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Full text of "A genealogical record of the descendants of Andrew Newbaker of Hardwick township, Warren county, N. J. : together with historical and biographical sketches and illustrated with portraits and other illustrations"

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(;i:\]:al()(;ical mxoiu) 

OF Tiu: i)i:sci:ni)ANTs of 
ANDllKW M:Wl]AKi:ii 



N. J. 

toctEThkk wh'h historical and bio. 
cikaphical sketches and illus- 



in:v. A. J. fim:t/ 

:\iii/r()N, N. .1. 



Nttcoiifr, N J. 

C ^1 

. 1\ -^ ^^ 



I' i; F. 1- \i ]■:, 

It liJis bfeii .'i ;,ML'!it iilfjisiuc t<i tlic .■uithur <>i 
this work f(jr a iiuinlici- of vciirs jjiist to collect 
together ami publisli in liooU tOriii for permanent 
preservation, tjenealoj^ies nf liis ancestry throii^'h 
various lines of descent from ])ioneer ancestors, as 
well as those of other families not lelated to him. 
In tiie ))resent instance, though not connected in 
any way hy the ties of blood, he was happily im- 
pressed with the idea of ci)mpilin<.> and pul)lishing 
this work from a long aiid intimate acijuaintance 
from boyhood with meml)ers of the family, some of 
whom were his schoolmates, and one of his early 
teachers in the public school is a mendier of the 
family, and the fact that he made his home with 
members of tlif family fur some years, and from 
which associations In- has many hapi>y and tender 

One of the chief objects, however, ot thi> work, 
as all genealogies are. is to |)re.serve from oblivion 
the more remote history of the pioneer ancestor. 
Andrew Newbaker, and his immediate descenchmt.s 
from fatlu-r to son <lown to tin- jiresent generatii>n 
of the family, for the ln-netit of future generations. 

The study of (Jeiiealogy i.-, both interesting an<l 
of great value. Its efTei-ts ought to be beneficial 
in maintaining the honor and integrity uf a family 
extending throU'_,di .i long line of progenitois wlnsr 


iueiiu)iy shmild he cherished with lny;il devotion to 
endless day, jind whose virtnes are wortljy of em- 

It IS commendable to be familiar with one's 
family history, and eminently proper to pnt it on 
record in convenient form for the benefit of future 
ereuerations Such records will be of incalculable 
value to fifenerations yet unbt)rii, and will l)e hi<:fh- 
ly prized by them These <>^enealog'ical trees will 
become heirlooms in the family, and volumen will 
be sought for and placed in public libraries. In 
the family, too, they will wield an inliuence, as the 
lives of unselfish devotion to God, conscience and 
family, of the forefathers, are recounted, to keep 
unsullied the family name. 


Milton, N, J., .March, 1908. 

am)Rp:\v n;:\vhakkk ho.mkstkad 

liardwick Township, Wurrfn County, Nt-w Jeney 



X — 





Tin: xi:wi'>AKi:r. family 

OF II.\lvM)\VIC'K, N. .1. 

I. Aiulrew Nt'wlnikt'r, pioneer and piij<>eniti>r of 
tbe Newluiker fiiniily of New Jersey, wns born in 
Gerniiiny or Holluiul in 17r>;». Tlie il.ite of his emi- 
;,'ialion to America is not known, hut evidently was 
some time prior to about IT'.H). A l)rotlier by the 
name of John came with liiiu, aiul h)Cated some- 
where in Pennsylvania. 

A Ciennan or Dutch Bible was brought alon-,' 
fioiii the futlierland, and was in the posHession of 
the late Charles H. N<'\\ baker, which may have con- 
tained some old family records, but the liible has 
^oiH' astray aiid cannot be found. 

Andrew Newbaker settled in Harilwick township, 
\\ uiren county, N. -I , about thret; miles west of tin- 
villai^H of Stillwater, on the farm later drvi><'d to 
hiM soil, Charles H Newliaker, and now owneil aiiil 
<iccupieil by Alonzo Hill. The present residence IH 
a iiii'th'rn structure erecleii by the present owner. 
There are conveyances of record to Andrew New. 
I'aktr for lands in Hardwick township in the years 
iMid — lh;{(l; (irantors, Amo.s 0;,,'den and Samuel Lan- 
niiij,' He was posse!»se<l of coiisiih'rable property, 
and presented each of liis children with a farm. 

He was mnrried in March, 17H2, to Mary Ann 
KishprtU;;)!. Sh»' wa>^ of Holland Dutch descent, ami 


was lioiii .Junucuy 1'5, 1771; died NtAcmlur 27, lh."J). 
Later in life they removed U> a t'jinu near Blairs- 
tdwii, now owned \)\ Williaui Hill, where they livetl 
until their dcatii. he dyinj^- August 11). IS-il They 
were members of the Iveformed churcli al Stillwater, 
of which the Rev. Jaeob Seun was jiasti'j-, the name 
of Andrew Ni-whaker l)einy[ in a li.-t of eluuch nienj- 
bers in I7'.l|. After the breakin*,^ up uf the Ueforiijcd 
church at Stillwater they evidently united with tiic 
Presbyterian church. Their tombstones at Stillwater 
bear the folh'winj^- insc-riptions: 


A N 1) 1{ J-: W N E W 13 A K E U 


AUGUST 1<), 1S41 

Ag'ed S2 Years 

'Blessed aie the dead which die in the Lord." 

IN me:\1()K\ of 





Afj^ed 7'.l years, io months, 14 days 

■'1 have fou<.>-ht a good tight. 1 iiave finished 

my course, I have kept the faith." 

Letters of administration were granted Se]>teiu- 
l)er 7, 1S41, to ^lary Ann Newbaker and Charles 
H. N<wl)aker. 

Tlu- following chihlren were born to them, viz: 
Elizabetii, I'Msey, Lydin, Jacob, Anna, Sarah, I'lKcbe, 
Catharine. Charles. 

l»i:sci:m)an IS oi- i;ij/ai'.i;i h nf.whakki;. 

JJArCrllTKU OF ANDhl.W M;\\|;\KF,I; 


(I. Fli/:il.. ill Ncu l.akcr, I) NnxniilKT 17, 17;(;_' 
tl^ l«(J'.. Ill Wiiiiiiiii Tet-l .Miiy 2K, IS 1 2 Hi! was li 
17!)*. (I |,S(;,(. He WHS H fumicT. aiul lived near 
Blairstowii ,,11 the farai ii.uv nwiu'.i h)m1 M,-,..|,,j,.,i |,v 
Cluirles J.,iie.s. WiUiuui T.d was a hir-f .nan plivr,". 
inilK, ai.oiit SIX led tall. an. I wei^'liii.^r tH,,,,,; f;,, 
p.niHls. IVeriM tfiiaii. C. Ciiuiles, Eh/alietli. Sarali 

III. Cliailes Haiii|):..ii Tetl. I, Is]}, ,} i8:,i», m 
Marv Maiicle She wa.-, I, April _(). IMF .1 Apii! 
-1. I^:>L' Fariiur m \\ anci. .•,>iii,ty. \. ,J. Pie.^hv. 
tfiiaii (', Fli/al»«-tii. NaiicN. .Saiali 

IV. Elizabeth T,-('l. i. .Iiiiy lU, IS.w;. ,1 April 4 
l«8l). Ill (ieolgc (jr Depu.-. H.- was I. F.l.. -JS 1H2:) 
«l Dur. I. lH!((i. Fanner. Mis. D.pue, MetL(,(li.>l Epis- 
copal. U, Charles, Aiiiiie. Feter, Mai.v. Conlelia. 

V. Charles H Depue, I. .Jan 2F Isru;. m Su-lJa 
J. Luiuly F () Newton. N .1 . IJ F 1) X,, F Farnu 
MetllMillr,t Kpisc,,pal. No i^.^,ue 

V. Anni.. .1. |).p„., I, F.l, 7. ].S.-,s, „. K.lwar.l 
ili..iiip.-,..n. .1 lies 21 ;{ Mam St., Madisnn, N .1 

V. iVter H. Oep le, l> Fel. I. FSCii, „, Ell/a. 
l.eth Op.likiv I' () Siimiiiu. N .) 

V. Mary E Depiie, I, March 2 ». ISIir, ,,1 .1 W 
Carter. IM) ('h.itlia:ii Center. N I 

V. C.Klelia Depiie, .1 

IV._ Nijiiey Tee), |. ( ).-t.,l,er 21. Ih.'JS. ,1 0.-l..i.ei 
' F^liT. in Daniel F l{iiselt..n, Jaiiiiarv 27. Fs.-.'.r 
He wa> I. October r>, l,s:{;». [{^.^ iirooklvn. ' N Y. 
FaniHt Freshyteriaii C Ammi, William " 

V, Anna Eli/alietli Hiiseit..n, li at JJelvi.lere N 
.) . Aiinl 22. IKCJ. ,„ (huu'Tv T. Frail. 
H'. ISSl. I' l),.|awaie. N .F Wli..|esji!e inerrhanl 
"f s.e.U. .^aiHJ. hay. etc Christian Scienee. 
C. \|. Mary M Frail. I, .laiiimiy '.1. IHJIO 

\. William S Hii.selfoii. I> at Centerville. War- 
ren county. N .) . .lannary 14 1S(;4. m LiUuin Smith 
Avers, .JiuM- 14. l.sss. !{,,., t:;j l{rtinl)n.lj,'e street. 


Brooklvii, N. Y. Wholesale commission merchant. 
Presbyterian. C, VI. Agnes Bell Huseltoii, b March 
25, 1889; Will Wesley Hnselton, b Feb. 2(), 181)1: 
Hiirold Milton Hnselton, !> May K), 18;)r). d May 
II, 18'.)7. 

iV. Sai'ah K. Teel, b May G. 1844, m Andrew 
N. Suover. ( See Andrew N. Snover family.) 

III. EHzabeth Teel, b about 18-_'(>, d 183i), m Jo- 
seph Gardner Angle- in 18S8. He was b July 21, 
1S14, d Deceinl)er '_'!), 181)(;. Fanner. Tresbytenan. 
C, William. 

IV. WilUam Teel Angle, b March !(>, 18:V.I,^d 
September 1, I'.M);'), m Samantha Kern, May 21, IH^A). 
Farmer, Merchant and Life Insurance. Methoilist 
Episcopal. C, Elizabeth. Frances, Kachel, William 
Emma, Carrie, Joseph. 

V. Elizabeth Evaliiie Angle, b March ]:>, 18(;(), 
m Isaac Gibbs, d, 

V. Frances A.nnal)elle Angle, b March (i, 18U2, 
m By ram C. Edgerton, November 8, 1881, Res 1 Al- 
den'st.. West Orange, N. J. Employed in Edison 
Phog. Methodist Episcopal. C, Yerner. Paymoud, 

VI. Yerner Eli Edgcrtoii, b at Plairstown, N. •)., 
Scpteuiber 22, 1882, m Kitty Neary, June 27. i;iU4, 
Pes :U 4th St., Newark, N. 0. MUk dealer. C, 
VII. Verner Edgerton. d. 

VI. Paymond Angle Edgerton, b.luly •_', 18M). 
VI,* Madison Edgerton, b August 2."), l'.»n:{. 

V Ibuhel AdaUne Angle, b February 25), 18154, A. Keene, December 24, 1S'.I2. P O New- 
ton. N. J. Nurservnuui. Methodist Episcopal. C, 
VI. Infant son. d "March 12. PH>(». 

V William Kern Angle. 1) June 2G, 18<)(), m Mary 
Loui^.'i Ky.-i>oi,. December 2.-), ISS-.l. Hes CSS Pres- 

* .S.iii .ii Diivi.l l-Jml.', ului Wiis l>orn .Iiiir" :t. IT'.i:;. ami died 
DwcinlK'i- '.1. IsCC. (iiamlsuii of I'niil Kii.i^li-. who was l)orii in 
(ii-nniHiv ill .M>ril. IT-VJ. »'=iin.' to .\inorica when a yoiiiiH man, 
ami clicil .M:iy 2S, ISdS. .Manii-tl Catliaiiii." Milt-s. boni .Maivh Ji>. 
I75:i, (licil ,>-;fi"'t. 111. lW-J!t. Naini-' oiiaiifii'tl from Knylf to .\uii\v in ls:i(i. 

RKV. T. n. (tiNDIl 

n KS( ' K N I ) A N TS () 1 • K LS K Y A N N' N K W B A K I-: U •.• 

idcnt St . Br.M.klyii. N. Y. Priiit.-r. KpiH. 
i-upjil. C, Dorothy Xewtoii, (inlopteil «lHn;,'ljtt'i), h 
Jniie 1J», IS'K). 

V. Kiuina Dfll Aii<,'U'. h DecoiiihtT ."), iHJiH, m 
Henrv E. Sto.ldart, Murcli ."», IS'.tO, Hes .")(» \Vel,. 
ster street, Newiirk, N.J. Pjiinter iiiitl woocj worker. 
Mfthoaist Episcopal. C, VI. Norinaii H. Stoddjirt. I> 
June l."», il Sfptc'inhtM- 7, IMC;; Miuv Sto.hlarf, 
1) April 1(», IS'.t'.t. 

V. Carrie Leola A)ii,'lf, l> April C. LsT.'). m Mad. 

isoii M. Loiiff, Febnmrv liL>, \H\)1, Res H;2 Albany 

Aye.. Brooklyn, N. Y. Composit-.r. Methodist Episco- 

l)al. C. VI. Edwin M. Lon^r, i, Jjinnary •_».".. ISDS, 

d Fel)ruary IS, Isilb. 

V. Josei)h Walton An^'le. I. October ItJ, 1HT7 
d .Inly *), l'.Mt;{. S. 

III. Sarah Ann Teel, 1> d 

ni Cljarle.s Kelsey, 1 c, d? No is.siie. 


l)Ar(;HTi:K of ANDKKW M:\ViiAKEH. 

II. Elsey Ann Niwbaker, b Fel>nniry 'J(i, I TUo, 
d January U, iMo'J. in Thonnxs H. Hankinson.: Dec- 
ember ".», 18|;i. He was b February IC, IT'.U. , I Ar.- 
^'ust "JT. ls<;s. Tlujuias H. Hankin.son was born in 
what is now Stillwater township, then Hardwu'k. 
After marriu^'e he liyed oa a far/u near Wintennute's 
foundry, aboye Mi<ldleyille, for some yeai-s. when he 
remoyed to a farm in Hardwick township, about 'A 
mih-s west of Marksbon.. This fann was. at that 
time, owned by his father-in-law, Andrew Newbaker, 
after death it was allott«-d to his dau;,,'hter, 
Elsey ( Newbaker ) Hankinson. They liyeil therefor 
many years, and there Elsey died. After her ileath 
her husband, Thomas M. HankiuHon, oontuiued to livi. 
there for H«ime years, until he married hi- nd 

•Soil <if .liiniii* liiinkiiLHiMi, wIiom* wifo wns a Iliiio 
ij'niiidiioii of Williiini llatikinNon. 


wife, a widow Swartswekler, when be reniovetl to 
Jacksouburf>, where he lived retired to the time of 
his death. They were members of the Presbyterian 
church, the wife. Else}' Ann, being one of the 13 
original members of the Presbyterian church of Still- 
water when it was organized in IS:57. C, Andrew, 
Elizabeth, Sarah, Catharine, ^lary, Elijah, Lanah and 

III. Andrew N. Hankinson, b November KI, IslJ:, 
d October i(), iSil, ni Huston. No issue. 

lij. Elizabeth Hankinson, b May 2G, 1817, d March 
30, LS47, m Gideon L. Kinney, March i), 1837. He 
was b July 1. 1813, d February 2(;, ISUl. Farmer, 
C, Itachel. Charles, Elsie, John, Margaret, Mary, 

IV. Kachel Kinney, b in Warren county, N. J., 
in ls37, d in Mom-oe county. Pa,, December, 1887, 
m John Primrose in 1S()1, He was b in Sussex coun- 
ty, N. J., in 1828, d in Monroe county, Pa., in 1S93. 
Farmer. Methodist E]uscopal. C, Charles, George, 
Gideon, Joseph, Abbie, Lydia. 

V. Charles K. Primrose, b in ilonioe county. Pa., 
in 1,S(>3, m Alice Moshier in 1887. PO East Strouds- 
burg. Pa, Farmer. Attend Methodist Episcopal church, 
C, VI. Earl Primrose, b 1888. 

V. George E. Primrose, b and d 18(15. 

V, Gideon L. Primrose, b 18(j8, m Margaret Smith. 
1' () East Stroudsburg, Pa, 

V. Joseph H. Primrose, 1) and d 187(1; Alil>ie 
Primrose, b and d 1872; Lydia D. Primrose, b 1^74, 
d 1S8(). 

JV. Charles F. Kinney, b at Blairttown, N. J., 
December 18, 1838, m Catharine Schoont)ver of Bnsli- 
kill, Pa., July 4, l,s(i8. P O East Stroudsburg. Pa, Mil- 
ler. Baptist. C, Ira, Eugene, Samuel, William, Lizzie, 

V. Ira L. Kiiincv. !> Julv I'.i, bSCit, m Mary 
Raul. She d December 20, lOOtJ. P O Portland, Pa. 
School teacher. Baptist. C, 
VI, Florence Kinney, Harold ('. Kinney. 


V. Kiij,'('iM? Kinnov. li .Inly 4, InTI. m Liiln An- 
;,'lc, JiiiM' I'J, ISU."). V () Kiist^'. I'li. 
Miller. Baptist. C, \i, \i iii;i Kinney. 

V. SiimiU'l (^ KiiiiK-y, i> Siptcinlici- L'T, l.sT."!. rii 
Milt tie Tnuij^Mf, X..voml.(r I'J, I'.xi-J. 1' () 
Imi;,'. I'll I'olislier iiinl pljitcr. Jiiiptist. C, 
VI. ('liiirlf.s C. Kinney, Lesley Kinney. 

V. William .V. Kinney, I) St-pteniljer I'J, 1S7.'), ui 
Maml C. Phu-e, April 'id. 1 •.•(»:?. l{,.s Scranton. Pa. 
Hoilci' maker. 

V. Lizzie May Kinney, b Deoeini)er I'J, ISS4. I' 
() Hast Stroiidshnr^', l^a Sfliool teacher. J5apfist. S. 

IV. Elsie A. Kinney, I) .Tannary 27. ls4(», m Elias 
Snovcr. Xoveniber 1*2. isOii. He djaniuiry IT, ll»(»:{. 
Farmer. Methodist EpiscDjial. C, Marshall. Mary, 

y. ^Lu>hall H. Snover. h December I'J. IMm. 
m May Bird P O 0','densi)iu-. X. J. 

y, Marv A. Snover. h AM<,'iist ]'.), l.sCi.'!, d Jnlv 
2. 1871. 

y. Rosa B Snover, i> Feluiiary J.!, isdT; m My. 
ron Christian, De<-end>er 17, Iss") 1' () Vails, X. J. 
Farmer. Methodist Episc(.|)al. C. \|. Elias S. Cliris. 
tian. I) Xoveniher U, l^•^|■p: Floyd M. Christian, i> 
Aiuil ."{, IHUl; Clarence A. Cliristiaii. 1> D.cemWer 

10. ls!t:>. 

iV. .lohii S. Kinney. 1> Alienist S, isM, d.liil\ 
I'.t. 1S4J, 

iV, Mar^'aret Kinney. I) in Warren county. N. .J.. 
May 4, l^l.'S, m .Vdam Transuf in 1S(>.">. PO ('u. 
liindiia. N. 1 I'tiin.f Lntlu'ran. ( '. Kinney nii.i, 

y. Kinney (1. Transiie. 1) Xovemher '•. lN<i7, m 
Stella Mosier" in Is'.M. P () Coliunbia. X. •!. Far. 
iiier. Methodist Episcopal. C. V|. (iracf .V^ne^^ Ti an- 
sae, b SeptembtM- '1>\, IH'.fJ; .Vddn- Tr.insue. b .Intif 
8, 1«'.»4; (jwendoline Transiie. b Mar<h IJ. 1>'.'T. 

y. Olive 'J'ransue. b l.s7n. m .1. W .VIU n. 

1' (» Delaware Water (inp Pa Painter and Di-co. 
rattir. Presbyterian. ('. \|, Mar;,MUMile E. Allen, b 


June 20, 189G; Thelma Aller., b June 14, 1S!)7. 

V. Charles T. Trausue, b May L>r), 18 So. 1' O 
Germau Valley, N. J. Teacher. S. 

IV. Mary E. Kiuuey, b in Warren county, N. J., 
July 10, 1845, m Chester L. McClellan. March 20, 
18G(i. lies 204 4th St., Pittsburg, Pa. Cari)enter. 
United Presbyterian. C, Annie, George, James, Fan- 
nie, Mary, Chester. 

V. Annie R. McClellan. b August 2. 18(57, m 
George N. Smith. Kes Fourth street, 4oth ward, 
Pittsburg, Pa. Carj^enter. C, 

VI. Carrie Smith, Kinney L. Smith, George N. 
Smith, Jr., Henry C. Smith. 

V, George E.* McClellan, b November 24, 18GS, 
d March 27, 1874. 

V. James L. McClellan, I) Sej^tember IG, ls70, 
d :\Iarch 20, 1874. 

V. Fannie K. McClellan, b February 28, 1873, 
d November L8, I87i). 

V. Mary Elizabeth McClellan, b February 28, 187(). 
m Benjamin S. Hulme. P O Sheridanville, Pa. Trav- 
eling Salesnjan. United Presbyterian. 

V. Chei'.ter L McClellan, 'b September 2:}, 1870, 
m Bertha M. Gallaway. P O Sheridanville, Pa. Car- 
penter. United Presbyterian. C, 
VI. Mary Leota :McClellan. 

IV, TliniiKis H. Kinney, b in Hard wick township, 
Warren county, N. •!.. March 18, 1847, m Sarah 
A. Heater in 1870. She d February IC), lOOl. C, 
Ida, Lester. Thomas m I'd wife, Hattie Bruce, in 
1002. P O East Stroudsl)urg, Pa. Laborer. Baptist. 

y. Ida Kinney, b July 14, 1872, m James S. 
Lynch, Fcbi-uary 0, 1887. P O East Stroudsbnrg, 
Pa. Carpentei-. Baptist C, 

Vi. Lester Bard Lynch, b .lanuary '_'(). 1888, d April 
20, 1802; Irvin T. Lynch, b September 8, 1800, d 
March 22, 1801; Olive Hester Lynch, b March 4, 
180.S; Alfi-ed James Lynch, b August li, 180"). 

y. Lester Kinnev, 1) June 2i{, 1884, m Laura F. 
Edinger, August 2!>,*10(i(;. FO Belleville, 111. Glass 
Bkiwei-. Mrs. Kinney, Methodist Episcopal. 


D KS( ' i: M ) \ N rs ( ) I ' !•: i .s k y a \ n n k w ha k i: k i :: 

III. Siiiali Aim Haiikiiisoii, 1) luui- Middlcvilli', 
N. .)., Fcbnijirv i;{. L^'Jit. m Isniic It. Knuklc, Sep- 
tember IH. 1H4.S. He wiis rt Hdii (»f Joljii li. mill 
Marv (Heinl) Koiiklc. luid was l> i:i Hardwick town. 
sliip, Siissrx (•(iiiiity, (imw Want'ii eoiinty ), N. .]., 
June «i, IM'J, (in liis jr.aiulfiitlifi's farm, alxnit tlireo 
miles northwest of Marksboro, now owned in- Clark 
Hill. Ho lived all Ins life in Hardwick, within a 
few miles from where he was born. He coMinH-nced 
honsekeepin^' on his father's farm, whieh was a part 
of his jifrandfather's farm. He lived there about two 
years, when he moved to Konkle's Corner, on a i)rop- 
erty now owned by Alnaham K. Wintermute. where 
he lived for thirteen years, dnrin;,' which time he 
worked at his trade as a carijenter, having previously 
served an apprenticeship with Sdas Casterline. 

In 1<S.")S he ffave up his trade and moved on 
the farm of his father-in-law, Thomas H. Hatdiinson, 
and took up the occupation of a farmer, where he 
remained till jHCit, when he removed to the (rar. 
ner H. Jiowers farm near Sipiires' corner, which he 
had i)urchased two years jn-evious, and where he con. 
tiuuetl farmin<,' until his death, February '.t. I'.tul. 
Christian church. C, Andrew. Martha. Mary, Irene, 

IV. Antlrew Hankiiison Konkle, 1> Au}.fust '!'>. 1^1 i, 
on a farm at that time owne«l liy his f>randfather, 
John IJ. Konkle, and within an ei},'hfli of u mile from 
where Isaac 1{. Konkle, the father of Andn \v, was 
born. The farm is now owned by Theodore Wilson, 
who married Florence Konkle, a sister of Aiulrew, 
this farm havin;.f been ni the Konkle family for one 
hundred anil forty yeai^s. 

Aiulrew attended the district school in liis nei;;h. 
borlu»od tuitil he was about fifteen years i»f ajje, 
when he enttued the IJlawstown academy, then mi- 
ller the principalship of J. Henry Johnson. He at- 
tended there diirinj^ tlie winter terms, and worketl 
at home on tiie farm in the siunmer, up to the H;^e 
of ei;^hteen, when he taui^ht school durinj,' the win- 
ter months and continued to work on the farm in 


Kumitier. At the age of L'l be took up the pro- 
fession of surveyor, doing considerable \\ork in that 
line in his neighborhood until 1(S72, when he re- 
moved to Newton, N. J., where he has made Sur- 
veying and Civil Engineering his entire work up to 
the pretjeut time, doing work throughout the whole 
of Sussex county and adjoining territory, occasion- 
ally going beyond the state lines into Pennsylvania 
and New York. 

He has been twice married. His first wife was 
Achsah A., daughter of Aaron and Mary A. (Kerr) 
Luse, \.-hom he married March 22, 18G(J. She d 
March HI, IDOl. He married as his second wife 
Mary E., daughter of John S. and Mary (Stoll) 
DePue, June 2G, 1902. P O Newton, N. J. Chris- 
tian church. No issue. 

(V. Martha Konkle, b November 3U, l^siT, d same 

IV. Mary Konkle, b November 30, lS-l-7, (twin), 
m Samuel H. Loderick, January (5, ISTO. P O !Madi- 
son, N. J. Farmer. Christian church. C, Anna, John 

V. Anna M. Loderick, b October 25, 1874, m 
Frederick K. Fredericks, July, 189!». Kes 1.") I]a;st 
Mechanic street, Newark, N. J. C, 

VI. Floyd Ellsworth Fredericks; b November 23, li)()(). 
V. John Floyd Loderick, b June 10, 188-4. Em- 
ployed in Electric Power house, Madison, N. J. S. 

IV, Irene Konkle, b in Hardwick township, N. J., 
June 21, bs")"), 111 James M. Hill, July 4. Is77. He 
d September 4, 1905. Farmer. C, Sadie, Myrtie. 
Rosa, Orin. 

V. Sadie F. Hill, I) January 29, 1878. Kts 717 
Wood street, Easton, Pa. S. 

V. Myrtie May Hill, b June 22, i879, m Eu- 
gene Shipps. P O Martins Creek, Pa. Farmer. C, 
VI. Irene Shipps, Rov Shipps. 

V. Rosa B. Plill, "b October 1 ('), 1881, m Fred 
Mattock. P O Hampton .1 unction, N. J. Cari)enter. 

V. Orin K. Hill, b December 23,1884. Res ('.21 
E street, Northwest, Washington, D. C. Construct- 
ion woiker on electric machinerv. 


IV. Fliirt'iice Koiiklc, I. DccciulHT 7, lN«i;{, lu Tln-. 
(uloif Wilson, Janimry 2<;, Iss.'i. P () IJluirstown, 
N. .1. Frtnuer Methodist Episrujml. C, 
V. Nellie Miiv Wilson, b Scpt(Mnl)tr 14. ISH"). IM) 
Blrtirstown, N. .1. Methodist Episcopal. S. 
Myrtii' In-ii.- Wilson, h April 'Ji, \H\)~. t 

III. Ciithiinni' Hankinson. !> .hiuc lo. l.s-J-J, d .Iiiiv 
8, IHx;, ni Theodore Murthis, FeWnuiry !S, 1H4L'. He 
WHS 1. March 18, IS1>|. d Novciubor lO, iHSS. Mrs. 
Marthis. l^rosltytc'rian. C, Lewis. Geor^^'e. Edwanl. 
Thomas. Mary. Martha. Theodore. Emma. 

IV. Lewis A. Marthis, I. in Sussex countv. N. 
.)., .laimary Id. 1 .s4:{. m Emma Fra/.ier. Noveml)er 
17, ISi;;.. 1' () I'ort .Jervis. N. Y.. U F D. Miller, 
later Farmer. Keformed church. No issue. 

IV. Georjre Marthis, \> .Inly -j:), 1,S45, m Mrs. 
Clara Decker, (nee Godfrey), Fel»rnarv IH. 
Kes 12 Pine street. Newark". N. J. Iteal Estate and 
Insurance A^rent. C. Geraldine. Theodore. 

V. Geraldine Marthis. !• LSM'. Kes V2 Pine street, 
"Newark. N. J. Book-keeper. 

V. Theodore Conald Marthis. K lSS4. m .\<^'nes 
Carruth, of Kearny. N. .1 . .laniuiry l>, I'JOu. lies lii 
Pine street. Newaik. N I Fireman on Central 

M U uf N. .( 

IV. Edward M. Marthis, b at Stillwater. N. J., 
.July 25. 184"). (twin), m Kmma Holler, of (rouMs. 
boro. Pa . May 1".», 1872. lies '> Hi^di street. IJinj^'ham. 
ton. N. Y. Clerk in stt)re. Luthiran. C, C<»ra. Os- 
car. Harry. Edna 

V. Cora M. Marthis. 1. Fel)ni!iiy o, 1>71. rii 
Ora Hanleii, November _'_', l,s'.)8. P () Su>.sex, N. .J. 
Coal, Feed and Lumber business. M.-thodist Epis- 
copal. C, VI. Ida Harden, b Au-^'ust 2.'>. I'.hi-J 

V. O.M-ar 11. .Mart hi-. 1, S.-ptember v. Is;.",. i,, 
Edith liifenbeij,'. 

\. Harry H. Marthis. b A|)nl 21, 1SS4. d 1S8.">. 

V. Edna Marthl.•^. 1. June 1:{. bSSC Kes Kin;». 
hamton, N. Y. Cl'-rk. Lutheran. 


IV. Thoiuas H. Martbis, b in \\'an-eu cuuuty, N. 
J., December 16, 18-47, m Sarah F. Winfield, March 
18, 1870. P O Coleville, N. J. Farmer. C, Mary. 
Josephine, Daisy. 

V. Mary L. Marthis, b September 28, 1S77, m 
Sylvester McNallv. Res 2o Norfolk street, Newark, 
N. J. 

V. Josephine Marthis, 1) November lO, lS7il, m 
Elias Cole, November 28, 19()1. Ees 11 Sussex St., 
Newton, N. J. Laster in Merriam Shoe Co. factory. 
Methodist Episcopal. 

V. Daisy :Marthis, b January 1, 1882. 

IV. Mary "\V. Marthis, b m Geor^je 
Frazier. He d November, 1873. No issue. Mary 
m second husband, William Crusen, February. 1875. 
P O Hoi)e, N. J. C, Robert. 

V. Robert S. Crnseu, P O Hope, N. J. 

IV. Martha S. Marthis, b May 10, 1853. d Sep- 
tember 23, 1886, HI David Van Blarcom in 1875. 
No issue. 

IV. Theodore C. Marthis, b in Warren county, 
N. J.. June 29, 1S58, m Lottie A. Cole, October 
3, 188i). P O Coleville, X. J. Carpenter. Baptist. 
No issue. 

IV. Emma C. Marthis, b February 3. 18(i(). m 
James' J. Van Sickle in 1877. P () Coleville, N. J. 
Farmer. C, Lewis, Fred, Alton. 

V, Lewis Van Sickle, b Februarv 7, is7i5, lu 
Maud' Avers, Februarv 7, ll)(»l. P 6 Sussex, N. J. 
C, VI. Mariou Van Sickle, b September 18, 11)03. 

V. Fred Van Sickle. 1) February S, 1S82. Res 
1S)8,S Polk street, Chicago, HI. Shipping Clerk for 
Sears, Roebuck & Co. S. 

y. Alton D. Van Sickle, b May 10, IS84. Res 
1S75 Lexington avenue. New York. Flagman N»'\v 
York Central Ry. S. 

III. Mary Hankinson, b September 7, 1824, ni 
Ira K. Wilson, October 17. 1844. He was b Sej). 
tember 4, 1822, d April 3,1858. School teacher and 
Dentist. Christian church. C, C/aroliue, l^maretta, 
Dewitt, Austin, Theodore, Louisa. 

UK.tMA.S 11. il.\.NKl.N>,U.N 

DESUEM J A N TS ( ) K K LS K Y A N N X K W P. A K K H ] T 

IV. Caroline WilH..ii, I, .July 12, l.s4.'i, m OI,«d. 
mh Allfii HimmuT, Deceinher 2(1, 1H(;7. lies 98 Mer- 
cer Htreet, N. J. II.irneHH mukt-r. Metlu 
odmt Episcopal X,, i.s.suo. 

IV. KiuiirLttft Wilson, 1, Si-ptomber 21, 1840 d 
Septrnibfr 2(f, l.s7;{, ux William Hall. Reh Wjuslu 
intfton, N. J. Engineer. Epi.scopal. (J 
Anna. ' 

V Anna Hall. 1, June 29. I.s7:{, ,u Ezra Avers. 
Res \\aslini;,'ton, N. J. 

IV. DcWitt C. Wilson, I) March 5 ls4s ,1 
March .s, I84,S. 

IV. Austin Clark Wil.son, h Auf'ust 18 1S4«» 
d'iiiher 1(», IH54. 

IV. The.HU)re ¥. Wil.son, b March !> IS")! d 
November 23, 1851. 

IV. Louisa Wilson, b July 8, IS.^,:^, ,„ MUton 
Cxreent. Ill 1S78. R^-s Hope, N. J. Farmer and Fruit 
grower. Christian church. C, Maine, Nellie, Carrie, 
Jbannie, Azannah, Bessie 

V. Maine (Ireene. b Mav 20, lh7l(. m Frank 
Loller, January S. I'.Kii. 1» 6 Hope, X. J. Farmer. 
Mrs. Loller, Christian church. (", 

VI. Milton Loller, b June 4. I'.Mil; Walter Loller 
1»_ .July ;}, 1<)();{; Harry Lolh-r, b February 2S, luooj 
Kenneth Loller, b October 27, lihiC 

V. Nellie Greene, b January 1"), 1,S82, m W. 
Raymond Richard.s, July .-{I, i'.)()2, P O Phillips^ 
l)iirj,', N. .1. I'loprietor Phillipsbur<,' Printin<> and 
Pui)lishnig Co. Methodist Episcopal. C. 
VI. Helen Richai ds. b February 12, 1 !•();{; Paul 
Richards, b Auf,nist lo. I'Mltl. 

V. Currif (heene, b March 2<5. lsK4. 

Y. Fannie (Jreene, b Manh .{, |S><.i 

V. Azannah Greene, rtwin,. b March 3 l.sHU 
d September, bs8«J. 

y. Bessie Greene, b April 2o. ISUl. 

III. Elijah Hankinson, b mar Losoy's schoolhouso, 
in Stillwater township, Sussex countv. N. J.. SepU 
ember IS, l,s27. m Mary C. Schooley. .hiu^^hter ..f 
Aaron C. Schooley, of Stillwater township, in Miiv. 


1856 She was b November 3, 1832. 

When Elijali was about two years of age the 
family removed to Hardwick township, Warren coun- 
ty on the farm afterward known as the "Home- 
stead," where his parents spent the rest of their 
lives. Here Elijah grew up, and here he lived for 
two years after his mamage. In the spring otl8o8 
he removed to the farm "over the mountain, near 
Millbrook, in Pahaquarry township, which was the 
home for fifteen years, and where the four young- 
er children were born. 

In 1873 through business reverses, it was nec- 
essary to give up the farm, and the family removed 
to Stillwater. In his young manhood Elijan had 
taught in district schools for two or three winters, 
and now, after twenty years of life as a farmer 
he was able to qualify for teaching again, and spent 
the remaining nine >ears of his life m this worJc 
By so doing he kept up the home, and enabled the 
children to fit themselves lor the same profession 

In the summer of 1881 he became ill, and though 
he began his school work again in September it was 
necessary to give it up soon after, and he returned 
home. After a painful illness his death occurred on 

March 17, US82. 

He became a member of the Stillwater Pres- 
byterian church in youth, and remained m member- 
ship all his life, the Rev. T. B. Condit. who had 
received him into membership, preaching his funeral. 

His wife survived him for more than seven years, 
her death occurring September 20, 188i), at Blairs. 
town N J., to which place the family had lately 
remo'ved. She was buried beside her husband m the 
Stillwater cemetery. She was a member of the Meth- 
odist Episcopal church. C, George, Olive, Salhe, 
Frank, Fannie. 

IV George A. V. Hankinsou, b in Hardwick 
township, Warren county, N. J., February 11 8o-. 
When one year old the family removed to Millbrook, 
in the same county, and at sixteen years of age to 
Stillwater, Sussex county. He attended the pubhc 








Hchool.s in tlioso two i)1(1('ch, and iifU'iwiird stiul ed 
under II priviito tutor. }{<• lic^'un tcncliiiig in Is?'), 
and tuu^ht in Sussex imd Wiirren counticH until ISSH, 
when he was elected principal of the public scIkjoI 
at Mountain View, Passaic county, and in 1 H[)',i be- 
came priiicii)al of the school at Little Falls. In 
lUOU he re.signed that jiosition and became e<litor 
and proprietor of the "Westlield Leader at Westlield, 
New Jersey. 

•lune "27, I Sl)4, lie married Alice A., dauf.,'hter 
of J. G. Smith, of Delaware, N. J. He is a member 
of aud an olKcer in the First Presb3-terian Church of 
Westlield. lies 4G Walnut Street, Westlield, N. J. 
No issue. 

IV. Olive Hankmsou, b March "J, iMil, m Jolm 
M. Kerr, December 24, 1S,S4. P () .Mark>:boro, N. 
J. Farmer. Presbyterian. No issue 

IV, SiiUie Hunkinsoii, b Janmiiy 17, l.SC.M, ni 
^^'alla<■e Shaw Ayres June 2o, Res I'l'.i North 
Laurel Street, Hazelton, Pa. Miniuf^f and Mechanical 
Engineer. Presi)yteriaii . No issue. 

IV. Frank Hankinson, b on the Hankinson farm, 
near Milll)rook, N J., March HI, lsG(i. When he 
was seven years of age the family removed to Still- 
water, and here his boyhood iwid early manhood 
\.'ere spent. At the age of 17 he began teaching 
in a country school near Branchville, and was after- 
wards in charge of several village schools, teaching two 
3'ears at I'lcdoii. Johnsoiisbiu'g and Jilairstown. He 
then entered the State Normal School at West Ches- 
ter, Pa., graduating from both the Nornuil coui'se and 
the Scientific course, and was later graduated from 
New York University. 

In |S".).'{ he was electeil head of tlie ilepartm«jit 
of ^Lltht mati<'s in the Pc^s' Hijjh S< 1m «l ( f Head- 
ing, Pa., aiid was afterwards made Vice-Principal 

of the school. Here he remained for ten veam, 
and here. June L'S, J'.Xmi. he married Malnl Z , daugh- 
ter i>f K. S. Lichtenthaeler. 

While living in Heading be wan elected super- 
intendent of the First Presbvterian Sundav School, 


and was ordained a ruling elder of the chnrch. 

In 1903 he resigned from the Reading jiosition 
and became teacher of Mathematics in the Manual 
Training High School of Brooklyn, N. Y., which po- 
sition he now holds. Congregationalist. C, 

V. Mary Hankinson, b January 2'.), 1902; Frances 
Haukinson, b March 29, 190G; George L. Hankinson, 
b March 19, 1908. 

IV. Fannie Hankinson, (twin) b March 81, 1S6G. 
Res Wellesley, Mass. Teacher. Presbyterian. 

III. Lanah Hankinson, b in Sussex county, N. J., 
August 27, 1830, m William W. France, July 4, 
1853. He d May 23, 1907. P O Milford, Del 

William W. France was raised at Blairstown, 
N. J. At the age of 21 he began teaching ; taught 
three years, then took up Colportage ; was licensed a 
Local Preacher, and served in the ministry for six 
months at Cokesbury, N. J., and one year at Parsip- 
pany, N. J., when he resigned the ministry and 
engaged in the profession of Dentistry. Practiced 
for five years at Hope, New Jersey. Then in 18()4 
came to Milford, Delaware, where he (continued to 
practice until October, 1904. C, Saron, Jessie. 

IV. Saron France, b August 21, 1854, d in Den- 
ver, Colorado, May 8, 1887, m Virginia Ribble in 
Reading, Pa., 1876. Printer. C, Frank, Earl. 

Y. Frank France, b August 13, 1877, m Alm- 
eda Anderson, Res Portland, Oregon. Comedian. C, 

VI. Everett France, 

V. Earl France, b November 29 1887, Res Cali- 
fornia, Electrical Engineer. S, ' 

IV. Jessie France, born November 29, 1803, m 
Ira E, Blazer April 3, 1884. Res 270 Morris Street, 
Phillipsburg, N. J, Agent Delaware, Lackawanna & 
Western Railroad. Presbyterian. C, Charles. 

V. Charles W. Blazer, b February 13, 1885, m 
Katharine Harkin, November 12, 1905. Res Allentowu, 
Pii. Structural Engineer. Mrs. B. Catholic. 

III. Elsey Margaret Hankinson, b August 9, 1834, 
d November 30, 1905. m George Hailman. No issue. 



II. Lvdia Newhaker, !> in Warren conntv, N J 
Septoniher '2',i, ITilS, ,1 th.r.. April 20, IHV>U, m Ira 
C. Koy, November U. IMii. He wus h in ' Sussex 
county, N. J., June 8, 1797, d June 1(», I8r,l Tbey 
were farmers, and lived on the farm in Har.hvifk 
conveyed to Lydia Roy by her father, Andrew New! 
baker. The furiii is now owned and occupied by 
then- dau-hter, Mrs. Alonzo Huff. Thev were mem'- 
bers of the Presi)yterian church at Stillwater C 
Mary, Andrew, Charlet, Elizabeth, ELsev, Enos Eli! 
jah, Sarah. 

III. Mary E. Roy, b October li', LS 1 7, M .Mmch 
31, 18W7, m William Snyder. He was b islo, d 
June 11), 18.-)-). Hotel keeper and Shoemaker. Meth 
odist Episcopal. C, Mary, Martha, Alice, Mar-aret 
Armiuda, Adalade. Lydia, Andrew, Donnda, Sarah'. 

IV. Mary Ann Snyder, b October 30, IHU, m 
John Gruver. P () Blairstown, N. J. No issue. 

IV. Martha E. Snvder, b Au^nist 21 Is'M d 
June <;, 1.S7S. S. 

IV. Alice Rebecca Snyder, b January 4. 1 s.J8 
m Joseph Siiover. P O Blairstown, N. J. C, one son'. 

IV. Mai;,'aret Snyder, b in SlI^sex county N* 
J., July is. 1S4(>, m Sam.son 15. France Deceml)er 
11>, IHCt;. PO Burlinpton, N. J. Retired Farmer. 
C, Minnie. 

V. Minnie Eveline France, b Decend>er <>, 1m;7 
m Franklin C. BM/.urth. March lo, 1,s;m; p (j .Mt' 
Hnlly. N. J. R FD No. •_'. Faruicr. C, 

VI. Helen Frances Bozarth, !> Octol)er 21 1SU8- 
Mar<,'aret Snyder Bozarth, b May ."n. 1 iMKi; ' Khuer 
Neal Bozarth, b January 22, I'.io.'l. 

IV. Arminda Snyder, !> October it. Islj, „, 
Geornro O Dopue. d, (his second wife). P OBrai. 
nards. N .). No i.s.siuv 

l\. -Vdalade Snyder, b Feluniarv 17. Is J J d 


IV. Lydia V. Snyder, b November 19, 1845, d 

IV. Andrew W. Snyder, b July 8, 1849, m Em- 
ma Pool. Res 242 Plane street, Newark, N. J. No 

IV. Dorinda Eveline Snyder, b March 21, 1851, 
m Charles P. Johnson, December 31, 1872. P O 
Jobstown, N. J., RED No. 2. C, Mary, Alice. 

V. Mary Eveline Johnson, b October 23, 1875, 
m William H. Gratz, February 23, 1899. He d 
March 31, 1904. C, 

VI. Irving Hobart Gratz, b March 8, 1900; Alice 
Elizabeth Gratz, b July 21, 1902; William H. Gratz, 
b May 15, 1904. 

V. Alice Arminda Johnson, b February 12, 1879. 

IV. Sarah Frances Snyder, b February 7, 1854, 
d small. 

III. Andrew N. Roy, b December 14, 1819, d 
March 19, 1823. 

III. Charles N. Roy, b m Hardwick townshij), 
Warren county, N, J., August 23, 1822, d at New- 
ton, N. J„ June 13, 1893, m Mary Shuster, Dec. 
23, 1852. She was b in Hardwick township, War- 
ren county, N. J., April 7, 1828, d at Newton, N. 
J., February 13, 1900. Farmer near Middleville, New 
Jersey. Presbyterian. C, Eliza, William, Condit. 

IV. Eliza Roy, b in Sussex county. New Jersey, 
Feb. 28, 1854. P O Newton, N. J. Presbyterian. S. 

IV. William Roy, b April 0, 1857, d December 
27, 1861, 

IV. Condit Beers Roy, b May 14, 18G2. P O 
Newton, N. J. Presbyterian. S. 

III. Elizabeth Roy, b June 20, 1825, d March 
19, 1887, ra Philip Schoonover, d. Farmer. Meth- 
od.'st Episcopal. C, Charles, Joseph. 

IV. Charles Schoonover 

IV. Joseph Schoonover, d m Kate Sauvegore. 

C, Olive, Addison. 

y. Olive Schoonover, m Albert Hooey. 

P O Stillwater, N. J, Farmer. Methodist Episcopal. C, 


VI. Helen noooy, Mildred Hooey, Edward Hoooy, 
Frances Hooey, Catharine Hooey. 

V. Addist)n Sclioonover, Kes New York. Elec- 
trician. S. 

II. El«ey ^Vun lioy, b March IG, lhl28, d Feb- 
ruary 15, 18.'} 1. 

H. Euos G. Roy, b September 15, 1830, d May 
21, 1S8|, m Ann Bryant. She wa.s b in Canada 
in 1830, d 1S'.> . DentiHt in New York city. Meth- 
odist Episcopal. C, (leorjj'e, Frank, James, Annie, 
Carrie, Charles, Caroline. 

IV. George Edwin Roy, b d 1858. 

IV. Frank A. Roy, b October 21. 1857, m Fan- 
nie Louise Eugenie Holdridge. Dentist at .")'J7 Fifth 
avenue, New York. 

IV. James Bryant Roy, b December 24, 1859, 
m Elizabeth Aiken Wood. Res Chicago, 111. 

IV. Annie L. Roy, Res Denver, Col. 

IV. Carrie Estella Roy, m Fritz Schmitz, Res 

IV. Charles Edward Roy, d. 

IV. Caroline Wandell Roy, d. 

IB. Elijah H. Roy, 1) October 2, 1836, d in 
Brooklyn, New York, September, 1883, m Mary 
Theresa Levell. Ship Cai-jjenter in the Navv Yard. 
C, IV. Roy, d. 

III. Sarah Ann Roy, 1) in Sussex county, X. J., 
August 23, 1838, m Alonzo Huff, December 'J7, 
1871. P O Hardwick, N. J. Farmer. Presbyterian. 
No issue. 


B. Jacob Newbaker was bom .\ugust l<;, isOl, 
and died July 14, 1823, aged 21 years, 11 mouths, 
28 davs. 



II. Anna Mary Newbaker, h March 15, 1804, 
d January 30, ISTtt, ni John Vought, January 0, 
1820. He was b June 28, 17«j3, d February^ 11, 
181:7. He was a son of Andrew Vouglit, whu came 
from Germany, and was one of the early settlers 
of Frelinghuysen, Warren county. New Jersey. The 
tradition of the famil}- is that three brothers came 
from Germany. Two settled in Frelinghuysen town- 
ship, and the other brother located elsewhere and 
was lost sight of. Andrew Vought settled on a farm 
of 125 acres in Frehnghuysen township, then a com- 
plete wilderness tract, which he cleared and improved. 
The old homestead was conveyed to his son, John 
Vought, and is now owned and occupied by the 
latter's youngest son, Levi L. Vought. John Vought 
and wife were earnest and faithful members of the 
Methodist Episcopal church at Stillwater, where they 
were buried. C, Jacob, Mary, Elizabeth, Rebecca, 
Sarali, Elsey, Andrew, Aaron, Whitfield, Levi. 

III. Jacob Newbaker Vought, b August 5, 1820, 
d April 15, 1871, m Marv Caroline Raub, Septem- 
ber 12, 1848. She was b October 5, 182i), d Feb- 
ruary 27, 1808. Farmer in Pennsylvania. Methodist 
Episcojial. C, Mary. 

IV. Mary Vought, b May 7, 1S51, lu Miner 
Stephens, d October 19, 18GH. Farmer. C, Benja- 
min. Mary m second husbaiul, Alfred Risley, Nov- 
ember, 1882. P O Meshoppan, Pa. Farmer. Meth- 
odist Episcopal. No issue. 

V. Benjamin Stephens, b December 20, 1872, 
m Hattie J. Dolaway, March 2(i, 185)4. P O Mont- 
Tone, Pa. Job Printer. C, 

VI. Nellie Mae Stephens, b August 20, 18<)(i; Paul 
Aaron Stephens, b January 3, 1808; May Eliza 
Stephens, b August 12, lOol, d September 12, 11)01; 
Fay Alden Stcpliciis, b November 11,1004, d Jan. 



nary 19, I'tOf); LeHlie Dulawny Stei)lH'iiH, h .Jiil\ |(i, 
T.MiV,, (1 .liih i;i, ilKKl 

III. Miiiy Vniif^'lit, h July I'd, lS'j;{, d OctolM^r 
30, 1H.")4, lu John K. Teel. He whh 1) August, 
1824, (1 October 28. 185)2. Farmer. PreHbyteriau. 
C, Lewis, Amui. 

IV. Lewis Marsliiill T»'fl, 1) July lit, l.stT. in 
Julia A. Keini)le, February Id, iMi'.t She vl March 
L'T, r.Mi.'). C. William, Kuberl, Harry, Holla, ni sec- 
ond wife, Eleanor Thompson, March I'.i, liinT. P^O 
Hackettstown, N. J. Traveling Salesman, later Far- 
mer, ^lethoilist Episcopal. 

V. William K. Teel, b July 17, 187(1. m Daisy 
Campbell. February 'J2, ISDO. V () Vienna. N. .f. 
Merchant. Methodist Episcopal. C, 

VI. Lillian Teel. 

V. Robert K. Teel, b May 20, 1S7.1, m Flor- 
ence C. Huntsman, Decemln-r 17, ls<)7. P O Hack- 
ettstown, N. J. Clerk iu Hardware store. Metho- 
dist Episcopal C, 

VI. M. Helen Teel. b March 2."), 18i)8; Arthur C. 
Teel, b March IH, IDOO. 

V. Hurry C. Teel, b October 12. ls77, m Alice 
Creveling. Kes 27 7th avenue, N. Y. Traveling 

V. Holland M. Teel, 1) November 7, I8H(;. Stu- 
dent at Lafayette college, Easton, Pa. 

IV. Anna M. Teel, b in Warren county, N. J., 
Novendjer 17, 184i>, m Marshall Pittenger, April 2i), 
IMK'j. P O Vienmi, N. J. Mcrchatit. Methodist Kp. 
iHCo]>al No issue. 

III. Elizabeth E. Vought, b December 5, 182r>, 
d August \'2, 18SI, m John M. Kaub, October IC, 
1847. He was b near Plairstown, N. J.. May '.», 
IS , d Fol)ruary IS, ISMJ, Farmer. Mrs. Uaiii), 
Methodist Episcopal. C, Anna, Minerva, Margaret. 
Rebecca, Mary, Michael, Isaac. 

IV. Anna Mary Haub, b November 2S, ls4s. d 
October S, I84it. 

|\. Minerva E. Ibiub. b March 'JO, 1 Sol, m Is- 
aac C. Hovell, Fel)ruarv. I h72, (Divorced ). Teacher. 


C, John, Lizzie, Ollie, Eugene, Glenn, James, Miles, 
Arthur, Bessie, Agnes, Eva. Minerva m second 

husband, J. W. Eenfro, June, 1906, Ees Centralia, 
Wash. Timber Cruiser and Locater. 

V. John S. Howell, b December, 1872. Res 
Spokane, Wash. 

V. Lizzie Howell, b 1875, d 1S96. Methodist 

V. Ollie Howell, b 1875, m Willard Allen, 1895. 
Res Seattle, Wash. Clerk in Land Office. C, 
VI. Carmen Allen; Elithe Allen. 

V. Eugene Howell, b 1877. P O Monterano, 
Wash. Woodsman. 

V. Glenn Howell, b 1879, m Mae Sisson, Dec. 
ember 22, 1903. P O Newport, Wash. Cook. 

V. James G. Howell, b 1880, d 1880. 

V. Miles Howell, b 1882. P O Snohomish, Wash. 

y. Arthur Howell, b 1885. P O Centralia, Wash. 
Timber Cruiser and Locater. 

y. Bessie Howell, b 1887. P O Everett, Wash. 
Hosjiital Nurse. 

y. Agnes Howell, b 1890. 

y. Eva Howell, b 1890. 

IV. Margaret C. Eaub, b November 18, 1857, 
d November 20, 1882, m Clark Crisman. P O Stew- 
artsville, N. J. Farmer. Methodist Episcopal. C, 

y. Oscar Crisman, b October 81, 187(5, m Ada 
A. Trimmer. October 25, 1905. P O Hope, N. J. 
Fanner. Methodist Episcopal. 

IV. Rebecca E. Ranb, b August 4, 1859, m 
Ehvood Leteer, April 23,1898. PO Monroe, Wash. 
Sawyer in shingle mill. Methodist Episcopal. No 

JV. Mary Caroline Eaub, b November 10, 18G1, 
d Sei)tember 9, 18(52. 

IV. Michael J. Eaub, b June 22, 18(53, d Jan- 
uary 19, 18G4. 

IV. Isaac V. Eaub, b Februiirv 12, ]8(i5. 


DESC1-:N IMAM'S (IF ANNA .M\K^ M:wI', A K i:i: -.'7 

III. Kubecca Vou^^lit, 1. lY'bnmry •_'.{. iS-J.s, <1 
Au-^'iist "Jl', iNST, III Aiiilivw H. S:iviic»>(il. He «lie«l 
Miirch :{|. 1S77, :i;,'t'(l .")(i yeiirs, |() iiiuiiths, !> ilays. 
FiinniT. Metlittdist Episi-ouiii. C, Aiiiicl. Kehecca 
111 seooiul liushiiiul, Theodore Joliu.sdii. No issue. 

IV. Amiel D. Siivacool, 1> November -JJ, Isi't, 
il An^'ust ."), IS.")!. 

III. Sanib Ann Vou^^fbt, h Septeiubcr '.>, IHJK, 
ni AU'xaniler H. Freeman, March ;{, 1S.>:',. He was 
b in Sussex county, N. •)., Noveuiber is, iHJ.s, d 
Jiimimy Ki, I'.to.'J. Farmer. Methotbst Episcopal. C, 
Jobepliuie, Nettie, Alpheus, M:iry, A(Ube. 

IV. Josephine M. Freeman, b December '.», 1S53, 
a July -in, is.jC. 

IV. Nettie Eu<,'eiiia Freeman, b June 3, l.sSS, 
m Jauies H. EiI;,'erton. July 4, isTT. P O Paulina, 
N. J. Laborer; formerly tau;,'ht sin','ing^ school and 
tjave music lessons. Methodist Episcopal. C, Charles, 
John, Ethel, Frank. 

V. Charles Grant Ed^erton. W .Vu^nist is, ISTS, 
lu Uose A. Titman, December 24, lUiKi. lies IMJ 
Rose street, Phillipsburj^, N. J. Employee Lehigh 
i\. Hudson U. R Attend Methodist Episcopal church. 

V. John J. Edjjferton, b Ai)ril 1(). ISSl, d Feb- 
ruary S, ISS.'i 

\. Ktliil May Kd'.'ertoJi, b May •_'.!, 1H8;{, d No- 
vember 1, lss7. 

V. Frank Alexander Edgerton, b June '_'(», ISST. 

IV. Alpheus Janu-- I^ceman, b June •"». Isc-J. d 
January KI, lht;;{. 

|\, Mary Malvenia Freeman, l> November *J0, 
lSG:i, m John S. Decker, Decjt,il>er 24. issl. Hen 
25.S Sprinj^ street, Newton, N. J. Piano Salesman. 
Presbyterian. C, 

\, Arthur Hoe Decker, 1' .September 14, lS'.»i>, .1 
April I, Is'.tl: Hubert Hutchinson Decker, !• June 
21, nUHi. 

IV. Addie E. Freeman. b October 1, l>«i)ri, m 
Bracklev S. Titman. Res 5 Fairmoiint avenue, West 
C)rant,'e. N f Carpenter. Raptist. C, 


V. Sadie Erama Titman; Russell Edward Titman; 
Harold R. Titman; Mildred Hazel Titman; Ray- 
mond Titman, d; "Wilbur Titman, d, 

III. Elsey Hankinaon Vought, b March 8, 1832, 
d May 28, 1878, m James McCarrick Willson, Feb- 
ruary 26, 1852. He was b at Liberty ville, Sussex 
county. New Jersey, October \'.], 1828. Res G15 
East Market street, Scranton, Pa, Carpenter. Meth- 
odist Episcopal. C, Samuel, Anna, Sarah, Elsey, 
Caroline, Minnie. 

IV. Samuel John Willson, b at Marksboro, "War- 
ren county. New Jersey, November IG, 1858, m Abi- 
gail Elizabeth Decker,' April 29, 1879. Res G15 E. 
Market street, Scranton, Pa. Mrs. "W^illson, Presby- 
terian. C, Sadie, Margaret, Gertrude. 

V. Sadie Forreston "Willson, b November 28, 
1882. Presbyterian. S. 

V. Margaret Cora Willson, b January 22, 1885, 
m Eugene Herman Mayer, September, 1907. Res 
1418 Olive street, Scranton, Pa. Piano Tuner. Mrs. 
Mayer, Presbyterian. 

V. Gertrude Ethel Willson, b January 12, 1901. 

IV. Anna Mary Willson, b March 27, 1855, d 
February 14, 1880, m Lewis Cass Case, January 9, 
187G. He d April I, 1900. Grocery Clerk. Bap- 
tist. C, My r tie. 

V. My r tie May Case, b October 5, 1879, m 
Charles M. Barnes, March 1, 1900. Res G Clinton 
Place, Scranton, Pa. Electrician. Baptist. 

IV. Sarah Elizabeth WilLson, b March 21, 1858, 
ni Samuel S. Miller, November 15, 1873. He d 
Printer. Baptist. C, Alice, Maud, Lewis, Satnuel, 
Caroline, Flora. 

V. Alice Care.> Miller, b April 4, 1875, d Feb- 
ruary 28, 1878. 

V. Maud E. Miller, b Julv IS, 1878, d April 
1, 1882. 

V. Lewis Cass Case Miller, b November 30, 1880, 
m Jennie M. Hendricks, August 5, 1898. She d 
December G, 1899. C, Mary. Lewis m second wife. 



Berthii A Oliustoutl, April l."., I'.Mi'J. lUs .')(»(; IJiou*!- 
way, Scrjiiitoii, Pii. L5iirli(,r. Mrs. Miller, Metliodint 
Episcopal. C, Eiirl, Mui)i-1, Ji. iliiiul. 

VI. Mary Alice Miller. I) July C. l,s:»'.». 
Eiirl Jaiiu's Miller, b Jiimmrv 2, I'.Urh, d March '.». V.W.]. 
Miihel Merle Miller, 1. April 1»<;, llM).-). 
Koluiul Kermit Miller. I) October 24, I'.toT. 

V. Samuel S. Miller, h June 8, IHHli, ,1 Jan. 
uary U». LS.sG. 

"v. Caroline E. Miller, h November >, IMS."). 
lies Scrantun, Pii. 8. 

V. Flora M. Miller, b November 23, 1H.S7, m 
Wilmer B. StoulTer, October lU), llH)'). lies Atlums 
nvenne, Scrantun, Pti. Si;,'n Piiinter. C, 
VI. Wilmer B. StuutTer, i) Septemi)er 2.'). litoC. 

IV. Elsey Kebecca Savacool Willson, b July 21, 
1851), d November 7, lsS2, m Edwiird WuriuJin, 
June 13, 1877. PO Sundford, Flu ? Bap- 
tist. C, Judson, ^Villirtm. 

V. Judson J limes Warman. b m 
V O Athmtii, Ga. 

y. Williivm Enoch Wiiriniin, b 
P O Fit/Keriihl, Ga. 

IV. Caroline Emnni Willson, b Auj^ust IS, 18G3, 
d June '.>, 18l»S. m Williiim G. Jones. Heal Estate 
Af.jent. Biiptist. No issue. 

IV. Minnie Miiy Willson, b Au^Mist 23, 18G.S, m 
Maurice G. Hiiupt, September 12, 18S'J. Bus 521 
.\dams iiveiiue, Scranton, Pa. Wholesale Lumlier 
Dealer. Mr. Haupt, Prehbyteriun; Mrs Hiiiipt, Bap- 
tist. No issue. 

III. Andrew N. Vou^dit, b in Warren county, 
New Jersey, February 23, 1.S31, m Ellen Hibler, De- 
ceml>er 1".», ISOl. P O Middleville, N. J Farmer. 
Methodist Episcopal. C, Emma. Sadie. 

|\. Iliuma E. V..u;,'ht, b December 17. 1 s«;2. 
d January 27, 1,SS3 Methnli^t Episcopal 

IV, Sadie E. Vou;,'ht, I) .luj^ust 15, iSt;.'), ni 
Charles Monroe, Feltruary :{, l.s.s7 lies Elizabet h, 
N. J. IJ. )ar<lini,' House. Mcthoilist Epi.scopal C, 
Martin, .\ndrew. 


V. Martin B. Monroe, b February 4, 1888. 
V. Andrew V. Monroe, b December 14, 1889. 

III. Aaron L. Vought, b April lt>, 1836, m Catha- 
rine Raub, July 1, 1858. P O Orwell, Pa. Retired Far- 
mer. Methodist Episcopal. C, Katie, Anna, Emma, Aaron. 

IV, Katie Vought, b in Warren county, N. J., July 
2, 1859. m Milton Cahill. Res 253 West 15th street. 
New York. Merchant. No issue. 

IV. Anna Vought, b in Luzerne county. Pa., May 
9, 18G3, m William J. Brown. Res 1013 Eighth avenue, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Machinist. German Reformed. No 

IV. Emma E. Vought, b October 25, 1864, m 
S. Ward Rogers. Res 107 Public street, Athens, 
Pa. C, Winnefred, Alta. 

y. Winnefred Rogers, b 

V. Alta Belle Rogers, b Killed by 
the Black Diamond express, June, 1906. 

IV. Aaron W. Vought, b 
Res Nebraska. S. 

IH. Whitfield H. Vought, b July 31, 1838, m 
Phebe Albertson, 1865. She d C, Elwood. 

Whitfield m second wife, Mrs. Susan Lateer, (nee 
Decker). She d 1903. P O Middleville, N. J. Far- 
mer. Methodist Episcopal. 

IV. Elwood S. Vought, b October. 1877, m Mar- 
garet Long. Res 625 Arctic avenue, Atlantic City, 
N J. Machinist. 

IH. Levi L. Vought, b August 2, 1841, m 
Ruth Parr, December 30, 1869, She d October 24, 
1884. C, Andrew, Myrtie. Levi m second wife, 
Mary Bonker, April 4, 1896. P O Newton, N. J., R 
F D No. 2. Farmer. Presbyterian. C, Arthur, Mabel. 

IV. Andrew Vought, b June 14,1871, d at Pu- 
eblo. Col., September 19, 1891. Clerk. S. 

IV. Myrtie M. Vought, b Febrnar> 2, 1879, Res 
24 Green avenue, Brooklyn, New York. School Teach- 
er. Methodist Episcopal. 

IV. Arthur L. Vought, b July 25, 1897. 

IV. Mabel Vought, b February 13, 1902. 



II. Siir:ili Leiui Newhaker, 1) August 2, isot), 
il lit Bliiirstowu, N. J., IHH'J, m JoHepb J. Snover 
in 1824. Ho was b 17'.>1), d 1870. Ho was a son 
of Jacob Suovor. The family was of Holland Dutch 
ancestry. Joseph J. Snover was a large man, six 
feet tall, and weighed al)i)ut 1*00 pounds. He was 
a farmer, and lived in lilairstown township, on a 
farm inherited by his wife, Sarah, from her father, 
Andrew Now baker. Tiie farm is still owned l)y their 
son, .\udrew N. Snover. Presbyterian. C, Esther, 
Mary, Andrew, Belinda 

III. Esther Jane Snover, b 1825, m John L. 
Smith, d. P O Columbia, N. J. Farmer. Methodist 
Episcopal. C, Planning, Mary, Sarah. Marshall. 

IV. Manning Smith, d single. 
IV. Mary Smith, d single. 

IV. Sarah Smith, d single. 

IV. Marshall Smith, d, m Sarah Bader. C. Clark, 

V. Clark Smith, P O Orange, N. J. 

V. Rosco Smith, P O Columbia, N. J. 

III, Miiry Ann Snover, d 18'.>5, m Philip Hill 
in l.sGo. Methodist Episcopal. No issue. 

IB. Andrew N. Snover, b August 9, 1830, m 
Sarah K. Teel, 1868. Res Stroudsburg, Pa. Farm- 
er. Presbyterian. C, Mary. 

IV. Mary B. Snover, l» in IStl'.t, m (reorgeM. 
Weaver in IS'.Ki. PO Stroudsburg, Pa. Salesman. 
Christian Science. No issue. 

III. Belinda R. Snover, b May 2",, 1832. m J..h n 
C. Crisman, October 2, bs'io, by Kev. John .\. Ki- 
ley. P O Blairstown, N. J. Farmer. Presbyterian. 
C, Lucinda, Andrew, Arrisa. Mary, John. 

IV, Lucinda .\nn Crisman, b .Vju-il 'Jo, IS.')!, d 
Juno 22, \s')i. 

IV. Andrew S. Crisman, b October .'), ls')<"i, d 
March 12, I'.toT, m Augusta Bobbins, June 3, issG. 


Kes 178 "Washington street, Phillipsburg, New Jer- 
sey. Presbj terian. C, 
V. Eliza Crisiuan, b January 1, 1890. 

IV. Arrisa Crisman, b March 20, 1859, ru Lewis 
Hess, December 22, 1891. P O Blairstown, N. J. 
Hardware Merchant. Presbyterian. No issue. 

IV. Mary S. Crisman, b June 16, 1861. 

IV. Johii Marshall Crisman, b July 17, 1864, 
m Alma Ingersoll, October 15, IS90. P O Blairs- 
town, N. J. Farmer. C, 

V. Wallace Crisman, b September 29, 1892, d De- 
cember 21, 1892; Fredia Crisman, b November 6, 
1893; Virginia Crisman, b September 15, 1895. 


II. Phebe Newbaker, b April 20, 1809, d 1856, 
m Joseph Wildrick. He was b 1799, d 1892. He 
was a son of Philip Wildrick. The Wildrick ances- 
tor came from Holland. Farmer at Paulina, N. J. 
Presbyterian. C, Philip, Mary, Andrew^, Elizabeth, 
Mellv, Aaron, Sarah, Malette. 

HI. Philip Wildrick, b May 31, 1S29, d 1873, 
m Matilda Lerch. Slate business. C, Sallie, Lizzie, 
Jose])hine, Rose, Miriam, Mabel, Kelsey, Mark. 

IV. Sallie Wildrick, m Bender. Res College 

Hill, Easton, Pa. Farmer. No issue. 

IV. Lizzie Wildrick, Res 830 Walnut street, Al- 
lentown, Pa. No further report. 

III. Mary Anna Wildriek, b 1831, d June 6, 
1884. m Benjamin Chamberlain. No issue. 

III. Andrew N. Wildrick, b September 15, 1832, 
d 1905, m Jane Slate business. C, Annie, 
Lizzie, Maggie. 

IV. Annie Wildrick 
IV. Lizzie Wildrick 

IV. Maggie Wildrick. m Jones. P O Slat- 

iugtoii, Pa. No further report. 



III. Kliziiheth Wildii.-k, 1. I s;;;{. ,1 I'.tot. ;„ Wil. 
liiuii (rritVitli. No iHHtie 

III. M.lly Wil.liick. 1. IS.}.-,. 1' () Hl.iii-stown, 
N. .1. Drosiimkir. Mt-thoilist EpiHropiil. S. 

III. Aaron K. Wildrick. h April i:{, 1m:{7, m 
Aliufcclii Drake. April 4. 1H72. PO rauliim, N. .). 
Fanner. l'reslt\ terian. C, Jennie, Nellie. 

IV. Jennie Mae Wildrick, 1) April '2'*, ls74, ni 
Aha .J. Eilenherj,', June IH, IHiJ'). Hew Banj^jnr, Pa. 
Mannfactiirin^' Structural Slate. Presbyterian. No 

IV. Nellie C. Wil.lnck, 1. March 22, IKHO, m 
Aufjustu.s D. Hopping', Decenil)er KJ, V.HV.i. Rew 243 
North atli street, Newark. N. J. Leather japaner. 
No i.ssue. 

IH. Sarah Wildrick. I) IH'M, d lUUU, nj Jaiuea 
Stephens. No issue. 

111. Maletta Wildrick, m Owen Hughes. 

Kes 4.")1 Mercer street, Jei^sev Citv, N. J. No issue. 



II. Catherine Newbaker, 1> .January U. 1*^14, 


I. Charles Hardin;,' Newliaker, 1) in Hard wick 
township, Warren county, New Jersey, Oct«)l)er 7. 
1817, d there April 10." 1H7H; m Mary Ann Hill. 
February 2<>. IHMH, by Rev. T B. Condit. She wa.s 
b in Walpack townsliip, Sussex cinnity. New Jersey. 
February 2:^, ISIW. d November 22. I'.IOU. He wa-s 
a fanner, and liveil on the old homestead of Ids fath. 
er in Hardwick townshii^. now owned and occupied 


by Alonro Hill. He also for many years carried ob 
the cooper buHiueBs at Newbaker's Corner!^,manaifac- 
turing butter tubb, tirkius, etc. He and hin mother 
were the administrators of his father's estate. Meth- 
odist Episcopal. C, Sarah, Susanna, Mar>, Andrew, 
Lucinda, Jacob, Emma, Charles. Virginia, Ida. 

III. Sarah Elizabeth Newbaker, b May 4, 1839, 
m David H. Reeder, January 1, 18G7, by Rev. J. 
Tindall. P O Blairstown, N.'j. Blacksmith. Meth- 
udist Episcopal C, Lena. 

IV. Lena M Reeder, b December 12, 1807, m 
Eugene S. Goble, December 24, 1887. He d Au- 
gust 28, 1900. P O Great Meadows, N. J. Black, 
smith and Farmer. Presbyterian. C, 

V. Raymond David Goble] b October 21, 1888; 
Harrv Lester (4oble, b April 24, 1892; 
Lizzie Mav Goble, b April 25, 1895; 
Floyd Leigh Goble, b November 14, 1890. 
III."^ Susanna Catharine Newbaker, b March 1(5, 
1841, m William H. Lambert, July 4, 18G3, by R©v. 
Walter Chamberlain. P O Stillwater, N. J. Farm- 
er. Methodist Episcopal. C, Edward, Alfred, Mary, 
Mav, Reuben, Alexander, Charles, William, Myrtie. 
" IV. Edward E. Lambert, b Aj^ril 17, 18G4, m 
Louisa R. Crouse, December 22, 1884. P O Huuts- 
ville, N. J. Farmer. C, 
V. Vincent J. Lambert, b May 15, 1888; 
Mary A. Lambert, h September 30, 1891; 
Susanna C. Lambert, b June 21, 1893. 
IV. Alfred J. Lambert, b August 31, 18HC, d 
October 7, 18<)(>. 

IV. Mary J. Lambert, b August 3, 18(57, d Ap- 
ril 7, 1892, m Joseph A. Staley, December 25, 1887. 
Farmer. Methodist Episcopal. C, 
V. Maggie A. Stalev; Emmet Staley, d 1889. 

IV. Mabel Lambert, b October 28, 1870, m John 
Maring. P O Hardwick, N. J. Farmer. Methodist 
Episcopal. C, 
V. Norman Maring. 

IV. Reuben \V. Lambert, b January 22. 1872, 
m Edith Hutf, Mav 15, 1901. Res 5 Ashford St., 


Newton, New JerHey. Car^>entfcr. Metbudist EpiHCopal. 
IV. Alexander Lambert, 1) April ;{(), 1IS7-4, m 
Emma A. Anderson, Au^nist i:{, IIMCJ. V O Still- 
water, N. J. Farmer. Methodist KpiscDpal. C, 
V. Mildred T. Lambert, b July 12, IIM)-,. 

IV. Charles L. Lambert, ») April 11, 1877. m 
Alice Huff, r.M>:{ P O Stillwater, N. .1. Lal)()rer. 
Methodist Epis<'opal. C, 
V. Cieor«,'e E. Lambert, b October 28, 11M)5. 

IV. William M. Lambert, b October '2i\, 1879. 
RcH 217 Mercer street, Cxloucester, N. J Train 

IV. Myrtie A. Lambert, b May 22, 1883, d 
February Hi. 1884. 

II. Mary Jane Newliaker, b February 19, 1843, 
m Samuel B. Youmans, January 21, 18G3, by Uev. 
I. N. Vaiisant. Res 38 Clinton street, Newton, New 
Jeraey. Methodist Episcopal. C, 

IV. J. Clark Youmans, b m Ues Kansas. 

Cora Youmans, i» lies New York City. S. 

Dora Youmans, b m 

Belle Youman.s. b P O Newton, N. J. S. 

Minnie Youmans, 1» d 

J. Craifij Youmans, b S. 

lU. Anilrew E. Newbaker, b on the old home, 
stead in Hardwick town»hip, Warren county, New 
Jei-sev, Aii'Mist 2'J, 1840, m Martha Fretz, Decem. 
t)er 2'), I8r»'.>. She was born in Bedminster township, 
Bucks county, Pa.. July 25. 18r)(>. U«s 807 East 
Ontario street, Philadelphia, Pa. CariH!nl«,-r. Mr.s. 
Newbaker. Methodist Episcopal. C, Mary. Florence. 
IV. Mary Bell Newbaker, b in Buckw county. 
Pa, April 20, 1871, m John W. Barandon, Novem- 
l)er 1«;, 1892. Res 807 East Ontario street. Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Mana<,'er of the Commonwealth Bene- 
ticial assobiatioii. 219 South Sixtii stre«;t, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Mr. Barandon, Epi.scopal; Mrs. Barandon, 
ilethodist Episcopal. No itmue. 

IV. Florence Ellen Newbiiker, b in Bucks coun- 
tv. Pa., November 2(>. 187G, m Howaril L. Thoiup- 
Bon, February, 189<'>. lies 314 Miicon streft. Brook- 


lyn, New York. Foreman in book bindery. Meth- 
odist Episcopal. C, 
Y. Elsie Thompson, b October 8, 1896. 

III. Lucinda Ellen Newbaker, b January 3, 1848, 
d December 4, 1870. Methodist Episcopal. C, Warren. 

IV. Warren J. Newbaker, b April 1(5, 18G9, d 
September 5, 1884. Killed in an accident in the 
Merriam Shoe factory at Newton, N, J. 

III, Jacob Nehemiah Newbaker, b in Hardwick 
township, AVarren county, New Jersey, March 24, 
1850, m Isabelle Savercool, January 1, 1870. P O 
Columbia, N. J. Carpenter. C, Daisy, Charles. 

IV. Daisy Eileen Newbaker, b March 10, 1877, 
m N. * B. Litts, September 24, 1900. Res 224 Fourth 
Htreet, Union Hill, N. J. Trainman. 

IV. Charles James Newbaker, b May 17, 1879, 
m Frances L. VanSyckle. P O Columbia, New Jer- 
sey. Carpenter. C, 

y. Lloyd J. Newbaker, b January 12, 1903; 
Daisy Belle Newbaker. b February 10, 1900. 

III. Emma Map^daleua Newbaker, b January 26, 
1853, "d June 18, 1890, m Lewis Rice, December 
28, 1871. He was b January 1, 1851, P O Blairs- 
town, N. J. Farmer. C, Jesse, Sarah, O.scar, Or- 
man, Eugene, Georgianna, Malvena. 

IV. Jesse N. Rice, I) December 10, 1872, d No- 
vember 21, 190(), m May Maring, April 0, 1890. 
P O Blairstown, N. J. Carpenter. C, 

V. Ethel Gertrude Rice, b December 1, 1898, d Sep- 
tember 0, 1900; 
Edith Helen Rice, b September 0, 1903. 

IV. Sarah T. Rice, b May 30, 1874, m Frank 
Kithcart. P O Netcong, N. J. Proprietor of Hotel 

IV. Oscar S. Rice, b May 30, 1874, (twin), m 
Mrs. Flossie Tygar, (nee Henderson). P O Land- 
ing, N. J. Agent. C, V. Gerald Rice. 

IV. Orman A. Rice, b January 10, 1877. 

IV.* L. Eugene Rico, b April "l8, 1881. 

IV. Georgianna Rice, b October 20, 1889. 

IV. Malvena E. Rice, b Jane 10, 1892. 




III. ClmrleH Eilwiinl N«'\vl.iikfr. I. .M.i.v 2_'. IN.').-), 
(1 l'\'l)iuinv IS, 1!MM;, III Kiiiiiiii Ji. 0;^il«'n, D<ct;in- 
biT, 1S74 Ciirpenter. Mcthudist Episcopal. C, Vic- 
tor, Viiiceiit. 

IV. Victor (t. Nuwhiilvcr, h ui Newlxiker's Cor- 
ners, September !.">, IHTll, iii Jessie Yooiniiiis Rice, 
SeptPiiib.r 21, i;»()4. V () liliiirstc.wn, N ,J. Fnr- 
iiitiirt' iiiul UiHU-rtjikiiij,' l'nNl)vtiriiiii C, 

V. .Joycelyn Elizabeth Newbaker, I) November '.U), 
1 '.")()(). 
IV. Vincent .1. Nt^wbiikei-. b at lilairstown, N. 
J . Mardi U. 1SS4. P O Mi.bUf^viU.-, N. J. For- 
uierlv Dnis^'Mst in Paterson, N. .1., biter Farmer. 
Methodist Episcopal. S. 

III. Viifji-inia Aihibne Newltaker, I) in Harilwick 
tnwii.ship, Warren C'lmty, New Jersey, February 20, 
ISoS, 111 Isaac D Mitchell, July :}, i«8U, by Rev. 
T. B C-ndit PO Nazareth, Pa. Florist and Gar- 
tlener. Moravians. C, Chirence, Edward, P<'ail, Jen- 
nie. Harry, Mary, Conrad, Leshe 

IV. Clarence D Mitchell, b at Blairstown, New 
Jei*sey, November 27, ISSl, m Edith M Brooks, Au- 
^nist 1. I'.MIl. Res MH Hid;,'e aveiiiie, Piiiladeiphia, 
i'li. Comluctor. M"ravians. No issue (P.H»7). 

IV. Edward C. Mitchell, b in Warreu county. 
New Jersey. June 2(i. 1S.S4 

IV. Pearl M Mitchell. 1) in Hardwick township, 
Waneii c"Miity, New Jei-sey, Octnlier 4, 1SS<>, ni 
John .\. Vannatta, September 11, I'.t'iJ 1' () Naz- 
areth, Pa. Merchant Lutheran.s. C, 
V. Vir^'iiiia .\ Vannatta, 1) March 4, P.M):^. 
Hazel M Vannatta. b ()ctol>er 4. P.M)4; 
Morris 1) \'annatta, b February 7, r.Ml7, 

IV. Jtimie E. Mitchell, b .it H ijhj, New Jersey, 
Miiv 12. ISHS, d Mav 22, iss'.). 

\\, Harry C Mitchell, b November M), lH\h), d 
Fel)ruary 27, 1S'.»2 

IV. Maiy V Mitehell, b at Blairstown. New 
Jer.sev, March 27. IS'.CJ. 

IV. Conrad M. Mitchell, b March ."). IHIM!, d 
Au{?ust 27, iK'.tS. 


IV. Leslie T. Mitchell, b August 23, 1897, d 
August 24, 1897. 

III. Ida Caroline Capitolia Newbaker, b in Hard- 
wick township, Warren county, New Jersey, Aug- 
ust 24, 1861, m George B. Campbell, December 30, 
1891. P O Stillwater, N. J. Laborer. Methodist 
Episcopal. No issue. 


As ^,•e reach the close of tliis little voltune, and 
ere we lay down oar pen, we a»l(l a few parting 

About one hundred and twenty five vearM ago 
the pioneer ancestor of the Newhaker family emi- 
grated from Europe to America. The motive that 
led hiiu to cross the ocean to these shores is un- 
known. Perhaps he, in common with othere, came 
hither to better himself in tem|)oral affairs. Here he 
established his home, and by industry and frugality 
accumulated much property. 

He reared a large and niteresting family to bless 
his days. His home was a Christian home, and his 
family were taught to revere the religion of Jesus 
Christ, to honor God's house, and by his Godly ex- 
ample and instruction they were early led to secure 
an interest in saving grace, and to identify them- 
selves with the church of Jesus Christ. 

The naiue of the progenitor is found in a list 
of members of the German or Dutch Reformed cliurch 
at Stillwater in IT'.H. The old stone church in which 
he worshiped stood on the east side of the road, 
just within the enclosing wall of the oUl graveyard. 
After services were tliscontinued in this church he 
evidently worshiped with the Presbyterians the re- 
mainder of his life. 

The Newbaker family antl their descendants, as 
a whole, were, and are, a Christian people, and for 
the most part connected with the Presbyterian and 
the Methodist Episcopal churches. Many t>f th« fam- 
ilv wore members of anil worshiped at the Presliy. 



terian church at Stillwater, of which the Kev. T. B. 
Condit, one of the most eminent divines of the Pres 
byterian church of New Jersey, was pastor for 43 
years, and who, during his long and eventful pas- 
torate, received into mejuberehij) in the church, bap- 
tized, performed the rite of holy matrimony, and 
preached the funeral sermons of many meml)er8 
of the family. Others were members of, and wor- 
shiped at, the Harmony Methodist Episcopal church 
near Stillwater, and in the graveyards of these two 
churches were laid to rest all that was mortal of 
many of the descendants to await the final resur- 
rection of the body. 

The pious ancestors have long since gone to 
their eternal rest. May we ever bless their memory 
for their unyielding faith in God and the world's 
Redeemer. They fought well the battles of life, and 
thus they have passed on to their eternal rewards. 
May their self-denying, Godly lives and examples 
rest with benediction power upc^n us while we bide 
our time and follow in their footsteps, preserving 
unsiillied the family name. 

Dear reader, are 3-ou a follower of Jesus? If 
not. let me remind you of the saintly, (4odly an- 
cestors whose forms have so long slept in their quiet 
graves, of their suffering for the faith, their victo- 
ry in death, their crowning in the Father's, 
wiiere they await the home-coming of the faithful 
loved ones. Let me point you to the Savidui- tliey 
loved, and to the God they served. Let me entreat 
you to do likew'ise. 

Milton, N. J.. .April "iO, 1008. 




1 Audrew Newbaker, in Mary Kisbpauf^h, 5 

2 Anua Newbaker, m John Vou^'ht, 24 
2 Charleb H. Newbaker, ni Mary Aun Hill, 33 
2 Elizabeth Newbaker, m William Teel. 7 
2 Elsey Ann Newbaker, in ThoinaH H. Hankiijson, i> 
2 Lydia Newbaker, m Ira C lloy, 21 
2 Pheb« Newbaker, m Jose])!! WiUirick, 32 
2 Sarah Lena Newbnkei-, m Jusejih Snover. ;{1