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Full text of "A genealogical record of the descendants of John & Mary Palmer of Concord, Chester (now Delaware) Co., Pa. .."

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n^lY^^"^)^^ HISTORICAL 



3 1833 01419 1461 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2009 with funding from 

Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center 



JoliEi and Mary Palmer 


In Two DivisioriG—Palmer-Trimble 

Pal]Mer BiYisiosi 


Almond, Armeut, Baker, Bald^vin, Buffington, Chamberlam (or 

lin), Clark, Coffmaii, Cope, Darlingtou, Davis, Duttoii, 

Earle, Eaveiison, Fox, Garrett, Gilpiu, Good, Grubb, 

Hackney, Hall, Hatton, Hoopes, Jefferis, Jones, 

Kcster, Larkin, McCaulc}-, Martin, Mecteer, 

Mercer, Morris, Newlin, Perdue, Pyle, 

Smith, Taylor, Thatcher, W^ay, 

Wheeland, Wood, Worrell, 

Wyly, Yarn all, and 

New Edition- 
Compiled BY Lewis ^PAT^fKR 
1910 "" ~ 







56 r 

VII— 1991. LEVIS P. GOOD (Joseph 6). b. Tan. 2, 1865; m. LE- 
TITIA KEMBLE Dec. 17, 1903. dau. of Samuel Kemble and Elizabeth 
Wig-fall, b. Jan. 25, 1S66. 

He has the farm which belonged to his father, adjoining the Homestead 
farm; address, Kembleville, Chester Co., Pa. No issue. 

VII— 1992. JOSEPH NEWLIX GOOD (Joseph 6). b. Oct. 18. 
1867; m. LILLIAX CROSSAX X'ov. 30, 1904. dau. of Lewis H. Crossan 
and Mary E. Jones, b. Aug. 29, 1877. 

He has the homestead farm of his father and grandfather; address, Kem- 
bleville, Chester Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 
VIII — 4655. Joseph Good, b. Dec. 2G, 1906. 
VIII — 1656. Heury Xewlin Good, b. May 11, 1909. 

VII— 1993. GEORGE N. WOOD (Joseph 6), b. Sept. 11, 1870; m 
ELIZABETH .AI. WHITE Nov. 18, 1S92, dau. of Asa S. White and Lydia 
A. Baker, b. Jan. 29, 1869. 

He is a farmer; address, Kembleville, Chester Co., Pa. 

Children : — 

VIII— 46.57. Anna V.'. Good, b. Jan. 4, 1S94. 

VIII— 4658. Joseph Harvey Good, b. Jan. 5. 1S95. 

VIII — ^1659. Palmer A. Good, b. May 24, 1S&6; d. Aug. 22, 1896. 

Issue of Palmer Good {No. 632) and Maria E. Kinsey. 

VII— 1997. JOEL PALMER GOOD (Palmer. Susanna, loseph. John, 
John,John), b. May 29, 1863; m. PHEBE McFADDEX Sept. 27, 18S8" dau 
of Charles McFadden. 

They were legally separated. 

M. second, EAIMA CARR Oct. 3, 1900, dau. of Christopher Carr and 
Sarah Farris, b. }>Iay 26, 1864. 

They reside in West Grove, Chester Co., Pa. 
Child by first wife: — 

VIII— 4660. Helen Amy Good. b. March 6, TSO. 

Her address is, 1100 Morrison Ave., Allegheny, Pa. 

Children by second wife : — 
VIII — }661. Earl Palmer Good, b. July 12 lOO"* 
VIII— 4662. Mary Ethel Good, b. Jan. 14, 'l904. " 
VIII— 4663. Dorothy Eastburn Good, b. March 9, 1906. 

Issue of Francis Good {No. 6js) and Sarah Thompson. 

VII— 1998. LEWIS PALMIER GOOD (Francis. Susanna Joseph, 
wi"c'/'?"' -^°^"^' ^- 9 "10- 5. 1853. near Cochranville: m. PHEBE A. 
V\ Lb I 6 mo. 3, 1885, dau. of Benjamin West and Esther H. Baker, b. 3 mo. 
27, i860, at Avondale. 


He is a farmer, with farm immediately north of Avondale, Chester Co. 

Children :— 
VIII--4604. William West Good, b. 6-25-1S86. 
VIII— 4665. Esther R. Good, b. 5-20-1890. 
VIII— 4666. Francis Good, b. 3-23-1896. 
VIII— 4667. Benjamin W. Good. b. 3-24-1900; d. 4-12-1900. 
VIII— 4668. Spencer T. Good, b. 7-7-1901. 

VII— 1999. ELLA T. GOOD (Francis 6), b. 3 mo. 17. 1864; m. 
SOLOMON J. PUSEY 10 mo. 25, 1SS8, by Friends' ceremony, son of 
Jesse D. Pusey and Hannah D. Yeatman. b. 8 mo. 24, 1862. 

He is a lumber and feed merchant, with business and residence in West 
Grove, Chester Co., Pa. 

Children : — 
VIII-4669. Edgar G. Piisey. b. 8-19-1891; d. 3-24-1906. 
VIII— 4670. Hannah Sarah Pusey, b. 3-10-1898. 
VIII— 4671. Norman S. Pusey, b. 6-9-1904. 

Issue of Isaac Good (No. 6jj) and Elizabeth Seal, born in West Marlborough, 
Chester Co., Pa. 

VII— 2001. SUSAX ANNA GOOD (Isaac. Susanna. Joseph. lohn, 
John, John), b. 9 mo. 15, 1855 ; m. CHESTER B. FRIEND 5 mo. 16, '1893, 
son of John Friend and Viola Hodson, b. 9 mo. 2t„ 1870, in Maine. 

He is a farmer; address, Landenberg, Chester Co., Pa.; later removed to 
Darby, Pa. 

Children : — 

VIII— 4672. Morris Emerson Friend, b. 9-16-1894. 

VIII-^673. Alfred Tennyson Friend, b. 8-21-1SD6; d. 1-12-1904. 

VIII— 4674. Rpymond Good Friend, b. 8-16-13P5. 

VII— 2002. MARY P. GOOD (Isaac 6), b. 11 mo. 20, 1863; unm. 
She resided with her sister on a farm and later at Darby, Pa. 

Line of John, John, John, Joseph, John. 

Issue of Anna Maria Palmer (No. 6jy) and Thomas P. Haide\, born in West 
Chester, Pa. 

VII— 2006. VIRGINIA HAWLEY (Anna M., John, Joseph, John, 
John, John), b. 9 mo. 6, 1857; d. 3 mo. 16, 1887; unm. 
She resided in West Chester, Pa. 

VII— 2007. JOSEPH P. HAWLEY (Anna M. 6), b. 10 mo. 21, 
1859; d. 4 mo. 26, 1885; unm. 

He resided in West Chester, Pa. 


VII— -008. HOWARD HAWLEY (Anna M. 6), b. 8 mo. 14, 1865; 
rn. TRANCES VIRGINIA GRIFFITH 2 mo. 12, 1889, in Philadelphia, 
dau. of Abraham Griffith and Catharine Arnient, b. 4 mo. 4, 1865. 

He was timekeeper clerk in the Sharpless Separator Works in West Ches- 
ter, Pa., with residence 222 South Walnut St. He died June 14, 191 1 ; bur. at 
Greenmount Cemetery. 

Children :— 
VDI— luTS. Virginia Curtis Hawley, b. 11-12-lSf'O. 
VIII— 4676. George Herbert Hawley, b. 8-2-1S92. 

Issue of Pemiock Palmer {No. 6j<S) and Dina H. Mann, born in New Garden, 
Chester Co., Pa. 

VII— 20og. CARRIE W. PALMER (Pennock, Jolin, Joseph, John, 
John, John), b. 10 mo. 22, 1854; unm. 

She is a trained nurse; address, Kennett Square, Pa. 

VII— 2010. ALBERT H. PALMER (Pennock 6), b. 8 mo. 27, 1858; 

VII— 2011. LYDIA ANNA PALMER (Peimock 6). b. 9 mo. i. 
1862; m. IRA N. JEFFERIS 5 mo. 13. 1888, son of William Jefferis and 
Lydia Caroline Edwards, b. Feb. 2y, 1850. 

He is a clerk in the B. & O. Railroad office 24th and Chestnut Sts., Phila- 
delphia, Pa., with residence, 50 North Barnard St. 

Children : — 
Vlil— 4677. Rsymonr] Palmer Jefferis, b. June in, 1SS9. 
vni— 1678. Wayne B Jefferis, b. Sept. l.'^, 1591. 

Issue of Junius M. Palmer (,Yo. 6f,9) and Helen M. Day, the first three b. at 
At water, O., the last at Council Blufifs, la. 

VII— 2012. CHARLES DAY PAL:vIER f Junius. John. Joseph. 
John. John. John), b. Nov. 30. 1865: m. EDITH BERKHIMER Nov. 21, 
1898, whose father was an officer in tlic U. S. Army. She d. Nov. — , 1903. 
aged 26 years. 

He traveled through China. Japan, the Philippine Islands, etc., in the in- 
terest of The International Banking Corporation. 

Children : — 
VIII— 1«^79. WilliPton Rerkhimer Palmer, b. Nov. — , 1899. 
VIII— J680. Charles Day Palmer, b. Feb. — , 1902. 

VII— 2013. ?IARRIETTE IRENE PALMER (Jtmius M. 6), b. 
F>cc. ^. 1S68: m. THO^LAS FIICKS FELL Sept. 9, 1897, son of David 
I'ell. Jr. and Amy Hicks (Thomas. Edward), from i^ear West Grove. Chester 
Co.. Pa. ; now reside at "The ^lajestic," Sherman Ave.. Omaha, Neb. ; no 
cliildren reported. 


VII— 2015. MARY EM^L\ PALMER (Junius M. 6), b. March 2, 
1870; d. June 19, 1S97, ill ^'^^^ York Citv. where she was buried; m. FRANK 
SIEGEL STELLIXG April 24, 1S89, he being of Omaha, Neb. 

Child :— 
VIII— 46S1. Frank Palmer Stelling, b. May 6, 1890. 

Issue of Mar garctta M. Palmer {Xo. 662) and Washington Vance. 

VII— 2016. ELEANOR P. VANCE (Margaretta. John, Joseph, John, 
John, John), b. May 27,, 1874, at West Chester, Pa. ; m. HORACE P. BOY- 
ER Dec. 30, 1905, son of Nelson Boyer and Harriet Vance. 

They reside at 86 Virginia Ave., Coatesville, Pa. 

Children : — 
VIII— 46S2. Margaret P. Boyer, b. Sept. 14, 1906; d. March 9, 1908. 
Vlll— 4tis:j. (a) Horace P. Boyer, Jr., b. Nov. 17, 1909. 
VIII— 4GS3. (b) Boy, b. May 23, 1911. 

Line of John, John, John, Joseph, Hannah. 

Issue of Jesse Cloud (Xo. 66 y) and Annie E. Baldzvin. 

VII— 2017. WILLIAM PENN CLOUD (Jesse, Hannah, Josepn, 

John, John, John), b. Nov. 23, 1857; d. July 21, 1904; m. MAY , who 

d. Jan. 21, 1899. 

M. second, KATHERINE McCULLEN, who d. July 15, 1902. 

M. third, MARIE JOHNSON, who d. Mar. i, 1903. 
He left no issue. 

VII— 2019. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN CLOUD (Jesse 6), b. Oct. 
12, i860; d. Aug. 6. 1895; unm. 

He went to Texas and there died. 

VII— 2020. ABRAHAM LINCOLN CLOUD (Jesse 6), b. Feb 24, 
1862; m. MARY ELIZABETH LYNE ^lay 28. 1S89, dau. of John Lyne 
and Mary Elizabeth Emily, b. Nov. 3. 1867. 

He is a member of the firm of W. H. Edwards & Co., law reporters and 
general stenographers, office 1201-3 Chicago Stock Exchange Bldg., and resi- 
dence 1586 Madison St., Chicago, 111. 

Children : — 
VIII— 4684. Anna May Cloud, b. Nov. 9, 1891. 
VIII — 4685. George William Cloud, b. Aug. 17, 1S94. 

VII— 202I. JOSHUA BALDWIN CLOUD (Jesse 6), b. Dec. 2^, 
1864; m. FANNIE STEWART Nov. i, 1907. 

He is a hthographer; address, 3.43 Chestnut St., Chicago, 111. 


VII— 2022. HAXXAH MARY CLOUD (Tesse 6), b. Dec. 1. 1866; 
m. CHARLES BENJAMIN OBERMEYER Feb. 6. 1896, son of Peter 
Obermeyer* and Lucinda F. Beaslev. b. Sept. 23. 1866, at Winchester, Scott 
Co., 111. 

He is a lawyer by profession: has been in Chicago. 111., since i8go. with 
office at 184 La Salle street, and residence at 41 17 Southport Ave., that city. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 4GSG. Lucinda Elizabeth Obermeyer. b. June 19, 1899. 
VIII— 4687. Charles Benjamin Obermeyer, Jr., b. June 30, 1901. 
vm— 4088. Peter Obermeyer (2ad), b. May 19, 1908. 

VII— 2024. JESSIE LILLY CLOUD (Jesse 6), b. June 10, 1872; m. 
JOHN F. BLESSING Sept. 21, 1S9S, son of John.L. and Jane L. Blessing, 
b. Sept. ID, 1870. 

He is manager of the Apparatus Dept., and Supt. of Liquid Carbonic 
Manufacturing Co. No children; address, 2710 Frink St., Chicago, 111. 

Issue of Sarah Ann Cloud {No. 668) and Thomas Speakmaii. 

VII— 2025. RUTH ANNA SPEAKMAN (Sarah Ann. Hannah, 
Joseph, John. John, John), b. Oct. 20, 1857; m. JOSEPH McCORKLE 
Nov. 15, 1882, son of George and Ann McCorkle. 

He was a bridge builder; d. Feb. 6, 1887, aged 41 years. 

M. second, JOSEPH A. :M00RE Sept. 15. 18S8, son of Thomas and 
Sophia Moore, of Baltimore, Md., b. Aug. 9, 1858. No issue. 

He is a fine machinist; address, 1828 N. Park Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

VII— 2026. SIDNEY H. SPEAKMAN (Sarah Ann 6), b. Mav 10, 
1859; m. CHARLES H. A. GUNST Dec. 25, 1881, son of Balzer Gunst, 
of Pittsburg. Pa. 

He d. April — , ; her address, 630 N. i6th St., Philadelphia, Pa. No 


VII— 2028. GEORGE SPEAKMAN (Sarah Ann 6), b. Sept. 7, 
J867, at Manchester. N. J.; m. MARY JACKSON Feb. 28, 18S8. dau. of 
Marshall Jackson and Rebecca Malin, b. Dec. i, 1868, at London Grove. Pa. 

He is employed at Sharpless Separator \Vorks; address, 124 N. Dai ling- 
ton St., West Chester, Pa. No issue. 

VII— 2029. HENRY E. SPEAKMAN (Sarah Ann 6), b. Nov. 14, 
1870; unm. 

Note. — Peter Obermeyer was born in Bavaria, Germany, in 1834. and came to Amer- 
ica In 1852 and settled at Wmchester, 111., -where he and his wife still reside. He le a 
veteran of the Civil War, having served in the 129 Illinois Inf. He was at the battle of 
L>ookout Mountain and all the battles in the Atlanta campaigm. He was with Gen. Sher- 
man's army in its march from Atlanta to the sea, and subsequently participated In the 
Grand Review inWashlngton in 1865. His wife was born in 1838, near Winchester, 111. 


He is a machinist; resides at 2235 Oxford St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

VII— 20^0. MINNIE SPEAKMAN (Sarah Ann 6). b. Jan. 9. i8;j; 
m. JAMES H. McCULLOUGH Aug. 20, 1S93, son of Morris and Harriet 
McCullough, b. May 30. 1861. 

He is a foreman on Western Union Telegraph construction line, with 
residence at 131 E. Union St.. West Chester, Pa. 

Children : — 

VIII— 46S9. Ethel S. McCollough. b. Dfc. 27. 1S03. 
VIII— 4690. James Morris McCollough, b. Dec. 19. 1901. 

Line of Johx,, John, John, Joseph, Rachel. 

Issue of Margaret Seeds (No. 6yi) and WiUiam S. Harlan, born in Oxford, 
Chester Co., Pa. 

VII— 2031. HANNAH ANN HARLAN (Margaret, Rachel, Joseph, 
John, John. John), b. 7 mo. 14, 1846; unm. 

She resided in Oxford. Pa., until 3 mo. 11. 18S5. when she removed to 
her aunt's, 239 W. Barnard St., West Chester, Pa. 

VII— 2032. RACHEL ANNA HARLAN (Margaret 6), b. 8 n^. '3, 
1848; d. 8 mo. 10, 1878; m. EVAN P. BAILY 4 mo. 15. 187.1. .^o^ •••■ 
Joel Baily and Elizabeth H. Pugh, b. circa. 1837; d. 11 mo. 27, 1886; aged 39 

They resided in Oxford. Chester Co.. Pa., where he was of the firm of 
Baily & Weston, carriage builders and repairers. 

Of her an obituary states: "She was a valued and consistent member of 
Oxford Meeting of Friends. Her memory in perfectness will ever survive in 
the hearts of an endeared family and associated friends." 


VIII— 4691. ELIZABETH M. BAILY, b. Feb. 26. 187;: m. DR. 
BENAJAH B. POWELL Nov. 19, 1902, son of Isaac M. and Anna E. 
Powell, b. Nov. 24. 1868. 

He graduated as an Isl. D. in 1897. ^^ Hahnemann College. Philadelpliia, 
Pa.; located at 320 Chester Ave., Moorestown. N. J. 

Children : — 
IX— 70^6. Add3 Elizabeth Powell, b. Oct. 19, 1903. 
IX— 7017. Lawrence B. Powell, b. Aug. 3. 1907. 

Line OF John, John, John, Joseph, George. 

Issue of Sarah Ann Palmer {No. 677) and Henry Coburn. 

VII— 2033. GEORGE PARKER COBURN (Sarah A.. George. Jn- 
cph, John, John, John), b. 10 mo. 11, 1856; d. 11 mo. 11. 1906: buried at c.:- 


cildoun Mt.q-.: 111. LTLLI.XX R. BRYANT 11 mo. 11, 18S0, dau. of Jeremioh 
B. BRYANT and Elizabeth Ann Davis, b. 10 mo. 7, 1861. 

They re>ided in West Grove and Philadelphia, Fa., and later in New York 
where he died: since his death she has lived at Secane, Delaware Co.. Pa., and 
later in Philatlelphia, Pa., at No. 209 S. 6th St. 

Children : — 
VIII — 1692. Florence Coburn, h. l-2:i-lSS2; d. S-12-18S5 at Phlladclrhia. 
VIII— 469.3. Dpsi^ip Coburn. b. 4-11-18S1; d. 1 — 1S92, at West Grove. 

VIII— 4694. Sara Lillian Coburn, b. 4-13-1SS7; unm. She is clerking and is an art student. 
VIII— 4695. Thomas G. Coburn, b. 10-S-189S. 

Issue of Joseph Palmer (N^o. 6S1) and RiitJi Baker, born in West INlarlbor- 
ough, Chester Co., Pa. 

VII— 2037. GRANVILLE REUBEN PAL:\IER (Joseph, George. 
Joseph, lohn. lolin, Tohn), b. ii mo. 18, i860; d. 11 mo. 17, 189S: m. LILLA 
E. PARKS Sept. 22, 187S, b. Aug. 18, 1861. in Massachusetts. Her ad- 
dress is 16 1 6 Seymour St.. Cheyenne, Wyo. 

The following account is from the "Daily Local News," of West Chester. 
Pa., at the time of his death : 

"'":■:•:■''. ■"-=• r^C'-ivPd to- day r,f tlv? death of Captain Granville R. Palmer, at Sau 
Francisco, yosterday. Captain Palmar was a native of this vicinity and a son of .Joseph 
Palmer, of Willow Glen. He left here fifteen years ag-o and located at Cheyenne. Wyo., 
■where he organizfd a military company, and at the start of the war with Spain offered 
his company's services to the Government, which were at once accepted. 

"His company was characterized by Secretary of War Alger as the finest equipped 
and best drilled military company west of the Mississippi river. The company remained 
in camp at San Francisco for several weeks, where Captain Palmer was taken sick with 
nervous prostration, and was sent to his home at Cheyenne to recuperate. 

"Last week his company was ordered to the Philippines, and while his physical 
condition was such as to render it unsafe for him to go. he left his bed at Cheyenne and 
started to join his command on the Pacific Coast, but scarcely had he arrived at San 
Francisco when he was again pros- rated and the fact that his company was compelled to 
go without him. was too great a strain in his already broken nervous system, and he rapid- 
ly grew worse until he died. 

"Captain Palmer was a man about 40 years of age, of fine military bearing, and his 
death is a great shock to his host of friends in the East. His body will be buried T>-Ith 
military honors at Cheyenne, Wyo." 

Children, born at Cheyenne, Wyo. : — 

VIII— 4696. JOE G. PALMER, b. 8 mo. 31, 1889. 



Passes Entrance Examination and Secures the Cadetship After Principal and Alter- 
nate Failed. 

A Washington special says: The examining board at West Point Military Academy 
has found that Principal Dillman and Alternate Nollie Smith have failed to pass the re- 
quired entrance examination and that Alternate Joseph Palmer, of Cheyenne, has passed. 

Palmer will therefore secure the cadetship. He is a grandson of the late Joseph G. 
Palmer, of Doe Run, Chester county. 

A Cheyenne paper says of him: Joe G. Palmer, the successful candidate tor Senator 
Clark's appointment to West Point, is the eldpst son of Mrs. Lilla P. Palmer, of 1616 
Seyroour street, the widow of Granville R. Palmer, late cpptain of Battf^ry .\. W;.nniing 
National Guard. Young Palmer is now 20 years of age. He has been educated in the 
Cheyenne public schools, having finished the freshman year in the High School in 1904 


and completing part of the Sophomore year, when he left school to take up ?peciRl Tvork 
Two years ago he was appointed alternate to the Annapolis Navy Academy and ti>ik th« 
examination for his appointment last year, being close to the principal cadet who v.i^ 
admitted. He took the competitive examination in this city with Messrs. DUman aid 
Smith, and on January 11 toolv the entrance examination to West Point at F't. L^gan, 
where he made the highest averages, which entitled him to the appointment as a cadet. 
Mr. Palmer's many Cheyenne friends will b^ delighied to hear "f his success, and his 
mother when advised of the appointment to-day by a Tribune representative was overjoyed 
at the news. 

VIII— 4697. CHARLES SMITH PALMER, b. 10 mo. 3, 1S90: ad- 
dress, Cheyenne, Wyo. 

VII— 2038. LAURA .MARCIA PAL.MER ( [oseph 6), b. 3 mo. 12, 
1863: m.JOHX WILLIAMSON ZIEGLER 9 mo. 22, 1892, son of Peter 
Williamson Ziegler and Mary Jones, b. 8 mo. 12, 1868. in Philadelphia. 

He is of the firm of Ziegler Bros., publishers and bookbinders. Philadel- 
phia, Pa., with residence E. Greenwood Ave., Lansdowne, Pa., and she is ac- 
tive in W. C. T. U. work. 

Children : — 

VIII— 4698. Laura Palmer Ziegler, b. 1-9-1894. 
VIII— 4699. John Williamson Ziegler. b. 3-1-1896. 
VIII — 4700. Mary Ziegler, b. 8-7-1S97. 
VIII— 4701. Ruth Ziegler, b. 5-20-1901. 
VIII— 4702. Rachel Ziegler, b. 6-19-1903. 

VII— 2039. WILLIS BAKER PALMER (Joseph 6). b. i mo. 20, 
1865: m. ANNIE JANE LANDIS 2 mo. 6, 1890, dan. of Ezrom Landis and 
Mary Weaver, b. 5 mo. 13. 1865. at Shippensburg. Cumberland Co., Pa. 

He has the paper mill property of his father and is a manufacturer of 
Jacquard and Binder's Board near Doe Run, Chester Co., Pa. 

Children : — 
VIII— 4703. Marv Weaver Palmer, b. 11-20-1890, 
VIII— 4704. Esrom Landis Palmer, b. 2-26-1892. 
VIII— 4705. Ruth Baker Palmer, b. 3-30-1895. 
VIII— 4706. Esther Mode Palmer, b. 3-1-1902. 

VII— 2041. EM I LIE ETHEL PALMER (Joseph 6), b. 8 mo. 21, 
1869; m. PENROSE LARKIN 9 mo. 22. 1896. son of John Larkin and Re- 
becca Kimble, b. 4 mo. 12. 1869. at East Brandywine Twp. 

He is a farmer; address, Lindell, Chester Co., Pa. 

Children : — 
VIII— 4707. Martha Rogers Larkin, b. 7-27-1S97; d. 10-31-1901. 
VIII— 4708. Joseph Palmer Larkin, b. 12-1-1899. 
VIII— 4709. Rebecca Kimble Larkin, b. 11-21-1901. 
VIII— 4710. Mary Genevieve Larkin, b. 4-2-1904. 

Issue of Elizabeth Palmer {No. 682) and William Walton, born in Highland, 
Chester Co., Pa. 

VII— 2043. ^lARY DENT WALTON (Elizabeth, George, Joseph. 



| John. John), b. 3 mo. 29. 1863: m. EDWARD SWAYXE 4 mo. 30, 
iSS.}. son of Evan T. Swayne* and Sarah W. Pusey, b. 6 mo. 20. 1853. at Lon- 
J..ti Grove. Pa. 

lie is a. clerk in tlie Prothonotary*s office at West Chester, Pa., and has 
a fruit and truck farm and green houses in East Bradford, Chester Co • ad- 
,!ie>>. West Chester. Pa., R. F. D. 7. 

Children : — 
VIII— 1711. Norman Walton Swayne, b. 11-6-1SS5. 
Vill-4712. Ediih Neal Swayne, b. 10-20-1&S7. 
VllI— 4713. Donald MacFarlan Swayne, b. 12-11-1S97. 

VII— 2044. ISAAC PALMER WALTOX (Eh-zabeth 6), b. 4 mo 20 
1865; m. BLAXCHE L. PHILLIPS 12 mo. 28. 1906, dau. of Daniel Davis t 
and Janet Gilfillen Phillips, b. 1S83. at Frackville, Pa. 

lie is a traveling salesman in the lumber trade. They reside at Oxford, 

Issue : — 

VIII— 4714. Ccitrude Elizabeth Walton, b .4-21-1908. 
Mil — 1715. Sarah Janet Walton, b. 12-23-1909. 

VII-2045. GERTRUDE AXXA WALTOX (Elizabeth 6), b 10 
mo. 17, 1867. 

She resides at 322^ Spencer Terrace, West Philadelphia, Pa., her mother 
living with her. 

VII-2046. BERTHA JULIA WALTOX (Elizabeth 6), b. 9 mo. 16, 

Swavne1n7f7r?h'^Ph^n^^'°^' '> ^-13-1824; d. 12-2-1894) was the eldest child of Benjamin 
bwayue and Sarah Phillips, and m. Sarah W. Pusev (b. 9-23-1829) dau of Jacob Pusey 
•r n, r«" ^'r"'T^''-- °^^"^"'-°' -^■-^^- Castle Co.; Del. He, E. T. Swavile w^s prom?- 
d i"tPd . « t'- ^'^^ '""J^^ ^"''^''-' ''^•^°°'=- ^^-^ =^ assistant to his father, who con- 

r opHetor o7 F?tnn%^h'1'"^ T^'''°"' ^% ^°^'^ "^ ^°"^°° ^'°^' f^'- 15 years; then as 
. thf SoL/v nf T° f°°' '^^?u°^" ^"l"^''"- ^^- "^ ^'^ ^'s<^ a prominent member 
L s V Z ^ / ^"i'?"^' '" '•''^'^^ ^^ ^^^'^ ^^^">' responsible positions. Benjamin Swayne 
^^.-■> a son of Caleb Swayne and Mary Wood; Caleb was a snn 

Jr., and Anne Pu-ey; William, 'jr 

Caleb was a son of Williai 

nizab^;h n.n wn '"^-' ^^'"la^i- J"-- ^as a son of William Swavne 

swavnp tho ."^^'^"iam was a son of Francis Swayne and Elizabeth Milton ;" Francis 
Of OrUM;i!^! emigrant, styled a practitioner of medicine, was a son of William Swayne. 
or Ockingham, Liberty of Wilts, Berkshire, England. • T f"!!°^'^^ obituary concerning the mother of Evan T. Swayne is from "The 
K ..n^,. ^"t^'ll'Sencer" of 2-1-5-1890: "Died, at the residence of her son, Evan T. Swavne 
^T.i^'^"^':^'.^^-' 1-16-1890, Sarah P. Swayne. in her SSth year. In a review of'the 

in her SSth year. In a review of the 
aear agea Friend the word fait" 

- --lals. the nniet demennnr fVio f< 

<'fi 'The Rock that 

'an.'"i!"*T °^ this dear aged Friend the 'word"faithful seems to acquire an added signifi- 
t> ^oi^e trials, the quiet demeanor, the fortitude, that evince an establishment 

ful n h!; fV"" ^'^^«'' than I,' marked her deportment and glorified her life. Faith- 

or /i w • ^''^ ^"^'"^ ^^ counsellor or friend, in her religious duties as clerk, overseer 
i-ur«-lv «U V. .J" , °^^^""^ ^^^^^^ ^^ ^■'^'^' mother, grandmother or great grandmother. 
I will Pivr^T. known a fulfillment of the promise, 'Be thou faithful unto death and 
» *iii gi\e thee a crown of life.' " 

Me hJmwfTPor'^' ^^'''^ Pbillips, b. 1860 at Aberdeen, Wales, came to America In 1865. 
Pa He Vi ^^'."andoah until ISSO, then removed to Frackville, both in Schuylkill Co., 
• "f 13 a colliery engineer. His wife was a native of Shenandoah 


1871; m. VINCENT STL'BBS POWNALL 2 mo. 16, 1898, son of Joseph 
D. C. Pownall and Mary H. Stubbs, b. 8 mo. 12, 1870. 

He had extensive store and residence in Coatesville, Chester Co., Pa., but 
later built and removed to a home on Rivei view Ave., Swarthmore, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VlII-4716. Ruth Elizabeth Pownall. b. 12-20-1900. 
Vm— 4717. Mary Walton Pownall, b. 9-9-1904. 

VII— 2047. EM.MA ELIZABETPI WALTON (Elizabeth 6), b. 8 
mo. 15, 1875. 

She was a student of pliysical training- at New Haven Conn. ; now teach- 
ing same in \Vm. Penn High School for Girls, Philadelphia. 

VII— 2048. ROBERT LEWTS WALTON (Elizabeth 6), b. 4 mo. 
26, 1878; m. AGNES M. FERRON July 25. 1907, dau. of Edward and 
Mary Perron, b. June 22, tS8S. 

He is engaged in the Pownall store, Coatesville, Pa. 

Issue of Gcorgianna Falmer {Xo. 6S6) and Maris E. Wollaston, born in East 
Marlborough, Chester Co., Pa. 

VII— 2049. FREDERICK P. WOLLASTON (Georgianna, George, 
Joseph, John, John, John), b. 9 mo. 28, 1871; unm. ; address, Philadelphia, 

VII— 2050. CAROLINE M. \\'OLLASTON (Georgianna 6), b. 10 
mo. 31, 1874; address, Brooklyn. N. Y. 

VII— 2051. LAURA P. WOLLASTON (Georgianna 6), b. 6 mo. 28, 
1879; address, Philadelphia, Pa. 

VII— 2052. MARY A. WOLLASTON (Georgianna 6), b. 6 mo. 28, 

She is a teacher in New York ; home address, Kennett Square, Pa. 

Line of Johx, Johx, John, Joseph, Amy. 

Issue of Emma Myers {No. 688) and Henry IV. Piisey, born in East Marl- 
borough, Chester Co., Pa. 

VII— 2053. THOMAS M. PUSEY (Emma. Amy. Joseph, John, John, 
John), b. 9 mo. 2, 1872; unm. 

He has the home farm and lime kilns of his father; address, Kennett 
Square, Pa. 


VII— 2054. HAXXAH ELIZABETH PUSEY (same line), b. 10 
1110. 17, 1873; m. SAMUEL WIXDLE COPE 10 mo. 13, 1903. son of Abi- 
ah Cope and ( ?) Windle. 

They reside at Atlantic City, X. J., where he is in the milk business. Xo 

VII— 20^5. CHARLES HEXRY PUSEY (Emma 6). b. 9 mo. 29, 
iS75;m. MARY VIOLA PIERCE March 22, 1905, dau. of Thomas Pierce 
and Sarah Allen, b. about 1877. 

They reside with his father on the farm which his mother inherited 
from her father, containing iSo acres; address, Unionville, Chester Co., Pa. 

VUI— 1720. Sarah Elizabeth Pusey, b. May 24, 1907. 

VII— 2056. AXXA \V. PUSEY (Emma 6). b. 9 mo. 4. 1877; m. 
EDWARD B. WALTOX 9 mo. 28, 1904, son of Bennett S. Walton and 
Elizabeth Baily, b. 8 mo. 29, 1873. 

He is a farmer on his father's farm: address, London Grove, Chester 
Co., Pa. 

Children : — 

Vlll -4721. Frank Pusey Walton, b. 6-25-1905. 
VIII— 4722. Herbert Bennett Walton, b. 11-4-1906. 

Issue of Eliza Palmer (A^o. 6Sp) and Lewis Wheelock. 

VII— 2060. ^lARY AXX WPIEELOCK (Eliza. Samuel, Benjamin, 
John, John, John), b. Aug. 11, 1835; d. 1874 (?); m. DAXIEL CHASE, 
1854, son of Arza and Elizabeth Chase, b. Aug. 24, 1834; d. Jan. 28, 1902; 
both buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Erie Co., N. Y. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 4723. ESTELLA CHASE, b. Jan. 22, 1861; m. FRAXK LE- 
LAXD ALGER, b. June 4. 1859: address. 17 Winegar St., Buffalo, X. Y. 
They have three daughters, but records not obtained. 

VIII— 4724. ELMER C. CHASE, b. Dec. 28. 1865; m. 

address. Golden, Erie Co., X. Y, 

They have one son ; record not obtained. 

VIII— 4725. VELMA CHASE, b. Jan. 16, 1873; m. R. B. HEDGES; 
address, West Valley, Cattaragus Co., X. Y. 
They have one son ; record not obtained. 

Issue of Ephraim Parker {Xo. dp ?) and Mary Ann Lehman. 

VII— 2075. SARAH A. PARKER (Ephraim, Hannah, Benjamin, 
John, John, John), b. 1836; d. after her husband; m. JOSEPH HILL. He 
d. about 1864. 


They resided in Perr>- Co., O. No further information obtained. 

VII— 2076. MARY ANN PARKER (Ephraim 6), b. 1837; dec'd; 
m. JAMES DIXSOX (or Dickson). 

They resided in Perry Co., O., where she died. No further data received. 

Line of John, Johx, John, Benjamin, Hann.^h. 

Issue of Sarah Parker {No. 6pj) and John Wilson Dutton, born in Perry Co., 


VII— 2080. ELIZABETH DUTTOX (Sarah. Hannah, Benjamin. 
John, John, John), b. Feb. 9, 1837: m. GEORGE \V. KLIXGLER Mar. 
21, 1861. He d. Feb. 9, 1896; buried at Jerusalem, Fairfield Co., O. 

Children : — 

VIII— 4726. JASPER X. KLIXGLER, b. Aug. 22, 1861 ; m. SARAH 
E. CONNER Sept. — , 1885. 

They reside at Junction City, Perry Co., O. X'O children. 

VIII— 4727. CLARA G. KLIXGLER, b. July 31, 1863; m. 
CHARLES E. CUMMIXGS April — . 1885. 
They reside near Chicago, Huron Co., O. 
Children : — 

IX— 7018. Walter Cummings, b. April 25, 1888. 
IX— 7019. Klahr E. Cummings, b. Jan. 3, 1897. 

VIII— 4728. EDGAR :>I. KLIXGLER, b. June 5, 1868; m. CORA 
WOLF, .Alarch — , 1894. 

They reside in Junction City, Perry Co., O. X^o children. 

VII— 2081. GEORGE W. DUTTOX (Sarah 6), b. Sept. 25, 1839; 
m. MARGARET A. KISHLER Xov. 8. 1866, dau. of George and Susan 
Kishler, b. May 16, 1850; address, Boonsboro, Boone Co., la. 

Children : — 

VIII— 4729. IDA .MAY DUTTOX. b. April 24, 1868; m. WIL- 
LIAM JEXXIXGS Xov. 14, 1900. 

Child :— 
IX— 7020. Beatrice Jennings, b. Oct. 11. 1901. 

VIII— 4730. MARY ALICE DUTTON, b. Xov. 24, 1869. 

VIII— 4731. WILLIAM DUTTOX, b. Xov. 25, 1871 ; m. LULU 
HEADLEY Dec. 2, 1894; probable address, Junction City, O. 

Children :— 
IX— 7021. Iva Dutton, b. June 8, 1896. 


IX— 7022. John Edson Duttou. b. Oct. 10, 1899. 
IX— 7023. Florence Diitton, b. Oct. 31, 1901. 
IX — 7024. Blanche Duttou, b. March 2G, 1904. 

VIII— 4732. CHARLES DUTTOX (Sarah, Hannah, Benjamin, 
John, John, John), b. Alay 20, 1875; m. CORA ADES Sept. 3. 1905. 

VIII— 4733. GEORGE EDSOX DUTTOX, b. Dec. 8. 1880; m. M. 
LULU ELLIOTT Xov. 4, 1904; probable address of both of the last two, 
Junction City, O. 

Child :— 
IX— 7025. Walter E. Button, b. Nov. 29, 1905. 

VIII— 4734. WALTER DUTTOX, b. April 26, 1883. 

VIII— 4735. LEROV DUTTOX, b. March 11, 1888; d. April 28, 

Vll— 2082. DAXIEL B. DUTTOX (Sarah 6), b. Sept. 27, 1841 ; m. 
MATILDA R. BEXXETT Jan. 8, 1868; address, Junction City, O., R. D. 
Xo. I. 

Children : — 

VIII— 4736. JOHX DUTTOX, b. Sept. 17, 1S69; d. July — 1870. 

VIII— 4737. BERXICE DUTTOX, b. Sept. 16, 1871 ; d. in infancy. 

VIII— 4738. LUELLA DUTTOX. b. Sept. 16, 1871 (twin); m. JA- 
COB KLIXGLER July 6, 1890. 

VII— 2083. JAMES K. DUTTOX (Sarah 6), b. May 28, 1843; d. 
April 18, 1883; unm. _ '■ ..^.^ 

VII— 2084. HAXXAH DUTTOX (Sarah 6). b. Mav 15, 1845; d. 
Sept. 4, 1904; m. XICHOLAS STEMEX April 29. 1875, son of Henry 
Stemen and Mrs. Kendig. b. Xov. 28. 1851 ; d. Sept. 9, 1897. 

He was a farmer ; resided a't Bremen, O. 

Children : — 

VIII— 4739. FRAXKLIX B. STEMEX, b. Mav i, 1877; m. BER- 
THA B. VORIS Mar. 22, 1906; address, Bremen, 6. 

Issue : — 
IX— 7026. Edwin Burton Stemen, b. Sept. 16, 1907. 

VIII— 4740. MELVIX F. STEMEX, b. Jan. 2, 1882; m. SARAH A. 
MOVER Mar. 2, 1905; address, Bremen O., R. D. i. 
Issue : — 

IX— 7027. ELsie Leota Stemen, b. Dec. 19, 1905. 
iX— 7028. Alice Marie Stemen. b. Jan. 3, 1908. 


VIII— 4741. RHETTA LEOTA T. STEMEN, b. Feb. 14. 1891. 

VII— 2085. XAXCY C. DUTTOX (Sarah 6), b. April 17, 1847; "i- 
WESLEY J. ADCOCK, March 5, 1870, son of Richard Adcock and Cath- 
erine Durr. 

They were for some time at Carrollton, la. ; present address Carthon. 
Perry Co., Ohio. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 4742. WILLIAM E. ADCOCK. b. Feb. 11, 1872; m. LILLIE 

Issue : — 
IX— 7029. John Webley Adcock, b. Sept. 15, 1904. 

VIII— 4743. SARAH E. ADCOCK, b. July 2, 1874; d. Oct. 29, 1S79. 

VIII— 4744. ALICE C. ADCOCK, b. Julv 22, 1876; m. CHARLES 
BREHM May 31, 1900. 

Issue : — 
IX— 7030. Nellie Ruth Brehm, b. July 13, 1907. 

VIII— 4745. LAURA A. ADCOCK, b. June 12, 1S79; d. July 20, 

VIII— 4746. ESTELLA G. ADCOCK, b. Sept. 14, 1883. 

VII— 2086. EMMA C. DUTTOX (Sarah 6), b. April 27, 1849; m- 
SAMUEL HOUSEFIOLDER Nov. 16. 1871, son of George Householder 
(b. Nov. 13, 1821 ; d. Sept. 12, 1878) and Mary (b. Dec. 9, 1831 ; d. Nov. ji. 

They reside with address Junction City, Perry Co., O. 

Children : — 

VIII— 4747. ALFRED E. FIOUSEHOLDER, b. June 19, 1873; m. 
LUELLA BUTLER Xov. 29, 1894. 

Child :— 
IX— 7031. Lawrence B. Householder, b. Sept. 11, 1895. 

VIII— 4748. MARTHA A. HOUSEHOLDER, b. Oct. 7, 1880; m. 
REV. OSCAR ALLEBAUGH Oct. 30, 1902. 

VIII— 4749. GEORGIA A. HOUSEHOLDER, b. Aug. 22, 1884. 

VII— 2087. SARAH A. DUTTOX (Sarah 6), b. May 15, 1851; 
unm. ; address, Middlepoint, O., R. D. 2. 

VII— 2089. OLIVER W. DUTTOX (Sarah 6). b. Sept. 9, 1855; m. 


MATILDA STEMEX Feb. — , 1880; address, Middlcpoint, Van Wert 
Co., O. 

Child :— 
VIII — 4750. Bertha Button, b. Dec. — , 1884. 

VII— 2090. HEXRY D. BUTTON (Sarah 6) b. Feb. 9, 1857; m. 
ISABELLA ROBIXSON WRIGHT Sept. 18. 1884, by Rev. R. J. Black, 
dau. of William and Elizabeth Wright, b. Nov. 3, 1854; address, Bremen, O. 
R. D. 3 ; Box 7S. 

Children : — 

VIII— 4751. Celia Elizabeth Button, b. March, 29, 1886. She is a school teacher. 
VIII — 1752. Rose Beatiice Button, b. Jau. 3, 1SS8. She is a school teacher. 
VIII— 4753. William Stanley Button, b. Nov. 3. 1891. 

VII— 2091. FLORENCE A. BUTTON (Sarah 6), b. March i, 1859; 
m. BANIEL R. HOUSEHOLBER Sept. 21, 187S, a brother to Samuel 
(See No. 2086). b. Oct. 14. 1856; d. Feb. 8, 1907. 

Her address is Bremen. O. 

Children : — 

1879; m. EMMA COPPLE June i, 1903; address, Junction City, O., R. 
D. I. 

Children : — 

IX— 7032. Daniel Howard Householder, b. Apri 15, 1904. 
IX— 7033. John Bonald Householder, b. Jan. 10, 1906. 

VIII— 4755. PERRY O. HOUSEHOLDER, b. Aug. 3, 1881; m. 
MARTHA MARLOW^ :^Iay 21. 1905; address, Junction City, O. 
Child :— 

IX— 7034. Harley Theodore Householder, b. Mar. 19, 1906. 

VIII— DORA E. HOUSEHOLDER, b. Mav 30, 18S4; m. IVAN W. 
HOWDYSHELL June 4, 1904; address, Junction City, O., R. D. i. 
Children : — 

IX— 7035. Zelda Ethel Howdvshell, b. July 29, 1905. 
IX— 7036. William F. Howdyshell, b. Jan. 18, 1907. 

VIII— 4756. EDWARD W. HOUSEHOLDER, b. Sept. 20, 1886. 

VIII— 4757. HARVEY M. HOUSEHOLDER, b. June 28, 1888. 

1890; d. Jan. 6, 1891. 

^^111—4759- VIRGIL B. HOUSEHOLDER, b. Nov. 8, 1895. 

Address of the above three. Bremen. O. 

VII— 2092. ALICE E. DUTTON (Sarah 6), b. Jan. 4, 1861; m. 


GEORGE W. FORSYTHE April 2S, 1881, son of Thomas K. Forsythe 
and Caroline Klingler, b. Dec. 13, 1855. 

He is a farmer; address, Junction City, O., R. D. 2. 

Children : — 

VIII— 4760. Earl Lester Forsythe, b. July 15, 1884. 
VIII — 1761. Hazel Edna Forsythe, b. Aug. 22, 1890. 
VIII— 4762. Beriha Cedora Forsythe, b. June 9, 1903. 

Issue of Hannah Parker {Xo. 6p6) and Dajiiel Stoltc, probably all born in 
Fairfield Co., O. 

VII — 2095. AMOS STOLTZ (Hannah, Hannah, Benjamin, John, 
John, John), b. July 2, 1843; m. CLARISSA ALMIRA PALMER Oct. 
20, 1870 (No. 713 q. V.) ; reside with address at Etna, O. 

Child :— 

VIII— 4763. CHLOE ESTELLA STOLTZ, b. April lo, 1877; d. 
June 4, 1905 ; unm. 

VII— 2096. MARY STOLTZ (Hannah 6), b. April 15, 1845; m. 
Aaron Grubbs July 2, 1876. 

He is deceased; no children. 

VII— 2099. STEPHEN STOLTZ (Hannah 6), b. Feb. 9, 1850; d. 
April—, 1897; m. MARIA McLAUGHLIN Oct. — , 1878. 

He was killed by an explosion of a saw mill boiler. Her address not 

Issue : — 
VIII — 4764. Daniel J. Stoltz. Reported married but not found. 

VII— 2IOI. KATHARINE STOLTZ (Hannah 6), b. June 12. 1855; 
m. JOHN WELLER Oct. 3, 1875, son of Michael W'eller and Lavina Als- 
pach, b. April 19, 1853. 

He is a farmer; address. Wagoner, ]\Iiami Co., Ind., R. D. 31. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 4769. MABEL M. WELLER, b. Sept. 11, 1876; m. SAMUEL 
B. ZARTMAN Nov. 2, 1893, b. Sept. 9, 1870. 
They were legally separated April, 1900. 

M. second, THOMPSON DOWDS Dec. 24, 1900. 

He is a farmer ; address, Mt. Vernon, Ohio, R. D. i ; box 44. 

Issue : — 

IX— 7037. Claude M. Zartman, b. Oct. 24, 1894. at Macy, Ind. 

IX— 7038. Carroll E. Zartman, b. Mar. 14, 1S9C. at Macv, Ind. 

IX— 7039. Cecelia C. Dowds. b. Aug. 6, 1901, at Mt. Vernon, O. 

IX— 7040. Ruby M. Dowds, b. July 2, 1909, at Mr. Vernon, 0. 


U-.LKIxi3rDr^.f fgl,.^- '™^^^'^' •>• ^'^>- '■ ''^9- - DORIS 

He IS a farmer; address, Wagoner, Ind. 

Issue : — 
lX-7041. Evelyn G. Wellcr, b. Sept. 29. 1905, at Macy, Ind. 

He IS a farmer; address. Macy, Ind. 
Jssne : — 

IX-;042. MildiTd M. Wellrr. h. J.Uv 1 r^ i-r)d nt Macv I-d 

IX-7043. Ruth E. Weller. b. May 18, 1901 same " 

IX— 7044. Bernice Weller, b. Feb. S. 1903 same 

IX— .045. Helen L. Weller, b. Sept. 2. 1004 same 

IX- -7046. Alice L. Weller. b. Nov. 12. 1906 same 

iX— (04(. Ida May Weller, b. Aug. 10, 190S, same. 

V^^K^^J^- ^™^^^^' ' -^P^" '3. >883; .. SAM-. 
He IS a farmer; address, Rochester, Ind. 
Issue : — 

IX— 7048. Clarice Irene Storer, b. Feb. 29 1904 
IX— 7049. Wilma Celeste Stofer, b. Oct. 8,' 1907. 

noTY";T^'°-- ^/"^^^ STOLTZ (Hannah 6), b. Aug. 4. 1857; m ID\ 
DOTY Dec. 25, f^o address. 304 Cypress Ave., Cok^mb^us^O. ; no children 

cS;™bus, O ''• '^^'- ^- '''-' ^' '^'^'' ^'^^^^^' 396 King Ave.. 

VIII— 4773. Lawrence Cook, b. June 20, 18S2; m. but record not given. 

VII— 2104. HANNAH MARGARET STOLTZ (Hannah 6) b Ian 
chlldrenl'"'''^''''-^'' ^'^^'''' Sept. 1882 ; reside in Colul'^^^^ 

Issue of Mary Parker (No. 700) and George IV. Conrad. 

min VrLV'f- ^^l^R^u^!^^^^^ COXRAD (Mary. Hannah. Benja- 
?iik^f' -^r^"' •^°''"^' ^- J^"- 3°' i^^2; m- ALICE ZARTMAN \pril 8 
set P^ry c'J) o''''" """^ ^'"^ ^"""'"' ^^ ^'''- -'^^' '^^'^^ "^^''"^^' ^omer- 
ness ■"^ ^""^ ^'^ '°" ^^'''"^ ^""^ partners in the painting and paperhanging busl- 
Children : — 

vm""^^^-- °^^*'^ "• Conrad, b. Jan. 31. 1889. 

V T 1"2- P/^*"^^ ^- Conrad, b. S^pt. 27, 1890. 

V [!,---■ '^^^f^' L. Conrad, b. Feb. 2}. 189o. 

iiu. John L. Conrad, b. April 8, 190G. :- ; 


VII— 2108. LEAFV AGXES COXRAD (Marv 6) b. March 17, 
1865; d. Aug. 21, 1902: m. KIRBY S. MILLER Dec'. 25, 1884, b. Oct. 7. 

He is a fanner ; address, Johnstown. O. 

Children : — 

VIII— 4778. Loura Essel Miller, b. April 10. 1S86. 

VIII— 4779. Lolo Dessie Miller, b. Oct. 12, 1SS7. 

VIII— 4780. Rex. L. Miller, b. March 4, 1889. 

VIII — 4781. Clem. Roy .Miller, b. Feb. 21. Is91; d. Feb. 15, 1907. 

VIII— 4782. Lydia Mary Miller, b. Nov. 10, 1892. 

VIII— 4783. Forrest Maple Miller, b. April 21, 1S99. 

VII— 2109. HANNAH MARGARET CONR.\D ( Marv 6), b. Dec. 
17, 1866: in. JESSE G. FISHER Dec. 25, 1885, son of Jesse O. Fisher 
and Margaret Pheasant, b. May i, 1862. 

He is a farmer; address, Pataskala, O. 

Children : — 

VIII— 4784. Edith May Fisher, b, Sept. 22, 1886. 

VIII— 4785. Ray G. Fisher, b. March 23, 1890. 

VIII— 4786. Roy Conrad Fisher, b. May 29. 1S96; d. Dec. 25, 1900. 

VIII— 4787. Alfred Paul Fisher, b. Dec. 13, 1903. 

VIII— 4788. Alice Opal Fisher, b. May 27, 1906. 

VII— 2IIO. CHARLES EDMUND CONRAD (^Irv 6), b. Oct. 11, 
1869; m. CHARLOTTE PARISH April 14. 1896. 

He is a farmer; address, Basit, Fairfield Co., O. No children. 

Line of John, John, John, Benjamin, George. 

Issue of Sarah Aim Palmer (No. J02) and Xiinrod Hoge. 

VII— 211 1. ARMINDA E. HOGE fSarah A.. George Benjamin. 
John, John. John), b. May 17, 1839, at Belmont Co., O. ; m. JOHN H. PER- 
RY Jan. ID, 1861, son of Jesse Derry and Malinda nee Smith, b. June 2, 1836, 
at Belmont Co., O., d. Jan. 20 , 1904. 

They were married and lived at Lamoille, III., for some time; finally re- 
moving to Carson, Iowa, where he died, and she, with the others of the fam- 
ily, still live. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 4789. ELLA LONORA PERRY, b. Feb. 3. 1862; m. R. E. 
PATRICK May 4. 1899. of Carson. Iowa. 
Issue born there : — 

IX-7050. John Elmer Patrick, b. March 7, 1902. 
IX— 7051. Perry Robert Patrick, b. Dec. 19, 1903. 

VIII— 4790. DELBERT PERRY, b. March 8. 1866: d. Aug. 10, 1866. 

VIII— 4791. ELBERT PERRY, b. March 8. 1866: d. July 2^. 1866. 
These w^ere twins. 


VIII— 4792. SARAH MALINDA PERRY, b. May 16, 1868; unm.; 
a<i']ress, Carson, loua. 

VII— 2 1 12. SARAH ABIGAIL HOGE (Sarah A. 6), b. Jan. 8, 
1S41, at Lloydsville, O. ; m. CHARLES R. BURTON Feb. 2, i860, at 
rriiiceton, 111., son of Dater and Sylvia Burton, of Hawley, Franklin Co., 
Mass., b. Aug. 16, 1838; address, Carson, Io\va. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 4793. ELBA T. BURTON, b. Oct. 14, 1861 ; m. ARMADA 
FLECK June 29. 1S85, of Brainard, Neb. 
Issue born there : — 

IX— 7f.32. Charles H. Burton, b. April 7, 1SS6. 

IX— 70.^3. Nellie B. Burton, b. April 2, 18S7. 

IX— 7054. Terence N. Burton, b. Dec. 25, 13S8. 

IX— 7055. Harry B. Burton, b. Nov. 7, 1S02, at Mourza Valley, Iowa. 

VIII— 4794. NELLIE IRENE BURTON, b. March 2, 1870; d. Feb. 
iS. 1880. 

VII— 21 13. THEUDAS PENNINGTON HOGUE (Sarah A. 6), b. 
Feb. I, 1843; m. MELISSA E. GREEN March 18. 1866, dati. of Evan 
Green and Lucy J. Burress. 

He was a farmer, now living retired. During the Civil War he enlisted 
in Co. B.. 52nd Reg. 111. Vol. Inf. Address. Central City, Neb., P. O. Box 
202, on the main line of the Union Pacific R. R. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 479:;. MYRTICE OLEVIA HOGUE. b. Aug. 4. 1868; m. 
JOHN LEISURE March 15, 1888. 

M. second, SAMUEL CRAWFORD May 22,, 1893; address, Clarks, 

Child by first :— 

IX- 7056. Lola Foi rest Leisure, b. May 16, 1889. 

Children by second : — 

IX— 7057. Paul Crawford, b. March 20, 1S95. 
IX— 70.58. Eva Crawford, b. Aug. 4, 1899. 
!.X— 7059. Naomi Crawford, b. Oct. 6, 1904. 

VIII— 4796. MARY ABIGAIL HOGUE. b. June 4, 1870; m. GIL- 
BERT EATON Feb. 9, 1893; address. Lynch, Neb. 
Issue : — 

IX— 70no. Raymond Eaton, b. Nov. 12, 1893. 

J^~'')61. Bprtha Eaton, b. May 6, 1895. 

X -7')t;2. Floyd Eaton, b. Oct. 15, 1896. 

L\ — iOe.-i. Gladys Eaton, b. July 27, 1904. 

VIII— 4797. PERRY ALMOND HOGUE, b. April 12. 1878: unm.; 
•'•I nonie. 


VIII— 4798. ETHEL ADELL HOGUE. b. Oct. 28, 1882; m. ERX- 
EST BELLOWS Dec. 23. 1903; address, Farwell, Xeb. 
Issue : — 

IX— 7064. Howard T. Bellows, b. Dec. 25, 1904. 
IX— 7065. Perry A. Bellows, b. Mav 16, 1906. 
IX— 7066. Ellen M. Bellows, b. Jan. 2, 1908. 

VII— 2114. ELLWOOD PALMER HOGUE (Sarah A. 6), b. July 
12, 1847; m. DELIA WAUSER Dec. 2;. 1869. 

M. second ANXIE L. HAMBLIX Mar. 23, 1894. b. ^lar. 6, 1855. 

During the Civil War he enlisted in Com. B., 52nd Reg. III. \'ol. Inf.; 
address, X'etawaka, Jackson Co., Kan. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 4799. Mark C. Hogue, b. Mar. 10. 1896. 
VIII— 4800. Harry B. Hogue, b. Mar. 23, 1898. 

VII— 2115. GEORGE PALMER HOGUE (Sarah A. 6), b. Oct. 2, 
1849, at Belmont Co.. O. ; m. HATTIE L. GRIFFIX Feb. z-j, 1877. dau. 
of William P. and Eliza Griffin, b. Aug. 22, 1852, at Dover, 111.; address, 
Carson, Iowa, Box 385. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 4801. Myrtle May Hogue, b. Jan. 26, 1878; m. Ben. A. Osier, Jan. 21, 1903. 

VII— 21 16. CHARLES A. HOGE (Sarah A. 6). b. Julv 2^. 1857; 
m. SARAH FRIBLEY Sept. 7, 1880. dau. of David and Margaret Friblev, 
b. Feb. 26, 1 86 1. 

He is engaged in selling the Pennsylvania oils; address, 539 19th St., 
Rock Island, 111. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 4802. David Fribley Hoge, b. July 24, 1891. 

Issue of Charles JV. Palmer {No. J04) and Lydia Pitman. 

VII— 21 17. THEUDAS WILSOX PALMER (Charles, George. 
Benjamin, John, John. John), b. Tulv 2^^. 1845: d. June 26, 1906; bur. La 
Moille; m. MARY BROCK Feb. 26,' 1867, in Ohio. 

M. second, LOUISE M. GRUBER Sept. 16, 1879. at Arlington. 111. 

He was by trade a carpenter ; resided first at La Moille. then removed to 
Mendota, 111., where for nine years he was station master. His widow con- 
tinues there. 

Children by first wife : — 

VIII— 4803. CHARLES W. PALMER, b. Feb. 17. 1868; d. Sept. 22, 

VIII— 4804. EMERY PALMIER, b. Oct. 12, 1870; d. Xov. — , 1891. 


VI! 1—4805. WILLIAM PALMER, b. April 18. 1874; d. July 31, 

VIII— 4S06. JOHX PALMER, b. July 10, 1875; living in Kansas, but 
not found. 

Children by second wife: — 

VIII— 4807. LAURA M. PALMER,, b. July 17, 18S0; d. April 13, 

VIII— 4808. EDDIE J. PALMER, b. June 15, 1882; d. Feb. 23, 1908; 
m. .\XX--\ WELLS March 15. 1904, at ]Mendota, 111. 

He was in the restaurant business. 

Child :— 
J,\-7067. Helen Palmer, b. Dec. 24, 1905. 

VIII— 4809. HENRY PALMER, b. Aug. 29, 1884; d. Dec. 8, 1897. 

VII— 21 18. ANNA W. PALMER (Charles 6). b. Nov. 29, 1846: ni. 
JOHN B. KEEL Dec. 8, 1864, son of John W. Keel and Barbara Baiden- 
i'.riigh, b. July 2, 1846. 

He is a farmer; address, Ohio, Bureau Co., 111., R. F. D. 2 ; box, 725. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 4810. ETTA L. KEEL, b. Oct. 22, 1865: m. JOSEPH M. 
CL.\RK Jan. 23, 1884; reside at 1957 W. 20th St.. Los Angeles, Cal. 
Issue: — 

IX— 7068. MAY :M. CLARK, b. Jan. 14, 1885; m. W. W. DUN- 
B.\R Aug. 15, 1905; address La Moille, 111. 
Issue : — 

X— 7602. James D. Dunbar. 
X— 7503. Doris M. Bunbar. 

IX— 7069. IRNIA G. CLARK, b. Aug. 5, 1886; m. RALPH R 
nOPPS. Feb. 17, 1906. 

Issue: — 
X— 7504. Fawn E. Hopps. 

IX— 7070. TODD J. CLARK, b. Feb. 5, 1890 

VIII— 481 1. DELLA B. KEEL. b. March 15, 1868; m. HARRY 
SHIFFLETT Dec. 30, 1886; address, Earlham, Iowa. 
Issue : — 

jX— 7071. Scott Shiffllett, b. Oct. 20, 18S7. 

IX- .072 Elma E. Shiffllett. b. March 25, 1889. 

IV ^V''"^' '"'■^"f Shifflet, b. Dec. 12. 1890. 

«-\- 70.4. Pearl I. Shifflett, b. June 27, 189S. 


VIII— 4812. MAY KEFX. b. April 14. 1870; m. ELMER TAYLOR 
March 7, 1888; address, Cooper, Iowa. 
I«;sue : — 

IX— 7075. Vera M. Taylor, b. Sept. 7, 18SS. 
IX— 7076. Reed Taylor, b. Mav 20, 1890. 
IX— 7077. Lyle Taylor, b. Nov. 20, 1IS96. 

VII— 2 119. MARY ELLEN PALMER (Charles 6), b. March 6, 
1849, at Belmont Co.. O. ; m. JAMES W. SABEX Oct. iS, 1866, at Dover, 
111., son of Marcus Saben and Anna Hablit, b. July 4. 1847. ''i Clinton Co., O. 

He went to Illinois in 1850; address. r^Ialden, 111. He is a farmer. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 4813. CHARLES SABEN, b. Dec. 13, 1867; m. MARY J. 
BARGAIN Feb. 17, 1886, b. Aug. 26, 1864. 

Children : — 
IX— 7078. Darlem G. Saben, b. Jan. 14, 1SS9; m James Vickerj-, March — . 1907. 
IX— 7079. Ed\s-ard R. Saben, b. July 12, 1890. 

Issue of Charles IV. Palmer (Xo. /04) and Elizabeth S. Ames. 

VII— 2120. HARRY W. PALMER, b. May 22, 1875. 

VII— 2121. HATTIE J. PALMER, b. May 22. 1875. 
They were twins; both unm.; address, La ]Moille, 111. 

Issue of Mary W. Palmer {No. yo6) and George Frary. 

VII— 2122. CLARA ANN FRARY (Mary, George. Benjamin, John, 
John. John), b. Nov. 25, 1865; unm. 

She owns the old home in La ^Sloillc, 111.; also a farm near Howard, S. 
Dakota ; address. La Moille, 111. 

VII— 2123. LAURA BELL FRARY (Marv6),b. Oct. i^, 1867: m. 
ERNEST J. HALL April 26, 1893, son of John and Charity Hall, of La 
Moille. b. Jan. 18. 1867. 

He is a farmer and stock raiser; has 133 acres one mile from La Moille. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 4814. Margaret M. Hall. b. June 23, 1895. 

VIII— 4815. Lucy E. Hall, b. May 22, 1898. 

VIII— 4816. George Willard Hall, b. Dec. 31, 1900. 

VIII— 4817. Esther E. Hall, b. June 19, 1903. 

Issue of Samuel Palmer (N'o. yo/) and Sarah Lee. 

VII— 2124. WALTER V. PALMER (Samuel. Georc^e. Benjamin. 
John, John. John), b. March 20, 1857. at La Moille. 111.; m. EFFIE MAY 
PARMELEE June 14, 1S92, of Emerson, Neb., dau. of Alfred Parmelee and 

Note.- Marcus Sabpn was lx)rn in 1812 in Lewis Co.. N. Y.; died Jan. 27, 1005. .\nnn 
Hablet was born in 1817 in Clinton Co., O.; died Nov. 8, 1906. 


J'unice Parmclee (same surname, but not related), b. Sept. • — , 1872, in Hard- 
in Co., la. 

He went to Iowa in 18S3; is largely interested in farming, owning two 
farms. He was clerk of the District Court of Wright Co., from 1891 to 1899; 
address, LxKk Box 29, Goldfield, Wright Co., la. 

Issue : — 
vni— 4S18. Samuel Varian Palmer, b. Sept. 4. 1900. 

VII— 2125. GEORGE L. PALMER (Samuel 6), b. March 6, 1859, 
at LaMoille. 111.; m. ALTHA M. STAUFFER Nov. 10, 1880, in Earlville, 
I!!., dau. of Christian Stuft'er and Sarah Algevee, of Comiellsville, Pa., b. 

He went to Iowa in 1883, where his address was Eagle Grove. He was 
a locomotive engineer for about 15 years on the Chicago and N. W. R. R. ; is 
now in the real estate business, with address 357 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, 

Issue : — 

VIII— 4819. ETHEL MAUD PALMER, b. Aug. 22, 1881, in La 
Moille, 111.; m. WILLIAM H. ATHERTON Dec. 4, 1900, of Eagle Grove, 

He is a locomotive engineer on the Chicago & Great Western R. R. ; ad- 
dress, Clarion, Iowa. 

Issue : — 
IX— 70SO. VelorAtherton, b. Dec. 1, 1901; d. -when 14 months old. 

VIII— 4820. JUANITA VARIAN PALMIER, b. July 23, 1883, in la.; 
m. LEROY LECKEY Jan. 14, 1906, of Hampton, la. 

He is a brakeman on the Chicago & N. W. R. R. ; address, Eagle Grove, 

VII— 2126. ABBIE JOSEPHINE PALMER (Samuel 6), b. Aug. 
— 1861. in 111.; d. March — , 1907; m. EDWARD E. DEWEY April 
1899, of Eagle Grove, la., as his second wife. His first wife was her sister 
(See No. 2129). 

Issue : — 

VIII— 4821. LUCIEL DEWEY, b. April — , 1900. 

VII— 2129. NINA FLORENCE PALMER (Samuel 6), b. Julv — 
1S72, in 111.; d. Aug. — , 1897; m. EDWARD E. DEWEY, 1888: address, 
I'-agle Grove, la. 

Issue : — 

J!'"— 'S22. Orma Dewey, b. Jan. — 1891. 
V 111-4823. Porter Dewey b. Jan. — . 1897. 


VII— 2130. HERBERT S. PALMER (Samuel 6). b. Dec. 14. iS;a, 
in La Moillc. 111.; m. EMMA SMITH May 15. 1S94, at Eagle Grove, hi., 
dau. of James and Lucretia Smith, b. Jan. 21, 187S. 

M. second, AGXES WEISE March 25, 1903. at Hubbard, la., dau. of 
Chris and Sarah W'eise. b. Xov. 15, 1884. 

He is a brakeman on Chicago & North Western R. R. They reside at 
Eagle Grove, la. 

Issue by first wife: — 
VIII— 4S24. Glenroie Palmer, b. Sept. 2, 1898. 

Issue by second wife: — 

VIII— 4825. Carlyle Palmer, b. Jan. 25, 1904. 

VIII— 4826. Thelma Palmer, b. Feb. 24. 1905; d. Mar. 10, 1905. 

Issue of Rachel H. Palmer {No. 709) and John N. Chaddock. 

VII— 2 13 1. RICHARD PALMER CHADDOCK (Rachel, George, 
Benjamin, John, Tohn, John), b. Dec. 26, 1857. in Belmont Co., O. ; m. 
LAURA L. S A VERS Jan. 6, 1880, m Walnut, 111. 

He is engaged in the real estate and insurance business; address, 104 
Water St., Benton Harbor, Mich. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 4827. ETHEL A. CHADDOCK, b. Sept. 1880; d. April — 

VIII— 4828. CLARENCE W. CHADDOCK. b. Sept. — , 1882; unm. 

VIII— 4829. JOHN L. CHADDOCK. b. Dec. 24, 1886; m. KATH- 
ERINE STINES Feb. 1906, at St. Joseph. Mich. 

Issue : — 
IX— 7081. Glenn Chaddock, b. Dec. 24, 1906. 

VIII— 4830. HAROLD F. CHADDOCK, b. June 15, 1897. 

VII— 2132. ANNA FLORILLE CHADDOCK (Rachel 6). b. Feb. 
12, 1865; d. Dec. 26, i8q6; m. WILLIAM BOWERS, 1S8S, at Bloomin- 
ton. 111. 

She was born in Bureau Co., and died in Chicago, 111. No issue. 

VII— 2133. SAMUEL WILBER CHADDOCK (Rachel 6). b. April 
15. 1871; m. JESSIE LOEFFLER Nov. 14. 1889, at St. Joseph, Mich.; 
address, Lansing, I^Iich., care of "State Republican." 

Issue : — 
VIII— 4831. Frank Chaddock, b. Nov. — , 1890. 

VII— 2134. MARY F. CHADDOCK (Rachel 6), b. Aug. 12. 1873; 


„i. CiKORGE PETERSON Jan. 4. 1893. at Decatur, Alich., son of Neils 
and Conradine Johannah Peterson. 

He is a boat builder; also has an excursion boat on Bass Lake, a summer 
resort near Knox, Ind., which is their address. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 4S32. A boy, b. May 7, 1894; d. Sept. 6, 1S94. 
VllI— 4S33. Letha Mae Peterson, b. April 27, 1900. 
YllI — 1S31. Canradine Peterson, b. Nov. 15, 1902. 

Issue of Hannah E. Palmer {No. yio) and Rev. Joseph Sluizv. 

VII_2i35. GEORGE BRACKEN SH.WV (Hannah E. 6), m. 
LUCY POWEL ALENANDER, of Philadelphia; address, Beaver, Beaver 
Co.. Pa. 

Issue : — 

Vlir— 4835. A boy, b. 1904 or 5. 
Vlll— 4836. A boy, b. 190C. (?) 
VllI— 4837. A boy, b. 1907 or 8. 

VII— 2136. JESSIE SHAW (Hannah E. 6). She is deceased. 

Issue of Robert Jl'. Palmer {No. yi^) and HannaJi II. Bre-wer. 

VII— 2137. EMAIA LEOTA PALMER (Robert. George. Benjamin, 
John, John, John), b. July 13, 1868; m. J. O. PORTERFIELD Nov. 28, 
1906; address, Belmont, O. 

VII— 2138. CORA B. PALMER (Robert 6), b. Oct. 3. 1871 ; d. 
May 31. 1902; m. I. F. HATCHER Jan. 19, 1893, of ^Vlalcom, la., at 
which place they resided a little while, then removed to Morris, 111. where she 

Children :— 

Vin-4S38. Hannah Caroline Hatcher, b. March 2, 1894, at Malcom, la. 
V1II-4&39. Paul Palmer Hatcher, b. Nov. 3, 1900. at Morris, 111. 
These children live with their grandparents Palmer. 

Line of John, John, John, Benjamin, x\my. 

Issue of John Oliver {No. 714) and Martha Winner, born in Lycoming Co., 


VII— 2140. JOSEPH W. OLIVER (John. Amy. Benjamin. John, 
John. John), b. 8 mo. 3, 1843; m- RACHEL MILLER (widow) Nov. 3, 
'905. of Trout Run. 

He was in the army during- the Civil War; served three years, two months 
and twenty days; was in the three days' battle of Gettysburg and was also a 
prisoner. for six months in Andersonville, Ga. He is now a Justice of the 
i'eace; address. Trout Run, Lycoming Co., Pa. 


Issue of Sarah Ann Oliver {Xo. 7/7) and Matthias Kindt. 

VII— 2142. JOHN P. KINDT (Sarah Ann, 6), b. Feb. 19, 1850; d. 
Aug. 2y, 1862. 

VII— 2143. ROBERT C. KINDT (Sarah A.. Amy, Benjamin, John, 
John, John), b. June 26, 1852; m. MARY ANNA KESTER April 29, 
1875, dau. of John Kester* and Ann John, b. Dec. 16, 185 1. 

By trade he is a blacksmith, with residence Alordansville; address, 
Bloomsburgf, Pa., R. F. D. 4. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 4840. JOHN M. KINDT, b. Mar. 8, 1876; m. BESSIE WILLS 
Dec. II, 1900. She d. May 15, 1909. 

He is employed in steel works at Berwick, Pa. No issue. 

VIII— 4841. ALLIE IRENE KINDT, b. Feb. 24, 187S; m. 
CHARLES YERKES Dec. 27, 1905. 

He is a U. S. letter carrier; address, 2138 ]\IcClellan St., Philadelphia, 

Issue : — 
IX— Charles Henry Yerkes, b. June 19, 1910. 

VIII— 4842. ANNIE ETHEL KINDT, b. Nov. 5, 1880; m. ROB- 
ERT J. DUNLAP Dec. 27, 1905. 

He is a U. S. letter carrier; address, 191 2 S. 21st St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

VIII— 4843. MARY OLIVE KINDT, b. Oct. 10, 1886; d. Sept. — 

VIII— 4844. ROBERT C KINDT, b. Feb. 10, 1889. 

VIII— 4845. HAROLD D. KINDT, b. July 9, 1895. 

VII— 2144. NATHAN OLIVER KINDT (Sarah A. 6). b. Nov. 26, 
1853; d. June 2y, 1908; bur. at Fernwood Cemetery: m. JESSIE C. BRO- 
PHY Aug. 19, 1876, dau. of John Brophy and Agnes Callaghan, of Phila- 
delphia, Pa., b. Feb. 3, i860. 

He was in the milk trade for many years. Then lived retired at 1206 
South Markoe St., Philadelphia, Pa. Her address is 161 1 N. 52nd St. 

Issue, born in Philadelphia: — 

Note. — John Kester was a son of Joseph K. Kester, who was a brother to Ann Kes- 
ter, who m. Benjamin Palmer, No. 47, and Ann John was a sister to Amos Y. John, No. 
718, ch. of Asa Townsend John and Mary Thomas. Asa T. was a descendant of Grifllth 
John, Sr., who was born in Pembrokeshire. Wales, in 1GS3; he came to Philadelphia, Feb. 
11, 170S, and settled in the "Welsh Baromy." He was a minister in the Society of Friends. 
Asa T was also a descendant of John Townsend and Joanna England, early settlers 
In Chester Co., Pa. 


VIII— 4846. \\'ILLIAM KINDT, b. April 30. 1877; m. MARY 
KL'NKLE. 1899. Xo response. Record furnished by his parents. 
He is a performer; home address, York, Pa. 
Issue: — 

r?C— 70S2. Jessie Mary Kindt, b. Jan. 14, 1900. 
IX— 7083. Russell Kindt, b. May — , 1902. 
IX— 7084. Ruth Kindt, b. May or April, 1905. 

VIII— 4847. VAROX OLIVER KIXDT, b. Feb. 24, iSSo; m. ADA 
CR.*\.WFORD July 19, 1897, dau. of CHnton and Mary Crawford. 

He is a barber; first located at Millville, Pa. Then at 47th St. and Wood- 
land Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 
rx— 7085. Clinton Kindt, b. Sept, 24, 1S98. 

VIII— 4848. JOHN MATHIAS KIXDT, b. Oct. 4, 1882; m. AXNA 
LEIGHTOX Aug. 27, 1904, dau. of William Leighton and ^Mary Roseboro, 
b. Oct. 26, 1883. 

Pie is a machinist, employed with the Standard Roller Bearing Works; 
address, 1235 South Markoe St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 
IX— 70S6. John Layton Kindt, b. June 23, 1905; d. Dec. 24. 1905. 

VIII— 4849. AGNES JEXNIE KINDT, b. May 9, 1886; d. Oct. 31, 

VIII— 4850. MABEL JESSIE KIXDT, b. July 3, 1S89; m. FRED- 
ERICK ZAUNER Feb, 14, 1906, son of Henry Zauner, b. Dec. 14. 1884. 

He is an electrician; address, 2008 Beaumont Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — I 
IX— 70S7. Oliver F. Zauner. b. May 3. 1907. 

VIII— 4851. LOUIE MAY KIXDT, b. May 18, 1892. 
She is clerking; resides with parents. 

VIII— 4852. BERXARD CLIFTON KIXDT, b. Dec. 15, 1900. 

VII— 2146. NICHOLAS CLIFTOX KIXDT (Sarah A. 6). b. July 
25, 1857, at Mordansville, Columbia. Co.. Pa.: m. ANNIE LAWRENCE 
March 19, 1885, dau. of William S. and Rachel Lawrence, of Mausdale, Pa., 
b. Nov. 25, 1864. 

He is a blacksmith ; address, Mausdale, Montour Co., Pa. 

Issue born there : — 

VIII— 4853. JENNIE MARIE KINDT, b. March 26, 1886; m. 
CH.\RLES CLAYTON LEWIS June 19. 1907. at Mausdale, Pa. 

Issue : — . 
IX— 7088. Robert Lewis, b. In 1908. . 


3, i888; unm.; at home. 

VIII— 4855. SAMUEL CLIFTOX KIXDT. b. .May 20, 1900. 

VII— 2147. HEXRY H. KIXDT (Sarah A. 6). b. Xov. 22, 1858; d. 
Feb. 20, 1908; bur. at Millville; m. MARY C. IKELER, 1879, dau. of An- 
drew Ikeler and Omen ( ?). 

He was a farmer and machinist: resided at Mordansville, Cohimbia Co., 
Pa, Her address is Bloomsburg, Pa., R. F. D. 4. 

Issue bom there : — 

VIII— 4So6. Clyde M. Kindt, b. April 23, 18S0; d. Nov. 12, 1880. 

VIII— 4857. Mary L. Kindt, b. Sept. 3, 1S81. 

VIII— 4S5S. Bruce E. Kindt, b. Nov. 8, 1SS3. 

VIII— 4859. Andrew Frank Kindt, b. Oct. 13, 1885; m. Edith Sterner, Jan. 7, 1909, of Ber- 
wick Pa 

VIII — 4860. Lillian B. Kindt, b. Nov. 19, 1887; m. Dennis Shultz, Dec. 31, 1908, Mordans- 
ville, Pa., by Rev. \V. H. Hanman, of Millville, Pa. 

VIII— 4861. Harrv Elijah Kindt, b. Mar. 8, 1S90. 

VIII — 1862. Alfred P. Kindt, b. July 14, 1S93. 

VIII— 4863. Rachel Ellen Kindt, b. Nov. 27, 1^95; d. Nov. 12. 1S97. 

VIII — i864. Jennie V. Kindt, b. Jan. 12, 1S98. 

VIII— 4865. Harman C. Kindt, b. Feb. 15, 1900. 

VIII— 4866. William Donald Kindt, b. Mav 7, 190:j; d. Au- 7, 1907. 

VIII— 4867. Byron Farr Kindt, b. Dec, 29, 1905; d. Jan. 1, 1906. 

VII— 2148. CLARA ELLEX KIXDT (Sarah A. 6), b. Mav 10, 
i860; m. RICHARD C. KESTER Sept. 30, 1880, son of Aaron Kestcr and 
Esther Pollock, b. July 21, 1857; address. ]MillvilIe, Columbia Co., Pa. 

Issue : — ' 

VIII— 4868. Samuel Clifton Ke.ster, b. Oct. 12, ISSl; d. Mar. 8. 1S91. 

VIII— 4S69. Thomas Ralph Kester, b. April 20, 1SS3. 

VIII— 4870. Lonna Mary Kester, b. Sept. 1, 1884. 

VIII — 1871. Esther AUena Kester, b. June 1, 1890. 

VIII— 4872. Raymond Roscoe Kester, b. Nov. 11, 1897. 

Issue of Elleanor Oliver (No. yi8) and Amos Y. John. 

VII— 2149. HEXRY H. JOHX (Elleanor. Amy, Benjamin, John, 
John, John), b. Sept. 21, 1849; m- ARAaIIXTIA H'EACOCK .ALar. 9. 

1872, dau. of Amos Heacock and Ikeler; address, 2720 S. Emerson 

Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 4873. RALPH A. JOHX. b. Jtme 14. 1873: m. MAMIE B. 
DAINE June 2, 1897, of Farmington, Minn. 

Their address is probably Minneapolis. Minn. 
IX— 7089. Harold D. John. b. May 2, 1901. 

VII— 2150. AMOS Y. JOHX (Eleanor 6), b. Feb. 16, 1852; d. .-\tig. 
12, 1894; buried at Minneapolis, Minn; unm. 


He was engaged in a store in Philadelphia for some time; then removed 
to Minneapolis. 

Line of Joiix, John, John, Benjamin, Peter. 

Issue of John K. Palmer {No. ^20) ami Jane Wilson, probably born in Sauk 

Co., Wis. 

VII— 215 1. MARY JANE PALMER (John K.. Peter, Benjamin 
John, John. John), b. Oct. 2. 1844; m. JASPER ODELL Oct. i^. 1S61 ^on 
of Hiram Odell, b. .May 18, 1838. 

He is a farmer; resided near Baraboo and later at 520 Sixth Ave., Bara- 
boo, Wis. 

Issue : — • 

VIII— 4874. LILLIAN ADELIA ODELL, b. Sept. 17 1864; m 
JOHN FREDERICK RUDY Nov. 8. 1882; address, North Freedom, Wis". 
He is a section foreman. 
Children : — 

IX— 7090. Lillian Rudy, b. Feb. 1, 1S84. 

IX— 7091. Leartis Rudy. b. Nov. 21, 1SS7. 

IX— 7092. Mable Rudy. b. Jan. 15, 1&90. 

IX— 7093. Editb Rudy. b. June 29, 1S95. 

IX— 70'J4. Freddie Rudy, b. Sept. 11, 1900. 

VIII— 4875. LEONA C. ODELL. b. Sept. 14, 1866; m. JAMES 
CURTIS Sept. 21, 1884, son of Morgan Curtis and Julia Wright, b. Nov. 16 

He is a farmer; address, Barron, Wis. 

Children : — 

IX— 7095. Ralph Curtis, b. Nov. 30, 1885. 

IX— 7096. Roy Curtis, b. Feb. 19. ISSS. 

IX— 7097. Blanche Curtis, b. June 2, 1890. 

IX— 7093. Rollin Curtis, b .Aug. 10, 1891. 

IX— 7099. Iva Curtis, b. Sept. 12, 1892. 

IX— 7100. Charles Curtis, b. May IS, 1894. 

IX— 7101. Ruth Curtis, b. Feb. 4. 1898. 

IX— 7102. Alice Curtis, b. Nov. 18, 1900. 

IX— 7103. Crystal Curtis, b. Dec. 24, 1903. 

IX— 7104. Inez Curtis, b. Dec. 28, 190G. 

VIII— 4876. WALTER UR ODELL, b. April 25, 1868; m. MARY 
HARRIS Sept. 28, 1892, dau. of Marvin Harris and M^ary Louise Douglas, 
b. Nov. 24, 1870. 

He is engaged in real estate and mining interests, with North Wisconsin 
lands a specialty; address, Baraboo. Wisconsin. 

Children : — 
IX— 7105. Waldo Odell, b. Jan. 21, 1894. 
IX— 7106. Clare Odell, b. July 31,1895. 

VIII— 4877. ESTELLA E. ODELL, b. Nov. 9, 1871 ; m. GEORGE 
GIBBONS Jtine 20, 1895. 


He is employed with Illinois Iron Company; address, North Fretdom, 

Children : — 

IX— 7107. Veo Gibbous, b. Nov. 21, 1S95. 

IX— 7108. Vaughan Gibbons, b. June 12, 1897. 

IX— 7109. Phillip Gibbons, b. Feb. 3, 1S99. 

IX— 7110. Mary (?) Gibbous, b. Aug. 19, 1902. 

VIII— 4S78. ^lYRA ODELL, b. April g, 1873; m. ALBERT MAH- 
LER March 22, 1893. 

He is a railroad conductor. 
Children : — 

IX— 7111. Grace Mahler, b. Aug. 7, 1894. 
IX— 7112. Richard Mahler, b. Feb. 17, 1899. 
IX— 7113. Robert Mahler, b. Feb. 26, 1901. 

VIII— 4879. RUTH ODELL, b. Nov. — 1878; m. PHILIP BECK- 
ER July 18, 1896. 

He is a butter maker; address. Three Oaks, Mich. 
Children : — 

IX— 7114. Ethel Becker, b. Nov. 6, 1S9S. 

IX— 7115. Zella Becker, b. Sept. 1, 1900; d. Jan. 7, 1901. 

IX— 711C. Vaud Becker, b. July 20, 1904. 

(John K. 6), b. July 11, 
1847, in Penna.; m. WILLIAM HARRISON Dec. 25. 1871, son of John 
Harrison and Catherine Hawk, b. Aug. 30, 1849. in N. J. 

He is a farmer; resides at Raymond, South Dakota. 

Children : — 

VIII— 4880. MABEL HARRISON, b. Oct. 29, 1872; m. ELMER 
ELLSWORTH AYERS Jan. 31, 1893, b. March 7, 1865, in 111. 
Children : — 

IX— 7117. Leslie Everett Ayers, b. Nov. 11, 1894 

IX— 7118. Roy Ellsworth Ayers, b. Feb. 11, 1896. 

IX— 7119. Lucile Ayers, b. Sept. 7. 1S97. 

IX— 7120. Lionel Merton Ayers, b. Dec. 23, 1899 

IX— 7121. Elmer Harrison Ayers, b. Aug. 22, 1905. 

VIII— 4881. LELA HARRISON, b. March 8. 1874, in Sauk Co.. Wis.; 
m. EMANUEL FRYBERGER Nov. 23, 1892, b. Sept. 11, 1865, in Iowa. 

He is a fanner; resided in Pipestone Co., Minn., until March, 1906, when 
they removed to Raymond, South Dakota, and continued farming. 

Children, born in Pipestone, Minn. : — 
IX— 7122. Zadie Grace Fryberger, b. Jan. 12, 1894. 
IX— 7123. Harry Ervin Fryberger, b. Oct. 14, 1895. 
IX— 7124. Gladys Viola Fryberger, b. Aug. 29, 1899. 
IX— 7125. Mildred Lavine Fryberger. b. Oct. 28, 1901. 
IX— 7126. Wilnia Maxine Fryberger, b. July 2, 1903. 
IX— 7127. Marie Blossom Fryberger, b. Sept. 25, 1906, at Raymond, S. D. 


VIII— 48S2. MACK HARRISON, b. Dec. 18, 1875; m. ADDIE HAR- 
RISON Dec. 2^, 1S96, b. July 21, 1S77; address, Napolepn, N. Dakota., 
King route. 

Children : — 
EX— 7128. Tessie Linola Harrison, b. Oct. 10, 1897. 
IX— 7129. Hattie Beatrice Harrison, b. Oct. 18, 1898. 
IX— 7130. Inez Iva Harrison, b. March 5, 1900. 
IX— 7131. Elsie Wildevern Harrison, b. June 6, 1903. 
IX— 7132. William Franklin Harrison, b. Nov. 9, 1904. 

VII— 2153. WILLIAM HENRY PALMER (John K. 6), b. June 12, 
1851; m. ELIZABETH BANGLE July 4, 1874, dau. of Lewis Bangle and 
Angeline Caswel, b. Sept. 14, 1857; address, 1406 Mulberry St., Waterloo, la. 

Children : — 

VIII— 4883. JOHN PALMER, b. April 8, 1875 ; unm. ; address. Mason 
City, Iowa. 

VIII— 4884. CLINTON PALMER, b. Feb. 11, 1878; unm.; address, 
Waterloo, la. 

VIII— 4885. ADDIE PALMIER, b. ^lav 5, 1880; m. FREE- 

M. second, WARREN SCOTT Feb. 8, 1909; b. Aug. i, 1858; address, 
250 Cottagegrove Ave., Waterloo, la. 

Issue ; — 

IX— 7133. Minnie Freeman, b. May 16, 1896. 

IX— 7134. Morah Freeman, b. June 30, 1S97. 

IX— 7135. Cora Freeman, b. Dec. 30, 1899. 

IX— 7136. William Freeman, b. June 10, 1901. 

VIII— 4886. VERNON PALMER, b. Oct. 28, 1883; m. SUSAN 

, May 20, 1904; address, Rockford, Iowa. 

Issue : — 

IX— 7137. Danold Palmer, b. May 2, 1906. 

IX— 7138. Ray Palmer, b. Aug. 14, 1907. 

IX— 7139. Bullia Palmer, b. Oct. 26, 1908. 

IX— 7140. Inas Palmer, b. June 13. 1910. 

VIII— 4887. LUELLA PALMIER, b. Oct. 7, 1884; m. GEORGE 
GREGORY, 1900; b. 1878; address, Charles City, Iowa. 

Issue : — 
IX— 7141. Ellen Gregory, b. Sept. 28, 1902. 

VIII— 4888. MAY PALMIER, b. May i. 1886; m. OLIVER PRIOR 
Oct. 22, 1903; b. Mar. 15, 1881 ; address, 107 Bates St., Waterloo, la. 
Issue : — 

IX— 7142. Martha Prior, b. June 29, 1904. 

TX— 7143. Everett Prior, b. Nov. 25, 1008. 

IX— 7144. Voila Prior, b. Jan. 21, 1911. 

IX— 7145. Violla Prior, b. Jan. 21, 1911. 


VIII— 4889. ZELLA PALMER, b. March 22, 1888; m. 
HALUBAR; address. 105 Bates St., Waterloo, la. 
Issue : — 

IX— 7146. 
IX— 7147. 
IX— 7148. 

VIII— 4890. IVAS PALMER, b. Sept. 21. 1891; m. PAD- 
GET ; address, Clarksville, Iowa. Xo issue. 

VIII— 4891. VIOLA PALMIER, b. March 22, 1888. 

VIII— 4892. VIVIAN PALMER, b. May 30, 1898. 
The last two reside with their parents. 

VII— 2154. EMILY SOPHREXA PALMER (Tohn K. 6), b. Sept. 
19, 1853; d. Jan. 19. 1892; m. JAMES BANGLE Feb. 22, 1875. 
He removed to Canada. 
Children : — 

VIII— 4893. Howard Otis Bangle, b. Feb. 22, 1S76. 
VIII— 4894. Rexford Esmond B.ingle. b. Nov. 1, 1878. 

VIII— 4S95. Ivy Elsina Bangle, b. July 19, 1S82; m. Brannum. Address, Esmoud, N. 

VIII— 4896. Arthur Doiwold Bangle, b. Dec. 28, 1884. 
VIII— 4897. Ivan Monttord Bangle, b. Jan. 7, 1889. 

VII— 2156. DELPHA ALMA PALMER (John K. 6), b. Dec. 20, 
i860; m. WILLIAM MERRILL Sept. 18. 1878. He d. Aug. 19, 1895. 

M. second, CHARLES MATTZ Aug. 4, 1901 ; address, Augusta, Wis., 
R. D. 2. 

The records were furnished by her sister. 
Children by first husband : — 

VIII— 4S98. Izro Merrill, b. Sept. 12, 1S79; m. Burton Hotekiss. May 4, 1902; address, 

Davis, Cal. 
VIII— 4899. Ethel Merrill, b. April 28, 1881. 
VIII— 4900. Aaron Merrill, b. Aug. 8, 1883. 
VIII— 4901. Floyd Merrill, b. July 28, 1894. 

Children by second husband : — 

VIII-4902. Mary Mattz, b. Sept. 15, 1902. 

VIII— 4903. Benjamin Mattz, b. Sept. 15, 1902; d. Sept. 29, 1902. 

Vni— 4904. Palmer Mattz, b. Nov. 19, 1905. 

VII— 2157. ROSELLA EDITH PALMER (John K. 6), b. Sept. 8. 
1863; m. WILLIAM H. BANGLE Sept. 14, 1882, son of Lewis Bangle 
(who was b. 1825 in Canada), b. April 6. 1857. 

They reside at Augusta, Wis., P. O. Box 'j2, and she now uses the name 
Rose E. Bangle. 

Children : — 


VIII— 4905. CLIFFORD BANGLE, b. Aug. 10, 1883: m. ANNA 
HOGESOX Jail. 10, 1909; address. Gilby, Xorth Dakota. 

Issue: — 
IX— 7150. Rosemont Bangle, b. Sept. 23, 1909. 
J X— 7151. Ivan Bangle, b. Oct. 4, llUO. 

VIII— 4906. GLADYS BANGLE, b. Jan. 24, 1886; d. June 14, 1908; 
ni. MVRON TERRY March 22. 1906. 

His address is Augxista. Wis. She and her child were bur. in Augusta 
Cemcterv. She was "loved and respected bv all.'' 

Child :— 
IX— 7152. Bruce Bangle Terry, b. Jan. 10, 1907; d. Mar. 25, 1908. 

VIII— 4907. KYLE BISHOP BANGLE, b. Oct. 17, 1909. 

VII— 2158. PETER WILSON PALMER (John K. 6). b. Nov. 21, 
1866; m. FRANAIS RIEDMIER Jan. i, 1908; address, Augusta, Wis. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 4908. Mildred Jane Palmer, b. Aug. 21, 1909. 
VIII— 4909. Ralph Palmer, b. Sept. 28, 1910. 

Issue of Jane Palmer {No. 72/) and Ira Lundy. 

VII— 2159. ^lARY EMILY LUNDY (Tane. Peter. Benjamin. John, 
John, John), b. Feb. 7, 1845; m- WILLIAM HENRY NORTON July 4. 
1863, son of David B. and Eliza J. Norton, b. April 4, 1843: address, Janes- 
ville, Minn. 

Children : — 

VIII— 4910. ADA J. NORTON, b. Jan. 2^, 1865; m. CLYDE C. 
LONG Nov. 3, 1 88 1, son of George T. and Lydia E. Long, b. Jan. 10, 1858. 
He is a farmer; address. Smith INIill. Minn. 
Issue : — 

IX— 7153. HARLEY N. LONG. b. Sept. i:;, 1883: m. AMY VAN- 
DERWARKA March 10, 1908, of Gcttesburg. S. Dakota. 

Issue : — 
X— 7505. Helen Ada Long, b. Jan. 17, 1909. 

IX— 7154. SYLVIA J. LONG, b. Tulv 20. 1887; m. BENJAMIN 
ZIMMERMAN July 15, 1908. of Janes vifle, Minn. 
Issue : — 

IX— 7155. George H. Zimmerman, b. Aug. 8, 1S90. 

IX— 7156. Percy E. Zimmerman, b. May 10. 1833. 

IX— 7157. Glen D. Zimmerman, b. Dec. 9, 1895. 

IX— 7158. Lydia E. Zimmerman, b. May 10, 1S98. 

VIII— 491 1. IDA A. NORTON, b. Sept. 9. 1867; d. Sept. — . 1887. 

VIII— 4912. EUGENE L. NORTON, b. Mar. 24, 1873; m. MAR- 


GRATE YERIGAN July 4. 1891, dau. of Henry and Elniira Yerigan, b. 
Nov. 10, 1873. 

He is eanployed as roadmaster on the Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. 
Marie R. R. ; address, Adams, N. Dakota. 

Issue : — 

IX— 7159. William Henry Norton, b. Sept. 10, 1S92. 
IX— 7160. Ida Jane Norton, b. July 23. 1897. 

VII— 2i6o. PETER W. LUNDY (Jane 6), b. July 22, 184S; d. Sept. 
28, 1856. 

VII— 2161. SUSAN M. LUNDY (jane 6). b. Nov. 7, 1852; m. MOR- 
RIS O. SIMONS May 24, 1870, son of Martin Simoils and Polly Peltys, b. 
June 12, 1842. 

Address, Greenland, i\Iinn. 

Children : — 

VIII— 4913. INEZ N. SIMONS, b. Oct. 2. 1873; m. BERT E. 
THWING June 19, 1894. 

Child :— 
IX— 7161. Clayton F. Thwing, b. May 1. 1904. 

VIII— 4914. LOUELLA J. SIMONS, b. Jan. 29, 1877; m. LEW. 
WINTERS June 18, 1895. 
Children : — 

IX— 7162. Gladys D. Winters, b. Oct. 3. 1896. 
IX— 7163. H. Kenneth Winters, b. July 10, 1903. 

VII— 2163. CATHARINE LUNDY (Jane 6), b. Oct. 23. i8:;9; m. 
WYMAN RIDER Dec. 25, 1877, son of Jacob M. Rider and Tacy AI. Wy- 
man, b. May 17, 1852; address, Wanbay, Day Co., South Dakota, R. F. D. 3. 

Children : — 

VIII— 4015. Mark L. Rider, b. May 6, 18S2. 

VIII— 4916. Tacy Rider, b. Dec. 10, 1884. 

VIII 4917. Jane Rider, b. Aug. 5, ISSC. 

VIII— 4918. Dean L., Ridf r, b. April 5. ISSS. 

VIII— 4919. Verna Rider, b. April 14, 1890. 

VIII— 4920. Ruby Rider, h. March 29, 1892. 

VIII— 4921. Leon W. Rider, b. Dec. 10, 1893. 

VIII-4922. Sydney A. Rider, b. Sept. 11. 1893. 

VIII— 4923. Blanche Rider, b. Feb. 12, 1901. 

VII— 2164. ALICE L. LUNDY (lane 6). b. Oct. 15, 1863; m. WIL- 
LIAM A. SMITH Jan. 5, 1884, son of Frank and Henrietta Smith, b. Dec. 
23, i86i;d. Dec. 15, 1886. 

His occupation was farming. 

Note.— Martin Simons, b. April 5, 1812; d. Dec. 17, 1SS9. Polly Peltys Simons, b. 
July 31, 1820; d. July 24, 1903. 



M. second, GEORGE A. ^IcKIXLEY Oct. ;, 1891, son of Daniel H. 
and Mar>' Ann McKinley, b. Sept. 9, 1871. 

He is a timber contractor. They reside at Brainerd, Crow Wing Co., 

Giildren by first husband : — 

VIII— 4924. EFFIE J. SMITH, b. Dec. 23, 1S84; m. F. A. KIMBLE 
Oct. 19, 1905- 

Child :— 
IX -7164. Klover Alice Kimble, b. Sept. 26. 1906. 

VHI— 4925. WILLIAM LUNDY SMITH, b. July 4, 1887; d. Nov. 
7, 1889. 

Issue of Ann Palmer (No. /J2) and Charles L. Wood. 

VII— 2165. MARY ELIZABETH WOOD (Ann, Peter, Benjamin, 
John, John, John), b. Dec. 9, 1848; m. HORACE BOOTEI April 12, 1868, 
in Spring Valley, Decatur Co., la. 

He is a farmer; later address, Hayden, Routt Co., Colo. 

Children : — 

VIII— 4926. WALTER LOYD BOOTH, b. Nov. 12. 1869; m. EDNA 
JOSEPHINE CARR Dec. 5, 1892; address, Boulden, Colo. 
Children: — 

IX— 7165. Hazel Booth, b. May 12, 1894. 

IX— 7166. Ezra Horace Booth, b. March 20, 1902. 

VIII— 4927. LOVELLA ^lELVIXA BOOTH, b. Dec. 19. 1873; m. 
CHARLES LONG Oct. 25, 1899; address, Davidson, Oregon. 
Children : — 

IX— 7167. Bonlta Marv Long, b. Sept. 11, 1901. 

IX~7168. Gladys Long, b. May 26, 1903. 

IX— 7169. Charles Oliver Long, b. June 10. 1904. 

IX— 7170. Donald Booth Long, b. Aug. 14, 1907. 

yill— 4928. LETTA JANE BOOTH, b. Jan. 2. 1878; m. EARNEST 
W.'MTE Dec. 30, 1902, in Boulder, Boulder Co., Colo.; later address Carls- 
bad, N. M. 

VIII— 4929. NELLIE BOOTH, b. Oct. 23, 1883. 

VII— 2166. PHILARMON PRATT WOOD (Ann 6), b. April 26. 
1851; m. CORA ELIZABETH PROSSER Nov. 17, 1878, in North Free- 
dom, Sauk Co., Wis. 

He is a farmer; address, Lafayette, Boulder Co., Colo. 

VIII— 4930. CHARLEY WOOD, b. Sept. 26. 1880; d. June iS, 1881. 


VIII— 4931. FRAXKLIX WALTER WOOD, h. Julv 8, 1884; m 
MABEL GRAHAM Oct. 22, 1905, in Golden, Colo. 

Child :— 
IX— 7171. Beulah Wood, b. May 25, 1906. 

VIII— 4932. GEORGE HEXRY WOOD, b. May i, 1886. 

VIII— 4933. ADA WOOD, b. July 4, 1887. 

VIII— 4934. MARY AXXA WOOD, b. June 8. 1890. 

VIII— 4935. IDA WOOD, b. April 15. 1891 ; d. Xov. 13. 1891. 

VII— 2167. MARGARET JAXE WOOD (Ann 6), b. Sept. 17 
1852; m. JAMES BUTLER Jan. 4, 1874, in Boulder, Colo. 
Her address is Longmont, tolo. 
Children : — 

VIII— 4936. NELLIE ANN BUTLER, b. Xov. 20, 1874; m. HAR- 
RY TALLMAX Xov. 19, 1899, in Longmont, Colo. 
Children : — 

IX— 7172. James Tallman, b. Dec. 25, 1900. 
IX— 7173. Harry Tallman, b. July 14, 1904. 

VIII— 4937. FRAXKLIX CHARLES BUTLER, b. Feb. 4, 1878; m. 
ADDIE MATHEWS April 15, 1907, in Longmont, Colo; later address, 
Estes Park, Lorimer Co., Colo. 

VII— 2169. THERESA DEBORAH WOOD (Ann 6), b. Julv 29. 
1856; m. GEORGE W. SISSOX Dec. 31. 1874, in Longmont, Boulder 
Co., Colo. ; address, 2324 Goss St., Boulder, Colo. 

Children : — 

VIII— 4938. EFFIE SISSON, b. Oct. 21, 1875; d. July 21, 1882. 

VIII— 4939. CHARLES A. SISSOX, b. Jan. 14, 1878; m. ^lAUD 
HOTCHKISS Oct. 10, 1901, in Boulder, Colo. 
Children : — 

DC— 7174. N^etta Sisson, b. Feb. 27, 1903. 
IX— 7175. Melvin Sisson, b. Dec. 12, 1904. 

VIII— 4940. HEXRY SISSOX, b. Oct. 19, 1880; m. ELLA GOOD- 
RO June 14, 1905, in Boulder. 

Child :— 
IX— 7176. Loyd Henry Sisson, b. Oct. 16, 1907. 

VIII— 4941. FRAXK SISSOX, b. Jan. 21, 1883. 


VIII— 4942. MARY D. SISSOX, b. March 9, 1S86; d. Oct. 28, 1892. 
VIll— 4943. WYRXA L. SISSOX, b. Sept. i, 1893. 

VII— 2170. WILLIAM ALFRED WOOD (Ann 6), b. March 28, 
1859; d. March 28, 1880; unm.; buried in Boulder Ceinetery. 

VII— 2171. FRAXKLIX PETER WOOD (.-\nn 6), b. Dec. 30. 1860; 
m. PHILEXA ADA^^IS Sept. 12. 1893. in Sugar Loaf. Boulder Co., Colo.; 
address. 2359 Araphoe Ave., Boulder, Colo. 

Children : — 

Vlir— 5944. Anna Wood, b. Dec. 18, 1S96. 

Vni— 4945. Charles Everott Wood, b. April 24. 1899. 

VIII — 1946. Ralph Franklin Wood, b. July 10. 1902. 

VIII— 4947. Leona Nancy Wood, b. Nov. 26. 1904. 

VIII— 4948. Mnrgaret Alice Wood, b. June 4, 1907. 

VII— 2172. FIEXRY ELS WORTH WOOD Ann 6), b. June 26, 
1862: m. JEXXIE VIELE Feb. 23, 1887, in Boulder. 
They reside at Riverside, Wyo. 
Children : — 

VIII— 4949. WILLIAM WOOD, b. Feb. 17, 1888. 

VIII— 4950. LILA WOOD. b. May 31, 1890; m. GEORGE WHIT- 
XEY Dec. 9, 1905, in Riverside, Wyo. 

Child :— 
IX— 7177. Gladys Whitney, b. Dec. 23, 1906. 

VIII— 4951. LOYD WOOD, b. Oct. 15, 1892. 

VIII— 4952. ARA WOOD, b. Aug. 20, 1894. 

VII— 2174. HAXXAH AL^IIRA WOOD (.Ann 6). b. June 11. 
«866: m. HEXRY W. CARR Xov. i. 1884, in Longmont. Colo., son of 
Oiarles Carr and Caroline Philips, b. Feb. 5, i860, at Morrisburg, Ontario, 

He is an engineer; address, Phys. Bldg., Boulder Colo. 
Children : — 

VIII— 4953. CLEO C. CARR, b. Mav i. 1886: m. THOMAS B. 
^ IXSOXHALER July 26, 1905. in Boulder,'CoIo. 

VIII— 4954. CHARLES EMIL PALMER CARR, b. Sept. 11, 1891. 


Issue of JVilliain J\ Palmer {Xo. /2j) and Deborah Hartiiian, born in Lv- 
coming Co., Pa. 

VII— 217s. ALICE LUCIXA PALMER (William. Peter. BenjaniiP 
John. John, John), b. July 4. 1S52: m. FREDERICK C. STIGER Xov. i. 
1868, son of John WiUiam Stiger* and Christina MeaHza, b. ^klarch 13. 1844; 
d. Nov. 24, 1909. 

He was a farmer; her address is Wilhamsport, Pa., R. F. D. i, Box 6^. 

Children : — 

VIII— 49^5. WILLIAM PETER STIGER. b. Oct. 3, 1872; m. VIO- 
LET J. CARXAHAM June 15. 1904. 

He is a foreman for contractor carpenters; address, 607 Lincoln Ave. 
Charleroi, Allegheny Co., Pa. 

Child :— 
IX— 7178. Mary Elva Stiger, b. Nov. 10, 1907. 

VIII— 49^6. HARRY THOMAS STIGER. b. Sept. 2S. 1874; m 
ESTELLA m\\UD KIMBLE June 15. 1904. dau. of Peter J. Kimble anH 
Elizabeth Milnor, b. July 10, 1877; residence, Williamsport, Pa. 

Child :— 
IX-7179. Francis Mae Stiger, b. .Tuly 8, 1905. 

VIII— 4957. CLARA WILMINA STIGER, b. Jan. 5. 1877; d. Oct. 
17, 1877. 

VIII— 4958. ELVA MAE STIGER, b. July 24. 1886; unm. 

Issue by Second Wife, Ann Dolby. 

VU—2177. SALLIE A. PALMER (William 6). b. April 20. 1868; 
m. BEXJAMIX HARVEY FIESTER Jan. 10, 1893, son of Levi Fiestcr 
and Sarah Bredbenner. b. Oct. 24, 1868. 

They reside at Berwick, Pa. 

Children : — - 
VIII— 4059. William Palmer Fiester, b. April 25, -894. 
VIII— 4960. Harclfl Dalbey Fiester, b. June 27, 1898. 
VI1I--4961. Francis Benjamin Fiester, b. June 17, 1903. 

VII— 2179. MARY R. PALMER (William 6). b. Aug. 2-^. 1872; d. 
Oct. 13. 1897; m. J. W. PIARRIS June 30, 1897. 

Her death occurred in less than four months after her marriage. 

Issue of Margaret Palmer {No. 724) and Paul Harman, born in Lvcoming 

Co., Pa. 

VII— 2180. ALICE HARM AX (Margaret. Peter, Benjamin. John. 

Note.— John William Stit^er was b. June 13, 1813; Christina Mealizf^ was b. Jiir'' 
17. 1815. They were married May 2. 1888. 


fohn. John), b. July 20. 1853: cl. March 19, 1904: m. DAVID MYERS June 

13, 1S94, son of Samuel Myers. He d. Mar. 10, 1895. 

M. second JOSEPH HARLAX PAL^^IER Aug. 28, 1900 (No. 755. 
q. v.). They removed to Artcsan. South Dakota, where she died; her body 
was brought to Ohio, 111., ior burial. She left no children. 

VII— 2181. AXXA HARMAX (Margaret 6). b. Dec. i, 18^4: d. Peb. 
5. 1S76; m. JERO^IE K. LUXDY Dec. 22, 1874, son of Charles Lundy and 
Rebecca Konkle, b. April 21, 1854; address, ^lontoursville, Lycoming Co., Pa. 


'' ^' VIII— 4962. HARVEY H. LUXDY, b. Jan. 27, 1876; m. AXXIE 
PLAXK Oct. 16, 1901, dau. of Anthony Plank and Catharine Dilgs, b. Oct. 

14, 1875. 

He is a farmer; resides on the farm of his grandfather near \\ arrensville, 
Lvcoming Co., Pa. 

Child :— 
IX— 7180. Margaret Catharine Lucdy, b. July 13, 1904. 

Issue of Deborah Palmer (No. 723) and Jeremiah Crawford, born in Lycom- 
ing Co., Pa. 

VII— 2182. SAVILLA CRAWFORD (Deborah, Peter, Benjamin. 
John, John, John), b. Sept. 25, 1851 : d. Dec. 21, 1871 ; m. JAMES \V. FIXK 
June 2y, 1868, son of Solomon and Mary Fink, of Lycoming Co., Pa. 

Child :— 

VIII— 4963. HIRAM WILBER FINK, b. Oct. 14, 1868; unm. ; re- 
sided at Montoursville, Lycoming Co., Pa., where he was employed with ]\I. 
Weaver, a dealer in and shipper of horses, and later removed to Williamsport, 

VII— 2183. GEORGE W. CRAWFORD (Deborah 6). b. Sept. 13, 
'853; d. Julv 2y. 1S89; buried first at Sand Hill: bodv removed to Hughes- 
ville. Lycoming Co., Pa.: m. FAXNIE RARER Jan.' 18, 18S3. dau. of Dr. 
Thomas Rapcr. of Lairdsville. Pa., and Catharine, dau. of Simon Hawley and 
Mary Lewis, from Chester Co., Pa. 

George W. studied medicine; graduated in Philadelphia in Spring of 
1879. His health failing, they removed first to Florida and in one year to 
I^ngford, Colo., where they remained four years, then returned to Williams- 
port, Pa., just one week before his death. His widow removed to Harrisburg, 
Pa., where she lived thirteen years and educated her children; then removed to 
Lancaster, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 4964. CHARLES RARER CRAWFORD, b. March 12, 1884; 
m. MARGARET HARTMAX Sept. 12, 1908, dau. of Edward Hartman 
and Emma Gruel, b. Sept. 12, 1889. 


He is engaged with the civil engineering work of the Pa. State Highway 
Dept., with office in Lancaster. Pa. Tliey reside with his mother. 

1886, at Langford. Colo. 

He is engaged in the same work as his brother (q. v.) and resides with 
his mother. 

Vn— 2184. TOHX PIERSOX CRAWFORD (Deborah 6), b. Oct. 
15. 1855: m. CLARA JAXE WLXXER Xov. 5, 1885, dau. of Jesse and 
Asenath Winner, b. April 12. 1861. 

He is a farmer; after m. lived at Montoursville two years; then Trout 
Run two years; then Bodines 2 years: then, 1891, to Trout Run, Lycoming 
Co,. Pa., their present home, for 16 years. 

Children : — 

VIII — 4966. Frances Deborah Crawford, b. Nov. 4. 1SS6 at Montoursville. 

VIII— 4967. George Fleming Crawford, b. July 11, ISSS, at Trout Run. 

VIII -4968. Merle Ernest Crawford, b. May S, 1S90, at Bodines. 

VIII— 4969. Elsie Jane Crawford, b. Feb. IS, 1S94, at Trout Run. 

VIII- 4970. Alice .Margaret Crawford, b. April 19, 1894. at Trout Run. 

VIII— 4971. Rose Esther Crawford, b Jan. 23, 1896, same. 

VIII— 4972, Ben.iamin Palmer Crawford, b, Jan. 13. 1900, same. 

VIII— 4973. Kmeline Crawford, b. June 16, 1904: d. Mar. P. 1905. 1 x-:.,, x. rr_-„. ,,,,„ 

VIII— 4974. Eleanor Crawford, b. June 16. 1904: d. Oct. 22, 1904./ ^^'"- °- 

VIII— 4975. John Kay Crawford, b, Nov. 2, 1905, same. 

vn— 2185. XICHOLAS BEXJA^nX CRAWFORD (Deborah 6). 
b. Oct. 7. 1857; d. ;May 29. 1907; buried at Trout Run, Pa. ; m. ELIZ.ABETH 
MUjMMA April 25. 1888. dau. of Isaac and Sarah [Nlumma, b. Xov. 12. 1S65. 

They resided at Elmira, X. Y.. he was employed with the Xorthem 
Central R. R., and he died there. Htr address is 415 Main St.. Elmira, X. Y. 

Children : — ■ 

VIII— 4976. Sarah Crawford, d. young. 

VIII— 4977. Marian Crawford, b. July 20, 1S93. 

Issue of Hannah Palmer {No. /--d) and George Kimble, born in Lycoming 

Co., Pa. 

vn— 2186. ZEPHAXLAH H. KIMBLE (Hannah, Peter. Benjamin. 
John, John, John), b. June 6, i860: d. April 14. 1907: m. :\L\RG.\RET E. 
WHEELAXD July 30, 1887, dau. of B. F. Wheeland and Harriet Millonor, 
b. Nov. 24, 1865. 

He studied medicine: gradtiated May, 1885 as M. D., at Baltimore, Md. 
He located at Liberty, Tioga Co.. Pa., where he practiced his profession for 
12 years. He then took a special course at Chicago and became a speciali'j^t 
in diseases of the eye. ear, throat, etc., and located in Williamsport. Pa. His 
health failing, he removed X'ov. 1904. to Asheville. X. C, and established a 
sanitarium. Here he died, but his body was buried in the Williamsport. Pa., 
cemetery. His wife continued to conduct the sanitarium he establishetl for 
some time; afterwards removed to Pittsburg, Pa. X'o children. 


\ ji ^ioj. i>i.\lvV E. KlAiBLK (Hannah O). b. Uci. y, 1806; ni. 

I-RAXK DEROXES Jan. i. 1889. son of Jonatlian Derones and Diana 
(" b. Jan. 21, i860. 

( His mother was b. July 18. 1834, in Monroe Co., Pa.) 

He is engaged in the butcher and meat trade in the WiUiamsport, Pa., 
nirirket. with residence at 822 Cherry St. and later at 447 Brandon Ave. She 
IS an active worker in the Baptist church. 

Cliild :— 
VIII— 4978. George Kimble Deroues, b. July 30, 1S90. 

Jssite of Bcnjattiin tahiicr (:\o. J^j) and Mary W'hcelaiid. 
See record in Sixth Generation. 

Issue of Zephcniah Palmer {No. ;-28) and Delia Hamilton. 

Vn— 2189. CLIXTOX DUAXE PALMER (Zephaniah, Peter. Ben- 
jamin, John, John. John), b. June 17, 1868; m. OLGA TOMEXA FOSBER 
Nov. 26, 1898, at Racine, Wis, dau. of Ludwig Fosber, a Lieutenant in the 
Swedish Army, b. Oct. 9, 1874, in Christiana, Xorway. 

For ten years he has been connected with the firm of Sears, Roebuck & 
Co., Chicago, 111., and is now (1907) Assistant General Office Manager. 

(They do a general merchandise mail order business. They employ about people and do a yearly business of over fifty million dollars and claim it 
is the largest concern of the kind in the world.) 

Child :— 
VIII— 4979. Clinton Joseph Fosber Palmer, b. July 16, 1899. 

Issue of Elmira Palmer {No. jsg) and ^i^'iUiain Mustcller, boni in Lycomii\g 

Co., Pa. 

vn— 2190. AXXA SAVILLAH ^lOSTELLER (Elmira, Peter, 
Benjamin. John, John, John), b. Oct. 11, 1864: m. ELLIS SILVESTER 
LOL'DEXSCHLAGER Jan. 20, 1886, son of Samuel and ^lary Louden- 
schlager, b. April 7, 1863; d. Oct. 14, 1896, after an illness of nearly three 

M. second, JOHX BRELSFORD Oct. 15, 1903, as his second wife, 
son of Joshua Brelsford* and Mary Ann Southard, b. Aug. 26, 1848. 
He is a fanner. They reside at Loyalsock. Lycoming Co., Pa. 
Child by first husband :— 

Jan. 13. 1887. 

He resided with his grandparents, Mostellers, and later went to Chicago, 
111., where he is a clerk in the Brevoort Hotel. 

Note.— Joshua Brelsford was born in ISIS in Bucks Co.. Pa., d. Sept. 2, 1870; Mary 
Ai^n Southard was b. Dec. 20, 1818, in Lycoming Co.; d. March 26, 1901. 


Vn—2191. JAMES F. MOSTELLER (Elmira 6), b. July 23, 1870; 

He resided with his parents and remained on the faim; after their death 
he went to Boulder, Colo. 

VII— 2192. GEORGE A. MOSTELLER (Elmira 6), b. Nov. 26, 
1873; m. JENxME E. NEW'CO.MER Oct. 20, 1897, dau. of Solomon New- 
comer and Rebecca Neece. 

They resided on a farm which he purchased at Port Alleghany, McKean 
Co., Pa. After the death of his father he sold out here and purchased the 
homestead where they reside; address, Willianisport, Pa. ^ 

Issue : — 

\^II— 4981. Chester Owen Mostoller, b. Feb. 9, 1899. 

VIII— 4982. Khea Myra Mostcller, b. May 23, 1902. 

VIII— 4983. Earl Raymond Mo.sieller, b. July 14, 1903. 

VIII— 4984. Theodore Frankliu Mosteller, b. Oct. 29, 1906. 

Line of John, John, John, Benjamin, Mary K. 

Issue of George R. lVheela)id {Xo. /^j) and Mary A. Beck, all born in Liber- 
ty Twp., Tioga Co., Pa. 

VII— 2194. HENRY WILLIAM WPIEELAND, b. Dec. 31, i85i;d. 

Oct. 2zl. l8?Jl. 

VII— 2195. ALICE C. WHEELAND (George R., Mar}- K., Benja- 
min, John, John, John), b. julv 21 , 1854: d. Oct. 30, 190S; m. GEORGE M. 
ANDERSON May 2S, 18S1,' son of John Anderson and :^Iagdalene Diel, b. 
March 8, 1854, at Liberty, Pa. 

He is a farmer; address, Calvert, Norton Co., Kan. 

Children : — 

VIII— 4985. BURTON ANDERSON, b. June 26, 1882; m. EM^L\ 
SHINDELL June .25, 190S. 

He is in the real estate business at Lincoln, Neb. 

VIII— 4986. ^lARY ANDERSON, b. Oct. i, 1883; m. LEROY 
HAYES April 25, 1906. 

He is a farmer; address, Alma, Harlan Co., Neb. 
Issue : — 

IX— 7181. Mildred Hayes, b. May 12. 1908. 
IX— 7182. Helen Hayes ,b. July 13, 1910. 

VIII— 4987. ARTHUR ANDERSON, b. March — , 1887: m. DELL A 
RHOADS Feb. 25, 1909. 

He is a teacher and farmer; address, Calvert, Kan. 

Issue : — 
IX— 7183. Vaughn Anderson, b. June 20, 1910. 


\ lll_4tj88. liHkMAN ANDERSON, b. Aug. 16, 1892. 

VIII_4989. EDITH ANDERSON, b. 1894. 
The latter two live with their father. 

1». Feb. 27. 1856: m. MARY A. FREY Jan. 10, 1882, dau. of John Frey and 
Fredrica Schneider, b. Aug. 20, 1861. 

He is a farmer. They reside at the homestead, which he farms, as also 
another farm in the vicinity; address, Liberty, Tioga Co., Pa. 

Childrai, all born in Tioga Co., Pa. : — 

VIII— 4990. ARTHUR W. WHEELAND, b. March 29, 18S3; m. 
URSULA DAVIS Oct. 4. 1906. b. Aug. 27, 1884. 

They reside in Pittsburg, Pa. He is engaged on passenger trains of P. 
R. R. 

VIII— 4991. ELSIE MAY WHEELAND, b. Sept. 20, 1886; d. March 
17, 1887. 

VIII— 4992. ALVERNA F. WHEELAND, b. July 9, 1888. 
She is a school teacher. 

VIII— 4993. HOMER D. WHEELAND, b. July 12, 1891; at home 
assisting his father. 

VIII— 4994. ROBERT F. WHEELAND, b. July i. 1897. 

VII— 2197. CLINTON W. W^HEELAND (George R. 6). b. Feb. 22, 
1858; m. ELIZA SHEFFER Sept. 28, 1879, dau. of George Sheffer and 
Dorliska Kinsman, of Bradford Co., Pa., b. Oct. 16, 1862. 

He is a carpenter and contractor. He was for some time at Pittsburg, 
Pa., where he had a profitable position, but his health failing, he returned to 
Willianisport, Pa., with address at 19 Sixth St. 

Child :— 

VIII— 4995. BELLE WHEELAND, b. Sept. 9, 1881: m. GEORGE 
FISTER April 14, 1906. 

He has a grocery store at Allentown, Pa. 

VII— 2198. CHARLES E. WHEELAND (George R. 6). b. Jan. 29, 
if^63; m. but no record received. 

He went to San Francisco, Cal. ; address, 825 Webster St. 


Issue of Lydia A. Whceland (^Xo. 756) ami Robert C. Cox, born in Tioga Co., 


VII— 2199. HENRY CHARLES COX (Lvdia A.. Mary K., Benja- 
min, John. John), b. Oct. 31, 184S: m. CATHERINE E. WERLIXl'. 
Sept. — , 1871, dau. of Isaac Werline, of Sunbury, and Christina Mayer, of 
Shamokin, b. Dec 13, 1848; d. June 28. 1872. 

M. second, ANNA S. ILLICK Sept. — , 1885. dau. of Samuel IlHck 
and Henrietta Kimler. b. Oct. 31, 1857; d. Sept. 18, 1893. 

He was Deputy Prothonotary of Tioga Co., Pa., under his fatlier for 21 
years from Jan. i, 1873; cashier of First National Bank at Wellsboro from 
about Aug. 1894, to fall of 1897; Treasurer of Tioga Trust Com. (which 
through his efforts was organized) from April i to Jan. i. 1906, when he re- 
signed to assist a newly elected Prothonotary. He was app<^inted by Gov. Stone 
of Pa. a member of the Fishery Commission of the State in the fall of 1901 ; 
reappointed by Gov. Pennypacker Jan. i, 1903, and again by Gov. Stuart Jan. 
I, 1901, for four years. He was also a Secretary of the South Carolina Ex- 
position Commission. He is largely interested in handling a big lumber propo- 
sition in North Carolina. His address is Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 4996. HOSIER FRANK COX. b. June 25. 1872, at Libertv. 
Pa.; m. AYDIE ELIZA POLLOCK -March 22. 1889. dau. of James Pol- 
lock and Eliza Ann Wells, b. April 2^. 1875, ^^ ^^^^ Brook, Pa. 

He is a civil engineer with residence at Colfax Ave., Scranton, Pa. 

Issue : — 

IX— 7184. Ruth Catherine Cox, b. Sept. 13, IDOO. 
IX— 71S5. Robert Corson Cox, b. Sept. 21, 1903. 

VII— 2200. ^lARY ELIZABETH COX (Lvdia A. 6), b. Feb. 23, 
1851; d. Sept. II, 1892; m. JACOB K. RICHARD Feb. 21, 1871. 
Children : — 

VIll— 4997. LEON WISE^IAN RICHARD, b. May 16, 1873: d. 
Aug. 28. 1898; m. E-MILY RODGERS Feb. 12, 1895. 
Children : — 

IX— 71SG. Helen Winifred Richard, b. Nov. 27, 1895; d. Nov. 27, 1896. 
IX— 7187. Margaret Marion Richard, b. May 11, 1897. 
IX— 7188. Leon Robert Richard, b. Sept. 24, 1S98. 

VIII— 4998. NELLIE LENORA RICHARD, b. Nov. 25, 1874; m. 
WILLIAM LLOYD HUGHES, M. D., May 14. 1903. 

They reside at Indiana Harbor, Ind. No children. 
» '^^ _. ,. _ . 

VII— 2201. CARRIE MARIA COX (Lvdia S. 6), b. July 7, 1856: 
d. Feb. 24, 1891; m. ALBERT P. DARTT Oct. 13. 1887; address, Wells- 
boro, Tioga Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 


Vin |?99. Mildred Mallery Dartt, b. June 14, 1S90. 

Issue of William F. Whedand {So. 737) and Lucetta Sheffer. 

VII— 2202. WELLIXGTOX \V. WIIEELAXD* (William P., Mary, 
Benjamin, John, John, John), b. Dec. 13. 1S56; m. LOREXA H. KIXGE- 
LEV Aug. 22, 1874, of Tioga Co., Pa. She had been a school teacher. In 
1895 they were legally separated. 

M. second, SARA M. FISKE Aug. 29, 1897, a widow of Grand Rap- 
ids, Mich. 

Issue : — 

VIII— rOOO. (a) Paul Wheeland, b. Sept — ,. 1S75; d.; d. Aug. — , 1876. 
V11I--5000. (b) Ward Wellington Wheeland, b .Jan. 21, 1877. A printer; address not 

VII— 2203. HEXRY A. WHEELAXD (William P., 6), b. June 28, 
1858 or 9; d. about 4 years of age, of scarlet fever. 

Issue of Mary C. Wheeland {Xo. 759) and Aaron Bron'n. 

VII— 2204. MARY ELLEX BROWX (Marv Charlotte 6), b. Feb. 
21, 1859; d. Feb. I, 1894; m. WILLIAM T. WATERS Sept. 29, 1887. son 
of Spencer Waters and Elizabeth, b. April 2t„ 1857; address, Garden Grove, 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5001. Charlotte May Waters, b. May 1, 1SS9. 

VII— 2205. GEORGE ROBERT BROWX (Mary C. 6), b. Dec ?8, 

i860; d. Aug. 12, 1886; unm. 

VII— 2206. FRAXK WILLIAM BROWX (Mary C. 6), b. Jan. 23, 

1863; d. Mar. 29, 1883; unm. 

VII— 2208. CHARLES AAROX BROW^X (Mary C. 6), b. Dec. 3:, 
1867; d. Mar. 8, 1887; unm. 

Issue of Charles D. Wheeland {Xo. 742) and Xancy Ellen Kehler. 

VII— 2209. AXXA ELEAXOR WHEELAXD (Charles D. 6), b. 
April II, 1873; m. HARRY J. CULVER Feb. 21. 1900, son of Joseph and 

Note. — He served an apprenticeship to printing in the Wellsboro Agitation Pa.- 
office; in 1874 went to Topeka, Kan., where most of the time he was foreman of a daily 
paper, but had owned three weekly papers. In 1890 he went to Chattanooga, Tenn., to 
tako charge of the Daily Time.s. After this he was engaged with the Boston Post, the 
Philadelphia Times, The Journal, of Meriden. Conn., five years and at Providence, R. I., 
tea years. In 1908 he went to St. Paul, Minn. Address, 260 Selby Ave. 


Rachel Culver, of Garden Grove, la., b. .May 4, 1869; address, Chariton, lo \a; 
no issue. 

Issue of Isaac F. Jllicclaiid (Xo. /./j) and Mary A. Lichteuthalcr. 

VII— 2210. MARY CAROL! XE WHEELAND (Isaac F. 6), k 
IMarch 16, 1874: d. Feb. 22, 1900. at Liberty, Pa.: m. CHARLES L. KEA- 
GLE Sept. 7, 1S97, son of Abraham Keagle and Nancy Mace, b. 1S68. 

They resided at Liberty, Tioga Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3002. Charles Lawrence Keagle, b. Sept. 3, 1898. 
VIII— 5003. Robert Francis Keagle, b. Feb. 14, 1900. 

He m. second Harriet Maleval, of Liberty, and they have three children. 
Line of John. John, John, Benjamin, Joseph. 
Issue of Isaac A. Palmer {No. 745) and Isabel Young. 

VII— 221 1. IDA ADELLE PALMER (Isaac A., Joseph, Benjamin, 
John, John. John), b. Jan. 2. 1861. in Wisconsin; m. FRANCIS ADAMS 
KEENE June 22, 1S79. at Seattle, Wash., son of Lyman W. Keene and Me- 
lissa Marden, b. Sept. 3, 1853, at Fox Croft, Maine. 

He is a barber; address, 704 Thirtieth Ave., S. Seattle^ Wash. 

Issue, bom there : — 

VIII— 5004. Ethel :May Keene, b. Jan. 24, 18S1; d. June, 23, 1883. 

VIII— 5005. Chester Francis Keene, b. Nov. 28, 1884. 

VIII— 5006. Gladys Melissa Keene, b. July 5, 1890; d. March 4, 1902. 

VII— 2212. STELLA MEDORA PALMER (Isaac A. 6), b. Jan. 23, 
1863, in W^isconsin; m. BEDFORD LYNN MARTIN Feb. 20, 1884, at 
Portland, Ore., b. Oct. 20, 1849. 

He is a merchant ; resides in La Conner, Wash. 

Issue, three oldest born at La Conner, Wash. : — 

VIII— 5007. Lynwood Martin, L. Jan. 27, 1SS5. 

VIII— 5008. Lillian Grace Martin, b. Sept. 6, 1888. 

VIII— 5009. Victor Ellsworth Martin, b. Dec. 13, 1891. 

VIII— 5010. Dorothy Isabella Martin, b. Feb. 1, 1900, at Seattle, Wash. 

Aug. 15, 1866, at Eau Claire, Wis.; m. LOUISE MAY HALL March — 
1892, in San Francisco. 

He is a merchant ; address, Ellensburg, Wash. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5011. Francis Edwin Palmer, b. April 15, 1893. 

Vni— 5012. Ellsworth Palmer, b. July — , 1895; d. Sept. — , 1895. 


Jssju- of t.hzabcth A. Palmer {No. /46) and Nicholas Slioiig. 

VII— 2214. CORA E. SIIOXG (Elizabeth, Joseph. Benjamin, John, 
John, John), b. July 8. 1862, at Augusta, Wis.; m. CHARLES J. XEW- 
"HOUSE Aug. 23, 1S94, b. Dec. 17, 1862, at Bridge Creek. Wis.; address. 
Augusta, Wis. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5013. Earl Shong Newhouse, b. Nov. 7, 1896. 
VIII— 5014. Elizabeth Louise Newhouse, b. May 21, 1902. 

VII— 2215. MARGARET A. SHOXG (Elizabeth 6), b. July 24. 1S64; 
d. April 14. 1880. 

VII— 2216. LA FAYETTE SHOXG (EHzabeth 6), b. Jan. 26, 1868; 
d- April 23, 1880. 

VII— 2217. WILLARD SHOXG (Elizabeth 6), b. April 16, 1873; d. 
April II, 1880. 

VII— 2218. ARCHIE PALMER SIIOXG (Elizabeth 6). b. June i:;, 
1878; m. CORA E. SMITH Xov. 22, 1899. 

He went from Augusta, Wis., to McIMinnville, Tenn., in 1887. 
Issue born there : — 

VIII— 5015. Walter A. Shong, b. Nov. 22, 1900. 

VIII— 5016. Edward Shoug, b. July 12, 1903. 

VIII— 5017. Charles Nicholas Shoug, b April 17, 1907. 

Issiie of John IV. Palmer {No. "/^j) and Frances J. Bride. 

VII— 2219. CHARLES A. PALMER (John W. 6), b. Jan. 20, 1S73, 
at Seattle; d. Dec. 13, 1882, at Dayton. Wash.; he was killed by a horse. 


VII— 2220. ^IILTOX E. PALMIER (John \N. 6), b. Sept. 13, 1877: 
unm; address, Washtuena, Wash. 

Issue of George W. Palmer (No. 248) and Lydia Marlatt. 

VII— 2221. ISABEL SARAH PALMIER (George W., Joseph, B.m- 
jamin, John. John, John) b. Feb. 10. 1S67, at Eau Claire, W^is. ; m. WILLIAM 
CHARLAX Aug. 1887, at Manestee, }vlich. They were legally separated in 

M. second, FRAXK B. BRACKETT Sept. 1895. 
Issue by first, but took name of second husband : — 
VIII— 5018. Lydia Alice Brackett, b. May 16, 1888. 


Vll— 2222. OSCAR FRiTZGiiKALD PALMi£R (George W. 0). b. 
June 3, i868, at Port Buswell, Canada; d. 1872. 

VII— 2223. LILA MURIEL PALMER (George W. 6). b. ^^larch 
18, 1878, at Bay City, Mich.; m. ELLIOT MARVIXE OKIXS Oct. 30. 
1899, at Seattle, Wash., where they reside at 933 X. 76th St. 

Issue, born at Seattle, Wash. : — 

VTII— 5019. George Okins, b. .\ug. 4, 1900. 

VIII— 5020. Alice Okins, b. Oct. 13, 1902. 

VIII— 5021. Ray Okins. b. July 15, 1906; d. Aug. 15, 1906. 

VIII— 5022. Verna Isabella Okins, b. Feb. 22, 1909. 

VII— 2224. ELEAXOR R. PALMER (George W. 6), b. Nov. i, 
1885; m. L. J. CRUTTENDEX June 5. 1905, at Seattle, Wash.; address, 
there, 5519 First Ave. N. W. 

Issue born there: — 

VTII— 6023. Viola Cruttenden, b. Nov. 20. 1906. 
VIII-5024. Eleanor Cruttenden, b. April 8, 1908. 

Issue of Peter Kester Palmer {No. 779) and Hannah M. Russell, all born at 
Augusta, Wis. 

VII— 2225. CLARENCE FRANK PALMER (Peter, Joseph, Benja- 
rain, John, John, John) b. .March 24, 1872 ; d. Oct. 27, 1901 ; m. CORA MET- 
CALF 1897. 

He was a doctor by profession; settled in Minneapolis, Minn., where he 
married and there died. His widow now resides at Nooksack, Wash. 

Issue : — • 

VIIT— 5025. Russell Richard Palmer, b. Nov. 17, 1898. He lives with his mother. 
VIII— 5026. Virginia Palmer, b. Feb. — , 1899; d. Aug. — . 1901. 

VII— 2226. ELIPHA RUSSELL PALMER (Peter 6), b. July 15. 
1874; unm. 

He is a shipping clerk for the Wenn-Watt Company, Minneapolis, Minn; 
resides with his parents. 

VII— 2227. FLORENCE EFFIE PALMIER (Peter 6), b. Oct. 10, 
1875; unm. 

She is a stenographer and resides with her parents. 

Issue of Charles A. Palmer {No. y^o) and Mattie A. Norris, born in Colum- 
bia Co., Wash. 

VII— 2228. ARTHUR C. PALMER (Charles A, Joseph, Benjamin, 
John, John, John), b. April 21, 1878: m. KATIE LEE July 10, 1903; ad- 
dress, Colfax, Wash. 

Issue : — 


yjjl_5027. Bcrnice L. Palmer, b. June 22, 1905. 

VII— 2229. WINXIFRED B. PALMER (Charles A. 6) b. Feb. 18, 

Issue of Bcnj. Franklin Palmer {No. yj^) and Lavina An)i McCnne. 

VII— 2230. ELIZA ALEEX PALMER fBenj. F. 6). b. June 12, 
1877, at Augusta. Wis. : m. FREDERIC R. HUNKER 1895, son of John 
Martin Hunker and Rebecca C. Ryan. b. April 28. 1876, at ]\Iount Pleasant, 
Pa. He is a coke burner; address, 11 04 Banks Ave., Superior, Wis. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5028. James P. Hunker, b. May 13, 1897. 
VIII— 5029. Zoe M. Hunker, b. Sept. 18, 1S98. 
VIII— 5030. Chauncey Hunker, b. Nov. 25, 1900. 

VII— 2231. CORA BELL PALMER (Benj. F. 6). b. Feb. 16, 1879. 
at Augriista, Wis.; m. W. E. BLISS April 18, 1899. son of A. Bliss, who m. 
Miss Hilts, b. June 12. 1875. 

He is a mail carrier in Superior. Wis. 

Issue : — 

VHI— 5031. Chester A. Bliss, b. Feb. 3, 1891. 
VIII— 5032. Virginia E. Bliss, b. July 14, 1906. 

VII— 2232. SELDEN HOMER PALMER (Bcnj. F. 6), b. April 19, 
1882, at Augusta, Wis.; unm. ; address. Superior, \\\s. 

VII— 2233. ZELLA MAY PALMER (Benj. F. 6). b. Feb. 5, 1886, 
at Eau Claire. Wis. : m. OSCAR E. EVENS, son of Christian E. Evens and 
Mary Peterson, b. Sept. 24, 1885; d. Feb. 27), 1908. 

Her address is Duluth, Minn. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5033. Claire Evens, b. Nov. 17, 1907 al Duluth. 

VII— 2234. OPAL PEARL PALMER (Benj. F. 6),b. Sept. 18, 1895. 

Issue of Mary Emily Palmer (No. /jS) and Dennis La Place. 

They had five children; for their record see Nos. 2235 to 2239 inclusive 
in Sixth Generation. 

Line of John, John, John, Benjamin, Daniel. 

Issue of Joseph Harlan Palmer {No. /55) and Lydia A. Brock. 

VII— 2242. LAWRENCE W. PALMER (To^cph H.. Daniel. Benja- 
min, John, John, John), b. Feb. 14. 1867; m. OLIVe DAGGOTT April 3. 


1901, dau. of Thomas ar.d Marian Daggott, b. June 2-j, 1878; address, Ohio, 
Bureau Co., 111. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 503 1. Lydia Lucile Palmer, b. June 19, 1003. 

VII— 224^. (a) MARY A. PALMER (Toseph H.. 6). b. Oct. 16. 
1869: m. ASHER WILBUR SHIFFLET Jan. 12, 1897. son of Albert and 
Ellen Shifilet. b. June 26. 1866. 

He is a farmer; address, Ohio, Bureau Co., 111. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5035. Palmer Shifflct, b. Aug. 1, 1S9S. 

VII— 2243. (b) EVA L. PALMER (Joseph H. 6), b. Jan. 26. 1877; 
d. at 3 years of age. 

VII— 2243.(0) CLYDE A. PALMIER (Joseph H. 6), b. Aug. 22, 
1879; m. ANNA WALTERS Aug. i t, 1905, dau. of Joseph and Katharine 
Walters, b. :March 10. 1884. 

He is a farmer, Address, Ohio, Bureau Co., 111. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5036. Harlen Palmer, b. Oct. 12, 1906. 
VIII— 5037. Genevieve Palmer, b. Nov. 26, 1907. 

Issue of Sarah Aim Palmer (No. 75(5) and Charles William Smith, born at La 

moille, 111. 

VII— 2244. MARY ELIZABETH S^IITH (Sarah .\nn. Daniel. Ben- 
jamin, John, John, John), b. ^larch 25. 1872; m. GEORGE BL'HLER Sept. 
25, 1890. at La; moille. 111., son of Mathew Buhler and Serena Roth, b. Oct. 
23, 1871. 

He resided in Chicago. 111.. 18 years; later foreman of the Louisville, Ky., 
Gas Meter Works, where they reside. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5038. Kenneth Buhler, b. Jan. 3, 1S92. He is engas<:d on railroad in Chicago, 111. 

VII— 2245. ARTHUR ASHEL SMITH (Sarah Ann 6), b. Sept. 8. 
1875; unm. 

He is engaged in artesian well boring; address, La moille. 111. 

VII— 2246. NELLIE MYRTLE SMITH (Sarah Ann 6), b. Aug. 6, 
1877; m. GUY TUTTLE Oct. 11, 1905. 
By trade he is a stone mason; no issue. 

Issue of William S. Palmer {No. yf,'/) and l.ucy Porter, born at La moille. 111. 

VII— 2247. ALBERT PALMER (WiUiam S. 6), b. June 20, 1871 ; no 
further record. 


Vn_2248. CARRIE M. PALMER (William, Daniel. Benjamin, 
John. John. John), b. March 3. 1873; d. July 29, 1907; unm. She went to 
Santa Barbara, Cal., and there died. 

VII— 2249. RALPH P. PALMER (William S. 6), b. Oct. 2S, 1878; 
m. DELLA DEVINE Oct. 27, 1901, at Des Moines, la. 
Child :— 

VIII— 5039. Roy H. Palmer, b. Aug. 14, 1002. 

Line of John. John, John, Benjamin, Rachel. 

Issue of Sarah Ann Hall (No. /6j) and Charles B. Sniith. born in Lycoming 

Co., Pa. 

VII— 2254. RACHEL ADA S^IITH (Sarah Ann. Rachel. Benja- 
min. John, John, John), b. March 22. 1856; m. HARRY MOOX July ^, 
1876. son of Jonathan ^Moon ; address. Huntersville, Lycoming Co., Pa. 

Issue, probably all of near this address : — 

VIII— :;o40. SARAH J AXE :\IOOX, b. April 14, 1877; m. r^IATHI- 
AS SCHW\-\XK Oct. 10, 1896, son of ^lartin Swank. 
Children : — 

IX— 7189. Charles Henry Schwank, b. Dec. 20, 1898. 
IX— 7190. William Martin Schwank, b. April 7, 1902. 

VIII— ;o4i. MARTHA ELIZABETH r^IOOX. b. Sept. 26, 1878; m. 
A. LANSOX EVAXS lS[^y 16. 1897. 

Children : — 
IX— 711^1. Grace Irene Evans, b. Nov. 1.5, 1^98. 
IX— 7192. Russel Isaac Evans, b. April 23, 1903. 

VIII— 5042. LAURA EDITH MOOX, b. Sept. 16. 1880: m. WAL- 
TER EVAXS Aug. 20, 1898. 
Children : — 

IX— 7193. Letha Bell Evans, b. March 25. l^^iO. 
IX— 7194. Martha Pearl Evans, b. Oct — , 1001. 

VIII— 5043. SAMUEL B. MOOX, b. Oct. 8, 1883; unm. 

VIII— 5044. MARY ISABELL MOOX, b. Feb. 8, 1886. 

VIII— 5045. MABEL GERTRUDE MOOX, b. Sept. 25, 1888: d. 
Dec. 12, 1889. 

VIII— 5046. ETHEL REGIXA MOOX, b. Sept. 20, 1892. 

VIII— 5047. HATTIE LOUISA MOOX. b. Sept. 11. 1896. 


VII— 2255. MARY TAXE SMITH (Sarah Ann. 6). b. Feb. 7, 185S: d 
Jan. — , 18S6; m. FREDERICK SCHWANK March — , 1885, son of Mar- 
tin Swank. 

Child :— 
VIII— 5048. Elma E. Schwank. b. July 24, ISS.t; unm. 

Issue of Ruth Hall (A^o. /dj) and Aiidrczi' Miller born in Lycoming Co., Pa. 

VII— 2259. EL:\IER duller ( Ruth, Rachel. Benjamin. John, John, 
John), b. Nov. 16, 1865: m. JESSIE PATTER April 12, 1S96. 
He is a farmer; address, Ellenton, Lycoming Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5049. Vernie A. Miller, b. Feb. 13, 1897. 
VIII— 5050. Edward Miller, b. June 18, 1901. 

VII— 2260. VIOLA MILLER (Ruth 6). b. July 18, 1867; m. ED- 
WARD SCHAEFER July 26, 1892. b. Sept. 18. 1866. 

He is employed in a tannery; address, Ralston. L}coming Co., Pa. No 

VII— 2261. CHARLES DULLER (Ruth. Rachel. Benjamin. John, 
John, John), b. April 18, 1869; m. GERTRUDE MILLER, nee Hakes. 
July 18, 1896, as her second husband, dau. of Hiram Hakes and Isabel Collins. 

He is a tanner ; address, Ralston, Lycoming Co., Pa. 

Children : — 

VIII— 5051. Leslie A. Miller, b. May 10. 1S?7. 

VIII— 5052. Earl Miller, b. Aus:. 1.3, 1899. 

VIII— 5053. Ethel I. Miller, b. Oct. 7, 1900. 

VIII— 5054. Emerson ^filler, b. June 13. 190": d. Mar. 5, 190 4. 

VIII— 5055. Alice Ruth Miller, b. April 13, 1906. 

Issue of Ruth Hall and Jacob Schacfcr. 

VII— 2263. IDA A. SCHAEFER (Ruth 6), b. Nov. 25, 1880; m. 
HARRY BOUD^IAN Mar. 15, 1902. 

He is a storekeeper; address, Montgomery, Lycoming Co.. Pa. 

Children : — 

VIII— 5056. Zelda Boudman, b. Jan. 30. 1S03; d. June 26. 1904. 
VIII— 5057. Lurcne Boudman, b. May 30, 1904; d. Dec. 3, 1904. 

VII— 2264. FRANCES SCHAEFER (Ruth 6). b. Dec. 21, 1883; d. 
Aug. 2. 1906; m. ABRAHAM RIEGEL Dec. 4, 1902. 
He went to Lewisburg, Pa. 

Child :— 

VIII- 5058. Ruth Reigcl .b. Dec. 7, 1903. 


VII— 2265. ALFRED SCHAEFER (Ruth 6). b. March 14, 18S6; m. 
n-.N'XII-". MAGEE Sept. i. 1906, dau. of Frederick Magee and Mary Wager, 
[. Nov. 18. 1 88 1, in New York State. 

He is a tanner; employed in the tannery at Ralston, Lycoming Co., Pa. 
No issue. 

I^rjc of Hiratn Hall (No. j66) and SaUie A. Shook, born in Lyeoming Co., 


\'U—226/. GEORGE HALL (Hiram, Rachel. Benjamin. Tolin, 
John, John), b. Jan. 18, 1S70; m. NETTIE C. SMITH July 16, 1890^ dau. 
of Stephen Jeremiah Smith and Eleanora C. Shuler, b. June 30, 1870. 

Flis occupation is Railroading as trainman; has resided at Jersey Shore, 
Pa., and later at Elmira, N. Y. 

Children : — 

VIII— S059. Florence May TIall, b. Sept. 14. 1S91; d. Sept. 15, 1S91. 

VI^-.^0^;0. Miriam Bell Hall, b. Aug. 1, 1892; d. Nov. 21. 1S03. 

\ III- :-OrA. Jlabel Cecil Hall, b. Nov. 6, 1S94; d. Aug 14. 1S06. 

VIIl-5062. Charles Thomas Hall, b. Jan. 29, 1897; d. Jan. SI, 1S97. 

\-ni- .-063. Stella Ena Hall, b. Dec. 18, 1897. 

Mil- -OCA. Walter Dcnoud Hall, b. April 18, 1900. 

Vill— .'.065. Erma Elizabeth Hall, b. July 16, 1902. 

VI1I-.S066. Annie Marie Hall, b. May 18, 1905. 

VII— 2268. CORA BELL HALL (Hiram. Rachel. Benjamin, John, 
John. John), b. Mar. 3, 1872: m. ALEXANDER HENDERSON Oct. 23, 
'■>oo; said to have lived in Clearfield, Pa., but no response. A name given as 
that of her dau. is: — 
Vin-5067. Beulah Bell Collons, b. Oct. 4, 1895. 

VII— 2271. WILLIA:\I EDWARD HALL (Hiram 6), b. Aug. 16. 
1876; m. MARY ROBB Dec. 17, 1902; address, Jersey Shore, Pa. 
Children : — 

VIII-r.068. Charles Frederick Hall. b. April 11, 1904. 
VIII-50C9. Gladys p:iizabeth Hall, b. Aug. 18, 1906. 

VII— 2272. LYDIA ROSELLA HALL (Hiram 6), b. Nov. 19, 1880: 
m. REECE HOLLINSHEAD Nov. 11, 1903. 

At one time they resided at Ridg-^vay, Pa. 

Child :— 
VIIl— 5070. James Montgomery Hollinshead, b. Jan. 5, 1904. 

lisiie of Elmira Hall (Xo. 767) and Charles B. Rceder, bom in Lvcoming Co., 


VII~2273. ROSA MAY REEDER (Elmira. Rachel. Beniamin, 
John. John. John), b. Tan. 12, 1865; m. WILLIAM M. HUNT Aug. 9, 
^^2\ b. May 29, 1859; d. Jan. 26. 1904. 

Her address is Huntersville, Pa. 

Children : — 


VIII— 5071. ALICEHUXT.b. Dec. 6. 1882: m. THOMAS T. HALL 
May 14. 1903, son of George Hall and Jane Weaver, b. Sept. 7, 1876. 
He is a farmer at Huntersville, Pa. 
Children : — 

IX— 71?5. Odez D. Hall, b. Oct. 7, 1903; d. Feb. 14, 1904. 
IX— 7196. Georgene V. Hall, b. Nov. 18, 1905. 

VIII— 5072. AL^IIRA PEARL HUNT, b. Sept. 7, 1890. 

VIII— 5073. MYRTLE A. HUXT, b. July 2, 1892. 

VII— 2274. SARAH JANE REEDER (Elmira 6), b. Sept. 28. 1S68; 
m. ROBERT L. BRYAN Nov. 12, 18S9, b. Jan. 18, 1866; address, Fair- 
field, Lycoming Co., Pa. 

Children : — 

VIII— 5074. Essie Mav Bryan, b. Aug. 11, ISOl: d. May 5, 1895. 

VIII— 5075. Russell Irvin Bryan, b. Sept. 4. 1892. 

VIII- 5076. Lawrence Havs Brvan. b. Aug. 2.i, 1897. 

VIII— 5077. Lillie Gertrude Brvan, b. April 25. 1?99. 

VIII— 5078. Hazel Isabelle Bryan, b. Nov. 2, 1902. 

VIII— 5079. Eva Irene Bryan, b. Aug. 15, 1906. 

VII— 2278. CHARLES E. REEDER (Elmira 6). b. Nov. 19, 1876: 
m. ELIZABETH E. MILLER June 10. 1897, dau. of Edward Miller; ad- 
dress, Huntersville, Pa. 

Children : — 

VIII— 50S0. William M. Reeder, b. Aug. 5, 1897. 

VIII— 5081. Harrv A. Reeder, b. Aug. ."1, 18^8. 

Vlfl— 5082. Ella V. Reeder, b. Oct. 2. 1900. 

VIII— 5083. Alice O. Reeder, b. April 7. 1902. 

VIII— 50S4. Raymond H. Reeder, b. Sept. 21, 1904. 

VII— 2279. OLIVE C. REEDER (Elmira 6). b. April 2. 1882: m. AN- 
DREW MILLER 1900, son of Edward Miller; reside at Glenmanor. Ly- 
coming Co., Pa. 

VIII— 5085. norcnce H. Miller, b. in 1903. 

Issue of Anna Harrer (No. /68) and Leonard Shamhackcr, born rear East 
Point, Tioga Co.^ Pa. 

VII— 2281. LILLLAN RUTH SHAMB.ACKER (Anna. Ruth. Ben- 
jamin, John. John. John), b. Jan. 26, 1878; m. FRANK SHEFFER Mar. 
16, 1897. son of Madison Sheffer and ^largaret Beck; address. East Point. 
Tioga Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 50S<i. Ruth Sheffer, b. Jan. 9, 1898. 
VIII— 5087. Anna Sheffer, b. Dec. 5, 1902. 
VIII— 5088. Stella Sheffer, b. July 20, 1904. 


VII— 2282. ADELIA MABEL SHAMBACKER. (Anna 6), b. Jan. 
31, 1881. 

9, 1888. 

Aug. 10, 1892. 

The last three were with their parents when their records were received. 

Line of John, John, John, Elizabeth, Reese. 

Issue of Mary Pyle (No. ydg) and Horatio N. Crow. 

VII— 2285. OLIVER MORGAN CROW (Marv. Reese, EHzabeth, 
Tohn. John. John), b. Mar. 11. 1843: d. April 9, 180S: m. ELIZABETH EL- 
NORA GRAVES Dec. 25. 1866, of Lostant. 111. b. Jan. 2, 1846. 

They removed to Hildreth, Neb. Her address is L'pland, Neb., R. D. 2. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5100. CHARLEY PRENTICE CROW. b. Oct. 12, 1867; prob- 
able address, Upland, Neb. 

Vni— 5101. IDA CLIMENA CROW, b. Oct. 14, 1869. 

VIII— 5102. MARY ANNETTA CROW. b. Oct. 18. 1871 ; in. HAR- 
VEY A. BRIDGES March i, 1899; reside in Plattsburg-, N. Y. 

VIII— 5103. ANNA LAURELLA CROW. b. Oct. 16, 1873; m. 
ARCH. ALEXANDER GLENN Dec. 2, 189 1 ; probable address, Upland. 

Issue : — 

IX— 7200. James Oliver Glenn, b. Dec. 22, 1S92. 
IX— 7201. Kenneth Cecil Glenn, b. June 2, 189t. 

VIII— 5104. IRA BURT CROW, b. Oct. 16. 1S80. 

VIII— s 10;. HORACE NELSON CROW, b. Oct. 21, 1885. 

VII— 2286. LOUISA E. CROWE (Marv 6). b. Sept. 12, 18^5: m. 
CHARLES SARGENT Sept. 28, 1867, at Loda, 111. 

They probably reside near Morenci. Mich.; reported to have had a child 
that died very young. Other children : — 

VIII— 5106. MARY LENA SARGENT, b. Nov. 2, 1871 ; d. 
young (?). 


VIII— 5107. HATTIE LEOMA SARGEXT. b. Feb. 22, 1878. at 
Morenci, Mich. ; m. HERBERT YOUNGS April S, 1S96; address, Morenci. 

Issue : — 

IX— 7201. (p.) Herbert Youngs, b. May 3. 1876, at Morenci, Mich. 

IX— 7201. (b) Cares Chariot Youngs, b July 4, 1S99. same. 

IX— 7201. (c) Alice Paulin<- Youngs, b June 7. 1905, same. 

IX— 7201. (d) Eleanor Mae Youngs, b. June 16, 1907, same. 

IX— 7201. (e) Lura Alcen Youngs, b. Aug. 14, 1909, same. 

VII— 2287. WILLIAM E. CROWE (Marv 6). b. June 10. 1848; d. 
July 28, 1881 ; m. LAXIXA E. HAMLIN Sept. i, 1875, at Napa City, 
Cal., where he died. No issue. 

VII— 2288. IRA TACKSON CROWE (Marv 6). b. Feb. 10, 18^3: 
m. HATTIE HAMLIN Dec. 19, 1877. at Fayette, 6.: address, Goshen. Ind. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 510S. Delo Clare Crowe, b. Mar. 20, 1SS1, at Fayette, O.: d. April 27, 1881. 

VIII— f;109. Roy Eugene Crowe, b. Mar. 27, 188.5, at Butler. Ind. 

\^II— 5110. Stuart Fay Crowe, b. Aug. 9, 1SS9, at Waldron, Mich.; d. Mar. 30. 1904, at 

Goshen, Ind. 
VIII— 5111. Ura Dee Crowe, b. Oct. 12, 1S92, at Goshen, Ind. 

VII— 2289. LAURA ELLA CROWE (Mary 6), b. Aug. 7, 1855; d. 
June 26, 1885; unm. 

VII— 2290. IMARSHALL H. CROWE (Marv- 6), b. Feb. 20, 1859; 
m. BELLA KENNEDY Oct. 28. 1877. at Morenci. Mich., dau. of Rolland 
D. Kennedy and Jeannette Sebring, b. June 23, 1861 ; address, Morenci. Mich. 
■ Issue : — 

VIII— 51 12. T. READE CROWE, b. July 26. 1880: m. GARTHA 
TENEYEK Dec. 31, 1902. No children. 

VIII— :; in. ALT A BE.-VTRTCE CROWE, b. Aug. 11. 1002; m. 
WILLIAM CHISHOLM Jan. 17, 1901, at Morenci, Mich.: address. West 
Toledo, O. 

Issue : — 

IX— 7204. Davis E. Chisholm, b. Feb. 1, 1904. 
IX— 7205. Pauline M. Chisholm, b. Oct. 10, 1906. 

VIII— 51 14. EOLA D. L. CROWE, b. Aug. 11,1884: m. CLARK 
TONES Sept. 18, 1901 ; address, Morenci, Mich. 
Issue : — 

IX— 7206. Raynor N. Jones, b. Oct. 15, 1903. 

IX— 7207. TTildegard Jones, b. May 4, 1905. 

IX— 7208. Stella Jones, 1 rj.„.^ . t^„„ „ iq„- 

IX-7209. Delia Jones, ] ^^"^- ^- °«^- ^' ^^O^" 


Vlll_5ii5. ELENA CROWE, b. Oct. 21. 1885:111. HARRY BRINK 
I line 23. 1903; address, Morenci, Mich. 
Issue: — 

IX- 7210. Twilla E. Brink, b. Feb. 11, 1904. 
iX— Ti'U. Edna J. Brink, b. Scpl. 16, 1905. 

VIII— 51 16. ESTELLE R. CROWE b. Oct. 10, 18S7: unni. : address 
Morenci, Mich. 

VIII— 5117. MARY J. CROWE, b. Mays, 1S90: m. E. A. ROONEY 
July II, 1907.: address, Weston. Mich. 

Issue : — ' 
IX— 7212. Adah I. Rooney, b. Jan. 22, 1908. 
VHI— 511S. Hila Elipha Crowe, b. Aug. 23, 1S93. 
VIII- 3119. Nora Lorene Crowe, b. Oct. 20, 1S95. 
VIII— 5120. Margarie Ella Crowe, b. Feb. 2, 1S9S. 
VIII— 5121. Lera Arleeu Crowe, b. May 13, 1901. 

VII— 2291. EUGExXE TAYLOR CROWE (Marv 6), b. Oct. 18, 
1861; m. MARY TOLFORD June 15, 1890, at Weston, Mich.; address, 
Adrian, Mich. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5122. H. M. T. Crowe. 

VII— 2292. NORA BELLE CROWE (Mary 6). b. Sept. 8, 1864; m. 
S. E. JACKSON March 23, 1884; address, Weston, ^lich. No issue. 

Issue of Hannah Pyle (No. 77/) a)id Isaac Eduiundson. 

Dec. 27, 1847; m- PHEBE LONGABAUGH Jan. 30, 1866. dau. of Andrew 
Longabaugh and Mary Ellen Prittes, b. Sept. 22, 1847. 

He has been engaged in iron works most of his life. They now live at 
Br>-n Mawr, a R. D. suburb of McKcesport, Alleghany Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5123. MAGGIE EDMUNDSON, b. Dec. 12, 1866; unm. ; re- 
sides with her parents. 

VIII— 5124. WILLIAM EDMUNDSON, b. Nov. 17, 1868: d. July 
19, 1869. 

VIII— 5125. WALTER D. EDMUNDSON. b. Aug. 15, 1870; m. 
MAGGIE THOMAS April 11, 1892, dau. of Frank Thomas. 
They resided on Jenny Lind St., McKeesport, Pa. 
Issue: — ■ 

IX— 7213. Vera May Edmundson, b. Dec. 2, 1892. 
'^^"-'''-14. Lillian B. Edmundson. b. Sept. 6, 1S95. 


Vlll— 5126. .MARY ELLEN EDMUNDSOX, b. Aug. 20, 1873; d. 
March 3, 1907; m. THEODORE SCHOELER Oct. 28, 1897, son of Fred- 
erick Schoeler and Mary Boljie, b. April 30, 1871. 

He resides at Br}ii Mawr, Allegheny Co., Pa. 

Issue : — ■ 

IX— 7215. Hazel J. Schoeler, b. July 31, 1S99. 

IX— 7216. Allen Wood Schoeler, b. March 13, 1903. 

Vni— 5127. GAYLORD D. EDMUNDSON, b. July 28, 1876; m. 
PEARL BRYAN Oct. iS, 1898, dau. of James Bryan, b. July 18, 1S78; ad- 
dress, Bryn Mawr, ^McKeesport, Pa., R. D. 

Issue : — 

IX— 7217. Mildred Edmuudson, b. Feb. 10, 1901. 

IX — 7218. Gaylord James Ednumdson, b. Jau. 21, 1907. 

Vill— 5128. NORRIS A. EDAIUNDSON, b. Dec. 13, 1878; m. BER- 
THA STEINBERCHER .May 28, 1901, dau. of John Steinbercher; reside at 
800 Ridge St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Issue : — 

IX— 7219. Zana :^^argaret Edmundsou, b. Dec. 15, 1902. 
IX — 7220. Victor S. Edmundsou, b. Dec. G, 1905. 

Vlli— 5129. LlLLL'\x\ B. EDMUNDSON, b. Jan. 15, 1881; m. 
EMIL WOLF April 15, 1899, son of Mortz and Alaria Wolf; reside at 800 
Summit St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Issue : — 

IX— 7221. H. Lester Wolf, b. Aug. 23, 1900. 

IX— 7222. Gaylord Emil WoU'. b. .March 22, 1902. 

VIII— 5130. NINA N. EDMUNDSON, b. June 4, 1883; d. Nov. 9, 
1904; m. HARRY MOORE April 8, 1903, son of David Moore and Martha 

He went to Loraine, Ohio. 

Issue : — '' 

IX— 7223. Martha Jane Moore, b. March 2, 1904. 

VIII— 5 13 1. JESSIE EDMUNDSON, b. Nov. 12, 1886; m. JOSEPH 
MEHAFFEY May i, 1907, son of Charles Mehafifey and Ehzabeth Hen- 
dricks, b. Oct. II, 1882. 

He is a tinsmith ; reside with her parents. 

VIII— 5132. ZANA EDMUNDSON, b. Jan. 23. 1889; d. July 5, 1889. 

VII— 2294. ORVILLE LEE EDMUNDSON (Hannah 6). b. Jan. 
6, 1850; m. MARY E. THOMPSON Dec. 22. 1870, dau. of Hugh L. 
Thompson and Elizabeth ]\Ierrington. 

He is a carpenter; resides at 425 9th Ave. McKeesport Pa. 

Issue : — 


VIII— 5133. THOMAS W. EDMUNDSOX. b. Sept. 15. 1871 ; ni. 
I.IJZARETH HILDERBRAXD July — , 1904. b. 1881 : reside at Bridge- 
}^.rt, Ohio, where he is empinyeti in the Etna Standard Works. 

Issue: — 

IX -7224. Maiy Ellen Edmundoon. b. Feb. 27, 1900. 
1\- 71'25. Orvillo Edmuudsou, b. Aug. 25, 1908. 

Vni— 5134. ELIZABETPI J. EDMUXDSON, b. Apiil 8. 1074; m. 
SILAS W. DUXCAX March 17, 1898,, son of Henderso-. Duncan and 
Mary Ann Prescott, b. Jan. 26, 1875; d. June 16. 1906. 

He was a conductor on the McKeesport, Pa., trolley; her address is 2824 
Walnut St., that city. 

Issue : — 
IX— 7226. Loretta Ellen Duncan, b. Dec. 25, 1899. 
IX— 7227. Orville H. Duncan, b. June 11, 1904. 

VIII— 5135. JAMES M. EDMUXDSON, b. Sept. 15. 1876; d. Dec. 
25, 1901 ; unm. 

He enlisted in Com. I. 14th Reg. Pa. Vol. June 7, 1897, and was dis- 
charged May 12, 1898. 

VIII— 5136. JEXXIE R. EDMUXDSON, b. Jan. 14, 18S1. 
She is a teacher; resides with her parents. 

Vni— 5137. ISAAC M. EDMUXDSOX, b. July 27. 1884; m. AN- 
XIE HOLDIXG Sept. 25, 1903, dau. of James Holding, b. June — , 1887. 

He runs a traveling crane at the national works, with residence on Wig- 
ham St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Issue : — 

IX— 722S. George Edmundson, b. March 15, 1904. 
IX— 7229. Thomas Edmundson, b. Oct. 14, 1905. 

VIII— 5138. CLAREXCE W. EDMUXDSOX, b. Dec. 20, 1887. 
Pie is a mail carrier; resides with parents. 

h. Dec 21. 1852; d. Jan. 6, 1907, from injuries received bv being struck bv 
a train on the B. & O. R. R. ; m. MARY MITCHELL Dec' 12, 1879, dau. of 
William E. Mitchell and Elizabeth Berwick, b. Aug. 21, 1856. 

Her address is Jenny Lind St., ^IcKeesport, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VIII- 5139. Errett C. Edmundson, b. Aug. 17, 1SS2. 
viII-5140. Edna Edmundson, b. Sept. 7, 1886. 

The address of both is the same as their mother's. 

VII— 2297. LEWIS ^lORGAX EDMUXDSOX CHannah 6), b. 
l^ec 25, 1859. at McKeesport, Pa.: m. MARY EVAXS MARROW Sept. 


2^, 1883, dau. of Robert Maple Marrow and Anne , b. May 14. 1865. 

at Wellsville, O. ; address, Canton, Ohio. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 5141. ANNA HAXXAH EDMUXDSOX, b. Oct. 3, 1884. at 
Wellsville, O. ; m. CARL THEODORE REHM Feb. 4, 1906, at Wheel- 
ing, W. Va. 

VIII— 5142. EDITH GIVEX EDMUXDSOX, b. April 29. 188G, at 

1887, at same place; d. Mar. 6, 1892. 

VIII— 5144. ALICE MORROW ED^IUXDSOX, b. Jan. 23, 1890, 
at same place. 

VII— 2298. WILLIS REECE EDMUXDSOX (Hannah 6), b. Oct. 
2, 1862; m. SOPHIA MATILDA AHLLER, 1889, dau. of Casper Miller 
and Mar}- Fite, b. Jan. i, 1870. 

He is an iron worker; address, Bryn 2\Iawr, McKeesport R. D., Pa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 514.5. Frank D. Edmundson, b. May 17, 1S90. 

Vni— 5116. Alma H. Edmundson. b. Oct. 7, 1S92. 

VIII— 5147. Ada M. Edmundson. b. July 21, 1895. 

VIII— 514S. Lewis M. Edmundson, b. July 17, 1600. 

VIII— 5149. Emma M. Edmundson, b. Feb. 15, 1904. 

VIII— 5150. Nina Naomi Edmundson, b. March — . 1909. 

VII— 2299. AXXA J. EDMUXDSOX (Hannah 6), b. Jan. 24, 1866: 
.d April 27. 1892; m. ERAXK BURXBAUGH Dec. 12, 1884; address, 669 
McKee Ave., ]\Ionessen, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5151. James Burnbaugh, b. March — , 188-. 
VIII^5152. Norris Burnbaugh, deceased. 
VIII— 5153. Walter Burnbaugh. 

Issue of Taylor Pylc {No. yj2) and Mary Fitzsinimons. 

VII— 2300. ALEXAXDER ALLMAX PYLE (Taylor, Reece, Eliza- 
beth, John, John, John), b. Oct. 9, 1855; unm. 

He is a farmer ; address, Paxton, Ford Co., Ill . 

VII— 2301. ^L\RY MERRILLA PYLE (Tavlor 6). b. May 30. 
1858; m. WILLL-\^I T. KARR Jan. 10. 1889; address, Oatville, Sedguich 
Co., Kan. 

Issue : — 


VIII— 5154. Orville A. Karr. b. Oct. 16, 1S89. 

VIII— 5155. Hazel Karr. b. April 12, 1S93; d. Sept. 29, 1895. 

Vlll— 5156. Jennie Elizabeth Karr, b. July 7, 1896. 

VUI— 5157. Robert Taylor Karr. b. Sept. 2S, 1S9S . 

VII— 2302. EVALIXE ELIZABETH PYLE (Taylor 6) b. Ma.Lii 
31. 1870; m. WILLIAM L, LYLE Dec. 20, 1893: address. Paxton, Ford 
Co., 111. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 515S. Taylor Ivan Lyle, b. April 9. 1S95. 

VIII— 5159. Dewey McKinley Lyle, b. Mar. 25, 1S9S. 

VIII— 5160. Vernon Pyle Lyle, b. Dec. 20, 1S99. 

VIII— 5161. Quentin Alexander Lyle, b. March 26, 1904. 

Issue of Rachel Pyle (Xo. //j) and Philander Carroll. 

VII— 2303. WTLLIAM EMMOR CARROLL (Rachel. Reece, Eliza- 
beth, John, John, John), b. Feb. 8, 1854: ni. ?^IARIA ELIZABETH SCOTT 
Sept. 2, 1877, b. Jan. 7, 1852. 

They reside in Monongahela City, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5162. PAUL CARROLL, b. April 6, 1879; d. July 6, 1879. 

VIII— 5163. WILLIAM SCOTT CARROLL, b. June 11, 1885; m. 

VIII— 5164. RACHEL ELIZABETH CARROLL, b. Aug. 16, 1891; 
at home. 

VII— 2304. MARY CARROLL (Rachel 6). b. Oct. 26, 1859; m. 
GEORGE MANEHA Dec. 22, 1903, b. Mar. 28, 1852; d. May 10, 1905. 
Her probable residence is Monongahela City, Pa. 

Issue of Elizabeth Pyle {Xo. yy4) and Michael Harris. 

VII— 2307. FRAXKLIX TAYLOR HARRIS (Elizabeth 6), b. Aug. 
15, 1857; m. IDA B. HAZELBAKER April 25, 1880, b. Aprils, 1857; ad- 
dress, Lock Four, Washington Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5165. LIZABETH A. HARRIS, b. April 19, 1881; m. WIL- 
LIAM DERRICK April 15, 1903. 

VIII— 5166. ALBERT A. HARRIS, b. May 29, 1882; m. ALICE 
BAILEY Sept. 26, 1906. 

VIII— 5167. CHARLES R. HARRIS, b. Aug. 15, 1883; m. LYDIA 
ASHTOX,Jan. 23, 1908. 


VIII— 5168. PEARL A. HARRIS, b. Oct. 5, 1885; m. CHARLES 
SUTHERLAND July 12, 1910. 

VIII— 5169. ELLA R. HARRIS, b. Dec. 15, 1886; m. ELI CRABLE 
Sept. 14, 1906. 

VIII— 5170. EVERT B. HARRIS, b. April 27, 1888; m. SADIE J. 
FINCH Dec. 22, 1910. 

VIII— 5171. LEONIA B. HARRIS, b. April 12, 1892; d. Oct. 10, 

VIII— 5172. LAUNA B. HARRIS, b. April 12, 1892 (twin). 

VII— 2308. ALBERT EDMONDSON HARRIS (Elizabeth 6), b. 
June 3, 1861; m. AGNES OLIVE DUVALL Alarch 26, 1896; b. Jan. 17, 
1868; d. April 20, 1898. 

M. second, jMARIETTA AILES Feb. 14, 1901, her second m.; dau. of 
David R. Phillips. She d. Nov. 26, 1902. 

M. third, ANNA RACHEL CASTEEL Aug. 9, 1906; address. Speers, 
Washington Co., Pa. 

Issue by second wife only : — 
VIII— 5173. Charles Albert Harris, b. April 21, 1902. 

Issue of Esther Ann Pyle {No. "JJS) ond Williani Burns. 

VII— 2310. FRANCIS TAYLOR BURNS (Esther A., Reece. Eliza- 
beth, John, John, John), b. March i, i860; m. ANNIE AIcCANN Dec. 17, 

1882, dau. of Rolley ]\IcCann and Mary , b. March 10, i860; d. Oct. 

21, 1901. 

M. second, ANNIE SMILEY Aug. 15, 1902, dau. of Smith Smiley and 
Susan Van Sickle, b. March 9, 1881. 

He is a molder in the National \Vorks at McKeesport, Pa. ; address, \Vin- 
ser St., that city. 

Issue, born there : — 

VIII— 5174. Walter Burns, b. Sept. 29, 1884; unm., at home. 

VIII— 5175. Ethel Louisa Burns, b. July 8. ISSG; unm. 

VIII— 5176. Burt Emmett Burns, b. Feb. 11, 1890. 

VIII— 5177. Mazena Blanche Burns, b. Feb. 13. 1892. 

VIII— 5178. Charles Burns, b. Oct. 26, 1895. 

VIII— 5179. Hester Burns, b. March 17, 1898. 

VII— 231 1. MARY JANE BURNS (Esther Ann 6). b. Julv 31, 
1863; m- JOHN S. CAMPBELL Nov. i, 1880, son of James Campbell, b. 
Aug. 6, 1846. 


He is a shipping clerk in the galvanizing; works of the National Works 
at McKeesport, Pa., with residence on Fifth Ave., that city. 
Issue born there: — 

Vni— 51S0. Edna :»ray Campbell, b. Aug. 1, 1S85; unm. 

VIII— 5181. Lcioy Campbell, b. May 3, 1887. 

VllI— 5182. Chark'-i H. Campbell, b. March 4, 1SS9. 

Vm— 5183. John S. Campbell, b. Maith 27, 1891. 

VIII— 5184. Clifford Campbell, b. Jan. 26. 1901. 

VII— 2312. WILLIAM WALTER BURXS (Esther Ann 6), b. 
Jan. 4, 1867; m. ETTA GILBERT 18S8 ( ?) ; resides in West Seneca, N. Y. 
Issue : — 

\nil— 5185. Alvin Burns, b. in 1889. (?) 
VlII— 5186. Mable Burns, b. 1893. (?) 

VII— 2313. SARAH ELIZABETH BURNS (Esther Ann 6), b. 
June II, 1870; m. JOHN BIDDLE July 6, 1S90, son of William Biddle 
and Eliza Biddle, b. Jan. 22, 1871, at ^IcKeesport, Pa. 

They were legally separated April 10, 1902. 

M. second, HARRY K. WRIGHT May 11, 1902, of Newark, N. J., 
son of Skidmore and Caroline Wright, b. April 25, 1867, at Plainfield, N. J.; 
address, 417 Third St., North Side, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Issue by first husband : — 
VIII— 5187. Duane Lee Biddle, b. Dec. 14. 1892; d. April 26, 1894. 

VII— 2314. BENJAMIN HARRIS BURNS (Esther Ann 6), b. 
Sept. 3, 1873; m. MANORA AIORRISSY June 7, 1902, dau. of Walter 
Morrissy and Catharine Forrester, b. June 3, 1883, in Ireland. 

He is employed in the tube works of the National Company at McKees- 
port, Pa., with residence 1330 Jenny Lind St., that city. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5188. Esther Catharine Burns, b. Sept. 8, 1903. 
VIII— 51Sy. Alice Nora Frances Burns, b. June 4, 1906. 

VII— 2315. Florence Lee Burns (Esther Ann 6) b. May 17, 1876. Address, McKees- 
port, Pa. 

Line of John, John, John, Elizabeth, James. 

Issue of Parker Pyle {Xo. 784) and Nancy McRoherts. 

VII— 2339. HARRIET PYLE (Parker 6), b. Sept. 17, 1844; m. 
THORNTON BISHOP Dec. 14, 1865, son of Thomas Bishop, b. May i, 
1835; d. April 20, 1885. 

She resided for some time at Houstonville and later in Washington, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5190. D.WID S. BISHOP, b. Nov. 9, 1866; b. MARRIET- 
^'^ (?), May 21, 1899; no children; address, Glassport, Pa. 


Vlll— 5191. ANNA ^L BISHOP, b. Jan. 24. 186S; m. ALFRED R. 
BEBOUT May 9. 1SS9, b. Sept. 12. 1S65. brother to James W., of No. 5193; 
address, 41 Wellington Ave., Washington, Pa. 

Issue : — 

IX— 7230. Iva Bebout, b. April 9, 1S93. 
IX— 7231. Lavaughn Bebout, b. Aug. 12, 1S9S. 

VIII— 5192. CORA B. BISHOP, b. Julv 26, 1870; m. WILLIAM 
L. AMES Feb. 28. 1S91 ; address, 135 W. Maiden St., Washington. Pa. 

Child :— 
IX— 7232. Ida Ames. 

VIII— 5193. HATTIE T. BISHOP, b. Ian. 28, 1872; m. JAMES W. 
BEBOUT April 29, 1893, b. May 8, 1867, son of Houston and Elizabeth Be- 
bout; residence, 33 W'ellington Ave., Washington, Pa. 

Children : — 
IX— 7233. Onita Bebout, b. Feb. 3, 1S94. 
IX— 7234. Alma Bebout, b. July 26, 1S95. 
IX— 7235. Walter Bebout, b. July 30, 1898. 
IX— 7236. Sheldon Bebout, b. Maicli 16, 1902. 
IX— 7237. Naomi Bebout, b. June 8, 1909. 

VIII— 5194. TH0:MAS H. BISHOP, b. April 19, 1873; m. ^L-\RY 
FERRIS Sept. 13, 1899; address, 502 Washington Ave., Braddock, Pa. 
Children : — 

IX— 7238. Donald Bishop, b. June — , 1904. 

IX— 7239. Preston Bishop, b. Feb. 6, 1907. 

IX— 7240. Dorothea Bishop, b. Sept. — , 1908. 

IX— 7241. Floyd Bishop, b. July — , 1910. 

VIII— 5195. TAMES L. BISHOP, b. April 27, 1876; m. LUCILE 
SCHOGAR June — , ; address, Newell, Pa. 

Child :— 
IX— 7242. Alverna Bishop, b. Oct. — , 1910. 

VIII— 5196. JOHN H. BISHOP b. Jan. 7, 1882; m. GRETTA 
CUSHNEY; address, Houston, Pa. No children. 

Issue of Parker Pyle (No. ^84) and Elizabeth Ann Undenvood. 

VII— 2340. ELIZABETH PYLE (Parker 6), b. Nov. 23, 18^3; m. 
WILLIAM F. JOHN Ivlay 15, 1877, son of Jeremiah R. and Elizabeth El- 
len John, b. Dec. 29, 1850; address, box 600 South Brownville, Pa. 

Issue : — 

Vm— 5197. (1) Sarah Ann John, b. Julv 12, 1S7S. 

VIII— 5197. (2) William Parker John, b. Dec. 23, 1879. 

VIII— 5198. (1) Mattie John, b. Jan. 8, 1882. 

VIII— 5198. (2) Elizabeth John, b. June 20, 1884; d. Oct. 20, 1884. 

VIII— 5199. (1) Mamy Jo hn,b. July 22, 1888; d. Aug. 20, 1S88. 

VIII— 5199. (2) Philip Carlton John, b. May IS, 1S97. 


Line of Johx, John, John, Martha, Eliza. 
Issue of Phehc Baker {No. /p6) and James Regestcr. 

VII— 2360. ISAAC ^I. REGESTER (Phebe Eliza. Martha. John. 
Tohn. Tohn). b. Dec. 12. 1S31; d. Tune 5, 1898; m. MARIA M. McCLeL- 
LAXD, July 10. 1853. 

He was a farmer in Washington Co., Pa. 

Ls.sue : — 

VIII-r.200. James Regester, b. Sept. 23, 1S54. 
VIII— 5201. Anna L. Regester, b. Nov. 10, 1S57; deceased. 
VIII- 5202. Charl°s Regester, b. Dec. 4, 1S59. 
VIII— 5203. Laura B Regester, b. Oct. 4, TS67. 
VIII— 5204. Katie D. Regester, b. June 1, 1871. 
No further account of this family secured. 

VII— 2361. ELIZA JANE REGESTER (Phebe 6). b. Mar. 3, 1834; 
d. Sept. 4, 1835. 

VII— 2362. NEHEMIAH B. REGESTER (Phebe 6), b. June 13, 
1836; d. Feb. 2, 1910; m. MARY AMANDA HORTON Sept. 21, 1865, b. 
April 13, 1833; d. Nov. 26, 1896. 

M. second, NORA BUCKINGHAM Mar. 17. 1904, b. Feb. 13, 1863. 
He was a farmer, with P. O. Beallsville, Pa., R. D. 2. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 5205. FRANK L. REGESTER, b. Tan. 19. 1870: d. Mar. 14. 

VIII — 5206. Infant dau., b. April 2. 1872; d. same date. 

VIII— 5207. PHOEBE E. REGESTER, b. Feb. 26. 1874; m. V.TL- 

He is a farmer; address, Beallsville, Pa., R. D. 2. 

Issue : — 
IX— 7250. P^rank R. B. Hill, b. in 1898. 

VII— 2363. DEM AS REGESTER (Phebe 6), b. Dec. 26, 18 38; d. 
Oct. 26, 1840. 

VII— 2364. EMELINE REGESTER (Phebe 6). b. Jime 20. 184c: 
^. June 29, 1865; m- ELIJAH CRAWFORD Oct. 25, i860; timberman. 

Issue : 


VIII— 5208. WILLIAM A. CRA\\TORD, b. July 4. 1861 ; m. DORA 

He is a teamster; P. O., Clarksville, Pa. 
Issue : — 


IX— 7251. Mabel M. Crawford, b. in 1S98. 
IX— 7252. Shlrd B. Crawford, b. in 1S99. 
IX— 7253. Helen Crawford, b. in 1901. 

VIII— 5209. TOHX R. CRAWFORD, b. Oct. 29, 1862; m. MAG- 
GIE BROWN ; address, Wheeling, W. Va. 
Issue : — 

IX— 7254. Donald Crawford, b. in 1899. 

VIII— 5210. HARVEY CRAWFORD, b. Jan. 4, 1865; ni. ISABEL 
RUSH; address, Hobert, Okla. 
Issue : — 

IX— 7255. Rush Crawford, b. in 1893. 
IX— 7256. Adalaide Crawford, b. in 1894. 
IX— 7257. Holt Crawford, b. in 1896. 

VII— 2365. JOHN RILEY REGESTER (Phebe 6). b. April 6, 1844; 
d. July 23, 1864. 

VII— 2366. WIXFIELD SCOTT REGESTER (Phebe 6). b. Feb. 
12, 1848; m. LUCIXDA HORNER Nov. 28. 1878. b. July 27. 1856. 
He is a fanner ; P. O. Rice's Landing, Pa. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 5211. Samuel H. Regester, b. April 23. 1SS3. 
VIII— 5212. Thomas Clarence Regester, b. July 27, 1891. 

Feb. 12, 1848 (twin); m. PRISCILLA HORN Jan. 2;. 1872. b. Jan. 10, 

He is a farmer; P. O. Beallsville, Pa.; no issue. 

Issue of Jane Baker (No. /P/) and John Regester. 

VII— 2368. DEM AS W. REGESTER CTane. Eliza. ^lartha, John. 
John, John), b. April 11. 1845; m. HENRIETTA POWELL Oct. 24, 1872. 

He is a carpenter, which business he has always followed. He is promi- 
nent in the affairs of his communit.y and of the Republican Party. He is ac- 
tive in the management of the ^Methodist Protestant church at Mt. Zion. in 
Deemston, Washington Co., Pa.; address, Beallsville, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5213. LAURA BELLE REGESTER, b. Jan. d. 1874; m. WIL- 
He is a merchant ; a^ddress, Lisbon, Ohio. 
Issue : — • 

IX— 7258. Clarence Wilson Ball, b. Jan. 2S, 1S03. 

IX— 72.59. Retta Maud Ball, b. Dec. 30, 1896. 

IX— 7260. Mary Ruth Bnll. b. Jnn. 20, 1S9!1. 

IX— 7261. Selma Laura Ball. b. Mar. 13, 1902. 

IX— 7262. Fred Regester Ball, b. Mar. 15, 1906. - - 


VIII— 5214. ALICE ^lAUD REGESTER, b. Nov. 12, 1875: 

He is a rural mail carrier; P. O. Beallsville, Pa. 
Issue : — 

IX— 7263. Helen D. Lewellen, b. in 1900. 
IX— 7264. Francis W. Lewellen, b. in 1904. 

VIII— 5215. CLYDE \V. REGESTER, b. lune 18, 1883; m. MARY 
K. A\'OODWARD : address, ^lonongahela. Pa. No issue. 

VII— 2369. GEORGE T. REGESTER (Jane 6). b. Nov. 17. 1847; 
m. ELIZA JANE MATTHEWS Oct. 23, 1874, dau. of Charles ^latthews. 
of near Beallsville. She d. Feb. 12, 1907. 

M. second, SOFIA VERNON Nov. 16, 1906, dau. of Abraham and 
Mary Vernon, b. Oct. 29, 1858. 

He is a farmer and carpenter; resides in Deemston; P. O. BeallsAnlle, 
Washington Co., Pa. 

Issue: — 

VIII— 5216. RENA REGESTER b. Jan. i. 18S0; m. TRA HARDEN 
Nov. I, 1900, son of Winfield Scott and Maggie Harden, of Deemston, Wash- 
ington Co., Pa., b. IMay 5, 1878. 

Issue : — 

fX— 7265. Owen Harden, b. Aug. 16, 1901. 

IX— 7266. Bradnell Harden, b. Dec. 2.'3. 1902. 

IX— 7267. Gladys Harden, b. Dec. 2. 1904. 

IX— 7268. Gleason Harden, b. Dec. 30, 1906. 

TX— 7269. (a) Roger Harden, b. Oct. 24, 1908. 

IX— 7269. (b) Dorothy Harden, b. Sept. 27, 1910. 

VII— 2370. ELIZA JANE REGESTER (Tane 6). b. Feb. 13, 1850: 
m. JAMES BLAIR June 7. 1894. He d. Feb. 17, 1905. 

They resided in Fayette Co., Pa. : after his death she moved to Deemston. 
Pa., and lives with her brother Denias Regester. No issue. 

VII— 2371. CHARLES E. REGESTER (Tane 6), b. Aug. 11. 18^4: 
m. SARAH REBECCA HARDEN Dec. 18, 1879, dau. of John and Eliza 
Harden, of Deemston, b. March 23, 1856. 

He is a farmer and carpenter; has a most beautiful farm at Centerville. 
P. O. Beallsville, Washington Co., Pa., R. D. i. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5217. NORA ESTELLA REGESTER, b. March 31. 1882: m. 
CARRY ULLOM Nov. 27, 1901, b. Feb. 22, 1877; address. West Browns- 
^-ille, Pa. 

Issue: — 

'X-7270. Bernice Rosella Ullom, b. Mar. 20, lOO.?. 
IX— 7271. Charles Melvln Ullom, b. Sept. 20, 1905. 


Issue of Lydia Baker {Xo. ypS) and George Spindler. 

VII— 2372. MARTHA M. SPIXDLER (Lvdia. Eliza, Martha, John. 
John, John), b. April 17. 1835; ni. XEAL MITCHEXER. 
He is a stone mason; address, California, Pa. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 5218. JEROME J. MITCHEXER, b. 1855; m. 

; address, Bentleysville, Pa. 

Issue : — ■ 

IX— 7272. Harry H. Mitchener, b. 1877; m. Gertie Walker. Issue:— 

X— 7506. Goldie Mitchener, b. in 1903. 

IX— 7273. Clara M. Mitchener, b. 1878; m. Thomas White; address, Bentleysville, Pa. 

Issue: — 

X— 7507. Kenneth White, b. in 190-. 

IX— 7274. George R. Mitchener, b. 18S0; m. Mary Himphry. Issue:— 

X— 7508. a child, b. in 1904; deceased. 

IX— 7275. Maude E. Mitchener, b. 1SS3; m. Garfield Linlcy; address Bentleysville, Pa. 

IX— 7276. Grover C. Mitchener, b. 1885. 

IX— 7277. Elsie M. Mitchener, b. 1SS6; m. Daniel Donehoe. 

IX— 7278. Malissa B. Mitchener, b. 1889. 

IX— 7279. Liman Mitchener, b. 1891. 

IX— 7280. Ora Mitchener. I t,, „^„ . „ , ■„, k icno 

IX-7281. Ethel Mitchener. } ^"^^^^ ^^^ ^^" t^'°^' ^- ^^^■'■ 

TX— 7282. Walter Mitchener, b. 1896. 

IX— 7283. William Mitchener, b. 1899. 

VIII— 5219. JAAIES M. MITCHEXER, b. 1857; m. AXXIE RI- 

He is a coal miner; address, California, Pa. All of the family are Bap- 

Issue : — 

IX— 7284. John Mitchener, b. in 1882; deceased. 

IX— 7285. Harold H. Mitchener. b. in 1885. 

IX— 7286. Thomas J. Mitchener, b. in 1889. 

IX— 72S7. George B. Mitchener, b. in 1892. 

IX— 7288. Mary Mitchener, b. in 1894. 

VIII— 5220. GEORGE B. MITCHEXER. b. 1859; m. SARAH 

He is a coal miner; P. O. Brownsville, Pa. 
Issue : — 

IX— 7289. Oliver B. Mitchener, b. in 1884. 
IX— 7290. John F. Mitchener, b. in 1886. 
IX— 7291. Grover C. Mitchener, b. in 1888; deceased. 

VIII— 5221. RAXDOLPH MITCHEXER. b. 1867; address, Califor- 
nia, Pa. 


He is a carpenter; P. O. Uniontown. Pa. 


Issue: — 

IX— "292. David R. Mitchencr, b. in 1S9S. 
IX — 7293. Lena Maria Mltchener, b. in 1902. 
IX— 7294. Elmer M. Mitchener, b. in 1906. 

VII— 2373. ELIZA JANE SPIXDLER (Lvdia 6), b. June 22. 1838; 
d. 1907; m. IGNATIUS BARNARD. 

He is a farmer; address. Clarksville. Greene Co.. Pa. 
Issue: — 

VIII— 5223. JAMES B. BARNARD, b. 1856; m. MARY WISE. 
He is a fanner; P. O. Beallsville, Pa. 
Issue : — 

IX— 729.'',. Harolfi V. Barr.ard, b. in 1887. 

IX— 7296. Ernest B. Barnard, b. in 1890. 

FX— 7297. Nellie Barnard, b. in 1893. 

LX— 7298. Mary E. Barnard, b. in 1895. 

IX— 7299. Fannie J. Barnard, b. in 1898. 

IX— 7^00. Ida M. Barnard, b. in 1901. 

IX— 7301. Ro^a Barnard, b. in 1904. 

VIII— 5224. LOUIS C. BARNARD, b. 1858. 

VIII— 5225. DORA BELLE BARNARD, b. 1861 ; m. LIBIUS 

He is a carpenter; address, Clarksville, Pa. 
Issue : — 

IX— 7302. Bertha A. Holder, b. 1883; m. Louis Fulton. He is a teacher; address, Clarks- 
ville, Pa. 
lX-7303. Dessie N. Holder, b. 18S3: m.; Hollis Holder; address, Clarksville, Pa. 

Issue : — 

X— 7509. Forrest Holder, b. in 1905. 

IX— 7304. James A. Holder, b. 1887. 

IX— 7306. Ora V. Holder, b. 1889. 

IX— 7306. Florence I. Holder, b. 1893. 

IX— 7307. Roy P. Holder, b. 1901. 

VIII— 5226. THOMAS J. BARNARD, b. 1864; m. LYDIA T. 

He is a contractor; P. O. Clarksville; no issue. 

VIII— 5227. SARAH E. BARNARD, b. 1866; at home. 

VIII— 5228. MARY L. BARNARD, b. 1868; m. WILLIAM GLAD- 
DEN ; address. Fredericktown, Pa. 
Issue : — 

IX— 7.308. Paul Gladden, b. in 1895. 

IX— 7309. Margaret E. Gladden, b. in 1897. 

IX— 7310. Nellie M. Gladden, b. in 1901. 

IX— 7311. G€orge Gladden, b. in 1903. T 



He is a contractor ; P. O. Bcntleyville, Pa. 

VIII— :;230. AXXA J. or HANNAH L BARNARD, b. 1874; m. 

He is a farmer; P. O. Millsboro. Pa. 
Issue : — 

IX— 7312. George B. Ward, b. in 1S96. 

IX— 7313. Ralph Wilson Ward, b. in 1898. 

IX— 7314. Solomon N. Ward, b. in 1901. 

IX— 7315. Helen B. Ward, b. in 1906. 

VIII— 5231. LILLIAN M. BARNARD, b 18S0; d. 1886. 

VII— 2374. MARY ANNE SPINDLER (Lydia 6). b. April 17. 
1840, near Beallsville. Pa.: d. Nov. 21, i8qs. at California, Pa.; m. WIL- 
LIAM AARON CARTER June 14. i860.' son of James Carter and 

Barton, b. Jan 8, 1833, in Virginia; d. July 7. 1874. at Beallsville, Pa. 

During the Civil War he was a member of Com. K. i6th Reg. Penna. 
Cav. Vols: by trade he was a cooper. They resided in East Bethlehem Twp., 
Washington Co., Pa., during most of their married life. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5232. LEVOSIA SYLVANIA CARTER, b. 1861 : d. 1872. 

VIII— 5233. ARCHELAUS ELROY C.VRTER. b. 1863. at East 
Bethlehem; m. ELIZABETH VANDEGRIFT Oct. — , 18S3. dau. of 
Jesse M. Vandegrift and Amanda Wise. 

He is a carpenter: address, 42 The Terrace, Redlands, Cal.. to which 
place he went from Donora, Pa., Sept. 18, 1905. 

Issue : — 

IX— 7316. George B. Carter, b. in 1884; deceased. 
IX— 7317. Alva R. Carter, b. in 1886; deceased. 
IX— 7;U8. Laura M. Carter, b. in 18S7. 
IX— 7319.— B. Carter, b. in 1893; deceased. 
IX— 7320. David G. Carter, b. in 1900; deceased. 

VIII— 5234. JENNIE L. CARTER, b. Feb. 9. 1865; m. CHARLES 
SMITH Oct. 17, 1888, b. Dec. 7, 1862; address, Beallsville, Pa., R. D. i. 
Issue : — 

IX— 7321. Ernest L. Smith, b. July 5, 1891. 

IX— 7322. Leland E. Smith, b. June 6, 1894. 

IX— 7323. John G. Smith, b. Aug. 27. 1900 

IX— 7324. Ralph L. Smith, b. Dec. 2, 1906. 

F. DALBEY Jan. 9, 1890, at Millsboro, Pa.; son of William H. Dalbey and 
Harriet Philips. 


He is a carpenter ar.d undertaker. They left Millsboro, Pa., April 28, 
1908, and removed to Rcdlands, Cal. 
Issue : — 

IX— 7325. Karl Dalbey, b. Dec. 9, 1S90. 

IX— 7326. Guy Dalbey. b. Dec. 15, 1892; d .Sept. 4, 1S95. 

IX— 7327. Mary Dalbey, b. April 19, 1S95. 

IX-732S. Blanche Dalbey, b. June 12, 1900. 

VIII— 5236. WILLIAM R. CARTER, b. 1870; m. ANNIE MARK- 

He is a carpenter; P. O. California, Pa. 

Issue : — 

IX— 7329. Edith M. Carter, b. in 1892. 

IX— 7330. Edgar E. Carter, b. in 1894. 

IX- 7331. Herbert L. Carter, b. in 1901. 

IX— 7332. Irene H. Carter, b. in 1903. 

VIII— 5237. CHARLES EDWIN CARTER, b. June 6, 1872, at East 
Bethlehem, W^ashington Co., Pa. ; m. ASENATH ANNE TUCKER, dau. 
of William Aaron Tucker and Mary Ann Kennedy, b. April 5, 1875, in Taren- 
tum. Pa. 

He is a graduate of the Southwestern State Normal School, California, 
Pa., class of 1892; also of the University of ^lichigan. from which he received 
the degree of Ph. D. He went to Greeley. Colo., in 1902, as principal of the 
High School; in 1903 he was elected Supt. of the Greeley City Schools, which 
position he has since held, being in June 191 o again elected for another term 
of three years. 

Issue : — 
IX— 7333. Mary Arvilla Carter, b. April 10, 1906. 

. VIII— 5238. LEWIS CARTER, d. young. 

VII— 2375. SARAH E. SPINDLER (Phebe 6), b. June 7, 1842; d. 
1888; unm. 

VII— 2376. PHEBE M. SPINDLER (Phebe 6), b. Jan. — 1846; m. 
ISAAC M. RUBLE 1872, b. 1842; d. Dec. 12. 1876. 

M. second, WILLIAM H. CLEAVER Nov. 19. 1904; b. 1846. 

Their residence is Centerville; address. West Brownsville, Pa., R. D. i, 
Box 89. 

Issue by first husband : — 
VIII— 5239. Elma H. Ruble, b. in 1873; d. in 1896. 

VII— 2377. ELENOR A. SPINDLER (Phebe 6), b. Dec. 28, 1848; 


d. 1907; m. ANDREW WOODFIELD; address, New Haven, Pa. No is- 

VII— 2378. CATHARINE SPINDLER (Phebe 6). b. Julv 28, 1850; 
d. 1863. 

Issue of Nathan Baker (Xo. /pp) oiid E>iiclinc ZoUcrrs. 

VII— 2379. ELIZA BAKER (Nathan, Eliza, Martha. John. John. 
John), b. April 17. 1842; m. ELLAS BENNETT, i860. 5on of Benjamin 
Bennett and Susan Hartsoe, b. Oct. 9. 1833; d. April 6, 1908. 

He ^vas a farmer; her address. Amity, Washington Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5240. MARGARET ^I. BENNETT, b. July 12, 1862; rcf.idcs 
with her mother. 

VIII— 5241. ^lARIA S. BENNETT, b. Oct. 9, 1866: m. JOHN L. 
HOOVER Oct. 19, 1885, son of Abel Hoover. 

He is a farmer; address, Waynesburg, Greene Co., Pa., R. D. 6. 
Issue : — 

IX— 7334. Mabel E. Hoover, b. Aug. 15, 18S6. 

IX— 7335. John Franklin Hoover, b. Sept. 19. 1889 . 

IX— 7336. Harry Walter Hoover, b. Aug. 23, 1892. 

IX— 7337. Russell Hoover, b. July 27, 1895. 

IX— 7338. Nellie Florence Hoover, b. July 28, 1897. 

VIII— 5242. WILLIAM F. BENNETT, b. Mar. 3, 1871. 
He was a farmer; address, Amitv. W^ishington Co., Pa. 
VII— 2380. HIRAM BAKER (Nathan 6), b. Tulv 30, 1846; m. SAR- 

M. second, FANNIE BOLES. 

His occupation is bricklaving: P. O. 525 Lowell St.. E. E, Pittsburg. 

Issue by first wife : — 

VIII— 5213. Lewis C. Baker, b. in 1871; d. in 1872. 

VIII— 5244. Mary S. Baker, b. in 1873. 

VIII— 5245. Dale P. Baker, b. in 1874; d. In 1876. 

Issue by second wife : — 
VIII— 5246. George R. Baker, b. in 1884. He is a bookkeeper in Navy Yard. Addres.s 

28 Willow St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
VIII— 5247. William C. Baker, b. in 1885. 

VII— 2381. MARY BAKER (Nathan 6), b. Julv 30. 1846; d. April 
26, 1883 (a twin with last No.) : m. JOHN CLENDANIEL Aug. 19, iB/^- 
son of Samples and Susan Clendanicls, b. June 26, 1840; d. Feb. 15, 1894. 

He was a farmer; member of Presbyterian church; resided at Jefferson. 
Greene Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 


VIII— 5248. HIRAM CLEXDAXIEL, b. Dec. 18, 1873; address, 
South Brownsville, Fayette Co., Pa., Box. 304. 

VIII— 5249. MARGARET CLEXDAXIEL, b. June 27, 1876; m. 

M. second, EICHER. 

Their address is Carmichaels. Greene Co., Pa. Xo issue. 

VIII— 5250. CHARLES E. CLEXDAXIEL, b. Dec. 14. 1876; ra. 
MARY ELIZABETH JEFFERSOX March 21, 1906; address. 31 11 Second 
St., Des Moines, Iowa. Xo children. 

VIII— 5251. XATHAX CLEXDAXIEL, b. Sept. 6. 1878; m. ROSE 
WILSOX Oct. 8, 1906; address, Clarksville, Greene Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 
IX— 7339. Clyde Clendaniel, b. Sept. 20. 1907. 
IX— 7340. Johu William Clendaniel, b. Feb. 15, 1910. 

VIII— 5252. DAXIEL CLEXDAXIEL, b. Dec. 7, 1880; address, 
South Brownsville, Pa. 

VIII— 5253. IDA B. CLEXDAXIEL. b. Dec. 24, 18S2. 
She resides with her aunt, Eliza Bennett; address, Amitv. Washington 
Co., Pa. She has been an interesting correspondent of her familv genealogy. 

VII— 2382. SARAH LOUISA BAKER (Xathan 6), b. :.Iav 17, 
1849; m. JOHX WATSOX Jan. 7, 1868, son of John and Mary Ann Wat- 
son, b. ]March 26, 1843. 

He is a shoemaker; address, Waynesburg, Greene Co., Pa., R. D. 6. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5254. ELLA WATSOX. b. Dec. 17, 1868; m. SMITH HUF- 
FORD Oct. 18. 1902. 

He is a tube mill worker; P. O. ^^'ashington. Pa., R. D. 9. 

Issue : — 
IX— 7341. Russell Hufford, b. June 27, 1903. 
IX— 7342. Rachel Addie Hufford, b. Mar. 16, 1905; d. in 1906. 
iX— 7.'i43. George Leland Hufford, b. Jan. 19, 1907. 
IX— 7344. Milton Evan Hufford, b. April 5, 1909. 

r^r^ J^"~5255- MAXSELL WATSOX. b. April i, 1871 ; m. FLORA 
COXLEY May 7, 1898. 

He is a motorman; address, 1023 Arch St., Washington, Pa. 

Issue : — 

IX— 7345. Jesse Baker Conley, b. Dec. 23, 1898. 
IX— 7346. Clyde Leroy Conley, b. Feb. 22, 1905. 

TnTjY"lT5^56- EMELIXE WATSOX, b. Xov. 25, 1872; m. LIXCOLN 
JOHXbOX May 29, 1897. 


He is a teamster; address, Si Lawrence Ave., Washington, Pa. 

Issue : — 

IX— 7347. John Daniel Johnson, b. Dec. 20, 1897. 

IX— 734S. Ella Estella Johnson, b. Mar. 2, 1899. 

IX— 7349. Sarah Ethel Johnson, b. Aug. 22, 1901; d. In 1903. 

IX-- 7350. James Albert Johnson, b. Feb. 20, 1904. 

IX— 7351. Aldyue Johnson, b. July 24, 1906; d. in 1906. 

IX— 7352. Ross Lincoln Johnson, b. April 10, 1908. 

IX— 7353. Emma May Johnson, b. April 8, 1910. 

VIII— 5257. NATHAN WATSON, b. Jan. 18, 187s; m. LAURA 
WHITE Jan 25, 1897. 

He is a tin mill workman; address, 15 Gordon St., Washington, Pa. 
Issue : — 

IX— 7S54. George Dewey Watson, b. March 10, 1S99. 
IX— 7355. Albert Ray Watson, b. Nov. 10, 1905. 

VIII— 5258. ELIZABETH WATSON, b. Feb. 7, 1877; d. May 12, 

VIII— 5259. HENRY T.WATSON, b. Mar 20, 1879; m. OSA M. 
BELL, April 11, 1903. 

He is a tin mill workman; P. O. Washington, Pa., R. D. i. 
Issue : — 

IX— 7356. Earl Donald Watson, b. Sept. 23, 1903. 

IX— 7357. Garvin Floyd Watson, b. July 24, 1905. 

IX— 7358. Mary Margaret W'atson, b. Aug. 3, 1907. 

IX— 7359. Vonetta Ruth Watson, b. April 28. 1910. 

VIII— 5260. ACHESON COMELL WATSON, b. Mar. 27, 1881 ; d. 
June 21, 1901. 

VIII— 5261. PHEBE F. WATSON, b. Nov. 24, 1883; m. THOMAS 
J. JOHN Feb. 10, 1904. 

He is a farmer; address, Washington, Pa., R. D. 7. 
Issue : — 

IX— 7360. Myrtle Bfatrice John, b. Dec. 5, 1904. 

IX— 7361. l>etta Madge John, b. June 21, 1900. 

IX— 7362. Jasper Arleigh John, b. Sept. 1. 1908. 

IX— 7363. Forrest Watson John, b. Aug. 20, 1910. 

VIII— 5262. ROSS P. WATSON, b. Feb. 6, 1886; address, Waynes- 
burg, Pa., R. D. 6. 

VIII— 5263. SARAH A. WATSON, b. Feb. 2-], 1888; d. Feb. 2, 1907. 

VIII— 5264. RACHEL L. WATSON, b. May 2, 1892; m. CHARLES 
M. GARRETT, Feb. 17, 1909; address. Amity, Washington Co., Pa., 
R. D. 2. 

Issue : — 


IX- 7.104. Charles Lester Garrett, b. Sept. 13, 1909. 
iX— 7:JG5. Ernest Lelaud Garrett, b. Nov. 21, 1910. 

VII— 2383. EMMA JANE BAKER (Nathan 6). b. Feb. 8, 1852; d. 
Sept. 14, 18S7; m. JOHN POLLOCK, 1881.; his address is Braddock, Pa. 
Issue: — 

VIII— 5266. CHAUNCEY E. POLLOCK, b. 1882; deed. 

SMITPI June 1909. 

VII— 2384. PHEBE BAKER (Nathan 6), b. Aug. 8, 1854; m. L 
MADISON HUFFORD Oct. 5, 1891. 

He is a carpenter; address, W^ashington, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VIII--5268. Allison Hufford, b. In 1902. 
VIII— 5209. James Huftord, b. in 190-4. 

VII— 2385. ELIZABETPI A. BAKER (Nathan 6), b. Nov. 7, 1856; 
in. MARCENA M. CARY Feb. 18, 1880, son of Cephas Car>^ and Mary 
Mitchener, b. Sept. 14, 1857; address, Waynesburg, Greene Co., Pa.. R. D. i. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5270. DALE EMERSON CARY, b. Dec. 26, 1880. 

He is a graduate of Jefferson Medical School, Philadelpliia, Pa., 191 1. 

VIII— 5271. ISA FLORENCE CARY, b. Mar. 28, 1883; m. WYLE 
BRADBURY June — , 1903. 

He is a farmer; addiess, Amity, Pa., R. D. 3. 

Issue : — 
IX— 736G. Melvin C. Bradbury, b. Jan. 2, 1905. 
IX— 73C7. Fern Oretba Bradbury, b. April 12, 1906. 

IX— 7368. Leta May Bradbury, b. May 1, 1909. 

VIII— 5272. GOLDIE ALICE CARY, b. Nov. 7, 1890. 
She is a graduate of South Western State Normal School at California, 
Pa., 191 1. 

VII— 2386. JOHN R. BAKER (Nathan 6\ b. Oct. 9. 18^9; m. SER- 
ETTA BUNNELL 1886; address, Clarksville, Greene Co., Pa. " 

Issue: — 
Vnil— 5273. Bertha Baker, b. In 1S88. 

VII— 2387. WILLIAM BAKER (Nathan 6), b. Oct. 4, 1862. near 
Ruffs Creek, Greene Co., Pa.; m. SADIE E. WILSON Sept. 6, 1890, at 


Waynesburg, Pa., dau. of George W. \\'ilson and Deborah Tharp, b. Sept. 5, 

He is a bricklayer and contractor; address, Waynesburg. Greene Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5274. George Emory Wilson Baker, b. Mar. 30, 1S92. 
VIII— 5275. Wniiam Herman Baker, b. Oct. 13, 1S1^4. 
VIII— 5276. Emma Grace Baker, b. Oct. 6. 1S96. 
VllI— 5277. Norma Elizabeth Baker, b. Aug. IS, 1907. 

Issue of Martha Baker {Xo. Soo) and Ignatius Buckinghaui. 

1845; m. NANCY B. CAMP, dau. of Peter Camp and Rosanna Smiley, b. 
Feb. 25, 1843. 

He is a farmer; members of M. E. church; address, Washington, Pa., 
R. D. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5278. WALTER H. BUCKINGHAM, b. June 19, 1873; m 

He is a pkimber; address, No. 130 Rosewood Ave., Washington, Pa. 

Child :— 
IX— 7369. Paul B. Buckingham, b. in 1896. 

VIII— 5279. FRANK R. BUCKINGHAM!, b. 1875; m. LEE WIL- 
SON; address, Washington, Pa. 

Child :— 

IX— 7370. Mary Buckingham, b. in 1905. , 

VIII— 5280. EDWIN C. BUCKINGHA:^!, b. 1879; m. ALICE 
BLACKHURST; address, 75 Fayette St., Washington, Pa. 

■ Child:— 
IX— 7371. Clyde R. Buckingham, b. in 1S06. 

VII— 2389. SUSAN BUCKINGHAM (Martha 6), b. 1850; m. HEN- 

He is a farmer; address, Washington, Pa., R. D. 4. 

Issue : — 
VIII- 5281. Nehemiah B. Redd, b. in 1879. 
VIII— 5282. Ethel E. Redd. b. in 1887. 
VIII— 5283. Walter E. Redd, b. in 1891. 

VII— 2390. PHEBE E. BUCKINGHAM! (Martha 6), b. 1857; 

He is a farmer; address, Washington, Pa., R. D. 


Child :— 
VIII— 52S4. Cleon Scott Hallam, b. in 1900. 

VII— 2391. WILLIAM BUCKINGHAM (Martha 6), b. 1857; de- 


VII— 2392. JOHN B. BUCKINGHAM (Martha 6) ; m. , but 

both deceased. 

They resided in Kansas. 

Issue, probably : — 
VIII— 5285. A daughter, or possibly more. 

Issue of George Palmer Baker {No. 801) and Jane Patterson. 

VII— 2394. JOHN W. BAKER (George P.. Eliza. Martha, John, John| 
John), b. July 2, 1848; m. CHARLOTTE GARRETT Aug. 21, 1870; b. 
Dec. 15, 1849; d. April 28, 1886. 

M. second, ISABEL BRUNDAGE Oct. 19. 1895, b. March 7, 1S60. 
He is by trade a carpenter; address, Beallsville, Washington Co., Pa. 
Issue by first wife: — 

VIII— 5286. GEORGE W. BAKER, b. Oct. 5, 1871 ; d. May 20, 1886. 

VIII— 5287. SARAH JANE BAKER, b. Feb. 24, 1873; d. Feb. i, 

VIII— 5288. MARY E. BAKER, b. April 25, 1875; d. May 15, 1886. 

VIII— 5289. OLIVE B. BAKER, b. April 22, 1878; m. WILLIAM 
H. WARD April 29, 1905. He d. Sept. 16, 1910. Her address is Bealls- 
ville, Pa. 

Issue : — 
IX— 7372. Charles Francis Ward, b. April 4, 1906. 
IX— 7373. Mabel Juanita Ward, b. Dec. 17, 1907. 

VIII— 5290. CHARLES W. BAKER, b. July 6, 1883; m. ETHEL 
FRYE Feb. 1908. 

He is a teacher; P. O. Beallsville, Pa. 

Child :— 
IX— 7374. Charles William Baker, b. June 21, 1909. 
Issue by second wife : — 

VIII— 5291. JOHN W. BAKER, b. March 23. 1897. 

VIII— 5292. CHARLOTTE B. BAKER, b. May 7, 1899. 


VII— 2395. MARY JANE BAKER (George P. 6), b. Sept. 15. 1850; 
d. July 6, 1908. 

VII— 2396. REBECCA E. BAKER (George P. 6), b. June 18, 1854. 

VII— 2397. SARAH C. BAKER (George P. 6), b. Dec. 5, 1856; d. 
Dec. 16. 18S5. 

Issue of John L. Baker (No. S02) and PriscUla Bane. 

VII— 2398. ISAAC T. BAKER (John L., Eliza, Martha, John, John, 
John), b. June 27, 1851; m. RACHEL O. LEWIS Sept. 12, 1874, b. Oct. 
18, 1853; d. May 8, 187S. 

M. second, EMMA B. HARDEN, Oct. 25, 1882, b. March 28. 1850; 
d. July 4, 1885. 

M. third, SARAH ANOLA HAWKINS Jan. 2, 1896, b. July 28, 

He is a Methodist and a merchant at Decmston; address, Beallsville, 
Washington Co., Pa., R. D. i. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5293. LAURA H. BAKER, b. April i, 1876; m. WILLIAM 
BUCKINGHAM June 6, 1897. 

He is a farmer; P. O. Beallsville, Pa. 

Issue : — 

IX— 7375. John Buckingham, b. in 1898. 
IX— 7376. Guy E. Buckingham, b. in 1899. 
IX— 7377. Mary E. Buckingham, b. in 190- 

VIII— 5294. JOHN W. BAKER, b. June 15, 1885; m. 

Sept. 12, i( 

VIII— 5295. THOMAS H. S. BAKER, b. June 15, 1898; d. July 4, 

VIII— 5296. PRISCILLA EMILY BAKER, b. Dec. 17, 1900. 

VII— 2399. ANNIE E. BAKER (John L. 6), b. Nov. 15, 1852; m. 
JAMES ROBERTSON BAIR Feb. 22, 1871, son of John and Lydia Bair, 
b. Oct. 12, 1838. 

He is a carpenter; address, Beallsville, Pa., R. D. 2. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5297. WILLIAM EAIERSON BAIR, b. Nov. 27, 1872; m. 
ARIZONA LONGDON Nov. 24, 1903, b. Nov. 28, 1871. 


He is principal of a public school ; Baptist ; address, Oakmont, Allegheny 
Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 
IX— 7378. Eleanor Longdon Balr, b. April 30, 1906. 
IX— 7379. James Gibbon Bair, b. Aug. 14, 1909. 

VIII— 5298. JOHN FRANK BAIR. b. Oct. 30, 1874; d. Nov. 28, 

VIII— 5299. AIARY ELMIRA BAIR. b. Oct. i, 1876; m. JESSE 
GREENE HILL Dec. 27, 1894, b. Nov. 12, 1869. 

He is a farmer and surveyor; member of AI. E. church; address, Bealls- 
ville, Washington Co., Pa. 

Issue: — 
IX— 73S0. Beryl Edna Hill, b. Sept. 14, 1896. 
IX— 73S1. Lenore Emily Hill, b. Sept. 11, 1902. 
IX— 7382. Wayne Ira Hill, b. Sept. 24, 1905. 

VIII— 5300. CHARLES L. BAIR, b. Nov. 12. 1879; m- OLIVE 
NELLIE WHERRY March 30, 1907, b. March 21, 1880. 
He is a teacher; Methodist; address, Beallsville, Pa. 

Issue : — 
IX— 7384. Victor Wherry Bair, b. Oct. 14, 1908. 

VIII— 5301. EDNA P. BAIR, b. Oct. 3, 1883. 
She is a teacher; at home; Beallsville, Pa. 

VIII— 5302. JAMES WALTER BAIR, b. Dec. 18, 1889; at home. 

VII— 2400. NEHEMIAH R. BAKER (John L. 6), b. Oct. 25, 1854; 
m. MARY PERRINE at Brownsville, Pa., dau. of Jas. R. Perrine and Nan- 
cy Athey, b. 1852; d. 1902. 

M. second, MARGARET McCARTNEY Jan. 12, 1905, dau. of Joseph 
and Martha McCartney, of New Alexandria, Pa. 

He was for some time clerk for the County Commissioners of Washing- 
ton Co., and later for many years he has been cashier of the Citizens' National 
Bank of Washington Co., Pa., with residence at 40 North Ave., Washington, 

Issue by first wife : — 

VIII— 5303. WALTER H. BAKER, b. Aug. 28, 1879; m. AMELIA 
P. DUNCAN April — , 1909, in New York. 
He is an attorney-at-law at Washington, Pa. 

Issue : — 
IX— 7385. A child. 


VIII— 5304. ELLA P. BAKER, b. Oct. 29, 1880; ni. HARRY E. 

Pie is a professor in Washington and Jefferson College, Washington, Pa. 
Issue : — 
IX— 7386. A child. 

Issue by second wife: — : 

VIII— 5305. MARTHA McCartney baker, b. May 9, 1908. 

VII— 2403. JAMES R. BAKER (John L. 6), b. Oct. 30, 1861 ; m. 

He is a Presbyterian minister, located at Newberry, near Williamsport, 
Lycoming Co., Pa., where he is pastor of a church. 

Issue : — 
VIII— r.306. J. R. Baker, b. in 1S91. 
VIII— 5307. David F. Baker, b. in 1893. 
VIII— 5308. Walter E. Baker, b. in 1895. 
VIII— 5309. Donald S. Baker, b. in 1897; deceased. 
VIII— 5310. Helen F. Baker, b. in 1900. 

VII— 2404. MARY J. BAKER (John L. 6), b. June 21, 1864; m. 
GEORGE BIGLER June 12, 1889. son of Benjamin and Mary Ann Bigler, 
b. March 26, 1866. 

He is a farmer; resides at Decmston; address, Beallsville, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5311. Frances L. Bigler, b. Nov. 22, 1890; m. Jesse C. Bailey Dec. 28, 1910. 
VIII-5312. Zella P. Bigler, b. April 15, 1892. 
VIII— 5313. Ella Gertrude Bigler, b. Oct. 14, 1898. 
VIII— 5314. Anna Katharine Bigler, b. Jan. 21, 1901. 
VIII- -5315. John Sanford Bigler, b. in 1907. 

Issue of Nehemiah Baker {No. 80 j) and Rebecca Diinston. 

VII— 2410. JAMES R. BAKER (Nehemiah, Eliza, Martha. John, 
John, John), b. Sept. 19, 1852; m. SAMANTHA GARRETT, 1875. She 
d. Dec. — , 1899. 

M. second, FLORA LEE, 1902. 

He is a Methodist; stone mason; address, Beallsville, Pa. 

Issue : — 

He is a stone mason ; address. West Brownsville, Pa., R. D. 

VIII— 5317. ORRELL J. BAKER, m. IRA HILL; address, West 
Brownsville, Pa., R. D. 

VIII— 5318. CHARLES BAKER; dec'd. 

VIII— 5319. JESSE BAKER; clerk; address, Monongahela. Pa. 


VII— 241 1. SARAH ELIZA BAKER (Xehemiah 6), b. 1856; m. 
JOHN KEYS, son of Daniel and Ruth Keys. 
He is a carpenter; address, Beallsville, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5320. WALTER S. KEYS, b. 1880. 

VIII— 5321. LUVERXA KEYS. b. 1881 : m. SMITH. 

VIII— 5322. MABEL E. KEYS. b. 1884. 

VII— 2412. JOSEPH HARVEY BAKER (Xehemiah 6). b. Sept. 
16, 1868, near Beallsville, Pa.; m. ELIZABETH STALEY Jan. 7, 1893. 
He is a Methodist; bricklayer; address, California, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5323. Ernest Roy Baker, b. Dec. 1, 1893. 
VIII— 5324. Jackson Thompson Baker, b. July 1, 1897. 
VIII— 5325. Charles Leslie Baker, b. Jan. 4, 1908; d. July 2?, IOCS. 
VIII— 5326. Ralph Gilbert Baker, b. Oct. 8, 1909. 
They are all at California, Pa. 

Isstie of Martha G. Pyle {No. 80/) and Elihu Pon'cll. 

VII— 2413. MARIA T. POWELL (Martha, Curtis. Martha, John. 
John, John), b. Dec. 9, 1839; m. THOMAS DAY Dec. 9. 1856; address, 
Lewis Station, Henry Co., ]\Io. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5327. Elmer Ellsworth Day, b. Sept. — . 1856. 

V^II— 2414. JAMES CURTIS POWELL (Martha G. 6), b. Julv 24. 
1842: d. July 27, 1875; m- AXX COOKSEY. 

It is reported that he was killed on the B. & O. railroad, and that his wife 
and child are also deceased. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5328. Carrie Powell, b. July — , 1862. 

VII— 2415. ESTHER AXX POWELL (Martha G. 6). b. Oct. 11, 
1848; d. Sept. 6, 1900; unm. 

VII— 2416. HOSMIER B. POWELL (Martha G. 6), b. Aug. i: 


1853: d. June 30, 1892. at Denver, Colo.; m. AMELIA REUTIXGER Nov. 
15, 1876, b. 1855. 

Issue : — 

VIII -5329. Maggie Powell. 

VIII— 533'). Clara Powell. 

VIII— 5331. Raymond Powell. Address. Columbus, O. 

VIII— 5332. Albert Powell. 

VIII— 5333. Hazel Powell. 

VIII— 5331. Elmer Powell. 

VII— 2417. FLORA E. POWELL (.Martha G. 6), b. Aug. i, i8:^g: 
m. CHARLES LELAXD BOZMAN Oct. 8, 1879. b. May i, 1857. 

He is a dealer in granite and marble monuments with works and show 
rooms at Fourth St., East of Ferry, Beverly, P. O. Box 103, Washington Co.. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5335. Lenore Bozman, b. May 29. 1881. 

Line of John, John, John, Amy. 

Issue of Marx Ann P\lc (No. 812) and Henry Doieler, born in Washington 

Co., Pa. 

VII— 2418. SELENA H. DOWLER (Mary Ann. Sarah. Amv, John, 
John, John), b. Oct. 3. 1844; m. JOHN WILSON TRUXAL Dec. 29, 
1869, son of Dr. Norval W. Truxal and Mary Woodcock, of Brownsville, Pa., 
b. Dec. 15, 1845. No issue. 

VII— 2419. ALICE A. DOWLER (Marv Ann 6), b. March 10. 1846: 
m. LERON BROWN GARDNER Dec. 21. 1871, son of Rev. Rouse Bab- 
cock Gardner and Persis Esmon Willard, b. Dec. 18. 1843. 

They resided in 1874 at Pike Run., Washington Co., Pa., but none of 
the family found in 1909. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5336. Eddie Lellain Gardner, b. May 8. -i"-?.. 
VIII -5337. Pearl Bessie Gardner, b. Oct. 17, 1S77. 

VII— 2420. ADAM C. DOWLER (Marv Ann 6). b. April i, 1849: 
m. BELLE SHUTTERLY July 31, 1873, dau. of Alfred Shutterly and 
Sarah Ann Wells, b. Jan. 30. 1855; resided in 1876 at Greenfield. Washing- 
ton Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 
VIII— .^338. Archie Bennett Dow ler, b. June 6. lS7t. 


VII— 2421. ELMER II. DOWLER (^^lary Ann 6), b. I^Iay 26, 1851. 
Issue of Dr. John Welsh (No. 820) and Margaret J. Tracy. 

VII— 2442. MARY ERANX'ES WELSH (John, Lydia. Amy. John, 
John, John), b. Jan. 19, 1851, at St. Francisville, Mo.: m. LEE A. HOFF- 
MANApril i, 1S69. at Doniphan, Kan. son of Jacob Hoffman — of German 
descent. He d. Oct. 25, 1892, at Harper, Kan. 

He was by trade a painter. They resided at various places in Kansas 
and for a time in Albany, ^Mo., finally settling at Llarper, Kan., -where he died 
and the widow continues. 

Children : — 

VIII— 5339. ADAM BRENNER HOFFMAN, b. Jan. i, 1870, at 
Iowa Point, Kan.; m. BEATRICE CARY April 15, 1S85, in Harper, Kan., 
where they reside. 

Children : — 
IX-7387. Harold Andrew Hoffman, b. Dec. 12, 1897. 
IX— 73SS. Ronald Benjamin Hoffman, b. March 1, 1907. 

VIII— 5340. JOHN HENRY HOFFMAN, b. Sept. 10, 1871, in Seneca, 
Kan. ; d. April 5, 1886, in Attica, Kan. 

VIII— 5341. ETHEL RUBY HOFFMAN, b. Aug. 21, 1874, in Grass- 
hopper Falls, Kan. ; m. JAMES ERNEST BOLTORFF in Wellington, Kan. 

VIII— 5342. LEE HERMAN HOFFMAN, b. Oct. 22, 1876, in Al- 
bany, Mo. ; m. BERTHA C. WILHITE, in Alva, Okla. 
Children : — 

IX— 7?8a. Lee Archibald Hoffman, b. March 27, 1904, in Alva. 

IX— 7300. Mabel Loraine Hoffman, b. Jan. 4. 1906, in Alva. 

IX-7Syi. Ramoud Arthur Hoffman, b. .May 20, 1907, Wcllincton, Kansas. 

VIII— 5343. JOSEPH RICHARD HOFFMAN, b. Nov. 20, 1878, in 
Emporia, Kan.; m. LILLIE E. STRENAHAN, in Llarper, Kan., where 
they reside. 

IX— 7392. Louis Keith Hoffman, b. July 5, 1907. 

VIII— 5344. HARRY FLORENCE HOFFMAN, b. May 14, 1883. 
in Humbolt, Kan. ; m. JEWELL M. CARN, in Anthony, Kan. 

VIII— 5345. JAMES LEO HOFFMAN, b. March 16, 1886, in At- 
tica, Kan.; m. ELSIE A. KOCH, in Anthony, Kan. 

VII— 2443. JAMES HARLEN WELSH (John, Lydia, Amy, John, 


John, John), b. July i6. 1853, in Maysville, Mo.: m. ^L^TTIE EARL 
WALKER June 7. 1877, in Doniphan. Kan., dau. of John Stayinan and Mar- 
garet \\'alker, b. June 20. 1855, in Glenwood, la. 

He is a machinist with address 810 Fifteenth St., St. Joseph, Mo. 

Children : — 

VIII— 5346. (a) HARRY HARLEN WELSH, b. Aug. i. 1878, in 
Elwood. Doniphan Co.. Kan.: m. LILLL\X STAR^vIER March 27, 1901, 
in St. Joseph, i^lo., b. ]\Iay 5. 1883, in Bozeman, Mont.; reside in St. Joseph. 

Children born there : — 

IX— 7393. George Harlen Welsh, b. May 28, 1904. 
IX— 7394. Harry Harlen Welsh, Jr., b. Jan. 2, 1906. 

VIII— 5347. (b) .MARGARET MAY W^ELSH. b. Feb. 2y, 1881, in 
St. Joseph. ^lo. ; m. ALBERT LESTER TOLIX April 8. 1902. in St. Jos- 
eph; b. Nov. 29, 1881, in La Due, Henry Co., Mo. ; reside in St. Joseph, ^lo. 

Children born there: — 
IX— 7395. Owen Albert Tolin, b. March 3, 1904. 
IX— 7396. William Earls Tolin, b. July 26, 1906. 

VIII— 5348. (c) FRANK EARLS WELSH, b. Oct. 24, 1883, i" At- 
chison, Kan. ; unm. : address, St. Joseph, Mo. 

VIII— 5349. (d) BESSIE FLORENCE WELSH, b. June 18. 1887, 
in Hays Center, Hays Co., Neb. ; address, St. Joseph, Mo. 

b. April 22, 1858, at Ryan's Station, Kan.; d. Dec. 29, 1890. in Silverton, 
Col; unm. 

He was engaged in mining; died of pneumonia: buried at Doniphan. Kan. 

VII— 2446. FLORENCE JANE WELSH (John 6). b. Jan. 3, 1861. 
in Caprioma, Kan. 

It is stated that at the date of her birth the snow was three feet deep in 
that locality and travel was suspended for some time. She m. THO^IAS 
FLORANCE O'DRISCOLL Oct. 27, 1880, in Atchison, Kan.; present ad- 
dress, Durango, Col. 

Children : — 

VIII— 5350. NELLIE FRANCES O'DRISCOLL, b. June 2^, 1883, 
in Doniphan. Kan.; m. WILLIAM T. GOEGLEIN Sept. 28. 1904. in Du- 
rango, Col. ; present address, Santa Barbara. Mexico. 

Child :— 
IX— 7397. Florence Julia Goeglein, b. Nov. 27, 1906, in Durango, Col. 


VIlI_535i. JAMES B. O'DRISCOLL, b. Dec. 5, 1885, in Doniphan, 

18S7, in Silverton, Col.; d. Feb. 14, 1888. 

VIII— 5353. WILLIAM WELSH O'DRISCOLL, b. May 8, 1889, in 

VIII— 5354. THELINA ANNA O'DRISCOLL, b. Nov. 18, 1900, in 
Durango, Col. ; d. in infancy. 

VIII— 5355. JOHN THOMAS LEO O'DRISCOLL. b. June 9. 1905, 
in same ; d. in infancy. 

VII— 2447. ANNA MILTON TRACY WELSH (John 6). b. March 
19. 1863. in Rock Creek. Kan.; m. LEO F. SLAYTON Dec. 27, i88r, in 
Atchison, Kan., son of William T. and Frances Olivia Slayton, of Willoughby, 
O., b. Oct. 9, i860. 

He is a railway mail clerk on the Rock Island R. R. from Kansas City, 
Mo., to Caldwald, Kan. ; present address, 3248 Gillham Road, Kansas City, 

Child •— 

12. 1884. in^boniphan, Kan.; m. MARTHA MAE LOCKWOOD Feb. 17, 
1904, dau. of Robert Wayne and dementia Oliver Lockwood, of Kansas City, 

He is a dentist; graduate of Western Dental College, of Kansas City., 
where thev reside. 


IX- -7398. Welsh Lockwood Slayton, b. Feb. 18, 1907, in Ottawa, Kan. 

VII— 2448. NANNIE KATE WELSH ( Tohn 6), b. July 19, 1865. in 
Doniphan. Kan. ; m. RICHELIEU J. MANSFIELD Dec. 4, 1888, in Don- 
iphan, Kan. ; present address, Dallas, Tex. 

Children : — 

VIII— 5357. RUTH HORTENSE MANSFIELD, b. Nov. 30, 1890, 
in Chicago, ill. 

VIII— 5358. HELEN MANSFIELD, b. March 15, 1895, in Dallas, 
Tex.; d. Oct. 24, 1899; same. 

VII— 24;o. JOHN ROBERT WELSH (John 6). b. April 28. 1S70. 
in Doniphan, Kan.; d. Oct. 14, 1905. in Leavenworth, Kan. ; unm. 


He enlisted in the army during the Spanish-American War. and met with 
an injury which disabled him tb.c rest of his hfe. His last years were spent in 
the Soldiers" Home at Leavenworth, Kan. 

Issue of Amy Pylc Welsh (Xo. 821) and J. Bcnflcy Rose. 

Vn— 2453. LOUISA ARNOLD ROSE (Amv. Lvdia, Amy. [ohn. 
John, John), b, April 24. 1845; m- JOSEPH YEAGER Nov. 8. 1866, b. 
Aug. 18, 1837; d. Alay 25. 1895: her address, Creston, Iowa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5359. CHARLES YEAGER. b. April 26, 1867: d. Aug. 18. 

VIII— 5360. ORVAL R. YEAGER, b. Feb. 21. 1870; m. KATE AM- 
BROSE April 10. 1894; address, Greenfield, Iowa. No children. 

VIII— 5361. JACOB B. YEAGER, b. Feb. 17, 1872; unm.; address, 
Des IMoines, Iowa. 

VIII— 5362. CECIL YEAGER, b. Aug. 13. 1876; d. Sept. 4, 1876. 

VIII— 5363. RILLA YEAGER. b. Feb. 17, 1881; unm. ; address. Cres- 
ton. Iowa. 

VII— 24^4- TOSEPH WELSH ROSE (Amv 6). b. Sept. 14, 1847: 
m. JENNIE ADAMS Oct. 18, 1871 : address. Gildford, Montana. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5364. HATTIE ELOISE ROSE, b. Sept. 21. 1873; m. JOHN 
W. DAVIS March 16, 1902: address. 4014 Central St., Kansas City, Mo. 
No children reported. 

VIII— 536 V BESSIE ALBERTA ROSE, b. Feb. 20. 1877; m. BY- 
RON L. SCHWARTZ June i, 1898. 

Child :— 
IX- -7399. Lola Alberta Swartz. 

VIII— 5366. ARCHIE ROSE. b. Sept. 22, 1878; unm. 

VIII— 5367. CHARLES A. ROSE, b. June 23, 1880: unm. 
He is city clerk at Havre. Chouteau Co . Montana, on main line of Grent 
Northern Ry. 

VIII— 5368. HARRY ROSE, b. Sept. 18, 1884: d. June 28, 1885. 


\-III_5369. FRED. ROSE, b. July 4. 1SS8. 
VIII— 5370. JOSEPH ROSE, b. March 2, 1890. 

VII— 2456. WILLIAM HARLAN ROSE (Amy 6). b. March 23. 
1852; m. JULIA HAYES Dec. 31, 1875; address, Oskaloosa, Iowa. 
Children :— 

vni--5.371. Maud Rose, b. June 26, 1877. 
VIII— 5372. Malvern Rose, b. Feb. 11, 1S79. 

VIII— 5373. Gertie Rose, b. April 26, 1883; m. Pearl Minor, March 2, 1905. Address Oska- 
loosa, la. 
VllI— 5374. Pearl Rose, b. Nov. 17th, 18S6. 

VII— 2458. MALVERN HILL ROSE (Amy 6), b. March 12, 1863; 
m. LUTIE BEALL Feb. 15, 1885. dau. of Samuel H. and Lucinda Beall, b. 
Oct. 25, 1865; address, 341 1 Holmes St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Children : — 
VIII— 5375. Gladys Rose, b. Oct. 22, 1SS5. 
VIII— 5376. Ethel Rose, b. Oct. 13, 1887. 
VIII— 5377. Helen Rose, b. Jan. 5, 1S92. 
VIII— 5378. John Rose, b. Oct. 16. 1S96. 
VIII-5379. Dorothy Rose, b. April 14, 1902. 

VII— 2459. CURTIS COLFAX ROSE (Amy 6), b. Feb. 27, 1867; 
unm. He is a telegraph operator; address, Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

Issue of Mary Ann Welsh {No. 822) and Solomon Holhrook, the first three 
born in Lee Co. ; the rest in Cincinnati, Iowa. 

.Amy, John, John, John), b. Sept. 10, 1847: d. Nov. 29, 1864; unm. 

He enlisted during- the Civil War in the 3rd Iowa Cav. ; was taken pris- 
oner, and died in Andersonville Prison. 

VII— 2461. OLIVER KING HOLBROOK (Mary A. 6), b. Nov. 30, 
1850; resides in Cincinnati, Iowa; unm. 

VII— 2462. IDA MAY HOLBROOK (Mary A. 6), b. Dec. 22>, 1855; 
m. H. A. SUMNER June 17, 1874. 

He is a civil engineer; removed to Burlington, la., thence to 1639 Race 
St., Denver Col. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 53SO. Robert Sumner; m. Florence Adams. 
VIII— 53S1. Lewis Sumner; m. 
VIII— 5382. Walter Sumner. • ' 


VII— 2463. PERRY SOLOMON HOLBROOK (Marv Ann 6), b. 
Jan. 9. 1857; m. SARA LOUISE GOODHUE March 21, 1880. 

He is a civil and drainage engineer. He was engineer of the "]\Ionona- 
Harrison Ditch" envolving three niilhon cubic yards of earth; present address, 
957 Nineteenth St., Des Moines, la. 

Children : — 

VHI— 5383. STELLA HOLBROOK. b. June i, 1881 ; unm. ; at home. 

VHI— 5384. FRANK HOLBROOK. b. March 3, 18S3. 

Vni— 5385. ELSIE HOLBROOK. b. Feb. 9, 1886. 

VIII— 5386. RUSSELL HOLBROOK, b. June 30, 1893. 

VII— 2464. ELLIS R. HOLBROOK (Mary Ann 6), b. Aug. 6, 1859; 
d. June 8. 1907; m. ^lARY SAYRES July — . 1877, dau. of WiUiani and 
Mary Hannah Sayres. Ller address is Cincinnati, Iowa. 

Children : — 

VIII— 5387. LENNA F. LIOLBROOK, b. Oct. 15, 1878: m. JAMES 
GUY LAIN April 19, 1904, at Cincinnati, la.; now residing at 1442 West 
i6th St., Des I\Ioines, la. No children. 

VIII— 5388. ERNEST L. LIOLBROOK. b. July 23, 1880: d. Oct. 18, 

VIII— 5389. PEARL E. HOLBROOK, b. July 29. 1882; d. Oct. 18. 

VIII— 5390. MABEL C. HOLBROOK, b. April 4, 1885; m. ROB- 
ERT ROSS Dec. 25, 1006; address, Exline, la. No children. 

VIII— 5391. ROLAND R. HOLBROOK, b. March i, 1887; unm. 

VIII— v392. ARLINGTON O. HOLBROOK, b. March 14, 1890. 
VIII— 5393. JOHN R. HOLBROOK, b. Jan. 20, 1892. 
VIII— 5394. CECIL W. HOLBROOK, b. Nov. 30, 1895: d. July i, 

VIII— 5395. GERALD C. HOLBROOK, b. Feb. 19, 1898. 

VIII— 5396. MARY L. HOLBROOK, b. Jan. 22, 1901. 

VII— 2465. LOREN WILL. HOLBROOK (Mary Ann 6), b. Tunc 
24, 1863: m. LETTIE FEES Aug. 9. 1885. dau. of Peter and America 
Fees; address, Cincinnati, Iowa. 


Children :— 
vri-5397. Ix>ren A. Ilolbrook, b. Nov. S. ISSC. 
\ III -53yS. Blanch Holbrook, b. Dlc. 15.1SSS; d. Nov. 9, 1890. 
\ilI--j:J&9. Raymond E. Holbiook, b. Dec. 29, 1S91. 

VII— 2466. FLORENCE J. HOI BROOK (Mary Ann 6), b. Sept. 
29, 1865; m. ADAM C. HALDEN; address, Centerville, Iowa. 

Children : — 
VIII— 5400. Lydia Halden. 
\111— 54ul. EJwiu iialden. 
Vill— 5402. Marion Halden. 

Issue of Marie Philips Welsh {No. 82^) and Godfrey Eichhom. 

VII— 2467. MARY FRANCES EICHHORN (xMaria P., Lydia, 
Amy, John, John, John), b. Sept. 13, 1849, at Charleston, Lee Co., la.; d. 
Dec. 16, 1S88, at Fairfield, la., and was there buried; unm. 

b. April 20, 1853. at Charleston, Lee Co., la. ; resides at 2300 Marion St., Den- 
ver, Colo. 

VII— 2469. JOSEPHINE EICLIHORN (Maria P. 6), b. June 10, 
1859, at Donnelson, Lee Co., la.; m. GEORGE C. EVANS Oct. 23. 1889, 
at Omaha, Neb., son of John D. Evans and Julia A. Crosby, natives of New 
Brunswick, born at Norwich Conn. 

They reside at 219 East 4th St., Pueblo, Colo., where he is in the real 
estate and insurance business. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5403. George T. Evans, b. Oct. 27, 1893. 

VII— 2470. ELLEN VASHTI EICHHORN (Maria P. 6). b. June 
13. 1863, at Donnelson, Lee Co., la. : m. FRANK T. CLARK Sept. 5, 1889, 
at Fairfield, la., son of John W. Clark and Leitha Taylor, of New York, b. at 
Oak Center, Eon Du Lac Co., ^^'is■. reside at 2300 Marion St., Denver, Colo., 
where he is in the fire insurance business. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5404. Florence Josephine Welsh Clark, b. April 17, 189S, at Omaha, Neb. 

Issue of Harlen Pyle Welsh {No. 826) and Mary Shan'. 

VII— 2471. LAURA LOUELLA WELSH (Harlen P., Lvdia, Amv. 
John, John. John), b. Nov. 14, 18^6. at Centreville, la. ; m. JOHN S. PLUN- 
KETT June 2, 1881. He d. July 26, 1901. 

He was a conductor for many vears on the Santa Fe R. R. His widow 
resides in Ottawa. Kan. 


Child :— 

VIII— 5405. FLORENCE ISABEL PLUNKETT. b. Jan. 2, 1884; re- 
sides with her mother. 

VII— 2472. MARY MINNIE WELSH (Harleii P. 6), b. Dec. 2, 
1858; d. Aug. 21, 1903; ni. FRED. MERRITT Nov. 28, 1888. She died at 
Buffalo. N. Y. No children. 

VII— 2473. ROSELLA WELSH (Harlen P. 6), b. May 24, 1861 ; d. 
Nov. 25, 1892; unm. She was born and lived in Ottawa, Kan. 

VII— 2474. HARLEN PYLE WELSH, JR. (Harlen P. 6), b. May 
30, 1863; m. DAISY CUNNINGHAM! Sept. 4, 19CX), of Hiawatha, Kan., 
where they reside. 

He is a merchant in the clothing trade. 

Child born there: — 
VIII- 5406. Hailen Pyle Welsh, b. Oct. 16, 1901 . 

b. July 27, 1865; d. Sept. 29, 1882. 

Issue of Harlen Pyle IVelsh (No. 826) and Isadora A. Craivford, born in Ot- 
tawa, Kan. 

VII— 2476. EARL RANDOLPFI WELSH (Harlen P. 6), b. May 
26, 1875; d. Feb. 16, 1878. 

VII— 2477. ROY ALLISON WELSH (Harlen P. 6), b. July 31, 
1880; unm. 

He resides in Centralia, Washington, and is engaged in the lumber busi- 

Issue of Dorcas Smith IVelsh (No. S^y) and Amos Atherton, born in Cincin- 
nati, Iowa. 

Amy, John, John, John), b. Jan. 5, 1862; d. Aug. 21, 1863. 

VII— 2479. MARIA EDITH ATHERTON (Dorcas 6), b. July 20, 
1864; m. GEORGE W. SPOONER Dec. 26, 1883; reside in Grinnell, 


Children : — 

Vlil— 5407. Mabel Maud Spooncr, b. Aug. 17, 1SS4. 
VII1-540S. Harry Amos Spoouer, b. Sept. 29, 1SS9. 
VllI— 5409. Edwin Spooner, b. 1S93; d. 1S94. 

VII— 2481. JENNIE JUNE ATHERTON (same line), b. May 26. 
1S68; m. RAY \V. HAWKINS Sept. 4. 1895; reside in Cincinnati, Iowa. 

Children : — 
VIII— 5410. One unnamed, b. April 5, 1S97; d. same day. 
VIII— 5411. Ralph Atherton Hawkins, b. March 1. 1900. 
VIII — 5412. George Raymond Hawkins, b. Aug. 31, iyu5. 

VII— 2482. LEWIS HARLAN ATHERTON (Dorcas 6), b. May 9, 
1870; m. ARTILISSA ALVERSON June 3, 1895; reside in Cincinnati, 

Children : — 
VIII— 5413. Edgar Eugene Atherton, b. Jan. 1, 1S96. 
VIII— 5414. Edith Atherton. b. Dec. 26, 1897. 
VIII— 5415. Harold Atherton, b. March 2. 1900. 
VIII— 5416. Richard Atherton, b Nov. 28, 1904. 

Issue of Amy Choonrod {No. 828) and Reason Craven. 

VII— 2483. WALTER CRAVEN (Amy, Abigail, Amy, John, John, 
John), m. MARY A. THOMPSON. She d. circa 1896. 

M. second, 1910. 

He is a farmer; resided near Beallsville, Pa., where his wife died; later 
removed with address, Charlroi, Washington Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5417. William Craven. Address, Charleroi, Pa. 
VIII— 5418. Sadie Craven; m. Removed to Calirornia, 
VIII— 5419. Lizzie Craven; at home. 
VIII — 5420. Armour Crazen; address, Donora, Pa. 

VII— 2484. HARVEY CRAVEN; d. circa, 1882. 

Isstie of Dr. IVilliatn H. Pyle (No. 829) and Mary Louisa Nash, all born in 
Kaufman, Texas. 

VII— 2485. LAURA PYLE (William H., Eli M., Amy, John, John, 
John), b. Oct. 31, i860; d. Dec. 8, 1878. 

"It is truly a loss to the community for one of this age to be called from it 
with all of life's prospects just in their opening bud" and the same as to her 
sister of next No. 

VII— 2486. SALLIE PYLE (William H. 6), b. Oct. 23, 1863; d. 
July 4, 1883; m. J. E. HADLACK 1880, who was b. 1864. 


VII— 2487. TEMPLE S. PYLE (William H. 6), b. Feb. 27, 1S66; m. 
LEE ECHOLS March 19, 1SS8. 

He is vice president of the First Xational Bank of Kaufman, Texas., in 
which town they reside. 

Issue: — 

VIII— 5421. Mary Hargrave Pyle. b. March 9, 1SS9. 

VIII— 5422. Adaline Pyle, b. Jau. 6, 1S91. 

VIII— 5423. Richard S. Pyle, b. Jau. 8. 1S99. 

VII— 2488. CHARLES BRADLEY PYLE (William H. 6), b. Feb 
17, 1868; m. CLARA GARDNER, 1891. She d. 1901. 

M. second, KATE BLACKWELL 1904; address, Kaufman,Te.xas : 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5424. Hamilton Pyle. b. in 1893. 
VIII— 5425. Temple S. Pyle, Jr., b. iu 1895. 
VIII— 5426. Charles B. Pyle, Jr., b. in 1906. 

VII— 2489. FANNIE PYLE (William H. 6), b. April 13, 1870; m. 
VV. A. BOGGS, 1896; address, Okemah, Okla. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5427. Harold Boggrs, b. in 1S98. 
VIII— 5428. Virginia Boggs, b. in 1900. 

VII— 2490. ANNE PAULINE PYLE (William H. 6), b. Nov. i, 
1872; m. DR. H. W. HOFFER 1898; address, Kaufman, Texas. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5429. Donald Hoffer, b. in 1900. 
VIII— 5430. Henry Holhan Hoffer, b. in 1906. 

Issue of Mary Pyle {No. 8jt) and Thomas h. Hargrave. 

Amy, John, John, John), b. Feb. 7, 1857; m. JESSIE ROPER Jan. 20, 1897 
at Chicago, 111. ; address, Falls City, Neb. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5431. Thomas Exane Hargrave, b. Oct. 2S, 1899. 

VII— 2493. MARY V. HARGRAVE (Mary 6), b. July 15. 1858. 

VII— 2494. THOMAS PYLE HARGRAVE (Mary 6), b. Sept. 17, 
i860; m. ADA CRO^IWELL Jan. 23, 1884, at Macon City, Mo. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5432. Mark Cromwell Hargrave, b. Oct. 10. ISOO, at Wynmoi.'', Neb. 
VIII— 5433. Thomas Jean Hargrave, b. Dec. 5, 1S91, same. 


VII— 2495. ANNE J. HARGRAVE (Mary 6). b. Nov. 3, 1862; m. 
JOHN LAWSON WILSON June 26, 18S9. at Mt. Pleasant, la. 

Issue : — 
V'lII— 5434. Helen Wilson, b. April 10, 1S91. at Wymore, Neb. 
VIII— 6435. Maiy Aucinide Wilson, b. Doc. 17, l^'JS, at Salt Lake City, 111. 
Vill— 5436. Louise Etna Wilson, b. April 12, 19o3, same. 

Vil— 2497. ETNA HAKGRAVE (I\Iary 6), b. Aug. 22, 1873. 

Issue of Margarctfa Fylc {Xo. 8^2) and Dr. Samuel Rothacker. 

VII— 24QQ. WILLIAM H. ROTHACKER (Maro-aretta, Eli M.. 
Amy, John. John, John), b. Feb. 23, 1859; m. ^lARY ELLA MILLER 
April 4. 1901, b. Dec. 23, 1S80; address, Richmond, O. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5437. Samuel Miller Rothacker, b. Nov. 30, 1901. 
VIII— 543S. John Russell Rothacker, b. Feb. S, 1905. 
VIII— 5439. Ralph Sterling Rothacker, b. Jan. 1, 1907. 

VII— 2500. FRANK P. ROTHACKER (Margaretta 6), b. Nov. 3, 
1865; d. April 4, 1889; unm. ; bur. at Richmond, O. 

VII— 2501. JOHN D. ROTHACKER (Margaretta 6), b. Nov. 10, 
1870; d. April 30, 1898; unni.; buried at Richmond, O. 

VII— 2502. MARY H. ROTHACKER (Margaretta 6). b. Sept. 10. 
1878; m. H. P. STEPHENSON Jtine 24, 1903, b. Aug. 22, 1878; address. 
Richmond. Ohio. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5440. John P. Stephenson, b. Dec. 23, 1903. 

Issue of Thomas H. Pyle {No. <?J5) and Emma C. Saunders. 

VII— 2503. CARRIE :\IAY PYLE (Thomas H., Eli M., Amv, John. 
John. John), b. July 7, 1868; m. ALBERT BOURNE. 

Issue : — 
VIII — 5441. Name not given. 

Issiie of Samuel, M. Pyle {No. 8^14) and Sarah Jane Lyons. 

VII— 2504. FRANK S. PYLE (Samuel, Eli M., Amv. John. John, 
John), b. Dec. 26. 1867: m. EULALA JAY May 4. 1898, b. Aug. 15. 1878. 

He is of the firm of F. S. Pvie & Co., prescription druggist; address. 114 
N. Main St.. Mount Pleasant, la. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5442. Frances Lillian Pyle, b. Jan. 23, 1904. 


VII— 2505. GRACE PYLE (Samuel 6). b. Sept 28, 1877; m. RALPH 
K. CRANE Nov. 18, 1903, b. Jan. 2-], 1878; address, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5443. Mary Virginia Crane, b. March 10, 1907. 

VII— 2506. SAMUEL T. PYLE (Samuel 6), b. Feb. 28, 1883; m. 
GRACE G. HUNTER April 30, 1903, b. Feb. 28. 1883; address. New 
London, Iowa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5444. V/. A. Pj'le. b. Nov. 26, 1904. 

VIII— 5445. Samuel M. P>-le, 3d., b. Sept. 20, 1905. 

IssMC of Emma Medora Pyle {No. 8^8) aii-d W. F. Baker. 

VII— 2507. CHARLES HAMILTON BAKER (Emma, Medora 6), 
b. July 14, 1870, at Richmond. O. ; m. ALICE MARY CRISWELL July 
12, 1906, at St. Stephanus Lutheran church, Wheeling, W. Va., by Rev. Ern- 
est M. Preuss, dau. of George S. and Mary Cresswell, of Wheeling, b. ^^larch 
II, 1885, at Martin's Ferry, O. 

He is editor of The Daily and Weekly Oil Review of Sistersville, W. Va , 
in which place they reside. No issue. 

VII— 2508. HARRY HARLEM BAKER (Emma Medora 6), b. 
Feb. 5, 1872, at Richmond, O. ; m. ELIZABETH HAMPTON GOOD- 
WIN July 12, 1900, dau. of William Peter Goodwin* and Aviary Byrd, of Car- 
oline Co., Va., b. Aug. 24, 1872. 

He is assistant manager of transportation for the Consolidation Coal Co., 
office Continental Bldg. ; residence, 3108 Walbrook, Baltimore, Md. 

Children : — 
VIII— 544G. Harlem Goodwin Baker, b. April 20, 1902. 
VIII— 5447. Elizabeth Madora Baker, b. Nov. 22, 1905. 

VII— 2509. SALOMA J. BAKER (Emma Madora 6), b. Oct 26, 
1874, at Carmichaels, Pa.; m. JACKSON COCHRANE July 30, 1906, 
at Denver, Colo., son of Alexander Cochrane and ^Mary Jackson, b. Feb. 9, 
1866, at Durban, Ontario. 

He is general agent for the Fidelity Insurance Company; address, 1620 
Clarkson St., Denver, Colo. No children. 

Note. — William Peter Goodwin owns and resides on part of the original tract ot 
land taken up in 1648 in Caroline County, Va., by his ancestor and descended to him 
without sale from that time. The line of descent was 1 Jame-? Goodwin, tht' emigrant 
from Enf;land, 2 Peter, 3 Jame.= , 4 Littleton, 5 Jc'an Thorna.s. 6 William Peter. The dicu- 
aiion Is about halfway between Washington, D. C, and Richmond, Va. 


VII_25io. PAULINE BAKER (Emma Madora 6), b. Oct. 7, 1S76, 
in Morgantown, \V. Va. ; m. CLARENCE ELLSWORTH FAIT Oct. iS. 
I So I, son of Thomas A. Fait* and M attic Y. Wilson, b. Dec. 28, 1872; d. ( ?), 

M. second. FRANK BURNSIDE Dec. 10. 1903. b. Feb. 24, 1863, at 
Greenridge, Petis Co., Mo. ; address, Loveland, Colo., R. D. 2. 

Issue, all born at Loveland, Colo. : — 

VIII— 54tS. Chailes Albert Fait, b. April 11, 1S93; d. Feb. 25, 1910. 
Vlil — 5449. Cbailotie dalouia taic, b. April 23, 1894. 
VIU— 5450. Anna Viola Fait, b. April 26, 1896. 

VII— 2511. SHERIDAN PYLE BAKER (Emma Madora 6), b. 
Sept. 12, 1878, at Morgantown, W. Va.; unm. ; address, Steubenville, O. 

Issue of Eli Pylc Biitz {No. 8jp) and Maria Gibson. 

VII— 2512. H A.MILTON PYLE BUTZ (Eli P., Amy, Amy, John, 
John, John), b. Dec. i, 1849; d. Mar. 3, 1880; unm. 

He lived on a farm near Beallsville, Pa., and was killed in a coal bank 

VII— 2513. HANNAH HOPKINS BUTZ (Eli P. 6), b. Aug. 2. 
185 1 ; d. Jan. 27, 1901 ; m. JAMES B. PEFFER Oct. i, 1879; address, 
Centerville, Washington Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5451. ELVA ELI PEFFER, b. Jan. 29, 1882; m. CR.A TATE. 
Issue : — 
IX— 7400. Norman J. Peffer, Oct. 24, 1909. 

VII— 2514. AMY CRAVEN BUTZ (Eli P. 6), b. Nov. 16, 1853; m. 
WILLIAM HOR^vIELL; address, Deertield, Portage Co., O. 

VII— 2515. MARY EMMA BUTZ (Eli P. 6), b. Oct. 5, 1857; m. 
MARK M. GALW^-\Y Oct. 9, 1879, b. July 16, 1853; address, Beallsville, 
Pa., care Starr J^Iail Route. • - 

Issue : — 

VII— 5452. DAVID EARL GALWAY, b. Aug. 22, 1880; m. MYR- 
TLE HUFFMAN Dec. 21, 1907. 

Issue : — 
IX— 7401. Russell Franklin Galway, b. Jan. 14, 1909. 

Note— Thomas A. Fait was b. Julv 14, 1S:^S, at Zanesville, O.; d. Apr. — , 1S82, at 
Loveland. Col. His wlfp, Mattie Y. V.'il.on, b. Jan. 12, 1818, in 111.; d. Feb. 11, 1S79. at 
Muiray, la. They were m. Feb. 4, 1S6C, Fairview, la. 


VIII— 5453. RUSSELL BUTZ GALWAY, b. Feb. 28, 1893. 
VIII— 5454. FRANK GIBSON GALWAY, b. July 19, 1895. 

Issue of Emilie M. Bute (No. 840) and Gideon H. Hazi'kins. 

VII— 2^17. LAURA VIRGINIA HAWKINS (Emilie, Amv, .Amy, 
John, John, John), b. Oct. 24, 1853; m. JOHN FRANKLIN KEWNEY 
Dec. 24, 1871, b. April" 21, 1850; address, Michigan City, Ind. No issue. 

VII— 2518. ELDORA IBELIA HAWKINS (Emilie 6), b. Feb. 19, 
1855; m. WILLIAM G. FONNER Feb. 5. 1SS5; b. ^lar. 15, 1857. 

He is a contractor and went to Me-\ico on business. Her address is 705 
Arlington Ave., North Side, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— S455- LYNN BEALL FONNER, b. April 18. 1886; m. LIAR- 
RY H. CLIFTON Dec. 4, 1901. b. May 29, 1885. 

Issue : — 

IX— 7402. Eleanor Mary Clifton, b. Feb. 5, 1903. 

IX— 7403. Howard Alien Ciii ou, b. May 17, 1905. 

IX— 7404. MiKlred P'oimer Cliitoa. b. Jan. 29, 1907; d. July 4, 1907. 

IX— 7405. Ruth Echles Cliiton, b. Feb. 26, 1909. 

VIII— 5456. JOHN p. FONNER, b. July 21, 1887; d. Jan. 21, 1889. 

VIII— 5457. RUSSELL L. FONNER,. b. Sept. 24, 1S88. 

VII— 2519. CARRIE EDMONIA HAWKINS (Emilie 6), b. Sept. 
24, 1859; m. HENRY C. SMITH May 10, 1879, son of Henry Smith and 
Elizabeth Sn}der, b. Oct. 9. 1853. 

He is employed with the }>Ianufacturers' Light & Heat Gas Co., taking 
pressure and blowing out gas wells in the Beallsville gas held; address, Bealls- 
ville, Washington Co., Pa. 

She uses the pen name "Mrs. Dick Smith." 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5458. LAURA V. R. SMITH, b. Mar. 21, 1880; m. CHARLES 
L. HOLDER May 27. 1005. b. Nov. 16, 1869. 

On Oct. 20, 1907 they were burned out of their home, losing everything, 
but have built a new residence. He is an O. F. ; address, Beallsville, Pa. No 

VII— 2^20. LYNN BEALL HAWKINS (Emilie 6), b. June 23, 
1862; m. GEORGE F. GUTHRIDGE Sept. 15, 1907. 

He is engaged with a Telegraph Company; address not given. 


Issue of Mary A. Bute {No. 843) and Solon L. Gulp. 

VII— 2541. JENNIE MAY GULP (^larv. Amv, Amv, Tohn. John, 
John), b. Oct. 24, 1S68, at Allensville, Ind. ; m. BENJAMIN S. TURNEK. 
of Huntsville, Ala., June 22, 189S, at Chattanooga, Tenn. 

They resided in several localities, last address, 2409 Ave. I, Ensley, Ala. 

Issue : — 
"VIII— 5459. Harriet Ivouise Turner, b. July 21, 1S09, at Birmingham, Ala. 
VIII— 5160. Helen Mary Turner, b. Dec. 23, 1001, at Huntsville, Ala. 
Vm— 51S1. Benjamin S. Turner, b. Dec. 29, 1903, at Tuscunibia, Ala, 
VIII— 5-162. Susannah Frances Turner, b. Nov. 21, 1909, at Moore's Mill, Ala. 

VII— 2542. DAVID HOMER GULP (Mary A. 6), b. Aug. 11, 1S70; 
m. DAISY D. TURNER, of Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 21, 1895; address not found. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5463. Earl Warren Gulp, b. Aug. 7, 1S96, Chattanooga, Tenn. He lives with his 
aunt (last no.). 

Issue of Elmira Hopkins (No. 847) and Isaac VanVoorhis, born in Washing- 
ton Co., Pa. 

VII— 2543. HANNAH SALENA VAN VOORHIS (Elmira 6), b. 
Oct. 9, 1848; m. HENRY HARRISON HUFE.MAN 1868 (?), son of 
John Huffman (b. 1807; d. 1861) and ^Margaret Yoke (b. 1810; d. 1849), b. 
Feb. 20, 1843; address, Wellsburg, W. Va., R. D. 2; Box. 2t^. 

Children ; — 

VIII— 5469. (f) HENRY OTTO HUFFMAN, b. March 10, 1877; d. 
Jan. 30, 1902; m. HARRY DAGUE. No children. 

VIII— 5465. (b) LIZZIE VERENA HUFFMAN, b. Nov. 28, 1870; 
m. ALDON. DAGUE; reside in Pittsburg, Pa. 

Issue : — 
IX— 7406. Dorothy Dague. 
IX— 7407. Marjorie Dague. 
IX— 7408. Ethel Dague. 
IX — 7409. Edna Dague; deceased. 

VIII— 5466. (c) JOHN HOPKINS HUFFMAN, b. Jan. 28. 1874: d. 
Jan. 23, 1909; m. 3.IARGARET WALTON, of Moundsville, W. Va. 

Issue : — 

IX— 7410. Mary Salena Huffman. 

VIII— 5467. (d) ISAAC VAN VOORHIS HUFFMAN, b. Jan. 28, 
1874 (twin with last No.),; m. HELEN HARTLEY, of Washington, Pa.; 
reside in Los Angeles, Cal. 

Issue: — 


IX— 7411. Mildred Huffman. 

IX— 7412. Lloyd Hiiffman. 

IX— 7413. Kathleen Huffman. 

IX — 7414. Gertrude Huffman. 

VIII— 5468. (e) LILLIAN GERTRUDE HUFFMAN, b. April 19. 
1875; d. April 29, 1904; m. DANIEL r^IILLISON; resided in Donora, Pa. 
No children. 

VIII— 5469. (f) HENRY OTTO HUFFMAN, b. March 10. 1877; d. 
m. DESSIE McGINNIS; address, Scenery Hill, Washington Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 
IX— 7415. Sheldon Huffman. 
IX— 7416. Louise Huffman. 
IX— 7417. Lelia Huffman. 

VIII— 5470. (g-) FIALLIE SALENA HUFFMAN, b. Jan. 28, 1879; 
m. HENRY FRYE; address, Bentleyville, Washington Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

IX— 7418. Salena Frye. 

IX— 7419. Audrey Frye. , 

VIII— 5471. (h) HARRY GARFIELD HUFFMAN, b. Jan. 28, 
1879; unm. ; address, Wellsburg, W. Va. 

VIII— 5472. (i) FANNIE MILLS HUFFMAN, b. Oct. 27, 1880; m. 
HARRY DAGUE, husband of her sister Ira (See No. 5464) ; reside in Po- 
hetan Co., Va. No children. 

VIII— 5473. (j) LULU MAY HUFFMAN, b. Feb. 20, 1883; 
address, Wellsburg, W. Va. 

VIII— 5474. (k) NELLIE BLANCHE HUFFMAN, b. Jan. 17, 1885; 
address, Wellsburg, W. Va. 

VIII— 5475. (1) CLYDE RAYMAN HUFFMAN, b. Feb. 25, 1888; 
resides in Los Angeles, Cal. 

VII— 2544. SAMUEL S. VAN VOORHIS (Elmira 6). b. May 22, 
1850; d. 1873; m. LULU HOSACK. 

Issue : — 

dress, Charleroi, Pa. No children. 

VII— 2545. THOMAS H. VAN VOORHIS (Elmira 6), b. June 17. 
1852; m. ANNA NYSWANER Feb. 20. 1895. dau. of Hiram and Elizabeth 
Nyswaner, b. Aug. 8, 1861. 

He is a farmer; address, Beallsville, Washington Co., Pa. 


Issue : — 
VIII— 5477. Freddie H. Van Voorhis. b. Nov. 10, 1S95. 
VIII— 647S. Isaac Shannon Van Voorhis. b. Oct. 23, 1S97. 
VIII— 6479. Elizabeth Van \'oorhi9, b. Sept. 3, 1901. 
VIII— 54S0. Frank Van Voorhis. b. Aug. 11, 1904. 

VII— 2546. ELIZABETH VAN VOORHIS (Elmira 6), b. Jan. 9. 
1856; m. JOHN GOETHMAX; address, 78 McKennan Ave., Washirgton. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 5481. Dale Goethman. 
VIII— 5482. Katharine Gorthnian. 

VIII— 5483. Van GcM?ihman. 

VIII— 54S4. Norman Goethman. 

VII— 2547. VAN EM AN VAN VOORHIS (Elmira 6). b. 1858; m. 
IDA HICKMAN about 1890, dau. of Peter Hickman (a Civil War Veteran). 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5485. Ray Van Voorhis. 

VIII— 5486. William Van Voorhis. 

VIII— 5487. Elmira Van Voorhis. 

^ VIII— 5488. Dewey Van Voorhis. 

VIII— 5489. Thomas Van Voorhis. 

VII— 2548. CHARLES VAN VOORHIS (Elmira 6). b. Oct. 11, 
[866: unm. ; address, Scenery Hill, Pa. 

Issue of Adam P. Hopkins (No. 848) and R. Maria Ncivkirk, born in Wash- 
ington Co., Pa. 

VII— 2549. HENRY N. HOPKINS (Adam P., Hannah, Amy, John 
3), b. April 24, 1852; m., but wife dec'd. No issue. 

VII— 2550. MARY A. HOPKINS TAdam 6). b. Oct. 16, 1853: m. 
HARVEY McCUNE; address, Beachview, Pa. 

Issue: — • 

VIII— 5490. Hazel McCune. 
\1II— 5491. Harvey McCune. 

Issue of Nancy Hopkins (No. 84P) and Jos. Alexander Nen'kirk, born in 
Washington Co., Pa. 

VII— 2^5 1. T. HOPKINS NEWKIRK (Nancv 6). b. Aug. 11, 1849; 
m. EMMA L. COOK Nov. 12, 1884, dau. of Mark and Sarah Cook, b. Oct. 
21, 1863. 


He has been in the real estate and insurance business; was acting P. M. 
for three years under Cleveland's administration ; Avas District Watei" Com- 
missioner under Gov. Thomas, of Colorado, for two years: was a member of 
Colorado State Leg-islature. Sixth General Assembly, during Gov. Alva Ad- 
ams' first term; was Mayor of Florence. Cal., 1900 and 1901 ; present address, 
R. D. 2, Box. 272, E. 53rd St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 5492. EDXA NEWKIRK. b. Aug. 19, 18S6: m. GEORGE 
MEREDITH Aug. 12, 1909; probable residence, Los Angeles, Cal. 

VIII— 5493. NORA NEWKIRK. b. Sept. 9, 1S88; d. Nov. 6, 1890. 

VIII— 5494. NONA NEWKIRK. b. Dec. 5, 1894. 

She has been a student of the Von Stein Academy of Music for nearly 
three years, where she took her only instruction in music, and where she took 
three first prizes and one second prize in the art. which enabled her to secure by 
dose application and determined efforts her own musical education in which 
she has exceptionally bright talents. 

VIII— 5495. VAN HOPKINS NEWKIRK, b. Sept. 4, 1903. 

VII— 2552. HARRIET OELLA NEWKIRK (Nancv 6). b. Nov. 29. 
1850; m. WILLIAM MORTIMER RICHARDSON Feb.'27. 1873, son of 
Richard Richardson"^ and Eliza Neblock. He d. Jan. 12, 1906; bur. in Bealls- 
ville Cemetery. Her address is California, Washington Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— :;496. RICHARD KIRK RICHARDSON, b. Dec. 26, 1873; 
m. HARRIET GEHO Aug. 5, 1897. 

He is in the real estate and insurance business; address, California. Pa. 

Child :— 
IX— 7420. Harriet Eleanor Richardson, b. May 19, 1898. 

VII— 2553. CHARLES NEWKIRK (Nancy 6), b. Sept. 20, 1855; 

He is a carpenter, with address Bentleyville, Washington Co., Pa. 

VII— 2554. NORA NEWKIRK (Nancy 6), b. Nov. 16, 1868; m. 
JOHN B. MYERS ]May 29, 1889. son of John and Anna Mary Myers, b. 
April 14, 1865. 

He is in the real estate and insurance business in California, Washington 
Co., Pa. No issue. 

Note.— Richard Richardson, was b. Nov. 17. 1810; d. June 17, 1SS3; Eliza (Neblock) 
was b. Feb. 9, 1813; d. Jan. 13, 1857. They were m. Nov. 4, 1834. 


Vn_2555. CLYDE NEWKIRK (Nancy 6), b. Aug. 29, 1870; m. 
JOSEPHIXE CRAFT June 10, 1897. 

He is a journalist and humorous writer and editor of the "Bing\'ille Bu- 
gle" and signs his name Newton Xewkirk. No issue; address, 73 Brighton 
Ave, Boston, Mass. 

Issue of Mary Ann Hopkins (No. 8jo) and David Riichey, bom in Wash- 
ington Co., Pa. 

VII— 2556. lANTHIAS RITCHEY (Mary Ann 6), b. Aug. 30, 
1854; unm. ; resides in Colorado. 

VII— 2557. JENNIE B. RITCHEY (Mary Ann 6), b. July 19, 1856; 
m. SCOTT BRYAN ; address, 2256 Williams St., Denver, Colo. 

Issue : — 
V!II— 5497. Russell Bryan. 
VUI— B498. Fred. Bryan. 

Issue of Thomas Keys (No. 854) and Mary Platts. 

address, Bentleyvillc, Washington Co., Pa. 

Issue of Amy Keys (No. ^5^) and IVilliam Warwick. 

See record under their names in Sixth Generation. No further records 

Issue of Hannah Jane Keys (No. 858) and Samuel Mikesell. 

VII— 2576. ELMIRA MIKESELL (Hannah Jane 6), b. Dec. i, 1870; 
d. Mar. 22, 1887; unm. ; bur. at Lone Pine, Pa. 

VII— 2577. KATE MIKESELL (Hannah Jane 6), b. June 21. 1872; 
m. S. F. WHERRY Dec. 25. 1890, at Scenery Hill; address, Scenery Hill. 

Issue of Elizabeth Keys (No. 859) and Leonard Tenhart. 
VII— 2578. FRANK TENHART (Elizabeth 6), b. Feb. 2. 1872. 

VII— 2579. ANNIE TENHART (Elizabeth 6), b. Mar. 29, 1873; 


Issue of Virginia R. Pyle (Xo. 864) and Jacob Elery Hazckins. 

VII— 2580. DON PYLE HAWKINS (Virginia. Job, Amv, John. 
John. John). I. Feb. 25, 1893. at Beallsville, Pa. 

He graduated at Beallsville High School June, 1910. \vith high hotior. Me 
is engaged at this writing as a newspaper correspondent for the Gazette Tirr.rN 
of Pittsburg. Pa., and other newspapers: lives with his mother at Beallsvinf. 
Washington Co., Pa.; later has become local editor of the Bentleyville Tim.c^. 

VII— 2581. GLEN BLAKER HAWKINS (Virginia 6). b. July 21. 
1895, Beallsville, Pa.; at home. He has an extensive newspaper route and 






William and Ann (Palmer) Trimble 

OF Concord, Delaware County, Pa., and 

James and Mary (Palmer) Trimble 


West Bradford, Chester County, Pa. 

Trimble Division 


Baily, Baldwin, Benington, Brinton, Butler, Downing, Eastwick, 

Edge, Evans, Faddis, Fairchild, Forsythe, Gheen, Gordon, 

Halsted, Harris, House, Jacobs, Janney, Jenks, King, 

Lyle, McClellan, Mechem, Painter, Peirce, 

Peters, Pratt, Rothrock, Scarlett, Smith, 

Sharpless, Speakman, Taylor, 

Thomas, Webster, Whelen, 

White, Woodward, 

Young, Zook, 

and others. 

New Edition 

Compiled by Lewis Palmer 



I \->Xj 

^^' -^V-: 





i ^>r 



Trimble Division 

The name Trimble, according to Richard Stephen Charnock in his "Lu- 
dus Patronymicus, or Etymology of Curious Names,'' is from trebel, signify- 
ing "the fair or fine place," and is probably of Coniish origin. According to 
the best interpretation, it seems to come from the words tre, "a place" or 
"town," and bel, "fair" or "pretty"; and as surnames were taken, very consid- 
erably, from the surrounding circumstances, it is highly probable that the 
dweller in some cozy spot still continues to remind his progeny of it by a name, 
though they may have changed its orthography. It is likely, however, that the 
name, in some instances, has been derived from the roots trum, "firm," 
"strong," and compounded with bald, a "fortress," making trumbald, which 
has been changed in time to TriDnbull and names of that character, which in 
turn have given place to Tremble, Trimble, etc. — Teutonic Name-System. 

The appearance of the name in Ireland was due to the emigration which 
took place across the Channel, and, with others, it bcame established in the 
north Qf that island. 

Concerning the ancestry of those of whom it is now proposed to speak but 
little can be said. They resided in Antrim, Armagh and adjacent counties in 
the north of Ireland, where the name is still to be found. The evidence of this 
is apparent from the following anecdote: There were residing in this (Dela- 
ware) county a few years ago emigrants from Enniskillen, in the north of Ire- 
land, who became acquainted with some of the Trimble family of Concord, 
and they would notice the striking resemblance of certain of these to one Jack 
Trimble of their native town. A connection of the family, knowing this cir- 
cumstance, and meeting with another emigrant from Enniskillen, inquired if 
he knew Jack Trimble, and immediately received the answer, "Yes; were you 
ever in Ireland?" 

It is pretty well established that there arrived in this country in the 6th 
mo. (August), 1729, several brothers Trimble, but the exact number is in 
doubt. The names of William, James and Hugh are certain, as being broth- 
ers, and that of John is tolerably so, his name being to both William's and 
James's marriage certificates. Some accounts and traditions also exist of a 
Joseph and Henry. 

As this record proposes to deal only with the descendants of William and 
James, the others will be passed with a brief notice. 

HUGH m., but his wife's name does not appear; he settled in Middletown, 
Chester (now Delaware) Co., Pa., and raised a family of children; some of 
his descendants still reside in this county. He appears to have been a man of 

^ L7 


some note, as he represented the county in the Provincial Assembly for four 
years — from 1756 to 1760. 

JOHN. \\'e have no certain account of liim, but he went to Virginia as a 
brother removed tliat way, and was probably tlie progenitor of tlie late Gover- 
nor Allen Trimble, of Ohio, Hon. John Trimble, of Tennessee, Judge Robert 
Trimble of the U. S. Supreme Court, and of many of the name in the various 
Western States. 

There were a Joseph and Mary Trimble living in the vicinity of Phila- 
delphia, Pa., whose ancestry 1 have been unable to find. 

The}' had a son. Joseph Trimble, who died 9 mo. 14, 1839. He married 
Rebecca Fussell 3 mo. 21, 1837, who was b. 4 mo. 21, 1796 and d. 7 mo. 8, 
1882. She w^as buried at ^lerion Mtg. 

She was the 8th child of Bartholomew Fussell and Rebecca Bond, he be- 
ing a noted minister in the Society oi Friends. James and Rebecca ( Fussell j 
Trimble had a dau.. Esther Jane Trimble, b. 3 mo. 2, 1838; d. 6 mo. 2, 188S; 
m. Isaac H. Lippincott 2 mo. — , 1882. She was a distinguished elocutionist 
and teacher, and author of a Chan of Literature Authors. No issue. (See 
Fussell Genealogy.) 

JOSEPH TRIMBLE* emigrated from Ireland wlien a lad, about 1839. 
and served a time with a William Brown: Ik bought property in Nottingham, 
Chester Co.; on 9 mo. 30, 1741, m. Sarah Churchman, sister to John, a min- 
ister in the Society of Friends, and a second wife. Ann Chandler, having chil- 
dren by each. His descendants are still to be found in that vicinity. 

JOSEPH TRIMBLE, b. July 10, 1720, In County of Antrim, Ireland; m. SARAH 
CHURCHMAN Nov. 30, 1741, only dau. of John Churchman, of Sothron Waldon, Eng- 
land, and Hann.ih Cone, dau. ot Thos. Cone, of Oxford, Oxfordshire. 

M. second, ANN CHANDLER. Feb. 22, 1753, at Nottingham. 

Issue by first wife: — 
William Trimble, b. Nov. 1, 174.5; date of death unknown. 
•John Trimble, b. Dec. 16, 1746; d. in 1810. 
Mtfry Trimble, b. July 10, 1748. No other record of her. 

Issue by second wife: — 
Joseph Trimble, b. Oct. 29, 1754. 
Thomas Trimble, b. May 4, 1756. 
Jacob Trimble, b. Feb. 27, 1758. 
Sarah Trimble, b. May 27, 1760. 
James Trimble, b. April 20, 1762. 
Elisha Trimble, b. March 18, 1765. 

No other record of these. 

Anne Trimble, b. Aug. 15, 1774; d. June 16, 1840. 

David Trimble, h. April 18, 1778. He never married. He went to Kentucky and becam* 
a U. S. Senator. He died in Greenup, Greenup Co., Ky, where there is a monu- 
ment erected to his memory by the citizens of the State. 

JOHN TRIMBLE had removed from Brick Meeting House, Cecil Co., Mo., In 1775, 
to Hopewell, Culpepper Co., Va. He m. second, RACHEL RIDGWAY, of Va., In 1779. 

• Note — The following account of Joseph Trimble and his descendant* ha» b<eo 
turnlahsd by Wm. P. Trimble, of Edgewood Farm, Harford Co., Md. 


Their issue were: — 

1. NANCY TRIMBLE, b. in 1780; ni. I. WOODROW. 

2. SARAH TRIMBLE, b. iu 1781; m. WILLIAM STARR, of Va. 


4. CATHERINE TRIMBLE, b. in 1787. 

5. JOHN TRIMBLE, b. iu 1793; m. WINNE . 

6. WILLIAM TRIMBLE, b. in 1795; m. STUART, of Arkansas. 

7. ISAAC R. TRIMBLE, b. in ISOl; d. in 1SS8; m. MARIA CATTELL PRE3ST- 
MAN, of South Carolina, July 4, 1831. 


(a) DAVID C. TRIMBLE, b. April 18, 1832; m. SALLIE LLOYD Nov. 12, 1859, 
of Wye House, Talbot Co., Md., only child Dr. I. R. Trimble, b. Oct. 10, 1860; 
d. Feb. 23, 1908. 

Cb) WILLIAM P. TRIMBLE, b. March 27, 1836, at the Eutaw House, Baltimore. 
Md.; m. ELIZABETH EMORY Jan. 1, 1861, of Manor Glen, Baltimore Co., Md. 
His address is Edgpwood, Md. They have one daughter: 

MARIA PRESSTr.fAN TRIMBLE, b. Mav 1, 1863; m. GEO. T. HOLLYDAY April 
18, 1888. 

No issue. 

M. second, WM. O. S. DEMPFEL, Sept. 5, 1890, of Talbot Co., Md. 
Maria Trimble Dumpfel, b. June 18, 1894. 


I— I. WILLIAM TRIMBLE, b. — . 1705. in the county of Antrim, 
Ireland; d. 8 mo. 5, 1795; buried at Concord Friends' grounds. 

II — 6. ANN PALMER (John i). b. 1706, in Concord; d. 10 mo. 11, 

The proceedings in relation to their position in Friends" Meeting and mar- 
riage are shown by the following extracts : 

"At our Monthly Meeting of Women Friends, held ye 5th of ye 4th mo.. 1732, 

"Ann Pamer and Mary Pamer, daughters o f John and Mary Pamer desires to 
come under ye care of friends and their request Is accepted." 

"At a monthly meeting held at Concord Meeting-house ye 5th of ye 6th month 1734, 

"Concord Preparative meeting Signifies that William Trimble Desires to come 
under the care of friends v.hich this meeting accepts of." 

"At a monthly meeting held at Concord Meeting-house the Second day of ye 
Eighth month by appointment 1734 William Trimble & Ann Palmer appeared here & 
proposed their intentions of Marriage -^ith each other this being the first time Nich- 
olas & John N'ewlin are to enquire into his clearness relating to marriage and also to 
enquire of ye young woman's parents whether they are free that their daughter shall 
marry with the said young man and report to our next meeting." 

"At the next Monthly Meeting 4th of 9 mo. 1734. 

"William Trimble & Ann Palmer appeared here and continued their Intentions 
of marriage this being the second time nothing appears to obstruct, they having con- 
sent of parents and relation as aperes by those friends which were to go to ye young 
womans parents to inquire of their consent which they gave very freely therefore this 
meeting leaves them to their liberty to consumate their marriage according to the good 
order used amongst us. Nicholas Newlin & John Newlln are to actend the marriage 
& report to ye next meeting & return the Marriage Certificate to be recorded." 

"At a monthly meeting & ye 2nd day of ye 10 mo., 1734. Those which were to 
attend the marriage of William Trimble and Ann Palmer report that it was accom- 
plished orderly ye 13 day of ye 9 month 1734 at Concord meeting-house and moderate 
at ye house of entertainment." 

William purchased land in close proximity to Concord T^Iill (see illustra- 
tion), and erected thereon a dwelling (his land will be seen by reference to the 
map) ; it appears to have been purchased in two tracts — the first, about sev- 
enty acres, of Thomas West, July 12, 1737, being part of a tract of two hun- 
dred acres taken up by Thomas King by patent dated July 2, 1681. and a little 
later from Joseph Nichlin, about thirty acres, which were a part of a tract 
purchased by Moses Key in 1702 of Thomas Moore, and subsequently sold to 
Nichlin. The annexed is a view of his residence. Their photographs are pre- 
sented in a deed given to his brother James in 1748. 

Here William and Ann took up their permanent abode, and appeared to 
have thriven both in the good things of the earth and of the spiritual kingdom. 
Friends seem to have appreciated his services, from the following extract : 
"At a monthly meeting held the 4th day of 6 mo. 1746, Concord preparative 
meeting returns William Trimble for an Elder to sit in the monthly meeting 
of ministers and Elders in the room of Thos. Gilpin, which is accepted till 
farther orders." He was continued in this position many years, and most like- 


L.:.ihimed^^aiHiifi^m- • .^fttJyi^'d/i^ftiii^l^i'cXWr iivi^ i'^.^^fe^ ^^j^a^^^^ ^..^ifci^JteM* ifjuti::'^- 


facing p. 320 


ly until his death. His name also very often appears in connection with other 
business of the Society. 

As time progressed he became the owner of more land in the neighbor- 


hood, and also of a large tract in Whiteland Twp., 15 miles northward in the 
Great Valley. The extent of his possessions is quite fully shown in his will. 
Ann, as may be noticed, died long before him. She was buried at Concord. 


Hem. second, PHEBE THOMAS,* 9. mo. 15, 1757, at Uwchlan M.-H., 
widow of Richard Thomas, of Whiteland, aiid mother of three of his daugh- 
ters-in-law. She was b. 8 mo. 26. 171 7; d. 6 mo. 14, 1784. *For further no- 
tice see John Trimble Xo. n-3. No ch. by the last marriage. 

From various certificates granted by Concord and Uwchlan Monthly 
Meetings, it would seem that \\'illiam and Phebe removed to his possessions in 
Whiteland for a time, but returned to Concord after the death of his son John, 
arid continued to reside there until the close of their lives. 

Copy of the Will of William Trimble, proven 1795. 

I William Trimble of the Township of Concord being advanced in years and weak of 
Body but through divine favour of sound disposing mind and memory do make this my 
last will and Testament. — Imprimis I give to my sou William Trimble all that part of 
my premises situate in West Whiteland that adjoins his saw aaill and north of the great 
Road called Lancaster Road to him his Heirs and assigns forever, likewise I give and 
bequeath to my said son William my black Walnut Desk and walnut oval Table In full 
of all Legacies whatsoever. My son Joseph have had what I intended for him only Sixty 
Pounds hereafter directed to be paid him by Daniel and my grand son William twenty 
five Pounds. 

Item, I give and bequeath to my son Samuel Trimble one hundred and seventy 
Ave Pounds (besides what he have already had of me of which I have kept a memoran- 
dum of) to be paid to him one year after my Decease. 

♦ Note. — Phebe Trimble became an acknowledged minister in the Society of Ftlenda. 
By the records of Chester Quarterly Mtg., it appears that she obtained a minute of ap- 
proval to travel to the westward (southward) 01 this continent 11 mo. 6, 1760. "On re- 
turning the minute 8 mo. 8, 1761, she produced two certificates of appreciation — one from 
the quarterly mtg. in the County of Orange and Roan held at Cane Creek in North Caro- 
lina dater 9th of 5 mo., 1761; the other from the monthly mtg. held in Fredericksburg, 
South Carolina date 1st of 2nd mo., 1761— both setting forth their satisfaction of her 
visit In their parts, which were read to our general satisfaction." 

A memorial of her life given by Concord Monthly Mtg. states: "About the 42d year 
of her age. in 1759. she settled with her husband, W'illiam Trimble, in Concord, being 
recommended by certificate from Goshen Mtg. as an approved minister; which character 
Bhe justly attained. Her public appearances tho generally in few words were truly ac- 
ceptable and edifying, being clear, pertinent, comprehensive and savory. Her deport- 
ment was instructive and It may justly be said her 'Adorning was that of a meok and 
quiet spirit." Her heart and house were open to the reception and entertainment of her 
friends and the poor of all denominations, in her neighborhood, partook of her kindness 
and by her romoval lost a sympathizing friend." 


Item, I give, Devise to my son Daniel Trimble all my Messuage Plantation a-id 
tract ot land situate In the township of Thornbury, containing one hundred acres, with 
allowance to him, his Heirs and assigns torever on condition that he pays his brother 
Joseph Sixty Pounds within one year after my Decease. 

Item, I give and devise to my Daughter Hannah the wife of Isaac Jacobs all the 
ether part of my aforesaid premises or tract of land situate in the Township of West 
Whiteland to the south of the aforesaid Lancaster Road to her and her heirs and assigns 

Item. — I give and bequeath to my Daughter Rachel Trimble two hundred and forty 
Pounds in one year after my Decease also all the household Furniture which was pro- 
vided for her some time ago: besides what she have already had of me-or' which I have 
kept a memoKindum and likewise full liberty of living and residing in my Messuage and 
Plantation wherein I now dwell during her unmarried state. 

Item. — I give and bequeath to my Daughter Ann Trimble two hundred and fifty 
pounds to be paid her In one year after my Decease also fuU liberty of living and resid- 
ing in my Messuage and Plantation wherein I now dwell during her unmarried sta'.e 
and likewise one bed and furniture thereunto belonging, and six chairs and armed Do. 
and Cloathes press which now stand in my lodging Room. 

Item. — It Is also my will that my aforesaid two sons Joseph and Samuel Trlmbia 
shall have the priveledge of sawing at my saw mill as much timber as may be conven- 
ient for the necessary improvements and repairs of their now present messuage and 
plantation during their Residence on said premises and no longer they bringing their 
own timber. 

Item. — I give and devise to my Grandson William Trimble offspring of my sou 
John Trimble Dec'd all my messuage plantation and tract of land situate in the Town- 
ship of Concord which I purchased of Thomas West and Joseph Nichlin containing as 
may appear by my deeds for the same except such priviledges of and to the same as Is 
before mentioned to him his Heirs and assigns forever when he shall arrive to the full 
age of twenty one years he paying therefore within one year after my Decease the sum 
of two hundred pounds in the manner following viz to my son Samuel Trim- 
ble the sum one hundred pounds to my son Joseph Trimble the sum 
of twenty-five pounds, to my daughter Hannah Jacobs the sum of twenty-five pounds, to 
my daughter Rachel Trimble the sum of twenty-five pounds and to my daughter Ann 
Trimble the sum of twenty-five pounds. Also I give and bequeath to my said grandson my 
clock and stove on condition that he pays to my grand child Lydia Trimble daughter 
of ray son William Trimble the sum of ten pounds in one year after my Decease to be 
put on interest, by her father for her use. 

Item, I give and bequeath all the remainder and residue of my personal Estate 
of what kind soever unto my five children hereafter named (to wit) Joseph, Samuel, Han- 
nah wife of Isaac Jacobs, Rachel and Ann Trimble to be equally divided among them 
share and share alike. 

Lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint my son Samuel Trimble and ray son 
In law Isaac Jacobs my joint executors of this ray last will and Testament and do hereby 
give and bequeath unto each of them ont- half Johannes over and above all other Legacies 
herin before mentioned in consideration of their faithfully executing the trust hereby 
reposed in them now revoking all former wills by me made declaring ths and ths only 
to be my last will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and 
seal dated this third day of the first mouth one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven 


Signed sealed and pronounced to be the last 

will and Testament of the said Wil- 
liam Trimble in the presence of U8 




I omitted in its proper place to mention my son William Trimble to assist and see 
that my will is honestly and faithfully Executed according to the true intent and meaning 
thereof this is my will and deaire my said son should give his assistance as is above 
desired thou has full power by this to act as above from me thy Father 



The children of W'illiain and Ann were: 
3 John, b- 6 mo. (Aug O. S.) 24, 1735; d. 6 mo. 25, 1772. 
4. William, b. 9 mo. 9. 1737; d. 2 mo. 6. 1821. 
5 Jn-.pph. b. 7 mo. 17, 17?.r>: d. 10 mo. 1*^. 1S21. 

6. Samuel, b.7 mo. 17, 1741; d. 7 mo. 13, 1S18. 

7. Hannah, b- 8 mo. 22, 1743; d. 5 mo. 8, 1S34. 

8. Daniel, b. 12 mo. 1, 1745; d. 2 mo. 2. 1807. 

9. Rachel, b. 4 mo. 11. 1748: d. 9 mo. 27. 1S32. 
10. Ann. b. 1 mo. 19, 1752; d. 9 mo. 30, 1837. 

Tliese children were born under the O. S. calendar except the lasr. who 
was born in the first month of the first year of the new style. A further ac- 
count of them will be found under their numbers in the next generation. 

Line of James. 

1—2, JAMES TRIMBLE, b. on Midsummer Eve. 4 mo. (June O. S.) 
24, 1707, in the county of Antrim. Ireland; d. 11 mo. 21. 1792, in Bradford^ 
Chester Co.. Pa. : buried by the side of his wife in Friends' grounds at Mar- 
shallton. He arrived in this country in company with his brothers in 1729, 
and probably remained with or near them for some time., though nothing is 
known of his doings until we find : 

"At a Monthly meeting held at Concord meeting-house ye 5 day of ye 3 month 1735. 

"James Trimble Desires to Joyn himself to friends and come under their care which 
l6 approved of." 

It has been suggested that both William and James "were inticed into the 
fold by their sweethearts," but, whatever the cause, we may safely assume that 
the subsequent life of each shows a sincerity of attachment to principle not 
common where connections are blindly formed. 

II— 7. MARY PALMER (John i), being younger than Ann, was 
probably b. about 1708, but the entire record concerning her age seems to have 
been lost. 

The proceedings relating to their marriage being exactly similar to those 
of William's and Ann's, I have somewhat abridged them : 

"At a Monthly Meeting held at Concord ye 6 day of 8 month 1735 James Trimble & 
Mary Palmer app<=ared here & proposed their intentions of Marriage with each other 
& c. At the next meeting 3 of 9 mo. 1735 J^raes Trimble & Mary Palmer appeared here 
and continued their intentions of Marriage R-r.. &c. 

"Thomas West & Benjamin Mendenhall. Jr. are to attend ye marriage & report. At 
the meeting held ye 5 of ye 11 month 1735 Those Friends that were to attend the mar- 
riage of James Trimble and Mary Palmer report that it was accomplished ye 3 day 
of ye 10 month 1735 at Concord Meeting-house and moderate at the house of enter- 

Soon after their marriage they removed to within the limits of Chester 
Meeting, as : — 

"At a Monthly Meeting held at Concord 1st of 1 mo. (March) 1735-6 James Trimble 
made application for a certificate for him and his wife to Chester Monthly Meeting, they 
being settled within the varge of ye said meeting." 

This settlement did not prove permanent, as: — 

"At a Monthly Meeting at Concord ye 5th of ye 4 month 173S. James Trimble pro- 
duced a certificate for him and his wife from Chester Monthly meeting which is accepted." 


The future liome is not yet found, but a few months adds the additional 
information : — 

"At a Monthly meeting held at Concord the first day of 11 month 1738, application 
being made to this meeting: for a certificate for James Trimble ajid his wife they being 
settled within the varge of Br'dford Monthly Meeting John Newlin and Ralph Eavenson 
are to inquire into their affairs and Clearness of the conversation if nothing appears 
to obstruct to prepare a Certificate and bring it to neit meeting." 

At the next meeting the certificate for James Trimble and wife was pro- 
duced and sigiied. 

It is probable that their settlement was on the tract of land he afterward 
purchased, and which has continued to belong to his descendants to the present 
time. It is situated on the west branch of the Brandywine, in Bradford Twp., 
Chester Co., Pa., and a small village erected thereon bears the name of Trim- 
bleville. The annexed view gives a good idea of the locality and situation of 
the buildings. 

By reference to the deeds given in relation to this property, it appears to 
have been part of three several tracts of land as originally taken up by Richard 
Peirce. Benjamin Chambers and Samuel Marshall. The first deed states that 
"By a warrant from the late Proprietary's Commissioners dated the 17th of 
May 1705 there was surveyed and laid out on the 17th of Sept. then ensuing 
unto Richard Peirce in right of himself and wife Ann, who came servants into 
the provence at the first settlement thereof, a certain tract of land situate in 
Bensalem township (now called Bradford) containing 100 acres &c." 

The second deed informs that by a patent under the hands of Edward 

Shippen. Griffith Owen, Thomas Story and James Logan, Commissioners of 

William Penn, late Proprietary of the province of Pennsylvania, etc., they did 

grant and convey to Benjamin Chambers a tract of land in Bensalem township 

containing 2470 acres, etc. 

By the third deed we have that "John Penn Thomas Penn, and Richard 
Penn, Esqs., true and absolute proprietaries of the provence of Pennsylvania 
&c, by a certain patent bearing date the 3 and 20th day of .\ugust 1735 for 
the consideration therein mentioned did grant and convey to Samuel Marshall 
a certain tract of land in Bradford township, county of Chester &c containing 
1991^ acres." The consideration mentioned in all the deeds is one English 
silver shilling, or value thereof in coin, yearly on the first of each March for 
each 100 Acres. 

After various changes, portions of each of the above tracts came into the 
possession of William }vlarshall and Elizabeth his wife. And on 4th day of 
May, 1744, they sold to Robert Mendenhall, William Trimble and James 
Trimble a "certain messuage plantation and water-corse and Grist-mill and saw 
mill and 70 acres of land," giving to each a separate deed for one full and 
equal and undivided third part thereof. This copartnership continued seven 
years, when on the i8th day of June. 1751, William Trimble and Ann his 
wife, and Robert Mendenhall and Phebe his wife, conveyed to James Trimble 
their shares in the above property. In 1758 James also purchased adjoining 
lands to the amount of twenty-eight acres. 

It is rarely that so intricate and numerous proceedings are met with in 
the purchase of land as may be found in the deeds by which James and Mary 
became possessors of this property. 

They lived here during the rest of their lives, quietly pursuing the noble 


avocations of farming and milling. The location has been rendered classic by 
its meinorable associations with the American Revolution. It was at this 
place, Trimble's Ford, that part of the British troops crossed the stream on 
that eventful day. the nth of September. 1777, to the surprise of Gen. Wash- 
ington and temix)rary check to the cause of liberty. 

James survived ]\lary many years, but remained unmarried. His will is 
as follows: 1 

•'Be It Remembered that I James Trimble of the township of West Bradford in 
the County of Chester and State of Pennsylvania being well stricken in years but through 
the goortncss of God favoured with a sound disposing mind and Memory and calling to 
Mind the Mortality of my body I therefore for the settling of my outward estate do make 
ajiJ ordain this my last will and Testament in manner and form following viz First 
my will is that my Body be interred in a decent and orderly manner at the discretion 
of ray herinafter Ex'rs and that all my just debts and funeral charges be carefully and 
finally discharged by my Ex'r. 

"Item I give and bequeath unto my son James Trimble all my lands in West Brad- 
ford township, it being in three separate tracts as pr Deeds will appear. Computed to con- 
tain in the whole one hundred and twenty one acres with the Appurtenances, to hold to 
him his heirs and assigns forever. 

"Item I give and Bequeath unto my son Isaac Trimble the sum of one hundred and 
fifty Pounds exclusive of what I have already given him as also my walnut Desk. 

"Item I give and Bequeath unto my daughter Mary Downing the sum of twenty 
five pounds and the little walnut table marked with the letters M. P. 

"Item I give and Bequeath unto my daughter Ann Taylor the sum of twenty five 

"Item I give and Bequeath unto my daughter Sarah Tpylor the sum of fifty pounds. 

"Item I give ajid Bequeath unto my daughter Hannah Faddis the LAWFUL interest 
of thirty-five pounds yearly to be laid out in such necessary clothing &c as my daughters 
M;iry Downing and Ann Taylor sees she s'nnds in renl n^ed for her own proper use an'l 
If she my said daughter Hannah should survive her husband that then it is my will that 
my Exrs shall pay unto her the s'd sum of thirty five pounds but if her said husband 
John Faddis should survive her then it is my will the said sum of thirty five pounds 
Etiall bo divided amongst her children or such of them as shall arrive to the age of 
twenty one years share and share alike each to receive their legace as they arrive at 
the age of twenty one years- 

"N. B. the word Lawful was interlined before signing. 

"And further it is my will that after my just debts and funeral charges with the 
legacies before named be fully paid and discharged that then the remainder and resadue 
of my estate whatsoever and wheresoever I give and Bequeath unto my son James 

"And lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint my -^rell beloved son James Trimble 
whfile and sole Executor of this my last will testament hereby revoking and disannulling 
all and every other former will or wills and Testaments in any wise heretofore by me 
made ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and Testament. 

"In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twelfth day of the 
sixth month in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety 1790. 


"Signed sealed published and pronounced by the said James Trimble to be his last will 
and testament in the presence of 
"Note. — The foregoing will was proved on the Ist day of January 1793 by John 
Carpenter and William Cooper on affirmation. 

"GEO. WORRALL, Deputy Reg'r." 

The marriage certificates of William and Ann, James and Marv', are. with 
the exception of names ^nd dates, identical v/ord for word; I have therefore 
appended them in a consolidated form. For William's read the top names and 
dates ; and for James' the under ones : 



"Whereas ^"^1*^ Trimble of Concord in the County of Chester and province of Penn- 
sylvania and ]^°ry Palmer Daughter of John Palmer of the township and County aforesaid 
having Declared their intentions of marriage with each other before several monthly 
meetings of the People called Quakers of Concord in said county according to the good 
order used among them and having consent of Parents and Relations concerned their said 
proposal of marriage was allowed of by the said meeting. Now these are to certify whom 

the '^l°\l mo. in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred thirty and g^/ they the 
Baid ^amJ,"" Trimble and ^I'^y Palmer appeared in a publick meeting of the said people met 
together at the meeting-house in Concord afores'd, and the s'd ^jai]*f Trimble taking tha 
said jijary Palmer by the hand Did in a solemn manner openly declare that he took her the 
said ^i^ry Palmer to be his wife promising with Divine assistance to be unto her a Loving 
and faithful Husband until Death should separate them, and then and there in the same 
assembly the said ^^""7 Palmer did in like manner openly declare that she took the said 
^Lmtf Trimble to be her Husband promising with Divine assistance to be unto him a 
Loving and faithful wife until Death should separate them, and moreover they the s'd 
Tamef Trimble and ^^"^7 Palmer (she according to the custom of marriage assuming the 
name of her husband) as a further confirmation thereof Did then and there to these 
presents sett their hands and we whose names are here under also subscribed being present 
at the solemnization of the said marriage and subscription have as witnesses there unto 
sett our hands the day and year above written. 









































Those names marked with a star ♦ appear on both certlflcatea; the rest are dlrlded 
between them. 


The children of Tames and Mary were:— 

11. Mary, b. 8 mo. 8, 1736; d. 7 mo. 4, 1807. 

12. John. b. 1 mo. 3.1738;d. 2 mo. 7. 1748. 

13. James, h. 12 mo. 28, 1739; d. 7 mo. 16, 1819. . 
H. Ann, b. 11 mo. 17. 1741; d. 4 mo. 8, 1828. 

16. Sarah, b. 8 mo. 28, 1744; d. 4 mo. 2, 1833. 

16. Isaac, b. 4 mo. 6, 1747; d. 3 mo. 28. 1824. 

17. Hannah, b. 8 mo. 9, 1752; d. after 1820. 


Line of William Trimble. 

Children of William Trimble and Ann Pahmr (No 6), all born in Concord, 
Chester (now Delaware) Co., Pa. 

II_3. JOHN TRIMBLE (William i), b. First day, 6 mo. (Aug.) 24. 
1735; d. 6 mo. (June) 25, 1772; m. LYDIA THOIMAS 11 mo. 24, 1762, at 
Concord I^I.-H., dau. of Richard Thomas* (3d) and Phebe Ashbridge of West 
Whiteland (who were m. 2 mo. 10, 1739), b. 12 mo. 4, 1740; d. 11 mo. — , 
1780, and sister to Grace and Hannah (see Nos. T.-4 and T.-5). 

John and Lydia remained in Concord, pursuing the occupation of farm- 
ing. He purchased land of Joseph Nichlin, adjoining his father's, Oct. 8, 
1 771, being part of a tract originally taken up by Nathaniel Parke, but they 
did not long enjoy its possession, as he died within a year after the purchase. 
He was buried at Concord. 

His widow m. second husband, Joshua Pusey, of London Grove, 10 mo. 
21, 1778, by whom she had a dau., Lydia, b. i mo. 9, 1780; d. 4 mo. 19, 1872; 
iinm., being over 90 years of age. 

The children of John and Lvdia were : — 

18. Phebe, b. 8 mo. 27, 1763; d. 8 mo. 19. 1784. 

19. William, b. 12 mo. 10, 1766; d. 6 mo. 10. 1S42. 

20. Thomas, b. 3 mo. 23, 1769; d. 6 mo. 17, 1773. 

21. John, b. 9 mo. 16, 1771; d. 6 mo. 23, 1773. 

n— 4. WILLIAM TRIMBLE (William i), b. Seventh day, g mo. 19, 
1737; d. 2 mo. 6, 1821 ; m. GRACE THOMAS 9 mo. 11, 1766, at Uwchlan 
M.-H., sister to Lydia and Hannah (see T.-3 and T.-5), b. 11 mo. 3, 1742; d. 
9 mo. 14, 1 78 1. She was probably buried at Concord. 

M. second, ANN TAYLOR, 7 mo. 27, 1785, dau. of George Edgef and 
Ann Pennell, b. 12 mo. 26, 1748; d. 9 mo. 14, 1827. She was first the widow 
of Robert Parke, and secondly the widow of Benjamin Taylor, having chil- 
dren by each. 

William and Grace settled in Whiteland, where their children were all 

*Note. — George Edge, the father of Ann Edge, Parke, Tajior, m. Ann Pennell 9 mo. 
19, 1741, dau. of William Pennell and Mary Mercer, of Middletown, William being a 
son of Robert Pennell and Hannah his wife from Boulderton, Nottinghamshire, England, 
In 1684. George Edge, was a son of John Edge and Mary Smedley (dau. of George the 
emigrant), who were m. 8 mo. — , 1709, and John was a son of John Edge, Sr., and Jane 
his wife, who came from Cheshire, England, and settled in Providence Twp-, and were 
active Friends. 

fNote. — For account of the Thomas family see note following record of Joseph Trim- 
ble (T.-5). 

! n 



l«<^m, but they appear to have resided for some time in the vicinity of Con- 
cord. They brought a certificate from Uwchlan to Concord Meeting 6 mo. 9, 
'779- Grace and their youngest child died while here. After his second mar- 
riage they removed to East Cain, taking a certificate from Concord Meeting 
8 mo. 3, 1785. By deed and his father's will he became possessed of a farm 
and mill in Whiteland, on which he made considerable improvement, to which 
they had removed in 1793. 

By reference to a deed given 10 mo. 28, 1776, it appears that after his 
lather's second marriage he and Phebe deeded to William, Jr., and Grace a 
tract of eleven acres and thirty-four perches, including the saw-mill and right 
of race, stating the act to be "as well for the consideration of five shillings as 
for tlie love and affection which they have and do bear their said son and 
daughter." William and Ann were probably buried at Uwchlan. 

The children of William and Grace were: — 

22. Richard, b. 8 mo. 15, 1767; d. 2 mo. 7, 1847. 

23. Susanna, b. 9 mo. 18, 1769; d. young. 

24. Hannah, b. 3 mo. 4, 1772; d. young. 

25. Lydia, b. 8 mo. 12, 1774; d. 11 mo. 6, 1824. 

26. Ann, b, 2 mo. 16, 1778; d. young. 

By second wife, Ann Edge : — 

27. Phebe, b. 7 mo. 21, 1786; d. 12 mo .— , 1816. 

28. John, b. 1 mo. 31, 178S; d. 10 mo. 28, 1855. 

29. Grace, b. 12 mo. 24,1789; d. S mo. 17, 1867. 

30. William, b. 3 mo. 12, 1793; d. 12 mo. 18, 1863. 

11—5. JOSEPH TRIMBLE (William i), b. Second day, 7 mo. 17, 
1739; d. 10 mo. 16, 1824; m. HANNAH THOMAS* 5 mo. 14, 1783, in Con- 
cord M.-H., a sister to Lydia and Grace (see T.-3 and T.-4), b. 5 mo. 5, 1749; 
d. 5 mo. 2, 1829. 

They lived in Concord, on the western part of his father's land, on which 
he engaged in farming, and became its owner before his father's death. Han- 
nah became a minister and Joseph an Elder in the Society of Friends, in which 
they were both beloved members. They had no children. They were buried 
at Concord Mtg. 

The first settlement of that township was by a "Richard Thomas, in 
right of original purchase made in Wales by Richard Ap Thomas f of Whit- 

*Note. — Richard Thomas, 3d., belonged to the family of that name that settled in 
Whiteland Twp., Chester Co., Pa. He was b. 2 mo. 22, 1713; d. 9 mo. 22, 1754, He was a 
son of Richard Thomas, Jr., and Grace Atherton, who were m. 11 mo. 15, 1712-13. 

tNote. — The family of Ap Thomas appears, according to an account by Col. Richard 
Thomas, to have been for many generations landholders in Whitford Garden, Wales. 
NMicther the surname was uniformly Thomas or changed occasionally according to Welsh 
practice cannot be ascertained; but it is certain that the name was ancient in that coun- 
try. Richard Ap Thomas being in years, and grown tired with the dissipations of his 
compeers embraced the tenets of the Quakers and joined Penn's first migration to Penn- 
sylvania, bringing his only son Richard, a boy of ten years of age, and a number of 
dependents. He was a purchaser of 5000 acres of land of William Penn by deeds of 
lease and release dated July 24 and 25, 1681, for the sum of £100. Pie arrived in Phila- 
delphia in 1083, and died soon ftftf.r, his will beiiie dated 9th mo. IS, lt;<3. He Ifft his 
land here to his son and his estate in Wales to his wife and daughter who remain-d 
there. The son endured many trials and hardships before getting into possession of his 


ford Garden, in Flintshire. North Wales. The house which this settler built 
upon his purchase was placed in the immediate vicinity of an Indian village. 
and the reason assigned for such a situation was that the dogs of the village 
Avculd assist in keeping wild beasts (then numerous) at a distance." — Lczvis. 

Phebe Ashbridge the dau. of George Ashbridge and Mary INIalin, of 
Chester, and Goshen (who were m. 8 mo. 23, 1701), he being an emigrant 
in 1698. (For Phebe's second m., see William Trimble, No. i.) 

II— 6. SAMUEL TRIMBLE (William i). b. Tifth day. 7 mo. 17. 
1741: d. 7 mo. 13, 1818: m. ESTHER BRINTON 4 mo. 15, 1767, in Con- 
cord M.-H., dau of John Brintontand Margaret Williamson, b. 1742; d. 2 mo. 
30, 1821. 

Samuel went to Nottingham in 1756 as an apprentice to James Brown, 
hatter, and thence to Philadelphia. In 1764 he returned to Concord and es- 
tablished himself in business. In 1774 he had 8 acres of land; in 1777, 30 
acres and in 1787, 78 acres. He was appointed 7 mo. 8, 1772, to record cer- 
tificates of removal in the room of his brother John, deceased ; he was appoint- 
ed overseer of Concord Meeting 7 mo. 6, 1774, which position he held until 
8 mo. 8, 1 78 1. He was appointed an elder 2 mo. 8. 1775, but was released 
from this service 9 mo. 5, 1787, and was recommended as a minister 8 mo. 6, 
1788, which position he held the rest of his life, being nearly 30 years. His 
residence was in what was then called" Concord Hill," now Concordville. Pa. 
After his death his widow removed to Thornbury. Both were buried at Con 
cord Mtg. 

property vrhen of age, and also in care of his mother and sister, the former marrying 
again and losing her property and she dying the son brought his sister to Pennsylvpnia 
about 1699. He finally settled in the Great Valley, where he m. and became prosperous. 
His son, Richard 4th, a brother of the three sisters who m. Trimbles, became a noted 
person in revolutionary times. "The Colonial Records of Pennsylvania" from 1774 until 
the close of the war are replete with notices of the active services both civil and mili- 
tary of the 4th Richard Thomas, of Chester county. He was a member of the first asso- 
ciation in the county formed to effect the purpose of the Continental Con- 
gress. In September, 1775, he was Lieutenant Colonel of a regiment of 
volunteers, being this .^rst raised in this county. On April 19, 1776, he 
was appointed Colonel of the 5th Battalion of Associators in the county of Chester, the 
commission being signed "By order of the Assembly, .Tohn Morton. Speaker. He was 
a member of the Provincial Conference which met June 18, 1776, and appointed the Penn- 
sylvania delegates who signed the Declaration of Independence. His various duties dur- 
ing the war are described as of the most arduous and responsible character. In 17S6 
to 1789, inclusive, he was elected a member of Assembly and in 1790 of the State Senate. 
in the years 1794, 1796 and 1798 he was elected to the fourth, fifth and sixth Congresses, 
being thf' first rpprppontativo from his native cnnnty under thp rnnstinition. With his 
brother George they inherited the landed estate of their father. Col. Richard died in Phila- 
delphia in 1832. 

t Note.— John Brinton, (b. 6 mo. 17, 1721; d. 10 mo. 2, 1813), was the 5th of 13 children 
of Joseph Brinton and Mary Peirce, whowere m. 10 mo. 6, 1711. the latter being a dau. 
of George and Ann (Gainer) Peirce, of Thornbury, who came from Winscom, Somerset- 
shire, England. Joseph Brinton, (b. 11 mo. 30, 1692; buried 10 mo. 18, 1751), was the eld- 
est son of William Brinton. Jr., and Jane Thatcher (who were m. 1690). William and 
Jane were emigrants with their parents, and it is said of them, "Both saw the country 
an unbroken wilderness, and both lived to see It well settled, cultivated and improved." 

" /y,Ar,>r/,-//.r A '/?'ikc/Cl'^y^4^.?^'^t,y'^''<i' /^^<"^ /c/^/t/ /^cXA^i ^y^^/i.>. 

SK^'^lJ' 1 j^r^rfe^^. Iln;^ 

l! ar/J C/.'<. 


facing p- •>"*' 


Their children were: — 
-1 Margaret, b. 6 luo. 8, 1769; d. 4 mo. 30. 1850. 
j?' Ann, b. 7 mo. 16, 1771; d. 10 mo. 16. 1857. 
53. John, b. 7 mo. 29, 1773; d. young. 
j4 Joseph, b 12 rao. 4, 1775; d. 7 mo 19, 1840. 
3i. Samuel, b. 10 mo. 27, 1782; d. 4 mo. 1, 1843. 

Wilham, Jr., b. 6 mo. 12, 1670, was the son of W'illiain Rraynton (Brin- 
toii) and Ann Bagley, who came from Nether Gournal. parish of Sedgeley, 
Staffordshire (near Birmingham). England, where he had goods distrained 
for non-payment of a fine under the Nonconformity .A.ct. They settled in, and 
gave the name to Birmingham Twp., where he took up an extensive tract of 
land. Jane Thatcher was the dau. of Richard and Jane, who settled in Thorn- 
bury, and who, it is believed, migrated from Uffington, in Berkshire, England, 
where he had suffered persecution on account of his religion. 

William Brinton, Jr., built a house on his homestead in 1704. which, after 
200 years of service, remains in good repair. Esther Brinton Trimble had a 
brother, Joseph Brinton, who m. Mary ]\Iartin 4 mo. 7, 1774, a sister to Han- 
nah the wife of John Palmer No. 21, and also to Benjamin Martin, of No. 44. 
(Palmer Division). 

II— 7. HANNAH TRIMBLE (William i). b. Seventh day, 8 mo. 22, 
1743; d. 5 mo. 8, 1834; m. ISAAC JACOBS 9 mo. 18. 1766, at Uwchlan 
Mtg. (see illustration of certificate.) 

He was b. 4 mo. 13, 1741 ; d. 3 mo. 3, 1815. He was the ninth of ten 
children of John Jacobs, Jr.*and ^lary Hayes, of New Providence, Montgom- 

Note.— John Jacobs, Jr., b. 1C88; d. 1773; m. Mary Hayes 1721; b. 1699, had ten ch., 
viz: John, b. 1722, d. 1782, m. 1752, Elizabeth Havard; Richard, b. 1723; Israel, b. 1726, 
d. 1796, m. 1754, Sarah Massev, d. 1781; Joseph, b. 1728; Benjamin, b. 1731; Elizabeth, b. 
1722. d. 1805, m. 1761. Col. Caleb Parry, 1734-1776; Hannah, b. 1735, d. 1799, m. David Rlt- 
tenhouse, b. 1732, d. 1796,D.S. P.. Mary, b. 1738, m. John Goheen; Isaac, b. 1741, d. 1815, 
m. Hannah Trimble; Jesse. who was a soldier in the Revolution. 

Icaas Jacobs had brought a certificate from Gwynedd Mtg. to Uwchlan Mtg., 8 mo. 
9. 1764, and was consequently residing in that neighborhood at the time of his m. They 
continued there until 1789. during which time he was appointed clerk of Uwchlan Mtg., 
10 mo. 8. 1778, in place of Thomas Lightfoot, which position he held till 12 mo. 6, 1781, 
being succeded by Wm. Wilhous. He was recommended as a minister 2 mo. 8, 1781. Thr-y 
removed to the vicinity of Gwynedd, taking a certificate 4' mo. 9, 1789 to that Mtg. for 
themselves and nine children then living, he being described as a "minister well ap- 
proved amongst us," and their dau. Mary's "sober and orderly deportment hath merited 
our esteem for her." 

They remained here about ten years and then returned to Uwchlan Mtg., bringing 
a certificate, 5 mo. 9, 1799, for themselves and six ch., to wit, Mary, Phebe, Elizabeth, 
Sarah. Isaac and Joseph. The residence was now in Whiteland Twp. upon property which 
Hannah inherited by her father's will, of which Isaac ws one of the executors. His 
death occurred here and he was buried at Uwchlan, having been an esteemed minister 
over thirty-four years. A brother, Israel Jacobs, was a man of talents and moral worth 
and for a time was a representative in Congress. By the records it appears that Isaac 
Jacobs made some religious visits to other parts. On 10 mo. 8, 1807, he obtained a cer- 
tificate to attend some meetings in the Jerseys, the Yearly Mtg. at Flushing. L. I.. &c.. 
«nd 9 mo. 8, 1808. Uwchlan Mtg. gave him a certificate to visit some mtgs. In New York. 
Jfannah removed to Cayuga Co.. N. Y., in 1 mo., 1824, and resided with her dau. Han- 
nah and son-in-law, DavidThomas, until her death. She was buried at North Street Ceme- 
tery. She retained her mental faculties unimpaired to the close of her life which waa 
In her ninety-first year. 

The following Interesting letter and account Is furnished by a great-granddaughter, 
Matilda Jacobs, of Aurora, N. Y.: 


ery Co., Pa., who were m. 1721, ISIary being a dan. of Richard Hayes, of 
Haverford, and John, Jr., a son of John Jacobs, of Perkiomen; probably they 
emigrated from Wales about 1700, who "settled on the banks of the Schuyl- 

The children of Isaac and Hannah, all born in Whiteland, Chester Co., 
Pa., were:- 

36. Mary, b. 2-7-1768; d. in 1818; unm. 

37. Anne, b. 8-14-1769; d. 7-23-1771. 

38. Phebe, b. 6-9-1771; d. 3-22-1S49; unm. 

39. William, b. 8-15-1773; d. 6-4-1795; unm. 

40. Hannah, b. 12-25-1775; d. 11-3-1833. 

41. Elizabeth, b. 11-22-1777; d. 10 mo. — , 1843. 

42. Sarah, b. 3-4-1780; d. 2-23-1815; unm. 

43. Isaac, Jr., b. 4-14-17S2; d. 10-23-1862. 

44. John, b. 7-4-1784; d. 12 mo. — , 1785. 

45. Joseph, b. 6-17-1786; d. 3-19-1842; unm. 

46. Rachel, b. 9-3-1788; d. 4-26-1796. 


1st mo. 2d, 1825 
"My dear Son: 

"I have for some time past felt very desirous to say something to thee and thy' 
dear Susan and concluded I must try to write a little. ♦ » • * you have been in- 
formed of my getting along in safety and with much more ease than I had looked for. 
Our road was so good and smooth and I was so bolstered up that I sometimes seemed 
to think I sat as easy as in my arm-chair at home; our lodging was the worst, and it 
was mostly a relief to get out of the tavern into the carriage, but I have not been with- 
out a share of affliction since my arrival; losing of Kate, the horse, has been the great- 
est. Thou cannot conceive what a irial it was to me, it ahnost made me wish I had not 
come, and what made it more trying, there was very little means used to recover her. 
D. T. was from home when she broke out of his pasture, and his sons were very much 
engaged, tho' Edward did ride a little about and went as far as Ludlow, but was not 
prepared to go further. I wanted her advertised but It was not done, and I expect I must 
now give her up after bringing me here so finely. 

"I want to inform you something about this place, which perhaps you don't know 
or have not fully considered. I don't wish to discourage your coming here as it would 
be a great disappointment to me if I got fixed here to have you left behind, but I think it 
right to tell you some things that you may know what you have to depend upon. 

This little village is a pleasant spot and the inhabitants of which there are about eight 
or ten families, are people of regular conduct and kind, very decent and neat in their 
houses, but their language and manners are such that I should not wish our children 
to imitate, it is very much out from among friends; there is a large school very near, but 
not a suitable one for friends' children; the store seems to be a place of great business, 
but they take in all kinds of produce more than they do with you. The house is pretty 
clever, but not a complete one, the rooms are large and cold, more windows than neces- 
sary and no shutters I think there must be seme repairs and alterations to make it quite 

"As to this place feeling like home I hardly know what to say. I feel myself a 
stranger in a strange land, tho' I have met with some kind friends and I believe there 
are many such in these parts. I wish thee to write to me as often as thee can and let 
me know how my friends and connections are, and about the dear little children, tell 
them their grandmother often thinks of them, wants to see them, loves them and wishes 
them to be good children. » • • » i intended before I left you to have said some- 
thing to thee about my things, particularly the clock and bookcase, I should not like 
either of them to be sold, if they can't be brought here I wish them left in somebody's 
care. • » • • With much love affectionately to you both, 

"Your affectionate mother, 


The journey to New York had been in her own carriage, driving her 
favorite horse, Kate. On her arrival at the home of her daughter, Hannah 
Thomas, Kate had been turned into a pasture and in the night had jumped the 
fence and attempted to return to her home in Pennsylvania. No doubt she 

'-' 4!mmf}- ' '.'^'TA9 




T— ■» 

■' VA. 

A t 

•'" :—>■ 


— -— - * 

. .^- . ■■.-,;d.-tv-,..x-.i-v-^^>..«^.» , ! i^>ti. , ^> rt . i ,. ^. fti g ^ 


\^ou\d have found her way with sure instinct, had not some one on the way 
captured her for his own use. Nothing was ever heard of her by her owner. 

Gov. S. W. Penji}i)acker says that Lieut. Col. Caleb Parry married EHz- 
.-ilx'th, sister to Isaac Jacobs ist. He was the first Pennsylvanian of promi- 
nence killed in the Revolution. Another sister, Hannah, married David Rit- 
tcnhouse, the celebrated astronomer, in Dec. 1772. 

Thomas Jefferson wrote of David and Hannah Rittenhouse in a private 
letter to his daughter T^Iartha, "nothing could give me more pleasure than 
your being much with that worthy family wherein you will see the best ex- 
amples of rational life, and learn to imitate them." 

Gov. Pennypacker says, speaking of the Jacobs family : — This old and 
distinguished family, none of whom are now left in the neighborhood, de- 
scended from two brothers, who came to America about the year 1700, and 
settled along the Perkiomen Creek, in Philadelphia Co. 

Israel Jacobs, who was a brother of Isaac ist, Airs. Parry and Mrs. Rit- 
tenhouse, was the first to reside on the property at Mont Clare. He was on 
terms of social intimacy with George Washington, and was a member of the 
second U. S. Congress, in 1791. Pie was then the only Quaker in that body, 
and the broad brim of his hat attracted universal attention. Through the 
Revolutionary War, he was one of the committee in Philadelphia Co. appoint- 
ed by the Council of Safety to distribute food, clothing and money among 
the families of poor soldiers. 

At the time of the commencement of that struggle, he was a member of 
the Pennsylvania Assembly, in which body he had been continued from 1770 
to 1774. Another brother, John Jacobs, was the last Speaker of the Penns}']- 
vania Assembly before the Revolution. 

II— 8. DANIEL TRIMBLE (William i), b. Seventh day, 12 mo. i, 
1745; d. 2 mo. 2, 1807; m. AIARY DOWNING 6 mo. 20, 1776, at Uwchlan 
Mtg., dau. of Richard Downing and Mary Edge, of East Cain, b. 7 mo. 31, 
1752; d. I mo. 29-30, 1779. Richard Downing, a brother to Joseph (See T.- 
11), m. Mary Edge, dau. of John Edge, Jr., and Mary Smedley 3 mo. 21, 
1741- John Edge, Jr., b. 5 mo. 1685; d. 3 mo. 1734, son of John and Jane 
Edge, who came about 1685 from England, and settled on 125 acres of land 
he had purchased from William Penn by deed dated March 21-22, 1681-2. 
Mary- Smedley, b. 2 mo. 3, i6go; d. 1772, dau. of George Smedley, who came 
from Derbyshire (?), England, to Pennsylvania about 1682, and d. in Wil- 
listown Twp., Chester Co., Pa., 3 mo., 1723, a record of whose descendants has 
been published as the "Genealogy of the Smedley Family," by Gilbert Cope, 
of West Chester, Pa. 

DANIEL m. scond, PHEBE JONES (no record of their m. or of her 
parents), b. 3 mo. 5, 1759; d. 8 mo. 12, 1786. 

He also m. third, ANN WARNER i mo. 23, 1799, at Falls Mtg., dau. 
of Abraham Warner and Anne Yardley, b. i mo. 30, 1758; d. 4 mo. 4, 1840, 
near Downingtown, Pa. 

_ Daniel appears to have lived part of his time in Concord and part in 
Whiteland until his marriage, after which he removed to Falls Twp., Bucks 


Co., taking a certificate from Concord to Falls Monthly Meeting for himself, 
wife and child, 4 mo. 8, 177S. His wife survived but a few months after 
their removal. 

He m. second and third wives in that neighborhood, where he continued 
to reside, being engaged in farming, during the remainder of his life. He 
and his first two wives were buried at Falls Meeting burial-ground; the last 
at Downingtown Mtg. 

The children of Daniel and Mary were : — 

47. Thomazine D, b. 4 mo. 25, 1777; d. 12 mo. 26, 1S08. 

48. Thomas, b. 11 mo. 18, 1778; d. 12 mo. 8, 1778. 

By second wife, Phebe Jones : — 

49. Mary, b. 8 mo. 30, 1783; d. 11 mo. — , 1860. 

60. John, b. 7 mo. 28, 1786; d. 8 mo. 4, 1786. 

By third wife, Ann Warner : — 

61. Sarah, b. 11 mo. 13, 1799; d. 3 mo. 30, 1814. 

52. Daniel, Jr.. b. 2 mo. 14, 1801; d. 10 mo. 9, 1850. 

53. Ann, b. 7 mo. 28, 1803; d. 12 mo. 2, 1863. 

II— 9. RACHEL TRIMBLE (William i), b. 4 mo., 11, 1748; d. 9 
mo. 27, 1832; m. A^IOS GARRETT 3 mo. 21, 1787, in Concord M.-H., as 
his second wife, son of Isaac Garrett* and Elizabeth Hatton, b. ( ?) ; d. 4 mo. 
21, 1825. 

Rachel appears to have resided for a few years with her brother, Daniel 
Trimble in Bucks Co., as she took a certificate from Concord Mtg. 4 mo. 4, 
1 781, to Falls Mtg., and returned with one 5 mo. 7, 1785, to Concord. No 

They resided in Willistown Twp., Chester Co., Pa. His first wife was 
Rachel Davies, by whom he had issue. 

II— 10. ANN TRIMBLE (William i), b. First-day, i mo. 19, 1752; 
d. 9 mo. 30, 1837, at her dau. Phebe Middleton's; bur. at Concord; m. JOSH- 
UA SHARPLESS 5 mo. 20, 1789, at Concord Mtg., as his second wife, 
son of Benjamin Sharpless and Martha Mendenhall (who were m. 1746), b. 
12 mo. 28, 1746-7; d. 9 mo. 21, 1826. For" account of his first wife see No. 
125. (Palmer Division). 

Ann was appointed an overseer in Friends' Mtg. 4 mo. 6, 1796, and an 
elder 2 mo. 8, 1797. Both she and Benjamin were frequently engaged in vis- 
iting meetings and other religious affairs. He was one of several Friends in- 

Note.— Isaac Garrett, b. 8 mo. 19, 1714; d. 1 mo. 19, 1793; m. Elizabeth Hatton 3 mo. 
26, 1742, at Concord Mtg. She was a daughter of Peter Hatton and Hannah Yearsley, b. 

8 mo. 23, 1721. Isaac was a son of William Garrett, rJ., and Mary Smith, who were m. 

9 mo. — , 1709, at Darby Mtj?.. (b. 8 mo. 19, 1714; d. 1 mo. 19, 1793). William Garrett, Jr., 
was b .2 mo. 4, 1679 In Leicestershire, England, and d. In Darby, Pa., 1 mo. 5, 1726-7. 
He emigrated in 1684 with his ialher, Nviliiaiu (juuci., n. 1,0 lu. Auu Kirke 2 mo. 19, 1668, 
and in conjunction with Samuel Levis, both being of Harby, purchaaed 1000 acres of land 
by deed of August 9 and 10, 1684, and settled In Upper Darby, Pa. He was a serviceable 
m,ember of I-'Viends' meeting for 37 years and was elected to the Assembly In 1706 
and 1707. 


terested in 1798 to establish an institution at Tunesassa Western New York for 
the civihzation of the Indians, then under the noted chief Cornplanter, of 
which his account thereof has been printed. 

He also wrote some account of the ravages of the yellow fever in 1798, 
both of which interesting accounts were given in "The Friend", of Philadel- 
phia. In the 4 mo.. 1800, Joshua and Ann Sharpless took charge as super- 
intendents of Westtown Friends' Boarding School, which had been opened 
about a year and continued with marked success in that station till 10 mo. 17, 
181 1, when they returned to their home on his farm in East Bradford Twp., 
Chester Co., Pa. After Joshua's death, she removed to her daughter's at Con- 
cordville, Pa., where she closed her life. 

The children of Joshua and Ann were: — 

64. William, b. 1 mo. 15, 1791; d. 3 mo. 5, 1793. * 

65. Phebe, b. 3 mo. 22, 1793; d. 4 mo. 30, 1850. 

Line of James Trimble. 

Children of James Trimble and Mary Palmer (No. 7) ; the first two were 
born near Chester, the rest in \V. Bradford. Chester Co., Pa. 

II— II. MARY TRDIBLE (fames i). b. 8 mo. 8. 1736; d. 7 mo. 4. 
1807; m. JOSEPH DOWNING 10 mo. 9, 1755, at Bradford M.-H.. young- 
est son of Thomas* and Thomazine, b. 4 mo. 30, 1734; d. 10 mo. 7, 1804. 

Joseph and Mary settled to the eastward of Downingtown ; he became an 
extensive landholder and improver in the neighborhood, leaving the impress 
of his character on the well-impro\'ed farms that remain in possession of his 
descendants and others. He took an active part in the American cause during 
the Revolution, becoming thereby separated from the Society of Friends. 

The children of Joseph and Alary Downing were : — 

56. Thomas, b. 10 mo. 14, 1758; d. 10 mo. 31, 1829. 

57. Jane, b. 7 mo. 27, 1761; d. 6 mo .20, 1813. , 

58. Mary, b. 10 mo. 14, 1763; d. 6 mo. 20, 1813. 

69. Thomazine, b. 3 mo. 31, 1765; d. 4 mo. — , 1823. 

60. Joseph, b. 4 mo. 9, 17G9; d. 12 mo. 28, 1841. 

61. James, b. 4 mo. 11, 1771:; d. 7 mo. 31. 1831. 

62. Sarah, b. 8 mo. 20, 1773; d. in 1S57. 

63. Richard, b. 6 mo. 26, 1775; d. 7 mo. 2, 1807. 

64. Ann, b. 3 mo. 1, 1778; d. 8 mo. — , 1811. 

II— 12. JOHN TRIMBLE (James i), b. i mo. 3, 1738; d. 2 mo. 7, 

Note. — Thomas Do^^Tiing, the immigrant, waa b. Dec. 14, 1691, in Bradnlnch In 
Devonshire, Erig., and d. in Downingtown, F'a., 1 mo. l."., 1772; his first wife was named 
Ellen and second Thomazine, but neither of their maiden names are known; the latter 
was perhaps the mother of all his children. He appears to have first settled In Concord 
where he was a taxable 1718 to 1732. and whei-e 6 mo. 3. 1730, he and hi.s wife were re- 
ceived Into membership with the Society of Friends. In 1733 they removed to Sadsbury, 
and in 1735 they settled in East Cain, where he purchased fiom John Taylor 511 acies of land 
oy deed of 3d and 4th of July, 1739; here he built a mill and dwelling-house on the east branch 
of the Brandywine. The place was for a long time called Milltown, but subsequently chang- 
ed to Downingtown. Thomas and Thomazine had eleven children, and their descendanli 
are very numeroue. 


II— 13. JAMES TRIMBLE, JR. (James i), b. 12 mo. 28, 1739; d. 
7 mo. 16, 1S19; m. MARY SELLERS 11 mo. i, 1770, at Bradford ^L-H.. 
dau. of Samuel Sellers* and Jane Wood (who were m. 1737) . b. 12 mo. (Feb.) 
2, 1746-7; d. 4 mo. 21, 1790; both buried at Bradford Isltg. 

James and Mary settled at the homestead of his parents, which he after- 
wards inherited. He created the present mill thereon, which he operated in 
connection with farming. 

Their children were: — 

65. James (3d), b. 11 mo. 21, 1771; d. 10 mo. 13, 1792. 

66. Mary, b. 6 mo. 27, 1774; d. 9 mo. 8, 1820. 

67. Samuel, b. 6 mo. 28, 1776; d. 10 mo. 29, 1806. 

68. Jacob, b. 10 mo. 9, 1778; d. 11 mo. 3, 1813. 

69. Isaac, b. 1 mo. 7, 1781; d. 5 mo. 31, 1860. 

70. Lydia, b. 3 mo. 26, 17S3; d. 10 mo. 13, 1805 

71. John. b. 5 mo. 8. 1785; d. 1 mo. 21, 1854. 

72. Phebe, b. 6 mo. 18, 1787; d. 11 mo. 13, 1869. 

73. Joseph, b. 4 mo. 12, 1790; d. 6 mo. 20, 1790. 

II— 14. ANN TRIMBLE (James i), b. 11 mo. 17, 1741 ; d. 4 mo. 18, 
1828; m. ABIAH TAYLOR 5 mo. 6, 1762, son of Samuel Taylorf and Ivlary 
Smedley, of East Bradford, b. 9 mo. 29, 1738; d. 12 mo. 3, 1801. 

Abiah and Ann lived near the east branch of the Brandywine, where he 
had an extensive farm and mill. It was in East Bradford Twp. He inherited 
93 acres of land with the mill, and to this added 99 acres by purchase April 

* Note. — Samuel, was a son of Samuel Sellers, Jr., and Sarah Smith (who were m. 
1712), b. 1715. Jane was a dau. of George Wood and Hannah Hood, b. 1716. Samuel, Jr., 
was a son of Samuel Sellers and Ann Gibbons (who were m. 1684). He obtained a "high 
reputation as the inventor of a complex machine for twisting worsted and as a camlet 
and coverlet weaver." His wife was the dau. of John and Eleanor Smith, and his mother 
the dau. of Henry Gibbons. The elder Saniuel emigrated Ironi Helper, Couniy of iJarby 
in England about 1682, and settled in Darby, Chester (now Delaware) Co., Pa. He was 
a man of considerable ability and note in the early settlement of Pennsylvania. By trade 
he was a weaver and carried on that business in connection with farming. He obtained 
a patent for 100 acres of Innd in Darby (now Upper Darby), Dec. 10, 1690, and for 71 1-2 
acres 7 mo. 1, 1691. The location is now called "Jlillbourne" and is noted for its extensive 
flour mills. "As a man he was upright and just in his dealings; as a Friend he was 
attentive to his religious duties; he lived to an advanced age and died about 1732." His 
descendants are numerous, several of whom became distinguished in public life. 

f Note. — Samuel Taylor and Mary Smedley, were m. 11 mo. 12, 1737, at Goshen M. H.; 
he d. 1759; he was a son of Abiah Taylor, Jr., and Deborah Gearing (dau. of John Gearing 
of Stanford in the Vale) who were m. at Parringdon, Berkshire, England, 2 mo. (April 
O. S.) 18, 1694; he was a son of Abiah Taylor of Didcot, in Berkshire, and arrived in Penn- 
sylvania In 1702. He obtained a warrant dated 1 mo. 19, 1702-3 to take up 500 acres 
In Chester County, and another 2 mo. 6, 1703 for 475 acres. In pursuance of these war- 
rants a tract of 430- acres was laid out for him in East Bradford Twp., through which 
the East branch of the Brandywine flows. Near the upper end of this he erected in 1724 
a brick house which is still standing with its quaint narrow windows, formerly with lead 
sash and small panes of glass. He had also as early as 1722 erected a mill upon a stream 
then known as Taylor's run, of which the ruins only remain. Mary Smedley, the wife 
of Samuel Taylor (b. 10 mo.22,1719; d. 6 or 7 mo., 1739), was a dau. of Thomas Smedley 
and Sarah Baker( who were m. 8 mo. 26, 1710 In Middletown Mtg.), and Thomas Smedley 
was a son of George Smedley, the immigrant, who came from Derbyshire, England, in 
1682. Of George Smedley it can be said that he appears to have resided wiihin the 
limits of Philadelphia for a few years and was m. there in 1687 to Sarah Goodwin, widow 
of John Goodwin and dau. of Thomas Kitchen. They resided for some time on land 
he had purchased in Middletown Twp. and thence in Willistown Twp., where he had 
purchased land in 1705, where they both closed their lives, Sarah 3 mo. 16, 1709, and 
George 3 mo. — , 1723. Their descendants at the beginning of the present century num- 
ber oyer twelve thousand as noted In the Smedley Genealogy by Gilbert Cope. 

'- ^ ^^;^.......^A.A'..,..^/,:^.,v•:./.w./.,.,-^:.-'r^/....:.,^v. 

, ■ , ■ .• / r., ' ,^ 

.v^/f^^^v"^"-" 'y'<<"'>/^',.,,:r.c ,/.r.,^../:..;^^/^^„ „r /^^,...,J^Ar^.,„,y. /f^^c L - 


I •^,j,',r. V.' "V- ••^'^ - 






facin- p. t>^. 


9, 1761. On this tract he erected a substantial stone house, which is still stand- 
ii'ig, bearing the initials of himself and wife and dated 1768. In the years 
1795 to iSoi he was elected to the Pennsylvania Legislature, which then met 
at Lancaster; and died while in the performance of his of^cial duties. 

The dairy of his nephew, Samuel Taylor, contains the following notes : — 

"12 mo. 3. 1801. This afternoon tidings was brought us that Abiah Taylor was 
dead at Lancaster. 

"12 mo. 4: This morning I went in Company with several others to meet the Corpse 
of Abiah Taylor on the Road from Lanca.'Jter & mett it on the turnpike Road at West 
Brandywine Bridge; then changed it into another Carriage &, brought it to his house. 

"12 mo. 5: This day I was at the burying of the Corpse which was attended by a 
great number of People and this Evening his two sons, Abiah & George Came home from 
Maryland & missed seeing their Father before he was buryed; & this to be remem- 
bered that he was the first buryed at Bradford in that manner, with a cover of strong 
plank placed above the Coffin. 

Their children were: — 

74. Mary, b. 6 mo. 16, 1763; d. 4 mo. 7, 1S36. 

75. Samuel, b. 12 mo. 21, 17ti4; d. 7 mo. 14, 1S42. 

76. Sarah, b. 2 mo. 21, 1767; d. 5 mo. 11, 1845. 

77. Ann, b. 8 mo. 4, 1769; d. 12 mo. 5, 1828. 

78. Abiah, b. 5 mo. 9, 1772; d. 11 mo. 8, 1852. 

79. Deborah, b. 4 mo. 13, 1774; d. 6 mo. 5, 1852. 

80. George, b. 2 mo. 25, 1775; d. 6 mo. 24, 1817. 

81. James, b. 12 mo. 4, 1782; d. 5 mo. 4, 1863. 

II— 15. SARAH TRIMBLE (James i), b. 8 mo. 28, 1744; d. 4 mo. 
2. 1833; m. ABRAHAM TAYLOR i mo. i, 1789 (being his second wife), 
son of Samuel Taylor* and second wife, Deborah Darlington (who were m. 
10 mo. 16, 1740), b. 8 mo. 5, 1744; d. 1819. 

Abraham was possessed of a fine farm on the Brandy^vine, where he and 
Sarah resided. His descendants by his first wife are numerous, both in the 
neighborhood of his latei residence and in the great West, but by Sarah there 
appears to have been but : — 

82. — One child, a dau. Sarah, who died unm. 

All were probably buried at Bradford Mtg. ; for account of Samuel Tay- 
lor see last No. Deborah Darlington, being his second wife, would make 
Abiah and Abraham half brothers. 

II — 16. ISAAC TRIMBLE (James i), b. 4 mo. 6, 1747; d. 3 mo. 
28, 1824; m. ELIZABETH WALTER 5 mo. 8, 1771, dau. of Joseph Wal- 
ter f and Jane Brinton, b. 2 mo. 24, 1754; d. 12 mo. i, 1787. 

Isaac appears to have been a miller. They probably resided in Chester Co., 
Pa., a number of years and with their family removed about 1785 to Deer 
Creek, Md., where he owned and carried on a flour-mill. He is represented 

* Note. — Samuel Taylor and Deborah Darlington were m. 10 mo. 16, 1741, at Birming- 
ham Mtg. She being a dau. of Abraham Darlington and Elizabeth Hilborn, of Birming- 
ham. Both of Samuel Taylor's wives were buried at Goshen. Deborah was b. 7 mo. 13. 
1719; bur. 2 mo. 10, 1803. 

t Note. — Joseph Walter, was a son of Goodwin Walter, the immigrant, and Eliza- 
beth Sangust, b. 12 mo. 28, 1711, being the 7th of their 8 ch. He m. at Swedes' Church, 
Wilmington, Jane Brinton, June 6th, 1738, a dau. of William Brinton, 3d, of the name 
and Hannah Buller, who were m. 2 mo. 26. 1716. William, 3d, was a son of William Brin- 
ton, Jr., and Jane Thatcher, who were m. 10 mo. :>, Ifigo, and William Brinton, Jr., was a son 
and immigrant in 1684 with his father, William Brinton, who m. Ann. Bagley and settled 
in Birmingham, Chester Co., Pa. 


by a descendant as a "stem, staiuich Friend, much esteemed by his rehgious 
neig-hbors of other persuasions, but feared by the reckless, of whom tlicre 
were a large number around him." Elizabeth is described as possessing "great 
loveliness of character, with earnest Christian fearfulness." After her death 
Isaac removed to Baltimore, where he held the position of flour inspector for 
the city for many years. He died at the residence of his son John'. 

Their children were: — 

83. Joseph, b. 6 mo. 19. 1772; d. 3 mo. 17, 1870. 

84. John, b. 7 mo. 17, 1774; d. 2 mo. 2S, 1856. 

85. Isaac, b. 10 mo. 16. 1776; d.8 mo. 2, 1777. 

86. Mary, b. 6 mo. 1, 1778; d. 2 mo. 17, 1817. 

87. Jane, b. 5 mo. 2, 1781; d. in 1863. 

88. James, b. 9 mo. 9, 1783; d. 1 mo. 11, 1819. 

89. Isaac (2d), b. 2 mo. 5, 1786; d. 12 mo. 13, 1812. 

The following account is taken from the meeting records: — 

"At a monthly meeting held at Concord M.-H. ye 6th of ye 9 mo. 1738 Joseph Walter 
appeared here and proposed a paper of his acknowledgment for his outgoing in marry- 
ing his wife by and with a Priest contrary to the knowledge of his and her parents and 
also for his going to a man to inquire concerning a horse that Is supposed to be stoiea 
from the said Joseph, the meeting appoints Benj. Mendenhall & Ralph Eavenson to go 
with the said Josph lo see that he makes satisfaction to his pai-nnt & lepoit to ueit 
meeting." The report was not submitted for three months, as appears by the following: 
"To the Monthly Meeting to be held at Concord ye 5th of ye 12 mo. 1738, Whereas I have 
been educated amongst the Religious Society of the people called Quakers but for want 
of having a due regard to the grace or good spirit of God In my heart did so much slight 
Friends' rules concerning marriage as to take liberty marry by a Priest and contrary to 
Parents' consent for which I find myself at a distance & not so near friends as since de- 
sired the sence of which hath brought some trouble upon me and am willing to take the 
blame to myself desiring friends would pass It by and continue me under their care hop- 
ing for the future to be more watchful through Divine assistance over my ways, and for 
going to a man to be informed concerning my horse I can truly say I had no desire 
that he should make use of any bad art In that affair and if he could not tell me any- 
thing by his learning in an honest way to go no further, likewise was Ignorant con- 
cerning friends' rules In that affair but being since better Informed hope for the future 
not to fall into the like again. 

"(Signed) JOSEPH WALTER." 

At the same meeting, "the Friends appointed to go with Joseph Walter to see 
how far he had made satisfaction to his and her parents report that he has done it and 
the said testimony is entered on the minutes." 

Joseph was a "very powerful and passionate man, but it was said that a slight 
touch from the hand of his small and gentle wife, though unnoticed by others, would in 
a moment quell the storm in his bosom." 

II— 17. HANNAH TRIMBLE (James i). b. 8 mo. 9, 1752; d. be- 
tween 1820 and 1825; m. JOHN FADDIS Dec. i, 1771, at Old Swedes' 
Church, Wilmington, Del., by Rev. Israel Acrelius (church record). He emi- 
grated from Ireland, b. about 1750; d. about 181 5. They were probably bur- 
ied at Bradford Mtg. 

Hannah was dealt with for outgoing in marriage by Bradford Monthly 
Meeting ^mo. 13. 1772. They continued near the home of her childhood, 
and after his death she lived with her nephew at the old homestead. 

Their children were : — 

90. Rachel, b. Dec. — . 1772; d. June 9, 1844. 

91. Abiah, b. about 1773. 

92. David, b. about 1774; d. Jan. 15, 1830. 

93. John, b. about 1776; d. about 1826. 

d4. Mary, b. June 1, 1778; d. Oct. 9, 1856. 



facing p. >'!■•• 


Line of William Trimblk. 

Ch. of John Trimble (Xo. j) and Lydia Thomas, all born in Concord, Ches- 
ter (now Delaware) Co., Pa. 

Ill— 18. PHEBE TREMBLE, b. 8 mo. 27, 1763; d. 8 mo. 19, 1784; 

Ill— 19. WILLIAM TRIMBLE (John, William), b. 12 mo. 10, 1766: 
d. 6 mo. 10, 1842; m. MARY IMATHER* 9 mo. 10, 1795, of Whitemarsh, 
Montgomery Co., Pa., dau. of Isaac r^Iather and Mary Morris (who were m. 
5 mo. 17, 1770). b. 6 mo. 12, 1773: d. i mo. 13, 1849. Both were buried at 
Concord Friends' grounds. 

William and Mary settled in Concord, at the homestead of his grand- 
father, where they continued all their lives; he also inherited the Xicklin farm 
that his father had purchased. In the place of the saw-mill which his gran'd- 
father erected he built a cotton-factory, and he was for a time owner of the old 
Newlin mill. 

He was a progressive agriculturist of his day, and successful in his var- 
ious business undertakings. He took a lively interest in local matters and was 
also cognizant of the affairs of state, and represented the county in the Legis- 

Note. — The name Mather Is taken from a local appellation In the parish of St. 
Cyrus or Eccles-Cralg in Kincardineshire, Scotland. Isaac Mather, b. 7 mo. 9, 1741, was 
a Bon of Richard Mather and Sarah Penrose. Richard was a son of Joseph Mather, who 
emigrated from Wales, and Elizabeth Russell, of Cheltenham, Montgomery Co., Pa. (who 
were m. 5 mo. 8, 1697). Sarah was a dau. of Thomas Penrose. Mary Morris was a dau. 
of Joshua Morris and Mary Fletcher. Joshua was a son of Morris Morris and Susanna 
Heath, b. 1 mo. 26, 1745. Morris, son of Evan Morris, b. 8 mo. 5. 1G77, at Gruketh, Car- 
marthenshire, Wales. Susanna Heath, dau. of Robert and Susanna, who emigrated from 
England to Pennsylvania in 1701. She d. 4 mo. 28, 17.55, in her 7.'',d year. She was a min- 
ister in the Society of Friends in which she faithfully labored over forty years. A memor- 
ial of her says "Her life and conversation was innocent and agreeable, spasoned with 
Christian gravity. She was a bright example of plainness, temperance and self-denial, de- 
voted to the service of truth and the propagation of religion. She was one of those virtu- 
ous women whose value is far above rubies: for she filled up every station with propriety 
and being at rest from her labors is now crowned with immortal joys." She had traveled 
extensively in America, Great Britain, Ireland and Holland, having made three voyages 
across the ocean. A very interesting account is given in Friends' Miscellany. Vol. 1, page 
154, of the circumstances connected with h^r shipwreclt near the coast of Ireland, show- 
ing her remarkable forsight, to wit: "that after herself, the captain and a few others had 
been clinging to the upper side of the vessel for a considerable time, she had a sense given 
her that if they would he saved they must ?ft to the other sid^ cf the ship, and although 
very hazardous she prevailed on the rest and they all moved as she directed, soon after 
which a great swell of the sea threw the ship quite flat on the other side, so that if they 
had not moved all would have been drowned." 


lature for five years, 1S04-1809. The accompanying portrait is from a paint- 
ing taken when about fifty years of age. 

Both he and Mary were active members of the Society of Friends, in 
which they held responsible positions. Immediately after their m. Mary 
brought a certificate from Gwynedd Mtg. to Concord, dated 10. mo. 27, 1795, 
received ii mo. 4, 1795. Besides many minor offices William Trimble was 
appointed an Overseer of Concord IMtg. 2 mo. i, 1816, which he held for two 
years. He was named on the school committee 5 mo. 2, 1822, and 10 mo. 30, 
1834. and was much interested in promoting the cause of education. On i mo. 
1, 1829, both he and Mary were appointed Elders for Concord Mtg., ^vhich 
positions they held by successive appointment during their remaining years, to 
the general satisfaction of the meeting. 

Their children were : — 

95. Lydia, b. 8 mo. 2, 1796; d. S mo. IS. 1S79. 

96. Phebe M., b. 12 mo. 9, 1797; d. 5 mo. 11, 1801. 

97. Maria M., b. 6 mo. 30, 1799; d. 5 mo. 17, ISOl. 

98. Isaac M.. b. 1 mo. 22, 1801; d. 1 mo. 4. 1SS7. 

99. Mary M.. b. 1 mo. 9, 1803: d. 8 mo. 28, 1878. 

100. Phebe M. (2d), b. 1 mo. 2, 1805; d. 5 mo. 23, 1863. 

101. Hannah T., b. 1 mo. 8, 1807; d. 5 mo. 31, 1884. 

102. William, b. 10 mo. 27, 1808; d. 8 mo. 24. 1884. 

103. Joseph M.. b. 2 mo. 15, 1811; d. 11 mo. IS, 1898. 

104. John, b. 1 mo. 22, 1814; d. 3 mo. 19, 1864. 

Ill— 20. THOMAS TRIMBLE, b. 3 mo. 27,, 1769; d. 6 mo. 27, 1773. 
Ill— 21. JOHN TRIMBLE, b. 9 mo. 16, 1771 ; d. 6 mo. 23, 1773. 

Ch. of William Tri)nblc {T.-4) and Grace Thomas. 

Ill— 22. RICHARD TRIMBLE (William, William), b. 8 mo. 15, 
1767; d. 2 mo. 7. 1847; ni- ANN ROBERTS 10 mo. 18, 1792. at Uwchlan 
M.-H., dau. of John Rol^erts and Jane Downing* b. 6 mo. 20, 1768; d. 11 mo. 
19, 1850. 

Richard and Ann removed to Newburg, on the Hudson River, N. Y., in 
1800, where he was engaged in milling, and remained there until 1835, when 
they returned to West Chester, Chester Co., Pa., where they died. They were 
buried in Friends' grounds at this place. 

Note. — Jane Downing; was a dau. of Thomas and Thomazine Downing, the emi- 
grants, b. 10 mo. 6, 172": d. 10 mn. 29, 179.T. und n sister to Joseph Downline. No. T.-29. 
John Roberts was a miller. He probably resided in the Great Valley, Chester Co.. and 
also in Merion, Montgomery Co., Pa. He lost his life by reason of his adherence to the 
British cause during the Revolutionary War. He was taken prisoner whilst the British 
army occupied Philadelphia, 1777-78. and charged with acts inimical to the American 
cause, in which times of heated passions the calm and wise judgment was lost sight of 
In the struggle for success. Great efforts were made to save his life by his neighbors and 
friends, near and far; all petitioning in his behalf as a good citizen and conscientious 
man, but mistaken in his course. But it all did not avail and he suffered the extreme 
penalty of martial law. 



Their cliildren were : — 

105. George T., b. 8 mo. 17, 1793; d. 5 mo. 16, 1872. 

106. John R.. b. 12 mo. 28, 1795: d. 5 mo. 22, 1829. 

107. William Richard, b. 3 mo. 23, 1797; d. 11 mo. 5, 179 

108. Thomazine R., b. 2 mo. 26. ISOO; d. 6 mo. 27. 1S85. 

109. Jane Tunis, b. 10 mo. 8, 1801; d. 10 mo. 14, 1820. 

110. Richard, b. 5 mo. 2, 1804; d. 9 mo. 3. 1877. 

Ill— 23. SUSANNA TRIMBLE, b. 9 mo. 18, 1769; d. young. 
Ill— 24. HANNAH TRIMBLE, b. 3 mo. 4, 1772; d. young. 

Ill— 25. LYDIA TRIMBLE (William, William), b. 8 mo. 12, 1774; 
d. II mo. 6. 1824; m. JOHN BALDWIN 9 mo. 19, 1793, at Uwchlan M.-H., 
son of William Baldwin* and ^lary Edge. b. 7 mo. 5, 1765 ; d. 6 mo. 21, 1816; 
bur. at Dow^^ingtown. 

He was a saddler. They resided in or near Downingtown, Pa., where 
he died. She then removed to her uncle's (Joseph Trimble) in Concord, and 
remained with him the rest of her life. She was buried at Concord Mtg. 
John was recommended as a minister by Friends 8 mo. 5, 1802, which posi- 
tion he filled acceptably until his death. 

Their children were : — 

111. William T., b. 7 mo. 6, 1794; d. 10 mo. 28, 1821. 

112. George, b. 12 mo. 3, 1796; d. 4 mo. 12, 1827. 

113. Grace, b. 8 mo. 19, 1799; d. 8 mo. 21, 1799. 

114. Joseph T., b. 6 mo. 8, 1801; d. 7 mo. 19, 1840. 

115. Catharine W., b. 5 mo. 9, 1804; d. 1S27. 

116. Thomas, b. 12 mo. 12, 1805; d. 7 mo. 18, 1806 

117. Thomas (2d), b. 8 mo. 9, 1S07; d. 11 mo. 15. 1S87. 

118. Lydia T., b. 11 mo. 29, 1809; d. 6 mo. 29, 1892. 

119. Richard T., b. 9 mo. 3, 1815; d. 9 mo. 17, 1815. 

Ill— 26. ANN TRIMBLE, b. 2 mo. 16, 1778; d. very young during 
her parents' residence in, Concord. 

Note.— William Bald-win (b. 9 mo. 5, 1739; d. 1788), was a son of John Baldwin and 
Elizabeth Piisey, who were m. 9 mo. 13. 1734. ot T,onrio';2rovp Mta;. but resided at Hnck- 
essin, Del. William was a saddler and resided in East Cain. Chester, Co., where he died. 
His wife, Mary Edge (b. 11 mo. IS, 1742-3. in Upper Providence; d. 3 mo. 15, 1815, in 
Downingtown), was m. to him 10 mo. 18, 1764, at Uwchlan Mtg. She was a dau. of 
George Edge and Ann Pennell and sister to Ann who became the 2d wife of William 
Trimble (See No. T.-4). Besides their son John, William and Mary Baldwin left ch. 
George, Elizabeth and Mary, but none of the latter left issue. 

William's father, John Baldwin, (b. in Encland S mo. 28. 1712; d. 10 mo. 1, 1746. of 
small-pox at Hockessin, Del., was a son of William Baldwin, who was b. at Gisboum in 
yorkshire, England; he came on a religious visit to America in 1709. Both he and his 
pon afterwards were highly esfeeemd ministers among Friends. About 1714 he came with 
his family to Bristol, Bucks Co., Ta., whrre he d. 6 mo. 20, IT-'i. In 1723 his widow. Mary 
Baldwin, m. Ellis Lewis, of Kennett, Cheptcr Co., rnd brr.veht to this home her only 
child, John Baldwin, which accounts for his descendants fc^^ing largely identified with 
this locality. His wife, Elizabeih Pusey, was a dau. of William 'Pusey and Elizabeth Bo- 
*'ater, of Londongrove, Chester Co., Pa. 


By Second Wife, Ami (Edge) (Park) Taylor. 

Ill— 27. PHEBE TRIMBLE (William. William), b. 7 mo. 4, 1786; 
d. 12 mo. — , 1816, at Columbia, Pa. ; m. VINCENT KING.* M. D.. in 1807, 
son of Vincent King anrl Mary Brown, of Little Britain, Lancaster Co., b. 1 1 
mo. 12, 1781 : d. 12 mo. 2,1825 . 

The following is taken from an account of Dr. King which appeared in 
the "Oxford Press" ^Liy 18. 1870: 

"Vincent in early youth was known as a remarkably active boy of a kind disposi- 
tion and possessed of a lively imagination. His parents being strict Friends, he was sent 
to Westtown school to receive a thorough English education. He remained at this school 
several terms, and while there the following incident took place which may have had ten- 
dency to lead him to pursue the study of medicine: One of the students was attacked 
with what was then termed typhus fever, and, to use a common phrase, was 'given up to 
die' by the attending physician. Vincent King, a brother-student, became much inter- 
ested in the case, and asked permission of the superintendent to nurse and attend upon 
the pupil, who had now ceased to receive much aid from the physician in charge of the 
institution. Permission was granted, and young King assumed charge of the patient, 
watching him night and day. prescribing and caring for his sick schoolmate. Finally, 
the sick student recoverrd. and, we are informed, is yet living at an advanced age. 

"This success with his first patient led him to inquire further into the mysteries 
of the healing art, and while he remained at this school he was called Doctor by the pupils 
and teachers. 

"Leaving Westtown. he at once chose the profession of medicine, and after diligent 
preparation and study graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in the class of 
1807. In this year he was married. He first settled in Philadelphia, but in two years 
moved to Goshen, Chester Co., thence to Baltimore, and finally to Columbia, Pa. At this 
place he lost his wife after a short illness. In five years' time he married his second 
wife, Patience Wright, and removed to near the place of his birth. 

"Dr. King was a man of talent, and was well posted in his profession, being Intimate 
with some of the most eminent medical men of his day. 

"Gifted with rare conversational powers, he was well calculated to succeed in his 
profession; which he did to a remarkable degree in his several settlements, to be sud- 
denly broken by a temperament of an unsettled nature that seemed to impel his frequent 

"While he practiced in different localities several students, in order to avail them- 
selves of his able counsels, studied medicine under him. His death, like that of his first 
wife, was very sudden, taking place while on a professional visit, where, being taken 
very ill, he lingered a few days, unable to be removed home until life had departed." 

Their children were : — 

120. Mary Ann, b. 6 mo. — , 1807; d. 1820. 

121. Lydia Trimble, b. 6 mo. 2, 1809; d. 4 mo. 5, 1900; unm. 

122. Jane P., b. 6 mo. 30, 1812; d. 1 mo. 14, 1892. 

123. William T.. b. 1814; d. 1816. 

124. Jeremiah, b. circa, 1816; d. in infancy. 

Ill— 28. JOHN TRIMBLE (William. William), b. i mo. 31, 1788: d. 
10 mo. 28, 1855; m- THOMAZINE DOWNING (T.-213) 12 mo. 18, 1817. 
at Uwchlan Mtg., b. 2 mo. 14, 1794: d. 2 mo. 18, 1831. 

Note.— The elder Vincent King was a son of Thomas King (b. 7 mo. 27, 1716) and 
Ann Coppock, who were m. 12 mo. 11, 1753, at Little Britain Mtg., Ann being a dau, of 
John and Margaret Coppock and Thomas a son of James King and Isabell Pennell, who 
were married at Concord Mtg. 2 mo. 28, 1709, and were among the early settlers at Not- 
tingham on the border of Maryland, Mary, the mother of Dr. King, was" a dau, of Joshua 
B'.own, a distinguished miniKei* among Friendss, and son of Jeremiah Brown and Mary 
Cole (a widow). 


It may be noticed that she being a descendant of James Trimble and Mary 
Palmer, their children combine a descent through both lines. They resided at 
the homestead of his parents in West Whiteland Twp., Chester Co., Pa., which 
he obtained partly by will of his father and partly by purchase of his brother 
Richard. He pursued farming, but in addition thereto had both a grist- and 
a saw-mill, which he kept in operation. 

Their children were: — 

\th. Thomas D., b. 11 mo. 9, 181S; d. 3 mo. 6. 1905. 

i:<; Marv Ann, b. 9 mo. 8. 1S20; d. 4 mo. 5, 1S68; unm . 

1:7. Wllflam I., b. 9 mo. 4, 1S23; d. 1 mo. 16, 1S97. 

i:S. Barah D., b. 9 mo. 6, 1825; d. 10 mo. 19, 1898. 

i;9. Joseph D., b. 1 mo. 16, 1828; d. 2 mo. 5, 1829. 

J30. John, b. 2 mo. 2, 1831; d. 8 mo. 7, 1831. 

Ill— 29. GRACE TRIMBLE (William. William), b. 12 mo. 24, 1789; 
(]. 8 mo. 17, 1867; m. JOSEPH EVANS* 5 mo. 26, 1814. at Uwchlan M.-H., 
son of Jonathan Evans, Jr., and Hannah Bacon, b. 9 mo. 28, 1789; d. 12 mo. 
10, 1871. 

They resided in Springfield Twp., Delaware Co., Pa., where he owned a 
farm. They were much-esteemed and exemplary members of the Society of 
Friends, in which for many years they were overseers and elders; both were 
buried at Springfield Mtg. 

Their children were: — 

131. Ann. b. 3 mo. 21, 1815; d. 9 mo. 30, 1888. 

I.?:. Hannah, b. 2 mo. 15, 1S17; d. 4 mo. 1, 1826. 

133. William, b. 10 mo. 2, 1819; d. 4 mo. 14, 1821. 

134. Mary, b. 5 mo. 23, 1823. 

135. Joseph, b. 7 mo. 9, 1825; d. 3 mo. 27, 1826. 
V>^. Thomas, b. 8 mo. 24, 1S30; d. 2 m . 12. 1910. 
137. John T., b. 8 mo. 23, 1833; d. 5 mo. 5, 1851. 

Ill— 30. WILLIAM TRIMBLE (William, William), b. 3 mo. 12, 
1793; d. 12 mo. 18, 1863; m. SARAH VICKERS 6 mo. 5, 1823, at Oley or 

Note. — The ancestry of this family of Evans is traced to Thomas Evans, who came 
from Wales in 1698 and settled in Gwynedd twp., a son of Evan Ap Evans, whose ances- 
try was ancient in Wales. Jonathan Evans, Jr., was a carpenter by trade which he fol- 
lowfd for in?ny years; he was b.lrno. 25., 1759; d. 2 mo. 8. 1839. in Phila.; m. Hannah 
Bacon. 4 mo. 13, 1786, who was b. 3 mo. — , 1765: d. 2 mo. 27, 1829, dau. of David and Mary. 
Phe was a minister a memorial of her Is printed in the collection of 1879. Jonathan 
wa« an overseer in his mtg. at 24 and an elder at 36 years. In 12 mo., 1826, after a ser- 
mon hy Elias Hicks, he arose and di'clared that the doctrines preached by E. H. were 
not those of the Society of Friends. He afterwards took a prominent part in the "Separ- 
Mlon." He was the son of Jonathan ?:vans, of Phila., and Hannah Walton (who were m. 
4 mo. 19. 1740), she being a dau. of Michael Walton and d. 4 mo. 23, 1800, aged 85 years, and 
Jonathan, a son of Evan Evans and Elizabeth Musgrove. who were m. 7 mo. 13, 1713, 
«t Haverford. He d. 2 mo, 3. IT?."., aged 81 years, Elizabeth being a dau. of Thomas 
Musgrove, of Halifax. England, and Evan, b. in Wale<: 16S.4: d. 5 mo. 26. 1747. P4 son of 
Thomas and Ann as mentinr.<^d at the beginning of this sketch. Evan was a minister 
"nd a memorial of him was printed in the collection of 1787. Thomas Evans' wife Ann 
died at G^Tnedd 1 mo. 26, 171G. and he m. 2d. wife, Hannah Davi.s (widow) and d. in 
Oophen 10 mo. 28, 1738, aged 87 vears, to which place he had removed after his last 
marriage. He was buried there. 


Exeter M.-H.. Berks Co., Pa., dau. of Abraham \'ickers, ^L D., and Mary 
Eastwick. of Philadelphia, b. 6 mo. 22. 1793: d. 9 mo. 5, 1S83. 

They resided in I'wchlan. Chester Co.. where they kept a boarding-school 
for ten years. He afterwards went to farming on a farm adjoining that of his 
father in Whiteland; he also obtained a portion of his father's land by will. 
Their house was a station on the Underground R. R. in which were sheltered 
many fugitives fleeing from slavery to freedom, previous to the Civil War of 

William Trimble was an active member in Friends' meeting, a useful citi- 
zen in his neighborhood and was the first president of the Downingtown Na- 
tional Bank of Pennsylvania. After his death Sarah lived with her dau., Cath- 

Their children were : — 

138. Mary V., b. 2 mo. 17, 1824; d. S mo. 17. 1S50. 

139. Abraham V.. b. 6 mo. 12. 1826: d. 1 rco. 12. 1S77. 

140. Anna, b. 7 mo. 23, 1828; d. 5 mo. — , 1904. 

141. Catharine B., b. 12 mo. 1, 1830; d. 6 mo. 9. 1904. 

142. William Charles, b. 9 mo. 3, 1833; d. 8 mo. 20, 1836. 

Ch. of Samuel Trimble (T.-6) and Esther Brinton. 

Ill— 31. MARGARET TRIMBLE (Samuel. William), b. 6 mo. 8. 
1769; d. 4 mo. 30, 1850: m. THOMAS PEIRCE 3 mo. 18, 1794. in Concord 
Mtg., ninth child of Caleb Peirce* and Ann Mendenhall, b. 9 mo. 5, 1770; d. 
II mo. I, 1826. 

They settled on the ancestral Peirce property and were influential mem- 
bers of the community, and prominent in the affairs of the Society of Friends, 
of which they were members. They were buried at Concord Mtg. 

Their children were : — 

143. William T., b. 2-19-1795; d. 4-26-1862. 

144. Robert, b. 4-11-1797; d. J-27-1874. 

145. Caleb, b. 9-23-1799; d. 1-13-1877. 

Note. — Caleb Peirce. Jr., and Ann Mendenhall were m. 5 mo. 1. 1754. He was a 
eon of Caleb Peirce and Mary "Walter (dau. of Goodwin Walter, the emigrrant). who were 
m. April 15, 1724. Caleb, a son of George Peirce and Ann Gainor, who were m. Jan. 4. 
1679, in England. George emigrated from Winston, Somersetshire, and Ann from 
Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England. They settled in Thornbury. Chester Co., Pa., 
to which to^^-nship he gave the name in remembrance of the birthplace of his wife. He 
became a very large landholder in this township, his first purchase being 490 acres by 
patent dated Sept. 22, 1685, to which he added other tracts. 

Ann Mendenhall, b. 2 mo. 26, 1738; d. 2 mo. 27, 1828, was a dau. of Robert Men- 
denhall (son of Benjamin the emigrant) and Phebe Taylor. Of Ann, as Ann Peirce, the 
following is taken from a teatimony of her issued by Concord Monthly Meeting of 

"She was remarkable in early life for her uniform stability of conduct and evinced 
a concern at that time to take up the cross, so that she l)ecame exemplary for modera- 
tion and plainness. Being a preacher of righteousness in life and conversation, she 
never permitted herself to assume a dictatorial spirit. She was remarkably careful to 
discourage everything calculated to engender strife, but rather at all tim^s to exercise 
the office of a peacemaker. She was likewise much interested for the tender care and 
support of the poor in her neighborhood; more especially for those who with herself 
were advanced In age; which care remained with her to the close of her life of nearly 
ninety years." 

^",1T? W 

>i t ^ .! >. "^ ^ >-, 

's^i T.;^ 

'i^ iScj K?f I l^if 





^ -^ 

•. ■'^ ^ T ^?^ ^- 


146 llrttv Ann, b. 12-24-1801; d. 9-2-1858. 

M7 rhfb^. b. 4-24-1804; d. 3-15-1860. 

148 Sarrmf>I T.. b. 4-18-1S06; d. 8-16-1827. 

149 Jamrs Emlen. b. 1-10-1809; d. 7-21-1814. 
160. Thomas J., b. 8-7-lSll; d. 12-26-lSSS. 

ni_32. ANN TRIMBLE (Samuel, William), b. 7 mo. 16, 1771 ; d. 
10 mo. 16. 1857; m. GEORGE WILLIAMS 4 mo. 10, 1811, at Concord 
Mtg.. son of Hezekiah and Grace \\'illiams. He d. 1850, in his 8Sth year. 

Thev resided in Philadelphia, Pa., where his name was connected with 
many philanthropic works for the benefit of the unfortunate and outcasts of 
society. They were members of the Society of Friends. No issue. 


ni— 33. JOHN TRIMBLE (Samuel 2), b. 7 mo. 29, 1773; d. young. 

HI— 34. JOSEPH TRIMBLE (Samuel 2, William), b. 12 mo. 4. 
1875: d. 7 mo. 19, 1840; m. JAXE H. BRINTOX 10 mo. 22, 1801, dau. of 
George Brinton ard Christiana Hill, of Thombury, b. 9 mo. 19, 1780; d. 5 
mo. 29, 1854. 

They resided for many years at Concordville, Delaware Co., Pa., where 
in addition to farming he was a justice of the peace, and was known by the ti- 
tle " 'Squire." He afterwards purchased land on the Juniata River, at Mc- 
Veytown, in Mifflin Co., Pa., to which with his family he removed and re- 
mained the rest of his life. 

Their children were : — 

151. Harriet, b. 8-15-1S02; d. 3-22-1873. 

152. Christiana B., b. 6-9-1804; d. 9 mo. — , 1804. 
163. Ann W., b. 1-14-1807; d. 9-4-1S90. 

154. Phebe. b. 3-9-1810; d. 9-14-1894. 

155. Amanda H., b. 6-16-1811; d. 9-4-1829. 
166. Esther B., b 7-8-1819; d. 12-5-18S3. 

Ill— 3v SAMUEL TRIMBLE rSamuel, William), b. lo mo. 2y, 1782: 
d. 4 mo. I, 1843; ni- REBECCA MEXDENHALL 3 mo. 21, 1808. dau. of 
Stephen Mendenhall* and Margaret Farlow, of Concord Twp., b. 3 mo. 28. 
1787: d. 3 mo. 14, 1876; both buried at Concord Mtg. 

They settled on the farm which had belonged to her grandfather. Robert 

Note. — Stephen Mendenhall, son of Robert Mendenhall and Phebe Taylor, b. 5 mo. 
24. 1750; d. 12 mo. 9, 1809, was a brother to Ann (see obituarj- under T.-31): Robert, son 
of Benjamin Mendenhall. the emigrant, who settled in C-oncord, then Chester Co.. Pa., 
and became an extensive landholder. He obtained a patent for 250 acres 12 mo. (Feb. 
O. 8.) 7-8-1701. He held prominent positions in the Society of Friends and in the Coun- 
cils of the Province. H" m. Ann Pennell 2 mo. (April O. S.). 17, 1689. dau. of Robert and 
Hannah Pennell. emigrants, who settled in Middletown. Chester Co.. Pa. Phebe Tay- 
lor was a dau. of Philip Taylor and Ann Conway, of Thornbury. (A dau. of Robert Men- 
denhall by his second wife. Elizabeth Hatton, whom he m. 6 mo. 23, 1762, named Phebe 
Mendenhall, b. 7 mo. 7, 1770, and who m. Gideon Thomas, d. 1 mo. 19, 1875. She lived 
to the extraordinary age of 104 years, 6 months and 12 davs. She was buried at Con- 
cord Mtg.) 


Mendenhall 2, (Benjamin i), in Concord Twp. After Samuel's death Re- 
becca continued to manage the farm with signal success, for a few years assist- 
ed by her son, Samuel, after whose death she finally associated her gi-andson, 
John Trimble, with her in the business. She had more than ordinarv' ability, 
and was much respected wherever known. Both were members of the Society 
of Friends. 

Their children were: — 

157. John B., b. 2-23-1809; d. 10-29-1809. 

158. Stephen M., b. 4-10-1810; d. 9-12-189S. 

159. Samuel, b. 3-19-1812; d. 9-17-1824. 
I6O; Esther, b. 5-4-1814; d. 9-29-1824. 

161. Margaret M., b. 7-31-1S18; d. 1-9-1854. 

162. George SV.. b. 12-14-1S20. d. 7-12-1S46. 

163. Samuel (2d), b. 3-5-1825; d. 12-17-1854. 

164. Ann, b. 8-25-1827; d. 8-14-1890. 

Line of William, Hannah. 
Ch. of Hannah Trimble {T.-y) and Isaac Jacobs. 

Ill— 36. MARY JACOBS (Hannah 2, William), b. 2 mo. 7, 1768; d. 
1818; unm. 

She probably died in Whiteland, as a certificate of return from Gwynedd 
was given her in 1799. and was buried at Uwchlan Mtg. She appears to have 
been of more than a common person, as it was her that a former certificate to 
G\v7-nedd in 1889 had therein written that her "sober and orderly deport- 
ment hath merited our esteem for her." 

Ill— 37. ANN JACOBS (Hannah 2), b. 8 mo. 14, 1769; d. 7 mo. 23, 

Ill— 38. PHEBE JACOBS (Hannah 2), b. 6 mo. 9, 1771; d. 3 mo. 
22, 1849. 

Her mind being impaired, she was the especial care of a devoted and af- 
fectionate mother and sister, calling into exercise those rare Christian virtues 
that only the true in heart possess. 

Ill— 39. WILLIAM JACOBS (Hannah 2), b. 8 mo. 15, 1773; d. 6 
mo. 4, 1795: unm. He probably died at Gwynedd. 

Ill— 40. HANNAH JACOBS (Hannah. William), b. 12 mo. 25. 1775: 
d II mo. 3, 1833; m. DAVID THO^LAS 5 mo. 18. 1798. son of David 
Thomas and Mary Richardson, of Montgomery Co., Pa., b. 6 mo. 5, 1776; d. 
II mo. 5, 1859. 

They removed in 1801 to Elklands, Lycoming, now Sullivan, Co., Pa., 
and remained there four years, and in 1805 to Cayuga Co., N. Y., where he 

DAVID THOMAS. A. M. (No. T.-40) 


purchased a farm known as "Great Field." Here they made their permanent 
liome. She was buried in North Street Cemetery, at Ledyard, that county. 
After Hannah's death, David removed to Union Springs, same county. He 
m. second Edna (Dean) Smith. 9 mo. 21, 1843, ^vidow of Dr. Smitli, of Lock- 
port, N. Y. She d. 5 mo. 11, 1878, and both werej buried at Union Springs, 
N. Y. 

David's grandfather, also David Thomas, emigrated from Wales and 
married Anna Noble, a dau. of Abel Noble, who came from England, and his 
mother, Mary, was a dau. of Edward Richardson and Anna Jones, of Pxovi- 
dence, Chester Co., Pa. 

The following account of David Thomas is taken from Lippincott's Bio- 
graphical Dictionary, pp. 2121 : 

"Thomas David, an American pomologist, florist and writer on agriculture, 
was born in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, in 1776. He was educated by hia 
parents in the religious principles of the Society of Frieuds. In 1805 he removed to 
near Aurora, Cayuga County, New York. In 1817 he published 'Travels in the West,' a 
work which attracted the notice of De Witt Clinton (Governor of New York) and led to 
Mr. Thomas being appointed chief engineer on the Erie Canal, west of Rochester, which 
position he held until the canal was completed; subsequently on the recommendation of 
Governor Clinton he was employed as one of the principal engineers on the Weliand 
Canal in Canada. As a florist and pomologist he had few, if any, superiors In the United 
States. By his contributions to 'The Genesee Farmer,' he rendered an Important ser- 
vice to the cause of agriculture, particularly in refuting an error oiice widely prevalent, 
that wheat under certain circumstances was liable to be changed into chess (Bromua 
Secallnus), a plant of quite a diiTerent genus. Mr. Thomas showed that when the seed- 
wheat was perfectly clean and the soil thoroughly cleaned of the seed of chess, that the 
alleged transmutation never took place. His writings, supported as they were by care- 
fully conducted experiments, led not merely to the diffusion of more enlightened views, 
but to a great, practical improvement in agricultural science." 

Although he had not received a medical education, he had given much attention 
to medical reading and thus possessed much knowledge, judgment and skill, so that 
when the disease known as the •cold plague" prevailed In 1812, he attended to a large 
number of his neighbors, every one of whom lecovered, although much fatality occurred 
elsewhere. And again, whilst exploring for the Erie Canal in new and unsettled country 
with many assistants, those who at his direction boiled their drinking water remained 
in good health, whilst those who broke this order were prostrated with sickness. He 
had been a practical surveyor in his neighborhood for many years, which gave him ex- 
perience tor his greater work as a civil engineer. Whilst he was engaged in the con- 
struction of the Erie Canal, a controversy arose as to the best place for its western ter- 
minus. A majority of those in control decided in favor of Black Rock, but David Thom- 
as, with Gov. Clinton and one other commissioner, favored Buffalo, and they prevailed 
BO far as to have a branch built to Buffalo, and as a consequence the business all went 
there, of which Mr. T. said in his controversy: "I now submit the question to the ele- 
ments and if Buffalo harbor becomes a failure, I shall then, but not till then, confess 
my error." His eminent scientific knowledge led to his election as an honorary member 
of the Literary and Philosophical Society of New York, and as a corresponding member 
of the Historical Society of London and of the Llnnaen Society of Paris. 

For a full account of the descendants of the elder David Thomas, see work 
of Prof. William T. Lyle, 1908. 

Issue : — 

1C5. William J., b. 9-13-1899; d. 3-30-1818. 

166. Mary T., b. 12-25-1800; d. 3-11-1889. 

167. Isaac J., b. B-1-1802; d. 9-11-1824. 

168. Abel, b. 5-15-1804; d. 1-20-1846. 

169. Edward, b. 2-21-1806; d. 5-20-1832. 


170. Anna, b. 11-22-1S07; d. 9-16-1865. 

171. John J., b. 1-S-lSlO; d. 2-:'2-lS95. 

172. Joseph, b. 2-22-1811; d. 12-24-1891. 

Ill— 41. ELIZABETH JACOBS (Hannah. William), b. 11 mo. 22, 
1777; d. 10 mo. — , 1843; m. GEORGE MECHEM 4 mo. 30, 1805, son of 
John Mechem* and Jane Stanley (who were m. 5 mo. 2. 1762), b. 3 mo. 3, 
1778; d. in the autumn of 1S38. 

George and Elizabeth at first resided in Lower Dublin, Philadelphia 
Co., Pa.; remo\ed thence to East Bradford, Chester Co., Pa., where he built 
a grist mill on valley creek, and in October, 1824. the whole family removed 
to Cayuga Co., X. Y., where they remained until June, 1838. when, with a 
part of their children, they went to Calhoun Co., Mich. George died at their 
daughter Mary's in Pennsfield, and Elizabeth at their son John's in Bedford 
Twp., of that county. 

Issue : — 

173. Hannah J., b. 4 mo. 9, 1806; d. 7 mo. .■?!, 1850. 

174. John, b. 11 mo. 25, 1SU7; d. 12 mo. 5. ISSl. 

175. Isaac J., b. 7 mo. 11, 1810; d. 8 mo. 5, ISSS. 

176. Mary, b. 12 mo. 7, 1812; d. 1 mo. 12, 1S14. 

177. Ann, b. 12 mo. 13, 1814; d. 12 mo. 20, 1844. 

178. Elizabeth, b. 2 mo. 5, 1817; d. 10 mo. 27, 1899. 

179. Mary (2d), b. 7 mo. 4, 1S19; d. 1 mo. 1, 1856. 

180. Stanley, b. 7 mo. 7, 1823; d. 4 mo. 23, 1897. 

Ill— 42. SARAH JACOBS (Hannah, William), b. 3 mo. 4, 1780; d. 
2 mo. 23, 181 5 ; unm. 

She was a teacher for some years at Westtown, a noted Friends' board- 
ing school in Chester Co., Pa. 

Ill— 43. ISAAC JACOBS (Hannah. W^illiam). b. 4 mo. 14, 1782; d. 
10 mo. 22,. 1862; m. SUSANNA LIGHTFOOT 4 mo. 26, 1810, at Uwch- 

Note.— John Mechem was a son of Francis Mechem and Ellen Pelrce (a widow), 
■who were m. the 12th of ye 12 mo. O. S. (Feb.) 1728, in Concord Meeting House. 
(Her maiden name not ascertained, but she had one Peirce child.) Francis Mechem 
was an emigrant and bro't the following certificate to this country, which was received 
by Concord Monthly Mtg. Sth of 1st mo. 1702-3: 

"This is to certifie whom it may concern that the bearer hereof ffrancis Machom. 
Having acquainted friends with intention of transporting himself and family into Penn- 
Bylvania or some of the neighboring English Colonies and desiring a Certificate; we 
whose names are hereunder written thought meet to signifie to our friends and others 
in those parts that we know nothing to the contrary but that he is cleare of all his 
creditors here and that his removal hence is with the consent and to the satisfaction of 

"Signed in ye behalf of our monthly meeting att Notingham ye 28 of ye 4th mo., 



Ian Mtg., dau. of Thomas Light foot* and his second wife, Rachel Hunt, of 
Pikeland, Chester Co., Pa., b. i mo. 8, 1786; d. 4 mo. 4, 1873. 

They resided for some years in Chester Co., Pa., and were members of 
Uwchlan' Monthly Meeting: they removed to Cayuga Co.. N. Y., in 1825, 
where they were members of Scipio Monthly Meeting. 

Susanna reached the ripe age of over eighty-seven years: she died with an 
illness of only twenty-five hours, and was "remarkable for her physical and 
mental activity up to the very day she was taken sick." 

Children : — 
181. Rachel, b. 2-23-1811; d. 10 mo. — . 1S23. 
182 Thomas Ughtfoot, b. 12-19-1812; d. 9-6-1879. 

183. William, b. 12-22-1814; d. 12-lti-19U9. 

184. Sarah, b. 2-1-1817; d. 1-25-1S94. 

185. Isaac, b. 2-5-1819; d. 12-10-1906. 

ISe. Benjamin Lightioot. b. 2-5-1821; d. 1-23-1847. 

187 Hannah M., b. 5-12-1823; d. 3-7-1842. 

188. Mary. b. 6-19-1825; d. 3-1-1842. 

189. Joseph, b. 11-16-1827; d. 4-26-1846. 

190. Anna Thomas, b. 9-6-1831; d. 7-2-1879. 

The following is the marriage certificate of Isaac Jacobs and Susanna 
Lightfoot, recorded in Uwchlan Monthly ^Meeting Book, page 140. This is 
most beautifully written on parchment. 

Whereas, Isaac Jacobs, Jun'r, of Uwchlan, in the County of Chester and State of 
Pennsylvania, son of Isaac Jacobs, of the same place, and Hannah (Trimble) his wife, 
and Susanna Lightfoot, Daughter of Thomas Lightfoot, of Pikeland, iu the county afore- 
said, and Rachel, his wife (deceased), having declared their intentions of marriage with 
each other before a Monthly Meeting of the religious Society of Friends, held at; Uwch- 
lan, according to the good order used among them and having conss-ut of surviving par- 
ents their said proposal of marriage was allowed by the said meeting. Now these are 
to certify whom it may concern that for the full accomplishment of their said intentions, 
this twenty-sixth day of the fourth month, in the year of our Lord ontj thousand eight 
hundred and ten, they, the said Isaac Jacobs and Susanna Lightfoot, appeared in a 
Publick meeting of the said people held at Uwchlan, afforesaid and the said Isaac Jacobs 
taking the said Susanna Lightfoot by the hand did, on this solemn occasion, openly de- 
clare, that he took her, the said Susanna Lightioot, to be his wife, promising with Divine 
assistance to be unto her a loving and faithful husband, until death should separate 
them, and then in the same assembly, the said Susanna Lightfoot did in like manner 
declare that she took him, the said Isaac Jacobs, to be her husband, promising with Di- 
vine assistance to be unto him a loving and faithful wife until death should separate 
them. And moreover, they, the said Isaac Jacobs and Susanna Lightfoot, she according 

Note. — Thomas Lightfoot's first wife was Susanna Hatton, who was a minister in 
the Society of Friends. He m. second Rachel Hunt 1 mo. 5, 1785, a dau. of Elijah Hunt 
and Esther Clarke, of Hunterdon Co.,N. J. Thomas, a son of Samuel Lightfoot and Mary 
Head, who were m. 7 mo. 30, 1725, at New Garden, Pa. Mary, a dau. of Benjamin Head 
and Sarah Abbott. Samuel, b. 2 mo. 5, 1701. He became a prominent surveyor; resided 
and died near Chester, Pa., 2 mo. 26, 1777, and buried there. He was a son of 'Thomas 
Lightfoot, the emigrant, and his second wife, Sarah Wiley (a. widow). This Thomaa waa 
possibly the son of Thomas Lightfoot, who suffered persecution In Cambridge, England. 
in 1653. The son born in Cambridgeshire about 1644 removed in early life to the North 
of Ireland, and in 1694 to Moate Monthly in West Meath. In 1716 he emigrated to Penn- 
sylvania with a part of his family and settled in New Garden, Chester Co. In the lat- 
ter part of 1724 he m. Margaret, widow of John Blunston, of Darby, and removed to that 
place. He died 9 mo. 4, 1725, aged about 80 years. 

Thomas Chalkley says iu his Journal: "I was at the funeral of our worthy ancient 
Friend Thomas Lightfoot. He was buried at Darby. The meeting wa8 the largest I 
bave ever seen at that place. Our dear friend was greatly beloved for his piety and vlr- 
lue--hl.'i sweet disposition and lively ministry. The Lord waa with him In hla life and 
atath and with ua at his burial." 


to the custom ot marriage, assuming the name of her husband, did as a further contlr- 

mation thereof then and there to those presejit set their hands. 

And we, whose names are also hereunto subscribed, being present at the solrmnl- 

zation of the said marriage and subscription, have, as witnesses tliereto, set our hands th<* 

day and year above written. 

Ceorge V. Massey, 
George Malin, 
Jesse Jones. 
Mary Jones, 
Jane Malin, 
Grace Trimble, 
William Kinsey, 
Phebe Kinsey, 
William Trimble, 
Robert V. Massey, 
Blakey Sharpless, 
Mary Thomas, 
Rachel V. Massey, 

Samuel Longitreth, 
Hannah J. Mechem, 
John P. Jacobs, 
Jesse Kersey, 
Joseph hawley, 
Rebekah Hawley. 
^lary J. Lambcrn, 
William Trimble, 
Ann Trimble, 
Elisa Jacobs, 
Griffeth Lewis, 
Lydia Lewis, 
Thos. H. Jacobs, 

Sarah Thomas, Jr., 
Richard Thomas, Jr. 
Thomas Jacobs. 
John Baldwin, 
Richard Thomas, 

Rachel Malin, 
Isaac Jacobs, 
Hannah Jacobs, 
Benj. H. Llghtioot. 
Thomas Lightfooc, 

Thomas Ligbtfoot, Jr. George Massey, 

William Lighttoot, 
Mary Lightfoot, Jr, 
Sarah Lightfoot, 
John Trimble, 
John Roberts, 
Eliaabeth Roberts, 
Joseph Malin, 

Susanna Massey, 
John Jacobs. 
Mary Jacobs, 
Sarah Jacobs, 
Phebe Jacobs, 
George Mechem, 
Elizabeth Mechem. 


-44. JOHN JACOBS, b. 7 mo. 4, 1784; d. 12 mo. — , 1785. 

111—45. JOSEPH JACOBS (Hannah, William), b. 6 mo. 17, 1786; 
d. 3 mo. 19, 1842; unm. 

He was very successful as a teacher, and taught for eight successive years 
at Darby, Pa. He was proficient in botany, and was a friend and co-laborer 
of Dr. Darlington, the author of "Florula Cestrica." 

Ill— 46. RACHEL JACOBS, b. 9 mo. 3, 1788; d. 4 mo. 26, 1796. 

Ch. of Daniel Trimble {T.-8) and Mary Dozening. His first child b. at Con- 
cord, the rest at Falls, Bucks Co., Pa. 

Ill— 47. THOMAZIXE D. TRIMBLE (Daniel, William), b. 4 mo. 
25, 1777; d. 12 mo. 16, 1808; m. THOMAS JENKS, JR., i mo. — , 1797, 
son of Thomas Jenks and Rebecca Richardson, b. 2 mo. 4, 1772; d. 2 mo. 27, 
1828. They resided in Bucks Co., Pa. 

Their children were : — 

191. Daniel T.. b. 3-26-1798; d. 6-1-1860. 

192. Mary Downing, b. 10-8-1799; d. 7-2-1S79. 

193. Rebecca, b. 8-15-1802; d. 8 — 1802. 

194. Theodore, b. 7-28-1805; d. 8-3-1805. 

195. Sarah Ann, b. 11-16-1806; d. 1-1-1807. 

Note.— The father m. 2d wife, Rachel Wilson, 1816, who d. 2 mo. 25, 1825, leaving 
2 sons. 

Thomas, b. 7-1-1817. 
Howard, b. 2-11-1820. 

Both of these were married and probably had families. 

The Jenks were descended from Thomas Jenks, who was born In England the lat- 
ter part of Dec, 1699, and came to Pennsylvania when a child with his widowed mother, 
Susaa Jenks. They settled at Wrightstown, Bucks Co., and in 1708 she m. Benjamin 
Wiggins, oi: Buckingham, and they Lad a family of cLlidren. Thomas Jenks, upon at- 


tainliig his majority, purchased a tract of land in Middletown Twp. aud named It "Po- 
mona l-'arm." He m. Mary Wildraan in 1731, and d. 5 mo. 4, 1797, leaving three sons, 
Thomas, John aud Joseph, and three daughters. Of these Thomas m. Rebecca Richard- 

III— 48. THOMAS TRIMBLE (Daniel 2), b. 11 mo. 18, 1778; d. 12 
mo. 8, 1778. 

By Second Wife, Phehe Jones. 

Ill— 49. MARY TRIMBLE (Daniel, William), b. 8 mo. 30, 1783; d. 

11 mo. — , i860; m. JOSEPH PLEASANTS 12 mo. 10, 1808, son of Sam- 
uel Pleasants and Mary Pemberton, b. 6 mo. 14, 1774; d. 3 mo. 19, 1824. 

They resided in Philadelphia, Pa. 
Issue : — 

196. William, b. 9-19-1S09; d. 6-29-1848. 

197. Sarah, b. 1-16-1&11; dj 3 — 1876. 

198. Edward, b. 7-20-1812; d. 7 — 1877. 

199. Samuel, b. 9-16-1S14; d. 2-24-1864. 

200. Daniel, b, 9-26-lslti; d. 7-18-1867. 

201. Joseph, b. 2-18-181S; d. 9-4-1853. 

202. Mary, b. 6-29-1822; d. 9-20-1831. 

Ill— 50. JOHN TRIMBLE, b. 7 mo. 28, 1786; d. 8 mo. 4, 1786. 

By Third Wife, Ann Warner (b. at Falls, Bucks Co., Pa.) 
Ill— 51. SARAH TRIMBLE, b. 11 mo. 13, 1799; d. 3 mo. 2,0, 1814. 

Ill— 52. DANIEL TRIMBLE (Daniel, William), b. 2 mo. 14, 1801 ; 
d. ID mo. 9, 1850; m. ^LARY HAUXHURST 2 mo. 9, 1825, dau. of Daniel 
Hauxhurst and Hannah Brown, b. 11 mo. 3, 1793; d. circa 7 mo. — , 1878 or 

They lived in New York, where Daniel was a successful merchant. No 

Ill— 53. ANN TRIMBLE (Daniel, William), b. 7 mo. 28, 1803; d. 

12 mo. 2, 1863; m. CHARLES DOWNLNG 11 mo. i, 1826, at Fallsington 
Mtg., Bucks Co., son of Joseph R. Downing* and Ann Worrall, b. 10 mo. 16, 

1798; d. 5 mo. 3, 1863; both buried at Downingtown Mtg. 

Note. — Joseph R. Downing and Ann Worrall were m. at Chester Mtg. 5 mo. 4, 
1791. He was b. 6 mo. 19, 1765; d. 1 mo. 17, 1855. in his 90th vear. He was a brother 
to Mary the first wife of Daniel Trimble (see No. 8). Ann Worrall was b. 11 mo. 17, 
1771; d. 11 mo. 7, 1826, a dau. of William Worrall and Phebe Grubb, of Ridley Twp., 
•who were m. 5 mo. 3, 1759. The latter being the dau. of Nathaniel Grubb and Ann Moore 
of Willistown; William Worrall. b. 11 mo. 29, 1730; d. 12 mo. 23, 1826, a son of Jonathan 
Worrall and Mary Taylor, who were m. 7 mo. 21, 1727. Mary being a dau. of Jonathan 
and Martha and granddau. of Robert and .Mary Taylor. Jonathan Worrall. a son of Pe- 
ter, Jr.. and Elizabeth and Peter, Jr., son of Peter, the immigrant, who settled in Mar- 
Ple on land purchased from William Peun, having come from Crudelaues in Cheshire, 


They were active members in Friends' meeting, in which he was an over- 
seer and elder. He inherited 58 acres and T,y perches of land in what is now 
Downingtown Borough, and resided in a fine old homestead thereon. In addi- 
tion to being engaged with his brother William as manufacturers of cloth, he 
was a practical surveyor and in his latter years much employed in the settlement 
of estates and other public affairs. He was also the first president of the 
Downingtown Bank (a State institution). 

Their children were : — 

203. Mary, b. 2-22-1S28; d. 1-8-1868. 

204. Sarah, b. 7-13-1832. 

205. Daniel Trimble, b. 6-20-1834; d. 10-2-1836. 

206. Charles, b. 12-9-1837; d. 11-10-1910. 

207. Joseph R., b. 5-26-1841. 

208. Edward, b. 10-4-1843. 

Ch. of Ann Trimble {T.-io) and Joshua Sharpless. 
Ill— 54. WILLIAM SHARPLESS, b. i mo. 15, 1791; d. young. 

Ill— 55. PHEBE SHARPLESS (Ann, WilHam), b. 3 mo. 22, 1793; d. 
4 mo. 30, 1850; m. NATHAN MIDDLETON (as his second wife) 10 mo. 
6, 1836, at Birmingham }vltg., son of Samuel and Ann }iIiddleton, of Notting- 
ham, Burlington Co., N. J. 

No dates obtained respecting him. They lived at Concordville; after her 
death he removed to New Jersey, and died at the residence of his son by a 
former wife. No issue. 

Line of James Trimble. 

Ch. of Mary Trimble {T.-ii) and Joseph Downing, probably all b. in Last 
Cain, Chester Co., Pa. 

Ill— 56. THOxAIAS DOWNING {Mzvy, James), b. 10 mo. 14, 1758; 
d. 10 mo. 31, 1829; m. SARAH SMITH, 1784, dau. of George Smith and 
Elizabeth White, b. 11 mo. 29, 1765; d. 11 mo. 19, 1835. 

He was a farmer, and they remained near Downingtown, Chester Co., 
Pa., all their lives. 

Issue : — 

209. George, b. 1 mo. 10, 1785; d. 4 mo. 3, 1853. 

210. Joseph, b. 9 mo. 2, 1786; d. 6 mo. 8, 1822. 

211. Elizabeth D., b. 2 mo. 3, 1788; d. 12 mo. 18, 1858. 

212. Mary Ann, b. 4 mo. 3, 1792; d. 2 mo. 15, 1824. 

213. Thomazine, b. 2 mo. 14, 1794; d. 2 mo. 18. 1831. 

214. William S., b. 11 mo. 15, 1800; d. 8 mo. 12, 1875. 
216. Thomas, Jr., b. 11 mo. 8, 1802; d. 11 mo. 28, 1S51. 
216. Sarah, b. 1 mo. 7, 1SU5; d. 8 mo. — , 1S90. 

Ill— 57. JANE DOWNING (Mary, James), b. 7 mo. 27, 1761; d. 


6 mo. 20, 1813; m. JOHN GORDON* about 1785 (his parentage not ascer- 
tained), b. 4 mo. 2, 1759; d. 4 mo. 20, 1823. 

He was a farmer, and resided in the vicinity of Lionville, Chester Co., Pa. 
After the death of Jane he m. second wife. Hannah Martin, dau. of Thomas 
and Sarah Martin, b. 6 mo. 12. 1752; d.3 mo. 20, 1836. 

Their children were : — 
J17. Margaret, b. 4 mo. 16, 17S6; d. 10 mo. 28, 1821. 
218. Hannah, b. 11 mo. 25, 17S7; d. 11 mo. 26, 1865. 
21». Joseph, b. 11 mo. 29, 17S9; d. 2 mo. 27, 1S75. 

220. Thomas, b. 2 mo. 18, 1792; dec'd ( ?). 

221. John, Jr., b. 11 mo. 10, 1794; dec'd (?). 

HI— 58. MARY DOWNING (Mary. James), b. 10 mo. 14, 1763; d. 
6 mo. 20, 1813; m. DENNIS WHELAN, JR., son of Dennis Whelanf and 
second wife, Sarah Thompson, b. i mo. 19, 1761; d. 1819. 

They resided near Downingtown, Chester Co., Pa., but in later life re- 
moved to West Chester, Chester Co., Pa. He was a farmer. 

Issue : — 

222. Mary, d. young. 

223. Thomazine, d. Sept. 22. 1813. 

224. George Washington, b. 3 mo. — , 1799; d. July 8, 1877. 

225. Sarah; d. circa, 1818. 

226. Joseph, d. probably young. 

Ill— 59. TPIOMAZINE DOWNING (Marv, James), b. 3 mo. 31, 
1765; d. 4 mo. — , 1823; m. SAMUEL KENNEDY Oct. 11, 1794, by Rev. 
Jos. Clarkson. at Old Swedes' Church. Wilmington, Del. 

No further record of dates concerning him obtained. He was a contract- 
or in the making of the Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike, and according 
to the account lost his life by the accidental discharge of a firearm by a sister- 
in-law; probably about the latter part of 1797. 

* Note. — Gordon— a very ancient name from Gored-down, a name given a Scottish 
knight In the year 1057, by I\ing Malcolm Canmore, of Scotland, for killing a wild twar, 
which infested the country. 

t Note. — The old Bible of the family spells the name Whalen, and has the following 
records: Dennis Whalen, b. 2 mo. 2, 1718, and children by first wife, Ann (Townsend, to 
whom he was m. June 4, 1739 were):— 

Mary Whalen, born 1 mo. 28. 1740. 
John Whalen, born 6 mo. 19, 1742. 
Catharine Whalen, born 9 mo. 23, 1744. 
Phebe Whalen, born 8 mo. 31, 1746. 

Dennis Whalen married his second wife, Sarah Thompson. 11 mo. (Jan. O. S.) 8 
1749. Children:— 

Ann Whalen, b. 8 mo. 13. 1750. 

Israel Whalen, b. 12 mo. 13, 1752. 

Isaac Whalen, b. 8 mo. 3, 1754. 

Sarah Whalen, b. 11 mo. 20, 1756. 

Edward Whalen and Townsend Whalen. b. 8 mo. 12, 1769. 

Dennis WTialen, Jr., b. 1 mo. 19, 1761. 


It is claimed that the youngest dau. was b. after her father's death. It 
is related that this dau. had heard her mother say that her father had two sis- 
ters living in New York City and that he had probably come from there. 

Thomazine, after the m. of her dau., made her home with her. She d. 
at Thomas jMarshall's in Sadsbury (a brother-in-law of her dau.) of a fever 
after nine days' illness, and was buried at Uwchlan Friends' grounds. 

Issue : — 

227. Mary, b. 2 mo. 28. 1796; d. iu infancy. 

228. Ann D., b. 12 mo. 22, 17y7; d. 1 mo. 9, 1871. 

Ill— 6o. JOSEPH I. DOWNING (^lary, James), b. 4 mo. 9, 1769; 
d. 12 mo. 28, 1841; m. ELIZABETH WEBSTER 4 mo. 25, 1799, dau. of 
Richard Webster and Phebe Smith, of Harford Co., Md., b. 4 mo. 15, 1777; 
d. 4 mo. I, 1840. 

He continued on the paternal estate, east of Downingtown, in East Cain 
Twp., Chester Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

229. Wesley R„ b. 2 mo. 19. 1800; d, 10 mo. 2. 1804. 

230. Mary S., b. 3 mo. 2C, 1S03; d. 3 mo. 3, 1875. 

231. Phebe, b. 12 mo. 23, Ii5u7; d. (?) 

232. Richard J., b. 1 mo. 24. lilO; d. 3-12-1S90. 

233. Sarah W.. b. 10 mo. 22. l6l2; d. 10 mo. 20. 1823. 

234. TLomaziue J., b. 10 mo. 27, 1819; d. 10 mo. 8, 1823. 

Ill— 61. JAMES DOWNING (Mary, James), b. 4 mo. 11, 1771 
7 mo. 31, 1831 ; unm. Lived in the neighborhood of Downingtown, Pa. 

" III— 62. SARAH DOWNING (Mary, James), b. 8 mo. i, 1773; d. 
1857; m. SAMUEL WEBSTER about 1796, son of Richard Webster and 
Phebe Smith, and brother to Elizabeth (see T.-60) ; the date of his birth not 
known. He d. in 1807. 

He was a Methodist minister, and resided in Harford Co., I^Id. After 
his decease she removed to Downingtown, Chester Co., Pa. 

Their children were : — 

235. Richard, b. 1797; d. 9 mo. — , 1870. 

236. Thomas, b. 1799; d. 11 mo. — . 1854. 

237. Samuel, b. 9 mo. 3,1800; d. 1 mo. 6, 1889. 

238. James, b. 3 mo. 26. 1802; d. 2 mo. 22. 1884. 

239. John. b. 9 mo. 3, 1803; d. 3 mo. 27, 1883. 

240. Isaac, b. 12 mo. 5, 1805; d. 2 mo. 20, 1884. 

241. Joseph, b. 2 mo. 11, 1808; d. 2 mo. 4, 1855 

III— 63. RICHARD DOWNING (Mary, James), b. 6 mo. 26, 1775; 
d. 7 mo. 2, 1807; unm. 

Ill— 64. ANN DOWNING (Mary, James), b. 3 mo. i, 1778; d. 8 




mo. — , 181 1 ; m. WILLIAM TODD, M. D.; no dates obtained in regard to 

They resided at or near Downingtown, Pa., where he enjoyed an exten- 
sive practice in his profession. No children. 

Ch. of James Trimble {No. T.-ij) and Mary Sellers, all born in West Brad- 
ford, Chester Co., Pa. 

Ill— 65. JAMES TRIMBLE (James, James), b. 11 mo. 21, 1771; d. 
10 mo. 13, 1793; unm. 

Ill— 66. MARY TRIMBLE (James. James), b. 6 mo. 27, 1774; d. 9 
mo. 8, 1820; m. ELISHA INGRAM. He died about 1^57; she died in Ohio 
while on a visit to her brother John. No children. 

Ill— 67. SAMUEL TRIMBLE (James, James), b. 6 mo. 28, 1776; 
d. 10 mo. 29, 1806; m. A^NIY PIM 10 mo. 13, 1803, dan. of Isaac Pim*and 
Hannah Cope (who were m. 6 mo. i, 1780), b. i mo. 8, 1785; d. 2 mo. 26, 

Samuel and Amy resided near his father's; he was engaged in milling. 
Amv m. second husband, Tho.mas Dutton, of Aston, Delaware Co., Pa. (See 
No.' ). 

Issue : — 

242. Isaac P., b. 8 mo. 20. 1804; d. 9 mo. 27, 1890. 

243. Lydia, b. 3 mo. 11, 1806; d. 12 mo. 14. 1836. 

Ill— 68. JACOB TRIMBLE (James, James), b. 10 mo. 9, 1778; d. 11 
m.o. 3, 1813; unm. 

He went to New Orleans, where he died. He was a merchant in connec- 
tion with his cousin John, of Baltimore; they had a branch house at New Or- 

Ill— 69. ISAAC TRIMBLE (James, James), b. i mo. 7, 1781; d. 5 

Note.— Isaac Pim, b. 4 mo. 19, 1757, a son of Richard Pim and Hannah Lewis. Rich- 
ard b. at Arkhill, Co. Klldare, Ireland, 10 mo. 10, 1728; d. E. Cain 4 mo. 12. 1760; came 
to this country with his parents while an Infant. HIS father, William Pim, b. at Lack- 
ah. Queen's Co.. Ireland, 11 mo. 15. 1692: d. Cain 10 mo. 11, 1751; a son of Moses Pim and 
Ann Raper. He m. Dorothy Jackson 11 mo. 21, 1715, at Mountrath, Ireland, a dau. of 
Thomas and Dorothy Jackson, b. 8 mo. 22, 1G94; d. 1 mo. 15, 1732. William Pim. with 
his wife and children came from Ireland in 1730 and settled in the Valley. He became 
a worthy citizen; served as a justice of the peace and for many years was clerk of Brad- 
ford Monthly Mtg. He m. a 2nd wife, Ann Gibbons, 1 mo. 13, 1733, at Concord Mtg.. 
widow of James Gibbons, of Westtown; all buried at Cain. Hannah Cope, a dau. of Na- 
than Cope and Amy Bane (who were m. 12 mo. 7, 1758), b. 1 mo. 9. 1702. Nathan, eon 
of John Cope and Charity Jefferls, b. 1733; d. 12 mo. 3, 1820. John, son of Oliver Cope, 
the emigrant. Charity, dau. of Robert Jefferis and Jane Chandler. Bane. dau. of 
Nathan Bane and Mary Cock, of Goshen, Chester Co. (See Cope Record.) Mary Cock, 
dau. of Henry and Mary, of Long Island, N. Y. 


mo. 31, i860; m. AXXA JEFFERIS 5 mo. 29, 1814. dau. of Emmor Jeftcris* 
and Charity Grubb, b. 2 mo. 19, 1797; d. 11 mo. 28, 1884; both buried at 

They resided on the original Trimble tract at Trimbleville, in West Brad- 
ford Twp., whicli he inherited. Anna gave very material aid in furnishing in- 
formation of various branches of the family. 

Their children were : — 

244. Mary S., b. 6 mo. 26, 1S15; d. 6 mo. 21, 1866. 

245. Charity Ann., b. 9 mo. 15, 1S17; d. 10 mo. 6, 1875. 

246. Lydia, b. 11 mo. 23, 1819; d. 12 mo. 23, 1900. 

247. Phebe H., b, 12 mo. 22, 1821; d. 5 mo. 9, 1902. 

248. Jacob, b. 5 mo. 5, 1824; d. 11 mo. 9, 1904. 

249. John, b. 7 mo. 10, 1826; d. 11 mo. 20, 1901. 

250. Anna, b. 11 mo. 12, 1828. 

251. Sarah, b. 3 mo. 11, 1831; d. 2 mo. 13. 1837. 

252. Elizabeth, b. 6 mo. 2, 1834; d. 10 mo. 26, 1897. 

253. William Henry, b. 11 mo. 9, 1836; d. 9 mo. 20, 1839. 

254. Isaac, b. 5 mo. 16, 1839; d. 7 mo. 19, 1902. 

Ill— 70. LYDIA TRIMBLE, b. 3 mo. 26. 1783; d. 10 mo. 13, 1805; 


Ill— 71. JOHN TRIMBLE (James. James), b. 5 mo. 8, 1785; d. i 
mo. 21. 1854; m. LYDIA HARLAN ir mo. 24, 1814, dau. of Caleb Harlan* 
and Hannah Edwards, of Chester Co., Pa., b. 10 mo. 29. 1789; d. 6 mo. 16, 

* Note. — Emmor JefEeris was a son of Emmor Jefferis and Elizabeth Taylor, the lat- 
ter being a dau. of Benjamin Taylor and Sarah Nookes (dau. of "William 1), who were 
m. 5 mo. 5, 1733, at Birmingham Mtg.. and Benjamin, b. 1 mo. 20, 1710; d. 7 mo. 1, 1775. 
a son of Joseph Taylor and Elizabeth Haines, the immigrants, who arrived in 170S. and 
settled in now Pennsbury Twp. and later built a mill on Pocopson creek, Chester Co., 
his father being Abiah Taylor, of Didcott, in Berkshire. England. Charity Grubb, a dau. 
of Samuel Grubb and Lydia Baker (2d wife), b. 12 mo. 30. 1762; d. 3 mo. 10, 1836. Lydia 
being a dau. of Joshua and Margery Baker, of Christiana Hundred. Delaware, b. 6 mo. 
12, 1732; d. 9 mo. 23, 1782. Samuel Grubb and Lydia Baker were m. 1 mo. 15. 1762. at 
Centre Mtg. He was b. Mar. 28. 1722; d. 1 mo. 21. 1769. He was admitted into member- 
ship with Friends 6 mo. 4. 1746 at Chichester Mtg.; m. first, Rebecca Hewes 8 mo. 30, 
1746, a dau of William and Mary Hewes. He and first -wife were buried at the old 
Grubb burying ground, Brandywine Hundred. He was a son of John Grubb. 
Jr., and Rachel Buckley, dau. of John Buckley and Hannah Sanderson. John 
Grubb, Jr., was b. Nov. 1, 1684; d. Mar. 15. 1758, a son of John Grubb and 
Frances, the immigrants. The elder John had antedated Wm. Penn in ar- 
rival in Pennsylvania, and became an extensive landholder and influential member of 
the province, as were also his sons to wit: Emanuel, John, Jr., Joseph, Henry, Samusl, 
Nathaniel and Peter; there were also two sisters in the family. Charity and j'hebe. 

t Note. — Caleb Harlan, a son of Joel Harlan and Hannah Wlckersham, who were 
m. 10 mo. 17, 1746, at Kennett Mtg., Hannah being a dau. of Thomas and Abigail Wlck- 
ersham, of East Marlborough, b. 5 mo. 5, 1723; d. 12 mo. 15, 1811, and Joel, b. 11 mo. 
10, 1724; d. 9 mo. 3, 1796; a son of George Harlan and Mary (Bally) widow of Alexander 
Stewart and dau. of Joel and Ann Bailey. 

George Harlan settled in Newtown Twp. He was the eldest son of Michael Har- 
lan, son of James Harlan, of Monkwearmouth. England, but came from the north of Ire- 
land with his brother George about 1687 and m. Dinah Dixon, a dau. of Henrv, of New 
Castle, Del. 

I. p. TRIMBLE (No. T.-242) 

facing p. 707 


John and Lydia removed in 1S18 to Blue Rock Twp.. Muskingum Co. 
O., where he engaged in farming, and where they both died. 

Their cliildren were: — 
255. Elisha I., b. 2 mo. 6, 1815; d. 7 mo. 2. 1874. 
25f> Jam'^s, b. 2 mo. 20, 1817; d. 2 mo. 9, 1895. 

257. Caleb Harlan, b. 10 mo. 5, 1819; d. 6 mo. 14, 1900. 

258. Marv, b. 2 mo. 24, 1S22; d. 3 mo. 29, 1897. 

259. Edward, b. 10 mo. 22, 1S24; d. 9 mo. 20. 1895. 

260. Isaac, b. 5 mo. 29, 1S2S; d. 3 mo. 8, 1834. 

261. Willis D. Jr., b. 2 mo. IS, 1831; d. 2 mo. 26. 1834 
262 John N., b. 2 mo. 6, 1S34; d. 10 mo. 25. 1866. 
263. Phebe H.. b. 9 mo. 20, 1836 (living 1906). 

Ill— 72. PHEBE TRIMBLE (James. James), b. 6 mo. 18, 1787; d. 
II mo. 13, 1869; m. BENJA^MIX HOUSE, 1808. son of Amos Elouse and 
Martha Edwards,* b. 2 mo. 23, 1785: d. 2 mo. 4, 1853. 

They lived in Pocopson. Chester Co., Pa., where he owned a farm. His 
death was sudden; a newspaper account states: "He was at his barn feeding 
his stock and fell in the yard, dying in about half an hour. It was supposed 
death resulted from aneurism of an artery. He was highly esteemed in the 
neighborhood where he had lived all his life." 

They had one child : — 
264. James T., b. 6 mo. 15, 1809; d. 5 mo. 27, 1879. 

Ill— 73. JOSEPH TRIMBLE, b. 4 mo. 12, 1790; d. 6 mo. 20, 1790. 

Ch. of Ann Trimble {T.-14) and Abiah Taylor, all born in East Bradford. 
Chester Co., Pa. 

Ill— 74. ^lARY TAYLOR (Ann. James), b. 6 mo. 16, 176^; d. 4 mo. 
7. 1836; m. THOMAS UNDERHILL 5 mo. 8. 1783, son of Thomas and 
Rachel Underbill, of Cecil Co., Md., b. (no record) ; d. 4 mo. i, 1806. No 

Ill— 75. SA:\IUEL TAYLOR (Ann, James), b. 12 mo. 27. 1764; d. 
7 mo. 16, 1842; unm. 

They resided in East Bradford, Chester Co., Pa., at the homestead. 

Ill— 76. SARAH TAYLOR (Ann. James), b. 2 mo. 21. 1767; d. 5 
mo. II. 1845; m- JOHN BAILY 11 mo. 3. 1785, at Bradford Mtg., son of 
Joel Baily and Lydia Pusey, of East Marlborough. Chester Co., Pa., b. 2 mo. 
17, 1762; d. 4 mo. 9, 1832. They continued on his parental estate. She was 
the only one of the family that had children. 

Note.— Martha Edwards, a dau. of John Edwards. Amos House, a son of James 
Houpc. who m. Mary (Richardson) Wright, widow of James Wright and dau. of Isaac 


Issue : — 

265. Lydia, b. 8 mo. 10, 17S6; d. 3 mo. 11, 1S50. 

266. Abiah, b. 5 mo. 23, 17SS; d. 6 mo. 9, 1S68. 

267. Joel, b. 2 mo. 1, 1701; d. 7 mo. 9. 1S62. 

268. Ann. b. 4 mo. 7, 1794; d. 11 mo. 13, 1794. 

269. Hannah, b. 8 mo. 25, 1797; d. 1 mo. 15, 1872. 

270. Mary. b. 12 mo. 28, 1798; d. 8 mo. 2, 1882. 

271. John, b. 5 mo. 13. 1804; d. 10 mo. 20, 1886. 

272. George T., b. 8 mo. 19, 1806; d. 3 mo. 20, 1883. 

Ill— 77. ANN TAYLOR (Ann, James), b. 8 mo. 4, 1769; d. 12 mo. 
5, 1828; unm. 

Ill— 78. ABIAH TAYLOR (Ann, James), b. 5 mo. 9, 1772; d. 11 mo. 
8, 1852; unm. 

He was a fanner, and in conjunction with his brothers owned an exten- 
sive farm in East Bradford, Chester Co., Pa. 

Ill— 79. DEBORAH TAYLOR (Ann, James), b. 4 mo. 13, 1774; d. 
6 mo. 5, 1852; unm. 

Ill— 80. GEORGE TAYLOR (Ann, James), b. 2 mo. 25, 1779; d. 6 
mo. 24, 1817; unm. 

Ill— 81. JAMES TAYLOR (Ann, James), b. 12 mo. 4, 1782-; d. 5 
mo. 4, 1863; unm. 

He was the last survivor of the -family, and removed from the farm to 
West Chester some time before his death. 

In addition to the inheritance from their father, the brothers Samuel and 
Abiah had added to the estate by purchase in 1797 the brick house erected by 
their great-grandfather, Abiah Taylor, in 1724, together with 76 acres of the 
original tract. This house is still standing with its quaint narrow windows, 
which formerly contained lead sash and small panes of glass. It stood on a 
pretty mound near "Deborah's Rocks" on the east branch of the Brandywine 
creek. The unmarried members of this family were buried at Bradford Mtg. 

Ch. of Sarah Trimble (No. T.-15) and Abraham Taylor. 

Ill— 82. SARAH TAYLOR (Sarah, James). 

The only intelligence received respecting her was that she died with a 
fever when a young woman, and was their only child. 

Ch. of Isaac Trimble (No. T.-16) and Elizabeth Walter. 
Ill— 83. JOSEPH TRIMBLE (Isaac, James), b. 6 mo. 19, 1772; d. 3 


'; ArV 


k>d^..a.i^aai^.Jirf<iya5AK-.-: '-" ka 


' C . 'X 

.' .^-:; /^/A 

\, -^ •'. ^ 

\^ 2': '" 

%y ^ -C^ 

r -^ -- 

\>/V^' ' 



'':,! ': 







facing p. TW 


T,o. 17. 1870; m. ANN CHEYNEY 4 mo. 17. 1822. dau. of Jesse Cheyney* 
;.iui Kaclicl Clayton, b. 3 mo. 14. 1802; d.l mo. 31, 1870. 

Joseph removed to Maryland with his father, and afterwards to Balti- 
more' where he entered w ith his brother John into a shipping and mercantile 
trade", which continued for several years. Previous to his marriage he pur- 
chased and removed to a farm at Pimlico, a few miles from the city. This he 
afterwards sold, and purchased a large farm in Harford Co.. INId., where in 
conjunction with the farm he also had a saw-mill. In ist mo.. 1870. he and 
Ann were both taken ill w ith pneumonia, of which she died, and which weak- 
ened him so that he died in a few weeks after. At the time of his death he 
wa>; the oldest member of Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends, having lived 
almost a century. 

The following account of him appeared in a neighboring paper a few days 
after his death : 

"Joseph Trimble, an aged and much-respected resident of Harford Co., Md. (for- 
merlv of Chester Co., Pa.), died on the 17th inst., in the ninety- eighth year of his age. 
This' venerable man was a member of the Society of Friends and a constant attendant 
rf Forest Meeting, about six miles distant from his home, for upwards of sixty years, 
havlriK, It is stated, never missed a meeting (twice a week) during that time. He also 
ntlf'ndcd sixty consecutive yearly meetings at Baltimore. It is estimated that during 
his lifetime he has traveled at least one hundred thousand miles in going to and return- 
ing from meeting. He was always a very hale and hearty man, remarkable for his 
temperate and industrious habits, miring the last years of his life he employed hira- 
F'^lf in his woodhousc in cutting up all the wood used in the dwelling, doing so for the 
Fake of the exercise it afforded, and he could handle the saw and axe quite as dexter- 
ously as many men seventy years younger. He retained, to a remarkable degree, all his 
faculties except his hearing, which failed towards the close of his life." 

1 he accompanying portrait is taken from a daguerreotype in the posses- 
sion of his daughter. 

Their children were: — 

273. Phebe, b. 2 mo. 13, 1823; d. 10 mo. 20, 1910. 

274. Rachel, b. 1 mo. 4, 1825; d. 3 mo. 23, 1888. 

275. Elizabeth, b. 3 mo. 1. 1827; d. 5 mo. 22, 1857. 

Ill— 84. JOHN TRIMBLE (Isaac, James), b. 7 mo. 17, 1774; d. 2 

Note.— Jesse Cheyney, b. 10 mo. 7, 1770; d. 2 mo. 1. 1827; m. Rachel Clayton, b. 
1771; d. 7 mo. 4, 1807, dau. of Elisha and Elizabeth Clayton, of Virginia. Jesse, the 4th 
of 14 ch. of .Jo.'5eph Cheyney and Edith Mendenhall, Joseph b. Jan. 12, 1735; d. Aug. 10. 
1794. a son of John Cheyney, Jr., and Ann Hickman, of Thornbury. who were m. Nov. 
3.^ 1730, at Church, Philadelphia, she being a dau. of Benjamin Hickman, of 
Westtown, and John, Jr.. a son of John Cheyney, the immigrant. John, Jr.. in conjunc- 
tion with his brother Thomas had an extensive tract of land in Thornbury. near the 
present Cheyney station, upon which they resided. John, Jr.. d. about 1745. Of Edith 
Mendenhall. the family record states she was b. Nov. Ifi. 1750, and d. 3 mo. 31, 1833, 
»e«:<3 83 years. She was disowned by Concord Monthly Mtg. 6 mo. 5, 17fi5. for m. "by a 
rri<^st," which indicates h^r ni. at the extremely young age of a little over 14 years. She 
b*Tame a member with Friends aeain 10 mo. 7, 1801. She was a dau. of Samuel Men- 
^»DhalI and Esther Williamson, who were ni. 2 mo. 24, 1745. at Newtown Mtg. Samuel 
b. 9 mo. 22. 1722; d. about 9 mo., 1787; a son of Benjamin Mendenhall, Jr., and Lydla 
Robfrts. He was possessed of a large landed estate in Concord nnd was callpd Dr. .=^am- 
'"•l. His grandfather, Benjamin Mendenhall, who m. Hannah Pennell, was the immi- 
Krairt to Pcnonsylvania. 


mo. 28, 1856; 111. ELIZABETH BROWN 3 mo. 15. 179S, dau. of David 
Brown and Elizabeth >Litthe\vs, of Baltimore, b. 11 mo. 15, 1778; d. 11 mo. 
28, 1834, of cholera. 

John, like Joseph, accompanied his father from Chester Co., Pa., to 
Harford Co., ]\Id., and thence to Baltimore. He there was engaged for about 
half a century in mercantile pursuits, first with his brother Joseph, then with 
his cousin Jacob; afterwards with William ^latthews. his wife's uncle, tlien 
for a while alone,, and lastly with his eldest son. He was married in Balti- 
more, where his wife died. He removed with the remnant of his family to 
Philadelphia in 1848, and afterwards to Camden. N. J., where he died at his 
son Joseph's. He was often employed in responsible positions by confiding 
friends, and is described as a man of "literary taste, fine business capacity and 
a high sense of honor, which, combined with a courteous and pleasing manner. 
gained him a large circle of friends." 

His portrait, kindly furnished by his son, was taken when he was about 
seventy-five years of age, and is claimed to be strikingly representative of his 

David Brown was a native of Delaware, but removed with his mother 
and family in early life to Baltimore, Md. Both Elizabeth Brown, his wife, 
and Elizabeth Trimble, his dau., were recognized as "open-handed friends of 
the poor and distressed." 

Issue : — 

276. Marv, b. 3 mo. 13, 1799; d. 7 mo. 21, 1S04. 

277. Elizabeth, b. 3 mo. 7, ISOl; d. 2 mo. 29. 1S92. 

278. Isaac, b. 12 mo. 2. 1802; d. 1 mo. — , 1S37. 

279. Mary, b. 9 mo. 20, 1S04; d. 3 mo. 6, 1S52. 

280. Jane, b. 3 mo. 25, 1807; d. 11 mo. 9, 1S83. 

281. John. b. 3 mo. 24, 1809; d. 8 mo. 8. 1833. 

282. David Brown, b. 5 mo. 29. 1813; d. 9 mo. 4, 1901. 

283. Joseph, b. 1 mo. 17, 1815; d. 7 mo. 30, 1SS4. 

284. James, b. 11 mo. 28, 1819, d. 6 mo. 10, 1S71. 

HI— 85. ISAAC TRLAIBLE, b. lomo. 16, 1776; d. 8 mo. 2, 1777. 

Ill— 86. MARY TRIMBLE (Isaac. James), b. 6 mo. i. 1778; d. 2 mo. 
17, 1817: m. GEORGE PETERS ^lar. — , 1796 (his second wife). He was 
b. Jan. 16, 1769, in Shepherdstown, Va., and died March 17, 1850. His fath- 
er's name was probably Conrad Peters, a distiller who died when his children 
were young. 

George Peters therefor came to Baltimore at the age of fourteen years, 
and continued to reside there during his long life. He was thrice married, and 
had issue by his last two wives. He m. his third wife, Sally Warfield, of 
Anne Arundel Co.. May 14, 1818. They had two sons. James Peters and 
Lemuel W. Peters, living at Simpsonville, Howard Co., Md. In the year 1800 
he moved into his house on Howard street, where he continued to reside until 
his death. He possessed a sterling character, and was prominently engaged 
in various enterprises for the advancement of the city of his adoption. He left 
an ample fortune. 


Goiuge and Mary had children : — 

IJ»6. EllMbeth. b. 7 mo. 1, 1798; d. (?). 

2»6 Jesse Trimble, b. 9 mo. 20, ISOO: d. 7 mo. 7, 

Ih'. John, b. 12 mo. — . 1S02; d. 11 mo. 21. 1S41. 

JUS George, b. 2 mo. 21, ISOS; d. S mo. 29, 1S65. 

JS9. Mary, b 11 mo. 1, 1810. d. 12 mo. 13, 1843. 

?<K). Catharine Jane, b. 9 mo. 12, 1812; d. 1 mo. 1, 

lU—Sy. TANK TRBIBLE (Isaac. Tames), b. 5 mo. 2. 1781 ; d. 1863: 
m. ISRAEL PRICE. 1821, of Gunpowder, Baltimore Co., Md., (as his third 

Both lived to an advanced age, and were highly-esteemed members of the 
Society of Friends. No children. 

Ill— 88. JAMES TRIMBLE (Isaac, James), b. 9 mo. 9, 1783; d. i 
mo. II, 1819; unm. 

He resided in Baltimore. He was "an architect and a man of genius." 

Ill— 89. ISAAC TRIMBLE (Isaac, James), b. 2 mo. 5, 1786; d. 12 
ino. 13, 1812, in New Orleans; unm., whence he had gone in the interest of 
mercantile affairs. 

Ch. of Hannah Trimble {No. T.-iy) and John Faddis, all born in Chester Co., 


Ill— 90. RACHEL FADDIS (Hannah. James), b. Dec. — , 1772; d. 
June 9, 1844; ni. JOHN McCORMICK, b. ( ?) ; d. (?). 

He was probably an emigrant; by occupation a tailor. They resided in 
Chester Co.^ Pa. 

Issue : — 

291. James. 

292. John. 

293. Ann. 

294. Mary. 

295. Hannah; d. 4-16-1844. 

296. William. 

297. Robert, b. 4-4-1807; d. 10-16-1866. 

298. Martha, b. about 1809; d. 1-26-1831. 

299. Lydla Ann, b. 1811; d. (?). 

300. Lewis, b. about 1813; d. young. 

Ill— 91. ABIAH FADDIS (Hannah, James), b. circa 1773; m. 

Have been unable to trace his family, but have been informed that he 
had two children, if not more. (First edition). 

Five numbers were left for this edition in the hope of finding this family, 
but diligent research failed in finding them: 301, 302, 303, 304 and 305. 


III_g2. DAVID FADDIS (?Iannah, James), b. 1774: d. Jan. 15. 
1830; m. MARGARET JOHNSON iSoS. dau. of Thomas Johnson and 
Elizabeth ( ?). b. Aug. 4. 1792: d. Jan. 28. 186S. 

They resided in Cliestcr Co., Pa. He was a blacksmith. 

Issue : — 

306. Hanna, b. 8-27-1S09; dec'd. 

307. Joseph, b. 9-26-lSH: d. 6-8-1SS8. 

308. Elizabeth, b. 3-2G-1S14; d. 1-1-1890. 

309. Phebe. b. 11-I4-1S16; dec'd. 

310. John T.. b. 6-25-1519; d. 9-15-1SP2. 

311. James H., b. 3-27-1822; d. 6-29-1874. 

312. Lydla Ann, b. 7-25-1S24; d. 2-3-1837. 

313. William, b. 5 mo. 9, 1827; d. 2-1-1911. 

314. Thomas J., b. 1-26-1S30; d. 6-20-1911. 

315. David, Jr., b. 3-15-1S33; d. 2-13-1837. 

Ill — 93. JOHN FADDIS (Hannah, James), b. circa, 1776; d. about 
1826; unm. 

He lived in the neighborhood of Marshallton, Chester Co., Pa. He died 
suddenly whilst out from home, and was found by some children who were 
out playing or going fishing. 

Ill— 94. MARY FADDIS (Hannah, James), b. June i. 1778; d. Oct. 
9, 1856: m. JOSEPH WHITE, JR.. 1804. son of Joseph White and Rebec- 
ca Chalfant, b. Sept. 26, 1777; d. April 9. 1857. 

They lived on a Downing farm in Cain twenty-four years; then removed 
east of Downingtown, where they remained the rest of their lives. 

Issue : — 

316. Washington, b. 1804; d. 1874. 

317. Jefferson, b. circa, 1806 (?); d. 1847. 

318. Rebecca, b. circa, 1808; d. 10 mo. 13, 1878. 

319. James T., b. 7 mo. 20, 1810; d. 7 mo. 12, 1882. 

320. Joseph, b. 12 mo. 25, 1811; d. -5 mo. 9, 1885. 

321. Isaac T.. b. 1 mo. 9, 1814; d. 8 mo. 24, 1889. 

322. Lewis, b. 11 mo. 21. 1815; d. 11 mo. 10, 1883. 

323. Hannah T., b. 6 mo. 6, 1817; d. 5 mo. 5. 1902. 

324. John, b. circa, 1818 (?); d. 10 mo. — , 1856. 
32.5. Robert, b. 11 mo. 27, 1819; d. 5 mo. 31. 1897. 


Line of William, John, William. 

C/u of JniSiam. Trimble (T.-i^) and Mary Mather. All born in Concord, 
Delaware Co., Pa. 

IV--95. LYDIA TRLMBLE (William, John, William), b. 8 mo. 2, 
1796; d. 8 mo. 18, 1879; unm. 

Her father erected a cotton factory upon a portion of his property, which 
was operated by his son, Joseph, for some years. She then purchased this 
portion which she owned and rented for many years. It has of late years 
been entirely torn down. She resided at different times in Concord, Philadel- 
phia and West Chester. She was an interested member of the Socity of 
Friends during her long useful life. She was buried at Concord Altg. 

IV— 96. PHEBE M. TRIMBLE, b. 12 mo. 9, 1797; d. 5 mo. 11, 1801. 

IV— 97. MARIA M. TRIMBLE, b. 6 mo. 30, 1799; d. 5 mo. 17, 1801. 

IV— 98. ISAAC M. TRIMBLE (William. John, William), b. i mo. 
22, 1801; d. I mo. 4, 1887; m. MARY ANN HANNUM 5 mo. 25. 1822, 
dau. of Samuel Hannum* and Susanna Pennell, b. 2 mo. 1799; d. 4 mo. 4, 
1882; both buried at Concord meeting. 

They resided in Concord, Delaware Co., Pa., where by inheritance and 
purchase he owned a large part of the original Trimble estate. They attended 
Friends' Meeting, but were not members. 

Issue : — 

Samuel H.. b. 5 mo. 5, 1823; d. 2 mo. 10, 1893. 
Joseph W., b. 11 mo. 20, 1825; d. 8 mo. 17, 1895. 
William, twin to Joseph, d. 8 mo. 5, 1827. 
Mary Louisa, b. 7 mo. 24, 1829; d. 8 mo. 25, 1831. 
Susan H.. b. 9 mo. 29, 1832; d. 4 mo. 2. 1844. 
Hannah, b. 7 mo. 26. 1838. 

IV— 99. MARY M. TRIMBLE (William. John, William), b. i mo. 
9, 1803; d- 8 mo. 28, 1878; m. JESSE PALMER 3 mo. 5, 1850, his third 
wife. See his record (No. 275), buried at Concord Mtg. 

Note. — Samuel, son of William Hannum and Ruth Evans. William, son of John 
Hannum and Jane Nield. John, son of Johu Hannum the emigrant and Marjery South- 
try, only Bister of Mary, wife of John Palmer, No. 1, of this work. Susan Pennell, a 
■ later to Hannah, who m. Moses Palmer. No. 38. 


She resided with her parents before her m. ; then on a farm with her hus- 
band. After his death she hved many years at Concordville. where she owned 
a fine residence. This she sold and resided in West Chester a few years. No 

IV— loo. PHEBE M. TRIMBLE (William. John, William), b. i mo. 
2, 1805; d. 5 mo. 23, 1S63. Second of the name (see T.-96) ; unm; buried at 
Concord Mtg. 

She resided principally in Philadelphia. She was very much respected 
for her natural Christian graces. 

IV— loi. HANNAH TRIMBLE (William. John, William), b. i mo. 

8, 1807; d. 5 mo. 31, 1884; m. WILLI A^I W. PALMER (No. 264), 4 mo. 

9, 1834, in Concord Meeting, son of John Palmer and Beulah \\'alter, b. 8 
mo. 24, 1804; d. 3 mo. 25, 18S2; buried at Concord Mtg. 

Issue : — 

332. John, b. 2 mo. 25. 1835; d. 1 mo. 25, 1S94. 

333. William T., b. 3 mo. 10, 1837. 

334. Edward L., b. 7 mo. 28, 1841. 

335. Merrltt T.. b. 6 mo. 28. 1845. 

IV— 102. WILLIAM TRIMBLE (William. John, William), b. 10 
mo. 27, 1808; d. 8 mo. 24, 1884; m. :MARGARET SUPLEE 6 mo. 9, 1852, 
dau. of Thomas Suplee and Lydia Baker, b. 9 mo. 14, 1814; d. 9 mo. 21, 1906. 

He was engaged in mercantile and commission trade in Philadelphia, 
where they resided. Both buried in Woodland Cemetery. 

Issue : — 

336. William, b. 5 mo. 7, 1853. 

337. Mary, b. 7 mo. 25, 1855; d. 9 mo. 1. 1855. 

338. Anna S., b. 2 mo. 4. 1857; d. 12 mo. 31, 1860. 

IV— 103. JOSEPH M. TRIMBLE (William. John, William), b. 2 mo. 
15, i8ii; d. II mo. 18. 1898: m. SARAH GILPIN 5 mo. 27, 1846, dau. of 
John Gilpin* and Rachel Hatton, b. 7 mo. 23, 1818; d. i mo. 16, 1902. 

Joseph operated the factory which his father built for several years, but 
disposed of his interest therein and removed to Mainville, Warren Co., O., 
where he engaged in farming. 

Issue : — 

339. William, b. 3 mo. 22, 1847. 

340. Eliza V., b. 1 mo. 15, 1856. 

341. Joseph Gilpin, b. 9 mo. 23, 1858. 

342. Laura M., b. 3 mo. 5, 1861. 

Note. — John Gilpin, a son of Gilpin; and Rachel Hatton, a dau. of 

Joseph Hatton and PilsclUa Griffith, all descendants of the early settlers. 






> J 



/' -.-■;■"■ 


•■'/ .--^ 

facing P- "1'' 


IV— 104. JOHN TRIMBLE (William, John. William), b. i mo. 22, 
1S14; d. 3 mo. "19, 1864; unm. ; buried at Concord Mtg. 

He lived home until his parents' death and for several years with his sis- 
ter, Mary M., at Concordville, Pa., where he died. 

Line of William, William, Rich.\rd. 

Ch. of Richard Trimble {T.-22) and Ann Roberts, the first four born in Ches- 
ter Co., Pa., the remaining two in Newburg, N. Y. 

IV_io5. GEORGE T. TRIMBLE (Richard, William. William), b. 
8 mo. 17, 1793; d. 5 mo. 16, 1872; m. CORNELIA MERRITT 5 mo. 15, 
1823. dau. of Benjamin Merritt and Thankful Scott, b. 10 mo. 14, 1801 ; d. 
4 mo. 20, 18S5. 

In 1809 George went to New York to attend school; the next year he 
became a clerk in a commission and shipping house. From this he became ac- 
tively engaged in business, which he pursued for about thirty years with suc- 

The accompanying portrait is from a photograph taken a short time be- 
fore his decease, and his autograph from a letter to the compiler of this work. 
The following minute and resolutions will explain themselves, and also give 
a good account of the man : 

"THE LATE GEORGE T. TRIMBLE.— Resolutions of the Trustees of the Roose- 
velt Hospital^ — At a meeting of the trustees of the Roosevelt Hospital, held on Thurs- 
day evening, May 26, 1872, the following minute and resolutions were adopted: 

"George T. Trimble, a trustee and the treasurer of the Roosevelt Hospital, died on 
the 16th instant, in the seventy-ninth year of his age. 

"At the death of Mr. Roosevelt in 1863, and the incorporation of the Roosevelt 
Hospital in 1864, !vlr. Trimble was the president of the Managing Board of the Society 
of the New York Hospital, and as such, under the provisions of Mr. Roosevelt's will and 
the charter granted by the Legislature, became, ex-offlclo, a trustee of the Roosevelt 
Hospital. Upon the organization of the board he was elected treasurer. He continued 
lu these positions until his death, and was also a member of the Building Committee 
fiom the commpucement of the building of this corporation until February last, when, 
at his own request, he was relieved from the duties of that position. 

"From early life Mr. Trimble was active in the management of the charities of 
the city. Retiring at a comparatively early age from the pursuits of business. In which 
he had accumulated a sufQcient property, he devoted himself to a life of usefulness 
towards his fellow-men. He became a trustee of the Public School Society in 1818, and 
continued such until the schools of that society became in 18.53 merged in those of the 
Board of Education, having for various periods served aa treasurer and vice-president, 
and from 1847 to 1853 as president, of that society. For many years he was connected 
with and the president of the New York Dispensary, the first established of that useful 
class of charities now numerous In this city. In 1847 he became one of the governors 
of the Society of the New York Hospital, in 1850 its vice-president and In 1858 its pres- 
ident, and continued president until his decease; and for a long period he haa been a 
prominent and influential member of the Society of Friends, with which he was all his 
life connected. 

"In all the positions he haa held and all the connections of life he was character- 
ized by an unswerving Integrity, a perfect faithfulness In the discharge of every duty, 
and an urbanity and kindliness which commanded the respect and affection of all who 
*_ere brought into intercourse with him; and at a good old age he has died, attended by 
the love and regrets of family, friends and associates. 

"It is especially as a trustee of the Roosevelt Hospital and as the treasurer from 
Us origin that the board is called to regret his loss. 

"He was punctual in hia attendance at the meetings of the board and In the per- 


formance of duties as a member of the Building Committee, and exact and faithful in 
the labors of trtasurer. He devoted much time and attention to the interests of this In- 
stitution, and proved himself a wise adviser and careful administrator of its finances; 

'•Resolved, That the trustees of the Roosevelt Hospital mourn the decease of their 
late associate and treasurer. George T. Trimble, and recall with fateful remembrance 
the wisdom of his counsel, tht- faithfulness with which he discharged every duty, and the 
kindness and courtesy which characterized his intercourse. 

"Resolved, That the foregoing minute and resolution be entered upon the records 
of this board and be published, and that a copy thereof, duly authenticated, be trans- 
mitted to the family of the deceased, with the assurance of the respectful sympathy of 
this board in their bereavement. 


"Attest: JOHN M. KNOX, Secretary." 

Cornelia continued to reside at their residence, 55 East 25th St. They 
were buried at Woodlawn Cemetery. 

Issue : — 

343. Merritt. b. 3 mo. 16, 1824; d. 2 mo. 11, 1903. 

344. Richard, b. 12 mo. 3, 1825; d. 7 mo. 3, 1827. 

345. Jane, b. 11 mo. 9, 1829; d. 6 mo. 24, 1884. 

346. George, b. S mo. 23, 1S32; d. S mo. 19, 1845. 

347. Cornelia J., b. 2 mo. 17, 1840; d. 6 mo. 10, 1898l 

IV— 106. JOHN R. TRIMBLE (Richard, William, William), b. 12 
mo. 28, 1795; d. 5 mo. 22. 1829; unm. 

He lost his lite at .sea off the ship Birmingham, of which he was first of- 
ficer, on a voyage from Liverpool to New York. 

IV— 107. WILLIAM RICHARD TRIMBLE, b. 5 mo. 23, 1797; d. 
I mo. 5, 1799. 

IV— 108. THOMAZINE R. TRIMBLE (Richard, William. Wil- 
liam), b. 2 mo. 26, 1800; d. 6 mo. 2~, 188; ; buried at Friends' grounds, West 
Chester, Pa.; m. NATHANIEL ELLICOTT 10 mo. 2, 1828, son of Jona- 
than Ellicott and Sarah Harvey, b. 1792; d. 2 mo. 15, i860. 

The family of Ellicott were settled at Ellicott's Mills, Howard Co., Md. 

Issue : — 

348. Jane, b. 9 mo. 26, 1829; d. 9 mo. 2, 1882. 

349. Richard T., b. 1 mo. — , 1842; d. 8 mo. 7. 1894. 

IV— 109. JANE TUNIS TRIMBLE (Richard, William, William), 
10 mo. 8, 1801 ; d. 10 mo. 14, 1820; unm. 
She lived with her parents and died at their residence in New York City. 

IV— no. RICHARD TRIMBLE. IR. (Richard, William. William), 
b. 5 mo. 2, 1804; d. 9 mo. 3, 1877 ;m. CORNELIA DENNIS 6 mo. 23, 1856, 
dau. of Col. Richard M. Dennis and Susan Smith, of New Jersey, b. 4 mo. I, 
1832; d. 12 mo. 30, 1904. 


They resided in West Chester, Pa., and were buried there in Friends' 

Issue : — 

360. George, b. 5 mo. 17, 1858; d. 5 mo. 18, 1S58. 

ail. Ann Roberts, b. 2 mo. 7. 1860; d. 2 mo. 10. 1860. 

They also had an adopted daughter. 
352. Anna Cornelia Dennis, b. 12 mo. 25, 1856. 

Line of William, William, Lydia. 

Ch. of Lydia Trimble {T.-2^) and John Baldicin, all born in Downinglown, 
Chester Co., Pa. 

IV— III. WILLIAM T. BALDWIN (Lydia, William, William), b. 
7 mo. 6, 1794; d. 10 mo. 28, 1821; unm. 

IV— 112. GEORGE BALDWIN (Lydia, William, William), b. 12 
nio- 3> 1796; d. 4 mo. 12, 1827; unm. 

Both of the above d. in their young manhood, when a promising career 
of usefulness was opening before them. 

IV— 113. GRACE BALDWIN, b. 8 mo. 19, 1799; d. 8 mo. 21, 1799. 

IV— 114. JOSEPH T. BALDWIN (Lvdia. William. William), b. 6 
mo. 8, 1801 ; d. 7 mo. 19. 1S40; m. LOUISA A. CLARK in Philadelphia, 5 
mo. 29, 1832, dan. of William Clark and Hannah Dorathea Nagle, of Phila- 
delphia, b. in Baltimore 4 mo. 18. 1815; d. 5 mo. 8, 1878. She was buried at 
Laurel Hill Cemetery, and his body removed there 11 mo. 28, 1883, from 
Friends' Southwestern Grounds. 

Joseph was engaged as a merchant at the corner of Fourth and Market 
Sts., Philadelphia, at the time of his death. He remained attached to the So- 
ciety of Friends. Louisa m. 2d husband, Claudius B. Linn, and they contin- 
ued to reside in Philadelphia, Pa. He was buried March 9, 1889, in Laurel 

Joseph and Louisa had issue : — 
363. Susanna Lydia, b. 3 mo. 26, 1833; d. 10 mo. — , 1904. 
864. William Ashbridge, b. 6 mo. 28, 1835. 
355. Josephine Trimble, b. 3 mo. 13, 1841; d. 9 mo. 18. 1842. 

IV— 115. CATHARINE W. BALDWIN (Lydia, William, William), 
b. 5 mo. 9, 1804; d. about 1827-8; unm. 

IV— 116. THOMAS BALDWIN, b. 12 mo. 12, 1805; d. 7 mo. 18, 


IV— 117. THOMAS BALDWIN (^2d) (LyJia. William. William), b. 
8 mo. 9, 1807; d. II mo. 15. 18S7: m. iiLIZA CLARK 10 mo. — , 1838, 
dau. of Jacob Clark and Elizabeth Doty. She d. 7 mo. 9, 1S44. 

M. second. ELLEN N. STE\^ENS 7 mo. 20,, 1847, ^1^"- o^ Benjamin 
Stevens and Emily Sharpless, b. 6 mo. 3. 181 7; d. 12 mo. 24. 1S79. No issue; 
they resided for some time at 150 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, and he was en- 
gaged in teaching and literary work. In conjunction with his cousin, Dr. J. 
Thomas he edited "Baldwin's Geographical Dictionary;"' also assisted on "A 
Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World,"' published by J. B. Lippincott 
& Co., of Philadelphia. He lost his right of membership with Friends at the 
time of his first marriage, but his sympathies remained with that Society. A 
beautiful and loving tribute to his life and work was issued since his death by 
his niece. 

IV— 118. LYDIA T. BALDWIN (Lydia, William, William), b. 11 
mo. 29, 1809; d. 6 mo. 29, 1892 ; unm. ; buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery. 

After the death of her father she came with her mother to Concord with 
a certificate from Uwchlan Monthly Mtg., i mo. 30, 1823. In 1830 she re- 
moved to New York State, taking a certificate to Cornwall 2 mo. 25. She re- 
turned to Concord in 1837, and in 1840 went to West Chester, where she con- 
tinued the rest of her life. She furnished much valuable information for the 
first edition of this genealogy. 

IV— 119. RICHARD T. BALDWIN, b. 9 mo. 3, 1815; d. 9 mo. 17. 

Line of William, William, Phebe. 

Ch. of Phebe Trimble {T.-2y) and Vincent King, M. D., probably the first b. 
in Philadelphia, and the rest in Goshen, Chester Co., Pa. 

IV— 120. MARY ANN KING, b. 6 mo. — , 1807; d. 1820. 

IV— 121. LYDIA TRIMBLE KING (Phebe, William, William, b. 6 
mo. 2, 1809; d. 4 mo. 5, 1901 ; unm. 

She lived in Springfield Twp. a number of years, but removed to Media, 
Pa., where she resided at the time of her death. She was a mmister in the 
Society of Friends, in which capacity she was much appreciated. She was 
buried at Springfield ^Itg., Delaware Co., Pa. 

I IV— 122. JANE P. KING (Phebe, W^ilham, William), b. 6 mo. 30 

(one acct. says 6 mo. 5) 1812; d. i mo. 14, 1892; m. JOHN G. EDGE 10 

ff ,, i ' * 'i s> o i^m-wt^t-mM^m-v- ' ^ ' s'^'^ ' b:^'!i!ii^^ "tagj 

f m -sfe ; , 



1 :■ 




Baih ri- i I gt»f'-it'ifi3^?^^ViiiiiK*JH3ak^^^ 


JACOB EDGE (No. T. -540) 

facing p. 71S 


mo. 16, 1845, at Uwchlau ^Meeting, son of George Edge* and Sarah Hoopes, 
b. 2 mo. 29, 18 12 ; d. 7 mo. 14 ,1893 ; both buried at East Cahi Mtg. 

He purchased the homestead of 120 acres immediately west of Downing- 
town and continued there during their Uves. It was a hne property and called 
"Maple Shade.'" He also owned other property and followed farming suc- 

They had issue : — 

36C. George, b. 3 mo. 7, 1S47; d. 9 mo. 6, ISSO. 

357. Viucent, b. 1 mo. 5, 1S49. 

358. Benjamin, b. 1 mu. 12^ 1S51. 

359. Lydia K., h. 12 mo. 7, 1&54. 

IV— 123. WILLIAM T. KING, b. 1814; d. 1816. 

IV— 124. JEREMIAH KING, b. circa, 1816; d. in infancy. 

Line of Willi.^m, William, John. 

Ch. of John Trimble (T.-28) and Thomazin Dozoning {T.-2i^), all born in 
West Whiteland, Chester Co., Pa. 

IV— 125. THOMAS D. TRIMBLE (John, William, Wilham), b. 11 
mo. 9, 1818; d. 3 mo. 8, 1905; m. SARAH ROBINSON 11 mo. 25, 1852, 
dau. of James Robinson and Jane Hull, of Honeybrook, b. 2 mo. 22, 1831 ; d. 
2 mo. 28, 1905; both buried in Oakland Cemetery. 

He inherited the original settlement of his grandfather in the Great Val- 
ley. It is situated in West Whiteland Twp., at the foot of the North Valley 
hill, and in addition to farming he also conducted a saw-mill on his property. 

Issue : — 

360. Thomazine, b. 10 mo. 9, 1853. 

361. Ella, b. 3 mo. 30. 1855. 

362. John, b. 3 mo. 22, 18.57; d. 12 mo. 23, 1882. 

363. William, b. 12 mo. 16, 1859. 

364. George T., b. 3 mo. 24, 1862. 
366. Jane, b. 9 mo. 1, 1864. 

366. Margaret B., b. 10 mo. 20. 186C. 

367. Sarah Z., b. 5 mo. 13, 1869. 

IV— 126. MARY ANN TRIMBLE (John, William, WiUiam), b. 9 
mo. 8, 1820; d. 4 mo. 5, 1869; unm. ; probably buried at Uwchlan Mtg. 

Note. — George Edge and Sarah Hoopes were m. 3 mo. 19, 1806. at East Cain Mtg. 
He was b. 6 mo. 30, 1782; d. 12 mo. 31, 1S?1, being a Eon of John Edge (George, John, 
John), and Ann Pim, who were m. 8 mo. 1, 1768, at East Cain. John Edge was a man 
of note in his day. He learned the milling business, but left that calling to keep a 
store In Do^^-ningtown, to which he also added that of tavern keeper. He became an ex- 
tensive laud owner, and is represented as having "possessed great force of character and 
was fortunate in business. A keen observer, he was given to sallies of humor or wis- 
dom for the benefit of his neighbors, many of which were current long after his death." 
mo. 30, 1832, and a sister to Benjamin and Davis Hoopes (See Nos. 411 and 415 Palmer 


IV— 127. WILLIAM I. TRIMBLE (John, William, William j, b. 9 
mo. 4, 1S23; d. I mo. 16, 1897; m. DEBORAH DOWNING 11 mo. 17, 
1856. at West Chester, Pa. (No. T.-560), b. 12 mo. 25, 1838; d. 11 mo. 21, 
1905; both buried at Oakland Friends' Cemetery. 

He inherited the grist mill erected by his grandfather and an adjoining 
farm. On 4 mo. i, 1891, he sold these possessions and moved to West Pike- 
land, where he died, after which his family purchased and removed to a house 
at Chester Springs. "He was a man of genial disposition and very much es- 
teemed in the community." 

Issue : — 

368. Grace Evans, b. 6-16-185S. 

369. Jacob Z.. b. 2-6-1860. 

370. Mary D., b. 12-7-1S61. 

371. Charles, b. 4-22-1863; d. 9-12-1906. 

372. Aima, b. 1-25-1865. 

373. Emma D., b. 3-11-1868. 

374. Rebekah Z., b. 2-8-1875. 

375. Joseph D., b. 10-19-1876. 

376. William I., b. 5-9-1879; d. 9-4-1879. 

IV— 128. SARAH D. TRIMBLE (John, William, William), b. 9 mo. 
6, 1825; d. 10 mo. 19, 1898; m. ELHANAN ZOOK 3 mo. 11, 1847, at 
Uwchlan Mtg., son of John Zook and EHzabeth Mast, b. in West Whiteland 
2 mo. 17, 1 8 19. ... 3 .;^ii*ffA 

They first settled at the old Trimble homestead; removed to a i'arm in 
Uwchlan in 1853; to West Whiteland in 1857; to Cain Twp. in 1864, where 
he purchased the old Parke homestead one mile west of Downingtown, Pa., 
and later finally to Washington St., East Downingtown. 

Issue : — 

377. Thomazin T., b. 12 mo. 22, 1847. 

378. Anne, b. 4 mo. 5. 1849. 

379. William T., b. 2 mo. 2, 1851. 

380. J. Trimble, b. 3 mo. 10, 1S53; d. 7 mo. 17, 1897. 

381. Frances E., b. 10 mo. 6, 1854. 

382. Sallie T., b. 6 mo. 14, 1857; d. 9 mo. 1, 1857. 

383. Mary A., b. 4 mo. 14, 18C0; d. 3 mo. 24. 1867. 

384. Henry E., b. 10 mo. 14, 1862. 

385. George Downing, b. 10 mo. 30, 1869. 

IV— 129. JOSEPH D. TRIMBLE (John 3), b. i mo. 16, 1828; d. 2 
mo. 5, 1829. 

IV— 130. JOHN TRIMBLE, JR., (John 3), b. 2 mo. 2, 18^1; d. 8 
mo. 7, 1831, 

Line of William, William, Grace. 

Ch. of Grace Trimble {T.-29) and Joseph Evans. The first 3 born at Lam- 
peter, Lancaster Co., the rest at Middletown, Delaware Co., Pa. 

IV— 131. ANN EVANS (Grace, William, William), b. 3 mo. 21, 


181 5; d. 9 mo. 30, 1888; m. ISAAC C. EVANS 5 mo. 6, 1847. at Spring- 
field Mtg-., son of Isaac Evans and Mary Conard, b. at Lampeter. Lancaster 
Co., Pa.. 3 mo. 23, 1818; d. 2 mo. 2, 1905. 

They resided at Lampeter four years, and after his father's death re- 
moved to Middletown, Delaware Co., where he purchased a farm. After the 
death of Ann, he, with two daughters, removed to Media, where he died ; both 
buried at Middletown Mtg. 

Issue : — 

3S6. Mary L., b. 6 mo. 20, 184S; d. 3 mo. 7, 1904. 

387. Joseph, b. 9 mo. 14, 1849; d. 3 mo. 26, 1911. 

388. Grace, b. 12 mo. 21, 1850; d. 1 mo. 27, 1851. 

389. Isaac, b. 1 mo. 22, 1852. 

390. William, b. 4 mo. 11, 1853; d. 8 mo. 2, 1856. 

391. Anne, b. 9 mo. 26, 1854. 

392. Lydia, b. 9 mo. 27, 1856. 

393. Rowland, b. 6 mo. 23, 1858. 

394. William, b. S mo. 9, 1861. 

IV— 132. HANNAH EVANS, b. 2 mo. 15, 1817; d. 4 mo. i, 1826. 
IV— 133. WILLIAM EVANS, b. 10 mo. 2, 1819; d. 4 mo. 14, 182 1. 

IV— 134. MARY EVANS (Grace, William, William), b. 5 mo. 2:?. 
1823; d. 2 mo. 15, 1903; bur. at Springfield Mtg.; m. WILLIAM MICKLE 
II mo. 7, 1844, at Springfield Mtg., a son of George Mickle and Mary Brown, 
of Woodbury, N. J., b. 7 mo. 24, 1813 ; d. 6 mo. 16, 1856. They resided on a 
farm near Woodbury, N. J., belonging to his father until his death. He was 
buried at Woodbury Friends' grounds. Mary and their children then removed 
to Delaware Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

395. Anne, b. 6 mo. 16, 1848. 

396. Mary, b. 1 mo. 17, 1850. 

397. Joseph E., b. 12 mo. 6. 1851. 

398. Sarah Tatum, b. 2 mo. 6, 1854; d. 1 mo. 1. 1859. 

399. William, b. 11 mo. 30, 1856; d. 2 mo. 13. 1907. 

IV— 135. JOSEPH EVANS, b. 7 mo. 9, 1825; d. 3 mo. 27, 1826. 

IV— 136. THOMAS EVANS (Grace. William. William), b. 8 mo. 24, 
1830; d. 2 mo. 12, 1910; buried at Springfield Mtg.: m. AGNES PARKER 
10 mo. 10. 1877, in Philadelphia, dau. of Robert Parker and Mary Ann She« 
(dau.of Parke Shee), of that city, b. 10 mo. 10, 1856. They resided on a 
farm in Springfield for some years, then removed to Norristown, Pa., and in 
1906 to Middletown, Delaware Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

400. Charles, b. 8 mo. 19, 1878. 

401. Mary. b. 2 mo. 4, 1880. 

402. Grace T., b. 11 mo. 13. 1881. 


IV— 137. JOHN EVANS (Grace, William, William), b. 8 mo. 23. 
1833; d. 5 mo. 5, 1 851; unm. 

Line of William, William, William. 

Ch. of JVilliam Trimble {T.-jo)aiid Sarali Vickcrs, all born near Lionville, 
Chester Co., Pa. 

IV_i38. MARY V. TRIMBLE (William, William, William), b. 2 mo. 
2y, 1824; d. 8 mo. 17, 1850; unm. 

IV— 139. ABRAHAM V. TRIMBLE (William, William, William). 
b. 6 mo. 12, 1826; d. I mo. 12, 1877. at Downingtown, Pa., and buried there; 
m. MARY V. WEBSTER, 4 mo. 25, 1886, dau. of Naylor Webster and 
Jemima Mendenhall Vickers, b. 2 mo. 17, 184T, at ^Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson Co., 
O. Abraham V. was a surveyor and conveyancer. They resided for a time 
in West Chester, Pa. ; later removed to Downingtown, where he died. His 
family removed to Camden, N. J., and later her address was Whitford. Pa. 

Issue : — 

403. William Webster, b. 4 mo. 16, 1S67; d. 9 mo. 22, 1891; unm. 

404. Cornelia Isabella, b. 3 mo. 24, 1872. 

405. Richard Henry, b. 3 mo. 24, 1872; (Twin with last No.) 

IV— 140. ANNA TRIMBLE (William, William, William), b. 7 mo. 
22), 1828; d. 5 mo. — . 1904. She resided for some time with her sister and 
afterwards in Media, Pa. She was unm. 

IV— 141. CATHARINES. TRIMBLE (William, William. WiUiam), 
b. 12 mo. I, 1830; d. 6 mo. 9, 1904; m. JOSEPH H. EASTWICK 10 mo. 
13, 1858, son of Andrew M. Eastwick and Lydia x\nn James, of Philadelphia: 
b. there 12 mo. 2, 1832. He was engaged in the coal trade. They resided 
for a time near Boston. Mass., then on the old Bartram garden estate near 
Gray's Ferry, Philadelphia, and later at East Washington Lane and Stenton 
Ave., Germantown, Pa. 

Issue : — 

406. Joseph Harrison, b. S mo. 17, 1859: d. same day. 

407. William T., b. 3 mo. 3. 1861; d. 4 mo. 23, 1904. 

408. Margaret Lydia, b. 3 mo. 3, 1863. 

409. Abram Trimble, b. 7 mo. 14, 1865. 

411. Charles James, b. 11 mo. 22. 1869; d. 2 mo. 15, 1902. 

412. Andrew M., b. 10 mo. 4, 1871; d. 10 mo. 4, 1873. 

413. Sarah T., b. 7 mo. 24, 1875; d. 7 mo. 18, 1876. 

IV— 142. WILLIAM CHARLES TRIMBLE (William 3). b. 9 mo. 
3, 1833; d. 8 mo. 20. 1836. 


Line of William, Samuel, ]Margaret. 

Cli. of Margaret Trimble (T.-ji) and Thomas Peirce, all born in Thornbury, 
Delaware, Co., Pa. 

IV— 143. WILLIAM T. PEIRCE (Margaret. Samuel, William), b. 
2 mo. 19, 1795, d. 4 mo. 26, 1862: m. SARAH Y. BRINTON 3 mo. 11, 
1818, at Concord Mtg., dau. of George Brinton and Elizabeth Yeatman, b. 
6 mo. 26, 1795; d. I mo. 13, 1821. 

M. second, JANE N. MEXDENHALL 9 mo. 13, 1837, at Newtown 
Mtg., b. 1795; d. 7 mo. 27, 1856. 

M. third, MARY YARNALL 3 mo. 9. 1859, dau. of .William and Mary 

He resided for many years on his farm in Upper Providence, Delaware 
Co., Pa. He was steward of the Delaware Co. Almshouse for three years, 
from 4 mo. 1, 1839, to 4 mo. i, 1842. The latter part of his life was passed 
in retirement at his residence in Media, Pa. He and his wives were Friends. 
He was buried at Concord Mtg. 

Issue by first wife only: 

414. Caleb Brinton, b. 6 mo. 17, 1S19; d. 9 mo. 20, 1820, 

415. Sarah B.. b. U. mo. 4, 1821; d. 2 mo. 19, 1887. 
410. Joseph Harrison, b. 1 mo. 20, 1868. 

IV— 144. ROBERT PEIRCE (Margaret. Samuel, William), b. April 
II, 1797; d. March 27, 1884: m. HANNAH HARVEY Jan. 23. 1821, dau. 
of Eli Harvey and ]Mary Painter, of Birmingham, Delaware Co., Pa., b. June 
4, 1802; d. Oct. 28, 1872. 

M. second, EM^LA ZUNDEL, 1S57, in Utah. dau. of Isaac and Sarali 
Zundel. George and Hannah were reared in the Societ yof Friends and resided 
for some years in Chester Co., Pa. But becoming members of the ^lormon 
church they removed with their family first to Nauvoo, Hancock Co., 111., 
and thence with the wagon train across the plains in 1874 to Salt Lake City, 
Utah, where they lived the rest of their lives. 

Issue, probably all born in Chester Co., Pa. : — 

416. Mary H., b. 11 mo. 29, 1821; d. 3 mo. 16, 1847. 

417. Margaret, b. 4 mo. 19, 182.3; d. 1 mo. 16, 1907. 

418. Anna Eliza, b. 1 mo. 29. 1S26; d. .3 mo. 4. 1S29. 

419. Eli Harvey, b. 7 mo. 29. 1S27; d. 8 mo. 12, 1858. 

420. Thomas, b. 8 mo 18, 1829; d. 4 mo. 1, 1864. 

421. Joseph, b. circa. 1831; d. young. 

422. William, b. \ mo. 2, 1833; d. 2 mo. 7, 1908. 

423. Edith Evalina. b. 11 mo. IS, 1836. 

424. Elizabeth, b. 8 mo. 13, 1839; d. 7 mo. 11, 1844, 

IV— 145. CALEB PEIRCE (Margaret, Samuel. William), b. 9 mo. 23. 
1799; d, I mo. 13, 1877; m. MARY ANNA MAY 12 mo. 10, 1835, dau, of 


Rev. Thomas P. May* and Sarah McClintock, b. i mo. 26, 1816, at Potts- 
town, Pa.: d. 6 mo. 25. 1876; both buried at Concord Mtg. 

He was engaged for many years in teaching school ; then resided for 
several years in Philadelphia, where he was a manufacturer of printer's ink 
and conducted an advertising agency. They then removed to Moorestown, 
N .J., and later to Concordville, Pa., where they were members of the Society 
of Friends, in which he was a minister and she an elder. 

Issue : — 

425. Thomas May, b. 12 mo. 10. 1837; d. 5 mo. 16, 1896. 

426. Margaret, b. 12 mo. 28, 1S39. 

427. Sarah Elizabeth, b. 12 mo. 16. 1843. 

428. Caleb Franklin, b. 4 mo. 4, 1845. 

429. George W., b. 12 mo. 20, 1847; d. 3 mo. 13, 1873. 

430. Samuel James, b. 9 mo. 19, 1855; d. 4 mo. 10, 1859. 

IV— 146. ESTHER ANN PEIRCE (Margaret 3). b. 12 mo. 24. 1801 ; 
d. 9 mo. 2, 1858; m. WILLIAM A. GHEEN 5 mo. 7, 1823, son of Thomas 
Gheen and Alice Ann Atkins, of Goshen, Chester Co., Pa., b. 9 mo. 2, 1798; 
d. 7 mo. 15, 1845, at Nauvoo, 111. 

They became members of the iMormon church in 1840 and removed to 
Nauvoo, 111., in 1842. The widow and children mostly removed to Salt Lake 
City, Utah, in 1848 by the overland wagon trains. 

Issue : — 

431. Margaret P., b. 11-1-1823; d. 9-21-1886. 

432. Thomas Peirce. b. 3-18-1826; d. (?). 

433. Ann Alice, b. 12-20-1827; d. 10-12-1879. 

434. Amanda Trimble, h. 1-18-1830; d. 11-4-1904. 

435. Mary Ann, b. 12-29-1832; d. 4-18-1903, 

436. Stephen Harris, b. 4-19-1835. 

437. Levi A., b. 3-1-1840. 

438. Sarah Ellen, b. 12-11-1844; d. 1-13-1869. 

IV— 147. PHEBE PEIRCE (Margaret 3), b. 4 mo. 24, 1804; d. 3 mo. 
15, i860; m. JOHN BENINGTON 11 mo. 3, 1824, at Concord Meeting, son 
of Robert Benington and Rachel Man. of Yorkshire, Eng.. b. 7 mo. 20, 1800; 
d. 4 mo. 16. 1901 ; both buried at Concord Mtg. 

He was born in Yorkshire, England, and attended the Ackworth School 
there. His parents dying before his 15th year he was apprenticed to a green 
grocer, where he remained until nearly twenty-one years of age, when he emi- 
grated to Pennsylvania. He brought a certificate from Pontefract Monthly 
Meeting of Friends dated 7 mo. i6th. 1821, directed to Philadelphia and for- 
warded to Concord Jvlonthly Meeting, Pa., where it was received i mo. 31, 
1822. After their marriage they settled in Londongrove, Chester, Co., where 
they lived about twelve years. They then returned to Concord and rented the 

Note. — Rev. Thomas P. May, of the P. E. Church, was a brother of Addison P. 
May, late of West Chester, Pa., sons of Robert May and Ruth Potts, of Pottstown, Mont- 
gomery Co., Pa. 

(No. T.-31) 

(No. T.-145) 



farm of Nathan Sharpless until 1847 when he bought and removed to "Hil- 
ston Fami," in Thornbury Twp.. which he mainly sold in 1890 for the "Hou?e 
of Refuge" of Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania, and now occupied by 
them with extensive modern buildings and equipment, with accommodations 
for nearly a thousand boys who are there trained for a useful life. From 
1853 to 1S60 they managed the Westtown Boarding School farm of six hun- 
dred acres, where Phebe died. He then returned to Hilston and on 5 mo. 4, 
1864 m. Edith Martin at Concord Mtg.. widow of George Martin and dau. 
of Nathan and Lydia Sharpless, b. 2 mo. 2, 1797; d. 8 mo. 20. 1867. In 1S77, 
he removed to Media. Pa., where he continued to live in company with his 
daughter Margaret tlic remainder of his days, reaching the extraordinary age 
of one hundred years eight months and twenty-six days. He thus had lived 
in part of the i8th, all of the 19th and part of the 20th centuries. During his 
active life he had been a director of the West Chester and Philadelphia R. R., 
Glen iMills station being near his residence. He was also for many years one 
of the committee in charge of Westtown Boarding School. He was all his 
life a consistent member of the Society of Friends and in his latter years a 
worthy elder. He was always found in his place in the meeting house except 
when prevented by sickness. 

Issue : — 

439. Ann, b. 4-16-1827; d. 1-27-1903. 

440. Samuel, b. 12-7-182S. 

441. Rachel, b. 8-23-lS32;d. 2-8-1897. 

442. Henry, b. 6-13-1835; d. 5-12-1859. 

443. Margaret, b. 1-16-1843. 

444. John, Jr., b. 8-4-1845; d. 4-6-1875. 

IV— 148. SAT^IUEL T. PEIRCE (Margaret 3), b. 4 mo. 18, 1806; d. 
8 mo. 16, 1827; unm; buried at Concord Mtg. 

IV— 149. JAMES EMLEN PEIRCE (Margaret 3), b. i mo. 10, 1809; 
d. 7 mo. 31, 1814; buried at Concord Mtg. 

IV— 150. THOMAS J. PEIRCE (Margaret 3), b. 8 mo. 7, 1811 ; d. 11 
mo. 26, 1888; m. MARTHA ANN SMITH 3 mo. 18, 1847. dau. of Thomas 
C. Smith and Mary Talley, of Brand>'^vine Hundred, Del. ; b. there 7 mo. 
25, 1829; d. 4 mo. 6, 1897, both buried at Concord Mtg. 

By trade he was a carriage builder. He had also taught school. He en- 
listed in the Union army during the Civil War, although his age was above the 
legal requirement. Later he had a small farm near Concordville, Pa. 

Issue : — 

445. Narcissa, b. 12-3-1847; d. 7-24-1849. 

446. Alonza Hcndrickson, b. 4-28-1850; d. 3-9-1854. 

447. Clara Belle, b. 6-10-1854. 

448. Samuel Howard, b. 3-13-1859; d. 3-18-1906. 


Line of William, Samuel, Joseph. 

Ch. of Joseph Trimble (T.-j^) and Jane H. Brinton, all born in Concord, Del- 
aware Co., Pa. 

IV— 151. HARRIET TRIMBLE (Josepli. Samuel. William), b. 8 mo. 
15, 1802; d. 3 mo. 22, 1873; m. JOHN C. CORBETT 12 mo. 9, 1824, son 
of William Corbett and Mary of Cantwell Bridge, Del. b. 7 mo. i, 1792; 
d. 4 mo. 2, 1832. 

M. second, CHARLES T ATM AN, 3 mo. 30, 1847. He was b. 5 mo. 
5, 1792; dec'd. 

They resided at Odessa, Delaware. No issue. 

IV— 152. CHRISTIANA B. TRIMBLE, b. 6 mo. 9, 1804; d. 9 mo. 
— , 1804. 

IV— 153. ANNA W. TRIMBLE (Joseph, Samuel, William), b. i mo. 
14, 1807; d. 9 mo. 4, 1890; unm. 

She resided with her sister Esther at West Chester, after whose death 
she went to her sister, Phebe B. Rothrocks, at ]\IcVe}lown, Pa., where she 
closed her life. 

IV— 154. PHEBE B. TRI^IBLE (Joseph, Samuel William), b. 3 mo. 
9, 1810; d. 9 mo. 14, 1894: m. DR. ABRAHAM ROTHROCK May 11, 
1837, son of Philip Rothrock and Martha Lobough, b. April 19, 1806; d. Sept. 
9, 1894. 

"He practiced medicine for sixty-two years in McVe>i:own, Miflin Co., 
Pa., and was possessed of remarkable activity and endurance; and as a lead- 
ing physician was much sought for in consultation by his associates. He was 
surgeon to the board of enrollment for his district during the Civil War and 
enjoyed in all his official acts the reputation of the strictest integrity and jus- 
tice. For over forty years he was an elder in the Presbyterian Church. 

Issue : — 

449. Joseph Trimble, b. April 9, 1839. 

450. Ann Anaanda, b. June 29, 1840. 

451. Mary M., b. Aug. 12, 1842 ;(1. Mar. 18, 1898. 

IV— 155- AMANDA H. TRIMBLE ( Joseph,. Samuel, William), b. 6 
mo. 16, 1811 ; d. 9 mo. 4. 1829 ; buried at Concord Mtg. She was remembered 
by old residents as a remarkably bright and conscientious young woman. 

IV— 156. ESTHER B. TRIMBLE (Joseph, Samuel, William), b. 7 mo. 
8, 1819; d. 12 mo. 5, 1883; '^nn^- 


Slie resided at West Chester, Pa., where she was a successful operator 
of a small fruit farm, graperies and hot houses. She was buried at Oakland 

Line of William, Samuel, Samuel. 

CIt. of Satnuel Trimble (T.-jj) and Rebecca Mendenhall, all born in Concord, 
Delaware Co., Pa. 

IV— 157. JOHN B. TRIMBLE, b. 2 mo. 23, 1809; d. 10 mo. 29, 1809. 

William), b. 4 mo. 10, 1810; d. 9 mo. 12, 1898; m. LYDIA SHARPLESS, 
1 1 mo. 9, 1836. at Chester ^Meeting-, dau. of John Sharpless* and Ruth Martin 
of Nether Providence, Delaware Co., Pa., b. i mo. 2, 1812; d. 10 mo. 16, 
1 89 1, both buried at Chester Mtg. They first settled on the Haverford College 
farm, but in 1840 purchased and removed to a farm in Chester Twp., where 
they were highly esteeined members oi Chester Friends' Meeting and influen- 
tial citizens of the neighborhood. 

They had issue : — 

452. John, b. 5 mo. 6, 1838; d. 7 mo. 31, 1886; unm. 

453. Rebecca, b. 5 mo. 22, 1840. 

454. Samuel, b. 2 mo. 26, 1S43. 

455. George, b. 7 mo. 12, 1845; d. 6 mo. 10, 1889; unm. 

456. William, b. 8 mo. If), 1847. 

457. Ann, b. 1 mo. 25, 1851. 

458. Henry, b. 5 mo. 22, 1853; d. 8 mo. 24, 1898. 

459. Ruthanna, b. 9 mo. 8, 1855; d. 2 mo. 27, 1876. 

460. Joseph, b. 7 mo. 12. 1857. 

IV— 159. SAMUEL TRIMBLE (Samuel 3), b. 3 mo. 19, 1812; d. 9 
mo. 17, 1824. 

Note. — John Sharpless was the son of Daniel Sharpless, Jr., and Hannah Thomas 
(who were m. 1775), she being the dau. of Isaaa and Mary Thomas of Willistown, Ches- 
ter Co., Pa. Ruth Martin the dau. of George Martin and Elizabeth Reynolds, of Chi- 
chester, Pa.; Fhe wns b. 10 mo. 17, 1780; d. 1 mo. 17, 1878. Daniel, Jr., son of Daniel 
Sharpless and Sor^h Coppock (who were m. 1736), she being the dau. of Bartholomew 
and Phebe Coppock, of Springfleld, Pa. Daniel, Sr., youngest of nine ch. of John Sharp- 
Jess. Jr.. who emigrated with his parents In 1682, and m. Hannah Pennell in 1G92, dau. 
of Robert Pennell, of Middletown. Pa. The elder John Sharpless m. Jane Moore 1662, 
both being of Ratherton, Co. of Chester, England. He purchased one thousand acres ol 
land of Willinni Pcnn, by deed dated 5th day of April, 1682. They emigrated the same 
year with their family of seven children, landing at Chester, Pa., 6 mo. (Aug.) 14, They 
took up land two miles from Chester, on Ridley Creek, and built a cabin against a rock, 
which yet contains the date of the year In which they arrived— 1682. The elder John 
«1. 1685, aged sixty-one yenrs, and Jane 1722, aged eighty-three years. Of their cb., 
Thiomas, d. ou the ocean. Plube and Jane in 16Sj, and Cal^b in 1^!S6 from th»^ bite of a 
snake. The rest, John, Jr., James and Joseph, were each m., and their descendants are 
very numerous. For an account of which, see The Sharpless Genealogy by Gilbert Cope. 


IV— i6o. ESTHER TRIMBLE (Samuel 3), b. 5 mo. 4, 1814; d. 9 
mo. 29, 1824. 

IV— 161. MARGARET M. TRIMBLE (Samuel, Samuel, William), 
b. 7 mo. 31, 1818; d. I mo. 9, 1854; umn. 

IV— 162. GEORGE \V. TRIMBLE (Samuel. Samuel, William), b. 12 
mo. 14, 1820; d. 7 mo. 12, 1846; unm. 

IV— 163. SAMUEL TRIMBLE (2d) (Samuel, Samuel, William), b. 3 
mo. 5, 1825; d. 12 mo. 17, 1854; unm. 

He resided in Concord with his mother. He furnished considerable in- 
formation toward the making of the ]\Iendenhall Record. He as well as his 
brother and sister above noted were much respected in their neighborhood and 
their early deaths much deplored. They were all buried at Concord Meeting. 
Samuel was skilled in mineralogy and was familar with most of the localities 
where choice minerals were to be found in Chester and Delaware counties. His 
very fine collections of minerals can be seen in the museum at Westtown 
Boarding School. 

IV— 164. ANN TRI^IBLE (Samuel, Samuel, William), b. 8 mo. 25, 
1827; d. 8 mo. 14. 1890: m. GEORGE ^lARTIN, M. D., 2 mo. 6. 1850. at 
Concord ]Mtg., son of George Martin and Edith Sharpless, of Chichester, b. 4 
mo. 9, 1827; d. 10 mo. 28, 1886; both buried at West Chester, Pa. 

He was graduated Tvl. D. by University of Pennsylvania in 1847; settled 
at Concordville and was one of the founders of the Delaware Co. Medical So- 
ciety. After three or four years he removed to Philadelphia, where he was 
connected with the Central Dispensary for about five years; after this he be- 
came a partner with his cousin, John M. Sharpless, at Chester, in the manu- 
facture of dye stuffs. Since 1866 their residence was in West Chester, living 
principally a retired life. He was called upon frequently as a consulting physi- 
cian, and was one of the managers of the Pennsylvania Training School for 
Feeble ?ilinded Children, near Media. Pa. For several years he spent the win- 
ters in Florida for the benefit of the mild climate. As a student of botany in 
the department of fungi he had few equals. Ann died at Newport, R. I., where 
she had gone for a change of climate. 

Issue : — 

461. Edith, b. 10 mo. 25, 1850: d. 10 mo. 28. 1863. 

462. Reb<;cca, b. G ir.o. 6, 1S52; d. 11 mo. 27, 1853. 

463. George, b. 2 mo. 7, 1854; d. 11 mo. 4, 1854. 

Line of William, Hannah, Hannah. 

Ch. of Hannah Jacobs (T.-40) and David Thomas. 

IV— 165. WILLIAM JACOBS THOMAS, b. 9 mo. 13. 1799; d. 3 mo. 
30, 1 818; unm. 


^ "%*?; 



• o 


IV— 166. MARY THOMAS (Hannah. Hannah. William), b. 12 mo. 
.-;. 1800; d. 3 mo. II, 1889; m. GEORGE SPEXCER 10 mo. 21, 1839. at 
Norih Street M.-H., Cayuga Co.. X. Y., son of John Spencer* and Lydia 
l-oulke. b. 4 mo. 29, 1787; d. 4 mo. 10, 1876. 

They residetl at Horsham, Montgomery Co., Pa., and were members of 
Oitho<lox Friends Meeting. No issue. 

IV— 167. ISAAC JACOBS THOMAS (Hannah, Hannah, WilHam), 
b. 5 nio. I, 1802; d. 9 mo. 11, 1824; unm. He was an engineer on the Erie 

IV— 168. ABEL THOMAS (Hannah. Hannah, William), b. 5 mo. 15, 
1804; d. I mo. 20, 1846; m. PATIENCE THORNE 2 mo. 19, 1835, ^^ 
Skaneateles, N. Y., dau. of Obadiah Thorne and Charity Haight, b. 12 mo. 
24, 1807; d. I mo. II, 1846. 

The Thorne family came from Dutchess Co., N. Y., a few years previous 
to this marriage. 

Issue : — 
id. Hannah, b. 3 mo. 4, 1S37. 

<C5. Edward A., b. 4 mo. 27, 1838: d. 9 mo. 2. 1890. 
4C6. Elizabeth, b. 11 mo. 1, 1840; d. 2 mo. 28. 1S41. 

IV— 169. EDWARD THOMAS (Hannah, Hannah, William), b. 2 mo. 
21, 1806; d. 5 mo. 20, 1832; unm. He was an optician and a mathematician 
of uncommon ability. 

IV— 170. ANNA THOMAS (Hannah, Hannah, William), b. 11 mo. 
22, 1807; d. 9 mo. 16, 1865; unm. 

IV— 171. JOHN JACOBS THOMAS (Hannah, Hannah, William), b. 
I mo. 8, 1810; d. 2 mo. 22, 1895; m- MARY SLOCUM HOWLAXD, 8 
mo. 23, 1838, at North Street Mtg, Ledyard, Cayuga Co., N. Y., dau. of 

Note. — John Spencer, son of Jacob Spencer and Hannah JarretL Jacob, son of 
Samuel Spencer and Mary Dawes. Samuel, son of Samuel Spencer, the emigrant, and 
Elltabeth Whitton. 

Lydia Foulke, dau. of William and Hannah Foulke, of Gwynedd. William Foulke, 
Mu of Thoma.s, who was the son of Edward Foulke, one of the Welsh immigrants who 
e«ltlcd at Gwynedd In 1698. Edward Foulke was descended from Rhirid Flaidd, of Pen- 
Uyn, a Welsh chieftain of the latter half of the 12th century. 

John Spencer and Lydia Foulke were married at Gwynedd in 1783. 
(See a "Genealogical Sketch of the Descendants of Samuel Spencer," by Howard 
M. Jen kins. 1904.) 


Humphrey Howland and Sarali Tallcot Field,* b. lo mo.27, 1815; d. 7 mo.24, 
1900; both John J. and Mary S. were buried at Union Springs, N Y. 

She was a ver}' influential minister belonging to New York Yearly Meet- 
ing of Orthodox Friends ; was an earnest worker in the missionary and tem- 
perance causes and a woman of saintly character. 

They resided at Union Springs, Cayuga Co., N. Y. John J. Thomas 
was a prominent agricultural writer, and was on the editorial stall' of "The 
Country Gentleman,"' a paper of high tone, published at Albany, N. Y. He 
was author of "Rural Affairs," published in nine volumes," "Farm Implements 
and Machinery," "The American Fruit Culturist," etc. ; also inventor of an 
improved harrow ,especially adapted for going over growing plants. 

Issue : — 

467. Catharine, b. 6 mo. 27, 1S39; d. 9 mo. 4, 1841. 

468. Louisa, b. 4 mo. 27, 1841. 

469. Henry, b. 5 mo. 6, 1843; d. 4 mo. 6, 1849. 

470. William H., b. 8 mo. 11, 1847; d. 1 mo. 16. 1851. 

471. Caroline, b. 9 mo. 26, 1S50. 

472. Emily, b. 11 mo. 21, 1853. 

473. Elizabeth Howland, b. 11 mo. 29, 1856. 

IV— 172. JOSEPH THOMAS (Hannah, Hannah, William), b. 9 mo. 
22, 1811 ; d. 12 mo. 24, 1891 ; unm. 

He was born in Ledyard, Cayuga Co., N. Y., and was educated at the 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N. Y., where he graduated in 1830. 
He entered Yale College in 1832 in the senior class, but was obliged to leave 
before the year was out on account of failing health. In recognition of his 
scholarly work and worth, however, the college conferred on him the degree 
of A. M. He removed to Philadelphia, where he was one of the first members 
of the faculty of Haverford College (about 1833-35) ^s instructor of the 
Greek and Latin languages and literature. In 1837 he graduated in medicine 
from the University of Pennsylvania. In 1873, both the University of Penn- 
sylvania and Princveton College conferred upon him the degree of LL. D. 
"His high culture" and his great attainments never led him away from the sim- 
ple faith and life of his fathers, that of the Quakers. 

A summary of his literary work was published in the Philadelphia Led- 
ger and follows here : — 

Note.— Sarah T. Field, a dau. of Jesse Field, (soni 01 Stephen and Jerusha Field), 
and Phebe Hawkhurst, dau. of Seaman and Dinah Hawkhurst. Humphry Howland, a 
son of Benjamin Howland and Mary Slocum, of Dartmouth, Mass. Mary Slocum, a dau. 
of Benjamin Slocum and Phebt Wing; Benjamin Slocum, a son of Benjamin Slocum and 
Meribah Earle, dau. of Ralph Earle; Benjamin Slocum, a son of Eliezor Slocum and El- 
ephel B'itzgerald; Eliezer Slocum, a son of Giles and Joan Slocum, and Giles Slocum, a 
aon of Anthony Slocum and Harvey. Most of the Slocums lived at Dart- 
mouth, Mass. (See the Slocums of America, by Chas. Elihu Slocum.) 

Benjamin Howland, a son of Benjamin Howland and Mary Chase, of Dartmouth; 
Benjamin Howland, a son of Nicholas Howland and Hannah Woodman; Nicholas How- 
land, a son of Zoeth and Abigail Howland, and Zoeih Howland, a son of Henry How- 
land and Mary Newland (See Genealogy of the Howland Family of America by Franklin 


The Series of Works With Which He Has Adorned Our Literature. 

The funeral of Joseph Thomas, M. D., LL. D., the scholar and linguist, who died 
on Thursday afternoon, took place yesterday afternoon from his late residence, 231 North 
Twelfth street. The services were conducted after the mann>^r of the Religious Society 
of Friends, of which Dr. Thoruas had long been a member. 

Impressive discourses were preached by Samuel Morris, of Geimantown, and Jos- 
ei.h Elkinton. The former spoke of the long and useful life 01 Dr. Thomas, of, his in- 
tegrity of character and of his humble Christian faith. Dr. Thomas's old friend, Mr. 
Thomas Eaton, and his brother came from Long Branch to attend the funeral. The in- 
lerment took place in Friends' Southwestern Burial Ground. 

Dr. Thomas's literary work comprised the joint authorship, with Thomas Baldwin, 
In 1S45, of "Baldwin's Pronouncing Gazetteer" ,and the authorship of the sysiem of 
pronunciation of geographical names contained therein. In 1S4S-9 lie contributed a 
paper on muscular action and the mechanism of locomotion to a work on "Special, 
General and ilicroscopic Anatomy," edited by Dr. S. G. Morton. In 1S51-2 appeared his 
"First Book of Etymology," followed by an edition of "Oswald's Etymological Diction- 
ary." He contributed geographical vocabularies to Webster's octavo Dictionary in 
1S47; to the University edition, lS5t!; to the unabridged quarto edition of IS'34. and also 
enriched the latter with a pronouncing vocabulary of modern biographical names. In 
1S52 he visited Egypt and Palestine, and in 1S53 published his "Travels" in those coun- 
tries. In 1S54, in connection with T. Baldwin, he prepared "A New and Complete Ga- 
zetteer of the United States," and in 1855 "A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer, or Geo- 
graphical Dictionary of the World"; in a royal octavo of 2200 pages, containing a notice 
of the pronunciation of the names of nearly 100,000 places, of which an enlarged edi- 
tion was issued in ISCG, and another is now in process of preparation. This work, pop- 
ularly known as "Lippincott's Gazetteer of the "World," has been very highly commended 
and for accuracy and completeness is without an equal in the English language. Dr. 
Thomas was author of the very valuable preface and introduction to this work, in which 
the principles which should guide to a correct pronunciation of foreigiv names are ably 
set forth. 

In 1857 Dr. Thomas visited India, where he passed more than a year in the study 
of the Oriental tongues. He also spent several months in Egj-pt, where he made him- 
self acquainted with the rudiments of the Arabic. 

In 1864 his "Comprehensive Medical Dictionary" appeared, in which the same re- 
gard for accuracy in pronunciation is exhibited that characterizes bis geographical dic- 
tionaries, while his medical judgment has also been made avalable. This work has 
been pronounced by Dr. Krauth "a masterpiece of practical skill and accurate condensa- 
tion of what is most needful for the student of medicine and the general reader to 
know." In 1870-71 was published his "Universal Pronouncing Dictionary of Biography 
and Mythology," two volumes, royal octavo, 2343 pages, which, from the judicious brev- 
ity of the articles, the comprehensiveness of its selections and nice exactness in orthog- 
raphy and pronunciation, has already taken a very high place among our books of 

Dr. Thomas brought to the aid of the biographer the resources of profound, learn- 
ing, critical acumen, untiring patience, and earnest conscientiousness, all of which ad- 
mirable qualities are exhibited in the series of works wth which he has adorned our 
literature. In the language of Professor Dana, of Yale College, "he has done his coun- 
try a great service by his various labors." 

Line of William, Hannah, Elizabeth. 

Ch. of Elizabeth Jacobs (T.-41) and George Mechcm. The first two or three 
were born in Philadelphia Co., the rest in East Bradford, Chester Co., Pa, 

IV— 173. HANNAH J. MECHEM. (Elizabeth. Hannah, William), b. 
4 mo. 9, 1S06; d. 7 mo. 31, 1850; m. JOHN H. HALSTED, in 1830, in 
Cayuga, Co., N. Y., son of Jonathan Hafstead and Elizabeth Powell, b. 4 mo. 
3. 1807; d. 9 mo. 4,1887. 


They removed to Calhoun Co., Mich. She died in Penfield Twp. of that 
Co. ; bur. in Quaker burv'ing grounds at Battle Creek. He was bur. at Shelby, 

Issue : — 

474. Ellen M., b. 10 mo. 16, 1S31. 

485. George, b. 12 mo. 18, 1860. 

476. Naomi, d. in infancy. 

477. Mary Jane. b. 2 mo. 2, 1840; d. 8 mo. 31, 1889. 

478. Jonathan, b. 9 mo. 5. 1842. 

479. Ann M.. b. 11 mo. 5, 1844; d. 3 mo. 6. 1899. 

480. Susan D., b. 12 mo. 25, 1847; d. 8 mo. 23. 1873. 

IV— 174. JOHN M EACH EM (Elizabeth, Hannah, William), b. 10 mo. 
25, 1807; d. 12 mo. 5, 1881; m. CAROLINE A. LORD 7 mo. 9, 1849, at 
Marshall, Mich, (her second husband). Her maiden name was Hubbard, and 
she was a native of Sherburne, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

He added a letter to his last name, spelling it Meachem. He was a surveyor 
and conveyancer. He resided at Battle Creek, Calhoun Co., Mich. 

Issue : — 

481. (A boy unnamed), d. in infancy. 

482. Clara Elizabeth, d. in her 7th year. 

IV— 175. ISAAC J. MECHEM (Elizabeth, Hannah, William), b. 7 
mo. II, 1810; d. 8 mo. 5. 1888; m. LYDIA MARIA AVERY 4 m.o. 11,1838, 
in Ledyard Cayuga Co., N. Y., dau. of Hezekiah and Polly Avery. 

They resided at Nunda, Livingston, Co. N. Y., where she d. 10 mo. 22^, 

M. second wife, CELESTIA RUSSELL, 8 mo. 30, 1855, dau. of Joseph 
and Sarah Russell, of Alleghany Co., N. Y., b. 3 mo. 2, 1833; still living. 

Isaac J. was a graduate of Hoinoeopathy. He resided at Titusville, 
Crawford Co., Pa., where he was in active practice. 

Issue by last wife only : — 

483. Florence, b. 7 mo. 14, 1856. 

484. Floyd Russell, b. 5 mo. 9, 1858. 

485. George, b. 12 mo. IS, 1860. 

486. Charles Gibbs, b. 7 mo. 27, 1864. 

487. William H.. b. 8 mo. 5, 1868; d. 5 mo. 16. 1900. 

IV_i76. MARY MECHEM (Elizabeth 3), b. 12 mo. 7, 1812; d. i mo. 
12, 1814. 

IV— 177, ANN MECHEM (Elizabeth, Hannah, William), b. 12 mo. 
13, 1814; d. 12 mo. 20. 1844; m- ORLO N. MUNGER in Cayuga Co., N. Y. 

He d. several years previous to Ann; she then removed to her sister's, 
Hannah J. Halsted. No ch. 


IV— 178. ELIZABETH MECHEM (Elizabeth, Hannah, William), b. 
-> mo. 5. 1817, in Chester Co., Pa. ; d. 10 mo. 27. 1S99; m. JOHN 
KNOWLES 4 mo. 12, 1838, in Pent^eld, Mich., son of William Knowles and 
Elizabeth Wilco.x, b. 3 mo. 25, 181 5 in Cayuga Co., N. Y. ; d. 4 mo. 5, 1886. 

John was a farmer. Their residence was near Battle Creek, Calhoun Co., 
Mich. Both were buried there in Oak Hill Cemetery. 

Issue : — 

458. George M.. b. July 21, 1S39. 

459. Ann Munger, b. Jan. 5, 1842; d. June 8, ISSl. 

IV— 179. MARY MECHEM (Elizabeth. Hannah, William), b. 7 mo. 
4, 1819; d. I mo. I, 1856; m. DAVID HALSTED 1836, in Cayuga Co., N. 
Y., brother to John (See T.-i 73). 

They removed to Michigan, but in a few years returned to the farm of 
his father in Cayuga Co., N. Y., where they passed the rest of their lives. He 
was b. 4 mo. 26, 181 1; d. 9 mo. 3, 1854. Both Nvere buried at Poplar 
Ridge Cemetery. 

Issue : — 

490. Charlotte Pearl, b. 6 mo. 12, 1837; d. 1 mo. 12, 1904. 

491. Milton Arnold, b. 9 nio. 12, 1S3S; d. 1 mo. 4, 1904. 

492. Adella, b. 8 mo. 27, IMl; d. 9 mo. 14, 1866. 

493. Stanley Mechem, b. 10 mo. IS. 1S43; d. 1877. 

494. George Mechem, b. 9 mo. 14. 1S45; d. Q mo. 12, 1873. 

495. Edward Monroe, b. 11 mo. 13. 1847. 

496. Henry Powell, b. 4 mo. 18, 1850. 

497. Byron David, b. 6 mo. 7, 1852. 

IV— 180. STANLEY MECHEM (Elizabeth, Hannah, William), b. 7 
mo. 7, 1823; d. 4 mo. 23, 1897; m. EUNICE H. BRYANT, 12 mo. i, 1852, 
dau. of Jacob C. and Anna Bryant, b. i mo. 3, 1832; d. 6 mo. 14, 1881. He 
engaged in milling in 1875 at Bedford, Calhoun Co., Mich. 

Issue : — 

498. Evangeline, b. 2 mo. 11. 1854; d. 4 mo. 10, 1896. 

499. George B., b. 5 mo. 11, 1860. 

Line, of William, Hann.^h, Isaac. 

Ch. of Isaac Jacobs {T.-4s) and Susanna Lightfoot. Seven of these ch. were 
born in Chester Co., Pa., and three in Cayuga Co., N. Y. 

IV— 181. RACHEL JACOBS, b. 2 mo. 23, 181 1 ; d. 10 mo. — , 1823. 

She was away at a boarding school and was a very bright student ; her 
letters to her parents and brother were beautifully worded and written and are 
yet preserved. She came home and was taken ill with typhoid fever, which 
caused her death, to the great sorrow of her parents and friends. 

IV— 182. THOMAS LIGHTFOOT JACOBS (Isaac, Hannah, Wil- 



liani), b. 12 mo. 19, 1812; d. 9 mo. 6. 1879; m. THYRZA PEIRCE 5 mo. 
24, 1849, dau. of Thomas Peirce and Rachel Nippers, b. 1827; d. 1894. He 
removed with his family in March, 1869, to Salem, Henry Co., Iowa, where 
he remained the rest of his life. "He was singularly unassuming and had such 
amiable qualities that he was especially beloved by his own family connections 
as well as by all who became acquainted with him." 

Issue, all born in Cayuga Co., N. Y. : — 

500. Sara, b. 5 mo. 7, 1S50. 

501. Rachel, b. 8 mo. 1, 1S52. 

502. Joseph, b. 9 mo. 25, 1S5C. 

503. Edward, b. 1 mo. 9, 1860. 

IV— 183. WILLIAM JACOBS (Isaac, Hannah, William) b. 12 mo. 22, 
1814; d. 12 mo. 16, 1910; unm. 

He was born in Chester County, Pa., but removed with his parents in his 
boyhood to Cayuga County, N. Y. After receiving a liberal education, he in 
his young manhood removed to Philadelphia, Pa., which was afterwards his 
home. He probably taught school for some time, but his principal occupation 
was as a writer. He engaged with his cousin, Joseph Thomas, A. M., M. D., 
as a co-laborer in his works, spending nine years on "Lippincott's Pronouncing 
Gazetteer" and four years on the "Biographical Dictionar\'." In his work he 
was very painstaking and accurate and he had a rare gift for condensing a book 
into an enlightening cyclopaedia article. 

He is remembered witlr great respect for the guiltless innocence of his 
character, for the treasures of his learning and his beautiful simplicity, of life. 
Many years ago he was accorded the degree of A. M. by Haverford College, 
Pa. Dr. Thomas bore testimony in 1870 to his untiring diligence and well 
directed research as contributing in no small measure to the accuracy and thor- 
oughness of their works, that many of the small notices as well as a consider- 
able number of the important articles were the product of his pen, among the 
later being Cicero, Milton, Lafayette, Alexander Hamilton and Napoleon III. 
He was a life long member of the Society of Friends. 

IV— 184. SARAH JACOBS (Isaac, Hannah, William), b. 2 mo. i, 
1817; d. I mo. 25, 1894; unm. She resided many years in Philadelphia, where 
she was also engaged in the same works as her brother as above stated. She 
died at the home of her niece, Sara Jacobs Packer, Salem, Henry Co., Iowa. 

IV— 185. ISAAC JACOBS (3d) (Isaac, Hannah, William), b. 2 mo. 
5, 1819; d. 12 mo. 10, 1906, at his home "Pointed Firs," Aurora, N. Y. ; m. 
ELIZABETH THAYER* 9 mo. 18, 1844, dau. of Alonza Thayer and Sarah 
Earle Greene, b. 3 mo. 16, i824;d.ii mo. 2-j, 1891. 

Ancestors of Elizabeth Thayer Jacobs. 
*Note. — Ralph Earle and his wife, lone, rmigrated from England between the 
years 1633 and 1638 and came to Portsmouth, R. 1. At a town meeting, June 2nd, 1649. 
be was chosen "Treasurer lor this next year insuing and also overseer for the poor." 


(Elizabeth's mother was related on her mother's side to Gen. Green of the 
Re\'olution and also to the Earles of Newport, R. I. See note.) 

He had resided at place of his de;uh for many years and the account of 
him here given indicates a noble cliaracter. 

His children were: — 

504. Mary Speucer, b. 12 mo. 15, 1845; d. S mo. 30, 1855. 

MS. Matilda, b. 6 mo. 30, 1S48. 

506. Arthur, b. 11 mo. 6, 1850, d. 8 mo. 20, 1855. 

507. Lucy, b. 1 mo. 27, 1857. 

Isaac Jacobs, the 3d, came with his parents and four older and two younger 
brothers and sisters from their home thirty miles from Philadelphia, in Chester Co., to 
Cayuga Co., N. Y., when he was six years old. They went by carriage to New York 
city, stopping with relatives in New Jersey, the Hunts and Clarkes, cousins of his moth- 
er's on the way. Thence up the Hudson by steamer, and by canal to Montezuma, where 
they took a carriage to the home of his uncle, David Thomas, who lived at Greatfield, 
near Aurora, and from there went on to their new home in Ledyard about ten miles far- 

He often told in later years how they all longed for "Green Retreat," as they 
called the old Pennsylvania home. The big stone house with its deep window seats, 
where he remembered sitting with his porringer of bread and milk or book. The old- 
er children talked so much of this beloved home, recalling all the delights of the gar- 
den and orchards, the chestnut woods and fish pond, that he and his next younger 
brother Benjamin, determined to return to it, and the two little fellows, one six and 
the other four, were not missed and followed until they had walked a mile on their 
way South. 

This love for the old heme was so strong in him it seemed to be Inherited by his 
children, who listened eagerly to every detail about it, and the many loved relatives 
and friends left there. In 1844 he married Elizabeth Thayer, and in their wedding 
Journey was fulfilled his youthful desire to return to his early home. This ideal jour- 
ney furnished an unfailing delight to his children, as first one parent and then the 
other would tell of the beautiful country ihey passed through and the renewing of old 
friendships. The journey was made in company with his father and mother,- in a two- 
seated carriage drawn by two fine roadsters. Prince and Kate. Nearly everyi night was 

and April 29, 1650, was chosen with five others "for the Committee for the General As- 
sembly at Newport" and held other prominent offices. No record of the date of his 
death, but his will was "Entered and Recorded the 14'h day of the 11th month (0. S.) 
1677." His second son, William, died at Portsmouth, R. I., 1715. He held high offices 
and was a large land holder, his claims in the original division of Dartmouth being up- 
wards of two thousand acres. He owned a large share of the land on which the City 
of Fall River, on the north side of the river, is situated. His third son, Thomas Earle. 
b. 1662; d. 1727; m. Mary . Among his various deeds of real estate is one con- 
veying the laud upon which the Friends' Meeting-house in Swansey, Mass., now stands. 
His eldest son, William, married, Portsmouth, R. I., 1718, Mehitable Brayton, and later 
Abigail Lawton. John, 4th son of William and Abigail, b. 3-16-1738, in Newport, R. I., 
died 1S16, m. Dorcas Barney. In the course of the Revolutionary War the vessel under 
his command was taken by a British cruiser. "He took his ill luck very philosophically. 
When the cruiser came along side after a long chase the first question he put was 'How 
many feet Is your brig?' " He didn't mind being taken, but he hated to be beaten. ' In 
long Island Sound "he could tell where he was by the lead alone, there are no such pi- 
lots now," so says the pilot of one of the Sound steamers. His daughter, Abigail, b. 3- 
29-1769, in Newport, R. I., m. Jonathan Greene, descendant of General Nathaniel Greene 
of the Revolution. ■ (See Earl Genealogy by Pliny Earle). Claude Blanchard was com- 
missary of supplies for the French army which landed in Newport in 1780. He visited 
the Newport school and gave this tribute to the scholars:— "I saw the writing of these 
children. It appeared to me to be handsome; among others that of a young girl nine 
or ten years old, very pretty and very modest, and such as I would like my own daugh- 
ter to DC when she is so old. She was called Abigail Earle, as I perceived upon her copy- 
book, on which her name was written. I wrote it myself, adding to it "very pretty.' " 
(See Child Life in Colonial Days, by Alice Morse Earle). Her daughter, Sarah Earle, 
married Alonzo Thayer, and their daughter, Elizabeth Thayer, married Isaac Jacobs 3d. 


spent and often a day or two with relatives and friends. ' If more than a day's Journey 
were required to reach one of these hospitable homes, a night would be spent at au Inn. 
the names of which charmed us with tneir quaint Knglish flavor, Tiie White Horse, 'I'lie 
Ships Tavern, The Red Lion. He found the old home unchanged. It had not then 
pa^ssed into the hands of strangers, but was occupied by a favorite cousin, William Trim- 
ble, and Sarah Vickers, his wife. He did not see it again for flfty-thre© years, when he 
visited it with his daughter and found it sadly changed, it having long been rented. 

His cousin. Dr. Joseph Thomas, has told many interesting things of hi^ boyhood. 
When he was ten years old he remarked that he would rather suffer wrong than to do 
wrong, and this was a guiding principle to the end of his life. As with all of his 
brothers and sisters, he was very fond oi study and reading and his father at tliat time 
had the largest and best library in Cayuga county. Although so fond of reading, he 
also was greatly interesttd in an active liie and enjoyed the care of his orchards and 
garden. In his last years, when he could read but little, he said he could imagine no 
pleasure in existence, if he could not work in his garden, and he had that pleasure the 
last summer of his life. 

The following tribute was paid him In a local paper: — 

Isaac Jacobs died at his residence, Pointed Firs, Aurora, N. Y., on the morning 
of the 10th of December, 1906, In the 8Sth year of his age. His long and beneficent life 
was passed chiefly in this vicinity as his parenis came from Chester county, Pennsyl- 
vania, when he was six years of age. 

He loved nature, the cultivation of trees and fruits was his lifelong pursuit. To 
him and to his father, this region is indebted largely for its fine fruit. 

In driving through the country, it was interesting to be told by him, as beauti- 
ful orchards were passed that these were reared and planted by himself. We cannot 
measure our debt for such bt-netactions. 

Honored, respected, beloved by all who knew him, his was a rare personality. 
While gentle and retiring by nature, he could stand bravely for principle, when to side 
with the rightfcous cause, as in the anti-slavery struggle, was to stand with the few, in 
the face and scorn of reproach of the many. The long life of this ideal citizen has been 
a quiet force of inestimable value in the community that was favored to be his dwell- 
ing place. His memory and example should be cherished, and his good work, that has 
blessed us all, be gratefully remembered. — E. H. 

Extracts from letter of Isaac Jacobs. 

The Mechem family emigrated from Chester Co., Pa., in the fall of 1824, arriving 
at Talcotts, Ledyard, Cnyuga Co., N. Y., much to the surprise of that Yankee settle- 
ment, in a covered Pennsylvania wagon, usually requiring five horses, in which, with 
all of their effects they had made the long overland journey. 

When our family came the following spring, we found the Mechems settled on a 
farm of 50 acres one-half mile south and three-quarters of a mile east of Talcotts. My 
father had a school in his house, although there was a district school in the village. 
Hannah Mechem taught the school the first summer, and I think the second, and her 
younger sisters, Mary, Elizabeth and ijc.5tib!y Ann, came to the school daily across the 
woods. At that time this country had been settled scarcely 30 years and about one- 
third of it was in timber. As I look back at that woodland path through the dense 
shade In the hot weather, ana especially when the early flowers were in bloom, it seems 
like fairyland. I mention these particulars concerning the removal of the family think- 
ing perhaps the conditions under which emigration was accomplished in that 
early day might be interesting. At that time grain was threshed with the 
flail and cloth for wearing apparel was made on a hand-loom. A tail- 
or would come to our house and sew, sitting cross-legged oa a table, for weeks, 
until the garments for the men and boys of the family were all made for the season. 

William), b. 2 mo. 5, 1821 ; d. i mo. 23, 1847; unm. 

IV— 187. HANNAH JACOBS (Isaac 3), b. 5 mo. 12, 1823; d. 3 mo. 
7, 1842; unm. 






IV— iS8. MARY JACOBS (Isaac 3), b. 6 mo. 19, 1825; d. 3 mo. i, 
1842; unm. 

IV— 189. JOSEPH JACOBS (Isaac 3), b. 11 mo. 16, 1827; d. 4 mo. 
26, 1846. 

All the last four resided with their parents. 

IV— 190. ANNA THOMAS JACOBS (Isaac, Hannah, William), b. 
9 mo. 6, 183 1 : d. 7 mo. 2, 1879; unm. 

She resided at Poplar Ridge, Cayuga Co., N. Y. Her health was broken 
while yet a young girl and she suffered much, but to her family and friends 
she was always full of sympathy, cheerfulness and helpfulness. It was she 
who guided her nieces and nephews in their studies, their reading and their 
recreations, until they were old enough to go from home to school, and to 
the end of her life was their delightful companion. 

Line of William, Daniel, Thomazine. 

Ch. of Thomazine D. Trimble {T.-47) and Thomas Jeuks, born in Bucks Co., 


IV— 191. DANIEL T. JENKS (Thoma/.ine, Daniel, William), b. 3 
mo. 26, 1798; d. 6 mo. i, i860; m. MARY ANN STOCKTON 10 mo. 14, 
1819, dau. of Abraham Stockton and Sarah Kemble, b. 10 mo. 27, 1797; d. 
Sept. 29, 1889; both buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery. 

They resided in Bucks Co., Pa,, where he had a drilling mill; then 
removed to No. 18 N. Eighth street, Philadelphia, where she kept a trimming 
and furnishing store. At the time of Daniel's death he was signer of land- 
warrants in Washington, D. C. 

Issue : — 

BOS. Abraham S.. b. Aug. 4, 1820; d. Sepf. 22. 1S95. 

609. Tamazine. b. Aug. 1, 1822; d. Feb. 21. 1808. 

610. Susan Stockton, b. Dec. 4, 1824; d. July 22, 1905. 

611. Franklin, b. Oct. 10. 1829; d. Mar. 19, 1868. 

612. Courtland Fell, b. July 20, 1835; d. Jan. 3, 1878. 

IV— 192. MARY DOWNING JENKS (Thomazine. Daniel, Wil- 
liam), b. 10 mo. 8, 1799; d. 7 mo. 2, 1879; m. JOHN L. JANNEY 11 mo. 
23, 1826, son of Jacob Janney and Frances Briggs (who were m. 11 mo. 16, 
1792), b. 5 mo. 31, 1800; d. 4 mo. 12, 1872. 

They resided in Newtown, Bucks, Co., Pa., and were buried there at 
Friends' Mtg. 

(Jacob Janney, son of Richard and Sarah, b. 4 mo. 10, 1765; d. 2 mo. 
19. 1820. Frances Briggs. dau. of John and Letitia, b. 10 mo. 19, 1773; 
d. 8 mo. 21, 185 1. The Janney family were quite numerous in Bucks Co., 



Pa., and were the descendants of Thomas and Dorothy (Heath) Janney, who 
came over in the ship Endeavor in 16S3.) 

Issue : — 

513. Thomas J., b. Feb. 26, 1S28; d. Mar. 7. 1832. 

614. Charles, b. May 7, 1S30: d. Nov. 27. 1899. 

615. Thomas J. (2d), b. April 30, 1832; d. April 8, 1909. 

616. Thomazine T., b. Jan. 17, 1835. 

617. John L., b. Sept. 2, 1837: d. Jan. 7, 1910. 
518. Elizabeth J., b. Mar. 19, 1840. 

IV— 193. REBECCA JENKS, b. 8 mo. 15, 1802; d. 8 mo. — , 1802. 

IV— 194. THEODORE JENKS, b. 7 mo. 28, 1805; d. 8 mo. 3, 1805. 

IV— 195. SAR.\H ANN JENKS, b. 11 mo. 16, 1806; d. i mo. i, 1807. 

Line of William, Daniel, Mary. 

Ch. of Mary Trimble (T.-4p) and Joseph Pleasants, born in Philadelphia, Pa. 

IV— 196. WILLIAM PLEASANTS (Mary, Daniel, William), b. 9 
mo. 19, 1809; d. 6 mo. 29, 1848; unm. 

IV— 197. SARAH PLEASANTS (same line), b. i mo. 16, 181 1; d. 
3 mo. — , 1876; unm. 

IV— 198. EDWARD PLEASANTS (same line), b. 7 mo. 26, 1812; 
d. 7 mo. — ,1877; unm. 

The above three together with Daniel (T.-200), resided at 1433 Walnut 
St., Philadelphia, and all were members of the Society of Orthodox Friends. 

IV— 199. SAMUEL PLEASANTS (Mary, Daniel. William), b. 9 
mo. 16, 1814; d. 2 mo. 24. 1864; m. CAROLINE S^IITH 1851, dau. of 
Jacob R. Smith. She d. 1858. No children. Resided in Philadelphia, Pa. 

IV— 200. DANIEL T. PLEASANTS (Mary, Daniel, William), b. 9 
mo. 26, 1816; d. 7 mo. 18, 1867; unm. For residence see T.-198. 

IV— 201. JOSEPH PLEASANTS (same line), b. 2 mo. 18. 1818; 
d. 9 mo. 4, 1853; m. ANN PAGE 2 mo. 18, 1850, dau. of Robert Page and 
Mary Francis; resided in Philadelphia. She is deceased. No children. 


IV— 202. MARY PLEASANTS (same line), b. 6 mo. 29, 1822; d. 9 
mo. 20, 1831. 

Line of William, Daniel, An^n. 

Ch. of Ann Trimble (T.-^j) and Charles Dozening, born near Downingtown, 


IV— 203. MARY DOWNING (Ann, Daniel. William), b. 2 mo. 22, 
1828; d. I mo. 8, 1 868; m. AMBROSE SMITH 10 mo. 17, 1866, son of 
John D. Smith and Mary Thomas, b. 8 mo. 12, 181 6; d. 7 mo. 15, 1884; no 
issue. They were members of the Society of Friends. 

He was a merchant in Philadelphia, Pa., where Mary died ; he died at the 
home of his brother-in-law, Joseph Edge, near Darlington, Harford Co.. ]SId. 

IV— 204. SARAH DOWNING (Ann, Daniel, William), b. 7 mo. 13, 
1832; m. TOWNSEND HOOPES 11 mo. 22, 1854, at Downingtown Mtg., 
son of Davis Hoopes* and Susan Townsend. b. 8 mo. 25. 1826; d. 12 mo. 29. 

He was a surveyor, etc. They removed to Kansas, but left there during 
the slavery troubles in that State, and returned to Downingtown, Pa., where 
he died, and she continues to reside. 

Issue : — 

619. Susan T., b. 11 mo. 6, 1S55. 

520. Charles D., b. 5 mo. 11. 1S5S; d. 7 mo. 26, 1859. 

621. Franklin T., b. 10 mo. 25. 1S60. 

622. Joseph D., b. 10 mo. 2. 1S63. 

IV— 205. DANIEL T. DOWNING, b. 6 mo. 20, 1834; d. 10 mo. 2, 

IV— 206. CHARLES DOWNING (Ann. Daniel, William), b. 12 mo. 
9. 1837; d. II mo. 10, 1910; m. THOMAZINE T. (ZOOK) WILLS 3 mo. 
29, 1S83, at West Chester, dau. of Elhanan Zook and Sarah Trimble, b. 12 
mo. 22, 1847, widow of George E. Wills (See No. T.-377). 

He had a carriage factory at Downingtown for some years; afterwards 
an officer in the National Bank at that place. He was buried at Downingtown 
Friends' Mtg. No issue. 

IV— 207. JOSEPH R. DOWNING (Ann, Daniel, William), b. 5 mo. 
26, 1841 ; unm. 

Note.— Davis, son of Jchn Hoopes and Jane Pratt. Susan, dau. of Samuel Town- 
r?^ ''^^ Prl.scilla Yarnnll. John Hoop'^s, son of .John Hooprs and Christiann Rey- 
h i4'i '^ ^^^^^ '^"^" being the ninth of seventeen ch. mentioned in No. T.-282. He was 
216) "■ '^''*^' ^' ^"^^" "'^°'' ^'"^"' '^^"- °^ Joseph Pratt and Jane Bishop (see also T.- 


He was appointed cashier of Downingtown National Bank 12 mo. 1, 
1863, and president in April, 18S9, which position he continues to hold; re- 
sides in that town. 

IV— 208. EDWARD DOWNING (Ann. Daniel, William), b. 10 mo. 
4, 1843; m- ELIZABETH D. CORNOG 11 mo. 23, 18S2, by Rev. Wm. 
Augustus White, at "Delight Farm," Wallace Twp., Chester Co., dau. of John 
Cornog* and Sarah D. Sharpless, b. i mo. 26. 1S47; d. 2 mo. 22, 1910. He 
resides at the Jacob Downing homestead in Downingtown, Pa. 

Issue : — 

523. P.qrah S., b. 9 mo. 2, 1S84; d. 12 mo. 29, 1901. 

524. C arles, b. 1 mo. 12. 1886. 

525. Joseph R., b. 9 mo. 3, 1890. 

Line of James, Mary, Thomas. 

C/i. of Thomas Dozming (T.-^6), and Sarah Smith, all bom near Downing- 
town, Chester Co., Pa. 

IV— 209. GEORGE DOWNING (Thomas, Mary, James), b. i mo. 
10, 1785; d. 4 mo. 3, 1853; m. ANN DENNY, 1809. dau. of William Denny 
and Martha Darrah, b. 8 mo. — , 1786; d. 5 mo. 28, 1868. 

They resided in Upper Uwchlan, Chester Co., Pa., where he owned a 

The following notice appeared in the "Register and Examiner" of West 
Chester, Pa., April 9, 1853: 

"Died. — In Uwchlan township on Sunday morning the 3d inst., GEORGE DOWN- 
ING, in the 68th year of his age. The deceased retired on th" evening previous as well 
as usual. He coughed in the night, turned over, and his wife hearing him breathe heav- 
ily, arose, lit a candle and returned to him; when she found him his spirit fled. The 
deceased was widely and univer.-ally estcenicd and the deep feeling of regret at his loss 
will not be confined to his family and ueighborhood, but be experienced wherever he 
was known." 

Issue : — 

526. Thomas G., b. 2-20-1810; d. 3-14-1890. 

•527. William D., b. 8-24-lSll; d. 7-16-1S82. 

528. Martha, b. 3 — , 1813; d. 9-20-1S95. 

529. Sarah, b. 11-9-1817; d. 3-21-1894. 

530. Joseph, b. 9-27-1S23; d. 12-24-1892. 

531. George, b. 5-9-1825; d. 2-8-1900. 

532. Robert Valentine, b. 1-22-1832. 

Note. — John Cornog, a son of Daniel Cornog, b. 9 mo. 18. 1808; d. 4 mo. 3, 1893. He 
was president of the Waynesburg Railroad and at one time engaged extensively m iron 
manufacture at Cornog Forge, and Cornog station, so named for him. He had also some 
years before operated marble quarries near Downingt.ov.-n. He and Sarah D. Sharp- 
less were m. in 184G. she being his second v.-ife, dau. of Robert V. Sharpless and Eliza 
Downing, b. 11 mo. 29, 1815; d. 3 mo. 23. 1882. She was burled at Downingtown Mtg. 
and John at St. Paul churchyard. Glen Lock, Pa. 


IV— ^10 JOSEPH DOWNING (Thomas, Marv, James), b. 9 mo. 2, 
,-Sf3: (1. 6 mo. '8. i8j2: m. ELIZABETH BEITLER. dan. of John Beitler 
.i:v! liannah Buckwalter, b. I mo. — , 1795; d. 2 mo. 15, 1868. They removed 
to Xauvoo, 111. 

Issue : — 

tJJ -niomazine. b. 12-10-1814; d. 9 — . 1904. 

IM James, b. 2-12-1S16; d. 11-24-lSSl. 

'."i John. b. 6-21-1S17; d. 7-11-1879. 

VS.. Sarah, b. 10-11-lSlO; d. 2-17-1S97. 

S37. Hannah, b. 1S21; d. 11 mo. — , 1842. 

MS. Mary Ann, b. 12-17-1S22: d. 2-6-1S75. 

IV— 211. ELIZABETH DOWNING (Thomas. Mary, James), b. 2 
mo. 3. 1788; d. 12 mo. 18, 1858; m. ROBERT VALENTINE 6 mo. 23, 
181 1, at Uwchlan IMtg-., son of Robert Valentine and Ann Bond, b. 10 mo. 22, 
1778; d. 7 mo. 30,1817. 

They resided in the vicinity of Downinglown, Pa . 

Issue : — 
M9. Sarah, b. 1812; d. 8-2-1875. 
:«0. Anna, b. 6-15-1813; d. 12-21-1898. 
541. Thomazine. b. 1815; d. 2-27-1896. 

IV— 212. MARY ANN DOWNING (Thomas. Mary, James), b. 4 
mo. 3, 1792; d. 2 mo. 15, 1824; m. BENJAMIN HOOPES 11 mo. — , 1811, 
son of John Hoopes and Jane Pratt, b. 12 mo. 29, 1779; d. 4 mo. 9, 18 17, 
brother to Davis (SeeNo.T.-2i6). They probably lived near Downingtown, 

Issue : — 

H2. Thomas, d. 1-18-1818. 

643. Jane D. 

644. Sarah, d. 4-13-1824. 

IV— 213. THOMAZINE DOWNING (Thomas, Mary, James), b. 2 
mo. 14. 1794; d. 2 mo. 18, 1831 ; m. JOHN TRIMBLE 12 mo. 18, 1817 (See 

Issue given under his account. 

IV— 214. WILLIAM S. DOWNING (Thomas, Mary, James), b. n 
mo. 5. 1800; d. 8 mo. 12, 1875: m. THOMAZIN C. MASON 2 mo. 6, 1825. 
<!;iu of Benjamin Mason and :Mary Couch, b. 11 mo. 16, 1802; d. 8 mo. 4, 
18^2; Ix>th bur. at Uwchlan Mtg. 

He was a farmer at Lionville, Chester Co., Pa., where he owned a farm 
of 200 acres. 

Issue : — 

C45. .Mary C. b. 3-7-1826; d. 11-8-1905. 

f'^l. Thomas, b. 2-7-1828; d. 12-20-1829. 

f-47. Thomas (2d), b. 1-20-18JO; d. 3-22-1907. 

f'4'<. S.-irah .S.. b. r.-14-1832; d. 11-18-1834. 

l^'i. Anna Eiizaboth, b. 8-18-1S34; d. 7-12-1S36. 

t.VJ. Davis H., b. 2-13-1S3S; d. 11-10-1840. 

Jir.l. Kiion Francos, b. 4-20-1S40; d. 1-12-1892. 

'»^1. Henry, b. 3-4-1844. 

6»3. Sarah H., b. 11-27-1846. 


IV— 215. THO^IAS DOWNING, JR., (Thomas. Mary, James), b. u 
mo. 8, 1802 fd. II mo. 28, 1851 ; m. ELEANOR :MAS0N, dau. of Benjamin 
Mason and Mary Couch, b. 7 mo. 16, 1S05; d. 8 mo. 20, 1836, sister to Thom- 
azin (See T.-214). 

M. second, ^L\RY LIGHTFOOT, circa. 1836, dau. of Tliomas Light- 
foot and Deborah, b. i mo. 7, 1816; d. 5 mo. 7, 1883. 

He was a farmer and resided in Uwchlan, Chester Co., Pa. After his 
death Mary resided in Pocopson Twp.. same Co. Her father, a son of Jacob 
Lightfoot and i\my Hughes, of Uwchlan. 

Issue by first ^Yife : — , 

554. Robert Valentine, b. 7-9-1S25; d. 8-20-1S36. 

555. Benjamin M., b. Dec. 16. 1S27; d. Oct. 9, 1905. 

556. Jane Hoopes, b. 11-23-1 S30: d. 9-S-1S3G. 

557. Sarah, b. 9-24-1S33; d. 8 mo. — , 1S63. 

558. Thomas, b. 7-17-1836; d. 2-2-1837. 

By second wife: — 

559. Phebe, b. 8-22-1837; d. 3-12-1006; iinm. 

560. Deborah, b. 12-25-1S3S: d. 11-21-1905. 

561. Marv Ann, b. 4-10-1840; d. 5-9-1868. 

562. William, b. 2-17-1S42; d. 5-10-1864. 

563. Joseph B., b. 11-14-1843. 

564. Emma S.. b. 9-24-1P45. 

565. Lucy, b. 8-28-1847. 

566. Thomazine. b. 8-28-1849; d. 10-28-1850. 

567. Thomas Hoopes, b. 10-20-1851. 

IV— 2i6. SARAH DOWNING (Thomas, Mary, James), b. i mo. 7, 
1805; d. 8 mo. 29, 1890; m. DAVIS HOOPES 4 mo. 14, 1827 (his second 
wife), son of John Hoopes and Jane Pratt, brother to Benjamin (see T.-212), 
b 12 mo. 25, 1796; d. 6 mo. 28, 1858; both buried at East Cain jNItg. 

He was a farmer and they Hved near Downingtown, Chester Co., Pa. 
His first wife was Susan Townsend (see T.-204). 

Issue : — 

568. Mary Ann. b. 4-25-1S23; d. 12-4-1901. 

569. John, b. 8-21-1S31; d. 7-31-1884. 

570. Thomas D., b. 6-10-1834; d. 1-5-1909. 

571. Sarah D.. b. 4-.J-1838. 

572. Elizabeth, b. 3-22-1840. 

573. Samuel, b. 11-8-1844; d. 12-11- 1860. 

LixE OF James^ AIary, Jane. 

Ch. of Jane Dozening (T.-j/) and John Gordon, probably all born in Uwch- 
lan, Chester Co., Pa. 

IV— 217. MARGARET GORDON (Jane, Mary, James), b. 4 mo. 16, 
1786; d. 10 mo. 28, 1821 ; unm. 

It is probable that she lived in Uwchlan, and was buried at Friends' ivitg. 


IV— 218. HANNAH GORDON (Jane. Mary. James), b. 11 mo. 25, 
17S7: tl. ir mo. 26, 1865; m. JOHN BATEMAN 11 mo., 1810, son of 
liiomas Bataiian and Sarah. He d. 4 mo. 17, 1835, in his 54th year. 

Issue : — 

674. John G.. b. 9-28-lSll; d. 8-11-1879. 
lib. Jane G., b. 12-4-1S12; d. 8-31-1896. 

:.7»: .'^nrah Mooro, 1). 8-6-1814; d. 9-10-1SG5. 

:77. Thomas, b. 4-24-1816; d. 11-29-1879. 

57K. Lewis, b. 4-12-1818. 

&;h. Marj- Ann, b. S17-1S21; d. 10-31-1874. 

IV— 219. JOSEPH GORDON (Jane, Mary, James), b. 11 mo. 29, 
1789: d. 2 mo. 27, 1875; m. REBECCA' ROGERS 11 mo. 22, 18 14, dau. of 
Jonathan Rogers and Ann Jones, b. 10 mo. 16, 1787; d. 5 mo. 31, 1829. 

Ni. second, ANN WILLIAMSON, 10 mo. 4, 1832, dau. of x^bsalom 
and Martha. She d. 7 mo. 25. 1857; all bur. at Uwchlan Mtg. 
Joseph was a farmer ; resided in Lionville, Chester Co., Pa. 
Issue by first wife only: — 

£»S0. John R./b. 6-25-1817; d. 10-23-1887. 

5.>1. Ann, b. 9-10-1819; d. 1-4-1S20. 

5S2. Jane, b. 1-17-1S21; d. 3-12-1892. 

li>Z. Jonathan, b. 2-2S-1S23; d. 5-28-1899. 

5S4. Ann (2d), b. 4-21-1825; d. 7-7-1899. 

&*>5. Grace, b. 11-19-1827; d. 9 mo. — , 1830. 

SbS. Joseph. Jr., b. 5-23-1829; d. 9-19-1829. 

IV— 220. THOMAS GORDON (Jane, Mary, James), b. 2 mo. 18, 
1792; d. (?); unm. 

He lived to be grown up, but date of his death not ascertained. 

IV— 221. JOHN GORDON, JR. (Jane, Mary James), b. 11 mo. 10, 
1794; dec'd.; m. ANN EVANS. 

They resided in Philadelphia. No issue; both bur. at Windsor Baptist 
cluirch, Uwchlan, Chester Co., Pa. No further dates could be ascertained. 

Line of James, Mary, Mary. 

Ch. of Mary Dozvning (T.-58), and Dennis Whelen, Jr., all born in the neigh- 
borhood of Downingtown, Chester Co.. Pa. 

IV— 222. MARY WHELEN, d. 


IV— 223. THOMASINE WHELEN (Mary, Mary, James), d. Sept. 
22, 1813; m. GEORGE ASHBRIDGE FAIRLAMB,' M. D., Nov. 23. 
1809, son of John Fairlamb and Susanna Ashbridge. b. April 12, 1787- d. 
.•\pril 10, 1829. 

She was buried at Uwchlan Mtg. ; he and last wife at Downingtown Mtg. 


He was a student of Dr. William Todd (see T.-64), in connection with 
whom he practiced for some time, and afterwards alone. He resided in Down- 
ingtown, Chester Co., Pa. 

On May i, 1817, he m. a second wife. Annetta Miller, by whom he had 
Joseph, Elizabeth. Charles A., Deborah and George A., Jr., the last two unm. 
She d. Feb. 22, 1855, in her 63d year. 

Thomasine's children : — 
687. Mary W., b. Aug. 24, 1810; d. July 13, 1845. 

588. Thomasine Susan, b. June 24, 1812; d. Aug. 8, 1895. 

James), b. Mar. — , 1799; d. July 3. 1877: m. ELIZABETH W. DOWN- 
ING 3 mo. 22, 1848, dan. of William Downing and Eliza Ingram, b. 5 mo. 2, 
1818; d. 6 mo. 15, 1902; both buried in Downingtown Cemetery. 

He was a farmer. Purchased the farm of the late Charles Downing, near 
Downingtown, Chester Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

589. Elizabeth Downing, b. Feb. 17. 1849: d. Jan. 4, 1SS4. 

590. Mary Stewart, b. Jan. 19, 1851; d. Jan. 13, 1S86. 
691. Sarah, b. June 20. 1853. 

592. Phebe D.. b. May 5, 1855. 
693. George W., b. June 13, ISCO. 

IV— 225. SARAH WHELEN (Mary, Mary, James), d. about 1818; 
m. JOSEPH McCLELLAN, JR., about 181 5. son of Joseph McClellan* and 
Kesiah Parks (who were m. 1786), b. Mar. 17, 1796; d. Feb. 26, 1851. 

They resided in Brandywine Twp., Chester Co., Pa., where Sarah d. and 
was probably buried at Octoraro Presbyterian church. 

He m. second wife, Mary Ellis Miller, by whom he had five children. 

By Sarah he had one son : — 
594. James D., b. Aug. 1, 1816; d. Apr. 16. 1902. 

A tomb stone in Upper Octoraro church yard gives the date of his death 
Oct. 14, 1834, aged 87 years, 5 mo., 16 days, and of Kezia McClellan, July 21, 
1842, aged 75 years, 6 months. 

IV— 226. JOSEPH WHELEN (Mary, Mary. James). He probably 
died young and unm. 

Note. — "The elder Joseph McClellan was one of those brave and earnest men of 
the Revolutionary epoch whose steadfast devotion afforded the surest guarantee of a 
successful result. He enlisted early in the war in the service of his country, first as 
a lieutenant, then as captain. On the 15th of July, 1776, he was appointed captain, and 
joined the Ninth regiment Pennsylvania line. On the 22d of March. 1781, he was trans- 
ferred to the Second regiment. He was generally with the main body of the array in its 
several movements in New York. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. 
He was In the battles of Long Island. Brandywine and Monmouth. He resigned Jan. 
13, 1783. In 1784 he was elected commissioner of Chester Co. In 1792 he was elected 
sheriff of Chester Co. In 1794, during the Whisky Rebellion, he raised a volunteer troop 
of cavalry, which, however, was not called into service. In 1797 he was elected to tho 
State Senate. In 1814 he was chosen first president of the Bank of Chester Co. And in 
1824, when the patriot La Fayette visited the scenes of his former actions, he •^s'as se- 
lected as president of the committee to wait upon that distinguished guest and invite 
him to ride over the Brandywine battle-ground, and partake of the hospitality of a 
grateful people." 


Line of James, :Mary, Thomasine. 

Ch of rhoviusinc Doicning ( 7.-59) and Samuel Kennedy, born in Chester 
■ ' Co., Pa. 

IV— 227. MARY KENNEDY, b. 2 mo. 28, 1796; d. in infancy. 

IV— ^^8 ANN D. KENNEDY (Thomasine, Mary, James), b. 12 
mo. 22, 1797; d. I mo. 9, 1871; m. JOEL C. BAILY 2 mo. 15, 1816, son 
of Dr. Abraham Bailv. b. 3 mo. 2, 1790; d. 5 mo. 28. 1868. 

He owned a farm and saw-mill at Penningtonville, now Atglen, Chester 
Co., which he sold, and in the spring of 1823 removed to Philadelphia, where 
he engaged in business on Market St.. above Eighth St. It was while on their 
way to the above city that they stopped at his brother-in-law's, Thomas Mar- 
shall, that Ann's mother took sick and died. They returned to :Marshallton, 
Chester Co., a few years previous to his death. 

Issue : — 
695. Phebe Ann, b. 5 rao. 4, 1817; d. 7 mo. 5, 1904. 
596. Richard Downing, b. 1 mo. 20, ISIS; d. 9 mo. 24, 1855. 
6»7. Samuel Kennedy, b. 2 mo. 12, 1820; d. 10 mo. 17, 1870. 

Line of James, Mary, Joseph. 

ClL of Joseph J. Do-nming {T.-60) and Elizabeth Webster, all born in East 
Cain Twp., Chester Co., Pa. 

IV— 229. WESLEY R. DOWNING (Joseph J. 3), b. 2 mo. 19, 1800; 
d. 10 mo. 2, 1804. 

IV— 230. MARY S. DOWNING (Joseph, Mary, James), b. 3 mo. 
26, 1803; d. 3 mo. 3, 1875; m. JACOB SHARPLESS, M. D., 4 mo. 24, 
1828. son of Nathan Sharpless* and Rachel Baldwin, b. 8 mo. 3, 1791; d. 2 
mo. 17, 1863. 

Jacob took a certificate from Uwchlan Mtg. to Philadelphia and studied 
for a medical profession under the distinguished Dr. Physick. He graduated 
at the University of Pennsylvania 181 7, and was for two years at Plymouth, 
Pa. After this he settled permanently at Downingtown, where in a few years 
he was married. He acquired an extensive practice, which continued as long 
as his health permitted. He was of a sympathetic and generous nature and 
was much interested in the cause of the slave, more than once furnishing the 
means from his private purse to purchase the freedom of fugitives. He was 
very skillful as a physician, was widely acquainted and esteemed as a man o£ 
ability and decision of character. 

Note.— Nathan, third child of Jacob Sharploss and Ann Blakey. Rachel Baldwin, 
dau. of John and Mercy, of Downingtown. Pa. 


Issue : — 

59S. Elizabeth D.. b. 10 mo. 24, 1S.31. 

599. Mar>' Rachel, b. 3 mo. 2S, 1833; d. 10 mo. 11. 1910. 

600. Joseph D., b. 9 mo. 25, 1S35; d. 7 mo. 26, 1855. 

IV— 231. PHEBE DOWNING, b. 121116.23, 1807; d. (no record). 

IV— 232. RICHARD I. DOWNING (Joseph, ^lary, James), b. 1 
mo. 24, 1810; d. Mar. 12, 1890; m. SUSAN H. MILLER 3 mo. 2, 1837, 
dau. of Jonathan ^Miller and Sarah Havard, b. 181 1 ; d. 7 mo. 7, 1883; botii 
buried at Downingtown Friends' Grounds. 

He owned the ancient settlement and estate of his grandfather, and for 
the purpose of carr)-ing on an extensive dairying business he erected thereon 
accommodations for cows and milk probably as complete as can be found in 
this country. Their last residence was on an adjoining purchase on the turn- 
pike to the eastward of Downingtown, in W. Whiteland, Chester Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

601. Joseph I., b. 12 mo. 30, 1837; d. 9 mo. 29, 1851; unra. 

602. Sarah M., b. 10 mo. 12, 1839. 

603. Elizabeth, b. 10 mo. 19, 1S41; d. 3 mo. 6, ISGl. 

604. Henry Webster, b. 9 mo. 13, 1843; d. 9 mc. 30, 1851. 

605. J. Havard. b. 3 mo. 7, 1845. 

606. Richard, b. 4 mo. 17, 1847; d. 9 mo. 13, 1851. 

IV— 233. SARAH W. DOWNING (Joseph, Mary, James), b. lo mo. 
22, 1812; d. 10 mo. 20, 1823; bur. at Downingtown Mtg., as also were her 
sisters, who d. young. 

IV— 234. THOMAZINE J. DOWNING, b. lo mo. 2T, 1819; d. 10 mo. 
8, 1823. 

Line of J.\mes, Mary, Sarah. 

Ckv of Sarah Donming {T.-62) and Samuel Webster, probably all born in 
Harford Co., Md. 

IV— 235. RICHARD WEBSTER (Sarah, Mary, James), b. 1797; d- 
9 mo. — , 1870; unm. 

He was a carpenter and contractor. Resided in Downingtown, Chester 
Co., Pa., where he had carried on an extensive trade. 

IV— 236. THOMAS WEBSTER (Sarah, Mary, James), b. 1799; d. 
II mo. 1854; unm. 

He v/as a tanner, but quitted the business early and settled in Downing- 
town. Pa. 










IV— 237. SAMUEL WEBSTER (Sarali, Marj', James), b. 9 mo. 3, 
1800; d. I mo. 6, 1889; m. MARY MERCER i mo. 8, 182S, dau. of Joseph 
Mercer and Hannali Stewart, b. 11 mo. 29. 1806; d. 9 mo. 17, 1887. 

He was in the coal trade in Downingtown, Chester Co., Pa. ; both buried 
at Downingtown Mtg. 

Issue: — 

6u7. Joseph, b. 11-7-1S2S; d. 1-10-1901. 

60S. Sarah, b. 4-17-1S31; d. 1-8-1S71. 

C(iL». Alfred, b. 5-12-1S34; d. 10-16-1902. 

610. Richard, b. 2-13-1S37. 

Cn. Hanuah Mary, b. 9-S-1S40. 

a:. ^Villiam, b. 12-29-lSi3. 

IV— 238. JAMES WEBSTER (Sarah, Mary, James), b. 3 mo. 26, 
1802; d. 2 mo. 22, 1884; m. SUSANNA INGRAM 12 mo. 22, 1825, dau. 
of Eleazer Ingram and Sarah Davis, b. 4 mo. 25, 1801 ; d. 11 mo. — , 1845. 

He was a farmer, but in later years resided in Downingtown, Pa. 

Issue : — 

613. Downing I., b. 12-16-1826. 

614. Sarah D.. b, 2-1S-1S30: d. 11 —. 1847. 

615. Elisha E., b. 3-14-1S33. 

61C. Jacob Sharpless, b. 7-29-1S37; d. 1-14-1S90. 
617. Susan Elizabeth, b. 7-19-1S37; d. 8 — , 1S37. 

IV— 239. JOHN WEBSTER (Sarah, Mary, James), b. 9 mo. 3, 1803; 
d. 3 mo. 27, 1883; m. THOMAZINE DOWNING 5 mo. i, 1830, dau. of 
Richard Downing* and ]Mary Spackman, b. 4 mo. 4, 1796; d. 6 mo. 20, 1877; 
both buried at Downingtown ^Itg., of which he was a regular attender, though 
not a member. 

He was born in Beiair, 'Sid., and was a store keeper for a time. His wife 
was a native of Downingtown and soon after their m. he purchased the farm 
of Thomas Edge, deceased, near his wife's nativity and engaged in farming. 
He served a few years as a Justice of the Peace, and was one of three to form 
the first Temperance Society in Downingtown. 

Issue: — 

618. Cicero S., b. 7-13-1S32; d. 6-25-1900. 

619. Hester D.. b. 7-4-1835. 

620. Mary S., b. 2-16-1837. 

IV— 240. ISAAC WEBSTER (Sarah, Mary, James), b. 12 mo. 3, 
>; d. 2 mo. 20, 1884; unm. 
He was a coal merchant and also a builder; resided in Downingtown, Pa. 

Note.— Ricliard Downing, a descendant of Richard, who m. Mary Edge (see T.-S). 
and who was a brothi-r to Joseph (see T.-ll). Mary Spackman was a granddaii. ot Sam- 
uel Bond and Thoniazin Downing, the latter being a sister to Joseph and the elder Rich- 
8rd. This complication gives to John and Thomazine's ch. three distinct lines of 
I'owning blood— one through their father, and two through their mother. 


IV— 241. JOSEPH WEBSTER (Sarah, Man% James), b. 2 mo. 11, 
1808; d. 2 mo. 4, 1S55; m. SARAEI DAVIS 10 mo. 3, 1839, dau. of Samuel 
N. Davis and Mary Few, b. 4 mo. 9. 1817 ; d. 4 mo. 3, 1890. 

They hved in Downingtown, Pa. 

Issue : — 

621. Mary Emma, b. 8 mo. 27, 1840. 

622. Henry Clay, b. 9 mo. 27, 1842; d. 2 mo. 16, 1864. 

Line of James, James, Samuel. 

Ch. of Samuel Trimble {T.-6/) and Amy Pirn, born in West Bradford, Ches- 
*" ter Co.,' Pa. 

IV— 242. ISAAC P. TRIMBLE (Samuel, James, James), b. 8 mo. 
20, 1804; d. 9 mo. 27, 1890, at Corn\vall-on-Hudson, N. Y. ; m. JANE RIGGS 
Mar. 31, 1 84 1, dau. of Caleb S. Riggs and Abigail J. Burnet, b. March, 18 10; 
d. Jan. 26, 1879; both buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Newark, N. J. 

Caleb was an eminent lawyer, a contemporary and friend of Chancellor 
Kent. Abigail J. was a descendant of Bishop Burnet. 

Isaac P. studied medicine in 1839 he established himself in New York 
City, Here he soon became one of the physicians of the Dispensary. He also 
became a member of tlie board of trustees of the public schools of that city, 
but the love of fruit-culture took a deep hold on his mind. For some years he 
had a place on the Hudson River, but for many years after his name was hailed 
all over the United States, in connection with the agricultural interest, as ''Dr. 
I. P. Trimble of Newark, N. J.," where he then resided. He was the author 
of "Insects Injurious to Fruit and Fruit Trees." etc. Many of his remarks 
before the American Institute Farmers' Club, of New York, went far to the 
enlightenment of his fellow-men. 

Issue : — 

623. Edward R.. b. 3 mo. 30. 1845. 

624. Helen Kent, b. 5 mo. 20, 1849. 

IV— 243. LYDIA TRIMBLE. (Samuel, James, James), b. 3 mo. 11, 
1806; d. 12 mo. 14. 1836; m. YARN ALL BAILY 5 mo. 8, 1833. son of Jos- 
eph Baily rind Elizabeth Floopes, b. 8 mo. 19. 1799; d. during the Civil \Var. 

He was killed by an explosion at Prof. Jackson's pyrotechnic w^orks in 
Philadelphia, where he was employed. 

Issue ; — 

625. Amy A., b. 3-3-1834; d. 10-9-1909. 

626. Francis J., b. 9-27-1836; d. 3-18-1865. 

Line of James, James, Isaac. 

Ch. of Isaac Trimblt {T.-6g) and Anna Jefferis, all born in West Bradford, 
Chester Co., Pa. 

IV— 244. MARY S. TRIMBLE (Isaac, James, James), b. 6 mo. 26, 


1815; d. 6 mo. 21, 1866; m. JOHN L. MASSEY about 1833. He was b. 
12 nio. 19, 1809; d. 2 mo. 3, 1856. 

They resided in West Chester, Pa., where he kept a store. 

Issue : — 

627. Jcfferis T., b. 10-14-1834; d. (?). 

628. Isaac T.. b. 11-30-1S43; d. 12 mo. 25, 1S78. 
b29. Anna, b. 12-9-1S49. 

IV— 245. CHARITY ANN TRIMBLE (Isaac, James, James), b. 9 mo. 
16, 1817; d. 10 mo. 6, 1875; m. JOSHUA B. SPEAKMAN i ma 7, 1841, 
son of Ebenezer Speakman and Lydia Baldwin, b. 9 mo. 10, 1816; d. i mo. 
II, 1S66. Both were bur. at ■\Iarshallton Mtg. 

(Ebenezer was a son of Joshua Speakman and Ann. Lydia was a dau. 
of Thomas Baldwin and Jane.) 

After her husband's death she resided at Trimblevillc, Chester County, Pa. 

Issue : — 

630. Lydia Anna, b. 7-8-iS41. 

631. Phebe H., b. S-26-1S43; d. 12-25-1904. 

632. William Henry, b. 12-25-1846. 

633. Isaac Trimble, b. S-2-1848; d. 1-13-1863. 

634. John Massey, b. 10-31-1851; d. 2-18-1904. 

635. Thomas, b. 2-25-1S55. 

636. Laura, b. 2-13-lSt;0; d. 5-25-1860. 

IV— 246. LYDIA TRIMBLE (Isaac, James, James), b. 11 mo. 23, 
1819; d. 12 mo. 23, 1900; m. ENOS L. PRATT 5 mo. 5, 1844, son of Joseph 
H. Pratt and Mary Lewis, of Newtown, Delaware Co., Pa., b. ii mo. 4, 1817; 
d. 3 mo. 23, 1910. 

He kept a country store at Rocky Hill, Chester Co., for a few years, then 
became a farmer in West Goshen and devoted his life to agricultural pursuits. 
His last residence was West Chester, Pa. 

Issue : — 

637. Trimble, b. 5 mo. 27. 1844. 

638. Anna Mary. b. 12 mo. 1. 1846. 

639. Esther, b. 2 mo. 23, 1S4S. 

640. Orpha Elsie, b. 6 mo. 30, 1850. 

641. Elizabeth T., b. 5 mo. 15, 1853. 

642. Enos Randall, b. 6 mo. 27 1858. 

643. Henry Ellsworth, b. 6 mo. 21, 1861. 

IV— 247. PHEBE H. TRBIBLE (Isaac, James, James), b. 12 mo. 22, 
1821; d. 5 mo. 9, 1902; m. JOEL WOODWARD 10 mo. 22, 1846, son of 
Joel Woodward* and' Elizabeth Nutt, b. 7 mo. 23, 1814; d. 12 mo. 2, 18S7. 
Both were buried in Bradford Cemetery. 

Note. — Joel Woodward, Sr. (John. Richard. Richard), b. March 17, 1775, in West 
Bradford; m. Elizabeth Nutt, who was b. Sept. 21, 17S1. He lived on a part of the land 
ownM by his father, including the homestead buildings. He was killed Dec. 11, 1815, on 
Ogden's Hill, west of W'est Chester, on the .Strasburg road, by his team of horses run- 
ning away. He was buried at Marshallton Mtg. 


He learned the trades of millwright and miller. He had owned several mill 
properties, but in iS66 he purchased a farm and mill in Pencader Hundred, 
New Castle Co., Del., where he also had a cheese factory, and continued there- 
after to reside with address Newark, Delaware. 
Issue : — 

644. Willis, b. 8-30-1S47; d. 12-2S-1SS0; unm. 

645. Howard Nelson, b. 6-1-1S49. 

646. Mary Anna. b. 3-17-1S51; d. 12-31-1895. 

647. Sarah Elizabeth, b. 3-17-1S51; d. 3-22-1883. 

648. Virginia, b. 4-3-1S53; d. 8-3-1909. 

649. Pamela Alma, b. 9-28-1854. 

650. Joel Pratt, b. 2-6-1S57; d. 4-2-1895. 

651. Emma G., b. 5-4-1859; d. 7-19-1878. 

652. Walter, b. 5-4-1862; d. S-1-1862. 1 

653. Clara, b. 5-4-1862; d. 8-2-1SG2. / 


IV— 248. JACOB TRIMBLE (Isaac. James, James), b. 5 mo. 5, 1824; 
d. II mo. 9, 1904; m. CELIA SHER.MER HICKS 11 mo. 15, 1849, dau. of 
Charles Hicks and Mercy Pickering, b. 10 mo. 10, 1826; d. 4 mo. 4, 1884. 
Both were buried at Bradford Cemetery. 

- (Charles was a son of Edward Hicks and Hannah Patterson. Mercy was 
a dau. of Jesse Pickering and Ann.) 

He w^as a farmer, *'a long and respected resident of Pocopson Twp." 
where he owned a farm of 126 acres formerly purchased by his father. 

Issue : — 

654. Helen Mary. b. 8-17-1850. 

655. Anne Frances, b. 11-1-1S51. 

656. Sarah J., b. 2-26-1853. 

657: Francis H., b. 2-22-1S56; d. 2-27-1S56. 

658. Lydia P., b. 3-3-1858; d. 3-5-1858. 

659. Phebe Emma, b. 2-19-1859. 

660. Edward Hicks, b. 3-6-1861. 

661. John F., b. 7-31-1863. 

IV— 249. JOHN TRI^ICLE (Isaac, James, James), b. 7 mo. 10, 1826; 
d. II mo. 20, 1901 ; bur. in Bradford Cemetery; m. ANNIE M. MATLACK 
I mo. 24, 1867, dau. of Caleb Matlack and Anna Mary Tussey, b. 11 mo. i, 
1831 ; d. 10 mo. 18, 1876; bur. in Greenmount Cemetery. 

(Caleb was a son of Jonathan ^latlack and Hannah.) 

He was a farrner. He resided at Trimbleville, Chester Co., Pa. The 
ancient estate and settlement and mill of James and Mary the first was in his 
possession, with adidtions purchased by his father. He very kindly furnished 
valuable aid in the first prosecution of this work. 

Issue: — 

662. Mary M.. b. 4-22-1868. 

663. William M., b. 12-28-1869. 

M. second, SUE :^I. ^^lOORE 5 mo. 5. 1881, dau. of Levi B. :Moore and 
Ehzabeth Beeson, b. 8 mo. 11, 1840, at Mill Creek, Del. She resides at Trim- 








^5 .a^-'-^'^f^i^a ^'-f '"^ -^ 


Issue : — 
664. Bessie, b. 3-26-1SS6; d. 4-2-18S6. 

IV— 250. ANNA TRIMBLE (Isaac, James, James), b. 11 mo. 12, 
1828; m. JONATHAN B. SPEAKMAN 2 mo. iS, 1866, son of Jacob Speak- 
man and Hannah Michener, b. i mo. 15, 1834. 

He was a farmer. He resided first at Monmouth, Warren Co., 111. ; later 
removed to Neosho, Mo. 

Issue : — 

665. Frank Howard, b. 12 mo. 13, 1SG7; d. 3-24-1905. 

IV— 251. SARAH TRIMBLE (Isaac 3), b. 3 mo. 11, 1831; d. 2 mo. 
13. ^837- 

IV— 252. ELIZABETH TRIAIBLE (Isaac, James, James), b. 6 mo. 2, 
1834; d. 10 mo. 26 ,1897; m. EDWIN MARTIN 3 mo. 6, 1861, son oft 
George Martin and Orpha Marshall, b. 2 mo. 15. 1836; d. 4 mo. — , 1908. 

He kept a store at Rising Sun, Cecil Co., Md., for some time. 

(George Martin was b. i mo. 9, 1798. Orpha Marshall was b. 9 mo. 
18, 1809.) 

Issue : — 

666. George Howard, b. 1 mo. 27, 1862; d. 8 mo. 17, 1862. 

667. Mabel A., b. 7 mo. 19, 1SC4. 

668. Frederick Rickey, b. 12 mo. 4, 1867. 

IV— 253. WILLIAM HENRY TRIMBLE (Isaac 3), b. 11 mo. 9, 
1836; d. 9 mo, 20, 1839. 

IV— 254. ISAAC TRIMBLE, JR. (Isaac, James, James), b. 5 mo. 16, 
1839: d. 7 mo. 19, 1902; buried in Bradford Cemetery; m. EMMA M. 
HONGLER May 7, 1876, dau. of Anton Hongler and Elizabeth Peterson, b. 
Jan 26, 1856. 

They resided in Philadelphia, where he was in business. Her address is 
1 3 14 Fracker St., York Road. 

Issue : — 

669. Henry Stewart, b. May 30. 1880. 

670. Leroy Chester, b. March 7, 1889. 

(These records furnished by the son, H. S. T., and to be regarded as probably cor- 

Ch. of John Trimble (T.-yi) and Lydia Harlan, the first two bom in Chester 
Co., Pa., the rest in Muskingum Co., O. 

IV— 255. ELISHA I. TRIMBLE (John, James, James), b. Feb. 6, 


1815; d. July 2, 1874; m. ELIZx\BETH BARR Nov. 12, 1839, dau. of John 
and Elizabeth Barr, b. Feb. 11, 1819. She resides in Columbus, O. 

They removed from Ohio to Wallace, Duplin Co., N. C, where he died. 
His body was brought to Rural Dale, O., for burial. 

Issue : — 

671. Anna May, b. Sept. 1, 1S40. 

672. Samuel Hayes, b. Mar. 17, 1S42. 

673. Lydia H., b. July 17, 1844; d. Dec. 22, 1S46. 
€74. Caroline E., b. fs'ov. 21. 1S46. 

675. B. Franklin, b. Feb. 2S, 1S50. 

676. John Clark, b. Oct. 10, 1S52. 

677. Sarah Alvira, b. Mar. 24, 1S55. 

678. Isadora Blanche, b. Aug. 26, 1858. 

679. Lena House, b. Sept. 4, 1863. 

IV— 256. JAMES TRIMBLE ( John, James, James), b. Feb. 20, 181 7; d. 
Feb. 9, 1895; m. SARAH ANN HAWORTH Nov. 5, 1840, dau. of John and 
Susanna Haworth, b. July 19, 1820. 

He resided at Rural Dale, Muskingum, Co., O., where his widow con- 

Issue : — 

680. Mary Frances, b. Aug. IS, 1S42. 

681. Angelina K., b. M.ny 4, 1S44; d. May S, 1S94. 

682. Eliza Jane, b. Aug. 27. 1S4G: d. Jan. 27, 1847. 

683. Susanna H., b. April 25, 1S4S. 

684. William H., b. Nov. 17, 1S50; d. Aug. 29, 1854. 

685. Esther H., b. Feb. 7, 1856. 

686. Elmer Elsworth, b. May 9, 1864. 

IV— 257. CALEB HARLAN TRIMBLE (John, James, James), b. Oct. 
5, 1819; d. June 14, 1900; m. ExMMA B. TAYLOR, Dec. 18, 1842, dau. of 
William P. S. and Sarah Taylor, b. Mar. 3, 1823; d. Feb. 15, 1904. Both 
were buried at Hebron Cemetery. 

They resided on his parents' homestead at Rural Dale, Muskingum Co., O. 

Issue : — 

687. William, b. Sept. 21. 1843; d. Feb. 11, 1845. 

688. Willis, b. Feb. 18. 1845, d. June 13, 186C. 

689. Mary Ellen, b. July 13, 1847; d. May 13, 1883. 

690. Ann Eliza, b. April 1, 1849; d. July 29, 1890. 

691. Washington T., b. Nov. 28, 1851. 

692. Lydia H., b. Mar. 22, 1855; d. Jan. 23, 1887. 

693. Sarah, b. Aug. 22. 1S57. 

694. Ada P., b. Dec. 25, 1864. 

IV— 258. MARY TRIMBLE (John. James, James), b. Feb. 24, 1822; 
d. Mar. 29. 1897; m. WILLIAM B. HUNTER Nov. 2. 1859, son of Robert 
and Margaret Hunter, b. April 5, 1819; d. June 11, 1885. Both were buried 
in Rockville Cemetery. They resided at Rural Dale, O. 

Issue : — 
695. Anna I^is, b. April 22, 1864; d. May 30, 1864. 


IV— 259. EDWARD TRIMBLE (John. James. Jaines), b. Oct. 22, 
1824; d. Sept. 20, 1895; m. HARRIET A. SILVEY xMar. 4. 1850, dau. of 
Robert and Parmelia Silvey b. July 31, 1832; d. Oct. — , 1885. 
They resided at Duncan's Ealls, iMuskinguni Co., O. 

Issue : — 

696. Robert, b. Jan. 4, 1851; d. Sept. 25, 1876. 
6?7. Alice, b. Feb. 10, 1854. 

698. Adelia, b. Mar. 29, 1S5S; d. Jan. 17, 1870. 

He m. second, EMMA BONE, who d. May 20, 1897, leavuig one child. 

699. Mary Eleanor. 

IV— 260. ISAAC TRIMBLE (John 3), b. May 29. 1828; d. Mar. 8, 

IV— 261. WILLIS D. J. TRIMBLE (John 3), b. Feb. 8, 1831 ; d. Feb. 
26, 1834. 

IV— 262. JOHN N. TRI^IBLE (John. James. James) b. Feb. 6, 1834; 
d. Oct. 25, 1866; m. SOPHIA WHITE May 14, 1859. dau. of James and 
Sarah White, emigrants from Ireland, b. Feb. 15, 1835, in Ohio; d. Nov. 17, 
1895. at Creston, Iowa, and buried in Graceland Cemetery. 

He settled at Rural Dale. Muskingum Co., O. He enlisted in Co. I, 
160th Reg., O. Vol. Inf., as a corporal, May, 1864. and was discharged Sept. 12, 
1864. He returned to Rural Dale, where he died and was buried. 

Children born there : 

700. James H., b. April 24, 1860. 

701. John S., b. Mar. 13, 1864. 

IV— 263. PHEBE H. TRIMBLEfJohn. James, James), b. Sept. 20, 
1836; m. CAPT. WILLIAM McBETH Sept. 12, 1906; b. Oct. 8, 1839, in 
Springfield, O. 

She resided in Zanesville, O. After her marriage she removed to her 
huiband's home at Keosaugua, Iowa. 

Line of James, James, Phebe. 
Ch. of Phcbe Trimble {T.-J2) and Benjamin House. 

IV— 264. JAMES T. HOUSE (Phebe, James, James), b. 6 mo. 15, 
1809: d. 5 mo. 27, 1879; m. REBECCA K. EMBREE 3 mo. 14, 1832, dau. 
of William Embree and Sarah Jones, b. 2 mo. 13, iSio; d. 12 mo. 25, 1893. 

He was a farmer, ownin.g a farm in Pocopson. Chester Co., Pa. They 
removed to West Chester, where they both died. Of her it was written : 


"Throughout her Hfc she was a consistent member of the Society of 
Friends, and was much loved by her relatives and acquaintances." 

Issue : — 

702. William E.. b. 1-7-1S33; d. 7-3-1903. 

703. Phebe J., b. 7-30-1S35: d. 11-29-1909. 

704. Sarah D., b. 4-3-1837. 

705. Lydia W., b. 2-19-1844. 

Line of James, Ann, Sarah. 

Ch. of Sarah Taylor {T.-/6) and John Baily, born in East Marlborough, 
Chester Co., Pa. 

IV— 265. LYDIA BAILY (Sarah, Ann, James), b. 8 mo. 10, 1786; d. 3 
mo. II, 1850; m. NATHANIEL SCARLETT 11 mo. 22, 1810, at London- 
grove Mtg., son of John Scarlett* and Mary Dixon, of New Garden Twp., b. 3 
mo. 2, 1779; d. 2 mo. 2, 1S63. Both were buried at Kennett Square Mtg. 

Lydia was the only one of this family that married ; and her mother being 
the only one of her family to leave children, the family descent has been pre- 
served, but the name changed twice. 

Issue : — 

706. Sarah, b. 9-15-1811; d. 1-15-1898. 

707. Mary, b. 1-23-1S13; d. 2-22-1852. 

708. Abiah, b. 3-5-1S16; d. 12-31-1887. 

709. Deborah, b. 12-17-1820; d. 5-16-1856. 

710. Annie, b. 9-20-1822; d. 11-27-1866. 

711. J0€l, b. 6-26-1S28; d. 11-30-1894. 

IV— 266. ABIAH BAILY (Sarah 3), b. 5 mo. 23, 1788; d. 6 mo. 9, 
1868; unm. 

IV— 267. JOEL BAILY (Sarah 3), b. 2 mo. i, 1791 ; d. 7 mo. 9, 1862; 

IV — 268. ANN BAILY, b. 4 mo. 7, 1794; d. 11 mo. 13, 1794. She d. in 

Note. — John Scarlett and Mary Dixon were m. 10 mo. 31, 1765, she being a dau. of 
Joseph Dixon and Sarah Powell, d. 11 mo. 8. 1803. in her 68th year. He was b. 2 mo. 
15, 1737; d. 6 mo. 25, 1814. son of Nathnniel Scarlett and Hannah Dutton, who were m. 
8 mo. (Oct. O. S.) 29, 1730, at Chichester Mtg. and removed the next year to New Garden 
Twp., where Hannah d. 12 mo. 31, 1782, and Na'haniel 11 mo. 2. 1784. in his 85th year. 
He was a son of Humphrey Scinlelt, of Chichester, who m. Anne, -Ridow of Anthony 
Weaver and dau. of Joseph and Jane Richards, of Aston. Humphrey and Anne Scar- 
lett left issue: John. m. Eleanor Martin; Shadrack m. Phebe Bowater, Nathaniel above, 
Humphrey, Jr.; Mary m. Thomas Hall; Susanna m. Daniel Brown; Elizabeth, m. Rich- 
ard Cox, and Rebecca m. Brown. 

Hannah Dutton was a dau. of .John Diit'on. Jr., who was an immigrant with his 
parents, John and Mary Dutton, from England, about 1G83, and settled in .A.ston Twp. 
John, Jr., m. Elizabeth King-man in 17i.i4, iho only surviving child of John Kingsman 
and Hannah Simcock, who were early settlers in Chichester, where he owned 200 acres of 
land, which descended to the Duttons through the above m. 


IV— 269. HANNAH BAILY (Sarah 3), b. 8 mo. 25, 1797; d. I mo. 
15, 1872; unm. 

IV— 270. MARY BAILY (Sarah 3), b. 12 mo. 28, 1798; d. 8 mo. 2, 
1882; unm. 

IV_27i. JOHN BAILY (Sarah 3), b. 5 mo. 13, 1804; d. 10 mo. 20, 
1886; unm. 

IV— 272. GEORGE T. BAILY (Sarah, Ann, James), b. 8 mo. 19, 
1806; d. 3 mo. 20, 1883; unm. ) 

The above unmarried persons ^vere buried at Londono^rove Mtg. They 
continued to hve at the homestead and cultivated its extensive plantation. They 
retained much of the simplicity of the early settlers, though possessed of a 
considerable estate. Joel was proficient in the natural sciences and noted as a 
good mathematician; he also made a collection of Indian relics. Georg-e T. 
was also noted as a profound mathematician. It being suspected that they 
kept considerable money and valuables about their residence, a noted burglary 
was committed there about 1880, when those then surviving were bound and 
their safe looted, but the criminals were caught and convicted. 

Line of James, Isaac, Joseph. 
Cli. of Joseph Trimble (T.-8j) and Ann Chcyncy, bom in Harford Co., Tvld. 

IV— 273. PHEBE TRIMBLE (loseph, Isaac. James), b. 2 mo. 13, 
1823; d. 10 mo. 20, 1910; m. EDMUND HOOPES 6 mo. 12, 1849, son of 
Thomas Hoopes* and Eliza Darlington, b. i mo. 31, 1822; d. 9 mo. 14, 1863. 

They lived in Harford Co., Md., where he owned a farm and grist mill. 
Since his decease she removed to West Chester. Pa., and then to her daugh- 
ter's at Gettysburg, Pa. She died at Gettysburg. Pa., 10 mo. 20, 1910; bur- 
\c<\ at Forest Hill Mtg., Harford Co., Md.. where an impressive service was 
held in the old meeting house. Caroline J. Worth, a minister of West Ches- 
ter. Pa., Pauline Holme, of Baltimore, both Friends, John Barrow, an old 
Methodist neighbor, and Rev. J. A. Singmaster, her son-in-law, a Lutheran. 
gave testimony to her sweet Christian life and character. Like Enoch of old 
she walked with God. Her serene face and gentle ways were the expression 

Note. — Thomas Hoopes, son of Jesse Hnopes and Amy Cope (who were m. 11 mo. 
26. 17S9K b. 7 mo. 27, 1794. Jes>=c, son of Thomas Hoopes and Supanna Davis, of Gosh- 
en, Chistrr Co., Pa. (who were m. 1711). Thomas, eleventh of the seventeen ch. men- 
tioned in No. T.-2S2. Amy Cope, a .lister to Hannah (see No. T.-67). Eliza Darlington, 
»!au. of Abraham nnf] Susonna. of Thori.lnirv, Chester Co., Pa. Abraham, a brother to 
Jesso (s(-o No. 997), sniis of Thomas Daiimptnn and Hannah Brinton. Thomas, son of 
Abraham the emigrant, who m. Elizabeth Hilborn. 


of the peace of God in her soul. She remained a consistent Friend (Quaker) 
through her entire life and had a feeling- of unity with all Christians. 

During the Civil War he was a deputy provost marshal and died of dis- 
ease contracted in the service. 

Issue : — 

712. Elizabeth, b. 7-15-1851; d. 7-17-1851. 

713. Caroline, b. 3-15-1852. 

714. William, b. 5-26-1855; d. 8-14-1856. 

715. Walter, b. 7-7-1857. 

716. Elizabeth (2d), b. 2-5-IS61; d. 1-1-1S64. 

717. Edmund D,. b. 1-14-1S63. 

IV— 274. RACHEL TRIMBLE (Joseph, Isaac. Tames), b. i mo. 4, 
1825; d. 3 mo. 23, 188S; m. DARLINGTON HOOPES 5 mo. 5, 1846, 
brother to Edmund and William (see Nos. 273 and 275). b. 5 mo. 11, 1820. 
d, 7 mo. 17, 1894, in West Chester, Pa., Both were buried at Forest Meet- 
ing, Md. 

They resided for many years on the estate of her father in Harford Co., 
Md. ; then came to West Chester, Pa., where he engaged as one of the firm of 
Hoopes Bro. & Darlington, manufacturers of spokes, wheels, etc. They, how- 
ever, returned to Maryland previous to Rachel's death. He was an eloquent 
and much esteemed minister in the Society of Friends. 

Issue : — 

718. Joseph Trimble, b. 3 mo. 24, 1847; d. 9 mo. 21, 1848. 

719. Emily, b. 2 mo. 12, 1850; d. 7 mo. 30, 1850. 

720. Joseph T., (2d), b. 8 mo. 22, 1852. 

721. David, b. 8 mo. 22. 1S.55; d. 3 mo. 18, 1893. 

722. Clement D., b. 12 mo. 10. 1861. 

723. Anna T., b. 8 mo. 8, 1866. 

IV— 275. ELIZABETH TRIMBLE (Joseph, Isaac. James), b. 3 mo. 
21, 1827; d. 5 mo. 22, 1857; m. WILLIAM HOOPES 9 mo. 11, 1853, 
brother to Edmund and Darlington (see Nos. 273 and 274), b. i mo. 31, 
1830. They were sons of Thomas Hoopes and Eliza Darlington. 

He spent the early part of his life on his father's farm in West Goshen, 
on which were a sawmill and shop; having a decided preference for mechan- 
ical pursuits he engaged in making sorghum during the Civil War, and after- 
wards in turning spokes. In 1869 he removed to West Chester and with his 
brother, Thomas, engaged entensively in the manufacture of material for 
wheels. In 1872 they made complete wheels under the firm name of Hoopes, 
Bro. & Darlington, and their works formed the leading industry of the place. 

Issue : — 

724. Elizabeth T., b. 5 mo. 16, 1837; d. 7 mo. 27, 1837. 

He m. second, Virginia Russell, of Baltimore, 11 mo. 20, 1861 ; who was 
b. 12 mo. 18, 1836; d. II mo. 22, 1876, by whom he had issue: Russell. Liz- 
zie T., Henry R. and Fanny, He m. 3rd, Lavinia H. Cock 10 mo. 25, 1881 ; b. 
whom he had a son Percy. 


Line of James, Isaac, John. 

Ch. of John TrinMc {T.-84) and Elizabeth Broivn, all born in Baltimore, Md. 

IV— 276. MARY TRIMBLE, b. 3 mo. 13, 1799; d. 7 mo. 27, 1804. 

IV— 277. ELIZABETH TRIMBLE (John. Isaac. James), b. 3 mo. 7, 
iSoi ; d. 2 mo. 29. 1892 :m. TRISTRAM BOWDLE, JR.. 4 mo. 5, 1824. son 
of Tristram Bowdle and Sarah Barnaby. b. 9 mo. 20. 1800. in Cecil Co.. Md. 

He was a druggist. They removed to Philadelphia in 1829, where they 
resided at 12 13 Race St. 

Issue : — 

725. Sarah Jane. b. 1825; d. 1828. 

726. John Trimble, b. 1S2C; d. 1828. 

IV— 278. ISAAC TRIMBLE (John, Isaac, James), b. 12 mo. 2. 1802; 
d. I mo. — , 1837; m. REBECCA BLAIR MOORE 5 mo. 20, 1828, dau. of 
George Moore and Mary Elliott, b. 8 mo. 21, 1808; d. 9 mo. 26, 1885. 

He went into business with his father in Baltimore, Md. Rebecca con- 
tinued in that city, with her dau. (see No. T.-729.) 

Issue : — 

727. John, b. Apr. 16, 1830; d. 1871. 
::8. James Moore, b. Mar. 2, 1832. 

729. Mary Elizabeth, b. Aug. 29, 1834; d. Jan. 21, 1901. 

730. Catherine Jane, b. Apr. 11, 1836; d. (?). 

IV— 279. MARY TRIMBLE (John, Isaac, James), b. 9 mo. 20, 1804; 
d. 3 mo. 6, 1852; m. SAMUEL F. TROTH 8 mo. 21, 1828, son of Samuel 
Troth and Ann Berry, b. 5 mo. 7, 1801 ; d. 11 mo. 18, 1886. 

He was a druggist. They removed to Philadelphia in early life, and con- 
tinued there during life. 

He m. his second wife, Alice (Taylor) Lippincott, widow of John Lip- 
pincott, 8 mo. 14, 1856. Their residence was at 1019 Cherry St., She d. in 

The following notice appeared in Friends* Intelligencer of 11 mo. ij, 

"Samuel F". Troth was a valued member and overseer of Twelfth Street Meeting, 
Philadelphia. Ills ancestors were Identified with Third Haven Meeting, Md.. to which 
he belonged until his removal to Philadelphia about 1818. He wa."? liberal In his feel- 
tnin*. charitable towards tho?e difTering from him, mild, affable, affectionate and pos- 
»»Relng the qualities of a Chrlstinn gentleman. Whilst not covetous of prominence in 
public affairs, ho was useful In benevolent directions. He was long a manager of the 
Apprentices' Library and nlso an officer of the College of Pharmacy. Preserver! to a 
Kood old age with his faculties clear, he was fully prepared for the final summons. 

Issue : — 
731. Samuel, b. 6-12-1830; d. 7-2-1830. - , ' 


732. Elizabeth. Trimble, b. 6-15-1S31. 

733. John Trimble, b. 10-31-1S33; d. 11-20-1860. 

734. Marv Jane, b. 5-2S-1S37: d. 10-2f,-lS37. 

735. Samuel Berry, b. S-29-1S3S: d. 1-21-1839. 

736. Anna Berrv, b. 4-19-1840; d. 4-17-1907. 

737. Mary, b. 1-31-1843. 

738. Sarah Jane, b. 10-18-1844. 

739. Samuel Henry, b. 1-18-1S51. 

IV— 280. JANE TRI^IBLE (John, Isaac, James), b. 3 mo. 25, 1807; 
d. II mo. 19, 18S3; unm. She died at the home of her brother, Joseph, in 
West Philadelphia. 

IV— 281. JOHN TRIMBLE, JR. (John, Isaac, James) b. Mar. 24, 1809: 
d. Aug. 8, 1833; m. SARAH REBECCA MASLIN Sept.22 , 1831, dan. of 
Michael N. Maslin and Eliza S. Mohler. She d. in New York Jan. — , 1858. 

He was a physician. He was drowned whilst bathing in Langford Bay, 
Kent Co., Md. 

Issue: — 

740. Elizabeth Maslin, b. July 16, 1832. ' ' 

IV— 282. DAVID BROWN TRIMBLE, IL D. (John, Isaac, James, 
b. May 29, 1813 ; d. Sept. 4, 1901, at Fernandina, Fla. ; bur. in St. Peter's Cem- 
etery; m. ELIZABETH P. ASKEW 11 mo. 5, 1840, dau. of Peter Askew* 
and Hannah Wilkinson (who were m. 10 mo. 11, 1811), b. 7 mo. 22, 1820, 
in Cecil Co., Md. ; d. Oct. 9, 1876, at Geneva, 111. 

David B. studied medicine. He and Elizabeth first settled in Cecil Co., Md. ; 
removed in a icw years to Burlington, N. J., and thence to Chicago, 111. From 

Note. — Peter Askew, second son of Parker Askew and Hannah Hatton (who were 
m. 11 mo. 17, 1779). b. 17S5, in Wilmington. Del.; d. 12 mo. 1848, in Cecil Co., Md., and 
buried at the Brick Meetins:-House grounds on Christmas Day. Parker, son of Joseph 
Askew and Rebecca Eyre (who were m. 2 mo. 27, 1749). Plannah Hatton, dau. of Peter 
and Sarah. Rebecca Eyre, dsu. of and Mnry. Hannah Wilkinson, sf^cond dau. 
third and youngest child of Joseph Wilkinson and Margaret Starr (v,'ho were m. 11 mo. 
13. 1788), b. 8 mo. 2, 1793; d.. 1866. Margaret Starr, second and youngest dau. of Wil- 
liam Starr and Jar.e Hcopes, b. 4 mo. 1, 1763;' Ji 11 mo. 2.5. 1852; she belonged to a fam- 
ily remarkable on both sides for their longevity. William Starr was the fourth of eight 
sons and one dau. of Isaac Starr and Margaret I.ightfoot, b. 1 mo. (Mar.) 27. 1731; d. 6 mo. 
16, 1787. Isaac, the youngest of nine children of John and Mary Starr, b. Sept. 23, 1697, 
at Coot Hill, Ulster, Ireland, and came to Pennsylvania (1710-12) In company with four 
older brothers. This John Starr was a son of Captain Starr, a captain of Infantry In 
Cromwell's army, a little before the middle of the seventeenth century. At the close 
of that war the father and son settled in Ireland as above. Jane Hooper was the eldest 
dau. of Joshua Hoopcs and Hannah Ashbridge, b. 7 mo. 12, 1732; d. 5 mo. 16, 1S12. Josh- 
ua, eldest son and fifth child of Daniel Hoopes and Jane Worrilow (who were m. 1696), 
b. 4 mo. 19, 1704; d. 10 mo. 9. 1769. Daniel and Jaue were blessed with seventeen child- 
ren, who lived to the respective ages of 24. 6, 65, 48, 65 1-2, 83. 21, 81. 84. 82, 89. 88, 
46,' 85, 1, 74 and 92 1-3 years. Daniel was the son of .lo.'htia Hooper,, b. 1668 in York- 
shire, England. They arrived in Pennsylvania 9 mo. 10, 1CS3. and settled In Bucks Co. 
After Daniel's marriage he removed with his wife to Chester Co., where his descendants 
are very numerous. Jnshua Hoopes. the emigrant, was a cornet in the cavalry of th" 
Parliament-iry army about the middle of the seventeenth century. He d. in 1724 at an 
advanced age. 


facing p. ToS 


1866 to 1S70 he was sanitary inspector of the Board of Health. Afterwards 
professor of materia mcdica and toxicology in the Chicago College of Phar- 
macy, and president of the Society of Physicians and Surgeons of that city. 
They finally removed to Fernandina, Fla. 
Issue : — 

741. John Joseph, b. Sept. 27, 1S41. 

742. Alfred Askew, b. Nov. 3, 1S43; d. Apr. 22, 1S49. 

743. Anna Sherwood, b. Juno 2, 1S46. 

744. James Edward, b. Dee. 4, 1S4S; d. Oct. 13, 1S94. 

745. Elizabeth Brown, b. Nov. 22. 1850: d. Aug. 2, 1SS7. 

746. William Pinkney, b. Apr. 4, 1853; d. May 13, 1853. 

747. Mary, b. Mar. 5, 1854; d. Sept. 26, 1876. 

748. Henry Peterkin, b. Jan. 2, 1860. 

IV— 283. JOSEPH TRIMBLE (John, Isaac, James), b. Jan. 17, 1S15; 
d. July 30, 1884; m. SARAH A. DAVIS 6 mo. 10. 1S40, dau. of Armon 
Davis and Anna Elizabeth Reifschnyder, b. June — , 1816; d. Nov. 12, 187S. 
Both were buried in South Laurel Hill Cemetery. 

He was a merchant, and succeeded to his father's business in Baltimore. 
In 1S48 he removed to Philadelphia, Pa., and became one of the firm of Yar- 
nall & Trimble, importing merchants. Place of business, 147 S. Front St., 
Phila. Resided for several years in Camden, N. J. Afterwards at iMedford, 
N. J. 

Issue : — 

749. Armon D.. b. Feb. 2, 1842. 

750. John B.. b. Sept. 23, 1843; d. Sept. 12, 1890. 

751. Joseph R., b. May 11, 1845. 

752. James L.. b. Jan. 26, 1847. 

7c'3. Mary Jane, b. Mar. 1, 1850; d. July 16. 1852. 

754. David, b. Dec. 29, 1851; d. Nov. 25, 1862. 

755. Granville, b. July 15, 18£5; d. June 16, 1865. 

756. Samuel R. C, b. Dec. 20, 1857. 

IV— 284. JAMES TRIMBLE (John, Isaac, James), b. 11 mo. 28, 1819; 
d. 6 mo. 10, 1871. 

He was in business in Philadelphia. During the rebellion he was in the 
commissary department of the army. 

Line of James, Isaac, Mary. 
Ch. of Mary Trimble (T.-86) and George Peters, all born in Baltimore, Md. 
IV— 285. ELIZABETH PETERS, b. July i, 1798, d. probably youiig. 

IV— 286. JESSE TRIMBLE PETERS (Marv, Isaac, James\ b. Sept. 
30. 1800; d. July 7, 1867; m. CATHARINE ADAUNE NELSON, dau. 
of Aquila Nelson and Frances. 


He was a stockbroker. She continued to reside in Baltimore, and d. Aug. 
8, 1889; age 80. 
Issue : — 

757. Marv Frances, b. Aug. 12, 1S34; d. July 13, 1899. 

758. Jesse T.. b. July 12, 1841; d. Sept. 15, 1S91. 
All buried in Greenmount Cemetery. 

IV— 287. JOHN PETERS (Marv. Isaac, James), b. Dec—, 1802; d. 
Nov. 21, 1841 ; m. ANN MARIA DILLEHUNT Feb. 2, 1825, dau. of John 
Dillehunt and Henrietta Newman. 

He was an architect. They resided in Baltimore, Md. 

Issue : — 

759. George Albert, b. Sept. 12, 1S26: d. Dec. 5, 1867. 

760. Matilda, b. July 4, 1828; d. Apr. 4. 1862. 

761. Anna Maria, b. Nov. 18, 1836. 

762. John D., b. July 4, 1838; d. July 8, 1845. 

763. Emma C, b. Mav 11, 1840; d. bur. Feb. 21. 1889. 

764. Clinton H., b. Feb. 14, 1842; d. Jan. 7, 1907. 

IV— 288. GEORGE PETERS (Marv, Isaac. James), b. Feb. 21, 1808; 
d. Aug. 29. 1865; m. SARAH CORDRAY Oct. 25. 1839, dau. of Henry 
Cordray and Elizabeth Furlong, b. Oct. 20, 1814; d. July 18, 1900. Both 
were buried in Greenmount Cemetery, Baltimore, Md., as were also their de- 
ceased children. 

He was engaged in business in Baltimore. Md., until the beginning of 
the Civil War, and was Colonel of the First Maryland Rifle Regiment. He 
recruited from same into the Confederate Md. line at Harper's Ferry, Va., May, 
1 861 ; and after much peril he reached the Confederacy Oct. following. He 
afterwards became an officer in the Confederate States' service and under Surg. 
Gen. S. P. Moore had charge of the department for the transportation of the 
sick and wounded of the armies in Virginia. He also served under Brig. Gen. 
John H. Winder, Commanding Department of Richmond, Va. Col. Peters 
organized and commanded the first troops (infantry) for the defence of Rich- 
mond. He was in service from Nov. 1861, until April 3, 1865. and was paroled 
in Richmond, Va.. in May, 1865. He died in that city the following Aug. of 
disease contracted in the service. His wife and younger children joined her 
husband under a flag of truce in Jan. 1863. She afterwards resided with her 
family in Baltimore, Md. 

Issue : — 

765. Winfield, b. July 8, 1841. 

766. Clarence, b. Nov. 18. 1813; d. Oct 10, 1892. 

767. Mary, b. Jan. 7. 1846. 

768. George H.. b. May 30, 1848; d. Feb. 27, 1886. 

769. Isabel, b. Feb. 13, 18.50; d. June 7, 1851. 

770. Helen A., b. Sept. 19, 1851. 

771. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 5, 1854; d. July 18, 1856. 

772. Joseph Trimble, b. June 21. 1856. 

IV— 289. MARY PETERS (Mary, Isaac, James), b. Nov. i, 1810; d. 


Dec. 13, 1843: m. HON. BEALE H. RICH.\RDSON Oct. — , 1832, son of 
IlCTijamin Richardson and Elizabeth Howard, b. Aug. 28, 1799; d. Jan. 4, 
1877. Both were buried in Greenmount Cemetery. 

(His grandfathers were Vincent Richardson and Col. John B. Howard, 
woll known for their connection with prominent Maryland families who fought 
in the Revolution.) 

Issue: — 

773 Georgle Peters, b. Aug. 22. 183<. 

77<. AuKusta Howard, b. Apr. 18, 1836; d. Nov. 18, 1875. 

775. Francis A. 

776. Mary Albina. 

777. Andrew L., b. Aug. 9, 1841; d. May 11, 1869. 

778. Beale Howard, b. Oct. 11, 1843; d. Oct. 10, 1895. 

IV— 290. CATHARINE JANE PETERS (Mary, Isaac, James), b. 
Sept. 12, 1812; d. Jan. i, 1862; buried in Greenmount Cemetery; m. BEALE 
H. RICHARDSON June — , 1844, as his second wife (see last No.). 

He was for a long time connected with the newspaper interests of Balti- 
more, Md., and was editor of the "Baltimore Republican" before and during 
the Civil War. This newspaper was suppressed by the Federal authorities 
Sept. 1863, the editor and proprietor being immediately sent into the Con- 
federacy at Charlestown, Va. After the conclusion of peace he returned to 
his native city and became, about 1868, chief judge of the Appeal Tax Court, 
with residence at 247 Saratoga St., Baltimore, Md. The family worshipped 
in the Presbyterian church, of which the parents were prominent members. 

Issue : — 

779. Catherine Malonla, b. July 21, 1845; d. July 26, 189G. 

7&0. Jesse Augustus, b. Oct. IS, 1847; d. 1849. 

7S1. Elizabeth Howard, b. Apr. 4, 1849. 

7!iL'. Ut-njamin Augustus, b. May 9, 1851. 

7&3. Henrietta Blanche. 

Line of James, Hannah, Rachel. 

Ch. of Rachel Faddis (T.-po) and John McCormic. 

IV— 291. JAMES McCORMIC (Rachel, Hannah, James) ; m. SARAH 

No more definite account received 
Issue : — 

784. EUra. 
7i&. Angeline. 

IV— 292. JOHN McCORMIC (Rachel, Hannah, James) ; unm. 

IV— 293. ANN McCORMIC (Rachel, Hannah, James); ni. ROBERT 


Issue :— 

786. Rebecca. 

787. Robert. 

788. Martha, 

789. Cyrus. 

IV— 294. MARY McCORMIC (Rachel, Hannah, James) ; m. ROBERT 
PEOPLES as his second wife. 

They removed to Harrisburg, Pa. He was employed at the locomotive 

Issue : — 

790. Lewis. 

791. Thomas. 

792. William. 

793. Rachel. 

794. Hannah. 

795. Reuben. 

IV— 295. HANNAH McCOR^nC (Rachel, Hannah, James), d. April 

16, 1844; m. REUBEN, EVANS , 1832, as his second wife (see No. 

298). They lived in Philadelphia. After her death he m. third wife, Ellen J. 
Parker, Sept. 2, 1852, who survived him. 

Issue : — 

796. Rachel Ann, b. 4-14-1S33; d. 5-21-1901. 

797. Paschall, b. 2-17-1835; d. 7-6-1S77. 

798. Mary Jane, b. 9-27-1S36; d. 2-3-1873. 

799. Sidney, b. 2-18-1841. 

IV— 296. WILLIAM McCORAIIC; d. young. 

IV— 297. ROBERT McC0R:\IICK (Rachel, Hannah, James), b. April 
4, 1807; d. Oct. 16, 1866; m. ELIZA MOORE Nov. 15, 1828, dau. of Chris- 
tian Aloore and ]SIary Collins, b. Jan. 21, 1806; d. Jan. 5, 1879. 

They resided in West Chester, Pa. 

Issue : — 

800. John A., b. Apr. 9, 1829, d. 1904. 

801. William, b. Oct. 13. 1830. 

802. Mary, b. Nov. 11, 1831; d. Dec. 20, 1867. 

803. Wills, b. May 24, 1S33; d. Dec. — , 1898. 

804. Ellen, b. Aug. 22, 1834. 

805. Lydia, b. Aug. 29, 1835; d. Nov. 16. 1835. 

806. Sybclla J., b. June 24, 1836. 

807. Edward, b. Jan. 25, 1838; d. Aug. 10, 1838. 

808. Lewis, b. Nov. 17, 1S38. 

809. Emma, b. Dec. 24. 1840. 

IV— 298. MARTHA McCORMIC (Rachel, Hannah, James), d. Jan. 

26, 183 1 ; m. Reuben Evans — , 1829, son of Abner Evans and Florilla , 

b. 1795; d. Jan. 22, 1867. 

(Abner was a son of Lot Evans, of Philadelphia.) 


Issue : — 
bio. Abner, b. July 6, 1830; d. Nov. 8, 1SS5. 

IV— 299. LYDIA ANN McCORMIC (Rachel. Hannah, James), b. 
iSii (?) ; m. SILAS WALTON, JR., about 1831, son of Silas Walton and 
Martha Rhodes, b. Aug. 3, 1S08. 

He was a plasterer. He m. second wife, Lucy Ann Townsend, and she 
also died; ni. third wife, Sarah Ann Cummins. 

They resided in West Whiteland, Chester Co., Pa. Lydia Ann appears 
to have had a taste for literature, and some of her productions in poetry indi- 
cate a deep devotional spirit. Her lines to "Peace" are a sample: 
"Peace has unveiled her smiling face. 
And woos thy soul to her embrace, 
Enjoyed with ease, if thou refrain 
From earthly love ; else sought in vain ; 
She dwells with all who truth prefer, 
But seeks not those who seek not her." 

Issue by her: — 
811. A child, died unnamed. 

IV— 3CX). LEWIS McCORMIC (Rachel, Hannah, James), d. young. 

Line of James, Hannah, David. 
Ch. of David Faddis (T.-p2) and Margaret Johnson. 

IV— 306. HANNAH FADDIS (David, Hannah, James), b. Aug. 27, 
1809; ra. GEORGE JOBE. 

He died and she m. second husband, but no further information obtained. 

Issue by first husband : — 
812. George, b. about 1S31; d. Nov. 14, 1871. 

IV— 307. JOSEPH FETTERS (David, Hannah, James), b. Sept. 26, 
181 1 ; d. June 8, 1888; m. MARIA HERKINS Dec. 22, 1836, dau. of Hugh 
Herkins and Tacy Evans, b. Dec. 12, 1819; d. May 12, 1884. 

He wrote his name from a child "Fetters," and it has become so estab- 
h'shed. He was a blacksmith. He resided in Haverford, Delaware Co., Pa., 
and died there at his son-in-law's J. L. Thompson. Both were buried at Ard- 
more Lutheran Church, of which they were members. 

Issue : — 
813. G«)rge Washington, b. Dec. 4, 1837; d. July 1, 1864. 
8H. William E., b. Oct. 11, 1839. 
kl5. Joserih. Jr., b. Apr. 6. 1842; d. Jan. 18, 1911. 

816. Lewis R., b. Oct. 24, 1843; d. June 6, 1S64. 

817. David, b. Oct. 9, 1846; d. Feb. 22, 1848. 


818. Margaret Jane, b. Dec. 30, 184S. 

819. Charles Henry, b. Sept. 11, 1852. 

820. Garrett H., b. Nov. 22, 1854. 

821. James C,. b. Aug. 31, 1S60. 

IV— 308. ELIZABETH FADDIS (David, Hannah, James), b. Mar. 
26, 1814; d. Jan. I, 1890, at her niece's Margaret E. England, near Oxford, 
Pa.; ni. JOSEPH COWIC Mar. 24. 1836, son of John Cowic and Mar>' 
Simcox, b. June 5, 1809; d. 1877. They resided at Romansville, Chester Co., 
Pa, He was a shoemaker. No issue. 

IV— 309. PHEBE FADDIS (David, Hannah, James), b. Nov. 14. 
1816; m. WILLIAM ROBINSON April — , 1837. 

They removed to Wheeling, Va. (now West Va.). They had a family of 
children, but no account of them received. 

IV— 310. JOHN T. FADDIS (David, Hannah, James), b. June 25. 
i8i9;d. Sept. 15, 1892; btiried at Brick }^Itg. ; m. MARY JACKSON Jan. 14, 
1 85 1, dau. of Thomas Jackson and Elizabeth Nichols, b. April 6, 1828. 

They resided near Oxford, Pa. She now lives with her dau. 

Issue : — 

822. Margaret Elizabeth, b. Oct. 26, 1851. 

IV— 311. JAMES H. FADDIS ( David, Hannah, James) b. Mar. 27, 1822; 
d. June 29, 1874; m. MARGARETTA JACKSON Nov. 25, 1853, dau. of 
Thomas Jackson and Elizabeth Nichols, b. June 28, 1832; d. Aug. 6, 1873. 
Both were buried at Marshallton Friends' grounds. 

He was a farmer and resided near Marshallton, Chester Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

823. Louisa H., b. June 6, 185.5. 

824. Elizabeth C, b. July 25. 1857. 

825. James Henry, b. 4, 1859. 

826. Mary H., b. May 31, 1861. 

827. Thomas Harlan, b. Dee 27, 1862. 

828. Lydia Ann, b. Jan. 27, 1865. 

829. Annie J., b. July 17, 18G7; d. April 8, 1873. 

830. John Reuben, b. Feb. — , 1869. 

831. William, b. Apr. 16. 1872. 

IV— 312. LYDIA ANN FADDIS, b. July 25, 1824; d. Feb. 3, 1837. 

IV— 313. WILLIAM FADDIS (David, Hannah, James), b. May 9, 
1827; d. Feb. I, 1911; m. HANNAH KING Dec. 5, 1861, dau. of Amor 
King and Louisa Hoopes, b. Oct. 23, 1838; d. Jan. 16, 191 1. Both were bur- 
ied at Hepzibah Church. 


They resided near Mortonville, Chester Co. They removed to a farm at 
Chalfonte, Pa. They were Baptists. 
Issue: — 

832. Thomas, b. Feb. 12, 1860. 

S33. Mary, b. May 17, 1863; d. Apr. 16, 1875. 

IV— 314. THOMAS J. FADDIS (David, Hannah, James), b. Jan. 6, 
1830: d. June 20, 191 1 ; m. LYDIA H. KING Sept. 16, 1852, dau. of Joseph 
P. King and Ann, b. Dec. 12, 1S31; d. Mar. 12, 1878. 

M. second, CATHERINE McCURDY, Jan. 18, 1882. 

He was born in Chester county and nearly forty years ago was farmer 
at the County Home, near Embreville. He moved thence to Cheyney and for 
nineteen years was in charge of the Albert C. Roberts farm. Afterwards he 
went to Overbrcx:>k and for five years was in charge of the Joseph B. Townsend 
farm; returned from there to Cheyney, where he remained until a year ago, 
when he was removed with his wife to the Home for Incurables in Philadel- 
phia, where he died. He had suffered from cancer and for his last two years 
was blind. He is remembered as a tall man of powerful frame and genial dis- 
position, and had numerous friends in Chester and Delaware counties. 

Issue : — 

834. William K., b. Aug. 12, 1S53; d. Dec. 3, 1856. 

g«5. Joseph P., b. Nov. 9, 1S54. 

836. Jervis H., b. Feb. 2, 1857; d. Jan. 19, 1883. 

837. David J., b. May 1, 1859. 

838. Richard Henry, b. Jan. 18, 1S61. 

839. Thomas Baker, b. Feb. 10, 1SC3; d. Dec. 2, 1891. 

840. Wellington A., b. Sept. 17, 1867. 

841. Clarkson L., b. Feb. 9. 1869. 

IV— 315. DAVID FADDIS, JR., b. Mar. 15, 1833; d. Feb. 13, 1837. 
Both he and his sister, Lydia Ann, d. with scarlet fever. 

Line of James, Hannah, Mary. 

Ch. of Mary Faddis {T.-94) and Joseph White. Probably all born near 
Downingtown, Pa. 

IV— 316. WASHINGTON WHITE (Mary, Hannah. James), b. 1804; 
d. 1874; m. ESTHER ANN RICHARDSON Oct. 5, 1837, dau. of Jesse 
Richardson and Julia Ann Thomas, b. June 6. 18 18; deceased. 

He was a blacksmith. They resided at Downingtown, Pa. 

Issue : — 

842. Joseph D., b. Sept. 27, 1838; d. 1S86 (7). 

84S. Julia Ann. b. Jan. 31, 1840. 

844. James, b. Oct. 18, 1842; d. Nov. 25, 1871. 

845. Le\^iR, b. Jan. 11, 1844. 

846. Isaac N., b. Mar. 6, 1846. 

847. Thomas Jefferson, b. Sept. 17, 1848. ; 


848. Rebecca, b. Mar. 16. 1851; d. Dec. 12, 1894. 

849. Susanna, b. Jan. 11, 1854. 

850. Marj- Emma, b. Oct. 29, 1855. 

851. Ruthella, b. Aug. 28, 185S. 

IV— 317. JEFFERSON WHITE (Marv, Hannah, James), b. about 
1806; d. 1847; m. x-\NN ELLIOTT. She is deceased. 

They resided in Lancaster Co., Pa., but complete record not obtained. 
Issue : — 

852. Joseph, b. Nov. 27. 1829. 

853. Mary Ann. 

854. Ezra. 

855. John; d. Nov. — , 1873. 

856. Elizabeth Margaret, d. June 20, 1865. 

857. Catharine, d. young. 

858. Jacob Richard, b. Feb. 7. 1846. 

859. Rebecca, b. Dec. — . 1847. 

IV— 318. REBECCA A. WHITE (Mary, Hannah, James), b. about 
1808; d. Oct. 13, 1878; unm. She resided with her brother James. Both 
were buried at Downingtown Friends' ]Mtg. 

IV— 319. JA^IES T. W^HITE (Mary, Hannah James), b. July 20, 
1810; d. July 12, 1882 (?) ; unm. 

He was a blacksmith and had a shop on the Lancaster Pike, east of Down- 
ingtown, Pa. 

IV— 320. JOSEPH WHITE (^lary, Hannah, James), b. Dec. 25, 
1811 ; d. May 9, 1885 ; m. SARAH DORLAN Sept. — , 1831, dau. of Samuel 
Dorian and Mary Scott, b. Mar. 12, 1813; d. ^larch 12, 1893. Both were bur- 
ied in Blockley Cemetery. 

They resided at 4917 x\spen St., Philadelphia. 

Issue : — 

860. George Washington, b. Jan. 22, 1832; d (?). 

861. Samuel D., b. Feb. 17, 1S34; d. Mar. 21, 1911. 

862. James D., b. Aug. 10, 1836. 

863. Jacob F., b. Apr. 1, 1842; d. Apr. 27, 1907. 

864. Mary Elizabeth, b. Sept. 23, 1845. 

865. Hannah, b. Apr. 30, 1846; d. Oct. — , 1848. 

866. Lindley R., b. Dec. 7, 1S47; d. Sept. — , 1856. 

867. Sarah Jane, b. Jan. 17, 1850. 

868. Luther R.. b. Mar. 12, 1854. 

IV— 321. ISAAC T. WHITE (Mary, Hannah, James), b. Jan. 9, 1814; 
d. Aug. 24, 1889; m. JANE McDERMOXD Oct. 6, 1842, dau. of James Mc- 
Dermond, b. Sept. 10, 1824; d. Dec. 10, 1882. 

He was a farmer and blacksmith. They resided in Uwchlan, Pa. 


Issue : — 

869. Charles Henry, b. Aug. 19. 1843; d. Sept. 24, 189S. 

JnTO. James McD., b. Jan. 1, lb;46; d. Oct. 1, 1S47. 

871. Mary Emma, b. Apr. 26, 1S4S. 

S72. Sarah Ida, b. May 22, 1S51; d. Apr. 29, lS.n4. 

873. Anna Martha, b. Oct. IC, 1S53; d. Mar. 26, 1S54. 

874. Joseph Atwood, b. Aug. 2S, 1S5.5. 

875. Ada Rebecca, b. Dec. 22, 1859; d. June 19, 1S98. 

IV— 322. LEWIS WHITE (]Marv, Hannah, James) b. Nov. 21, 1815; 
d. Nov. 10, 1S83 ( ?) ; m. LYDIA KEACH May 14, 1846, dau. of Moses 
Keach and Jane Woodward, b. Oct. 28, 1S28. 

He was a machinist and Hved for many years at Cope's machine shops, 
near West Chester, Pa., and afterwards at Milford Mills, Upper Uwchlan, 
Chester, Co., Pa., 

Issue : — 

876. William Henry, b. July 30. 1847. 

877. Mary Jane, b. Apr. 9. 1849; d. July 17, 1872. 

878. Theodore H., b. Jan. 17, 1851. 

879. Clara R., b. Apr. 15, 1S56. 

IV— 323. HANNAH p. WHITE (Mary, Hannah, James), b. June 6, 
1817; d. May 5, 1902; unm. 

She resided with her brother James, near Downingtown, Pa., She was 
buried at Downingtown Mtg. 

IV— 324. JOHN WHITE (Mary, Hannah, James), b. about 1818 (?) 
d. Oct. — ,1856; unm. 

He was a blacksmith, went to Virginia and died there. 

• IV— 325. ROBERT WHITE (^Slary, Hannah, James), b. Nov. 27, 
1819; d. May 31, 1897; m. MARY ANN CONQUEST April 10, 1846, dau. 
of Joseph and Sarah Conquest, b. Dec. 25, 1826; d. July 26, 1897. They re- 
sided in Parkesburg, Chester Co.. Pa., where for over a quarter of a century 
he had been employed in the ironworks. He died suddenly of heart disease. 
Both were buried at Downingtown Mtg. 
Issue : — 

880. William T., b. May 12, 1847. 

881. Anna Mary. b. Jan. 4, 1849. 

882. Sarah E., b. Nov. 7, 1851. 

883. Henry P., b. Sept. 7, 1S54; d. Aug. 6, 1904. 

884. Elizabeth, b. June 26, 1857; d. Oct. 17, 1876. 

885. Benjamin, b. Feb. 26, 1860. 

886. Rebecca, b. Aug. 11, 1862. 


Line of Ann and Wm. Trimble, John, William. 

Ch. of Isaac M. Trimble (T.-p^) and Mary Ann Hamium, all bom in Con- 
cord, Delaware Co., Pa. 

V— 326. SAMUEL H. TRIMBLE (Isaac, William, John, William), 
b. May 5, 1823; d. 2 mo. 10, 1893; buried at Concord Mtg. ; m. ELM A M. 
SHARPLESS, 4 mo. 29, 1857, in Philadelphia, dau. of Smith Sharpless* and 
Sarah Thatcher, b. 12 mo. 20, 1823; d. 8 mo. 13, 1873; buried at Goshen 

He was a farmer. They resided on a farm of her father's in Goshen, 
Chester Co., until after his father's death, then purchased the homestead in 
Concord, where he remained the rest of his life. He had been almost contin- 
uously an attender of the Philadelphia markets. 

Children : — 

887. Sarah S., b. 8-9-1S58: d. 7-16-1859. 

888. Mary E., b. 3-4-1860. 

889. Isaac S., b. 7-28-1861; d. 8-23-1861. 

890. Josephine, b. 11-3-1863. 

V— 327. JOSEPH W. TRIMBLE (Isaac, William, John, William), b. 
Nov, 20, 1825; d. suddenly Aug. 17, 1895; buried at Concord Mtg.; m. 
ESTHER JANE LEWIS, Nov. 29, 1865, dau. of William Levis Lewis and 
Elizabeth G. Vanleer, last of Concord. She died Feb. 2, 1909, in her 71st 

He was a physician and farmer, graduate of the University of Pennsyl- 
vania. He practiced for a time in Lancaster Co., Pa., but after marriage re- 
sided on the original homestead of the first William Trimble and Ann Palmer, 
which he afterwards purchased. After his death Esther J. removed to Media, 

Child :— 

891. Cornelia, b. Aug. 25. 1874; d. Aug. 29, 1874. 

V— 328. WILLIAM TRIMBLE (Isaac 4), b. Nov. 20, 1825; d. Aug. 
5, 1827. Twin to Joseph W. 

Note. — Smith, son of John Sharpless and Hannah Smith (his second wife). John, 
eldest of ten ch. of Jacob Sharpless and Ann Blakey, who were m. 9 mo. 23, 1748. Ja- 
cob, a son of Joseph Sharpless, the youngest of thp three emigrant brothers. Hannah 
Smith, dau. of Joshua Smith and Lydia Yearsley, of Birmingham, Delaware Co., Pa. 


V— 329. MARY LOUISA TRIMBLE, b. 7 mo. 24, 1829; d. 8 mo. 
25. 1831. 

V— 330. SUSAN H. TRIMBLE, b. 9 mo. 29, 1832; d. 4 mo. 2, 1842. 

V._33i. HANNAH P. TRIMBLE (Isaac, William, John, William), 
b. 7 mo. 26, 1838. 

She lived with her parents during their lives, then with her brother, Sam- 
uel H., on the homestead and after his death removed to Media, Pa., thence 
to West Chester, Pa., and later to Concord, Pa. For account of ch. of Hannah 
T. Trimble (T.-ioi) and William W. Palmer (264), see his record. 

V— 332. JOHN. V— 333. WILLIAM T. V— 334. EDWARD L. 
V_335. MERRITT T. 

Ch. of IVilluJtn Trimble {T.-102) and Margaret Suplee. Born in Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

V— 336. WILLIAM TRIMBLE (William. William, John. William) b. 
5 mo. 7, 1853; m. ALICE TAYLOR 10 mo. 22, 1885, dau. of Bolton S. 
Taylor and Harriet Hurlbert, of Minneapolis. Minn., b. 8 mo. 20, 1S66. 

They resided at 1730 Wallace St., Philadelphia. He was enj^ag-ed with 
the Penn Mutual Life Insurance Com., of Philadelphia, with office in the 
Stephen Girard Building. But after his mother's death he removed to Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Issue, born in Philadelphia, Pa. : — 

892. Margaret H.. b. 3-16-1887. 

893. Alice R.. b. 6-3-18S8. 

894. William, b. 9-14-1889; d. 1-18-1894. 

V— 337. MARY TRIMBLE, b. 7 mo. 25, 1855; d. 9 mo. i, 1855. 

V— 338. ANNA S. TRIMBLE, b. 2 mo. 4, 1857; d. 12 mo. 31, i860. 

Ch. of Joseph M. Trimble (^) and Sarah Gilpin. 

V— 339- WILLIAM TRIMBLE (Joseph, William, John, William), b. 
Mar. 22, 1847; m. Roseanna Riley Aug. 27, 1878. 
Address, Bruster Ave., Evenston, Cincinnati, O. 
Issue : — 

895. Snrah Elizabeth, b. April 7, 1879; d. Dec. 30. 1905. 

896. Edith, b. Nov. 4, 1880. 

897. William Gilpin, b. Oct. 10, 1882. 

898. Mabel, b. July 28, 1889; d. in Infancy. 

899. Rachel, b. May 1, 1892. 

900. Robert Cook. b. Sept. 10. 1894. 


V— 340. ELIZA V. TRIMBLE (Joseph, William, John, William), b. 
Jan. 15, 1856; m. ALBERT C. MOUNTS, Jan. 3, 1884. He d. Nov. 24 

M. second, JOHN BERNSTEIN, Aug. 6, 1902. 
Address, Columbus, O. 
Issue by first husband : — 

901. Joseph Linsey, b. Oct. 19, 1SS7. 

902. May, b. June 13, 1893. 

V— 341. JOSEPH GILPIN TROIBLE (Joseph, William, John, Wiil- 
iam), b. Sept. 23. 1S58; m. LURA STEVENS Nov. 27, 1890, dau. of Frank- 
lin T. and Josephine Stevens, b. ]March 11, 1864. 

He is a farmer. Address Maineville, Warren Co., O. 

Issue : — 

903. Franklin Joseph, b. Sept. 21, 1896. 

904. Helen, b. Jan. 3, 1S98. 

V— 342. LAURA MASON TREBLE (Joseph, William, John, Wil- 
liam), b. Mar. 5, 1S61 : m. ALVY F. SHIONTON, Oct. 6, 1886, son of Wil- 
liam and Sarah Simonton, b. Nov. 7, 1861. Address Maineville, O. 

Issue : — 

905. Norris P., b. Nov. 4, 1S93. 

906. Mary, b. July 13, 1898. 

907. Hazel, b. Sept. 15, 1903. 

Line of William, Willi.\m, Richard. 

Ch. of George T. Trimble (T.-io^) and Cornelia Merritt, all born in New 

York City. 

V— 343. MERRITT TRIAIBLE (George, Richard, William, William), 
b. 3 mo. 16, 1824; d. 2 mo. 11, 1903; m. MARY S. UNDERHILL 4 mo. 3, 
1 85 1, dau. of Walter Underbill and ^^lary :\Iitchell, b. 11 mo. 5, 1826; d. 
12 mo. 20, 1908. 

He was a merchant in New York and for twenty years previous to his 
death he was president of the Bank for Savings of that city, with residence at 
59 E. Twenty-fifth street, where his widow continued with their son, Walter. 
Both were buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, N. Y. 

Children : — 

908. George Thomas, b. 5-22-1852; d. 9-22-1867. 

909. Walter, b. 3-7-1857. 

910. Richard, b. 3-26-1858. 

V— 344. RICHARD TRIMBLE, b. 12 mo. 3, 1825; d. 7 mo. 3, 1827. 


=?*^ - -^52%. 





V— 34=;. JANE TRIMBLE (George, Ricliard, William, William), b. 
II mo. 9. 1829; d. 6 mo. 24, 1884: m. JACOB BROWN KIRBY, U. S. 

Army, 10 mo. 13, 1853, son of Col. Edwin Kirby and Eliza Brown, b. ; 

(I. Mar. 9, i860. 

(Eliza was a dau. of Major-Gen. Jacob Brown, U. S. A., of Browns- 
ville, N. Y. 

They resided in New York City. 

Children : — 

911. Cornelia Trimble, b. 9-6-1854. 

912. Jane K., b. 10-3-1S57; d. 1-17-1S97. 

V— 346. GEORGE TRBIBLE, b. 8 mo. 23, 1832; d. 8 mo. 19, 1845. 

V_347. CORNELIA J. TRIMBLE (George, Richard, William, Wil- 
liam), b. 2 mo. ly, 1840; d. 6 mo. 10, 1898; unm. 
She resided in New York City. 

Ch. of Thomazine R. Trimble {T.-108) and Nathaniel ElUcott.. Born at 
Ellicott's Mills, .Md. 

V— 348. JANE ELLICOTT (Thomazine. Richard. William, William), 
b. 9 mo. 26, 1829; d. 9 mo. 2, 1882; m. JOSEPH P. WILSON 6 mo. 17, 
1852, son of Joseph Wilson and Mary Pusey, b. 4 mo. 25, 1822; d. 4 mo. 
4. 1877. 

(Joseph Wilson was a son of Isaac and Sarah. !^Iary, dau. of William 
Pusey and Elizabeth Taylor.) 

Joseph P. Wilson was an attorney-at-law, practising at the Chester Co. 
Bar at West Chester, Pa., where they resided. He lost his life by being thrown 
from the platform of a car as the train started in the railroad station in Phila- 

Children : — 

913. Cornelia T., b. 1-4-1854. 

914. Mary Frances, b. 2-5-1S55; d. 8-22-1909. 

915. Henry George, b. 7-10-1858. 

V— 349. RICHARD T. ELLICOTT (Thomazine, Richard, William, 
William), b. i mo. — , 1842; d. 8 mo. 7, 1894; unm. 
From an obituary we extract : — 

In the death of R. T. EUicott, Chester loses a man whose life has been 
spent in our midst. We have known him ever since both were small boys, but we re- 
call how all small boys envied him his possessions away back In the fifties. 

Those possessions were his pigeons. For a boy of his age he had at that time un- 
questionably the finest pigeon loft in oir borough. His loft was In a stable which stood 
back along the railroad at the foot of the lawn. 

His variety of birds was unusually large for those days and many a small boy has 
made a narrow esc,ip'< from getting run down by the cars in his anxiety to get a look 
at Dick Ellicott's fan tails or tumblers. 


Just when he parted with them we do not know, but the stable and the pigeons 
have long since gone. There are plenty of men among us still iniio recall them, how- 

When a youth he moved here with his parents from Maryland, where the family 
was interested in Ellicotfs Mills near Baltimore. Having control of considerable prop- 
erty, he was not engaged in business. 

Hq took especial interest in his home, which was furnished In a comfortable «uid 
attractive manner, and on his lawn, a fountain played in the gleam of an electric lamp, 
and was familiar to the eyes of all who passed that way. 

Ch. of Richurd Trimble {T.-iio) and CornclM Dennis. 

V— 350. GEORGE TRIMBLE, b. 5 mo. 17, 1858; d. 5 mo. 18, 1858. 

V— 351. ANN ROBERTS TRIMBLE, b. 2 mo. 7, i860; d. 2 mo. 
10, i860. 

V— 352. ANNA CORNELIA DENNIS (an adopted dau.), b. 12 mo. 
25, 1856. No further record. 

Line of William^ William, Lydia. 

Ch. of Joseph T. Baldwin {T.-114) and Louisa A. Clark. Born in Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

. V— 353. SUSANNA LYDIA BALDWIN (Joseph, Lydia. William Wil- 
liam), h. 3 mo. 26, 1833; d. bur. 10 mo. 7, 1904; uiim. 

She resided in Philadelphia. Pa., and was bur. in laurel Hill Cemeter>'. 
She had written a beautiful tribute to the life of her uncle. Thomas Bald- 
win, q. V. 

V— 354. WILLIAM ASHBRIDGE BALDWIN (Joseph, Lydia, Wil- 
h'am, William), b. 6 mo. 28. 1835; m. EMILY WILSON 11 mo. 22, 1864, 
at Altoona, Pa., dau. of William Hasell Wilson and Jane Miller 5 (Jonathan 
4. Joseph, Patrick Gaycn). b. 4 mo. 25, 1840 in Philadelphia. 

William A. was a civil engineer by profession. He was Supt. Western 
Div. P. & E. R. R. in 1862, residence at Erie, Pa.; Ass't. Gen. Supt. P. & E. 
R. R. 1868; Gen. Supt. 1870; Gen. Manager Penna. R. R. 1881, with residence 
at Sewickley, Pa. ; Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager Buflfalo. Rochester and Pitts- 
burg R. R., 1888 to 1893, at Rochester N. Y. ; Pres. and Gen. Manager Cleve- 
land & Marietta R. R. : now President retired, with residence at 633 Maple 
Lane, Sewickley, Allegheny Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

916. Louisa Linn, b. at Altoona. 10-28-1865; d. at Erie, 7-18-1866; bur. at Laurel TIlll. 

917. Jane Wilson, b. at Erie, 11-7-1867. 

918. Joseph Trimble, b. at Philndelphla, 8-11-1869; d. at Zanesvllle, O., 7-3-1896; bur. 

at Laurel Hill; unm. 

919. Hasoll Wllfion, b. flt Wllliamsport 11-25-1874. 

920. Isabella Douglas, b. same, 2-2-1877. 


\'_355. JOSEPHINE TRIMBLE BALDWIN (Joseph 4), b. in Phil- 
adelpliia, 3 mo. 13, 1841 ; d. tJiere 9 mo. 18, 1842. 

Ch. of Jau-e P. King {T.-122) and John G. Edge. Born near Downing- 

towni, Pa. 

V — 356. GEORGE EDGE, b. 3 mo. 7, 1847; d. 9 mo. 6, 1880; unm. ; 
buried at E. Cain. 

V — 357. VINCENT EDGE, b. i mo. 5, 1849. Kis mental faculties 
l>ecame impaired and he is in an insane asylum. 

V_358. BENJAMIN EDGE (Jane. Lydia, William, William), b. i 
mo. 12, 1852; m. MARY A. CLARK 12 mo. 27, 1882, dau. of Joseph R. 
Clark and Hannah W. Meredith, b. 10 mo. 8, 1850. 

He owns and farms the old Pirn homestead of 155 acres in E. Cain Twp., 
Chester Co., Pa. P. O. Thorndale, Pa. 

Children : — 

91:1. Emily p., b. 11-6-1883; d. 10-29-1899. 
S22. John G., b. 3-29-1886. 
923. Joseph C. b. 10-4-1891. 

V— 359. LYDIA K. EDGE (Jane, Lydia, William, William), b. 12 
mo. 7, 1854. 

She owns and resides at the homestead "Maple Shade." P. O. Down- 
ingiown, Pa. 

Line of William, William, John. 

Ch. of Thomas D. Trimble {T.-125) and Sarah Robinson, born in W. White- 
land, Chester Co., Pa. 

V— 360. TPIOMAZINE TRIMBLE (Thomas D. 4), b. 10 mo. 9, 1833; 
unm. He resides at the homestead. Address of all Whitford, Chester Co., 
Pa., except as noted. 

V— 361. ELLA TRIMBLE, b. 3 mo. 30, 1853; unm.: at home. 

V— 362. JOHN TRIMBLE (Thomas D. 4), b. 3 mo. 22, 1857: d. 12 
mo. 23, 1882; unm.; bur. in Oakland Cemetery. 

V— 363. WLLTA^I TRMBLE (Thomas D. 4). b 12 mo. 16. 1859; 
unm.. He resides at and farms the old homestead. 


V— 364. GEORGE T. TRIMBLE (Thomas D, John, William, Wil- 
liam), b. 3 mo. 24, 1862; m. FLORENCE E. GAGE April 15, 1902, dau. 
of Henry Gage and Mary Page, of Altoona, Pa., b. ^L'lrch 2, 1870. 

He went first to Ahoona and in April 1885, to Willianisport Pa.; thence 
in 1888 to Elniira, N. Y. and in 1 891 came back to WilHamsport. He is now 
general foreman of the Motive Department of Pa. R. R. at that place, with 
residence 325 High St. 

Issue : — 

324. William J. Trimble, b. Jan. 22, 1905. 

V— 365. JANE TRIMBLE (Thomas D. 4), b. 9 mo. i, 1864; unm.; at 

V_366. MARGARET B. TRIMBLE (Thomas D., John, William, Wil- 
liam), b. 10 mo. 20, 1866: m. BENJAMIN J. PASSMORE i mo. 21. 1902, 
son of Samuel W. Passmore and Emaline Stubbs, b. at Chrome, Pa., 1 1 mo. 
17, 1870. 

They reside at Malvern, Pa. He at first entered the milling business at 
Oxford, Pa., then removed first to Swarthmore for 4 years; thence to IMalvern, 
where he engaged as a llorist with extensive greenhouses. He is a member of 
the Society of Friends. 

Issue : — 

925. Child, unnamed; d. at birth. 

926. George T. Passmore, b. April 19, 1904. 

V^367. SARAH Z. TRIMBLE (Thomas D. 4), b. 5 mo. 13, 1869. 

She is Assistant manager of the Whiting Paper Co., located in Phila- 
delphia, Pa., until 1908, then removed to New York. Her home address is, 
Whitford, Chester Co., Pa. 

Ch. of Willkim I. Trimble {T.-127) and Deborah Donming {560), born in.' 
West Whiteland, Chester Co., Pa. 

V— 368. GRACE TRIMBLE (William 4), b. 6 mo. 16, 1858; unm. 
She resides at Chester Springs, Chester Co., Pa. 

V— 369. JACOB Z. TRIMBLE (William 4), b. 2 mo. 6, i860. 
He resides at Chester Springs ; unm. ; and is a farmer for the Chester 
Springs Soldies' Orphans' School. 

V— 370. MARY D. TRIMBLE (William I., John. William, William). 
b. 12 mo. 7, 1861 ; m. EDWIN HILL May 6, 1889, at Anselma parsonage, 


^>u of Kicliard Hill and J^Iary Ann Peck, of Philadelphia, b. at Uwchlan, 
April 17. 1864. P. O. Whitford, Pa., 

Children : — 

5:7. Anna Trimble, b. Jan. 10. ISOO, at W. Whlteland. 

t.:'s. Richard, b. Aug. 21, 1SP3, at U. Uwchlan. 

S<;9. Charles Trimble, b. Nov. 16, 1897, at W. Whiteland. 

:•?.(!. Joseph Meredith, b. Nov. 12, 1S98, same. 

1.T1. .Vary Peck. b. May 22, 1900. 

:<.12. f;"orge Downing, b. Dec. 25. 1901. 

117,::. Margaret Elizabeth, b. April 28, 1903; d. July 30, 1903. 

V— 371. CHARLES TRIMBLE (William 4), b. 4 mo.. 22, 1863; d. 
9 mo. 12, 1906. He went west and died at Wallace, Idaho; unm. He was by 
trade a machinist. 

V— 372. ANNA TRBIBLE (William I., John, William, William), b. 
I mo. 25, 1865; m. DAVIS H. STITELER, 3 mo. 26, 1891, at West Ches- 
ter, sun of Ellwood Stiteler and Rebecca Davis, of W. Pikeland, b. at Uwchlan, 
5 mo. 9, 1865. He is a farmer in W. Pikeland and member of St, Paul's Re- 
formed Church at Lionville. P. O. Anselma. No children. 

V— 373. EMMA D. TRIMBLE, b. 3 mo. 11, 1868. She is a school 
teacher. Address, Chester Springs, Pa. 

V— 374. REBEKAH Z. TRIMBLE, b. 2 mo. 8, 1875. She resides with 
her sisters and brother Jacob. 

V— 375. JOSEPH D. TRIMBLE (William I., John, William, William), 
b. 10 mo. 19, 1876; m. ANNA WAYER, April 18, 1906, dau. of John and 
Mar>' Waver, b. Jan. 9, 1881. 

He went to Wallace, Idaho, in April 1898, where he is engaged as an 
assistant manager. 

Child :— 
934. Emma Trimble. 

V— 376. WILLIAM I. TRIMBLE, b. 5 mo. 9, 1879; d. 9 mo. 4, 1879. 

Ch. of Sarah D. Trimble (T.-128) and Elhonan Zook. 

"^'—^J?- THOMAZIN T. ZOOK (Sarah D., John, William. William), 
b. 12 mo. 22, 1847; m. GEORGE E. WILLS, 12 mo. 24. 1872, in Philadel- 
phia, son of Allen Wood Wills and Elizabeth Hunter Evans, of Downing- 
town. Pa., b. 9 mo. 16, 1844; d. 12 mo. 31, 1884. 

They resided in Downingtown, where he d. ; buried at Northwood Cem. 


Child :— 
935. Elizabeth Hunter, b. 10-16-1S77; d. 8-24-1910; unm. 

She resided In Downingtown, Pa., but died at White Haven, Pa., -where she had 
gone for her health. 

THO^L\ZIN m. second, CHARLES DOWNING (see T. No. 206), 3 
mo. 29, 1893. 

V— 378. ANNE ZOOK (Sarah D. 4), b. 4 mo. 5, 1849; unm. She re- 
sides with her father in Downino-town, Pa. 

V— 379. WILLIAM T. ZOOK (Sarah D., John, William. William), b. 
2 mo. 2, 1851; m. ABBIE L. EVANS 3 mo. 18. 18S0, at Cropwell Mtgc., 
N. J., dau. of Amos Evans and Rachel Bartram Kaighn, of iMarlton, N. J. ; 
b. there 9 mo. 12, 1858. Address, Malvern, Pa. 

Children : — 

936. William T., b. 1-5-18S2; d. 1-7-18S2. 

937. Edwin, b. 10-15-18S4. 

938. Gertrude K., b. 6-10-1888. 

939. Roland, b. 12-15-1895. 

940. Allen, b. 12-7-1897. 

V— 380. J. TRIMBLE ZOOK (Sarah D., John, William. William), b. 
3 mo. 10, 1853, at W. Whitcland: d. 7 mo. 17, 1897, at Camden, N. J.; m. 
MARYB.EVAnS 2 mo. i8, 1875, dau. of Amos Evans and Rachel B. Kaighn; 
d. 8 mo. 12, 1906. 

He v.-as in the produce trade in Philadelphia with residence 553 Grant 
St., Camden, N. J. 

Children : — 

941. Amos E,. b. 3-6-1876. 

942. Sarah T., b. 11-6-1877. 

943. Elizabeth B., b. S-13-1S79. 

944. Joseph E., b. circa. 1881; d. in infancy. 

945. Anne, b. 4-17-1SS3. 

946. J. Trimble, b. 1-22-18S6. 

947. Henry E., b. 3-29-1888. 

V— 381.) FRANCES E. ZOOK (Sarah D. 4), b. 10 mo. 6, 1854, in 
Uwchlan; unm. Address, Downingtown, Pa. 

V--382. SALLIE T. ZOOK, b. 6 mo. 14, 1857; d. 9 mo. i, 1857. 
V— 383. MARY A. ZOOK, b. 4 mo. 14, i860; d. 3 mo. 24, 1867. 
V— 384. HENRY E. ZOOK (Sarah D., John, William, William;, b. 

li i 

^\^ >:: 



10 mo. 24, 1863, in \V. Whiteland; m. EMILIE HOFFECKER 8 mo. 24, 
iy)7. (lau. of Alason Hoffecker and Sydney England,, b. 9 mo. 29, 1864. 

He is a veterinary, AI. D., for the U. G. I. Co., of Philadelphia, with ad- 
dress 2102 N. Frankhn St, 

V_385. GEORGE DOWNING ZOOK (Sarah D. 4), b. 10 mo. 30, 
1869, in Cain Twp. 

He is a builder and contractor of Downingiitown, Pa. 

Line of William, William, Grace. 

Ch. of Ann Evan^ (T.-131) and Isaac C. Evans. The first three born in 
Lampeter Twp., the rest in Middletown Twp. 

V_386. MARY L. EVANS (Ann. Grace, William, William), b. 6 mo. 
20, 184S; d. 3 mo. 7, 1904; m. SAMUEL TRBIBLE, M. D. (No. T.-454) 
5 mo. 5, 1870. Further record under his name. 

V— 387. JOSEPH EVANS (Ann, Grace, William, William), b. 9 mo. 
14, 1849; d. 5 mo. 26, 1911; unm. 

He was a farmer, and had the homestead in Middletown Twp., Delaware 
Co., Pa., which he sold in 1907 for a House of Refuge for Girls, of Philadel- 
phia and Eastern Pa. He then resided at Lima, Pa. He was bur. at Middle- 
town Mtg. 

V— 388. GRACE EVANS, b. 12 mo. 21, 1850; d. i mo. 27, 1851. 

V— 390. ISAAC EVANS, JR. (Ann, Grace, William, William), b. i 
mo. 22, 1852; m. REBECCA FELL* 3 mo. 30, 1882. in Bradford Mtg., dau. 
of Marshall Fell and Hannah F. Thomas, of Newlin Twp., b. i mo. 3, 1858. 
The)' settled on her father's farm. P. O. Glen Hall, Pa. They sold this farm 
in spring of 1910 and removed to 125 E. Washington St., West Chester, Pa. 
The}' are members of the Society of Friends. 

Children : — 


Hannah F., b. 7-8-1SS3; d. same date. 


Marshall F.. b. 7-23-1885. 


Anna C. b. 12-30-1SS6. 


I. Rowland, b. 1-12-1889. 


William Everett, b. 9-12-1890. 


Grace L., b. 1-27-1895. 

•Note.— The Fells derive their name from the district of Furness Fells, the gen- 
eral name for High Furnesa in the north of England. They are descended from Joseph 
rill. who came from Cumberland. England, in 1704. and settled in Bucks Co., Pa. See 
Webtjter'a Dictionary, Article Fell. 


V— 390. WILLIAM EVANS, b. 4 mo. 11, 1853; d. 8 mo. 2, 1856. 

V— 391. ANNE EVANS (Ami, Grace, William, William), b. 9 mo. 26, 
1854; m. SAMUEL TRIMBLE, M. D., 5 mo. 10, 1906. His second wife 
(see No. T.-454). 

V— 392. LYDIA EVANS (Ann, Grace, William, William), b. 9 mo. 
27, 1856; m. LINDLEY H. BEDELL, of Phila., 9 mo. 4, 1902, in Friends' 
Mtg., Media, Pa., second wife. 

Address, 150 North Mentor St., Pasadena, Cal. His first wife, Sarah 
Patterson, by whom he had a daughter, Annetta Bedell. 

V— 393. ROWLAND EVANS (Ann, Grace, William, William), b. 6 
mo. 23, 1858; m. CAROLINE EDGERTON, 10 mo. 16, 1890, in Spring- 
field Mtg., dau. of James Edgerton* and Mary Ann Williams, of Barnesville, 
O., b. there 5 mo. 14, 1864. 

He was educated at Westtow^n. He is a farmer and dairyman. P. O. Lima, 
Delaware Co., Pa. They are Friends. 

Children: — 

954. Francis Lewis, b. 12-19-1891. 

955. Walter James, b. 1-16-1894. 

956. William Rowland, b. 12-8-189G. 

957. Mary Edgerton, b. 6-20-1903. 

V— 394. WILLIAM EVANS (Ann,Grace,William,Winiam)b. 8 mo. 9, 
1861 ;m. HANNAH MATILDA WTLDMAN iomo.8,1901, in Friends'Mtg. 
Clark Co. O., dau. of John Wildman and Mary Pugh, last of Green Co., O., 
b. 10 mo. 8, 1876. 

He graduated M. D. at the University of Pennsylvania in 1885, and is a 
practicing physician with office and residence 4007 Chestnut St., Philadelpia, 
Pa. No issue. 

(John Wildman was of a family formerly settled at Lynchburg, Va.) 

Ch. of Mary Evans {T.-104) and William Mickle, all born, except youngest, 
at Woodbury, N. J. 

V_395. ANNE MICKLE, b. 6 mo. 16, 1848, living at Media, Pa. ; unm. 
V— 396. MARY MICKLE, b. i mo. 17, 1850, living at Media, Pa. ; unm. 

Note.— James Edgtiton and Mary Ann WiUinms were married 9 mo. 30, 1S57, and 
James died on the 50th anniversary of their wedding, 9-30-1907. 


V_397. JOSEPH E. AIICKLE (Marv, Grace, William, Williain), b. 12 
,no. 6. 1851 ; m. HANNAH J. ^^LLER, 11 mo. 7, 1881, in xMedia, Pa., dau. 
of Levis Miller and Ann Mcllvain. of Media, b. 3 mo. 23, 1855, '" Upper 
r.-ovidence Twp. 

He was educated at Westtown and was a farmer. He is now with the 
I'nitcd Gas Improvement Co., of Philadelphia, with residence at Swarth- 
more, Pa. 

Children : — 

;.,>. J. Evans, b. 7-30-1883. 

1-09. Grace Evans, b. 7-2-18S5. 

S*GO. George Miller, b. 12-2S-1S8G. 

S>61. Francis King, b. 8-17-1SS8. 

V— 39S. SARAH TATEM MICKLE, b. 2 mo. 6, 1854; d. i mo. i, 

V— 399. WILLIAM MICKLE, b. 11 mo. 30, 1856, Springfield, Pa., a 
post humous child, d. 2 mo. 13, 1907, at Media, Pa. He was an earnest work- 
er in the temperance cause. 

Ch. of Thomas Evans {T.-i^6) and Agnes Parker. 

V— 400. CHARLES EVANS (Thomas, Grace, William, William), b. 8 
mo. 19, 1878, in Springfield Twp. 

He graduated at Westtown, 1899. Haverford, 1902, after which he pur- 
sued a course of instruction at Leipsic University, Germany. He is unm. 

V— 401. MARY EVANS (Thomas 4), b. 2 mo. 4, 1880, in Springfield. 
She was a teacher in Friends' school at Atlantic City, N. J. ; m. JOB SCOTT 
9 mo. 8, 1909, of Mantua,N. J. 

V— 402. GRACE TRIMBLE EVANS (Thomas 4). b. 11 mo. 3, 1881, 
in Maryland; m. ARTHUR WARREN PUSEY 10 mo. 7, 1904, son of 
Joshua Pusey and Caroline Shreeve, b. 9 mo. 16, 1880. 

He is with the Modoc Soap Works, Chester, Pa. Resides on a farm which 
he purchased in Middltown Twp. Address, Darling, Pa. 

Issue : — 
9C2. Arthur Warren Pusey, Jr., b. 9-21-1905. 
'J03. Charles Evans Pusey, b. 6-14-1907. 

Line of Willi.^m, William, William. 

Ch. of Abraham V. Trimble {139) and Mary Webster. 

V— 403. WM. WEBSTER TRIMBLE, b. 4 mo. 16, 1867 :d. 9 mo. 22, 
1891 ; unm. 


V— 404. CORNELIA ISABELLA TRIMBLE (Abraham, William, 
William, William), b. 3 mo. 24, 1872; m. COVERT E. JARVIS 12 mo. 1, 
1905, at I2th St. Friends' Mtg., Philadelphia, son of Robert DeWitt Jarvis 
and Julia S., b. 5 mo. 12, 1872, in London, Ontario. 

He is treasurer of the Manchester Savings Bank and Trust Co., Pitts- 
burg, Fa. Address, Perryville Ave., Ben Avon, Pa. 
Issue : — 

964. Mary Vickers, b. 2-24-1907. 

V— 405. RICHARD HENRY TRIMBLE (Abraham V. 4), b. 3 mo. 
24, 1872; twin with last No.; unm. Address, Exton, Chester Co., Pa. 

Ch. of Catharine B. Trimble {T.-141) and Joseph H. Eastwick. 

V— 406. JOSEPH HARRISON EASTWICK, b. Aug. 17, 1859; d. 
same date, at Philadelphia, 

V— 407. WILLIAM TRIMBLE EASTWICK (Catharine, William, 
William, William), b. March 3, 1861 ; d. April 23, 1904; unm. 

V— 408. MARGARET LYDIA EASTWICK, b. March 3, 1863; unm; 
lives with her father. 

V— 409. ABRAHAM T. EASTWICK (Catharine, William, William, 
William), b. July 14, 1865; m. ALICE LEES Oct. 12, 1892, at Bridgeport, 
Pa., dau. of Joseph Lees and Maria L. Hinkle, of Norristown, Pa., b. Aug. 
8, 1869. 

He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in science, 1886, fol- 
lowed the profession of chemistry till 1894, then removed to Norristown and 
engaged in the woolen yarn and cloth trade. He is a member of the Presby- 
terian church. 

Children : — 

965. Katherine Trimble, b. July 24. 1893. 

966. Joseph Lees, b. April 3, 1896. 

V— 410. JOSEPH HARRISON EASTWICK (Catharine, WiUiam, 
Wliliam William), b. Jan 20, 1868, Boston Mass; m. ANNA S. NORRIS 
July 7, 1897, i"^ Phila., dau. of Louis S. Norris and Phebe Ann Sheppard, of 
Phila., b. March 24, 1873, Camden N. J. 

He is by profession a draughtsman, with address, 2260 N. 53d St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 


Issue : — 
967. Marjorie N. Eastwick, b. Aug. 30, 1900. 
&G8. Caiherine E. Eastwick, b. Feb. 25. 1905. 

V— 411. CHARLES JAMES EASTWICK, b. Nov. 22, 1869, Boston, 
Mass.; d. Feb. 15, 1902; unm. 

V— 412. ANDREW M. EASTWICK, b. Oct. 4, 1871 ; d. Oct. 4, 1873. 

V— 413. SARAH T. KASTWICK, b. July 24, 1875, Bartram's Gar- 
den, Phila.; d. July 18, 1876. 

Line of William, Samuel, Margaret, 

Ch. of William- T. Peine {T.-14S) and Sarah Y. Brinton. 

V— 414- CALEB BRINTON PEIRCE (William T.), b. 6 mo. 17, 
1819; d. 9 mo. 20, 1820. 

V— 415.- SARAH B. PEIRCE (William T., Margaret, Samuel, Wil- 
liam), b. I mo. 4, 1821 ; d. 2 mo. 19, 1887; m. DARWIN PAINTER, 8 mo. 
28, 1839, at Concord Mtg-., son of *William Painter and Phebe Churchman, 
b. 3 mo. 12, 1820; d. I mo. 22, 1891. Both were buried at Concord Mtg. 

He was a farmer for many years in Birmingham Twp., then conducted 
a store at Concordville, Pa., where he was also a justice of the peace, which 
office he filled, in its true sense, with commendable ability as a peacemaker. He 
finally retired to his farm in Birmingham. Both were members of the Society 
of Friends. 

Issue : — 

969. George Brinton, b. 6-22-1840. 

970. William Peirce, b. 2-3-1S42. 

971. Emlen, b. 9-8-1844; d. 1-15-1890. 

972. Phebe, b. 10-29-1846; d. 6-25-1S4S. 

973. Jane Brinton. b. 7-27-1849; d. 12-30-1872. 

974. Samuel H.. b. 1-26-1S52. 

♦Note. — William, son of Samuel Painter and Elizabeth Bennett. Phebe, dau. of 
Edward Churchman and Rebecca Peirce. 

Wiiriam and Phebe (Churchman) Painter resided on his paternal farm at Paint- 
er's Cross Roads, a mile west of Concordville, Pa., where he was b. 4-12-1785. He is 
described as a man of strong character aud a thrifty farmer, owning 600 acres. He was 
an Abolitionist and his house was a station of the "Underground Railroad," where run- 
away slaves were assisted, in their escape from slavery. His wife was a most congen- 
ial helpmeet in whose judgment he placed great confidence. In 1850 they retired to 
Wilmington, Del., where he d. 7-6-1854. His father, Samuel Painter, was a son of John 
Painter and his second v,-ife, Sarah Yeatman, who were m. 1751; b. 2-29-1852; d. 1-17-1S02. 
John Painter, b. 1720; d. 17G5, a son of Samuel Painter, Jr., who m. Elizabeth Buxcey 
4-7-1716, and became an extensive land owner in Birmingham, Chester (now Delaware) 
Co., Pa. He was an emigrant previous to 1700 with his father, Samuel Painter, from 
that part of England bordering on Wales. The family were all Friends or Quakers. 


Cli. of Robert Peircc {T.-144) and Hanmh Harvey. 

V— 416. MARY H. PEIRCE (Robert 4), b. Nov. 29, 1821; d. Mar. 
16, 1847. 

By report she is said to have married Brigham Young, but no certain ac- 
count of it gi\en. She died at what is now Omaha, Neb., whilst with her par- 
ents and others of the Mormon sect were in winter quarters, previous to their 
overland journey to Salt Lake City. No issue. 

V— 417. MARGARET PEIRCE (Robert, Margaret, Samuel William), 
b. April 19, 1S23; d. Jan. 16, 1907; m. MORRIS WHITESIDES in Nau- 
voo, Hancock Co., 111., who died there Feb. 19, 1845; without issue. 

M. second, BRIGHAM YOUNG, 1S46, at Nauvoo. She was his fifth 
wife. He was a son of a small farmer of Whittingham, Vermont, b. there 
June I, 1 801 ; d. Aug. 29, 1877. At first he belonged to the Baptist church, 
but in 1832 became a convert to ^vlormonism, in which church he soon became 
an elder. In 1835 he was appointed one of the 12 apostles of the church of 
the Latter-day Saints, and was successful in making converts. After the 
martyrdom of Joseph Smith, the Mormon prophet of Nauvoo, HI., by a mob 
in the Carthage jail June 27, 1844, he was chosen president, and in 1847 ^^^ 
his followers to Utah. The next year they founded Salt Lake City, and in 
1850 President Fillmore appointed him Governor of Utah Territory, over 
which he exercised supreme authority until superceded by the United States 
authority about i860. He died in Salt Lake City. His wife, Margaret Peirce 
Young was born in Aston Twp., Delaware Co., Pa., and she was reared in 
the Quaker faith, but went with her parents when they became Latter-day 
Saints in 1840. She had been a resident of Utah since Oct 2, 1847, ante-dat- 
ing the founding of Salt Lake City, which was ever afterwards her home. "She 
was of a refilled nature, cheerful in disposition and exceedingly kind and chari- 
table. The aim of her life was to do good and she wielded a marvelous 
power in alleviating suft'ering and distress." Her only child was : 
975. Brigham Morris, b. June 18, 1854. 

V— 418.. ANNA ELIZA PEIRCE (Robert 4), b. Jan. 29, 1826, at 
Uwchlan, Chester, Co. ; d. Mar. 4, 1 829. 

V— 419. ELI HARVEY PEIRCE (Robert, Margaret. Samuel, Wil- 
liam), b. July 29, 1827; d. Aug. 12, 1858; m. SUSANNA NEFF,* in Salt 
Lake City, dau. of John Neff and Mary, formerly of Lancaster Co., Pa., where 
Susanna was b. March 26, 1831. Her address, Brigham City, Box Elder Co., 

M. second EMMA ZUNDEL, 1857. Her address, Willard Box Elder 
Co., Utah. 

♦Note. — Susannah Neff Peirce m. second, Willis H. Boothe, and they had children: 
Amanda Viola, Olive M., Willis H., Jr.. John Neff, Franklin and Arta Boothe. 


Issue by first wiie only: 

976. Eli Harvey, Jr., b. Sept. 27, 1S51. 

977. Mary Barr, b. Sept. 21, 1S53. 

97S. Leonidas Thomas, b. June 21, 1855. 
979. Susanuah Octavia, b. Mar. 27, 1857. 

V— 420. THOMAS PEIRCE (Robert, Margaret, Samuel, William), b. 
Aug. 18, 1S29, at Uwchlan, Pa. ; d. April i, 1864. at Salt Lake City; m. HAR- 
RIET ANN GREEN* July 24, 1S58, dau. of Robert Green and Fanny Greele> 
b. Mar. 9. 1S3S, at Oakland, ^lich; d. Mar. 16, 1892. Resided at Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 

Issue : — ■ 
9S0. Harriet Lunie, b. July 5, 1859. 

981. Thomas Harvey, b. Mar. 20, 1861. 

982. Morris Clifton, b. Feb. 25, 1863; d. Feb. 14, 1S78. 

V— 421. JOSEPH PEIRCE (Robert 4), b. circa, 1831 ; d. young. 

V— 422. WILLIAM PEIRCE (Robert, Margaret, Samuel. William), b. 
April 2. 1833, in Branilvwine Twp., Pa.; d. Feb. 7, 1908, suddenly, at Lake 
Side, Utah; m. JERUSHA SMITH Dec. 28, 1854. dau. of Hirum Smith 
(brother of Joseph Smith, the Mormon prophet, who both lost their lives by 
a mob at the Carthage jail. 111., June 27, 1844). Her address, probably Brig- 
ham, Utah. 

M. second, MARY WALKER, b. April 11, 1840. 

He was baptized into the church of the Latter-day Saints at Nauvoo, 111., 
at the age of eight years. He crossed the plains with the second company of 
pioneers, acting as herd boy; arrived at the site of Salt Lake City, Oct. 2, 
1847. I" 1852 he went to Box Elder Co. and assisted in building the first 
house in Brigham City, and afterwards resided in this county. "He was an 
affectionate husband, a kind father, a good neighbor and a useful citizen." 

Issue by first wife: — 

983. Hannah Evalina, b. Sept. 17, 1855. 

984. Hiram Robert, b. April 9, 1857. 

985. Martha Lavinia, b. Aug. 3, I860. 

986. Margaret Jerusha. b. Jan. 10, 1S63; d. Oct. 12, 1864. 

987. Sarah McKee, b. Oct. 20, 1865 

988. William Harvey, b. May 26. 1S68; d. 1880. 

989. Ell Thomas, b. Jan. 27. 1870. 

990. Edith Irene, b. Jan. 30, 1872. 

991. Lucy Lucina, b. Jan. 22, 1877; d. young. 

Issue by second wife, b. in Salt Lake Co. : — 

992. Rosette. 
Twins, b. Jan. 9. 1865. 

993. Roseanna, 

994. John Henry, b. Jan. 21. 1867. 

995. Heber Kimball, b. Jan. 14, 1869. 

(No further record of these received.) 

•Note.— She m. second, Walker, and they had children, Fannie Lottie. 

Annie Cora. Celestia and James C. Walker. 


V— 423. EDITH EVALIXA PEIRCE (Robert. Margaret, Samuel, 
William), b. Nov. 18, 1836. Chester Co.. Pa. : m. JAMES MADISON FISH- 
ER Feb. 12, 1857, son of Joseph Fisher and Eveline McLane, b. July 22, 1833, 
at Freetown. Beaver Co.. Pa. : d. Jan. 1. 1906, at East I\Iill Creek, Utah. 

He united with the Mormon church in his youth and went to Utah, Sept., 
1850. He passed through the trials, hardships and thrilling experiences inci- 
dent to colonization of the western wilds, and took a prominent part in the 
building up of the Commonwealth of Utah, and was much respected by a wide 
circle of friends. 

Issue : — 

996. James Madison, Jr., b. Dec. 11, 1S57. 

997. Robert Pelrce, b. Oct. 1, 1S59. 

998. Joseph, b. Sept. 16, 1S61. 

999. Clara, b. Nov. 8. 1863. 

1000. George Washington, b. Mar. 4, 1865. 

1001. Mary Evalyn, b. Mar. 20, 1867. 

1002. Harvey McLane, b. Jan. 1. 1870. 

1003. Helen Jane. b. June 10, 1872. 

V— 424. ELIZABETFI PEIRCE (Robert 4), b. Aug. 13, 1839; d. July 
II, 1844, in Chester Co., Pa. 

Ch. of Caleb Pcirce {T.-i4^) and Mary Ann May 

V— 425. THOMAS MAY PEIRCE (Caleb, Margaret, Samuel. Wil- 
liam), b. Dec. 10, 1837, in Chester, Pa.; d. May 16, 1896, 1616 N. Broad 
St., Philadelphia; m. EMMA LOUISA BISBING Dec. 25, 1861, dau. of 
Robert Bisbing and jMary Heilig, of Springfield, Montgomery Co., Pa., b. 
May 4, 1836; d. June 26, 1870. 

M. second, RUTH ANNA STONG Oct. 14, 1871, dau. of William 
Stong and Maria Darrah, of Willistown, Chester Co., Pa., b. Feb. 13, 1842; d. 
Nov. 8, 1898. All buried in Whitemarsh Cemetery, ^Iontgome^y Co., Pa, 
His last residence was at 1616 North Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa., where he 
and his family had a commodious and refined home. 

Issue by first wife: — 

1004. Mary Bisbing, b. Nov. 23, 1862. 

1005. Eda May, b. Jan 18, 1S64; d. Aug. 5, 1910. 

1006. Phebe, b. April 8, 18G5; d. May 2, 1865, at 1910 Plymouth St., Philadelphia. 

1007. Anna Margaret, b. July 26, 18C6; d. April 1, 1867, at 902 Green St., Philadelphia. 

1008. Blanche Tille, b. Dec. 13, 1868; d. Sept. 11, 1890. 

Issue by second wife : — 

1009. Ruth, b. Oct. 6, 1872. 

1010. Thomas May, b. April 14, 1878. 

1011. Sallie, b. Sept. 5, 1879; d. same day. 

1012. Caleb Clarence, b. Dec. 18, 1885. 

The following account has been furnished by a member of his family : — 
To the graduates and students of Peirce School prior to 1896, the name of Thomas 


:x(?»-y " ~i. V ' 't" . ■ ■ . (■a»''w*^-~_. \ 

THOMAS MAY PEIRCE. Ph. D. (No.-T. 425) 

MARY B. PEIRCE (No.-T. 1004) 
facing p. 7M 


May Pelrce means a great deal, for It recalls one who was not only an efficient teacher, 
but a nrm and loyal friend as well. To others, who know of him only as the founder 
of the most important business school in the world, the following sketch will be In- 
structive, and makes the present a fitting time to give a brief outline of his highly use- 
ful life. ' 

Thomas May Pelrce, A. M., Ph. D., was born at Chester, Pa., December 10, 1837. 
He was of English ancestry, a great-great-great-grandson of George Perce, as the fam- 
ily name was originally spelled, who came to this countrj- with William Penn, and 
settled on an extensive grant of land which covered the present township of Thorn- 
bury, in Delaware County and the township of the same name in Chester County, Pa. 

His grandfather, on his mother's side, was the Reverend Thomas Potts May, who, 
after teaching school at Norrlstown for a time, became a theologian of note. His ma- 
ternal great-uncle was the Reverend Doctor James May, at one time a member of the 
faculty of the Episcopal Theological Seminary at Fairfax, Va., and later of the Episco- 
pal Divinity School of West Philadelphia. Thus, as far back as we know anything of 
his ancestry, they were men and women of talent and piety, deeply respected wherever 
they lived. 

WTien a child, his parents moved to Philadelphia, where he was educated in the 
public schools, and at the age of sixteen he was graduated from the Boys' Central High 
School with the degree of A. B. Five years later the degree of A. M. was conferred 
upon him by his Alma Mater. Until he became of age he traveled extensively, supple- 
menting his education by obaervatlon and practical work in business pursuits. One of 
his first ventures was in the business of engraving on wood, which was not a financial 

At the age of twenty, he applied for a situation as teacher of a district school In 
Springfield Tov.Tiship, Montgomery County, Pa. He was successful from the first, and 
was soon called to the Norristown High School. From Norrlstown he went to Mana- 
yunk and later to the Monroe and Mount Vernon Grammar Schools, Philadelphia, all 
of which schools he ser\-ed as principal. He inherited a talent for teaching from both 
sides of the family. His father, the late Caleb Pelrce, a well-known and highly re- 
spected citizen of Philadelphia, was for a quarter of a century a successful teacher In 
Chester and Delaware Counties. 

In 1865 he founded the business school which was to make him famous as the 
most progressive and successful business educator of his day. 

On September IS, 1865, the doors of Peirce's Union Business College, as It was 
originally styled, were opened in the Handel and Haydn Hall, Eighth and Spring Gar- 
den Streets, with Thomas May Pelrce as Principal. As he always manifested an active 
Interest in everything relating to patriotism, the name "Union" may have been the out- 
growth of his love for the Union, following, as it did so closely, the successful termina- 
tion of the Rebellion. 

The school was afterwards removed from Eighth and Spring Garden Streets to 
39 South Tenth Street, where it was conducted till the completion of the new Record 
Building, In 1882, when it was removed to its present location. The enrollment during 
the first school year— 1865-66 — was 550 pupils. Since that time the school has Increased 
steadily in magnitude and importance, and at the present time more than 1,800 pupils 
are annually enrolled. The school now occupies the entire second, third and fourth 
floors of the Record Building, and has seating capacity for 800 students at one time. 
More than 40,000 young men and women have secured their training for business at 
Pelrce School, and the reports of the United States Commissioner of Education show 
that it Is the largest private school In the Ignited States. 

Doctor Pelrce was much In demand as an expert on handwriting and as a publlo 
accountant, being considered an authority on such matters in this part of the United 
States. For his testimony in one case he received ?3,500, while upon several occasions 
he received |2,500 for expert testimony. His first appearance as a professional expert 
was In 1870, In the Penn-Middleton will case, tried before Judge Ludlow. 

He was engaged in the well-known suit which Involved the extradition of Joseph 
Brompton, of Great Grimsby, England, a dangerous criminal, who resisted extradition 
more than a year. His evidence materially assisted In the case of a bogus claim for 
Insurance on a British bark which was scuttled in 1882. The bark had been cleared from 
Vera Cruz to Cardiff, Wales, and abandoned in the Gulf Stream, oft the coast of Georgia. 
The master and mate had come to Philadelphia to collect the Insurance money on the 
cargo, and the underwriters, suspecting fraud, their counsel employed Doctor Pelrce to 
examine the log of the vessel, which was the only manifest that the ofBcers had put In 
evidence. Doctor Pelrce demonstrated beyond a doubt that the log had been tampered 
^ith and that the figures showing the amount of the cargo had been altered. In con- 
Ecquonce of his testimony, a tug was sent to the Gulf Stream and picked up the aban- 


doned vessel, and It was discovered that Instead of the valuable cargo of eight hundrpd 
bags of vanilla,' beans, as claimed by the officers and apparently shown by the log, tho 
vessel contained three hundred bags of worthless refuse and had been deliberately scut- 

Other cases In which he appeared and rendered Important service in the Interest 
of Justice were the famous Gaul case, tried In 1SS2. and several forgery cases, some of 
which involved a great deal of hard work and p.^tlent investigation, notably the Whlt- 
aker velll case, but the frauds were proved and the criminals convicted. 

As an expert accountant, his services were of great value in the case of the 
Treasurer of the borough of West Chester, Pa., Doctor Peirce's testimony securing con- 
viction. In the case of the Presbyterian Board of Publication, on which he was at work 
a year, his skill as an accountant saved the reputation of the Board. He v,-as consulted 
by business men and bookkeepers almost constantly, and his opinion was considered 
sufficient to decide many disputes and to aid in disentangling complicated accounts. 

In 1S87, he served the State as Bank Assessor; in 1879, he was elected President of 
the Business Educators' Association of America. He also served for many years as a 
director of the Fairmount Park Art Association; and in 1S75 he Introduced into many 
schools and churches the spelling bee exercises, which proved so successful and profit- 
able in many communities. '■ In recognition of his efficient services in the cause of edu- 
cation, Dickinson College conferred upon him the degree of Ph. D. 

At the time of his death he was President of the Bookkeepers' Beneficial Associa- 
tion of Philadelphia, having been successively re-elected for five years; he had been a 
member seventeen years. 

He was a prominent member of Grace M. E. Church, Philadelphia, and had for 
years been Chairman of its Finance Comm.ittee. In 1SS7 he was licensed to preach by 
the Presiding Elder upon recommendation of this church, but he did not accept the 
orders, feeling that he could do better ser\ice as a layman. He was active in church 
and Sunday School work, and as an evidence of his active interest may be enumerated 
the several church enterprises with which he was identified. He was President of the 
Philadelphia Tract Society of the M. E. Church, which publishes the Philadelphia Meth- 
odist; was a trustee of the Methodist Episcopal Hospital, and had been Treasurer of the 
Philadelphia Sabbath Association until his illness compelled his resignation. He was 
a trustee of Temple College, Philadelphia; a Manager of the Home Missionary Society, 
and of the Evangelical Alliance of America. 

He was an eloquent and forceful speaker and was greatly in demand upon public 
occasions. For some years he took an active Interest In politics, and in 18S0 he stumped 
Ohio, Indiana and Marviand In the interests of the Democratic party. In that year ho 
was his party's candidate for Receiver of Taxes. He was once oflered by the President 
of the United States the Consulship at Liverpool, but he felt that he could not leave 
the school, and declined the office, although it was then, as now, one of the best at the 
disposal of the President. 

He was the author and publisher of a number of books, which were primarily de- 
signed for his own school, but have been extensively adopted by other business colleges, 
academies and public schools. His principal works were "Practical Test Problems," 
"How to Become a Bookkeeper," "Pelrce Manual of Bookkeeping," "Peirce School Writ- 
ing Slips and Real Business Forms," "Peirce School Manual of Business Forms and 
Customs," "Peirce Manual for the Typist," and "Peirce Manual of Language Lessons." 

The success of Doctor Peirce was due largely to his sterling character, untiring in- 
dustry, and minute attention to detail. Anything he undertook he entered into with his 
whole soul. During the short time he spent in Philadelphia as a Grammar School prin- 
cipal, not more than four or< five years, he made the reputation of sending more of his 
boys to the High School than any other principal. How was it done? In a very simple 
but effective manner, but a manner that required more personal effort than the other 
principals would give. For several weeks before examination time he and the candi- 
dates for examination would live in the school house, having their meals sent in and 
sleeping there at night. Is It any wonder that they all passed? Such effort, directed 
along any line, cannot fail of success. 

Such he was, and such were his methods, all his life, and when death came, in 
the spring of 1896, he closed a life that had exerted a great influence for good over the 
lives of many thousands of people, young and old. 

In 1909, the City of Philadelphia honored him by naming one of Its new school 
buildings the Thomas May Peirce School. The building, which was erected at a cost 
of $170,000, stands at the corner of Twenty-third and Cambria Streets and will accommo- 
date twenty-seven divisions. 


V— 4^6 MARGARET PEIRCE (Caleb, Margaret, Samuel, William), 
h. 12 mo. 28, 1839, at Chester, Pa.; m. CHARLES WILLIAM HOWARD 8 
iiio.*i2, 1863. at Hammonton, N. J., son of Benjamin Lloward and Mar>- Stan- 
ley. of'Catharine, Schuyler Co., N. Y., b. 8 mo. 12, 1836, in Tioga Co., Pa.; 
a' '7 nio. 2j, 1899 at Covert, Seneca Co., N. Y. No issue. 

They resided for 3 years at Hammonton and 2 years at Riverton, N. J., 
tlicn in i'hiladelphia. His health failing he went to relatives in New York 
st.ite, where he died and was buried at Trumansburg, N. Y. She became a 
member of Philadelphia Monthly Meeting of Friends held at Race St., 1882, 
and was recorded a minister in 2 mo. 1S88, which position she filled with the 
unity and cordial approval of the Society. Her address is, 5800 Green St., 
Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., where through the liberality of the late Anna 
T. Jeanes Friends have a substantial and commodious home. 

V— 427. SARAH ELIZABETH PEIRCE (Caleb 4). b. 12 mo. 16, 
1843; unm. She was for some years a teacher. Her last residence was 1837 
MarvineSt., Philadelphia. 

V— 428. CALEB FRANKLIN PEIRCE (Caleb, Alargaret, Samuel, 
William), b. April 4. 1845; m. SALLIE V. ^^lAXWELL Jan. 15, 1869, dau. 
of William Maxwell and Martha Ann Kirkbride. 

They resided for some time at Titusville, Pa., and Millerstown, Butler 
Co., Pa. ; later they were for five years in Virginia, then returned to Park 
Ave, Merchantville, N. J. 

Issue : — 
1013. Mary. b. 11-15-1870; d. 1 mo. — . 1871. 

V— 429. GEORGE W. PEIRCE (Caleb 4) b. 12 mo. 29. 1847; d. 3 mo. 
13. 1873; unm. Last residence with his parents at Concordville, Pa.; buried 
at Concord Mtg. 

V— 430. SAMUEL JAMES PEIRCE (Caleb 4), b. 9 mo. 19, 1855; d. 
4 mo. 10, 1859. 

Ch. of Esther Ann Peircc {T.146) and IVilliajn A. Gheen. 

V— 431. MARGARET P. GHEEN (Hettv Ann. Margaret, Samuel, 
Uiliiam), b. Nov. i, 1823; d. Sept. 21, 1886; m. JAMES DOWNING Feb. 
9. 1843 (see No. T.-534), son of Joseph Downing and Elizabeth Beidler, b. 
btb. 12^1816; d. Nov. 24. 1881. 

Further record from his No. 

V— 432. THOMAS PEIRCE GHEEN (Hetty Ann 4), b. Mar. 18, 


1826, in Chester Co., Pa. He left home in Sept., 1844, and is supposed to 
have died unmarried. 

V— 433. ANN ALICE GHEEN (Hetty Ann 4), b. Dec. 20, 1827; d. 
Oct. 12, 1879; m. HEBER CHASE KIMBALL Sept. 10, 1844, son of Solo- 
mon Farnum Kimball and Annie b. June 14, iSoi, at Sheldon, Franklin Co 
Vt.; d. June 22, 1868. 

They resided in Salt Lake City, Utah, where both are buried. 

Issue : — 

1014. Samuel Heber, b. Dec. 9, 1851. 

1015. Daniel Heber, b. Peb. 8, 1856. 

1016. Andrew, b. Sept. 6, 1S58. \ Twins 

1017. Alice Ann. b. Sept. 6, 1858. / ^^i^''- 

1018. Sarah Gheen, b. May 31. 1S61. 

V— 434. AMANDA TRIMBLE GHEEN* (Hetty Ann 4),b. Jan. 18, 
1830; d. Nov. 4, 1904; m. HEBER CHASE KIMBALL Dec. — , 1845, i" 
Nauvoo, 111., husband of her sister, Anna Alice (see last No.). 

They resided at Salt Lake City, Utah. All were members of the Church 
of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly called the Mormon Church. 

Note. — The following extracts are taken from a sketch of the life of Amanda 
Trimble Gheen Kimball. She was born the same year that the Church of Jesus Christ 
of Latter-day Saints was organized — 1830. Her father was a prosperous farmer, as was 
also his father, Thomas Gheen, of Goshen, Chester Co., Pa., and her mother was also 
the daughter of a prominent farmer of Thornbury, Delaware Co., Pa., all of whom 
were Quakers. In 1840 some Elders of the Mormon Church came to Chester Co., Pa., and 
in August the father, mother and oldest sister were baptized and in December Ann A., 
aged 14 years, and Amanda T., aged 12 years,, were baptized. In 1S41 the father went 
to Nauvoo, 111., and was ordained an Elder. He returned home and on Jan. 21. 1S42, 
sold his farm and May 11 started westward '"fer the Gospel sake," and arrived at Nau- 
voo June 28, 1842. They were prospered and blessed and had a pleasant journey. He 
bought an acre of land two blocks west of the Temple and built a two-story brick 
house. He also bought SO acres of prairie laud. He made his family comfortable, as- 
sisted In building the Temple, and •was always very kind to the poor. The day before 
the Prophet Joseph and his brother Hiram Smith were murdered by a mob in Carthage 
jail, he visited them and was received with many blessings. In 1845 he was taken sud- 
denly ill and died July 15. Amongst the frequent visitors to his house were Brigham 
Young and Heber C. Kimball, to whom the father became very much attached, and the 
latter became the husband of the two daughters, Ann Alice and Amanda T. The two 
sisters whose lives were so closely interwoven were just the opposite in looks and tem- 
perament; Ann Alice was very tall, of dark complexion, black silken hair and very 
dark eyes; was intensely spiritual and rather delicate. Amanda T. was of medium 
height, fair complexion, blue t'ves and light hair; was rather temporal and seemed more 
wrapped up in the affairs of this life than her sister, and enjoyed robust health. • Ann 
Alice was gentle and rather Quakerish in her dress and seemed to avoid society, and ap- 
peared happier in her home. Amanda T. was quick to speak, of high temperament, 
loved and craved company, the association of the young and old, and was never known 
to refuse an invitation to a socinl gathering. She was well and strong and never known 
to shirk any duty. These two sisters were baptized the same day, received their patri- 
archal ble.-sings the same day, were both married to the same husband, lived together, 
reared their children together and loved each other's children; together they participated 
in the trials, persecutions and drivings of their sect from their beautiful city of Nauvoo, 
111., and from their homos and possessions, but both lived to enjoy true happiness In 
their now far western home at Salt Lake City. 


Issue: — 

iM)!«. Willi.-in Gheen, b. Mar. 3, 1S51. 

.Albor: Hcber, b. Sept. 13, 1854. 
1 Jvr^niiah H., b. Aug. 15. 1S57; d. May 23, 1SS7. 
2. Moroui H., b. May 23, 1S61. 

V_435. MARY ANN GHEEN (Hetty Ann 4), b. Dec. 29, 1832 at 
K. N'antmeal. Chester Co., Pa.; d. April 18, 1903, at Ogden City, Weber Co., 
L't.ih; m. WILLIAM ELMER, April — , 1857, son of John Elmer and Sally 

, b. Sept. I, 1820, in Orange Co., Vt. ; d. Dec. 14, 1894, at Ogden. He 

was a farmer with residence at Ogden City, Utah. 

Issue: — 
102:5 LpvI James, b. Oct. 1, 1858. 
\<Ci. Esther Ann, b. Dec. 27, 1S61. 
1'.25 Amanda Violet, b. .July 20, 1864. 
lo.'>;. William Heber, b. Feb. 19, 1869. 

V— 436. STEPHEN HARRIS GHEEN (Hetty Ann 4) b. April 19, 

1S35; m. MARY ADELIA HARDY, dau. of Joseph Hardy and Lucy , 

b. Nov. 6, 1839. Residence, St. Charles, Bear Lake Co., Idalio. 

Issue : — 

1".'". Lucy Ann. b. Mar. 12, 1863. 

IjJS. Stephen Peirce, b. Jan. 26, 1865. 

M-J9. William Joseph, b. July 1, 186S. 

lu30. Amanda Elizabeth, b. Feb. 24, 1872. 

I'l.-il. Ida Viola, b. Dec. 19. 1873. 

1032. Lillian UzeL 

V— 437. LEVI A. GHEEN (Hetty Ann 4), b. Mar. i, 1840; m. JOS- 

I-'PHINE LAURENSON, dau. of John I^urenson and Carrie , b. Aug. 

-4, 1851. Last residence given, Hamilton, Nevada. 

Issue : — 
1033. Alice, b. circa, 1876. 

V— 438. SARAH GHEEN (Esther Ann 4). b. Dec. 11, 1844, at Nau- 
v-^'. 111., d. Jan. 13, 1869; m. ALEXANDER NEPHI STEPHENS, i860, 

sf'ii of John Stephens and Elizabeth , b. Dec. ii, 1840. Residence, Ogden 

City, Utah. 

Issue : — 

l":'4. William Nephl, b. Oct. 14, 1861. 

l"-5I>. Ann Elizabeth, b. Aug. 22, 1S64. 

I'JlC. Genevra Ellen, b. Oci. 2, 1SG6; d. 1883. 

1"37. John Andrew, b. Jan. 4. 1869. 

Ch. of Phcbe Peirce {T.-14/') and John Bcnington. 
V— 439- ANN BENINGTON (Phebe, Margaret, Samuel, William), b. 


4 mo. 6, 1827; d. I mo. 27, 1903, at West Chester, Pa.; m. JAMES 1:L- 
FRETH 10 mo. 14, 1857, at Concord Mtg., son of Jacob R. Elfreth and Abi- 
gail Peircc, b. 3 mo. 2-j, 1833 ; d. 4 mo. 30, 1907. 

They resided for some years at Millvillc. X. J.; afterwards lived in Phila- 
delphia, but were boarding in West Chester, Pa., at the time of her death. Tlu-y 
were members of tlie Society of Orthodox Friends. 

Issue : — 

103S. John Bening+on, b. S-25-1S59. 
1039. Miriam, b. 7-4-1863. 

V— 440. SAMUEL BEXIXGTON (Phebe 4), b. 12 mo. 7, 182S; m. 
MARY BALDERSOX 10 mo. 11, 1853, dan. of Jacob Balderson and Martha 
Livezey, b. i mo. — , 1824; d. 4 mo. 8, 1859. 

M. second, REBECCA TRIMBLE 3 mo. 3. 1869 (see No. T.-453), dan. 
of Stephen ^I. Trimble and Lydia Sharpless, b. 5 mo. 22, 1840. 

They resided on a farm in Concord Twp., Delaware Co., Pa., for many 
years, where he was a school director several years. Finally, in, 1S85 they 
removed to Confidence, Wayne Co., Iowa. No issue. 

V— 441. RACHEL BEXIXGTOX (Phebe, Margaret, Samuel, Wil- 
liam), b. 8 mo. 23, 1832; d. 2 mo. 8, 1897; m. DANIEL B. PRICE 12 mo. 
5, 1883, at Media Mtg. 

They resided at his place in Falls Twp., Bucks Co., Pa. After his death 
about 8 mo. 1896, she returned to her father's residence at Media, Pa. She was 
buried at Concord Mtg. She was for thirty years an acceptable minister in 
the Society of Orthodox Friends. She was widely known and highly respect- 
ed. Her husband had been married first to Hannah B. Child 5 mo. 18, 1848 

V— 442. HENRY BENINGTON (Phebe 4), b. 6 mo. 13, 1835; d. 5 
mo. 12, 1859; unm. He resided with his parents, bur. at Concord ISItg. 

V— 443. MARGARET BENINGTON (Phebe 4), b. i mo. 16. 1843- 
She kept house for her father for many years at his last residence in 
Media, Pa., where she remained for a few years, then removed, with addrss 
218 West Rittenhouse St., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

V— 444- JOHN BENINGTON, JR. (Phebe 4), b. 8 mo. 4- 1845; ^- 4 
mo. 6, 1875; unm.; buried at Concord Mtg. 

Ch. of Tlwnias J. Peirce (T.-150) and Martha Ann Smith, all born in Con- 
cord, Delaware Co., Pa. 

V— 445. NARCISSA PEIRCE (Thomas J. 4), b. Dec. 3, 1847; d. ^''^y 
24, 1849. 


\'— .M''>. ALOXZA HEXDRICKSON PEIRCE (Thomas J. 4), b. 
April j8. 1850; d. March 9, 1854. 

V_-447. CLARA BELLE PEIRCE (Thomas ]., :Marcrarct. Samuel. 
William), b. June 10. 1854; m. \VILLL-\M P. McCAY ALar 8, 1876, son of 
William T. McCay and Evalina H. Bullock, b. Aug. 18, 1854. 

He is a farmer. Address, Concordville, Pa. 

Issue : — 

1<M0. Charlotte S., b. July 27, 1876. 
IMl. Thomas J. P., b. Dec. 30. 1SS2. 

V— 448. SA^IUEL HOWARD PEIRCE (Thomas J. 4), b. March 13. 
1859; d. March 18. 1906; m. MARGARETTA ELLA COLEMAN Oct 13, 
1S82, dau. of William S. Coleman and Elizabeth Agnes Wise, b. in Virginia. 

Their last residence was Wilmington, Del., where he died, and she con- 
tinues. He was buried at Concord Mtg. 

Issue : — 

10J2. Cloyd T., b. Sept. 1, 1SS7; d. Feb. 28, ]8S8. 
Ju43. Florence S., b. July 22, 1889. 

Line of William, Samuel, Joseph. 

Ch. of Phche Trimble {T.-154) and Abraham Rothrock, M. D., all born at 
McVeytown, Mifflin Co., Pa. 

V— 449. JOSEPH TRniBLE ROTHROCK rPhebe, Joseph, Samuel. 
William), b. April 9. 1839; m. MARTHA E. ^lAY May 30. 1869, dau. of 
Addison May* and Elizabeth Shafer, of West Chester, Pa., b. Mar. 22, 1840, 
in Coventry Twp. 

They resided at Wilkes-Barre, Pa., for some time removed thence to West 
Chester, 428 N. Church St., where they continue. He was graduated B. S., 
Harvard, 1864. and M. D. University of Penna. 1867; was Captain Co. E. 20th 
Pa. Cavalry in the Civil War and wounded at Fredericksburg. Va. ; appointed 
Prof, of Botany, University of Penna., 1877. He is the author of Vacation 
Cniisings, Botany of the Wheeler Expedition, Flora of Alaska, Revision of 
N'orth .American Guarinese. Pennsylvania Forestry Reports. 1895. &c. ; one of 
the editors of Forest Leaves. The crowning work of his life has been the se- 
curing of legislation for the preser\-ation of our forests, for which he labored 
with untiring zeal, and which won his appointment as Commissioner of For- 
estry of Pennsylvania in 1893, which office he still holds. 

, Nntp. — Adili^on Mnv. -on of Robert May (iron-master) of Centreville, Pr\., and 

«'ith Pofts. Eli/nheth >Tav, dan. of Judgro I^rmuel Shafer and Martha Bull, the '.atte: 
''- lug a dau. of Col. Thomas Bull, of the Revolutionary Army. 


Children : — 

1044. AddisoD May, b. May 12, 1S70. 

1045. Henry A., b. Oct. 24. 1S72. 

1046. Howard Gray, b. Sept. 5. 1S74; d. Sept. 3. 1877. 

1047. Elizabeth May, b. Mar. 23, 1877. 

1048. Martha May, b. Sept. 10, 1SS2; d. Mar. 29, 1SS3. 

V— 450. ANN AMANDA ROTHROCK (Phebe, Joseph, Samuel, Wil- 
liam), b. June 29, 1840; unm. He resides at ]SIcVcyto\vn, [Nlifllin Co., Pa. 

V— 451. MARY M. ROTHROCK (Phebe. Joseph Samuel, William), 
b. Aug. 12. 1842; d. Mar. 18, 1898: m. DAVID M. McFARLAND Sept. 11, 
1866, son of James McFarland and Mar>' Meconkey, b. May 6, 1839, ^^ Tredy- 
ffrin. Pa.; d. Oct. 12, 1899. 

They resided in West Chester, Pa., where they both died. Both were bur- 
ied at Oakland Cemetery. When young he entered the office of his uncle, 
David Meconkey, a banker and broker in West Chester, upon whose death in 
1868 he succeeded to the management of the business. As e.xecutor and trus- 
tee he had charge of large estates and was considered an expert on the value 
of real estate. 

Children : — 

1049. Charles T., b. June 15, 1S67. •) ,p_^„„ 

1050. James R., b. June 15, 1SG7; d. Sept. — . 1867. / ^^^ii^- 

1051. Elizabeth W.. b. May 16. 1870. 

1052. George K., b. July 23, 1S75. 

1053. Hettie T., b. Feb. 25, 1878; d. Jan. 7, 1881. 

1054. Mary M., b. Aug. 14, 1880; d. Aug. 22, 1880. 

Line of Wiluam, Samuel, Samuel. 

Ch. of Stephen M. Trimble {T.-158) and Lydia Sharpless, all except the eldest 
born in Chester Twp., Delaware Co., Pa. 

V— 452. JOHN TRBIBLE (Stephen, Samuel, Samuel, William) b. 5 
mo. 6, 1838; d. 7 mo. 31, 1886; unm. 

He was born at Haverford ; educated at Westtown; went early to live with 
his grandmother at the old Mendenhall homestead in Concord Twp. He had 
succeeded to the ownership of the farm. He was an influential and. highly re- 
spected citizen, an esteemed and active member of Concord Monthly Meet- 
ing of Friends holding the position of overseer. He was buried at this place. 

V— 453. REBECCA TRIT^IBLE (Stephen, Samuel, Samuel, William). 
b. 5 mo. 22, 1840; m. SAMUEL BENINGTON, 3 mo .3, 1869 (No. T.-440). 
as his second wife. No issue. 

V— 454. SAMUEL TRIMBLE (Stephen, Samuel, Samuel, William), b. 


J mo. 26, 1843: m. MARY L. EVANS, 5. mo. 5, 1870, at Middletown Mtg., 
( No. T.-386). dau. of Isaac C. and Ann Evans, b. 6 mo. 20, 1848; d. 3 mo. 7, 
1904; bur. at Middletown Mtg. 

M. second, ANNE EVANS 5 mo. 10, 1906, sister to his first wife, b. 
.) mo. 26, 1854 (No. T.-391). 

He graduated M. D. University of Perma., 1867. He settled and prac- 
ticed at Lima, Middletown Twp., Delaware Co., Pa., for many years. After 
the death of his wife he removed to a farm in Newtown Twp. which he had 
purchased in 1900, and relinquished his medical practice. Besides his pro- 
ficiency in medicine he is also well versed in the science of botany. Address, 
Newtown Square, Pa. 

Issue : — 

l'to5. Joseph Evans, b. 3-3-1S71; d. 4-5-1896. 

HOC. John, b. 4-2-1877. 

10o7. Grace, b. 3-14-1881; d. 3-17-1881. 

luM. George Martin, b. 4-11-1883. 

V— 455. GEORGE TRLMBLE (Stephen, Samuel, Samuel, WiUiam), b. 
7 mo. 12, 1845; d. 6 mo. 10, 18S9; unm. 

He resided at his parents' home, and assisted on the farm. He was en- 
dowed with more than ordinary qualities of mind and heart and urbanity of 
manners. His health failing he first tried the climate of Florida and afterwards 
of Colorado Springs, where he died. His body was brought home and bur. 
at Chester Mtg. 

V— 456. WILLIAM TRIMBLE (Stephen, Samuel, Samuel, William), 
b. 8 mo. 19, 1847; m- JANE MENDENHALL 5 mo. 4, 1887, at Concord 
Mtg., dau. of Jacob H. Mendenhall and Hannah W. Newlin, b. 3 mo. 19, 
1847, i" Nether Providence Twp. 

He succeeded his brother John at the Concord homestead, is an intelli- 
gent agriculturist and well skilled in botany. He is an active member in the 
Society of Friends, in which he holds important positions. He has filled the 
oftices of School Director and Supervisor of Roads in his township with com- 
mendable abiHty. No issue. 

V— 457. ANN TRIMBLE (Stephen, Samuel, Samuel, William), b. 1 
niO- 25, 1851 ; unm. She continued with her parents Vv'hile they lived, remain- 
ing at their last residence. She is a valued Friend. 

V— 458. HENRY TRIMBLE (Stephen. Samuel, Samuel, William), b. 
5 mo. 22. 1853; d. 8 mo. 24, 1898, at St. David's Pa. : bur. at Friends' S. Wes- 
tcrm Grounds, near Phila. ; m. MARY J. WARRINGTON 4 mo. 14. 1881, 
•*tt Moorestown, N. J., dau. of Seth Warrington and Mary Newlin Jenkins of 
tliat place, b. 5 mo. 15, 1854, Westfield, N. J. 


He graduated at Philadelpliia College of Pharmacy, 1876. then spent two 
years in the special study of chemistry at the University of Penna. He was 
elected Prof, of analytical chemistry, College of Pharmacy, 1883, from which 
he received the degree Ph. 'M., 1891. Haverford College conferred A. M.. 
1896. He was elected a member of American Philosophical Society, 1897. 
He published two volumes on "The Tannins;" 53 articles in the Am. Journal 
of Pharmacy; "Some North American Coniferae," in connection with Prof. 
Edson Bastin, besides works on chemistry. He had been to Europe in con- 
nection with his profession. Resided at St. David's 1892-98. His widow 
reinoved to Moylan, Delaware Co., Pa. 

Children : — 

1059. Martha Warrington, b. 7-12-1SS4. 

1060. Ruth A., b. 12-23-1535; d. t,-31-l&0S. 

1061. Alice, b. 9-5-li595. 

V— 459. RUTH ANN A TRIMBLE (Stephen, Samuel, Samuel, Wil- 
liam), b. 9 mo. 8, 1855; d. 2 mo. 2/, 1876; unm.; bur. at Chester Mtg. 

V— 460. JOSEPH TRLMBLE (Stephen, Samuel, Samuel, William), b. 
7 mo. 12, 1857; m. EMMA FORSyTHE 9 mo. 18, 1889, at Birmingham 
Mtg., dau. of William Forsythe and Elizabeth Pusey, of Birmingham, Pa,, 
b. 12 mo. 20, 1858; d. II mo. 12, 1895. 

They settled at the homestead in Chester Twp., where she died. Pie is a 
farmer and dair}inan, member of Guernsey Club. The family all belong to 
Chester Meeting of the Society of Friends. 

Children : — 

1062. Stephen Martin, b. 6-10-1S91. 

1063. Anna Forsythe, b. 8-3u-lS92. 

1064. Emma Lydia, b. 1-1-1895. 

Ch. of Ann Trimble {164) and George Martin. The first bom at Concord- 
ville, the rest at Philadelphia. 

V— 461. EDITH MARTIN, b. 10 mo. 25, 1850; d. 10 mo. 28, 1863. 

V— 462. REBECCA MARTIN, b. 6 mo. 6, 1852; d. 11 mo. 27, 1853. 

V— 463. GEORGE MARTIN, b. 2 mo. 7, 1854; d. 11 mo. 4, 1854. 

Line of William, Hannah, Hannah. 
Ch. of Abel Thomas {T.-168) and Patience Thome. 
V— 464. HANNAH THOMAS (Abel, Hannah, Hannah, William), b. 


3 mo. 4. 1837; m. FRANKLIN GEROTHMAN ALLEN 3 mo. 30. 1859, 
M.n of John Allen* and Chloe R. Allen, of Erie Co.. N. Y., b. 12 mo. i, 1834. 

They reside at Union Springs, Cayuga Co., N. Y. 

Children: — 

l.jo3. Edward F.. b. 1-6-lSGO. 

l...i,(;. John Henry, b. 11-1-1S61. 

101.7. Mary C.. b. 7-21-1S63. 

luOS. Anna T.. b. S-29-1S65. 

1009. Emma Chloe, b. 8-11-1SC9. 

1070. George S., b. 7-27-1871. 

1071. Esther Elizabeth, b. 5-1S-1.S71. 

1072. Louisa Thomas, b. 7-14-l!s76. 

1073. William Thomas, b. 10-1S-1S79. 

V— 465. EDWARD A. THO^L\S (Abel, Hannah, Hannah. William), 
b. 4 mo. 27, 1838; d. 9 mo. 2, 1890; m. HELEN L. BRISTOL, 9 mo. — , 
1S67, dau. of Dr. Bristol, of Rochester N. Y. 

In 1862, while practising law at Anburn, N. J., Edward A. Thomas 
raised a company of volunteers for the Civil War known as Company C, iiith 
Regiment, N. Y. Volunteers, of which he was captain. He was taken prisoner 
at Harf)er's Ferry and was later on exchanged. He returned to Aubum and 
resumed the practice of law, and for a year wa^ Mayor of the city. During 
Grant's administration he served as U. S. Judge for the Territor}' of Wyo- 
ming, and subsequently practised law in Wyoming and Utah and then re- 
turned to the East. His death occurred at Norristown, Pa., after a short illness. 

Children : — 

1074. Helen B.. b. 10-8-1868. 

1U76. Albert Gorliam, b. 7-1D-187G. 

V— 466. ELIZABETH THOIsIAS, b. 11 mo. i, 1840; d. 2 mo. 28, 

Ch. of John J. Thomas (T.-iyi) and Mary S. Hoidand, all born at Macedon, 

Wayne Co., N. Y., except the last, who was born 

at Union Springs, N. Y. 

V— 467. CATHERINE THOMAS, b. 6 mo. 27, 1839; d. 9 mo. 4, 1841. 
V— 468. LOUISA THO^IAS (John J., Hannah, Hannah, William), b. 

Note. John Allen and Chloe R. Allen were m. 5 mo. 29, 1831. John d. 2 mo. 23, 
1873; Chloe R. d. 12 mo. 13, 1870. John and Chloe R. had four children: Olive, b. 9- 
10-1833; d. 1-29-1834. Franklin Gerolhman, b. 12-1-1834; Olive Esther, b. 3-31-1836; Hen- 
ry Clay, b. 3-21-1845. 

John Allen, son of Joseph Allen ?.r.'\ Re'ierca Potter, who had six children: Har- 
riet, John. Potter, Ruth, Abn<;r and Rlioba. Potter and Abner removed, to Missouri. 

Chloe R. Allen, dau. of Gerothmau Allen and Olivia Randall, who had three chil- 
drt-n: Lavina, Chloe and Esther. 

Jcseph Allen and Gerothman Allen were brothers. 


4 mo. 27, 1 841; m. REV. ALBERT FRANKLIN LYLE, a Presbyterian 
clergyman, 6 mo. 22, iSjJ, son of Joshua Bircham Lyle* and Ann Elizabeth 
Simpson, b. 4 mo. 11, 1S39, in New Brunswick, Canada; d. 11 mo. 7, 1910. 

She is an Orthodox Friend and a woman of broad, s}inpathetic and brilliant 
intellect, whose life has been devoted to Christian work of many kinds. Her 
husband after a long and faithful sei-\-ice in the ministry is now retired. He 
filled pastorates at Union Springs, N. Y., Utica, N. Y., I'lion, N. Y., and New- 
ark, N. J. They reside at 203 South Sixth St., Newark, N. J. 
Children : — 

1076. George Henry, b. 5-1-1S73; d. 5-17-1875; b. and d. at Union Springs. N. Y. 

1077. William Thomas, b. l-10-li75. 

1078. Herbert Cecil, b. 9-25-1S77. 

1079. Henry Albert, b. 5-21-lSSa. 

1080. Rose Marian, b. 9-3-1S86. 

V— 469. HENRY THOALAS, b. 5 mo. 6, 1843; d. 4 mo. 6, 1849. 

V— 470. WILLIAM H. THOMAS, b. 8 mo. 11, 1847; d. i mo. 16, 

V— 471. CAROLINE TFIO.AL\S (John J., Hannah, Hannah, William), 
b. 9 mo. 26, 1850. She resides with address at Union Springs, Cayuga, Co., 
N. Y. 

V— 472. EMILY THO^IAS (John J., Hannah, Hannah, William), b. 
II mo. 21, 1853. She resides same as last. 

V— 473. ELIZABETH H. THOMAS (John J., Hannah, Hannah, Wil- 
liam), b. II mo. 29, 1856. She resides same as last two, all at the homestead 
of their father. 

Line of William, Hannah, Elizabeth. 

Ch. of Hannah J. Mccliem (T.-i^s) and John H. Hoisted. 

V— 474. ELLEN M. HALSTED (Hannah, Elizabeth, Hannah, Wil- 

Note.— Joshua B. Lyle, son of John Lyle, a Revolutionary soldier in the British 
Army, 71st Highland Light Infantry, and Abigail Bircham; John Lyle, son of David 
Lyle, of the County of Caithness, Scotland, and Katherine Manson. 

Ann E. Simpson, dau. of William Simpson, a Revolutionary soldier in the Amer- 
ican, Army, 1st New Hampshire Regiment, and Betsey Hanson; William Simpson, son 
of Andrew Simpson, Jr., and Agnes Ayres. Andrew Simpson, Jr.. son of Andrew Simp- 
son and Betsey Patton. Andrew and Betsey came to Boston from Coleraine, County 
Antrim, Ireland, in 172-). They removed to Nottingham, N. H., about 1740 and it was 
here that Betsey was tomahawked by the Indians in 1742. Young Andrew, who had 
beent sent to the spring for water by his mother, fell down in the cornfield, cried, fell 
asleep and thus escaped the terrible fate which befell his mother. 


liam), b. Oct. 16. 1831 : m. WILLIAM HOTCHKISS, U. D., Sept. 11, i860, 
son of Freeman and Lydia Hotchkiss. He d. 7 mo. 2, 1873. 

Before her marriage Ellen was a school teacher. Her address is, Buchaii- 
an, Mich. 

Issue : — 
lOSl. Carrie Ella, b. June 20, 1861; d. Apr. 15, 1S85; unm. 

V— 475. ELIZABETH HALSTED (Hannah, Elizabeth, Hannah, Wil- 
liam, b. Mar. 3, 1833; m. GEORGE CHURCHILL July 16, 1855, son of 
Orin Churcliill, b. Sept. 12, 1834; d. Feb. 19, 1900. 

He was a merchant at Buchanan, Mich, where Elizabeth still resides. 

Issue : — 

1082. William Orrin, b. Dec. 25, 1857. 

1083. Harry Lemuel, b. Feb. 22. 1862. 

V— 476. NAOMI HALSTED, d. in infancy. 

V— 477. MARY JANE HALSTED (Hannah, Elizabeth, Hannah, 
William), b. Feb. 2, 1840; d. Aug. 31, 1889; m. SCHYLER V. FISKE, circa 
1857, son of Thomas and Rebecca Fiske. He d. Nov. — , 1863, in the army. 

Issue : — 

1084. George Henry, b. Feb. 11, 1858; d. Nov. — , 1859. 

1085. Mary Mae, b. June 23, 1860. 

M. second, HENRY WATSON, M. D., son of William and Sarah 
Watson. He d. Sept. 2, 1888. They resided at Bedford. Mich. No issue 
by this m. 

V— 478. JONATHAN HALSTEAD (Hannah, Elizabeth, Hannah, 
William ), b. Sept. 5, 1842; m. .ALARIETTE E. REYNOLDS Nov. i, 1863, 
dau. of John Reynolds and Anna Dean, b. 11 mo. 13, 1841. 

By trade he was a wagon maker ; afterwards was with his son in the Hal- 
stead Table Co. Address, Pentwater, Mich. 

Issue : — 

1086. Zoe Ella. b. Jan. 1, 1867; d. July 25, 1888. 

1087. Daniel J., b. June 8. 1870. 

1088. SUnley M.. b. Oct. 1, 1880. 

V— 479. ANN M. HALSTED (Hannah. Elizabeth. Hannah, William), 
b. Nov. 5. 1844; d. Mar. 6, 1899 :m. EDWARD FREEMAN, 1862. 

He enlisted in the army during the Civil War and was never heard from; 
probably killed. 

M. second, SAMUEL KOHLER 6 mo. 16, 1872. Residence, Battle 
Creek, Calhoun Co., .Mich. 


Issue by first husband : — 

Dewitt C. b. Aug. 26. 1S63. 

V— 480. SUSAN D. HALSTED (Hannah, EHzabeth, Hannah, Wil- 
liam), b, Dec. 25, 1857; ^- '^^S- ^3> 1873; unm. She was a teacher. 

Ch. of John Meachem (T.-iy^) and Caroline A. Lord. 
V — ^481. A boy, d. unnamed in infancy. 

V— 482. CL.\RA ELIZABETH AIEACHEM, d. in her 7th year. 

Ch. of Isaac J. Mcchem (T.iy^) and Celestia RusAi"J. 

V— 483. FLORENCE AIECHEM (Isaac, EHzabeth, Hannah, Wil- 
liam), b. 7 mo. 14, 1856. Address 141 Maple St., Battle Creek, ]Mich. 

V— 484. FLOYD RUSSELL MECHEJvI (Isaac 4, Elizabeth, Hannah. 
William) b. May 9, 1858; m. JESSIE COLLIER Dec. 4, 1884, dau. of Vic- 
tory P, and Minerva Collier, of Battle Creek, Mich. 

He was educated in the common schools and graduated from Battle Creek, 
High School. The University of Jvlichig-an gave him the honorary degree of 
A. M. He has been professor of law in Detroit College of Law, University 
of Michigan and later at the University of Chicago. He is the author of sev- 
eral legal treatises, as on agency, sales, public offices, partnership, carriers, etc. 
Residaice, 5714 WoodJawn Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Issue : — 

1090. John Collier, b. Jan. 1. 1886. 

1091. Philip Russell, b. Dec. 12, 1892. 

V— 485. GEORGE W. MECHEM (Isaac, Elizabeth, Hannah, William), 
b. 12 mo. 18, i860; m. CLARA MESSER 10 mo. 9, 1888, dau. of Horace 
Green Messer* and Sarah Wallace, b. 8 mo. 25, 1862; d. 7 mo. 28, 1897. 

He is an attorney at law, 303 Post Building, Battle Creek, Mich. 

Issue : — 

1092. Leland, b. 9-19-1891. 

1093. Clara, b. 12-17-1895. 

1094. Horace Messer. b. 7-G-1897. 

Note.— Horace G. Messer, b. about 1S:12; d. 1-14-1904. Sarah Wallace, b. 4-1C-1S37: 
d. 9-15-1902. They were m. 11-20-1853. 


V— 486. CHARLES GIBBS MECHEM (Isaac, Elizabeth, Hannah, 
William), b. July 2-], 1864; m. SARA S. CAMPBELL Nov. 10, 1890. at 
r.attle Creek; b. Eeb. 11, 1866 (dau. of Alexander Campbell, of Caml)ria, 
N. v., b. Mar. 17, 1836; d. Jan. 29, 1901. and Chloe Wilson, of Wilson, 
X. v., b. Feb. II. 1840; d. Oct. 25. 1901). He is treasurer oi the Duplex 
Printing Press Co., of and with residence at Battle Creek, Mich. 

Issue : — 

loy5. Florence Alvira. b. May 3. 1S93. 
iuy6. Elizabeth Celestia, b. June 5, 1896. 

V_4S7. WILLIAM HERBERT J^IECHEM (Isaac, Elizabeth, Han- 
nah, William), b. Aug. 5, 1868; d. May 16, 1900; m. ELLA HAZEN July 
23, 1896, dau. of AJonza Pratt Hazen and ivlarilla D. , b. July 4, 1868. 

He was a civil engineer, was in the employ of the Grand Trunk R. R., 
and lost his life in an accident whilst on the cars. Her address is, 23 Cliff St., 
Battle Creek, Mich. No issue. 

Ch. of Elizabeth Mcchcm {T.-I/8) and John Knoides, born in Penfield, Cal- 
houn Co., Mich. 

V— 488. GEORGE M. KNOWXES (Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Hannah, 
William), b. July 21, 1839; m. CAROLINE WAY Mar. 19, 1867; dau. of 
George and Hannah Way, b. Sept. 3, 1849. 

He was a farmer at one time at Ottawa, Franklin Co., Kan., but returned 
to near Battle Creek, ^lich., R. D. 3. 

Issue : — 

li.t97. Stanley J., b. Nov. 29. 18C9. 
lu9S. Lillle G., b. Nov. 6, 1873. 
1099. Claude G., b. April 19, 1876. 

V_489. ANN M. KNOWLES (Elizabeth, Elizabeth. Hannah, W^il- 
liam), b. Jan. 5, 1842; d. June 8, 1881 ; m. SYLVANUS .McCLELLAN Nov. 
9, 1866, son of Thomas and Tina McClellan, b. Sept. 8, 1837. He is a car- 
[>enter of Battle Creek, Mich. 

Issue : — 
1100. John M., b. June 23. 1S77; d. Dec. 23. 1902. 

Ch. of Mary Mechcm (T.-I/Q) and David Hoisted. 

V— 490. CHARLOTTE PEARL H.^LSTED (Mary, Elizabeth, Han- 
nah, William), b. June 12, 1837; d. Jan. 12, 1904, at Kansas City, Mo.; m. 
GEORGE THOMPSON FAIRCHILD Nov. 25, 1863, son of'Crandison 
Fairchild and Nancy Harris, b. Oct. 6, 1S38, at Brownhelm, O. ; d. Mar. 16, 
•901, at Berea, Ky., where both were buried. 


He graduated at Oberlin College, Ohio, 1863. He was Prof, of English 
at Olivet College, 1864: Prof, of English at Michigan Agricultural College, 
Lansing, Mich., 1865 to 1879; president Kansas State Agricultural College, 
Manhattan. Kan., 1879 to 1897; vice president Berea College, Berea, Ky., 1899 
to his death. 

Issue : — 

1101. Mary Agnes, b. Aug. 21, 1864. 

1102. Edwin Milton, b. Nov. 7, 1865. 

1103. Paul Halsted, b. June 22, 1S67. 
1104; David Grandison, b. April 7, lSti9. 
1105, Anna Delia, b. July 21, 1871. 

v.— 491. AHLTON ARNOLD HALSTED (Mary, Elizabeth, Hannali, 
William), b. Sept. 17, 1838, in :\Iich. ; d. Jan. 4, 1904, in 111. ;m. ELIZABETH 
WOODWARD HOCKENHULL May 4, 1870, dau. of Robert HockenhuU 
and Matilda ^Ic^Iackin, of Jacksonville, 111., b. circa 1845. 

("Mr. HockenhuU was a man of prominence and wealth; he came from 
Cheshire, England, but his wife and children were Americans.") 

Dr. M. A. Halsted attended country schools, and spent two years in the 
University of Michigan. Later he studied medicine, and, in 1859, was grad- 
uated from the Cleveland Medical College. He began the practice of medi- 
cine at the age of twenty-one years, in Geneseo, N. Y., and later practiced at 
Northampton, Mass. In 1863 he entered the army as assistant surgeon of 
the 15th N. Y. Cav. and saw hard service, being mustered out in 1865 ; having 
taken part in the grand review at Washington, in Custer's command. After 
the war Dr. Halsted went first to Laporte, Ind., remaining only a short time, 
and then going to Leavenworth, Kan., where he remained until 1867. He 
then went to Jacksonville, III, for a very short time, and then returned to 
Leavenworth, where he stayed until 1877. He then went to Jacksonville, 111.^ 
which was ever after his home. He was a good friend, a good man and a 
fine physician. He was buried in Diamond Grove Cemetery. 

Issue : — 

1106. Mary, b. Oct. 4, 1871; d. Aug. 25, 1872. 

1107. Matilda, b. Jan. 27, 1S73; d. April 12, 1901. 

1108. Katherine, b. Aug. — , 1877; d. iu infancy. 

1109. Robert HockenhuU, b. Sept. 16, 1878. 

1110. Charlotte, b. April 9, 1884. 

1111. Jane, b. Oct. 13, 1889. 

V— 492. ADELLA HALSTED (Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah, William), 
b. 8 mo. 2"], 1841 ; d. 9 mo. 14, 1866; unm. 

V_493. STANLEY MECHEM HALSTED (Mary, Elizabeth, Han- 
nah, William), b. 10 mo. 18, 1843; d. 1877; m. SARAH A. BRUCE. 

He was a member of 71st N. Y. Infantry and afterwards a captain in 
another regiment. He was New York agent in Chicago for a comb factory. 
No issue. 


V— 484. GEORGE MECHEM HALSTED (Mary 4), b. 9 mo. 14, 
1845; d. 6 mo. 12, 1873. He was in the telegraph service during the Civil 

V— 495. EDWARD MONROE HALSTED (Mary. EHzabeth, Han- 
inh, William), b. Nov. 13. 1847: m. ALICE ADELE UPTON May 3, 1871, 
(lau. of Parley and Hannah W. Upton, of Batavia, N. Y. ;d. April 26, 18S6. 

M. second, ^L'\RY CAMERON TPIOMPSON June 5, 1889. dau. of 
Alexander Harrison and Lucy Margaret Thompson, of Booneville, Missouri. 
I). June 7, 1852. Their address, 3515 Indiana Ave.^ Chicago, 111. 

Issue by first wife: — 

1112. Nellie Maria, b. Aug. 15. 1877. 

1113. Belle Upton, b. Nov. 20, 1879. 

V— 496. HENRY POWELL HALSTED (Mary. Elizabeth, Hannah. 
William), b. April 18, 1850; m. JENNIE M. NORTHRUP, Oct. 22, 1878, 
(lau. of George Northrup (b. 1832; d. 1870) and Mary A. Northrup (b. 
1836), b. Feb. 28, 1857. 

He is a physician and surgeon. He graduated at the Michigan Agricul- 
tural College, 1871, and University of ^Michigan. M. D., 1877: is president 
of U. S. Pension Board atOwosso, IMich., with address, Perry, Shiawassee 
Co., Mich. 

Issue : — 

1114. Paul D., b. Jan. 21, 1881. 

1115. Thaddeus H., b. July 5. 1884. 

V— 497. BYRON DAVID HALSTED (^.larv, Elizabeth. Hannah, Wil- 
liam), b. June 7, 1852, in Venice, Cayuga Co., N. Y. ; m. SUSAN E. HOWE, 
18S3, dau. of John M. Howe and Emeline Barnard Jenkins, b. Oct. 18, 1858; 
<1. Dec. 15, 1890. 

M. second. ELLA L. HOWE, 1894. sister of his first wife, both being 
granddaughters of Major Howe of Gen.. Washington's staff, b. Nov. 16, 1854; 
d. June I, 1896. 

M. third, HANNAH W. HAINES, 1899, dau. of Aaron Haines and 
Priscilla Gardener. 

He graduated from Michigan Agricultural College in 1871 and taught in 
the same college; studied botany and chemistry in Harvard University from 
'874 to 1876. receiving the degree of Doctor of Science; taught in Chicago 
High School; then associate editor of American Agriculturist, in 1S79 man- 
ngmg editor for three years. In 1885 l>ecame professor of botany in Iowa Agri- 
cultural College and accepted similar position in 1889 in Rutgers College, New 
Brunswick, N. J. 

He is a member of various scientific associations and in 1897-9 was presi- 
dent of the Society for the Promotion of Agricultural Science, and in 1900 


president of the Botanical Society of America. His residence and address is 
New Brunswick, N. J. 

Issue by first wife: — 

1116. Claire, b. Oct. 18, 1SS.3. 

1117. Edwin H., b. Jan. 27, 1888. 

Issued by second wife: — 

Ills. Ella H., b. Maj- 30, 1896. 

Ch. of Stanley Mecheui (T.-iSo) and Eunice II. Bryant. 

V— 498. EVANGELINE MECHEM (Stanley. Elizabeth, Hannah, 
William), b. Feb. 11, 1854; d. April 10. 1896; m. SAMUEL B. MINSHALL 
May I, 1877. He d. April 10, 1896. 

He was an attorney and insurance agent. They resided at Pentwater, 
Mich., where he had his business office. The whole family lost their lives the 
same night by being shot by the father, who had also mortally shot W. B. O. 
Sands on his way home, after which he turned the weapon upon himself; pre- 
sumably he was either insane or despondent. The wife is described as being 
at the time of her marriage "a very sweet and lovable girl." They were 
all buried in one grave at Pentwater, Mich. 

Issue : — 

1119. Ruby Minshall, b. Sept. 15, 1881; d. April 10, 1896. 

1120. Pearl Minshall, b. 1882; d. 1882. 

1121. George Bachtel Minshall, b. Sept. 7, 1892; d. April 10, 1896. 

1122. Frank Bryant Minshall, b. Dec. 19, 1893; d. April 10, 1896. 

V— 499. GEORGE B. MECHEM (Stanlev, Elizabeth, Hannah, Wil- 
Ham), b. May 11, i860; m. LINDA WADE June 23, 1886, dau. of John P. 
and Sara S. Wade, b. Nov. 29, 1853. 

He is of the firm of Mechein & Fuller, dealers in hardware, farm machin- 
ery, gasoline engines, etc., etc., at Fennville, Mich. No issue. 

Line of William, Hanxah, Isaac. 

Ch. of Thomas Light foot and (T.-ij^) and Thyrca Peirce. 

V — 500. SARA JxACOBS (Thomas. Isaac, Hannah. William), b. 5 mo. 
7, 1850; m. MAHLON LINTON PACKER, 9 mo. 16, 1875, son of Thomas 
Vickers Packer* and ^Margaret Linton, b. 9 mo. 17, 1850. 

Note. — "Thomns Vlckcrs Prcker, son of Aaron and Rebecca Packer, was b. 2-16- 
1814, at Reading, Berks Co., Pa., where he lived until his 12th year, when his r^rcnts 
removed as pioneers to Mt. Pleasant. Ohio, where he grew to manhood in the nurture 
and admonition of the Society of Friends, his father being for sixty years a minister in 
that society. On 4 mo. 17, 1844, he m. at Bentleysville, Washington Co., Pa.. Mnrgart 
Linton, with whom he lived 53 years. In the spring of 1851 with their young famil;-- 
they removed from Ohio to Iowa and settled near Oakland, Mills Co., after having liv< d 
the first five years in Sal.^m. Hf^nry Co. Manv still rempmbpr his heroism in nursln?; 
among the cholera strick'ii ii^upln duiing a drcatlful .^uniT^iir of floods aud contagion. 
In 1862 he returned to the homestead south of Salem, where his nine children grew up." 


They reside at Salem, Henry Co., Iowa. 
Children :— 

II ■.■? Linton, b. July 2, 1S76. 

1J:'4 Hugh, b. May 17. 18S1 ; d. May 31, 1881. 

n;5. Harold, b. June 14, 18S2. 

n:t;. Paul, b. Oct. 13, 18S6. 

1127. Leah. b. Jan. 6. 1892. 

V— 501. RACHEL JACOBS (Thomas, Isaac, Hannah, William) b. 8 

V— 502. JOSEPH JACOBS (Thomas, Isaac, Hannah, William), b. 
t) mo. 25. 1856; m. EAn'lA PACKER 11 mo. 26, 1885. dau. of Thomas V. 
Packer and Margaret Linton, b. 8 mo. 31, 1859; d. 10 mo. 22, 1895. 

He resides on a homestead near St. Francis, Cheyenne Co , Kan. 

Children : — 

n:S. Mnrgaret Louise, b. Nov. 22. 1886. 
1129. Helen Winnlfred, b. July 20, 1889. 

V_503. EDWARD JACOBS (Thomas. Isaac. Hannah, William), b: 
I mo. 9, i860; m. EMMA DEXNEY 10 mo. 14, 1880. dau. of James Denny 
and Sarah Wickersham, b. Sept. 3, 1862; d. i mo. 17, 1905. 

He resides near St. Francis, Cheyenne Co., Kan., on a place adjoining his 

Children : — 

1130. Dorance, b. 7-20-1881. 

1131. Charles Arden, b. 10-30-1883; d. 9-7-1S.S5. 

1132. Leland. b. 12-19-1885. 

1133. Jessie Edna. b. 5-20-18SS. 

1134. Jamco Ralph, b. 3-8-1890. 

1135. Isabel, b. 6-19-1S91. 

1136. Verne Lamont, b. 5-1-1893; d. 3-1-1896. 

Ch. of Isaac Jacobs (T.-i8^) and EUzabctJi Thayer. The eldest and youngest 
born in Cayuga Co., the others in Wayne Co., N. Y. 

V— 504. MARY SPENCER JACOBS, b. 12 mo. 15, 1845; d. 8 mo. 
30. 1855. 

V— 505. MATILDA JACOBS (Isaac, Isaac, Hannah, William), b. 6 
ni<">. 30, 1848, at Macedon, Wayne Co., N. Y. ; unm. ; resides at "Pointed 
l''irs;"' address, Aurora, Cayuga Co., N. Y. She has been a valuable con- 
tributor to the materials of this work, especially of the genealogy^ and history 
of several families. 


V— 506. ARTHUR JACOBS, b. 11 mo. 6, 1850; d. 8 mo. 20, 1855. 

V — 507. LUCY JACOBS (Isaac, Isaac, Hannah, William), b. i mo. 27, 
[857, at "Ashwood," Cayuga Co., N. Y. ; resides with her sister. 

Line of William, Daniel Thomazine. 
Ch. of Daniel T. Jcnks (T.-ipi) and Mary Ann Stockton. 

V— 508. ABRAHAM S. JENKS (Daniel. Thomazine, Daniel, Wil- 
liam), b. Burlington, N. L, Aug. 4, 1820; d. in Philadelphia, Sept. 22, 1895; 
m. ROSANNA L. MONTGOMERY Sept. 18, 1843. i" Philadelphia, dau. 
of Hemy and Catharine ^Montgomery, of Salem Co., N. J., b. 1819; d. Aug. 
21, 1893; both buried at Laurel Hill." 

He was of the firm of Jenks & Randolp Insurance Agency, under Con- 
tinental Hotel. Ninth and Chestnut streets, Philadelphia, Pa. Residence, Tenth 
street, below Passyunk road. 

Issue : — 

1137. James Mitchel, b. Mar. 26, IS46. 

1138. Mary Ann, b. Mav 27, 1848; d. Oct. 25, 1897. 

1139. Dantel Trimble, b. Feb. 14, 1850; d. Sept. IS, 1891. 

V— 509. TAMAZINE JENKS (Daniel, Thomazine. Daniel. William), 
b. Aug. I, 1822; d. Feb. 24, 1868; buried at Laurel Hill: m. GEORGE 
PLATT PILLING Jan. 22, 1852, of Philadelphia, son of Thomas Pilling* 
and Mary Piatt, b. Oct. 21, 1821. 

He m. second, Arabella Aiken July 20, 1869, dau. of Hugh Aiken and 
Elizabeth Thompson, b. Jan. 20, 1837. They have a son. George Piatt Pilling. 
Jr., b. Dec. 14. 1872, who m. Caroline Elizabeth Marple, Jan. 21, 1905, and 
is a practising physician with office and residence at 4013 Chestnut St., Phila- 
delphia, where his parents also reside. 

George P. Pilling is a practical surgical instrument manufacturer and in 
company with his son, Charles P., has a large manufactorj' at 23d and Arch 
Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 

His childreti by Tamazine Jenks were: — 

1140. Franklin Jenks, b. Jan. 6, 1853. 

1141. Henry Carman, b. July 7, 1855; d. Oct. 1, 1SC9. 

1142. William Stockman, b. Feb. 19, 1857. 

1143. Edward Steelwagon, b. Sept. 4, 1858; d. June 8, 1898. 

1144. Marv Jenks, b. June 5, 1861; d. April 28, 1884. 

1145. Charles Jenks, b. Jan. 9, 1864. 

Note. — Thomas Pilling was bom in Bolton, Lancashire. He came to this country 
In 1812 when a young man and in order to get away from England, then about to be- 
gin war with the Unitoil States, bought some agricultural implements and came as a 
farmer against which there was no obstruction. 


V_5io. SUSAN STOCKTON JKNKS (Daniel. Thoinazine, Daniel, 
William), b. Dec. 4, 18^4; d. July 22, 1905; unni; buried in the Jenks-Pilling 
lot at Laurel Hill. 

V— 511. FRANKLIN TENKS (Daniel. Thomazine, Daniel. William), 
b. Oct. 10. 1829: d. TvLar. 19, 1868; m. CAROLINE ROBBINS June 10, 
1850 ( ?) ; b. July 24. 1834 ( ?) ; d. INIay 13. 1891 ; resided in Philadelphia, Pa ; 
both bur. at Laurel Hill. 

Issue : — 

1146. Edward R.. b. Feb. 1, 1S53. 

1147. Walter L., b. Mar. 4. 1S54; d. May 24, 18S2. 
114S. Helen L.. b. July 2, 1S5S. 

1149. William A., b. Feb. 20, 1S61. iT-^in^ 

1150. l->anklin, b. Feb. 20. ISGl; d. at age of G months / ^^'^s- 

V— SI2. COURTLAND FELL TENKS (Daniel. Thomazine, Daniel, 
W^illiam), b. July 20, 1835 ; d. bur. Jan. 3. 1878; m. CAROLINE H. LEEDS 
Oct. 5, 185S. in Union 'SI. E. Church, Philadelphia, by Rev. Jos. Castle, dau. 
of rvlark H. and Josephine L. Leeds, of Atlantic City. N. J., b. Dec. 24, 
1S39; d. April 11, 1873; both bur. in Laurel Hill Cemetery. He was a mer- 
chant with a store at 108 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Issue : — 

ll.'.!. William Shippen, b. Aug. .3, 1859. 

1152. Sue Whitney, b. Nov. 17. 18G3; d. Aug. 3, 1S64. 

1153. Courtland Percy, b. June 11, 1SG5; d. June 20, 1865. 

1154. Carrie Joy, b. July 20, 1866; rt. June 21, 1867. 

1155. Bessie Erwin, b. Feb. 18. 18G9; d. July 22, 1869. 

Ch. of Mary D. Jenhs {T.-ip2) and John L. Jaiincy, all born near Newtown, 
Bucks Co., Pa. 

V— 513. THO^IAS J. JANNEY, b. Feb. 26, 182S; d. :\Iar. 7, 1832. 

V— S14. CHARLES JANNEY (Marv. Thomazine. Daniel, William), 
b. May {, 1830: d. Nov. 27. 1899; bur. at Makefield; m. ANNA V. YARD- 
LEY Jan. 19, 1853. dau. of Joseph Harvey Yardley and Esther Knowles. She 
d. May 31, 1856, in her 26th year. 

He m. second, JULIA K. YARDLEY May 14, 1859. a sister to Anna V., 
his first wife. She d. Feb. 26. 1908, aged 78 years, 5 mos. 

After his marriage he kept a store at Dolington, Bucks Co.. Pa., for 
twenty-five years ; then went to farming on a farm he had bought in Solebury 
Twp., where he lived twenty years until his death. 

Issue by first wife: — 

115G. Rebecca Y., b. Oct. 15, 1S53; d. Nov. 24, 18G2. 
1157. Ida, b. July 1. 1855; d. Oct. 31. 1SS6. 


By second wife: — 

1158. Anna, b. Feb. 1. 1S60. 

1159. Evelyn, b. Sept. 30, 1S61. 

1160. Ernest, b. Mar. 28. 1S64. 
IIGI. Charles Jr., b. Sept. 21. 1S7 

V— 515. THOMAS J. JANNEY (2d) Mary, Thomazine, Daniel, Wil- 
liam), b. April 30, 1832; d. April 8, 1909. He was auditor (1906) of New- 
town Trolley Co., Bucks Co., Pa., with residence in that place. 

V— 516. TAMAZINE T. JANNEY (Mary, Thomazine, Daniel Wil- 
liam), b. Jan. 17, 1835 ; unm. ; address, Newtown, Bucks Co., Pa. 

V— 517. JOHN L. JANNEY (Mar>', Thomazine. Daniel, William), b. 
Sept.2,1837; d. Jan. 7,1910; m. MATILDA WYNKOOP Oct. 29, 1889, dau. 
of Girardus WjTikoop and Isabella Craven, b. Sept. 29, 1857. 

They resided in Ne\vtown, Bucks Co., Pa., but he farmed the homestead 
about two miles off. 

Issue : — 

1162. Franklin Wynkoop, b. Aug. 21. 1890. 

1163. Thomas J., b. April 9, 1894. 

1164. John L. (3d) ,b. Aug. 12, 1897. 

V— 518. ELIZABETH J. JANNEY (Mary, Thomazine, Daniel, Wil- 
liam), b. Mar. 19, 1840; unm. 

She and her sister resided at the homestead near Silver Lake Sta. on 
Newtown & Trenton trolley. This has been sold and they reside at Newtown, 

Line of William, Daniel, Ann. 

Ch. of Sarah Downing (T.-^o^) and Townsend Hoc pes. 

V— 519. SUSAN T. HOOPES (Sarah, Ann, Daniel, William), b. 11 
mo. ,6 1855 ; unm. 

V— 520. CHARLES D. HOOPES, b. 5 mo. 11, 1858; d. 7 mo. 26, 1859. 

V— 521. FRANKLIN T. HOOPES (Sarah, Ann, Daniel, William), 
b. 10 mo. 25, i860; unm. 

V— 522. JOSEPH D. HOOPES (Sarah, Ann, Daniel, William) b. 10 
mo. 2, 1863; unm. 

The above family and their mother reside at East Downinsrtown, Pa. 



Ch. of Edward Dcncning (T.-^oS) and Elizabeth D. Cornog. 

V— 523. SARAH S. DOWNING (Edward, Ann, Daniel, William), 
b. 9 nio. 2, 1884, in Wallace Twp. ; d. 12 mo. 29, 1901. 

V— 524. CHARLES DOWNING, b. i mo. 12, 1886, at Downingtown, 

V— 525. JOSEPH R. DOWNING, b. 9 mo. 3, 1890, at Downingtown. 

Line of James, Mary, Thomas. 

Ch. of George Downing {T.-209) and Ann Denny. 

V— 526. THOMAS G. DOWNING (George, Thomas, Mary, James), 
b. 2 mo. 20, 1810; d. 3 mo. 14, 1890; m. MARY WHELEN Oct. 15, 1835; 
dau. of Dennis Whelen and Susan Davis, b. 1797; d. Aug. ii, 1841; bur. in 
Friends' grounds near Muncy, Pa. 

M. second, JULIA ANN BASTIAN, Feb. 20, 1844, dau. of Peter Bas- 
tian and Esther, b. April 3,1818; d. July i, 1862. 

M. third, MARY NORRIS, Oct. 20, 1863, dau. of Bernard Norris and 
Hannah, b. July 8, 1825; d. July 15, 1897. 

Thomas removed from Chester Co. and resided at Muncy, Lycoming Co., 
Pa., where all were buried. 

Issue by first wife : — 

1166. George Whelen, b. Aug 7, 1836. 

1167. A daughter, d. at birth. 

1168. James Dennis, b. Mar. 15, 1840: d. Sept. 19, 1904. 

By second wife, Julia Ann Bastian : — 

1169. a son, b. circa, 1845; d. dav of birth. 

1170. Mary Jane, b. Jan. 12, 1847. 

1171. John Bastian, b. Dec. 16, 1848. 

1172. William Denny, b. Nov. 26, 1850; d. Sept. — , 1851. 

1173. Margaret Amelia, b. July 21, 1852. 

1174. Charles L.. b. Mar. 17, 1854. 

1175. Henry, b. Nov. 22, 1856. 

By third wife, Mary Morris: — 

1176. William M., b. Oct. 15, 1866. 

V— 527. WILLIAM D. DOWNING (George. Thomas Mary, James), 
b. 8 mo. 24, 1811 ; d. 7 mo. 16, 1882; m. MARTHA W. YOUNG 2 mo. 20, 
1841, dau. of Robert Young and Mary Scott, of East Fallowfield. 

M. second, SAR.Mi JANE McDOWELL. 12 mo. 31, 1872, dau. of Sam- 
uel McDowell and Ann Cooper, of Philadelphia. 


He was a physician. He graduated 3 mo. — , 1835, at the University of 
Pennsylvania, located at Coatesville. Pa., same year. In 1844-45 he attenderi 
a course of lectures at the Phiiadelpliia Homoeopathic College. In 1852 he re- 
moved to Uwchlan, and 2 mo. 18, 1872, to \Va}Ticsburg, continuing in active 

Issue : — 

1177. Mary Y., b. 10-16-184.3; d. 7-16-1S5S. 

1178. A son, b. 1845; d. six days old. 

V— 528. MARTHA DOWNING (George, Thomas, Mary, James), b. 
3 mo. — , 1813; d. 9 mo. 20, 1895: m. JOSEPH BUTLER 11 mo. 17, 1843, 
son of James Butler* and Mar}- Pliipps. b. 7 mo. 27, 1819; d. 8 mo. 22, 1898. 

He was a farmer in Uwchlan, Chester Co., Pa. Both were bur. in Oak- 
land Cemetery. 

Issue : — 


Mary. b. 9-19-1S44; d. 6-17-1S6S. 

William, b. 2-7-1847; d. 10-3-1869. 

James Harvey, b. 4-7-1849. 

George D.. b. 2-6-1S52. 

Emily Jane, b. 10-29-1S54; d. 7-S-1SS3. 

William, b. 10-21-1S57. 

Sallie D., b. 4-16-1S59; d. 4-2-1S63. 

V— 529. SARAH DOWNING (George, Thomas, Mary, James), b. 11 
mo. 9, 1817; d. 3 mo. 21, 1894; m. JONATHAN EVANS 2 mo. — . 1840, 
son of Joshua Jr., and Elizabeth Evans, b. 3 mo. 3, 18 14; d. 7 mo. 31, 1899; 
both bur. in St. Andrew's Cemeten.-, West Vincent Twp. 

He was a farmer; resided in East Nantmeal Twp., Chester Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

1186. Ann Elizabeth, b. 11-20-1841. 

1187. Allen, b. 3-10-1843; d. 9-6-1S78. 
■1188. Mary M., b. 6-17-1846. 

1189. Horatio G., b. 8-25-1849; d. 9-5-1849. 
IISO. George D., b. 7-6-1851. 

V— 530. JOSEPH DOWNING (George, Thomas, ]Mary, James) b. 9 
mo. 27, 1823; d. 12 mo. 24, 1892; m. HANNAH BEIDLER 10 mo. — , 1846, 
dau. of Joseph Beidler and 3,Iary Benner. She d. 4 mo. 2, 1857. 

M. second wife, LUCINDA C. EVANS 11 mo. 10, 1858, dau. of Rich- 
Note.— james Butler, b. 7 mo. 5, 1767: d. 6 mo. 27, 1837; m. Mary Phipps 11 mo. 19, 
1812, at Uwchlan Mtg.. dau. of Jonathan and Mary (Keeley) Phipps. James inherited 
the homestead of his father in I'wchlan, son of William Butler, b. 4 mo. 12, 173S; d. 3 
mo. 13, 1821, and Jane Woodward, who were m. 4 mo. 20, 1762, at Uwchlan Mtg. She 
was a dau. of James and Ann (Pyle) V.'oo'lvnrd. b. 8 mo. 3, 1739; d. 7 mo. 1. 1814. Wil- 
liam, son of Noble Butler, the emigrant, and Rachel Jones, who were m. 8 mo. 18. 1727. 
at Kennet Mtg. Noble Butler became an f-x-ensive land holder. He was b. in England 
3 mo. 4, 1704, and d. 1799, son of John an! Bersheba Butler, of Bedminster, Eng., who 
emigrated with their son to Philadelphia. 


an! Evans and Jane Conch, b. 11 mo. 5, 1838; d. 7 mo. 24, 1895; buried at 
Windsor Baptist Church. 

He was a farmer; resided in Uwchlan Twp., Chester Co., Pa. 

Issue by first wife: — 

1191. George B., b. Oct. 2, 1S47; d. May 1, 1S97. 

1192. Benjamin Franklin, b. Nov. 4, 1S49; d. May 10, 1855. 

1193. Josephine, b. Oct. 22, 1851; d. Jan. 3, 1S5S. 

1194. Sarah Amanda, b. Nov. 4, 1855; d. Mar. — , 18S1. 

By second wife: — 

1195. Mary, b. Mar. 24, 1859; d. Aug. 21, 1860. 
119C. Carrie B., b. Oct. 11, 1S60. 

1197. Annie E., b. Oct. 25, 1S62. 

1198. William E., b. May 13, 1S65. 

1199. Charles Wayne, b. Mar. 19, 1S68; d. Nov. 27, 1S07. 

1200. Emma F., b. Nov. 7, 1873. 

V— 531. GEORGE DOWNING, JR. ( George, Thomas, Mar}-. James), b. 
5 mo. 9, 1825; d. 2 mo. 8, 1900; m. ANNIE C. S^IITH 7 mo. 11, 1859 (her 
second husband), dau. of John Cotton and Ann McLaughlin, who emigrated 
from Scotland, b. 1820; d. 6 mo. 16, 1897; both bur. in Laurel Hill Cemetery. 
They resided in Philadelphia, Pa. No issue : 

V— 532. ROBERT VALENTINE DOWNING (George, Thomas, 
Mary, James), b. Jan. 22, 1832; m. LYDIA Hx\RTSHORN Sept. 25, 1856, 
dau. of Ira Hartshorn and Joanna Burnham, b. Nov. 28. 1826. 

He was a farmer; removed to Strawn. Livingston Co., 111., Feb.. 1854, and 
to Nebraska, Feb., 1884, with address, David City, Butler Co., Neb. 

Issue : — 

1201. William F., b. June 11, 1857. 

1202. Sarah, b. May 2, 1859. 

1203. Charles H., b. Feb. 27, 1865. 

1204. Robert L., b. June 21, 1SG7. 

1205. Mary, b. Mar. 21, 1869. 

1206. Albert C, b. Oct. 16, 1874. 

1207. Ella, b. Mar. 30, 1876. 

1208. Ralph, b. Mar. 3, 1878; d. Aug. 29, 1905. 

Ch. of Joseph Dozi'ning {T.-210) and Elizabeth Beidler. 

V— 533. THOMAZINE DOW^NING (Joseph, Thomas. Marv, James), 
b. Dec. 10, 1814; d. Sept. — , 1904; m. GEORGE WOODWARD about 1842, 
son of George and Jemima Woodward, of N. J., b. Sept. 9, 1817: d. Dec. — , 
^903- They removed to St. George, Utah. No issue. He was a farmer. 

V— 534- JAMES DOW^NING (Joseph. Thomas. ^larv. James), b. Feb. 
12, 1816; d. Nov. 24, 1881 ; m. ^lARGARET P. GHEEN Feb. 9, 1843 (No. 
'^•'430, dau. of William A. Gheen and Hetty .\xm Peirce. b. Nov. i, 1823; d. 
Sept. 21, 1886. 


They remained in the vicinity of Nauvoo, Hancock Co., 111., until 1880, 
when they reinoved to a farm 3 miles S. W. of Scandia, Republic Co., Kan., 
where they died. 

Issue : — 

1209. Benjamin D., b. Dec. 27, 1S43; d. Jlay 25, 1S48. 

1210. Thomas G.. b. Nov. 10, 1S45. 

1211. Hannah Elvira, b. Sept. 4, 1847. 

1212. Mary F., b. April 14, 1S49. 

1213. Maria Lucy, b. Sept. 3, 1850. 

1214. Jane Elizabeth, b. Dec. 27, 1S51; d. April 6, 1883. 

1215. William G., b. July 4, 1853; d. Aug. 22, 1853. 

1216. Joseph R.. b. Sept. 23. 1854; d. Aug. 26, 1875. 

1217. George W., b. Aug. IS, 1856. 

1218. John B., b. June 18, 1859. 

1219. Stephen A. Douglass, b. Oct. 14, 1860. 

V— 535- JOHN DOWNING (Joseph, Thomas, Mary, James), b. June 
21, 1817; d. July II, 1879; m. MARY C. DOWNING Sept. 2, 1841 (No. 
T.-545), dau. of William S. Downing- and Thomazine Mason, b. Mar. 7, 1826; 
d. Nov. 8, 1905. 

He was a carpenter; resided in Uwchlan for some time, then went west- 
ward; was in Iowa, Illinois, and finally in Kansas, where he died. 

Issue : — 

1220. Benjamin Henry, b. Oct. 17, 1S42; d. Nov. — , 1908. 

1221. SuKan K., b. Mar. 29, 1845. 

1222. Joitphine Elizabeth, b. April 28. 1848. 

1223. Francis M. L., b. Nov. 13, 1849. 

1224. William Charles, b. Oct. 7, 1851; d. July — , 1906. 

1225. Joseph R., b. Oct. 17, 1854. 

1226. Julia Ida, b. Feb. 4, 1857. 

1227. Sarah Ellen, b. Nov. 26, 1859. 

1228. Winfield S. H., b. June 2, 1862. 

1229. Carrie Halsted, b. Oct. 11, 1864. 

1230. Thomas Ellsworth, b. Nov. 17, 1868. 

1231. George W., b. May 8, 1871. 

V— 536. SARAH DOWNING (Joseph, Thomas, Mary, James), b. Oct. 
II, 1819; d. Feb. 17, 1897; m- SOLON FOSTOR in 1841, son of Luther 
Foster and Ruth Hedgs, b. Jan. 8, 181 1; d. March 17, 1896. 

His occupation was farming ; they removed to St. George, Utah. 

Issue : — 

1232. William Riter, b. Nov. 4. 1843. 

1233. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 21, 1845; d. Aug. 28, 1846. 

1234. Charles F., b. Aug. 22, 1847. 

1235. Orson Hyde. b. Mar. 2, 1850; d. Mar. 19, 1898. 

1236. Solon, Jr., b. July 2, 1S52; d. Aug. 4, 1894. 

1237. Celinda, b. Nov. 4, 1855; d. Jan. 1, 1866. 

1238. Sarah Ellen, b. Sept. 2, 1858; d. Dec. 28. 1865. 

V— 537. HANNAH DOWNING (Joseph, Thomas, Mary, James), b. 
1821; d. Nov. 1842; unm. 


V_538. MARY ANN DOWNING (Joseph, Thomas, Mary, James), 
b. Dec. 17, 18-2; d. Feb. 6, 1875; m. MORGAN R. LEWIS Dec. 26, 1844. 
son of Henry and Ellen Lewis, b. April 21, 1S14; died Feb. 3, 1894; both 
buried in Nauvoo Cemetery. 

They removed in 1853 from Chester Co., Pa., to Nauvoo, 111., and in 
1755 to a farm six miles east of that place, which was their final home. 

Issue : — 

1239. Francis Marlon, b. Jan. 21, 1S46; d. in infancy. 

1240. Evan D., b. July 24, 1S47; d. in infancy. 

1241. Florence, b. Sept. 26, 1^50; d. in infancy. 

1242. Elizabeth Ellen, b. April 11, 1S53. 
124a. Ann T., b. June 26, 1S56. 

1244. Isaac T.. b. Sept. 15, 1S5S. 

1243. Susanna, b. May 9, 1S61. 
1246. Edith, b. Oct. 1, 1865. 

Ch. of Elizabeth Doivning {T.-bti) and Robert Valentine. 

V— 539- SARAH VALENTINE (Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary, James), 
b. 1812; d. 8 mo. 2, 1875; unm. ; resided with and d. at her sister, Anna 
Edge's, in E. Cain, Chester Co., Pa. 

V— 540. ANNA VALENTINE (Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary, James), 
b. 6 mo. 15, 1813; d. 12 mo. 21, 1898; m. JACOB EDGE 3 mo. 21, 1838, at 
Downingtown Mtg., son of Thomas Edge and Edith Pusey, b. 11 mo. 21, 
1808; d. 3 mo. 13, 1889. 

They resided near Downingtown, Pa. He owned a mill property on 
Beaver Creek in Cain Twp., where they resided, and he also owned other prop- 
erty. He was for several years president of the Downingtown National Bank 
and was active in the religious affairs of the Society of Friends, their member- 
ship being in E. Cain Meeting. 

Issue : — 

1247. Elizabeth D., b. 6-17-1S39. 

1248. Jacob V., b. 1-15-1S41. 

1249. Henry Thomas, b. 6-7-1S50; d. 11-7-1S55. 

V— 541. THOMAZINE VALENTINE (Elizabeth, Tliomas, Mary, 
James), b. 1815; d. 2 mo. 27, 1896; unm; resided with her sister, Anna Edge, 
where she died. 

Ch. of Mary Ann. Domning {T.-212) and Benjamin Hoopes, probably all 
born and died near Dow ningtown, Pa. 

V— 542. THOMAS HOOPES, b. about 1812; d. i mo. 19, 1818. 
V— 543. JANE D. HOOPES, b. ( ?) ; d. ( ?). 


V— 544. SARAH HOOPES, b. ( ?) ; d. 4 mo. 13, 1824. 

For Ch. of Thomazine Dozening (T.-213) and John Trimble {No. 28), s€e 
record under his name, page 

Ch. of Thomazine Donming {T.-214) and Thomazine Mason. 

V— 545. MARY C. DOWNING (William. Thomas, Mary, James), b. 
Mar. 7, 1826; d. Nov. 8, 1905; m. JOHN DOWNING Sept. 2, 1841 (No. 
T.-535}. Further record under his name. 

V— 546. THOMAS DOWNING, b. 2 mo. 7, 1828; d. 12 mo. 20, 1829. 

V— 547. THOMAS DOWNING, (2d) (William, Thomas, J^Iary, 
James), b. i mo. 20, 1830; d. 3 mo. 22, 1907; bur. Uwchlan Mtg. ; m. Anna 
Beitler Nov. 27, 1895, dau. of John Beitler and Thomazine Thomson, b. Sept. 
17, 1847. ^^o issue. Resided in Uwchlan Twp., with P. O. at Lionville, Ches- 
ter Co., Pa. 

V— 548. SARAH S. DOWNING, b. 5 mo. 14, 1832; d. 11 mo. 18, 1834. 

V— 549. ANNA ELIZABETPI DOWNING, b. 8 mo. 18. 1834; d. 7 
mo. 12, 1836, 

V— 550. DAVIS H. DOWNING, b. 2 mo. 13, 1838; d. 11 mo. 10, 1840. 

V— 551. ELLEN FRANCES DOWNING (William, Thomas, Mary, 
James), b. April 20, 1840; d. Jan. 12, 1892; unm. 

V— 552. HENRY C. DOWNING (William, Thomas, Mary, James), 
b. Mar. 4. 1844; m. MARY A. JONES Feb. 24, 1876, dau. of Abner and 
Elizabeth Jones. She d. Dec. 31, 1883. He resides at Lionville, Chester Co., 

Issue : — 
1250. Anna Elizabeth, b. Feb. 28, 1877; d. Aug. 16, 1877. 

V— 553. SARAH H. DOWNING (William. Thomas. Mary, James), 
b. Nov. 27, 1846; m. HOLLAND BEITLER June 13, 1888, son of John Beit- 
ler and Thomazine Thomson, b. Jan. 2, 1S53. No issue. 


They reside in Newtown Twp., where he was manager of a large dairy 
farm and later on had a truck farm. P. O., Newtown Square, Pa. 

{7i. of Thomas Downing {T.-2i^) and Eleanor Mason, born in Uwchlan, 
Chester Co., Pa. 

V— 554. ROBERT VALENTINE DOWNING, b. 7 mo. 9, 1825; d. 8 
mo. 20, 1836. He lost his life by being run over by a cart. 

V— 555. BENJAMIN MASON DOWNING (Thomas, Thomas, Mary, 
James), b. Dec. 16, 1827 ; d. Oct. 9, 1905 ; m. ANNA G. CRUSE Oct. 14, 1865, 
dau. of Henry and Catharine Cruse b. April 11, 1848. 

He removed to Adair Co., IMissouri, where he farmed for 45 years, tlien 
retired to Brashear, same Co., where he died, and Anna continues. 

Issue : — 

1251. Sarah Ellen, b. Feb. 28, 1867; d. May 25, 1902. 

1252. Mary Catharine, b. Aug. 29, 18G8. 

1253. Harriet Margaret, b. June 22, 1871. 

1254. Anna Jane, b. Oct. 27. 1S73. 

1255. Edith Elizabeth, b. Dec. 30, 1874. 

125t>. Emma May, b. Mar. 30, 1877; d. July 3, 1906. 

1257. Thomas Henry, b. April 15, 1S79. 

1258. Phebe Deborah, b. Jan. 8, 1881. 

1259. Joseph Benjamin, b. May 4, 1SS4.- 

1260. Grover Cleveland, b. May 3, 1886. 

1261. William Harmen, b. Jan. 10, 1889. 

V— 556. JANE HOOPES DOWNING, b. 11 mo. 23, 1830; d. 9 mo. 
8, 1836. 

V— 557- SARAH DOWNING, b. 9 mo. 24, 1833; d. 8 mo. — , 1863; 
unm. She probably resided in the neighborhood of Uwchlan and there died. 

V— 558. THOMAS DOWNING, b. 7 mo. 17, 1836; d. 2 mo. 2, 1837. 

By Second Wife, Mary Light foot. 

V— 559- PHEBE DOW^NING (Thomas, Thomas, Mary, James), b. 
Aug. 22, 1837; d. Mar. 12, 1906; unm. She was a governess for Dr. Echroyd 
at Newport, R. I., and died there suddenly. She was buried at Lafayette Cem- 
etery, Birmingham, Pa. 

V— 560. DEBORAH DOWNING (Thomas. Thomas, Marv, James), 
b. 12 mo. 25, 1838; d. II mo. 21, 1905; m. WILLIAM I. TRDIBLE 11 mo. 


17, 1856 (No.T.- 1 27). After his death she removed with some of the chil- 
dren to Chester Springs, where she d; bur. at Oakland Cemetery. Further 
record from his No. 

V— 561. MARY ANN DOWNING (Thomas, Thomas, Mary, James), 
b. 4 mo. 10, 1840; d. 5 mo. 9, 1868; unm. 

V— 562. WILLIAM DOWNING (Thomas, Thomas, Mary, James), 
b. Feb. 17, 1842; d. May 10, 1864; unm. 

He enlisted in the army during- the Civil War; was in Co. D, 49 Reg., 
Pa. Vols., and was killed at Spottsylvania, C. H., Va., in battle. 

V— 563. JOSEPH B. DOWNING (Thomas, Thomas, Mary James), b. 
Nov. 14, 1843; m. HARRIET McGRUDER (widow) July 4, 1864, dau. of 
Jackson Roland and Susan Cummings, b. Jan. 21, 1844. 

He was in the army during the Civil War from Aug. 15, 1861 to July 15, 
186- and was promoted to Capt. of Co. F, 49 Reg., Pa. Vols. He was at Al- 
toona awhile, then came, 1873, to Baldwin's Locomotive Works, Philadelphia, 
where he remained until 1905 ; residence ,1404 N. Bouvier St. No children. 

V— 564. EMMA S. DOWNING (Thomas, Thomas, Mary, James), b. 
9 mo. 24, 1845; m. GEORGE DARLINGTON 2 mo. 27, 1867, son of Jos- 
eph B. Darlington and Mary Jane Jackson, Pocopson, b. 9 mo. 15, 1835; d. 
I mo. 7, 1899. . ; - . , 5 li^ 

They removed from near Parkerville,Pa.,to Wilmington, Del., 4 mo., 1898, 
where he died. At one time they had been in the west at Bloomington, 111. 

Issue : — 

1262. Joseph, b. 12-19-1867; d. 7-26-1868. 

1263. Mary D.. b. 2-21-1869. 

12C4. Bessie, b. 9-13-1871; d. 11-17-1871. . ■■ ■ . 

1265. Sara, b. 2-7-1873; d. 3-29-1898; uum. 

1266. William H., b. 11-18-1874; d. 7-27-1875. 

V— 565. LUCY DOWNING (Thomas, Thomas, Marv, James), b. 8 
mo. 28, 1847; m. MARSHALL J. WALTER 4 mo. 5, 1876, son of Henry 
Walter and Rachel House, b. 3 mo. 17, 1837. 

They reside in Pocopson Twp., near Barnard Sta., West Chester and 
Kennett Square trolley, where he is farming. 

Issue: — 

1267. Henry, b. 8-5-1877. V, 

1268. William D., b. 10-21-1878. 

1269. T. Edgar, b. 6-7-1885. . 1 • • 

1270. Marian E.. b. 4-9-1890. 

1271. Lewis, b. 2-8-1893. 


V— 566. THOMAZINE DOWNING (Thomas 4), b. 8 mo. 28, 1849; 
(1. 10 mo^ 28, 1850. 

Y—S67. THOMAS HOOPES DOWNING (Thomas. Thomas, Mary, 
James), Oct. 20, 1851 ; m. IDA FRITZ Feb. 17, 1885, b. Rev. Jos. Evans, 
West Chester, Pa., dau. of John G. Fritz and Mary Dailey, b. June 22, i860; 
d. Aug. 21, 1905; bur. at Lafayette Cemetery.. 

He was in Locomotive Works at Altoona, Pa., 1869-76. then went to 
Baldwin's, Piiiladelphia, 1S78; afterward resided at Parkersville, Pa., 6 years 
and at West Chester over 10 years. Present residence ITiornton, Pa., and 
clerk for R. C. Fairbanks & Sons, at Brandywine Summit, Pa. 

Issue : — 

1272. William L.. b. Apr. 7. 18S6. 

1273. Mary S., b. June 8, 1SS9. 

1274. Joseph B.. b. Oct. 12, 1S90. 

Ch. of Sarah Downing {T.-316) and Davis Hoopes, born in East Cain, Ches- 
ter Co., Pa. 

V— 568. MARY ANN HOOPES (Sarah, Thomas, Mary, James), b. 
4 mo. 25, 1828; d. 12 mo. 4, 1901 ; m. LEWIS FORSYTHE 3 mo. 15, 1854, 
son of James Forsythe* and Ann Truman, b. 4 mo. 3. 1825 ; d. 6 mo. 3, 1910. 

He attended W^esttown Boarding School and then was bookkeeper for 
that institution. He then engaged in agricultural pursuits at the old home- 
stead. In 1879 he retired at West Grove, Pa., where he has since resided. 
Mary Ann and he died here and were buried at Old West Grove. They were 
active members of the Society of Orthodox Friends. 

Issue : — 

1275. Charles, b. 1-1-1855. 

1276. Henry, b. 3-19-1856. 

1277. Sarah, b. 8-3-1857; d. 9-1-1857. 

1278. Davis H., b. 8-25-1858. 

1279. Mary D., b. 2-2-1861. 

1280. Frances E., b. 1-10-1863. 

1281. Susan S., b. 8-11-1865. 

1282. William H., b. 10-29-1866; d. 8-21-1867. 

1283. Elizabeth H., b. 3-6-1869; d. 7 — 1869. 

Note. — James Forsythe was b. on the old homestead in East Bradford. Chester 
Co., Pa., 7 mo. 1, 1785, and d. 3 mo. 9, 1851. He m. Ann Truman, a dau. of William and 
Susan Tniman, of Cain Twp., and were the parents of five ch.: William, m. Elizabeth 
Pusey; Susan, m. Aaron Sharpless; John, m. Mary Smith; Elizabeth, unm; and Lewis, 
m. Mary Ann Hoopes. 

James was a son of John Forsythe. b. 1754, who emigrated from Ireland at the 
age of 19 years, and settled in East Bradford, Chester Co., Pa. He was a teacher at 
t^iends' School, Birmingham, from 1776 for twenty years. He was also largely con- 
cernefl in the erection and starting of Westtown Boarding School near the close of the 
18th century, in which his skill and e.xperience were of much value. He finally retired 
to his farm and died in his 87th year. On 4 mo. 12, 1781 he m. Hannah Carter, a dau. 
of John and Hajinah Carter, of East Bradford, and to them were born three children: 
John, James and Hannah. 


V— 569. JOHN HOOPES (Sarah, Thomas, Mar)'. James), b. 8 mo. 21. 
1831 ; d. 7 mo. 31, 1884; m. EMMA FRANXES DURNALL, 9. mo. 5, i860, 
dan. of John Durnall and Mary ^Maxton, b. 10 mo. 15, 1839; d. 7 mo. 29, 1906. 

They resided near Downingtown, Pa., and were bur. at Cahi Mtg. 

Issue : — 

12S4. Elma D., b. C-2-1861; d. 7-2S-1905; bur. same as parents. 
1285. George D., b. 3-17-1S66. 

' '"V— 570. THOMAS D. HOOPES (Sarah, Thomas, Mary, James), b.. 
6 mo. 10, 1834; d, I mo. 5, 1909; unm. With his sisters had the homestead 
near Downingtown. The large bam on this property was burned, after which 
they sold the farm and remo\ed to West Grove, Chester Co., Pa., where he 
died and was buried. All were members of the Society of Friends. 

V— 571. SARAH D. HOOPES (Sarah 4, same line), b. 4 mo. 5, 1838; 
unm. (see last No. ). 

V— 572. ELIZxVBETH HOOPES (Sarah 4, same line), b. 3 mo. 22, 
1840; unm. (see 570). 

V— 573. SAMUEL HOOPES (Sarah 4), b. 11 mo. 8, 1844; d. 12 mo. 
II, i860. 

Line of James, ^L\ry, Jane. 

Ch. of Hannah Gordon {T.-218) and John Bateman, all born in Chester Co., 


V— 574. JOHN GORDON BATE^L■\N (Hannah, Jane, Mary, James), 
b. 9 mo. 28, 1811 ; d. 8 mo. 11, 1879; m. MARY MOORE, circa 1833, dau. 
of Thomas Moore and Sarah Duffy, b. circa 1813; d. Dec. 19, 1842. 

M. second, ADELLA J. FOOTE Jan. 2, 1848; b. 1820; d. 1883. 
He was by trade a millwright. They removed to Medina, Orleans Co., 
N. Y., in 1837, where they continued during life, and were there buried. 
Issue by first wife: — 

1286. Evan John. b. 12-21-1S34; d. 2-12-1910. 

1287. Hannah M.. b. 8-13-1836. 

1288. Sarah M., b. 12-17-1839. 

1289. Anna G., b. 8-28-1842. 

Issue by second wife : — ' ' ' 

1290. Walter G., b. 8-8-1850; d. 12-26-1879. 


V— 575. JOHN G. BATEMAN (Hannah. Jane. Mary, Tames), b. 12 

mo. 4. 18^2; d. 8 mo. 31. 1896; m. NATHAN E. HARPER 2 mo. 7, 1833. 

Sim of Jesse and Eleanor Harper, b. 11 mo. 13. 1S07; d. 8 mo. 15, 1858. They 
removed to Lisbon, Linn Co., Io\va, where they both died. 

Issue : — 

12ni. Ellen Elizabeth, b. 12-7-1833; d. 6-16-1835. 

1:202. William Thomas, b. 6-20-1S35; d. 10-8-1864. 

i:';C>. Joseph Monioe, b. 9-30-1841 ; d. 6-20-1903. 

1294. Hannah Gordon, b. 10-16-1847. \„ . 

1295. Eleanor Evans, b. 10-16-1847; d. 8-17-185 J./ ^^i^^- 

V— ^76. SARAH MOORE BATEALAN (Hannah. Jane, Mary. James), 
b. 8 mo. 6, 1814; d. 9 mo. 10, 1865 ; m. GEORGE APPLEBY about 1843 ( ■)> 
an emigrrant from England. He d. Aug. 24, 1849, in Wihnington, Del., to 
which place they had removed. 

Issue : — 

1296. Martha K.. b. Jan. 31, 1844. 

1297. Jane G., b. Feb. 5, 1847; d. Sept. 30. 1879. 

V— 577. TEIOMAS BATE:sL\N (Hannah, Jane. Marv. James), b. 4 
mo.24,i8i6;d. 11 mo. 29, 1879: m. CAROLLNE PIOOPES 12 mo. 23, 1841, 
dau. of Jabez Hoopes and Mary Jackson, b. 4 mo. 9, 1822; d. 10 mo. i, 1868. 
They were buried at Greenmount Cemetery. 

He was a carpenter and builder; resided in West Chester, Pa. He retired 
from business and during his latter years was nearly helpless from paralysis. 

(Jabez was a son of Benjamin Hoopes and Betty Lewis. Benjamin 
Hoopes was a son of Daniel and Alice. Ivlary Jackson was a dau. of James 
and Mary Jackson.) , 

Issue : — 

1298. Anna, b. July 19, 1844; d. Sept. 27, 1845. 

1299. Edwin, b. Jan. 6, 1846; d. Aug. 28, 1876. 
l.'^^K). Mary B., b. Nov. 16, 1848. 

1301. G€orge. b. Mar. 9, 1851. 

1302. Lydia Ann, b. Aug. 12, 1855; d. May 23, 1S07. 

V— 578. LEWIS BATEMAN (Hannah. Jane, Mary. James), b. 4 mo. 
12, 1818; d. before 1884; unm. He lived a considerable time at New Ccn- 
treville, Chester Co., Pa.; bur. in Greenmount Cemetery, West Chester, Pa. 

V— 579. MARY ANN BATEMAN (Hannah, Jane, Mary, James), b. 8 
mo. 17, 1821; d. 10 mo. 31, 1874; imm. 

Ch. of Joseph Gordon (T.-2ip) and Rebecca Rogers, born in Uwchlan, Chester 

Co., Pa. 

V— 580. JOHN R. GORDON (Joseph, Jane, Mary, James), b. 6 mo. 25, 


1817; d. 10 mo. 23, 1S87: bur. at Xorthwood Cemetery: m. LEAH A. ES- 
SICK 3 mo. 30, 1847, dau. of Samuel Essick and Elizabeth Barford. She d. 
8 mo. 13, 1852; bur. at Uwchlan Mtg. 

M. second wife, DEBORAH H. SMEDLEY, 4 mo. 7, 1859, dau. of 
Isaac Smedley and Mary Hawley, b. 10 mo. 29, 1824; d. 12 mo. 31, 1895 ; bur- 
ied at Northwood Cemetery. 

He was a farmer; resided near Lionville, Chester Co., Pa.: was an influ- 
ential Friend and for some years a member of their representative committee. 

Issue : — 

1303. Joseph, b. 5-11-1848: d. 3-23-1854. 

1304. William, b. 9-15-1849; d. 3-4-1SS9. 

1305. Elizabeth Francina, b. 9-10-1851; d. 8-9-1S52. 

V— 581. ANN GORDON, b. 9 mo. 10, 1819; d. i mo. 4, 1820. 

V— 582. JANE GORDON (Joseph. Jane, Mary. James), b. i mo. 17, 
1821 ; d. 3 mo. 12, 1892; unm. ; buried at Reformed Ch., Uwchlan, Pa. 

V— 583. JONATHAN GORDON (Joseph, Jane, Mary, James), b. Feb. 
28, 1823; d. May, 28, 1899; ^- Christiana Hughes 2 mo. 3, 1848, dau. of John 
Hughes and Sarah Moore, b. Jan. 30, 1827. 

He was a farmer near Lionville, Chester Co., Pa. ; buried at Reformed 
Church, Uwchlan. 

Issue : — 

1306. John, b. 9-9-1848; d. 4-26-1855. 

1307. Rebecca, b. 3-23-1850. 

1308. Charles, b. 6-23-1852. 

1309. Joseph, b. 1-7-1857. • 

1310. Abraham, b. 8-27-1860. 

1311. George W., b. 11-28-1861. 

1312. J. Rogers, b. 10-4-1868. 

V— 584. ANN GORDON (Joseph, Jane, Mary, James), b. 4 mo. 21, 
1825; d. 7 mo. 7, 1899: m. ALLEN LUKENS 9 mo., 1868 (his second wife), 
son of Perry Lukcns and ^lary Moore. They removed to Pendleton, Madison 
Co., Ind. No issue. He d. in 1900. 

V— 585. GRACE GORDON, b. 11 mo. 19, 1827; d. 9 mo. — , 1830. 

V— 586. JOSEPH GORDON, JR., b. 5 mo. 23, 1829; d. 9 mo. 19, 1829. 

Line of James, Mary, Mary. 

Ch. of Thomasine WheJen {T.-22^) and George Ashbridge Fairlamb, M. D. 

V— 587. MARY WHELEN FAIRLAMB (Thomazine, Mar\-. Mar}-. 
James), b. Aug. 24, 1810; d. July 13, 1845: m- WILLIAM HARRIS Oct. 
13, 1837, in West Chester Pa., son of James Harris and Nancy Dunlop, b. July 
12, 1799; d. Oct. 25, 1865. 


They resided in Bellefonte, Centre Co., Pa., which town James Harris, 
the father, laid out and named in 1795, and was one of its pioneer settlers. His 
parents, John and Jean Harris, settled in ^Nlifllintown, Pa., about 1745. They 
were boni in the county of Donegal, Ireland; their ancestors having emigrated 
from Scotland. 

Issue: — 

11^13. Susan Thompson, b. 1841; d. Feb. — , 1842. 

1:^14. George F., b. March 17, 1843. 

1315 Mary Fairlamb, b. July 10, 1S45; d. Oct. — , 1845. 

V— 588. THOMASINE SUSAN FAIRLAMB (Thomazine. Marv, 
Mary, James) b. June 24, 1812; d. Aug. 8, 1895; m. PERSIFOR FRAZER 
SMITH July 24, 1833, son of Joseph Smith and Mary Frazer,*of Philadelphia. 

Note.— Mary Frazer was a dau. of Gen. Perpifor Frazer, an officer of the American 
Revolution, and Mary Worrall Taylor, who were m. Oct. 2, 1766. Gen. Frazer was a son 
of John Frazer and Mary Smith. John, son of Persifor and Margery Frazer, who left 
Ireland June 28, 1713. Mary, dau. of Robert and Mary Smith. 

Joseph Smith was an Iron and shipping merchant in Philadelphia. He was a 
son of Robert Smith, of Uwchlan, Chester Co., Pa. 

Robert Smith was of Scotch descent. Little is known of the history of his fam- 
ily prior to the emigration to Pennsylvania, except that the family name was originally 
Macdonald, and that the branch of it from which he was descended formed an import- 
ant part of the earliest Scottish emigration across the North Channel into Ireland in the 
time of James I. of England. Near the end of the seventeenth century Robert Smith's 
grandfather lived in the northeastern part of Ireland. 

Just before the Battle of the Boyne, as the soldier-king, William III., was per- 
sonally reconnoitring the locality which was soon to become famous, his horse cast a 
shoe. There was, of course, no farrier in attendance to replace it; but Macdonald, In 
whose neighborhood the accident occurred, and who, like many other farmers in thinly- 
peopled districts, was something of a blacksmith, volunteered to repair the injuries, 
shod the horse, and so allowed the King to proceed. 

His neighbors, who, like himself, were in sympathy with the cause of which 
William was the champion, dubbed Macdonald "the Smith." Smith was a novelty, and 
the branch of trade it represented has always been an honored one. especially in primi- 
tive society, and this particular Scotchman, proud to have his name linked with that 
of King William, accepted the cognomen, and handed it down to his posterity as the 
family name. 

The Scotch-Irish emigration to Pennsylvania in the first half of the eighteenth 
century, which gave to that colony so many of its best citizens, and which has done 
much to determine the character of the State, included among its number the parents 
of Robert Smith^John and Susanna — who left their homes in 1720, one year after the 
enforcement of "The Test," an oppressive act of the British Parliament. 

Though the voyage was stormy and unusually long even for those days, tradition 
tells of no losses of life on the journey, while there was certainly one life gained, for 
Robert Smith was born at sea. Immediately after landing at Philadelphia, the emi- 
grants pushed westward thirty miles into Chester county and passing by the fertile 
Great Valley took up lands to the northward in the hilly country at Uwchlan township. 
In a locality long known as the Brandywine Settlement 

The first appearance of Robert Smith in public life was in the commencement of 
the Revolution in August, 1775. 

He took an active part in supervising the erection of military defenses, and after- 
wards sat in the Convention which on the 2.Sth of September, 1776, adopted the first 
btate Constitution of Pennsylvania. He was at this time a man of considerable wealth, 
energy and extensive influence. On th" 12rh of March. 1777, the Supreme E.xecutive 
^ouncil of Pennsylvania selected him as Colonel of the military forces of Chestefl coun- 
wM K ^ ^""'^ ^"^ active part in the struggles of colonial times and the eventful years 
nich followed, was a member of the State Assembly in 17<s:^, and held various other 
""ices of honor and trust, but died in 1803, at the age of eighty-three years. 


b. Jan. 2^, 1808; d. May 25, 1S82; both buried at Oakland Ctnietery, as were 
also several of their children. 

They had resided in West Chester during their married life of over half 
a century. Of her it w as written : — 

"Mrs. P. F. Smith was for many years actively identified with the West 
Chester Trust and Relief Society, and was one of the Visiting Committee. She 
was always a friend of the poor, the bereaved and the suffering. Her charity 
was without ostentation, but it was hearty and generous. ^lany friends mourn 
her loss, although she had not been able for a few years past to be very active 
in her ministrations to others. After his death ^Irs. Smith sold the property 
on Church street where they had long resided, and for the remainder of her 
life made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Monaghan, where she died." 

Her husband's career was peculiarly distinguished. He was born and edu- 
cated in Philadelphia, principally in the classical school of Dr. Samuel B. Wylie 
and Joseph P. Engles. He graduated at the University of Pennsylvania on 
the 31st of July, 1823, and in 1824 removed with his father to East White- 
land. In Oct., 1826, he commenced the study of law in the office of WiUiam 
H. Dillingham, Esq., and was admitted to practice in the coiirts of Chester 
county at the November term of 1829, and had, consequently, been in the pro- 
fession for more than 52 years. He was admitted to the Supreme Court in 
December, 1831, and in October of the following year to the Circuit Court of 
the United States for what was then known as the Tliird Circuit of Pennsyl- 
vania. In ]May, 1835, he was appointed clerk of the Orphans' Court of Ches- 
ter county by Governor George Wolf, and on February 25th, 1839, was ap- 
pointed Prosecuting Attorney for Delaware county by Ovid F. Johnson, At- 
torney-General under Governor David R. Porter. His progress was steadily 
marked, and his valuable services were in general demand. He was not al- 
lowed to remain long out of official positions, and it is due to his credit that in 
every instance he fulfilled the various duties assigned him with integrity, punc- 
tuality and signal ability. In February, 1849, he was admitted to practice 
before the Supreme Court of the United States. 

In 1861 he was elected a meinber of the Legislature and re-elected in 
1862-63 and 64. During the Civil War he was a staunch supi>orter of the Union 
cause. In 1865 he was appointed State reporter of the Supreme Court, a posi- 
tion which he held until 1876. The 32 volumes of his reports form an im- 
portant part of every law library in the State. He also published the valuable 
legal text book known as "Smith's Forms." 

In his death not only have our town and county lost a valued and honored 
citizen, but the State as well has suffered a loss which will be sensibly felt. 

Their children were: — 

1316. Rebecca D., b. July 3, 1834. 

1317. Mary Frazer, u. Mar. 2, 1830; d. Feb. 2 1842. 

1318. Martha Frazer, b. May S, 1537; d. Dec. IS, 1842. 

1319. Joseph, b. Oct. 17, 1838; d. Oct. 14, 1839. 

1320. Georse T.-^irlamb, b. Feb. 2S, 1840; d. Ot^t. 18, 1877. 

1321. Lydia Valentine, b. Nov. 2, 1841; d. Sept. 28. 1891. 

1322. Mary Frnzer (2d), b. May 30, 1843; d. Nov. 13. 1845. 

1323. Martha Frazer (2'!), b. -May 16. ISl.^i; d. I'eb. 28, ISSO. 

1324. Joseph (2d), b. Dec. 22, 184G; d. July 30, 1847. 


1325. Persifor Frazer. b. Dec. 2S, ]S47: d. Juno 29, 1S4S. 

1:J26. Persifor Fi-azer (2d), b. April 1. IS 10. 

1327. Beaton, b. Aug. 17, n'oO; d. July 31. 1S.51. 

1328. Enniia Vaughan, b. Feb. 19, 1S52: d. July 27, 1S52. 

1329. Frances Berean, b. Feb. 22, 1S53; d. Sept. 27, 1SS5. 

1330. Robert, b. Aug. 17, 1551; d. Oct. 17, 1S54. 

Ch. of Washington Whclcn {T.-224) and EUzahctH W. Dozening, born near 
Downingtown, Pa. 

Mary, James), b. Feb. 17, 1S49; d. Jan. 4, 1884; unm. 

V— 590. MARY STEWART WHELEN (same line), b. Jan. 19, 1851 ; 
d. Jan. 13, 1886; unm. 

^ Both the above Hved at their mother's home and with their parents were 
buried in the beautiful Northwood Cemetery, near Downingtown, Pa. 

V— 591. SARAH WHELEN (George W., Mary, Mary, James), b. 
June ;^o, 1853; unm.; resides with her brother in Wilhamsport, Pa. 

_ V— 592. PHEBE D. WHELEN (same Hne), b. May 5, 1855; unm.; 
resides in Downingtown, Pa. 

V— 593. GEORGE WASHNGTON WHELEN (same line), b. June 
13, i860; m. FRANCES H. ROHRER June 3, 1896, at Altoona, dau. of 
Jacob A. Rohrer and Susan Huyett, b. Dec. 9, 1868. 

He is chief clerk in the P. R. R. motive power office at Wilhamsport, Pa., 
with residence 725 Glenmore Ave. 

Children : — 

1331.- George Washington Whelen, (3d), b. Aug. 23', 1903. ' 
1332. Elizabeth Dov.ning Whelen, b. May 12, 1906. 

Ch. of Sarah IVhclen {,7.-225) and Joseph McClcllan. 

V— 594. JAMES D. ^IcCLELLAN (Sarah, Mary, Mary, James), b. 
Aug. I, 1816. in Brandywine Twp.. Chester Co.; d. April 16, 1902, in West 
Chester, Pa. ; m. ELIZABETH LITZENBURG Tuesday eve.. Jan. 16, 1838, 
by Rev. H. G. Jones, dau. of John Litzenburg and Christiana Stanley, of 
Lov;er ^Merion Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa., b. Oct. 8. 1819; d. Dec 9, 1903, 
in West Chester, Pa. Both were buried at Lower Merion Baptist Church. 

Nearly all of his business life, James D. McClellan was engaged in the 
hotel business, and was distinguished as providing well for the comfort of his 
guests a'xl furnishing as prod a table as any in the State 01 Penns}-h-aii!a. He 
was thus engaged at West Chester. Square, but most notably for 


many years at the Logan House, Altoona, Pa. During the last few yeais he 
lived a retired life in West Chester, Pa. 
Issue : — 

1333. John Litzenberg, b. Sept. 17, 1S40; d. Mar. 7, 1862. 

1334. Sarah Keziah, b. Dec. 29, 1S42. 

1335. Christiann Litzenberg, b. Nov. 26, 1S44. 

1336. Joseph Parke, b. Sept. 12, 1S46; d. Feb. 26, 1847. 

1337. Man,-, b. Feb. 21, 1S4S; d. Jan. 26, 1S49. 

1338. Martha Ann, b. Dec. 4, 1S49. 

1339. Henry Parke, b. Sept. 29, 1S51. 

1340. Ella, b. Oct. 29, 1853; d. young. 

1341. Ann Hemphill, b. Oct. 5, 1S.5S; d. Dec. 22, 1900. 

1342. Lizzie Litzenberg, b. Feb. 3. 1862. 

Line of James, Mary, Thomazine. 
Ch. of Ann D. Kennedy {T.-22S) and Joel C. Baily. 

V— 595- PHEBE AXN BAILY (Ann, Thomazine. Mary, James), b. 
5 mo. 4, 1817; d. 7 mo. 5, 1904, at Glen ^Nloore, Pa. ; buried at Bradford Cem- 
etery by side of her husband; m. :MILT0N DURXALL. A. M., 3 mo. 20, 
1840 (his second wife), son of Thomas Durnall (i Samuel) and Maria Wol- 
Icrton (dau. of William and Rebecca), b. 12 mo. 4, 1809; d. 6 mo. 5, 1884. 

He was principal of the Unionville Academy, Chester Co., Pa., for over 
twenty years. They removed to Washington, D.'C, where he secured a posi- 
tion in the Treasury Department. He died in that city. 

Issue :— 

1343. Joel Bally, b. Mar. 8, 1846; d. March 23, 1880. 

1344. M. Virgil, b. May 4, 1847; d. April 2.5. 1S53. 

1345. Anna C, b. Feb. 8, 1S49; d. Jan. 15, 1854. 

1346. Horace W., b. May 20, 1851. 

1347. Olivia Virginia, b. Aug. 19, 1853. 

1348. Harvey L.. b. Dec. 4, 1854. 

1349. Marian Thomazine, b. July 29, 1856; d. Sept. 19, 1878. 

V— 596. RICHARD DOWNING BAILY (Ann, Thomazine. Marv, 
James), b. 11 mo. 20, 1S18; d. 9 mo. 24, 1855; m. ANN ELIZA CARPEN- 
TER II mo. 18. 1 84 1, dau. of Hannah. She d. 4 mo. 17, 1865. They re- 
sided at Romansville, Chester Co., Pa., and were there buried. 

Issue : — 

1350. George W., b. Jan. 13, 1843; d. Feb. 16, 1853. 

1351. Joel C, b. April 18, 1845; d. April 28, 1867. 

1352. Ann Elizabeth, b. April 6, 1848. 

1353. Emmor E., b. Dec. 20, 1851; d. Feb. 24, 1887. 

1354. Hannah Caroline, b. Mar. 6, 1854; d. July 5, 1864. 

V— 597- SAMUEL KENNEDY BAILY (Ann. Thomazine, Mary. 
James), b. 2 mo. 12, 1820; d. 10 mo. 17. 1870; m. MARY PATTON DAVIS 
10 mo. 6, 1841 (widow), dau. of William Patton and Margaret Jamison, b. 
3 mo. 5, 1821 ; d. 10 mo. 26, 1899. 


Tlicy resided in West Nottingham. Chester Co.. Pa. He was buried at 
P.alance, 'Lancaster Co. After his death she removed to Oxford, Pa., where 
she died and there was buried. 

Issue: — 

1355. Abraham Marshall, b. April 16, 1859; d. Nov. 6, 1886. 

135C. Anna Mary, b. April 9, 1S61: d. Oct. — , 1907. 

13.'.7. Richard D., b. June 21, 1SC3. 

13:.S. Thomazine Jane, b. Sept. 1, 18G5; d. Aug. — , 1907. 

Line of James, Mary, Joseph. 

Ch. of Mary S. Dozening (T.-2^o) and Jacob Sharpless, M. D. 

V— 598. ELIZABETH D. SHARPLESS (^lary, Joseph, Maiy, 
James), b. 10 mo. 24, 1831 ; m. ABRAHAM S. ASHBRDGE 10 mo. 13, 
1853. son of George G. Ashbridge* and Rachel Sharpless, b. 3 mo. 24, 1823; 
d. 4 mo. 22, 1902. They resided on his farm in East Cain, near Downing- 
town, Pa., where Elizabeth continues. 

Issue : — 

1359. George G., b. 9-1-1854; d. 6-18-1865. 

13C0. Jacob, b. 4-22-1856; d. S-11-1858. 

1361. Mary R., b. 9-9-1858. 

1362. Rebecca, b. 5-11-1S60. 

1363. Richard I. D., b. 9-22-1861. 

1364. Abraham S., b. 2-15-1863. 

1365. Joseph S., b. 6-20-1865. 

1366. Elizabeth Archer, b. 11-18-1867. 
13C7. EleaiTOr. b. 4-8-1875. 

V— 599. MARY RACHEL SHARPLESS (Mary, Joseph, Mary, 
James), b. 3 mo. 28, 1833; d. 10 mo. 11, 1910; m. GEORGE \V. JACOBS 3 
mo. 24, 1863, son of Thomas H. B. Jacobs and Jane Bowen, b. 10 mo. 3, 1824; 
d. 3 mo. 9, 1886. 

They resided in the Chester Valley east of Downingtown. Pa. He was 
elected i mo. 10, 1871, a director of the First National Bank of Chester counvt 
at West Chester, Pa., and served faithfully in connection with farming until 
his death, which resulted from a paralytic stroke which came upon him in his 

Note.— George G. Ashbrldge. b. Goshen. 8-17-1770; d. E. Cain 8-13-1842; m. Rachel 
V. Sharpless (b. Aston 6-22-1786; d. 8-22-1858), at Concord Mtg. 9-25-1811, she being a 
dau. of Abraham Sharpless (half brother to Moses Palmer No. 23) and his first wife, 
Rachel Valentine; and he a Fon of George Ashbrldge (3d), and Rebecca Garrett (dau. of 
William and Lydia (Lfiwis) Garrett), who were m. 12-5-1754. She d. 9-24-1777, aged 45 
yearn, and George, b. 1-1-1732-3; d. 10-25-1785, a son of George Ashbrldge, Jr., and Jajie 
Hoopes. who were m. 8-21-1730. She was b. 1706; d. 1789, being the sixth of the seven- 
t(-<^n children of Daniel and Jane (Worrilow) Hoopes. George Ashbridge. Jr., b. 12-19- 
1703-4; d. 3-6-1773; settled on a farm in Goshen. He was a man of note in his day. He 
■was Plocted to the Assemtjly in 1743, and re-elected annually till his death, a period of 
Hf-arly thirty years. He was a son of George Ashbridge, the emigrant, who arrived at 
Philadelphia 5-5-1698, and m. Mary Malin 8-23-1701, at Providence Mtg. They settled In 
OoRh<-n. where he purchased land and carried ou milling. Mary d. 2-15-1728, and he m. 
• Kaln Margaret Paschall, widow, 1-6-1729-30, and removed to Chester, where he d. 1748. 


carriage on his way home from the bank. Both buried at St. Paul's P. E. 
church, Grenlock, Pa. 
Issue : — 

1368. Thomas H. B., b. Jan. 17, 1S65. 

1369. George W., b. May 2, 1SG7. 

1370. Marv Downing, b. 1S72; d. Mar. 4, 1874. 

1371. Elizabeth A., b. April 14, 1S76. 

1372. John, b. Doc. 1, 1S7T; d. Mar. 10, 1887. 

1373. Jane Bowen, b. Aug. 1, 1879. 

V— 6oo. JOSEPH DOWNING SHARPLESS (^lary, Joseph, Mary, 
James), b. g mo. 25, 1835; d. 7 mo. 26, 1855. His cleath just on the verge 
of manhood was a great loss to the community in which he lived. 

Ch. of Richard I. Dozening (T.-^ji") aud Susan H. Mllicr, bom near Down- 
ingtown. Pa. 

V— 601. JOSEPH I. DOWNING, b. Dec. 20, 1837; d. Sept. 29, 1851. 

V— 602. SARAH M. DOWNING (Richard. Joseph. ^lary. James), b. 
Oct. 12, 1839; m. JOHN J. PINKERTON Oct. 7, 1863, son of Samuel Pink- 
erton and Margaret Lockhart. b. April 12. 1836; d. Nov. 30, 19 10. They re- 
sided in West Chester, Pa., where he was prominently and extensively engaged 
in the practice of the law. 

This morning, at his home on Virginia avenue, John J. Pinkerton died after be- 
ing an invalid for several years. He had been a member of the Chester County Bar 
since February 1st, 1S60. He was about 76 years old. 

Mr. Pinkerton was for many years one of the best-known residents of Chester 
county, and specially prominent in his profession through being counsel for the Penn- 
sylvania Railroad Company. 

He was born in Honeybrook township, a son of Samuel Pinkerton, who was Pro- 
thonotarj- of Chester county in 1839. When a young man he served as a brakeman and 
conductor on the Downingtown and Lancaster Railroad, and afterward attended W'il- 
liams College, in Massachusetts. On leaving college he took up the study of law, and 
since then had been making his home in West Chester. 

For a time he taught in the public schools here, beginning in March, 1858, and 
having a room in the headquarters of the Good Will Fire Company, on Church street, 
north of Gay. 

In the following year he became Master of West Chester Lodge, No. 322, F. & A. 
M., and at the time of his death he was the oldest surviving Past Master. 

After being admitted to the bar he entered into partnership with Hon. Wayne 
MacVeagh, and they had an office in what is now the Marshall S. Way building on West 
Market street, but when the Brandywine Bank building was erected, at the corner of 
High and Market streets, where the Farmers and Mechanics building now stands, they 
moved Iheir office thereto. After Mr. MacVeagh left West Chester the firm dissolved and 
Mr. Pinkerton located on Xorth High street, where his office is still maintained. 

At one time during his early life he was associated with Samuel R. Downing, now 
of East Goshen, in the management of the Chester County Times, a weekly paper. 

Mr. Pinkerton was a lifelong friend of Mr. MacVeagh, v^-ho through all his tri- 
umphs in public life never forgot him, and it is recorded that when Mr. MacVeagh re- 
turned from his foreign posts of duty, he sought Mr. Pinkerton among the first after 
his arrival. On one occasion, after Mr. MacVeagh had served as .Embassador to Italy, 
Mr. and Mrs. Pinkerton met him in New York, and from Jersey City they escorted him 


ti. Philadelphia in the I'.rivate car of the Pennsylvania Railroad's President, loaned for 
tliv occasion. Mr. MacVoagh had visited him. in West Chester rather recently. 

In au educational way he was prominent locally. Vov a numtjer of years he 
NfTved as a member of the Board of Trustees of the West Chester State Normal School 
and for a time was President of that body. He was also, up to the time of his death, a 
ni'^niber of the Examining: Committee of the Chester County Bar. When candidates de- 
fclr-fd to be admitted to study, he tested them in English history and literature, and the 
itructure of the language, and when they were ready to enter practice, he examined 
th'-m on pleading. 

For a number of years he was active in the First Presbyterian Church. In poli- 
tics he was a Republican, and at one time aspired to be Judge of the Courts, but the 
R#»publican County Committee endorsed Judge Hemphill for a second term and Mr. 
I'lukerton did not make an active campaign for the nomination. For some years he was 
Ijorough solicitor. 

He is remembered as a scholarly man, of fine appeo.ranee, always well dressed, and 
courteous in his manner. He had a beautiful lecture on "Alexander Hamilton," which 
was delivered in many places. As an after-dinner speaker he was witty and pleasing, 
ti-jing able to turn a compliment most delicately. 

Having a fine library and being fond of books, he spent much time among them. 

Mr. Pinkerton was a Son of the Revolution through the Carpenter family, from 
which he was descended. 

He was selected about the year 1S94 a member of a Constitutional Convention, to 
n^vlso the Constitution of Pennsylvania, but the convention was not called because un- 
authorized by the voters. 

Of late years he had been declining in strength, and was unable to walk about 
town, but traveled by carriage as long as he was able to go out. He sat much on his 
porch at his home om Virginia avenue, accompanied by Mi-s. Pinkerton, who ministered 
to him faithfully as long as he required her services. 

Issue, born at West Chester, Pa. — : 

1374. Richard I., b. Nov. 24, 1S64; d. Dec. 16, 1S64. 

1375. Elizabeth, b. June 19, 1866. 
1.^76. Susan D., b. Dec. 24, 1867. 

1377. Charles, b. July 2, 1S71. 

1378. John J., b. Dec. 4, 1S79; d. July 14, 1889. 

V— 603. ELIZABETH DOWNING (Richard 4), b. 10 mo. 19, 1841; 
d. 3 mo. 6, 1 861 ; unm. 

V— 604. HENRY W. DOWNING, b. 9 mo. 13, 1843 ; d. 9 mo. 30, 1851. 

V— 605. J. HAVARD DOWNING (Richard, Joseph, Mar>', James), 
b. Mar. 7, 1845; m. ELIZABETH POTTS RUTTER Sept. 4, 1872, dau. 
of Lewis Rutter and Ellen Potts, of Swedeland, Philadelphia, Pa., b. Sept. 11, 
1853 ;d. Jan. 23, 1904. 

M. second, SARAH HORNER SHELMIRE Sept. 18, 1906, dau. of 
David Horner and Ann (Field) Peters, b. Sept. 9, 1867. 

He was reared on the old homestead and completed his education by a 
three years' course at Easthampton Seminary, Mass). He followed farming at 
the homestead until 1890. In March. 1899, he was appointed postmaster at 
ICast Downingtown under the McKinley administration, which position he con- 
tinues to hold. He is connected with the F. and A. M., the K. T., the Grange 
and the Knights of Pjthias. 


Issue : — 

1379. Richard I., b. June 21, 1S73; d. April 12, 18S3. 

1380. Lewis Rutter. b. March 19, 1S75. 

1351. Joseph May, b. May 4, 1876; d. Mar. — , 1899. 

1352. Ellen Potts, b. Aug. 4. 18S3. 

V~6o6. RICHARD DOWNING, b. 4 mo. 17, 1847; d. 9 mo. 13, 1851. 
It may be noted that three brothers in this family, viz., Joseph I., Heiir>' 
W. and Richard, all died in the same month and within three weeks' time. 

Line of James^ Mary, S.\rah. 
Ch. of Samuel IVebster {T.-2S7) and Mary Mercer. 

V— 607. JOSEPH M. WEBSTER (Samuel, Sarah, Mar>', James), b. 
Nov. 7, 1828; d. Jan. 19, 1901 ; m. PHEBE ANN SWEETEN Oct. 4, 1854, 
dau. of William Sweeten and Catharine Vanosten, b. Mar. 31, 1834. 

He followed the trade of a carpenter and builder, with residence at Down- 
ingtown, Pa. 

Issue, born near Downingtown : — 

1383. Sallie G., b. June 18, 1855; d. same day. 

1384. William Winfield, b. July 13, 185(5. 

1385. Amy D., b. Feb. 4, 1858; d. July 31, 1910. 

1386. Josephine V., b. Jan. 31, 1860. 

1387. Samuel Jackson, b. May 20, 1864. ^ 

1388. George C, b. Aug. 10, 1865. 

1389. Isaac Roland, b. Aug. 2, 1867. 

1390. Sarah H., b. Sept. 22, 1869. 

1391. Mary Elizabeth, b. Mar. 4. 1872. 

1392. Jessie, b. July 31, 1874. 

V— 608. SARAH WEBSTER (Samuel, Sarah, Maiy, James), b. 4 mo. 
17, 1831; d. I mo. 8, 1871; unm. 

V— 609. ALFRED WEBSTER (Samuel, Sarah, Mary, James), b. May 
12, 1834; d. Oct. 16, 1902; m. SARAH C. RANKIN Jan. — , 1857, dau. of 
Thomas and Elizabeth Rankin. She d. July 8, 1903. 

He followed .farming. They removed from Chester Co., Pa., in 1868, 
to Payson, Adams Co., 111., and in 1881 to Hannibal, AIo., and later to Shelby 
Co., Mo., where they both died. 

Issue : — 

1393. Mary Elizabeth, b. Nov. 27, 1857. 

1394. Emily Ellen, b. Dec. 3. 1859; d. April 30. 1890. 

1395. Margaret Susan, b. Nov. 3, 1863; d. Oct. 21, 1865. 

1396. Edward D., b. Nov. 22, 1866. 

1397. Hannah Lewis, b. Dec. 18, 1872. 

V— 610. RICHARD WEBSTER (Samuel, Sarah, :Mar>- James), b. 


I\I). 2Z, 1837; m. MARY ELIZABETH ASTRY Mar. i, 1861, dau. of 
Samuel Astry and Ellender J. Koons, of Fremont, Sandusky Co., O., b. Sept. 
II, 1844. He was a farmer for a few years, then a harnessmaker, with resi- 
dence in Downingtown, Chester Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 
131<8. Samuel, b. Jan. 7, 1SS9; d. July 17. 18S9. 

V— 611. HANNAH ^lARY WEBSTER (Samuel, Sarah, Mar>', 
James), b. Sept. 8, 1850; resides in Downingto\\'n, Pa. 

V— 612. WILLIAM D. WEBSTER (Samuel, Sarah, Mary, James), 
b. Dec. 29, 1843; d. Dec. 11, 1909; m. ANNIE PAWLING Feb. 3, 1866. dau. 
of John Pawling- and Sarah Lockhart, b. Jan. 6, 1841 ; address, BridgeiX)rt, Pa. 

Word has been received of the death of William D. Webster, of Bridgeport, which 
occurred on Saturday. Mr. Webster was born and raised in Downingtown. ■ Mr. Web- 
Bter was sixty-six ycai-s of age and was a member of the 124th Pennsylvania Volun- 
tt-ers. also of Zook Post, of Xorristown. He was a painter by trade, but for a number 
of years held the position of yardmaster at Bridgeport yards of the P. & R. During the 
last few years he was employed as night watchman on the county bridge between Nor- 
ristown and Bridgeport, v.'hich place he still held at the time of his death. His remains 
were taken to Downingtown and interred at Northwood Cemetery. 

Issue : — 

1399. Emma, b. Jan. 10, 1867. 

1400. Mary Ellen, b. Oct. 10, 1869. 

1401. Sarah F., b. Sept. 13, 1871. 

1402. Effie May, b. Mar. 6. 1873. 

1403. Alfred L., b. Mar. 19, 1874. 
14U4. Joseph Walter, b. June 29, 1876. 
1405. I>aura. b. Mar. 16. 1878, 

Ch. of James Webster {T.-2^S) and Susan Ingram. 

V— 613. DOWNING I. WEBSTER (James, Sarah, Mary, James) b. 
Dec. 16, 1826; m. SARAH JANE WILSON Mar. 24, 1853, dau. of Thomas 
\Vii:^on and Rebecca (Townsend) Alison, b. Jan. 6, 1831 ; d. Sept. 4, 1909. He 
is an overseer in a quarry. Address, 216 Highland Ave., Downingtown, Pa. 

Issue : — 

1406. Mary Jane, b. Feb. 27, 1854; d. Sept. 17, 1854. 

1407. James, b. Sept. 16, 1S55; d. Aug. 26, 1879. 
14US. Clara Rebecca, b. June 18. 1857; d. Nov. 9. 1882. 
14i>9. Joseph, b. May 24, 1S59; d. April 29, 1S81. 

1410. Elmer Ellsworth, b. Dec. 24, 1861; d. Nov. 26, 1882. 

1411. Wesley E., b. Sept 5, 1868. 

V— 614. SARAH D. WEBSTER, b. 2 mo. 18, 1830; d. 11 mo. — , 1847. 
V— 615. ELISHA E. WEBSTER (James, Sarah, Mary, James), b. 


Mar. 14, 1833; I"- MARGARET RANKIN Aug. 4, 1856, dau. of Thonias 
Rankin and Elizabeth Thomson, b. Aug. 6, 1829; d. June 25, 1880. 

M. second, LUCINDA McMICHAEL, dau. of James McMichael and 
Hettie PhiUips, b. Jan. 13, 1844. 

He is a blacksmith. He followed his trade for 16 years at Whitford, 
Chester Co., then for 8 years was in the employ of the P. R. R. as repairer of 
tools, etc. Since 1898 has lived at Lancaster, Pa.; address, 622 N. Shippin 

Issue by first wife : — 

1412. Isaac Thomas, b. June 8, 1857; d. Nov. 24. 1863. 

Issue by second wile : — 

1413. Harry Allen, b. Mar. 9, 1885. 

V— 616. JACOB SHARPLESS WEBSTER (James, Sarah, Mary, 
James), b. July 29, 1837; d. Jan. 14, 1890; m. ANGELINE RAMBO Oct. 4, 
i860, dau. of Eli Rambo. She d. Feb. 23, 187S, and with her dec'd children 
was buried at' Grove Cemetery Chester, Co., Pa.. 

M. second, SARAH JOHNSON (nee DOUGHERTY), Aug. i, 1881, 
a sister to his son Jacob's wife (q. v.). 

They resided in Columbia, Pa., where he was buried. He had been a loco- 
motive engineer. Since his death his widow m. again and is now Mrs. Nel- 
linger, of 340 W. King St., Lancaster, Pa. 

Issue by first wife only : — 

1414. William H., b. Mar. 4, 1S62; d. Aug. 23, 1865. 

1415. Mary S., b. Jan. 25, 1S6-1: d. Dec. 27, 1865. 

1416. Franklin Luther, b. Dec. 18. 1865. 

1417. Jacob D. W., b. March 4, 1868. 

1418. George T.. b. Oct. IS. 1870. 

1419. Isaac E., b. Nov. 4, 1874; d. Dec. 20, 1875. 

1420. Daniel T., b. Mar. 2, 1876; d. July 17, 1876. 

1421. Thomas R., b. Feb. 3, 1878; d. June 23, 1878. 

V— 617. SUSAN ELIZABETH WEBSTER (James 4), b. July 19, 
1837; d. Aug. — , 1837. 

Ch. of John JVcbstcr (T.-i-jp) and Thomazine Dozi'ning. 

V— 618. CICERO S. WEBSTER (John, Sarah, Mary, James), b. July 
13, 1832; d. June 25, 1900; m. ANN SINGHER, 1857, dau. of John Singher 
and Elizabeth Walk, b. Feb. 23, 1834; d. Dec. 28, 1902. 

He was engaged as a locomotive engineer on the P. R. R., with residence 
at Columbia, Pa. 


Issue : — 

1422. Johu D., b. July 30. 1S5S. 

1423. Edward G., b. Dec. 20. 1S59. 

1424. Mary E., b. Feb. 2, 1S63. 

1425. Thomazine H., b. Jan. 30, 186S. 

1426. Richard T., b. Sept. 22, 1871. 

V— 619. HESTER D. WEBSTER (John, Sarah, Mary James), b. 7 
mo. 4, 1835- unm. ; resides in West Chester, Pa. 

V— 620. MARY S. WEBSTER (John, Sarah, Mary, James), b. 2 mo. 
16, 1857; unm. She resides at the Friends' Barclay Home, 19 W. Chestnut 
St., West Chester, Pa. 

Ch. of Joseph Webster {T.-241) and Sarah Davis. 

V— 621. MARY EMMA WEBSTER (Joseph, Sarah, Mary, James), 
b. 8 mo. 27, 1840; m. JEREMIAH HOOPES, 7 mo. 11, 1867, son of Francis 
Pratt Hoopes and Lydia Barnard, b. 5 mo, 16, 1840; d. 11 mo. 13, 1867; she 
resides in Downingtown,, Pa. 

V— 622. HENRY CLAY WEBSTER (Joseph, Sarah, Mary, James), 
b. 9 mo. 27, 1842 ; d. 2 mo. 16, 1864; unm. 

Line of James, James, Samuel. 
Ch. of Isaac P. Trimble, M. D. (T.242) and Jane Riggs. 

V— 623. EDWARD R. TRIMBLE (Isaac P., Samuel, James, James), 
b. Mar. 30, 1845; m. MARY B. CALLENDER Oct. 31, 1878, dau. of Wil- 
liam N. Callender and Genevieve Author, b. Sept. 20, 1848, in New York. 

He is a mining engineer; settled in Rochester, N. Y., in 1895; address, 
143 Park Ave. 

Issue : — 

1427. Edward Maurice, b. Aug. 21, 1879. 

1428. Louis Callender, b. June 13. 1884. 

V— 624. HELEN KENT TREBLE (Isaac P.. Samuel, James, James), 
b. May 20, 1849; m. JOHN SHAW May 16, 1871, of New York, b. Oct. 21, 
1834; d. March 25, 1895. 

He was an importer of fine goods from France and Germany; was con- 
nected with large wholesale houses in New York. Her last residence was Flush- 
ing, L. I., N. Y. 


Issue : — 

1429. Edith Burnet, b. March 26, 1S72; d. July 4, 1872. 

1430. Robert Newton, b. Dec. 21. 1S73. 

1431. Helen Kent, b. June 25, 1875. 

1432. Amy Hobart, b. Aug. 24, ISSl. 

1433. Gerald, b. Aug. 29, 1SS3; d. Jan. 5, 1897. 

Ch. of Lydia. Trimble {T.-243) and Yarnall Baily. 

V — 625. AMY A. BAILY (Lydia, Samuel, James, James), b. 3 mo. 
3, 1834; d. 10 mo. 9, 1909; m. PASCHALL COPE i mo. 17, 1856, son of 
Joseph Cope (Joseph 3, John 2, Oliver i) and Rachel W. Cope, b. i mo. 7, 1827; 
d. 8 mo. 25, 1873. They resided in various places, and he was for a time 
South for his health. They finally settled in New Garden, Chester Co., Pa., 
but after his decease Amy removed to West Chester, Pa. and later to her dau. 
at Ilaverford College. 

(Joseph Cope, was a son of Joseph Cope and Ann Taylor, and great-grand- 
son of Oliver Cope, the emigrant.) 


Amy A. Cope. 
In the passing away of Amy A. Cope, many will feel that they have lost a friend 
and a counsellor. She was always kind, interested and sympathetic. Although for years 
a patient, cheerful sufferer, her heart and hands were never idle; she was always, when 
strength permitted, occupied for the welfare o£ those around her, who needed her help, 
and even little children came to her sick room to be instructed in various ways. It can 
truly be said of her, "She hath done what she could". In 1856 she married Paschall 
Cope, of East Bradford, this county, and they resided in West Chester, Philadelphia and 
New Garden. She leaves one daughter, Lydia C, wife of President Isaac Sharpless, of 
Haverford College, and several grandchildren, with whom she has made her home for 
several yeaTS. Here she had been tenderly and lovingly cared for and her loss will be 
keenly felt by a large circle of friends. 

Issue : — 
1434. Lydia T.. b. 2-13-1857. 

V— 626. FRANCIS J. BAILY (Lydia, Samuel, James, James), b. 9 mo. 
27, 1836; d. 3 mo. 18, 1865; unm. He was with the Union army during the 
late Civil War and died of sickness in a wagon in the South. 

Line of James, James, Isaac. 

Ch. of Mary S. Trimble {T.-244) and John L. Massey. 

V— 627. JEFFERIS T. MASSEY, b. Oct. 14, 1834; d. ?. No account 
of him found. 

V— 628. ISAAC T. MASSEY (Marv, Isaac. James. James), b. Nov. 
30, 1843; d. Dec. 25, 1878. in Phila.; m. JULIA SHEPPARD Aug. 8, 1867 
(widow), dau. of Benjamin Ramsey and Margaret Wagonseller. 

AMY A. (BAILY) COPE, (No. V. 625) 

facing p. 830 


He was by trade a printer; resided for some time at Oxford, Pa., then 
removed to Philadelphia, where he died. 

Issue : — 
1435. Edward C, b. Sept. 7. 186S. 

V— 629. ANNA T. MASSEY (Mary, Isaac, James, James), b. Dec. 9, 
1849. She is employed with the Singer Sewing Machine Co., in Philadd- 
phia, with address 1124 Girard St. 

Ch. of Charity Ann Trimble {T.-24^) and Joshua Spcaknuin. 

V— 630. LYDIA ANNA SPEAKMAN (Charity A., Isaacs James, 
James), b. July 8, 1S41 ; m. WILLIAM J. RUSSELL May 30, i860, son of 
George Russell and Martha (nee) Wright, b. April 28, 1834; d. Oct. 18, 1898; 
bur. in Femwood Cemetery. 

He was a house painter; was employed for 17 years in Pittsburg, Pa., 
then moved to Philadelphia, Pa., where he died. She continues in this city now 
at 28 S. 33d St. 

Issue : — 

1436. Alberta, b. Sept. IG, 1SS2; d. Dec. IG, 1SG4. 

1437. Elmer, b. Nov. 26, 1863; d. Dec. 13. 18G4. 

1438. Bertha Martha. 

1439. Mabel Martin. 

1440. George R. 

1441. William S., b. Nov. 8, 1872. 

1442. Albert Carpenter, b. Jan. 14, 1875. 

1443. Howard G., b. Sept. 27, 1878. 

V— 631. PHEBE H. SPEAKMAN (Charity A., Isaac, James, James), 
b. Aug. 26, 1843 ; d. Dec. 25, 1904 ; m. ALBERT CARPENTER. They were 
legally separated. 

Issue : — 

1444. Freddie, b. circa 1875; d. 1878. 

V— 632. WILLIAM HENRY SPEAKMAN (Charity A., Isaac, James, 
James), b. Dec. 25, 1846; m. MARY H. MAITLAND June i, 1881, at Rad- 
nor, Pa., dau. of Alexander Maitland and Rosetta Rose. 

He is a farmer ;re3ided at Embreville. where his house and barn were both 
burned, now has rented farm in East Bradford; address, West Chester, Pa., 
R. D. 9. 

Issue : — 

1445. Emily, b. Sept 25, 1886. 

V--633. ISAAC TRIMBLE SPEAKMAN (Charity A. 4), b. 8 mo. 2, 
1848; d. I mo. 13, 1863. 


V— 634. JOHN MASSEY SPEAKMAN Charity. Isaac, James. 
James), b. Oct. 31, 1857; d. Feb. 18. 1904; bur. at Bradford Cem. ; m. CHAR- 
LOTTE THAMSIN GRAY March 10, 18S6, dau. of Baker 11. Gray and 
Rebecca H. Passmore, b. ivlarch. 26. 1865. 

He was a farmer; had a farm near Doe Run, Chester Co., Pa. Her ad- 
dress is, 523 S. 9th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 

144C. James Walter, b. Sept. 6, 1881 
1447. Phebe R., b. Nov. 21, 1S90. 
She is a trained nurse. 

V— 635. THOMAS SPEAKMAN (Charity A., Isaac, James, James), 

b. Feb. 25, 1855; iTL . Last address, Denver, Colo. 

Issue : — 

1448. Walter. 

1449. Mabel. 

V— 636. LAURA SPEAKMAN, b. 2 rao. 13, i860; d. 5 mo. 25, i860. 

Ch. of Lydia Trimble {T.-246) and Enos L. Pratt. 

V— 637. TRIMBLE PRATT (Lydia. Isaac, James, James), b. 5 mo. 
27, 1844; m. RUTH SHARPLESS 6 mo. 21, 1876, dau. of Thomas J. Sharp- 
less and Susanna Plankinton, b. in Middletown Twp., 12 mo. 26, 1846; d. at 
Media, 2 mo. 19, 1878. 

M. second, ELIZABETH LEVIS OGDEN, i mo. 17, 1889, at Forest 
Lawn, Delaware Co., Pa., by Friends' ceremony, dau, of J. Henry Ogden and 
Martha Levis, b. 5 mo. 8,1850, 

He graduated as a Homoepathic physician and settled at Media, where 
he is in active practice. They are interested membei-s of the Society of Friends. 

Issue by first wife : — 

1450. Ernest D., b. 2 — 1878; d. same day. 

V— 638. ANNA MARY PRATT (Lydia, Isaac, James, James), b. 12 
mo. I, 1846; m. HIBBERD B. GARRETT, 3 mo. 30, 1871, son of Davis 
Garrett and Ann Barrett, b. 9 mo. — , 1849; ^- 6 mo. 7, 1902; bur. at Fern- 
wood Cemetery. 

He was in the milk trade in Philadelphia, Pa., for several years. After his 
death she had a boarding house one season at Atlantic City, N. J. Present 
residence with her dau., 120 N. 6ist St., Philadelphia. 
Issue : — 

1451. Clarence Trimble, b. 11-26-1872. 

1452. Enos D., b. 6-12-1874. 

1463. Ethel Marguerite, b. 10-3-1885. 


V— 639. ESTHER PRATT (Lydia. Isaac, James, James), b. 2 mo. 
23, 1848; m. JESSE P. THATCHER 11 mo. 21, 1872, son of Richard J. 
Thatcher and Harriet Eldridge, b. 2 mo. 11, 1843. 

He is a druggist, with store and residence in West Chester, Pa. 

Issue : — 
1154. Mary Elizabeth, b. 2-21-1&77; unm. 
1455. Hcleu Maud. b. 10-4-1S82; unm. 

V— 640. ORPHA ELSIE PRATT (Lydia. Isaac, James, James), b. 6 
mo. 30, 1850; unm. ;trained nurse; address, Media, Pa. 

V— 641. ELIZABETH T. PRATT (Lydia. Isaac, James, James), b. 
5 mo. 15, 1853; unm. She was at Haddon Hall, Atlantic City, N. J., for some 
time; later address, West Chester, Pa. 

V— 642. ENOS RANDALL PRATT (Lydia, Isaac, James, James), 
b. 6 mo. 27, 185S; unm. ; resides with his brother; see next No. 

V— 643. HENRY ELLSWORTH PRATT (Lydia, Isaac, James, 
James), b. 6 mo. 21, 1861 ; m. FLORENCE B. ELDRIDGE March 23, 1893, 
dau. of Barrington S. and Ettie Blanche Eldridge. 

He has a truck farm near King of Prussia P. O., Montgomery Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

14.o6. Henry Roland, b. Dec. 26, 1894. 

1457. Clarence Sanford, b. June 19, 1S9S. 

1458. Enos Lewis, b. May 2, 1901. 

Ch. of Phebe Trimble {T.-24J) and Joel IVood'u.'ard. 

V— 644. WILLIS TRIMBLE WOODWARD (Phebe, Isaac, James, 
James), b. Aug. 30, 1847; cl. Dec. 28, 1880; unm. He was a sawyer and 
cheese maker at his father's place. 

V— 645. HOWARD NELSON WOODWARD (Phebe, Isaac, James 
James), b. June i, 1849; m. MARY EM:vIA COATES April 27, 1872, dau. 
of Chevington and Sarah Ann Coates, of ^Monmouth. 111. 

He went from Chester Co., Pa., in 1890, to Dorset, Powhatan Co., Va., 
and engaged in the lumber business for about ten years; then bought a farm 
and Pine Creek flour mill, which with his family he has continued to carry on. 

Issue : — 

1459. Blanche C, b. Ang. 12, 1873. 

1460. Ethel Virgrinia. b. July 24, 1875: unm.; trained nurse. 

1461. Cora E., b. Jan. 23. 1S78. 


1462. Pauline M.. b. Oct. 11, 1S79. 

1463. Willis C. b. May IS, 18S1. 

1464. Howard E., b. Aug. 3, 1883; d. Aug. 1, 1S97. 

1465. Fred V., b. Dec. 17. 1885. 

1466. Joel H„ b. Sept. 3, 18S7. 

1467. Helen K., b. July I'D, 1892; d. Jan. 24, 1906. 
146S. Philip B., b. Nov. 9, 1896. 

V— 646. MARY ANNA WOODWARD (Phebe. Isaac, James. James), 
b. March 17, 1851; d. Dec. 31, 1895; m. ROBERT BARCLAY BUFFLXG- 
TON May 11, 1886, at Newark, Del., son of Thomas Buffington and Mary 
Michener. Resided at Kansas City, ;Mo. No issue. 

He m. second wife. 

V— 647. SARAH ELIZABETH WOODWARD (Phebe, Isaac, James, 
James), b. I\Iarch 17, 1851 ; d. Mar. 22, 1883 ;unm. She was a twin to last No. 

V— 648. VIRGINIA WOODWARD (Phebe, Isaac, James, James), b. 
April 3, 1853, ^t New London. Pa.: d. Auo-. 3, 1909: bur. in White Clav 
Creek Cem.; m .FRANKLIN PENNOCK April 15, 1880, son of Lewis Pen'- 
nock and Sarah Wollaston, b. Jan. 17, 1852. 

He is a farmer and marketman, with farm of loi acres in Mill Creek, 
New Castle Co., Del. Address, Hockessin, Del., R. D. i. 

Issue : — 

1469. Paul Willis, b. Mar. 4, 1881; d. Sept. 16, 1881. 

1470. Norton Lewis, b. Mav 28, 1S86; d. May 29, 1886. 

1471. Ma Belle Claire, b. Dec. 4, 1891. 

1472. Erma Buffington, b. Dec. 10, 1895. 

V— 649. PAMELA ALMA WOODWARD (Phebe, Isaac, James, 
James), b. Sept. 28, 1854; m. JOHN THOMAS FISHER Oct. 16, 1883, son 
of Andrew and Ann Fisher. He d. Feb. 22, 1890 in his 57th year ; bur. at head 
of Christiana Church. Her address, Neosho, Mo. No issue. 

V— 650. JOEL PRATT WOODWARD (Phebe. Isaac, James, James), 
b. Feb. 6, 1857; d. April 2, 1895; bur. at Fernwood Cemetery; m. MARY 
HELEN MYERS Nov. 25, 1884, dau. of William Henry Harrison Myers and 
Ariel Sophia Jackson, b. Feb. 24, 1864. 

His business was flour milling. He was in Topeka. Kansas, before his 
marriage and afterwards for six months; then they came back to Wilmington 
Del., and remained there until Nov.. 1887, then removed to Philadelphia, where 
he died. His widow m. John Edwin Atkinson, of Wilmington, Del., !May 29, 
1 901, and they reside at 1208 Allegheny Ave., Philadelphia. 

Woodward issue: — 
1473. Elsie Lavinia Woodward, b. March 21, 1886. 

V— 651. EMMA GILLINGHAM WOODWARD (Phebe, Isaac, James, 


James), b. May 4, 1S59; d. July 19, 1878; unni. She was a school teacher: 
bur. at Marshallton, Pa. 

V— 652. WALTER WOODWARD, b. May 4, 1862; d. Aug. i, 1862. 

V— 653. CLARA WOODWARD (twin to last No.), b. May 4, 1862; 
ii. Augr- 2, 1862. 

The last two were twins; both bur. in one casket at Marshallton Friends' 

Ch. of Jacob Trimble {T.-248) and Cclia Hicks born at Pocopson, Chester 

Co., Pa. 

V— 654. HELEN MARY TRIMBLE (Jacob, Isaac, James, James), b. 
Aug. 17, 1850; m. JOHN MILTOX PEIRCE Jan. 28. 1875. son of Joshua 
Peirce and Elizabeth Wickersham (who were m. Oct. 10, 1839), b. April 14, 
1845; d. Oct. 14, 1 891, 

She. m. second, T. ARTHUR ROWLAND, Aug. i, 1905, and now re- 
side at Green Lane, Montgomery Co., Pa. 

Children : — 
1474 Howard J., b. April 26, 1880; d. Sept. 11, 1880. 

1475. Clarence M., b. July 8, 1882; d. Sept. 20, 1882. 

1476. Freddie E., b. May 7, 1885; d. Aug. 1, 1SS5. 

V— 655. ANNA FRANCES TRIMBLE (Jacob. Isaac, James, James), 
b. Nov. I, 1 851; unm. ; resides with her sister, Emma P. Thatcher, 

V— 656. SARAH J. TRIMBLE (Jacob, Isaac, James, James), b. Feb. 
26. 1853; m. JESSE TAYLOR Oct. 2. 1879. son of John Taylor* and Mehit- 
abel Garrett, b. at Danville, Pa., Dec. 11, 1844; d. April 16, 1910; bur. at 
Birmingham, Pa. 

They first settled on a farm at Unionville, Chester Co., Pa.; in 1892 re- 
moved to Powhatan Co., Va., thence in 1895 to Toledo. O., where he engaged 
in pork packing, and later to Atlantic City, N. J., where he continued the same 
business. He w-as a member of the Society of Friends and of Beecher Lodge, 
F. and A. M., No. 180. 

Issue, born at Unionville, Pa. : — 

1477. Paul, b. June 17. 1880. 

1478. WiUard, b. Aug. 31, 1881. 

1479. Francis, b. Nov. 16. 1S88. 

Note.— John Taylor and Mehitabel Garrett were m. at West Chester 1-28-1836. He 
a son of Anthony Tavlor and Edith Sharple^s. b. 10-9-1807; d. 7-19-1879. and she a dau. 
of William and Sarah Garrett, b. 11-21-1S16; d. at West Chester 10-13-1891. 


V— 657. FRANCIS H. TRIMBLE, b. 2 mo. 22, 1856; d. 2 mo. 27, 

V— 658. LYDIA P. TRIMBLE, b. 3 mo. 3, 1858; d. 3 mo. 5, 1858. 

V— 659. EMMA P. TRIMBLE (Jacob, Isaac, James, James), b. Feb. 19, 
1859 ;m. HILBORN D. THATCHER Feb. 20, 1880, son of Benjamin 
Thatcher and Adriana Hoopes, b. at Concord. Delaware Co., Pa., Dec. 7, 1858. 

He devotes his time to agricultural pursuits, and following the family 
traditions attends the religious meetings of Friends. They reside near Union- 
'V'ille, Chester Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 
1480. B. Russell, b. Dec. 22, 1890. 

V— 660. EDWARD HICKS TRIMBLE (lacob, Isaac, James, James), 
b. Mar. 6, 1861 ; m. MARY M. TRIMBLE, 1887; (T.-662.), dau. of John 
Trimble (T.-249) ^"^ Anna Mary iVIatlack. b. April 22, 1868. 

He was born in the old ancestral residence erected by Thomas Hickman 
in 1800 and afterwards purchased by Edward's grandfather. He inlierited 
this farm in Pocopson Twp. of 126 acres, with address, Northbrook, Pa., where 
they reside, he being engaged in dairying and raising of bees, obtaining from 
the latter a large quantity of superior honey, which finds a ready sale. He 
is interested in public affairs and served as a school director. 

Issue : — 

1481. Florence Anna, b. Jan. 15, 1888. 

1482. Carl Edward, b. Feb. 1, 1891. 

1483. Frederick Matlack, b. Dec. 8, 1892. 

1484. J. Roscoe, b. May 7, 1898; d. Oct. 2, 1898. 

V— 661. JOHN F. TRMBLE (Jacob, Isaac, James, James), b. July 
31, 1863; m. SALLIE M. LAMBORN Aug. 12, 1888, dau. of Humphrey 
I_^mborn and Josephine Turner, of ]\Iarshallton, b. July 29, 1868. He is a 
miller and has the mill on the original site of the old Trimble mill in existence 
before 1744. 

Issue : — 

1485. Helen J., b. May 10, 1S88; ra. George Kellar, Sept. 4, 1907, at Berwyn. Pa.; nd- 

dress, Marshallton, Pa. 

1486. Celia M., b. Oct. 20, 1901. 

1487. John H., b. Oct. 4, 1904. 

Ch. of John Trimble {T.-24Q) and Annie M. Matlack, born in West Bradford, 
Chester Co., Pa. 

V— 662. MARY M. TRIMBLE (John, Isaac, James, James), b. April 


j2. iSr.S; m. EDWARD H. TRi:\IBLE, 18S7, (T.-660). Further record un- 
licr his name. 

y—667,. WILLTA^I M. TRIMBLE (John, Isaac. James, Tames), b. 
Dec. 28, 1869; m. OLIVE BECKER May 21, 1891, in Reading, Pa., dau. of 
B. Frankhn Becker and Elizabeth Esshelman of Doe Run, b. June 9, 1870. 

He is a farmer at Trimbleville, the old place of settlement of James and 
Mary (Palmer) Trimble, with address at Northbrook, Chester Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

}A^S. Anna Elizabeth, b. June 10, 1S9S. 
IWJ. Wilma Matlack, b. April 18, 1901. 

Ch. of John Trimble (T.-24P) and second xcvfr. Sue M. Moore. 
V— 664. BESSIE TRIMBLE, b. Mar. 26, 1886; d. April 2, 1886. 

Ch. of Anna Trimble {T.-2=,o) and Jonathan B. Speakman. 

V— 665. FRANK HOWARD SPEAKMAN (Anna, Isaac, James, 
James), b. Dec. 13, 1867; d. March 24, 1905; unm. : buried in Odd Fellows' 
Cemetery, Neosho, Mo. 

Ch. of Elizabeth Trimble {T.-2$2) and Edivin Martin. 

V— 666. GEORGE HOWARD MARTIN, b. i mo. 27, 1862; d 8 mo. 
17, 1862. 

V—667. MABEL A. MARTIN (Elizabeth, Isaac, James, James), b. 
July 19, 1864; unm.; address, 1315 Zvlain St., Evanston, 111. 

V— 668. FREDERIC RICKEY MARTIN (Elizabeth, Isaac. James. 
James), b. Dec. 4, 1867; unm. Last heard from he was in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ch. of Isaac Trimble {T.-2^4) and Emma Honglcr, probably born in Phila- 

V— 669. HENRY STEW^\RT TRIMBLE (Isaac 4, Isaac, James, 
James), b. May 30, 1880: m. ADA BELL BLAKLEY Dec. 14, 1904, of 
Freeport, Armstrong Co., Pa., dau. of Thomas Mabin Blakley and Martha 
Gibson, b. Feb. 21, 1885. 

He was graduated B. A. on June 16, 1899, from Central High School, of 


Philadelphia, and is now engaged in C. E. work with the P. R. R., with ad- 
dress 747 Washington St., Huntingdon, Pa. 

Issue: — 

1490. Lenore Blakley Trimble, b. Nov. 

1491. Helen Trimble, b. Dec. 9, 1906. 

V—670. LEROY CHESTER TRIMBLE (Isaac 4, Isaac, James, 
James), b. March 7, 1889. Probably resides with his mother (q. v.). 

Line of James, James, John. 

Ch. of Elisha I. Trimble (T.-233) and Elizabeth Ban. 

V—671. ANNA MAY TRIMBLE (Elisha, John, James, James) b. Sept. 
I, 1840; m. HENRY S. FNLEY Mar. — , i860, son of Robert and Cath- 
arine Finley. b. Feb. 6, 1826; d. May 18, 1903 ; resided on a farm at Duncan's 
Falls, Muskingum Co., O. He was born and died in the same house. 

Issue : — 

1492. Harry T., b. Feb. 12, 1S62. 

1493. Clara L., b. .Tune 16, 1S63; d. Jan. 10. 1903. 

1494. Etta M., b. Nov. 16, 1864. 

1495. Franz S., b. Aug. 12, 1866. 

1496. Bessie B., b. Oct. 2. 18CS; d. Nov. 5, 1895. 

1497. John, b. Oct. 19. 1870; d. Mar. 21. 1871. 

1498. Lydia C, b. Jan. 9, 1872. 

1499. Charles S., b. Dec. 17, 1873. 

1500. Leora M., b. Jan. 26, 1876. 

1501. Everet H., b. Sept. 25, 1878. 

1502. Dorothy, b. Dec. 25, 1881. 

1503. Raymond, b. Dec. 27, 1884. 

V— 672. SAMUEL HAYES TRIMBLE (Elisha. John. James, James), 
b. March 17, 1842; m. IDA H. NORCUM Jan. 4, 1881, Duplin Co., N. C. 
dau. of Adner and Eliza Norcum. of N. C, 

He is a farmer; settled in Cereal, Okla.; Jan. — , 1890. 

Issue : — 

1504. Jame.s N. Trimble, d. Feb. — , 1890. 

1505. Carrie Trimble. 

V— 673. LYDIA H. TRIMBLE (Elisha 4), b. July 17, 1844; d. Dec 

V— 674. CAROLINE E. TRIMBLE (Elisha 4), b. Nov. 21. 1846; m. 
JESSE D. HALL, 187-, son of Caleb H. Hall (b. Aug. 30, 1802 in Chester 
Co., Pa.) and Hannah (b. Aug. 30, 1807), b. April 28, 1832. 

He is a farmer; address, Philo, Ohio. 


Issue : — 

1506. Olive Mary, b. March 15, 18S0 

1507. Florence Hannah, b. Nov. 30, 1883. 

V— 675. B. FRANKLIN TRIMBLE (Elisha 4), b. Feb. 28, 1850; 
unm. He is in the Era Stock Feed Business; address, 1441 N. 19th St., 
Omaha, Neb. 

V— 676. JOHN CLARK TREBLE (Elisha 4), b. Oct. 10. 1852; m. 
LOUDENIA COLLINS Jan. 21, 1886, dau. of John and Sarah Colhns, of 
Cumberland, O., b. June 18, 1852. 

He is a farmer; address, Cambridge, O., R. D. i. 

Issue : — 

I.W8. Paul, b. Not. 21. 1887. 
1509. Mary, b. Sept. 12, 1889. 

\—(,yy. SARAH ALVIRA TRBIBLE (Elisha 4), b. March 24, 1855; 
m. WILLIAM H. H. SMITH Nov. 29, 1877, son of Nathan Smith (b. Sept. 
13, 17S6) and Susan Howard (b. Jan. 3, 1897), b. Sept. i, 1840. 

He is a farmer; address, Blue Rock, O. 

Issue : — 

1510. Dora, b. Aug. 26, 1880. 

1511. Delia, b. Nov. 21, 1887. 

V— 678. ISADORA BLANCHE TRIMBLE (Elisha 4), b. Aug. 24, 
1858; m. JOHN W. VAN METER, son of William Van Meter and Sarah 
Ann Stuart, b. Feb. 14, 1857, at Sarahsville, O. ;address, 357 W. 4th Ave., 
Columbus, O. 

Issue: — ^ . 

1512. Auto Leah, b. Nov. 9. 1879. 

1513. Cecil W., b. Aug. 11, 1881; d. Aug. 12, 1907. 

1514. Frank S., b. Feb. 11, 1883. 

V— 679. LENA HOUSE TRIMBLE (Elisha 4) b. Sept. 4, 1863; m. 
JEFFERSON DUDLEY FRAZEY June 30, 1897. at Columbus, O. son of 
James Monroe and Julia Ann Frazey, b. March 25. i860, at Brighton la. 

They removed to Antonito, Conejos Co., Colo., where he is editor and 
publisher of Antonito Ledger. 

Issue : — 

1515. Earl Trimble, b. July 22. 1899. 

Ch. of Janies Trimble {T.-256) atid Sarah Ami Hozcarth. 
V— 680. MARY FRANCES TRIMBLE (James), b. Aug. 18, 1842; 


m. BENJAMIN H. HARLAN Jan. lo, 1872, son of Ezekiel Harlan and 
Sarah McCune, b. Nov. 26, 1842. 

He is a carpenter and contractor ; resided at Zanesville, O. ; removed 
later to Alarretta, Washington Co., Ohio. 

Issue : — 

1516. Elizabeth Myrtle, b. Oct. 7, 1872. 

1517. Nettie Blanche, b. Dec. 2. 1S73. 

1518. Samuel Carl, b. Aug. 27, 1876. 

1519. Jessie Trimble, b. Jan. 3, 1S78. 

1520. Zella Phebe, b. Dec. 30, ISSl. 

1521. James Ezekiel, b. Oct. 8, 18S3. 

1522. Howard Lester, b. Aug. 16, 1SS6. 

V— 68i. ANGELINA K. TRIMBLE (James), b. May 4, 1844; d- 
May 8, 1894; m. GEORGE P. :MENEFEE Nov. ii, 1869. son of Lemote 
Menefee and Elizabeth , b. Aug. 4, 1844; address, Gilbert, Muskin- 
gum Co., O. 

Issue : — 

1523. Leora S., b. March 14. 1871; d. Jan. 20. 1896 \ , 

1524. Lenora. b. Mar. 14, 1871; d. Mar. 15, 1871 / ^'''°'=- 

1525. Willard, b. June 19, 1874; d. Sept. 28, 1897. 
152u. Chalmer, b. Dec. 21, 1S75. 

1527. Jessie P., b. Dec. 2, 1S79; d. Nov. 7, 1884. 

1528. Edwin W.. b. Oct. 22, 1889; d. Feb. 16, 1891. 

V— 682. ELIZA JANE TRIMBLE (James 4), b. Aug. 27, 1846; d. 
Jan. 2.^, 1847. 

V— 683. SUSANNA H. TRIMBLE (Tames 4), b. April 25. 1848; m. 
ISAAC HAYES HARLAN April 23, 1874, son of Gibbons Harlan and 
Rebecca Fox, b. May 25, 1844. He is a cousin to her sister's (T.-680) hus- 
band; he is a contractor and painter; address, South Zanesville, O. No issue. 

V— 684. WILLIAM H. TRIMBLE (James 4), b. Nov. 17, 1850; d. 
Aug. 29, 1854. 

V— 685. ESTHER H. TRIMBLE (James 4), b. Feb. 7, 1856; m. 
VINCENT T. REED Jan. 13, 1875, son of Benjamin Reed and Jane Mor- 
rison, b. Oct. 9, 185 1. 

He is a farmer; address McConnelsville, O., R. D. i. 

Issue : — 

1529. Estella T., b. Oct. 1, 1876. 

1630. Anna Myrtle, b. Aug. 24, 1878. 

1531. Bessie Blanche, b. Apr. 20, 1881. 

1532. Elfieda Marian, b. Aug. .'^0. 1892. 

1533. Edith Liencile, b. Jan. 23. 1895. 


V— 686. ELMER ELSWORTH TRIMBLE (James 4), b. May 9. 
1864; m. GEORGLA. FINNIE Nov. 20, 18S9; address, Blue Rock, Muskin- 
gum Co., O. 

Issue : — 

1534 Esther, b. Dec. 15. 1893; d. Dec. 17, 1893. 

1535. Ha^el L., b. Apr. 4, 1897; d. May 20. 1S97. 

1536. James Earl, b. June 18, 1899. 

1537. Maurice F., b. Oct. 18, 1903. 

Ch. of Caleb Harlan Trimble {T.-25J) and Emma B. Taylor. 

V— 687. WILLIAM TRIMBLE ( Caleb H. 4), b. Sept. 21, 1843; d. 
Feb. II, 1845. 

V— 688. WILLIS TRIMBLE (Caleb H. 4), b. Feb. 18, 1845; d. June 
13, 1866 unm. 

V— 689. MARY ELLEN TRIMBLE (Caleb), b. July 13, 1847; d. May 
13, 1888; m. RICHARD EMERSON WHITE Apr. 11, 1867; probable ad- 
dress, Norton, Kansas. 

Issue : — 

1538. Harlan T. "White, b. May 16, 1868; d. 1873. 

1539. Ines White, b. 1S73. 

1540. Jennie White. 

V— 690. ANN ELIZA TRI^IBLE (Caleb 4), b. April i, 1849; d. Ny 
29, 1890; m. ISRAEL MAWHORTER Feb. 8, 1869, son of Robert Maw- 
horter and Deborah, b. 1846; address, 978 4th Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Issue : — 

1541. Ida May, b. Nov. 22, 1869. 

1542. Mary C, b. Oct. 16, 1871. 
No further account. 

V— 691. WASHINGTON T. TRIMBLE (Caleb H. 4), b. Nov. 28, 
1851; m. MARY E. DAUGHERTY, in spring of 1875, dau. of William 
Daugherty and Rebecca , b. Feb. 3, 1854. 

His occupation is a carpenter; address, Fairgrove, Mich. 

Issue : — 

1543. Luetta B., b. Jan. 15, 1876. 

1544. Anna M., b. Feb. 8, 1878. 

1545. Grace E., b. Oct 22. 1881. 

1546. William Harland, b. Oct. 12, 1883. 

1547. Mildred E.. b. Mar. 11. 1889. 

1548. Winnie Hazel, b. May 3, 1895. 


V— 692. LYDIA H. TRIMBLE (Caleb U 4), b. Mar. 22, 1855; d. Jan. 
23, 1887; iTL SETH REED Nov. 26, 1876; probable address Rural Dale, 
Ohio, but no response. 

Issue, furnished by No. 691 : — 

1549. Edwin Reed. 

1550. Shermau Reed. 

1551. Nellie Reed. 

1552. Lydia Reed. 

1553. Another, name not given. 

V— 693. SARAH p. TRIMBLE (Caleb H. 4), b. Aug. 22, 1857; ni. 
ISAAC E. S. PIERPOINT Oct. 14, 1880, b. Jan. 29, 1853, at Chester Hill, 
Morgan Co., O., sen of John Pierpoint (b. Nov. 13, 1812; d. Mar. 17, 1900) 
and Eliza Richardson (b. Aug. 21, 1812; d. Sept. 20, 1878. 

He is in the oil business; residence, 23 Ware St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Issue : — 

1554. Harlan Trimble, b. April 14, 1883. 

V— 694. ADA PHEBE TRIMBLE (Caleb H. 4), b. Dec. 25, 1864; 
m. E. N. MORRISON; address, 414 South St., Zanesville, O. 

Issue : — 

1555. Ernest Morrison. 

1556. William Morrison. 

1557. Floyd Morrison. 

Ch. of Mary Trimble {T.-25S) and William B. Hunter. 

V_695. ANNA LOIS HUNTER (Mary 4), b. April 22, 1864; d. 
May 30, 1864. 

Ch. of Edii'ard Trimble {T.-259) and Harriet A. Silvey. 

V— 696. ROBERT TRIMBLE (Edward 4), b. Jan. 4, 1851; d. Sept. 
25, 1876; unm. 

V— 697. ALICE TRIMBLE (Edward 4), b. Feb. 10, 1854; ra. 

He is an artist, with residence at 20 Mt. Washington Ave., Colorado 
Springs, Col. 

Issue :-^ ■ ; 

1558. Edward T. Craig. 

1559. Alice Craig. 

1560. Charles Craig. 


V_698. ADELIA TRIMBLE (Edward 4), b. Mar. 29, 1858; d. Jan. 
17. 1870. 

Ch. by second zvifc, Emma Bone. 

V— 699. MARY ELEANOR TRIMBLE (Edward 4) ; address, Zanes- 
ville, O., care of H. J. Bone. 

Ch. of John Trimble (7.262) and Sophia White. 

V— 700. JAMES H. TRniBLE (John, John, James, James), b. 
April 24, i860; unm; went to Iowa, 1875, and is located on section 6, Dodge 
Twp., Union Co., Iowa. 

V— 701. JOHN S. TRIMBLE (John, John, James, James), March 13. 
1864; unm. He wrote of himself, brother and mother that they resided at 
Rural Dale, ^Muskingum Co., Ohio, until 1875, when they came to Iowa, 
arriving March first; located on section 5, Highland Twp., Union Co., pre- 
viously located by his father on government land warrants, and here his 
mother died and was buried in Graceland Cemetery. He continues on this 
land, now Rose Lawn Farm; address, Creston, Iowa, Rural Route 2, Box yj. 

Line of James, James, Phebe. 

Ch. of James House {T.-264) and Rebecca K. Embree, bom in Pocopson, 
Chester Co., Pa. 

V— 702. WILLIAM E. HOUSE (James, Phebe, James, James), b. i 
mo. 7, 1833; d. 7 mo. 3, 1903; m. PHEBE CALDWELL 2 mo. 23, 1858, 
dau. of James Caldwell and Sarah Huey,* b. 9 mo. — , 1838. 

He carried on the milling business ior several years in Pocopson, East 
Brandywine and Uwchlan, but the last twelve years of his life were spent in 
retirement in West Chester, Pa. His death was sudden. He had made prep- 
arations to visit his daughter at Downingtown and arrived at the electric rail- 
way station with two packages, and whilst there was stricken with heart fail- 
ure and soon ceased to breathe. It w-as said of him : "He was a man of good 
attainments and though imobtrusive was a good conversationalist, a good 

Note. — Sarah Huey Caldwell was one of a family of children born to John Huey, 
■who m. Phebe Martin, sister to Hannah, who was the wife of John Palmer, No. 21, 
and Benjamin Martin, who had married Hnunah Palmer, No. 44. John Huey, the 
youngest of the children of James Huey and Mary Miller, whose father was an English- 
man. James Huey, b. 1-6-1737; d. about 1S20, a son of William Huey, a native of Ire- 
land, and his wife, Jane, a native of Wales, who emigrated and settled in Westtown, 
Chester Co., Pa. 


citizen and of upright habits." He had expressed the expectation of his life 
ending suddenly. He was buried at West Chester Friends' grounds. 

Issue : — 

1561. James Caldwell, b. 12-26-1858. 

1562. S. Warren, b. 5-21-1S61. 

1563. Josephine, b. 6-30-1868. 

V— 703. PHEBE J. HOUSE (James, Phebe, James, James), b. 7 mo. 
30, 1S35; d. II mo. 29, 1909; unm.. 

V— 704. SALLIE D. HOUSE (James, Phebe, James, James), b. 4 mo. 
3, 1S37; unm. 

V — 705. LYDIA W. HOUSE (James, Phebe, James, James), b. 2 mo. 
19. 1844; urm. 

The residence of these sisters is West Chester, Pa. They are members 
of the Society of Friends. 

Line of James, Ann, Sar.mi. 
Ch. of Lydia Baily {T.-26S) and Nathaniel Scarlett. 

W—yo6. SARAH SCARLETT (Lydia, Sarah, Ann, James), b. 9 mo. 
15, 1811; d. I mo. 15, 1898; m. WILLL\M JOHNSON 11 mo. 19, 1841 
(his second wife), son of Joshua Johnson and Ann Pennock, b. 2 mo. 22, 
1799; d. 7 mo. 20, 1878; both buried at Londongrove Altg. No children. 

(Joshua Johnson m. second, Margaret Qiamberlain Carter, No. 83, of 
this work). 

William Johnson engaged extensively in the manufacture of mowing 
machines soon after their invention, having shops at Newark, Del. He after- 
wards purchased and resided on a farm in West Alarlborough and afterwards 
on one at Toughkenamon, Pa. His death resulted from being thrown from a 
load of wheat on which he was riding, by the load slipping off going down 
a steep hill, receiving injuries which caused his death that night. He was a 
man of more than ordinary ability and active in the affairs of the commimity 
in which he lived. In religion he belonged to the Society of Friends, and 
in his latter years became an elder, in which position he was held in marked 
respect. After his death Sarah resided in Kennett Square, Pa. 

Y—yoy. MARY SCARLETT (Lydia, Sarah, Ann, James), b. i mo. 
23, 1813; d. 2 mo. 22,- 1852; m. ELLIS P. MARSIL\LL 4 mo. 17, 185 1 


(his second wife), son of Samuel Marshall* and Philena Pusey, b. 10 mo. 22, 
1815; d. 7 mo. 20, 1892; both buried at Concord Mtg. 

He was a brother to Margaret, the wife of JMorris Palmer, Xo. 599. of 
this work. He inherited the fann of his ancestors in Concord, Delaware 
Co., Pa., Concordville station of the Central Division of the P. R. R. being 
on one side of the place. Whilst his general business was farming, in which 
he was eminently successful, he was also for a few years in the lumber and 
coal trade. He was during his whole life particularly interested in religion 
as held by the Society of Friends, and had been in his monthly meeting its 
clerk, overseer and elder, which last position he held at the time of his death. 
He had also been a member of the representative committee of the yearly meet- 
ing. In the community in which he lived he was held in such high regard 
as to be constantly engaged as a trustee of funds and in the settlement of 
estates and other fiduciary ot^ces of importance. He thus to an eminent 
degree enjoyed the confidence of his fellow men. By his first wife, Anna Bar- 
tram,, he had a dau. Anna, of whom notice will be taken in No. T.-1580 of 
this work. Mary's child was : 
1564. Mary S. M., b. 1-19-1852. 

V— 708. ABIAH SCARLETT (Lydia, Sarah, Ann, Tames), b. 3 mo. 
5, 1816; d. 12 mo. 31, 1887; m. SARAH D. HOOPES 5 mo. 23, 1844, d^u. 
of John P. Hoopest and Elizabeth Hunt, b. 12 mo. 29, 1822. 

He was a farmer at the homestead, a fertile farm in close proximity 
to Kennett Square, Pa. He was a Friend ; was buried at Union Hill Ceme- 
tery, Kennett Square. 

Issue : — 

1565. Anna Mary, b. 4-6-1845 

1566. William Hoopes, b. 3-17-1848. 

1567. Taylor, b. 2-3-1851; d. 2-25-1907. 

1568. Elizabeth Hoopes, b. 5-15-1852. 

V— 709. DEBORAH SCARLETT (Lydia, Sarah, Ann, James), b. 12 
mo. 17, 1820; d. 5 mo. 16, 1856, at Kennett Square and buried there; m. 
JASPER C. WAY II mo. 12, 1840, son of Moses Way and Susanna Wilkin- 
son, of Pennsbury, b. 5 mo. 27, 1817; d. 10 mo. 21, 1903; bur. at Old Keimett 

He resided in several localities and was at one time near Alexandria, Va. 

*Note. — Samuel Marshall, son of Thomas Marshall and Mary Grubb, b. 3 mo. 24, 
1789; d. 8 mo. 27, 1832. PhiUna, dau. of Ellis Pusey and Abigail Brinton. Thomas, son 
Of Thomas Marshall, Jr., and Edith Newlin. Thomas, Jr., son of Thomas Marshall,' Sr., 
and Hannah Mendenhall. Thomas, Sr., son of John Marshall, who emigrated from Der- 
byshire, England, and settled at Darby, Pa., and m. Sarah Smith. 

fNote. — John P. Hoopes, son of Francis Hoopes and Mary Pratt. Francis, sou of 
John Hoopes and Christian Reynolds, John being the ninth of the seventeen children 
of Daniel Hoopes and Jane Worrilow, mentioned at length in note to T.-2S2. 


His last residence was Hockessin, Del. He m. second, Sarah S. iNIatlack, of 
New Jersey, 8 mo. 1858. by whom he had a son, Josiah G. 
Issue by Deborah : — 

15C9. Charles C, b. 8-9-1842. 

1570. Nathaniel S., b. 12-19-1843; d. 8-24-1904. 

1571. George B.. b. 8-13-1845; d. 10-22-1871. 

1572. Alfred H., b. 9-23-1S47. 

1573. I-Yancls W., b. 6-1-1852. 

V— 710. ANNIE SCARLETT (Lydia, Sarah, Ann, James), b. 9 mo. 

20, 1822; d. II mo. 27, 1866; m. ELIAS HICKS 11 mo. 18, 1847, in New 
Garden, son of Thomas Hicks and Amy Wilkinson, b. at Londongrove, 10 mo. 

21, 1822; d. at Kennett Square, 8 mo. 10, 1873; both buried at Londongrove 

They settled on his father's farm, but moved to Kennett Square and 
engaged in the coal trade for a few years before his death. 
Issue : — 

1574. Sarah J., b. 11-11-1848. 

1575. Mary B.. b. 9-11-1S50. 

1576. Lydia S., b. 1-22-1853; d. 10-15-1862. 

1577. Amie \V., b. 7-19-1855. 

V— 711. JOEL SCARLETT (Lydia, Sarah, Ann, James) b. 6 mo. 26, 
1828; d. II mo. 30, 1894; buried at Union Hill Cemeteiy; m. xA.nnie Chandler 
2 mo. 17, 1855, dau. of Williain Chandler and Ruthanna Davis, of New Gar- 
den, b. 10 mo. 26, 1829; d. 6 mo. 15, 1857; buried at Kennett Square Mtg. 

(William, was a son of John Chandler and Anna Jones, of Kentucky. 
Ruthanna was a dau. of Samuel Davis, of Charlestown, Chester Co., Pa. 

M. second, JANE RICHARDS, 2 mo. 18, 1864, dau. of John Richards 
and Phebe Thompson, of New Garden, b. there i mo. 29, 1834. 

(John was a son of Isaac Richards and Tamzin Hoopes. Phebe Thomp- 
son was a dau. of Daniel and Elizabeth Thompson.) 

Joel was a farmer, having a farm just west of Kennett Square, to which 
town he retired before his death. He was an intelligent man, was interested 
in mineralogy and had quite an extensive collection of minerals which his 
heirs presented to Swarthmore College, where they are kept as a special con- 
tribution in his name. Since his death his widow has removed to Media, Pa. 

Issue by first wife: — 

1578. Mary M., b. 1-20-1856. 

By second wife: — 

1579. Annie C, b. 1-26-1865. 

1580. Phebe T., b. 1-6-1868. 

Line of James, Isaac, Joseph. 

Ch. of Phebe Trimble {T.-2j^) and Edmund Hoopes, born in Harford Co., 


V— 712. ELIZABETH HOOPES (Phebe 4), b. 7 mo. 15, i85i;d. 
7 mo. 17, 1851. 


V— 713. CAROLINE HOOPES (Phebe, Joseph, Isaac, James), b. 5 
mo. 15, 1852; m. REV. JOHN A. SINGMASTER Nov. i, 1S77, i" Pl^il^" 
delphia, son of James Singmaster and Sarah Ann Mattern, of ^lacungie. Pa., 
b. Aug. 31, 1852. He is a Lutheran minister ; settled tirst at Schuylkill Haven, 
Pa.; thence Nov. 8. 1882, to Macungie; thence Feb., 1887, to Brooklyn, N. 
Y. ; thence IMay i, 1890, to Allentown, Pa. They now reside at Gettysburg, 
Pa., where he is president of Gettysburg Seminary. 

Issue : — 

1581. James Arthur, b. Aug. 7. 1878. 

1582. Elsie, b. Aug. 29, 1879. 

1583. John Howard, b. Mar. 26, 1881. 

1584. Edmund H., b. Sept. 21. 1884. 
1685. Paul, b. July 4, 1887. 

V— 714. WILLIAM HOOPES CPhebe 4), b. 5 mo. 26, 1855; d- 8 
mo, 14, 1856. 

V— 715. WALTER HOOPES (Phebe, Joseph. Isaac, James), b. July 
7, 1857; m. ANNA W. BALLING Oct. 18, 1890, dau. of William Balling 
and Edith Garner, b. Jan. 17, 1S59. 

He is engaged with the firm of Hoopes Bros, and Barlington, spoke and 
wheel works, with residence 234 E. Gay St., West Chester, Pa. No issue. 

V— 716. ELIZABETH HOOPES (Phebe 4), b. 2 mo. 5, 1861; d. i 
mo. I, 1864. 

V— 717. EBMUNB B. HOOPES (Phebe, Joseph, Isaac, James), b. i 
mo. 14, 1863; m. E^IMA ROWLANB HAINES 4 mo. 22, 1884, in Phila- 
delphia, dau. of Clayton Engle Haines and Caroline Comly, of West Goshen, 
Pa., b. Upper Greenwich, N. J.. 8 mo. 7, 1865. granddau. of Emmor Comly, 
a son of John Comly (the grammarian and eminent Friends' minister) and 
Rachel Budd, of Byberry, Philadelphia. 

He is a timber purchasing agent for Hoopes Bros. & Barlington, spoke 
and wheel manufacturers of West Chester, Pa., where they reside at 343 E. 
Biddle St. It is an interesting fact that Gay St. is the oldest street in the town 
and was the dividing line between the lands of John Haines on the south and 
Baniel Hoopes on the north, before the town was started, these being the an- 
cestors of this couple. They were at first Friends, but in June, 1894, joined 
the Presbyterian church. 

Issue : — 

1586. Norman Haines, b. 1-28-1885. 

1587. Florence Josephine, b. 1-3-18S7. 

1588. Allan Trimble, b. 9-2-1888. 

1589. Elizabeth Comly, b. 9-28-1889. 

1590. Clayton Engle, b. 9-24-1893. 

1591. Edmund D.. Jr., b. 3-13-1896. 



Ch. of Rachel Trimble {T.-2J4) and Darlington Hoopes, born in Ilarfonl 

Co., Md. 

V— 718. JOSEPH TRIMBLE HOOPES (Rachel 4), b. 3 mo. 24, 
1847; d. 9 mo. 21, 1848. 

V— 719. EMILY HOOPES (Rachel 4) b. 2 mo. 12, j8^o; d. 7 mo. 
30, 1850. 

V— 720. JOSEPH T. HOOPES (2d) (Rachel Joseph, Isaac. James). 
b. 8 mo. 22, 1852; m. JUDITH SCOTT PRESTON 10 mo. 7, 1873, at 
Little Falls Mtg., dau. of Edmond Preston and Phebe H. Hoskins, of Falston, 
Md., b. 8 mo. 9, 1852; d. 10 mo. 6, 1907. They settled first in West Ches- 
ter, Pa., but removed 10 mo. 19, 1875, to a part of the homestead in Harford 
Co., Md., which he owns. P. O. Bynum, Md. He has a fine herd of Jersey 
cows. They are Friends. 

Issue : — 

1592. Wllmer P., b. 10-2-1874. 

1593. Miriam, b. 10-19-1875. 

1594. Herbert, b. 1-S-1S77. 

1595. Robert D.. b. 9-6-1S82. 

1596. Rachel T., b. 1-15-1892. 

V— 721. DAVID HOOPES (Rachel, Joseph, Isaac, James), b. 8 mo. 
22, 1855; d. 3 mo. 18, 1893; m. DORA SHERMAN 12 mo. 25, 1889, at 
Mt. Sidney, Va., dau. of W. F, Sherman and Lucretia Margaret Miller, of 
Iron Gate, Va. 

She m. second, John A. Johnson, Jan., 1900; address, Staunton, Va, 

Issue of Da\'-id : — 

1597. T. Maurice, b. 2-7-1891, at Mt. Sidney, Va. 

1598. Anna T., b. 6-5-1892, at Hagerstown, Md. 

V— 722. CLEMENT D. HOOPES (Rachel. Joseph, Isaac, Tames), b. 
12 mo. 10, 1861 ; m. MARTHA FLETCHER PRICE 3 mo. 18. '1885, dau. 
of Edward Rutledge Price and Laura Edward Michael, b. i mo. 19, 1868, at 
Cold Spring, Harford Co., and m. there. 

He was a farmer when married. He was in business aftenvards for a 
few years in Washington, D. C, and Baltimore, Md., then returned to the 
old Trimble homestead in Harford Co. and went into dairying at Bynum, 
Md. Address, Forrest Hill, R. F. D., Md. 

Issue : — 

1599. Clement Darlington, b. 2-26-1886. 

1600. Edith Cheyney, b. 6-5-1887; d. 3-3-1892. 

1601. Martha Fletcher, b. 7-5-1SS8; d. 1-26-1SS9. 

1602. Henry Arthur, b. 8-19-1S89. 

1603. Martha Price, b. 5-18-1S91. 

1604. Rupert Lee, b. 7-24-1894. 

1605. Raymond Franklin, b. 11-3-1897. 

1606. Joseph Trimble, b. 11-25-1900. 


V— 723. ANNA T. HOOPES (Racliel, Joseph, Isaac, James), b. 8 mo. 
8, 1866; m. RUSSELL HOOPES 11 mo. 11. 1S93. at Baltimore, Md., son 
of William Hoopes and Virginia Russell, of West Chester, Pa., b. 4 mo. 30, 

He was for some time at Winona, Miss., erecting- a mill for Ploopes, Bro. 
& Darlington, of West Chester; no\v superintendent and one of that firm; 
residence, 416 W. Union St., West Chester, Pa. 

Issue : — 

1C07. Virgrinia Riispell, b. 6-15-1896. 

1608. Elizabeth Darlington, b. 10-8-1S97. 

1609. Constance Trimble, b. 12-18-1904. 

Ch. of Elizabeth Trimble {T.-2J5) mui IVilliam Hoopes. 

V— 724. ELIZABETH T. HOOPES (Elizabeth 4) b. 5 mo. 16, 1857; 
d. 7 mo. 2y, 1857. 

Line of James, Isaac, John. 
Ch. of Elizabeth Trimble {T.-2/7), and Tristram Boudlc. 
V— 725. SARAH JANE BOUDLE, b. 1825; d. 1828. 

V_726. JOHN TRIMBLE BOUDLE, b. 1S26; d. 1828. 

Ch. of Isaac Trimble {T.-s'^S) and Rebecca B. Moore, born in Baltimore, Md. 

Y—72y. JOHN TRIMBLE (Isaac, John, Isaac, James), b. Apr. 16, 
1830; d. 1871 ; m. HESTER ■ . 

They removed to San Francisco. Cal. He was engaged in seafaring, and 
lost his life by the foundering of the vessel of which he was an officer on a 
voyage from San Francisco to Alaska. Reported to have had a daughter, who 
"died a married woman several years ago." 

Issue : — 
1610. A daughter {?). 

V— 728. JAMES MOORE TRIMBLE (Isaac, John, Isaac. James), b. 
Mar. 2, 1832; m. ISABELLA GUTHRIE Jan. 5, 1865, in New Orleans, 
La., dau. of Charles Guthrie and Agnes (nee Hunter), of Dundee, Scotland, 
where she was b. July 4, 1833. 

His occupation was sailmaking. He removed to Ncav Orleans in 1856, 
where his wife was a milliner at 453 Dryades St. In 1894 they removed to 
Stafford, Boliver Co., Miss. 


Issue, born in New Orleans : 

1611. Alice Rebecca, b. Jan. 17, 1S66. 

1612. William Guthrie, b. May 2. 1868. 

1613. James Moore, b. SepL 17, 1870; d. Sept. 12, 1S92. 

1614. Isabelle Guthrie, b. April 16, 1874. 

1615. Jessie Craw-ford, b. Aug. 28, 1877. 

V— 729. MARY ELIZABETH TRIMBLE (Isaac, John, Isaac, 
James), b. Aug. 29, 1833; d. Jan. 21, 1901 ; m. WILLIAM CRAWFORD 
April II, 1854, son of Alfred Crawford and Eliza Aitken, b. Mar. 11, 1828; 
d. Oct. 8, 1882. 

He was engaged with the P., W. & B. R. R., with residence cor. High 
and Trinity Sts., Baltimore.Md. ; both buried in Greenmount Cemetery, Bal- 
timore, Md. 

Issue, born in Baltimore, Md. 

1616. Mary Blair, b. April 3, 1855; d. Jan. 3, 1899. 

1617. Ella, b. June 14, 1858. 

1618. Alfred, b. Feb. 6, 1S63; d. May 14, 1891 (?). 

1619. Jessie Aiken, b. Feb. 23, 1865; d. Aug. 20, 1875 (?). 

1620. Grace Rutherford, b. Feb. S, 1870. 

V— 730. CATHARINE TANE TRIMBLE (Isaac, John, Isaac, James), 
b. April II, 1836; m. JAMES BALLOCK, JR., May 5, 1853, son of James 
Ballock. In 1874 they were in Washington, D, C. 

Issue : — 

1621. Archibald, b. Feb. 25, 1854. 

1622. Catherine, b. Nov. 22, 1856; dec'd (?). 
Nothing further of this family found. 

Ch. of Mary Trimble {T.-2Jq) and Samuel F. Troth, born in Philadelphia, 


V— 731. SAMUEL TROTH, b. 6 mo. 12, 1830; d. 7 mo. 2, 1830 . 

V— 732. ELIZABETH TRIMBLE TROTH (Mary, John, Isaac, 
James), b. 6 mo. 15, 1831; unm; 

She, in conjunction with her sisters, has furnished considerable infor- 
mation towards the completion of this work. Resided with the rest of the 
family for many years at 1019 Cherry St., but later at 3605 Baring St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. The family are all Friends. 

V— 733. JOHN TRIMBLE TROTH (Mary, John, Isaac, James), b. 
10 mo. 31, 1833; d. II mo. 20, i860; m. ELIZABETH TAYLOR LIPPIN- 
COTT 10 mo. 30, 1856, dau. of John Lippincott and Alice. She d. 7 mo. 
6, 1861. They resided at Burlington, N. J. No issue. 


V— 734. MARY JANE TROTH b. 5 mo. 28, 1837; d. 10 mo. 26, 1837. 

V— 735. SAMUEL BERRY TROTH, b. 8 mo. 29, 1838; d. i mo. 
21, 1839. 

V— 736. ANNA BERRY TROTH (Mary 4), b. 4 mo. 19, 1840; d. 4 
mo. 17, 1907; unm. 

V— 738. MARY TROTH (Mary 4), b. i mo. 31, 1843; unm- 

V— 738. SARAH JANE TROTH (Mary 4), b. 10 mo. 18. 1844; unm. 
These two sisters reside together with their elder sister at 3605 Bar- 
ing St. 

V— 739. SAMUEL HENRY TROTH (Mary, John. Isaac, James), 
b. I mo. 18, 185 1 ; m. ANNA SHIPLEY 6 mo. 27, 1883, dau. of Samuel R. 
Shipley* and Anna Shinn, b. 9 mo. 24, 1854; d. 6 mo. 26, 1884. She was b. 
in Philadelphia; m. at "Winden," Chester Co., and d. in Philadelphia; buried 
in West Laurel Hill. 

M. second, JOSEPHINE CORSE, 10 mo. 6, 1887, dau. of Wilham 
Henry Corse and Laura Pleasants. She d. 3 mo. 31, 1908. 

He resides at St. David's Delaware Co., Pa., but has business office at 
409 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Note. — Samuel R. Shipley and Anna Shinn were m. at Orange St. Mtg., Philadel- 
phia, 9 mo. 10, 1851. she a dau. of Earl Shinn and Sarah Comfort, b. in that citv 10 
mo. 26, 1826: d. 4 mo. 2S, 1888. He was b. in that city 1 mo. 8. 1828, and was for many 
years a leading merchant. In 1864 he retired from commercial life and soon after be- 
came President of the Provident Life and Trust Company of Philadelphia, and -nas re- 
elected each year until age required his ceasing from its arduous duties. He had m. 
second Agnes G. Evans and had other children. He was a son of Thomas Shipley and 
Lydia Richards Elliott, who were m. 12 mo. 14. 1826. she being a descendant of John 
Sharpless the emigrant. She lived to the great age of nearly ninety-seven years, dying 
12 mo. 11, 1885, at her son's. It is said her memory was a storehouse of delightful 
reminiscences, recollecting the yellow fever of 1703. many of the striking characters of 
her early days, amongst whom was George Washington during his residence as Presi- 
dent in Philadelphia, pnd a familiar figure on Chestnut street. Of Thomas Shipley, it 
Is written that he was a son of William Shipley, of a Quaker family of Uttoxeter. Staf- 
fordshire, England, and came to America about 1750. and m. Margaret Maries. The 
son, Thomas, was b. 4 mo. 2, 1784; d. 9 mo. 17, 1836. He was a man of strong charac- 
ter; he abhored human slavery, and was a prominent advocate for its abolition Of 
him Whittler wrote: 

"Oh loved of thousands, to thy grave 

Sorrowing of heart thy brethren bore thee; 
The poor man and the rescued slave 

Wept as the broken earth closed o'er thee. 
And grateful tears, like suruni'^r rain 

Quickened the dying grass again." 


Issue : — 

1623. John Theodore, b. 5-30-1SS4. 

1624. Anna M. S., b. 5-25-1SS9. 

1625. Miriam, b. 6-15-1S92; d. S-22-1S93. 

1626. Frederick William, b. 8-10-1S95; d. 9-24-1S9S. 

1627. Edward Pemberton, b. 9-12-1900. 

Ch. of John Trimble {T.-281) and Sarah R. Maslin. 

V— 740. ELIZABETH ^lASLIN TROIBLE (John, John, Isaac, 
James), b. July 16, 1832; m. JOHN BECK July 12, 1854, son of Benjamin 
Franklin Beck and Ruelma Hurtt. b. Oct. 6, 1832; d. June 27, 1872. Resided 
at Chestertown, Kent Co., Md., where she remained. 

M. second, JOHN BRICE, Feb. — 1S80. He d. Oct. 23, 1901. 
(The deceased members of this family were all buried in St. Paul's Cem- 

Issue by first husband only: — 

1628. Benjamin, b. April 15, 1855; d. Dec. 8, 1855. 

1629. Marv Elma, b. July 11, 1857; d. May 1, 1858. 

1630. John Charles, b. Dec. 29. 1838. 

1631. Annie Orne, b. Jan. 20, 1861, 

1632. Elizabeth T.. b. Dec. 5, 1862; d. Feb. 10, 1863. 

1633. Rose Elma, b. Dec. 24, 1864. 

1634. Marv Augusta, b. Juno 11, 1867; d. July 22, 1870. 

1635. William Henry H., b. July 1, 18G9; dec'd. 

1636. Emma Josephine, b. Aug. 29, 1S71. 

Ch. of David B. Trimble, M. D. (T.-282) and Elizabeth T. Askczv, the first 
four born in Cecil Co., ISId., the rest in Burlington, N. J. 

V— 741. JOHN JOSEPH TRHIBLE (Da*vid, John. Isaac. James), b. 
Sept. 27, 1841 ; m. ANNIE MARTHA WHEELER June 9, 1874, dau. of 
John Wheeler and Maria — , b. Dec. 6, 1847; d. Feb. 27, 1902. 

During the Civil War he enhsted in Co. G, 91st Regt.,Pa.Inf.. as corporal. 
Nov. I, 1861 ; discharged from same Aug. 12. 1S62. to accept same date pro- 
motion as First Lieutenant in Co. F, 12th Regt. N. J. Inf : resignation ac- 
cepted on account of poor health Oct. 31, 1863; he was engaged in the two 
great battles of Chancellorsville and Gettysburg, in the latter of which he was 
wounded. Afterwards he was in the book trade in Chicago, 111. Present 
residence at the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, Danville, 111. 

Issue : — 

1637 Alice Elizabeth, b. May 22. 1875. 

1638. David John, b. Aug. 14, 1878: d. Nov. — , 1884. 

V— 742. ALFRED ASKEW TRIMBLE (David B. 4), b. Nov. 3, 
1843; d. April 22, 1849. 

V— 743. ANNA SHERWOOD TRIMBLE (David B. 4). b. June 


J. 1846: m. HEXRY HERBERT SWIXBL'RXE Dec. 7. 1871. son of Dan- 
iel Thomas Swinburne and Harriet Knowles, of Newport. R. I., b. there Jan. 

8. 1849- 

He is a civil engineer and architect ;was for some time located at Chicago, 
111., and later in New York, with address at 202 West 79th St., that city., but 
permanent home at Newport, R. I. 

Issue : — 
1639. Lawrence Trimble, b. Nov. 16, 1872. 

V_744. JAAIES EDWARD TRDIBLE (David B., John, Isaac, 
James), b. Dec. 4, 1848; d. Oct. 13, 1894; unm. He had a position in a Chi- 
cago, III, bank; removed to Jacksonville, Fla., where he died; buried in St. 
Peter's Cem., Fernandina, Fla. 

V— 745. ELIZABETH BROWN TRIMBLE (David, John. Isaac, 
James), b. Nov. 22, 1850: d. Aug. 2, 1887, on the cars near Fairbanks, Flor- 
ida; m. REV. WILLIAM J. O'BRIEN Aug. 12. 1879. 

He is a rector in P. E. Church ; resides at Yreka, Cal. 

Issue, born at Watsonville, Santa Cruz Co., Cal. : — 

1640. Edward Galbraith, b. Sopt. 24, ISSO. 

1641. Mary Florence, b. Jan. 21, 1885. 

V— 746. WILLIAM PINCKNEY TRIMBLE (David B. 4), b. Apr. 
4, 1853; d. May 13, 1853. 

V— 747. MARY TRIMBLE (David B. 4). b. March 5. 1854; d. Sept. 
26, 1876; resided at Geneva, 111.; bur. in Lakewood Cem. at that place. 

V— 748. HENRY PETERKIN TRIMBLE (David. John, Isaac. 
James), b. Jan. 2, i860; m. CLARA CALISTA CRANDALL May 28, 1895. 
at Crandall, Nassau. Co., Fla.. dau. of Simeon Crandall and Mary Bridges, of 
Mass. b. April 11, 1863. 

He went to Florida in 1880; lived at St. Augustine. Fernandina. Cran- 
dall. again at Fernandina, then moved to Amcricus. Ga.. in Jan.. 1906. and 
to St. Mary's, Ga., Dec, 1908, where he is editor and manager of the ne^vs- 
paper "South East Georgian." 

Issue, born at Crandall, Fla. : — 

1642. Marv Everett Trimble, b. Oct. 17, 1896. 

1643. David Henry Trimble, b. April 25, 1900; d. April 29, 1900. 

Ch. of Joseph Trimble (T.-283) and Sarah A. Davis, the four oldest bom 
in Baltimore, Md. 

V— 749. ARMON DAVIS TRIMBLE (Joseph, John, Isaac. James), 



b. Feb. 2, 1842: m. ELIZABETH ANNA CHAYTOR Nov. — , 1896, dan. 
of George W. and Armina Cha}tor. 

He entered the army during' tlie Civil War and rose from the ranks to 
a lieutenancy. He is a practical chemist; resided for some years in Philadel- 
phia and later in Elkton, Md. No issue. 

V— 750. JOHN BROWN TRIMBLE (Joseph, John, Isaac, James). 
b. Sept. 23. 1843; d- Sept. 12, 1S90; m. SARAH FRENCH HOLLINGS- 
LIEAD June i, 1S71. dau. of Florace Hugli and Abbie Ann Hollingshead, of 
Staten Island, N. Y. 

She d. some years before her husband. Both were buried in West Laurel 
Hill Cenietery. He was engaged with the firm of Y^amall & Trimble, of 
which his father was one. No issue. 

V— 751. JOSEPH R. TRIMBLE (Joseph, John, Isaac, James) b. May 
II, 1845; d. March i, 1907; unm. He was an accountant in Philadelphia; 
buried in Laurel Hill Cem. 

V— 752. JAMES L. TRIMBLE (Joseph. John. Isaac, James), b. Jan. 
26. 1847; m. MATILDA WARNOCK TAYLOR Sept. 16. 1S74. dau. of 
Charles Taylor (b. Aug. 20, 1801) and Mary Kesler (b. Sept. 27. 1805, 
who were m. Mar. 30, "1823. They had nine ch., of which Matilda W. was 
the youngest), b. Sept. 29, 1847; ^- ^o\. 3. 1906. 

He is a teller in the Trust Company of North America, at 505 Chestnut 
St., Philadelphia, Pa. Resides at ^Moorestown, N. J. 

Issue : — 

1641. Marv Taylor, b. July 1, 1S75; d. Aug. 11, 1S75. 

1645. Sarah Davis*, b. Sept. 15, 1876. 

1646. Emilv Taylor, b. Aug. 31, ISSl. 

1647. Elizabeth Brown, b. May 27, 1SS5. 

V— 753. MARY JANE TRIMBLE, b. Mar. i, 1850; d. July 1,6 1852. 

V— 754. DxWID TRIMBLE, b. Dec. 29, 185 1; d. Nov. 25, 1862. 

V— 755. GRANVILLE TRIMBLE, b. July 15, 1855; d. June 16, 1865. 

V— 756. SAMUEL C. TRIMBLE (Joseph, John, Isaac. James), b. 
Dec. 20, 1857; unm. He is a bookkeeper; address, 5548 Cedar Ave., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Note.— Sarah D. Trirable givns the information that her grandmother, Sanh .\. 
Davis, (see T.-28.3), dau. of Armon Davis, born 17S1, and .\nna Ellzabefh R'^fscbnyd'T. 
the latter bein^ a dau. of loiminr'; Roifschnyder, who m. Ann Maria Wagntr, a dau. of 
Adam Wagner, but dates not given. 


Line of James, Isaac, Mary. 
CJi. of Jesse Trimble Peters {T.-2S6) and Catharine Adaline Nelson. 

V— 757. MARY FRANCES PETERS (Jesse, Mary, Isaac, James), 
b. Aug. 12, 1834; d. July 13, 1899, unm. ; 

V— 758. JESSE T. PETERS, JR., (Jesse, Mary, Isaac, James), b. July 
12, 1841; d. Sept. 15, 1891. 

Ch. of JoJm Peters {T.-2S/) and Ann M. Dillehimt. 

V— 759. GEORGE ALBERT PETERS (John, Mary, Isaac, James), 
b. Sept. 12, 1826; d. Dec. 5, 1867; uiim. 

V— 760. MATILDA PETERS (John, Mary, Isaac. James), b. July 4, 
1828; d. April 4, 1862; m. HENRY McLINN, 1856; resided in Baltimore, 
Md.; he is also deceased. No issue. - 

V— 761. ANNA MARIA PETERS (John, Mary, Isaac, James), b. 
Nov. 18, 1836; unm.; resides in Baltimore, Md. 

V_762. JOHN D. PETERS (John 4), b. July 4, 1838; d. July 8, 

V— 763. EMMA C. PETERS (John 4), b. May 11, 1840; bur. Feb. 21, 

V— 764. CLINTON HENRY PETERS (John, Mary, Isaac. James), 
b. Feb. 14, 1842; bur. Jan. 7, 1907; unm.; bur in Greenmount Cemetery. 

Ch. of George Peters (T.-288) and Sarah Cordray, born in Baltimore, Md. 

V— 765. WINFIELD PETERS (George. Mary, Isaac. James), b. July 
8, 1841 ; m. MARY E. GIRVIN Nov. 10, 1869, dau. of James Gin-in and 
Sarah A. Smith, b. Mar. 19, 1840. 

He ^vas a soldier in the Maryland Line, ist Regt. Infantry. 1861-62. and 
an officer, 1862-65, in the army of Northern Virginia. C. S. A. He began 
service under Johnston at Harper's Ferry, Va., followed Gen. Lee from June 
1862 to Appomattox; withdrawing prior to the surrender; with his men joined 
Johnston at Greensboro, N. C. ; rode with cav. escort of Prest. Davis to Char- 


lotte, N. C, thence started with others for Trans-Mississippi Dept. ; was cnjv- 
tured at Athens, Ga., by Stoneman's Federal cavalry : escai->ed and was parukd 
in Oi>eHka, Ala., June 21, 1865. and retunied to Baltimore. Md., Oct. 5. 1S65, 
having been absent 4 years. 4 months and 4 days. In 1872 he became a mem- 
ber of the firm of Snowden & Peters, fertilizers and commission business, in 
Baltimore, Md. This partnership was dissolved Dec. 31. 1S75. and Mr. Peters 
continued the business and developed an extensive trade in the Southern 
States. He retired from business following the great fire of Feb. 7-8, 1904, 
and engaged in extensive private and public enterprises. He is a member of 
the Historical Com. on Southern School History: also Col. 2 iSl. G. Staff of 
Lt. Gen. C. Irvine Walker, commanding army of Northern Virginia Dept., 
United Confederate Veterans. He organized Isaac R. Trimble Camp,_ 1897. 
and one other in Baltimore. In June, 1867, he helped raise and organize the 
First Battalion Light Artillery, M. N. G., was adjutant 1S67-68; elected cap- 
tain (Aug. 1868) Light Battery "C," four Napoleon guns, six gun detach- 
ment. Resigned Oct, 1869. Residence 11 17 McCuUoh St., Baltimore, Md. 

Issue : — 

1648. Annie G., b. June 8, 1871; d. July 1, 1872. 

1649. Mary Lillian, b. Jan. 16. 1S71; d. June 16, 1875. 

1650. James Girvin, b. Nov. 14. 1876. 

V— 766. CLARENCE PETERS (George, Mary, Isaac. James), b. 
Nov. 8, 1843; <^- Oct. 10, 1892; buried in Loudon Park Cemetery; m. EMMA 
HACK Jan. 10, 1867, dau. of John Hack and Elizabeth Erwin, b. May 6, 

Resided in Baltimore, Md., where his widow continues. Address, 635 
W. Lafayette Ave. He was for some time a wholesale dealer in wines and 
liquors and subsequently was in the real estate business until his death. He 
was active in the military service of Md. Nat. Guard, 1867-77. In July, 1877, 
he was Col. Sixth Regt. Inf., during the "railroad riot" and under orders 
sent 3 companies to reinforce Fifth Regt. Inf., leaving himself and 32 men 
to defend the Armory at Front and Fayette Sts., containing 2 Catling giins, 
500 rifles and 10,000 cartridges against the mob. The 3 companies marching 
through the streets were assailed by the mob. and fired upon them, causing 
some casualities, but checking the rioters. Col. Peters resigned after he had 
spent 8 years in perfecting his regiment, because of not being sustained by the 
Governor of Maryland, and quit the military service. 

Issue : — 

1651. Carrie Virginia, b. Oct. 11. 1867. 

1652. Emma Mae, b. Aug. 8, 1869. 

V— 767. MARY PETERS (George, Mary, Isaac. James), b. Jan. 7, 
1846; m. ELIJAH J. BOND. Dec. — . 1874. son of Maj. William Bond and 
Charlotte Richardson. Address, Charleston, W. Va. 

Issue : — 

1653. William (3d), b. Sept. — , 1876. 


V_768. GEORGE H. PETERS (George 4), b. May 30. 1S4S; d. Feb. 
27. 1885; unm. ; bur. in Greenmount Cemetery. 

In Jan., 1863, he, accompanied by his mother, went into the Confederacy; 
in 1863-64 he was courier to Medical Director Cavrington, Richmond, Va. ; 
In Sept., 1864, enhsted in Co. G.. 3rd Bat. Res. Troops, under Brig. Gen. 
Geo. C. Lee, and served in the hues in front of Fort Harrison until April, 
1865. He was afterwards a traveling salesman for wholesale clothiers. Hart- 
man & Whitehill, of Baltimore, Md., and died in that city. 

V— 769. ISABEL PETERS (George 4). b. Feb. 13, 1850; d. June 7, 

V— 770. HELEN AUGUSTA PETERS (George, Mary, Isaac. 
James), b. Sept. 19, 1851; m. ERNEST NOSWORTHY Aug. 6, 1891, for- 
merly of London, England ; reside at Denver, Col. No children. He is em- 
ployed as travelling salesman by Osborne, 2vliller & Co., of Chicago, 111. 

V— 771. ELIZABETH PETERS (George 4), b. Feb. 5, 1854 d. July 
18, 1856. 

V—yy2. JOSEPH TRIMBLE PETERS (George, Mary, Isaac, James), 
b. June 21, 1856; m. LUCY PRESTON WILSON Nov. 27, 1890, dau. of 
Joseph Gardner Wilson* and Elizabeth Zvliller, b. 1867, at "The Dalles," Ore. 

He removed from Baltimore, Md., to "The Dalles," Oregon, in 1878, and 
engaged in the lumber business until 1906, when he retired. He is connected 
as a director with several corporations and president of the Rural Veil Lum- 
bering Company. Address, "The Dalles," Oregon. 

Issue : — 

1654. Helen Augusta. 

1655. Grace Genevieve. 

1656. Elizabeth Miller. 

1657. Janet Buchanan. 

Note. — Hon. Joseph Gardner Wilson was a native of Ohio: graduated at Marietta 
College, and later was admitted to the bar in that state; removed to Oregon in 1852, 
where he married Elizabeth Miller, at Salem. After practicing law in the Williamette 
Valley and Salem, the State Capital, he was elected Judge of the Judicial District of 
Oregon, which position he retained until elected to Congress in 1872. He was widely 
and favorably known. He died at Marietta, Ohio, in July 1873, of a stroke of paralysis 
of the brain immediately after delivering an address at the annual meeting of the alum- 
nae of his alma mater, 

Elizabeth Miller, a native of Argyb->, N'. Y., went to Oregon in 1851 with her fath- 
er, Rev. James P. Miller, who was sent to Oregon by the Presbyterian Board to estab- 
lish there a church and mission school. She E. M. W. "is a woman of high educational 
atfainments, is widely known in Oregon, and has al\\oys been greatly respected. She is 
now (1909) past eighty years of age." 


Ch. of Mary Peters {T.-2Sp) and Beale H. Richardson, born in Baltimore, M>1. 

V— 773. GEORGIA PETERS RICHARDSON (Mary, Mary. Isaac. 
James), b. Aug. 22, 1834; m. JUDGE HENRY F. GAREY Dec. 26, 1S76; 
b. Sept. 5, 1821; d. July 29, 1892. 

He was Judge on Supreme Court bench of Baltimore, Md., for fifteen 
years— 1 867-1 S82. She continued to reside in that city. Address, 1212 Madi- 
son Ave. 

V— 774. AUGUSTA HOWARD RICHARDSON (Aviary, Mary. Isaac, 
James), b. April 18, 1836; d. Nov. 18. 1S75: m. JOHN S. HOWARD Feb. 
7, i860, by Rev. James ]M. Wilson, son of Gen. Charles W. Howard and 
Amanda Slade, b. June — , 1835; d. March 11, 1871. 

He was a farmer at ]\Ioukton, Baltimore Co., Md., where she also died. 

Issue : — 

1658. Amanda Slade. b. Nov. 3, 1860; d. Jan. 4, 1904. 

1659. Beale R., b. Mar. 15, 1S62. 

1660. Frank R., b. Mar, — 1864.; d. in infancy. 

V— 775. FRANCIS ASBURY RICHARDSON (Mary, Mary, Isaac, 
James), m. MARGARET HOWARD Jan. 15, 1S61. at St. James' Church, 
Baltimore Co., a sister to John S. Howard of last No., b. Feb. 4, 1837; d. 
Oct. 10, 1886. No issue. 

He was a prominent journalist, for many years the Washington repre- 
sentative of the Baltimore Sun. Now retired: address Vermont Ave. 

V— 776. MARY ALBINA RICHARDSON (Mary, Mary, Isaac, 
James), m. THOAIAS M. KENT April — , 1876; reside at Walbrook, Md. 

Issue : 

1661. Francis Richardson, b. May 1, 1S77. 

1662. Augusta Richardson, b. Apr. 28, 1879. 

\—yy7. ANDREW L. RICHARDSON (Mary, Mary, Isaac,. James), 
b. Aug. 9, 1841; d. May 11, 1869; unm. 

Isaac, James), b. Oct. 11, 1843; d. Oct. 10. 1895; m. ELIZ.A.BETH MIL- 
DRED HALCOMBE Oct. 4, 1865, in Mobile, Ala., dau. of G. G. Halcombe 
and Mildred Clayton, of that city, granddau. of Hon. George R. Cla>-ton, 
State Treasurer of Georgia. Her mother d. May. 1867. 

She was b. Dec. — , 1842; d. Dec. 3, 1874. 


M. second, GEORGIA GOODMAN, Aug. 27, 1876; b. Dec. 17, 1857. 

Her address is, Port Lovaca, Texas. 

The following is an abridgement from an account of his life : — 

Left Newton University, Baltimore, in 1S59; learned the printing business In the 
oHlce of the Baltimore "Daily Republican," of which his father was proprietor; assumed 
charge of composing department spring of 1860; concerned in the celebrated riot 19th 
of April ISGl; proceeded to Virginia in Sept., 1SG2, and joined the Fourth Virginia Cav- 
alry; at the battle of Sharpsburg. Sept. 17, 1SG2, was captured and taken to Fort Dela- 
ware; exchanged Nov. 19; returned to Virginia; appointed to a position in the War De- 
partment under Col. George Peters; in June 1S63 joined the First Maryland Cavalry as a 
piivate, and remained in the field until November, 18G4. when he was transferred to 
Gulf Deparimunt, and appointed purchasing agent at Mobile; oc the evacuation of tha: 
place, April 12, .'865, took charge of steamer Cherokee, loaded with ?250,000 wi'C'j of 
government freight; proceeded to Macon, Miss.; here surrender was announced; returned 
to Mobile penniless; on June 9, 1S65, became associate editor of the Mobile "Tribune," 
and during this year was married; left July, 1866, to become managing clerk of Tusca- 
loosa Scientific and Art Association; returned to "Tribune" as city editor January, 1SG7; 
In October, ISGS, opened a book and job printing-oflice, and on Feb. 14, ls69, issued a 
weekly paper, "Spirit of the Times"; published it one year, then removed to New Or- 
leans, and continued book and job printing; in June, 1871, was burned out, losing f3,000; 
re-established and started again, but Feb. 10, 1872, accepted position of city editor of 
Savannah "Morning News," and removed to that city. His final residence waa at Colum- 
bus, Ga., where he died. 

Issue by first wife: — 

1663. George Halcombe, b. Aug. 21 or 22, 1866; d. May 4 or 8, 1894. 

1664. Mildred Clayton, b. Dec. 29, 1867, in Mobile, Ala. 

1665. Mary, b. Aug. 29, 1SG9; d. June — , 1870. 

1666. B. Howard, b. Feb. 27, 1871, in New Orleans. 

1667. Lynette, b. Jan. 24, 1873; d. young in Savannah, Ga. 

Issue b3' second wife : — 
IG68. Rhetta, d. young. 
1669. Gertrude, d. young. 

Ch. of Catherine Jane Peters (T.-^po) and Beale H. Richardson, bom iit 
Baltimore, Md. 

V— 779. CATHERINE :\IALVINA RICHARDSON ( Catherine, Mar>% 
Isaac, James), b. July 21, 1845; d. July 26, 1896; unm.; buried in Greenmount 

V_78o. JESSE AUGUSTUS RICHARDSON, b. Oct. 15, 1847; d. 

Isaac, James), b. April 4, 1849; m. ISAIAH PRICE BURGESS Jan. 26, 
1869, son of Amos Burgess and Elizabeth, nee Smith, b. Dec. 12. 1841, on 
Penn's Manor, Bucks Co., Pa. (His parents both belonged to the Society 
of Friends and were descended from settlers in Bucks Co., Pa., in the early 
Colonial period. 

He went to Baltimore, Md., in 1865. and engaged in the shipping busi- 
ness with Southern ports. Present address. 711 Gladstone Ave., Tuxeda Park, 
Roland Park P. O., Baltimore, Md. 


Issue : — 

1670. James Andrews, b. Mar, 14. 1S70. 

1071. Augusta Blanche, b. May 2, 1S72. 

1672. I-"Vank Richardson, b. July 2, 1S71. 

1673. Annie Estelle, b. June 12, 1SS2; d. Aug. 5, 1SS2. 

Isaac James ),b. May 9. 1851 ; m. MARY AUGUSTA LYON Dec. 6, 1889, of 
Mamaroneck, West Chester Co., N. Y., b. Jan. 22. 1864. 

He learned the printer's trade and went through successfully every grade 
from "devil" to editor. For some years himself and wife were engaged in 
charitable work in New York city, Newark, N. J., New Haven and Water- 
bury, Conn., and other cities. His wife is now one of the inspectors under 
the Child Labor Law of the Maryland Bureau of Labor and Statistics. For 
some years he was one of the agents of the Baltimore Association for the im- 
provement of the condition of the poor. They were burned out in the great 
fire at Waterbury, Conn., Feb. 2, 1902, barely escaping with their lives, and 
lost their records. 

Issue : — 

1674. Charles Wesley, b. Sept. 27. 1890; d. July 27 or 28, 1S91. 

1675. Benjamin Lyon, b. June — , 1892; d. Oct. 21 or 28, 1895. 

1676. Paul Hayue, b. Sept. — , WJ,i; d. July — , 1S94. 

V— 783. H. BLANCHE RICHARDSON, (Catharine, Mary, Isaac, 
James) ; resides at Walbrook, Md. 

Line of James, Hannah, Rachel, 

Ch. of James McCormick {T.-2gi) and Sarah Roberts. 

V— 784. ELIZA McCORMICK (Tames, Rachel, Hannah, James); m. 
SAMUEL WELLER. No further account. 


Ch. of Ann McCormick (T.-i'pj) and Robert Peoples. 
V— 786. REBECCA PEOPLES d. young (?). 

V— 787. ROBERT PEOPLES (Ann, Rachel, Hannah, James), m. 
REBECCA . At one time was in Harrisburg, Pa. 



V— 789. CYRUS PEOPLES (Ann 4), d. young (?). 

Ch. of Mary McCormick {T.-294) and Robert Peoples. 

V— 790. LEWIS PEOPLES (Mary, Rachel, Hannah, James), m. MA- 
TILDA . She went to Bahimore. Not found. 

V— 791. THOMAS PEOPLES (Mary 4), m. MELISSA , ■ ■ . 
They went to New Jersey. Not found. 

V— 792. WILLIAM PEOPLES (Mary 4). He was at one time in 
Harrisburg, Pa. 

No further account. 

V— 794. HANNAH PEOPLES (Mary 4), d. young (?). 
V— 795. REUBEN PEOPLES (Mary 4), d. young (?) 

Ch. of Hamtah McCormick {T.-2g5) and Reuben Evans. 

V— 796. RACHEL ANN EVANS (Hannah, Rachel. Hannah, James), 
b. April 14, 1833; d. May 21, 1904: m. OLIVER PATTERSON Jan. 8, 1857, 
son of James Patterson and Ann Barnwell, b., Dec. 24, 1832. 

They resided in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 

1677. Frazer Smith, b. Jan. 14, 1858; d. Oct. 2, 1860. 

1678. Ann Elizabeth, b. Jan. 14, 1861; d. Jan. 12, 1865. 

1679. Mary F^nley. b. Nov. 14, 18G4. 

1680. Wesley Reuben, b. March 7, 1869. 

1681. Bertha Frances, b. Aug. 7, 1871. 

V— 797. PASCHALL EVANS (Hannah 4) b. Feb. 17, 1835; d. July 6, 
1877; m- HARRIET PRICE April i, 1861, dau. of Edgar S. Price and 
Rachel Noble, b. Feb. 13, 1841. 

He enlisted during the Civil War in Co. C, 175 Reg. Pa. Vol. Inf. 

They resided for several years in Downingtown. Pa. ; afterwards in Lans- 
downe, Pa., where he died. He was buried in Northbrook Cemetery, Down- 
ingtown, Pa. Her address, 5336 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 

1682. Eugene Parker, b. June 10, 1861. 

1683. Ella J., b. May 5, 1863. 

1684. Irene, b. Sept. 18, 1865. 

1685. Anna, b. March 22, IXGS; d. May 9, 1875. 

1686. Oscar H., b. June 7, 1S71. 


V— 798. MARY JANE EVANS (Hannah 4) b. Sept. 27, 1836; J. Feb. 
3, 1873; unm, 

V— 799. SIDNEY EVANS (Hannah 4), b. Feb. 18, 1841 ; m. HENRY 
DAVIS Feb. 25, 1864, son of Amos Davis and EHzabeth Entriken, b. Sept. 
— , 1832; d. July 21, 1S91. 

He enlisted during the Civil War in the 124 Reg". Pa. Vol. Inf. ; was a car- 
penter by trade; after the war was a sexton of a church in West Chester, Pa.; 
was buried in Grecnmoimt Cemetery. After his death Sidney removed to 
Philadelphia, address, 3804 Reno St. 

Issue : — 

1GS7. Florence, b. Jan. 22, 1864; d. Jan. 31, 1864. 

1GS8. Margaretta, b. Feb. 22, 1SC6. 

1C89. Rebecca Jane, b. Nov. 23, 1SC7. 

1690. Bertha J., b. Aug. 1, 1S71; d. June 22. 1S72. 

1G91. Franklin M.. b. June 23, 1S72; d. Aug. 23, 1S72. 

1G92. William, b. Nov. 11, 1875; d. June 21, 1899. 

1693. John C. b. June 10, 1SS5. 

Ch. of Robert McCormick {T.-2p^) ayui Eliza Moore. 

V— 8oo. TOHN A. McCORMICK (Robert. Rachel. Hannah, James), b. 
April 9. 1829 ;'d. 1904; m. ELIZABETH MALIN TAYLOR Dec. 31, 1857, 
dau. of Gideon ^I. Taylor and Harriet Kersley Wining, b. March 2, 1829. 

They resided in West Chester, Pa. He was buried there in Greenmount 

Issue : — 

1694. Robert Franklin, b. Aug. 1, 1858. 

1695. John Henry, b. Dec. 2, 1860; d. Feb. 7, 1902. 

1696. Oreorge B., b. July 26, 1S63. 

1697. William Joseph, b. July 18, 18G5; d. Sept. 17, 1887. 

1698. Mary Eliza, b. June S, 1870; d. March 7, 1871. 

V— 801. WILLIAM Mccormick (Robert 4), b. Oct. 13, 1830; 
unm. ; resides in West Chester, Pa. 

V— 802. MARY McCORMICK (Robert 4), b. Nov. 11. 1831 ; d. Dec. 
20, 1867; m. GEORGE B. WETHERELL Jan. 12, 1854, son of William 
Wetherell, b. May i, 1830; d. Jan. 17, 1867; probably resided in West Ches- 
ter, Pa. 

V-^03. WILLS ^IcCORMICK (Robert 4), b. May 24, 1833; d. Dec. 
— , 1898; m. HARRIET HOFFMAN Jan. 28, 1858, dau. of George Hoff- 
man and Katie Troutman, b. June 11, 1837. 

They lived for some time in Philadelphia but returned to West Chester, 
Pa., where he died; buried in Greenmount Cem. 


Issue : — 

1C99. William, b. May 28, 1858; d. May 28, 1860. 

1700. George W., b. Jan. 25, 1^01; d. Oct. 3, 1866. 

1701. Edward E., b. Ft:b. G, li.G3; d. May 7, lbo7. 

1702. Leora V., b. Aug. 28. IJ^Gb. 

1703. Robert E., b. May 1, litS; d. May 30, 1ST3. 

1704. Lena Dora, b. Dec. 28, IS 70. 

1705. A dau., b. April 21, ls74; d. iu infancy. 

V— 804. ELLEN McCORMICK (Robert, Rachel, Hannah, James), b. 
Aug. 22, 1834; m. THOMAS S. FOSTER Dec. 29, 1863, son of Thomas 
Foster and Mary Ann Sweeney, b. Jan. 14, 1837; d. Dec. 2, 1882; bur. in 
Greenmount Cem. 

She keeps a store at 140 W. Gay St., West Chester, Pa. 

Issue : — 

1706. Mary W., b. July 7. 1865. 

1707. Lilly, b. Aug. 20, 1868. 

1708. Robert, b. Juue 29, 1870; d. July 8, 1871. 

1709. William B., b. Nov. 19, 1S74. 

1710. Levi McCauley. b. Sept. 23, 1878. 

V— 805. LYDIA McCORMICK (Robert 4), b. Aug. 29, 1835; d. Nov. 
16, 1835. 

V— 806. SIBELLA J. McCORMICK (Robert 4), b. June 24, 1836; 
resides with her sister, Ellen Foster. 

V— 807. EDWARD McCORMICK (Robert 4), b. Jan. 25, 1838; d. 
Aug. .10, 1838. 

V— 808. LEWIS McCORMICK (Robert 4), b. Nov. 17, 1838; 
deceased; m. WYCHOFF. 

Issue : — 

1711. A dau., name not given. 

V— 809. EMMA McCORMICK (Robert 4), b. Dec. 24, 1840; resides 
with her sister, Ellen Foster. 

Ch. of Martha McCormick {T.-2p8) and Reuben Eva>is. 

V— 810. ABNER EVANS (Martha 4). b. July 6, 1830; d. Nov. 8, 
1885; bur. at Northwood Cem.; m. MARY ANN KEPHART about 1855; 

M. second, HANNAH CLOWES. Aug. — . 186S (her second hus- 
band), dau. of Samuel Burnett and Hannah Spencer, b. Aug. 4. 1838. 


He was a shoemaker and marble worker. Resided in Downingtown, Pa. 
Issue : — 

1712. John, b. 185C. 

1713. Frank, b. May 15, ISGii. 

No further account of these found. 

Line of James, Hannah, David. 
Ch. of Hannah Faddis (T.-306) and George Jobe. 

V — 812. GEORGE JOBE (Hannah, David, Hannah, James), b. about 
1831 ; d. Nov. 1871 ; bur. at Roraansville Gem.; m. Ann Sharp July 18, 1851, 
dau. of Benjamin Sharp and Ann Hayes, b. April 20, 1838. 

She resides at Laurel; address, Coatesville, Chester Co., Pa., R. D. 

Issue : — 

1714. Jacob D., b. July 18, 1S51; d. Nov. 22, 1897. 

1715. Ruthanna, b. July 9, 1855. 

1716. George, b. April 4, 1857. 

1717. Mary J., b. April 17, 1860. 

Ch. of Joseph Fetters (T.-^o/) and Maria^ Herkins, probably born in Haver- 
ford, Delaware Co., Pa. 

Hannah, James), b. Dec. 4, 1837; d. July i, 1864. He enlisted in the Fifth 
Pennsylvania Cavalry during the Civil War. He was wounded whilst on a 
raid at Roanoke River, and his companions being unable to rescue him, he 
fell into the enemy's hands, who stripped him of clothing and left him to 
suffer and perish alone. 

V— 814. WILLIAM E. FETTERS (Joseph, David, Hannah, James), 
b. Oct. II, 1839; m. SARAH FORD Sept. 16, i860, dau. of Philip Ford and 
Sarah Bittle, b. 1840. 

He was a farmer in Upper Darby, Pa. ; now residing at 6010 Lansdowne 
Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 

1718. George W., b. Dec. — , 1862. 

1719. William E., b. Jan. 14. 1865. 

1720. Edward B., b. Mar. 18, 1867, 

1721. Sallie F., b. Sept. 6, 1^69. 

1722. Joseph M., b. Oct. 20, 1871. 

1723. Harry B.. b. Mar. 18, 1874. 

1724. Blanche, b. June 13, 1877; d. Oct. 5, 1878. \ rr,^i„„ 

1725. Bruce, b. June 13. 1877. / ^^i^- 

1726. Philip M., b. Jan. 3, 1879. 

V— 815. JOSEPH FETTERS, JR., (Joseph, David, Hannah, James), 


b April 26, 1842; d. Jan. 18. 1911 ; bur. at Ardmore Lutheran Cern ; m. 
MARGARET BRADEN Dec. 21, 1864, dau. of Charles Braden and Han- 
nah :^Iark\vood, b. April 12, 1844. 

He is a farmer ; resided^ in Marple and later in Media, Pa. 

Issue : — 

1727. Elizabeth C, b. Jan. 28. 1867. 

1728. George, b. Oct. 25, ISGS. 

1729. Marie Jennie, b. Feb. 22. 1871. 

1730. Ella Rebecca, b. June 21, 1875. 

1731. Wilhelmina. b. Nov. 15, 1879. 

1732. Herbert Raymond, b. Sept. 21, 1! 

1733. Selina, b. Nov. 19, 1887. 

V— 816. LEWIS R. FETTERS, b. Oct. 24, 1843; d. June 6, 1864; 

V— 817. DAVID FETTERS, b. Oct. 9, 1846; d. Feb. 22, 1848. 

V— 818 MARGARET JANE FETTERS (Joseph. David, Hannah, 
James), b. Dec. 30. 1848; m. JOSHUA LAWRENCE THO.MPSON Mar. 
5, 1868, son of William Thompson and Sarah Nobht, b. Sept. 11, 1847; d. 
Dec. 30, 1 901 ; buried at Ardmore Lutheran Church. 

He was a farmer and afterwards a contractor. Resided at Llanerch, Del- 
aware Co., Pa., where she continues. 

Issue : — 

1734. William F., b. June 21, 1868. 

1735. Joseph, b. June 6, 1870. 

1736. Elwood, b. April 22. 1872. 

1737. Lewis, b. May 6. 1S74; d. May 19. 'I!=i74 

1738. Charles F., b. Mar. 6, 1S75; d. Oct. 12, 1880. 

1739. Joshua Lawrence, b. Jan. 15, 1877. 

1740 Clara D.. b. Dec. 26, 1880; d. Nov. 20, 1888. 

1741. Lillian E., b. Dec. 16. 1882. 

1742. Lena G.. b. Feb. 21. 1885. 

1743. Tillie F.. b. Oct. 30, 1887. 

1744. Edith, b. April 19, 1894, 

V— 81Q. CHARLES HENRY FETTERS (Joseph, David, Hannah 
James), b. Sept. 11, 1852; m. MATILDA WADAS April 25, 1882, dau. of 
Anthony and Anna Wadas, b. April 5, 1863. 

He engaged in butchering and farming, with residence in Upper Darby, 

Issue : — 

1745 Charles, b. June 30, 1883; d. July 3, 1884. 

1746 Anna M., b. July 12, 1884; d. May 6, 1906. 

1747. Walter C, b. May 14, 1886. 

1748. George W., b. April 18, 1890. 


V— 820. GARRETT H. FETTERS (Joseph. David, Hannah, James), 
b. Nov. 22. 1854; m. MARGARET FLOUNDERS Feb. — 1886, dau. of 
Isaac H. Flounders and ^Mary E. NewHn'b. Feb. — , 185S ( ?). 

He is a farmer; resided for sometime near Media, Pa.; then removed to 
Oklahoma City; in 1909 returned to Perkasie, Pa. 

They have an adopted son : — 

1749. Joseph Fetters, b. Dec. — , 1894. 

V— 821. JAMES C. FETTERS (Toseph, David, Hannah, James), b. 
Aug. 31, i860: m. MARGARET A. HATCH Jtily 28, 1883, dau. of James 
Hatch and Margaret McKinney, b. June 6, 1864. 

He is a farmer; resides in Upper Darby, Pa. 

Issue: — ■ • . ; 

1750. Wilmcr J., b. Jan. 10, 1SS5. 

1751. Harry C, b. Aug. 8, 1887. 

Ch. of John T. Faddis (T.-^io) and Mary Jackson. 

nah, James), b. Oct. 26, 1851: m. REUBEN J. ENGLAND Feb. 10, 1870. 
son of Hughes England and Annie Eliza Jones, b. July 8, 1850. 

They resided near Oxford, Pa., and later with address Rising Sun, Md., 
R. F. D. 2. 

Issue : — 

1752. Hughes Haines, b. Mar. 13, 1871. 

1753. Mary Florence, b. Fob. 14, 1882. 

1754. Delia Jane, b. Feb. 16, 1886. 

1755. John Harland, b. July 26, 1893. 

Ch. of James H. Faddis (T.-^ii) and Margaretta Jackson, born near Mar- 
shallton. Pa. 

V— 823. LOUISA H. FADDIS (James. David. Hannah, Tames), b. 
June 6, 1855; m. HARRY R. BEEBY Dec. 19. 1883. son of Daniel W. 
Beeby and Rachel Ottey Darlington, b. July 8, 1862. 

(Daniel W., was a son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Taylor) Beeby.) 

They reside at 1306 S. 51st Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 

1756. Norman I. Beeby, b. Dec. 2.5. 1885. 

1757. Ethel C. Beeby. b. May 19, 1S91. 

1758. H. Harlan Beeby, b. May 5, 1893. 

V— 824. ELIZABETH C. FADDIS (Tames, David, Hannah, James), 
b. July 25, 1S57; m. ISAIAFI EBERHART Aug. 17, 1876. son of Daniel 
Eberhardt and Rachel Duncan, b. Dec. 22, 1855; d. Dec. 30, 1887. 


He was a farmer. She went to Ohio when 16 years of age; her address, 
Wooster, O., R. D. 8. 

Issue : — 

1759. Harlcii Elmer Eberhait, b. Oct. 27, 1877. 

1760. Howard J. Eberhart, b. Jan. 16, 1S79. 

V— 825. JAMES HENRY FADDIS (James, David, Hannah, James), 
b. Ang. 4. 1854; m. MARY ORETTA ENGLE Dec. 20, 1S85, dau. of Jacob 
Engle and Sophia Dcpler, b. June 28, 1862; d. Oct. 24, 1909. 

He went to Ohio about iSSo; fohowed farming and butchering; resides 
at Rows, address Polk, R. D. i, Ashland Co., O. Both wife and son buried 
at Rowsburg. 

Issue : — 

1761. Guy E. Faddis, b. Oct. 1, 1S87; d. Jan. 2S, 18S9. 

1762. Roy J. Faddis, b. July 12. 1890. 

176-3. Floe Vella Faddis, b. March 28, 1895. 
1764. Fanny M. Faddis, b. June 20, 1900. 

V— 826. MARY H. FADDIS (Tames, David, Hannah, James), b. May 31, 
1861; m. WILLIAM JOHN HUNTER May 21, 1S79, son of Jane Hunter, 
a widow and emigrant from England, b. May 31, 1852; d. Sept. 15, 1898. 

He was a farmer; buried at Greenmount Cemetery. 

M. second, FRANK KENT Nov. 12, 1907; address, Nottingham, Pa. 
Issue : — 

1765. Annie Jane, b. May 15, 1880. 

1766. Florence Margaretta, b. May 28, 1883. 

V— 827. THOMAS HARLAN FADDIS (James, David, Hannah, 
James), b. Dec. 27, 1862; m. LILLIE R. SHANK March 22, 1894, dau. of 
John Shank and Martha Jane Roberts, b. April 10, 1870. 

He is a tinsmith ; resides in IMt. Clare, Montgomery Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

1767. Arthur Worth, b. Aug. 7, 1894. 

17G8. Roland Clnytoii, b. April 25. 1896; d. Oct. 2, 1897. 

1769. Walter Harlan, b. Feb. 9, 1898. 

1770. Charles Thonia;;, b. Aug. 16, 1901. 

1771. Harry Elsworth, b. Dec. 14, 1904. 

1772. Lillie Louisa, b. T^Tur. 25. 1907. 

V— 828. LYDIA ANN FADDIS (James, David, Hannah, James), b. 
Jan. 27, 1865; m. ALBERT, D. WALKER Jan. 19, 1895, son of James D. 
Walker and Annie M. James, b. April 2, 1875. 

He is a butcher employed by the John J. Buckley Company, Chester, Pa. 

Issue : — 

1773. Albert D. Walker, Jr., b. May 24, 1900. 


V— 829. ANNIE J. FADDIS, b. July 17, 1S67; d. April 8, 1873. 

V— 830. JOHN REUBEN FADDIS (James, David. Hannah, James), 
b. Feb. — , 1869: m. MARY WARD. No issue. He is a farmer ;address, 
Zion, Cecil Co., Md. 

V— 831. WILLIAM HAINES FADDIS (lames. David, Hannah. 
James), b. April 16, 1872; m. ELLA M. WALKER Jan. 3. 1894, dau. of 
James D. Walker and Annie M. James. 

They reside at 107 Kerlin St., Chester, Pa. 

1774. Leroy, b. Dec. 13, 1S94. 

1775. Percy W., b. Jan. 10, 1897. 

1776. Howard H., b. April 19, 1899. 

1777. Walter Elmer, b. April 12, 1901. 

Aug. 20, 1909. 

Another victim was added yesterday to the long list of boys who have been killed 
or maimed for life on the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad on Front street, due to 
the dangerous and unlawful practice of jumping on and oft moving freight trains. Wal- 
ter Faddis is the third victim within a few weeks and all three are in the Chester Hos- 

Young Faddis is the eight-year-old son of William Faddis, who is employed by 
the J. J. Buckley Company during the week and on Saturday nights assists at the 
Franklin House. The boy with several young companions had climbed on a freight train 
above Parker street and after enjoying a ride, he attempted to get off. but missed his 
footing and fell under the wheels, one of which passed over his leg and crushed it. The 
accident happened within sight of his home at 107 Kerlin street, but his little comran- 
ions carried him to the sidewalk, where he bravely withstood the trying ordeal without 
a whimper until the ambulance of the Chester Hospital arrived and conveyed him to 
that institution for treatment. The little log was so badly mangled that it was found 
necessary to amputate it above the knee. It was reported at the hospital this morning that 
the boy was resting well and would recover. He is a plucky little chap and displayed 
considerable nerve. 

The accident created quite a commotion on Front street and attracted a crowd of 
men, women and children. There were many expressions of sympathy heard. 

Ch. of William Faddis (T.-^ij) and Haniizh King, born near McWilliams- 
town, Chester Co., Pa. 

V— 832. THOMAS FADDIS (William. David. Hannah, James), b. 
Feb. 12, i860; m. ADDIE MYERS Nov. 27, 1890; address, 297 S. First 
Ave., Coatesville;, Pa. 

Issue : — 

1778. William P., b. June 25. 1891. 

1779. Chalkley Y., b. May 29. 1895. 

1780. Lulu, b. June 18, 1898. \ Ta,in« 

1781. Edgar Dewey, b. June 18. 1898. / ^^^^s- 

1782. Walter T., b. Aug. 3, 1904. 


V— 833. MARY FADDIS (WiUiam 4), b. May 17, 1863; d. April 16, 


Ch. of Thomas J. Faddis {T.-^i4) and Lydla H. King. 
V— S34. WILLIAM K. FADDIS, b. Au^. 12, 1853; d. Dec. 3, 1856. 

V— 835. JOSEPH P. FADDIS (Thomas, David, Hannah, James), b. 

Nov. 9, 1854; m. ANNIE G. PYLE Oct. 20. 1875, dan. of Alfred Pyle and 
Phebe Grubb, of Thornbury, Pa., b. 'Sls.v. 6, 1855. 

He was baggage master for many years on the Central Division P. R. 
R.; now conductor, with residaice at West Chester, Pa. 

Issue : — 

1783. George A., b. Aug. 9, 1S7G; d. same day. 

1784. Reba H., b. Feb. 25, 1870; d. Jan. 13, 1892. 

1785. Sophia H., b. Dec. 13, ISSl. 

1786. Grace E., b. Sept. 27, 1883. 

V— 836. JERVIS H. FADDIS (Thomas, David, Hannah, James), b. 
Feb. 2, 1857; d. Jan. 19, 18S3; unm. 

He was helping to unload bran from a car at Cheyney Sta., West Chester 
and Phila. R. R., when a bag fell under the car, and whilst removing it the 
car was suddenly moved by a shifting engine, his leg was run over and so 
crushed as to render amputation necessary. The shock was so great that he 
did not survive it. 

V— 837. DAVID J. FADDIS (Thomas, David, Hannah, James), b. 
May, I, 1859. d. Sept. 2, 1911 ; m. MARY BAKER July 25, iSS'i, dau. of 
John J. Baker and Catharine Storkey, b. Sept. 5, 1863, in Thornburj', Pa. 

They reside at Cheyney Sta. He was employed on the railroad. 

Issue : — 

1787. Bessie, b. Feb. 24, 18S2; d. Mar. 28, 1893. 

1788. Anna, b. Oct. 8, 18S3; d. April 5, 1893. 

1789. Mary S., b. April 21, 1886. 

1790. Viola, b. May 21, ISSO; d. April 6, 1893. 

1791. John, b. May 21, 1898; d. Sept. 10, 1898. \ Twins 

1792. Catharine, b. May 21. 1898; d. May 22, 1898/ ^"""''• 

1793. Percy, b. Mar. 13, 1900; d. April 6, 1901. 

V— 838. RICHARD HENRY FADDIS (Thomas, David, Hannah, 
James), b. Jan. 18, 1861 ; m. CLARA V. SMITH Dec. 6, 1882, dau. of Amor 
Smith and ^Nlary Burnett, b. Feb. 26, 1862. 

He followed farming several years, but for se\'eral years has been em- 
ployed in the Heine Boiler Works near Phoenixville. Pa., with residence since 
1895 ^t the Corner stores, one mile east of that town. 


Issue : — 

1794. Mary B., b. July 11. 1SS3. 

1795. John, b. April 7. 1SS5; d. Dec. 17, 1SS9. 

1796. Elwood G., b. Sept. 28, 1SS7. 

1797. Jennie H., b. April 4, 1SS9. 

1798. Thomas J., b. Jan. 15, 1891. 

1799. Bertha, b. July 4, 1893. 
ISOO. Nellie G., b. Oct. 28, 1895. 

1801. Norman Richard, b. June 22, 1901; d. June 29, 1901. 

V— 839. THOMAS BAKER FADDIS, b. Feb. lo, 1863; d. Dec. 2, 
1891 ; unm. 

Hannah, James), b. Sept. 17, 1867: m. A^IY A. LAWTON Sept. 17, 1890, 
dau. of Jabez La\\i;on and Alice Hawkyard, b. Dec. 30, 1872. 

They reside in West Chester, Pa. 

Issue : — 

1802. La^v-ton Baker, b. Dec. 4, 1891. 

1803. Amv Alice, b. Dec. 18, 1892. 

1804. Wlliiam H. P., b. Jan. 1. 1894. 

1805. Evelyn, b. June 12, 1897. 

1806. Edna P., b. Sept. 2, ISOO. 

V— 841. CLARKSON L. FADDIS (Thomas. David, Hannah, James), 
b. Feb. 9, 1869; m. OPHELIA C. BEEBY Mar. 6, 1897, at Media, Pa., dau. 
of Israel P. Beeby and Ella C. Holding. 

He is janitor of the Y. M. C. A., West Chester, Pa., where they reside. 

Issue : — ' 

1807. Ethel, b. Jan. 25, 1898. 

1808. Helen P., b. Mar. 24, 1899. 

Line of James, Hannah, IMary. 
Ch. of Washington White (T.-^i6) and Esther Ami Richardson-. 

V—S42. JOSEPH D. WHITE (Washington. Mary. Hannah, Tames). 
b. Aug. 27, 1838; d. about 1886; m. MARY WOODWARD ^[ar. 3, 1868, 
dau. of Thomas Woodward and Sarah Davis, b. Easter, 1848; d. Mar. 6. 1899. 

He was a blacksmith; resided in Downingtown, Pa. 

Issue : — 

1809. Harry Vanmefer, b. Nov. 14, 1870. 

1810. Thomas Franklin, b. Fob. 22, 1872. 

1811. Charles W., b. Sept. 4, 1874. 

1812. T. Jefferson, b. April .?, 1877. 

1813. Howard T., b. July 6, 1879. 

1814. Remmie. b. 1881. 

V— 843. JULIA ANN WHITE (Washington 4), b. Tan. 30. 1840: 
m. JAMES S. MILLER Aug. — , 1866. son of Johathan Miller and Rebecca 
Sharp, b. Aug. 21, 1830; d. Aug. 24, 1895; ^ur at Hepzibah Baptist Ceine- 


They resided in Coatesville. Pa., -where he was a worker in the iron and 
steel works. She continues there with her daughter at 218 W. Diamond St. 

Issue : — 
1S15. Walter T., b. April 2, 1S68. 

1816. James Albert, b. Dec. 6. 1869. 

1817. Allen Lewis, b. May 20. 1872; d. Nov. 19, 1S72. 
181S. George William, b. Dec. 22. 1873; d. May 10, 1S74. 

1819. Howard Wesley, b. Feb. 12, 1875. 

1820. Samuel Henry, b. June 2, 1S7S. 

1821. Alfred J., b. Sept. 2, IS-O; d. Jan. 28, 1SS4. 

1822. Emma Gertrude, b. Fib. 19, 1SS3. 

V— 844. JAMES T. WHITE (Washing-ton 4), b. Oct. 18, 1842; d. 
Nov. 25, 1871; m. LOUISA BARDSLEY Mar. 11, 1867, dau. of James 
Bardsley and Mary, b. Feb. — , 1847. 

She m. second husband, William Robinson, and they reside at 726 Astor 
St., Norristown, Pa. 

Issue by James T. White: — 

1823. George W., b. Mar. 18, 1868. 

1824. William C, b. Mar. 18. 1870. 

1825. Wilson James, b. Mar. 31, 1872, posthumous. 

V— 845. LEWIS WHITE (Washington 4), b. Jan. 11, 1844; m. 
MARY E. REES, Feb. i, 1866, dau. of Lemuel Rees and Elizabeth Rees, 
b. Aug. 28, 1840; d. ]\Iay 2S, 1909; resides in Coatesville, Pa. 

Issue : — 
1826. Laura V., b. Dec. 6, 1866. 

V— 846. ISAAC N. WHITE (Washington 4). b. Mar. 6, 1846; m. 
ELIZABETH BOYER May 15, 1867, dau. of Eli Boyer and Sarah Kimes. 

He was a farmer for some years ; then engaged at the Guies Paper Mill 
for fourteen years, and later resided in Bondville with address Downingtown, 
Pa., R. D. I. 

Issue : — 

1827. Elmer Ellsworth, b. Sept. 2, 1869. 

1828. Arabella D., b. Feb. 3. 1873; d. July 6, 1900. 

1829. Lillian, b. April 6, 1875- d. Aug. 14, 1891. 

1830. Warren Havard, b. May 2, 1880; d. Sept. 2, 1881. 

V— 847. THOMAS JEFFERSON WHITE (Washington4),b.Sept. 17, 
1848, near "Steamboat," Chester Co., Pa.; m. Eliza Ann Bair June 29. 1872, 
by Rev. Fulton, at Liverpool Perry Co., Pa., dau. oi Jacob Bair and Eliza 
Baskin, b. Nov. 15, 1847, Bucks Valley, Perry Co., Pa. 

He is by trade a blacksmith; went from Downingtown in 1868 to New- 
port and next year to Decatur, 111. In 1872 returned to Nc',vp<-.rt. Pa.. aii.l 
established himself in business. He came to Lewistown, Pa., Apr. — , 1898, 



engaged in carriage building, known as firm of Zinn and White; this firm di- 
solved partnership in 1893; since that time has been employed as blacksiniUi 
at Standard Steel Works, Buniham, Mitlflin Co.. Pa. He enlisted during the 
Civil War July 19, 1864, in Co. P, I92d Reg. Penna. Vols, and was mustered 
out with his reg. Nov. 15, 1864, at Philadelphia. 
Issue : — ' 

1531. Carrie G., b. Aug. 29. 1S73; d. April 27, 1S95. 

1532. Mary E., b. Mar. 4, 1S75. 

1533. Fannie L., b. April 11, 1S77: d. April 11, 1877. 

1834. Annie L., b. April 11. 1S77; d. July 31. 1S77. 

1835. Laura E., b. April 11, 1877; d. Ang. 21, 1877. 

V— 848. REBECCA H. WHITE (Washington 4), b. Mar. 16. 1S51 
d. Dec. 12, 1894; m. JA^IES DURAN. He d., but record not given. 

M. second, JOHN PARIS. 
Issue by first husband : — 

1836. Anna. 

1837. James. 

V— 849. SUSANNA WHITE (Washington 4), b. Jan. 17, 1854; d. 
Nov. 14, 1897; m. PHILIP GLEASON Sept. 10, 1872. 

He was an emigrant from Ireland in early life; resided at Chatham, 
Chester Co., Pa.; d. 1878 and bur. at Londongrove Mtg. 

M. second, DAVID DURAN. 
Issue by first husband: — 

1838. George W., b. Aug. 20, 1873. 

1839. Mary Emma, b. Oct. 24, 1874. 

1840. William, b. Feb. — , 1876; d. Aug. 31, 1903. 

1841. Lewis, b. 187S; d. at 3 months. 

Issue by second husband : — 

1842. Sarah. 

1843. Charles. 

1844. David; dec'd. 

1845. Elizabeth. 

1846. Edward. 

V— 850. MARY EMMA WHITE (Washington 4), b. Oct. 29, 1855; 
m. SAMUEL E. NEALIS Dec. 22, 1884, son of Edward Nealis and Eliza- 
beth Temple, b. March 6, 1843. 

By trade he was a carpenter. He enlisted May 21, 1861, in. Co. A, 2d 
Del. Reg.; discharged July, 1864; re-enlisted for a short term. Address, 
Downingtown, Pa., R. D. 

Issue : — 

1847. Annie E., b. March 6. 1S85. 

1848. Mary Jane, b. May 2, 18S7. 


1849. Carrie Belle, b. Sept. 12. 1S89. 

1850. Lillle May, b. Nov. 11, 1S92. 

1851. Samuel D., b. Sept. 28, 1S97. 

V— 851. RUTH ELLA WHITE (Washington 4), b. Aug. 28, 1858; 
m. JOHN FR.\NKLIN BERNARD, Aug. 30. 1876, son of John Bernard 
and Anna E. Fisher, b. Aug. 25, 1857. 

He is a farmer near Wagontown, Chester Co., Pa., P. O. Coates\-ille, 
Pa., R. D. 3. 

Issue : — 

1852. Nelson Winfield, b. Aug. 14, 1877. 

1853. Edward Eugene, b. Stpl. 19, 1879. 

1854. Laura Lenoia, b. May 21, ISSl. 

1855. Ella May, b. May 1, 1S83. 

1856. Mary Elizabeth, b. May 2, 1885. 

1857. Leonard Franklin, b. April 3, 1887. 

1858. Morton Elroy, b. Dec. 29, 1888. 

1859. John Trimble, b. July 23, 1891. 

1860. Edith Estella, b. Oct. 20, 1893. 

1861. Henry Park. b. Sept. 26, 1896. 

1862. Norman TuUock, b. Oct. 14, 1S95. 

1863. Raymond Clifton, b. Feb. 16, 1903. 

Ch. of Jefferson White (T.-^i/) and Ann Elliott. 

V— 852. JOSEPH WHITE (Jefferson, Mary, Hannah, James), b. 
Nov. 27, 1829! deceased; unm; resided at Coatesville^ Pa. 

V— 853. MARY ANN WHITE (Jefferson 4), m. JOHN HARRING- 

They removed to the West and not found. 

Issue : — 

1864. William. 

1865. Ella. 

V— 854. EZRA -WHITE (Jeft'erson 4). Birth and death not found; 
unm; he lived at Coatesville, Pa. 

V— 855. JOHN WHITE (Jefferson 4), d. Nov. — , 1873; unm. He 
lived at Coatesville, Pa. He lost his life by attempting to get on the cars 
whilst they were in motion at the Gap, Lancaster, Co., Pa. 

V— 856. ELIZABETH MARGARET WHITE (Jefferson 4), d. June 
30, 1865; m. RICHARD STRODE April 24, 1862, son of David Strode and 
Mary Wilson, d. ]May — , 1908. 

He was in the lime burning business near Coatesville, Pa., No issue. 

He m. a second wife and is reported to liave had two children. 


V— 857. CATHARINE WHITE (Jefferson 4). No record; d. young. 

V— 858. JACOB RICHARD WHITE (Jefferson 4), b. Feb. 7. 1846; 
m. ALICE EVELYN BELL Feb. 26, 1S72, dau. of John Langdon Bell and 
Charlotte Elizabeth — ^ b. Dec. 13, 1853. 

He removed West and in 1874 was of the firm of M. GoldsoU & Co., of 
Ellsworth, Kan., but no recent account received. 

Issue : — 

1866. Burton Langdon, b. Jan. IG, 1S73. 
No further record. 

V_859. REBECCA WHITE (Jefferson, Mary. Hannan, James), b. 
Dec — . 1847; unm; resides at 338 E. Washington Ave., Downingtown, Pa. 

Ch. of Joseph White {T.-J20) and Sarah Dorian. 

V— 860. GEORGE W. WHITE (Joseph, Mary Hannah, James), b. 
Jan. 22, 1832. He enlisted Dec. 26, 1863, in Battery C, 2nd Pa. Vol. Heavy 
Artillery; honorably discharged Jan. 29, 1866. He then went to California 
and is supposed to have there died. 

V— 861. SAMUEL D. WHITE (Joseph, Mary, Hannah, James), b. 
Feb. 17, 1834; d. Mar. 21, 191 1; bur. at Hopewell M. E. Cemetery; m. 
MARY HARTSEL Feb. 13, i860, dau. of Henry Hartsel and Sarah Fet- 
ters, b. Nov. 15, 1 84 1. 

He was a farmer at Milford Mills, then lived retired at 325 Washington 
Ave., Downingtown, Pa. 

Issue : — 
1867. Laura Virginia, b. Nov. 23, 1S60; d. Aug. 28, 1864. 

V— 862. JAMES D. WHITE (Joseph 4), b. Aug. 10, 1836; m. AN- 
NIE M. SPEAK:^IAN March — , i860, dau. of Chalkley Speakman and 
Eliza Bane, b. July — , 1836; d. June 25, 1897. 

He went to California and not heard of afterwards. 

Issue : — 

1868. Irene, b. March 21, 1861. 

V— 863. JACOB F. WHITE (Joseph, Mary, Hannah Tames), b. April 
I, 1842; d. April 27, 1907; m. SARAH BUCKW ALTER Feb. 15, 1865:, 
dau. of David Buckwalter and Sarah V/ells, of near Phoenixville, Pa. She 
d. about Feb. — ,1874. 


M. second, SARAH ROBINS, Oct. 9, 1S74. dau. of George Robins and 
Margaret Bloom, b. Mar. 5, 1855. 

He enlisted Dec. 26, 1863, in Battery G. 2nd Pa. Vols, Heavy Artillery, 
for 3 years, but was wounded by a piece of shell in both thighs in the assault 
on Fort Harrison, Va., Sept. 29, 1864, and honorably discharged IMay 5, 1865. 
He went to Oil City, Pa., for some time; thence to Clearfield Co.; thence to 
Altoona, Pa., where he died. 

Issue by first wife: — 

1S69. Mary F., b. June 3, 1S66. 

Issue by second wife: — 

1870. Havard D., b. July 9. 1875. 

1871. Luther A., b. Jan. 31, 1S78. 

1872. Lindlcy M., b. April 27. 18S0. 

1873. Joseph D., b. July 30, 1SS2. 

1874. Frank, b. Nov. 20, 1SS4; d. Sept. 3, 18S6. 

1875. Laura May, b. Jan. 16. 1SS7. 
1S76. Bessie O., b. Aug. 16, 1888. 

1877. Margaret C, b. July 6, 1892. 

1878. Mary E.. b. Sept. 17, 1894. 

V— 864. MARY ELIZABETH WHITE (Joseph, Mary, Hannah, 
James), b. Sept. 23, 1845; m- HOWARD BECKLEY July 23, 1866, son 
of Jacob Bcckley and ^Margaret Hansel, b. Feb. i, 1846. 

They reside at comer of 52d and Master Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. There 
is a kindergarten school in their house conducted by the city, which leases 
the house and he acts as its janitor. 

Issue : — 

1879. J. Howard, b. July 24. 1867; d. May 4, 1S90. 

1880. Laura Virginia, b. Jan. 16, 1S71; d. March 18, 1900. 

V— 865. HANNAH ANN WHITE (Joseph 4), b. April 30, 1846; d. 
Oct — , 1848. , 

y—866. LINDLEY R. WHITE (Joseph 4), b. Dec. 7, 1847; d. Sept. 
— 1856. ! . 

V— 867. SARAH JANE WHITE (loseph, :Mary, Hannah, James), 
b. Jan. 17, 1850; m. ROBERT C. DOTHARD Dec. 18, 1872, son of Robert 
Dothard and Catharine Stewart, b. June 6, 1843; d- March 6, 1895; buried 
in Blockley Baptist Cemetery. Her address, 4049 Ogden St., Philadelphia. 

Issue : — 

1881. Sadie Virginia, b. Jan. 27. 1874. 

1882. Cleora Catharine, b. .\ug. 26, 1875. 

1883. Robert Joseph, b. Nov. 18, 1876. 

1884. Laura Helena, b. June 20, 1880. 

1885. Walter Irving, b. Mar. 8, 1884. 
18S6. Helen Marie, b. Oct. 3. 1891. 
1887. Mary Cooper, b. May 21, 1894. 


V— 868. LUTHER R. WHITE (Joseph, Mary, Hannah, James), b. 
March 12, 1854; m. NELLIE HENSON, Sept. 12, 1884, dau. of Richard 
Henson and Mar>' Baird, b. June 27, 1866, in ?vlanchester, England. 

He is a carpenter and is employed by the P. R. R. ; residence, 882 N. 
42d St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue born in that city : — 

1888. Florence Dorian, b. June 26. 1S85 

1889. Hazel Lillian, b. April 30, 18SS. 

1890. Lottie Hinson, b. Dec. 11, ISyO. 

1891. Joseph Howard, b. Mar. 31. 1S92. 

1892. Elsie May, b. July 28, 1893. 

Ch. of Isaac White (T.-jji) and Jane McDcrmond, all born in Uwchlan, 
Chester Co., Pa. 

V— 869. CHARLES HENRY WHITE (Isaac, Mary, Hannah, 
James), b. Aug. 19, 1843; d. Sept. 24, 1S98; bur. at Hopewell M. E. church; 
unm. He was for some time a clerk in car works at ^liddletown, Pa. ; then 
came to Philadelpsia, where he was foreman in the Alison & Co. car shops. He 
also held a legislative appointment at Harrisburg for some time, but died 
in Philadelphia. 

V--870. JAMES McD. WHITE (Isaac 4), b. Jan. i, 1846; d. Oct. 
I, 1847. 

V— 871. MARY EMMA WHITE (Isaac 4), b. April 26, 1848; d. May 
7, 1905; bur. at Hopewell M. E. Church; m. CHARLES HExNRY McFAR- 
LAN April 24, 1879, son of William D. McFarlan and Matilda Kerlin, b. 
Oct. 15, 1844. He resides in Downingtown, Pa. 

Issue : — 
1893. Ada W., b. Feb. 14, 1880. 

V— 872. SARAH IDA WHITE (Isaac 4), b. May 22, 1851 ; d. April 
29, 1854. 

V— 873. ANNA MARTHA WHITE (Isaac 4), b. Oct. 16, 1853; d. 
March 26, 1854. 

V— 874. JOSEPH ATWOOD WHITE (Isaac. Mary, Hannah, 
James), b. Aug. 28, 1855; m. AMELIA BUCKLEY Sept. 16, 1882, dau. 
of Francis Buckley (b. 1830; d. May 27, 1874) and ^lary Kennedy (b. 
Sept. II, 1837; d. Feb. 14, 1897), b. July 13, 1856. 

He is one of the principals and founders of the Moore &: White Company, 


manufacturers of machines for the making of paper, floor cloth, Hnoleum- 
clutch brakes, &c., at corner of Lehigh Ave., and 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 

1894 Elizabeth B.. b. Sept. 16, 18S3; d. Sept. 30. 1S93. 

1895. J. Atwood, Jr.. b. Dec. 9, 1SS6. 

189S. Francis M., b. Sept. 3, 1890; d. May 3, 1893. 

1897. Rebecca A., b. July 11. 1894. 

V— 875. ADA REBECCA WHITE (Isaac 4), b. Dec. 22, 1859; d. 
June 19, 1898; m. Grier Thompson GUTHRIE, Oct. 1881, son of John 
D. Guthrie and Thamzin Kerlin, b. May 2, 1858; d. Nov. 11, 1909. Both 
buried in Northwood Cemetery. 

G. Thompson Guthrie. 

After a brief illness, G. Thompson Guthrie, one of the best-known men in Down- 
ingtown, died suddenly this morning, in his 52d year. He was a contractor and build- 
er, whose work is to be found in many places throughout this section of the State. 

Yesterday Mr. Guthrie was about his work as usual, but last evening left ill, and 
this morning did not arise. About 9 o'clock he died, acute indigestion being assigned 
as the cause. 

His family was much shocked, as there was no suspicion that his end was so 

During the past twenty-five years he had lived in Downingtown, doing much of 
the best work there in his line. He erected the two bank buildings, the Methodist Epis- 
copal and the Baptist churches, and had the new High School nearly completed. In 
West Chester he erected the Principal's residence at the State Normal School and a 
number of private houses. He also built several county bridges. 

Mr. Guthrie was born in Guthrieville, and when a young man moved to Parkes- 
burg and thence to Downingtown. He was a trustee In the Methodist Episcopal church, 
and always took active interest in the work; had served as Councilman and School 
Director, had passed the chairs in the Odd Fellows' Lodge and frequently went as a 
delegate to the Grand Lodge. 

He married Miss Maud H. Hamilton, of Kelton, who survives him, with their 
three children, Florence, Clyde and Ralph. Clyde is married and the other two are sin- 

■A sister, Mrs. B. P. Evans, lives in Harrisburg. and there are three brothers. Dr. 
D. C. Guthrie, Philadelphia; John, of Philadelphia, and Dr. George, of Wilkes-Barre. 

He was a contractor and builder. 
Issue : — 

1898. Florence May, b. May 14, 18S3. 

1899. Thompson Clyde, b. Aug. 20, 1884. 

1900. George Ralph, b. Feb. 17, 1897. 

Ch. of, Lewis White (T.-^22) and Lydia KeecK 

V— «76. WILLIAM HENRY WHITE (Lewis, Mary, Hannah, 
James), b. July 30, 1847; m. ELIZABETH JONES July 3, 1873, dau. of 
Temple Jones and Lydia Mcllhaney; she d. Aug. 15, 1895, ^g^d about 46 

He is a machinist: foreman in the Downingtown Manufacturing Co.; 
address, 218 William St., Downingtown, Pa. 


Issue : — 

1901. Susie H., b. Mar. 17, 1S73. 

*902. Pauline J., b. Dec. 9, 1S74. 

1903. Lydia M., b. July 21, 1S76. 

1904. Charles Woodward, b. May 3, IS' 
1905 Temple Jones, b. June 24, 1879. 

V— 877. INIARY JANE WHITE (Lewis 4), b. April 9, 1849; d. July 
17 ,1872; m. CHARLES W. BROWN Dec. 31, 186S, son of Joseph Brown 
and Jane. He died in Ohio. 

Issue : — 

1906. J. Lillie Edge, b. May 22, 1S72. 

V— 878. THEODORE H. WHITE (Lewis 4), b. Jan. 17, 1851; m. 
SALUE J. McBRIDE Dec. 23, 1875, dau. of Humphrey McBride and Mary 
Laird, b. April 15, 1852. 

He is a blacksmith at Milford Mills, Chester Co., Pa., with address Glen 
Moore, Pa., R. D. 

Issue : — 

1907. William J., b. Mar. 14, 1878. 

1908. Oscar L., b. Aug. 12, ISSO. 

1909. Walter, b. Nov. 30. 1882. 

1910. Alfred, b. May 12, 18S5; d. Jan. 16. 1886. 

1911. Grace Estella, b. May 2, 1887. 

V— 879. CLARA R. WHITE (Lewis 4), b. April 15, 1856; m. 
FRANK GOOD March 7, 1878, son of John Good and Mary Batten, b. June 
6, 1851. 

He is engaged in the ice manufacturing plant; address, 224 S. Matlack 
St., West Chester, Pa., 

Issue : — 

1912. Lewis White, b. Mar. 19. 1879. 

1913. John Batten, b. July 1, 1881. 

1914. Noble Howard, b. Sept 22, 1885. 

1915. James Leroy, b. April 25. 1893. 

Ch. of Robert White {T.-82^) and Mary Ann Conquest. 

V— 880. WILLIAM T. WHITE (Robert, Mary, Hannah, James), b. 
May 12, 1846; m. VALILA OLIVE HEINSLING Oct. 18, 1871, at Lan- 
caster, Pa., dau. of Dr. J. H.Heinsling and Teressa Olive, b. Nov. 17, 1856. 

During the Civil War he enlisted in 1864 in Co. E, I22d Reg. Pa. Vols. 
and served 19 months; was in four battles. He went to Harrisburg and 
later removed to a farm near Dalmatia Pa., of 98 A, which had been the 
property of his wife's father. 


Issue : — 

1916. Rosy M.. b. June 13, 1S72. 

1917. Robert H., b. Jan. 6. 1876. 

1918. Mary E., b. April 16, 1S7S; d. Aug. 25, 1S81. 

1919. Louis E., b. Oct. 21, ISSl. 

1920. William C, b. April 21, 1SS4; d. Oct. IS, 18S6. 

1921. Charles E., b. Nov. 19, 1SS6; d. Nov. 30, 1S86. 

1922. Leroy, b. Mar. 4, ISSS. 

1923. Howard E., b. April 19, 1S91. 

1924. Lillie Olive, b. June 9. 1894. 

V— «8i. ANNA MARY WHITE (Robert 4), b. Jan. 4, 1849; m- 
JOSEPH GASTON YOUST Oct. 9, 1869, son of Clifford Youst and Eliza- 
beth Silknitter, b. March 25, 1847. 

He was an ironworker, employed in the Parkesburg Pa., Iron Works, 
where they reside. 

Issue, bom in Parkesburg, Pa. 

1925. Robert C, b. Dec. 22, 1870. 

1926. John W., b. Sept. 6, 1S73. 

1927. Harry W.. b. Feb. 3, 1878. 

V— 882. SARAH E. WHITE (Robert 4), b. Nov. 7, 1851; m. WIL- 
LAM M. WHITE Jan. 21, 1868, son of George White and Elizabeth May- 
berry, b. May 4, 1845. 

(He belonged to a different family of the White name). He is a fore- 
man in Parkesburg (Pa.) Iron Works. They reside at corner of Second Ave. 
and Culbut St., Parkesburg, Pa. 

Issue : — 

1928. William H., b. Oct. 28, 1SC9. 

1929. Mary Elizabeth, b. Feb. 2, 1873. 

1930. Walter Andrew, b. April IS, 1880. 

V— 883. HENRY p. WHITE (Robert 4), b. Sept. 7, 1854; d. Aug. 
6, 1904; unm. He was killed by the cars at Christiana Pa., where he had 
gone fishing; bur. at Octoraro Church. 

V— 884. ELIZABETH WHITE (Robert), b. June 26, 1857; d. Oct. 
17, 1876; bur. at Downingtown Friends' Mtg. 

V— 885. BENJAMIN WHITE (Robert 4), b. Feb. 26, i860; m. 
ROSANNA WEILER Sept. 15, 1883, dau. of Jacob Weiler and Rosanna 
Swartz, b. Nov. 30, i860. 

He is an ironworker; resides in Parkesburg, Pa. 

Issue : — 

1931. Elizabeth Evlyn. b. Mar. 13, 1881. 

1932. Eugene, b. Dec. 23, 1884. 

1933. Mary, b. Jan. 9, 1886. 

1934. Myrtle R., b. July 7, 188S. 

1935. Robert, b. May 11, 1891; d. March 13, 1892. 

1936. Jacob W'Ciler, b. Aug. 29, 1894. 

1937. Alice, b. Nov. 2, 1896. 

1938. Paul, b. June 1, 1903. 


V— 886. REBECCA WHITE (Robert), b. Aug. ii, 1862; m. JOHN 
WHITESIDE Sept. 21, 1881 son of John Whiteside and Rachel Hoar. 
They were legally separated. 

M. second, WALTER PARSONS, Jan. 3, 1903. son of Adam Parsons 
and Sarah Dewalt, b. Feb. 8, 1859. 

He is an ironworker; address, Parkesburg, Pa. 

Issue by first husband. 
1939. Harry, b. March 2, 1SS4. 


Line of William, John, William. 

Issue of Samuel Trimble (T.-J26) and Elma M. Sharpless, born in Concord, 
Delaware Co., Pa. 

VI— 888. MARY E. TRIMBLE (Samuel. Isaac. William. John, Wil- 
liam, b. 3 mo. 4, i860; m. WILLIAM C. GRUBB 10 mo. 5, 1881, son of 
Samuel W. Grubb and Mary P. Hoopes, of West Goshen, b. 2 mo. 19. 1858, 
at E. Bradford. He followed farming some years in East Goshen, then re- 
moved to West Chester, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 1940. William Clarence Grubb, b. S-8-1SS2; d. 12-25-1882. 
VII— 1941. Norman Trimble Grubb. b. 7-13-1SS6. 
VII— 1942. William Carroll Grubb, b. 9-27-1895. 

VI— 890. JOSEPHINE TRIMBLE (Samuel, Isaac, William, John, 
William), b. II mo. 3, 1863; m. CALEB H. GRUBB, 9 mo. 29, 1882, at 
W^est Chester, Pa., b. 11 mo. 11, 1861 ; d. (?) ; brother to William (see last 
No.) ; resided in West Chester, Pa. 

M. second, CHARLES C. FAHNESTOCK 4 mo. 13, 1892, son of 
Casper C. Fahnestock and Jennie Dean. b. Jan. 28. 1868. 

He was a produce dealer; then in real estate business; resided ior some 
years in Philadelphia; then in East Bradford, and later in ]\Iarshallton, Chester 
Co., Pa.; address. West Chester, Pa., R. F. D. 6. 

Issue by first husband : — 

VII— 1943. Herbert C. Grubb, b. 10-4-1SS3; d. 7-19-1884. 

Issue by second husband : — 

VII— 1944. Vivian T. Fahnestock, b. July 1."., 1S93. 

VII— 1945. Earl Fahnestock, b. Dec. 16. 1896: d. March 14, 1897. 

VII— 1946. Madeline S. Fahnestock, b. Sept. in, 1899. 

VII— 1947. Charles C. P'ahnestock, Jr., b. Dec. 5, 1901. 

Issxie of William Trimble (T.-jjd) and Alice Taylor. 

VI— 892. MARGARET H. TRIMBLE (William, William, William, 
John, William), b. 3 mo. 16, 1887. 

VI— 893. ALICE R. TRIMBLE (William 5), b. 6 mo. 3. 1888; both 

Note. — Children dying young in the Sixth Generation are not carried forward. 
Their record will be found under their parents' names in the Fifth Generation q. v. 
Unnumbered names are those that have been received after the numbering was com- 


of these resided with their parents at 1730 Wallace St., Philadelphia, and 
later at Minneapolis, Minn. 

VI— 894. WILLIAM TRIMBLE (William 5), b. 9 mo. 14, 1889; d. i 
mo. 18, 1894. 

Issue of William Trimble (T.-^^^q) and Rosanna Riley. 

VI— 895. SARAH ELIZABETH TRIMBLE (William, Joseph, Wil- 
ham, John, William), b. April 7, 1S79; d. Dec. 30, 1905; m. ALFONSO 

Issue : — 

VII-194S. Myrtle Edith Bocklage. b. Dec. 5, 1900. 
VII— 1949. William Alfonso Bocklage, b. Oct. 16, 1903. 

Line of William^ William, Richard. 

Issue of Merrit Trimble (T-J4^) and Mary S. Underhill, born in New York 

VI— 909. WALTER TRIMBLE (Merritt, George T., Richard, Wil- 
liam, William), b. 3 mo. 7, 1857; unm. 

He is a member of the legal profession ; resides with his mother at 59 East 
25th St., New York, in the house in which he was born over fifty years ago. 
Office, 34 Pine St., firm of Wyatt & Trimble, for twenty years. Since Feb. 
I, 1907, he has been president of the Bank for Savings of the City of New 
York, No. 280 Fourth avenue, which under efficient management has deposits 
of over $100,000,000, and a high standing in the financial world. 

VI— 910. RICHARD TRIMBLE (Merritt 5). b. 3 mo. 26, 1858; m. 
CORA RANDOLPH 2 mo. 14, 1900. dau. of Edmund D. Randolph and 
Helen E. Lothrop. He is secretary and treasurer of the IJ. S. Steel Corpora- 
tion; residence in the old homestead of his grandfather, 53 East 25th St., New 
York City. 

Issue : — 

VII— 1949. Margaret Randolph Trimble, b. 4-20-1901. 
VII— 1950. Richard Trimble, .Ir.. b. 2-6-1904. 
VII— 1951. Mary Trimble, b. 11-5-1909. 

Issue of Jane Trimble {T.-245) anS Jacob Brown Kirby. 

VI— 911. CORNELIA TRIMBLE KIRBY (Jane, George T., Rich- 
ard, William, William), b. 9 mo. 6, 1854. 

She has traveled extensively ; permanent home in New York City. 

VI— 912. JANE KIRBY (Jane, George T., Richard, William, Wil- 


Ham), b. 10 mo. 3, 1857; d. i mo. 17, 1897; m. WILLIAM E. WYATT 6 
mo. 7, 1881, son of Christopher B. Wyatt and Mary A. CrogHan, b. Jan. i, 

He was an attomey-at-law for twenty years, of the firm of Wyatt & 
Trimble, 34 Pine St. On July i, 1901 he was appointed Judge of the Court 
of Special Sessions and presides at the Children's Court, No. 66, Third Ave- 
nue, with residence in New York City. 

Issue : — 

VII— 1952. CHRISTOPHER BILLOPP WYATT, b. Mar. 18, 1883; 
28, 1906. 

He studied law, which he practiced for some time, then became a bond 
broker %\-ith address 43 Exchange Place, care of E. H. Rollins & Sons. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3040. Elizabeth Wyatt, b. Nov. 30, 1908. 
VIII— 3041. Jane Wyatt, b. Aug. 12, 1910. 

VII— 1953. CORNELIA WYATT, b. Feb. 16, 1885; m. ROBERT H. 
HENDERSON, of Canadian z\rmy ; now at Montreal, Can. 
Issue : — 

Vlli— 304:^. A son. 

VII— 1954. MERRITT TRIMBLE WYATT. b. Nov. 8, 1887; ad- 
dress HofTman House, Corner Madison Ave. and 59th St., New York. 

Issue of Jane Ellicott {T.-248) and Joseph P. Wilson, all born in West Ches- 
ter, Pa. 

VI— 913. CORNELIA TRIMBLE WILSON (Tane, Thomazine, 

Richard. William, William), b. Jan. 4, 1854; m. ROBERT JONES MON- 

-AGHAN Nov. 17, 1879, son of Jonathan J. Monaghan and Rebecca Mur- 

dagh, b. July 2, 1852, at Parkesburg, Pa.; d. Oct. i, 1897, at Philadelphia; 

bur. in Oakland Cemetery. 

The following appeared in the "Daily Local News", of West Chester, Pa., 
of Oct. 2, 1897: 


He was one of the leading members of the Chester County Bar, and once took an 
active part in the politics and business of this county. He is the oldest son of Jonathan 
J. and Rebecca INIonnghan, and was born in Parkesburg, Chester county. July 2. 1852. 
When quite young his parents removed to Pettis county. Missouri, where he grew to 
manhood, attending the common schools of that county and the high school in the city 
of Sedalia, Missouri. At the age of 17 he returned to Pennsylvania and began the study 
of law in the office of his uncle, R. E. Monaghan, in West Chester. WTiile reading law 
he prosecuted his studied of Latin and Greek for a short time under the well-known 
teacher, William F. Wyers, and afterward by private study, without an instructor, read- 
ing the full Yale College course in the classic. 

He was admitted to the Chester County Bar July 3, 1873, and practiced law contin- 
uously since that date. His greatest strength was in jury trials nud arsrument of legal 
questions to the Court. His prjictice was an active one, and ho probably tried as many 
and a-, important cases as any member of this bar. 



Blessed with a vigorous constitution. Mr. Monaghan did not appreciate the necrs- 
sity of the gospel of rest, and as a result, in the fall of 1891. broke down in health. A 
voyage around the world, including some months of rest in Australia, effected, it was 
hoped, a restoration of his health. His busness and tastes occasioned more than the us- 
ual amount of travel over the United States in the last ten years. Indeed, there are but 
five States and Territories of the Union which he had not visited. 

The Monaghans are of Irish descent, the family being planted in America/ about 
1799, by James Monaghan (grandfather), a native of County Fermanagh, who located 
first in Delaware, and later removed to Chester county, where he died in 1S41. Jonathan 
J. Monaghan (father) was born in Chester county in 1813, where he grew to manhood on 
his father's farm and received a fair English education. In 1S50 he married Rebecca, 
dau. of Robert Murdagh. of Oxford, this cou'ity. and by this union had a family of five 
children, three of whom are still living: Robert Jones, the subject of this sketch; 
James, a graduate of Lafayette College (1S76). who read law with his brother, R. Jones, 
with whom he afterward formed a law partnership, practicing in this county, and in 
May 1892, was appointed by Governor Pattison as State Reporter for the Supreme Court 
of Pennsylvania for a term of five years; and Margaret, wife of Rev. William F. Gib- 
bons, a minister of the Presbyterian church, who is located near Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne 
county, Pa. 

Cornelia resides at the Wilson homestead, 420 South Wahiut St., West 
Chester, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 1955. Frances B. Monaghan. b. Sept. 2, 1880; resides with her mother. 
VII— 1956. Helen Monaghan. b. Mar. 3, 18S2; d. March. 24, 1886. 
VII— 1957. J. Wilson Monaghan. b. Sept. 24, 1883; d. Aug. 10, 18S4. 
VII— 1958. Walter Monaghan, b. Aug. 5, 1888; at home. 

VI— 914. MARY FRANCES WILSON (Jane 5), b. Feb. 5. 1855; 
d. Aug. 22, 1909; m. H. TOWNSEND FAIRLAAIB Dec. 30, 1880. son of 
Charles Fairlamb and Martha Jefferis, b. Aug. 10 (circa 1853) ; d. June — , 

They resided for some time in West Chester, Pa., and afterwards removed 
to Spokane, Wash., where both are buried. 

Issue : — 

VII— 1959. MARTHA JEFFERIS FAIRL.\MB, b. July 10, 1881; 
in. EDWARD LUMLEY McCUNE Sept. 5, 1907, West Chester, Pa.; he 
being of Chicago, 111. ; now at Spokane, Wash. 

VII— 1960. CORNELIA W. FAIRLAMB, b. Sept. 9, 1882. 

VII— 1 96 1. JOS. WILSON FAIRLAMB, b. June 21, 1886. 

VII— 1962. H. TOWNSEND FAIRLAMB, March 24, 1891. 

VI— 915. HENRY GEORGE WILSON (Jane 5), b. July 10. i8:;8; 
m. EMOGENE COMSTOCK July — . 1888, of Vermont, dau. of Albert 
Comstock and Silvia, of Milton, Vt., b. May 24 — ' — ( ?). They reside at At- 
lantic City, N. J. 

Issue : — 

VII— 1963. Mary F. Wilson, b. Nov. 24, 1889. 
VII— 1964. R. Monaghan Wilson, b. Sept. 15, 1891. 
VII— 1965. D. Grace Wilson, b. June — , 1898. 


Line of William, William, Lydia. 
IssKC of WUliani A. Baldzciii (T.-^^f) a)id Emily Wilson. 

VI— 917. TANK WILSON BALDWIN (William A.. Joseph T., Lyd- 
ia, William. William), b. Nov. 7, 1867. at Erie. Pa. ; m. JOHN E. PORTER 
Apr. 26, 189S, at Zanesville, Ohio, son of James Wilson Porter and jMartha 
Loomis Ebbert. of Sewicklcy, Pa., b. ]\Iar. 24. 1866, at Pittsburg, Pa. 

They reside at SoS Beaver St., Sewickley. Allegheny Co., Pa. Pie was 
first in the iron trade with his father; afterwards became secretary and treas- 
urer of the Carroll-Porter Boiler and Tank Company. 

Issue : — 

VII— 1966. Martha Lucretia Porter, b. June 2S. 1000. 

VII— 1967. Katherine Baldwin Porter, b. Feb. 6, 1902. 

VII— 196S. Emily Wilson Prater, b. Aug. 4, 1903. 

VII— 1969. Jane Ebbert Porter, b. Aug. 18, 1905. 

VI— 919. HASELL WILSON BALDWIN (William A. 5), b. Nov. 
25, 1874; m. MARGARET McCLEERY, June 10, 1901, dau. of Mr. and 
Mrs. John McCleery, of ]Milton, Pa. 

He is one of the firm of J. Hoare 8z Co., manufacturers of cut glassware, 
with residence at Coming, N. Y. 

Issue : — 
VII— 1970. Mary Shaw Baldwin, b. June 25, 1902. 

VI— 920. ISABELLA DOUGLASS BALDWIN (William A. 5), b. 
Feb. 2, 1877; address, 633 Maple Lane, Sewickley, Pa. 

Issue of Benjamin Edge (T.-j^S) and Mary A. Clark. 

VI— 921. EMILY P. EDGE (Benjamin, Jane, Lydia, William, Wil- 
liam), b. II mo. 6, 1883; d. 10 mo. 29, 1899; buried at Cain Meeting. 

VI— 922. JOHN G. EDGE (Benjamin 5), b. 3 mo. 29, 1886. 

VI— 923. JOSEPH C. EDGE (Benjamin 5), b. 10 mo. 4, 1891. 
Both sons reside on the farm with their parents. 

Line of William, William, John. 

Issue of J. Trimble Zook (T.-^So) and Mary B. Evans. 

VI— 941. AMOS E. ZOOK fj. Trimble. Sarah D.. John. William. 
William), b. 3 mo. 6. 1876; m. MARIE WEISCHEDEL 9 mo. 16. 1907. 
dau. of C. Frederick Weischedel and Catharine Godel. b. 6 mo. 18, 1879. 


He is employed with the P. R. R. at the Cnimlen, N. J., ferry; aciarc>.. 
403 State St., Camden. N. J. 

Vi__fj42. SARAH T. ZOOK (J. Trimble 5^ b. 11 mo. 6, 1877; m. 
CHARLES COOK 12 mo. 30, 1902. son of Peter Cook and Mary Gunn. b. 
12 mo. 18, 1877. -ir c 

He is an engineer with the Camden Fire Company ; address, 321 Vme St., 

Camden, N. J. 
Issue : — 
VII— 1971. Charles J. Cook. b. 2-29-l?04. 

VI— 943. ELIZABETH R ZOOK (J. Trimble 5). b. 8 mo. 13, 1870; 
m. EDWARD H. BENDER Jan. — . 1909; reside at 412 N. 7th St., Cam- 
den, N. J. 

VI--945. ANNE ZOOK (J. Trimble 5). b. 4 mo. 17, 18S3; resides in 
Camden, N." J. 

VI— 946. J. TRIMBLE ZOOK. JR. (J. Trimble 5), b. i mo. 22, 
1886; resides in Philadelphia, Pa. 

VI— 947. HENRY E. ZOOK (J. Trimble 5), b. 3 mo. 29. 1888. 
He is a brakeman on the Pa. R. R. : resides in Camden, N. T. 

Line of Willi.vm, William, Gr.\ce. 

Issue of Isaac Evans, Jr. (T.- ?<??(?) and Rebecca Fell, born in Newlin Twp., 
Chester Co., Pa. 

VI— 040. T^IARSHALL F. EVANS (Isaac, Ann. Grace. William. 
William), b. 7 mo. 23. 1885; m. SARAH HELEN SHARPLESS 8 mo. 
17, 1909, dau. of Smith T. Sharpless and Linda Sinofles. b. June 20, 1889. 

He is a clerk. They reside in West Chester. Pa. 

VI_-9c;o. ANNA C. EVANS (Isaac 5). b. 12 mo. 30. i88(^: m. ED- 
WARD I^AAC HOOPES 6 mo. 23. 1909, son of Ralston R. Hoopes and 
Marv' Yearslev, b. 4 mo. 27, 1869. 

'He is engaged wdth his father in the lumber, coal. etc.. trade m West 
Chester, Pa. 

Issue of Joseph E. MJckle (T.-sgr) and Hannah J. Miller. 

VT— 958 J. EVANS MTCKLE (Toscnh. Marv. Grace. William. Wil- 
liam), b. 7 mo. 30. 1881;: m. EDITH LIXY COWLEY 10 mo. 23. 1007. 
dau. of James Robert Cowley and ]SLary Jane Patterson, b. 6 mo. 2. 1883. 


He is bookkeeper with the Suburban Gas Company. Sixth and Welsh Sts., 
Chester, Pa. ; residence 2340 Providence Ave. 
Issue : — 

VII— 1972. J. Evans Mickie (3rd), b. 11-30-1908. 

VI-^59. GRACE EVANS MICKLE (Joseph 5), b. 7 mo. 2, 188 = 
unm. ; address, Swarthmore, Pa. 

VI— 960. GEORGE DULLER MICKLE (Joseph 5), b. 12 mo. 28, 
1886; unm.; address, Swarthmore, Pa. 

VI— 961. FRANCIS KING MICKLE (Joseph 5),b. 8mo. 17, 1888. 
He has a position at the Pennsylvania Training School for Feeble -Minded 
Children at Elwyn, Pa. 

Line of William, Samuel, Margaret. 

Issue of Sarah B. Peircc {T-41^^) and Danvin Painter, born in Birmingham, 
Delaware Co., Pa. 

VI— 969. GEORGE BRINTON PAINTER (Sarah. William. ^lar- 
garet, Samuel. William), b. 6 mo. 22, 1840; m. E^IMA THATCHER 4 mo. 
13, 1865. dau. of Garrett Thatcher and Hannah H. Pyle, of Thornbury. b. 
there 3 mo. 27, 1845; ^- ~ ^^- 3' i^SQ* at Darby. Pa.; buried at Concordville. 

M. second SARAH M. RLTNYAN 4 mo. 5. 1892. b. 4 mo. 19, 1846. 

He kept store for se\'er?l years at Concordville; was then a merchant in 
Philadelphia in the firm of Chance & Painter, and later located at Darby. Pa., 
in grain and feed business, which he still conducts with a residence in Phila- 

Issue by first wTfe only : — 

VII— 1973. HOWARD T. PAINTER, b. 10 mo. 7, 1866. at Concord- 
ville. Pa.: m. EVA WHEATON CONVERSE 7 mo. 12, i8q8. at Ash^ 
ville, N. C, dau. of James Wheaton Converse, Jr., and Harriet Crickmay, of 
Boston, IMass. b., 9 mo. 4. 1874. at Grand Rapids. ]\Iich. He was associated 
in business with his father and is the owner of his grandfather Thatcher's fine 
farm in Thornbury, Pa. They resided first in Philadelphia and later at St. 
David's, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3043. Dorothy Convcr<^e Pr inter, b. 8-17-1899, in Philadelphia. 

VI— 970. WILLIAM PEIRCE PAINTER (Sarah B. 5). b. 2 mo. 3. 
1842; m. IMARGARET MIDDLETON 4 mo. 28. 1886. dau. of Edwin Mid- 
dleton and Rachel IT. Pa'^smorc. of Darby, b. there 3 mo. 5, 18-15: d. i mo. 5, 
1900; buried in Darby Mtg. grounds. 


He went to the far Southwest of the U. S. for a few years, then retunioi 
and located at Darby. Pa., where he is a practicing pliysician. He is a direc- 
tor of the Darby National Bank, and treasurer of the borough. 

He is an active member and treasurer of Darby Friends' Meeting. 

Issue : — 
VII— 1974. Rosalie M. Painter, b. 1-26-1SS7. Teacher. Resides with her father. Cee 
announcement in Palmer Division, No. 4576. '• 

VI— 971. EMLEN PAINTER (Sarah B. 5), b. 9 mo. 8, 1844; d- i mo. 
15, 1890, in New York Citv; buried in Woodland Cem.etery. Philadelphia; 
m. ELIZABETH STAPLES 7 mo. 28. 1872. at San Francisco. Cal., dan. 
of David Staples. She d. 2 mo. 23, 1883, at San Francisco, and was there 

M. second, MARY ^I. WEEKS 2 mo. 7. 1884, dau. of Dr. Alfred 
Weeks, of Philadelphia. He graduated at the Philadelphia College of Phar- 
macy in 1866, and the next year settled in San Francisco, Cal., where in con- 
junction with a successful business as a druggist he was prominent in found- 
ing the California Pharmaceutical Society and the California College of Phar- 
macy; in the latter he was a Trustee, Lecturer and Dean of the Faculty for 
many years. 

He returned to the East in 1883, and the next year located in New York 
and engaged in his chosen profession imtil his death. He was one of the ed- 
itors o"f the National Formulary and represented the State of California at the 
revision of the U. S. Pharmacoepoeia, and was the author of many valuable arti- 
cles on pharmacy, for one of which be obtained the Ebert prize, which gave 
him a national prominence. 

Issue by first wife : — 

Vn— 1975. MITTIE ADELAIDE PAINTER, b. 8 mo. 24, 1873; d. 
9 mo. 2, 1882; bur. at San Francisco. 

VII— 1976. EDWARD E^vILEN PAINTER, b. 2 mo. 20, 1875; d. 

They resided in San Francisco, Cal.; no. issue. 

VII— 1977. DAVID STAPLES PAINTER, b. 7 mo. 9, 1878. 

VII— 1978. PHEBE PAINTER, b. 3 mo. 19, 1881 ; m. DR. GARD- 
NER PERRY POND 2 mo. 11, 1902; probable residence San Francisco. 

VII— 1979. ELIZABETH DARWINA PAINTE R, b. 5 ino. 19 . 1882. 
Issue by second wifee: — 

VII— 1980. WILLIAM WEEKS PAINTER, b. 12 mo. 8, 1889, in 
New York. 

VI— 973. JANE BRTNTON PAINTER (Sarah B. 5). b. 8 mo. 


1849; d. 12 mo. 30, 1872; m. MARK H. D.-\RLINGTOX* 3 mo. 26, 1872. 
son of Tliomas B. Darlington and Evelina Harvey, b. 4 mo. 16, 1848, in 
E. Bradford. His address is W'est Chester, Pa. 
Issue : — 

VII— 19S1. Emlen Painter Darlington, b. 12-17-1S72. 

He is a practicing phy.sician at Kennett Square, Pa. 

VI— 974. SAMUEL H. PAINTER (Sarah B. 5), b. i mo. 26, 1852; 
m. EDITH LEWIS THOMAS 2 mo. 10, 1876. dau. of Isaac Thomas and 
Elizabeth R. Smith, b. 11 mo. 21, 1S54, at Honeybrook, Pa. 

After marriage he kept store at Concordville two years, then purchased 
the homestead at Brandywine Summit, Pa., which later he sold and resided 
on another portion of the old Painter tract owned by his eldest son. 

Issue : — 

VII— 1982. JENNIE THO^IAS PAINTER, b. 3 mo. 30, 1878. 
She is a clerk in Philadelphia and resides there; address 1202 Land Title 

VII— 1983. ISAAC DARWIN PAINTER, b. 8 mo. 22, 1880; d. 3 mo. 
14, 1911 ; m. EDITH CHEYNEY 6 mo. 22, 1909. dau. of Wilmer ChejTiey 
and Ellen H. James, b. 9 mo. 12, 1885. 

He was a farmer. He bought a part of the old Painter tract of about 100 
acres in Birmingham Twp., Pa. ; buried at Concord. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3044. Wilmer Cheyncy P.iinter, b. 6-19-1910. 

VII— 1984. WALTER PAINTER, b. 4 mo. 27, 1884; m. ^lARIAN 
FORSYTHE SAVERY 9 mo. 15, 1908, dati. of Stephen W. Savery and 
Hannah Forsythe. 

They reside in West Chester, Pa., where he is a clerk in the wheel works 
of Hoopes Bro. & Darlington. 

VII— 1985. SARAH BRINTON PAINTER, b. 4 mo. 22, 1887; m. 
WILLIAM SEDGWICK 5 mo. 28, 1909; reside in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue of Margaret Peirce {T.-4iy) and Brigham Young, born in Salt Lake 

• City. 

VI— 975. BRIGHAM AIORRIS YOUNG (Margaret, Robert, Mar- 
garet, Samuel, William), b. June 18, 1854; m. CELESTIA ARMEDA 
SNOW Mar. 29, 1875, dau. of Lorcuzo Snow and Harriet Squiers, of Salt 

Note. — Mark H. Darlington m. second Emma S. Williams 10-19-1875, dau. of Enoch 
Williams and Eliza Seal, of W'esttown Twp. They reside at 318 S. Walnut St., West 
Chester, Pa. Ife is treasurer of the Denney Tas Co. They have issue: Lewis Williams, 
b. 10-19-1876; Isaac Garrett, b. 5-10-1883, and Norman Seal, b. 8-10-1886. 


Lake City, b. there Dec. 2, 1855; address, 1227 Enierson Ave., Salt Lake City, 

Issue : — 

VII— 19S6. ALICE ARMEDA SxXOW YOUNG, b. Feb. 13, 1876, 
at Salt Lake City; m. NOAH LEANDEi>l POND June 24, 1896, son ui 
Stillman Pond and Anna Regina Swenson, b. Dec .22, 1872, at Richmond, 
Utah, They reside at Pocatella, Idaho. 

Issue born there: — 

VIII— 3045. Noah Leauder Pond, Jr., b. May 23, ISb". ; d. Dec. 17, 1&02. 

VIII — 3u4o. Alouza Youug l^ouu, u. June 12, IttUl. 

VIII— 3047. Wayne Young Pond, b. .May U, 1903. 

VIII— 3048. Dean Young Pond, u. Sept. i), 1905; d. Dec. 10, 1906. 

VIII— 3049. Leon Young i^oud, b. tiept. 19, 19u7. 

VIII— 3050. ChUd, b. July 31, 1909. 

VII— 1987. BRIGHAM MORRIS YOUNG, JR., b. Feb 27. 1878; un- 

"^'"Vil— 1988. FRANKLIN SNOW YOUNG, b. Feb. 13, 1881, at Brig- 
ham City; d. Feb. 14, 188 1. 

VII— 1989. LUCIUS SNOW Y'OUNG, b. April 10, 1882, same; d. 
March 11, 1883. 

VII— 1990. MARGARET VEDA SNOW Y'OUNG, b. Aug. 27, 
1885; same.. 

1887; same. 

VII— 1992. RUSSELL WHITESIDES YOUNG, b. Dec. i, 1889, at 

VII— 1993.GAYLEN SNOW YOUNG, b. Jan. 14, 1892, at Logan 

VII— 1994. LORENZO SNOW YOUNG, b. Nov. 10, 1894, at Salt 
Lake City. 

VII— 1995. JOSEPH SNOW YOUNG, b. April 30, 1898; same. 

Issue of Eli Harvey Peirce {T.-41P) and Susanna Neff, the first born in Salt 
Lake City, the rest in Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utah. 

VI— 976. ELI HARVEY PEIRCE, JR. (Eli H.. Robert, Margaret. 
Samuel, William), b. Sept. 27, 1851; m. LY^DIA ^L\Y SNOW, dau. of 
Lorenzo Snow and Mary Houtze. She d. Dec. 22, 1899; bur. at Brigham 


M. second, ETTA }^IADSOX. dau. of Adolph ^ladson and Aviary Wag- 
ner, b. Dec. 13, 1S65, at Brigham City. 

He is in the insurance business, general agent of the "Independent Un- 
derwriters;" insures against fire, tornado, burglary, liability, automobile, plate 
glass, steam boiler and live stock; address 126 S. Main St., Salt Lake City, 
Utah. Issue : — 

VII— 1996. PEARL SNOW PEIRCE, b. July 17, 1883, at Brigham 
City; m. HOWARD EUGENE SMITH Sept. 26, 1906; reside in ^slinne- 
apolis, Minn. 

VII— 1997. F. DOLORES PEIRCE, b. Dec. 12, 1887, at Brigham 

VII— 1998. RAMONA MAY PEIRCE, b. June 17, 1892, at Salt Lake 

VII— 1999. ALICE HARVIOLA PEIRCE, b. Jan. 23, 1896; same. 

VII— 2000. PANSY ADINA PEIRCE, b. May 6, 1893, at Brigham 

VII— 2001. HARVEY ADOLPH PEIRCE, b. Aug. 27, 1894; same. 

VII— 2002. EARLE WAGNER PEIRCE, b. July 28, 1896; same. 

VI— 977. MARY BARR PEIRCE (Eli H. 5) b. Sept. 21, 1853; m. 
OLIVER GODDARD SNOW Oct. 13, 1873, son of Lorenzo Snow and Ad- 
aline Goddard, b. Feb. 20, 1849, ^^ Salt Lake City, Utah. 

He is interested in coal mines; address 318 Sixth St., East Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 

Issue \-r- 

VII— 2003. MARY ORILLA SNOW, b. Dec. 8, 1874, at Brigham 
City; tmm. 

VII— 2004. OLIVER GODDARD SNOW, b. June 9, 1876; same d. 
Feb. 10, 1879. 

VII— 2005. EUGENE PEIRCE SNOW, b. Feb. 27, 1878. 

VII— 2006. ELIZA ROXEY SNOW, b. Nov. 3, 1879; m. W. R. 
DENNIS Jan. 29, 1906. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 3051. Orilla Snow Dennis. 
Vlll— 3052. Osmun Dennis. 

VII— 2007. LIONEL VIVIAN SNOW, b. Oct. 19, 1S81 ; m. MAR- 


Issue : — 

VIII— 3053. Olivpr Grant Snow. 
VIII— 3054. Mary Virginia Snow. 

VII— 20o8. CLYDE VIRGINUS SNOW, b. xMay 27, 1883. 

VII— 2009. MYRTLE IVY SNOW, b. Jan. 2^, 1885; m. CARLTON 
BARNES July 3, 1909. 

VII— 2010. RUBY SNOW, b. Jan. i, 1887. 

VII— 2011. IRMA ELOISE SNOW, b. Oct. 14, 1888. 

VII— 2012. LORENZO SNOW, b. March 2, 1890. 

VII— 2013. HARVEY BOOTHE SNOW, b. Jan. 5, 1892. 

VII— 2014. NORMA NORDICA SNOW, b. Feb. 3, 1894. 

VI— 978. LEONIDAS THOMAS PEIRCE (Eli H. 5), b. June 21, 
1855; m. EUGENIA SNOW Nov. i, 1876, at Brigham City, dau. of Lor- 
enzo Snow and Eleanor Houtz. 

He is a traveling salesman for the ]\Iount Pickle Factory of Salt Lake; 
address, 223 Eighth East St., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Issue : — 

II, 1877; d. May 8, 1879. 

VII— 2016. EUGENIA LA VON PF:IRCE, b. Oct. 29, 1879; m. 
JAY VERNON BRIDGE June 15, 1904, of Ludington, Mich., b. June 14, 
1 88 1, in Monroe, Wis.; d. Mar. 28, 1908. 

She is an artist and since her husband's death resides wth her parents. 

Issue : — 

VIII — 3055. Vernon Poirce Bridge, b. April 2, 1905. 

VII— 2017. EUGENIC SNOW PEIRCE, b. April 28, 1882; unm.; 
probable address Salt Lake City, Utah, as is also the others of this fanoily. 

VII— 2018. LLOYD TAURUS PEIRCE, b. Nov. 27, 1884; d. April 
14, 1885. ^' ^ 

VII— 2019. LISLE KENNETH PEIRCE, b. Jan. 14, 1886. 

VII— 2020. VALOIS PEIRCE, b. June 16, 1888. 

VII— 2021. DARRELL NEFF PEIRCE, b. Oct. 26, 1892; d. Jan. i, 


VI— 979. SUSANNAH OCTAVIA PEIRCE (Eli PL 5), b. March 
27, 1857, at Salt Lake City; m. JOSEPH HENRY HARDMAN Nov. 5, 
1879, son of Joseph Hardnian and Nancy Boothe, b. Nov. 26, 1856, at Salt 
Lake City. 

He is a farmer; address, Meriden, Cache Co., Utah. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2022. ALTA LA VON HARDMAN, b. Jan. 13, 1 881, in Brig- 
ham City; d. April i, 1906, in ]Meriden, Utah. 

VII— 2023. WILLIS VIVIAN HARDxMAN, b. Nov. 5, 1883, in Mer- 
iden, Utah; d. Sept. io„ 1909; m. LAURxA PARKER, of Wellsville, Dec. 
26, 1903, in Logan ]\Itg. ; address, Garland, Utah. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3056. Cloteal Hardman, b. Dec. 19, 19o5, in Menden. 


Editor Logan Republican. 

Impressive funeral services were held in the Mendon Meeting House over the re- 
mains of Willis V. Harduiiin, son of Joseph and Octavia Peirce Hardman, formerly of 
Mendon but later of Garland, Utah, on Friday the 10th lust., beginning at 1 p. m. 

Beautiful and appiopriate music was rendered by the Ward choir and by Joseph 
C. Sorenson, who sansi "J Know My Heavenly Father Knows"; by Louie and Edith 
Hughes, who sang the duet "Sometimes, Somewhere," and by Richard Pilkington, of 
Smithfield, who sang 'O My Father". 

Bishop VV^illiam D. Bud presided and the speakers were Andrew Sorensen, William 
Hill, of Logan, Heber Paikcr, of Wellsville, Bishop David Murray, of Mt. Sterling, 
Counselor Jensen, and Bishop Grover, of Garland, E. H. Peirce, of Salt Lake City, and 
Bishop Bird. All testified to the noble and Christianlike qualities of the deceased, al- 
ways of a modest and retiring disposition but a dutiful son, an exemplary husband and 
a loving father. As a Church Member willing to go when called and to perform where 
required and worthy the blessings and privileges of the House of God. The benediction 
was by J. N. Sorenson. 

Flowers and emblems covered the casket and filled two tables and twelve young 
ladies, dressed in white, marched ahead of the funeral cortege bearing the flowers to 
the Cemetery. Grave was dedicated by E. H. Peiice, uncle of the deceased. 

In his vocation or chosen occupation Willis Vivian Hardman had worked himself 
up from a section hand, at his heme town, to become section foreman of the Malad 
branch of O. S. L. system with headquarters at Garland, Utah. Here he was stricken 
with the dreaded malady, appendicitis, operated upon at the L. D. S. hospital bv Dr. 
Pinkerion, the company surgeon; on ounday, he failed to rally and on Wednesday morn- 
ing at 3 a. m. with his wii>j and mociier at his bedside, his spirit took its flight to min- 
gle with the just and righiecus ones who had preceded him to the other side. 

The deceased was in his 28th year and the sympathies of the entire community 
go out to his wife, Laura, and their little daughter who played about the room totally 
unmindful of the full import to her future of the service and heedless of the great grief 
which racked the hearts of the wife and mother of the departed. 
Logan Republican, 9-18-09. E. H. PEIRCE. 

VII— 2024. HARVEY LEONE HARDMAN, b. May i, 1885, in 
Mendon; d. Nov. 3, 1890. 

VII— 2025. JOSEPH FLOYD HARDMAN, b. Dec. 2, 1886, in Men- 

VII— 2026. WINNIE SUSANNAH HARDMAN, b. March 17, 18S7, 
in Mendon. 


VII— 2027. CORA NANCY HARD.MAN, b. April 5, 1888; same. 

VII— 2028. PEIRCE HARDAIAN, b. July 18, 1890; same. 

VII— 2029. MYRL HARDMAN, b. March 14, 1891 ; same. 

VII— 2030. GWYN DOLAN HARDAIAN, b. Nov. 18, 1893; same. 

VII— 2031. JOHN NEFF HARDMAN, b. Feb. 14, 1898; same; d. 
May 26, 1898. 

VII— 2032. ELI BERNARD HARDMAN, b. Feb. 27, 1901 ; same. 

Isstie of Thomas Peirce (T.-420) and Harriet Ann Green, all bom in Salt 

Lake City. 

VI— 980. HARRIET LUNIE PEIRCE (Thomas, Robert, ^largaret, 
Samuel, William), b. July 5, 1859; m. WILLIAM BOYCE, b. Aug. 24, 

Issue : — 

VII— 2033. ORIE L. BOYCE, b. May 15, 1878; m. JOHN LA- 

VII— 2034. HARRIET BOYCE, b. Sept. 17, 1880; d. Aug.,29, 1881. 

VII— 2035. WILLIAM ERNEST BOYCE, b. Aug. 8, 1882; m. EF- 

VII— 2036. FANNY BOYCE, b. Jan. 11, 1885; m. DANIEL TEM- 

VII— 2037. BIRDIE MAY BOYCE, b. May 27, 18S7; m. RALPH 

VII— 2038. EMAIA BOYCE, b. Nov. 14, 1889; m. BRUCE HARK- 

VII— 2039. RAY BOYCE, b. July 12, 1892. 

VII— 2040. MILTON H. BOYCE, b. May 15, 1895. 

VII— 2041. CLEO GLEN BOYCE, b. May 27, 1898. 

VII— 2042. ROY C. BOYCE, b. March 11, 1901. 

VII— 2043. VARLEY BOYCE, b. Jan. 13, 1904; d. Jan. 17, 1908. 

VI— 981. THOMAS HARVEY PEIRCE (Thomas 5) b. Mar. 20, 


1861; m. AGNES BOAAI Nov. 23, 18S2; address, Murray, Salt Lake Co., 

Issue : — 

VII— 2044. THOMAS CLIFTON PEIRCE, b. Sept. 13, 1883; m. 
LOUIE MUIR Feb. 24, 1909. 

VII— 2045. ELIZABETH M. PEIRCE, b. Sept. 13, 18S3; m. JOS- 
EPH H. LEGGETT Nov. 9, 1904. 

VII— 2046. EVA PEIRCE. > n^ • . TT u 00 

VII-2047. EALMA PEIRCE. I ^'''''''' ^- ^^^- 7' 1889. 

VII— 2048. HARRIET A. PEIRCE, b. Sept. 7, 1892. 

VII— 2049. MORRIS ELI PEIRCE, b. July 16, 1895. 

VII— 2050. ADELBERT H. PEIRCE, b. July 24, 1899. 

VII— 2051. EL}vIO PEIRCE. ■) ^ . , , 

'^ I Twins, b. Aug. 19, 1903; latter d. 

VII-2052. ELMER PEIRCE. J ^P"^ '^' '907- 

Issue of IVilliam- Pcircc (T.-422) and Jerusha Smith, the first born in Salt! 
Lake Co., the rest in Box Elder Co., Utah. 

VI— 983. HANNAH EVALINA PEIRCE (William, Robert, Mar- 
garet, Samuel, William), b. Sept. 17, 1855; m. AARON BECKSTEAD. 
Issue : — 

VII— 2053. Jerusha A. Beckstead, b. Aug. 14, 1S77; d. same date at Salt Lake City. 

VII— 2054. Anah Delorious Beckstead, b. Mar. 9, 1S79. 

VII— 2055. Silvester Beckstead, b. May 26. 18S1. 

VII— 205G. Almira Beckstead. b. Feb. 4, 18S4. 

VII— 2057. Violet May Beckstead, b. Nov. 26, 1SS6. 

VII— 205S. Eveline Irene Beckstead, b. Nov. 14, ISSS. 

VII— 2059. Edith Hilda Beckstead. b. Feb. 5, 1895. 

VI— 984. HIRAM ROBERT PEIRCE (William 5) b. April 9, 1857; 

M. second, NELLIE FAITH HALE July 21, 1891, in Auray Co., 

Issue : — 

VII— 2060. Charles Francis Peirce, b. May 27, 1889. 
VII— 2061. Millie Peirce, b. May 14, 1892; d. same date. 

VI— 985. MARTHA LAVINIA PEIRCE (William 5), b. Aug. 3, 
i860; m. JOHN HYRUM GREEN Nov. 30, 1882, of Salt Lake City, b. 
Feb. 7, 1857, at Layton, Davis Co., Utah. 


Issue : — 

VII— 2062. John William Green, b. Dec. 2S. 1SS3. 

VII— 2063. Matilda Grace Green, b. Nov. S. 1SS5. 

VII— 2064. Leo Peirce Green, b. Jan. 20, ISSS. 

VII— 2065. Jernsha Ann Green, b. Jan. 14, 1SS9. 

VII— 2066. Vessie Lovina Green, b. Jan. 31, 1S91; d. Jan. 4, 1900. 

VII— 2067. Robert Eli Green, b. Mar. 20, 1895. 

VU— 2068. Lavou Green, b. July 19, 1900. 

VI— 987. SARAH ^IcKEE PEIRCE (William 5) b. Oct. 20, 1865; 
m.JOSEPH S^IITH EGBERT, b. Jan. 10, 1858, at Salt Lake City. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2069. Joseph Peirce Egbert, b. May 27, 1SS5, at Box Elder Co., Uteh. 
VII— 2070. Mabel P. Egbert, b. May 15, 1892, same. 
VII— 2071. Reual Wayne Egbert, b. Mar. 2, 1S96. same. 
VII— 2072. Harvey Arnold Egbert, b. Nov. 17, 1898, same. 

VI— 989. ELI THOMAS PEIRCE (William 5), b. Jan. 27, 1870; 
Issue : — 

VII— 2073. Annie Eulalia Peirce, b. July S, 1891, at Box Elder Co., Utah. 

VII— 2074. Leonard Eli Peirce, b. May 14, 1893, same. 

VII— 2075. Leslie William Peiice, b. Jan. 21, 1895. 

VII— 2076. Harvey Chrisiian Peirce, b. Feb. 19, 1897. 

VII— 2077. Hazel Mary Peirce, b. May 22, 1899. 

VI— 990. EDITH IRENE PEIRCE (William 6), b. Jan. 30, 1872; 
Issue : — 

VII— 2078. Maria Lucinda Barnard, b. May 23, 1889. 

VII— 2079. Eraston Alton Barnard, b. May 28, 1S91; d. Aug. 20, 1893. 

VII— 2080. Ivan Barnard, b. Dec. 19, 1893. 

VII— 2081. Eugene Barnard, b. July 3, 1896. 

VII— 2082. Julia Barnard, b. Sept. — , 1898-9. 

Issue of Edith Evalina Peirce {7.-42^) and James Fisher, the first born in 
Box Elder Co., the rest in Salt Lake Co.^ Utah. 

VI— 996. JAMES MADISON FISHER. JR., (Edith K, Robert, 
Margaret, Samuel, William), b. Dec. 11, 1857; m. MARY MINERVA 
NEFF, dau. of Franklin Neff and Frances Marzia Russell, b. Sept. 6, 1857. 

Issue, born in Salt Lake Co. : — 

VII— 2083. Malison Fisher, b. Oct. 27, 1879. 

VII— 2084. Frances Edith Fisher, b. Oct 8, 1880. 

VII— 2085. Franklin Peirce Fisher, b. July 4, 1882. 

VII— 2086. Leonidas Fisher, b. Feb. 10, 1884. 

VII— 2087. Lyle Fisher, b. Feb. 10, 1884 (tvvin). 

VII— 2088. Caleb Lloyd Fisher, b. June 8, 1SS8. 

VII— 2089. Minerva Fisher, b. March 30, 1890. 

VII— 2090. Maud Fisher, b. Dee. 14, 1891. 

VII— 2091. Alfaretta Fisher, b. Aug. 7, 1893 

VII— 2092. Joshua Fishf-r, b. April 13, 1S9.". 

VII— 2093. Arta Blulen Fisher, b. Dec. 4, 1897. 


VI— 997. ROBERT PEIRCE FISHER (Edith E. 5), b. Oct. i, 
1859; m. ROZELLA SALOME NEFF, clau. of Franklin and Frances Maria 
Neff, b. May 27, 1S63. 

Issue, born at East Mill Creek, Salt Lake Co. : — 

Vn— 2094. Lester Peirce Fisher, b. Aug. 6, 1SS5. 

VII— 2095. Pauline Darce Blsher, b. Feb. 6, 1SS7. 

VII— 2096. Orriu Fisher, b. June 6, ISS;). 

VII— 2097. Olive Fisher, b. Sept. 3, 1S91. 

VII— 2098. Franklin Neff Fisher, b. July 6, 1893. 

VII— 2099. Robert Seymour Fisher, b. April 2, 1896. 

VII— 2100. Alice Fisher, b. Jan. 5. . 

VII— 2101. (Baby) Fisher, b. Aug. 17, 190-. 

VI— 998. JOSEPH FISFIER (Edith E. 5), b. Sept. 16, 1861. 
He was nx, but no further record ^ven. 

VI— 999. CLARA FISHER (Edith E. 5), b. Nov. 8, 1863; m. ED- 

Issue : — 
VII— 2102. Edward Clifton Samuels, born at Salt I^ke. 
VII— 2103. Guy Kenneth Samuels, b. at Salt Lake. 
VII— 2101. Edith Samuels, b. Salt Lake. 

VII — 2105. Orin Peirce Samuels, b. at Vernal, Unit ah Co., Utah. 
VII — 2106. Mary Samuels, b. same. 
VII— 2107. Lorenza Snow Samuels, b. same. 

VI— 1000. GEORGE WASHINGTON FISHER (Edith E. 5), b. 
March 4, 1865; m. LARETTA CALDWELL; address, Vernal, Utah; no 

VI— looi. MARY EVALYN FISHER (Edith E. s), b. March 20, 
1867; m. ALBERT E. SMOOT, son of William C. A. Smoot (a pioneer), 
and A. — Session, b. Dec. 10, 1865, at Salt Lake City. 

Issue, born at Salt Lake : — 

VII— 2108. Albert F. Smoot, b. April 13, 1893. 
VII— 2109. Evalyn Fern Smoot, b. Feb. 5, 1898. 

VI— 1002. HARVEY McLANE FISHER (Edith E. s), b. Jan. i, 
1870; m. ELMIRA MAY WHITNEY Jan. i, 1897, at Vernal, Utah, b. 
there April 28, 18—. 

VI— 1003. HELEN JANE FISHER (Edith E. 5),b. June 10, 187: 
Issue, bom at Salt Lake : — 

VII— 2110. Valoren Russell, b. Feb. 15, ]!?9S. 
VII— 2111. Frank Calvin Russell, b. Aug. 4, 1S99. 


Line of \Villi.\m^ Samuel, Margaret. 
Issue of Thomas May Pcircc {T.-42J) and Eunna L. Bisbing. 

VI— 1004. MARY B. PEIRCE (Thomas M., Caleb, Margaret, Sam- 
ue', William,), b. Nov. 13, 1862, in Springfield. ]\Iontgomery Co., Pa.; ad- 
dress, 161 6 North Broad St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

The Peirce School (founded by her father) is being continued with M. 
B. Peirce as principal and L. B. ]Moffet as director. 

VI— 1005. EDA MAY PEIRCE (Thomas Uay 5), b. Jan. 18, 1864, 
at Springfield, ^lontgomerv Co.,' Pa.; d. Aug. 5. 1910, at Au Sable, Clinton 
Co., N. Y. 

The following is from the "Peirce School Alumni Journal" of Sept. 1910: 

"The many friends of Miss Eda May Peirce were shocked when the news of her 
sudden death at Au Sable Chasm was received by telegraph August 5, 1910. She had 
been in attendance at a convention of missionary workers of the United States and 
Canada, at Silver Bay, N. Y. Traveling with two friends, they arrived at the Chasm 
in the middle of the day. and after lunch at the hotel she entered the Chasm, which 
she had twice visited on previous occasions. At a point near the entrance she stepped 
to the edge of the walk to obtain a better view, when she was seized with an attack of 
vertigo and fell a distance of twenty feet to the rocks below. She was instantly killed, 
and her body, which was carried awny by the river, was recovered two days later. 

She received her education in the public schools of Philadelphia, graduating from 
the High School in 1S82, and from the Normal School three years later. She also took 
a course in the Peirce School, graduating from the business department in 1S96. She 
was greatly interested in children and had taught in a private school four years. She 
was conscientious and enthusiastic in her work and met with much success. In 1S95 
she was appointed to the faculty of the Girls' High School in charge of commercial 
branches, which position she held for ten years, resigning in 1906 to devote herself to 
philanthropic work. The church strongly appealed to her. She was a member of the 
Grace M. E. church and served in many capacities in the variou'^ oreanizations connect- 
ed with it. Here her love for the yo'ing was manifested and she wns made supcrintena- 
ent of the young people's work of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of the M. E. 
church, Philadelphia Branch. She spent much time in organizing societies among young 
people and CTrried on this work in many neitjhboring cities and towns. She was a mem- 
ber of the Quaker City Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and of the 
Alumni Association of Peirce School, of which she was a vice president. She was also 
one of the owners of this school." 

"She saw life as opportunity, as a trust to be fulfilled, and with all her powers 
sought to respond." 
"One who never turned her back, but marched breast forward, 

Never doubted clouds would break; 
Never dreamed, though right were worsted, wrong would triumph; 

Held we fall to rise, are baffled to fight better; sleep to wake." 

VI— 1008. BLANCHE TILLIE PEIRCE (Thomas Mav 5).b. Dec. 
13, 1868, at Green St.; d. Sept. 11, 1890, at 1616 Broad St.. Philadelphia. Pa. 

She was a very efficient teacher of mathematics in the Girls' High School 
of her native city. 

Issu^ by Second Wife, Ruth Anna Strong. 

VI— 1009. RUTH PEIRCE (Thomas May 5). b. Oct. 6, 1872; rn.H. 

ROSS TAYLOR April 29. 1898, son of Alfred 'Wells Taylor and ■ 



She taught typewriting for ten years in the Peirce School. Her address 
is 1616 North Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 
"VII— 2112. Alfred Wells Taylor, b. Jan. 8, 1000; d. same date. 

VI— loio. THOMAS MAY PEIRCE. TR. (Thomas Mav O. b. April 
14. 1878, at 1S07 Montgomery Ave. : m. GRACE ADELAIDE BENNETT 
Sept. 9, 1905, dau. of Andrew Barrett Bennett* and Hannah Amelia Arm- 
strong, of Cecil Co., ^Id., b. INIarch 8, 1880. 

He is of the firm of Smith &: Peirce, manufacturers of mattresses, etc., 310 
Spruce St., and residence 419 S. 51st St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2113. Thomas May Peirce, (3d), b. July 8^ 1909. 

VI— 1 01 2. CALEB CLARENCE PEIRCE (Thomas, May 5), b. 
Dec. 18, 1885. 

He is a graduate of Lawrenceville Preparatory School and June, 1909, of 
Princeton University, both of New Jersey. 

Issue of Margaret P. Ghcen {T-4^1) and James Dozvning (T.-fj^). 
(See his record.) 

Issii^ of Ann Alice Gheen (T.-4^j) and Heber Chase Kimball, born in Salt 
Lake City, Utah. 

VI— 1014. SAMUEL HEBER KI^IBALL (Ann Alice 5), b. Dec. 
9. 1851; m. ORADINE MERRILL PRATT in the fall of 1870, dau. of 
Orson Pratt and Mary Ann Merrill, b. 1852; d. July — , 1872. 

M. second, MARTHA ISADORE SCHOFIELD Sept. — , 1873, 
dau. of Joseph L. and Qarrisa Schofield. b. June 2, 1852; 4. March 11, 1901. 

M. third. ROSABEL THOMAS April—, 1902, dau. of Preston 
Thomas and ^laria Hadland, b. Sept. 28, 1871. 

They removed to Canada and later returned to 937 Cleveland Ave., Port- 
land, Ore. 

Issue by first wife : — 

VII— 2112. SAMUEL ELMO KIMBALL, b. July— 1872; d. Sept. 
— , 1872. 

Issue by second wife : — 

VII— 2113. SAMUEL HENRY KIMBALL, b. Dec. — , 1875; d. 1876. 

VII— 2114. MELVIK KIMBALL, b. June 14, 1880; d. Feb. — , 1886. 

*Note.— Andrew B. Bennett, b. Feb. 6, 1841. in Cecil Co.. Md.: d. Dec. 2^!, 1S98, in 
Phil.ndeliihia. Hannah A. Armstrong, b April 7, 1843, in Cecil Co. They were married 
March 10, 18G0. 


VII— 21 15. CLARISSA ANNA KIMBALL,, b. June 2, 1886; m. 
They reside in Canada. 

Issue: — 

VIII— 3057. Martha Isadorp Stewart. 
VIII— 3058. Alice Oradine Stewart. 
VIII— 3059. Grace Irene Stewart. 

Issue bv third wife : — 

VII— 2'ii6. LEO THOMAS KIMBALL, b. Jtily 29, 1903. 

VII— 21 17. SAMUEL HEBER KIMBALL, JR., b. Oct. 4, 1905. 

VII— 21 18. GEORGE LEWIS KIMBALL, b. Feb. 16, 1908. 

VI— 1015. DANIEL HEBER KIMBALL (Ann AHce 5), b Feb. 8. 
1856; m JOAN OKERBERRY Sept. 25, 1876, b. Nov. 11, 1854; d. June 
22, 1899. 

31. second, ALICE BRITTS (or Simmons) Feb. 22, 1900. b. Sept. 22, 
1874, in Birmingham, Ala; residence. Sugar Ward, Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Issue : — 

VII— 2119. Don Carlos KimbPll. b. Julv 16, 1S77. 

VII— 2120. Ernest R. Kimbnll. b. Sept. 1. 1S79, 

VII— 2121. Joan Perrl Kimbnll. b. S-pt. 4. ISSl: d. Dec. 23, 1892. 

VII— 2122. Louis Cliase KimhPll, b. Aug. 16. ISSl. 

VII— 2123. Lester Earl Kimball, b. Aug. 22, 188?. 

VII— 2124. Charles Vivian Kimball, b. Oct. 25. 1892. 

VII— 2125. Sarah Katie Kimball, b. March 24, 1894. 

There were also adopted children : — 

VII— 2126. Daily Simmor.;=:, b. June 7, 1893. 
VII— 2127. Annabell Simmons, b. March 29, 1S95. 

VI— ioi6. ANDREW KIMBALL (Ann Alice 5). b. Sept. 6. 1858; m. 
OLIVE WOOLLEY Feb. 2, 1882, at Salt Lake City, dan. of Edwin and 
Mary Ann Woolley, b. June i, i860, at Salt Lake City; address, Box A, 
Thatcher, Graham Co., Arizona. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2128. Maud Kimball, b. Dec. 9. 1882, at Salt T.^ke Cit.v. 

VII— 2129. Olive Clare Kimball, b. Oct. 11, 1S84, same; m. Hiram J. Brinkenhoff Oct. 8, 


VII— 2130. Andrew Gordon Kimbnll. b. April 6. 1887. same. 

VII— 2131. Adelbert Kimbnll. b. S"pt. 16. 1890. same. 

VII— 2132. Ruth Kimball, b. Nov. 7, 1892, sam.e. 

VII— 2133. Spencer Kimb.Tll, b. March — . 1895 same. 

VII— 2134. Alice Ann Kimball, b. March — , 1897, same. 

VII— 2135. Fannie Woolley Kimball, b. April — 1899, in Thatcher, Arizona. 

VI— 1017. ALICE ANN KIMBALL (Alice Ann 5). b. Sept. 6. i8;8 
(twin) ; m. JOSEPH FIELDING SMITH Dec. 6, 1883, son of Hirum 
Smith and Mary Fielding, b. Nov. 13, 1847, i" Missouri; residence 127 N. 
Second St., Salt Lake City. 

Issue, all born in Salt Lake City: — 


VII— 2136. (a) ALICE MAY SMITH, b. Oct. 11, 1877; m. ROBERT 
K. SANT June 14, 1900. They reside in Salt Lake City, Utali. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 3060. Sarah Kimball Sant, b. March 16, 1901. 
VIII— 3061. Robert Smith Sant, b. April 29, 1905. 

VII— 2137 (b) HEBER CHASE SMITH b. Nov. 19. 1881 ; m. 
LILETH NELSON Sept. j, 1902. They reside in Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 3062. Alice Kimball Smith, b. Nov. 6, 1905. 

VII— 2138. (c) CHARLES COULSON SMITH b. Nov. 19, 18S1 
(twin), m. MANON LYMAN April 16, 1909. They reside in Sah Lake 
City, Utah. 

VII— 2139. (d) LUCY MACK SMITH, b. April 14, 1890; at home. 

VII— 2140. (e) ANDREW K. SMITH, b. Jan. 6, 1893. 

VII— 2141. (f) JESSE K. SMITH, b. May 21, 1896. 

VII— 2142. (g) FIELDING K. SMITH, b. April 9, 1900. 

VI— 1018. SARAH GHEEN KIMBALL (Alice Ann 5). b. Mav. 31, 
1 861 ; m. LOUIS SECKELS Dec. 18, 1889, b. in New York city; residence, 
Salt Lake City. 

Issue : — 

VTI— 2143. LOUIS JOSEPH SECKELS, b. Oct. 21, 1880, at Salt Lake 
City; m. IRENE PETERSON I^Iay — , 1909. 

VII— 2144. ALICE KIMBALL SECKELS, b. Sept. 2, 1882, at Butte, 

Issue of Amanda T. Ghecn {T.-4^4) and Hcbcr Chase Khnhall, born in Salt 
Lake City, Utah. 

VI— 1019. WILLIAM GHEEN KDIBALL (Amanda T. 5), b. ^larch 
3, 1851; m. MARY C. LANGFORD, b. April — . 1858; d. Nov. — , 1874. 

M. second, CALISTA F. THORNTON, March 13, 1876; b. Aug. 20, 
1854; address. Rigby, Idaho. 

Issue, all by second wife, born in Idaho. 

VII— 2145. (a) FLORENCE A. KIMBALL. Mav n, 1877; m. 
TORSE FRANCEN March 17, 1897; address, Ashton. Idaho. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3063. Gerty Francen, b. Jan. 19, 1898. 

VIII— 3064. Mural Francen. b. Mny 17. 1S99; d. June 25, 1899. 

VIII— 3065. Veda Francen, b. June 3, 1001. 


VIII— 306(5. Hazel P'rancen, b. Nov. 27, 1002. 

VIII— 3067. Ralph I-^iancen, b. Mar. 7, 1905: d. Oct. 17. 1?0S. 

VIII— 3068. Freddy Fraucen, b. Mar. 11, 1907. 

VII— 2146. (b) IMAY C. KIMBALL b. Nov. 15, 1S78; m. W. H. 
MACE, 1896 (?); address, Stevensville, Montana. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 3069. Blanch Mace, b. July 5. 1S97. 

VIII— 3070. Jessie Mace, b. June 3. 1900; d. May 12, 1901. 

VIII— 3071. Kathleen Mace, b. Feb. .''), 1904. 

VIII— 3072. Ellen Mace, b. July 20, 1905. 

VIII— 3073. James Mace, b. April 9, 1907. 

VII— 2147. (c) TE^IPEFL-VNCE KIMBALL, b. Nov. 24. 1880; ni. 
ALMA HILL, 1899; ( ?) ; address, Rigby, Idaho. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 3074. Jenna Hill. b. Mnrch 2. 1900. 

VIII— 3075. Tarence Hill. b. Aus:. 29, 1901. 

VIII— 3076. Pearl Hill, b. April 8, 1903. 

VIII— 3077. Ella Hill. b. Feb. 6. 1905. 

VIII— 3078. Florence Hill, b. June 7, 1907; d. March — , 190S. 

VIII— 3079. Walter Hill, b. Nov. 29. 1908. 

VII— 2148. (d) PEARL KIMBALL, b. Dec. 4, 1882; m. JOHN 
TRAYMON June 4, 1905; address, Rexburg, Idaho. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 3080. William Gheen TraN-mon, b. Mar. 28, 1906. 
VIII— 3081. Malba Pearl Travmon, b. Jr-n. U. 1P08. 
VIII— 3082. John Raymond Traymon, b. Aug. 5, 1909. 

VII— 2149. (e) BIRDA KIMBALL, b. Jan. 15, 1885. 

VII— 2150. (f) CALISTA KIMBALL, b. May 6. 18S7; m. WIL- 
LIAM CRAWTHER June 20. 1904; address, Rigby, Idaho. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3083. Cameal Crawther, b. May 21, 1905. 

VII— 21 5 1, (g) IDAHO KIMBALL, b. Sept. 30, 1889. 

VII— 2152. (h) WILLIAM CHASE KIMBALL, b. Aug. 24, 1891. 

VII— 2153. (i) CHARLES B. KBIBALL, b. July 23, 1894. 

VI— 1020. ALBERT HEBER KIMBALL (Amanda T. .O. b. Sept. 
13, 1854; m. HARRIET PARTRIDGE, 1876: residence. Salt Lake City. 
Issue : — 

VII— 2154. Albert P. Kimball, b. Feb. 9, 1877, in Fillmore. Millard Co., Utah; m. 

VII— 2155. Heber Chase Kimball, b. July 15. 1879. same. 
VII— 215<5. Edward P. Kin^br.H. b. Jure 12. 1SS2. at S?lt I.ake City. 
VII— 21.57. Verna L. Kimh-1!. b Nov. 21. 1SS4. same; d. Dec. 4, 1892, 
VII— 2158. Alta H. Kimball, b Dec. 23, 1SS7, same. 


VII— 2159. Foru Kimball, b. Jan. 2S, ISOl. same. 
VH— 21G0. Ernest Kimball, b. Doc. 16. 18'.)3, same. 
VII— 2161. Clisbee Kimball, b. Sept. 7. 169S, same. 

VI— I02I. JEREMIAH H. KIMBALL (Amanda T. 5), b. Aug. 15, 
1857; d. May 23, 1887; m. JOSEPHINE DAVEY. She is also deceased. 
They resided in Salt Lake City. 

No further record. 

VI— 1022. MORONI H. KIMBALL (Amanda T. 5). b. May 23. 1861 ; 
ni. AGNES F. KELLY, Salt Lake City. 
No further record. 

Iss^ie of Mary Ann GJiccn {T.-4S5) and \ViUiain Ehiicr, the first born in 
Payson, the rest in Ogden City, Ut. 

VI— 1023. LEVI TAMES ELMER (Marv Ann :;, Esther Ann. Mar- 
garet, Samuel, William), b. Oct. i, 185S: m. TRINE LOUISE PETER- 
SON Feb. 20, 1895. at Ogden, dau. of Jorgcn Peterson and Ellen Anderson, 
b. July 8, 1876, in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Address, Marriott, Weber Co., Utah. 

Issue ; — 

VII— 2162. Joseph Levi Elmer, b. May 10, 1896. 

VII— 2163. William Jorgan Elmer, b. Aug. 9, 1898. 

VII— 2164. Ellen Louise Elmer, h. Sept. 2?,. 1900. 

VII— 216.5. Polly Ann Elmer, b. Nov. 27, 1902. 

VII— 2166. Ezra James Elmer, b. April 21, 1905. 

VII— 2167. Georgef) Wilfred Elmer, b. Nov. 2, 1907. 

VI— 1024. ESTHER ANN ELMER (Mary Ann 5). b. Dec. 27, 1S61 ; 
m. FRANCIS MARION KEYES Oct. 27, 187S, at Ogden; address, Ogden, 

Issue : — 

VII— 2168. Esther Ann Kevec-, b. Julv IS. 1879; d. Sept. 9, 1879. 

VII— 2169. Eliza Pearl Keyes. b. Dec. 8, 1SS2. 

VII— 2170. William i-rancis Keyes, b. Sept. 27, 18S6. 

VI— 1025. AMANDA VIOLET ELMER (Mary Ann 5). b. July 20, 
1864; m. JAMES G. BROWNING April 26, 1883 at Salt Lake City. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2171. (a) A:\IANDA v. browning, b. April 16, 1884. at 
Ogden; m. CURTIS CRANSHAW Oct. 15, 1902. Probable address, Lor- 
enzo, Idaho. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3084. Lural B. Cranshnw, b. Sept. 23. 1904; d. Sept. 13, 1905. 
VIII-3085. Lulu M?y Crar^liaw, b. Jan. 15, 1907; d. Feb. 8, 1907. 

'VII— 2172. (b) JAMES G. BROWNING, b. Nov. 10, 1885; m. ADA 
POOL June 12, 1908. 


VII— 2173. (c) ^ylABEL BROWNING, b. March 31. 1SS8. LalV\-. 
Idaho; m. CHARLES STR0M13ERG April 6, 1906. Probable address, b r- 
enzo, Idaho. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3086. Carl B. StrombEig. b. ISIarch 10. 1907; d. sanif date. 
VIII— 30S7. Lewis B. Stioiubeig, b. Jau. 15, 1909, at Lcrenzo. 

VII— 2174. (d) ELMER GEORGE BROWNING, b. Dec. i6, i8'/^. 
Ogden; d. Jan. 26, 1891. 

VII— 2175. (c:i LULU BROWNING, b. June 29. 1S92, LaBcllc. 

VII— 2176. (f) EARL LEWIS BROWNING, b. Sept. 24, 1897: 
same; d. March 25, 1898. 

VII— 2177. (g) ERNEST LELAND BROWNING, b. Nov. 22, 
1899; same. 

VII— 2178. (h) RAYMOND ERVIN BROWNING, b. ^lay 21, 1902. 

VII— 2179. (i) CHESTER WILLIA^I DOWNING, b. Jan. 16, 1905. 

VII— 2180. (j) ERMA BROWNING, b. June 16, 1907. 

VI— 1026. WTLLIAM HEBER EL^IER (Mary Ann 5). b. Feb. 10. 
1869; m. INGEBORG PETERSON. Probable address, Ogden City, Utah. 
Issue : — 

VII— 2181. Albert Heeber Elmer, b. Sr-pt. ".'^, IPOO. 

VII— 21S2. Esther IMny Elmer, b. April ?, 10O2. 

VII— 2183. Francis Moroni Elmer, b. !■ eb. ?S, 1904. 

VII— 2184. Mary Ann Elmer, b. Feb. in, 1907. 

VII— 21S5. John Diuiel Elmer, b. March 7, 1900. 

Issue of Stephen H. Ghccn (T.-4^6) and Mary AdcUa Hardy, the first two 

born in Morgan Co., the third in Ogden City, Ut., and the 

rest in St. Charles, Oneida Co., Id. 

VI— 1027. LUCY ANN GHEEN (Stephen H, Hettv Ann. Margaret. 
Samuel, William), b. March 12. 1863; m. NEPHI WILHELMSEN, Si. 
Charles, Idaho. 

VI— 1028. STEPHEN PEIRCE GHEEN (Stephen H. ;). b. Jan. 2r.. 
1865; m. ELLEN SIM^vIS; address, Teton City. Idaho. ^• 

VI— T029. WILLIAM JOSEPH GHEEN (Stephen H. O. b. Tulv i. 
1868; m. ANNA WINN. 


VI— 1030. AMANDA ELIZABETH GHEEX (Stephen H. 5), b. Feb. 
24, 1872; m. WILLIAM ARXELL; address, St. Cliarles, Idaho. 

VI— 1031. IDA VIOLA GHEEN (Stephen H. 5). b. Dec. 19, 1873; 
BENJA^IIN WILHEL^ISEX; address Tilden, Idaho. 


VI— 1032. LILLIAN UZEL QUEEN (Stephen H. 5); m. O. WIL- 
HELMSEN; address, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Issue of Levi A. Ghccn {T.-4^/) and Josephine Lawensen. 

VI— 1033. ALICE GHEEN (Levi A., Hetty Ann, Margaret, Samuel, 
William), b. circa, 1876. Reported living in California. 

Issue of Sarah Ellen Gheeii {T.-4J8) and A. Nephi Stephens, born in Ogden 

City, Ut. 

VI— 1034. WILLIAM NEPHI STEPHENS (Sarah E. 5), b. Oct. 
4, 1861; m. SUSAN LORENA ELSWORTH Sept. 27, 1883, dau. of Ed- 
mund L. Ellsworth and ]Mary Ann Dudley, b. Jan. 19, 1S64. 

He is a warden of the Fish and Game Department of tlie State of Idaho. 
Resided for several years at Merian, Ida., then removed, with address. Rex- 
burg, Idaho. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2186. WILLI A^I NEPHI STEPHENS, b. July 27, 1SS4, Pier- 
ian, Ida.; m. EMILY SOPHIA ZOLLINGER April 7, 1904; b. Jan. 14, 
1881, Providence, Utah; address, Rexburg, Idaho. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3088. Verona Z. Stephens, b. Jan. 7, 1905. 
VIII— 3089. Lee Z. Stephens, b. June — , 1908. 

VII— 2187. MARY ELLEN STEPHENS, b. Jan. 11, 1SS6, Alerian, 
Ida.; address, Rexburg, Idaho. 

VII— 2188. CLARENCE LEE STEPHENS, b. Dec. 2, 1887, same; 
m. LYDIA ANDERSON July 7, 1909; b. Nov. 25, 1887, Manti, Utah; ad- 
dress, Rexburg, Idaho. 

1890, same. 

VII— 2190. SUSANNA LOUIETTE STEPHENS, b. June 8, 1892, 

VII— 2191. LEAH ESTHER STEPHENS, b. July 26, 1894, same. 

VII— 2192. ARNOLD E. STEPHENS, b. Aug. 26, 1896, same. 


VII— 2193. NOBLE E. STEPHENS, b. April 6, 1S99, Rexburg. 
VII— 2194. HOWARD E. STEPHENS, b. March 18, 1901, same. 

VI— 1035. ANN ELIZABETH STEPHENS, (Sarah E. 5), b. Aug. 
22, 1864; m. GEORGE EA^IES June 26, 1884, son of John F^mes and Han- 
nah Jenkins, b. Sept. 16, 1857. 

He is a farmer; address, Merian, Idaho. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2195. MAY EA^IES, b. March 10, 18S5; at home. 

VII— 2196. LILLIAN EAMES, b. July 14, 1S87; m. SAMUEL LEHI 
STEPHENS Dec. 20, 1905, son of Daniel Monroe Stephens and iSIary Ann 
Clark, b. May 5, 1886. x-\ddress, 219 Thirty- third St., Ogden, Utah. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3090. Carmon May Stephens, b. Dec. 30, WOG. 
VIII— 3091. Doyal Wayue Stephen^, b. Dec. 9, lyus. 

VII— 2197. LAURA EAMES, b. April 22, 1889; address, Merian, 

VII— 2198. GEORGE IRWIN EAMES, b. ^larch 12, 1891. 

VII— 2199. JOHN LAWRENCE EAMES, b. March 31, 1895. 

VII— 2200. AMELIA ELIZABETH EAMES, b. May ii, 1897. 

VII— 2201. LELAND DUANE EA^^IES, b. March i, 1900; d. Dec. 
10, 1900. 

VII— 2202. RULON STEPHENS EAMES, b. Oct. 5, 1902; d. Oct. 
6, 1902. 

VII— 2203. .ADRIAN LIONEL EAMES, b. April 4, 1904. 

VII— 2204. NORA SERRELLA EAMES, b. March. 15, 1909; d. 
Aprii 18, 1909. 

VI— 1036. GENEVRA ELLEN STEPHENS (Sarah E. 5), b. Oct. 
2, 1866; d. 1883. 

VI— 1037. JOHN ANDREW STEPHENS (Sarah E. 5), b. Jan. 4. 
1869, Ogden City, Utah; m. HELENA BEATRICE COOK Jan. 22, 1S96. 
Logan, Ut., dau. of James ]NL Cook and Emily Jane Radcliffe, b. Feb. 9, 1874, 
Withington, Lancashire, England; address, Rexburg, Idaho. 

Issue : — 


VIII— --05. Leone Radcliffe Slophens, b. Nov. 5. 1S06. at Menan, Idaho. 

VIll— --06. Verncr Elfrikia Sttphens, b. Sept. 11, 1S9S, at Rexburg, Idaho. 

VIII— 2207. Andiew James Stephens, b. May 23, 1903; d. May 23, 1903, at Rexburg. 

VIII— 2208. John Maurice Stephens, b. March 17, 1905, same. 

Issi(C of Ami Bcnington- {T--4j:g) and Janus Elfreth. 

VI— 1038. JOHN BENINGTON ELFRETH (Ann, Phebe, ^largaret, 
Scomuel William), b. 8 mo. 25, 1859; m. VIRGINIA DULLER 2 mo. 22, 
1879, Millville, N. J., dau. of Henry Miller and Elizabeth Statiger, of I\Iil- 
ville, N. J., b. 2 mo. 9, 1855, at Pittsbtirg, Pa. ,' 

They have resided for some years in Chicago, EI., where he is in the print- 
ing business. Address, Times Building. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2209. WILLIAM HENRY ELFRETH, b. 2 mo. 8, 1880; m. 
EMILY HOOTON ALLEN, 5 mo. 26, 1909, dau. of Samuel L. Allen and 
Sarah H. Roberts, b. 4 mo. 2 or 3, 1879. 

He graduated at Westtown, 1899, and at the University of Chicago, 
Ph. B,, in 1902; taught at Westtown, 1902-3 and 1903-4; graduated from the 
Law School of the University of Pennsylvania, L. L. B., in 1907, and is a 
member of the Philadelphia Bar. Address, 421 West Price St., Germantown, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Office, West End Trttst Building, that city. 

VII— 2210. ANNA ELIZABETH ELFRETH, b. 12 mo. 28, 1882. 
Graduated at Westtown, 1901, and at the University of Chicago, Ph. B., 1905. 
Home address with her parents. 

VII— 221 1. EDITH ELFRETH, b. 10 mo. 2, 1886; d. 2 mo. 25, 1S90. 

VII— 2212. JOHN BENINGTON ELFRETH, b. 3 mo. i, 1890. Grad- 
uated at Westtown, 1907; entered Haverford College 1908. 

VI— 1039. MIRIA^I ELFRETH (Ann 5), b. 7 mo. 4, 1863. • 
For several years she was an efficient teacher at Westtown Boarding 
School, having qualified herself especially for teaching German and French by 
residence and study in Europe; then taught two years at the Penn Charter 
School, Philadelphia, Pa., and later in a school in Baltimore, Md. 

Issue of Clara Belle Peirce (T.-44/') and Willium P. McCay. 

VI— 1040. CHARLOTTE S. McCAY (Clara B. 5), b. July 27, 1876; 
she is a trained nurse; address. Concord ville, Pa. 

VI— 1 04 1. THOMAS J. P. McCAY (Qara B. 5), b. Dec. 30, 1882; 
m. EVALYN A. SCHULL March 9, 1904, dau. of John Schull and Sarali 
Worrall, b. Oct. 10, 1882. 


He is employed with the Hoopes Bro. & Darhngton Wheel Works, at 
West Chestei-, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2213. William John McCay, b. Aug. 6 1905. 
VII— 2214. Paul Francis MoCay, b. June 21, 1907; d. Oct. 2G. 1907. 

VII— 2215. Clara Emma McCay. b. Aiiril 2. 1909; d. May 13, 1909. Both bur. at St. John's 
Church, Concoid, Pa. 

VI— 1043. FLORENCE S. PEIRCE (S. Howard 5), b. July 22. 
1889; resides with her mother in Wilmington, Del. 

Issue of Samuel Hozcard Peirce {T.-44S) and Margarctta Ella Colcma)u 

Line of William, Samuel, Joseph. 

Issue of Joseph T. Rothrock {T.-44P) and Martha E. May. 

VI— 1044. ADDISON ^lAY ROTHROCK (Joseph, Phebe, Joseph, 
Samuel, William), b. May 12, 1870, West Chester, Pa.; m. FLORENCE 
ELLIS Sept. 29, 1904, dau. of Edward Ellis, of Dublin, Ireland. 

He graduated in Biological Department, University of Pennsylvania, 
1889, and AI. D. same place, 1S93. Resided and engaged in the practice of 
medicine in West Chester, Pa., until Oct., 1904, when he went to ^Nlount Alto, 
Franklin Co., Pa., and had charge of a home for the treatment of tubercu- 
losis patients by open air methods. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2206. James Addison Rothrock. b. Sept. 11, 1505. 

VI— 1045. HENRY A. ROTHROCK (Joseph 5), b. Oct. 24. 1872; 
m. ELEANOR CLEVES June 7, 189S, Binghamton, N. Y., dau. of Wi-1- 
liam B. Cleves and Eugenia Frances Bidwell, b. June 12, 1873, Macon, Ga. 

He graduated in Biological Department, University of Pennsylvania, 
1891, and M. D. same place, 1895 ; settled at West Chester, Pa., as a physician- . 
for the treatment of ailments of the eye, ear, nose and throat ; is oculist to Ches- 
ter Co. Hospital, and was an assistant editor of French Dept. of Annals of 
Ophthalmology; address 24 S. Church St. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2217. Eugenia May Rothrock. b. April 9, 1900. 

VII— 2218. Joseph Trimble Rcthrock (2d), b. Nov. 8, 1901. 

VII— 2219. Addison May Rolhrock (2d), b. May 12, 1903. "» t- • „ 

VII— 2220. Henry A. Rothrock, Jr.. b. Mav 12, 1903. / '■^^^^^ 

VII— 2221. Eleanor Cleves Rothrock, b. Jan. 9, 1907. 

VI— 1047. ELIZABETH MAY ROTHROCK (Joseph 5), b. March 
23, 1877; at home. 


Issue of Mary M. Rothrock {T.-451) and David M. McFarland, born in West 
Chester, Pa. 

VI— 1049. CHARLES T. McFARLAND (Mary. Phebe, Joseph. 
Samuel, WiUiam), b. Jime 15, 1S67; m. JULIA BONSALL Feb. 18, 1896, 
dau. of Elhvood and JuHa H. Bonsall, of Philadelphia, b. Aug. 16, 1865; d. 
Aug. II, 1900. 

He was engaged in raising hot-house gi'apes and the truck business, at 
West Chester, Pa. Now in the steam laundry trade. 

Children : — 
VII— 2222. David M. McFarland, b. May 13, 1S97. 
VII— 2223. Juliai^ B. McFrland, b. Aug. 7, 1900. 

VI— 105 1. ELIZABETH W. AIcFARLAND (Mary, Phebe, Joseph, 
Samuel, William), b. ]May 16, 1870; m. ISAAC G. REYNOLDS 4 mo. 10, 
1895, son of David AI. Reynolds and Amanda Gregg, b. 9 mo. 7, 1864, Peach 
Bottom, Pa. 

He operates a steam laundry in West Chester, Pa., and is a Friend. 

Children : — 

VII— 2224. Mary Reynolds, b. 1-2S-1S96. 
VII— 2225. Gregg David Keynolds, b. 5-22-1S99. 
VII— 2226. EUwood Web.-^ter Reynolds, b. 7-31-1902. 

VI— 1052. GEORGE KLINE McFARLAND (Mary 5), b. July 23, 
1875; m. LINDA BARBER Oct. 16, 1900, dau. of Samuel Barber and Mary 
Fielder, b. May 8, 1877. 

He is a member of the Chester County Bar, and of the firm of McFarland 
& Haines, bankers, successors to his father. West Chester, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2227. Mary Fielder McFarland. b. Nov. 17, 1903. 

Line of William, Samuel, Samuel. 

Issue of Samuel Trimble, M. D. {T.-4J4) and Mary L. Evans {T.-j86), born 
in Middletown, Delaware Co., Pa. 

VI— 1055. JOSEPH EVANS TRIMBLE (Samuel 5), b. 3 mo. 3, 
1871 ; d. 4 mo. 5, 1896; unm.; bur. at Middletown Meeting. 

VI— 1056. JOHN TRIMBLE (Samuel 5), b. 4 mo. 2, 1877; m. 
ANNA ANTHONY 10 mo. 4, 1909, of Ohio; address, Riverton, N. J., 
R. D. I. 

VI— 1058. GEORGE MARTIN TRniELE (Samuel,M. D. 5), b. 4 
mo. II, 1883; home address, Newtown Square, Pa. 


Issue of Henry Trimble {T.-458) and Mary J. Warrington. 

;VI— 1059. MARTHA WARRINGTON TRIMBLE (Henry 5), b. 7 
mo. 12, 1884; m. ROBERT W. BALDERSON 9 mo. 8, 1910, at Erieiids' 
Third St. Mtg., Media, Pa., son of John L. Balderson and Anna Marshall. 
' He is a farmer; address, Kennett Square, Pa. 1 

VI— 1060. RUTH A. TRIMBLE (Henry 5), b. 12 mo. 23, 1885; d. 
8 mo. 31, 1908; tuim. 

VI— 1061. ALICE TRIMBLE (Henry 5), b. 9 m.o. 5, 1895; at home. 

Issue of Joseph Trimble {T.-460) and Emma Forsythe, all born in Chester 
Tw^)., Delaware Co., Pa. 

VI— 1062. STEPHEN MARTIN TRIMBLE (Joseph, Stephen, Sam- 
uel, Samuel, William), b. 6 mo. 10, 1891. 

VI— 1063. ANNA FORSYTHE TRIMBLE (Joseph 5), b. 8 mo. 30, 

VI— 1064. EM^IA LYDIA TRIMBLE (Joseph 5), b. i mo. i, 1895. 

Line of Wiilliam, H.a.nnah, Hannah. 

Issue of Hannah Thomas (T.-464) and Franklin G. Allen. 

VI— 1065. EDWARD F. ALLEN (Hannah, x\bel. Hannah, Hannah, 
WiHiam), b i mo. 6, i860; m. EMMA HOULDSWORTH 6 mo. — , 1882. 
They reside at Auburn, N. Y. He is a machinist. 
Issue: — 

VII— 2228. Fi'anklin Henry Allen, b. 4-10-1883. 

VII— 2229. Lillian Allen, b. 12-5-1S87. 

VII— 2230. Frederic Edward Allen, b. 9-11-1890. 

VI— 1066. JOHN HENRY ALLEN (Hannah 5), b. 11 mo. f,i86i; 
m. JENNIE ZELLE JONES 3 mo. 14, 1888. 

He has taught in the schools of Rockvale, Canon City and Montrose in 
the State of Colorado. He afterwards became Superintendent of City Schools, 
Canon City, and is now Superintendent of Schools in Grand Junction, Col. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2231. Arthur Jones Allen, b. 1-24-1891. 

VII— 2232. Florence Allen, b. 9-5-1894. 

VII— 2233. Harold Franklin Allen, b. 11-9-189G. 

VII— 2234. Edward Jones Allen, b. 7-30-1898. 

VII— 2235. Winifred Allen, b. 9-23-1901. 


VI— 1067. MARY C. ALLEN (Hannah 5), b. 7 mo. 21, 1853; m. 
FREDERICK PADMORE 6 mo. 11, 1890, at Florence, Colo.; he d. 6 mo. 
28, 1902. 

M, second, ERNEST DRACUS, 10 mo. 19, 1905; address, Orosi, 
Tulare Co., Cal. 

Issue by first husband : — 

VII— 2236. Anna Fadmore, b. lO-lS-1892. 

VII— 2237. Ruth Padmore, b. 5-9-1SU7; d. S-2-1S&7. 

VI— 1068. ANNA T. ALLEN (Haimah 5), b. 8 mo. 29, 1865; m. 
WILLIA^l MAINS 10 mo. 22, 1892. 

They reside on a ranch near Use, Custer, Co., Colorado. 
Issue : — 

VII— 2238. George lieury Mains, b. 9 mo. 13. 1S93. 

VII— 2239. Franklin Kaward Mains, b. 9 mo. 30, 1S95. 

VII— 2240. William Frederic Mains, b. 12-26-1S99. 

VII— 2241. AUeu Watson Mains, b. 5-20-1903. 

VI— 1069. EMMA CHLOE ALLEN (Hannah 5), b. 8 mo. 11, 1869; 
m. GEORGE H, KING 8 mo. 23, 1905; address, Union Springs, N. Y. 

VI — 1070. GEORGE S. ALLEN (Hannah 5), b. 7 mo. 27, 187 1 ; farm- 
er; address. Union Springs, N. Y, 

VI— 1071. ESTHER ELIZABETH ALLEN, b. 5 mo. 18, 1874; ad- 
dress. Union' Springs, N. Y. 

VI— 1072. LOUISA THOMAS ALLEN, b. 7 mo. 14, 1876. She is 
a school teacher at Grand Junction, Colorado. 

1073— WILLIAM THOMAS ALLEN, b. 10 mo. 18, 1879; address. 
Union Springs, N. Y. ; he is a farmer. 

Issue of Ed-ward A. Thomas {7.-46^) and Helen L. Bristol. 

VI— 1074. HELEN B. THO^IAS (Edward 5), b. 10 mo. 8, 186S; 
m. GEORGE A. BEUTELSPAR i mo. 13, 1892. 

VII— 2242. Helen Mary Elizabeth Beutelspar, b. 10-25-1892. 

iVI— 1075. ALBERT GORHAM THOMAS (Edward, Abel, Hannah, 
Hannah, William), b. 7 mo. 19, 1876. 

He served in the U. S. Navy during the war with Spain. 


Issue of Louisa Thomas {T.-468) and Rev. Albert F. Lyie. 
VI— 1076. GEORGE HENRY LYLE, b. 5 mo. i, 1873; d. 5 mo. 17, 


VI— 1077. WILLIAiM THOMAS LYLE (Louisa, John T.. Hannah, 
Hannah, William), b. i mo. 10, 1875. at Utica, N. Y. ; m. MERTIE ANGIE 
DxA.KIN 7 mo. 17, 1897. ^^ Aurora. N. Y., dau. of James Woodin Dakin*and 
Euphemia Decker, b. 11 mo. 5, 1876, at Aurora. 

He is a graduate of Princeton University. Occupation, Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Municipal Engineering, Lafayette Callege, Easton, Pa. 

Child :— 
VII— 2243. Thomas Rowland Lyle, b. 10-5-1902, at Vailsburg, N. J. 

VI— 1078. HERBERT CECIL LYLE (Louisa 5), b. 9 mo. 25, 1877, 
at Utica, N. Y.; m. WINONA FANNIE CORT 12 mo. 7, 1899, at New- 
ark, N. J., dau. of Washington Cort and Caroline G. Wolfe f b. 8 mo. 21, 1876 
at Newark, N. J. They reside at Newark, N. J. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2244. Walter Cort Lyle, b. 6-24-1901; d. 7-1-1901, at Newark, N. J. 
VII— 2245. Robert Simpson Lyle, b. 5-22-1907, at Newark, N. J. 

VI_io79. HENRY ALBERT LYLE (Lousia 5), b. 5 mo. 21, 1880, 
at Ilion, N. Y. ; m. EDITH Z. GIFFORD 10 mo. 14, 1903, at Aurora, 
N. Y., dau. of George W. Gifford and Sophia Austin, b. 8 mo. 16, 1876. 

He is a civil engineer, address, 203 South Sixth St., Newark, N. J. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2246. George Albert Lyle, b. 9-28-1905, at Newark, N. J. 

VI— 1080. ROSE ^lARIAN LYLE (Louisa 5), b. 9 mo. 3, 1886, at 
Newark, N. J.; address, 203 S. Sixth St., Newark, N. J. 

Line of William, Hannah, Eliz.\beth. 

Issue of Elizabeth Halsted {T.-475) and George Churchill. 

VI— 1082. WILLIAM ORRIN CHURCHILL (Elizabeth, Hannali, 

♦Note. — James W. Dakin, son of Samuel Dakin, of Kendall, England, and Ann Ow- 
en. Samuel Dakin, son of John Dakin, of Whitechurch, England, (son of John), and 
Catherine Ion, dau. of Thoma? Ion and Eden Robin-on. 

Euphemia Decker, dau. of David Decker, of Van Etten, N. Y., and Nancy Swartout, 
dau. of David and Betsy Swartout. 

fNote. — Caroline G. Wolfe was b. 12-31-1S48 in Echterdengin, Germany, dau. of 
John Wolfe and Cathprine !> hrle. Washington Cort. b. Sept. 1. 1849, in Newark, N. J., 
son of George Cort, 1819 — 8-17-1902, b. in Northampton, England, and Fannie Marriott, 
also b. in England. 


Elizabeth Hannah. WilHam). b. Dec. 25. 1857; m. IDA MAY FULLER 
Sept. 21, 1895, dau. of Joseph and Julia Fuller, b. March 17, 1867 ; ad- 
dress, Box 4S4, Buchanan, ]Mich. 

VI— 10S3. HARRY LEMUEL CHURCHILL (EHzabeth 5), b. Feb. 
22, 1862; unm; probable address, Buchanan, Mich. 

Issue of Mary Jane Halstcd {T.-4//) and Schuyler V. Fisk. 

VI— 10S5. MARY MAE FISK (Mary Jane. Hannah, Elizabeth, Han- 
nah, William), b. June 2-^, i860; m. ELMER E. PAINE Oct. 31, 1884, son 
of James L. Paine and ^Slary Jane Boardman, b. July 28. 1861. 

He is a farmer and fruit grower; address, Fennville, Allegan Co., Mich. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2247. EVA MADGE PAINE, b. Sept. 12, 1885; m. JAMES 
A. WADSWORTH July 6, 1904, son of Leonidus D. Wadsworth and Emily 
Derby, b. May 10, 1885; address, Fennville, ISIich. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3092. Leonidas Charles Wadsworth, b Dec. 19, 1906. 

VII— 2249. CLIFFORD E. PAINE, b. Sept. 11, 1887; address, Fenn- 
ville, Mich. 

VII— 2249. GLADYS lONE PAINE, b. June 10, 1900. 

Issue of lonathaii Halstcad (T.-^yS) and Marietta Reynolds. 

VI— 1086. ZOE ELLA HALSTED (Jonathan 5), b. Jan. i, 1867, Ca-1- 
houn Co., IVIich; d. July 25, 1888; was drowned in Lake INIichigan while on 
a pleasure excursion; m. GEORGE N. BABCOCK Jan. i, 1884, at Shelby, 
Mich. He was b. Dec. 28, 1861, and d. Mar. 16, 1884. No issue. 

VI— 1087. DANIEL J. HALSTED (Jonathan, Hannah, Elizabeth. 
Hannah, William), b. June 8, 1870, Calhoun Co., ]Mich; m. SARA LUCILE 
CHAPMAN June 23, 1892, dau. of Charles C. Chapman and Sarah Mliler, 
of New York State, b. Feb. 24, 1873, Ingham Co., i\Iich. 

He was coimected with his father in the Halstead Table Co. at Pent- 
water, Mich. Sold out in 1907; went to Antler, Saskatchewan, Canada, but 
permaiient address, Pentwater, Mich. No issue. 

VI— 1088. STANLEY ^lECHE^I HALSTEAD (Jonathan 5). b. 
Oct. I, 1880, Oceana Co., Mich.; m. ANNA MAY EVANS Aug. 3. 1903, 
dau. of Samuel Evans and Elizabeth Jones, b. Feb. iS. 1S83, in Milwaukee. 


They resided first at Oak Park, Station 4, Chicag-o, 111., then removed to 
1 33 1 W. Fiftli St., Santa Ana, Cal. 
Issue : — 

VII— 2250. Anna Marjoric Halstead, b. April 2, 1904. 

VII— 2251. Mildred Elizabeth Halstead, b. Jan.' 4, 1906. 

VII— 2252. John H. Halstead, b. Feb. 22, 1907. 

VII— 2253. Theodore Wallace Halstead. b. Oct. 27, 1908. 

Issit'e of Ann M. Halsted {T.-^jg) and Edn'ard Freemen. 

VI— 1089. DEWITT C. FREEMAN (Ann. Hannah, Elizabeth. Han- 
nah, William), b. Aug. 25, 1863, Calhoun Co., ISIich. ; m. MINNIE 
CALVIN, 1887. They were legally separated. 

M. second, HULDA BURK, April 25, 1894, dau. of Aicany and Mary- 
etta Burk, b. IMar. 24, 1872. 

He is a carpenter by trade; address, 307 E. Washington St., Campaign, 
Campaign Co., 111. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2254. May Freeman, b. Sept. 14. 1895. 

VII— 2255. Ray Freeman, b. Sept. 16, 1899. 

VII— 2256. Edna Freeman, b. Aug. 17, 1901. 

\^I— 2257. Arthur Taul 1^-ecman, b. Aug. 15, 1904. 

Issue of Floyd R. MecJicm {T.-484) and Jessie Collier. 

VI— 1090. JOHN COLLIER AIECHEM (Floyd R. 5), b. Jan. i, 
1886. He was a student (1909) at Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Mass. 

VI— 1091. PHILIP RUSSELL ^NIECHEM (Floyd R. 5), b. Dec. 12, 

Home address of both same as parents, q. v. 

Issue of George M. Knoivles (T.-488) and Caroline Way. 

VI— 1097. STANLEY J. KNOWLES (George, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, 
Hannah. William), b. Nov. 29, 1869, Franklin Co.. Kan.; m. CORA J. 
GREEN, of Ohio. :Mav i, 1890. She d. March 22, 1906. ' 

His address. Battle Creek, Mich, R. F. D. 3. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2258. Marie May Knowles, b. Mar. 8, 1S91, at Battle Croek, Mich. 
VII — 2259. George I^roy Knowlps, b. Jan. 4, 1893; same. 
VII— 2260. Helen Grace Knowlps, b. Jan. 21. 1896, same. 
VII— 2261. Clarence May Knov.Ieri. b. Aug. 25, 1859, at Penfield, Mich. 
VII— 2262. Luella Belle Knr.wle.s. b. Aug. 16, 1901. same. 
VII— 2263. Warren Green Knowles, b. Sept. 7, 1904, same. 

VII— 2264. Torbet Lawrence Knowles, b. Mar. 22, 190G, same; d. Jan. 2, 1907, at Genoa, 

VT— 109S. LILLTE G. KNOWLES (Gc-oroc 5), b. Nov. 6, 1873. 
Franklin Co., Kan.; m .BLISS M. PARKER Feb. 20, 1894. 


He was kiKed on a railroad crossimig Feb. 28, 1903; buried at Oak Hill 

M. second, LEWIS PLUEF, Aug. 27. 1004. 
Address, 165 Battle Creek Ave., Battle Creek, IMich. 
Issue by first husband : — 
VII— :J265. Edwin Bliss Parker, b. Jan. 29, 1S95; d. Jan. IS, 1896; buried in. Oak Hill 

VI— 1099. CLAUDE G. KXOWLES (George 5), b. April 19, 1876; 
address. Battle Creek, Mich., R. F. D. 3. 

Isstie of Amv M. Knozvels (T.-489) and Sylvamis McClcUan. 

VI— iioo. JOHN M. McCLELLAN (Ann, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Han- 
nah, William), b. June 23, 1877; d. Dec. 23, 1902; unm. 

He served in the army during the Spanish-American War and died of 
fever contracted in the service. He was enlisted in Co. E. 36th Reg. U. S. 
Vols. Both he and his mother are buried in Oak Hill Cem., Battle Creek, 

Isstie of Charlotte P. Halsted (T.-4po) and George T. Fairchild, Lansing, 


VI— HOT. MARY AGNES FAIRCHILD (Charlotte. Mar^^ Eliza- 
beth, Hannah, William), b. Aug. 21, 1864: m. CHARLES H. KIRSHNER 
Dec. 24, 1887, at Manhattan, Kan., son of Henr\' Kirshner and Rebecca 
Bucher. both of German stock. 

He is an attorney-at-law ; resides 3220 Baltimore Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Children : — 

VII— 2266. Robert F. Kirshner. b. Doc. 2, 1S90. 

VII— 2267- Charlotte R.-bocca Kirshner, b. JTav 16. 1896. 

VII— 2268. George F. Kirshner. b. Feb. l-o, 1904. 

VII— 2269. Charles H. Kirshner, Jr., b. Jan. 5, 1906. 

VI— II02. EDWIN MILTON FAIRCHILD (Charlotte 5), b. Nov. 
7, 1865; m. ^lARY SALOME CUTLER July i, 1897. at Albany. N. Y. 

He is the originator of the Educational Church to teach morality in the 
public schools of America, with residence No. 29 South Pine Ave., Albany, 
N. Y- No children. 

VI— 1103. PAUL HALSTED FAIRCHILD (Charlotte O- b. Tune 
22, 1867; m. GEORGIE E. PERKINS Nov. 10. 1892. at Passaic. N. J. 

He is a manufacturing chemist at 160 Williams St., New York, with 
residence at 87 Boulevard, Passaic, N. J. 

Children : — 

VIT— 2270. Ruth Fairchild, b. Deo. 22, 1893. 
VII— 2271. Mildred Fairchild, b. May 8, 1896. 


VI— 1104. DAVID GRANDISOX FAIRCHILD (Charlotte s). h. 
April 7, 1869; m. MARIAN HUBBARD GRAHAM BELL April 25. 
1905, at Washington, D. C, dau. of Alexander Graham Bell* and }ilabel Gard- 
ner Green Hubbard, b. Feb. 15, 1880. 

He is Agricultural Explorer of the U. S. Department of Agriculture in 
charge of foreign seed and plant introduction. Resides at 1331 Connecticut 
Ave., Washington, D. C, and "In The Woods," Chevy Qiase, Md. 

Child :— 
VII— 2272. Alexander Graham Bell Fairchild, b. Aug. 17, 1906. 

VI— 1105. ANNA DELLA FAIRCHILD (Charlotte 5). b. July 21, 
1871; m. FRANCIS H. WHITE June 24, 1891. at ^lanhattan, Kan., son 
of Richard White and Mary Anne Coleman, b. Oct. 9, 1S62. 

He is a teacher in Pomona College, with residence at Claremont, Los 
Angeles Co., Cal. 

Children : — 

VII— 2273. Arthur Fairchild White, b. April 1.3. 1S95. 

VII— 2274. Halbted Guilfmd White, b. Oct. 29. 1S96. 

VII— 2275. Alan Richard White, b. April 5. 1S99. 

VII— 2276. Helen] Frances White, b. May 23, 1900. 

VII— 2277. Irving T. White, b. Feb. 22, 1905. 

Issue of Milton A. Hoisted, M. D. {T.-4pi) and Elicabcth IV. Hockuihull. 

VI— 1107. MATILDA HALSTED (Milton A., Mary, Eli'.abcth, Han- 
nah, William), b. Jan. 2y, 1873; d. April 12, 1901. 

She was a graduate of Jacksonville, 111., Female Academy and had spent 
about three years studying medicine in Chicago, but was taken sick and died 
a few months before the time for her graduation. She is described as a "beau- 
tiful girl and in fact faultlessly fair," and her death was a terrible blow to 
her relatives and friends. 

VI— 1109. ROBERT HOCKENHULL HALSTED (^lilton A. s). 
b. Sept. 16, 1878: m. EVALINE SMITH Oct. 1901, in Jacksonville, ifl. 

He went to San Antonio, Texas, when he was 21 years of age and taught 
physical culture until his health failed: in Sept, 1908, he removed to Fort 
Worth, Texas, with address 303 Moores Bldg. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2278. Robert Halsted. 

VII— 2279. Leon Taldted. 

VII— 2280. Maxwell Hals.ed. 

VII— 2281. Donald Halsted. 

VI— iiio. CHARLOTTE HALSTED (Milton A. =;). b. April o. 1884; 
m. JEROME ELIPHAS GATES Jan. 12. 1904. son of Rugene Augusta 

The inventor of the celebrated Bell Telephone. 


Gates and Catharine DeMotte, b. Oct. 6, 18S1 ; address, 609 S. Harden Ave., 
Jacksonville, 111. -i 

Issue : — 

VII— 2282. Catharine DeMotte Gates, b. Jan. 2.'?, 1905. 
VII— 2283. Jerome Eliphas Gates, Jr., b. Mar. 23, 1907. 

VI— nil. JANE HALSTED (Milton A. 5), b. Oct. 13, 1889; m. 
ROBERT CHAMBERLAIN Jan. — , 1906 at San Antonio, Tex. ;address, 
Belchertown, Mass. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2284. Robert William Chamberlain, b. Dec. 26, 1906. 

Issite of Edzvard Monroe Halstcd {T.-4Q5) and Alice Adele Upton. 

VI— 1112. NELLIE MARIA HALSTED (EdAvard M., Mary, Eliza- 
beth, Hannah. William), b. Aug. 15, 1877; m. ERNEST KING TAYLOR 
Sept. 19, 1908, a native of Canada, now residing at Danv-ille, Kentucky. 

VI— III 3. BELLE UPTON HALSTED (Edward M. 5, same line), 
b. Nov. 20, 1879; m. FRANK PERKINS BORKER Feb. 21, 1903. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2285. FYank Halsted Borker. b. May 1, 1904. 
VII— 2286. Belle Osgood Borker, b. Nov. 23, 1906. 

Issue of Henry Pozi'ell Halsted (T.-4g6) and Jennie M. Northrup. 

VI— 1 1 14. PAUL D. HALSTED (Henry P, Mary, Elizabeth, Han- 
nah, William), b. Jan. 21, 1881 ; address, Perry, Mich. 

VI— 1115. THADDEUS H. HALSTED (Henry P. 5. same line), b. 
July 5, 1884; address. Perry, Mich. 

Issue of Byron D, Halsted (T.-^p/) and Susan E. Hozce. 

VI— 1 116. CLAIRE HALSTED (Byron D. 5), b. Oct. 18, 1883. She 
graduated at Vassar College, N. Y. 

' VI— I II 7. EDWIN H. HALSTED (Byron D. 5), b. Jan. 27, 1888. He 
studied at Rutgers College, New Brunswick, N. J. 

Issue by second lanfe, Ella L. Hoive. 

VI— III 8. ELLA H. HALSTED (Byron D. 5), b. May 30, 1S96. at 


Line of William, Hannah, Isaac. 
Issue of Sarah Jacobs {T.-joo) and Mahlon L. Packer. 

VI— 1 123. LINTON PACKER (Sarah, Thomas, Isaac, Hannah, 
William), b. July 2, 1876; m. MARY W. PIT^L^N Dec. 25, 1900, dau. of 
C. W. Pitman, M. D., and Edna Hendricks, b. Nov. 5, 1879. 

He is principal of the High SchoolatFort Madison, Iowa, where they 

Issue : — 

VII— 22S7. Genevieve Packer, b. Oct. 14, 1901. 
VII— 2288. Marjorie Packer, b. June 10, 1906. 

VI— 1 125. HAROLD PACKER, b. June 14, 1882. 
He has taken a course in Anatomy and Sanitary Science at the Barnes 
School, Chicago, 111. 

VI— II 26. PAUL PACKER, b. Oct. 13, 1886. A law student. Univers- 
ity of Iowa. 

VI— 1127. LEAH PACKER, b. Jan. 6, 1892. Probably with parents at 
Salem, la. 

Issue of Joseph Jacobs (T.-^02) and Emma Packer. 

VI— 1 128. MARGARET LOUISE JACOBS (Joseph, Thomas, 
Isaac, William, Hannah), b. Nov. 22, 1886. 

VI— 1 129. HELEN WINNIFRED JACOBS (Joseph 5), b. July 20. 

Both resided with their father at St. Francis, Kan. 

Issue of Edzcard Jacobs (T.-^o^) and Emma Denny. 

VI— 1 130. DORANCE JACOBS (Edward, Thomas, Isaac, Hannah, 
William), b. 7 mo. 20, 1881 ; address, St. Francis, Kan. 

VI— 1132. LELAND JACOBS (Edward 5), b. 12 mo. 19, 1885: m. 
ALICE EDWARDS 12 mo. 25, 190-. dau. of Lewis Edwards and Gertrude 
Mary Rathbun, b. 8 mo. 9, 1887; address, St. Francis, Kan. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2289. Irene Isabel Jacob?, b. Jan. 16, 1908. 


VI_ii33. JESSIE EDXA JACOBS (Edward 5), b. 5 mo. 20, 1888; 
m. LORENZO D. H ALLEY, 4 nio. 7, 1907. son of Joseph Halley and Mar- 
garet Sarepta Cellow, b. i mo. 31. 1881 ; address, St. Francis, Kan. 

Line of William^ Daniel, Thomazine. 

Issue of Abraham S. Jenks {T.-^^oS) and Rosanna Montgomery, all born in 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

VI— 1 137. JAMES MITCHELL JENKS (Abrahams, Daniel, Thom- 
azine, Daniel, William), b. Mar. 25. 1846 m. ROSA HUGHES Jan. 28. 
1875* dau. oi Arthur Hughes and Jane Grimshaw, of Philadelphia, b. Sept. 
25, 1844. 

He was at one time a manufacturing- jeweler in Lancaster. Pa.; after- 
wards went to the "West." Her address, 41 18 Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2290. Mary Stockton Jetks, b. Jan. 8. 1878; resides with her mother. 

•VI— 1 138. MARY ANN JENKS (Abraham 5). b. May 27, 1848; d. 
Oct. 25, 1897; m. WALTER SEVAN Nov. 18, 1880, Philadelphia, son of 
Henry C. Bevan and Emily Horn, b. Oct. 31, 1852, Winnewood. 

They resided at Rosemont, where she died. He is a merchant, member 
of Lutheran Church, Ardmore. and many years school director in Lower Mer- 
ion Twp., Montgomery Co.,, Pa. After the death of his wife the home was 
broken up and he went to New York and engaged in business there. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2291. MARY MILES BEVAN, b. Sept. 12, 1881. Resides with 
her aunt at 41 18 Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

VII— 2292. EDWIN JAY BEVAN, b. Dec. 10, 1882. He is engaged 
with the Taylor Iron and Steel Co., at High Bridge, N. J. I ■ ' 

VII— 2293. LEWIS KAY BEVAN, b. June 16, 1884. He is engaged 
with the P. R. R., with surveying corps now at Scenery Hill, Pa. 

VII— 2294. ROSA JENKS BEVAN, b. June 23, 1890. Resides with 
her aunt at Ardmore, Pa. 

VI— 1139. DANIEL TRIMBLE JENKS (Abraham 5). b. Feb. 14, 
1850; d. Sept 18, 1891 : bur. at South Laurel Hill; m. ELLA GREEN June 
18, 1869, dau. of Peter Glover Green and Caroline Mansfield, of Philadelphia, 
b. May i, 1853. Resided in Philadelphia, w'here he died and was buried in 
"Laurel Hill." Her address, 15 E. Spring Ave., Ardmore. Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2295. (a) CHARLES DANIEL JENKS, b. Jan. 14. 1S71; 
m. ROSE KELLY June 30, 1892, dau. of John Kelly, of Philadelphia, Pa. 


M. second, WILHIMA HA^IAIANN, Oct. i2. 1904. He was for some 
years in Pittsburg, Pa., and later in Chicago, 111., with the Pressed Steel Car 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3093- Dorothy Jenks, b. June 14, 1S95, in Philadelphia. 

VII— 2296. (b) ELLA GREEN JENKS, b. April 8, 1872; d. April* 
17, 1872. 

VII— 2297. (c) PIERRE GLOVER JENKS. b. March 8, 1876; m. 

JEANS WOOD Sept. 12, 1900. Allegheny, Pa., dau. of , Wood and 

Arabell (nee Cochran), b. Dec. 26. 1880. 

He was for som^ time in Pittsburg. Pa.,, and later removed to Chicago, 
111. He is Treas. of the Pressed SteefCar Co. and General I»Ianager of the 
Western Steel and Car Co. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3093%. Joseph Moore Jenks, b. Sept. 3, 1902. 

VII— 2298. (d) ROSA MONTGOMERY JENKS, b. April 4, 1878; 
m. ALEXANDER CARROW GOULD ^lay — , 1897, son of Moses Gould 
and Laura Carrow, b. Sept. 13, 1873. 

He is a salesman, wdth residence in New York. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3094. Alan Montgomery Gould, b. Jan. 30. 1898. 
VIII— 3095. Alexander Leslie Gould, b. Feb. 8, 1901. 

VII— 2299. (e) MIRIA^I JENKS, b. April 13. 1880; m. EDMUND 
HOWE POGGI June 6, 1900, son of Joseph J. Poggi and Florence Bard, 
b. Sept. 26, 1377. 

' He is an architect; address. 15 E, Spring Ave., Ardmore, Philadelphia, 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3096. Ella Jenks Poggi, b. Sept. 14, 1903. 

VII— 2300. (f) FRANK GREEN JENKS, b. July 22. 1886. 
He has a position with the "Philadelphia Inquirer," with residence at 

Line of William, Daniel, Thomazine, Daniel. 

Isstte of Thomazine Jenks (T.-30Q) and George P. Pilling. 

VI— 1140. FRANKLIN JENKS PILLING (Thomazine, Daniel. 
Thomazine, Daniel, Wi-lliam). b. Jan. 6, 18^3, Philadelphia: m. FLORENCE 
J. CAMPBELL ^larch 10. 1896." dau. of Peter F. Campbell and Mar>' White 
(who emigrated from Scotland), b. Dec. 25, 1874, Canada. 

He went West in 1890 to Minneapolis, Minn., thence to Chicago and in 
1905 returned to Philadelphia and established a second hand book store at 
47 North Ninth St., with residence 4827 Kingsessing Ave. No issue. 


VI— 1 141. HENRY CARMAN PILLING (Thomazine 5), b. July 
7, 1855; d. Oct. I, 1869: bur. in South Laurel Hill Cemetery. 

VI— 1 142. WILLIAM STOCKMAN PILLING (Thomazine 5), b. 
Feb. 19, 1857; m. CATHARINE ROSS Nov. 12, 1885, dau. of Joseph 
Ross and INIary Bowman, of Middletown, Pa., b. Dec. 18, 1857. 

He is of the firm of Pilling & Crane, in the iron, steel, ores, coal and 
coke trade ; office Real Estate Trust Building, Broad and Chestnut Sts., Phila- 
delphia; with residence 106 Upsal St., Germantown, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2301. Joseph Ross Pilling, b. Oct. 9. 1SS6. 
He is engaged in the office of his father. 
VII— 2302. Mary Bowman Pilling, b. Feb. 19, 1888. 
VII— 2303. George Piatt Pilling, b. Nov. 11, 1891. 

VI— 1143. EDWARD STELW^AGON PILLING (Thomazine 5), b. 
Sept. 4, 1858; d. June 8, 1898; m. MINNIE PRATT Dec. 27, 1887, dau. 
of A. Hi Pratt; b. Oct. 19, 1863. 

He becaine a minister in the M. E. Church. Her address. Mason City, 

Issue : — 

VII— 2304. Gertrude Mary Pilling, b. Jan. 10, 1S97. 

VI— 1 144. MARY JENKS PILLING (Thomazine 5), b. June 5, 
[861; d. April 24, 1884; urnn. ; buried at South Laurel Hill. 

VII— 1145. CHARLES JENKS PILLING (Thomazine 5), b. Jan. 9, 
1864; m. MARY E. NEALL Oct. 3, 1893, dau. of E. Henry Neall and Eliza- 
beth Enyard Montgomery, b. June 17, 1872, in Philadelphia. 

He is associated with his father in the manufacture of surgical mstru- 
ments af 23d and Arch Sts., Philadelphia, Pa., with residence at 42 Winde- 
mere Ave., Lansdowne, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 230.5. Henrv Xeall Pilling, b. July 22, 1894. 

VII— 2306. Josephine Pilling, b. Aug. 2C, 1S9G. 

VII— 2307. Charles Jenks Pilling, Jr., b. Jan. 31, 1899. 

VII— 2308. Robert W. S. Pilling, b. Feb. 7, 1901. 

Issue of Franklin Jenks {T-511) and Caroline Robbins, bom in Philadelphia, 


VI— 1146. EDWARD R. JENKS (Franklin, Daniel, Thomazine. Dan- 
iel, WilHam), b. Feb. i, 1853; m. SUSAN STEWART. 

M. second, SADIE PARKER. 

M. third, EDITH KEY. 

He is a clerk in an office in the Proviflcnt Life and Trust Bklg.. Philadel- 
phia, Pa., with residence at Haddon Heights, N. J. 


Issue by first wife: — 

VII— 2309. Ethel Jenks. 

VII— 2310. Amelia Jenks, doc'd. 

VII— 2311. Stewart Jenks, dec'd. 

Issue by second wife: — 
VII — 2312. One child, name not given. 

Issue by third wife : — 
VII— 2313. Lewis Jenks. 

VI— 1147. WALTER L. JENKS (Franklin 5), b. [March 4, 1854; 
d. May 24, 1882; unm. ; bur. in Laurel Hill Cemetery. 

VI— 1148. HELEN L. JENKS (Franklin 5), b. July 2, 1858; m. 
HARRY L. SAVOURNIN March 24, 18S1, son of Charles Savournin; 
address, 3051 Euclid Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2314. Walter J. Savournin, b. May 19, 18S2. 

He is a clerk, employed with the Piiiiug & Crane Co., Real Estate Trust Bldg., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

VII — 2315. Boeman H. S. Savournin, b. July 12, 1SS5; d. Aug. 27, 1907; unm. 
VII— 2316. E. Byron Savournin, b. May 28. li>92; d. July 2S, 1892. 

VI— 1149. WILLIAM A. JENKS (Franklin 5), b. Feb. 20, 1861 ; 
m. ANNA G. SOOY July 15, 1883, dau. of Saniuel Sooy and Sarah Allo- 
way, b. May 9, 1867, in Washington, N. J. ' 

He is a clerk in P. R. R. office ; address, Virden House, 3234 Diamond 
St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2317. ARTHUR S. JENKS, b. :May 25, 1884; m. ADA KING 
Sept. I, 1906. He is a clerk in P. R. R. office. Residence, 29th and Dia- 
mond Sts., Philadelphia. 

VII— 2318. EDNA S. JENKS, b. Feb. 2, 1887; d. July 13, 1887. 

VH— 2319. REBA D. JENKS, b. Feb. 11, 1893. 

Issue of Conrtland F. Jenks {T.-jis) and Caroline H. Leeds. 

VI— 1151. WILLIAM SHIPPEN JENKS (Courtland, Daniel, 
Thomazine, Daniel, William), b. Aug. 3, 1859; m- DELPHINE MAY 
GILLETTE Oct. 31, 1892; b. April 24, 1867. 

He is secretary and treasurer of the Strang Engine Company, manufac- 
turers of gas, gasolene and kerosene engines, 140 Dearbon St., Chicago, IH-l 
works, Harvey, 111. No issue. 


Issue of Clujrles Janmy {T.-JI4) and Anna V. Yardley. 

VI— 1 157. IDA JAXXEY (Charles, Marv. Thoma^ine. Daniel, Wil- 
liam), b. July I, 1855; d. Oct. 31, 1S86; m. SAMUEL C SATTERTH- 
WAITE Oct. 19, 1881, son of Joseph and Elizabeth P. Satterthwaite, b. 
Sept. 28, 1853. 

He is a farmer^ P. O. Yardley, Bucks Co., Pa. 

Children : — 

VII— 2320. J. Norman Satterthwaite, b. Sept. 25, 1SS2. 

In business in Trenton, N. J. 
VII— 2321. Russeil Y. Satterthwaite, b. April 9. 1SS4; d. June 13, 1885. 
VII— 2322. Anna Y. Satterthwaite, b. Oct. 23, 1SS5. 

Stenographer; address, Swarthmore, Pa. 

Issue of Charles Jann^y {T.-^i4) and Julia R. Yardley, born in Dolington, 
Bucks Co., Pa. 

VI— 1158. ANNA JANNEY (Charles 5), b. Feb. i, i860; m. FRANK 
SLACK Feb. 28, 1884, son of George W. Slack and Elizabeth Smith, b. Jan. 

3, 1855. 

He is a farmer; address, Taylorsville, Bucks Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2323. GEORGE WARREN SLACK, b. June 5, 1885; m. 

He is a farmer; address, Taylorsville, Bucks Co., Pa., R. D. i. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3097. Mildred Anita Slack, b. Dec. 8, 1906. 
VIII— 3098. Gertrude Evelyn Slack, b. June 16, 1908. 
VIII— 3099. Frank Slack, Jr., b. Sept. 14, 1909. 

VII— 2324. HELEN SLACK, b. Aug. 13, 1886; at home. 
VII— 2325. EVA SLx\CK, b. July 14, 18S8; at home.. 
VII— 2326. MAUD E. SLACK, b. Jan. 9, 1890. 
VII— 2327. ENOLA SLACK, b. Nov. 4, 1892. 
VII— 2328. JULIA J. SLACK, b. Dec. 15, 1895. 

VI— 1159. EVELYN JANNEY (Charles 5), b. Sept. 30, 1861 ; m. 
JAMES L. CADWALLADER Dec. 24, 1S85, son of Samuel C. Cad^\^l- 
lader and Hannah Carr, b. June 14, 1859. 

They reside with address, Yardley, Bucks Co., Pa., R. D. I. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2329. ERNEST CADWALLADER, b. April i, 1887; m. 

• — ■ , May 5, 1909; address, Dolington, Bucks Co., Pa. 


VIII— 3100. A child, b. Jan. 5, 1910. 


VII— 2330. MARY E. CADWALLADER, b. March 27, 1889. 

VI— 1 160. ERNEST JANNEY (Charles 5), b. Mar. 28, 1864; m. 
ELIZABETH VANHART Oct. 11, 1893. Reside at New Hope, Bucks 
Co., Pa. No children. 

VI— 1161. CHARLES JANNEY (Charles 5), b. Sept. 21, 1870; m. 
MARTHA REEDER June 18, 1903, dau. of Eastburn Reeder and Ellca 
Kenderdine, b. Jan. 23, 1S70. 

He is a carpenter and builder. They reside at New H|ope, Bucks Co., Pa. 

Children : — 

VII— 2331. Watson Reeder Janney, b. May 9, 1904. 
VII— 2332. Eleanor Janney, b. May 29, 1909. 

Line of James, i^Iary, Thomas. 
Issue of Thomas G. Doivning {T.-^26) and Mary Whelen. 

VI— ii66. GEORGE WHELEN DOWNING (Thomas G., George. 
Tliomas, Alary, James), b. Aug. 7, 1S36; m. SARAH C. KAUFFMAN 
Nov. 22, 1866, dau. of Henry Kautlman and Sarah Campbell, of near Paoli, 
Chester Co., Pa., July 22, 1838; d. March 12, 1909; bur. in Great Valley 
Cemetery, New Centreville, (Thester Co., Pa. 

His address is, Alexandria, Pa. ' He is a Baptist minister. Previous 
to his entering the ministry he was motive power clerk in the office of the 
P. R. R. at Altoona, Pa. He was ordained at xAltoona, Pa., in Nov., 1889. 
and served there altogether eight years. Then was pastor at Port ^Matilda and 
Martha's Fumace, in Bald Eagle Valley. In 1896 he went to Sault Ste 
Marie, Ontario, Canada, where he served the First Baptist Church for over 
(two years, adding to the field a new mission which is now a strong church. 
• Returned to the churches in Bald Eagle Valley in 1899 and remained two 
years, then going to Pitcairn, Pa., he built up a new congregation and church. 
He removed to his present residence in April, 1906, and after a year's rest 
took again the pastorate of the Baptist Church at Martha's Fumace, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2333. THOMAS K. DOWNING, b. Nov. 3, 1867; m. ANNA 
SNYDER Feb. 2y, 1889, at Altoona, Pa.; d. Nov. 22, 1900, at Baltimore, 

M. second, ELIZABETH SELLERS, Sept. 25, 1901. 

He is general bookkeeper for the Baldwin Locomotive Works at Bum- 
ham, Pa, 

Issue by first wife only: — > 
VIII— 3101. Child, d. in infancy. 

VII— ^334. SARAH C. DOWNING, b. Feb. 8. 1869. She was a 
trained nurse for some time at ]McKeesport, Pa, 


VII— 2335. :\IARY WHELEN DOWNING, d. Oct. 30, 1S72, aged 
9 mos. and 26 days. 

VII— 2336. GEORGE \V. DOWNING, SR., d. April 26, 1875; a feu- 
days old. 

VII— 2337. CLARENCE A. DOWNING, b. July 23, 1S77; m. JANE 
DOUGHERTY June 18, 1906, at Pitcairn, Pa. 

He is a practical machinist in the P. R. R. shops. Address, Pitcairn, Pa. 
No issue. 

VII— 2338. GEORGE DOWNING, d. Nov. 24, 1880, a few days old. 

VII— 2339. HATTIE G. DOWNING, b. June 11, 1882, a few days old. 

VI— 1168. JAMES DENNIS DOWNING (Thomas 5), b. Mar. J5, 
1840; d. Sept. 19, 1904; m. MARY J. BASTIAN, 1861, at Montoursville, 
Pa.; she d. in 1870. 

M. second, jMARY A. DOYLE, Feb. 23, 1873, dau. of John Doyle and 
Elizabeth Somers, b. Aug. 10, 1853, in New York State. 

He was during the Civil War a private in Co. F, 9th Reg., Pa. Vol. Inf. 
and also in Co. A, 43d Reg., Pa. Inf. He removed from Lycoming Co., Pa., 
in 1867, to Will Co., 111. By trade he was a carpenter and lost his life by 
falling from a roof on which he was working. He was buried in Joliet Cem- 
etery. Her address. 309 Morgan St., Joliet, 111. 

Issue by first wife : — 

VII— 2340. JAMES D. DOWNING, b. April 24, 1863; m. MAUDE 
JONES Dec. 10, 1S85, at Braidwood, 111. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3102. Ray Downing, b. Dec. 8. 1886; d. Feb. 19, 1S08. 
VIII— 3103. James P. Downing, b. Jan. 24. 1888. 

Issue by second wife, Mary A. Doyle, all born in Wills Co., III. 
VII— 2341. JOHN D. DOWNING, b. .May 28, 1877; ^i. NELLIE 
FLYNN Jan. 15, 1900, of Braidwood, 111. He is a farmer. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 3104. Ruth Downing, b. Feb. 23, 1901. 
VIII— 3105. John Doyle Downing, b. June 27, 1903. 
VIII— 3106. Theresa Downing, b. Dec. 29, 1905. 

• VII— 2342. THOMAS G. DOWNING, b. Oct. 13, 1878; d. June 
I, 1899; unm. 

VII— 2343. CHARLES A. DOWNING, b. Oct. 20, 1880; m. MARY 
SUERS April 22, 1903, at Boston, Mass. 

He enlisted during the Cuban War April 1898, in Co. B, 3rd Reg., 111. 
Inf., at Springfield, and was mustered out Jan., 1S99, at Joliet, 111. He is by 
trade a printer and is engaged with the Chicago Journal. 


Issue : — 

VIII— 3107. Charles James Downing, b. Oct. 27, 1904. 

VII— 2344. FRANK B. DOWNING, b. July 18, 1882; address, 
Joliet, lU.. 

VII— 2345. SADIE E. DOWNING, b. Jan. 20, 1885. 

VII— 2346. MARY W. DOWNING, b. Oct. 31, 1887; m. JOHN 
WALSH, Feb. 17, 1909. 

He is a farmer in Troy £\vp., Will Co., 111. 

VII— 2347. EDNA B. DOWNING, b. Dec. 23, 1889. 

VII— 2348. E. JOSEPH DOWNING, b. Mar. 19, 1892; 

VII— 2349. MARTHA ANGELA DOWNING, b. Feb. 27, 1894. 

VI— 1170. MARY JANE DOWNING (Thomas G., George, Thomas, 
Mary, James), b. Jan. 12, 1847; m. GEORGE A. STOLTZ Jan. 12, 1870, 
son of George and Mary Stoltz, b. Jan. 13, 1843. 

They reside at Willow Grove Mills; address, Muncy, Lycoming Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2350. THOMAS G. STOLTZ, b. March 9, 1871 ; m. FLOR- 
ENCE SHOCK Mar. 23, 1894, dau. of Abraham Shock and Lavina Baker; 
address Muncy, Lycoming Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3108. George A. Stoltz, Jr., b. Jan. 10, 1895. 

VII— 2351. MARTHA BUTLER STOLTZ, b. Jan. i, 1875. 

VII— 2352. CHESTER A. STOLTZ, b. March 27, 1881. 

VII— 2353. RALPHFORD RAY STOLTZ, b. May 20, 1883. 
They all reside with their parents. 

VI— 1 171. JOHN BASTIAN DOWNING (Thomas G. 5), b. 12 mo. 
16, 1848; m. LAVINA I. DYKENS 9 mo. 13, 1870, dau. of Davad Dykens 
and Sarah Katen, b. Sept. 29, 1851. 

He is a blacksmith; address, Box 187, Genoa, De Kalb Co., 111., where 
he settled in the spring of 1881. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2354. THOMAS D. DOWNING, b. 12 mo. 14, 1871 ; d. 10 mo. 
6, 1892. 

VII— 2355. SADIE TULIA DOWNING, b. 11 mo. 10, 1873; m 
CIRLEN S. SAWYER '12 mo. 25, 1895. 


He is a shoe cutter ; address Genoa, III 
Issue : — 

VIII— 3109. Hazel Lawyer, b. 9-24-1900. 
VIII— 3110. Lura Law->er, b. 8-5-1902. 

VII— 2356. LILLIAN MAY DOWNING, b. 12 mo. 13, 1876: m 
FRED. SHEFNEER i mo. 23, 1907. 

He is an engineer ; address, Charles City, la. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3111. Sadie Shefneer, b. 9-5-1909. 

VII— 2357. VINA DOWNING, b. 2 mo. 2, 1878. 

VII— 2358. OSIA DOWNING, b. 7 mo. 19, 1882; address, Genoa, 111. 

VII— 2359. JOHN W. DOWNING, b. 3 mo. 19, 1887. He is a rail- 
way postal clerk; address Genoa, 111. 

-rTA^^^"^-^^"^- ^^^^^'DE DOWNING, b. 7 mo. 14, 1889; m. CHRIS^ 
TIAN SCHERF 3 mo. 17, 1909; b. 9 mo. 29, 1879. 
He is a shoe cutter; address, Genoa, 111. 

July 21, 1852; m. JOHN NARBER, of Muncy, Pa., 1869 

Address, Rollo, Phelps Co., Mo. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2361. David Narber. 
VII— 2362. Charles Narber; m., but record not given; address. Ashland, Neb. 

VI— 1 174. CHARLES L. DOWNING, (Thomas G. 5), b. March 17 
1854; m. CHARLOTTE L. McCOMB Aug. 10, 1880. ^' 

He IS of the firm Hoffman & DowTiing, general merchandise store, 
Muncy, Pa., they had two sons who died at birth. Second child :— 
VII— 2363. Edna L. Downing, b. June 3, 188G. 

VI— 1 175. HENRY B. DOWNING (Thomas G. 5), b 11 mo -^2 
1856; m. SARAH ZIALMERMAN 6 mo. 7, 1882; sh^ d. 5 mo. 30, 1890." ' 

M. second, ANNABELLE LINNS, 8 mo. 16, 1892; she d 8 mo 16 
1903. • ' 

He is a cement contractor; address, Genoa, De Kalb Co., 111. 
Issue by first wife : — 

VII— 2364. Chester Downing, b. 11-10-1883; d. 12-22-1899 

VII— 2365. Grace Downing, b. 4-2-1886. 

VII— 2366. Maggie Downing, d. at 3 vears of age. 

VII— 2367. Joseph Downing, d. at birth. 


Issue by second wife: — 

VII— 236S. George Downing, b. 11-9-1S93. 

VII— 23G9. Gertrude Downing, b. 4-16-1896. 

VII— 2370. Mary Downing, b. 9-7-1S97. 

VII— 2371. Mattie Downing, d. at birth. 

VII— 2372. Henry Downing, d. at birth. 

By Third Wife, Mary Morris. 

VI— 11/6. WILLIAM MORRIS DOWNING (Thomas G. 5), b. 
Oct. 15, 1866; m. MARY CATHERINE SHAUK June 20, 1889, dau. of 
David Shauk and Margaret Simpson, b. Aug. 3, 1S66; d. Aug. 13, 1894. 

M. second, MAUDE ERAIINA ENGLISH, Sept. 20, 1900, dau. of 
Orange M. English and Louisa J. Graham, b. July 20, 1879. Address, Al- 
paugh, Cal. 

Issue by first wife: — 
VII— 2373. Erba Irene Downing, b^ Aug. 21, 1890. 

Issue of William D. Doivning, M. D. {T.-52/) and MartJw, W. Young. 

(See under his name in Fifth Generation.) 

Issm of Martha Doz^'ning {T.-^28) and Joseph Butler, born in Uwchlan, 
Chester Co., Pa. 

VI— II 79. MARY BUTLER (Martha, George, Thomas, Mary, 
James), b. 9 mo. 19, 1844; d. 6 mo. 17, 1868; unm. ; bur. at Uwchlan Mtg. 

VI— 1 180. WILLIAM BUTLER (Martha 5, same line), b. 2 mo. 7, 
1847; b. 10 mo. 3, 1869; unm.; bur. at Uwchlan Mtg. 

VI— 1181. JAMES HARVEY BUTLER (Martha 5, same Hne), b. 
April 7, 1849; m. HENRIETTA DREY Jan. 20, 1872, dau. of Paul Drey 
and Hannah Klein, b. Jan. 20, 1853, at Landingville, Pa. 

He engaged in teaching and" was located at Landingville, Schuylkill Co., 
Pa,, then removed to a farm at Great Bend, Barton Co., Kan., March i, 1878; 
remained here until the spring of ;883, then removed with his family to Ster- 
ling, Rice Co., Kan. In the fall of this year he removed to Ledwick Co., 
Kan., and bought a farm near Wichita and moved on it in Feb., 1884; re- 
mained here until the fall of 1902, then removed to Wichita, with address 239 
Ohio Ave., Wichita, Kan. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2374. MARY A. BUTLER Sept. 7, 1872, Schuylkill Co., Pa. 
A trained nurse; address, Wichita, Kan. 

VII— 2375. EDGAR W. BUTLER, b. May 26. 1874, Upper Uwchlan, 
Chester Co., Pa.; m. ANNIE JOHNSON June 25, 1905; she was of Nor- 


wcgian descent, but born in this country: b. May 6, 1872; d. Oct. 15, 1908. 

He is an iron moulder; went to Chicago, 111., in May, 1903; address, 343 
W. Fulton St., that city. 

VII— 2376. ALICE R. BUTLER, b. Tune 10, 1887, at Upper Uwch- 
lan; m. LAWRENCE ELISHA CRAIG Sept 17, 1902, son of Elisha Craig 
and Lovina Devers, b. June 30, 1871. 

Their address is, Leon, Butler Co., Kan., where he is farming and cattle 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3112. Mildred Henrietta Crais, b. Nov. 25, 1903. 
VIII— 3113. Pauline Craig, b. May 3, 1906. 

VII— 2377. JOSEPH D. BUTLER, b. Dec. 23, 1879. at Barton Co.. 
Kan. ; unm. ; resided near Wichita, Kan., on the paternal farm. 

VII— 2378. JAMES P. BUTLER, b. Jan. 7, 1884, at Sedg^vick Co., 
Kan. ; unm. Resides near Wichita, Kan., on the paternal farm. 

VII— 2379. MARTHA BUTLER, b. Jan. 7, 18S6, at Sedgwick Co., 
Kan.; m. WILLIAM DUNHAM Dec. 31, 1907; address, Wichita, Kan. 

VII— 2380. GEORGE BUTLER, b. Dec. 20, 1887, Sedg%vick Co., 
Kan. ; at home. 

VII— 2381. GUY W. BUTLER, b. May i, 1891; same; d. June 22, 

VI— 1182. GEORGE D. BUTLER (Martha 5. George, Thomas, 
Mary, James), b. Feb. 6. 1852; m. KATHARINE LLEWELLYN Oct. 19, 
1887, dau. of William Llewellyn and Rebecca (nee Davis), b. Feb. 13, 1866. 

He is a farmer in Uwchlan Twp., Chester Co., Pa., near Byers Sta., on 
P. & R. R. R. No issue. 

VI— 1183. EMILY JANE BUTLER (Martha 5), b. Oct 29 i8s4- 
d. July 8, 1883; m. JOSEPH R. DOWNING (T.-1225), son of John and 
Mary C. Downing. (See under his no.) 

VI— 1184. WILLIAM BUTLER (2d) (Martha 5). b. Oct. 21, 1857- 
m. SALLIE T. BYERS, dau. of Albert H. Byers and Adeline Tilden, b. Aue' 
IS, i860. 

He is a civil engineer; address, PalmjTa, N. J. 

Issue : — 

Joseph Butler, b. Nov. 27, 1887. 
MarstellTf Butler, b. Nov. 8, 1891. 
William Butler, Jr., b. Oct. 12, 1896. 


Issue of Sarah Duix'iiing (T.-^jp) and Jonathan Evans. 

VI— 1186. ANN ELIZABETH EVANS (Sarah, George, Thomas. 
Mary, James), b. Nov. 20. 1841 : m. SAMUEL MILLER Jan. 28, 1873, son 
of George Miller and Elizabeth Leighton, b. Sept. 15, 1S32; d. April 28, 
1903; bur. in St. Andrew's Cemetery. 

He was a farmer in West Vincent Twp., Chester Co., Pa. Her address. 
Box 354 Spring City, Chester Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2382. SAMUEL MILLER, Jr., b. Jan. 19, 1874; d. same day. 

VII— 2383. ELMER S. MILLER, b. Jan. 4, 1875; m. MARY ELLA 
MOSTELLER May 6, 1904, dau. of Preston Mosteller and Sarah Dewees. 

He is a farmer; address, Chester Springs, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3114. Irvin Miller, b. March 30, 1907. 

VII— 2384. GEORGE E. MILLER, b. Jan. 25, 1879; m. ANNA 
ELIZABETH LATSCHAW June 17, 1905, dau. of Enos Latschaw and 
Sarah Jane Henderson. 

He is a farmer; address, Auselma, Chester Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3115. Russell L. ililler. b. April 16, 1906. 

VI — 1 187. ALLEN EVANS (Sarah. George. Thomas, Mary, James), 
b. March 10, 1843; ^- Sept. 6, 1878; m. MARY OWEN Dec. 25, 1872, of 

He was a bridge builder. Removed to Waverly. Tenn., where he w^as 
married ; afterwards went to Memphis and there died. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2385. George E. Evans, b. Aug. 17, 1876. 

VII— 23S6. Allen O. Evans, b. Sept. 12, 1S78; d. Oct, 10, 1900: unm. 

He was in the Cubaa War and died in the service; bur. at Clarksville, Tenn. 

VI— 1 188. MARY M. EVANS (Sarah, George, Thomas. Mary. 
James), b. June 17, 1846; m. JOHN B. MOSER Dec. 14, 1878. son of 
Reuben Moser and Catharine Beetty, b. Dec. 12, 1842; d. June 6, 1896; bur. 
at Brownback Cemetery. 

She resides at Spring City, Chester Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2387. Ruth Moser, b. Nov. 31, 1S80; d. same date. 

VII— 1 190. GEORGE D. EVANS (Sarah 5, same line), b. July 6. 
1851; m. CLARISSA BINDER, 1873, dau. of Jacob Binder, b. Jan. 27, 
1 85 1, d. July 23, 1906; bur. at Zion Cemetery. 


Address, 3144 N. Eighth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2388. ALLEN EVANS, b. March 16, 1874; m. ELSIE SUT- 
TON, circa, 1906. 

He is employed in Brown's Hosiery Mills; address, Cor. Seventh and 
Clearfield Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3116. Mayoma Evans, b. Dec. 6. 1906. 

VII— 2389. LEWIS W. EVANS, b. Jan. — , 1877; employed in Brown's 
Hosier)' Mills; address, 3144 N. Eighth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

VII— 2390. EM^IA R. EVANS, b. Nov. 15, 1880; housekeeper for 
her father and brothers, q. v. 

VII— 2391. WILLIAM P. EVANS, b. Sept. 29, 1883; employed and 
address same as brothers. 

VII— 2392. GEORGE D. EVANS, JR., b. Sept. 10, 1886; same as 

last No. 

VII— 2393. ELMER M. EVANS, b. April 5, 1891 ; d. Dec. 7, 1896. 

VII— 2394. EDNA REBECCA EVANS, b. April 10, 1893; d. Nov. 
6, 1900. 

Issu-e of Joseph Doimxing {T.-^jo) and Hannah Beidler. 

VT— 1191. GEORGE B. DOWNING (Joseph 5. George, Thomas, 
Mary, James), b. Oct. 2, 1847; d. May i, 1897; m. SADIE E. HODG- 
SON Mar. 2y, 1873, dau. of Philip Hodgson and Elizabeth Shimer, b. Aug. 
23, 1849- 

'He was a farmer; resided in Uwchlan, Chester Co., Pa. Her address, 
Chester Springs, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII — 2395. Clara May Downing, d. 1879, in her second year. 

VI— 1 194. SARAH AMANDA DOWNING (Joseph 5), b. Nov. 4, 
1855; d. April 2. 1882; m. ANDREW COX April 4. 1878, son of Andrew 
Cox and Maria Haring, b. July 25, 1849; d. Sept. 7, 1879. 

M. second, PULASKI FUNDERSMITH, son of Jacob . He 

d. Feb. 22, 1886, aged 38 years. 

She resided in Downingtown, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VU>— 2396. Eva Evans Cox, b. Mar. 11, 1S79; d. Mar. 19, 1902; unm.; bur. at Northwood 


Issue of Joseph Dozening (T.-^^o) by second zcife, Lucinda Evans. 

VI— 1196. CARRIE B. DOWNING (Toseph 5), b. Oct. 11, i860; m. 
GEORGE B. DAVIS Jan. 14, 1879, son of Tow-nsend Davis; b. 1845; d 
May 26, 1S89. 

He lost his life by being- struck by a locomotive in Philadelphia, \vhere he 
was employed in the shifting- yards. 

M. second, WIOIER BENJAMIN, Mar. 31, 1893, son of John Ben- 
jamin and Rebecca Snyder, b. ^Nlay 12, 1871; address Cor. Church and Paul 
Sts., Spring City, Chester Co., Pa. 

Issue by first husband : — 
■' 'VII— 2397. CHARLES E. DAVIS, b. June 11, 1880; M. EMMA 
SPRAGUE Aug. 12, 1908. 

He is a brakeman on the P. R. R. ; address, 673 Leed St., Philadelphia, 

VII— 2398. FRANK B. DAVIS, b. April 18, 1882; bookkeeper, ad- 
dress, 1508 N. 20th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

VII— 2399. ELLA MAY DAVIS, b. ^lay 12, 1884; m. SAMUEL 
CLEMENS Oct. 16, 1907; address 6655 Heiskell St., Germantown, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VIII. Ruth Esther Clemens, b. July 12, 1908. 

VII— 2400. J. RAYMOND DAVIS, b. Jan. 23, 1887; at home. 

VII— 2401. GEORGE M. DAVIS, b. April 18, 1889; d. July 19, 1889. 
Child by second husband : — 

VII— 2402. MARY ETTA BENJAMIN, b. June 18. 1904; d. June 
23, 1904. 

VI— 1 197. ANNIE E. DOWNING (Joseph 5), b. Oct. 25, 1862: m. 
ARDIMUS BECHTEL Dec. 23, 1882, son of Henry and Lovina Bechtel, 
b. Oct. 20, i860. 

He is a farmer ; address, Kimberton, Chester Co., Penna. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2403. Jesse Harw-in Bechtel, b. Aug. 19, 1883. 
VII— 2404. Charles Wayne Bechtel, b. June 11, 1888. 
VII— 2405- Edna Mae Bechtel, b. Feb. 15, 1890. 

VI— 1198. WILLIAM E. DOWNING (Joseph 5). b. May 13. 1865; 
m. MELISSA ECHOFF July 21, 1886, dau. of Joel Ecoff and Emmarine 
Morton, b. Aug. 30, 1868. 

He is a farmer. Has the large Wcightman farm (now ^Mrs. V/alker) of 
300 acres in the Chester Valley. Address Malvern, Pa., R. D. 2. 


Issue : — 

Vji_2406. Alice Lucinda Downing, b. Jan. 10, 1SS7; at home. 

VII_2407. Herford Evans Downing, b. Sept. 4. ISSS. 

VII— :i40S. J. Ellsworth Downing, b. Aug. S, 1S90. 

Vii_2409. Charles Henry Downing, b. Nov. 8, 1S95. 

VII— 2410. Sarah E. Downing, b. Xov. 23. 1899; d. in infancy. 

VII— 2411. Carroll Russell Downing, b. Sept. 17, 1901. 

VII— 2412. George Norman Downing, b. Dec. 6, 1906. 

VII— 2413. Wilmer Leroy Downing, b. Feb. 29, 1908. 

VI— 1199. CHARLES WAYNE DOWNING (Joseph 5), b. March 
29. 1868; d. Nov. 27. 1907; bur. at St. ^latthew's Lutheran Churcli; m. 
MARGARET KATHERINE LUDNICK Dec. 3, 1890, dau. of Edward 
P. Ludnick and Mary F. Beeler. 

Her address is Spring- City, Chester Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2414. Florence Mary Downing, b. March 13, 1892. 
VII— 2415. George Downing, b. Oct 17, 1894; d. June 9, 1900. 

VI— 1200. EMMA FRANCES DOWNING (Joseph 5), b. Nov. 7, 
1873: m. ADAM FOLEY* Oct. 25. 1893 (his second wife), son of Davis 
Foley and Catherine Patton. b. April 10, 1863. in Philadelphia. 

He is a coremaker at Cramps Ship Yard on the Delaware river; address, 
1928 Sharswood St., between Master and Jefferson, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2416. Irene Evans Polov, b. Dec. 29. 1896; d. Julv 26. 1899. 

VII— 2417. Raymond Davis Polev, b. June 1. 1901. 

VII— 2418. Stewart Runkle Polev, h. Sept. 12, 1903. 

VII— 2419. Edna Mae Foley, b. June 13, 1908. 

Jssue of Robert V. Dozm'xng {T.-5S2) and Lydia Hartshorn. 

VI— 1 201. WILLIAM F. DOWNING (Robert V.. George. Thomas, 
Mary, James), b. June 11, 1857; m. MARY E. McMULLEN. b. March 28. 

He was engaged in selling farm implements. No issue. Address, David 
City, Butler Co.^, Neb. 

VI— 1202. SARAH DOWNING (Robert V. 5. same line), b. Mav 2. 
1859; m. C. ENGLE MOREHOUSE Oct. 12, 1887; b. Oct. 2; 1862 Tad- 
dress, 873 Lake St., Newark, N .J. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2420. Ruth Morehouse, b. Feb. 15, 1892. 

•Note— He had m. first Margaret Rus.^ell, Nov. 20. 1888, who d. March 25. 1892, by 
*'hom he had 

Roberta Ruspell Foley, b. Nov. 21, 1890. 
Sarah Margaret Foley, b. Jan. 25, 1892. 


VI— 1203. CHARLES H. DOWNING (Robert V. 5), b. Feb. 2 
186^; m. EFFIE A. TUTTLE Jan. 16, 1889; b. Dec. 8, 1862; d. Dec. ^,. 

M. second, ONA DxWIS, July 30. 1903; address, Arcadia, Valley Co., 

Issue by first wife: — 

VII— 2421. Lucile Downing, b. Mar. 30, 1S91. 

Issue by second wife: — 

VII— 2422. Irene Downing, b. Jan. 22, 1907. 

VI— 1204. ROBERT L. DOWNING (Robert V. 5), b. June 21, 
1867; m. NELLIE TOBEY April 16. 1894: b. July 18, 1873. 

He is a drygoods commercial agent; address, Lincoln, Neb. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2423. Bernice Downing, b. Mar. 8, 1895. 
VII— 2424. Marjorie Downing, b. July 28, 1S96; d. Jan. 26, 1898. 
VII— 2425. Madeline Downing, b. Aug. 7, 1904. 

VI— 1205. MARY DOWNING (Robert V. 5), b. March 21 1869; 
address, David City, Neb. 

VI— 1206. ALBERT C. DOWNING )Aobert V. 5), b. Oct. 16, 1874; 
m. MARIE STEADMAN June 15, 189S; b. Aug. 3. 1870. 

He is a manufacturer of folding paper boxes; address, 622 Farwell Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2426. Marion Downing, b. April 3, 1900. 

VII— 2427. Hazel Downin;?. b. Mav 8, 1901. \ 

VII— 2428. Marjorie Downing, b. .julv SO. 190!^. 

VII— 2429. George B. Downing, b. July 19, 1905. 

VI— 1207. ELLA DOWNING (Robert V. 5), b. March 30, ib76; ad- 
dress. Baker City, Neb. 

VI— 1208. RALPH DOWNING (Robert V. 0. b. March 3. 1878: d 
Aug. 29, 1905 ; unm. 

Issue of lam^sDozviiing (T.-5?./) and Margaret P. Gheen {T.45T), all bon'. 
born in Hancock Co., 111. 

VI— T2TO. TFTOMAS G. DOWNING (James. Joseph. Thomas. Mar>'. 
James), b. Nov. 10, 184=;; m. SARAH BROWN Dec. 28. 1870. 
Address, Scandia, Republic Co., Kan. 
Issue : — 


VII— 2430. CLARA J. DOWNING, b. Oct. iS, 1871; m. ELMER M. 
SOLHERS, 1895, of Courtlaiul, Kan. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3117. Floyd Solhers, who d. young. 
VIII— 311S. Gertrude Solhers. 
VIII— 3119. Elder Solhers. 
VIII— 3120. Thelma Solhers. 
VIII— 3121. Edna May Solhers. 
VIII— 3122. Mildred Solhers. 

VII— 2431. CHARLES W. DOWNING, b. Dec. 26, 1873; m. CE- 
CELIA McLaughlin. 

Issue : — 
\nil— 3123. William E. Downing. 

VII— 2432. JA^IES E. DOWNING, b. April 29, 1876; m. ARDON 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3124. Warren H. Downing. 
VIII— 3125. Ila Downing. 

rVII— 2433- EMILY M. DOWNING, b. Aug. 14, 1878; m. GEORGE 

Issue: — i 

VIII— 3126. Earl Tebow. 
VIII— 3127. Lloyd Tebow. 

VII— 2434. EDITH T. DOWNING, b. Aug. 10, 1880; d. July i, 1881. 

■VII— 2435. LULU M. DOWNING, b. June 10, 1882; m. FRANK 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3128. Ruth Gatchell. 
VIII— 3129. Ernest Gatchell. 

VII— 2436. NELLIE E. DOWNING, b. Aug. i, 1884; m. OLOUS 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3130. Sarah Jane Free. 
VIII— 3131. William T. Free. 

VII— 2437. ARTHUR H. DOWNING, b. Nov. 14, 1886; m. ANNA 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3132. A child that d. young. 

VII— 2438. LLOYD DOWNING, b. May 15, 1891; at home. 

VI— 12 1 1. HANNAH ELVIRA DOWNING (James 5), b. Sept. 4, 


1847, at Nauvoo, 111.; m. WILLIAM H. BROW'X Aug. 27, 1867, son of 
John Brown and Sarah Seifert; address, Ponca, Okla. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2439. CORA M. BROWN, b. June 22, 1868; m. HUGH M. 
GOLDEN Jan. i, 1887. He d. Feb. 3, 1903. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3133. Viola B. Goldsn, b. Sept. 5, 1SS7. 
VIII— 3134. Myrtle E. Goldeu, b. March 26. 18S9. 
VIII— 3135. William H. Golden, b. April 4, 1S97. 

VII— 2440. OLLA V. BROWN, b. Sept. 23, 1871 ; m. G. G. WRIGHT 
Dec. — , 1 89 1. 

Issue: — 
VIII— 3136. Vernon O. Wright, b. Dec. 13, 1892. 
VIII— 3137. Mae E. Wright, b. Deo. IS. 1S97. 
VIII— 3138. Joe B. Wright, b. June 24, 1901; d. March 19, 1902. 

VII— 2441. MAUDE E. BROWN, b. Feb. 28, 1881; d. March 3, 
1898; m. C. L. RUSSELL, 1897. 

'Issue : — 
VIII— 3139. Elvira Taze Russell, b. Feb. 17, 1898. 

VI— I2I2. MARY F. DOWNING (James 5), b. April 14.11849; m. 
SEBASTIAN DATIN Sept. 5, 1867, son of Joseph N. and Nancy Datin, 
b. Aug. 9, 1843. 

He is a farmer; address, Nauvoo, 111. 

•Issue : — 

VII— 2442. HATTIE V. DATIN, b. Aug. 4, 1868; d. March 30, 1869; 

VII— 2443. SARAH ELLA DATIN, b. Nov. 27, 1870; m. GRANT 
P. KELLOG May 16, 1899; address, Hamilton, 111. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 3140. Leo B. Kellogg, b. Feb. 21, 1900. 

VIII— 3141. Beulah Kellogg, b. Feb. 22, 1902. 

VIII— 3142. Ralph D. Kellogg, b. April 11^. 1905. 

VIII— 3143. Mary L. Kellogg, b. Feb. 2, IPOg. 

VIII— 3144. Lester Kellogg, b. Dec. 27, 1909. 

VII— 2444. GEORGE R. DATIN, b. June 27, 1880; d. April 10, 1881. 

VI— 1213. MARIA LUCY DOWNING dames 5). b. Sept. 3. 1850; 
m. S. W. GUNTER. Feb. 28, 1869: address, Scandia, Kan. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2445- JAMES A. GUNTER, b. Feb. 16, 1870; m. WIL- 
LIE McLaughlin. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3145. Charlton Gunter. 


VII— 2446. MARGARET BELLE GUNTER, b. Nov. 28, 1871 ; m. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3146. Faye Etter. 
VIII— 3147. Glada Etter. 
VIII— 314S. Alberta Etter. 

VII— 2447. .ALLINA J. GUNTER, b. Dec. 7, 1873; m. HARVEY A. 
WRIGLEY Sept. 2, 1896. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3149. John Arthur Wrigley, b. Jan. 9, ISSS. 

VII— 2448. JOSEPH WILLIA^I GUNTER, b. Jan. 2^,, 1875; m. 
ANNA DOUGLAS Nov. i, 1899. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3150. Parley Gunter. 
VIII— 3151. Douglass Gunter. 
Vlil— 3152. Allan Gunter. 

VII— 2449. JOHN C. GUNTER, b. Dec. 2, 1876; m. EMMA SIPPE 
April 26, 1899. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3153. sterling Gunter. 

VII— 2450. CHARLES S. GUNTER, b. Aug. 20, 1879; d. July 23, 

VII— 2451. GEORGE E. GUNTER, b. June 11, 1881 ; d. June 2, 1882. 

VII— 2452. FRANK E. GUNTER, b. Aug. 25, 1883; unm. 

VII— 2453. EDITH MAY GUNTER, b. Nov. 23, 1885; m. ROLLO 
WELLS June 2, 1909. 

VI— 1214. JANE ELIZABETH DOWNING (James 5), b. Dec. 27, 
1851; d. April 5, 1883; m. CHARLES M. BROWN. 
Issue : — 

VII— 2454. MILTON O. BROWN, b. May 18, 1876; m. MAGGIE 
McKENNELL; address, Court-land, Kan. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3154. Olive Brown. 
VIII— 3155. Ruth Brown. 
VIII— 3156. Ida Belle Brown. 

VII— 2455. J.AMES M. BROWN, b. Sept. 30, 1878; m. IVA POAGE; 
address, Scandia, Kan. 


Issue : — 

VIII— 3157. Ardon Brown. 
VIII— 3158. Clifford Brown. 

'VI— 12x6. JOSEPH R. DOWNING (James 5), b. Sept. 23, 1854; d. 
Aug. 26, 1875; uniTL 

' yi— 1217. GEORGE W. DOWNING (James 5), b. Aug. 18, 1856, at 
Nauvoo, 111. ; m. CLAR.A IRENE FORCADE. 

He went to Nebraska in 1879, where he was married. He is now a 
licensed Rocky IMountain g-uide. where he has been (1908) 29 years. He 
guides tourists through the Yellowstone National Park, and hunters of big 
game all through the mountains. Address, Ishawood, Wyoming. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2456. GAIL DOWNING, b. Dec. 31, 1886, in Neb.; m. ORILLA 
RUSSELL, spring of 1908. 

He is a rider with the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show. 

VII— 2457. CARLEY DOWNING, b. April 27, 1892. 

VI— 12 18. JOHN B. DOWNING (James, Joseph. Thomas, Mary, 
James), b. June 18, 1859; m. ESTELLA M. PARKS, 1887. 

They reside on the homestead, three miles from Scandia, Republic Co., 

Issue : — 

VII— 2458. Mile A. Downing, b. April 14, l&SS. 
VII— 2459. Elda M. Downing, b. Aug. 18, 1890. 
VII— 2460. Carey A. Downing, b. Nov. 9, 1895. 

VI— 12 19. STEPHEN A. DOUGLAS DOWNING (James 5), b. 
Oct. 14, i860; unm. Resides with his brother (see last No.) on the home- 
stead, which they jointly own. Plje now uses the name D. A. Downing. 

Issue of John Downing XT. -5S5) and Mary C. Downing {T.-545) 

VI— 1220. BENJAMIN HENRY DOWNING (John, Joseph, Thom- 
as, Mary, James), b. Oct. 17, 1842; d. Nov. — , 1908; m. Phebe M. HAL- 
STED Aug. I, 1865, dau. of Nathaniel Halsted and Folliam Thatcher; birth 
and death not given. 

M. second, KATE E. DOWELL, Dec. 14, 1871, dau. of George W. 

He v/as by trade a carpenter. They resided in 1874 in Uwchlan, Ches- 
ter Co., Pa., but subsequent movements not found. He enlisted in the Forty- 
ninth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, entered the service April 19, 186 1, 
participated in many of the important battles — McClellan's seven days' cam- 


paign in front of Riclunond, Antietaiii, Fredericksburg, Grant's campaign 
through die Wilderness to Richmond, Sheridan's campaign in the Shenandoah 
V'alley, the fighting in front of I*eiersburg, Va., and many other battles and 
skirmishes. He was wounded and disabled, and mustered out of service Mar. 
I, 1865. 

Issue : — 
Vll — 24t)l. Anna Mary Downing, b. Aug. 7, l&tio. 
VII— 246:2. iiaucis Cliaries Downing, b. July 14, IbCS. 

VI— I22I. SUSAN R. DOWNING Uohn 5), b. Mar. 29, 1845; ni. 
— STOREY; address, Anthony, Kan. 

April 28, 1848, in Iowa; m. GLESSNER; address, Harper, Kan. 

"^""VI— i2r3?FRANCTS^^^^ DOWNING (John's )Tb. Nov. '13, 1845, 
in Illinois; said to be at Titusville, Pa.; but no response. 

VI— 1224. WILLIAM CHARLES DOWNING (John 5), b. Oct. 
7, 1851 ; d. July — , 1906. 

VI— 1225. JOSEPH R. DOWNING (John 5), b. Oct. 17, 1854; ad- 
dress Wichita^ Kan. 

VI— 1226. IDA JULIA DOWNING (John 5, Joseph, Thomas, Mary, 
James), b. Feb. 4, 1857; m. OLIVER S. LA2^IB Nov. 7, 1878, son of John 
^and Margaret Lamb, b. June 17, 1858; address Pontoosuc, Hancock Co., 111. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2480. THOAIAS EVERETT LAMB, b. Sept. 22, 1880; m. 
LOUISA WINKLER Jan. 4, 1905. He is an engineer. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3159. Beryl Elwood Lamb, b. Feb. 20. 1906. 

VII— 2481. THEODORE LEWIS LAMB, b. , Dec. 29, 1881 ; m. 
PEARL HAINES June 5, 1907. 

VII— 2482. MAGGIE IRMA LAMB, b. Oct. 3, 1886; m. JOSEPH 
THORNBURG, Feb. 17, 1908. 

^ _^. VII— 2483. CLYDE OLIVER LA^IB, b. Jan. 8, 1889. ^ 

*'~ VII— 2484. HANNAH LAURA BELLE LAMB, b. Nov. 17, 1890. 

VII— 2485. JOHN HENRY BRYAN LAMB, b. April 23, 1897. 



VI— 1227. ELLA SARAH DOWNLNG (John 5), b. Nov. 26, 1839. 
m. JOHN STOREY Oct. 14, iSSo, son of Thomas and Sarah Store>', wiio 
came from England, b. Jan. 4, 1857, in lU; address Freeport, Kan. 

Issue : — 

Four children, deceased ; names not gi\-en. 

VII— 2490. MARY BELLE STOREY, b. Jan. 21, 1882; m. MEL- 
VIN HOOPES Jan. i, 1903. 

VII— 2491. EDNA FLORA STOREY, b. March 24, 1889; m. H. G. 
CRUMLEY April 15, 1906. 

' VII— 2492. THOMAS GRANVILLE STOREY, b. Aug. 28, 1895. 

VI— 2493. ESTHER NAOMI STOREY, b. Aug. 2, 1899. 

VI— 1228. WINFIELD S. DOWNING (John 5), b. June 2, 1862, at 
West Chester, Pa.; m. ADA L. WATKINS Nov. 3, 1891 ; address, An- 
thony, Kan. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2494. Joseph R. Downing, b. May 16, 1S99. 

VI— 1229. CARRIE HALSTED DOWNING (John 5), b. Oct. 11, 
1864; resides at Anthony, Kan. 

VI— 1230. THO.MAS ELLSWORTH DOWNING (John 5), b. Nov. 
17, 1868; address, Renfrew, Okla. 

VI— 1231. GEORGE W. DOWNING (John 5), b. May 8, 1871 ; ad- 
dress, Freeport, Kan. 

Issue of Sarah Downing {T.-^^6) and Solon Foster. 

VI— 1232. WILLIAM RITERFOSTER( Sarah, Joseph, Thomas, Mary, 
James), b. Nov. 4, 1843; m. MARY CANNON Oct. 14, 1865; b. May 4. 
1845; reside 43 Church St., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2500. SARAH ELLEN FOSTER, b. Mar. 19, 1867; d. Jan. i, 
1892; m. GEORGE E. BURBRIDGE May 21, 1891 ; b. Dec. i, 1868. 

VII— 2501. MARY ELIZABETH FOSTER, b. Jan. 21, 1870; m. 
MILTON RIDGES Jan. 18, 1893. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 3160. Clifford Owen Ridges, b. April 29, 1894. 


VIII— 3161. Ella May Ridges, b. May 13, 1S95. 

VIII — olb-. Mikon Kiter Ridges, b. Juue :;6, ISyT. 

VIII— 31ti3. Virginia Ridges, b. Feb. 3, 1906. 

VIII— 3164. Franlilin Downing Ridges, b. Aug. 16, 1907. 

VII— 2502. AURELIA FOSTER, b. Dec 11, 1872; m. WILLIAM V. 
DYER Nov. 25, 1S96; b. Feb. 22, 1875. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3165. William Hershel Dyer, b. July 1, 1S9S. 
VIII— 3166. Aureha Bernice Dyer, b. Sept. 4, 1699: d. March 11, 1900. 
Vlli— 316;. Marsena Oiland Dyer, b. July 26, 19u:.'. 

VII— 2503. \VILLL\iM DOWNING FOSTER, b. Dec. 6, 1876; m. 
EVELINE LANNAN THOMAS Sept. 18, 1907, b. Jan. 2, 1882. 

VII— 2504. SOLON MARSENA FOSTER, b. April 18, 1880; m. 
ELIZABETH SPENCER FELT Sept. 2^, 1909; b. Dec. 7, 1884. 

VII— 2505. CLIFFORD RITER FOSTER, b. March 7, 1884. 

VI— 1234. CHARLES FRANKLIN FOSTER (Sarah 5), b. Aug. 
22, 1847; m. AivIELLA. A. DUNCAN May 3, 1870; dau. of Homer Dun- 
can and Asenith Thankful Banker, b. JMay 20, 1850. 

He was a farmer and stock raiser; now a merchant, proprietor of "The 
Hub," dealer in general merchandise in St. George, Utah. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2506. Celinda Foster, b. Jan. 29, 1871; d. Mar. 25, 1890; unm. 
VII— 2507. Emma Aseuath Foster, b. Dec. 17, 1S72; d. Dec. 4, 1873. 
VII— 2508. Charles F. Foster, Jr., b. Nov. 29, 1875; resides in St. George, Utah; unm. 
VII— 2509. Lizzie Foster, b. June 26, 1877; d. Jan. 26, 1901; unm. 
VII — 2510. Julia Putnam Foster, b. Aug. 9, ISSO: resides in St. George, Utah. She has 

furnished valuable records of the family. 
VIII- 2511. Minnie Foster, b. Mar. 19, 1SS2; d. Nov. 1, 1907; unm. 
VIII— 2512. Effie Foster, b. Oct. 12, 1885. 

At the writing of this record she was in Chicago, 111., perfecting her education. 
VII— 2513. Luella Foster, b. June 14, 1888. 
VII— 2514. Ethella Foster, b. Nov. 25, 1890. 
VII— 2515. Phebe Delilah Foster, b. June 9, 1892. 

Address of all the above St. George, Utah. 

'VI— 1235. ORSON H. FOSTER (Sarah 5), b. Mar. 2, 1850; d. Mar. 
19, 1898; m. RACHEL ELIZABETH RISER, 1884; she d. July 26, 1901, 
aged 39 years. He was a farmer. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2516. Mattie Elizabeth Foster, b. Nov. 14, 1886. 
VII— 2517. Sarah Ellen Foster, b. July 26, 1894. 

Both reside with their uncle, Charles F. Foster, in St. George, iUtah. 

VI— 1236. SOLON FOSTER. JR. (Sarah 5),b. July 2. 1852; d. Aug. 
4, 1894; m. SARAH MARGARET MOODY May 16, '1878; b. April 8, 


Issue : — 

iVII— 2518. SOLON JUNIUS FOSTER, b. March 15, 1879; m. EM- 
MA JESSIE MORRIS May 29, 1904; b. Feb. 2, 1879. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 3168. Romona Foster, b. June 26, 1905. 
VIII— 3169. Maris Foster. 

VII— 2519. JOHN MOODY FOSTER, b. Nov. 5. 1880; m. HAN- 
NAH DAVIS June 12, 1906; b. Nov. 21, 18S0. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 3170. A child. 

VII— 2520. SARAH MATILDA FOSTER, b. Oct. 23, 1882; resides 
in Provo, Utah. 

VII— 2521. EDGAR FOSTER, b. Sept. 14, 1884; m. SAVON 
COATES May — , 1909; reside in St. George, Utah. 

VII— 2522. JOSEPH DOWNING FOSTER, b. Jan. 14, 1887. 

"^^ VII— 2523.'' GEORGE WOODWARD FOSTER, b.'Aug.^S? 1889:* 

VII— 2524. RUTH EDGES FOSTER, b. May 25, 1892. 
All reside in Provo, Utah. 

Issu^ of Mary Ann Downi"^'g (^T.-jjS) a)id Morgan R. Lewis. 

VI— 1242. ELIZABETH ELLEN LEWIS (Mary Ann, Joseph,' 
Thomas, Mary, James), b. April 11, 1853; m. GEORGE W. WEBB, 
Jan. 12, 1875; address, Nauvoo, III. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2525. MORGAN L. WEBB, b. Sept. 15, 1876; m. BERTHA 
LONG, fall of 1902. No issue. 

VII— 2526. BLANXHE E. WEBB, b. 1S80; m. EARL SCHO- 
FIELD June, 1906. 

' VII— 2527. FRANK WEBB, b. and d. in infancy. 

yil— 2528. WILLIAM WEBB, b. 1885. 

'^''~ VII— 2529. JASPER WEBB, b. 1893. 

VI— 1243. ANN T. LEWIS (Mary Ann 5), b. June 26, 1856; m. 
FARNHAM M. WHITCOMB Feb. 27, 1881; address, Carthage, 111. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2530. CLARE WHITCOMB, b. June, 1882; m. W. B. KIM- 
BALL, of Nauvoo, 111. No issue. 


VII— 2531. MORGAN D. VVHITCOMB, b. aiid d. in infacy 1888. 

VI— 1244. ISAAC T. LEWIS (xMary .\nn 5), b. Sept. 15, 185S; m. 
SARAH A. WILSON, Sept. 10, 1885; address, Powellton, Hancock Co., 111. 
Issue : — 

VII— 2532. Charles R. Lewis, b. Aug. 14, ISSG. 

VII— 2533. Lee T. Lewis, b. Nov. 2, 1S91; d. Jan. 29, 1892. 

VII— 2534. Morgan D. Lewis, b. l>ec. 20, 1894; d. Mar. 26, 1895. 

VII— 2535. Josepli F. Lewis, b. June 12, 1896. 

VII— 2536. Paxon James Lewis, b. Jan. 6, 1903. 

VI— 1245. LUANNA LEWIS (Mary Ann 5), b. May 9, 1861 ; m. 
WILLIAM HENRY THORNBER Sept. 10, 1881, son of Henry and Lucy 
Thomber, b. April 13, 1861 ; address, Ferris, Hancock Co., 111. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2537. MARY ANN THORNBER, b. 1882; m. MILLARD R. 
WALKER May 18, 1901. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3171. William Henry Walker, b. 1903. 
VIII— 3172. Merlin David Walker, b. 1905. 
VIII— 3173. Alnieda Virginia Walker, b. 1908. 

VII— 2539. EDYTHE THORNBER, b. 1886. 

VI— 1246. EDITH LEWIS (Mary Ann 5), b. Oct. i, 1865; m.,FRED- 
ERIC WENZEL Sept., 1900; address 2708 Dupont Ave., South Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2540. Tbomas Wenzel, b. Sept. — , 1901. 

Issue of Anna Valentind {T.-J40) and Jacob Edge. 

VI— 1247. ELIZABETH D. EDGE (Anna, Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary, 
James), b. 6 mo. 17, 1839; unm. ; resides near the homestead, address, Down- 
ingtown, Fa., R. D. I. 

VI— 1248. JACOB V. EDGE (Anna 5, same line), b. i mo. 15, 1841; 
m. SARAH M. BACON 3 mo. 12, 1885, dau. of William Henry Bacon and 
Anna Haines, b. 8 mo. 4, 1842, in Philadelphia. 

He owns the homestead and mill of his father in East Cain Twp. Ad- 
dress, Downingtown Pa., R. D. I. They possess a very extended genealogy 
of their ancestry. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2541. Jacob Edge, b. 12-17-1885; at home. 



VII— 2542. Alice H. Edge, b. 7-1-1887; at home. 
VII— 2543. William Gilbert Edge, b. 11-16-1889. 

VI— 1249. HENRY THOMAS EDGE (Anna 5), b. 6 mo. 7, 1850; 
d. II mo. 7, 1855. 

Issue of Benjamin- Mason Dozi.-ning {T.-^j^) and Anna;G. Cruse, born in 
Adair Co., ^lo. 

VI— 1251. SAR.\H ELLEN DOWNING (Benjamin M., Thomas, 
Thomas, Mary, James), b. Feb. 28, 1867; d. :May 25, 1902.; m. WILLIAM 
T. LOWE Mar. 26, 1884. 

His address, Hurdland, Knox Co., Mo., R. F. D. 2. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2544. Walter Cleveland Lowe, b. Nov. 15, 1SS4. 
VII— 2545. Ora May Lowe, b. Aug. 4, 1886. 

Vll— 2546. Luewiga Anna Lowe, b Aug. IS. ISSS: d. Oct. Z, 1902. 
VII— 2547. Benjamin Newton Lowe, b. May 26, 1S90. 
VII— 2548. Mary Isabella Lowe, b. Feb. 3, 1S92; d. Feb. 12, 1892. 
VII— 2549. Emma Jane Lowe, b. Dec. 22, 1892. 
VII— 2550. Emmet Mikon Lowe, b. Mar. 13, 1S95. 
VII— 2551. Gertrude Grace Lowe, b. Dec. 18, 1896. 
VII— 2552. Rodger R?.y Lowe, b. June 3, 1900. 

VI— 1252. MARY CATHARINE DOWNING (Benjamin ^I. 5), b. 
Aug. 29, 1868; m. SAMUEL E. HAMILTON Sept. 26, 1904; address, 
Kirksville, Adair Co., Mo. No children reported. 

VI— 1253. HARRIET ^lARGARET DOWNING (Benjamin M. 0, 
b. June 22, 1871; m. SAMUEL H. PATTERSON Sept. 27, 1891 : addre^ 
Hurdland, Mo., R. D. 4. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2553. Isla Jeancy Patterson, b. Dec. 22, 1894. 

VI— 1254. ANNA JANE DOWNING (BenjaminM. 5), b.Oct.27, 1873; 
m. ROBERT C. PAYNE Nov. 7, 1900; address, Hurdland, Mo. No issue 

VI— 1255. EDITH ELIZABETH DOWNING (Benjamin M. 5), b. 
Dec. 30, 1874; m. Hx\LLIE E. FORQUER Dec. 25, 1895; address, Bra- 
shear, Mo. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2554. Reba Avis Forquer, b. Oct. 20, 1896. 

VII— 2555. Oleo Annie Forquer, b. Julv 31, 1898. 

VII— 2556. Allen Mason Forquer, b. July 15, 1904. 

VII— 2557. Joseph D. Forquer, b. April 20, 1906. 

VI— 1256. EMMA MAY DOWNING (Benjamin M. 5), b. Mar. 30, 


1S77; d. July 3, 1906; m. CHARLES M. PATTERSON Dec. 28, 1899; 
address, Hurdland, Mo., R. D. 2. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2558. Hattie loona Patterson, b. Sept. 17, 1899. 

VI— 1257. THOMAS HENRY DOWNING (Benjamin M. 5), b. 
April 15, 1879; unm; address, Hurdland, Mo., R. D. 2. 

VT— 1258. PHEBE DEBORAH DOWNING (Benjamin M. O- b. 
Jan. 8, 1881 ; m. ELMER L. PATTERSON June 25. 1905; address, Kirks- 
ville. Mo. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2559. Beulah Cloe Patterson, b. Nov. 7, 1905. 

VI— 1259. JOSEPH BENJAMIN DOWNING (Benjamin M. 5), b. 
May 4, 1884; unm.; address Brashear, ]Mo. 

VI— 1260. GROVER CLEVELAND DOWNING (Benjamin M. 5), 
b. May 3, 1886; unm.; address Brashear, Mo. 

VI— 1261. WILLIAM HARMEN DOWNING (Benjamin M. 5), b. 
Jan. 10, 1889; unm.; address, Brashear, Mo. 

Isstie of Emma S. Downing (T.-^64) a'^d George Darlington. 

VT— 1263. MARY D. DARLINGTON (Emma S., Thomas, Thomas. 
Mary, James), b. 2 mo. 21, 1869; Bloomington. 111.: m. AARON ALLISON 
10 mo. 9, 1895, son of Lewis Allison and Anna Pfahler. b. 5 mo. 9, 1863, at 
Uwchlan, Pa. 

He is a salesman. Address, 1429 Jackson St.. Wilmington, Del. No issue. 

VI— 1265. SARA DARLINGTON (Emma S. 5). b. 2 mo. 7, 1873; d. 
3 mo. 29, 1898; unm.; bur. at Birmingham. 

Issue of Lucy Downing (T.-^^6j) and Marshall J. Walter. 

VI— 1267. HENRY WALTER (Lucy, Thomas. Thomas. Mary. 
James), b. 8 mo. 5, 1877; unm.; at home. 

VI— 1268. WILLTAAI D. WALTER (Lucy 5. same line), b. 10 mo. 
24, 1878; unm.; at home. 


VI— 1269. T. EDGAR WALTER (Lucv 5. same line), b. 6 mo. 7. 
18S5; m. LELA SAHLER 4 mo. 21, 1906. dau. of Sharplcss Sahler and 
Ella Pratt, b. 9 mo. 29. 18S4. 

'He is a marketman; address, Parkersville, Pa. 

VI— 1270. MARIAN E. WALTER (Lucy 5), b. 4 mo. 9, 1890. 

VI— 1271. LEWIS WALTER (Lucy 5), b. 2 mo. 8, 1893. 

Issue of Thomas H 00 pes Doivning {T.-^dj) and Ida Frits. 

■ m—1272. WILLIAM L. DOWNING (Thos. Hoopes, Thomas, 
Thomas, Mary, James), b. April 7, 1886; unm. ; clerk in P. R. R. office, Phil- 
adelphia. ' 

' VI— 1273. MARY S. DOWNING (Thos. Hoopes 5), b. June 8, i\ 
m. ROBERT E. P. STEWARD July i, 191 1, of Ardmore, Pa. 

VI— 1274. JOSEPH B. DOWNING (Thos. Hoopes 5), b. Oct. 12, 
1890 at home. 

Issue of Mary Ann Hoopes {T.-568) and Le-ans Forsyth-e. 

VI— 1275. CHARLES FORSYTHE (Marv A.. Sarah, Thomas, Mary, 
James), b. i mo. i, 1855; m. CAROLINE W. HAYES i mo. 12, 1888, dau. 
of J. Borton Hayes and Hannah Thompson, b. 11 mo. i, 1857. 
He is a farmer; address, Chadd's Ford, Pa. 
Issue : — 

VII— 2560. Albert H. Forsythe, b. 11-^0-1888; with Edward Harmer, Moorestown, N. J.; 

milk route. t 

VII— 2.561. Sarah H. Forsythe, b. 5-1-1S91. 
VII— 2562. William Lewis Forsythe, b. 12-21-1893. 

VI— 1276. HENRY FORSYTHE (Mar>' A. 5), b. 3 mo. 19, 1856; m. 
MAUDE COOTSMAN 9 mo. 10, 1889, at Wilmin^on, Del., dau. of Wil,- 
Ham J. and Sarah E. Cootsman, b. 11 mo. 18, 1864; address, 420 Foster 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2563. Stanley Davis Fireythe, b. 7-14-1900. 

VI— 1278. DAVIS H. FORSYTHE (Mary A. 5), b. 8 mo. 25, 1858. 
She is a teacher at Friends' School, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., and 
later at Westtown Boarding School. 



VI— 1279. MARY D. FORSYTHE (Man- A. 5), b. 2 mo. 2, 1861 
resides with her father ; address, West Gro\e, Chester Co., Pa. 

VI— 12S0. FRANCES E. FORSYTHE (Mary A. 5), b. i mo. 10, 
1863; m. WILLIAM B. HARVEY 11 mo. 25, 18S6; son of Thomas M. 
Harvey and Casandra Painter, b. 5 mo. i. 1862. 

He is a farmer. He had a farm and creamery near West Grove, Pa., and 
afterwards superintendent of Westtown Boarding School. Address, West- 
town, Chester Co., Pa. As a prominent member of the Society of Friends he 
was one of the committee who were interested in the settleinent of tlie Douka- 
bors from Russia in Western Canada. No issue. 

VI— 1281. SUSAN S. FORSYTHE (^^lary A. 5), b. 8 mo. 11, 1865; 
m. FRANK H. GOODWIN 9 mo. 15, 1904, son of Morris Goodwin and 
Ann T. Harmer, b. 5 mo. 10, 1865. 

He is a farmer; address, Greenwich, N. J. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2564. Mary Frances Goodwin, b. 1-12-1907. 

Issue of John Hoopes (T.-j6p) and Envna Frances Dnrnall, born in Calni 
Twp., Chester Co., Pa. 

VI— 1284. ELM A D. HOOPES (John, Sarah, Thomas, Mary, 
James), b. 6 mo. 2, 1861 ; d. 8 mo. 2, 1905 ; bur. at Downingtown Mtg. ; unm. 

VI— 1285. GEORGE D. HOOPES (John 5, same Hne). b. 3 mo. 17. 
1866; m. Mx\RY P. KRAUSS 7 mo. 2. 1963: b. 4 mo. 2, 1879. at Brandy- 
wine Hundred, Del. ; address, LaMott, ]SIontgomer)' Co., Pa. 

Issue: — 
VII— 2565. John E. Hoopes. t). 5-18-1905, at E. Bradford. 
VII— 2566. George D. Hoopes, Jr., b. 8-7-1907, at La Mott. 

Line of James, ^NIary, Jane. 
Issue of John G. Bafeman (T.-^/4) and Mary Moore. 

VI— 1286. EVAN JOHN BATEMAN (John G O. b. Dec. 21. 1834. 
at Red Lion, Pa. : d. Feb. 12, 1910; m. RUTH ANN BOTSFORD. of New 

Milford, Conn., dau. of Botsford and Emily Beach, b. March ' — , 

1840; d. 1892. Last residence, 539 Main St., Springfield, Mass. 

Issue: — 
■ yil— 2567. EMMA M. BATEMAN, b. Sept. 19. 18^9: m. GEORGE 
EDMANDS MERRILL Sept. 19. 1882. son of Nathan MVrill and Amelia 
Grant Edmands, b. Dec. 19, 1847: d. June 11, 1908. 

Her home address is 486 Main St.. Amesbury, iMass., but she is a teacher 
in the Bennett School, Milbrook, N. Y. No issue. 


VII— 2568. ALBERT C. BATEMAN, b. Oct. 24, 186- ; d. at four- 
teen years of age. 

VII— 2569. MABEL G. BATEMAN, b. July 18, 1872; unmarried. 
She is a teacher in New York city, but home address 583 State St., Spring- 
field, Mass. 

VI— 1287. HANNAH M. BATEMAN (John G. 5). b. Sept. 13. 
1836; m. CHARLES ALLEN Jan. 20, 1859. son of Jonah Allen and Betsey 
Miller, b. Jan. 7, 1834; address Medina, N. Y. 
Issue : — 

VII— 2470. CLARA ALLEN, b. March 15. i860; d. Oct. 8, 1901 ; m. 
JA]\IES R. DOIG, Aug. 16, 1893; he d. Aug. — , 1904; both are buried at 
Medina, N. Y. They resided after marriage in Bradford, Pa. No ^ssue. 

VII— 2571. ELIZABETH B. ALLEN, b. June 18, 1873; address, 217 
Park Ave., :\Iedina, N. Y. 

VI— 1288. SARAH M. BATEMAN (John G. 5). b. Dec. 17. 18-.9; 
m. WILLIAM RICHARDS ^lar. 22. 1866. son of John Richards and Grace 
Harris, b. June 22, 1840, in Devonshire, Eng. 

He is a farmer; address, Medina. Orleans Co., N. Y. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2572. Lena M. Richards, b. Oct. 1, 1867. 

VI— 1289. ANN G. BATEMAN (John G. 5), b. Aug. 28, 1842, at 
Medina, N. Y. : m. CHARLES W. ECKERSON Mar. i. 1866. son of John 
and Elizabeth Eckerson. of Shelby. Orleans Co., N. Y.. b. there Jan. 10, 1843; 
d. April '9, 1897. 

His last residence was at Beardstown, 111., where Ann G. continues to 

The following account of his life is taken from the "Creston. Iowa, Daily 
Advertiser" of April 14, 1897. 

"The closing obsequies of the late C. W. Kckerson were held h^re at the Metho- 
dist church this afternoon. The remains arrived from Beardstown, Illinois, accompan- 
ied by the funeral party. 

"The casket was placed before the pulpit railing, surrounded by a bank of floral 
offerings. The large number of pieces and the beauty of design were unmistakable tes- 
timonials of the worth of him of whom they bore silent but effectual testimony. VTe 
had been employed by the Chicago. Bu'iington and Quincy R. R. for twenty-seven years, 
the first four and a half as marliinist. thpn as master mechanic, and was one of the 
most widely known and efficient men in the motive denartment of the "Burlinainn" 
road. His knowlpdge was acquired by practical sprvice and by his industry, integrity 
and ability h^ was advs'Tic") to orip of tlip nio>t re.^ponsiblp positions on th^ =y'=*:pm. 
His last removal by the hand of death brought sorrow to almost every home in Crpston. 
where he had formerly lived for fourteen years. To-day as those grey-bearded shopmen 


passed the casket and gazed at the calm face, they recalled many kind leeds and 
words of counsel that had come from him. aiding ihem in life's struggle." 

"Suitable resolutions were passed by the employes of the C, B. & Q. shops to his 
worth, respect and memory." 

Issue : — 

VII— 2573. FRED A. ECKERSON, b. April 26, 1869, at Rochester, 
N. Y.; m. HATTIE JAMES June 21, 1S92; address, Alliance Neb. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 3174. Hilman James Eckerson, b. Aug. 24. 1894. 
VIII— 3175. Jessie Edith Eckerson, b. Feb. 13, 1908. 

VII— 2574. SARAH M. ECKERSON, b. Jan. 26, 1874; d. May 
27, 1874. 

VII— 2575. ANNA LOUISE ECKERSON. b. Jan. 10, 1878, at Creston 
la.; ni. OTTO HENRY FISCHER Oct. 25, 1900. 

He is in the jewelry business. Address, Beardstown, 111. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 3176. Charles Henry Fischer, b. Jan. 13, 1905; d. Feb. 5, 1907 
VIII— 3177. George Eckerson Fischer, b. June 15, 1907. 

IssKC by second n'ifc, Adclia J. Foote. 

VI— 1290. WALTER G. BATEMAN (John Jacob 5. same line), b. 
Aug. 10, 1850; d. Dec. 26, 1879; unm. (He died of tuberculosis.) 

Issn^ of Jane G. Bateman (r.-57.5) and Nathain E. Harper-. 

VI— 1292. WILLIAM THOMAS HARPER (Jane G., Hannah, Jane, 
Mary, James), b. June 20, 1835; d. Oct. 8, 1864. 

He was in the Union army during- the Civil War; was taken prisoner 
and died in the Confederate prison at Florence. S. C, to which place he had 
been transferred from Andersonville, Ga., where he had first been incarcerated. 

VI— 1293. JOSEPH MONROE HARPER (Jane G.. Hannah, Jane. 
Mary, James), b. Sept. 30. 1841 ; d. June 20. IQO^: m. ANNETTE E. WIL- 
SON Feb. 28. 1865, dau. of John Wilson and Martha A. McClellan, b. Feb. 
23, 1847, ^" Richland Co., O. 

He was a farmer: resided on a farm bought by his father 5^2 miles S. E. 
of Lisbon, Linn Co., but in Cedar Co.. la., where' he died. He was buried in 
Clear Creek Union Cemetery. He enlisted in the army during- the Civil War 
and was wounded in the foot at the battle of Shiloh and after being- in a hospital 
at Keokuk. la., several months was discharged. His widow went to New 
Mexico Aug. 29, 1907. and filed a land claim Sept. 2. 5 miles from Amisted 
and 21 miles from Vera Visa, N. Mexico, which is her present address, al- 
though Lisbon, la., is her home address. 

Issue : — 


VII— 2576. WILLIE T. HARPER, b. Oct. 23. 1865; d. Feb. 26, i8r,r,; 
bur. in Clear Creek L'nion Cemetery. 

VII— 2577. JESSIE F. HARPER, b. Nov. 7. 1867: m. \VILLI.\M K. 
ARBINGAST June 15, 1893, son of Samuel and Barbara Arbingast, b. 
Feb. 19, 1863. 

They resided at Cedar Rapids. Iowa, where he is in the rea' estate busi- 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3178. Helen True Arbingast. b. July 15, 1S94. 

VIII— 3179. Will Edward Arbingast. b. Aug. 15. 1S99; d. Aug. 29, 1899. 

VIII— 3180. Dorothy Annette Arbingast. b. Sept. 29. 1900. 

VIII— 3181. Will Harper Arbingast. b. Jan. 16. 1903. 

VII— 2578. HARRY C. HARPER, b. Oct. 26, 1871; m. ETHELYX 
BAKER June 21, 1899. 

He is a traveling salesman tor the International Harvester Co. ; address. 
Wolsey, S. Dakota. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3182. Bessie Claudia Harper, b. May 30. 1900. 
VIII— 3183. Harrv Jean Harper, b. Oct. 28, 1901. 
VIII— 3184. Frances Glen Harper, b. May 22, 1904. 

VII— 2S79. CLAUDE A. HARPER, b. Sept. 27. 1873: m. MABEL 
E. PUFFER Dec. 7, 1900; address. St. John's. Colfax Co.. Wash. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 3185. Olive L. Harper, b. March 22. 1902. 
VIII— 3186. Joseph C. Ha-per, b. Sept. 10, 1903. 
VIII— 3187. Claude Max Harper, b. Aug. 23, 1906. 

VII— 2580. KARL ASHTOX HARPER, b. Aug. 14. 1875: m. 
H'ATTIE LULU YEISLEY Oct. i6. 1901 ; b. Jan. i, 1877; both were b 
and m. at Lisbon. la. 

They moved to Van Home. la., and lived there six vears; then on June 
I, 1907. removed to Potomac. Vermilion Co., 111. He is a grain dealer. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3188. Paul Ashton Harper, b. June 2o. 1906, at Van Horn, la. 

VII— 2581. XATHAN E. HARPER, b. June 30, 1881: m. IVA 
YOUNG March 16, 1904. 

He is an implement dealer; residence, Wolsey. S. Dak. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 3189. Nathan Evans Hrrper, b. April 22. 190.5. 
VIII— 3190. Ronald Leon Harper, b. April 17, 1909. 

VI— 1295. ELEANOR EVANS HARPER (Jane G. 5), b. Oct. 16. 
1847; d. Aug. 17, 1854. 

VI— 1294. HANNAH GORDON HARPER (twin with last No.). 


b. Oct. 16, 1847; m- HENRY C. KURTZ June 13. 1867, at Lisbon, la.; 
address, Lisbon, Linn Co., Iowa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2582. ALMA E. KURTZ b. Nov. 7, 1868; m. DR. B. FRANK- 
LIN ERB July 8, 1896. 

He is a dentist; address, Anamosa, la. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3191. Dorothv K. Erb. b. Oct. 3, 1S97. 
VIII— 3192. Lawrence W. Erh, b. June 29, 1901. 
VIII— 3193. Marian E. Erb, b. Feb. 10, 1903. 

VII— 2583. WILLIAM H. KURTZ, b. June 15, 1870; m. ADDIE 
RUNKLE Nov. 4, 1900. 

He is a clothier; address, Lisbon, la. 

VII— 2584. RAY L. KURTZ, b. June 16, 1872; m. CORA MOSES 
March 12, 1902. 

He has a restaurant at SpringA-ille, la. 

VII— 2585. EDWIN N. KURTZ, b. April 4, 1877. 

He is a traveling salesman ; headquarters at Cedar Rapids, la. 

VII— 2586. BYARD T. KURTZ, b. June 9, 1879. 
He is a barber; address Lisbon, la. 

VII— 2587. RUTH G. KURTZ, b. Feb. 9, 1881. 

She is a bookkeeper at Anamosa, la., wnth residence at Lisbon, la. 

VII— 2588. HARRY L. KURTZ, b. July 26, 1883. 

He is a clerk at Ft. Dodge, la., with residence at Lisbon, la. 

VII— 2589. ZOE KURTZ, b. Sept. 26, 1886. 

■She is a typewriter at Cedar Rapids, with resideiice, at Lisbon, la. 

VII— 2590. HOPE KURTZ, b. Jan. 27, 1889. 
She is a milliner at Lisbon, la. 

VII— 2591. LEWIS A. KURTZ, b. Dec. 10, 1890; at home. 

Issue, of Sarah M. Batenmn {T.-^jd) and George Appleby. 

VI— 1296. MARTHA K. APPLEBY (Sarah, Hannah. Jane. Marv, 
James), b. Jan. 31, 1844: m. ALBIN J. PYLE Mar. 28, 1867, son of Dan- 
iel Pyle and Cidney Pyle, b. Feb. 5, 1836. 

He is a bricklayer; resides at 131 5 West St., Wilmington, Del. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2592. LOTTIE J. PYLE, b. July 6. 1S68; unm. ; at home. 


VII— 2593. GEORGE A. PYLE, b. Aug. 28. 1869; d.' Sept. 4, 1898. He 
wa-5 drowned whilst in swimming. 

VII— 2594. HOWARD B. PYLE, b. Nov. 24, 1872; m. ELIZA- 
BETH RIGLEY Nov. 24, 1906, of Princeton, N. J. 

He is an erecting foreman of the American Bridge Co., with no settled 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3194. Henry Lovland Pylc, b. Jan. 5, 1907. 

VII— 2595. MILTON A. PYLE, b. Jan. 31, 1878. 
He is a butcher in Eighth St. Market, Wilmington, Del.; address, 131 5 
West St. 

VII— 2596. EDWARD T. PYLE. b. Oct. i, 1880; same as brother 
of last No. 

VI— 1297. JANE G. APPLEBY (Sarah M. 5, same line), b. Feb. 5. 
1847; ^- Sept. 30, 1879; i-^"^- 

Issue of Thomas Bateman (T.-^j/) and Caroline Hoopes. 

VI— 1299. EDWIN BATEMAN (Thomas, Hannah, Tane. Marv. 
James), b. Jan. 6, 1846; d. Aug. 28. 1876: m. HANNAH L SPEAKMAN 
Feb. 12, 1874, dau. of Richard M. Speakman and Hannah Gheen, b. Feb. 

2, 1852. ; 

They resided in West Chester, Pa. : after his death she removed to Phil- 
adelphia (Narberth). 1 
Issue : — 

VII— 2.597. Harry T. Baicmcin, b. April 11. 187."; unm.; employed on P. R. R. 

VI— 1300. MARY B. BATEMAN (Thomas. Hannah. Janes. Mary. 
James), b. Nov. 16. -848; m, HENRY C. MEREDITH Jan. 15. 1874. at 
Bingham House. Philadelphia, son of Daniel B. Meredith and Jane Darling- 
ton, b. Oct. 20, 1884. 

He was educated at Wyers' Academy, West Chester, Pa. ; then engaged 
in butchering. He purchased the old home 226 S. Church St.. where they re- 
side. Hfe has served West Chester as Councilman. 

Issue, born in West Chester : — 

VII— 2.598. Helen Curtis Meif^dith. b. April 12. 1875; unm.; at home. 
VII— 2599. Carrie Kirk Meredith, b. Dec. 14, 1876; unm.; at home. 

VI— 1301. GEORGE B.\TEMAN (Thomas ^, same line ). b. Mar. 9. 
1851; m. ELLA TERRENCE BROOKE Dec. 29. 1880, dau. of J. Sloan 
Brooke and Rebecca Bones, b. June 3, 1857. at Malvern, Pa. 

He is engaged in the credit department of John Wanamakcr's store at Mar- 


ket, 13th and Chestnut streets, Philadelphia, Pa. ,with residence 215 N. Adams 
St , West Chester, Pa. 
Issue : — 

VII— 2600. Edwin Brooke Batem.iu, b. Sept. 25, 1S82; d. July 28. 1904. 
VII— 2601. George Alan Bateman. b. Oct. 2, 1892. 

VI— 1302. LYDL-\ ANN BATEMAN (Thomas 5, same line), b. Aug. 
12, 1855; d. ]May 23. 1907: m. JAMES .\. CONNER Jan. 13, 1879, son 
of Joshua Conner and Mary Underwood, b. March 9, 1858. 

He is a -letter carrier; address, 320 W. Union St., West Chester, Pa. 

Issue: — 
VII— 2602. Willard A. Conner, b. Aug. 27, 1S81; employed at Lukans Iron Works, Coates- 
ville, Pa. 

Issue of John R. Gordon {T.-580) and Leah A. Essick, born in Uwchlan Twp. 

VI— 1304. WILLIAM GORDON (John R., Joseph. Jane, Mary, 
James), b. 9 mo. 15, 1849; d. 3 mo. 4. 1889; bur. at Northwood Cemetery; 
m. ELLA S. MEREDITH 6 mo. 24, 1874, Wilmington, Del, dau. of 
Stephen M. Meredith and Anna Sheeder, b. Jan. 8, 1845. 

They were both school teachers and both taught in Wilmington, Del., 
at the Taylor & Jackson Academy. After their marriage they went to farm- 
ing on the farm of his father which he afterwards inherited and where she 
continues with their son. Address, Lionville, Chester Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

'VII— 2603. EDITH NEWLIN GORDON, b. 5 mo .31, 1875; d. 8 
mo. 13, 1898; unm. ; buried in Northwood Cem. 

VII— 2604. JOHN R. GORDON, b. 10 mo. 14, 1877; d. 9 mo. 5, 
1878; bur. same. 

VII— 2605. MEREDITH W. GORDON, b. i mo. 19, 1880; m. 
SARAH ROBERTS (widow), b. 6 mo. 5, 1905, dau. of James Murphy and 
Josephine Collins, b. 8 mo. I3_, 1S84. 

He resides on and farms the homestead of his father and grandfather; 
address, Lionville, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3195. Paul Meredith Gordon, b. 10-14-1906. 

VII— 2606. HOWARD B. GORDON, b. 2 mo. 17, 1882; d. 9 mo. 
14, 1884; bur. in Northwood Cem. 

Issiit of Jonathan Gordon {T.-^8^) and Christiana Hughes, all born near 
Lionville, Chester Co., Pa. 

VI— 1307. REBECCA GORDON (Jonathan, Joseph, Jane. Mary. 
James), b. March 23, 1850; unm. 

She is a graduate of State Normal School, West Chester, Pa.; teacher 


for several years; now residing w-ith her mother, address Lionville, Chester 
Co. Pa. 

VI— 1308. CHARLES GORDON (Jonathan 5), b. June 2^, 1852: m. 
ELIZABETH KILPATRICK Feb. 4. 1S75, dau. of Archibald Kilpatrick 
and Mary Grier, b. June 21, 1850; d. Dec. 2, 191 o; bur. at St. Paul's Ceme- 

He is a farmer; address, Kimberton. Chester Co., Pa. Her death re- 
sulted presumably from a badly burned face and arms caused by her remov- 
ing some fat from the stove which took fire. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2607. (a) MARY GORDON, b. Nov. 28, 1875; m. JOHN 
WALLEIGH Dec. 25, 1899, son of Henry B. Walleigh and Elizabeth Glev- 
enstine, b. May 19, 1872; address, Kimberton, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3196. Ada E. Walleigh, b. March 24, 1904. 

VII— 2608 (b) WALTER J. GORDON, b. May 18, 1878; m. 
SARAH STEWART Sept. 16, 1902, dau. of James Ste\vart and Hannah 
Mary Mentzer, b. Sept. — , 1880; address, Chester Springs, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3197. Carrie May Gordon, b. May 3, 1903. 
VIII— 3198. Blanche Gordon, b. May 1, 1905. 
VIII— 3199. Alice Roosevelt Gordon, b. July 22, 1906. 

VII— 2609. (c) ANNIE L. GORDON, b. March 9, 1880; m. ABRA- 
HAM MOSES June 21, 1898, son of Martin Moses and Catharine Graham. 

He is a farmer; address, Chester Springs, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3200. Ernest Moses, b. April 14, 1899. 
VIII— 3201. Ellis Moses, b. Feb. 9, 1903. 
Vni— 3202. Elsie Moses, b. March 2, 1906. 

VII— 2610. (d) C. WARREN GORDON, b. Nov. 27, 1882; m. 
MABEL MILLER May 26, 1906, dau. of George Miller and Jennie Mos- 
teMer, b. April 25, 1885. 

■He is a farmer; address, Kimberton, Pa. No issue. 

VII— 261 1 (e) HOWARD A. GORDON, b. March 8, 1886; unm.; 
resides with his parents. 

VII— 2612. (f) WILLIAM R. GORDON, b. Jan. 27, 1888; m. IDA 
MILLER Nov. — , 191 o, dau. of George M. Miller. 

VII— 2613. (g) GEORGE M. GORDON, b. Mar. 24, 1890 . 
VI— 1309. JOSEPH GORDON (Jonathan 5), b. Jan. 7, 1857; m. 


KATHERINE DAVIS Dec. 18. 1880, dau. of John Davis and Elizabeth 

He is a iarmer; address. Lionville, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2614. JAY GORDON, b. Sept. 9. 1881 ; m. BLANCHE HOW- 
ARD, 1905, dau. of Harry Howard. 

He is employed in iron works at Phoenixville, Pa. 

Issue :— 
VIII— 3203. Frances Gordon, b. No\. — , 1905. 

VI— 1310. ABRAHAM GORDON (Tonathan 5), b. Aug.27, i860; m. 
HANNAH GRAHAM Jan. 27, 1894. dau. of Isaac Graham and Martha 
Kugler, b. April 29, 1869. 

He is a farmer ; address, Lionville, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2615. Grace S. Gordon, b. June 15, 1898. 

VI— 131 1. GEORGE W. GORDON (Jonathan 5). b. Nov. 28. 1865; 
m. MARGARET SMILEY Sept. 25. 1890. dau. of Samuel Smiley and Mary 
(nee Loomis), b. Nov. 12, 1862. 

He is a farmer; address, Lionville, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2616. Leon Gordon, b. March 17, 1891. 
VII— 2617. Eva L. Gordon, b. Feb 1, 1897. 
VII— 2618. Ella M. Gordon, b. -May 23, 1900. 

VI— 1312. J. ROGERS GORDON (Jonathan 5), b. Oct. 4, 1868; 
m. SALINDA G. GRAHAM Feb. 12, 1896. dau. of Isaac Graham and I^Iar- 
tha (nee Kugler), b. March 28, 1874. 

He is a farmer; address, Lionville, Pa. 
Issue : — 

VII— 2619. Earl G. Gordon, b. June 17. 1897. 
VII— 2620. Emmet S. Gordon, b. July 4, 1900. 
VII— 2621. Mabel Gordon, b. May 15, 1905. 

Line of James, M.\ry, Mary. 
Issue of Mary Whelen Fairlamb (T.-f^/) and William Harris. 

VI— 1314. GEORGE FAIRLAMB HARRIS (Mary W, Thomazine, 
Mary, Mary, James), b. March 17, 1843, i" Bellefonte, Pa.; m. MARY WIL- 


SON CURTIX June 8, 1870, dau. of Hon. Andrew G. Curtin* and Kath- 
arine Irvine Wilson, b. !March 7, 1S45 -^^ Potter's Bank, Centre Co., Pa. 

He graduated from the Medical Department of the University of Penn- 
sylvania March 12. 1S64; was in the military service from March 21. 1864. 
to March, 1865, as x\sst. Surgeon of 7th Penna. Cavalr>', and at Summit 
House Hospital, Philadelphia. He located in Bellefonte, Pa., April, 186;. 
where he has continued in active practice as a physician. 

Children, born at Bellefonte, Pa. : — 

:Vn— 2622. KATHARINE CURTIX HARRIS, b. March. 28, 1871 ; 
m. JOKxN McCOY SHUGERT April 12, 1899, son of J. Dunlop Shugert 
and Mary Stewart McCoy; address, Bellefonte, Pa. 

Children born there: — 
VIII— 3204. George Harris fahugert, b. Feb. 1, 1903. 
VIII— 3205. Molly McCoy Shugert, b. June 12, 1907. 

Note. — Hon. Andrew Gregg Curtiu was born April 22, 1S15, and died October 7, 
1894, being in his eightieth year. He was elected Governor of Pennsylvania In 1860, and 
again in 1863. He was consequently "war governor" during the trying times of the late 
Civil War, and by his able and energetic course was a powerful arm to the Union cause. 
He was afterwards Minister of the U. S. to Russia. His father, Roland Curtin, emigrated 
from Ireland His mother was the dau. of Andrew Gregg, formerly U. S. Senator from 
Pennsylvania. His wife was the dau. of Dr. William Irvine Wilson, formerly of Pot- 
ter's Mills, Centre Co., Pa., who m. a dau. of Judge James Potter of Centre Co., Pa., son 
of General James Potter, of Revolutionary fame. Mrs. Curtin died suddenly Dec. 7, 
1903, aged 84 years. 

The following notice and proclamation give a fair account of his life: 

A Bellefonte, Pa., special of October 7, 1S94, tells the following: Andrew G. Curtin, 
the most famous of all the war Governors and one of the most prominent figures of the 
time, died at 5 o'clock this morning after a lingering illness. 

The news of the death of the ex-Governor saon spread about the town, and knots 
of people were seen in different places discussing his many fine qualities. The members 
of many a household had their eyes dimmed by tears when they remembered his good- 
ness and the help he had given to many of the poor in his quiet way. Always generous, 
the old soldiers were his particular friends, and not one of them ever wanted for any- 
thing that was in his power to give. 

All the members of the ex-Governor's family are living but one, a daughter, Jen- 
nie, who married William H. Sage, of Ithaca, X. Y. She died last November. The rest 
of his family consists of W. W. Curtin, of Philadelphia; Mary W., wife of Dr. George 
P. Harris; Marcy I., wife of Captain K. R. Breese, United States Navy, and Kate W., 
wife of M. D. Burnet, of Syracuse, N. Y. The ex-Governor and his wife had just cele- 
brated their golden wedding on the 29th of May last in a quiet way on account of the 
recent death of their daughter. 

Ex-Governor Beaver had full charge of the funeral arrangements. The services 
■were conducted by members of the Grand Army of the Republic, who were the old war 
Governor's pets. 

It is with profound sorrow that I announce to the citizens of this Commonwealth 
the death of Andrew Gregg Curtin, which occurred at his home in Bellefonte, at 5 
o'clock, a. m., this seventh day of October, A. D., 1S94. His death leaves surviving but 
a single one of my predecessors in the Executive office of Pennsylvania. He was one of 
the most distinguished in the long line of illustrious men. Dying at the age of four 
score years, until lately his eye was not dim nor his natural force abated, and few, if 
any, of the citizens of our State ever maintained so lasting hold upon the afflictions of 
Its people. Native of Pennsylvania, he sprang from a race of hardy men who left their 
impress upon its citizenship and who had been alike conspicuous in public affairs and 
in the development of the material interests of the Commonwealth. For more than half 
a century he was a member of the learned profession of the law, and though at times 
his towering prominence in politics overshadowed his fame as an advocate, his legal 
training during his entire public career, was of inestimable advantage :o himself ani 
benefit to the State. 


Issue of Thomaainc S, Fairlamb (T.-38S) and P. Fracer Smith, born in West 
Chester, Chester Co., Pa. 

Mar^^Tn^.^f h^?^^^^-\ ^- ^-'"'^^ (Thoniazine S., T!,omazine, Mary. 
tsS' -^ f^i ^""Z ^' 'u^^' ^- ROBERT E. MOXAGHAN S^pt. 12 
1866, son of James .Monaghan and Catherine Streeper, b. July o, J,,. V 
June 29, 1S95. J J —i' io — u. 

by Robert Ernmett. bpon its fadure he, then in his nineteenth year, came to 
America, landing at ^e^y Castle, Delaware, and being well educated en-ao-ed 
in eaching. He finally settled in West Fallowfield, Chester Co. Pa S-irere 
Robert E. was born. The son alo engaged in teaching. He afterwards 
studied law and settled in West Chester, Pa. He became prominent in th^ 
councils of the Democratic party and was several times their candidate for 

Conspicuous as the possible candidate of his party for Governor as earlv a^ is^ii 

tiary t^oro?' hf ^ S.^^c^^e^'of 'puro^n? 'l.^ ^PP^^^tment as Minister Plenipot n 
Ilshingand maintaining t^e mo' t co"S r'iktion ■ o'f Rf,'..'""'''°'^" ^^"^<=^^^^f"l '^ estab- 
public. He sat an honored member in t hi r^^^^^^ ^'^^^ ^^P'^^ ^''^h our Re- 

present fundamentarLw He represented S'r^^^^ ^"^'^^ framed our 

gresslonal districts of our State in the Honlnf pl'"'^'°° °°' °^ *^^ principal Con- 
and when he retired to nriva^e lifa h/ Jo V „ ^ Representatives of the United States 
people Of all parUes and'of e erv VcLn of t£7oV^^ the affectionate regard of tho 
a faithful public representative Hi^nroL Commonwealth, of which he had been 

on the occasion Of mniarTeunions 'S alwavs7hi:L^°'"^'%^'''^'^^' ^^-^ ''^''^^^'i 
posing and genial personality. ^ ^^^ occasion for veneration of his Im- 

ber lo"LV2° 'cTock'p m'' if honoV'^rf bir^^' ^'"^^^ '^°"^^^' ^^^ ^ Wednesday, Octo- 
publlc services. I fn^^k^-fo hfs be'c-fved famT^h/^'' *" recognition of his eminent 
sylvania. and I recommend and order that o" tiv 1 ^''1^^^,^'^J ^^ the people of Penn- 
PUbllc buildings be displaved at half ^t.ff and that th.l'"' ^'?''^'' ^^" «^^ "P«° ^he 
Government within Executive coSf^oir'be^'lL'ed'npon'tha" day '^'"^"'"^^ '' ^"^ ^^^'- 

this se^4Thr;•of"Sao\t?n^L'e^s^rnf'^u!.r^^^^^ ^^^^?.^'^ ^^^ ^*^>-^ H-^^^^-g. 

ninety-four, and of the CommonVe'altrtl^ele h'^.n^d a°nd ZTeen^h^'^'^ ''"'''''' ^"^ 
By the Governor. ROBERT E. PATTISON. 

A. L. Tilden, Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth. 


office. In 1890 Gov. Beaver appointed him one of a joint coinmission to fix 
the boundaries between the states of Pennsylvania and Delaware, and later 
Gov. Pattison appointed him on the commission to promote uniformity of 
leg-islation in the United States. He was for twelve years a trustee of the 
West Chester State Normal School, and for some years was president of the 
board. He was also prominent in all local institutions. Her address is 5133 
Chancellor St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Issue, born in West Cheter, Pa. : — 

Thomazine S, Thomazine, Mary, Mar}-, James), b. July 3, 1868; m. AR- 
NOLD GRISDRAT TALBOT Feb. 6, 1901, son of William Richmond 
Talbot and Alary Cornelia Arnold, b. Dec. 19, 1865. j 

Residence and home address, "Hearthside," Lincoln, R. I., where he has 
the Hearthside Looms. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 320G. William Richmond Talbot, b. March 2, 1902. 
VIII— 3207. Frances lalbot., b. Feb. 18, 1906. 

VII— 2624. FRANCES SMITH MONAGH AN (Rebecca 5), b. 
March 2-^, 1S72; m. JAMES CLARK IRWIN June 5, 1S95, West Ches- 
ter, Pa., son of William Henry Irwin and Catherine Browning Clark, b. Sept. 
23, 1868. 

(He is a civil engineer, engaged with the New York Central & Hudson 
River R. R. Home address, Hastings upon Hudson, N. Y. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3208. James Clark Irwin, Jr., b. May 25, 1896. at Albany. N. Y. 

VIII— 3209. Robert Monaghan IiY.ii;, b. Maich 13, 1S99, at Fonda, N. Y. 

VIII— 3210. William Henry liwin. b. April 2S, 1901, at Albany. N. Y. 

VIII— 3211. John Irwin, b. Sept. 22, 1902, at Yonkers, N. Y. 

VII— 2625.FRAZER SMITH MONAGHAN (Rebecca 5), b. May 
12, 1873; m. EDITH ELIZABETH HAYES Jan. 23, 1902, dau. of John 
Hayes and Harriet Nixon. 

He is a civil engineer, engaged largely with the P. R. R. ; address, 5824 
Sansom St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3212. Robert Emmet Monaghan, b. April 30, 1904. 
VIII— 3213. Jack Monaghan, b. March 4, 190S. 

VI— 1320. GEORGE FAIRLAMB SMITH (Thomazine 5. same 
line), b. Feb. 28, 1840; d. )Oct. 18, 1877; m- ANNA ELIZABETH HICK- 
MAN Sept. 25, 1867, dau. of Wellington Hickman and Jane E. Osborne, b. 
April 7, 1842, at West Bradford; d. Jan. 20, 1910. 

He was an attorney-at-law, with office and residence in West Chester, 
Pa., where he died ; both buried in Oakland Cemetery. She was for some 

Note. — James Clark Irwin had two sifters, viz. Florence and Helen. After the 
death of his father, his mother m. William A. Cheyney, of Cheyney, Pa. 


time at W' ellesley, Mass., but afterwards returned to West Chester, Pa., where 
she died. 

Issue, born in West Chester, Pa : — 

VII— 2626. MARY FRAZER SMITH, b. July 22, 1S68. 

She is secretary to the dean of Wellesley College for Women; address, 
VVellesley, IMass. 

VII— 2627. PERSIFOR FRAZER SMITH, b. Aug. 7, 1870; m. 
HAIDEE WINXETTE TYLER June 22, 1898, of Fort Wayne, Ind. 

He is master mechanic of the Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. 
Louis Railroad shops, at Columbus, O. ; address, 911 jMadison Ave., Colum- 
bus, O. 

Issue : — 

V1II--3214. Johanna Smith, b. Dec. 8, 1899. 

VIII— 3215. Thomazine Faiilamb Smith, b. Nov. 12, 1902. 

VI— 1 32 1. LYDIA VALENTINE SMITH (Thomazine 5. same line), 
b. Nov. 2, 1841 ; d. Sept. 28, 1891 ; unm. ; resided in West Chester, Pa. ; buried 
in Oakland Cemetery. 

VI— 1323. MARTHA FRAZER SMITH (Thomasine 5), b. May 16, 
1845; d- Feb. 28, 1880; unm.; residence and burial same as her sister. 

VI— 1326. PERSIFOR FRAZER SMITH (Thomasine 5), b. Apri^ 
I, 1849; m. LAURA G. WOOD Dec. 3, 1873, of Pittsburg, Pa., dau. of 
W. Dewees Wood and Louisa R. H. Gilpin, b.. April 21, 1853. 

He was a division superintendent on the P. R. R. at Lewistown, Pa. ; 
later resided at W'ellsville, O., and thence removed to Pittsburg, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2628. ROSALIND WOOD SMITH, b. Sept. 28, 1874, at Lew- 
istown, Pa. 

VII— 2629. LAURA GILPIN S.MITH, b. Nov. 23, 1883, at Oakland, 
Pa.; m. GEORGE STURDIS OLIVER June — , 1910, son of George T. 
Oliver, U. S. Senator from Pa., and Mary Kountze, all of Pittsburg, Pa. 

VI— 1329. FRANCES BEREAN SMITH (Thomasine 5), b. Feb. 22, 
1853; d- Sept. 27, 1885; unm.; resided in West Chester, Pa., and buried in 
Oakland Cemetery. 

Issue of James D. McClellan (T.-5P4) and Elisabeth Litsenberg. 

Mary, Mary, James), b. Sept. 17, 1840; d. Mar. 7, 1862; unm. 

He was quartermaster on Gen. George B. ^McCall's staff during the Civil 


VI— 1334. SARAH KEZIAH McCLELLAX Qames 5, same line). 
b. Dec. 29, 1842; m. DAVID RUTH Oct. 25, 1865, son of Isaac Ruth and 
Julia Ann Thomas, of Willistown, Chester Co., Pa., b. June 11, 1838; d. Aug. 
31, 1881; bur. at Malvern. 

' He was an attomey-at-law, and candidate for District Attoniey at the 
time of his death. He resided for some time at Br^ti Mawr; and later at Mal- 
vern, Chester Co., Pa., where she continues to reside. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2630. BESSIE RUTH, b. Nov. 3, 1866; d. same day. 

VII— 2631. MARY JULIA RUTH, b. Sept. 21, 1871; d. Mar. 31, 

1875, at Br>Ti Mawr, Montgomer>' Co., Pa.; m. SARA CRESS FISHER 
Oct. 12, 1909, dau. of Jacob H. Fisher, of Chestnut Hill. ' 

He is assistant pa}-ing teller at the Franklin National Bank, corner Broad 
and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia, but resides with his mother at Malvern, Pa. 

VI— 1335. CHRISTIANN L. McCLELLAN (James 5), b. Nov. 26, 
1844; vmm. ; resides in West Chester, Pa. She was long a faithful assistant 
in her father's business. 

VI_i338. MARTHA ANN McCLELLAN (James 5), b. Dec. 4. 
1849; m. JA:^IES W. friend Jan. 4, 1871, of Pittsburg, Pa., son pf 
Porter C. Friend and Rebecca Jane Wood. He d. Dec. 27, 1909, aged 63 

He was treasurer of the Pressed Steel Car Company, of Pittsburg, and 
also president of the Clinton Iron and Steel Company. Her address is 4836 
Ellsworth Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2633. CHARLES WOOD FRIEND, b. Oct. 5, 1871 ; unm. 

He is engaged with the Clinton Iron and Steel Works, Pittsburg, Pa. 

VII— 2634. THEODORE WOOD FRIEND, b. Nov. 18, 1872; m. 
LILLIAN A. McCLURE April 22, 1902. 

He is also engaged with his brother in the business of which his father 
was a principal manager; address, Pittsburg. Pa. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3216. Theodore Wood Friend, Jr., b. Feb. 28, 1903. 

VII— 2635. ELIZABETH McCLELLAN FRIEND, b. June 26. 1880: 
m. WILLIAM HOWARD PARKE Nov. 20. 1907. 

VII— 2636. REBECCA JANE FRIEND, b. March 18, 1883; nx 
HAY WALKER, 3d, Jan. 23, 1906. 


Issue : — 
VIIl— 3217. John Walker, b. Dec. 

VI— 1339. HENRY PARKE McCLELLAN (James 5), b. Sept. i-j, 
1851 ; unm. 

He was engaged with the Sharpless Separator Works at West Chester, 
Pa., where he still resides. 

VI— 1341. ANN HEMPHILL T^IcCLELLAN (James s), b. Oct. 5. 
1858; d. Dec. 22, 1900; m. HARRY T. FRIEND Oct. — , 1888, of Pitts- 
burg, Pa., brother to James W. Friend (see T.-1338). 

He is one of the Chnton Iron & Steel Company. No issue. 

VI— 1342. LIZZIE LITZENBERG McCLELLAN (James 5), b. Feb. 
3. 1862; m. JOHN W. BETZ Nov. 7, 1888, of Danville, Pa., b. May 9, 

'He is of the Geo. H. Harris & Co. in the wliolesale cheese trade at Cuba. 
N. Y. Her address, "The Bristol," 12th and Walnut Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 
No issue. 

Line of James, Mary, Thomazine. 

Issue of Phebe Ann Baily (T.-fpj) a)id Milton Durndl, A. M. 

VI— 1343. JOEL BAILY DURNALL (Phebe Ami, Ann, Thomazine, 
Mary, James), b. March 8, 1846; d. May 23, 1880; m. ROSETTA GIBBS 
Aug. 2, 1 87 1, dau. of Philip and Martha Gibbs. of Edgefield, S. C. 

He was employed in a Government office in Washington, D. C. He re- 
signed and went to New York. desig:iing io go West, but died there; buried 
in Bradford Cemetery. No issue : 

VI— 1346. HORACE W. DURNALL ( Phel^ Ami, Ann. Thomazine. 
Mary, James), b. May 20, 185 1 : m. ELIZA CARPENTER June 24, 1886. 
dau. of Moses S. Carpenter and Cidney Baldwin, b. March 9, 1861, at West 

He graduated at Columbian College, Washington. D. C, 1878, as M. D., 
and practiced medicine two years. Has since had a position in the War De- 
partment office! in Washington, D. C. His wife and children reside in Mar- 
shallton, Chester Co., Pa., which is his legal residence. 

Issue : — 

VII— 26.37. Francis Worth Durnall, b. June 15, 1S87. 

ITo i.^ in the U. S. Reclamation Service in various ='stP3 west of the Mis.'sissippi 
river, v.ith home address with parents. 


VII— 2G3S Milton Wollertcn Diiinall*, b. Nov. 10, 18S8. 

He is employed with the Sharpies Separator Works in West Chester, Pa.; rosid- 
with parents. 

VII— 2639. Margaretta Marshall Durnall. b. April 3, 1891. 
VII— 2640. Elizabeth Carpenter Durnall. b. Oct. 3, 1S97. 
VII— 2641. Octavia Cassidy Durnall. b. Dec. 20, 1899. 

VI— 1347. OLIVIA VIRGINIA DURNALL (Phebe Ann 5). b. Ati? 
19, 1853; m. RICHARD WASHINGTON W.ALKER Oct. 3, 1899. at 
the Church of the Incarnation, Washington, D. C, Rev. Dr. Taylor Snyder. 
the rector, officiating. 

Their residence is at Glen Moore, Chester Co.. Pa., but they went tem- 
porarily to California, where he took a course in the Leland Stanford Uni- 
versity. No issue. 

VI— 1348. HARVEY L. DURNALL (Phebe Ann 5), b. Dec. 4, 1854. 
His mind became impaired and he is in an asylum. 

VI— 1349. MARIAN THOMAZINE DURNALL (Phebe Ann 5), b. 
July 29. 1856; d. Sept. 19, 1878; unm. ; btiried in Bradford Cemetery. 

Issue of Richard D. Baily (T.-jpd) and Ann Eliza Carpenter. 

VI— 1350. GEORGE W. BAILY (Richard 5), b. Jan. 13, 1843; d. 
Feb. 16, 1853. 

VI— 1351. JOEL C. BAILY (Richard 5), b. .\pri-l iS. 1845; d. April 
28, 1867; unm. 

Both were buried at Romansville, Pa. 

VI— 1352. ANN ELIZABETH BAILY (Richard, Ann, Thomazine. 
Mary, James), b. April 6, 1848; d. July 24, 1911 : she resided in Marshallton. 
Chester Co., Pa. 

VI— 1353. EMMOR EUGENE BAILY (Richard, Ann, Thomazine. 
Mary, James), b. Dec. 20. 1851; d. Feb. 24, 1887: bur. at Fermvood Cem. ; 
m. SALLIE J. BUCKLEY Dec. 28, 1872, dau. of James Buckley and Fran- 
cis Christie, b. Sept. 14, 1850, Covington, Ky 

They resided in Philadelphia. Pa., where he died. She resides at 4345 
Penn St., Frankford, Phi-ladelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2642. ELLA SALOME BAILY, b. Oct. 12, 1873. at Clifton. 

Notp —Milton Durnall, by his first wife, , had three chil- 
dren: Mr^-ia (who became the wife of Rev. Uriah Walton and died at Ottumwa, la , 
Sept. 8, 1900), Elizabeth and Thomas Durnall. 


Pa.; m. WILLIAM J. LOMAS, 1899; b. Nov. 6, 1872, in England. 

They have meat. etc.. stores in Gerniantown, with residence 43 Pleas- 
ant St., Mt. Airy. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 321S. Frances Jlarie Lomas, b. May 12, 1900, at West Philadelphia. 
VIII— 3:il9. William Eugene Lomas, b. July 5. 1901, at Germantown. 
VIII— 32:.'0. Albert Ernest Lomas, b. Nov. 2, 1902, same. 

VII— 2643. MARY LIZZIE BAILY, b. Oct. 24. 1875; d. Jan. 3, 1890. 

VII— 2644. MINNIE OLIVIA BAILY. b. June 19, 1883, at West 
Philadelphia; resides with her mother. 

VI— 1354. HANNAH CAROLINE BAILY (Richard s), b. Mar. 6, 
1854; d. July 5, 1864; buried at ]\Iarshallton. 

Issue of Samuel K. Baily (T.-jgy) and Mary P. Davis. 

VI— 1355. ABRAHAM SHARPLESS BAILY (Samuel Ann, Thom- 
azine, Mary. James), b. April 16, 1859; d. Nov. 6, t886; unm. ; painter by 
trade; resided in Oxford. Pa., and was there buried. 

VI— 1356. ANN MARY BAILY (Samuel 5. same line), b. April 9. 
1861 ; bur. Oct. 11. 1907; unm.; buried in Oxford. Pa., Cemeterv. 

VI— 1357. RICHARD D. BAILY (Samuel ;. same hne)'. b. June 21. 
1863; m. MARGARET GALLAGHER July — , 18S7. dau. of Joseph Gal- 
lagher and Francina Dickey, b. June 6. 1868. 

He is a tinsmith and roofer; address, Oxford, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2G45. .Joseph Rutherford Baily, b. Nov. 2f). lS!<y. 
VII— 2646. Samuel Kennedy Baily, b. Oct. - , 1S03. 

VI— 1358. THOMAZINE JANE BAILY CSamuel K. 5), b. Sept. i. 
1865; bur. Aug. 5. 1907 at Oxford Ceinetery: m. J. FREDERICK EXGLER 
Oct. 8. 1896; b. in Germany, June 17. 1869. 

He emigrated to this country, and is of the firm of Engler & Muidaugh. 
bakers, confectioners, etc., Oxford, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2647. Robert Fr^fierick Engler, b. Dec. 1, 1897. 
VII— 264S. Marv Emilif Engler, b. July 10, 1899. 
VII— 2649. Richard Baily Engler, b. Oct 26, 1901. 

Line of James, Mary, Joseph. 

Jssue of Elkaheth D. Sharpless (T.-^oS) and Abraham S. Ashbridgc, borni 
near Downingtown. Chester Co.. Pa. 

VI— 1361. MARY R. ASHBRIDGE (Elizabeth D.. Marv. Joseph, 
Mary. James), b. 9 mo. 9, 1858, at Ondawa : m. J. DOUGL.VS PEFKINS 


Oct. 2, 1889, of Coatesville. Pa., son of John D. Perkins and Martha V. Miller, 
b. I mo. 13, 1857; reside in Coatesville, Chester Co., Pa. 
Issue : — 

VII— 2650. John Douglass Perkins, Jr.. b. July 24, 1S90. 

VII— 2651. Joseph Ashbridge Perkins, b. Feb. 9. 1892. 

VII— 2652. Mary Ashbridge Perkins, b. Mar. 29, 1S96. 

VII— 2653. Katharine Vastinc Perkins, b. Feb. 8, 1901. 

•VI— 1362. REBECCA ASHBRIDGE (Elizabeth D. 5), b. 5 mo. 12, 
i860; m. HENRY ECROYD, U. D., lo mo. 30, 1890; son of James Ecroyd 
and Rachel E. Haines, b. 5 mo. 6, 1858, near Muncy, Pa. . 

He graduated M. D. at University of Pennsylvania. Hd is marine sur- 
geon U. S. A., aiid president of Newport Medical Society. Residence, New 
port, R. I. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2654. Henry Ecroyd, Jr., b. 7-11-1892. 

VII— 2655. Elizabeth Ashbridge Ecroyd, b. 10-15-1895; d. 7-31-1903. 
VII— 2658. Mary Haines Ecroyd, b. 4-18-1897. 

VI— 1363. RICHARD I. DOWNING ASHBRIDGE (Elizabeth 5), 
b. 9 mo. 22, 1 861 ; unm. 

He graduated C. E.. University of Pennsylvania; was at one time em- 
ployed in Lake Superior region in railroad surveying and construpction ; later 
located in Philadelphia. 

VI— 1364. ABRAHAM S. ASHBRIDGE (Elizabeth D. 5), b. 2 mo. 
15, 1863; m. E. ST. CLAIR WHITNEY 11 mo. 28, 1900, dau. of Wil- 
liam Whitney and Emma Nichols, b. 1870. 

:He is an attorney-at--law, 1524 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2657. Whitney Ashbridge, b. 11-15-1904. 

VI— 1365. JOSEPH S. ASHBRIDGE (Elizabeth D. 5), b. 6 mo. 20, 
1865; unm.; resides with his mother on the homestead in East Cain, Chester 
Co.; address, East Downingtown, Pa. 

VI— 1366. ELIZ.\BETH ARCHER ASHBRIDGE (Elizabeth D. 5), 
b. II mo. 18, 1867; m. CLEMENT S. RUTTER Sept. 20. 1893, son of 
hevi Rutter and Sally Perkins. 

They were for a time at Spokane, Wash., later at Ardmore, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2658. Clemenf S. Rutler, Jr.. b. July 17. 1894. 
VII— 2659. Richard Ashbridge Rntter, b. April 27, 1897. 
VII— 2660. Morris Wister Stroud Rutter, b. May 15, 1905. 

VI— 1367. ELEANOR ASHBRIDGE C Elizabeth D. O. b. 4 mo. 8, 
1875; unm; living with her mother; address. East Downingtown, Pa. 


Issue of Mary R. Sharpless (T.-_jQp) and George ll'\ Jacobs, born in West 
Whiteland, Chester Co., Pa. 

VI— 1368. THOMAS H. B. TACOBS, (.AlarA- R., Marv, Joseph, ^larv, 
James), b. Jan. 17. 1865: m. LOUISE G. HOWELL Oct' 11, 1909. 

He graduated C. E., University of Pennsylvania. 18S6; Philadelphia of- 
fice, Crozer Bldg.. 1420 Chestnut St.; resides at Glenlock on P. R. R., with 
address \\'est Chester, Pa., R. D. 12. 

VI— 1369. GEORGE W. JACOBS, JR. (Mary R. 5), b. ^lay 2, 1867; 

He is an attomey-at-la\v, Philadelphia ofRce, Land Title Bldg., Room 
302; home residence on the homestead farm, Glenlock Chester, Co., Pa. 

VI— 1371. ELIZABETH A. JACOBS (Mary R. 5), b. April 14, 1876; 
resides wnth her brother, George W., at Glenlock, Pa. 

VI— 1372. JOHN JACOBS (Mary R. 5). b. Dec. i, 1878; d. March 
10, 1887; bur. at St. Paul's P. E. Church. 

VI— 1373. JANE BOWEN JACOBS (Mary R. 5), b. Aug. i, 1879; 
residence same as her sister. 

Issue of Sarah M. Doivning (T.-602) and John J. Pinkerhn, born in West 
Chester, Pa. 

VI— 1375. ELIZABETH D. PINKERTON (Sarah M.. Richard I., 
Joseph, Mar}^ James), b. June 19. 1866; m. JOHN S. WEBSTER July 2. 
1903, son of William Webster and Anna Stump; address, Calvery, Harford 
Co., Md. Reside on an old Webster homestead. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2661. Nancy Webster. 

VI— 1376. SUSAN D. PINKERTON (Sarah M. 5) b. Dec. 24, 1867; 
unm.; resides with her mother. 

VI— 1377. CHARLES PINKERTON (Sarah M. 5). b. Julv 2. 1871 : 
m. ELLEN HERNDON ARTHUR Nov. 19, 1903. dau. of Chester A. Ar- 
thur* and Herndon. 

Note. — Chester A. Arthur was elected Vice President of the United States in ISSO 
on the ticket with James A. Garfield, and upon his death became President for about 
three and a half years. His wife was a member of a distinguished Virginia family, dau. 
of Commander William Lewis Herndon. In 1851 — being then a lieutenant, he was sent, 
with Lieutenant Lardner Gibson, to make an exploration of the Amazon River and its 
tributaries. He was promoted to the rank of Commander in 18.55, and entered the ser- 
vice of the Panama Mail Ste;'mship Company. He pori'^hr-rl ir. the wreck of the Central 
America, which went down in a cyclone off the coast of South Carolina. 


He is a meinher of the brokerage firm of Havenieyer & Pinkerton, of Xiu 
York. He graduated from Williams College, 1894, and is a member of il:c 
"Sons of the Revolution." 

Vf_,3-8 JOHN J. PIXKERTOX. JR. (Sarah M. 5), b. Dec. 4, 1879; 
d. July 14. 1889. He died of diphtheria at Rangeley, Me., and was brought 
to West Chester un- burial in a hermetically sealed casket. 

Issue of J. Havard Downing {T.-6o^) and Elhabeth Ritttcr, born near Down- 
ingtown. Pa. 

VI_i3jy. RICHARD I. DOWXIXG (J. Havard 5), b. June 21, 
1873; d. April 12, 1883. 

VI— 1380. LEW^S Rl'TTKR DOWNING ( T. Havard. Richard I.. 
Joseph. ^lary. Jame=), b. March 19. 1875; m. JANE M. MOREHOUSE 
Oct. II. 1905. dau. of John L. Morehouse and Annie C. Lafferty. b. July 22, 
1880: address. West Chester. Pa. 

Issue : — 
Vn— 2665. Anne Morehouse Downing, b. March 15, 1907. 

VI— 1381. JOSEPH MAY DOWNING (J. Havard 5), b. May 4. 
1876; d. March — , 1899; unm. 

VI— 1382. ELLEN POTTS DOW^NING (J. Havard 5). b. Aug. 4- 
1883: m. NORRTS S. LONGAKER April 6. 1904. son of Abraham Brower 
Longaker and Mary Moore Singluff. b. 1876. 

He is assistant passenger agent of Pennsylvania R. R., with residence in 
Philadelphia. Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2666. Elizabeth Downing Longaker, b. Jan. 17, 1905. 
VII— 2667. Norris Singluff Longaker, Jr., b. Oct. 9. 1906. 

Line of James, Mary, Sarah. 

Issue of Joseph Webster {T.-607) and Phebe Ann Sweeten, all bom near 
Downingtown, Chester Co., Pa. 

VT— 1384. WILLIAM WINFIELD WEBSTER (Joseph. Samuel, 
Sarah. Mary. James), b. July 13. 1856: m. ANGELINA MERCER Oct. 22, 
1880, Coatesville, Pa., dau. of Kersey !^Iercer and Mary Walker, b. Feb. 6, 
1848. at East Bradford, Pa. 

' He is a farmer; owns 00 acres in West Bradford, where they reside; ad- 
dress, Marshallton. Pa.. R. D. 11. Also owns a large farm near Downing- 




VII— 266S. Howard Webster, b. Aug. — . ISSl; d. 2 weeks old. 

VII— 2669. Walter Webster, b. April — , 1SS2; d. 2 weeks old also. 

VII— 2670. Hannah Mary Webster, b. Aug. 3, 1SS4; ni. Harry Souders Oct. 5, 190S, of 

Honeybrook, Chester Co., Pa., where they reside. 

VII — 2671. Emma Louise Webster, b. Aug. 21, 1SS7; at home. 

VII— 2672. Joseph Wesley Webster, b. March 13. 1S90; at home. 

VII— 2673. Phebe Florence Webster, b. Aug 23, lSi:t2; at home. 

VI— 1385. AMY D. WEBSTER (Toscpli 5). b. Feb. 4. i8;8; d. Jiilv 
31, 1910: bur. at St. Paul's Church. Uwhclan. Pa. : m. GEORGE M. HIGEI- 
LEY April 9, 18S2. son of Tohn S. Hicrhlev and Sarah C. March, b. March 
31, 1861. 

\ He is a blacksmith; was located for 19 years at Dihvorthtown and later 
in West Chester.. Pa., with address 317 S. Darlington St. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2674. Laura Mae Highley, b. .Tune 24. 1SS3; address Norristown. 
VII— 2675. Herbert H. Highley, b. Dec. 23, ISSo: d. Jan. 22, 1908; bur. Lionville, St. Paul's 

VII— 2676. William George Highlev. b. Dec. 9, 1S87; machinist at West Chester. 
VII— 2677. John Marshall Highley, b. June 27, 1S90. 

VI— 1386. JOSEPHINE V. WEBSTER (Joseph O-b. Jan. 31. i860; 
m. WILLIAM MALLALIEU April 11. 18S2. -son of George W. Mallalieu 
and Mary Marten, b. Dec .7, i860. He is foreman in the flanging department 
of the Lukens steel plant. Address, Coatesville, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2678. Oscar Mallalieu, b. May 22 1883. 
Vn— 2679. Florence Marv Mallalieu. b. May 28. 1SS4. 
VII— 2680. Chester .Arthur Mallalieu. h. Aug. 20, 1886. 
VII— 2681. Anna Elsie Mallalieu, b. Nov. 16. 1SS8. 
VII— 2682. Sara Elizabeth Mallalieu. b. Jan. 31. 1S91. 
VII— 2683. John Ellis Mallalieu. b. Oct. 24. 1892. 
VII— 2684. Samuel Leon Mallalieu, b. Aug. 18, 1894. 

• VI— 1387. SA^IUEL JACKSOX WEBSTER (Joseph 5), b. May 
20, 1864; unm. 

' He is a farmer; was at Bala. Philadelphia, for a time; -later near East 
Downingtown, Pa. 

VT— 1388. GEORGE CLARK WEBSTER (Joseph O, b. Aug. 10. 
1865: m. JENNIE ELVA WILLIAMS Sept. 30, looo. dau. of Elias F. 
and Mary J. Williams, b. Mav 12. 1884: address, 226 New St., Coatesxnlle, 

Issue : — 
VII— 268.5. Ellwood James Webster, b. March 18. 1901. 
VII— 2686. Lydia Elmira Webster, b. Aug. 2, l°'-,2: d. Aug. 7. 1902. 
VII— 26S7. Jessie May Webster, h. March 30, 1904. 

VII— 268S. George Franklin Webster, b. Julv 29. 190P.: d. Aug. 23, 1906. 
VII— 2689. Alice Elizabeth Webster, b. Jan. 10, 1908. 


VI— 1389. ISAAC ROLAND WEBSTER (Joseph 5), b. Aug. 2. 
1867; m. CLARA GUTHRIE (widow) March — . 1897, dau. of William 
Hallman and Mary J. LesHe. 

He is a farmer near St. Peters. Chester Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2690. Edgar Websier. b. Oct. 27, 1897. 

VII— 2691. Wilson Webster. 

VII— 2692. Earl Webster. 

VII— 2693. Harold Webster. 

VII— 2694. Edna Webster. 

VI— 1390. SARAH H. WEBSTER (Joseph 5), b. Sept. 22, 1869; 
unm. ; home address with her brother, Samuel J. (q. v.). 

VI— 1391. MARY ELIZABETH WEBSTER (Joseph 5), b. March 
4, 1871; m. DR. EDGAR D. LARKIX Oct. 30, 1894, son of Jesse Larkin 
and Rachel Dingee, b. Aug. 16. 1868. 

He was a dentist, but his health failing he engaged in other business; 
residence corner of Chestnut and XVashington Sts., Downingtown, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2695. Jessie Larkin. b. May 6, 1S96. 

VII— 2696. Alvord, b. Oct. 27, 1897. 

VII— 2697. Martha Reid Lariun, b. Jan. :;0, 1903. 

VII— 2698. Edgar Webster Larkin, b. Feb. 25, 1906. 

VII— 2699. George Maris Larkin, b. June 8, 190S. 

VI— 1392. JESSIE E. WEBSTER (Joseph 5). b. July 31, 1874; unm.; 
resides with her brother, Samuel J. ; address, E. Downingtown, Pa. 

Issue of Alfred Webster (T-6og) and Sarah C. Rankin. 

VI— 1393. MARY ELIZAEBTH WEBSTER (Alfred, Samuel. Sarah, 
^lary. James), b. Nov. 27, 1857. in Chester Co.. Pa.; m. JOHN W. SVU- 
'SIERS July 24 ,1881, PaNSon, 111., son of Jathean and Caroline Summers, b. 
Oct. 3, 1847. 

In 1901 he went to Kansas, where it is believed he was murdered for 
his money, as he was never heard of afterwards. 

M. second, HENRY SKELTON, July 16, 1908; address. West Plains, 
Howell Co., Mo. 
Issue : — 
VII— 2700. JATHEAN SUMMERS, b. April 12, 1882; d. same date. 

VII— 2701. SARAH CAROLINE SUMMERS,b. Aug.3, 1883; d.June 
12, 1908. 

VII— 2702. AMY LOUISA SUMMERS, b. July 24. 1885: m. 


THOMAS PORTER MEANS, Oct. -o. 1907; address. Sargeiit, Texas 
Co., Mo. 

VII— 2703. EMILY SUMMERS, b. June 25. 1888; d. April 30, 1890. 

VII— 2704. ALBERTA SUMMERS, b. Aug. 26, 1891. 

VII— 2705. WEBSTER THEODORE SUMMERS, b. April 3. 1896. 

VI— 1394. EMILY ELLEX WEBSTER (Alfred 5), b. Dec. 3. 1859; 
d. April 30, 1891; m. JACOB HIXXKLE* Oct. 29, 1876. 

He was born in Lancaster Co., Pa. They reside with address Payson, 
Adams Co., 111. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2706. WESLEY ADAM HIXCKLE. b. Nov. 12, 1877; unm. 
Hie is a farmer; address, Payson, 111., R. D. i. 

VII— 2708. SARAPI CATHARINE HINCKLE, b. Oct. 10, 1879; m. 
FREDERICK JOSEPH COOK Sept. 6, 1899. son of William and Cath- 
arine Cook, b. May 3, 1865. 

(He is a farmer. They live 10 miles from Payson, III, which is their 

Issue : — 

V^III— 3221. William Jacob Cook, b. June 12. 1901. 

VIII— 3222. Frank Robert Cook, b. Oct. 7. 1903. 

VIII— 3223. Florence Katie Cook. b. March 2, 1906. 

VIII— 3224. Roy Theodore Cook, b. March 17, 1908. 

VII— 2709. JOSEPH HINCKE, b. Oct. 18, 1883; unm. 
He is a rurai mail carrier; address, Payson, 111. 

VII— 2710. MARY HINCKLE., b. July 5, 1886; d. July 20. 1886. 

VI— 1396. EDWARD D. WEBSTER (Alfred 5), b. Nov. 22. 1866; 
m. and had six or seven children born at Hannibal, Mo. 

VI_i397. HANNx\H LEWIS WEBSTER (Alfred 5), b. Dec. 18, 
1872; m. JOSEPH TOTTEN; address, Shelbina, Shelby Co.. Mo. 

■ Issue : — 
VII— 2717. Alfred Ray Totten, b. July 14, 1891. 
VII— 2718. Joseph W. Totten, b. Oct. 10, 1892. 
VII— 2719. Sarah R. Tottrn, b. July 27, 1895. 
VII— 2720. Harry D. Toti_n. b. Feb. 25. 1898 
VII— 2721. Frankie Totten. b. April IS, IPOr 
VII— 2722. Susie Totten, b. Oct. 4, 1903. 

Note. — Jacob Hlnckle m. p spcond \\ife by whom he has a son, Roy Hinckle, and a 
dau., Iva May Hlnckle. 


Issue of IVilliain D. Webster {T.-612) and A}inie Pawling. 

VI— 1399. EMMA E. WEBSTER (William D., Samuel, Sarah Marj-, 
Jarnes), b. Jan. 10, 1867; m. FRANKLIN MILES June 22, 1886; b. June 
22. 1864; d. April 9, 1906. 

Her address, East Downingtown, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2723. Oscar Sarke Miles, b. June 8, 1887. 

He is iu tiie U. S. Marine Service. 
VII— 2724. Edgar Websier Miles, b. Feb. 15. 1892. 

VI— 1400. AIARY ELLEN WEBSTER (William D. 5), b. Oct. 10, 
1869; m. JOSEPH R. PLACE, JR., Dec. 24, 1S89, sou of Joseph R. Place 
and Esther Trout, b. May 20, 1867; address, No. 10 Front St., Bridgeport, 
Montgomery Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2725. Ethel May Place, b. Aug. 18, 1890. 

VII— 2726. Anna Mary Place, b. Oct. 5, 1892. 

VII— 2727. Joseph W. Place, b. Feb. 25, 1S95. 

VII— 2728. Walter Earl Place, b. Sept. 11, 1S9S. 

VII— 2729. Sarah Pauline Place, b. Oct. 27. 1901. 

VII— 2730. Horace Edgar Place, b. June 26, 1901. 

VII— 2731. William Alired Place, b. July 19, 1906. 

VII— 2732. Lillian Laura Place, b. June 27. 1908. 

VI— 1402. EFFIE MAY WEBSTER (William D. 5), b. March 6, 
1873; m. JAAIES FLACK Aug. 23, 1893, son of John Flack; d. Oct. i, 

M. second, THEODORE RIGGS, Aug. 6, 1906, son of WiKiam P. 
Riggs and Sarah Pauling ; address, 222 E. Washington St., Norristown, Pa. 
Issue by first husband : — 

VII— 2733. Mabel Flack, b. Feb. 14, 1894. 
VII— 2734. Gertie Flack, b. Oct. 5, 1898. 
VII— 2735. Albert Flack, b. 190— (?). 

Issue by second husband : — 
VII— 2736. Herbert Riggs, b. May 31, 1907. 

VI— 1403. ALFRED L. WEBSTER (William D. 5), b. March 19, 
1874; m. ELLA BOYER March 17, 1896, dau. of Jonas Boyer. No issue; 
address, Pottstown, Pa. 

VI— 1404. JOSEPH WALTER WEBSTER (William D. 5), b. June 
29, 1876; m. SARAH AMELIA HOFFMAN May 27, 1899, dau. of John 
L. Hoffman and Elizabeth Hess, b. Sept. 26, 1879. 

He is employed on the Schuylkill Divison of P. R. R. ; address, 908 Jack- 
son St., Norristown, Pa. 
■' Issue born there: — 


VII— 2737. Anna Gertiiide Webster, b. Oct. 23. 1S99; d. July 20. 1900. 
VII— 2738. Edna May Webster, b. May 11, 1901. 
VII— 2739. William John Webster, b. May il, 1908. 

VI— 1405. LAURA WEBSTER (William D. 5). b. March iT.. 1878; 
in. CALVIN 'RODENBAUGH Oct. 27, 1S99. son of John R.^lci-bau-h and 
Margaret Dean, b. Aug. 21, 1873; address. 103 Third St., Bridgep j:t. i'a. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2740. Mirtle Rodenbaugh, b. Feb. 10, 1900. 
VII— 2741. Frank Rodenbaiigh, b. March 13, 1902. 
VII— 2742. John Rodenbaugh, b. June 2S, 1904. 
VII— 2743. Margaret Rodenbaugh, b. Aug. 13, 1906. 

Jssite of Doimwig I. Webster {T.-6t^) and Sarah Jane U'ilsoji. 

VI— 1407. JAMES WEBSTER (Downing I., Jame^, Sarah, Mary, 
James), b. Sept. 16, 1855; d. Aug. 26, 1879; m. EMMA . They re- 
side at Marietta, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2744. Laura Webster, b. July --, 1879. 

VI— 1408. CLARA REBECCA WEBSTER (Downing I. 5). b. June 
18^ 1857; d. Nov. 9, 1882; m. MORRIS EVERD JONES Jan^ 2^. 1879, 
son of Franklin Jones and Jane A. Parr, b. circa May, 1851 : d. Oct. 1, 1882; 
both buried in Grove Cemetery, Whitford, Chester Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2745. Jennie Pearl Joi.e., b. Aug. zl, 1879; address, Downingtown, Pa. 

VI— 1409. JOSEPH WEBSTER (Downing I. 5).!). May 24. 1S59; d. 
April 29, 1881; unm. ; resided in Downingtown, Pa. 

VI— 1410. ELMER ELLSWORTH WEBSTER fDMv.ning L 5), b. 
Dec. 24, 1861 ; d. Nov. 26, 1882; unm.; lived in Downirgtow n. Pa. 

VI— 141 1. WESLEY E. WEBSTER (Downing I. 5). 1j. S.^pt. 5, 
1868; unm. 

He is a foreman on P. R. R., in charge of tracks; address, Downingtown, 

Issue of Elisha E. Webster {T.-613) and Margaret Rankin. 

(See on-ly record under his name in Fifth Generation.) 

Issue of Jacob Sharpless Webster (T.-6i6) and Angeline Rambo. 

VI— 1416. FRANK WEBSTER (Jacob S.. James. Sarah, Mary, 


James), b. Dec. 18, 1865; m. ELIZABETH TORBET Sept. 17, 1887, dau. 
of William and Mary Torbet, b. June 8, 1S67; d. May 1, 1910. 

M. second, GERTRUDE AL^RY GILBERT Sept. 20, 1910. 
He is a locomotive engineer on P. R. R., with residence 13?. Altoona 
Ave., Ejiola, Pa. 
I Issue : — 

VII— 2746. Lester Sharpless Webster, b. Jan. 23, lS9(i. 

VII— 2747. Ralph J. Webster, b. Oct. 30, 1S'J7. 

VII— 2748. Franklin Webster, b. 18S9; d. Feb. 17, 1903. 

VII— 2749. Roy Lewis Webster, b. June 30, 1901. 

VII— 2750. Frances Lillian Webster, b. Sept. 29, 1902. 

VII— 2751. Theodore Webster, b. Sept. 13, 1905. 

VI— 1418. GEORGE WEBSTER (Jacob S. 5), b. Oct. 21, 1871; m. 
FLORA BARNES. She d. Mar. 18, 1901. 

M. second, ELLEN M. KLINGBEIL, Dec. 17, 1906, 4au. of John C. 
Klingbeil and E-lizabeth Broome, b. Nov. 22, 1875. 

He is night transfer agent of Pennsylvania R. R., with residence at 131 
S. Fourth St., Columbia, Pa. 

Issue by first wife : — 

VII — 2752. Esther Webster, d. in infancy. 

VII— 2753. George Carl Webster, b. Oct. 18. 1900. 

Issue by second wife : — 
VII— 2754. Marion May Webster, b. April 2, 1908. 

VI— 1417. JACOB D. WEBSTER (Jacob S. 5), b. Mar. 4, 1868; m. 
CLARA DOUGHERTY Mar. 22, 1892, dau. of Robert Dougherty and 
Catharine Trainer, b. Aug. 12, 1872. 

He is a locomotive engineer on P. R. R. ; resides on Cumberland St., Har- 
risburg, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2755. Ruth M. Webster, b. Jan. 16, 1893. 

VII— 2756. Alfred D. Webster, b. Nov. 2, 1894; d. Mar. 8, 1899. 

VII— 2757. Charles Elmer Webster, b. Feb. 15, 1897. 

VII— 2758. Clara May Webster, b. April 12, 1899. 

VII— 2759. Edward Sharpless Webster, b. June 12, 1902. 

VII— 2760. Thomas Uvingstou Webster, b. Dec. 26, 1903. 

VII— 2761. Robert Marcus Webster, b. May 8, 1906. 

Issue of Cicero S. Webster {T.-618) and Ann Singher. 

VI— 1422. JOHN D. WEBSTER (Cicero, John, Sarah, Mary, James). 
b. July 30, 1858; m. EMMA THEODORA KNODT July 16, 1885, dau. of 
Frederick N. Knodt and Margaret Hoffman, b. July 18, i860. 

He is a locomotive engineer on P. R. R. ; they reside 209 Walnut St., 
Norristown, Pa. 

Issue : — 


VII— 2762. RALPH S. WEBSTER, b. May 24, 1886; m. GOLDIE E. 
FULS May 4, 1905, dau. of William Puis and Lillie Rhodes; reside in Nor- 
ristown, Pa. 

Children : — 

VIII— 3225. Rebecca Clandiae Webster, b. July 25. 1906. 
VIII— 3226. Margaret Olive Webster, b. Nov. 27, 1907. 

VII— 2763. MARY CLAUDINE WEBSTER, b. June 15, 1888; d. 
March 26, 1890. 

VII— 2764. OLIVE LILLIAN WEBSTER, b. Aug. 24, 1890; at 

VII— 2765. \\aLLIAM CICERO WEBSTER, b. Sept. 21, 1893; d. 
same date. 

yi— 1423. EDWARD G. WEBSTER (Cicero 5), b. Dec. 20, 1859; 
m. EMMA GRAHAM. They were legally separated. 

M. second, MARY SHEETS Nov. 24, 1896, dau. of John Sheets and 
Mary Rebecca Gildersleeve, b. Sept. 25, 1869. 

He is a rougher in a rolling mill, with residence 613 Manor St., Colum- 
bia, Pa. 

Issue by first wife: — 


He is a fireman on Pennsylvania R. R. They reside in Harrisburg, Pa, 
Issue : — 

VIII— 3227. Ethel Wenner, b. May 20. 1907. 
VIII— 3228. George Wenner, b. Nov. — , 1908. 

Issue by second wife: — 

VII— 2767. LILLIAN WEBSTER, b. April 16, 1899. 

VII— 2768. ETHEL WEBSTER, b. Dec. 24, 1900. 

VII— 2769. EVELYN MAY WEBSTER, b. Nov. 7, 1903. 

VII— 2770. RAYMOND EDWARD WEBSTER, b. May 17, 1906. 

VI— 1424. MARY E. WEBSTER (Cicero S., John, Sarah, Mary, 
James), b. Feb. 2, 1863; m. DR. WILLIAM P. RIFE Dec. 7, 1880; b. 
Jan. — , 1836, at Intercourse, Pa.; d. June 4, 1899, in Lancaster, where he 
was a practicing dentist and was there buried. 

M. second, GEORGE NEGLEY Feb. 2, 1902. 


He is a boss steamer in a Lancaster umbrella factory. Her address, 129 
S. Fourth St., Columbia, Pa. 
"Issue by first husband : — 

VII— 2771. IDELLA RIFE, b. Jan. 12, 1882; m. JOHN K. MYERS 
Mar. I, 1903; reside in Columbia, Pa. 
Issue : — 

VIII-^229. Lester Myers, b. Jan. — 1908. 

V\\—2^j2. CICERO RIFE, b. April 29, 1886; at home. 

VII_2773. ANNIE L. RIFE, b. Dec. 13, 1SS8; at home. 

VII— 2774. MARY RIFE, b. Jan. i, 1891. 

' VII— 2775. THOMZIN H. RIFE, b. July i, 1892. 
Issue by second husband : — 
VII— 2776. EDNA NEGLEY, b. Jan. 21, 1903. 

VI— 1425. THOMZIN H. WEBSTER (Cicero S. 5), b. Jan. 30, 
1868; m. JAMES D. PETERS Jan. 30, 1891 ; b. 1867 at LaTrobe, Pa.; d. 
in Missouri. Her address, 129 S. Fourth St., Columbia, Pa. No issue. 

VI— 1426. RICHARD T. D. WEBSTER (Cicero S. 5), b. Sept. 22, 
1871; resides with his sisters; unm. 

Line of James, James, Samuel. 

Issue of Edward R. Trimble {7.-62^) a)id Mary B. Callender. 

VI— 1427. EDWARD MAURICE TRIMBLE (Edward R., Isaac P., 
Samuel, James, James), b. Aug. 21, 1879; m. JEANETTE HUNTINGTON 
HOOKER Jan. 25, 191 1, dau. of Horace B. Hooker; address, Rochester. 
N. Y. 

VI— 1428. LOUIS CALLENDER TRIMBLE (Edward R. 5), b. 
June 13, 1884; m. AGNES O'BRIEN Jan. 12, 1909; address, Rochester, 
N. Y. 


VII— 2777. Mary Louise Trimble, b. April 12, 1910. 

Issue of Helen Kent Trimble {T.-624) and John Shaw. 

VI— 1430. ROBERT NEWTON SHAW^ (Helen K., Isaac P.. Sam- 
uel, James, James), b. Dec. 21, 1873; m. CHARLOTTE I. G. DANTELSON 
Sept. 22, 1899, ^'€1' second husband, dau. of Francis Ives Goddard and Eliza- 





J ■ 



VT^ f 



beth Ledyard; address. Caliunet Club, Fifth Ave. and 29th St., New York. 
No children. 

VI— 1431. HELEN KENT SHAW, b. June 25. 1875; m. BERTRAM 
GORDON WATERS April 23, 1908, of Boston, Mass., son of Robert Wat- 
ers and Elizabeth Banker, b. Oct. 8, 187 1 ; address 20 Charles River Square 
Boston, Mass. 

VII— 2778. Bertram Gordon Waters. Jr., b. July 9. 1910. 

VI— 1432. AMY HOB ART SHAW, b. Aug. 24, 1881 ; lives with her 

VI— 1433. GERALD SHAW, b. Aug. 29, 1883; d. Jan. 5, 1897. 

Issue of Amy A. BaUy (T.-<5-?5) and PascJiaU Cope. 

VI— 1434. LYDIA TRIMBLE COPE (Amy A., Lydia Samuel, James, 
James), b. 2 mo. 13, 1857, at West Chester, Pa.; m. ISAAC SHARPLESS 
8 mo. 10, 1876, at West Chester Friends' Meeting, son of Aaron Sharpless 
(Isaac, Joshua, Benjamin, Joseph, John) and Susanna Forsjthe; b. 12 mo. 
16, 1848. 

He graduated from Westtown Boarding School, 1867; L. B., Lawrence 
Scientific School of Harvard University, 1873; Sc. D., University of Penn- 
sylvania, 1883; L. L. D., Swarthmore College, the last two being honorary 
degrees. He became dean of Haverford College, Pa., in 1884, and since 
5 mo. 19, 1887, president of that institution, which has had an eminently suc- 
cessful career. He is the author of text books on various subjects and of a 
history of "A Quaker Experiment in Government" in Pennsylvania, 1898, 
"Two Centuries of Pennsylvania History," and of "Quakerism and Politics." 
He is interested and prominent in the affairs of the Society of Friends, of 
which he and his family are memebrs, and has delivered manv addresses on 
various reformatory and historical subjects as occasion offered. 

■ Issue, all born at Haverford. — 

^ VII— 2779. HELEN SHARPLESS, b. 7 mo. 25, 1877; unm. ■ 
She is a graduate of Drexel Institute, of Philadelphia, Pa. ; now assist- 
ant librarian of Haverford College; address, Haverford, Pa. 

VII— 2780. AMY COPE SHARPLESS, b. i mo. 12, 1879; unm.. 
She is teaching art at Shipley School, Bryn Alawr, Pa. ; address, Haver- 
ford, Pa. 

VII— 2781. FREDERIC COPE SHARPLESS, b. 10 mo. i, 1880; m. 
LUISE TANGUE 10 mo. 26, 1909, dau. of Plenry and Helen Tangue, of 
Haddonfield, N. J. 

He graduated A. B., at Haverford College, 1900, and M. D.. University 
of Pennsylvania, 1903. Is a practicing physician at Rosemont, Montgomery 
Co., Pa. 


VII— 2782. EDITH FORSYTHE SPIARPLESS, b. 11 mo. i, 1883. 
She graduated from Byni Mawr College, A. B., 1905; taught at Guil- 
ford College, North Carolina, and later went as a missionary to Japan. 

VII— 2783. LYDIA TRIMBLE SHARPLESS, b. 10 mo. 10, 188^. 
She graduated from Bryn Mawr College, A. B., 1908; m. HARVEY CHASV: 
PERRY, of Westerly, R. I., i mo. 14, 191 1, by Friends' ceremony, at Haver- 
ford Mtg., Pa. They will reside at Westerly, R. I. 

VII— 2784. KATHARINE T. SHARPLESS, b. 10 mo. 17, 1896; at 

Line of James, James, Isaac. 

Issue of Isaac T. Massey {T.-62S) and Julia Sheppard. 

VI— 1435. EDWARD C. MASSEY (Isaac, Mary, Isaac, James, 
James). He is said to be m. and was employed with the Adams Express Co. 
of Philadelphia; but later not found. 

Issue of Lydia Anna Speaknian {T.-630) and William J. Russell, all but the 
youngest born in Pittsburg, Pa. 

VI— 1438. BERTHA MARTHA RUSSELL (Lydia A., Charity, 
Isaac, James, James) ; unm. She is a companion for inva-lids. 

VI— 1439. MABEL MARTIN RUSSELL (Lydia Anns); ""m-: 
address, 28 S. 33d St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

VI— 1440. GEORGE RUSSELL (Lydia A., Charity. Isaac. James, 
James); m. SARAH GLASSMOYER Nov. 1891. 
•He is an upholsterer at Reading. Pa. 

VI— 1441- WILLIAM S. RUSSELL( Lydia A. 5), b. Nov. 8, 1872: 
m. URSULA POOLE June 26, 1907, dau. of Lawson and Elizabeth M. 
Poole, b. Nov. 24, 1878. 

He is a plate printer; address, 3409 N St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 

VI— 1442. ALBERT CARPENTER RUSSELL (Lydia A. 5). b. 
Jan. 14, 1875, in Pittsburg; m. MARION CATERSON Sept. 13. 1897. dau. 
of John and Annie Caterson, b. Sept. 15. 1880. in Philadelphia. 

He is employed in an iron works in Dunellera, N. J. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2785. Elmer Speakman Russell, b. Nov. 14, 1898, In Philadelphia. 


VI— 1445- HOWARD G. RUSSELL (Lydia A. 5), b. Sept. 27, 1878; 

He is a painter; lias worked in Pittsburg, Florida, etc. -.address, 28 South 
33d St., Philadelphia. 

Issue of John Masscy Speakman (T.-6^4) and Cluirlotte T. Gray. 

VI— 1446. JAMES WALTER SPEAKMAX John U. 5), b. Sept. 
6, 1887. 

VI— 1447. PHEBE R. SPEAKMAN b. Nov. 21, 1890; n\. ELWOOD 
S. HOWARD June 7, 19 10, of Llanerch, Delaware Co., Pa. 

Issue of Anna Mary Pratt (7.-638) a>id Hihberd B. Garrett. 

VI— 1451. CLARENCE TRIMBLE GARRETT (Anna M.), b. Nov. 
26, 1872; m. EDITH R. GILBERT Aug. 28, 1899, dau. of Henry S. Gil- 
bert and Mary A. Jones, b. July 11, 1874. 

He is a civi-1 engineer, engaged in city work : office 4039 Lancaster Ave. ; 
address 4228 Westminster Ave., Philadelphia. Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2786. Helen Trimble Garrett, b. Mar. 27, 1000. 
VII— 27S7. Clarence Trimbl-? Garrett. Jr., b. Feb. 20. 1901. 

VI— 1452. ENOS D. GARRETT (Anna M.). b. June 12, 1874; m. 
SARAH JOHNSON iVIar. 9. 1898, dau. of Joseph Johnson and Mary Bar- 
ton, of Philadelphia, b. Sept. 17, 1877. 

;He is a civil engineer; is assistant engi'.ic:r of the State Highway De- 
partment: address 633 N. 40th St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

Child :— 
VII— 278S. Percival Johnson Garrett, b. April 11, 1899. 

3, 1885; m. HOWARD BROSCHARD Sept. 22. 1904, son of Philip J. 
Broschard and Elizabeth Emma Yost. b. Sept. 2. 1883. 

He is engaged with the Philadelphia Steel and Wire Co.. 525 Commerce 
St., with residence 120 N. 61 St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2789. Anna Elizabeth Broschard, b. Nov. 7, 1905. 

Issiie of Esther Pratt {T.-Sjq) and Jesse P. Thatcher, born in West Chester, 


VI— 1454. MARY ELIZABETH THATCHER (Esther 5), b. 2 mo. 
21. 1877. 

VI— 1455. HELEN MAUDE THATCHER (Esther 5) b. 10 mo. 4, 


Both daughters reside with their parents. 

Issue of Edtvardi H. Trimble {T.-660) and Mary M. Trimble {T.-662). 

FLORENCE A. TRIMBLE, b. Jan. 15. 1888; m. RALPH A. KENT, 
of Swarthmore,, Pa., June 10, 191 1, son of Simmons Kent and Mary L. Web- 
ster, b. July 10, 1887. 

Line of James, James, John. 

Issue of Anna M. Trimble {T.-6/1) and Henry S. Finley. 

VI— 1492. (a) HARRY T. FINLEY (Anna M.. E-lisha, John, James. 
James), b. Feb. 12, 1862; m. SARAH C. SHANE Sept. 17, 1890, dau. 
of Jacob Shane and Charlotte, of Pennsylvania, b. Aug. 12, i860, in Musk- 
ingtim Co., O. 

'(Jacob Shane d. 1900 in his 84th year, and Charlotte 1876 in her 60th 

They reside on the farm of his father; address, Duncan's Falls, Ohio. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2790. Elizabeth Eura Finley, b. July 19, 1894. 
VII— 2791. Jacob H. Finley, b. Feb. 15, 1898. 
VU— 2792. Harry Paul Finley, b. Mar. 15, 1901. 

• VI— 1493. (b) CLARA L. FINLEY (AnnaM. 5), b. June 16, 1863; 
d. Jan. 10, 1903; unm. 

VI— 1494. (c) ETTA M. FINLEY (Anna M. 5). b. Nov. 16. 1864: 

They were legally separated and were at Forest Hall, Louisiana. Her 
address now. Missoula, Mont., where she is with her mother and brother 

VI— 1495. (d) FRANZ S. FINLEY (Anna M. 5), b. Aug. 12. 1866; 
m. KATHARINE JEFFREY June 20, 1900, dau. of William Riley Jeff- 
rey and Lida Wright, of Washington, Iowa, b. Sept. 20, 1873. 

He is of the firm of McCoid & Finley, attorneys-at-law ; address. Mt. 
Pleasant, Iowa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2793. Jean Finley, b. April 17, 1901. 

VI— 1496. (e) BESSIE B. FINLEY (Anna M. 5), b. Oct. 2. 1868: 
d. Nov. 5, 1895; m. JAMES EDWIN ^IcCLELLAND Sept. 25. 1889. son 
of Mark McClelland. He d. Sept. 7, 1895. Both he and his wife died of 
typhoid fever. 

Issue : — 


VII— 2794. FInley McClellaud, b. June 18, 1890; d. 1898. He d. at John Robertson's Chll- 

cotha, Mo. 
VII— 2795. Douglas McClelland, b. 1892; living in Zanesville. O. 
VII— 2796. Allen McClelland, b. Dec. 26, 1894; living; In ZanosvUlo, O. 

VI— 1497. CO JOHN FINLEY (Anna M. 5), b. Oct. 19, 1870; d. 
March 21, 1871. 

VI— 1498. (g) LYDIA C. FINLEY (Anna M. 5), b. Jan. 9, 1872; 
m. VICTOR PETERSON Dec. 20, 1905; address, Mount Vernon, Wash. 
R. D. 5. No issue. 

VI— 1499. (h) CHARLES S. FINLEY (.Vnna M. 5), b. Dec. 17, 
1873; d. circa, 1902 ( ?). 

'He was in the Spanish- American war ; came home sick and died at Mis- 
soula, Mont. 

VI— 1500. (i) LEORA M. FINLEY (.Anna M. 5), b. Jan. 2. 1876; 
untn. She is in business in Oklahoma Cilv, Okla. 

VI— 1 501. (j) EVERET H. FINLEY (Anna M. 5), b. Sept. 25, 
1878; unm. 

He has a 14 acre irrigated ranch; address. Missoula, Montana. 

VI- 1502. (k) DOROTHY FINLEY (Anna M. 5), b. Dec. 25, i88r; 
m. ROLAND WILHELM Dec. 25, 1904: reside at Dominion City, Canada. 
Issue : — 

VII— 2797. Dorothy \Vilhelm. 

VI— 1503. (1) RAYMOND FIXLEY (.\nna M. 5), b. Dec 27, 1884; 
resides with his oldest brother on tlieir father's farm; address, Duncan's 
Falls, Ohio. 

Issue of Samuel H. Trimble {T.-6/2) and Ida II. Norcum. 

VI— 1504. JAMES N. TRIMBLE (Samuel H. 5). He d. Feb. — , 
1890, in Okla. 

VI— 1505. CARRIE TRIMBLE (Samuel R 5);unm.; resides in El 
Reno, Okla.. and is employed by the Rock" Island R. R. Co. 


Issue of Caroline E. Trimble {T.-674) and Jesse D. Hall. 

VI— 1506. OLIVE MARY HALL (Caroline E. 5, Elisha, John, 
James, James), b. March 15, 1880, in Muskuigum Co., O. 
She is a bookkeeper in Columbia, O. 

VI— 1507. FLORENCE HANNAH HALL (Caroline E. 5), b. Nov. 
30, 1883; same. 

She is a school teacher at Duncan's Falls, O . 

Issue of John Clark Trimble {T.-66y) and I^oudenia Collins. 

VI— 1508. PAUL TRIMBLE (John C, Elisha, John, James, James \ 
b. Nov. 21, 1887. 

He is superintendent of public schoob (igog) at Mt. Eaton, O. 

VI— 1509. MARY TRIMBLE (John C. 5), b. Sept. 12, 1889. 
She is a teacher in public schocrls. 

Issue of Sarah Ahira Trimble (T.-6/y) and IVilliam H. H. Smith. 

VI— 1510. DORA SMITH (Sarah Alvira. Elisha, John. James, James), 
b. Aug. 26, 1880; m. PEARL HARSHFIELD Nov. 23, 1905. son of Hiram 

Harshfield and Elizabeth — • , b. at East Liberty, Logan Co., O. ; address, 

Blue Rock, O. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2798. Lula Alvira Harshfield, b. Sept. 6, 1906. 

VI— 1511. DELLA SMITH (Sarah Alvira 5), b. Nov. 21, 1887. 
She is a teacher;' address. Blue Rock. O. 

Issue of Isadora Blanche Trimble {T.-67S) and John IV. Van Meter. 

VI— 1512. AUTA LEAH VAN METER, b. Nov. g, 1879: m. 
MAYO DELZELL June 16, 1906, of Robinson, 111., son of Alexander Delzell 
and McKibbun. 

He is a civil engineer; resides in Columbus, O. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2799. John Alexander Delzell b. May 24, 1907. 

VI— 1513. CECIL W. VAN METER, b. Aug. 11, 1881 ; d. Aug. 12, 
1907, in Philadelphia, Pa. 


VI— IS14. FRANK S. VAX METER, b. Feb. 11, iSS3;m. EDYTH 
VAN METER Dec. 25, 1907. 

He is agent for "Old Reliable Coffee;" resides at 1407 E. 93d St., Cleve- 
land, O. 

Issue of Lena House Trimble {T-6~q) and J. Dudley Fracey. 

VI— 151 5. EARL TRIMBLE FR.AZEY, b. July 22. 1899. at .\nton- 
ito, Colo. 

Issu^ of Mary Frances Trimble (T.-6S0) and Benj. H. Harlan 

. - VI— 1516. ELIZABETH MYRTLE HARLAN (^larv Frances 5), 
b. Oct. 7, 1S72; ni. WILLIAM RAY BASNETTE July 11, 1907. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2800. Sarah Frances Basnette, b. July 7. 190S. 

VI— 1517. NETTIE BLANCHE HARLAN (Mary Frances 5), b. 
Dec. 2, 1873; m. J. W. TANNEHJLL Feb. 20, 1897; address McConnells- 
ville, O. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2801. Olive Gwendolin Tannehill, b. Aug. 31, ISSS. 
VII— 2802. Eleanor Tannehill, b. Jan. 12, 1SS9; d. Sept. 17, 1907. 
VII— 2803. Helen Elizabeth Tannehill, b. Mar. 9, 1901. 

VI— 1 5 18. SAMUEL CARL HARLAN (Marv Frances 5), b. Aug-. 
2T, 1876. 

VI— i:;i9. JESSIE TRIMBLE HARLAN (Mary Frances 5), b. Jan. 
3, 1878. 

VI— 1520. ZELLA PHEBE HARLAN, b. Dec. 30, 1881. 

VI— 1521. JAMES EZEKIEL HARL.AN, b. Oct. 8, 1883. 

VI— 1522. HOWARD LESTER HARLAN, b. Aug. 16, 1886. 

Issue of Angelina K. Trimble {T-^8t) and George P. Menefee. 

VI— 1523. LEORA S. MENEFEE (.\ngelina K. 5). b. March 14. 
1871 ; d. Jan. 20, 1896; unm. ; bur. at Gilbert, O. 


VI— 1524. LENORA MEXEFEE (twin), b. Mar. 14, 1871; d. Mar. 
14, 1871. 

VI— 1525. WILLARD MENEFEE (Angelina K. 5), b. June 19, 
1874; d. Sept. 2S, 1897; unmarried. 

VI— 1526. CPIALMER MEXEFEE (Angelina K. 5), b. Dec. 21, 1875: 
in. JESSIE MAY KXELLIXGER Xov. 10, 1901 : address. Gilbert, O. 
Issue : — 

VII— 2S04. Mildred Angelina Menefee, b. July 22, 1904. 
VII— 2805. Dorothy May Menefee, b. Aug. 21, 1905. 

Issue of Esther H. Trimble {T.-685) and Vincent T. Reed- 

VI— 1529. ESTELLA T. REED (Esther H. 5), b. Oct. i, 1876; ad- 
dress, McConnells\ille, O. 

VI— 1530. AXXA MYRTLE REED (Esther H., Tames. John, James, 
James), b. Aug. 24. 1878; m. EDGAR FIXNEY Oct. 26, 1907; address, Mc- 
Connellsville, O. 

VI— 1 53 1. BESSIE BLAXCHE REED (Esther H. 5), b. April 20, 

VI— 1532. ELFRIEDA MARIAX REED (Esther H. 5), b. Aug. 
30, 1892. 

VI— 1533. EDITH LIEXCILE REED (Esthei- H. 5). b. Jan. 23, 

Address of all the above McConnellsville, O. 

Issue of Washington T. Trimble {T.-691) and Mary E. Dougherty. 

• VI— 1543. LUETTA B. TRIMBLE (Washington T. 5). b. Jan. 15, 
1876; m. FRED. O. PEASE Dec. 20, 1899; address, Reese, Mich. 

Issue : — ' 

VII— 2806. Clara Marie Pease, b. Aug. 4, 1908. 

VI— 1544. A^^XA M. TRIMBLE (Washington T. 5), b. Feb. 8, 
1878; m. JAMES DAVISOX May 11. 1897. 
He is a farmer; address, Fairgrove, Mich. 
Issue : — 


VII— 2S07. Leta Davison, b. March 21, 1900. 
VII— 2S0S. Robert Davison, b. March 16, 1905. 
VII— 2S09. Clark H. Davison, b. Jan. 30, 190S. 

VI— 1545. GFL\CE E. TRIMBLE (Washington T. 5), b. Oct. 22, 

VI— 1546. WILLIAM HARLAXD TRIMBLE (Washington T. 5), 
b. Oct. 12, 1883: m. GRACE A. ORR, 1905. 
He is a carpenter; address, Faigrove, Mich. 
Issue : — 

VII— 2810. Janice Elda Trimble, b. March 30, 1907. 

VI— 1547. MILDRED E. TRIMBLE (Washington T. 5), b. March 
II, 1889. 

VI— 1548. WINNIE HAZEL TRIMBLE (Washington T. 5), b. 
May 3, 1895. 

Issue of Lydia H. Tr'niible (T.-dg?) and Scth Reed. 

(See under her name in Fifth Generation.) 

Issue of Sarah P. Trimble (T.-6ps) ^"'^ ^- -E- ^- Pi^rpoint. 

VI— 1554. HARLAN TRIMBLE PIERPOINT (Sarah P. 5), b. April 
14, 1883, in Chester Hill ^Morgan Co., O. 

He graduated from Harvard University in 1906; is in real estate busines^j 
at Springfield, Mass. 

Issue of Ada Phcbe Trimble (T.-6p4) and Marrison. 

VI— 1555. ERNEST MORRISON (Ada Phebe 5). 

Line of James, James, Phebe. 

Issue of William E. House {T.-702) andPhebe Caldzvell. 

VI— 1561. JAMES CALDWELL HOUSE (WilHam E., James, 
Phebe, James, James), b. 12 mo. 26, 1858; m. JULIA CRASS June 1 1. 1889. 

He is manager of an alfafa sugar feed manufactor}^ Address, South 
Omaha, Neb., R. D. 2. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2711. Josephine House, b. Feb. 26, 1890. 

VII— 2712. Enla P. House, b. Aug. — , 1S92. 

VII— 2713. Gordon Hans':-, b. Oct. 9, 1894. 

VII— 2714. Anna C. House, b. July 27, 1901. 

VII— 2715. Robert Embree House, b. June 8, 1908. 


VI— 1562. WARREN SUNDERLAND HOUSE (William E. 5). 1, 
5 mo. 21. 1861 ; m. SALLIE SHUMATE, 1891 ( ?) ; address, Millpitas, Ca: 
Issue : — 

VII— 2716. Russell House, b. 1S9-. 
VII— 2717. Hazell House, b. 1S9-. 

VI— 1563. JOSEPHINE HOUSE (William E. 5), b. 6 mo. 30. i8tS8; 
m. GEORGE E." DENNISSON July 10. 1889, son of Lewis Dennisson an.l 
Ruthanna Williams, b. Oct. 26. i860; d. Feb. 12, 1906. 

He was born and always lived in Downingtown, Pa. ; buried in North- 
wood Cemetery. He was a druggist, but his health failing he became later a 
traveling salesman. She resides at 347 Washington Ave., Downingtown, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2718. Anna K. Dennisson, b. May 1. 1890. 

VII— 2719. Ruth C. Dennison, b. July 24. 1892. 

VII— 2720. Josephine H. Dennisson, b. Oct. 5, 1893. 

VII— 2721. William Embree Dennisson, b. Jan. 6. 1895. 

Line of James, Ann, Sarah. 

Issue of Mary Scarlett (T-joy) and Ellis P. Marshall, born in Concord, Del- 
aware Co., Pa. 

VI— 1564. 1^1 ARY S. MARSHALL (Mary, Lydia, Sarah. Ann, 
James), b. i mo. 19. 1852; m. HENRY K. HICKS, 5 mo. 27, 1875; by 
Friends' ceremony, son of Edward Hicks and Mary Askew, b. 2 mo. 4. 185 1. 

(Edward Hicks was a brother to Elias, see T.-710: Mary Askew was a 
sister to Elizabeth, see T. — .) 

They resided for several years at Bellefonte, Centre Co.. Pa., where he 
was engaged in the iron and hardware trade; then removed to Kennett Square: 
Chester Co.. Pa., where they now reside, engaged in the greenhouse and mush- 
room trade. 

Issue, born in Bellefonte. Pa : — 

VII— 2722. WILLIAM JOHNSON HICKS, b. 5 mo. 4. 1876, m. 
ELIZABETH WETHERILL LEVICK 6 mo. 9. 1903, by Friends' cere- 
mony, at Philadelphia. Pa., dau. of Samuel J. Levick, Jr.,* and Anna E. Bul- 
lock, of Quakertown, Pa., b. 6 mo. 22,1880; resided for some time at Kei> 
nett Square, Pa., then removed to Aguas Calientes, Mexico; later returned to 

Note.— Samuel J. Levick. Jr., and Anna Elizabeth Bullock were m. 6-13-1872, by 
Richland Monthly Mtg. He was b. 2-17-1849; d. 7-28-1880. son of Samuel J. Levick and 
second wife, Susanna Morris Mather. Samuel J. Levick, b. 8-30-1819; d. 4-19-1885, was 
a distinguished minister in the Society of Friends, son of Ebenezer Levick, of Little 
Creek. Del., who m. Elizabeth Wetherill Jones, of Philad*^lphia, 5-1-1816. She was b. 
6-5-1789; d. 11-21-1886, and Eberez-r b. 7-1C-1791: d. 10-11-1849, son of William Levick. 
Jr., and Susanna Manlove, of a Delaware family; William J., son of William and Sarah. 
and William, son of Richard find Mary. Richard Levick cnme from Derbyshire. Eng- 
land, to Krnt Co., Delawaio, in ItlSn. Tbp I.pvick f;imily came oricinally f^'ora France. 
and the name was then spf'Ued Leveque. — From Old Ricliland Families, p. 213. 


Issue : — 

VlXl— 3230. Gwendolyn Levick Hicks, b. 8-24-1904, at Kennett Siiuare, Pa.; d. 2-1S-1908, 

Agus Calientes, Mexico. 
VIII— 3231. Mary Elizabetli Hicks, b. 5-8-1906. 
VIII— 3232. William Morris Hicks, b. 3-17-1910. 

VII — 2723. ANNA S. HICKS, b. 12 mo. 13, 1877; umn. ; iivei with 
her parents. She is an accomphshed artist. 

Issue of Abiali Scarlett {T.-/OS) and Sarah D. Hoopcs, all horn near Ken- 
nett Square, Chester Co., Pa. 

VI— 156 V ANNA .MARY SCARLETT (Abiah. Lvdia. Sarah. Ann, 
James), b. 4 mo. 6, 1845; m- THOMPSON RICHARDS 4 mo. 9. 1870, 
son of John Richards and Phebe Thompson, of New Garden, b. 2 mo. 1 1, 1842. 

They reside at the homestead of his father, where he has extensive green- 
houses and mushroom plant; address Toughkenamon, Chester Co.. Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2724. ROWLAND A. RICHARDS, b. 11 mo. 27, 1871; m. 
LILLIAN F. IMENDENHALL 10 mo. 22. 1903. dau. of Joseph Townsend 
Mendenhall and Lydia ^lerrick, b. 6 mo. 2^), 1882. 

He is in the coal, feed, fertilizer, etc., trade at Mendenhall. Chester Co.. 

Issue : — 
VIII-3233. Lydia M. Richards, b, 1-6-1906. 
VIII— 3234. (a) Charles T. Richards, b. 8-28-1908. 
VIII— 3234. (b) Anna M. Richards, d. 9 mo. 5, 1911; aged 11 mo. 

VII— 2725. CHARLES T. RICHARDS, b. 8 mo. 17, 1874: d. i mo. 
31. 1897; unm. 

He was a student at the West Chester State Normal School, then became 
a clerk in the National Bank of Avondale. He resigned to engage in busi- 
ness with H. W. Owen at Eairville in the coal, -lumber and feed trade, but was 
stricken with paralysis caused by a clot of blood on the brain, which caused his 
death. A bright career of success had ju.^t opened before him, and his death 
was a cause of universal regret. 

VII— 2726. ELIZABETH S. RICHARDS, b. 5 mo. 27. 1876; m. 
vyiLLIAM S. WORRALL 4 mo. 5, 1906, son of William H. W'orrall and 
Susanna G. Kirk, b. i mo. 5, 1876 (see No. — pp. — ; address, Kennett 
Square, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3235. Elizabeth M. Worrall, b. 12-18-1907. 

VII— 2727. WILLIAM J. RICHARDS, b. i mo. 14, 1878; m. MARIA 
SPENCER PUSEY 5 mo. 22, 1907, dau. of Joel B. Pusey and Matilda Wil- 
kinson, b. 12 mo. 21, 1877. 

He has his father's farm in conjunction with his brother; address, Avon- 
dale, Chester Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 


VIII— 3:;36. Mary W. Richards, b. 4-13-1908. 

VII— 2728. ^[ARY B. RICHARDS, b. 6 mo. ij, 18S0. 
She is a clerk in the Kennett Square National Bank; resides with her 

VII— 2729. J. WARREN RICHARDS, b. 3 mo. 14. 1882. 
He is a florist and farmer; works in conjunction with his brother on 
father's farm. 

VII— 2730. RUTH E. RICHARDS, b. 7 mo. 29, 1885. 
She is a teacher ; home address with parents. 

• VII— 2731. ANNA T. RICHARDS, b. 3 mo. 14, 1888; at home. 

VI— 1566. WILLIAM HOOPES SCARLETT (Abiah 5), b. 3 mo. 
17. 1848; m. MARY JANE THOMAS 2 mo. 6. 1879, New Garden, dau. of 
Joseph Thomas and Mary Ann Briest, b. 11 mo. 20, 1850. 

He is a farmer; first settled on the homestead, but in 1883 removed to the 
Baily farm of 200 acres in East ^Lirlborough, the birthplace of his grand- 
mother, which he now owns and has greatly improved and given the name 
■'Selbourne Farm;" address, Kennett Square, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2732. GEORGE BAILY SCARLETT, b. Nov. 16, 1879, at 
New^ Garden; m. ELSIE L. GAWTHROP Dec. 29, 1904, Philadelphia, dau. 
of Joseph R. Gawthrop and Hattie ^Mason, b. Tuly 3, 1881, at Kennett Square, 

He is a salesman ior the Fibre Specialty Company, of Kennett Square, 
Pa., where they reside on West State St. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3237. Mary Harriet Scarlett, b. Jan. 4, 1907. 

VII— 2733. WALTER ABIAH SCARLETT, b. May 12, 1883. at New 
Garden; m. EDITH TAFT March 8, 1906, dau. of George W. Taft and Ida 
Slocum, b. Sept. 8, 1884. 

They reside on West State St., Kennett Square, Chester Co., Pa., where 
he is in the greenhouse and mushroom business. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3238. Eva Louise Scarlett, b. April 12, 1908. 

VII— 2734. ANNA EMMA SCARLETT, b. Mav 25, 1885, on "Sel- 
bourne Farm." East Marlborough Twp. ; m. WARREN SHARPLESS April 
12, 1911, by Friends' ceremony, son of William Sharpless and Sarah E. Hur- 
ford, b. Aug. 20. 1879. 

He is a farmer; address, Toughkenamon, Pa. 


VII— 2735. ROBERT WILLIAM SCARLETT, b. Feb. ir>. 1890; Sel- 
Dourne Farm. 

VII— 2736. NORMAN THOMAS SCARLETT, b. Dec. 25. 1891 ; 

VII— 2737. JOEL TAYLOR SCARLETT, b. May 6. 1898: same. 

VI— 1567. TAYLOR SCARLETT (Abiah 5). b. 2 nv,. 3. 1851, cL 
2 mo. 25, 1907; m. ADA MOORE EVANS 11 mo. 29, 1S93. Philadelphia, 
dau. of David Moore and Eleanor Betchel. b. 9 mo. 14, i860, at New Garden. 

They resided in Kennett Square. Chester Co., Pa. They went to Florida 
lor the benefit of his health, where he died. He was buried at Union Hill Cem- 
etery, Kennett Square. No issue. 

mo. 15, 1852, at New Garden: m. AMOS BARNARD i mo. 8. 1873, son of 
Joseph T. Barnard and Hannah S. Thompson, b. i mo. 22, 1851. at N'^ew Lon- 
don; address, Kennett Square, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2738. SARAH GERTRUDE BARNARD, b. 6 mo. 7. 1874: m. 
MORTON P. DARLINGTON 10 mo. 13. 1898, Kennett Square, son of Ed- 
ward B. Darlington and Elizabeth Townsend, b. 8 mo. 15, 1875 ^t Norway, 
now Rosedale, Chester Co., Pa. 

He is a graduate of Haverford College 1897 and is assistant cashier in 
the National Bank of Kennett Square, Pa., with residence at Rosedale. Pa. 

VIII— 3239. Edward Brinton Darliugton, b. 2-26-1907. 
VIII— 3240. Amos Barnard Darlington, b. 4-30-1908. 

VII— 2739. MARIAN HANNAH BARNARD, b. 4 mo. 2^, 1881 ; at 
home, W. State St., Kennett Square, Pa. 

VII— 2740. JOSEPH EARLE BARNARD, b. 3 mo. 31, 1883. 
He is a florist; resides at home. 

Issue of Deborah Scarlett {T.-jog) and Jasper C. Way. 

VI— 1569. CHARLES C. WAY (Deborah, Lvdia, Sarah, Ann. James), 
b. Brno. 9, 1842; m. L. ANNA HOGE 5 mo. 18, 1875, dau. of Eli J. Hoge 
and Eliza P. Janney, of Goose Creek, now Lincoln, London Co.. Va., b. 7 mo. 
I, 1845. 

They were at Blue Rapids, Kansas, for ten years: came to Wilmington. 
De!., in 1886. He is in the .\cetyline gas trade: address. 30 East 24th St., 
Wilmington, Del. 

Jssue : — 


VII— 2741. MABEL H. WAY, b. Oct. 26, 1876; m. GEORGE AR- 
THUR 10 mo. — , 1901; aiMress, 555 Thitry-eighth St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 3241. Edith. May Arthur, b. 7-17-1902. 

VII— 2742. ELSIE J. WAY, b. 2 mo. 16, 1S81. 

She is a teacher in a kindergarten at Kennett Square, Pa. 

VII— 2743. MARY M. WAY, b. 11 mo. 30, 1S86; at home. 

VII— 2744. CHARLOTTE W\\Y, b. 8 mo. 31, 1889. 
She is a typewriter and stenographer with Prudential Life Insurance Co. 
Wilmington, Del. 

VI— 1570. NATHANIEL S. WAY (Deborah 5), b. 12 mo. 19, 1843; 
d. 8 mo. 24, 1904; bur. at Union Hill; m. MARY H. TROTH i mo. i. 
1873, dau. of P. Hillman Troth and Hannah Maria Ritter, b. 10 mo. 28, 1846, 
in Philadelphia. 

They removed to Accotink. Fairfax Co., Va., where they remained sev- 
eral years; then in 1889 came to Yorklyn, Nevv Castle, Co., Del., where he 
was engaged as a tlorist. His family now resides near Kennett Square, Pa., and 
have extensive greenhouses. 

Issue, all born at Accotink, Va. : — 

VII— 2745. EDITH WAY, b. 2 mo. 16, 1874. 

She is engaged in the L'. S. Printing Department, with address 1204 
Massachusetts Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

VII— 2746. RUTH WAY, b. 8 mo. 18, 1875. 

She is a chaperon; went with a party travehng in Europe. 

VII— 2747. FRANK T. WAY, b. i mo. 15, 1877; u^m- 
He is a florist; in connection with his brothers they have extensive green 
houses near Kennett Square, Chester Co., Pa. 

VII— 2748. ^lARY ANITA WAY, b. 6 mo. 21, 1878. 
She is a trained nurse; home address, Kennett Square, Pa. 

VII— 2749. PAUL HILLMAN WAY, b. 5 mo. 7, 1882; unm. 
Same as brother above. 

VII— 2750. JASPER CHESTER WAY, b. 7 mo. 21, 1883; unm. 
Same as brother above. 

VII— 2751. E:vIILY R. way, b. i mo. 4. 1889; m. CHESTER D. 
BROWN Aug. 29, 1908, son of George N. Brown, b. Dec. 21, 1888; address, 
Hamorton, Pa. 


VI— 1571. GEORGE B. WAY (Deborah 5), b. 8 mo. i.v 1845; d. 10 
mo. 22, 1871; unm,; resided at Wood Lawn, Va, 

VI— 1572. ALFRED H. WAY (Deborah 5), b. 9 mo. 23, 1847; 
unm. ; address, 915 West St., Wihnington, Del. 

VI— 1573. FRANCIS W. WAY (Deborah 5). b. 6 mo. i, 1852, at 
Kennett Square, Pa.; m. ELXOR.\ C. HYDE 10 mo. 27, 1898. dau. of 
Daniel Hyde and Ellen Callahan, b. 10 mo. 16, 1864, at Hockessin. Del. 

He is engaged at the fibre works with residence 181 1 W. Lincoln St., 
Wilmington, Del. 

ilssue : — 

VII— 2752. Francis Alfred Way, b. 1-23-1900. 
VII— 2753. May Deborah Way, b. 1-18-1901. 
VII— 2754. Elnora Way, b. 11-25-1903. 

Isme of Annie Scarlett {T-/10) and Elias Hicks. 

VI— 1574. SARAH J. HICKS (Annie, Lvdia, Sarah, Ann, James), 
b. II mo. II, 1848. at Londongrove; m. WILLIAM HENRY PHILLIPS, 
2 mo. II, 1869, son of Harvey Phillips and Hannah Taylor, of Ashland, Del., 
b. 3 mo. 21, 1842, at Centreville, Del. 

They settled for two years in Kennett Twp., one year in Londongrove, 
thence to West Chester; in 1873 removed to Kennett Square and in 1S78 to 
Kennett Twp., where in 1886 he bought a paper mill property with 50 acres 
of land, where he also has greenhouses. The mill was converted into Clifton 
Flour Mills and was the first in this section of the country to adopt the roHe. 
process of making flour ; address, Kennett Square, Pa. 

'Issue : — 

VII— 2755. HARRY H. PHILLIPS, b. 8 mo. 2, 1872; d. 8 mo. 26, 

VII— 2756. ANNIE H. PHILLIPS, b. 8 mo. 29, 1874, at Kennett 
Square; m. EDWARD LADLEY 10 mo. 30, 1895, son of Joshua Harlan 
Ladley and Abbie Garrett, b. 3 mo. 9. 1874. at Elmira, N. Y. 

He was a bookkeeper; removed from Kennett Square April, 1900, to 
Ardmore, Pa., then back to Kennett Square, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3242. Helen Leone Ladley, b. 3-17-1901. 

VII— 2757. HELEN J. PHILLIPS, b. 2 mo. 31, 1883, at Kennett 
Square; resides with her parents. 

VI— 1575. MARY B. HICKS (Annie 5), b. 9 mo. 11, 1850, at London- 
grove; m. EUGENE P. MERCER 9 mo. 8, 1870, son of Solomon Mercer 
and Rachel Stackhouse, b. 4 mo. 8, 1847. 


They reside in Kennett Square, Pa., where he was engaged in the stove. 
tinware and phimbing business, but now in another occupation. They are 
members of the Society of Friends. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2758. FREDERICK HICKS MERCER, b. 8 mo. 8, 1872. 

He is a bookkeeper with the road machine works; resides with his parents. 

VII— 2759. :^IARY ELLA MERCER, b. 2 mo. 16, 1876; m. FRED- 
ERICK FAIRLAMB HUEY 9 mo. i, 189S, son of Davis Huey and Ruth 
Amy Chambers, of Hamorton, b. 6 mo. 25, 1867; address, Hamorton, Chester 
Co., Pa, 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3243. William Ronald Huey, b. 8-12-1899. 
VIII— 3244. Elizabeth Huey, b. 7-15-1904. 

VII— 2760. JOEL SCARLETT MERCER, b. 3 mo. 29, 1879. 
He is an expert accountant; address, 2013 N. Carhsle St., Philadelphia, 

VII— 2761. THEODORE P. MERCER, b. 7 mo. 5, 1881 ; m. ETHEL 
PRESS, 6 mo. 28. 1905, dau. of John Press and Elizabeth Williams; address, 
Kennett Square, Pa. 

'Issue : — 
VIII— 3245. Theodore Linton Mercer, b. 4-15-1907. 

VII— 2762. JOSEPH WALTER MERCER, b. 3 mo. 12, 1886; unm. ; 
resides with his parents; address. Centre St., Kennett Square, Pa. 

VII— 2763. EUGENE LEROY MERCER, b. 10 mo. 30, 1888; at home. 

■• VI— 1577. ANNIE W. HICKS (Annie 5), b. 7 mo. 19, 1855; unm.; 
resides in Kennett Square, Pa. 

Issue of Joel Scarlett (T.-jii) and Annie Cha)idler. 

VI— 1578. MARY M. SCARLETT (Joel 5), b. i mo. 20, 1856, near 
Kennett Square; m. CHARLES J.PENNOCK* 6 mo. 10, 1891, son of Sam- 
Note.— Charles J. Pennock had m. first, Eleanor M. Phillips, 5-31-1882. She d. 
1-2G-1889. and they had children, Richard M., b. 5-22-1883; Samuel, b. 7-13-1884, and 
Margaret, b. 3-18-1886. 

Charles J. a son of Samuel Pennock, who greatly improved the grain-drill invent- 
ed by his father, and in 1859 invented and patented the "Iron Harvester," the first 
mowing machine with a cutter-bar that could be raised and lowered at will; and in 
1877 invented the "Pennock Road Machine," the first one of the kind for practical use 
in this country. 

Samuel Pennock, b. 8-8-1866; a son of Moses Pennock and Mary Jones Lamborn, 


uel Pennock and Deborah A. Yerkes, b. 11 mo. 18, 1857, all of Kennett 
Square, Pa. where they reside. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2764. JEAN SCARLETT PEXXOCK, b. 5 mo. 6, 1892. 

By second icife, Jane Richards. 

VI— 1579. ANNIE C. SCARLETT (Joel 5). b. i mo. 26, 1865, at 
Kennett Square; m. S. HORACE SCOTT. M. D., 11 mo. 18. 1890, son 
of Amos S. Scott and Marv L. McPherson, b. 3 mo. 26, 1865. at Coatesville, 

He graduated M. D. at the Jeffersoun Medical College, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., and is in active practice, with address 303 Chestnut St., Coates- 
ville, Pa. 

Issue born there: — 

VII— 2765. Edgar H. Scott, b. 8-19-1S91; d. 11-5-1892. 

VII— 2766. Margaret Scott, b. 10-16-1894. 

VII— 2767. Horace S. Scott, b. 5-3-1899. 

VII— 2768. Jane Richards Scott, b. 9-2S-1904. 

VI— 1580. PHEBE SCARLETT (Joel 5), b. i mo. 6, 1868; m. EL- 
LIS MARSHALL HARVEY, M. D., 2 mo. 27, 1896, son of Rolph M. 
Harvey and Anna B. ^larshall, b. 2 mo. 5, 1869, at Londongrove, Pa. : 

He graduated A. B. at Swarthmore College, and M. D. at University of 
Pennsylvania. They reside in Media, Pa., where he is an active practice as a 

Issue born there : — 
VII— 2769. Jane Scarlett Harvey, b. 11-19-1896. 
VII— 2770. Anna Bartram Harvey, b. 7-25-1S99. 
VII— 2771. Ellis Marshall Harvey, Jr., b. 6-2S-1900. 
VII— 2772. Marjorie Richards Harvey, b. 3-7-1904. 
VII— 2773. Ralfe M. Harvey, b. 7-21-1905. 
VII— 2774. Phebe Scarlett Harvey, b. 11-14-1906. 


Issue of Caroline Hoopcs ( 7.-/7 ?) and Rev. John A. Singnujster. 

VI— 1581. JAMES ARTHUR SINGMASTER (Caroline, Phebe, 
Joseph, Isaac, James), b. Aug. 7, 1878; m. HELEN PRISCILLA JACKS. 

He is a chemical engineer at the New Jersey Zinc Works ; address, Pal- 
merton. Pa. 

and Moses Pennock was the inventor of tbe revolving horse-rake in 1822 and a rude 
grain-drill in 1841, which was regarded with incredulity for several years until after 
repeated trials its value was recognizpd. He was a son of Samuel Pennock and Mary 
Hadley. Samuel, son of William Pennock and Alice Mendenhall (Moses) William, son 
of Joseph Pennock, b. in Ireland iu 1677, ard Mary Lewis, and Joseph, son of Christo- 
pher Pennock, who came from Ireland in 16S5 and settled in Philadelphia and m. Mary 
Collett, dau. of George Collett, of Ireland. 


Issue: — 
VII— 2775. James Arthur Singmaster, Jr., b. April 7, 1908. 

VI— 1582. ELSIE SINGMASTER (Caroline 5), b. Aug. 29, 1879; 
announcement made June 8, 1911, of engagement for m. to Harold S. Lewars. 

She was a graduate in 1896 of West Chester (Pa.) State Normal School, 
and is prominent in the literary circle as a writer of Pennsylvania German 
dialect stories; address, Gettysburg. Pa. 

VI— 1583. JOPIN HOWARD SINGMASTER (Caroline, Phebe, 
Joseph, Isaac, James), b. Mar. 26, 1881 ; m. CARRIE BOGH ; address, Ma- 
cungie. Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2776. Harry Alden Singmaster, b. Jan. 24, 1908. 

VI— 1584. EDMUND HOOPES SINGMASTER (Caroline s), b. 
Sept. 21, 1884; m. DAISY DIEHL; address, Haddonfield, N. J. 

VI— 1585. PAUL SINGMASTER (Caroline 5), b. July 6, 1S87; ad- 
dress, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Issue of Edmund D. Hoopes {T.-yij) and Emma R. Haines. 

VI- -1586. NORMAN HAINES HOOPES (Edmund D. 5), b. 1 
mo. 28, 1885, at West Chester, Pa.; unm. 

b. I mo. 3, 1887, at West Chester, Pa.; at home. 

VI— 1588. ALLAN TRIMBLE HOOPES (Edmund D. 5), b. 9 mo. 
2, 1888, at West Chester, Pa. ; at home. 

VI— 1589. ELIZABETH COMLY HOOPES (Edmund D. 5). b. 9 
mo. 28, 1889, at Philadelphia; at home. 

VI— 1590. CLAYTON ENGLE HOOPES (Edmund D. 5), b. 9 mo. 
24, 1893. at West Chester, Pa. 

VI— 1 59 1. EDMUND D. HOOPES. JR. (Edmund D. 5), b. 3 mo. 
13. 1896. 


Issue of Joseph T. Hoopes (T.-j-sg) and Judith S. Preston. 

VI— 1592. WILMER P. HOOPES (Joseph T.. Rachel, Joseph. Isaac, 
James), b. 10 mo. 2. 1874. West Chester. Pa.: m. HELEN WHITE 
POWELL 8 mo. 27, 1897, Woodside Fann. Harford Co., Md., dau. of Wm. 
Gordon Powell and Emma Loraine Gebler, b. 10 mo. 9. 1875, at Hontzdale, 
Clearfield Co., Pa.; d. 11 mo. 8, 1902. 

M. second. ANNA GRAHAM MATTHEWS, i mo. 15, 1908, dau. 
of Edward H. I\Litthews and Julia Rosabel Wheeler, b. 12 mo. 30, 18S1. 

He was a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, 1S95; ^^'^^ 
in the drug trade in Philadelphia, New York and New Orleans; returned 
to the farm in the spring of 1897. He is a friend, and his first \Yife was a 
Presb>-terian ; address, Bynum, Forest Hill, Md., R. D. 2. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2777. Clara Cloud Hoopes, b. 1-27-1899. 
VII— 2778. Helen Loraine Hoopes. b. 2-12-1900. 
VII— 2779. Elnia Powell Hoopes, b. 2-7-1901. 

VI— 1593. MIRIAM HOOPES (Joseph T. 5). b. 10 mo. 19. 1875, i" 
Harford Co., Md. ; at home; address, Bynum, Forest Hill, Md., F. R. D. 

VI— IS94- HERBERT HOOPES (Joseph T. O. b. i mo. 8. 1877; m. 
ANNIE JEAN WATSON i mo. 22, 1902. dau. of William T. and Eliza- 
beth T. Watson, b. 10 mo. 6, 1875. 

He is by profession a veterinarian; title. Herbert Hoopes. V. M. D. Ad- 
dress, Bel Air, Md. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2780. Elizabeth Watson Hoopes, b. 7-25-1903; d. 1-13-1905. 

VII— 2781. Joseph Darlington Hoop€S, b. 11-28-1 P'lio. 

VII— 2782. James Oliver Hoopes, b. 1-26-1908; d. 1-27-190S. 

VI— 1595. ROBERT D. HOOPES (Joseph T. 5), b. 9 mo. 6. 1882; at 

VI— 1596. RACHEL T. FIOOPES (Joseph T. 5),b. i mo. 15, 1892. 
She was a student at George School, Newtown. Pa. 

Issue of Daznd Hoopes {T.-/Si) and Dora Sherman. 

VI— 1597. T. MAURICE HOOPES (David 5), b. 2 mo. 7. 1891, at 
Mt. Sidney, Va. He is probably with his mother at Staunton, Va. 

VI— 1598. ANNA T. HOOPES (David 5), b. 6 mo. 5, 1892, at Hag- 
erstown, Md. 



Issue of Clement D. Hoopes {T.-/22) and Martha F. Price. 

b. 2 mo. 26, 1886. 

He was for seven years steward on a vessel plying^ between New York 
and Bermuda; then promoted to a position on the steamer Bermudian of the 
same line. Address, that vessel at New York. 

VI— 1600. EDITH CHEYNEY HOOPES (Clement D. 5), b. 6 mo. 
5, 1887; d. 3 mo. 3, 1892, at Tennallytown, D. C. 

VI— 1601. MARTHA FLETCHER HOOPES (Clement D. 5), b. 
7 mo. 5, 1888; d. I mo. 26, 1889, in Harford Co., Md. 

VI— 1602. HENRY ARTHUR HOOPES (Clement D. 5), b. 8 mo. 

19, 1889; m. KATHARINE ( ?), 1908. 

He is a bookkeeper in a large cafe in Washington, D. C. 

VI— 1603. MARTHA PRICE HOOPES (Clement D. 5), b. 5 mo. 
18, 1891. 

VI— 1604. RUPERT LEE HOOPES, b. 7 mo. 24, 1894. 

VI— 1605. RAYMOND FRANKLIN HOOPES, b. 11 mo. 3, 1897. 

VI— 1606. JOSEPH TRDIBLE HOOPES, b. 11 mo. 25, 1900. 
They all reside with their parents at this writing. 

Issue of Anna T. Hoopes (T.-/-'?) and Russell Hoopes. 

VI— 1607. VIRGINIA RUSSELL HOOPES, b. 6 mo. 15, 1896. 



VI— 1609. CONSTANCE TRIMBLE HOOPES, b. 12 mo. 15. 1896. 
These were all born at West Chester and live with their parents at this 


Line of James, Isaac, John. 

Issue of James M. Trimble {T-y28) and Isabella Guthrie, all bom in New 
Orleans, La. 

VI— 1611. ALICE REBECCA TRIMBLE (Tames M., Isaac, John, 
Isaac, James), b. Jan. 17, 1866; m. ULYSSES M. BLANCIiARD Feb. 
20, 1890. 

Ele d. July 2, 1S94. He was a cotton planter at Stafford, Miss., where he 
was buried and where his widow and son continue to reside. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2783. Isabella Trimble Blanchard, b. April 9, 1891; d. May 12. 1892. 
VII— 2784. John Augustus Blanchard, b. Oct. 5, 1892. 

VI— 1612. WILLIAM GUTHRIE TRIMBLE (James M. O- b. May 
2, 1868: m. KATHERINE FRANCES LAMB Sept. 15, 1909, dau. of 
Patrick F. and Katherine Frances Lamb, b. July 22, 1877. 

He removed from Stafford, Miss., to Memphis. Tenn., April. 1909, and 
is engaged in accountant work, with address 1667 Carruthers Ave., that city. 

Child :— 
VII— 2785. Patricia Elizabeth Ti-imble, b. Oct. 25, 1910. 

VI— 1613. JAMES MOORE TRIMBLE, JR. (James M. 5.) b. Sept. 
[7, 1870; d. April 12, 1892; unm. 

April 16. 1874; m. DR. JAMES HA:MILT0X MADDOX Dec. 11, 1895. 
He d. Mar. 4, 1900. Her address is Stafford, Miss., where she and her son 

Issue : — 
VII— 2786. James Hamilton Maddox, Jr., b. Oct. 6, 1896. 

VI— 1615.. JESSIE CRAWFORD TRIMBLE (James M. 5), b. Aug. 
28, 1877; m- WILLIAM G. SMITH Jan. 3. 1904. 

He is a cotton planter; address, Stafford, Miss. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2787. Isabelle Trimble Smith, b. July 28, 1907. 

Issue of Mary Elizabeth Trimble {T-j2<p) and William Crazcford, all born 
in Baltimore, Md. 

VI— 1616. MARY BLAIR CRAWFORD Olary E., Isaac, John, 
Isaac, James), b. April 3, 1855; d. Jan. 1899: bur. in Greenmount Cem.^ 
m. JOHxX E. BRISCO. He is also deceased. 


Issue : — 

VII— 27SS. William Brisco. Jr. 

Nothing further of these found. 

VI— 1617. ELLA CRAWFORD (Mary E. 5), b. June 14, 1858; ad- 
dress, High and Trinity Sts., Baltimore, Md. 

VI— 1618. ALFRED CRAWFORD (Mar)- E. 5), b. Feb. 6, 1863; d. 
May 14, 1891 ; unm. 

VI— 1619. JESSIE AIKEN CRAWFORD Mar>- R 5), b. Feb. 23. 
1865; d. Aug. 20, 1S75. 

Both of the latter were buried in Greenmount Cemetery. 

Feb. 8, 1870; m. THO^IAS OWEN. 
Nothing further furnished. 

Issue of SaiiiHcl Henry Troth {T.-729) and Anna Shipley. 

VI— 1623. JOHN THEODORE TROTH (Samuel H.. Marv. John, 
Isaac, James), b. 5 mo. 30. 1884; m. ^lARION ROBERTS, 7 mo. 15. 1908, 
dau. of Rev. William H. Robert and ^Marion Esther McLean ; resided at St. 
David's, Pa. 

Issjte by second zcifc, Josephine Corse. 

VI— 1624. ANNA M. S. TROTH, b. 5 mo. 25, 1889. 

VI— 1625. ^^RIAM TROTH, b. 6 mo. 14, 1892: d. 8 mo. 22, 1893. 

VI— 1626. FREDERICK WILLIAM TROTH, b. 8 mo. 10, 1895: d. 
9 mo. 24, 1898. 

VI— 1627. EDWARD P. TROTH, b. 9 mofl 12, 1900. 

Isstie of Elizabeth M. Trimble {T.-J40) and John Beck. 

VI— 1630. JOHN CHARLES BECK (Elizabeth Tvl., John. John. 
Isaac. James), b. Dec. 29, 1858; m. CAROLINE PRIMROSE Nov. — . 
1882, dau. of John Primrose and Caroline Brice; address, Worton, Kent 
County, Maryland. 


Issue : — 

VII— 27S9. George Vickers Beck. 

VII— 2790. Edna Beck. 

VII— 2791. Finnk Beck. 

VII— 2792. Blanche Beck. 

VII— 2793. Cooper Beck. 

VII— 2794. Charles Beck. 

VI— 1631. ANNIE ORNE BECK (Elizabeth M.. John, John, Isaac, 
James), b. Jan. 20, 1861 ; m. BARTUS T. WILKINS Jan. 28, 1880, son of 
James Wilkins and ^lary Frew. He is deceased. Her address, 302 E. 24th 
St., Baltimore, Md. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2795. ALFRED GIBSON WILKINS, b. Feb. 16, 1882; m. 
^L'\RY NAGLE Feb. 12, 1902, dau. of John and Eliza Nag-Ie. 

He is a traveling commission merchant, with residence Baltimore, ]Md. 
Issue : — 

VIII— 3246. Annie Wilkins, b. 190-. 

VIII— 3247. Edith Wilkins. 

VIII— 324S. Wilbur Wilkins. 

VIII— 3249. Emma Wilkins. 

VIII— 3250. Regina Wilkins, b. Aug. — , 1908. 

VII— 2796. JAMES WILBUR WILKINS, b. Oct. 13, 1885; m. 
FLORA MANTZ Oct. i, 1904, dau. of Jacob Mantz and Rosena Rose, b. 
March 31, 1885; address, 302 E. 24th St., Baltimore, ]Md. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3251. Carrell Wilkins, b. July 31, 1907. 

VII— 2797. EDWARD WILKINS, b. Oct. 13, 1887. 
He is second engineer; for three years on U. S. ship Chauncey, lately 
(1910) in China waters. 

VI— 1633. ROSE EL^IA BECK (Elizabeth M., John. John, Isaac, 
James), b. Dec. 24, 1864; m. JOHN L. DEPUTY Feb. 8, 1881, son of 
Charles Deputy and Isabella Gray, b. Sept. 21, 1858, in Delaware. 

He is a farmer; address, IMelitota, Kent Co., Del. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2798. Harry Trimble Deputy, b. Aug. 1, 1883. 

VII— 2799. Elizabeth Troth Deputy, b. Sept. 2, 1884; m. William Tavlor Kirkbride, June 

7, 1909, of Philadelphin, Pa. 

VII— 2800. John Charles Deputv, b. June 2, 1886; d. young. 

VII— 2801. Willipm. Daly Deputv, b. Oct. 6, 1888. 

VII— 2802. Arthur Vickers D.-putv, b. June 4, 1893. 

VII— 2803. Lewis Beck Vickejs. b. Jan. 8, 1895. 

VII— 2804. Mary Julia Deputy, b. Jan. 23, 1901. 

VII— 2805. Emma Beck Df-Mitv, b. Oct. 16, 1902. 

VII— 2806. Sabella Gray Deputy, b. July 21, 1906; d. Sept. 2, 1906. 


VI— 1635. WILLIAM HEXRY BECK (Elizabeth M. 5), b. July ,. 
1869; deceased. 

Vr_i636. EMMA JOSEPHINE BECK (Elizabeth M. 5), b. Au^. 
29, 1871 : address. 1317 Eutaw Place, Baltimore. Md. 

Line of I.\mes, Isaac, John, D.wid. 

Issue of John Joseph Trimble {T.-J41) and Anna M. iVIieeler. 

VI— 1637. ALICE ELIZABETH TRIMBLE (John J.. David, John. 
Isaac, James), b. May 22, 1875; resides in New York City, unmarried. 

VI— 1638. DAVID B. TRIMBLE (John J. 5), b. Aug. 14, 1878; d. 
Nov. — , 1884. 

Issue of Anna S. Trimble (T'-z-Zj) and Henry H. Szcinbnrne. 

John, Isaac, James), b. Nov. 16, 1872. 

He is an artist, but recently went to the Klondike to locate and establish 
there a mining claim; unm. 

Issue of Elizabeth B. Trimble ^T.-J4-,) and Rev. William J. O'Brien. 

VI— 1640. EDWARD GALBRAITH O'BRIEN (EHzabeth B. 5), b. 
Sept. 24, 1880; unm.; address Yreka, Cal. 

VI— 1641. MARY FLORENCE O'BRIEN (Elizabeth B. 5), b. Jan. 
21, 1885; unm.; address Yreka, Cal. 

Issue of Henry P. Trimble {T-J48) and Clara C. Crandall. 

VI— 1641. MARY EVERETT TRIMBLE (Henry P., David, John, 
Isaac, James), b. Oct. 17, 1896, at Crandall, Fla. 

VI— 1643. DAVID HENRY TRIMBLE (Henry P. 5). b. April 25. 
1900; d. April 29. 1900. 

Issue of James L. Trimble {T.-j^2) and Matilda IV. Taylor. 

VI— 1644. MARY TAYLOR TRIMBLE (James L. 5), b. July i, 
1875; d- Aug. II, 1875. 


VI— 1645. SARAH DAVIS TRIMBLE (James L., Joseph, John, 
Isaac, James), b. Sept. 15, 1876; resides with her father at 308 \V. Main 
St., Moorestown, N. J. 

VI— 1646. EMIL\ TAYLOR TRIMBLE (James L. 5). b. Aug. 31, 
1881: m. WILLIAM J. BUZBY Oct. 20, 1906. son of Wiiham C. Buzby 
and EHzabeth Borton, b. Dec. 17, 1876, at Mt. Laurel, N. J.; address, Plain- 
field, N. J. 

VI— 1647. ELIZABETH BROWN TRIMBLE (James L. 5),b. May 
27, 1885; m. J. HERMAN PRICKITT Aug. 15, 1906, son of Ezra E. 
Prickitt and Sarah E. Patterson, b. May 18, 1884, in N. J.; they reside in 
West Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — '■ 
VII— 2807. James Herman Prickitt, b. July -, 1907. 

Line of James, Isaac, !Mary. 

Issue of W infield Peters (T.-/6^) a.nd Mary Elisabeth Smith Girvin. 

VI— 1648. ANNIE G. PETERS (Winfield 5), b. June 8, 1871 ; d. 
July 7, 1872. 

VI— 1649. MARY LILLIAN PETERS (Winfield 5), b. Jan. 16, 
1874; d. June 16, 1875,. 

VI— 1650. JAMES GIRVIN PETERS (Winfield. George. Mary, Isaac, 
James), b. Nov. 14, 1876; m. HARRIET DUGAN WHITE Nov. 12. 1907. 

He graduated A. B., 1898, at Johns Hopkins University and Yale For- 
estry School, 1903: is engaged with the U. S. Forestry Bureau, Washing1:on, 
D. C.; resides in Baltimore, Md. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2808. Horace White Peters, b. Sept. 3, 1908. 

Isstie of Clarence Peters {T.-'/66) and Emmei Hack. 

VI— 1651. CARRIE VIRGINIA PETERS (Clarence. George. Mar>', 
Isaac, James), b. Oct. 11, 1867; resides in Baltimore, Md. 

VI— 1652. EMMA MAE PETERS (Clarence 5), b. Aue. 8. 1869: m. 
LUDOLPH G. MATHEWS, 1889. They were legally separated. 

M. second. ZEPPIANIAH WILLIAM TORDON, 189;, son of Wil- 
liom John Jordan. They resided in Philadelphia, where he was engaged in 


bankii.g; he d. Nov. 3, 1899, in WestPhiladelpliia: bur. in Mount Tvac- 

M third. F. ALBERT KURTZ. 1903. of Baltimore. ^Id.. son of Thc- 
ophikis Newton Kurtz; address, 1404 Eutaw Place, Baltimore, Md. 

Issue by first husband : — 
VII— 2S09. Emma Virginia Mathews, b. March 31, 1891; d. Feb. 10, 1S93. 

Issue bv second husband : — 

VII— 2810. Edith Mae Jordou, b. Jan. 20. 1897. 

Issiic of Augusta H. Richardson {T.-774) and John S. Howard. 

VI— 1658. AMANDA SLADE HOWARD (Au^ista, Mary, ^Iary. 
Isaac, Tames), b. Nov. 3, i860; d. ajn. 4. 1904 •- m. JOHN H. GWYNN 
May 27, 1890; b. Oct. 8. 1858. His address, Benedict House, 1308 i St., 
N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Issue ; — 
VII— 2811. Kathryn Gwynn, b. Nov. 3. 1891. 
VII— 2812. Grace Howard Gwynn, d. Oct. 3, 1895. 

VI— 1659. BEALE RICHARDSON HOWARD (Au-usta 5), b. 
March 15, 1862. in Harford Co., Md. ; m. GRACE B. ADAMS Dec. 16. 
1889, dau. of Georg-e W. Adams and Jane L. Barclay, b. Feb. 16, 1871, in 
Washington, D. C. 

He is on the staff of the "Evening Star;" office iioi Pennsylvania Ave.; 
residence 1410 i6th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Issue born there : — 
VII— 2813. Edythe Howard, b. June 14, 1891. 
VII— 2814. Grace Margaret Howard, b. July 13. 1892. 
VII— 2815. George Adams Howard, b. March 21, 1900. 

Issue of Mary A. Richardson {T.-J76) and Thomas M. Kent. 

VI— 1661. FRANCIS RICHARDSON KENT (Mary A. 5, Mary, 
Mary, Isaac, James), b. May i, 1877; m. MINNIE WHITMAN Jan. 5, 
1907, dau. of Ezra Bailey Whitman and Belle Cross Slingluff, b. May 21, 1877. 

He is treasurer of the Maryland Agricultural College ; address, College 
Park, St. George Co., Md. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2816. Frank Richardson Kent, Jr., b. Nov. 3, 1907. 

Mary, Isaac, James), b. April 28. 1879; m. G. W\\RFIELD PIOBBS. 
JR., Oct. 18, 1902, son. of Rev. G.Warfield Hobbs and Jeanette Dawson Rich- 
ardson, b. Aug. 29, 1876. 

He has been engaged with vari<ju-^ newspapers as follo'.vs: Washington 
Times, Washington, D. C Evening Star, Baltimore American, 1897-1903 


as state editor and assistant city editor, and since 1903 on the staff of the Pub- 
lic Ledger of Philadelphia. Pa., as city editor, with residence 223 Mt. Carmel 
Ave., Glenside, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2817. Mary Richardson Hobbs, b. July 9, 1903. 
VII— 2818, G. Warfleld Hobbs, (3rcl.), b. July 14, 1905. 

Issue of B. H. RkJmrdson, Jr. {T.-y/S) and Elicabeth M. Halcombe. 

Mary, Mary, Isaac,. James), b. Aug. 22, 1866, in Mobile, Ala.; d. May 4, 
1894, at Knoxville, Tenn. 

5), b. Dec. 29, 1867, in ^lobile, Ala.; m. ROBERT LEE ALLEN Sept. 26, 
1888, of Montgomery, Ala., b. Jan. 2, 1866; address. Port Lovaca, Texas. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2819. Howard Richardson Allen, b. Feb. 10, 1890. 
VU— 2820. Georgia Richardson Allen, b. Oct. 13, 1891. 
VII— 2821. Robert Lee Allen. 
VII— 2822. George Halcomb Allen 

Probably others, bui names not furnished. 

VI— 1666. BEALE HOWARD RICHARDSON, 3d (Beale H. 2 
Beale H. i, Mary, Marv, Isaac, James), b. Feb. 27, 1871, in New Orleans, 
La. ; m. FLORENCE HOWARD, of Glenville, Ala., June 8, 1893 ; b. Jan. 

3, 1873- 

He represented the Washington Life Insurance Co. of New York for nine 
years as manager; five years in New Orleans, La., and four years in St. Paul, 
Minn. On April i, 1909, he severed his connection with this company and 
became agency supervisor for the Equitable Life Assurance Society, of New 
York. Address, St. Paul, Minn. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2823. Georgia Mildred Richardson, b. Oct. 21, 1894, at Columbus. Ga. 

VII— 2824. Annie Gertrude Richardson, b. May 6, 1896, in Glenville, Ala. 

VII— 2825. Florence Howard Richardson, b. Oct. 4, 1S97, in Columbus, Ga. 

VII— 2826. Beale Howard Richardson, (4th), b. July 16, 1905, in New Orleans, La. 

VII— 2827. William] Holcombe Richardson, b. Nov. 14, 1908, 'n St. Paul, Minn. 

VI— 1667. LYNETTE RICHARDSON (Beale H., Jr., 5), b. Jan. 24, 
1873, in Savannah, Ga. ; d. young. 

Issue by second wife. 




Issue of Elizabeth H. Richardson {T.-jSi) and Isaiah P. Burgess^ born in 
Baltimore, Md. 

VI— 1670. JAMES ANDREWS BURGESS (Elizabeth H. 5). b. 
March 14, 1S70; m. MARY ARMISTEAD BOSWELL Aug. 31, 1907, of 
Southern Virginia, dau. of William C. Boswell and Mary Armstead. 

He is with the Merchant & Miners Transportation Co. Residence, 
Springdale Ave., Forest Park, Baltimore, Md. No children. 

VI— 1671. AUGUSTA BLANCHE BURGESS (Elizabeth Howard, 
Catherine J., Mar}-, Isaac, James), b. May 2, 1872. 

She is a teacher; resides at 711 Gladstone Ave., Roland Park, P. O. Bal- 

VI— 1672. FRANK RICHARDSON BURGESS (Elizabeth H. 5), b. 
July 2, 1874; address, 171 1 Gladstone Ave., Roland Park, P. O. Baltimore, 

VI— 1673. ANNIE ESTELLE BURGESS Elizabeth H. 5), b. June 12, 
1882; d. Aug. 5, 1882. 

Line of J.a.mes, Hannah, R.\chel. 
Issue of Rachel Ann Evans {T.-jqO) and Oliver Patterson. 

VI— 1679. MARY FINLEY PATTERSON (Rachel Ann, Hannah," 
Rachel, Hannah, James), b. Nov. 14, 1864; m. JEPTHA CLARK Nov. 10, 
1881, son of William M. Clark and Maria McCloud, b. Aug. 30, 1855. 
Address, 1228 Hyde Park, Camden, N. J. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2828. Lewis Oliver Clork, b. July 30, 1SS2; d. Jan. 5, 1885. 
VII— 2829. Charles Wesley Ciark, b. Oct. 16, 1S91; d. June 16, 1892. 

VI— i68o. WESLEY REUBEN PATTERSON (Rachel Ann 5), b. 
March 7 ,1869; m. AMELIA C. DIHLM.AN March 30, 1896, dau. of Fred- 
erick and Elizabeth Dihlman, formerly oi Germany. 

He is a time clerk for Penna. R. R. at West Phila., and she has a dry 
goods -store at their residence, 4002 Girard Ave., Phiadelphia, Pa. He had 
one leg amputated which he lost by a train wreck June 7, 1899. No issue. 

VI— 1681. BERTHA FRANCES PATTERSON (Rachel Ann 5), b. 
Aug. 7, 187 1 ; m. CHARLES THOMPSON, 1890. 

He is a storekeeper. They removed to Hopwood near Uniontown, Fay- 
ette Co., Pa. 


Issue : — 
VII— 2830. Oliver Thompsou, b. June 14, 1898. 
VII— 2831. Maude Thompson, b. June 29, 1903. 

Issue of Paschall Evans {T.-797) and Harriet Price. 

VI— 1682. EUGENE PARKER EVANS (Paschall. Hannah. Mary, 
Hannah James), b. June 10, 1861 ; m. SARAH WILLIAMS Oct. 28. 18S6, 
dau. of Redmund Williams and Mary Jane Larkin, d. May 31. 1901. 

He is a traffic manager of the White Hall Cement Co. ; addressi 5336 
Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. No issue. 

VI— 16S3. ELLA J. EVANS (Paschall 5), b. May 5, 1863 ; m. JOHN 
WALTERS Jan. 27, 1887, son of John Walters and Mary Strickler, b. ^lay 
19, 1862; d. Feb. 18, 1888; address same as last No. 

VI— 1684. IRENE EVANS (Paschall 5), b. Sept. 18, 1865; unm. 
address, same as above. 

VI— 1685. ANN EVANS (Paschall 5), b. March 22, 1868: d. May 9, 
1875 ; buried at Northwood Cemetery. 

VI— 1686. OSCAR H. EVANS (Paschall 5), b. June 7. 1871 ; m. 
MARY DALLAS SINNICKSON Sept. 29. 1902. Philadelphia, dau. of 
Henry Sinnickson and Harriet Armstrong Walls, of Salem. N. J. . 

He is a clerk in the ticket office of Penna. R. R., office Washington, 
D. C, with address 676 Fourth St., N. E. No issue. 

Issjie of Sidney Evans (T.-rgg) and Henry Davis, born in West Chester, Pa. 

VI— 1688. MARGARETTA W. DAVIS (Sidney, Hannah. Rachel, 
Hannah, James), b. Feb. 22, 1866; unm.; resides with her mother 3804 Reno 
St., West Philadelphia, Pa. 

VI— 1689. BERTHA JANE DAVIS (Sidney 5), b. Nov. 23, 1867; m. 
JOSEPH MARTIN May 12, 1897, son of John Martin and Sophia, b. Sept. 
— . 1858. Her address same as sister above. No issue. 

VI— 1692. WILLIAM DAVIS (Sidney 5). b. Nov. 11, 1875; d. June 
2, 1899; unm. He went with his mother and family to Philadelphia and died 
there buried in Greenmount Cemetery, West Chester, Pa. 


VI— 1693. JOHN C. DAVIS (Sidney 5), b. June 10, 1885; unm.; resi- 
dence same as sisters. 

Issue of John McCormick (T-Soo) and Elizabeth M. Taylor. 

Rachel, Hannah, James), b. Aug. i, 185.8; m. MARY HEATLEY Jan. 5. 
1S86, dan. of Samuel Heatley and Catharine INIahan, b. Dec. 27, 1864. 

He is a printer, engaged in the Horace Temple printing establishment, 
with residence 509 S. Church St., West Chester, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2&32. Mary McCormick, b. March 2, 1SS9. 

VII— 2S33. Helen McCormick, b. Sept. 20, 1891; d. July 20, 1892. 

VII— 2834. William J. McCormick, b. June 22. 1S93. 

VII— 2835. Frank J. McCormick, b. Nov. 16, 1895. 

VII— 2836. Joseph A. McCormick, b. Feb. 11, 1897. 

VII— 2837. Thomas McCormick, b. Sept. 13, lSfi9. 

VII— 2838. Kathr>-n McCormick, b. June 24, 1902. 

VII— 2839. Robert McCormick, b. Jan. 16. 1904. 

VII— 2840. Dorothy McCormick, b. Sept. 29, 1905. 

VII— 2841. Louis M. McCormick, b. Jan. 12. 1907. 

VI— 1695. JOHN HENRY >dcCORAlICK (John 5), b. Dec. 2, i860; 
d. Feb. 7, 1902; unm.; resided in West Chester, Pa. 

VI— 1696. GEORGE B. McCORMICK (John 5), b. July 26, 1863; 
m. FRANCES HAYES S.MEDLEY May 19, 1892, dau. of Peter Smedley 
and Amy Henderson, b. ]May 16, 1868. 

He is a reporter on the "Local News," with residence at 113 S. Union 
St., West Chester, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2842. Clara McCormick, b. March 10, 1893. 

Issue of Wills McCormick {T.-802) and Harriet Hoffman. 

VI— 1702. LEOR.A V. McCOR^IICK (Wills 4), b. Aug. 28, 1865; 
m. JOHN O'NEIL; of Philadelphia, but not found. 

VI— 1704. LENA DORA McCORMICK (Wills 4), b. Dec. 28, 1870; 
said to be living in Philadelphia; unm. 

Issue of Ellen McCormick {T.-804) atid Thomas S. Foster. 

VI— 1706. MARY W. FOSTER (Ellen, Robert, Rachel, Hannah, 
jamcs), b. Jtily 7, 1865: m. JOHN C. WAINWRIGHT Sept. 16.1808, son 
of Abel Wainwright and Fanny Coles, of New York State, but removed to 
Spring City, Pa., in 1857, b. Alay 3, 1862. 


He is a manufacturer of foundry facings, with address 249 S. Main St., 
Spring City, Chester Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2S43. Lillian Wainwright, b. May 20, 1SS8; at home. 
VII— 2844. Mary Wainwright, b. May 3, 1892; at home. 

VI— 1707. LILLY FOSTER (Ellens), b. Aug. 20, 1867; m. THOMAS 
CLIFFORD WILLIAMS Oct. 14, 1890, son of Samuel Williams and Abbie 
Long, b. Nov. 3, 1867. 

He is engaged with the Perry & Co. clothing store, Sixteenth and Chest- 
nut Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.; resided for a time at 515 N. 6th St., that city; 
in 1910 removed to 418 S. 4th St., Cohvjm, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2845. Thomas Williams, b. April 12, 1S94. 
VII— 2846. Laurabell Williams, b. Oct. 10, 1899. 

VI— 1709. WILLIAM B. FOSTER (Ellen 5), b. Nov. 19, 1874; m. 
ELIZABETH SCOTT April 6, 1904, dau. of Alfred Scott and Rebecca 
Welde Pinkerton. 

He is head draughtsman of the Dupont Bldg., corner of Taith and Mar- 
ket Sts., with residence 1207 W. Ninth St., Wilmington, Del. 

VI— 1710. LEVI McCAULEY FOSTER (Ellen 5), b. Sept. 23, 1878; 
m. ANNA BERTHA McCAULEY April 21, 1909, b. Sept. — , 1884. 

He is a machinist employed with the Pusey & Jones Company, of Wil- 
mington, Del.; address, 1407 W. Se\-enth St. 

Issue of Lezi'is McCormick {T.-S08) and ■ — IVychoif. 

VI— 1711. — McCORMICK, m. EDWIN FULLAM; reside in 

Washington, D. C. 

Issue of Abner Evans {T.-810) and Mary Ann Kephart. 

VI— 1712. JOHtN EVANS, b. 1856, at Downingtown, Pa. 

By second zvife, Hannah Clozver. 

VI— 1713. FRANK EVANS, b. May 15, 1869. 

Line of James, Hanxah, David. 

Issue of George lobe {T-812) and Ann Sharp. 

VI— 1714. JACOB D. JOBE (George, Hannah, David, Hannah, 
James), b. July 18, 1851; d. Nov. 22, 1897; m. MARY SMITH Nov. 22, 


1875, dau. of Eber Smith and Mary Jane Sharpe, b. April 29, 1855; residcl 
in Coatesville, Pa. 

After his death she m. Walter Thompson, son of WilHam Thompson and 
Sarah Noblet, who was b. Sept. 2, 1845, and they reside in Philadelphia, Pa. 
He is a carpenter. 

Issue of Jacob D. Jobe : — 

VII— 2847. LESLIE JOBE, b. May 18, 1876, m. EMILY ECHOLLS 
Dec. 9, 1898. dau. of John and Mary Echolls, b. Feb. 3, 1882. 

He is employed with the Worth Iron Works, Coatesville, Pa. 

Issue : — 
Vni— 3252. Charles Eber Jobe, b. Oct. 20. 1900; d. July 30, 1901. 
VIII— 3253. Isabell Jobe, b. June 21, 1902. 
VIII— 3254. William W. Jobe, b. March 4, 1905. 
VIII— 3255. Laura E. Jobe, b. Jan. 10, 1908. 

VII— 2848. EBER JOBE, b. April 18, 1879; m. CORA BELLE 
GARMAN Dec. 21, 1905, dau. of Reuben Garman and Ida Spotts, b. Jan. 
II, 1883. 

He is employed Avith the Huston Iron Works, of Coatesville, Pa., where 
they reside. 

Issue : — 
VIII— 3256. Harold Eber Jobe, b. Nov. 20, 1906. 

VII— 2849. ELSIE JANE JOBE, b. June 25, 1883; m. BENJAMIN 

MORRELL Nov. 22, 1905, son of James , b. Oct. 2, 1880. 

They reside in Coatesville, Pa. He is a machinist. No issue. 

VII— 2850. ROY JOBE, b. March 9, 1894. 

VI— 1715. RUTHANNA JOBE (George 5). b. July 9 ,1855; m. AN- 
DREW GRIFFITH Feb. i, 1880, son of James Griffith and Mary Ann 
Jackson, b. April 26, 1861 ; reside at 265 S. First Ave., Coatesville, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2851. WILMER GRIFFITH, b. Oct. 24, 1880; m. EMMA 
DOGHERTY Jan. 19, 1907, of Coatesville, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VIII— 3257. Ruth Griffith, b. July 20, 1907. 

VII— 2852. ALICE G. GRIFFITH, b. Dec. 28, 1882; unm. ; resides 
with parents. 

VII— 2853. GEORGE W. GRIFFITH, b. Jan. 22, 1885, unm. 
On Nov. 13, 1899, he sustained a severe injury to his back whilst employed 
in the Lukens Iron and Steel Works, since which time he has not been able 
to walk. He lives with his parents. 

VII— 2854. NORMAN J. GRIFFITH, b. Oct. 8. 1885, m. ELSIE 
HESS March 16, 1909. 

He is an iron and steel worker at Coatesville, Pa. 


VII— 2855. J. LESLIE GRIFFITH, b. April 14, 1887; d. April 18. 

VII— 2856. HOWARD H. GRIFFITH, b. March 14, 1889. 
He is employed in an iron works at Coatesville, Pa. 

VII— 2857. CHARLES GRIFFITH, b. Aug. 23, 1894. 

VII— 2S58. MARY J. GRIFFITH, b. June 14, 1897. 

VI— 1716. GEORGE JOBE, JR., (George 5), b. April 4, 1857; m. 
LILLIAN R. FORD Sept. 29, 1887, dau. of William Ford and xMary Heth- 
erington, b. Jvlarch 15, 1864. 

He is employed in the Lukens Iron and Steel Works, Coatesville, Pa., 
with residence 255 S. First Ave. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2859. Cora M. Jobe, b. Sept. 28, 1890; cashier in Ginn's Dept. Store, Coatesville, 

. Pa. 
VII— 2860. Jacob Jobe, b. Nov. 13, 1896. 
VII— 2861. William Jobe, b. Sept. 23, 1901. 

VI— 1 71 7. MARY J. JOBE (George 5), b. April 17, i860; unm.; re- 
sides with her mother. 

Issue of lVillui>n E. Fetters {T.-814) and Sarah Ford. 

VI— 1 718. GEORGE W. FETTERS (William, Joseph, David, Han- 
nah, James), b. Dec. 13, 1862. at Newtown Square; m. HANNAH A. MUL- 
LER Oct. 4, 1883. dau. of Carl Muller and Augusta Windier, b. July 16, 
i860; d. Sept. 6, 1909; address, 7007 Woodland avenue., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — ■ 

VII— 2862. George W. Fetters, Jr., b. July 31, 1884. 

VII— 2863. Augusta W. Fetters, b. Feb. 9, 1886. 

VII— 2864. William Jarvis Fetters, b. Dec. 28, 1887. 

VII— 2865. Josephine Muller Fetters, b. July 30, 1889. 

VII— 2866. Sarah Rose Fetters, b. Nov. 30, 1891. 

VII— 2867. Carl M. Fetters, b. July 14, 1S93. 

VII— 2868. Harly Boon Fetters, b. Sept. 23, 1897. 

VII— 2869. Herman M. Fetters, b. Jan. 10, 1900; d. same day. 

VI— 1719. WILLIAM E. FETTERS (William 5), b. Jan. 14, 1865. 
Lower Merion; m. ANNA BARGER April 30, 1890. 

He is a letter carrier; address, 940 N. 50th St., Philadelphia, Pa. No issue. 

VI— 1720. EDWARD B. FETTERS (William 5), b. Mar. 14. 1867, 
at Haverford; m. SOPHIA DIRKS Jan. 29, 1895, dau. of Rudolph Dirks 
and Margaret Hirit, b. Jan. 21, 1876. 


He is engaged with P. R. R. at Broad St. Station ; address, 46th St. ami 
Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2870. Hazel Fetters, b. Oct. 6, 1895. 
VII— 2S71. Blanche Fetters, b. Feb. 28, 1900; d. Jan. — , 1901. 

VI— 1721. SALLIE FETTERS (William 5), b. Sept. 6, 1869, at Dar- 
by; m. JOHN PHY June 21, 1899, son of Charles and Hannah Phy. 

He is in the laundry trade; last location given Bryn Mawr, Pa. No issue. 

VI— 1722. JOSEPH M. FETTERS (William 5), b. Oct. 20, 1871, at 

He is employed at Broad St. Sta., P. R. R., Philadelphia, Pa. ; unm. 

VI— 1723. HARRY B. FETTERS (William 5), b. March 18, 1874, 
at Darby; unm. 

VI— 1725. BRUCE W. FETTERS (William 5), b. June 13, 1877; 
m. ANNIE MOWBRAY June 1903, dau. of John. No issue. 

VI— 1726. PHILIP M. FETTERS (William 5), b. Jan. 3, 1879; m. 
EMMA BUMGARDNER Oct. 17, 1901, dau. of Philip and Beulah Bum- 

He is employed at Broad St. Sta., P. R. R. ; address, 6025 Kershaw Ave., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2872. Philip Ray Fetters, b. Nov. 14, 1902. 

Issue of Joseph Fetters, Jr. (T.-Sij) and Margaret Braden. 

VI— 1727. EUZABETH C. FETTERS (Joseph, Joseph, David, Han- 
nah, James), b. Jan. 28, 1867; m. EDWARD KRAYER April 30, 1889, son 
of Edward Krayer and Annie. 

He is a florist on the William E. Garrett place, probably at Villa Nova, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2873. Edith Krazer. b. Nov. 19, 1900. 

VI— 1728. GEORGE FETTERS (Joseph 5), b. Oct. 25, 1868; unm.; 
a farmer at Media, Pa. 

VI— 1729. MARIA JENNIE FETTERS (Joseph 5), b. Feb. 22, 


1871; m. EDWIN J. RYAN April 22. 1897. son of William Webb Ryan 
and Julia MacMahan, b. May 14. 1872, in Washington, D. C. 

He is a bookkeeper; address, 703 Sixth St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2874. Alfred Edwin Ryan, b. July 26, 1898. 

VI— 1730. ELLA REBECCA FETTERS (Joseph s). b. June 21, 
1875: m. JOSEPH M. WELLS, JR., Oct. 15. 1S96. son of Joseph M. Wells 
and Mary Bonsall, of Concordville, Pa., b. March 7, 1868. 

He was in the butter and egg trade forf several years. Afterwards clerk- 
ing for his brother J^Iark P. Wells, contractor in Philadelphia ; with residence 
at Yeadon, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2875. Marian Wells, b. Nov. 22, 1897. 
VII— 2876. Florence E. Wells, b. Aug. 31, 1899. 
VII— 2S79. Gaylord W. Wells, b. Feb. 26. 1907. 
VII— 2877. Joseph F. Walls, b. Feb. 28, 1901. 
VII— 2878. Walker Y. Wells, b. April 19, 1903. 

VI— 1731. WILHELMINA FETTERS (Joseph 5), b. Nov. 15, 1879; 
m. JOHN T. AIcCATN Dec. 28, 1899, son of John McCain and Mary New- 

lin, b. May 27, 1877. 

He is a farmer and milkman ; address, Giester, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2880. John Malcolm McCain, b. July 30, 1900. 

VI— 1732. HERBERT RAYMOND FKTTERS (Joseph 5), b. Sept. 
21. 1883; m. FLORENCE LUKENS. Feb. — , 1904, dau. of Abraham 

■ He is an engineer at Springfield Water Works ; address, Media, Pa., R. D. 
Issue : — 

VII— 2881. (a) Mildred Fetters, b. Juno 30, 1905. 

VII— 2881. (b) Anna Margaret Fetters, b. Mar. — , 1908. 

VI— 1733. SELINA FETTERS (Joseph 5). b. Nov. 19, 1887. 
She is clerk in a drug store, Washington. D. C. 

Issue of Margaret Jane Fetters {T.-81S) and Joshua Laurence Thompson. 

VI— 1734. WILLIAM F. THOMPSON (Margaret T.. Joseph, David, 
Hannah, James), b. June 21, 1868; m. MARY A. PATTON June 2, 1892, 
dau. of Edward Patton and Mary Donegan, b. Nov. 17, 1871. 

He is a police officer at Llanerch, Delaware Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2882. George William Thompi;on, b. Sept. 7, 1S92. 

VII— 2S83. Florence Thompson, b. Jan. 3, 1894; d. June 30, 1894. 


VII— 2SS4. Mary A. Thompson, b. June 2, 1895. 

VII— 2SS5. Margaret F. Thompson, b. July 20, 1897. 

VII— 2S86. Roseanna Thompson, b. Sept. 2. 1899. 

VII— 2887. Frances Thompson, b. May IS, 1903; d. May 26, 1903. 

VI— 1735. JOSEPH THOMPSON (Margaret J. 5), b. June 6, 1870; 
m. ELIZABETH KYLE Dec. 25, 1890, dau. of John Kyle and Sarah Wil- 
son, b. Feb. I, 1873; address, Llanerch, Delaware Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2888. Ethel May Thompson, b. Oct. 4, 1892. 

VII— 2889. Samuel Thompson, b. Mar. 9, 1896; d. Aug. 24, 1896. 

VII— 2890. Charles Thompson, b. Feb. 26, 1897. 

VII— 25^91. Sarah Thompson, b. Feb. 24, 1899. 

VII— 2892. Lawrence John Thompson, b. July 22, 1900. 

VII— 2893. Elizabeth Thompson, b. June 9, 1902. 

VII— 2894. Marion Thompson, b. April 30, 1906; d. July 16, 1906. 

VI— 1736. ELWOOD THOMPSON (Margaret J. 5), b. April 22, 
1872; m. LILLIAN KITE about 1898. She d. Aug. 4, 1900. 

M. second REBECCA REED June i, 1903. dau. of William Reed and 
Elizabeth McConncll, b. June 24, 1872. 

He is a plasterer; resides at Addingham, Delaware Co., Pa. 

Issue by first wife only: — 
VII— 2895. Elwood Thompson, Jr., b. July 30, 1900. 

J. 5), b. Jan. 15. 1877; m. ESSIE FOX, Jan. 22, 1900, dau. of Jessie T. Fox 
and Eliza Smuck, b. May 26, 1878. 

He is an electrician, employed by Philadelphia and West Chester Trac- 
tion Co.; address, Llanerch, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2896. Bessie May Thompson, b. Sept. 1, 1901. 

VII— 2897. Joshua Lawrence Thompson, (3d), b. June 3, 1905. 

VI— 1741. LILLIAN THOMPSON (Margaret J. 5) ,b. Dee. 16, 1882; 
m. HERBERT WATSON July 14, 1903, son of Byard Watson and Mary 
Eastburn, b. Jan. 21, 1882. 

He is engineer at electrical power plant, Llanerch, Delaware Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2898. Mary M. Watson, b. Jan. 15, 1904. 
VII— 2899. Helen M. Watson, b. Dec. 21, 1906. 

VI— 1742. LENA G. THOMPSON (Margaret J. 5). b. Feb. 21, 


VI— 1743. TILLIE F. THOMPSON (Margaret J. 5). b. Oct. 30, 
1887; m. ENOCH H. EASTBURN July 9. 1906. son of Edgar Eastburn 
and Eliza Cook. b. Aug. 14, 18S3 (of Bucks Co., Pa., ancestry). 

He is a trolley motorman on ^Market St. ; addresi, Callowhill St. above 
60th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2900. Maurice Hallowell Eastburn, b. Jan. 17, 1907. 
VII— 2901. Edgar Lawrence Eastburn, b. Jan. 3. 1909. 

VI— 1744. EDITH THOMPSON (Margaret 5), b. April 19, 1894; 
lives with her mother. 

Issue of Charles Henry Fetters (T.-Sig) and Matilda JVadas. 

VI— 1746. ANNA M. FETTERS (Charles H.. Joseph, David, Han- 
nah, James), b. July 12, 1884; d. May 6, 1906; m. FRANK COX March 
12, 1902, son of Bertus Cox. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2902. Irene Cox, b. March 13, 1903. 
VII— 2903. Charles Cox, b. Aug. 5, 1905. 

VI— 1747. WALTER FETTERS (Charles II. 5), b. May 14, 1886; 
m. ELMA KIRK May 24, 1909 ( ?), dau. of Howard Kirk, b. July — , 1888. 

VI— 1748. GEORGE \V. FETTERS (Charles H. 5), b. April 18, 
1890; at home. 

Issue of Margaret E. Faddis {T.-822) and Reuben I. England. 

VI— 1752. HUGHES HAINES ENGLAND (Margaret, John. David. 
Hannah, James), b. March 13, 1871 ; m. ; address, 230 N. Franklin St., Wil- 
mington, Del. No issue. 

VI— 1753. MARY FLORENCE ENGLAND (Margaret 5). b. Feb. 
14. 1882: m. WILLIAM C. DORMAN; address, Rising Sun, Cecil Co., 
Md.. R. F. D. 2. No issue. 

VI— 1754. DELLA JANE ENGLAND (Margaret 5), b. Feb. 16, 

VI— 1755. JOHN HARLAND ENGLAND ( Margaret 5), b. July 26, 


Issite of Mary H. FadJis (T.-826) and IVilliam John Hunter. 

VI— 1765. ANNIE JANE HUNTER (Mary H., James, David, Hur.- 
nah. James), b. May 15, 1880; m. GEORGE BALDWIN WAY. JR., Oct. 
17, 1895, -son of George B. Way and Mary Hill; address, 316 W. Gay St., 
West Chester, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2904. Dorothy Ella Way. b, March 25, 1S97. 
VII— 2905. William Arthur Way. b. July 10. 1899. 
VII— 2906. Percy Francis Way, b. Nov. 28, 1901. 

b. May 28, 1883. 

She is a trained nurse ; address, West Chester, Pa. 

Issue of Joseph P. Faddis (T-8^5) and Annie G. Fyle. 

VI— 1785. SOPHIA H. FADDIS (Joseph P., Thomas, David, Han- 
nah, James), b. Dec. 13, 1881 ; unm. ; address. West Chester, Pa. 

VI— 1780. GRACE E. FADDIS (Joseph P. 5), b. Sept. 27, 18S3: ni. 
HERMAN GIDEON WILLIAMSON June 23, 1909. son of James T. 
Williamson and Amelia Pyle, b. April 24, 1884, at "Lafayette Hall," Chadd's 
Ford, Pa. 

She engaged in teaching; last at Concordville, Pa.; present address, 47 
N. 62d St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue : — 

Joseph Talbert Williamson, b. June 15, 1911. 

Issue of Richard Henry Faddis (7.-8^8) and Clara V. Smith. 

VI— 1789. ^lARY B. FADDIS (Richard H., Thomas, David, Han- 
nah, James), b. July, 11 1883; m. DANIEL ERWIN July 27, 1904, son of 
Archibald Erwin and Elizabeth , b. June — , 1883. 

He is engaged with his father in extensive stone quarries at Port Ken- 
nedy, Montgomery Co., Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2907. Elizabeth Erwin, b. Sept. 5, 1904. 
VII— 2908. Archibald Erwin, b. April 30, 1906. 
VII— 2909. Clara Virginia Erwin, b. Feb. 25. 1908. 

VI— 1796. ELWOOD G. FADDIS (Richard H. 5), b. Sept. 28. 18S7; 
m. MAY AUSTIN Nov. 28, 1908, dau. of Henry Austin and ^Iary. 

He is a fireman for the Springfield Water Company; resides at Phocmx- 
\nlle, Pa. 

VI— 1797. JENNIE H. FADDIS (Richard H. 5), b. April 4, 1889; 


m. CHARLES W. MALIN April 5. 1909; removed to Rochester, N. Y. 
He is in the employe of the Springfield Water Co. 

The others of this family reside with their parents; see under their names. 

Issue of Wellington A. Faddis {T.-840) and Amy A. Lazvton. 

VI— 1802. LAWTON BAKER FADIDS (Wellington A. 5), b. Dec. 
4, 1891. 

VI— 1803. AMY ALICE FADDIS (Wellington A. 5), b. Dec. 18, 
1892; m. WILLIAM FERLINGER April 26, 1910. 
He is a telegraph operator; address, West Chester. Pa. 
For other children see under his name in Fifth Generation. 

Line of James, Hannah, M.\ry. 

Issue of Joseph D. White (T.-842) and Mary Woodzvard. 

VI— 1809. HARRY VANMETER WHITE (Joseph. Washington, 
Mary, Hannah. James), b. Nov. 14, 1870; m. ARABELLA D. WHITE 
circa. 1896 (his cousin; see T.-1828). 

M. second. MABEL E. McCRONE, Oct. 3, 1903, dau. of Henry C. 
McCrone and Mary A. Finnegan, b. May 10, 1882. 

He is a weaver by trade employed in mills near Lenni, Delaware Co., Pa. 

Issue by first ^\^fe: — 
VII— 2910. Martha Gertrude White, b. Jan. 9, 1897. 

VI— 1810. THOMAS FRANKLIN WHITE (Joseph 5), b. Feb. 22, 
1872; m. HANNAH THOMPSON, of Thorndale, Pa. 

He was for some time employed at Llewellyn Mills, Delaware Co., Pa., 
but removed probably to Downingtown, Pa. ; had two children, but both died 

VI— 1811. CHARLES W. WHITE Joseph 5), b. Sept. 4, 1874; m. 
MARY BRADFORD Dec. 22, 1898. dau. of Henry Bradford and Louisa 
O'Brien, b. April 3, 1880. 

He is a weaver, employed in Jordan's Mill, comer loth and Walnut Sts., 
Chester, Pa. ; address, 7th and Welsh Sts., Chester, Pa. 

Issue : — 

VII— 2911. (a) Emma Esther White, b. Dec. 20, 1902; d. Sept. 12, 1905. 
VII— 2911. (b) Mary Elizabeth White, b. Jan. 23, 1906; d. July 21, 1906. 

VI— 1812. T. JEFFERSON WHITE (Joseph 5), b. April 3. 1877; 
m. MARY SHIVE June 28. 191T, dau. of Peter Shive. 

He is by trade a wea\''er in Aberfoyle Mill, Chester, Pa. 


;v t> 

VI— 1813 HOWARD THEODORE WHITE (Joseph 5), b. ju!) . 
1879: m. KATIE ELIZABETH FLETCHER July 23. 1902. dau. of }k-r,ry 
Fletcher and iMarv O'Connor, b. Aug. 20, 1876. 

He i-3 a farmer; resides at Dowlin; address, Downmgtown, Pa. No is>i;c. 

VI— 1814. REMMIE WHITE (Joseph 5), b. 1881; m. JOHN 
CROWL. ^ ^ ^ ^. . 

He is a glass-blower: probably at Royersford, Pa, Ivo issue. 

Issue of Julia Ann White {T.-843) and James S. Miller. 

VI 181 s WALTER T. :MILLER (Julia Ann, Washington. Mary. 

Hannah, James), b. April 2. 1868; m. SARAH FRANCES RICE June 17, 

1896; b. Sept. — , 1875. ^ , ^^ n ^ -v 

He is engaged with a sawmg lumber company; address, Cochran vilio. 

Chester Co., Pa., R. D. 4- 

Issue : — 
Vn— 2912. Frances Miller, t>. Nov. 22. 1896; d. Dec. 22, 1896. 
VII— 2913. Daisy Gertrude Miller, b. .July 14. 1898. 
Vil— 2914 Anna Mav Miller, b. Nov. 18, 1900. 
VII— 2915. Edwin T. Mill-r, b. Nov. 18, 1900; d. July 9, 1901. 
VII— 2916. Lillian Amanda Miller, b. Oct. 18, 1903. 
VII— 2917. Howard Wesley Miller, b. Jan. 7, 1905. 
VII— 2918. Walter Theodore Miller, b. Dec. 31, 1906. 
VII— 2919. Dorothy Isabel Miller, b. April 5, 1909. 

VI— i8i6. JAMES ALBERT MILLER (Juha Ann 5), b. Dec. 6, 
1869: m. MARG.XRET SHUTE Oct. 22, 1891, dau. of Aaron Shute and 
Elizabeth Ross. 

He is a gasmaker at the Worth Bros. Iron and Steel Works, Coatesville. 


Issue : — 
VII— 2920. Margaret Isabell Miller, b. Oct. 22, 1892. 

VI— 1819. HOWARD WESLEY MILLER (Julia Ann 5), b. Feb. 
12, 1875; m. NELLIE MAY WILSON Nov. 8, 1899, dau. of Joseph D. 
Wilson, b. Dec. — , 1880. 

He is an ironworker in Coatesville, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2921. Iva Elnora Miller, b. May — . 1900. 

VI— 1820. SAMUEL HENRY MILLER (Julia Ann 5), b. June 2, 
1878; resides in Coatesville, Pa. 

VI— 1822. EMMA GERTRUDE MILLER (Julia Ann 5), b. Feb. 


19, 18S3: m. EDWARD J. LAWRENCE Feb. 8. 1900, son of Hugh E. 
Lawrence and Ella Kelly, b. IMarch 4, 1875. 

He is an ironworker in Huston's Iron and Steel Works, Coatesville, Pa. ; 
address, 218 W. Diamond St. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2922. Anna Rebecca Lawrence, b. Dec. 2, 1904. 

Issue of Ja}ncs White {T.-844) and Louisa Bardslcy. 

VI— 1823. GEORGE W. WHITE (James, Washington, Mary, Han- 
nah, James), b. March 18. 1868. 

He went away and not heard from for many years. 

VI— 1824. WILLIAM C. WHITE (James 5). b. Mar. 18, 1870, at 
Downingtown, Pa.; m. ^lARY McGEE March 20. 1894; b. Aug. 17, 1878, 
in Ireland; address, 547 Ferry Ave., Norristown, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2923. Francis Henry White, b. March 1, 1895, at Norristown. 

He lost a leg by being struck by the cars on the railroad in Norristown, Sept. 20, 
Vn— 2924. James William White, b. Aug. 1, 1S97. same. 

^1=2926! Mari^hlte. } T^^^^' ^^ ^eb. 22, 1900; d. March 12, 1901. 

VI— 1825. WILSON JAMES WHITE (James 5), b. March 31, 
1872; m. ELLA SECKEL June 14, 1896, dau. of William Seckel and Susan 
Lare, b. March 25, 1878. 

He is on the police force with residence 146 W. Airy St., Norristown, Pa. 

Issue born there : — 

VII— 2927. William Leslie WTiite, b. .Tune 30, 1900. 
VII— 2928. Myrtle Louisa White, b. Jan. 12, 1906. 

Issue of Lezi'is White {T.-845) and Mary E. Reese. 

VI— 1826. LAURA V. WHITE (Lewis. Washington. Mar^-, Han- 
nah, James), b. Dec. 6, 1866; m. LEMUEL SCOTT May — , 1886, son of 
Hiram Scott and Hannah Rees, b. Dec. 24, i860: d. Feb. 2, i8go. 

He was by occupation a loom boss. She resides in Coatesville, Pa. 

Issue : — 
VII— 2929. Florence Scott, b. Dec. 4, 1886. 
VII— 2930. Lemuel Scott, b. Aug. 4, 1890. 

Issue of Isaac N. White (T.-S46) and Elizabeth Boxer, born in Chester 

Co., Pa. 

VI— 1827. ELMER ELLSWORTH WHITE f Isaac, Washington, 
Mary, Hannah, James), b. Sept. 2, 1869; m- FLORENCE DIETRICH 


Sept. 21. 1893. dau. of John and Emma Dietrich, b. Oct. 14. 1870; d. Oct. k;. 

M. second, CLARA NAGLE, dau. of Bernard and Anna Nagle, b. Apr;! 
20, 1878. 

He is a machinist; address. 311 Pearl St., Readmg, Pa. 

Issue bv first wife : — 

VII— 29