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Full text of "A genealogical sketch of the families of Rev. Worthington Smith, D.D. and Mrs. Mary Ann (Little) Smith, of St. Albans, Vermont"

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The family of the late Rev. Worthington Smith, of 
St. Albans, Vermont, is traced with remarkable ease 
and certainty to the emigrant ancestor, Samuel Smith, 
who, with his wife, Elizabeth, and four children, viz.: 
Samuel, set. 9; Elizabeth, set. 7; Mary, set. 4 ; and Philip, 
set. 1, embarked for New England, from Ipswich, Eng- 
land, in the ship ''Elizabeth," in April, 1634. The 
certificate of the master of the ship, preserved in the 
state paper office in England, a copy of which will be 
found in Hotten^ Lists of Emigrants, gives the age both 
of Samuel and wife as thirty-two, at date of embarkation. 
Dr. Bond, in his history of Watertown, Mass., expresses 
the opinion that the family settled first at that place, 
removing in the ensuing year, with many others, to 
Wethersfleld, Conn. 

From the first Samuel appears to have taken a leading 
part in the affairs of the settlement. He commanded, 
with the rank of Lieutenant, the military force; was a 
magistrate, and probably Deputy for several years be- 
tween 1637 and 1644. Hinman thinks that this latter 
distinction belongs to the son Samuel, but it is obvious 
that at the time mentioned he was too young to hold 
office. In 1650 a number of the Wethersfleld settlers, 
among them Samuel Smith, removed and founded the 

town of Hadley, Mass. Here at last the family found 
a permanent resting place after their wanderings, and 
here five successive generations lived and died. For more 
than two hundred years the family was continuously rep- 
resented among the male citizens of the town. In Had- 
ley, as in Wethersfield, Samuel Smith " held important 
offices, both in church and State." He died in 1680, 
aged seventy-eight. His wife died in 1686. 

Of the four sons of Samuel (1), the eldest, Samuel 
junior, removed to New London, Connecticut, where he 
was an active and conspicuous member of the community. 
He held the military rank of Lieutenant, the highest rank 
at that time conferred for a single town, and seems to 
have been prominently concerned in all important affairs. 
After reaching middle life, he made a journey to Vir- 
ginia, from which he never returned. Letters were 
received from him, dated at Roanoke, but he offered no 
explanation of his continued absence, and after repeated 
remonstrances from the church, which were wholly dis- 
regarded, a divorce was granted to his wife, daughter of 
Rev. Henry Smith, of Wethersfield. The motive which 
prompted this inexplicable conduct remains a mystery. 
The apparent desertion of his wife forms a singular epi- 
sode in the history of a family remarkable during two 
centuries for sober and Godly life. It is believed that 
this man had no children. Philip, the second son, is 
described as having been " one of the first men of his 
time in the town of his adoption" (Hadley), where he 
succeeded his father as Lieutenant and Deputy. After 
an eminently useful and exemplary life, he died, in 1685, 
"murdered by an hideous witchcraft," according to Cot- 
ton Mather. John, the youngest son, was slain by the 
Indians, in Hatfield Meadow, May 30, 1676. Each of 
these latter left children. 


2. Chileab, the third son of Samuel (i), is the ancestor 
of the branch of the family now under consideration. He 
was born in this country, about 1636, and died March 
7, 1 73 1, aged 95. He married Oct. 2, 1661, Hannah, 
daughter of Luke Hitchcock, of Wethersfield. She died 
Aug. 31, 1733, aged 88. Fourteen children were born of 
this marriage, viz.: Hannah, born July 7, 1662, mar- 
ried, March 23, 1681, John Montague ; Samuel, born 
March 9, 1665 ; Luke; Ebenezer, born July 11, 1668 ; 
Nathaniel, born Jan. 2, 1670, died same month ; John, 
born Oct. 8, 1671, married, 1691, Martha Golding, and 
died about 1750; a son, who died 1673 ; Hester, born 
March 31, 1674, married, Oct. 20, 1696, Nathaniel In- 
gram ; a daughter, who died March, 1677 ; Elizabeth, 
born Feb. 2, 1679, married, Oct. 26, 1698, James Smith ; 
Mary, born Aug. 16, 1681, married (1), Dec. 15, 1697, 
Preserved Smith, (2) April 22, 1721, Peter Montague ; 
Chileab, died Aug., 1682 ; Chileab, born Feb. 18, 1685 ; 
Sarah, born April 26, 1688, married, April 13, 17 10, 
Jonathan Morton. 

3. Luke, second son of Chileab (2), was born April 
16, 1666, was Captain, died in 1748, aged 82. He mar- 
ried, in 1690, Mary, daughter of Samuel Crow, of Had- 
ley, who died June 19, 1761, aged 89. They had eleven 
children, viz.: Luke, born Feb. 12, 1691, died June 15, 
1693 ; a son, born April 5, 1692, died four days later ; 
Mary, married, Dec. 2, 17 14, John Preston; Hannah, 
born March 1, 1694, married Nathaniel Dickinson ; 
Luke, born May 21, 1697 ; Samuel, born May 23, 1699 ; 
Jonathan; Ruth, born April 8, 1703, married, Feb. 13, 
1724, Israel Dickinson ; David, born July 7, 1707, ; Jo- 
seph, born March 22, 1710 ; Sarah, born May 5, 1713, 
married, Aug. 9, 1734, Rev. James Smith, of Granby. 

4. Jonathan, fifth son of Luke (3), deacon, born 

March 4, 1702, died April 4, 1774, aged 72. He mar- 
ried, Dec. 16, 1725, Rebecca, daughter of Nehemiah 
Dickinson, of Hadley. She died Oct. 3, 1726. He mar- 
ried for his second wife, Jan. 31, 1734, Mehitable, daugh- 
ter of Lieut. Samuel Cooke, of Northampton, Mass. 
She was born in 171 7, and died in 1766. He had eleven 
children, all but one by his second wife. This second 
wife was a descendant of William Westwood, who emi- 
grated from Ipswich, England, in the ship " Francis," at 
about the same date with Samuel Smith. The reports 
of the voyages of the two ships, " Elizabeth " and 
" Francis," with their respective lists of passengers, are 
included in one " Petition " on file in the royal archives 
of Great Britain. William Westwood was a man of 
property, and brought with him two servants. 

The children of Jonathan were : Oliver, born Sept. 23, 
1726; Enos, born Nov. 19, 1734, died Feb. 11, 1738; 
Rebecca, born Oct. 27, 1736, married, Jan. 24, 1760, 
John Cooke, and died July 30, 1761 ; Seth, born Feb. 6, 
1738, died nine days thereafter ; Mehitable, born March 
24, 1740, married, June 17, 1760, Eliakim Smith; Anne, 
born June 22, 1742, married, Nov. 15, 1770, Timothy 
Eastman, and died Dec. 7, 1777; Enos, born June 28, 
1745 ; yonathan, born Jan. 28, 1747 ; Seth; Ebenezer, 
born and died June 24, 1751 ; Perez, born Sept. 20, 1754. 
5. Seth, sixth son of Jonathan (4), deacon, born June 
24, 1 75 1, died June 30, 1828, aged 75. He married, 
Nov. 10, 1779, Lydia, daughter of Thomas Smith, oi 
Hadley, and Rhoda (Worthington) his wife. Lydia died 
Aug. 23, 1828. 

This connection with the Worthington family has been 
commemorated among the descendants of Deacon Seth 
Smith, by repeatedly conferring the family name, Worth- 
ington, as a baptismal name upon their children. The 

two sisters, Sybil and Rhoda Worthington, great-grand- 
daughters of the emigrant, Nicholas Worthington, of 
Colchester and Hatfield, marrried respectively the 
brothers Reuben and Thomas Smith, of Hadley. Sybil 
had been previously married to Elijah Smith, cousin of 
the above-named brothers. The sisters were women of 
rare excellence and strength of character. Sybil lived 
to be over one hundred years of age, and was known to 
persons still living (1878), who hold her memory in high 

The children of Seth were eight in number, viz.: 
Ebe?iezer, born in 1781, and died in 1782; Ebenezer, 
born and died in 1783; Seth, born July 4, 1785, gradu- 
ated at Yale college, and was minister of the congrega- 
tional church in Genoa, New York, where he died Jan. 
30, 1849. He married Nov. 29, 1810, Margaret, daugh- 
ter of Samuel Porter (the 4th,) of Hadley. One son and 
eight daughters were born of this marriage. Ephraim, 
born June 17, 1787, and died Jan. 8, 1788; Ephraim, 
born Oct. 8, 1788, was a farmer in Hadley, where he died 
Nov. 7, 1869. He married, Jan. 29, 1812, Ruth, daugh- 
ter of John Smith, of Hadley, (the fourth of that name in 
direct descent from Philip, eldest son of the first Samuel, 
the emigrant), and had five sons and two daughters, 
Elijah, born Oct. 24, 1791, was a farmer in Hadley, 
where he died June 20, 1861. He married Maria, 
daughter of John Smith above mentioned, and had five 
daughters. Worthing' ton; Lydia, born March 12, 1799. 
Lydia married William O. Gadcomb, of St. Albans, Vt., 
where both are still living (1878). Their two sons, 
Sandford and William Worthington, died unmarried. 

6. Rev. Worthington, D.D., seventh son of Seth 
(5,)born in Hadley, Mass., Oct. 1 1 , 1 795, died in St. Albans, 
Vt., Feb. 13, 1856. He married, July 1, 1823, Mary 

Ann, daughter of Dr. Ephraim Little, of St. Albans. 
Worthington Smith graduated at Williams College in 
1816, pursued theological studies at Andover, and was 
settled as minister of the first Congregational church in 
St. Albans, in 1823. He filled that office for twenty-six 
years, and resigned it in 1849, to assume the presidency 
of the University of Vermont, which he held until dis- 
abled by his last illness. 

A faithful sketch of his life has been published, pre- 
pared by his lifelong friend and fellow laborer, Rev. Jo- 
seph Torrey, D.D., Professor in the University of Ver- 
mont. For the purposes of this paper it is sufficient to 
say that he was a man of marked ability and eminent 
personal worth, exerting all his life a wide and most 
beneficent influence, and enjoying the highest considera- 
tion in the community to which he belonged. 


The family record of Mrs. Mary Ann (Little) Smith is, 
on the father's side, as follows: 

i. Thomas Little, emigrant from England, settled 
in Plymouth as early as 1630, and is said to have been a 
lawyer. He married, in 1633, Ann, daughter of Richard 
Warren, of Plymouth. Richard Warren came to this 
country in the u Mayflower," 1620, [see note at the end] 
leaving in England his wife, Elizabeth (Juatt), and five 
daughters, who followed him three years later. His two 
sons, Nathaniel and Joseph, also settled in this country, 
but the date of their arrival is not known. It is said that 
Joseph was grandfather of General Joseph, who fell at 
Bunker Hill. 

Thomas Little and wife removed in 1650 to Marsh- 
field. He died March 12, 1671. Their children were: 
Thomas, killed by Indians in Rehoboth fight, 1676; 
Samuel, who married Sarah Grey ; Efhraim ; Isaac, born 
about 1646; Hannah, married Stephen Tilden ; Mercy, 
married John Sawyer in 1666 ; Ruth, and Patience. Both 
Ephraim and Isaac had descendants, among whom was the 
distinguished Capt. George Little, U. S. Navy, but I am 
unable to determine with certainty from which ot the 
brothers he was descended. One account makes him 


the grandson of John, who was son of Ephraim ; another 
traces his parentage to a grandson of Isaac. The family 
was conspicuous in Plymouth, Marshfield and Scituate, 
for several generations. 

2. Ephraim, son of Thomas (i), born in Plymouth, 
1650. He married, in 1672, Mary, daughter of Samuel 
Sturtevant, of Plymouth, and had children, viz.: E-ph- 
raim, born 1673, graduated at Harvard College 1695, 
and became minister at Plymouth; Ruth, born 1675, 
died soon; David; John, born 1683; Ann, and Mary; 
and perhaps others. He and his wife both died in 1 71 7 
or 1 7 18, and were buried in Scituate. 

3. David, of Scituate, second son of Ephraim (2), 

born in 1680, a lawyer. He married Elizabeth , 

and had five children, viz.: Ephraim; David, born in 
1712; Nathaniel, born in 1714; Elizabeth, born in 17 19; 
Mary, born in 1721. 

4. Rev. Ephraim, eldest son of David (3), born in 
Scituate, April 9, 1708, died in Colchester, Conn., June 
5, 1787. He graduated at Harvard College in 1728, 
and was minister of the first church in Colchester for 
fifty-five years. Pie married his first wife, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Rev. Samuel Woodbridge, of East Hartford, 
whose wife, Mabel, was daughter of Rev. Daniel Russell, 
of Charlestown, Mass., and Mehitable Wyllys, his wife. 
The latter was granddaughter of John Haynes, first gov- 
ernor of Connecticut. Rev. Samuel Woodbridge was 
minister of the first church in East Hartford, and was 
grandson of Rev. John Woodbridge, minister of the 
first church of Andover, Mass. Rev. Ephraim Little 
married, for his second wife, Abigail, daughter of John 
Marsh, of Hadley, and widow (1) of Dr. Waitstill Hast- 
ings, of Hatfield, and (2) of Col. John Bulkley, of Col- 


The children of Rev. Ephraim, by his first wife, were: 
Elizabeth, born Jan. 26, 1739; Content, born Aug. 11, 
1740, married Hon. John Hastings, of Hatfield; Eph- 
raim, died in infancy; Mabel, born June 7, 1744; Lncre- 
tia, born June 11, 1747; Ephraim; Diodate, born Sept. 
10, 1750; Molly, born Aug. 8, 1752. 

5. Ephraim, son of Rev. Ephraim (4) and Eliza- 
beth, his wife, born Nov. 10, 1748. He is supposed to 
have maried Bethiah, daughter of Samuel Wheeler, of 
Cummington, Mass., by whom he had one child, also 
named Ephraim. The father, according to family tra- 
dition, was master of a vessel, and perished by shipwreck 
before or soon after the birth of his son. Scarcely any- 
thing is known of his history. 

6. Dr. Ephraim, son of Ephraim (5), born in Cum- 
mington, Mass. Both of his parents having died in his 
infancy, he was brought up by Samuel Wheeler, brother 
of the child's mother, and studied medicine with Dr. Peter 
Bryant, father of William Cullen Bryant, the poet. He 
married, about 1802, Elizabeth, daughter of Selah Nor- 
ton, of Ashfield, Mass., and Anne Porter, his wife. Mrs. 
Anne (Porter) Norton was daughter of Hon. Eleazar 
Porter, of Hadley, and great-granddaughter of the first 
Samuel Porter. By the mother's side she was great- 
granddaughter of William Pitkin of Hartford, father of 
William Pitkin, governor of Connecticut. 

Dr. Ephraim Little settled in St. Albans, Vermont, 
where he died Dec. 30, 1827. His children were: 
Mary Ann; Jane, born May 24, 1808; and Elizabeth, 
born Jan. 21, 181 2, died Nov. 19, 1840. The sisters 
Mary Ann and Jane are still living (1878). The follow- 
ing mention is extracted from a letter written by Mrs. 
Mary Ann (Little) Smith, relative to her father: 


" Dr. Little died in his fifty-first year, having been for 
many }^ears clerk and deacon of the first Congregational 
church in St. Albans, and having won the confidence and 
friendship of the community in which he lived, by his 
consistent Christian life and by the lively sympathy, the 
untiring assiduity with which in the walks of his profes- 
sion he ministered to the wants of the sick, the dying and 
the afflicted." 

Mrs. Elizabeth Little, from the time of her husband's 
death until her own, which occurred Dec. 8, 1856, lived 
in her daughter's family, where she was held by all in 
great love and veneration. She was distinguished by 
eminent good sense and independence of spirit and by a 
certain nobility of nature in which warm affections, a 
sunny temperament, and utter unselfishness were alike 

7. Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Dr. Ephraim (6), 
born in St. Albans, Vermont, Nov. 16, 1803, married 
July 1, 1823, Rev. Worthington Smith, minister of the 
first Congregational church in St. Albans. 

[For the children of Rev. Worthington and Mary Ann 
(Little) Smith, see page 17 et seq,~] 

Aside from his direct male lineage, as given in the 
foregoing pages, Rev. Worthington Smith was descended 
through the wives of his various progenitors from the 
following original colonists of New England, nearly all 
of whom emigrated from the mother country before the 


middle of the seventeenth century. A few names not 
yet discovered are wanting to complete the list : 

George Alexander, of Windsor. 

Samuel Allen, of Windsor. 

Robert Blott, of Charlestown. 

Thomas Bunce, of Hartford. 

Richard Church, ot Hartford and Hadley. 

Aaron Cooke, of Northampton. 

John Crow, of Hartford and Hadley. 

Nathaniel Dickinson, of Wethersfield and Hadley. 

Nathaniel Foote, of Wethersfield. 

Thomas Ford, of Northampton. 

William Goodwin, of Hartford and Hadley. 

Thomas Graves, of Hatfield. 

Luke Hichcock, of Wethersfield. 

William Hopkins, of Stratford. 

Rev. Ephraim Huett, of Windsor. 

William Lewis, of Hartford and Hadley. 

Joseph Loomis, of Windsor. 

John Marsh, of Hartford and Hadley. 

Thomas Scott, of Hartford. 

Joseph Smith, of Hartford. 

Hon. John Webster, of Hartford and Hadley. 

William Westwood, of Hartford and Hadley. 

John White, of Hartford and Hadley. 

Thomas Woodford, of Hartford. 

Nicholas Worthington, of Hatfield. 

Mrs. Mary Ann Smith in like manner numbers among 
her ancestors the following emigrants : 

William Arnold, of Providence, R. I. 
Aaron Cooke, of Northampton. 
John Cowles, of Hatfield. 


Ozias Goodwin, of Hartford. 

Hon. John Haynes, of Hartford; first governor of Conn. 


William Pitkin, of Hartford. 

Samuel Porter, of Hadley. 

Richard Russell, of Charlestown. 

Timothy Stanley, of Hartford. 

Thomas Stanley, of Hartford and Hadley. 

Samuel Sturtevant, of Plymouth. 

Thomas Swift, of Dorchester. 

Rev. Nathaniel Ward, of Ipswich. 

Richard Warren, of Plymouth. 

John Webb, of Northampton. 

William Westwood, of Hartford and Hadley. 

Samuel Wheeler, of Haddam. 

Rev. John Woodbridge, of Andover. 

Samuel Wyllys, of Hartford. 

At various intervals of from one to five generations 
following the emigrant ancestors, each of the forty-three 
families named in the foregoing list became united by 
marriage either to that of Samuel Smith, or of Thomas 
Little, and their blood has found a common channel in 
the children of Rev. Worthington and Mary Ann Smith. 
A genealogical chart in my possession shows the names 
of the individuals through whose respective marriages 
these families belong to the pedigree, but the document 
is too bulky to be transcribed here. 



It was no part of my purpose in preparing material for this 
sketch to pursue my inquiries beyond the period of the emigra- 
tion to America, and although several of the families named 
have a known ancestry for one or two generations in the mother 
country, it has not seemed desirable to extend the record in 
these isolated cases. The history of one of these families has 
however been the object of very extensive research, and the re- 
sults are so remarkable that I enter them here as a matter of 
legitimate curiosity and interest to the descendants of Richard 
Warren, of Plymouth. The information afforded by the follow- 
ing pedigree was mainly collected in England, in 185 I, by Dr. J. 
C. Warren, who has since published an elaborate book on the sub- 
ject. The facts, as given by him, are accepted as authentic by 
reputable works on kindred subjects, and are, so far as I can 
learn, undisputed. 



(1.) William de Warrenne, Earl of Warrenne in Normandy, 
and first Earl of Surrey, a near kinsman of William the Con- 
queror ; held immense possessions in England, the reward of his 
services at the Battle of Hastings. He married Gundred, or 
Gundreda, daughter of King William, and resided at the castle 
of Lewes, in Sussex. 

(2.) William, son of William (1), second Earl of Warrenne 
and Surrey, married Isabel, daughter of Hugh, Earl of Verman- 
dois, and died May 1 1, 1 138. His eldest son, William, the third 
earl, died a Crusader, in Palestine, without male issue, leaving 
the title to his daughter Isabel. 

(3.) Reginald, second son of William (2), married Adela, 
daughter of Roger de Mowbray. 

(4.) William Warren, son of Reginald de Warrenne (3), mar- 
ried Isabel, daughter of Sir William de Hayden, knight. 


(5.) Sir John, son of William (4), married Alice, daughter of 
Roger de Townshend, esquire. 

(6.) John, son of Sir John (5), married Joan, daughter of Sir 
Hugh de Port, knight. 

(7.) Sir Edward, son of John (6), married Maud, daughter of 
Richard de Skeyton. 

(8.) Sir Edward, third son of Sir Edward (7), married Cicely, 
daughter of Nicholas de Eaton, knight. 

(9.) Sir John, son of Sir Edward (8), married Agnes, daugh- 
ter of Sir Richard de Wynnington, knight. 

(10.) Sir Lawrence, son of Sir John (9), married Margery, 
daughter of Hugh Bulkley, esquire, of Ware, in Shropshire. 

(11.) John, son of Sir Lawrence (10), married Isabel, daugh- 
ter of Sir John Stanley, knight. 

(12.) Sir Lawrence, son of John (11), married Isabel, daugh- 
ter of Sir Robert Leigh, knight. 

(13.) William, second son of Sir Lawrence (12), seated at 
Counton, Nottinghamshire, married Anne , died 1496. 

(14.) John, son of William (13), married Elizabeth , 

died 1525. 

(15.) John, second son of John (14) of Headbury, Parish of 
Ashburton, Devonshire. 

(16.) Christopher, son of John (15). 

(17.) William, son of Christopher (16), married Ann, daugh- 
ter of John Mable, of Calstocke, Cornwall. 

(18,) Christopher, son of William (17), married Alice, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Webb, of Sidnam, Devonshire. 

(19.) Richard, fourth son of Christopher (18), of Greenwich, 
Kent, married Elizabeth Juatt (or Jewett), and came to Ply- 
mouth in the " Mayflower," 1620. His children, all born in 
England, were : 

Nathaniel, married Sarah Walker. 

Joseph, married Priscilla Faunce. 

Mary, married Robert Bartlett, of Plymouth. 

Ann, married Thomas Little, of Plymouth. 

Sarah, married John Cooke, Jr., of Plymouth. 

Elizabeth, married Richard Church. 

Abigail, married Anthony Snow. 





» « » » 

Robert Blott = 

William William William Thomas 

Goodwin _ : Lewis = : Hopkins = : Ford = 


Samuel Luke John 

1. Smith = Hitchcock 



: Crow ^ Elizabeth : William = Mary : Cook 

Gov. John 

Webster — 

Rev. Ephraim 
Huitt _ : 

Nathaniel Nathaniel Elizabeth Samuel Thomas 

Thomas Bull . 


William Goodwin = : 

Thomas Richard Joseph Thomas 

Dickenson = ; Poote _ Deming : Allen—: Woodford = Mary : Bunce == Sarah : Graves = : Church — Loomis = 

William John 









John John 

Scott _ : White = : Crow^I 
1642 1683 1686 

II. Chileab = Hannah 

George Susanna 

: Westwood — : Marsh _ Ann : Smith _ Lydia : John __ Frances : Alexander ■_. Sage : Samuel = Hannah : Worthington _ Sarah : Isaac = Mary 

John _ Elizabeth : Daniel _ Sarah 

Samuel _ Hannah : 

Aaron — Sarah : 

Dorcas (widow) 
Jonathan = Dickenson : 

Joseph __ Rebecca : Nathaniel _, Hannah 

William = Mehitable 

Samuel — Elizabeth . 

ni. Luke _ Mary . 


Samuel _ Anne 


Jonathan = Mehitable : 

Joseph = Sarah 

Thomas = Rhoda 

Daniel _ Elizabeth 


Seth _ Lydia 
1751-1828 I 

Rev. Worthington 


3 9999 06621 221 6 

o< M? 4 3 3 X . 1 3 (d 







\ :^n- 

v^ -^# ^ S