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Full text of "A genealogical record of the descendants of Henry Stauffer and other Stauffer pioneers : together with historical and biographical sketches"

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With an introduction by Albert Stover, of Kintnersville, Pa. 

Press of 




to^^ryof 11<42546 

Pioneer, who emigrated from Rhenish, Germany, in the early 
part of the eighteenth century and settled in Bedminster, Bucks 
county, Pa., and especially to his son, 


who seems to have been a citizen of unusual character and 
intelligence in his day, inasmuch as he represented in part 
Bucks county in the Legislature of Pennsylvania for seven 
consecutive years, from 1793 to 1799, both inclusive during 
the closing administration of George Washington, first Presi- 
dent of the United States, and the beginning of the adminis- 
tration of John Adams, and was one of the first directors of 
the Bucks County Almshouse, and also served as Justice of the 
Peace and conveyancer in his community, to whom these lines 
are affectionately inscribed — 

By his grandson and namesake, 


of Point Pleasant, Pa. 
December 25, 1895. 


We cheerfully assented to the wishes of a friend, 
a descendant of the pioneer, Henry Stauffer, of Bed- 
minster township, Bucks county, Pa., to compile a 
genealogical history of the descendants of the family. 
The object of the work being to preserve from oblivion 
the more remote history of the pioneer and his im- 
mediate descendants, and to place upon record the 
names and biographies of his descendants from father 
to son down to the present time and generation. 

It is to be regretted that the records are not more 
complete in some of the branches. Owing to a lack 
of interest in the matter, some, for reasons best known 
to themselves, failed to respond to inquiries for infor- 
mation concerning their respective families, thereby 
causing these defects. The effort has been in the 
direction of making the work as full, correct and 
reliable as possible. The work has been prepared at 
a great sacrifice of time and labor. Had all promptly 
responded to communications the work would have 
been far easier and more complete. The writer is 
aware that imperfections exist, but pleads in extenua- 
tion of the fact that the difficulties were insurmountable. 

The author acknowledges himself indebted to the 
many friends for kind favors received during the 
compilation of this work, and while we express our 
sincere gratitude to all who in any way aided us, we 
especially acknowledge our indebtedness to those who 
have very materially aided us. They are as follows : 


Ralph Stover, of Point Pleasant, Pa., now deceased ; 
Mrs. Mary C. Austin, of North Hancock, Me.; Henry 
Stover, of Durham, Pa.; S. Horace Myers, of Pipers- 
ville, Pa.; Albert Stover, of Kintnersville, Pa.; Dr. 
E. A. Kratz, of Champaign, 111.; Evan Stover, of 
Buckingham, Pa.; Mrs. Abraham Worm an ; Josiah 
N. Stover, of Kintnersville, Pa.; Jordan F. Stover, of 
Riegelsville, Pa., and others. 

That the work may meet with general approval 
is the earnest wish of the Author. 

Mii/ton, N. J., November 12, 1897. 


Few are the mortals on this earth below, 
Who never wished the deeds of their ancestors to know ; 

And here's a family history backward traced 
Until the mists of time all traces have effaced. 

A history of the Stover family (name originally 
written Stauffer but changed by Act of Legislature to 
Stover) being desired by many of the descendants it 
was decided to have one published, if possible, and as 
personal recollections and records of the family were 
fast passing away the longer the delay the more diffi- 
cult it would be to collect the necessary information 
to write a complete history of the descendants of 
nearly a century and a half. It was obvious that even 
at this date it would take much time and labor, since 
it would be necessary to interview and write letters to 
descendants scattered over the greater part of North 
America, search records, examine family Bibles, etc. 

The question arose who would undertake the task. 
It was decided that there was no person so well 
qualified for the work as the Rev. A. J. Fretz, of 
Milton, N. J., he having written histories of the 
Fretz and Kratz families, the descendants of which 
are interwoven by marriage with the Stovers, it was 
evident that he must have learned much of the Stover 
family. It was therefore decided to request him to 
take the Stover history in hand, being satisfied that 


if his services could be secured the work would 
be well done. Fortunately he agreed to undertake it 
and set about collecting the necessary information, a 
task that would have appalled and disheartened any- 
one not accustomed to work of this kind. By untir- 
ing zeal and indefatigable labor the data has at last 
been collected, and the history of the family that dates 
back to the early settlement of this country is now 

We find the descendants numerous and scattered 
over a large section of the country. They are a thrifty 
and upright Christian people, who helped from its 
infancy to build up this great and glorious country. 
They cleared away the forests and tilled the land, caus- 
ing fields of golden grain to wave where giant forest 
trees had reared their lofty heads. They built mills 
and factories ; assisted in the building and maintaining 
of churches and schools, knowing well that no 
community could exist and be prosperous without the 
blessings of the church and the learning of the schools. 
They were among the foremost in projecting and 
constructing public improvements, and as the family 
grew more numerous they became engaged in nearly 
every kind of business and profession. They have 
filled State and National offices of responsibility with 
credit and honor. Although they were a people of 
peace, they were ever ready to obey their country's 
call and defend it against its enemies. The stars and 
stripes which float over their graves in the cemeteries 
testify to their patriotism and bring to mind melan- 
choly recollections of a time in our country's history 
that can never be forgotten. 

Well may the descendants be proud of their 
ancestors ; although the record of their deeds have not 
been graven upon granite shafts, the industries they 


maintained and the nation they helped to build and 
defend are far better evidences of what they did. 
May the descendants emulate the example of their 
worthy ancestors and ever be found on the side of 
right and justice, and on the onward march of progress. 

Albert Stover. 
Kintersville, Pa., June i8, 1896. 


In the preparation of this work it will be observed that all 
descendants are recorded in the regular order of birth, from 
the oldest down to the youngest throughout the entire con- 
nections, each generation being marked consecutively from 
first to last. The Roman numerals placed before each name 
are used to designate the generation to which they belong, as : — 
I. Henry Stauffer (First Generation). 
II. Ulrich Stover (Second Generation). 

III. Mary Stover (Fretz) (Third Generation). 

IV. Joseph S. Fretz (Fourth Generation). 

Beginning with the first (I) ancestor, Henry Stauffer, all 
his children are named in order of birth. Then follows the 
oldest son, Ulrich Stover (II Generation), and his children (III 
Generation) next. Mary being the oldest that had issue, is 
followed down to the last of her descendants ; then the second 
in order of birth of the III Generation, and so on until the end 
of the entire branch of Ulrich Stover, of the II Generation, is 
reached. Then the second son of Henry Stauffer, of the I Gen- 
eration, viz, II Henry Stover, is carried down in like manner to 
the last of his descendants, and so on throughout the entire 

When marriages occur between members of the connec- 
tion the husband carries the record. In all such cases a 
numbered reference is placed after the name and marriage of 
the wife, as for example (See Index of References No i ). In 
the Index of References will be found No i, Barbara Stover, 
Page — . On the page given in the body of the book the 
family record is given. 

In the General Index will be found the names of all males 
of 18 years and over, and the maiden names of all females of 
1 8 years and over, also the pages on which their family record 
is given in the body of the book. 

To find family records see Index of Branches, where 
names of all that had issue of the first, second and third 
generations are given. 

Abbreviations :— D signifies died or deceased ; b born ; 
s single ; m married ; ch church ; Montg co Montgomery 
county ; twp township ; Ev Ass'n Evangelical Association; 
Pres Presbyterian ; Luth Lutheran ; Menns Mennonites ; 
Ger Bap German Baptist ; Ref Reformed ; Cong Congrega- 
tionalist ; M E Methodist Episcopal. 


According to tradition the Stauffers owe their 
origin to a generation of knights called Stauffacher, 
at Hohenstaufen.* It is presumed that all of the 
Stauffer pioneers that emigrated to America at differ- 
ent times have the same common origin, and are more 
or less remotely connected, and in all probability the 
pioneers of this work have also their origin in the 
ancient House of Hohenstaufen in Suabia. A descrip- 
tion of the House of Hohenstaufen is given in a 
translation from the German history by Fred Raumer, 
from which we glean the following : 

' ' In the middle of the eleventh century Frederic 
of Buren removed from the confined valley of Buren 
to the plain of Hohenstaufen, built the castle and 
founded the town of Hohenstaufen, and from him 
descended the Hohenstaufen dynasty. The House of 
Hohenstaufen exalted itself over all tribes and princi- 
palities until after a period of splendor and glory it 
was suddenly seized by a dreadful calamity and hurled 
into the darkest night of oblivion, leaving hardly any 
traces behind. At the time of the prosperity of the 
House of Hohenstaufen their ancestry was traced back 
to the ancient Emperor of France, as far back as the 
reign of Charlemagne. A close inquiry, however, 
throws some doubt on the legend. 

" Frederic of Buren, founder of the House of 
Hohenstaufen, was, however, beyond any doubt of 
*D. K. Cassel's History of the Mennonites. 


Franco- Alsatian ancestry. He was equalled by none 
of the noblest dukes of Suabia, and was Emperor 
Henry IV's, of Germany, most steadfast defender and 
protector. He knew well under his peculiar circum- 
stances the value of a friend like Frederic of Hohen- 
staufen. Therefore in the year 1079 he called him 
to Regensburg and said : ' Brave and vigilant man, 
whom I always found the truest and bravest among 
all, you are well aware how in the Roman Empire 
crime and misdeed prevailed, how through the devil's 
influence revolt and conspiracy are held sacred, while 
God's command is despised and the laws of the land 
tramped under foot. As you have battled in the past 
against all these evil sods, and as a proof how highly 
I appreciate your former services, and how sincerely I 
trust your future, I will give you my only daughter 
Agnes to wife and the Duchy of Suabia as a dowry.' 
Frederic died in 1 105 leaving two sons, Frederic and 
Conard, who their uncle, Henry V, adopted. 

"After the death of Henry V, in 1125, the 
Imperial Crown was contested between Frederic and 
Lothaire, Duke of Saxony. Eothaire was elected by 
fraud. He died in 1137, childless. Frederic having 
died, the Crown was now again contested between 
Conrad of Hohenstaufen, and Henry the Proud, 
Duke of Saxony and heir to Eothaire. Conrad was 
elected March 7, 1 137, and crowned March 15. He 
was born at Ampulia in 1093. His mother was 
Agnes, daughter of Henry IV. He married Ger- 
trude, Duchess of Sulzbach, in Bavaria. His title 
was disputed by Henry the Proud of Saxony. A 
civil war ensued. Conrad gained a victory and the 
war was ended. In 1 147 he conducted a large army 
of Crusaders into Palestine. He besieged Damascus 
but failed to take it, and returned in 1149. He died 


without issue in 1152, and was succeeded by his 
nephew, Frederick L, surnamed Barbarossa, sou of 
Frederic, Duke of Suabia and brother to Conrad III. 
His mother was Judith, daughter of Henry the 
Black. He was elected Emperor on the death of his 
uncle, Conrad III., in March 1152. In 1155 he 
passed into Italy with an army and was crowned by 
Pope Adrian IV. at Rome. In 1156 he was married 
to Beatrice of Burgundy and reduced the King or Duke 
of Poland to become his vassel. In 1158 he led a 
large army into Italy and subjected the revolted city 
of Milan, which was punished with rigor. Two rival 
Popes, Victor IV. and Alexander III., having been 
elected in 1 159, Frederic recognized the former and 
was excommunicated by the latter. His reign was 
disturbed by disputes with the Pope and wars with the 
cities of Lombardy. His army was defeated by the 
Lombards near Legnano in 1176. He then made 
peace with Pope Alexander and a truce with his 
other enemies in Italy. In 1 183 the celebrated Peace 
of Constance was concluded between Frederic and the 
Lombards. In 1 189 he joined the third crusade with 
an army of 150,000 men, and after having marched 
by land as far as Asia Minor defeated the Turks near 
Iconium. He was drowned in the river Calycodmis in 
1 190. He was ambitious but liberal, and was con- 
sidered one of the greatest generals and statesmen of 
his age. He was succeeded by his son, Henry VI. 

" Henry VI. was born in 1 165. He married Con- 
stance, daughter of Roger, King of the two Sicillies, 
in 1 185, who inherited the Throne of her father. With 
a view of subdividing that country he invaded it, but 
being unsuccessful he was obliged to return to 
Germany. With the ransom money which he received 
from his prisoner, Richard Coeur de Lion, he fitted 


out another expedition. After taking Naples and 
bring Sicily into subjection he caused himself to 
be crowned at Palermo. His conduct towards the 
Sicillians was marked with great cruelty and tyranny, 
and his death, which took place in 1 197, was sup- 
posed to have been caused by poison. He was suc- 
ceeded by his brother Philip, Duke of Suabia, and 
Otho IV., between whom the Crown was disputed. 

" Philip, Duke of Suabia and the Emperor of 
Germany, son of Frederic Barbarossa, was born in 
1 1 70 or 1 176. He married Irene of Constantinople. 
He was elected Emperor in 1198, but his title was 
disputed by Otho IV., which caused a civil war to 
ensue. The Pope favored Otho and excommunicated 
Philip, but was afterward reconciled to him. Philip 
was assassinated in 1208 by Otto Wettlebach at the 
wedding of his niece. After Philip's assassination his 
wife Irene fled to Hohenstaufen and died shortly 
afterward in childbirth. The child also died. The 
two daughters of Philip were saved by the Bishop of 

" Frederic II., son of Henry VI. and Constance, 
was born at Jesi in 1194. He had superior talents, 
and was master of the Greek, Italian, French and 
Arabic languages. He was married at Palermo in 
1209 to Constance, young and childless widow of 
Emrich, King of Hungary, daughter of Alfonso II., 
and sister to Peter II., of Argon, Spain. He was 
crowned Emperor of Germany July 25, 12 15, at Aix-la- 
Chapelle, then only 21. After the defeat of his rival, 
Otho, at Bovines, he was supported by the Ghibeline 
party in an attempt to unite Germany and Italy into 
one empire. The project was resisted by the Pope 
and the Guelphs in a long contest. In 1220 he 
removed his court to Naples, which belonged to him 


by inheritance, and in which he founded a university. 
In accordance with a vow extorted from him in his 
youth by the Pope he undertook a crusade against 
the Infidels in 1227, but turned back before he 
reached Palestine, for which he was excommunicated 
by Gregory IX. He renewed the enterprise in 1228, 
took Jerusalem and made peace with the Pope in 1230. 
He suppressed a rebellion raised by his son Henry, 
gained in 1237 a great victory over the Guelphs at 
Corleone, and waged war against Gregory IX. In 
1 245 Pope Innocent renewed the papal anathema and 
absolved his subjects from their allegiance. In the 
midst of these troubles Frederic died, in 1250. He 
was succeeded by his son, Conrad IV. Frederic was 
eminent for courage and other royal qualities, and 
was considered the greatest general and statesman of 
his age. 

" Conrad IV., son of Frederic II., Emperor of 
Germany and King of Italy, was born at Ampulia in 
1228. He was crowned King of the Romans in 1237. 
At the death of his father, in 1250, he took the title of 
Emperor, which was also claimed by William of Hol- 
land. The latter was favored by the Guelphs and by 
Pope Innocent IV., who excommunicated Conrad, 
the chief of the Ghibelines. Conrad led an army 
into Italy in 1251 and took Naples and other places. 
He died in 1254, leaving one son, Conrad V. 

"Conrad, son and heir of Conrad IV., was 
born in the year 1252. The Kingdom of Italy 
was usurped by his uncle Mamfred and was offered 
by the Pope to Charles of Aryon, who defeated 
Mamfred in 1265 and made himself master of Naples 
and Sicily. Conrad attempted to enforce his rights, 
gained several battles and was finally defeated at 
Tegliacozzo in 1268, taken prisoner and beheaded in 


cold blooded murder November 29, 1268, by order of 
Cbarles of Aryon, at the age of 15. 

"Thus ended the Hohenstaufen dynasty. The 
male sex of the late Imperial house being annihilated, 
all who claimed any prior family connection took 
to flight — one portion going to Baden, another to 
Bavaria, and a third to Switzerland, so that the 
beautiful Hohenstaufen was entirely deserted by 
the Hohenstaufen family and has never since been 
reclaimed by them." 

Having given a brief sketch of the Hohenstaufen 
family to the end of the Imperial house of that name 
in 1268, it will be seen that several hundred years 
intervene between that period and the time of the 
pioneers of this work. In that period are included 
many generations of the family of which we have no 
account, and are therefore unable to give a complete 
line of descent. The missing links, and whether to 
the part of the family that settled in Baden, Bavaria 
or Switzerland, the pioneers of this work belong, we 
will leave for some future historian of the family to 


I. Henry Stauffer, pioneer, was born in Germany 
and emigrated from Rheinish (Province of Alsace or 
Manheim) Prussia, to America in the early part of 
the eighteenth century. He was married to Barbara 
Hockman about 1 749. She was born January 20, r 732 ; 
died February 17, 1802. It is a tradition of the family 
that Henry Stauffer and Barbara were married at 
Alsace and immediately after the ceremony stepped on 
board a ship for America. They settled for a time 
at or near Skippack, in Montgomery county, Pa., and 
later moved to Bedmiuster, Bucks county, and lived a 
short distance above the present site of Bedminster- 
ville, on the farm now owned and occupied by Joseph 
Sine, and where they died. 

It is said three brothers came to America, that 
they were potters along the River Rhine and manu- 
factured fine china and porcelain ware in Alsace, 
France, and Germany. In America they expected to 
find a superior quality of clay and came here to 
establish a china plant, but as the clay did not turn out 
as w T as expected they turned their attention to milling 
and farming. One of the brothers is said to have gone 
South, but where the third brother went to is not 
known. As has already been stated, Henry Stauffer 
finally settled in Bedminster township, where he pur- 
chased his land from William Allen, the deed bearing 
date of June 12, 1762, for 213 acres and 91 perches, 
for which Henry Stauffer paid the sum of ^400, 



8 shillings and 8 pence ' ' lawful money of Pennsylvania, 
with a rent yearly forever of one pepper corn, if the 
same shall be demanded." After the death of Henry 
Stauffer the homestead in Bedminster came into the 
possession of his son, Ulrich Stover, who was the 
second owner. "The deed of Henry Stover, Jacob 
Stover and Catharine his wife, and Ralph Stover 
and Catharine his wife, all of Bedminster township, 
county of Bucks, state of Pennsylvaina, yoeman 
of the one part, Ulrich Stover, sous of Henry Stover, 
of the same township, county and state yeoman 
of the other part, for 213 acres and 91 perches of land 
in Bedminster township for 1150 pounds of lawful 
money of Pennsylvania with a rent yearly forever of 
one pepper corn if the same shall be demanded," is 
dated April 28, 1786. 

The third owner was Henry Stover, son of Ulrich, 
but when he came into possession of and the amount 
he paid for it we have not been informed. Some time 
during either the lifetime of Ulrich or his son Henry 
portions of the homestead were divided or sold off, 
so that at the time the old homestead proper was sold 
there were but 87 acres and 42 perches remaining, 
which Henry Stover and his wife Barbara sold to 
their son, Reuben Stover, in 1855, for $4799.44. 
Reuben Stover was the fourth and last Stover owner of 
the old homestead. In i860 Reuben Stover and wife 
sold the homestead of 87 acres and 22 perches to the 
present owner, Joseph Sine, for $5700. The house 
and barn were built by Henry Stover — the barn 
in 1808 and the house about the same time. The 
additions to the house and barn were built by Joseph 
Sine, the present owner. 

The immediate neighbors of Henry Stauffer, 
whose lands joined his plantation, were John Fretz, 


Christian Stover, Jacob Overholt and Frederick Solli- 
day. The old family Bible of Henry Stauffer is in the 
possession of Aaron Stover, of Richland Centre, Pa. 
It contains a record of his family and also of his son 
Ulrich's family. It also contains some poetic des- 
criptions that probably were composed and written by 
Ulrich Stover, as this and Ulrich Stover's family 
records seem to be the same hand writing. It reads 
as follows : 

"Allein auf Gott setz dein vertraun, 
Auf Menschen Heulf sollst du nicht bauen, 

Gott ist allein der Glauben haellt, 
Sunst ist Kein Glaub mehr in der welt." 

The name as written in the Bible is ' ' Stauffer, ' ' 
but was changed to Stover by his son, Ralph Stover, 
by an Act of the Legislature of Pennsylvania — presum- 
ably about the time that he (Ralph) was a member of 
that body. It is quite evident that Henry Stauffer 
and wife were members of the Mennonite church at 
Deep Run, where they are buried. Children : Ulrich, 
Barbara, Henry, Jacob, Ralph. 


II. Ulrich Stover, born July 16, 1750 ; died 
November 2, 181 1 ; married Barbara Swartz. He 
was the second owner of the old homestead in Bed- 
minster and may have lived there for some years after 
marriage. He, however, purchased a farm and mill 
property at the Tohickon, in Haycock township (date 
of purchase not known), where his grandson, Jonas 
Stover, now lives. The house in which he lived was 
torn down and rebuilt by Jonas Stover in 1878. The 
farm house, owned at the present time by Reuben F. 
Stover, was built by Ulrich Stover for his son Joseph, 
who died soon after it was built. Ulrich Stover was 
by occupation a farmer and miller. He and wife 
were members of the Mennonite church, and are 
buried at Deep Run. Children : Elizabeth, Mary, 
Henry, Abraham, Jacob, Andrew, Joseph. 

Ulrich Stover made his will October 13, 181 1, 
and reads as follows : 

"I Ulrich Stover of the Township of Haycock in the 
County of Bucks and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania miller 
being in Body of sound and perfect mind and memory and 
understanding blessed be Almighty God for the same do make 
and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner fol- 
lowing (that is to say) first I give and bequeath unto Barbara 
my beloved wife my new house erected on the premises where 
I now dwell for her to occupy during her natural life I also 
give and bequeath unto her my said wife during her natural 
life yearly and every year the sum of forty eight pounds in 
money and from time to time to as much butter an Milch as 


may be necessary for her use and firewood cut small fit for her 
stove to be, delivered at her house sufficient for her use I do 
also give and bequeath unto my said wife so much of my 
household and kitchen furniture as she may chose to take one 
of my ten plate stoves with pipe, a well shall be dug or sunk 
near my said new house to have constant water and a garden 
enclosed near the same house for her use Item it is my Will 
that my said wife shall have and enjoy all the herein before 
mentioned articles and privileges during her natural life if she 
shall so long remain my widow but if she marry again then it 
is my Will that he shall have nothing of what I here herein 
before given and bequeathed to her but in lieu thereof I give 
and bequeath unto her the sum of three hundred pounds which 
shall be in lieu and in full of her dower of in to or out of my 
Estate. Item I do give and devise unto my son Henry 
Stover and to his heirs and Assigns all that my messuage and 
tract of land situated in the township of Bedminster and county 
of Bucks aforesaid whereon he now dwells containing two 
hundred and fourteen acres with the appurtenances to hold the 
same to him his heirs and Assigns forever which said messuage 
and tract of land I value to him my said son Henry Stover at 
the sum of or price of two thousand one hundred and forty 
pounds, eight hundred pounds part of the said sum my said 
son shall retain in his hands in part of his share out of my 
Estate and the remaining sum of one thousand three hundred 
and forty pounds he shall pay in manner following to wit the 
sum of two hundred pounds part thereof at the expiration of 
one year after my decease and from thenceforth yearly the 
sum of one hundred pounds until the said one thousand three 
hundred and forty pounds will be all paid. Item do also give 
devise unto my son Jacob Stover and to his heirs and Assigns 
at that my messuage and tract of land whereon I now dwell 
situate in the townships of Haycock and Bedminster afore- 
said containing one hundred and fifty five acres with the mill 
thereon erected and being and the implements and appurt- 
enances whatsoever used in and belonging to the said Mill 
together with my two Lots of timber land both situate in the 
said township of Haycock to hold the same to him my said 
son Jacob Stover his heirs and Assigns forever which said 
property to devised to my son Jacob Stover I value to him at 
the sum of or price of two thousand and five hundred pounds, 
eight hundred pounds part of the said sum my said son Jacob 


Stover shall retain in his hands in part of his share out of my 
Estate and the remaining sum one thousand seven hundred 
pounds he shall pay in manner following towit the sum of two 
hundred pounds part thereof at the expiration of one year 
after my decease and from thenceforth yearly the sum of one 
hundred pounds until the said sum of one thousand seven 
hundred pounds will be all paid and further subject to the 
furnishing and delivering unto my said wife the butter Milch 
and firewood as I have herein before bequeathed to her and I 
do hereby authorize and direct my Executors hereinafter 
named as soon as the same can be conveniently done after my 
decease to collect in all debts that may be due to me and to 
convert into cash all the rest residue and remainder of my 
Estate (not herein before devised to my said sons Henry and 
Jacob and bequeathed to my said wife Barbara goods and chat- 
ties of what kind and nature soever by public vendue for the 
best price that can be reasonably gotten for the same and by 
good and sufficient Deed or Deeds of Conveyance to I grant 
and Convey to the purchaser or purchasers of the real Estate 
his or their heirs and Assigns forever and the monies thus ar- 
rising of the sale of my Estate and also the money arising from 
the several and respective payments for the Lands devised to 
my sons Henry Stover and Jacob Stover, as the same shall 
respectively become due I give and bequeath the same to my 
said sons Henry Stover and Jacob Stover and to my Grand 
children the children of my Daughter Mary deceased and the 
child of my son Joseph deceased four equal parts or shares that 
is to say each of my said sons Henry and Jacob shall have one 
equal fourth part or share thereof the children of my Daughter 
Mary dec'd shall have one equal fourth part or share thereof, 
and the child of my son Joseph deceased shall have one equal 
fourth part or share thereof, and lastly I do hereby nominate 
constitute and appoint my said sons Henry Stover and Jacob 
Stover Executors of this my last Will and Testament hereby 
revoking all former Wills by me made In witness whereof I 
have hereunto set my hand and seal this thirteenth day of 
October in the year of our Lord one thousand and eight hun- 
dred and eleven. 


"Michael Young 

"Joseph Fretz. " 


III. Elizabeth Stover, b July 12, 1773 ; d young. 

III. Mary Stover (d), b Sept 2, 1775 ; in William 
Fretz (d).* He was b October 22, 1768. Farmer ; 
lived in Bedminster twp, on the farm now owned by 
Jacob Slotter. Menns. C : Joseph, Barbara, Jacob, 
Magdalena, Catharine. 

IV. Joseph S Fretz, b Nov 10, 1794 ; d Dec 7, 1854 ; 
m Magdalena Swartley 1822. C : Catharine, Aaron, 
Elizabeth, Edwin. Joseph married second wife 
Margaret Schrauger June 13, 1833. Farmer; Menns. 
C : William, Mary, Isaiah, Henry, Levi. 

V. Catharine Fretz, born April 2, 1824 ; m Francis 
Scheetz 1844. Merchant ; Dunkard. C : Mahlon, 

VI. Mahlon F Scheetz, b 1846 ; m Annie E Styer 
1873. C : Mamie, Katie, Lulu. 

VI. Romandus Scheetz, born 1847 ; m Lizzie Harley 
1887. Merchant. C : Gertrude. 

V. Aaron Fretz, b Oct 19, 182S ; married Sarah Ann 
Longaker Feb 8, 1851. P O Norristown, Pa. Black- 
smith. C : Joseph, Albert, Fannie, Kate, Mary. 

VI. Joseph Fretz, b Aug 21, 1853 ; d Nov 30, 1876 ; 
m Anna M Neal May 1875. Miller. C : Sarah. 

VI. Albert Fretz, b Jan 18, 1855 ; m Annie Hoffman 
Feb 1876. Shed Aug 7, 1887. Carpenter. C : David. 
Albert married second wife Clara Graves Nov 24, 1888. 

VI. Fannie L Fretz; b Oct 1, 1856 ; m H C Mes- 
senger Dec 24, 18S4. Merchant; Pres. No issue. 

VI. Kate Fretz, b June 25, 1857 ; m Charles Bevan 
1884. Farmer ; Pres. C : Maud, Sarah. 

VI. Mary Fretz, b March 20, 1863. Pres. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, b October 11, 1830 ; m George 

*Son of Jacob and grandson of " Weaver " John Fretz 
(pioneer), of Bedminster, Pa. 


Mcintosh 185 1. He died 1894. Carpenter; Baptist. 
C : Frank, Fred, Herbert. 

VI. Frank Mcintosh, b Feb 21, 1852 ; married Maria 
Antoinetta LaRue, of Yardley, Pa, Mar 2, 1881. He 
received a public school education, and when 18 years 
of age entered the office of the Bucks County ' ' Intelli- 
gencer ' ' to learn the printing business, since which time 
he has been engaged in newspaper work, except when 
serving as Commissary Sergeant to the Pawnee Tribe 
of Indians in the Indian Territory. R 34 Gcepp st, 
Bethlehem, Pa. Children : (VII) Raymond Welsh 
Mcintosh, b December 5, 1881 ; Russel Morris, born 
September 25, 1884. 

VI. Fred Mcintosh, b Feb 27, 1855 ; d Oct r, 1881 ; 
m Lizzie Shade 1878. C : (VII) Fred B Mcintosh, 
b Oct 6, 1879. (VII) Bertha S Mcintosh, b Mar 1882 ; 
died July 1882. 

VI. Herbert Mcintosh, b Jan 20, 1857. He gradu- 
ated from the Doylestown English and Classical Semi- 
nary in 1874, after which he took a select course at 
Lafayette College. He then engaged in teaching 
until the Fall term of 1878, when he entered Brown 
University, R I, from which he graduated in 1882. 
He then accepted a position in Worcester Academy, 
Worcester, Mass, as an instructor in the Natural 
Sciences, and later became assistant principal and 
instructor in Latin. In Feb 1888 he was admitted to 
the Courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 
R 343 19th st, NY. 

V. Edwin Fretz, b in Bucks co, Pa, May 25, 1832. 
R Phila. Printer. S. 

V. William Fretz, b in Bucks co, Pa, Oct ir, 1834 ; 
m Mary Crouse August 30, 1862. R Trenton, N J. 
Not being eligible to the rank of soldier on account of 
impaired eyesight, he was hired as a citizen teamster 


iu the Quartermaster Department of the Army and 
served from Fall of 1861 to Fall of 1862. He was 
with General Wadsworth on his foraging expedition 
to Fairfax, C H, and with McClellan through his 
Peninsular campaign in 1862. Baptist. Children: 
(VI) Flora Frances Fretz, born June 7, 1863 ; mj H 
Budd. Baptist. (VI) Horace Herbert Fretz, born 
July io, 1865. (VI) Elton Ellsworth Fretz, b Oct 6, 
1867; d Feb 11, 1871. (VI) Anna Augusta Fretz, 
b Aug 22, 1870. 

V. Mary Fretz, b April 21, 1836 ; d July 20, 1868 ; 
m Joseph D Reiff. C : (VI) Louisa Reiff, b Feb 7, 
1866 ; d Aug 3, 1866. (VI) Sallie F Reiff, b Aug 14, 

V. Isaiah Fretz, b July 1, 1839. He taught school 
for a number of years. Iu August 1862 he enlisted 
in the 16th Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry, of which 
he was clerk for about 18 mouths, after which he was 
promoted to Sergeant Major. During the Summer of 
1864 he was prostrated with chronic diarrhoea and 
spent several months in the hospital. After leaving 
the hospital he was commissioned as Adjutant of the 
regiment, and indisposed as he was he assumed the 
duties of his office at once. The regiment was engaged 
the following morning at the cavalry engagement of 
White Oak Swamp, where he was severely wounded 
while leading the advance guard after the retreating 
Confederates, the ball taking effect iu the knee. He 
was soon afterward sent to the hospital at Philadel- 
phia, from which he obtained " sick leave " and came 
home. His complaint having assumed a more serious 
turn the wound now became a secondary cause, and 
after a struggle of several months he finally died 
November 4, 1864. Thus ended a life that had given 
promise of great usefulness. 


V. Henry Harrison Fretz, b Oct 28, 1840 ; m Emma 
Bigony Dec 3, 1864. In August 1862 he enlisted in 
Company I, 129th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. 
This terra of enlistment included the second battle of 
Bull Run, South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericks- 
burg, and the Chancellorsville campaign. During the 
Gettysburg campaign he served in the 34th Pennsyl- 
vania State troops. In March 1877 he moved with his 
family to Edwards county, Kan. During his resi- 
dence here he was elected County Commissioner. In 
August 1880 they settled at Springfield, Mo, where 
they now reside. Carpenter ; Elder of Cumberland 
Pres ch. C : (VI) Harvey H Fretz, b in Pa Sept 28, 
1865 ; Isaiah, Fannie, Harry, Frank. 
V. Levi Fretz, d young. 

IV. Barbara Fretz (d), b Dec 25, 1796 ; ra Christian 
Meyer. He was b Feb 12, 1790 ; died Dec 22, 1859. 
Farmer ; Menns. C : Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary, 
William, Anna, Catharine, Joseph, Aaron, Sarah, 
Susan, Enos, Lydia. 

V. Elizabeth Meyer (d), b Jan 29, 181 9 ; m Joseph 
Kulp November 19, 184 1. P O Blooming Glen, Pa. 
Farmer ; Meiras. C : Henry, Christian, Anna, Enos, 

VI. Henry Kulp, b Sept 12, 1842 ; m Susanna Hock- 
man Feb 29, 1868. She was b May 26, 1846 ; died 
Aug 9, 1872. C : (VII) Lizzie Kulp, b Feb 10, 1869 ; 
d Sept 12, 1869. 

Henry m second wife Veronica Kulp May 10, 
1873. C : (VII) John and Aaron Kulp (twins), born 
Feb 17, 1876. 

VI. Christian Kulp, b 1843 ; d 1852. 

VI. Anna Kulp, b Aug 8, 1846 ; m Oliver Charles. 
Menns. C : Joseph, and others. 

VI. Enos Kulp, b 1846 ; d 1849. 


VI. Aaron M Kulp, b Oct 21, 1853 ; m Mary Kulp. 
Farmer ; Menns. No issue. 

V. Margaret Meyer, b Aug 2, 1820 ; d Feb 1, 1889 ; 
m Ulrich Hockmau. He was b May 24, 1815 ; died 
Sept 7, 1886. Farmer; Meuns. C: Mary, Abraham, 
Aaron, Joseph, Barbara, Sarah, Henry, Eeidy, John, 

VI. Mary Ann Hockman, b Jan 3, 1848 ; m Samuel 
B Landis. Farmer ; Menns. C : John (d), George, 
Mary, Katie, Ella, Sallie, Samuel (d), Emma, Ida (d), 
William (d). 

VI. Abraham M Hockman, b 1849; d infant. 

VI. Aaron M Hockman, b 1850 ; d young. 

VI. Joseph M Hockman, b March 31, 1853 > m Eliza 
Lear. Farmer. C: William, Albert (d), Emma, 
Anna, Samuel (d), Wesley, Minnie. 

VI. Barbara M Hockman, b Apr 14, 1855 ; m Jacob C 
Moyer. Farmer ; Meuns. Children : Mary, Rosie, 
Joseph (d), Henry, infant (stillborn), Sadie. 

VI. Sarah M Hockman, b 1858 ; d young. 

VI. Henry M Hockman, b June 11, 1S60; m Kate 
Crouthamel. Farmer ; Euth. C : Phemie, Sallie, 

VI. Leidy M Hockman, b March 15, 1863 ; m Anna 
Fabian. C : Samuel. 

VI. John M Hockman. 

VI. Christian M Hockman. 

V. Mary Meyer, b Dec 9, 182 1 ; died 1873 ; m Rev 
Abraham Young in 1843. He died in 1887. Farmer. 
He was ordained to the ministry of the Mennouite 
church in 1863. C: William, Elizabeth, Charles. 

VI. William Young, b Aug 21, 1846 ; married Lydia 
Shelly. She d in 1878. C : Charles, Abraham, both 

VI. Elizabeth Young, b 1849 ; d 1877. S. 


VI. Charles M Young, b April 9, 1857 ; m Mai T c 
Rummel. Mr Y, Menn ; Mrs Y, Ref. C : Sallie, 
Frank, Agnes. 

V. William F Meyer, b April 2, 1823 ; m Elizabeth 
M Mnsselman. Farmer ; Menns. Children : Infant, 
Simeon, Barbara, Christian, Henry, Catharine. 

VI. Infant, stillborn in 1846. 

VI. Simeon Moyer, b Dec 18, 1848. P O Idell, N J. 
Proprietor of a creamery ; Menn. S. 

VI. Barbara Moyer, b Nov 30, 1850 ; d Apr 13, 1891 ; 
m Isaiah S Brunner. Menns. C : Magdalena. 

VII. Magdalena Brunner, b Dec 18, 187 1 ; m Nelson 
Y Kern. C : William, Elmer. 

VI. Christian Moyer, b 1855 ; d l86 9- 
VI. Henry Moyer, b 1856 ; d 1857. 
VI. Catharine Moyer, b 1858 ; d 1870. 

V. Anna Meyers (d), married Owen Rice. Farmer; 
Menns. C : Sarah, Barbara, Henry, Albert, Samuel ; 
Anna, Jonas, both d young. 

VI. Sarah Rice (d), b 1852. S. 

VI. Barbara M Rice, b Oct 15, 1854 ; married Joseph 
Hunsberger. Farmer ; Menns. C : Anna, Katie (d), 
Florence, Jacob. 

VI. Henry Rice, b May 13, 1857 J m Lizzie Gehman. 
Farmer ; Menus. C : Abraham, Anna, Hannah, 

VI. Albert Rice, b Apr i860 ; married Mary Moyer. 
Farmer ; Menus. C : Daniel, Harvey, twins (d), 

VI. Samuel Rice, b 1862 ; m Mary Yoder. Farmer ; 
Menns. C : Ervin. 

V. Catharine Meyers, b Sept 22, 1826 ; m John Fretz 
February 4, 1849. Farmer; Menus. C: Amanda, 
Henry, Barbara. Catharine married second husband 
Henry L Kulp in 1869. No issue. 


VI. Amanda Fretz, b Nov 15, 1849 ; m John Keller. 
Farmer ; Luth. C : Minnie, Ervin, Jacob. 

VI. Henry Fretz, b July 22, 1852 ; m Susan Keller. 
Luth. C : Wilmer, Phares, Harvey, Ida, Delia. 

VI. Barbara Fretz, b Jan 9, 1855 ; m Aaron Swartz. 
Farmer ; Menns. C : Katie, Ella, Isaac, Amanda, 
Samuel, Anna. 

V. Joseph F Meyers, b June 5, 1828 ; m Sarah 
Landis Dec 9, 1855. PO Bedminster, Pa. Farmer; 
Menns. C : Susanna, Abraham, Catharine, Daniel, 
Barbara, Isaiah, Sarah, Mary, Samuel. 

VI. Susanna Meyers (d), b Jan 18, 1857 > m John 
K Myers Sept 1876. He was born Dec 2, 1853. 
Farmer ; Menns. C : Silas ; Clara, Sarah, both d. 

VI. Abraham L Meyers, b Jan 1, 1859 ; m Ljzzie, 
dau of Henry L, Meyers. Farmer ; Menns. C : 
Annie, Sarah. 

VI. Catharine L, Meyers, b Dec 2, i860 ; m Aaron 
Hockman in 1883. Farmer ; Menns. C : Sallie, 

VI. Daniel L, Meyers, b Feb 17, 1863 ; m Annie 
Rohr. P O Dublin, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. C : 
Kate, Harvey, Wallace, Abraham, Joseph, Annie (d). 

VI. Barbara Meyers, b Oct 1865 ; d Nov 1879. 

VI. Isaiah Meyers, b Dec 3, 1867. 

VI. Sarah Meyers, b and d in 1870. 

VI. Mary L, Meyers, b Jan 2, 1872 ; m Harvey 

VI. Samuel L, Meyers, b 1874 ; d 1875. 
V. Aaron Fretz Meyers, b 1830 ; d 1886 ; m Susanna 
Tyson 1854. Farmer; Menns. C: Albert, Maggie, 
Martin, Ella, Sarah, Mary, Edward, William, Hannah, 

VI. Albert T Meyers, b 1855 ; m Ella J Race. C : 
Stanley, Archie, Warren, Clifford. 


VI. Maggie Meyers, b 1858 ; m William H Doan. 
C : Bessie. 

VI. Martin T Meyers, b i860 ; m Susan Brown. 
C : Howard. 

VI. Ella B Meyers, b 1863. 

VI. Sarah A Meyers, b 1865 ; d 1886. 

VI. Mary R Meyers, b 1866. 

VI. Edward S. Meyers, b 1869. 

VI. William T Meyers, b 1870. 

VI. Hannah Meyers, b 1872. 

VI. Arthur Meyers, b 1876. 

V. Sarah Meyers, b Jan 7, [832 ; m Aaron F High 
Jan 21, 1855. He d July 29, i860. Farmer; Menus. 
C : Mary, Barbara. Sarah married second husband 
Christian Eeatherman. P O Plumsteadville, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menns. C : Aaron. 

VI. Mary High, b Sept 14, 1856 ; m Abraham D 
Poulton Aug 19, 1880. P O Fouutainville, Pa. C : 
Sarah, John. 

VI. Barbara High, b Nov 23, i860 ; m John Gaugle 
Oct 16, 1879. He d Jan 23, 1886. Farmer; Menus. 
C : Henry. 

VI. Aaron Eeatherman. 

V. Susan Meyers, b Mar 24, 1834 ; d Apr 16, 1880 ; 
m Abraham A Eandis Sept 3, 1864. Farmer; Menns. 
C : Aaron. 

VI. Aaron Eandis, b Mar 17, 1865 ; m Barbara 
Slotter on June 20, 1885. P O Buckingham, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menus. C : Elsie, Abel, Harrison. 

V. Enos Meyers, d young. 

V. Eydia Ann Meyers, m Abner Eandis in 1862. 
P O Pipersville, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. C : Sarah ; 
Barbara, Mary, Isaac, all d; Susie, Ellen, Lizzie (d). 

IV. Jacob Fretz, b about 1798 ; m Hannah Seiple. 
No issue. 


IV. Magdalena Fretz, b about 1800 ; d aged 86 y ; 
m Thomas Trowers, of Ireland. No issue. 

IV. Catharine Fretz, b Feb 16, 1805 ; d 1889 ; m 
Joel Strawn Nov 19, 1829. He was b Sept 3, 1803 ; 
d June 14, 1887. Farmer ; Menn Br in Christ. C : 
Abel, Elizabeth. 

V. Rev Abel Strawn, b in Bucks co, Pa, Dec 5, 1830 ; 
m Hannah Brunner Oct 30, 1850. He was elected to 
the ministry of the Evangelical Mennonite church in 
1859 and preached first in the Haycock Brick church 
two years, then removed to Coopersburg where he 
preached 15 years. In 1888 he was pastor of the 
Reading Mennonite Brethren in Christ church. 
He has since retired from the active work of the 
ministry and located at Allentown, Pa, where he now 
resides. C : Joel. 

VI. Joel Strawn, Jr, b Mar 5, 1852 ; married Alice B 
Adamson in 1873. Manufacturer of chemicals ; Bap. 
In 1883 he started on a trip to Germany for his health, 
but was taken sick a few days afterward and died 
June 7, 1883, and was buried at sea. C : Ethel. 

V. Elizabeth Strawn, b Jan 16, 1834 ; m Henry W 
Kemmerer June 2, 1853. He was b Feb 26, 1829. 
Retired farmer ; Evan Ass'n. C : Louisa, Alfred, 
Henry, Milton. 

VI. Eouisa Kemmerer, b May 30, 1854 ; d 1855. 

VI. Alfred Kemmerer, b July 23, 1856 ; m Sarah, 
dau of Peter Morix. Farmer. C : Leidy. 

VI. Henry S Kemmerer, b Oct 23, i860 ; d 1862. 

VI. Milton Kemmerer, b July 9, 1864 ; m Victoria, 
dau of David Hensinger, Sept 2, 1886. Farmer. C : 
Bessie (d). 

III. Henry Stover, b in Bedminster twp, Bucks co, 
Pa, Feb 13, 1778 ; d Sept 18, 1835 ; m Catharine 
Stout. She was b in Northampton co, Jan 18, 1783 ; 


d Oct 4, 1826. Farmer ; lived on the old homestead 
in Bedminster, of which he was the third owner. 
Menus. C : Barbara, Elizabeth, Isaac, Susanna, 
Joseph, Catharine, Anna, Henry, Stout, Abraham. 
Henry m second wife Lydia Frazier. C : Reuben. 

IV. Barbara Stover, b Mar 2, 1802 ; d Apr 17, 1879 ; 
m Abraham Stover. (See Ind of Ref No 1.) 

IV. Elizabeth Stover, b Mar 2, 1804 ; died young. 

IV. Isaac Stover, b in Bedminster twp, Bucks co, 
Dec 23, 1809 ; d near Rollersville, Sandusky co, O, 
Dec 13, 1876 ; m Elizabeth, dau of Jacob and Mary 
Knecht, of Northampton co, Pa, May 23, 1836. She 
was b Apr 12, 1815 ; d in Sandusky co Jan 17, 1892. 
Farmer and miller ; Luth. C: Anna, William, Jacob, 
Fredericka, Elizabeth, Catharine, Emaline, Isaac, 

V. Anna Maria Stover, b Apr 8, 1837 ; d Apr 4, 
1890. S. 

V. Dr. William Henry Stover, b in Williams twp, 
Northampton co, Sept 23, 1839 ; m Anna Maria 
Snook Nov 28, 1867. Mr Stover was educated in 
the common schools. He received his medical educa- 
tion in the Homcepathic Hospital College, Cleveland, O, 
and in the Homoepathic College, Detroit, Mich. 

During the war of the Rebellion he served in the 
Infantry, 49th Regiment, Ohio Volunteers, from 
August 1 86 1 to January 1862, and in the 19th Battery 
of Ohio Light Artillery from August 1862 to June 
1865. He served under Sherman, was at the front 
all the time of his service and engaged in the follow- 
ing battles : Knoxville, Nashville, Tenu ; Buzzard 
Roost, Racaca, Dalton, Marietta, Kennisaw, Atlanta, 
Love Joy, Ga ; Kingston, N C, and was at Raleigh, 
N C, where Johnston surrendered. In 1867 Dr 


Stover located at Tiffin, O, where he has since been 
practicing medicine. M E. No issue. 
V. Jacob Knecht Stover, b Aug 27, 1841 ; d Dec 6, 


V. Fredericka Amelia Stover, b in Northampton co, 
Pa, Dec 2, 1843 ; m Charles H McDaniels Nov 12, 
1865. P O Tiffin, O. Retired ; Pres. C : Jessie. 

VI. Jessie Cordelia McDaniels, b Aug 28, 1866 ; m 
George A Sorrick, of Akron, O, Aug 6, 1890. Pro- 
fessor of English language and literature in Elmhurst 
College, Elmhurst, 111. Both graduated from Heidel- 
berg University in 1888. Congch. C: (VII) Helen 
Howland Sorrick, b June 14, 1891. 

V. Elizabeth Stover, b Feb 11, 1846 ; d Dec 16, 1850. 

V. Catharine Stover, b in Northampton co, Pa, 
Feb 7, 1848 ; m Lockhart Stackhouse July 10, 1880. 
P O Bradner, O. Farmer ; ME. No issue. 

V. Emaline Stover, b in Northampton co, Pa, Dec 5, 
1850; m Cyrus Stover. (See Ind of Ref No 2.) 
Emaline married second husband Asa Erviu Benton 
Dec 14, 1886. P O Bradner, O. Retired ; M E. C: 
(VI) Irvin S Benton, b Mar 20, 1888. 

V. Isaac Stover, b June 29, 1852 ; d Aug 16, 1853. 

V. Harvey Knecht Stover, b in Bucks co June 16, 
1859 ; m Margaret Elizabeth Cook, of Sylvania, Mich, 
Jan 28, 1 89 1. P O Bradner, O. Farmer ; M E. C : 
(VI) Mildred Eleoner Stover, b Aug 18, 1893 ; 
Harvey Wade, b Apr 16, 1895. 

IV. Susanna Stover, b Jan 25, 1809 ; d Dec 25, 1881 ; 
m Joseph Schleiffer. C : Mary, Amanda, Lizzie, 

V. Mary Ann Schleifer, m Jacob M Kaufman. He 
was b Jan 12, 1834 ; d Dec 12, 1883. Merchant, 
later farmer. C : Emma, Anna. 

VI. Emma Kaufman, b Nov 27, 1863 ; m Harvey P 


Koplin. P O Pleasant Valley, Pa. Farmer. C : 
(VII) Roy Emerson Koplin, b June 29, 1892. 

VI. Anna May Kaufman, b Feb 16, 1872. P O 
Pleasant Valley, Pa. Ref. S. 

V. Amanda Schleifer, b in Bucks co Aug 4, 1842 ; 
m Dr A J Harris June 14, 1863. P O Hellertown, Pa. 
Physician ; Luth. C : (VI) Ida E Harris, b Jan 6, 
1866 ; d Mar 14, 1875. (VI) Joe S Harris, b Dec 24, 
V. Lizzie Schleifer, m Hiram Knecht. 

V. Emma Schleifer. P O Pleasant Valley, Pa. 

IV. Joseph Stover, b Jan 2, 181 1 ; d Apr 7, i860 ; 
m Elizabeth Heistand Dec 4, 1836. She was b Feb 6, 
1 8 15 ; d June 15, 1878. Farmer and miller ; Menns. 
C : Ely, Evan, Mary, Catharine, Sarah. 

V. Ely Stover, b Sept 7, 1837 ; d Sept 5, 1840. 

V. Evan Stover, b in Bedminster twp, Bucks co, Pa, 
Apr 7, 1 84 1 ; m Caroline C Michener Feb 16, 187 1. 
P O Buckingham, Pa. Miller by trade, and farmer. 
C : (VI) Alvan C Stover, b Jan 25, 1872 ; Joseph H, 
b Feb 15, 1873 ; Comly M, b Nov 5, 1874 ; Elizabeth, 
b Dec 25, 1876 ; Henry E, b June 20, 1879 ; Mary M, 
b July 30, 1 88 1 ; Evan Preston, b July 20, 1883 ; 
Charles S, b Aug 29, 1885 ; John L, b June 20, 1887 ; 
Edith A, b Oct 16, 1889. 

V. Mary Ann Stover, b June 7, 1843 ; d Apr 26, 1868. 

V. Catharine H Stover, b in Bucks co Dec 5, 1845 ; 
m Preston J Fell Nov 3, 1870. P O Mechanics 
Valley, Pa. Farmer and nurseryman. No issue. 

V. Sarah Stover, b Aug 14, 1850. P O Norristovvn, 
Pa. Teacher of shorthand. 

IV. Catharine Stover, b Feb 18, 1813 ; d Jan 20, 
1871. S. 

IV. Anna Stover, b Apr 16, 1815 ; d Mar 15, 1887 ; 
m Henry Kratz. (See Ind of Ref No 3.) 


IV. Henry Stover, b in Bedminster twp, Bucks co, 
Pa, July 29, 1 8 1 7 ; m Barbara Ann Worman Dec 1, 
1842. PO Durham, Pa. Farmer; Ref. C: Emeline. 

V. Emeline B Stover, b in Bucks co Dec 24, 1843 ; 
m EH D Fulmer Oct 26, 1865. Salesman for many 
years in John Wanamaker's clothing house ; Pres. 
R 2040 N 1 8th st, Philadelphia. C : Lele welly n. 

VI. Rev Lelewellyn S Fulmer, b at Durham, Pa, 
Oct 1, 1866 ; m Josephine Rusling Oct 18, 1892. 
Pastor of the Lafayette Square Presbyterian church. 
R 1223 W Lafayette ave, Baltimore, Md. C: (VII) 
Lawrence Rusling Fulmer, b Aug 5, 1894. 

IV. Stout Stover, b Apr 7, 1820 ; m Catharine 
Maria Knecht. P O Allentown, Pa. Flour and feed 
merchant. C : Cyrus, Asher. Al. '12546 

V. Cyrus Stover, b in Northampton co May 8, 1847 ; 
d at Stockton, N J, Oct 6, 1882 ; m Emeline Stover 
Dec 5, 1879. C : (VI) Warren Preston Stover, born 
Sept 26, 1881 : d Mar 21, 1882. (VI) Mary Eliza- 
beth Stover, b in Seneca co, O, Mar 5, 1883. 

V. Asher T Stover, b in Williams twp, Northampton 
co, Pa, Jan 7, 1849 ; m Mary Ella Miller, of Lewis- 
town, Pa, Jan 12, 1875. P O Allentown, Pa. Grain 
merchant ; Pres. C : (VI) Alvin M Stover, born 
Feb 14, 1877. (VI) Emory L Stover, b Feb 28, 1880 ; 
d Dec 5, 1885. (VI) Wilmer A Stover, b Dec 6, i8Sr. 
(VI) Clarence C Stover, b Feb 1, 1886. (VI) Mary E 
Stover, b Feb 12, 1890. 

IV. Abraham Stover, b Dec 10, 1825 ; d Oct 6, 1826. 

IV. Reuben Stover, b Mar 22, 1828 ; d Mar 25, 
1 87 1 ; m Eliza Ann Fretz Oct 15, 1854. He was the 
fourth and last Stover owner of the old homestead in 
Bedminster, now owned and occupied by Joseph Sine. 
Farmer. Mr S, Ger Ref ; Mrs S, Menn. C : Louisa. 

V. Louisa Stover, b in Bucks co, Pa, 1855 ; m John S 


Bissey Aug 26, 1873. P O Bedminster, Pa. Farmer ; 
Luth. C : (VI) Clara S Bissey, b Feb 22, 1877 ; m 
Warren, son of H Ervin Fretz, Sept 16, 1896. He was 
b May 3, 1875. Farmer. (VI) Alvin S Bissey, b 
Dec 22, 1879. (VI) Sadie S Bissey, b Oct 30, 1882 ; 
d Feb 12, 1886. (VI) Alma Bertha Bissey, b Oct 23, 
III. Abraham Stauffer, b Feb 11, 1780. 

III. Jacob Stover, b May 1, 1782 ; d Nov 29, 1868 ; 
m Esther Zuck. C : John. Jacob married second 
wife Hannah Stout. He was known as ' ' Miller 
Jake " and lived in Haycock township, where his son, 
Jonas Stover, now lives. Farmer and miller ; Ref. 
C : Abraham, Samuel, Anna, Catharine, Jonas. 

IV. John Z Stover, b in Bucks co Feb 17, 1811 ; m 
Elizabeth Atherholt Nov 20, 1836. She was born 
June 23, 181 1 ; d Feb 1894. P O Doylestown, Pa. 
Farmer ; Ref. C : Thomas, Ellevina, Abel, Zeno, 
Mary, Emaline, Manna. 

V. Thomas Stover, b Aug 1837 ; d Mar 4, 1838. 

V. Ellevina Stover, b Feb 3, 1840 ; m John F Det- 
weiler. P O Tohickon, Pa. C : Stover. 

VI. Stover S Detweiler, m Laura Johnson Dec 12, 
1891. P O Thatcher, Pa. Miller ; Ref. C : (VII) 
Mabel J Detweiler, b Oct 16, 1893 ; d Sept 9, 1894. 
(VII) Laura Grace Detweiler, b Nov 7, 1894. 

V. Abel A Stover, b in Bucks co, Pa, Apr 19, 1842 ; 
m Anna Maria Slotter Sept 15, 1866. P O Doyles- 
town, Pa. Merchant ; Ref. C : (VI) Thomas S 
Stover, b Nov 17, 1870; d Jan 21, 1874. (VI) 
William S Stover, b May 15, 1875 ; d June 5, 1892. 
(VI) Harrison Stover, b May 30, 1879. 

V. Zeno A Stover, b in Haycock twp, Bucks co, Pa, 
Aug 28, 1844 ; m Caroline Thomas Nov 23, 1865. 
She was b in Hilltown twp, Bucks co, Nov 19, 1844. 


R 16 18 Lafayette st, Scranton, Pa. Retired ; Cong. 
C : Francis, Elmer, John, Arthur, Abel, Albert, 

VI. Francis T Stover, b in Doylestown twp, Bucks co, 
Jan 30, 1867 ; m Mary Jane Mathias, of Scranton, Pa, 
October 1888. R Scranton, Pa. Merchant ; Cong. 
C : Chester, Amy. 

VI. Elmer T Stover, b Sept 4, 1870 ; m Margaret 
Evens, of Scranton, Pa, June 27, 1895. R Scranton, 
Pa. Merchant ; Cong. 

VI. John T Stover, b in Doylestown twp, Bucks co, 
on June 27, 1872. R Scranton, Pa. Hardwood 
finisher ; Cong. S. 

VI. Arthur T Stover, b in Haycock twp, Bucks co, 
Mar 14, 1876. R Scranton, Pa. Linotype operator ; 

VI. Abel T Stover, b in Plumstead twp, Bucks co, 
July 10, 1878. R Scranton, Pa. Linotype operator ; 

VI. Albert T Stover, b in Plumstead twp, Bucks co, 
Aug 10, 1880. R Scranton, Pa. Pressman ; Cong. 

VI. Lizzie May Stover, born at Scranton, Pa, July 3, 
1884. Cong. 

V. Mary Stover, b in Bucks co, Pa, April 30, 1846 ; 
m John L Kramer Oct 13, 1866. P O Doylestown, Pa. 
Merchant ; Ger Ref. C : Edgar, Lizzie, Mary, John, 

VI. Edgar Kramer, b at Danboro, Pa, Mar 1, 1868 ; 
married Annie Crouthamel May 25, 1887. R 2251 N 
15th st, Phila. 

VI. Lizzie Kramer, b in Bucks co August 31, 1871 ; 
m Harrison FluckNov7, r8 95- PO Doylestown, Pa. 

VI. Mary Catharine Kramer, b Feb 6, 1876 ; died 
Feb 22, 1884. 

VI. John Franklin Kramer, b May 28, 1880. 


VI. May IyOvina Kramer, b March 26, 1887. 
V. Emaliue Stover, b Sept 1849 ; d Dec 1851. 
V. Manna Stover, b Apr 1854 ; d Oct 1869. 

IV. Abraham S Stover, b in Haycock twp, Bucks co, 
May 7, 181 1 ; died June 16, 1892 ; m Sarah Fulmer 
Dec 8, 1839. She was b in Haycock twp March 3, 
18 1 3 ; d Apr 7, 1895. His occupation was farming, 
which afforded him a great deal of pleasure and in 
which he continued until advanced in years, when he 
retired to private life. He led a quiet unassuming 
life and was an active member of Tohickou Reformed 
church. C : Aaron, Reuben, Annie. 

V. Aaron Stover, born in Haycock twp Dec 2, 1840 ; 
m Elizabeth U Hartman Dec 18, 1862. P O Rich- 
laud Centre, Pa. He was elected Treasurer of Bucks 
county in 1896. Ger Ref. C : Frank, Harry, Maud. 

VI. Frank H Stover, b in Bucks co Oct 23, 1863 ; 
m Minnie G Kunz Sept 12, 1894. R I2 3 6 Colum- 
bia ave, Phila. Salesman ; Ger Ref. 

VI. Harry Stover, born April 1, 1877. 

VI. Maud Stover, born July 18, 1883. 

V. Reuben F Stover, b in Haycock twp, Bucks co, 
Jan 12, 1843 ; m Carrie A Hinkle Nov 23, 1875. 
Mr Stover attended the common schools and later the 
Ouakertown (Pa) Normal and Classical School and 
the North Wales (Pa) High School, after which he 
taught school successfully for a number of terms. 
This profession he soon relinquished for a more 
lucrative position. He then engaged in the merchan- 
dise business, which he carried on in connection with 
other enterprises up to the present. 

In 1882, during President Arthur's adminis- 
tration, he was appointed United States Deputy 
Collector of Internal Revenue for the First District of 
Pennsylvania, which position he held during said 


administration and a short time under the Cleveland 
administration, and then resigned without being 
requested to do so. He was one of the founders of 
the Sellersville (Pa) National Bank in 1882 and was 
elected one of the first directors, and re-elected up to 
the present time. He was twice elected School 
Director in his native township, which office he found 
had many and grave responsibilities. Mr Stover is an 
influential Republican and takes great interest in 
assisting to make nominations, and works earnestly 
during campaigns, although never a candidate himself 
for any office. He was, however, one of the delegates 
elected to the State convention that nominated Gen 
James A Beaver for Governor. P O Tohickou, Pa. 
Ger Ref. C : Eugene, Abraham, Nellie. 

VI. Eugene H Stover, b Dec 3, 1876 ; d Feb 22, 1893. 
He was a bright promising boy. He attended the 
Sellersville High School and afterward entered the 
West Chester Normal School, from which he expected 
to graduate, but sickness compelled him to give up 
his plans and anticipations. 

VI. Abraham Herbert Stover, b Sept 17, 1878 ; died 
July 5, 1879. 

VI. Nellie Grace Stover, b Sept 26, 1884. 

V. Annie Maria Stover, b at Tohickon, Pa, Feb 25, 
1846 ; m Oliver James, son of Charles and Esther 
Johnson (d), of Richlandtown, Pa, Jan 25, 1866. PO 
Tohickon, Pa. Mrs J, Ref. C : (VI) Elmer Johnson, 
born Apr 16, 1868 ; m Emma, dau of John and Abbie 
Afflerbach, Nov 10, 1894. P O Kellers Church, Pa. 
Ref. (VI) Laura Johnson, b Aug 12, 1869 ; mStoverS 
Detweiler. (See Ind of Ref No 4.) (VI) Lewis S 
Johnson, b May 9, 187 1. (VI) Harry S Johnson, b 
Nov 12, 1872 ; d Oct 5, 1873. (VI) Minnie S Johnson, 
b Nov 2, 1873. P O Tohickon, Pa. Ref. S. (VI) 


Elmira S Johnson, b Oct 31, 1876. (VI) Freeman S 
Johnson, b April 2, 1880. (VI) Warren S Johnson, b 
Oct 16, 1881. (VI) Stover S Johnson, b May 2i, 1887. 
IV. Samuel S Stover, b Feb 11, 181 7 ; died May 17, 
1865. During the greater part of his life his occupa- 
tion was that of miller. He was well educated, was a 
staunch Republican and took an active part in politics. 

IV. Anna Stover, born in Haycock township Feb 15, 
18 19 ; m Isaac Shive Oct 7, 1838. He was b Dec 31, 
1816; d Oct 5, 1892. Farmer; Ref. C: Hannah, 
Jonas, Milton, Frank, Jacob. 

V. Hannah Shive, b July 8, 1840 ; m John M Zuck 
April 19, 1863. He was b Nov 11, 1831. P O Zion 
Hill, Pa. Farmer, Notary Public, surveyor and con- 
veyancer. Mr Z, L,uth ; Mrs Z, Ref. C : James, 
Annie, John, Katie and Milton (twins). 

VI. James S Zuck, b July 9, 1864. S. 

VI. Annie S Zuck, b April 22, 1866 ; m Henry J V 
Ehrhart. P O Bingen, Pa. Farmer. Mr E, L,uth ; 
Mrs E, Ref. C : Irvin Grover Cleveland, Edna 
Ellen, John Henry. 

VI. John Henry Zuck, b July 17, 187 r ; m Annie, 
dau of David Ruth. C : Grace. 

VI. Katie Hannah Zuck, b Mar 30, 1876. S. 

VI. Milton Alvin Zuck, b Mar 30, 1876 ; died Feb 6, 

V. Jonas S Shive, b Nov 5, 1S41 ; m Emma Kauf- 
man May 2, 187 1. P O Sellersville, Pa. Farmer ; 
Reformed. C : Samuel ; Neven, Juniatta, Allen, all 

V. Milton H S Shive, born June 8, 1851 ; m Eavina 
Bartholomew. P O Church Hill, Pa. C : Ervin, 
Eddie, Annie, Elmer, Milton, Maggie, Mena ; Sallie, 
Reuben, both deceased. 

Dr. Wiijjam H. Stover. 
(See page 32.) 


V. Frank S Shive, born June 11, 1855 ; m S Elmira 
Ehl Oct 12, 1878. P O Tylersport, Pa. Farmer; 
Ref. C : (VI) Howard E Shive, b August 30, 1879 ; 
Ambrose E, b Sept 30, 1887. 

V. Jacob S Shive, b Feb 18, 1856 ; d Apr 21, 1890 ; 
m Annie Cline (d). C : Sarah Ann, Elemanda. 

IV. Catharine Stover, born Oct 12, 182 1 ; m Elias 
Stickle (d). C : Francis, died young. Catharine m 
second husband Levi Jacoby (d). No issue. 

IV. Jonas Stover, b Oct 23, 1828 ; m Emeline Derr. 
P O Tohickon, Pa. Farmer; Ref. C: Elizabeth, 
Jacob, Alice, Emma, Maggie, Clara, Howard. 

V. Elizabeth Stover, b Sept r, 1858; died April 17, 
1883 ; married Titus A Fluck Oct 9, 18S0. C : (VI) 
Daughter, b Mar 31, 1883; d Apr ir, 1883. 

V. Jacob Stover, b March 26, i860; m Mary J Wol- 
finger. She d Mar 1887. No issue. Jacob married 
second wife Adeline Nicholas March 26, 1889. P O 
Tohickon, Pa. Creamerymau and miller. C: (VI) 
Jennie Stover, b Feb 4, 1890. 

V. Alice Stover, b in Tinicum twp, Bucks co, Pa, 
Sept 10, 1 861 ; m John O Snyder June 21, 1888. 
P O Pleasant Valley, Pa. Merchant ; Ref. C : (VI) 
Alberta Snyder, b Apr 13, 1S89 ; died Mar 12, 1894. 
(VI) Stover S Snyder, b Nov 15, 1890. (VI) Roscoe 
S Snyder, b Dec 29, 1892. (VI) Roy S Snyder, born 
Mar 18, 1895. 

V. Emma Stover, b in Bucks co, Pa, Dec 16, 1863 ; 
m Horace R Trauger October 29, 1887. P O Kellers 
Church, Pa. Proprietor of marble and granite works. 
He is a member of Keller's church. C : (VI) Walter 
S Trauger, b Aug 11, 1890. 

V. Maggie Stover, b in Bucks co April 9, 1866 ; m 
Amandus S Nicholas Oct 26, 1889. R 1800 Cayuga 


street, Phila. Letter carrier ; Ref. C : (VI) Helen 
Grace Stover, b Jan 22, 1892. 

V. Clara Stover, b at Tohickon, Bucks co, July 26, 
1870. Ref. S. 

V. Howard Stover, born in Bucks co Oct 11, 1872. 
P O Tohickon, Pa. Miller ; Ref. S. 

III. Andrew Stover, b Sept 18, 1784. 

III. Joseph Stover, b Jan i, 1787; d Jan 17, 1810; 
m Susanna Kuder about 1809. Merchant in Haycock 
twp, Bucks co ; Menus. C : Catharine. 

IV. Catharine Stover, b March 13, 181 r ; died Jan 1, 
1894 ; m Isaac K Fretz* in 1832. He was b Aug 22, 
1807 ; d June 5, 1874. He owned and conducted the 
Fretz Valley Mill on the Tohickon, erected by his father 
in 18 15. In 1850 he sold the mill and bought his 
father's homestead. Here he lived until 1865, when 
he sold and moved to Bridgetown (now Benjamin). 
Menns. C : Elizabeth, Jemima, Annie, John, Mary, 
Catharine, Violetta, Hannah, Salome, Caroline. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, b Mar 13, 1833 ; m Eli Stover. 
(See Ind of Ref No 5.) Elizabeth married second 
husband Philip Brotzman May 27, 1883. P O Fines- 
ville, N J. 

V. Jemima Fretz, b Feb 15, 1835 ; d Apr 26, 1883 ; 
m George Gotlieb Ebert Aug 12, 1849. He w T as b in 
Germany June 27, 1821 ; d March 3, 1884. Mr E, 
Luth ; Mrs E, Ger Ref. C : William, John, Ella, 
Mary, Charles, Warren. 

VI. William Ebert, b May 3, 1850 ; d 1856. 

VI. John Eewis Ebert, b Dec 22, 1854 ; m Annie 
Hottel. She was b January 10, 1847. Teacher and 
carpenter ; Pres. C : (VII) Elmer Garfield Ebert, 
b Aug 22, 1880; d May 28, 1884. (VII) Ella May 

*Son of Isaac, grandson of Christian, and great-grandson 
of " Weaver " John Fretz, of Bedminster, Pa. 


Ebert, b Sept 14, 1882. (VII) Alice Magil Ebert, bora 
Apr 16, 1886. (VII) Jennie Valeria Ebert, b Jan 13, 

VI. Ella Ebert, b Sept 5, 1857 ; d March 4, 1883. 
Ger Ref. 

VI. Mary Catharine Ebert, born Dec 22, 1864; died 
Feb 25, 1865. 

VI. Charles Ebert, born Oct 31, 1859 ; m . He 

was well educated, and was at one time principal of 
the Kutztown (Pa) Normal School. C : (VII) Warren 
Ebert, b July 27, 1874. S. 

V. Annie Fretz, b January 29, 1837; m Joseph Funk 
Nov 23, 1857. He was b Apr 1, 1831. P O Ridge, 
Pa. Farmer. Mr F, Euth ; Mrs F, Menn. C : 
Adeline, Elmer. 

VI. Adeline Funk (d), b Jan 28, 1859 ; m Gideon 
Rosenberger Jan 8, 1880. Farmer. C: (VII) Joseph 
Rosenberger, b Sept 30, 18S4. (VII) Minnie Cath- 
arine Rosenberger. (VII) John Herbert Rosenberger, 
born Dec 25, 1891. 

VI. Elmer E Funk, b August 15, 1864 ; m Philena 
Zeigenfoss June 12, 1884. Schoolteacher. Children: 
Mamie, Elmer, Anna. 

V. John S Fretz, b Nov 6, 1839 ; d Jan 1, 1887 ; m 
Ella Amanda Loux Oct 15, 1864. She was b Sept 26, 
1846; d Ma)' 14, 1873. Farmer and miller ; Mentis. 
C : (VI) Anna Laura Fretz, b July 23, 1865 ; died 
Apr 2, 1873. (VI) Katie Fretz, b Sept 15, 1868 ; died 
Feb 8, 1873. 

John married second wife Matilda Cope Nov 23, 
1873. C : (VI) Howard C Fretz, b Mar r, 1875 ; died 
Feb 19, 1887. (VI) Charles C Fretz, b Nov 30, 1876. 
(VI) Sallie C Fretz, b July 29, 1879; dAugn.iSSr. 
(VI) Irviu C Fretz, b June 19, 1885. 

V. Mary Fretz, b February 2, 1842 ; m Jonas Eoux 


Jan 26, 186 r. He was b Jan 16, 1839. Farmer ; 
Ger Ref. C : Harvey, Lincoln, Flora. 

VI. Harvey F Loux, b Dec 28, 1861 ; in Lizzie, dau 
of Charles H and Maria Fox, Sept 12, 1885. Farmer ; 
Ref. C : (VII) Chester Arthur Loux, b Oct 7, 1889 ; 
Lloyd, b Aug 27, 1894 ; Roscoe, b Nov 9, 1897. 

VI. E Lincoln Loux, b July 7, 1866 ; m Kate H, 
dau of Samuel M and Susan Freed, Feb 14, 1891. 
She was born Sept 7, 1868. He commenced teaching 
in 1880, and is principal of the Souderton High 
School since 1892. Mr Loux was elected Justice of 
the Peace of Franconia twp in 1898. P O Souderton, 
Pa. Ger Ref. C : (VII) Lilly Loux, b May 8, 1892 ; 
Katie, b Dec 1, 1893 ; Marie, b Nov 30, 1895 ; Susie, 
born May 7, 1898. 

VI. E Flora Loux, b April 6, 187 1 ; m Albert H 
Wetter May 6, 1896. R Phila. No issue. 

V. Catharine Fretz, b Oct 4, 1844 ; d 1846. 

V. Violetta Fretz, b April 12, 1847 ; m Henry Roth 
Dec 24, 1870. Ev Ass'n. No issue. 

V. Hannah Fretz, born Oct 17, 1849 ; m Monroe S 
Weikel 1869. Farmer and shoemaker ; Menns. C: 
Alice, John, Irene, Hattie, Meda. 

VI. Alice F Weikel (d), b Jan 20, 1870 ; m Harvey 
R Balliet Dec 14, 1889. 

VI. John H Weikel, b May 23, 1873 ; m Mary M 
Geisinger June 25, 1892. C : (VII) Russel J Weikel, 
born Oct 3, 1892 ; Theressa, b July 19, 1894. 

VI. Irene F Weikel, b May 8, 1876. 

VI. Hattie F Weikel, b August 15, 1881. 

VI. Meda F Weikel, b July 15, 18S3. 

V. Salome Fretz, born Nov 16, 185 1 ; m Andrew S 
Hendricks Oct 29, 1S70. P O Perkasie, Pa. Farmer ; 


VI. Franklin F Hendricks, b July 6, 1878. 

VI. Laura F Hendricks, b Mar 7, 1881 ; d Mar 19, 

VI. Harvey F Hendricks, b Dec 16, 1883. 

VI. Clayton F Hendricks, b Aug 30, 1886. 

VI. Stella F Hendricks, b Jan 21, 1889. 

VI. Monroe F Hendricks, b Aug 1, 1892. 

V. Caroline Fretz, b Nov 12, 1854 ; m James D 
Bergey April 14, 1877. P O Blooming Glen, Pa. 
Blacksmith ; Ger Ref. C : (VI) Mary Catharine 
Bergey, b Mar 22, 1879 ; Ella F, b Aug 18, 1885. 


II. Barbara Stauffer, b June 20, 1752 ; d young. 


II. Henry Stover (d), b July 10, 1754 ; married 
Elizabeth Fretz* (d). She was born in 1768. They 
lived in Springfield twp, near the village of Burson- 
ville. The house in which they resided has been 

rebuilt, and is occupied by Mill. C : Abraham, 

Catharine, Barbara, Elizabeth. 

III. Abraham Stover, b July 9, 1793 ; d April 20, 
1874 ; m Susanna Stover Mar 29, 18 14. C : Henry, 
John, John, David, Catharine, Lydia, Anna, Salome. 
Abraham married second wife Annie (Stover) Fretz, 
widow of John Fretz, of Nockamixon, Mar 10, 1850. 
Abraham married third wife Maria Wimmer Feb 22, 
1 860. Farmer and miller. He lived on the Tohickon , 
in Haycock township. 

IV. Henry L, Stover, b Jan 30, 18 15 ; d Dec to, 1892 ; 
m Mary Ann Zeigenfuss Feb 16, 1840. She d Nov i, 
1870. C: Abraham, Clayton, Susanna, Harrison, 
Elizabeth, Nancy, Clara, Zeno, Amanda. Henry 
married second wife Frauey Young, a widow Farmer ; 
Luth. C : Abson, Zeno, Ida. 

* Daughter of Abraham and Judith (Meyer) Fretz, son of 
pioneer Christian Fretz, of Tinicum twp, Bucks co, Pa. 



V. Abraham Z Stover, b in Bucks co, Pa, Nov 1, 
1840 ; m Amanda Ritter Nov 28, 1868. Farmer ; 
owns and lives on the Abraham Stover farm and mill 
property in Haycock twp. Menns. C: (VI) Watson 
R Stover, b July 15, 187S. (VI) Eli R Stover, born 
Dec 18, 1882 ; d Jan 22, 1883. (VI) Elmer Stover, 
b Dec 18, 1S84. 

V. Clayton Z Stover, b Sept 7, 1842 ; m Anna C Fell 
Dec 3, 1868. P O Mechanics Valley, Pa. Farmer. 
C : (VI) Addie Stover, b Sept 11, 1869 ; d Oct 27, 
1869. (VI) Comley Stover, b July 24, 1872 ; died 
Sept 6, 1872. (VI) Emma May Stover, born Jan 21, 
1875 ; m Harry W Worthington June 27, 1893. P O 
Buckingham, Pa. (VI) Howard Stover, born June 8, 
1878. (VI) Joseph Warren Stover, b Jan 25, 1885. 

V. Susanna Stover, b Jan 28, 1845 ; d Oct 27, 1863. 

V. Harrison Stover, b Jan 17, 1847 ; d Dec 6, 1863. 

V. Elizabeth Stover, born Nov 20, 1848 ; m John C 
Bye Apr 26, 1869. P O Lambert ville, N J. Mrs B, 
Pres. C : (VI) Florence S Bye, b Feb 17, 187 1. 

V. Annie Stover, b July 17, 1850 ; m Isaiah Morgan. 
C : Cora A. 

V. Clara S Stover, b March 27, 1853 ; m Winfield 
Scott McQuade August 18, 1873. Mrs McQ, Pres. 
C: (VI) Ellen Bertha McQuade, b June 12, 1875 ; 
d Dec 12, 1886. (VI) Jennie Clara McQuade, b Apr 2, 
1877. (VI) John Stover McQuade, b Jan 10, 1881. 
(VI) Charles Winfield McQuade, b Dec 28, 1882. 

V. Zeno Stover, b Aug 23, 1855 ; d Nov 28, 1863. 

V- Amanda Stover, b April 15, i860 ; m Charles E 
Housekeeper Feb 1886. P O Lambertville, N J. No 

V. Abson Stover. P O Kellers Church, Pa. Farmer. 

V. Zeno Stover. P O Ottsville, Pa. Farmer. S. 


V. Ida Stover. Luth. S. 
IV. John S Stover, b Nov 10, [816 ; d Aug 26, 18 17. 

IV. John S Stover, b Mar 4, 18 18 ; m Catharine Ott 
Oct 27, 1844. She d Feb 17, 1859. Farmer. C : 
Clarissa, Henry, Sylvester, Newton, Harvey. John 

married second wife Schleiffer, a widow 7 . No 


V. Clarissa Stover, b Apr 17, 1845 ; d Jan 15, 1852. 

V. Henry Clay Stover, b Jan 8, 1847 ; m Hannah 
Solliday Nov 9, 1872. P O Ridge, Pa. Farmer ; 
Ger Ref. C : (VI) Laura Stover, b Aug 23, 1873. 
Ger Ref. (VI) Ervin Stover, b May 26, 1880. (VI) 
Annie Stover, b Nov 29, 1885. 

V. Sylvester Stover, b July 2, 1851 ; d Jan 14, 1852. 
He and his sister Clarissa are buried in one grave. 

V. Newton Stover, b Dec 25, 1852 ; d Feb 19, 1859. 
He and his mother are buried in one grave. 

V. Harvey O Stover, born May 7, 1855 ; m Sarah 
Snyder. P O Richland Centre, Pa. Farmer ; Luth. 
C : Howard. 

IV. David S Stover, b in Bucks co, Pa, Jan i, 1820 ; 
m Mary Geisinger Jan 2, 1848. C : Taylor, Ephraim, 
Cecelia, Mahlon. 

V. Taylor G Stover, b in Bucks co Feb 22, 1850 ; 
d Aug 15, 1895. Veterinary surgeon. S. 

V. Ephraim G Stover, b Apr 15, 1858 ; m Hannah 
S Rice Apr 12, 1879. P O Passer, Pa. Farmer ; Ref. 
C : (VI) Mary E Stover, b Aug 5, 1879. (VI) Harry 
J Stover, born May 12, 1882 ; died August 14, 1882. 
(VI) Ellen M Stover, b Oct 1, 1883. (VI) Victor J 
Stover, b Jan 25, 18S6 ; d Oct 19, 1886. (VI) Horace 
B Stover, b Feb 9, 1889. (VI) Clara S Stover, born 
Apr 26, 1892. 

V. Cecelia Stover. 

Reuben F. Stover. 

(See page 38.) 


V. Mahlon G Stover, b in Bucks co Oct 26, 1862 ; 
m Emma H Shultz Sept 10,1891. PO Nazareth, Pa. 
Veterinary surgeon. C : (VI) May Stella Stover, 
born May 16, 1894. 

IV. Catharine Stover, b April 24, 1822 ; m Joseph F 
Nicholas Dec 31, 1843. He was b Mar 15, 1814 ; died 
Mar 31, 1SS6. Farmer ; Luth. C : Salome, Mary, 
Lizzie, Stover, Oliver, Susanna, Newton, Sophia. 

V. Salome Nicholas, born Jan 13, 1846 ; m Samuel 
Lambert. P O Doylestown, Pa. 

V. Mary Ann Nicholas, b May 28, 1848 ; m Jacob S 
Kroutjann, 1S68. P O Gardenville, Pa. Jeweler; 
Luth. C : (VI) Lydia A Krout, born July 4, 1868. 
(VI) Ida Krout, b Apr 8, 1870 ; m William Mitchel 
Dec 25, 1S88. Farmer. (VI) Ella Krout, b Dec r, 
1S71. (VI) Esther Krout, born October 31, 1873. 
(VI) Lizzie Krout, b Aug 13, 1875 ; d Aug 30, 1875. 
(VI) Joseph Krout, born Sept 24, 1876. (VI) Royer 
Warren Krout, b April 8, 1879. 

V. Lizzie S Nicholas, b February 7, 1850. 

V. Stover Nicholas, b February 12, 1852 ; m Mary 
Shearer. P O South Bethlehem, Pa. 

V. Oliver S Nicholas, b April 10, 1854 ; m Amanda 
Funk. P O Laurys Station, Pa. 

V. Susanna Nicholas, b Apr 10, 1857 ; dApr4, 1863. 

V. Newton S Nicholas, b Aug 24, i860 ; m Louisa 
D Maugle March 2, 18S3. P O Haycock Run, Pa. 
Farmer; Luth. C: (VI) Joseph Nicholas, b July 11, 
1883 ; Catharine, b Aug 27, 18S4 ; Richard, b Sept 17, 
1885 ; Mary Ann, b Aug 5, 1887 ; Ellamanda, born 
Feb 2, 1889 ; Sarah, b June 11, 1891 ; Abbie, born 
Apr n, 1893. 

V. Sophia S Nicholas, b Feb 26, 1863 ; d May 11, 
1889; m James M Strohm Nov 8, 1885. Painter; 
Luth. No issue. 


V. Harvey Nicholas, b June 27, 1867 ; d August 15, 

IV. Lydia Stover, b Oct 4, 1824; m Samuel Sun- 
stone ; both deceased. No issue. 

IV. Anna Stover, born Nov 4, 1826 ; m Abraham F 
Gehman July 28, 1850. Farmer; Menns. C : David, 
Stover, Susan, Mary. 

V. David S Gehman, b Aug 1, 1851 ; m Mary, dau 
of Benjamin F Hess. P O Pleasant Valley, Pa. Ger 
Ref. C : (VI) Victor Stover Gehman, b Dec 6, 1884. 

V. Stover S Gehman, born January 1, 1854. 

V. Susan Gehman, b May 9, 1858 ; m Tilghman F 
Meyers June 9, 1886. He was born June 5, 1856. 
P O Coopersburg, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. No issue. 

V. Mary Gehman, b April 4, 1862. Menn. 

IV. Salome Stover, b October 8, 1831 ; m Clemens 
Stover. (See Ind of Ref No 6.) 

III. Catharine Stover, b in Springfield twp, Bucks co, 
Pa, Mar 27, 1795 ; d Jan 8, 1857 ; m Henry Stover. 
(See Ind of Ref No 7.) 

III. Barbara Stover, b in 1801 ; m Samuel Detweiler, 
of Hilltown, Pa. Died without issue. 

III. Elizabeth Stover (d), born in Bucks co in 1803 ; 
m Daniel Rosenberger in 1824. Farmer ; Menns. 
C : Joseph, Catharine, Leah, Henry ; Amos, Samuel, 
both deceased. 

IV. Joseph Rosenberger, born in 1825 ; d in 1880 ; 
m Nancy Derstine in 1845. Farmer. C : Amanda, 
Amos, Titus. 

V. Amanda Rosenberger, b in 1849 ; married James 
Schock. P O Schlichters, Pa. 

V. Amos D Rosenberger, b in 1852 ; m Barbara Det- 
weiler. P O Silverdale, Pa. Carpenter and farmer ; 
Menns. C: (VI) Andrew D Rosenberger, b in 1875 ; 
m Tillie D Bechtel, of Sellersville, Pa. (VI) John D 


Rosenberger, born in 1SS0. (VI) William D Rosen- 
berger, b in 1884. 

V. Titus D Rosenberger, b in 1854 ; d in 1890; ra 
Anna Moyer. P O Blooming Glen, Pa. C : Samuel, 
William, Anna, Christian (d). 

IV. Catharine Rosenberger, b in 1829; d 1872. S. 

IV. Leah Rosenberger, b June 30, 1835 ; m Charles 
D Haldeman in 1855. P O Hatfield, Pa. Menus. 
C : Harvey, Elizabeth, Isaiah. 

V. Harvey R Haldeman, b Oct 5, 1857 ; m Sallie 
Cope. She was born in Milford, Bucks co, Aug n, 
1859. R 2600 Jessup st, Phila. Proprietor of the 
Oakdale Express. C : (VI) Charles Haldeman, born 

Oct 1, 1879; m . (VI) John Haldeman, born 

Nov 2, 1S87. (VI) Flora Idella Haldeman, b Aug 3, 
1889. (VI) Harvey Haldeman, born May 20, 1891. 
(VI) Lillie Viola Haldeman, b September 20, 1893. 
(VI) Daughter. 

V. Elizabeth Haldeman, b in 1865 ; d in infancy. 

V. Isaiah R Haldeman, b Feb 4, 186S, in Hatfield 
twp, Montg co, Pa ; m Kate C, dau of Rev John H 
Rosenberger, of Hatfield twp, Oct 5, 1890. She was 
b in Hilltown twp, Bucks co, Dec 8, 1867 ; d Sep- 
tember 22, 1895. 

He attended the public schools until 14 years of 
age, when he he entered the Lansdale ( Pa) ' 'Reporter' ' 
office to learn the art of printing. Four years later, 
or after serving an apprenticeship, he was employed 
on the Harleysville "News" (then in its infancy), 
and later was promoted to editor. After being em- 
ployed on that paper for over three years he took a 
position as foreman on the Ambler (Pa) " Gazette," 
and later was employed on the Philadelphia " Press," 
but lost his position by a strike of the Typographical 
Union in that office one year later. He was again 


employed in the Harleysville " News " office as fore- 
man, the paper then being owned by the A E Dambly 
Estate, of Skippack, Pa, and about one year later, on 
May 8, 1892, purchased the establishment from the 
estate, which he now successfully conducts. He was 
also founder of the Harleysville and Hatfield bene- 
ficial societies, and was elected treasurer of the former 
in 1894, which position he still holds (1898). 

Mr Haldeman is a self-made man in every sense 
that the word implies. He started in life with noth- 
ing but good health and plenty of ambition, and he 
worked himself up by careful attention to every detail 
of business both as an employee and an employer. 
He saved his money which he invested in a building 
and loan association until he possessed $300. This 
formed the nucleus of his capital with which he 
started in the newspaper business. 

After entering the newspaper business he took an 
active part in local politics, and his paper was the 
only one in Montgomery county that came out for 
Quay in his memorable fight in 1895 for control of 
the State Republican organization at a time when the 
Senator's fight was a seemingly hopeless one. 

Mr Haldeman was elected an Alternate Delegate 
from the Seventh Congressional District to the Re- 
publican National Convention held at St Louis in 
1896, and was elected a member of the County Com- 
mittee and appointed on the Executive Committee 
during the same campaign. He is still a member of 
the Executive Committee. C : (VI) Ella R Halde- 
man, b Aug 8, 1892 ; Eva, b July 22, 1895. 

Isaiah married second wife Annie C Rosenberger, 
a sister to first wife, October 28, 1897. 
IV. Henry S Rosenberger, b October 21, 1838 ; d in 
Philadelphia July 14, 1891 ; m Mary Ann Beidler in 


(V) Minerva Rosenberger, b April 9, 1868. Seam- 
stress ; M E. (V) Charles Henry Rosenberger, born 
Mar 14, 1877 ; d Jan 5, 1895. ' (V) Annie Rosen- 
berger, b June 16, 1S79 ; d March 1882. (V) Ida 
Rosenberger, b July 5, 1881. 

IV. Amos Rosenberger, deceased. 

IV. Samuel Rosenberger, deceased. 


II. Jacob Stover, b May 13, 1757; d April 28, 
1844 ; m Elizabeth Swartz. C : Elizabeth. Jacob 
married second wife Catharine, dau of Mathias Stover, 
of Franconia twp, Montg co, Pa. She died Nov 10, 
1841. C: Henry, Mathias, Anna, Jacob, Abraham, 
Catharine, Jonas, Samuel, Isaac. 

At the breaking out of the Revolutionary War of 
1775 the Colonial Army, being pressed for teams and 
transportation equipments, demanded of Henry 
Stover, Sr, his wagon and horses for the use of the 
army. His sou Jacob, then a mere lad, accompanied 
his father's team in the army as driver under the 
command of General Sullivan and hauled the army 
stores and sometimes the wounded soldiers. Harsh 
treatment, the severity of his duties and the failure to 
return him and his father's team to his home, as was 
promised his father, so disheartened the young lad 
that upon one occasion he determined to escape, but 
was not successtul. He was then placed under Gen- 
eral Washington's command, to whom he made com- 
plaint of his former cruel treatment and of receiving 
food not fit to eat. The General afterward promoted 
him, and from that time on he hauled only General 
Washington's personal effects. 

Jacob Stover bought the mill property on the 
Tohickon Creek, near Pipersville, now known as 
Myers' Roller Mills, of Henry H Climer Dec 27, 



1784, for $7260. On this place Jacob Stover built the 
old stone house about 1790. About 1836 he sold the 
old homestead with a portion of the land to his son, 
Isaac Stover, who was the last Stover owner, he hav- 
ing sold it to George Swope about 1844. The old 
homestead is still standing and is owned and occupied 
by Noah Trauger. 

About 1832 Jacob Stover built the fine brick 
dwelling for his son, Samuel Stover, who bought it 
in 1836 with the mill and about 50 acres of land. 

III. Elizabeth Stover, b in 1783 ; d Feb 12, i860 ; 
m Philip Kratz,* Jr, June 17, 1802. He was born 
Apr 16, 1782 ; d June 2, 1847. He was a farmer and 
lived on the old Philip Kratz, Sr, homestead in Plum- 
stead twp, Bucks co. He held the office of Assessor 
in his township for one or two terms. Mentis. Both 
are buried at Deep Run. C : Jacob, John, Rachel, 
Anna, Catharine, Susanna, Henry, Leah. 

IV. JacobS Kratz, b Apr 10, 1803 ; d Nov 20, 1885 ; 
m Elizabeth, dau of William Fretz, Dec 16, 1830. 
She was b Oct 1, 18 10 ; d Feb 15, 1873. Farmer ; 
lived in Plumstead, on the farm that had been his 
grandfather's. Free Christian ch. C : Margaret, 
Emma, Laura, Harvey, William, Jacob. 

V. Margaret Kratz, b Feb 14, 1833 ; m H Watson 
Johnson Nov 15, 1855. Farmer ; resides near Rich- 
landtown, Pa. Ref. C : Erwin, Oliver, Charles, 
Harvey, Mary. 

VI. Dr Erwin T Johnson, born June 18, 1857 ; m E 
Martha Sheip, of New Britain, Pa, March 11, 1886. 
Dr Johnson graduated from the Jefferson Medical 
College in the Spring of 1883. He located at Hill- 

*Son of Philip Kratz, Sr, and grandson of John Valentine 
Kratz, who emigrated to America in the ship Friendship and 
landed at Philadelphia Oct 16, 1727. 


town, Pa, where he is practicing his profession. Ref 
ch of Hilltown. C : (VII) "Susanna Johnson, born 
Nov 24, 1886 ; Margaret, b May 25, 3888. 

VI. Charles J Johnson, b Nov 23, 1858 ; d Aug 24, 

VI. Oliver K Johnson, b Nov 24, i860. 

VI. Harvey E Johnson, b June 22, 1868. 

VI. Mary Jane Johnson, b Aug 15. 1870. 

V. Emma Kratz, b Dec 7, 1835 ; m John Shelly 
Weinberger Oct 13, 1861. Professor in Ursinus 
College, Collegeville, Pa. Ger Ref ch. C: (VI) 
Minerva Weinberger, b Oct 1, 1863. 

V. Laura Kratz, b Jan 4, 1837 ; d Mar 16, 1866 ; 
m Dr I S Moyer. C : Lillian. 

V. Dr Harvey Kratz, b Sept 2, 1838 ; m Sarah 
Riuker. Practicing physician at New Britain, Pa. 
Bap. C : (VI) Eaura, d aged 8 years ; Eizzie, 
Bertha, Virginia, Mabel Rebecca, Annie Worley, 
Charles Sumner, Sarah, Margaret, Hannah, Esther, 

V. William Henry Kratz, b Apr 2, 1843 ; m Alice 
J Piatt Jan 7, 1875. He is engaged in stock raising 
in Piatt co, 111. ME. C: (VI) Eaura Kratz, b 
Oct 14, 1875 ; James Piatt, b Dec 12, 1878. 

V. Jacob Thomas Kratz, b Apr 27, 1850 ; d Oct 5, 

IV. John Kratz, b Dec 25, 1805 ; d Aug 19, 1865 ; 
m Dorothy Myers Dec 13, 1827. She was born 
Nov 28, 1803; d Apr 14, 1885. Farmer; Mrs K, 
Menu. C : Sarah, Lewis, Aaron, Reed, Owen, 
Allen, Mary, Philip, Oliver. 

V.Sarah Kratz, b Nov 10, 1828; m John Bewig- 
house May 8, 1858. Farmer in Bedminster twp ; 
New Menn. C : Sarah, Esther, J Geary, Christian 
and Christina (twins), Ellen. 

A. S. Nicholas and Family 
(See page 41. ) 


VI. Sarah Ann Bewighouse, b Sept 19, i860. 

VI. Esther Bewighouse, born Jan 14, 1865 ; m Ezra 
Frankenfield Dec 24, 1887. Creamery operator. 
Mr F, Lutheran ; Mrs F, New Menn. 

VI. J Geary Bewighouse, b Sept 16, 1867. S. 

VI. Christian and Christina Bewighouse (twins), 
b Nov 9, 1869 ; d Feb 1870. 

VI. Ellen Bewighouse, b Aug 13, 1871. 

V. Lewis Kratz, born Dec 25, 1830; m Sarah Ann 
Bewighouse (d). She was b in 1832. C: (VI) Laura 
Kratz, died in infancy. Lewis m second wife Esther 
Bewighouse (sister to his first wife) Feb 8, 1862. 
Farmer ; New Menn. C : Curtin B. 

VI. Curtin B Kratz, born Aug 23, 1863 ; m Mary S 
Fulmer Nov 19, 1887. Farmer ; Mrs K, Ref. 

V. Aaron Kratz, b July 9, 1832 ; m Catharine Stover 
Mar 1, i860. C: Lincoln, Elmer. Aaron m second 
wife Lizzie W Engle Sept 26, 1866. Manufacturer 
of carriages at Plumsteadville, Pa. C : Reuben, 

VI. Lincoln Hamlin Kratz, b Dec 23, i860 ; m Mary 
C Worman April 9, 1892. P O Plumsteadville, Pa. 
Carriage painter ; Mrs K, Ger Ref. No issue. 

VI. Elmer Ellsworth Kratz (d), b Aug 4, 1862. 

VI. Reuben E Kratz, b Sept 1, 1868. 

VI. Anna May Kratz, b Dec 1, 1875 ; died May 30, 

V. Reed Kratz, born Nov 20, 1834 ; m Esther Mich- 
ener October 12, 1862. Oil merchant; Pres. C: 
(VI) Eugene H Kratz, born Oct 24, 1868 ; Florence, 
b July 14, 1871. 

V. Owen Kratz, b July 8, 1837 ; m Delia Leather- 

V. Allen Kratz, b May 31, 1840 ; d July 4, 1843. 

V. Mary K Kratz, b Nov 29, 1842 ; 111 Zackery T 


Leatherman Sept 28, 1871. Builder; Pres. C: 
(VI) Delia May K Leatherman, bom April 7, 1880 ; 
Edgar Lincoln K, b Oct 28, 188 1. 

V. Philip Kratz, born April 22, 1845 ; m Louisa S, 
dau of Isaac and Mary Kratz, Oct 27, 1876. Farmer 
near Fountainville, Pa. Mrs K, Ger Bap. No issue. 

V. Oliver James Kratz, b Nov 26, 1846 ; m Sabina 

IV. Rachel Kratz, b Mar 24, 1808 ; d Sept 3, 1869 ; 
m Michael Myers* Sept 1827. He was born May 9, 
1804 ; d in Fairfield co, O, Mar 30, 1889. Farmer ; 
Menns. C : Philip, Ann, Benjamin, Emeliue, Lewis, 
William, Ervvin, Mathias, Hannah, John, Albert. 

V. Philip K Myers, b Feb 24, 1828 ; d Mar 2, 1847'. 
V. Ann E Myers, b in Bucks co, Pa, July 5, 1830. 

P O Basle, O. S. 

V. Benjamin F Myers, born Feb 14, 1832 ; m Sarah 
Sager in 1856. P O Mt Cory, O. Carpenter and 
farmer ; Ev Ass' 11. C : Laura, Clara, Elvina, Leah, 
Rachel, Alonzo, Martha, Hannah, Sarah, Albert, 
Huldah, Elva, infant, Mary. 

VI. Laura Amanda Myers, b June 27, 1857 5 died in 

VI. Clara Irene Myers, b Dec 24, 1858 ; m Heghes 
Hanson Folk March 6, 1879. P O Mt Cory, O. 
Farmer ; M E. C : (VII) Jacob Franklin Folk, born 
Aug 7, 1880; Mary Edna Martha, b Mar 11, 1887; 
Harry Benjamin Hanson, b Aug 2, 1890. 

VI. Elvira Alice Myers, b June 27, i860 ; d Jan 13, 
1890. Schoolteacher ; Meth. 

VI. Leah Elizabeth Myers, born Sept 5, 1861 ; died 
May 29, 1 89 1. Graduated at North Western Ohio 
Normal. Teacher ; Meth. 

VI. Minerva Rachel Myers, b Nov 16, 1862 ; m E 
* Great grandson of Pioneer Hans Meyers. 


B Myers Dec 30, 1886. P O Burrough, Neb. Ch of 
God. C : (VII) Ethel May Myers, b Nov 27, 1887 ; 
Charles Elmer, b June 5, 1889 ; Mabel Edna, born 
Jan 25, 1 89 1 ; Myrtle Ruth, b Oct 5, 1893. 

VI. Alonzo Lincoln Myers, b July 25, 1864 ; married 
Mary E Denhart in 1888. He graduated at North 
Western Ohio Normal University in 1887. Teacher ; 
Meth. One child (d). 

VI. Martha Ann Myers, b Feb 9, 1866 ; m William 
H Radebaugh June 1, 1891. She began teaching in 
1 886 ; graduated from Ohio Normal University, at 
Ada, O, in 1891, and attended Wesley an University, 
Delaware, O, for a time. P O Cannousburgh, O. 
U Br ch. No issue. 

VI. Hannah Catharine Myers, born March ir, 1867 ; 
m Rev Virgil L Grabiel, of Logan co, O, Apr 29, 1892. 
Both graduated from the Normal University at Ada, O, 
July 1891. Mr Grabiel completed a course of The- 
ology at McCormick Seminary May 18S4. Presby- 
terian minister. R 323 Lincoln ave, Chicago. 

VI. Sarah Augusta Myers, born August 25, 1868. 
Teacher ; Meth. 

VI. Albert Elmer Myers, b Mar 1, 1870. Graduated 
in the commercial course in 1891. Farmer; Meth. 

VI. Huldah Mahala Myers, b November 25, 1871. 
She graduated in shorthand and typewriting at the 
Ada (O) Normal. Meth. 

VI. Elva Edna Myers, b April 17, 1873. M E. 

VI. Infant son, b Jan 1875 ; d Feb 1875. 

VI. Mary Barbara Myers, b July 26, 1876. M E. 

V. Emeline Myers, b Dec 12, 1833. POBasil,0. S. 

V. Lewis Myers, b Oct 16, 1835 ; d Feb 22, 1855. 

V. William H Harrison Myers, born Sept 12, 1837 ; 

married Mary Kindler. Mr Myers enlisted in the 46th 

Regiment Ohio Volunteers in 1861 for three years. 


At the battle of Shiloh he captured a sword that 
fitted in rebel Gen Sidney Johnson's scabbard. C : 
Samuel, Louisa, Grant, Ella, John (d), Otto. 

V. Erwin C Myers, b October 2, 1839 ; m Elizabeth 
Mast Oct 13, 1 86 1. P O Pleasant Plain, Ind. Bap. 
C : William, Mary, Minerva, Charles. 

VI. William H Myers, b September 20, 1862 ; died 
August 24, 1864. 

VI. Mary C Myers, b November 17, 1865 ; m Jesse J 
Couch Dec 3, 1882. Employed in a factory. Bap. 
C : (VII) William E Couch, born February 24, 1884. 
(VII) Leroy Couch, b Nov 4, 1886. (VII) Clyde G 
Couch, b June 16, 1889 ; died November 11, 1889. 
(VII) Arthur N Couch, b Dec 23, 1891. 

VI. Minerva R Myers, b Feb 8, 1868 ; m William 
Buzzard Feb 7, 1889. Employed in a factory. No 

VI. Charles W Myers, b Mar 16, 1871. Employed 
in a factory. S. 

V. Mathias S Myers, b in Fairfield co, O, July 24, 
1841 ; m Elsie Corey Jan 23, 1868. She d July 6, 
1884. C : (VI) Lewis Jefferson Myers, born July 4, 
1870. S. (VI) Lelah Myers, born July 23, 1874. 
Schoolteacher ; M E. S. (VI) Arthur Myers, born 
Sept 24, 1878. (VI) Nellie Kate Myers, b Nov 25, 
1888. (VI) Earl Everett Myers, born Sept 9, 1891. 
(VI) Gladis Myers, b Aug 25, 1893. 

Mathias married second wife America Maud 
Everett Dec 24, 1885. P O Warren, Ind. Carpenter 
and farmer ; M E. 

V. Hannah C Myers, b in Fairfield co, O, June 25, 
1843 ; m John Hansberger November 14, 1867. P O 
Worthington, Minn. Farmer ; ME. C : (VI) Will 
Lester Hansberger, born Dec 10, 1867. (VI) Laura 
Hansberger, b Nov 13, 1870; d February 12, 1871. 


(VI) Lizzie Rachel Hansberger, b February 20, 1872. 
(VI) Carrie Luella Hansberger, born April 27, 1875. 
(VI) Victor Clyde Hansberger, b February 11, 1878. 
(VI) James Arthur Hansberger, b Sept 19, 1891. 

V. John K Myers, b February 25, 1845 ; m Hannah 
Miller. P O VanBureu, Ind. C: William (d), 
Nellie, Loda, Alexander, Enoch. 

V. Albert M Myers, born in Fairfield co, O, May 30, 
1847 ; m Anna Alt May 22, 1873. P O Basil, O. 
Farmer ; Ref. C : (VI) Alma B Myers, b March 25, 
1874. S. (VI) Austin V Myers, b May 16, 1878. 

IV. Anna Kratz, b in Bucks co, Pa, Feb 5, 181 1 ; 
d Sept 12, 1876 ; m John M Detweiler Oct 26, 1831. 
He was born in Bucks co June 26, 1805 ; d July 17, 
1856. In the Spring of 1839 they moved to Fairfield 
county, O, known at that time as the far West, and 
purchased a farm of 50 acres situated near the village 
of Basil. Mentis. C : Jane, Clementine. 

V. Jane Detweiler, b in Bucks co, Pa, Oct 9, 1833 ; 
m Moses B Weaver, of Pennsylvania, Sept 15, 1853. 
Farmer in Elkhart co, Ind. C : Infant, Lydia, John, 
Ann, Emma, Harvey, Henry, Ira, infant, Frank, 

VI. Infant son, b and d Feb 16, 1855. 

VI. Lydia Weaver, born Jan 8, 1859 ; m Samuel M 
Weaver Dec 30, 1877. Farmer in F)mmett co, Mich, 
where they commenced in the solid woods where deer 
and bear abounded. The following incident is related 
as a fact : One of Mr Weaver's little boys and 
another boy, both about 7 years old, were on their 
way to school one day, a distance of one and a half 
miles, most of the way through the woods, when 
they encountered a bear. One of the boys said to the 
other : "I heard some one say if you walk up to a 
bear and look in his eyes he will be ashamed of him- 


self and move in another direction." This the 
little fellows did, and they said the bear hung his 
head and retreated. When they related the story it 
was not believed. However, some of the neighbors 
went to the place where the boys had seen the bear 
and sure enough found the tracks. C : (VII) Bur- 
detta Weaver, born Dec 17, 1878 ; d Aug 21, 1880. 
(VII) Irvin Weaver, born July 30, 188 r. (VII) Elmer 
Weaver, b June 2, 1883. 

VI. John D Weaver, born in Fairfield co, O, Oct 4, 
i860. Painter. P O Goshen, Ind. 

VI. Anna Weaver, born in Fairfield co, O, May 17, 
1864 ; m Simon P Detwiler, of Emmet county, Mich, 
March 8, 1885. Carpenter at Goshen, Ind. Meuns. 
C : (VII) Frank Austin Detwiler, born June 7, 1887 ; 
d Nov 4, 1887. (VII) Ira Detwiler, b Sept 18, 1888. 

VI. Emma Weaver, b April 25, 1866. 

VI. Harvey C Weaver, b Feb 18, 1868. 

VI. Henry W Weaver, b Sept 14, 1869. 

VI. Ira D Weaver, born March 29, 1871. 

VI. Daughter, b Sept 15, 1872 ; d next day. 

VI. Son, born and died August 6, 1873. 

VI. Frank M Weaver, born May 9, 1875. 

VI. Jennie M Weaver, b January 30, 1879. 

V. Clementine Detwiler, b in Bedmiuster township, 
Bucks co, Pa, March 27, 1838 ; d October 26, 1864 ; 
m Wilbur Wickeizer in Oct 1861. Farmer in Fair- 
field co, O. A few days before her death she was 
converted and baptized by Bishop Jacob Bowman, of 
the Mennonite church. C : John. 

VI. John D Wickeizer, b April 5, i860 ; d April 1, 
1888 ; m Alice M Furst July 2, 1884. 

IV. Catharine Kratz, bSept 16, 18 13 ; d Mar 1, 1830. 

IV. Susanna Kratz, b Sept 20, 1S16 ; died Sept 16, 

1894 ; m Aaron Beidler June 15, 1841. He died in 


1875. Lumber merchant ; Bap. C: Irene, Minerva, 
Louis, Lizzie. 

V. Irene Beidler, b May 21, 1842 ; m R M Eppstein 
Mar 26, 1864. Dealer in pianos and organs. R 95 
Dearborn ave, Chicago. C: (VI) Aaron REppstien, 
born at Champaign, 111, Dec 29, 1875. 

V. Minerva Beidler, b at Springfield, 111, May 31, 
1845 ; m Wesley T Pratt, of Essex, Conn, March 1, 
1863. Contractor at 347 Gray st, Denver, Col ; 
Meth. C : (VI) Helen Maria Pratt, born in New 
Orleans Mar 14, 1866. Teacher. (VI) Louisa Irene 
Pratt, born in New Orleans Sept 27, 1867. Teacher. 
(VI) Anna Isabelle Pratt, born in New Orleans Jan 8, 

V. Louis Henry Beidler, b Apr 4, 1848 ; d Sept 13, 
1873, while on a trip South for his health ; married 
Anna Mary,* dau of B C Bradley, March 19, 1872. 
She was b in Versailles, Ky, Mar 7, 1849. Lumber 
merchant ; Bap. C : (VI) Gertrude Lois Beidler, 
born March 6, 1873. 

V. Lizzie Lelia Beidler, born July 26, 1859 ; died 
May 15, 1861. 

IV. Henry Kratz, b in Bucks co, Pa, May 15, 1820 ; 
m Anna Stover June 1843. He is still living on a 
small farm at Danboro, Pa. It is said pebbles change 
the course of mighty streams, so little incidents often 
change the career of many persons, which is fully 
illustrated in the career of the subject of this sketch. 
When a boy, attending school in a neighboring 
village, he did the chores and took care of the horses 
for a doctor, who took a fancy to him and gave him a 
little insight into the profession. When he was about 
to choose for himself his desire to study medicine was 

*She is a lineal descendant of Thomas Win, of Wales, 
who founded Thomas Win Castle in 161 7. 


made known to his father, who unfortunately con- 
sulted his elder brother Jacob (Henry's brother), whose 
prompt reply was, "It will never do for a farmer's 
son to become a doctor." So his young ambition was 
unceremoniously ' ' nipped in the bud. ' ' However, 
farmer Jacob's oldest boy never worried him about the 
propriety of becoming a doctor, for he lost no time in 
graduating an M D and is now a very successful 
practitioner at New Britian, Pa. Mr Kratz was 
very fond of debating societies, which flourished be- 
fore and during the war of the Rebellion, and always 
took an active part on whatever subject was presented. 
He was an Abolitionist and has always been a 
Republican. Some sixteen years ago he was the 
Republican nominee for the State Legislature. Pres. 
C : Edwin, Alonzo, Anuetta, Emily, Henry, Jourdan, 
Catharine, Reuben, Albert, Ellen, Anson, Fernando, 
all raised on a portion of the Kratz homestead. 
V. Dr Edwin Augustus Kratz, born July 12, 1844. 
Early in life he assisted his father on the farm and 
attended school. His patriotic spirit and desire to 
defend the flag, when it was fired upon and trampled 
under foot by scornful rebels and traitors, was as 
strong as his brothers, and his determination was to go 
to war ; but when the family council decided that only 
one of them could go he yielded, however hoping 
that he might yet have an opportunity of ' ' fighting 
rebels ' ' before the war closed. When the longed for 
opportunity came his choice was the Navy, but no 
word from his brother Alonzo for 30 days created 
considerable alarm in the minds of those at home for 
safety. It was suggested that he would have a better 
chance to meet him if he was in the army, hence he 
carried a musket. He enlisted in Philadelphia on 
August 16, 1864, as a private in Company A (Captain 


■ m 


mm \ ^W P 




?M^ Pay 



Tixicum Christian Fretz Homestead. 


Stanton), 198th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers 
(Col H G Sickel). It was known as the ' ' Sixth Union 
League Regiment," which that loyal and patriotic 
organization recruited. The regiment was mustered 
into the United States service September 5, 1864, and 
on the 1 8th left Camp Cadwallader for the scene of 
action. They arrived at the front on the 23d and in 
seven days thereafter were under fire. They were 
assigned to the 1st Brigade (General Chamberlain), 
1st Division (General Griffin), 5th Corps (General 
Warren), Army of the Potomac (General Meade). 

Immediately after arriving at the front Mr Kratz 
was detailed as clerk at Brigade Inspector's head- 
quarters, but when the regiment went into battle he 
was sent to his command. When he got back to his 
company his bayonet and accoutrements were missing. 
He went into the fight without any cartridges, but 
soon filled his pockets with those he found scattered 
about. With this experience he refused any further 

On October 26 he learned that his brother Alonzo 
had been captured three months previously and was 
in Danville, Va. This determined him more than 
ever, never to be taken alive if possible, so when he 
was wounded and saw the rebels face to face it gave 
him strength to get out of their reach before he 
fell exhausted. At the battle of Dinwiddie, C H 
(Gravelly Run), Va, March 29, 1865, he was shot 
through the chest, in the right arm and in the left 
forearm. The orderly Sergeant reported him killed, 
and his letter to the Captain a month later was the 
first knowledge of his condition. He was taken from 
the field to Mt Pleasant Hospital, Washington, D C, 
where he laid on his back for seven weeks, and was 


discharged from the service July 13, an invalid for 

The battles in which he fought were : Preeble's 
Farm, Va, Sept 30, 1864 ; South Side Railroad, Va, 
Oct 27-8, 1864 ; Warren's Raid to Welden Railroad, 
Va, Dec 6-12, 1864; Hatcher's Run, Va, Feb 6-9, 
1865 ; recapture of Fort Steedman, Va, March 25, 
1865 ; Dinwiddie, C H, Va, March 29, 1865. 

In 1867 he read medicine in Champaign City, 
111, with Dr Charles H Mills, late Surgeon of 125th 
Regiment Illinois Volunteers, and is at the present 
time resident physician of Champaign, 111. He has 
occupied many positions of honor and trust. He w r as 
Supervisor of Champaign township in 1884 and again 
in 1893 ; Clerk of Champaign City four years ; 
Director of Champaign Public Library 18 years, 
director Champaign branch of the Illinois Humane 
Society, United States Examining Surgeon for Pen- 
sions 21 years, when Hoke Smith dispensed with the 
services of all old soldiers with one stroke of the pen, 
by saying that ' ' no physician over 45 years of age 
is eligible;" Captain and Assistant Surgeon Illinois 
National Guards, and a Past Post Commander of the 
Grand Army of the Republic, and is now Medical 
Director of the Illinois G. A. R. In politics he is a 
Republican, and was unanimously nominated for 
Mayor by the Republicans of Champaign City in the 
Spring of 1891, but through rum, boodle and 
treachery, he was, with the rest of the ticket, 
defeated. In 1894 ne was elected County Treasurer 
for a four years' term. He is a 32nd degree Mason 
and a veteran Odd Fellow, and is enjoying the 
highest honors that the lodges in both orders can 

He was married to Anna Mary Bradley, widow 


of Lewis H Beidler, May 8, 1S84. C : (VI) Alouzo 
Plumsted Kratz, b June 17, 1885 ; Ethel Gyola, born 
Oct 20, 1887 ; Elvin Valentine, b Mar 31, 1890. 
V. Alonzo Philip Kratz, b July 26, 1845 ; d Feb 12, 
1865. On August 8, 1862, at the age of 17, he 
enlisted at Doylestowu as a private in Company F, 
128th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, for nine 
months in the United States services. The regiment 
soon went to the front. His first letter was dated at 
Camp Wells, Va, August 12, 1862, from which it 
appears that army life agreed with him. He says : 
" We don't get victuals like at home, but what we 
do get is enough and healthy ; soft bread comes this 
way once a week." After the battle of Antietam he 
wrote : "It was a hard fight, and I do not want to 
get in another like it. The rebels loaded their guns 
with a large round ball and three buckshot ; these 
flew around us like hail. We loaded our muskets 
with a large pointed ball, and it did some execution. 
A soldier who has once fought for his country will 
never forget it, neither should he be forgotten." On 
January 16, 1863, at Fairfax Station, Va, he says: 
" Our Winter hut is built ; it is of logs two feet 
high and our tent is the roof. It is a comfortable 
house that will keep us dry and warm." On March 
25, 1863, he wrote from Brook's Station, Va: "We 
have five weeks yet to serve ; we have been in several 
skirmishes besides the great battle of September 17 
(Antietam), and there may be another big fight this 
Spring before our time is out. General Hooker is 
getting impatient at this inaction. There is some 
talk among the boys of re-enlisting, but I think I 
will go home, although I don't believe I shall be 
satisfied with home-life as long as the war is going 
on." The anticipated battle was Chancellorsville, 


through it he passed without a scratch, and was dis- 
charged at the end of his term of service with the 
following certificate : ' 'This is to certify that Alonzo 
Philip Kratz was one of the most patriotic soldiers in 
Company F (commanded by C K Frankenfield), 
always at his post performing a soldier's duty cheer- 
fully, and I can recommend him as the bravest of the 
brave, in meeting the foe and daring in battle. T J 
Kline, Orderly Sergeant, Company F, 128th Penn- 
sylvania Volunteers. ' ' 

He came home in June 1863 and seemed glad 
enough to get back to God's country again ; but the 
outdoor life of a soldier, who so often slept with the 
blue vault of heaven for a covering, had completely 
changed his disposition. It was weeks before he 
could sleep on a soft bed and enjoy a good meal. 
His patriotic spirit finally prevailed to take up arms 
again. He always spoke of the artillery service as 
being the most agreeable and least dangerous to life 
and limb, and that he would go in the heavy artillery 
next. With this object in view he went to Philadel- 
phia shortly after New Year's day (1864) and enlisted 
in Battery D, 112th Regiment Pennsylvania Heavy 
Artillery. The regiment was, however, supplied with 
muskets and served as the Second Pennsylvania Pro- 
visional Volunteers, there being more demand for that 
branch than artillery, and he was promoted to Corporal 
of Company I. The regiment was mustered as 
" Veteran " and immediately went to the front, leav- 
ing behind 50 brave and true men, of which number 
he was one for detached duty in Philadelphia. After 
guarding various places in the city for three months 
he was sent to his regiment in the field, April 24. 

A letter dated July 3, 1864, near Petersburg, Va, 
gives an account of the fierce fighting of the rebels 


at the Weldon Railroad, where they charged the 
Union lines six deep without breaking it ; also that 
they had blown up two rebel forts and were mining 
another and a bigger one, and when ready to explode 
they would fight day and night, if necessary, to cap- 
ture Petersburg. His last letter from the field is 
dated July 17, 1864, in which he says : " Have been 
acting as Sergeant for two months and expect to be 
promoted to that office as soon as the Captain recovers 
from wounds received in battle." The coveted pro- 
motion never came. He was captured July 29 at the 
explosion referred to (Burnside's mine) and carried 
away into captivity. He was confined in the famous 
L,ibby Prison at Richmond, Va, for a time and then 
removed to the stockade pen at Danville, Va. The 
last letter received from him was written in the latter 
place, dated August 3, 1864. It was mailed at Old 
Point Comfort and did not reach home until Octo- 
ber 19, 1864. It was written with a lead pencil in 
two handwritings. The first half was his writing, 
which gave the date and circumstances of his capture 
and where he was a prisoner. The last half showed, 
unmistakably, that it was erased and written in 
another hand. This purported to give the comfort- 
able quarters he had, the kind treatment he received 
at the hands of the rebels, and the quantity and 
quality of healthy food given him. 

After the close of the war it was learned that he 
was an unwilling guest of rebelclom six months, and 
died February 12, 1865, of starvation and exposure. 
He is buried in the National Cemetery, Danville, Va, 
Grave 130, Section A, Division 4. A brave and 
patriotic life sacrificed for country and flag. He 
engaged in the following battles : Antietam, Va, 
September 1862 ; Chancellorsville, Va, May 1863 ; 


Ream's Station (Weldon Railroad), Va, June 1864, 
and Burnside's Mine, July 1864. 

V. Dr Annetta Kratz, born in Plumstead township, 
Bucks county, Pa. At the age of 4 years she at- 
tended the public schools. After attending school at 
North Wales and the Excelsior Normal at Carvers- 
ville she commenced teaching at the age of 16. 
Believing it was best for women patients to be attended 
by women physicians .she studied medicine in Phila- 
delphia, and occupied the position of interne in the 
New England Hospital for Women in Boston, Mass, 
for 18 months. Prejudice against "women doctors" 
was very fierce at the time (1869) and the students of 
the university actually collected to mob the women 
students when dismissed from lecture. The ladies 
with quiet dignity, however, came off the victors. 
Miss Kratz also attended the College of Pharmacy the 
first year that women were admitted. After gradu- 
ating in 1 87 1 she began the practice of her profession 
at L,ansdale, Pa, where she is also managing a drug 
store. In 1894 she received the appointment of 
Notary Public. Pres. 

V. Emily Augusta Kratz, born May 15, 1848 ; died 
Aug 31, 1879. S. 

V. Henry Stover Kratz, b in Plumstead, Pa, June 4, 
1849. He is a carriage painter by trade, and for 
rapidity, delicacy and accuracy of striping and letter- 
ing won for himself the name of ' ' Dexter ' ' among 
the craft. He also has a fine voice for singing and 
often delighted his friends with his solos. In 1878 he 
went to Fort Worth, Tex, where he is engaged as 
insurance solicitor and merchant. S. 

V. Jourdan H Kratz, b Oct 12, 1850 ; m Margaret C, 
dau of William Kerr Bowman, of Phila. He was 
a member of the Pennsylvania Militia for some time. 


He is now engaged in farming and fruit culture near 
Greenwood Station, Del ; Pres. C : (VI) Edwin 
Augustus Kratz, b April 28, 1880 ; Jourdan Homer, 
born Dec 24, 1881 ; William Henry, b Sept 17, 1884 ; 
Ely Laird, b Aug 31, 1889. 

V. Catharine Kratz, b Jan 25, 1852. She is a suc- 
cessful teacher in the public schools of Bucks and 
Montgomery counties, Pa ; Pres. S. 

V. Reuben S Kratz, born July 7, 1853 > m A Kate 
Persey, of Buckingham, Pa, Feb 20, 1889. At the age 
of 20 he enlisted in the Emergency Company to quell 
the rioters at Pittsburg. He afterward enlisted in a 
military company of State Guards. He owns and 
occupies a part of the old Kratz homestead, in Plum- 
steadville, known as the Valley Park Farm. He is a 
member of the I O O F and U A M. Presbyterian. 
C : (VI) T Percy Kratz, b Feb 4, 1890 ; A Florinda, 
born Dec 19, 1892. 

V. Albert Kratz, b Sept 1, 1854 ; d Aug 23, 1856. 

V. Ellen Kratz, b Sept 25, 1855 ; d Nov ro, 1856. 

V. Anson Burlingame Kratz, b Nov 22, 1856 ; died 
Oct 20, 1859. 

V. Fernando Kratz, b Jan 1, 1858. He is a member 
of the Pennsylvania Militia and participated in the 
Divisional Encampment at Mt Gretna in 1887, '90, and 
Norristown in 1889 ; also in all the military parades 
at West Chester, Philadelphia, Washington, D C, and 
New York. He is a Royal Mason, receiving his first 
degree in 1885. Painter by trade, but is now engaged 
in farming at Danboro, Pa ; Pres. S. 

IV. L,eah Kratz, b Dec 6, 1824. Early in life she 
taught school in various parts of Plumstead township 
for a number of years. In i860, after the death of 
her mother, she moved to a sister in Ohio, and in 


1870 to Champaign, 111, where she devotes a great 
deal of her time to the Baptist church and charities. 

III. Henry S Stover, b in Bedminster twp, Bucks co, 
Oct 17, 1786 ; d at Erwinna, Pa, August 19, 1872 ; 
m Barbara Stout. She was born Sept 13, 1789 ; died 
at Erwinna Oct 14, 1858. 

Mr Stover and his brothers, Samuel and Mathias, 
attended the Doylestown Academy at the same time. 
Their father provided each with a horse to ride back 
and forth from the school to their boarding place, a 
very pretty home some distance from the town. Old 
Mr Dubois, a man of great scholarship, was the prin- 
cipal, and in those days the school was well managed. 
Many of Pennsylvania's distinguished sons learned 
the lessons of refinement and culture from the kindly 
old man, who felt an interest in the welfare of each 
boy he taught. Mr Stover used to tell in a very 
amusing way of the primitive methods of education 
in his boyhood before he entered the academy, of the 
old schoolhouse, with its rickety stove, and of the 
tall schoolmaster, a little bent to get nearer the boys ; 
severe and kindly by turns, severe where he should 
have been kindly and kindly where he should have 
been severe ; of the school spring, the purest and 
coolest water, ice bound in Winter, bright and spark- 
ling in Summer, the home of frogs of all sizes and 
voices, ranging from deep bass to little trebles. The 
old teacher's erudition on anatomy and physiology, 
not being of the most brilliant order, reasoned that 
the water must be unwholesome, forgetting that the 
tired school children had slaked their thirst at the 
spring years and years before ; that they had been 
gathered to their forefathers as aged men and women, 
and that the ancestors of the present frogs, without a 
shadow of doubt, croaked their pleasure and pain in 

Isaiah R. Haldeman 

(See page 51.) 


the same spring then. On this occasion the good old 
master told the scholars that they would bail 
out the spring and carry water and frogs down the 
hill and there empty them out. When the task was 
almost over an enterprising youth discovered all 
the frogs leaping back to the spring. The old master, 
when apprised of the fact, set his bucket down, 
mopped his reeking brow and said dolefully : ' ' Sad ! 
Oh sad !" After that the frogs were left in undis- 
puted possession. 

Henry S Stover was a very just man and enter- 
prising in business. He bought all the mill sites up 
and down the Delaware River so as not to have his 
business interfered with or cramped. He then built 
grist and saw mills, dams and sluice-ways, establish- 
ing a powerful plant, which is owned and run by 
his sons at the present time. He has five grandsons 
and one granddaughter owning and running grist or 
saw mills. He settled at Point Pleasant, where he 
built a flour and saw mill on the Tohiekon Creek in 
1810. In 1819 a lumber yard was added and a new 
dwelling erected. In 1832 he bought a property of 
Thomas Kennedy on the Delaware River, near 
Erwinna, Pa, on which, during the following year, 
a large flour mill was built, and four years later a large 
saw mill was added. At the present time it is carried 
on by his grandsons. The original mills were de- 
stroyed by fire in 1875. 

Mr Stover was a man much interested in church 
affairs. To ministers of his own particular denomi- 
nation he was never tired of giving. The little Bap- 
tist church at Point Pleasant was his pet and pride, 
and in the clergyman Mr Stover could never see a 
flaw. If you would point out the weakness and petty 
selfishness of a presiding elder, without argument the 


answer would be, "I think Brother is a very 

fine man." To the beauties of nature he would call 
the attention of relatives and friends. Such terms as, 
" my son, certainly this is a very pretty sight "; or 
"look granddaughter, see what nature has done for 
us here," were so common with him as to be almost 
annoying to the young or careless of his companions. 

The Delaware River, whose waters were so pure 
and beautiful to him, was an ecstatic demonstration of 
nature. In winding and coursing its way to the sea it 
watered the roots of the great trees he had planted as 
seeds, nuts or small whips, that now were towering 
high above its placid waters. He asserted that he 
could not see another such sight, even if taking a 
thousand miles journey for the purpose. The young- 
lings of his flock agreed with him at once, although 
they were viewing it from a different standpoint. To 
them it was the right of way to the nearest water- 
melon patch ; or that delight of all ages, a peach 
orchard, where the fruit was disposed of by the basket 
and at reasonable rates. The orchardist was a friend, 
almost a brother, and in their opinion could fill any high 
office to which he might be called. And the river ? 
Oh yes, the " river was in the right place." 

Barbara, his wife, was the daughter of Isaac 
Stout, of Williams, Northampton county, Pa. To 
the Moravian church and schools are accredited her 
religion and education. There are few among us that 
are not familiar with the beautiful Moravian Bethle- 
hem, its churches, graveyards, and the seminary 
where our mothers and grandmothers went to school. 
So many of the Stover daughters and their relatives 
were educated here in religion, and ethics that 
we cannot help but wish that the history of the 
Moravian martyrs, together with the able addresses 


of the clergy, could be compiled in brief manuscript 
for the Stover history, as we heard them some ten 
years ago at the 75th anniversary of the 5th avenue 
and 21st street Reformed Presbyterian church, New 
York. Such struggles, privations, wisdom and humil- 
ity, as were recalled by Moravian preachers at that 
anniversary of those martyrs that the religion of our 
forefathers might be handed down to us, makes one 
proud that our ancestor, Barbara Stout, was a Mora- 
vian, a member of a church of sound doctrine and 
exquisite music. 

It is needless to say that Barbara Stout had a fine 
education. It has been the ambition of more than 
one of her grandchildren to attain her standard of 
excellence in German, which she read and spoke 
fluently. She made it a practice to read her German 
Bible to her children in their early years. Her 
brother was the noted Dr Abram Stout, and he had a 
fitting rival in his sister, who was also in advance of 
her day and generation. Had she lived in the age of 
the advancement and higher education of women, our 
day of the lawyer's brief or physician's prescription, 
she would have merited a doctor's diploma and prac- 
tice. Her brother, Dr Stout, is authority to-day on 
surgery and diseases of the alimentary tract. She, 
with her fine intellect, might have written a treatise 
on the diseases caused by ignorance of mothers in the 
care and training of children. She said : " Do not 
give a child castor oil in coffee, preserves, or other 
dainties, because we all would like the little one to 
have taste for the good things of the table. Give 
castor oil (if that medicine is necessary to give at all) 
in liquor — that is something that a child should not 
acquire a taste for." One of her sons (an old man) 
says he could never abide liquor. He could not tell 


the difference between brandy and castor oil. Then 
grandma's table was a little better than any table we 
children ever sat down to. Such an air of refinement — 
the chicken cooked to a turn, a delight to the eye as 
well as one's palate ; such cream and sponge cake, 
but then grandma invented the cake receipt herself. 
Annie (the girl she raised) gave us the receipt as 
grandma taught her : ' ' Put one and a half cups of 
sugar in a large pan or baker's bowl, break five new 
laid eggs on the sugar, beat thirty minutes by the 
clock, stir in one and a half cups of flour, and bake in 
a greased pan in a moderate oven until done." If 
directions are followed accurately a light beautiful 
cake for children and invalids is the result. This 
cake cut in layers makes fine jelly or chocolate cake, 
and with strawberries sweetened, the most delightful 
strawberry cake, much superior to strawberry short- 
cake, when eaten with cream. In her family of 
children and grandchildren dyspepsia is unknown, 
because she practiced dietetics with her " materia 
medica." Bap. C: Salome, Ann, Eliza, Jacob, Isaac, 
Henry, Catharine, Emaline, Jordan. 

IV. Salome Miner Stover, b at Erwinna, Bucks co, 
May 6, i8ir ; d at Englishtown, N J, Sept n, 1883 ; 
m James Morgan Long Sept 15, 1833. He was b at 
Durham, Bucks county, Sept 20, 1804 ; d at Hughes- 
ville, N J, Mar 17, 1865. Civil engineer, merchant, 
miller and farmer ; Pres. C : Henry, Isaac, Jennie, 
Harriet, Barbara. 

V. Henry William Long, born at Hughesville, 
Warren co, N J, Jan 31, 1836. P O Englishtown, N J. 
Wholesale drug salesman ; Pres. S. 

V. Dr Isaac Stover L,ong, b at Hughesville, N J, 
June 28, 1838 ; m Jane Elizabeth Drummond June 12, 
1872. Mr Eong graduated from the University of 


Pennsylvania March 1866. Soon after this he located 
at Englishtown and in the Spring of 1872 removed to 
Freehold, N J, where he has been in active general 
practice ever since. Pres. One child, stillborn. 

V. Jennie Long, b at Hughesville, N J, Nov 22, 1841 ; 
m Dr Cornelius Shepherd May 15, 1865. Mr Shep- 
herd is of Quaker parentage. He was b in Bucking- 
ham twp, Bucks co, where he spent his boyhood on 
his father's farm. After receiving a public school 
education he attended the Doylestown Academy and 
a private school at New Britain, and later taught 
school. After teaching two years he entered the 
office of Dr G R M'Coy, of Doylestown, as a student 
of medicine. He took a course at the University of 
Pennsylvania and is a graduate of the Class of '61. 
He went to Trenton July 22, 1861, to engage in the 
practice of his chosen profession. In December of 
the same year he united with the Third Presbyterian 
church, holding the office of trustee for several years, 
and is now a ruling elder. 

For 14 years Dr Shepherd was actively connected 
with the public schools of Trenton. For 3 years he 
was a trustee, was president of the Board, and served 
as superintendent for 1 1 years. He was a member 
of the State Board of Education for 8 years ; is a 
member of the Board of Trade and served one year as 
president ; was for a number of years a member of 
the Trenton Board of Health, and on July 24, 1894, 
he was appointed a member of the State Board of 
Health ; he is a surgeon at St Francis Hospital and 
president of the staff ; a member of the New Jersey 
Historical Society, and is also a member of the State 
Charities' Aid Society. For several years he was 
physician of the New Jersey State Prison, and during 
President Cleveland's first administration acted as 


Pension Examining Surgeon. In 1889 he was nomi- 
nated for State Senator from Mercer county, but 
owing to his extensive medical practice was obliged 
to decline the honor. R Trenton, N J. Physician ; 
Pres. C : Eugene, Irenaeus, Florence, Genevieve. 

VI. Eugene James Shepherd, b Sept 18, 1864 ; died 
April 20, 1866. 

VI. Dr Irenseus M Shepherd, A M, b at Trenton, 
N J, May 8, 1867. He commenced his early education 
at the Market street public school and completed the 
education offered by the public schools at the High 
school, graduating in the Class of '85 with the Latin 
honor. While at the High school he pursued an 
advance course in classics, preparing for entrance into 
Princeton College, which he entered in the Fall of 
1885. He graduated in 1889, receiving the degree of 
Bachelor of Arts. During the years at Princeton he 
applied himself to special courses in chemistry and 
biology, fitting himself for the profession he had 
chosen. He then entered the medical department of 
the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in 1892, 
and one month later received the degree of A M from 
Princeton College. Having thus finished his educa- 
tion he immediately began the practice of medicine in 
his native city in 1892, and in the same year was 
appointed Medical Director and Analytic Chemist of 
the Board of Health. Under President Cleveland he 
received the appointment of Pension Examining Sur- 
geon. He was also chosen as one of the visiting 
physicians of the Mercer Hospital in 1895. He is a 
member of the Mercer County Medical Society and 
was elected reporter of the society. He is also a 
member of the Trenton Natural History Society, 
and of the High School Alumni, of which he was the 
iustignator, and was chosen its first president. He 


has written for the University Medical Magazine and 
has read papers on bacteriology before the Mercer 
County Medical Society and Teachers' Natural History 
Society, and is a lecturer on hygienic and bacteriology 
of the training school for nurses of Mercer Hospital. 
Pres. S. 

VI. Florence S Shepherd, b Oct 19, 1868 ; m Samuel 
Craig Cowart April 30, 189 1. P O Freehold, N J. 
Lawyer ; Pres. No issue. 

VI. Genevieve Cornelia Shepherd, b Sept 26, 1882. 

V. Harriet McKeen Long, b April 18, 1844. P O 
English town, N J. 

V. Barbara Long, born at Hughesville, N J, July 1, 
1847 ; m Watson F Shepherd May 26, 1870. P O 
Pottsville, Pa. Lawyer; Pres. C: (VI) Jennie May 
Shepherd, b Sept 12, 1875. S. 

IV. Anna S Stover (d), b Sept n, 18 12 ; m Philip 
K Fretz Feb 18, 1841. She was a woman of sterling 
character. Though naturally timid and disinclined 
to take an aggressive part in life, she was as unflinch- 
ing in her duty as she was timid. Did an accident occur 
she would dress and bandage the wound with the 
skill and firmness of a surgeon. She had those 
motherly ways that could take a poor little sufferer 
and nurse it back to health and happiness, no matter 
if it were a stranger or one of her flock. She was a 
skillful needle- woman ; the delicate lace work, and the 
intricate stitches of the beautiful old-time embroidery, 
were handed down a generation or two by her easy 
methods. One could learn the lessons of fine and 
plain sewing, the beauties of and the adaptation of the 
needle to the work it was intended to perform so 
much more quickly from her than anyone else. She 
had beautiful hands and everything that she was 
working at looked attractive. " Mother helped me," 


were the words her husband would use when speak- 
ing of any enterprise in which he had been successful. 
Or at such times he would say, " Yes, I have made 
considerable money for myself and others, but mother 
saved it. ' ' From this can easily be seen that she was 
one of those home workers that will never be appreci- 
ated until the heavenly home is attained. (See Ind 
of Ref No 8.) 
IV. Eliza Stover, b Aug 31, 18 15 ; m Ralph Stover. 
(See Ind of Ref No 9. ) Mrs Stover* is very closely 
allied to the interests of the church and neighborhood 
in which she lives, and her example is worthy of 
imitation in that she was ever ready to aid those less 
favored than herself. Friends, relatives and strangers 
were alike welcome to her home. She was never the 
one to complain, and with her mild, placid tempera- 
ment it is no wonder that a large portion of the church 
work fell to her lot. Her sister once exclaimed in 
righteous indignation : "I wish your Aunt Eliza 
would think of herself a little. Her strength will 
give out if she keeps on at this rate, trying to cook 
for the whole Point Pleasant Baptist church." 

Aunt Eliza never could or did think of herself, 
and as she no doubt has grown so used to thinking 
of others she will keep right on with that loving, 
unselfish spirit as long as she lives. An incident is 
recalled in which an effort was made to out-general a 
young minister who had been the invited guest at 
Aunt Eliza's well-furnished table each Sabbath. An 
effort was made to use strategy that would compel 
him to dine with some other member of the flock for 
one Sunday at least. Highly elated, the strategist 
took Aunt Eliza, who was unaware of the scheme, 
* Sketch written by a relative. 


under her protection and out of the back door to see 
a Mrs H. When the} 7 returned to the front of the 
church all the congregation had departed to their 
homes, but alas, like a Peri at the gate, stood solitary 
and alone the minister. Not a soul had offered a cup 
of cold water. His countenance lit up until it was 
positively interesting at the prospect of a dinner, 
when he said : "I will have to throw myself on 
your hospitality again, Sister Stover." Her face was 
just as beaming as his, when she replied without a 
moment's hestitatiou : Certainly, come right home 
with me. I am pleased to have you." The next 
news from Point Pleasant was that the minister was 
duly installed, had married, and he and his wife and 
wife's mother were visiting at Aunt Eliza's, who 
afterwards gave the excuse that the parsonage was 
undergoing repairs. 
IV. Jacob Stover, b Oct 19, 18 17 ; m Mary Capner. 
P O Erwinna, Pa. C : (V) Matilda Stover. Single. 
(V) Hugh C Stover. Lawyer in Philadelphia. S. 

(V) Caroline Stover. S. (V) John J Stover. 

IV. Isaac Stover, b at Point Pleasant, Pa, March 1, 
1820 ; m Eleanor A Capner June 5, 1850. P O 
Erwinna, Pa. Lumber merchant ; Pres. C : Henry, 
George, Charles, Louis, Eleanor, Isaac. 

V. Henry C Stover, b Jan 29, 1854 ; m Ella Floyd 
June 14, 1876. P O Erwinna, Pa. Lumber merchant ; 
Pres. C : (VI) Eleanor Stover, born March 6, 1877. 

(VI) Bertha Stover, b March 9, 1880. (VI) Henry 
Willet Stover, b Mar 21, 18S2. (VI) Anna M Stover, 
b Apr 7, 1883 ; d June 19, 1S86. (VI) Isaac Maxwell 
Stover, b Nov 28, 1884. (VI) Esther Mercy Stover, 
born Sept 25, 1886. (VI) Alice Mulford Stover, born 
Feb 25, 1889. (VI) Louisa Stover, b Nov 24, 1890. 
(VI) Evan Worthington Stover, b July 2, 1894. 


V. George C Stover, b Mar 3, 1858 ; m Laura C 
Duckworth May 21, 1885. P O Pattenburg, N J. 
Farmer ; Pres. C : (VI) James Duckworth Stover, 
b at Erwinna, Pa, Feb 26, 1888. 

V. Charles Stover, b July 24, i860 ; d Jan 26, 1880. 

V. Louis C Stover, b Dec 29, 1862. P O Erwinna, 
Pa. Lumber merchant ; Pres. 

V. Eleanor Matilda Stover, b Nov 25, 1866 ; m 
Samuel Horace Myers. (See Ind of Ref No 10.) 

V. Dr Isaac Francis Stover, b Mar 29, 1870. Dr 
Stover graduated from the Jefferson Medical College in 
the class of '93. He spent 14 months in the German- 
town Hospital as resident physician, where he made 
an excellent record. He is a practicing physician and 
an expert .specialist in diseases of the ear, nose and 
throat. R 5281 Main st, Germantown, Phila. Bap. 

IV. Henry Stover, b at Point Pleasant, Pa, July 7, 
1822 ; married Isabella, dau of Samuel Warne, Jan 20, 
1859. P O Freuchtowu, N J. Farmer and miller ; 
Pres. C : Mary, Samuel. 

V. Mary Barbara Stover, b June 5, 1862 ; m Willard 
C Dunham, of New York City, August 17, 1882. R 
71 Broad st, Newark, N J. 

V. Samuel W Stover, b June 5, 1862. Salesman. 

IV. Catharine Stover, b at Point Pleasant, Bucks co, 
Dec 23, 1824 ; m John L, son of Asa and Elizabeth 
(Servis) Jones, Jan 24, 1850. He was b at Head 
Quarters, Hunterdon co, N J, May 8, 1822. In 1834 
he moved with his father to Flemington, N J, where, 
in 1847, he entered into the mercantile business and 
pursued it continuously until i860. He was Sheriff 
of Hunterdon county 1862-65, and Deputy Sheriff 
1 865-66 ; secretary of the Hunterdon County Agri- 
culture Society, 1866-77 ; member of the Town Com- 
mittee of Raritan Township, 1869-75 ; member of the 


Board of Commissioners of Flemington, 1869-76 ; 
president of the New Jersey Live Stock Mutual In- 
surance Company, 1871-78 ; president of the Flem- 
ington National Bank, 1877-91 ; Judge of the Court of 
Common Pleas, 1878-83 ; Jury Commissioner under 
the law of 1888 until it was repealed. He established 
the Democrat Advertiser in 1882 and conducted it as 
the editor and proprietor till 1887. He then associated 
with him John N Voorhees, Esq, which co-partner- 
ship continued until 1891, when he sold his interest 
to Mr Voorhees. He was elected president of the 
New Jersey Editorial Association Feb 3, 1890, at its 
34th annual meeting. He is at present engaged as 
insurance agent ; Pres. C : Asa, Henry, John. 
V. Asa Jones, b at Flemington, N J, May 17, 185 1 ; 
m Laura Clifton, eldest dau of Hon Edward B and 
Louisa Potts, of Imlaystown, N J, Oct 8, 1879. Mr 
Jones was educated at the Reading Academy, in his 
native town ; at Peddie Institute, Hightstown, N J, 
and Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pa. In 1872 he 
entered the office of Hon John T Bird, a counselor- 
at-law, then a member of Congress, who lived and 
practiced at Flemington. Here Mr Jones pursued the 
study of law until November 1876, when he was 
admitted to the bar as attorney-at-law and solicitor in 
chancery. After practicing three years (November 
term, 1879) he was licensed counselor-at-law by the 
Supreme Court of New Jersey, sitting at Trenton. 
He began the practice of his profession at Flemington 
immediately upon his admission. Together with law 
he devoted some few years (1882-91) to journalism, 
being associated with his father and John N Voorhees, 
Esq, as one of the editors of the Democrat Advertiser, 
a newspaper printed and published at Flemington. 
He is a Master in the Court of Chancery of New 


Jersey, is a Notary Public and is still engaged in the 
practice of law at Flemingtou, N J. Pres. C : 
(VI) Lillian Melvah Jones, b May 28, 1881. 

V. Henry Stover Jones, b July 9, 1853 ; d Oct 25, 

V. John L Jones, Jr, b at Flemington, N J, Feb 5, 
1855 ; married Carrie Virginia, widow of Clarence E 
Alger and dau of Alonzo and Mary Emma Court- 
landt, of New York, Apr 27, 1881. She d Dec 11, 
1887. She was a student for three years at the Sacred 
Heart, New York City, and finished her education at 
Bonn-on-Rhine, Prussia. No issue. 

John married second wife Sara Raymond, dau of 
John J Drake, Esq, of New York, June 28, 1893. 
Mr Jones received his early education in the private 
schools of his native town, taught by Rev George L 
Woodhull ; at the Lehigh University, South Bethle- 
hem, Pa, and at Cornell University, at Ithica, N Y. 
He entered the law school connected with the Colum- 
bia College, New York City, in the Fall of 1875. 
He graduated in May 1877 and received the degree 
of Bachelor of Laws. In 1877 he opened a law office 
in the city of New York, where he is still engaged in 
the practice of attorney and counselor-at-law. He 
is also a member of the New Jersey Bar, having been 
admitted to practice in that State as an attorney-at-law 
and solicitor in chancery at the February term of the 
Supreme Court, 1882. He is a Master in Chancery of 
New Jersey and a Notary Public. He has a large 
and permanent clientele, and has become noted for 
the close attention he gives to the mastering of the 
details of every case, ably and faithfulty serving the 
best interests of his clients and resulting in bringing 
the majority of the causes to a successful issue. 
Prot Ep. No issue. 


IV. Emeline Stover, b at Point Pleasant, Pa, June 19, 
1828 ; died May 7, 1890 ; m Dr Isaac C Stewart June 
14, 1853. He was b Feb 14, 1824 ; d April 1, 1892. 
They located at Bloomsbury, N J, where Dr Stewart 
assiduously applied himself to the duties of his profes- 
sion, and where he very soon had an extensive and 
lucrative, though a hard, country practice to which 
for more than twenty years he gave the best energies 
of his life. He at length became physically unable to 
longer pursue the practice of his profession, and 
remained most of the time confined to his house under 
the tender care of his devoted wife, who shrank from 
no demands upon her, no self-denial nor sacrifice of 
health to minister to his wants, feeling it to be her 
Christian duty, though admonished of endangering 
her health, she persevered until she became so ex- 
hausted that she could bear the strain no longer, 
when other arrangements were made for the proper 
care of her husband, and she went to the home of her 
sister in Flemington, where she remained until her 
death. Her life for more than 36 years in the home 
of her adoption was an ornament and an inspiration 
which make beautiful her memory. Pres. No issue. 

IV. Jordan Homer Stover, b in Bucks co, Pa, May 1, 
1833 ; m Rachel Pickle. P O Erwinna, Pa. Pro- 
prietor of Riverside boarding house. C : (V) Hannah 
Stover, married J C I,ambright. (V) Edward, Lizzie, 
both married. 

III. Mathias Stover, b April 28, 1789 ; died June 4, 
1867 ; m Annie Clemens. She was b Jan 22, 1794 ; 
d May 17, 1853. C : Mary, Susan, Catharine, L,eah, 

IV. Mary Ann Stover, b Dec 13, 18 12 ; died Nov 3, 
1883; m Jonas Fretz Sept 28, 1841. He was born 
July 7, 1815; died Dec 20, 1895. Retired merchant 


of North Wales, Pa. C : Amanda, Harvey, Anna, 

V. Amanda C Fretz, b Oct g, 1844 ; m John Fennel 
Berger in 1875. Merchant at North Wales, Pa ; 
Luth. C : (VI) Mary A Berger, born April 1, 1876. 
Luth. (VI) Henry J Berger, b June 21, 1877. Luth. 

V. Harvey Fretz, b Nov 18, 1846 ; m Mary P Price 
in 1868. R 1427 N 17th st, Philadelphia. Manu- 
facturer of brooms, wooden and willow ware ; Pres. 
C : Christian P, Jonas H, Edgar B. 

V. Anna Malinda Fretz, b Dec 8, 1851 ; d Mar 16, 

V. Susanna Fretz, b Mar 13, 1855 ; d Mar 23, 1855. 

IV. Susanna Stover, b Aug 6, 18 16 ; d June 6, 1858 ; 
m Samuel Weydemeyer in 1838. He was b Aug 19, 
1804; d Mar 13, 1885. Blacksmith; Ger Ref. C: 
Stover (d small), Jonas, Annie, Josiah. 

V. Jonas Weydemeyer, b June 15, 1840; d Dec 4, 
1879 ; m Martha Ridge. C : Mary, Annie, Sadie, 
Samuel, Harvey, Jennie, Katie. 

V. Annie L, Weydemeyer, b Mar 19, 1842 ; m Joseph 
Funk Sept 10, 1864. P O Carversville, Pa. Farmer ; 
Pres. C : (VI) Edwin Henry Funk, b Jan 15, 1866 ; 
m Annie M Gruver May 12, 1889. P O Lahaska, Pa. 
Farmer. C : Harvey. (VI) Emma Jane Funk, born 
Mar 31, 1868; d May 16, 1889. (VI) Harvey Funk, 
b June 23, 1870. (VI) Laura Funk, b Sept 25, 1872. 
(VI) Howard Funk, b Nov 29, 1874. (VI) Mamie 
Funk, born Dec 9, 1875. (VI) Franklin Funk, born 
Dec 7, 1876. (VI) Addie Funk, born Feb 10, 1878. 
(VI) Alice Funk, b and d Jan 29, 1881. (VI) Joseph 
Funk, b and d Mar 14, 1882. 

V. Josiah Weydemeyer, b Mar 21, 1846 ; d July 13, 
1868. S. 

IV. Catharine Stover, b Jan 1, 18 19; married Jacob 


Weidemyer, a widower. Farmer ; Reformed. C : 
(V) Ervin Weidemoyer. P O Ottsville, Pa. (V) Anna 
M Weidemeyer, m Lindenberry. P O French- 
town, N J. 

IV. Leah Stover, b Dec 3, 182 1 ; d Mar 17, 1893 ; m 
LeviYost Nov 26, 1842. He d Jan 21, 1889. Farmer; 
Luth. C : Mary, Elizabeth, Reuben, Emma, Leah. 

V. Mary Ann Yost, b in 1846 ; d Mar 23, 1877 ; m 
Charles W Mathias, of Milton, Pa. C : (VI) Emma, 
Levi. (VI) Clara Mathias, m David Wendlig. P O 
Perkasie, Pa. (VI) Edmund Mathias. P O Potts- 
ville, Pa. 

V. Elizabeth Yost, m Charles McCarty. He died 

March 1893. C: (VI) Lillie McCarty, married 

Youngkeu. P O Chapman's Quarries, Pa. 

V. Reuben Yost, b Aug 17, 1852 ; m Emma Funk 
Sept 15, 1877. P O Ottsville, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. 
C : (VI) Ella Yost, b Feb 14, 1878 ; Alice, b Feb 15, 
1879 ; Sadie, b May n, 1880 ; Levi, b Jan 5, 1882 ; 
Emma, b Apr 5, 1884 ; Agnes, born Jan 21, 1886 ; 
Florence, b Jan 12, 1889 ; Theressa, b Apr 17, 1891 ; 
Arthur, b and d Mar 11, 1893. 

V. Emma Yost, born Dec 23, 1854 ; m W Elwood 
Solliday Dec 1, 1881. P O Tinicum, Pa. Farmer ; 
Luth. No issue. 

V. Leah Yost, born Dec 7, 1858 ; m Mahlon King. 
P O Richland Centre, Pa. 

IV. Clemens Stover, b in Bucks county, Pa, in 1824 ; 
m Salome Stover Nov 25, 1849. P O Penusburg, Pa. 
Farmer ; Ger Ref. C : Louisa, Titus, Susan, Alonzo. 

V. Louisa S Stover, b Apr 26, 185 1 ; d Nov 7, 1894 ; 
married Levi O Ahlum. Farmer; Luth. C: Sallie, 
Harvey, Horace, Harvey, Alice, Laura, Herman, 
Freeman, Elsie, Herman, Grace. 

VI. Sallie Ahlum, b June 28, 1869 ; married Clinton 


Peaterman Sept 8, 1887. C : (VII) Warren Peater- 
man, b May 10, 1889 ; Ella May, b Apr 17, 1890 ; 
Burrell, b Aug 28, 1891 ; Howard, b Apr 9, 1893 ! 
Annie, b Aug 16, 1895. 

VI. Harvey Ahlum, b July 13, 1871 ; died June 28, 

VI. Horace Ahlum, b Aug 18, 1873 ; m Mary Catha- 
rine Shull June 4, 1892. She was b July 12, 1871. 
Farmer ; Euth. C : (VII) Gertrude Ahlum, born 
Jan 11, 1893. (VII) Henry Ahlum, b Mar 28, 1894 ; 
died Dec 14, 1894. 











Anna Mary Ahlum, born October 3, 1874. 

Warren Ahlum, born March 14, 1S76. 

Harvey Ahlum, born October 6, 1877. 

Alice Ahlum, born August 20, 1879. 

Eaura Ahlum, born August 3, 1881. 

Herman Ahlum, b Jan 3, 1883 ; d Sept 10, 1884. 

Freeman Ahlum, born October 7, 1884. 

Elsie Ahlum, born February 7, 1887. 

Herman Ahlum, born April 21, 1888. 

Ella Ahlum, born July 30, 1890. 

Grace Ahlum, born July 9, 1892. 
V. Titus Stover, b Mar 22, 1853 ; m Hannah Fox 
Sept 29, 188 1. P O Tinicum, Pa. Ger Ref. C : 
(VI) Elsie Stover, born July 25, 1890. 

V. Susan Stover, b Jan 31, 1855 ; m William Diehl 
Sept 13, 1879. P O Pennsburg, Pa. Tinsmith and 
stove merchant ; Euth. C : (VI) Clemens Diehl, b 
May 29, 1 88 1 ; Cora, b Nov 30, 1883. 
V. Alonzo Stover, b July 10, 1857. Shoemaker. S. 
III. Nancy Stover, b in Bucks co, Pa, in 179 1 ; died 
June 5, 1873 ; m David Worman June 2, 1812. He 
was born Jan 20, 1791 ; d Nov 19, 1831. Tanner 
at Parkersford, Pa. C : Stover, Hannah, Eewis, 

Dr. E. A. Kkatz. 
(See page 64.) 


Nancy married second husband Rev J A Strass- 
berger. No issue. 

IV. Stover Worman, b Sept 19, 1813 ; d May 1887 ; 
m Mary Finkbiner Apr 16, 1840. Farmer ; Ger Ref3^ 
C : Jordan, John. 

V. Jordan H Worman, b Sept 2, 1842 ; m Sallie J 
Posey Nov 12, 1868. P O Parkers' Ford, Pa. Farmer ; 
Ref. C : (VI) Mamie Worman, born June 15, 1877 ; 
Sallie, b Oct 4, ^^fnt^u^W 

V. John Andrew -Srover Wormawi, born near Parkers' 
Ford, Pa, Jan 9, 184^ ; m M Annie Benner Jan 7, 1875. 
P O Pottstown, Pa. Dealer in feed, hay and coal, etc 
Ger Ref. C : (VI) Daniel Stover Worman, b Mar 3 

P O Pottstown, Pa. Dealer in feed, hay and coal, etc ; \b S 1 
Ger Ref. C : (VI) Daniel Stover Worman, b Mar 3^ 

1876. n^^S^^f^-*^^ 

IV. Hannah Worman, born in East Coventry, Pa, 
Dec 17, 18 15 ; d at Parkers' Ford August 21, 188 1 ; 
m Jacob Christman Nov 13, 1845. He was born in 
Chester co July 16, 18 15 ; d Mar 28, 1893. Farmer. 
Mr C, Luth ; Mrs C, Ger Ref. C : Emma, Alice, 
Pierce, Irene. 

V. Emma Olivia Christman, b in East Vincent twp, 
Chester co, Pa, May 26, 1847 ; m W Pierce Penny- 
packer Jan 21, 1874. P O Phoenixville, Pa. Farmer ; 
Luth. C : (VI) Colket Rissel Pennypacker, born 
Sept 26, 1875. (VI) Alma Samanna Pennypacker, 
b Nov 7, 1878. Luth. 

V. Alice E Christman, b Apr 27, 1849. S. 

V. A Pierce Christman, b July 22, 1852 ; m Sallie 
C Diemer. P O Parkers' Ford, Pa. C : Grace, 

V. Irene V Christman, b in Chester co Sept 5, 1857 ; 
m B Curtis Riuehart Nov 8, 1894. P O Parkers' 
Ford, Pa. School teacher ; Luth. 

IV. Lewis Worman, b Aug 31, 18 18 ; m Mary Ann 


Reiff. R Central Hotel, Phila. C : Elvina, Jennie, 
Annie, Harry, Frank. 
IV. Emeline Worman, b Mar 1830 ; d Aug 9, 1831. 
III. Jacob Stover, b on the homestead near Pipers- 
ville, Bedminster twp, Bucks co, Pa, July 12, 1794; 
d Mar 30, 1856 ; m Sarah,* dau of Jacob Treichler, 
of Springtown, Pa, Mar 9, 1820. She was b Oct 15, 
1799 ; d Mar 9, 1872. 

Mr Stover received what was then considered a 
good common school education. Soon after marriage 
he purchased a farm in the Delaware River valley 14 
miles below Easton, moved thereon and was a suc- 
cessful farmer. He was also a great friend of educa- 
tion, and was often heard to declare he would give his 
children as good an education as he possibly could. 
With the assistance of neighbors he built the first 
schoolhouse in the vicinity on ground donated bjr him 
for school purposes. 

There being no railroads or canals when he first 
occupied the farm, it was necessary to cart the pro- 
duce of the farm great distances by wagon to market 
until the Delaware Canal and Belvidere and Delaware 
Railroad were constructed. He made many improve- 
ments, erecting houses, barns and other buildings. 
During his later years his elder sons relieved him 
almost entirely of the management of the farm. 

After his death the widow resided on the farm with 
a son and daughter until her death. She was a loving 
mother and reared a good and virtuous family of 
children, a skillful housekeeper and by her good 
management assisted her husband very much to make 
farming a success. They attended the Presbyterian 
church. C : Susan, Eewis, Jonas, Owen, Catharine, 
Jacob, Sarah, Albert, Clara. 

* Great granddaughter of Bishop Henry Funk. 


IV. Susati Stover, born January 26, 182 1 ; died 
June 12, 1847 ; married John Christman March 12, 
1840. They resided at Easton, Pa, where her 
husband successfully engaged in the mercantile 
business, but owing to his wife's failing health 
retired from business and purchased a small farm near 
Conshohocken. They afterward moved to Philadel- 
phia. No issue. 

IV. Lewis Stover, b Oct 13, 1822. He assisted his 
father on the farm and attended a country school. 
Afterward his father sent him to a most excellent 
boarding school at Easton, taught by Rev John Van- 
derveer, where he received his preparatory education. 
He then entered Princeton College, New Jersey, where 
he graduated with honors in the class of '50. He 
commenced to study law in Philadelphia under the 
direction of Hon Peter McCall, who soon became one 
of the professors in the law department of the 
University of Pennsylvania, and Mr Stover received 
one of the first diplomas of the law that was issued by 
that institution. 

After being admitted to the Bar of Philadelphia 
he soon became a leading member, confining himself 
more especially to real estate equity and orphans' 
court practice. He opened an office opposite Inde- 
pendence Square, 522 Walnut street. This was a bold 
move for one so totally unknown in the city of Phila- 
delphia, but by close attention to his profession, fair 
and honorable dealing with all classes, soon brought 
him a lucrative clientage, which enabled him to pur- 
chase the building in which he first opened his office 
and much valuable property besides in the city. 

IV. Jonas Stover, b Apr 18, 1825 ; d Nov 24, 1826. 

IV. Owen Stover, b Oct 27, 1827. His early youth 
was spent at home assisting his father on the farm and 


attending the public schools. After he had received 
an ordinary education he entered the school of Rev 
John Vanderveer, at Easton, Pa, and later the Flush- 
ing Institute, Long Island, N Y. When he had 
finished his education he entered the law office of John 
Anthon, of New York City, where he studied law and 
was admitted to practice. After establishing a success- 
ful business for himself his health failed and he was 
compelled to give up his practice and move to the 
country, where he engaged in farming on the old 
homestead farm. He turned his attention to raising 
truck and often ships large quantities by canal to the 
cities and towns along the Delaware and Lehigh 
rivers. Single. 

IV. Catharine Stover, b Dec n, 1830; died Jan 18, 

IV. Jacob T Stover, b Jan 2, 1834 ; d Jan 20, 1839. 

IV. Sarah H Stover, b Aug 15, 1837; d Aug 27, 1841. 

IV. Albert Stover, born June 1, 1840; married 
Annie, daughter of Ralph Stover, of Point Pleasant, 
Pa, September 30, 1885. He received the usual 
common school education in his native district, 
and was afterward sent to Easton, West Chester, and 
Flushing Institute, Long Island, N Y. He was then 
engaged in farming the homestead farm for several 
years, after which he purchased the Kintnersville 
flour and sawmills and engaged in the flour, feed and 
lumber business. C : (V) Anna May Stover, born 
May 4, 1892. 

IV. Clara Stover, b Feb 21, 1846. During her early 
youth she assisted her mother in the duties of the 
household and attended the common school of the 
district. She afterward attended St Mary's Hall, a 
school for young ladies at Burlington, N J. After 


finishing her education she returned home, and now 
resides with her brother Owen on the homestead farm. 

III. Abraham Stover, b 1796; d 1798. 

III. Catharine Stover, b Aug 12, 1799 ; d Sept 29, 
1871 ; m Henry Funk* Aug 26, 1819. He was born 
Feb 20, 1798 ; died June 25, 1852. They removed to 
Northumberland co in 1839 and located on a farm 
three miles from Milton, Pa. Baptist. C : Anna, 
William, Benjamin, Emeline, George, Clementine, 
Lewis, Catharine. 

IV. Anna Maria Funk, b Oct 28, 1820 ; d April n, 
1885 ; m William Heinen Sept 7, 1841. He was born 
in York co, Pa, May 3, 1817 ; d July 19, 1879. He 
was a son of Dr Heinen, who emigrated from Ger- 
many and practiced medicine in said county before 
removing to Milton. Merchant, of the firm Heinen, 
Schreyer & Co, Milton, Pa. Mr H, Luth ; Mrs H, 
Bap. C : Henry, Melanchton, Catharine, William, 
Sallie, Anna, Thomas, Eddie. 

V. Henry Jacob Heinen, born May 24, 1843 ; died 
Mar 19, 1887 ; m Anna Rebecca, dau of John G and 
Lydia A (James) Mann, of Bucks co, Sept 1, 1870. 
She was born Oct 1, 1844. Merchant ; Pres. C : 
(VI) Edna Heinen, born June 22, 187 1 ; m John M, 
son of Robert Correy, of Milton, Pa, Nov r, 1894. 
(VI) Anna Maria Heinen, b Dec 16, 1872. (VI) Grace 
James Heinen, b Sept 29, 1875. (VI) Florence Greir 
Heinen, born June 22, 1880. (VI) Elizabeth Mann 
Heinen, b April 9, 1884. 

V. Melanchton Etzler Heiner, b Feb 15, 1846 ; died 
Nov 21, 1868. 

V. Catharine Elizabeth Heinen, b Mar 26, 1848 ; m 
Daniel Krauser Oct 18, 1886. He was born May 31, 

* Great grandson of Bishop Henry Funk. 


1845. P O Milton, Pa. Druggist. Mr K, Pres ; 
Mrs K, Baptist. C : (VI) William Heinen Krauser, 
born Dec 31, 1889. 

V. William Augustus Heinen, b October 16, 1850 ; 
m Mary Catharine, dau of Samuel J and Catharine A 
(Stout) Shimer, Oct 8, 1889. She was born Dec 9, 
1864. P O Milton, Pa. Farmer ; Pres. Children : 
(VI) William Shimer Heinen, born June 23, 1892. 
(VI) Henry and George S Heinen (twins), b July ir, 
J 893. (VI) Lewis Stout Heinen, b Nov 3, 1894. 

V. Sallie A Heinen, b May 12, 1854 ; d in 1855. 

V. Annie M Heinen, b Feb 22, 1856 ; d in 1858. 

V. Thomas Curtis Heinen, b Mar 11, 1859 ; married 
Carrie Virginia, dau of David and Maria (Wiley) 
Belford, Oct 22, 1885. She was born July 22, i860. 
P O Milton, Pa. Merchant. C : (VI) Catharine 
Elizabeth Heinen, b Jan 20, 1888. 

V. Eddie E Heinen, b Sept 8, 1862 ; d in 1864. 

IV. William Funk, b Nov 27, 1822 ; d in infancy. 

IV. Benjamin Franklin Funk, born Feb 20, 1825 ; 
m Sarah M, dau of David and Mary (Quinn) Lloyd, 
Dec 5, 1854. She was born Sept 7, 1832 ; d July 30, 
1894. P O Milton, Pa. Clerk ; Bap. C : David, 
William, Henry, Mary, Anna. 

V. David Lloyd Funk, b Dec 31, 1855 ; m Rebecca 
N Richter Nov 23, 1882. R Phila. Clerk ; Bap. 
C : (VI) Franklin Lloyd Funk, b August 23, 1886 ; 
died in 1886. 

V. William H Funk, b Oct 9, 1858 ; d in infancy. 

V. Henry Stover Funk, b Sept 21, i860 ; m Hattie 
Stephens, of Wellington, Kan, Jan 18, 1889. P O 
Kansas City, Mo. Express messenger ; Mrs F, Meth. 
C : (VI) Frank L Funk, b and d Jan 9, 1890. 

V. Mary Catharine Funk, b Jan 6, 1863 ; d in infancy. 

V. Anna Heinen Funk, b Dec 1, 1865. 


IV. Emeline Funk, b Oct 15, 1829 ; d in infancy. 

IV. George Washington Funk, b July 27, 1831 ; ra 
Rebecca, dau of George L and Catharine (Martin) 
Gauly, of Berks co, Pa. They moved to Milton, Pa, 
in 1840. PO Milton, Pa. Farmer; Bap. No issue. 

IV. Clementine Stover Funk, born Dec 21, 1833 ; m 
Samuel F, sou of Jacob and Regina (Follmer) Hoffa, 
Nov ii, 1856. He wash Oct 27, 1832. P O Milton, 
Pa. Farmer. Mr H, Luth ; Mrs H, Baptist. No 

IV. Lewis Henry Funk, b Aug 22, 1836 ; d Aug 13, 
1869 ; m Eliza Groff, of Harrisburg, Pa, Sept 1861. 
He served in the three mouths' service of President 
Lincoln's first call for 75,000 men. He was also State 
Printer for two sessions under Governor Curtin. 
Mr F, Bap ; Mrs F, Meth. C : Franklin, Harry E, 
Eddie (d). 

IV. Catharine Amanda Funk, b June 24, 1839 ; m 
Michael, son of Jacob and Elizabeth (Dehl) Rissel, 
January 1, 1863. He was born May 5, 1833. P O 
Milton, Pa. Dealer in furniture, pianos, organs, etc ; 
Bap. No issue. 

III. Jonas Stover, b in Bucks co, Pa, Feb 27, 1802 ; 
d in 1855 ; m Anna Kratz Oct 22, 1829. She was b 
in Bucks co Sept 28, 1805 ; d Aug 3, 1890. On 
Oct 22, 1879, was the golden anniversary of their 
marriage. He was a miller and lived at Stover's mill, 
near Church Hill, Pa. Mrs S, Ref. C : Oliver, 
Catharine, Lucinda, Reuben, Annie, Emma. 

IV. Oliver K Stover, b Mar 27, 1831 ; d March 20, 

IV. Catharine Stover, b May 23, 1833 ; died Feb 24, 
1864 ; m Aaron Kratz Mar 1, i860. He was born in 
1832. P O Plumsteadville, Pa. Wheelwright. C : 


(V) Lincoln Hamlin Kratz, born December 23, i860. 
(V) Elmer Ellsworth Kratz (d), b Aug 4, 1862. 

IV. Lucinda Stover, b Nov 27, 1835. Single. 

IV. Reuben K Stover, b Feb 29, 1844 ; died July 7, 
1878 ; m Catharine A Weisel Jan 15, 1870. Farmer ; 
Ger Ref. C : Henry, Clara, Ella. 

V. Henry Edgar Stover, b in 1870 ; d Dec 23, 1874. 

V. Clara Ann Stover (d), b Sept 21, 1871 ; married 
Leidy M, son of Jonas D Fulmer, of Carversville, Pa, 
Jan 17, 1 89 1. C : Son and daughter. 

V. Ella May Stover, b May 30, 1876. 

IV. Annie K Stover, born Apr 28, 1846 ; m Jacob S 
Funk * Jan 15, 1870. He spent his early days on his 
father's farm and received a fair common school 
education. In the early part of 1862 and Summer of 
1863 he spent two terms at the Excelsior Normal 
Institute, at Carversville, Pa. He taught in the 
schools of his native county from 1862 to '65. In the 
Spring of 1865 he went to Chicago and engaged in 
the lumber business. In September of this year he 
purchased a scholarship in the Eastman Business 
College, of that city, and took a commercial course, 
attending evenings only. In the Spring of 1869 he 
located at Chillicothe, Mo, where he opened a lumber 
yard and commenced business on his own account. 
He afterward became connected with the North- 
western Lumber Company and continued with this 
firm eleven years, during which time he gained their 
highest esteem and respect. He took an active part 
in the various civil, social and religious movements of 
the day, and was always ready to assist in all enter- 
prises of public interest, and held continuously posi- 
tions of responsibility and honor. In 1869 he was 

* Son of Jacob, grandson of John, great-grandson of Abra- 
ham, and great-great-grandson of Bishop Henry Funk. 


Corporal Alonzo P. Kratz. 

(See page 67. ) 


elected superintendent of the Presbyterian Sunday 
school of Chillicothe, Mo, which position he held 
until 1880. In 187 1 or '72 he was elected elder of 
the Presbyterian church at Chillicothe. He was 
secretary of the School Board of that city, and through 
his influence was built the beautiful new school build- 
ing, costing from $45,000 to $50,000. In 1875 he 
was also a member of the City Council. For three 
years he was correspondent of the ' ' Globe-Democrat, ' ' 
a Republican paper of St Louis. During the Sum- 
mer of 1890 he became connected with the T B Scott 
Lumber Company, of Merrill, Wis, and during a 
business trip through Illinois and Indiana he was 
taken sick. He reached his home in Minneapolis, 
Minn, Sept 22, and d Oct 15, 1890. C : (V) Emma 
Laura Funk, b in 187 1 ; d in 1872. (V) Frederick 
Stover Funk, b in 1873 > died in 1877. (V) Gertrude 
Elizabeth Funk, b Feb 25, 1877. (V) Susan Anna 
Funk, b Jan 29, 1885. 

IV. Emma Stover, b in Bucks co, Pa, Oct 27, 1848 ; 
married Moses F Rittenhouse Dec 187 1. He was b in 
Lincoln co, Out, Aug 12, 1846. R 3340 Prairie ave, 
Chicago. Lumber merchant ; Pres. C: (V) Edward 
F Rittenhouse, b Nov 3, 1872 ; m Mamie EGriswold 
April 2, 1896. P O Griswold, 111. Farmer; ME. 
(V) Charles J Rittenhouse, b Nov 10, 1874. Lumber- 
man. (V) Walter Rittenhouse, b Mar 31, 1879. 

III. Samuel Stover, born on the old Stover homestead, 
near Pipersville, Pa, in 1804; d February 18, 1888; 
m Anna, dau of Jacob Beidler, of Bedminster twp, Dec 
1836. She was b near Plumsteadville, Pa, in 1808 ; 
d Mar 2, 1893. ^ r Stover bought the new dwelling, 
the mill (now known as Myers' roller mills) and 
about 50 acres of land from his father April 27, 1836, 
for $8000, where he lived the remainder of his life. 


He rebuilt the mill the same year and again in 1862. 
He was a successful businessman and all his dealings 
marked him as being a moral and conscientious man. 
Miller ; Menns. C : Susan, Eliza. 
IV. Susan B Stover, b Dec 1839 ; d Mar 1842. 

IV. Eliza Beidler Stover, born at Stover's mill, near 
Pipersville, Pa, Feb 1844 ; m Christian M, son of 
Samuel Myers, Jr, of Plumstead twp, Feb 1863. Mr 
Myers took charge of his father-in-law's mills and in 
1885 completely remodelled it, putting in a complete 
roller process at the expense of $9000. He has also 
remodelled the dwelling, supplying it with steam heat, 
hot and cold water, bath room, etc. After conducting 
the business successfully for 31 years he rented the 
mills to other parties, and now lives a retired life. 
C : Samuel, Hugh, Ira. 

V. Samuel Horace Myers, b May 1864 ; m Eleanor 
Matilda Stover Feb 22, 1S93. Mr Myers graduated 
from Lafayette College June 25, 1888, and from the 
law department of the University of Pennsylvania 
June 17, 1892. He was immediately admitted a 
member of the Philadelphia Bar and has practiced law 
ever since. R 5438 Morris st, Philadelphia. 

V. Hugh Ely Myers, b Aug 30, 1871. He gradu- 
ated from Lafayette College June 21, 1893, and from 
the department of chemistry of the same college in 
1895, with a view of following analytical chemistry as 
a profession. He now has charge of the chemical 
laboratory of the Kemble Furnace and Iron Works, at 
Riddlesburg, Bedford co, Pa. 

V. Ira Stover Myers, b Aug 3, 1876. He gradu- 
ated from the Germantown (Pa) Academy June 14, 
1893, and is now attending Lafayette College, class 
of '98. 

III. Isaac Stover, born in Bedminster twp, Bucks co, 


Mar 13, 1806 ; d Jan 21, 1876 ; 111 Elizabeth Wismer * 
Sept 23, 1834. She was b Jan 19, 1815 ; d April 25, 
1889. They resided at Carversville, Pa, where they 
both died. Farmer and miller ; Christian ch. C : 
Oliver, Anna, Henry, Jacob, Frances, Sarah, Mary, 
Cornelia, Isaac, Emma. 

IV. Oliver G Stover, b June 29, 1835 ; d Oct 6, 1880. 
Miller ; Christian ch. S. 

IV. Anna Maria Stover, b in Bucks co Jan 1, 1837 ; 
m Watson Scarborough Jan 1, 186S. P O Carvers- 
ville, Pa. Farmer. C : Henry. 

V. Henry W Scarborough, b in Bucks co July 24, 
1870. He graduated from the West Chester State 
Normal School in 1890, and from Haverford College 
in 1894, receiving the degree of A M in 1895. He is 
now a law student at the University of Pennsylvania. 

IV. Henry Stover, b in Bedminster twp, Bucks co, 
Dec 14, 1839 ; m Amanda S Hellyer Feb 3, 1875. 
P O Carversville, Pa. Miller and farmer ; Christian 
ch. C : (V) Helen Stover, born Dec 18, 1875. She 
graduated from the Trenton State Normal School 
Feb 1894. Teacher at Coytesville, N J, since she 
graduated. (V) Warren H Stover, b Aug 22, 1877. 
Student at West Chester State Normal School (1896). 
(V) Ray E Stover, b March 28, 1879. (V) Miriam 
Stover, b April 25, 1881. 

IV. Jacob A Stover, b Feb 4, 1841. P O Trenton, 
N J. Liveryman. S. 

IV. Frances E Stover, b Mar 4, 1843. p O Carvers- 
ville, Pa. Christian ch. S. 

IV. Sarah Jane Stover, born August 6, 1845 ; died 
August 28, 1852. 

* Granddaughter of Abraham and Veronica (Meyer) 
Wismer, third owner of the Pioneer Jacob Wismer homestead. 
(See Wismer History, page 145 ) 


IV. Mary Catharine Stover, b Sept 30, 1847 >' died 
June 28, 1894 ; 111 Samuel B Jones Oct 30, 1866. C : 
(V) Ellie S Jones, b Oct 17, 1867 ; d Aug 29, 1869. 

IV. Cornelia F Stover, born April 30, 1850 ; died 
August 18, i860. 

IV. Isaac Newton Stover, b Sept 24, 1852 ; married 
Adelaide Opdycke Dec 24, 1884. R 142 Pearl st, 
Trenton, N J. Clerk. C: (V) Jacob Wilburn Stover, 
bom Sept 30, 1886 ; Elizabeth, b Dec 25, 1888. 

IV. Emma L, Stover, b Feb 23, 1855. P O Carvers- 
ville, Pa. Christian ch. S. 


Fernando Kratz 

( See page 71.) 


II. Ralph Stover, born in Bucks co, Pa, Jan 10, 
1760 ; d Nov 7, 1811 ; m Catharine Funk* in 1784. 
She died about 1833 or '34. Mr Stover was for many- 
years a Justice of the Peace in Bedminster, and served 
as a member of the House of Representatives of 
Pennsylvania from 1793 to 1799 inclusive, during the 
closing administration of George Washington and 
the beginning of that of John Adams. He also, 
together with James Chapman and John McMasters, 
was elected by the people of Bucks county in October 
1807 on the first Board of Directors of the Poor 
created under the Act passed by the Legislature of 
Pennsylvania April 10, 1807, and authorizing the 
erection of an almshouse for the poor of the county. 
The farm of Gilbert Rodman (the present almshouse 
farm), below Doylestown, containing 360 acres, was 
purchased at ,£20 per acre ($19,280). 

Mr Stover was a very useful citizen in the com- 
munity in which he lived in adjusting legal matters 
between his neighbors and settling up estates. He 
owned a farm of 300 acres (now owned by Amos 
Kilmer and Frank Myers) on the Tohickon where the 
Easton road crosses that stream. Mr Stover and wife 
attended the Mennonite church at Deep Run and are 
buried there. 

* Daughter of Abraham Funk, of Springtown, Pa, and 
granddaughter of pioneer Bishop Henry Funck. 


The following is the last will and testament of 
Ralph Stover : 

"Be it remembered that I Ralph Stover, of Bedminster 
township Bucks county, and State of Pennsylvania being 
weak in body, but of sound mind, and memory calling to 
mind the uncertainty of time in this life do think proper to 
make this my last Will and Testament in writing in manner 
following viz First it is my will that all my just debts and 
funeral expenses be fully paid and discharged out of my 
estate by my executors herein after named as soon after my 
decease as the same can conveniently be done. I give and 
bequeath to my beloved wife Catharine so long as she shall 
remain my widow two cows and two sheep her choice of my 
stock my riding chair and new harness her saddle and bridle 
so much of the household goods and kitchen furniture as she 
may think proper to take for her own use my ten plate stove 
and open stove below stairs in the south end of the house with 
one pair of Brass and Irons and as much of the cloth and linen 
that shall be in the house at my decease as she may think 
proper to take for her own use and a sufficiency of Grain weat 
and other necessary articles of provissions for the use of my 
wife and family for one whole year after my decease also five 
Gold Eagles to be given her by my executors out of my estate 
at the expiration of one month after my decease. I also give 
and bequeath to my said wife so long as she remains my widow 
the privilege of residing in and occupying the whole of the 
Dwelling house wherein my son Abraham now resides and the 
use of the garden adjoining the same to be properly manured 
when she shall request it to be done a sufficiency of firewood 
cut of a proper length and haled to the Door and her two cows 
and two sheep pastured for her during the summer and fed 
through the winter as is usual on the farm I also give and 
bequeath to my said wife during the minority of my son 
William if she remains my widow all the incomes and prop- 
erty of the tract of land herein after bequeathed to my said 
son William the Buildings and fences to kept in proper repair 
and no waste committed and she to have the use of a quiet 
chain horse when she may think proper and when my son 
William becomes of age I give and bequeath to my said wife 
in lieu of the incomes of the farm as afore said the sum of 
forty eight pounds to be paid to her yearly and every year one 


half thereof out of the profits of the Eand bequeathed to my 
son William and the other half out of the profits of the land 
herein after bequeathed to my son Abraham and in case my 
said wife shall marry it is my Will that all the above mentioned 
privileges payments and bequests shall cease and in lieu there- 
of I give bequeath to her the sum of four hundred Dollars to be 
paid to her by my Executors at that time and she to have and 
received the residue of a legacy out of her fathers Estate pay- 
able at the decease of her mother. 

' ' I give and devise to my son Abram Stover that part of my 
tract of land situated partly in Bedminster and partly in Tin- 
ecum township marked No 2 in the draught of a survey and 
division which I have lately had made of the same containing 
one hundred and fifty and a half acres of land and also a lot of 
thirteen acres and eighty four perches of land in Haycock 
township which I purchased of Michael Young the whole at 
the valuation of four thousand eight hundred and forty seven 
Dollars to be paid by him for the use and benefit of my Estate 
as follows— viz — one thousand and Sixty six Dollars and sixty 
seven cents part thereof at the expiration of one year after my 
decease and the remainder at nine equal annual payments from 
without interest retaining out of each of said payments his own 
share or one fifth part thereof and retaining also out of said 
payments a sum sufficient to raise an interest of twenty four 
pounds annually herein before bequeathed to my wife when 
my son William shall become of age which interest he is to 
pay to her annually from that time and at her decease or 
marriage to pay the principal for the use of my Estate To 
have and to hold the said lands to him the said Abraham 
Stover his heirs and Assigns forever he complying with the 
payments aforesaid (reserving and excepting for the use of the 
other tract of land forever bequeathed to my son William the 
privilege of useing and occupying the road as heretofore across 
the meadow ground to Tohickon Creek at the fording place 
and also the privilege of useing and occupying a road or pas- 
sage on the South side of the field North of Tohickon Creek 
and in part across said field to the wood land bequeathed to my 
son William) I also give and bequeath to my son Abraham a 
privilege of quarrying and taking away a sufficient quantity of 
Stone to erect a house, barn and out buildings on the aforesaid 
devised premises from the spruce hill above Tohickon Bridge 
on the land hereinafter to my son William also the privilege of 


occupying the Mansion house wherein I now reside with the 
Barn and out Buildings for the term of six years from my 
decease and to farm the land devised to my sou William upon 
such terms as he shall agree with my wife but in case he shall 
not agree to farm the land, I then bequeath to them only the 
occupancy of south end of the house and an equal privilege of 
the kitchen and cellar for that term. I also give and bequeath 
to my son Abraham my ten plate stove now in his possession 
and my young bay yorkshire horse. 

" I give and devise to my son William Stover that part of 
my tract of land situate partly in Bedminster and partly in 
tinecum townships marked No i in the aforesaid Draught con- 
taining one hundred twenty seven acres and one hundred and 
forty perches of land and a wood lot marked in said Draught 
No 3 containing twenty two acres and one hundred perches of 
land and also a lot of sixteen acres of land in Tinecum town- 
ship which I purchased of Francis Erwin with the appur- 
tenances the whole at the valuation of six thousand and fifty 
two Dollars to be paid by him for the use of my estate in 
manner following viz one thousand and Sixty six dollars and 
sixty seven cents is to be immediately upon Interest when he 
becomes of age and the interest thereof to be paid to my wife 
yearly and every year from that time so long as she remains 
my widow and the principal at the decease or marriage of my 
said wife and the remainder at twelve equal annual payments 
from the time of his arriving to age without interest retain- 
ing out of each of said payments his own share or one fifth 
part thereof to have and to hold the said lands to him the said 
William Stover his heirs and assignee forever and to come to 
his possession when he shall arrive at the age of twenty one 
years, he complying with the payments aforesaid Together 
with the privileges mentioned and reserved in the devise to my 
son Abraham subject to the privileges before bequeathed to my 
wife in the premises. I also give and bequeath to my said son 
William my new Saddle my desk above stairs and my young 
colt to be delivered to him when he shall arrive at the age of 
eighteen years. 

" I give and bequeath to my sons Abram and William my 
cross cut saw to be held and used equally between them and 
it is my Will and intention that the manure that shall be made 
on the farm within time that Abraham shall reside at the 
Mansion house be alternately put on the land devised to each 


of my said sons. I give and devise to my five children each 
one Gold Eagle to be delivered to them at the expiration of 
one mouth after my decease and further it is my Will that my 
Executors sell at public sale all the remainder of my Estate 
real and personal as soon as convenient after my decease and 
the money arising from the sale thereof together with the 
money from the payments for my lands devised to my sons as 
before directed I give and bequeath to my five children namely. 
Abraham Mary (married to Christian Fretz) Elizabeth 
(married to Philip Fretz) Ann and William to be divided 
equally between them or their legal representatives share 
and share alike and that what I have charged against my 
said children on Book be considered a part of their legacies 
respectively and it is my Will that at the marriage or decease 
of my the goods bequeathed to her that shall remain be sold 
and the money arising from the sale thereof as well as the 
principal whereof she receives the interest as aforesaid be 
distributed among my said children or their legal representa- 
tives share and share alike and lastily I do nominate constitute 
and appoint my son Abraham Stover and my truly neighbour 
John Meyer of Tinecum the Executors of my last Will and 
Testament directing them to make sale of all my Lands not 
devised to my sons and empowering them to make and execute 
as good and sufficient Deed or Deeds for the same to the pur- 
chaser or purchasers thereof as I in my lifetime could have 
made and executed hereby revoking all former wills by me 
made ratifying and conforming this and this only to be my last 
Will and Testament In witness whereof I have hereunto Set 
my hand and seal this eighteenth day of October in the year of 
our Lord One thousand eight hundred and eleven 1811. 

" Witnesses 

" George Burges 

" Abraham Fretz." 

His children were : Abraham, Mary, Elizabeth, 
Ann, William. 
III. Abraham F Stover, b May 10, 1786 ; d Feb 26, 
1854 ; m Rachel, dau of John and Anna (Kratz) 
Fretz, of Warwick twp, Pa, about 1808. She was 
b Mar 30, 1787 ; d in 1870. He lived on a part of the 


homestead of his father in Bedminster twp, Bucks co, 
situated where the road leading from Doylestown to 
Easton crosses the Tohickon Creek. Part of the 
farm now belongs to Amos Kilmer. Mr Stover was a 
prominent and useful man. In 1817 he was elected to 
the Pennsylvania Legislature and re-elected in 1820. 
He was appointed Justice of the Peace by the Governor 
and was also a surveyor. In 1833 he sold his share of 
the homestead and removed with his family to 
Faquier co, Va, where he purchased a farm of 135 
acres with a mill and afterward an adjoining tract 
of 270 acres. C : John (d young), Ralph, infant 
(d unnamed), Charles, Albert. 

IV. Ralph Stover, b Sept 28, 181 1 ; d Jan 26, 1896 ; 
m Eliza, dau of Henry S Stover, of Erwinna, Pa, 
Oct 4, 1838. * Ralph's early days were spent on the 
farm and attending school at the Deep Run school- 
house, which was then surrounded by the primeval 
forest. In 1824 he attended school at Spriugtown, Pa, 
taught by David McCray, and boarded with Jacob 
Funk, who was then postmaster at that place. L,ater 
he attended the Red Hill school, studying higher 
branches under the tuition of William Smith, and 
finished his education at Doylestown (Pa) Academy 
under Robert P Dubois. After this he returned 
home and assisted his parents farming. In the 3 7 ear 
1833 he moved with them to Thoroughfare Gap, 
Faquier county, Va. Here he took charge of the 
flour mills his father purchased and soon built up a 
large and prosperous business, the mill being located 
in a good wheat-growing vicinity. The farmers at 
that time had all their wheat manufactured into flour 
and then carted the flour to market instead of the 

* Sketch by Albert Stover, of Kintnersville, Pa. 


wheat as now. In 1841 he removed to Point Pleas- 
ant, Pa, where he purchased a saw and flour mills and 
other property and engaged in the manufacture of 
lumber, flour and feed. As railroads were not 
constructed at that time the Delaware River was 
the great highway for the transportation of lumber 
and logs to different markets. Immense rafts, com- 
posed of hundreds of the finest quality of white pine 
and hemlock logs, were floated down the stream, 
many of which were landed at Black's eddy, near the 
village, awaiting buyers. At this and other eddys 
Mr Stover purchased the logs to supply his mill, which 
he kept running continually sawing the logs into 
various sizes of lumber suitable for building purposes. 
Because of the non-construction of railroads large 
quantities of lumber and other material were carted 
back into the country, thus recognizing the necessity 
of better roads. 

Mr Stover was one of the prime movers and pro- 
jectors of the Danboro and Point Pleasant turnpike, 
of which company he was president. He also advo- 
cated the building of the Point Pleasant Delaware 
bridge and served as treasurer of the company for 
many years. Mr Stover took great interest in educa- 
tional and church affairs and done much to improve 
schools. He donated ground for the Baptist church, 
of which the family are members. He also donated 
ground for a cemetery on his farm, overlooking the 
Delaware River and surrounding scenery, in which 
he reserved a plot for a family burying ground. In 
the centre of the cemetery he erected a handsome 
granite monument, the base of which is 4 by 4 feet 
and the heighth about 10 feet, as a memorial of the 
sleeping inhabitants within its inclosure. The first 
occupant was his father, Abraham F Stover, in 1854 ; 


his youngest brother, Albert F Stover, in the same 
year ; his mother in 1870, and his only remaining 
brother Charles in 1872, leaving Ralph, the only mem- 
ber of the family living. Of all his successes in life 
for which he feels grateful there is none that affords 
him so deep and profound gratitude as the reflection 
that he was the favored instrument in the hands of 
Providence to prepare a place and collect the remains 
of the whole family in one spot, so, that as in this 
life, they were a loving and harmonious family, and 
that in death their dust will not be scattered by the 
four winds, which makes this spot a peculiarly sacred 
place of family sepulchre. After a successful business 
career, he, with his wife, who, with untiring labor 
and skill, managed the household affairs and also 
reared a good and virtuous family, have now retired 
from business and are spending their declining years 
in the village where so many years ago they laid the 
foundation of their home and its comforts. Children : 
Robert, Mary, John, Rachel, Emeline, Horace, 
Eliza, Ella, Adelaide, R Chester, Annie, Albert. 

V. Robert C Stover, b in Fauquier co, Va, Oct 28, 
1839 ; m Ellie Carrington, of Virginia, Jan 18, 1873. 
Miller ; Bap. C : (VI) Lydia Antrim Stover, born 
Jan 25, 1874. (VI) Charles Stover, b Feb 19, 1876 ; 
d Sept 25, 1877. (VI) Maggie Chew Stover, b Aug 4, 
1878 ; died June 8, 1884. (VI) Einwood Carrington 
Stover, born Sept 6, 1880. (VI) Maud Alma Stover, 
b Mar 6, 1882. (VI) Claribel Stover, b Feb 2, 1884. 
(VI) May Pearl Stover, b Nov 2, 1885 ; died Aug 24, 
1887. (VI) Robert and Ralph Stover (twins), born 
April 3, 1888. 

V. Mary Gill Stover, born Feb 21, 1842 ; m Eugene 
Keyser. (See Ind of Ref No 11.) 

V. John Henry Stover, b May 13, 1843 ; d June 30, 



1864, at Campbell Hospital, Washington, D C. He 
enlisted in the 3rd Pennsylvania Artillery and was 
wounded at the battle of Cold Harbor, Va, June 2, 
1864. Schoolteacher. 

V. Rachel Virginia Stover, born Sept 2, 1844 ; died 
Sept ii, 1848. 

V. Emaline Stover, b Dec 19, 1845 ; d Sept 9, 1856. 

V. Horace Stover, b June 2, 1847 '> d July 30, 1847. 

V. Eliza Barbara Stover, b Nov 30, 1848 ; married 
Frederick W Troemner Dec 21, 1870. Manufacturer 
of scales and weights in Philadelphia ; Baptist. C : 
(VI) Florence M Troemner, born November 14, 187 1. 
(VI) Clara L Troemner, b Nov 11, 1873. (VI) Henry 
Troemner, b Feb 14, 1880 ; d Feb 10, 1885. 

V. Ella S Stover, b in Bucks co, Pa, Oct 9, 1850; 
m John Bancroft Eequear, of Hunterdon county, N J, 
Sept 14, 1876. Mr Eequear is a graudnephew of 
Stacy Brown Bancroft, the millionaire dry goods mer- 
chant of 4th and Market streets, Philadelphia, who 
died in 1870. The family came from Chester, Eng- 
land, where they held large landed estates and 
belonged to the English baronetcy. Mr Lequear's 
father is a peach grower in Hunterdon county, N J. 
Since 20 years of age he has been leading a mercantile 
life. For a number of years he has been connected 
with the Duncaunon Iron Company, of Philadelphia, 
where he is permanently located. R 5281 German- 
town ave, Phila. Bap. No issue. 

V. Adelaide Stover, b Feb 1, 1852; m Adelbert L, 
Thomson, of East Avon, Livingston co, N Y, May 20, 
1880. P O East Avon, N Y. Farmer ; Pres. C : 
(VI) Mary Eliza Thomson, born Feb 28, 1881 ; Ella 
May, b May 2, 1882 ; Iceland Stover, b Oct 12, 1884 ; 
Adelbert E, b May 18, 1888. 

V. R Chester Stover, b Feb 19, 1853 ; m Mary E, 


daughter of Fiiidley and Anna M Bush, of Shawnee, 
Monroe co, Pa, June 14, 188 1. P O Bristol, Pa. 
Miller. C : (VI) John Henry Stover, born April 14, 
1883 ; Ralph Chester, b Nov 12, 1885. 

V. Annie Stover, b Sept 8, 1854 ; m Albert Stover. 
(See Indof Ref No 12.) 

V. Albert F Stover, born Aug 20, i860 ; m Lucy W 
Rugler, of Hunterdon co, N J, Dec 31, 1881. Farmer. 
C: (VI) Leland Stover, b in 1882. (VI) Clarence A 
Stover, b in 1884 ; d Jan 14, 1886. 

IV. Charles Stover, b Sept 13, 1816 ; died Mar 30, 
1872. Miller and farmer in Virginia. After his 
brother Albert's death he kept his store for a time. 
He was a successful businessman and enjoyed the 
unlimited confidence and respect of the community in 
which he lived, so much so that at the close of the 
war, which left the Rebel States without the protec- 
tion of law and order of any kind, the whole com- 
munity insisted on his acting as County Magistrate, 
which office he filled until the reconstruction of the 
State Government was effected under authority of 
Congress. It was well understood all through the 
war that he was a Union man, but he did not make 
himself obnoxious by ill-judged intrusion of his senti- 
ments upon others in that section where it could do 
no good. Thus he was left alone during the war, 
except when the armies of both sides repeatedly 
encamped on his place at Thoroughfare Gap and left 
neither fence or living thing of stock on the place. 
His losses in property and money caused by the war 
were about $40,000. S. 

IV. Albert F Stover, b Aug 12, 1829 ; died Dec 17, 
1854. Merchant. S. 

III. Mary Stover, born in Bucks county, Pa, Dec 15, 
1787 ; d in New York Nov 27, 1855 ; m Christian, 


son of John and Anna (Kratz) Fretz, of Warwick twp, 
Pa, April 14, 1808. He was b Nov 17, 1782 ; died 
January 28, 1840. Mrs Fretz was a woman seldom 
equalled in her generation. Even at the present 
time, when women are doing so much for business, 
literature and art, she could claim a place among the 
best and wisest. Had she been a man her good heart, 
ready tact and keen sense of honor would have 
adorned a financier or statesman. Under her skilled 
fingers pictures in many colored wools grew wonder- 
fully expressive of the patient industry and artistic 
soul that she possessed. Nor was plain sewing neg- 
lected by her ; shirts stitched two threads up and 
three down, quilts and comfortables made in the nicest 
manner ; rag carpet cut and sewn, spinning, knit- 
ting, and the time honored patch and darn were 
accomplished by her dexterity. A little white dress, 
still kept as an heirloom, which she made for herself 
when only n years old, shows that she was 
proficient at a very early age in the art that must 
have been handed down through the generations from 
the women who wrought on the fine linen of the 
tabernacle. Yet she can be remembered as the jolliest 
grandmother that ever petted and spoiled her grand- 
daughter. This grandchild, who in her own opinion 
was almost as old as grandma, was well pleased that 
she thought her suitable company to take on the 
visits that she paid sisters and friends. In those 
days didn't we all laugh at the funny stories that 
were told, even if the little " we " had no spectacles 
to remove and wipe off on a sheer linen handkerchief. 
While we laughed merrily at most places the best 
times we had were at the old stone house at Fleecy 
Dale, where grandma's sister " Elisabet " lived with 


her sou. Here it was that Aunt Betsey, grandma and 
the little "we" were girls together. 

One of the charms at Fleecy Dale was Aunt 
Betsey's birds, of which mention will be made in the 
proper place. Thoughts will go back to the old stone 
house, to the good old days, to grandma and Aunt 
Betsey, and now that they have passed away am I 
wrong when I think that in the mansions in the skies 
with Aunt Betsey, grandma, and a sweet little angel 
that left a tomb marked "Edna," are the beautiful 
birds, and that even the dear old trumpet vine in 
which they used to alight is still loved by her? 
Mr Fretz was a farmer and hotelkeeper in Warwick 
township, Bucks county, Pa. C : Ralph, John, 
Philip, Elizabeth, Christian, Mary. 

IV. Ralph Stover Fretz, b in Warwick twp Nov 13, 
1809 ; d in California June 6, 1867. He sailed from 
the Isthmus of Panama in 1849 and landed at San 
Francisco, Cal, where he established • a bank and 
amassed a fortune of about half a million dollars. 
This he bequeathed to relatives except $20,000, which 
he willed to the United States to liquidate the national 
debt caused by the late war. Single. 

IV. John Fretz, b October 2, 1811 ; d at the White 
Sulphur Springs, Cal, June 26, 1863. He owned and 
operated a gold quartz mill in Calaveras co, Cal. S. 

IV. Philip K Fretz, b in Bucks co, Sept 14, 181 3 ; 
d on the steamship "Henry Chauncy " March 13, 
1867, while on a voyage to California ; m Annie 
Stover February 18, 1841. Mr Fretz was one of the 
prominent men of the county. He inherited from his 
forefathers a stern sense of duty, a loving, jovial 
disposition, together with a keen appreciation of a 
harmless joke and an unswerving directness in fol- 
lowing that which his conscience deemed right. To 

Dr. Cornelius Shepherd. 

(See page 77. 


write of him as he was known is to write of the day 
after clay life of the earnest loving Christian, who had 
at heart first his township, then his county, next his 
state and finally the best country that God Almighty 
ever gave to man. He was a man to feel for his 
neighbor in affliction, sickness and death, and to 
rejoice with him in prosperity. He was the one to 
stand firm when the boys of his neighborhood were 
driven to the wall by men who never had been boys 
when young, and now that years had been added to 
their existence never would be men. In his early 
married life, when the older scholars wished to hold a 
debating society in the schoolhouse and were told that 
" it would be the ruin of the new schoolhouse and 
they should and could not use it," he maintained that 
' ' the schoolhouse had been built for the children and 
they could and should use it," and he would pay the 
damage. But Mr Fretz never had any damage to 

At the time of the Civil War, when the young 
men of other districts were going as conscripts instead 
of volunteers, Mr Fretz called meetings to raise the 
severals thousand dollars necessary to free his neigh- 
borhood of conscription. But as the funds could not 
be raised in time he advanced the money himself, 
went to Philadelphia and cleared his district of the 
draft, though many young men of the neighborhood 
went as volunteers. In an adjacent township 13 
young men, strangers to Mr Fretz, ran awa)' to 
Canada to avoid the draft. When it was rumored that 
they would return to their homes the faction of the 
community, which proved its loyalty by disparaging 
that of others, made ready to meet them with howls 
and hisses and as much violence as the case in their 
opinion would warrant. Mr Fretz made a speech to 


the crowd, particularly to one old man, who was the 
most lavish in the terms, coward and copperhead on 
such occasions. This was the burden of his remarks : 
" You and I are old men, Tommy B, but we can carry 
a gun and shoot Rebels just as well as these young 
men. If we lose an arm or a leg, or all four of those 
members, we will not have many years to be a 
burden to this world. It is different with a young 
man ; he has a long life before him. I am ready to 
enlist the next man after you, Mr B. In the mean- 
time I will receive these young men." The next 
week he stood on the station platform with an ex- 
tended hand and a hearty " welcome home, boys." 
The result was that several of the lads thus welcomed 
were some of our best soldiers, for they enlisted after- 
ward, while poor old Tommy skulked at home, too 
cowardly to accept the challenge to go to war. 

In January 1845 fire broke out in the county 
buildings and a large shed full of straw was soon in 
ashes. If it had not been for the prompt help of the 
neighbors, Mr Fretz being the leader, no doubt lives 
would have been lost, as the aged and crippled could 
not have been removed in such great heat and smoke. 
Several fires occured at the almshouse after this, but 
were controlled before much damage was done. On 
one occasion he came home with several holes burned 
in the back of his waist coat. When his attention 
was called to it he said : "I helped to put out the fire 
in the barn and Jack got the neighbors to put me out. ' ' 
Two or three times the good faithful dog climbed a 
ladder to get to the roof of a low building where Mr 
Fretz was working with a burning building in front of 
him, while another at his back was showering sparks 
unheeded by him. These sparks were noticed by 
Jack, who jumped on his master's now smouldering 


clothing with howls of distress until the neighbors 
extinguished the fire. 

About the Summer of 1848 or '50 the cholera, 
which was prevalent in many parts of the country, 
broke out with such great virulence at the almshouse 
that four or five bodies, as a general thing, and some- 
times seven, were buried in one grave. At first 
coffins were made, but that grew impossible. People 
were stricken in the workshops and while engaged in 
digging graves for others. Mr Fretz took his wife 
and children to her father's residence at Ervinna to 
remain there until all danger of infection were past. 
He then went to his friend, Rev Davis E Brower, and 
asked him to accompany him to the almshouse, as the 
steward was dying of the disease and his son, a young 
lad, was dead but not yet buried. The poor father 
had begged Mr Fretz to get a hearse and have his son 
interred in the cemetery, as not a single undertaker 
could be induced to come. Finally he promised if 
they would lend a hearse to him. This they con- 
sented to do and Mr Fretz buried the body alone, as 
Mr Brower could not be spared from his post at the 
almshouse. Nor was this the only time. The day 
before the two went to the almshouse a neighbor asked, 
" Are you going to that cholera stricken poorhouse?" 
Mr Fretz said they were. At the next query, " How 
long are you going to stay?" Mr Brower looked 
rebukingly at the questioner and replied solemnly, 
"That remains with the Almighty." These two 
brave, unselfish men, desiring and receiving no reward 
but the safety of their neighborhood, worked all 
Summer until the scorge was abated. 

Mr Fretz was president of the Democratic Club of 
Pennsylvania before and during the War of the 
Rebellion. He is buried in the Atlantic Ocean, off 


the coast of North Carolina. Farmer in Warwick twp, 
Pa. He was also extensively engaged in contract 
work and was one of the contractors to build the horse 
shoe curve over the Allegheny Mountains on the 
Pennsylvania Railroad. Pres. C : Charles, Mary, 
Philip, John. 

V. Charles Augustus Fretz, born May 31, 1843 ; 
m Susie Derby. PODoylestown, Pa. Farmer. No 

V. Mary Catharine Fretz, b in Bucks co, Pa, Jan 9, 
1845 ; m Theodore P Austin, of New York City, 
Sept 8, 1868. The ceremony took place before a 
large congregation in the Presbyterian church at 
Doylestown, Pa, and was performed by Rev Silas M 

Mr Austin is the second son of David Austin, Jr, 
and Rebecca Besson, who were married at her father's 
house June 26, 1837, by Rev Holloway Hunt, of New 
Jersey. Rebecca Besson Austin was born in New 
Jersey August 25, 1813. She is still living, and with 
the exception of a slight attack of paralysis about a 
year ago her health has been good ; she is still active 
and bids fair to live some years yet. She and her 
sister Rachel, four years her senior, are the only living 
children of John and Rachel Trout Besson, although 
there are many grandchildren and their descendants 
living in Hunterdon and Amwell counties, N J. 

At the time of the marriage of Rebecca Besson 
Austin's parents, John Besson and Rachel Trout, of 
New Jersey, the old clergyman said how many he 
had married, but that they were the handsomest 
couple he had ever joined together. They always 
were fine looking. A picture of the wife, long in her 
widowhood, when the eighties sour most people, 
shows a sweet old face with a genuine smile. She 


died when very old, having picked out the passage of 
Scripture and hymns for her burial service. John 
Besson was a tall and well-proportioned man ; his 
hair were brown and very thick and long. He wore 
a cue after that colonial fashion had passed away, but 
it was not all pride that kept him wearing the cue for 
so many years, for he feared taking cold, and his 
fears were verified, as he had a very serious time after 
having his hair cut. The cue is still in the family 
archives. The lads and lassies would like to get 
it in possession and inherit from great-grandfather 
Besson a beautiful head of hair. His father was John 
Besson, an ensign in the War of 1812, whose wife, 
Margaret Opdyke, opposed his going, but his mother 
upheld him in his decision. His mother was a 
German and the wife of Francis Besson, who came to 
America in the beginning of the eighteenth century 
and settled in Hunterdon county, N J. Francis 
Besson had two children, a son and daughter. John 
Bessou's mother was Margaret Opdyke. The 
Opdykes are an old Knickerbocker family. Ex- 
Mayor Opdyke, of New York City, and Rebecca 
Austin were cousins, and lived within three doors of 
each other on the same side of Fifth avenue, New 
York City, in the early seventies. 

David Austin, Jr, was born in New York on 
Mar 15, 1810 ; died January 23, 1871. For years his 
place of business was on Broadway, New York City. 
He was a manufacturer of fine jewelry, principally 
diamond art work. He employed quite a number of 
skilled workmen, but was himself the superior crafts- 
man of them all. He was a good citizen, born with 
a love of country, and did for his country in her hour 
of peril all that was required of him. At the time 
gold was at a high premium he loaned the Govern- 


ment $5000 in gold to carry on the war, and when 
the Government paid the debt in greenbacks he made 
no complaint, although he had to pay $280 for $100 
in gold to manufacture his jewelry. As a boy Mr 
Austin used to go fishing in Canal street, when all 
above that street were farms and orchards. At 
that time Seventeenth and Fifth avenue (where 
he died) was far out of town. He said he went 
fishing in a brook quite near 95 Fifth avenue, 
but after he bought the property on Seventeenth 
street and Fifth avenue he found that particular 
stream in a fine flowing condition under the 
middle basement. The plumbers' bills were items 
to be remembered because of that brook. The city 
authorities vowed that his family used more water 
than several private families and demanded pay for 
it in the largest of water taxes. When he demurred 
and introduced the trout stream his word was not 
taken as to veracity, and the county maps were 
unearthed and the trout stream undeniably set forth 
as the Minnetta Creek, and hence the water tax 
was taken off. 

The greatest change that time has made in New 
York, he said, was in Central Park. When he was a 
boy he spent his vacations at the house of his father's 
uncle, John Austin. Uncle John had a trusted colored 
man by the name of Harry, and this old man and 
young David were the best of friends. Harry planned 
how and where vacations should be spent. Central 
Park was wild and just the place. Harry had seen a 
silver fox, and what is called the cave now was that 
fox's home. Young David was a good shot for a 
boy, and there in the aristocratic cave in Central Park 
Harry pointed out the silver fox, and young David 
shot it. The feelings of young David may be 


imagined but not described, and Harry, bless his 
kindly heart, was a boy again in his delight and 
intensity of feelings. 

Uncle John was twice married (to two sisters), 
but had no issue. The description of David Austin, 
Jr, his only sister and his brothers, of the quaint old 
mansion with its books, pictures, plate, etc, are very 
interesting now. In these days we appreciate grand- 
father's clock, rare old tapestries and carved mahogany 
furniture, the Austin coat-of-arms, and the china and 
silverware. One piece, a silver milk pitcher, which 
was used on the occasions of David's visits, he well 
remembered. The pitcher had a cow engraved on the 
side and on the side of the cow was engraved the 
Austin coat-of-arms with the inscription and motto in 
Latin, " Ne quid nimis " (not anything too much or 
too far). A prettier translation is, avoid extremes. 

In " Manual of the Corporation of the City of 
New York," by D S Valentine, a list of personal 
taxes on property amounting to $5000 and over is 
given for the years 18 15 and 1820. This uncle John 
of David Austin, Sr, is included in that list of New 
York's wealthy citizens. His first wife was buried in 
the chancel of Trinity Church. He survived his 
second wife, and she in all probability was buried in 
the body of the church. He was buried in Trinity 
Church yard. His parents were Thomas and Esther 
Austin, of Yonkers, N Y. Their children were John, 
Betsey, Mary, Peter, Stephen and Thomas. One of 
the last three must have been the father of David 
Austin, Sr, as John was the great uncle of David, Jr. 
In his (David, Jr) Bible he wrote Thomas and Esther 
Austin, of Yonkers, as being his great-grandparents, 
also the names of their children, but failed to put on 
record which one of the sous his grandfather was. 


David Austin, Sr, and his wife, Maria Williams, 
moved from New York to West Farms, which is now 
in the corporation of New York City. They bought 
a place and built a house, in which they both died. 
The wife survived her husband about fifteen years. 
Little was known of the parentage of David Austin's, 
Sr, wife. She was left in charge of two very fine old 
servants of her father and mother. The mother died, 
leaving the little Maria. The father then brought his 
little daughter and her nurse to America. Her 
mother she did not remember, and all she remembered 
of her father was that he took her to a children's party 
at the house of one of her friends, and she also 
remembers that he took her, when a tiny girl, to the 
hair dresser to have hair dressed. This, together 
with white kid slippers, she remembered. The father 
went back to France to adjust his property there. 
The vessel in which he sailed was lost, and the old 
servants raised the little girl up. They did not know 
the friend of Mr Williams or his wife in America or 
France. The father of this daughter left money for 
her care until his return. Had he not taken his 
valuable property papers with him she would have 
heired a fortune, but with the vessel the passengers, 
crew, and her father with his papers, all went down 
and were lost. 

In after years her children never let her get a 
newspaper to read that gave an account of a marine 
disaster or the sinking of a ship, because she would 
cry a week about her father after reading the account. 
In all probability she had heard from old uncle and 
auntie (as she called the old servants) considerable 
about her early life after her father's death, but she 
was taken out of apparent health to 15 years of 
incapacity by a stroke of paralysis. When her hus- 

Dr. I. M. Shepherd 
(See page 78.) 


band had learned what had happened to his active, 
faithful wife, he was so overcome that he was taken 
with spasms of the heart and died in a day or two 
after her seizure. She could only say a few disjointed 
words and never could read or write after the para- 
lytic stroke. 

Too much cannot be said of these old people (the 
old servants) who took the place of father and mother 
to a little child. She was educated and raised in the 
nicest of ways. She had the finest of china and linen, 
and there are blankets and feather beds in the family 
that show conclusively that the old servants reported 
correctly of the taste and wealth of her parents. She 
had her preserve closet that she and her daughter 
(the wife of the Hon William M Price) kept con- 
stantly filled with the delicacies of the season. She 
went three times a day to church on the Sabbath. 
She was a member of Dr Hardenburgh's Reformed 
Presbyterian church. Her son David sang in the 
choir and always accompanied his mother to and from 
church with the deference a Chesterfield might pay to 
the first lady of the land. She had the greatest 
reverence for Washington and the love for her 
country that the people of our day fail to appreciate, 
but then her husband had been a drummer boy in the 
Revolutionary War and a patriot from a boy. In all 
probability her father, being a French gentleman, had 
seen the effect of the disturbances of the people of his 
native land. Her son, David Austin, Jr, was captain 
of one of the militia companies of New York City. 
She, Maria Williams Austin, and her husband, David 
Austin, Sr, were buried in the Presbyterian burying 
ground at West Farms. In the Austin family is a 
large portrait by a celebrated artist of the sweetest, 


prettiest little woman that lived in her day, and that 
bright intellectual little great grandmother of the 
Austin girls was Maria Williams Austin. These girls 
are proud of the verse which is made up of the 
maiden names of their paternal and maternal grand- 
mothers : Maria Williams, Rachel Trout, Mary 
Stover and Barbara Stout. 

Theodore P Austin employs his time in looking 
after his woodlands and mining property in Maine. 
Mrs Austin is a member of the Presbyterian and Mr 
Austin and one daughter of the Protestant Episcopal 
church, of which the family are regular attendants. 
P O North Hancock, Me. C : (VI) Altia Rhena 
Austin, b at 95 Fifth avenue, New York City, N Y, 
Sept 15, 1869. (VI) Neva Ethel Austin, b at country 
residence, Portland, Conn, Oct 18, 1876. 

V. Philip Henry Fretz, b Nov 22, 1846 ; m Margaret 
Willa, daughter of Robert and Willa (McHenry) 
Johnston, Sept 18, 1871. She was b June 1, 1848. 
They reside on a farm near Doylestown, known as 
the Hough property, where they occupy a fine resi- 
dence. P O Doylestown, Pa. Farmer ; Pres. C : 
(VI) John Edgar Fretz, b Nov 29, 1872; AnnaLeola, 
b Nov 1, 1875 ; Ralph Johnston, born Feb 25, 1878 ; 
Marguerite Wilhelmina, born July 21, 1888 ; Edna 
McHenry, b Jan 13, 1892. 

V. John S Fretz, b Sept 22, 1850 ; m Mary W Long, 
of Doylestown. P O Doylestown, Pa. Farmer and 
sawyer. C : Harry. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks co, Pa, Feb 23, 
1818 ; m John Farren, of Elizabethtown, Lancaster co, 
Pa, Jan i, 1844. He was born March 1, 1809. He 
was a contractor, being one of the contractors who 
constructed the Pennsylvania Railroad over the Alle- 
gheny Mountains. The last years of his life were 


spent at Warwick homestead, where he died Dec 16, 
1878. Roman Catholic. C : Mary, Frances, John, 

V. Mary Janetta Farren, b May 7, 1851 ; d infant. 

V. Frances Annetta Farren, b Apr 1, 1853 ; d infant. 

V. John Augustus Farren, born Apr 21, 1855 ; died 
Dec 12, 1884 ; m Alletta Bleiler, of Doylestown, Pa, 
January 25, 1882. Mr F, Roman Catholic ; Mrs F, 
Protestant Epis. No issue. 

V. Mary Celicia Farren, b Feb 21, 1858 ; m Samuel 
J Penrose, of Horsham, Pa, June 16, 188 1. Farmer. 
Mr P, member of Society of Friends ; Mrs P and 
son, Roman Catholics. P O Doylestown, Pa. C : 
(VI) Cyril Farren Penrose, b May 5, 1882. 

IV. Christian Augustus Fretz, b Nov 25, 1824 ; died 
in Bucks co, Pa, Dec 1, 1859. Provision merchant 
on the Isthmus of Panama for seven years previous to 
his death. 

IV. Mary Catharine Fretz, born Jan 13, 1827 ; died 
March 4, 1842. 

III. Elizabeth Stover, born in Bucks co, Pa, Nov 8, 
1790 ; d June 8, 1870 ; m Philip, son of Jacob* and 
Elizabeth (Kratz) Fretz, March 20, 18 10. He was 
b Jan 8, 1789 ; d Apr 185 1. Fuller, dyer and farmer. 
Aunt Betsey was a great favorite with the birds, not 
canaries or caged birds, but wild birds, hundreds and 
hundreds of them, free to come and go as they 
pleased. She could call them to her at any time in 
the day, and no doubt thej f would have flown to her 
at any hour of the night had she called them. She 
would crack nuts in the house and say to the girl, 
" get my bird sun-bonnet," then while the audience 
looked out of the window she would crack more nuts 

* Son of Christian and grandson of Weaver John Fretz. 


on the piazza. Such a flying from the woodlands 
and meadows, such an alighting of birds of all sizes 
and colors on Aunt Betsey's head was a beautiful 
sight, and the old tattered sun-bonnet, torn by bird 
claws, was an insigna of office more honorable 
than the helmet of some gallant knight of old. C : 
Jacob, Catharine, Susan, Magdalena, Elizabeth, 
Violetta, Hannah, infant, Annie, Rachel, Cornelia, 

IV. Jacob Fretz, born in Bucks co, Pa, Oct 22, 181 r. 
Formerly farmer and miller, but now retired. He 
owned the old homestead at Fleecy Dale, where he 
lived for many years. In 1875 he retired from busi- 
ness. About 1880 he sold the homestead and moved 
to Lumberville, Pa, where he had previously erected 
a fine dwelling. Single. 

IV. Catharine Stover Fretz, b Oct 1,1813; d Dec 19, 
1877 ; in Joseph Co well Heed in 1840. Farmer and 
gunsman. C : Emma, William, Joseph, Charles, 
Elizabeth, Joseph, Clifford, Catharine, Stover. 

V. Emma Augusta Heed, born July 1, 1841 ; died 
May 10, 1864. 

V. William Stover Heed, b Sept 22, 1842 ; d Dec 30, 
1880; m Hannah Moore July 24, 1S67. Lawyer ; 
Epis. C : (VI) Emma A Heed, b Oct 30, 1868 ; m 
E H Adler, Jr. (VI) Lillian M Heed, born Mar 21, 
1872 ; d August 24, 1872. (VI) Florence May Heed, 
born Apr 13, 1873 ; d Feb 11, 1887. 

V. Joseph Clark Heed, b July 20, 1845 ; d Aug 21, 

V. Charles Ernest Heed, b June 30, 1846. R Phila- 
delphia. Wholesale grain dealer. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz Heed, born July 15, 1848 ; died 
February 24, 1850. 

V. Joseph Bradley Heed, b July 30, 1851 ; married 


Virginia A Ritteuhouse February 3, 1876. R Phila. 
Salesman. C : (VI) Helen Catharine Heed, born 
Aug 1, 1877 ; Charles Rittenhouse, b Aug 20, 1879. 

V. Clifford H Heed, born May 3, 1853 ; d Dec 31, 

V. Catharine G Heed, born May 2, 1854 ; died 
September 20, 1854. 

V. Stover Keyser Heed, b Oct 5, 1856 ; d March 22, 

IV. Susan Fretz, b Aug 19, 1815 ; d Apr 1, 1847. S. 

IV. Magdaleua Fretz, born July 1, 18 17 ; d Dec 23, 
1840. Single. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, born Sept 4, 1821 ; m Charles 
Ferdinand Keyser March 4, 1845. R Phila. Retired; 
Pres. C : Charles, Harry, Stover. 

V. Charles Eugene Keyser, b Feb 7, 1846 ; m Mary 
Gill Stover Sept 20, 1870. P O Thoroughfare, Va. 
Farmer. C : (VI) Mary Elizabeth Keyser, b Aug 5, 
187 1 ; Ella Augusta, b Nov 30, 1872 ; Eliza Mariam, 
b August 27, 1875 ; Edgar Eugene, b June 23, 1877 ; 
Charles Henry, b Jan 12, 1880 ; Ralph Stover, born 
May 10, 1883. 

V. Harry Theodore Keyser, b Jan 20, 1850. 

V. Stover Fretz Keyser, b July 20, 1853 >' d Dec 13, 


IV. Violetta Fretz, b May 5, 1820 ; d June 14, 1842. 

IV. Hannah Fretz, b Jan 28, 1822 ; d Feb 10, 1844. 

IV. Infant, born and died March 1824. 

IV. Annie Fretz, b Apr 1, 1825 ; m Hugh E Walton 
(d) Jan 13, 1846. P O Sibly, la. Miller ; Cong. 
C : Cornelia, Eugene, Hugh. 

V. Cornelia Walton, b Aug 28, 1850 ; m George W 
Jones Jan 14, 1880. C: (VI) Leslie Jones, b 1881. 


V. Eugene Walton, born Jan 22, 1859 ; m Anuetta 
Berger July 25, 1888. P O Sibly, la. Undertaker 
and dealer in furniture ; Cong. 

V. Hugh E Walton, b Jan 22, 1862. P O Sibly, la. 
Undertaker and dealer in furniture. 

IV. Rachel Fretz, b'Feb 1, 1827 ; d June 19, 1844. 

IV. Cornelia Fretz, b Jan 1, 1829 ; d Oct 28, 1849. 

IV. Sarah Ann Fretz, born in Bucks co, Pa, Jan 17, 
1831 ; m Morris L, Fell (d) Nov 27, 1856. Whole- 
sale grain merchant in Philadelphia. C : Henry. 

III. Ann Stover, b in Bucks co, Pa, March 27, 1796 ; 
d June 24, 1859 ; m Rev John Arudt Dec 26, 18 16. 
He was born in Pennsylvania Nov 24, 1785 ; died in 
New Jersey June 20, 1865. He was a farmer near 
Washington, N J, and a local preacher ; Meth Ep. 
C : Catharine, Jacob, Cyrus, Mary, Ralph, John. 

IV. Catharine Arndt, born 1818 ; died 1820. 

IV. Jacob Arndt, born Sept 19, 1819 ; d 1893. He 
lived in Iowa. C : (V) Cyrus Arndt. P O Missouri 
Valley, la. 

IV. Cyrus Arndt, b Oct 6, 1821 ; d at Peapack, N J, 
Oct 20, 1845. 

IV. Mary Arndt, b Feb 29, 1824 ; d March 8, 1825. 

IV. Rev Ralph Stover Arndt, born in Pennsylvania 
June 4, 1826 ; d in Newark, N J, Aug 17, 1892 ; in 
Sarah W, daughter of Capt Henry King, of Camden, 
N J. * When 20 years of age Ralph was converted. 
Feeling called to preach the Gospel he spent some 
time in preparatory study at Pennington Seminary. 
After serving as a supply under the presiding elder 
he entered the New Jersey Conference in April 1849. 
His first appointment was to Asbury Circuit, his own 
home. Upon the division of the conference in 1857 

* Extracts from published obituary of Rev R S Arndt, by 
Rev J M Meeker. 


he fell in with the Newark Conference, in which he 
retained membership until his death. 

He served many important charges during his 
active ministry, among them being First church, at 
Rahway ; Elizabeth avenue church, at Elizabeth ; 
St Paul's, Franklin street and Eighth avenue 
churches, in Newark ; Simpson church, Jersey City, 
and the church at Haverstraw, N Y. While pastor 
of the last named church, which he served for three 
years, a remarkable revival of religion occurred, in 
which more than 200 were converted, one-half of 
whom were heads of families. In 1876 he was made 
presiding elder of Elizabeth District, in which office 
he served the full term of four years with general 
satisfaction. His last charge was at Verona, N J, 
where in October 1890, his health failed. In 1891 
the conference granted him a supernumerary relation, 
and, with his family, he took up his residence in 
Newark, N J. 

In social life his warm heart and genial manner 
always secured to him a cordial welcome. He pos- 
sessed the art of saying agreeable things without a 
suspicion of flattery. He was a careful observer of 
men and things, keeping well posted upon the affairs 
of the world, and having rare insight in discerning 
the characteristics of men. His sterling piety im- 
pressed itself upon all who knew him. He possessed 
a happy submission to the Divine will and was pro- 
foundly grateful for present mercies, which marked 
the meekness of this man of God. Such a spirit 
could not be other than a peacemaker, and as such he 
frequently received the pledge that he was a child of 

Mr Arndt was by the grace of God well prepared 
to die. During the last year of his life he spent 


much of his time in carefully reading the Scriptures, 
observing their personal application. He often spoke 
in public and in private of the delight and profit he 
had in this exercises. Although always a man of 
prayer, during the last year he spent more time than 
formerly in the closet with the Lord. It was 
observed that while "reaching forth unto those 
things which are before" he became less and less 
interested in the affairs of this world, so that his 
hand seemed already extended ' ' for the prize of the 
high calling of God in Christ Jesus." The record of 
a life devoted to the cause of his Master, a simple 
daily trust in Jesus and a steady faith in the precious 
promises of the word of God, were assurances that in 
the hour of his departure it was well with his soul. 
He who had promised never to leave nor to forsake 
him was still with him while passing through the 
valley of the shadow of death. Meth Ep. Children : 
John, Lizzie, Emily. 

IV. John Arndt, born in Pennsylvania Feb 21, 1830 ; 
died in 1895 ; m Angeline Shields Oct 20, 1857. He 
was for some years, up to the time of his death, a 
grocer in Dover, N J ; Meth Ep. No issue. 

III. William Stover (d), married Julia Ann Weaver. 
He inherited from his father the old homestead and 
150 acres of land in Bedminster, where Enos Fretz 
lived and died. Afterward he sold the homestead 
and went to Philadelphia and engaged in the grocery 
business for a short time, after which he bought a 
farm in Solebury township, where he lived and died. 
C : Isaac, Rudolphus, Amanda. 

IV. Isaac Jefferson Stover, b July 16, 1823 ; married 
Mary Matilda Zeigenfuss February 1853. P O New 
Britain, Pa. Geologist and mineralogist ; Bap. C : 
Francis, Annie, Clara, William, Sophia. 


V. Francis A Stover, b March 10, 1854 ; d Sept 29, 

V. Annie E Stover, born Feb 27, 1857 ; m Austin G 
Barndt Sept 1877. P O Doylestown, Pa. Conductor 
on Reading Railway ; Luth. C : (VI) C Gertrude 
Barndt, b July 12, 1878. (VI) Harold J Barndt, born 
July 19, 1880. (VI) Parker D Barndt, born Mar 31, 
1882 ; d Apr 16, 1883. 

V. Clara M Stover, b June 29, i860 ; m John Wesley 
Fretz March 31, 1886. R Phila. Carpenter; Bap. 
C : (VI) Walter S Fretz, b Sept 14, 1888. 

V. William W Stover, born Dec 7, 186 1 ; m Alcesta 
Hinkle Jan 27, 1886. R 1237 Huntingdon st, Phila. 
Baggagemaster on Reading Railway ; Bap. No issue. 

V. Sophia K Stover, b Mar 7, 1866. 

V. Louisa W Stover, b Mar 7, 1866 ; d in infancy. 

IV. Rudolphus Stover (d). C: William R (d). 

IV. C Amanda Stover, m Seneca F Hellyer. C : 
(V) Ella Hellyer, m Martindale. P O Buck- 
ingham, Pa. 


I. David Stauffer, pioneer, emigrated from Ger- 
many in the early part of the 18th centur)', probably 
in 1736, in company with his brothers, Daniel and 
Wilhelm. It is not known who he married. In 
all probability he settled somewhere in Nockamixon 
township, Bucks county, but of the exact location of 
the homestead and his occupation we have not been 
able to learn. It is traditional in the family that 
David Stauffer and his wife died comparatively young 
and left an only child — a sou, David. 

II. David Stauffer, Jr,* b in Bucks co, Pa, Oct 10, 
1746 ; d Jan 1, 1821 ; m L,ydia Driselinf about 1774. 
She was born in Great Swamp, Pa, Aug 1751 ; died 
Nov 16, 1825. Farmer in Nockamixon twp, Bucks 
county. C : John, Jacob, Susanna, Elizabeth, Anna, 
David, Elizabeth, John, Henry, Susanna, David, 
Joseph, Abraham. 

III. John Stauffer, b Jan 27, 1775 ; d young. 
III. Jacob Stauffer (d), b Oct 24, 1776. 

III. Susanna Stauffer, b Jan 7, 1777 ; d young. 
III. Elizabeth Stauffer, b Dec 18, 1778 ; d young. 

* The family records of David Stauffer, Jr, are in the pos- 
session of Mrs Abraham Worman, a granddaughter. The 
records are written in German and the name is spelled 

f Her name is also written in German and is undoubtedly 
the same as is now spelled Drissel. 



III. Anna Stauffer (d), born Aug 29, 1780 ; m John 
Fretz, grandson of the pioneer Christian Fretz, of 
Tinicum twp. Farmer and miller in Nockamixon 
twp, Bucks co. No issue. Anna m second husband 
Abraham Stover. (See Ind of Ref No 13.) 

III. David Stauffer, b Jan 14, 1782 ; d young. 

III. Elizabeth Stauffer, b January 15, 1784. 

III. John Stauffer, b September 2, 1785. 

III. Henry Stauffer, b Mar 17, 1787 ; d Oct 5, 1859 ; 
m Catharine Stover in 18 13. They lived in Spring- 
field township, Bucks co, about one mile north of 
Bursouville, on the road leading from the latter place 
to Springtown, on the farm now owned by Thomas 
Atherholt. This property was sold in open Court 
April 22, 1 83 1, by Sheriff Morris Shep to Henry 
Stover (at that time owned by Henry Affierbach). 
Here Henry Stover built the house still standing, 
raised his family and lived until his death. After 
his death the executors, Joseph, Eli and Franklin 
Stover, sold it to Thomas Atherholt on March 29, 
i860. Farmer. C : Joseph, Samuel, Josiah, Eli, 

IV. Joseph Stover, born in Haycock twp, Bucks co, 
Dec 8, 1 8 14 ; m Thamar Ziegler, of Montg co, Pa, 
Feb 27, 1842. P O Pleasant Valley, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menn Br in Christ. C : Catharine, Mary, Elizabeth. 

V. Catharine Stover, b March 25, 1844 ; m Bishop 
Search in 1867. P O Pleasant Valley, Pa. Farmer ; 
Ger Ref. C : (VI) William Search, b Feb n, 1868 ; 
Emma, b Nov 5, 1870 ; Victor, b July 30, 1880. 

V. Mary Ann Stover, born Nov 6, 1845 ; m George 
Young in 1869. Butcher; Ger Ref. C: Agnes, 

VI. Agnes T Young, b July 20, 1870 ; m Robert S 
November 5, 1895. C : Roy. 


VI. Elsie M Young, born June 21, 1881. 
V. Elizabeth Emma Jane Stover, b Sept 28, 1847 i 
m Tilghinan S Funk. P O Pleasant Valley, Pa. 
Laborer ; L,uth. C : David. 

IV. Samuel Stover, b Dec 23, 1822 ; d Dec 10, 1859 ; 
m Sarah Gehman. Farmer ; Menus. C : Silas. 

V. Silas G Stover, b Aug 19, 1853 ; d Mar 26, 1876 ; 
married Ancinetta Jacoby. She died June 20, 1877. 
C : (VI) Dillie May Stover, born Jan 11, 1877 ; died 
April 3, 1878. 

IV. Josiah Stover, b June 26, 1826 ; d May 16, 1852. 
Teacher. Single. 

IV. Eli Stover, b Nov 10, 1829 ; died Sept 16, 1878 ; 
married Elizabeth Fretz. In 1852 he bought his 
father's farm in Springfield township, where he lived 
during his lifetime. Menns. C : Minerva, Newton, 
Jordan, Jennie, Carrie, Katie. 

V. Minerva Stover, born Dec 27, 1854 J m Peter D 
Harris Apr 28, 1877. P O Hellertown, Pa. Farmer; 
Menns. C: (VI) Jacob Henry Harris, born Dec 17, 

V. Newton Franklin Stover, born June 26, 1856 ; 
m Mary Catharine Anders, of Durham, Pa, Sept 25, 
1880. P O Bursonville, Pa. Farmer ; Ger Ref. 
C : (VI) Minnie Idella Stover, b June 5, 1882 ; died 
April 7, 1883. (VI) Carrie Stover, born Jan 5, 1884. 
(VI) Sadie Stover, b April 22, 1885. 

V. Jordan F Stover, born in Bucks co, Pa, March 13, 
1859 ; married Annie L,, dau of Charles and Mary 
(nee Barch) Bean, of Riegelsville, Pa, Dec 28, 1882. 
Mr Stover worked on his father's farm until he 
became of age, attending the public schools during 
the Winter. In 1878 he took an academic course of 
instruction at the Carversville Academy, becoming a 
proficient scholar. From 1879 to 1882 he taught 

Lewis Stove k. 

(See page 91.) 


school successfully at Stony Point, in his native town- 
ship. Leaving the school room the following year he 
accepted a position as head clerk in the general store 
of F R Boyer, of Hellertown, Pa, which he followed 
for several years. In the Spring of 1886 he associated 
himself with T T Beau in the merchandise business 
at Riegelsville, Pa, under the firm name of Bean & 
Stover. January 31, 1887, their store and contents 
were totally destroyed by fire. During April of the 
same year Mr Stover opened a store in the basement 
of Mechanics Hall, where he remained until October, 
when he removed his store to Bean Block. He con- 
tinued the business for three years, when he disposed 
of his stock to Mr Sherrer. During the Fall of 1891 
he secured the store property of Mr Warner, along 
the Delaware Canal, and embarked in the retail cloth- 
ing and gents' furnishing business, in which he has 
been successful. 

In the Fall of 1894 he was an aspirant for the 
Legislature from the upper district of Bucks county, 
but failed to secure the nomination at the Republican 
convention by a close vote. He has been a director 
of the Riegelsville Building and Loan Association for 
a number of years, and is a prominent member of the 
Knights of the Golden Eagle, having been appointed 
a District Grand Chief of the organization at 
Williamsport, Pa, in May 1895. Mr S, Menu ; 
Mrs S, Luth. C : (VI) Clarence Ely Stover, born 
Apr 19, 1884. (VI) Bessie May Stover, born July 5, 
1886. (VI) Katie Stover, b Sept 8, 1 89 1. (VI) Chester 
Stover, b June 7, 1893 ; d Jan 11, 1894. 

V. Jennie Stover, b Nov 2, 1871 ; d Nov 8, 1871. 

V. Carrie Stover, b April 9, 1874. P O Tinesville, 
N J. She is the owner of a fine residence at Riegels- 
ville, Pa. New Evan. S. 


V. Katie Stover, b April 22, 1876 ; d June 6, 1879. 

IV. Franklin Stover, b Mar 3, 1834 ; d Dec 3, 1878 ; 
m Susanna Scbleiffer, of Springfield township, Dec 3, 
1858. Farmer and merchant ; Menns. C : Laura, 
Clinton, Harvey, Newberry, Alice. 

V. Laura Stover, born June 30, 1859 I m Pierson F 
Bewighouse Nov 22, 188 1. P O Bedmiuster, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menns. No issue. 

V. Clinton Stover, b Jan 26, 1863 ; married Emma 
Nicholas October 13, 1888. P O Bedminster, Pa. 
Saddler; Luth. C: (VI) Flossie Stover, b June 5, 
1890; Bertha, b July 20, 1892 ; Susan, b Apr 1, 1895. 

V. Harvey Stover, b May 24, 1865 ; m Kate Ruth, 
of Northampton co, Pa, Sept 4, 1886. P O Durham, 
Pa. Farmer ; Luth. No issue. 

V. Newberry Stover, b August 20, 1868. P O Bed- 
minster, Pa. Luth. S. 

V. Alice Stover, born Sept 24, 1870 ; m Harry Rohr 
Mar 30, 1889. P O Chalfont, Pa. Carpenter; Luth. 
C : (VI) Claude Rohr, b Jan 2, 1890 ; Lyman, born 
June 10, 1892. 

III. Susanna StaufFer, b Aug 30, 1788 ; d Aug 26, 
1848 ; m Abraham Stover. (See Ind of Ref No 14.) 

III. David Stauffer (d), b Feb 1,1791. S. 

III. Joseph Stauffer (d), b Dec 2, 1792 ; m Rachel 
Mills (widow of Abraham Drissel). C : John (died 
infant), Abel, James, Franklin (d single), Emma. 

IV. Abel Stover, m Mary A, dau of Abraham Delp, 
of Doylestown twp, Pa, Sept 12, 1867. R Phila. 
C : Bertha Swartzlauder. 

IV. James M Stover, m Lawshaw. R Phila. 

C: (V) Irene M Stover, m Jesse Cresse. R 2107 
Green st, Phila. 

IV. Emma Jane Stover, m Wilson Frantz (d). P O 
Doylestown, Pa. C : Rachel. 


III. Abraham Stauffer, b in Bucks co, Pa, Nov 27, 
1749 ; d Aug 12, 1843 ; m Barbara Stover in 1823. 
Merchant ; Ref. C : William, Annie, Catharine, 
Cyrus, Henry, Isaac, Eydia. 

IV. William S Stover, b in Nockamixon, Pa, Mar 11, 
1824 ; d Oct 3, 1880 ; m Mary C Richards Dec 24, 
1867. She was b in Deerfield, Oneida co, N Y, Dec 24, 
1842. Cashier Union National Bank, Frenchtown, 
N J ; Pres. C : (V) Frederick William Stover, born 
Sept 20, 1868 ; djuue 13, 1882. (V) George Walter 
Stover, born April 2, 1870. P O Frenchtown, N J. 
Salesman in New York ; Pres. S. (V) Sarah Bertha 
Stover, b Dec 6, 1871 ; d in 1872. (V) Mary Stover, 
b Feb 18, 1874. Pres. S. 

IV. Annie Stover, born in Nockamixon twp, Pa, in 
1826 ; married Abraham Worman Mar 2, 1848. P O 
Frenchtown, N J. Ref. No issue. 

IV. Catharine Stover, b Mar 31, 1828 ; died Apr 10, 
1864 ; m John L, Riegel (d). Manufacturer of paper 
at Riegelsville, Pa, and Warren, N J. C : Willie 
(d infant), Ella, infant. 

V. Ella Riegel (d), married Dewitt, attorney of 

Easton, Pa. C : John. 

IV. Cyrus Stover, b April 23, 1830 ; d Oct 2, 1864 ; 
m Annie Bunstine. Merchant ; Ref. C : (V) Rev 
Charles B Stover. R 147 Forsyth st, New York 

IV. Henry Stover, b Oct 6, 1832 ; d Jan 12, 1856. 
Pres. S. 

IV. Isaac Stover, b Nov 23, 1834. He enlisted in the 
army and died at Key West, Fla, Sept 3, 1862. S. 

IV. Eydia Stover, b Apr 10, 1837 ; d Nov 24, 1873 ; 
m John E Riegel (d). Manufacturer of paper at 
Riegelsville, Pa, and Warren, N J. C : Clara, Ida, 
John, Eaura. 


V. Clara Riegel, b Mar 28, 1866 ; m Lee D Clymer 
June 11, 1 89 1. P O Riegelsville, Pa. Ger Ref. C : 
(VI) John Riegel Clymer, b Apr 14, 1892. 

V. Ida Riegel. 

V. John Stover Riegel, b at Finesville, N J, June 10, 
1870 ; m Marion Harwood Griffin June 27, 1893. 
P O Riegelsville, Pa. Assistant manager in Warren 
Manufacturing Company ; Ger Ref. C: (VI) Helen 
Riegel, b May 26, 1894 ; Majorie, b Jan 25, 1896. 

V. Laura Riegel. 

Albert Stover. 

(See page 92. ) 


I. Daniel Stauffer emigrated from Germany in 
company with his brothers, David and William, in 
1736. It is not known who he married. He lived 
somewhere in either Tinicum or Nockamixon town- 
ship, Bucks co, Pa. He was at one time employed 
in hauling cannon balls from Durham furnace for the 
Continental Army. Presumably a farmer ; Menns. 
C : Daniel, Henry, Jacob. 

II. Daniel Stover, b in Bucks co, Pa, in 1768 ; died 
June 13, 1 84 1 ; m Mary Magdalena Moyer. He first 
lived on a farm of 90 acres in Tinicum twp, one mile 
east of Ottsville, on the Tinicum Creek, which he 
bought of a Piper, who had judgment or liens on 
the property. When Mr Stover had bought the 
property and paid for it he neglected to examine the 
records, and, after occupying the farm for a year or 
so, it was sold by the Sheriff to satisfy Piper's lien 
creditors. He afterwards acquired a property of about 
40 acres in Nockamixon township, one mile south of 
Revere, now owned by Ferdinand Niess. As to his 
personal characteristics he was a man of persevering 
industry and sobriety. Farmer and teamster. Mr S, 
Menn ; Mrs S, L,uth. C : John, Abraham, Daniel, 
Susan, Mary, Catharine. 

III. John W Stover, born in Bucks co, Pa, Nov 24, 



1793 ; d May 11, 1865; m Anna Nicholas* June 12, 
18 18. She was born in Springfield twp, Bucks co, 
Feb 3, 1802 ; died July 21, 1890. Farmer and shoe- 
maker. Mr S, Ref; Mrs S, Luth. C: Aaron, 

IV. Aaron H Stover, b in Bucks co Sept 12, 18 19 ; 
d March 30, 1884 ; m Elizabeth Chamberlain. Pres. 
C : Frances, Augusta, Addison, John, Henry, Anna, 
Elizabeth, Laura. 

V. Francis Stover, b at Milford, N J, June 13, 1839 ; 
m Tobias K Hess June 11, 1863. R 107 Broad st, 
West Bethlehem, Pa. Luth. C: (VI) Charles Tobias 
Hess, born June 19, 1864. R 107 Broad street, West 
Bethlehem. Private secretary for president of bank ; 
Luth. (VI) Harry Aaron Hess, born June 3, 1866 ; 
d Jan 16, 1870. (VI) Cora Hess, b Nov 20, 1867. 
R 107 Broad street, Bethlehem, Pa. S. (VI) Erwin 
Peter Hess, b Sept 25, 1870 ; m Anna Harriet Bond 
June 26, 1895. P O White Haven, Pa. Telegraph 
operator; Luth. (VI) Robert Francis Hess, b Mar 10, 
1872 ; died Aug 26, 1872. (VI) Francis Alvin Hess, 
b May 26, 1873 ; d Dec 26, 1877. (VI) Lizzie May 
Hess, b Aug 31, 1876. R 107 Broad st, Bethlehem. 
Schoolteacher ; Luth. S. (VI) Arthur Roy Hess, 
born Mar 20, 1879 ; d Jan 23, 1885. (VI) Raymond 
Stover Hess, b Feb 19, 1883. 

V. J Addison Stover. P O Milford, N J. S. 

V. John W Stover. P O Milford, N J. S. 

V. Henry C Stover. R Phila. S. 

V. Anna Augusta Stover, b in Milford, N J, in 1851 ; 

* She was the daughter of George Nicholas, of Springfield 
township, a Continental soldier, who received a pension from 
the United States and also from Pennsylvania, and a grand- 
daughter of Jacob Nicholas, who emigrated from Germany 
and died at the age of 101 years. 


m Samuel Raub in 1870. P O Milford, N J. Pres. 
C : Joseph, Elizabeth. 

V. Elizabeth Stover, born at Milford, Hunterdon co, 
NJ, Aug 28, 186 1 ; m Benjamin H Eaubach Nov 29, 
1883. P O Roselle, N J. Ger Ref. C : (VI) Eaura 
Stover Eaubach, b in Philadelphia Mar 2, 1884. 

V. Eaura Stover, b at Milford, N J, July ir, 1865 ; 
m F J Clark May 19, 1886. R Phila. Pres. C : 
(VI) Granville F Clark, b June 10, 1S88 ; Hazel A, 
b Aug 29, 1893. 

IV. Josiah N Stover, b in Nockamixon twp, Bucks 
co, Pa, Jan 3, 1825 ; m Sarah E Kohl in 1875. P O 
Kintnersville, Pa. Surveyor and conveyancer. C : 
(V) Stella Stover, b Oct 25, 1875 ; Anna Eaura, born 
Nov 26, 1880; Cordelia, b July 29, 1882. 

III. Abraham Stover (d), m Hannah Nicholas (d). 
C: (IV) Eavina Stover (d). S. 

III. Daniel Stover, Jr (d). S. 

III. Susan Stover (d). S. 

III. Mary Stover, m David Wismer (d). He was 
b Sept 6, 1798. Mason ; Christian ch. C : Aaron, 
Henry (d S), Eevi, John, Mary, Josiah (d S); Jonas, 
Samuel, Catharine, all deceased. 

IV. Aaron S Wismer, born Feb 15, 1824 ; m Anna 
Andrews Jan 10, 1850. P O Upper Blacks Eddy, Pa. 
C : Rachel, Joseph, Mary, William, John, Anna, 
George, Aaron, William, Margaret, Dennis, David, 

V. Rachel Wismer, b Feb 28, 1851. 

V. Joseph Wismer, born Apr n, 1852 ; m Margaret 
Milker. P OPhillipsburg, N J. C: Anna, Raymond. 

V. Mary C Wismer, b Sept 18, 1853. 

V. William Henry Wismer, born Sept 8, 1855 ; died 
Sept 17, 1857. 

V. John S Wismer, b Aug 14, 1857 > married Eydia 


Gilmer. P O Milford, N Y. Children : Anna, John, 
Samuel, Maggie, George, Nellie (d). 

V. Anna Elizabeth Wismer, 1) Feb 29, 1859 '> died 
April n, 1891 ; m Jacob Ulmer. C: (VI) Ida May 
Ulmer, died aged 14 days. 

V. George Wismer, born Sept 16, i860 ; m Emma 
Sheetz. P O Phillipsburg, N J. C : Lulu, Harvey. 

V. Aaron S Wismer, Jr, b Apr 26, 1862. 

V. William D Wismer, b July 26, 1864. 

V. Margaret Wismer, b Sept 14, 1866; married Ray 
Balliet. C : May. 
V. Dennis Wismer, b Aug 6, 1868. 

V. David Wismer, b July 16, 1877. 

V. Samuel Wismer, b Sept 23, 1873. 

IV. Devi Wismer (d), m Mary Ann Wismer. C : 
Emma, William, Hugh, Henry. 

IV. John Wismer, m Heaney. 

IV. Mary Wismer (d), m Dennis O Daniel. C : 
Eaura, Albert (d), Clinton. 

III. Catharine Stover (d), m Scott Barnes. No issue. 

II. Henry Stover (d). He lived in Nockamixou 

township. Farmer and teamster ; Menns. No issue. 

II. Jacob Stover (d), m Strouse. Farmer ; 

Luth. C: John (died young), Jacob, Catharine 
(d S), Henry, Samuel. 

III. Jacob Stover (d), m Catharine Eafever. Farmer ; 
Luth. C : (IV) Jacob E Stover. P O Milford, N J. 
(IV) Isaac Stover. P O Milford, N J. (IV) Hannah 
Stover, m Aaron Campbell. P O Bursonville, Pa. 

III. Henry Stover. He was a farmer at Abington, 
Montg co, Pa. It is not known whether he had a 
family or not. 

III. Samuel Stover, b in Bucks co, Pa, Mar 31, 18 17 ; 
m Martha Jane Rank Mar 1841. P O Montgomery, 
Pa. Farmer and laborer ; Euth. C : (IV) Rebecca 


Stover, m James Comings. (IV) Charles, William, 
Norman. (IV) Norah Stover, m Kelly. 

I. William Stover, died at Valley Forge in the 
Winter of 1777 or '78. It is not known whether he 
was an enlisted soldier or not, but he was with the 
Continental Army. In all probability he emigrated 
to America with his brothers, David and Daniel, in 

W " % 



f 19 

j • V0 

L .. €fl : v 

. t 

Miss Clara Stover. 

(See page 92. ) 


I. Christian Staufler, of Bedminster township, 
Bucks county, Pa, settled in that township in the 
early part of the 18th century, probably about 1730. 
The exact time cannot be determined, as the old deed 
of his property is lost. His ancestry is unknown, but 
it is probable that he was a pioneer emigrant and a 
Menuonite. He married Elizabeth, daughter of 
the pioneer, Hans Meyer, of Upper Salford township, 
Montgomery county. He owned a plantation of 181 
acres in Bedminster township, adjoining lands of 
Henry Stauffer (now the Joseph Sine farm), Jacob 
Overholt, and others. He made his will January 23, 
1764, which was proven September 20, 1764, and is 
on record in Philadelphia, Book N, page 187. The 
plantation he granted to his daughter Barbara and 
her husband, Jacob Haagman,* who were to pay 
^600. His other daughters, Esther and Ann, were to 
sign seal and deliver a title or release in their name, 
and no one to claim any right to the plantation after- 
ward. His executors were his wife Elizabeth and 
his brother-in-law, Henry Meyer. The witnesses 
were John and Christian Fretz. 

The homestead was owned for some years by 
Henry Hockman, after which it was purchased by 

* Now spelled Hockman by his descendants. 


Deacon Abraham Fretz, who sold it to his son Chris- 
tian. Christian owned the homestead until his death, 
when it came into the possession of his son, Ely Fretz, 
who still owns a part of it, but the homestead proper 
is owned by his son, Rev Allen M Fretz. The chil- 
dren of Christian Stauffer were : Barbara, Esther, 
Ann, Mary, and others. 

II. Barbara Stauffer, m Jacob Hackman, who made 
his will Nov 18, 1781, and was proven Dec 31, 1781. 
The homestead was bequeathed to his son Jacob and 
he divided his estate among his children. His 
executors were his brother Ulry and brother-in-law, 
Jacob Weatherman. C : Christian, Jacob, Abraham, 
Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Barbara. 


I. Christian Stauffer, a pioneer emigrant and an 
early settler of Montgomery county, Pa, was a resi- 
dent of Salford when he purchased a farm of 150 acres 
at Harleysville long before there was anything of a 
village there. The great Philadelphia road was laid 
out in 1735, and in 1728, when Christian Stauffer 
purchased the farm, it was nearly or entirely covered 
with timber. Christian Stauffer purchased it from a 
well-known speculator, Henry Panuepacker, and wife 
Eve, of Skippack, November 28, 1728. Mr Stauffer 
made the first improvements here, and here he lived 
and died. 

After his death in 1735 his executors sold the 
farm to three speculators, Rev John Philip Boehn, of 
Whitpain township, Gabriel Shuler, of Salford, and 
Ulrich Stephen, whose residence is not given. But on 
July 13, 1742, Shuler and Stephen released their 
interest to Mr Boehm. On April 9, 1745, Rev Boehm 
and wife Anna Maria conveyed 100 acres, with 
improvements, to Henry Meyer, an adjoining land 
owner, for ^"100. The following August (1745) Henry 
Meyer and wife Elizabeth sold the same 10 1 acres to 
Nicholas Oblinger, who owned it six years, and Apr 3, 
1 75 1, Oblinger and wife Elizabeth sold 154 acres 
to Adolph Pannepacker, of Limerick township, who 
owned it five years. On June 9, 1756, Pannepacker 
and wife conveyed the same 154 acres to Nicholas 
Schwenk, who owned the farm 42 years and then sold 



it to their son George February i, 1798, for $800. 
He owned it 18 years and kept a tavern there. He 
probably took away the old log buildings and built a 
large stone house there, which stood until about 1870. 
During the time that George Schwenk owned the 
farm he sold off some of the land, reducing the farm 
to 95 acres, and on March 21, 18 16, sold the farm 
and tavern to Baltzer Heydrick, who owned it 19 
years, and April 4, 1835, sold it to William Reiff, of 
Lower Salford. Mr Reiff immediately cut down the 
sign and stopped the tavern business. He owned it 
six years and in 1841 sold it to John Freed, who 
owned it 23 years and sold it in 1864 to John Binder. 
Mr Binder, after owning it some 20 odd years, sold it 
to M C Clemens and Rev J M Price, who divided the 
front into building lots and sold them. In 1890 
Messrs Price and Clemens sold the remainder of the 
farm, now containing 48 acres, to William S Nice, 
the present owner. The property is on the east side 
of the pike. 

It is not known when Christian Stauffer came to 
America, and of his life and personality nothing is 
known. He was a farmer and endured the hardships 
of a pioneer settler, and was no doubt a Mennonite. 
His will reads as follows : 

" Sulford Township, Twenty Sixth of February one thou- 
and seven hundred & Thirty four, five. In the name of God. 
Forasmuch as that my body is mortal & must dye, as other 
men, and in all likelyhood I may not have a long time here to 
live, therefore I conclude it necessary to make this my last 
will & Testament in order that my children may possess & 
enjoy their share or Dividends of my Estate in severalty after 
my decease : And Whereas it is held that no Testament is 
Good without exed. I think meet to appoint my loving and 
trusty neighbours, Christian Allebach & Christian Meyer jun, 
to be my sole exeds over my rights and credits also to take 
care of my children, believing that they will truly & faithfully 


discharge their Trust therein. Wherefore I Christian Stauffer 
of Sulford aforesaid yeoman, Do on this day of the date hereof 
before, or in the presence of the under written witnesses, order 
and direct, by this my last will & Testament, that my said 
Exeds shall within six weeks after my decease, sell all my 
Land & Improvements, as also, all my household Goods, 
Chatties, Husbandry Implements, with all other that I am the 
proper owner of (except one over bedstead with two coverings 
for the same, also one Bolster & one pillow, all which I give 
& bequeath unto my Daughter Barbary). 

"And when the money arising by the sale of my said Estate 
becomes due & payable, I order then, that first of all my just 
debts be duly paid and afterwards, the remainder thereof I 
dispose between my children in manner following viz : I Give 
& Bequeath unto my eldest daughter Annalee Five pounds to 
be paid her when the said money becomes due as aforesaid. I 
Give and Bequeath unto my eldest son Mathias one pound in 
the first place to be paid him when the said money is due as 
aforesaid and afterwards, immediately Five pounds as an equal 
share with his sisters to be paid him in like manner. I Give 
& Bequeath unto my son Christian Stauffer Tenn pounds to be 
paid him when the said money becomes due as aforesaid. I 
Give & Bequeath unto my son Hans Ulrick Tenn pounds & 
unto my son Peter Ten pounds, and unto my son Jacob Ten 
pounds and unto my said Daughter Barbara Ten pounds, and 
unto my son Henry Tenn pounds and unto my daughter 
Elizabeth Ten pounds, which said Legacies shall be paid to 
each and every one of my said children, when they goes to 
housekeeping, and such of my said children that are house- 
keepers before the said money is due. Shall stay for their 
shares or Dividends until the same becomes due & payable by 
the sale aforesaid. And what is over & above paying and per- 
forming as before directed, So much of the remainder part 
thereof, that is necessary shall be used toward bringing up of 
my younger children until my said Daughter Elizabeth arrives 
at fifteen years of age, She being now four years & a half old. 
And if there be any left of my said Estate, that is not used as 
aforesaid, the same shall be divded after the same method 
with the above Legacies (that is to say) where each of my 
eldest doth receive one pound, each and every one of my seven 
youngest Children shall receive Two pounds and so propor- 
tionably until the whole is divided. My children that are 


now at home must have good cloaths before they goes to get 
their living among their Friends or strangers, and for the 
further confirmation hereof I have hereunto set my hand and 
sealed the same with my own seal the day and year first above 

" Witnesses present mark 

" Andrew Swartz & 
"Jacob Funk." 

The above will was probated on July 12, 1735, 
and is recorded in the Register's office, Philadelphia, 
Book E, No 410, page 335. The children of Christian 
Stauffer, in order as given in the will, are as follows : 
Annalee, Mathias, Christian, Hans Ulrich, Peter, 
Jacob, Barbara, Henry, Elizabeth. 

II. Annalee Stauffer. 

II. Mathias Stauffer. Descendants not found. 

II. Christian Stauffer lived in Lower Salford 
twp, Montg co, where he purchased his land and 
settled in 1736, and where he died in 1781. He made 
his will May 15, 1773, and was proven January n, 
1782. The witnesses were Melchoir Wagner and 
Owen Thomas. He made provision for his wife 
Elizabeth and devised to all his children mentioned 
share and share alike. Farmer ; Menns. Children ; 
Yelles, John Uly, Mathias, Gertraut, Elizabeth, Ann. 

III. Yelles Stauffer. Early in life he moved to Lan- 
caster co, Pa. 

III. John Ulrich Stauffer, b Dec 5, 1738 ; d Jan 15, 
18 16; m ^Joanna Harley.f She was born April 21, 

* Joanna (Hannah). 

fjoanna Harley was the daughter of Rudolph Harley. 
He was born on the ocean July 14, 1719, while his parents 
were on their way to America. His father, the pioneer, was 
also named Rudolph, and was married to Mary, daughter of 
Peter Becker, the first elder of the Brethren or Dunkard 
Church in America. 



1743 ; d Aug 30, 1820. Mr Stauffer owned a large 
and very valuable farm above the North Branch, near 
Tylersport, in Upper Salford twp, Montg eo. He 
made his will October 13, 1815, and was probated at 
Norristowu, Pa, Jan 30, 18 16. C: John, Catharine, 
Mary, Christian, Elizabeth, Rudolph, Jacob, Hannah, 
Abraham, Henry, Sarah, Rachel. 

IV. John Stauffer (d), born July i, 1764; m Mary 
Dettra. She was born Sept 3, 1770 ; died Feb 6, 
1839. C : Jacob, Elizabeth, Rachel, Mary, John, 
Catharine, Anna. 

V. Jacob Stauffer, b Jan 28, 1792 ; d June 2, 1868 ; 
m Susanna Rothrock Oct 29, 1823. She was born 
Aug 18, 1785. C : (VI) Jacob R Stauffer, b Dec 24, 
1824. P O Morwood, Pa. S. (VI) Susanna Stauffer, 
b Aug 19, 1827. P O Morwood, Pa. S. (VI) Mary 
Stauffer, b July 29, 1831 ; m William P Famel. He 
was b 1835; d 1884. Farmer; Ger Bap. No issue. 

V. Elizabeth Stauifer, b Feb 21, 1795 ; died Sept 3, 
1867. Single. 

V. Rachel Stauffer, b Oct 25, 1801 ; d Sept 5, 1 8 73 ; 
m John S Friedt Mar 27, 1822. He was born Feb 2, 
1797 ; d Jan 11, 1880. Farmer in Frauconia twp ; 
Menus. C : Noah, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, Cath- 
arine, Anna, Rachel, Susanna, Adam, Jesse, Leah, 

VI. Noah Freed, born Dec 6, 1823 ; d Jan 6, 1897 ; 
m Rachel Nace June 2, 1850. She wasb Dec26, 1823. 
Farmer in Frauconia twp, Pa. C : Sarah, Hannah, 
Catharine, Susanna, Franklin, L,eanna, Elizabeth, 
Mary, George, John. 

VII. Sarah Ann Freed, born September 2, 1850 ; died 
January 13, 1865. 

VII. Hannah Freed, b Nov 9, 1852 ; d Apr 23, 1880 ; 
married William Moyer. No issue. 









VII. Catharine Freed, born July 19, 1854 ; m Enos S 
Moyer. P O Souderton, Pa. C : Fannie. 

VII. Susanna Freed, b Feb 3, 1856 ; d Jan 5, 1865. 

VII. Franklin Freed, b Apr 18, 1857 ; married Anna 
Musselman. She and child died in confinement. 
Franklin married sceond wife Sarah Ruth (nee Moyer). 
P O Earlington, Pa. C : Howard (d), Lizzie. 

VII. Leanna Freed, b July 25, 1858 ; married Jacob 
N Shueck. P O Morwood, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. 
C : Alice (d), Lillie, Lizzie. 

VII. Elizabeth N Freed, b Oct 2, i860 ; m Abraham 
O Fretz December 22, 1883. P O Doylestown, Pa. 
Engineer and superintendent of electric light plant ; 
Luth. C : (VIII) Mary F Fretz, b July 12, 1889. 

VII. Mary Freed, b Dec 18, 1862 ; married Jacob Y 
Shueck. P O Morwood, Pa. C : Elsie. 

VII. George Freed, b Nov 8, 1865 ; d March 6, 1873. 

VII. John Freed, b June 29, 1868 ; married Elizabeth 
Cressman. P O Morwood, Pa. Miller. Children : 
(VIII) Lincoln C Freed, b July 27, 1894 ; Sallie, born 
Sept 8, 1896. 

VI. Mary Freed, b Oct 15, 1824 ; m Isaac Landes (d). 
C : (VII) Samuel F Landes, married Mary Moyer. 
P O Telford, Pa. No issue. 

VI. Elizabeth Freed, born Nov 14, 1825 ; m Daniel 
Shueck. He died Feb 8, 1895. P O Telford, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menus. No issue. 

VI. Sarah Freed, b Jan 6, 1827 ; died April 6, 1873 ; 
m Israel Benner. 

VI. Catharine Freed, born Feb 12, 1828 ; d Feb 2, 
1897 ; m Philip Krupp (d). No issue. Catharine 
married second husband Jesse Kratz (d). No issue. 

VI. Anna Freed, b June 20, 1829 ; d young. 

VI. Rachel Freed, b Nov 14, 1830 ; d young. 

VI. Susanna Freed, b May 13, 1832 ; d young. 


VI. Adam Freed, b Dec 24, 1833 ; d Feb 12, 1873. S. 

VI. Jesse Freed, born Oct 4, 1835 ; m Mrs Amanda 
Yoder (nee Maugle) . P O Earlington, Pa. Children : 
Infant (d), Marietta. 

VI. Leah Freed, b March 24, 1838 ; d young. 

VI. Matilda Freed, b Nov 17, 1842 ; m Joseph Dover 
Jan 27, 1880. P O Souderton, Pa. 

V. Mary Stauffer, b 1804 ; d Feb 13, 1887 ; married 
Jacob Kratz. Farmer ; German Bap. (See Kratz 
History. ) 

V. John Stauffer (d), m Rachel Ott. He owned the 
fine large farm descended from his grandfather, John 
Ulrich Stauffer, but managed it so badly that his 
children became dependent. The children, however, 
recovered and are respected people. C : (VI) Mary 
Stauffer, b Apr 19, 1862 ; married John Steiner (d). 
Farmer; Ger Bap. C: Irene. (VI) Annie Stauffer, 
married Albert Beisel. (VI) John Stauffer. He was 
drowned when 15 years of age. (VI) Henry O 
Stauffer, born November 25, 1869. S. (VI) Lavina 
Stauffer. S. 

V. Catharine Stauffer, b Oct 20, 1809 ; d March 22, 
1835 ; m George Frederick. C : John. 

VI. John S Frederick, b Mar 22, 1835 ; died Dec 3, 
1888 ; m Amelia Elizabeth Trauger (d). Children : 
(VII) Mary Frederick, b Oct 7, i860 ; d Oct 6, 1877. 
(VII) Sallie Frederick, b Sept 29, 1863 ; d July 22, 
1898 ; m Jacob Shafer. No issue. 

V. Anna Stauffer, b July 19, 1812 ; d May 21, 1834. 

IV. Catharine Stauffer, married Jacob Whisler. C : 
(V) Isaac Whisler, m Catharine Hockman. (V) Eliza- 
beth Whisler, m Philip Dell. (V) Hannah Whisler, 
m John Swartley. (V) John Whisler, 111 Rebecca 
Delp. (V) Jacob Whisler, married Elizabeth King. 


(V) Catharine Whisler, married Michael Weirinan. 
(V) Abraham Whisler, d 3 r oung. 
IV. Mary Stauffer, m John Freed. C : (V) Hannah 

Freed, m Landis. Hannah m second husband 

Isaac Keyser. (V) Rachel Freed. (V) John Freed, 
m Rachel Stauffer. 

IV. Christian Stauffer, b April 1, 1769 ; d March 15, 
1840; m Susanna Kulp. She was b Feb 26, 1782; 
died Sept 18, 1849. They resided near Kulpsville, 
Towamencin twp, Montg co. He was called " Little 
Christian" (being small in person), to distinguish 
him from his cousin, who was called "Good Christian. ' ' 
C : Jacob, Hannah. 

V. Jacob K Stover, born at Kulpsville, Pa, Aug 30, 
1800; d Feb 18, 1875 ; m Ann Stover Nov 23, 1826. 
She was a daughter of Christian Stauffer, known as 
" Good Christian." Farmer ; Ger Bap. C : Elijah, 
Hannah, Elizabeth, Sarah, David, Susanna, Christian, 
Mary, Jacob. 

VI. Elijah Stover, b Aug 16, 1827 ; d Mar ir, 1878 ; 
m Mary Moyer Feb 5, 1853. She was born Aug 10, 
1828. C: (VII) Isaac Stover, d young. (VII) Davis 
Stover, m Emma Godshall. P O Lansdale, Pa. C : 
Harvey, Ljllie, Mamie, Susie. 

VI. Hannah Stover, born at Kulpsville, Pa, Sept 10, 
1829 ; m Abram D Harley Sept 24, 1849. He died 
Mar 1888. Ger Bap. C : Joanna, Carolina, Amanda, 
Samuel, Ella. 

VII. Joanna S Harley, born in Montg co, Pa, Jan 13, 
1 85 1 ; m Samuel E Bruuner Dec 24, 1870. He was 
b in 1848 ; d Feb 16, 1888. P O Eansdale, Pa. Bap. 
C : (VIII) Joel Worthington Brunner, b May 10, 1880. 

VII. Caroline Harley, b Nov 30, 1852 ; died July 29, 
VII. Amanda S Harley, b Nov 13, 1854 ; tn Thomas 


Bingham Sept 4, 1871. R New York City. Com- 
mission merchant ; Baptist. C : (VIII) Ida Amanda 
Bingham, b Apr 27, 1873 '< d l8 75- (VIII) Emma F 
Bingham, b Apr 21, 1875. (VIII) Thomas E Bingham, 
b July 3, 1877; d 1879. (VIII) Robert S Bingham, 
b Oct 20, 1879; died 1880. (VIII) Thomas Bingham, 
b Nov 11, 188 1 (VIII) Joseph A Bingham, b Dec 24, 
1883 ; d 1888. (VIII) Amanda E Bingham, b June 3, 
1885; di888. (VIII) Ella H Bingham, b Oct 23, 1889. 

VII. Samuel S Harley, b Mar 13, 1857. P O Skip- 
pack, Pa. 

VII. Ella S Harley, born Mar 11, 1859; m William 
Johnson. P O Parsons, Kan. 

VI. Elizabeth Stover, born Oct 17, 1831 ; d Nov 3, 
1862. S. 

VI. Sarah Stover, b at Kulpsville, Pa, Apr 9, 1833 ; 
died at Harleysville in 1895 ; married Jacob K Harley 
Nov 21, 1852. P O Harleysville, Pa. Harness- 
maker ; German Bap. C : James, Elmira, Jonas, 
Kathryn, Alice, Lizzie, Jacob, Sallie, Martha, 

VII. James Alonzo Harley, b July 2, 1854 '> m Kate 
Eaudis January 1, 1876. R 1848 N 23rd st, Phila. 
Salesman in hardware store ; Ger Bap. C : Elmer 
Lemuel (d), John Warren (d), Jacob Linwood, 
Clarence Wilbur. 

VII. Elmira Harley, born in Lehigh co, Pa, Feb 12, 
1856 ; m George E Whisler August 31, 1879. P O 
Mount Morris, 111. Retired farmer ; Ger Bap. C : 
(VIII) Samuel Llewllyn Whisler, born July 27, 1880 ; 
Emma Gertrude, born Apr 13, 1882 ; Myrtle Evelyn 
and Mignon Irene (twins), b Apr 27, 1884. 

VII. Jonas S Harley, born Aug 2, 1857 ; m Juliett V 
Lippiucott (d). Jonas m second wife Helen Baylies. 


P O Quaker town, Pa. Harness manufacturer ; Epis. 
C : Frederick, Irene. 

VII. Kathryn Ann Harley, b Oct 31, 1859. PO 
Myerstown, Pa. Saleslady ; Ger Bap. S. 

VII. Alice S Harley, born at Harleysville, Pa, Feb 9, 
1862 ; married Nicholas Lee Whisler Mar 16, 1882. 
P O Ashland, Neb. Farmer ; U Br ch. Children : 
(VIII) Nettie Ethel Whisler, born Jan 15, 1883 ; died 
Feb 5, 1883. (VIII) Lottie Vernie Whisler, b Jan 22, 
1885. (VIII) Sarah Pearl Whisler, b Sept 10, 1886. 
C VIII > Jacob Harley Whisler, b Sept 28, 1891. 

VII. Lizzie Harley, b July 24, 1864 ; d July 15, 1873. 

VII. Jacob S Harley, b Oct 5, 1867. Graduated at 
Juniata College. P O Harleysville, Pa. School- 
teacher ; Ger Bap. S. 

VII. Sarah Jane Harley, born Oct 16, 1869. School- 
teacher ; Ger Bap. S. 

VII. Martha Harley, b July 5, 1871. P O Harleys- 
ville, Pa. Schoolteacher ; Ger Bap. S. 

VII. Charlotte Harley, born March 30, 1874. P O 
Harleysville, Pa. Ger Bap. S. 

VI. David S Stover, b June 4, 1836 ; m Hannah M 
Cassel December 3, 1859. P O Kulpsville, Pa. C : 
Deborah, Lydia. 

VII. Deborah Ann Stover, married Horace Frederick. 
P O Kulpsville, Pa. 

VII. Lydia C Stover, born in Montg co, Pa, Apr 21, 
187 1 ; m William K Henning Oct 29, 189 1. R 2327 
Turner street, Phila. Ger Bap. C : (VIII) Edith S 
Henning, b July 16, 1893. 

VI. Susanna Stover, born Sept 27, 1838 ; d Sept 27, 
1865. S. 

VI. Christian Stover, b Mar 4, 1841 ; married Sarah 
Rosenberger October 31, 1868. P O Kulpsville, Pa. 
Barber. C: (VII) Virginia Stover, b Oct 10, 1872 ; 


died Dec 19, 1880. (VII) Cordelia Stover, b May 14, 
1877. (VII) Ljuford Stover, born Nov 12, 188 1. 
(VIII) Alverda Stover, b Jan 31, 1884. 

VI. Mary Stover (d), b Oct 10, 1843. S. 

VI. Jacob Stover (d), b Sept 17, 1847 ; m Elizabeth 
Krupp Sept 15, 1872. P O Eansdale, Pa. No issue. 

V. Hannah Stover (d), m Eli Stover. (See Ind of 
Ref No 15.) 

IV. Elizabeth Stanffer, m David Titlow. Farmer ; 
Ger Bap. C : Rachel, Hannah, Elizabeth, John, 
David, Abraham, George (d young). 

V. Rachel Titlow, b Jan 19, 1798 ; m Samuel Smith. 
Had issue. 

V. Hannah Titlow, b May 23, 1799 ; m Jacob Klein. 
No issue. 

V. Elizabeth Titlow, b Jan 19, 1803 ; m Christopher 
Reiff. Had issue. 

V. John Titlow, b in North Coventry, Chester co, 
Pa, Aug 29, 1805 ; d Apr 28, 1865 ; m Mary Arnold 
Dec 28, 1833. She died Nov 20, 1876. Mr Titlow 
was a man of considerable force of character, and was 
a strong Abolitionist when it was not popular to be so. 
He was actively associated with the underground 
railway work. Farmer ; German Bap. C : Jerome, 
David, Elizabeth, Hannah, Annie, Sarah, Emma. 

VI. Jerome Titlow, b Sept 30, 1834 ; m Hettie H 
Davis. R St Paul, Minn. 

VI. David Titlow, b Jan 6, 1836 ; m Susan Penny- 
packer. R Pottstown, Pa. 

VI. Elizabeth Titlow, b May 10, 1839 ; d July 4, 1843. 

VI. Hannah Titlow, b Mar 31, 1841 ; d July 4, 1843. 

VI. Annie M Titlow, b Aug 5, 1843. S. 

VI. Sarah Titlow, born in Chester co, Pa, May 27, 
1845 ; died May 23, 1897 '> m Allen S Davis April 3, 
1874. R Norristown, Pa. Teacher; Pres. C: 


(VII) Charles C Davis, born August 19, 1877. He 
graduated (1897) at the University of Pennsylvania 
as Bachelor of Science. He has chosen mechanical 
engineering and will complete a post-graduate course 
at the University for that work. (VII) William G 
Davis, b August 30, 18S1. (VII) Ralph J Davis, born 
July 17, 1885. 
VI. Emma C Titlow, b in Chester co, Pa, March 3, 
1852 ; m Irving P Wauger June 25, 1884. R Norris- 
town, Pa. 

Mr Wanger, the subject of this sketch, a portrait 
of whom, together with his charming family, which 
includes his mother, is given elsewhere in this work, is 
a gentleman of urbane manners, with a host of friends, 
and is without doubt the most popular of local 
Republican leaders. 

Mr Wanger was born in North Coventry town- 
ship, Chester county, March 5, 1852. He was raised 
on a farm and educated in the public schools of the 
township. Later he pursued a higher course of 
education in the Pottstown High school and the Hill 
school of the same place. 

He then secured a position as teacher in one of 
the Chester county schools in 1869, when he was but 
17 years old. His interest in local affairs was very 
manifest at this time, and in the following year 
(1870), when but 18 years of age, he began his 
political career, when he was made clerk in the 
Prothonotary's office of Chester county. In 187 1 he 
became Deputy Prothonotary, but resigned the posi- 
tion at the end of the year to engage in the study of 
law at Norristown. This was the beginning of his 
career in Montgomery county. 

On December 1, 1872, he was appointed deputy 
under the first Republican Prothonotary ever elected 


in Montgomery county. He continued the study of 
law, however, and was admitted to the Bar in De- 
cember 1875. 

From his earliest manhood he has battled for 
Republican supremacy. He was elected Burgess of 
Norristown at the age of 26 and was solicitor of the 
School Board for several years. At the age of 28 he 
was elected District Attorney of Montgomery county 
in 1880, being the first Republican District Attorney 
ever chosen in this county. 

• He was delegate to the Republican National 
Convention of 1880, voting continuously against the 
unit rule and voting for James G Blaine, until 
requested by the friends of Blaine to vote for James 
A Garfield, who was elected President of the United 
States at the following election in November 1880. 

In 1886 MrWauger was renominated for District 
Attorney and elected by a majority of 1178, running 
several hundred ahead of his ticket, notwithstanding 
the fact that his opponent, J V Gotwalts, Esq, was 
one of the most popular candidates the Democracy 
ever nominated. 

In 1889 Mr Wanger was chosen chairman of the 
Republican County Committee, and held the office 
until the end of the year, when he declined re-election. 

In 1890 Mr Wanger was unanimously nominated 
as the Republican candidate for Congress from the 
Seventh Congressional District of Pennsylvania. He 
was defeated by only 187, although the party lost the 
district by 902, and Delamater by 2214. He made 
one of the most vigorous canvasses and actually ran 
away ahead of his ticket, and his defeat was due only 
to the failure of voters to go to the polls on election 
day. In 1892 he was again nominated by accla- 
mation, and was elected by a majority of 180 votes, 


nearly the same number by which he was defeated 
two years before. After serving with distinction in 
the 53rd Congress, where he held positions on the 
Committees on Public Lauds and on Railways and 
Canals — two important committees — he was renomi- 
nated in 1894 an d elected by the immense majority 
of 4826. 

As a member of the 54th Congress Mr Wanger 
took a most active part in all important National 
legislation, particularly interesting himself in the 
Silver bill, Tariff acts and Indian Appropriation bill. 
On every question he has ably and carefully repre- 
sented the interests of his constituency. 

In 1 896 he again became the Republican candidate 
for Congress and received 157 out of the 194 votes 
cast at the Republican Congressional Convention at 
Lansdale, the vote afterwards being made unanimous, 
and he was for the third time triumphantly elected. 

In the organization of the 55th Congress Mr 
Wanger has been appointed Chairman of the Com- 
mittee on Expenditures in the Postoffice Department 
and reappointed to membership on the Committee on 
Interstate and Foreign Commerce. 

He is also prominently identified with the I O O F, 

the I O R M, and nearly all the Masonic bodies 

of the State. ME. C: (VII) Lincoln Wanger, born 

August i8, 1885; died Sept 17, 1885. (VII) Rebecca 

Wanger, born Oct 21, 1886; died April 27, 1887. 

(VII) George Wanger, b Dec 24, 1887. (VII) Ruth 

Wanger, born Nov 11, 1889. (VII) Marion Wanger, 

b July 12, 1893. 

V. David Titlow, b Jan 13, 1807 ; d young. S. 

V. Abraham Titlow (d), b Apr 2, 18 10 ; m Jemima 

Kupp. Abraham m second wife Susan Hausberger. 

IV. Rudolph Stauffer, m Beata Reiner. They lived 


and died in Chester county, Pa. C : (V) Elizabeth 
Stauffer, m Jesse Grubb. (V) Owen Stauffer, died 
single. (V) Ann Stauffer, m John Baugh. 

IV. Jacob Stauffer (twin to Hannah), d young. 

IV. Hannah Stauffer, m Benjamin Frederick. C : 
(V) John Frederick, b 1794 ; d young. (V) Abraham 
Frederick, born 1795 ; died 1858 ; m Mary Mills. 
(V) George Frederick, b 1796 ; d infant. (V) Eliza- 
beth Frederick, b 1798 ; d infant. (V) Benjamin 
Frederick, b 1799 ; m Elizabeth Eougacre. (V) Owen 
Frederick, b 1800 ; d young. (V) Hannah Frederick, 
b 1 80 1 ; 111 Henry Rhoads. (V) Catharine Frederick, 
born 1802 ; d young. (V) Sarah Frederick, b 1S03 ; 
d young. (V) Rachel Frederick, b 1805 ; m Henry 
Rhoads. (V) David Frederick, b 1806 ; died young. 
(V) Isaac Frederick, b 1807 ; d single. (V) Mary 
Frederick, b 1808 ; d young. (V) Sarah Frederick, 
born 1809 ; d young. (V) Ann Frederick, b 18 10 ; 
m John Haines. (V) Jacob Frederick, b 1812 ; m 
Elizabeth Merideth. (V) Rudolph Frederick, b 1813 ; 
d young. (V) Catharine Frederick, b 1814; d young. 
(V) Deborah Frederick, b 1819 ; m Joshua Missimer. 

IV. Abraham Stauffer, born July 28, 1776 ; d Oct 4, 
1827 ; m Esther Stauffer. She was b Apr 15, 1778 ; 
died April 17, 1830. C: Elizabeth, John, Abraham, 
Esther, Hannah, Jemima, Mary, Henry. 

V. Elizabeth Stauffer, m Henry Walt. Farmer. 
Had issue. 

V. John Stauffer, b in Chester co, Pa, Sept 25, 1808 ; 
died near Einfield Station, Montgomery co, July 28, 
1874 ; m Mary Beary in 1834. She was b near Potts- 
town, Pa, July 27, 1812. Farmer; Ref. C: Enos, 
Daniel, Elmira, Jonathan, Mary, Hannah. 

VI. Enos Stauffer, b July 24, 1835 ; d Jan 18, 1885 ; 


m Emma H Evans, Dec 3, 1861. Farmer ; Ref. C : 
Rebecca, John, Frank, Hannah. 

VII. Rebecca E Stauffer, b Dec 15, 1863 ; d 1869. 

VII. John W Stauffer, b Nov 11, 1866 ; m Elizabeth 
Saylor Mar 19, 1890. She died Mar 14, 1892. P O 
Royersford, Pa. C : (VIII) Earl R Stauffer, b Feb 16, 
1891. (VIII) Lizzie Stauffer, b Feb 25, 1892 ; d 1892. 

VII. Frank Stauffer, b Feb 25, 1869. 

VII. Hannah Mary Stauffer, b Dec 31, 1871 ; married 
William Cook Dec 21, 1893. C : (VIII) Franklin S 
Cook, b Sept 5, 1894 ; Herbert W, b Oct 13, 1896. 

VI. Daniel Stauffer, b July 24, 1837 ; m Anna Hart 
(d). She was b 1836. Daniel m second wife Fannie 
Missimer. She was born in 1864. P O Einfield, Pa. 
No issue. 

VI. Elmira Stauffer, b Jan 29, 1840; d 1862. 

VI. Jonathan Stauffer, b Mar 20, 1842 ; d i860. 

VI. Mary E Stauffer, born near Linfield Station, Pa, 
June 22, 1847 ; m Oliver B Keeley, March 14, 1872. 
He was killed in a collision on the New York Central 
Railroad January 14, 1882. P O Spring City, Pa. 
Stove founder ; Ref. C : Clara. 

VII. Clara S Keeley, b Feb 15, 1874 ; d Feb 4, 1897 ; 
m Rev C U O Derr Feb 11, 1896. He d Mar 12, 1897. 
Mr Derr was pastor of the First Reformed church, 
of Spring City. 

VI. Hannah Stauffer, b June 15, 1850; died Dec 5, 
1890 ; m John Eaches Sept 23, 1879. He d Sept 28, 
1889. Cashier of National Bank of Spring City, Pa ; 
Ref. C : (VII) Mary S Eaches, born June 22, 1880 ; 
Clara K and Amy S (twins), b Oct 11, 1883. 

V. Abraham Stauffer, b in Chester co, Pa, Sept 10, 
1810 ; d Jan 29, 1864; m Elizabeth Markley. She 
was b Sept 1, 1815. Farmer; Menus. C: Silas, 
Mathias, Jacob, Owen, Abraham, John. 


VI. Silas Stauffer, b and d Oct 28, 1843. 

VI. Mathias Stauffer, b Sept 12, 1844. 

VI. Jacob Stauffer, b June 12, 1846 ; 111 Emma Lowe. 
R 2223 North Tenth st, Phila. Produce dealer. C : 
Leana, Sylvauus (d), Charlotte, Florence (d infant). 

VI. Owen Stauffer, b Oct 8, 1849 ; d Aug 22, 1851. 

VI. Abraham Stauffer, Jr, b Feb 1, 1854. 

VI. John M Stauffer, born Oct 14, 1856 ; m Rebecca 
Shupe March 25, 1882. She was born July 5, 1854. 
Produce dealer at 419 Spruce street, Phila. C : 
(VII) Lizzie May Stauffer, b June 6, 1883; Ella S, 
b Sept 26, 1884 ; Howard S, b Aug 3, 1886 ; Kate S, 
b Oct 14, 1887 ; Emma S, b Oct 24, 1889 ; Mary S, 
b Sept 18, 1892 ; Eva S, b Mar 3, 1895. 

V. Esther Stauffer, m Henry Grater. C : Lewis, 

V. Hannah Stauffer, b Sept 16, 18 15 ; m Henry G 
Hunsicker Jan 10, 1835. He was b Feb 15, 1812 ; 
d Apr 7, 1885. He was the son of Garret Hunsicker 
and grandson of Rev Henry Hunsicker. He enjoyed 
only such advantages as were to be found at the 
schools adjacent to his home, after which he engaged 
in active labor. He was identified with the business 
interests of the county, having served for 20 years as 
director of the Montgomery National Bank and 10 
years director of the Montgomery Mutual Fire and 
Storm Insurance Company. He was successful in 
business and became wealthy. Menns. C : Mary, 
Catharine, Garret, Hannah, Emanuel, Esther, Lizzie. 
V. Jemima Stauffer, m John Markley. 
V. Mary Stauffer, m Benjamin Schlichter. 
V. Henry Stauffer, m Clarissa Norris. R Akron, O. 

IV. Henry Stauffer, died in 1840 ; m Anna Stauffer. 
She was b Nov 27, 1780 ; d June 9, 1870. He was a 


farmer and lived in Gwynedd twp, near North Wales. 
No issue. 

IV. Sarah Stauffer, m Jacob Grove. No issue. 

IV. Rachel Stauffer, married Isaac Oberholtzer. C : 

(V) Hannah Oberholtzer, m Perch. (V) Owen 

Oberholtzer, m Sowers. (V) Abraham Ober- 
holtzer, m Lucy Titlow. (V) Henry Oberholtzer 
(d infant). (V) Henry Oberholtzer, m Susan Bunn. 
(V) Rachel Oberholtzer, m Gabriel Carl. (V) Ellen 
Oberholtzer, m Jacob March. (V) Andrew Ober- 
holtzer. P O Fricks Lock, Chester co, Pa. 


III. Mathias Stauffer, died in 1826 ; m Anna (d), 
dau of Abraham Clemens, of Lower Salford township, 
Montg co, Pa. 

Mathias Stauffer kept a public house or inn in 
the Colonial period while he lived on his farm in 
Lower Salford. In 1777, when the American Army 
under Washington retreated with their dead and 
wounded after the battle of Germantown to the 
Skippack Creek, a number of officers found lodging 
and boarding at the public house of Mathias Stauffer. 
He afterwards sold the farm in Lower Salford to his 
son Christian and purchased the very farm in Towa- 
mencin on which the army under Washington had 
encamped. It contained about 200 acres. He after- 
wards divided the farm between his son, Abraham 
Stauffer, and his son-in-law, Harman Godshalk. 
Mathias Stauffer and wife are buried in the Towa- 
mencin burial grounds. He made his will Jan 24, 
1823, which was proven October 3, 1826. Farmer ; 
Menns. C : Elizabeth, Christian, Mary, Catharine, 
Abraham, Susanna. 

IV. Elizabeth Stauffer (d), m Abraham Reiff. He 
died in 1846. Farmer and manufacturer of cut nails. 
C : George, Mathias, Mary, Eliza. 

V. George S Reiff, died Sept 12, 1822 ; m Margaret 



Heebner October 29, 1816. Miller. C: Elizabeth, 

V. Mathias Reiff, b Nov 20, 1795 ; d Apr 28, 1856 ; 
married Elizabeth Wager Sept 19, 1820. C : Mary, 
Elvina, Ann. 

V. Mary Ann Reiff, m Mahlon Eukens. C : Abra- 
ham, Anson, Milton, Elizabeth, Virginia, Blanche. 

V. Eliza Reiff (d), married Dr Kates (d). C : 

Clementine (d). 

IV. Christian Stover, b June 22, 1766 ; d August 29, 
1849 ; m Elizabeth, dau of Abraham Funk, of Spring- 
field township, Bucks co. She was b May 20, 1772 ; 
died in Eower Salford Feb 24, 1843. He was called 
' ' Good Christian. ' ' Mrs J K Harley , of Harleysville, 
had in her possession during her lifetime a piece of 
needlework made by Mrs Stover's own hands with 
the inscription, " Ljzabeth Funk, 1787." Farmer; 
Menns. C : Eli, Mary, Ann. 

V. Eli Stover, born March 3, 1801 ; d Sept 8, 1881 ; 
m Hannah, dau of Christian Stover. Farmer near 
Skippack, Pa. C : (VI) Susanna Stover, died aged 
16 years. 

V. Mary Stover (d), m Abraham Hendricks. They 
lived at Fairview Village, Montg co, Pa. He was 
familiarly known as " Yankee Abe" Hendricks. C : 
Aaron, Mary. 

V. Ann Stover, b in Montg co, Pa, May 30, 1804 ; 
died at Harleysville, Pa, March 11, 1882 ; m Jacob K 
Stover. (See Ind of Ref No 16.) 

IV. Catharine Stauffer, died Nov 10, 1841 ; m Jacob 
Stover, of Bucks co, (his second wife). (See Ind of 
Ref No 17.) 

IV. Abraham Stauffer, b Oct 13, 1775 ; died Jan 27, 
1838 ; m Catharine Hackman. She was b June 16, 
1789 ; d Aug 3, 1863. C : Mathias, Charles, Aaron, 


Anna, Abraham, Nathan, Catharine, Eliza, Mary. 
V. Mathias Stover, b 1813 ; d Dec 23, 1891. S. 

V. Charles Stover, b in Montg co, Pa, about 181 7 ; 
d Nov 30, 1895 ; m Elizabeth Snare. She d in 1885. 
Carriage trimmer ; M E. C : Clementine, Joel, 
Annie, Emma. 

VI. Clementine Stover, b in 1844; married Absalom 
Brunuer (d). No issue. 

VI. Joel D Stover, b July 27, 1848 ; m Mary M Funk 
in 1872. She d in 1879. C: (VII) Charles Henry 
Stover, b 1873 ; d 1874. 

Joel m second wife Louisa Zimmerman in 1881. 
P O Lansdale, Pa. Salesman ; M E. C : (VII ) Wil- 
fred Oertelt Stover, b 1883. M E. 

VI. Annie S Stover, born at Kulpsville, Pa, Oct 17, 

1852 ; m Bernhard W Kunz March 14, 1 S 7 7 . P O 
Hatfield, Pa. ME. C : (VII) R Stanley Kunz, born 
Jan 3, 1878 ; d May 16, 187S. 

VI. Emma Stover, m Albert Hetrick (d). C : Bertha, 
Clementine. Emma married second husband Aaron 
Clemens. R 2560 N 7th st, Phila. C : (VII) Ethel 
Clemens, d Feb 23, 1897 ; Flora. 

V. Aaron Stover, b June 14, 1819 ; d July 25, 1892 ; 
m Salome Hendricks. Wheelwright ; ME. P O 
Kulpsville, Pa. C: (VI) Charles Stover, b Oct 18, 

1853 ; d Sept 4, 1854. (VI) Mary Alice Stover, born 
Feb 4, 1855 '< d Jan 4, 1858. (VI) Flora Stover, born 
March 25, 1S60; d Feb 1, 1881. (VI) Byron, Lizzie. 

V. Anna Stover, died 1896. S. 
V. Abraham Stover (d), m Maria Freas (d). 
V. Nathan Stover, d in infancy Sept 24, 1823. 
V. Catharine Stover, died single. 
V. Eliza Stover, married John Jenkins. P O North 
Wales, Pa. 
V. Mary Stover. Single. 


IV. Mary Stauffer, b August 24, 1778 ; died July 27, 
1839 ; in Harinan Godshalk. He was born May 23, 
1767 ; died August 13, 1850. Farmer ; Menns. C : 
Mathias, Ann, Jacob, Elizabeth, Jesse, Susanna, 
Mary, Catharine. 

V. Mathias Godshalk, b July 17, 1797 ; d August 2, 
1823 ; m Mary Johnson. No issue. 

V. Ann Godshalk (d), b Oct 7, 1799 ; married John 
Baker (d). Merchant at Kulpsville, Pa. Children : 
Franklin, Clementine. 

VI. Franklin Baker, m Dannehower. R 2540 

N 8th st, Phila. 

VI. Clementine Baker, b Mar 31, 1831 ; in John S 
Apple in 1S58. P O Kulpsville, Pa. Blacksmith; 
Ref. C : Alseuia, Emma. 

VII. Alsenia B Apple, b in 1859 ; d June 24, 1896 ; 
m Amos H Kriebel. P O Kulpsville, Pa. Shoe- 
maker ; Ref. C : Anna, Clarence, Alsenia. 

VII. Emma Laura Apple, b Jan 14, 1869 ; married 
B Franklin Springer. P O Kulpsville, Pa. Car- 
penter. Mrs S, Ref. C : John, Walter, Arthur, 

V. Jacob S Godshalk, b Nov 5, 1801 ; died July 7, 
1870 ; 111 Mary Meyers. She was born Apr 6, 1802 ; 
died September 20, 1S84. Wheelwright ; ME. C : 
Caroline (d), Mathias, Mahlon, Maria, Milton, Jacob. 

V. Elizabeth Godshalk, born Feb 13, 1804 ; married 
John Benner. Farmer ; Luth. C : Leah, Annie, 
Charles, all deceased ; Susanna, Elizabeth, John ; 
Mary, Catharine, deceased. 

V. Jesse S Godshalk, b Sept 4, 1806 ; died Sept 12, 
1883; m Sarah Hoxworth. She was born Sept 11, 
1805; d Oct 4, 1876. Farmer. C: Harman, Emma, 
Edward, Elizabeth, Susan (d), Mary, Winfield. 

V. Susanna Godshalk, b Jan 25, 1S10; d Sept 4, 


1896; m George Fable (d). No issue. Susanna 
111 second husband Isaac Stauffer. No issue. 

V. Mary Godshalk, born Mar 28, 1813 ; m George 
Kline. He was b June 3, 18 16. P O Kulpsville, Pa. 
No issue. 

V. Catharine Godshalk, born Dec 15, 18 16 ; m Jesse 
Shultz (d). 

IV. Susanna Stauffer, married Cornelius Custer. C : 

III. Stauffer, 111 Clemens. C : Jacob, 

(two names unknown), Rachel, Catharine. 

IV. Jacob Clemens, m . 

IV. Clemens, m Stitcher. 

IV. Clemens, m Rutter. 

IV. Rachel Clemens, m Gorgas. 

IV. Catharine Clemens, m Peter Keyser. Children : 
(V) Elhannan Keyser, m Sarah Fox. (V) Nathan 
Keyser, m Maria Geyer. (V) Peter Keyser, married 
Martha Eyre. (V) William Keyser. S. (V) Mary 
Keyser, married Christian Longstroth. (V) Elizabeth 
Keyser, m Benjamin Uruer. (V) Hannah Keyser, 
m John Riehle. (V) Susan Keyser, m Frederick 
Backus. (V) Clementine Keyser, m Michael Lynd. 
(V) Margaret Keyser, m Ciprian Canedo. 

III. Stauffer, m Borse. 

III. Stauffer, m Ritteuhouse. 


II. John Ulrich Stauffer, m Catharine .* He 

purchased a plantation of 193 acres in Lower Salford 
township from Peter Reiff April 17, 1745, which he 
owned nearly 40 years and then sold it to his son, 
Gerhart Stauffer, Dec 14, 1784. The farm included 
the present farms of Henry Houpt, George Weigner, 
Henry R Landes, and others. Afterward he owned 
a small farm of 20 acres in Worcester township, where 
he lived until the time of his death. He made his will 
September 20, 1800, when tar advanced in age, and 
died in 1803. His will was proven February 15, 
1803. His executors were his son Garret and son-in- 
law, Henry Roosen ; witnesses, Henry Hunsicker 
and Benjamin Rittenhouse. Farmer ; Menns. C : 
Christian, Garret, Jinna, Dorothy. 
III. Christian Stauffer. (Descendants not found.) 
III. Garret Stauffer, d in 18 13 ; m Margaret Kolb. 
He purchased his father's farm of 193 acres in Lower 
Salford township Dec 14, 1784, and sold it to Jacob 
Reiff, Jr, May 1, 1788. Afterward he lived in Skip- 
pack township. His will was made March 24, 1812, 
and proven Mar 31, 18 13, in which he mentions his 
wife Margaret and children Catharine, Dilhnan, John. 
Farmer ; Menns. 

* He probably married Catharine Clemens. 



IV. Catharine Stauffer, m Jacob Speer (or Spare). 
C : (V) Dillmaii, M D ; Margaret, m John Keyser ; 
Hannah, Nancy. 

IV. Dillman Stauffer, b July 23, 1777 ; d March 27, 
1831 ; m Susanna Schaum (d) Sept 9, 1802. She 
was born Aug 1778. Farmer, innkeeper, and was a 
Justice of the Peace. Menus. C : Garret, Margaret, 
Mary, Hannah, Jacob, Henry, Jesse, John. 

V. Garret Stauffer, b Sept 18, 1803 ; d Apr 12, 1822. 
V. Margaret Stauffer, b May 13, 1805 ; d in 1873 ; 

m Richard Cartright. Had two children. 

V. Mary Stauffer, b Dec 3, 1807 ; 111 James Panne- 
packer Feb 2, 1831. C: Amanda, Hannah, William, 
Sarah, James. 

VI. Amanda M Pannepacker (d), m Sinister Boaref 
(d). C : (VII) Ella Boaref, 111 John O. Keim. 

VI. Hannah M Pannepacker, m John McDowell. C : 
Mary, Annie. 

VI. William Pannepacker. He was killed in the 
late Civil War. 

VI. Sarah Pannepacker, married Elliot Thomas. C : 
Mary, Ella. 

VI. James Pannepacker, m and died soon afterward. 

V. Hannah Stauffer, b June 7, 1810; d Nov 28, 
1892 ; m Abraham Dettra March 1, 1836. He was 
b Oct 20, 1808 ; d 1865. Farmer in Worcester twp, 
Pa ; Menus. C : James, Amanda, Margaret, Mary, 

VI. James P Dettra, b May 2, 1837. S. 

VI. Amanda Melvina Dettra, b Dec 29, 1839. S. 

VI. Margaret Susanna Dettra, b June 1, 18^4 ; died 
June 3, 1848. 

VI. Mary Matilda Dettra, b Oct 13, 1847 ; m John 
F Truckess. C : David, James (both died infants), 
Hannah ; Mary, John (twins), the latter d in infancy. 


VI. Emma Clara Dettra, b Dec 23, 1853 ; m Lewis G 
Schwenk Nov 20, 1873. P O Skippack, Pa. Farmer ; 
Ger Ref. C : (VII) Amanda Melvina Schwenk, born 
Feb 8, 1875 ; died Feb 16, 1877. (VII) Katie Viola 
Schwenk, born November 28, 1876. Schoolteacher. 
(VII) David James Schwenk, born August 16, 1879. 
(VII) Ethel Clara Schwenk, b Oct 20, 1889. 

V. Jacob Stauffer, b Sept 20, 18 12 ; d Oct 2, 18 12. 

V. Henry Kolb Stauffer, b September 6, 18 13 ; d in 
Philadelphia. S. 

V. Jesse Stauffer, b August 9, 18 16; m Amanda 
Melvina Burks. They resided in Philadelphia. C : 
John, Arabella, and others. 

V. John Stauffer, b Feb 5, 18 19 ; m Kate Wood. 
They lived in Philadelphia. C : Clara. 

IV. John K Stauffer, b Mar 25, 1781 ; d June 24, 
1820 ; m Catharine Kolb. Farmer in Skippack twp ; 
Menus. C : Margaret, Jacob, Garret, Hannah, Anna, 
John, Abraham, Dillman. 

V. Margaret Stauffer, born April 17, 1805 ; died 
November 26, 1824. 

V. Jacob K Stauffer, b Aug 19, 1807 ; d in 1851 ; 
m Rosanna Ritter C : Jacob, Andrew, Susan, and 

V. Garret K Stauffer, b Dec 10, 1808 ; d June 6, 
18S6 ; m Esther Grater. She was b July 19, 18 12 ; 
d Nov 22, 1880. Farmer in Skippack twp ; Menns. 
C : John, Catharine, Elizabeth, Lewis, Margaret, 
Ann, Garret. 

VI. John G Stauffer, born in 1833 ; m Mary Huns- 
berger. P O Creamery, Pa. Drover. C : Twins 
(d infants), Emma, John, Francis. 

VII. Emma Stauffer, m Horace Bean. Res German- 
town, Phila. Teamster. 

VII. John H Stauffer, m Lulu Wesler. Res German- 


town, Phila. Trolley car conductor. C : Myrtle, 

VII. Francis Stauffer. Residence German town, Phila. 
Trolley car conductor. S. 

VI. Catharine G Stauffer, b Aug 1835 ; m Joseph F 
Hallmau Feb 9, 1856. P O Creamery, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menus. C : Milton, Garret, Joseph, Annie, Marga- 
ret, Catharine, William, Susan, John, Irvin, Amanda, 

VII. Milton S Hallmau, b in Perkiomen township, 
Montg co, Pa, Jan 10, 1857 ; m Lizzie J Reiff, of 
Skippack twp, Oct 25, 1879. P O Creamery, Pa. 
Farmer; Menus. C: (VIII) Emma RHallman, born 
Mar 16, 1885 ; died Mar 20, 18S5. (VIII) Maggie R 
Hallmau, b Jan 19, 1886. (VIII) Mary R Hallman, 
b Dec 13, 1886. (VIII) Joseph R Hallman, b May 11, 
1888. (VIII) Kate R Hallman, born July 24, 1889. 
(VIII) Milton R Hallmau, born June 19, 1891. 
(VIII) Henry Raymond Hallman, born January 2 t 
1S93. (VIII) Jacob R Hallman, b Nov 16, 1895. 

VII. Garret S Hallman, b in Montg co, Pa, Nov 12, 
1858; married Maude A Critchley, of Philadelphia, 
Dec 25, 1889. She was b in Bristol, Eug, Dec 27, 
1 86 1. R 217 Jacoby st, Phila. Carpenter ; Pres. 
C : (VIII) Florence Bergey Hallman, b Feb 15, 1891. 

VII. Joseph S Hallman, born in Franconia township, 
Montg co, Dec 10, i860 ; m Ella M Heist, of Eehigh 
co, Pa, Feb 27, 1882. R 1232 S 27th street, Phila. 
Telegraph operator. C : (VIII) Harry H Hallmau, 
b June 17, 1883. (VIII) Jennie H Hallman, b Aug 7, 
1885. (VIII) Cora H Hallmau, born Jan 29, 1889. 
(VIII) Ada Hallman, b Mar 17, 1891 ; d Mar 26, 1895. 

VII. Annie S Hallman, born in Skippack township, 
Montg co, Pa, June 28, 1863 ; m Dr David H Bergey, 
of Skippack twp, June 5, 1884. R 769 N 23d st, 


Phila. Physician and first assistant in the Labratory 
of Hygiene, University of Pennsylvania ; Ref. No 

VII. Margaret S Hallman, b in Montg co, Pa, Mar 6, 
1865 ; m John Montgomery Raysor, of Skippack twp, 
Oct 14, 1SS5. He d Nov 6, 1893. PO Creamery, Pa. 
Ger Bap. No issue. 

VII. Catharine Hallman, b Aug 18, 1867 ; m Harvey 
Buckwalter, of Skippack, Pa, Oct 17, 18S8. P O 
Lower Providence, Pa. Farmer. C : (VIII) Lizzie 
Buckwalter, b Nov 24, 1891 ; Cora, b Mar 15, 1894 ; 
Eva, b May 1, 1896. 

VII. William S Hallman, b in Skippack twp, Montg 
co, Pa, Dec 3, 1869 ; m Sallie Yerger, of Perkiomen 
twp, Feb 25, [S93. P O Doylestown, Pa. Carpenter. 
No issue. 

VII. Susan Hallman, born in Skippack twp, Jan 11, 
1872. P O Creamery, Pa. S. 

VII. John S Hallman, b Aug 6, 1S73 ; died Aug 23, 


VII. Irvin S Hallman, b September 8, 1874. p O 
Creamery, Pa. Farmer. S. 

VII. Amanda S Hallman, b Nov 15, 1876 ; m Jacob 
Buckwalter, of Skippack, Pa, Feb 22, 1895. R 2707 
Swain st, Phila. Machinist. No issue (1897). 

VII. Eve S Hallman, born June 23, 1879. P O 
Creamery, Pa. S. 

VI. Elizabeth Stauffer, m Samuel D Detweiler (d). 
P O Centre Point, Pa. Farmer and shoemaker ; 
River Brethren. C : Catharine, Henry, Esther, 
Elizabeth, Samuel. 

VI. Catharine Detweiler, m David Nice. Children : 
Justus, Joseph, Lizzie. 

VI. Henry S Detweiler, m Mary Ann Godshall. 
C : Willie, Vincie, Elmer. 


VI. Esther Detweiler, m Oliver Bergey. 

VI. Elizabeth Detweiler, m Jesse Royer. 

VI. Samuel S Detweiler. 

VI. Lewis Stauffer, m Andora Ritter. He was a 
hotelkeeper in Skippack and later in Bethlehem, 
where he died. C : (VII) Esther Elizabeth Stauffer, 
m William H Thomas. R Bethlehem, Pa. Rail- 
way conductor. (VII) Anna Stauffer. (VII) Mary 
Stauffer, b in 1869 ; died Feb 7, 1872. (VII) Maggie 
Stauffer, b in 1872 ; d May 4, 1875. 

VI. Margaret Stauffer, married Samuel M Cassel. 
P O Lower Providence, Pa. Farmer ; Ger Bap. No 

VI. Ann Stauffer, m Samuel Kulp. P O Creamery, 
Pa. Farmer; Menus. C: Ellwood, Hetty, Katie, 
Maggie, Carrie, Isaac, Abraham. 

VI. Garret Stauffer, b Dec 25, 1849; d in Chicago 
July 17, 1887. S. 

V. Hannah Stauffer, b Oct 22, 18 10; died April 19, 
1 88 1 ; m David Wieand. C : Abraham, and others. 

V. Anna Stauffer, born Sept 15, 18 12 ; married John 
Lederach (d). C : (VI) Mary Lederach, m Philip 
Reiner. P O Milford Square, Pa. (VI) Philip 
Lederach. R Phila. S. (VI) Catharine Lederach, 
111 Jonas H Moyer Oct 17, 1863. P O Souderton, Pa. 
Farmer aud hay merchant ; Menns. C : Milton, 
Mary, Annie, Willis, Kate, Augustus (d), Mattie. 
(VI) Hannah Lederach, m Andrew Barndt (d). 

V. John K Stauffer, b Mar 5, 1814 ; d Apr 29, 1875 ; 
m Susanna Alderfer. She was born June 20, 18 19 ; 
d Jan 31, 1889. Farmer; Menns. C: Catharine, 
Abraham, Anna, John, Susan. 

VI. Catharine A Stauffer, b May 24, 1840; m John 
G Metz. P O Kulpsville, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. 
C : (VII) Lizzie Metz, born Jan 26, 1868 ; m Isaac C 


Kulp Feb 9, 1889. Farmer; Menus. C: Abraham, 
John, Wilmer. 

VI. Abraham A Stauffer, b April 29, 1842 ; m Jane 
Bossart. P O Schwenksville, Pa. Farmer ; Luth. 
C : John, Lizzie, Horace, Ella, Katie. 

VII. John B Stauffer, b Nov 4, 1866 ; m Emma M 
Kaye. P O Creamery, Pa. Farmer ; Luth. C : 
Alfred, Ella, Katie. 

VII. Lizzie Stauffer, b Dec 1867 ; m Henry Tyson. 
P O Schwenksville, Pa. Menn Brethren in Christ. 
C : Olive, Abraham, George, Lizzie, Ruth, Carrie (d), 

VII. Horace B Stauffer, married Jennie Grimley. 
P O Schwenksville, Pa. Farmer ; Luth. Children : 
Charlie, Ethel, infant (d). 

VII. Ella Stauffer. Single. 

VII. Katie Stauffer. 

VI. Anna A Stauffer, born Sept 28, 1845 ; m Evan 
Koons. P O Gratersford, Pa. 

VI. John A Stauffer, born May 7, 1853 ; m Hannah 
Boyer June 22, 1877. She was born Dec 25, 1859. 
P O Skippack, Pa. Tailor; Luth. C: (VII) Maggie 
B Stauffer, b July 22, 1877 ; Harvey, born May 10, 
1879 ; Susie, b May 7, 1881 ; Annie, b Mar 12, 1884 ; 
Louisa, b Apr 8, 1887 ; John, b Sept 17, 1889. 

VI. Susan A Stauffer, born Jan 31, 185S ; m Reuben 
Reinford. P O Schwenksville, Pa. 

V. Abraham K Stauffer (d), born Dec 25, 1815 ; 
m Mary Ann Hoxworth. C : Theodore, Andrew, 
Edward, Lemuel, Marietta. 

V. Dillmau K Stauffer, b Feb 16, 1S18 ; died April 
1885 ; m Mary Mack. Farmer near Schwenksville, 
Pa ; Meuns. C : Ann, John, Samuel, Mary, Cath- 
arine, Abraham, Susan, Hettie, Emma. 

VI. Ann Stauffer, born Sept 14, 1850 ; m Abraham 


Grater Feb 15, 1869. P O Skippack, Pa. Farmer ; 
Mentis. C : Infant, Elias, Clinton, Harvey, Mary, 
Ella ; Linwood, Elwood (twins); Eizzie, Alice, Annie. 

VII. Son, b and d Dec 2, 1870. 

VII. Elias S Grater, b Feb 8, 1872 ; married Ella E 
Bergey October 21, 1893. P O Gratersford, Pa. 
Teamster ; Mentis. C : (VIII) Eva Grater, born 
May 15, 1897. 

VII. Clinton S Grater, b Aug 1, 1874 ; diecl Nov r 4> 

VII. Harvey S Grater, b Sept 25, 1876. 

VII. Mary S Grater, b Sept 16, 1879. 

VII. Ella S Grater, b July 9, 1SS1. 

VII. Einwood and Elwood Grater (twins), b Jan 8, 
1883 ; both d in Aug 1883. 

VII. Eizzie S Grater, b Feb 9, 1885. 

VII. Alice S Grater, b Oct 6, 1886. 

VII. Annie S Grater, b Feb 19, 1889. 
VI. John Stauffer, b Oct 5, 1851. 

VI. Samuel M Stauffer, b Nov 15, 1852 ; m Clara 
Herman. P O Bergey, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. C : 
(VII) Ida H Stauffer, m H B Davidheiser July 17, 
1897. (VII) Sylvauus, Alice, Maurice. 

VI. Mary Ann Stauffer, b July 29, 1855 ; m Benjamin 
Richard. P O Schwenksville, Pa. Carpenter. Mr 
R, Euth ; Mrs R, Menu. C : Katie, Albert, Elmer, 
Franklin, Alice, and four died in infancy. 

VI. Catharine Stauffer, b in Montg co Feb 28, 1858 ; 
m John C Kratz Dec 4, 1875. P O St Peters, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menns. C : (VII) Emma Jane Kratz, born 
Apr 20, 1876; d Aug 17, 1877. (VII) Idella Kratz, 
b June 15, 1878. (VII) Flora Kratz, b Oct 17, 1880; 
m William M Robison July 10, 1897. Farmer. P O 
Warwick, Pa. (VII) Dillman Oscar Kratz, b Dec 19, 
1882. (VII) Mary Kratz, b Dec 5, 1884. (VII) John 


Clayton Kratz, b July 17, 1886. (VII) Katie Augusta 
Kratz, b Mar 17, 1888. (VII) Fannie Ada Kratz, born 
Dec 29, 1889. (VII) Annie Olive Kratz, born July n, 
1892. (VII) Abram Walton Kratz, b June 14, 1894. 
(VII) Hervey Alvin Kratz, born October 16, 1895. 
(VII) Lerine Kratz, b July 27, 1897. 

VI. Michael Stauffer, b Apr 26, 1859 ; cl in infancy. 

VI. Abraham M Stauffer, b Aug 13, i860 ; m Clara 
Bidler. P O Warwick, Pa. Carpenter ; Meth. C : 
David, Arthur, George, Mary, Ralph. 

VI. Hannah Stauffer, b Aug 5, 1861 ; d in infancy. 

VI. Susan M Stauffer, b in Montg co, Pa, Dec 14, 
1S62; in Garret D Tyson Sept 19, 1885. POBean.Pa. 
Farmer; Menus. C: (VII) Infant, stillborn July 24, 
1886. (VII) Viola S Tyson, b August i, 1887. (VII) 
Marcella S Tyson, b Oct 14, 1S88. (VII) Nora Tyson, 
b Jan 25, 1897. 

VI. Esther M Stauffer, b Sept 13, 1864 ; m William 
Painter. P O Warwick, Pa. Carpenter; Meth. C: 
Sylvanus, Annie, Albert, Edgar, son. 

VI. Henry Stauffer, b July 12, 1868. 

VI. Emma M Stauffer, b December 25, 1869 ; died 
April 6, 1883. 

III. Jinna Stauffer, m Henry Roosen. Descendants 
not found. 

III. Dorothy Stauffer, m Mathias, son of Christian 
Moyer, of Upper Providence twp, Montg co, Pa. 
Descendants not found. 

II. Peter Stauffer. No record. 

U. Jacob Stauffer. No record. 


II. Barbara Stauffer. No record. 



II. Henry Stauffer, b about 1739 ; d about 181 7 ; 
in Alice, dau of John Godshall (his first wife). It is 
not known whom he married for his second wife, but 
probably a sister to his first wife. He lived in Hat- 
field twp, Montg co. Farmer. C : George, Joseph, 

III. George Stover. He resided in Hatfield and was 
a member of Philip Reed's militia company during 
the Revolutionary period. 

III. Joseph Stauffer, b 1761 ; d 1826; m Barbara 
Oberholtzer. He owned a farm of 74 acres in Hat- 
field township, which was sold to Samuel Delp after 
his death. Farmer ; Menus. C : Henry, Susanna, 
Joseph, Jacob, Lydia, Peter. 

IV. Henry O Stover, b at Hatfield March 12, 1805 ; 
d Sept 1877 ; m Rachel Delp Mar 3. 1833. She was 
b June 5, 181 1 ; d March 1888. Farmer ; Menus. 
C : John, Jacob, Joseph, Isaac, Elizabeth, Mary, 
Abraham, Catharine, Barbara, Sarah. 

V. John Stover, d aged about 50 years. S. 

V. Jacob D Stover, b Oct 5, 1835 ; m Mary Kulp 
March 5, 1859. She was b Feb 28, 1838 ; d April 9, 
1873. C : Elizabeth, Henry, Hannah, Abraham, 
Mary, Catharine, Jacob. Jacob m second wife Sarah 
. G Kulp (nee Landes) June 5, 1874. P O Telford, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menns. C : Edwin, Sarah, Emma, Allen. 



VI. Elizabeth K Stover, b Oct 5, 1859 ; m Reuben 
Moyer (cl). River Brethren. C: Jacob, Irvin, both 
deceased ; Milton. 

VI. Henry K Stover, b July 25, 1861 ; m Hannah 
Fulmer. P O Souderton, Pa. Bricklayer ; Meth. 

VI. Hannah K Stover, b Feb 24, 1863 ; m Aaron 
Hartzell. P O Quakertown, Pa. Harness maker ; 

VI. Abraham H Stover, b Aug 14, 1865 ; m Clara 
Haring. P O Souderton, Pa. Cigarmaker. 

VI. Mary K Stover, b Oct 20, 1867 ; m Benjamin K 
Wile. He died Jan 3, 1896, of injuries received by 
being thrown from a wagon. Farmer. C : Jacob, 

VI. Catharine K Stover, b Feb 21, 1870; m Henry 
Blank. PO Telford, Pa. Bricklayer. Five children. 

VI. Jacob K Stover, b April 7, 1873 ; m Charlotte 
Souder. P O Telford, Pa. Farmer. C : Jennie. 

VI. Edwin L, Stover, born April 15, 1875 ; m Mar)' 
Althouse. P O Souderton, Pa. Cigarmaker. 

VI. Sarah L Stover, b Oct 26, 1877 ; d Oct 29, 1877. 

VI. Emma L, Stover, born January 29, 1882. 

VI. Allen L, Stover, born June 19, 1884. 

V. Joseph D Stover, b May 20, 1837 ; d Dec 18, 1837. 

V. Isaac D Stover, b Jan 16, 1839 ; d Apr 15, 1897 J 
m EUamina Kindig Dec 5, 1863. C : Harry, Joseph, 
Edward, William, Clara, Charles, Sarah, Cyrus. 

VI. Harry Stover, b Feb 27, 1865 ; m Elsie Knof- 
floch Oct 13, 1889. P O Wichita, Kan. Barber. C : 
(VII) Lena Stover, born June 30, 1891. (VII) Floyd 
Stover, born Dec 29, 1892. (VII) Bessie Stover, born 
Dec 26, 1894. (VII) Clyde Stover, b Sept 1896; died 
Mar 16, 1897. 

VI. Joseph Stover, b Oct 9, 1865. P O Goddard,Kan. 


. VI. Edward Stover, b Nov 25, 1870 ; d July 25, 1873. 

VI. William Stover, b Apr 12, 1873. P O Goddard, 
Kan. Farmer. 

VI. Clara Stover, b Nov 19, 1875. P O Goddard. 

VI. Charles Stover, b June 26, 1S81. 

VI. Sarah Stover, b Oct 29, 1883. 

VI. Cyrus W Stover, b Sept 1, 1885 ; d Feb 25, 1894. 
V. Elizabeth D Stover, b Jan 7, 1841 ; d Sept 2r, 
1877 ; m Rev Samuel Rosenberger Nov 12, 1859. 
P O Hatfield, Pa. Farmer ; minister of the River 
Brethren church. C : Mary (d), Milton, James (d), 
John, Henry, Rachel, Catharine (d), Samuel. Samuel 
m second wife Amanda Cope. 

V. Mary D Stover, b June 17, 1842 ; d Oct 10, 1872 ; 
m Charles F Hendricks. C : Alice, Ida. 

V. Abraham D Stover, b in Franconia twp, Montg co, 
Pa, Apr 22, 1844 ; m Martha Ann Davis, of Mont- 
gotneryville, Pa, Dec 24, 1867. She d Jan 7, 1885. 
Mr Stover early in life learned the carpenter trade, 
which he followed until 1S79. In March 1865 he 
enlisted in the Union army and served until the close 
of the war, in July 1865. In 1868 they went to 
housekeeping at Hatfield, Pa, and resided there until 
January 1886, when he moved to Philadelphia. In 
1879 he took the position of supervisor of the Phila- 
delphia, Newton and New York Railroad, which he 
still holds. C : Rachel, Willard, Howard. Abraham 
married second wife Martha Graber, of Pennsburg, Pa, 
in 1887. R 2432 Lawrence st, Phila. C : Raymond. 

VI. Rachel Stover, b at Hatfield July 5, 1868 ; m 
Elmer Crouthamel Dec 14, 1892. P O Line Lexing- 
ton, Pa. Tailor. C : (VII) Mary Florence Crout- 
hamel, b Nov 5, 1893 > Harold Stover, b June 23, 
1895 ; Grace, b Jan 17, 1897. 

VI. Willard Stover, b at Hatfield, Pa, Feb 16, 1874 ; 


m Sarah Krewson, of Cheltenham, Pa, Mar 17, 1896. 
R 3318 Fairhill st, Phila. He is employed as head 
bookkeeper by the Keystone Leather Company and 
John G Schmidt, both of 325 Arch st, Phila. C : 
(VII) Olive Stover, b Oct 21, 1896. 

VI. Howard Stover, b at Hatfield Apr 27, 1883. 

V. Catharine D Stover, b April 30, 1846 ; m John 
Kratz August 22, 1865. P O Souderton, Pa. River 
Brethren. C : (VI) Florence Kratz, died in infancy. 
(VI) Harry Kratz, b Aug 17, 1872. S. (VI) Lilly 
Kratz, b August 22, 1875 ; m Allen Moyer. P O 
Souderton, Pa. (VI) Sallie Kratz, born Oct 24, 1878. 
(VI) Josiah Kratz, b Dec 18, 1883. 

V. Barbara D Stover, b April 10, 1848 ; d 1874 ; 
m Charles Kulp. P O Lausdale, Pa. Police officer. 
C: (VI) Elizabeth Jane Kulp, m Frank Miller (d). 
(VI) Clara Kulp, m John Zoll. P O Norristown, Pa. 

V. Sarah Stover, b in Franconia twp, Montg co, Pa, 
August 2, 1850 ; m Rev Joseph B Detweiler May 27, 
1869. P O Souderton, Pa. Farmer, manufacturer 
of clothing ; elder and minister of the River Brethren 
church. C : Ida, Sallie, Henry, Isaac, Katie, 
Rachel, Hannah, Joseph, Martin, Willard, Lizzie. 

VI. Ida S Detweiler, born Apr 9, 1870 ; m Frank D 
Garis Feb 1, 1890. P O Garisville, Pa. Farmer ; 
River Brethren. C : Irwin, Joseph, Elmer, Sallie. 

VI. Sallie S Detweiler, born July 23, 1872 ; m Fred 
Bowers June 13, 1893. P O Souderton, Pa. Cigar- 
maker ; River Brethren. C : (VII) Eva D Bowers, 
b June 13, 1895. 

VI. Henry Detweiler, b Feb 9, 1874. P O Souder- 
ton, Pa. Cigarmaker. 

VI. Isaac Detweiler, b Dec 3, 1875. P O Souderton, 
Pa. Cigarmaker. 

VI. Katie Detweiler, b Dec 19, 1877. Saleslady. 


VI. Rachel Detweiler, b Feb 3, 1880. 
VI. Hannah Detweiler, b April 22, 1882. 
VI. Joseph S Detweiler, b June 27, 1884. 
VI. Martha S Detweiler, b Nov 3, 1886. 
VI. Willard S Detweiler, b Aug 27, 1890. 
VI. Lizzie Detweiler, b Feb 23, 1893. 

IV. Susanna Stover, born Nov 30, 1806 ; d Feb 18, 
1889 ; m John Hackman Dec 2, 1832. He was born 
Feb 12, 18 10 ; d Oct 26, 1879. Fanner in Franconia ; 
Menus. C : Henry, Sarah, Barbara, Susanna, John, 
Joseph, Catharine, Jonas, Elizabeth (twins), Benjamin. 

V. Henry S Hackman, b Oct 16, 1833 ; m Susan 
Gehnian. P O Eansdale, Pa. Drover. C : Julia, 
Maria, Jacob, Susan, Anna. 

V. Sarah Hackman, b Mar 10, 1836 ; m Jonas Freed. 
P O Lansdale, Pa. Nine children. 

V. Barbara Hackman, b July 29, 1838 ; m William 
Hunsberger. He d Mar 21, 1891. Merchant. Nine 

V. Susanna Hackman (d), b Feb 4, 1841 ; m William 
Souder. Ten children. 

V. John S Hackman (d), b Aug 4, 1843 ; m Susanna 
Krupp. She was b November 22, 184 1. C : Sarah, 
Angeline, Hiram, Samuel, Allen, John, Susan, Amanda. 

VI. Sarah Ann Hackman, b Nov 20, 1863 ; married 
George H Hartzell May 19, 1883. R 2463 Gratz st, 
Phila. Carpenter ; Ger Ref. C : (VII) Harvey H 
Hartzell, b Feb 17, 1884 ; d Aug 18, 1886. 

VI. Angeline Hackman, born in Franconia township, 
Montg co, Pa, Dec 31, 1864 ; m Josiah G Gerhart 
Jan 29, 1885. P O Earliugton, Pa. Mr G, Ger Ref ; 
Mrs G, Euth. C : (VII) Newton Raymond Gerhart, 
b March 25, 1887 ; d April 23, 1S87. (VII) John 
Preston Gerhart, b March 10, 1888 ; Josiah Roscoe, 
b Nov 30, 1 89 1 ; Edwin Willard, b Mar 24, 1895. 


VI. Hiram K Hackman, b Jan 23, 1867 ; in Louisa 
Hulmick. R Pittsburg, Pa. Clerk ; L,uth. 

VI. Samuel K Hackman, b Aug 10, 1869 ; married 
Clara Long May 10, 1893. R 534 Diamond st, Phila. 
Undertaker; Luth. C: (VII) Clifford O Hackman, 
born and d July 22, 1894. (VII) Minnie V Hackman, 
b Dec 14, 1895 ; d Dec 15, 1895. 

VI. Allen K Hackman, born Dec 8, 1872. R Phila. 
Clerk ; Ger Ref. S. 

VI. John K Hackman, b Jan 2, 1874 ; 111 LaBerta 
Handwork. R 2445 Cleveland aye, Phila. Clerk ; 

VI. Susan K Hackman, b Apr 25, 1875 ; m Samuel 
W Reiff. P O Creamery, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. 

VI. Amanda Hackman, bSept 2, 1876 ; d Dec 2, 1876. 

V. Joseph S Hackman (d), b Aug 4, 1843. 

V. Catharine Hackman, b April 4, 1846 ; m Otto 
Gentsch. He was b September 4, 1843 ; d in 1S96. 
P O Souderton, Pa. C : (VI) Susan Gentsch, born 
June 20, 1869 ; m Jacob Gephart. P O Souderton. 
(VI) Barbara Gentsch, b Sept 16, 1870 ; m Lewis 
Petrie. P O Souderton, Pa. (VI) Charles Gentsch, 
b July 14, 1878. (VI) Henry Gentsch, b Feb 8, 18S0. 
(VI) Sallie Gentsch, b March 12, 1883. (VI) Katie 
Gentsch, b Aug 4, 1887. (VI) Eardin Gentsch, born 
Nov 14, 1889. 

V. Jonas Hackman, b Nov 22, 1848 ; m Emma Ruth. 
R Phila. Seven children. 

V. Elizabeth Hackman, b Nov 22, 1848. 

V. Benjamin Hackman, b Jan 16, 1852 ; m Kate 
Wile. P O Souderton, Pa. C : Verdie. 

IV. Joseph OStover, m Mary Delp(d). C: William. 

Joseph m second wife Hemsing (d). Children : 

Charles. He moved to Ohio, where his wife died. 
Joseph m third wife . 


IV. Jacob O Stover, m Mary Gehman. C : Joseph, 
Abraham, Ephraim, Susan, Catharine. 

V. Joseph G Stover, b Oct 10, 1834 ; m Susan Huns- 
berger. P O Souderton, Pa. Farmer. Children : 
Emanuel, Elizabeth, Isaiah. 

VI. Emanuel Stover, b August 21, 1859 ; m Mary 
Umstead. C : Maurice, Albert, Joseph. 

VI. Elizabeth Stover, born July 20, 1861 ; m Jacob 
Koffle. C : Joseph, Maurice, Raymond, Susan (d), 
Anna, Adda, Lizzie. 

VI. Isaiah Stover, b Dec 20, 1862 ; m Lavina Clem- 
mer. P O Souderton, Pa. Farmer. No issue. 

V. Abraham G Stover, b May 15, 1837 ; m Catharine 
Souder March 20, 1859. She died Jan 1, 1874. C: 
(VI) Mahlon Stover, born Oct 25, i860 ; m Hannah 
Barth. P O Souderton, Pa. C : Arthur, Meda, 
Roger (d). (VI) William Stover, born Oct 12, 1862 ; 
d March 27, 1S81. S. (VI) Allen Stover, b Oct 28, 
1866 ; d Dec 1, 1869. (VI) Catharine Stover, b Apr 5, 
1870 ; d Feb 7, 1871. (VI) Abraham Stover, born 
Feb 12, 1872 ; d Mar r8, 1873. 

Abraham married second wife Mrs Hannah Baum 
(nee Ratzell) May r, 1875. C: (VI) Elizabeth 
Stover, b Oct 24, 1878. 

V. Ephraim G Stover, married Catharine Freed. 
C : Edwin, Milton, Allen, Salome (d). 

V. Susanna G Stover, b Jan 4, 1S49 ; m Henry N 
Frederick August 17, 1872. P O Earlington, Pa. 
Farmer. C : Irwin, Albert, Henry. 

V. Catharine G Stover, b Oct 5, 1852 ; m Harvey 
Zearf oss. ( See Ind of Ref No 18). 

IV. Eydia O Stover, b March 19, 1S12 ; d April 23, 
1852 ; ra Isaac Yocum Oct 7, 1832. He was born 
December 19, 1804 ; d Feb 29, 1879. Auctioneer. 
C : Mary, Joseph, John, Isaac. 


V. Mary Yocura, born August 9, 1834 ; m Emanuel 
Zearfoss. P O Lansdale, Pa. C : (VI) Harvey 
Zearfoss, married Catharine G Stover May 21, 1888. 
P O Eansdale, Pa. Constable. No issue. 

V. Joseph Yocum, born May 18, 1836 ; m Hannah 
Smith. P O Souderton, Pa. C : Emaline, Franklin, 
Thomas, all deceased ; Fannie, Ida (d), Anna, Ellen, 
Isaac, Lizzie, Mary, Wellington. 

V. John Yocum (d), born Aug 19, 1841 ; m Rosa 
McBurns (d). Three children. * 

V. Isaac S Yocum, born July 11, 1843 ; m Caroline 
Kister. R Bethlehem, Pa. Had issue. 

IV. Peter O Stover, b Nov 12, 18 15 ; d in Pennsyl- 
vania Feb 1, 1892 ; m Mary Rosenberger June 3, 1838. 
She was born April 14, 1820. They moved to Ohio, 
where they lived for some time and where Mrs Stover 
died. He returned with some of his children to 
Pennsylvania and later died in Phila. Butcher ; 
Menns. C: Catharine, John, Margaret, Adam, 
Barbara, Joseph, Mary, Peter, David, Charles, Lydia, 
William, Philip. 

V. Catharine Stover, b Mar 10, 1839 ; died May 14, 

V. John Stover, b Oct 12, 1840 ; d May 26, 1842. 

V. Margaret Stover, born May 27, 1842 ; m Joseph 
Benner. R 2910 N 5th st, Phila. China merchant ; 
Menns. C : Isaac, Peter, Joseph, Maggie. 

VI. IsaacS Benner, bat Souderton, Pa, Nov 29, 1863 ; 
m Susan Smith Sept 7, 1887. R Paschalville, Phila. 
Druggist ; Menns. C : Eleanor Frances, Herman 

VI. Peter Benner, b Nov 28, 1865 ; m Emma Irwin. 
R 2910 N 5th st, Phila. China decorator ; Menns. 
No issue. 

VI. Joseph Benner, b August 24, 1868 ; m Sallie 


Stafford. R 2910 X 5th st, Phila. Produce dealer ; 
Mentis. C : Laura, Ethel, Grace. 
VI. Maggie Benner, b Oct 8, 1S73 ; m William N 
Cassel. R 2904 N 8th st, Phila. Clerk in grocery 
store ; Ger Bap. C : William Russel. 

V. Adam R Stover, b in Montg co, Pa, Nov io, 1844 ; 
d June 3, 1872 ; m Sarah Hemsing May 11, 1867. 
She was born in Montg co Oct 3, 1847. Carpenter ; 
Mrs S, Ref. C : Amelia, Uriah, Elhvood, Sallie. 

VI. Amelia Stover, b October 19, 1867 ; m John Q 
Hunsberger Mar 2, 1S89. P O Souderton, Pa. Ref. 
C : (VII) Clarence L Hunsberger, b Nov 26, 1889 ; 
d July 12, 1890. (VII) Earl Quincy Hunsberger, born 
Dec 10, 1890. (VII) Herbert Leroy Hunsberger, born 
b Oct 4, 1892. 

VI. Uriah H Stover, b in Montg co June 21, 1S69 ; 
m Mary H Hartzell Feb 4, 1893. When Mr Stover 
was 4 years old his father died, leaving a widow with 
four children to support. At the age of 14 Uriah was 
compelled to leave school in order to assist his mother 
in supporting the family, and secured a position in a 
sash and door factory, where he spent five years of his 
life. Mr Stover had a great desire to secure an edu- 
cation and in the meantime applied himself to studying 
in the evening and taking courses in various corres- 
pondence schools. At this time he secured a position 
in Philadelphia, where he also attended various night 
schools. In 1893 ne returned to Souderton and in 
the Spring of 1894 began the study of law, which he is 
now pursuing with the expectation of being admitted 
to the Bar in 1S99. In 1895 he was urged to accept 
the nomination for Justice of the Peace of the borough 
of Souderton against a prominent citizen of that place 
and was elected by a good majority. His official 


conduct and success as Justice of the Peace insures a 
prosperous future for the young man. 

He is a member of the P O S of A, and was elected 
president of Montgomery District No 3, which con- 
stitutes a membership of 2600. Mr Stover performed 
the duties of the office so satisfactorily that he was 
re-elected and holds the position at the present time. 
He is also a representative of the National Camp, a 
prominent member of the I O O F, Sons of Veterans, 
KGE, and Jr O U A M. P O Souderton, Pa. Ref. 
No issue. 

VI. Ell wood H Stover, born Nov 15, 1870 ; married 
Alice Gross March 13, 1895. P O Souderton, Pa. 
Carpenter ; Ref. 

VI. Sallie Josephine Stover, b at Souderton Aug 17, 
1872 ; m Pierson Worman in 1892. P O Souderton. 
Ref. C : (VII) Omar Guy Worman, b Sept 8, 1892 ; 
Eeidy Claude, b Apr 12, 1896. 

V. Barbara Stover, b February 14, 1846 ; m Enos 
Frederick (d). C : Enos. Barbara married second 
husband John Graff. R 3551 Marshall st, Phila. 
C : Joseph. 

V. Joseph Stover, b April ro, 1847 ; m Susan Matz. 
She died Nov 30, 1884. P O McComb, O. Farmer ; 
Ger Bap. C : Mamie, Susan, David. 

VI. Mamie Stover, b in Montg co, Pa, Oct n, 1868 ; 
m Herbert Eugene Haskins Feb 6, 1890. P O Lake 
Geneva, Wis. Manufacturer; Ep. C: (VII) Herbert 
LeRoy Haskins, b Dec 13, 1890; d Sept 7, 1891. 
(VII) John Earl Haskins, b Oct 6, 1892. (VII) Olina 
Norma Haskins, b Dec 13, 1894. 

VI. Susan Stover, b June 13, 1871. S. 
VI. David Stover, b May 10, 1873. S. 
V. Mary Stover, b July 3, 1849 ; m Albert Peter- 
man. Constable ; Bap. C : Joseph, Harry, Alice. 


V. Peter Stover, b Nov 1, 1851 ; m Sallie A Allebach 
April 29, 1 87 1. R 3456 N 2nd st, Phila. Night 
watchman ; River Brethren. C : Henry, Marietta, 
William, Peter, Lizzie, Charles. 

VI. Henry A Stover, b at Hatfield, Pa, January 26, 
1872; in Katie Yoder Nov 16, 1892. R 3512 Philip st, 
Phila. Carpenter ; Luth. C : (VII) Earl Welling- 
ton Stover, born April 6, 1894 ; died June 5, 1S95. 
(VII) Henry Allen Stover, b June 21, 1896. 

VI. Marietta Stover, b at Flourtown, Pa, April 17, 
1873 ; m Lawrence Paterson Aug 16, 1891. He died 
Nov 1, 1891. R 3456 N 2nd st, Phila. Menns. No 

VI. William A Stover, b Oct 18, 1874. S. 

VI. Peter Jason Stover, b in Hancock co, O, Dec 8, 
1876 ; m Lizzie Vansant Sept 14, 1895. R 202 Glen- 
wood ave, Phila. Inlaid printer ; Menns. No issue. 

VI. Lizzie Stover, b June 10, 1879 ; d Aug 21, 1879. 

VI. Charles A Stover, b July 15, 1881. 

V. David Stover, b April 15, 1854 ; m Mary Ann 
Schnaidt. She was born April 21, 1861. R 3311 
Fairhill street, Phila. Yardmaster ; Ger Bap. C : 
(VI) Mary Stover, b May 9, 1880. (VI) John Howard 
Stover, b Feb 8, 1882 ; d May 5, 1882. (VI) Florence 
Stover, b Mar 16, 1S83 ; d Nov 20, 1893. (VI) Maggie 
Stover, b Oct 17, 1884. (VI) Rebecca Stover, b May 2, 
1887 ; d Nov 17, 1893. (VI) Charles Philip Stover, 
b May 6, 18S8. (VI) Emma Stover, b Jan 15, 1890. 
(VI) David Stover, b January 30, 1893. (VI) Sarah 
Stover, b Oct 15, 1894 ; d Sept 23, 1895. (VI) Ellen 
Stover, b Sept 23, 1896. 

V. Charles Stover, b Mar 23, 1856 ; m Carrie . 

R Phila. Barber. C : Bessie. 

V. Lydia Stover, b and d Mar 13, 185S. 

V. William Stover, b and d Aug 16, 1859. 


V. Philip R Stover, b at Sonderton, Pa, Mar 3, 1861 ; 
m Sarah J Shilling Mar 4, 1882. P O Prairie Depot, O. 
Oil pumper ; Ger Bap. C : (VI) Albert Stover, born 
June 15, 1883; d Sept r, 1883. (VI) Mary Ellen 
Stover, b Nov 3, 1884. (VI) Charles Stover, b Aug 2 1 , 
1887 ; d Oct 3, 1887. (VI) John Allen Stover, born 
Feb 10, 1891 ; d Aug 14, 1891. (VI) Chester Monroe 
Stover, b Feb 20, 1894. 

III. Jacob Stauffer, b in Hatfield twp, Moutg co, in 
1767 ; d in 1843 ; m Elizabeth Cassel (d) Nov 25, 
1794. She was b Sept 6, 1761. The)' lived and died 
in Towamencin twp, Moutg co, on a farm of 50 acres, 
on which they moved from Hatfield twp in 1800, and 
where his grandson, Rev Jacob C Stover, now resides. 
Farmer ; Menns. C : Henry. 

IV. Henry Stover (Stauffer), born in Hatfield twp 
Aug 30, 1795 ; d in Towamencin twp Mar 13, 1872 ; 
m Susan Cassel Aug 21, 1831. She was b July 27, 
1807, and is still living (March 1897). Farmer, and 
lived on the homestead of his father in Towamencin 
twp. Menns. C : Jacob, William, Joseph, John, 

V. Rev. Jacob C Stover, b in Montg co, Pa, Sept 20, 
1835 ; m Rebecca G Metz Sept 29, i860. PO Kulps- 
ville, Pa. Farmer and minister. Resides on the old 
homestead of his grandfather in Towamencin. He 
was ordained to the ministry of the Mennonite church 
in 1890. C : Susan, Daniel, Isaiah, L,izzie, Amanda, 
El wood, Peter. 

VI. Susan M Stover, b Oct 6, 1861 ; d Oct 16, 1861. 
VI. Daniel M Stover, b Apr ro, 1864 ; d Apr 13, 1864. 
VI. Isaiah M Stover, born Dec 21, 1865 ; m Kate C 

Groff May 6, 1893. P O Cedars, Pa. He graduated 
at the West Chester State Normal School in 1886, 
since which time he has taught school. 


(See page ro6. 

Mrs. Eliza Stover 

(See page So.) 


VI. Lizzie M Stover, born Sept 20, 186S ; m Daniel 
Johnson in 1893. P O Lederachville, Pa. Children: 
(VII) Anna Rebecca S Johnson, born March 20, 1894. 
(VII) Charles Irvin S Johnson, b Sept 12, 1895. 

VI. Amanda M Stover, b July 3, 1871. P O Kulps- 
ville, Pa. Dressmaker. S. 

VI. Ehvood M Stover, b Mar 31, 1874. P O Kulps- 
ville, Pa. He attended the West Chester State 
Normal School, but now resides at home. 

VI. Peter M Stover, b Nov 10, 1876. He graduated 
from Schissler College of Business, Norristowu, Pa, 
in 1894, and is now employed as stenographer and 
typewriter by the hosiery firm of Urner & Co, Spring 
City, Pa. 

V. William C Stover, b June 24, 1837 ; m Sarah 
Johnson. P O Hatfield, Pa. C : Jane (d), Henry, 
and five died in infancy. 

V. Joseph C Stover, b May 22, 1839 ; married Mary 
Ritter. P O Lansdale, Pa. No issue. 

V. John C Stover, b September 10, 1843 ; d April 2, 
1893. S. 

V. Mary C Stover, born Sept 15, 1846 ; m John B 
Undercoffler. P O Creamery, Pa. C : Ella, James, 
Susie, Laura, Sallie, John, Irwin, Ida, Frank, Stella, 
Harrison, and two died in infancy. 


II. Elizabeth Stauffer. No records. 




I. Daniel Stauffer, a descendant of the ancient 
House of Hohenstauffen in Suabia, a generation of 
knights called Stauffacher, who, at the time of the 
freeing of Switzerland by William Tell, were wealthy 
farmers and rendered great assistance, was born at 
Alzheim or Weissenham, near Zurich, Switzerland, 
about 1630. He lived in the mountainous lands of 
Switzerland, near the city of Zurich, until after the 
year 1865, and was a Mennonite. He died and was 
buried in his native laud, Switzerland. He had a son 
by the name of Hans Stauffer, who also lived in the 
Sweitz until driven away on account of his faith. It 
is not known whether Daniel Stauffer had other chil- 
dren besides his son Hans (Johannes) above mentioned 
or not. The name of his wife is also unknown. 


II. Johannes Stauffer, a descendant of the ancient 
House of Hohenstauffen, in Suabia, was born between 
1650 and 1655 at Alzheim, on the Rhine, near 
Zurich, Switzerland. In 1685 he married Kinget 
Heistand, widow of Michael Risser, and they had five 
children : Amelia, Elizabeth, Jacob, Daniel, Henry. 

They were Mennonites and were persecuted by 
the Zwiugliaiis on account of their faith and driven 



from their lands. In this strait all of the family except 
the oldest daughter emigrated to America. They left 
their homes on November 5, 1709, sailed down the 
Rhine from Weissennan on November 8 and reached 
London January 20, 17 10, whence they came to the 
land of Penn (now Pennsylvania) in the Spring of the 
same year. They settled near the Schuylkill River, 
at or near Valley Forge, in Chester county. 


III. Amelia Stauffer, born at Alzheim ; married 
Gerhart Clemens, and remained in Switzerland. 


III. Elizabeth Stauffer, born at Alzheim ; married 
Paul Friedt. Had one child, Mary, when they came 
to America in 17 10. 


III. Jacob Stauffer, born at Alzheim in 1696, and 
was only 13 years old when he emigrated with his 
parents to America. He was married at or near Valley 

Forge to Barbara , and moved to Hereford (now 

Washington) township, Berks county, Pa, which was 
then a wilderness and the dwelling place of a remnant 
of an Indian tribe. He was one of the first settlers, 
and was the original purchaser of a plantation which 
adjoined the one on which the Roman Catholic chapel 
was afterward erected. The nearest grist mill was 
somewhere below Norristown, a distance of twenty 
miles, and he carried his grain to the mill on horse- 
back. He died in 1780, aged about 84 years, and was 
buried in the Mennonite graveyard adjoining his 
plantation. Mr Stover and wife were members of the 
Mennonite ch. C : Henry, Christian, Susan, Ester, 
Abraham, John. 

IV. Henry Stauffer, founder of the Boyertown branch, 
was born in Berks co, Pa, Aug 13, 1725 ; d June 19, 
1803 ; m Maria Buck waiter. About 1770 he pur- 
chased a farm in Colebrookdale twp, Berks co, and 
followed farming. He gave part of his plantation to 
the Mennonite congregation as a site for a meeting- 
house and for a burying ground. Mr Stauffer is buried 
in the said grave3 7 ard, which is now within the limits 
of Boyertown borough. C : Jacob, John, Susanna, 



V. Jacob Stauffer, b Aug 2, 1754 ; d Mar 20, 1839 ; 
married Susanna, daughter of Frederick and Susanna 
(a daughter of George Keini, of Oley township) 
Huff, in 1785. She was born December 23, 1767 ; 
d May 26, 1842. He purchased his father's planta- 
tion in Colebrookdale township and followed farming. 
In 181 1 he gave an acre lot to the congregations of the 
German Reformed and Lutheran churches in Boyer- 
town, upon which they erected a union church. He 
was buried in the graveyard attached to the same, but 
his remains have since been removed to Fairview 
Cemetery, in the same town, which was also a part 
of his plantation. Menns. C : Catharine, Esther, 
Maria, John, Henry, Elizabeth. 

VI. Catharine Stauffer, b Oct 30, 1786 ; d June 22, 
1866 ; m Joseph Wormau. C : Fredericka, Susan, 
Maria, Catharine, Stover, Lewis, Sarah, Joseph (d), 

VII. Fredericka Wormau, b Sept 21, 1807 ; d Feb 14, 
1878 ; married Samuel Whitman, of Douglass twp, 
Montg co. C : Mary, Hannah, Catharine, Rebecca, 
Joseph, Fredericka ; Samuel, Henry, Jonathan, Eliza- 
beth, infant, all deceased. 

VIII. Mary Ann Whitman, married Charles Schneider, 
of near Limerick, Pa. C: (IX) Elizabeth Schneider, 
married Isaac Rahu. Have two children. (IX) Jacob 
Schneider (d). 

VII. Susan Worman, b Nov 9, 1808 ; d Aug 4, 1885 ; 
m John Fegley, of Berks co, Pa, Oct 21, 1829. He 
was b Jan 25, 1805 ; d Oct 26, 1868. They lived in 
Berks co. Luth. C : Maria, Sarah, Catharine. 

VIII. Maria Fegley, b June 15, 1835 ; m Peter Christ- 
man, of Montg co, Pa, Nov 1858. P O Sanatoga, Pa. 
Luth. C : Warren, Clara, John, Ida, Sallie, Maggie. 

IX. Warren Christman, b Nov 20, 1859 ; m Hannah 


Scliweuk August 1886. C : (X) Maude Christman, 
b Jan 14, 1888. 

Warren m second wife Ellen M Saylor June 1891. 
C : (X) Henry Christman, b May 10, 1892. 

IX. Clara Christman born April 2, 1862 ; m Henry 
Schwenk Dec 1882. P O Limerick, Pa. C : (X) John 
Schwenk, b 1889 ; George, b 1892 ; Raymond, born 
May 15, 1894 ; Mary, b May 15, 1897. 

IX. John Christman, b Dec 23, 1864. 

IX. Ida Christman, b Apr 7, 1873 ; d Feb 13, 1897 > 
m James Christman, of near Fegleysville, Pa, August 
1891. Luth. C: (X) Bessie Christman, b Feb 17, 
1893 ; Norman, b Feb 2, 1896 ; Benjamin Franklin, 
b Feb 4, 1S97. 

IX. Sallie Christman, b October 20, 1868 ; m Irvin 
Hartenstine, of near Limerick, Pa, Aug 1886. Luth. 
C : (X) Alice Hartenstine, b Nov 2, 1887 ; d Dec 24, 
1887. (X) Edna Hartenstine, b Feb 1889. (X) Charles 
Hartenstine, b Nov 7, 1891. (X) Frank Hartenstine, 
born May 20, 1893. (X) Raymond Hartenstine, born 
May 21, 1894. 

IX. Maggie Christman, b May 30, 1876. S. 

VIM. Sarah Fegley, b Nov 22, 1838 ; m Amos Dey- 
sher, of Washington twp, Berks co, Pa, Sept 25, 1858. 
Farmer ; Luth. C : Allen, Henry, Horace, James. 

IX. Allen Deysher, born August 4, 1859 ; m Emma 
Fretz, of Washington twp, Berks co, Pa, June 10, 
1882. P O Bechtelsville, Pa. Blacksmith ; Luth. 
C: (X) Edgar Deysher, b June 11, 1884. 

IX. Henry Deysher, b Nov 19, 1862. S. 

IX. Horace Deysher, b February 16, 1865 ; m Olivia, 
dau of Aaron Gilbert, of Berks co, Pa, Nov 8, 1889. 
P O New Berlinville, Pa. Farmer ; Luth. Children : 
(X) Oscar Deysher, born June 1892. (X) Lettie 
Deysher, b June 1894. 


IX. James Deysher, b March i, 187 1 ; m Amanda, 
dau of Joel Moyer, of Berks co, Pa, Dec 14, 1893. 
P Bechtelsville, Pa. Lutheran. C : (X) Harvey 
Deysher, b Mar 1895. 

VIII. Catharine Fegley, b Feb 1, 1844 ; m Augus- 
tus M, son of Jacob K Moyer, Dec 24, 1872. He was 
b December 18, 1847. R 1 18 N 9th st, Reading, Pa. 
Printer ; U Ev. C : (IX) Emma Moyer, b July 7, 
1875. (IX) Susan Esther Moyer, b Dec 15, 1880 ; 
d Sept 8, 1881. 

VII. Maria Worman, born May 26, 181 1 ; m John 
Borneman, of Boyertown, Pa. C : Joseph, Mary, 
Normanda, Sarah. 

VIII. Joseph Borneman, born November 5, 1840; 
died October 1, 1844. 

VIII. Mary Borneman, b October 1, 1842 ; m Alfred 
Ludy, of Boyertown, Pa, Oct 1, 1867. C : (IX) Robert 
Ludy, b Feb 22, 1870. (IX) Normanda Ludy, born 
Jan 13, 1872 ; d July 19, 1892. (IX) Cora Ludy, born 
Feb 26, 1874. (IX) John Ludy, b Aug 30, 1880. 

VIII. Normanda Borneman, b Jan 29, 1846 ; m John 
E Money, of Phila, Sept 6, 188S. No issue. 

VIII. Sarah Borneman, born June 6, 1847. 

VII. Catharine Worman, b Nov 27, 1813 ; d June 22, 
187 1 ; m Benjamin Rieguer, of Montg co, Pa, Mar 6, 
1836. He was born Apr 16, 1814 ; d May 22, 1869. 
They lived at Carlisle, Pa. Ref. C : Lewis, Benne- 
ville, Sarah, Henry, Elmira, Hiram, Kate, Tamma, 

VIII. Lewis Riegner, b Jan 1, 1837 ; m Mary Ann, 
dau of Henry Gilbert, of New Berlinville, Pa, June 5, 
i860. R Reading, Pa. Cigar business ; EvanAss'n. 
C : Emma, Clara. 

IX. Emma Riegner, b April 20, 1862 ; m William 


Schubert, of Reading, Pa. C : (X) EeRoy Schubert, 
b Dec 1 6, 1889. 

IX. Clara Riegner, b Feb 19, 1865 ; m Ellsworth 
Fricker, of Reading, Pa, May 12, 1887. C: (X) Jacob 
Fricker, b Nov 23, 1888 ; Esther, b Dec 16, 1890. 

VIII. Benneville Riegner, b May 11, 1S38 ; died at 
Reading in 18S6, while on his way to visit friends at 
Boyertown ; married Susan Anthony, of Carlisle, Pa. 
C : Edgar (d), Ralph, Annie, Bessie, Rebecca. 

VIII. Sarah Riegner, b July 27, 1840 ; d Oct 9, 1844. 

VIII. Henry Riegner, b Oct 30, 1841 ; d Aug 22, 1842. 

VIII. Elmira Riegner, b Aug n, 1843 ; d May 27, 
1868 ; m Joshua Gerber, of Schuylkill co, Pa. C : 
Octavia, Wallace (d). 

IX. Octavia Gerber, b June 21, 1865 ; in Jacob Elmer 
Kinckiner, of Pottstown, Pa. C : LeRoy ; Elma, 
infant son, both deceased ; Florence. 

VIII Hiram Riegner, b April 2, 1846 ; ra Savilla 
Mohn, of Mohnsville, Pa. C : Robert, Austin. 

IX. Robert Riegner, m Frances Montgomery, of 
Phila. C : Roscoe Montgomery. 

IX. Austin Riegner, m Estella Wallers, of Phila, in 

VIII. Kate Riegner, b Aug 24, 1847 ; d Feb 2, 1889 ; 
m Josiah Kuauer, of Reading, Pa. C : Ella, Alice, 
both deceased ; Sallie, Milton, Mamie, Florence, 

VIII. Tamma Riegner, b Apr 27, 1850 ; m Rev David, 
son of John Stauffer, of Colebrookdale, Pa, about 1868. 
C : (IX) Edgar Stauffer, married Rebecca Falger, of 
Easton, Pa. (IX) Harry, Emma, Florence. 

VIII. Amanda Riegner, b March 17, 1854 > m Daniel 
B, son of Henry Bower, of near Boyertown, Sept 16, 
1876. Dentist. C : (IX) Thomas Bower, b Nov 4, 
1878 ; Howard, b Jan 8, 1885. 


VII. Stover Worman, b Mar 20, 18 17. P O Boyer- 
town, Pa. Shoemaker. 

VII. Lewis S Worman, b Nov 21, 1819 ; d Jan 1891. 
P O Boyertown, Pa. Saddler. 

VII. Sarah Worman, b Nov 27, 1822. S. 

VII. Lovina Worman, b Dec 30, 1827 ; d Oct 16, 
1895 ; m Lewis, son of John Ritter, of Berks co, Pa. 
C : Thomas (d single), Hiram, Calvin, Rosa. 

VIII. Dr Hiram W. Ritter, b Dec 28, 1853; m Ida 
N, dau of Rev Jacob Kehm, of Sellers ville, Pa. She 
was b Nov 1861. P O Souderton, Pa. Ref. C : 
Miriam, Calvin, Blanche (d), Florence, Ellura, Paul. 

VIII. Calvin Ritter, b June 16, 1856 ; m Candas, 
dau of Christian Yorgey, of Pottsgrove, Pa, Nov 5, 
1881. C: (IX) Norman Ritter, b Dec 6, 1882; 
Elmer, b Nov 13, [884; Walter, b Feb 8, 1888; 
Minnie, b May 8, 1891 ; Frederick, b Oct 15, 1894. 

VIII. Rosa Ritter, b July 31, 1859; married Levi E 
Lefeaver, of Boyertown, Pa, Mar 5, 1878. C : (IX) 
Charles Lefeaver, b Oct 10, 1878 ; Ada, b Aug 16, 
1880 ; Edgar, b April 2, 1883 ; Maggie, b July 30, 
18S7 ; Joseph, b Apr 14, 1891 ; Florence, b Aug 16, 

VI. Esther Stauffer, b July 26, 1788 ; d January 29, 
1830 ; m Jacob Whitman in 18 10. He wasb Dec 14, 
1786 ; died at his homestead near Boyertown, Pa, 
Dec 9, 1832. Carpenter and millwright. C: Char- 
lotte, Frederick, Harriet, Esther, William, Maria, 
Jacob, Augustus. 

VII. Charlotte Whitman (d), b 1812 ; married Jonas 
Sweisford, of Montg co. C : (VIII) Amanda Sweis- 
ford, married R Rouch. R Reading, Pa. (VIII) Jacob 

Sweisford (d). (VIII) William Sweisford, m . 

R Phila. (VIII) Jonathan Sweisford, married . 

R Danville, Pa. 


VII. Frederick Stauffer Whitman, b in Montg co, Pa, 
July 8, 18 14 ; m Sarah Keely. She was b Dec 18, 
1813 ; died Sept 16, 1890. P O Watsontown, Pa. 
They lived for many years on the old homestead near 
Boyertown. He was a skilled workman in wood and 
the inventor of several useful implements. Believing 
a manufacturing town better adapted to the prosecu- 
tion of his favorite occupation he moved to Watson- 
town, Pa, where his mechanical genius proved quite 
remunerative. After acquiring a competence and 
educating his children he retired from active business, 
and is now enjoying a ripe old age in the midst of 
cherished friends. Luth. C: (VIII) Twin daughters, 
b and d May 27, 1834. (VIII) Henry Keely Whitman, 
b July 9, 1838; m Rebecca Fisher. (VIII) Daughter, 
b and d Jan 14, 1841. (VIII) William Whitman, b 
May 18, 1842 ; d October 24, 1845. (VIII) Emeline 
Whitman, b October 21, 1844 ; mJC Kroch. (VIII) 
Jacob Keely Whitman, b Dec 20, 1847 ; m L,eah 
McCarty. (VIII) Jonathan Whitman, b Aug 16, 1850 ; 
d May 16, 1851. 

VII. Harriet Whitman, b 1815 ; d 1835. 

VII. Esther Whitman, b in Montg co, Pa, Nov 15, 
18 17 ; m Henry Bubb, of New Berlin, Pa, June 8, 
1841. After residing in New Berlin for several years 
they removed to Lebanon, Lebanon co, Pa. Here 
Mr Bubb followed the building of iron furnaces for 
many years and some of the largest and most sub- 
stantial furnaces in the city were built under his super- 
vision. Alter his death Mrs Bubb found a pleasant 
home with kind daughters, surrounded by affectionate 
children, grand and great-grandchildren, and her 
declining years are contented and happy. Ger Ref. 
C : Elmira, Mary, William, Emeline, Jacob, Minerva, 
Thomas, Esther. 


VIII. Elmira Bubb, b 1842 ; d 1847. 

VIII. Mary E Bubb, b in 1843 ; m Spangler. 

P O Lebanon, Pa. C : Grant, Katie, Florence. All 
three graduated from the Lebanon High School and 
are useful members in society. 

VIII. William Henry Bubb, born at New Berlin, Pa, 
Dec 20, 1844. He was educated at the Pennsylvania 
State College. During the rebellion, when a call was 
made for a select cavalry company to be known as 
Buell's Body Guard, he was among the first to volun- 
teer, and he proved himself a patriotic and brave 
soldier. After the war he spent some time on the 
frontier of Kansas and Indian Territory, but later 
returned to Brazil, Ind, where he married and became 
an honored citizen of that place. He filled positions 
of honor and responsibility and served as Mayor of 
that enterprising city. 

VIII. Emeline Bubb, born Nov 21, 1846 ; m Frank 
Paine, of New Berlin, Pa. R 1 101 Forge st, Lebanon. 

VIII. Jacob Franklin Bubb, b 1849 ; d 1850. 

VII. William Henry Whitman, b May 1 1, 1820 ; died 
Feb 14, 1845 ; m . He resided at Boyertown, Pa. 

VII. Maria Whitman, b Jan 1823 ; d Jan 10, 1852 ; 
m Jonas Sweisford. 

VII. Jacob Stauffer Whitman, b in Montg co Sept 12, 
1827 ; m Magdalena L, dau of Jonas and Elizabeth 
Lefever Smale, of Engelsville, Pa, Nov 26, 1850. 
P O Lydon, Kan. Mr Whitman spent his early boy- 
hood days on the old homestead, near Boyertown, Pa. 
His educational advantages were necessarily very 
limited, but his familiarity with a few books that had 
fallen into his hands, the taste he acquired for books 
and the progress he made under difficulties brought 
him to the notice of his uncle, Hon John Stauffer, 
who became interested in his education. It was 


through Mr Stauffer's influence that Jacob was ad- 
mitted into a private school, then organized by leading 
families of Boyertown. His progress here was satis- 
factory to his uncle, who at once affected arrangements 
for him to pursue his studies at Marshall College, then 
at Mercersburg, Pa. Here he was also very success- 
ful, but the confinement, want of exercise and applica- 
tion to his studies proved too great a strain upon his 
somewhat feeble constitution, and he was compelled 
twice to abandon his studies for a time. After leaving 
college he took charge of the Boyertown Select School, 
which, under his management, attracted a class of 
excellent young men and women, many of whom con- 
tinued their studies and became honored members of 
the learned professions. Among these were Abner K 
and Jonathan K Stauffer, Augustus S Sassaman, 
Augustus L, Dechant, William G Engle, George B 
Dechant, Orlando L Fegley, Frank R Brunner, Amos 
B Wanner, and others. This select school developed 
into what was known as Mount Pleasant Seminary, 
and was for many years a prosperous institution of 

In the Spring of 185 1 he accepted a call to Berrys- 
burg Seminary, in Dauphin county, Pa, and soon 
after founded Freeburg Academy, at Freeburg, Union 
county, Pa, which later became a popular training 
school for teachers. In the Spring of 1854 he was 
elected County Superintendent of Public Instruction, 
and in 1855 accepted the professorship of natural 
science in Union Seminary, at New Berlin. Later he 
was tendered the professorship of botany, physiology 
and geology in the Pennsylvania State College. 
He found this field well adapted to his genius and 
recognition, and promotion followed in rapid succes- 
sion. In 1857 he received honorary degrees from the 


university at Lewisburg and later from a medical 
college at Cincinnati, O. He was made vice president 
of the college, and after the death of Dr Evan Pugh 
served as president for one year. Through his love for 
universal freedom Kansas had become sacred soil, and 
at the close of the Rebellion he accepted the position 
of professor of botany, physiology and geology in 
Baker University, at Baldwin City, Kan, and in about 
1872 accepted the same position in the Agricultural 
College, which had been tendered him soon after his 
arrival in the State. After a connection of a number 
of years with this institution he retired to private life 
at Lyndon, Osage co, Kan, but unsolicited was nomi- 
nated and elected County Superintendent by the 
Reform party, then in its infancy, and nominated for 
State Superintendent of Public Instruction by the 
memorable State Convention of the Union Labor party, 
which gave birth to the Populist party of Kansas. 

The professor, as he is familiarly known, now 
(1897) resides in a beautiful grove planted by his own 
hands, and, having arrived at the age of three score 
and ten, surrounded by children and grandchildren, 
he and his good wife, to whom he ascribes much of 
his success, enjoy a contented and happy old age. 
Pres. C : Horace, Minerva, Ida, Linnaeus, Frank. 
VIII. Horace Stauffer Whitman, b at Berrysburg, Pa, 
Sept 2, 185 1 ; m Caroline A, dau of Capt William H 
and Mary E Wales, of Albany, Mo, Feb 7, 1883. He 
commenced his education at the Pennsylvania State 
College and completed his studies at the Baker 
University, Baldwin City, Kan. Immediately after 
finishing his education he joined a United States 
surveying corps for the purpose of sectionizing the 
Indian Territory, and while thus engaged had several 
narrow escapes from the Indians. On one occasion, 

Philip K. Fretz 

(See page 112.) 


while on a short visit to his parents, the Indians at- 
tacked the remaining surveyors and killed three of 
their number. He is now a successful druggist, and 
is the business manager of the Whitman drug store, 
the oldest and largest drug house in Lyndon. C : 
(IX) Bessie Adel Whitman, born Dec 30, 1S83 ; Ida 
Merle, b Sept 23, 1885 ; Nellie Ignore, b Dec 16, 1891. 

VIII. Minerva Elizabeth Whitman, b at Berrysburg 
March 21, 1853 ; m Robert C Heizer Feb 7, 1882. 
P O Osage City, Kan. She commenced her education 
at the Pennsylvania State College ; continued her 
classic and musical studies at Baker University, and 
graduated from the Agricultural College of Kansas 
in June 1876. She was appointed principal of the 
Malvern schools and afterward taught natural sciences 
in the Burlingame High school. Mr Heizer is now 
(1897) a leading attorney of the Osage County Bar, 
and has been twice elected prosecuting attorney of 
the county. Pres. C: (IX) Florence Mabel Heizer, 
born Aug 30, 1S84. (IX) Robert Stauffer Heizer, born 
Sept 25, 1888. (IX) Ida Grace Heizer, b August 31, 
1891 ; d Apr 16, 1892. (IX) Margaret Heizer, born 
Aug 28, 1893. 

VIII. Ida Grace Whitman, born at New Berlin, Pa, 
Jan 13, 1S58 ; d Feb 7, 18S5 ; m Seymour L, son of 
Judge H A and Sarah Billings, of Burlingame, Kan, 
Oct 11, 1882. She was educated at the Agricultural 
College of Kansas and followed teaching for a number 
of years. C : (IX) Paul Whitman Billings, born 
Jan 20, 1885. * 

VIII. Linnaeus Lincoln Whitman, born at State 
College, Pa, May 2, 1S63. He received his education 
principally in the Lyndon High school. Being of an 
independent and self-reliant disposition he spent some 
time in Texas and learned the printing trade. He 


returned to Kansas and accepted the position of 
Deputy Clerk of the Osage County District Court. 
Here he became acquainted with and subsequently 
married Miss Flo Keeneu, Chief Clerk of the Probate 
Court, at Lyndon, July 1885. He is now (1897) 
manager of the Ballen & Bruce lumber yard, at Mound 
City, Mo. C: (IX) Ralph Whitman, b 1889 ; Ruth, 
b 1895 ; Donald S, b Aug 1, 1897. 

VIII. Lieut Frank Homer Whitman, born at Baldwin 
City, Kan, June 20, 1870 ; married Florence, dau of 
William and Margaret Elleot Orr, at Moodna Mansion, 
N Y, Sept 2i, 1896. He commenced his education in 
the Lyndon public schools, graduated from the High 
school in the Spring of 1888 and continued his studies 
at Washburn College, Topeka, Kan. He passed a 
very creditable and competitive examination for a 
United States cadetship from the Fourth Congressional 
District, and in the Spring of 1891 was appointed a 
cadet to the United States Military Academy at West 
Point, N Y, by Congressman Otis. He passed all 
subsequent examinations creditably and graduated on 
June 12, 1896. He is now at Fort Keogh, Montana, 
where his regiment is quartered (1897). 

VII. Augustus Stauffer Whitman, b in Montg co, Pa, 

in 1828 ; m Maria . She d July 24, 1897. He 

was killed Nov 2, 1887, by a falling arch. Early in 
life Mr Whitman learned the bricklaying trade, 
which he followed for a number of years, but, 
as a natural mechanic, gave his principal attention to 
the more intricate branches- of his trade. He was 
married at Lebanon, Pa, where he resided for .several 
years, but finally moved to Danville, Pa. About 
1884 he moved to Kansas City, Mo, where skilled 
labor in his line of business was in constant demand 
at remunerative wages. Here he lived to see his 


children educated and all engaged in some pleasant 
and profitable occupation. C : (VIII) Alvirda M 
Whitman, m William H Harris October 11, 1882. 
They formerly resided at Danville, but later settled in 
Kansas City, Mo, where he is successfully engaged in 
the hat and gents' furnishing business. (VIII) William 
A Whitman, m E Lucretia April 12, 1894. He is at 
the head of a large lumber yard at Grandin, Mo. 
(VIII) George C Whitman, m Grace Marie, dau of 
Dr and Mrs Joseph A Russell, of Kansas City, Mo, 
Apr 17, 1895. (VIII) Charles Whitman, a young man 
of promise, is in business at Kansas City, Mo. 

VI- Maria Stauffer, b Sept 1, 1790 ; d Apr 29, 1845 ; 
m Jacob Schweinhart. They lived at Boyertown, Pa, 
and were members of the Reformed church. C : 
Josiah, Frederick, Maria, Henry (d single), Jeremiah. 

VII. Josiah Schweinhart, b Nov 10, 18 15 ; married 
Maria (d), dau of Peter Neiman, of Little Oley, Pa. 
C : Jacob, Emma, Jerome, Ephraim, Frank. Josiah 
married second wife Mary Ann Neiman (sister to first 
wife). Wheelwright ; Ref. No issue. 

VIII. Jacob Schweinhart, died without issue. 

VIII. Emma Schweinhart, m VanDelaplane, of 

Topton, la. C : (IX) Galen VanDelaplane, m Mary 
Montillon. Have one child. (IX) Mary, Jean. 

VIII. Jerome Schweinhart, married Kate Uhler, of 
Lisbon, la. C : Claude, Winfred. 

VIII. Ephraim Schweinhart, died without issue. 

VIII. Frank Schweinhart, m Sue Hey, of Topton, la. 
C : Edna, Frederick. 

VII. Frederick Schweinhart, b Aug 5, 1817 ; died 
May 4, 1886 ; m Esther Stierle Mar 12, 1848. She 
was born Apr 7, 182 1. P O Boyertown, Pa. Wheel- 
wright ; Ref. C : Mary, Elmira, Howard. 

VIII. Mary Ann Schweinhart, b February 16, 1849 ; 


married William Bradbury, of Girardsville, Pa. Ref. 
C : William, Esther, Alice, May, Luruqua, Charles, 
Frederick, Joseph, Mary (d), and two others. 

VIII. Elmira Schweiuhart, born September 8, 1852 ; 
died December 5, 1879. 

VIII. Howard Schweiuhart, born November 9, 1858 ; 
died August 13, 1882. 

VIII. Maria Schweiuhart, b Aug 6, 1820 ; d Nov 10, 
1872 ; m John G, son of Geo Fegley, of Berks co, Pa. 
He was b Feb 18, 1818 ; d Aug 3 1,1894. P O Boyer- 
towu, Pa. Ref. C : Henry, Theodore, Sarah, Mary, 

VIII. Henry S Fegley, born Dec 12, 1843 ; m Alice, 
dau of Ephraim Long, of Lehigh co, Pa. Ref. C : 
(IX) Annie Long Fegley. P O Tripoli, Pa. 

VIII. Theodore S Fegley, b March 9, 1S46 ; m Sarah 
Wentzel, of Berks co, Pa, Jan 14, 1875. P O Boyer- 
town, Pa. Clerk ; Luth. C : (IX) Harvey W Fegley, 
b Feb 26, 1877. (IX) Laura Maria Fegley, b Nov 22, 
1879; d Mar 9, 1882. (IX) Alice Grace Fegley, born 
April 3, 1883. (IX) Edna Louisa Fegley, b Oct 31, 
1885. (IX) Mary Fegley, b May 5, 1890. 

VIII. Sarah Jane Fegley, b June 25, 1849 ; m John 
Henry Hartman, of Philadelphia, Jan 26, 18S2. C : 
(IX) Clarence F Hartman, b June 12, 1883. 

VIII. Mary Esther Fegley, born Nov 7, 1851 ; died 
November 18, 1879. S. 

VIII. James B Fegley, b Sept 15, 1856 ; m Susan, dau 
of Henry Wonsitler, of Pennsburg, Pa, Nov 13, 1886. 

VII. Jeremiah Schweiuhart, b Aug 17, 1823 ; died 
Jan 11, 1896 ; m Esther Bilger, of New Berlin, Pa. 
P O Boyertown, Pa. Wheelwright ; Ref. C : Clara, 

VIII. Clara Schweinhart, b November 13, 1853. S. 
VIII. Alice Schweiuhart, b May 26, 1856 ; m Chas A, 


son of Aaron Mory, of Boyertown, Pa, Apr 13, 1878. 
P O Boyertown. Luth. C : (IX) Enos Lawrence 
Mory, b Jan 8, 1880 ; Paul S, b Mar 15, 1885. 
VI. Hon John Stauffer, b July 4, 1792 ; d Nov 28, 
1854 ; 111 Elizabeth, oldest daughter of Henry and 
Catharine (a dau of Conrad Boyer) Keely, Dec 1, 
1816. She was born Oct 1, 1798 ; d Dec 30, 1857. 
Judge Stauffer purchased a part of his father's planta- 
tion in Colebrookdale twp, Berks co, Pa, and followed 
farming and land surveying. In 1829 he was elected 
to represent the Berks district in the Pennsylvania 
Legislature and was twice re-elected, holding the office 
for three successive terms. In 1840 he was made one 
of the Associate Judges of Berks county and served in 
that capacity for ten years. He declined to run for 
Congress, which position was offered him at a time 
when a nomination was equal to an election. In 1850 
he founded Mt Pleasant Seminary, at Boyertown, for 
the higher education of the children of the neighbor- 
hood and for the preparation of young men for college. 
His earnest enthusiasm as an educator soon put the 
institution in a flourishing condition. In later years, 
when his health failed, he put his son Frederick in 
charge of the Seminary, and subsequently devised the 
premises to him. Its career of usefulness continued 
until the development of the public school system 
made it no longer necessary. By virtue of his high 
character and sound wisdom he became the arbiter 
of many disputes between neighbors and kinsmen, and 
exercised a wide influence throughout his section of 
country as peacemaker. 

Judge Stauffer was the first to discover the genius 
that possessed the mind of the celebrated artist, Peter 
F Rothermel, the painter of the great picture, " Battle 
of Gettysburg." Mr Rothermel, when a boy, was 


employed in Mr Stauffer's office, at Boyertown, and 
his evidence of talent was shown in the skill with 
which he illustrated some deeds with drawings of the 
houses on the properties. In consequence Mr Stauffer 
took him to Philadelphia and assisted him in securing 
the tutelage of a Philadelphia artist. His first por- 
trait was one of Judge Stauffer, an engraving of 
which appears in this volume. 

He was a member of the German Reformed 
church and a life-long Bible student. He bequeathed 
to his children the following rule of life : 

Make the Bible, both Old and New Testament, your rule 
of life. 

The Lord commanded Joshua : "This book of the law 
shalt not depart out of thy mouth ; but thou shalt meditate 
therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do accord- 
ing to all that is written therein : for then thou shalt make 
thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success. ' ' 
— Joshua i : 8. 

Christ saith : "Search the Scriptures; for in them ye 
think ye have eternal life : and they are they which testify 
of me." — St John 5 : 39. 

St Paul saith to St Timothy: " From a child thou hast 
known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make thee 
wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus." 
— 2d Timothy 3 : 15. 

"Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy." — Jere- 
miah 17 : 21, 22 ; Isaiah 7 : 13, 14, and in Ten Commandments. 

"Swear not, neither by Heaven, neither by the earth, 
neither by any other oath : but let your yea be yea ; and your 
nay, nay." — St James 5 : 12. (See also Christ's Sermon on the 
mount.— St Matthew 6, 7.) 

' ' Blessed are the peacemakers : for they shall be called 
the children of God." — Matthew 5 : 9. 

Happy the men of peaceful life, 
Who win to peace the sons of strife ; 
They shall be called the sons of God, 
The heirs of His serene above. 


Almighty God, creator of men, graciously protect and 
bless my children and their families, and lead them in the way 
to happiness in this world and the world to come, and let them 
never be led astray, and grant that they may walk in the 
truth, adorned with innocence, piety and virture, and worship 
Thee O God in Spirit and in truth. And in the great day of 
Resurrection and Judgment, grant that we may be found 
together before Thy Throne, and that I may be enabled to say, 
" Here am I, O Lord, and the children which you hast given 
me." I offer my requests in the name of Jesus Christ, our 
Lord and Saviour. Amen, Amen. 

John Stauffer. 

Mr Stauffer and wife were buried in the Reformed 
and Lutheran graveyard, Boyertown, but their remains 
have since been removed to Fairview Cemetery. C : 
Mary, William, Frederick, Esther, John, Henry, 
Maria, Amanda, Abner, Minerva. 
VII. Mary Ann Stauffer, b Feb 10, 18 18 ; d May 20, 
182 1, from injuries received in a runaway accident. 

VII. William Keely Stauffer, b Sept 19, 1819 ; died 
April 1, 1S91 ; m Harriet, dau of Henry Gilbert, of 
New Berlin, Nov 5, 1843. She was b Nov 6, 1824. 
In April 1844 he took possession of his father's plan- 
tation in Colebrookdale twp, Berks co. Here he 
followed farming and land surveying, and succeeded 
largely to his father's position of influence in the 
community. His widow Harriet resides with her son 
Elmer at Boyertown. He was a member of the 
Reformed ch, of Boyertown, until about 1866, wdien 
he j'oined the Ev Ass'n. C : Irvin, James, Sidney, 
infant, George, William, Francis, Elmer. 

VIII. Irvin G Stauffer, born July 11, 1846; died 
August 18, 1849. 

VIII. James G Stauffer, born October 4, 1848 ; died 
August 30, 1849. 
VIII. Sidney Stauffer, b Sept 3, 1850 ; d Oct 25, 1851. 
VIII. Son, b and d February 25, 1852. 


VIII. George Washington Stauffer, b Jan 17, 1853 ; 
d April 4, 1857. 

VIII. Rev William Henry Stauffer, b Aug 28, 1857 ; 
married Sybilla, dau of Rev Theodore and Catharine 
Schneider, of Suspension Bridge, N Y, May 1, 1883. 
Mr Stauffer entered the ministry of the Evangelical 
Association in 1882, after having prepared himself for 
the same at Napierville, 111. He served various import- 
ant charges, and is now pastor of the Evangelical ch at 
Williamsport, Pa. C : (IX) Grace Harriet Stauffer, 
born Mar 9, 1884. (IX) Milton Theodore Stauffer, born 
Sept 19, 1885. (IX) Edith Catharine Stauffer, born 
March 19, 1887 ; d August 1, 1896. (IX) Edna Rose 
Stauffer, b Jan 9, 1889. (IX) Ruth Naomi Stauffer, 
born Jan 30, 1892. 

VIII. Rev Francis G Stauffer, b Aug 6, 1859 ; married 
Lizzie, dau of Jacob and Sarah Keiper, of Napierville, 
February 22, 1881. He entered the ministry of the 
Evangelical Association in 1883, having prepared 
himself for the same at Napierville, 111. He is now 
located at Chattanooga, Tenn. C : (IX) Son, born 
Feb 21, 1886; d Feb 23, 1886. (IX) Leslie DeWitt 
Stauffer, b April 3, 1888. 

VIII. Elmer Ellsworth Stauffer, born July 2, 1864 ; 
m Andora F, dau of Abraham and Susan Tyson, of 
Gratersford, Pa, Oct 16, 1888. He resides at Boyer- 
town, Pa, and is carrying on his father's business as 
land surveyor and conveyancer. C : (IX) Eva May 
Stauffer, b May 21, 1892 ; Walter T, b July 28, 1894. 

VII. Frederick Huff Stauffer, b Jan 2 1 , 1822 ; m Sarah 
Ann, dau of Jacob and Sarah Dengler, of Swamp, 
Montg co, Pa, Feb 10, 1846. For a number of years 
he was the proprietor of Mt Pleasant Seminary, 
Boyertown, and is still the owner of the institution. 

Theodore P. Austin 

(See page 1 16 ) 

Mrs. Mary C. Austin 
(See page 116. ) 


P O Boyertown. C : Annie, Oliver, Irwin, Flor- 
ence, Ida. 

VIII. Annie Elizabeth Stauffer, born July 24, 1849 ; 
m Dr Orlando L, son of Daniel and Sarah Fegley, of 
Boyertown, Pa, Nov 24, 1874. He wash June 8, 1841. 
Dr Fegley and family have resided at Allen town, Pa, 
for the last 29 years, where he is well-known and 
enjoys a large and lucrative practice. He has 
been very successful in the treatment of many 
critical cases. R Front and Allen streets. C : 
(IX) Frederick William Fegley, born June 27, 1876. 
(IX) John Stauffer Fegley, born January 4, 1878. 
(IX) Florence Augusta Fegley, b August 27, 1879. 
(IX) Orlando Daniel Fegley, b April 28, 188 1 ; died 
Nov 30, 1882. (IX) Sadie Ida Fegley, b January ir, 
1883. (IX) Annie Laura Fegley, born June 4, 1884. 
(IX) Bertha Mary Fegley, b May 2, 1888. (IX) Daniel 
Gerhart Fegley, b Apr 26, 1890. 

VIII. Oliver Dengler Stauffer, b Aug 25, 1851 ; died 
Nov 15, 1855. 

VIII. Irwin Keely Stauffer, born Sept 7, 1853 ; died 
Dec 29, 1857. 

VIII. Florence Katharine Stauffer, b Nov 20, 1858 ; 
m Walter H Lord Sept 5, 1878. He d April 5, 1885. 
Mr Lord was a trusted and rising employe of the 
Reading Railroad Company, and during the Centen- 
nial Exhibition in 1876 he was the company's head 
passenger ticket agent at their terminal station in 
Fairmount Park, Phila. He was promoted from one 
position to another until he became superintendent of 
the freight department, with office at Reading. At 
the time of his death the railroad company placed a 
special train at the disposal of the family to convey the 
remains to Boyertown, where interment was made in 
Fairview Cemetery, as an evidence of the esteem 


iii which he was held by his employers. C : (IX) 
Florence Stauffer Lord, born Oct 12, 1880. R 1 10 S 
6th st, Reading, Pa. (IX) Bessie Lord, b June 26, 

VIII. Ida Sarah Stauffer, b May 26, 1861 ; m Ezekiel, 
son of Thomas B Evans, of Washington twp, Berks co, 
Pa, Oct 15, 1885. Mr Evans is a conductor on the 
New York Division of the Reading Railway. R 1321 
Somerset st, Phila. C : (IX) Walter Stauffer Evans, 
b Nov 27, 1887 ; Martha S, b Jan 30, 1891 ; Ezekiel 
Cheyuey, b Mar 10, 1894. 

VII. Esther Stauffer, b Nov 22, 1823 ; m Joseph, son 
of John Ritter, of Colebrookdale twp, May n, 1848. 
He d August 23, 1856. C : Ada. Esther m second 
husband Daniel K, son of Peter Engel, of Engelsville, 
Berks co, Pa, July 28, 1861. He d at Pottstown, Pa, 
Oct 14, 1892. Mrs Engel resides at Telford, Pa. 

VIII. Ada Minerva Ritter, b Mar 21, 1850 ; married 
Dr Josiah, son of Isaac Baunian, of New Berlinville, 
Pa, Apr 30, 1868. P O Telford, Pa. Physician. C: 
(IX) Isaac Newton Bauman, b April 4, 1869 ; died 
August 28, 1877. (IX) Joseph Warren Bauman, born 
August 29, 1 87 1. (IX) Esther Estella Bauman, born 
Feb 18, 1874. 

VII. John Keely Stauffer, b Dec 27, 1825 ; m Caroline, 
only child of Nathan and Esther Unger, of Lehigh co, 
Pa, Dec 25, 1849. She d September 12, 1853. C: 
(VIII) Hiram Unger Stauffer, b Aug 1, 1850 ; died 
June 26, 1865. (VIII) Franklin Pierce Stauffer, born 
Feb 8, 1853 ; d June 22, 1853. 

John married second wife Jane M Gross, of New 
Berlin, Pa, Dec 25, 1855. She d Oct 25, 1873. C : 
(VIII) Laura Jane Stauffer, b Jan 7, i860 ; d Sept 19, 
1865. (VIII) Edgar Emlen Stauffer, b Aug 28, 1866 ; 
d Dec 20, 1869. (VIII) Mary Jane Stauffer, b Mar 12, 


187 1 ; died March 15, 187 1. (VIII) Frances Marrion 
Stauffer, b Oct 9, 1873 ; d Nov 15, 1873. 

John m third wife Caroline, dau of Dr Christian 
S B Dechant, of Tremont, Schuylkill co, Pa, Jan 5, 
1875. POBoyertown, Pa. C: (VIII) Elizabeth Estella 
Stauffer, b Oct 18, 1875 ; d Mar 2, 1876. (VIII) John 
Dechant Stauffer, b January 1, 1877. (VIII) Charles 
Christian Stauffer, b May 5, 1880. 

VII. Franklin K Stauffer, b Jan 1 1, 1829 ; d Sept 28, 
1880 ; m Harriet, dau of Jacob L,udwig, Oct 30, 1855. 
She was b March 12, 1833 ; d Dec 16, 1857. C : 
Wilfred. Franklin m second wife Sarah T, dau of 
William T Miller, of Trappe, Pa, Oct 23, 1S60. She 
d Oct 3, 1880. C : Emma, Alice, Katharine. 

VIII. Wilfred L, Stauffer, born at New Berlin, Pa, 
July 28, 1857 > married Magdalena, daughter of 
Reuben T and Elizabeth Strassburger, of Schwenks- 
ville, Pa, Sept 7, 1881. She was born October 16, 
1858. Mr Stauffer was educated in the public schools 
of Boyertown, and atUrsinus College, Collegeville, Pa, 
and followed clerking and bookkeeping for several 
years. In 1887 he entered the employ of the manu- 
facturing firm of James Dees & Sons, Bridgeport, Pa, 
as head bookkeeper. Upon the death of the senior 
partner, in 1894, this firm was incorporated as the 
James Lees & Sons Co, with a capital of $800,000, for 
the manufacture of worsted and woolen yarns, cassi- 
meres, dress goods, etc, and now employs 1200 hands 
and does a business of over $2,000,000 annually. 
Upon the organization of the company Mr Stauffer 
became a director and general manager. He still 
holds the latter position and is also vice president. 
Mr Stauffer is also a member of the firm of Davies 
Stoker Co, of Bridgeport, Pa, manufacturers of a 
patent fuel feeding device. P O Bridgeport, Pa. C : 


(IX) Wilfred E Stauffer, Jr, b July 29, 1883 ; d Jan 5, 
1885; Mary G,b June ir, 1885 ; Charles R, b Apr 7, 
1887 ; Paul S, b Feb 10, 1889 ; J Kenneth, b Apr 9, 
1891 ; Wilfred L, Jr, b Oct 29, 1894. 

VIII. Emma Stauffer, b Oct 26, 1861. Lives with 
her sister, Mrs Binder, at Pottstown, Pa. S. 

VIII. Alice Stauffer, born Oct 12, 1863 ; married 
Charles H, son of Knos H and Mary Jane Detweiler, 
February 17, 1891. P O Royersford, Pa. C : (IX) 
Marion S Detweiler, b Apr 29, 1893 ; Russel S, born 
Sept 12, 1894 ; Leon S, b Nov 28, 1895. 

VIII. Katharine Stauffer, born Oct 6, 1868 ; married 
William M, son of Jeremiah H and Tamsen S Binder, 
Sept 18, 1890. Mr Binder is a music teacher and 
organist at Pottstown, Pa. C : (IX) Edna S Binder, 
b June 22, 1891 ; died Mar 3, 1893. (IX) Wilfred S 
Binder, b Sept 26, 1893. OX) Harold S Binder, born 
Feb 6, 1895 ; d Aug 10, 1895. (IX) Hilda S Binder, 
b April 7, 1896 ; d Feb 16, 1897. 

VII. Maria Elizabeth Stauffer, b at Boyertown, Pa, 
Feb 19, 1 83 1 ; m Abraham G Schwenk Jan 24, 1850. 
He was b June 14, 1826, and was engaged in farming. 
His father, Jacob Schwenk, was the founder of 
Schwenksville, Montg co, Pa, where he (Abraham G) 
is engaged in the coal and lumber business. C : 
Minerva, Irvin. 

VIII. Minerva S Schwenk, b Jan 18, 1851 ; d May 15, 
1876 ; m J Foster Barber, of Hazleton, Pa, July 15, 
1875. C : (IX) Minerva Barber, b May 15, 1876 ; 
d Dec 4, 1876. 

VIII. Irvin S Schwenk, b Oct 18, 1853 ; m Elizabeth, 
dau of Albert and Catharine Bromer, of Schwenks- 
ville, Pa, May 13, 1879. Mr Schwenk was educated 
at Freeland Seminary and Ursinus College. In April 
1874 he was elected teller of the Schwenksville 


National Bank, which position he still holds. C : 
(IX) Minerva Adela Schwenk, b Mar 5, 1880 ; Albert, 
born Oct 9, 1881 ; Abraham, b September 21, 1883 ; 
Edward, b Aug 27, 1885. 

VII. Amanda StaufTer, born Dec 6, 1833 ; married 
Rev Augustus L, son of Rev Jacob and Mary Dechant 
(who came from Germany), May 2, 1854. He was 
born in Montgomery county, Pa, January 26, 1823. 
He was educated in Philadelphia, at Franklin and 
Marshall College, Lancaster, and at the Theological 
Seminary at Mercersburg, Pa. The Rev Frederick 
Wilhelm Von-der-Slott baptized him and Rev William 
Hangen confirmed him in his youth in the Keely's 
Reformed congregation in Limerick township. He 
learned the tailoring trade under William Barret, at 
Schwenksville, Pa, which he followed the first nine 
years of his manhood. But a change occurred in his 
history, for which he confidentially holds Providence 
responsible. Whether he would or not, a call im- 
pressed itself upon him, and under its force he found 
his way to the school at Mercersburg, where the 
groundwork to his preparation was firmly laid. More 
favorable opportunities having been offered at Boyer- 
town, Pa, he continued his studies at the latter place 
for three years longer. During a period of four years 
he studied theology privately as opportunity offered. 
In 1 85 1 he was licensed to preach the Gospel by 
the Classis of Goshenhoppen at Red Hill, Pa. During 
his licentiate year he resided at Millerstown, Lehigh 
county, Pa, and supplied the Lutheran church of the 
Saucon charge, made vacant by the death of Rev 
William German. Having served this field with 
great acceptance to the people a number of other large 
inducements were offered to him, but his Reformed 
blood told against such a step. In 1852 he removed 


to Frederick twp, Montg co, Pa, and was ordained as 
a missionary pastor within the bounds of the Goshen- 
hoppen Classis. The spirit of independency had been 
ripe in this and neighboring localities at this time, in 
consequence of which Pastor Dechant was obliged to 
be satisfied with a day of small things during the 
opening period of his regular ministry. But a moiety 
of the congregation in Frederick township proved 
loyal to the church and to himself on his arrival among 
them. Later, after severe labor and persecution, 
order came out of confusion under God, and Pastor 
Dechant today looks upon the Reformed congregation 
in Frederick township as one of his dearest points. 
He has been their pastor for fully a quarter of a 
centurjr. The Huber's congregation, now Christ's 
church, in Douglass twp, Berks co, Pa, was opened for 
him at a later day. Hilltown, in Bucks co, was like- 
wise supplied by him. The Boyertown and Sassaman's 
Reformed congregations sought his services. The 
congregation at Sumneytown came into being in 1858 
and was taken under his wing in 1862. In this year 
the Old Goshenhoppen pastoral charge, consisting 
of Goshenhoppen, Frederick, Sumneytown and Peniis- 
burg churches, was organized, and Pastor Dechant was 
chosen regular minister. He supplied the charge 
until 1890, when he resigned on account of ill health, 
and his son-in-law, Rev J L, Roush, was elected his 

Rev Dechant affords us another specimen of a 
self-made man. His means had been limited and his 
opportunities comparatively few, but he surely made 
the most of these. Few pastors know how to present 
the truth in a more forcible and effectual way than he 
does. At the last day he will not be condemned for 
having laid his pound in a napkin, we are quite sure. 


He is now living with his wife and unmarried children 
at Pennsburg, Montg co. C : Calvin, Mary, Emma, 
Adelaide, Esther, Abner, Ella, John, Jacob, Charles. 

VIM. Calvin Zwingli Dechaut, b February 24, 1S55 ; 
m Lillie, dau of John and Mary Freeman, Dec 18, 
1880. C : (IX) Irma Selina Dechant, b Sept 8, 1883 ; 
John Augustus, b Jan 13, 1886 ; Abner Freeman. 

VIII. Mar>- Elizabeth Dechant, b Februar)' 21, 1857 ; 
married Samuel Summers May 18, 1876. P O Penns- 
burg, Pa. C : (IX) Laura Dechant Summers, born 
August 7, 1877. (IX) John Augustus Summers, born 
June 10, 1879. (IX) Henry Aaron Summers, born 
Sept 9, [880 ; d Nov 19, 1880. (IX) Wilfred Troxel 
Summers, b May 15, 1882. (IX) Clarence Dechant 
Summers, b May 19, 1889. (IX) Edmund Summers, 
b July 3, 1892. 

VIII. Emma L Dechant, b Feb 12, 1859 ; m Eugene, 
son of John and Lucy Scholl, January 20, 188 1. P O 
Pennsburg, Pa. C: (IX) Ducy Amanda Scholl, born 
Aug 20, 1884 ; John Augustus, b Feb 16, 1888. 

VIM. Adelaide Amanda Dechant, b March 18, 1861 ; 
m Jonas S, son of Jonas and Esther Wanger, Oct 7, 
1886. He was b Nov 9, 1854. R Pottstown, Pa. 
C : (IX) Esther Dechant Wagner, b July 16, 1889 ; 
Frank D, b Aug 22, 1893. 

VIM. Esther Rebecca Dechant, born May 31, 1863 ; 
m William H, sou of Philip and Elizabeth Traub, of 
Hereford twp, Berks co, Pa, October 27, 1887. He 
was born March 14, 1850. P O Weissport, Pa. C : 
(IX) Herbert D Traub, b March 28, 1891. (IX) Victor 
Augustus Traub, b Oct 10, 1893. OX) Calvin Henry 
Traub, b Aug 13, 1896 ; d Nov 15, 1896. 

VIII. Rev Abner S Dechant, b Aug 17, 1865 ; mEmma 
Alliene, dau of Rev Lucius J and Sarah Mayer, Apr 15, 
1891. She was born March 18, 1863. Mr Dechant 


graduated from Franklin and Marshall College, Lan- 
caster, Pa, in 1887, and from Theological Seminary 
in 1 890. He was ordained a minister of the German 
Reformed Church in August 1890, and was sent to 
Abiline, Kan, as a missionary. This work he carried 
on for five years, when he was elected home mission- 
ary superintendent and still holds the position. P O 
Abiline, Kan. C : (IX) Irene M Dechant, b and d 
Sept 11, 1892. (IX) Alliene Saeger Dechant, born 
Sept 11, 1892. (IX) Clement Weiser Dechant, born 
July 17, 1894. 

VIII. Ella Selina Dechant, b Aug 9, 1867 ; m Rev J L 
Roush May 9, 1890. He is a graduate of Franklin 
and Marshall College and the Theological Seminary, at 
Lancaster, Pa. He is now pastor of the Ger Ref ch 
at Pennsburg, Pa, having succeeded his father-in-law 
in that charge. C : (IX) Adelaide Amanda Roush, 
b June 30, 1891 ; Marguerite, b Nov 12, 1893. 

VIII. John Franklin Dechant, b Dec 29, 1869. He 
graduated from Franklin and Marshall College, and 
is now preparing for the ministry at the German 
Reformed Theological Seminary, Lancaster, in the 
class of '99. 

VIII. Jacob William Dechant, b Jan 10, 1874. 

VIII. Charles Augustus Dechant, b June 29, 1876 ; 
died March 15, 1877. 

VII. Abner Keely Stauffer, Esq, b October 11, 1836 ; 
m Emma L, dau of Philip C and Mary A Renninger, 
of Lancaster, Pa, Sept 25, i860. She was b Feb 9, 
1 84 1 ; d March 29, 1865. He attended Mt Pleasant 
Seminary, Boyertown, Pa. In 1855 he entered the 
Sophomore class at Franklin and Marshall College, 
Lancaster, and graduated in 1858. He was principal 
of the Boyertown public school for one year ; studied 
law at Reading, Pa, under the late John S Richards, 

Austin Coat-op-Arms 


Esq, and was admitted to the Berks County Bar on 
April 15, 1 86 1 (the day President Lincoln issued his 
proclamation calling for 75,000 troops). On June 28, 
1863, Mr Stauffer entered the Union Army in Com- 
pany C, 42nd Regiment, Pa Volunteers, and remained 
in service until the regiment was mustered out. 

In 1867 he was nominated for State Senator 
by the Republican County Convention, and although 
he carried the city of Reading and ran ahead of his 
ticket throughout the county, he was defeated by his 
Democratic opponent. He was three times elected a 
member of Reading Common Council and also served 
as president one year. He rendered distinguished 
services in promoting and carrying many important 
measures for the improvement of the city to successful 
conclusion, notably the removing of the market sheds 
from Penu Square, resulting in the erection of 
closed market houses ; the freeing of the three bridges 
over the Schuylkill River, by which the three main 
highways from the south and west enter the city, and 
the recovery, without cost to the city, of 39 acres of 
ground (known as the fair grounds), at the head of 
Penn street, and owned by the county. This tract is 
now converted into a park and is known as Penu's 
Common. Each of these measures was in turn bitterly 
opposed, and it was only after long and spirited con- 
tests, fought under the leadership of Mr Stauffer, that 
the progressive party succeeded in their efforts in 
behalf of the city. After six years service Mr Stauffer 
declined to serve any longer in the city councils, but 
continued to take an active interest in all public 
improvements while devoting himself to his law 
practice. In 1874 Mr Stauffer and his brother-in-law, 
DeB Randolph Keim, became the pioneers in the 
development of the Reading suburbs by establishing 


their homes on the southern slope of Mount Penn, 
overlooking the city, at a time when the advantages 
of suburban life were little appreciated. 

Mr Stauffer has always taken great interest in 
educational matters, and in 1872 was elected a director 
of the Reading Library Company. He has been re- 
elected every year since and still holds the position. 
During the period of his service the library, for various 
causes, passed through many trying odeals, and at 
one time its continued existence was in serious peril, 
but through the determined efforts of Mr Stauffer and 
the other directors the library building and books 
were saved. Since then the library has been steadily 
growing stronger in popular favor and in the increase 
of books, and is now firmly established in its own large 
four-story building at corner Fifth and Franklin 
streets. The library now has on its shelves many 
thousand volumes of excellent books. C: (VIII) Ella 
Salina Stauffer, b March 11, 1862 ; d May 3, 1864. 
(VIII) Edgar Emlen Stauffer, b March 8, 1865 ; died 
July 27, 1865. 

Abner K Stauffer married second wife Mrs Mary 
Keim Mills in Christ Cathedral, Reading, Pa, Dec 15, 
1870. She was b Dec 4, 1842 ; d Aug 2,1891. The 
first morning after her death the following account of 
her life was published in the Reading " Herald": 

" The Angelus bells had scarcely ceased ringing 
yesterday morning when, at 6.20 a m, the soul of Mrs 
A K Stauffer entered into the joy and rest of Paradise. 
Surrounded by her husband and children she quietly 
breathed her last and without a struggle left this 
world. Ten days before, when her physician told her 
that death was approaching, she expressed perfect 
willingness to die and at once made preparations for 
the end, receiving the Blessed Sacrament and bidding 


her loved ones farewell. She then patiently awaited 
the summons and remained conscious almost to the 
last, death coming as peacefully as night melts into 
day. Many eyes were wet with tears in St. Barnabas' 
church yesterday morning, when Mrs Stauffer's death 
was announced, and the prayers of the faithful were 
asked for her and for those bereaved in her death. 
" Mrs Stauffer's maiden name was Mary High 
Keim. She was b Dec 4, 1842, in the Keim mansion, on 
North 5th street, which stood on a part of the site of 
the present postoffice, and was the second child and 
oldest daughter of John High Keim and Martha Eliza- 
beth Randolph Keim. In 1855 her parents moved to 
Dubuque, la, where she studied at a Roman Catholic 
convent, after which she continued her education at 
St Mary's Hall, Burlington, N Y. Here she was a 
classmate of Miss Peterson, who afterwards became the 
wife of George W Childs, and the friendship then 
formed lasted through life. In 1858 her father died 
and she left school, returning to Dubuque, where on 
Sept 4, 1866, she was married to Ljeut William Wirt 
Mills, a member of the Dubuque bar. Mr Mills died 
on June 29th of the following year, and in August she 
returned to Reading with her infant son, her mother 
having returned in the Fall of '66. On Dec 15, 1870, 
she was married to A K Stauffer, Esq, a member of 
the Berks county bar, who survives her with her five 
children — Rev William Wirt Mills, curate of Grace 
church, Jersey City ; John Keim Stauffer, who gratu- 
ated from the Reading High school last June ; Anna 
Keim and Mary Virginia Stauffer, who are in the Girl's 
High school, and Frederick Randolph Stauffer. The 
following brothers and sisters survive : DeB Ran- 
dolph Keim, the well-known Washington correspon- 
dent ; Edward T and Peyton R Keim, officers in the 


American Express Co, Kansas City, Mo ; T Beverly 
Keim, president of the River Foundry Co, Reading ; 
John Otto Keim, superintendent of the Delaware River 
and Lancaster Railroad, of Philadelphia, and Virginia 
R, wife of James A Millhollaud, president of the 
George's Creek and Cumberland Railroad, Cumber- 
land, Md. 

" Mrs Stauffer unites in herself the old Keim 
family of Berks and the Randolph stock of Virginia. 
On her father's side she was descended from Johannas 
Keim, who was from a family of prominent merchants 
of I^andau, a fortified city of the Palatinate of the 
Rhine, who emigrated to New York in 1708 and 
settled in Oley in 1709, receiving a patent from the 
Government of William Penn, which is still on file in 
Harrisburg. Through the De Benneviles the Keims 
receive French Huguenot blood and through the 
Mayers the lineage is traced back to Melchior Mayer, 
a Stadthauptman of the free city of Ulm in 1452. By 
her mother she was descended from the Tuckahoe 
branch of the Randolph family of Virginia, and was a 
granddaughter of Col Thomas Beverly Randolph, one 
of the first graduates of West Point, and was the 10th 
generation from the Algonquin Princess Pocahontas. 

' ' Mrs Stauffer was a woman of remarkable cul- 
ture and a brilliant conversationalist. Besides being 
thoroughly informed in art, literature and history she 
was an indefatigable reader of the newspapers and 
was always well posted on the news of the day, both 
local and general, talking with equal ease and accuracy 
of information on any topic. A large library of scrap 
books, covering the last 20 years, are a substan- 
tial evidence of her painstaking industry, and the 
collection is exceedingly valuable. In these scrap 
books are preserved everything printed hereabouts 

Ai/tia Rheua Austin. 

(See page 122. ) 


concerning her friends and acquaintances and much of 
more general interest. It was not until 1 1 days ago 
that she yielded to her sickness and ceased to keep up 
her scrap book. For the last five years articles signed 
' Mary Keim Stauffer ' have been features of the 
"Ladies' Home Journal," Philadelphia ; the "Ladies' 
World," New York ; the " American Farmers' Home 
Journal," New York ; the " Young Folks' Journal," 
New York ; the "Home Queen," Philadelphia, and 
the " Housewife," New York. Mrs Stauffer's interest 
in fancy work, and her skill in all its branches found 
natural expression on paper, and her skill in describing 
her patterns clearly and giving intelligible directions 
made her articles much sought after and appreciated. 
At the time of her death she was in charge of the 
'Knitting Circle,' a department of the "Home 
Queen." In connection with this work she had a 
large correspondence, reaching every part of the conti- 
nent, and she was frequently called upon to make 
intelligible descriptions of difficult lace patterns, a 
work which she was always able to do. Mrs Stauffer 
was also an accomplished musician, being a thorough 
master of the piano and organ, and had a voice of 
phenominal scope and melody. Before her health 
became impaired she was known in Dubuque and 
Reading as a sweet singer, her services always being 
freely given for charitable and the entertainment of 
her friends. She was a social favorite in Reading, 
Dubuque, Philadelphia and Washington, and was re- 
ceived with especial distinctions at the White House 
by Mrs Grant and Mrs Cleveland. She entertained 
a great deal and was always surrounded by friends, 
keeping an open house all the year. 

' ' Mrs Stauffer was a life-long member and com- 
municant of the Episcopal Church and was always 


zealous in attending to her church duties. For many 
years she was a volunteer organist at Christ Cathedral, 
playing at the daily services in Lent, and was also 
treasurer of the Ladies' Guild. She was a regular 
contributor and supporter of many charities, especially 
the Home for Widows and Single Women, the Bureau 
of Employment, the Home for Friendless Children, 
the Reading Hospital, and was a life member of the 
two first mentioned corporations. Mrs Stauffer will 
be sadly missed by a devoted family and a very large 
circle of friends, who were endeared to her by the force 
of her personal charms, and especially by her cheerful 
disposition and her cordial hospitality. ' ' 

The other Reading papers and various papers in 
Philadelphia and elsewhere contained highly eulogistic 
notices of the deceased. The funeral was held in 
Christ Episcopal Cathedral on August 6, on which 
occasion tributes were paid the memory of the deceased 
by Revs Dr Orrick, John Long and L R Dabrymple. 
Interment was made in Charles Evans Cemetery. 

Rev William Wirt Mills, only son of William 
Wirt Mills, Esq, and Mary High Keim, was born at 
Dubuque, la, July 17, [867, and came to Reading 
with his mother in the same year. He was educated 
in the private schools of Reading, and under the 
instruction of Prof Edward Carroll passed the entrance 
examination for Lehigh University when he was less 
than 15 years old. After following surveying for one 
year he began his studies at Lehigh University, South 
Bethlehem, Pa, in the class of '87, and at the same 
time was made reporter of the university for the 
Bethlehem " Daily Times." He left the university at 
the end of the junior year to become assistant editor 
on the " Times," and at the beginning of the follow- 
ing year succeeded to the editorship, in which position 


he distinguished himself as a forceful and prolific 
writer and a successful editor. In the Fall of 1888 he 
gave up his newspaper career to enter the General 
Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church, New 
York, and graduated from that institution Ma}' 20, 
1 89 1. On May 23, 1891, he was ordained deacon by 
Bishop Rulison, and June 9, 1892, was advanced to 
the priesthood by Bishop Starkey, in Orange, N. J. 
He served as assistant in Grace and St Mark's 
parishes, Jersey City, and as rector of St Barnabas' 
church, Camden, N J, but was obliged to abandon his 
work for a time on account of ill health. In March 
1894 he founded St Alban's parish, Erie, Pa, and in 
November 1896 accepted the rectorship of the Church 
of the Advent, at Kennett Square, Chester county, Pa. 
In 1895, in conjunction with some of the leading 
clergymen of New York City, he founded the American 
Church League, an organization to defend the Episco- 
pal Church from misrepresentation and attack in the 
secular papers, and also to further the interests of the 
church. As secretary, Mr Mills has actively pushed 
the work of this league. He is a large contributor to 
church papers, especially as a reviewer of theological 
books. In August 1897 he resigned his charge and 
became editorial writer on the Easton (Pa) "Free 
Press ' ' and a contributor to the New York daily news- 
papers. R No 9 Eehn's Court, Easton, Pa. 

Children of Abner K Stauffer and second wife Mary 
High Keim Mills : (VIM) John Keim Stauffer, born 
July 22, 1874. He was educated at Reading, Pa, and 
graduated from the Boys' High School in 189 1. In 
the Fall of the same year he entered Columbia College, 
New York, and the Sophomore class of Yale the fol- 
lowing year, graduating from the latter university in 
the class of '95. He entered the office of his father, 


A K Stauffer, Esq, as a law student in October 1895, 
and during the pursuit of his law studies devoted con- 
siderable time to journalism, doing successful work for 
the Reading " Review," Reading " Morning Herald" 
and Philadelphia " Press." (VIII) Anna K Stauffer, 
b Apr 7, 1877. She graduated from the Girls' High 
School, Reading, Pa, in the class of '95, and is now a 
student at National Park Seminary, Forest Glen, near 
Washington, D C. (VIII) Mary Virginia Stauffer, 
b Nov 2i, 1878. She graduated from the Girls' High 
School, Reading, in the class of '95. (VIII) Frederick 
Randolph Stauffer, b Aug 28, 188 1. He is a member 
of the class of '98 in the Boys' High School, Reading. 
VII. Minerva Stauffer, b May 3, 1839 ; d Aug 16, 1844. 
VI. Henry Stauffer, b Oct 7, 1794 ; d Dec 27, 1871 ; 
m Mary, daughter of Jacob Keely, June 27, 18 19. 
She was b Dec 12, 1799 ; d August 7, 1861. They 
lived at Boyertown, Pa. C : Jacob, Henry, Sarah, 
Isaac, Mary, Harriet, Elizabeth, Jonathan. 

VII. Jacob K Stauffer, b April 18, 1820; m Sarah 
Ann Hollenbach in 1846. She was b Dec 22, 1826. 
P O Boyertown, Pa. C : Valeria, Cevilla. 

VIII. Valeria Stauffer, b July 10, 1847 ; m Dr John 
H Funk in 1864. He was born March 7, 1844. 
P O Boyertown, Pa. Physician. C : Walter, Irene. 

IX. Walter S Funk, b June 8, 1865 ; m Helena W 
Weiser in 1884. She was born January 29, 1S68. 
P O Boyertown, Pa. C : (X) Sheldon Funk, born 
May 7, 1887 ; Hildegarde, b Sept 7, 1891 ; Kath- 
aleen, b Sept n, 1896. 

IX. Irene S Funk, b Sept 9, 1868 ; m Charles E, son 
of Rev L, J Mayer (who was pastor of the Boyertown, 
Pa, Ger Ref ch for twenty years), in 1888. R Minne- 
apolis, Minn. C : (X) Sweudolyn A Mayer, born 


Sept 30, 1889 ; L,eon Eugene, b Mar 30, 1892 ; Ena 
Beryl, b Sept 26, 1893. 

VIII. Cevilla Stauffer, b May 27, 185 1 ; djan6, 1871 ; 
m Dr Joel B Bower in 1869. He was b Oct 27, 1840. 
P O Boyertown, Pa. C : (X) Henry Bower, b Jan 1, 
1871 ; d Apr 2, 1871. 

VII. Henry Stauffer, Jr, b Mar 17, 1822 ; d Aug 7, 
1880 ; m Mary Deysher in 1859. She was b in 1838. 
No issue. 

VII. Sarah Stauffer, b July 9, 1824 ; m Prof I Bladen 
Hankey June 22, 1856. He was b April 24, 1829 ; 
died April 3, 188 1. He graduated from Gettysburg 
College and subsequently became principal of Mt 
Pleasant Seminary, Boyertown, Pa. C : Wilbur, 
Mary, Bladen. 

VIM. Wilbur Hankey, born April 25, 1857. 

VIII. Mary E Hankey, b April 4, 1859 ; m Calvin F 
Ernes August 10, 1875. He was born Dec 10, 1855. 
P O Boyertown, Pa. C : (IX) Bladen Warren Ernes, 
b Jan 13, 1877. (IX) Bertha Kate Ernes, b Nov 10, 
1879. (IX) Annie Dora Ernes, born July 7, 1882. 
(IX) Calvin H Ernes, b Nov 19, 1884. (IX) Elwood 
W Ernes, b Jan 1, 1888 ; d Feb 23, 1894. (IX) Mary 
M Ernes, b Dec 25, 1892. (IX) George E Emes, born 
Mar 4, 1895. (IX) William H Emes, b Mar 29, 1897. 

VIII. Bladen E Hankey, b December 10, 1868 ; died 
April 17, 1893. 

VII. Isaac K Stauffer (d), b July 21, 1826 ; married 
Susanna, dau of George and Susan Metts, of Phila, 
Apr 5, 1849. For many years he conducted a jewelry 
store on N 2nd st, Phila. C : Susan, Francis, Florence. 

VIII. Susan M Stauffer, b Mar 29, 1850 ; m Henry 
Clay Stoughton Dec 24, 1872. He was b Nov 28, 
1844. R2131 N 28th st, Phila. C: (IX) H Clay 
Stoughton, b Apr 23, 1874. (IX) Florence E Stough- 


ton, b Jan 9, 1877 ; d Apr 29, 1887. (IX) Frank W 
Stoughton, b Feb n, 1879. (IX) Leonard A Stough- 
ton, b Aug 2, 1880. (IX) H Grant Stoughton, born 
March 19, 1882; died April 17, 1887. (IX) Edward 
Stoughton, b April 9, 1885. (IX) Walter Stoughton, 
born March 17, 1887. 

VIII. Francis Winfleld Stauffer, b Nov 24, 1852 ;, died 
Aug 28, 1893. S. 

VIII. Florence Eugenia Stauffer, born June 12, 1859 ; 
m Louis H Frank Oct 14, 1886. He was b Feb 26, 
1859. R 922 N 57th st, Phila. C : (IX) Louis S 
Frank, b July 30, 1887 ; Florence Rosina, b Sept 30, 
1888 ; Bessie May, b Dec 21, 1892. 

VII. Mary Ann Stauffer, born July 26, 1828 ; died 
June 9, 1 83 1. 

VII. Harriet Stauffer, b Sept 30, 1830 ; m George E 
Bleim November 16, 186 1. P O Boyertown, Pa. C : 

(VIII) Son, d in infancy June 9, 1865. (VIII) Henry 
Bleim, b Mar 13, 1871 ; d Nov 23, 1878. 

VII. Elizabeth Stauffer, b Nov 16, 1832 ; m Rev Joel 
M Grim May 10, 1853. He died Oct 11, 1886. C : 
Homer, Bladen, Clinton, Isaac, Jonathan, Edward ,. 

VIII. Homer T Grim, born June 5, 1854 ; m Elmira 
Yoder July 5, 1881. She was b April 8, 1864. C : 

(IX) Charles G Grim, b Feb n, 1882 ; Mary A, born 
June 13, 1884 ; Sidney Y, b Feb 6, 1886 ; Flora Y, 
b Dec 8, 1890 ; Bladen Y, b Dec 5, 1892 ; Eva Y, 
born May 9, 1895. 

VIII. Bladen S Grim. 

VIII. Clinton K Grim, born Sept 11, 1858 ; m Mary 
Engle Dec 3, 1891. She was b April 17, 1864. C : 
(IX) Carrie E Grim, b Aug 25, 1882. (IX) Edward E 
Grim, b Mar 1, 1885. (IX) Herbert E Grim, b Jan 2, 
1888; d Apr 3,1891. (IX) Bessie E Grim, b May 21, 


1890. (IX) Albert E Grim, bom August 8, 1892. 
(IX) Laura E Grim, b Aug 20, 1896. 

VIII. Isaac H Grim, b Nov 13, i860. S. 

VIII. Jonathan A Grim, born July 13, 1862 ; died 
September 12, 1881. 

VIII. Edward S Grim, born August 24, 1864 ; died 
September 12, 1881. 

VIII. George F Grim, born June 6, 1866 ; m Agnes 
Koch June 10, 1885. She was b Sept 14, 1869. C : 
(IX) Lawrence K Grim, b Nov 24, 1886 ; d Jan 17, 
1887. (IX) Henry K Grim, b Feb 12, 1889. (IX) Ella 
K Grim, b Feb 1, 1892. (IX) Warren K Grim, born 
Nov 4, 1893. (IX) Walter K Grim, b Jan 7, 1896. 

VII. Jonathan K Stauffer, b Jan 5, 1838 ; d Mar 16, 
1 86 1. He was educated at Mt Pleasant Seminary, 
Boyertown, Pa, and later attended Pennsylvania 
College, Gettysburg, Pa, and Franklin and Marshall 
College, Lancaster, Pa. In 1858 he graduated from 
Lewisburg (Pa) University, and then taught the 
High school at Friedensburg, Bucks county, until his 
death. Single. 

VI. Elizabeth Stauffer, b Oct 9, 1796 ; d Mar 9, 1872. 

V. Rev John Stauffer, b Oct 5, 1762 ; died Oct 11, 
1822 ; m Mary Latshaw. She was b Dec 10, 1768 ; 
died August 30, 1830. They lived and died in East 
Coventry, Chester co, Pa. Weaver and farmer. He 
was a minister of the Mennonite church. C : Jacob, 
Catharine, John ; Elizabeth, Mary (twins). 

VI. Jacob Stauffer, b Jan 19, 1790 ; d Sept 22, 1862 ; 
m Mary Moyer. She was b Aug 10, 1795 ; d Nov 7, 
1873. Menns. C : John, Catharine, Mary, Jacob, 
Abraham, Isaac, Henry, Elizabeth, Sarah, William, 
Leah, Harriet, Lavina. 

VII. John M Stauffer, b in Chester co, Pa, Oct 17, 
18 16 ; d February 10, 1891 ; m Sophia Pennypacker 


Jan 1 6, 1842. Farmer ; Ref. C : Frank, Wilfred, 

VIII. J Frank Stauffer, b in Chester co, Pa, Nov 20, 
1845 ; m Annie E Brownback June 26, 1875. P O 
Vincent, Pa. Farmer. C : (IX) Harry C Stauffer, 
born Oct 27, 1884. 

VIII. Wilfred H Stauffer, born in Chester co, Dec 15, 
1848 ; m Mary Jane Ellis Dec 21, 1876. P O Fricks 
Lock, Pa. Farmer. C : (IX) Rena Mae Stauffer, 
born Nov 16, 1879 ; Frank Ellis, b Feb n, 1882. 

VIII. Mary Ada Stauffer, b Aug 8, 1854 ; m Abram 
B Stauffer. (See Ind of Ref No 19. ) 

VII. Catharine Stauffer, b Oct 12, 1817 ; d Feb 22, 

1881 ; m Halteman (d). C : (VIII) Ammond 

Halteman. P O Smithville, O. (VIII) Sallie Halte- 
man, m John Bergey. C : Boyd, Carl, Pearl, Roy. 

(VIII) Leah Halteman, m Hart. Had one child. 

(VIII) Henry Halteman, d young. (VIII) Mary Halte- 
man, died young. (VIII) Harriet Halteman, died in 
Jnniata co, Pa ; married Jacob Smith. No issue. 

(VIII) Jacob Halteman, d in Ohio ; married . 

VII. Mary A Stauffer, born in Chester co, Pa, Oct 7, 
18 19 ; d May 6, 1888 ; m Christian H Bliem Nov 23, 
1843. He d Apr 21, 1892. They lived in Montg co. 
Farmer ; Meuns. C : William, Stauffer. 

VIII. William S Bliem, b Dec 16, 1847 ; m Saloma, 
daughter of Isaac F Yost, ex-Judge of Montg co, Pa. 
R Pottstowu, Pa. C : (IX) Daniel W Bliem, born 
at Linfield, Pa, Oct 10, 1874. R 203 Orbison ave, 
Roland Park, Baltimore. Civil Engineer ; Ref. S. 

(IX) Mary E Bliem, b March 2, 1880. 

VIII. J Stauffer Bliem, b Dec 30, 1852 ; m Emma L 
Kinzee Dec 20, 1894. R Pottstown, Pa. 
VII. Jacob Stauffer, b June 2, 182 1 ; d 18S4. S. 
VII. Abraham M Stauffer, b Sept 25, 1822 ; m Rebecca 

Neva Ethel Austin, 

(See page 122.) 


Harley. P O Kenilworth, Pa. C : (VIM) Amy 

Stauffer, d aged about 10 years. 

VII. Isaac M Stauffer, b Aug 2, 1824 ; died Aug 5, 
1 89 1 ; married Kate Hart. C: (VIII) Mary Stauffer, 
m John L Beans. P O Doylestown, Pa. 

VII. Henry M Stauffer, b Sept 27, 1826 ; m Hannah 
Hart. P O Pottstown, Pa. No issue. 

VII. Elizabeth Stauffer, b Feb 27, 1828 ; d Mar 1897 ; 
m Ellis Shalcup (d). A daughter died aged about 

16 ) r ears. Elizabeth m second husband Ebert. 

No issue. 

VII. Sarah Stauffer, b May io, 1829 ; d July 3, 1897 ; 
m Rev John Latshaw Nov 21, 1850. P O Spring 
City, Pa. Retired farmer. He was ordained deacon 
of the Vincent and Coventry churches Dec 26, 1864, 
and minister June 9, 1887. Menns. C : William, 
Mary, Harriet, Hannah, Henry, Ella, Sallie, John, 
Hosea, Harvey. 

VIII. William F Latshaw, b in Chester co, Pa, Jan 21, 
1852 ; m Elizabeth H Wismer December 18, 1875. 
P O Spring City, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. C : Harry, 
Willis, J Irvin, Mary Kate. 

VIII. Mary S Latshaw, b Apr 28, 1853 ; m Davis R 
Loomis(d). P O Spring City, Pa. C: Sarah, Ora. 

VIII. Harriet S Latshaw, b May 18, 1855 ; m Joseph 
I Mowrey Dec 2, 1876. P O Spring City, Pa. Coal 
and feed merchant ; Meth. C : (IX) Anna Mowrey 
(d), m John L Davis. (IX) George, Ida (d), Paul, 
Edna, Grace, Harriet. 

VIII. Hannah R Latshaw, b Apr 8, 1857 ; m Henry D 
Funk Dec 19, 1879. P O Spring City, Pa. Farmer. 
C : Sadie, Elsie, Horace, John, Clarence, Ora K. 

VIII. Henry S Latshaw, born Dec 8, 1858 ; m Anna 
Naile Feb 28, 1885. P O Spring City, Pa. Farmer. 
C : Nerma, Lelah, Anna. 


VIII. Ella E Eatshaw, born October 21, i860 ; died 
September 3, 1864. 

VIII. Sallie J Eatshaw, b July 6, 1863 ; mJE Yeager 
Jan 15, 1 89 1. P O Spring City, Pa. Moulder. C : 
Jesse, Harriet. 

VIII. John E Eatshaw, b August 1, 1865 ; m Sue E 
Funk July 19, 189 1. P O Spring City, Pa. Farmer. 
C : Blanche, Elmer. 

VIII. Hosea E Eatshaw, b Jan 29, 1868 ; m Zadie 
Sheeder Dec 13, 1888. P O Spring City, Pa. Baker. 
C : Russel, Elsie, Earl, Sarah E. 

VIII. J Harvey Eatshaw, b June 9, 1871 ; m Amy T 
Miller November 18, 1897. Baker. R Phila. 

VII. William M StaufTer, b Nov 12, 183 1 ; m Susan 
Prizer. R S 6th st, Reading, Pa. No issue. 

VII. Leah Stauffer, b Nov 2, 1833 ; m Hiram Ellis. 
He d March 1897. C : (VIII) Eddie Ellis, d about 
1891 ; m . (VIII) Elmer, m . 

VII. Harriet Stauffer, b in Chester co, Pa, May 10, 
1836 ; married Henry S Pennypacker January 17, 
1 86 1. P O Parkersford, Pa. Farmer ; Dunkards. 
C : (VIII) Jacob Stauffer Pennypacker, married Katie 
Mowery. C : Harry Norman, Joseph Earl, Sarah 
Ethel, Mary Edith. (VIII) Samuel Pennypacker, m 
Cassie Carl. C : Sarah Helen, Blanche Hazel. 

VII. Lovina Stauffer, born in Chester co, Pa, Sept 29, 
1840 ; m George C Green Nov 21, 1868. R 485 N 
Franklin st, Pottstowu Pa. Ref. C : (VIII) Eaura A 
Green, b May 24, 1870; d July 28, 1870. (VIII) Eulu 
Belle Green, b July 15, 187 1. Ref. S. (VIII) Ida 
Kate Green, b Mar 23, 1874. Ref. S. (VIII) Sallie 
Morrison Green, b Feb 4, 1876. Ref. S. 

VI. Catharine Stauffer, m Jacob Harley. C: David, 
John, Maria, Jesse, Jacob, Elizabeth, Joseph, Rudolph. 
Some of the children moved West, where they died. 


Jacob died in Chester co, Pa ; Joseph, if living, resides 
in New York ; Rudolph, if living, resides in Illinois. 

Elizabeth married Stemm. They reside at Kenil- 

worth, Pa. 

VI. John L, Stauffer, bin Chester co, Pa, Oct 1, 1794 ; 
d July 1, 1852 ; m Hannah Peunypacker Oct 16, 1820. 
She was b in Chester co March 15, 1801 ; d July 16, 
1866. Farmer; Menns. C: Jacob, Samuel, John, 
William, Rudolph, Joseph, Catharine, Henry, Mar- 
garet, Benjamin, Elizabeth. 

VII. Jacob P Stauffer, b in Chester co Nov 11, 1821 ; 
d Nov 13, 1892 ; m Matilda Fox in 1847. Carpenter 
and butcher ; Menns. C : (VIII) Clemmie Stauffer, 
born in 1848 ; m Thomas Ellis. P O St Mary's, Pa. 
Painter. C : Sallie, Edward, Earl, Minnie, Edith. 
(VIM) Allen Stauffer, b in 1850 ; d in Colorado Feb 1, 
1887 ; m Emily McLeod. (VIII) John Stauffer, born 
in 1852. P O Kenilworth, Pa. Laborer; L,uth. S. 
(VIII) Samuel Stauffer, born in 1854 ; m Kate Smith. 
P O Douglassville, Pa. Laborer. C : Harvey, Perry, 
Warren. (VIII) Henry Stauffer, b in 1856 ; married 
Clara Frock. R Reading, Pa. Painter and paper 
hanger. No issue. 

VII. Samuel Stauffer, b Dec 28, 1824 ; m Ann Kulp 
Nov 9, 1847. P O Pottstown, Pa. Retired farmer ; 
Ref. C: (VIM) Elizabeth Stauffer, b July io, 1850; 
married Albert Yocum Mar 7, 1872. P O Brower, Pa. 
(VIM) Emma Stauffer, b Aug 6, 1853 ; m Frederick 
Klink Nov 1875. PO Kenilworth, Pa. (VIM) Clara 
Stauffer, born April 28, 1855. P O Pottstown, Pa. 
(VIII) Milton Stauffer, born Sept 1-6, 1857 ; d Mar 9, 
1895 ; m Mary McFarlaud July 1882. Civil engineer. 
They lived in Chicago. No issue. 

VII. John P Stauffer, b in East Vincent, Pa, July 8, 
1826; m Rebecca Miller Dec 17, 1848. ShedMayi7, 


1849. No issue. John married second wife Susan 
Slichter Mar 1, 1851. P O Parkersford, Pa. Farmer; 
Ger Bap. C : Hannah, Willoughby, Annie, Thomas, 
Hettie, Clara. 

VIII. Hannah Elizabeth Stauffer, born Nov 22, 1852. 
P O Parkersford, Pa. Dressmaker ; Bap. S. 

VIII. Willoughby Stauffer, b Mar 9, 1855 ; m Mary 
Jane Bucher Nov 4, 1876. P O East Vincent, Pa. 
Butcher. C : (IX) Annie Eizzie Stauffer, m Clayton 
Miller. (IX) Warren, Irvin, Mary, Thomas, Harvey, 

VIII. Annie Stauffer, born May 19, 1857 ; d May 23, 

VIII. Thomas Stauffer, b July 13, 1859 ; m Abbie D 
Yeager Dec 22, 1883. P O Pine Grove, Pa. Farmer ; 
Mrs S, Meth. C : (IX) George V Yeager, b July 19, 
1886. (IX) Horace R Yeager, born Sept 8, 1888 ; d 
June 5, 1890. (IX) Annie M Yeager, b Oct 19, 1890. 

VIII. Hettie Stauffer, b Mar 13, 1862 ; dApr27, 1865. 

VIII. Clara Stauffer, b August 9, 1867; m Sylvester 
Zollers in 1888. P O Lower Providence, Pa. Farmer ; 
Bap. C : Olive May, Warren, Clarence. 

VII. William PStauffer,b in East Coventry, Chester co, 
Pa, Nov 11, 1829 ; m Elizabeth H Kulp, of North 
Coventry, Nov 15, 1855. She was b in 1835 ; died 
Nov 2, 1897. P O East Coventry, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menns. C : (VIII) Emma K Stauffer. She resides 
at home. Ref. (VIII) Kate K Stauffer, m Charles G 
Detwiler, of Montg co, Pa, Dec 22, 1881. Carpenter. 
C : Gertrude, Eizzie (d). (VIII) Ella K Stauffer, 
m Eugene C Keen, of East Coventry, Jan 12, 1889. 
Farmer ; Ref. C : William (d), Elma May, George 
Lawrence (d). (VIII) Mary Ada Stauffer, resides at 
home. Ref. (VIII) William E Stauffer, m Flora H 

John A. Farren 

(See pa^e 123 ) 


Fox, of East Coventry, Pa, Oct 7, 1897. Farmer. 
Mr S, Ref ; Mrs S, Euth. 

VII. Rudolph Stauffer, born in East Coventry twp, 
Chester co, Pa, Dec ir, 1830 ; 111 Annie, dau of Rev 
Jacob and Mary Eatshaw, Oct 5, 1854. P O Spring 
City, Pa. Retired farmer ; Menns. C : Hannah, 
Frederick, Daniel, Jacob, Harry. 

VIM. Hannah Mary Stauffer, b Aug 4, 1855 ; m Enos 
F Grubb January 16, 1875. P O Spring City, Pa. 
Farmer ; M E. C : Maggie, Rudolph, Martha, Mary 
Emma, Annie Regina. 

VIII. Frederick L, Stauffer, b Jan 22, 1857 ; m Kate 
D Funk October 16, 1879. P O Spring City, Pa. 
Farmer ; Ref. C : Harry, Mary Alice, Annie, Ida 
Rebecca, Martha K. 

VIII. Daniel E Stauffer, b Nov 8, 1861 ; m Sallie J 
Frock June 23, 1881. P O Spring City, Pa. Stove 
mounter, and breeder and shipper of fancy poultry 
and pigeons. C : Annie Eaura, Katie G, Warren R, 
Enos F. 

VIII. Jacob E Stauffer, b Apr 6, 1864 ; m Mary Jane 
Eougacre December 24, 1887. P O Spring City, Pa. 
Farmer; Menns. C: John, Annie (d), Rudolph, 

VIII. Harry U Stauffer, b July 21, 1867; d Apr 15, 

VII. Joseph P Stauffer, b in Chester co Nov 19, 
1833 ; d in Phila Feb 5, 1888 ; m Sarah J Shen- 
felder Feb 27, 1862. She was b in Reading, Pa, 
Sept 15, 1838. Merchant; Euth. C: (VIII) William 
Stauffer, b July 18, 1865 ; d Feb 23, 1869. (VIII) Mar- 
garet Anna Stauffer, b Sept 5, 1870. R 411 Elm st, 
Reading, Pa. Clerk ; Euth. S. 

VII. Catharine Stauffer, b Jan 15, 1835; d May 17, 


VII. Henry P Stauffer, b in Chester co, Pa, Apr 16, 
1837; married Rebecca Rinehart January 2, 1862. 
P O Spring City, Pa. Farmer ; Dunkard. C : 
(VIII) Martha R Stauffer, born July 12, 1866; 
died December 7, 1892. Schoolteacher; Dunkard. 
S. (VIII) Edwin R Stauffer, born April 13, 1870; 
m Angie B Gilbert, of Spring City, Pa, Oct 3, 1896. 
R 1029 Ridge ave, Phila. Shipping clerk for Phila- 
delphia Biscuit Co. C : Ethel R. (VIII) Mary L. 
Stauffer, b May 23, 1878. P O Spring City, Pa. 
Dunkard. S. 

VII. Margaret Stauffer, b in Chester co Mar 8, 1839. 
P O Spring City, Pa. She resides with her brother 
Rudolph. Meun. S. 

VII. Benjamin P Stauffer, b in Chester co June 28, 
1 84 1 ; m Amanda Acker, of Chester co, Pa, Sept 16, 
1888. P O Tredyffren, Pa. Retired farmer ; Pres. 

VII. Elizabeth Stauffer, born in Chester co Mar 16, 
1844 ; married Charles C Keebler, of West Vincent, 
Chester co, in 1863. P O Spring City, Pa. Watch- 
man in bank ; L,uth. C : William, Benjamin, John, 
Joseph, Ella, Walter, Ada, Elizabeth, Emma, Martha, 

VIII. William Henry Keebler, b Aug 30, 1864 ; m 
Alma Hartman. R Phila. Trolley car conductor ; 
Luth. C : Edith, Delia, John, Emoud. 

VIII. Benjamin S Keebler, b July 20, 1866 ; m Clara 
Stanley. P O Spring City, Pa. Laborer ; Ref. C : 
Russel ; Ira, May, both deceased. 

VIII. John Eli Keebler, b Feb 18, 1868 ; d Oct 4, 

VIII. Joseph S Keebler, b July 23, 1869. R Phila. 
Trolley car conductor ; L,uth. 

VIII. Ella May Keebler, b Sept 1, 1871; d Dec 10, 


VIII. Walter G Keebler, b Apr 10, 1873. Overseer 
in hosiery mills. 

VIII. Ada M Keebler, b July 17, 1875 ; m John Det- 
weiler. R Norristovvn, Pa. Machinist ; M E. 
C : Leon. 

VIII. Elizabeth S Keebler, b Mar 28, 1877. Luth. 

VIII. Emma M Keebler, b Mar 19, 1879. Luth. 

VIII. Martha S Keebler, b Feb 7, 1881. 

VIII. Sarah S Keebler, b Apr 30, 1887. 

VI. Elizabeth Stauffer, b Dec 7, 1796; d Apr 16, 
1872. No issue. 

VI. Mary Stauffer, b Dec 7, 1796; d Dec 12, 1832. 
She was an invalid all her life and was never able to 

V. Susanna Stauffer, m Friedt. C : Henry, 

daughter. Susanna m second husband Seyfert. 

C : Jacob, two daughters. 

V. Esther Stauffer, m Jacob Bahr. C : (VI) Jacob 
Bahr, resided in the northeast part of Montg co, Pa. 
(VI) John Bahr, remained on the homestead above 
Gabelsville, Berks co, Pa. 

IV. Christian Stauffer, b Dec 18, 1728 ; d July 14, 
1798 ; m Susanna Aug 23, 1756. At the out- 
break of the Revolutionary War in 1775 his neighbor, 
Anthony Wayne, recruited a regiment of volunteers. 
Christian joined the Sons of Liberty, enlisted in Gen- 
eral Wayne's regiment and accompanied him through- 
out the conflict. He took part in the battles of Three 
Rivers, Ticonderoga, Brandywine, Monmouth, Stony 
Point, Green Springs, Va, and Yorktown. After the 
close of the war he settled down to farming in New 
Hanover twp, Montg co, Pa. C : Esther, John, 
Maria, Ann, Polly. 

V. Esther Stauffer (d), b May 22, 1757 ; m Isaac 


V. John Stauffer, b Dec 24, 1758 ; d Mar 5, 1845 ; 
m Elizabeth Yerger Dec 18, 1782. In 1809 they 
moved near Mahanoy City, Schuylkill co, Pa. Menus. 
C : (VI) Jacob Stauffer, b 1783. (VI) Rebecca Stauffer, 

b 1785 ; m Refer. (VI) John Stauffer, b Dec 4, 

1785. (VI) Elizabeth Stauffer, b Jan 26, 1790; m 

Drase. (VI) Catharine Stauffer, b August 31, 

1792 ; m Pool. (VI) George Stauffer, b Feb 8, 

1794. (VI) Henry Stauffer, b Nov 8, 1797. (VI) 

Magdalena Stauffer, b June 1, 1800 ; m Bellen. 

(VI) Sarah Stauffer, b May 15, 1802 ; m Schill. 

(VI) David Stauffer, b Feb 21, 1804; m Maria An- 
dreas June 26, 1829. C : Daniel, Joseph, Benueville, 
Angeline, Sarah, David, William, Franklin, Elias, 
Mary. (VI) Joseph Stauffer, b December 27, 1806. 
(VI) Amos Stauffer, b Mar 26, 1810. 

V. Maria Stauffer (d), b July 13, 1761 ; m John B 

V. Ann Stauffer (d), b July 2, 1763 ; m Yerger. 

V. Polly Stauffer, died single. 

IV. Susanna Stauffer, born 1730. 

IV. Esther Stauffer, born 1732. 

IV. Abraham Stauffer, b in Berks co, Pa, in 1733 ; 
d Dec 10, 18 13 ; m Elizabeth Heistand. She was 
b Sept 25, 1742 ; d in 1817. They resided at Boyer- 
town, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. Children : Mary, John, 
Susanna, Henry, Barbara, Jacob, Hester, Sarah. 

V. Mary Stauffer, married Frederick Mosteller. C : 
Elizabeth, Henry, Abraham, Esther, Mary. 

VI. Elizabeth Mosteller (d), m Henry Keeley. No 

VI. Henry Mosteller (d), m Margaret Sheneman. 
Farmer ; Euth. C : Abraham, John, Samuel, Sarah, 
Mary, Jacob (d), Joseph, William, Maggie, Benjamin, 


VII. Abraham Hosteller. P O Mathews, Pa. 

VII. John Mosteller, b in Chester co, Pa, Feb 24, 
1824; m Mary Brownback Jan 14, 1851. She was 
b in Chester co, Pa, Feb 24, 1829. P O Kimberton, 
Pa. Farmer ; Ref. C : Clinton, William, James. 

VIII. Clinton K Mosteller, b July 19, 1853 ; married 
Lizzie R Lumis. P O Font, Pa. 

VIII. Dr William Henry Mosteller, b in Vincent twp, 
Chester co, Pa, Mar 21, 1859; m Mary D Custer 
Nov 18, 1885. P O Phoenixville, Pa. Dr Mosteller 
was raised on the farm where his father has resided 
for over 45 years. After attending the public schools, 
Ursinus College and Pickering Institute he en- 
tered the medical department of the University of 
Pennsylvania in the Fall of 1881, graduating May 1, 
1884. On October of the same year he opened an 
office at Phoenixville, Pa, where he still enjoys a 
large and growing practice. For twelve years he has 
been superintendent of St John's Reformed Sunday 
School, and has the reputation of being a teacher of 
the Word. In the Spring of 1893 he was elected Bur- 
gess of Phoenixville, which position he held in dig- 
nified honor, doing much toward improving and 
beautifying the town. Being an ardent Democrat 
like all his paternal ancestors, he has been honored 
by the party. In the Fall of 1894 ne was nominated 
for the Legislature and in 1896 for State Senator. 
During the latter campaign he won the title of ' ' silver- 
toned orator ' ' by speaking against corporations and 
their destructive tendency. 

Dr Mosteller has the reputation of being a gentle- 
man and a scholar. He is a forcible and earnest 
speaker and is frequently called upon to lecture. His 
addresses on " Alcoholic Degeneracy of the Human 
Race ' ' are said to be replete and full of new and 


practical ideas, clothed in very trenchant English. In 
his profession he is said to be a teacher of medicine. 
He filled the position as medical instructor of the 
Spring City and Royersford Inter-County Medical 
Society for over two years, giving a lecture every 
month. He frequently lectures to the students of 
Ursinus College, and to the Catholic Total Abstinence 
Society of Phoenixville, which has a membership of 
300 men. The doctor's home is one with an open 
latch, and he still retains the hospitable characteristics 
of his ancestry, ever ready to welcome his friends. 
Ref. C : (IX) Margaret Mosteller, b Mar 22, 1896. 

VIII. James B Mosteller, b in Chester co, Pa, Aug 9, 
1868 ; m Rosalind Dewees Jan 15, 1896. P O Kim- 
bertou, Pa. Farmer ; Ref. 

VII. Samuel Mosteller. 

VII. Sarah Mosteller (d), married William Ralston. 
P O Mathews, Pa. 

VII. Mary Ann Mosteller, m Levi Bingeman (d). 
P O Plainfield, N J. 

VII. Joseph Mosteller, married . P O West 

Vincent, Pa. 

VII. William K Mosteller. P O Birchrunville, Pa. 

VII. Maggie E Mosteller. P O Chester Springs, Pa. 

VII. Benjamin Mosteller. P O Font, Pa. 

VII. Harry Mosteller. P O Mathews, Pa. 

VI. Abraham Masteller (d), m Elizabeth Christman. 
C : George, Frederick, Preston, Mary. 

VII. George Mosteller, m . C : (VIII) Anna 

Bell Mosteller, m Hutchinson. P O Marys- 

ville, Mo. 

VII. Frederick Mosteller. R Phila. 

VII. Preston Mosteller. P O Chester Springs, Pa. 
VII. Mary E Mosteller. P O West Chester, Pa. 


VI. Esther Mosteller (d), in Jacob King. P O Kim- 
berton, Pa. C : Silas, Albert, Mary. 
VI. Mary Mosteller (d), 111 Rev Jesse B Knipe, a 
Reformed minister. He was pastor of four Reformed 
churches in Chester co, Pa, for over 50 years, and 
was beloved by everybody. 

V. John Stauffer, b Mar 26, 1767 ; d Feb 7, 1841 ; 
m Deborah, dau of Samuel and Elizabeth Bauer, of 
Colebrookdale, Pa. She was b Dec 23, 1771 ; died 
May 19, 1863. They resided near Yellow Springs, 
Chester co. Farmer ; Menns. C : Jacob, Henry, 
Elizabeth, Sarah, Abraham, Samuel, John, Deborah. 

VI. Jacob B Stauffer, b Sept 17, 1794 ; d March 5, 
1884 ; m Leah Miller. C : Seliuda, Deborah, Maria, 
Abraham, Sarah, Rebecca ; James Monroe, d single ; 
Joel, Jacob (twins), d infants ; Sophia. 

VII. Selinda Stauffer, b January 5, 1828 ; d May 29, 
1890 ; m Henry Deary. 

VII. Deborah Stauffer (d), married Samuel Eockhart. 

VII. Maria Stauffer, b Aug 31, 1831 ; d May 3, 1890 ; 
married Mahlon Emery. 

VII. Abraham Stauffer, born Nov 27, 1833 ; m Sarah 
Coffman. R Phila. 

VII. Sarah Stauffer, married Benjamin Wagner. 

VII. Rebecca Stauffer (d), m David'Fegley. Rebecca 
married second husband Oliver Emery. 

VII. Sophia Stauffer (d), married David Fegley. 

VI. Henry Stauffer, b Jan 8, 1796 ; d Aug 9, 1875 ; 
married Susanna Binder, of Butler co, Pa. C : Jacob, 
Maria, William, Joseph, Deborah, Susan. 

VII. Jacob B Stauffer, m Ellen . P O Spring 

City, Pa. Farmer ; Ref. C : Isaac. 

VIII. Isaac T Stauffer, born at Trappe, Montg co, Pa, 
March 4, 1845 ; m Sallie E, dau of Isaac and Susanna 
Neilor, May 14, 1868. She was born in West Pike- 


land twp, Chester co, Pa, Sept 13, 1846. Mr Stauffer 
attended the public schools of Charlestown twp, and 
Freeland Seminary (now Ursinus College) one term. 
He learned the carpenter trade, which he followed 
several years in connection with farming, after which 
he became clerk in a store at Kimberton, Pa. Later 
he moved to Phoenixville and engaged in the grocery 
business. Relinquishing this he removed to the Rose 
Lawn Farm, near Phoenixville, where he now resides. 
Ref. C : Harry, Beulah, Iyillie. 

IX. Harry Calvin Stauffer, b in Chester co July 30, 
1869 ; m Lillian Mosteller December 12, 1895. P O 
Douglassville, Pa. He attended the common schools, 
and Pickering Institute, Kimberton, for two j^ears. 
In 1885 he entered Kimberton station as a student 
and was appointed station agent December 1, 1887. 
On May 6, 1895, he was transferred to Byers station, 
where he had control of the freight and passenger 
traffic on the Pickering Valley Railroad. On June 27, 
1896, he was promoted to station agent at Douglass- 
ville, on the main line of the Philadelphia and Read- 
ing Railway, which position he still holds. He is a 
member of Lodge No 212, I O O F, at Phoenixville, 
and was also a member of the Phoenixville Military 
Band for several years. Ref. 

IX. Beulah Blanche Stauffer, b Nov 2, 1874 ; died 
February 7, 1878. 
IX. Lillie Manola Stauffer, b Sept 24, 188 1. 

VII. Maria Stauffer, m Snyder. P O Spring 

City, Pa. 

VII. William B Stauffer, married . P O Winne- 
bago City, Minn. 

VII. Joseph B Stauffer, m . P O Winnebago 

City, Minn. 

VII. Deborah Stauffer, married Thompson. 

Hon. I. P. Wanger and Family. 
(See pa#e 157.) 


VII. Susan Stauffer, married Bellus. 

VI. Elizabeth Stauffer, b 1798 ; died Dec 30, i860 ; 
m Jacob Davidheiser, of Lehigh co, Pa. He was born 
1794 ; d Feb 10, 1842. They lived in Butler co, Pa. 
Menns. C : John, Jesse, Deborah, Sarah, Henry, 
Abraham, Samuel, Elizabeth, Annie, Susanna, Mary. 

VI. Sarah Stauffer, m Jacob Longacre. C : John, 
Mary, David, Harriet, Joel, Jacob, Sallie. 

VI. Abraham Stauffer, b February 16, 1801 ; died 
March 27, 1853. S. 

VI. Samuel B Stauffer, b in Chester co, Pa, July 13, 
1803 ; d July 16, 1865 ; married Rebecca Brownback 
Feb 24, 1 83 1. She was b July 19, 1804 ; d Apr 28, 
1885. Farmer ; Ref. C : Mary, Abraham, Sallie, 
John, Samuel, William. 

VII. Mary C Stauffer, b August 26, 1833 ; m Joseph 
Friday Dec 12, 1866. P O Downington, Pa. Ref. 
No issue. 

VII. Abraham B Stauffer, b in Chester co March 2, 
1835 ; m Ellie E Shantz Dec 26, 1867. She d Nov 6, 
1869. C : (VIII) Katie R May Stauffer, born May 6, 
1869 ; d Aug 16, 1870. 

Abraham married second wife Mary Ada Stauffer 
Sept 9, 1875. P O Parkers ford, Pa. Farmer; Ref. 
C : (VIII) Olive R P Stauffer, b Mar 22, 1880. Ref. 

VII. Sallie A Stauffer, born June 10, 1838 ; d Oct 7, 
1880. S. 

VII. John B Stauffer, b in Chester co, Pa, Nov ir, 
1840; m Olivia Wynn Mar 27, 1873. P O Birchrun- 
ville, Pa. Farmer; Reformed. C: (VIII) Willie W 
Stauffer, born April 1, 1875 ; died May 21, 1875. 
(VIII) J Harwin Stauffer, b Nov 24, 1878. (VIII) Elsie 
Stauffer, born July 17, 1880 ; died August n, 1880. 
(VIII) S LeRoy Stauffer, born Jan 8, 1883 ; d Feb 2, 
1883. (VIII) S Lillian Stauffer, b Sept 3, 1884. 


VII. Samuel B Stauffer, b in West Vincent, Chester 
co, Pa, Dec i, 1844 ; m Clementine Brownback Dec 1, 
1868. P O Birchrunville, Pa. Farmer ; Ref. No 

VH. William B Stauffer, b Feb 21, 1847 ; m Clara 
Dauman. P O Downingtown, Pa. 

VI. John B Stauffer, b Oct 14, 18 10 ; d Oct 1, 1855 ; 
m Margaret Yocum. She was born Dec 19, 1802 ; d 
May 16, 188 1. C : (VII) Anna Stauffer, b May 16, 
1830 ; died June 19, 1878. (VII) Sarah Stauffer (d). 
(VH) Enos Stauffer (d). 

VI. Deborah Stauffer, born Apr 21, 1814 ; d Mar 24, 
1878 ; m Christian Halteman. He was born Jan 10, 
1816 ; d Aug 12, 1893. C: (VII) Moses Halteman, 
m . P O Spring City, Pa. (VII) Louisa Halte- 
man. S. 

V. Susanna Stauffer, b Jan 23, 1769 ; d June 8, 1847 ; 
m Jacob Boyer. He d Ma}' 8, 1815. They moved to 
Penn twp, Huntingdon co, Pa, where he bought a 
farm of 60 acres, which he cleared and improved. C : 
Elizabeth, Jacob, David. 

VI. Elizabeth Boyer, d May 1862 ; m Robert Woods. 
They removed to Columbia co, O. Farmer and mer- 
chant. C : Elizabeth, Thomas, both deceased ; Archy, 
Mary, Robert (d). 

VI. Jacob Boyer, b Dec 3, 1809 ; died Jan 19, 1880 ; 
m Catharine Bucher, of Ohio, in 1856. Farmer ; 
Ger Bap. C : Elizabeth, Martin, Henry. 

VII. Elizabeth Boyer, bin Penn twp, Huntingdon co, 
Aug 22, 1857 J m Jacob Magill in 188 1. P O Aitch, 
Pa. They bought the homestead, on which they 
erected a handsome dwelling. C : Katie, George. 

VII. Martin Boyer, died aged 21 years. 
VII. Henry Boyer, married Sarah C Richardson. PO 
Sarah, Pa. C : Ida, Charles. 


VI. David Boyer, died young. 

V. Henry Stauffer, b about 1771 ; d Oct 1801. S. 

V. Barbara Stauffer, born about 1773. 

V. Jacob Stauffer, b in Berks co, Pa, May 6, 1775 ; 
d Feb 2, 1 84 1 ; in Mary Miller June 8, 1806. She 
was b Feb 27, 1786; d Mar 14, 1866. Farmer and 
drover. Mr S, Menn ; Mrs S, Luth. C : Sarah, 
Christian, Rachel, Esther, John, Mary, Isaac, Rebecca, 

VI. Sarah Stauffer, born at Boyertown, Pa, July 1, 
1807 ; d January 4, 1868 ; m George Kemery Ritter 
Dec 24, 1826. He was b in Berks co July 22, 1805 ; 
died Sept 1, 1896. Farmer and hotelkeeper ; Luth. 
C : Milton, infant, Mary, Rosanna, John, Jacob, Sarah, 
Elmira, Rebecca, George, Kemery. 

VII. Milton S Ritter, b Feb 26, 1828. P O Kanka- 
kee, 111. S. 

VII. Infant son, stillborn 1830. 

VII. Mary A Ritter, b at Hickorytown, Pa, Mar 31, 
1831 ; m James Burnett January 21, 1855. Luth. 
C : Joseph, George, Silas, Sallie, Maria, Esther. 

VIM. Joseph Oliver Burnett, born in Montg co, Pa, 
May 17, 1856 ; m Bertha Holloway. P O Sylvia, 
Kan. Miller ; Pres. C : Don Silas. 

VIII. George Ritter Burnett, b Apr 21, 1858 ; m Maria 
Obert, of Strassburg, Germany. P O Fairfield, N Y. 
He served as First Lieutenant in the United States 
Army and now lives retired. Mrs B, Luth. No issue. 

VIII. Silas Cleaver Burnett, b in Lower Providence, 
Montg co, Pa, May 9, i860 ; married Ida McGaffick. 
P O Florence, Kan. Miller ; Pres. No issue. 

VIII. Sallie Ritter Burnett, born in Montg co Jan 10, 
1862 ; married J Frank Torbert, of Girard Manor, Pa. 
P O Jersey Shore, Pa. Lumber dealer ; Pres. C : 


James, William Lawrence (d), Jay Frank, Will L, 
Marie Amilla (d), Ruth, Paul Ellsworth. 

VIII. Marie Amelia Burnett, b in Montg co July 23, 
1865 ; m William Gamble Matson, of Chester co, Pa. 
P O Malvern, Pa. Editor and publisher. Luth. 
C : William Wesley, Burnett. 

VIII. Esther Logan Burnett, b in Montg co Feb 23, 
1868 ; d Mar 26, 1887. S. 

VII. Rosanna S Ritter, b Sept 17, 1833 ; m Joseph 
Hippie (d). Tanner. C: George, Clara. Rosanna 
married second husband John Marple. P O Plymouth 
Meeting, Pa. C : Ida (d), Milton, James, John. 

VII. John S Ritter, b Jan 25, 1836. P O Levita, Col. 

VII. Jacob S Ritter, b at Hickorytown, Montg co, Pa, 
September 10, 1838 ; married Alice Strauss, of Craw- 
ford co, Pa, October 1868. Mr Ritter left home in 
Nov 1859 and came to Crawford county, where he was 
employed in the store of Lyman Perkins for four 
years, and then entered in partnership. The firm 
continued for ten years, when he sold his interest to 
Mr Perkins and moved to Petroleum Centre, Venango 
county, Pa. Here he was engaged in the mercantile 
business until 1887, when he removed to Oil City, Pa, 
where he now resides. Mrs R, Pres. C : (VIII) 
Infant, d unnamed. (VIII) Sarah A Ritter, b Apr 25, 
1870. Pres. S, (VIII) George K Ritter, b Dec 16, 
1872 ; d July 24, 1875. (VIII) Bessie Ritter, born at 
Petroleum Centre, Pa, April 8, 1875 ; m Dr George 
A Magee Sept 4, 1895. R 2823 N Broad st, Phila. 
Physician; Mrs M, Pres. No issue (1897). (VIII) 
Charles Ritter, b Sept 4, 1878. 

VII. Sarah A Ritter, b Oct 23, 1841 ; d May 1, 1844. 

VII. Elmira Ritter, b at Hickorytown, Montg co, Pa, 
Dec 15, 1843 ; m Augustus S Hoxworth (d) Dec 27, 
1863. C: Jacob, Lillie, Enos. Elmira m second 

Uriah H. Stover. 
(See page 187. ) 


husband Jacob Rapine Jan 3, 1889. P O Lafayette 
Hill, Pa. Retired ; Luth. No issue. 

VIII. Jacob R Hoxworth, b Dec 1, 1864; m Annie 
L Birmingham Mar 12, 1889. P O Norristown, Pa. 
Salesman ; Luth. C : (IX) Irwin Breudlinger Hox- 
worth, b June 14, 1890 ; Jacob Russell, born Jan 2, 
1894 ; Annie Birmingham, b July 20, 1895. 

VIII. Lillie May Hoxworth, b June 29, 187 1 ; died 
Feb 19, 1877. 

VIII. Enos L Hoxworth, b Mar 19, 1869 ; d Aug 15, 

VII. Rebecca Ritter, b Dec 10, 1844 ; d Aug 13, 1854. 

VII. George Ritter, b Oct 16, 1848 ; d May 16, 1852. 

VII. Kemery Ritter, b March 23, 1851. P O Endee, 
Sanmiguel co, N M. 

VI. Christian Stauffer, born in Berks co, Pa, Oct 28, 
1808 ; d at Boyertown, Pa, Mar 3, 1880 ; m Rebecca 
Breudlinger Oct 27, 1835. She was b in Montgco, Pa, 
May 29, 1812; died Dec 16, 1885. Farmer. Mr S, 
Menu ; Mrs S, Luth. C : Mary, Levi, infant, Jacob, 
Louisa, James, Amanda, Henry. 

VII. Mary Ann Stauffer, b June 15, 1836 ; d Dec 19, 
1 89 1 ; m Jacob G Gabel. 

VII. Levi B Stauffer, b in Berks co, Pa, Apr 16, 1838 ; 
m Sarah R Brunner Dec 22, 1859. She died June 21, 
1891. P O Boyertown, Pa. Farmer. C: Ida, Edwin, 
Irvin, Emma, Lizzie, Charles, Henry. 

VIII. Ida B Stauffer, b July 23, i86r ; m David W 
Deysher Jan 23, 1892. P O Boyertown, Pa. Carriage 
painter ; U Ev ch. C : (IX) James S Deysher, born 
Dec 22, 1892 ; Elwood, b Nov 27, 1894. 

VIII. Edwin B Stauffer, born June 7, 1863. 

VIII. Irvin B Stauffer, b August 13, 1865 ; m Olivia 
Landis Dec 24, 1887. P O Boyertown. Carpenter ; 
Ref. C: (IX) Clarence L Stauffer, b July 15, 1888; 


Guy Mauriel, b Apr 29, 1891 ; Lulu, b Sept 30, 1894 > 
Lester, b Oct 30, 1896. 

VIII. Emma B Stauffer, boru January 24, 1867. 

VIII. Lizzie B Stauffer, boru May 20, 1868 ; died 
May 4, 1879. 

VIII. Charles Christian B Stauffer, b Aug 31, 1877. 

VIII. Henry James B Stauffer, b Oct 29, 1879 ; died 
May 7, 1880. 

VII. Son, stillborn September 25, 1840. 

VII. Jacob B Stauffer, b in Berks co, Pa, Feb 6, 1842 ; 
m Sarah E Erb June 2, 1888. P O Boyertovvn, Pa. 
Retired ; Luth. 

VII. Louisa B Stauffer, b Sept 17, 1845. S. 

VII. James B Stauffer, b August 28, 1849 ; m Mary 
Yost. P O Boyertown, Pa. 

VII. Amanda B Stauffer, born June 1, 1852. S. 

VII. Henry B Stauffer, b at Boyertown, Pa, July 14, 
1855 ; m Annie Latshaw Jan 5, 1884. P O Boyer- 
town, Pa. Harness maker ; Evan Ass' n. C: (VIII) 
Flora Stauffer, b Nov 3, 1884. (VIII) Carrie Stauffer, 
born Oct 26, 1886 ; died Nov 24, 1886. (VIII) Oscar 
Stauffer, b Dec 25, 1887. (VIII) Rebecca Stauffer, born 
May 31, 1891. (VIII) Titus Stauffer, b Aug 12, 1892. 

VI. Rachel Stauffer, b Sept 22, 1810 ; died Nov n, 
1834 ; m Joseph Eshbach Nov 7, 1830. He was born 
Oct 20, 1805 ; d Nov 12, 1875. C : Mary, Esther, 

VII. Mary Eshbach, b Nov 19, 1831 ; d Jan 19, 1835. 

VII. Esther Eshbach, b at Boyertown, Pa, May 24, 
1833 ; m William H LeFevre Nov 5, 1854. P O 
Sassamansville, Pa. Farmer ; Luth. C : Minerva, 
Levi, Mary, Irvin, Emma, Katie, Amanda, Amandus, 
Wilson, Rufus. 

VIII. Minerva LeFevre, b May 16, 1855 ; m John F 


Renninger. P O Sassamansville, Pa. Luth. C : 
Addie, Katie, Wilson, William, Mar}', John. 

VIII. Levi LeFevre, b Apr 4, 1857 ; ra Rosa Ritter. 
P O Boyertown, Pa. Tinsmith ; Luth. C : Charles, 
Addie, Edgar, Maggie, Joseph, Florence. 

VIII. Mary LeFevre, b September 5, 1858 ; m H D 
Hoffman. R 1733 Cotton st, Reading, Pa. Grocer ; 
Luth. No issue. 

VIII. Irvin LeFevre, b Mar 18, i860 ; d July 28, 1894 > 
m Maria Gerhard. Luth. C : Eden, John, Lottie. 

VIII. Emma LeFevre, b November 17, 1S61 ; died 
October 15, 1876. S. 

VIII. Katie LeFevre, b June 6, 1863 ; m Rev A H 
Herbst. P O Wapwallopen, Pa. Mr Herbst is a 
minister of the Luth ch. C : Gertrude, Rene. 

VIII. Amanda LeFevre, b Aug 28, 1864 ; m Rev H E 
Moyer. P O Aquashicola, Pa. He is a minister of 
the Luth ch. C : Phebe, Harrison. 

VIII. Amandus LeFevre, b Aug 29, 1865 ; m Eliza- 
beth Schultz. P O Kirkwood, N J. Miller ; Luth. 
C : Esther. 

VIII. Wilson LeFevre, b January 13, 1869. Cigar- 
packer ; Luth. 

VIII. Rufus LeFevre, b December 17, 1876. He is a 
medical student at Jefferson Medical College. S. 

VII. Rachel Eshbach, b Oct 3, 1834 ; d Jan 1, 1835. 

VI. Esther M Stauffer, b at Boyertown, Pa, Jan 12, 
1815 ; d May 21, 1887 ; m Isaac H Borneman Sept 1 1 , 
1842. He was b in Montg co, Pa, Nov 3. 1817 ; died 
at Boyertown Nov 13, 1891. Farmer ; Menns. C : 
Samuel, Isaac, Mary, Elizabeth, John, Sarah, Esther, 

VII. Samuel S Borneman, born June 19, 1843 ; died 
November 15, 1844. 

VII. Isaac S Borneman, b Aug 26, 1S45 ; m Mary K 


Moyer Aug 24, 1871. P O Souderton, Pa. Mentis. 
C : (VIII) Minnie Borneman, b July 6, 1887 ; died 
August 22, 1887. 

VII. Mary S Borneman, born October 10, 1847 ; died 
June 17, 1848. 

VII. Elizabeth S Borneman, b Apr 6, 1849 ; m David 
Heirnbach February 20, 1872. P O Gilbertsville, Pa. 
Menus. C : (VIII) Isaac Heirnbach, b June 9, 1878 ; 
John, b May 31, 1882 ; George, b December 6, 1884 ; 
Stella, b June 19, 1887. 

VII. Dr John S Borneman, born at New Hanover, 
Montg co, Pa, Sept 29, 185 1 ; m Mary Shaner Dec 17, 

1885. P O Boyertown, Pa. Physician since Mar 15, 
1878; Menus. C: (VIII) Elsie Borneman, b Nov 12, 

1886. (VIII) Amy S Borneman, b October 21, 1889. 
(VIII) I Newton S Borneman, born Oct 1, 1892 ; died 
Nov 28, 1894. (VIII) Helen Borneman, b Oct 8, 1895. 

VII. Sarah S Borneman, born at New Hanover, Pa, 
July 29, 1853 ; married Joseph Wile April 3, 1875. 
P O New Hanover, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. C : 
(VIII) Mary Rebecca Wile, b May 1875 ; d Oct 1875. 
(VIII) Hattie B Wile, b Oct 1876. School teacher ; 
Menn. (VIII) Isaac B Wile, b Dec 1878 ; d August 
1882. (VIII) Ella May Wile, born Jan 1884. Menn. 
(VIII) Sallie B Wile, b July 1886. 

VII. EstherS Borneman, b July 15, 1855 ; m Thomas 
Reminger August 28, 1875. P O Boyertown, Pa. 
Menns. C : (VIII) Harry Reminger, b Jan 23, 1876 ; 
Alice, b Jan 28, 1878 ; Frederick, b May 14, 1880 ; 
Thomas, b Jan 2, 1882 ; Eva, b Oct 7, 1886 ; Katie, 
b Jan r, 1888 ; Mamie, b Mar 22, 1891 ; Lottie, born 
July 25, 1894 ; Helen, b Jan 18, 1897. 

VII. Rebecca S Borneman, b October 16, i860 ; died 
August 9, 1 86 1. 

VI. John M Stauffer, b in Colebrookdale twp, Berks 


co, Pa, Jan 7, 18 17 ; d October 28, 1884 ; m Lydia 
Bechtel in 1839. She died August 1, 1852. Mr 
Stauffer, after receiving an early education, learned 
the tinsmith trade at Colebrookdale, Pa. In 1841 
he removed to Norristown, Pa, and entered the em- 
ploy of Abraham Eshbach. Later he entered into 
business for himself at Stauffer's Corner, Main and 
Swede streets. He was one of three who founded the 
Old Lutheran church at Norristown in 1848, and in 
later years was a very active member, holding the 
office of vestryman. In politics he was an old line 
Whig, and always took an active interest in public 
events in which that party had a share. In 1858, 
being an ardent Bell and Everett advocate, he was 
elected on an independent ticket to the office of Sheriff 
of Montgomery county, which office he faithfully and 
efficiently served. Later he was an ardent and loyal 
Republican. After his term of Sheriff expired he 
became proprietor of the Merchant Hotel, Philadel- 
phia, and later engaged in farming at Pottstown 
Lauding for some time. After relinquishing farming 
he moved to Norristown, where he resided until his 
death. Luth. C : Elvina, Jacob, Mary. 

John m second wife Sarah Danehower Dec 16, 
1852. C : Sylvester, Laura, Annie, Emma, Irvin. 

VII. Elvina B Stauffer, b in 1842 ; d Apr 23, 1895 ; 
m Frank Wilson, of York, Pa. He d Feb 12, 1892. 
Luth. C : (VIII) John Oscar Wilson, d in infancy. 
(VIII) Ada Wilson. (VIII) Eva Wilson, died young. 
(VIII) Frank Wilson, d in infancy in 1883. 

VII. Jacob B Stauffer, m Julia A, dau of Dr Benjamin 
Anderson, June 15, 1882. P O Mechanicsburg, Pa. 
Mrs S, Ep. C : Elsie, Benjamin. 

VII. Mary Stauffer, died July 7, 1852. 


VII. Sylvester Stauffer, b November 21, 1853 ; died 
July 31, 1859. 

VII. Laura Stauffer, born in 1856. Euth. S. 

VII. Annie Dell Stauffer, b October 8, 1858 ; died 
April 19, 1868. 

VII. Emma D Stauffer, b November 27, i860 ; died 
August 5, 1888. 

VII. Irvin Stauffer, born December 7, 1866. 

VI. Mary Stauffer, born at Boyertown, Pa, May ir, 

18 19 ; m Samuel Schaner (d), October 4, 1840. No 

issue. Mary married second husband Henry Kepner 

Dec 31, 1874. P O Boyertown, Pa. Luth. No issue. 

VI. Isaac Stauffer, b at Boyertown, Pa, Oct .15, 182 1 ; 
m Sarah A Krause Nov 10, 1842. P O Quincy, Pa. 
Retired ; Ref. C : Percival, Henry, Maria, Sarah, 
Milton, Clara, Rebecca, Amanda, William, Cordelia. 

VII. Percival J Stauffer, bNov9, 1844; d Jan 5, 1878. 
VII. Henry Stauffer, b Jan 6, 1846 ; d Feb 18, 185 1. 
VII. Maria M Stauffer, b Sept 17, 1848 ; m Samuel 

S Fouse December 16, 1869. P O James Creek, Pa. 
Farmer. C : (VIII) Carrie J Fouse, b Sept 14, 1871 ; 
died Dec 7, 1871. 

VII. Sarah Adaline Stauffer, bjan 14, 1850; married 
Samuel Beaver Dec 26, 1867. P O Williamsport, Pa. 
Fruit and produce dealer ; Ref. C: (VIII) Rev Irvin 
Milton Weaver, b at Marklesburg, Pa, Nov 25, 1868 ; 
m Aletta Wilt June 2, 1892. Mr Weaver attended 
the public school of his native place until 18 years of 
age, then went to Heidelberg University, Tiffin, O, 
and graduated from the Theological Seminary in May 
1 89 1. Since then he has been preaching the Gospel 
in the Reformed church at Marion, Pa, where he has 
been very successful. He has also been very success- 
ful in evangelistic work. P O Marion, Pa. No issue. 
(VIII) Elmer Samuel Beaver, b June 29, 1870 ; died 


Aug 28, 1872. (VIII) Clara Alice Beaver, b Nov 22, 
1873 ; died Oct 6, 1874. (VIM) Ella Florence Beaver, 
b Dec 14, 1875. Clerk in dry goods store. S. 

VII. Milton Stauffer, b Apr 15, 1852 ; d Apr 26, 1852. 

VII. Clara O Stauffer, b at Wadsworth, O, Dec 31, 
1854 ; m Dr H M Fritz, of Boyertown, Pa, Jan 8, 
1881. P O Quincy, Pa. Physician. C: (VIII) V 
Blanche Fritz, b June 19, 1882 ; H Marion, b Jan 17, 

VII. Rebecca Stauffer, b Dec 1, 1858 ; d Oct 30, 1879. 

VII. Amanda L, Stauffer, b at Loyal Oak, O, Apr 29, 
i860; 111 Henry C Baird Nov 25, 1891. Mrs Baird 
is a graduate of the Millersville (Pa) State Normal 
School. P O Coleridge, Neb. Merchant ; Pres. No 

VII. William M Stauffer, b Sept 27, 1862 ; m Emma 
C Gilbert March 25, 1S90. P O New Holland, Pa. 
Druggist. C : (VIII) Florence E Stauffer, b Oct 31, 
1890; Wilford G, b Oct 14, 1892; Rebecca E, born 
Aug 3, 1896. 

VII. E J Stauffer, born at Sharon, O, July 18, 1865. 
Graduate of C V Normal school. Schoolteacher. 

VII. Cordelia A Stauffer, born at James Creek, Pa, 
March 4, 1869 ; married Albert J Baer Dec 21, 1888. 
P O James Creek, Pa. Laborer. C : (VIII) Mabel 
G Baer, b Sept 30, 1889 ; d Oct 16, 1889. (VIII) Clara 
V Baer, b Nov 1, 1890. (VIM) Charles Earl and Edith 
Pearl Baer (twins), b Apr 1, 1893. (VIM) William R 
Baer, b March 3, 1897. 

VI. Rebecca Stauffer, born at Boyertown, Pa, Oct ir, 
1823 ; m George Mull Oct 2, 1847. P O Boyertown. 
Luth. C: (VII) Son, b May 30, 1858. (VII) Thomas 
Jefferson Mull, b May 4, 1861 ; died May 21, 1862. 
(VII) Mary Elizabeth Mull, b March 12, 1863 ; died 
June 20, 1868. 


VI. Jacob Stauffer, b Dec 9, 1825 ; d Jan 10, 1845. 

V. Esther Stauffer, b Apr 15, 1778 ; d Apr 17, 1830 ; 
111 Abraham Stauffer. (See Ind of Ref No 20.) 

V. Sarah Stauffer, m John Schweiuhart. C : Isaac, 
Jacob, Abraham, Mar)', John, all deceased. 

IV. John Stauffer (d), b 1737; m . Farmer; 

Menus. C : Jacob, daughter. 

V. Jacob Stauffer, m Kindig. They lived on 

the old homestead near Bally, Pa. C : Catharine, 
William, Reuben, Moses, Aaron, Jonathan, Susan, 
Sarah, . 

VI. Catharine Stauffer. 

VI. William K Stauffer, b Sept 14, 1809 ; d Mar 20, 
1878 ; m Lydia S Moyer. She was b Aug 12, 18 12 ; 
d July 29, [893. Cigarmaker ; Menns. C: Mary, 
Levi, Caroline, Sarah, Dianna, Catharine, William, 
Lizzie, Aaron, Emma, Lydia. 

VII. Mary Ann Stauffer, born 1832 ; died 1833. 

VII. Levi M Stauffer, b Jan 31, 1834 ; died Nov 2, 
1 89 1 ; m Jennie Conuel. C : William, Guy, Elsie, 

VII. Caroline M Stauffer, b April 9, 1836 ; m James 
Frederick. POPennsburg, Pa. C: Diana, Clara (d), 

VII. Sarah M Stauffer, born Jan 9, 1838 ; m Killion 
Wise. P O Boyertown, Pa. C : Lizzie (d), Frank- 
lin, William (d). 

VII. Dianna M Stauffer, born Nov 18, 1840 ;mSM 
Beysher. P O East Greenville, Pa. C: Alice, 
Charles, Maggie, and two died in infancy. 

VII. Catharine Stauffer, b Mar 14, 1843 ; d Mar 23, 
1894 ; m James K Wampole. P O Perkasie, Pa. 
C : Charles. 

VII. William M Stauffer, b Sept 21, 1845; married 
Emma Miller (d). P O Pennsburg, Pa. Cigarmaker; 


Ger Ref. C : Annie ; Ottilia, Emma, both deceased. 
William married second wife Olivia Reiff. C : Clara, 
William, Lucy, Levi (d). 

VII. Aaron M Stanffer, b Jan 7, 1852 ; d 1884. 

VII. Emma M Stauffer, born Jan 8, 1854 '> m Cyrus 
Turner. No issue. 

VII. Lydia M Stauffer, b Nov 7, 1858 ; d July 15, 
1888 ; m William Freas. C : Elsie, Arthur. 

VI. Reuben Stauffer. 

VI. Moses Stauffer. 

VI. Aaron Stauffer. 

VI. Jonathan Stauffer. 

VI. Susanna K Stauffer, born in Berks co, Pa, April 
18 14 ; d in 1873 ; m Daniel K East. He was born 
May 181 1 ; died in Reading, Pa, June 1889. Gun- 
smith. Mr E, Luth ; Mrs E, Menn. C : Anna, 
Jonathan, Kate, William, Abner, Edwin. 

VII. Anna East, died 1883 ; married Henry H Will. 
P O Waterloo, la. C : Frank, Harvey, Milton, 

VII. Jonathan S East, born in Berks co, Pa, in 1842 ; 
m Matilda A Mory Aug 19, 1869. P O Boyertown, 
Pa. Watchmaker and jeweler ; belongs to no church, 
but professes faith in Christ. C: (VIII) Charles East, 
b 1873. Watchmaker. (VIII) Sadie M East, b 1875. 
(VIII) Mattie M East, b 1880. (VIII) Mary M East, 
born 1887. (VIII) Six died small. 

VII. Kate S East, b 1846. P O Boyertown, Pa. 

VII. William East, born and died in 1848. 

VII. Abner S East, born at Boyertown, Pa, May 19, 
1850 ; m Ida E Henry, of Reading, Pa, Sept 25, i88r. 
P O Reading, Pa. Jeweler ; Luth. C : (VIII) Ella 
May East, b March 3, 1883 ; d November 19, 1883. 
(VIII) Bessie E East, b May 12, 1886. 

VII. Edwin S East, born 1852 ; died 1873. 


VI. Sarah Stauffer. 

VI. Stauffer. 

V. Stauffer. 

III. Daniel Stauffer (d), b in Switzerland about 1697 ; 

married . At the age of 12 years he came with 

his parents to America, arriving January 20, 17 10. 
He bought a property in Colebrookdale twp, Berks co, 
of Gerrerd Clemmence, agent for David Powell, on 
Jan 8, 1720. He also bought a tract in partnership 
with Gerrerd Clemens Jan 14, 1725, and afterward 
sold his share to the latter. Daniel Stauffer sold his 
other property (the homestead) to his son Abraham 
Sept 1, 1762, who sold it to his son Henry. Henry 
sold it to his oldest son Abraham, who sold it to his 
only son John, the present owner. This property has 
been owned by the Stauffers continuously since 1724.* 
Menus. C : Daniel, Abraham, John. 

IV. Daniel M Stauffer, b March 16, 1728 ; d Mar 16, 
1790; m Catharine Gehmau in 1756. She was born 
May 31, 1734 ; d Mar 17, 1790. Both are buried in 
one grave in the Upper Milford Mennonite graveyard, 
Lehigh county. Farmer ; Mentis. C : Abraham, 
Jacob, Daniel. 

V. Abraham G Stauffer (d), b February 27, 1759 ; 
m Eve Oberholtzer (d) Dec 20, 1792. She was born 
Dec 7, 1766. They lived in Lehigh co, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menns. C : Jacob, John, Abraham, Elizabeth, Jacob, 
Henry, Hetty, Samuel, Susan. 

VI. Jacob Stauffer, died aged 13 weeks. 

VI. John O Stauffer, m Clemmer. No issue. 

VI. Abraham Stauffer, m Polly Schleifer. Fanner ; 
Menns. C : Joseph, Susanna, Elizabeth, John, Enos, 
Abraham, William. 

* Rev Bower's "History of the Stauffer and Bauer Family. ' ' 


VII. Joseph S Stauffer, b in Lehigh co, Pa, Feb 22, 
1822 ; d iii Moutgco, Pa, Nov 4, 1878 ; m Catharine, 
dau of Abraham O Moyer, March 10, 1843. She was 
b in Montg co May 30, 1822. Farmer ; Menns. C : 
Elizabeth, Abraham, Isaac. 

VIII. Elizabeth Stauffer, b Feb 4, 1845. S. 

VIII. Abraham M Stauffer, b Nov 29, 1850 ; d Oct 11, 
1892 ; married Lydia, dau of Rev Jacob P Laudis. 
P O Bergey, Pa. C : (IX) Kate L Stauffer, born 
July 22, 1880 ; Mary, b August 4, 1882 ; Henry, 
born Dec 30, 1883 ; Lizzie, b Sept 5, 1885 ; Sevilla, 
b Sept 4, 1887. 

VIII. Isaac M Stauffer, b in Upper Salford, Montg co, 
Nov 23, 1854 ; m Lucy Ann, dau of Joseph M Cassel, 
Aug 26, 1876. P O Bergey, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. 
C : (IX) Joseph C Stauffer, born December 24, 1877. 
(IX) Ambrose Stauffer, b Dec 17, 1879. (IX) Abraham 
Stauffer, b Mar 15, 188 1. (IX) William Stauffer, born 
Apr 3, 1883 ; d May 3, 1891. (IX) Mahlon Stauffer, 
b July 15, 1885. (IX) Alvin Stauffer, b Oct 1, 1887. 
(IX) Annie Stauffer, b Feb 16, 1889 ; d May 3, 1890. 
(IX) Wilson Stauffer, b April 18, 1891. (IX) Enos 
Stauffer, b Oct 26, 1892 ; d May 9, 1893. (IX) Clayton 
Stauffer, b February 27, 1894 '■> d January 29, 1895. 
(IX) Harvey Stauffer, b Feb 24, 1897. 

VII. Susanna S Stauffer (d), m John L Gehman. 
C : (VIII) Susan S Gehman, m Rev John M Ehst 
Oct 29, 1867. P O Clayton, Pa. Farmer. He is a 
minister of the Mennonite ch. C : Abraham, Lizzie, 
Susan, Mary. 

VII. Elizabeth S Stauffer, b Feb 8, 1825 ; d Dec 8, 
1891 ; m John L Gehman April 4, 1847. He was 
b Sept 12, 18 19 ; d Mar 3, 1892. Farmer ; Menns. 
C : Mary, Abraham, David, Enos, Anna. 

VIII. Mary Gehman, born 1848 ; died 1854. 


VIM. Abraham S Gehman, b Sept 8, 1849 ; m Annie 
Good Jan 8, 1874. P O Bally, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. 
C : John, Katie, Daniel, Ella, Emma, William, 
Ada (d). 

VIII. David S Gehman, b Feb 1, 1851 ; m Lavina 
Good March 8, 1877. P O Fruitville, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menus. C : (IX) Mary Gehman, born Dec 22, 1877. 
Menu. (IX) Jonas Gehman, born February 26, 1879. 
(IX) Lizzie Gehman, b April 13, 1880 ; d August 29, 
1896. (IX) Susanna Gehman, born January 1, 1882. 
(IX) Annie Gehman, born Nov 18, 1883. (IX) Alice 
Gehman, b Aug 12, 1885. (IX) Joel Gehman, born 
Feb 9) 1887. (IX) Fannie Gehman, b Feb 7, 1889. 
(IX) Abraham Gehman, b Sept 27, 1890. (IX) Enos 
Gehman, b February 10, 1893 '> d January 31, 1894. 
(IX) Solomon Gehman, b Sept 26, 1895. 

VIII. Enos S Gehman, born Sept 1, 1855 ; m Sarah 
Hiestaud. P O Bally, Pa. 

VIII. Anna Gehman, b March 10, 1862 ; d single. 

VII. John S Stauffer, b Feb 3, [827 ; d Feb 27, 1890 ; 
m Hannah Strunk Nov 4, 1849. She was b Nov 22, 
1827 ; d Sept 1888. Farmer ; Menns. C : Emma, 
Mary, Allen, Daniel. 

VIII. Emma Stauffer, born in Eehigh co, Pa, Nov 21, 
185 1 ; m Adam S Krauss Oct 4, 1873. P O East 
Greenville, Pa. Menns. C: (IX) Nora Krauss, born 
Aug 16, 1874. Schwenkfelder. (IX) John Krauss, 
born Oct 18, 1878. Schwenkfelder. (IX) Pauline 
Krauss, b Mar 8, 1893. 

VIII. Mary Ann Stauffer, born May 23, 1853 ; died 
February 13, 1861. 

VIII. Allen Stauffer, b May 14, 1856 ; d Feb 20, 1861. 

VIII. Daniel S Stauffer, b in Eehigh co, Pa, Mar 17, 
1858 ; m Sarah Ann Moyer Dec 4, 1880. P OTrum- 
bauersville, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. C : (IX) Elmer 


Stauffer, b March 3, 1882 ; Katie, b Dec 25, 1883 ; 
Elsie Viola, b Apr 23, 1894. 

VII. Enos S Stauffer, b in Lehigh co ; m Catharine 
Shelly in 1852. She was b in Bucks co, Pa, Sept 7, 
1832. P O Quakertown, Pa. Wheelwright, later 
farmer; Menns. C: Priscilla, Franklin, Uriah, 
Mary, William, Andrew, Oliver, Alvin. 

VIII. Priscilla S Stauffer, b January 21, 1855 ; m Rev 
Anthony S Shelly August 21, 1875. P O Bally, Pa. 
Menns. C : (IX) Monroe Shelly, b March 12, 1878 ; 
Florence, b Oct 23, 1880 ; Warren, b May 2, 1883 ; 
Norman, b July 31, 1888 ; Marian, b Dec 23, 1896. 

VIII. Franklin S Stauffer, born May 29, 1858 ; died 
October 12, i860. 

VIII. Uriah S Stauffer, b Nov 13, 1859 ; m Adeline, 
daughter of Rev A B Shelly. P O Quakertown, Pa. 
Editor and publisher of the Quakertown ' ' Free Press. ' ' 
C : Clayton. 

VIII. Mary S Stauffer, b Dec 22, 1861 ; m Henry B 
Weiss. P O Shelly, Pa. 

VIII. William S Stauffer, b in Bucks co, Pa, Nov 3, 
1863 ; m Sallie C Shelly Aug 28, 1888. R Wilming- 
ton, Del. Wood worker in plaining mill ; Menns. 
C : (IX) Harold Stauffer, b Nov 25, 1891 ; Edwin 
Shelly, born October 7, 1893. 

VIII. Andrew S Stauffer, b Sept 10, 1866 ; d May 19, 
1894 ; m Emma Roth. C : Flossie. 

VIII. Oliver Stauffer, b June 22, 1869 ; d in infancy. 

VIII. Alvin Stauffer, b Nov 13, 1870; d Nov 30, 1886. 
VII. Abraham S Stauffer, m Olivia Moyer Nov 6, 
1855. She d Jan 10, 1890. He was a schoolteacher 
for many years. Menns. No issue. 

VII. William S Stauffer, d in infancy. 
VI. Elizabeth Stauffer, married John Myers (d). C : 
Aaron, Henry, Abraham, Annie. 


VI. Jacob O Stauffer, bom May 31, 1800 ; d Mar 5, 
1872 ; m Elizabeth, dau of Rev John Gehman, of 
Upper Milford, Pa, Apr 17, 1825. She was b Oct 3, 
1806 ; d Jan 23, 1889. Farmer and schoolteacher ; 
Menns. C : Catharine, Abraham, Anna, Hetty, John, 
Daniel, Lovina. 

VII. Catharine Stauffer, b April 18, 1826; married 
Jacob O Landis. P O Emaus, Pa. C : Levi, Eliza- 
beth, Emma, Catharine, Nahum, Susanna, Ellen. 

VII. Abraham G Stauffer, b May 19, 1828 ; d 1872 ; 
m Susanna Bowman. C : (VIII) Horace Stauffer, 
died aged about 10 years. (VIII) Emma Stauffer. S. 
(VIII) Jane Stauffer. S. 

VII. Anna G Stauffer, b Nov 12, 1830; m Isaac K 
Rickert January 9, 1858. P O Dublin Pa. Farmer ; 
Menns. C : (VIII) Anna S Rickert, died at birth. 
(VIII) Lizzie S Rickert, born May 23, 1863. Single. 
(VIII) Daniel S Rickert, born Sept 26, 1864. Single. 
(VIII) Amanda S Rickert, b Nov 26, 1867 ; m Henry 
L Wismer. P O Plumsteadville, Pa. (VIII) Sarah S 
Rickert, d at birth. 

VII. Hetty G Stauffer, b Nov 18, 1832 ; m Henry 
L L Shelly (d). C : Leanna, John, both deceased ; 
Joseph, Lydia, Amanda, Lizzie, Rebecca, Emma. 

VII. John G Stauffer, b in Milford twp, Bucks co, Pa, 
Sept 4, 1837 ; m Sarah B Geisinger June 11, 1870. 
Mr Stauffer worked on his father's farm until Nov 
1856, when he entered the office of the Mennonite 
Printing Union, at Milford Square, Pa, to learn the 
printing trade. This printing house published at that 
time a semi-monthly German paper, half religious, 
and called " Das Christliche Volks-Blatt." No 8 of 
that paper was just issued when the new apprentice 
entered the office. Rev J H Oberholtzer was the 
editor and John Schaup, an experienced German 


printer, was the foreman. Mr Stauffer made good 
progress as an apprentice, and after six months ser- 
vice the Printing Union held a business meeting and 
decided to dismiss the German foreman, owing to 
financial depression of the establishment, and ap- 
pointed the apprentice as foreman. This position 
Mr Stauffer held until May 31, 1863, and also served 
as editor of the paper the preceding twenty months. 
He then took a seven-months' trip through the Western 
States for his health. In the Spring of 1864 he con- 
ducted his father's farm for a short time, but again 
entered the office of the "Volks-Blatt" as foreman and 
publisher, and later bought the establishment. In 
July 1S67 he commenced to issue a small German 
weekly newspaper called the " Reformer," which 
proved a success. Later the title was changed to 
" Patriot and Reformer " and the paper increased in 
size. In 1880 the circulation was 1600 copies. 

In June 188 1 he moved his family and the printing 
office to Quakertown, Pa, and in August printed the 
first number of the "Quakertown Free Press," an 
English weekly paper, which was also a success. In 
July 1882 he sold the "Free Press" to Uriah S 
Stauffer, one of his apprentices, who has edited and 
published the paper ever since. In 1886 he also sold 
the ' ' Patriot and Reformer ' ' to the owner of the ' ' Free 
Press," who later sold it to Daniel G Stauffer, of 
Milford Square, a brother to John, who now publishes 
the paper under the title of " Familien Freund." In 
January 1876 Mr Stauffer started a new German 
monthly, an undenominational religious paper, and 
called "Das Himmel's Manna" (Heavenly Manna). 
The paper is for young and old, and is suitable for a 
Sunday school paper. In January 1879 he issued an 
English paper, of the same nature as the German, 


called " The Manna." He still continues to publish 
both papers up to the present time, the circulation 
varying from 9000 to 12,000 copies monthly. In 
April 1885 he started another German religious paper 
called "Die Kirche Unterm Kreuz " (The Church 
Under the Cross), which he published successfully for 
four years and then discontinued it for lack of time. 
Since November 1895 he has published a religious 
monthly paper, called "Crown of Glory," for the 
Holiness Christian Church, of which Rev H G Trum- 
bauer, of Reading, is the editor. POQuakertovvn, Pa. 
C : Berend, Anna, both printers. 

VII. Daniel G Stauffer, b at Milford, Bucks co, Pa, 
Dec 14, 1 84 1 ; married Susan Schantz Oct 30, 1866. 
P O Milford Square, Pa. Editor and publisher of 
the " Familien Freund," a German weekly. Menus. 
C : (VIII) Oliver Stauffer, b Nov 5, 1868 ; d Sept 11 , 
1879. (VIII) Joseph Stauffer, b December 10, 1876. 
(VIII) Herbert Stauffer, b Mar 31, 1885. (VIII) Robert 
Stauffer, b Aug 26, 1887. 

VII. Lavina G Stauffer, b June 9, 1844 ; m John S 
Kemmerer. C : (VIII) Harvey Kemmerer, married 
Emma Stauffer. R Allentown, Pa. 

VI. Henry O Stauffer, m Elizabeth Eadshare. C : 
(VII) Hannah Stauffer, married Frank F Shelly. C : 
Uriah, Franklin, two daughters. 

VI. Hetty Stauffer, d advanced in years. S. 

VI. Samuel O Stauffer, b in L,ehigh co, Pa, Aug 3, 
181 1 ; d Jan 31, 1892 ; m Elizabeth Stauffer Dec 3, 
1837. She was b in Berks co, Pa, Feb 11, 18 16 ; d 
in Eehigh co Jan 10, 1873. Cobbler and Justice of the 
Peace ; Menus. C : William, Henry, Sarah, Eydia. 

VII. William Stauffer, b Sept 8, 1838 ; d Dec 4, 1844. 
VII. Henry S Stauffer, b in Lehigh co, Pa, June 10, 

1842; m Catharine Godshall Nov 11, 187 1. P O 

Abner K. Stauffkr. 

(See page 222. ) 

Mrs. A. K. Stauffer. 
(See page 224. 1 


Hosensack, Pa. Farmer ; Mentis. C : (VIII) Wallace 
G Stauffer, b Dec 17, 1S72. (VIII) Amice G Stauffer, 
b Dec 18, 1873 ; m Aaron B Schantz. P O Hosen- 
sack, Pa. Farmer; Menns. (VIII) Allen G Stauffer, 
b Apr 3, 1S76. Menu. (VIII) Henry G Stauffer, b 
Nov 20, 1S77. Menn. (VIII ) William G Stauffer, b 
Oct 5, 1879. Menn. (VIII) Lizzie G Stauffer, born 
Aug 30, 1 88 1. Menn. (VIII) Franklin G Stauffer, 
bjan 17, 1884. Menn. (VIII) Katie G Stauffer, b 
Feb 3, 1887. Menn. (VIM) Harvey G Stauffer, born 
May 10, 1889. 

VII. Sarah Stauffer, b July 9, 1845 ; d July 15, 1848. 

VII. Lydia Stauffer, born Mar 28, 1847 > m Henry L, 
Schantz. P O Sigmund, Pa. Farmer; Menns. C: 
(VIII) Matilda S Schantz, born August 29, 1872. 
(VIII) Wayne Schantz, b Dec 7, 1873. (VIII) Samuel 
S Schantz, b Aug 8, 1875. (VIII) Aaron Schantz, b 
Nov 3, 1876 ; d Sept 9, 1877. (VIII) Adam Schantz, 
b Mar 8, 187S ; d January 27, 1889. (VIII) Hiram 
Schantz, b Jan 15, 1880. (VIII) Lydia Schantz, born 
May 25, 1SS2 ; died May 15, 1885. (VIII) Simon 
Schantz, b Oct 21, 1883. (VIII) Son, b May 7, 1885 ; 
d next day. (VIII) Mary Schantz, b June 11, 1886. 
(VIII) Victor Schantz, b Mar 10, 1888 ; died Sept 18, 
1888. (VIII) Radner Schantz, b May 11, 1890. 

VI. Susan O Stauffer, m John G Gehman. She died 
one year after marriage. No issue. 

V. Jacob Stauffer, b July 19, 1762 ; d Jan 24, 1839 ; 
m Elizabeth Kunkle. She was b Feb 2, 1764 ; died 
June 17, 1807. C : Jacob, Abraham, Peter, Daniel, 
John. Jacob m second wife Barbara Oberholtzer. 
She was b June 30, 1768 ; d Jan 1, 18 17. Jacob m 
third wife Susanna Yoder. She was b Apr 27, 1776 ; 
d July 11, 1864. They lived on the farm now owned 


by Christian Schantz, Lower Milford twp, Lehigh co. 
Farmer ; Menns. 

VI. Jacob Stauffer, m Schantz. C : Jacob, Chris- 
tian, William, Jesse, John (d single), Peter, Daniel, 
Susan (d single), Elizabeth. 

VII. Jacob Stauffer, married Mary Coldovy. C : 
(VIII) Susanna Stauffer, married Michael Shelly. 
(VIII) Mary Stauffer, m B X Schell. (VIM) Louisa 
Stauffer, m John B Stauffer. (See Ind of Ref No 2 1 . ) 

VII. Christian Stauffer, m Ettinger. He was 

killed by falling from a beam. 

VII. William Stauffer, m . He was burned to 

death in a barn at Dillingersville, Pa. Had a family. 

VII. Jesse Stauffer, m Trump. They lived at 

Zionsville, Pa, where he died. Had children. 

VII. Peter Stauffer. He was married twice. C : 
(VIII) Rev Stauffer. 

VII. Daniel Stauffer. Carriage manufacturer at 
Crackersport, Pa. 

VII. Elizabeth Stauffer, m Ettinger. Moved 

to Venango co, Pa. 

VI. Abraham Stauffer, born about 1788 ; died 1853 ; 
m Anna Clemmer. They lived in Washington twp, 
Berks co, Pa, afterward called Colebrookdale twp, 
where he owned a fine farm and a well equipped mill. 
Farmer and miller ; Menns. C : Anna, Jacob, Abra- 
ham, Mary, Elizabeth, John, Catharine, Daniel, 
Christian, Samuel. 

VII. Anna Stauffer, b Jan 9, 1809 ; d 1S86. S. 

VII. Jacob Stauffer, b Dec 4, 18 n ; d 1889 ; married 
Lucetta Tillman. 

VII. Abraham K Stauffer, b in Berks co, Pa, Jan n, 
18 13 ; m Maria, dau of Jesse Bitting. She was born 
in Lehigh co, Pa, Apr 17, 1828 ; d in Berks co Mar 6, 


1850. Chair manufacturer ; Menns. C : Joseph, 
Emma, Susan, Amanda, C W. 

VIII. Joseph B StaufFer, b in Berks co Jan 25, 1845 ; 
m Ann Elizabeth Brumbach in 1864. R Reading, Pa. 
Manufacturer of woolen hats ; Ref. C: (IX) Laura 
B Stauffer. S. (IX) Sallie Geneva Stauffer (d), 

m Rothermil. (IX) Mary May Stauffer (d), 

m Manwiller. (IX) Emma Stauffer, married 


VIII. Emma Stauffer, married Levan. 

VIII. Susan StaufFer, married Grant. 

VIII. Amanda Stauffer, married Gass. 

VIII. C W Stauffer. Single. 

VII. Mary Stauffer, b in Berks co, Pa, Dec 26, 1815 ; 
d May 20, 1847 ; m Daniel Stahl (his second wife). 
He was b June 20, 1806 ; d Aug 4, 1867. Farmer 
and chairmaker ; Ev Ass'n. C : Elizabeth, Maria, 
Annie, Rebecca. 

VIII. Elizabeth Stahl, b Jan 14, 1838 ; m Jacob K 
Fehr. R Alleutowu, Pa. C : William, Emma, both 

VIII. Maria Stahl (d), b June 3, 1839 ; m Oliver E 
Engelmau. C: (IX) Alice Engelman, m Frank Hay. 
P O Reading, Pa. 

VIII. Annie S Stahl, b in Lehigh co, Pa, April 19, 
1840 ; m Rev C K Fehr Feb 21, 1863. He was born 
in Northampton co, Pa, Jan 13, 1839. In 1853 he 
was converted and became a member of the Ev Ass'n, 
and in 1861, moved by the Holy Spirit to preach the 
Gospel, he entered the ministry. He is at this time 
resident pastor of the Ev Ass'n ch in Allentown, Pa. 
C : Charles, Emma, Howard, Carrie. 

IX. Prof Charles D Fehr, b at Bernville, Berks co, Pa, 
June 3, 1864 ; m Emily L Benner Jan 1, 1890. Prof 
Fehr spent the greater part of his childhood with the 


family of J R Klahr, at Pottsville, Pa, and attended the 
Fairville (Terre Hill), Pottsville, Harrisburg, Lebanon 
and Allentown public schools. He graduated from the 
Allentown High School in 1882 at the head of a class 
of 24 members, thereby winning the Muhlenburg 
College scholarship, which entitled him to one year's 
free tuition at the institution. After spending Fresh- 
man year at this college he entered the Sophomore 
class of Lafayette College, graduating in 1886. He 
immediately entered the profession of teaching and 
taught in the following institutions : School of the 
Lackawanna, Scranton, one year ; Dickinson Semi- 
nary, Williamsport, two years ; Portsmouth (O) 
High School, teacher of German and history, one 
year ; Belleville (NY) Union Academy, principal, 
one year ; Cascadilla School, Ithaca, N Y, instructor 
of German, Latiu and history, three years ; State 
College, assistant professor of German, two years. 
P O State College, Pa. Pres. C : (X) Fauntleroy 
Benner Fehr, b Oct 27, 1890 ; Carl L, b Nov 1, 1894. 

IX. Emma Catharine Fehr, born in Lancaster co, Pa, 
January 25, 1866 ; m George J Bastiau Nov 15, 1887. 
R Allentown, Pa. Merchant tailor ; Ev Ass'n. No 

IX. Dr Howard Abraham Fehr, born in Lancaster co 
August 17, 1S69 ; m Elizabeth Marks Halback, of 
Catasauqua, Pa, Sept 3, 1896. R Allentown, Pa. 
Homeopathic physician ; Ev Ass'n. 

IX. Carrie May Fehr, b Feb 15, 18S0. Ev Ass'n. 

VIII. Rebecca Stahl (d), b May 1844 ; m Solomon 
Sterner. P O Zionsville, Pa. 

VII. Elizabeth Stauffer, married Aaron Kumerer. C : 
Elam, and others. 

VII. John Stauffer, b Oct 18,1819; m Nancy Huns- 
berger. C : Edwin, and others. 


VII. Catharine Stauffer (d), m Noah Rambo. C : 
Emanuel, and others. 

VII. Daniel C Stauffer, b near Bechtelsville, Berks co, 
Pa, Sept 15, 1825 ; in Lydia E High hi 185 1. She 
was b near Boy er town, Pa, Mar 16, 1828. P O Lou- 
donville, O. He was a farmer, and until about ten 
years ago owned a farm of 165 acres, adjoining 
the Swamp Reformed church, near Spinnerstown, Pa. 
This is one of the finest farms in that section of the 
State. Menns. C : Peter, John. 

VIII. Peter High Stauffer, b near Bechtelsville, Pa, 
February 28, 1852 ; m Augusta E Miller, of Ash- 
land, O, Sept 1875. When about one year of age his 
parents purchased a farm about one mile north of 
Spinnerstown, in Lower Milford twp, Lehigh co, Pa. 
Here he spent his boyhood days and attended the 
district school. When a lad of 16 years he went to 
Wadsworth, Medina county, O, to attend the educa- 
tional institution of the Meunonite Church, where he 
took a four years' course. After leaving this institu- 
tion he attended the Kentucky University, at Lexing- 
ton, Ky, one year. At this time the Upper Milford 
Mennonite church decided to call a new pastor and 
cast lots. Two of the young members, Uriah S Shelly 
and the subject of this sketch, were selected to enter 
the contest, and Mr Shelly was chosen as the pastor. 

Mr Stauffer then entered the office of the ' ' Men- 
nonitische Friedensbote," at Milford Square, Bucks 
county, Pa, where he started the publication of a 
young folks paper, called " Our Home Friend," which 
in less than two years attained a circulation of over 
1 2 ,000 copies. During the first year of its publication 
he had charge of the Sunday school department of the 
" Mennonitische Friedensbote," the official organ of 
the Mennonite Church of the United States. He 


afterward bought a job printing office at Quakertown,. 
which he sold a year later, and in 1878 purchased the 
" Advocate," a weekly county newspaper, at Loudou- 
ville, Ashland county, O, which he has published 
continuously since that time and made it one of the 
best newspaper properties in that section of the Buck- 
eye State. 

He is a Republican in politics. In 1870 he was 
nominated by the Republicans of Ashland county as 
their candidate for member of the State Legislature, 
but on account of the county being strongly Demo- 
cratic he was defeated by a greatly reduced majority. 
He is the author of two popular songs, " My Child- 
hood's Happy Home " and "Mother's Saturday 
Night, ' ' which have had phenomenal sales. P O Lon- 
donville, O. Mennouites. C: (IX) Gilman Wayne 
Stauffer, b in Bucks co, Pa, Aug 21, 1876. He is 
now preparing himself for the medical profession. 
(IX) Clara Irene Stauffer, b in Ohio Nov 26, 1879 ; 
d Sept 27, 1893. 

VIII. John H Stauffer, born in Lower Milford twp, 
Lehigh co, Pa, Dec 30, 1854 ; m Emma Focht. His 
boyhood days were spent on the farm and during the 
Winter he attended the district school in the Hosen- 
sack Valley, about two miles distant. At the age of 1 7 
his father sent him to the Mennonite College at Wads- 
worth, O, where he remained about three years. He 
afterward spent one year at the Millersville (Pa) State 
Normal School, and also taught a few terms at Emaus 
and Milford Square, Pa. 

Early in life he developed the faculty of vocal 
music, possessing rare talents in that particular 
direction. At the age of 17 he was already teaching 
the people of his community the art of singing, work- 
ing on the farm in the daytime and teaching vocal 


music at night. After leaving his native State he was 
engaged for about ten years in the musical convention 
field, traveling through the Middle and Western 
States, also teaching one year in the University of 
Lebanon, O. For the last twelve years Mr Stauffer 
has devoted most of his time to sacred cantata work, 
like " Jephtha," "Esther," etc., having given some 
of the most successful entertainments that have ever 
been given in this line in Philadelphia, Easton, Allen- 
town, Pa, and other cities. At the present writing he 
is in the midst of his work in the State of South Caro- 
lina. Mr Stauffer is also manager of the " National 
Music Bureau," publishers of sheet music and music 
books, with the main office at Allentown, Pa. His 
name is also known throughout the whole United 
States as a very popular writer of late songs. His 
plantation song, " Old Virginia Shore, "written twelve 
years ago, is considered by critics one of the best 
compositions of that class published today. All of his 
other songs have sold by the thousand, viz : " Rock- 
a-Bye-Baby," " Whippoorwill's Call," "Life is too 
Short," and " Little Girls we met Upon the Trains." 
R Allentown, Pa. Menus. No issue. 

VII. Christian Stauffer (d), m . 

VII. Samuel Stauffer, m Moser. Samuel married 

second wife Dundore. C : Two sons. All of 

the family are deceased. 

VI. Peter Stauffer, born in Lehigh co, Pa, Aug 17, 
1790 ; d June 20, 1868 ; m Anna Detweiler April 19, 
1817. She was born Feb 4, 1798 ; d Apr 21, 1873. 
Farmer in Lehigh county ; Menns. C : Infant 
sons (stillborn), Jacob, Leonard, Elizabeth, Samuel, 
Barbara, Susan. 

VII. Jacob D Stauffer (d), b Jan 22, 1820; married 
Caroline Swartz (d). No issue. 


VII. Leonard D Stauffer, b Apr 24, 1824 ; d Oct 21, 
1895 ; m Elizabeth Kramer May 27, 1849. Fanner ; 
Menns. C: Edwin, Anna, John, Peter, infant, 
Lizzie, Milton. 

VIII. Edwin Stauffer, bom Aug 11, 1850 ; d Dec 8, 
1886 ; m Elizabeth Kremer. P O Pennsburg, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menns. C : Mary, Ella. 

VIII. Anna Stauffer, born Oct 5, 1851 ; m Moses C 
Gottshall. P O Schwenksville, Pa. Farmer; Menns. 
C: Harvey, Lizzie, Mary, Annie, Maggie, Moses, 
Katie, Manerva, Ella, Newton, William, Edgar. 

VIM. John Stauffer, born Augusts, 1853 > m Dianna 
Shelly. P O Quakertown, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. 
C : Annie, Henry, Samuel. 

VIII. Peter Stauffer, born Jan 31, 1855 ; d March 14, 

1857. . 

VIII. Infant, b Sept 29, 1856 ; d Oct 13, 1856. 

VIII. Lizzie Stauffer, b Apr 22, 1858 ; married John 
Shelly (d). P O Steinsburg, Pa. Menns. Children: 
Harvey, Lizzie F, Emma, Darwin, Annie. 

VIII. Milton Stauffer, b Oct 3, 1865 ; married Emma 
Heller. P O Schwenksville, Pa. Farmer ; Menns. 
C : Willie, Katie,. Ella, Amanda, Emma, Hattie. 

VII. Elizabeth Stauffer, b Mar 24, 1829 ; m Charles 
Carver. P O Independence, la. 

VII. Samuel D Stauffer, born in Lower Milford twp, 
Lehigh co, Pa, Nov 17, 1832 ; m Elizabeth Bechtel 
August 20, 1864. P O Spinnerstowu, Pa. Fanner ; 
Menus. C : (VIII) Ambrose B Stauffer, b June 24, 
1S65 ; d Nov 19, 1887. (VIII) Dianna B Stauffer, b 
Aug 31, 1866 ; died June 21, 1887. (VIII) Menno B 
Stauffer, b Sept 26, 1867 ; d Mar 4, 1868. 

VII. Barbara D Stauffer, b Dec 5, 1834 ; m Christian 
Schantz. P O Gerysville, Pa. 

VII. Susan Stauffer, b March 8, 1838 ; married Jesse 

John Keim Stauffer. 
(Sec pajjje 229. ) 


Heury (d). Susan in second husband John Miller. 
P O Jessup, la. 

VI. Daniel Stauffer, b Aug 18, 1794 ; died Sept 17, 
1835 ; m Barbara Detweiler. She was born Feb 4, 
1798; died February 20, 1S50. C: (VII) Son (d). 
(VII) Susanna Stauffer, married Charles Griesmer,both 
deceased. C : Daniel, Charles (d), Elizabeth. 

VI. John Stauffer, died about 1857 ; m Landis. 

C: (VII) Jacob Stauffer, din the army. (VII) Samuel 

Stauffer (d). (VII) Elizabeth Stauffer, m Ful- 

mer. (VII) Two daughters. 

IV. Abraham Stauffer, born 1737 ; m Susanna . 

They lived on a farm of 150 acres in Colebrookdale 
twp, Berks co, Pa, which was inherited b}' his son 
Henry. C : John, Daniel, Magdalena, Henry, Jacob, 
Elizabeth, Maria. 

V. John Stauffer, m Elizabeth Kindig. She was born 
May 26, 1789 ; d Jan 12, 1837. 

V. Daniel Stauffer, m . 

V. Magdalena Stauffer, b October 22, 1765 ; d Dec 
1832 ; m Johoniies Kindig, of Hatfield, Pa. He was 
b Feb 5, 1765 ; d Feb ro, 1835. Menns. 

V. Henry Stauffer, b January 27, 1779 ; d Aug 18, 
1856 ; m Barbara, dau of Garret and Rosena Bechtel, 
Mar 23, 1 80 1. C : Abraham, Garret, Jacob, infant, 
Henry, infants (twins), Barbara. Henry m second 
wife Catharine Moyer. She was born Aug 20, 1779 ; 
d Oct 1, 1 82 1. C : Mary, John, Elizabeth, William. 
Henry m third wife Barbara, dau of Benjamin Moyer. 
She was b July 2, 1775 ; d Apr 4, 1861. No issue. 
Farmer. He was a deacon of the Mennonite church 
at Hereford, where he and his wives are buried. 

VI. Abraham B Stauffer, b Aug 19, 1802 ; d Apr 24, 
1887 ; married Elizabeth Weiss. She was b Mar 25, 
1808 ; d May 5, 1893. C : John. 


VII. John W Stauffer, b June 3, 1848 ; m Louisa E 
Hass, of Oley, Pa. She was b June 14, 1852.. P O 
Eshbach, Pa. C : (VIII) Frank N H Stauffer, born 
Mar 20, 1S72. (VIM) John H Stauffer, born Mar 23, 
1878. (VIII) Mary Louisa Stauffer, b Sept 13, 1883. 
(VIM) Abraham Harvey Stauffer, b Feb 14, 1888 ; d 
Apr 1, 1893. 

VI. Garret B Stauffer, b Oct 29, 1803 ; died July 2, 
1867; m Magdalena Hornetter October 9, 1842. She 
was b May 22, 18 17. C : Andrew, Henry, Catharine. 

VII. Andrew H Stauffer, b Nov 30, 1843 ; in Amelia 
Fegley Sept 22, 1866. She was born May 24, 1840. 
C : (VIM) Garret F Stauffer, b Jan 21, 1868 ; died in 
infancy. (VIM) John F Stauffer, born Sept 23, 1869 ; 
m Enima Ratzel. P O Gilbertsville, Pa. C : William, 
Edna, George. (VIM) Ellen F Stauffer, born Apr 7, 
1 87 1 ; m George Moore. P O Boyertown, Pa. C : 
Agnes, Annie. (VIM) Henry F Stauffer, born Feb 1 
1874 ; d in infancy. 

VII. Henry H Stauffer, born June 21, 1846 ; died in 

VII. Catharine H Stauffer, b Sept 30, 1848 ; died in 

VI. Jacob B Stauffer, b Feb 7, 1805 ; d Jan 27, 188 r ; 
m Elizabeth Nyer. She was b March 9, 18 18 ; died 
Jan 28, 1855. He went to Montg co, O, when single. 
C : Sarah, Elizabeth, William, Lavina, Ellen. 

VII. Sarah N Stauffer, born Dec 3, 1841 ; m Joseph 
Heater Nov 10, 1859. P O Dayton, O. C : Ida, 

VIM. Ida May Heater, b Jan 13, 1865 ; m George M 
Rust Nov 9, 1886. C : (IX) Bessie May Rust, born 
Sept 12, 1887. 

VIM. Ninie Heater, b Aug 27, 1875. 
VII. Elizabeth N Stauffer, b Feb 6, 1843 ; m John 


Karn Feb 9, 1865. He was bora Feb 25, 1843. C : 
(VIII) Edward Perry Kara, b Dec 5, 1865 ; m Sarah 
E Kershner. No issue. (VIII) Clement Leonard 
Karn, b Sept 17, 1867. (VIII) Ida May Kara, born 
Sept 22, 1869; m William Dickson. C: Forest Ray. 
(VIII) Laura Alice Karn, b Sept 2, 187 1. (VIII) Jesse 
Calvin Karn, born Nov 19, 1873. (VIII) Clara Belle 
Karn, b Dec 22, 1875 ; d July 15, 1877. (VIII) Oscar 
Clinton Karn, b Sept 1878 ; died November 4, 1881. 
(VIII) Mamie Martha Kara, born March 2, 188 1. 
(VIII) John Albert Karn, born January 15, 1883. 
(VIII) Bertha Viola Kara, born June 11, 1885. (VIII) 
Charles Franklin (d), and infant (twins), born Sept 
1887 ; the latter died next day. 

VII. William N Staufler, b Jan 10, 1846 ; m Virginia 
Wallace Feb 15, 1872. She was born June 30, 1849. 
C: (VIII) Arlott W Stauffer, born July 30, 1881 ; 
infant son, b 1884. 

William married second wife Emma D Brodecker 
February 12, 1885. She was bora March 22, 1863. 
P O Dayton, O. Farmer. C : (VIII) Laura Ella 
Stauffer, b Oct i, 1885 ; Minnie May, born Sept 26, 
1886 ; Sallie J and William F (twins), b July 4, 1889 ; 
Bessie Mamie, b Mar 2, 1892. 

VII. Lavina N Stauffer, born Mar 12, 1851 ; m Eli 
Heater March 28, 1868. He was b March 20, 1843. 
POAnsonia, O. C : (VIII) William Allen Heater, 
born May 24, 1869 ; m Catharine Riegel. No issue. 
(VIII) Sarah Dillia Heater, b Sept 20, 1870; m L D 
Black. No issue. (VIII) Arra Netta Heater, born 
March 7, 1875. 

VII. Ellen N Stauffer, b Dec 3, 1852 ; m Henry N 
Eckhart Feb 16, 1870. He was born Aug 31, 1846. 
P O Dayton, O. C : (VIII) Willie Henry Eckhart, 
b Apr 5, 1871 ; dSept 17, 1872. (VIII) Harry Ventile 


Eckhart, born Oct 5, 1873 ; m Clara A Taylor. C : 
Robert Henry. (VIII) Harvey Eckhart, b May 17, 
1876. (VIII) Jacob Oscar Eckhart, born Apr 8, 1879. 
(VIII) Walter Eckhart, b June 12, 1882. (VIII) Grover 
Cleveland Eckhart, b Nov 5, 1892. 
VI. Infant, b Sept 21, 1806. 

VI. Henry B Stauffer, born Jan 1, 1807 ; d May 27, 
1892 ; m Elizabeth Bauman Feb 14, 1836. C : Cath- 
arine, David, Henry, John, Susanna, William. 

VII. Catharine B Stauffer, b July 14, 1837 ; d Feb 14, 
1869. S. 

VII. David B Stauffer, b Oct ir, 1838; m Susanna 
B Shelly Sept 20, 1862. She was born Apr 30, 1837. 
P O Milford Square, Pa. C: Mary, Emma, Mahlon, 
Andrew, John. 

VIII. Mary Lizzie Stauffer, born January 1, 1866. 
VIII. Emma Stauffer, bom June 14, 1867 ; m John 

Swinehart Sept 29, 1888. He d June 7, 1890. Emma 
married second husband Harrison Shontz May 14, 
1892. C: (IX) Laura Shontz, b Dec 3, 1892. 

VIII. Mahlon Stauffer, b Apr 19, 1869 ; m Ida Fretz 
November 25, 1893. 

VIII. Andrew Stauffer, b Dec 12, 1871 ; d June 29, 

VIII. John Stauffer, born November 25, 1874. 

V'll. Henry B Stauffer, b May 12, 1841 ; m Eliza H 
Huber Nov 25, 1862. She was born Dec 13, 1839. 
P O Spinnerstowu, Pa. C : Mary, Elizabeth, Henry, 

VIII. Mary H Stauffer, b July 15, 1862 ; d May 31, 
1888 ; m Fluck Dec 22, 188 1. C : Elmer. 

VIII. Elizabeth H Stauffer, bom Feb 25, 1864 ; died 
August 17, 1883. S. 

Vlll. Henry H Stauffer, b Oct 27, 1866 ; m Louisa 


Weidner Oct 11, 1890. C: (IX) William Stauffer, 
born April 1, 1891. 
VIII. Elmer H Stauffer, b May 7, 1872 ; m Kate R 
Moyer May 19, 1894. 

VII. John B Stauffer, born Sept 25, 1844 ; married 
Louisa Stauffer Oct 1, 1870. P O Spinnerstown, Pa. 
Ger Ref. C : Ellen, Kate, Annie, Harvey, Howard, 

VIII. Ellen S Stauffer, born September 17, 187 1. 
VIII. Kate S Stauffer, b Jan 9, 1874 ; m Henry Walt 

Mar 10, 1894. C: (IX) Charles S W T alt, b Jan 29, 

VIII. Annie S Stauffer, born July ro, 1875. 

VIII. Harvey S Stauffer, born November 28, 1876. 

VIII. Howard S Stauffer, born October 23, 1880. 

VIII. William S Stauffer, born January 1, 1883. 

VII. Susanna B Stauffer, b Sept 23, 1844 ; m Peter 
Schultz June n, 1869. P O Milford Square, Pa. 
Farmer ; Luth. C : (VIII) Mamie S Schultz, born 
Nov 27, 1873. (VIII) Nora Schultz, b Jan r, 1878 ; 
d Oct 5, 1878. (VIII) Lizzie Schultz, b Feb 15, 1880. 

VII. William B Stauffer, born Nov 10, 1848 ; died 
September 11, 1879. S. 

VI. Infant sons, born December 18, 1808. 

VI. Barbara B Stauffer, b Jan 26, 18 10 ; d July 4, 
1871 ; m John O Bower (his second wife). He was 
b Oct 9, 1804 ; d Apr 4, 1865. They lived and died 
in Skippack twp, Pa. Menns. C : Henry. 

VII. Rev Henry S Bower, b in East Coventry twp, 
Chester co, Pa, January 12, 1836 ; m Annie S, dau of 
George C Reiff, of Skippack twp, Oct 18, 1857. She 
was b Oct 3, 1832 ; d Jan 18, 1888. C : Abraham, 
Mary, Barbara, Elizabeth, John, Aaron, Katie, Annie. 
Henry m second wife Catharine, widow of Jonas N 
Alderfer (nee Saylor), Feb 3, 1889. Mr Bower is 


the author of the Stauffer and Bower Family History, 
which was published in 1897. He was chosen a 
minister of the Lower Salford Meunonite ch Nov 30, 
1865. P O Harleysville, Pa. Watchmaker. 

VIII. Abraham R Bower, born Dec 25, 1859 ; died 
June 9, 1864. 

VIII. Mary Ann R Bower, b August 30, 1861 ; died 
June 9, 1864. 

VIII. Barbara R Bower, b Feb 21, 1863 ; d July 9, 
1865, from the effects of falling into a bucket of 
boiling water. 

VIII. Elizabeth R Bower, b Apr 2, 1865 ; m Benjamin 
A Metz, of Towamencin twp, Montg co, Pa. He was 
born March 11, i860. P O Mainland, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menus. C : (IX) Annie B Metz, b Sept 27, 1884. 
(IX) Susie Metz, b Dec 12, 1886. (IX) Henry Metz, 
b Apr 18, 1888 ; d July 30, 1890. (IX) Katie Metz, 
b Feb 11, 1890 ; d July 23, 1890. (IX) Harvey Metz, 
b June 10, 1S91. (IX) Benjamin Metz, b Feb 4, 1S93. 
(IX) Peter Metz, b May 16, 1895. 

VIII. John R Bower, b Oct 19, 1866 ; d Feb 28, 1869. 

VIII. Aaron R Bower, b Mar 11, 1869 ; m Lizzie A, 
dau of Samuel and Mary Cassel, Jan 17, 1891. She 
was born August 14, 1868. P O Harleysville, Pa. 
Farmer ; Menus. C : (IX) Edith C Bower, b June 7, 
1892 ; Henry, b Jan 29, 1894 ; Samuel, b Sept 3, 1896. 

VIII. Katie R Bower, b Nov 7, 1870 ; m Abraham 
L S Alderfer, of Lower Salford, Pa. He was born 
Sept 5, 1864. P O Lansdale, Pa. Farmer ; Menus. 
C : (IX) Stella B Alderfer, b April 26, 1891. 

VIII. Annie R Bower, b March 5, 1875 ; d Aug 15, 
1895 ; m Isaac L Derstine Nov 18, 1893. Fanner ; 
Menus. No issue. 

VI. Mary Stauffer, b May 18, 1813 ; d Oct 1, 1867 ; 
m Joseph Young in 1845. He was b Feb 27, 1809 ; 


d Dec 28, 1893. C : (VII) Annie Young, d infant. 
(VII) Sarah Young, m B F Leister Dec 18, 1895. 
P O Norristown, Pa. Ger Ref. 

VI. John M Stauffer, b Feb 21, 18 15 ; died Oct 27, 
1852 ; m Anna Fox, of Hereford. She was b Dec 17, 
1817. Farmer; Menns. C: Henry, Catharine, 
Sarah, John. 

VII. Henry F Stauffer, b in Chester co, Pa, May 28, 
1843 '> m Elizabeth Clemmer Oct 18, 1868. She was 
born in Berks co, Pa, Dec 3, 1844. P O Limerick, Pa. 
Merchant ; Menns. C : Albert, Franklin. 

VIII. Albert C Stauffer, b Aug 3, 1869 ; m Ella Kay 
June 14, 1 89 1. C : (IX) Mary Elizabeth Stauffer, 
born Dec 5, 1892. 

VIII. Franklin C Stauffer, born April 10, 1872. 

VII. Catharine F Stauffer, b July 22, 1845 ; married 
George R Bechtel. He was b November 26, 1843. 
P O Pikesville, Pa. Farmer ; Ref. C : (VIII) Mary 
Ann L, Bechtel, b Oct 1, 1869 ; John, b Dec 21, 1870 ; 
George, b July 22, 1872 ; Richard, b Dec 14, 1873 ; 
Sallie Ann, b Dec 29, 1875 ; Katie Ann, born Oct 5, 
1877 ; Elm, b May 14, 1879 ; Abraham, b Aug 12, 
188 1 ; Samuel, born August 26, 1883 ; Mary, born 
August 26, 1885. 

VII. Sarah F Stauffer, b Jan 6, 1852 ; d May 19, 1853. 

VII. John F Stauffer, b May 8, 1853 ; m Amanda 
Linsenbigler Dec 1876. P O Niantic, Pa. Merchant. 
C : (VIII) Emma L Stauffer, b June 16, 1881 ; Ada, 
born Aug 25, 1883 ; Eli, b Apr 20, 1887. 

VI. Elizabeth M Stauffer, b Feb 11, 18 16 ; d Jan 10, 
1873 ; m Samuel O Stauffer, Esq. (See Ind of Ref 
No 22.) 

VI. William M Stauffer, b Sept 27, 18 18 ; d Jan 31, 
1870; m Sarah Stoudt, of Berks co, Pa. She was 
born Oct 25, 1821 ; d July 13, 1871. C : Catharine, 


Henry, Sarah, William, John, Jacob, Abraham, Samuel, 

VII. CatharineS Stauffer, b May 21, 1S49 ; married 
Daniel F Sands May 27, 1871. He was born Feb 25, 
1843 ; d March 18, 1886. P O Shultzville, Pa. C : 
(VIII) Colim S Sands, b Aug 15, 1871. (VIII) Ida S 
Sands, b Nov 8, 1872 ; m Daniel Frye. C : Robert. 
VII. Henry S Stauffer, b July 31, 1850 ; m Sophia S 
Erb June 1, 1872. P O Douglass, Pa. Farmer. C : 
(VIII) Ervin E Stauffer, born May 26, 1873 ; Allen, 
b March 10, 1875 ; Warren, b Sept 22, 1877 ; Sallie, 
b Nov 13, 1881 ; Henry, b June 28, 1884 ; Lizzie, 
b April 15, 1886 ; Susan, b April 29, 1889 ; Verdia, 
b July ir, 1892 ; John, b July 2, 1894. 

VII. Sarah S Stauffer, b Feb 15, 1852 ; m John E 
Stauffer Jan 9, 1875. P O Clayton, Pa. Farmer. 
C : (VIII) Joanna S Stauffer, b Jan 20, 1878 ; Irvin, 
b June 26, 1880 ; Agnes, b July 28, 1882 ; Howard, 
born Dec 1, 1890. 
VII. William S Stauffer, b Sept 10, 1853 ; d Apr 22, 
1887 ; m Katie Treichler Nov 9, 1878. She was born 
Oct 3, 1847. C : (VIII) Willie T Stauffer, b May 25, 
1879 ; Sallie, b Aug 25, 1882. 

VII. John S Stauffer, m Elizabeth Frye Feb 3, 1877. 
P O Bechtelsville, Pa. C : (VIII) William Stauffer, 
born July 13, 1877. (VIII) Susanna Stauffer (d), born 
Feb 6, 1879. (VIII) Emma Stauffer, b May 3, 1880. 
(VIII) Edwin Stauffer, b Dec 3, 1881. (VIII) Allen 
Stauffer, b Sept 8, 1883. (VIII) Charles Stauffer (d), 
born April 10, 1884. (VIII) Catharine Stauffer, born 
Dec 21, 1888. (VIII) Calvin Stauffer, b Nov 6, 1S9L 
VII. Jacob S Stauffer, b April io, 1857 ; m Susanna 
Eliza Schneider Dec 26, 1882. She was b Feb 22, 
i860. P O New Hanover, Pa. Farmer. No issue. 
VU. Abraham S Stauffer, b Feb 11, 1859 ; m Emma 

John G. Stauffer. 
(See page 264.) 


Eliza B Trump Sept 7, 1884. She was born July 31, 
[856. PO Corning, Pa. Laborer. C: Annie Louisa. 

VII. Samuel S Stauffer, b Jan 25, 1862. He resides 
with his brother John. S. 

VII. Dianna S Stauffer, b July r5, 1864 ; m John F 
Moyer. He was b April ir, 1863. P O Bechtels- 
ville, Pa. C : (VIII) William Henry Moyer (d). born 
July 15, 1884. (VIII) Laura Jayne Moyer, b Nov 3, 
1886 ; d May 6, 1893. (VIII) Raymond Allen Moyer, 
born May 14, 1893. 

V. Jacob Stauffer, b May 10, 1787 ; d Sept 2, 1853 > 
married Sarah, dau of Daniel and Salome Reitnaur, of 
Berks co, Pa. She was b April 28, 1792 ; d Jan 27, 

V. Elizabeth Stauffer, married Jacob Moyer. 

V. Maria Stauffer, died aged 70 years, 2 mouths 
and 7 days. S. 

IV. John Stauffer, born 1737. 

III. Henry Stauffer, born in Switzerland in 1700, 
was 9 years of age when he came with his parents 
to America. He also settled with his older brothers 
in Colebrookdale twp, Berks co, Pa. Descendants 
not found. 




P. H. Staufffr 

(See page 27 r. ) 



I. Rev William Stover (Stauffer) , born in Switzer- 
land 1725 ;* emigrated to America in 1754. After a 
probable brief sojourn in the vicinity of Germantown 
he removed to Franklin county, Pa, and, later to 
Cumberland. He secured by patent from the English 
Government and by homestead large tracts of land in 
Antrim township, near Shady Grove, Pa, on the 
farms now owned by a Mr Stewart, Wesley Koontz 
and others. As defence against the Indians, who 
were troublesome in those early days, he erected a 
large fort of limestone, with walls eight or ten feet 
high, which was used as a garden in time of peace. 
The fort stands almost in perfect condition to this day 
and is still used for the farm garden. Here, in times 
of Indian raids, the neighbors assembled, driving their 
teams and stock in the enclosure. On the west side 
is a heavy walled stone building, used as a dwelling 
through which ingress and egress to the fort was made. 
On the east side was a substantial stone barn with 
entrance from the fort, so that in time of trouble the 
family could pass in safety from the house to the barn 
without danger of being surprised and carried away by 
the Indians. The house still stands with its walls in 

* The date of his birth is uncertain, some claim he was born 
as early as 1715 or 1716. 



perfect condition, but the barn was recently torn down 
and a new building erected. 

William Stover was ordained first bishop of the 
Autitum German Baptist congregation, in which he 
labored faithfully for many years. He died in 1800 
and was succeeded as bishop by his son, Daniel Stover, 
who presided over the same congregation until 1822. 
In those early days the church services were held in 
private dwellings, and the yearly meetings, or love 
feasts, were held in large barns, being little more than 
a mission post until 1790, when the Antitum, or 
Price's church, was erected. It was built of limestone 
and located one mile north of Waynesboro, Pa. This 
church stood 100 years, when, in 1890, it was replaced 
by a new structure of stone on nearly the same site, 
and a number of the great-grandchildren of Bishop 
William Stover, Sr, assisted in its building. 

The old homestead was owned by five successive 
generations of Stovers before it passed out of their 
hands. William Stover was married to a Miss 
Shseffer. He died at the age of about 75 years, and 
was buried in the family burying ground on the farm, 
the resting place of many other friends and relatives. 
C : George, William, Margaret, Michael, Daniel, 
Jacob, Emanuel, Susanna, Esther, Catharine, Barbara. 


II. Dr George Stover, b in Switzerland in 1748 ; 
d in Virginia July 12, 1826 ; m Hannah Price.* She 
d in 1792. Dr George Stover came with his parents 
to America in 1754. He was educated in German 
and English and was a physician. After marriage 
he settled at the Kinnikinick Creek, in Franklin co, 
Pa, and after his second marriage went to Virginia, 
settling on a farm near Amsterdam, in Botetourt 
county. Here he practiced medicine and became 
distinguished as a physician. It is said that he and 
his brother Emanuel heired the west half of the old 
homestead in Franklin county, now owned by Wesley 
Kooutz. Dr Stover afterward sold out his interest to 
Emanuel, taking payment therefore in Continental 

* Daughter of John Price, son of Johonnes Price. 
Johnnes, was a son of Jacob " Priess," who was among 
the first German Baptists that came to America in 17 19 
on invitation from William Penn, on account of religious 
persecution, and who lived and died near Harleysville, Pa. 
It is said he was half brother to the then King of Prussia, of 
the house of Hapsburg, and left Prussia on account of the war 
against the family, bringing with him an only son, who, it is 
said, was a delicate youth. Fearing he might not live to man- 
hood his father allowed him to marry when yet quite young 
in order to perpetuate the race. After the birth of his son 
John, he died, and a few months after his death a second son, 
Daniel, was born. Daniel remained on the homestead. John 
went to the Cumberland Valley and settled near Waynesboro, 
Pa. He was the ancestor of the Price family. 



script, which, while on his way to Virginia, became 
worthless, and because he could not pay for the 
property he had purchased in Virginia he was thrown 
into prison for debt. He, however, had other property, 
all of which he gave for his freedom. It is known 
that Dr Stover made visits all through Virginia and 
North Carolina, professionally called to see severe 
cases of illness. C : John, Elizabeth, Jacob, Susan, 
Mary, Daniel, George, Catharine, Hannah, Abraham, 

George married second wife Margaret Beaver* 
about 1793. C : Susan, Anna, Rebecca, William, 
Sarah, Nancy, Joseph, Emanuel, Joel, infant. 

III. John Stover, b in Franklin co, Pa, Mar 26, 1771 ; 
died in Botetourt co, Va, Oct 7, 1829 ; m Catharine 
Snyder in 1800. She was born in Botetourt co, Va, 
Mar 2, 1785 ; d May 21, 1853. In 1834 he removed 
with his family, except the daughters Polly, Bettsy 
and Hannah, from Virginia to South Bend, Ind. 
Farmer. C : Mathias, George, John, Jacob, Abraham, 
Elizabeth, Hannah, Henry and David (twins), Mary, 
William, Maria, Catharine. 

IV. Mathias Stover, b in Botetourt co, Va, Mar 26, 
1802 ; d at South Bend, Ind, Oct 29, 1879 ; married 
Nancy Fleger of Botetourt co, Aug 14, 1823. C : 
Charles, Lewis, Caroline, Harriet, Emeline, John, 
William, Maria, Mary, Francis. Mathias m second 
wife Ann E Hamilton (nee Burbridge) May 4, 1848. 
She was b at Lexington, Ky, Sept 29, 18 13 ; died at 
South Bend, Ind, Jan 6, 1895. Cabinet maker and 
County Surveyor ; minister of Meth Epch. Children: 
William, Albert. 

*She was of the Beaver family of Virginia. Governor 
Beaver, of Pennsylvania, was a nephew of Margaret. 


V. Charles Stover, b in Virginia July 2, 1824 ; died 
at South Bend, Ind, Jan 11, 1862. S. 

V. Lewis Stover, b Nov 28, 1825 ; d Jan 26, 1827. 

V. Caroline Stover, b July 6, 1827 ; d Nov 12, 1830. 

V. Harriet Stover, born in Botetourt co, Va, Jan 10, 
1829; m Thomas Snediker March 25, 1846. Harriet 
married second husband Julius Alexander. R New 
York City. 

V. Emeline Stover, b Oct 26, 1830 ; d Sept 17, 1847. 

V. John W Stover, b in Botetourt co Nov 6, 1832 ; 
d at Salem, Oregon, Aug 29, 1864 ; m Sarah Stanton 
July 14, 1855. C : Two daughters. 

V. William R Stover, b in Indiana July 23, 1835. 

V. Maria Stover, b at South Bend, Ind, March 26, 
1837 ; d Feb 20, 1875 ; m Dr Lewis Pagin Sept 13, 
1855. Physician; Meth. C: Oliver, Laura, Ida, 
Lewis, Frank. 

VI. Oliver E Pagin, b at Toledo, O, Sept 2, 1858 ; 
m Alice J Schram May 1, 1883. He is a member of 
Sons of the Revolution. His great-grandfather, 
David Pagin, came from Virginia under Col George 
Rogers Clark and took the British posts at Kaskaskia 
and Vincennes. His grandfather, Joseph Pagin, was 
born at Kaskaskia, 111, in 1782. Assistant United 
States Attorney of North District, 111, since 1888, 
at 434 Monadnock Block, Chicago. C : (VII) Albert 
K Pagin, b in 1887 ; Robert S, b in 1889 ; Laura M, 
born in 1893. 

VI. Laura M Pagin, b Sept 22, 1862 ; m James S 
Woodruff. R 1707 Demiug Court, Chicago. 

VI. Ida M Pagin, b Dec 27, 1864 ; d Jan 6, 1898 ; 
married Charles W Burdick. 

VI. Lewis A Pagin, b at South Bend, Ind, June r, 
1869 ; m Nannie L Beitner June 25, 1891. R 237 


Monroe st, Chicago. Credit manager. He attends 
Presch. C: (VII) John B Pagiu, b July 31, 1894. 

VI. Frank S Pagiu, b June 13, 1870. Boyce Build- 
ing, Chicago. 

V. Mary Ellen Stover, born at South Bend May 24, 
1840 ; m Henry Spain August 19, 1858. R 6 Burton 
Place, Chicago. Dry goods merchant. C : Ettie, 
Mattie, Helen, Emma, Henry, Harry. 

VI. Ettie Stover Spain, b June 1859 ; d Aug 1859. 
VI. Mattie Stover Spain, b at South Bend Sept 29, 

186 r. R 6 Burton Place, Chicago. Pres. 

VI. Helen Spain, born at South Bend June 7, 1865 ; 
m Charles H Dasenbrook Apr 14, 1886. R 6 Burton 
Place, Chicago. Boot and shoe merchant. C: (VII) 
Charles Henry Dasenbrook, Jr, b Mar 2^, 1890. 

VI. Emma Spain, born 1870; died 1881. 

VI. Henry Spain, born 1875 ; died 1876. 

VI. Harry Spain, born 1878 ; died 1881. 

V. Francis A Stover, b September 29, 1842 ; died 
July 28, 1864. S. 

V. William Burbridge Stover, b at South Bend, Ind, 
April 13, 1849 ; m Eva A Adams March 14, 1876. 
R 330 W Navarre st, South Bend, Ind. Wagon 
manufacturer ; Pres. C : (VI) Harriet A Stover, 
b Feb 1, 1877. S. (VI) Frank Adams Stover, born 
Jan 20, 1879. (VI) Helen Moore Stover, b May 24, 
V. Albert M Stover, b Apr 21, 1851 ; d Mar 3, 1852. 

IV. George L, Stover, b in Botetourt co, Va, Sept 21, 
1803 ; married Magdaleiia P Jones, of Botetourt co, 
Jan 27, 1829. Farmer. 

IV. John Stover, b in Virginia Feb 25, 1805 ; died 
March 23, 1846; m Nancy Sircle, of Virginia, Oct 2, 
1828. Farmer. C : George, Eewis, August, and 


IV. Jacob Stover, b in Botetourt co April 20, 1807 ; 
d at South Bend, Ind, Mar 15, 1893 ; m Sarah Noff- 
singer Sept 23, 1830. She was born in Botetourt co 
Oct 4, 1807 ; d at South Bend, Ind, April 20, 187 1. 
Farmer ; Bap. C : Peter, John, Mary, George, 
William, Josephus, Selina, Frank. 

V. Peter Lewis Stover, b in Virginia Aug 24, 1831 ; 
died at Franklin College, Ind, Mar 31, 1855. S. 

V. John Mathias Stover, b in Virginia May 21, 
1833 ; d at South Bend Mar 15, 1869 ; m Sarah Van 
Tuyl. Physician. No issue. 

V. Mary Catharine Stover, b in Virginia August 3r, 
1835 ; d at Laport, Ind, Jan 3, 1852. S. 

V. George Henry Stover, b in Botetourt co July 3 1 , 
1839 ; m Sophia A Meyer in the Spring of 1S62. 
At the age of 1 r years Mr Stover came with his 
parents to St Joseph co, Ind, where he engaged in 
farming up to the present time. Besides the district 
schools he attended the High school at Mishawaka, 
Ind, one year ; the High school at South Bend, Ind, 
one year, and Franklin College, Ind, two years. In 
the Spring of 1859 ne started for Pikes Peak and 
landed at Chico, Cal, on September 11. There he 
taught school two terms of four months each and 
kept book at a lumber camp until the Spring of 1861, 
when he returned home. He landed in New York on 
March 4, the day of Lincoln's first inauguration. In 
the Spring oi 1862 he again embarked in teaching 
school and taught two terms of four months each. 
He also served as Assessor and Trustee of his town- 
ship for a number of years. In the Spring and 
Summer of 1865 he made a trip across the plains to 
Virginia City, Mont, with an ox team, on a freighting 
expedition, returning home late in the Fall of the same 


He served as Deputy Treasurer of St Joseph 
county in 1887 and '88, when he was elected County 
Treasurer for two years, and re-elected 1890 for 
another term. Just before the close of his term he 
was elected a member of the Legislature of Indiana 
for a term of two years. Since the expiration of the 
legislative term he has resided on his farm near the 
city of South Bend, Ind. C : William, Ella. 

VI. William C Stover, b in St Joseph co, Ind, Nov 23, 
1862 ; m Ada, dau of Mathias Mathews, of St Joseph 
co, Ind, August 20, 1889. He was raised on a farm, 
but is now living in South Bend, Ind, and is serving 
his ninth year as Deputy Treasurer of St Joseph 
county. C : (VII) Hazel P Stover, b Apr 20, 1890. 
(VII) Mary C Stover, b April 4, 1893 ; died infant. 
(VII) Martha P Stover, b July 27, 1894. (VII) George 
M Stover, b Sept 23, 1897. 

VI. Ella Van Tuyl Stover, b in St Joseph co Feb 21, 
1865 ; m Charles M Schnell Nov 7, 1894. P O South 
Bend, Ind. Jeweler. No issue. 

V. Hon William Charles Stover, b in Botetourt co, 
Va, July ii, 1841 ; m Jane M White Feb 16, 1869. 
She was b in Mercer co, Pa, Feb 23, 1848 ; d Feb 27, 
1879. In the Fall of 1851 Mr Stover moved with his 
parents to South Bend, Ind, where he remained for 
the subsequent decade of years. The desire to pass 
through the scenes of life on the frontier became too 
strong to be resisted, and following the dictates of 
this inclination for travel and adventure, he trav- 
ersed the plains, reaching Colorado in the Spring of 
i860. After his arrival in this section of the West 
he spent a few weeks in ' ' prospecting ' ' the various 
sections of the territory, and his investigation resulted 
in the selection of the Cache-la- Poudre Valley as an 
abiding place. A portion of the years of 1861 and 

John H. Stauffkr. 

(See page 272.) 


1862 Mr Stover spent on the old California stage 
route on the Sweetwater River, in Wyoming. During 
the ' ' sixties ' ' he traveled extensively over the sec- 
tion of country designated as the " Great West," and 
a few months of 1863, '64, '65 and '66 were spent in 
Montana, where he was interested in business enter- 
prises. It was during the reign of the vigilance com- 
mittee that Mr Stover was in Montana, and his 
recollections of the exciting events of those days are 
interesting and thrilling. Mr Stover was an eye 
witness to the hanging of Jack Shade, the noted out- 
law, by the vigilants at Virginia City, Nev. 

During his long residence in Colorado he has 
been identified with many important business enter- 
prises. He has mingled some in politics, but not as 
a politician. He was a member of the Territorial 
Council in 1S73, a w r orking member of the convention 
in 1876 which framed the constitution of Colorado, 
the candidate of his party for Lieutenant Governor in 
1880, and for Governor in 1888. He never sought 
political honors, but never refused to serve the people 
in any place where his services were needed. He has 
long been known throughout the State as a prominent 
stockman, and at present occupies the responsible 
position as president of the Poudre Valley Bank, of 
Fort Collins, Col. He resides at Fort Collins in his 
handsome residence on Remington street. 

Mr Stover is a blonde of the sandy type, and a 
compactly built, fine looking man. He takes earnest, 
practical views of life, is sincere in thought and action 
and a conscientious Christian gentleman. His nature 
is characterized by an abundance of genuine humor. 
When attending to business matters he wears a 
serious face, but when business matters have been 
laid aside he is the most jovial of companions. He is 


a good talker and his conversation flows smoothly, 
touching upon various themes and topics that are 
always of interest. He tells a story well, and as he 
possesses an inexhaustible fund of border remi- 
niscences his powers of narration are frequently put 
to the test. He has a well-rounded character, and 
his appreciation of the lights and shades of real life 
is thorough. He will laugh with his friends when 
they are in sunshine, but when surrounded by the 
shadows his tears will mingle with theirs. He is a 
sober man of business, a sympathizing friend and a 
genial companion of the gayer hours. He may be 
classed among men of decided opinions, is not easily 
prejudiced, and is never obstinate. He does not 
jump hastily at conclusions, but when he reaches a 
conclusion he is satisfied and the argument is closed. 
He is ever willing to do absolute justice to his fellow- 
men, in thought, word and deed, and no man is cap- 
able of rendering a fairer, more unbiased opinion than 
he. Above all he is generous, and it is well known 
that his interest is easily enlisted in all enterprises of 
a charitable nature. He is progressive in his views, 
always up with the times, and the kind of a man that 
makes the world better, because he knows his duty 
and does it. He is true to his own inborn sense of 
right, and lives : 

" For the cause that lacks assistance, 
For the wrongs that need resistance, 
For the future in the distance, 
And the good that he can do." 

—Grace Espy Patton. 

Mr Stover and w 7 ife are members of the M E ch. 
C : George, Emma, Frederick. William married 
second wife Sarah A White (cousin of first wife), of 
Mercer co, Pa. P O Fort Collins, Col. 


VI. Dr George Henry Stover, b at Fort Collins (then 
Camp Collins), Col, a frontier military post, Mar 8, 
1 87 1, in a log cabin which had formerly served for 
officers' headquarters. Common and High school 
courses were obtained at Fort Collins, saving short 
periods in Greely, Col, and Greenville, Pa. In 1887 
he went to Denver University for an elective course 
in the academic and collegiate departments. He was 
a member of Phi Alpha Literary Society, University 
Cornet Band, and played foot ball. 

In 1890 he entered the medical college of Denver 
University. He had made some money as a steno- 
grapher and in a mining stock venture, so that by 
occasional work at stenography during the course he 
was enabled to partly pay his own expenses. 
Graduating in medicine and surgery in 1893 a com- 
petitative examination gave him the position of 
assistant resident physician in the Arapahoe County 
Hospital, Denver. This position was retained for 
one year, when he located at Eaton, Col. After a 
successful practice of nearly three years here he sold 
out and went to New York and Baltimore, engaging 
in post-graduate work in hospitals and laboratories. 
In 1897 he returned to Colorado and established 
offices in Denver with a complete modern equipment, 
including a fine X-ray outfit, one of the first three or 
four such in the State. Immediately upon locating 
in Denver he was made assistant in medicine in the 
Denver University Medical College. He was also 
called to the professorship of chemistry in the Col- 
orado Dental College, but for professional reasons 

While at Eaton he organized and was made 
president of the Weld County Medical Society. He 
is a subscriber and contributor to a number of 


medical publications, besides being engaged in 
scientific research in connection with medical subjects. 
In May 1898 he resigned from the Denver Medical 
College and joined the faculty of Gross Medical Col- 
lege as assistant professor of medicine and lecturer on 
electrotherapeutics. At the same time he was 
appointed to the staff of St Anthony's Hospital as 
hameatologist. He is a member of the American 
Medical Association, the Colorado State Medical 
Society, the Rocky Mountain Inter-State Medical 
Association, the Denver and Arapahoe County 
Medical Society, and is president of the Alumni 
Society of Denver Medical College. He is also a 
Mason and a Noble of the Mystic Shrine. 

VI. Emma Sykes Stover, b at Fort Collins Aug 16, 
1872. She is now attending Denver University. 

VI. Frederick William Stover, b at Fort Collins, Col, 
Sept 25, 1878. He is attending the Fort Collins 
Agricultural College. 

V. Josephus Stover, b in Botetourt co, Va, Sept 21, 
1844 ; d at Helena, Mont, Aug 15, 1869. S. 

V. Selina Jane Stover, b March 10, 1847 ; d Dec 7, 
1 85 1. Single. 

V. Frank P Stover, b at South Bend, Ind, Dec n, 
1852 ; m Clara L, Underwood Oct 3, 1877. She died 
Aug 4, 1888. No issue. Frank m second wife Mary 
P Frederickson Sept 17, 1890. P O Fort Collins, Col. 
Druggist ; Bap. No issue. 

IV. Abraham Stover, b in Botetourt co, Va, Oct 5, 
1808 ; m Catharine Moomaw Dec 16, 1830. Farmer ; 
Ger Bap. C : Sidney, Emma, Calista, Elizabeth, 
Naomi, John, Eva, James. 

V. Sidney T Stover. R South Bend, Ind. 
V. Emma M Stover. R South Bend, Ind. 

V. Calista Stover, m Kline. P O South Bend. 


V. Elizabeth Stover, m Lampson. P O Grand 

Rapids, Mich. 

V. Naomi Agnes Stover, born Oct 3, 1850 ; married 
Melancthon S Robinson. 

V. John C Stover, b in St Joseph co, Ind, June 24, 
1854 ; m Nora Soseman in 1880. R 129 Franklin st, 
South Bend, Ind. Lumber dealer ; Meth. Children: 
(VI) Bessie Stover, b 18S1 ; Burton H, b 1887. 

V. Eva M Stover, b at South Bend Feb 20, 1856 ; 
m Charles D Dolbeer Sept 3, 1889. R 2419 116th st, 
Chicago. M E. No issue. 

V. James Albert Stover, b in Portage twp, St Joseph 
co, Ind, June 5, 1858 ; m Sadie Roush Dec 25, 1877. 
She was born in Holmes co, O, November 17, 1858. 
PO Media, Kan. Farmer. C: (VI) George Stover, 
born Oct 26, 1878 ; Clarence, b Dec 1, 1886; Eva, 
born Aug 18, 1889 ; James, b July 18, 1891. 

IV. Elizabeth Stover, b in Botetourt co, Va, Jan 28, 
1S1 1 ; d Maj T i, 1834 ; m John Robinson, of Virginia, 
Dec 16, 1830. Farmer; Meth. C: Sarah, Clarinda. 

IV. Hannah Stover, b in Botetourt co Nov 24, 181 2 ; 
died at Roanoke, 111, Aug 28, 1886 ; m Zacharias S 
Robinson, of Virginia, June 24, 1830. He was b in 
Shenandoah co, Va, Mar 22, 1806 ; d at Ashley, 111, 
Apr 18, 1873. They moved from Virginia to Illinois 
May 1848. Farmer ; Meth. C : Lovina, Minerva, 
Cicero, Elizabeth, Mary, Melancthon, Macedon, Maria, 
Emma, Matilda, Dulaney, Laura. 

V. Lovina Antoinette Robinson, b Oct 31, 1831. 
V. Minerva Ellen Robinson, b Jan 2, 1834. 

V. Cicero Lewis Robinson, b Feb 12, 1836. 
V. Elizabeth Selina Robinson, b July 8, 1838. 
V. Mary Catharine Robinson, b Dec 24, 1840. 
V. Melancthon S Robinson, born in Roanoke co, Va, 
Apr 18, 1843 ; m Naomi Agnes Stover Jan 31, 1867. 


R South Bend, Ind. C : (VI) Bertha Ellen Robinson, 
b Feb 28, 1869. (VI) Jerome Stover Robinson, born 
Apr 5, 1870. (VI) Alice Robinson, b Apr 28, 1873 ; 
d Aug 1 r, 1873. (VI) Horace A Robinson, b June 18, 
1S74. (VI) Laura May Robinson, born Dec 6, 1879. 
(VI) Helen Grace Robinson, b May 8, 1889. 

V. Macedon James Knox Robinson, b in Roanoke co, 
Va, Feb 5, 1845. 

V. Maria Robinson, b Jan 27, 1847 I d Sept 10, 1848. 

V. Emma F Robinson, b Oct 11, 1849. 

V. Matilda J Robinson, b May 31, 1852. 

V. Dulaney E Robinson, b April 15, 1854. 
V. Laura V Robinson, b Sept 25, 1856. 

VI. Henry Stover, b in Va Jan 19, 18 16 ; m . 

IV. David Stover, b in Botetourt co Jan 19, 18 16 ; 

m Lucinda Whitman, of St Joseph co, Ind, Mar 12, 
1840. P O South Bend, Ind. Cabinet maker. 

IV. Mary Stover, b Oct 1,1819; m Joseph Moomaw, 
of Virginia, Nov 26, 1840. Farmer ; Ger Bap. 

IV. William Stover, b in Va Oct 13, 182 1 ; m Mary 
Naffsinger Mar 14, 184 1. R , Va. 

IV. Maria Stover, b Dec 22, 1824 ; d young. 

IV. Catharine Margaret Stover, b in Botetourt co, Va, 
Oct 24, 1827 ; m Peter Huff (d). R South Bend, 
Ind. Farmer. C : Theodore, Isabella, Oren, Flora, 

V. Theodore A Huff, b in St Joseph co, Ind, Sept 13, 
1846 ; m Nancy A Greene April 11, 1877. She was 
born in St Joseph co Apr 25, 1845. They removed to 
Otter Tail co, Minn, in the Spring of 1877. P O Fergus 
Falls, Minn. Pres. C : (VI) Edna Greene Huff, 
b in Otter Tail co, Minn, July 5, 1878. Graduated 
from the Fergus Falls High school in 1897 and is 
teaching school in North Dakota. Pres. (VI) John 
Jewett Huff, b in Otter Tail co May 8, 1888. He is 


attending Fergus Falls High school. Pres. (VI) Arnia 
Nofsinger Huff, b Oct 30, 1883 ; d Dec 4, 1885. 

V. Isabella J Huff, b near South Bend, Ind, Nov 22, 
1848 ; m David F Miller Dec 17, 1867. R South 
Bend, Ind Retired farmer ; Bap. C : Cora, Frank, 
Harry, Nellie. 

VI. Cora Alice Miller, b Dec 30, 1870 ; m William F 
Stouffer. R 408 South Bend. Carriage trimmer ; 
Pres. C : Ruth, Mabel. 

VI. Frank Miller, b Jan 22, 1873 > d Feb 10, 1873. 

VI. Harry Miller, b Feb 1, 1876 ; d May ir, 1877. 

VI. Nellie B Miller, born Nov 11, 1877 ; m Edward 
F White. P O Franklin, Ind. Attorney-at-law ; 
Christian ch. C : Agnes Eeona. 
V. Oren G Huff. P O South Bend, Ind. 
V. Flora Huff. Single. 
V. Minerva Huff. Single. 

III. Elizabeth Stover, b 1773 ; m Jacob Neff. Had 

III. Jacob Stover, b 1775 ; died from injuries received 
in an accident when 25 years of age. 

III. Susan Stover, born 1777 ; died 1795. 

III. Mary Stover, born 1779 ; m David Noffsinger. 
Had issue. 

III. Daniel Stover (d), born 1780 ; m Susan Funk. 
They lived in Preble co, O. 

III. George Stover, b on the Silver Sand Spring farm, 
on the Antetum, in Franklin co, Pa, Dec 6, 1785 ; 
died May 5, 1863 ; m Anna Rader Dec 6, 18 10. She 
was b Feb 8, 1790 ; d Jan 31, 1859. About 1792 his 
father removed to Botetourt co, Va, and settled at 
Amsterdam, and afterward removed to the Big Lick, 
now Roanoke City. George inherited a small estate 
from the Price family. He also owned half interest 
in a distillery at the foot of Mills Mountain, on the 


Tinker Creek, which he conducted for five years. He 
bought a farm adjoining the Tombstone graveyard 
and lived thereon until September i, 1832, when he 
sold the farm and moved to Montgomery county, Ind. 
Here he settled on a tract of 320 acres on Haw Creek, 
near Ladoga, out of which he and his sons cleared a 
large farm. He lived an active and unreproachable 
life ill church and State and died without an enemy. 
He was the highest type of American manhood, fully 
conscious of the rectitude of his own conduct and brave 
in the assertion of his individuality. Ger Bap, later 
Christian ch. C : Joseph, Hannah, Mary, Sarah, 
George, Samuel, Daniel, Benjamin, Catharine, John, 
Margaret, Abram. 

IV. Joseph Stover, born in Botetourt co, Va, Sept 7, 
1811 ; d in Labette co, Kan, Jan 6, 1892 ; m Elizabeth 
Pfley June 2, 1831. She was born in Virginia Nov 7, 
1809 ; d in Iowa April 4, 1872. In his younger days 
he preached in the Christian church. It is related 
that on one occasion while speaking in the Haw Creek 
church, in Montgomery county, Ind, a dove flew in 
through the door, alighted on his head and after a few 
seconds flew out again. Some thought it a good 
omen. Later he united with the Seventh Day 
Adventist church. Farmer. C : George, Andrew, 
Gilbert, Caroline, Sarah. 

V. George Stover, born 1832 ; died 1S60. He was a 
cripple from birth. 

V. Andrew J Stover, born in Montg co, Ind, Dec 14, 
1835 ; m Abigail Hoff Jan 28, 1855. P O Cascade 
Locks, Oregon. He was ordained to the ministry of 
the Seventh Day Adventist ch in 18S2. C : Clara, 
Mary, Lucinda, Moses, Joseph, Caroline, Lewis, 

VI. Clara Stover, born and died April 2, 1856. 


VI. Mary E Stover, b April 26, 1857 ; m James M 
Logan. P O Independence, Kan. Seventh Day 
Adventists. C: Belle, Samuel, Jesse, Margaret, 
Reece, George, Laura, Nellie, infant (d). 

VI. Lucinda C Stover, b April 20, 1859 ; m John I 
Mills. P O Morgan Hill, Cal. Adventists. C : 
John, Willie. 

VI. Moses E Stover, b Oct 16, 1861 ; m Ida Vausgoe. 
P O Colorado Springs, Col. C: Ruby, Roy (d), 
Clyde, Vera. 

VI. Joseph Stover, b Aug 24, 1863 ; d Apr 22, 1864. 

VI. Caroline Stover, b May 8, 1865 ; d June 1866. 

VI. Lewis H Stover, born Feb 19, 1869 ; m Maggie 
Mclntyre. PO Grants Pass, Oregon. Adventists. 

VI. Charles Stover. P O Cascade Locks, Oregon. 
Adventists. Single. 

V. Gilbert H Stover, born in Montgco, Ind, Nov 24, 
1840 ; m Margaret A Flager Feb 13, 1862. She died 
Aug 30, 1 87 1. On account of school disadvantages 
and the great demand for his help on the home farm 
his entire schooling was limited to about eighteen 
months, but by taking advantage of the singing, spell- 
ing and geography night schools he received a very 
fair knowledge of the common branches. When 19 
he removed with his parents from the Hoosier State 
to Warren county, la, where he purchased a farm. 
In 1870 he removed with his family to Labette county, 
Kan, where he engaged in farming and fruit raising 
for 25 years. On account of hard work and industry 
his health, which was failing, would not permit him 
to live on the farm longer, and in the Fall of 1895 he 
sold his property and removed to Altamont. Here he 
is engaged in raising fruit on a small scale, and his 
younger children are attending the High school. Mr 
Stover is a man of marked integrity, and has for 


many years been a member of the Christian church. 
C : Sarah, Hettie, Emma, Warren. 

Gilbert married second wife Elizabeth H Grant 
January 25, 1S72. P O Altamont, Kan. C: Infant, 
Bert, John. 

VI. Sarah F Stover, b in Warren co, la, Dec 19, 1862 ; 
m John P Davis, of Felicity, Clemont co, O, Feb 7, 
1884. She taught school for several years. After 
marriage they located in Labette co, Kan, and engaged 
in farming. In 1891, while Mr Davis was harvesting 
wheat with a self-binder, his horses became frightened 
and he was run over, severing his right hand at the 
wrist and nearly cutting off the left arm. This acci- 
dent left him a cripple and he was unable to work on 
the farm, when in 1892 they moved to Hymer, Chase 
county, Kan, and engaged in the general merchandise 
business. P O Hymer, Kan. Christian ch. No issue. 

VI. Hettie E Stover, b Sept 27, 1864 ; d Dec 10, 1864. 

VI. Emma Jane Stover, b Dec 29, 1865 ; d of small- 
pox March 20, 1872. 

VI. Warren Willis Stover, b in Warren co, la, July 22. 
1867 ; m Bessie Prichett Sept 21, 1891. He attended 
the district school until 18 years of age, when he 
eutered the F"t Scott (Kan) Normal College. After 
leaving college he engaged in bookkeeping and later 
taught one term of school. He then attended school 
at Sedalia, Mo, and later learned telegraphy, securing 
a position with the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe 
Railroad. He enlisted in Company E, 22nd Regiment, 
Kansas Volunteers, to serve in the Cuban War. 
P O Plymouth, Kan. C: Guy Chester, Dean (d). 

VI. Daughter, b Jan 10, 1874 ; d unnamed. 

VI. Bert E Stover, born in Labette co, Kan, July 13, 
1875. He attended the district school and worked on 
the farm until 18 years of age. After graduating from 


the common schools he attended High school, where 
he gave evidence of a literary tendency. In 1896 he 
was awarded a gold medal for first place in an essay 
contest, and in 1897 was successful in carrying first 
place in a debate contest. He graduated in the normal 
course in 1897 and taught the following Winter. In 
November 1896 he was converted and later joined the 
Methodist Episcopal church. He had looked forward 
to the legal profession, but since his conversion he has 
chosen the ministry of the Gospel as his life work and 
is now preparing himself for the same. 
VI. John William Stover, b in Kansas Jan 15, 1882. 
Attending High school. 

V. Caroline Stover, born in Montg co, Ind, June 25, 
1844 ; m John B Flager in 1S62. He d Dec 10, 1893. 
Farmer in Labette co, Kan. In the Fall of 1897 ^ rs 
Flager sold out and moved to Oklahoma, where she 
bought a claim near Jennings, in Pawnee co, and 
moved thereon Feb 15, 1898. G : Infant son (d), 
Mary, William, Francis, Maggie, Joseph, Belle. 

VI. Mary Flager, m Shaw. P O Elkader, la. 

VI. William Flager, b in Warren co, la, Jan 28, 1865 ; 

m Emma C Hamsher in 1890. P O Jennings, Okla. 
Farmer ; Christian ch. C : (VII) Homer R Flager, 
born June 23, 1891 ; John E, b Jan 28, 1893 ; Esta 
May, b Aug 28, 1895 ; Charles L,, b Jan 17, 1898. 

VI. Francis Marion Flager, born in Warren co, la, 
Jan 1, 1867 ; m Catharine Shepherd April 9, 1890. 
P O Jennings, Okla. Farmer ; Christian ch. C : 
(VII) Marion Flager, b June 27, 1891 ; Alfred, born 
March 1893 ; Hazel G, b May 11, 1895. 

VI. Maggie Flager, b in Iowa Jan 30, 1870 ; m John 
L Monroe Feb 3, 1886. P O Topeka (Station A), 
Kan. Gardener. No issue. 

VI. Joseph Flager, b Mar 25, 1872 ; d July 29, 1895 ; 


married Silvia Drenin Dec 28, 1892. Farmer; Meth. 
C : (VII) Clifford Flager, b July 1894 ; d Feb 3, 1896. 
VI. Belle Flager, b Jan 23, 1875 ; m Clarence Sachs 
December 25, 189 1. P O Edna, Kan. Farmer. C : 
(VII) Roy Sachs, b Sept 28, 1892 ; Vesta Belle, born 
Aug 28, 1894 ; Clive, b Jan 9, 1896 ; Florence Mabel, 

born Dec 28, 1897. 

V. Sarah Ellen Stover, b June 5, 1853 ; d 1854. 

IV. Hannah Stover, b in Botetourt co Feb 8, 18 13 ; 
d in Iowa Oct 1891 ; m Samuel Pefley Dec 15, 1831. 
He d April 4, 1872. They moved to Indiana in 1832 
and to Iowa in i860. C : (V) Louis Pefley, b Nov 
1832 ; d Jan 1896. No issue. (V) George Pefley, 
b 1834 ; d 1858 ; in Sarah Sharp 1854. C : Ellen, 
Mary, George. (V) Catharine Ann Peflej', b 1836 ; 
m Benjamin Dodson (d) 1856. P O Ladoga, Ind. 
C : Rosalie, Cornelia, Samuel. (V) William Pefley, 
born 1838 ; m Maria Nevilla. P O Danville, Ind. 
C : James, Laura, Emma, Lilly, Mary. (V) Moses 
Pefley, b Sept 6, 1840 ; d Aug 3, 1870 ; in Maria L 
West. C : William (d), Samuel, Charles. (V) Daniel 

Pefley. (V) John Pefley, b 1846; m . Have 

issue. (V) Mary Pefley (d), m . Had issue. 

(V) Frank Pefley (d), m . Had issue. 

IV. Mary Stover, born in Botetourt co, Va, June 13, 
18 r4 ; m Joseph Shanklin, of Kentucky, February 22, 
1855. He died 1878. P O Waubeek, la, near which 
place she lives on a farm. No issue. 

IV. Sarah Stover, born in Botetourt co Jan 13, 18 16 ; 
m W Riley Harrison Nov 14, 1833. They went to 
California in 1852, where he died April 24, 1870, and 
where she still lives. Attorne)' and Judge of Supreme 
Court. C : Mary, Socratese, George, Sarah, Cassy, 




V. Mary Harrison, b Dec 14, 1835 ; 111 Cyrus Lee. 
C : Harry (d), Charles, Grace, Mary, Jesse. 

V. Socratese N Harrison, b Feb 17, 1837. Musician. 

V. George N Harrison, b Sept 24, 1841. Attorney. 

V. Sarah F Harrison, b June 24, 1844 ; m Irving P 
Bowdish Apr 19, 1858. He was bin Dutchess co, NY, 
Nov 19, 1S38. P O Waubeek, la. Farmer ; Bap. 
C : (VI) Edward W Bowdish, b August 16, 1865 ; 
m Rachel Nettie Van Houten. P O Waubeek, la. 
Farmer; Cong. C: Ruby, Fred P. (VI) George 
Piatt Bowdish, b June 10, 187 1 ; m Millie Capping. 
Merchant. C : Daughter. (VI) John S Bowdish, 
born December 6, 1876. P O Waubeek, la. Farmer. 
(VI) Charles B Bowdish, b June 18, 1882. 

V. Cassy Harrison, born September 24, 1847. 

V. William Harrison, born June 4, 1849. 

IV. George R Stover, b in Botetourt co, Va, July 27, 
1818 ; d Oct 25, 1878 ; m Belinda Clemens Mar 22, 
1S43. Shed Sept 31, 1845. C: (V) Mary Stover, 

born August 1844 ; m . 

George married second wife Elizabeth Drabell 
March 20, 1846. C : (V) Byron Stover, born 1845 ; 
Anna, b 1850 ; John, d young; Lulu, d young. 

IV. Samuel Stover, born in Botetourt co, Va, Oct 31, 
1820 ; d at Ladoga, Ind, June 20, 18S7 ; m Nancy 
Lee Dougherty Jan 8, 1862. C : Mary, Leton, James 
and Minnie (twins), Samuel. 

V. Mar)' Stover, b in 1853 ; m Jennings Christy in 
1888. He din 1895. P O Ladoga, Ind. Children: 
(VI) Mary Cristy, b May 1, 1890 ; Alta, b 1S92. 

V. George Leton Stover, bin 1 S60. PO Ladoga, Ind. 

V. James D Stover, b Mar 1862 ; m Emma Miller in 
1S90. P O Bainbridge, Ind. C: (VI) Myrtle Stover, 
born 1 89 1. 

V. Minnie F Stover, born March 1S62. 


V. Samuel Stover, born 1863 ; m Nora Barns 1891. 
P O Ladoga, Ind. C : (VI) Roy Stover, b 1892. 

IV. Daniel C Stover, b in Botetourt co, Va, Nov 18, 
1822 ; m Frances M Harney. She was born in 
Henry co, Ky, July 14, 1829 ; died at Ladoga, Ind, 
Aug 25, 1862. Mr Stover was educated at Wabash 
College and graduated from the law college of Indiana 
University. He is a prominent attorney and practices 
his profession at Ladoga, Ind. C : James, Berty, 
Eliza. Daniel m second wife Miss Harney (sister to 
first wife) Sept 13, 1864. C : Urban, Anna. 

V. James H Stover, b at Crawfordsville, Ind, March 
1849 ; m Belle D Spoor, of Burlington, Wis, Sept 18, 
1876. R Milwaukee, Wis. Mr Stover was educated 
at the Ladoga Academy and Kentucky University. 
Lawyer; Disciple. C: (VI) Frances M Stover, born 
Sept 8, 1877; Paul, b Feb 6, 1879 ; Julia E, b Nov 9, 
1880 ; John S, b May 20, 1883 ; Daniel G, b Sept 8, 

1887 ; Harney B, b Mar 20, 1891 ; Isabella B, born 
Dec 29, 1892. 

V. Rev Berty George Stover, b June 26, 1853 ; died 
June 2, 1875. He was educated at Ladoga Academy 
and Kentucky University, and at the time of his death 
was eminent as a young preacher of the Disciple 

V. Eliza Frances Stover, b Sept 15, 1856 ; d July 7, 

1888 ; m Rev Lee Murray Aug 21, 1882. Minister 
of the Disciple ch. C : (VI) Daniel Paul Murray, 
b July 9, 1883 ; James Harney, b Feb 24, 1887. 

V. Urban C Stover, b at Ladoga, Ind, Jan 16, 1867. 
P O Ladoga, Ind. He was educated at Wabash Col- 
lege, Crawfordsville, Ind. Lawyer. 

V. Anna C Stover, b at Ladoga, Ind, March 5, 1871. 
Educated at Butler University, Indianapolis, Ind. 


She is general secretary of the Tanny Womans' 
Christian Association, at Williamsport, Pa. 
IV. Benjamin F Stover, b in Botetourt co, Va, Aug 29, 
1824 ; m Mary A Wade June 16, 1853. She was born 
October 22, 1833. P O Crawfordsville, Ind. School- 
teacher and literary writer ; Christian ch. No issue. 

IV. Catharine Stover, b July 3, 1826 ; d March 16, 
1856 ; m Moses H Barnes Sept 27, 1849. He d Mar 
1864. C : Mary, Laura (d), Susan. 

V. Mary E Barnes, b 1850 ; ra Golvin in 1870. 

He died 1882. C : (VI) Frederick Golvin, b 1872. 
(VI) Grace Golvin, b 1875 ; d 1895. 

V. Susan L Barnes, married . 

IV. John Price Stover, b in Botetourt co, Va, July 26, 
1830 ; m Catharine Webb May 9, 1861. She d Aug 
1889. R Springfield, Mo. Contractor; Christian ch. 
C : Inez, Georgiana, Idella, Alberta, Ella, John. 

V. Inez E Stover, b in 1862 ; m William Eddy in 
1884. P O Springfield, Mo. Machinist and foundry- 
man ; Christian ch. No issue. 

V. Georgiana Stover, born in 1863 ; died in 1874. 

V. Idella E Stover, born in 1864 ; died in 1874. 

V. Alberta Stover, b in 1865 ; m Thomas Truman 
in 1890. P O Springfield, Mo. Jobbing and sidewalk 
builder ; Bap. C : (VI) Howard Truman, b 1893 ; 
Katy, b 1896. 

V. Ella May Stover, b 1867 ; ra William Biderlinden 
in 1894. PO Springfield, Mo. Farmer and huckster. 
One child. 

V. John W Stover, born in Springfield, Mo, in 1873. 
P O Springfield, Mo. Christian ch. S. 

IV. Margaret Stover, born in Montg co, Ind, Jan 24, 
1833 ; married Henry Johnson October 12, 1853. 
P O Ladoga, Ind. C : Ora, Ella, John, Mary, Sarah, 
Alfred, Emily, Harry, Walter. 


V. Ora Johnson, b August 5, 1854 ; m William L 
Anderson July 7, 1874. P O Ladoga, Ind. C : 
(VI) Anna Anderson, born Sept 27, 1875. (VI) Alice 
Anderson, b June 24, 1877. (VI) Edger Clay Ander- 
son, b April 12, 1879 ; d July 12, 1879. (VI) Angie 
Anderson, b Aug 19, 1880. (VI) Paul Anderson, born 
Mar 27, 1884. (VI) Harry Anderson, b Oct 14, 1885. 

V. Ella Johnson, b Sept 14, 1856 ; in Oliver W Byrd 
Nov 1880. He was b Aug 6, 1854. C: (VI) Edna 
Byrd, b 1882. (VI) Bertha Byrd, b 1883. (VI) James 
Byrd, b 1885 ; d 1886. (VI) Paul Byrd, born 1891. 
(VI) Glenn Byrd, b 1894. 

V. John H Johnson, b Jan 23, 1858 ; m Charlotte 
Stade Nov 30, 1S80. She was born Aug 10, 1S61. 
P O Ladoga, Ind. C : (VI) Owen T Johnson, born 
Oct 27, 1881 ; Alfred N, b Mar 20, 1883. 

V. Mary Johnson, born Dec 25, 1859 ; m James P 
Harris in 1884. He was born January 14, 1852. 
P O Ladoga, Ind. C : (VI) Ida M Harris, b July 12, 
1885 ; Tillis, b Nov 7, 1886 ; Gilbert, b June 2, 1897. 

V. Sarah Johnson, b December 25, 1862 ; m Robert 
Barnes in 1886. 

V. Alfred Johnson, b Feb 21, 1864 ; d 1889. 

V. Emily Johnson, b Nov 22, 1S65 ; m Martin M 
Henry Aug 1889. C : (VI) Hattie Henry, b May 2, 
1890 ; Robert, b Dec 23, 1892. 
V. Harry Johnson, b Feb 1S68 ; d 189L 
V. Walter Johnson, b Feb 13, 1875. 

IV. Abraham H Stover, b in Montg co, Ind, Apr 13, 
1836; m Margaret Allcock May 16, 1861. R 1358 
W Polk st, Chicago, 111. Carpenter and contractor ; 
Christian eh. C : William, George, Anna. 

V. William Stover, b Aug 15, 1862 ; d May 27, 1885. 
V. George A Stover, b at Ladoga, Ind, May 30, 1866 ; 

m Grace B Warner May 20, 189 1. R 359 W Win- 

George Stover. 
(See page 301. ) 


Chester ave, Chicago. General salesman ; Chris- 
tian ch. C : (VI) Earl B Stover, b April 26, 1896 ; 
George H, b Dec 27, 1897. 

V. Anna E Stover, b Dec 29, 1867 ; m Samuel J 
Chapman. C : (VI) Florence S Chapman, b 1889 ; 
d 1894. 

III. Catharine Stover, b 1787 ; m Robert L,uny. 

III. Hannah Stover, b 1789 ; m Mitchel. 

III. Abraham Stover, b Mar 24, 1791 ; d April 5, 
1875 ; m Amy Rader July 1, 181 r. She was born 
Aug 12, 1793 ; d Oct 1877. Mr Stover was Colonel 
of the Indiana Militia. He was a large and power- 
ful man, and after whipping six or eight Irishmen 
in a fist fight at Louisville, Ky, he cracked his fists 
and said, "Ain't I a husher," which was changed 
to Hoosier, and thus originated the name of Hoosier. 
C : Mary, Elizabeth. 

IV. Mary Stover, b in Virginia Nov 15, 18 12 ; d in 
1834; m Israel Hines Apr 5, 1830. C: Elizabeth; 
Abram, James, both deceased. 

IV. Elizabeth Stover, b Oct 8, 18 14 ; m John Brough 
Sept 15, 1831. C: Peter, Abram, Maria, Emma, 
John (d), Mary, Daniel (d), Franklin, Henry, 

III. Infant (d), born 1792. 

III. Susanna Stover. Single. 

III. Anna Stover, b in Botetourt co, Va ; d in 1827 ; 
m Hugh Eawsou Cooper in 182 1. He was b in 1790 ; 
died 1864. Farmer. Mr C, Christian ch ; Mrs C, 
Ger Bap. C : Margaret, William, George, Charles. 

IV. Margaret Cooper, b 1822 ; d 1829. 
IV. William Cooper, b 1823 ; d 1828. 

IV. George G Cooper, b in Virginia Feb 22, 1826 ; 
m Jane Graves in 1850. He came with his father to 


Indiana in 1831. P O Ladoga, Iud. Farmer; 
Christian ch. C : Charley, Agnes. 

V. Charley Cooper, b Sept 1852 ; d June 1, 1873. 

V. Agnes Cooper, b 1853 ; m Mark Bolan Jan 1876. 
P O Ladoga, Ind. C : (VI) Alice Bolan, b June 15, 
1880; Bertie, b Aug 18, 1881 ; Jane, born Sept 30, 
1883 ; Efne, b Sept 28, 1888 ; Naomi, b Apr 14, 1892. 

III. Rebecca Stover, m Mitchell. 

III. William Stover, m . 

III. Sarah Stover, m John Perfater. 

III. Nancy Stover. Single. 

III. Joseph Stover, d aged 28 years. Single. 

III. Emanuel Stover. 

III. Joel Stover (d), b January 16, 18 18. He was 
Colonel of the Graybeard Regt, Iowa Vols, in the 
late Civil War. Had three children. 

III. Infant (d). 


II. William Stover, b 1750; m Christina Miller 
in 1774. 


II. Margaret Stover, b 1752 ; m Adam Brittz in 
1768. C : John, Henry, Margaret, Susan, Christina, 
Elizabeth. James Britz, of Ladoga, Ind, is a de- 


II. Michael Stover, b in Franklin co, Pa, 1755 ; 

died 1834; m Hess. Farmer; Ger Bap. C: 

Jacob, Susanna, Catharine, Elizabeth, Michael, 
William, Christina, David, Mary, Rebecca, Sarah, 

III. Jacob Stover, m Mary Ann Taylor. She died 
May 27, 1842. C: Hannah, William, Simon, Rebecca, 
James, Susan, Sarah, Polly. 

IV. Hannah Stover, born July 20, 18 12 ; d May 4, 
1870 ; m Joseph Heayd Jan 10, 1837. He was born 
July 27, 181 1 ; d July 27, 1888. Farmer; Ref ch. 
C : Sarah, Barbara, Mary. 

V. Sarah E Heayd, born Jan 26, 1838 ; m S S Ledy. 
P O Marion, Pa. 

V. Barbara A Heayd, b in Franklin co, Pa, Oct 30, 
1843 ; m W Lee Rhodes June 8, 1869. P O Green- 
castle, Pa. Retired farmer ; Refch. C: (VI) Carrie 
G Rhodes, b May 14, 1870. Trained nurse ; Ref ch. 
(VI) Annie E Rhodes, b Jan 2, 1872. (VI) Mary C 
Rhodes, b Oct 21, 1873. (VI) Bertha K Rhodes, born 
Aug 13, 1875 ; d Feb 23, 1894. (VI) Lena P Rhodes, 
b March 6, 1877. Teacher ; Ref ch. (VI) Joseph L 
Rhodes, b Dec 20, 1878. Teacher. (VI) Frank H 
Rhodes, b Apr 8, 1881. (VI) Nellie E Rhodes, born 
June 10, 1883. (VI) William E Rhodes, b Oct 28, 

IV. William Stover. He lived in Illinois. 



IV. Simon Stover. He lived in Kansas. 
IV. Rebecca Stover, m Philip Beemer. 

IV. James Stover, m . He was burned to death 

by an explosion. C : Emma. 
IV. Susan Stover, m Samuel Needy. 
IV. Sarah Stover. Single. 
IV. Polly Stover. Single. 

III. Susanna Stover (d), born Oct 25, 1780; m Rev 
John Royer. He was a minister at the Antitum 
German Baptist church. C : Susan, Annie, Sarah, 
Elizabeth, Mary, Catharine, Christina, Jacob, Hannah, 

IV. Susan Royer, married Rev Abraham Golley (d). 
P O Galion, O. Ger Bap. C : John, Annie, James. 

IV. Annie Royer (d), m Rev Christian Keeffer (d). 
Ger Bap. 

IV. Sarah Royer, m Frank Paulling. 

IV. Elizabeth Royer, m Samuel Hollinger. Ger Bap. 
C : John, Jacob, Jeremiah, Lizzie, Sarah, Annie. 

IV. Mary Royer, b July 19, 182 1 ; d Jan 10, 189 1 ; 
m Jacob P Stover. 

IV. Catharine Royer (d), m John A Shank (d). 

IV. Christina Royer, died single. 

IV. Jacob Stover Royer, b in Franklin co, Pa, Feb 8, 
182 1 ; m Annie ~E Ziegler June 3, 1845. She was 
b in Franklin co May 3, 1828. P O Berryville, Va. 
Farmer ; Ger Bap. C : Susan, Alice, Henry, Scott, 
Annie, Jacob, Prudence, Joseph, Emma, Daniel, 

V. Susan Royer, b at Waynesboro, Pa, Mar 3, 1846 ; 
m David Long Jan 24, 1867. P O Hagerstowu, Md. 
Farmer ; Ger Bap. C : (VI) Scott Long, b Jan 5, 
1868 ; m Agnes Young Jan 9, 1894. P O Hagers- 
town. Md. Liveryman. C : Susie. (VI) Harry 
Royer Long, b Apr 12, 1869 ; m Lizzie Lewis. Con- 


ductor on street cars in Columbus, O. (VI) Albert J 
Long, born May 13, 1872. P O Hagerstown, Md. 
Attorney-at-law. (VI) Elliott C Long, b Dec 2, 1875. 
P O Hagerstown, Md. Farmer. S. 

V. Alice M Royer, b Oct 17, 1847 ; d June 8, 1876 ; 
m Jacob S Stauffer. C : (VI) Minnie Stauffer, m 
Frank Brewer. P O Funkstown, Md. 

V. Henry Z Royer, b Apr 1, 1850 ; d at Concordia, 
Miss, of yellow fever, Nov 26, 1879. He was assist- 
ing his uncle, Joseph Ziegler, in superintending a 
cotton plantation. 

V. W Scott Royer, b May 29, 1853 ; m Ida Mumaw. 
P O Berryville, Va. 

V. Annie E Royer, b in Franklin co, Pa, July 10, 

1855 ; m Samuel B Baker, of Clark co, Va, May 7, 
1884. P O Winchester, Va. C : (VI) Carroll R 
Baker, born April i, 1885 ; Henry, b Nov 27, 1886 ; 
Alice Ruth, b July 5, 1888 ; L Leiter, born Aug 18, 
1890 ; Annie Virginia, b Dec 23, 1891 ; S Scott, born 
Nov 3, 1894. 

V. Jacob Z Royer, born in Franklin co, Pa, Dec 24, 

1856 ; m Carrie Kistner March 14, 1883. P O Rock- 
ford, 111. Plumber. No issue. 

V. Prudence Price Royer, b Mar 29, 1859 ; m John 

V. Joseph Daniel Royer, b June 16, 1861 ; m Virgie 
Conard. P O Gaylord, Va. 

V. Emma Royer, b Feb 29, 1863 ; d Dec 14, 1863. 

V. Daniel Z Royer, born August 12, 1866 ; m Bessie 
Duturer. P O Leetown, W Va. 

V. William Royer, b Apr 29, 1868. 

IV. Hannah Royer. Single. 

IV. Leah Royer, died single. 

III. Catharine Stover, b Dec 18, 1782-3 ; m Daniel 


Welty. C : Henry, Amy, Polly, John, Michael, 
Daniel, Christian, Betty, . 

IV. Henry Welty, m Christiana Newcomer. C : 
Mary, Lizzie, Callie, Newcomer, son (d). Henry 
m second wife Lizer. Farmer ; U Br. 

V. Mary Welty, m Silas Foltz. P O Mapleville, Md. 
V. Lizzie Welty, married Frank Muck. P O Maple- 
ville, Md. 

V. Callie Welty, m George W Miller. He died Feb 
1897. One child (d). 

V. Newcomer Welty, m Jones. P O Beaver 

Creek, Md. 

IV. Amy Welty, b near Funkstown, Md, July 1820 ; 
died near Boonsboro, Md, Jan 30, 1898 ; m Dr Daniel 
Fahrney in 1839. He was a sou of Dr Peter Fahrney 
and was b near Boonsboro Aug 18 19 ; d Feb 25, 1867. 
Physician ; Ger Bap. C : Daniel, Amy, Lewis. 

V. Dr Daniel P Fahrney, born near Boonsboro, Md, 
June 10, 1841 ; m Susan M Middlekauff Jan 15, i860. 
P O Hagerstown, Md. Ger Bap. C : Clara, Elmer, 
Mary, Amy, Howard, Nervie, Newton, Agnes, Guy, 

VI. Clara A Fahrney, b Sept i860 ; mDrCA Bald- 
win Sept 1880. He d Jan 1892. C : Leon, Rachel, 
Charles, Amy. 

VI. Dr Elmer C Fahrney, b Oct 1861 ; m Frances 
Sangree 1884. P O Hagerstown, Md. C : Dorothy, 
Sangree, Jean, Christobel. 

VI. Mary E Fahrney, born June 1866 ; m Samuel M 
Shafer Nov 1888. P O Hagerstown, Md. Clothing 
merchant. C : Robert, Margurette. 

VI. Amy A C Fahrney, born in 1867 ; m Harvey H 
Straub Dec 1896. P O Hagerstown, Md. Hardwood 

VI. Howard B Fahrney, born in 1869. S. 


VI. Nervie Fahrney, born 187 1 ; died 1879. 

VI. Newton D Fahrney, born 1875. 

VI. Agnes Fahrney, born 1877 ; died 1880. 

VI. Guy Fahrney, born October 1879. 

VI. Agnew Fahrney, b Mar 1882 ; d June 1882. 

IV. Polly Welty, married George Funk. 

IV. John Welty. 

IV. Michael Welty. 

IV. Daniel Welty. 

IV. Christian Welty, ra . C : (V) Laura 

Welty, m Snyder. P O Polo, 111. 

IV. Bettsy Welty, m Stover. C : (V) Klias 

Stauffer. P O Macon, 111. 

IV. Welty, m George Petre. 

III. Elizabeth Stover (d), born in Franklin co, Pa, 
July 18, 1785 ; married Christian Good. Farmer ; 
Ger Bap. C : Henry, David, Jacob, Daniel, Chris- 
tiana, Sarah, Christian. 

IV. Henry S Good, born in 18 14 ; m Polly Welty. 
P O Quincy, Pa. Farmer ; deacon of Ger Bap ch. 
C : John, Christian, Harry, Aaron, Susan, Emma, 
Christiana, Otto (d young). 

V. John W Good (d), m Sarah Stoler. C : Otto, 
John, Anson. 

VI. Otto S Good, born at Waynesboro, Pa, Feb 14, 
1866 ; married Alice S Friedly December 20, 1888. 
P O Alteuwald, Pa. Farmer ; Mrs G, Ger Bap. 
C: (VII) Minnie Good, b Sept 23, 1890. (VII) Emma 
Good, b Feb 15, 1893. (VII) Newton Good, b Apr 8, 
1896 ; d Apr 9, 1897. 

VI. John Henry Good, m . P O Waynesboro, 

Pa. C : John S. 

VI. Anson Welty Good, m . C : Stoler B. 

V. Christian W Good, b in Washington co, Md ; 
m Eeah K Stouffer Nov 9, 1871. P O Waynesboro. 


Farmer and horticulturist. C : (VI) Elsie Good, 
born Jan 24, 1873 ; Vinnie, b Dec 15, 1874 '> Annie, 
born Oct io, 1876 ; Mattie, b Dec 13, 1878 ; Nellie, 
born Feb 27, 1881 ; Mazie, b April 9, 1883 ; Abbie, 
born April 17, 1888. 

V. Rev Harry A Good, married Susan S Small. 
P O Quincy, Pa. Ger Bap. C : (VI) Newton Good. 
(VI) Mary Elizabeth Good, married Henry G Miller. 
(VI) Annie M, IdaWelty, Cora Alice, Henry Welty, 
Samuel Chester, Clara M, Bertha S. 

V. Aaron B Good, b in Franklin co, Pa, March 12, 
1855 ; m R Elizabeth Small Nov 7, 1876. She died 
April 13, 1895. C : (VI) Samuel Welty Good, born 
Nov 7, 1877. (VI) Bessie M Good, b Aug 11, 1880 ; 
d Oct 5, 1888. (VI) Christian A Good, b Apr 7, 1895 ; 
died Nov 21, 1895. 

Aaron married second wife Amanda C Harshman 
Nov 24, 1896. P O Altenwald, Pa. Farmer ; old 
Ger Bap. 

V. Susan Good, m Rev John Benedict. 

V. Emma Good (d), married Dr Peter Fohrney. 
P O Frederick City, Md. 

V. Christiana Good (d), m Jacob S Stover. 

IV. David M Good, m Davidson, both deceased. 

No issue. 

David m second wife Mary Deitrich. Mr G, 
Luth ; Mrs G, Pres. C : (V) Milton Good. S. 
(V) David M Good, m Josephine Funk. (V) Kate 
Good, m Dr J B Anderson. (V) Lillie Good, married 
J C Clayton. (V) Stelman Good, d young. 

IV. Jacob S Good, born in Franklin co, Pa, Dec 20, 
1820 ; d March 28, 1889 ; m Maria F Funk in 1845. 
She was born at Waynesboro, Pa, in 1822. Farmer ; 
attended Ger Bap ch. C : Oscar, Jacob. 


V. Oscar M Good, b October 27, 1848 ; m Annie B 
Martin. She was b Sept io, 1853. p O Gettysburg, 
Pa. Mr Good is a descendant of the pioneer Hans 
Good, who settled on the Conestoga Creek, in Lan- 
caster county, Pa, in 1708, his grandfather, Christian 
Good, Jr, being the first son of Jacob Good, of 
Leitersburg, Md, who was a son of Hans. Oscar W 
Good is a successful agent of the New York Life 
Insurance Company, and to him we are indebted for 
much data for this work. C : (VI) Robert E Good, 
born Oct 24, 1879 ; Gail, b May 21, 1890. 

V. Jacob F Good, born on the old Good homestead 
(now Midvale, Pa) Jan 31, 1852 ; m Margaret K, 
dau of Michael Miller, of Sharpesburg, Md, Dec 15, 
1875. She died April n, 1897. PO Midvale, Pa. 
Farmer, postmaster, ticket agent and dealer in grain, 
feed and coal ; Ref. C : (VI) J Omar Good, born 
Sept 1, 1877. Student; Ger Bap. S. (VI) Vera 
Ethel Good, b Sept 21, 1879 ; d Oct 12, 1879. 

IV. Rev Daniel F Good, b in Franklin co, Pa ; died 
at Waynesboro, Pa, June 27, 1892 ; m Susan Mickley 
Oct 25, 1847. She was b in Adams co, Pa, Mar 26, 
1826. Farmer and fruit grower ; Ger Bap. C: Allen, 
Mary, Anson, Annie, Emma. 

V. Allen Mickley Good, b in Franklin co, Dec 10, 
1848 ; m Sallie M Foreman, of Upton, Pa, Dec 23, 
1874. She was b Dec 15, 1851. P O Waynesboro, 
Pa. Manufacturer of building material ; Ger Bap. 
C : (VI) Ivan Harper Good, died 1880. (VI) Daniel 
Foreman Good. (VI) Bessie Susan Good, died 1880. 
(VI) Ora Emma Good. (VI) Naoma Good, d 1886. 
(VI) Allen Harper, Evelyn Ruth, Gertrude Eugenia. 

V. Mary Elizabeth Good, born in Franklin co, Pa, 
Apr 14, 1851; m Rev Daniel BMentzer. POWaynes- 
boro, Pa. 


V. Anson Stover Good, b in Franklin co, Pa, Oct g, 
1852 ; m Ella M Miller. Foreman in factory at 
York, Pa ; Ger Bap. No issue. 

V. Annie Good, b July 19, 1858. She was drowned 
in a tail race Nov 27, i860. 

V. Emma Good. P O Waynesboro, Pa. S. 

IV. Christiana Good (d), m Jacob Funk. C: Jacob, 
Lawson, John (d single), Annie, Lutie, Alice, Chris- 
tianua, Malinda (d single). 

V. Jacob J Funk, married Clara Zeller. P O Hagers- 
town, Md. C : Bertha. 

V. Lawson C Funk ; m twice. R Phila. No issue. 

V. Annie Funk, m William Shindle. P O Hagers- 
town, Md. C : Harry, and others. 

V. Lutie Funk, m Rev W S Richard. P O Hagers- 
town, Md. 

V. Alice Funk, m James P Wolf. P O Waynes- 
boro, Pa. C : Leila, Charles. 

V. Christianna Funk, b near Hagerstown Jan 8, 1846 ; 
m James M Ramey Ma}' 21,1 873. P O Strasburg, Pa. 
Live stock dealer ; Pres. C : (VI) Harry Madison 
Ramey, b Feb 23, 1874. Law and collection busi- 
ness in Baltimore, Md. (VI) Frank Funk Ramey, 
born June 29, 1876. Law and collection business in 
Baltimore ; Pres. (VI) Robert Rey Ramey, born 
April 27, 1881. Pres. 

IV. Sarah Good, m Samuel Welty. C : Benjamin, 
Clara, Ida. 

V. Hon Benjamin F Welty, m . P O Waynes- 
boro, Pa. C : John, Elsie, David, Chester, Katie, 
Ethel, Ray (d), Benjamin, Rachel. 

V. Clara Welty, m Rev Ezra Sensenny. 

V. Ida Welty, born at Edgemont, Md, Sept 1, 1858 ; 
m Isaac F Delaplaine March 18, 1885. P O Waynes- 
boro, Pa. Baker and confectioner ; Ger Bap. C : 


(VI) Roy Welty Delaplaine, b Jan 4, 1886 ; Nora S, 
born Jan 9, 1888 ; Bertha K, b July 16, 1889. 

III. Michael Stover, b Mar 6, 1787 ; m . He 

moved to Blair co, Pa. C : Son, daughter. 

III. William Stover, born June 25, 1789. 

III. Christina Stover (d), b Aug 16, 1791 ; m John 
Huber (or Hoover). C : John, David, Ann, Chris- 
tina, Esther, Susan (d single), Sarah. 

III. David Stover, bin Franklin co, Pa, Aug 22, 1793 ; 
died July 12, 1851 ; m Mary Hill in 1827. She was 
born in Washington co, Md, Jan 8, 1809. P O Mt 
Morris, 111. Blacksmith and farmer ; Ger Bap. C : 
Susanna, Daniel, Malinda, Harvey, Milton, Christian, 
Mary, Rebecca, Martha. 

IV. Susanna Stover, b in Washington co, Md, Oct 18, 
1827 ; m Andrew J Hartman. P O Beigleton, Pa. 
Miller ; Ger Bap. C : Juliana, Mary, Malinda, 
Sallie, Maggie, Willie, Andrew, James.* 

V. Juliana S Hartman, died Sept 19, 1846. 

V. Mary E Hartman, married Milton D Williams. 
P O Jamestown, N Dak. 

V. Malinda C Hartman, b in Washington co, Md, 
August 23, 1849 ; married Abraham Weisel May 13, 
1875. P O Charlesville, Pa. Farmer ; Ref. C : 
(VI) Susanna E Hartman, b Mar 22, 1876. School- 
teacher. S. (VI) Elizabeth A Hartman, b Aug 25, 
1877. S. (VI) Henrietta C Hartman, b Jan 1, 1879. 
(VI) Theodore Hartman, b Mar 4, 188 1. (VI) Martha 
and Mary G Hartman (twins), b September 5, 1882. 
(VI) William A Hartman, b Feb 12, 1885. (VI) Lloyd 
S Hartman, b May 26, 1887. (VI) James H Hartman, 
b Feb 1, 1892. (VI) Elsie M Hartman, b June 2, 1893. 

* James Franklin Righter, foster son of A J and Susanna 
Hartman, was born in Bedford co, Pa, Aug 6, 1873 ; m Flora 
Hough, of Pittsburg, Pa. R Pittsburg. Bookkeeper. 


V. Sallie R Hartman, born in 185 1 ; m Theodore S 
Lingenfelter in 1870. P O Telford, Tenn. Miller ; 
Ref. C : (VI) Ada Lingenfelter. S. 

V. Susanna Margaret Hartman, b at Hagerstown,Md, 
May 3, 1856 ; m Dr M L Stehley, of Hollidaysburg, 
Pa, in 1875. R 328 Edmond st, Pittsburg, Pa. 
Pres. C : Hartman, John Chalmers, Martin Ray- 
mond, Mary Morrow. 

V. Willie Ragau Hartman, m Jennie Hoover, of 
Woodbury, Pa. P O Bedford, Pa. 
V. Andrew D B Hartman, died June 13, 1863. 

IV. Daniel Welty Stover, b in Washington co, Md, 
Dec 16, 1829 ; married Mariah Elizabeth, daughter of 
Samuel and Sarah Snyder Stouffer, August 19, 1852. 
She was b Mar 21, 183 1. P O Aldine, 111. Farmer, 
well driller and pump repairer ; Ger Bap. C : John, 
Oliver, Angelo, Laura, Hervey, Mary, Ellen, Sarah, 
Daniel, George, Annie. 

V. John S Stover, b June 5, 1853 ; m Nellie Bowman 
Sept 15, 1880. P O Darlington, Wis. Well driller. 
C: Infant son (d), Leslie, Kate, Cornelia, Mary, 

V. Oliver Franklin Stover, b July 4, 1855 ; d Jan 7, 

V. Angelo D Stover, b at Hagerstown, Md, Oct 14, 
1857; m Katie Saries Dec 5, 1889. PO Mineral 
Point, Wis. Well driller ; Meth Ep. C : (VI) Milton 
Daniel Stover, b Sept 12, 1890. (VI) Paul Stover, 
bOct 30, 1893 ; djuly 12, 1896. (VI) Angelo Stover, 
b May 21, 1896. 

V. Laura A Stover, b Aug 22, 1859 >' m Lewis H 
Hill Aug 15, 1876. P O Aldine, 111. C : Mary, 
Florence (d), Charles, Arthur, George, Ethel. 

V. Hervey K Stover, b Dec 2, 1861 ; m Etta Benson. 

Daniel Stover. 
(See page 344.) 


P O Leaf River, 111. Well driller. C : Alice, Grade, 
Celia, Nettie. 

V. Mary Emma M Stover, b Dec 10, 1863 ; d Aug 22, 

V. Ellen E Stover, b May 26, 1865 ; d Jan 31, 1898 ; 
m Sherman Huff Aug 25, 1887. C : Lloyd, Bessie, 
Inez, Zelda, Infant (d). 

V. Sarah M Stover, b Apr 23, 1867 ; m William 
Sloggett Jan 10, 1889. P O Aldine, 111. Farmer; 
Evan. C : (VI) William Franklin Sloggett, b Aug 6, 

V. Daniel M Stover, b Apr 18, 1869 ; m Hannah 
Myers Aug 26, 189 1. Well driller. C: (Vl)Ivey 
Stover, b Apr 7, 1892 ; Clyde, b Dec 27, 1893 ; Goldie, 
b Apr 16, 1896. 

V. George E Stover, b Nov. 9, 1871. Well driller. 

V. Annie Viola Stover, b Sept 12, 1873. Ev Ass'n 
ch. S. 

IV. Malinda Stover, b in Washington co, Md, July 21, 
1832 ; m Daniel B Bachtell July 27, 1854. P O Myra, 
Pa. Luth. C : Lucelia, Isaiah. 

V. Lucelia M Bachtel, b in Maryland May 12, 1855 ; 
m David T Ketring Jan 1, 1878. P O Williamsburg, 
Pa. Druggist and owner of large drug store ; Luth. 
C : (VI) Varna S Ketring, b Sept 28, 1878. Grad- 
uate of Lock Haven State Normal School. (VI) Martin 
Luther Ketring, b Sept 19, 1882. Clerk in drugstore. 
(VI) Linda Marie Ketring, b Aug 11, 1897. 

V. Isaiah L Bachtell, b in Maryland Nov 27, 1856 ; 
m Rachel E Williams, of Blair co, Pa, Apr 17, 1878. 
She d Sept 1880. C : (VI) Celia R Bachtell, b July 
17, 1878 ; m W E Rhone May 19, 1898. P O Coal- 
port, Pa. Engineer. Mr R, Christian Aliance ; Mrs 


R, Luth. C : (VI) Luther Bachtell, d in infancy. 

Isaiah in second wife Mary A Haslet Oct 12, 
1883. POMyra, Pa. Engineer. C: (VI) Alburta 
Bachtell, b July 2, 1884 ; d Jan 22, 1890. (VI) Joseph 
K Bachtell, born Apr 22, 1891 ; died Aug 14, 1891. 
(VI) Estella Bachtell, b July 25, 1886. (VI) Harry 
S Bachtell, b Sept 3, 1888. (VI) Francis I Bachtell, 
b June 18, 1892. (VI) James R Bachtell, born Oct 9, 
1894. (VI) Alfonsa E Bachtell, b Dec 1, 1896. 
IV. Harvey C Stover, b Dec 25, 1834 ; m Margaret 
Schott in i860. PO Naponee, Neb. Farmer. C: 
Henry, William, Margaret. 

IV. Milton David Stover, b at Smithburg, Md, July 4, 
1837 ; m Eliza E McClure Mar 22, i860. P O Forres- 
ton, 111. Blacksmith. C : Clara, Teenie, Alverna. 

V. Clara Serepta Stover, b June 7, 1861 ; m Charles 
E Griswold December 18, 1879. He d June 12, 18S4. 
P O Forreston, 111. Editor. C: (VI) Ethel M 
Griswold, b May 11, 1884. 

V. Teenie Celestine Stover, b Nov 7, 1864 ; married 
Everett F Harrington. P O Sheldon, la. Jeweler. 
C : Wenona, Earl, Gladys, Opal. 

V. Alverna Blanche Stover, born August 21, 1868 ; 
m Andrew J Stearns. P O La Grange, 111. No 

IV. Christiana Stover, b May 18, 1840 ; m Samuel 
Summers. C : John. 

IV. Mary Elizabeth Stover, b Oct 13, 1842 ; died 
June 15, 1873 > married DeLos Wolfersberger. C : 
Wilbert, Inez, Elva. 

IV. Rebecca Stover, b Mar 13, 1845 ; d Feb 2, 1846. 

IV. Martha Ellen Stover, b March 7, 1848 ; m Cyrus 
Billig December 23, 1886. P O Forreston, 111. C : 
Harrison (d infant). 

III. Mary Stover, b May n, 1795 ; m David Stahl. 


C : Sarah, Mary, Susan, David, Gust, Hiram. 

III. Rebecca Stover, b Jan 20, 1797 ; m Sheller. 

III. Sarah Stover, b Oct 12, 1798 ; m Jacob Good. 
C : Abraham, Dr Samuel, Sarah, Elizabeth. 

III. Nancy Stover (d), b Oct 26, 1803 ; m Joash 
Horn. Farmer ; Ger Bap. C : (IV) Mary Horn, 
born 1824; d 1849. S. (IV) Sarah Horn, b 1826; 

m Oyler. (IV) Daniel Horn, b 1829 ; married 

Katie Oyler. He was killed in a mill in Iowa. 
Have issue. (IV) Rebecca Horn, b 1831 ; married 
Oyler. (IV) Anuetta Horn, b 1834; d infant. 


II. Rev Daniel Stover, b in Franklin co, Pa, in 
1757 ; d in 1822 ; m Barbara Benedict, of Quincy, 
Pa. They lived and died on the old Stover home- 
stead, near Waynesboro, Pa. He was a minister of 
the Ger Bap ch, and after the death of his father suc- 
ceeded him as bishop. C : John, Catharine, William, 
Daniel, Susan, Elizabeth, Polly, Jacob. 

III. John Stover, b in Franklin co, Pa, Sept 2, 1787 ; 
died Jan 25, 1859 ; m Mary Deardorff. She was b in 
Franklin co Sept 29, 1801 ; d Mar 7, 1873. Farmer ; 
Ger Bap. C : John, Susan, Catharine, Christian, 
Samuel, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Prudence. 

IV. John E Stover, b on the old homestead in Frank- 
lin co, Pa, Dec 25, 1821 ; d Oct 13, 1879 ; m Franey 
Eshelman. She was b in Lancaster co, Pa, April 3, 
1829 ; d April 14, 187 1. Farmer ; Ger Bap. C : 
John, Daniel, Sarah, Samuel and Mary (twins), David. 

V. John M Stover, b in Franklin co Dec 27, 1849 ; 
m Jennie R Peneiuger Nov 18, 1869. She d May 24, 
1885. C : (VI) Infant, b and d Jan 187 1. (VI) Cora 
E Stover, born August 24, 1872. P O Greencastle, 
Pa. Pres. S. (VI) Ambrose E Stover, born Aug 
16, 1874. 

John married second wife E P Rowe Dec 14, 1887. 
P O Greencastle, Pa. Merchant ; Pres. 
V. Rev Daniel E Stover, born in Franklin co Jan 7, 
1852 ; m Kate McFerreiit (nee Swartz) Feb 13, 1! 



P O Hawthorn, Fla. Farmer and fruit grower. Min- 
ister of the German Baptist Brethren. No issue. 

V. Sarah Stover, b Feb 12, 1855 ; d July 14, 1878. 

V. Samuel Stover, b Nov 30, 1859 ; d 1862. 

V. Mary Stover, b Nov 30, 1859 ; m John M Bow- 
man Dec 22, 1S78. P O Harrisonburg, Va. Professor 
of music. C : Grade, Joseph, Florence, Herman. 

V. David E Stover, b Nov 26, 1863 ; m Anna Small. 
P O Gettysburg, Pa. 

IV. Susan Stover, b Feb 24, 1823. S. 

IV. Catharine Stover (d), b Mar 9, 1825 ; married 

IV. Christian Stover, b July 3, 1829 ; d Sept 23, 

1893; m Shank. Farmer; Ger Bap. C: Ida, 

John, Molly, William, Lillie, Minta, Lemuel, Bert, 

V. Ida Stover (d), married Dr Aaron Grove. 

V. John Stover, m Annie Whigert. P O Clay Hill, 
Pa. Farmer ; Ger Bap. 

V. Molly Stover, m Amos Frick. P O Waynes- 
boro, Pa. Jeweler ; Ger Bap. 

V. William Stover, m Kauffman. P O Clay 

Hill, Pa. Farmer ; Ger Bap. No issue. 

V. Lillie M Stover, b August 4, 1866 ; m Augustus 
Small Dec n, 1884. P O Alteuwald, Pa. Farmer ; 
Ger Bap. C : (VI) Margie May Small, born Oct 26, 
1885 ; Anna Blanche, b September 27, 1887 ; Ruth 
Genevieve, b May 6, 1892. 

V. Minta Stover, married . No issue. 

V. Lemuel Stover, married . 

V. Bert Stover. Single. 

V. Leslie Stover. 

IV. Samuel Stover, b Dec 17, 1831 ; d May 27, 1875 ; 
m Susan Gilland. P O Waynesboro, Pa. Farmer. 


Mr S, Ger Bap; Mrs S, Ger Ref. C: Anna, 
Ulysses, Emma, John, Frank, Effa. 

V. Anna M Stover, born in Franklin co, Pa, Feb 10, 
1864 ; m Joseph Hade. P Five Forks, Pa. 

V. Ulysses Grant Stover, born in Franklin co, Pa, 
Sept 22, 1865; m Lillian M Funk Feb 1889. She 
was b Sept 25, 1869. Formerly farmer, and was the 
last Stover occupant of the old Bishop William Stover 
homestead in Franklin county. Mr Stover is now 
located at Waynesboro, where he is a dealer in grain, 
coal, feed, cement, etc. P O Waynesboro, Pa. 
Mrs S, Ref ch. C : (VI) John Raymond Stover, 
b Mar 1890 ; Martin F, b June 1891 ; Lillian Maria, 
b May 1894. 

V. Emma S Stover, b Oct 4, 1867 ; married Aaron B 
Shank Dec 22, 1886. P O Wingerton, Pa. Farmer. 
Mrs S, Ref ch. C : (VI) Meda F Shank, b Sept 15, 
1887 ; Nellie M, b Aug 1, 1893. 

V. John G Stover, b in Franklin co, Pa, Jan 15, 1870. 
R 211 Market st, Pittsburg, Pa. Bookkeeper. 

V. T Frank Stover, b July 4, 1872. P O Waynes- 
boro, Pa. Clerk. 

V. Effa Jane Stover, born Nov 1874. P O Waynes- 
boro, Pa. Ref ch. 

IV. Mary Stover, b Apr 1, 1834. S. 

IV. Sarah Stover, b Nov 8, 1836 ; m I R Shank, (d). 
Farmer ; Ger Bap. C : Catharine, John, Annie, New- 

V. Catharine Shank, m Lewis Hovis. P O Zullinga, 

V. John Shank, ra . 

IV. Elizabeth Stover, b in Franklin co, Pa, Feb 4, 
1841 ; m Abram E Price Jan 31, 1862. P O Waynes- 
boro, Pa. Ger Bap. C : Annie, Harvey, Ida, Sudie, 
Benjamin, Myrtle, Stover. 


V. Annie M Price, b Nov 19, 1862 ; ra Daniel Stover. 
P O Waynesboro, Pa. 

V. Harvey S Price, b Feb 10, 1864 ; tn Weaver. 

V. Ida P Price, b June 23, 1866. S. 
V. Sudie Price, b Sept 30, 1867 ; d Oct 9, 1871. 
V. Benjamin Price, b Apr 19, 1869 ; ra Dasie Mike- 
sell. P O Waynesboro, Pa. 

V. Myrtle Price, b Jan 28, 187 1 ; ra . 

V. J Stover Price, b Apr 21, 1874 ; m . 

VI. Prudence Stover, b Dec 19, 1844 ; ra L,aban W 
Wingert Nov 28, 1865. P O Waynesboro, Pa. River 
Brethren. C : Clara, Ida, Annie, Sudie, Stover, Ira. 

V. Clara Emma Wingert, b July 24, 1868 ; d Feb 7, 
1890. P O Ringgold, Ind. River Brethren. C : 
(VI) Laban W Ldter, b Sept 10, 1891 ; Edna E, 
b Dec 7, 1894 ; J Oram, b Feb 19, 1897. 

V. Ida M Wingert, b Feb 19, 1870; m C M Leiter 
Dec 4, 1869. 

V. Annie E. Wingert, b Oct 19, 1872. PO Waynes- 
boro, Pa. River Brethren. 

V. Sudie May Vingert, b Aug 23, 1875. P O Waynes- 
boro, Pa. Ger Bap. 

V. J Stover Wingert, b Sept 25, 1877. P O Waynes- 
boro, Pa. Ger Bap. 
V. Ira L. Wingert, b Sept 22, 1881. Ger Bap. 

III. Catharine Stover, b in Franklin co, Pa, June 12 
1792 ; d June 26, 1 85 1 ; ra Christian Royer May 11 
18 13. He was bin Lancaster co, and d in Franklin 
co Aug 10, 1864. Fanner ; Ger Bap. C : Mary 
Daniel, John, FUizabeth, Christian, Jacob, Catharine 
David, Anna. 

IV. Mary Royer, b Mar 19, 18 14 ; d April 12, 1890 
m Jacob Strickler. 

IV. Daniel Royer, b Apr 1, 18 16 ; d June 19, 18S7 
ra Sarah Barterbaugh. 


IV. John Royer, b Sept 14, 18 18 ; d Oct 18, 1893 ; 
m Anna Shank (d) ; m second wife Elizabeth McLau- 

IV. Elizabeth Royer, b Feb 28, 182 1 ; d March 1, 
1887 ; m Rev Jacob Price (d). No issue. 

IV. Rev Christian Royer, Jr, b in Franklin co, Pa, 
May 28, 1823 ; m Mary Whitmer. P O Greencastle, 
Pa. Farmer and minister ; Ger Bap. C : Jacob, 
George, Christian and David (twins), C Ed, Frank, 
Washington, Catharine, Mary, Alice, Elam and Ezra 
(twins), Ida. 

V. Jacob Royer, b Nov 17, 1849. P O Greencastle, Pa. 

V. George Alfred Royer, b March 6, 1851 ; m Cath- 
arine Hager. P O Lanark, 111. Farmer ; Ger Bap. 
C : Mary, Ira, Charles. 

V. Christian Royer, b Oct 7, 1852; m Alice Carter. 
P O Hooper, Neb. Miller, Meth. C : Milo, Charles. 

V. David Royer, b Oct 7, 1852 ; m Emma Quinton. 
P O Arcadia, Neb. C : Cessie, Clinton. 

V. C Ed Royer, b Oct 15, 1854. P O Davis, Ind 
Ter. Dealer in stock ; Meth. S. 

V. C Frank Royer, b June 24, 1856 ; married Clara 
McCauly. P O Emerson, 111. Farmer ; Meth. C : 
Bertha, James (d), Etta, Frankliu, Arthur, Ruth. 

V. Washington Royer, born Feb 19, 1858 ; m Mary 
Bughly. P O Kingsley, la. Farmer. C : Whitiner, 
Hazel, Percil. 

V. Catharine E Royer, b in Franklin co, Pa, Nov 24, 
1859. P O Greencastle, Pa. Ger Bap. S. 

V. Mary Elizabeth Royer, born Sept 1, 1S61. P O 
Greencastle, Pa. Ger Bap. 

V. Alice Grace Royer, born Feb 6, 1864 ; d Feb 25, 

V. Elam N Royer, b Feb 14, 1865 ; m Anna StaufFer. 

Franklin W. Stover. 
(vSee page 345.) 


P O Greencastle, Pa. Farmer ; Ger Bap. C : Mary, 
Elam, Eva, Galan. 

V. Ezra N Royer, b Feb 14, 1865 ; m Mary Slothom. 
P O Marion, Pa. Farmer ; Ger Bap. C : Charles. 

V. Ida Frances Royer, b Oct 23, 1866 ; died Dec 3r, 

IV. Jacob Royer, b June 28, 1825 ; married Rebecca 
Shiery. P O Lanark, 111. 

IV. Catharine Royer, b Oct 21, 1828 ; m Eli Fuss. 
P O Marion. Pa. 

IV. David Royer, b in Franklin co, Pa, Mar 14, 1830; 
m Sallie C Rumbaugh, of Greenville, Tenu, 1865. 
She d April 1896. P O Bedford City, Va. Saddler. 
C : (V) Clara Ann Royer, b 1866. S. (V) Edgar 
Royer, b in Bedford City, Va. He is on the editorial 
staff of the Richmond " Times." P O Richmond, Va. 
Meth. S. (V) William Royer, b in Bedford City, Va, 
Apr 30, 1876. R Roanoke, Va. Bookkeeper; Meth. 
S. (V) John B Royer. R 1100 E Main st, Rich- 
mond, Va. Employed in a store ; Meth. Single. 
(V) Robert C Royer, born in Bedford co, Va. Meth. 
(V) Three d in infancy. 

IV. Anna Royer, b Dec 30, 1834. S. 

III. William Stover, born on the old homestead in 
Franklin co, Pa, in 1795 ; d Feb 19, 1869 ; m Nancy 
Gearhart in 18 19. She was b Apr 3, 1800 ; d January 
1893. Farmer; Mrs S, Luth. C: John, Margaret, 
Daniel, George, William, Susie, Samuel, Jacob, 

IV. John Stover, born and died in 1820. 

IV. Margaret Stover (d), b 1821 ; m G Rahauser. 
P O Greencastle, Pa. 

IV. Daniel Stover (d), born 1823. 

IV. George Stover (d), b 1826 ; m Jemima Hamil- 
ton. C : (V) Stover, m Isaac E Yost. P O 


Waynesboro, Pa. Editor of the "Village Record.'* 
(V) Stover. 

IV. William Stover, b in Franklin co Oct 4, 1829 ; 
died Oct 19, 1886 ; m Nancy E Stover in 1858. P O 
Shady Grove, Pa. Merchant; Ger Bap. C: Susan, 
Emmert, Annie, Florence. 

V. Susan Stover, born at Greencastle, Pa, May n, 
1859 ; m John Henerberger (or Hunsberger). P O 
Greencastle, Pa. Farmer ; Ger Ref. C : (VI) Annie 
Henerberger, b Feb 4, 1878 ; Florence, b Sept 13, 
1880 ; William, b May 1, 1882. 

V. Emmert Stover, D D S, b Mar 6, 1862 ; m Eva 
Murray. She was born June 18, 1874. P O Green- 
castle, Pa. Dentist. 

V. Annie Stover, b Sept 5, ; d June n, 1865. 

V. Florence Stover, born March 4, 1870. 

IV. Susie Stover, born 1831 ; died 1851. S. 

IV. Samuel Stover, born 1834 ; m Elizabeth Price. 
P O Shady Grove, Pa. C : John, and others. 

IV. Jacob Stover, born 1837. S. 

IV. Andrew Snively Stover, b in Franklin co Feb 17, 
1841 ; m Annie Elizabeth Snively Nov 1868. She 
was b June 15, 1848 ; d Sept 18, 188 1. P O Green- 
castle, Pa. He was elected treasurer of FYanklin co 
in 1893. Farmer and dealer in coal and lumber ; 
Mrs S, United Br eh. C : William, Samuel. 

V. William Stover, b in Franklin co Sept 13, 1869 ; 
m Myrtle Whitmore Mar 10, 1892. P O Chambers- 
burg, Pa. Coal and lumber merchant. C : (VI) 
Andrew Snively Stover, b Feb 4, 1895. 

V. Samuel Bechtel Snively Stover, b in Franklin co 
Feb 24, 1872 ; married Anna Margie Blauser May 16, 
1895. P O Chambersburg, Pa. Attorney-at-Law ; 
Euth. C : (VI) Mayriale Wilson Stover, b March 27, 
1896 ; Margaret Metzger, b Oct 8, 1897. 


III. Daniel Stover, m Nancy Holsinger. Farmer ; 
Ger Bap. C : Barbara, Lydia, William, Elizabeth 
(d young), Susan, Mary, Jacob. 

VI. Barbara Stover, m Samuel Small. P O Alten- 
wald, Pa. Farmer. Mr S, Ref ; Mrs S, Ger Bap. 

IV. Lydia Stover, m Christian Sheller. 
IV. William Stover, m Elizabeth Bowers. 

IV. Susan Stover, b on the old homestead in Ouincy 
twp, Pa, Oct 13, 1836 ; m Benjamin Friedly Oct 15, 
1857. P O Waynesboro, Pa. Farmer ; Ger Bap. 
C : Ann, Mary, Andrew, Lydia, Stover, Emmajacob, 
Barbara, Harry, Daniel. 

V. Ann Elizabeth Friedly, b Oct 29, 1858 ; d May 2, 

V. Mary Catharine Friedly, born Apr 14, i860 ; m 
Henry W Socks Oct 27, 1S87. She d July 18, 1888. 

V. Andrew Friedly, b October 2, 1862 ; m Victoria 
Thompson January 3 r , 1880. P O Five Forks, Pa. 
Laborer ; Ger Bap. C : Blanche Elizabeth, Margaret 

V. Lydia Alice Friedly, b Oct 13, 1864 ; m Otto S 
Good Dec 20, 1888. P O Altenwald, Pa. (See Iud 
of Ref No 23.) Farmer; Mrs G, Ger Bap. Children: 
Minnie, Emma. 

V. Stover Friedly, born Feb 14, 1867 ; m Carrie E 
Funk Mar 10, 1890. P O Rowyerville, Pa. Miller. 
C : Mary Ruth, Roy Edgar. 

V. Emma Frances Friedly, b Dec 24, 1869. P O 
Waynesboro, Pa. S. 

V. Jacob Friedly, b Sept 15, 1872 ; d Dec 14, 1872. 

V. Barbara May Friedly, b May 5, 1874 ; d June 29, 

V. Harry Friedly, born Nov 1, 1875 ; m Bertha J. 
Wiugert Nov 18, 1897. PO Five Forks, Pa. Farmer. 

V. Daniel Friedly, b Apr 30, 1S79. 


IV. Mary Stover, m Joseph Wingert. C: (V) Annie 
Wingert, m John A Stover. P O Clay Hill, Pa. 
IV. Jacob Stover. 

III. Susan Stover, born in Franklin co, Pa, in 1801 ; 
died near Chambersburg, Pa, 1855 ; m Samuel Hess 
about 1822. He was b in Franklin co, Pa, May 1803; 
died Mar 2, 1884. Shoemaker and farmer ; Ger Bap. 
C : Mary, Catharine, Susan, Elizabeth (d). 

IV. Mary Hess, died Dec 22, 1894 ; m John Moun. 

C : (V) Alfred Moun, m . (V) Susan Moun. 

Single. (V) Kate Moun, married Sollenberger. 

(V) Samuel Moun, married . (V) Daniel Moun. 

(V) Jacob Moun, m . (V) Cyrus Moun. S. 

(V) William Moun. S. (V) Mary Moun, m 


IV. Catharine Hess, m Andrew Gipe. C : (V) Susan 

Gipe, m Frey. (V) Joseph Gipe, married . 

(V) Annie Gipe, m Lowery. (V) Samuel Gipe. 


IV. Susan Hess, bin 1832 ; d Dec 17, 1886; m Jacob 
Etter. C : Samuel. 

IV. Elizabeth Hess, married Christian Heller. C : 
Samuel. S. 

IV. Daniel W Hess, born near Chambersburg, Pa, 
Jan 19, 1843 ; m Susan A Whitmer Dec 20, 1870. 
P O Waynesboro, Pa. Contractor, manufacturer of 
doors, sashs, blinds, mouldings and dealer in lumber, 
coal, etc ; Ger Bap. C : (V) Florence May Hess, 
b Feb 5, 1872. Ger Bap. (V) Albert Tidings Hess, 
b Sept 4, 1873. (V) Arie Gertrude Hess, b Aug 31, 
1875. Ger Bap. (V) Samuel Edwin Hess, b Apr 10, 
1878. (V) Elsie Mabel Hess, b November 27, 1882. 
(V) Susan Mildred Hess, b Mar 6, 1887. 

III. Elizabeth Stover, married Abraham Deardorf. 
Farmer ; Ger Bap. C : Daniel, Jacob, Abraham, 


John (d single), William (d), Henry, Samuel, Joseph, 
Elizabeth, Barbara, Catharine. 

IV. Daniel Deardorf (d), m Elizabeth Benedict. C : 
Peter, John. 

IV. Jacob Deardorf, b in Franklin co Jan 23, 18 17 ; 
died Sept 12, 1883 ; m Susanna Wolf Nov 21, 1844. 
She was b in Jefferson co, Va, Jan 28, 1822. Farmer ; 
Ger Bap. C : Eliza, Mary. 

V. Eliza D Deardorf, born April 21, 1846 ; m S W 
Sollenberger Nov 1863. P O Chambersburg, Pa. 

V. Mary A Deardorf, b in Franklin co Mar 24, 1848 ; 
m George F Summers Nov 7, 1866. P O Chambers- 
burg, Pa. Farmer. C : Jacob, George, F S. 

VI. Jacob D Summers, b Jan 24, 1869 ; m Adda K 
Movvery April 3, 1890. P O Chambersburg, Pa. 
Farmer ; U Br ch. C : (VII) Ethel May Summers, 
born Feb 4, 1891 ; Arthur Guy, b April 1893. 

VI. George Heury Summers, b Feb 20, 1870 ; died 
July 27, 1870. 

VI. F S Summers, b April 12, 1871 ; m Charlotte 
Heefru May 22, 1892. P O Duffield, Pa. Farmer ; 
River Br. C : (VII) George W Summers, b Feb 20, 


IV. Abraham Deardorf, d at Altenwald, Pa, June 8, 
1891 ; m Elizabeth Wingert 1849. She died at New 
Franklin, Pa, in 1874. Farmer. Mr D, Ger Bap ; 
Mrs D, River Br. C : (V) Jacob Deardorf, b 1851 ; 
m Charlotte Wilkinson. (V) Elizabeth Deardorf, d 
aged 8 years. (V) Hannah Deardorf, born in 1858 ; 
m J Beam Wingert. (V) John H Deardorf, born at 
New Franklin, Pa, April 15, 1859 ; m Annie May 
Sener Nov 1892. P O Waynesboro, Pa. Assistant 
secretary of Fink Company ; Meth. No issue. 

IV. Henry Deardorf, married Elizabeth Holsinger. 


P O Quincy, Pa. C : (V) Aaron H Deardorf. 
(V) Mary Deardorf, m John Fridley. 

IV. Samuel Deardorf , m Sarah Huber. C: (V) John 
Deardorf, m . (V) Benjamin, Abram, single. 

IV. Joseph Deardorf, b in Franklin co, Pa, May 21, 

1837 ; d Feb 1, 1878 ; m Pentz (d). 

Joseph married second wife Elizabeth Bovey 
Nov 17, 1866. She was born at Maugansville, Md, 
Sept 7, 1839. Farmer ; Ger Bap. C : (V) Susan 
Catharine Deardorf, b Sept 3, 1867. (V) Bessie Bell 
Deardorf, b July 2, 187 1 ; died November 23, 187 1. 
(V) William H Deardorf, b Mar 10, 1873 ; d Mar Ir » 
1873. (V) Sallie Jane Deardorf, b June 28, 1875 ; 
died Dec 7, 1875. (V) Albertus Royer Deardorf, born 
at Middleburg, Pa, June 14, 1877. P O Hagerstown, 
Md. Spoke bending works ; Ger Bap. S. 

IV. Elizabeth Deardorf, married Isaac Bucher. 

IV. Barbara Deardorf, married John Bear. 

IV. Catharine Deardorf. Single. 

III. Polly Stover, m Rev David Bock. Farmer ; 
bishop of Falling Spring Ger Bap ch, and later united 
with old order of Brethren. C : (IV) Samuel Bock, 

resides in Iowa. (IV) Daniel Bock (d), married 

Miller. C : Susan. (IV) David Bock (d), married 

Detrick. C : Mary. (IV) Jacob Bock, resides 

in Iowa. (IV) Susan Bock, m George Baker (d). 
(IV) Mary Bock, m Jacob Holliuger. P O Waynes- 
boro, Pa. (IV) Barbara Bock, m Rev Jesse Fox (d). 
(IV) Elizabeth Bock, m Samuel Knepper. Reside in 

III. Jacob Stover, b in Franklin co, Pa, July 15, 1809 ; 
died May 8, 1867 ; m Mary Royer April 4, 1833. 
Farmer ; Ger Bap. C : (IV) Barbara Ann Stover, 
b March 24, 1836 ; d June n, 1854. ( ,v ) Elizabeth 
Stover, b Oct 5, 1838 ; d July 19, 1862. (IV) James 


Stover, b Mar 30, 1 84 1 ; dSept9, 184L (IV) Margaret 
Stover, b May 24, 1843. (IV) Daniel Suively Stover, 
b in Franklin co, Pa, Mar 27, 1848. R 322 E Doug- 
lass ave, Wichita, Kan. Merchant ; Ref. Single. 
(IV) John R Stover, b in Franklin co May r, 1851. 
P O Hagerstown, Md. Merchant ; Luth. Single. 
(IV) Mary Ida Stover, born October 10, 1858 ; died 
March 20, 1S63. 

II. Jacob Stover, b 1759. Descendants not found. 


II. Emanuel Stover, born on the old Stover home- 
stead, in Franklin county, Pa, in 1761 ; d in 1833 ; 
m Susan Price (sister to his brother's, Dr George 
Stover, wife). They lived and died on the west half 
of the old homestead, now owned by Wesley Koontz, 
he having bought out his brother's, Dr George Stover, 
interest in that part of the farm, where he carried on 
a thriving tannery in connection with farming. He 
also engaged in distilling, which had been carried on 
by his father, but this business was later discontinued 
by Emanuel Stover. It seems odd that a distillery 
was carried on by such strict church people in 
those temperance times. Still it should be said 
in this connection that in those days nearly all large 
farmers and land owners manufactured their own 
apple and peach brandy, and occasionally some rye 
whiskey as well. It was, however, finally de- 
cided by the annual conference of the German Bap- 
tist Church that no member should be allowed to 
manufacture, handle or sell intoxicating liquors of any 
kind, which has been strictly carried out. 

During the lifetime of Emanuel Stover the sickle 
was the only means of harvesting wheat and rye 
crops, and Mr Stover being an extensive farmer 25 to 
30 men were employed with sickles to gather his 
crops. They gripped the grain with the left hand, and 
using the sickle in the right a swath the entire length 


Jacob P. Stover. 
( See page 346. ) 

Mrs. Jacob P. Stover. 
(See page 346.) 


of the field was cut and bound as they returned. No 
other method to thresh the grain was known except 
by flail or by tramping it out by riding horses over 
it on the barn floor and the fanning mill to clean it. 
During the Winter six-horse teams were hitched to 
the old English covered wagons and the grain hauled 
to the Baltimore and Philadelphia markets, returning 
with store goods and merchandise. Flax was raised 
and spun into linen and wool into woolen goods. The 
ladies found time to spin, weave, do general house- 
work and occasionally assist in the field. 

Emanuel Stover and wife were buried on the old 
Stover farm, and both were members of the German 
Baptist church. C : Elizabeth, Polly, Susan, John, 
Hannah, Jacob, Catharine, David, Daniel, Samuel. 

III. Elizabeth Stover, born in Franklin co, Pa, 1788 ; 
m John Stoner. 

III. Polly Stover, m John Miller. C : Susan. 

III. Susan Stover, b 1794 ; died Apr 1866 ; m John 
Funk. Farmer ; Ger Bap. C : (IV) Dr Samuel 
Funk, b 1845 ; d in Florida 1888. Physician ; Ger 
Bap. S. (IV) Susan Funk, b 18 16 ; 111 Abram Mil- 
ler. C : Samuel, Wilford. (IV) John Funk, b 18 18 ; 
died young. 

III. John Stover, b in Franklin co, Pa, Sept 27, 1795 ; 
d June 11, 1883 ; m Mollie Deardorf. She was born 
Dec 30, 1797 ; d Feb 3, 1870. In 1840 he removed 
with his family to Ogle county, 111, where he died. 
Farmer ; Ger Bap. C : Samuel, Susan, Jacob, Mary, 
Elizabeth, John, Emanuel, Catharine, Daniel, Henry, 

IV. Samuel Stover, b Mar 12, 1818 ; dSept 10, 1876; 
m Hannah Dong Jan 21, 1847. She was born Oct 23, 
1822. Farmer ; Ger Bap. C : Catharine, David, 


V. Catharine F Stover, b Aug 9, 1849 ; died July 5, 
1874 > m Ephraim Studabaker Sept 4, 1873. Ger 
Bap. C: (VI) Samuel J Studabaker, born June 21, 
1 87 1 ; d in infancy. 

V. David Stover, b Aug 14, 1848 ; d Sept 20, 184S. 

V. Daniel L, Stover, b in Ogle co, 111, June 21, 1851 ; 
m Caroline Ruppert Mar 19, 1876. P O Forreston, 111. 
Farmer ; Ger Bap. C : (VI) Samuel J Stover, born 
Dec 23, 1876. (VI) Esther H Stover, b Dec i, 1878 ; 
d Dec 26, 187S. (VI) Nora C Stover, bjan 18, 1880. 
(VI) Adella V Stover, b July 30, 1882 ; died Sept 7, 
1882. (VI) Mary S Stover, born October 1, 1883. 
(VI) Martha L Stover, b Dec 31, 1887. (VI) Sarah 
R Stover, born Mar 19, 1891. (VI) Ruth R Stover, 
b July 7, 1894. (VI) Ernest C Stover, b Jan 8, 1898. 

IV. Susan Stover, b Feb 1, 1820 ; d Mar 5, 1887 ; 
m David F Miller Apr 16, 1844. He was b in Wash- 
ington county, Md, Oct 29, 18 13 ; d in Ogle co, 111, 
June 30, 1879. Farmer. Mr M, Uuiversalist; MrsM, 
Ger Bap. C : Daniel, David, Ann, John, Mary, 
George, Charles. 

V. Daniel S Miller, b May 2, 1845 ; d Dec 25, 1869 ; 
m Ella Bovey. No issue. 

V. David S Miller, b May 1,1851; d Aug 22, 1851. 

V. Ann Elizabeth Miller, b Jan 10, 1856; married 
Douglas Hedges (d) Dec 24, 1873. C : (VI) Willie 
Hedges, b November 3, 1874 ; d February 7, 1875. 
(VI) Ernest M Hedges, b Mar 24, 1876. (VI) Gertie 
May Hedges, b October 13, 1878; d Nov 30, 1879. 
(VI) Charles Ray Hedges, b Dec 7, 1875. 

Ann Elizabeth m second husband D E Ellen- 
berger Aug 21, 1890. P O Colo, la. Farmer. 

V. John S Miller, b Aug 12, 1848 ; d Aug 22, 1851. 

V. Mary Catharine Miller, born August 15, 1852 ; 
m George W Hammer Feb 3, 1870. P O Polo, 111. 


C : (VI) D Orville Hammer, born June 18, 187 1. S. 
(VI) Clarence E Hammer, born April 3, 1873. S. 
(VI) Edith M Hammer, b Nov 15, 1874 ; m Albert C 
Coffman January 20, 1898. P O Polo, 111. Farmer. 
(VI) Daisy A Hammer, b July 27, 1876. (VI) Eva I 
Hammer, born Oct 20, 1878. (VI) Mary E Hammer, 
b July 8, 1880. (VI) George M Hammer, b Sept 23, 
1882. (VI) Ray W Hammer, born October 3, 1886. 
(VI) Ruth Hammer, b June 28, 1889 ; d Sept 8, 1889. 

V. George W Miller, b in Ogle co, 111, May 27, [859 ; 
married Kate C Miller Feb 21, 1883. P O Polo, 111. 
Farmer. No issue. 

V. Charles H Miller, b in Ogle co, 111, Jan 10, 1863 ; 
m Fannie E Newell Feb 21, 1884. P O Polo, 111. 
Boot and shoe merchant. C : (VI) Ross N Miller, 
born Feb 16, 1885 ; Nellie Faye, born Sept 6, 1886 ; 
Orville Darris, b December 20, 1888 ; Neva Louisa, 
b Oct 16, 1890 ; Max Burns, b Apr 10, 1894. 

IV. Jacob Stover, b Dec 17, 1822 ; died 1833. 

IV. Mary Stover, b Dec 30, 1824 ; d near Salem, Neb, 
Sept 16, 189 1 ; m John A Wagner. He was born in 
Washington co, Md, June 18, 18 18 ; d near Salem, 
Neb, Oct 7, 1897. Ger Bap. C: William, John, 
Amanda, Ellen, David, Clay, Mary, Daniel, Ernest, 
Frank, Reuben, Martha. 

V. William H Wagner, b in Ogle co, 111, August 15, 
1844 ; died August 25, 18S1. 

V. John A Wagner, b in Ogle co, 111, July 18, 1846 ; 
m Jennie Flager Jan 10, 1875. She was b at Brook- 
ville, 111, Apr 30, 1852- C : (VI) Verna A Wagner, 
born Dec 18, 1876. 

V. Amanda E Wagner, b in Ogle co May 27, 1848 ; 
died Oct 30, 18S2 ; m Andrew Fridley Apr 24, 1869. 
P O Mt Morris, 111. Farmer ; Ger Bap. No issue. 

V. Ella Wagner, born in Ogle co, 111, Feb 8, 1850 ; 


d Nov 19, 1880 ; m Jacob S Pyfer Feb 13, 1873. He 
was born in Lancaster co, Pa, March 18, 1850. P O 
Polo, 111. C : Minnie, Frederick, George. 

VI. Minnie E Pyfer, b in Ogle co, 111, Nov 13, 1873 ; 
m George Knepper Dec 10, 1890. Ger Bap. C : 
(VII) Edna M Knepper, b Aug 12, 1891 ; d Dec 15, 
1891. (VII) Lulu V F Knepper, born Sept 13, 1892. 
(VII) Anna E Knepper, born January 24, 1895. 
(VII) Amanda J Knepper, b Feb 7, 1897. 

VI. Frederick I Pyfer, b in Ogle co, 111, Nov r, 1875. 

VI. George A Pyfer, b in Marshall co, la, Feb 1 , 1878. 

V. David F Wagner, born in Ogle co, 111, June 12, 
1852 ; married Nancy Sheely Dec 31, 1882. She was 
b Jan 8, 1854 ; d Oct 3, 1895. 

V. Clay E Wagner, b in Ogle co, 111, Aug 20, 1854 ; 
m Sallie E Wolford Jan 24, 1878. She was born in 
Washington co, Md, Oct 7, 1858. P O Salem, Neb. 
Ger Bap. C : (VI) Lulu M Wagner, b Dec 17, 1878 ; 
d July 14, 1885. 

V. Mary L Wagner, b in Ogle co, 111, May 16, 1857 ; 
d Nov 30, 1896 ; m Lewis A Phillips Jan 26, 1878. 
He was born in Ogle, co, 111, Mar 3, 1855. Ger Bap. 
C : (VI) Nettie L Phillips, born October 26, 1878. 
(VI) Mamie E Phillips, b Feb 22, 1880. (VI) Ella M 
Phillips, born Nov 6, 1881. (VI) Mattie A Phillips, 
b Apr 26, 1885. (VI) Annie N Phillips, b May 26, 
1887. (VI) Paul A Phillips, b Sept 8, 1892. 

V. Daniel W Wagner, b in Ogle co, 111, May 25, 1859. 

V. Ernest M Wagner, b in Ogle co, 111, Dec 12, 1862 ; 
m Rosa L Morrison Sept 13, 1887. She was born in 
Brown co, Kan, May 19, 1868. P O Salem, Neb. 
Farmer ; Ger Bap. C : (VI) Dale E Wagner, born 
June 25, 1888. (VI) Sylvia M Wagner, b Sept 29, 

1890. (VI) CarlM Wagner, b Oct 19, 1894; dNovg, 

1895. (VI) Lloyd P Wagner, b May 19, 1897. 


V. Frank S Wagner, b in Ogle co, 111, Mar 21, 1865 ; 
m Vernie Z Grush Jan 1, 1889. P O Collyer, Kan. 
Farmer. No issue. 

V. Reuben Wagner, b June 28, 1867 ; died Sept 17, 

V. Martha E Wagner, b Dec ir, 1869 ; d Sept 21, 
1885. Ger Bap. 

IV. Elizabeth Stover, b June 19, 1826 ; d about 1846; 
m John Rice. One child. 

IV. John Stover, b August 31, 1828 ; died April 29, 
1865. Single. 

IV. Emanuel Stover, b in Franklin co, Pa, Sept 23, 
1830 ; m Sarah Butterbaugh Dec 30, 1858. She was 
born in Franklin co, Pa, Oct 31, 1838. P O Mary- 
land, 111. Farmer ; Ger Bap. C : (V) John D 
Stover, b May 20, i860 ; d Feb 23, 1865. (V) Allison 
E Stover, b Oct 3, 1862 ; m Lillie Alter. P O Hal- 
dane, 111. Farmer. C : Lloyd E. (V) Ira Stover, 
born Feb 14, 1865. (V) Emma C Stover, b Feb 25, 
1867 ; d March 10, 1867. (V) Mary N Stover, born 
June 27, 1868 ; m Daniel S Garber. P O Maryland. 
Farmer ; Ger Bap. C : Marcus, Ada Sarah, Bryant, 
Ira S, Viola. (V) Samuel B Stover, b Feb 10, 1870 ; 
d Oct 2, i88r. (V) Sarah E Stover, b Dec iS, 1875 ; 
d July 1, 1883. (V) Carrie M Stover, b Sept 1, 1876 ; 
d Oct 6, 188 1. (V) Savilla A Stover, b Jan 4, 1879 ; 
d Oct 8, 188 1. (V) Jesse H Stover, b Nov 23, 188 1. 

IV. Catharine Stover, b in Frederick co, Md, Jan 12, 
1833 ; m Samuel Long Dec 20, 1849. P O Quinter, 
Kan. Farmer; Ger Bap. C: Joseph, John, Martha, 
Emma, Alverda, Elmer, Albertus, Jacob, Mary, 
Samuel, Hannah, Savilla. 

V. Joseph Long, b Aug 25, 1851 ; d Sept 6, 1851. 
V. John Long, b April 16, 1853 ; d June 15, 1854. 
V. Martha Long, b June 19, 1855 ; d June 1885 ; 


m Wesley Plum July 13, 1872. Farmer ; River Br. 
PO Abilene, Kan. C: Minta, Samuel, Edna, Emery, 
Delia, Clinton. 

V. Emma Long, b Feb 26, 1858 ; d Nov 24, 1862. 

V. Alverda E Long, b May 7, i860 ; m J H Boyer 
in 1877. P O Emporia, Kan. Manufacturer of and 
dealer in medicines and extracts. C : Susie, Annie, 
William, Charles, Samuel, Oran. 

V. Elmer E Long, b Nov 4, 1862 ; m Rebecca Wolf 
September 1, 1895. P O Quinter, Kan. Farmer. 
C : Jesse, John. 

V. Albertus R Long, born Feb 17, 1865 ; m Urilla 
Hicks Feb 17, 1887. P O Quinter, Kan. Farmer; 
Ger Bap. C : Clara (d), Atha and Alta (twins), 

V. Jacob H Long, born April 25, 1867 ; m Jemima 
Miller 1888. P O Randall, Kan. Farmer. C : 
Samuel (d), Vernie. 

V. Mary Catharine Long, b June 25, 1869 ; dSept 24, 

V. Samuel S Long, b Aug 17, 187 1. P O Emporia, 
Kan. Schoolteacher. 

V. Hannah Long, b Aug 17, 1871 ; d Sept 3, 1871. 

V. Savilla Long, b Oct 16, 1874 ; m Henry Wolf 
June 10, 1896. P O Quinter, Kan. Farmer ; Ger 
Bap. C : (VI) Verna Wolf, b Mar 4, 1897. 

IV. Daniel Stover, b in Washington co, Md, Sept 17, 
1835 ; d near Maryland, 111, Aug 29, 1897 I m Sarah 
Wolf March 18, 1861. She was b near Leaf River, 111, 
Mar 2, 1843. When Mr Stover was about 5 years of 
age his parents emigrated to Ogle co, 111, making the 
trip in a large covered wagon, and located in Lincoln 
township. Here Mr Stover lived until his death ex- 
cept three years, which he spent at Mt Morris, 111. 


Farmer ; Ger Bap. C : Franklin, Minnie, Lanah, 
Anna, Katie, Ralph, John. 

V. Franklin W Stover, born near Mt Morris, Ogle 
county, 111, April 29, 1862 ; m Isabella K Burt at 
Brisbane, Ont, Nov 26, 1890. P O Valverde, Cal. 
Mr Stover early in life showed a disposition for books 
and learning and later became a successful bookkeeper 
and stenographer. He served with several prominent 
firms in Chicago for a number of years, and then, on 
account of ill health, gave up that occupation and re- 
moved to Riverside county, Cal, where he purchased 
a farm and is now engaged in fruit growing. Ger 
Bap. C : (VI) Earl B Stover, born Oct 14, 1891 ; 
Donald Wilbur, b Jan 6, 1895 ; Viola B, born Dec 6, 

V. Minnie M Stover, b in Ogle co, 111, Feb 1, 1864 ; 
m Junius B Spurgeon Jan 6, 1887. P O Adel, la. 
Farmer ; Ger Bap. C : (VI) Raymond S Spurgeon, 
born Jan 5, 1888. (VI) Olive A Spurgeon, b Dec 13, 
1889 ; d Aug 23, 1890. (VI) Harvey A Spurgeon, 
b Feb 27, 1892. (VI) Sarah E Spurgeon, b April 8, 

V. Lanah Stover, b in Ogle co, 111, March 6, 1866 ; 
married Ira S Walker Oct 6, 1886. P O Linden, la. 
Ger Bap. C : (VI) Albert Clarence Walker, b 1887 ; 
Lillie May, born 1889. 

V. Anna Stover, b in Ogle co Nov 22, 1868 ; m S M 
Reister Feb 9, 1893. P O Panther, la. Farmer ; 
Ger Bap. 

V. Kate Stover, born at Maryland, Ogle co, June 3, 
1870 ; m Amos F Reiste Jan 2, 1890. P O Panther. 
Farmer ; Ger Bap. C : (VI) Oliver Stover Reiste, 
bom March 5, 1891 ; Edgar Wolf, b Feb 21, 1892 ; 
Clarence Glenn, born Jan 5, 1894 ; Bessie Byrl, born 
August 2, 1895. 


V. Ralph D Stover, born Feb 16, 1878. P O Mary- 
land, 111. 

V. John H Stover, born March 15, 1880. 

IV. Henry Stover, b in Washington co, Md, Oct 31, 
1837 ; m Sarah Fridley Nov 1861. Shed Oct 24, 1893. 
R 21 Lane Place, Chicago, 111. Retired farmer; 
Ger Bap. C : (V) Levi Stover, born Sept 14, 1862 ; 
d Dec 26, 1862. (V) Ida M Stover, b Dec 22, 1863 ; 
m Martin Maloney. P O Dixon, 111. (V) Laura A 
Stover, b Oct 20, 1866 ; m Frank Bartlett. R 6525 
Langley ave, Chicago 111. No issue. (V) Martha 
Stover, b Oct 5, 1868 ; m Joseph Kline. P O Free- 
port, 111. (V) Flora Stover, b June 23, 1872. P O 
Lanark, 111. Single. (V) Grace Stover, born at 
Mt Morris, 111, October 17, 1873 ; m Edwin C Frank 
June 7, 1893. P O Lanark, 111. No issue. 

IV. Martha L Stover, born in Washington co, Md, 
Nov 28, 1839 ; m David Plum Dec 31, 1863. He 
was born in Franklin co, Pa, May 8, 1837, and went 
to Illinois in 1857. P O Maryland, 111. Farmer ; 
Ger Bap. C : (V) John D Plum, born Dec 5, 1876 ; 
William P, b Feb 17, 1878 ; Samuel S, b Apr 11, 1880. 

III. Hannah Stover, m Shufey. No issue. 

III. Jacob P Stover, born in Franklin co, Pa, July 9, 
1800 ; d at Shady Grove, Pa, July 8, 1886 (buried at 
the Antitum Ger Bap ch in Franklin co) ; m Elizabeth 
Emmert, of Washington co, Md, Nov 10, 1825. She 
was b Sept 20, 1805 ; d Feb 5, 1874. She was a dau 
of John and Nancy (Emery) Emmert and grand- 
daughter of pioneer Leonard Emmert. Her grand- 
mother was a daughter of pioneer John Metzger. Mr 
Stover's father purchased a farm for him near Green- 
castle, Pa, on which he moved after marriage, where 
he lived 55 years, and where all his family of twelve 
children were born. He died at the residence of his 

Rev. Wilbur Stover. 
(See page 348.) 


daughter, Nancy E Stover, at Shady Grove, Pa, with- 
in three miles of the old homestead settled and built 
by his grandfather, William Stover, in 1754. Farmer; 
Ger Bap. C : David, Emanuel, John, Nancy, Susan, 
Jacob, Daniel, Elizabeth, Sarah, Margaret, James, 

IV. David E Stover, b in Washington co, Md, Aug 7, 
1826 ; died Feb 25, 1884 ; m Kate G Funk June 5, 
1851. R Nevada City, Cal. Mr Stover was in partner- 
ship with Alex J McClure, of Chambersburg, Pa. 
He owned and edited the " Franklin Repository," 
and afterward built the Caledonia Springs Hotel. 
During the War of the Rebellion he served in the 
signal service department, and surviving the service 
he moved with his family to Nevada City, Cal, where 
he died. Mrs S, Ger Bap. C : Annie, Arabella. 

V. Annie B Stover, b May 27, 1852 ; married F A 
Gourley, of Gibsonville, Cal. R 443 Golden Gate 
ave, San Francisco. C : (VI) Veda Belle Gourley, 
b Jan 19, 1883 ; Roy Stover, b Dec 7, 1889. 

V. Arabella M Stover, b at Hagerstown, Md, Feb 22, 
1862. P O Nevada City, Cal. S. 

IV. Emanuel Stover, b Apr 7, 1828 ; d Apr 24, 1890 ; 
111 Sarah T Moffett January 1, 1856. She was b in 
Carroll co, 111, May 25, 1837. Farmer and manu- 
facturer. In early manhood he removed to Carroll co, 
111. He lived a number of years at Lanark, where 
he took an active part in politics and was twice sent 
to the State Legislature. He also served in the War 
of the Rebellion, and was an active member of the 
Disciple Church. C: (V) Carriessa Stover, b Sept 6, 
1858 ; d Apr 10, 1863. (V) Robert M Stover, b in 
Carroll co, 111, Mar 16, 1861 ; mj Edith Hall June 8, 
1893. R 1926 Euclid ave, Cleveland, O. Life in- 
surance agent ; Disciples. No issue (1898). (V) John 


P Stover, born June 19, 1864 ; d October 24, 1865. 
(V) Frank G Stover, born at Lanark, Carroll co, 111, 
Dec 3, 1867 ; married Anna Drapier, of Indianapolis, 
Dec 29, 1893. P O Rockford, 111. Dentist. 

IV. John E Stover, b April 19, 1830 ; d April 1891 ; 
m Ann Winger. P O Pleasanton, Cal. He went to 
California in the gold excitement of 1849 and en- 
gaged in mining for some time, and afterward in 
merchandise in Pleasanton, where he died. C : Mrs 
Louis Reyburn, Frank, Bessie. 

IV. Nancy E Stover, b Aug 21, 1832 ; m William 

IV. Susan Stover, d aged 26 years. Ger Bap. S. 

IV. Rev Jacob A Stover, b Apr 7, 1837 ; d Apr 27, 
1875 ; m Mary C Eesher Oct 7, 1862. Mr Stover 
served as second lieutenant in the 59th Regt, Pa Inf, 
during the Civil War. Serving his term of enlistment 
he returned home and afterward volunteered for 
another term, serving as Quartermaster until the close 
of the war. He afterward entered the ministry of the 
German Baptist Church, preached ten years and then 
died with lockjaw from a cut made with a small prun- 
ing knife. C : Edgar, Wilbur, Allen, Hue, Samuel, 

V. Edgar L Stover, b Aug 7, 1864 ; d Feb 12, 1865. 
V. Rev Wilbur B Stover, born in Franklin co, Pa, 

May 5, 1866 ; m Mary Emmert June 1893. Both 
graduates of Mt Morris, (111), Ger Bap College. Mr 
Stover's father died when he was but 12 years old. 
He had three younger brothers in whom he was in- 
terested, while he worked his own way through 
college. He served as janitor the first year at Mt 
Morris, (111) College and during vacation sold views, 
realizing enough to complete his course, attaining the 
title of A B. He joined the Ger Bap Br Church dur- 


ing his first year at school, and was early elected to 
the ministry. Entering upon his work in deep earnest 
he soon rose to be prominent among home missions 
and with his wife were the first to respond to the call 
as missionaries to India in 1893, where he selected his 
own field of labor, learned to speak and write their 
Jugerti language and at the end of the third year, with 
the assistance of Miss Bertha Ryan, in connection with 
church work, established an orphanage and school 
with a church membership steadily increasing. 
R Bulsar, India. C : (VI) John Emmert Stover, b at 
Bulsar, India. 

V. Allen J Stover, b in Franklin co, Pa, Feb 25, 1868; 
m Pearl Montague. P O Orosi, Lulare co, Cal. 

V. Hue M Stover, b near Greencastle, Franklin co, 
Pa, April 22, 1870 ; m Anna E Keefer Dec 22, 1892. 
P O Waynesboro, Pa. Clerk ; Ger Bap. Children : 
(VI) Vernon Keefer Stover, born Jan 8, 1895 > Ruth 
Euphemia, b Oct 15, 1897. 

V. Samuel L Stover, born Jan 29, 1873 ; m Isabella 
Darroch, of Campbelltown, Scotland. R 1557 North 
Hamlin ave, Chicago. Photographer and salesman ; 
Ger Bap. C : (VI) Katharine Luna Stover, b Mar 10, 
1895 ; Caroline Violet, b Dec 15, 1897. 

V. Infant sou (d), b Jan 16, 1875. 

IV. Daniel Carl Stover, b at Greencastle, Pa, May 9, 
1839 ; m Mary Clara Porter. Early in Mr Stover's 
boyhood he gave evidence of inventive ingenuity. 
He well remembers a conversation between his father 
and Rev David Long, when he was yet quite a boy. 
His father stated to Mr Long " that he feared Dan 
would never amount to anything ; he is not satisfied 
to work like others, but is all the time trying to im- 
prove or find some easier way of doing the work. It 
is a pity he was not born in my time, for then there 


was use for this disposition, but now everything is 
invented that can be of any use, so there is nothing 
further to be done." Mr Long quite agreed with his 
father and that settled it, for he thought they knew 
it all. But his disposition to invent was like Caesar's 
ghost, it would not down, and from that day to this 
his happiest moments are when he is inventing some- 
thing new. If the old adage, " He that causes two 
blades of grass to grow where but one grew formerly 
is a public benefactor, ' ' is true, then Mr Stover has 
his reward. 

When about 20 years of age he went to California, 
where he remained about two years. Returning home 
he went to northern Illinois and located at Freeport, 
where he has since been engaged in manufacturing 
wind engines and farm machinery, and can now boast 
of having the largest wind mill manufactory in the 
world. He also manufactures the noted " Phoenix 
Bicycle," one of the six leading standard wheels of 
the United States. In 1886 he served as Alderman of 
the City of Freeport, and is now president of the 
Henny Buggy Works, and also president of the State 
Bank of Freeport. P O Freeport, 111. Mrs S, Bap- 
tist. C : (V) Clara Stover, born April 30, 1871 ; 
d May 5, 1871. (V) Mary Porter Stover, b May 8, 
1873 ; m Frank S Winger. 

IV. Barbara Elizabeth Stover, b October 26, 1841 ; 
d in Central America by drowning April 14, 1891 ; 
m Elam B Winger April 1864. He was b in Lancas- 
ter county, Pa. R 532 Kenwood Terrace, Chicago. 
Manufacturer of wind engines, etc ; Baptist. C : 
Oswald, Frank, Minnie (d), Harry, Clarence, Charles. 

V. Oswald Emmert Winger, born at Clay Lick, 
Franklin co, Pa, Feb 19, 1862. He graduated from 
the Freeport (111) High School in 1879 and from the 


Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute in 1886. He is a 
member of the Rensellaer of Engineers, of Troy, N Y, 
and of the Western Society of Engineers, of Chicago. 
He has been in the employ of the Illinois Steel Com- 
pany since August 1889 as constructing engineer. 
Baptist. Single. 

V. Frank Stover Winger, b at Clay Lick, Pa, Jan 24, 
1865 ; m May Porter Stover. P O Freeport, 111. 
Bookkeeper ; Bap. C : (VI) Clare Stover Winger, 
born Jan 18, 1891 ; Stover, b May 23, 1893. 

V. Harry Elam Winger, born in 1868 ; m Minnie 
Smith. R 76th st, near Cole's ave, Chicago. Bap. 
No issue. 

V. Clarence Atlee Winger, born 187 1 ; m Anna 
Johnson. P O Windsor Park, 111. C : Dorothy. 

V. Charles Winger, born 1878 ; died in 1881. 

IV. Sarah Catharine Stover, b in Franklin co, Pa, 
May 12, 1844 ; m Andrew J Spauogle Jan 22, 1874. 
He d January 14, 1892. C : (V) Herman Emmert 
Spauogle, b May 9, 1876. (V) Marshall Spauogle, 
born Dec 7, 1877. He was killed May 3, 1892, by a 
runaway team while plowing near Lexington, Neb. 
(V) Clyde Spanogle, b May 10, 1880. 

Sarah Catharine m second husband Benjamin 
J Fulton May 12, 1897. R I2I 8 N 12th st, Phila. 

IV. Margaret Stover, b in Franklin co-, Pa, July 27, 
1846 ; m Victor Middlekauff in 1865. He was b at 
Hagerstown, Md, June 12, 1839. P O Sterling, Kan. 
Farmer ; Meth. C : (V) Denton Middlekauff, born 
in Franklin co, Pa, July 27, 1866. (V) Lulu Middle- 
kauff, b in Franklin co Aug 26, 1868 ; m Ira Romig. 
Farmer. C : Ila, Kazel, Maud, Robert. (V) Cora 
Middlekauff, born Sept 15, 1870 ; m Charles Brown. 
(V) Mamie Middlekauff, b April 22, 1873 ; d 1877. 


(V) Stover Middlekauff, b May i, 1875. (V) Albert 
Middlekauff, b May 24, 1877. (V) Clarence Middle- 
kauff, b Dec 23, 18S0. (V) Ola Middlekauff, born 
Feb 22, 1882. (V) Roy Middlekauff, b Oct 18, 1887. 
IV. J Mitchell Stover, b April 29, 1847 ; m Anna 
Reichard Sept 13, 1876. She d Dec r, 1897. At the 
age of 17 Mr Stover managed the home farm near 
Greencastle, Pa, for his brother Jacob, while the latter 
served in the army and at 19 taught school. He 
afterward engaged with his brother Jacob in the 
nursery business, which led to the planting of a large 
peach orchard of 5000 trees at Edgemont, Md, on the 
west slope of the South Mountain. The success of 
this orchard led to the planting of over 1,000,000 
peach trees in western Maryland and southern Penn- 
sylvania, bringing wealth and prosperity to many 
families and land owners and advancing the standing 
and morality of the people along the slopes, where 
the land had formerly been considered almost worth- 
less for farming purposes. In 1896 he moved to 
Fruitdale, Ala, a promising fruit section, where he 
now resides. 

Here a promising colony of Northern people, 
principally of the German Baptist Brethren, have 
established a seminary, college and church, which 
center is attracting home seekers, who are in search 
of a mild and healthful climate, from many of the 
Northern and Western States. All the members of 
his family and himself have adopted the faith of their 
great ancestor, Bishop William Stover. P O Fruit- 
dale, Ala. C : (V) Cora E Stover, b Aug 24, 1877 ; 
Jacob Price, b Oct 4, 1878 ; Julia May, b Mar 1880; 
Anna Lois, b Oct 5, 1883 ; Florence, b Feb 10, 1885. 
IV. Samuel Stover, b June 19, 1849 ; d Feb n, 1849. 
III. Catharine Stover, died young. 


III. David Stover, died in early manhood. He had 
a dream that he would die in four years, which came 
true. Ger Bap. 

III. Daniel Stover, m Prudence Funk. C: Susanna, 
Elizabeth, Henry, Daniel. 

VI. Susanna F Stover, b Jan 18, 1836 ; d Oct 25, 
i860; m William R Kreps Nov 6, 1851. He was 
born in Washington co, Md, Feb 8, 1828. Merchant ; 
Ger Bap. C : James, William, Daniel, Barbara. 

V. James B Kreps, b at Waynesboro, Pa, Sept 23, 
1852 ; married Cora E Bell Dec 24, 1874. P O Cono- 
cocheague, Md. Farmer ; L,uth. C : (VI) Stover 
E Kreps, b Nov 27, 1876. Bookkeeper ; L,uth. S. 
(VI) Olive Bell Kreps, born Feb 3, 1877. Euth. S. 
(VI) Emma C Kreps, b Feb 27, 1878. (VI) Marie E 
Kreps, born Dec 25, 1880. (VI) Paul Kreps, born 
February 7, 1881. 

V. William Henry Kreps, b June 25, 1854 ; m Emma 
C Bell. P O L/eitersburg, Md. 

V. Daniel S Kreps, b Oct 17, 1856. Single. 

V. Barbara Catharine Kreps, born May 25, 1859 ; 
m Emmett Hastings. P O Avilla, Mo. 

IV. Elizabeth Stover, m John Adams (d). 
IV. Henry Stover, m . 

IV. Daniel Stover, m Eevy Bell (d). Daniel married 
second wife . C : Clyde, Bruce. 

III. Samuel Stover, m Walgimute. Children : 

(VI) John Stover. Single. (IV) Susan Stover, m 


II. Susanna Stover, m George Gish. Moved to 
Botetourt co, Va, where they lived iu 1804. 


II. Esther Stover, married Daniel Feester. Lived 
in Summerset co, Pa, in 1801. 


II. Catharine Stover, m John Gish. They lived 
in Botetourt co, Va, where she died prior to 1801. 
C : Catharine, Anna. 


II. Barbara Stover, m Britz. Moved to 

Botetourt co, Va. 


Daniel Carl Stover. 
(See page 349.) 


The eighth clause of the will of Ralph Stover 
Fretz, bequeathing $20,000 to United States " towards 
extinguishing the National Debt : " 

" Eight : Considering that I have been greatly blessed, 
and that I have an undying attachment to the Government of the 
United States, the Country of my birth, and remembering that 
by reason of my age and infirmities during the recent unnatural 
rebellion to destroy it, I was unable to render service in the 
field to put down and punish that great crime, and being not 
unmindful that a huge public burthen of indebtedness has been 
necessarily incurred in accomplishing that object, I desire not 
only to leave behind me when lam gone an humble testimonial 
of the gratitude I feel towards those whose virtues and valor 
and sacrifices and services preserved what I regard as the best 
Government man was ever permitted to have, but beyond that 
and in addition to paying the ordinary taxes on my estate. I 
think it a duty out of the means Providence in His Bounty 
has enabled me to acquire and the Laws of my Country aided 
me to preserve, to do something towards extinguishing the 
National Debt ; Therefore, moved thereto by the foregoing 
causes only, I hereby give and bequeath unto the Secretary of 
the Treasury of the United States <f America, in trust and to 
be applied only towards cancelling the National Debt, the 
sum of Twenty Thousand Dollars.'" 

Dated San Francisco, May 1, 1867. 



Christian Stauffer, Solford 

Ulric StauflFer, Palatine September 27, 1727 

Vincent Stouffer, " August 24, 1728 

John Casper Stover, Palatine September 11, 1728 

Jacob Stauffer, 
Daniel Stauffer, 
Jacob Stauffer, 
Christoph Stauffer, 
Johannes Stauffer, 

August 11, 1832 

September 21, 1732 

" 2i, 1732 

24, 1737 

24, 1734 

Martin Stouver, Foreigner " 21, 1742 

Christian Stauffer, " December 22, 1744 

Christian Stauffer, Palatine September 9, 1749 

Heinrich Stauffer,* " " 9, 1749 

Christian Stauffer, Foreigner " 19, 1749 

Ulrich Stauffer " 29, 1752 

Daniel Stauffer November 23, 1770 

Michael Stauffer October 16, 1772 

John Casper Stover 1734-35 

* Pioneer Henry Stauffer, of Bedminster twp, Bucks co, Pa. 



Page 229, read John Keim Stauffer, son of Abner K Stauffer, 
enlisted in and was First Lieutenant of Com- 
pany G, 9th Pa Vol Inf (Colonel Dougherty 
commanding), United States Army, 3rd Brigade, 
3rd Division of 1st Army Corps, commanded by 
Major-General John R Brooke, now Military 
Governor of Cuba. He contracted typhoid 
fever in the service at Camp Thomas, Chicka- 
mauga, August, 1898, and was removed to 
Medico-Chirurgical Hospital, Phila, from which 
institution he was discharged Oct 1, 1898, after a 
very serious illness. He received honorable 
discharge from United States service Dec 1898 
under date of Nov io, 1898. 


Page 52, read Kate Rosenberger, b 1864, not 1865. 
53, " Annie Rosenberger, d 1883, not 1882. 
98, " Ira Stover Myers. He graduated, not she. 

124, " Jacob Fretz, b 1811 ; d 1897. 

195. " (9 tn line) 1685, not 1865. 

287, " Sketch by J M Stover, of Fruitdale, Ala. 

319, " Oscar W Good, not M. 

329, " IV. Prudence Stover, not VI. 

329, " Clara EmmaWingert, b July 24, 1868 ; d Feb 7, 
1869, not 1890. 

329, " V. Ida M Wingert, b Feb 19, 1870 ; m C M 
Leiter December 4, 1890. P O Ringgold, Ind. 
River Br. C: (VI) Laban W Leiter, born 
Sept 10, 1891. (VI) Edna E Leiter, b Dec 7, 
1S94. (VI) J Oram Leiter, b Feb 19, 1S97. 





i Barbara Stover .... 

. mrd Abraham Stover . . . 



3 Anna Stover 

. . Henry Kratz 


4 Laura Johnson. . . 

. . Stover S Detweiler . 


5 Elizabeth Fretz . . . 

. . Eli Stover 

• 132 


. . Henry Stauffer .... 

• 131 

8 Anna S Stover . . . . 

. . Philip K Fretz . . . 

. 112 

9 Eliza Stover . . 

. . Ralph Stover .... 

. 106 

io Eleanor M Stover . . 

. . S Horace Myers . . . 


ir Mary G Stover . . . 

. . Eugene Keyser . . . 


12 Annie Stover . . . . 

. . Albert Stover .... 


13 Anna Stauffer . . . . 

. . Abraham Stover . . . 

. 46 

. 46 

. . EH Stover 


16 Ann Stover 

. . Jacob K Stover . . . 

• 153 

17 Catharine Stauffer . . 

. . Jacob Stover 

• 54 

18 Catharine G Stover . 

. . Harvey Zearfoss . . . 

. 186 

19 Mary Ida Stauffer . . 

. . Abram B Stauffer . . 

• 247 

20 Esther Stauffer . . . 

. . Abraham Stauffer . . 

. 160 

. . John B Stauffer . . . 

• 279 

22 Elizabeth Stauffer . . 

. . Samuel Stauffer . . . 

. 266 






Henry Stauffer, 

mrd Barbara Hockman. . 17 


Ulrich Stover, 

" Barbara Swartz . . . 



Mary Stover, 

" William Fretz . . . 



Henry Stover, 

" Catharine Stout . . 



Jacob Stover, 

" Zuck and Stout . . . 



Joseph Stover, 

" Susanna Kuder . . . 



Henry Stover, 

" Elizabeth Fretz . . . 



Abraham Stover, 

" Susanna Stover . . . 



Catharine Stover, 

" Henry Stover . . 



Barbara Stover, 

' ' Samuel Detweiler . . 



Elizabeth Stover, 

" Daniel Rosenberger 

• 5o 


Jacob Stover, 

" Swartz and Stover 



Elizabeth Stover, 

" Philip Kratz, Jr . 



Henry S Stover, 

' ' Barbara Stout . . 



Mathias Stover, 

" Annie Clemens . . 



Nancy Stover, 

" David Worman . . 



Jacob Stover, 

" Sarah Treichler . 



Catharine Stover, 

" Henry Funk . . . 



Jonas Stover, 

" Anna Kratz . . . 



Samuel Stover, 

" AnnaBeidler . . . 



Isaac Stover, 

" Elizabeth Wismer . 



Ralph Stover, 

" Catharine Funk . . 



Abraham F Stover, 

" Rachel Fretz . . . 



Mary Stover, 

" Christian Fretz . . 



Elizabeth Stover, 

" Philip Fretz . . . 



Ann Stover, 

" John Arndt . . . 



William Stover, 

" Julia A Weaver . . 



David Stauffer, 




David Stauffer, 

" Lydia Driselin . . 



Anna Stauffer, 

" Fretz and Stover . 



Henry Stauffer, 

" Catharine Stover . 



Susanna Stauffer, 

" Abraham Stauffer . 

• 134 


Joseph Stauffer, 

" Rachel Mills . . . 



Abraham Stauffer, 

" Barbara Stover . . 

• 135 


Daniel Stover, 

• 137 


Daniel Stover, 

" Mary Moyer . . . 

• 137 


John W Stover, 

" Anna Nicholas . . 

• 137 


Abraham Stover, 

" Hannah Nicholas . 

• J39 


Mary Stover, 

" David Wismer . . 

• 139 


Catharine Stover, 

" Scott Barnes . . . 

. 140 




II Henry Stover, mrd 
II Jacob Stover, 

III Jacob Stover, 

III Samuel Stover, 

I William Stover, 

I Christian Stauffer, 

II Barbara Stauffer, 

I Christian Stauffer, 

II Christian Stauffer, 
III Yellis Stauffer, 
III John Ulrich Stauffer, 
III Mathias Stauffer, 

II John Ulrich Stauffer, 
III Garret Stauffer, 
III Jinna Stauffer, 
III Dorothy Stauffer, 

II Henry Stauffer, 
III George Stover, 
III Joseph Stover, 
III Jacob Stover, 

I Daniel Stauffer, 

II Johannes Stauffer, 
III Amelia Stauffer, 
III Elizabeth Stauffer, 
III Jacob Stauffer, 
III Daniel Stauffer, 
III Henry Stauffer, 

I William Stover (Stauffer) 

II Dr George Stover, 

III John Stover, 
III Elizabeth Stover, 
III Mary Stover, 
III Daniel Stover, 
III George Stover, 
III Catharine Stover, 
III Hannah Stover, 

III Abraham Stover, 
III Anna Stover, 
III Rebecca Stover, 
III Sarah Stover, 

III Joel Stover, 

II William Stover, 
II Margaret Stover, 
II Michael Stover, 

III Jacob Stover, 
III Susanna Stover, 

III Elizabeth Stover, 

III Michael Stover, 


Catharine Eefever 
Martha J Rank 

Elizabeth Meyer 
Jacob Hockman . 


Joanna Harley 
Anna Clemens 

Margaret Kolb 
Henry Roosen 
Mathias Moyer 
Alice Godshall 

Barbara Oberholtzer 
Sarah J Shilling 

Kinget Heistand 
Gerhart Clemens 
Paul Friedt . . . 
Barbara . 

Shaeffer . . 

Price and Beaver 
Catharine Snyder 
Jacob Neff . . . 
David Noffsinger 
Susan Funk . . 
Anna Rader . . 
Robert Luny . . 

Mitchell . . 

Amy Rader . . . 
Hugh Lawson 

Mitchell . 

John Perfater . 

Christina Miller 
Adam Brittz . . 

Hess .... 

Mary Ann Taylor 
Rev John Royer 
Christian Good 











Christian Stover, mrd John Huber . . . 


David Stover, ' 

' Mary Hill 


Mary Stover, • 

' David Stahl . . . . 


Rebecca Stover, ' 

■ Sheller 


Sarah Stover, ' 

' Jacob Good 


Nancy Stover, ' 

' Joash Horn 


Rev Daniel Stover, ' 

' Barbara Benedict . . 


John Stover, ' 

' Mary Deardorff . . . 


William Stover, ' 

' Nancy Gerhart . . . 


Daniel Stover, ' 

' Nancy Holsinger . . 


Susan Stover, 

' Samuel Hess . . . . 


Elizabeth Stover, ' 

' Abraham Deardorf . 


Polly Stover, ' 

' Rev David Bock. . . 


Jacob Stover, ' 

' Mary Royer 


Emanuel Stover, 

' Susan Price .... 


Susan Stover, ' 

' John Funk 


John Stover, 

' Mollie Deardorf . . . 


Jacob P Stover, 

' Elizabeth Emmert . 


Daniel Stover, ' 

' Prudence Funk . . . 


Samuel Stover, 

' Walgimute . . 






Gen. Page 

5 Arudt Cyrus 126 

4 Cyrus 125 

5 Emily 128 

4 Jacob 126 

5 John 128 

4 John 128 

5 Lizzie 1 28 

4 Rev Ralph .... 126 

6 Austin Altia R . . , . 122 

6 Neva E 122 

6 Beidler Gertrude L . . 63 

6 Henry J 86 

5 Irene 63 

5 Lewis H 63 

5 Minerva 63 

5 Christman Alice E . . 89 

5 A Pierce 89 

5 Emma O 89 

5 Detweiler Jane .... 61 

5 Clementine .... 62 

5 Farren John A . . . . 123 

5 Fretz Aaron 23 

5 Amanda C . . . . 86 

5 Annie 43 

4 Annie 125 

4 Barbara 26 

5 Caroline 45 

5 Catharine 23 

4 Catharine . . . 31, 124 

4 Cordelia 126 

5 Charles A 116 

4 Christian A . . . . 123 

5 Edwin 24 

5 Elizabeth .... 23, 42 

5 Elizabeth 125 

5 Hannah 44 

4 Hannah 125 

5 Harvey 86 

5 Henry H . . . . 26 

Gen. page 

5 Fretz Isaiah 25 

4 Jacob 30, 124 

5 Jemima 42 

4 John 112 

5 J olm S 43, 122 

4 Joseph 23 

4 Magdalena .... 125 

4 Margaret 31 

5 Mary 25, 43 

5 Mary C 116 

4 Philip K 112 

5 Philip II 122 

4 Rachel 126 

4 Ralph S 112 

5 Salome 44 

4 Sarah A 126 

4 Susan 125 

5 Violetta .... 44 

4 Violetta 125 

5 William 24 

5 Fell Henry ] 26 

4 Funk Annie 93 

5 Anna H 94 

4 Benjamin F . . . . 94 

4 Catharine A . . . . 95 

4 Clementine S . . . . 95 

5 David L 94 

4 George W . . . . 95 

5 Gertrude 97 

5 Henry S 94 

4 Lewis H 95 

5 Gehman David S . . . 50 

5 Mary 50 

5 Stover S 50 

5 Susan 50 

5 Haldeman Harvey R. . 51 

5 Isaiah R 51 

5 Heed Charles E . . . . 124 

5 Joseph B 124 




Gen. Page 

5 Heed William S ... 124 

5 Heinen Catharine E . . 93 

5 Henry J 93 

5 Thomas C . . . . 94 

5 William A 94 

5 Jones Asa 83 

5 John L, Jr . . . . 84 

5 Keyser Charles E . . . . 125 

5 Harry T 125 

5 Kratz Aaron 57 

5 Alonzo P 67 

4 Anna 61 

5 Dr Annetta .... 70 

5 Catharine 71 

5 Dr Edwin A . . . 64 

5 Emma 56 

5 Fernando 71 

5 Dr Harvey .... 56 

4 Henry 63 

5 Henry S 70 

4 Jacob S 55 

4 John 56 

5 Jonrdan H . . . . 71 
5 Laura 56 

4 Leah 71 

5 Lewis 57 

5 Margaret 55 

5 Mary K 57 

5 Oliver 58 

5 Owen 57 

5 Philip 58 

4 Rachel 58 

5 Reed 57 

5 Reuben S 71 

5 Sarah 56 

4 Susanna 62 

5 William Henry . . 56 

5 Long Barbara 79 

5 Harriet 79 

5 Henry William . . 76 

5 Dr Isaac S . . . . 76 

5 Jennie 77 

5 Meyers Aaron F . . . . 29 

5 Anna 28 

5 Catharine 28 

5 Elizabeth 26 

5 Joseph F 29 

5 Lydia A 30 

5 Margaret 27 

5 Mary 27 

5 Sarah 30 

Gen. page 

5 Meyers Susan .... 30 

5 William F . . . . 28 

5 Myers Albert M . . . . 61 

5 Ann E 58 

5 Benjamin F . . . . 58 

5 Emeline 59 

5 Erwin C 60 

5 Hannah C . . . . 60 

5 Hugh E 98 

5 Ira S 98 

5 John K 61 

5 Mathias S 60 

5 Samuel H 98 

5 William H H . . . . 59 
5 Nicholas Mary A . .49 

5 Newton S 49 

5 Oliver S 49 

5 Salome 49 

5 Stover 49 

5 Sophia S 49 

6 Pratt Anna I 63 

6 Helen M 63 

6 Louisa I 63 

5 Rittenhouse Charles J . 97 

5 Edward F . . . . 97 

5 Rosenberger Amanda . 50 

5 Amos D 50 

4 Catharine 51 

5 Charles H . . . . 53 

4 Henry S 52 

4 Joseph 50 

4 Leah 51 

5 Minerva 53 

5 Titus D 50 

5 Scarlborough Henry W 99 

5 Schleifer Amanda ... 34 

5 Lizzie 34 

5 Mary A 33 

6 Shepherd Dr Irenaeus . 78 
6 Florence S . . . . 79 

6 Jennie M 79 

5 Shive Frank S . . . . 41 

5 Hannah 40 

5 Jacob S 41 

5 Jonas S 40 

5 Milton H S . . . . 40 

5 Strawn Rev Abel ... 31 

5 Elizabeth 31 

1 Stauffer Henry .... 17 

5 Stover Aaron 3S 

5 Abel A .... . 36 



Gen. Pa S e 

4 Stover Abraham S . . 3 8 
3 Abraham 46 

5 Abraham Z . . . . 47 

3 Abraham F . . . . 105 

5 Abson 47 

5 Adelaide 109 

4 Albert 9 2 

5 Albert F no 

4 Albert F no 

5 Alice 4 1 

5 Alonzo 88 

5 Amanda 47 

5 Anna M 3 2 

4 Anna . ... 34, 40, 50 

5 Annie M 3° 

5 Annie 47, no 

4 Anna S 79 

4 Annie K 96 

4 Annie M 99 

3 Ann 126 

5 Annie E 129 

4 Barbara 32 

3 Barbara 50 

5 Catharine 33 

5 Catharine H . . . . 34 

4 Catharine 

34, 41, 42, 49, 82, 86, 


3 Catharine .... 50, 93 

4 Charles no 

5 Cecelia 48 

5 Clara 42 

5 Clara S 47 

4 Clara 9 2 

5 Clara A 96 

5 Clara M 129 

5 Clayton Z 47 

4 Clemens 87 

5 Cyrus 35 

4 David S 48 

5 Ella M 96 

5 Ella S 109 

5 Ellevina 36 

5 Eleanor M . . . . 82 

5 Elizabeth ... 41, 47 

3 Elizabeth . . 50, 55, 123 

4 Eliza 80 

4 Eliza B 98 

5 Eliza B 109 

5 Emaline 33 

5 Emeline B . . . . 35 





4 Stover Emeline . 

5 Emma .... 
Emma .... 
Emma L . . . 
Ephraim G . 
Evan .... 
Frances E . 
Fredericka A , 
George C . 
Hannah . 
Harvey K 
Harvey O . 

Henry 31, 

Henry . . .35, 82, 

Henry 46 

Henry L 46 

Henry C .... 48, 81 

Helen 99 

Hugh C 8i 

Ida 4S 

Isaac 32, 81 

Dr Isaac F . . . . 82 

Isaac 98 

Isaac N 100 

Isaac J 128 

Jacob K 33 



Jacob A 99 





John Z 
John S 
John H 

Jonas 95 

Jonas 4 1 

Jordan H S5 

Joseph 34 

Joseph 4 2 

Leah S7 

Lewis 91 

Louis C 82 

Louisa S 87 

Lydia 50 

Maggie 4 r 

Mahlon G . . . . 49 

Mary 23, no 

Mary 37 

Mary B 82 

Mary A 85 



Gen. Page 

4 Stover Mary C . . . . 100 

5 Mary G 108 

3 Mathias 85 

5 Matilda Si 

3 Nancy 88 

4 Oliver G . . . . 99 
4 Owen 91 

2 Ralph 101 

4 Ralph 106 

4 Reuben 35 

4 Reuben K . . . . 96 

5 Reuben F . . . . 38 
5 R Chester .... 109 

5 Robert C 108 

4 Rudolph us 129 

4 Salome 50 

4 Salome M . . . . 76 

4 Samuel S 40 

5 Samuel S2 

3 Samuel 97 

5 Sarah 34 

5 Sophia K 129 

4 Stout 35 

4 Susanna .... 33, 86 

5 Susan ...... 88 

4 Susan 91 

Gen. page 

5 Stover Taylor G . . . 48 

5 Titus 88 

2 Ulrich 20 

5 Warren H . . . . 99 

5 Dr William H . . 32 

3 William 128 

5 William W . . . . 129 

5 Zeno A 36 

5 Zeno 47 

6 Troemner Clara L . . . 109 
6 Florence M . . . . 109 
5 Walton Cordelia . . . 125 

5 Eugene 126 

5 Hugh E 126 

5 Weydemeyer Annie L . 86 

5 Jonas 86 

4 Worman Hannah ... 89 

5 John A 89 

5 Jordan H 89 

4 Lewis 89 

4 Stover 89 

5 Yost Elizabeth .... 87 

5 Emma 87 

5 Leah 87 

5 Mary A 87 

5 Reuben S7 


Gen. Page [ Gen. 

5 Frantz Rachel .... 134 

6 Hess Charles T . . . . 13S 

6 Cora 138 

6 Erwin P 138 

5 Riegel Clara 136 

5 Ella 135 

5 Ida 136 

5 John S 136 

5 Laura 136 

3 Stauffer Abraham ... 135 

3 Anna 131 

1 Daniel 137 

1 David 130 

2 David, Jr 130 

3 Henry 131 

3 Joseph 134 

3 Susanna 134 

4 Stover Aaron H . . . . 138 

4 Abel 134 

3 Abraham 139 

5 Alice 134 

4 Stover Annie . . 

5 Anna A . . . . 
5 Catharine . . . 

4 Catharine . . . 

3 Catharine . . . 

5 Carrie .... 
5 Rev Charles B 
5 Clinton .... 

4 Cyrus .... 

2 Daniel .... 

3 Daniel .... 

4 Eli 

5 Elizabeth E J . 
5 Elizabeth . . . 

4 Emma J . . . 

5 Francis .... 

4 Franklin . . . 

5 George W . . 
5 Harvey . . . 

4 Henry .... 

5 Henry C . . . 







3 66 


Gen. Page 

2 Stover Henry 140 

3 Henry 140 

5 Irene M 134 

4 Isaac . 135 

2 Jacob 140 

3 Jacob 140 

4 Jacob L 140 

4 James M 134 

5 J Addison ..... 138 

3 John W 137 

5 John W 138 

5 Jordan F 132 

4 Joseph 131 

4 Josiah 132 

4 Josiah N 139 

5 Laura 134, 139 

4 Lydia 135 

5 Mary A 131 

5 Mary 135 

Gen. Page 

3 Stover Mary 139 

5 Minerva 132 

5 Newberry 134 

5 Newton F . . . . 132 

4 Samuel 132 

3 Samuel 140 

5 Stella 139 

5 Silas G 132 

3 Susan 139 

4 William 135 

1 William 141 

4 Wismer Aaron S . . . 139 

5 Annie E 140 

5 George 140 

4 John 140 

5 John S 139 

5 Joseph 139 

4 Levi 140 

5 Margaret 140 


Gen. Page 

3 Hockman Abraham . . 144 

3 Barbara 144 

3 Christian 144 

3 Elizabeth 144 

Gen. Page 

3 Hockman Jacob . . . 144 

3 Mary A 144 

2 Stauffer Barbara . . . 144 
1 Christian 143 


Gen. Page 

5 Frederick Abraham . . 160 

5 Ann 160 

5 Benjamin .... 160 

5 Hannah 160 

5 Jacob 160 

5 Rachel 160 

5 Freed Hannah .... 153 

5 John 153 

5 Rachel 153 

5 Godshall Ann 167 

5 Catharine . . . . 168 

5 Elizabeth . . . . 167 

5 Jacob S 167 

5 Jesse S 167 

5 Mary 168 

5 Mathias 167 

5 Susanna - . . . . 167 

7 Harley Amanda . . . 153 

7 AliceS 155 

7 Catharine .... 155 

7 Charlotte 155 

Gen. Page 

7 Harley Ella S . ... 154 

7 Elmira 154 

7 Joanne S 153 

5 Hackman Barbara ... 183 

5 Benjamin 184 

5 Catharine 184 

5 Henry S 183 

5 John S 183 

5 Jonas 184 

5 Sarah 183 

5 Susanna . . . . •. 183 

5 Rieff Eliza 165 

5 George S 164 

5 Mary A 165 

5 Mathias 165 

4 Stauffer Abraham . 160, 165 

5 Abraham 161 

5 Abraham K . . . . 175 

2 Annalee 149 

5 Anna 152, 174 

5 Ann 160 



Gen. Page j 

5 Stauffer Cathaiine . . . 152 ' 

4 Catharine. 152, 165, 1701 

1 Christian 145 

2 Christian 149 

4 Christian 153 

4 Dielman 170 

5 Dillman K . . . . 175 

3 Dorothy 177 

5 Elizabeth . . .150, 160 

4 Elizabeth . . .156, 164 

5 Esther 162 

3 Garret 169 

5 Garret K 171 

4 Hannah 160 

5 Hannah . 162, 170, 174 
5 Henry 162 

4 Henry 162 

2 Henry 179 

5 Jacob 150 

5 Jacob K 171 

3 Jacob 190 

5 Jesse 171 

5 Jemima 162 

3 J inna J 77 

3 John Ulrich .... 149 

4 John 150 

5 John . 152, 160, 171, 174 

2 John Ulrich . . . . 169 

4 John K 171 

3 Joseph 179 

5 Mary. . . 152, 162, 170 

4 Mary 153, 167 

5 Margaret 170 

2 Mathias 149 

3 Mathias 164 

5 Owen 160 

5 Rachel 150 

4 Rachel 163 

4 Rudolph 159 

4 Sarah 163 

4 Susanna 168 

3 Yellis 149 

5 Stover Aaron 166 

5 Abraham 166 

5 Abraham D . . . . 181 

5 Abraham G . . . . 185 

5 Adam R 1S7 

5 Ann 165 

5 Anna 166 

5 Barbara D . . . . 182 

5 Barbara 188 

Gen. Page 

5 Stover Catharine D . . 182 

5 Catharine G . . . 185 

5 Charles . . . .166, 189 

4 Christian 165 

5 David 189 

5 Eli 165 

5 Eliza . 166 

5 Elizabeth D. . . . 181 

5 Ephraim G . . . . 185 

3 George 179 

5 Hannah 156 

4 Henry O 179 

4 Henry 190 

5 Isaac D 180 

5 Jacob D 179 

4 Jacob O 185 

5 Rev Jacob C . . . 190 
5 Jacob K 153 

5 J ohn 179 

5 John C 191 

4 Joseph O 184 

5 Joseph G 185 

5 Joseph .... 1S8, 191 

4 Lydia 185 

5 Mary . . . 165, 166, 188 

5 Mary D 181 

5 Mary C .. . ... 191 

5 Margaret 186 

5 Mathias 166 

4 Peter O 186 

5 Peter 189 

5 Philip R 190 

5 Sarah 182 

4 Susanna 183 

5 Susanna G . ... 185 
5 William C . . . . 191 

5 Titlow Abraham . . . 159 

6 Annie M 156 

6 David 156 

5 Elizabeth . . . . 156 

6 Emma C 157 

5 Hannah 157 

6 Jerome 156 

5 John 156 

5 Rachel 156 

6 Sarah 156 

5 Whisler Catharine . . 153 

5 Elizabeth 152 

5 Hannah 152 

5 Isaac 152 

5 Jacob 152 

3 68 


Gen. Page 

5 Whisler John 152 

5 Yocutn Isaac S . . . . 186 
5 John 186 


5 Yocum Joseph 

5 Mary . . . 

1 86 


Gen. Page 

4 Stanffer Abraham . 242, 275 

5 Abraham G . . . . 260 

3 Amelia 196 

5 Ann 242 

4 Christian 241 

1 Daniel 195 

3 Daniel 260 

4 Daniel M . • . . . . 260 

3 Elizabeth 196 

5 Elizabeth 283 

5 Esther 241, 258 

4 Henry 197 

5 Henry 275 

3 Henry 283 

Gen. Page 

3 Stauffer Jacob 1 97 

5 Jacob 

198, 249, 258, 267, 283 

2 Johonnes 195 

5 Rev John 233 

5 John . . . 242, 245, 275 

4 John 258, 283 

5 Magdalena .... 275 

5 Maria 242, 283 

5 Mary 242 

5 Polly 242 

5 Sarah 258 

5 Susanna .... 241, 248 


Gen. Page 

5 Bachtel Isaiah L, . . . 323 

5 I/ucilla M . . . . 323 

4 Bock Barbara 336 

4 Daniel 336 

4 Mary 336 

4 Samuel 336 

3 Brittz Henry 312 

James 312 

3 John 312 

5 Cooper Agnes 312 

4 George G 311 

4 Deardorf Abraham 


Daniel 335 

5 Eliza D 335 

5 Hannah 335 

4 Henry 335 

4 Jacob 335 

5 Jacob 335 

5 John H 335 

4 Joseph 336 

5 Mary A 335 

5 , Mary 336 

5 Friedly Andrew .... 333 

5 Emma 333 

5 Harry 333 

5 Lydia A 333 

5 Mary C 333 


5 Fahrney Dr Daniel P 

5 Funk Annie 

5 Christian 

5 Jacob J 

4 Dr Samuel . . . . 

5 Good Aaron B . . . . 

5 Allen M 

5 Anson S 

5 Christian W . . . 

4 Christiana . . . . 

4 Rev Daniel F . . . 

4 David M 

5 Rev Harry A . . . 

4 Henry S 

5 Jacob F 

4 Jacob S 

5 John W 

5 Mary E 

5 Oscar W 

4 Sarah 

5 Harrison George N . . 

5 Mary 

5 Sarah F 

5 Socrates N . . . . 

5 Hartman Malinda . . . 

5 Mary E 

5 Sallie R 







3' 7 



3 6 9 

Gen. Page 

5 Hartman Susanna M. . 322 

5 Willie R 322 

5 Heayd Barbara . . . . 313 

5 Sarah E 313 

5 Hess Albert T 334 

4 Catharine 334 

4 Daniel W 334 

4 Elizabeth 334 

5 Florence M . . . . 334 
4 Mary 334 

4 Susan 334 

5 Huff Isabella J . . . . 301 

5 Oren G 301 

5 Theodore A . . . . 301 

5 Johnson Ella 310 

5 Emily 310 

5 John H 310 

5 Mary 310 

5 Ora 310 

5 Kreps Barbara C . . . . 353 

5 Daniel S . . . . 353 

5 James B 353 

5 William H . . . . 353 

5 Middlekauff Cora . . . 351 

5 Denton 351 

5 Lulu 351 

S^Miller Ann 340 

5 Charles H 341 

5 Daniel S 340 

5 George W . . . .341 

5 Pefley Frank .... 306 

5 Louis 306 

5 Moses 306 

5 Price Annie M . . . . 329 

5 Benjamin 329 

5 Harvey S 329 

5 Ida P 329 

5 J Stover 329 

5 Myrtle 329 

5 Sudie ...... 329 

5 Robinson Lovina A . . 299 

5 Melancthon S . . 299 

5 Royer Alice M .... 315 

5 Alice 330 

4 Anna .... 314, 331 

5 Annie E 315 

4 Catharine . . . 314, 331 

5 Catharine 330 

4 Rev Christian . . . 330 

5 Christian 330 

4 Daniel 329 

Gen. Page 

4 Royer David 331 

5 David 330 

5 Edgar 331 

4 Elizabeth . . . 314, 330 

5 Elam N 331 

5 George A 330 

5 Henry Z 315 

4 Hannah 315 

4 Jacob 314, 331 

5 Jacob 315, 330 

4 J olin 330 

4 Mary 314, 329 

4 Susan 314 

4 Sarah 314 

5 Susan 314 

5 Spanogle Herman . . 351 
5 Marshall 351 

4 Stover Abraham . . 298, 310 

3 Abraham 310 

5 Alberta 309 

5 Allen J 349 

5 Alverna B . . . . 324 

5 Andrew J . . . . 302 

4 Andrew S . . . . 332 

5 Angelo D . . . . 322 
5 Anna. 308, 311, 328, 345 

3 Anna 311 

5 Annie 323, 347 

5 Arabella M . . . . 347 

2 Barbara 354 

4 Barbara . . . .333, 350 

4 Benjamin F . . . . 309 

5 Rev Berty 308 

5 Calista 298 

5 Caroline 305 

4 Catharine 

305, 309. 327, 343 

3 Catharine. 311. 315, 329 

5 Charles ...... 291 

3 Christina 321 

4 Christian 327 

4 Christiana .... 324 

5 Clara S 324 

4 Daniel 

308, 322, 331, 337, 344 
349, 353 

3 Daniel . .301, 333. 353 

5 Daniel 323, 340 

2 Rev Daniel .... 326 

5 Rev Daniel E . . . 326 

4 David 300, 347 



Gen. Page 

3 Stover David . . .321, 353 

5 David E 327 

5 Elizabeth 299 

4 Elizabeth 

299, 311, 32S 353 

3 Elizabeth 

301, 317. 334, 339 

5 Eliza F 308 

5 Ella M 309 

5 Ellen E 3 2 3 

2 Emanuel 338 

4 Emanuel . . . 3^3, 347 

5 Emma 298, 328 

5 Emmert 332 

2 Esther 354 

5 Eva M 299 

5 Franklin W . . . . 345 

5 Frank 298, 348 

5 George 293, 307,310, 323 

2 Dr George .... 289 

4 George . . 292, 307, 331 

3 George 301 

5 Gilbert H 303 

5 Grace 346 

4 Hannah. . 299, 306, 313 

3 Hannah 311 

5 Harvey C . . . . 324 
5 Harriet 291 

4 Henry .... 300, 346 

5 Hervey K . . . . 322 

5 Hue M 349 

5 Ida 327, 346 

5 Inez E 309 

4 Tacob 293, 334 

3 Jacob 313. 336 

3 Jacob P 346 

2 Jacob 337 

4 Rev Jacob A . . . 348 

5 Jacob P 352 

5 James . . 299, 307, 308 

3 Joel . . 312 

5 Josephine .... 298 

4 Joseph 302 

3 John . . . 290, 326. 339 

5 John 

291, 293, 299, 309, 322 
326, 327, 328 

4 John 

292, 309, 326, 337, 348 

4 J Mitchell .... 352 

5 l,aura A . . . 322, 346 

Gen. Page 

5 Stover Lanah 345 

5 Lemuel 327 

5 Lillie M 327 

4 Lydia 333 

4 Margaret .351, 309, 331 

2 Margaret ... .312 

5 Maria 291 

5 Mary . 292, 293, 327, 350 

4 Mary 

3°o, 306, 311, 328, 334 

3 Ma T 3 OI » 324 

4 Malinda 323 

4 Martha .... 324, 346 

5 Martha 346 

4 Mathias 290 

2 Michael 313 

3 Michael 321 

5 Minnie .... 307, 345 

4 Milton D 324 

5 Minta 327 

5 Moll y> 327 

5 Naomi A 299 

3 Nancy 325 

4 Nancy E 348 

5 Peter L . . . . 293 

3 Polly .... 334, 339 

4 Prudence 329 

5 Ralph D 346 

3 Rebecca 325 

5 Robert M 347 

4 Samuel 

307. 327. 332, 339 

5 Samuel . . 308, 332, 349 

4 • Sarah . . . 306, 328, 351 

5 Sarah 323, 327 

3 Sarah 325 

5 Sidney T 298 

4 Simeon 314 

4 Susan .327, 333, 340 353 

3 Susan 334, 339 

2 Susanna 354 

3 Susanna 314 

4 Susanna 321 

5 Tennie C 324 

5 T Frank 328 

5 Ulysses G 32S 

5 Urban C . . . . 308 

5 Rev Wilbur B . . 348 

5 William 

292, 294, 327, 332 



Gen. Page 

i Stover Rev William . . 287 

4 William 

300, 313. 332, 333 

2 William 312 

3 William 331 

5 Wagner Amanda . . . 341 

5 Clay E 342 

5 David F 342 

5 Ernest 342 

5 John A 341 

4 Welty Amy 316 

5 Benjamin 329 

Qen. Page 

4 Welty Christian . . . . 317 

4 Polly 317 

4 Henry 316 

5 Ida 320 

5 Winger Clarence A . . 351 

5 Frank S 351 

5 Oswald 350 

5 Wingert Annie . . 329, 333 

5 Clara E 329 

5 Ida M 329 

5 J Stover 329