsor, N. Y. : 

I. Francis Clark Heath was liorn N^ovember 29th, 1818, 
died at Rochelle. 111., April 2nd, 1900, aged 81 years, 
4 months. He married first, Amelia Weeks of 
Windsor, N. Y., November 4th, 1852. She was born 


July loth, 1.S23. and died at Rochelle. 111., Xovcni- 
I)cr 3th, 1856. They had one daughter, Marjorie. 
horn December loth, 1S5:;. and died Xovemljer 5th, 
1856. riic child and mother were dmwned in a cis- 
tern. 'Idle child fell in and the mother was drowned 
in trying to save it. 

For his second wife he married Harriet Hyde 
of Rochelle, 111. June 20th, 1857. She was l)f)rn 
December jjst, 1827, and is still living at Rochelle, 
111. He was a pr()Si)er()ns and successful farmer. 
I hey had the following children and grand-chil- 
dren : 

I. Addison II. Heath was l)orn at Rochelle, 111., April 
21st. i83<S. He married Catherine Eizenberg, 
March onh. 1885. He is a farmer and lives at 
Rochelle, 111. They have live children : 

1. Florence, b<>ni July 7th. 1886. 

2. Edith, born July 24th, ]888. 

3. Ralph, born August 29, 1890. 

4. Ira, born January 30th, 1893. 

5. Earl, born Sqjtember 4, 1896. 

ir. Warren Francis Heath was lx)rn at Rochelle. 111.. 
December 7th. i860. He married Flora E. 
Gilbert, February 28th, 1889. She was \x)vn 
^\ugust 3. 1869. and died October 13.. 1898. 
They had three children : 

1. Jessie, born December 30th. 1889. 

2. Alice, born May i6th, 1891. 

3. Clark, born May i8lh. 1893. 

III. Laura Heath was born at Rochelle. 111.. December 
27th, 1863, and is still li\-ing at the same place. 

II. Milton Tracy Heath was Ixjrn June 15th, 1821, and 
died xA.pril 27th, 1822. 


III. Clarissa E. Heath was born October 2nd, 1822, and is 
still living at Akron, la. She has been married three 
times. She married first, Joseph Calvin Edson of 
Windsor, N. Y., May 6th, 1841. He was born Sep- 
tember 3rd. 1818, and died at Windsor. March 12th, 
1843. They had one danghter. 

I. Lanra Delilah Edson was born at Windsor, N. Y.. 
April 22nd. 1842. She married, first. Otis 
Blatchley of Windsor, April 24th. 1864. He 
was born October 5th. 1831, and died at Ak- 
ron, la., Angnst 19th, 1887. They had two 

1. Emily Viola Blatchley was born at Windsor. N. 

Y.. June 3rd. 1867, and died March 20th. 
1895. She married Harrison Hamilton. Oc- 
tober 8th. 1886. They had three children: 

a. Florence, born September ist, 1887. 

b. Otis, born April — . 1889. 

c. Laura, born . 1890; died , 1891. 

2. Clara Erma Blatchley was born at Corry, Pa..' 

April i6th, 1875. She died at Akron. la., 
June 22nd. 1895. She married Edward 
Klauer. October 8th. 1894. They had one 
daughter : 
a. Clara Edna Klauer, born June 19th, 1895. 

Laura Delilah Edson married for her second 
husband John Hall. June 26th. 1889. Mr. Hall 
died in 1900. She still lives at Akron, la. She 
adopted Nora Royalty in 1898. Nora was born 
February 27th, 1897. and takes the name of Nora 
Elizabeth Hall. Laura for her third husband 
married Mr. Baird. 

I () 

Clarissa 1'",. I kaili in ilie year i<'^44 married for 
licr sccnnd liusliand Xailian Premier. lie was boru 
in iSoi and died July J_'nd. i<S()4. Tliev had I'mir 
ehildren : 

r. l'liil(. I'rentiee was l)<>ni June I4tli, 1845 and was 
killed hy the cars near Deposit. .\'. ^'.. fnlv 

17th. isr)4. 

11. l{lsie I'rentiee was horn in Colesvillc. X. Y., fuly 
22nd, 1848. She married Thomas Moot. Xo- 
veml.'er 7th. 1864. He was horn Septeniher 
loth. 1843. and died at Otiacjnaga. X. ^'., ui 
consumption .\pril 28th. i88(;. v^he is li\ini^- ;it 
( Juacjuaga. X. V. They had two children : 

[. F.meline Moot was l3om in Colesville. X. \'., 
January 8th. 1865. She married Cornelius 
T. \'an Buren. Decemher 25th. 1888. He 
was born Decemher 28th. 1862. They live 
at Harpersxille. X\ V.. and ha\'e three chil- 
dren : 

a. Ralph, born October 17th. 1892. 

b. Elsie, l)orn March 18th. 1894. 

c. Charlotte, liorn Decemlier 27th. 1898. 

2. Ernest ]\Iix>t was born in Colesxille. X. Y.. X^o- 
vember 12th, 1866. He married h'lla Simin- 
son. She was lx>rn Ee1)rnary 1 slh. 1864. 
They live at Onaqiiaga. X. Y.. and have one 
(laughter : 
a. Gladys, born January iith. 1896. 

III. Jonas Prentice was born in May, 1849, ^^^^^ ^^'^<^^ ^^ 
Chicago. 111., in October, 1887. He was mar 
ried and had children. 


IV. Charles Prentice was born in March, \^^\, and was 
killed by the the cars at Sionx City, la.. Decem- 
ber I ith, 1875. He was married and had chil- 

Clarissa E. Heath married for her third hnsband 

Thomas W. Hill of Rochelle, 111., in 1871. He was 

born in New YoTk in 1795 and died at Rochelle, ill.. 

November 8th, 1882. He was a veteran of the War 

' of 1812. 

IV. Asa Heath was born September 15th, 1824. and 

died at Binghamton, N. Y., May 19th. 1890. of 
pnenmonia. He married Sarah A. Swagart of 
Windsor, N. ¥., May 12th, 1852. She was born 
August 23rd, 183 1, and lives at Binghamton. N. Y. 
He was a farmer. They had one son : 
I. Robert S. Heath was born June 8th, 1853. He is a 

machinist and lives at Binghamton, N. Y. He 

married I.ucetta P. Swan of Binghamton, N. 

Y., October i8th, 1892. She was born May 
3rd, 1859. They have one son : 

a. Frederick W., born February i8th, 1896. 

V. Giles Heath was l)orn January 5th, 1827, and died 

October 23rd, 1904, at Windsor, N. Y. He married 
Charlotte Clark September 6th, i860. She was born 
October 19th, 1833, and died at Windsor, N. Y., 
February 21st, 1904. They had one son : 
I. Charles Clark Heath was born September 12th. 
1861. He lives at Silverton, Colo., and is engaged 
in mining. 

Asa Heath, by his second wife, Mercy Cone, had 
the following children and grandchildren. All his 
children, born at Windsor, N. Y. : 


1. Lucy Marui llculh \va> l)<>ni l"d)niary 241I1. 1830. ami 
died at Syracuse. N. Y.. December 26th, 1903 (>t 
paralysis. She married October nth. 1848, Philhi) 
Tabor Stilwell of Windsor, N. ^'. lie was born in 
Schoharie County. N. Y.. May 9th. 1822. and died 
at Windsor. N. Y.. August 2nd. 1873. He was a 
farmer. All of tlieir twelve children were lx)rn in 
the town of Windsor : 

I. Arthur Judson Stilwell was born July 11th. 1850. 
He is a farmer and lives on the old home farm 
at Windsor, X. ^'. He married Bertha Wilson 
(it Middletown. Pa.. .\\)y\\ J\h. 1881. She was 
born August 1st. 185O. They have three chil- 
dren : 

1. Ruby Adelle. bnrn May Mh. 1882. 

2. Wilson. l)orn April (jth. 1885. 

3. Lucy, Ixjrn August 5th. 1896. 

II. Lamont Stilwell was born June 29th. 1852. He 

married Ida Adelle Smith of Summer Hill, N. 
Y., December 26th. 1883. She was born No- 
vember 30th. 1856. They live at 208 Orchard 
Road, Solvay, N. Y. He is an attorney and 
lias an office at 933 University Block, Syracuse, 
X. Y. They have one son: 
1. Ralph, lx)rn April ist, 1885. 

III. Giles Heath Stilwell was born January 13th, 1854. 

He married, first. ^lary Lewis of Lisle, N. Y., 
April 29th, 1885. She was torn ^larch 5th, 
1 86 1, and died at Syracuse. X. \'., Alarch 31st, 
1901. For his second wife he married Addie 
Clark of Syracuse, N. Y.. Octol)er 22nd, 1902. 
She w^as born at Oswego. July 15th, 1870. He 


lives at 1906 West Genesee street, Syracuse, N. 
Y. He is an attorney and has an office at 933 
University Block, Syracuse, N. Y. By his first 
wife he had two sons : 

1. Lewis, born July 14th. 1891. 

2. Giles Phillip, horn July 23rd, 1897. died October 

1 2th, 1899. 

IV. Mary Mercy Stilwell was born July 21st, 1856. She 

married James Henry Gray of Windsor, N. Y., 
March nth, 1896. He was born at Corinth, N. 
Y., January ist, 1842. He is a farmer and they 
li\^e at Windsor, N. Y. They have one son : 
I. James Francis Stilwell Gray, born January 17th 

V. Ellen Almira Stilwell was Ijurn March 22nd, 1858, 

and died at Chicago, 111, March 24th, 1886. 
She married William Eugene Smith of Chicago, 
111., November 25th, 1880. She was buried in 
Oak wood cemetery, Chicago, 111., lot 419 [. 1. 
They had two children : 

1. Fred Heath Smith, born January 19th, 1882. He 

is engaged in mining and lives at Chemulpo, 

2. Myra Gardner Smith was born July 20th, 1-883. 

Lives at Seattle, Wash. 

VI. Dewitt Stilwell was born January 14th, i860. He 
married Marie Amelia Penny of Syracuse, N. 
Y., December 31st, 1903. She was torn at 
Newport Pagnell, England. July 12th. 1879. 
In coming to this country she landed at New 
York, July 12th, 1880. He is a carpenter and 
lives at 103 Williams street, Solvay, N. Y. 


VII. I'jiini.-i SlilwcU was born May lulh. 1862. vSlie mar- 
ried I'ranklin Pa,o;c Kicliey of Lcland, 111.. 
Aui^ii^l -'olli. i<)'\V 11<^" ^vas horn June 24lh, 
1S61. lie is ihc uwiier of a creamery and lives 
al Leland, ill. 

VIII. .\da vStilwell was 1x)m March 13th. iSh4. and died 
August J/th. 18^)7. 

IX. Adelaide Stihvell was Ix.rn October 22nd, 1865 
She married John Henry Flynn of Burlington 
X. Y.. June 6th. 1897. lie is manager for a 
publishing house and li\es at 68 Admiral Road 
Toronto. Canada, lie was lx>rn July 7th. 1858 

X. Krank Tabur Stilwell was born December loth, 
1867. He married 1 lattie Luella Titus of 
Windsor, N. ^■., May 2f)th. 1897. She was 
born December i4lh, 1869. He is an electrician 
and lives at Fayetteville. N. Y. They have one 


1. .Mildred Luella. born March 5th. 1901. 

XI. Jennie Stihvell was lx)rn July 6th. 1869. and died 

August 20th. 1 87 1. 

XII. George Rexford Stilwell was born October i6th. 

187 1. He married Inez Alice Listman of Syra- 
cuse. N. ^'.. December 24th. 1896. She was 
born July 15th. 1877. He is a dealer in type- 
writers and lives at 102 \Vest Beard avenue. 
Syracuse. N. Y. She is secretary and treasurer 
of the Syracuse Journal. 

H. Mcrcv .\nn Heath was born November 19th. 1831. 
and lives at Chenango Forks, N. Y. She married 
Tesse Port of Chenango Forks June i8th. 1851. He 


was born Fel)riiarv 24th. 1823. and died at Chenan- 
go Forks, vSeptember Gth. ]886, ag-ed 63 years. He 
married, llrst. Esther Gray. April 13111, 1845. She 
was l)orn Jannary 2iid. 1823. He was a successful 
farmer and by his second wife, Mercy Ann Heath, 
had nine children, all born at Chenango Forks 
N. Y. : 

I. Jesse Lamont Port was born .April 2nd, 1852, and 
died April ist. 1858. 


Esther Ann Port, born December i8th. 1853, died 
July 20th. 1866. 

III. Freflerick Alonsan Port was l)orn May 9th, 1856. 
He married May Thomas of Chenango Forks, 
N. Y., February i8th, 1880. She was tern 
April sth, 1857. He is a farmer and lives at 
Chenango Forks. They had eight children, the 
three first were born in Windsor. N. Y.. the rest 
at Chenango Forks : 

1. Charles Frederick Port, born March 19th, 1881. 

He is a salesman and lives in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

2. Jesse Maurice Port was born August ist, 1885. 

3. Lydia May Port, born March 21st, 1887. 

4. Gladys Clare Port, born April 17th, 1889. 

5. Annie Maud Port, born December 8th, 1890, died 

December i6th, 1890. 

6. Ruth Lillian Port, torn February 13th, 1894. 

7- John Thomas Port, born September loth, 1896. 
8. Roger Harold Port, born August 23rd, 1899, 
died August 17th, 1900. 

IV. Julia Ellen Port was born March 20th, 1858. She 
married Carlos Eugene Brown of Choconut, N. 
Y., July 1st, 1885. He was born Septemtor 

4tli. 1S58. lie is a fanner and lives at Che- 
nango I'*(»rks. Tliex' lia\'e one daug'hter : 

I. Miriam IJrowii. born May -W'd. 1888. 

\'. I""rancis Kuq;ene Port was l:)orn February 24th. i860. 
He married Mary \'an Ness Manwarren of 
Windsor, X. N'.. Oct(>l)er 28th. 1896. She was 
l)orn Julv 5tli. 1868. He is a contractor and 
builder and lives at 3445 Prairie avenue, Chi- 
cago. Ill- " He is the first one oi the family to 
own an automol)ile." They have two children: 

1. Margaret Port, lx>rn August loth. 1898. 

2. Frances Genevieve Port. lx)rn July 22n(I. 1900, 

VI. Mary Alice Port was lx>rn March i8th, 1862. She 
is school teacher and li\es at Chenango Forks. 
N. Y. 

VII. Jessie Albertie Port was born November 14th, 1863. 
died July 22nd, 1865. 

\iTi. Irma Cienette Port was born December 29th. 1865. 
She married Robert Francis Cheney of Lee. 
Mass., September 25th, 1901. He was born 
December i8th, 1875. He is an Episcopal min- 
ister and lives at Gardner, Mass. 

IX. George Lewis Port was Ix^rn ^lay 21st, 1869. He 
married Maud \'an Name of Chenango Forks, 
October 29th, 1890. She was lx)rn July 16th. 
1872. He is a cariDcntcr and lives in Chicago, 
111. They have one son : 
I. Benjamin Jesse Port, lx>rn October 14th, 1894. 

II. iM-ederick Cone Heath was lx>rn Deceml)er 14th, 1833. 
He married Sarah Genevieve Lee Fel)niary loth, 
1880. She was the widow of b'lmer Lee and daugh- 


ter of Jesse Port ])y his first wife, Esther Grey. She 
was lK>rn April 22nd, 1848. He is a contractor and 
Imilder and lives at 2810 South Park avenue, Chi- 
cago, 111. They have one adopted daughter : 

T. Agnes Gertrude Heath was horn July 8th, 1882. 
She married Ernest B. Townsend November 
26th, 1902. He was born April 27th, 1874. 
They live at 834 North Fifty-Third avenue, 
Austin, 111. They have one daughter : 

I. Genevieve Heath Townsend, born December 
25th, 1903. 

IV. Lewis Bennett Heath was born May 8th, 1838. He 
is a carpenter and farmer and lives at Knox, Ind. 
He married Caroline Josephine Volck, September 
nth, 1867. She was born October 5th, 1841. They 
had three children : 

I. Florence L. Heath was torn June i8th. 1868, and 
lives in Chicago, 111. 

II. Lucy Marion Heath was born July 27th, 1870. She 
married Joseph Freeman of Chicago, 111., Sep- 
tember 25th, 1902. He was horn December 
1 6th, 1866. He is manager of the Missouri 
Metal Company, and lives at 3851 Shenandoah 
avenue, St. Louis, Mo. They have one daugh- 

I. Caroline Jo-sq^hine Freeman, born July 27th, 

III. Helen Louise Heath was born July 4th, 1875, and 
died August 26th. 1877. 

/ ( 


V. Ira AKiii I leal 1) was linni August J(jlh, 1844. He 
inarrit'd Minnie L. Snnlli >>\ Cliicag-<). 111.. bVbruary 
Sth, i,SS8. She was born al Clinton, Mich., Septem- 
her ^rd. 1H38. He is contractor and Imildcr and 
lives at 3134 I'raivie a\enue, Chica,<.;-o. III. 'i'hey 
liavc three children : 

1. Helen .\daline Heath, horn .\i)ril 4th, 1889. 
11. Clarence linrton I I'eath, ^ 

111. 1 lerhert Cone Heath, > Twins. 

born A])ril Joth, 1891. ) 

Asa Heath had 

10 Children. 5 Livini,^ 

38 Grandchildren, 27 Li vino- 

36 Great Grandchildren. 31 Living 

8 Great Great Grandchildren. 7 Living- 

92 Descendants. 7° Living 

Jonas and Charles Prentice's children, of whom 1 have 
no record, not incUided. 


May isf. 1904. 

I. John Ci.ark. died July 26111, 173 1. aged 83 years. 
He married Eli/^abeth White. She died December 25th, 171 1, 
aged 56 years. They had eight children : 



Daniel, born August 30th. 






Mary (again.) 

11. Daniei. Clark, born August 30th, 1680; died 
March 5th, 1725. He married July 12th, 1704. Elizabeth 
Whitmore, who died January 31st, 1743. They had seven 
children : 




Francis, born February iSth, 17 14. 





TIL Francis Ci.akk, l)nni I'V'liniary i8th. 1714; died 

November if)lli. 1 7</). lie married Alice , Ixnii 

lanu.'irx- ijtli, ij-'^: died December i_nb, 1X05. Tliey liad 
twehe cbihb'eii : 

Mind well. 







Francis, Jr., 1x>rn October 2nd. 1757. 





IV. Francis Clark, Jr., born October 2nd, 1757; died 
August 27th, 1813. He married July 12th. 1781. Mary John- 
son, born January 15th, 1762; died September ist, 1833. 
They moved from Middletown, Mass.. to Tyringham, Berk- 
shire County, Mass., in the year 1783. They had ten chil- 
dren : 

Reuben, lx>rn May 2nd, 1782. 
Joseph. Ix>rn November 23rd, 1784. 
Hamlin, torn August 14th, 1786. 
Clarissa, born February 14th, 1788. 
Francis, lx>rn April 24th. 1789. 
San ford, born November 6th. 1791. 
Mary, born May 21st. 1793. 
Dorothy, born Octol)er i7tli. 1795. 
Hiram, lx)rn October 2nd, 1797. 
Bernice, lx>rn July 4th, 1800. 


V. Clarissa Clark, horn Fehniarv 141I1, 1788; died 
Septemljer 30th. 1828. She married July 25th. 1816, Asa 
Heatli. He was lx>rn April 24th. 1790; died July 27th, 1848. 
They had five children : 

Francis Clark Heath, horn Novemher 29th, 1818; 
died April 2n(l. 1900. 

Milton Tracy Heath, horn June 15th, 1821; died 
April 27th. 1822. 

Clarissa Heath, horn Octoher 2nd, 1822; living at 
Akron, la. 

Asa Heath, Jr., horn Septemher 15th, 1824; died 
May 19th. 1890. 

Giles Heath, horn January 5th, 1827; died at Wind- 
sor, N. Y., Octoher 23rd, 1904. 


1, D.wii'i, Com: was possibl}- the first of tlic naiiK- in 
America. His l)irtli])1ace has not heen Wtund. nor has the ex- 
act (late of his l)irtli l)een ascertained. It is an often <|note(l 
statement tlial "he was horn in h".(hnhuri^-h. Scotland, and 
came to this conntrx- in the _\ear 1651, on tlie ship ' Jolm and 
Sarah.'" The records are lackini"^ to hear ont tlie statement 
and his name does not apjiear in tlie list of passengers on that 
ship for that year. lie married Mahitahle Spencer, daughter 
of Jared Spencer, then of Hartford, Conn. She was born at 
I.ynn, Mass., in 1642, and died in lladdam. Conn., in 1691. 
lie married in 1692. Rebecca, widow of Richard W'alkley, of 
liaddam. Conn. He was one of the twenty-eight who pur- 
chased the greater part of Middlesex County, Conn., from the 
Indians. The price i)aid for the land, over one hundred thou- 
sand, acres, was thirty red coats. This purchase was made in 
1^/12, the Indians reserving the right to hunt and fish on the 
land, so long as they did not disturb the settlers. Daniel 
resided in Haddam until 1680, when he moved to the east side 
of the river. .\lx>ut 1695 '""^ returned to Haddam, where he 
died. October 24th, 1706, aged 80 years. By his first wife he 
had the following children : 

1. Until, born January 7th, 1662. 

2. Hannah, born Ajjvil '■)th. 1664. 

3. Daniel, Ixtrn January 21st. 1666. died June 25th, 


4. Jared, born January 7th. \f)C)S<. died April iith. 



5- Rebecca, born Kel)ruary 6th, 1670. 

6. Ebenezer, baptised March 25th, 1673. 

7. Nathaniel, baptised June 4th, 1675, (bed about 


8. Stephen, baptised March 26th, 1678, died Decem- 

ber 1st, 1756. 

9. Caleb, baptised March 19th, 1682, died Septem- 

ber 25th. 1743. 

II. Stephen Cone, son of Daniel, was born in Had- 
dam in 1677, liaptised March 26th, 1678, married Mary 
Hungerford, February 5th, 1702. She was lx)rn in 168 1 and 
died March 16. 1763, aged 82 years. Both were admitted to 
membership in the First Congregational Church in East Had- 
dam, in 1704. and remained active members until their death. 
He was a farmer and died at East Haddam, December ist, 
1756, aged 79 years. Children : 

1. Mary, born February 2nd, 1703. 

2. Rebecca, born May 6th. 1704. 

3. Stephen, born November nth, 1706, died June 

23rd, 1771. 

4. Susannah, born July 15th, 1708, died August 

14th, 1787. 

5. Eleanor, born December 21st. 1710. died April 

9th, 1730. 

6. Tared, born March loth, 1713, died September 

27th, 1714. 

7. Mahitable, born July 14th, 17 14. died 1791. 

8. Deborah, born April 2nd, 17 18. 

9. John, born October 15th, 1720, died 1758. 
10. Reuben, born May 30th. 1723. 

III. Stephen Cone, son of Stephen, was born in East 
Haddam, Conn., November iith. 1706. He married Susan- 


nail Clark. Kd )ruarv 21st. 1732. They lx)th joined the First 
Congregational Church. August 21 si. 1738. They moxed to 
Bolton, Conn., in 1745. Ijeing among the earliest settlers of 
that ])an nf the Colon_\-. lie early took a ])rominent i)art in 
political affairs of his coninuniit\- and was elected to the Leg- 
islature in 1750. 1751, 1752, 1734. 1755. 1763. and 1764. He 
died in Bolton June j^^. 1771, aged 66 years. Children: 

1. Jared. horn December 31st. 1773, died Aprd 

I ith. 1807. 

2. Susannah, horn April ist, 17^5, died June i6th, 

181 5. 

3. Stephen, horn March 24th. 1737. 

4. Zachanah, born February 23rd. 1739. died about 


5. FJeanor, born b'ebruary 5th, 1741. died Alav 

1 6th, 1790. 

6. Mary, born March 2()th. 1743. 

7. Mahitable. horn December ist, 1744, died April 

3rd, 1766. 

8. b)hn, horn May 26th, 1746, died October 5th, 


IV. Zachariah Cone, son of Stephen, Jr., was born 
at East Haddam, Conn., February 23rd, 1739. He married 

Mary (lilbert in 1765. He moved with his father's family to 
Bolton, in 1745. and remained there until 1777. Afterwards 
he made his home at Hebron, Conn., where he died about 
1802, aged alxint 1)3 years. Children and grandchildren: 

I. Samuel, bnrn at Boltun in 1 77C). married Susan- 
nah Hutchinson abotit 1784. She was horn 
in 1769 and died at Atlanta, Ga., in 1853, 
aged 84 years. lie went to Georgia from 
Connecticut in 1820, as a " Yankee Pedler " 


and became a prosperous and successful mer- 
chant at Rome, Ga., where he chcd January 
loth, 1848, ag-ed 8t years. Children: 

a. Samuel, born in 1785. 

b. Reuben, lj<jrn July 14th. 1787, died April 9th, 


c. Gilbert, tern February 4th, 1791, died Octo- 

ber 8th,, 1878. 

2. Caroline, born in January, 1768, died August 

19th, 1853, aged 85 years. She married 
Jonathan Peters of Hebron. Conn., they had 
a daughter, who married Mr. Graves and Mr. 
Graves had a daughter, Elizabeth, who mar- 
ried Squire Addison McKee of Windsor, 
N. Y.' 

3. Frederick, Ijorn in December, 1769, died March 

4th, 18 14. Married Lucy Williamson in 

4. Wealthy, born at Bolton, April 26th. 1772. She 

married Linden Hebbard in Boltoii in 1798. 
They moved, about 1800, to Tioga County, 
Pa., and in 181 5 to Unadilla, N. Y., where 
they both died. He was a farmer. Children : 

a. Joseph, married Emily Spinning and died at 

Medina, O. 

b. Mary, married a Mr. Ells and died at Unadilla, 

N. Y. 

c. Caroline, married Daniel Hough, died at 

Greene, N. Y. 

d. Sidney, born May 2nd, 1809, died January 

1 2th, 1867. He married Ulyssa Clark. 


5- Zaclianah, Ixini at llolioii, C<>nn.. March Nth. 
1774. lie married Wealthy Kingslniry in 
Cowntry. C'duii., April i ith. 1804. She was 
liorn October _'4ih. 17N3. and died at Batavia. 
X. ^'.. July J3lh, 1S43. He served as a sol- 
dier 111 the War (►! 181J. He nio\-ed to 15a- 
tavia in 1840. and died there Jiil\- 14th. 1854, 
aged 80 years. Children : 

a. Alary, horn March loth, 1805. died February 

1 2th. 1830. Married Reuben Rowley. 
Xo children. 

b. Walter, born August 2nd. 1807. died March 

24th. 1808. 

c. Hubbell P).. born I'ebruary 15th. 1809. died Oc- 

tober 8th. 1 87 1. Married Mary M. 
Skilton. Xovember 29th. i83(). He died 
in Chicago during the great tire. 

(/. Albert Callatin, born June 2nd. 181 i. died Xo- 
veml3er 23rd, 1880. 

('. Salmon G.. born August 6th. 181 5. died April 
— . 1890. Married, first. Alercy Ann 
Cone, daughter of Gardner Cone, March 
26th. 1843. ^^ married, second. Julia 
Eleanor Fowler. March 19th, 1862. He 
had two children by his last wife. 

f. Harriet M.. born June 5th, 1818. died August 
27th. 1900. Married William R. Phelps. 

C). Molly, born July 28th. 1776. 

7. Adonijah. born July 18th, 1778. at Hebron. Coini. 
He married Lydia Taylor. April loth. 1805. 
She was lx)rn April i6th, 1787, and died at 
Unadilla. N. Y., December i8tb. i88r, aged 
94 years. He practiced medicine in Tolland 


County, Conn., and moved to Unadilla in 
1810. He died at Unadilla, May 28th, 1862. 
aged 84 years. Children : 

a. Julia Ann, born 1806, died February 14th, 

1868. She married Mr. Bolles. 

b. Lewis G., born January 27th, 1808, died March 

2 1 St, 1884. He married Elizabctli 

8. Daniel, lx>rn at Hebron in 1780. He married 

Margaret Hall, July loth, 1808. She was 

born in 1784 and died August 25th, 1827. 

He married, second, Hannah Taylor, sister 

of Lydia, September nth. 1828. She was 

born December 23rd, 1799. and died January 

6th, 1894, aged 94 years. The combined 

ages of herself and sister and two brothers 

was 372 years. He moved to Unadilla in 

1810 and died there July 6th, 1842, aged 62 

years. Children : 

a. Harriet, born July 28th, 1813, died November 

loth. 1861. She married Theodore 

Hanford, May 6th, 1834. 

9. Gardner, born at Hebron, April 6th, 1783. He 

married Sarah Ann Robertson, October 20th, 

1806. She was born October 17th, 1786. 

They moved to Unadilla in 18 10 and both 

died there. Children : 

a. Mercy Ann. born July 15th, 1824, died May 

1st, 1847. She married Salmon G. 

Cone. No children. 

10. Gilbert, born 1786, died unmarried, February 
15th. 1858. Member of New York Assem- 



\'. Frkdkrick Conk, l3orn at Boltcm. Conn., in Decem- 
ber. 1769. He niarried T.ncy Williamson in 1795. Slie was 
linrn at Ileliron. Conn., in 1 77O. and died in Lee, Mass.. Xn- 
veml)er Stli, 1S4S, a,<;ed -ji years. He died at Xew MarUx)ro. 
Mass.. March 41I1, 1.^14. aged 45 years, lie was a shoemaker, 
and died of consnmi)tion. Cliildren and grandchildren: 

I. William Cone, horn July 19th. 1797. He mar- 
ried, first. Adelia Taylor. April 3rd. 1822; 
married, second. Adeline Kelley. He was a 
farmer. li\ed at Lee. Alass.. and died there 
in November. 1881. Children: 

(/. .\lvan. horn February 7th. 1823. 

/;. William Gilbert, horn .\\^\■\\ J.^th. 1827. He 

married Lanra Hall. Noveml:>er 29th. 

1849. The)- had two children. 

c. Edward h'ranklin. horn August 16th. 1829. 

died June ^)th. 1843. 

d. Harriet Adelia. horn July 4th. 1831. She mar- 

ried John F. Sarle. Resides at Brook- 

c. Mary, born August 31st. 1833. died December 
22nd, 1834. 

/. Frederic, born February 6th. 1839. 

2. Mcyc\ Cone, born December 27th. 1798. She 
married Asa Heath at Tyringham, Mass.. 
February T9th. 1829. He was born April 
24th, 1790. and died at Windsor. N. ^■.. July 
27th. 1848. aged 58 years. She died at Che- 
nango Forks. N. Y., September 30th. 1876. 
aged 78 years. Her husband was a farmer 
and lived at Windsor, X. Y. Children : 
a. Liic\ Maria, born b\^bruary 24th. 1830. died 



1798 - 18 76. 


Decemljer 26111. 1903. Married Phillip 
T. Stilwell, October nth, 1848. 

/;. Mercy Ann. born November 19th. 1831. She 
married Jesse Port. June i8th. 185 1. 
and resides at Chenango Forks, N. Y. 

c. Frederick Coiie. born December 14th, 1833. 
He married Sarah Genevieve, widow of 
Elmer Lee and daughter of Jesse Port 
by his first wife. Resides at Chicago. 

(/. Lewis Bennett, born May 8th. 1838. He mar- 
ried Caroline J. Volck. September nth, 
1867. Resides at Knox, Ind. 

c. Ira Alvan, born August 29th, 1844. He mar- 
ried Minnie L. Smith, February 8th, 
1888. Resides at Chicago. 

Frederick Cone, born October 9th, 1800. He 

married Sarah Steadman, November 31st, 

183 1 ; died October loth, 1875, aged 75 
years. No children. 

Roger Cone, born October 9th, 1803. died at 
Penfield. Ohio, March 12th. 1885. aged 81 
years. He married Emeline Brown, March 
14th, 1839. She was born at Tyringham, 
Mass., April 21st, 1803. aud died at Pen- 
field, Ohio, March nth, 1876. He was a 
farmer and moved from Lee, Mass. tO' Pen- 
field, Ohio, in 1845. Children: 

a. Marshall, born March 12th, 1840, died Decem- 

ber 8th, 1868. 

b. Mary, born October 25th. 1841. Residence. 

Pennington, N. J. 

c. Mercy, born April 6th. 1844. She married 

David J. Peters. Resides at Welling- 
ton, Ohio. 


(I. Martha, huni April (>{h. 1.^44. died May 29th. 


c. Mcritt, Ixini Marcli jhtli. i^^d, died vSei)teml)er 

/. Mdaii. Ijoni April 4tli. 1S4S, died January ] ilh, 
1892. lie married Esther Drake. 

3. I'nlly Cone. ])r)rn near Hop Brook, Mass., Janu- 
ary 20th. 1803. and died at Berrien Springs. 
Alieh.. ()ctf)l)er 20th. 1889, aged 84 years. 
She married Jose])!] Warren Ho\ye, March 
28th. 1833. He was horn September 24th, 
1802, and (Hed at Berrien Springs, September 
4th. 1875. Children : 

a. Henry D., born March i4ih, 1835. He mar- 

ried Mary P. Essick. Reside at Ber- 
rien Springs. 

b. Mary Ann. born Septem])er 29111, 1836, died 

March 9th. 1837. 
C-. Mary M., lx>rn July 14th. 1838. She married 
Charles E. McCollister. Reside at Ber- 
rien Springs. 

d. Uriah Iv.. born September 12th, 1840. He 

married Alary A. Robinson. Reside at 

c. Edward F., born October 9th, 1842. He mar- 

ried Clara H. Wilkinson. 

/. Joseph \V., lx)rn Noyember iith. 1844. He 
married Josephine I. Kellogg. Reside 
at Berrien Springs. 

i^. Sarah J., born Deceml)cr 13th. 1846, died Feb- 
ruary 13th. 1892. She married John 

C). Mander Cone, born in Lee, Mass., June 17th, 
1807. He was a farmer, liyed near Rock- 


ford. 111., and died there June 2nd, 1893, aged 
86 years. He married, first, Esther Howk, 
in 1832. She died in 1839. He married, 
second. Sarah M. Bushnell. April 22nd. 1847. 
She died February 9th. 1888. Children : 

a. Charles A I., born January 13th. 1834, died Feb- 

ruary 29th. 1884. He married Emily 
. March 24th. 1857. 

b. Joseph B., born April 2nd, 1848. He married 

Elizabeth Munger. February nth. 1875. 
Reside at Chicago. 

c. Edward Franklin, born December loth. 1852. 

He married Alice Pitkin. Reside at 
Rockford. 111. 

d. Hiram, born September 9th, 1854, died Sep- 

tember 1 2th, 1874. 

7. Lucy Maria Cone, born at Lee. Mass., October 

30th. 1 8 TO and died there November ist, 
1892. aged 82 years. She married Jesse 
Cheney, July 4th. 1830. He was born April 
2ist, 1806. and died January 29th, 1872. 
Children : 

a. Lucy Ann, born July 23rd. 183 1. died Septem- 
ber 20th. 1880. She married John E. 

h. Robert Bruce, born May 8th, 1833. ^^ mar- 
ried Mary Louisa Couch. 

c. George W., bom June 3rd, 1835. He married 
Hannah Beach. 

8. Erastus Dewey Cone, born in New Marlboro, 

Mass.. February 13th. 18 12. and died No- 
vember 24th. 1881. He married Julia Beach, 


jainiarv mtli. 1S35. Slie was horn April 
lotli. 1812, and (lied .\u,<;iist 19th. 1861. He 
married, second. Alary Ann nnl)l)ard. who 
(hed in 1873. He married, third. Ann 
Janette Fuller. Sejitemhcr loth. J 874. He 
was a farmer. Children : 

(7. Henry Dewey, horn August 4tli. 1836. died 
Novemher 19th. 1896. He married, 
first. Ellen Howard Laughlin. and mar- 
ried, second. Sarah Brown Owen. 

h. Frances Julia, horn July i8th. 1849, died Au- 
gust r)th. 1874. 



Adams, John 8 Clark. 

Andrus, Rubin ii Clark, 

Baird, Mr. Baird i5 Clark, 

Beach, Hannah 37 Clark, 

Beach, Julia 37 Clark, 

Blanchard, Julia A 9, 12 Clark, 

Blatchley, Clara Erma 15 Clark, 

Blatchley, Emily V 15 Clark. 

Blatchley, Otis 15 Clark. 

Bolles. Mr 33 Cone, 

Bowles, John 4, 5 Cone, 

Brown, Carlos E 21 Cone. 

Brown. Eniiline 35 Cone. 

Brown, Miriam 22 Cone, 

Bushnell, Sarah M 37 Cone, 

Cheney, Jesse 37 Cone, 

Chenej^, Lucy A 37 Cone, 

Cheney, George W 37 Cone, 

Cheney, Robert Bruce 37 Cone, 

Cheney, Robert F 22 Cone, 

Clark, Abigail 25, 26 Cone. 

Clark, Addie 18 Cone. 

Clark, Alice 26 Cone, 

Clark, Bernice 26 Cone, 

Clark, Charlotte 17 Cone, 

Clark, Clarissa 12, 13, 26,27 Cone, 

Clark, Daniel 25, 26 Cone, 

Clark, Dorothy 26 Cone, 

Clark. Elisha 25 Cone, 

Clark, Elizabeth 25, 26 Cone, 

Clark. Francis 25, 26 Cone, 

Clark, Giles 26 Cone, 

Clark, Hamlin 26 Cone, 

Clark, Hannah 25,26 Cone, 

Clark, Hiram 26 Cone, 

Clark, John 25 Cone, 

Clark, Joseph 25, 26 Cone, 

Clark, Lemuel 26 Cone, 

Clark, Martha 25, 26 Cone. 

Clark, Mary 25, 26 Cone, 


Mindwell 26 

Nathaniel 25 

Reuben 26 

Sanford 26 

Sarah 25 

Smith 26 

Susannah 30 

Ulyssa 31-- 

White 25 

Adonijah 32 

Albert G 32 

Alvan 34 

Caleb 29 

Caroline 31 

Charles M 37 

Daniel 28, 33 

Deborah 29 

Ebenezer 29 

Edward F 34, 37 

Eleanor 29, 30 

Erastus D 37 

Frances J 38 

Frederick 31, 34. 3S 

Gardner 32, 33 

Gilbert 31, 33 

Hannah 28 

Harriet 32, 33 

Harriet A 34 

Henry D 38 

Hiram 37 

Hubbell B 32 

Jared 28, 29, 30 

John 29, 30 

Joseph B 37 

Julia A 33 

Lewis G 33 

Lucy M 37 

^Lahitable 29, 30 

Mander 36 

Marshall 35 



Cone, Martha t,6 

Cone, Mary 29, .^o, 32, 34. 35 

Cone, Mercy. ...12, 13, 17. 34, 35 

Cone, Mercy A :;i2, t,;^ 

Cone, ■\Ierritt 36 

Cone, Milan 36 

Cone, Molly 32 

Cone, Nathaniel 29 

Cone, Polly 36 

Cone. Rebecca 29 

Cone. Reuben 29, 31 

Cone, Roger 35 

Cone, Ruth 28 

Cone, Salmon G 32, 3^ 

Cone, Samuel 30, 31 

Cone, Stephen • 29, 30 

Cone, Susannah 29, 30 

Cone, Walter 32 

Cone, Wealthy 31 

Cone, William 34 

Cone, William G 34 

Cone, Zachariah 30, 32 

Couch, Mary L 37 

Davis, Mary 5 

Drake, Esther 36 

Edson, Isaac C 8 

Edson, Joseph C 15 

Edson, Laura D 15 

Edson, Rhoda 7, g 

Eizenberg, Catherine 14 

Eliot, Apostle 5 

Ells. Mr 31 

Essick, Mary P 36 

Fisher, Ann 6 

Fisher, Cornelius 6 

Fisher, Leah 6 

Fisher, Samuel 5 

Flynn, John H 20 

Fowler, Julia E 32 

Freeman. Joseph 23 

Freeman. Caroline Josephine. . 23 

Fuller. Ann J 38 

Gilbert, Flora E 14 

Gilbert, Mary 30 

Graves. Elizabeth 31 

Graves, ]\lr 31 


( jray. James F. S 19 

Gray. James H 19 

Grey, Esther 21. 23 

Hall John 15 

Hall. I^ura 34 

Hall, Margaret ..: 33 

Hall. Nora E 15 

Hamilton. Florence 15 

Hamilton, Harrison 15 

Hamilton, Laura 15 

Hamilton, Otis 15 

Han ford, Theodore 33 

Heath, Aaron. .7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 

Heath, Abigail 5, 7 

Heath. Abner 7, 11, 12 

Heath, Addison H 14 

Heath. Agnes G 23 

Heath, Alice 14 

Heath. Alva 12 

Heath, Amos 7, 12 

Heath, Amy 7, 8 

Heath, Ann 6, 7 

Heath. Asa.. 12, 13, 17. 24, 27, 34 

Heath, Barney g 

Heath. Bartholomew 4 

Heath, Benjamin 7, 12 

Heath, Catherine 11 

Heath, Charles C 17 

Heath, Clarence B 24 

Heath, Clarinda 8 

Heath, Clarissa E. ..15, 16, 17, 27 

Heath, Clark 14 

Heath, David 12 

Heath, Earl 14 

Heath, Ebenezer 6, 7 

Heath. Edith 14 

Heath. Edward 13 

Heath. Elizabeth 5, 7 

Heath. Florence 14 

Heath, Florence L 23 

Heath, Francis C 13, 27 

Heath, Frederick C 22, 35 

Heath, Frederick W 17 

Heath, Giles 17, 27 

Heath, Hannah 5 

Heath, Helen A 24 



Heath, Helen L 23 

Heath, Herbert C 24 

Heath, Ira 14 

Heath, Ira A 24, 35 

Heath, Irene it 

Heath, Isaac 4, 5, 6, 7, 11 

Heath, James 12 

Heath, Jane 13 

Heath, Jessie 14 

Heath, John 8, 9 

Heath. Johnathan 12 

Heath, Joseph 6, 7, 9 

Heath, JuHa 12 

Heath, Kelsey 9 

Heath, Laura 14 . 

Heath, Lewis B 23, 35 

Heath, Lucy 8 

Heath, Lucy ]\Iaria 18, 34 

Heath, Lucy Marion 23 

Heath, Major R n 

Heath, Marjorie 14 

Heath, Mary 4, 5, 9, 12 

Heath, Mercy A 20, 21, 35 

Heath, Mlton T 14, 27 

Heath, Peleg 5, 6 

Heath, Rachel 6, 7 

Heath, Ralph 14 

Heath, Rhoda 8, 11, 12 

Heath, Rhoda R 12 

Heath. Robert S 17 

Heath, Roxiene 11 

Heath, Saloma 12 

Heath, Sylvester 9 

Heath, Thankful 7.. 

Heath, Warren F 14 

Heath, William 4, 5, 7 

Hebbard, Caroline 31 

Hebbard, Joseph 31 

Hebbard. Linden 31 

Hebbard, Mary 31 

Hebbard, Sidney 31 

Hill, Thomas W 17 

Hine, Amy 8 

Hough, Daniel 31 

Howe, Edward F 36 

Howe, Henry D ^6 

Howe, Joseph W 36 


Howe, Mary A 36 

Howe, Mary M 36 

Howe, Sarah J 36 

Howe, Uriah R t,(> 

Howk, Esther T,y 

Hubbard, Mary A 38 

Hunger ford. Mary 29 

Hutchinson, Susannah 30 

Hyde, Harriet 14 

Ingersoll, John E :i7 

Johnson, Mary 26 

Kelley, Adeline 34 

Kellogg, Josephine 1 36 

King, Susannah 5 

Kingsbury, Wealthy 7,2 

iClauer, Clara E '. . . 15 

Klauer, Edward 15 

Laughlin, Ellen H ^S 

Lee, Elmer 35 

Lee, Sarah G 22, 35 

Lewis, Mary 18 

Listman, Inez A 20 

Mann, Mary 12 

Manwarren, Mary V 22 

Markham, Patience 9 

McCollister, Charles E 3,6 

McKee, Esq. Addison 31 

Moot, Emeline 16 

Moot, Ernest 16 

Moot, Gladys 16 

Moot, Thomas 16 

Moore, Elizabeth 2i 

Munger, Elizabeth 2i7 

Nichols, Mr 11 

Owen, Sarah B 38 

Penny, Marie A ig 

Peters, David J 35 

Peters, Johnathan 31 

Phelps, William R 32 

Pitkin, Alice 2>7 

Port, Anna M 21 

Port, Benjamin J 22 

Port, Charles F 21 

Port, Esther A. 21 

Port, Frances G 22 

Port, Francis E 22 

Port, Frederick A 21 



Port, George L 22 

Port. Gladys C 21 

Port, Irma G 22 

Port, Jesse 20, 23,-35 

Port, Jesse L 21 

Port, Jesse M 21 

Port, Jessie A 22 

Port, John T 21 

Port, Julia E 21 

Port. Lydia M 21 

Port, Margaret 22 

Port, ^lary A 22 

Port, Roger H 21 

Port. Ruth L 21 

Prentice, Charles 17, 24 

Prentice, Elsie 16 

Prentice, Jonas 16, 24 

Prentice, Nathan 16 

Prentice, Philo 16 

Reed, Thomas 6 

Richey. Fraiiklin P 20 

Robbins, Catherine 7 

Robinson, Mary A ^^ 

Robertson, Sarah A 33 

Rowley, Reuben ^2 

Roj^alty, Nora 15 

Sarle, John F 34 

Shears, Samuel 5 

Siminson, Ella 16 

Skilton, Mary M 32 

Slaughter, Dorcas 7 

Smith, Fred H 19 

Smith, Ida A 18 

Smith, Myra G 19 

Smith, Minnie 1 24, 35 

Smith, William E. 19 

Spear, Mary 5 

Spencer, Jared 28 

Spencer, Mahitable 28 

Spinning, Emily 31 

Steadman, Sarah 35 

Stevens, Caroline A 8 

Stilson, Orra 12 

Stihvell,. Ada 20 

Stihvell, Adelaide 20 

Stihvell, Arthur J 18 

;EP 11333 


Stihvell, Dewitt ig 

Stihvell, Ellen A 19 

Sihvell. Emma 20 

Stihvell, Frank T 20 

Stihvell, George R 20 

Stihvell, Giles H 18 

Stihvell. Giles P 19 

Stihvell, Jennie 20 

Stihvell, Lamont 18 

Stihvell, Lewis 19 

Stihvell, Lucy 18 

Stihvell, Mar>- M 19 

Stihvell, Mildred L 20 

Stihvell, Phillip T 18, 35 

Stihvell, Ralph 18 

Stihvell, Ruby A 18 

Stihvell, Wilson iS 

Swagart, Sarah A 17 

Swan, Lucetta P 17 

Sweet, Mary 11 

Sweet, Mr 12 

Taylor, Adelia 34 

Taylor, Hannah ;i^ 

Taylor, Lydia 32, ::^3 

Thomas, Mary 21 

Titus, Hattie L 20 

Townsend, Ernest B 23 

Townsend, Genevieve H 23 

Tudor, John 36 

Ultey, Lj^dia 7 

Van Buren, Charlotte 16 

Van Buren, Cornelius 16 

Van Buren, Elsie 16 

Van Buren, Ralph 16 

Van Name, Maud 22 

Volck. Caroline J 23, 35 

Walkley. Rebecca 28 

Walkley. Richard 28 

Ward. John 7 

Weeks, Amelia 13 

White. Elizabeth 25 

Whitmore, Elizabeth 25 

Wilkinson, Clara H 36 

Williamson, Lucy 31, 34 

Wilson. Bertha iS 

Youngman. Francis 6 



iiiii.}-" 1 -i